EBI Dbfetch

ID   AL591497; SV 2; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 127998 BP.
AC   AL591497;
DT   16-MAY-2001 (Rel. 67, Created)
DT   15-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 14)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone BUSM1-173M20 in linkage group 7 Contains
DE   the 5' end of the lrrc6l gene for leucine-rich repeat-containing 6 like,
DE   three novel genes and the 3' end of the gene for a novel protein similar to
DE   cAMP responsive element binding protein 1 (creb1).
KW   HTG; lrrc6l; nitr.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-127998
RA   Babbage A.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; a41e9a4e3d92af181ff963bf36c6d073.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone BUSM1-173M20. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone BUSM1-173M20 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone BUSM1-125J23 is at 45552 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone BUSM1-173M20 is at 127998 in this sequence.
CC   BUSM1-173M20 is from a Zebrafish PAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..127998
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="7"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="BUSM1"
FT                   /clone="BUSM1-173M20"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..114162
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: BUSM1-173M20"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<123..221,366..707,799..1143,1222..>1261))
FT                   /gene="nitr1j_4"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1j_4-001"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1j, allele 4"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF318394.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BE557490.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<123..221,366..707,799..1143,1222..1261))
FT                   /gene="nitr1j_4"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1j_4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003718"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1j, allele 4"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q9IAZ4 Tr:Q9IAZ9"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A3KFS2"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM46857.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(5579..5682,5801..5823,5939..6043,
FT                   6274..6615,6704..7054,7149..7230,7312..>7314))
FT                   /gene="nitr1i_2-2"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1i_2-001-2"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1i, allele 2"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF318392.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(5581..5682,5801..5823,5939..6043,
FT                   6274..6615,6704..7054,7149..7230,7312..7314))
FT                   /gene="nitr1i_2-2"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1i_2-001-2"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001233"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1i, allele 2"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q90Z95"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8UUG6"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-001106-3"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD12588.1"
FT   mobile_element  <11196..>12212
FT                   /mobile_element_type="transposon"
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ173M20.15-001"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL840238.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<14927..15055,15638..15645,15731..15829,
FT                   15934..16275,16354..16704,16775..>16817))
FT                   /gene="nitr1g_1-2"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1g_1-001-2"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1g, allele 1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF318390.1 Em:AF318392.1
FT                   Em:AF318393.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(14927..15055,15638..15645,15731..15829,
FT                   15934..16275,16354..16704,16775..16817))
FT                   /gene="nitr1g_1-2"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1g_1-001-2"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001234"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1g, allele 1"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P01615 Sw:P01617 Tr:Q90Z81
FT                   Tr:Q90Z82 Tr:Q9IB03"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A3KFS3"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM46858.1"
FT   mobile_element  <17955..>18854
FT                   /mobile_element_type="transposon"
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ173M20.16-001"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CA377334.1"
FT   mRNA            join(<20743..20745,AL591418.11:43884..44222,
FT                   AL591418.11:72485..>72835)
FT                   /gene="nitr1i_2"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1i_2-001"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1i, allele 2"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF318392.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BE557490"
FT   CDS             join(<20743..20745,AL591418.11:43884..44222,
FT                   AL591418.11:72485..>72835)
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /gene="nitr1i_2"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1i_2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000019305"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1i, allele 2"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q90Z95"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A3KFS4"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM46859.1"
FT                   SGTRLLVR"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<21628..21726,22567..22601,22674..22778,
FT                   22871..23194,23267..23608,23744..>23783))
FT                   /gene="nitr2d_1"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr2d_1-001"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 2d, allele 1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF318395.1 Em:AF318396.1
FT                   Em:AF318397.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(21628..21726,22567..22601,22674..22778,
FT                   22871..23194,23267..23608,23744..23783))
FT                   /gene="nitr2d_1"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr2d_1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001284"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 2d, allele 1"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q90Z90 Tr:Q90Z91 Tr:Q90Z92"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A3KFS5"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM46860.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(32696..32818,32975..32997,33108..33211,
FT                   33569..33914,34004..34348))
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ173M20.17-001"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1e pseudogene"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q8UUG6 Tr:Q8UV66 Tr:Q8UV70
FT                   Tr:Q90Z93"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(43114..43228,43367..43389,43494..43601,
FT                   43857..44198,44278..44628,44709..44775))
FT                   /gene="nitr1d_1"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1d_1-001"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1d, allele 1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF318394.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BE557490.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(43118..43228,43367..43389,43494..43601,
FT                   43857..44198,44278..44628,44709..44748))
FT                   /gene="nitr1d_1"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1d_1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001235"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1d, allele 1"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q90Z93"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8UV37"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD12591.1"
FT   misc_feature    45552
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: BUSM1-125J23"
FT   CDS             complement(48648..48903)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /locus_tag="dz173M20.18-001"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 2c pseudogene"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(55154..55280,55417..55439,55544..55651,
FT                   56103..56444,56534..56884,56981..57063))
FT                   /gene="nitr1c_4-2"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1c_4-001-2"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1c, allele 4"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF318393.1 Em:AF318394.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CA058310.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(55158..55280,55417..55439,55544..55651,
FT                   56103..56444,56534..56884,56981..57020))
FT                   /gene="nitr1c_4-2"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1c_4-001-2"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001236"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1c, allele 4"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q90Z94"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8AW72"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-001106-4"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD59050.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<59771..59905,60186..60193,60457..60555,
FT                   60693..61034,61119..61469,61568..61650))
FT                   /gene="nitr1b_1-2"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1b_1-001-2"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1b, allele 1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF318392.1 Em:AF318394.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BE557490.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(59771..59905,60186..60193,60457..60555,
FT                   60693..61034,61119..61469,61568..61607))
FT                   /gene="nitr1b_1-2"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1b_1-001-2"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001238"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1b, allele 1"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:P79988 Tr:Q90769 Tr:Q90Z90
FT                   Tr:Q90Z92 Tr:Q90Z93 Tr:Q90Z95"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5SPS8"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-020225-16"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM46862.1"
FT   misc_feature    60091..60164
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones"
FT   mRNA            join(<64780..64787,AL591418.11:72485..72835,
FT                   AL591418.11:83187..83527)
FT                   /gene="nitr1g_1"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1g_1-001"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1g, allele 1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF318394.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BE557490.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<69279..69413,69725..69756,70036..70134,
FT                   70267..70608,70693..71043,71141..71222))
FT                   /gene="nitr1a_1-2"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1a_1-001-2"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1a, allele 1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF318392.1 Em:AF318394.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BE557490.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(69279..69413,69725..69756,70036..70134,
FT                   70267..70608,70693..71043,71141..71180))
FT                   /gene="nitr1a_1-2"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1a_1-001-2"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001240"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1a, allele 1"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q90Z84 Tr:Q90Z85 Tr:Q90Z93
FT                   Tr:Q90Z94 Tr:Q90Z95 Tr:Q90Z97"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5SPT4"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-020225-15"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM46863.1"
FT   misc_feature    74229..74288
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<80814..80906,82779..82813,82902..83012,
FT                   83092..83403,83478..83825,83921..>83963))
FT                   /gene="nitr2b_5-2"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr2b_5-001-2"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 2b, allele 5"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF318395.1 Em:AF318396.1
FT                   Em:AF318397.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(80814..80906,82779..82813,82902..83012,
FT                   83092..83403,83478..83825,83921..83963))
FT                   /gene="nitr2b_5-2"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr2b_5-001-2"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001239"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 2b, allele 5"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q90Z90 Tr:Q90Z91 Tr:Q90Z92"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8UV33"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-001106-6"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD12595.1"
FT   misc_feature    82372..82445
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<88996..89127,90905..90939,91050..91157,
FT                   91242..91571,91645..91986,92234..>92273))
FT                   /gene="nitr2a_1-2"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr2a_1-001-2"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 2a, allele 1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(88996..89127,90905..90939,91050..91157,
FT                   91242..91571,91645..91986,92234..92273))
FT                   /gene="nitr2a_1-2"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr2a_1-001-2"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001241"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 2a, allele 1"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q90Z90 Tr:Q90Z91 Tr:Q90Z92
FT                   Tr:Q90Z96 Tr:Q9IAZ0"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5SPT3"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-020225-28"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM46864.1"
FT   misc_feature    97424..97444
FT                   /note="Inconsistency in the number of bases in
FT                   mononucleotide run between subclones"
FT   misc_feature    100160..100218
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones"
FT   mRNA            join(104045..104102,104379..104732,105704..105829,
FT                   105970..106004,108050..108163)
FT                   /gene="nitr3d_1-2"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr3d_1-001-2"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 3d, allele 1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF318401.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BM859156.1 Em:BM859493.1"
FT   CDS             join(104057..104102,104379..104732,105704..105829,
FT                   105970..106004,108050..108160)
FT                   /gene="nitr3d_1-2"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr3d_1-001-2"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001232"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 3d, allele 1"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q9IAY6 Tr:Q9IAY7 Tr:Q9IAY9
FT                   Tr:Q9IAZ0 Tr:Q9IAZ1 Tr:Q9IAZ5 Tr:Q9IAZ6 Tr:Q9IAZ7 Tr:Q9IAZ8
FT                   Tr:Q9IB04 Tr:Q9IB07 Tr:Q9PTR8"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8AW68"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-020225-34"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD59054.1"
FT                   R"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<104357..104364,AL591382.3:68483..68620,
FT                   AL591382.3:69194..69292,AL591382.3:69437..69778,
FT                   AL591382.3:69870..70214,AL591382.3:70293..70332))
FT                   /gene="nitr1j_1"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1j_1-001"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1j, allele 1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF318394.1"
SQ   Sequence 127998 BP; 42457 A; 21716 C; 21462 G; 42363 T; 0 other;
     gatctaaaaa aggtattgat aaatgtacct tgataaaacc cacagaagcc attttattta        60
     tgtagtggaa ttatgcaatt acaaatacat gttaggagta agtgtcccaa taaatatctt       120
     acctttctta cattgtttta tggtcacaaa aacagcgtac gccaaaaata agacgtttaa       180
     aatcccaaga gcaatcagag ttggatttac atcattacat tctaaaatga caaaacattc       240
     aatatgtgat tgtgtactga ttgtagatca gttcatattt ccagcaacat ctgaatcaaa       300
     tattcctcct gaatgacaag ctttaaatat ttctctaaaa acctttatat atataatata       360
     aatacctcta atattcagtt gagttcctcg tccaagcagt atttctccac atgcggccac       420
     agcacagtag taaatgccag aatcagagcg actgatgttg ttcttgtgga aactgtagac       480
     acagctctgt gtttgagact tggtgctttt attacagtgg ccatttgtct ctcctttggt       540
     gtaaagcact ccttcagagt ctcctgagct ttgcttgaac cagtagacgc tgtgatctcc       600
     tgcacagctc tcagtgaaga tgctgcattg caaattcact gaatctcctg gatcaacagt       660
     gtctatcaat gactgatgaa gagttgtgtt tttgtctgcg gctgcgtctt catgagcaca       720
     gaaaaggaca aaaaaagctc aatgaatcag ccacttcaca catacaaaaa taattattat       780
     atacaataaa aaccttacct ctgacaagta atcgagttcc tgaacccatt ccaatgttgt       840
     aagatgttga gattacacag taatatgttg cagagtctga agactttgtc tttaaaatgg       900
     tcagattaaa ataaccatct tctttcatga tattaaaacg attttcagag atgtttctcc       960
     aaatgggttc ttgatataga tataaagaca caatttgtag ggattttcca tcagctgttt      1020
     gtttaaacca tacttttgtc acctgcagaa gccttgaaaa tgtacaagga aggttcacat      1080
     cctctcccac tgcagctatt ttgacattat tctcctgaac aacttccaca ccaaaggagc      1140
     aaactgcaaa ataaaagtgt agtattacat tgtgataaag gcttttgaat gtaaaataaa      1200
     gcatataaaa agtatattca cctatggttg agcagaaaaa acagattaaa aaatacttca      1260
     tggccgttgg tcttaaagaa atatccatca attgtaattt gtcctataaa atcagcccaa      1320
     aacaaattct tgacaccaga gataagtgat agagatcagt agactggtta ccccacactt      1380
     caaactctac ttagataaat gagacgctta cgcactatta tcttatttat tctgttttct      1440
     aagagttgat tggccgctta gaaaggggtt tgaactgagc tgaaacctct tctgccaatt      1500
     cagccaatcg gcgtggtgtt gtggttgagt ttgcattatt attatttttt taaattaatt      1560
     taagcattat aattataaat aattacaata tacataatta tatattcata attataaaaa      1620
     aaattgtaaa ataaataatt aaaaaatata aaatgaatta caaataatta taataaaatg      1680
     ataaattata ataaaattgc aactacaata ttgtttatct tacaacaagt aaaaaacact      1740
     tgtttcaaaa ctaatttttg aaaactaatt actgcgtgca agtacagatt ttttcgcact      1800
     taagtcataa atcaaatcat aaatgcttaa tacattttaa tttgaattta aatgttattt      1860
     ttcattttaa gagaatggca ctctttaaat gttagtgagc atttgtctgt ttagcattag      1920
     ttgagaatga cctctgagtc tgttttcaca cctctagctg catcaacacc actacttgtg      1980
     aaacctcagc tattcttcca ttgctagaaa aaagcctcat cagtgccctg cagacagact      2040
     actattaaca cactattaac aaactctctg atacttaata atccgcctta aactaaagtc      2100
     tataagacac agatttgtca tttcagcacc aaggacagag atatgaataa tttctgcatt      2160
     gcaaaaatga tctaacatac catatatact gtatatattc ttgcagaaaa ataaacagag      2220
     cttttatgag cacaatttca atgagatatt attgagataa aatgaatgca aactaacaaa      2280
     atctgacaaa tcttaaaatc agtaaactag tattgctatg aaacatattt aattcagaag      2340
     cgtttaatat gccatgttta ttgttgttaa actttaataa gcaaatggat tcttccccta      2400
     cacaataagt gatttcaggt ttcaaactga tcgaacgtaa aaaggacatt tgagtttctt      2460
     aaccataaat aaacacaaca tcacgtcatt gaagtctgga cagaacacag agaaggaaca      2520
     acatgataaa agcatgtgca gcatacagcc aaatgcattt cctttatatt tttatttatg      2580
     agagtggtgg tcattttcga ctttactact atgatcaaaa cgtgaacctc agattcagac      2640
     ccagtccata taaggagagc atgtgactga ggatcttact gaagtcggaa ggcagagatg      2700
     aatttcatca tttcctgcta aaaaagacag gaagaaactg ttcattatag aacaagagat      2760
     gctggagtga acgtcagccg acagctttca gagtgtctca ccttatttta actttgaaga      2820
     tgtcacattt gtggttagac atttaaaaat ttcagaacaa gaaaagacaa tcgttattaa      2880
     tgtacaattc atatattaag aagttattta aaaaagtaac tttgtttgat taaatagtgg      2940
     tatgcaatta catttttcat cactttcaat atagcacgca aaaacagtat aaacatcaac      3000
     taattggtaa tattctgaga atcagattca tgaaggtctt ttgttcatgc ttatatgaaa      3060
     catgtatatc accaatcttc ctctgtctgt tcccccctcc ccctcacttt tttataccac      3120
     actctaaatt gaaaccacag aagtaacttc cgcaatgaac agctttcact actattgcac      3180
     ttagtttttt ttaatgtcag agtaaaagtt atagttatga gataatgaag tgataaaata      3240
     ctaaatcata ttgtgttaac catttgactt tatttgaaca tttgttcttt taataaattc      3300
     agttatatct gcctgcagac ttgcagatgc atgtaggcag acacatgcac ttaacagaac      3360
     tggtggaatc actgtaaagt gtagtgttaa aggcagggta tacactttaa aagaatgtgc      3420
     agccagaccc ttctcactag ttctatcttt tttttcattt tcaggtgtag agtgttagag      3480
     tgaatacttt gtgttgcaac taggggtgta acaatataca tttatatgtg tacatgtcat      3540
     actttttttt ttactcattc tccaactgtc aacacgtttt ataaataaag agcacttaag      3600
     acctcacata aaaaagccga ggggaaaatg ttttttattt ttattttttt tttcacgcac      3660
     aaccatctcg gatttttgct gcgacattct aatggtaggg tccggatttg caacaaagca      3720
     tggatccatc cttgtatcaa cagttcaggc tggtgttgat ggtgtggggg atatttgctt      3780
     ggcacacttt ggccccatta gtaccaattg agcattgtgt caacaccaca gtacctgagt      3840
     attgttgctg accatatcca tctcttaatg accacagtgt acccatcttc tgatggctac      3900
     ttccagcagg ataacgcacc atgttataaa ttgcctaaat tagttttgcg ggacattaat      3960
     ttccatactg acagggatcg cagatagttt acttcagatt ttgaaaatta aattactggc      4020
     acacatatac atacagtata caaggctttc tatcttttcg cttagctttt ggtgtgtaca      4080
     ttaaaatagt ttatctgtgg aatcttgcca cggcatgtgt ttttaagaag acatggtgta      4140
     aatgctcttg taaactgatg agccaataga gccaatcaca ggcatatcta ttgagcgcat      4200
     gaacacaatg accaatcaga atttttcaag aatccactca gcagtgccca aaatgcaagc      4260
     aggaattgct gccatcacca catttttaaa atcttagtaa tgacttgtat ctaagttgct      4320
     acttctaaca gtactcccag tgccaagacc caccattaat gtctaactac taataattca      4380
     gaagcagtta aacctttgat ttttccttta attgtaaaca taagttattc tatattttag      4440
     ttaagcctaa attatacagc ataatatttc aatatttttt tttgttgggt aatatgctaa      4500
     attagaatat ttctttttaa cttgagtgct gaccgttaat attattcagt aatgatgacc      4560
     atcgctttga gcaattctga cacagcactg ataagtttat aataaaccaa tttagtgtaa      4620
     actaaatata gcatccctta cgtgttttaa taataataat aataataaaa atctaatttc      4680
     catcatcagt gtaactatac atgaattaca agctccacaa gaacattcac attcctaaca      4740
     ctgaaattaa ataaatacgt tgcgtaaaaa aataaattag ccagcctcct gtgaaattta      4800
     ctctttttca aatatttccc aagtgctgtt ttaaaacaag gacattttca cagtattttc      4860
     tataatactt tttttttctg gagagtctta tttcttttag tttggcagta atataagcaa      4920
     acaaaaacaa aaaaaagcaa acaaaaacta aacaacttta aggtcagtaa tatatgtatg      4980
     tctccataag aaaactgcat aattctagta tcatttatcc aaatactagc atcttgcaaa      5040
     ataagtagaa aaatatgatt aactgtcatc atgcagggca aaggcaaaca aaatttgtta      5100
     tttaaaacaa ataactttaa aaatgtgttg aagacgatct cttcattaaa caacacttgg      5160
     gaaatatttt ttataataat taaaattcct ctatgctata tgcagtgcac gagtttattt      5220
     agcatgtgca aataaaggat aatacacaca agcttttttt ttttgcgatg tttttacaat      5280
