ID   AL591481; SV 5; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 100317 BP.
AC   AL591481;
DT   16-MAY-2001 (Rel. 67, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 16)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone BUSM1-101L20 in linkage group 2 Contains
DE   37 TCR-alpha V segments (II-1 to II-37 according to annotation by Tatsuya
DE   Ota) two of which are pseudogenes (II-21, II-22) and a CpG island.
KW   CpG island; HTG; T-cell receptor; TCR-alpha; V-segment; variable region.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-100317
RA   Corby N.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: zfish-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests:
RL   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/D_rerio/faqs.shtml#dataeight
DR   MD5; 8e485a7fb90fd486b49ee730ae5d4c70.
DR   IMGT/LIGM; AL591481.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: zfish-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/C_elegans/wormpep
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone BUSM1-101L20. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone BUSM1-101L20 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true left end of clone BUSM1-71H18 is at 91497 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone BUSM1-101L20 is at 100317 in this sequence.
CC   BUSM1-101L20 is from a Zebrafish PAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..100317
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="2"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="BUSM1"
FT                   /clone="BUSM1-101L20"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..100317
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: BUSM1-101L20"
FT   mRNA            join(3571..3610,3731..>4025)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ101L20.1-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-1"
FT   CDS             join(3571..3610,3731..>4025)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ101L20.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001435"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-1"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD32826.2"
FT                   AVYYCAL"
FT   mRNA            join(5905..5944,6060..>6357)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ101L20.2-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-2"
FT   CDS             join(5905..5944,6060..>6357)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ101L20.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001436"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-2"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD32827.2"
FT                   SAVYYCALT"
FT   mRNA            join(7106..7154,7233..>7542)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ101L20.3-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-3"
FT   CDS             join(7106..7154,7233..>7542)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ101L20.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001437"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-3"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD32828.2"
FT                   EDVCVSDSAVFNCAL"
FT   mRNA            join(11271..11319,11417..>11714)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ101L20.4-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-4"
FT   CDS             join(11271..11319,11417..>11714)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ101L20.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001438"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-4"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD32829.1"
FT                   VSDSAVYYCAL"
FT   mRNA            join(12932..12971,13062..>13337)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ101L20.5-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-5"
FT   CDS             join(12932..12971,13062..>13337)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ101L20.5-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001439"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-5"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD32830.1"
FT                   V"
FT   mRNA            join(15137..15176,15251..>15558)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ101L20.6-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-6"
FT   CDS             join(15137..15176,15251..>15558)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ101L20.6-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001440"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-6"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD32831.1"
FT                   DSALYYCALRVG"
FT   mRNA            join(17377..17428,17498..>17802)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ101L20.7-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-7"
FT   CDS             join(17377..17428,17498..>17802)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ101L20.7-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001441"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-7"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD32832.1"
FT                   TLSDSALYYCALRVG"
FT   misc_feature    22444..22496
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones"
FT   mRNA            join(25557..25605,25691..>26000)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ101L20.8-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-8"
FT   CDS             join(25557..25605,25691..>26000)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ101L20.8-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001442"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-8"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD32833.1"
FT                   QDLRVSDSAVFYCAL"
FT   mRNA            join(26229..26271,26362..>26653)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ101L20.9-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-9"
FT   CDS             join(26229..26271,26362..>26653)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ101L20.9-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001443"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-9"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD32834.1"
FT                   AVYYCAL"
FT   mRNA            join(28055..28094,28215..>28512)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ101L20.10-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-10"
FT   CDS             join(28055..28094,28215..>28512)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ101L20.10-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001444"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-10"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD32835.1"
FT                   SAVYYCAL"
FT   mRNA            join(29026..29074,29179..>29477)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.1-001-2"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-11"
FT   CDS             join(29026..29074,29179..>29477)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.1-001-2"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003570"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-11"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD32836.1"
FT                   SDSAVYYCALRP"
FT   mRNA            join(31832..31871,31970..>32271)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.2-001-2"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-12"
FT   CDS             join(31832..31871,31970..>32271)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.2-001-2"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003571"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-12"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD32837.1"
FT                   ALYYCALTVG"
FT   misc_feature    34572
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 120bp by restriction digest data"
FT   mRNA            join(36481..36520,36620..>36924)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.3-001-2"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-13"
FT   CDS             join(36481..36520,36620..>36924)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.3-001-2"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003572"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-13"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD32838.1"
FT                   SALYYCALRVV"
FT   mRNA            join(44080..44119,44235..>44536)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.4-001-2"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-14"
FT   CDS             join(44080..44119,44235..>44536)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.4-001-2"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003574"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-14"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD32839.1"
FT                   ALYYCALRVV"
FT   mRNA            join(46672..46711,46785..>47099)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.5-001-2"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-15"
FT   CDS             join(46672..46711,46785..>47099)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.5-001-2"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003576"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-15"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD32840.1"
FT                   DSALYYCAVKSRLY"
FT   mRNA            join(48620..48668,48748..>49051)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.6-001-2"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-16"
FT   CDS             join(48620..48668,48748..>49051)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.6-001-2"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003578"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-16"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD32841.1"
FT                   LRVSDSAVYYCAL"
FT   mRNA            join(50560..50608,50713..>51007)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.7-001-2"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-17"
FT   CDS             join(50560..50608,50713..>51007)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.7-001-2"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003580"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-17"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD32843.1"
FT                   SDSAVYYCAL"
FT   mRNA            join(52942..52990,53076..>53383)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.8-001-2"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-18"
FT   CDS             join(52942..52990,53076..>53383)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.8-001-2"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003582"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-18"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD32844.1"
FT                   LRVSDSAVYYCALRP"
FT   mRNA            join(53733..53772,53961..>54265)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.9-001-2"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-19"
FT   CDS             join(53733..53772,53961..>54265)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.9-001-2"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003584"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-19"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD32845.1"
FT                   DSALYYCALIV"
FT   mRNA            join(55108..55156,55271..>55566)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.10-001-2"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-20"
FT   CDS             join(55108..55156,55271..>55566)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.10-001-2"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003561"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-20"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD32846.1"
FT                   SDSAVYYCALR"
FT   CDS             56506..56568
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.11-001-2"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-21 pseudogene"
FT   CDS             56743..56837
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.38-001-2"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-22 pseudogene"
FT   mRNA            join(59382..59421,59513..>59813)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.12-001-2"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-23"
FT   CDS             join(59382..59421,59513..>59813)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.12-001-2"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003562"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-23"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD32847.1"
FT                   DSAVYYCAL"
FT   mRNA            join(60207..60243,60331..>60629)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.13-001-2"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-24"
FT   CDS             join(60207..60243,60331..>60629)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.13-001-2"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003563"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-24"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD32848.1"
FT                   VYYCALKP"
FT   mRNA            join(61423..61462,61549..>61855)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.14-001-2"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-25"
FT   CDS             join(61423..61462,61549..>61855)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.14-001-2"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003564"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-25"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD32849.1"
FT                   VSDSAVYYCAL"
FT   mRNA            join(65923..65962,66163..>66470)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.15-001-2"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-26"
FT   CDS             join(65923..65962,66163..>66470)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.15-001-2"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003565"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-26"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD32850.1"
FT                   DSALYYCALRVG"
FT   mRNA            join(67724..67763,67890..>68187)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ101L20.27-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-27"
FT   CDS             join(67724..67763,67890..>68187)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ101L20.27-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001445"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-27"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD32851.1"
FT                   SAVYYCAL"
FT   mRNA            join(72422..72470,72568..>72862)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.16-001-2"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-28"
FT   CDS             join(72422..72470,72568..>72862)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.16-001-2"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003566"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-28"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD32852.1"
FT                   SDSAVYYCAL"
FT   mRNA            join(74174..74216,74378..>74669)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.17-001-2"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-29"
FT   CDS             join(74174..74216,74378..>74669)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.17-001-2"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003567"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-29"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD32853.1"
FT                   ALYYCALT"
FT   mRNA            join(81297..81339,81430..>81721)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.18-001-2"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-30"
FT   CDS             join(81297..81339,81430..>81721)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.18-001-2"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003568"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-30"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD32854.1"
FT                   AVYYCAL"
FT   mRNA            join(83735..83777,83944..>84235)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.19-001-2"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-31"
FT   CDS             join(83735..83777,83944..>84235)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.19-001-2"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003569"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-31"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD32855.1"
FT                   ALYYCALT"
FT   mRNA            join(86262..86301,86554..>86866)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.20-001-2"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-32"
FT   CDS             join(86262..86301,86554..>86866)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.20-001-2"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003573"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-32"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD32856.1"
FT                   AAVSDSAVYYCAL"
FT   mRNA            join(87450..87498,87622..>87925)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.21-001-2"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-33"
FT   CDS             join(87450..87498,87622..>87925)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.21-001-2"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003575"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-33"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD32857.1"
FT                   LRVSDSAVYYCAL"
FT   misc_feature    91497
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: BUSM1-71H18"
FT   mRNA            join(91543..91582,91740..>91987)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.22-001-2"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-34"
FT   CDS             join(91543..91582,91740..>91987)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.22-001-2"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003577"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-34"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD32858.1"
FT   mRNA            join(94837..94888,94963..>95266)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.23-001-2"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-35"
FT   CDS             join(94837..94888,94963..>95266)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.23-001-2"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003579"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-35"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD32859.1"
FT                   DLQVSDSAVYYCAL"
FT   mRNA            join(97374..97413,97510..>97808)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.24-001-2"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-36"
FT   CDS             join(97374..97413,97510..>97808)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.24-001-2"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003581"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-36"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD32860.1"
FT                   TALYYCALR"
FT   misc_feature    98195..98208
FT                   /note="Inconsistency in the number of bases in
