ID   AL591442; SV 2; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 99866 BP.
AC   AL591442;
DT   15-MAY-2001 (Rel. 67, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 17)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone BUSM1-228J01 in linkage group 8 Contains
DE   five genes for a novel protein containing a galactose binding lectin
DE   domain, the 5' end of the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate
DE   regulator of G-protein signalling family and two novel genes.
KW   DCB; fzd10; HTG; MHC class II; mhc2dcb-rs.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-99866
RA   Lloyd D.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: zfish-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests:
RL   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/D_rerio/faqs.shtml#dataeight
DR   MD5; 3d17adc6f0a65edd18027c95b089dcda.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000041705; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000158784; danio_rerio.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: zfish-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/C_elegans/wormpep
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone BUSM1-228J01. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone BUSM1-228J01 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true left end of clone BUSM1-73H06 is at 73395 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone BUSM1-228J01 is at 99866 in this sequence.
CC   BUSM1-228J01 is from a Zebrafish PAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..99866
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="8"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="BUSM1"
FT                   /clone="BUSM1-228J01"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    10854..10925
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones"
FT   misc_feature    24535
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: BUSM1-73H06"
FT   misc_feature    41090..41312
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones"
FT   misc_feature    48406..97929
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   mRNA            join(<73687..73968,74048..>74169)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ228J01.3-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to MHC class II alpha
FT                   chain"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:L19446.1 Em:L19450.1"
FT   CDS             join(<73687..73968,74048..74169)
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ228J01.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001224"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to MHC class II alpha
FT                   chain"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P20756 Tr:O98044 Tr:Q9XRY9"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003006"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003597"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1MTL8"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK03676.1"
FT   mRNA            join(complement(AL591175.6:58670..>58951),74048..>74169)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ243A08.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to MHC class II alpha
FT                   chain"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AJ251432.1 Em:L19446.1 Em:L19450.1
FT                   Em:L35065.1 Em:L35067.1 Em:X95433.1"
FT   CDS             join(complement(AL591175.6:58670..>58951),74048..74169)
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ243A08.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001295"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to MHC class II alpha
FT                   chain"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q31465 Tr:Q31467 Tr:Q9MX26
FT                   Tr:Q9TQ81"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003006"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003597"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q95H91"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-393"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD10083.1"
FT   mRNA            join(complement(78794..>78851),complement(77707..77825),
FT                   AL591175.6:36978..37253,AL591175.6:54472..54753)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ243A08.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to major histocompatibility
FT                   complex class II DCB gene (mhc2dcb), MHC2DBC related
FT                   sequence (mhc2dbc-rs)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:U77597.1 Em:U77598.1 Em:X95431.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<77707..77825,77904..78185,78297..78572,
FT                   78794..>78851))
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ228J01.4-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to major histocompatibility
FT                   complex class II DCB gene (mhc2dcb), MHC2DBC related
FT                   sequence (mhc2dbc-rs)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:U77597.1 Em:U77598.1 Em:X93898.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(77707..77825,77904..78185,78297..78572,
FT                   78794..78851))
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ228J01.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001221"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to major histocompatibility
FT                   complex class II DCB gene (mhc2dcb), MHC2DBC related
FT                   sequence (mhc2dbc-rs)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q31357"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q95HJ6"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000353"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003597"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011162"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014745"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q95HJ6"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-394"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD10084.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(77707..77825,78794..78851))
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ243A08.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001294"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to major histocompatibility
FT                   complex class II DCB gene (mhc2dcb), MHC2DBC related
FT                   sequence (mhc2dbc-rs)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q31357"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR019931"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1MTL7"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK03677.1"
FT                   AAGVIYYKRKQTG"
FT   mRNA            join(<82895..83167,83363..83644,83716..>83837)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ228J01.5-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to MHC class II alpha chain
FT                   precursor"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AJ251431.1 Em:L19445.1 Em:L19446.1"
FT   CDS             join(<82895..83167,83363..83644,83716..83837)
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ228J01.5-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001222"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to MHC class II alpha chain
FT                   precursor"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:O98044 Tr:Q8WM51 Tr:Q9MX26"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003006"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003597"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q95HJ5"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD10085.2"
FT                   WI"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<93084..93223,95304..95417,95496..95777,
FT                   95845..96159,97648..>97708))
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ228J01.6-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to parts of MHC class II
FT                   beta chain and MHC class II antigen"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:X95431.1 Em:X95434.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(93084..93223,95304..95417,95496..95777,
FT                   95845..96159,97648..97708))
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ228J01.6-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001223"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to parts of MHC class II
FT                   beta chain and MHC class II antigen"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:O46791 Tr:Q08607 Tr:Q31306
FT                   Tr:Q31307 Tr:Q31308 Tr:Q31487 Tr:Q31488 Tr:Q31490 Tr:Q31589
FT                   Tr:Q31590 Tr:Q31591 Tr:Q9GJI4 Tr:Q9GJI5 Tr:Q9GJI7"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q95HJ4"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000353"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003597"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011162"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014745"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q95HJ4"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-396"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD10086.1"
SQ   Sequence 99866 BP; 32171 A; 17633 C; 18033 G; 32029 T; 0 other;
     gatcagctgt agttagaaat cagactgtta ttatattcta agcgttgggg cttattatgc        60
     tgttctgtca ccatcttgtg gatagaaaac gtcaaccgtc tttggtctac tacactatgg       120
     ctaatggccg ccaccgagct ctctcagaaa ttgtaaatat tttaaaatag gtactattct       180
     tacaaataaa ctgcatagtt gcaatctaaa aaacaacatt gtcgactaaa aagcctcaaa       240
     agtacatttt gttgtctaac tgcagtaata ttttgtcacc ttagaattat aaggttctat       300
     ctgcgttctg aatgattttg agatattgag cttcaaagtt tttgcattcc atatagcaaa       360
     caatatgtgt gtaacagttc tctttcatac attaacatga cagagaccct aagggttctc       420
     taaatgcaaa tgattaaagt tctcttacat ttgctaattg gagtaaaaaa aaaaaatggt       480
     aaatgcagat agaaccttct cattctgaaa agtcatcttc cacttggaat tatagggttc       540
     tatctggcag attattcatt gaagcattat ttttcaagaa atacaatcaa aaaatatata       600
     agttttataa gctaaatatt tttttcccgt gcggaagtaa gttttatcta gttaatatgt       660
     taatatttat gacattttat gctttatatg aattagtgaa tcgtatttat tgaattatat       720
     gccctatgaa ttaaattaat tatttgccct tcaaggctta atattaaata taaagacttt       780
     aaaagaaaca gacaatgact aaatgagttt aaaaaacact gaaaagtgtt tcgttgatta       840
     tatgtaaaca aataaatata tttcacattt aatatatagt tttttttata ttcatctctt       900
     tttcaacaat ataaaatgta acatttcatc tcaatgtcgg cgacgcggtg gcacagtgga       960
     tagcacgatc ggcttacggc aagaaaatcg ctggttcgag cctcagctgg gtcagctggc      1020
     atttctgtgt gtagtttgca tgtactctcc gttttactat gggtttcctc cgggtgctcc      1080
     gctttccctc acaagtccaa agacatgcgg tacaggtgaa ttgggtaaac taaattgtcc      1140
     atagtgtatg tttgtgaata agtgtgtatg gatgttttcc agtgatgggt tgcagctgga      1200
     agggcatcca ctgcgtaaaa catatgctgg ataagttggt ggttcattcc gctgtggtga      1260
     ccccagttta gtaaaaagac taagctgaaa agaaaatgaa tgaatctcaa tgtcaagaaa      1320
     tgcttctaaa tcaacacctt ttgacacgcc tcaattttgt gtagtgcggc attatttagc      1380
     caactcacat aatgtaaata agttgtcatt caataagaat atgtgaataa ctcaattttg      1440
     acaaaaatgt cagatagaac cttataattc taaggtgacg atttgtcaaa ctgtagcgtc      1500
     tctgcttgtt gctggctgta tgtgggtgga gtaatacaca aaggtgaagg gtgaaagggc      1560
     ctttgtgtga tgttactggc aaattattac atggttatca gccaatcaga tttaagaacc      1620
     agacagaata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata      1680
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatataat tctatttctg agtgaaaaca tcaatactcc      1740
     tctctccagt tctaatcttt tacatagcct actacatgat tcccaagaca tattcaaaga      1800
     aaaaaaaaac tttagagtgt gccacaaata taaaaatgca agttaaaaat agactgcagc      1860
     ttgacccggg tgcttgtgct tagtttcagt gtgatctgag tgtttacaaa agtgtcgctt      1920
     ctcttgttgt ttactttctc ccaagaagtt cctccacctc tagcacaagg tgcagacatc      1980
     aaagggcaat ttcagacaca cacacttaca caccctcact cgctatcgca aacacacatc      2040
     aagcacacag ttgcagacgt aaacacacac atctctggtg tttgttttta tagaagatct      2100
     tatctgtcgt tctctctctg tctgtggatg aggtgtttga ttgcaggtgg ccccagatga      2160
     gttgtgactg aaaatgtgag atagaaaggc gaaggaaaaa gtgcccctgc tgcagggcag      2220
     atgggagtgt tgccattatt ccagattctt cagtaatgac tcttacaact gataattgca      2280
     aaggaccact ttttccaaaa gactcacaga tgaagaagtg gcggtttagt gtggtgaggg      2340
     cctttttgtt gttgcctctt tcagtcacac tatgctcaca cctgtatata ctaatgttta      2400
     tttgctagcc ttgaatccag ttgatcattt tgcaaccaaa tttttaaagt tcatctgagg      2460
     acacaaacta cttgtacttt atgctccatg ttgtttagtt ttatttctgg aacttcagtt      2520
     gcatttagca gaagtcacac acacatacag taatgcagat ttactggttt aatcacatgg      2580
     cagtagaggc agtctaacaa gtgcggaatg gagctctatc aagattccat ttcaaaactg      2640
     ttgcattttg tgggacttga gtttttgttt agttattgtt aaaaatgaaa tgccagcaaa      2700
     taaagcattg acagtttaca gcaagttaat agttggtttg ggaaatgtgt gtgtagaata      2760
     ttggcctgga ggatgatggc aaaaatatca gtaactaaaa aaatgaaaat atgacaagca      2820
     catgtatttg gtgtgaatac ttaagaatta tttatagacg catagagata caagtccaat      2880
     attatatgca tatttagcac atctttggtg ggggaaactg gagcacccgg aagaaaccca      2940
     cacaaacacg gggagaacat gcaagctcca cacagaaacg ccaactgacc cagccagggc      3000
     tcaaaccagc gaccatctta ctgtgaggcg acagtgctat ctgctaagcc actgtgtcgc      3060
     cccccctttt atctaataaa attgattagt gtacatattt cctgtgaaaa tcctgatttt      3120
     attttcattt gtgaccctgg atcgcaaaac aaagtgtcat ttgaaactga gatatattta      3180
     tcaacaccaa gctgaattaa aatactttcc attaatgtat catttgttag ggtagaacaa      3240
     tatttgtgat acaaacatat gacgaccatg gtacaactat ttgaaaatct ggaatctggt      3300
     gatttaaaaa aaatcgaaat actgagaaga tccttaaagt tgcactgtaa aaaatttcca      3360
     ggttttcaca acaagttact gtaatttttc acagtaaatt acattagtat cccttcacag      3420
     tatttaactg aaaaattcac agtaatatgt tgtattcata attttattgt gaaattacgg      3480
     caggtagcat gattacagca aattactgtg aaaagggcta tatcttttgc acgttagtta      3540
     tggaaattca aacctttttt aattcaacgt agaaattaat acaaatgaac ttttaacaga      3600
     taataacaga atgttatagc ccccaaaatg atttggttac caacatcttt ttggttgtac      3660
     tgcaccttta tttaatttta tacagttaac atagaatagg aaataatatt taatgaacat      3720
     aactgtgtgc ttagccaaaa cataataaac tggaataaaa agtaattaat taatgaaacc      3780
     aaagactgtt aaacagccaa caattatttc aatgtcaggg taaatgtctg ctttagacgg      3840
     tttcatgagt attgggcacc tgtcatcgcc tggaggtcac taatctttaa tttagaatta      3900
     aatatatata tatatatata tatatatata taaaatttat ttatataaat aaaccacaga      3960
     ttagagtttt aaccaactac attctagcat gaaaaacagt taaaacatca ttttcggacg      4020
     catatagagc catcgaagac ggggcaattg tcccaatgtc tagcctgaag acaggcgcct      4080
     ctcggcggat acatgagtaa tgagcgccgt taccgcctgg aggtcataga tctccgctac      4140
     cggcaaaaca cacttaaaat tacacacaat ctttactaac aatccacaga tttgagtttt      4200
     gaagaactac attctcgcat gaaaaagtgt taaaacttta tttcattaca tattacaagc      4260
     aatatttata atattatgtg ccttctcatc caccattaca gcttgatgca gcttggtgca      4320
     aaatgaatcc tgggagaaaa aaataataat tctcaattaa tacactccaa actaacttta      4380
     ttcttattgt tgaaatcaga tatatgtaat attttgaatg gcgaagaaaa taattgactt      4440
     tatatttcaa tcaatatatt acttttgcac tgcttcggtt caggactcgt gtgacattga      4500
     atcagattca gatattttat cagacgtgtt cataagctca tagtcatcaa caagcaattc      4560
     gtgtacaagc agtacacgaa ccaagcaata tgatgaaata tgaatgaatt atatgtttgc      4620
     gtcttacaat attatacaaa acggaatcgt tttcaggcga attcgacttt ttactgttca      4680
     cttaaaggag ccgaattcaa ctctttactg ttcacttaaa ggagccgatt catttaacag      4740
     aactgactcg actcaaccgc aaacaagcgc catcaccaca gacaacgcgt cgtctcttca      4800
     cccaacggat tcatcctcgg taagtgttaa aatatgactt ttgtccgtta aatgattgtt      4860
     gtatgtgtat ttctgtatag tgcatgtcat ttagcaggaa tttaccgagt acttcagttg      4920
     tactcgcacg tacagggttt aagcgcgcct ttttttaaaa caagaaatta acgacgccag      4980
     atggtgattg tagtgttttc tgaggtatta gcataacgtt aacgttagtt cctgaaaaaa      5040
     gaaagggaat tttctttaat taacttcttg ttaactgcat tttctgtttc agtacaagac      5100
     tgaagtaaag gtgaaatgac taaagttaag gtaagctctg gccttcactt aagttaacgt      5160
     tacggttagt caccatcatg taagttacgt taattttgtt cactgtaacg ttaacgttaa      5220
     gttagttaaa taaactcatt atgaaacaag tcttaactgt tttattaaat gaggcttata      5280
     atacaattca gttgtattct tttaaactaa cactaacaca gtacatattg tatatttctc      5340