     taaaggcttt ataattattc caaaaagcag cacagtcaaa taacattcat gcattgatct      5340
     aaaaatactg tatgtcaact ggctcacaaa cccacacttt agcatagtat aagcaaattc      5400
     aaatatctta gaacgaattt acagacagta caaaatcaaa taaaacaaaa acttaaaaag      5460
     acttggccat actttttttt aatctgcaat gacatttgaa gacaaaaact tttcagcatt      5520
     aaagatgttt ctctaaactt ttaaatgtta ctggtgtaat ctgacctgtg cgtacagaga      5580
     tcaatctttt tgctggaatt tgtgaaattt tgctctggct cttctagtgt tcagaggttt      5640
     ctgactaaaa gcaatggctg cataattcag gctgtcttca tcctattata aagagaaaat      5700
     ataacttctg ttaagagagg aagcctatgt tatatggttt aatgaaatca tcacatcaaa      5760
     tcacaaatat tttaagaaaa gtttgagaaa ttttacttac ttgagttgtt tgagtagcgg      5820
     acgcttaaaa acatcaagaa aaagtgtagt tattataaat agcagtcatg tttttttaat      5880
     tttttttatc tgactgtttt gctttactct aaaaaatatt ttatccataa agtcttactt      5940
     ttattctgac tcctgaagat tttaattccc ataaaaacaa ctagggccaa aaatatgata      6000
     tttgaaattc ccaaaccaag aagagcagga ttgaaatcac tttctgtaat aaaaatgaaa      6060
     ttaatttcaa tttctgaaca ttttaacatg agttcagttt cacgtttaga tatgaattta      6120
     agttttcata acatttaata catcagtttg ccttttcagt tggataaaat tctttagata      6180
     gcgttttgta catttgtttg gtcagttagg tatcatgtaa tagtttatga atcaaatgct      6240
     ttttcacaaa tatttgtttc gccttaatct tacctctaat attcagctga gttcctcttc      6300
     caatcagtat ttctccacat gcggccacag cacagtagta aatgccagaa tcagagcgac      6360
     tgatgttgtt cttgtggaga ctgtagacac agctctgtgt tagagactca gtgctgttct      6420
     tacagcggcc atttctctct cctttggtgt aaagcactcc ttcagagtct cctgagcttt      6480
     gcttgaacca gtagacgctg tgatctcctg cacagctctc agtgaagatg ctgcactgca      6540
     aattcactga atctcctgga tcaacagtgt ctatcaaaga ctgatgaagt gttgtgtttc      6600
     tgtctgcggc tgtgtcttca caagcacaga atagtacaga aatggtcagg attaaaatta      6660
     gctaccacaa gcaaacagag aaagattaat aaaaataaat tacctctgac aagtaatcga      6720
     gttcctgaac ccattccagt ggcctgatat gatgaaacta cacagtaata tgttgcagag      6780
     tctgaaaggt ttgtctttaa aatggtcaga ttaaagaaat tatctccttt ggcagcatta      6840
     aaacgattct tattctcaaa cttgggattc caacttggtt tttgacttcc atataaagac      6900
     acaatttgta gggattgtcc attattcgtc tgtttaaacc atgcttttgt tagttgtgtc      6960
     tgccaggaaa atgtgcaggt aaattttaca tcctggccag cttcaactat ttttatatta      7020
     tcttcctgaa caacatcaaa atcagtcgag cagactgcaa ataaagcaca aaagagttaa      7080
     acagttttaa tagttttata gtgttaaatg gattaataca gtattttata agacatttag      7140
     atatttacat atcgttgagg aaagcaacaa aatgaagtag catgtcacta ttagtcgtct      7200
     accaaaatta ttcttgtgct ttgaattctc ctataaaaaa agagaacaaa tgatcaagct      7260
     attaatccgt atacacatgc taaaaatgta gatgaatgtg tccttcctca ccatgtgctc      7320
     atctgcctct gcttcagaca actgaggctt ttatgcactc tcaccttaac ttttatcaca      7380
     tcacatgcca catcaaaatg actagaaaaa cattctaacc caaacatctt tccattactc      7440
     cctctctcat atgttaagac atgtcataaa cattgcagct taaactgccc actcaaacct      7500
     ttacacaatg ttgtgtcagt tcttaaaaat acagtgttgt ttaccagaaa aaagcaggaa      7560
     ataagatgaa atggtgagta gatgaatctc aagagcctca aagttgctgt ctttgagttt      7620
     gcaagatatt aaaatgtaaa gcttaaatac ggacttttga tcatggctga gcatgtttta      7680
     tatctatttg cctgtctgtt ttctttgtat ttttggttaa cctcttttgc attcaagtgt      7740
     taaaacacaa acacatcaag ataatttttt ttcttggttt gattcattat tcttattaca      7800
     gaatatgctc gtatattcat agcaataaag atgctgaggg ccgtacattt tttgaaaatg      7860
     ctggtgtggg aagagttaaa tattcttcat aattagtaca gccttttagt ctgctaaaat      7920
     aaatgtaagt gtggataata ataatccagt ggaaatttgt gtgtttgaaa tactgtctga      7980
     gtaagtataa catgtgagtt agtattgtag tttaaatgaa aatcatatac tgcatctggt      8040
     ttgttgttag tatcacacgt cctaccagcg tcagttgtgt cccttcttct caatcacaaa      8100
     ttctcttttg tggcctaata ggatagaaaa gagtcaaaat cttagctgaa gtgtatatta      8160
     tcagtgaact atcttagatc atcctatctc acatacatct gtacttcacc tttaaacaac      8220
     tgggactata atgaaacttc aaaataatcc ttgagttaaa aaaagggtat atatatattt      8280
     tcataattat tagggattca ccaataccag cattgggtat caagttgata actggttaaa      8340
     atgctcacat cgtatatgaa atgcagatac catgcactga taccattcag cagtatttca      8400
     ctatgtggat gtgatttgtt gtcttgcctg attgcaacat cttaatgtat tatatatatt      8460
     aatagcttag tctttataaa caatctgttt ataaaataca ttattaacaa atctataggc      8520
     tactgaagaa taaaccgaaa atgcaatatg agccttgcat aatgatgaca gtgaaacagg      8580
     ctagtgctca ttttatatat aaactataaa tattaaaaat gaaaggaatt ttaagtaatg      8640
     gaacataaca tgtaaaaaaa aaatctaagc tattatgtga aagactacag gttaaataaa      8700
     agtgcttcct cggagctgaa tatcactgtg gttgtgcaca cgcgtgtttg tttacagctt      8760
     ctgtaaagat cagataccct atacctgaca gatgacacaa tctcaataaa cacttgatgc      8820
     ttgctgtcaa ctaggctaca ttatttattg gcattagtta cgacattgat aagatctgtt      8880
     gttgtcaaac tttttccttt ttaatattta gtctttattt tcttttaagt ctgtaatacc      8940
     actattatcc ctcatcacca gtaaaataac cagcctttgt atgtattgta tttcaaattt      9000
     atatttaatc aaaataaatt gtagcgagtt ttacttatta aacaaaccct tgcattaact      9060
     cgccgctggg gaaaatgaat gcttatccgc acagagaaaa aaccagatgc tttagacata      9120
     atttttaaaa tactgactta tattaataat atagctagta gggctatatg acaggtttct      9180
     tgtacaaaaa gcatgttaca gttttctagg gctgtaacga tacacgatat gaaatcgaaa      9240
     tcgcgacact cagatctacg atcctgtgtc acggtgtgat aagggagaat cgcgacacac      9300
     cccgtgacta cctttccaac aacgtcacgc gtgcctgcaa aagttgagct agttgaagaa      9360
     gaacgtgagg aaacactttt tttcgctcga cattacgagc actgctccgt ttaagccctc      9420
     gcaatatgcg tttaactggg agagctcgaa cggagctctt agtaagggac cgtctgaatg      9480
     tgtcaggaat atcaaaaaca aaaccaacgt aaccccgctt gacaacagac aacggcagaa      9540
     acattgccaa ttcagtcaaa tcattgttgt taatgtggct gcgcagagag ggatgggcgt      9600
     tcaccagatg ccccgactcc tctgcagagg aaacttttct gtaaccgtgc tgtgcgcttt      9660
     ctgtttaacc ctttaggagt taacgttacg tgctgactga caggtgcgtg aggccaggaa      9720
     acaggacgaa gctttcagtt aagatgaaca cagtttatat agttatactt tatttataga      9780
     taaaggtata tggctctgta tataatcact ctatcttgct ggagtttata gccgtttcgc      9840
     tttacttcag gacgcattaa tgccgctctg aaggtctaat cgctgtttta agttatccag      9900
     agctggatga atgtacaaat cttgaatatc acaatagtat taaatattac aattgtaact      9960
     acacagacag caacactttt gcacaatcaa tacccaactg attcagtcgt ttcatgagag     10020
     gaccgcgctt cttctcttct tttttccttg tcaacataaa ggcagtgaga tgcgccttgt     10080
     tttcggcccc ttgtttaact gcaaggcata cttattttgc gggacgataa cgtataaccc     10140
     gtgcctacag acacatttgc caatgaagca aaatggaaga agaatattgc tgtttgatac     10200
     agacctgttg atgctaacca gcgctgatgt tgacctggat atgcataata aacgcaacaa     10260
     ataggcttta ccttttattt tacagcttat aaagcatgta tgcacattaa tgcaatatat     10320
     ttaaacaaca aaactgttaa caaaaagtca acctatgcgc gtgttgttgt tgttgtcttt     10380
     tcatcatgca tcgtgcgcac ttgaaccgcg agggagagag agaaaaccat atagcaagac     10440
     ataatcttta aaataatgat ttctattaaa aatgtaaaag gttttgtcat tataataata     10500
     acagtggggc attaaataaa tgcatatttt ccgtggagaa agcaatttga ggaagtctgc     10560
     gatttttatt tgacggaaga aaaaacatat gattggataa aaaacagcct atgccggtta     10620
     ttaaaaagaa tcagtcagtg ttttcgattt gtaatataaa ttatttattt aaatgaaaat     10680
     aatttagggc agtcctattt attttattaa ttttatttag attattctgc tcttctgtgc     10740
     taaacactgc aggtgcgtga agatgctctg ttgttctgtt ctgttattaa tatgctagca     10800
     tataaaaata aatcagtatt tttaaatgca atatttaatg tgtcagacac aaaatagtca     10860
     cgccaatttg tttaatataa aattaatagc ctagtaatct gaccagttaa ccgttaataa     10920
     ccgattaatg agcggcggtt gtcggttagc aaaatttgtt ttatatatgg ctatttacag     10980
     ggagtgcaga attattaggc caatgagtat tttgaccaca tcatcctctt tatgcatgtt     11040
     gtcttactcc aagctgtata ggctcgaaag cctactacca attaagaata ttaggtgatg     11100
     tgcatctctg taatgagaag gggtgtggtc taaagacatt aacaccctat atcaggtgtg     11160
     cataattatt aggcaacttc ctttcctttg gcaaaatggg tcaaaagaag gacttgacag     11220
     gctcagaaaa gcaaaaaata gtgagatatc ttgcagaggg atgcagtact cttaaaattg     11280
     caaagcttct gaatcgtaat catcgaacaa tcaagtgttt cattcaaaat agtcaacagg     11340
     gtcgcaaaaa gtgtgtggaa aaaccaaggc gcaaaataac tgcccataaa ctgagaaaag     11400
     tcaagcgtgc agctgccaag atgccacttg ccaccagttt ggccacattt cagagctgca     11460
     acatcactgg agtgcccaaa agcacaaggt gtgcaatact cagagacatg gccaaggtaa     11520
     gaaaggctga aagacgacca ccactgaaca agacacacaa gctgaaacgt caagactggg     11580
     tcgagaaata tctcaagact gatttttcta aggttttatg gactgatgat atgagagtga     11640
     gtcttcatgg gccagatgga tgggcccgtg gctggattga taaagggcag agagctccag     11700
     tccgactcag acaccagcaa gatggaggtg gagtactggt ttgggctggt atcatcaaag     11760
     atggccttgt gggacctttt cgggttgagg atggagtcaa gctcaactcc cagtcctact     11820
     gccagtttct ggaagacacc ttcttcaagc agtggtacag gaagaagtct gcatccttca     11880
     agaaaaacat gattttcatg caggacaatg ctccatcaca catgtccaag tactccatat     11940
     cgtggctgcc gagaaagggt ataaaagaag aaaaactaat gacatggcct ccttgttcat     12000
     ctgatctgat ccccattgag aacctgtggt ccatcatcaa atgtgagatt tacaaagagg     12060
     gaaaacagta cacctctctg aacagtgtct gggaagctgt ggttactgct gcacgcaatg     12120
     ttgatggtga acagatcaga acactgacag aatccatgga tggcaggctt ttgagtgtcc     12180
     ttgcaaagaa aggtggctat attggtcact gattagtttt tgttttgttt ttgaatgtca     12240
     gaaatgtata tttgtgaatg tggagatgtt atattggttt cactggtaaa aaataaataa     12300
     ttgaaatggg tatatatttg ttttttgtta agttgcctaa taattatgca cagtaatagt     12360
     cacctgcaca cacagatatc cccctgaaat agctaaaact aaaaacaaac taaaaagtac     12420
     ttccaaaaaa aattcagctt tgatattaat gagttttttg ggttaattga gaacatggtt     12480
     gttgttcaat aataaaacga ttcctcaaaa atacaacttg cctaataatt ctgcactcca     12540
     tgtatattgt taataatttg catagttaat attgttcttt gatgtttagt ttataaacat     12600
     tttttaaatg ttatttaata aaaaatcgtt ttacaaaatc tttttttttc ccaccccaca     12660
     cgaaaaaaaa aaattgtgat atgaaccgaa tcgtgggttt ggtgtatcgt tacagcccta     12720
     cagttttctc tggtaaggac aaattcatcc attgcccctg tcagtttcag tttcaaatcc     12780
     ctattcgcag cactgaaagt attcccagat taccttggaa gaactaacta tgtcggaagg     12840
     acgagaaaac tctgaaacat tgtgagatga tggttgcaca gtttttaaaa tgagagtgtg     12900
     tatttgtggc tggatgtcaa gataaaattg cttttatcac cttaatattt tagagaatgt     12960
     agttaaagtt tgcataatca actattgatc ttatctacct gtgaaccaca atgttaaaca     13020
     gcatgtagcc tactttttga ttgcatgagc atggaaaaaa tggcaggact cacgattata     13080
     ataaagaacc gtgcataaca agttttatgt atccccatta tgcaatgtca agagtgactt     13140
     cataagttaa cgtaaactgc acaccctcga ttatgtaatg tgaagtcatg gatgtgtgtc     13200
     agcacaaaga ttatccttta aatgtccatg cttaatcagt aatcaatcag gcctatcgat     13260
     ttacagcgtt atcaacaata tgtgtacatt tttggcttga atactgtagt cttctgttga     13320
     agttttttgt gtacatccaa aaaataaaac ctcctttcaa attaattgca cctttattga     13380
     aaccaaatat cagaattggt actctgtatc ggcaagcaca caaattaaaa tactcattct     13440
     tgtatcgttt ttttttttaa aaagtgttat cggtttatct ctaataatta gttttttttt     13500
     ttttgactga attgataaat caaggtctct ttttctgtat atgccattca cagtgatatt     13560
     ccaaccttac actttctctt acatctgctt cgtgaatctc actaaagatg ataaaaacac     13620
     cagttgagct ccagtcacat taattgtgtt tttacttttg gtttgtttcc cccaaattga     13680
     acccaagggc taacaaaaac ccaagacata aaagtggccc aattctgtgg gaaaaccatg     13740
     gacttggcac cacttacttt tcaagtaatt aggtgtgaca tacataattg cagaattaca     13800
     gaatgatgta tctgaaaata acagccacca caggtttaat tgaaacaatt tgaatctaac     13860
     aatttgaaac aagctaggaa ctatttgtga aaagcaaagt tttacttgtg actgaatgaa     13920
     actggcaatg taacaagatt aaattagcaa atgaatacaa ataaatgttt aagaattaaa     13980
     tagaattgta tttattattt agacagctga ttgtattcaa atgtgtacaa tatgttaatg     14040
     ccactatttt tacagggtaa acaaaacttc aaacttcgtt caaaagctaa attgcctgca     14100
     aaagtaagat tttcccattt tgactgttca catatttctc ctcacacata gacacgtttg     14160
     atacatgtac ttgatcaata acaccatatt ttagagaata agggtgcaat ttagttgcct     14220
     gttgtaatat tttgaaataa cagtgggcac attttttttt ttacaattta agaaaatatg     14280
     ttaatatgct agcacaagat aggaagtaaa aaaagatcaa ttcataaaat acaatcaata     14340
     cgaaatgctt taatgtgttt ttgttaaatg tcttaatatt ctgaatgtta catgctgcta     14400
     aagtaatgaa tagaagatac tgaaacaata taagactata aacagaatta tgtttggcta     14460
     tttatttgag caaaagaatt gtaaagccac tctgaattta gtttttattg ttaggctgaa     14520
     gattaattac atgtaggtgt atgtagagat cacagagcaa atgtcattat acacgtaact     14580
     ctgattatgc aaaattacat tataatgaaa aaagaaagta caaagaaagt ttcttataat     14640
     gaagaaagaa agtacaatat acatgtatgc aaaattatac agagcatttg taaaataata     14700
     acaacattta tttgaatcaa attatcttat ttcgacatca attgccaaaa acacaacagt     14760
     tgaacataac aaacatacat ggtctgatgc ccatacgtac aagcaatgaa ctatattcag     14820
     aataaaacat gtttaaaaat gacacattaa aaagacaata ttctgacatt atctgctgca     14880
     aatacaccat taaaatgaac taagctgcat ttaggcttga gttgaactac ttatggcctg     14940
     aagcgttttg agtaatcatg ctgtacttca caaatgaatg ttcttcataa aactttacgt     15000
     cgagtccttc tgcaatcaaa tcattttgag aagcaatgat cagaatgtct tcaccctaca     15060
     ataatcagaa aaaaaaatct ttaaaagatc caccagcagt cttttacgct tgattgttaa     15120
     tgttattgca atagacaaat gtatgttttg aaccatttga aatattaaat ataactttac     15180
     cctaaactaa atgtagaaaa atttagatat tgtaaaatgt aatccattaa actttatttc     15240
     ctacttaaaa aaagaaaaaa aacttacttg attgtcttga tatttgtggg aaagaaaaaa     15300
     aaacacatta ttaaaaaaga caagttaaca ctgtaagttg tctttagggt cttaaaaagc     15360
     aataaaacgt gttaattcca tatattttta aagaccttta aaaaaaactt aaatccgagt     15420
     taaaagtttt aaatttaaca tgcgctgcaa agaaacattt tattttgtac tttgctttag     15480
     acgcatttcc tgtcgattga gcccagggaa attaatgttt tacttttttt ttttactgtg     15540
     tgatcaaaag gtgtatggta aaaataattt ccatcttgtg gtgtttaact ttgttctctc     15600
     ttggtattta aaaagtcttc agtctacata aatgtacctt aaaacctaca gaagccatta     15660
     taaagtgaaa ttataaatat gagcaattac aaatacatgt tagcagtatg ggtaccgaaa     15720
     aatatcttac ctttattacg tagctgtatg gtcacaaaaa cagcatatgc caaaaatatg     15780
     acatttaaaa tcccaagagc aataagagtt ggatttacat cattacattc taaaatgaca     15840
     aaacattaaa tatgtgattc agggtgctga ttgtagaaca gttcatattt ttagcaaaat     15900
     ctgaatgaaa tattcctcct aaatgaacct tacctttaat attcagttga gttcctcttc     15960
     caagcaatat ttctccacat gtggccacag cacagtagta aatgccagaa tcagagcgac     16020
     tgatgttgtt cttgtgtaga ctgtagacac aactctgtgt ttgagactca gtgctgttct     16080
     tacagcggcc atttctctct cctttggtgt aaatcactcc ttcagggtgt cctgagcttt     16140
     gcttgaacca gtagacgctg tgatctcctg cacagctctc agtgaagatg ctgcactgca     16200
     aattcactga atctcctgca tcaacagtgt ctatcaaaga ctgatgaaga gttgtgtctc     16260
     tgtctgcggc tgtgtcttca caagcagaga aatactaaga ttaaaattat ctaccacaaa     16320
     ccaaaaagag ataaaattgt aaacataact tacctctgac aagtaaacga gttcctgaac     16380
     ccattccagt ggcctgatat gatgaaacta cacagtaata tgttgcagag tctgacggct     16440
     ttgtctttaa aattgtcaga ttaaaataaa aatctccttt gttaacatta aagcgatttg     16500
     ttttctcaaa gttgtgattc caacttggct tttgactttc atataaagac acaatttgta     16560
     gagattttcc attattcgcc tgtttaaacc atgcttttgt tgattgtaca agccatggga     16620
     atgtgcaggt aaagttcaca tctcggccag gttgaactat ttttacatta tcttcctgaa     16680
     caacatcaac atcagttgag cagactgcaa aataaagaat gaaaatgaga cagggtgtgt     16740
     tgaaatgtaa ctgttttatc aaaagtatat ttacctattg ttgagcagaa caaaaatatg     16800
     aaatttctcc tcatcataga tcttgcaaat gtatccttat tcattgggaa aaatccggcc     16860
     agtacaaagc acttcacacc aattgaacag agtaatagag atcgatagac gccacgcacc     16920
     ctttaatctt tttccagaca aatgagacac ttacgcactt atgttattta ttctgttttc     16980
     taagagttga ttggccactt agaaaggggt ttgaactgaa cttaaaccac tttgactgca     17040
     gccaatcagc tagtgttgtg gtcaagtttg ttttattaca tgcagtttta gactttaaaa     17100
     aaagtttgaa gtaagatatg taagataaga gtggacataa tgaaaattct aatgtagttc     17160
     atttgtacaa tgtacagttt tctcaatgca tacttatttt aagcagatct tctggaaatc     17220
     acacatttaa atctaaaaaa atcacacatt tagcagtaat atcatatgct aaagaaatgt     17280
     ttaattttga tgatttgatt ttgattcttt ctttttgaag ttaatgaaaa tgtcacattt     17340
     ataaagttac agctaaaagt caagtgtttg tgaacaagtc agtttagttt tttcagagaa     17400
     tgaactttgt ctcagttttc acacctctgt gtgcattctc ttaacatgtg aaacctcaac     17460
     tatccccccc agtactaaag aggaagaaaa gaaagcctta tctatgaact gcagataggt     17520
     ctgcatacag cgatttaaga aattctctgc tctctgacac ttaatattaa caaggtctta     17580
     aagtgaactc taaggggtgg tttcccggac caagattaag catagtccta gactaaaatg     17640
     gccatttaaa tcagactaac agaaatgtgc tttctctgtc atggttttaa taagtctaag     17700
     acttagccta gtctagaatt taataggcta atttcccaga ggaagactag agcaacttca     17760
     ggactacatt gaggcttaaa ttaaacctac caggtggcag gtttaacttc agattaattt     17820
     tgtttggagg acacatggat tacttggact atgtcaatga tgatcagcgc tttccaccag     17880
     ccagccaagt tcttgcagat agaagtgacc cgttgcaaca tttcgatgaa ataagttttt     17940
     gagatcgttt ccgcatgcat aaagtaaatg cagtggagtt aatttcacac ttagaaccca     18000
     ggctttcatc tgtgacccaa agaggacagc ctataccagt ttctctccag gtgcatataa     18060
     ctttaaggtt tttggcatgt ggcacctttc atcgagaaat tggggattta tgtggtgtca     18120
     gtgaaccaac agtatgtaaa gtcattcaca gagtgtgcag ggctatttgt gaattgaaag     18180
     cacactacat aaacttccct gatgctagaa cccaggcaaa ctacaaggta ctattctttg     18240
     aatatggaaa tttcccagga gtcataggtt gcatagatgg aacccatatt cccattaagc     18300
     gtccctctac tccagatgcg gaggaataca ggaaccgaaa gaactggttt tccataaatg     18360
     tccaaggtgt atgcactccc cagttagagt tttcaaacat tgttgcacgg tggaaaggtg     18420
     caactcatga ttcccgaatt ttcctcaact catttctata tactcaattt gaaagaaagg     18480
     atcataatga aattttgctc cgtgacagtg ggtatgctca gaagaatttc ttgtttacac     18540
     catacttgca cccaacaaca gctgaacaac tgcgctataa ccaggctcat atgcgcacaa     18600
     ggggtttagt agagcgcatg tttagtgttt ggaagagtcg ttttcagtgc cttaggaaaa     18660
     cactcagatt caaaccaagt agatgctgca ctgtcatcat tgcaacagct gttcttcaca     18720
     actacctaaa aaagcaggga tgcccagatc ccccaataga agaggatgac aatccagatg     18780
     tgccaccatt tacaacaaac tacagagaag gacttgcata cagggatgct tttgcattgt     18840
     gccactttaa atagatctgt ttacattatt tacctttcaa ccctctgttc agacctgata     18900
     catgtaataa taaaactaaa tatttgttaa tagtttacaa ctttttggtc tggtatgtta     18960
     ctaaaaccac aacatccatc ttttcttaat agaacaatat ttatttcacg gattcatgta     19020
     ctgatgtgac tccttatttc atgctcctcc ttaagatatt tcaacttatg ttcatgaaaa     19080
     tcattagcca atttttcatg aacagtgagt cttttcttct ggttaccagc acaggcagac     19140
     attgacaccc ttgcttctga ggatgtggag ggtaagctgc tttccaactc ttcagttcgg     19200
     ttttgacctt aaaaaaataa atacagatta aatgggaaaa tgtttcacat catatgacaa     19260
     aagcaaatag aagtatgaga ggagagaaac aaaagccaaa atcaaattca aatacttaat     19320
     acaagtgcat gtgatccatc atctgaactg tccagatggt catcatctgg tatgttctcc     19380
     aaaggttgct gattctccag tattccggtc agtaactcat ccaacacatc acagtcttta     19440
     tttgcaggtc ctccgccagt cttaaacctc tctcttcgag cttcagcagc agtttttttg     19500
     aggtttattt ttatattttt ccacaacacc tgcatttaat aactagtatg aatacaactg     19560
     tgactttaaa ataaccgtaa cgtaataaac ctaatgattc ttacctgaag ttgttgaatt     19620
     gttcttgtag atgtgtgttt atttataaaa tctgtcactg atgtgatttt catgaataca     19680
     gaagactggg ttggtatttt tgcatttcgc cgggttttgg atactttttg ggctggaatc     19740
     agttagctac atctggcaac actgtgtgcg ctttcggttt aattttcact gctgagaacg     19800
     gttcacttcc tgcgcggctc tcaaacgatc actcacaaat gagtgccaca aactgaatgt     19860
     tatttacaac attattacct gtaattcaca gcctatgcag gttctgttta ctaaagtaaa     19920
     cttcattcag tggtgcgcgc gcgcaactgc ccgccttccc tctggtgatt ttgtgtgatt     19980
     ttgcagttgc aaatacatta catgaagaca gaaattacgt ttttgaggtg aattatatct     20040
     tataaataca gtatgtgact ctttcaacac tatttggagg tgtccacatt gctgaacaac     20100
     gtatgtaaaa caatgtgaag acttgtgcag ccactacttc tctcctgaac ttcaaaatat     20160
     aattgacaga atcatagaaa tgctggataa tgatcctcta gggcaggggt cggcaaccca     20220
     aaatgttgaa agagccatat tggaccaaaa aaacaaaaaa caaatatgtc tggagccgca     20280
     aaaaatgtaa agccttatat aagccttata ctgaaggaaa cacatgctgt atgtatctat     20340
     agtagctata ttagcctact ataaaaatga ctaagttggc tacaaataca taatgagcct     20400
     tcatgattaa atagccactg aaatcaggtg gttggtgttg atttcgttgt catttaaaca     20460
     cttcagcaca gcctctggtc tttcagtggt ataaatttga taatttcttc ttgcggccca     20520
     tcagagttca catacctgca taaaagcaca ttgaatatcg gtcacatcac aggcaattga     20580
     gtatgctgac agtgaattaa tgtccttggt ttgctgatcg gtgatgttac ctgccatttt     20640
     aatagccctt tccttcactg tcttagcgga gagaggtata tctttaattt tttgtattat     20700
     cgtggttttt agtttttgaa gtctgcaaat aggtgtttta atatgttgat gaatgactcc     20760
     ttcatgtagt caccatctgt gaatggtttt ccatgcttta ttttctcccg gtttgtttac     20820
     aacagccacc tgcctggcat cccgccctgc tgatagaaac ctgtgtcgca ggctatgacg     20880
     caaatcttcg ttgacagaaa tgttaaaatt aaatattaat tctacacact tttacagcat     20940
     ttgaaaacgt taaaaatgtt tgtcctccta tagatatcat attaaaacaa aaatatatac     21000
     taaccttccc catctttttg aacatttttg aaaaagctcc agggagccac aaggacagcg     21060
     ctaaagagcc acatgcggct ctagagccgc aggttgctga cccctgctct agggggtcga     21120
     atcgagatcg cgatcttttt acgattaatt gtgcagctct agtttgtact ttgtacttag     21180
     ctgtggaaaa cctccatact gtatactcac ttctgtctgt gccccctgtc catctctctt     21240
     taaccccacc ccacacacac attttcacac cacactttga attaaagcca acttcatcaa     21300
     tgagcaactt tcacaactgt tgcactttgc ttttcagtgg cagagaaaga gaacaagtta     21360
     cactgtaatg atgagattat aatgtggcaa tacacaatcg taacttgttg tttcttaaac     21420
     ttttaagtgc tatctttttg tggattatca aatactgttg caacccatgc taaaagaata     21480
     gtttcccaaa actgatttat ttcctggcca ttcaacattt agcttttcat tatttgatgt     21540
     gcataaaagt gcatgtttaa taatgataat gataattaat atactttcat tcttgcttct     21600
     atttgtatca acaatgttct tttgcgctta gaataaaggc attggacctc tgttaagaca     21660
     aactaaacac acaattaatt ttaaagcgta atttaacctt tttttctttt tctttttttt     21720
     atacttcttt tcaattaaaa ggttccatat caggatgaga caaagtatgt ttaagcaaaa     21780
     gcataaatgc cattaagaag taaatcaatg caaaagacat cttccaattt attttacaac     21840
     agtgaagaca aaaagcaaga aatgtgactt aaattcttgt gtttttcttg gttttgttgt     21900
     tagtttttga ttggtctttt tttgcacaaa atatgcattt gtgtgaccag ctgttaaaat     21960
     tacagtcaca ggattgtgag ataaaattat acatttgtgt ggcctttaat tatcagacac     22020
     agccaacagt atggcaatag acagacaata aatatttcac ccaatttctc agacgttcta     22080
     agatcaatct gtgaaaaaaa tcaccaaaaa atgccagcag acactgagag gggtaacaca     22140
     ctgatctgga aaaaaaagca cagtgtctgt ttgctgtcta tgatataaat tacccttcag     22200
     tgaagccatg ggtatcgaca agacacttca aaacaaaaat attagcaaac acagagcaaa     22260
     ttttcaacca cagaatgatt cttctcatct ctcacttatc aggcataatt tatttttggt     22320
     accttctaaa tcttaaagac gcttgtggta cactgtgtaa ctgacaatag tagaggcatc     22380
     agcctgaaac aaaaccaatg ataaattgat tcagatatgg tcataataaa tataaaaaca     22440
     aataaggata ataaaaaaaa tgcataggca ttatacactt tggaataaag cacttttact     22500
     ctaatattaa gctgctgcaa tatcacgcaa aataaaaaaa taaataaaag aactgaaagg     22560
     tcttaccatt gatcgatcga gcacattata gggaattcca tcttaacgaa agaaaattat     22620
     tgttacaaat acaaacttct tgacagatat tgatttgtga ctgtaaatct tacctttttg     22680
     ttggtgatta tgcaactgta tacccagaag tatgatcacg atcacacaca aaatgtttga     22740
     acttgttaaa acaagagcaa ttacactcca tgctgtttct gcaaagacga gaaagatggc     22800
     ttaattttta acaacgcaag tccaaataaa ttacattttg tgttttgttc tgaacaaatt     22860
