EBI Dbfetch

ID   AL591492; SV 11; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 92083 BP.
AC   AL591492;
DT   16-MAY-2001 (Rel. 67, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 22)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone BUSM1-261O22 in linkage group 20 Contains
DE   the gene for a novel protein (zgc:55292), the gene for a novel protein
DE   similar to vertebrate SNAP-associated protein (SNAPAP), the gene for a
DE   novel protein similar to vertebrate SMAD, mothers against DPP homolog 4
DE   (Drosophila) (SMAD4), a novel gene and three CpG islands.
KW   CpG island; FK506; FKBP3; HTG; pre-mRNA processing; retrotransposon.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-92083
RA   Sehra H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; 5f418fe24e3c03a015a0a9bbc6942725.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000100209; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000170482; danio_rerio.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone BUSM1-261O22. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone BUSM1-261O22 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone BUSM1-261O22 is at 92083 in this sequence.
CC   BUSM1-261O22 is from a Zebrafish PAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..92083
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="20"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="BUSM1"
FT                   /clone="BUSM1-261O22"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..92083
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: BUSM1-261O22"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(2720..3019,5982..6096,7192..7266,
FT                   7907..8091,9911..10179,11843..11969,12452..12616,
FT                   16083..16190,16558..16735,16988..17155,19833..19951,
FT                   20223..20348,25788..26311,28931..29059))
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ261O22.3-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to pre-mRNA processing
FT                   proteins"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AA605913 Em:AI942808 Em:AW116927
FT                   Em:BG799522 Em:BI473450 Em:BI882089 Em:BI883248 Em:BI891027
FT                   Em:BM186860 Em:BM534717 Em:BM957860 Em:BM958152"
FT   CDS             complement(join(2933..3019,5982..6096,7192..7266,
FT                   7907..8091,9911..10179,11843..11969,12452..12616,
FT                   16083..16190,16558..16735,16988..17155,19833..19951,
FT                   20223..20348,25788..26311,28931..28943))
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ261O22.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001631"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to pre-mRNA processing
FT                   proteins"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:O64496 Tr:Q93ZR3 Tr:Q9NUU5
FT                   Tr:Q9NWR1 Tr:Q9VAT3"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1JPZ7"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003107"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011990"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q1JPZ7"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-420"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD87784.1"
FT   misc_feature    30479..30540
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(32899..33056,33166..33263,40158..40225,
FT                   45368..45503,45680..45781,48326..48446))
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ261O22.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human FK506 binding
FT                   protein 3 (FKBP3)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI331624 Em:AI477303 Em:AI544464
FT                   Em:BI472922 Em:BI839899 Em:BI844911 Em:BI981014 Em:BI983151
FT                   Em:BM035090 Em:BM070627 Em:BM070929 Em:BM103341 Em:BM958363
FT                   Em:BQ109078"
FT   CDS             complement(join(33002..33056,33166..33263,40158..40225,
FT                   45368..45503,45680..45781,48326..48430))
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ261O22.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001630"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human FK506 binding
FT                   protein 3 (FKBP3)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O46638 Sw:P26884 Sw:Q00688
FT                   Sw:Q62446 Sw:Q62446 Tr:Q90ZK7"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q801W3"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001179"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR023566"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q801W3"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-419"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD87785.1"
FT   misc_feature    45602
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 690bp by restriction digest data"
FT   mobile_element  complement(55418..>61704)
FT                   /mobile_element_type="transposon"
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ261O22.1-001"
FT   misc_feature    84558..84622
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   misc_feature    92083
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: BUSM1-261O22"
SQ   Sequence 92083 BP; 27559 A; 19880 C; 17475 G; 27169 T; 0 other;
     gatccatcaa tgtagaaaag tgatgtaaaa taaaaaattt aataattagt aaaaaaaatt        60
     acatactaac atccaggaaa actcccaatc atagacatat gtgtatatct ctggctttgg       120
     atggccacag tcctccactg taccttggtc ccgcattcat ttcaaaggag cgctaccctg       180
     tagcaagatg gcggcgctat tgacgcattc cgtccaatag acaacaacag gccaggcgac       240
     atctaatgta tatattaatg agaatcacca agaggcgaca ctctagtgca atttgtgtat       300
     ttgatcggat gggtggtctt tctttcttgc tgttgtgcga ctataaagca gataaacttc       360
     caattaaact ctcagccttt cacaaacaag ctcttttagc ttagaaattg atgtacaaac       420
     ataacttctc cccataccaa tgttattttt ggaactgtaa tattttgtac aaacataaaa       480
     ccttgttctt aaaaatttgg tttgaaaagg gaattttttg gtgggacagg tactacattc       540
     ccaaggttac ctaatgactt atgaagaatt tttagcacac tttaatttta ctgtgtccca       600
     taaagcattt gcaacagtat ttgctgctat tcctctatgt attgtctcaa tatgtaaaag       660
     ttactcataa tcaggaaata tctctttgtt gtttttgtgt tttgataaaa agtacagtat       720
     tcagctatag cttgcatgtt ttcccacatt taaaatatgt ggctaagaaa tgattaactg       780
     ttcattttgg gctctaaaaa ttatgaaaac taattgtaat atatgaaagc ctgacccatc       840
     tgctcatgat taccctgcta aaaaatccag cttaaaccag cctaggctgg ttggctggtt       900
     ttagctggtc gaccaggctg gttttagagg ggttttggcc acttccaggc tggtttccag       960
     ccatttccag cctggtttta gctggtcagg ctggaaaatg accagctaaa tccagctaaa      1020
     accagcttgt actggccaca gtggctggtg gccaaaaaag ttaatgcaaa gccctgaaag      1080
     tacccgtgaa tattcccact gaagggtgac agtgaatgtg ctttaatcac tcttcctaat      1140
     taactaaaca cttttattgc atatcatctc acttcactta ctgtgcttca gctcacactg      1200
     taaaagtgaa aacttaaatt agtttgactt gttaaagtta aataaaaaaa ttttgacact      1260
     tattactgaa aactgtcata ttattaaagg tgtaacaggt tttagtagtt aatttaaaaa      1320
     aaacaagact ggaacagtgc atacagtaca aattacagta caaatccctt cctttgttta      1380
     tataaaaata tcactttctt tagaggcaaa aacaagtatt gctcattatt gccagtgaac      1440
     aatactcata ctcgccgcaa ataaattact aaaacctgtt aaaccttaaa gcagcggttc      1500
     tcaaagtgag gacaatgaaa caatagtatc tggatgcagc ctttatgatg caagctgaga      1560
     ttgcatcact cagcgatgca ttgtcagaca caatgcactc aatggagtga cgtcactgtg      1620
     aggggtgggg ttaggtgagc gcattgaata gcatttgatg cagctcagat tgcactgcac      1680
     cgagtctgca gccagacccc tctctaatga agggggagga tgtcacctgg tgatttccaa      1740
     aaatctaatt atttttatta aaccatgaga gttagcatat ttcatccata accgtttata      1800
     gtcactgttt actatatagt tactatagta gcttacagta aatagttgta ttggattgcg      1860
     acccctgggg tagttacatt atattaaaga cacagcaatg gcgtcagatg cagcagattg      1920
     atttcataac accagggtta acttcctggc ccatttacag cactcgcata cattaaagaa      1980
     gtaaacaaag agtagacttg ggtctattgg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tatgccattg      2040
     catgcaaggc ttcagtattt ataaccacct cagaggatat tgggggtcgt gagtcgctgg      2100
     cattgttatt ttggggctcg cgggctgaaa agtttgggaa aactgcctta aataccaaaa      2160
     tgcattactg aaaacggtta taaattaagt ttgacaaacg ttattcattt aattgtgacc      2220
     agtcagagta atttgcttac gtttcccctt tttacagtga cggctgatga ctgaatatta      2280
     atcagatgat gtcatcacac tgctgaaaat cacccaggca ccatttcaac agcaggaaaa      2340
     taaactcagc tgttctgaga tctggtgacc gtctaaaatg acctcaatgt tagaaacact      2400
     ccaacacaca gacagaatct gcttcatctt tacatccgtc tgtagttctg cagtgagagt      2460
     cgagtgttgt ccactgagtg aacactgctg atatactgca cactgatgag gaaacaatcc      2520
     aacactcaca gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgaagatca      2580
     gcttgtttct tcatgcagaa tggatctgag cactgaaact aaacgcttct gctttatgtt      2640
     agagctttag tgaaggcggg tgatgtgatg tagtagcgcg tacacacaat taaagacaat      2700
     aacacacaga cacgcagtgt aggatgtcaa tctctttatt atgaaaccca gtcaaaataa      2760
     aaaaagcgtc ttgatgttaa tctgaaacga aggtgagttt gaggaggagg cgaggagctc      2820
     cgatccttcc agacgaacac aactaaactc ctttagcact aaaagactca ctgagggagg      2880
     cgcggagaac agaaaacaca caatgtctga agctgaagcc gaggctgggc tgttatgtgg      2940
     gcggcggagg gtagtactgg ttatactgac catactgacc gtactgaccc caggagttct      3000
     gagagcccca cgagttatac tgcagagaga gacacagaga gacatcatat gagacgagac      3060
     ggcttattca gagtgactga agacatgcct catgatgata ctccatcatc tctagaagaa      3120
     cagcatgcag acatcaagta gaagatttac attccgctaa tattatgtca tttataatgg      3180
     gcctgtaact ataatcatca tctatctatc catccatcca tctgtctgtc tgtctgtctg      3240
     tctatctatc catccgtcta tctatccatc tatccatcta tctatctatc tatctatcca      3300
     tccatctatc tgtctgtctg tttatctatc catccgtcta tctatccatc tatctatcca      3360
     tccatccatc tctgtctgtc tatctatcta tccatctgtc tatctatcta tctatctatc      3420
     tattcatctg tccatctatc tatctatcta tccatccgtc tatctatcca tccatccatc      3480
     tatctgtccg tccgtccgtc tatctatctg tctatctatc catccgtcta tctatccatc      3540
     tatctatcta tccatctatg tctgtctatc tatctatcca tctatctatc catccgtccg      3600
     tccgtccgtc cgtctatcta tctatctatc tgtctatcta tccatccata catctatccg      3660
     tctgtctgtc tatctatcta tctattcatc tgtctatcta tccattcgtc tatctatcta      3720
     tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatccatccg      3780
     tctatctatc atctatctat ccatccatcc ctgtctgtct atctatctat ccatctgtct      3840
     atctatccat cgtccgtccg tctgtctatc tatctatcca tctgtctatc tatccatcca      3900
     tacatctatc cgtctgtctg tctgtctatc tatctatcta tctattcatc tgtctatcta      3960
     tccatccgtc tatctatcca ttcgtctatc tatctgtccg tccgtccgtc cgtctatcta      4020
     tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctgttta tctatccatc cgtctatcta      4080
     tctatccatc tatctatcca tccatccatc catctctgtc tgtctatcta tctatctatc      4140
     catccataca tctatccgtc tgtctatcta tccatccgtc tatctatcta tctatctatc      4200
     tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc cgtctatcta tctatctatc      4260
     tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctgtc      4320
     tatccgtcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctaccta tctatctgtt      4380
     tatctatcca tccgtctatc tatccatcta tctatccatc catccatctc tctctgtcta      4440
     tctatctatc catctgtcta tctatccatc catacatcta tccgtctgtc tgtctgtcta      4500
     tctatctatc tattcatctg tctcgctatc catccgtcta tctatctatc tatctatcta      4560
     tccatccatc catctatcta tctatccatc catccatcca tctatctgtc tgtctgtctg      4620
     tctgtttgtc tgtccgtctg tccatctatc catctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcca      4680
     tctatctatc tatctgtcta tccatctgtc tatttatcca tctatccatc catccatcca      4740
     tccatctatc taaccgtcta tctatccatc tgtccatctg tcaatccatg tatctatcca      4800
     tctgtcgatc gatccatcca cactacctga caaaaagcct catctatcca agttttagga      4860
     tcagtaaata actgctcttc tagttgatga tctggtgtca gaagtgtctc tatgaaaggt      4920
     aaaggcctct agattttgct gatttgagct caataaatct gatcatgtct tgatgttgac      4980
     tgatttgatg aggacagtgc gctctgactc tgctcagact aaagtctcat cactgaacag      5040
     aaataatgtc cagtatagaa tataaagtcc tgctgcagtg gagacagaat gaatattgtg      5100
     tctgactcca tcatgagctt ggaggactgc atccatacat ctctgacatg actcacatca      5160
     ctgattaata aagtcatctg gaatgaagaa gaaagcgttc agcaggactc ccagagttca      5220
     tcaagagtct ttgtgttcat cttcaacacc tcctacccca tcatgctcaa taacgttgat      5280
     atctggtgac tgggctggcc aatcctggag cagcttgacc ttctttgctt tcaggagctt      5340
     tgatgtggag gctgaagtat gagcaggagc gctgtcctgc tggagaattg tccctctcct      5400
     gtggtttgta atgtaatggg cagcacagat gtcttgatgc ctcaggctgt tgatgttgca      5460
     gatctctcgc acacccccat actgaatgaa ccccaaacca tgatgtctcc ttcacctaac      5520
     ttgactgatt tctatgagaa tcttggtcca tgcgggttcc agtaggtctt ctgcagtatt      5580
     ggtgatgatt catcagagaa atccaccttc tgacactttt ccaaatgatc aactagaagt      5640
     cgagttatta ttcgctgctc ttacaactga tccaccacaa gactttagtc aggtagtaaa      5700
     tatatcttat taactgactg aacacaaaag gtacaatacc atactgtaat aagagttttt      5760
     cgtatcatcc atcactgatc ccatttaatc caaaattata tacagttgaa gtcaaaatta      5820
     ttcgccctca tgtgaaataa tgctttctaa cattgcctta gtgctgttta ccaggatctc      5880
     aacactttta aacacatttt aacatagcat tacactctaa tatagcatta cacagtgtca      5940
     gtttctccca gtattgttca actctatcat catcatctga cctgatacca gttgttatag      6000
     ttgtatcccg catgattggc ctgcatgtcc atcatctgac cggatgctac ggattgatca      6060
     tctgtgcgct gacgcttcgc atccggctcc tctgagctga acacacaaac acacacacac      6120
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acaggtcatt      6180
     tacaacgttc agtgtataaa tcaatcacaa cagaagattc ccacacacct tttaaaatct      6240
     ccaataaaac cacgcctctt gatatctcta caatatatac tagagcagag gtggccaacc      6300
     ctgctcctgg acatctacct tcctgcagat ttcagttgca aacctgacca aacacacctg      6360
     tctgtaatga ccaagtgctg ctttgggtcc gagcgaattg gttcaggtgt gtttgatcag      6420
     gagctgaact ctgcatggca tatttcagga gatctacttt cctgcagtgg tcacactaga      6480
     gtttgtgcta gtgaaattct gtcgtacggc gctgtgaaaa ggggcaggat taaacaggat      6540
     gattagacgt taataaagcg agtgattggc tccatatttt aaatttctgt ccagagaggt      6600
     catgttttga tatttgattg gtctcaagca gtcacgtgat gcgatttcgc aggtcagagt      6660
     tcaccaagct tgaactacgc aacgcagaaa actgcaggag tataaatgga agaccatgag      6720
     gagaaatgtg cagtgagagt ggcttcaggc actggtgtac aggacacacc cctttacagc      6780
     tgattggctg aagtgtgttt taaatgtaca ttaaccattc acacgcatat tattaaaaac      6840
     ctgaattaaa attaaatata agggaaaaga aagcaaaaat tacatgattt aaaaaaaaaa      6900
     aaaaaactta cattttaaaa taaactaatt gctatatttt attaaataat tattataaat      6960
     gtaacaattt aactcattct ccaggaaatg aaaacaacaa ataagggtaa caatatattt      7020
     ctaaaattga tatatttaat tgaataatga ttataactgt attgatttaa ctcagccgtt      7080
     cgccgcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gtaaaaaatt ataaatatta aaaataaata      7140
     tatagcaata tttgatagaa taatgcttat aattgtaaag atgtaactca cccgttctct      7200
     gctttcctct tgaaggactc ctgctccgcc agtagcctct ggtgctgctc atacgctgcc      7260
     atcagcctga aaaacacaac aatatcagca ttatgttgac tataaaaacc cttaccttta      7320
     catctataac gacaacaatg tgctgtattg cagggacgag caatatggac tcatcatatt      7380
     tctattttat aatttattgc aaacaagatt atttatatgt atttactgag gcaaaaaagt      7440
     ccagtatctt cagaaaaaag gattaaatgt catgttttta ttttatattc tactaagttc      7500
     gagagagtgt ttttgtttca ttcgttctgg ataccagaga gcggcctcat gcttaatctc      7560
     cacacagatt actgaagaca atgttgagtg aactggccct ttaattctat acttagctga      7620
     aaataagttt ttaaacatga aaaatttcag tttttggatg aactgtgcct ttaaatctaa      7680
     atgatcatac aatactgaaa tgagttaaca ctacatatct atcaattttg ggtgacctgt      7740
     ccctttaaga ctctataata cagtatttga gtttttaaca tctaaaactt taattgtgtg      7800
     tgaactgccc ctttaagact ataggacata ataccctagt gaaaactcat tttgaaagcc      7860
     tgaagtgcag attttgatgc cgtatgtctg taagtgctgc tcgtacgtgt tgatgtcgct      7920
     gccgaagtcc tccagaaagt ccacctttcg ttgagagaaa gtgatgcgtg actccagagc      7980
     catggagctg ctgagcgcgc ggtcgaaaca ggcgatgatt tcagcttcgt tctgctgcac      8040