FT                   mononucleotide run between subclones"
FT   mRNA            join(99206..99254,99326..>99632)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.25-001-2"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-37"
FT   CDS             join(99206..99254,99326..>99632)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.25-001-2"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003583"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-37"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD32861.1"
FT                   DLRASDSAVYYCAL"
FT   misc_feature    100317
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: BUSM1-101L20"
SQ   Sequence 100317 BP; 33111 A; 18400 C; 17660 G; 31146 T; 0 other;
     gatcatcgtc cctccccata atatcccact caccctttac ccactgcaca atcctgcctg        60
     taaataaaca tgtgcaatgg ctgaaagatc tgtgtctctt cttgtgtttt atataatata       120
     agataaaaac atgatataaa gaacatgttc agcataaaca gaattatttt aatcttttcc       180
     taaatctttg tatttactct gtgaaagaca ctaaaaccat ataaatgcta atgttaactt       240
     acaaacagca gtgtgtgtaa tgaaacatgg tttaaaaaca aacagcggct agtaccataa       300
     tgcaagtcag cgtttgcgag ggtgacgtct cttgtcaaag gcagatagaa tgacgatggt       360
     aaagagaaac aaatatttca cctgagttga catgataata ctcgttgcaa caaatgcgac       420
     aagttgtttt tttgtaaaag cagaaaacac aagcaatctg gctaaacatc tttcaaaagt       480
     gcattaactg aagatgcaga caaatgcaga gttttcaact gcctacagta gctactaatg       540
     ttacatcatc tacatcctca gttatgtatg ctatcagtca tgaagaaatt agtttgatat       600
     taatagttta ataaacacac actttcgtta cgttacattg aaaatagtat ttttttcagc       660
     agtagcctaa ataaatctta aatagggatg ctctgatcag gatttgtgca gacgatacag       720
     agtaccaatt ctttgtcatg gtgatcagtc gatacacagt accgattctg atatcgctat       780
     ttacctcctc acatgttgtg gctgctgtag gctatataca ggagcacgaa tgagtcgtcc       840
     cttgcttgta atcttaaaaa cacctgcgat cagtttatga aatccaccat attggtgagt       900
     accaatcgag ttattaattg tgattatcag ctgatactga tgtttggacg atcgaacgga       960
     gcatccctaa tcttaaacat taaaatgcca ttatattcct gtatttacaa agaaattttt      1020
     aataacaaac tgcttattta gaataataaa tttaattatt acattgcaag aggttccaaa      1080
     actgcattac tttcaatccc aaacacagtt aacatattta tgtgaatatg ttaatgataa      1140
     atcataaact ctcccagtga tgggttgcag ctggaagggc atccgctgtg taaaatgcaa      1200
     tgctggataa gttggcagtt cattccgcag tggcgacccc agattaataa ggggactaag      1260
     cctaaaaaaa attaacaaat gaatgaatga atcattacac attcacatta gccacagctg      1320
     atcatttaac tgcatttgca actcaaagag ggcattttca actgtaggga gcacaataag      1380
     ccaagaaagg tccgacttct gccagaaaag gcaaacatgt tgatttttct ccagaacaat      1440
     ggtcatttgc agcctaacat gctccaactg tgttccttta aaccattgta cattctttta      1500
     caagaaataa agatttattt gttttacaat tattgctttt atgtcatttt gcattacaat      1560
     agtaataata caattaataa taataaaaat aaaaagtttt gttaattctg tttaatttgt      1620
     tttgttatat tttatttttt aaaaagtaca aaaagtactg tgaagagtac cgttaaagta      1680
     ctgaactgat aagtagtata gataaaagta gtaatgacat taaaagctta acaataccca      1740
     tccctgttgc taatatttaa acaaatttaa aaaacaattg agatctcagc accatttcat      1800
     ttcaactgaa caatacttaa ctgagctccc tctaccaacc tttattattt ttttatgatg      1860
     aaaagtaact gtgttaggtg ctgtaatact gaattgaaaa aactgtggaa accaaacatg      1920
     taaaatacct gaaagttact atcgttacag ctgattcaat catccagttt cagcaataaa      1980
     ccatgttcca ttacacacac tgaacaataa taatgataat tccctttatt tttatgtggt      2040
     tgaagtatct gaaacgtaca gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt      2100
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt acacatacag aatgattttt aatgttaatt      2160
     ggttccaaat gaatgactga actatagaaa tgtaccacag gagggcagca tctctcaaaa      2220
     gagcaataaa cagtctgaag cagagaccaa catgaagact tgatatatca agaaaacaac      2280
     agcggagatg aaactgagct acagtaaata ccgacacatt tacaacaaca atttcttcct      2340
     ctcagcaatg ataacactgc tgattattat tcttttcttc aaagtccagg actttggtaa      2400
     gaaaggcatg gtttttgcta cattcattat tccatggtgg ggcgccacat caaaattgat      2460
     attgatccag gatgatgtga atcctctgga tcctcatgat cctcgggagt ctgttttcca      2520
     tatcaaactt gcgaagtctg aacttacaag gagaggatgc aggactgaac tgtgtgttag      2580
     gctacttaat atggaggaaa agccacaatc agagaagcaa atgtctgcag ccccacctcc      2640
     gttttcagat gtctttgttt tcccccatcc acaatgagac ggagcagcag cgttttagaa      2700
     tgaaacggcc tctccagttt tcggcactca aaaacttagg cgtagtgtgg acggatggcg      2760
     taaccgtagc aaaacttaag cactttcaaa ctgaaacgca ttagtgtcaa cgggaactaa      2820
     aagagacaca gaatgtgctt aaatatcata ttctctttgg tgatccccct ccctctattt      2880
     tttgtgttaa acaacccgtt cttcatatgt tttaattgat tttcatcata caataaatat      2940
     taaaggtcag tagaaggaga tctatagctt atgatctata caaaacaact caacggtaga      3000
     atgactacag ctgtaattaa acatctttaa cttaaacatt gacttaattg aacatcttta      3060
     aatcatcata tatgagctat aatcattaat aaaaaaaatg aaacaatgta ttctgctgta      3120
     tatgctcact ttactgacaa tagtccaaaa ataggctaga cattaaatag acagaattca      3180
     cacaggtagt cattcattcc tctctgtttg aaaagaagtc tttttgtcta ttgtttgatg      3240
     tgacgtcttt tagattttca ctgatttcca tacatgaaca atgtagatct ggatcagaaa      3300
     tgttctttta atgtctgcat ctcagtaaaa taacctaacg gttaaatgta attaattaat      3360
     actgtatcta taacaatatc tcctgacata ctgaagtact caagattcag ttaatgagat      3420
     gcactgcact tacagcacca gtgatcaata cacatcaata cacaacgttt ttctccctgt      3480
     tgttataaaa tgaactgagt ggagcagtgg gtggagttta ttcacactgc tgagagtgaa      3540
     agagttcatc actaactcta tgaagacaac atgtttctct tcacctgcat tataatacag      3600
     ctttacatgg gtaagagata ttcagtcaat ccatgtttat tataaaaaaa ataaataaat      3660
     aaattactgc aaaaatattt gaggctttgc acatctattt ctaattaatt gagacctttt      3720
     ttcctcacag gaactgcaat tgcagatgca atacagcccc tgtcttcaga caaacgtgta      3780
     gctaaaggcg aaaatgtgac tctgtcctgt aattacagca ccactggcac tgttgactct      3840
     ctccagtggt atcgccagta tccaggagca aaaccagagt ttttactttc tctaaatgaa      3900
     tattcaaaca gctctaaacc tgatcttcgt ctggtttcaa acgctgtaaa agcactgaag      3960
     cgtgtggatc tgctgctctc ctctgctgca gtatcagact ctgctgtgta ttactgtgct      4020
     ctgcagccca cagtcacagg aaacacacaa acactgaaca aaaatctaaa cacagaattg      4080
     agtctgtaat aaacaatgtg atcacataat gtggtgaact gctctcaaca tatgttcaag      4140
     agaaaacaca caaaatgttt gctggtactt ttgtatttaa gagcacttca taataattgt      4200
     aagaaaacat gatcaattta ttttcagaag cagaccactg gacagcccaa tttatgatgg      4260
     tggtttatga tgttccatct gaatatgtgt tatgatcagc agcagtgttg ctcttacagg      4320
     ctgctggaga acattcacat tcagctgtca tactactccc aaaagtcatt gcaccaacta      4380
     actcctgccc tagctgacac taatctggac acacacacag ctcattatta tgtattcaat      4440
     tcatctttat ttgtatagcg cttttataat gtagattgtg tcaaagcagc ttcacatgaa      4500
     agatcatagc acattgaaac agtgtaggtc agtattaagt gttcagctca gttcagtgtg      4560
     gtttattagg ccgtactcac actaggtaca gttgcctcga aaagggccaa agcacgcttg      4620
     tctcccctcc cgtctccccc gacggcccgc gctcacacca caaacgggct tcggcacgct      4680
     tacgtcatcg ctgctgcgct gttaattgag aagtgctctt tcactcagca gcacagtgga      4740
     gatttctcta gttatatcgt ttcagtcgtt tgatatgccg tcaaatattt tgccaaacag      4800
     tccttcgaga tgctcggaca cgcagttaga tatttcaccg aacagatccg ccacttttgg      4860
     cgctcataaa caatcataaa gctcttatgc tgcaggaatg aggaggtctg ctgaaggcgc      4920
     gcagctgtcg tgcagtgagg ggtttgcgtc tttaataaac tacggcagtt tgcgttcaat      4980
     gaacagtaag aattattaat aaatccatat gaaacagtcc cttaaaagtc acgtctcgct      5040
     ttcagtttca ggctttagct cgttttgcac tcacacacaa gcgtacggcg ccaaagccca      5100
     agtaaaccgg gctcaggcac acctctttca accgggccag ggccggccaa gtgaaccgtg      5160
     cttgagcccg attcagcgca ctcacactac tcaaacgatc cgggaaacgg gcctgggcat      5220
     ggtacggatg gcatagtgtg agtaggccct tagtcactat tgagggccta aacactaagc      5280
     agcaaatcca taatttatta catgaactat atacacacac aacacacact cacttttggg      5340
     ctgagtcttg tatactgtaa gtgagcatta ctaggtgtta ttcttgcctt gtctagccat      5400
     gtttttaacc cttgctttgt ttattattca tgttgttttg ctgcctgtcc agaccatttg      5460
     cctgtttatt tcaaacattc tctggattaa ctgtaggctc ttgtttgcac ctgttttgac      5520
     ctttgcctgc ctgatgattc ttaaaaaagc tgagtttgga tccacacctc tgtttccgcc      5580
     taaacacatt acaatatgcg taatctgtta ttttttgtgt gctggtaaac ttcacaccaa      5640
     cattgcccga tgtacatcaa tgttcatctg gctcagaaag aatgagtatt tttatatctc      5700
     ctgacagtga aatactcaaa attcagttaa tgagctgcac tgcacttaca gcaccagtga      5760
     tcaatacgat caatacacaa agtttttctc cctgttgtta taaaatgaac tgagtggagc      5820
     agtgggtgga gtttattcac actgctgaga gtgaaagagt tcagtcaaac actgtttctg      5880
     catcactgac tctaagaaga caacatgttt ctcttcacct gcattataat acagctttac      5940
     atgggtaaga gatattcagt caatccatgt ttattattag aaaaaaacaa ctaaaatact      6000
     gcaaaaatat ttgaggcttt gcatatctat tattttattt ccgatttttt ttcccacagg      6060
     aatttcaatt gcagataaaa tacatcctct gtcttcagac aaacatgtag ctgaaggtca      6120
     aaatgtgact ctgtcttgta attacagcac cagtactggc actgttaact ctctccagtg      6180
     gtatcgtcag tatcccggag caaaaccaga gtttttactt tctctaaatg aatattcaaa      6240
     cagctctaaa cctgatcttc gtctgttttc aaacgctgta aaagcactga agcgtgtgga      6300
     tctgctgctc tcctctgctg cagtatcaga ctctgctgtg tattactgtg ctctgacgcc      6360
     cacagtcaca ggaaacacac aaacactgaa caaaaaccca aaacatcagc atgcttgaat      6420
     ttgttagatt taaaagcttt aatatgtttg taaattgtta aacagttaga atcttatctg      6480
     gaccttctat atgttacctt tagtccagaa cacactggtc aagcagcaat gcaaaaacta      6540
     catgaactga tcaagtagga atatttgcac attaataaaa gcctttttgt tcttttgaaa      6600
     caaatgacat tgaaacaacc tacagaaatg tattgtaaag aatcttctgt ggaatttaaa      6660
     ggttctagaa gggacatcaa cgccaataaa gaatctttat tttaagggtg tagcatgtag      6720
     ctaactgctt aaagttacta ttgttacagt tgtgccaatc ttccagtttt agcaatacat      6780
     catgttccat tacacacaca ctgaacaaca ataaagagaa ttcatctatt taaatgtggt      6840
     taacgttctt gaaacttact gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatac acatacagaa tgatttttaa      6900
     tgttgatctg ttccaaatga atgactgaac tatagaaatg taccacagga gggcagcatc      6960
     tctcaaaaga gcaataaaca gtctgaagca gagaccaaca tgaagacttg atatatcaag      7020
     aacagcagag atgaaacagt gagctacaaa aaaaaaaaca aaaaaaaaac gacacattta      7080
     ttacaacaat ttcttcatct cagcaatgac aaaactgcaa attattattc ttttcttcac      7140
     agcacaggac tttggtaaga aaggtcatcc ttatgtttct ctgtgagtta ctttctatgt      7200
     gtcaaaatta atagctgaat atttatttgt agtgtgcagg gggcaagaca aagttcaaca      7260
     gccttcagga gaaatgactg aaaatgaagg agatcaagtc aatttaatgt gtaatttcac      7320
     tactacagct tcagacacaa atatttatct cttctggtac aaacagctgc caaacagatc      7380
     cccaacattc atcctgaata aaactccatt tagtgaagga actattgagc ctgagattaa      7440
     aaagagattt acagcaacac tgaatttaac attaagaaca gttcctctgc tgatagagga      7500
     tgtgtgtgtg tcagactctg ctgtgtttaa ctgtgctctg aggcccacag agacttaaac      7560
     acaaacactc gcacaataac actgtgagtg tctgagcagt gttgatcaaa ttttttcttt      7620
     aaatcagccc tgtaaaaagg gatacagaat gcgcttaaat atcaccttca gggctgatag      7680
     tggaaaaaat tcctgagcct gaactttttt tccttgcccc tgaggtgagt aggggtgggg      7740
     gtactatgta tgcaacgcac ttttaacaca taacttgtgg gcccctgggc ccaaatatat      7800
     taacagccta tgtgtaaccc tgatcatcat tattgtcaag tggctctttt tagacatgcc      7860
     agtaatgtca gtgacacatg ccagtaatgt cagtgacaca tgccagtaat gtcagtgaca      7920
     catgccagtg tcagtaatct tgtgacatgt gccagtaggt gtcagtataa gcacgttata      7980
     agcacattaa tcttataagt ctctttgctt taatatttaa aaatcattag gcaaatgaca      8040
     cctgttgaca tcttacatgc atatatgtta tgagttttca acatgcattt tattataact      8100
     ttttaaagga tattatttaa aataccttaa aatgaaaata agttaaataa taaaataaat      8160
     gaatgaatta aaaacataga gacgtccata ttgtagggaa caaaggaact gccaggatgc      8220
     aataatatac agtacattag ataagtgtaa cccctcccat acataagcat gccacaataa      8280
     atttgactga catgtactgt caaatgacta tattacgtac ggaagtatga ctacgaatac      8340
     ataaaataaa tgcgtttaaa ttaaaacatc gtggagtagc tcagcaaata aactaacttg      8400
     cgacgcgata aattaggtta aaagtcgcgt aatgattaaa tatggttttg ctcgtgttaa      8460
     ttaatgtcat aagcttcgcc gggtgtcgat gtcactgcag tgacatgcag cgcgacactc      8520
     tgagtgacac aggtcactac acatgccact agcgagtgac acatgacagt ggaaaaccgg      8580
     acgtgccacc gaaagtgtca ctacactcag tggcatgtgc cagtgtcatc tgtacgtcag      8640
     atgtcgtgtc actccatgtt aaaactgcca ctgtgaatcc gcgttcaagc gcacacaata      8700
     agctaaaact cgccccaagc accggcaaaa acaaataaca atgaatgtgt cgagggaaga      8760
     gtaatgacat atcttaatta tttattaata aacttattct gagtcagtgt cgcaaagatc      8820
     ctgactggca atctcctctt ggactcgcct ttagaaattc atcttttcgg attacatgaa      8880
     ggagtttttt tgttttcgat ttgttttatt tcgttaagta ataatttaaa gctttctata      8940
     aatatattta ttatgtctgt gcggcatata cattttgctt cattttgtta agcgctcctg      9000
     ttcaaaaacc agacgacaga aagggcataa ttttggtttt ctttatttta taaaaacgct      9060
     gtaacgtttt ttgatgtatt actcgtactt tgtgagcaaa aatgacggat aactttaaat      9120
     tgctcccact gaaaaaatgc aagtgattgc tctggcgcct cgatgtcctg caagcttttt      9180
     ataagcaaac tatgcgccta atagcacaca ttctttaacg tttaagctac catcgtttta      9240
     tacttgaact gttttatatc ttttatttta ggcaagtcgt gatgatctga gaaggcaaac      9300
     tgatcaaaca gacaatgatg gtcttccgct gggcgctgtt cgttaaaaaa aacttatttt      9360
     taaaatgctc caaacgtttt tctaaataag ctgaataaaa aacgaaacta aatataaaca      9420
     ctttgccatt aggatacata caaaactgaa ctatttcata gctgaaacac aaagttgttt      9480
     aaggagaagg ggtaaatata tttttgtccc gtctattgct tcaccgttat ttcgagaata      9540
     aacccagcgt aaatatgcag atgtcattcc caaaacatat cagcgtatat gtgccgaaaa      9600
     cgaaagtttc atacaaattc tgaatggatt atagcctgga aagtgcaaag cacgctcctc      9660
     ttattatcac taaaaagcgt cactaatctt agttcataga gatctcacaa agatccgtta      9720
     taatttataa agctctctaa attacacaat taatctttta tttacatggc gtctacactc      9780
     aaaagatgat tcacgagcac acaaaatggc acttaataaa aaccaatccg gcgcttttag      9840
     cagtgagtga attctgtgaa tctagagaaa tgacagatca atatccgtga acctgatttt      9900
     ttttttcccc gcagccacag tacgccggaa atccggcgtg gtgccggaac gctatcaccc      9960
     ctgcaccttc tgtgtgctct tttttacaca atccattctt gttttaattg cttttcatca     10020
     tacaattaat aataaaggtc agaccagagt gctgagaatc ttgtattagc aatctttaaa     10080
     tccacaggct ttactattgc attaatttta cttctattca attggaagat gcttttaccc     10140
     aaagtgtcta taattaaact ataacttact ttagaattga gccatttcag ggtgtcattt     10200
     ataaaggtgg aaaatgcaca aaacaagggt gaaaatttgt gtacaccatt tcccacgcaa     10260
     aggttgtgat ctgtagaaaa caactcaaca gtagaatgag tgcagctgta agtaaacatc     10320
     tttaacttaa atactgattt aatcgagtca ctttaaatca tccttcgagc cataatcatt     10380
     cataaataca taaaagtaaa tctattctgc tgtatgttta cttttaggaa ggtttcactt     10440
     tataaatgac acccctggtc aacgctgctc tttggaaaat gtccttttta cccaccaagc     10500
     tattttgtgt aatggtgtaa cagatcacaa atctcaaggt tcggatcaca ttatggttgt     10560
     tgagtcatgg atcggaccat ttttcggatc agctattaag aggaggagac aattataatt     10620
     tgattacaat ttattacaaa aaatagcact gcaagaaaca tttgatttca taaaataaaa     10680
     tgaagaaata atcagctgaa taaaaattaa ttataaaata ttcagttctg tgaaaaattc     10740
     actgttactt ctactgttgc tgataacgct aaatgtctaa atctagcatt attatttgta     10800
     caacccatat ttattttagt ctctttttca ataaatgatt cagttattaa ctcataaaac     10860
     tttatctttc attgctagat gtgtcatttt taaagaatta ttcagtggca tatttgatgg     10920
     ctggttgttg ccaccatttg gttaaaaatg ttattgctgc ctacaactgt catttttgaa     10980
     cacaagatga tgattttaat ctgtaccata aacatcagtg gttttatcta aactagaaac     11040
     tgttctccca gtacttctct gttgtttgac tgtacataag ctgatcacag tacttgccta     11100
     ttactataaa cacactagtg tatattgagt tgaagtgcag ctcaggctcc tcccagcagc     11160
     agagcaagtg atatgaattg actgctgctt caacagatgc agaaagagga agaggagcac     11220
     aacatctctg cagattcttc aacactttca gagaatttca gcttcatata atggctttct     11280
     ggaaaagtgg cattctgatc ataattatat acataaaggg tgagtggcac tattaaatat     11340
     taaataatga tcatttttaa atctatttat gtgtgtattg tgcgtaatta ttaatttagt     11400
     tgtgattcta tttcaggatg cgattctcag gagaaagttg atcagcacac aaagactcag     11460
     tctgcttttg aaggtgatac tgtaaccatt gactgcacat ttcagacttc ttatacaggc     11520
     ccgactctat tctggtacca gcagaaaatc aatggagtcc ccagatatat gctgaataaa     11580
     atcactaaca catcaggaca cactgaggat gaattaaagg agagatttca tgcagctctc     11640
     agcaaaactt cagttcctct gacaatcaag gatgtgcgag tgtcagactc tgctgtgtat     11700
     tactgtgctc tgcagcccac agtgactcaa acacactcaa cactcacaca aaaacactgt     11760
     gagcctctga tctgacatga cttttatact ttgttacact taagaaagag atttttgaca     11820
     caaaagtatt cctacagaat ccaatgaaaa caatgtcaaa accctcaaaa acacttttac     11880
     ttaataacta aaaaaatgag tttataaaga acatactgtt actggtgtta ctgaattaaa     11940
     catttatttt gtgggagaaa aactgagaat ccctcggttg caaaaagtgt gcataatgtc     12000
     catcactaac aataacagta aaatcatcaa gatttagaga attctatttc aaaataccag     12060
     aacaaaatat aaccaaataa agtattgtag aactgactgg atgtatgatt taaaaaggaa     12120
     ggttctctaa tgtcgccact ggcttgatta gtttggattt gctcttcagt gtttggactt     12180
     tcagcagtga aaattaaacc acactgaact gaactgaact tcaactctga aaactggact     12240
     gacagtttca atttactaca acttctactt taagctgctt ttaaacaatc tacattgtaa     12300
     aagtgctata aaaacattaa ttaaattaat aaacaaggaa ttcatctaat tcaagcattg     12360
     tgatctcaga taaagtcaat gaatggtagc atttcagtct gtaaatatca cagtacacag     12420
     aaggctacta acaaacttat atcataaaaa acacctgagt ttgatttgat ttatatcctt     12480
     tggcaaagaa ttacacatag gatttaccat tagcaacttg ctcaaaactc ttaaataaca     12540
     gagattagat gtcttaacca tcaaacaaaa tgtagttgga atggatttcg gatttaaaaa     12600
     caaatcccga taaaactgaa aagatcaaaa taacttgaag atcagctctt cagtgagcat     12660
     taactcaagc attattgtat gcagtggtga cctgaacatg agatttaaaa cctaaagctg     12720
     gaaacaaaac aagaagattg atgacacaaa ataaaacatt tgaaaatgtt tcaaaagcaa     12780
     aaactttacg ctgattaatg gcagagcaga aacacaagga agcaggaagt tcagtcactg     12840
     tgtgtgtgag tgaagctgca gagactactg cagtacaaca gatctagagc tcagagaaca     12900
     tctatacaca cacctgatct gacctgaaga catggagaaa caactgatgc tcattttaat     12960
     tttgactcca ggtacaatag cactcttgat tcatcacagt ggggttaatg agatatgtta     13020
     agataaattt gcaaataaga aataatattt ctttatttca ggtgtgatga ctgcagacca     13080
     gattaggcca aataaagatg tcacagtcat aaaggaagag gagactgtga ccctcagctg     13140
     ctcgtatgaa agcagcagta atgtttggct ttactggtac agacagtatc tcaatggaga     13200
     acctcagtat ttaatacatt ctgcactatc aagtagtgga aaatttcaaa tcactgaatc     13260
     acgctcatct actgaactca ctattaacag tgtatctctg tcagattcag ctctctatta     13320
     ttgtgctcta cgagtacgtg cccagtgata caaagtatat gagaagccgt acaaaaactc     13380
     tcattcattt tcaaaccaca tcaaaaccac aatctataat ttacacaaat atgtgcacac     13440
     ttgttgaaac acctgtgtgt ggttagtaaa taattgtatt tgctgaaatc tgcagaagaa     13500
     aggagagaaa aaagtgaaag acgagaataa caaaataacc aaaaccatct ctaatagatg     13560
     tggacatact gtactgtata ttacagacaa tatttttgga ctacaaacaa aaaatattta     13620
     agcttaattg atttagatcc agacaacaaa taaaaacaat aaagttaact tcatataatt     13680
     ttatactgtt tcttctttta aaacaccaac ataacacaac cgttttaaga gctttgtctt     13740
     gtggatttag tttaataaga ctgtaaacag ggtgcagagc ttcaaccaac attactttac     13800
     ataagcaaag ttttgagatg ggaacgaatt ttgatctttg gcagaaatgt tttatggtaa     13860