     tagtggatac ctggcccagg caaagcaact ttatttgcat ccccgaatag tatctgtcca     22920
     caagcggcca cagcgcagta gtagatggca ggatcttcat cagtgttggg caggctgtag     22980
     atgcatttgt gtgcagtgga gtttagatca gagctgttct cacactgagc gctcctgctg     23040
     ttctgagtgt agatcactcc tggggaggat tctccaaagc cctgtttgaa ccagtagacc     23100
     ttgtgttttt ctgcacagct ctgagagatg accctgcact gcagatcctc tgatgctgat     23160
     ctctgatgat cagactcgat gttcagttca ccagctgaaa agaaatcagc aaaatgttca     23220
     tttgactgaa cttactgaag aacatttaag tgaatgttca gtttaccttt aacaatgagt     23280
     tcagtgctgt tcccaaatat gaactcatac acatatgcaa cacaatagta tgttgcagtg     23340
     tctgatattt cagagtttgt gatgctcaga ttaaaactac cttcatcttt ttctataaag     23400
     aagcggtttt gtttgtcaaa gtcattttca tatttgccag ctaaaccttg atatgctgaa     23460
     gcaattagaa gaggtttctc tccaactctt tgtttgaccc aaaccacact gattcttgac     23520
     tcttttggaa aaatacatgt taagttaact gcgtctccag cttgaacaat cagaacatag     23580
     ttctgagcat ttgcagtttc tgagctgcct agaaataaaa caaatgagag aatcgttagt     23640
     tttgtcagtg gtagatttag tttattcatc aatacaatga aaaaatgtct agcatttaat     23700
     tatgtctaat ggtaggacta agaatgaaaa ataattgact tacacattag gtaaagcaat     23760
     ataaaagaga aatgcaggac cattttgcca gataaatatc agacagctta aatcatctag     23820
     agggaaaata taaaataaaa aaatattgtc gcagtttatg gaataattag aaaaatatat     23880
     atataattgt ggtatactgt atgactctga aaaaaaaata atcatacatt tttatttaat     23940
     tacacaccaa tactttttat gtgcatatgg gaaacataag atagcctcaa aacatttaat     24000
     tctagaaagc tgttagacaa attgaataat aaataattaa aaaataacag tgttaaacct     24060
     gcacattaaa atgtattaca aaaaaacgta aatcagtact tacagagttt tgtgaataaa     24120
     agatcatgtg gtgtcgaaga ggtcaagata gctaataaat cttctccttt ctagtggata     24180
     atagaaataa cgcaacaaaa tatatattag ttactataac atataacaga ataatatatg     24240
     catattaaca aaacatgttt tgaatttact tgtttgcagt aaattaaaag cttcagatgt     24300
     gaaaagaacc atctcactat gtgcacatac tgcagttata cggctgggag agatctgtga     24360
     gaaaggcagt gacatttaca tgcgtgctgc tgactgtaga gtgtagcaca cacactcaca     24420
     caaaccacag ataacacaca agcagaattt tcatcaaatg agttttttct aagcacactc     24480
     tcacacacac acacacactg tttttcaaac ttagtgagga cattacatag atgcagagat     24540
     ggcaaaagta cagtatacac atcctttact taagtagaag tactgatact catgttaaaa     24600
     acgactctgg taaaagtaga agtactgact acacttttgt acttagtaaa agtaaagaag     24660
     taccgcctca aaaatgtaca aaagtaaaaa gtactcattt caactacagt gcaaagacat     24720
     gtggtacagg tgaataatgt gtaactaaat tggcagttca gttgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     24780
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtatc     24840
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtatgggtg tttcccagga ctgggttgca gctggaaggg     24900
     tttcagctgt gtaaaacata tggggtcacc aacctttttg aaactgagag ctactttttg     24960
     ggtaaatttg ctcaatttac ttgtatatgt tattattaaa aattaatgat attcatctat     25020
     gtgaagacac tgatcatgtt aatgattctc acaatggttg tcaaaaatga tttaacaagg     25080
     taggaaacag ataaatacaa catgacatga agttatattg tatatttcag acaaatgaca     25140
     agtattttat agtaaagtaa aaattgtaaa aatattagat ttgtatgctc agctttctgg     25200
     taaatggcac tatggtgagc tatttttaga acaggcccgc tggcaactca tgagatcctc     25260
     gcgggctatc tagtgcccac gggcaccatg ttggtgactc ctgtgctaga acaattggac     25320
     attcattcag ctgtagcgat ccctcataca tttccaactt ttatgtaaaa tgtttattgc     25380
     caattttatg aaagtagcca agcagcatca tagcctcaca acattgatca agaagtcggt     25440
     tcatgtatca tcatcctgac gcaaacccgt agcgttcagc atgtagttta gtcgatgtta     25500
     ctgtagatca aaaatccagt tattgtggtt attttattta gcgaataatc aataattctg     25560
     ttacagattt ttctcagtca ctttggtcca tttctcaaat aaaaaataga aatttccaaa     25620
     actccctgtt taatcttcag atcatcgttg tgccacttgt gcacatcaga aaagcagttt     25680
     ctcataatga acaagtctca aatgcttttg cacatccatg caaatgattg tgcaattatc     25740
     tgctgtttcc taacgtatca attgctgatg ttatgtagtc atgtcatgaa tagtctcact     25800
     ccccacaaca tttaaacatt tgttcaagtc tttacatgaa aaatggctga agagtttgtc     25860
     attatatttt gtcataatga ctttttatac atttccctta gacttttttt ctaaatctgt     25920
     ctacaacttt tttaatgaag gtctaaaagg aggttgtcct atgttcacat ttttattttg     25980
     tttgttcttt gcactatgta gggctttttt tcccctttct gtatcacaag gacatgatct     26040
     gtcaactaat tacagtacaa actgccaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaatatatat     26100
     atatatatat atatatattg ccaatgttta catcagcaca gccctccaga gtacactaat     26160
     attgacaaca tgacttaagt aatttgagtc atatcattct gatgccactg acatgttcat     26220
     tgacacagaa acttagtttt gagagaagaa ctaaggattc tgagcaggag actggctttt     26280
     ataggtttca gttctgatct gagaaatgtg atgaaaaagt gactaagaaa aactgtaatg     26340
     catttattct atgctaaagc aacatataca gccgtgacta caacctacaa aacatgtgca     26400
     tgatcttttt ttcacatgat aaatacaaca tctttggcaa tatattttta tttagaaatt     26460
     gcccagtagt tacttttgtt ggtgcaaaat atttgttaaa cattattaat tgaagacaac     26520
     agtataggcc aacaggtaaa tgcaaaatca tatagtcaat aaaaaatgaa aaaaaaaaaa     26580
     aacagcatac attctgtatt aggaaatatg aacttatcag atataagtga aataaaccgc     26640
     aatgcatgca ttttttttag tatttgattg ttttagtact aaatgtgcaa atctttacaa     26700
     aaaaaaaaaa caatatattt tgtggtatta aggctcctac acacacgctt ttcgtttgtg     26760
     tttatcatca gcgttttacg agacgttttt ctgtattcaa acccaagcgc ttttcactgg     26820
     cgttaagttg aagagtatgc aaaatcactc tttgacgcta gatggtgcta cacaacttta     26880
     agcttctgac acccgcttgt aacagaagaa gtggaggaga ggaagttcac atgcttgttg     26940
     ttaaagttac tggtgactca aacaagcatg gatggtttaa gcagcagctc cagctcaggc     27000
     gatgaagaaa tgattactgt tcacaagagc aataagcagc taagcgttca tatcgcctct     27060
     gggcatcttc tttaatgtgc gctcgcattg acagttttgc gcttgagcgc ctccaagtgc     27120
     tgtttactgt agcttcagca gctccatgca cgtgaacaaa agtgccgatt tgattggtgg     27180
     acaatgtttg aacgcggcgt gttaaataaa aaaaaaaaat gagcatgagg cgtttttttt     27240
     aaatgatgct tttgcatgtt ggtgtgcacg atcgcattga cgccctttat ttagtcacga     27300
     ggtgttgaac gttgatggaa aacgcgagca aaaaacgtct tggtgtgcac gggcctttag     27360
     attgaaagac cagagaagcg cgtgtagtat gatcggaggt ggacagaagg cataagcatt     27420
     taaatggcat gtttttgaac tgaaatgtgt ctcttgttta cctgtgatct gaaaaagtaa     27480
     aaggtgtctt attagcgtga aagaaggcag catcaatcat gttaaattgg ccaacttcct     27540
     ctgtcacatc tgcgtagtct tcctcgcctt tctgtaagta atcttcataa actagcccac     27600
     gtacggtgca cgatagcctg gaaaaggcca cgcactgcag cacgtaggcg cacaatgtgg     27660
     aaaaaaagac tgactgcatc aaaagcgcac attattgcac aatgacaaaa aataatatag     27720
     attgcgccac caaacacatg aaaacgaatg taacgagcgt tatttaaaaa tgtaaggagt     27780
     agagagtaca gatatttgtg taaaaaaagt aagaagtaaa ggtaaaaaat ttgtcagaaa     27840
     aataagtagt ggagtaaagt actgatacca gaaaaatcta ctttagtaca gtaaatattc     27900
     gtactttgtt acttccatct ctgcatagac gtccattgtt tttctatcag gttaaggatt     27960
     ttgtctatgg gcctaactat acctctaccc ctaaacccaa ccctcacaga aacaagtgtc     28020
     aattattaga tactaataaa aacatcctct ggccaatgta ttagcattct taattggtaa     28080
     ggggcagtga aatgtcatca gtaggtcatc ataattatct actgtatgta cagtagggca     28140
     gttgagcctt cacaagtgta gctcacacgc acacaagcac gcacgaacac aacgtgtata     28200
     cctgtcatta accaggtcat catattttct aatttgcata attagttaac actctggccc     28260
     aattaggcac atacactgaa gagatagaga ttcatgtttg gtggcatact gtaataattg     28320
     ctaagtgtac agtgtttgca cattttcatg ttattttaat ttgattttcg acttaattta     28380
     agttacatac tgtaattaat actgtggtat taaagcatta ataaacaacc taatatatgc     28440
     agtttattat tgcctgtgca caatgatttc ctttcagaga ggcaaaaaaa agattttctt     28500
     acagagaggc aaatagctac aaatatttgg gtgaattatc atttagattg agaaaagaaa     28560
     ttcagtacca agccaagaag cccccccccc caaccccccc atattctggc acatttagat     28620
     ggcagaataa aattaaaata taaaaatgta taattttaaa aatgtataat tggcaggtgg     28680
     tgggggtgga aaaagttgca taatttatag tttacattgg attatgttat gacactggaa     28740
     tgttctgata tcattgttgt gccttaggtt aattctacaa aaaacaaaca aacaaaacca     28800
     ccaaaaaata aacaaacaaa aacaaaagac agacatctcc tcagtcgaca tttgtcagaa     28860
     cttgagacca acaaatcaga aggcagaaac aaaatagatc atttcctgta gactgactga     28920
     caggaagcag cagctcagta cagactgaga actgatgagg tgaactgcag cggataaaca     28980
     tttctcaaac atacaatatt ggacattact aacagcactc gacagactca aatcattaaa     29040
     ttatgaatat tataaggaga aaatataata taatataagg agaaaagtct ctccttatgt     29100
     tatattatga ctttatatta ttttcaggtg atttaaatga atgaaaatat tttgatttgc     29160
     agaattgttt agttcttatg ttttattaat tgcatgctct aatttatgtg cagtgttttg     29220
     tctgtttgtt aaccgattaa atagacactt caagttttat gctcagatgt gtttgtgcac     29280
     ctttgtgctt ttgcatgcac agtgcggttt aagaattttc caaccacaag actgaccagc     29340
     tagtgtgttc acacctctct ctgagtcaac atcacacaca cccacacaca ccactcacta     29400
     gtcaaataaa ttactgcttg gtgacatact gaattttaac agtttactct tgcatcataa     29460
     acaaaaccct attcactcag ctgaactaac tggttatgat atgcatttaa cgagacatat     29520
     gtgctatttt ttaagttgct gcatacggta tatactgtac ttttaagcag atgtgcttat     29580
     gtttttagtt aggaaaattg acgcattcag aaaataaaat gcagacttta cccataatat     29640
     atttcaaagt ctgttttatt tattgtgtta tttttgaatg ctgtctatta tgctgcaggc     29700
     ctcactattt atggtctcat tgttgagttt ttatgcagag tttctccact agaggggtct     29760
     tatgagccac ttattaataa tactgggctt cacctcttaa atatggaagc tctctttaga     29820
     aaaacataaa gcagtctaat gatgaatcac aatatgattg atcaatctct taaattaact     29880
     aaaaagtaaa aaatatttaa tatgcagatg attcacaact tccgacaaac ttccgacatt     29940
     tacaacaaac cagtcaattt taagtttatg taactccaaa caattttctt ttgaaacttg     30000
     tacaaccctg tgcccaagat atatgaagac aatcagtaat aaactgtttg aaatggccaa     30060
     caccacagca actgtctacc cagatgtcag aaaactttga ggaaaaagtt agaaattgaa     30120
     aaaagtagtg aaagaaatga atgcaatcat tatattgcac gtataaactg caagtgcttg     30180
     tgtgagtctg tacatacatc agcagtttat taatattctg accatctttc tgaaaaaatc     30240
     atattagttt ttctatagat ttagtattaa tgaagttatg atgacaaaat aatctcactc     30300
     aagacttatt tcagtaccac ggacagaggt tttaaaaaca attttggcac attttataat     30360
     tgtgacatca cctgggaatt agttttcaca caaaatgtct caatagatac tactgtataa     30420
     gcaaaaccag tcagttcatg caacatttgt tgacttattg tgcatacaga agtatcttgt     30480
     aagtttcttt cctctgatct agtcgtggag ggattgtatt ggtagctcaa tgcagtgcaa     30540
     ttcagaccat cagcgtgatc cacacagaac agaaattcat attgctccat tcatccaaca     30600
     caacatatat ctgtaatgat aaaacaatga caaagcttca tgtattcaca acggctttac     30660
     actctaataa ttaaccctgc gttatattac ctagagtaaa tctcaagtaa tgctgggtta     30720
     ttttgcttca tgtttacgca gatcataatt tatccaggga tcaacagatt tataaatgtc     30780
     accttttgat attgttagca tatttgtggt gttaatgtcc atgattatca ttcttttcat     30840
     aattgttgaa aactctcaga atggagttga ctggcttgaa aaggaacagg cttgatattt     30900
     tttttgaaaa caattataca gtacaacatg ctgtacataa ctggtcaaag cacgtcacga     30960
     gtttgtcttt ttgttcttaa gaatcaagtc ataactagtg ccactccagt gtgggtttct     31020
     taatagtaaa gaaagttaaa aatgtgaaat atacctgcaa aaaaatgagc tctctgcgta     31080
     caggcttcgc tgtatcttta tttgtattat gtagatatga tattcatgtg cactttagtc     31140
     ttgtgaattt acaacagcta ttgtttgtgt aatatatggc attaaaaata attttgttat     31200
     caaatgtaca aaactggtga aagtgtcggt taaagtgtca gagagatgat agagtgtaga     31260
     aaacaggttg tttgtcaagc ccacccacct gtatgaggca cactcagttt aaagttatct     31320
     tgtggtgggg agagaagagg cgggtcctgg tttgttcaca gaggttcagg tttttttttt     31380
     tttttttttt ttttttatgt tttatgtagt ttttttccct ctcagtttcc agactgtagt     31440
     aagtcaggat tttttgtcac actttatttt gatggtccgt ttgttgaact taagttacat     31500
     tgcatctaca tgccaaaaaa tgtgttataa gtagactgtt aggttggggt tagtgtaagt     31560
     tgagatgtac ttgcaaagtt tcttagagtc agttatctgt ctgttgaaag agcattatca     31620
     acagatatta agcagacagt ctattaatac tcaaatggac catcaaaata aagtgttatt     31680
     gtgtatattt tgcattggaa cggtgttact ttgtctcatt attttatttc atgttttgac     31740
     attaggcctt gtggagactt cggatgttat aattgctctg aagatctgaa caatttctgt     31800
     tttctcttct ttcgttttta aatcattatc ctctaaataa acaccagctt aaataataat     31860
     gataataaat aaatattaat tcttttgcta gtaaaaatgt gaaaccaaaa ttccttgatc     31920
     attattctat catcatttgc atatataacc cgagtcagca cagtagtgat caagagcagg     31980
     gagtgtgtct aaacctctca aacataacca caaaaataca atgaatgcac tatatatata     32040
     ttttttatga catcatataa caatactata aaaataaaca cttgaacgta cactggcatg     32100
     tttagacatt aaaattcgga aactacaatt acagaaacca tgtcttagag atattattaa     32160
     agtgtaattc aattgctttt tatgtgccaa atgttatata taaacttaat aaactatatg     32220
     ttatagcagg tgtacacgga tttatcattt gagtttaaag aataaaaaac aaggtaatgg     32280
     aattttcatc atcatttttg aaactccaaa ataacataca catgcaaaca ttaaaagaat     32340
     aataataaaa ataagcatat tcaatgtaca tttatttagc agatgcaaat gagtgacaat     32400
     acacacaagc ttttcattga aacttgtaaa atgaaatgaa caatagcttg atattctaaa     32460
     aagcaatgca gtccaataac gttcatgcat tgtgcctaaa tatatcaact gacacacaaa     32520
     cccacacttt tatttttgtt tttagcaaat tcaaatatcc aacaacatgt atacagtaca     32580
     aaatcaaata gtaacagtaa catacaaaga cttacaaaat ggccataact ttaatcttgc     32640
     attgccattt gatgactttt ttagtagtat cgaagtttct ctaagcttct gaattttact     32700
     ggtgtgatct gacctgtgcg tacagagatt gatcttgtgt gacttttgct ctggctcttt     32760
     tagtgttcag aggtttttga ttaaaagcaa tggatgcgta atttaggctg tctccatcct     32820
     aaaatcaaga aaaaatataa aagaaacttc aattataaga ggaaacctat gtgatatgat     32880
     ttaatagagt tcaaatcttt aaaattttag taaaagtttg agaagttcta gtattcaata     32940
     tgtaattgat aaagcaacac agataagtac ttacttgagt tgtttgagca gcggatgctt     33000
     aaaaagttaa gagaaagtct agttattata aaaagcaatc atgattttta taataaatct     33060
     gacaattgct ttatattaag aacttaattg tattcataaa gtcttacttt taatctgact     33120
     tctacagagt ttgattccca gaacaacaac aagggccaaa aatatgatat ttaaaattcc     33180
     agaagcaaga agagcaggat taaaatcaca tctttctgta agaaatttaa acagattttt     33240
     aattattgaa catttgttac gcgaccagtt tagtgtcata tactccatgt ttcaattatg     33300
     attatacatt tttacgtacc atgttttaca tgtgaagaga ttgcatgtta aagcctttaa     33360
     atgccattca ctttttggca atgaataggt tttaaaatga aataacagca tataatataa     33420
     acacaggagg ctgacaaatt tctatcatta tcatgttgta gtatatgaat taaaatgaat     33480
     taaattattt tccaaagagg gaagatcaaa ccaaacattt tagcattata accatatatt     33540
     tgtgtttcgc cttcatttta gtgtttactt aattttagta ttgagttggg ttcctcttcc     33600
     aagcagtatt tctccacatg cggccacagc acagtagtaa atgccagaat cagagcgact     33660
     gatgttgttc ttgtggagac tgtagacaca gctctgcatt tgagactcag cgctgttctt     33720
     acagcggcca tttctctctc ctttagttta aagcactcct tcagagtgtc ctgagctttg     33780
     cttgaaccag tagacgctgt gatctcctgc acagctctca gtgaagatgc tgcactgcaa     33840
     gttgactgaa tctcctggat caacagtgtc tatcaaagac tgatgaacag ttgtgtctct     33900
     gtctgtggct gtgtcttcac aagcacagaa aataaatagt acaataaatc agcctctaca     33960
     cacaccaaaa ccctgaataa atataaaaaa ataaaagcct tacctctgac aagtaaacga     34020
     gtgcctgaac ccattccaaa ggtgtaaaat gttgagatta cacagtaata tgttgcagag     34080
     tctgacggct ttgtctttaa aatggtcaga ttaaaataac tttctccttt caaaacatca     34140
     aaacgattct cagatgttac tccaaatggg gttttcattt aaatacaaag acacaatttg     34200
     tagggattgt ctatcagctg tttgtttaaa ccatactttt gtcacctgca gaagccttga     34260
     aaatgtatat gtaaggttca ccttctctct cggtgcagtt ttttttttac attattctcc     34320
     tgaacaactt ccacaccaga ggagcaaact gcaaattaaa agtgtagtaa tacattgtgc     34380
     taaaggctgt tgaattgtta aagcatataa aacatatacc tattgttgag cagaaaaaaa     34440
     agattaaata atacttcatg atcaccatct ttaaaaacat cctttagttt taatttgtcc     34500
     tgtaaaaatc agccaaaaac ttaatcttaa caccagaatg aagtaatagc gatcagttta     34560
     ccccacactt caaactctac ttggacaaat gagacgctta cgcacgtatc ttatttattc     34620
     tgttttctaa gagttgattg gacactttga aaggggttta aactgacctg aaactgtgac     34680
     tgcagccaat caacgcggtg ttggggtcga gtttgcaata ttactttttt ataatcattg     34740
     taaggtaaat aaagacataa aaaaattgca attacaatat tgtttatttt acaacaagta     34800
     cgaaatactt attttaaaca gatgagaact actaacagtg cactataatt tgaatttcat     34860
     ataaccttaa aggaatatca ttaatgctaa agacattttt attttaattt aaatgttttt     34920
     tattttaaga aaatgtcact ctttaaatga tagtgagtat atgtcacagt ttagtttctg     34980
     cagagaatga cctctgtgtc tgttttcaca cctctagctg catcaacacc acaacatgtg     35040
     aaacctcagc tattcttcca ttgctagaaa aaaagctttg tgtgccctgc agacacacaa     35100
     ctcttaacag aactattaac acttaactat taacaaagac acttgataat caaccttaaa     35160
     ctaaagttta taagacagat ttgtcaattc agcaccaagg acagagatat aaataatttt     35220
     tgcattggaa aaatgattta acatagcttc atacatattc acacagaaaa aacaaacaaa     35280
     caaacaaaca aacagacaga ttaacagagc ttttgttagc ataatctcaa tgagatatta     35340
     ttgagatgaa aataatgcaa actaacataa cctgacaaat cttaaaatca gtaaacttat     35400
     gttgctatga aactgttaat tcagaagaac agatttagaa gcctttaatt tgccatattt     35460
     aatgttactt atcttagcaa agatattctt tatttcaaac ccatctgatg taaaaaggac     35520
     atttgagttt ctcaattata aacgtacaca gcatcacatc attaaagtct tgacagaaca     35580
     cataattata aaaacttgtg cagtttacag ccaaatgcat tttctttttt actttttttt     35640
     tatttatgag ggagtgatgg tcatttttgt ctttataact atgaccaaga cttaaacctc     35700
     agataaacct cagaagcctc agtccataaa aggagaggat gtgactgagg ctctcactga     35760
     agtcagaagg cagagacgag ttgcatcatt tcctgcaaaa aaagacagga agaaactgtt     35820
     cattttagag tcagaggcgc tggagtaaac atcagcgtac agcttttaga tttttgagtg     35880
     tctcatctta ttttaactgt aaagatgcca catttgtagt ttcatgattt agaagttcag     35940
     aatgagaaat aaatataatc agtattactg tacagtttat atattattaa attatttata     36000
     aaaattatct ttccttgtga ttaaatagtg gtatacaata aaaatttttg tcatatccaa     36060
     tctattcagt atgcaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aatagtacag tataatcaac atcataaata     36120
     tcaaccaatt ggtaatattc tgagaatcaa attcatgaag gtcttatgtt catacatatg     36180
     tttgcatgtg tgaaacatgt acatcacatc acctgttatc ctctgtcggc ctgtccacag     36240
     tgcggagtag tgttagaggc agggttattt aaagagtgcc tgtgcataaa ctgccatttt     36300
     tgtcaaattt aaaaagtatc tagcagaaat aaaaaaaata atatgtatag tagcctaact     36360
     agcaacagaa taattgtcta tgttaaaaga ttagagcttt agtggacgca aaagcagcac     36420
     agagcataag aagagcagtg ccataataat ttctattttg ggtctatttt tgctgctctg     36480
     tttgcgcgca attaaagtga cagtgcattg ataatgacca aaaacacatt gagtgacagt     36540
     aaaaagtagc aattttaccc aataaatgca tcaataatat ccacagattt ttatatagtc     36600
     aatgaaatta acctaataaa ctgcaaaaga tatttgttct gggccctaac tacaaaacca     36660
     aataaaaaaa ttgttttagt tttgcttgag ttgaacagta gtttcattat aaatatcatt     36720
     ataactatat tgtagaaata ttataactag gtctacatca tgctgacaat caaaaactaa     36780
     cagctctatt ttgacggtcc atgcgcagag cgcaaagcgc agggcgcaaa cactttcagg     36840
     gcgtgtcaga acacattttt gctaatttaa ggactggaaa atccgctttg cgccatggcg     36900
     catggtctaa aagggttgag tttattttct taatgagtta taggtgtgtt ttgagaataa     36960
     accagttaga gtctcatttc ccattccctt taagagccag ctgcgtcgcg ccataagcgc     37020
     attcactatt tacaggacat aaagtaaggc taagtggaaa aactgagcat ttcactagca     37080
     aacagttaac agtttttttt aacagaaaac tgttaaacag agcatctact gcgtcagaat     37140
     gagagataat ggatctactt tcactttcgc tcttggatag ggaaaccttt tcgcacagac     37200
     atcaattagc ctataaataa ttaattgcat ttgttaagcg caaatattcg tttcaaaact     37260
     atttctaaat tcagttctaa tttccagcaa acgaataaat gaacaataat aacgaagtgt     37320
     gttcaaaaac ctaagttata tcctaaaaca catgctgtgc cccatatggt ctaaaacctg     37380
     acagatgggc aaaactaagc ttgtttttaa taaaacaaat ataaatatgg atataataaa     37440
     taaaacatct aataataata acattaatca aaagcaaatt tttatgaata aactgaaaaa     37500
     gcctcccgag atgaagaaga cataaaagca gtggtttttc atattaatgt aggctagaaa     37560
     ataatatgtt ttgtaatatt ttaatccttt atatttatat cctatatata ttcttattat     37620
     atcctatata tatatcctta atatttaatt tttttcatat gtaaagatat ttgcctattg     37680
     ctctcttgtg cgtattaagc agtgtgtaag cgaggcgcaa ctctgcgctg gagtttagac     37740
     cgggtttgtt ttggtctaat gaaaaatcta ttttagtttc tcaaaattgc aacgcgctag     37800
     cagtgcgcct cagaacggct tcctttttag accagaacgc ctatgagcgc acatatgaga     37860
     gctaatgcat ttgctattta aacagcgtag cgcaacgcct caaaattact cttgcgccaa     37920
     gctgaaacta gcaaaagact actgtgccgc gccatgcgcc acaatgtgcc gggtgtatga     37980
     tagggccctt cattacatga tatcacaggc gagtgcatct gaaaataaat gaacaacact     38040
     tcttatagag cttgagaaaa ataaagttct ttatgatcta gataatttgt aaaataaaga     38100
     cacgttgcag gttaaggaaa cagcatgggt ggaagttgca tgggccttaa tgcagatgaa     38160
     aagtaaaaaa taaaagtgta tttataaata gattgattag taactacata gaaaagacag     38220
     agatagactg atctgtgcaa cagccgccga tcaggtgcgt gctctagacg ctgccagtgt     38280
     aaaagacaaa tgcctgcacg ctgattctgc tctccctatg cactgcgcag actgctttag     38340
     ctctgcttgt gtgtgcggtg tgaaagggcg tcagtcttca cgatagatgc agagaagcca     38400
     cggtatctgg atcatttaat aataataatt ccttcttata tagcgatttt tctggacact     38460
     caaagcactt tacacatttt tgggggaaat cacctcatcc accaatacag ccatattgcg     38520
     tcagaccaca cacaccatac accagctgat tggtggaaaa gagacggtga tgaagccaat     38580
     tatgatgtgg ctacattagg aggccatgat ggacagaggc aagtgggcaa ttttgtcaag     38640
     tatgctgatg tttaaccctt tactcttttc gagggacatg ctgggatttt taatgaccac     38700
     agagagtcag gaccttgatt taatgtttca gatggcactc attgagcagt atagagtccc     38760
     catcgaaata ctggggtgtt aggagctaca cagactctag gttgagcacc ccctgctggt     38820
     ctcactaata ccacttccag cagcaaccta gctttcccat gtggtctggc atgtaaggta     38880
     ctgattgtac cttagcatgt aagctaccgt gggtgaccat gtgcgagttg cagagagcta     38940
     ggtgccgaca tatttcacat gcgcactgct ttattttcat atttaagtaa tgatctgtat     39000
     aagtaatgaa tgaagtacag ttgcaataaa gtgcaaagga tccgaataga tataatatac     39060
     acaaggcaga catgctgctt cagacgagca cacgctggcc gtggtttctg tttgcgacat     39120
     cacaacataa tgttttggcc gtgttgtttc gatgataaaa aaatcttggc cgaatgtttc     39180
     gctagccgag tatttagtgc gtccctgata tagtttgata atttattaat catttaaatt     39240
     gcaattaggt gtaaagctca aaaataacca gttggtctct aaaatttaat ctaatacatg     39300
     ctaaagctat cttcatttgt attcaaactg ccttaatctg ttaacatctc agaatatttt     39360
     gtttagagtt tcataacttt ttggacccta tcatgcaccc agcacaataa ggcgcaagac     39420
     gtgtttgccc cgacttgttg ctattttcag atcaacgcaa ccttaatttt cctgttttct     39480
     gccacattgt ttaaatagca aatccatttc cgccacttta tagactcatg ggagttctgg     39540
     tctagaaaag aggtgtgtta aggcgaattg ttggcacttt gctattttga ggagctaaaa     39600
     tactatgcaa ttgaccagct gaaaacatgt ctgcagcgca gagcgtctta gttgtgtctc     39660
     gcttacacat tgcttaaaac acacaggatg tacagcaata cacaaatata ttaacaaatg     39720
     aaaaataatt aaaggaataa aatattgcaa aaattatttt ctacataaat ataaaaacca     39780
     ctgcctccat gccttcatct ctgggtgctt ttttcagttt atttatgaca gtttgctttt     39840
     gtataatgtt atcattatta gtattattat ttattatatg caaatttaca tttgatttat     39900
     aaaaaaagct tagatttgcc cacctgtcat gttttggacc atatggggca gcatgtgtat     39960
     ttggatataa ctcagttttt tgaccacaca acgttattat tgttcgttta ttcgtttgtt     40020
     ggagattagg actgaattta gaaatagttt tgaaacaaat ctttgcgctt aacaaacaaa     40080
     attaattagg taggctaatg gatgtctgtg catacaacac attttcttat ccacaaaaga     40140
     gagaaagaga aagtgaaagt aaagaagctg attggaggct cattctttat cctcgcgctg     40200
     cagatgctct gtttaaattt tgtctctcta gtgaattgtt cagtttttcc acttacaaat     40260
     ctgccatgta aatagcaaat gtgccatggt gcaactgact cttaaaggga atgggagatg     40320