     actggtgtta atgcagtgct aacatttact aatgagaact aattgtatat tgtcactaac      5400
     tgtagatttt attttttggt gttcaggtgt acctgataat agctgaagtg tgaggtgagt      5460
     gtaaattctg agcacacaaa tataacctaa attcattatc acaatctaaa cctatatata      5520
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatataga gagagagaga      5580
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagagt atgtgtgtgc gtgtgttagg      5640
     tttagtctta ttctaatctt attatattca tatttttttg cagccattga tgttgaaaca      5700
     ctgatgctac caatcaaccc tcgcttgatt attaaaggta atgttgatgc cttcctcatt      5760
     tttattagat ttttaaatgt caggtttttt acagatttgt tgtgagcagt ttcttgtaca      5820
     aactcttttt cttcttccag aagtttcacc agtacctcca gtagtagtaa atattagaca      5880
     aagatttttt taaactatag tttttatttt tatgagcaat tttactgggc atgtgtgttt      5940
     gtttgcttgg ttttcaatag gcagagcatg gaatgtcaac tttgtttcta caaaaaaatg      6000
     taattattca caaacacctc taatttagtg aattccttct ttaccccttt tagtcttatt      6060
     ccttggactc ggagggtcga gtggtcatgg gacctcacct ggatttcaca actgactttg      6120
     gatctggtct gaaactgaag tatgctgaag atggaattta aggtaatgtc aacaataaat      6180
     attgtaactg agggcttgtt ttggggggtt aaacaaggaa tgtataggag cacaagtcat      6240
     gactcccctt gtccccttgt tataaagggc cgtgttgcag acacaatttg cttgtctgtg      6300
     ctggagacca gaggggaagc tgtctttaaa aggatggggc tcttatacca tttgtgaagt      6360
     tacctattca ggtgagtgga ttacatgcaa gtcattgcaa atgcataaat agtgggaatt      6420
     ttttactggg cagcacaaat taagtgaaac tcaaaaaacg ttgaaaaata tttggaatat      6480
     ttgcaaaaaa cttgattgaa atgaatacaa cacaagtgct atatcacttc aatcaagttt      6540
     tttttgcaaa attttcctaa tattcaaatc atgaaaaatt agcttgatgc aagaaacatc      6600
     ctgctagtat tcaagagcaa gtgctgtgat gcatgtgtta actttacaat aagtgtgaac      6660
     ccagcattag attatagtct gtaaacagaa ggtgtaaatc aaatcaactg ttttaaaatg      6720
     ctctgcctag gtcattaaaa ccactatttg ttgttggact gttcttgatt gtgtgtttgt      6780
     gatggaaatg tttttcagat gtttttgttt aaatgattgc agtttgactg agctacagta      6840
     ttgtcagcat gttcaaactg agctaacagt aattttgctc tctagtgcag cagtagtgtc      6900
     ccagtactgt tgtatgaagc taactgtttg tctgctcttt tgcttatagg tgctttttgg      6960
     gcaccagttt ggagatggaa gacagacgaa gtcaaagaag cagagaagac acatcaacca      7020
     gcaagtgtgt aaaattatca ggaaaatgat tgaccttgaa tagacgactg cctaatttag      7080
     caagacgttt tgtctctctc tctctcatgt gtgtgtgtat atatatatat atatatatat      7140
     atatatatat atataaaatg agagagagag cgcactctga agcactgctt tttatatgta      7200
     tgctaaatat gatgtcagat ttttttatta atatgttctt atagtatttt ttgaggcttc      7260
     accttcacct tttgaaagtt ttctgaaatg tttacacaga tgtcattaag ctgttaaata      7320
     aatctgtaaa atgtatgtgt gtttgttttt attttgattt tagagtcttt tcagatcacc      7380
     caataatgaa gattctgtcg tcatttacgc atcctcaggt tgtttggaca caaagaggaa      7440
     tatttgatat ttttattcct gtgtttaaca aaaaaaaaac atttttaaca gagctggaac      7500
     aacctgaggg tgagtaaatc aagatagaat tttcattttt gtgtgaccta aaattgcttt      7560
     taaattttac agcaccaaac tgttaaatta cagtaatccg ggatataact gtaactttac      7620
     agttaaatca ggtatttaaa ctgcaaccta ctgctaaatc acagtaatcg ttttgcaaat      7680
     tcacagtaaa atatagttaa ttctacaaga taatactgtg aaattacagt aacggacttt      7740
     attatctact gtaaagttac aatatatggt tgtaatttca caataattta atgtgacaaa      7800
     accacagtaa attactgtga actacctcac aataatttac tgtgaattta catacagtaa      7860
     tttactgtga aagtaatgca attattagcc agtaatttac tgtgaattta aggtcaaatt      7920
     ttttacagtg tgtctgttag caatgcacat tactaaaaaa atgtgggttt tgatatattt      7980
     acagtaggaa attgactaaa tgtcttcatg gaatatggtc tttatttttg atggtccatt      8040
     tgagtattat tagactgtcc gcttaataat tgatactgct ccttcaacaa acatttaact      8100
     gactataagg tactctgcat gtcaacttac actaacccta accaaaactt aacagtctac      8160
     ttataattta atgagaatgg gttggcatgt agatgcagtg taacttaaat tcaacaaacg      8220
     gaccatcaaa aaaaaaaaaa gtgtgactat ttatattcta atttgtcatt aaagaaaaat      8280
     ctattatttt gactattgcc gaaaatatat acccatgcca tttaagagtg gctttgtcac      8340
     acttggttgt gttttaattt tgattaattg tagcaggtat ttaacaattt cactttttgt      8400
     ttttcatgtt tttcatcttg aattgactgt agtcattgtt tttaacttta aagttttttc      8460
     aaaaattcaa cacccatcac agttgaggtc agatgtcaaa ctatacaata agctaaaata      8520
     ttatttactt tgagaagttt ctgtgtgaaa atgaatgtca ataactgatc aaagagcaac      8580
     ctaaaaaccc aatgatcata aaccctttca cttaagacat caaactacac tttgaagcag      8640
     taaaacagtt gaatggaaag ttgaatcttg agatctgcca ttgggaggga cagaaaggtg      8700
     cttacgcagc ttctttatag tgactccctc tctgcgtctc ctctctaatc tccttcatgc      8760
     gctgttattt caagccattt cacagaagct tttttcaaag acaatctgca taaagacagg      8820
     agacaagaga gatataatat aaaagggttt tttataacta tagaaaactt aaaggtaata      8880
     ctgagtttaa gaaatagagg cattgtgaaa gtgtgttttc tctctcagtg tgtgtgtgtg      8940
     agaagaccag agcgacgctg ttctcaaaca ggtcctgact ggaacacagg tgctgaaggg      9000
     cctgtggtga tgagtgtacg ggcgtcttca aaaaccatct gatcaaagac agcccaacct      9060
     gcctgcagtc agtcagccta cagatttatg ttagcatgtc tgcacactta gcgcaccact      9120
     aagaccagca gcacagcaag agcttatcat aatgtgtttc taaaggagga gaaataagtt      9180
     agtttgaaat tacatgatca tgacataaaa tagttttttt aatgacttca gaatcagcat      9240
     acagtatata gcatgataat tgacattagc tagaacaata ataaacaaca aaaaatcact      9300
     gaaaggatgt tccatttgca ttatattatt gaaatagacc ttctttttta atgctgatgt      9360
     ctcatataat atccatcttt aaatatacag tatattgtca tataaaaagt catttttaga      9420
     cagttaagca gtttctaaga atcaaagcca tcaataaccc tctctgaaca ctgaaaaata      9480
     tagactttgt tttataaagt atacaaaaaa ccagagtgat tattttcaaa tatgcacata      9540
     tttatataag gattatataa aatacataac tatacttaat tttaaacaaa caaaaaaaca      9600
     aaagattgtc actgaaaatt aatgttttaa cattcttgtc gtgtttttgc tatacttcat      9660
     tcttacctcg ctcacctcca gtattaaact gacactttgt gctgaaatgt atgctccttc      9720
     tgtcaagtgc aagccccgcc tactttaatt tgattggcca taattttaaa cattgacaag      9780
     tgcagttaaa aggctgaagc agaccagcct aagtttaaca gtcaaacctt tttgtcgtcc      9840
     taacaactaa caaaagtctt tataattact ggtgtttata attacctgtc cacctatggt      9900
     attatgatga ttacagccct gctattttac tgatcttccc attaaaggga tagttctttc      9960
     tgagaaaaac attttaataa cctaaaaaga tttaatagaa ttagatcaga aaagaaatac     10020
     agaaatgtca acaaaaaagc aaaagtgtca tggagggaat tctgggaatg tctaatgcta     10080
     tctcatgcca atttataacg tttgatttgg tggctaaatt tgtatgatat ttcatctcat     10140
     atgtacattt taaaaccctt tgctcatccc ccaatgacgg ttgggtttag gggtgtggtt     10200
     tggtgtcacg cctcctgtta aaaccttttt gttccactga aatcatatga attatatgaa     10260
     ttaggcacta aactggcaat aagtacaata gttacctttc ctcatgagat caggctttaa     10320
     agtcattagt ccctttagag taattagtcc ctttttttaa tctgggatcg ctacagcaga     10380
     atgaaccgcc aacttaccca gcatatgttt tacgcagagg atgcccttcc agctgcaacc     10440
     catcattggg aaacccatac actctcattc acacacatac agtcagtaat tatcataacc     10500
     ggttattact actgacataa tttatcacat atgcattata tggcgatccc ttactatgtc     10560
     ttactaaggg aggagatcat aagtaattta tatgcgacaa ctacctaaaa agcagataac     10620
     tgtgcacaat tcactatttg tgaatgtgct agacagtctt tcacacaggg aagtacattc     10680
     aagcttagct ctttctcact tcctgtggct actttgacct gctggcgtgt atgagggaat     10740
     attttatctc ttctctccac tgttacaaca ataacgttac ttgtggatcc agacacgagc     10800
     atgtctgcag agccagtttt ctccaccaca tcgccgtcaa taatggatca gctgatctaa     10860
     gatgccgttt aacatgagtg cccatgtcac tgttagctga acagcgcgag agcgctgtgc     10920
     tgaccattag aaccaaacgc agcattttct gttgagcaca tgatcaatca caggtgttta     10980
     agaactcgct caacaactct caaaaagcaa gtggagtaat atgtatgtta cgtttatttg     11040
     ctataaatgc tcatgttgtt ctgtgcatgt actttggatt agtttgatac attcaaaaag     11100
     aatgttttct ttcagcaggt aaagttaaag gtacagtaca tactgtatat ctgttagctt     11160
     gtattaatgg aaaaaattgt aaattatata tatatttata tatatatata tatatatata     11220
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatataaa tttaatacaa gaattattgt     11280
     gtttctaata aattttaaat tgtttatgtg aagcatcatc aatgtaccat gatttgaaac     11340
     tgaacagaat cgatggcatg atactctcaa gcgaacccca ctgtgagacc agtgtaggtt     11400
     ctcactccta ttatatatta agaaaactta ctgtttcaag ttacagattt ttacagcttt     11460
     acacttccat atttctatgg aatgaaaaga taccattgat gttaatggtt attcatggaa     11520
     ccttaatgct aataaaaagt attaagtgtg aatatccagc ctgatctcac gaggaaacat     11580
     aagtatttta tgttttgtca gtttagtggc taattcgtat gagttcagta gtatgaaaat     11640
     gtgtgatttt aaaaaggagg catggcctcc aactccaccc cgaagcccaa ccgtcacagg     11700
     gggataagca aatcttacta aaatttatga atgacattgt acaaattcat tagttacgaa     11760
     atcaaaaagt tacgaattgc cgtgagattg tgttgtaata tcaggtgtta acagtgacgc     11820
     attgactgac cacttgtaac agggtcacca attaatgtgt agaagaaact tacctgaaac     11880
     tgactaccta aatctaaact aaataatgaa tgtttgaaaa ccgaacagag cgagcaaaca     11940
     cttagataaa gctgtcagga cactaagaag cagccctttc agatgtgcag agcactggat     12000
     gtggcattaa aatgaaacgg actgctgtcc tttacacttc agctcttacc caacttcaaa     12060
     cacacactcc atcttcacat ggtgaaccca cctttaagtc acaactacag aaaaaagtaa     12120
     gaagagaaga agaaaaaaaa gggaaaagga aaaagtgaga tagtctttag agaaggtgga     12180
     gtggtaactg tcattgatat ttacagttcg actcacacac cccagggccc cgagtccagg     12240
     tggcccttaa acagcttggt gtgtacacaa gtgtatgtgt gcatgtgtga gtgtgtgtgt     12300
     caaaccaggc ctctctgatt catgtgcctg aattttgaaa cactacaagg actttgtaga     12360
     gacttgaata ccccctgggc aaagtacaga acacacactt cactcaagcc ttctcatcag     12420
     atcagacctg ttttagatct ttttttcaca cacacacttt ctcacacacg ctgcacttga     12480
     cacctaaagt aagcttttaa agggcagaga aattgttcaa acatactata atcttttaat     12540
     gactgaaatt gtaataaacg ctgacccaat caatctttgc tatattaccc acttactgta     12600
     ttgttgtgtt aggctttagc gagctttaat aatttgtggg ggtaaaaaaa actacagaca     12660
     tactttgatc cagttatata tgttgtcttt gaagaaggta gaatgaatga gtttggttta     12720
     cagtaattat ttgaaaaggc tagcaaaaca tcttgtgctt aagtttctat ttgtgcgttt     12780
     cctgtatgaa cgttaagatc aaagtcaaca taaagttgat cttaaaaaac caattgaaat     12840
     cctcagcgtg gatttattta caggcgcatt aagaatgaag acagatcaaa agacacctga     12900
     tgataaatct gggtgtgtgc attgctagag gaaacaaact gctttttcac aaactcaata     12960
     atgtgatcat ttaataacca cgcgtttgat tctattgaag atacttctaa ttttgtcagg     13020
     catcaaacca aatcaaaaac acatcaggaa aaccagctta cagggcatga tagggcacgt     13080
     tataagaaag acgtacttcc cttttttatt gcgtgttata ctttcatcta actgtgcagt     13140
     gccagaaggt cagccccacc tgtctacaca aaagttctct atagatttaa gctaatgaca     13200
     gatgtgatta gactacaaaa gggcgtaatg ttaaaaagat ctatatattt gcaagacaaa     13260
     caactttaac gttcattgta tgtgtatcgt gaacttgggt ttatcaggtc aagtcaatat     13320
     taaggtatta aaaccttaaa attgagttaa atagattggt gtagatttcc atcagatgga     13380
     tggatggtag gacagtagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat     13440
     agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag ataagtagtg     13500
     taaggttttg cattttaaaa aaatgtaagc atagaaagac tcatatgtga atgctagtta     13560
     catttttttg agcgatctac tgtgcactgt gaaaaaaggc actgttaaat caaagccaac     13620
     acttcaaaaa tgacccaatt tgatagtaca aataaaaccg agataaaaaa gccaaacctg     13680
     gagaccaaaa caaaacaaac tttaaagcct ttgcttcagt attgtttatc aatgaaacat     13740
     ggaagtgaat agattaattt taataagata aggaatatga aagccagggg caatttaatg     13800
     aacagaaaaa ggtcctaaat taaacctttc tttcaaatct ttgatgtcat tataggtttt     13860
     ttatattagt aatctactta ttactaacca ttgtgggaat cataagtcta actaactcaa     13920
     aaacatgaat gatttttctc ttttctaaaa catttgcagg catagaaagt tggttagctc     13980
     taatcaatag atgtcattac aatacaatct ttcttaaaag gaatagttta accaaaacgt     14040
     tgtcaccctc atgttgttac aactctatat ggtatttctt tcttatgcat tagtttgttc     14100
     cataccaaga ggagtttgtt tattgttgta caccacattg atttatattg tatggactcc     14160
     ttttgtgtta ttagaagaaa gaaagtcata caggtttgga acaacacaag ggtgagtaaa     14220
     taatgacaga atgttcattt tcagttaaac tatcctttta aggtagattt tagtttttat     14280
     ttttacctta aggatgtttg gtaaggtatg actgatgaag aatattgctt tagtgatcca     14340
     cagcaaacac ttctaatatt aaaatgtgac agattgcttt atgagggaaa aaaaaaaact     14400
     ttttaaactt aacataaata ataatatgct tctcacttca aacatgtaaa actaaattgt     14460
     tttatttatt cttataaaat atggaccttt agaaatatac acaaatgtat ggacattaaa     14520
     aagagcttgg tgtaacaaaa caaaccaggg acatgatctc actgtacaaa accactcaaa     14580
     taacaaggtt tttctcattg tgttggcaat atttagtgct taaagattca ctttgttcca     14640
     tttaaaggcc taaaaatagg cagttcattc tctgccaaag ccttattgag cagctgcact     14700
     ccaatgtcaa tgcagttgtg tatgacacag ccttcatttc catagaaaag ccacatgact     14760
     acaccacaga ggagctgctt ttcctccagc cattcacacc cattgtttgt cgagtccttt     14820
     cattgtcttt aatcacagct ctacagagtc cctttttctc tgtcactaag ggaaacaaac     14880
     tattgcacat gacaagatat aggcatccca atgacagcac aagggactca ctccctttta     14940
     ctttgttttg taattccagt ctgcaaagtt tcagatgcag cacaaacact aggaactgaa     15000
     caaacttgtt ggggatgctg cacctgaagt ttgcatataa taaatacgag aattgtggcg     15060
     ttctttgctg gcttgtcctt ttataaagca gtttgttaaa gttcagagtt ttcatttctg     15120
     gctgtttgcg tgtgcataga gacccagctc atacacaagt tgcaggagga cctgctggtt     15180
     cgtacttagt tttgtgtcct tttagtgcag gatgaggctt gaggtaaggt ccacttcctg     15240
     tgaaaacaca tgcagccttc ctccttgtct tcttcttaag tttgcgactg aaaacattct     15300
     gccacgactg cagtgtttta gaggtccaga tccacatgcc gctggtgatg cccaccacca     15360
     acaacatgaa aatctttacc atgaaaatct ctacggcagg gatggagctc ttcatcacgc     15420
     actcttcccc acttttaccg tcatcggcac acttctgttc tcctgctaga atcttccaat     15480
     aatccatgtt gagacgctcg taaaaatagc aggcgatgac gcaagtggcg gggactgtgt     15540
     agagcacaga gaacacgccg atcctaacca tcagcttctc cagcttatcc gtattctctc     15600
     cctcggtctt catgacctta cggatgtgaa agagtgccac aaaccctgag agtaaaaatg     15660
     aagtgccgat gatgaggtag caagagagag gaataagaac aaaaccagtc aaggctttga     15720
     catccatgct gcctacatag cagactccag tgagctcgtc tcctgctacc ttcctcataa     15780
     ccaggatcat gatggtcttg atggctggta tagcccatgc cgccagatgg aagtagctgc     15840
     tgttggcttc gatggcctcg tgaccccatt ttttcccagc tgcgaggaac cacgtaagag     15900
     taagaatgac ccaccacagg gaactggcca tcccgaagta gtaaagaatg aggaagacta     15960
     tggtgcagcc agtgctttcc aggccttcct ggatgatgta ctgaactcca gtgtcacggt     16020
     cacaggccac attttccacc cccacaaaaa gtcttacaag aaagcccaca gaatagacac     16080
     agtaggacat agaaaggaag atgatgggcc gctcagggta cttaaagcgc tggggatcaa     16140
     tgagaaaggt gaggacagta aaggcactag agatgaagca cagtatggac cagatagcaa     16200
     tccacaccat ggagaagcgt ttgtcgccct ggctccagta cacatctacg ttggagtaac     16260
     acttgggggc acaggactca ctcttctgca cataatgaaa ctttccaggg ttgctgcatg     16320
     tggtcttacc gaccctctct ttaataggca gttcttggct gttacctggc cgagggggtc     16380
     gggagtctgg cgactgagtg tgggagccct ttgggggctc atctgtgcca ttgttgggag     16440
     cttccataca gaggtaattg gggtcgtttt tatttggcag tctggaacag tccagcgact     16500
     caggccagtg aaagttgaac tgctccatga tgggagaaca cttctgcctt gcctgctcgc     16560
     acatcactcg gcatgctggg ataggtgtgg atacctgttc tgtgcacatg ggtgcgtaga     16620
     gtgagcacaa gaaaaacttc agatggctgt gacagccgaa ctcaatcagc ggagcaaact     16680
     catgcagctt tatggctgcc tcattttgat cttcatgtcc cattaagttc ggcataactg     16740
     ttaagttgta gccaatgtcc ttacagagag gaatggcaat ctcctggcat cttccttcac     16800
     ctggccggtc cgggtcgatg gaactgatcg cagaacaaaa cccagcaaag cacagcagcc     16860
     caaggctgag tccgacaccg gcagcaaaca ttgtctttca atattaactc atgtatagca     16920
     gatattgttc tccgaaaagc tttgtttcac tagaaaagtt tcttcattgt tgttttagtt     16980
     ttaatttaaa aagttattat atcccaaaaa agagtaacag gagaatttag tgcgtaaaaa     17040
     tcttcaaaca gatgtaaaaa aaaatgaaaa aaactttcac tattttgaga ggtttcgcgc     17100
     tgttaatgtt caattcccag tccacagatg atatacccgt cttttaaatc tctccagttc     17160
     tgtgaaacat cgctgacggt ctgtttcttc acaaaagtac acttactttt caaatagctc     17220
     ccgcgctact ttaaacacac acacacatcc tctgcaaagt gtatccaaac tgaccaaact     17280
     gaaggcacgg tgtcgttaca tcgcagtcat gttaaatgaa tgaacgaatc ctctccgtaa     17340
     acgtgtgagt attcacttta gctcgtgtcc gtttctccct gaagagcagc tctctgcctc     17400
     gcgcgctgtc tgtgtctgag ctcctccgcc accgtcctga actaacctgc caaaagatcc     17460
     gccttcaaag acaactgctt tacataagaa agcccaaact gacacactga ttatccttaa     17520
     accgtgcgga actggctgtg tagacctcaa atcctcgtca caattttacc acaagatcac     17580
     agtaaattac tcactggcca tttgttgttg ttgttttctt tccccggata acacccttct     17640