     ttagatgtca gcccagcagg cagagaacgt caacatgacg ttagattgac attatttccc     13920
     cagggtgtgg gatgttgcat tttctatgaa aatgaaaatc gggttgatgt cagaacccag     13980
     tgtcaggtca atatcaatgt acaacgtcaa tgtaacgtcc aacgcaacct taaaaaaaaa     14040
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatct     14100
     atcaaagtct aatgatgtta ccacttgacg ttgtgtggat tttaccacta tgacgtctat     14160
     cagatgttgg attttggttg tcatatacct gatgaataaa tgtcattatt agatgtaaat     14220
     atgaagttgg tttaagatgt gggctgacat tggattttgg tcattatcca aaacaatcta     14280
     aaatcaacaa aatatttaca tcatttcacg tcattattgg acataaaaaa acattgttct     14340
     cagacgctgg cgacctaaat ctaacctatt attaatgtct tatgatgttg tgtgtctgct     14400
     gggagaatgt gtttctttgg aacatgttga gggaatacat tacagtatta aaattattac     14460
     aatagtttaa actgctggtg aaggttaaca tccagaatac aattggaaga tgcacagcat     14520
     gatttacatt tccaaaacaa caacatgaac actgagaact gtctgatgga aaactttcaa     14580
     agactcttga ctttataact aaagttatgt atttatatat tctgaaagtt aaagtaatgt     14640
     ctgtaataag cattcacaaa ttccaaattt atactaaaac atgcaagaaa gcaagcaaaa     14700
     taatgcagat tgttcttaag gaaacaactt ttaaagatta accatcattc aaatttttgt     14760
     aatacattta cacaaccaaa agagggcgat atgcacaaca tattaatatt atcaaggttt     14820
     attagcacat cataagctcc tcccttttta tttactttgt acaaataaca gatattgtat     14880
     ttatggatct acttctcgac ctccttttat tgcctataca acaactataa acttgactca     14940
     ttgatttatc tatagtaaca gttgtgctct gtaagctcaa ttagtgatac tcttcaaata     15000
     tggggcttta tttatatatt atattgctgt atttttcatc aacagacagc aggaagttcc     15060
     tgagtgacag aaactcagag catcacaatc atcacaaagc agaaagactc aacacaactg     15120
     atctgacttc atcaacatga acacacactt gcttctgctt ttactcatga cttcaggtaa     15180
     acaaatctct aacataatta acagcagaaa tgttttagat gtaagtatat tttcatgttc     15240
     atgtttgcag gtgtgacgaa tgcagatcag attggaccaa ataagggtga aaatgccatc     15300
     agtaaagagg gagagactgc tacaatgagc tgctcgtatg atacaagcag caggaatgtc     15360
     aggctttact ggtacagaca atatactaac aaacaacttc aatatttaat atggaaaaat     15420
     gctcgatcat ggagtggtga ggcgactcct gatgatcctc gcattcgggc tacaacatca     15480
     gaaacgtcca ctgaactcat tattactggt gtaactctgt cagattcagc tctctattat     15540
     tgtgctctga gagttggaac ccagtgatac aaattatatg agaagccgta caaaaactta     15600
     atttaatagt tctctttgaa gtagaaccac aacacaacca caatctgtca tacacagaaa     15660
     cttataaatt aggtggaagc acctgtgtga ctgtggtaca tttaatcagg atattttaaa     15720
     aagttcaaca gaagatgtac ttacagaata cattacatta gaatgaatgt cagttaatca     15780
     tcatggcttt taagatataa gtcaacacaa tacatagttc cagcacactt tatatgtgaa     15840
     aatttgtatg tgaaaatgta tatgtaaaca ttttatttat atgagaaaat gtatctaaaa     15900
     tttaaattaa aactgtaaag gaaaacttaa attcattcat tcattcattt acttgtcggc     15960
     ttagtccctt tattaatctg gggtcgccac agtggaatga accgccaact tatccagcaa     16020
     gtttttacac agcggatgcc cttccagccg caacccatct ctgggaaaca tacacacaca     16080
     ctacggacaa tttagtctac ctagttcacc tacaccttcg actgtggggg aaacaggagt     16140
     acccggagga aatccacgct aaggcaggga gaatatgcaa actccacaca gaaacgccaa     16200
     ctgagccgag gatcgaacca gcgacccagc gaccatcttg ctgtgaggcg aacgtgctac     16260
     ccactgcgtc acctgaaaac gtaaataaaa aaacttatgt attgactgtc ttagtcctat     16320
     cactttaaaa taacactgta catctctctg tattatgcta aaatactgct ttatttattt     16380
     atttatttat ttattaatac atttatgcct atttatttga atgtatgttt gtactttcat     16440
     tttagttgtc ttatttcttt attttacttt ccaaaagata tcctcatttc actgaacagt     16500
     tttacaatga taataaagct tgtttttaat gattaatgaa ggaattttaa tgctttgtca     16560
     cattgttgca tcttaattta caagtagcac agtataggcc atttctgtcc atcctcatcc     16620
     catctctttg ctccccctgg cggcttagga gcaaactgca gtcataccta aaaacatgtt     16680
     cttactcctt tagagcggcg gcagtacaag gcacggagtt aatgctcatt ttaaagtgtc     16740
     acccactgta tgtcaacatt tggttgctag tcaataaaaa tctgtacatt tttaacagtt     16800
     tactcatgag gctacacaga tttctttatt taattttttt gtattttgct ttagaactta     16860
     accatagagc catgaaaaca caaaaagaaa agtttgaaag caaaaatata aaaagataag     16920
     aagatatatt tactgctgct ttaaattggt cacctacatc tcataaataa aaattgcaaa     16980
     cttaatttca actaaatgtt tattttttgt tactgtagaa ttttcctttt tataaaaatt     17040
     ttatttattg ttttccccct aaaaaaactt tctatttttt agattaataa tgtgtatcaa     17100
     taatgttaat gattgcacgc atgcatttgt aacacatttt gtcttttgca ttagacaaat     17160
     ctgattgatt gcagagcaga aacacaagga tcatcaatgg tttcatctta ggaagttcag     17220
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     17280
     tgtgtgaagc tgcagactca ctgtaacaca gatctagagc ttagagaaca tctatacaca     17340
     cacctgatgt gaccagtaga catggagaaa caactgatgc tcattttaat tctgactcca     17400
     ggtacaatag cactcttaat tcatcacagt gggattaatc aaatatgctg tggccatttt     17460
     gcttaaaaca gtgagaaata atctttcttt atttcaggtg tgatgactgc agaccagatt     17520
     aggccaaata aagaagctct tactgtaaag gaagaggata ctgtggccct cagctgttca     17580
     tatgatacaa gcagcagtta tgttaggctt tactggtaca gacagcatct taatggagaa     17640
     cctcagtatt tattatacga ggctgcacga tcaagtggtg gaagtgggag acctgataat     17700
     cctcgtttta agtcgactac atcagactca tccactgaac tcactattag cggtgtaact     17760
     ctgtcagatt cagctctcta ttattgtgct ctaagagttg gagcccagtg atacaaagta     17820
     tatgagaagc cgtacaaaaa ctctaataaa tgtttcactt tgatgtcaaa ccacatcaca     17880
     accacaatct atagttcaaa caatgcattt acacttgtgg aaacacctgg gtgtggttac     17940
     tgtaagagca atgaaaagga catgaaataa agtggaatac ttcttaaact acagttgtac     18000
     atcaccaaca ccatcttgaa tgacttgact aatcattttt cccatccaca aactcttgta     18060
     tgaagtctgc tagattctct taaatatgtt gaatagatat aagttcactc ttcattttcc     18120
     agaataaatt attctgaaat aagtaacact gtgaattatg tcagaataat caatacagaa     18180
     tttcaacaaa atctgtttaa actcagcaca cgtagcgaga cacattgagt aaaagcgtct     18240
     gttcatttaa caaaagtaaa atgactgcta tagtaaggtc tgtggattca taaattgcta     18300
     tgttgggatg ggtacagaaa ctagcggtgc taaattataa aggatctagt atataatagc     18360
     tctgatgtta ataattctgc tatcagtact ggagaattat tgctaaataa actctacagt     18420
     agcataattt aactttatct gcactgttgg caatctcatg tgagaaatgt tcgtcttgtt     18480
     ccgctgtaca cagagcttgc tcgcgactag cgcacacaca taacatgaga ctagctagcg     18540
     cactcagctc attaacttgc gcaatagaat agaatgtgtg cagatgtgat acagaccgta     18600
     tacaacagtt cagtaaagaa gttaatactt caacatatta tagaagtaat attgtcagct     18660
     tttgccaaat aaaacccttt aaaccacaca ctcagttgct cggtctccag tcaatattaa     18720
     ggctgattta taccttgcgt gaagtggcgt atacgtactt ctgcatgctg tttgtgtagc     18780
     tctgcaataa cacttctcaa acgctagctg gcagtagatt ttttatgctc ctctgtattg     18840
     agtttctgca caggtgtttt tttttttttt tttaatgcta caagtaaatc aaacctgcta     18900
     attgagggac gggaataggc gggggcgtgc aaaaacttta accataagct aaacacaaaa     18960
     ctaaagtttc catctgaagc tccttcactt aattcgacac ttgtaaacac tcgctacatc     19020
     gggctcgcag ctctcagcac tacccacaca cgtcaccgct accaagccga ccaatcacag     19080
     agcttgcgct acacattgct gtggcgtgtg gtcagatttt ttgagaggtg cgcatcagcc     19140
     acaccgtggg ttatgcgacc gtgcagaggc tgcgccgacc atacacgtgc gtttgatcca     19200
     gaagtataaa tcagtcgtta cgcctgtttc acgccgcaag cgaaagcagt gcgtgagcag     19260
     agcacgcgca gcacgtatgt cgaacagaag cagcacgcgg gcatttgcct ttcacaccag     19320
     ctgcgtctgc agcgcgcagc tctccggctg ttacctccag tatgtctctc tatacaaaca     19380
     ggggcggact ggccatctgg cagactgggc agtttcccac tgggccgaca tactttttgg     19440
     gccgggctga tcatcgtctt atgatctaat ctgcccataa aaggcttagc agcctatcgt     19500
     tttttttctg ccatattaat tgacgatgct gtgatctgtg actatctaaa agtagatttc     19560
     cttttgttta acagacagac cgggccggcc catgtgacac tctgcagcct attggttctt     19620
     tttttattga tattgggctg gcccaatcac aaactcctag tattttggcc tctgtcaaaa     19680
     tagtcgagag tcgagagaag aaacggaagg aaggcgcaga gaaattgcgg gaaacacacc     19740
     ggcgtttcat ttcaacatta ctctttcatt tagcggttct gaaaagttct ccattcattc     19800
     tagtacacgg ctaaaaacgc aaatcacgtg accacacaca ctctgccaag agctgaagcc     19860
     tgtaggtcac gggtagcttt gagcgtaaac cccaggtgag agtatagtgc atgtcggaca     19920
     gttcaaagat ctactgctgg atctcatctc attatagttg ttaaacgtga tattaaattc     19980
     atcttgttgt ctctatctaa cgactctttt gtcttttgaa tcacttgttc tcaggtaact     20040
     gttttggctg agtgcaaaga taagctaata tattaattta tgtaaccacg tacactgatt     20100
     ctgcacattg actgattgct tacctttatc gtataaattt attgtacgtt atactgttat     20160
     aatggccatt attgataatt aaaacagata ttctgcaaaa gagacggggt aaagtttgtt     20220
     cttttcaatg aaaatgaaag gaggcagtta tatttaagcc ctgctttgtt ataaatatgc     20280
     agagtgcaga tgactgtcat atacatatgt agcaacgcaa ggctgtttgg ggtctgttaa     20340
     tcataatgtc aaaatgaaac aaatttcctt atatgatgtt ttcattgttt agatagtgaa     20400
     acagcaagaa tgatgaggtg aatgaggtta ttaatgagga gtacactgtt ctctttgaag     20460
     attaacccat gcatcagcag gcagttttta ttatgtttat tgtttaatat aggctgagtg     20520
     aactgtgtat tgaataagct aaattggcag tagtgtagta gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     20580
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgaatga gtgtgtatgg gtgatttccg     20640
     atactgggtt gtggctggaa gggcatctgc tgcataaaac atgctagaat agttggcagt     20700
     tcattccact gtggcaaccc ctgataaata agggactaag gcgaaggaaa ataaatgaat     20760
     gatagtgtat tttttagaac tgaacaaaaa tctttatgga cagtatacag aaattaaatt     20820
     gagattaatg tttgtattaa tttatttcat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     20880
     ggcttttgtg ttttataaaa tagtagttga taaacatatt ggacatgcac agatagatag     20940
     cattttgatt gaatgtagtg ggccactctg gcccaaaata ccagggccga ttttctgccc     21000
     cagtccagcc ctgtataaaa acacactttt taaacttttc atctgcacca aggcccgcgg     21060
     caacttcatc ctgtgctgtt tccttatcct gcaaatctct attttacaag ttttatagat     21120
     caaaaacagt aaaaaaaaaa tgcttctcaa gctctatgag gagtctacag tcagaagaca     21180
     atcgcctgtg ctctcatgtc acttggtttt tgattgtcag gttgttctag gccgagttat     21240
     aatatatgta tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     21300
     tacacacaca ctcacacaat atagttataa tgatattttt ttacatgatc aaactagtgt     21360
     tagtttttcc gcttcagtga tgtccagcaa cagagtaaca gctcgttcaa atgagacgga     21420
     caaaagtaat caatgaatgc ccatctttta cttattttca tgttgtcagg gtgcaaacag     21480
     ctcccaggtg gaataatttg agtgaacata aaaaaaagcc aaataaaact ttcttcctct     21540
     gcttgagctg cacagcacac agcaagctca catcatccag catgcgtttc gaaacacact     21600
     acatacaata cacttcgcta tggactacaa ctcccgtgaa tcacttcccc ttcctacaac     21660
     actagtgtgc aacttcagca aaactgatat tacaattgtt ttacattcag ttttgtagtt     21720
     cgggcctaaa taaatatttg ttgcagtttt taatcgtttc agtttatttg attgactata     21780
     tataagtcag ttgatattat taacgcattt attgggaaaa aattggcaaa aatagaccca     21840
     gcaccgaaac tatcactgca cagctgcttc agcgtcgctc acgcctcgct ctgatgcgct     21900
     gctgttgcgt gctgtataaa agctctaatc tgttaacatg gacaccaaaa atacgcgctg     21960
     ctcacgctct gcacacgcgc cgcttacgct tgggtgtgaa acaggcctta ggcagttgca     22020
     gctgtctagt ggcagttaaa atattcttag agaatcattt tgattaaaaa acaaatactt     22080
     tcatattaat acaaaaatga ttaaaccaaa caattattaa attgatactg tagatcactt     22140
     aactctaaaa agtttgtcat tatttacttt tgtgtacaga aaaaaacata ttgagctatt     22200
     gataatgcag caacataatt actataacat cattaattta gcctgcagag ctcaaaagca     22260
     gaaagtattt gctcagcagg ccaattttaa taaaagattg caatttaatt gagaattatt     22320
     gagcattttt ttttgcctta aattgaagtt gttttttttt ttttttttgt attttgtgga     22380
     aattttgatt catgaaaata aatgagtgag aagtcaataa ataattgaat gatttaaaat     22440
     gaatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatattttt     22500
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttaaagaat tattaaatta ttttttaaaa     22560
     caaagtaaaa agggttagga ccacacattt cagaatgttt gaatgttcac aacaggtttt     22620
     tgtcttccct tgttcttgtt aatggttatt gaagaactgt gtatttttaa cagtgaaata     22680
     taaaggggca gaaggagtgt ttggaaactt ctttcattta caccactgct gtgagtgtga     22740
     gcattttctg cttgtcatag ttcagaagtg tcactcagag gagctcagca gaatgtgtga     22800
     tgtcataaac agaattctgt tctggaattc agaaactgca gttcacattc taaactgttg     22860
     ttggtgtttg agtggtcgag tgattgagag ctacttctgt gacttactga ccaactcatt     22920
     ttcagccttc agtgttcagg atggctctgt tcagcagtgc atttaaaaag ctgtttgact     22980
     gttttatccc tttctggcat cgaagggaga cacagcaatg tgcagctcaa gaactggcgg     23040
     cagtaaataa atgttcagag agcgaggcct gcaacttcac tgctaatccc aacaagtgca     23100
     ggaagaaacg ccgcaagggg gctaaaagag aggtcaaagc cctgcagact cctgccagac     23160
     cctctgtctt aaagcccata aagggaaaac taccaaagct tcccagtgac tctggagact     23220
     ttatccttcc agccgctcgc ttcaagcccc tgccgccagt gaaaatacca cagatgtgtg     23280
     ctgtggaagg atctgagcaa gagtttgtcc tgcctgggtg tccttttaat gtggaccctc     23340
     ccaaactgct ggctgttcct ccacgtcctg ttcttgaacc agatgagctg ttctccacag     23400
     tgtgtcctat tcctcctcct cgtgctcctc tgagatcagt gtgttctctc agctcactgc     23460
     agtctcagtc ttcaggttct gcctggtctg tatctgcttc agagctcatg ttttctgata     23520
     ctgaggatga ggaaagcgag tttggggaga ccatccagac cttcctcgag cctgaaagat     23580
     gccaaagaca gatgattgcc agggaagagg aggaggagga agaggaggag gaggaggtgc     23640
     tggatgatga atcatggacg agtgaagtgt ttgagtttga ggacctcagt gaagctggac     23700
     actctgaggc tgaacatgat atggcctctc tgttctgcgt gtctcctgct gatggggctg     23760
     agagcaagct cagtgagaac gtcccggagc agccaaagac caaaagaaaa gtgcagatga     23820
     atctgttcac ctgggcagag gagaaggtga agggaatgtg gagaggaatc tccagaagga     23880
     gagggagaga agagaaagag agctgctgca ccagcgttac agaaatgatc ctaaactgaa     23940
     gcacctgtgg atcaacaaac acaaccacaa caacagatgg tgctgatgct gatcatcgtc     24000
     cctccccata atatcccact caccctttac ccactgcaca atcctgcctg taaataaaca     24060
     tgtgcaatgg ctgaaagatc tgtgcctctt cttgtgtttt atataatata agataaaaac     24120
     ataatataaa gaacatgttc agcaaaaaca gaagcaatct ggctaaacat ctttcaaaag     24180
     tgcattaact gaagacagac aaatgcagag tttttaactg cctacagtag ctactaatgt     24240
     tacatgtaca tcctccacaa cctcagttat gtgtgctatt agtcatgaag aaattagttt     24300
     gatattaata gtttaataaa cacacacttt ggttacgtta aattgaaaat agtatttttt     24360
     tcagcagtag cctaaataaa tcttaaatag ggatgctctg atcaggattt gtgcagacga     24420
     tacagagtgc caattctttg tcatggtgat cagtcgatac acagtaccga ttctgatatc     24480
     gccatttacc tcctcacgtg ttgtggctgc tgtatacagg aacacgagtg cgtcagtgga     24540
     tcaatgggag tatccataat cttaaactat taaaatgcca ttatattcct gtatttacaa     24600
     ataaattaat aataataaac tgcttattaa gaaattatac atttaatttt tacattgcaa     24660
     gaggttccaa aactgtatta ctttcaatcc caaacacagt caatgtattt atgtgaatat     24720
     gttattgata aatcatgaac tctgccagtg atgggttgca gttggaagga catccgctgc     24780
     gtaaaagata tgctaaataa cttggcagtt cattccgctg tggtgacccc agattaatag     24840
     ggggacattt aaaatagcca cagctgatca ttgcactgca ttttgcaact taaggaagct     24900
     attttcaact gcagggagca caatacagta ctgttaaagt accaaatgga taagtagtaa     24960
     agataaaagt agtaatacca ttaaaagctt aacaataccc atccctgttg ctaatattta     25020
     aacaaatttg aaaagtttaa aaatgacaat taaaaacaaa ttaaaaacaa tatttaactg     25080
     agctccctct accgatcttt attatttttg tatgatgaaa agcaacgtgt ttgaaaagtg     25140
     tttggtgcta caatattaat aaaaaaaaaa ctgtggaaac caaacatgta aaatatctga     25200
     aagttactat tgttacaact gattcaatca tccagtttca gcaataaacc atgttccatt     25260
     acacacactg aacaataatt caatatttca cttgggcatt taaatgtggt cgtctttcct     25320
     gaaacttaca gtgtgtgtct gtttgtgtgt gtgtgtgtac gtggtcatgt tgaatgtttt     25380
     ttaatgttga tctgttctaa ataaatggct gaactataga aatgtaccac aggagggcag     25440
     catctctcaa aagagcaata aacagtctga agcagagacc aacatgaaga cttgatctat     25500
     caagaaaaca gcagcagaga tgaaacagtg agctacagta aagacagatc tcagcaatgg     25560
     caacactggt cattattatt cttttcttca cagcacagga ctttggtaag aaagataatt     25620
     tatcatttac aatctcttat ttgtttaaaa taaattaagt caaaattaat agaggaatat     25680
     ttattttcag tgtgcagggg gcaagacaaa gttcaacagc cttcaggaga aaagactgaa     25740
     aatgaaggag atcaagtcag tttaatgtgt aattacacta ctacagcttc agacacaaat     25800
     atttatctct tctggtataa acagctgcca aacagatcac caacattcat ccagaataaa     25860
     tctccattta gtgaaggaac tattgagcct gaatttaaca agagattttc agcaacactg     25920
     aattcaacat taaaaacagt tcgtctgctg atccaggatc tgcgagtgtc agactcagct     25980
     gtgttttact gtgctctgag gcccacactg actcaaacac actcaacact gatgcaaata     26040
     ttgagcagcc tttaaaactg tgccacttta gggaggagac tgtcagactg tgtgtgttca     26100
     gtcaaactcc tcccacaggt cacagtttta ctacagcaca acttcatcaa agagaggctg     26160
     aaacaacagt ctactgaaca cttcaacaag ttcatcacat ctaaattagt attttaagaa     26220
     ctactctaat ggcaaactgg caaagaatct tcttcctcac atttctctgg ggtaagtcaa     26280
     aatccacaag tacacattta gtgatattca tctaacaagt gaatttgatt ctcatcagtg     26340
     atgttttatt tgatattaca ggtcgtgttt ctctggataa agttgaacaa aactcaagag     26400
     ttgaaactgt tgttgaagat gaagatgtaa taatcaactg tcagtacgaa accactgata     26460
     catcgccata tctcttctgg taccagcaaa aagtcaacag attcccagaa tacatgctga     26520
     acagatttag ttctgatgaa gagcaattca aggatagatt tagcagcgaa ctcaacacaa     26580
     gttcaaaatc atttccactg aagatccagg atgtgcgtgt gtcagactct gctgtgtatt     26640
     actgtgctct gaggcccaca gtgactcaaa cacactcaac acacacacaa aaacactgta     26700
     agcctctgag cagtgttcat caacttgctt tctataaatc aggcctgtaa aaagagatat     26760
     atgatgtgtt taaatatcat attctctgtg atgcccccac tttttttttc acaaaccatt     26820
     ctttatgttt taattgtttt ccatcataca ataaataata aaggccagta gaaagacatc     26880
     aataccttgt gatctataaa aaaaaactac ccaacagtag aatgagtgca gctgtaagta     26940
     aactaagcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaacttcaa tattgattta attgaacaac tttaaatcat     27000
     catatgattt aaaaatgtcg tataaatcat catacgacat taaaaaatct atagtgctgt     27060
     atgttcacgg gttctagttt aagttttaga aatgacaccc tcttgtcaag gctgtttgga     27120
     aaaggtcctt tttacacaca aagcaatttt cactttaaaa gacgtcaaaa catagacatc     27180
     attgctaaaa caaggctaaa tttgggctgt cagtggtata ttagtatacg tctaacaata     27240
     gtccaaaaat agcctagtca tcaaataaac agaattcaca cgtgtggtca ttcattcctc     27300
     tctatttgaa tagaaatcat ttgtgttgtg tttctattgt gtttggatgt ctactagaaa     27360
     aaagaaatgc ttgctttgac gttctctttc aagaacgatt cttaatttaa tgaaaacttt     27420
     aatgataaat gcagttttga tgcagaccac tgtgaggcaa catgtgaaga agtatgatgc     27480
     tccagctgtg aactgtacac tttgtctaat ctcttgtttg ttgtgtgctg gtaaacttca     27540
     gattaatatt gcctgctgta catcaacaat gttgatctgg atcagaaatg ctctttaaat     27600
     ggctacattc tcaataaaca atggttaaat gtgaccaatt aataatatat ctgttagatg     27660
     acgagccagg agaccttgat aacatttaac atctttactt gtgcacagca gacagtttac     27720
     ataactttac atgatgactt tttctttctg ccatatcgct gttgtacatg tgctgtaacg     27780
     ggcttaggaa aagagcattt aaagcgacag aacacatatt ctacaatatc tataagaata     27840
     ttttctgaca gagtgaagta cacaagattc agttaatgtg tttcactgca cttacagcac     27900
     cagtgatcaa tacacagcaa cgcaacaagt tttttctctt cctgatgtta ggaaatgaaa     27960
     tgagtggagc agtgggtgga gtttattcac actgctgaga gtgaaagagt tcagtcaaac     28020
     actgtttctg catcactgac tctatgaaga caacatgttt ctcttcacct ctattgtaat     28080
     acagcttatc ataagtaaga gatattcagt caatccatgt ttattattag aaaaaaaaca     28140
     gctataaata ctacaaatac attttatgtt ttccatatgt attatttatt tatgattgag     28200
     actttttttc acaggaacat cttctgctga tgaaatacat cccctgtctt tagacaaaca     28260