     gtctccgctg tactccagct ccagcagatt caggtacagc ttcgggttcg tctgcggaga      8100
     gaaatgagga atatcagaat ccagctcaaa atatgcggtg tgccgtttcc ttctgtcact      8160
     ccgatatatg gagctcagac tttaaaacac atacatgtag ttgatcaaga tcagttcagg      8220
     tttaaaagtg ttggtgttgt agcccacccc attgctacag tcctcaactc cttagttagt      8280
     cgtcaaacct atagctacag tcgttgacac cgtagttagt tgtcaaaccc gttgctaccg      8340
     tcatcaacct cattgctata atcgtcaaca ccgcagttat agtggtcaac accgtagtta      8400
     gttgtcaacc ctgttgctac agttgcctaa cccataggta cagtcgctca accccgctac      8460
     tagtagtcca accccgtagt tagagtcagc caatccgtag ctagtcggtc aaccccattg      8520
     ccagttgcca accacgttgt tagagctccc aaagccgtgg ctacggtcat caaccccgtt      8580
     gcaacagttg ttaaacctgt agctacagta atcaacccct ttgctacagt tgcccaccct      8640
     gttgctccag tcgctcaacc catagcaaca gttgcacaag ccagacgcta gtcgcagacc      8700
     ccgtagccgc agtccccgaa ccacgcagct agttttcaaa ccctattgtt acagtcgtcc      8760
     acagctgttg ttaaagtcat caaagccgta gctacggttg tcaacccgat tgcaacagta      8820
     gtcaaaccca ttgctacagt cgcccaaacc atagctaggt cacccaacct gtagattaat      8880
     tttcccaacc tgaagctagt cgcccaaccc tgtaactagt cgcccaacca agtagctaca      8940
     gccgcccaac cccactgcta gtcgccaacc ccattgttag agtcctcaaa gccatagcta      9000
     cagtcagcaa ccccatagct agtcgcccaa ctccccagct agttatcaaa ccccattgct      9060
     acagtcgtct aaccctgcaa tcacccaacc cgtagctagt cgcccaatcc gaagctagtt      9120
     gcccaacccc attgctagtc actaaccctg ttgttaagag tcctcaaaga agtagctaca      9180
     ttcgtcaaac ccattgctac agtcgtcaaa cccatagcta cagtcgcaca acccccagct      9240
     agtcatcaaa ccccattgct agtcactaac cctgttgtta agagtcctca aagccgtagc      9300
     tacattcgtc aaacccattg ctacagtcgt caaacccata gctacagtcg cacaaccccc      9360
     agctagtcat caaaccccat tgctagtcac taaccctgtt gttaagagtc ctcaaagccg      9420
     tagctacatt cgtcaaaccc attgctacag ttgtcaaacc catagctaca gtcgcacaac      9480
     ccccagctag tcatcaaacc ccattgctac aatcgtctaa gcccagtcgc caaacctgta      9540
     gctagtcgct taatccgaag ctaatctccc aaccccatta ctagtcacca accctagtga      9600
     atccttaaag ccgtagctac agtcgtcaac cctcttgcaa cagttgtcaa acccatagct      9660
     acagtcgccc aaccgcgaag ctaaccgtta acctcactgc tatagtcatc aaacctgtag      9720
     ctagtcacca aaccctgtat ctaaagtcgc caatgctcta gctacagccg tgcaccaaaa      9780
     taaaatgtct acattcactg agaaatggat aaaatattcc ttttcaaaag ggggtgctga      9840
     acactgtata taagaataca tcagataaga cttctcctgt tcagttttag tttgtttgct      9900
     gtgagcgcac ctcatctttc tccacagcct ccagcagcac cttcttggcc ctgccgatgc      9960
     tcttctgcac tttgactagc tgtcgggcaa gtttgacgct gtagaaggag gactcgctgc     10020
     tgttcctccc gttggtgatg gcgtcctgca gcagagcttc cgcctcctcc atgttcccgt     10080
     gccggcgctc cagactgacc cgccgcaggc gaaccatcgc cagacccggc actgaaacct     10140
     ccaccgcctt caggatgctg cgtgcctcat cgatgctgcc tgcacacaca cacatgcaat     10200
     aaagtcggtg taaaatctaa atttacaatg tttatattgc caacatgcac tgtgttccca     10260
     tccaccgatt acagctggaa caattgcaaa taaagcagcg tttacatcca atgagaaaca     10320
     aaagaagaaa accatcactt cctgaaaaac cagagaaata tcaggcagag gaattacaaa     10380
     tgtgtgtgtg agggtgtttg gatcaataat gttggtctgc agatataaaa gtgtgtgtga     10440
     gggtctgtgt gtcattaatg ttggtctgca gatataaatg tgtgtgtgag ggtctttgtg     10500
     tcattaatgt tggtctgcag atataaatgt gtgtgtgagg gtctttgtgt cattaatgtt     10560
     ggtctgcaga tataaatgtg tgtgtgaggg tctttgtgtc attaatgttg gtctgcagat     10620
     ataaatgtgt gtgtgagggt ctccacgtta ttaatgttgg tctgcagata taaatgtgtg     10680
     tgtgagggtc tttgcgtcat taatgttggt ctgcagatat aaatgtgtgt gtgagggtct     10740
     ttgcgtcatt aatgttggtc tgcagatatt aatgtgtgtg tgagggtctt tgcgtcatca     10800
     atgttggtct gcagatatta atgtgtgtgt gagggtcttt gcgtcatcaa tgttggtctg     10860
     cagatattaa tgtgtgtgtg agggtctttg catcaatgtt ggcctgcaga tataaatgtg     10920
     tgtgtgaggg tctttgtgtc agtaatgttg gtctgcagat ataaatgtgt gtgtgagggt     10980
     ctttgtgtca ttaatgttgg tctgcagata taaatttgtg tgtgagggtc tttgtgtcaa     11040
     taatgttggt ctgcagatat aaatgtgtgt gtgagggtct ttgtgtcatt aatgttggtc     11100
     tgcagatata aatgtgtgtg tgagggtctt tgcgtcatta atgttggtct gcagatataa     11160
     atgtgtgtgt gagggtcttt gcgtcattaa tgttggtctg cagatattaa tgtgtgtgtg     11220
     agggtctttg cgtcattaat gttggtctgc agatataaat gtgtgtgtga gggtctttgc     11280
     gtcatcaatg ttggtctgca gatattaatg tgtgtgtgag ggtctttgca tcaatgttgg     11340
     tctgcagata taaatgtgtg tgtgagggtc tttgtgtcat taatgttggt ctgcagatat     11400
     aaatttgtgt gtgagggtct ttgtgtcaat aatgttggtc tgcagatata aatgtgtgtg     11460
     tgagggtctt tgcgtcatta atgttggtct gcagatataa atgtgtgtgt gagggtcttt     11520
     gcgtcattaa tgttggtctg cagatataaa tgtgtgtgtg agggtctttg cgtcattaat     11580
     gttggtctgc agatattaat gtgtgtgtga gggtctttgc gtcattaatg ttggtctgca     11640
     gatataaatg tgtgtgtgag ggtctttgcg tcattaatgt tggtctgcag atattaatgt     11700
     gtgtgtgagg gtctgtgggt catgaatgtt ggtctgcaga tataaatgtg tgtgtgaggg     11760
     tctttgtgtc ataaatattg cagattgctt ggctgaaatg ttgtataaaa tcagagtgaa     11820
     taatgatttg tgatgtaatt accctgctgc tcctcaaagg cggcccagag caggtgaacg     11880
     ttgggttttt tgggcaggtg gacggtgcag gccttcttgt agatgtggcg aactgcttca     11940
     gtgctgtagc tctccagata cttggcgtac tatagaaaac aagcaggaga gagatagaga     12000
     gagaaggaga agagaaaagc agagagaaaa aggaaagagg cagagagaca acagagagag     12060
     gaatggagag agggaataac agaaagaaaa aaaggagaga gcacaaaaat tgaaccttca     12120
     tttcacatcc tcgccactgc tgaatttcca ttgacaagat cgttttgaga atttctgtgt     12180
     taaacccatc agcaccttca tggaaccaat aagataagat tctgtaaggt agaaggagac     12240
     ggagaggtgc aacgtagttg gcaaatgctg cagtcaaatc ttgtgtggca agcaggccat     12300
     cccctaatat aacagataca gtcaaatatc aacgttacac gcaaagagtg cagcaagttt     12360
     tactgtggaa gtgatgaatt cgttgatggg gaagcatagg gtggacagag ggcatggcgg     12420
     agggcgcgcg gcgacagaaa agcggattta ccttgatcca gaactcctcg tagagcgcgc     12480
     aggcgatcag acagcgctcg aacagcacca ccacacgctc cggcgtcccg ttctccagct     12540
     caaaatccag gtactcccgc cagttgttca gctgcgtctt ctccagcgct ttgacgtgga     12600
     aatacggacg cttgatctgc acaatgcaag gtgaggttat ttacattcca tacatgcaaa     12660
     gttgagtgct gttgggttac tttcatgcac tctgagctga tttagaggct taatttggta     12720
     aaaactttct ttgtatttta gcaactggaa taatttttgg atcttatttt gacacatact     12780
     ttgggaaaat gcactgaaag attataaaaa caaatcccct atggggaaat ttactacact     12840
     tgtgctggtg gctgtttttg ccccattgac ttccaataat aaagccgatt agtgtaggcc     12900
     aggggtgccc cactctcggt tctgtagggc tggtgtccgg cagactttag cttcaaccac     12960
     acctgatcaa gctttatgta tactagaaac ttccagacag gtgtgttgag gtaagttaaa     13020
     gctaaactat gcaggacacc agccctaatg gaccgggttt gggcatccct ggtgtaggct     13080
     attattagag ctcaatgttg tgtatctaat aatttatgga atacaaatcg cagtcataaa     13140
     tataatgtgc ggaaataaaa ttcatgcatc tgtaatcatg atattgtaaa ggagaacgga     13200
     gcgtactcgt aattttagga gggtacaatt ccaaaatcta ccgtcggacc agacatagat     13260
     gtgacatttt ctttgtttgt atacgactga tgaatttacg atgagtgtac tttacaaacg     13320
     taaaacactt tcactacgga cacgaagacc tgattatgac ttcaaatcaa aaagcttcat     13380
     tcccctgtta agattgtcac cactctcaca ggcattaata aacaaatgag agccatcgat     13440
     cgcgcacagt gcaccagtgt gatcctgatt ccagactaaa gaaagctcgc tgagcacttg     13500
     agctcccaca cacagatttt tgctattccc tctttgagaa atgtccgtct tgagctgtaa     13560
     ttgaggttga ggtctatttt cgctgtgctc cttaggatag tgacctagtg taacgcgagt     13620
     taacgtcaca ggcagcttgt gcagaatttc tcaaggaatt atttaacggt aacagtatgt     13680
     ttattgtttt ttttaaacag acagaccctt gatataatga agatgacggc aaaaaatagt     13740
     atcataagtt tatcgggtga aggactatcc ccttagatat ccttttacag cctaagtata     13800
     catgaataaa tgccaatttg ttagtcggag ctctagagac atcgtatagc gtgccgcaat     13860
     gctccgtcta ccgtgttcta gtccgctact aacctgaaca ggggcttgtg gtgctatgaa     13920
     attaccacaa tctactaaag ataataacac gaactctgtt tgaatcattc aaaacataac     13980
     aatttattag tcagataaat gtattatgcc aattcaatca gtcaattcat aaaagatcaa     14040
     tacaaaacat caaattatca aagataaatc caagatgaaa gagatgcatt cctgactttg     14100
     aaatatacat aacatggagc aggctccatg ttatgggctg atctggttag gcagaatcgc     14160
     cctgcgtctt tcttaaacct taccttaaat aatccaagaa ttccctcaag gaagggggtg     14220
     tgaataacaa aaggcattca cacttaggga aaagtcacac ccttcacagt ggttcaaaag     14280
     atgcctgaag ttatatattt attgttttga ttatatctat ttctgagaga atgagaccat     14340
     tgtaccaatc gcactgagac atttcaaatg atatcaaaca tgatagttaa agtcagtttg     14400
     gttatctaga acattcaaac attgaaatga ccatatgcgt gagttggggg gatgaagctg     14460
     agtttcagca tactcagatg caaatgcagc aggaactggt ttttcctgca ttcccccctg     14520
     gtgggttgtg gagtccattg gccctgtatt cagctcatgt tttgaattgt caaagacatc     14580
     aaaaatattt gtaatatttc aatttcctac agtcagttaa atgtttgagg gtttatgcct     14640
     actagaggcg atgcaatatt tttacgagac ctcttataga tcaaatgcat attgataaat     14700
     tgtttaaaaa acttgggatt agggatgcca atttccacaa aatccagcga tcatcattta     14760
     aaataacgaa cagacacatc tggaattgaa gataatgatt tatcggttaa ctgttcgtta     14820
     ttttaaatga ttgattttaa cagtggagtg gcgctttttg attcgtactc gtaatcgggt     14880
     gtccgtagtg aaactatttt gtgtttgtaa agtacaccca tcgtaaattc gtgagtcgca     14940
     tacaaacaga caaaaaatgt cgcatctact attctggacc aaggtatgag actatttatc     15000
     agaactaaat ggaaactcag atccaatgcg acccattgct ttttcttatg ctggacgatt     15060
     catcactcac cttatccata aaccaaaaaa aaagcacttt cagttttttt gactatggct     15120
     ggatctaact gatctatcct ggaggctcta tctactggac attattagtc tggattacgc     15180
     cacagccaaa acaaaaggag ccagtaaaag aaactgtaca attttggtca aatatgagag     15240
     agacggtatc atttatgttt caatcctgat tttgtactta ttattacaat attactgttt     15300
     ttatttttat tttacatatt ttgtggggtg gatctcgggc tttgctcaaa atcaaaatgt     15360
     tcaattaaaa aagattaaaa aataaataaa taaatgtcac atctgtgtct gttctaatcg     15420
     cagattttgg aattgtaccc tcataaaatt atgactacgt tcagttttcc tttacgtttt     15480
     tataaattac agatgcgtgg atattatttg cgcacagaat acttccgaca gcgattttat     15540
     ttcataataa ctcagttttg tggccagcat tattcattca ctttcttgtc ggcttagtcc     15600
     ctttattaat ccggggtcac cacatcggaa tgaaccgata attaatccag caagttttta     15660
     cgcagcggat gcccttccag ccgcaaccca tctctgggaa acatccacac acactcatac     15720
     actacggaca atttagccta accaattccc ctgtaccgca tgtgtttgga ctgtggggga     15780
     aaccggagca cccggaggaa acccacgcga acgcagggag aacatgcaaa ctccacacaa     15840
     aaacgccaac tgagccgagg ttcgaaccag cgaccttctt gctgtgaggt gacagcactg     15900
     cctactgtgc tttgtggcca gcaactgtga tataatcagt ataatgcaca tcctgccagt     15960
     tgttattgca ggataaaccc ttcagtctca cacaacatct gctgataaac ctgctgtgct     16020
     tcattctgca tcaaccacca gcaatatatg ttaacccttt attgaccagc agaaacactc     16080
     accccctcct cgaaggccca gcgtttgctg acttcgtgct cgttgtggtt gaacatctcc     16140
     tggcgcgtct cgatcacttt gtgccgcatg ttctcgatct ccgtcactct ctagagggcg     16200
     aaatacacat tcctgagcat cgtcttcaac ggcgcagcgc aaacatgtta tctcgtctga     16260
     tgtccagcta cgcaaaaggt ctacgtcacc atgagtttga cagaaacagt acggtttgca     16320
     cacccagtga atcggctgcg gcggtgggtg ctgggagggg cggtgccatt tcgtcacgag     16380
     acccccgtcc cgcttttagc ccctgattgg atgccaacct ggaccctcag gttttcattg     16440
     gctgctaacg gaaagacacc tcttcaaacc tgcacacgtt tgcttgtctc caggatcaga     16500
     cgcccctgcc tacctgtgcc acgtctgaaa ccccacagat gcagacagcg ctcttacctt     16560
     agcagggtct ggcaggtcct cggtgcctgg cggcagttct tccccaggag cttcagtctc     16620
     tgcgtcctcg tctccgctgg gtttatttgc attcgccagc tccactcgca gcgacacgaa     16680
     ctcctcttct gacaggaagt gcttcgggtt gttgctctgc acgtggtctt taaacctgaa     16740
     aatgcagcaa cgatttttaa ttacatttta taaatctgcg acgtatgaaa aatagcacat     16800
     tgcgatattt tgtttttctg cgataaacat tacgatacgg acacactttc accagatgac     16860
     aaacggctgc atgatataaa aaaatttgac attgcgatat ttcgtttttc tgtgataaac     16920
     attgcgataa aatgtcgcat ctctccacta tcgtacagct ctaacatgtg ctgtgtcggt     16980
     cactcacttc tggaaatgct gcgagtacag ctgtgtggga atgcagagca gacggtcgta     17040
     gatggcggtg acattggcca gcttcccttg ctccgtctcc catgcgatat aagcctccca     17100
     cagacggtcc gagcggaaat ctgtcccgca ggccagaact gcatgctcat aggacctgaa     17160
     ggaaaacaag catttttaga ttcttattaa ttctaatgtg tttatattat tatttttcta     17220
     tgttgaatcc ttttgttggt tggtaatgct ttaccatgca cgagacatgc ctgtgctctg     17280
     cataattctc atagaaagat cagctagaaa ggggaaattt atggacttga ggcaaatgtt     17340
     agcatccctg acacacatca atctatgcaa cctataactg tgagtcagta ggtttgtctg     17400
     ctttttatac ggtttctatc cttgtttgta ttttaaatgt aattaaagta taaactgaaa     17460
     tgcacagtaa aagcagaaac attaaaagta aataaacaca ttttccctac cagtaaatac     17520
     taatccaagc tagagctgca caattaatcc aaaaaagatg gcgatctcgg ttcgacccct     17580
     agacgatctt aatccagcat ttctacgatt ctgccaatca tattttcaag gtaaggagag     17640
     aagctcttta gtgaacagaa cctgcatatg ctgtgagtaa aagcttaagt tgtaaataat     17700
     attcagtttg tggcacagag tgatcgttta agaggcacgt gcgaagtatg aacagcacac     17760
     ggcagtgaaa atgaaaccga aagcgtgcac atcatttaaa taatcatgtg gcattttaga     17820
     gttatgactg cgacaagcat gagatacgtt tttttctttc atagcgaaca cagagctgtg     17880
     catgaaaata aatgtttaca gtgtcagtat aactactcga gcctatataa tgagggtttt     17940
     accagtgaat taaatggtct tataatgttg tcaatgacag attgcaagca taggcctcta     18000
     tctcaaacat aatccaacat cagaattatt ataagtagaa tagagttatt tattgaaact     18060
     agtagaccta caaataataa taataataat atcacggttt ccactacatt cactcttcca     18120
     tggcaaaatt catcctgtca cagcgacatt acagcttctc attctaaaca ttttattttt     18180
     cttaatagtg ggtaataatc tcaccaaaac gcattaaaaa gtaagtgaat tataacagcg     18240
     caaacttttc tgtaaccata gtagttctgt gcgtcatttg ttaaaccctt tggtgactga     18300
     ctgacaggtg agtgatgcat gaagccagca aacacgacgt atagccgttt cactttactt     18360
     caggacgcat taatatcgct ctgtagctct tttaggagac attcataaat attcctagca     18420
     agtctaataa atgctggaga taaacgcact aaatcacgct tcagcagctt ttatttgaga     18480
     gcgcacaaga agatctgcgc acccttgaag cagctaatat ttggggggct tggaacgagc     18540
     agaggaaatc ggcacgcagg caaagagatc agcatgctgt aggctattac ataaattccc     18600
     cgatcccaac ttctaaagct gcgctcacga catttgtcac tgaaataacg ccacaggtag     18660
     ttggtagatc tgtttttaaa aaaaatggcc tggcgccaca gctggaaaaa aaaaccaaga     18720
     ggaaagactg aatattgttg tttcaccata tgttcatgaa aaaaacaatc tcatattaag     18780
     ctttatttta catctacaga atctacctga tctttatttt aaaaataaat taattaattt     18840
     tcgcgattta cattttagcc agaatcgtgc atctctaatc caagctataa aaaaaaaaaa     18900
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaatcg aacaccaaat ataaaggcag aagctgatat tctatagcac     18960
     tgtcactaat gactgaatct cagaggaaga tccacaagat aaatgcaaac atggctgagt     19020
     tacagctctg acagacatga gggctgaaaa acaacagaat atggatcaca agtgtgcaca     19080
     attcacagtg tatgatcatc taaagcgcag tttaactcta tagatgacac tgtggagaag     19140
     cacactgatg atgttcagcc ctctattatt taaccatcat gactatcatg gaaagaattg     19200
     ctaataccat ggggaataac caagtactga aagacatgcc ggcaaactga aggataaaag     19260
     tatcccagga ctccagtgct gcagctcgag tgtgtttgtg tgtaaaatgc gggagaactg     19320
     acgcctcatt cacacggggc ttcagcgtca acgcttgaca gagggcgtgt ctgaagttga     19380
     ggctgacgcg atcgtcatag cagcagcgta agctaatgaa attagtcagc atacagctac     19440
     tgtctcagct ggtgtatttg cataccgcaa cctgattggc tgtcggcgct tgataagttg     19500
     agaaagtcca aacttctgca gtgagcaacg ccactaaagc ggcgcagacg aaaccacaat     19560
     gcagttcggc aatgcgtgat gtcacccatt gaaagtggaa gcaaaatagt aagcattgac     19620
     gcctcgtgta gatggggttg caccccatat atggggttag aatgattaag atcagcagat     19680
     caatagtgaa acctggtagt tagtagtgat gatgcacaat tacaagcaga atctacaaat     19740
     aaattgatca ttgatcaaca aattttgttt tatttatctt gcttggtgta caacgtccct     19800
     tttaaacttg tcgttgtgtt agttacactt acgccctgat gcgactctca gcctctccat     19860
     cgctggtgtc ttgattctct cttaagaaag tgatgtaatg aagccacagg tcgacgctca     19920
     gaggaatggc ctgcagacct cgacggtaca cctgtcaatc aaatatatat tttgttacga     19980
     gttattataa caataaagac taaataaaaa tgcatttctg tccaagctgc atttgtttgc     20040