     agactctgat tggttttatc tcaaaacacc cagaactcat aaagagaata agctcaaccc     40380
     tgttagacca tgcaccgtgg tgcagagcat atttatctct acttaaaata gcaaaagaag     40440
     attcgggcat gcccttaagg cttttgcacc ctccacttta gactttgcac ctagatcatt     40500
     aaaataaagc ccataatgtt tattgtttct gatttatgcc actgccttac ctcaatattg     40560
     aacagttaca aggtatgatt ggggaatgga ccttttgcgt tgtactgtat atgtgtaaaa     40620
     acttttctga gtgtagtgtt ttaaacattt tatttcattt attgactttg ggtcatgtgg     40680
     agacactgct tgtggagatc tatcacatga ccatacagta tgttgtgggg aaattataca     40740
     tgtttttgaa aaattggtta aaaaaaatca gatttgtcat aatgttaaaa aaaaatcatt     40800
     taatacttta atagaaaacg tttttcatga attttatgaa tattcaaaag agcagagttt     40860
     atttgaaaac atgtaaaaca ctaaatttat ccaagtgtgg agagtaaaca ctgatttcaa     40920
     attgggcttt tacgttttct gatgttgtga ttgctctgca gataaaatac tacactttca     40980
     ttttcaagct gatcctgaca tcaaaacttt accgttaata ttgtagtctt ttgaattatg     41040
     ggaaattgta aacagaagat atattttagt taagagtcaa ctatacagca taatctttta     41100
     tgaaattttg attgagaaat ttgctaaatt agaatgcttc tttttaattt aactgagtgc     41160
     taaccattga ctaatatgca attcagtaat gatgaccatc gctttaagca attctgacac     41220
     ttacttttga tcattattaa gtttagaatg caccaattta ctgtagtcat tgaaatacca     41280
     gtaaactaaa cagagctaat tgtattcgct aatatgtttt taagctgtag cccctcttag     41340
     gtcctgtcta tctttgctct ctagaaatat atcttcattt tataaattag ttttctctct     41400
     tttcattaaa aaaaaaaaaa aactttatca gctattgaat ttagcattca acaacttacc     41460
     agataaatgt gtactagcac ataacttttt tataagaacc aggatttatc agagttaaaa     41520
     gactaattag aaaaaaagtc aattgctatc ataactgtaa ctggagttgc aaactccacg     41580
     agaaaattaa catgcaatca ctgacatgca atataaatac atacagttaa aagtaaaatt     41640
     attagcactc ctgtaatttc tttatattat tatttttctt ccaaatattt ctcaagcgtt     41700
     gtttaagagc aagggcattt tcacagtatt tactataata tttttttctt cttgagaaag     41760
     ttatttctca agaaataaaa ggctggaata aaagaagctt ttaattcctt ttaaaatgta     41820
     aggtcaatac tataagcctt aaatataaaa tatacaaatt ttttcatttg tcaaaacaaa     41880
     ccaatgttat ccaaagactt aatgtctaat taacctattt tgtctagtta acctaattta     41940
     cttaattaag cctttatgtt gtactttaag ctaaattcta gtaccttact aaataagtag     42000
     aaaaatatta ttcaccgtca ctatggctgt tacgaacccc agttttttaa ggctcgtcta     42060
     gggaagggtt tagcaaaata aaaggacacg gaactaagaa gaatacaatt ctctatttgt     42120
     ttagagacca gaaaagtgtc ctctcaactt aaggtggcag caaaaagata aatcattaat     42180
     taaacaatat atctcagtca aaacaattac ttaaacaaac ataacaaaac ttaaaccata     42240
     gaaaaaacat agatcaagta taaataaagc atagatcaaa taaacggcaa caacaccagg     42300
     atggcttctt agcagcggct gcacaagtcg tgcccagaag tctcagacct tcatctgggc     42360
     aagatacgta gagattctca acaaatacag gtcatactct caagagagac aagattggga     42420
     ggatcagtca gacttgctgg aaaacaagag ccaccccgac acacacacag cttccactta     42480
     taaaggcaac aagccgaatt accggcaggt gcaaggcgga gccagcctca aagaaaagaa     42540
     acagcaataa gtaaaaatca acaaactcca aagcaacaca ataaagatat ttataataat     42600
     aataatattt agaagaagaa gaaataaaca ataaatcgtg acaatggcaa agacaaaata     42660
     aactagttat tagaaattag ttatttaaac tgtttaacaa tgtgctgaaa aaatcttcta     42720
     tcattacaca atacttattg tttttaaaaa aaagttattt cttatagaat gcacatttat     42780
     tttttagcgg gtgcaaataa aggataatac acaagatttt taagatgtaa aatgaaaagc     42840
     tttatagttt gatgttccaa agttttctct aaaacacaac agtgtgtcaa ataacattca     42900
     tgcaatgatc tccaaatact gttctccaaa tattggctca aaaacccaca ctttagcatg     42960
     tttttttagc aaattcaaat atctaacagc aaatatacag tacaaaatca aataatacaa     43020
     tacaatcaaa taattgcaat atggccataa tttttatctt gcaataacat ttgatgactt     43080
     tttcagcatt atagaagttt ctctaaacct ctgaatatta ctggtgtgat ctgacctgtg     43140
     catacagaga ctgatcttgc gtgttttttg gtctggctct tttagggtta ctaaaagtaa     43200
     tggctgcata attcaggtgg tcttcatcct aacatcaaca gaaaatataa aagaaacttc     43260
     aggaagtgtg atatgtgata tgacttaata aacatcaaat ctaaaagatt ttaagaaaag     43320
     tttgagaagt tcttgtaatt gataaacaac atagtgaagt acttacttga gttgcttgag     43380
     ccgcagatgc ttaaaaaatc aagaaacagt ctgtttatta taaatagcag tcatgtgtta     43440
     ttttacattt tacaattgct ttatattaag aatttgtatt cataaagtct tacttttaat     43500
     ctgacttcta cagagttgga ttcccagaaa aacaacaagg gccaaaaata cgatatttgt     43560
     aattccagaa gcaagaagag caggattaaa atcacatctt tctgtaacaa aatttaaact     43620
     aattttaatt tctaaacatt tttacttgac gagtttagta tcacatcttc agatatgaat     43680
     gcaagttttc ataacatttt tacatttatt ctattattta tccatttgtc tacatattcc     43740
     ttttcatttg gatatagttc tttagatatc ttcttgtaca ttggtcagtt ccgtatcatg     43800
     tcatagttta tgaatcaaat gttttttcac gtatatttgt ttcaccttca tcttaccttt     43860
     aatatttagc tgagttcctc ttccaagcag aatttctcca catgcggcca cagcacagta     43920
     gtaaatgcca gaatcagagc gactgatgtt gttcttgtgg agactgtaga cacagctctg     43980
     tgtttgagac tcagtgctgt tcttacagcg gccatttctc tctcctttgg tgtaaagcac     44040
     tccttcagag tctcctgagc tttgcttgaa ccagtagact ctgtgatctc ctgcacagct     44100
     ctcagtgaag atgctgcact gcaaatgcac tgaatctcct ggatcaacag cgtctatcaa     44160
     agactgatga agagttgtgt ttctgtctgc ggcttcgtct tcacaaataa agaaatggtc     44220
     aggattaaaa ttagctacca caaagcaaac agcccgaaaa taatagacat aacttacctc     44280
     tgacaagtaa acgagttcct gaacccattc cagtggcctg atatgatgaa actacacagt     44340
     aatatgttgc agagtctgac ggctttgtct ttacaattgt caaattaaaa taaaaatctc     44400
     ctttgttaac attaaaacga tttgttttct caaagttgtg attccagctt ggcttttgac     44460
     tttcatataa agacacaatt tgtagggatt ttccattatt cgcctgttta aaccatgctt     44520
     ttgttgattg tactaaccat gggaatgtgc aggtaaagtt cacatcccag tcagcgtcaa     44580
     ctatttttac attatcttcc tgaacaacat caaaatcagt cgagcagact gcaaagcaaa     44640
     aaaagttgaa attgttatat agtttaaatt ggattgatta atattttata agacatttag     44700
     atatttacat atagttgagg aaagcaacaa aaaaaagtaa tatctcatta tcagtcgtct     44760
     tccaaaacta tcctttgaat tcacctagaa aaatagagaa caaataatca agctttcaat     44820
     ccatttacac ctgctgaaca aggaagatga ttgtgtcctt ccttaccatg tgttcatcag     44880
     ctccttcttc agtcaactga cactctaatg cagtttcacc ttaactttca tgcttttatc     44940
     acaccacgta ccacatcaga atgactaaaa acattctaac acaaacatct ttccattact     45000
     ctttcacata tattaagaca aagcgtaaac attgcagctt aaactgtcca ctctcaaacc     45060
     tttacacaat gttgtttcag ttcttcaaag tacaatgttg cttaccagaa aaaagcagga     45120
     aataagatga atataaccaa tagaaactct ctcaagagcc tcaaagttcc tgtctttgag     45180
     tttgcaagat atctttacat cttaaataag gatatttgtt gttggctgag catgaagttg     45240
     agtatctgtc tgatcttgaa aaggcactaa tctgtttttt tttttgtagt cttagttaac     45300
     cccatttgct tttaagtgtt aaaacacaaa cgcatcaaga tgaatttttt ttttctttaa     45360
     atctagaggc ttacatcatt attttgatat ttaatatgct tgtatattca tagcagaaaa     45420
     tattttgagg gccatcagtt tattcacaat tcttacggct ttttagtctg ctaaattaaa     45480
     tgtttgtgta tatagtgatc tagtggaaat tagtttgtct gacatcagat actttctgag     45540
     ttcttcatga tccagaaatt tttattcata gagtatgaag taatatggta gtttaattga     45600
     aaatcagata ctacatctgg taggttgtta gtatcacacg tcctaccagt gccagttgtg     45660
     tcccttctct ttgttcacaa atgatctcct gtggcctaat gggatagtaa agtggatctt     45720
     tcgttgctgt gtcctgtgca ctgcaatatg tgacctcatt cagagcttac gactctatgc     45780
     agctcctttt ctgttatgat tggcagatgg gaactgctat gctatgggtg gaaatgctat     45840
     gttccttcgc cacagtgatt gcatcttagc tgacagctat agttaggctt cttcagctag     45900
     aaacgttgct ttgtgatgct ttgctggcat tcttatttac aactgattgt gattgctgct     45960
     agctgtgtgc attggtgcta cccattcatt ggcatttcat tggcccattt tatttctctt     46020
     cttgagggtt acatagtaac cgttttattc acatcttagc cagcttgaac tacttgtaca     46080
     ttatccaaac aacatcaaaa tccattgagc agactgcaaa ataaattgag accgtaaggc     46140
     atagacaaat tctaataaac attgttaatt tatattccta atacatacct ctaagcagat     46200
     cttctgtaaa tcacaaaccc agacacgttt tatgttttag cagtaatata tgctaaagaa     46260
     gtctaacttt gattaaaatc tcctttgttt ttcaataaaa atgtcactta taaagtcaca     46320
     gtttagagaa tcaactttgt ctcagttttc acacctctgt ctgcatagtc taacatgtga     46380
     cacctcaact ttccctcagt actaaagtac aagaaaggaa agccttatct atgaactgca     46440
     gacagatcta cattagggct ggacaatatt tcaatatcaa tatatatcgc aatataattc     46500
     ttttcagtaa ctttgagttt taaactcaat tctggtattt tgctataaat ttgcatatat     46560
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     46620
     atatatatat aattattatt attattgtta ttattattaa tatttgtaaa aattacatat     46680
     ttcatgcttt gtttattctc cacaaataaa cctgtagcaa attataataa taatgtagat     46740
     taacttgcac gcatatctac attaataatc tgtaacaaat tataatgtag attaaactgc     46800
     tcgcatatct acaccattat tgctgtaata attagattaa ggttattctt cccgcgcgtt     46860
     tcccgccatt ataatgttgc gagttaagat ttagatttcg atgctcgcgt acctttctgg     46920
     accattatat agcggactag cttggctgga ggaagattaa tttgaacggg gcttcaaatg     46980
     aatcgactct ttagatccga acaaacgaat cgtccagcaa tgctatcaaa ataaaaacac     47040
     ataaagttta agcagggtag caagatcaaa gtttaagaca ttagattcat taatatacac     47100
     aggcaccttt ctttatacaa aattaaactt tattgactaa tctaacagaa actaacacct     47160
     aacacaaaca cacattcata caagcatagg gaagagtaac taacatgaag ttagaggttg     47220
     agaggatgta atgatgggaa gacctcggat tttgtaagaa caaaccaagc aaaccaaaca     47280
     taaacaaatt caaaataacc cttctattgt ctctttaggg ttgagtttag ctcacaccag     47340
     tttagatgtt ggaagagagg tgatacttgg ggttgctctg aagacgggag aaagagagag     47400
     agagagagtt gcttcctttt gagccaggag agagagaggt tgaacagaga ggggtgcgaa     47460
     gagctcccag gcagcgtgtt tcagggcaga gagaagtttt gaacagagag gggcattgct     47520
     ttcggtccca cacttatata gggcaggttc ggatccaccc tccatgaaaa gttgacccat     47580
     tagaagctaa cttcctggaa taataatttt acggctcttt gtccgaggca gaagaatttg     47640
     cataggcaaa ttttatacaa attgggacag aaatgttaaa gtctcttaaa atgttaatat     47700
     gttgcactct tattaaaata aaatgtcaac gatcaattag tacagcgagt gagcttttcg     47760
     gaaagtccaa acttgaaccg cttatgagtt cgtttggctt tggtggagtc agacatatga     47820
     ctccaaaaca catgattaaa cataaagaga gtaaagttta tgtgaaaaca tcagtcttag     47880
     acaagcagct taaagagtcc tgttcattct ttgtttaatg ccgcatggca cattcctttt     47940
     gggtcgtaaa taccttgaaa tcaggtttcg agtcttctct gggcaaagtt ggcttggttg     48000
     tgaaataaaa agcaaaatag ttatgtgtct ggtcagccat attcgttaca tattattatt     48060
     attattatat ttgtaagatc ttgtacattg tatcatttgt tactgagtga ccgtcagaaa     48120
     gagcgtgatg tacgtcatca cgcaagtgac atcacagaca agttgccagc gctcggcaca     48180
     gcagttgttt agctccgtcg cagaaagttt gccctgaagt gtgccctgaa aacagatgtg     48240
     aatgaacaag cttccacaag taagaatgca gatgaagtgg ttgatgagag aggaaacacc     48300
     aatgcagtgg tgtgaaagtg gttcggcttt ttaagttctg ataaacattt ctagtttcgg     48360
     ttctctgcaa aatgtgcggg agaggtgccc actagcatcg ggaacacatc aaatcttttc     48420
     cacctgatag cacatactga gagtcacaag caatgacaga agatgaggca tcataaacgt     48480
     ttaagctaac ctgtcgcctc acccccttcc acctaaccct aacaccaaaa tcagcggtca     48540
     gaagagaagg ctatgaagca aacaaatgga tatgaggcac cgtgtaggat ttaaatcgaa     48600
     cttcgcttat caacacgcgc atatacacct ataaattact cccatataaa cctatactat     48660
     tgaatgttca gtaatttctc agctgcctag gaattaaaca aataagagaa tcgttagttt     48720
     tgtcagtggt agatttagtt tattcatcaa tacaatgaaa aaatgtctag catttaattc     48780
     cgtctaattg taggactgag aatgaaaaat aattaacttg cgcattaggt aaagcaatag     48840
     cattaaccag tgcaggatta ttttgccaga taaatagcaa atagctttaa ttgtctacag     48900
     ggaaaagtat caaataaata tttattgttg cagtttatgg aataatacaa aaattgtatg     48960
     tgactcaatt tttcataaat caattttatt taattacaga acaatactaa aaatgtttat     49020
     gtgcatatgg gaatcatacg atagcctcaa catttggtcc tggaaagctt ttagacaaat     49080
     tgaataataa agagttccaa aataatacag aattccaaaa taagtgtaaa aactgcacat     49140
     taaacagcac attaaaacac ataacattta aaataaaata catctgtact tacagagatt     49200
     tgtgataaaa gatcatgttg tggtgtcgaa gagatcagtt tggctaataa atcttctctt     49260
     ctcctttcta gtggatgatg gatataatgt aacaaaatat aaaaataaat attaattatt     49320
     gcaacattta taattaccgc atttatgtat acagatcaac aaaatgttat ggatttactt     49380
     gtttgcagtc aattaaaagc ttggattcag gtgcaaaaaa ggccctccct ctatgtgcac     49440
     atctcatata gcagttgcac ggctgggaga aatctgtgaa aggcagtatt acaaagcatt     49500
     tacatgggtg ctgccaacac acacactcac acataccaca ggtaacacac aagtaggttt     49560
     ttcatcaaat gaggtttttc accacatgta tgtgcacgca cacacacaca cacacacaca     49620
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacggt ttttctatct tggtgaggat     49680
     aggaggagtt tatagatgtc tgttgttttt tctatcacct taatgatatt gtctatgggt     49740
     ctaaccatac ctctacccct aaacccaacc ctcacagaaa tacatgtaaa tcattagata     49800
     ctaggcacca gttgcatatt agcattttta atttgtgtga gccagtgaaa tgttcttact     49860
     ggttcagtaa gtcataatta actttttact gtaagttagg acagttgagc ctttacaagt     49920
     atagcccaca caaacacaga cacacccaag cacacacaaa cacacacagt atataactgt     49980
     cattaacagt gtcatcatat tttataattt acataattac accgtggccg tgtaacagtt     50040
     aggcacatac actgaagaga tagagattca tgtttggtgg cataataatt gctaagtgta     50100
     caatgtgtgc acatttccac tcaaatcaag taacctattg tgtttagaaa tattgtggta     50160
     ctaaagcatt aatcaataac ctaatgtatg cagcttatta atgcctatgc acagtgtttt     50220
     acttccacag atgcaaaatg caacatattt ctcaaaatga aaaagaaatt cagtacagag     50280
     cctatgcttt tccccctcaa tactcaatat tgatactcaa taatatgcac atttagatag     50340
     cagataaata tcaaaatgta aaaaagtgta tcatttaaac aatatatcat atgttaaaaa     50400
     caagtgtgat tggcaggtgg ttagggtggc aaatgttgca taatttatac agtagtttac     50460
     attgagttat gttatgttat gaccctggaa tgttcagata taattttttt gcctgaggtt     50520
     ctttctacca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaacaca gactttgcct cattcaacat ttgtcagaac     50580
     atgagaccaa caaatcagaa ggcagaaaca aaatagatca tttcctgtag actgactgac     50640
     aggaagaagc tgctcagtac agacttagaa ctgatgaggt gaactgcagc ggataaactt     50700
     ttctcaaaca tacagtatta gacattactg acagcactcg acagattcaa ataatagagt     50760
     ttggatattt taaaaataaa gtccctcttt tgaaatacaa tactatattt gtataatatg     50820
     taatgacttt ttattacttt taattgattt taggtgaatg aaaattttaa agttgtcgaa     50880
     ttgtgttgtg taaattagtt gtatgctcta atttatagta tgtgcagtgt tttgcctgtt     50940
     tgttaacaga ttaaatagac acttcaagct ttatgctcag atgtgtttgt ttacctttgt     51000
     gcttttgcat gcatcacttg catgcatgcc ctttgtgcac ggtgcacttt gagcattttc     51060
     caaccacagg actgaccagc tagtgtgttc acacctttct ctgagtcaac gttacacaca     51120
     cacccacaca ccactcacta cattagtcaa ataaattact gcttggtgac atactgaatg     51180
     gtaacagttt atttttgtat cataaactat aaacgcgctc agctgaacta actggttata     51240
     tatgcattga gcgaaacagg ctatttttta agttactgtc tgctgtttat actgtacttt     51300
     taaaatggat gtgctctatt aaatgtgttt aattagtaaa attgaagcat tcagaaaata     51360
     aaatgcagac tttacccata atatacagta tttcaaagtc tttattaatt tagtgtgttg     51420
     tttttaaatg cattctatta tgctgcaggc ctcaccctca ttgtgtcatt gtggagtttt     51480
     tgcagaaatt ttccactaga ggggtctcac tgaccactta ttaataacac tgggattcac     51540
     ctctcaaata tgcaggctct ctttataaaa acatgaagca gtctaatgat gtaccacaat     51600
     gtgattgagt aatatcttaa attaactaaa gagtaaagat aattaacatg cagatgattc     51660
     acaatcttac ttttgattgt attagtcatg aaataaaatt gaaattaata acagcctcac     51720
     taataatgtg aagcagtgat atgcaaagtt cagtttcaat tatatatata tatttttttc     51780
     atttttattg ttacaaaaaa aagtgtattt ttacattata tatttacttg gttatggatc     51840
     acaaggtgtt gaaaataaaa ttcagcaata tttattaatg tgcaaataaa ttaacaattc     51900
     cttttcaata tatgacaata atttactgac tttttaactg atgtagatgt aaattataaa     51960
     agtcaacagt gtgtgtttgt acagtagcac atatcagtca atatgacagc aaaatattgc     52020
     acaaaaatgg tctctattaa catgtggtat ttcagtacca tggacagcga tttctttcta     52080
     aacttcagac atttaaaaca gttgatctaa aatttatata cctccaagca aagttctttt     52140
     gaagcttgta caactatttg cccagaaata tgatgacaat ccgtgataaa ctctttgaaa     52200
     atgccaacag gacagcaact gtattctaag atgtccaaaa actttgagga aaattttgga     52260
     aattgaaaaa agtaggaaaa gaaaaaattg caatcattgt attacacata taaactgcat     52320
     gtacttgtgt gagtctgtac agcagtttat ttataatctc actatcattg tagacagtca     52380
     tatcattcat tttagcatag acttaattct aatgaagtca tgcttggctt actaacaata     52440
     atctcactca agattgttat ttcagtacca cggacagaga ttttaaaaac aattttggca     52500
     cactttttaa ttgcgatgtg gtctgcaaat tagttttcac acagagtgtc tcaatagata     52560
     ctactacagt atataagcaa aactagtcaa ttcatgctaa acttgtccat ctgtgtgatc     52620
     cacctgacac aaaacagaaa ttaatgttgc tacattcaac cacacagtaa catatctgta     52680
     atgtaaaaac aatgataaag ctttcttcat aatggctttt cactctgtaa tacttaacgc     52740
     tgcgttatac ctaaatctcg taatcctcgg ttattttgct tcatgtttac acagatcata     52800
     atttatgcag ggatcaacag attttgttgt ggtttataag tatcaccttt tgatattctt     52860
     gtttgcatat ttgtggtgat agtgtcagtg attatggttc ttggcaaaat tgttgaaaac     52920
     tctcagaatg gagttgaagg gcttgaaagg gaacacgttt gctatttttc ctgaaacaat     52980
     tatacagtac aacatgcagt gttccgatag agaagagtgt ttctacaggt ggtttgtcaa     53040
     gcccactctc ctgtgtaaaa agcacttcgt aaatgcagtg tatttattta ttgtttgtga     53100
     gactgtgtcc agtgcaaatg tgcaaaagtg gtaaaagtgt cggttaatgt cagagagatg     53160
     atagagtgta gaaaacaggg agtttgggaa gcccactcaa ctgtatcagg cacactcagt     53220
     ttggggttgt tgtgtggtga ggtgcgggag agacgagggg gtcctggttt gatcacaggg     53280
     gttcaggttt tttttttaat gttttatgta gtttttttct tcttagtttc cagactgttg     53340
     taagtcagta ttttgctgtg ttatacttat aaataaaaca catctcagta ttttatttca     53400
     tgtgttgaca ttagatcttg tggaaacttc tgatgttata attgctaaga ttagaataca     53460
     atgtctgatt tctcttcttt catttttaat tttaaattat tatcagctaa ataaatgcca     53520
     gcttaaataa taatgaaaat aaataaataa aaattcattc ttctgctagt aaaaaattga     53580
     aaccaaaatt ccttaaccat tattcaatca tcatttgcat ataaaaccca aatcagcaca     53640
     gtagagcagg aagtgtctaa acctacagta tatatctgaa actgaaccac aaacatacaa     53700
     taaatgcacc atatcctgtt tttatgacat catatactat aactactgta atagcaatct     53760
     tgtacactta aacatacacc agtatgttaa gaaattaaaa taaagaaact aaaattacag     53820
     aaaccatttc ttggagatat taattggttt agtttaattg cttttgtttt tacagtacag     53880
     agagagagag ggggcagagt ttatgacctc tgctgcagcc agtcaccagg ggggcaccaa     53940
     ctattttggc atactattca gcatgtgtga ggcacccttt catcaaacca acagatccca     54000
     ttccagtgtt cttgaccact tggtggcagt agagactttt agttttgcat ttaaccgaat     54060
     acgctgctaa aatattgtaa gactttccag tgtgtgtcac tattgtttat aatatgttta     54120
     tttttagaga tagatgttat tatgtttcag agtatttgaa gaacaaatat agggatgtat     54180
     gtttgaattg taagtttaaa tgcaggcaca tttatgttgt attttcatag atgtcatagt     54240
     tctgatttac cgcttctagc cgatagtctg tgtctgtgtg taaattaaaa cgcaagtttc     54300
     attttgattc tctctcagct tgccggttta taacctagct agctgccagc tactagttac     54360
     ttgctactaa caactgttat taaacaagga aggacgtcga agtttgacag acaagtgtaa     54420
     cgttagtacg gctgtctact ttgtggatga acattgtgta tgtgaacgca ataaaagttt     54480
     agcagtggct cgagttgtat ccatcgtact tgccctgaaa cccttccagt ggagagttta     54540
     ttgaggtaaa gtgagtaacc tgataaaaaa ctggacaaat attattaaaa gtgttagtgt     54600
     tccagtgtac cacccatggt gcttatttag atgaatactg caatgctaag tccaaatata     54660
     tgtgctctaa aatgttaccg gggaactata tttataccag gctggattta tcattaggga     54720
     taaaagaata aaaacagtga actgtaatgc aattttcatc atcattagta tgggaattaa     54780
     aaattccaca ataatataca catgcacgca tttaaataaa taaaaaaaat aaacacattt     54840
     atttggcaaa tgcaaatgaa ggatagtgca cacagcttcc cattaaaact gttgtaaaat     54900
     gaaatgtact acagcttgat atttcgaaaa gcaacacatt caaataacat tcatgctttg     54960
     tgaccaaaca tcatctgaca caaaaatcca cacttttcat gtttttttgt tttcatgtta     55020
     tctaatagca aatatacagt acaaaatcaa atatcacagt aacatacaaa gatttacaaa     55080
     ttggccataa cttttatctt gcaatgacat ttgatgactt tttcagaatt atagaagttt     55140
     ctctaaacct ctgaatgtta ctggtgtgat ctgacctgtg catacagaga ctgatcttga     55200
     gtgaattttg ctctggctct tctagtgttc aaaggtttct gtctaaaagt aatggatgtg     55260
     taattcaggc catcttcatc ctaatataaa aagaaaacag aaaagaaact ccagttaaga     55320
     gaggaagcct atgtgatatg actttattta atgaaaaagt ttcagatgtt tagtattata     55380
     tatttaattg ataaaacggc aaagtgaagt acttacttga gttgtttgag aagcggacgc     55440
     ttaaaaacat cgagagaaag tctagttatt ataaatagca gtgttatttt aactgttaca     55500
     tttgcttcat attaagacat taattgtatt cataaagtct tacttttaat ctgacttcta     55560
     cagagtttga ttcccagaac aacaacaagg gccaaaaata tgatatttga gattcccaaa     55620
     gcaagaagaa caggattaaa atcgtaattt tctgtaacaa aattgaactg aattttaatt     55680
     attgaacatt tgtaaagtga ttatcatata gtatcatata cttcatgttt caattattaa     55740
     tatacatttt tacataacat gtttacatgt gaagagtttt atgtaaaagc ttttaaatgg     55800
     catcaaaaaa attcttgatg atatttaaat ttttagcaat ggaaaggtta caaagtaaaa     55860
     taacagcata ctataaacac agaaggctga gtaaaaattc ctgtctttta aagcttttgc     55920
     atctggactc tccttttgtt agatccgatt gttactatct tgtagtatta tattgaaatt     55980
     aattgaataa tttttcaaag aggaaagatc aaactaaaca tttcaacatt ataaccagat     56040
     atttgtgata caaataatag atttatttct gatacaaata atagatttat tgttcatctt     56100
     acctctaata ttgagttggg ttcctcgtcc aaacagtatt tctccacatt gatccacagc     56160
     acagtagtaa atgccagaat cagagtgact gatgttgttc ttgtggagac tgtagacaca     56220
     gctctgtgtt tgagactcgg tgctgttctt acagcgatca tttctctctc ctttggtgta     56280
     aatcactcct tcagggtgtc ctgagctttg cttgaaccag tagacgctgt gattttttgc     56340
     acagctctca gtgaagatgc tgcactgcaa atttactgaa tctcctggat caacagtgtc     56400
     tatcaaagac tgatgaacag ttgtgtttct gtatgcggct gcgtcttcac aaacacagaa     56460
     atagtcagaa caaaaataaa tcagccaccc cagaataaaa caaacaaaac ttaacaacaa     56520
     cataaaaatg tacctttgac aagtaatcga gttgctgagc ccattccaat ggtttcatat     56580
     gctgaaacta cacagtaata tgttgcagag tctgaaggct ttgtctttaa aatggtcaga     56640
     ttaaaataat cgtctacttt ggtaacatta aagcgatttg ttttctcaaa gctggaattc     56700
     cacttaagct gtttttttaa atctaaggac actatctgta ggtattttcc aacagttgtc     56760
     tgtttaaacc atgcttttgt cgatagtaca tgccctggaa atatgcaggt aaaatttaca     56820
     tccctgccag cttcaactat ttttacattg tcttcctgaa caacatcaat accagtggag     56880
     cagactgcaa ataaaacaaa aaacagttga aaagaattga attatataat ggttactgta     56940
     ttttaattat tatttaaaaa aaagacatct aggtatttac atatagttga ggaaagcaac     57000
     acaatgaagt aatatctcat tatcagtcgt ccctcaaaat gatccttgtg ctttgaattc     57060
     ccctataaaa ggtgaacaaa tgagcatgct atcaatctat ttactcatgc tagaaaataa     57120
     gagtagatga atgtgtcctc accatgtgtc catcagcctc ttcttcagac aactgaggct     57180
     ctaatgcact ttcaccttaa cttttatact ttcacaccac ataccacagc agaatgacta     57240
     gaaaaaatcg aaacccacca tccttccatt tctctcaaca aaaccctctc tcatttatta     57300
     atagatgtat taattttaaa cgcttagtta actgtttacc ttaaaatggt tactctcaaa     57360
     actgtaaata atattctttt agtgctttaa aaatgtatta tgtggtttac cactggaaaa     57420
     agcagaaagt aagggcttca aatttcctgt ttttgatgat aagcattaaa tggatgaatc     57480
     tttgcagttt aaagaagggg gttgacaaat ggctggacat aaagtatttt caatcgataa     57540
     atccatggtg tgtgttttgt gtggcgttca ctcctgcctg taatttttaa aatacacatt     57600
     tgaacacttt aagacaaaat aaaacccagt atattgtgtt taaagggttt ttaatttcca     57660
     acatatcaaa atctataggt aataagctgt tttgttcctt tgagtatggg tcgtttttat     57720
     gggcagtcca gttgaagtaa atgcccactt ctatgattag ataacagttc tgcatagtaa     57780
     actggctttc aactcccttg tcagctagca tgggagattg aatgctaatt gtgaaattga     57840
     caaaacatca gaatctttta gtttgcattc actatcgaat attactggtg ttaaaaatga     57900