     ggtagccgaa ggtcaaaatg tgactctgtc ttgtaattac agcatcagtt ttggcattct     28320
     taggtctctc cagtggtatc gtcagtattc cggagcaaaa cctgaatttt tactgatgct     28380
     caatgagtat tataacaaat ccaagcttga tcttcgtctg ttttcaaacg ctgtaaaagc     28440
     actgaagcgt gtggatctgc tgctcttctc tgctgcagta tcagactctg ctgtgtatta     28500
     ctgtgctctg cagcccacag tcacaggaaa cacacaaaca ctgaacaaac aacatacaaa     28560
     atattcagtc tgtaataagc aactgctcac aacacgtgtt caggaagatc atgttcacca     28620
     gccagtattg taaagtgata atataaagac gaacattttt aagagtatgt caatgtgtaa     28680
     atgattaaca aaaacaacaa cataattttt gttgaaacaa atacaaaatc gtttttgtat     28740
     aagtaattgg tttgcaaagt tctttttaca atacctgtag ctactatttg ttatatgaag     28800
     tctataacat actggtcatt accaaataca cataagctga tcacaatact tgcctattac     28860
     tataaacaca ccagtgtata ttgagttgag tgcagctcag gctcctccca gcagcagagc     28920
     aagtgatatg aattgactgc tgcttcaaca gatgcagaaa gaggaagagg agcacaacat     28980
     ctctgcagat tcttcaacac tttcagagga tttcagcttc atataatggc tttctggaaa     29040
     agtggcattc tgatcataat catatttatc aagcgtgagt aattatcaaa taatgatcat     29100
     tttcaaatgt atttgaaatg aatgttattt atgtgtgtat tgtgtatttt taataattta     29160
     gttgtgtgtc tatttcagga tgtgattctc aggacaaagt tgatcagcac acaaaaactc     29220
     agtctgcttt tgaaggtgat actgtaacca ttgactgcac atatcagact tcttcaacag     29280
     gcccgactct attctggtac cagcagaaag tcaatggtgt cccaaaatac atgctgaata     29340
     aaatcactac gactggacac actgaggaag aattcaagga aagatttaac gcaactctca     29400
     gcaaaacttc agttcctctg acaatcaagg atctgcgtgt gtcagactct gctgtgtatt     29460
     actgtgctct gaggcccaca gtgactcaaa cacactcaac actcacacaa atacacagtg     29520
     tgaacctctg atgtgaattt tatacttatt aaacttaaga aacagattag tacagaaaag     29580
     tattccttcc tttacagtat caaataacaa tgttaatttc attttaaaat ggcaaaatcc     29640
     tacacttaaa cattttcatt tatatttagc agtccagtag tcagtactga ctgcactcaa     29700
     cctttaacaa caaaaacaaa tcaaacaaag aaactaacaa tacatcacgc agccattgaa     29760
     aaaaagcaaa cattattata ttttttaaag ttaaatacat gaaaaaggca aacaaaaaaa     29820
     tgagattctg ctttttagaa attgttttgt tgctctttgc taataataag atcaagtcta     29880
     taacagccac agtttcagtc ttgaaccttt ttgcattttt ttacaattat attatataaa     29940
     ctcgtatatc agttgactca aatatgacac aaacagtaaa aatatgttta acctctgggt     30000
     ggcgatatat acatgtacaa cacacacaaa cacgcacaca caaaccatct actgttgaac     30060
     ataatgcttt tttgttttga agttttgaag cactgaatta cattttcctg tcatgtgatg     30120
     atttctttga taaactaaca tttgaattaa acttgtgtca tatattcata tattcattgt     30180
     tgtctttaac ttctaatggt acttctaact tgacaatcaa aaagagtcat caaacattta     30240
     ttaatctaaa atattttaat ataaaataat gttattaata ctttaaaaaa tgttggtttc     30300
     cacactattt cttgtttttg acccaactca aatcaattgt tagttgatta aacataaaca     30360
     attacattgt ctaaaaaacc ctcaagaatt gttgattcat tttaaataag tagtttgaac     30420
     aaccaggcaa aatcattaat atcacatatt gtatatttat attatctgca atgacaggat     30480
     gttttggcaa agactcttat gagtgtaaat ctgccactaa aggacagcag gccagtctgt     30540
     gaatatttca gtataccttt ttttagcttt acttacgggc tcaaatgacc accctaaatg     30600
     caaacactga agaaaaatat tcaaagatga atccttagat ttactttttt ttaaagttat     30660
     gttggaaaaa aaaataatta caaaggaatt tttttttcat taaacaattg tatttgtatt     30720
     gcttaaaggt gatatattaa ctgaactttt gttgagtgta atatactttg cagactaatg     30780
     aagaattttt gctaatgaat gcacactaat gaaacatttc atcgcagctt aacttcctgt     30840
     cagcagaaat gtgttaaaac gtaacacaga atatgtgcag ttgagaaaag tcttatgctt     30900
     ttaaagttgt gcacagaatt tagaaaaaga ggaagtatgt atgggtgcgg tcaatggagg     30960
     actggacaat gattgaccag tgaccaattt cactaaactc cacctgttaa tatcagctgc     31020
     ctatataagc tgaagtcaag aaatggatgt ggttgtgcac ccttaaatgt tactgttgca     31080
     ttgcactgag gataacagaa ctctgtgaat cgattcaaat tgatttaaat tgtttggttg     31140
     tatcgaataa attgttaata tgttaaacat tgaagaaaaa cctattctga ccttttttat     31200
     tgaacacgca tagaaatgat tcattattcc aacagtgaag tggttataaa ccatttattt     31260
     tggccaaatt taaacaaatt aagttaaaca ttacaacatt taaatagctt atttaaattc     31320
     aacaattcca caattttgct gacacaactt tttttttttt ttcagtgtac caatgaaaca     31380
     caaacatgga tcaagcagaa gctctgagtt tgaagagaga tttattggct caaattcggt     31440
     tcctctcctg atccattgta taattttcat taaaactaaa aactacacaa aaaactaaac     31500
     tacacaaaca atatttcaca ttttctgaac aaatgatggc agattttttt ggttgaacat     31560
     gaaagttttg cttacaacta gtaatataga ataaagccat tgccccttgc tagacttaac     31620
     agcatgaaat aaatatagag aagattgatt atgatgtcac tgaccacacc cacactatcc     31680
     actaacagca gagctcctcc tcccactact gacagtgata taagcaacat ttaaaatgtt     31740
     tagtttacaa gtttatgcac atataacaaa ttaaagacag atacacctcc aaactactat     31800
     cagtctattt aaattgaggt gcagtatcaa catggagaga tgtctgctga tgattgtcat     31860
     tacaatttca ggtgaaaaaa gctcgcactt ttaacaccac attgtgtttt gattagaata     31920
     actgttgaat gattaatgtt ctacagtgat gtctcaactt tcattgcagg tgtatttgct     31980
     gacagcattc gtccagacaa agatactatg acgagttatg aaggagagtc tgtgacactg     32040
     aaatgctctt atgatacgag cagcaataat gttttgcttt actggtacaa acagaatgtt     32100
     aatactgaac ctcaatattt actgtggaaa aaagctcgat catacaatag agatgaagac     32160
     atacctgaca gtcggtttga ttcgattata tcccaaacct ctactgaact cattattaag     32220
     agtgtatctc tgtcagattc agctctctat tattgtgctc taacagtagg agcccagtgg     32280
     tacaaaatgc cagagaggct ttacaaaaac tcataaacca ttattacttt gaacaacaac     32340
     aatctaatga atatcaaacc acagacagaa gatgagaaaa tgcaaatgag aggagctaca     32400
     agcacctgct gaacaatgaa tagaggcatt catccactga gtgattgtgg aggaaagaaa     32460
     gaaaaatata acattaaaat aagatataat acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     32520
     acacatatat atatatacac acatatatac acacacacat atatatattt tagggctgca     32580
     cgatacatcg tttcagcatc gaaatcgcga tgtgcgcatc cgcgatagtc acatcgcagg     32640
     aggtgtgatg caaagcaaaa aaattttttt ttaaataata ataaataaaa ttaaatatat     32700
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     32760
     atatatatat atatatatta tgggtggagt cgaacccgaa tacggtattc ggataagcac     32820
     aaatagcgtg tttttaacaa tacttatttc gaacaaatac ttgaaaagtt atttgtattc     32880
     gggaacagga aaaacattat atcaaaaagc atcgtttcct catgagaccg cagtgcatgc     32940
     ccgcatgagt gagtgagtga gtaagagaga gaaagagagt gagtgagacg ctcaggagtt     33000
     ggagggcggg gtggagctaa aaggtgtctg gcacaggcat ctccacacag caacagacag     33060
     agaaggctcg gctgagcgaa aaaaaatact tcactgcatc actatttttg ttaaatagat     33120
     ttttgtactt taattgggtt ccagaggcag tttataaact tgtagcctag ttgaagcgga     33180
     gtttgatcgg gatattccat tacggttaat ttttgacatt tgcaatcggg tgctctctgt     33240
     ttacgtaacg ttagctctgt tagcgcggta atttagacaa tagactgttg acagagtaac     33300
     gttaacattc gtttataaag gtgaaaacga tgcttgtgca gttgtgtcga atagtatgca     33360
     cttatgggag tgagtgagac agacgttcag gagtcggggg gtggggtggg gccagggtaa     33420
     aaggtgactg acgcaggctg ctgctccata cagcaacaga gaaggcttgg aagagcgaaa     33480
     aatactttac tgcattacta tctttgttaa ataaattttt gtatctgaac tgggttccag     33540
     aggcagttta taaacttgta gcgtacttaa agcggagttt gatcggtata ttattccatt     33600
     acactgcatt attgatgtct gcaatcggct gctctctgat tacgtaagtt agctctgtta     33660
     gcgcggtaat taagacaata gactgttgac aaagtaacgt taacgttcgg ttataaaggt     33720
     taaaacgatg cttgtgtagt tgtgttgaat tgtatgcact taaaggagtt ttatggtacg     33780
     tttaaattac tgtaatttgc agacagcaag atatatgcta agctatttaa ccttagcata     33840
     gcttcccgtc actcatagat atatacatct atgcccgtca cttatcaact tttagggacc     33900
     caaatagatg agttagactg ctgctgagtc attcttggtc ctccaacagc caaaaaaaaa     33960
     acttatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat cgcaatctat     34020
     atcacaggaa aaaaaaaatt cgcaatgtca cttttttcca atatcgtgca gccctaatat     34080
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatac atatatatac acatatatat atatatatgt     34140
     atatatgtat atatagatat atagacacac acacacacac acacacacag acacagacac     34200
     agacacagac agacagacag acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacat     34260
     atatatatat atatatagat taggcttggg cggtatccaa attttgatac cgtcaaaccg     34320
     cctccatatt ttaccccggt ttccggtatt accggcgtaa taaaaaaaat tatgacgtaa     34380
     ggctcaaaca gcgtcaccaa actgttggct tgagcctaaa ccattcagaa actgaatacc     34440
     ttgtatgcga ccttaggctc gcagtcagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag     34500
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag     34560
     agagagagag agagaagcga cgcacagcac ctctctccct ctctctctct cacacacaca     34620
     cacacacaca cacatctctc ccgcgaatta ttcagaaatt tactcccaca ccataagaaa     34680
     tctggccggc tcccgtggta ctgcagcggg aatgcagagc tgtaatcggg ccataaaaat     34740
     tatacccgat aggtcccgag tccgacaggt acagtttgat tgacagcttt ataaagccca     34800
     aacccattta cagcccgaca ttattcaaat gtgctcatgc acacagctct aatgcatttt     34860
     ttcaagaatg agtcatttat atgttttaac atcatttatt cgtaacaaat gtagactagg     34920
     ctatatgcca cttgaaagtt ggaacaaaga aataaagtcc tctgtaacat cgtaatatat     34980
     cagcactcta taggtctagg tacatgcact tagcctttaa attggccaac acccaaatga     35040
     aaaaaaatct ttctttacaa atcaaattaa aataaactct aaatgatgac gggtattttg     35100
     gcaataacga aattaagata aaggctctgc aaggtttgtt tctcaacttc tcttcacaat     35160
     ctggcattaa ggcggcggtg aagctgaata ttaaaagaat aatgccacca ttagcctgta     35220
     tactctgtct acattatgat tatatggttt aattaatatt tatttataat tgaaaaaccc     35280
     tttactcacc aagattaggc tacgtgtgtt tgtggaggaa cattattaca tccacaggct     35340
     ttagcgcatg cagtcctgcg ctcacggggt ccagcagctg aacacccttt cctgctgcta     35400
     caggccgaga tgcagagttc tgatctggct gattttgcaa gttttgggtt ggattgtttg     35460
     ttcatctttt accagtcagg aacatccatt taattttcca tgacagcagt ttgtttcact     35520
     gtagcgagag gcctcgtctt tttacctgtc agcttgcggt ttagggctct accgtaatac     35580
     gcagtgtatg agcgaccgcg aaatacctgt ggctggaatg cgctctttct gagctagtga     35640
     ctggcttgac cgccgtaata attcgctttt tttactactt catcatcatt tgtttcacct     35700
     ttgcagggat ggattttaat gcagggattt ggattttttc gggtctcgcc gggtttgggc     35760
     aaagatcttc agctctaatg cagacctctc gtttatatta accacgtctc ccttctgttc     35820
     agtctaaact gccaaactgc aggacacttt gaagcgcgac acgtcacgtc acctctccct     35880
     ctctccctcc ctctctctct ctcctccata ctgtcccgtg atgacaacca cacatacgtt     35940
     tttgtaggca ttaaataaag gatatttaat attttatgac ggtataacgg tattgaaact     36000
     gacaccgttg ctatttttag atcccgcggt ataccataat accgaaatac cgcccaagcc     36060
     taatatagat atatttcaaa gtaatctaat aataaattga agaatacata attgctaaat     36120
     gcatgctaca tacattttgc aaaagcaaaa gattaaaaag ttccaattat tattttttct     36180
     ctcaggaata acatagcttt aatattgata catttaaact ttgacaaaag tttaagttca     36240
     aagacatttt caaaaacaat ctgcagttca aatatagtgt ttgacttgaa ttaaaaaggg     36300
     gcgggtctta atatcatagt ccacacccac attattaata taaagcatgt cagatactca     36360
     ggcatttatt tgtctatgat ttaggtagac tgtaaaaata attatgatat aattcaccat     36420
     tcaaaccaac acagcaggat tgtccatact taaaaaaaaa gctcaaatct gaaaatcagc     36480
     atggagctct attacttact gattcccata attatatcag gtacattgtt tatattactg     36540
     tgtaatgtta atatttctgt tttataattt ttttttaatg aaatggctct agttttgaag     36600
     tgtcttatct tacttcaagg tgtgttaccg gacagcattg gaccaactga caaagatgca     36660
     attaaaacca ggaaagaagg agaatctgta acaccgagtt gctcatatga tacacagagc     36720
     aataatgttt atcttttctg gtacagacaa tttactaaca gagaacctga gtatttacta     36780
     attaaaggag ctcgatcata tggaggagag gataaaatag attcacggtt ccgtccgact     36840
     acctcccaaa cctccactga attcactatt cctggtgtaa ctctgtcaga ttcagctctc     36900
     tattattgtg ctctaagagt tgtagcccag tgatacaaaa tgcctgtgag gctttacaaa     36960
     aactcacaca caccactaat gcttaaaaag acagtaatca aacgttcatc ataccacatt     37020
     tatttcttta gtaaaccact gagactgtaa ataacagaat gtggaagcac ctgctaaaca     37080
     tttcaagtac atgaaatgta tagagaagag aggatatgaa aatgcagcag ccagagttct     37140
     gaccaggtct agaaaatatg atcatatcac cccaatttta tcctccttac actggctgcc     37200
     tgttaagttt cgtattgaat ttaaaatatt acttctcacc tataaagctc taaataatct     37260
     agctcctgtt tatcaaacca accttctgtc tcgctacaaa ccaactcgct ctttaagatc     37320
     tcaaaattca gggcttctgg tagtacctag aatagcaaaa tcaagtaaag gaggtcgagc     37380
     cttctctttc atggctccta cactctggaa tagccttcct gataacgtcc gaggctcaga     37440
     cacactctcc cagttcaaaa ctagattaaa gacctatctg tttagtaaag catacactca     37500
     atgcatcacc tagcaggttc cacacaggct tctgcatctt gcttatatac actatgaaca     37560
     gcagctacgc taattattct ctttattctc tattttcacc tggggatact catcccgagg     37620
     tcctcagatt atgcggagtc actgattgga tccaagaccg gcgacgtgat gatcccaagg     37680
     attccatatc cgggacaagg ccatatcctg agctgctgct gcgctgatgg tcgtggggag     37740
     tggagaacat gagtctgatt ccagcgacgc tccagggaca gacgagtctt cgctgaggcc     37800
     atcttccagc ctaaaccacg gcgaatgaag ctctgcacaa gacttttggc cagcggagaa     37860
     attaaaatgg tcgtgcccaa ctgagtctgg ttccctcaag gttttttttc ttcactctta     37920
     tcaggtgaag ttttttttcc ctctccgctg tcgccactgc ctcgcatggt tcaggattgg     37980
     tagaactacg catcgatgaa tttgctcttc agtgtttgaa ctatcagtaa tgattaaatc     38040
     acactgaact gagctaaact gagctaaact gaactgaact taaacactaa aacctgaacc     38100
     acactgttcc agtttctatg accatttatg tgaagctgct ttgacacaat ctacattgta     38160
     aaagcgctat acaaatacag ctgaattgaa aaaaaaagct gaattgaaag caaactagag     38220
     gaattaagct gtttgtgctg tttaaatagt atcaatcatg atgtaacgag gagactgaca     38280
     cggagggatc cattatgcag tatttattgc tcaagcactt attcacacac acaatatgca     38340
     ctaacgtgca aacacacaac aacaacagtc tatgatgaat aaagactggc gatgaataga     38400
     cacagaaagt attaccaggc atagatcgag ggtaggctgc tagtatcaga gtccgtgaac     38460
     caggcgtggg tcgtgggcag gtagcgaaca tcagagtccg tataacaggc gtggttcgtg     38520
     ggcaggcagc gagtatcaga gtccgtatac aaggcgtggg tcgtgggcag gcagaaggcg     38580
     aagcagagtc aaggaacagg ctggagtaat acacaaggag tcaggcagga ataacgctca     38640
     gaaatgctgg ccggggctaa acaagacttc gcactgaatg agcgtttggt gctggcttat     38700
     aaagggtacg tgggtcatta gcgggattca gttcaggtgt gcatgatcag ggtaaatgga     38760
     tgatgtaatg cttagaagtc cggagatggt ggcctccgct ggccagcgag gggaatgact     38820
     gggaccgagt cggtgacaca tgaattaaag ttacagtatc tcctagcatt actccataca     38880
     ctgaatccaa agctgaattt tcaactgcat agctcaaatg attgagtggg tatagtgaaa     38940
     acggatggtt ttgcaataca aataaaagta attactctaa aaatattcaa ctaattagtt     39000
     ttatttttat agcacgttta atgtaaactg tgtaaaagaa acttaacaca gataaagata     39060
     gacctgtcat gataagcaat ttctgctgtg caatactgta tactgtcaca gaaattgttg     39120
     gataagcgat tgacattaaa ttgttattta gagatcattt ttatgccact gattatataa     39180
     taataaacat aacaatgcaa ataggcataa atactttaaa attcctaaag ttatttagat     39240
     tctattaggg ttggggtgat agataatgcc attgtccatt gccgatggct gatagacatt     39300
     aggatgttga gtcagcatcg cgatcctcca ccatgccccc atcgcagcag caacccgctt     39360
     gcaaaaaata cacactacac aaacccatct tagttttaaa atggcatttt agaatgaaaa     39420
     tgacccacgt ccacactggc cttatctaca ctataccgct gaaaacacac atcacgtaag     39480
     atcacacaca cacgcacgca tgcatgcaca cacacacact ggtatgcgct gcagcatata     39540
     cacatatctg agctccaggc agtcagcagg tgctttgagc acaaaacccc agagagcagt     39600
     gcccgttgga cagtttatca aggatgtact gctgaatcat ttcttactat agttgttaac     39660
     gtatatttaa ttcatcttgt ctctatctca cgactcttct gtcttttgaa tctatcaggt     39720
     aacgtgtcac aacatcagtt cactgcttta atcttttgat ttcatgtttg tacttagtaa     39780
     ttttagtaaa tttagctaaa acctcagata ctgttggttg tgcacctttt caccaaccaa     39840
     gtttgtcgac accattataa caacacagat cactctgcat attcatgcaa gagtcctgcg     39900
     gaaaaagtga ttgacaggtg gaaatttgtg tgtaacttat ctttatttat ttatgatttg     39960
     gttatgagta aaacaaagac catgcagata aggtagttga aacagtatgc cacaaataat     40020
     taattcatta tgaattaatt agggcgtcat ggtggagcag tgggtaccac aatcgcctca     40080
     cagcaagaag gttgctggtt tcagttggta tttctgtgtg gagtttgcaa gctctccccg     40140
     tgttcatgtg ggtttcctct gggtgctacg gtttctcccc acaagtccaa agacatgcgc     40200
     tatgggtgaa ttgggtaagc taaattgtct gtagtgtatg tgtgtgaatg acagtatatg     40260
     ggtgttttct agtaatgggt tgcagctgga agggcatccg ctaggtaaaa catcctggat     40320
     aagttggcgt ttaatttcgc tgtgacgacc cctaattaat aaaggaacta aaaaaaaaaa     40380
     aagaaagaaa gaatgaatta ttaataaata attgatttaa tgcagcttac gacgatgatg     40440
     ccattgtcga tgtttcacat tagacaaaat tggtcgacat tgcccaaccc tagattctat     40500
     catttgcagg tctataataa aaaggtaaat gtcctattat atatacaatt aaatgttgta     40560
     taaggtaaat ttccaatttt aatctgaggg agttagaatg taaatgtcat tgtaaaatgg     40620
     ctttaatgtt atttgtgaat ttgtaaatat atatttcaaa agcaaaaatg attgaggtca     40680
     tctccgagta taagtcgata tattgattat tgtgacaggc atagaagaag aaaacaaaat     40740
     taaataacag caaaatattt cagattatgg aacactttag taattccagg caggcagcag     40800
     agtagtggta gaatgctggg gaagatctag agttaaacta aaacttattc agttcatttt     40860
     agtataaata tcacagttga agctcagatt ttgcatatta ctttgaagaa agtcaagact     40920
     acagttgtaa tgggctgtta taacattcat tcattttctt gtcggcttag tccctttatt     40980
     aatccgggga caccacagcg gaatgaaccg ccaacttatc cagcaagttt ttacgcagtg     41040
     tatgcccttc cagccgcaac ccatctctgg gaaagctgtt ataacataca atttattaaa     41100
     tattcaatat aagatcaaca taaaaataat ttatatttag gtaaatttca gtcatgcaca     41160
     atcctaacat gacacacaag ctttaccaga aatatttcac agcttaagga tgatcaaaaa     41220
     atgtatgttt ctttttattt tacaatcata tatgcatata ttaataaaaa agcttctatt     41280
     tgcaatccta ggggagggag aaatttgaga attataatat taaggtgatg taaatgatca     41340
     tcaatgttat gaggtttctc ctttgcttat ataatattac tctgcaggca cagtatatca     41400
     atatgacgtt atgggacgtt ggattttgag tggaaatgaa aatcaggttg atgtcagaac     41460
     ccaacgtcag accgacgtca gtgtccaaca tcggataaac gttggatttt ggtcactttc     41520
     cagagcaacc taaaaacaac caaatattaa tgtctaatga ggttacagct gagaaggtgc     41580
     tcgctgcaga gccatttgag cagagctgag ctccagcgag ggggagcatg agctctcgtt     41640
     ctgcctcctg taagctgttt taacgcgtac accaacccca cccctaaccc tacccccagt     41700
     gacatcactc gtagaagaag tgcaaaaaag gtggagctca agctccccct cgctggagct     41760
     cagctcgccc aaatggctct gcagcgagca ccacttgtta cagtttgacg ttgtgtggag     41820
     gttaccccta tgacgtctat cagatgttgg attttggtta tcatacctga cgaataaatg     41880
     tccttattag atgtcaatat gttggtttaa gatgttggct cgatgttgga ttttagtcac     41940
     tttccaacac aaactaaaat taaccatttg acattgttat tggacattaa aatagcgttg     42000
     tccttatacg ctggctagac attgaattag tcacctgaca tcacaaccta aatctaacct     42060
     aatgttaacg tcttatgact ttgtgtttct cagtgacttt aaagaccata ctgaatcttt     42120
     agtcttaaag aaaagacaat aaaacgatgg ctgtgacaat agctatgttt ccatccacct     42180
     atttttttta gttgatggaa acaccatgat gcgcctaact gggtaggata aactttttat     42240
     tcgataaaaa aagatgcgca taaactgaga tggaaacact tttaccgcac aaactccagc     42300
     atgcgcatta aaaaaagtca tgtgattttg ttaaaagaga ttatgtgatg cttaaaatgt     42360
     gtgtgaatgt ataaaatgtc agtctgagca cattacaaaa catctgaaac gttgttttgg     42420
     tcattataaa atgccttacc atttcagtat taatgttatt atattattaa tgacctccag     42480
     aatcaagagc gtctgtgctc cgcgtctgac accttcaaac gcctgcttgt caggattgtc     42540
     ttctgaggcg cattcattta gaaaagattg atgcagcttc tcctactgca gcaaatgcag     42600
     tttttacggt tgatatttgg tgccagttaa tcaggaagtg acgtttttgt tcgatttgac     42660