     aatcattacg gattgaatgg ggaggagggg agttaccagc acagccctat acaacagttc     20100
     aacacacaag ttaatctata gctacgtttt agtcacaaat tccccaaaaa tactgactaa     20160
     acatgagcat attttttttt acgggacttg gtttgatctg tcctgaaaac agtaattctc     20220
     acctcatcgg ccatctgaat gtagccgtgt ttcctctcga tatctgcata tttcttccag     20280
     tagccgtaac agtagggata gtgcaggaaa aatgcatcga atgcttttct tgagccaaga     20340
     aggtggttct gaaacaaaag aaaaagccca ctgatcagtg tctgctatac ctgatggtgt     20400
     aaatgcataa agtttgcaat aatacaattt taatgtttag ttttagtttt tcagaaattg     20460
     caaaacctgc aacataactt gtagttgaaa tttataagca tattatatac catgctgaaa     20520
     aaaaatgaac attgcgcatt acacaccgat ctttctgctc tttgactctt attggttgag     20580
     ccacattcga aacagttatt aattactcaa catgcataca tacacctaac aaccatttca     20640
     gaataagctc taagccaaaa aacaaataaa aaatcaagtc atgaactgaa ataaatttat     20700
     tccaaaaacc aaaaattcca attgcacttg gcctaatact aacctgtgat atgctttgta     20760
     ataattgtat attatttaat ttaaaaagca ctggaagact ttaaattcaa cgtaataaac     20820
     taaattataa tgataaaata accacatttt attgacagtg aactagttga gaggcgtcaa     20880
     tctgagccaa cttctttgct tttctcaagt cgctttcagt gaatgttaca gcgttataaa     20940
     catgctgcat tgaaaatgtg atttgtttaa aatcaaggat cttcactgcc aaattgaatt     21000
     tttacacgac aggaaacaca gcattaaatt gtttcactgc atgtacttta aatatggaac     21060
     tgtattttac caagttattt tcaatgaaat ttctacgctc gcctgttcct cctgatggcg     21120
     ctctcatctc gtttttcatt tgaacaacta aaagctgaaa agcatttaac taattatatt     21180
     ttaattaaat tacattggcg atgctgtaaa agaaacctta tgacattgaa aatcacataa     21240
     agctttcatc ggtggctgaa aaacactcgg catgcaccat gcagtgcgct caagctagtc     21300
     aaccttttgc tttgctgctt ttgcactgcc aagaccatta aaattaacag gatttaaaga     21360
     gcagagcttt gcatcagtaa atgtataaca gcagatttag tcatctacac caagttatcc     21420
     cggacgagtc tccacttttg tgttatgagt tgcaacataa aagacgacaa atactaaaat     21480
     aaaattattt attataaatg aaatataaca acaaacagat gtgcatggat aataaagaaa     21540
     atgaacataa gatataaaat aacaacgaca ctttaactac aggacatagg gaatgcagaa     21600
     caaatccaag agcttagagt caacctgatt ttatgtattg acatgaggac tctgagtaac     21660
     acagtgacct tcactagcaa acacaaaagt tgtgaaataa acacacattt caccaactaa     21720
     tgatcagcat tgagttatcc aatcaggatc tgccacattc tccaatgagg tctggaggag     21780
     acttggcatg gtcattatat gaacagcagt cataattcac tgtaaaccac agcttctggt     21840
     tgtgcttgtt tgtttaaacc catgccagct tctctagcca tttgcatggt gagaaaaggt     21900
     atgctcaata agtttaaaca agtacacaca gatagagagc aaatgtaggt acgttttacc     21960
     aattattttg gataaactat aaaagcgtat ttaataataa caaaactaaa atattttatt     22020
     gagcaccttt aaaagaatca agtgttaaaa catatagctt tgaaaaacaa actcagtatg     22080
     aagaaattga ttcctcatag aattgcatca aacataaagc aaaaaaacat gcttataatt     22140
     aaagtgtttt tacaaataga gcatgtgcag gactttctct aattattaat aatgtgtgcc     22200
     tcatcctgga gtgaacaaat ctacagcaag tacaaaccca ccagctgtag gatttataca     22260
     cgtttctttc aacattaggg cttactgtca ggaagcttgt tttgtttaat atgtagtaga     22320
     gctgcacaat taatcaaaaa aagattgtga tctcggttcg accccctaga ctaggggttc     22380
     acaaactttt ttcatcaagt tccacctcaa aaataattgt ctctccaagt accaccaaaa     22440
     taagcagtat tgaaaaacag aaatctagta ggcccattaa agcagctaca actctgcaca     22500
     gttaaaaaac gtgtctgatt acctcagaaa tataggctat atgttatggc atattattta     22560
     catcattttt gataaatttt taaatgtgtg tagcatgcac atgacttctt tcattcctcc     22620
     gcataaccac tagaaggaag cctgcgtacc actagtggta cacgtaccac agtttgagaa     22680
     gcactgccct agacggtctt aatccagcat ttctacgatt ctgccaatca tattttcaag     22740
     ttcgggacag aagaaaaggc ggctgcacga gtcttctcat tgtttcacat acattgctca     22800
     gtgacatgga cacctccaaa tgatgttgaa agagtcacat actgtattta caaggtatat     22860
     taaaaaaaaa aaaagttatt tctgtcttca tgtaatgctg tattcgcggc cgggaaatca     22920
     cgtgacgtga gctgctgtat gtgcgtgtgc gccctacttt atgattgtgt gaaaagtgtg     22980
     aaagtgtgaa agcaccctaa ggcccagttt acactagtgc tttttagttt taaaacggcg     23040
     ttttagatca aaaacgatcc gcgtccacac tagcgtttca cctagcgttt ttgaacttct     23100
     cagtccacac tacgccacca aaaacttata tcacgtgact attcgcgcac tctgggcatg     23160
     cgcattctag tataaacaag aagcatgtgt ctcgctcggc atttggttat tgttagtcaa     23220
     caaacgccgg ttgaacaatg aacgcgatgg caaagaacgc aagagtggtc tttttgtgga     23280
     cagacgacga ggtcgagttg ttactaacaa ttcagcgttt ccaaaacaac ccgttttcgg     23340
     cgcttgaaaa ctctggcgta gtgtggacgg atgccgtaac catagcaaaa cttagccgtt     23400
     ttcaaactaa aacacattag tgtaacgggg cctaaaggtc caccgggaag cttttgccca     23460
     aaggcgatag gaacgtggag ctgcttattg cactggagag catcatttct tcatcactag     23520
     agctgctgct tgaaccatac atgcttgtct aaatcgccat taacttaaac aacaagcatg     23580
     tcaactttct atcttcttct tctgtgttac aagcaggtgt cagaagctta aagttgtgta     23640
     gcaccatcta acgacaagga gtgattttgt atactcttct gctctattcc agtaaacaat     23700
     tgcttgggtt taaatcggaa aaaaccctaa tgataaacgg aaacgaaacg catcccggtg     23760
     tgtacaagcc ttaagactgt atttgcacgc aattgacaac agtcacagcc aaatgaaact     23820
     ttagtaacaa ggcagcacta tcaggccagt aaccatcctg tcgactgtcc tgagcatctc     23880
     gtacataggc cccgggacat cagacagtcc ttatagttga tcactgtaga tgtcctaata     23940
     gtgttttgat caacctgtcg cacatattca aggctcggaa ttaacctttc ttcttgttag     24000
     cagctcctaa ctttaaaaat ttaggcgcac cagacaaaat gtactcacac ccaccaaaaa     24060
     ctatgagcac cgttactaca ggttttatat taacagattt actgcatttg aaatcaactc     24120
     taatcaaaat taaacaaata aacaaaaatc tgcatgcgct caccggccct gcacgcactg     24180
     ctgaacacga atgagatgaa ctgaattaac aataataact gtgctgttca cccagctgct     24240
     gtctgatgat tttgacatat aacttattac ttgcatacgt tatcttaata gcaataccgg     24300
     tcttttaatg agctgcaata ttagtttcat ctcagtgaat gcagctcttt agcgatggtg     24360
     aacgcggtgt caagtcacac aacagcgtca tgatgattaa acaaaggctt aattaacgtt     24420
     agaacatctt gtgtttaaaa tgtgtggatt cagtggcaaa cactgttacc tgaaaactcc     24480
     gtcccaccga tttacgataa atgctttagt gatttttata gcgcacttta aacactggaa     24540
     gtcttttatt cactctttaa aaagtgtaaa tgcaggattg acattcagca catgatcact     24600
     aatcagatgt gccattatct gtaactttag gtggtttcta aaacgaaatc tgccagtgtt     24660
     gttaatattc tctcgtatcc agacctttac attttggtgg ctttagctcc acgtcattta     24720
     aacggtgtga ttgatagctg atattaacca atccatacgc gtcctgttcc agcgcagtgg     24780
     gccaataaga gtaagacaag cactgtgggc tttgtttact gcagcaaggt gacatgtcaa     24840
     ctgttttaag ggatgtttta taaacaaatt tctggaggag catgatcagt ctttgacgag     24900
     gctaattcat cacagacaat ctttctgtta tccaatcagc tcaagaccaa acccctataa     24960
     atagtcaaac acgtcatacc tctgattcct cttgacttca gcatccctcc accaccccaa     25020
     ctccacacta ttaaacccgt tacccattta aatctgcggg gtgagccttc tggagccggg     25080
     ctagacactg cgctcggacc ctatctctat cctgataagg ggaataccac gagtcagggt     25140
     gtctttctga gctcagagca cagatacgcc agatacgcat aatctattca gtcaaatatc     25200
     tgtgaaaact cttgaaacca ttcccgagcg ctgcgtttgg tgtttttagg tgcaaagatg     25260
     catattgcgt gaacgcctct taaacccgcg catgtggtga acatttttct gtgaaaactg     25320
     atcacacgac aacaatttta tgcacttgca tacatgctcc caaatatatt ttgaggtgga     25380
     ttggatataa tttcaggcgc atatgcgacc aaaacggttg caattttgaa caccgatatc     25440
     tgtcaacata tcaaaaagtg tgtttcagtg ttggatgacc ctttaaagtg ctttagaaat     25500
     agcacagagg atcatctaca agaatgtaaa gcttgtgaca tcctagcgtg cctgatttta     25560
     cagagtgcaa aaaactgatc caaccagttg gagaaactct aaatgtttct tttgccagca     25620
     ttacagctca ttttatatgt agttctcatc attatgtagc tcatcattat gtagctcatc     25680
     attatgtagc tcattattat gtagttcgca ttctctttgc catttgttta taaatttcct     25740
     gtaaagcaca gcttattagg gttcattatt ttacttaagg ctcttacctc ttgttcaaca     25800
     tactgcagga ggtaaaccca gccattgaag tcttcaggat tatcttccac aaccttggac     25860
     aaacgctcat attctgtggg aagttctggt tcttgtggcg ccgctggatc tgcttctgct     25920
     gcgggttcgg ctggctcttt cggcgcgtcc tccagctcca tattggaggg actctcagag     25980
     tcaccttgtc ccgcctcctt cacatcatcc ggctgttctg attggtcctc ttgctgtccg     26040
     tttgactctg gcggctgctc agagttttcc gcagcaggtt ctgcaggact ggcactttgg     26100
     tcaatgttct gtaccgcagt ctttaaatgc tccaccgaaa actccatgtc ggacaccggc     26160
     tgggtctgct cctggctttc tgggggttgt tctgtcgtca aatcggacgt gctcaagcct     26220
     gtgacatcat cagtccccgt tgtgccctcc atagcaggag agtccccgct ttccggggat     26280
     ttcgagtcca acatcccggt cattgactca cctggagcaa atcacatttg attacatttg     26340
     aaaaacgatt gtgcaattct gtcatttaga ccccacagaa gcggtcagat gtgacgcaat     26400
     atgctggact gcacaaactg ttcaaagctt taaacagata aacaagagaa tttaaccgag     26460
     ttccttcttt aactggatgg ccatcatcct gtcttaaagg atcttctgcc aaacactaaa     26520
     gaagatattc agctgaaaaa gacttccact gtattgtttt ttctaccatg gaagtcagtg     26580
     gtttcagcat tgacagcctt cttcaaaaca tcttttgtgt tcgacagaaa aagaaataaa     26640
     gtaaagagag agtaaataat gataataatt aaataaataa gattgtgacg gtatgataac     26700
     cttgaataaa atatcacggt ttcacagtat tgcaattact gctctaaatt atatactttt     26760
     taaatgtccg gataaaatta gggctgcgca attaatcgaa aatacgattt cgattttggc     26820
     ttttaacgat tatgaaaaac cattaatcga ggtgaacgat tattccatca cgtaccgccc     26880
     cctttccagt tgtgcacatg taaaaactct ttgcctctgc aaagctcagt ttcacgtgaa     26940
     aatgactaaa agcatgtgct gtaatgtaac ttttgcagca ctggatgcgc atcattcatg     27000
     ttttttaaag cgcaaaagag cacatgctgt tgtgtgtgtg cgcgcgcgcc atgcttagcc     27060
     ttggacaggt agcgtgtgcg tgtgagtttg cgtgaaacaa aacaaataag cctttctcca     27120
     gaagaaaaaa aataggaaat actgtaaaga aacccctctg ttaaacataa tttgggaaat     27180
     atttatatat aaaaataaaa tcattggagg acgaatattt ttgacttcaa ttgataatcg     27240
     ttttgaataa ccgtgattac aattatgacc aaaataatcg tgattatgat ttttcccata     27300
     atcgagcagc cctagataaa atacaaaaac ttttcccctt tgaacacaat ataatttatt     27360
     aaatataaat aaaatatatt gtatataccc taatcttttc ccaaacctca gtataccttg     27420
     aaaacggtta tcccatgcct aaatgacagt atttttaagt tttgggtgac cattttgaag     27480
     tattgcatga acaatgagtg aaggaaacat cacatttcaa ccaaaattgc cttaatttgc     27540
     aagaattttt tggttttaga cttatgcaaa aaagggtcaa tgtaaataat gtgagaatgc     27600
     atttaccgaa taaactgata cagagcacat tacacacaca actccattaa gtttttcttg     27660
     tttactattg gttgctaggt tcccaatact acagtcagcc attctaaaaa tttgatgtga     27720
     cccatctcat tagcattggc attttttatt taatttaact taacaagatt tggttcactt     27780
     taaagtgaaa acctggctat tgacatggat cattcatcct acaaacaaag attgagctca     27840
     taaactcaaa atttttactt aatgtggatt attttgagac ccaatcacac agaggaaaca     27900
     tgtaatagtc aatcagtttg catttaattt acctcgtaat aagcacacca aatgttaatg     27960
     gaagaatatc gcaaacatta ttaatgtgtg catttgttag tagttattta gactaaatca     28020
     aactgtaacc gttacaaatg atgtttataa tagtttttgg taaatttggc tcctttttac     28080
     ctgtatttta ataagttgtc atgtttaagg ccagatggct gatgataaac tatactttag     28140
     cctgtaatta agagattaac ctaataatga ttgaatccac aaaattatta aagctggcag     28200
     aattaacaac ctatttattt aagtacataa cgtttgagta agattttttg caataccgac     28260
     cattcctacg acaaagttta caaatcaagt cagaaacgta ttagaacaca ttaccacaag     28320
     taaaacttta actgttaagc ttagtgtcgc gttttaaaat gtttagctgg cgaaaccaaa     28380
     aaataagatg ttaaagcaaa atatttatca ttaaaacaat tagtgacagg tcgaacagaa     28440
     gcgtcacgtg atgcagtgtt ctcttgcata aactgacgcc tgatttgaat gcaactcgca     28500
     cattttccta aacataaaaa taaattcgac agattaagta tttcaataaa tcagaacgaa     28560
     cacacgataa tattcgtaaa cattcagaaa cctcgacgat atgttcggta ctgatctgtt     28620
     tgtttggggt ttcctagcga aactcgcgcg atgattcgtg gaagttagcg aatattagca     28680
     aacccatcgc ctgcaggtga aaacacgctt taaatgcgct ctactgcacg acgagccgtt     28740
     aaatacaaga tattatgata aaaatcgctt taaaatactg tatgcgtgtg tgaagagtca     28800
     gtgagctgct gtgctttcgg cctgttttct ttacgcgttt agccgaactg ctaacgagga     28860
     gccgcgcacg tttcctcaga gctttcctga agctaaacgc gggaaaatct gcaacctagt     28920
     gcttacttac cggaatcttc catgaaactc ggttaaaccg gcagatattt tcacgagttc     28980
     tttgaagttt tatgcggctg aacacatgtg gtcgagcggc cgcgttccgt cgtgctgtgt     29040
     cgaaaaggac acgaatgtgc tgcgcatgcg cactgcgacg cggaactcag tcgctcaaaa     29100
     gacgctcgtg acgtcacagc gtccccaaaa atgcagggtt ccacacaatt tattcctgtt     29160
     gtcccaacac aaatcgatga agttaactta acacgtttaa caaatttgtg tgtattgaac     29220
     ataaaacagt taagttgtcc caatgaaatc tcaaatgttg tttcagctca ttctataaaa     29280
     gtagtttgaa caagtaaaaa ctatattttt tgagtgaatg gttcctacct ggggttatct     29340
     tatatttaaa catacattag aaatacagat ttcttgtaaa gatgttttga tatacaataa     29400
     taataataat aaaactgtga ttattaattt aatgattatg tatgggaaat acctagtgct     29460
     gtcgcctcac agcaagaagg tcgctaggtc gctggttcga gcctaggttc agttggtgtt     29520
     tctgtgtgga gtttgcatgt tctccctgcg ttcgcgtggg tttcctccga gtgctccggc     29580
     ttcccccaca gtccaaacgg tccaaacaca agtggtacag gtgaattggg taggctaaat     29640
     tgtccgtagt gtatgagggt gacaggccca gacgacaggc cggccggaat gtgtaaaaaa     29700
     caagtcgtta tcatatggac aagtctaaat ggaggacttg ttccaaagag ccgaccccgc     29760
     aaccatacgg cactaaggcc aaagaagaag aagtatggga aataccatgc acacaaacaa     29820
     aaatgttcca atattaacga taaacctaac attttttttg tttaaaattg atcttaagca     29880
     ttatattaaa accctaaaag atcttaaaat taaaagagct gtaaaactcc tgtaatttgt     29940
     tatttcttat tttctattga tcttttctct tgacgttcat gtaaaagcac ccagtgctgt     30000
     atcctctctg cactctctat gcacatgaac actcctgtta tgcaataaaa acagaagcta     30060
     ttgtgaattc tcttatacgt gctgctggga atttttgttt tatttacaaa ggtttcataa     30120
     ttcatatacc aactcgtata gactactaac atgaaatata acatttaaat aattaattta     30180
     acatttaatt taacacagat tcatcaataa gagatgtgcg tttaagaaat atgatgagat     30240
     cttttaagga atttgatcat tttttctatt attgtgattt agtacttttt tttacttttt     30300
     aaaaaacatt agtttatgaa aaaatataat ttttttgtac atttttaaaa taaaatttgt     30360
     tctctctttt ctgtttatcc aatgtggata ttgtgtaaaa tgatggtagt agtttactgt     30420
     attatttgta ttgttgaaat aataatcaag tcatgcggcc ttaaaaaatc agtttaccat     30480
     atatatatat atataaatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatta     30540
     ggggtgtcaa aatcaacgcg ttaacacacg tgattaattt aaatatttaa cgcattaaaa     30600
     aaataacgca aataacgcag ttgccggttt ttatgtcctg ttgtggccaa catgtgttta     30660
     gggacggtgc gtgcatagag gcgaccaagg cggacgcttt gggcagcaga atagcgagcc     30720
     cactttcatc agctaaaccg accctctccc tcacggtcct cgctttcatc agcaaaaagg     30780
     tcactttctt ttacactttc agcctgaggg cggcgtgatt gtcgtctgcc taaagtgcca     30840
     gtccagcttg cctcggccct gcgtctgtta aacatgcaaa gaaagaagac caaggacgcg     30900
     ctttcagaag gaaagtttca gtataaaata atgaatgtgg catcatcagg ctatcctgcg     30960
     tttcctccag tttcatgcaa tttcgggtgt ttcctcttta gctgcagttc agcagttcac     31020
     tctcattcag cagattttca ttcaggatgt tttaatggag tttgatatcg catagcgaac     31080
     gaaaaaaacc tccgcatttt gggactcgcg tgatccttta aggtattaaa tatcgctgct     31140
     tacatggtcg actcttaatc agtattatct taatcataaa agcggagtat tggtgtccag     31200
     tactcagtga aaatggcaga tgaaatcgca agctgtcaga cagccctatt ctctaatctg     31260
     cgtccatgag cgctcacatt tcataagttt cacgttgctg tgtcagaatc cttgcttgta     31320
     aaatacagcc atactttaga gcgcgtagtt taagcaaatt tgatgaacgc catcgtgcgt     31380
     gttgatgaac ctgaagggat ccctccctcg ctcagcgggt ccgctgtatt gtgcgcgcgt     31440
     ctttgtgtag tccacttaga atccaacatg gaaatcattt ttgtttgttc ttggctttga     31500
     ttgttttgaa acacaaatgg cagcctgtcc ttttatttcc gtaataaata caccgtttcc     31560
     tgattaatca tgattaatta caaaaaaaag tgtgattaat tacgtcaatt tttttaatca     31620
     tatgacagcc ctaatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     31680
     tatacacaca cacacacaca caaacactca ctgactggcc aatttattag gtacacctgt     31740
     ccatagaaag gcaacagtaa ctcaaataag cactcgtatc agccgagctc tgcagaagag     31800
     catctctgaa cacacaacac gtccaacctt gaggtggatg ggctacagca gcagaagagc     31860
     acaccgggtg ccgctcctgt cagctaagaa caggaaactg aggctacaat tcacacagac     31920
     tcaccaaaac tggacaatag aagattggag aaacgttgct gctctgatga gtctccattt     31980
     ctgctgacac attcagatgc tcggctcaca atttggcatc aacaacatga aagcatggat     32040