     cattccatga cgtcagtctt gagataggac tctacgattt agcatatgtt tttgaatgtg     57960
     atcagggtgt gatgtcaact tttcaattat ataaatgtaa tattgttgca tgagtgtcca     58020
     aggttacaga ccttcttttt gaatgattta aaatatttgt caattttgag agttcgtgca     58080
     atactgtata acaaacaaaa catctaaaat aaagaaaaca gaggaaaacc ttccttgact     58140
     tataaaatgt gaagttcttc atataaatta tagcctgaaa gaaaacactt taagtaaaaa     58200
     actaacttga tgggagaata agcacagttg ttagaaaact cttaagcaaa catattacct     58260
     taaatattgg cttaattgaa ctactttaat taaatgagcc atattcatta atacattaat     58320
     taacatttat tctggtgtat gttcaccttt aggaaggttt ctatgcaaat cttataaatg     58380
     aaaccccagg tgtttggtga gaatttgaat gttaaaactt aaaatccaat gtcaacctgc     58440
     tgaacattca ttcattcatg cattcattca ttcattcatt cattcatttt ctttttggct     58500
     tagtcccttt attaatctgg ggtcactaca tcggaatgaa cttatactgc atatttttac     58560
     gcagcggatg ctcttagctg ccacccatct ctggacaatt tagccttctc aattcaccta     58620
     cagtgcattt ctttggattc ttggggaaac cagagcaatt ggagaaaacc catgcgaaca     58680
     cggggagagc atgcaaactc cacacagaaa tgtcaactga cccagcagag gctcgaacca     58740
     gcatccttct tgctgtgagg caaccgtgct acccactgcg ccaccgtgat gccctgaatg     58800
     aatattatgc acaatatatc ttgaatataa tgtaatatac tagtcccgcc caatgggcta     58860
     ttttaccgca aaaaatattt tactgactac tttttttcta atgaaaacac aagatatttt     58920
     gaagaatgtt ggtagctaat agccaggctt acacagaatc taggccagcg caaatccaca     58980
     gaaagctcca ccaaaactgc agatttttgc aggattgttg agtctctttt tgaaactgtt     59040
     gtaatgtcat tatgtaactg tttataaaat gataataaaa tatatgtctt agcaatcact     59100
     ttagtaactc ttagtctcca taaaggcagc gttagcatta gctttttggg ctaattgttt     59160
     taggcttgcc ttcaattatc tttgacaata gcctgcttat aggggcggag ctcagacaaa     59220
     cactctagca aacagttatt tgtgattgga tgaacatttt tgctttattt cttagcatag     59280
     tataagtaca gtatcaggaa taaattaaag ttaattttat tacataaatg catctaaatg     59340
     tttaagaatt caatgggaca aacagttctt ctatttttat agaaagaaaa gaaagatcat     59400
     gaaatgcaat caatagtaaa aactttatta gcttttttag cagttttttg ttaaatattt     59460
     taatgtttta aatgttgtat acttgctgag tgtgaaatta tgaacaaaaa gacatgcagt     59520
     aatgaataac aaatacagca gcaataacag acaaaacagt tacatttggc tctcatttga     59580
     gcaaaggaat tgtaaagcca aagagttgaa cataccaaac aacaaatgat gtggtctggt     59640
     aatgcccaca tgtacatgca attaacaata ttcaataaaa aaaatcttta aaaaaaaaag     59700
     acaatgagct gaaattaatt tctgcaaaca catcatgaac taagctgcat ttacactcaa     59760
     gttgaacttc ttatggcttg aagcgtttta taggcatttt ttgcattatc atgctgtact     59820
     ttacaaatga atgttcttca gaaaacttca cgttgagtcc tgcaatcaaa tcattttgat     59880
     cagccaagtt cagaatgtct tcaccctgca ataattagaa aaaaaacaac taatcaatct     59940
     tttaaaaaga accttcaaca ttatttttgc tcttttaatt tcaagaactt actttattgt     60000
     cttgagatgt gtggtttgtg tatgaagaag aaaaaaaata aaaggcaaaa aagcgtaatg     60060
     agttatccag tgggtcttaa aaaggtaaca aatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     60120
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatacatata catatactcc     60180
     ccaacacaga tatctaaacg tacttcaatc aagttttgct ttagatggtt ttttttttct     60240
     tccttttttg gaatattttt ctaaaccaag tggtggcaat ataataataa taataatata     60300
     tttttgcagt gtgataataa gctatgggaa atatgacttc taataatttt taaattggtc     60360
     ttgataaacc caaaaaagcc attatatatt tattgtaatt atatatgtgc aattacaaat     60420
     acatgtcagc aataaatgtc tcaatacata tcttaccttt attacgtagt tctatggtca     60480
     caaaaacagc atacaccaaa aatatgacat ttaaaatccc cagagcaatc agagttggat     60540
     ttacagcatc actttctgaa attacaaaac attcaatata tattattcag agtgctgatt     60600
     gtagatcagt tcatacagtt ttccagcaat atctgaatca aatgttcctc ctgaatggca     60660
     agctttaaat atttctctaa aaatataaat acctctaata ttcagctgag ttcctcgtcc     60720
     aagcagtatt tgtccacatg cggccaaagc acagtagtaa atgccagtat cagagtgact     60780
     gatgttgttc ttgtggagac tgtagacaca actctgtgtt tgagactcgg tgctgttctt     60840
     acagcggcca tttctctctc ctttggtgta aatcactcct tcagggtgtc ctgagctttg     60900
     cttgaaccag tagacgctgt gatctcctgc acagctctca gtgaagatgc tgcactgcaa     60960
     attcactgaa tctcctggat caacagtgtc tatcaaagac tgatgaagag ttgagtttct     61020
     gtctgtggct gagtcttcac aagcacagtc aaacagtcaa aacaaaaata aataaaatta     61080
     gccaccttat accaaaaaat aaataaataa atacatacct ccaacaagta atctagttcc     61140
     tgagcccatt ccaatggttt gatatgctga gattacgcag taatatgttg cagagtctaa     61200
     aggctttgtc ttaaaaatgg tcagattaaa ataaccattt tcattggcaa caataaaacg     61260
     atttgttcta tcaaagttgt gattccagct aggctgttga tttaaatatg aagaaactat     61320
     ttgtagggat ttgccatcag ttgtctgttt aaaccatgcg tttatcgact gtaccagctc     61380
     tggaaatttg caggtaaagt tcacatcctc gccagcttca actattttta cattatcttt     61440
     ctgaacaaca tcaaaaccag tggagcagac tgcaaataaa gcacaaaaga gttgaaaaaa     61500
     agttaaagta attatataat gttaaatgta ttttaataaa tatttaaaaa gacatctagg     61560
     tatttacata tagttgagga aagcaacaca atgaagtaat ttctcattat cagtcgttct     61620
     ctaaaatgat tcttctccaa tgaattcccc tataaaaagt ggacaaatga gcatgctatc     61680
     aatccattta gtcatgcctg aaaataagag tagatgaatg tgtcctcacc atgtgtccat     61740
     cagcctcttc ttcagacaac tgaggctctt ttgcactttc accttaacgt ctatgctttc     61800
     acaccacata ccacagcaga atgactagaa aaaatctaaa ccaaccatcc ttccattact     61860
     cttaaataaa ccctcattta ttaatatgtg tattgttatt gattattgaa catttagtta     61920
     acagtttatt ttaaaatggc cactctcaaa acaaagtaat taatattttt ttcagggttt     61980
     caaaaataca ttgtgtggtt taccactgga aagaagtctg aaataagggc ctctaatttc     62040
     ctgtttttga tgataaacat ttaataaatg agtctttgca gtttgaataa ggggctttac     62100
     agaagtattt tgatttgata aatgcatggt atgtacagta tatatacatt tgcacgctct     62160
     aagacaaaat aaagcccaaa tgcaatgtgt tgaagagttc atgaactatt tttattattt     62220
     tttgtcattg tctgatggca attcatgaca tttacatggt ttttacattc caaaatatca     62280
     atatccatag gtaataataa gctttctttg gatcttggca tttagtctgt ctcagagtat     62340
     gagtggaatt aaactgtaat gttttttttt tctattattt gtgtataacc actgtgacaa     62400
     caaatcattt aaaagaaaaa gaaaacagag ctgcaaacac agaaattata gataacaata     62460
     actgttaact cagatatttt tgggattttg tgttgaacta atatcacaaa ttcaggtagg     62520
     cttttcatta tgtttgtttc atatacataa ttatgttgtt tctctcgaag tagcactagc     62580
     tgcatgtaac attaggatgt gattaggctg ctggtatttg cacaagtaaa aatatgctga     62640
     aagatgcagt atatttttca ttgaatgctt ttaattagtt ctaataaatg ggatatgcag     62700
     tttaaatggg tttcttcaga aataaaacaa tagcctagta gtcatgtaaa cttttaatat     62760
     aactcttaat caggccttta tattaagcat gcttatggtt ttctttcgga cgagtacatt     62820
     tttcatattt gattgggcaa agagttggtt gaacttttct gcattatttg ttagcaaagt     62880
     atcagtacag aatcaggaat agattttcaa caaataaatc catctaaatg taaacttttt     62940
     ttttagatgc attctcttta tttagacagc ggttggtttt caaatacata catggggtaa     63000
     atggtacttt aaactgcatt caaaaatata atcctattta tatagactgg acttttaaaa     63060
     gtgcttaaag aaatgttagc acaaatttaa gaaactaaag agcatgaaac acaatcaata     63120
     gtaaaaactt tattagcttt attggcagtt tttttttttt tgaccaattg tggtttataa     63180
     tctcttcaca tgctgaatgt gctgaagttt aattttgtac cactatttaa ttacacagaa     63240
     agtacatttt tataaataat ttcataatac ataaactgta cagtaaaagt gatttatatt     63300
     tatttctcat tctgaacttc caaaacatga aaccacaatt ctggcacctt taaacaaact     63360
     taaaataaga tgagacactt agaaagctaa aagctatctg ctgatgttca ctctaactcg     63420
     ctctataatg aacagtttct tcctgtcttt ttttagcagg aaatgatgaa actcgtctct     63480
     gccttctgac ttcagtaaga gccacagtca catcctctcc ttatatggac tgggactgaa     63540
     tctaaggttt aagtcttgat cacagcagtt acgtcgaaaa caacctttta cgagtataaa     63600
     ttctaaagca aatgcatttg gctgtacact gcacaggctt ttattatgtt gttcccttct     63660
     ctgtgctctg tagactttaa tgatgtgatg cttgtgtacg tttatgatag cgaaactcaa     63720
     atgtcctttt tacatcagat cagtttgaaa ccaaacagac acattgattg tgtagggaga     63780
     agaatatgtt tgcaaattaa agttaagaaa cattaaacac ggcatattaa aagctactga     63840
     ttttgttctt ctgaattaac tgtttcatag caatcctagt ttactgattt taagatttgt     63900
     cagattatgt tagtttgcat tcatttcatc tcaatattat cttattgaga ttatgctcac     63960
     aaagctgttt attcattttt tattctgcat gactttgtat gaagctatgt aagatccctt     64020
     ttccaatgca aaaattatat ctatctctgt ccttggtgct gaaatgacaa atctgtgtct     64080
     tatagacttt agtttaaggc tgattatcaa gtatcagaga gtatgttaat agtgtgttaa     64140
     tagttgtgtg tctacagggc actgataagg cttttatcta gcaatgaaag aacagctgtg     64200
     gtttcacatg ttgtggtgtt gatgcagcta gaggtgtgaa aacagactcg gaggtcattc     64260
     tctgcaaaaa actaaactgt gacaaatact cactagcact ttaaagagtg ccatttccct     64320
     taaaatgaaa aaaaaaaaca atcagattct ctgtctgtgt ttgtgtataa attgtatgtg     64380
     ttgtcctcaa agttttctat gctctgcatc atctcttcac cggtcttgga tctcatctac     64440
     tattatatat ttatatacta gctccaatcg tgtctggctg caaacagaag cttactcatg     64500
     tagtctcagg cacatgcact caatagatct agtgacttca ctgtgagggg tagggttaaa     64560
     ggtggtgttt ggtaaacgct ttaacagatg tctcagcttg cattctgcat gcactctgtc     64620
     tgcagcccca gacccttctc tctagttctg tctttttgtg gattcaggtg tagagtgtta     64680
     gagagaatac tttctgtgtt gtaactaggg gtgtagcaat acacattcat acatgtacat     64740
     gacatatgtg taaactgagt tcatgctttt ataatcttag ttttaagaaa ataaaaatat     64800
     gtaaaacaca aggaaatttc tttattttgc tgtaccaaag atgttctgaa cggtgacatc     64860
     attgtgccct atcaatttga accaagtatt ttgtgaactg ttgcaccctt ggttgaaact     64920
     tatgttaaag gtgccatgta gtggaaatct ggatattttg cacctggcca tagctaaatg     64980
     ataagagtct agtacatgga aatagcgtaa agtgagcctc aaatatcact gtttcctcat     65040
     tcgtatataa atcccacaag tgtaaaatct tgatgaaaaa aagtccagtc agaaaaaaaa     65100
     aaaaacaggc tgcaggaatc attaatatgc acaccccata ctgttgactc gtcacagagt     65160
     ttcctagtta gcactagagt gtttgagggc gtactcgcac tatgtacagt tgccttgaat     65220
     tgtgccgtag cacacttgtc cttctttccc tctcccctga tggcctgcac tcacattgca     65280
     tccgagcaga cgcacgctta agtcattgat gatgcgctct tcagtttaac agaagagaag     65340
     tgctctcgct cagcacagtg gagatttctt tagtcatata attttagtcg tttgatatgc     65400
     agagacacac tgtcaaatat tttgcagacc atatcagaca cttttgacgc tcataaatac     65460
     tcataaaagt cttcgtgctg caggtatttg gaggtttgct gaaggtgcag ctgatgtgca     65520
     gtgaggggtt tgcgtcttta ataaactatg atagttcatg ttcattgaac agtaagaatg     65580
     attaataaat tcaaatgaaa cagcccctta aaagtcacat agcgccttca gtttttgcac     65640
     tcacactaaa agcgtaccgt gccaaagccc aagtgaacca cgctgtggga catctcttcc     65700
     aaccaggcca gggctggcca actgaaccat gcctgagccc aattcagggc actcacactt     65760
     ctcaaacaaa ccaggaaacg cacctgggca cagttcagat agcatagtgt gagtgcgccc     65820
     taaaagtagt tcctgtcagc ctttgaatgc tgtcagtctg ctgacagatc agctgatacc     65880
     gtagatgcag ctctcaaaca cttcagtgcc catgtaacac cctgtattta tacagtttta     65940
     tgcaaaagtt tgggcagctt ctcttttgtg tggattttaa aacctgtatt cacataatgc     66000
     tggctgatta caacacaaaa tagatttggg tgactcggtg aacttaaaca ataccaacgc     66060
     aggtgcagcc ttacatgaat taggagaagg atgcaaaaag ctatcacaaa ggtttctcca     66120
     tagtcagaga tatagtaaaa aaattggagg ccacagaaac agttgttgtg aaagaagggt     66180
     acataatggg ttgaatggtc acaaacaaac cacagatcac ctccaaagag ctccaggaat     66240
     gtattgttgc tgataatgtc attgtacatc attccacagt ccagctcact ctacaccaag     66300
     aacagtttag atgaagggtg atgcacattt tatgagttct gccagcaaga agagctattt     66360
     gaggtatgca aaggctcatc tggacaagcc tgaatcattt agcaaaaaca gtggggacag     66420
     atgccagaac tgtctgcgct ttgcatggtg gaaaaataac acagcattcc agtagaagaa     66480
     cttgctccct actgtaaaat atagtggagg gtctgtgggg atgtgtggca agcacaggtt     66540
     ccctgtcata gttgaaggct gcatggattt cacttagtat cagcagattc taaagaacaa     66600
     tgttcaggaa tgagtcaaga ggctgaagtt acggcagggt tggatgtttc agcaggacaa     66660
     tgatccaaag tacagttcca gatctatcaa gtaatatatg ctcagacatg atacaatgtt     66720
     ctagaatggc cattccagtc cccagacttg aacatcatca aaaatgtatg gattgttttg     66780
     gaaaaggcaa ttcatgctca gcacccatca aacttgacta aactggagac attttgcaag     66840
     aaaagctttt ttaaattttg atttaaattg cattgcatct gttgattaaa caagtgtcat     66900
     gtgagaactg aattgttgct ttttccatat ggtatataaa atatatccta attaaagcag     66960
     agtatggctt gcaatttaaa agaatgatca gggttaccca aacttttgca aaaactatcc     67020
     aagttttaga aacaacagat actaacttga cttttagttg atcattagtt atcacaagtg     67080
     gctcatattt agggcaaagg cctctagatt atgcttattt taccaaaaaa taatgatcat     67140
     gactcggttt tggattattt aattaggaca ggaaggtttg aatttgctta gacaaaagtc     67200
     ttgtcactta acagaaataa tgtacagaat agaatataag gtcatggtgc agtgggaaaa     67260
     gaattaatat ggtgtgtaga ggtgtgaacc gtctcacggt tcggttacat ttatcattcc     67320
     atcgattcgg ttcaattcga tatctcggtg cattgacggt gctttccata cacagttcca     67380
     tacacagggc ctgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgaga catagagata aatggagtac     67440
     tttcatgatc tcaatcacag ttaaataggg gtttttgctg tatatttcag tgaaagactg     67500
     atccagcaaa cacacacagt gaaattgtgc acagtttatg agttttaagt agttggagtg     67560
     ttttaaatac tcgcgatcgc cttcctcgcg acagagcgca tatgaggtaa atgacgtcag     67620
     taataaccga ttatgattat tactgaactg ataccgaatt gtccgcgtct gcatcgcagt     67680
     gcaccaaaga aacgattaat tttgacaccc ctaattgtgt gtgaccctca tgagcttgga     67740
     ggactgcatc catacatctc tgcaatgact caattaactt attaataaag tcatctggaa     67800
     tggctcccag aggactccca gagttcatct agattttttg gactcatctt caatgcctcc     67860
     tccttcatct taccccagac atgctcaata atgttcatat attatgactg ggcgggccaa     67920
     tcctggaaca ccttgacctt cttagctttc aggaactttg tggaggctga agtatcagaa     67980
     ggagcgctat gctaagaatt tgctctctcc tttggtttgt attgtaatgg gcagcacaaa     68040
     tgtcttgata catctctgca gatatcttgc atgcccccat actgaatgtt accccaaacc     68100
     atgacttttc cgtcaccaaa cttgactgat ttctcagaat atcttgggtc caggcttgag     68160
     tccatgattg aaatgcagtt caacagatga atcttcttaa aaatttacct tctgacactt     68220
     atccaaatta tcaactagaa gtcaagttat tatttgttgc tcttacaact gggatcaatg     68280
     acaaggcttt tgtcaggtag tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     68340
     tgtgtgtatt aatttgtgtt tttaatatta attttcttat ataattgaat aatatacaaa     68400
     tgtttctgtg atttatacaa taatatttga aaagtctttt agctgatgca ttaactgagc     68460
     gacctgcata gctttgttta ttaaataact ttaaacctta aagttaagat tttaaaaaaa     68520
     gtttgtgtct cttatattta cccaattatt tttcacatat ccacagataa aaaaaagaca     68580
     tacactctac caaagagttg tttgtgattg gttgaagttt tctgcattat ttgttagcaa     68640
     agtatcagga cagtatcaag agtaaatttt caataaataa atgcatttaa atatatacga     68700
     gttcaatcag acaaacagtt cttctgtttt tatttagaca gatgtgggtt ttcaaaagca     68760
     tagacagggt aaaaggtact tcaaactgga ttcagaaatt catatattta gataacaata     68820
     gactggattt ttaaaaagcg cttcaggaca gtaaatgtta tcacaaaatc aaaaaattaa     68880
     gtagcataaa atgcaatcca tactaaacac ttctgtagct ttatttgcag tttttttgct     68940
     aaatgtttta atattttaaa tgttgcatat ttgctgaatg tgatattata aacagaaaga     69000
     catgcagtac tgaataagag atacagcagc aataacagac aaaacagagc tacatttggc     69060
     ttgtactgta tttgagtgaa agaattgtaa agccaaagag ttgaacaagc tctgacgaga     69120
     tctgttaatg cacacatgtg cacgcaatca agtatattca gaataaaaca tgttcaaaat     69180
     gacatttcag attatattaa aaaaaacatt aagttgacat tattttctgc aaacacatca     69240
     tgaacatgaa ctaagctgca tttagacttg agttgaactt atggcctgaa gcgttttgta     69300
     ggcatttttt gagtcatcat gctgtacttt acaaatgaat gttcttcaga aaacttcaca     69360
     tcgagttctt caatcaaatt attttgggca gcaaagatca gaatgtcttc accctacaat     69420
     aatcagagaa aaacaatcaa tcaaatttaa aaaggtcttc aacattgtat tttttgcact     69480
     tgatatgatt ggctatgtta ttctaaatta aatatcttaa agttaaatct actctaaatg     69540
     taaaatataa agattcaaat aattgtaatt gtaaaattac tgttgttttt tacaattcta     69600
     agaaataatt tcaaaaactt acttgattgc cttgagattc gtggattgtg gatgaaaaag     69660
     gaaaaaaaaa aattaaaaag caataaaacg taacaagttg tcccgtgggt cttaaaaagg     69720
     taacaaaaat atatatttcc cctctagcac aaatatctaa aaacatcctt atcaagtttg     69780
     ttttatactt tttttattgt tgatttttct aagcgtacta gtggcattat tattattatt     69840
     atgtttttgg agtgtcgtca taagctatgg gaaatatgac tccaatagtg tttaatattt     69900
     gtctctcttt gtcttacaaa ggtctttata aatgtacgtt gataaaaccc acagaagcca     69960
     gtatatatgt attgtaatta tatatgtgca attacaaata catgttagca gtaagtgtcc     70020
     caataaatat cttacctttc ttacattgtt ttatggtcac aaaaacagcg tatgccaaaa     70080
     ataagatgtt taaaatcccc atagcaaaaa gagttgggtt tacagcatta cattctgaaa     70140
     ttacaaaaca ttcaatatgt gattcagtgt gctgattgta gatcagttca tagagttttc     70200
     cagcaatatc tgaatcaaat attcctcctg aatagcaagc tttaaatatt tctctaaaaa     70260
     ccttacctct aatattcagt tgagttcctc ttccaagcag aatttctcca catgcggcca     70320
     cagcacagta gtaaatgcca gtatcagagt gactgatgtt gttcttgtgg agactgtaga     70380
     cacagctctg tgtttgagac tcagtgctgt tcttacagcg gccatttctc tctcctttgg     70440
     tgtaaagcac tccttcagag tctcctgagc tttgcttgaa ccagtagacg ctgtgatctc     70500
     ctgcacagct ctcagtgaag atgctgcact gcaaattgac tgcatctcct ggatcaacag     70560
     tttctatcaa agactgatga agagttgtgt ttctgtctgc ggctgactct ttacaaacac     70620
     agaaatagtc agtacaaaaa taaataaaaa tcaggcacaa cagaccaaat aaaacctaaa     70680
     aaaaaaaagt acctttgaca agtaatctag ttgctgtgcc cattccaatg gtttcatatg     70740
     ctgaaactac acagaaatat gttgcagagt ctgaaggctt tgtctttaaa atggtcagat     70800
     taaaataatc gtctactttg ataacattaa agcgatttgt tttctcaaag ctggaattcc     70860
     acttaagctg tttttttaaa tctaaggaca ctatctgtag gtattttcca acagtcgtct     70920
     gtttaaacca tgcttttgtc gatggaacat gccctggaaa tatgcaggta aagtttacat     70980
     cctcgccagc ttcaactatt tttacattat cctcctgaac aacatcaaaa ccagtggagc     71040
     agactgcaaa taaagcacaa aacagttgaa aaaagttaaa gtaattatat aatgttaaat     71100
     gtattttgat taatatttaa aaagacatct aggtatttac atatagttga ggaaagcaac     71160
     acaatgaagt aatatctcat tatcagtcgt cctcaaaaat gatccttgtg ctttgaattc     71220
     ccctataaaa agtgaacaaa tgatcaagct ttcaaaccat ttgctcatgc tagaaaataa     71280
     gagtagatga atgtgtcctc accatgtgtc catcagcctc ttcttcagac aactgaggct     71340
     ctaatgcact ttcaccttaa cttttttgct ttcacaccac ataccacatc agaatgacta     71400
     gaaaaaaaat caaccaacca tccttccatt actcaaacaa aacccccatt tattaatcca     71460
     tgtattataa ttgaacaagt tctaactaac ttgaagttag atattgtgca ccttaaaatg     71520
     gccactctca aaacaatgag agagtaatgt tctttcactg cttcaaaaat atgctgtgtg     71580
     gtttaccact ggaaaaagcc ggaaataagg gcctctaatt tcctgttttt gatgataaaa     71640
     atttaataaa tgagtctttg catgtgaata agggggttta cagacatatt ttgatttgat     71700
     atatgcatgg tatgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgcacactct agacaaaata aaggagacac     71760
     tgctcgctgc agagccattt gagcagagct gagctccagc gagggggagc atgagctctc     71820
     gctcctcctc ctataagctg ttttaatgct tacaccaacc ccactcctaa ctctaccccc     71880
     agtgacatca ctcgtaaaaa aaagtgcaag aaagaggagc tcaagctccc cctcgctgga     71940
     gctcagctct gcccaattgg ctctgcagtg agcaccactt gaaataaagc ccaatacatt     72000
     gttaaagagg tcatgaactg tttttattat tttttgttgt tgtctgatgt caacttggtt     72060
     tttactttta aaactatcaa tatctttagg ttataatgtt ttctttgtac cttgtttttg     72120
     agtctgtctc agaggtaatt ctgtaatttg tttttcatat atttgtgtac aaccacaata     72180
     acaactaaac atctaaaata aaaaaacaga gctgctaaca cagaaataat tatagcttac     72240
     aatacctgtt aactcaggaa tgtttttatt ttttttttgt tatacaagta caaacccgat     72300
     tccaaaaaag ttgagacact gtacaaattg tgagttaaaa ctgaatgcaa taacatttca     72360
     aatttcaata ttttcttcag tatagaacat actgtagatg actcgtcaaa tgtttaaact     72420
     gcatgcaaaa atgcgtcatt ttttagggga aaaataagtt gattttatat ttaatggcat     72480
     caacagattt caaaaagttg gaacaaggcc atgtttacca ctatgaggca tcccctcttc     72540
     tttttacaac actctgcaaa tgtctgggtt ccgatgagac aagttgctga agtttaggaa     72600
     taggaatgtt ctcccattta tgtttaatac aggtttctag gtgctcgact gtttaaggtc     72660
     tttttgacgc atcttcttct ttatgatgcg ccaaatgttt tttataggtg aaaaatctgg     72720
     actgcaggct ggctattcca gttcctggat ccttctacgc atctaggtgt tgtaattgat     72780
     gcagtatgta atctgtcatt gtcatgttgg aaaatgacaa tggatgagag tataagttgt     72840
     tctagaactt ggatatacct ttcagcattg atggtccctt tccagatgtg taagctgccc     72900
     atgccacttg cactcatgta accccatacc atcagagatg caggcttctg aactgagcgc     72960
     tgataacaac ttgggttgtc cctgtcctct ttaatccgga tgacatagcg tcccagtttt     73020
     ccaaaaagaa ctttaaattt tgaccacaga actgtttttt cacagtagat ggtgataatt     73080
     tcaaactctt tgcaatttta gctgagaaag tcctttctga tatggctcca gtccactatt     73140
     ttttgttgca gcattaggga aattttcaat cctctgccca tcttgacctc taagagactc     73200
     acattctgag aggctttttt ttatacccaa atcatccagt tgacctatta agtggaaaat     73260
     tggtcctcag ctgttcctta tatgtacatt tgacttttct agcctgttat tgctgtccca     73320
     acttttttgg aatgtgtagc tgtcttgaaa tccaaaatga gccaaatttc tcactttaaa     73380
     catttgatat gttatctata ttctattgta aataaaatat aagtgtataa gatttgtaaa     73440
     ttattgcatt tcttttttta ttcacaattt ttacagtgtc ccaaattttt tggaattggg     73500
     tttgtacaat atattcatgt aggcttttca ttgtgtttgt ttcatataaa taattatgtt     73560
     gttcctctcg aagaaccacg ccgtgtaaca ttagattgtg tttaggcttg ccaatatgga     73620
     aaaaggcaaa agataaagta tatttttcat tgactgattt taattaatcc tgataaatgg     73680
     catatgcagt ttaaacaggt ctcttcaaaa taaatctata gcctagtagt catgtaaact     73740
     cttaattgaa ctcttaatca gggatttata ttaagcttgt tgttgttgtc tttcagagaa     73800
     gaacattttt catatttatt tgagtgaaga gttggttgaa cttttctgcg ttatttgtta     73860
     gcaaagtctt agtacactat tgggagtaga tttcaataaa taaatgcatc taaatgtata     73920
     agagttcaat gagacagcct gctcttctat ttttatttag acagctgttg gttttcaaat     73980
     gcacacacat ggtaaaaggt acagtggatt ggacttttaa aagtgcttca agaaaaaaat     74040
     gtttgctcaa aatcaagaaa attaagagca taaaacacaa tcgatagtaa aaactttagt     74100
     agcttttctg gaagtttttt tttgttaatc aattgtggtt gatgtttgtt ctgtcttcac     74160
     atgctgaata tattgaatgt gacattgaat ttttgtttgt accactattt aatcacccaa     74220
     agttacttta tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     74280
     tatatataaa tcgtacagta ttaatgatta tatgtttctc attctgaacc acaaatgtgg     74340
     cacctttaaa caaacttaaa ataagatgag acacttattt aaagctaaaa gctgtttgct     74400
     gatgttcact ccagcacttc tcacatttag tttcttcctg tctttcaagc aggaagtaat     74460
     gaaactcgtc tcagccttct gacttcagta agagccacag tcacatcctc ttatatgggc     74520
     tgggtctaaa tctgaagtta aagtttttat catagtggta aagtcaaaaa caactatcac     74580
     actcttatga gttaaaaaat aaagtctgaa aaataccttc tgctgtttac agcacaggct     74640
     tttatcatgt tgttcccttc tttgtgttct gtgtaggatt taatgatgtg atgttgtgta     74700
     tatttatggt taagaaactc aaattttctt tttatatcag atcagtttga aatcaaagat     74760
     gtccctgatt gtgtagggag aagaataagt ttgtaaatta aagttaagca acattaagca     74820
     tggcatatta aaagcttttg aatatgttct tctgaattaa atgtttccta gcaatcctag     74880
     tttactgatt ttaatatttg tcagattatg tttgcttgca ttcatttcat ctcaatatta     74940
     tcttattgag attatgctca caaacgctca gtttttttaa tctgcgtgaa tatgtataaa     75000
     ggtatgttag atcagttttc caatgcaaaa atgatttata tctctgtcct tggtgctgaa     75060
     atgacaaatc tgtgtcttac agactttact ttaaggctga ttatcaagta tcagagagta     75120
     tgttaatagt gtgttaatag ttgtgtgcct gcagggcact gataaggctt tttctagcaa     75180
     tgaaagaaca gctgtggttt cacatgttgt ggtgttgatg cagctagagg tgtgaaaaca     75240
     gactcggagg tcattctctg cataaactaa actgtgacat acactcatta gcactttaaa     75300
     gagagacagg tcccttaaaa tgaaaaacaa catttgaatt aaaacgaaaa tgtatttagc     75360