     tctttggatg gaaacgatgc ttcattcaca caacttttat gcaataatcc agttttgcgc     42720
     ataaagttta ttcgcatttt tgaatggaaa catagcgaat aacatttgga tcatttattc     42780
     ttggtatgtg agcaaacaaa catatgttta tttttacatg ataatgctgt gacagaattt     42840
     ttgtttgttt atagcaagaa aaacatcagt gtgctaggat ctatctagga aattcttgaa     42900
     ggcgggtgct caatcacgcc aaacaatata atttttttta tgtgtttaag tgtgtttatg     42960
     tatgtgtgtg tatatactgt atatttttgc agtctttttc tgttttttga cttatgcatt     43020
     tatttttttc ttgtttgttt acttatttgt tgattgtggc gtttgaggtg tgatgtgtag     43080
     agtttgacta tatcttgaga ttactcgtgt gacctgatga agtacagtag gtagtacagt     43140
     aggttgaaat gttgtccttt taaatttatc ttttgagagt taaagacaac ccagactcat     43200
     tctgaaaatg taccgctata catttttgga gagcaccaca tatgtcccaa gaggtaaatt     43260
     ttttgcagtt tttgttttcc agaatccacc agaggccact gtgtacgctt tttgagatct     43320
     caaatttgtc ttgttggtgc cattcgtgcc tgctgttctc atgtaaatca caccaaaggc     43380
     tgctgtcgac tgaccgaccg accaaccggc ctaccgactg acccatcctc ttcttttttt     43440
     aaacccaacc aatagtgttt ttaatagcac acattgaccc acctatcgcc ttccctaaac     43500
     ccaatcgaca gttttaaaaa aagctatcca aaaaaagcct ctgcctgatt tttaccacat     43560
     tttcagattt caccacattc tcaccctact tacctgttta ttttattttt tggattgtgt     43620
     ttgtcttacc tgctttttgg aaccattctt catcagactc taacccccgt cagcgtgatc     43680
     aactccaagt ctgctgacat acatggcgca ctactggaca aattggtaaa aacaggaaag     43740
     cagagcatac agaggtaaaa ggtcagctgg tagtgcgaaa aaggaatggt gtcaagcgta     43800
     gcgttcgaaa cgaaatgcag ccatacatac ttctgtctac ataatttgcg atctccagaa     43860
     atgaatatag agctacgttt ttagaaagag cctatgttgg ctaaagtggc agtgtaccag     43920
     tttttttttc ctctccactt tttctgttga ccgtgtgatg tcacaagcca cacccatttc     43980
     gttaataaac aaaagagcac acctctccat ataaactgac tcatcagtca ccttaaactc     44040
     aaaacataaa tgtgaagaga tctgatcaaa agcatgaaca tgaagaaaca attcctgctg     44100
     cttgtcataa cattatcagg taaagtactt aataacaagc tcagtcattt tatacgagat     44160
     tcgtttttaa aaatattcgc tttagttaaa cagttttttc ctgtaatttt gtgctatcaa     44220
     aacttcattt gcaggtgtgt ttcctaacaa catttggcca aaagacaaag aagtgatagt     44280
     cagtaatgaa ggagagtctg tgacactgac ctgctcatac agttcaggca gcaatgatgt     44340
     ttggatttac tggtacaaat atctttctaa cgcagaacct cagtttttac tgtggaaagg     44400
     tgctcgagca cagaacatgc agcatatccc agatcagcgc tttgaatcta ctacatacca     44460
     aacatccact aacctcttta ttaagagtgt atctctgtca gattcagctc tctattattg     44520
     tgctctaaga gtagtagccc agtgatacaa aatgcctgag acgctttaca aaaactcaca     44580
     cacaagataa aacacagtaa tgatatgact gcaaaccaca tttatctctt ataaaccaca     44640
     cagatcatat acaccacaat acggaaacac ctgctgcgtt aatggcagta agacaagacc     44700
     aaaataaata ataataaaat gggttcacga cagaaaaact aaacaattta ctgtaataaa     44760
     taacattgta atataaaaca aagaaaatgg aatctatttg cattgcacca aaatgccccc     44820
     taaatggata gctccctcca aaaagggttc taaaagactc taaatattgc tttaaacaca     44880
     gtaaagtaat atttatatta gtgctgtcaa aattagtgcg ttaacgtatg cgattaattt     44940
     gaaatattta atgcattaaa aaaatgtacg caattaacgc agttgcaatt atttttttta     45000
     cttcctgttg tggtggatgg ttcagcatgc aaagaaatat ggataagacc aaggaagcac     45060
     tttttgaagg caagtttcag tataaaacaa ttaatgtcgc atcactaggc tctccagagc     45120
     gttcatgcgt gttggatctg aaaggagtcg ctccggcgcg ttgtgtgtgt ctgtctgtgt     45180
     gtgtgtctgt gtcaggggtt gagtgagcga cgtatctgaa tgtggcatgt gtgcgcgaga     45240
     cgtacctgaa gagtggtggg ggtgagttgc gcatgacata cctgaagagc ggtgggggtg     45300
     agttgcgcac gacgtacctg aagagctagg agggatgcgg tggagaggga tgtgcaacgt     45360
     atttaaggac cgggcggaag acgcgtgatt tccgggagat tatcattcat ttgcgggcat     45420
     tctggagtct tactgcattt gcgaatactc ccgcaacttc caagagacat gggatgtctg     45480
     gactggactg tcttaactgg atgaatgtaa agaaagactg agcaaaattg tttctacttt     45540
     ataattcatg ttctcaactc acagcaatac aactttacaa tgaatgcaat tgtttgtatt     45600
     caattcttta ttattattat tactattatt ataattttcc atctttcata tctgcaatgc     45660
     ctgtattttg gcatttgttt gcagtccact tagaatccaa cttggaaaaa tatatttttt     45720
     tctttattgg cattgattgt tttgaaattc aaatggcttt aacatgcctg tgtttttatt     45780
     tctgtaataa atatggctgt aaagccagga tcttgatggt ttattgtggg tgtatgttgt     45840
     ttacatgaaa tagtttttgt cttgcgttta caataatttt acatttgaat agtcaaaatt     45900
     acaagtttta gtcttttaaa tgtgattaat tttcaaaaaa agtgtgatta attagttcat     45960
     ttttttaatc agttgacagc actaatttat atctattttt gttacatttc ttaagaagca     46020
     ttgctaattt ttagacttat ttgttggcca gttgtggtaa atattaaaag ttataaacca     46080
     tcaattatgt tttattaatc cactatagaa atgagattta aaataaaata taaaatttga     46140
     tttggtgtct ctcgaatcat ctcacagcta cattaatata gaatagtgta gaatgtttta     46200
     tacagggttt ctgcaggttt cattaagtct ttttaaaatc tttcttcttc tatgtcgcag     46260
     tttttctcct cttttctttt tttccccctc tgtgaaacca ggcagtttgg gatgttttga     46320
     cacattgagc ttgttgaccc atcaaaaaaa actaaataaa ttgtatagca ggtatctctc     46380
     tctctctcta tatatagatt ttaattcaga ttattttctc aagtcataat accaactagt     46440
     tttaagaaca ggggaagtta cactttattt tcttccccca tttctggcgc cccctggatg     46500
     taagaccctt agcatttgcc tatactgcct atgccacagg tctggtatta tcactaacca     46560
     cacccacaaa ataatatcca atcacctctt cagctcactg ctttataaag tcaacattca     46620
     acattatcta cacaccaaat gtttcataaa gtagcgattt aaagaagcat catggtcaaa     46680
     tatctcctgc tgattctcac agcagtatca ggtaactcac tgttgaagtg ttttgactct     46740
     aaatgtaaag tgctgtgttg tcaagtgttt atattaaatt ccaggtgcac tttccgacag     46800
     cattggacca aatgaaaaag aaactaatgt gatgagtaga gaaggagagt ctatgagatt     46860
     gagctgctca tttgaatcaa gcagcaatta tgttttgctt tactggttca gacagaaccc     46920
     tgatggagag ctgcaatatt tactatataa aggtgctcga tcgtggagct ctaaagaaga     46980
     tcattcagaa gatcgttttc agtcaattgc agcatattcc tccactgaac tcaatactgc     47040
     tgaagcggct ctgtcagatt cagctctcta ttactgtgct gtgaagagcc gtctgtacag     47100
     cccagtgata caaagagctg agacgcttta caaaaactca tagccaaaac tcttgctttg     47160
     aaagccagtt atcaaatgag tatcaaacca cttctggaaa accacacaga ctgtgtaaag     47220
     acacctgcgg aacaaacaag actgaactga acggattcta gtgatttaaa gcagtgaatc     47280
     aattttaaaa catcttaatt tagatttttc ataaagtgat gatgactgaa gttaaactca     47340
     taaattcatt atgaacttta cagtcaagtc attacaaaac tctcgactaa aatcttaata     47400
     atttatgggg aatgaagata gtagtaagag atattcaaaa gaaatacaga aaaaaggtag     47460
     gcatgggtga tatggatatt actgtctaac agaggttata tgtgctggtg aagattaaag     47520
     atatagatga ggtttgcact gtaggctatg ttgcgtgttg tttttgaacc caaataaaga     47580
     ctaaatgtat gctgtgtgta gtttatttgt agttgctaac atatcggaga ctgtaagggt     47640
     ctgtgtgtgt tcatgttgca tttatttatt tatttatttt atataattgc agatgttaca     47700
     gaagactaat tcacactgtc attgatctgc agttataatc aaatcctgtt cacagaaagg     47760
     ttagtaattt atacaaaagt atttatgtgt ataaagcatc tgttttgtga gaagtgcttc     47820
     tcatgtagca tgtgaacgac ctgtacagct ttattttgac atttccttga gcgagaatga     47880
     catcgactga aactttgtca ttcaccacac aattggtacc cttttcagaa tgtaaacaca     47940
     agcctcagtg gtaccactca gtggaaacga gccataatac aaatcaaaca acttgtcatc     48000
     aaatagacag acttcatatg tagacattca atattgtcaa tttgatgact atctaatttt     48060
     ggactgttgt tagttgtctg ttagattttc actgaaagac caaatttagc ctggttttag     48120
     ccaagacgac ttcactgtgg ggaaaaaaaa agttgactca acttagaatt aaggcaacaa     48180
     actttaggac atttgagttt actcaactta aatcaagtca tatgaagtaa atgggttgaa     48240
     agtcgagtca actcaaaatg tcctgtagtt tgttgccttt acgttgagtc aacttagttt     48300
     ttttttacag tgtaggtctg accgtccatc agatgtcttt taaacaaaaa taatacctgc     48360
     tgggatataa atgagtagcg aaattaaata aaaagcaaac aacagttact gaaatgtcgg     48420
     acttttgaaa gtaggaaatg taaaaacaga aaatattata aggaaaaaga acaatgagct     48480
     gctgtttaaa gagctcaagc tcctcccagt caatgtgact gtatttaaaa cagactcaaa     48540
     gacaaactga atcaactcac tgtcattaaa ctcagagttc agtattcatt cctgtcagtt     48600
     taacagttca gttatcatca tgacacattg gggaatatat ttgatcttct ttactgcata     48660
     tttcggtggt gagtacattt agtctctaaa tgtaattaat taaagcatgc agaatattaa     48720
     ttgatatgga tttaaattgt gtttcaggct gtgactgtgc tgagagtgtt gatcagaata     48780
     caagagttgt aactgctgat gaaggaagat ctgtgagcat tagctgtaca tatcaaacca     48840
     gtgatgtttc cccaaatctc ttttggtacc aacaaaagcc gaacacaatc cccaaacaca     48900
     tgatgacgat aatctccaaa actgtacaaa atgacaaaga ctttgaggag gagagatttg     48960
     gtgcaaaaca cgacaaaact ttaaaatcag ttcctctgct gatccaggat ctgcgtgtgt     49020
     ctgattctgc tgtgtattac tgtgctctga ggcccacagt gacaggaaac acaccagccc     49080
     tatacaaaaa ccagttacaa tgagacatac tgtaagaggg aattatagag acagtgggaa     49140
     gaaaaactgc tgtatcaaat cttatacaaa gtacataaaa aaacattctt cctattatga     49200
     ttgatatttt gttattacaa tcaatactaa aatacgagtg aaaaacactg gtgccaaaat     49260
     tttacagtac atcagaatat caggaaggct attccagagt ttaggagcca taaatgagaa     49320
     ggctttgcta ttctaggtac taccagaagc cctgagtttt gagatcttag agcaggttgg     49380
     gttgtagcaa gacgggaggt tggttagata aacagctaga ttatttaaag ctttccaggt     49440
     gagaagtaat attttaaatt caatacgaaa cctaacaggc agccaatgta aggaggatac     49500
     aattggggtg atatgatcat attttctaga gctggtaaga aagtttatta ataaaggatg     49560
     ctggtcaact agtgaacaaa gcattacagt aatccagcct agaagtcatc gaagcatgaa     49620
     ctagcttttc tgaatcacag attgacagca tacttcgtaa cttagcgatt tttctcagat     49680
     aaaagaaggc tgtttctgtg acatggaaga tatgattctc aaaaattaaa ttgctgtcta     49740
     atatgacacc caaatatttt atagtagagc taacattaac tttgtatccc tctaattgta     49800
     ggttgggttg tgagatctgc tgtgtacagg atttagactc aataagtaat aattttgttt     49860
     tgtctgagtt taagagaaga aaattgttgg tcatccagtc tttaacatct ttaatacact     49920
     cagttagctt agacagttca gacatctcat caggtttagc tgaattatat aatcgagtat     49980
     catctgcata gcagtgaaag ctgttcccat gtcttctaat catgtctccc aggggtagta     50040
     tgtatattgt acacagcaaa gggcctaaaa ctaatccttg tggcacccca tactttactg     50100
     ggctgactgg ccattaatat tcacaaactg gtaatggtca gctaagtaag acttaaaaca     50160
     aatttgtaca ctgcacacac tgcattactt ttggtttaag ccatgagcat aattttctac     50220
     aaataaattc atgtccatga taaaaaataa tttttaaatc atgtgcaggc ttttaattct     50280
     ttgtaacttt atgttcgagg cccctctctg aggttttacc tgtatctgaa atccacagca     50340
     gcatacagac aaaagcaaca aaacaaaaac catatacact gatcaaagta tgtaatacca     50400
     atgtatattg agttggagtg cagctcaggc tcctcccagc aggcagagcg gagcaagtga     50460
     tatgaattga ctgctgcttc aacagatgca gaaagaggaa gaggagcaca acatctctgc     50520
     agattcttca acactttcag aggatttcag cttcatataa tggctttctg gaaaagtggc     50580
     attctgatca taattatata catcaagggt gagtaattat caaataatga tcattttcaa     50640
     atgtatttga aatgaatgtt atttacatat gtaatctgca tatttgttta ttttgtcata     50700
     attctatttc agggtgtgat tctcaggata aagttgatca gcacataaag actcaatctg     50760
     cttttgaagg tgatactgta accattgact gcacatatca gacttcttca acaggcccga     50820
     ctctattctg gtaccagcag aaagtcaatg gagtccccaa atacatgctt aataaaatct     50880
     ctacatctgg acacactgag gatgaattta aagagagatt tcacgcaact ctcagcaaaa     50940
     cttcagttcc tctgacaatc caggatgtgc gagtgtcaga ctctgctgtg tattactgtg     51000
     ctctgcagcc cacagtgact caaactcact caacactcac acaaaaacac tgtgagcctc     51060
     tgatgtgacg tgacttatat aaatctttac acttcatttc acttaacaaa cagattgcca     51120
     caaattaatt ccattttagt tggaatctat taaaaacaac atgaatttca ttttttaaat     51180
     gtaaaatcaa attgtgcact ttgtttgtac ttttcttttt aattatgttc atcagtagta     51240
     gcgactgcac tgaaccttca acaaccaaat caaaccaaga aacacaacca tacatcactg     51300
     caccatagta aaatatatat aattaaacat tataaaaacc ttaaatgtaa aaactaaagc     51360
     tacatcaaac aagattatgc tttttagaat agtgttactc tttgtcagta ctgtaataaa     51420
     gtctattcca acaaccgctt cattgttttt gttactgtaa aatcattact ttgttacaaa     51480
     tgtattaaaa ctggccttaa tatgactttg acaataaaat gtttttatcc agaaggtggc     51540
     aatatcttca tatacaacac accacaaact gtcaacaagg gtgaaaaatc tactgtctta     51600
     caaatcaaca cagaaatatt ttgcctgttt taaagtctat gtgacattgc tctgtttaac     51660
     attctttgat aaaataagac gaccagaata tctatttttt atttaattac aatagtgagt     51720
     tatcaaaaat gacatgaaat cttcattagt ctaaacaatt tttgttaata tttttaacac     51780
     agtgtattgt aaaattatta ttcgtattga ctgggtgttt tgacattcac agcctgagct     51840
     gtgaatatta atatatttaa taatctgata cttattatct tcactgttac tttcagcact     51900
     gcaaatttga atcaagaagt taattagaat ttaaagaaag ttacttatct tcctctgcaa     51960
     ttctttaaag acccaggaga gggagaatgg aatctattat caacaaagat ttatgtcatg     52020
     agctcatctc ttctatatat tgtcaccatt ttcttagtga ctcaaaaaga aaagggtgct     52080
     ttcacactag cacttttggt ccacgcccag ttttgtttga agtcagagta tggtacattt     52140
     agctagtgtg aacgtgtctt ctgaactcgg atgcacactt gtgaaccgta cccgagtctg     52200
     ccagaaagag gtggtctggg gtacggttca tgcaaactct gttctggttc acttctggta     52260
     taaatgcatt tgtaccaaat aatagaagta aaccgctaac agtacaacaa actattgttt     52320
     tcataacgtt cattcgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     52380
     tgtgtctgtc tgtgtattac gtactgtacc ttgttgacaa gcgggattga gaacggccgt     52440
     gatgtgcgta catctttaca ttttggcact ttgctttcgt gtccatcacc tagcaacagt     52500
     cgtacacaca acagcagctc aatgacacaa gcgtactgga gttcagaagg aaaaaagaca     52560
     gcatgaacaa accaaccgag aaggtggcaa ggggagggcg ggcaatcgga cctgggtacg     52620
     gttcctggca tatgaaccaa gtctgtcaat acttggatta cttatacttg gtatgttagc     52680
     aaacaacagt ttggttttgt ttctacataa ttatgctgat tgtcacacat acacaaacac     52740
     acacacgcat tttaaagtaa gaaacatgta cacaaataaa aacagaaatg gcctttcata     52800
     ggaaagaaac tgaagagctc aagctcctcc cagtcaatgt gactgtattt aaaacagact     52860
     caaagctgaa tcaactgttc actctcatta aactcagagt tcagtattca ttcctgtcag     52920
     tttaacaatt cagttatcat catgacacat tggggaatat atttgatctt ctttactgca     52980
     tgtttctgtg gtgagtagga tcattttgag tctctaaatg taattaatta aagcatgcag     53040
     aatattaatt gatatggatg taaattgtgt tgcaggctgt gattgtgctg agagtgttga     53100
     tcagaataca agagttgtaa ctgctgatga aggaagatct gtgagcatta actgtacata     53160
     tcaaaccagt gatccttccc catatttgtt ctggtaccaa caaaagccga acacaatccc     53220
     caaacacatg atgacaataa tcactacaac tttacaaaat gacaaagact ttgaggagga     53280
     gagatttggt gcaaaacacg acaaaacttt aaagtcagtt cctctgctga tccaggatct     53340
     gcgtgtgtct gattctgctg tgtattactg tgctctgagg cccacagtga caggaaacac     53400
     accagcccta tacaaaaacc tgttacaatg agattctgta taattataga gacagtggga     53460
     aagacagtga gaaagaagct gtgtctgcca gaataataac aaaaaaactg caggtagtat     53520
     caaaatcaaa agacaaaaaa agatttaatt tctttacatt gtgcgatttt gtatgaaaaa     53580
     gattcacaag tctttgtatg aaaaattcac acaatacatt ttgtcacaag atggcagtgt     53640
     tcaaacacaa agagtgtgtg agtgtgtgtg atgtgcagtg acttacagct cagagactga     53700
     gcgcctaaac agagaactga atctcgttga acatgaacac atgctttaca ctgattctca     53760
     ctctggccac aggtactgta tttactgaat cattattaaa acactgtaca tagagattta     53820
     cttaaaaaaa cttaccttaa tggctttcaa aaatatttta catgtgtatt tttataaaac     53880
     attctgtgaa atatgtaagc aatattattt agcgaagtct tgaattccac aaataaaagg     53940
     gtttttatta atgttgacag gtttggtgtg tggagacagc attggaccag atgaaaggac     54000
     agaaaacaca tctgaagaaa caaaaacggt caagttgagc tgctcatata gtgcaagcat     54060
     tgaatatgtt gtgctttact ggtacagaca gtataaacat gaagaacctc agtatttact     54120
     tcgcagatat gctcgatcat ataatgatta tgaagccact tctgataatc gctttcattc     54180
     agtttcatca tatacatcca ctgaactcac tattactgat gcacgtctgt cagattcagc     54240
     tctctattat tgtgctctaa tagtaggatc ccagtggtac aaaacatgaa acatgtcgta     54300
     caaaaacctg atgctctttt ctgtctaaac tcatgaagtg aaaaccacaa tcaaaacctc     54360
     aatctaacca acccaacaaa atacaaaaca atgtggttac atcttcgaga gcttcaatca     54420
     tggctgctac aaaagtaatg tagtgtgtgc agtgtacaaa taagtttcct tgtttcgagt     54480
     aaatcatgag cattttgttg tttagttgtt acgaggatga gatgcaacat caagtgagat     54540
     tttctggtgc cgggtgaaag aagagagaca aaaacaacga atatatgaaa gaaaagtact     54600
     aatttttaaa gcgatgatag gaaacaatga atataagaat ttagtatgta aatgaattag     54660
     taatcaaata aaaataacag aaatgtaggg tagtcacgat tctgaaattt ggtcccaatc     54720
     gatattgaat ttttaaaaac atcaattcct gcaaacattt ttacgctgtt gaacatattc     54780
     ctaaacagca ttgatttgct attgtgttct catgctcaac agtgataact gtgatcggcc     54840
     atgaaggtca tcagttcaca gaactcaaca ctgtttactg aatgtaaaca catatacagg     54900
     gacactggag tgtgtgtgta tgcattttac aatatacaca cacacacaat accagtgtat     54960
     attgagttgg agtgcagctc aggctcctcc cagcagcaga gcaagtgata tgaattgact     55020
     gctgcttcaa cagatgcaga aagaggaaga ggagcacaac atctctgcag attcttcaac     55080
     actttcagag gatttcagct tcatataatg gctttctgga aaagtggcat tctgatcata     55140
     attatataca tcatgggtga gtaaatcaaa aaaattatca aatattgatc attttcaaat     55200
     ataattaaaa aaaataaatg ctatgtgtgt aatctgcata tttattcatt tagttgtgat     55260
     tctatttcag gatgtgattc tcaggataaa gttgatcagc acacaaagac tcagtctgct     55320
     tttgaaggtg atactgtaac cattgactgc acatatcaga cttcttatgc aggcccgact     55380
     ctattctggt accagcagaa agtcaacgga gtccccaaac acatgctgaa taaaatcact     55440
     acaactggac acactgagga agaattcaaa gagagattta atgcaactct aagcaaaact     55500
     tcagttccac tgacaatcca ggatgtgcga gtttcagact ctgctgtgta ttactgtgct     55560
     ctgaggccca cagtgtctca aacacactca acactcacac aaaaacacag tgagcctctg     55620
     atgtgacgtg acttatgtaa acctttacac ttcattacac taaatagatt tagccacaaa     55680
     tcaaatcctt cctttgtgga atcaattcaa aacaacacga atttcacttt taaaatgtca     55740
     aaatcaaatt gtgtactttt actatgtata ttgttttttg tatttttaat ttatcttctt     55800
     cacaagagtt aataccaact gcactgaatc ttaaacaatt aaattatcat acttttcatt     55860
     tgtattcagc aaagttcagt agttagtagc gactgcactg aacatgtaac aaccaaatca     55920
     aatcatgcac aaccacacat cgctgcaaca tagaaaaata tatatatata atgaaacaat     55980
     attcaaaaat gttaagtgta tttatacaca cacacacata tatatatata tatacacaca     56040
     cacatatata tatatacata tatatatata tatatatata tattataatt atttattatt     56100
     tataattata taattattta aataacattg tagttaaaat aacagttatt taattattta     56160
     attatatagt atttaattag aatgttattt aattatttaa ttacaaattt aattacaatg     56220
     atagtattta attacaatga taagtaatca aaataatcaa taagtaatca aaaattgaca     56280
     tgaaaccttt attagtgtaa ttttttttaa cattcctaac atactgtatt atatattatt     56340
     tgcattgaca ggatgttttg gcaaagatcc tgtttatcat caaaagaaca gcaggtcagt     56400
     ctgagctgtg aatataaatc ggtctgatca taacatttac tgtttgtagc actacaaact     56460
     tggattgtgt agtatttaat ttgaagaaat atttcacact agactctatc agtttctctg     56520
     ttgattcagg atctgtgtgt ggctgattct gctgtgtttt actgtgctac aaagtccaaa     56580
     gtagaaaaca cactcaaagt agggctggac gatatggcaa aaattaatat ctcgatatat     56640
     ttcttaattt cagtcgatac gatataattc caatatcgat atggacaata ttagcaagga     56700
     taaaactggc aagactgcac ataatggatg tctgtactat agagatttgg tgcaaaacac     56760
     aaaactttaa aatcagttcc tctgctgatc caggacctgc atgtgtctga ttctgctgtg     56820
     tattactgtg ctctgaggtc cacagtgaca acactcaaca ctcccacaaa aaacctccat     56880
     gatgagctgt actttctagg tggttgatga tttttttttt tgttgctttt gtattttgtg     56940
     tgttactgta catctgtact gtaggtttaa tcttgctatt tataccctaa agtacattaa     57000
     atgctgatat accaaaatac atgtatttaa acttcccttg tcatacccga acaaaattac     57060