     catcctgtct tgtatcagcg gttcaggctg gtggtggtgg tgtaatggtg tgggggagat     32100
     tttctttggg tccattagta ccagttgagc atcaacgcca cagcctacct gagtattgct     32160
     gctgaccatg tccatccctt tatgagcaca gtgtctccat cttctgatgg ctacttccag     32220
     caggataacg cagcatgtca taaagctcaa tcatctcaga ctggtgtctt gaacatgacg     32280
     atgagttcac tgtactcaaa tggactccac agtcaccaga gctcaatcca atagagcagc     32340
     tttgggatgt ggtggaacgg gagattggca tcatggatgt gcagccgaca aatctgcagc     32400
     aactgtgtga tgctatcatg tcaatatgga gcaaaatctc tgaggaatat ttccagtagc     32460
     ttgttgaatc tgtggcaaga aggattaagg cagttctgaa ggcaaaagcg gtccaacccg     32520
     gtactagtaa ggtgtaccta ataaagtggc cggtgaatgt atatatattg gttttaaatt     32580
     gattagttaa gtttatgcga agtataaaaa tactgtttat tgccttgaaa tatttaatgt     32640
     tattttgaat catgtttaac ttttctcctc ttttgtaaga gtaatttagt ttcactaaag     32700
     agtgtttgtt actgaacggc tctgtttgac tctgtttatt gaataactct tcagtcattt     32760
     aaagacacac tattgttgct atacctctac tgatgtattt aaagattcta tgagcaaatg     32820
     tttctttaac ttgctgatat tttgtttaat gtccatcatt ttgacttgat ttgatgagag     32880
     cagcacagaa ggccgaggtc agggtttgtc ttatttattg tcactttaca atcatgcaaa     32940
     aatagtcaga aaaggtacaa tattctgaat aacgtccaat catgaacaca aatactgacg     33000
     atcaatcgac ggccaccagc tccacctcga agatcagctt ggcgttggga ggaattctgg     33060
     gcaatgaggg ttaagggcaa acctgtgaat cttaaagaag ttcatttgtg tgtgaactac     33120
     ccctttaatc agcagtgtgt gtagtgtgga gacagaaaag gatacttggc gtcaggaaga     33180
     ccttttttcc catacgccca ttcagactcg atctccagcc gcgccgtttc gcctttactc     33240
     atcgtcagca gaccctcatc ccactgaaac acacacacac acacacacac aaataaataa     33300
     ataaataaaa acatgtgcat gcatacaaac aaacaaacaa ataggtgcac acacacacac     33360
     ataccaatat acacatgaac acacagacag acacgcacac acacacaaat aaataaacat     33420
     gtgcatgcat acaaacaaac aaacacaaat aggtgcatac acacacacac acacacacac     33480
     aacaatatac acatgaacat acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     33540
     acacacaaaa aataaacatg tgcatgcata caaacacaaa taggtgcgcg cgcacacaca     33600
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacaaata aataaacaca tgtgcatgca     33660
     tacaaacaaa caaacacaaa taggtgcata cacacacaca gacacacaca cactaatata     33720
     cacatgaaca cacacacaca cacacgcaag caagcaagca cgcacacaca cacaaataaa     33780
     tgaacatgtg catgcataca aacacaaata ggtgcgcaca ctcacacaca tgcacacaca     33840
     cagaaataaa taaacacatg tgcatgcata caaacaaaca aacacaaata ggtgcataca     33900
     cagacacaca cactaatata cacataaaca cacacacaca cgcgcaagca agcaagctcg     33960
     cacatacaca cacacacaca aataaataaa catgtgcatg catacaaacc caaataggtg     34020
     cacacactga cacacacaca cacactcaca tgtacacaca cacacagaaa caaataaaca     34080
     catgtgcatg catacaaaaa cacaaatagg tgcacaaaca cacacacaca caccaatata     34140
     cacatgcaca cacagacaca caaatatata cacaaacatg catgtgcatg tgaacacacg     34200
     caaataaaac actcacacat atatgcgaac agacacacag agaatacaca aggcaaggca     34260
     aggcaaggca aggcaaggca agtttattta tatagcacat ttcatacaca gtggcaattc     34320
     aaagtgcttt acataaacag gaataaaaaa gacaagttta ggaaaataaa atgcagacaa     34380
     taaaaattat taaaaacaga taaaaacaaa ttaaaattag ttaaaatagg ttataaaaga     34440
     atgaaaaaga aaacgaaaaa cataatagtg cgatctgtcg gacgcagcac agtgctcatt     34500
     cagtaaaggc acagctaaac agatgtgttt tcagtcttga tttgaatgtg cctaatgttg     34560
     gagcacatct gatcatttct ggaagctgat tccagcagca aggggcgctg ttagtggctg     34620
     aaggcagatt caccctgctt agactgaact cttggaactt ctagtttata tgatcctaaa     34680
     gatctgagtg atctgttagg tttgtattca gtgagcatat ctgtaatgta ttgaggtcct     34740
     tggccattta gtgatttata gaccagtaat aatactttaa aatctattct gaatgtaact     34800
     ggcagccagt gtaaagacct gaggacagct gtgatgtgct ctgattttct ggttctggtc     34860
     agaattctgg ctgcagcatt ctgaatgagc tgcaagtgtc tgactgtctt tttgggaagg     34920
     ccagtgagga gtccattaca gtaatccacc ctgctgctga taaaagcatg aacaagtttc     34980
     tctaaatctt cactagaaac aaagaatctg attcttgcta tgtttttgag atgatagtat     35040
     gctgatttac tgactgcttt gacatgactg ttgaaactca gatctgactc aagagtcaca     35100
     ccaagattct tgaccttatt ttttgtcgtt tgacctttag agcctaggta cgcattcacc     35160
     ttgagaacct catctctgtt cccaaacgca atgacttcag ttttctcttt gtttaactga     35220
     agaaagtttt ggcacatcca atttttaatt tcatcaatac attggcagag ggtgtcaatg     35280
     gggctgtagt cattaggcag taaggctagg tagatctgag tgtcatcagc atagctgtgg     35340
     taggagattt gattctttct cattatttgg ctcagaggga gcatgtaaag gttgaacagg     35400
     agaggtgcca gaatcgagcc ttgtgggact ccacatgtca tgggtgtcca cctcgaccta     35460
     tgatcaccta tactgacata gtaacctctc ccttcaaggt aagatctgaa ccatttgagg     35520
     actgtcccag acagcccaac ccagttttcc agcctatcca gaagtatgct gtgatcgaca     35580
     gtgtcaaatg cagcactgag atcgagcaat accaacactg ttattttacc tgaatctgtg     35640
     tttagacgta tatcattgat tatctttata agagcgctct ctgtactgtg atgtgctctg     35700
     aaaccagatt gaaaattatc taaacacccc ttgaagttta agaacttgtt aacctggtta     35760
     aaaacaactt tttcaatgat tttgccaatg aaagggagat ttgagattgg cctgtaattg     35820
     ctcaataggg tgttatccag gttgctcttc ttcaagaggg gtttaacaac tgcagtttta     35880
     agtgagtttg gaaaaatccc tgagagaagt gaatcattta ccacttttag gagatccatt     35940
     tctgaacagg taaacaccgt tttgaagaat gatgtgggga gcgtgtcaag actgcaggtt     36000
     gatgttttta taatttgcac catctcttct aagattttac cgttaattgc catgaaatca     36060
     gacataatgt ctgacttctc aagttgtggt tgagtttgtt tgatatcgac acaacttggc     36120
     tgattggatg agctgattgc ctttctgata ttattgatct tatcagtaaa gaaattagca     36180
     aattcattac atttgcttac agagagtagc tcactgggaa tccgactggg ggggtttgtg     36240
     agcctctcta ctgttgcaaa gagtgtgcga gcattattta cattgttgtt tataaggttt     36300
     gaaaagaaag tctgtctagc agtttttagt tccacattaa aagcctgaag actgtcttta     36360
     tagatattat aatggactac tagtttcgtc tttctccaca tacgctcagc tttcctgcat     36420
     tgtcttttct tcatttggac tgctcttgag tttctccaag ggactctctc tttgccagtt     36480
     ctcttcctaa ctttaacagg agcgatgtca tttattacat tttcaatttt agaattaaac     36540
     aaatcaagga gagaatcaac agaatctgca gatatacttg gtgccagcga tatggccttc     36600
     ataaactgct cactagtgtt ctcatttatg catctctttc tgacagagac agatctgtct     36660
     ttaatagctg gagtgatcag tatatcaaag aaaatacaga aatgatcaga tagtgccaca     36720
     tccttaacaa cagtcgatga aatgtgtaaa cccttagtta taagtagatc aagagtgtgt     36780
     ccgcgattgt gtgtgggtcc ttgaacatgc tgagtcagat caaaagtgtt aaaaacagtc     36840
     atcagttctt ttgcagcatt gatttctgga ttatcaatgt gaatattaaa atccccagca     36900
     atactaaaat aatcatattc agatgttact attgataaaa gctctgtaaa atcatcaata     36960
     aaagctggag aatattttgg aggtctgtag ataatgatca gtaagatgcg tggagaccct     37020
     tttagtgcta tactcagata ttcaaaagac aaatagtcac caaatgacac ttgtttacat     37080
     tcatacacat ctttaaacag ggcagcgatg cctccacctc tcctattagc tctgcaaaca     37140
     ctcaaaaact caaagtttaa aggagctgct tcattcagaa ctgctgcact acaactgtca     37200
     tctagccaag tttcatttaa aagcataaaa tcaaggcaat ttgtgttgat aaaatcattg     37260
     actaaaagtg acttattatt gagtgatctg atgtttagaa gtgctaactt aacagtttta     37320
     gtcgttttta ctacagaagt ctcagatata catttaatag acaccagatt tgaatgattt     37380
     gctatacggt ctgaaagagt ctttggtttt ctgtcacgta ataagacaca tatctgcgta     37440
     gagaaagcta cagacacact gggttcctgc ttgttctgta aacatctgat aaagacactg     37500
     ttacctaagc aggcccccga gacacatcaa tggcagtttt taagttcacc agctaaagat     37560
     gaggtgtttt ttgggacctg gcgctgtcgc aaagacctga ggcctttcct aggtgtaggg     37620
     cgaggtgggc ttagagatgg gcgtgtggct tgctgacttt tggttgctaa ctgggggcta     37680
     gcagcaatgg agtgtgagag tttagttcca gcacacacca gttcctccat cttttttgaa     37740
     aaatccaaga gaggcgagca agatgacaat gagaacgtgt ccggtgacag aggctgtggg     37800
     tctggggttt ctggctgctg agatatgttt acctggctgt tttcctgggg atcatcaatg     37860
     agtgctgaga cttgatgctg ttctgatgca tcacagtctg cctgtgttga gctcagtgtg     37920
     cagggtgcag acggcagttt gtccgttatc ggcggttgtt gtggctgcgt ggtgttatct     37980
     ctgtccttgt aggatgcgtc agccacaagt ccactcagga gctgatttga agtcctgtgg     38040
     tcatccggac atttgctagg tgtgtgtgtg tcattcagtt cagtggcata cacagctgat     38100
     ggatgatgga gggagaagag gatgttgtct ttcagcactt ttgcaccaag cttgtttgga     38160
     tgaaggccgt ctgatgtaaa cagctgtctt tggttccaga agagattgaa gttgtcgatg     38220
     aaattcagtc ttttcatgtt acatgttttc tgcagccatg catttagacc aaggagcctt     38280
     gaaaacatat ttgtcccttt tgcagggagt ggtccactga tgaacggctg aattttcaat     38340
     ctttcaactg tttccaaaag cttacagaaa tctctcttga gcagttctga ctgctccttc     38400
     cgaatatcat tcttccccac atggatgata atccgttttg cagtctcatg tttccttaat     38460
     atgttctcaa gttctttatt tatatcagaa actgtagcat gaggaaagca gtatgtcatg     38520
     gtatctctgc tcctaaaatt tttgattatt gagtctccaa caatcaatgt tcttatctct     38580
     gttgcgatcg gagcagaatg ccgctgtcta gtcggccttg agcctctgtt cagagcaaag     38640
     ttaattgctg agtcatgcga tctctgtcta actgcatttg gggattcttc acccatatta     38700
     ctcaaaactt catatctgtt ctgaagctgt atttgagtcc gagctgtatt tggggtagag     38760
     aacgctaatg cagcagcgta tgacctttgt gatctgaccc cacgagtacc ctttggtttc     38820
     gcaccttgtt tatgccatag ttcacgctga ttttcaacag tttcaatctg tttttctgtt     38880
     ttcaaaacag tagctggagt agatttataa ggcttaccgg ctgaatgctg tgaggctcca     38940
     cgatgaaccg gtcctgtgta attcggcagt tctggttgga tcgcaagtaa ctttgtttca     39000
     agaactgcaa tcttttgtaa aagtttgtgg cagttggtgc agcagtgaga ttccaaatca     39060
     atatgatcca gagccatttt cacagccgtg ttttcccgtc tcaggaatga aagcagctgg     39120
     tagcgggagg attgtttaga cgataattcc tctaaataaa agtaaagttg tactccagaa     39180
     agtttgtaga ttcgatgttg atcttcaagc tgttttgttt gagcactgtg ctgataggct     39240
     caagttaaaa ttagattata aaataaaaaa gcaggagtgc aaggagcgga gcagtaggca     39300
     aagacgtccg aacagtagca aagcaggaag caagtctgca agtctacaca aacataaaca     39360
     ttaatacaaa catacaaaaa catgcaaaac acacaaaaaa tatgtgcaca cacaaacaca     39420
     cacacacaca cacacacaaa caaacacaca cacacacaca aacacacaaa agcacaagcc     39480
     ctcatacaca cacacacaaa cagaaacaca tgaacacaca aaaaccgaaa gacagacaca     39540
     caatcatgaa cgcacacaaa aacgcctgtg tgcaaacaca caccaaatac aaaaacacaa     39600
     acttgaagac ccaaacatgt acgcagacat gcacacgaac acgtcaacac aattacaaaa     39660
     ccagcacagc agaaactgac ccaggatcag tttaaatgtc ccatgaaatc aagataatta     39720
     tgtgtgttat tatcagtaag catatctgta ttctagtgtc tccaaaacag acacaactca     39780
     tattagaaga gataaccctg atgtaatcaa tcaaggattg tttttgccgt cccctcacac     39840
     ttcagtttct catcaaattt tctgaccaat caaatgctct ctagtgtctg acctgcccag     39900
     cccccacctt ctcattggct gttcatttga cgtgctcgag ctcaaccgct ggcagagctg     39960
     tgaggaaaag caacacgcta ttggctgagt tattaaaaat aggaggagct actccatgcc     40020
     ccgccctctg catgtctcag ttgagactac gccaaacatc caatagacaa actccacatt     40080
     gaaagcatct gtacatctga ctgagctgag atcagtgtgt gctgcacatc tgcatgagga     40140
     acggatcagt aactcactcc tctgatgact tttcccatcc caaccttaaa gctcagcggt     40200
     ttcgactgct tcttcttttt tgcagctgaa agaccagaag agaatcaaca tgagcaaaca     40260
     tatcaacatc cagatcactt acagcagctg acctgagatc agcctacagc aatacagctc     40320
     attaaaacac cttaaagggc atccattatg gagaaatcac tctaatcaca ggtgtgtgtg     40380
     agcagtgtgt gtgtatctcc agcctctaat aataatcatg agtgaactgt gtactaatca     40440
     agcttgatga acacagtctg caaacacact ttgattgaca ttctccttgt gtatgatgtc     40500
     atcagagagg gaaagccccg cccactagtg tccatctcat tagcataagc cgcagccctg     40560
     agtgagaagc agccgtctga cttcacatac accctttggg gcaggggtgg gcaattcatt     40620
     tttccaagtg gccacattag tctctgggcg gttttagagg gtcagaccag tacagttcat     40680
     ttgcatttaa aaaaaatcat tgtgaaacta ttcaataaac attcataaaa gctgtaaagt     40740
     tcaagaaagg atcaatttta caccacaagt attttaaaga ctatatcaac ctcatataaa     40800
     tgccacgggg ttgtttgttt gattgcttca ccttagttat ctttaattta ttcattcctc     40860
     catttactta ttcatttatt tatttaaaat ttatgtccgt gagagaattc tagccagtgt     40920
     tgagctaaac tactgcactg gtgagatgga aatgtgatgt aatgatcatc actgagagat     40980
     gatctgtatc tgctagggct ggccgatcaa atcgctatca gtatttattg aacgaactcc     41040
     attttaaaat aaattaatta ataaattata tataattaaa aaacacagtt gaagtcagaa     41100
     ttattcgccc cccctctgaa attagttttt aaatatttcc caaaaaatgt ttaacaaagc     41160
     aaagaaatgt tcacagtatg tctgataata tttgctcttc tggagaaagt ctgatttgtt     41220
     tgatttcgac ttgaataaaa gcagttttta attttttaaa catcatttta aggtcaatat     41280
     taatagcccc tttaagctat agttcttccc gatagtctac agcaggagtt ttcaaacact     41340
     agtgggtcgc acagtgaaca aaggtgggtc gcgcaacgtc acatagctgc agttgtattt     41400
     acattgcggt gaatcaaaac cagtatgatt gacaacaata actcaaacct ctcaccctaa     41460
     aatatttaaa gtgtgtttcc tacaaaaaga caaagctggt tatgtttcac agctgtcttt     41520
     tccttttttt ccgctcgaca ttatgaccac tgctccattt gagccctcgc aatctgcgtt     41580
     tagccggtag agctctcagt aagggaccgt tggaaaagtg cttttatttt cagttttttc     41640
     gttttttttg ctccgtcctg cgtgttttat tttaaacacg actaattttc tcttaaataa     41700
     gcacaaacag ttactaaagt agtcgaatgc ttcattatag atctgtgcat tcttacatga     41760
     acacctctgt tatcaaacaa aacacaatga gaaaataact atggtaactt aaatcaatat     41820
     gcaaacacaa ttaaacgtga agtagatttt acagctttat ttatttctgt ataggccgtt     41880
     gattttaata ggttaaacct tttattttat tgtcaatatt ttctaatgtt tgctatgtat     41940
     tcaattattt gaagccattt gttgtcccaa attttaacat ctcaacgttg acagattgct     42000
     aatcaataaa tagctatagt gctatctgtt agtttaacgt cagctaatgt tatggaaggg     42060
     catagatgtt atggaaaata gtaatagtaa tgtaactacc ccatcattcc ttcctcaagc     42120
     aaatgtgtaa atattagatc aatttagcat taatgttaat tgccatggca tatttatctg     42180
     actttttccc agcttgtagt agtcgatcaa caagcgattt agtttcttat gactatacac     42240
     tagcagtgaa atttactgag atgtgacggg gcttgattaa aggttgatca tattctcttc     42300
     tgaaaaaaga agaggatctt tttcaacaaa acaatgatca cagttacagc cagcatccca     42360
     caaaaagcac tttgagcctc aacttgtgca tatcaaatcg caaaatccaa aaagccgcat     42420
     agcatatgtt tttgactgct ttgaatggat tttttttatc catttttcca tattaaaata     42480
     ttatgctggg tcttgagatt gaattacttg ccaaggtggg tcccggaata aaaaagtttg     42540
     ggaatccctg ctctacagaa caaaccatcg ttatacaata acctgcctag ctaccctaat     42600
     aaacctatag tgaagccttt aaatgtcact tcatagacac aagaagtgtc tatgtttata     42660
     gaaaaagtgt agaaatgttt ctagaagtgt cttgaagaat atctagtcta atttaatgtg     42720
     ctgtgattat gacaaagatc agttattaga aatgagttat taacactatt atgattagaa     42780
     atgtgttgga gaaatctctc taataagcag aaattggggg gaaaataaac aggcagctaa     42840
     taatacggat tgcaactata tataaataaa taaataattg aataaacact tcacgcagac     42900
     tgatcagaga agtgcagcgg gcagcatggg gaacaggggc tgtaaaatgc ccaggtctga     42960
     tttacagaca tcagagaatc atttaagatc ttgtaaatac ttgtgaatac tgtaggtctc     43020
     ctttaataca ctgatcacgg ctgaggcttt tatttcattt cagagatctt gtataactgc     43080
     agaaataagc cctatttgca cgagactggt tttacttgac aacgttagag aaatttctcc     43140
     acatatgcaa aaaacaaaac aacaagtata gacaggtata agtgaatgga aaaacaaaca     43200
     aacaccaccc tcctgtgaga catttatttc tcaagtgttt ctcaaatgat gttgaacaga     43260
     ttcaggaatt cttcacagtg tttcctctaa tatttgttct tctgcagaga gtcttatttg     43320
     tcttattttg gctagaataa aagcagtttt taattgtttt aaacaccatt ttaaggtcaa     43380
     tattattcac ccccttaaac tatatttggt ttggattatc tccaggggtt ggttcttcgt     43440
     acgtggatta ctcaattagc tggattttgt tgttgctttg acatgatcca ggttcgtttc     43500
     attcttaaaa actcatctga gagttgttgt catagtaaca attctgatat atcaaacctg     43560
     cgtaggagca ggttcaattc atataaacag gattagatcg gctcagttca agcaaagata     43620
     atactgaaag tatgtaccga atgcagatat tttcttacag tagtagttat atagaattag     43680
     gaaaatagta aattatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     43740
     atatatataa attaattaat taaactatta ataaaacgta tgcaatctgc actccgaaat     43800
     aaaagtaaaa gactgctacc tggtggttct tatggattta ttgatatgaa ctttttagat     43860
     gcaaacccag gtgaaaaaaa tatataatta aatgcaatta aaatacactt aaatacccgc     43920
     aaacacattt ttagtacatt gttatttttt gtgttaaata aaagtttgat ggttttacac     43980
     tatacatata ctcattaaaa gtttgttcat acttcagcag gactgtagta cacttgacaa     44040
     aagtatacca aataccagta atacttaaat aaatgtttgg tgtactacaa taaagtacac     44100