     gatgatttac ggaagacttt tcggcgcaag tcagtgagaa atctctcgcc gaagacgacc     17700
     aaaaggattc agcggctttc cagtcgagat gtgtctcctt tctctctaca actgacgatt     17760
     ttcacgctct ggccattgtg ggaagaaaga gtggaaagaa aagagagttt ttttactcct     17820
     tgaaataccc ctcgcttttt attgttgaat gaactagaac tgatggctga agagtcttta     17880
     atctcttacc ccacacaagc attttataga atatccaata atacctatat atatatatat     17940
     atatatatat atatatatat atacatatat tgccacttaa gttttcaaaa acacaaactt     18000
     aaaaaaagat gagatttatt aatgcagagt acaattatta gagcagtatt tacattcagt     18060
     cttgtatttt ttttttctgt ctgatatatt ttaaaaattt ttaattattt tatttcatca     18120
     ctggagtatt tttgtgcgat atcttttaaa ttgattaatc aagctaaaac gtcttgctaa     18180
     tgtcttatgt taacattttt taaatttata tttaaggtat aaaaatcttg ctattctgtc     18240
     ttgttttatt accctaaaca ctaattttat atttaaattt tttattatta ttattatttt     18300
     tattttttta ttccttcatt atttttcttt cggcttagtc cctttgttta tcatgagatc     18360
     gccacagcag aatgaaccgc caacttatcc agcatatgtt ttacacagcg gatgctattc     18420
     cagccacaac ccagaactgg gaaacacata tacacactcg cattcacaca cataaactgt     18480
     gatcaattta gtttacccca ttctgctata gcgcctgtct tagaacagtg ggggaagcca     18540
     gagcacccgg agtaaacctg cgcgaatatg gggcttgaac cagtgaactt cttcctgtga     18600
     agcgactgtg ctaaccactg agccaccgtg acatcctatt attattttat taagacttaa     18660
     tatcttacat aattgtaagg caaaaagtaa tcatgctttt caagtaaata attttaatct     18720
     aagaattaat atttttttta attttaatta aattttttaa aatatttttg atattttttt     18780
     gctaaaaaaa acaagacaag acaaatttac actgaacttt ttttttcagt ctgtaattta     18840
     caagaagttt cacaggaatg ttaaccacag acttcacaca taaatcaaac atgccttgaa     18900
     aacttcttcc agctttgttc ttctaacatc tacatgattt ttttaatgca ttatttacat     18960
     cagaaacttt tttttttact acattttgtt acagtggtca tgtaacaaag actgttgtgc     19020
     cagaaatcgc attaatttcc aagttttgta cacaacactg agtgctttta gaaatccctc     19080
     tgccctttac aatgcttcaa atgaatatgc aaaattccgt cctcgacatg aaaacacaga     19140
     acaagtggcc ttatgaacag atgtgggtgt gtaatgacat aaaagacatt cttaacatat     19200
     gctatggtag tttccagtct tcgccctctg tgctcagttg taaatagttg catgagcaca     19260
     ggataaaatg cctaaggatg aattcttaga caaagagctt ttcagtctcg tttcagcaga     19320
     ttcattttaa ctcaagttgg cggtaatggc tggcaagcca gggcctatat tcttagccta     19380
     gctgtaacca tcactctcct caagggcata tatacgtgcc aactttatag tgtaaaagtt     19440
     agtattgtta aaatcaaatg tcagagttca actcatttta agcaagcagg ggtgaacatt     19500
     aaggttagct catcccataa atgaaatctc tgtgatgatt agctcaccct catgttgttc     19560
     caagatattt ttaatcacat ttgagagaca tgccggtctt ctgaagagac atgatcgctt     19620
     tatgagatga acatttttaa tggcgtttat tcagatataa acattaagca aactatgttc     19680
     aaaacattta agctttacta ctgaaattca accatgttta atgtgtgaca accaaagagt     19740
     attacttgtt tgccaagttt atcagtaaaa tacattaccc aacagtagta atgaaaaata     19800
     aatgtgcttt atttcacatc taaattaact caaaaagacc atgaaaggta tctttgcata     19860
     agctggctgt ttttaataag tctcatcatg tgacagacat gaagaaggca cagaaggcct     19920
     catggggcaa aagatacgag atagcttagt gctctcacat tacctagtaa aaccatgatt     19980
     tatccattag tgatgggtcg ttcataaaca attggttcat tttgaacaaa tcttcaacat     20040
     gactcaggaa ctacgagtcc tctcagggag taattcgttc atccgcgcgt gtgcacattt     20100
     gtgcaggtgg tatcgttcat ttcaactctt ttgagtcgtt catcgtggaa aggcagaagc     20160
     cagtaatatg cgtttagagc tggaaaaaga attgatccgt tcatctctcg agtactctat     20220
     cgggtctgag tttcgttcct cacgggccaa tcatatgcat ttagagccgg acaaagaatt     20280
     gaacctttca tctctcgagt cctctatcgg gcctgagtca ttctgtcacg tgatgaacga     20340
     acgactcaag aattagaaga cttgaaaggt gaactaatta tcgtatcgac tcagactgtg     20400
     tacattggtt aagattatat gtgattgtca gtgtaacgtg aacgaaccac tgacatttga     20460
     agacatgaag aggtgagctg agcaaagaga caacaatacc ttcatagaca aaagagcagg     20520
     taaacattac ctccttctta taatattcta tttatgactt atctgtcgtg tgatcaactc     20580
     tttgggctag ttgtagatgt gtttggaagc aattcgtaac attcattcat tcattttctt     20640
     gtcggcttag tccctttatt aatctggggt cgccacagcg gaatgaacca ccaacttatc     20700
     cagcaagttt ttacgcagcg gaacccttcc agccgcaacc catctctggg aaacatccac     20760
     acatacactc acacacacac acacactcat acactacaga caatttagcc tacccaattc     20820
     acctgtaccg catatctttg gactgtgggg gaaaccggag tacccggagg aaacccacgc     20880
     aaacgcaggg agaacatgca aactccacac agaaacgcca actgagccga ggatcgaacc     20940
     agcgacccag caaccttctc gctgtgaggc aaacgtgcta cccactgaac gagactcaaa     21000
     gatcagagtc agtaaaatga tccgaactta ccatcactat tatccatgta acacatgaca     21060
     actgtagttg tcttgggatc tttgtctgaa cactgtatga acacttttat gacatattgt     21120
     aaaatgcttt ttaacatatt ttagaaatgt tttgagcaac aaagttagtc ccatattatg     21180
     agttttgtgg aactgtatac gagacatgag atttgtgata tgcttcagag acgttaacaa     21240
     attcaatata cttttcattg gtttcaagtg aaactttgaa tttagtaatg tgatagtagc     21300
     aatttaaata ggtgatcttt tcctatgcaa taactgtgga ctcttcttca tgcaattttg     21360
     caatatcagt tcaatttgga tgtcaaaatg caaacagact ttctgttgaa caagttttgt     21420
     ttcagtggtt tatgacattc acctggcttt ctgttgcact cataaaactt cacttatagt     21480
     ctccaatgca ggccctgctt gcacatgcag ttaccgttat ctgataacaa gtggtcagcc     21540
     aagcatggaa atgacctgaa cctagagttc tcagcagtga gggaaaagtg aattaaagct     21600
     acaacaaaac aaaggttttc tattggacta taatttatta atgtgtcata gtgcacctga     21660
     aacaaacagc tattcagcat tatgtcacac aaaagcggtg tgtaatacaa atgctgcttc     21720
     acctaaatct acactgtaaa aaaaaaaaat aataattttt acagaaaata tacctacatt     21780
     ttttacagta attttttgtc atttaaaatt atatgtagaa cttagtaaaa tgacaagcaa     21840
     tctctctaat tcacagtttg actttcattt taggtacttt atcattaaag acaaattact     21900
     gacatttatt gttttttgta cagggacatt acagtattat ttatacagta ttttttctgt     21960
     tattctaaat tatattcaaa agtctgtaaa aattacaaac aatatctgta aattaacagc     22020
     ttgactgtta ttttatgtat tatataagta atgagaaatt acagcaattt gtctgtttta     22080
     aacaataaaa ttgccatatt atttacacag tgtttttacc tgttttctat taagtacatt     22140
     taaaattacg taaaattaaa gtaataaatt gtaattacat gctctgtaaa aaaaaaatta     22200
     aaaatcgtaa aaaaaagtca aatgactggc agctacagct gccaaacaaa aaccataaaa     22260
     ttatggtaaa atttctttgt tgaaataaag tgcaaaaaat aataaatcta cagatatttt     22320
     cattaaaatg tttacagaaa aactcttatt ttacagactt ttccttgatt acgatcaaat     22380
     ccgttcaata aagttataca ctaagagttt tacaaagaaa cactattatt attttttgca     22440
     ctttatttca acaaagacat tttaccgtaa ttttatggta tttgtttggc agccgtagct     22500
     gccagtcatt tgaccttttt tttaacaatt tttttttctt acagtgtaga cagtggtgcc     22560
     atgcatctcc actattgttc ttgatcatcc ctaaatccca tgctggtcca ctttggccca     22620
     aggtatttgg cagacaaagc atcctgtctg ttgatcccaa ggaagccccc acaaggccta     22680
     atgaagtccc ggaatcggca gtgcaaatgt gactgaccct ggcatgcatt ggcacaattg     22740
     cttatcacag aaattggaaa tgtagctata tgcaacttac agtcaaaagg caaatgtatg     22800
     aacggtatga ggatgaaaaa aagtgatgta atccttgtgt ttagtccaat gtagcgaaat     22860
     ataggaattg gtgcactctc tcacaacaca tccattaatc atgtgatagg tcattataga     22920
     gcagtcttat ttgttcaatt caaatgcatt tgaccacatg agcatgtgca atacaaaagc     22980
     aaaccaattt aatgtgtttt caactggcca ggttagtttc aactagtttc accctgttta     23040
     tgcctgtatt tagtcaaatt aaattttaag acttcaaatg cagaaatctc tcagagttgt     23100
     ctgaaatttt cctcttaaat gaactttttt ctcagtctcc tatgattatg ttcagttatt     23160
     tcattttaaa ggcaatgaaa atacaattat ttgccagaaa aagtgaaatt actgaacccc     23220
     tacacatggg aggctgagaa aaatgtctat ttgagtagaa ttcttcagac agcacttttg     23280
     catctgaaca cttcatttat ttgcatcaga gatggccaaa gttggcccaa ggtaatgttt     23340
     ttttttgccc gctatcccat ctaaaaagtg agggacaatg ttgatggttg ggttgaatgc     23400
     ctttgacaaa tcgtcagttt aatttttgag tttactgtat tcttttgttt cttgttttta     23460
     ttgctgagct acaaaatatg gaaactgaaa ataaatgatt caattaaagg ttgtgaatga     23520
     atcagacttt taaaatgtga atattgtcac ttgacataaa gtacatctga catctatgag     23580
     catatcaaac gcagatgcag ctcgactagt gtattgggca ttaaactcca ttgtgttatg     23640
     aattgaattg actatgtttt tacaataata agttcattat aaaatgttaa aaatgatact     23700
     gcattagata ttaacccttt aaggtgcact tctttaaaat aatttgtttg acccacatct     23760
     tgtatccaat aatatgctga cacttctctg ataaatagta ataagcaatt aaaataataa     23820
     tgataaccta tggctaaaag aacacgattt ctagtttatt ttttatatca ccaaataaat     23880
     aaggaaattc cccttggcaa atttaatgta atagggtttg gtatattttc ggcccacagc     23940
     cctcaatcag gtttggtttt ttgtcattta tgagaaaaag tttgggcacc cctcatatat     24000
     atggtacttt tgcaatgtag attgtgtcca agaagcttaa catagatgaa gaaaaaaatt     24060
     atgaaaagca ataccgattt tttttattgt agaacattca agcattttag gcaagcagga     24120
     gagtattggt agaatgcttg ttcttgttaa attaaaaaag gaatcatttc attttaatac     24180
     agatgtcact gttgaaaggt ttattgacat ccactaacga tgtaatggaa gaaaacatct     24240
     attaaaggga cagtttgccc aaaaatttta attctgtcat catttactca cctttcacta     24300
     tagttcaagt ttcttttatt ggttcttaaa aatgtaaccc tgggcactta ttcccaatta     24360
     cccattaatt taaatttatt attattattt tttaccaata tggaagtatg ggaactcata     24420
     gaaactcata aagatttaat ctacatgagg gatcgtacat gatgaagtca tttaaatttg     24480
     gggtgaacta tctttttgat aggtgtactg tatgatgctt cagcctatcc aagtgctcaa     24540
     aaaccctata cagtctgaca atactggaag ataatcaaca acctgagtgt ttcattcata     24600
     aaatgcctat ttgacatgcc gtttaaccca tggagtcgtt aataatgatg atcacatgta     24660
     caaacatacc atcatttttc ctggctttga tatgtaaaca ccatttcatt gctctctcta     24720
     ataatgaagc ctttcaggat gtgtaacgta tcagagccct gtatgaaaca cacacacaga     24780
     cagcctcatt atctcaatga ctgacgcttc tgaaacatac atataataca gggagggcgt     24840
     ttaattgaga tgccctgctt taccgctgcg catccgggct gatttgttca tactttattt     24900
     tacacgtttc tgttgtgtga ttgttttgca ggccgtgagg atttggcttt gaagagcggg     24960
     agaagaacag agcggagaat catgaccatt caatctttat catcagtagc cttggcagct     25020
     tctactttcc ctttcatgtt ttgtgtttat ttctgcgtct agcatccacc gccctcaccg     25080
     tttcatactc agtcatttct acagttatcc tttataccca cacacgcacg cacagacacc     25140
     cacacaaaca cacactcaca cacatgaact ttatctcttc caaagcacag cagcagcagc     25200
     agctcgctgg gctccatctt ggtggaaatc agaaagtgtg agataattct gtaactaata     25260
     aagagaaggg aggccctttg atggctcaga ctgaaaagat atttcatgtt ttttgtgtgt     25320
     gagggattgg agagatgtgt gattgtatgg aggctgcgcg ctcccctgct gttcctctct     25380
     gcctagaagc tggcccccct ctggctaatg ttatggagaa aggaaggcat tttagggctg     25440
     cctcccccca ttctctcagc cccccttttt tcttttgttc ccctttgaag aatgacttta     25500
     gacattttat ttacatattt aaccatggat gaaagaaaag agggttgcga gaaagaaagc     25560
     tccccgggct ctagtgggaa ttttgataag tttaaatgaa tggaaatctt attagctttt     25620
     tttttagacg agtcaaagct tatgtttctg gtgacgtttt acattctgac aacaggagag     25680
     tcctacatgt gagatgaggt ggacacgatg gtcgtcttta tcctcttcga caaaactcct     25740
     ttttccttac tgatcttcct gaagttgtca actggcaagt caaagtgaat ccctgcgcac     25800
     ttcaaactgt gctttgaggg aaaaagtgca agtatcagct tgaattcgca tgagcttatt     25860
     tttttatatt gcagtatgtg tgtggttttg agagccggag ctgcgggtgg atttggggcc     25920
     tgaaggccgt gttggttaca gatacaggag gaccatggcc ttaatctgct tatcatgtct     25980
     ctgttctcct ctcaaactgt tttgtactct gaaataggtc acatatacat gtgcatcgtg     26040
     ttatcaagtg tatctgaatc aaaaggattt ggtttttacc aaagatgttc catgtttgtc     26100
     ttactttgga aaaaatactt tattggcatg ctttttaaaa taaagtaagt aaacacagca     26160
     atgtactatt gttttaatca tgaataaaaa cctattaaca cgttaaatct aaaattttat     26220
     tgtatttact taccggccac tttattaggt acacctgtcc aactgctggt tattgcaaat     26280
     ttctaatcag ccaatcacat ggagcagcaa cattgtcaag atgatctgcc gcagttaaaa     26340
     tccagcatca gaataggcaa gaaaggtgtt ttaaatgact ttgaacaaaa catggggttg     26400
     gtgtcagact ggtctgagta tttcagaaat tgctgtgcta ctgggatttt cacgcacaac     26460
     catctctccg gtttacagag aatgatctga aacagagaaa atatccagtt aacggcagca     26520
     aataccttgt tgatgccagg ggtcagagga gaatggccag actggttcca gttgatagaa     26580
     aggcaaaagt aacttaaata accacgagtt acaaccgaag tatgcagaag agcatctctg     26640
     aatgcacaaa acttccaact ttgaggctga tgggctacag cagcggaaga ccacacaggg     26700
     tgccactcct gtcaactaag aacaggaaac tgaggcttgc acagactcac caaaattgaa     26760
     caagattgga aaaacattgc cttgtctgat gagtcttaat ttctgctgcg acattctgag     26820
     ggtagggtca gaatttggca tcaacaacat gaaatccatg gaatcatcct gccttgcctc     26880
     atcagttcag gctggtggtg tcatggtgtg ggggatattt tctcagcaca ctttgggtct     26940
     attagtacca actgagcatc gtgtcaatgc cacagcctac ctgactattg ttgctgacca     27000
     tgtacattcc tttattacac agtgtaccat cttctgatgg ctacttccag caggataacg     27060
     caccatgcca taaagtgcga atcctctcag actggtttct taaacatgac tatgagttca     27120
     ctgtactcaa ttggccacca cagtcaacag atctctatcc agtagagcac gtttgggatg     27180
     tggtggaaca ggagattcac atcagggatg tgcagctgac aaatctggag caactgtgtg     27240
     atgctatcat gtcaatatgg accacaatct ctgaggaata tttccagtac cttgttgaat     27300
     atatgccgtg aaggattaag gcagatttaa aggcaaaagg gagtgcaacc ctgtagtagt     27360
     aaggtgtacc taataaaatg gccagtcagt atatatataa atgtaatgta atgtgtattt     27420
     atatagcgca tttattgtgt atctccatct atatatcacc atccataatt gtaatactat     27480
     ttgctgttta tgctgtattt ataataaaat aaatgcctta aaaagaagac aaaaacataa     27540
     aaaaacatgt caatcccaat gttttatgat gcagatatat gattaattgt tgtttactta     27600
     tgcgtgaagt catatagtat ataaaagatt tatttctgat cattgatctt taaaagaaaa     27660
     gcatgccatt ttacccctca aataaaaaaa agcattacat ttaagtcaga gatctccgca     27720
     attgcatgag tatgtgccag ttcattcatt cttgacagac cagtaaagga taaaaagtct     27780
     acagcaatgc agacatgtct atctgagtaa gaattcagaa tcacagactg caaaattaat     27840
     cccctcattg catagacccc ctcattttca aaatgcaaaa ggctgtttaa aaactcgcct     27900
     cacttctcaa aagggtcaga tgatttgagg aaaggcttgt gagctcttca attaataatt     27960
     taagtgcttg actacttcaa agcctgctgt gttttatgca catatggttt taatggttca     28020
     ataacacata atttatttat gaatcttaat gtgtcccttt atatatcaga catataatca     28080
     tcccagccca ctttgaaaac acgaacagat tttctattgt tatatctggg aattagcact     28140
     gacagctgaa aagcactgca tgatgcttta aagccaatca aaaacaggtt ttcctgtggt     28200
     ttatgatgaa ttttcatttc ataacattca ctacaaaacc ctccattggg cattaactaa     28260
     ttaagcactt atgttttggc atggttaacg tattatttta atttatggca tttataatcc     28320
     acattataag catttctttc tcaactcata aactgaatca catcagagat aatcaataaa     28380
     caaagggctc agagacaaca taaaaacagt gcagttcctg cggtcgcgct gatttgtgtg     28440
     cttgagctct gatgtgtgct gtaaacacag atgacttcat gtgttgtgtt ggtaatagaa     28500
     gtgtcagaag ctcactttga gagctcgtct tcagagccgt gcttcgctct gacctcattc     28560
     agctttcaag tgtccatctt ttaactgaac ttagttactt taagtgttca cacaaacccc     28620
     aggcagacaa gccaaacact gaaatgacac tctttacaac ccaacaattg actcttaaaa     28680
     ataaagtttt cacgacaggc agtgatgcca tagaagcact atttgggggg ttccccaaag     28740
     aactttgaat aatcgacagt ttatttaaaa gtaaggtttg gtttgaagaa cagttaaaaa     28800
     aatctaaaga ccatatagtg taaactgtaa agggtaagtt attgattttt cttaagagaa     28860
     ccatcaattc caataaagaa ccttcagtgc aatgcaaagg ttccttaaat attgaaggtt     28920
     ttcatagacc catttataga agtaaagagc atttcgcata aaaaaaaaac tttaatgtca     28980
     tcattgatta tattaagatc ctttaatatc aatggaactt tttccattcc acaaaagcta     29040
     ctttggaaaa gttaagttgt tgaaagttct ttttagttca ttaaaatgtt ctacacttta     29100
     agaaatagtg ttttttttag taagccaaat ggtttttctt tggcatcgca gtaaaaaaag     29160
     aagaataaaa aaggaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaacatg tcgattaaga ttacacaatc     29220
     gttttaaata ctgttctatg tgctaatcta tgcactctaa gaattaaaga ctctgtaata     29280
     atgtttttgc agtgatggta cagaatagtt ttgggttttc cagtgaacag ttcaaccaac     29340
     caaccaacca accaaccaac caaccaacca accaaccaac caaccaacca accaaccaac     29400
     caatcaaaat ttattaaaaa aatgaataac cttaaatgga aagctcactc aaaaaaaaaa     29460
     acgaaaattc tcccattttt tacttaccct taaatttatt tatttatttt ttatttttga     29520
     agaagaatgt ctgtatttat tgatttccat agtaggaaaa aacaaaaacc tcaagctcct     29580
     atagtcacca gtaaaaggta gcagattttt cattttttga tgaataatca ctttaatttt     29640
     atttgaaggt cagtttgaca caaaacacaa aattgagttg ttataaatat gggttaacat     29700
     ttttaacagt tataggttca taatcatgct ttgcaaattt ggcatttcat gtttgaaaat     29760
     tctgggtaat tgtaaaattt aagtaaatgg aatcctgtat tattttcatt cacttttcac     29820
     actaattcta acaattaaca attaattctg ggaattcatg aactgttaat ttacattttg     29880
     ttttgataaa caccagatga atctgctttc agtgttttta gtgtcactga ttggattagt     29940