     attgatgatt ttcccttaga agtgtatgaa atttgtactt gctcttatgg ttattggttt     75420
     tcagaaatct gttttaaaac aagtattttg tatgttcata actaacattt gttaaattaa     75480
     tttaattttt ttttgttatt taagacctac aggataactt gcgtttaatt gccttttaat     75540
     taactgaata ttttttccct tcatccacaa tccacaaatc tcaagacaat caagtaagtt     75600
     cttgaaatta tttctcaaaa ttgtaaatat caatagtaga ttttaaaatt acaatgattt     75660
     aaatctttat attttacatt tagagtagat ttaactcaga gatttttcat ttagaataac     75720
     atagccaatc atatcaagtg caaaaaatac aatgttgaag gtccttttta aaagttagat     75780
     ttgatgtttt cccctgatta ttgtagggta aagacattct gatcttcgct gctcaaaatg     75840
     attttattaa agagggactc ggtgtaaagt tttctgaaga acattcattt gtaaagaaca     75900
     gcatgatcac tcaaaaatgc ttacaaaatg ctttagaaaa aaataagttc aactcaagcc     75960
     taaatattgc ttagttaatt ttcatgatgt gctggcagaa aaagatgtta gattatcatc     76020
     tttttaatgt aatctgaaat gtcattttga acttgttttt attttgaata gtatcagtat     76080
     ctgacagtaa cagatcacgt tatttggtat gttcaactct ttggcttcac aattttttag     76140
     ctcaaataaa gagccaaatg taaaaaatgt tattaatgat attggtgtgc agcatctact     76200
     tggatgatgc gacggcagcc acaggacaac tgcaccagtg cgctcaccac acatcagcta     76260
     taggtgtagt aaagagacag tgatagagcc aatttggtgg aatgaggatg attgggagga     76320
     catgatgggt aagggctgat ggtgggaatt tgaccggggt tacaccccta ctctttagaa     76380
     gtgccattgg aattttaatg agcacagaaa gtcaggacct cagcttaacg tctgaaagac     76440
     ggcactcaaa gcagcattca agaaaggtct agttctttag gagcaaagat gggctgatga     76500
     tcaccagttt gacaacaaat gtgagaaaat tattaatgaa atgtttaaaa acaatgttcc     76560
     tcagagaaaa ataggaaggc atttggatat ttcactctca acagtgcata acataattaa     76620
     aagattcaag gaatctggag gaatttcagt gcatccagga caaaggttca ggcctaaact     76680
     gaactgtgat ctctgatccc tcaggcggca ctgcatcaag aatcctcatt catctataag     76740
     caatttcacc acatgagctc aggactactt tggccagaat taccaaagta agccaaaggg     76800
     aagccctttg ttaacagtgt ctagaagtgc tgtcaaaatc tctggcctca gaggcatctg     76860
     ggatggacca tcacacattg aaattctgta ctgtggtcag atgaatcagt attccagata     76920
     tttttgggaa aaaatggacg ccgtgtgctc cagaccttta aagaaaatgg tcatccagac     76980
     tgttaccagc aacaaattca aaagccaaga tctgttatgg tatggggttg tgtcagtggc     77040
     cctgcaaagg tcactttgca cttctgtgat ggcaccatta atgctgaata gtacatagag     77100
     attttggagc acattaagct gctgcctttt ccagggacgt ctatgcatat tttaataaga     77160
     aaatgcaaaa cattttctgc actgcacaca ttacaaaggc ctggctgtgg agaaagagaa     77220
     tacagatgct taaaaggcct ttctgctgtc cccggcctgt ctccaatgga gattgtgtgg     77280
     tgcattttca agtacaaaac gcaacaacga aaacccccta atgtggcaac cttaaaactt     77340
     tgtttgcagg aagaatggga caaaatgaca cgtgaaacac ttcatcactt ggtgtcttca     77400
     ctctctaagt gtcttttaag tgttgtgaaa aggaatggca acattacaga gtggtaaacg     77460
     ctttactgtt ccaacttatt ttaaaatgtg ttgcaggaat gatgaggaac acattaaata     77520
     atgtttgttg tattgtcttc cataatttcc caactttttc tgatttgggg ttgtattata     77580
     actgaataac atatacagat caacaaaaca tgttatggat ttactttatt gcagtaaatt     77640
     taaagtttca aatgtgaaaa aggaccatct cactatgtga tactatcata tgtcaattgc     77700
     acggctgaga gaaatatttg agaaaggcaa tgactttatc acaaaggatt cacatgggtg     77760
     taaagactag tgtgaacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     77820
     cacacacaca cacacacaca caaaaaccac aggtatcaca caagcatgtt tttcatcaaa     77880
     caagtacaca aaaacgcact caaacttttc tattttagtg cggacattac acagacgtcc     77940
     attatttttc tgtcagctta atgatattgt ctatgggcct aaccatacct ctactcctaa     78000
     acccaacccc tacagaaaca agtgtaagtc attatatact aataaaagca ttctctggcc     78060
     aatttattag catttttaat tagtgagagc ctgtgaaatg tcctcactaa taggtcatac     78120
     tactgaaagt taggacagtt gagccttcac aagtatatct tgcactcaca caaacacaca     78180
     cagtcacaca caaactgtat tctttccatt aacagggtca ttattgtttt ctaattgatg     78240
     taattacaca acactgtgac agatttaggc gcatacactg aagaaatcaa gagagataac     78300
     aaaaattctg ctttaatgtt tgttggcata ataaatgcca tttaatagat tttcttttct     78360
     ggcggattta ggtagcagat ggatatcaaa atataaaaat ggataatttt aagcaataaa     78420
     ttataacata tgttaaaaac aagtagttgg cagacgttgg ggtggtagaa gctgcataat     78480
     ttatagttta cattgtatta tgttgttatg ttatgttatg ttatgttata acactggaat     78540
     gttctgatat actgtaattg ttgtgcctct actaaattct acacaaaata aataaaaaag     78600
     gccaaactcc tttttaaagt caacatttgt ctgaacatga gaccaacaaa tcagaaggca     78660
     gaaacaaaat agatcatttc ctgtagactg atcgacagga agcagcagct cagtacagac     78720
     tgagaactga tgaggtgaac tgcagcggat aaacatttct caaacataca gtattagaca     78780
     ttactgacag cacacaacaa attcacatca ttacgttatg attatttcta aaggaaaagt     78840
     ctcttttgaa actactttta atttttttta ggtgatttag atcaatgcat tttttttatc     78900
     catttttctt tttatcattt ttatattatt ttttaaatct gttgaattgt gttttttatt     78960
     tattaaatgc gcactctaat ttatttgcaa tgttttgctt gtttgctaat tgcttaaata     79020
     gacacttcaa gctttatact cagatgtgtt cgtgcacctt tgtgcttttg catgcatctc     79080
     tttgcatgca tgattttgca cggtgcggtt tgagaatttt ccaaccacag gactgaccag     79140
     ctagtgtgtt cacacctttc tctgagtcaa catcacacac accaccgtat tcgctcagct     79200
     gatctaactg gttgcaatat atgaatttaa taagataaat atgttatttt taaggtactg     79260
     tatacagaaa atacggtact tttacattga tgtgctttta ttaaatgtct tttttaatta     79320
     gtaaaattga agcattccga aaataaaatt tcagaaatat attacaaagt attggtttag     79380
     cacacaatta ggtataatat atttgactgc agtcttttat gctgcaggcc ttgcttttta     79440
     tggtcttatt gaggagttta tgcagacttt ctccactaga gggttctcac taactgctta     79500
     ttaataatac tgggcttcac ctctttttgt caaatacgta gtctctttag aaataaatga     79560
     agcagtctag tgatgtgcca caatatgatc aatctcttaa attaattaaa gagtaaagat     79620
     atttaatatg cagatgattc acaaccttat ttttgagtgt attcataatg caataaaatt     79680
     taaattaata acagcctaac taataatgtg aagcagtgat ttgcatagtt cagttttatc     79740
     ttttttggta atttatttta ataataacaa aaaaagtgaa tttttaaaat tatatatata     79800
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     79860
     tgtatgtatg tgtatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtaat ggattataag gtgatacttc     79920
     attggtcaat aaactaaatt caactatatt tattaataag tatataaaat ctcccttttt     79980
     tgatatatga aatacattta ctgacttaat tgatgtaggg gtaaataata aaagtcaaca     80040
     gtgtgcgttt gtacagtagc acactttaat taaatcaata ttactccaaa atattgtaca     80100
     aaatggtttc tattaactta taatatttca gtaccatgga cagagatttc attctaaact     80160
     tcagacattt acaacaaacc agtcgatttt aaatgtatgt aaccccaaac aatatgctta     80220
     ttgagtgcta tttaaaatct atagtaaaac agtagacaca gaaatacaaa aaacatattt     80280
     aaattatatc atggatgaca cagtggctca gtggttagca ctgttgcctc atagcaagaa     80340
     ggtcactggt ttgagtcctg gcttggtcag ttgacatttc tgtgttaagt ttgcatgttc     80400
     tccctgtgtt tgcttgggtg tcctccgagg gcttcagttt ccccccagtc taaatacatg     80460
     cactgtaggt gaattgaata aactaaattg gcatatgtgt gataatgagt gtttggatgt     80520
     ttcccagtac tgggttgcag ctggaagggc atccgctgtg taaaacacat gctggataag     80580
     ttggttgttc attccactat ggtgactcct gatgaataaa gggactaagc cgaaggaaaa     80640
     taaataaatg acattatatt attctttaat ttcagtttgt gacattacag ttaatatcta     80700
     tatattttga gctcaaacag ttaaatgtaa ttaagagttc ataatattga ttgggttaac     80760
     cagttaaatc acatcacaac atatttaatg ataccttaca taaatgagta catttatctt     80820
     aaatgttttt ctttgggtct tctagaagtg gaggactttt gttggaagct cagtgcagca     80880
     taattcaaaa cacctctgtc ttcatcctag aacagcagtt tacaacattt agtcaaatag     80940
     gctatactgt aaaagcggat agttacttta atgataaaaa acattgccat aacagtgaca     81000
     agttaacttg gtaacacttt agtttaggtc acagttcatg gtattaacaa accattaact     81060
     aacattacta gcctaagtat taataagctg tttgttaata gttacgaagg tacagtagaa     81120
     gtgcggttta ggattagaga tgcagaataa gatcatgctt tataactact aatgaacagt     81180
     tcatgtttta atattaggca ggtagtaagc tagtagttaa tagaccattt caatgtggtc     81240
     atgtcattgg tccatgaaca tttcctgctt gttatcaaac tatttcataa ctgtaataag     81300
     agccaattga aacataactt atgttaaaac agctgtcata acattattta tcaatatgtg     81360
     gctcttttta gattttctga agctatggaa attaaatatg taaaacagga aacatgggac     81420
     cactgtcttt gtttacatcc ctcaaaaggg tctatagcat gaattgtgac ctaaactaaa     81480
     aagtgtgtga acccattgaa acttggaact gttagtagac ttcattttta taattctgca     81540
     catacagtgc tcagcatgta tgagtacacc ccttacaaat ctctttataa ttaatatttt     81600
     ctaggatgct ttacaatatt atatcagtgc atgcagtata tattatatta gtcagtactg     81660
     aagcaaattc tagagctaat ctaacaaaat tacttataat aacagtttaa aaacattagt     81720
     agcccaaatg tacactgtaa aaaatgcagg gttccacaca attcattcat gttgtcccaa     81780
     cacaaattga ttaagttatt atagcatttt taacaaattt atggggatta aacataaatt     81840
     aagtagtctc aatgaaatcc caagaattgt gctgtttcag ctcattttaa ataagtagtt     81900
     tgaaggggca aaaaatatat ttttgagtgt atattttagg gaataatatt aaataaataa     81960
     ataaaaactg ttagccagca ctcaattata gtgattcaca cctacctaac tttaaatagt     82020
     aacagttctt gaccccagtg agctacaaaa ttaagtagac gctttgagct ttactgtggt     82080
     ctagaaagtt tcatgataaa aaaagtaatt agaacaattg tactgttcaa tatttgattt     82140
     tgttcattga caaacacaga gaaacatgaa tgtaatgtcc tataaaaact tcttgagagc     82200
     caagcatctc atgagtttat aatttaaatt tgatgaagat agcatgcaaa acaagatttc     82260
     tgtaaaaggt tttccaagac tatatcggtg tccttctttc tcttacaatc agaggcattt     82320
     ttatatcata tatttcatat atgcctctga tatatatttt atatcagagg catatatata     82380
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     82440
     tatatgcatt tttgttgaac ttttgttgtt aaatgtatta tctttctatt tctaaagatg     82500
     tttggtgacc aaagtattgt tttaataaat atatttgttt aataaatctg ttttgttcaa     82560
     atgcacccaa atatattacc tatattcact gaaaaataga taaaactatt cattttcaaa     82620
     atagggtcta gtcaaataca gtatactgag cactgtagtt tatttttctg agttttaagg     82680
     caatgcattt gttaaagtca actaatcatt ttaaaagcaa tggttttaaa aatagttatc     82740
     agatttttat tttaaacatt caacattgaa atgctcacca ttaattgacc aagctgaatg     82800
     ttctgtgtcc tgtcttgaaa tacaatatta caacacaaaa cagtggtttt agtgcatgaa     82860
     ataactgttc agatagtaag gtgtactgga gtaattccta ccgttctttt ggaacttgta     82920
     caaccgcgtg cccagaaata tgatcacaat cattaataaa ctgtttgaaa ttgccaacgc     82980
     cagagcaaca gtcttccaaa gtgtccaaaa accttgtgga aaaatgcaga atttttaaaa     83040
     gaagcaaaag aaaatctgta aatctgaaaa taatgctgtg tttatgtgca cctgggattg     83100
     ttaccacatc tccaaacagt atttgtccac aagcagccac agcgcagtag tagatggcag     83160
     gatcttcatc agtcttgggc aggctgtaga tgcatttgtg tgcagtagag ttgagatcag     83220
     agctcttctc acactgagcg ctcctgctgt tctgagtgta gatcactcct ggggaagatt     83280
     ctccagagcg ctgtctgaac cagtagacct tgtgttcttc tgcacagctc tgagagatga     83340
     cgctgcactg cagatcctct gattctgatc tctgatgctc agacttgatg ttcagtttac     83400
     cagctacaaa aagaaattag caaaatgctc atttgactga actcaatgaa gaacatttaa     83460
     gtaaatgctc tgtttaccgt taacaatgag gtcagtgctg ttcccaaata tgaactcata     83520
     cacatatgca acacaatagt atgttgcagt gtctgatatt tcagtgtttg cgatgctcag     83580
     attaaaacta ccttcatctt tttctataaa gaagcggttt tgtttgtcaa agtcatttac     83640
     atatttgcca gctaaacctt gatatgctaa agcaattaga agaggcttct ctccaactct     83700
     ttgtttgacc caaaccacac tggttcttga ctcttttgga aaaatacatg ttaagttaac     83760
     agcatctcca gcttgaataa tcttaacatg attctgtccc ttcatatctg cattatctga     83820
     cgtgcctata aaaaagaaaa agaaaaatca aacattatgg gtgggaagat ggttagtttt     83880
     actttgattc attctgcata gcaaaactaa agttacttac atgttaaaag gtaaagcaat     83940
     aagatgaaaa aacaatgaat cattttaaaa gattgataaa aatcagctga ttcagaactg     84000
     cttagggtga atcatctaga aagaaaagaa tcgtatctta aaagtgtata tataaacaat     84060
     gaaacattta agaagcctaa atgaaacagt ccacaattaa tccccaggct agatttggtt     84120
     agttcacttg taaagacaaa tgaatttaat atcaatttta gcttaataaa attttaatct     84180
     atgactactt gttttgataa cactttacaa taactgtgta ttagttaatg ttggataacg     84240
     aacaaacaat gaacaaatca tattattcat taaattacag tatgtattca tgctagttaa     84300
     ccttagttta tgaaaataca gtttttgatg ttagttcatg ataactcaca gtgcattaac     84360
     acgttatcaa gcattaattt gcattgtatt aatgcattag tagatgttga actctgatta     84420
     ataaatgctg tatcaatcgt acttgattca caatatatta actaatgaaa ccattttgta     84480
     aagtgtgacc cttgttttta taatgcacat ttgcactctt gaatacatag ctttaaacag     84540
     ctaaatcaaa attaattatt aataatgtta atcatttagg ttaataattt gttaataata     84600
     taaagttaat aattgtgtga agaaagtctg aaagctttac ttacagacgt cattaaagat     84660
     caaggctggt tttgatgtgt aagccatgag gtttcgtctt cctctttaac atagtccaaa     84720
     agagaaagac acagagacgc tcacttatat atacagtact gtacttccct gtactaaaga     84780
     aaaacattta cacgattcca ttggttgatt cacattaatg tttatggagc attcaaaaca     84840
     ttcaaatcta aagtttacac ttgactcaca cttttataca aaaaatatat gaaatgttct     84900
     ttggcaaatt aatatatcaa cagcctaaag tgatttttgt ttgttttaaa tgtagcgtaa     84960
     catccatact gtatggtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     85020
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     85080
     tagatgtttg tgtgtgacct ttatatttgt ttgtgtaatg tttatgaata ctgtatttcg     85140
     gtaaggtgtc atatggaaag ttttgcaaat agcagcttgg cgtgaacatg ttttctacct     85200
     tcctgttttc acgttttgac cacagtaaag gattcttcac agctattgtg caacagcaga     85260
     aattcatggc cagaactgag gctggttgaa gtgcaaaagt cctgtgatca atgttttgtc     85320
     tgtgcctgcc tatttttatc agtataatat catgttcaga attataatct aattgatgta     85380
     ttcggagtgt ggtctctcat ttacgaaaca aataataaat tataactaaa tcaaataaat     85440
     gcattattat atagcattat tattttgcca ctttgctttt tgtcatttgt aaaacaaaac     85500
     aaaaaaaaaa ggaaaaagtt aaggtggaat aaaacaggaa taaagggggg gggggggggg     85560
     ggggggcaat aattcagggg ggctaatatt ctgacttcaa ctgtaaatat taacccttta     85620
     actgccccac taagaaaaaa agttattgca tttcttaact cctaatgtta ctagttaaca     85680
     cacatcttta ttttttaaag tacgccataa aatttttcag attctcattt aacacctttt     85740
     tttttttttt tttacaataa aaccaaaatt aagtgtagtg tgatttgttt gtaaaccaac     85800
     aatgttgtgt aagcaaacca ttatttaaaa cagtccttgt ttaaatgact tttaacattt     85860
     attaaaaccg taaaaacatg gtcaaccgat tagtagaaca ggcagataaa ggttactgga     85920
     gaataaaatt gttttttatt ttttttattt tactgtgtac actgtaacct aatgagataa     85980
     gtcaagacaa caaatatttg taaaattctt taaattattt taataagttt caactaaaat     86040
     ttaaaagtta tacaaagctt aacttaatat gtgtggtcag tttgattgat gtaagttgag     86100
     atgactagaa atgtttattt aattcaactt taaaaaaaga agggcagcaa gaattgtttt     86160
     tttttgtgta cctcaatttc atgtgtcatt cagtgtgtta tttgctgttc catttgaact     86220
     gaaatttact agcaataaca tttgtaaagg agtttatttt ctgcatatac taaagcattt     86280
     gttaaatgca tgctaaattg agctgttata catcaatatg ttatttaaac aatacacact     86340
     tgctctataa tataatgttc agaaacaaaa caaaaagtga tgcatgaagt ggaaaaaaca     86400
     atctgcttgg agtggtgttt gtgggccgta atgtgtgtgg gtggtgagat aagcgcgact     86460
     tggcctgtcc tgtggttgga aaactactaa aaatatatta cagttcacat gagctgcctg     86520
     acaggccaat cttgctgagt tgttcctgtg cttgtgattc agcaaatcct gttgtgaaaa     86580
     cataatattt atcactctga tctaaaagca acacagcaaa cagaaggtat aaaacaagca     86640
     atatttatta ttgtaagctg tttattgtat atactttttt ccattcagag ccagaagcca     86700
     ttggtctgga tatagtcatg gtgatggcaa cctcacagcc ggccttacag catacactgt     86760
     aaaacatatc tgttacttta aagtttccgt attttgtgat tcacaagttt ttcccgttta     86820
     tttacagttg tgaatagcat tgtaggatgt tgatctttgc tctgttgact ttcaatagtg     86880
     aaaattcaac tctacagttt ttattgacat tttagtagtt ttaaataata tatagagaaa     86940
     tgagcctgta agataagaat gtactggcag tttattacaa gatttttgca gcataatata     87000
     caacaccaac ccagccaata tatcacttta aactattaat aataataata ataataataa     87060
     tacattttat tgatatagtg cctttccaga gctcaaggac actttacaaa gattgtaaca     87120
     aaaatttatt ttacgaacag acattgaaag aaacagtaat caagtagaga cacaaacata     87180
     aaggaagtca aatataacaa actggaaata caaaacaaga cctagtagac aaaaatgcag     87240
     agtacaggtt gatcaaacaa agtggtcagt ttatcaaatc agaagtgtag caatcaagtg     87300
     agttttgagt aaatttttaa attctgagat aatatttaca gaacagagtg aacgtggtaa     87360
     agagttccaa ggtttgggtg caataacact aaatgatctg aagagaggcg gtaccgaggg     87420
     acagcaagaa gaccagagtc agaggaacgt aataagcgag taggaatata gggaaaggca     87480
     tcttgcaaag ataagaggga gctaggcctt tttaggatct aaatgcaaag aggagacttt     87540
     tgtatttaat acggtatgca actagctgcc aattaagttc atacaagttg ttggagtaaa     87600
     gatcaaggtc acataatgca attcaaaagc ataaataaac atggagagaa aaaaaaatca     87660
     caaaatatgg aaaactgata actcaggata tttttacagc atatatttgt atgcctcctt     87720
     gatcattttt atgatatttt ttcactagag gatatcaatt gtattttttt aaatattttt     87780
     ttcctgtttg cttgctttat acactttcca caactttcaa gtgtcttact aattgtcagc     87840
     aatttctata ttaaataaac ttgctaattt tgcacagtct agtactaata tggagaatta     87900
     tcacttctga ttattattat gatataaaaa tatctgacat tgaatgcaat agttacatca     87960
     cagcatctgc aatgtgtagt tgggattatt gttgatcagc aataaagaat atgcagtctt     88020
     tacatttcat gtttacatta ttattcaata ggggcaggac aaatagtgat aaaggaggtt     88080
     gaaatggcgg atcaaacata tatcaatgtt gcaattctaa gaaatatatg tgctgttaat     88140
     aaaagaatta catcttataa ctttttgatg catttttccc tcttcattta ccaatgtgat     88200
     atttttctga ggtatacata tgattttttt ttcttgtgat atatcgctga tattgtgatc     88260
     tgtcaatatc gtgggcaaaa tatcatgata atttggtttc gtattactgt acctgaatat     88320
     ctcactactt ttttcacttt tatttatttt ttttatactt gcaatttatt gattctctcc     88380
     tctacaagac tcagttaatg atttcactcc aaatattcat atcgcattaa aaattgctgc     88440
     aaaataaaat attgcactgt tcaatttttt tataacatgc agccctaatt ataacaaagt     88500
     gaaacattgt ctaattacaa tttaccagaa tagttaagtg tacattggcc tccacgtcaa     88560
     ttgttggtcc ttatttttat ttgcaaataa cacaattaca atatagtttt aaaaatacat     88620
     aaacacattt aaacacatga ttgcttactt acagtataac aagttgaacc acatcctacc     88680
     agagcatgtg tcaagaaaag ctataattgc aattcaatat taaatgaata attgtattac     88740
     acatagaaac agcgtgcttg tgtgagtttg ttcatacagt ttattcatat tttgtgtcat     88800
     taattaaata atttgtcagt attaatgaag tcatgctttc taaaaaataa ttctgaagac     88860
     tgttatttca gtaccaagga cagaggtttt taaaacaatg ttgagacatt gttattgcga     88920
     tgttgcctgc taattagttt taacacaaag tgtctcagta gatactacta tataagcaaa     88980
     cccagacaat ttatgctaca tttgttgacg tcttgtatgt gcatacatag cagtgtcttg     89040
     taggtttctt tccaatgatt ttctagatgt ggagggattt tgttggaagc tcaaagcagc     89100
     ataattcaaa ccatcagcgt gatccacctg acacagaaca gaaattaata ttgctacatt     89160
     cacccacaca aaaatatata tctgtatact aaataggggt aacaatgata aaacttgctg     89220
     tattcataaa ggcttttcac tctgtaatac ttaaccgata gagtaaacct catgtaaaag     89280
     taatcctggg ttattttgct tcatattttc agcaaatcat aatttatccc caaaaatatt     89340
     tttgtggctt ataagtatta ccttccaaaa ttattgtttg catatttggg gtgttagtgt     89400
     cattgataat tattagcaca taatgattaa tggctgtagg cattcttgtc ataattattg     89460
     aaaactcaga atgaggttga ctggctggaa aagcaacatg tgttttttat gacggtttga     89520
     tatttttctt aaaacaagta tacagtacaa catgcagtgt ttttaaaact gttcaaagca     89580
     cgtcataaga ttggcttttt tcttaagaat catgtcgtaa ctctgttacc actgcggtgt     89640
     gggtttcaaa accctgcctc taaattaaat gtgtgaaacg cacctgcaaa agggagactc     89700
     tctgcataca ggcttatctg catctttatc tgtattatgc attgtatgta cagtacactg     89760
     aaaaaaaaaa atatgcattg caaattgttg caaacaattg acatgagctg aatttaaaca     89820
     aacaacataa gttgaacatt actcaatttt gttttaattc agctcatata aattgtttgc     89880
     aactacttac ctaaaaatat tttagtaaat ctaatgagtc atttttttca gtgtatgtgc     89940
     agtatgtatg catgtatgta ttttatagtt tgttaccaca gttaaatact atatattatg     90000
     tatgtcactg aaatatggac tcgatgcaga atatgctggt ctgagaacat ctcttgtttt     90060
     ttatactgcc tatatatact gtacagcttt tttgatggta tggaagtaat ttcagtaaaa     90120
     ctgtcagcca agagttacat tattttcatt aaataaataa gcacaatgaa aatgcattac     90180
     tcattcagtt tacattttgg gattgggtta tttgttgtga aaccttataa ttagaaatga     90240
     tttgtttttg ttcctttggg tgaaagtttc gcaaactgga agttcagaga cataattcac     90300
     gttcagaaaa gatagatatc attgtatgat gtattgttta attgcattgg tcagttatta     90360
     tactttaaag aatttgaaca tactgtgttt tttctgaagt tttttgaagc attttgaaaa     90420
     tatttaaaga caaaatgaac attctgtcat tgtcgactat ctcttcactt atcacaagcc     90480
     agtttggctt tcattcttct gttaaacaca aaataattta ttttgaaaat gtttgaaacc     90540
     tgtaatcact ggcttacata ctgcaattgt ttgcccaaca atgaaagtca atggtttctg     90600
     aaaaacaata agttgttgtg aataatgttg taaacatgta atcattgaca tccatagtat     90660
     ttgtgtttcc tactatagaa gtcactggtt tacagcattc ttcaaaatat tgcttgtgtt     90720
     caccagaaga ataaaacata aagttttgga accacttgat tgagaataaa tagtgggtac     90780
     attttatatt ttggattaat cttttaaata tggagaaaat aatttaacag ttggatataa     90840
     aatcattata actcaacatt gttagatttt tgcataacag caaaaaagtg tttagattgc     90900
     tcaccgataa ctgatggctc tgagtgttgt aaaaccgatc ttgaagagag aatgggttta     90960
     caaattacag ctagaaataa ggctctattt aaattttaat tggagatgtt aacatagcat     91020
     aaataataaa gacatgacat aatacatacc tttttgcctg tacttgtgca attgtacact     91080
     taaaatgata ttcacaatta tagataaagc tgttatgatc agaacagctg taatccaatg     91140
     tgtctgaaaa cattcatctg tagcaaagga aaatataggc tatattattc aaataaaaaa     91200
     ctggtgttgc aggatataat aaaaattttt taaatgtgca ccttccgatc caactttctg     91260
     cccatctcca aacagtattt gtccacaagc ggccacagcg cagtagtaga tggcaggatc     91320
     ttcatcagtc ttgggcaggc tgtagatgca tttgtgtgca gtagagttga gatcagagct     91380
     cttctcacac tgagcgctcc tgctgttctg agtgtagatc actcctggag gagattctcc     91440
     agagcgctgt ctgaaccagt agaccttgtg ttcttctgca cagctctgag agatgacgct     91500
     gcactgcaga tcctctgatg gagactctga tgctggtttc tgatgctcag acttgatgtt     91560
     cactccacca gctgaaaaaa aacaaaaaac aatgacggta tattgctaat taatgcaatt     91620
     tagaagagtg aataatctgc ttacctttaa ctatgaggtc agtgctgttc ccaaatgtga     91680
     aatgatatgc atatgttata caatagtaag ttgcagagtc agacacttct gtgtttgtga     91740
     tgctcagatt aaaactgaca tcatcttttg ttacaaaaaa gcgattgtgt ttgtcaaagt     91800
     cattttcaaa tttgtgatcc acattttgaa atgatgaaac gactgttaaa ggattctttc     91860
     caacactttg tttgatccaa accacactgt ttcttatttc atttaataaa ctacaagtga     91920
     agttaaccgt gtctccagct tgaacaatct tcagataatt ctgagtgtct gtagtttctg     91980
     agctgcctaa aattgaaata aatgagagaa aagttagtat tgtctgtggt agatttggtt     92040
     tcttcaccaa gtacaatata aacacattag atccagcttt ttagttagtc ttagagttac     92100
     cttaatgaag tcaatatgaa acacattggg tcaaaaaaag atactttgaa agatacttta     92160
     tatttgcctt aagttaaaaa caatttcaaa gacattttaa gaaaggaaaa gtaaaagtaa     92220
     aacagctact tacacggtaa aattgtaagt gttaggatga aaaaattaag cattttcagg     92280
     attgtctaca aacaggttaa aattaaaatc tctatatgag aaagagagta aaaacaaaca     92340
     aaaatattgt tattattaat aataataata atactagtta ttctctttat tccagacact     92400
     atgtccaatt ctacaaaaga aagacaaaaa caatacaaac caaaacaata tacactaaaa     92460
     aacaccaaat atgccaatat ttcatcaaag gtgactgaaa acgcacctca gtatgcctaa     92520
     gatttatcaa caacattaaa atgtttttct gagaattctc caatcgacag ataaacttcg     92580
     aatcaaatta atcattaaag caaaaaacga ccgaactctt aatttacaga acaattcact     92640
     tgcactacac catctatgtt tttagcatcc tcatgcaatc attgtataca acctgcagaa     92700
     tatggagact ctctttttta aagattatac catacagaag ctgtgtataa agaactgcac     92760
     taagttcaaa agaggtttac cgtaacctgc ttcgaacaca aatgaaactt tcttatcagc     92820
     ataagtgctt aagccatata actttcgacg ttccctgtac atatcattat catcactcat     92880
     gtcttcagta atgtcatgcc ctaaacattt aacagtctta ccaacattta aaacttgccc     92940