     tacagaaaaa acatccagaa gagtttaata ataatcttgt ttttcctttt gacataagag     44160
     taatttgctt accccattgg cagattattt tgcttgtttt aaggaaaaac tcacttaata     44220
     ttggcatatt atttctcaaa acaagacaat atgttttgct tgtcaagaaa attttttgtg     44280
     atttaagaat ttttagatat ttgaactcga aacaagacaa aaactcttgg taagaaaagc     44340
     attttttgca gtgaaaagag ttcacatctc ccctgtcctc gcctcattgc tctggcttcc     44400
     tattaaatac agaggtgatt ttacaattct tctcttcact tataaagcag tgcacagttc     44460
     tgccccggcc tatatcagtg aacttattag gccttattca gcttgcagac tgttaagatc     44520
     ccatgaccag ttccttatgt ctgtctctcg gtctcgctgc aaatcgaaag gtgatggagc     44580
     tttctgtgtt gcggccccac ggctctggag ctgtctccct ctgaacagca gggtttcttc     44640
     ttcattggat gcttttaaat ctgacttaaa gactagtttt tactctcttg cctttgagtg     44700
     atgcatgcat gctatttttt attatttgta ttttagtatt acttttaaac atatatattt     44760
     ccttgtattt ttaataccac ttttaatttt attgtttagt ttattttatt gtaaagcact     44820
     ttggatcaac tacggttgtg taaaattgtg ctctataaat aaagtttgcc ttgccttgcc     44880
     ttcatctgta gaaatagcag gttcatgaaa atcattgatg ggggccgcgg acacgtatgt     44940
     gtttggttta gggggctgcg agttatgaaa ggttggtaac cactggtgtc cagaacaaac     45000
     ccctgttata caatgacttg cctaattacc ctaactttac cttaattacc ctagtgaagc     45060
     ctttacatgt cactttaagc tgaacactag tgtcttgaag aatatctagt ctaatattat     45120
     gtgctgtcat catggaaaaa agacgtcagt gattaaatgc gcacgtggag gtttccaacg     45180
     ctgctatagt aacaatgaac tacatcagtt attagaaatg agttattaaa tctattatga     45240
     ttagaaaatc tgttaaagag cacatgggga aaatgtaaag taagcaaact gaacaggagg     45300
     gtgaatgatt ctgactgtaa cagtatctgc tgtatgtcta cagtaggagt ataataacgt     45360
     gctgtactgg cggggatgtt ggtgtcgaac acagtgccgt cctccagcgt ccccgtgtac     45420
     cagcagctca cagtctcgcc tttcttgggg aagttggtct tgtctccttt cttcaagatg     45480
     gacttagtga actttggagg accctgaaga cagaaaacac acacacatca gacacacata     45540
     cagatgctcg ctcgctcact cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     45600
     catacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     45660
     cacacacaca cacacacacc tggctctgga acagctggtt gtaggcctcg atcagctgct     45720
     ctttcttggc tgttttcgac acattcttga tgtttcccag gagtttgtgt tcagccagaa     45780
     actgaggaga gcatgaagat cattacatta cacttacatt ccactgacag tgaacacacc     45840
     atacacactt ctgcttcgtc acaccaatga tgacaagaat gcctggaaaa cctccctagg     45900
     taggcgtcca taacagatgc ccgagcctcc tcagctgact tctctggatg tggaggagaa     45960
     gcggctctac tctgagctcc tcccaggtgt caaagctcct caccctgtct ataagagtgc     46020
     gccctgccac cctgcaaaac gtctttcagc cgcttgtatc cgagatcttg tctttccggt     46080
     catgacccaa agctcatgag cataggtgag ggtaggaacg tagactgact ggtaaataga     46140
     gagctttgtc tttcagctca gctctttctt tacaatgaac cagtataata catcatccac     46200
     attactgctg ccgctgctgc tatatataaa tttacacaca caattaagtt cttctggatt     46260
     attttaaaat ggtctgacaa taatccaacc agaaataaat gtatttttcc ctttttaatt     46320
     ttttattatt attcaggttt attattatta tttattaaat aataattatt aggggtttta     46380
     cacctttaat caggcatgtc caaactcctg cttattttct gcatatttta gttccaaccc     46440
     catttaaaca cacctgaatc agctaatcaa gctctttcta gttttgctag aaacttccag     46500
     tcttgcgtgt tgaaggaggt tggagctaaa ctatgcagga gaccggccct ccaggacaga     46560
     gcttggacac ccctgccttt aatgaacagg agagagcatt gagggacagc atggggagga     46620
     gagagagagg agaagaagcg gcaaaggatc tggaggcagg aatctgaggc ctggagtgca     46680
     tgtgtcgaca cactgaccac ttcaccactg aggcttactt ttggcctaaa tgtttttcta     46740
     aataaaatac ataatacagt tttcacttca ggtaattatt attatttttt tggtctgtaa     46800
     actaatgaca tttcttccta attttaaata aatattttgt caaatacagc ctttttagct     46860
     taaaaataat acaaatgtac cgttaaaatg tttctattca tttttagaca acacaatcca     46920
     aacttcagag gagttaagaa atccatattt ggttgtataa ccctgaaaac atgcattaat     46980
     ttccactaaa tgtcctcaaa aaaagctgta ttttatttta aatatgtaat aaatgtcatc     47040
     agagctttgt aaagtcaaac aaatcctccc attttactca aactaacaca atattaagag     47100
     ttcaagaacc ctcataatct gttttacttg tacatcgttt cacaatcata attgacatgc     47160
     atttataact tttacatcaa ttttaattac aactactaat atttctgaaa atgtctaaat     47220
     aaaatcactt ataaaaacaa acacacaaat ttaaactatt attaagttaa tgtttctgtg     47280
     tggagttttg catgttcttc cagcgttcgc gtgggttttc ccccacagtc caaacacatg     47340
     cggcttgaag ggcatccgct gtgtaaaaac ttgctggata agttggcggt tcattccgct     47400
     gtggcgaccc ctgattaata aagggactaa gccgacaaga aaacgaatga atgaataaga     47460
     agtttctcac ttttacactg ttagaaacaa tgccaggagt atttacatga taaggttaat     47520
     tgtaaatgac acaatttgag ctgctactgt tgttaataat tgtattaatg ttattataat     47580
     tatgtattat taataacaat gtgaaataat gacggataaa aatgtgaata taatcaaaac     47640
     acaccaaatg acaaaatctc taaataacaa aaagctaaat ctatcccaac tatttcgagt     47700
     taaagttggt tttatattca catattcggt tattctcaat aatacaattt taagaaacta     47760
     ttatttgcaa aggtataaat agtgaaatct tattaatagc cgatgactat tgaagcacaa     47820
     cactgttcac agtcaattca atagagctga tgttgttttg aagacattca tgcttttaat     47880
     ttcagaccca atattgaagt tagcatggta aacaaaatag agacccttaa aatgaaccaa     47940
     atgcgaatat aaaaccaact tcaccttaaa ttaaacgatt aataaaaagt taataagaag     48000
     tttctcactg actgcagtga ataaacccac ttttacactg tcagaaacaa tgacgcagga     48060
     ggatttaaaa actaaaaata cattttaaac cacacaattt gagctgaaac tgttatttac     48120
     ggtaaaataa caacactgtg tgaaataatg tcggatacaa atatgaatat gatcataaac     48180
     agcagcatct gcagagtctg cgcagcagtg atgaggcgaa aatgagctcc gcgcgcagct     48240
     ccacacacag tgtttgagtc tgtagtgtgc actgtagggt gtagtgtgca ctgtatggtg     48300
     tagtgtgcgt ggcgtgctgc agtaccgagt gtgctgcgct gtcctggatg aacttaatga     48360
     gctctttttt cggcacttct tcacttttta gctgctcgtc gctccactgc cgctctggag     48420
     ccgccgccat cttgaatgaa gaaaaacgcg tgctcgtcag aaaccaatca gcgcagagct     48480
     tcttaaagga gccgcgaatt cacatttttg cacatcttca tgctaatggc ctgtgtgcac     48540
     agctagtgtt tttcagccaa tgatgacttc cggtgaaaag tctatagctg cgtcccaaat     48600
     ggcacactat acactatgca ctcatgcact atgtacttat gcacttacac actcaacagg     48660
     atagtatatg tatgtagtgt tgtcccaaat ggcacactaa tgttttttta ctaagcggaa     48720
     attcaaaccg tttccctgat gacgttttac tgttgccaaa tcagtgaaat aaacgactga     48780
     attatcaagt aatacctgcc gtgagtattg ccgcatttac catcgggagg cgcaataatc     48840
     actctcgtag gagaattttg ctttcaccat ccaaaataaa taaagttatt caacatgtgc     48900
     gtccgatcgc tccgcccctt ccgctacgta agcaaacctg cggtcgttga gagcgtgaag     48960
     tgtccatcat tacacacttc attttagcgg ctgaatgagt gcatcatccg ggtaattcaa     49020
     gtgcacttat tattttgaga gttttcaatg tgaacacact acttacacta ttcatactac     49080
     aaaatggcgt aaaatagtgc ataagtatgc gatttgggac gcagcttatg tgactatttt     49140
     caattttata agcttttttt tttttttttt ttttttttac agcatcgatg ttgtaatata     49200
     attcaaattc agttaaatag acttaagcat ccatttgatt gttgaagtgt aaaaacaaag     49260
     aacaaaagat gcaggcatct tcattagcaa caggctagcg caaaaaccct taaaaatact     49320
     ggggtaaaat taatttccat attttaaagg catggcgtgt aaaagtataa tttaatgcag     49380
     tgcttcttaa ttggtctgat gcccacttta tatgatatct cagccaggca gagatgattt     49440
     ttttttaaga aatcagatct taaacaattt tgtatgtgat gacaattcac cagaaattat     49500
     gaaattaatt taagaaatta ttttaagaaa tttagaaatt atttaattaa gaaattattt     49560
     tcattaagaa attattaaga aataagaaat tatttcttaa taattaagaa attattaaga     49620
     aattaagaaa ttattttaaa ctaagaaact gcggtatgag ctgacgtcaa acaaaaatat     49680
     atgcttatct gtttacagat atatactctt aaatatatgt gtttgtacat gtgtatgtat     49740
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat acagttgaag tcagaattat tagcgcccct     49800
     ttgaattatt tttctttttt aaatatttcc caaatgatgt tgaacagatt ctggaaatgt     49860
     ttacagtacg tctaataata ttttttcttc tggagaaagt cttatttgtt ttatttcggc     49920
     tagaataaaa gcagttttta attttttaac accattttaa ggacaagatt attagcccct     49980
     ttaagctata gctcttcccg atagtctaca gaacaaacca tcattataca ataacttgcc     50040
     taattaccct aacctgccta gttaacatga ttaacctagt gaagccttta actaggctta     50100
     aactttaagc tgtatagaag tgtcttgaag aatatcaagt ctaatattat ttactgtcat     50160
     catggcaaag ataaaataaa tctaaataaa tataatatat aaatctaaaa ataaaaatca     50220
     gttattagga tgagttatta aaactatcat gattataaat gtgttggaga aatctgctct     50280
     ctgttaaaca gaaattgggg aaaaataacc agggggtctc aaaattctga cttcaactgt     50340
     gtgcatatat gatggacagt atttatcata catgtatttc aaatacgttt taaaaaaaaa     50400
     aaaaatagtg aaaatagtat tttgtcattt gtgtttaata gggttgatga taatggcttt     50460
     atgttttgta tcaaaatact ttagtgtctt gtatttttgt atataaaata ctgtaaaata     50520
     ctttgtaaga agtctacata aaaatgtggc ctttaatagt ggtgttttct cagttatttg     50580
     ccaaggctcg agatcagact agaaaattgc ttaatattga agaagttgat cgatgcttgg     50640
     agcatgtata aagaaaataa aataaagaaa gtaacagaca aacagcagag gtaaactcag     50700
     gagcaggaca aaatcagaga ggaaaataag acgaacataa gtcctacagt ggcaatacgt     50760
     ccaaaactta attagctgtt tcagtatctg atctgcaggt gctccttata ggtaattaca     50820
     ctgtaaaaaa aatctaactt aacaaattgt taatttagct taaaattgtg agttaggtgg     50880
     acatattttg agttgaattt tactaataaa aatgatttaa ctgcatgttt gaaactgttt     50940
     gttcaatgaa agtaaaaaaa aaatcagttg aggagactta aaacattgat ttcttcaaaa     51000
     ataaaaagtt gagttaactt aaaattttaa agcaactggc tgcaattttt atttaaattt     51060
     ttatttattt tttatttttt tgagtttacg cagcggatgc ccttgcagct gcaacccatc     51120
     tctggaaaat cagcctatat caatatcagc ctacccaatt cacctgtaac acatgccttt     51180
     ggactgtggg ggaaaccgga gcgcccagag gaaaccctca cgaacgcagg gagaacatgc     51240
     aaactccaca cagaaacgcc aactgaccca gccgagactc aaaccagcga ccttcttggt     51300
     gtgaggtgac agcactacct actgcaccac cgcgtcacat aattataata tcatgtttta     51360
     aaaacattaa tttatttatt ccagccaggc taaaagaaat aagacttgct ccgggagaaa     51420
     aattataata ggaacaactg tgaaaatgtc aaaaatgtat ttatttagtt tttctcatta     51480
     atattaaata cagcatgctg ttaatgttgt ttaattaggt caccatgctg aaatattact     51540
     gaaataaaca cgaattatta atgtgcaata tttatgtgta tatttctaaa tagtgatata     51600
     taactagtaa aatgtcagat atcctccttt ataatgttat tttcagacac atggtggcag     51660
     tagattcaca catgtggagc ttccaggtaa aatcgtttct caaatgaagt gaataaaaac     51720
     gctgctgttt gtgtttatca gcaaatataa taatttatat gcattcacgg cttcagtgac     51780
     catgtcataa aatccataga attctcctca cgaatacagt ttaacaaagc gctgtgtgaa     51840
     gaaatcaatg tgttcacttg gggagaaagg tatttgtttt aagtcttgct gaaccagaag     51900
     tgagggaaat aaataaacgc agcatttctc acagcaaagt actgatatat aagtgaaaat     51960
     aaatgaagaa ttgtggcact aatatggtga tttcatgtta aatgtacagt aaaatagtgt     52020
     tgggtggact gcaacaaaca aatactgatt acatcattaa ctctgtgctt aaattacttt     52080
     tttaatgacc atgagtgaaa gtaatttaat tactcgttaa caaattgaat tattggactc     52140
     aatactattt cagattccat catctctgtg catgtagatt aaaattaaac tccttgaata     52200
     ctttaaacgg gcatcaaaca ggctctttta gcgtaatata aaattaatac acgcattgca     52260
     ctctttagtc aacaaacaac atttgtcaca aactgatata atacatgatt aagctaaatt     52320
     gtccagggtg acacggtggc tcagtggttg ttctcctggt gttggcatgg gtttcctccg     52380
     ggtgcgctaa agggggaatt gattaattaa ataagccgta gtgtataatt gtgtgtgtga     52440
     atgagtgtgt atgggtgttt cccagtactg ggttgcagca gaaagggcat ccactgtgta     52500
     aaacttatgg tggaatagtt ggcggttcat tctgctgtgg tgatgaataa gagactaagc     52560
     tgaaggaaaa tgaatgaatg aatatgtgat ttaacagatt cctattcatc tcaatgcatg     52620
     tggagattaa actctttaaa ttctgtagtt tggacctttt agcttaaatt aaaattaata     52680
     aatgcattac tttctttagt ttatgaacat catttgaaaa ataaaacctg atttaatgta     52740
     tgatcatgta taaaatatat gattaacaat attagaaatg tttcaaggca aaataatccc     52800
     tatatcataa tataatatta ttactacctt gtgatttaat caattgatta tcttagacca     52860
     agtatttctt atgggatatg atcgctggta atcgtgacag cactcctacg tcaagttgcg     52920
     gtcgctctga ataccgctcc agttggtcca ccgtttttat gttgttaaac ttaaaacact     52980
     tttgttttcc agtatttttt tatttattgt aaaccacatt ttaatttttt ttttacattt     53040
     tgcaaaacaa aaatgtgtac tgtcccatat aaacagtgtg aaaaacaaaa gaacatggtg     53100
     caacataaag agcaaaatct actataaata agtagagact tcagaaaata atgttcttga     53160
     gacgcagtct ggcttcagtc cattaaattc gagaaacttc acaagtatat ttaagttcct     53220
     tgaggcagct tcgattcagt gcatatatca tgcccatcag cagagcacag caccctgaga     53280
     tgtccattct atttaggatt atcattccct caaccgtgat ggtttccgtc ttgtggtcca     53340
     attccaaagt tgacagatca ccaatgatgg acattgtcat cacttgcctt tcaaagtcct     53400
     cctcaaactc ttgtgtgctc ttataaagca agaaaaaacc ctttttgagt gaaaaaacac     53460
     tgctaacatc agctgtattt atcaggagta gccaacactc tggtggaaag gagaaaattg     53520
     atttggaaat taaataaaat tcagatatct caccctagga tgtcttgtgt gtcaaacagt     53580
     ctgctgaaac ttgtccggac ttgcttcttg cttgttcagt gtgagagaag ctttgaaatt     53640
     cagaactcca tttgtgtgga aaaactgagt tatcaaccca atttctttga gttgctacaa     53700
     attaaatgtt gttttaaact aactgacaga catatttacc tttaaattag ccgcattttt     53760
     tagttgtaat tatcaattat cgaagatgta attatcaata ttttactatt gtgaaaactt     53820
     aaagggtcac gaaacaccag aacacatgtg ttgagctgtt gacagtggta tatgtgtccc     53880
     acactgctaa aaacactatt aggacaccta tatttcacta aaaagtgtaa attggttgtt     53940
     tttgcggtat ttcaagcaaa ttcgtacttc cagtttgaaa caaatttttg aagctgcgtc     54000
     acggtcatga cataatagcg tgtattccag cgtgcagact gggcgtctgt gccagagtga     54060
     gtcttattac gtcttacagt gtgctgcatt aatgcatgag taaggcttgg ttcaaaccaa     54120
     tcagcgcgct ctattgtgca acttcattaa tattcattac cgtcacagtg tttagacggc     54180
     agagacgcca cgttgtgttg gcaaaacaag cgtgaagtgt tgcttttata gtttgctgca     54240
     gtgaagtttt gttttcattt tctctctgtg agagctcagc tggagtcacg tgtggattaa     54300
     cagtgtacgc gacgctcgac aacaataact tacgtgtcta aggaggaaca ttgtttacct     54360
     gagagctgtt ctcatctgca aacgctgaga tccggattcg cttgtagtat tctcttcata     54420
     aaaacgcggc tgattgtcct gtctctacag atttggtaag tgagtgacca gcgctctttg     54480
     tttattcagt ttgttcatat cgaattaagt taactattgc accgagtgta aacatgttag     54540
     caccacaacc aaactttaac ctcatgtagg attttcacca catttagtga ccggaataac     54600
     acacgcggta tacgagcgta tgggacgctc agggggttca ggtgtcgtgc acacaagatg     54660
     aaaagggtag ttccggtaag agaacaggag aaggattccc agttttgtaa gtttaatcaa     54720
     gctggaatgt cattacacac atgtggtcta taagacagaa aaatacaaag aggaacaatt     54780
     gctaatgtta gtaaattata caacaaactt attaattaag atacaaataa acatacatcg     54840
     agtaattgtg aattataaag acaatgatga attaaacata ctgttgtaag caattggaat     54900
     gaccatttag tattattgta caggctaaat ctacccaacg gtgaacattt tacgaattat     54960
     tgactcaatc aggtgatata tattaaatag atacataaaa taggttatat caaactatga     55020
     atcaatgtga atatccagtt caaagtccga aatgagatcg ttgggtttga taacatatgg     55080
     tttcactttc ggttatggcg cacgtgggaa tcacgagaca tacagtgtga tttacaagac     55140
     aataacagta atcagaacat ttatctggat caaaggatag caaacaaaag ggactcaccc     55200
     ataatcaatt acacactggt gtaaaacatg tacaaatcgg ttgcacagtc cagccagccg     55260
     atcggcagcc tgtgtctctc cagccgtcat gactgccttt tgtcactgaa ctccctatca     55320
     ccaaaccttc ctctaggggt cgttaaaggg ctttctcaca cagccgcccc caaatgtaag     55380
     tgagtacatt tgaaatagtg agatatccta actaagtatc gggattaaca gggtcatcat     55440
     cagtgtgttt cggtagaggg actaaacgag atacgggtct aacataagtg cggttgcgta     55500
     cctgaacctc aaccgatctg gttcgcccat caagtccagg aaaggtatta gttactttcc     55560
     ctactggcca acatgctcgt gggagttgtg ggtccactat cagtaccact tggtctagcc     55620
     caatttcccc accatccttg cgccacttct gcctttcttg taaatttggt aaatagtagt     55680
     gtatgaatct agaccaaaaa tggtcagcaa gtatttgact atgtttccat cttctggttc     55740
     ccagaacatt acttgagtcg taaaatactt gtgggagaga agaatcatgg cgacccatta     55800
     aaagaatgtt gggtgtaata gggtccagat ccgatacatc ggaagacaca tatcccagag     55860
     gcttggcatt taggatgcct tctacctcga tgagcactgt tcgcagtaca gtctcagtca     55920
     ctgttagatc cttcaatact actttaaggg cctgttttac tgacttaacc tcccgttccc     55980
     aaactccccc aaaatgaggg gctccaggtg ggataaatct aaatgtaatt tgttgttctg     56040
     ccaattgctc tctgagttgg ggaatcatag attcgtaggc tgctctcaat tctttgtctc     56100