     gcagtgtaca caacctgtga atataataac tttaaacatc attaaattat atatgggcaa     30000
     ctgacttagc atttatacat tttacaaata aacataattt agtgctgttt attatttact     30060
     ttcttcatca ctatcaaaaa tttacatttt ttattgggga caaaacaact gctgtacaaa     30120
     gctgtccatc attttaactg aattggtcac gactaaaaat atttttgaaa agcctccatt     30180
     ttcacagtac acactacatc ttgaaaacac attatcaaat gttttcactt agcttctgca     30240
     tgaaattata tatttttata aaaatcattg cagtgttgac atggccttga catgagtcat     30300
     cttgccggct gcaacattaa aattgtacct tcaaaattaa tgttgaaaaa tcaaactttc     30360
     ttatgcaaag tagtgcagaa aacttgaaaa ctttttcagt atttagattt tagaacaata     30420
     tttaactcct aagtagtttt gacatgttga agtgactgaa aagtactcgt agttcttgat     30480
     ggggtgggtg cttgagtgtc agtcactaat caggagacac tctgtgtttc ttgcacttgc     30540
     cccctttttg tcatttaatc tgtctctgtc tgagtggcaa agctggaatc agtagtgctg     30600
     ggggtgaaga atgaggaggg gtgatggaaa gagagaggga tggaaaaaag aggatatggg     30660
     gacaccccac tggttttggc tcaggaggaa ccattcacac agaaggcctt cttgggttat     30720
     tcccacagta ctctcttact aagcacacac acatatacac actccagtca aattagatta     30780
     gagccctctt ctgtcaagtt atactcaaat gctggccttt tcattgccat cgacccctga     30840
     ctcgccttta tgatgataca cccccccccc ctcataaaat actacacata atactataaa     30900
     aaaataccat atatatatgc tgcttgttcg gattacttac tcattttcga cagtttatct     30960
     gtattatgtt aaattcacat agattgtata aaatgtcact atcacctcac agcgagaaag     31020
     ttgctggttc aagtctcgac tgggccagga agtctttctg tgtggagttt gcatgttctc     31080
     tacatgtttc cccacagtcc aaagacatat aagtgaatta gataaactat attagccata     31140
     gtgtatgagc gtgtgcattc attcgtgttt caacacaaat gaagtttatt taattgtttt     31200
     tacaaatgta agtgaattga acataaaaca attcagtcct ccaaatattt caagaattgg     31260
     gttgatttag ctttaaataa gtagtttgaa caagcagcaa aaatcattgc tttttttttt     31320
     ttttttttga gtgagtgaaa taatgtatag gggtttccag cactggggtt caggagttag     31380
     tgtacgctca gtgctaggat gtggctggaa gagcatccgc cacataaaat atatgccaga     31440
     gtaattggca gatcattctg ctgtggcaac ccctgataaa cttgggatta agccagagga     31500
     aagtgagtga ttcagtgagc aagtgagtgt ctgtgtaatt attttgtgtt gggacaatgt     31560
     gaatacttta catttgctta actacccatg aagtgggtgt ataattccca gcatgaggaa     31620
     ttgcattaat atgggaaaat gttgacaaaa gaaatcttat gtgttttaag taaaactaaa     31680
     ttaagaggta agagtttaat cttgacgagt ccatttacat ctgcttgctc aaggatcgag     31740
     aaaatcactc gaagtaattg ttataaactc ttaaaaataa taaatcagta aatcaagcat     31800
     attcccctag tttcacatac aaggtttaaa gctagtcaag attacattgc atgtttgagc     31860
     tgtctcaact caaaagaact tgcagtgaga tgtcttaaaa tacatcagtg tcattttttt     31920
     tcaccaggtg cacaccagta atatattttt tttaggctat tttttataaa ttttgcttaa     31980
     atagcctatt taactaaggc ctagtcctag cttaatctaa gccctgattg tgaaactggg     32040
     ccataatgtt ttattttttc ataaatgttt atatatatat aaacatttgg tttatatata     32100
     tatatagtga tattcacagt ggttttactt ctctgtaatg gtttaatgaa ccctaaaaaa     32160
     attattcagt caggaaaggg cgagactgtg tatgacttct ctctctctct ctctttctat     32220
     ctatctgtct ctctctgtga gtttttgtgt ttaaagggag gggtgtcagt gagaactcgt     32280
     ccagctgttc attgtgtcaa cctgttacta cccttgagaa aggaagtaag ccgtctgtat     32340
     gtgtgtgtgt atgagagaat ccgagagcaa tctctttatt acagccatca ccacactttg     32400
     tctctcattc ttcaccctat tcagccatga agcctctcac taatgcattt acgactgggt     32460
     gtttgcagtg ggcctcagaa aagattaatg tacatgctcc tgagagagag tgagagcatc     32520
     taaactcgtg tttttattaa caaaagctga aggctgatcc taaacatcat gtcatagcct     32580
     tcagaaaaaa agcagtgcct gcgagggagc aattcccaaa ctagcactgt atttaattgc     32640
     ccaggtcagt gaaaatctct gaatgcaggg agctgtgaaa agaccagtga attatgacta     32700
     tctcaacaaa gtctgtgact gtttcatccc gcagacctgt gaaccggctt cctttaaagt     32760
     ctgatgaaag agagagagcg agtgagtgaa aggatagatt aaaaagaagt cctctcccct     32820
     aagcttcgag cgctaagcag ctttcattta ttctcttatg tcctaagtaa gatgttctgt     32880
     actattacta aaggcattct ggaaaacttt cagtggtgga ctgaaacttc actcgggttt     32940
     gtagcactta cgcataaaca aatttaatca cttgcttcaa ggagagtttc agcttggtta     33000
     aaatatctaa taggactctt cagtcgactt aatttgatga tttagagccg tctcgatcca     33060
     tctgaggaaa ttacaaatag aaagggcact tttggagggt ttatttttgg gcctgggtat     33120
     gagagacgga gggagggaaa agagagatga tgaaagcaag agagcgagag aaggagagag     33180
     agctttggaa aaggaaaatc ctctataaaa ctttcctctc tattcattat agcacatgga     33240
     agccaattca tgcagcagca aattgagatc aaagtcaaat taaagctgac tctttcaaag     33300
     gcagataaaa ctaagcgagc ctgcagcgaa attttctcca ttgatttctt cctccttcac     33360
     tttctccttc atacttgtgc tttgcttctg ctgtgatcct tgggacttcc ttctaagagg     33420
     aagaggcttt aaaaagtcct gcagtggagt gctgacagga ctgaacaaac aaaaccaaaa     33480
     accctaaaaa ttcagccaag acaaagtgcc gcagtaatac aactcataaa aattaatgac     33540
     gcacaataaa ctttaaaagc cacctattat ggtctttttt taatggtgat tgacttgtaa     33600
     gccccgttct aaaagtctag tcctacacag ttaaatgaag catttttttt ttacattatc     33660
     actttatctc ttaggccctg tttacactag tgcgttttat ttttaaaagg cgttttagat     33720
     aaaaaacgat ccacactagc gttttaccta gcgcctctga acatatctcc gtccacacta     33780
     cgccaccaaa aacatatatc atgtgatcat tcgcgcactc taggcatgcg cgttctagta     33840
     taaacagaaa gcatgcgtct cgcttggcat ttggttattg ttagtcaaca aacgtcagtt     33900
     gaacattaaa cgtgatggca aagaaagtaa gagaggtatt tttgtggaca gacgacgagg     33960
     tcgagttgtt actaaacgta gtaaatgaat aactgcacaa tggcgcctaa aacagacaat     34020
     agtgcaaaca actctctcat ttctgtgccc atgtcgttgt ttacagtact gtcttccagt     34080
     agtgttaaag ccatgtgtta tagtcatgtg ataaaggctt gacgaataga ataaggatac     34140
     agtgacgaag gcaatgacac aaaagcccca atcaggttgt aaatctcagc agacccgcct     34200
     ccgttttcag atgtctctgt ttttcctcat ccacactaag acagagcagc agcatttaag     34260
     aatgaaaatg gactctccag cgttttcaaa acgctccatt ttcagcgctc gagaacttcg     34320
     gcgtagtgtg gacagatggc gtacccgtag caaaacttat gcgttttaaa aagaaaatgc     34380
     attagtgtaa acggggcctt attcaacaac agcatcaaaa gatctcgcac ctagctaagt     34440
     ctttgatata tttcaacaag ccactttttt tagtggttgg atagagaaaa catgctgaca     34500
     aaatgacttt tattatcatt aaataattct tgcacaatac ccacgtcact ttgccttttt     34560
     aagagaagcg aacctatatg catttgctaa ttgagttatt tccctgggta actcccaggg     34620
     tggcgaagtc tgtctgattt ttatttaaag atggttaact tttatcccca tctcctcacc     34680
     acaatagcat atactgtacg cgttggtgtt tttaaaaata gctcttatgt cccatgttgt     34740
     ttgaatttat gattaattta tgtagcactg ttgttctgtg acacacaaca ttttgttcct     34800
     ctgaatgtcc atgcatgtag cggaatgaca ataaagctca acttgacttg atttaatact     34860
     gtgtggcacg gatgcaaatt agtttatgcg ataggctgcc caatgcaagt tcaatgtcgc     34920
     catgaagact acacacttac cgctttcgct caagagtgca tgccgatgtt ggtacctgaa     34980
     ctcaatcaaa agcactggaa tatgtaaaag agacgaaaca cttttcccag tatgctcaag     35040
     aaccctgcac tcagaaaaca tcactttcct gcacactgcc attatttttg caattgcact     35100
     ttccaataca tcaacctcca ggaattttat tgcatattta ctccatcaca ctgtaggtgg     35160
     gaagctgaca atgcaggaga tcataagctg actcagaatg atcaccaccc accaccagcg     35220
     gcagcctata ctggtcttgt ctgtttctct tttgtcaatc ctgcccatat ccagattaaa     35280
     taattgttgt ggtcatcaat gagtcaagaa tgcaagactg actcctgcaa agaccccagt     35340
     gacagatgaa tctcttcgtt gatcttgtcg actagtcaga acaaacgcct acaatgaatg     35400
     cttattgttc tccagctctc cgacatccag attgcagctc tgcccatgat gttttgccaa     35460
     aataaaactg gttactttga atgaacctat tttctcccaa ggttttttct tgacttcctt     35520
     caattggtag agttttgggt ccactgttgc ctttggtttg cctgcttggg gcagctggag     35580
     ctgcacttta gtgaagctgc tcttctgtgg atttttcttc aacgatggca attgtattaa     35640
     actgaattaa atgaactgaa cttcaacagt aacacatata ttagactgaa ctgaatttgt     35700
     ttaagttaac tagaacaaca ctagcattct accacttctc tcttgtctgc ctatgcagaa     35760
     tgatccacag tcttaaatat ttttatggct tttcattatg tttccttcat ctatgcttga     35820
     cacaatctga attgtaatag cactatagaa ataaagagtc attggaatta actacaagca     35880
     gctcacagtg gggcaagaga gaaccaagca tctctcgaaa ctcaatgaac tggatgatag     35940
     caaaccctac ctccatacct ttgagtttat tgtcatcgag gataactggg acaatcatga     36000
     gtgtgtgtgt tagcaccatt ttttactatt ctttatgtat ctttttatcc attttagata     36060
     ctattctctc tagcctccac aatattatga ttatgatatg gccaagcaag aaatcctggt     36120
     gagaaatgga ctgtcacctg tgtgtgcagg gactccattg ctgcccaggt tgctaagcga     36180
     gtaataatta atcattttct atgatcactt tcttgagatt atagatgcac aatcccacct     36240
     gcctggctgt gctggtaaag taagtggaag ttttggaggt atcattggcc taagatgctt     36300
     aagagagaat ggcaatccaa cactagaggg ttaaaaccga aaaggcgcac actaaatggc     36360
     acctcaaggc tagtgagcag actgaaagtc ccaaatccag agaatgagcc cacaaggctg     36420
     tagtggtgtc cctatattct ggcaggtcta tgcaaccctg gcagaaaagc caccatctca     36480
     tcttcaagtc aatatataaa gtgtcctcac ccgccatgtt accatcttac tgcacctcag     36540
     acccgggaac cctccgaaac tgttaatgct taagtttggg tagtagacgg aaaggtcaga     36600
     agccaacact tcccattagt gatggggaga gtaccagttt tgcttggtgc attattaaaa     36660
     aagttaagtc tgtctatacc cagcctgctt atacaattga ccatctaaga ggtgaccttc     36720
     aaccttgctg gtatggacct ggtaggtttc ctggcaaagt ctgtccacaa tcatgaaaac     36780
     atccttttca tcgtcatgac tgtgctccta ttttgtccct aatacaaagt aaggcccttc     36840
     tctgtttagg cccacatcgt accatcagca agcatgaaca ggacatgttt gagtgcttct     36900
     agtcaaggaa ctactggcca aatcccaaca tgcacatcag tgattttatg actggtcaac     36960
     tcaaccaagt gaattccagc ctggagcagg gtacgggtgc aacagcccat agaaaattcc     37020
     acattctttg tatactggct ggtcaactac cagatatacc caatttacat attaacttgc     37080
     tgaggaaatg gattgctcct gtgcgacagc tggtagtcca atagtgcacc tgggacagca     37140
     gttgttcatt ctacagaaat tgagttaaat tccattgtca gtctgtatgt ggaatttttt     37200
     ttttacagaa cagcccagac aacccaacat ctttcaacat aaaaataaat atggagagtc     37260
     attatttagt caaaagtcca tgtgagtgct gcaatttact ctttggcctc agtggggcct     37320
     cacctctttc cagcaaatga tgaggccaca ccaggtgttt gcggtggtgt acctggatga     37380
     ggcttataaa accttgcagt ccctcaagca ggcactttac taattaccta tttttcatgc     37440
     acctgacttc agctgcctcc tcatcctcca aacagaagaa aggagctcta gccattaagt     37500
     atgagctgcg ttacaatctt ttaggaaagg ggtttaaccc tggtaatgga ccacactccc     37560
     ctccaattat tggcacacaa catcaaccct tacattacct cagcaatgca gatggtttct     37620
     tcaggatgtg gtcgaaatgg gcaggtctat cagttattct ttacctccca ccccagcctc     37680
     tctaccgtct ccacaaagaa cacactgctg caggatacaa tcagcggact gtaaacaccc     37740
     tattctctat ttcaccagca cgccctggaa ccctattctt agacagcatc actttcctgc     37800
     acactgccag tatttaaaac atcacacttt tcaatgaatc actgtctgtg gatttttttt     37860
     ttttttttgt gaatttacct aattttctgt ctgtgtaatc acattcaatg acaaatttaa     37920
     tgttataata ataaatattt aagcatcgca gtggcgcagt aggtagtgct gtcacctcac     37980
     agcaaaaaga tcgctggttc gagcctcggc tgggtcagtt ggtgtttctg tgtggagttt     38040
     gcatgttctc cctgcatttg cgtgggtttc ctccgggtgc tctggtttcc cccacagtcc     38100
     aaaaacatgc agcacaggtg aattgggtag gctaaattgt ccgtaatgta tgagtgtgaa     38160
     tgagtgtgta tagatgtttc ccatcttcgg tatcccaagt ttgcaggcat ctaatcctgt     38220
     acttctatac tatacaattt agatactata gaatattttt ttaatgagcc caaataagtc     38280
     gctactctac atttattaaa aataaatgta tgtaaatgta agtagtttca ttgttattta     38340
     ttgtgttgct gtgttattta acagtagtta ttatttatat ataccacaaa ataaagtgta     38400
     atatggtgat cttaaaaaca ggacaaatga acactttaat tacatggcta ttaggtagaa     38460
     aatgtatttc aaaactgatc tgccaaacta aaaatccaaa acttgtaaat tataaccact     38520
     ttaaatctct taaataacct atttaaccta tttattttgc ggaattgata aagttctgaa     38580
     gaagtacatc cgccatgttg ttattattaa tattaattgt tattattgat aagtggcagt     38640
     tgtgttgctt cacttctatt caacaaaccc tcttctggga tctcatagga cagtaaagtg     38700
     tcctttggat gtgtctgact tttgacgcta gagtacaaca acatactaaa cagcgatctt     38760
     taatcaaata gttgggagaa ctgcaaagta cgacatacta tcaagcggct caagaaggat     38820
     gtgtcagttt tcttgactac tgttgtccca cttatttaca ttgaaatgta ttgtttccca     38880
     tgtgctctca catatgcagt ctgacgtttc tttaatctaa tgaacaaaaa gaaggttttg     38940
     gagcagagac agttattttg gtcttggcta aaatgatgta tagctttatt ttacaaagga     39000
     aaatattctc aagaattcag ttatggcaag ctaagctatt atttctttca ttttgtggaa     39060
     gctgctttca tttgtagaag atgagaacta ggcgcgatcc tcaggcgttt gcatataact     39120
     gccttctttt tattgaaaga cttttttcag aggaactgtg tgggagaaga tggagggacg     39180
     tgatattttc attcgtgtgt tgtcttttca cccgaggatc ggcgcttcct ttcatgcagc     39240
     cacatgtgga gcgtctcttc ctctgaagtt gtgtttggat taggcaggac aggaggaagg     39300
     gaacttgcgc acattttccc tggaactcca tgtttgcctg aacctctcac agaaattaaa     39360
     caattcctca cacaccatga gatgaagaga agggaatgaa aataaatggc atgagtcatc     39420
     atgggtaatg caggaaaaca aggatagtag aaagaggaaa accagaaaag agggtgataa     39480
     cagggataaa taagagaaaa atatctgtgc aaaaagagat aaagaaagga ctgtattcaa     39540
     atgtacagta tttgaccccc tgtgacgttt caagtcaaat catgtttatt cagtgattta     39600
     tgaaaagaaa ttctcaataa tgcaatgtgt gctctttttt atacaattgc catgaaaaga     39660
     actgagccga agctttcaaa aggttgcaaa agcactatta aaaaagagaa aaatcatgaa     39720
     agtgctccac atgactcatg ttctatattt gtcatgttcg atctcagtct tctgaaatca     39780
     tacaatactg tagctttgtg tgaggaacag gctgaaattt cagctgttaa tcaccagaca     39840
     tcttgacatc cagacgttta catgagtaaa gttacgtgtg atggactgat ttcacaaatt     39900
     gtgatgacat ttatttatcc atttacctta agcatagtct ctatttcaga ggtcgccata     39960
     atggaataaa acgccaacta ttccagcata ttttatgtag cggatgccac accatgtaca     40020
     gccaaaaccc agcaggggtg gaaagagtac tgaaaaatca cactcaagta aaagtaccat     40080
     tatttgccta aaagtgtagt acaagtagag taaaagtatc tgttgtaaat attactcaaa     40140
     gtatgagtaa aatgtagacc tttcaaaagt actcaagagt agtgagtatt acgctgtaaa     40200
     aagctaatgc atttacatgt aatttgtgga tgtgtctgta aacgtaacat tctgtagtgc     40260
     atttagccca gcaggcacaa aatgtcataa gacaataata ttaggttaga ttaaggttgt     40320
     gacatcaggt gaccaaaatt aaagtctaac cagcgcctaa ggacaacttt aattttatgt     40380
     ccaataacaa catcaaatga cgttgatatt tgcttgattt taggttgtgt tagaaagtga     40440
     ccaaaatcca acgtcgagcc aacagcttaa actaaaatca tattgattgt tggatgttag     40500
     atgttagtaa tactgacatt tattcgtcag gtatggcaac caaaatctaa cgtctgatag     40560
     acgtcatagt ggtaatgtcc acacaacctc aagctgtaac atcattagac gtttgtattt     40620
     ggttgatttt aggttagacg ttagacgcag gcctgacatt gggttctgac atcaacatga     40680
     tttttatttc caaacaaaat gcaacgtccc cacgatgttg aggtacagcg tcactctgac     40740
     accatgttaa caacttgtgc ctgctgggta tttaaggcca tttcagtcat acattacaca     40800
     tccgtcatct tctcatcagt gacatgcatc taaacagtct ctgggtcaat gcgtttaaag     40860
     attttggaca ttgtcttgga cacttttaat gcttccaaac agtttgcctg tctgacattg     40920
     tctgtcttaa ggtagttatg atgctattta ccttctatct gccatttaat tggacaggaa     40980
     tcacaggttt gatttttcta atccccattt attacattaa ttaacattgt aaaaaaataa     41040
     acaaatctct gttagatatt ggtgtttaat agatatttgt gatccatggg tgttttctct     41100
     ttctttgctt aaatgtttta cagaaggagt ttctaaaaga tgtttaatga catatctttt     41160
     tgcagtttgt aaggattata gtctgggttg ttcatgtaaa ttacagtaca aaaacagtat     41220
     gattatattg tccattattt tttgtttgtg tatagattta tttcggtgtt atttctaact     41280
     tattgttcca acctaataaa atattaattg aatgtacttt gttaaatttt cacattattc     41340
     aacatcttct tctttatctt ttttttttat cttcttctta tttggaacca ctttaagggc     41400
     aatttcaata aagaagaaat actgcttaga agacagctca tcgcaacaca caaaacacac     41460
     aaaaagctct ttcatgaaac gaaatgggta attatgtgca attaggccta attcatgctt     41520
     aagaactgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgagagag agagagagag agagagagat     41580
     tttggcacag atgtgtgaga cttttggcgt gtttgacagc attacctgca ccggtatgag     41640
     gacaagcagg aacaatcatg tctttaatga taatcagggg ttgtgtttag ggaaactctg     41700
     tatttatcag cagttctcct gcgtcagttg tcacacattt ctgtctgtaa tttgcacttt     41760
     gcaaaatcat ggagtacaag aatccacatg tataattgta aaagcatgtg gcatgaattc     41820
     atttctttat cctgatgtac gcaatgattt tagtatagat gttctgtcac aaattcaaaa     41880
     taagctatta tttaatagtg taacaaatta taattacagg tttaaaatta atcatttact     41940
     tactcagtgc tgttctacac ctataagtgc tataatttag acttttattc ccaaacactg     42000
     atggacagtg aacagggtta aaagcaatca aatttgtatc cagaagctaa agcatgctgg     42060
     cttgacatgt gagaaccaat gaagttcatt cggacacgtc atgtggcttc tgcaagaacc     42120
     aatgagggac agaaatctta ttattaaaaa tatccatttg cgtctgtaga tgaataaaag     42180