     atttcttatt aatattttat acactaaatt atttatattt tttatttcca aacctaattg     57120
     aaacataaaa acattactgt ctcaaactta aagaaaaagt atttcagggg taattaatgt     57180
     gttggtgctc catggataag ggattcataa agataaacaa ctaaattata agttcaaagc     57240
     atttgaaaaa attacttaac taaaatattt aaatacactg taaaaaatgt ttcacataac     57300
     cgatttgtgc tgggacaaca taaaggaatt aagttaactt atttgttttt accaaattaa     57360
     atgtattgaa cataaaacaa ttaaagtatt gcgttgattc agctcaattt aaatagtagt     57420
     ttaaacaaac aacaaatgtt ttgtgttgaa ttaatttgag tgtaattgaa ctgtggataa     57480
     atattataat taagttagat caatttaaca gatctaagtt gcaatgggct ttttaagtgt     57540
     agtcaacttg tcgcttttaa gtcaatgggt ttactcaatt ttttaaacaa tcacttttta     57600
     cagtgttgga ctttgatttt gattgatttt attgttaaac attacagctt ccttgcaata     57660
     gaccttgcaa tgcagaagag ggcgacaagc atttactctc tactgttcag ctgtttggct     57720
     aatgttgatc atttcttagc agctttctaa acacttgatt tcttaaatat tgcaaagctg     57780
     caagtgttga taccctaact gccttgtctc tccatttttt ttttttttta catctttcca     57840
     attttctttt tttattgcaa aacatctaac ttttattgca ctaaaatata tattttttat     57900
     acaaaatgtc aaaaatttat aaattcctta actattaagt cattccagta taattcattc     57960
     attcattcat tctcttttca gcttgttccc tttattaatc tggtgttgca acagcggaat     58020
     gaactgccaa catatgtttt acacatcgga tacccttcca gctgcaacct attgctgaaa     58080
     aaagccccta cactcattca cacacataca ctacagacaa tttagctgac ccaattcacc     58140
     agtaccacgt ctatggactt gtgggagaaa ccggaacact cggaggaaac ccacacaaac     58200
     acgtgaactt gcaaactcca gtccacacag atatgccaac tgacccagct gaggcttgta     58260
     ccaacaacct tcttgctgta aggtgacagc tctatccact gtgccaccgc gctgccctgt     58320
     cattctagca tcacacaaga aaaatataac tttctatatt aaaaagattt acaataaaca     58380
     aaagatgacc acaattttaa atgcatttcc tattgctagc agtcattctt ttaaacaatc     58440
     ttcttccaac tttctttaat ccttcagaat atacgacaat cttcctcaaa catattcctc     58500
     aataacatcc tttatgtcct gcactaaggt cttctcagct aatctcccac aagtgcctct     58560
     tgtcagtatt tttggcattt aaaacatctc aatgaagtgg gtacagtttg cctgactata     58620
     tactgtaaag tcataatccc caggattact ctcttctcta aaaacctatc agttatttca     58680
     tctttatcag agggaatctt cactcggagg ctgcccatcc tcttattgtt tctgtttcaa     58740
     cttccatttc tatacattta ttgttacatc cgttcacact gctgtcatta gtcattacct     58800
     cctctcagta gtcatttttt tttatccaaa gtttagaatt taacttatgc atgattaaaa     58860
     aaattggatg aaaccttgtt tccaccccat gggttcaggc aaactaaatc attgcttact     58920
     gggaaaatgg aaatgaacat gtagctgtag ttggagaaaa aaacagtggc tcgttatcac     58980
     aaaaaaagaa ggaagaagta tatacctcat ttaaatctat atgtgcattt ttgtgatgta     59040
     cagtattctt ctgtccatca ttttacaacc taaagaaagc attaaaaaca ggtcggtgga     59100
     agcatagatg aatagcaagc aacagacatg cacacaaaca caaatcggac tcattaattt     59160
     taaaataaaa atataaatgg attttaatgc ttgatatttt actgatctaa aataagatgt     59220
     atgctcttta gatgaatggc gatgaacctt ttttctaatt ctacttcttc tcaactgaaa     59280
     ctcaggaata atgtgtgtga gagggggagc ttcatgtctg ccatgatcta atggtgtctg     59340
     acagagactg agattcaaac cattcaatct gactcttcaa catgaagctt cattcactta     59400
     ttctcttctg cacctcagct ggtaagtaaa ttaacatttt taataatgtt aaaattgctt     59460
     tattaaaaaa catctcccaa aataattaca aatgtgtctt tttttatttc agctgctgtt     59520
     tttggaaatg tcatcaaacc aatcaacaca gatgttttta ccgaggaagg atcaaatgtg     59580
     acattatcct gtagttttac agcctctgga gggtcagatt atctccactg gtaccgtcag     59640
     tatggaggat caaaacctga atttcttgtc ctcatctatg ggtctgcaac aaaagctgct     59700
     cagtctgata tagatacaag attcactgct aatattacta aaaaggagca tgtggagctg     59760
     ctactctcct ctgctgcagt atcagactct gctgtgtatt actgtgctct gaggcccaca     59820
     gtcacaggaa acacatcagc tccatacaaa aacttgatac aatgagacaa aaaataggaa     59880
     caaatctata gcagagtaca aaaaaataat aaagcaaaaa tggtagattt aaacattaca     59940
     ctaattacac tagaatatcc tgtactactg taactgaaaa aagcaaataa cttcaattat     60000
     attaaactag atgctctagt ttagttatgc agtacttgca gtaaaccata agagggcagt     60060
     ataggtgttc aatattaaac tgcatttaac tatattcaca agctccacct tgtatcatct     60120
     ttataatcaa aagcaaagct ctcatagtca ctcatctaca tgcagttcag gctgaattca     60180
     acatcaacac actcatgttg aacaggatga ggactatatt tctctttgca ctactcattc     60240
     ttggtatgca ttttcattta catcagctcc aaattaattt cattccctta aatattttac     60300
     tgtacattta atattcttta atttttacag ggtgcagatc agaagacaga gtcgatcagc     60360
     cggacaaaca actgactgaa gctgaaggag gatcagtgac attacagtgc aaatataaaa     60420
     cagattcagt gcaagaaaac ttattctggt acatccagag aacaaatgac ctaccaaaat     60480
     acatcctgag gagaagcaaa tatggaggag aaaatggcac agagtttcag gagagatttt     60540
     actctgaact ttcaactaat tcagttcctc tgacgatcag agatctgcat gtgtctgatt     60600
     ctgctgtgta ttactgtgct ctgaagccca cagtgacaaa ctcaagtcaa accacataca     60660
     aaaacacaaa catgcatttg atgctttctt tcccaaataa aaacatctca ggtttaaaag     60720
     ctacaataaa agtgatacta aagataaaac agttaaatga actattatat atatatatat     60780
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat ataatacaat     60840
     catttaaata tagtttgtgc atccatgtgt ccatctattt tctaaaatgc tgagaaagaa     60900
     tggcatcatt atatcaattg tatattaata aaattacttt ctagttcatt ttaatcatga     60960
     aaggtatttt ctttaagttt gtgtacatca aactgcatca gcacaaacaa attcatctgg     61020
     attcattttt accaaattag aatgagctat acgctaaaat tgataaatct aattaaatgt     61080
     ttcctatgat gcaatgctgt tgttgtgaat aaactgtcct tttaaaatga atgactgaaa     61140
     ataaactaat actttaaggt caaaacaact tttatcaaag cagttaagct tttaattaaa     61200
     gctgttaaat agagataaat tattaaactt tgaatcattt caaatggaca atgatatttt     61260
     aaattacact tttgttatat ctcatctctt ttcttcttga catctgaatt ccaggtatat     61320
     tgcgtgtcag agaggaggag ctctttgttg acagatctga tatgatctaa tgctgtgtga     61380
     cagacactgt gagaagagtc agactgaatg gacacttcaa caatgattct tcattcactt     61440
     attctcttat atgcatcagc aggtaggtgt catgtttggt tatttacatt taattaacat     61500
     aataacatta tatttactcc aaaactcaaa cttttttttt attttcagct tctgtttatg     61560
     gaaatgtcat cataccagat gaaacagaag ctgtttatgc gaagggttca gatgttaaac     61620
     tatcctgcag tttttcagcc tctggatata cagactatgt ctactggtac cgtcagtata     61680
     gaagatcaaa acctgaatat cttgtacaaa tcatcagtaa tacaaataaa gctcagcaat     61740
     ctctagtaga tccaagattt actgctaaca ttgaaaacag agacaaaatt catgtggatc     61800
     tgctgctgtc ctctgctgca gtatcagact ctgctgtgta ttactgcgct ctgaggccca     61860
     cagtgacagg aaacacatga gctctataca aaaacctgta acaatgagac tcaatagacg     61920
     gaaaacacaa tctttttaca tttgtgaatc tgtttgacaa tgtcaaagat ttttattacc     61980
     ttcaattaga gatacgtcat atgaattcac attagtttag aaaacaatgt aatgatcatt     62040
     aaaacatttc caattattgg catgtgtaat gtgcacagcg ctgttggttc atgtctgcca     62100
     caggatggca gtgttcacac atattcacaa agaaaaacta ctagtgtaca gatattttta     62160
     cagtgaaaac catgaccctg atacaaacca aactggccaa gactaagcac tatacagttc     62220
     acatgggttt aacaagaaca aataacgaca aacagataac atcaatcatc cacatacccg     62280
     tcaacccttc ctttttttca caggattctc ctgtatttta cagctctatc tcgctaacat     62340
     cctgtaaagg tattttccaa aatttactca tattatggca aacaattaaa gagccgaacc     62400
     acgctataag caacccatat cttcgaactg cccatggctg ccccttgctc ttaaatgtgt     62460
     ctgttctgtg ctttcgtttt atttaggcat gaaaacattt tgaaataaat ataaaagcaa     62520
     caggattccc ttctctttta ttacaggtgc cgtctcccct cctatgcaat cattaaaaca     62580
     ttcatatagc ggtgcgtgac tgtcagcaga ctgctccata gtgataaaca gacgctgttt     62640
     accaaacaga taatgtacat gcgattttaa gtggagcgaa agtctgggtt ttgggtgtag     62700
     gtttgaacag acagagacac ataattaata ataataataa caacaacaac atctaaaaat     62760
     atcaatcttg gtgttttatt tttttaaaca aaactacttt tgtccaaaac gagcataaac     62820
     agctaagaca gcatttgaaa gctttcaata taacgttaga tgtgtgatgc atcattacat     62880
     tattttaaag tgagacctgt tatttaatgt aatcaactaa aaaatctaaa taaatgagat     62940
     tcattcgttg ctcattaatg aaaatgtgta agtcagtggt gctcaaccct gttcctggag     63000
     atcgaccttc ctgctaagtt cagcctccaa ccgtgatcaa acacacccta atctatggag     63060
     acagataaga ctcataagta attcacgcaa aagacacgat gtacatatgc gtagccaaat     63120
     tcacgtgcat aaaaccaaat tcacgtgcgt aaaatattta tttatattca caaaaaaatt     63180
     tcacatgcac aaaataaaaa tacattttca taaaatacgt ttcacaaatg caaaacacca     63240
     tttgcaaatg tataggagtg tacaaaaagt tttaaatgtt taaaacttgc gagttcatcc     63300
     tgattgtgaa tgtgcaaatc ctctttcacg tacgactccc cctggatacg tgtgtgagta     63360
     tttttgagac tttcctgcca gagccagggc aactcgtacc tttcagccaa tcagaggaga     63420
     gctgtagtca aggacactca ctctgcgctc tatttgcgca gactgttcct cgtcagcatg     63480
     gctaacagag aaagcagcag tcgcactttt ttcatttatt tatttatttg accatagcct     63540
     cactcttttt atccattatt ttgccgcagc accgctcttc ttatttattg tctcgcagcc     63600
     ccatgactaa actttagcct gcagggtaat gatgaggatt aagtattatt ctggccatat     63660
     aagccttatc agtgctgttg tggtccagcg gtcagcacgt caggttacca cgccacggct     63720
     gaaaggtaca agttgtcctg gcgctggcag gaaagtctca aaaatactca cacacgtatc     63780
     cagggggagt cgtacgtgaa agaggatttg cacattctaa ttcaggatga actcgcaagt     63840
     tttaaacatt taaaactttt tgtacactcc tatacatttg caaatggtgt tttgcatttg     63900
     tgaaacgtat tttatgaaaa tgtattttta ttttgtgcat ttgaaatttt tttgtgaata     63960
     taaataaata ttttacgcac gtgaatttgg ttttatgcac gtgaatttgg ctacgcatgt     64020
     gtacttcgtg tcttttgcgt gaattactta tgagtcttat ctgtctccat attaatcaaa     64080
     ccaattaatt aggacctgaa cagcacttga taattacaga caggtgtgtt tgatatgggt     64140
     tgcaactgaa atctgcagga aggttgatct ccaggaacag ggttaagcac gcctggtgta     64200
     agttatacag tgaataaaaa ggtaattgaa atttgatacc ttgattctat ttcataatag     64260
     ttattaattt taatatgcta aactgtttgc aatttttttt ggtgctaatg tataatattt     64320
     attttttctt ttataaataa taatcgtaaa acctattact gaccgtttaa tccagacatc     64380
     taaagtcatc ttaacgcgag ggcttaaagg tcaaataggt gtcaaaacag ggtgtttagt     64440
     gattattcat attaaccctc attttgtaga aggcaaacga gttgaggatc aaaagacacg     64500
     tgaaagagaa accattaaag tgacagcgcg caattcttac tgccgcctgt ttttatcatg     64560
     attgataaaa cgagaaaatc tcttactgct cttgactgaa gacttttgtg gctaaagtgt     64620
     ttttctaaca gtgaagatgc ttaaagcaca gtttgtttac tatttttatt ctattttatt     64680
     tatttctcat tgctttgcag cgtggaaaat aactgtatat atgcagttaa agtcagaatt     64740
     ataaggcctc ctgaatatta gcaacccttt tcctccccaa tttctgtttc atggaaagaa     64800
     gatttttttc aacttaattc tgaacataat agttttaatc actcatttct aataactgat     64860
     ttgttttatc tttgctatga tgacagtaca taatattagg ctagatattt ttttaaatac     64920
     aaacattcaa attcaaagtg tgattcaaag gcttaattag ggtaattagg caagtcatta     64980
     tataacagta gtttcctagc ctgaaggggc taacaatatt gaccttaaaa taggtttcaa     65040
     aatatttaaa tctgctttta ttctagccaa aacaaaacaa ataagccttt ctccagaaga     65100
     caaaatatta gaggaaatac tgtttaaatt ccttgctctg ttaaacatca tttgggaaat     65160
     atttatttta aaaaaattct cagaagtgct aataatttga cttcaactaa taatcgtttg     65220
     gaataatcgt gattacaatt atgaccaaaa taattgtgat tatgattttt ctcaaaatcg     65280
     agcagcccta gtgtgaaagc gaaccgctcc aagagcaaaa atttaacatt tgtaatctct     65340
     gtttcggaac aactgaatcg attcacaggt gtgaaagcac ccttagttgc gaccctaatc     65400
     aaacacatct gaaccagcta atcaagctct ttctttgtat actaaacttc caggcaggtg     65460
     tgttaaatga agttggagct aaactatgca ggactctggc cctccaggac cgagtttgga     65520
     cacccctggt ttaactgttt atttacaatg aaacagctcc agaaaaacat attaggtaac     65580
     cagggttttt ttttttgttt ttttttgggg gggggggttg tctcttatta tggtgggcaa     65640
     atccattatt ttcaaatccc agcacacata caatgacaat tatatctatt ctctattatc     65700
     atcgtccatc aagttaaatt gcttgtatgc tcagcaatcc tcaggaaaaa tatgttgtat     65760
     aaaatttaaa aattgtaaaa actggtgata ttttacacct ttaaaacaaa atcatcaaca     65820
     gcatcaggaa gttcagaggt caggaagttt gtgtgtgtga tgtgcagtgt ctcacagctc     65880
     agagattgag agcttcaaca gggaactgag ctgatcttga acatgaacac acgctttgta     65940
     ctaattctca ctctggccac aggtaatact gtactgtatt tacttaatta ttaacacacc     66000
     tgagatcgat acggtaaagc agcactaagc aactctaaca gaggcacaca atcatgatca     66060
     gctgattatt aaattaagta caaattataa attgctaact gtaatgtagt catgtttgta     66120
     tttacagagt acaaaactga tcatttgtgt tttgtgttgc aggtttggtg tgtggagaca     66180
     gcattgaacc agataaaggg aaagaaaaaa catctgaaga aatagaaaat gtcaagttga     66240
     gctgctctta cagtacaagc agcagttatg tttgcctcta ttggtacaga cagtatctca     66300
     atggagaacc tcagcattta gtgcgcagat atgctcgatc atcgggtaat gatgaataca     66360
     agtctgatga tcggtttcag tcggcaacaa cagagtcatc cactgaactc actattacta     66420
     atgtgcgtct gtcagattca gctctctatt attgtgctct aagagtagga gcccagtgat     66480
     acaaaacagg agacatgtcg tacaaaaacc ttcagctctt ttctctttga actcatcaag     66540
     tgaaaaccac aatcaaaact ttaatcttaa accacaataa aatatgcagt cacacctgta     66600
     aggtcttgaa taaaacctga aaaacaagta atacagtaag agttccaata tctcattctg     66660
     ttacttttca ttatacacaa atacagtaaa taacataatt caaaaacaga tttacagcag     66720
     acgtatatac gtaatgtata ttatatactg aatgttttat aatatattgt ttacatatat     66780
     gcatgcacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacaaac atacatatat atatatatat     66840
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatacat acaaacaata taatatacaa     66900
     acaatttatt cattcatttt ctagtcggct tagtcccttt attaatccgg ggtcgccaca     66960
     gcggaatgaa ccaccaactt atccagcaag tttttacgca gcggattata tatatatata     67020
     ttcaatgaat tgctcaccat ctgcaccatc caacccattt tatatttata ctgatttata     67080
     caaaaagtca agccattttc ttgctcaatt ctagtcctaa acaacctaaa gtcacatata     67140
     ctgcatacag ccaaagttat gcgtaaaaaa aacctttcaa taaagctgtg tgtcaaaact     67200
     aaaagcccaa aaatgacttg aaatgactta agattgtcac aaaagtacaa ttttataaat     67260
     agaatttaat gaaaagaatg tcattttata agcttttata tttaagatgt agcaaacatt     67320
     aatttaagct ctttgagtgt gtgtaaaata tctgtaaaca gttgacactg gaaaacttca     67380
     gactaatatt cactgctgtg catgaactgt ggtgatatgg cggaggaatt cacttttaaa     67440
     cagtttaaaa gtgagtgagc ttttgtgagt gacttaactg acatatttca acaaatgaca     67500
     agattcagct aatcagtcaa aaagagtttc accggttttt taaggtgatg tggtttccct     67560
     tcactttaca accgtaacag tgacctttct ttcagttgtc ttctttcaag agcaattctc     67620
     ctctcttgtt agccaatcaa aacatttcag cagtgggtgg agtttatgag tgaaagagtt     67680
     cagtcaaaca ctgtttctgc atcactgact ctatgaagac aacatgtttc tcttcatctg     67740
     cataataata cagctttaca tgggtaagag aaattcagtc aatccatgtt tattattatg     67800
     aataaaaaac taaaaaaaga ctttaaatat ttttaaggct ttgcatatct attattttat     67860
     ttttgattaa ttgagatttt ttcccacagg aacttcaact gcagatgaaa tacatcccct     67920
     gtctttagac aaacatgaag ctgagggtga aaatgtgatt ctgtcttgta attacagcac     67980
     cagtactggc aatgtcgggt ctctccagtg gtatcgccag tatcccggaa caaaaccaga     68040
     gtatttactt tctgtcactg aatattcaaa cgcatctgaa cctgatcttc gtctgttttc     68100
     aaatgcaatc aaagcactga agcgtgtgga tctgctgctt ttctctgcta cagtatcaga     68160
     ctctgctgtg tattactgtg ctctgcagcc cacagtcaca ggaaacacac aaacactgaa     68220
     cgcaaacctg aaacatcagc atgtttgaat tgtttgattt aaaaattgaa atgtttgcac     68280
     aattgttaat taattaaaat cttacctgta gctactatat gttatctgaa gttcgtaaca     68340
     cactggtcaa gcagtaatgc aaaaactcta ttaactggtc aaaatatttc agattgtttg     68400
     aatgttcaca acaggttttt gtcttctctt gttcttgtta atggttattg atgaactgtg     68460
     tatttttaac agtgaaatat aaaggggcag aaggagtgtt tgtaaacttc tttcatttgc     68520
     accactgctg tgagtgtgag cattttctgc ttgtcatagt tcagaagtgt cactcagagg     68580
     agctcagcag aatgtgtgat gtcataaaca gaattctgtt ctggaataca gaaactgcag     68640
     ttcacattct aaactgttgt tggtgtttga gtggtcgagt gattgagagc tacttctgtg     68700
     acttactgac caactcattt tcagccttca gtgttcagga tggctctgtt cagcagtgca     68760
     tttaaaaagc tgtttgactg ttttatccct ttctggcatc aaagggagac acagcaatgt     68820
     gcagctcaag aactggcggc agtaaataaa tgttcagaga gcgaggcctg caacttcact     68880
     gctaatccca acaagtgcag gaagaaacgc cacaaggggg ctaaaagaga ggtcaaagcc     68940
     ctgcacactc ctgccagacc ctctgtctta aagcccataa agggaaaact accaaagctt     69000
     cccagtggct ctggagactt tttccttcca gccgctcgat tcaagcccct gccgccagtg     69060
     aaaagaccac agatgtgtgc tgtggaagga tctgagcaag agtttgtcct gcctgggtgc     69120
     ccttttaatg tggaccctcc caaactgttg gctgttcctc cacgtcctgt tcttgaacca     69180
     gataagctgt tctcctgtcc taatcctcct cctcgtgcat gtgctcctct gagatcagtg     69240
     tgttctctca gctcactgca gtctccgtct tcaggttctg cctggtctgt atctgcttca     69300
     gagctcatgt tttctgatac tgaggatgag gaaagtgagt ttggggagac catccagacc     69360
     ttcctggagc ctgaaagatg ccaaagacag atgattgcct gggaggagga ggaggaggag     69420
     gaggaggagg tgctggatga tgaatcatgg acgagtgaag tgtttgagtt tgaggacctc     69480
     agtgaagctg gacactctga ggctgaacat gatatggcct ctctgttctg cgtgtctcct     69540
     gctgatggtg ctgagagcaa gctcagtgaa aacgtcccgg agcagccaaa gaacaaaaga     69600
     aaagtgcaga tgaatctgtt caccagggca gaggagaagg tgaagggaat gtggagagga     69660
     atctccagaa ggagagggag agaagagaaa gagagctgct gcaccagcgt tacagaaatg     69720
     atcctaaact gaagcacctg tggatcaaca aacacaacca caacaacaga tggtgctgat     69780
     gctgatcatc gtccctcccc ataatatccc actcaccctt tacccactgc acaatcctgc     69840
     ctgtaaataa acatgtgcaa tggctgaaag atctgtgtct ctttttgttt ttcatataat     69900
     ataagataaa aacataatat aaagaacatg ttcagcataa acagaattaa tttaatcttt     69960
     tcctaaatct ttgtatttac tctgtgaaag acgctaaaac catttaactg ctaacgttaa     70020
     ctcagatacc ccacaaacag cggctagtac cataatgcaa gtcagaaata aactaaaaat     70080
     ataaaactaa aataaacacc tgcaatcggt ttatgaaatc caccattttg acgagtaccg     70140
     agcaagttat tacttgtgat tattagctga tactgatgtt cggacgatcg aataaagcat     70200
     ccctaatctt aaacattaaa aatgccatta tattcctgta tttacaaata aatgaataat     70260
     aataaactat gcttattaag aaattataaa ttaaatgttt acattgcaag aggttccaaa     70320
     actgtattac tttcaatccc aaacacagtt aacatattta tgtgaatgtg ttaatgataa     70380
     aacattcaca ttagctacag cggatcatct aactgcattt tgcaactcaa atagtgtatt     70440
     ccatgtcagg gaacacaata agtcaagaaa ggtaccgact tctgctagaa aatgcaaacg     70500
     cgtggatttc gtctggcatg atgttgttat tgttgctgtt attgttgtaa ttgatattgc     70560
     tcatggtgtt aattgttgtt gttggagttg tagttgaaga tgtaattgtt gaagtcgttg     70620
     ttgtggttgt agcggcagca gcagcagcag cagcagcagt agctggctgt gacgaagcgg     70680
     tcttcaaaac gaagatgcct gtggtgtgaa acctaaagca cttaggaatt gtctgattgt     70740
     taaataataa attggataat gtggggcagc tgcaaacaat cataagcaca tgatactctc     70800
     aaaatttgtt tataaaacag ttgcaatagc tcgctcagag cttgtcaaat gtgaggctgt     70860
     aatgcgtaca caacacttta aagcattttt gcattgcttt actgcaagaa gatcacgccg     70920
     gcgcagtcat cataatacac aataacaact gtaatacaca aatgagataa taaactgctc     70980
     tctacaaatg ttcaggagga tcttgttcac cagccagtat tataaagtta aagcaaagcg     71040
     ttttttcttt tagatctata gaacgcaaca aaacaattta gatgattttg cgtaaagatg     71100
     atccgatatg gattttttgg gtgatatcga taaccgataa ctcttaagat ttgaaggccg     71160
     atagccaata tagtatagcc gatagggttg ggcaatgtcg accaatttgg catcgtacga     71220
     tgtctaatgt gaaacatcgc gatggacaat ggcatcgtca tcataggcgg aggtgaatta     71280
     attattcgta gcctaccctt tcaactgcct gacctgcatg gtctttgttt tactcataaa     71340
     caaatcagta aagatgcaca aattaccacc tgtcaatcac tttttccgcg tgaggttgat     71400
     cggtaaaaag gtgcacaacc aacattatct gaggttttca ctgaaattac taagtacaag     71460