     ctccaacaaa gtttgtccca ttatcactaa ggagctcaaa tggtttccct cttcgtgata     56160
     tgaatctgcg gagagccatt aggaatgcgt ctgtatcaag actttctact aggtcaagat     56220
     gaatacaacg agtggtcaaa catttgaata ctattcccca ccttttctct ctccgtctgc     56280
     caatcttcac tgtgaatggg ccaaagcaat ccattccagt ggagtagaat gggggtttgt     56340
     acaaacgaag acgtgtcggt ggaaggtcag ccatcttagg catttttggc ttagcacgcc     56400
     atttctggca gtctgtacac aagtattgat gcttcttgat ggcttccctt cctctcagaa     56460
     tccagtatcg tcttcttacc tcagcgaaga ctcgctctag tccaggatgt agtagggtgg     56520
     tatcataatc cttgattaga agctttgtga ggtagtgttg tggatcaaga acaacagggt     56580
     gtgtcgtgtc tagttccaga tgatgagcat gtcttaacct ccctccaacc ctaataagtc     56640
     cactgacctc atcatactca ggtgataaag atgctaatct gctgttggat ggtaatggtc     56700
     tattagtggt aagagcttta aactcttccg gaaaggaatc tctttgagac tgttgtagga     56760
     gaagtttctc tgctagaatg taactacctg agtcatcttg cggctgggtt tgaggtgtag     56820
     ccgccccgtg aagggatgtc acagtggctt ttaatagttc agcccatgtg ctgaattgat     56880
     tgacatcagg gagggtggtg tctggacaag taagaacatg cagacagatt actgactttt     56940
     ttaattctgt cactggttct ggttcatctg ctggtaaagt gggccagcat gaatctggtt     57000
     gatatagaaa tggtggtcca ttaatccagt ggcaaggtgg cgtcaaactg tttaaggtct     57060
     gacctcgggt tatgacatca gcagggttgt tcgctgaatc aacatatctc cacgaattaa     57120
     tgttggtgag tgactggatc tcggccactc ttgttccaac aaagactttg tatctgcacg     57180
     agtcagattt aagccattgt agcaatgtag atgagtctga ccagagaatg atgcgattga     57240
     tgtcaacagt taattcttct tggagtatgt tagctacttg tgccccagtg agtgctgcac     57300
     tcaattctaa tcgggggatt gtcatttgtt tccgaggtgc tactcttgag cgggctaaca     57360
     caaatgaaat gtgcacatgt ccttgatcat tttcagtgcg catgtaggct acagagccgt     57420
     aaaccctttc ggatgcatcg cagaagatat gcaattctcg attaagtttg tctgcctgcc     57480
     agtcagaggg gctgtagcac ctggggactg caatgtgatt taaaccttgg agctcttgta     57540
     gccaggtttg ccatcggctt aacaaactct cagatgtgat tgggtcatcc catgttaggt     57600
     tggtcttcca caaatcctgg accagtactt tcgctctagt tgtaaatgga attagataac     57660
     cgattggatc atattgagaa gccaacactt tgtagacatt gcgtaaagtg ggctcaaagc     57720
     attcgatctg gctgggtttg taactgaatg agtctgagag gcagttccat agtagcccta     57780
     gtgtcccttc taggaggtca gtactctttt gtgatagcca aagttcgcta ttggaagatc     57840
     tagcatcagg agggagatgc tgaatgacct ctggtttgtt actggcccat tgacggagct     57900
     caaatccaca ggtgagcaaa agttgtcgta agttgtctac taatgctcta gcttcagcaa     57960
     cagtttgaag gctatggagg cagttatcca cataaaagga acctttaact gtactctcca     58020
     gtactgggtc tccatcggag tgggtctgag caatcatctg gagtgcatat atggcacagc     58080
     acgggctgca cgtggtgccg aacggtaaga cttgccattc gtagatcttg ggttggttgc     58140
     tcctttgcat atctctccac aggaagcgta ctacagactt atcagtaggc aagaggcgaa     58200
     cctggtggaa cattcctttc acatctccgc taatggctac aggattttcg cggaacctca     58260
     gtaagacacc aagtaatgat ggaccaagga tgggcccagg taaaagtatg tcatttagag     58320
     cttgcccttg gtaggaataa gaacagttaa atactattct gtctttgccg ttatgtgtca     58380
     ccatatggtg agggatgtac cacgattccc gggattgctc tgcttcttct attgatatct     58440
     ctgccacata gccagcttct tgcagtcttc tcatttccaa acagtaagct tcagctttct     58500
     tatgatcttt agcaagcttg cgctcagtgc ttcggagatt agccatcact gcttctttgg     58560
     aggctttaag aagttcagca ttgggtcgtc tgagcaaagg agtggcatag cgcatgactc     58620
     cattaacttc taccttggtg gtatctgatt gaagaagcga gagagcatac tggtcatgtt     58680
     tggagcgagt ggctgatttt tcattcgtat agggcagagt atcaatttgc caaaggcgtt     58740
     ccacatttct gaatagctca gtattctgtg tggttgtggt tatgtggaga cattgtggtg     58800
     tggaaacgga agtctggctg agcccagtgg gaccttgcag ggtccagcca agtctagtac     58860
     agatggctat cggtccatgt gaggatcccg tacacactgg ctggacaggc gtaagtagat     58920
     gtggcatgtc agacccaatt agtagtagag gttgggcttg gtcaattgaa ggtaatggca     58980
     gagacttaag atgctcatac ttgcgttgga gagcgggtac agggtaggaa tgtttggaca     59040
     gtctcagatt atctgccgtg aaagcatgag aaatcaggta tttcctgaat ggtttgtgca     59100
     gtggtgatac atagaaggat acattggctc cttttagatt aaccacatct tgatgaactg     59160
     tgcgtagtgt cagcgtttca ggttcggtag ggagttttaa ctggtccact acttgggata     59220
     agacaatgct acgttccgaa ccatcatcta atacggcgta tgcttccatg gctttctctt     59280
     tatggtgtag tagtacctta actatcttaa gcattacctt ctgagaccta ttgggccgat     59340
     ctaaatagac ctgtaggctg gggacgttaa ccaacagaac attattttgt atttgcgaag     59400
     ctgcttcatg caaaatggtc agatgtatct ctttgcactt tgtacaaggt tttttcagag     59460
     tacagtggtc tggagggtga gttcgcccac atttccaaca tcgtttctct gtggatagcc     59520
     attctcctat tttctcagct gtcagcattt taaacttagg acatgcgtga agaaagtggt     59580
     ccttcatgtt acagtatggg cagaagggtt gaatcttaac aggaggttta gattttgggt     59640
     gtccttgcac tgctgaacta ccatcggttg aatacagaat ggatgtggat ttcgccttta     59700
     tgcggaaagg tgctgacctt ggctgctctt tcttaataaa tctagcattt tctgtttgat     59760
     acattgtagc tgctttatta gaaatacgct ttgcttgcga cttcatttgt agccattctg     59820
     atagatcagg taaggtatag gtgcgatccg taccagtctg tagaatacct cggctgaagc     59880
     agtactccac gaatccatcc ctgttcgatg gtggcatctt gcttagcaat cggtcaacat     59940
     gagagccaca gcgcaactca tatccatttg ggccttccaa agttttgagc atgcctacta     60000
     gagtttggat ggacagagaa aaggagtcaa aagcttctgc atcaccgaac ttgactgcgg     60060
     gggcgttcag tataatacta agttctgatt ggactagttg ccgtggctgt ccatatttat     60120
     cttgcagtgc ttgcatggct gcggtgtatg gcttagggtc gtacatataa gcctttgcta     60180
     actgcagtgc gctggggagt tttaaatgac ttagaaggac ctgatatttg taatgttcac     60240
     tcaggtgagg ttgattattc attacatttt ctaaggccat ctttaataag gcaaaatcac     60300
     tctctctacc agtgtcaaaa tgtgggatag ctggcttagg caccccgtag gcagaagcgg     60360
     ctaacatgtc aagaccggga aattgagcta gagaggggta caaccctgac cgaatgggag     60420
     aggtatcagg tgcgggacca gtgtacggtg cagatgtccc atcagggcta gaatgcatag     60480
     aggggtagca ttgtacttgt agtggagatc ccacagttac agtagcgggt gagggaacta     60540
     cattgtggac cctgacagat ggtgcctgac tataggtagc agaattagca gcacaatatt     60600
     gcggcttatt cactaaagat gattcaaatg tcaagggagc aacaagatct gaatttgaca     60660
     ttagggtggg cggtatggta cttaatgcag ctaatgaatt tgtaactatg ttgggttgag     60720
     ttatattagg agttgaggtg acacaaatca actgaggttc agatacagta accacactgt     60780
     ttgttacagg taatacaggg ggatgcatta ctgaagacgc gggtacaaag gaaacgtgac     60840
     aaggagtaga gtgactacgc attaattgta ctgatgcgtt aaggttcaca gcattgtcat     60900
     gttgcgggct tacctcaggc cgaagatcaa cagctaggct ggactgtgat gcattactac     60960
     tgacatctgg ggattcctgt ttaagaagtt cacacacaaa tttagcagct ttaagctcgt     61020
     tttgtacctt ttttagacga cgtctggtat ctacttgctt agctattgac tctctagcct     61080
     tagtggcttg ttcctgtata tactgtgctt ctctagcttg tgtatctagt ctctcacact     61140
     ctttatctac aatggcctcc tcttcgatct gctgttgtag ttcttccaag tccatagtct     61200
     ttagtttttc ttccaacatg gcagcttgga gatcagaaag tccgtgtcta ggaagtctgt     61260
     agtgagcact tctatgagat ctagatgatg tgctggacat ggtgcctgct gaaatggatg     61320
     tggatgcatg ccttgaccgc ctggatggtc tctgcgaaga tgcaccagtt tgaggtactt     61380
     caggatgcag gctgggaggt agctggatgt cgtagtcagc tagatgaccg gggagatgtc     61440
     tctctctggg agaccgaggt ctgacggctg gatcagcttc actgggaggt tcagattcca     61500
     tcttgtgaca caatccggct cgaaggacca tatacgagcg tatgggacgc tcagggggtt     61560
     caggtgtcgt gcacacaaga tgaaaagggt agttccggta agagaacagg agaaggattc     61620
     ccagttttgt aagtttaatc aagctggaat gtcattacac acatgtggtc tataagacag     61680
     aaaaatacaa agaggaacaa ttgctaatgt tagtaaatta tacaacaaac ttattaatta     61740
     agatacaaat aaacatacat cgagtaattg tgaattataa agacaatgat gaattaaaca     61800
     tactgttgta agcaattgga atgaccattt agtattattg tacaggctaa atctacccaa     61860
     cggtgaacat tttacgaatt attgactcaa tcaggtgata tatattaaat agatacataa     61920
     aataggttat atcaaactat gaatcaatgt gaatatccag ttcaaagtcc gaaatgagat     61980
     cgttgggttt gataacatat ggtttcactt tcggttatgg cgcacgtggg aatcacgaga     62040
     catacagtgt gatttacaag acaataacag taatcagaac atttatctgg atcaaaggat     62100
     agcaaacaaa agggactcac ccataatcaa ttacacactg gtgtaaaaca tgtacaaatc     62160
     ggttgcacag tccagccagc cgatcggcag cctgtgtctc tccagccgtc atgactgcct     62220
     tttgtcactg aactccctat caccaaacct tcctctaggg gtcgttaaag ggctttctca     62280
     cacgcggctt tctgacgcta cctgccgtgt gcatctaagt ttccgggaaa tgcggagggt     62340
     ttttttctct cattcgccgt gcggtatcaa acattgcatg aaaaatacac gcttagagca     62400
     gctcctccaa tcaaatatct cgtttgtcgc gaggggcatg aatgaattcc ctgaatgaaa     62460
     gagttaaact gcagttaaag tccaacattt aatcatttgc caaataattc gattacagat     62520
     gtccatgtaa acacagtcac attctcccct gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     62580
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgttt tgactctgaa actcgcgcgt gcccaaatag acactcccac     62640
     accattccac ttttcttcct ccgacactcc cccctaaaca gagctggaca cgcccacttt     62700
     tctgactttt tccaaagtag aggtgtgaaa acaccctgct gaaacgaggg ggcttcatga     62760
     ccctttaata aaattattct ctcagcttta atgttttaat ctaatcagca attaaaaatg     62820
     tttaagtttc aacaatgcat taagctatgt agtggtaaca gacatctgga gttatttttt     62880
     agagtgcata gcgactgtgg aatcaccacc acagattaat ttgaatatct atgattattt     62940
     aggccagttg tatctgtgtg tgagattatt tatctgttca gatctttctc atactgccgg     63000
     atattgcagt gatttattca tttgtcatca tgctgtgttt cttctaatat ttactacaga     63060
     gcctgaggtc tcgcggcttc ccagaaactg aatgtacttc tcatttcagc cgaggacagc     63120
     gtgtggagaa acgaggtgca gtcaattatt agtgtgtgtg ataaaagtgt aagtatagct     63180
     aataaacgag gacgaggctt cagtgctcac acctcacgtt gagagagtat gtgtgtctgt     63240
     ataagtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt cattgcgtat ggtatgtgtg tttatgtgag     63300
     tgtgattatt tatgagcgtg tgaaagtgtg tctgtgtgtg tgtataaggg gtttaaacac     63360
     agtagtgtgt cagctgtgtg tgagtatctc cagcagtctc taatattcaa catgaatgaa     63420
     gcactgtgat tgacattctc cctctgtatg cgtcatcaga aggggtaagc cccgcccact     63480
     aatacccatc tctctatctc attagcataa acagcagccc tgagtgagaa gcagccgtct     63540
     gtgcattagc cattagagtg tttgagctgc tgaagacaac gtcagcatag actaagagga     63600
     ttatagatgt ggagttttag atgaactgcg acaggagcca catagactga cagaagcatc     63660
     aagcacacac taaagctgag gcacacatga acacctgacc agcactcaca acacaactag     63720
     tctcgcagcc gtctgtagcg ccgccctctt ttgaatctca tttgcattta aagcgatagt     63780
     ctacaaaaca ccataattag catcagagcc tgaaagggtc agtttcagag agctggggaa     63840
     catcatctgt gtgttgttct cagctcaaac ttaaactcct ctaaagtgtt cagctctcca     63900
     gaagagcgca cgttcagtgt tcagagggat gaaaacactg cagagaagcg aacagcacct     63960
     ctgaaccgaa gactgaggct cattattcca cactgatctg ggttcagcag cggtcattat     64020
     tcctcactga gcgcttcatc catcaacaca acagcacagc acatacagat caagctgagt     64080
     gtgtgactga tctcccatga tgctctcggg ccgagcagag aaacccttaa acacttaagc     64140
     agacagtact tcacttctgt cacggtacgg gatcaaaaac aggtgtagaa tccaagtgca     64200
     gattttaatg gcgattgtgc agtgaaagtg acaaaaaata caaaaaatac aaagtacaaa     64260
     gtaacaaaca aacgaggact caaacagtat aaaactcgaa ctagactttg acaactaaga     64320
     caagatacag agcaggatca ggaacacata ccaataaaga cgacaacgac caactgacaa     64380
     actggagaag gaacaagggg agggatggga gggtcagacc agggtgggtt ccatgggtca     64440
     ggtgccccgg caggaagcca gggtgtagtc ggagggttcg tcccaagtag tgggaaggac     64500
     caccagggag gagcaggagg gatgacccat ggacaatccc gtaggagaca caaagcaggc     64560
     ggttttagga gagccggctg gagacgcaac tggactggag ccggcgggac tggaggcagg     64620
     cttgagaagg cctcgtctgt tagtttgaag taaatcatta aagtagttta agaggtgtga     64680
     agtggtcggc acagttagag aactacatat attattagta tgtttctagc acggatcggc     64740
     atgtttcttg gtaagtcgtt gcttgggtgt tctgagtggt tactagtcat tgctaggtgg     64800
     ttgctagggt attccaggtg gtcactaagg aattgttagg tggttgctaa ggcgttgtta     64860
     ggcggttgct aaggttttgc taggcggttg ctaaggtgtt gctaggtgtt tgctagggtg     64920
     ttctgagtag ttgctaggcg gttgcaaatg tgttactagg tagttgctag gttgttgctt     64980
     ggcagttgca aggtggttgc taaggtgttg ctaggcagtt gctaagatgt tactagatgt     65040
     ttgctgaggc gttgctaggt ggttgctagg gtgttgctag gcagttgcta aggtgttgct     65100
     aagtggttta tagggtgttc tgagtggttg ctaaggcatt gctaggtgga tctaaggtgt     65160
     tgctagatgt ttgctaggcg gttgctaatg tgttgctagg tggttgctag ggtgatatga     65220
     gtggttgcta ggcagttgct aaggcattcc tatgtggttg ctaagatgtt gctaggtggt     65280
     tgctagggtg atatgagtgg ttgctaagca gttgctaagg cattcctagg tggttgctaa     65340
     ggtgttgcta ggcagttgct aaagtgtaat gagtggttgt taggctattg ctaacataaa     65400
     ttagtatgat tctagtatta attagcatta tgctagcatg tttctagcaa aatttagcat     65460
     gttgctagca tgtttctaga ttaaattagc atggtttagc atgaagttag tatgaattag     65520
     catgtcgtta tatttctagt atggatcagt gtattgttag tatgtattgg tgtgttgtta     65580
     atatgtccga tgtaaaatca atgtcagatt tttacagtgg aagtctatgg gaaagttgct     65640
     agggtgccgt aagtggttgc tagggtgtgg ctaaaaggtt taaaggttat cagtggttgg     65700
     cagattggta gtctgagtta aatgaaccca aacttaagtc tgtgtgacag tctggtgaaa     65760
     agttatgagg tcacaaaggt tggtccaatg ttaagtcaat gggacttttc tgaattttaa     65820
     agttttggga aaactgtaag tcagagcagt ttggagttag tttggtggtt gtagtatgaa     65880
     tggtctagga ggagatgcat gtagaaatta tagtatagtt ttatagaata aggttatgta     65940
     gtataacagt atatgggctt tctcaggcca ccataattaa acgccctcct gttaaattta     66000
     actctttttt taattaattt tttttcttta acagagagga gagaggaact gtatatccac     66060
     tattttaggc cttatttcta aagagttaca aatagctaat tgaaaagcac tgagcaaaat     66120
     ggcattgatg ttaccggtta attattgaaa tgaaatgaga gagagtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     66180
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgcgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtcgacttga     66240
     gcatcagtca gcagagcatc atgcggaatg ataaattcag cagagtcact tactgctctc     66300
     catgtctggt ttattgatta attcatggct cttattaaag tttcagcttc tgtctgactg     66360
     tcctccgcca tctgaactct gaggttgaag aatcatcttc attatcctcc agatcagcag     66420
     atcagctgtt aatgaggctc cagacagaca gaaacacaca cacacagtct gcatgtcacc     66480
     gcagtgtata atcatgacta attactcact caaatcacca gctcactatt gtgatttcac     66540
     cattcaaaat tgagatttgt gaataaatga ttgattacat catgcattaa agatgtcctt     66600
     tgataaggtt attatgcatg tgtcttttag aaatcaaaat atagcaaata taactgtaca     66660
     gtgttcaatt cagttcagtg tggtttaata atcactactg agagcccaaa cactgaagag     66720
     caaatccatc catgcacagc tctacagatc ctgaaccatg caagccagtg gcgacagtgg     66780
     tgaggaacaa acttcaccaa ttggcgaaag tgaagaatta aaaaaccagg agagaaacca     66840
     ggctcagttg ggcaccacca tttctcctct ggccaaacgt cttgtgtaga gctgcagtct     66900
     aggcgctgaa ggctggagaa tgctggacgt cagtgagact cgtctgtccc tggagcgtca     66960
     caggaatcag tctcatgctc tccactcctc catgaccacc acagcagctg ctcaggatac     67020
     ggcctggtcc aggattatgg aaaccttggg atcatctcat cgctggtctt ggttcgaatc     67080
     agtggcgctg catagtctct ggggagcctc gggatgagta tcctcaggtg aaaatagaga     67140
     ataaagagaa ttattagcgt agctgctgtt catagtgtat ataaacgaga tgcagaaacc     67200
     tgtgtggagc acattcatgc atcataccgc tgagtgctgc actgagtgtg tgctttacta     67260
     aacagacagg tctttattct agtgttgaac tggaagagtg tgtctgagcc tcggacatta     67320
     tcaggaaggc tattccagag tgttagagcc ataaatgaga agactcgacc tcctttagtc     67380
     gactttgcta ttctaggtac taccagaagc cctgaatgag ttctcctctc acagatctcc     67440
     attatacatt aatattttct acacgccact tcactataat atatctgtgc actcacaaca     67500
     caatagcaac acatcacaac accttagcaa caccccagca accactcata acactttagt     67560
     aacgacctag caacccatca gaacgcctaa gcaatcaccc agaacacaaa agcaacagat     67620
     tatggcacct tagcaatacc ttagcaacca ctcataacac cttagcaaca acctagcagt     67680
     gtaacagatc acctttgaaa ctcacttcaa ttcaagttta tttgtatagc gcttttcaca     67740
     attaatattg tttcaaagga gctttacaaa gtgggaaaag ttaaggttat tagtaaccac     67800
     aaatttttag tcgccaataa cttaaactaa ttaactagta actaatggct tttaacagtt     67860
     taagtaatta tatataaaca tagttaatct gcagttatat agtgtatcag taatttctat     67920
     gtttacacaa aaccattcct aacacatcac cacaccttgg caacatcata gcaaccactc     67980
     aaaacatatt ataaaaactt cagactacct tagcaacacc ctagcaacca cacataacac     68040