     tttgtaaatg ataatctgat tcccatttta aaggtcgaac aatgacttta aggtgaattt     42240
     gttaggaaac taacatctgt gctgtaacta agctgaagtt caaaggttat gtctacagta     42300
     ataatgtttg ctgacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     42360
     cacacacaca cacacacaaa ccctaagaaa ccgtacacat ggagaaacat ttcaaggact     42420
     taacacctgg acaagctgaa aggaacagag gaaaatgcct tttaatctgt ccaagatacg     42480
     gtttcatagc tgtgagcact tacctcatct ctgcccatcc gacccccttc tgacactctc     42540
     ctgcacgcaa agattacagt acccatgcac attcctccag ctcatatcaa aacagcctca     42600
     aatcacctgc ctttctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct     42660
     ctctttatgt atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat     42720
     ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat     42780
     ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctcttt ctctccctca aacacataca cagacacaca     42840
     cagtaggaaa agcctgtggc ctttttccca ttcctagaga aaaaaaaggg cctgaaatca     42900
     tgacacaaga atagcagaga tatttaaact atttctgaag attaagtaat aaaaacaatc     42960
     taacagtctg tgaattttgg agattacata tatttaatat ttcaatagct actcgtgacc     43020
     atcagaagga ttcaattgag agtgaatgga ccccacaata tcatctactc tgtgtaaatt     43080
     tcggaagatc gtctttattt caatgataaa tttctcatcc aatgagcctc atgcacagag     43140
     catttctgag gtccccaaaa cacttgaatg tttggcatga ctgtatgtac tatttcatga     43200
     ggtttcttga acagcagagt aaaggctgat ttatacttct gcgtcaaatg ccggcgtatg     43260
     ctacggtgct gatgcatagc cctttgccgt ggccattggt gtcactgacg tgcacctctc     43320
     aaaaaatgta actacacgtc gcaacaacgc atagcacaag ctctgtgatt ggtcggcttg     43380
     ttagcgctga tgagtctggg cgggaccgag agccgtgcaa atggcgtgag cccaatggag     43440
     cgattgttta caagtgtgga gtcccttgaa ggagctccag atggaaagtt ttgttttgtg     43500
     tttacttcat agttaaagtt gttgcacgtc cgccggttcc tgcctcaaaa ttagtgagtt     43560
     tgagccactt gtacatacag gaagtgttca ggaaaagcaa aacagcagcg aagaaactcg     43620
     acgcagagga acatttacat ctcactgcca actagcgttt cggaagtgtt aatgcagacc     43680
     aacagagaca gcgcgcagaa gtataaatgt acggctacgc gcgttgcatg cgcggtgggt     43740
     tacgccggtc acttgacgca gaagtataaa ccaggcttaa tttatccagg aaaaagtctg     43800
     ttaaacagac ctaaacattc attcagctgt tcaagagtac aacaagatta gaataatgtt     43860
     tgaatgtaat catcataaag accaacagct caaaacccat agagaatatt gtggtaaaat     43920
     aaggcacaat cgcaattgta attttgtacc agccactaga cttttttgac agggtatttg     43980
     agtgtcaccg aatgtcagaa tgttgtggga ctactataca ggagttggtg ttgtagattc     44040
     tagatagcaa aatttagctg tttatttaaa attttgtttt tattttagcg ttttttttta     44100
     tggaacccgt catagcacat gtgtgagagg atttatcttt ccatatctgt aggtggaagt     44160
     agtctgtatt gtgattccac aatgggatac tagaactagt gctgccattt tcactgtacc     44220
     tctgtacact gtacttgctc actacagagg gattcactag tgcaaatatg cctgataatc     44280
     tatatcattc attcgtttat tttcctttgg cttagtcctt ttattcatca ggggtcgcca     44340
     caacagaatg aaccactagc ttatacagca tatgcccttt cagctgcaaa ccacggtaaa     44400
     acatcttaca cactcattca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     44460
     cacacacaca cacacacaca caatacggcc aatttagctt agtgatttca cctatagctc     44520
     atctctttgg actgtgaagg gaaaccagag catccggatt aaactcgcgc ccagacgagg     44580
     agaacatgca aacttcacac agaaatacca actgacctag ctttggctca aaccaatgac     44640
     cttcttgctg taacgcgaca gtgctaacga ctgagccact gtgtcaccca taatttatat     44700
     tatgtgcaaa tatttaggaa atgaagcaaa atagcagttt ttttgtgtta cctccttctt     44760
     tgtttcatca cttttttccg cacggattta tagatgtaga gcagaacaga acgctcacaa     44820
     gtgaggatgt gtggaacaaa ctaaacaaac tctagcttga tagatgctca ctgagagcct     44880
     gacagtttac cggaagcact ctggcagcct tttcaaaatt aaaagtccca ttacaaccca     44940
     ttgcttcaag gtctaagtag agttaccttt aattcattat tgaatatttt tgtgtgaatc     45000
     atccaaccaa caacaacaac aaaataaagt actcaagcaa agctaaatga aagtctgtaa     45060
     aagtaatatt tgtagcacat accaatgagc ctttgcttca catcttaatt tttggttcac     45120
     ataaaattaa atattgtgtc tactaaagat gtgcctgaag ctgaatatct aaatatttct     45180
     gagtcttaag tatgaacttt aagaatgtct gatctgaatc attaaatata aattataata     45240
     ctgtaaatga agagttcaga tgcaaaagcc tctgagggcc atcattttct tctaaaatgt     45300
     gtttttttct tattgactcc tgtgtgtatg ttcagtaatt tcacttgtat gatgataatt     45360
     atgttttgtt tgttcttcaa acagttgcaa actgaatgca atatatgaca taaaggagca     45420
     ccaaactgta ttattaaagc aaacaacatt ttgtgccttt gcatatcatt ggattttaat     45480
     atttattatt ctgaaacagt ttaataatat aaagtgcagt cctgtttgcc attgctctgc     45540
     tatattttgc cattgcaaaa ggtatctatt gatcagcccc agtaccgtac caatttctga     45600
     ctgctgtaac cttgagaaat tttacctttg atcattcttt ttactaattt tgatcaatgt     45660
     attttctgca aaaaaagtgt taaaatgtat ggttatttct gtaaaacact tagccaaaac     45720
     taaaattatt tcaataaaga agtgattcat tttcttctta ttattattaa aaaatgagtt     45780
     taatcattaa agtggtattt tgactttatt tctttgtact aattgtgcat agttatttta     45840
     tttaatcatt ttaaggtgcc taggcttcct tagttgttga aaaagtgctt agttgaccta     45900
     atgtacgtta gttgaaaaac aatcaagtcc attaataacc taaaaagcaa tgggtttcat     45960
     taacatgtca aacatgtccc tttttacagt gttcaaatgt ttaacaattg tttccaagga     46020
     atgggtgttg ctgtatacta aaattcattc attcattcga cccagcgacc ttcctgctgt     46080
     gaggcgacag tactacctgc gccactgtgt cgccccttaa tactaaaatt agtatgtatc     46140
     aatattaata ttatcattat tatgttttat acaacagttc tgtctggttc tcaaatctga     46200
     ttggctgata gccatgcgat attctgcaat atcagaactc ctagagcctc tttacgcttt     46260
     gtgtattact ccgcccacat acagccagca aaaagcagac actacagatc taaagtttaa     46320
     aacaggggtg ctcaatcctg ttcctggaaa gccaccttcc tgcagatttc agttgctaac     46380
     catatcaaac acacctgaac caattaatta ggacctgaac accacttgat aattacagtc     46440
     aggtgtgttt gatatgggta gcaactgaaa tctgcaggaa ggtagatctc aaggaacagg     46500
     attgagcacc cctggtttaa aagatgcatg ctcaactgtt taactgtcag tttatgattt     46560
     gaatccaatg cggaagaaag tgttatacac acaattatgc cgtcaaactg ttgtataaac     46620
     gcaatatcac actcgtagca gtgcgatatg gctgtattgc actcctccca ccactgccga     46680
     tatacagcca tatcacactc gtgtaacatt gcttattttt ttaattaaaa tatcacttag     46740
     atcttgcagg acctgaggac taaaatttaa cagctacttt tcgaaaaata acaaaccctt     46800
     cagattcttg gagctgtaaa acatcctcta gatgtattta aaagtctgat gacaggacta     46860
     gtcctcattg accctcacaa tgtgtattct acatcaaaaa aaagccctct aaaatcagca     46920
     gacaggccta cacgaatcaa tccagctctg aatcctgcgg gcggtcccaa aatatgcagt     46980
     gcgctctaaa aaagaaaaaa gaaatcatat gataaagttt gaagtgagaa cagagtcaga     47040
     caacacccct cttcctctct gtttgtgctc aaacgtcagc gcatcacacg ctgacacacg     47100
     tcagaaaaca gggtcaggta catccttcaa acgcaggctc tttgagacac gctgatcttt     47160
     tgggaaacgc tgctctcaaa cgtatttgat taaacgcagt gcggagaaaa cacacacttc     47220
     gctgttttaa tcctctttct cttgccctct ttttctctcg ctgagaaagt gattagaggg     47280
     aacattcttg tgcctgacac acaaacacct tttgtagggg ccctttgagt gtcacattga     47340
     agtgcgcgag ctttctagtg aagccactga ctggatgaat gaaaggagag gtgggtgcaa     47400
     tcgatataca aatgcaatga aaggaggaga gagaaagaga gagggaaata gagactttgt     47460
     aactttgact ttgtgtgtgt ttatatctgc cgtcctttga ctgtctttta tgtgtattct     47520
     ctttatacat ctgtataagt gtgaatactc tcctacagca gcaagacact cagtacttca     47580
     atgtgcattt taaaatactt tttggatcct tatatgtata tacactatac agtatatact     47640
     gtgtttgaaa taatgaagtc actctctctc tctctgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     47700
     tgtgtgtgta tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     47760
     tatatatata gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagggg     47820
     ggaagagaga cttcgttata tatattgtaa cgtgaagttt atttataaac taatttcaag     47880
     aggatgacgt gcttataatt gaccacggct ggtcccgcat tagataacac aggattaacc     47940
     gattagacga ttcctaactc actacaaaaa taaacagagt ttcttacctt agtatctgcg     48000
     tcttgaagaa tccccccttt taacccgact cccctctcct ttttctagat tgggcaacat     48060
     ggcggcagtg attagcaatg ttgcctcact gcaagaatgt cacaggataa aagtccttgg     48120
     tccagtcaac atttctgttt cttcctgtgc ttgtgtgggt tttccctggt ttcatcccac     48180
     agcccaaaaa catgtgatct aagttaattg tccatataaa ttggtaccat agataaattc     48240
     ttagtagtct atctcaatag ctatgcctgt aatatgtcat tagccattaa caagttgggg     48300
     agcttattga gatctacctc aaactccctt cttcccctat tcctgggatc taaaagctga     48360
     catttcatca ttatttcaac attcacatga tccttggaaa ttcttacagt ttgggttaca     48420
     tttgggcata gaaattgttc ttggataact tctcaattat gatatacaaa atatgttgac     48480
     ccagagatgt cactaattct gcaaaatcag gatacgattt agagtagagc tgtattcttt     48540
     tttacatgta aatgtcctct ggttgagagc aaataatcat agtttcatct gtccacagga     48600
     cattattcca aactaattaa ggcttgtcta gttgacttgt tgaaaaggcc tttttccaca     48660
     tcacccttct attgagtttt ccttgtgcaa agtgtgctgt tctgttgaac gatattaaac     48720
     gacattgtca gcagcaagat gttcttggag ctctttggag gtggtttgtg gtttatctgt     48780
     ggccactgaa accctttttc agctatatac cacattctga tctgttcctg tagcatccca     48840
     cttactattt gtgactttct aactactgag tgtggagaca gaattgtttt gataactttt     48900
     tgtatttttc tgctaatttg ctttgactga tgattattat gttttgaggt cagtagaaaa     48960
     ttcttttgag gatcccatat tgatactttt tcccatagcc attgaaaata agagcaatga     49020
     acaatcagct acccccagtt cttcttttca tggatgattg cagtagcgat tgcagttcag     49080
     gtttaggtga gatcctatca gtcattaagg cccaatccta ccccttagcc cttcccctta     49140
     ccctcgtttt gcctattcaa ttaatgtatt tataaccact tttgtgttgt accatcatgc     49200
     tttaaaaaaa aacgctaaaa tcaaaacagc taaatttcgc tatctataat ccataatcat     49260
     aactcctgta tagtagtctc acaactttct gatacttgat gatactcaaa aaccctgtca     49320
     gaaaagtcta gttgggaatg agctttttac agtgtctgct ataatgttaa tgttgttttt     49380
     gtgtgtttac attgataaat aaatggccac tgtgtaaatg cacagattgt catgattatt     49440
     gttgccttca gtgatttgct aaaaaataaa tacagacgaa taacaactga aaaaaactac     49500
     agcaatcatg atcattgatc ttatttgaag caagatatcg tgatgacata tgatgatatg     49560
     tgcaggtgtt gctgttctat ttctcagggg taatttttaa agctattacc cttcacactc     49620
     tgtttcaagg gccaagagga aaatcaatat acagtatgtc ttagttcagt ctgtattact     49680
     ttactgcaac tcggcactca ccaacattat aacgtaatag tgtaaacttt gttaacaaac     49740
     atattgacaa aaaataatca ttgacatcta gttttttcaa gagaaataga gacaaacaaa     49800
     ggtatcttta gatattagca gtgactatat caataagcaa tttcattgac aaaaaactgt     49860
     agcgttgaca ggacttaaat gtagtaaaaa agataaaaag taaccatctg taaagttata     49920
     aaatatacaa gttaatctaa gatatgccta aaacacatta tgtttcaaat atagagacat     49980
     tcagaagact ccagattaag tgtctgtaag aagagtgctc tcggaggtga atgagagtga     50040
     taaatggcaa caccaggggc ctcatgtatc aatgctgcgt acgcacaaaa actttgcgta     50100
     cgccaggttt cacgctcaga atcgctcacg tttggattta ctaacaatga acttaacgtg     50160
     ggaatgtgcg cagctccacg ccagctttct ggcaggcgta cgcacatttt ttgtgcgtgt     50220
     ctgttttatt tccattggcg actcctagag gcagttatgt taaattcctc tctacaaagt     50280
     gtctgagcct tgcaatggca gctgtatgag acgggttcat ctagcaggta aataaggttt     50340
     ccataccata cagttgagca gctaaacatt aaagcacaat ttgcagcggt cgcctgtttt     50400
     cccaatgtaa tctactgcac gcacattgct ataaaggcac tatctgaaga tgaaattgca     50460
     tgcgtgaatc agaaacattt ccattcaata aatgtgcaaa taaaatatga tgcacaaact     50520
     tattgatgat tcctacttgt ctttctcgtg ataaataggc aaaatctgat atgtagcggg     50580
     ggaaaaaaga agaaagagtt catcagtcgc tgaacgtgtc aaaacatgat cacatttgtc     50640
     ttacgagcgt gccactgata ctgttaagag tgttgtaaca ttttacagat ataaaccaca     50700
     ttatttattt attttttatt cactcagtgc gatgttcaga cccaactgtg ttaaccgcat     50760
     cagctaaact ctcccactct atttttttct tttgttgtta attccggaga acaaacttgc     50820
     aaataacacc gcttttctcc ggtctacctc cgaaagcagc acctccattt cacattctgt     50880
     tcaaagtttc tctttttgct tgattttgcc gttgcttttt ctttgggttt tgccattagc     50940
     atagtcatta gcatattcat acgggggcgg aggcagggag gggttttgtg ctcgtgcatg     51000
     ttgcgctcag tttcacgttc attcggatgt acaaaagaat atgcgtgaga ttcggcgtac     51060
     gcagtgtttc atacatctga atttttttct gcgtacgcac atttacagct ttgtgcgtac     51120
     gcaatgtttt agtaagattt ccacgcaagt cttcgtacat gaggccccag gtgaccttca     51180
     aaaattcaaa aattaatagt aacaattcaa taacaaagta acatgattaa aacaaattaa     51240
     gaagcaaaag ctacacagcc taattaaaac attatcgatt atattaaaga aagcaagttg     51300
     attcataaat ttgtatactc taaatatttt aacgctatag gatttactat taattctctt     51360
     tcaaaactca tatatcttca tttaaaattt taaacatgag taaatttaat acaattattc     51420
     atgctttaag taaaacatag cttttccaca gcacattttc ttgaggataa agcatgctcg     51480
     gcatgtgttg taatgttagc acgtctgtaa aagaagcgct cggttcgcct cttgcgtgat     51540
     tgcacccaat tatgattctg tttcatctcg ctgcagatgt taggcagaag tggggcttaa     51600
     aagagctggg gcgccggctg aggggtgtca acaggccctc cgtcaaactc tctttgaggc     51660
     ccatgtcagg tgctttgatt ggcggccctt cgcgaggaga gattctcttc tcatctgtcc     51720
     ggagagcgtg acaggtgagt gccacatcaa atacggctga acggagagat gtatagcgat     51780
     ccttcacagc agacagcaag atgacacatg tttgtgccaa ggtgagggac aacgaccttg     51840
     gtgtcgcttt ctttcacacc gtctctgttt gcagaggatt caggctcttt aatgaagccg     51900
     ggtgagaaga acgagacttt tacagcttct ccaggactgt tcaaacagcc agtgttcagc     51960
     agacagtagc acagacaaag tgaggccata aaagaaaaaa ctgtttgatc aagtcagaca     52020
     tctggaagag tatcggtcaa catttgacca catttgtatt taataatctt aactttcaag     52080
     ctgttagtct ttaaatcaca tgtttacaaa ctcagtaaat atattgcagc acctagcaca     52140
     ttttacatga tgctttattg gcattattat tattattatt attattatta ttattattat     52200
     tatcattatt aatattatta ttgttgttgt tgttgttgtt gttgttattg ttgttatacc     52260
     caatgctagt atctaaaagg gatctcaaaa gtttttggtt aaactttatt tgaagctgtt     52320
     catggaagcc tcttttctgt acaggaaata ttaaaaataa taactttgac attgttccca     52380
     cagttctgga cttttacctt taaacattag ttgacatcac actattgcat gttatgaact     52440
     cacaactgag tattaacttg gtgtctcaca attttgctgt gtaaacttta cgtacaactg     52500
     caagaaagtt gtgatataga tattgtattg tatattattg taatgtatag atgtataata     52560
     tcatctcaat atatatatct cgatgtgttt agttttttca aaatgcatta agtttttaaa     52620
     tgaaagtaat catgaacaaa acagagatta aaaataataa ttatatttaa taaacacata     52680
     cagttttata tgcgacttag cagtggctcg gtatatctcc acaattcaaa tgactctgaa     52740
     aaaacatctt aaattagtct cttacctgta actaagccaa aaggtcaaag tgtctgtcct     52800
     tccaacacag ttcaatcttt gaagtagtaa tgcatcttta aatggttgag cggtttccat     52860
     catcacacct ttcatacatc tattctgtct ctgatctcct aagtggcgtc attaacaaag     52920
     tctctttctc tctctctctc tcacacacac acacagtcac tcagtaggtt ctatgttaca     52980
     ttatagggct cttcaggtaa ttacgctggt tggagtcctt tgctctgttt ttatatgtta     53040
     gactctttta ataaaagaaa aatacttgaa gaagtccaaa agtctgttgt tgtttctatt     53100
     aaaacagtaa ataagattct caactcctaa tttagttgaa aattaagagt atgttgatac     53160
     aatcagtgga gttattatca gggctcgcca cagcaaaatg aactgccgat tactctagca     53220
     tatgttttac gtggcagata ccctttaagc cacaatccag cattgatgct cacttcacat     53280
     ggggcatcag catcaatgct tgccattcac tttgaattgg tgacgtcaag ctttgctgaa     53340
     ctaaattgtg gatctgtcag cactgtgcca gcggctttac ttgctgcaga agttgggaat     53400
     ttctcacctt ttcaatcacc aatggaaaaa tcagccaatc agatcacttt atgcaaaaac     53460
     tgattgcgtt ctcattgact ggcgctgcca tgacaatcgc gtcagcccca acttcagaca     53520
     caccctcctt caagcgttga tgctcacgcc ctgtgtgaat cggccatcat acattaactc     53580
     atgaacctcc attgctttta ttcacacaca cactcattca ctcaaccaat ttagtttatc     53640
     caattcacta ataacgcacg acttctgact gtgggagaag ctggagcacc tggaggaaac     53700
     ccatgcaaac acgggaaaac atgataactc cacgcagaaa tgccacctgg cccagccggg     53760
     acttgaacca aactaaatcg caccaatatg catgccaggc cagaagatac gaatataact     53820
     ttgcaatgaa gcacgtggca catgtgcaaa tacattggta ttgtagatca ccatttttgt     53880
     ttttggtaaa aaaacttttt catgactgtt gactgaacat ataatacaca tgagaaggat     53940
     gtcagagctt ttatccaaac ataacaatag taatgttttc aaaaaatcaa gctcaaaatc     54000
     agtttgaact gcttcgttga aaacagtgtt ctttaaacgt ctcctaaaag tttttcccaa     54060
     acaattttgg ttaaaatttc aaaaaagaaa aattatttaa agatttgcta gtaatcaatc     54120
     ctttttgaac caccgtggga ttaatttcat tgtttagtga gtacttatca aaagcacatt     54180
     ataataataa gagattttct tgaatttcat atctaattgg tgtcaagttt agcttctaat     54240
     ggggaaatct gtgttttgca tattgtaatt atagtgtgtt ttgaggtttt tgtctaactg     54300
     tccccaatga ctcacatcag agagttaaaa ctcaaagtga atgaaattct gtttggttta     54360
     aagatatgat atttatttct cccttttttc tacaacaaag gcaaggaagt tgctaaatgc     54420