     tagaaaaagt gaaagactga agcagtttac tgatgctgtg atgttacctg atagattcaa     71520
     aagaccgaag agtcgttaga gacaagatta atttaacaac tacagtgagg cgcgatccag     71580
     cagtacatcc ttgataaact gtccgatgta cactactcac tggagctcag tcagacgagg     71640
     gcatgtcatt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt ggtcacgtga tgttttcagc gaacaaaggg     71700
     ctgttcagaa atgctgcgta aaatatggtg tggatgtgga tcattttcgt actaaactgc     71760
     cattttaata ctaggacgta ttaatgtaaa gtctatatag tgactgtgat tgctgttgca     71820
     ggtgtgtgta attagaactc aggtgagagt gctcaggtgt gatgagaggt ggcaggagaa     71880
     ggagagcaat gattgaagtt gagggaacga gatggtgagg gagaatggtg attggagcag     71940
     caggaacgag ctggggatgt gacaataaca acatgcagaa caaatcatct acagtagaaa     72000
     gaagacaaaa aactgtagtg acatcaaaat tataagtatt tatattatct aaaatcattt     72060
     ttaagaccac cgagatacaa gaatgagtca atttgtattc aacacgttta tttagagtct     72120
     gaaatgtgac atgaaagtag ttccaatctt attatcagca tcaaaacagt atggactata     72180
     gtaatcatta ggaaatatca gaatgtttca gtgaatgaag caatgtaagc ttatcaaaac     72240
     aattaatact gtataacaga acacacaatg tatactgagg gcgagtgcag ctcaggctcc     72300
     tcccagcaag ctaagcaagt gatatgaatt gactgctgct tcaacagatc cagaaagagg     72360
     aagaggagca caacatctct gcagattctt caacactttc agaggatttc agcttcatat     72420
     aatggctttt tggaaaagtg gcattctgat cataattata tttatcaagg gtgagtaatt     72480
     atcaaataat gatcattgtg atacataaaa tgaatgtttt tatgtgtgta aagtgcatgt     72540
     ttattaattt tgttgtgatt atttcaggat gtgattctca ggacaaagtt gatcaggaca     72600
     caaagactca gtctgctttt gaaggtgata ctgtaaccat tgactgcaca tatcagactt     72660
     caacaaaccc aactctattc tggtaccagc agaaagtcaa aggagtcccc aaacacatgc     72720
     tcaataaaat caccaacaca actggacaca ctgaggaaga attcaatgag agatttcacg     72780
     caactctcag caaaacttca gttcctctga caatcaagga tctacgagtg tcagactctg     72840
     ctgtgtatta ctgtgctctg aggcccacag tgactcaaac acactcaaca ctcacacaaa     72900
     aacactgaca atgcaacagc aaacaaataa tgctttaaat gttatcgttg atcacattca     72960
     tttattaagt ggatgatttt acttttaaaa tccacaaata cactaattta gtaagtttct     73020
     ttcacttgtc acttaaaagt agacaatcaa attataaatt taatatttct taagttttaa     73080
     tatttctaag tttttactta aaatgtaagg atacattcta atattcctaa ttttatatca     73140
     ctcatgctac tgaaatgata taatcaccat taaatgctat tgtctttaaa actcatttgg     73200
     gaatgtgaag cactgtatgc gtgtgtgcaa ctgactagaa aagccagaag agggcgatgt     73260
     gcactaaaca tgaacaattc atcacagtca ggcgttaaca catacgagaa atttgctttc     73320
     ataacagaag tttccacaag ggcaacaggg tgacattgac aggacaaaca cacagatgat     73380
     aaaagaattt aaaaagcaat aataataaaa atagacaaat gtatgcacat gtatattact     73440
     ataaacaata atagcactgt acatacctat attatatgta aattaaagtg taaacaatgt     73500
     atgttgttag attaaagtgt gggtatagtg tgaacaacac tacacaatag ttctcaagag     73560
     ctcggttcat gatctattca tcctccttta agtttaatta tgagttacta aattacataa     73620
     ttatgaatgg aaatttagat gtaaaaatga aacaactaat aaactaaaaa attagactaa     73680
     attagtaata ggccaatata cgcttacaat ataataaaaa agatcatctt tatgatcaca     73740
     tgagcttaat ttctattttt tgtttgatta tgcagtatta tagtgtcaca tttaataatt     73800
     taatcatgtt aaaaggataa ttcactcaaa atgtaacatt ccgtcatcat tttctcaact     73860
     tttacttgtc acaaatttgt ctacgacaca aaagaagatt tttttttttt ttaaacgttg     73920
     gaaacctcca taataggaaa atcaaatagt aaggaagtca atggttacag gattccagca     73980
     tttttctaaa catcttctgt gttcaactga aacaggaaag tcgaaagtat ggaacaactg     74040
     agtaaagtga gcacatttag atctttgtgt gaactgtccc tttactacag agttctcatc     74100
     ctcttagtca ggaggtggag catgtaaaga tctgaaaaag agcagctcaa actttgcttc     74160
     ttacactgca aacatgaaga tgctctgtgt tctgcttctg ctatcactga tagaaagtaa     74220
     gagtttactt attatttaat ctttattcaa ctcatcaata atatgaagtt cgtttattat     74280
     tttccttctc aatattcatg cagctgggca ctgatttcct tgtaatatat tagcatgaat     74340
     taatgaacag ttgaattaat taatggttgt cttgcagagg agacgtttgc acaatcaata     74400
     acaccactgg aaaacaagac acttaaaagt gagggagaaa cggtcaccct gtcctgtaaa     74460
     tatgaaggcg ttgtgaataa cctgcactgg tatcgtcagt atcctggatc cagaccagag     74520
     ttcctcgcat acatttatga gcatggagct accagtaaac ctcttcctcc acgactttta     74580
     cctaaagttg ataaaaacag caaacgtgtg agtctggaga tctctgaagc tgaagtgact     74640
     gactctgcgc tgtattactg tgcactgacg cccacaatga caggaaactc atctacactc     74700
     tacaaaaaca cattgaacaa taaaaactga acagaaacat cacacactat caactaatca     74760
     cacacacatt aatccattca ttctcccttg gcttagtccc tttattcatt cagggtcacc     74820
     acgataaaat gacaggtttg tttagcaagt ttattattat tattattatt attattatta     74880
     ttattattat tattattatt aatcaagtcc tgggggctgt accataaacc aagcttagag     74940
     aaaaagccaa gcttattttg gtaaatcagg tttattaata gcggattcgg tttcatataa     75000
     caaatttatg atagttcaaa ctcaaatact ctggcaactt atgcagagaa actagcctgg     75060
     tctggggcag gttaactcta aggctaaagc tgctgttaca ctagagtttg tgtgtgcgaa     75120
     attctgtcgt acagcactgc gaaaaggggc gggattaaac aagattatta gacattaaaa     75180
     aagccagtga ttgctgcatg ttttaaattt ctgtccagag atgtcatgtt ttgatcctcg     75240
     attagtctca cgcagtcaag tgagacgatt tcgcaggtca gagttcaaaa agcttgaaac     75300
     ttaatgcata accttacgtt tccggtctga tgcattcatg tgcgtatgaa tggaagtcta     75360
     tggggagaaa agtcaagtgt gaccgcagct taggtcttaa gttcaagcta aatcaaagta     75420
     atgttaacat taattaatcg taatttaact atatttttaa tttacttaac ctcttaaaaa     75480
     tgattaaaag tttatagtca cttaattgta aatatataaa tacacactaa acatgaataa     75540
     tagaatagaa taaactgtag aacgatatat acatttaaat tcaaaccagt tattctaata     75600
     caaactacaa cattttaact aaatgcttta tatattttta ttgtttatgt agattttttc     75660
     cctttttgtt taaattgtat ttgatatttc ccccaaaata ttacatttta taattaatta     75720
     tttatatgtt taaactctaa aaactaacgc cgcttactcg ctgtgaacag ctgtgtctca     75780
     tttcagagct cgttcagttc tcgtagctgc catagtagca cacaacataa tctatgcatc     75840
     aatgctcgac ctttaaggtt tcacgacagt aacatgccca attctctgaa ctcagattag     75900
     taagatcaaa tgatcttcaa ctgctgctca tctcatatcc taataatgat attttaaatg     75960
     tcaatcattt ttgtaaattc attcaatcat tcaatttctt ttcggcttag tctctttatt     76020
     aatctggggt cgccacagcg gaatgaaccg ccaacttatc cagcatatgt ttgacacaaa     76080
     ggatgccctt ccagccgcaa cccatctctg ggaaataaat ttaatagatt aaaatgttta     76140
     tattgaccac tatattgatg taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaact cattcgtatg tgatcatatt     76200
     tctcacttca aacacacttt ctttcataca acatcaaata aacagtctta ttccttggag     76260
     ggtcaagtgg tcatgggacc tcacctggat ttcacaaatt caggacttgt tttggggggt     76320
     taaacaagga aagtatagga gcacaagtca tgactcctct tgtccccttg tgtagtggtt     76380
     ttcttggttt ttctcttact caatcaaact cagtctgaag gttatgaata tcagaagaat     76440
     atactttatt gtcgacaaca aaggagaact ttcaggagac ccccagtagc gtctctgtct     76500
     gaaaaattct gtctgactca cgttctggcc ttacttaaat acccttttac atccgttgtt     76560
     ttcctttgtt ctccatatat tacacaagat ccctcctagt ttaacccctg accccaaatt     76620
     ccacctctga cacctgtttc ctgagacacc tcaggctttt ttaccactct cttttcatcc     76680
     ctttttttat gacccttagt tgtttcctca ggccatttcc cctttctaac tcttcataac     76740
     acttcaattg ttttaatggt atgcaagtct acaagcagat tatacacata caatttgaat     76800
     atatagatta acttcacact ttaaagagta taaaatccac ctcacttgta ataaaggggt     76860
     gtgttgctga ctcaatttgt tggtctgtgc tggagaccag agaggaagct gtctttaaga     76920
     gaatggagct cttataccaa atgtgaacat acatattcag gtgagtggat tacatacaag     76980
     tcattgcaaa tgcataaata gtggggaatt tttactgggc agcacaaatt aagtgaaatg     77040
     caaaatatgt ggaaaaaata tttggattat ttgcaaaaaa cttgattgaa gtgaataaaa     77100
     cacaagtgct gtatctctac aatcaagttt tttgcaaaca tttttacaaa tattcaactc     77160
     atgaaaaatt agcttgatgc aagaaacatc ctgctagtat tcaagagcaa gtgccgtgat     77220
     gcaagtgttc actttgcaat aagtgtgaac ccagcattag attacactct gtaaatggaa     77280
     gatgtactgt aaatcaaatc aactgttttg aaatgctctg cctgggtaaa ttaaaaccac     77340
     tatttgctgt tagactgttc ttgattgtgt gtttgtgacg gaaatgtttt ttagatgttt     77400
     ttgtttaaat gattgcagtt tgactgaact acagtattgt catcatgttc aaactgagct     77460
     aacagtaatt ttactctgtg tagtgttcca ctgaaggttg tgatttggaa ccgacagcgt     77520
     catttgttga acgaagctaa cagtttatct gctcttttgc ttataggtgc tttttgggca     77580
     tcagtttgga aacggaagaa gttaaagaag cagagaagac acatcaacca acaagtgtgt     77640
     acaattacta ggaaaataac tgaccttgac tagatgactg cataatttgc aagcagtttt     77700
     gattctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct     77760
     ctctctctat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     77820
     atatatataa aagcctttat tttccaaaag gcttcatctt ttgagaattt tctgacatgt     77880
     ttacactgaa gtaattaaac tgttaagtaa atgtgtaaaa tgtgtgggtg ttttcatttt     77940
     tattttagag ccttctcaga gcacccaaaa tgtagattct gtcgtaattt gtgcattctc     78000
     gggttgttta aacacaaagg gggatatttg atatttttat caaatataat atatatattt     78060
     ttatcttaaa atcatactta acagaattgg aacaacctga gggtgagtag atcatgacag     78120
     aaatttcatt tttgagtgac ctaaatttgc tttgaaattt tacagcacca aattgttaaa     78180
     ttacagtaat tctggatata aatgtaactt tacaattaaa tcaagatttt caactgcaac     78240
     ctactgctaa atcacagtat ttgtattgta aatttatagt gaaatatagc taattctaca     78300
     agataatact atgaaatcac agtaacagaa tttattatct actgtaaagt tacactagat     78360
     ggctgtaatt tcacaataat ttaatgtgac aaaaatcaca gtaaattact gtgaaccacc     78420
     tcacaataat ttactgtgaa tttactgcaa ttattagcca gtaatttact gtgaatttaa     78480
     ggtcaatttt ttttacagtg tatatgttat ctgaagtctg taacacactg gtcaagcagc     78540
     attgcaaaaa ctacatgaac tgataaatga aaatatttca gaatgtttga atgttcacaa     78600
     caattttttg tcttctcttg ttcttgttaa tggttattga tgaactgtgt atttttaaca     78660
     gtgaaatata aaggggcaga aggagtgttt gtaaacttat ttcattagca tcactgctgt     78720
     gagtgtgagc attttctgct tgtcatagtt cagaagtgtc actcagagga gctcagcaga     78780
     atgtgtgatg ttataaacag aattctgttc tggaattcag aaactgcagt tcacattcta     78840
     aactgttgtt ggtgtttgag tggtcgagtg attgagagct acttctgtga cttactgacc     78900
     aactcatttt cagccttcag tgttcaggat ggctctgttc agcagtgcat ttaaaaagct     78960
     gtttgactgt tttatccctt tctggcatcg aagggagaca cagcaatgtg cagctcaaga     79020
     actggcggca gtaaataaat gttcagagag cgaggcctgc aacttcactg ctaatcccaa     79080
     caagtgcagg aagaaacgcc gcaagggggc taaaagagag gtcaaagccc tgcagactcc     79140
     tgccagaccc tctgtcttaa agcccataaa gggaaaacta ccaaagcttc ccagtgactc     79200
     tggagacttc atccttccag ccgctcgatt caagcccctg ccgccagtga aaataccaca     79260
     gatgtgtgct gtggaaggat ctgagcaaga gtttgtcctg cctgggtgcc cttttattgt     79320
     ggaccctccc aaactgctgg ctgttcctcc acgtcctgtt cttgaaccag ataagctgtt     79380
     ctccacagtg tgtcctaatc ctcctcctcg tgctcctctg agatcagtgt gttctctcag     79440
     ctcactgcag tctcagtttt caggttctgc ctggtctgta tctgcttcag agctcatgtt     79500
     ttctgatact gaggatgagg aaagtgagtt tggggagacc atccagacct tccttgagcc     79560
     tgaaagatgc caaagacaga tgattgccag ggaagaggag gaggaggagg aggaggagga     79620
     ggtgctggat gatgaatcat ggacgagtga agtgtttgag tttgaggacc tcagtgaagc     79680
     tggacactct gaggctgaac atgatatggc ctctctgttc tgcgtgtctc ctgctgatgg     79740
     ggctgagagc aagctcagtg agaacgtccc ggagcagcca aagaccaaaa gaaaagtgca     79800
     gatgaatctg ttcacctggg cagagaagaa ggtgaaggga atgtggagag gaatctccag     79860
     aaggagaggg agaggagaga aagagagctg ctgcaccagc gttacagaaa tgatcctaaa     79920
     ctgaagcacc tgtggatcaa caaacacaac cacaacaaca gatggtgctg atgctgatca     79980
     tcgtccctcc ccataatatc ccactcaccc tttacccact gcacaatcct gcctgtaaat     80040
     aaacatgtgc aatggctgaa agatctgcgt ctcttcttgt gttttatata atataagata     80100
     aaaacatgat ataaagaaca tgttcagcat aaacaggatg attttaatct tttcctaaat     80160
     ctttgtattt actctgtgaa agacgctaaa actatgtaac tgctaacgtt aactcggata     80220
     ccccataaat agtggctagt accataatgc aagtcagcgt tttgcgaggg tgacgtcact     80280
     tgtcaaaggc agatagaatg acgatggtga agagaaacaa acaagacaga gctgtagctg     80340
     taggctatgc ataatataca ggatcgcgag tgagtcgtcc tctgcttgta atctcaaaaa     80400
     cacctgcgat cagtttatga aatccaccat attggcgagt accgatcaag ttattacttg     80460
     tgattatcag ctaatactga tattcggacg atcgaacgga gcacccctaa tcttaaacat     80520
     taaaaatggc attatattcc tttaattaca cataaattaa taataataat aaacgatgat     80580
     tattaagaaa ttataaatga atttttacat tgcaagaggt tccaaaactg caaacgtatg     80640
     gatttcatct ggcatgatgt tgttattgtt gctgttattg ttgtaactga tattgggggt     80700
     ttgggtggtt cgaaagaaca tgttgaaatg gctgttcttc aaaactgcag ctacaccatg     80760
     atgaagtcaa gtgttatcaa aacgtgtagg cgcataaaaa ataggcatgt cagtaaaggc     80820
     tttttaatat ttttccacat ttttcgagtg attagactga ctgctaatta ggttgttgtt     80880
     agatacattt tcaagagagg taagaaaaaa atcctgaagc tcatttttat atttgtttat     80940
     tataaatctt taggaaatat ttttggtaca tcaaaaaggg aggatacaac aagctaatcc     81000
     agataaaaat agagcttaaa atgccactca ttggagcatt taaacaccac aactaaatag     81060
     aaaatgaggt caccaggctg gctacaggtc tgaacattca tacatatatt aagcagcatt     81120
     taagactgtg ccacattaag gaggagactg tcaaactgtg tgtgttcagt caaactcctc     81180
     ccacaggtca cagttttact acagtacaac ttcatcaaag agaggctgaa acaacagtct     81240
     actgaacact tcaacaagtt cattacatct aaattagtat tttaagaact actctaatgg     81300
     caaactggca aagaatcttc ttcctcacat ttctctgggg taagtcaaaa tccacaagta     81360
     cacatttagt gataatcatc taacaagtga atttgatcct catcagtgat gttttatttg     81420
     atattacagg tcgtgtttct ctggataaag ttgaacaaaa ctcaagagtt gaaactgttg     81480
     ttgaaggtga agatgtaata atcaactgtc agtatgaaac cattgataca tcaccggatc     81540
     tcttctggta ccagcaaaaa gtcaacagat tcccagaata catgttgaac agattcagtt     81600
     ctgatgaaga gcaattcaag gatagattta gcagcgaact caacacaagt tcaaaatcat     81660
     ttccactgaa gatccaggat gtgcgtgtgt cagactctgc tgtgtattac tgtgctctga     81720
     ggcccacagt gactcaaaca cactcaacac tcacacaaaa acactgacaa tgctaaaaca     81780
     aacaaataat gctttaaatg ttgtctttga tcactttact ttattaagtg gatgatttca     81840
     tttttaaaat ccacaaatac accaatttag caagtttctt tcacttgtca cttgaaagtt     81900
     gacagtcaaa ttatacattc taatattcta aatttagatt actttatatt actgatgctg     81960
     ctgaaatgat ataatcacca tcaaatgtta ttgtctttaa aactcatttg gaaatgtgaa     82020
     gcactgtatg catgtgtgca actgactaga aaagccagag gagggcgatg tgcacttaac     82080
     atgaacattt taaagtcagg cgtttacaca tacaagaaat ttgctttcat aacagaagtt     82140
     tccaaagggc aaaaggatga ttgtgacagg acaaaaacac agataagaga gaatttaaaa     82200
     agtaagaata ataaaaatct aaaaattgac aaatgtatgt acatgtatat tactatacaa     82260
     taattgcact gttcatagct atattatatg taaattgatg tgtaaacgat gtatgttgtc     82320
     aaataaaagt atagcatagt gtaaacaaca ctacacaata attccaagga gctctgttca     82380
     tgatctattc atcctgcttt aagttaaatg ttgagttact aaattacaca attataaatg     82440
     gaaatttaga tgtaaaggtg aaacaattaa taaactaaaa taaaagacta aattagtaat     82500
     aggccaacat acacatccaa cataattaaa aaaaaagatc atctttatga tcgcatgagc     82560
     ttaatttctc tttttgttta tgcagtatta ttaagggtgt cacgatcctc caaatccttg     82620
     attcgattac attttcgatt ctaaagtcac gattcgatta gattttcgat tatgaataat     82680
     taattaacta atgaccaatt gattatttct agcctactgt ttaaactacc tgacctgcat     82740
     ggtctttgtt ttacccataa acaaatcata cagtaaatga ataaaggcaa gatacacaca     82800
     taattaccac ctgtcaatca ctttttctgc aggactcgcg aataggcagt gatctgtgtc     82860
     gttataatgg cgtcggtaaa aaagacgcac aaccaacagg aaccagccaa cagtatctga     82920
     ggtgttcgct aaaatgacta agtacaagtg agtgaaagat tgaagcagtc ctctgactgc     82980
     ctggacctgc tgtctggagc acatggctgt gtgtgcgtct gtgtctgtgt gtacttttcg     83040
     cgagaggatt tgcaacgggg gcgggcggag gatcgcgatg ctggtgttgt ctatcggacg     83100
     aaccgtacgt aatacgtaca tagcagagct tgcaaaactg tgtttttttt ttgtcgacaa     83160
     cacgaacgtt gtcaacataa ctcactggaa atccaaaatg cttacacacc ggcgacttca     83220
     ttgaaagagg agaggattta agctctgtcg acgggtctcc tgcttctgca gttcaacaag     83280
     cacttcaaca agcctgtttt ttcccgcttg gcaagacaag ctgacgtgac accattaagt     83340
     gttatagtgt cacatttaat aatttaatca tgttaaaagg ataattcact caaaatgtaa     83400
     cattccgtca tcattttctc aactttcact tgtcacaaat ttgtctacga cacaaaagaa     83460
     gatatttgtt aaaaaatgtt ggaaacctcc ataataggaa aatcaaacag taaggaagtc     83520
     aatggttaca ggattccagc atttttctaa acatcttctg tgttcaactg aaacaggaaa     83580
     gtcgaaagta tggaacaact gagtaaagtg agcacattta gatctttgtg tgaactgtcc     83640
     ctttactaca gagttctcat cctcttagtc aggaggtgga gcatgtaaag atctgaaaaa     83700
     gagcagctca aactttgctt cttacactgc aaacatgaag atgctctgtg ttctgcttct     83760
     gctatcactg atagaaggta agagtttact tattatttaa tctttaatca actcatcaat     83820
     aatatgaagt tgagaacgtt taatattttc cttctcaata ttcatgcagc tgggcactga     83880
     tttccttgta atatgttagc atgaattaat gaacagttga attaattaat ggttgtcttg     83940
     cagaggagac gtttgcacaa tcaataacac cactggaaaa caagacactt aaaagtgagg     84000
     gagaaacggt caccctgtcc tgtaaatatg aaggcgttgt gaataacctg cactggtatc     84060
     gtcagtatcc tggattcaga ccagagttcc tcgcatacat ttatgagcat ggagccacaa     84120
     gtaaacctct tcctccacga cttttaccta aagttgataa aaacagcaaa cgtgtgagtc     84180
     tggagatctc tgaagctgaa gtgactgact ctgcgctgta ttactgtgca ctgacgccca     84240
     caatgacagg aaactcatct acactctaca aaaacacatt gaacaataaa aactgaacag     84300
     aaacctcaca cactatcaac taatcacaca cacattcatc cattcatttt cctttggctt     84360
     agtcccttta ttcattcagg gtcaccacga tgaaatgaca ggtttgttta gcaggtttat     84420
     tattattatt attattatta ttattattat tattaatcaa gtcctggggg cttatagaaa     84480
     aagcttagag aaaaagccaa gcttattttg gtaaatcagg tttattaata gcggattcgg     84540
     tttcatatat caaatttatg atagttcaaa ctcaaatact ctggcaactt atgcagagaa     84600
     actagcctgg tctggggcag gttaacttta aggctaagtc ttaagttcaa gtttaatcaa     84660
     agtaatgatt ctatttttaa ttcacttaac cacctaataa tgatgaaaaa attattgtca     84720
     cttaaatata taaatacaca ccaaacatct tttagaatat acagtagaac gatatataca     84780
     tttaaattca atccagttat tctaatacaa actacaacat tttaactaaa tgttttatat     84840
     atttttattg tttatgtaga tttctttccc tttttattaa aattgtattt gatatttccc     84900
     ccaaaatata aaatttgata atttattttt tatatgttta aactctaaaa gccaacgccg     84960
     cttactcgct gtgaacagct gcgtcttatt tcagagctcg ttcagttctc gtagttgccc     85020
     tagtagcaca caacatacag taatctatgg atcaatgctc gacctttaag gtttcacgac     85080
     agtaacatgc ccaattatct gaactcagat tagtaaaatc aaatgatctt caacttgctg     85140
     ttatggaacc aatttaagcg tggacattta gctaatctca ttaaagtcag gcttttgact     85200
     acattccccg atttctaaac catttttgtg aaacagctcg ctggtaacag agtgtagtat     85260
     gttaattggg ctgggcaata tgacaatacc ttttaatcta caaaaatcta ttattaatat     85320
     gacaattata aacagccatc tcatatccta ataatgatag attaaatgtt aatcattttt     85380
     gtaaattcat tcaatcattc attttctttt cggcttagtc cctttattaa tctggggtca     85440
     ccacagcaga atgaaccacc aacttatcca gcatatgttt tacacagcag atgccctttc     85500
     agctgcaacc catctctggg aaataaattc aatcaaatta atatttttat attgaccact     85560
     atattgacga tattgatttt ttacatttta aagtacatac tcaaaaaaat cccttattcg     85620
     aatgtgatca tatttctcaa ttcttggcaa atgtttcctt aaaaatgtag gaatataaaa     85680
     taaatattta taaaatataa aacatgatta caggtccaac atgaaaataa aaatattgct     85740
     acataaaaag caaaaatact ttctcccaat gctgttattc ctgtttctct ctgcatacac     85800
     ataatattgt gctttcttat ttcttaaaaa tactttactt acccaacatt acaccacaaa     85860