     aatagtaaca ctaaagcaac cactcagaac acattagaaa aacataatct tagcaacacc     68100
     ttagcaacca ctcaaaacac tgtaacaaca acctagcagc ccatcagaac accttagcaa     68160
     cacccgaaca acccaaaaga acacattgga atcaaagcac aacacatcac cacacaatag     68220
     caacaccata gcaaccactc agaaaacatt ataaaaacat cagaacacct tagcaacccc     68280
     ctagcaacca ctcgtaacac ctagcaacac actagcaacc catcagaact acttagcaac     68340
     cacttataac agtttagcaa caacccaaca taatacctta gacaccacac acaacacatc     68400
     acgaaacaat agcaacaccc tagaaaccac tcagaacaaa ttataaaaac atcagaacac     68460
     cttagcaaca tcatagcaac catttgttat gcctagcaac atactagcaa cccatcagaa     68520
     caccttagca acaccctagc aaccactcat aaaaatttag caacaaacta ccttagaaac     68580
     cacacacagc acctcacgac acaataacaa caccctagaa acctctcaac acacattata     68640
     aaaacatcag attaccttag aaacacccta gcaaccactc aaaacacatt agcaacacat     68700
     cagaacactt tagtaacacc ctaacaacca ctcaaaacac attagcaaca catcagaaca     68760
     ctttagtaac accctaacaa ccactcagaa cacattagca acacatcaga acactttagt     68820
     aacatcctaa caaccactca aaacacatta gcaacacatc agaacacttt agtaacaccc     68880
     taacaaccac tcaaaacaca ttagcaacac atcagaacac tttagtaaca ccctaacaac     68940
     cactcaaaac acattagcaa cacatcagaa cactttagta acaccctaac aaccactcaa     69000
     aacaccttag tgtaacggag gccagctagt gaatgtaacc ccactggtcc tacaccgccc     69060
     aacacacccc aagctgggat cgaaccggcg accttccgca tgggagtcgg ttgctctaac     69120
     aaggaggcta aagaccatgg cccctatcgt ctgtcgttag agcaccttta gaggtcagag     69180
     gagtgaggtt tacctgcaca gcacacacta cctggcctcc gttacattag caacaccata     69240
     gcaaccactc agaacacatc agcaacacat aagaacacct tagctacacc ctagcaacca     69300
     ctcctccagt atggcagtgt tcctccttca tcagtgtatg atgcgtctcc tcttcctctg     69360
     cgatggcctt tcctcctgcc gtctgtgttt gtggagcaga gaacacagct ctgactaaga     69420
     accatggctt tcatttgtgt gcaataatag aagcaaaaga cagcattagt ggcccgtgtg     69480
     cttgcgtctc ctttaggaat cctgctcact ttgctctaaa agcgtcccag aaattagagc     69540
     agcgtctgga acacatgcag tcattaactc tcggccgtat ttttagaaga cgtctccgct     69600
     tttcccactg tttgatctgc actgcctcat ccagaaacaa gcagcgacgg atcactcacc     69660
     ctgtagtcgc tcaggatcgt cttcactcaa cttagttttt taaacacaac tggcactcaa     69720
     accagcgacg ttcttgctgt gaggcgacag tactacctac tgcgccactg cgccgcctct     69780
     tcacatagtt ccaatgttaa aggtcataag ctgagaatgc acatgaaaaa tacatgcagc     69840
     tttattttcc tgtcatgtgt taaatgggtg gatcttgtgt ttctacagat cagtttatca     69900
     tgtgaagcgt gtcagtcagt cagcgcttac gcatgcattc gctgattcag agatgcatat     69960
     gaagggcgat gatcggcaca cagcgctaat gaacagaaag tgaatgaaga cgtttttata     70020
     ttgatttcag tgtgctctca agattaataa tagatgagta atattggaaa acacctgatg     70080
     acaggatgat agcaggatag aggggtaaaa tatgggagaa tctcagcaaa aacaggaggg     70140
     ttgggatgta tggagtgaac aggaagggtt tgtggaacaa cagtttctgc gagggagtgc     70200
     aaaatatctt agcgagggac acaaaaactt aaaaatatat attttcccat cattgttttt     70260
     tttctcctac tcatttttcc ccaccatcac gtctcttccg ggtctctgtg tttcagcaac     70320
     aagttagaga tcttcccacc aaatgcggaa gaagcgtgag tgatttccat gttaagtcag     70380
     tgcaaaaaca agaatagaca tcctacatac aggcgcaggc ccggattaag aactcagggg     70440
     cccctgggca cattgtcttg taaggccccc tacctggacc tgaacctata atttgttgtt     70500
     aatttgttgc ccacatattt aaataaataa tatatactta tttttcacag cattgaataa     70560
     aaataccaat aaaactagtg aaaattaatg ttttttagta tacttgttca agttcactaa     70620
     aacagtatat atatataatt tttaaagggt attttaatgt attgctttta caaacgtatg     70680
     aagcgtatta ttggcatggc atataacaca caatgcctct ccaatccagt tctatgaatc     70740
     tgagtctttc ataataaaca cacttattaa ttatttactg tctctctcct cctctccctg     70800
     tattctccct cgtgatgaag aatataggca aacagcatag aacaacttga ttataaacct     70860
     aaagtatctg aaatcacaca cactatacct cttctctccc gggctttact ctctctctct     70920
     ctccccctct ctctcttctt ttctgtctgt ctctcatgat gaatccagtc tgcgctgcgc     70980
     tgctgttagc ctcctccgcc tggttaatgc aagcttactt atttaacgtt tccataacgt     71040
     cttcttctgt accctcattt tcctgatcat tggtctgttt gaagaaggtg tttggaaaat     71100
     gcctcaataa agatgcctcc tctcctcttt ctgtcgcgtt tgctaaatcc acttgttcac     71160
     tcatttttga tctatgacaa atactaatgt aacgttacac tacagtccgc tcagttaagt     71220
     gcgggttatt acaaaactga cgtttccacg cttgaccaat tacagcattc tgtttagtta     71280
     aagaaggaaa gatcatttca atataataat aatattaata tgtgatcacg attttttttt     71340
     tttgctcaga ggaatttttt tgctctgagc aaaatagttt ttacagagag ggaggcacct     71400
     ataataaagg ctgaacatta ttaaataccc acgaggcact tgtgacttta tatcacattt     71460
     gcattcttta ttaaaaatgt ttccttcctg ttaaaaataa atatatttcc aatctgatat     71520
     gttaagggga gaaaaaagta gcacgagttc agctgatggt ggattcgaac cgggttgatc     71580
     aatcgcatca gaagatgttg ctgtgcgctt tacgaggtgc gccactgcag ctgtattgtt     71640
     aaacagctct ttactcatgt tgtctctatc aatcaggcac cgacaggcct aaacagtgaa     71700
     cagtttattc caactaggta tgctatttgc aattagccta aaaatacact ccgaaattgt     71760
     cttttttttc tccccccttg caggggcccc aagtgcgcac gggcccctgg gcctgtgccc     71820
     ataaggccca ttggttaatc cggccctgta cagccgatgc gtgtgaatga cacaaattgc     71880
     gcggcgctaa ttgtttcaca tgtttaacgc acttaactca cgtgaatcgc tcaagttgga     71940
     aaatctgaac tttagtggac attcgcgcaa cattaaccaa tgaggagctt gctcttgtgg     72000
     gggtgtgagt gcctgttgtt ggggtcccgg gggaaatcct ccagccgaca ccagttcatc     72060
     aaactgtgct ggggtcagtc agaagcaccg ctgaaagcct ccatcatccc ggtatagttt     72120
     ctggaggagt tgatgagctc acagctgctg cacctctgaa aggatctagt ggactcactc     72180
     agacacggct ccaaatgaat ttacgctgtt tttcagcctt cattaagcac ataaacactg     72240
     tcattttctg aataaaatca acgttagcca tttagcaatg acgcttcagt caccagtcag     72300
     acagaaaccc tgcccatgac acgaatccgc ctctattctg aagtgaattt gatgcgcgaa     72360
     tgaagcgagt aaactcgaag tgttcacgcg tctatttacg tgcgaaaagc gtgatttatc     72420
     tgcgcgttct gcgtttggtg tgaacacatc attatgcaga tgcggaagag gcgtcaagca     72480
     tgactgattc acatgttaag tcaatgcaaa gacgagaata gaaatcctgc agagcgatat     72540
     gcgcgaatga ggcggtgcaa attgtgcggc gcaaattgag tgttttgcgc gtttgacatg     72600
     cttaacccgc gaatcactcg agttcgaaaa tctgaacttc agcggacatt cgtgcagcgt     72660
     taatcaatca ggagcttgct cttgtggggt cgtgattatg acgtatcgcc tgttgtcggt     72720
     gtcccagggg aaatcctcct gccgaaacca gacaatagtt gatcaaactg ggctcggctc     72780
     agtcagaagc accgctgaaa gcctccaccc tctaggttag gtttctagag ttgatgagct     72840
     cacagctgct gcacctctaa aaggatgtag tggactcaga cacggctcca aaccaatcaa     72900
     cgctgttttt cagccttcat taagcacata gacactgtta ttctcttaat aaaacctcct     72960
     cgatttggta tcactctaac tctaaacaga atttggctgt actgactgaa cactctcgtg     73020
     aaacaaatga aatcaagtgt aatgtctttt tatttgacac acgtgcatgg ttttaccatc     73080
     aaataaacaa aaaacagcaa tcacaacaaa aataaacaag gtgtaccaaa gtcagaaact     73140
     aaattgtctt tctgaaaaaa aaaagtcagt gaccacttat caattagagc actcgagagc     73200
     gactgtcacc gactcggtcc cagtcactcc cctcgctggc cagcagaggc cgccatctct     73260
     ggacttctag cattacatca tccacttacg ctgattgtgc acacacctgt cctgaatctt     73320
     gccttgttca gccccggcca gcattactga gcgttattcc ctgcctgatt cctcgtgtat     73380
     tactccagcc tgtttctgac tctgcttcgc cttctgcctg cccacgaccc acgcctgata     73440
     cacagactct gatactcgca gcctgccttc gaccaatgcc tggtaaaccc ctctgtgtct     73500
     gttcaccgcc agtcttgata cctcacagac tattgttgat gtgtgtttgc actttagtgc     73560
     atattgtgtg tttgagtgaa agcttgacta ataaatactg cataatggat ccctccgtgt     73620
     cagtctcctc gttacagcga cacaataatt ccttccgatg tcctgtgact ccttagaaga     73680
     gactgttacg tgtaggaaag aagtcaagtt gccctgtcta agtgagatga agttggtccc     73740
     caagatattg gataagcttg gtatctccca gtgagaacag caaaccaaca gacgcacaag     73800
     gacagcaaca tataaacagt cctttctaaa acaagcaaac gtaaatgaca taaataactg     73860
     cttacagaca acacatcaaa ataaagacac ataagctgcg tcccaaatgg cacactatgc     73920
     actcatgcac tatgtactta tgcacttaca cactcaacag gatagtatat gcatgtagtg     73980
     tcgtcccaaa tggcacacta atgtgttttt actaagcgga aattcaaacc gtttccctga     74040
     tgacgtttga cggttgccaa atcattgaag taaacggccg aattatcaaa taatacctgc     74100
     cgtgagtatt gctgcaatca ccatcgggag gcgctataat cactctcgta gaagaatttt     74160
     gctttcacca tccaaattaa ataaagttat tcaacatgtg cgtccgatag ctccgcccct     74220
     tccgctacgt aagcaaacct gcggtcgttg agtgcgtgaa gtgtccatca ttacacactt     74280
     cattttagcg gctgaatgag tgcatcatcc gggtaattaa agtgcactta ttatttttag     74340
     ggttttcagt gtgaacgcac tactttattt attctacaaa atggcgtaga atagtgcata     74400
     agtatgcgat ttgggacgca gctattcact cacaactgag cgataacttc aatagttctc     74460
     aaaacattgt actgaatttg aaggctggca gcgaaagtga tacatctggg ctgcgtccgg     74520
     aaccgcctac tactcagtag gtactgcatt tgaatttaaa cgtacttctc tgtcgttaga     74580
     aaagtacctt cgatacagta tgaatgtgaa aagtatgtat ggaattcgga cgtactacat     74640
     ccgccatttt gtcatggtca cgtgacctac ccatgtcagt tgcgtcgctt cacttccatt     74700
     cataaattct ctcagtgggg cattatggga tagcgtagcg tgcatgggat gtgcactcca     74760
     gaatgtcaac ggaagtggta agtcatccgg gtacttttca catactgatt ttcgaattct     74820
     atgaattcag acatactact cggctcgcat actgatttta gtgcactgta tagtatggaa     74880
     gtatgcggtt ttggacgcag ccgtggtgtc cactctatca aacgctcctt actctatggt     74940
     aagtggctct ttataagggt gcaaatcaac ctagtgccct ctaaggtcgg acgcagtatt     75000
     gcatgtcaac atgccaaaca acacacgatg caaaaccaat aaagaaatca gaacataata     75060
     atagaaacat ttaactgtta cagccattta gcatcgaagc tacagtcacc gtgcagacag     75120
     gagccccgcc catcacgcga atccgcgtct tttgctcagt gaatttaaca tgcgaatgaa     75180
     gcgagttaac tcaatgttct gcgtctggtg tgaacacagc ataaggctaa aaagcgtttg     75240
     gtgaccactg ggttaaatgg tcaatgtgag catccctagt ttgctttaaa ctgcggtgat     75300
     aaatgcgatg tggtcgaaaa tttgggcgca tctaccttgt tctgccgcac cttagaaaaa     75360
     attgtgtgcg caccagtgca acaagtcccg tagtgcattt gattttctgt gctgtctcct     75420
     gagcacacat ttgtcagctc tattgacatt actcctcaca tcctcactca tgtcatattt     75480
     cagtgcccgt ttctgtaaat gagatttgcc agcgttaaag tcatatctgc ttcagtgtga     75540
     tgttcatatt tctgcattaa acacagctcg ggctgcagtt cacgctctat cagtcctacc     75600
     agctccagca caacacatat aaacagccat aaagatgtgt gataaaccat aaatctgact     75660
     gtcaaacggc ggagagcgaa cgagatacac ggttattaat ctccagtcat gaataataat     75720
     aataatctga gcgtatgaag atgaactaga gagagccggc agagctgatg cttcacaaac     75780
     actgattcag tcacttctga cgcattattt gcagaataaa tgaacgagga acagttgtca     75840
     ttgtggtatc tttgagattt atttcctcca tttccagtgt catttcagtt tacattttat     75900
     tatgtacaat aatgactgat gtagtgaccg ttgagatggt ggattattta atatcaatta     75960
     tactaatcaa ctattgcagt gtttatttgt gacttaaatt attcttatta tcatcagtga     76020
     ttccaaacgt taacatcagc aaaaccttta attatgcatg tctagaataa ataaataaac     76080
     caagaactcg aaaacacaac aacaaaagca cactgagaca tgtagcggtg gaccctacag     76140
     ataacagact ctcgaataat aataaataaa tgaagaatca attaataaat aaaatattaa     76200
     tagtataaaa tcattcataa gggaatactg aataaagaac attgtgagta aagataaaca     76260
     ctgggttttt gtaacttaac gttgggtcaa atatgaacaa aaccaaccat tatgttaaaa     76320
     aatgtcattt atatttgaat atatttagtt taaacttggt tttgcccata tttgacgcaa     76380
     cactgagtta acaacaaccc aacatttatt gtgagagagt gttagtactc acagtattct     76440
     tatattcaac attcatttac aagactgtta tcattacctt tgaacaatta atgtaaacaa     76500
     tcattttgtg agaaaatatt ttttaggggt ggcatggagg cttagtgatt atcactgtgt     76560
     cctcacagca agaaggttgc tggtttgagt cccgaatggg tcagttgaca attctgtgtg     76620
     gagtttgcat gttctctccg tgttggcgtg ggtttcctcc gggtgctccg gtttccccca     76680
     cagtccaaac acatgcgcta taggggaatt gaataagcta aactggccgt agtgtatgag     76740
     tgtgtgtgtg aatgagtgtg tacgggtggt ccctggtaca gggttgccgc ttgaggggca     76800
     tctactacgt aaaaaaacat atgctggaat aattggtggt tcattctgct gtggtgaccc     76860
     ctgataaata aagggactaa gctggaggaa aatgaaaaac atgtactgta agggtcagta     76920
     gtgtactgaa aagtttctgt aacgtgatca ctgtaaaacc cctgttgtgg ttctaaagat     76980
     agtaagagtg taaagttttt ttttgagtga ttccagggtg aatcccatct ttttagtgtg     77040
     gttcctcatt taaaagtgga ctgtgagaag ctgaaagctg tgtttatggg agtgcaaagg     77100
     agtttcaccc aaataaatgt ttcatctgcc tcttctgtcc tctgacactg aattatacat     77160
     cacattcttg aaggggcaga gctcatgtgt gtttatggag ctctcagggc ctgagacacc     77220
     catccaatct aaatgcaatc taaaccaaaa ctatccaaaa ctaaacaaat acaacacaat     77280
     caatcaaaca aaaccaagcc aagcaaatcc aaaccatacc aaaccaatcc aacaatcaat     77340
     ctcaatccaa accaaaccaa accaaaccaa cacaatccaa caatctagcc taagttaatg     77400
     taatgtaacg aaatgtaatc taatctaaac ctattaaacc ataccaaacc aatccaacag     77460
     tccaattcaa tcaaatcaaa ctaattcaac aattcaaacc aaactaaacc aatcaaaacc     77520
     agaccaaacc aatccaatcc ataccataac aaaccagttc aacaatcaat caaagccaaa     77580
     ccaatccaac aatacaattt gatcaaagtc aaaactataa ccaatacaaa aatccaatct     77640
     aatccaaaaa cagaccaaaa caatcaaaac ccaaacagtc cagcaatcta atctaatcca     77700
     atctaatcta atctaatcta atctaatcta atctaatcta atctaatcta atctaatcta     77760
     atctaatcta attcaaacca atcaaaacca aatgtaatca accaaaacca gatcaaacaa     77820
     tacaatccat accataagaa acaggttaaa ttatccaatc aaaatcaaaa ccaaaccaaa     77880
     accaatccaa caatcaaact taatccagtc caacattcca aatcaaacaa aaccagacca     77940
     gaccaaatca aatcaattaa gtccaatcca atatactcta aaccaaacca aaaaccaaac     78000
     cactccaaca acccaaccca atcaaaaaca aaccaataaa ataaaataaa attaatttaa     78060
     attaatccac acttccaatc caatataatc aaaaatccaa actaaaacca attcaacaat     78120
     catatcaaaa ccagtctaat ataaacagac caatctgatc caatccaata tttcaaccca     78180
     atctactcta atctacttta ctttacttta ctttactcta ctttactcta ctttacttta     78240
     ctttacttta ctctaatcta atctaatcta atctaatcta atctaatcta atctaatcta     78300
     atctaatcta attttatcta ttccaaacca aaccaatcta aatcaaatca aaccaaataa     78360
     atataatcca atgcacacca atccaatcta atcaaaacca aacccaaaac caatccatca     78420
     atcaaactca atccagtcca acaatccaaa caaaccaaat caaaccagtc tactaaacca     78480
     aaccaaatca aaccagtcta ctaaaccaaa ccaaatcaaa accagtctac taaaccaaac     78540
     caaatcaaac cagtctacta aaccaaacca aatcaaaacc agtctactaa accaaaccaa     78600
     atcaaaacca gtctactaaa ccaaaccaaa tcaaaccagt ctactaaacc aaaccaaatc     78660
     aaaccagtct actaaaccaa atagaataca atgcacacca atccaatcta atcaaaacca     78720
     aacccaaaac caatccatca atcaaactca atctagtcca acaatccaaa caaaccaaat     78780
     caaaccagtc tactaaacca aaccaaatca aaccagtcta ctaaaccaaa ccacatcaaa     78840
     ccagtctact aaaccaagcc aaatcaaacc agtctactaa accaaaccaa atcaaaccag     78900
     tctactaaac caaaccaaat caaaccagtc tactaaacca agccaaatca aaccagtcta     78960
     ctaaaccaaa ccaaatcaaa ccagtctact aaaccaaacc aaatcaaacc agtctactaa     79020
     accaaaccaa atcaaaccag tctactaaac caaaccaaat caaaccagtc tactaaacca     79080
     aaccaaatca aaccagtcta ctaaaccaaa ccaaatcaaa ccagtctact aaaccaagcc     79140
     aaatcaaacc agtctactaa accaagccaa atcaaaccag tctactaaac caaaccaaat     79200
     caaaccagtc tactaaacca aaccaaatca aaaccagtct actaaaccaa accaaatcaa     79260
     accagtctac taaaccaaat ggaatacaat tcacaccaat ccaatctcat caaaactaaa     79320
     cccaaaacca atctatcaat ctaactcaat gcagtccatc aatccaaacc agaacagtct     79380
     accaaagcaa atctaatcta atgcacacca atccaatcta atcaaaacca acaagtaaac     79440
     ttaatccaat ccaacgccaa accacccaaa attagactaa accaaaccaa atcaaaccaa     79500
     accaaaccaa tacaaccaat ataatccaat ctaaaccaaa acaaatccaa caatcagacc     79560
     caattcaaaa caacaatcca atccaaacga ctgggaaaat tgagccattt attctgaatg     79620
     aaccctaaac caaccctaat ccagagactg aagataaagt cagtcagcct gagcattaat     79680
     aatcatgacg gcagtctgta atgtgcttaa gtaattgtga cagctcatta tgaatatgat     79740
     tttaattgcg tgacctatta agatgctgta gtgttttaat tatgcatgtc cagtgtgttc     79800
     tgtcctgcag ccggcagcag aatgaacaca gcggagtgaa cgcatgcagc agatgatcac     79860
     tcagacagca cctcaaatca atcaactttt taaactgcct gctgcagaat tatgcaaaca     79920
     caaggggaaa tcttccatta aagggaacag aaatctaata aatccaccgt taaacatcaa     79980
     cagacaacac aaactaatga aataaaacta aagcacaagc ttctgtttct tgctggattt     80040
     cgtggctctt catcttaact ctcgttaact cttcacagtg tctcgagaaa gtctcgtctg     80100