     tgctgtttat cgggcatgca aatgttttct gagaaagcat ggacccgacg cacacacaaa     54480
     ggcacacata attttgcctc gctctcatgg aacaaagcac agcttctgtg gctttttgcc     54540
     atgcacacaa aaagacttgg ctctagtcaa gaaaactgca ctctttttta atatctggag     54600
     ccttgtaaaa gactcactag gagaaagtca ctgcggagac caacaaggca tctgtcatgt     54660
     gctttgtttt cttatttttc acaaagggag aggaaatgat gctgtggaca atagagatgt     54720
     ggcaaaagac gtctcttctg tttgaacgaa actgtaaatc agataaagtg gaattatgtt     54780
     ggattgcctt gatgtcattc agccattgtg taactctttt gtacagcttg atttatgcag     54840
     agcaatacac ataaacgttc agcctttgat tctttgctgg tcatatttga tgtacagtag     54900
     ctccaaaaca ttcggacaat ggctgcgtcc gaaatcgcct actactcagt aggtactgca     54960
     tttaaattta aatgtacaac tcgaccgtta ggatgttcta tacagtatga atgtgagtag     55020
     gatgaatgga actcggacgt actacatcca ccctttcgtc attattacat gacctaccta     55080
     catcagttgt tttgcttcac tcccattcat gacttttctc atggtgcatc atgggatagc     55140
     gtagcatgca tccgtcgtgc acttcaaaat ctcaccaaaa gtagtaggtc atccgagtac     55200
     ttctcgcata ctgattttta aattctatga attcggacat actacttggc tcgcatactg     55260
     tatttagcat gctatatagt atggaagtat gtaaattcag atgaagccaa tatctatcca     55320
     tcaacactta ttaagatttc tgtgatgttt ctgaattgca atgacttcag caacctggtc     55380
     tcacaaaagt tttttgtgca tgtacagtat taaatagatc atctctattt tccttttatt     55440
     gttaacagcc tagttgttta atttgacacc taactagtct aacttgtatt aaagttcaca     55500
     ttacataaaa ttttaataat ttagcttttt ttggttgacc acttttcact tccccttcca     55560
     tttagtgtaa taaacagtaa gtgtttatga atgtgaaagg tctgggaagt taaaaaatgt     55620
     gcaataaatt gaattttatc ttccaataga cagaaatgat tctgaactgc ctgaaataaa     55680
     ctcctgcaca gatctgcatc ggtttgcaaa attagcattt tgctagcata tgtctgctct     55740
     attaaacctc aaacactgaa gttggagttg cagctgtaaa ttactgcttt ctgtcaattc     55800
     aatcattcat taattttctt gtcggcttag tccctttatt aatctggggt cgccacagcg     55860
     gaatgaactg ccaacttatc cagcaagttt ttacgcagcg gatgcccttc cagccgcaac     55920
     ccatctctgg gaaacattca caaacacact catacactac ggacaatttt gcctatccaa     55980
     ttcacctgta ccgcatgtct ttggactgtg agggaaaccg gagcacccgg aggaaaccca     56040
     cgcaaacaca gggagaacat gcaaactcaa cacagaaacg ccaactgagc caaggtatga     56100
     acctgcgacc cagcgacctt cttgctgtga ggcgaacctg ctacccactg cgccactgtt     56160
     tgtatcactt tgttgtataa gtctgcatag atgaatttta attctggatg ttttactttt     56220
     gatatgctgt aagtgaagta tgctgtaact aatcgcaact gggccatctg acagcaatga     56280
     cagcagagta aactcaccaa aaagagaggt ttagagaggc ctgcagtttg tattttgaca     56340
     ttttttatgt actgtttgac cttgaatgga tgcaacctaa tgttttagaa tcaatgattt     56400
     tctttaaaat atagatgtcc tattaataag ttatagttat aagttatact tttgtatatt     56460
     taatcatgtg tatttgtgta atacgtctaa aaatttgaaa aaaagttcaa aggtaattaa     56520
     tatgtgtcaa tgtcaccccc tttgtgcttt tctatgataa ttatttcaaa atgtaagacc     56580
     aagataaact aagttagaaa catgtcaagc cctttaatag atagatagat agatggatgg     56640
     atggatggat ggatggatgg atggatggat ggatggatgg atggatggat ggatggatag     56700
     atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag     56760
     atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag     56820
     atagatagat agatagatgt attttatatg tatcaaagac agacactagc tttacaagaa     56880
     acagggttaa atgaagtcaa agtcggttgc ggtcattggc aaaccaacga tgctgaagca     56940
     gctaatcaga cagtaatcca aaagaagata aaaatattca cccttgtccg ctctctttcc     57000
     tcctcctgtc atcagcagac acagaagcag gaaggaaggt ttggccagcc gtgcatgaca     57060
     gacttcagcc ggctctttca tgtctttgta gttttattag tgttgtcatt agggttttta     57120
     tggctggtgt ttggcctttt ttaagagccg ctgtatttag aggatgtgtg atatgatgtc     57180
     tgtgttgact gggctgtttt gaatgagcat ctgtcccatt gaggaccata aacactcacc     57240
     cctctcccaa agggaacata tacactgtat ttgcctttag ggtagagatc tcctgaagag     57300
     aatattggag tctgaaaaca gtctgtcaat aaaaattaca ttttaaactg gtcaaatagc     57360
     gataaaaagt gataaaaggg attcagcgcc ggctattacc gcaaaacaaa gcccttcagg     57420
     gttatacaag atccctttga aagtggctca gatttaccac aaataaacaa aaaggcatta     57480
     aatatggatt tgaagtgatg agcaagagat gactgagcaa tgtaagacag tgaaatagaa     57540
     agaaaatata ttgcaggtta ttttagtatt agagacactg ttacagtttt aaagatttta     57600
     aatcaggatt tttatttaca tcttccattt gcattttagc tttgaaaaaa tatattaatt     57660
     tgtatttttt ctaaaatgtc ttttatttta ttttattttt caatcgtgtt ttgcttcagt     57720
     tttagtcatt gcttgctatt tgctagatat gacatgtaaa aataaaacta ttgtcatttt     57780
     tctgatgttt tcatcacaat tttcattgtt tttatggaca tttctgttaa ctaccacatg     57840
     cagtgcaatt tattgcataa atgttttaca ttgcgtgtaa tacagccaga caatatttca     57900
     tcaaagttct ttaaattaca gcttgtcatt tatttcatta tataataaaa aataaatata     57960
     tcatttattg gtgccagtta gttggtgccg aaagcctagt agtcagtgca gaatatatgg     58020
     caccaatgtg cttcaggcat cctgagttca agtcaaggct cgtagaccta aatgcaaaac     58080
     tccccaaaaa tagatcttta acaaaattag ccatagtgta tgagttagtg tgtgaatgtg     58140
     agcatgtacg gatgcttccc agtactgtac tgacgctgat cggcacctct cataaatgta     58200
     actacacatt gcaacaacac gcagcataag ctctgtgatt ggtcggctta gtagcgctga     58260
     ctagtgtgga taggactaaa agccacgcaa actcatagga gcaagtgttt acaagtgtcg     58320
     agtctcgtga aggagctcca gattgaaagt tttgttctgt gtttatttta tgattaaaga     58380
     tgttgcacgt ccaccggttc ccgccccaaa atgagcgcgt ttgagctact tgtacattaa     58440
     ggaagcattc agaaaaaata aaacaccagc aaaaaaactt gacacagagg aacataaaag     58500
     aagttttatt gcagagcaac acaaacatca ttcatcaatt atcatgcgct gttggtcacg     58560
     tcaatcactc gatggacatg tataaaccaa gaaaatcaat gaatgaatat ttataatttc     58620
     attaatacat attaatgttt aaaattaatc ttaatatatt aaaaaagttt gaatgctaga     58680
     caaacacaat gtgtttttat tgtgttttat gagtttaata gtctaattaa aattatacca     58740
     atgtgaattt tgcaccctac ccaacaggtc caaaatctgt gaatgggtat gtgcaaaagt     58800
     atgattattt ttttatgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gccatcgctc ttttcttgcc ctctcactcc     58860
     caataaccac aagtagcaca aagagatcgc tagccgagag ccagcagggg caccgcggct     58920
     gtcattacag cctggccgcg gagagcaaat accaggccct agcaacctgc aggaggggag     58980
     cggggaagga gaagaggaag aaagagccag agaaaggagc gcagtgagtt agcttagcag     59040
     cgccatagaa aatgacccca ccgtgactcc tcagctcctc aacaatcgcg ctcagccagc     59100
     tggagatgag gtgtcgaggg gcccttcagg gaaccccggc tgaatttact gccgactcag     59160
     agacctgtga atgaaaccca atcagctcag gttcctgctc agcatgagct ctggacaagg     59220
     agaaaaataa atgggactta gcgttaatgc agccctggct gccataaaga gtcggtggag     59280
     gccctttctc actcgcagac aaacagcctc tgcaatttta ttgtctttct tttttagttc     59340
     tcgctttgcc cagaagtcag ctaatcagct cttcttgtta atttactgct gtttgctcca     59400
     atactacact gaaggtgagg caaaatgagg agaattaaag agcatggagg agaaatcctt     59460
     ttacttccca ctttgctcag aagtcagctc cttcttgtta atttaccagt ttactacaga     59520
     gttaaacaaa ctaaattgag gtcaaatgag aagatttgag taggcccaca cggaaagaac     59580
     ctctataaac atatatgttt taatataggt tttgatatag gtctttgata aatgtgacat     59640
     ataaaattgg ccgttttcct atattatatg tacatatatg tacatttatg cacatatatg     59700
     gatacatata tgttcgccta tatgttagta aaattattaa aatacagctg ctagacaaca     59760
     ttatttaaaa gattaataat ttttatttac ttaaatatta caagaaataa atatagtaca     59820
     agaacaaaaa taaggcaaaa caacaacaat aaataaaaag aaagacaaac cattttgtta     59880
     tacatttctt tcttttccac tatcttcata caagaaagaa ttgaccttgt aaatgtttca     59940
     ggaaaacgtg tagacatcat agctttccat ctcttctcac ttatttgcca tggttaaaat     60000
     ctataacatg ccaattacta gcaaatttaa gtggcacata catacgtttt taacattttt     60060
     taagttagtt cttaccaaga tagcagacct aagttaaatt aacattaaat aaatgttaaa     60120
     ccatcaacca actatcattt aaacaacatt aaaactcaat attgattttt agccagtttt     60180
     gcaccctgaa ataatggtaa ttctatgatg agaaatagat caaaatgttc acaaaatcag     60240
     catttatacg atgtcagtat tttcaacaat agtaaatgac caaaatatca acgttaaaac     60300
     aatgtaagta ttttcagtgt taagaaatgt gtaaattatc aacattggtt gatttggggt     60360
     atttacaaca atgggaagtg attgaactat caacgtagat tcattattta attcaatgct     60420
     aaatattaaa cctcaaccaa aataatgatt ctgatagaat ttcaacaatg aattaatgcc     60480
     actctgctat ctagatagct attgccttta taatagaaaa tatgagctag gcaaggcatc     60540
     atgcatgaca gttgccaaag tgagatatga gctatatagg agacatatca tgtattaaca     60600
     taaagggctt atgtggatat gaagaagcaa tacagaagac ctatttggcc tgtatatgca     60660
     catatatgca cctcaattct gcctatatgt tgcatatata cacatatata cagcatatat     60720
     gttatcacat atgtgcaaat atattgcata taggtttcag atatgcgcat atatcctcat     60780
     atagattctt tccgtgtgtg agatggtgga gaaaagtctc agctcttctt gttaatttac     60840
     ctctgtttgc tccaatgcta aaaaacaaag agaggggatg agagaaggtt gtcattcttc     60900
     ttgagtttcc ttcctttttg cttcactcag aaaacggctc attgtttctt cttgttaatt     60960
     tgctgctgtt tgttctggag ctgaattaaa acttaaagaa gaaaaaagga gatctgagga     61020
     gaatgaagca gaaaagtata gtgaagaaga ggagaaggtt gtccttttac ttaagtttct     61080
     ttaccttttg cttcacccag aagtcattta atctactgat cttgttaata actgctgttt     61140
     accccaatac caaattggaa gtgaggcaaa ataaaggaga attgaggagg acaaagaaaa     61200
     aaaaactaga gaagattgga gggttttttt ttttaaactt tattttcaca gaagtcaatt     61260
     gatcagttct tcttcataat aaatgtacat gtgtttgctc caatgctgga catgaggtaa     61320
     acagggagaa agaaggagtg aagtattgca aaaggagaga agggtgtcat tctcctttag     61380
     cttccttcct ttatggctca cccagaacgt taaatcattg tttcttcttg ttaatttgat     61440
     gctgtttgtt ccaaagataa gctggaaatt aaattaagtg aaatgtggat atttaaggag     61500
     aaatggagag aagaatgacc gaaggtggat ctactccttc agctatgttt ctttccaatt     61560
     tgcccaataa ttcagctcat catctcttct tgttagttta ctactgttgt ctctaatgct     61620
     aaaccaaaac tgaggtaaaa cacaaagaag gagaaataga gagggataag agaaggctgt     61680
     ctgactactt tagtttctct cttttttaat tcagttaatc agcccttctt gttaatttac     61740
     ttctgtttgc gccaatgcta aactgaaagt gaggtaaaac aaggagagga tgaagtcgaa     61800
     aagagaagat tggaggattg gtcgtctttc tcctttagtt ccctttcctt ttgctttgtc     61860
     aagaagtcaa tttatcagcc cttcttgata attaatgtac tgccatttgc tccaatgctg     61920
     aactgaaagt gaggtaaatg aggatagaga aggagaaaag ggattgaaga aggagagaag     61980
     gttgggggaa tacagaggga ggcagctgtc tatttaaagc tgggtgcagc gatgctcaga     62040
     gctaccccgc tgatcaatta gcatatctga atcctggcgc cgcacgaggt tcctgcgctt     62100
     gcacactgct aggtggcact tctgagagag gcggcttttg aatgcgcaca caggaatcca     62160
     gcaaacgctc cgtgttcccc gccgtttgaa cagccacaga aattacttga agttccaact     62220
     ccaaactgag gggaaaaaga acaagaaaaa gtttcacttt tttggatata gagagggagg     62280
     acagatgaat ttacttgttt tttattctgt acttgatgtt taataattca ctgtgatgtt     62340
     tctcccgctc tacagaaatc tttggggtgc gggatcctga agaacagacg agattctttt     62400
     cctctgaagt gtcaccaaag ggttaatctt gctgtttgat tgacttctat tgtacccgtt     62460
     gtctttaagc tcgtaggctt ctaaattata gcaaatgtga gatattgaga acgaaactaa     62520
     acttttgtga cctttgcgtg acctctgtag caatgtatac agagtataga ctgacccaag     62580
     aagggtcaga ctgaactctc caacaaaaac atgcatttaa tatggatcaa agcgaaaagt     62640
     caaatattgg ttgtttcagg ttgtttcaat ccaattttgg gtgtaatagg gactaaccca     62700
     actgctgggt tatgtcctaa ttgagtgaat acgaccaaat ttaactcaac tgtttttgtt     62760
     agtccatatt ttacacaatt ttggatgaaa tgagattaaa tgactctgaa aaagattttt     62820
     ttagagtgag tggtttgaga gattatgata tactaaattt ttttgtttaa acaatttttt     62880
     tgtgaaaaaa acttaattgt atatttcact gaacttatta ttcattcatt cattttattt     62940
     tcagcttatc ccctttatta atctggggtc accacagcgg aatgaaccgc caatttatcc     63000
     agcatatgtt tcacacagca aatgcccttc cagtctcaac ccatcactca accacactca     63060
     ttcactaagg tcaattttag cttacccaat tcacctgtgc cacatgtctt tgaacttgtg     63120
     ggggagaaca tgcaaactcc acacagaaac gccaactgac ccagctgagg cttgaaccca     63180
     cgaccttctt gctgtaaggc gaacgtgcta gccattgcga caccgcatcg ccagttgaac     63240
     ctattataat ttacaaaatg aaaaaaatac ttaataatac ttaaataaca aaagtttgta     63300
     aatttttaca gtaagtattg tatttttgtg accaccttta acgcatgctt gctgtgtaaa     63360
     tatattgctt tcttcaaaac aaaaaaaatt aacttttgat caaaatatgt tttaaattaa     63420
     acctaaatgt ttaattaatc cttactagat ttattaaaca aatagcaaag tcatttatga     63480
     ctgaaaataa ttaaaagtct tttatgacta aaagggtctt taagcaataa aatgtttaga     63540
     ttaaataaaa gattaaataa agtaaacatg cagtattttt atacaaatta aacaagttag     63600
     gaggatattt atttaaaata tgcttaaagt tacttactaa agggcaatgc tattaaactt     63660
     aaagttctca ttttgaatga ctgaagtttt ttcttcaatg aaatgctaaa gggacattgt     63720
     gaatcagtcc aaagcctgac ctgtacttaa gtttccatgc tgcttgaaca agtgtaaata     63780
     attatcccaa atcaaatgcc tgcttattgc taattagcct taaaatcccc aacaaatatc     63840
     cccagcagcc cccctcctcc acaaaaacgg taggtctatg aacactctgg aaaatccctt     63900
     tcgggtttca tgaggaatac atgcaaatgc taacacagca acagtgcgtc taatgtctca     63960
     gacttcaccc tgagggtatg tcaccattca gatcaaggca aatcaacaac agtgatgata     64020
     gcagagcatt ccctcccaca tggtaaagaa agtgaaacga tagcgatggt ttgttgctct     64080
     attgagtgcc tcagtcttca caaagcctca gacgatccta aaaacaacct tctgtgtcag     64140
     actgccggag catacagagc atatttgggg aaaaacaggt caagtttttc ttctccctcc     64200
     atctctcttg ttttatttca ctgttatttc aggatagcct tgaagttggt ctcccatcag     64260
     tcacaaagcg tggttctatt gacgggatcc agggagggta ttgacggttc cataatttgg     64320
     gcaggggaac acaaaaaagc cctgtctccc gctgtgcaca gcatgccact gcaggcagcg     64380
     ggagcttcac attttattag cctgggagag cagccccact gcaaataaag cacattcagc     64440
     cagccactga tctctgtcac aaaaacaata ccatcatagc gtgccgctct cagcgctcgc     64500
     tctttctctc catcacatgc gtacatatgg gcacatacga aagcttggtg taactctttc     64560
     tcccattatc agtcattcag tgctttgctt tctgaacgac atctcgttcc aactttctct     64620
     acgttcactc tctttctgca tggcccccct tttagcactt catagtgtct ctttcattcg     64680
     gtccccgcag ttgggcactt cacacttgga ggtatagcag ctcaatgaac aggctacaaa     64740
     tgagctgatt caaaagagct caacctaata aaaaaaaaaa aagcagatat attagattag     64800
     cccgccacct gctctattct gtgcccatgt gggtttatgg atattataat catggagaaa     64860
     ccttggagat gaagataaaa cccaaaactg aaattgtaat ttagctcaaa atgaaaactt     64920
     tacgatctaa ttttgacact gaaaaacaaa accaatcgag ctcggttatg ttgcattgtt     64980
     tggatcaaaa ttacaggcct tttcttttat gtcagaaatt atttacattt tgagcaaagc     65040
     ttctcttcca ctaagttata tttgtacatt ttctaccgca catatatcta cacttgattt     65100
     ttgattagta atgtgcatca caaagcactt tagagaggca tggtggctca gtggttagca     65160
     ctgtcacctt acagcaagaa ggttgctggt ttaagtccca gcttggtcag ttggcatttc     65220
     tgtatagagt ttgagtttgc atgttctccc tgtgtttgcg ttctccggtt cccttcacag     65280
     taaaagacat gcgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt ttgtgcgtgg gtgtttccca gtactgggtt     65340
     gcagctgaaa ggacatccac tgtgtaaaac atatgctgga ttagtggact aagggactga     65400
     gctgaaggca actgaataaa tgaacagagc acttcatttg gatatgtttg acagagattt     65460
     tctccgtaat acctcccctg gcctacagtc aaggagcagt aaagttgttc ttataatggc     65520
     gtgaataaag aacaactaca ttagaaaatg actttttttg cactggtact gaaggacata     65580
     gaaataataa taataataaa ataataataa tttaaagaaa aaaaggtgga gggggtgttt     65640
     gcaaataaat aaaaacaaag aagaatgagg aatggtgatt ttagtgattt taaccgttta     65700
     tagaaatgtg tagtgggtca gttagcattt ctgtgtggag tttgcatgtt tcctccgggt     65760
     gctcagtttt cccgaacagt ctaaatacat gtgctatagg tgaattgaat aaacaaaata     65820
     aatccgggaa taaaacaaag gaaaatgaat aaataaatga acaaatgaat aaatgaatga     65880
     atgaatgaat gtatgaatga atgaatgaat gaatgaatca atgaatgaat gaatgaatga     65940
     acggacagac ggacggacag atagatggat ggtggacgga cgaacaacca acgaacgaat     66000
     aaatgaaatg taaagtattg ataaacaaga gacattatta gttcttttgc atatctgcat     66060
     tttgatttgc agactgacaa tgcattccag attagataaa tccacctcca aagatcaatc     66120
     atggccacca tattgaagat ttgttctaac caaagcgaaa aggtcattcg gagtaaagta     66180
     ataaaagata agtttacaac tgatacaaaa cttatgttat aaccattata aatgatcatg     66240
     tttttgtggc tgtttgacaa aaaaagcatg cactgtaaaa aaaaatcatt actaaaagtc     66300
     aagactactt ttttgttgct ttaacttatt ttaatgtgtt gaacatgttt taactacatt     66360
     ttataaacca aacaaagttt aacttgctct gtaaacattt ttgggtttca cacagttcat     66420
     ttttgtttgg acaacatgaa cgaaataagt taacgtaatt tttaatgttt ttttacaact     66480
     ttaatttgat tgaacataaa gcaattaagt ttctccccaa aaatctcaaa attttttgtt     66540
     tcagttcatt ttaaatacat agtttaaaca aacagcaaaa tgtccttttt gagtgttaca     66600
     tatttcgtca gtttgattaa tttaagttga gttgactaga ggatcaattg attcatctga     66660
     aaaatttaag acagcaagat ttttgtttta aagagtggta ataccagatc accgagtcag     66720