     tgacaaaaac aaacctggaa aaatgatatc tctatgttct ttggttctat atacacgtca     93000
     tgtaaacact ttttaaaaaa aattatattg tacatcaatc tgctcaaata ttaagcagct     93060
     gctgaaaacc agcactactt tgggagaaaa actattaata atagtaataa taataataat     93120
     aataataaat taatatactc aaacacatac caataccgta tgacattgtt actaaactcc     93180
     agaacatcct ctttagcctt agtctattgt tgtaattcac taacattaaa atatttataa     93240
     tatatgctaa aatgtaagtc ttgttgatta atctgagcag ataaaatata taaatcaaca     93300
     aagtaacaaa aaagacacta acacaaatga cttacagtta tccatcacag gtttgtgacc     93360
     cctcacacca tctgacatgt tcctccttga tactgagact gaaagagaga agcgtaaaga     93420
     ggtctgcctt tatacacact tccctatact gaaggacagc aaactgtatc tacatgattc     93480
     cacacaaaca cagtgacaaa attactatca ataaagaata taaataaagg agaagtgcta     93540
     atgatcttaa tttgtaaaat ttaaatgcac ttttacaatt aaaagaaata aaaacacaga     93600
     taattaatat ataattaatt aatcaatttc caaccagaat taaacttttt gtcattgatc     93660
     taatcccata ttggtaaaaa agtggatggt attgtttttt caaaatttta ataatcttcc     93720
     agagtagttt tttgaatagc attatgtgtt aaatatttat aatatgcgtg tttaattaaa     93780
     cagcagccat actttttgta cattaatact aatttttaat aatccgggtc acaattattc     93840
     ttaaaaagtg aaatataata accttattca tttaaagacc atgcacttta ccttaagtca     93900
     ctagcagcag cctttgatgg taaaagcatt ggatgccatc tcttctgaaa atgggttact     93960
     cttcggaaat taggttaagt tgagttgaag taaagagtag gtgggataga ggtcagtgtt     94020
     gtggtcggaa aaaacctgct tgtttgtatg cgtttataac tacaaaggta tgttgttatg     94080
     ggaaatttac cagtcgataa atgaataaaa aaccactgac aacctaatga gcttgtaagc     94140
     tgcttttcga ataatgtgtg gaatttggta tttggatact gcaataataa taataataat     94200
     aataataata gaacacctat aatgcaaaaa tcacttttat aaggtggtta aacactgttg     94260
     tgtggcaacg acatgtgaat ataaccaacc tttgatagtc aaaatctatt aatttttgtt     94320
     attttttttc agtctgcaga aatagagggg taatgtcatt agaggttgca agtttcactc     94380
     attaatgata atatctccct cattagcata gacagccctg agtgagaagc agccgtctgt     94440
     cattagtttt attagttttt gagccaaagc tgaagataat gtcagcgagg aattataaat     94500
     gatgagtttt aggattcttt tgaacccctt ttgacctatt aacattagtc ctgtatcgaa     94560
     tatgccacta tgctgacaca tagagctctg ttttaacaat ctaggcacaa agtctaaagc     94620
     acttggcgca aaagcattaa gggcctgtcc taatagactt tagctatttt aaggatggaa     94680
     aaatactaac aggggtgtgc ttattctctt aatgagttat tggtacattt tgagcataat     94740
     gtgcatcaaa tcaatcagag tctcatctct cattcctttt aagagtcagt tgcatcacgc     94800
     catggcacat ttgctattta catggacttt gtaactgcaa aagctgaatg cttcactagt     94860
     gagaaaacag ttaaacacac catctgcgtg aggataaaga atgagcctcc attctgcctc     94920
     tttttttact ttctctttac tttactttta ctattaactc ctttactttc ttgaataaga     94980
     aaatgatgtt gtacgcactc cactgaagac atccattaac ctacatatat aattcgattt     95040
     gttagttgac cgttcgtttt gtttgtataa ttccgtttgt tttgtttgac cgtcacaccc     95100
     atgagttcac aacgtggcgc aaatagattt gccatttaaa caatctggtg cataacatga     95160
     aaattagggt tgtgctggtc tgaaaatagc aacaaattgc actatacagg tgttgcgtct     95220
     tattgcgctt tgtgtatgat aggacctata gatttttgca gctccaccct tttttttaaa     95280
     aataaaggct ggcatagcgc catgcatttt agaattctaa acataggttt ctatcagggt     95340
     acacacaccg acgcagcaag tcagccacga ctcaggacac tgttcatatt tcggcctcgc     95400
     cacagagcac cgtctgatta gtttaatttt aaatagcatg ggaaagtgcg catctgatgt     95460
     gcgatacttt acatatataa ttcgttgcat tgcatacggt gtgtgacgcc ctttaggtgt     95520
     gggttagggt tagtgtaagt tgacatgtac ttgaaaagtt tcttatagtc agttaaatgt     95580
     ctgttgaagg atcagaatca gcagatatta agcagatagt ctactaatac tcaaatggac     95640
     tatcaaaata gttttaccaa aactaatatt ttgaatagat gttaaagtgt aagtctattt     95700
     ttggattcag agatattaaa tggtaacaat aaagttatac aacgtattta ttacttgaca     95760
     tgaataaaca atggatgatg cacttattac agttttataa aataaaataa aaattttaaa     95820
     aaagcattaa tttttaacac accgcataac tctggatttt taattgtgat ataaataaat     95880
     gctgtacatg tctacttatt tttgattcat gttaacaaat acattaacta acattagcta     95940
     acagaatctt actataaaat gttaccaatt atataatgtc aaatcttttg tttgttgaaa     96000
     aaacaaaggc cagtttaaaa aaaaagagct attattctgc atagcactgg aggttcaatg     96060
     tatataacat gagcgtttaa agccattgca ccacatcaga ggcctttact ttttgaagtc     96120
     atttgagcca catgtttgcc acaaacgtcc acaagcacat gcatcgtcaa actgaaaaaa     96180
     gatgaacaaa cagcaaaacc tcatgacttg atttttaaac tgataaaaaa acctgctagt     96240
     ctactaccac aaatcccaga ctcaagctta aacttatctt ctgtctataa aaggaaaaaa     96300
     cgtgataagc agagctccag ttagaggcca cagcgtatga catcatttcc tgtagagtag     96360
     ctgacaggaa gacgatgctc aatacagact aagaactgat gtggtgaaca tcagcggaga     96420
     aacaattcac tttagcactg acataatcgc aacaaatctc aagaaaatct aaaatattta     96480
     aagtttatat taagttatat ggagatatag ttaaagtcag aattatttac ccttctgtgc     96540
     aaaaatattt ttcaagtgtt gctcaaagga gacattttta gtttttgcca tggtgactga     96600
     ttaaattgtt ttcacttgct tttcaaaata atattcagct taatctgcaa tctaaagact     96660
     taactaggtt attatgttta ataatttagg ataattaggc aagccgctgg acaattgatt     96720
     tgttctgtag acaatataaa aaaatctttt ataatttata taatgtttaa agtaaaaact     96780
     gcttttattc cagccaaact acaagaaatt gtttgtttgt acctgcgcac gctttggaag     96840
     tttgacaatt ttccaaccac aggactgacc aagtgttgtg tcttcacacc tccatctgaa     96900
     tcaaaaacac acatgcacat atgtcagtgt caaaaataac cctcctatgt gcactctttc     96960
     cactaaccct ctaaactttt agattaaaac atttatttta aaaaatgtgt gaagtaataa     97020
     atggagtaat atataaactt tatatttcca ataattgatt agtgttataa caacaaaaaa     97080
     tgtataaaaa ctgcataaac atataaacac atgatatatt taaaaatatt taattgtgtt     97140
     ttcaagaata atttcttgct acactttttt gctagattca aaaaatgaag cctttgtatt     97200
     tgctatgacc tgcattacgt gcatgatgta ctttgtgttt ttcaaatcag ctataagttc     97260
     agatttatac gacatggctg ttgaatactt gcatctggtt ggtaaaatag gtccagatag     97320
     gtcttgacca cattaaagtt ctataccact ctgctgaatg acttcagttc taaagtcaaa     97380
     acataaaaaa aatatgagat attcaagaaa atacaactga atgttttttt tttttttttt     97440
     ttttgctatt aattcaaacc aagtattaag catgggcaat atggactata tatacataca     97500
     tacatacata catactgtac atacatacat ctatacatat atatatatat atatattaag     97560
     ggtgtaatga tacgcatatt cgtattgaac cgttcggtat gagactttcg gttcagtatt     97620
     acaaactaaa atattcaatt cagactaaca tctaaaagat aaatgggaat aactacaaaa     97680
     tgtaatgttt tcagtgcaac aacacttaac atggcatccc aaatgacgtg gcagacaaca     97740
     ttctgccttc cccgttgcag ggctcgaaat tgcgaccatt ttggtcgcat atgtgcccga     97800
     aattttatct atgcgaccac aaaatatgtt tgggagcatt tctgtgagtg tttaaaattg     97860
     ttgtgtgcga ccagttttta ctgcaaactg ttcaccacat gccaccaatt tgggagacat     97920
     tcacgcacaa tgcatctgta agctctttat ctgcacttga aacgcgaaat tttctttatc     97980
     tgcacttgaa atcactatcc cttgctgcag taaacaaagc caagtccgta atgcttgccc     98040
     cgccttagcg ctcttcttat tggcccacca ctgctctagc actgaacgcg aatgattggt     98100
     taatatcagc tatcaatcac ttagtcttgc ttgggatgac agggagagct actacaacga     98160
     aaaattgtaa tgcgctgaag atgagaaaga agataacact gacagatttt gttctaaaaa     98220
     ccatggcatc taaagttaaa aataatgaca caccttagta gtgatcatgg gctgaatgtt     98280
     aatccaccat cttttccaag agtggtagac ttccattggc ttcaagtccg ctatgaaaag     98340
     tctgtgggat ggaattttct ggtaactgtt tgccacatct agcacgagag cttctgtgta     98400
     atccctcata taatcgccag ttgctgtccg ccgtgcaagt ggcagctaca tgtcaaattt     98460
     aacaccatgt acaccatcgc aaatgggctt gcactgagta aactaatatc gctactcata     98520
     aaaaactata ttgctattaa catgacgtat gcatataata aggtacagta tgtgtcaaaa     98580
     gcatcagtgc gatatcagac agcacttgtg agaacaacac ggttataccg ttaacagatt     98640
     catttaggca gtgtgtgcag ggccggtgag cgctctgtgt ctcttttggt cactcataaa     98700
     aaatgttaat cacagaaatc ctctgtcttt tttctttttt tgctgtatcg aaaacgtacc     98760
     aaaccatgac accactgtcg tatcgaactg aaccgtgatt tttgtgaacc gttacacccc     98820
     taatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatacac atactcatct tttggtattt     98880
     tctttggtat tttgattagt gttgatttca aatgcaataa atatgtttgt ataaaacttg     98940
     taataacagt gcttattggt gggtgcgact agattttggc tgatgcgcct acattttaaa     99000
     agttaggagc accggtgcta ccaagcaaaa aggttaattt cgagccctgc attgtcatgt     99060
     taaacagtag atcatcgctt ttgaactcaa aatatcaatt ttttaaagca tacactcttc     99120
     tctgtcaacc tgctcgtgct ggctccaccc ctgttgcccc agcaaccctg gaccccaagt     99180
     tcccccaagt tcctgtttac atattccgca aatgcataga gactcctgga tgcccgcaaa     99240
     cgaatgatag tcttccggaa atcgcacgtc tccccccggt ccttaaatac gttgcacacc     99300
     cctctccacc acatcccttt cagcttttca ggtatgttgg gcacaactca ccccttctgc     99360
     tcaggtatat tgcacgcaca tgcctctacc gctcttcaga tatgttgcgc gcacacgccc     99420
     ccaccgctct acagatacgt agtgcaccat caccgccacc aagagagtgg tggaaaaaaa     99480
     acaacatctg ctaagaacgc tggatcagac aggccatttc tacagattcg aacagggcaa     99540
     atcaaatcac agaggcgatc tgcactttta tagctgtgga tatgagagac cttaatcggt     99600
     agtagtaatt taatgtttta aaaaaagtta aatgtaatag agccccgtta cattattcct     99660
     tcataagccc atttccgtca gataatacct gcattcagat ccactaaaat ggcaggtgac     99720
     cgtcaaatca agcagatctg tgctgtctga agaaaaggtg cacactcatc tttctaaaaa     99780
     taaataaata cttaaaaata gattgaaact gagttccata aaaacttaat ttttattttc     99840
     tttttatttg tttaactaaa ttattacatt tatttttata ggacgctttt gggttttaag     99900
     tataaaaaag gatttgtttt atttgctgct aagcagaaac cctggaagaa tagctctacc     99960
     actgtttaaa gtcaaaaaaa aaaaaaagat catactattt tgatgttagt tttattacat    100020
     aaaaattttt aatcagagga atcctctggc ttttttcttt ttttgctgta tcgaaaacgt    100080
     accaaaccat gacgccactg tcatatcgaa ctgaaccgtg atttttgtga accgttacac    100140
     ccctaatata tatatatata cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    100200
     cacacacaca cacacacata catacatgca tacatgcatg catacgtacg tacataataa    100260
     taataataat aataataatt tttatttata tagcgccttt ccagagctca aggacacttt    100320
     acaaggaatg caacagaaag ataaacaaac atacatgagg tcaaatataa caaacttgaa    100380
     taacacaaac aagacctaag agacatatga gcaggatagt ggtggatcag attaagtggt    100440
     cagtttggta gatcagatgc aaagcattca gaaaataagt gagtcttaag taaggatttg    100500
     aattcagaga tattattagc agagcgaagt gagtgtggta gagagttcca gagtttgcat    100560
     ttacattaca tacatacaaa atttctgtct ggttctttga ttggcagata gccatctgat    100620
     attttgcaat atcagcactt gtaagacttc ttcaatcttt cgtattactc tgcctacatg    100680
     agtggcaagc agaggactac agtttgacaa atattgtagc tgtcggacaa cataatgtac    100740
     ttctgaggct tttaggtgac aatgtagttg tttagatttc aactatgcag tttatttata    100800
     aagataatgc ccatttaaaa tatttataat ttcggtgata catcggcatc ctgagcagag    100860
     taaagacagt tgacttagtc cttccacaac atggagacag agagcgcata ataagccatt    100920
     agaaaaaacc tcagagcaaa aatacaaact acagctgatc aaatcatgat aaaccaggta    100980
     agtggcattc ttagtcgatc tctctctttt gtatgttgta gtgttgtatt tttaccatag    101040
     taattgtagt gtgttgagtg tgagatggga ctcacatatt aggaatgtat ttattttgtg    101100
     ttgagttact ttttggttag ccatttttta tttctaatga gtctcctgtt tttgttactg    101160
     cagactagtt tagtaaaaag aaagaaagaa gtaatgaccg catgtgttta ctggttttcc    101220
     ttatcgcaaa cacaacagtc atctgttaat gtttgcattg ctttggcttt tcggggttaa    101280
     ttattgtgaa ctcccgattg cgacagagaa aaatctttgg gaaatctctg tagactgatg    101340
     gcatttcatg ccgttcagcc ttataatctt aaattgtgaa caaaatcacc tgttttgtca    101400
     tcattttaga cattacacta gagaatcatt taattactag ctctaaaatg atgttggtga    101460
     attagtatgt ggatgaatgg aaaaagaaac tagttcttgt ggctgatctg gttactgcag    101520
     gccatgggag atgttcatct tacctttcat gttcatcaaa ccagtctgtc acctggcttg    101580
     ctgtttattg gtgcattata acatccacat gactaatatc cacatagaag atgctaacga    101640
     tacattaggg ctcgcgttta tggatttact gcattcactt gatgcagtaa tggtcagtaa    101700
     tggataaagc aaaatgttgt tggtccaacc catcgcaggg gtcaccaatc ttggtcttgg    101760
     agggccagtg tccctgcatg gtttagttcc aacttacctc aacacacctg cctggatgtt    101820
     tcaagtatac ctagtaagac cttaattagc ttgttcaggt gtgtttgatt agggttgaag    101880
     ctaaaatctg caggacaccg acccggccct ccaggaacaa gtttggtgac ccctggctta    101940
     aagcatacat tagatctaat tctgtcttat tgaattgagg tcattgatgt agacattata    102000
     ccacaaagtg atgatattac agaccactac cttttactat aagctgtgtt tacctgaaat    102060
     tagcagatct gcaccgatat attgccctag tagaactttc attcattgaa atgcacccgc    102120
     aaattacctt aatgtagtta ccagcagtat ggatgccatc tttactagca cactaaatac    102180
     tgcaactata aaattaaaaa aactcagcag tgaatattaa accacactaa actgaggtga    102240
     tctgaactga acttaaactc tgaaaactta actgacactg tttcaaatca ctataatatt    102300
     caatgtgaag ctgctttgat aaaatctaca ttgtaaaaag tactagaaat aaaggtgaat    102360
     tgaattgaaa ttatcatcct gatacacgac accgccttcg ggatacaatg tttgtaccac    102420
     tgggtgcaca tggtcctcca gaatgctttg gtagtccttg gcagtgattc acccatctag    102480
     cacaagtatt gggcctagag atgtcatgat attgctgcca aaaccatcac tgatccaccc    102540
     ccatgcttca ctctgggcat gcaacaatct gggtggtatg ctttttttgg gcttctccac    102600
     accgtaaccc tccaggatgt gggagagact gtgaaggtgg acttcagagg acaatacatg    102660
     cttaacatag tccacagttt aaattttttg ttgctggcac tattgaaatt gtcatttgcc    102720
     attggcacga gtgaccagag gtttgactat aacagcccgg ccatgttcat tgaccctgtg    102780
     aagctcctga tgaacagttt cggtgaaaac aggagagttg aggtacattt aattcttcag    102840
     tgagttgggc agcttaaaat acaatccagg ttagcacctg gacatccctt acagacagct    102900
     tcctcttgca tccacagtta ctacttttgg atgtaatttg tcattcttgg tggtattctg    102960
     acattattct ggatattgtt gctcttaata catcacaaag acctgctgtc ttggtcacag    103020
     atgtgcaaga ttagatgtgc acattaacaa tattataatt cttttacaat aatataattt    103080
     ttttgaactc tgatatgtca ctcacaatgg taaaggatat aacagtttgc tttttgatgc    103140
     ttcttgattc gagaattata gatatttgga ctaaaactct aagtaagaaa tgcatgttgt    103200
     atgctcattc ttacataaaa actaagctgg atgagatgga ggtgattaaa gtggttctcg    103260
     attataattt cacctttgac aggtatatga gcataaacaa catcaacaaa gttaccacta    103320
     agtgtctttc tatgcatata cagctgttca acatcagctg agccctttta atcaactcat    103380
     atctgctcat tttaagactt actgacctat tataagtgtc ttttgtagtg cattttgatt    103440
     aattgcatgt taaacccttc actcctttca aacattcact cgcaccttaa gttcacctct    103500
     tgcctactta aaatagtttt aaacaatgtt gtcggcttta aagtgcactt gcacaatagt    103560
     aatcaaactg ccacatgatg taatatttaa gtgtgcattt ctcattttat catttaattt    103620
     gatcactata catgttcaag cgtctattaa gagagattct tctaaacaaa gctggctctg    103680
     cccctttttt ttttttttta catttccgtg tctgatattt gaccactgtt gtgcattgaa    103740
     gaggaagcag tctgttgttt aacttgtatt gtatggtggt tttctgaact gaacatactg    103800
     gaccttatct gtggctcaat caatattaag tgggctgtaa tattaagttt ttttttttta    103860
     ataatacatt tctcctgacg ttgtacagta agtagaccat ttaaaatgtt tttcattaaa    103920
     ttaataaatg tagtaaagta cttttgttca gatgttagag atatacaagt tgtaacttta    103980
     aaatttaatt tttttcgtgt tccaggttgt tttttttttt tgacatgttt tttttttttt    104040
     tatcaggtgc tgcaaaatga gcttacaaag ttgttttacc ttctttctct ttaccttcgc    104100
     atgtaagttt aaaatgttgg gtgataatga caaaaaagac cacaattaaa tttatatctg    104160
     tcaatattga tgattatcat aattaattcc aaatctctgt ttatttcaaa gttaaaggca    104220
     gactttctgc tgagtgaaac ttttaaaaac caagaaatta aatatgctgt gaagcctaaa    104280
     catttataaa atgtgttttg ttttatgtaa tttttattaa gctttgtttt aaattagttt    104340
     tgtgtcatat ttttatttga ttgtttttgt tgtcttagat gggacctgtg aagaagattt    104400
     tattcaccag cagccactgg tagttgctga acttggaagc agtgtgactt taccctgttt    104460
     tcactctgat gactttataa ccactatttc atggtataaa cattcagctg gcaagaaacc    104520
     tcttcttata gcacattcag ctcccaactc aggaagagtt acatatcaaa atacctttaa    104580
     caacactaat cgattcttta taacaattgc aagtggctct tataatttaa gtatccttca    104640
     cttggagaaa gaggattttg caacctatta ttgtgctaag tttttcctga acatcatgat    104700
     gtttggagaa ggaacgattc tgctacataa tggtgagtta atgacagatt ttgcattcta    104760
     aaatgtacat aaccgtttat aaggcagtgt ttactgcagt ggttcaagct gtagtattgc    104820
     cgaatgattc aaaaaatttt attaggatga tgttgtaaaa gctatgtttc tagtttaacc    104880
     accttcagca aatgcattgc agtttagcat taatattaaa tcaaaagtaa ttcacacaat    104940
     actttattaa atgatttaat aaccatattt tgctgtgatt acaaatgaat ttgtgacaag    105000
     agaaagacag aaagcaagag aaccaaacaa agagacaagg taacagttcg aatactcttt    105060
     tattccttcc attactaaaa acattcacaa atatacacat cagtctacag cctggagttt    105120
     ctttaaactt tgcattcaaa ccttcctcaa agtgaacgta tgccagaaat atttttagtt    105180
     tgtttattag taattatcat ttctatttca tagtggttca aataagccac tattaaggtt    105240
     aaatatgttt acttagagtt taattctccc attccaccct ttgtgtggga aatgatgtac    105300
     ggttagtatg catgtttcca cccgttttgt gtgtacgcca catttatagc gagaccccac    105360
     atctttatta gcacttttgt gcgttttgga atttgtattg tgccttttaa tagacattgt    105420
     tttgcaataa aaacaaatgc ctacacctta aaaaaatatg tggttccaca caattgatac    105480
     atgttgtccc aacacaaatt gattgttaac cgaataattt tgacattcaa gtagacttaa    105540
     cataaaacaa ttaagatgtc ccaaaaaact taagaactgt gttgttttaa caaattttta    105600
     aataagtagt ttgaacaagc agcacaagtc atttgtagag tgtatgatga ttttcagatg    105660
     tatagcatat taatgtattt acagaatgtt gtatgtcttt cagaaacgaa catcatcatc    105720
     acacctaaat cctcgttttg gagtccagtc gttctgatcc tgtctgtaat aagtgcaata    105780
     tccattattg tgaacatatt tctgatgatt tgcacatatt gcaaagaagg taagtacagt    105840
     atgttatata ataaatacaa atactttact catagtatta ctattacttg ttacctacag    105900
     tgacaataca tttgtttctg acattcagat cagtgatctg taatttaaca aagttattat    105960
     gttccacaga tgcttcagaa caaattttaa gtcgagttat tcaggtaatt atgtttatat    106020
     attttttatt cttctttaaa cttttagaga ttgaaaaata ttttatagta agggtcctat    106080
     tttgcctgtg tattaaaaac ataagaaaat ctgaatgtgg ataaatgcaa aactgtagaa    106140
     gctagaatac aatttgttga tctttccaaa ttttatctta aatcatttcc tacacctact    106200
     acatttcaaa ctacatttca tttaaatccc ttaaatatgc acagtagtga taaaaaaaat    106260
     ataaggtaag taaagttgta catgttttta aaacatctcg tatactgcat aaatgtgctt    106320
     tcatttatta gtattaaata taatattatg gaatatcatt acaatgtaaa acagatgctt    106380
     tgcatttaat atatttagaa atatctattt ttttgtaatg gcaagcataa ttttaagctt    106440
     taagtacatt cataactcaa gtctcttcag aattcacaac tttgttctat tttctggtgt    106500
     atgcgtgtgt aaaatatttc ccccttgggg cttgctaaag acagatgctg cacacatcat    106560
     ctagtttcaa aactagttgt tttgaaacat tgtgtttgaa tgttctgtga catgaataaa    106620
     aattacagat gtacccgaca atgaaatctg atgaatggtt gaaatgttag ataagtgttt    106680
     gctttttcta gcgtttctga aaataattat atttagcaga attcatgttt gtttcatgtt    106740
     ccaaatttaa tttgacttca attttaggtg accgtcgtca atttaagtct gtatttctga    106800
     ttaggaatgg gtcacatttt tcagtcatga gtcaatttag agttttgatt tatatctgat    106860
     cccatactct tcaatgtttg cgttaaagag ttttaacgcc ccaagtttgc gtgtgttctt    106920
     acagacacga tcttaacatt ctgaagttag tcacaggatt aactaataat aaataatatg    106980
     aaaaatactt ggtgtaatta ctgttcttac cttactgtga gggtcggggt taggattgga    107040
     gtagttgtag accttaataa aatacaattt aatacatata gcttcgccag gtgcgtctct    107100
     tcaagcaaca acctttgctg ccttttaatt tgcttacaca tactaaaagt atgtactact    107160
     tttgtgaagg tatatacttg tgtaacagaa gattatgcaa gctttgagac atactacttc    107220
     ctcattaaca gatcgttttg ttgctttgtt atgttcccta tcaatcatct caatatcatc    107280
     catatttctt tcatatttaa ttacttacct tattggagaa gcagcagcag gatagtctgc    107340
     ctttcgagtc tttcatgcag agaaatctct tcaggtcttt ggataattat tcattcagaa    107400
     gtttatttcc aaacacgtct tgatatgttc acagtgttgc tgtagttgaa ctataacgcg    107460
     caaaaacacg atttaaatat ttttcagttg gccagatatt aataaacagt cattcaaaca    107520
     gctttaccaa atcctctcta cttgacagtt cattctgcat gtccgccatg tttgtagttt    107580
     gttttttgtt ttttttaccc gaatttataa ttctaaacaa attcacgtcc agcaatgtac    107640
     tgtgggcaat attagcagtt atggatggtt ctacactttt atttttactg gaaatcgtac    107700
     actaatcggg cacctttgac atgctctttt caacatacta tggtttggga catactggtt    107760
     ctattttttc taaaactatt taggacagat agtatgcgaa tagggatgcc actgcctctt    107820
     ctgtgtaaca agagtcagaa gcataaaatt gtgcagcgcc accttgtgta ttggggtgtt    107880
     atgtcagtaa ttgtacacat ttgctctgtt catcacctgt gaatatcagt tggacatgat    107940
     ctttaaaaaa aaaaaactga cgataagagc atgatataaa catcacagtg tacacaaaga    108000
     atacccgtga aaatccactg ataatatttc tcttatttgt tctctgcagg ttgatacaaa    108060
     ttacttcaat tatgttgcct tgcaaagctc ttcagtgaca actagccaag aagaaactat    108120
     ctgtgtttat acacagacca gtaagcactt tatgagataa ttgctgctgt agattattgt    108180
     ggtttttatt gtggttgttt aggtttgtta ataattttac cagttcacac attacatttt    108240
     ctttttataa ttttgatttt ggttaattgt aaatattttt agtctataaa tatcagcaca    108300
     atgtaaacca atagaagtta tttttgtccc tctttactca ttttgactct ttttttcttg    108360
     agctttatta tcatcctcaa gcttaaaaaa agattttttg tattttaata ttaaatattt    108420
     agtgattgaa gctaaaagaa tgtaaatgat catatgcatt tgtttttatt gcaaaccatg    108480
     tcttgcaaac catacagatg gctgataaag atcagggcat ggctaaaatg tgtgtggact    108540
     taagttgtgg tcagatattg atgaagttct tattggtcag ttgcaatgtc tcagtatttg    108600
     ggctttggtc acatggtcaa ggaagaggca aagttggatt ataaacttgc cgtctctttt    108660
     attttcttct ctcgctctac tttctgaacc cccccaaccc ccccgggccc tctttttcct    108720
     attttacatt taagctgagt acatttgata ttatgtgctt ttatcatttc atgttattgt    108780
     tattttgtta cttatttagc ataaccatag aaaattgttg tgaataaatc attttatttt    108840
     taaaatattc tgtgaattat ttaattttga tataacttta cacttaattg ctccatatta    108900
     cagtcacata atagcaatgc tctcccacaa ttttagctgt taaaactgcc cttatttttg    108960
     tatttggtat aagattgcaa atgaatagtt tgatggttga gaagtgcaag tttattttaa    109020
     ggattcaaca gaaagaataa atggttaaac ttttgcaata cattttaatt agtacattaa    109080
     tatcactcaa aatattcaca aacttgaaca aacaataaac aatacattac attacattgc    109140
     tgggtattta ttcatctttg ttaaagttaa tgtaaaataa tgtaaaaaaa aaattcattg    109200
     ttagttgact ttttaacaca ctgcacaact cttatgttgt gcagtgtgtt aacaagttaa    109260
     ctaataatga atgacttttt tgtacattat tttaaattat cacaaatgaa tactttaatt    109320
     tgacaacaaa aattttatga atgcattagt aaatgttgaa ttgtgataaa aatgctgtac    109380
     acgttaatat tagattatag gcaaaatact tttacttata tatcattaac tactggaatc    109440
     ttataatatg tgtagcactg gaggttcact atataaaaca tgagcgttta aagatccagc    109500
     cgttgcacca catcagaggc ctttactttt gaagtctttt gagctgcata ttcaccacaa    109560
     acatccacaa gcacatgcat tgtcaaactg ataaaagatg aacaagaaac ctcatgactt    109620
     gattctaaga ctgataaaaa ccctggtagt gagtctacta ccacaaatca gaaaaaattc    109680
     caaaaaaaaa cagacaaaaa agaaagtagt gatttctaaa tttgacttat ttcattgcag    109740
     acaattcaac aagcatttaa tgtgttcctc atcattttca ttgttttttt ttttagtttt    109800
     ataaactgta ttccaatatt ggttcttgca acacatttaa aaaaaaaagt tgaaacagta    109860
     aagcatttac cactttgtaa tgttgccatt ccttttcaca agacttaaaa gacgtttagg    109920
     gactgaatac accaagtgat gaagtgtttc aggtgtaatt ttgtcccatt ctttctttaa    109980
     acaagtctta aggtgggcat aacgccccat tcaaacaggg ttgtcagcgt caacgcttcc    110040
     cattcacttt gaatgggtga cgtcaagcgt tgccaaactg cattgtggat ccatcggcgc    110100
     cgcttcacag gcattgctcg ctgcagaagt tgggactagc tcaacttttc aaccgacgga    110160
     agcgtcagcc aatctgatcg ctgtatgcaa atacaccagc tagacagtgg cctattgctg    110220
     actgaatttc attggctgac gcttctatga cgatcgctcc acccctaact tcagacgtgc    110280
     ccgtcaagcg tagaagctgt agccccgtgt gaatggggcg taaggatggt gtcttcattg    110340
     ttgtagaatt tactacacat tctctattgg agtcaggtat tttgtattct gttcctctgc    110400
     ggccagtact ttgtaatgtg tacagaatgt ggttttgcat tgtcttgttg aaatatgcat    110460
     gggtgtctct tgaaaaaagg cagcatattg tgctctaaaa tctctttgta cttttcagca    110520