     aaagtttgaa gtagtttcaa agattaaata atggaagtag ttttcaaaac gtttgaggag     80160
     ctaacataca tgttagcatg tttttagtat ggattagcat gtttcttgct tggtggttga     80220
     tagggtgtta tgagcagttg ctaaggtgtt gctaggtggt tgcaagggtg ttcagagtgg     80280
     ttgctaaggc attgctaggg tgttctgagt ggttgttaag gtgttgctag gtaattgcta     80340
     aggcgttctg agtggttact aggcagttgc taggtggttg ctaagtcctt gctatgcggt     80400
     tgctagggtg ttctgagtaa ttgctacgat gttcaaggtt gttgcttggg tgttttatgt     80460
     ggttgccaag acgttgctag ggggttgata ggttgttctg agttgtggct aagtcattgc     80520
     ttgggtgttc taggtggttg ctaaggcgtt ggtaaacagt tgctaaggta ttctgagtgt     80580
     ttgctaaggt gttcaaggtt gttgctaggg cattgctagg ttgttgctaa gttgttctga     80640
     gtggtaaata ggcagttgct agacgattgc caagtcgttg ctatgcggtt gctagggtgt     80700
     tctgagttgt tgctaaggtg ttcaaggttg ttgctaaggt gttatggtgt tttatgtgat     80760
     tgctaagatg ttgctaggca gttaaaatgt tgttctgagt tgtggctaag tcgctgctag     80820
     ggtgttctag gtggttgcta aggtgttgct aggtggttgc aagggtgttc agagtggttg     80880
     ctaaggcatt gctagggtgt tctgagtggt tgttaaggtg ttgctaggta attgctaagg     80940
     cgttctgagt ggttactagg cagttgctag gtggttgcaa agtccttgtt atgcggttgc     81000
     tagggtgttc tgagtaattg ctacgatgtt caaggttgtt gctagggtgt tttatgtggt     81060
     tgccaagacg ttgctagggg gttgataggt tgttctgagt tgtggctaag tcattgcttg     81120
     ggtgttctag gtggttgcta aggcgttggt aaatagttgc taaggtattc tgagtgtttg     81180
     ctaaggtgtt caaggttgtt gctagggcat tgctaggttg ttgctaaggt gttctgagtg     81240
     gttaataggc agttgctaga cgattgccaa atcgttgcta tgcggttgct agggtgttct     81300
     gagttgttgc taaggtgttc aaggttgttg ctaaggtgtt atggtgtttt atgtgattgc     81360
     taagatgttg ctaggcagtt aaaatgatag gttgttctga gttgtggcta agtcgctgct     81420
     agggtgttct aggtggttgc tatggtgttg ctaaacagtt gctaaggtat tctgagtggt     81480
     tgctaaggtg tttatggtct ttgctaaggt gttgctaggg tgttctgatt ggttgttaag     81540
     gccattgtta aggcgttgat agggtgtttt gactggttgt taaggtgttg caaggtggtt     81600
     gctaaggtgt tctgagtggt tactaggcag ttgctaggca gttacttagt cattgatgtg     81660
     tggttgcaag ggtgttctga gtagttgcta aggtgttcaa ggttgttgct aaggtgctag     81720
     tgtgttttat gtgattgctt aaaccaggga tcacctaact tgttcctgaa gagccatttt     81780
     cccgcagatt ttacctccaa ccctaaccat acacacctga acaagctaat caaggtctta     81840
     ctaggtatgc ttgaaacatt caggcaggtg tgttaaggca agttggagct aaaccctgca     81900
     gggacaccgg ccctccagta ccgagattgg aaacccctgg cttatacgtt gctaggcgtt     81960
     tgccaaggta ttctcagtgg ttgctaaggt gttcaaggtt gtttctaagg tggttgctag     82020
     gcggttgtta aggtgttact aggtggtcac tagggtgttc taagtggttg ctaaggtgtt     82080
     ctcagttatt gctagccagt tgctaacata aattagcatg tcattagcat ggttctagta     82140
     tgaattagca tgtttctagt ataactagct tgttgttagc ataaatttag tatgaattag     82200
     catgtttcta gtatggttag tatatttgtt agtttggatt ggtatgtcat tcgtatgttt     82260
     ctagtataat ttgtctgtta gtatgcttct tagtatgttt ctatgtattg ctgtgttgtt     82320
     agtatgttaa atgtaaagtc aacggcattt tttttattat gaaagtctat gggacagttg     82380
     ctagggtgcg gtaggtggtt gctagggtgt ggctagtaag ttgaaaggtc atcagtgatt     82440
     ggcgcaatgt tatgaggtca gaaagtttgg tccaatgtta agtcaatggg acttttccac     82500
     attttctggg acagttttag agcaacttaa aacatagttt gaaggtttgg agttagtttg     82560
     gtggttgtag tatgtatggt atgaggagat gctttcttaa aatagcctaa gaagaagatg     82620
     gaggaataat aataagttaa tgtagtataa cagtatgtaa gctttctcaa gccaccataa     82680
     ttaagaacat aagatagtgt atcagtgatg tgaagtcttt actattattt ggtaaagttt     82740
     tctccaggat gctttactgt aaaaatgact acacacaaat aaatatgttg ggggaaaata     82800
     ttaaagtaaa tataaatata actgttatat atatattgtc tattccctga gaaatgcata     82860
     taaatgttca tgttcagaag gatgtgtttg tgctgagcgc tgtgtgcatg tatatgtgta     82920
     tatatgacag atgtggagtg tgacggtctg aacaggaaac tgtttttctg gtgtaaatca     82980
     ggagacgcgt ctccttcatg attagatttg ctttgcgtgc gtcttcactc taatctattt     83040
     ctgcgctggc tgtttcaggc ctcattgaga ttcaatcgcc tcatatttgc acgtcggctg     83100
     tcagaaatgc ctttgctttt ccccacaatc taaagctcat ttccgagagg agatggacgc     83160
     cgattgtcca ccacacttca tttctcctct catttctgca cgcatgtcaa catacaaaca     83220
     caaacactgc ctttttttgt atcttaatgt ttttttttaa ttatcaattt gcataaaact     83280
     gcattaattg aaatgtgcag gtaatgctaa ctaattcaaa tgaattcaaa ctaaaatagc     83340
     acatcaataa agctgagtgt aatttatgct gatttaaatg ataaaacact ttgtgatagt     83400
     attcaccagt agctcctccc tttcaccaca agctcttccc cttaaccagt agcccctccc     83460
     cttcaacatc agtagctgtc ccttcaccag ctgtcagctc cccccttcgt cagtagcctc     83520
     tcttattcat ctgtagctcc tcccctttac cagtaggtcc tccctttcac cattaactcc     83580
     tcctcttcct ctgtagttcc tccccttcat tataagctcc tctccttcac cagtagctcc     83640
     tccttttcac caatatccct tcactttcat catcagcccc tccctttcac ctgtagctcc     83700
     tccctttctt catcttcacc tcatattaat cagtagctcc tccccttcac aagtagtacc     83760
     tccctttccc catcagctcc tcccctttat agtcggcctc tcctattcat cagtagcttc     83820
     tccccttcac tagtagttcg tccccttcac cagtagctcc tccttttcac catcatccct     83880
     ttcccatcat catcagcccc tccccctccc cagtagctcc tccccttcat aatcagccct     83940
     tccccttcat cagtagccag tagcttctcc ctttaatcat ctgcccctga tattcatcat     84000
     tagcttctcc cccttcacca gtagtacctc ctttttacca tcaccccttt tcctttatca     84060
     gtagccccac cccttcatca tcagctcctt tccttcacca gtagctcctc cttttcacca     84120
     ttatcccttc cccttcatca tcagcccctc ccatttatca gtagcccctc ccctttataa     84180
     ttagcccccc cttcatcagt agctacttcc cttcaacatc agccccttcc attcaccggt     84240
     agatcctccc cttcattatc agccccttat attgaccagt agctcctcct catcatcagt     84300
     aactcctcct gctcaaccgc aacccttccc ttcactagta gcacctttcc tttataacca     84360
     gtagcccctt ccttaatcac cagtccctcc tcctcaccag ttagtcctcc ccttcaatat     84420
     cagctcctca ccttcatcag tagcccctcc ccttcatcat caacccctcc tcttcatcag     84480
     tagctcctcc catttaccag tagcccctcc ctttcatcac ctgcctctca tattcatcag     84540
     tagctcctcc gacttaacca tagcccttac cttcactgtt agcttcttct cttcattagt     84600
     agcacctccc cttcataacc agtagcccct ccctttcata attagcccct cccctttatc     84660
     atcagtccct cctccccacc catagttcct tccctataac attagctttt ccccttcact     84720
     ggtagaccct catcaccacc ttaaacccct ccccttcata atcgacccct cccattcata     84780
     agtaactcct aattcatcat cagctcctcc ccttcatgag tagttcctcc ccttcaccat     84840
     caactcctta tcttcatcag tagttcctcc ccttaaacat cagccccttc ctttcatcat     84900
     cagcccctcc gctaaataag ttaccagttg ctcctcccat ttaccagaag ctccttctat     84960
     ttaatggtag ccccagttct tcattagtag cacctccatt ttttaaccag tagctcctct     85020
     ctttgataat aagccgctcc ccttttacat tagtacctcc cactcaccag tagctcctcc     85080
     cctttaccac cagcccctcc cattcaacag tagttcctcc ccttcatcat cagcccctcc     85140
     agtagctcct ccccatcata atcagcccct ccccttaatc tgtcaccagt agctccttcc     85200
     ctttcataat cagccttccc ccttcatctt tctccagtag ctccttctat ttaccagtag     85260
     ttccttcctt tcatcatctg cccctcatta tcatcagtag ctcctcctct tcataagaag     85320
     cacctcccct ttataaccag tagctcctcc ctttcataat cagccactcc cctttaacat     85380
     cagtacctcc cctttatcat cagcctcaca agcagcttct ctccttcatc atcagctcca     85440
     gccagtagct tctcgccttc ataatcagcc cctccccctg catccataac cagtagctcc     85500
     tcccatttaa cagtagttcc tccctttcgt catctgcctc tcataatcat cagtagctcc     85560
     tcctcttcat cagtagcccc tacctttcat aatcagccgc tccccattat catcagtccc     85620
     tcccattcaa cagtagttcc tccccatcat catttgccac gcccatccac cagtagctcc     85680
     tcctcctcta cagtagccct gcccttacat catcagtagc tccgccttct ctacagtaga     85740
     cctgcccttt catcatcagt agctcctccc cttcatcagt agctcctcct cctctacaat     85800
     agccctgccc cttcatcatc agtagctccc tcccttcatc agtagctcct cttcctttac     85860
     agtagccctg ccccttcatc atcagtagct ccctcccttc atcagtagct cctcctcctc     85920
     tacagtagcc gtgccccttc atcctcagta gcccctcccc ttcaccatta gcccctcctc     85980
     ctctacagta gccctgcccc ttcatcatca gtagctcctt ccctttatca gtagctcgtc     86040
     ctcctctaca gtagccgtgc cccttcatcc tcagtagccc ctccccttca ccattagccc     86100
     ctcctcctct acagtagccg tgccccttca tcctcagtag cccctcccct tcaccattag     86160
     ctcctcctcc tctacagtag ccctgcccct tcatcatcag tagctccttc cctttatcag     86220
     tagctcgtcc tcctctacag tagccctgcc ccttcatcat cagtaggccc tccccttacc     86280
     attagctcct cctcctctac agtagccctt cccctttcat catcagtagc tcctcccctt     86340
     catcagtagc tcctcctcct ctacagtagc ccttcccctt tcatcatcag tagctcctcc     86400
     cgttcatcag tagctcctcc tcctcttcag tagccctgcc ccatcatcct cagtagcccc     86460
     tccccttcac cattagcccc tcctcctcta cagtagccct gccccttcat catcagtagc     86520
     tccttccctt tatcagtagc tcgtcctcct ctacagtagc cgtgcccctt catcctcagt     86580
     agcccctccc cttcaccatt agcccctcct cctctacagt agccgtgccc cttcatcctc     86640
     agtagcccct ccccttcacc attagctcct cctcctctac agtagccctg ccccttcatc     86700
     atcagtagct ccttcccttt atcagtagct cgtcctcctc tacagtagcc ctgccccttc     86760
     atcatcagta ggccctcccc ttaccattag ctcctcctcc tctacagtag ccattcccct     86820
     ttcatcatca gtagctcctc cccttcatca gtagctcctc ctcctctaca gtagcccttc     86880
     ccctttcatc atcagtagct cctttctctt catcagtagc tcctcctcct cttcagtagc     86940
     cctgccccat catcatcagt agctcctccc cttcatcagt agctttactt caggcatggc     87000
     atcgtgcata tgtacgcaaa ttgggatgca cctaagcgct gggtctccat atttcaccca     87060
     tttgttgttg gtttataaca acccagcagt tattagtgaa aaagcacatg atagcgttca     87120
     gttctgctga tttggtgact gacggcctct tcatcagcat gtggagagcg tgtgcgtgga     87180
     gctgatggtg tgctaaagcg agtgtctgac ctccgctgac ccctctgacc tgtagatctt     87240
     cataattgtc caccttcatt gtgacctgct ggatcctgct gctcctcatt agagctcccg     87300
     tctctctctc tcctgctata taaagcctca ttctctctag gagagtttaa aacaaacctc     87360
     tgccagagcc actaaaccgg ctacagcttg ctcttaaacc tcctgaagct cctgtatgtc     87420
     atctgatgga gagttcaggg cccatattca cagtttatta agttttcaac tcaaagctgc     87480
     tgagataaac tttacggagg aatagagaga agctatcatg caggaaatac ctttataagg     87540
     ggtttaaaca caggtgtgtg tcagcagtgc gtgtgtgtgt gtccagcagc ctctaataat     87600
     aaacatgagt gaattgtgtt tgttctaatc agacttgatg aacacagtct gcagacacac     87660
     tttgattgac attctctctt tgcacgtgtc atcagagggg aaaagccccg cccacgagtg     87720
     cccatctctc cctcattagc atctccagca gccctgagtg agaagcagcc gtctgtccat     87780
     tagagtgctg aagataatgt cagcataagg gcgctctcac actatgctat gagatttgtg     87840
     cccaggcaca tttcctgatt tgtttgacaa gtgtgagtgc accgaattag gcacagtagg     87900
     tagagctgtt gcctcacagc aagaaggtcg ctagttcgag cctcggctgt gacagttctc     87960
     cacttcacac tcacacacac acacacacac acacacactc acactcactc acacacacac     88020
     acacacacac acactcactc actcactcac acaaacatat actcactcac acacacacac     88080
     acacacacgc acacacacac tcaaacacac acacacacac acacactcac attctcacac     88140
     acacacactc actcactcac acaaacatat actcacacac acgcacacgc acgcaaacac     88200
     acactcacac acacacacac acgcacaagc aaacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     88260
     cacacacaca cgcgcaaaca cacacgcaaa cacacacaca cacacactca ctcgctcact     88320
     cgctcactca cacaaacata cactcacata cacacacaca cacacacaca cacgcaaaca     88380
     cacacacgca aacacacaca cactctctca cttactcact cacacacaca cacacacact     88440
     cactcactca cacaaacata cactcacata ctcacataca cacacacact ctcactcaca     88500
     atctctctct ctctcacaca cacacgcacg cacgcacgca cacacaattg tatgtataga     88560
     taaaagccat ttcaggccac aaattgaata aaacacagaa agtgaatctt cacatgaaca     88620
     tcacatcaca tcagtccgtc tgtcaaacca caactatcag gatttcagag cagcgcaggt     88680
     aaaagggcag agtgtgtgtg ttagtgtgtg tctgtgtgtg tgtgtctgtg tgtgtgtgtg     88740
     ttcagtctcc tgctagaaca gaatctgaca gtgataaatc agtatgagga tgatcctcct     88800
     ccagagactc acacactgag gtaaaatagc tttctttatt attatttttc atcattagtt     88860
     gcaggaatga cacagaaatg gatgataaat ccaaagaaac acagtgaaag gaagcattat     88920
     tggatcttaa ctgagcacat gaaccaggcg aaccactgaa cacacttaca ggacatcaga     88980
     tcagaacaca aaccatcttc atcctctgtt agagaaatcc tcttagaaca ccttcacaca     89040
     ttaagcatga ggactttccc ttaaacttaa ctgatctcag gtttcaggaa taaatcaaga     89100
     taaattaaaa actgaagagg aaaataagct aaattcaaaa gtgttctgga aaatgcatag     89160
     aaatatacat aaacgtgcat taaacatgag attatgcata aatcaagagc aaatatctgc     89220
     tgatattgtc tgaaaaattg actttattca aaagaaaacc agattatttc attagctctt     89280
     cctgttaacc catttgctca tgtcttaagc tgaataattg aatgcgtttt ttttagaaaa     89340
     catgttttaa tttaatttgg agaagcaaaa taatgacatg ttttcaggaa aatgcataaa     89400
     agcatgcagg aatgtgcaca tattagtttt gtttatgcat aaatcaagag ctaatatctg     89460
     ccattattag ctgtgtctca tttcagaggc tgcatccttc aaatgataca gacttcaagg     89520
     gtaagtcctt cgaacttcca cacaggctga accgagcgtt ttgaaattag acgatctagc     89580
     ctacagagga cccagctggc aaaactcatg tggcttaaat ccggcccaca tgctgcatgg     89640
     aatgatggca tctgggcggt ctgttcctgt ttgccagatc tgggccacaa ttaagccatc     89700
     gtaatatcac atatcagcca gaattcaacc aaaaaaccag agctgaccct attctgggcc     89760
     acagtttgct tttagtttgg cctagatctg gtccatacca gatactcaca tctggcctac     89820
     ataccgcatg gaatgatggc acttgggcgg tccaatgctg tttgccagat cttggccaca     89880
     tttgccatat cttctctggg ccactatagg ctgctacatt agccagagct cactatgccg     89940
     aatatttgcc aaaagtggcc tgcatatttt tttaagataa ctgggccact tttggcaaat     90000
     cttctctggg ccactttggg ctcacagcca cattagccag agcttaatgt gcctaatatt     90060
     gctaatagtg gcccacatat tttttaagat aactgggcca catttgccat atttgctttt     90120
     attctggccc agatctggcc cacaccagat acttaaatct gaggggactt ggacggtcca     90180
     ttcctgtttg ccagatctgg gccacaatta agccaaagca atatcacctt tcagccagaa     90240
     ttcaactaaa taaaccagag ctgaccatat tctgggccac aatttgcttt aattctagcc     90300
     cagatctggt caataccaga tactcacatc tggcccacat accgcataga atgatggcac     90360
     ttaagcggtc cactcctgtt tgccagattt tggccacttt tggcaaccaa atgaaccaaa     90420
     tgaaccaaaa ttgacccttt tatgggccac agctagcttt aattctagcc cagatctggt     90480
     ccatactaga tactcacatc tgacccacat accgtttgta atgatggaac tcgggcggtc     90540
     cactcttgtt tgccagatct gggccacaat taagccatag caaaaccaca tatcatctag     90600
     aattcaacca aatgaaccag aactgaccct attctgggcc acagtttgct tttagtatgg     90660
     ctcagatctg gcacacacca gatacttaaa tctggcccac ataccgcatg gaatgatgga     90720
     actcgggcgg tccactcttt tttgccagat ctgggtcaca attaagccat accaatatca     90780
     catatcatcc agaattcaac caaataaacc agaactgacc ctattctggg ccacagctag     90840
     ctttaatttt agtccagatc tggtccatac cagatactca catctggccc acataccgta     90900
     tagaatgatg gaactcgagc ggtccacttc tgtttaccag atcttggcca aatttgctat     90960
     atcttctctg agccagtttt ggctctcggc tccattagcc agagcttact gtgcctaata     91020
     tttgccaaaa gtggcccaca tatgtcttaa gataactggg ccacatttgc atctacacat     91080
     gtgagtcact ttgggtttag acccagatta cccttaaata aattcgccac atttttcctc     91140
     catcatttgg gccaaattga tcattttcca cattaggtgc acattcagat tacattttgc     91200
     catgagtgcc aagtctttgc cttaaatggc ccatgtatga atgtgaatct ttggccccct     91260
     ttttgctatt gtacagatgg accacttcag gctcacattc attttgtctg ggccaaagga     91320
     agaccaccag tgctgcataa ctgcctaaag tggcccacat ttaaatgcta tctggggacg     91380
     gatctcgtta acagctgctg ttaataagcg ctgatcaaat ttgtaaggct ttttctcaga     91440
     gtgatttcat aacttatttt aagcgatctg aaggcaaaac gaggtttaca gaagctggaa     91500
     atatatctcc tttgatccac acatgtacac ataaacatat aagctgtcta taaaatcagt     91560
     ctttagtcag acatgtcgta ctcttgttgt tttgtaacat gtgtttgcat atccaagtaa     91620
     aataatccta attcatacat ttaaaccgga gcttctttca aaagcatcct gtgcaatgaa     91680
     tcttgggacg tttgaggccg cgatggatcc accgcttgtg tccttcttta cctgggaaac     91740
     gaagaactca ttttgaggct gcgtttcaag gaaccttcaa atttgtttta aaatgcgaca     91800
     gcctttgtcg cactgagatg atgcagcaca cttcaaatgc atccttcata ggatgtagcc     91860
     tctgatatga gacacagctt caatcagaac ttaatttaaa agaaaacaag ccacttcaga     91920
     acccactcga tctcgcttta agtcaaacat tttgatgtat ttttcaaaaa acaaaactta     91980
     atatatttat ttattttatt tcattaatat aagcatcttg attgagggaa tattttgatg     92040
     tttatactga aaagttaaga cagaaacact gaagaataag atc                       92083