     gaagtttaac tcaagaactg aatccatttg attcacatga aaatcacaca gtacactgat     66780
     gtgttgaaaa ttttttaaaa tgccaattgg attttgaagg aagggtccaa gggttttgaa     66840
     gggtccaagt gatgaacact gctgtatttg ctcaaatgat tctttgtctg tgtttaattt     66900
     atgacacaga aatatgtccc aagaaagatt tgtttgtgtg tgtgtgtaca gtatgaggta     66960
     aatcctctga aaggattggt gagcccctta aattgagcac agcctcaaac taattctgtg     67020
     aactggacaa tttgtttgag atgttaaaaa aataaaataa ataaataaaa aaagattatt     67080
     aacaagtcag acattgttac ttgtcacaaa atgacgctat ataattgctt ataatgtaaa     67140
     aatgacaatt taaatgtttt aaaatagatt ttaatcaatc tgcaaaatat acacttatta     67200
     gaagttatac ttaattgtag tgtgttgtct agttttacat ttaaagctaa taatatgtta     67260
     aataaattta attataaaaa agaataaatg tttgtgtaag tgctagtttt aacaatacaa     67320
     aagttttttt tttaaatttt gtttcatttt atttttgcga aggtacaaat gtggtactag     67380
     accataccga ctccctcata caaaaccaga gggcaaaggg tctgcatttt tacaccacat     67440
     ggtgtcccac aaaactattg atggtaagaa gatctgcccg acagaggtta accagctatc     67500
     tctgttacca tgtttaccat tgttttacta ttccaagaaa caactgagca aacagaaagc     67560
     tgtattgtag aagacagatt gccaatattt atctttaaag cattaaacac agaaaaataa     67620
     aaaaataata tttgtttcgc actgtgttgt aaagcccagt atacagcgag caaacacatc     67680
     acattgcatc agcatgggga taataaagaa gttgtgcaac ttgcagaaac actgacaaat     67740
     attgactgtt aatccatgtg tgtgaatcaa agaaaactaa actgaccata gtacaaagaa     67800
     agatgttact gattgtaatt atgtgcagta taacacaaac acacacaccc acacagacac     67860
     ccacacacac acacacacac aaacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     67920
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacactc acaggagagt     67980
     cagagagagt aatggatgga tgaaatggta gattgactga cagaacattg gatggacgaa     68040
     tggaatggat gaacaaatga atggatgagt agaaggaagg ttgtatggag atttgctaga     68100
     tggaagtata gatggatgaa tcagtggtat gatagatgtg tggggtggga ttgttggatg     68160
     gatggattga tggattagag agagacagat ggataaataa aagggtaggc aaagggccat     68220
     tggataaata gatgaatgga agtgtggatg gatggaatga tgcatgtatg ggtgagtaaa     68280
     atatgactgg atggatgcat ggatggatga gttaaagagt tgatgaatgg gtgaatgtgg     68340
     aatgaatata cagatagatc agtggaggaa tggatggatg aattgacggt ataattggag     68400
     gatggatgga tggataggga ttgatggata gatggatgaa agaaaggatg ataagagatg     68460
     gagaaattaa tgaatgaata taaggatgta aatgcataaa tgggtgaact gatggatggg     68520
     tggatgtttg gatagattga tggtatgggg gtaagggtag atgtatgtat gtatgtatgt     68580
     atgtatgtat gtatgcacgg atggacggat ggatggataa gagatggagt aatggataaa     68640
     tgatggattg atggaagagg gtatgaaaac ttataggtgg atgaaagatg gatgaatcag     68700
     tggtatgata gatgtgtgtg gaggggttgt gttggatgga ttagggagaa acagatgact     68760
     gaatggaagg gtaggcaaag ggccattgaa tgaatatatg agttgagtgt gtgtggatgg     68820
     atggatgcat taatgaatga gtcgataaat gagtaaatgt agaataaata tagatagatc     68880
     actggaagaa tgaatggatg aaatgctggc atattgggag gatggatata tgtagaggaa     68940
     ttgattaatg gattgatgga tggatggaag aatagatgga tggatggatg gatgaataaa     69000
     tgaatgaatg aatgaatgaa tgaatgaatg aatgaatgaa tgaatgaatg aatgaatgaa     69060
     tgaatgaatg aatgaatgaa tatgtgggaa tggatggatg gataagggat ggagtaattg     69120
     ataaatgatg gataaaaaag gagtgaagtc atggataaat gatggaggga taaatggatg     69180
     gatgaatgaa ggaaggaatg aagcaaggaa agaaggaagg aaggaagaaa ggaaggaggg     69240
     aaggaaggaa tagtatgtgg gaatggatgg atggatgagg catggagtta aggacagatg     69300
     aatggataaa tggatgaatg aatagatgga atggaagaaa atacataaat gcatgattca     69360
     aagagtgggt gaatctttgg atagattgat ggtttgggtt gatggatgga tgtatggatg     69420
     tatgtatgca tgtatggatg gatggatgga tttactggtg ggtagatgaa taggtaaata     69480
     aggaatggat agaaggatca atggagagat ggatgaatta atgaaagaat gaaagtgtga     69540
     atggggattg attgatgaaa agatggatta gcaattgaag ggtgaatgga tggatggatg     69600
     gatgaaaagg tggatggatg gaaagacaca tgaatacgtg agctaaagag tgcatgaata     69660
     ggttgatggt ttgaatgcat tgaagaatgg atgggtgggt gtacgaatag ttgggtagga     69720
     gtggatggat gttgtcattt aagtcagtgg aagctttaca gaaacaaagc aagcttgctt     69780
     tgacaaactc atacagtaca atgatttaat agtgttttcc caaactcttt tccctctccg     69840
     cctttgtcaa ctctatccaa gtcattggag gtttgaaata tatttaaata aaatctgcag     69900
     atgctttttt tgttccatta cacggaattc tctttaatct agccgcactc aaaaagctat     69960
     tcaaacatct tacataaatt atgctctcag tattaaaatc aaaggccaac gccaccagtc     70020
     ccagggctgt gagagaaaac ttttgatgga cagaaggaga gaaagacaaa gttatgataa     70080
     gcatatgtca tacatttttt tctctgctct tcaaaagcct caaatcaggc tgcctagatt     70140
     tgtgtgctat cagctcaaca tcaaaacagt ctgatgactg tagtctagtc tagtcattat     70200
     tcattttctt aacctatgaa tgccaactgt tattaaatca caatattttt cttttaacat     70260
     atcatatttt aaaaggtaaa ttatacaaat aagaagcgca acagttttca ctattcataa     70320
     taataagaaa ttattcttaa gcagttgcag caaaatgatt tcagaaggat tgtgtggcac     70380
     aaaagttgtg gtgctaaaac tttaaaataa aatatagttt ttaatgtatt gtatttttaa     70440
     caaataaatg caggcctttg tgagcataat gtttttatta aaatatttta aaaacgtgct     70500
     gaccctaaac ttttagaagg caaaaataca cataaaaatc tcaaaacaac aaacaatctt     70560
     gagctctatc ctgttgatat cccacttttt aataatttta tgatgtgata tattagttta     70620
     ttgtcattga tcatttcaga gaacaggcgt ttgctctttt aaaattgaga tcatgatctg     70680
     tagctcaacg tccatcgtgt ggaggcccct gaaaactcaa gcttacgatt caccagtgtg     70740
     agaatgtttt gcagtcttct gctctttatt gctgttctag aaaatgtagg agactggctg     70800
     gaagttttgt aaaactcaaa attagccaca tattaatcat ttaaacattg taatccatta     70860
     atgacagtca tggaagaggt ttaatttaag tcaatatact gctagaatat ttcacaaaac     70920
     aatgaaaacc atttttgctc atatacaggt cgcctgataa ggtcatatga ccttactttt     70980
     aaaatattgt tctgtttttt tgtaaaatgg ctccttttga tataatagta ggcactaaga     71040
     ctatacaatg aataactcag aaaaagttga cgtgttaatc tggaaattct gaatccacag     71100
     tttctttgtg aagtacaatc tcattgaaaa aaaaaaataa atcatgcaaa tgcttggata     71160
     ccatggatac acctcttttg ataaaatatg ttggcaatat attcttagta aacagaccaa     71220
     catccatcat catgttttga ggaaacataa tgtataactg ctaaagggca taaaagtttc     71280
     ctttgctatt acaagttcaa tgtaaaccat gatgtctcag ggcttattag tcaataacaa     71340
     attatttgtt ttataaaata tgttttggtc aatggaaatg ctgttaattt gcatttgctt     71400
     tgcaacaggc cagaaccgac acctttttca ggccctaacg aaaacccaac catgctttca     71460
     ttaaaaatgt agttattgga gttattggag gttcattccc atagccattt cctcagattt     71520
     actacacaat gaataaaaga aaaggcatga ttatttgtgt tcagtttcac aacaagcatg     71580
     ttttttattt tcatttattt ttgctttatt cgtaatgtta aacgtttcta catggacgtt     71640
     cattctgtaa ctgtaaacag ttgtattgaa attaaattaa gaacatattt aatccatagt     71700
     gtaataaaaa tggtttcctg ggccaacaac aaatgtagac attatttctg ctgtgtcata     71760
     tgctccatat ggcactatag aattttaatg cttctccagt catgtctgtg cttaagatat     71820
     aagggtggat gaatgcatag ttggatgggg atctgagttt gtatattgtt ctcatgatgc     71880
     agctacattt tatcattatg atttaaaaat ccgtaagagg cctaatctag ttccactgta     71940
     gtgtctatat acagtatatg ataaaattat agatgatagt gacctctggt ggtaatcctg     72000
     tggattagga tatcagtctc attactgata gaaacggaag taaaaagggg aaaaaaaagc     72060
     tatttgggaa aaaaaacagc ttgtgatgtt agcacaaaaa cagcttgtga tgttagtaca     72120
     aaagaaaaaa ctaataattg gaagcaaatc tgtttcgtat tgacaaaagc agagcaggga     72180
     acaattaaat accaataaga taagaccaga aaataattcg gtcacagaca acaagtttgt     72240
     ctagtaatgt aggtttttca ctcaagtgaa tcattgcgta ttgttttatt attgcatggc     72300
     tttggaaagt ctatatgtct tgtatttgcc atgttagaga gctcttttgc atcttattag     72360
     aaggcagagt aactttacaa atacctaaac aagacaatca cacctgtgga ctgctacttt     72420
     aaatgtcaaa ccagaaaatc cagttcataa ctgaccacaa cagcaaactg tattatattg     72480
     tatgttggtg tattcctcag accactctat agttgaactc actcaagcaa acatgcttga     72540
     attattatgc agaataatgc ttttcattgc ctactggaca tgttctgaag gacaaagtaa     72600
     gtaaaactaa tattgtaata ttttaaaatg ttatttaata atgttttttt tttttaaata     72660
     gtgttaatac tcttcctatt cttggaggct acatttgtga atataacatg gatgtctcat     72720
     taattattct acatataata aatcctctaa tttctgaaat cctcagtgga tcttgaatat     72780
     ggtctgatgg agtcatgcac tggatcacca gatgatgaaa ttgtcttcac ttttaatact     72840
     gaactggctg catacttggt ggtagtagat gggacacttg ttctcactgt accaaatttt     72900
     attaaagatt atcctggatt ctatgaatta cccctgcttg atgctagccc tgcgactgtt     72960
     ggattaacag ctctgtgcaa agtggtgtat gaaaagacac tcaacttaaa tgtatctgaa     73020
     cctcttggta agatatgatt tttcctttac acagtggtca tgtacagcaa acaaaaccta     73080
     taactatgtt taagaaaatg tttctgatta actacataac atatgacttg ttattaatta     73140
     aatcaatgtc attatgtatt aattttgtaa caatgttaag aaattaataa tgtaaattaa     73200
     tgtattaatt aatgatgtga gtcaaaacta tccatttcat cattcagttg tctgcttatt     73260
     attatgtaac tctggatcat aaaaccttaa tcttaagttt aaaatggaaa atcttattta     73320
     cacatgtata tttttgtgaa catactaaaa tacttgagtc agagttatag attttatttt     73380
     ataccaaaat tcaagatcat gacttcttca aagctttttg attggtatgc attgttagca     73440
     aggaatttag acaactttaa agggtttttc agtgtttttt atcttggcca aatattctcc     73500
     tatcccatca aaccatatat attaaaaaaa aaaaatttct cagcttcatt atgacatata     73560
     atacattttt tttaattaac actttgattg gttttgggat ccagggtaac atttagtatg     73620
     tcccattagg attaacatga ttatgttgct gttgtttttt aaatgaattg ataatatgta     73680
     tttcagaacc tccctgggtt ttactttacc cccgaaatga tgtgaaatta aatctcaaga     73740
     acactctgat ctgtcatgtg actggattct tccctccacc ggtcagagtc ttgtggacca     73800
     agaacaatgt gaatgtgaca gatgggtcaa ctatcagcag atattaccct gacaatgata     73860
     gaaattttaa tgtcttttct caactgagct tcattcctga ggaaggagat gtttacagct     73920
     gttcagtgga gcacaaagcc cttcaacaac ctcagaccag aacatggggt gagtgtttat     73980
     ttaacattca catgtaatcg cttataaaac acattattct ccaaatgttt gtgtgtgttg     74040
     tgtgcagatg tggaggtaaa gcagcccagc attggtccat cagtgttctg tggagttggt     74100
     cttgcttttg ggctgctgag tttcgctgct ggaatatttt tcattgccaa aggcaaaaaa     74160
     tggatgtaat attgacacac tgacacatgt atttattagt tgtgtcaaca tatagattcc     74220
     attcaacatt actatgtact gtataatctg gctcagttgt gcagacattt gtaatattat     74280
     tgcattgttc ttgttacatt cagtagtttt acatgttgat tttaaatact tagtgtggtt     74340
     tattgttata aaagtactgc aaacaggcag acctcacaat gcaaaagatt agtctgattt     74400
     catgtaacag gaagaataaa tttacattat aatactattt aatataatga ctacattttt     74460
     ttcagtagcc cactttagct gatatacagt ctacaaatag taattgctag ttgataatgt     74520
     gcttaaaaag tcaatatagt gtctccctga tagcaaagct tgtttggtat tttcttgata     74580
     aacaaggttt gttttacaaa tattttaaat tacaagcatc ttaatgcatt gattcccgcc     74640
     ctgggggttg caaccccaac tattggacac taaggattca tgaagggtca tcaaacttgc     74700
     tatagtaatg aagcagatgc caatttagtg ataaaccaaa gtttgcatgg ttgatattac     74760
     atttttataa ttatttattc ttcaggacag taaattctgt ccatcattat acaaatttat     74820
     caagagtcac agcgtatgtg ttgttttgtg taaaaaatat gaatcaacat tttcattgag     74880
     attgtcttca agtgttcttc agaccgtaaa ctggtttaga caaatgtatc agactgagat     74940
     taaggcttta tagccaatat ttagtgaaaa caagaatatt gtttaaaaaa ctgggaattg     75000
     ttgaggtggg gataagtggt catttatcat tttgaatgtt aaaatagggg tctcctgaaa     75060
     ataaggccgg gaaccactgt cttaatgaca gtctaattca tttaacatcc attatgtgac     75120
     atacatctta tagatatgtt gaatatctgt ctttacatac atgcaaatga acttaattga     75180
     tgtcctagtc ttgatctgtg ggtttaacca cttaaactct gctggtattt tgggatttcc     75240
     gcctggattt tgcctaccga aatttaaaag cttaccaaat ccacataaag aggtgtaaat     75300
     gcaaaaattt ggtatcattt taaagaaaac cctttgaaat ttcataaaac ataattgaaa     75360
     gtgtttaaaa taactgtata tgtcgtctgt gttataataa acaacttaaa aagaggcgct     75420
     ttttgtattt ttttttttat aaactcaaat ttgaaagtgt accttttagg ttctgtgtgg     75480
     tctagcgtac tgtaattaaa tttggtggtt cctgcacatt tctgtaatca taggaaaaaa     75540
     gaaaaaggtc tctaccataa tctatgcaaa agttattgca ttccaactga tgagaggtgc     75600
     tgtacaagcc acagagaccg atccttgttt acttatttca ctattgtttt gtttatttaa     75660
     cataactcac tgtgtttgga ccacatcaga catataaaag gattacttat gcacatcacc     75720
     tcaaaaacag aatgaggaga atggccctga aggcacaaca taaggtaaga gatgaaaggt     75780
     gtctgtgcta tctggggctg cttattgatc atgaatgtaa tgtttacatt tctgcaccat     75840
     ggaaacccca caattcattc aacaactgtt tggcatatga atataattca gtaaaaagaa     75900
     tgctagaact gtatgagcac cggcaagggc tttcatttga gctataactt gtccatgtgt     75960
     catataaaaa aatatgaaaa tgaaccaatg taaaataccc agctcgggta tccaatatac     76020
     tgtgtattta agtgtaaatt actttttata cagtagaata aaaaccaaag tgatgcatat     76080
     gtgcataaaa tatagattct acactttcag atgacaccac ttacgggggt ctggtgcaac     76140
     gctagccctt taaatctgaa agtgaaagtt gatgatgtca tggtttaagt ggttttaata     76200
     tggcttggct caccatgtat atatttacaa gaaatctgta catacaattc aacatccaga     76260
     acttttttga ctaactgcat ctttgtttaa tgtctatcat ctttttttca tatatatatt     76320
     ttgtgtagtc tcatcacttt atgtacactg gaagcttctg tatccaaaac aaattccttg     76380
     tgtgtaaagc aaacttggca aaaaaacact tctataacag cttcatctct tcttggaagg     76440
     atttccacag ggttgaatgt tttcatgata tttatttaga aagtgcattt gtgaggtcag     76500
     gcactgatgt tagacaagga tgactatctt gcaagcttct gctgtaatta aaagcttgat     76560
     tggtcactcc aaagcacatc tccactattt tagaatccag tagcagagtg ctttacacca     76620
     ctgcatctga cgctttgcat tgctcttagt aatgtaggcc tttatgtagc tgctcagcca     76680
     ttgtacccca ttccatgaaa ctccctatgc acctttcttg agctattctg caggccacat     76740
     taggtttgga ggtctgtagc tactgattct gcataaaatt gatgacagct gacgctaaag     76800
     catgcagttt taatatcatc atgtttttct tcctctatct ctaaactcca aagcatacgt     76860
     tttgtgacca ccttttcaaa atatccataa ttctgtcttt tcttagattg gttcctattg     76920
     gctaaattac tgaggtagtt gtgatcaaga attaatctgt aaacatcaga actgacaatg     76980
     gaacagtcaa gatttttttg ttagattctt ggtagtggaa tattgtgtat gttggcctaa     77040
     aactattgta gtgttagccc agtctaatgt tcctcattga accatcaatg gcataaataa     77100
     aaaaaaaaaa aactttattt tcaatcttga actttttctg taacatagtt tattatattt     77160
     aataaacaat acatcattaa cagaaaaaga tagaaaggcg ggaaatcaca tttctgaaac     77220
     actttcaggt atataataag aactttttgt gcaaagcgag agagaaaaat actgaaaagt     77280
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatattt gtaattgatt taatttacta attaaggaga     77340
     aaaaaacatc ataaaagatg acaaagacta taaagaattt agacatgcat ttagttacaa     77400
     ctatgacatg atataagata atatgagcaa tcaggagatg aggtggatgt gattgacacc     77460
     gagaacttct cttattgaat cactagttct ctcgaatgac ctgaaggtta tgttaaagtg     77520
     tcagatgttg cagagtactg cggttcagta ttgttcattg tttgaagtgg aactaaataa     77580
     accggaagtc tgtaaaagcc tgtagacagc aagaaaacaa cattttcaag atctcagtta     77640
     taaattacag atacagtaca gatttcattg cactgctagt caacaaagtc tgtttttcat     77700
     taaacactaa cctgtttgtt ttcttttata atagatcact cctgcagctg ctgtaaagat     77760
     ccccatcagc agccccacag ccccaagaat gatcttagat ctttcagtct cggggagaga     77820
     gggatctgta aaatgaaaga cggttgataa atacgtccag gctgattctt gacacattaa     77880
     attcaccata acggtgttct taccccagta atagatcatg ggtttatgga agctggcatg     77940
     atccaccaca caggagatct tctctccagg ttgaggaaaa tattccaggt gggagtgaat     78000
     ctgataatac cagtctccat cagccatctc ctcaatggac gtcacatcag ctgtaacctt     78060
     tttatcattc ctcatccacg tcagtttaat ggctttgggg taaaagtcat aggcactgca     78120
     caccaggaca gctttctgat tgcctttagc ttcagtaact gaccgaataa tgacttctgg     78180
     tttcactgta gaagtgaata aaattagaca tgaatcaaat ttaaccaaaa tatcaataat     78240
     accagtctat aaatggcctt cttaacttaa agtggacaaa tgaataggtc ttacacctgt     78300
     cacatgattc agcattccat cagagattag tgcctttgca atttttttgc agttgtaaat     78360
     cccaaactca gccaggacta gcacaaatgt gttattttta tagttttcaa caaatttctc     78420
     tccaaattca gtgtagccaa caattttctg atcagtactg ttgtatctaa tgtattcaat     78480
     cttgttgaag atgaatgaga agatgagctc aactttcttt gtagagctca gtactcgaca     78540
     ttgactttga agatagccgt aatttccaca tactgaaaaa taacaaagat agacaaaaat     78600
     gtgtttgcaa aaaagaaaac ataacaatat tgcaccttca attaaaaatt aaacagaaat     78660
     aaaaaagaaa ttcacagcag aatatatttt tagcagatta gagtacaaca ctttttaaag     78720
     aaaagttaac tttaaagaag taatttgttg ttcaggtgaa tcatttaaca cacatgcatt     78780
     ttgtatgtct tacctttttc caataaagca gacaaaatca ttgccagaca tgcaacacga     78840
     ctgaactgca ttttgttgtt ctgtatgctg atacttttgt ctggctacag taacttgatg     78900
     caacactggc atatttgtta acggtcaatt gtgtgcctgt aaatttgctt tgcgaaaaaa     78960