     ttaatggtgc atcacagaag tgcaaagtta cctttgccca gggcactgac acaaccccat    110580
     accatgacag accctggctt ttggacttgt tactagtaac agtctggatg atctttttct    110640
     ttggtcagga acacatggcg ttcatttctc ccaaaaatat ctgaaatact gattcatctg    110700
     accacagaaa tcatttccac tgtgtgatgg tgcatcccag atgcctccaa gctcagacaa    110760
     gtcgacagcg cttctagaca ctgttaacat agggcttcct tttgacacag tacagtttta    110820
     actggcattt gtggatgtca ttatgtattg ttgtactcaa caaaggtttg ccaaagtagt    110880
     cctgaaccca tgtggtgata ttgcttatag atgaatgttg attcttgatg cagtgccgcc    110940
     tgagggttcg gagatcatgg tagttcagct taggcttgca cccttgtcct ttacggactg    111000
     aaatttttcc agatttctag aatcttttaa ttgtgtaatg cattgttgaa gatgaaatct    111060
     ctaaatgtct ttctttcatt aattaatttt tcctccctta tcaggggtcg ccccaacaaa    111120
     ataaatcggc aactattccg gcatatgttt tacacagcgg atgccgcaac caagtactgg    111180
     caacacccat acactcttat acacacatac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    111240
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acagagagag    111300
     agagagagag acagagaaag gccaatttag ttaaaccaaa tcacttaaac tgcatatctt    111360
     tggattgtgg gggaaactgg agcaccctga ggaaacacac acaaacatga acatgaaaac    111420
     tctacacaga aatgctttct ggtccagctg ggactcaaat cagcaacctt cttgttgtga    111480
     ggcaatagtg ttaaccactg agacgccgta ccacctgttt ttaaacattt taataatttt    111540
     ggtcggccca tttttttttt tgctcctaga gtactagacc tttgttggat gctgctttta    111600
     taccaaatca taattacaat cacctgttaa aatcacctgt ttcaaatcac atcattattc    111660
     aaccaattta tctgatttct agcactacat tgctcctgtc ccaacctttt tttttttgga    111720
     atgtgttgca tgtctcaatg tcaggaaaat atgtatattt acaaatgaaa tgaaggtcac    111780
     aaaacatgaa atatgtggtg ttcatattgt ctgaaataaa atacaagtca aataataatt    111840
     aaaataataa ttataataat gcaaataatt ataataataa taagttttat taataatgag    111900
     cttttctcag actctaagca cttacagaag catcaaaatt aaaaatttaa aaaagaaatc    111960
     actacgtttt ttatttgtgt ttttcatact ttcccaactt ttttctgatt taataataat    112020
     aataataata ataataatgc attttattta aaggcgcctt tcatgacact ctaggtcacc    112080
     gtgcaggaca gcttgaacaa tcagttcaaa taaaaacaca ataaaagtca atagaataca    112140
     aacttttttg aaaaatgcag tcgggttaaa gtgaataagc tgctctaaac agatttggga    112200
     ttgtactatc acaaatccca aactcaagcg taaactaatc ttttgtctat ataagtaaaa    112260
     taaaatctga taaatagagc tctatttaga ggccacagtg tatgacatca tttcctgtag    112320
     aatggctgac aggaagaaga tgctcagtct agaactgatg tggtgaacat caatggaaaa    112380
     attcacttta gcaccgatta aatgttttaa taatattaat atagtaaata ctgtgcatgt    112440
     atgcatttat gttatcttat atgtgattgt ttgtttgtac ctgcttacgc tttgcaagtt    112500
     tgacaattta ccaaccacag gactgaccaa gtgttgtgtc ttcacacctc catctgaatg    112560
     aaaaacacac atgccatgca catttgtcag tgtcaaaaat agctctccta tgtgcacttt    112620
     ccccctaacc ttctatctct ttcagtaaag aacatttata tttaaaaatt ttgaaataat    112680
     gcatgtagta atatatcaaa tttatatttg caataattgg aatacataaa ttaatttata    112740
     tatatattta tatatatata aattatatat atatatatat ataatactta attgtaatct    112800
     aaattactct tttaatacaa tttctagcta gaatcaaaca attaggcctt tgtatttgct    112860
     gtgacatgca ttaccagatg tcctttgtgt ttttcaaatc agcaaacaat aggtccagat    112920
     aggtcttgac cagaatacag ttctttatca ctctgctgaa tgatttcagt tctatcacaa    112980
     tcagaacaat tttaaaaagg ctttagatga gatgaaacta gtcctaaaaa tcatacaaat    113040
     gtcttaaaat gcatcttctg aacaacatct ttgggtgtgg tataagcaga ataattgatt    113100
     acacagagtg tttttttttc aatgaggtga tggttatggc aataaattaa accaaataga    113160
     aggcatgggt gatatggact tgaaattatg tcactatttt atggtattta ttgcgataat    113220
     aataatgtaa tatcgtcgat aaaccatatg tatccactga gagacaacaa aatgtcctgt    113280
     atctttagaa aaaaaaaaat atttatgtag tatatctatg tgtgtgtctg tatgcacaca    113340
     catatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    113400
     tatatatata tatatataaa caacgtatat gttactttta tttaatcagc tatttttttt    113460
     cctgtacacg cctctcctaa aagacattca gatgatatac aagaggaatt tttgtggaaa    113520
     aaagtaactt taggtcagaa tttgcctggg gtttcaataa ttttgggcat gtctgtatac    113580
     agtaactcaa ataaccactt gttacaactg aggtatgcat aagaggatct ctgaatgaac    113640
     aacgcgtcca accttgaggc agatgggcta cagcagcaaa agaccacacc gggtgccact    113700
     cctttcagct aagaacagga aactgaggct acaattcaca caggctcacc aaaactggac    113760
     aatagaagat tgaaaacaca tagcctggtc tgatgagtct tgatttctgc tgtgacatcc    113820
     gaagggtggg gtcagaattt ggcatcaaca acatgaaagc atggatccat cctgccttgt    113880
     atcaacggtt caggctggtg gtggtggtgt aatggtgtgg gggatatttt cttggcgcac    113940
     tttgtgccca ttagtaccaa ttgagcaccg tgtcaatgcc acagcctacc tgagtattgt    114000
     ttttaaccat gtccatctct ttttgaccac agtgtaccca tcttctgatg gctacttcca    114060
     gcagggtaac gcgacgtcat aatgcgcaaa tcttctcaga caggtttctt gaccatgaca    114120
     atgagttcac tgtactcaaa tgaccttcac attcagcaga tctcaaccca atagagcacc    114180
     tttgggatgt ggtggaacgg gagattcaca tcatggatga gtagctgata aatctgcagc    114240
     aactgcgtga tgctatcatg tcaatatgga acaaaatctc tgaggagtat ttcaagtacc    114300
     ttgttgaatc tatgccgcaa aggattaaag cagttataaa ggcaaaaggg ggtccaactt    114360
     agtactagta atgtgtacct aataaagtgg cagttgagag tatctgttca tgttaagcct    114420
     actggcctat tagaagtgtt attggagtgc ataatgcatg ttaaaccctt cacacctttc    114480
     acacattcac tcgcgcctcg agttcacctc ttgcttactt taaataattt tgaacaatgt    114540
     tgtcagctgt aaagtttagc cacaaaataa tacaaaaact cataaattat tctaatttca    114600
     gtttgcatgt taacttaatc actatgcagg ttcaattgtc tgtgaagaga ttcttctaaa    114660
     ggaagtccgc tctgcccttt ttgtttttta cgtttccgtg tctgatcttt gaccactgct    114720
     gtgctttgaa gaggaagcag tctgaaatta gatactacca aaccaaggtt gtactgtaag    114780
     tagaccagtg aaactgttta ttttatttta tcaaattaat atatgtgatg aagtacttcc    114840
     gttcatattt tagaaatata aaatgtgtaa attagaatat ttcattattt tcatgttcca    114900
     ggtttcttga catgcttatt tttttttctc aggtgctgaa aaatgagctt gcaagattgt    114960
     tttaccttct ttctcctcac atttgcatgt aagtttaaac tgttgggtga taatgacaaa    115020
     aaaataccac aaatacattt atatctgtca atattgatga ttatcataat gtcaaatctc    115080
     agtttatttc aagtttaaag gcattttttt tttgctgagt aaaacttgta gaaaccagaa    115140
     atgaaatatg ccttgaagcc taaaaatgta taaaatgtgt ttttgtttta tccatatgca    115200
     tatagtttta ttgtgataat ttttgtttga ccatccctaa tttttaataa gctttatgtt    115260
     aaactttttt tttgtttgtt tcttactgct taattgtttg tttttgttgt tttagatggg    115320
     acctgtgaag aagattttat tcatcagcag ccactggtag ttgctgaact tggaagcagt    115380
     gtgactttac cctgttttca ctctgatgac tatgtaacta ctatttcatg gtataaacat    115440
     tcagctggca agaaaccact tcttatagca cattcagctc ccaactcggg aagagttaca    115500
     tatcaaaatg cctttaacaa cactaatcga ttctttataa caattgcaag tggctcttat    115560
     aatttaagta tccttcactt gaagaaagag gattttgcaa cttactattg tgctaagttt    115620
     ttcctgaaca tcatgatgtt tggagaaggg acaattctgc tacataatgg tgagttaatg    115680
     acagattttg aattcagaaa tttacataaa gtttgtatat ctgtgtttac tgcagtggtt    115740
     caagctgtag tattgtcaaa tgattaaaga gatgttatca gcatgatcgt gtaaaagttt    115800
     cagccaccta ctgcaatcat ataccaataa tggaaataag tgcagttaaa attgtgtgac    115860
     tattgcaata tggagcagta atttacagaa tgcttgtaaa ttaaataaat aaattacaat    115920
     attttgcttt ggttacaatg aaattagtca cagaataaat gattgagatg ataaaacata    115980
     tgaaatgatg aaacatatat aatattattc ctttccatta ctaaaaacgc caaaactgta    116040
     catttcaatt tcggccactc tttgtaatct tacacaaaca ttgaaaataa gtgcagctaa    116100
     aaataacaaa atatggggga ggttgttgct aaatagcaaa atagatcagt ttaactgaat    116160
     ataactgagt atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    116220
     atatatatat atatgtgtgt gtgtgtatat gtgtgtatgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtatatat    116280
     atatatatat aaattgtacc aaaattttat attatagtta ctctattaga ggagtcactg    116340
     tttgaatcct cttttatctc tttcataacc acaaacaaca taaacaaaaa gtgaccaaaa    116400
     acccaaattg gaaacattca caaatacagt aaacatgtca gcttacaggc cttgggtctc    116460
     attcactgta taaaactttg caaaggaacc ttcctaaaag aaaacataag acaaaatatt    116520
     ttttgtttat ttattaatga ttgtggcgaa taaaattata tttaaagtgg tttagaaaag    116580
     tcaatattta agtaaaagtt gttttcttat accaaccccc ccaaaacaca gattttcagc    116640
     cttgtattta cagaatgttg cttgtctttc agaaactgac agaaatatca gcacatctgt    116700
     ttcagctcca tcattttgga gtccagttgt ttgtatcctg cttattataa gtgtaatatc    116760
     cattgttatg aacatagttc tggtgattca aaagagtcgc aaaaaaggta aataaacata    116820
     attatatgaa attgtaaaaa ttcataaaga tagatagaca gacacttact gatttttttt    116880
     gtgtgcatgt ttttacttta cggatcatca aacaaactga aatattagtc aaagatagta    116940
     caagtaaaca cttgatgcac ttttgaaatt aaggttttta ttattaaggg aaaacaaaat    117000
     aaaaaactac atagccctgt gtgaaaaaaa caaggtttgc cccctaaatc taaaagcggg    117060
     ttgggcctct tttcaaatat tttcaatagc ttgcaatgag tctgttacag tgctgtggat    117120
     gaattttggc ccactattct ttgcagaatt gttgtaattt agcacattgg atggcttttg    117180
     agcctgaacc acctttttaa ggtcatgtca cagcatccca tttagattaa ggttagggct    117240
     ttgaccaggc cagtccaaag tcgtcattta gtttttcttt agccattcag tagtgttcct    117300
     gcttgtgtgc tttgaactca agtttgcctc agcttgatgg ttggacattc aaatgaatat    117360
     ttcaatttgc ttgatgatca gaaacattaa agtttgataa atgtgcaaaa aaagggggaa    117420
     atagtaaggg ggcaaacact ttttcacacc actgtgtata tggtattcta cttagacatt    117480
     cagaccagtg atctgtaatt tcattatgtt ccacagaaac tacagaacaa ctcagaagcc    117540
     agataaatca ggtgattatc aatctactaa taataatcat tattaataat taatcaggta    117600
     attaataatt ccttcaaatt ctagagaata atacatgttt tacaggcatg ttcttatatt    117660
     gtctgcattt tgacataaat tatttaactt taggaaaata cttgtgtatt ttttctcaaa    117720
     tgtttgtctt ttttaaataa ataaatatat gctgagtttt aagcattatc ccatttatta    117780
     ctacattcaa tgtcacattc agatatcatt actttttaaa atacaggtat tttatgtaac    117840
     agacagtgtg aaaattcgct cagtggcgta attttattac tttatatttt cttcctctgc    117900
     agattgaaac agatgactta aattatgctg ccctgcactt ttccaagaca aagcccacca    117960
     cctcgagaag atcttcaatg aaaaccatcc aggaaaccat ttattcagag accacagtac    118020
     attagctgag aacattacta atgataagaa agtattgctg ttgttctttc acagtctgtg    118080
     ttgttgttca agttaattaa caagttcttt atgtagcttt gtataacttt aatttcagta    118140
     aataattgta tatatttttc atctctgaat atcataagaa gtaacatgaa tataaataaa    118200
     gttgctgcct ggaactgtcc attattttct atatcagtcc ttttgtcttt tgattgtttg    118260
     ctggtgcaca ataaatgtcc atgctattaa tgttatttct gtttcattca tactgtacgc    118320
     tagagggtgc cctgatgcat aacctacatt ttctacatat gcatttgtga agaagacgtc    118380
     agctactcaa aaacttacca tatttgctaa agctcgtttc ttttttaaca atgtttgctc    118440
     aaggtattaa actctgcttt aatattatga tgcaatgcta attgacctag cctttaacac    118500
     gtgaatatta ctgtatagaa tacagttata tataattata gaataatctt tctcaatctt    118560
     gccatcctcc ctgtgtcacc acaagtatat ggtttgcata tattatcaca tggccctgtt    118620
     tttttttatg gtcaaacttg tgctgtgtgt ttatcatgtt acattaaaac cagtttgcaa    118680
     catcaagcag aatagcaagc tgtttgtaca gctcaaaatc aatagaggtg aatgagacca    118740
     gaagtcttaa ttcatttaag taatgactac acagcaaaaa aatgttttca tttccaagtg    118800
     tttttgtcat gtttctggtc caaatatcta aacaattctt aaatcaagaa ataatttcta    118860
     gacaagcagt aaatatagtc ttgttttcag aaatattgag tcaaaatgaa gttaaatagg    118920
     taaaataatc tgcaaatggg gaaagcaaaa taagctggtt tttcttttga aacaagatta    118980
     tttagcttgt tttatgtaaa aaaaaaactc acttaatttg gacgttattt ttttttaact    119040
     agacaacatt gtgtagaaaa tgcttcttga tttgatcatt tttagatgga ctagaaacaa    119100
     gatatactct aggtaagaaa agcttttttg aatgctcgct cactcttaca taaaagctaa    119160
     ggttgatata ctttgatgaa ggtgtttaaa gtggttctcg attatgattt cacttttgtc    119220
     atgaactgta tgagcataaa caacatccac aaatttacta ctttaaatgt gtctttacat    119280
     gcaaatacag ccactcaaca tcagctgagg ccttttaatc aacccctaaa atatctggtc    119340
     attttaagac tactggtcta ttagaagtgt cttttcaact gcatttttag ttaatgtcat    119400
     gttgaacctt tcacacattt ccacacagtt cgagtacctc ttgcctgctt aaaatattgc    119460
     ttaaatcatt gttgtaggtt taacacaatg atacaaaaat tcaacacgtt aatctaactg    119520
     gcacctgatg taatatttag gtgtgcattt ctcatggtat ctgttcattt gatcactata    119580
     catgttcaag catctgttaa aagagattct tctaaaggaa atcggccctg cccctctttt    119640
     tttttcttta accgtgtctg ttctttgacc gcttctgtgc tttgaagagg aagcagtctg    119700
     aaattagact tactaccaaa ccaacacata atcaaaggta tgttagttac ttgtattgtg    119760
     atggtctgaa ctgaatatac tggacctgat ctgtgtgtct caataaatat cagagggcta    119820
     taatattagg tttattcttt ttttatttga agaatatctg tcacgtggtt gtactgtaag    119880
     tagaccattt ttaaattcaa gatttttttt atcaaatgaa ttaatgtggt aaagtactga    119940
     atatttcatt attttcattt ttcagatttc ttgacatgtt tatttttctt ttctcaggtg    120000
     ctgcaaaatg agtttacaag gttgttttac cttctttctc ctcacatttg catgtaagtt    120060
     taaacttggg tgataatgac aagaagacca caataaaatt tatatcagtc aataatgatg    120120
     tttatcatca tgtcaaacct ctgtttcttt caagttcaaa ggaagatttt ttagctgaac    120180
     gaaacttgta aaaacgaaaa aatagatacg ttttttatgc tttcgtattt gctttgtcca    120240
     tgaaataaca tattgtaaca atctttgttt tattacaatc actattgttt gaccaaaata    120300
     tttatgattt ttgttttact tttttttgtt tcctattgtt tattttattg tttgtgttct    120360
     cttagatggg acctgtggag aagattttat tcatcagcag ccactggtag ttgctgaact    120420
     tggaagcagt gtgactttac cctgttttca ctctgatgac tatgtaacta ctgtttcatg    120480
     gactaaacat tcagctggca agaaaccact tcttatagca tattcagatt tcaactcaga    120540
     aagagttaca tatcaaaatg ccttcaacaa cactaatcga ttctttatca caattgcaag    120600
     tggctcttat aatttaacta tccttcactt ggagaaagag gattttgcaa cttactattg    120660
     tgttaaggat ttcttgaaca ggttaatgtt tggagaagga acgattctgc tgcgcaaagg    120720
     tgagttaatc acagtttttg cattctgaaa ttcacataaa tgtgtgtaag gctttgtaac    120780
     tgcagtggtt caagccttgg tattgctaaa tgatttaaga aatgttgtca gcatgatggt    120840
     gtacaaaccg tacatttcaa cgccatctgc aagcttatta atcttactaa cgatggaaaa    120900
     aaaagagcag ttagaaaatc aaaattgtgt tgctattgtg tgactattgc aatatggagc    120960
     agtaattcac agaatagttg aaaatgaaat gatttaataa caatatcttt ctatgattac    121020
     tgaattggga ggttcatttc gctgtggtga ccccagatta acaaagggac taagccgaaa    121080
     agaaaatgaa agaatgaggg ttactcagtt agtcacaaaa taatttatat taattgtacc    121140
     cagctttaat gtacctgata aagatagagg agagagaaag aaagaggaga aagcaagtga    121200
     gctgaagcaa aaagagatat agtcacagtt ttaatccccc aaaaaaccca caactgtaca    121260
     tttctttttc agccaccttc tctaatctta caccaacatt gaaattgcag ttacaataac    121320
     taaatatgta ggagattgtt gctcttgtgt gactatattg tattgcaaaa aggagcagtt    121380
     taactccatt aatattaaat caaaattaat ttacagaata cttaaacatg aaattattta    121440
     ataatagtaa gttatgaaat aaatgtatga ggtaatagaa cccagcttta acgtgtaaag    121500
     ttatgataga aaggcaaaga gaaaaacaga aagcaagaga gccaaagcaa aagaggcagt    121560
     cacagttcac tccctttttt gctttctatt tctaaaaacc taagaagtaa ccaaaaactc    121620
     atatcagagg cattcactaa tacacacgtc agcctacaga tctggggtct catgaactgt    121680
     atagaactct gcgtagaacc tttctaaaag tgaacatctg ccagaacaaa ttttaattgt    121740
     tttactaatg attatggtta ataaaatgat ttatagtggt tcaaataagt caatatttaa    121800
     gttaaatatg ttttctttga gtttacttaa agctgtgcat attctcccat caagtttggt    121860
     ttgtatagat tataaacttt gcatgtgaaa tggcatgcta atgtttccac ctgttttgtg    121920
     caaatgccat gtttacagta tatatgagac accagatatt tattagcact tctgtgcctt    121980
     ttgaaatttg taatgagccc ttttggtaaa aaagaaaagt ttgcaataaa caaatgccca    122040
     tgatcatttg cacatctatt gcatattaat atatttacag aatgtttcat gtatttcaga    122100
     aactgacaga attagcagca cgtctgttat ccagcagcct gtgtctgaca gacttcatcc    122160
     aggagattca gtgaccctgc agtgttcggt cagcagtcac atctgtgctg gacattacag    122220
     agtctattgg tttaaacact catcaggata ttctcaacca gggatcattt acactcatga    122280
     taaccggagc gatcagtgtt tgaaaagttc agagaagagc tcttttgttc agagttgtgt    122340
     ttatagtctc tctcagactg aactcactac atctgatgct ggagtttatt actgtgccgt    122400
     tgacacatgt gggaagatac actttggaaa tgggaccaag ttgactattg aaggtacaaa    122460
     aaagtttcag acaaatcaaa taatacatca aattaacacc taaatcaata taatcatttg    122520
     ctaattttca gcttccttct tttggaatcc agttgctgtc atcctgttta caataagtgt    122580
     aacatccatt gttgtgaaca tagttttggt gattcaaaag aatcggagaa aaggtaaata    122640
     tacataagtt ttaaatatat atataaaaaa acaattatta caaaatacaa aactacatat    122700
     ccctgtgtga aagtgtttgt cccctatccc taataactgg tttggagggg tttgagcctg    122760
     aactgccttt ttaatgtcat tccacaacat ctcatttgga tttaggtcag gactttgact    122820
     aggccactcc agggtcttaa tttagttttt ttatcagtca ttcaaaagtg gacttgctgg    122880
     tgtgctttgg gccattgtcc tgctgtagaa ctcaagtttg cttcagcttg aggtcactaa    122940
     cagatggctg ggcattcata taaatatttg agtttgcttg atgatcagaa acattaagga    123000
     tgataaacat aaacattaaa gatttgataa acatgcaaaa aaaaaagaaa gaaagaaaga    123060
     aaagtgtaag ccggcaaaca ctttccacac cactgtgtat gtatatatgg tattctactt    123120
     agacatttag accagtgatc tgtacgttta tctcattact gtatgttcca cagaaactac    123180
     agaacatctc agaagccaga taaatcaggt gattgtcatt ctaatagtaa tcattaataa    123240
     tcattaatca ggtaattaat aattccttaa aattctagag aatgaaaaat aatgttttat    123300
     aggcatgttg ctatattgtc tgcatattgt caacatgaaa aattttactt caggaaaaca    123360
     cttatgtata tcaagtttaa cacctaaatt aaagtttatt ttcacaaaga actatttatt    123420
     taaaaaatgt aaatatattt atattttccc atatgtattt attttattca tcaatattaa    123480
     aattgtaatg ttgtggaata caatttaaaa ataacttttt atttgaatat atttttaaaa    123540
     atgtatttaa tatatacact agcacattga gttttaagca ttattccatt tcattacgcc    123600
     attcaatgtc acattcagaa ctcattactt tttaaaatat aggtattttt tttgtaacag    123660
     tgaaaatcca ctgaatattt tttttctgtg gcatttcttc ctctgtagat tgaaacagat    123720
     gacctaaatt atgctgccct gcacttttcc aaaacaaagc caaccacctc gagaagatct    123780
     tcaatgaaaa ccatccagga aaccatttat tcagagacca cagtacatta gctgagacca    123840
     ttactaatga tgagacatta ttgcttttgt tctatcacaa tctgtgttgt tgttcaagtt    123900
     aattaacaag ttctttatgt agctttatat aattttaatt tcagtttatt gcatatattt    123960
     ttcatctgta aatatcagca gaagtaacac gaatagaaat aaaaatgctg cctgggactg    124020
     tccgttattt tctatatcag tctttttttt cttttctttg tttgcttatg cactataact    124080
     atatatctat gcactatata tatatatata tacacacaca cacacacaca cacagttgaa    124140
     gtcagactta taagccccct ttgaattttt tgtttttaaa tatttcccaa attaagttta    124200
     acagagcaag gacattttga cagtatgtct gataatattt tttcttctag aaaacaaatg    124260
     tatttgttgt atttcgacta gaataaaagc aggttttaat ttttcaaaaa ctttttttct    124320
     gatagtctac aggacacacc atcattctac aataacttgc ctaattaccc taacctgcct    124380
     agttcaccta attaacctag ttaaaccttt aaatgtcact ttaagctgta tagaagtgtc    124440
     ttgaaaaata tcttgtcaaa tattatttac tttcatcatg acatagataa aataaataag    124500
     ttaaaagaaa tgatttaata aaactatttt tagatgtgta gaagaaatct tctctctgtt    124560
     aaacagaaat tgaggaaaaa taaaaacagg ggtgctaata attcaggtag gctaaaagaa    124620
     tatttttccc caatttctgt ttaacagaga aaaaaaaaat tcaacacatt tctaaacaca    124680
     atagttttaa taactcatct ctaataactg atttatttta tctttgcctt gaaaacaata    124740
     aataatatct agacacttct atgcagctaa aagtgacatt taaaggcgta actaggttaa    124800
     ttaggttaac taggcaggtt atgttaatta cgtaagttgt cgtataagga tggttgttct    124860
     ggagactgtc aaaaaaatat aaagaggcta ataattttga ccctgaaatg gcttttaaaa    124920
     aactaaaaac tgcttttaat ctggccgaaa taaaacaaat aagactttct ccagaagaag    124980
     aaaaacatca gacatacagt gaaaatttcc ttgctctgtt aaacatcatt tggcaaatat    125040
     ttaaaaaaga aaaaaaaaat cacaaggggg ctaataattc tgactttaac tgtatatata    125100
     attttatcat tagatgtaca ttatacatga gagaaccatc ttctgattca tttcccaaca    125160
     aagctgcact gctgtagctg ataggtaaga ttgtgaaatc gttaggagtt ataaaacact    125220
     taaaatctga aatactatgt attatcattt gctgaatcat atttggacaa gaaaacatta    125280
     ttttaagcat tgcttttctc attaatctga ctttttttac ttcatttttt ctcctagttt    125340
     tttaaatgta tagtagtcat aaatattgat ctatcacatc ttctccagat ttaatcaatt    125400
     tatgcaactg accttaatgc agcagtttga actgttaaca tattcatgaa tttggtggat    125460
     tctttatctg aaatggactt acattgcatt gaaggtgcag tacacatttt gtaatttcct    125520
     ccttactcag aattaaaggt acagaagctg tcactggggt ggtacccttt caaaaggtac    125580
     atatttgtac ctgaagggtc cataatggta cctcaaaggt acttcttagg tacatttggg    125640
     cactaatgtg cacctttgag gtaccacttt gtactgattg ggtacaaatt agtatctttt    125700
     gaaaaggtac tgccccagtg acagctcctg tatctttatt tctgagagtg taggaaataa    125760
     acttacagcc tgagctacag aaaggccata tataatgata ttcaggaagg gcattcagag    125820
     gtgtcattta gtttgacatt gataaaattg aaccaattgg actttatggt gtatatagtt    125880
     agtactcagt taccctattt aaagaaaaca gtcagaaatc tgtatgaatg actgtggatg    125940
     gttctgaaag tgttgcaaca tactgatata ttttctgttt caccaaagtc ttttcttact    126000
     ggtggagtgg ctgggcttta aaatttagtt ctaacttctt gcatactgac gaatcacgga    126060
     taaaaacaat agcttttttc tttgtattta acataataga gcaaaagaat gattagcatt    126120
     ttgattttgg taatttggtt tttcttcatg acaaaaatca tgtttgtata cacaaatgat    126180
     acaaatggat ttgcctttta aaaaataaat aattaaaatg atatgaaaag ttcattgttt    126240
     actgatttaa ataatattaa acagttttat tgataaactg aatggttaca tatcatatat    126300
     acatataaaa catgaataaa taaattataa attaaatttt caattatttt gtaacaattt    126360
     aggggttgta ttaatttcag ttaatgtatt tactaacatc aacacaatgt ataatacata    126420
     aattacaata tttgttcatg ttagttaaca taagttaatg aaaatgcatt cggccattgt    126480
     cgtttcatgt taactcaatg tcttttgcat atagagagat taagtcaagt gagtctagac    126540
     accagtaagc tgcagttact gttattaaca tgtggtttag cacaggcaga gtttcacttg    126600
     tgttttgtta ttgtttgatc accgagtggc agcataaaca acatttggct ccaccgtgct    126660
     catgcttctt actggtcttc tgctcttctt gtctaagtta agagctgcat agttcaggtc    126720
     ttcatcttgc tcctggcaac acaaaaaaaa aacatacttt gcaatcaaca aacaagcaaa    126780
     gtttaattat cctaattatt gtctgctttc tacaataatt gtctgacatt ttacactgct    126840
     tggctgtttg gatttaggtg aacacttaag tcttatatag aatttctgtt gaaaaactaa    126900
     caatagaaat cattattaga agttcttatg taaaacaaaa atacaaacca tcaaatttac    126960
     aacattaaag tgtgtgttgg ggcataatcc agtgggtttt atataatgaa atgtcctgga    127020
     aattaaataa tttatctgga atgacttttt tttaaatctc aaacactgta aaaaatcaaa    127080
     tcagttatta taattggttt tacaaatgta agtggattga acataaaaca agatttgtgt    127140
     tgatttagct cattttaaat aagtagttta aacaaatagc aaaatcattt tttgagtgaa    127200
     atgccagaat ttttttttaa tttatgcaca ggaacttttc ataatctaaa gagccttttt    127260
     ggtccttttg aattgaaaag attccaggaa tgttaaaggt ttctcatgga aacattgata    127320
     ataagaacta agagtagtgg ttatgaattg atttcttaac tcatcaggaa ttgtcttgtt    127380
     ccttttatta gaaacatatt aaatttatat taccttgtgc tgcagctgtt tgttcatctt    127440
     tttgttttta ctgtgcttca cctctaagaa aaaacaagac aggaaatata ttttttattg    127500
     tctcattaat tactgatatg gtaatatcaa tatgttatac tggctgtatt agaaatgagt    127560
     taaatgtttc cttatgtgct atagtgtgtt gttcacacac cttttttctt cttcttcaat    127620
     ttcttcagct tgattaagac tacaatagcg aaaacagtgg gaagcaaaat gaagccgctc    127680
     gagatcagtg tcagcatgta aaagaaatgg caggatgtct cttcagttgt tcctgttaaa    127740
     accattcagg taatcaaaaa caaaaagaca gaaagagaaa aataaagaga acaaaattac    127800
     tatcgcataa cagaaaattt aaagaacaaa ggaccatttt tttatgcgtt tgttagacac    127860
     ataccattat ccgtatttgc aatttctata ttagagcgat ttgttacttt gaagataaaa    127920
     aaacaaacaa acaaacaagt aaataattaa tcaacagcaa ataatattat tgtaataaat    127980
     taaagatgct aatagatc                                                  127998