     ataaatgata gagcataata tgaaacgata gatttttcat ttggtccata caatatcgtc     85920
     atattgctca caacccaaac agaatattta aaaatgcttt aattacagca tttgttccta     85980
     tgttgtgcac attgtttact gcatttcatc attcttctac tatatgcaga aaaaaaatac     86040
     aaataaatct ttaaaattaa atctgtataa tcttatggta aaatattaac gaaaaatgac     86100
     tggatctaaa ctgtgtatat atgacaaaca cattttgccg tcaagctgta taggaggctg     86160
     aaagaggagg agttgagctc atggatcaga gactttcttg ttacatttgc ttgaatgttc     86220
     aaagctcagt cctgctgtag aaacacacac acacttcaac aatggttctt cattcactca     86280
     ttctgctctc ggtcttcaca tgtaagtgtg cttgtgtatg ttttacgtgc atttacatta     86340
     aaaagcccaa ttgtacatac agtatgtgtg gggattaata attttcaaat tgtaacaaac     86400
     ctattaaatg gaaatgtaaa cattcttaaa ttaaatattt agaatatgca gaaattgata     86460
     taaataacaa cttcattgcg tgtgtaaaat ttcaaaatta cagtaataaa tcaatgtctt     86520
     taattgaata ctaaagctgt cattgtttgc caggtgtcat ttttggagat gaaatcagtc     86580
     ctgacagcag tgaagtgttt gctgcagtgg cttcaaaagt aactttatcc tgcaggtatt     86640
     cctcagcata taatcttcaa tggtaccgtc actatcctgg atcagctcct caaaatcttc     86700
     tgctcatatc agagggtcta acagagacta agatttctga agtagattcc aggtttacaa     86760
     ctaagctgag aaaagaaaat caagctggaa aagaaatcaa gcgtgtggat ctgctgctct     86820
     cctctgctgc agtgtcagac tctgctgtgt attactgtgc tctgaggccc acagtcacag     86880
     gaaacataac aacactgaac aaaaacctgc ttcataaatg acatacagat cacttctctt     86940
     ctatatttcg aagcatcatg cccatttaaa gtaagcactt gcatttttga ccattttatt     87000
     gataaaatta gtagtataag tatagaacta tagcagaaat ctttcattta caagtggaaa     87060
     aaacatcaaa acaaacaaag gaaaaaatac catcatgcta tatttgtttt ttcttgcttt     87120
     gatttttttt ttacatttcc ttagacatca ggtgttaatc taaaacattc agtttctttt     87180
     ataactaaac tagtggcagt tattacgtgt agtgaggtga aatgggtcta aaacacttac     87240
     atactttcta ccaatgtgga gaattattca ctgttttcag aatataaagt ttagccattt     87300
     ccagttttct ccagcagggg tcagcattgc tctcatcatg tatgagtaga tcatgtgaat     87360
     ttaaagtaga gctcagtgag agacaccttc acaaagcttc tgacagcaca gccgagtcca     87420
     tttctgttct tttacctcag agatcaacta tgtgtagatg ggctttcatt tccctgtgtt     87480
     tcattgcaca ttactatggt aagtgcattt ctgcctcagc gcacttcaac tggaaatgat     87540
     ttacattatg ataactgaat gattaagttt gctttgctca taatttatgc tattgatcca     87600
     tttttctatg catttctcca gtgtgcagag gacaggacag agttgaacag cctttaagaa     87660
     gcataactgc aaatgaaaga ggtcaagtta taataagctg tagttacagc accactgata     87720
     taaatatata cctcttctgg tacaaacagc ttccaaacag atcaccaaca ttcattctga     87780
     ataaacaaac atatggtgaa ggaatcactg cggctgattt taagaagaga ttttctgcaa     87840
     cactgaactc cactgcaaaa tcagttcctc tgatgatccg ggatctgcga gtatcagact     87900
     ctgctgtgta ttactgtgct ctgaggccca cagtgacagg aaacacaaca acactgaaca     87960
     aaaacctgct tcattcagct cttaaatgat aatatgtgat tatgcatttt agaaatatga     88020
     gaaacaatag cagtagtagg ataataacct ctttattact tgttttaatt tcatactact     88080
     gacattactc aagttaagga ttttaattat ggatgtaaaa aattgattta agaaccattt     88140
     tttttgtctg atatataaaa ttataaggtc aagtcaaggc agctttattg tcatttcaaa     88200
     cgaaacaatg ttcctcaagg accaaggtgc tacgttaaac aacataactg accacaaaac     88260
     agcggactgt gcgctactat aaaaacttag agaatgaaat aagataagtt aaactaaaat     88320
     aaaattaaac aaaataagaa taagagcgcg aatctggacc tgttttactg ccaaaattat     88380
     tgcatccatt cataaatata gctgaaatat gctggaaatc tggtttatgt taaaagtata     88440
     ggaatacacc aaaataaaaa ctctggccca aaacagaaac caaaacttct gcatgcactg     88500
     aaacctaaac aactttgcaa taactagttc ttattttcta caataattta agtaattttg     88560
     taagactttc cagattgaac tcagtaacat agtttataat cataaaaaag gtaataaaat     88620
     aacgacattt tattgaaagt aaatatttat tgacagtaaa cgggttcaaa gattttacca     88680
     gcattgcaat gacagcacag tagcactatt gcaagcagca ggaacaaata tgctaaatag     88740
     aaatatcatg ctgtctgcat actttgctta ttcagtgacg ttcctgcata aaaactcata     88800
     tgtataatta ggcttgtcac gatatctttt tttttgttgt tgtactatat attgcaccaa     88860
     aatacatatt tttgttaaag actattttat gacactcatt atataatgcc agaatgacaa     88920
     tatgatgtca tcacaatgca aatacactct tcaatagaac acatattctc ttattcttaa     88980
     gaatatccca tttagttata gtcatattaa caatttaatg attaggcatt ggaatcagaa     89040
     tgtgaaaatg aaaatcctaa ataaacaata ttacatgtta agaaaaaggt gcaaggtaaa     89100
     aaaaaacata tttgctacca gatctatttt cagttgtcag acacacatga aaatatacta     89160
     tagtaattta tattaaaaac tacagtgcat gccccatata gactttactt gggtgtgctg     89220
     catagatata ttaacggccg cgcaagtaca tttagtggca cttttttttt tttttttttt     89280
     tttttactat taacatcctt aaattttttt gtatccgctc aataacaaaa acatatgcta     89340
     tcgattaagt agtagaaaat cttctctcct ttacccgttt cgttctattt gcacaagacc     89400
     tgacgacact cccatagaca gcctcacatg ctctgcagac cctgtgcctt tttaggactc     89460
     acaaatttgt ccgtcccagg ttctaagtct cgcaaattgt ctgggatcaa cttttcttat     89520
     gcctactttc gcttggcttc gcagctgact gcgcgcacac agtcacgatt gtgagagcaa     89580
     catttaagaa ttcacttttt taatctaaac cactcaggaa aaactttata atttactcga     89640
     agaggacaaa aagagaggtc ttaactggcg gcaaaatata tgtacaccat tagtaatggt     89700
     tgatcaatct tgattgaggg ctgtgggccg aaggtaaata tatcaatctg tataacaaac     89760
     gttcaataaa tatttttttt ctttttcgtt tatttaaaaa taaattgaaa acattacttt     89820
     atgtatatta actaatctat tatatatttt atttacattt tataatgaac ctaatataat     89880
     gaaaacataa gaattccatt tataacaata tggagtttat tgccatatgc actagttaag     89940
     cggcacttgt ctttgccttg atttggtcac ttaggacttc agaatggacc cctcgctaag     90000
     ccccgtcctt cttagttata ctgttgctaa tcctgtcaag ctttcgtgcc tggcacgtct     90060
     attacagtgt gtatgatcgg tgtcagacat cgccagggat ataattagtg atttttggca     90120
     aacaggtgag atatcagaga aagccagaca aaaaaggctt gtagtatgct ttacagggct     90180
     atattcacca cataataagc aacaaattag aaaataattc attcaaaact gaagctagct     90240
     tagcctttcc acctcataca ctaaccattc aacagctcag ttcatgcaca gcaggagagg     90300
     tgacatttac aaataatcta ataacaacta attaaaccgt gatttcactt ttttttagcc     90360
     aaaaagcctg atagactaat tgttatgcaa tgaaatacag cgttactaac cgatgaggaa     90420
     acacgcatgg acagtgcttt tacataattc attcataaaa agaacagcca gaaagggaaa     90480
     attgatggat ttgtggtgaa tattagcatc attgacccat aacaatgtac agtaccgatt     90540
     actttcagta tgtttgtgtg ctctttattc tgtttctaag aaacaaataa attgaaatgc     90600
     aaatcaaagc ataaatagca gaagtgaaca aatagatttt ccctaccagc aaatattaat     90660
     ccaaacgaca ccacatataa aagcagacac taatccgcta taacatcgtc accaataact     90720
     aaatcttcaa aagacagatg aaagcattgg tgaattgtat ataaatgact gaaaaaaagc     90780
     tgctgatgaa gtatattgaa cgcaagcgct cagtttgtga tcacatttca gttttgttct     90840
     gttgatatgc aatttaaaat attcgtagct tgaaacagat ggaaatatga agttcagtaa     90900
     agttagcaac agattcatat atttttttga cctattcaaa aattccacca ctctgtccaa     90960
     acttttaaga tactgggtgt cagatttgca caatccatat gcaccgcgct ttggcctgtt     91020
     tccctcgctc aaaagcttga cataactcct gcgcgtagct acggttgcta tgccatattt     91080
     ggtgggtggc ggcttttggg tgtggcttag cgaagagaca attgtggttt ttccattgag     91140
     caacagtgtg tttaattaaa aaaatctgat tcaattacaa gatttaatta aaacatttaa     91200
     ttcaagttat ttttgtagct taaaaataaa actaacaaat gaaagcttac gttaaattag     91260
     aaatgaccaa cattctcccc agatgggatg gtgggctaaa tcaaatgtta caatggacca     91320
     actatggcct gcaggtacta ttgggcatct ctgctctaaa ggattcatac cataaaagag     91380
     aatcagtaat caaccacaag agggtgctat gaatgacaat acagaacatg aaccagatct     91440
     gatctgccaa agaacactat gaaagaggga gggtttaaag cactgacatc tgatgtgatc     91500
     ttgttcaact tcaagtctgc ttgacagcag aagaagcaca caatgattct cctttctggc     91560
     attctgcttt ctgcctttgc atgtaagtat tgacgtgttt tgtgatttgg gtttaagcct     91620
     gagcaaccag aatattataa agagtatttt taatgctgta cactatgttg aaattgtaca     91680
     gaaatgtttc aatttcaatg tattcaccag ttcataaaag atttgttcta cttttgcaga     91740
     tgcaacatat ggagatgaaa ttaaaccagt aaaaacagag aagtttgctg acaagggttc     91800
     aagcgttaaa ttatcctgca cttattcatc tgcaaatact cttttctggt accgtcagta     91860
     tcccggatca gctcctcaat atcttgtgct cattccagaa ggtactaaag atgattggaa     91920
     gtcagatgtt gataaaagat ttacagccag aattactaaa gacaaagaga agcatgtgga     91980
     tctgctgctc tcctctgctg ctgtatcaga ctctgctgtg tattactgtg ctctgaggcc     92040
     cacagtgaca ggaaacacat cagctctata caaaaacctt acacatgtaa aaaaaaaaaa     92100
     aaaaaaaaaa tacaaatttt ttaaataaaa aatacttcct acaaatcaca taatcaacag     92160
     aatcagattc ccaaattgcc ctcgcagatg tattcaatca gacatttgtt cttaattgtt     92220
     tttaaaatta gctgtttatt tattggtgtg acatggtggc tcagtggtta acactgtcgc     92280
     ctcacagcaa gaaggtcgct ggtttgagtt ctggctgggt cagttgacat ttctgtgtgg     92340
     agtttgcatg ttctccgtgt ttgcgtgggt ttcctccagg tgctctggtt tcacccacaa     92400
     tctcaaagat atgcgctata ggtgaattgg ctaaattttg gccatagtgt atgtgtgtag     92460
     atgtaagagt gtataggtgt ttccctatac tgggttgcag ctggaagggt atcttctgtt     92520
     taaaaatatg gtggataagt tgggggttca ttctgctgtg gtgacccctg aatgaatgaa     92580
     caaaagaatg aatatttata ctgcatgtaa tagtttcaca aatgactgaa gaaggttgtg     92640
     tgattgaaac attactgaat aaatgtttct gtatggacta aagatgtaac tgggtatgga     92700
     atttctcttt actgttgaag attgggcttt ttatttttat tgttctatgt aaagcagttt     92760
     ttaaaacttt agttgtatga ggtaaactag tctttgaaat caagtaattt atattgtctg     92820
     acataaatct gtagatcacc aacattattt cccaaattgg catgcatgaa tgctatgttt     92880
     actccccgtt tattgtgtag tatgaaaagt cttgaattat cgatggtatt atgcggggtc     92940
     attggtataa tggtataaat gggatcattt taggtcactg agagaaatct gaaaatgtct     93000
     ccacaaggtg gcagggtctc aaatttatat taaaggctgc aaatgaaaaa tgcttttctg     93060
     aaatacaaag aggaattcct gcatagagga atgctggaat tcattcattc attttcttgt     93120
     cggcttagtc cctttattaa tccggggtgg ccacagcgga atgaaccgcc aacttattca     93180
     gcacattttt acgcagcgga tgcccttcca gccgcaaccc atgtctggga atttgtggga     93240
     aacatccaca cacacacaca tacacactac ggacaattta gcctacccaa cttacctgta     93300
     ccgcatgtct ttggactgta gagcaaaccg gagcacccgg aggaaaccca cgcgaacaca     93360
     ggtagaccat gcaaactcca cacagaaacg ccaactgagc cgaggtccaa accagcgaca     93420
     ttcttgctgt gaggcgacag cactacctac tgcgccactg cttcgcccat gctggaattc     93480
     tttagtgtta aaaaatcttt gtaatgtttt ataaaacaaa gattttggga ggagcatgca     93540
     cagctgtttt gacatttcta attcatcatt gaaaatcatt ctattatcca atcagcataa     93600
     gaccaaaccc ccataaatat caagctcgtc caacctcctt tatcctttga cttcaggatc     93660
     cctccccagc attaggcctg tcacaataat caatatatca acttgtaaca caacacatgg     93720
     cgatgacctc aatcattttt gatgatgcaa taactatcgc ttatacataa aaaacaattc     93780
     tagcaacatt ttagctgatt gtgcaacatc tctttctcta ttggaggtgt cagtatgatt     93840
     taaaaaacac tatagttttt ttttactata aattacttta gtatattatg tgtgtgccta     93900
     acaagtgaaa atagaggtta cttttttcta attctttata cctagcactt atttggtaaa     93960
     tattatttat tattatttat ttgcttagaa tatattacat tctgattcca atgcctaatt     94020
     attaaattgt taaaatgact ataattcaat gaaatattct taagaataaa acattgtgtt     94080
     ctttgaaagt gtacgtgcat ctagtattat gtgagtggca taaaatggtc ttgtaaacaa     94140
     aaaaaaaatg catacaatta ttataatatt attaattgca atatattata caacaaaaaa     94200
     tagatatcgt gacaggcgat acctcttctt taaaaccaat ctttagttaa accaggggaa     94260
     acgttcagag gccaggctaa acactgcaca cgaaccccaa tctttgagtt actaattaat     94320
     gtataaaaaa aataaataaa tgtttgcaag tgtgctggaa aaagacgatc agtcaggaga     94380
     aatgaaactg aacaatcttt ctacaatgtt tcaggtttct ccaatgtgcc attattcatg     94440
     tttccagttg taatgagaat gaaattggat gtgtatagta aaacttataa tagttctgtt     94500
     tttaactgca actttaaata aattcactat atttccatac ctgatagcat gacacctctg     94560
     aaaatgcata catctcaatt tccaaacaat tacactgact cttttcgtgg tctagtgtct     94620
     caaatgtgtc tttgcttatg ctcaaaaatg taaacacaat gttagtgtga gaaatgcata     94680
     aattaagcac tagggggcag ccttcttcga aagtgtctta atcagtgtgg cattacaaga     94740
     ttcagatgca gaagacttca gcatcaagaa aaaggcagca gagaggaaac tgagagctat     94800
     acagaaacac attcatttga aaagacaaaa atataaatga tggaaaaact gctcatcatt     94860
     gcacttttca tcacagcaca ggaatttggt aagtaagata atcatttact ctttaataaa     94920
     tgtttataat atgatttgta tgtaaataga tgtatttttt agtgtgcagg ggacagaaca     94980
     gagttgaaca accttcaaga gaaatgacgg cagataaagg agattcagtt actctgccgt     95040
     gcaactattc tgtcacgacc acaaatgctt atctcttctg gtacaaacaa cttccaaaca     95100
     gatcgccaac attcatgcta agtgcattta cagttggcaa aggaactact gaggatgagt     95160
     ttaaagaaag atttaacgca acactggata aaacattaac aacggttcct ctgctgatcc     95220
     aggatctgca agtgtcagac tctgctgtgt attactgtgc tttgcagccc acagtgactc     95280
     aaacacgctc aacactcaca caaaaacagg gcacaagagt ttcaaaactc cctctgtagt     95340
     ctgttagtgg tataatccca gaatcataca acatcttaaa acaaatgttc tgcactcttt     95400
     cctgttcctg gaataaacaa ctttaatcag tcacatgata attaatcata ttaaatatta     95460
     agaacacatt tcatctcaca actcaatttt cttacactga agctaactat ttaatgtgcc     95520
     atataatgaa aaactgtata taccatagca aagtagaata ataaaagatt ggtatgcgaa     95580
     aatgggcata atgtgagcct catacaccac tgtttcctcg ttctcatgta aaaccctggt     95640
     ggacaacagg gcaatcagaa gaaaaaacaa actgtgatga gactcacagg ccatgtcctc     95700
     ctcatttgca tgtacgcata atttaggtga ttcatccaga cctgaggagc agctgacgtc     95760
     accaagagaa ttctgtttct aggagtagta aataagctta ttaaacagtt tctggagatt     95820
     tttttaactg accgaagcaa taaacctact atgtagatat cagagaacaa tttaacatat     95880
     taaaaaccaa tgcagcatat ggcaccttga aattaaacct cagcctaata catctgttca     95940
     gtcaagaggc caactatttc agggtttctg cgattttcaa atttaagact ttaagacagt     96000
     tatgaattca tcagacttag gctgcacata cactgcatgg ttcaaatgac tcaattcaga     96060
     ttttttttct cccatgtggc acagatcgga tttgacccat gcacatgtaa gctggaaaaa     96120
     aataaataaa tcatttacta tttactcaaa tcagattcag gtcttgttca catgtggaaa     96180
     tttaccagat acctatcaga tctgtgccct cgtgtctgca gtgtaagcac ttagaccgga     96240
     atttcacctg tcaaaacgag ttgcacgtca tttaaaacca tagagaatga cgtcaagtcg     96300
     gacactttca tttcagaaca gtcacaaact ttaaatccca tacatgagga ctaaaaaagc     96360
     ttttatattg tcatgtagca caaaaattta agcatgttaa tgagagagag agagagagcg     96420
     caatatctgg catgtaacca atataaacga atataaaact attgcataca taacatacat     96480
     aaatcatgcc atggacatta catgaaaatg cctactggtt tataaaggct tagattaaaa     96540
     gaagatggcc aaatgagaac ttttctatca taaactatag taaaacaact tgtcaaaaag     96600
     aattttaaaa aatgaaaccc tgcgaacaga ttaaatacag gaatggagaa aaagaaattg     96660
     tcagtcagca ccccctctat tttcctggtc attgccgtgt gctgtgtaaa tgcagacaat     96720
     tgaatatgag tcacttttaa atgatgtaag ctggtcaaca acaacaaaaa aattggatac     96780
     agtcacaaat tgaattggcc atcaagatct acagtgtaaa tgcagcctta tacagggtga     96840
     agtgctgaga ttttctttct aatggccagt ggaaaagatt tttacccgcc ccattcaaat     96900
     ttacatttag ttaagtttaa tttcttagcc atatgcttta aataatgtgt cgaaacaagc     96960
     taaggtttac tttttccaag cataaccttt ctttaaaaaa tacttttatt acacatttta     97020
     aagctctgca tggacaaaga aaaattaaca ttttatttgt tttaaatata ggatatttta     97080
     agacctttaa gaccctgcag acaccctgta ctttgatcat gtaaaaaatg gtatcagcac     97140
     agcaaacgtc attagtttat ttatcattca catttgtatt ttatcttgtt gtttaaaggc     97200
     ttagagtttt taattgatga cggagcagaa atgaggattg ttgatagtgt catcacacag     97260
     aaagcaggaa gttcagagtg tgtttgtgtg tatgtgaagc tgcagagaat cacaattaca     97320
     cagatctaca actgagagaa catctataca cacacctgat cttacttgta gacatggaga     97380
     aacaactgat gctcatttta attctgactc caggtacaat agcactcttc attcatcaca     97440
     gtggggttaa tgagatatgg tgaggtcatt ttgtttaaag taacagcaaa taatactttt     97500
     ttgtttcagg tgtgatgact gcagaccaga ttaggccaaa taaagaagct tttactgtaa     97560
     aggaagagga gactgtgacc ttcagctgct catatgaaac aagcagcagt tttgtttatc     97620
     tttactggta cagacagcat cttaacggag aacctcagta tttaatcttt aaacctgcaa     97680
     aatcagcttc tgtaagtgga gatccagttg atcataggtt tcagtcgagc acatcagact     97740
     catccactga actcactatt agcggtgcaa ctgtgtcaga tacagctctc tattattgtg     97800
     ctctaagagt tggagcccag tgatacaaag tatacgagaa gccgaacaaa aactctaata     97860
     aatgtttcac tttgatgaca aaccacatca aacccacaat ctataatgca caaaatataa     97920
     tttcacttgt ggaaacacct ggatgtggtt accgaaagag taatgaaaag gaaataaaaa     97980
     acagaagaat acttcctaca ctacatcaca accaactaga ttttactaaa cctaactatt     98040
     tgatatctcc tcttcaatta atgtctcgaa gtctgcctga gactttttaa acttttaaag     98100
     tcaaagtctt ttaataaatg tgattttact tgctaatcag tagagccgga cagaatctgc     98160
     agacattttt ttctatttct ttgtaaaatt ttgtaaaaaa aaaaaaaatc tgtgaattta     98220
     tgctgaatga ttttgggagt atcattacta aaaacctaaa taaatgaaat cattcctttt     98280
     taaaaataat acccttttaa cttttaatgt ttacaatgca aatccaatta gatttacata     98340
     tttggtaaac aaaataagtc ttatataata tatctactaa aaacagaaaa tattacttta     98400
     caaactgtac tgtaaataaa tcatatgagc attttcatat tagtcaataa tattactgaa     98460
     attatttaaa aaactgacta aatataaatt tacacacatt taaacaagta aataaataaa     98520
     ctcaatgatg tgctaaaaat tcaaaatcag ttacactgtt tgcgaatgat gacttgttgt     98580
     gattttgcga tcctgaatta ccttctatgt tgattctaaa acatcatccc tgtgcaaaaa     98640
     tgtaatccat acctaatcct tacccctaaa cctaacttta aattattctc aaaattaaaa     98700
     aattacattt tctagtcatc ttaacttaac agtatatcaa tcaaactgac taaaatatga     98760
     ataaattaaa ctttgtataa cttatttttt tatgaaattg aatattaaaa taagttaaag     98820
     caacataaaa aaatggttgt ctttgtcatc aattatttta ctgcgtaatt gtaaatcgaa     98880
     actgtaacat aaactctaag catatcccta aaaatctgat tggcttacta gaatgttgtt     98940
     ccaggatcaa tatagatctt agtcaagaaa cattaatttc acgctgtaaa tagggtgaac     99000
     tgaatttaaa ttgcaaagaa agttttattt aaatagttca gctcagcaaa atctgttcaa     99060
     actcaccaca aggaggcagc atttcacaaa atcttcacaa ggcgggactt taagaagaat     99120
     ctgaactaca aagccaaact gagactatac agtcagaaga aaacactgct gttaaaatat     99180
     tcctaatttt tatgttgaca tgacaatgca gaaattggtc aaacttgtta ttttcttcac     99240
     agttcatgta ttgggtatgt aaatcatttt tacactttat tcttcatttg agatactata     99300
     ataatgagta aatgtttttc tccagtgtgc cggggatcat cagacaatgt tgaacaacct     99360
     tcaggacaaa aggcagcaaa taaagcagat tcagttcatc tacagtgtag ttactctaca     99420
     actttcacaa acgcttatct cttctggtac aaacaactgc caaacagatc accaactttc     99480
     atcctgagtg aatttaccat tggtgaagga actactgagg atgaatttaa agggagattt     99540
     tcagcaacac tgaattcaac attaaaatct gttcctcagc tgatccagga tctgcgagcg     99600
     tcagactctg ctgtgtatta ctgtgctcta aggcccacag tgatgacaaa acatttcact     99660
     ctcatacaaa aacattgaga tctactgaaa accattcctg ttatcatact tcacaaacac     99720
     caaaaaaaac agagaacatt tttatcacaa tgtgaacaaa attagacaat cctcttttct     99780
     taaacattgt cttgtttatg caaaaatgaa aacaatactg tgatttactc acactccagt     99840
     tgttctcaat ctttatttct tcaataaaat ccgtttgatt gcagttgtgt agatgcagat     99900
     aaatcattag agacttctca gttaacttgt ttcactgaag tttctaagag aacttagaaa     99960
     ggtttatgtt gaatttaaaa tagattatta aatacagaga aatagaataa atttgtagta    100020
     ttgtactact ttaatgcaca gtattagaaa acttgcataa cgtatgatta tgtattttgt    100080
     atgttcatct gcaatgttta atctgcactt ccaaataata aagtgaaata taagagaatg    100140
     ctgaaacgta atgcaaaata ttctgcaaca ctgacactta aaagggatag tttatcccaa    100200
     aaaatgtctt tgacatacat attattttgt ttctactata gacctttttc taagaacgcg    100260
     aaattatcca ttttgctttg catgtataag agctgcacaa ttaattgtta aaagatc       100317