     aatatgttga tcacatgcac attatttaat cctgcttctg tttagcacac tgatccatca     79020
     gaaataactg taaaacatgt ctgttttcct ctgtctttac aaataaatca gaatgataaa     79080
     ttggagaata tataaaatcc tgtttaaaga gattgaatcc tttctgaagg ccagtaacag     79140
     agtacatgtg cagtgactga gacatcactt gttaaattaa aaataaattt tgaacagatc     79200
     agtctagtca gtcagcaaaa aaatgtcaag attttgttat aacttaaagc tttacagatc     79260
     tttattgggt agcgtttttc atgcaagtct agtaaaccaa aaacaatttt tgtacatact     79320
     cctgtggtaa gaagtaaaat gaaatacaaa gtgtttgtgt ttttaagtgg agtaattcta     79380
     attgcaataa ctataacttg ttttaaaatt gtttgcttgt ttgcaatata caccattcaa     79440
     attgataaat gctaaattaa taccacaacc cgcatgggat aaaatgtacc cacgtctgtt     79500
     tttgaattgt gcataacaga ttttcgatat atttaggtca ctcagttatg aatttttact     79560
     aaacctgtgt tatttacgac ccatattgac aattttctgg ttaaaaattg ggtttttaaa     79620
     ggtacatctc aataaattaa aatttagagg aagaggaaga taagagaaac tagaacctgt     79680
     acaacacaga agagcttagg tctgctatga gagaaacttg aacttcatcc tctcagcagt     79740
     gccacaaact gatcgccacg catgccctga catggagcta ccgaccaagt attgagtgct     79800
     gtacatactc atacatttca gtagtccaac atttttaaaa atccatcttt ttattggtct     79860
     taaataatat aaaacatttc tgaggtactg aatttggggt tttcatgtga gccataatca     79920
     tcaaaaataa aaagaaataa acatttgaaa tatatcaggg gttacagtaa tgcaatggat     79980
     tactgtaaaa aaagtgttca gtcaagttaa ggtcaggact ctgtgcaagc cacttatcaa     80040
     caccaaactt tttcaccaat aaaaataatg tccaatgcac tcaaaaatga gtaaaaaagt     80100
     taattgacaa taacgtcttt aataaatata ttaaagtgaa atcaagatat taaagtgtaa     80160
     agtgtaatat atgatataaa tctttataaa atactgtatg agtttcactt tttgaattca     80220
     ataactgaaa taaatcaaat ttctattgct gcatctgtat attgataagc actgtaaggt     80280
     caaatgtacc catatgtagt gcctttaaat ataagctgtt catttttact gttaaatgca     80340
     tactgttttt caaatacttg atatcaggtg cagtagtcac cagcgtcatt caaaaattaa     80400
     tcagttgaaa tgaaataact ggtcacttcc ttgtctctgt tttattgttt tggtaaacaa     80460
     tatgaagaag aacttaaaag gggaaaactg agatgttttt attttgtatg aactggttct     80520
     gtatgaaagt tgattaaagc tgcatttgca tgtaaaagga caaactgaat ttcccttttt     80580
     tccaatgtca ttggtagtgc accttgaata aattattttg aacagagcca ctgtgtgctt     80640
     atgcttacag caatgagatt ggataaacat ttacagatta atgagggaat gtatgcatta     80700
     atttgagaaa aaaaattcag tgtatggtat agtcaaattt tcttgtcatc agttaagttt     80760
     gtaaacaaaa acaattttat ctcaatttga aaacattgtt ttaaagatct taactaataa     80820
     acacagagag tcgcttgaga gtattgctgt tttaaaatta ctaatgttta atctattgta     80880
     atttttacag ttttattatg tttatctaat tttggagaat acttttatta aaaggataaa     80940
     caaaaactca cattaaaacc attaaatata atcgtcttgc cactggggct gtttagcact     81000
     tactctgaag catttgtttt tgtgtcatcg tgcacttcca agtaaatttg cattgcaaaa     81060
     cctgctgtat caaatccaag ctccttggtt tcaacaaata ttctatgtct gtcgtgaatg     81120
     ttttaaaatg aatcaaataa ataaaatgaa agtagcctaa tattttagaa ataatgatct     81180
     ggtcaaatgt gtttgtgtaa atgaagaaac atctaagaac ggcttgtctt acatgttttg     81240
     tgaaacgtaa aattattttt tctgttttta gccaaagccg actgataagc tcaatcgtgt     81300
     aaacatgatg taattaaaat aataaaagat aaatattaca cacgtgcttt caatatacaa     81360
     aaccatctct ttgcgccctc tagtgatgag tttaatgatt cctttcgtgt aggctacata     81420
     tacataggct atttaccatt tgacaaataa ctttaaaggg gtaaaaatcc tgtaaaactt     81480
     ttttttaata aataaaaaat atttaacaca tttaatcaca aattattgcc ttgatatggg     81540
     acattttacc agaaaattat cacttataaa aaaatgtgac agggtctgac ctttaagctt     81600
     gtcctcagaa aatcatacaa aagtagacat aagataatga tggaacgcat ccttgatcac     81660
     tgtcagcttc tcggtcaaat gatgtcactt tcgagtcata gtcttaaagg tttatggcat     81720
     gcattttatg ataaatgtaa tgcaaatgtg acaggactga cagaagcatg aggacaactg     81780
     taagtttatt tgtattatat atttatttgt agaatttatt tacaatttca tgtttttaat     81840
     caagttacgt gaataaaaaa ttaaacttga agtatttttt ttctaaaaag cagtttttag     81900
     cataacaaaa ctgttaaagc tttaggttca attgacggag gacaaggaca ataacagggt     81960
     ttgtacattt ctaaaaggtt tttattaaag aaaaacaaca tgaaaaccaa atgaatgaaa     82020
     tgtttatttt atagaacagc taacagaaat caaccatcag tccattttag aaatgtctgg     82080
     atgcattgat ttttattcac tgtactaatg tttttgtttc agggacagat aatgtacgct     82140
     tttggtggaa tgtcccatga ttattatctt gacaatttgt gaccatgctg tacactttca     82200
     ggaattctaa attaccctaa acttattaac acaaaacaat aacacacaca atgtcacaca     82260
     actagggcta gacagaatct gcagacattt tttaaaattt ctgcagagaa ttttgttaaa     82320
     aatctgtgga tttatgcgaa attatttgag gagtattatg acaaaaatat gaaatcaaca     82380
     tataaagaaa ataaatgtaa aagcggaata aatataaatt tatacacatt taaatgaaaa     82440
     gactcaatga tgagctaaaa gtcgatttgc cgatttctgg acgcacagtt tctgtgtggg     82500
     cctataacac ataaaacatg tgatgtcaca gcttcagatt agatcaaacc agaatttcca     82560
     gtttatgact gaccacagtg gcaaactgaa ggatccaact gctctgactg gacttcaaac     82620
     atgtttaaaa cattttctgg aataacattt tttattttct gtttaattca tactgaaggc     82680
     caaagtaagt gaaatcttga agtgcaattt gtaattaatg taaatgtaat gtaaaaagcg     82740
     acatatttat tataaatatt ttattacaaa tataataact caaaaaatta cagtatttgt     82800
     atacttcttg taatagttat ttttaaacaa ttgcttcatt atagaaaaga gatgtgatat     82860
     tgtgtatgca tttctgaaat tctgaaacct ttaggttatc ctgaatttgg cttcatagaa     82920
     acatgcaggg gatcatcata tgataaaatt gtcttcattt tggatactga agaggctgca     82980
     tataaagaca tagaaaagga aaaactagtt ttcacactac ctgatatggt aaactccttt     83040
     ttaaatgcaa atcctcaata ttctctgaat gatctaagac tcaatgatgt tggaatacca     83100
     gctttctgca cagagattta ccacaagata ctctctttga atgtgtctga agacactgaa     83160
     cctcttggtg agtttttttt ttactccaca cagctgacat ctactgaaac acacgtggtt     83220
     tgaacattta tcactgctag ttcaataaga agtatctgta atgtccaaat atttttcaga     83280
     taaaattcaa acatcgacaa caattttttt ttttttttta ttacatatta tgtaatttat     83340
     tagacatatt attatcttcc agaacctcct tggaccacag tttactcccg gaatgatgtg     83400
     aaattaaatg tcaagaacac tctgatctgt catgtgactg gattctttcc cccgccggtc     83460
     agagtcttgt ggaccaagaa caatgtgaat gtgacagacg gatcaactat cagcagatat     83520
     taccctaaca aagatggcac aatgaatgtc ttttctcgac tgagcttcat tccagaggaa     83580
     ggagacgttt atggttgttc agttgagcac aaagctcttc aacaacctca gaccagaaca     83640
     tggggtgagt gcttatttaa cattcacatg taatcgctta taaaacacat aaatgtttgt     83700
     gtgcgttgtg tgcagatgtg gaggtacagc agcccagcat tggtccatct gtgttctgtg     83760
     gagttagtct tgctcttggg ctttttggtt ttgcaactgg agtccttttc attgccaaag     83820
     gaaaaaaatg gatataatta tacataagtc aacattaaaa gtggatcaga ccctttcatc     83880
     aaagttgtcc taaatctacc gagcagcacg gattcttgaa aaatagtttt gatccacttc     83940
     aaatgttgat tagtaaataa tgatggaaaa aaaaaaaaaa acattttggt gttacactgt     84000
     aaaaaataag atgacaaaaa gtgatgacaa atgcattttt gttactttaa ggtatttcaa     84060
     tgtgttgatc cagctctaac cctgatatat attatatata attatatatt gtattttagt     84120
     tatgcaaaga ttaacttgat atttttagtc aatttgacat gtaaattgac atgactagaa     84180
     aaactaaaag ctaaagaaac aggaagatgg cacgaatgtt taaagtgcca atgtcatata     84240
     aaaatagcat ataagtttgc attgcaaatg aacagaaact aaactaaacc tgtttggtta     84300
     tatcttatat ctgcttcaag aaatagcatt agactattta aaatgcttga ttacattttt     84360
     ggcaaacaca gcaggtctca tatataatat gtccaatcaa cgacaattgt attgtacata     84420
     agtcatacaa gaatgtaaat actgtttaaa aaaagacttc ttaactttta tttaaggttt     84480
     acagtgcaaa tcaaattaca atgaaaaaca aagctgcagc ctctctcata taatacatcc     84540
     caaaaaagac cagttgcatt gtacataaat catataaaca ttggtattat cattcaatca     84600
     tattaacgaa agtaatataa aatctgaata aaaaaaaagt tctaacacat ttatgttagt     84660
     aaatatatcg actaaattat cggcttaaat atcttgttat attattagta tattacatgg     84720
     cgtcctctgt gtctagaaat gattttgcat tttaaaattg gctggattct gatggtctgt     84780
     tttgagttaa actgttgtac aaaaaggagg attgaaaaca cagtttacat ttttcacaga     84840
     tgtgtttctg agtcagcata ttttgttgat cctgaaacat caactcagtc tgaaagttta     84900
     aaccaaacat attccctaaa cataaactgt actctaactt ttctaaccaa ttagaggttt     84960
     aaaattaata atcaaaatga ctactgtaag caatgtgttt ttgactcttt ttttattttt     85020
     tttttagctt tattgcactt taaatgtaaa ttgtcaaaat taatgtcttg gtgaaatttc     85080
     tgaaatagtg tagtattctg atacattgtg tctctacact accccgatat ctattttaaa     85140
     gtgacagcag cctaattaac ctattgtcta tatgcatagt ttatgaagta atggactgtg     85200
     catcttcaaa tgatttctca tgaattgtgt atgtattttt gtattttcat attatttgtt     85260
     cagtaagtta ttattgaaca aattgtcttt gccctctttt ttgtagtata caccattact     85320
     gtcccagtct ggtccagtaa ttagttcagg ttgtatatta ggcttatctc agcgtgagaa     85380
     ataaaaggtg tgttgtgtaa gctgtgaact gatggaaatg cttgtgtctc atggtgaatg     85440
     cctaaaactt tagagcactg cgatttaaag aaatgttctg gtcgacctgt gtcaaaaaag     85500
     tgaggtaact tgacagttta atgcagtgca agatttttga cactattgat cttgaggcag     85560
     aagaggaata aaggtttttt ttattatgtt tttattaata tttatttatt acttttttag     85620
     ttagtttttt tttgttgttt atatttttat tttattatta ttattattat tatttttaca     85680
     tttactgtgt ccttttataa ctatattgtt tttctgatgg tcattggttc ttagttgtga     85740
     aaaagcagaa cagtgtatta cttatttctg tatgtatatg atgttgtatc tgcacaaaaa     85800
     gttaataaat atagttggca aaaaagtgga gtaactggaa tatttccact cacttcttct     85860
     gacatcttct atagactgag actgtgtcca cataaacacc agtgttttca aaaccactgc     85920
     tttttccaca caaaaacaca gcatcaggtg actgaaacct gaactttctg aaaactccag     85980
     ccaaggtgaa gattttcaaa aacttcagtt caagagttta cactatagct gatcattgat     86040
     tataaagctt gtttggcatg ctgtccaggg agagagccct gagctcacaa gttaatcgag     86100
     cccggggctt tctctcattt gcaaggtgag aggggagttt gtgctcaggt agatctcgag     86160
     aactcccctg ctgtagtagc taatgagcag atagtgattg ctcttaagag ataactactt     86220
     tgagcatgtc tatggtgctg atctggatta gtcaattaac ttaagttgca tgtttttgga     86280
     tggtgggagg aaacgagggg cctggggaaa acccacatga gcatggggag aacgtgtaaa     86340
     atccgcacag aaacatcaac tggcttagta atgtctaaaa acaaagacgt tcttgctgtg     86400
     aggcaacagt gctaaccact gggccactgt gccacccatc taggagagga gaagtaaggg     86460
     tggaaagggg attcttcaaa atgattggag tatgaaagct agagtattta tagtggctta     86520
     ggaatcatct gattggtgaa tcataaatta gataatgcga ggccagccgc aagcaattat     86580
     aagcacgtga tcctctcgaa attaatttat aaataatatt cacttaaagt gtggttgtgt     86640
     ggccactaaa actgttttgg ctgattatgt cagcgtgcat gcgtctttgt cctttctgat     86700
     tggtcagggt ttacaccaac cgtgaaagac atgttcaagt caaattcatt gaatttgcag     86760
     caaacaaatc acacattctg cattgcagta atctgccttt gttttcatat ttgcattgac     86820
     ttctaagaag tttactccgg caaatactta agctgactgt cggaatatgc cccttgtagc     86880
     agtcgcacag aattttcaat tttgtcgagt tcaaaagcaa gctccttcat tctccacgca     86940
     tttaccatag ttgaatgaat gaatattaga cactcataga ccacaaaaaa ttttggaggg     87000
     actgtatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     87060
     tatatatata tatatatttt tttttttttt ttttttatta ctcatttatg gatagaaatg     87120
     attttttaat ataaactttt taatgattaa aaacaaaaaa aaactactat ttcttctctc     87180
     atgcacatgg atcagcttgg acaacactgg aatatatcac atccggtcag cctgtcttgc     87240
     aggagctcgt tcaaatattt caacatataa gcagctcaaa tcagatccga gttttcgcat     87300
     acggagatga tcagaactcc acgcagctcc tggacttcca gtctgccgct tgtaatttgt     87360
     cgtgtgcagt ggaaaagcgg ctttaatttt gaatttaata taaaaaaatt acaggctttt     87420
     attgccggtt tggcatgtcc ttttaatcac agtgcatttt tgtgttttta tgttatttgt     87480
     tttttttagt tttatggcaa ggaaaactcc tttcataaaa gtacctgtgt acctgtaaac     87540
     atggcctgag cagctaactt gtgtgcctgg gggctgttcc agaaagcagg ttatgtgaca     87600
     tacacgggta agtttgagag taagtaggtg gataacctca actttgattc caaaatcgga     87660
     agtaacttct gggtatgtta agtagccata gcaacttact ctctgaagat aacctgctcc     87720
     ggagcaggtt atgttcagag agtaagttgc tatgtttcag agtttgtctg tttcagagag     87780
     tttactgagc attgcgtgct cttttgatga gaatatttat ggatgtggac acacagatac     87840
     aagttttttt gttgtgagag ggttataagt gcatagtttt tttcataact aaattcataa     87900
     tgttaatgta tttaacaaac ctttttgaaa tcaaatgtga caaaccgcgg gtctgcgctt     87960
     accatgaaaa acattcagtg cagctctttg tatttgcgtc agggcatttt aggcaactgt     88020
     acaatgtggc agcatgacct cctgtacagt atgcctggca ctgaactgct ttttacactt     88080
     ttgtacagtt ccttggtcaa acattactgc gtatcattac acagatgatt cagagcacgg     88140
     gaatagcgta gtggacagtg cgtcgataaa gaacaacgga gcacacaacg gagcgagttc     88200
     gaatctcact tacaaatctt gtgttttttc tctccttctg caccctcaca ttttctgtat     88260
     aatactataa gtggtagctt tgtcttttgt aggaaaatat atctttattt taagatgtag     88320
     gacgtcgttc ttatatatac attcacgcac acacacctac attttttaat ataatatttt     88380
     tttcagggtt tctaaatgct attgtgtgca ttaattgcag ccgattttaa agctccatca     88440
     gtcactaaag gacactgatc atataaaatg tgtccaaatt ataagtgtgc aggtacaact     88500
     taattttcta tccttaatct tttggtgttt caactattaa actcattact gcttccactt     88560
     accagctcat cacacacccc acctcatcac tatgttgagg ctaaatgtct gattttcagg     88620
     aagtagtgat tcaattgtat aacacaaatg tagtaaaaca aaaaaaaaaa aaaactataa     88680
     agcaaatgtt gtttaacaca atgtttattt ttattatatt tgtattataa aatagaatca     88740
     ttactgggca ctacattgtt acttgctgga ggacaaaaga tacccttttc tgccttatac     88800
     gatgacaccc tacctgcagc ctgacccaga ggaaatctca gtgacccaag cacacaaaac     88860
     agatggaaga gtgctgagaa aatataatta ctcaaaaaac tatgtttaat caaatagttt     88920
     ggtctgttca tttcttcatt tgaagaaatt tatttcattt tttaattcct gaaataaaat     88980
     gaatgatttt gtacactgct ttatacacac acctttcaac gtgtaacata tttttcatat     89040
     ttctcacctt aagttgatgc tcatgtgact ttatctttga agatggacct tatacagcta     89100
     ctttagaatt taaatatgta gataaaagat tttgtgatcc aagagtaata ttcaaatatg     89160
     gaaaagtgca gaaaattctt acactgcttg ttagttgagg cagaaggaac ttcgtctgca     89220
     tgcaaaataa aaagaaccta aagctatctg acaaaaatca cttacaacag tgacagagtg     89280
     tgtggtttaa gtcaaaaact caaccactga aaagccttta ttataggaca cagcagttag     89340
     acaggcctct ttctattagc tgcatgtcag aaagaatatt ctagagtgtt aaataaagag     89400
     ctccagtaat taaatattac ctttttcgag aatgtttctg tgtttaatga ctttggacag     89460
     agttctagct ccagaaagat tacaatttct ataagcctta ttagtcaata cacatattgt     89520
     ggccttaaga aattaatggc aagaaaaata aatgcatgaa tggttacaca acatactcaa     89580
     aaaggatgtt aaagagtagt ttaatttatc attacaataa aatggagggt ggcatgtgta     89640
     atttaatgaa ctaataaatt ttcttcttat ttattttctt atctatttct tattctatat     89700
     ttctttcctt cgttgaagca gatgtggaat ctctgtgttt aaaacctcca gcttcggcgc     89760
     tgtaaagtgc gttgtccttt ttttctcacc gtgactttct atggtgactc gtgaattcgg     89820
     cgatctactg aaaatgcctt caggggcctg tttcagaaag gaggttaact gaaaactcag     89880
     agtattttaa ccctgaaatg agagaaactc tgggttttcc gtttcaaaat ggcaggtttt     89940
     ttaaactcga gaaagcaggg taagtcaagc ctgtttctga aagaaaggta actttaactc     90000
     agagtcagtt actgtggtaa cttactctgt gaatctaacc tggtcagaag caggttttat     90060
     tctctaaact cagagtttct gtctgtctcc tccccttttt taaagatgaa gcggtatttc     90120
     tcgccttagc cttacgtttc cacccaccta ttttaatgct cattttggat acgtgcataa     90180
     aaacgattga tagaaacgtc atgatgcaca taacttttta aaatatgcat aaaaaacgcg     90240
     gataactgag taggataaac ttttattcga tagaaaatgt gcgcataaac tacgatggaa     90300
     acacttttac tgaacaaatt acagtatgta cattaaaaaa aagatcatga tcatatgata     90360
     gtgtaaatgg aggctgagaa cactgtaaca cgtcttaaat attgttttag tcattctaaa     90420
     atgccttaac tgtttcagta ttagtgtcaa gagtctccgc gtctcatggc ttcagacgcc     90480
     cccacgtgtt cattgtgttt cagcattttt ttctgacatc aaggcacaag tgcattaatt     90540
     aggctaaata aagaattaat tgacgcagct tcttctacca cagtaaattc tgtttttact     90600
     gttgatattt ggtgccagtt taatcaggaa gtgacgattt ttttctcttt gactcgttgg     90660
     atggaatttt attcgcatat tttatgcaat attccagttt tgcacataaa tttatgtaat     90720
     atatttggat ggaaacatag ctattgccta cattttagtc acacacagaa gaactgtact     90780
     agaatggttt attctttttt taataaataa ttcaattaaa ttcaccttcg acatgcatgt     90840
     aactagatta atgggattat tattctttct aaaaattaat tttagtactg cttaccttct     90900
     aaatgttata ttaacctcta tcacttgatc aataaaaaag gcaggcacat aagtgcactg     90960
     ttaaatcatt taaaactaat aaatgtataa aaaagtttag aaaaaaaata ttaacgtcac     91020
     aaattacatt acttatttta ttatacttaa atatttaaat acttaaaaag tgaaattagg     91080
     cattaacttg agcagctgtt ttcccacgct aactgtctct tcttcactga tggctgcttc     91140
     ttatcaaata tatacgctca aatttgctat aactttgcat gagaacatca agttcagctg     91200
     gagaaagaaa tggtgatctc ttttataaga tattgccata gtcactcgta atgtctgcgc     91260
     tccattgata atgccttttt aaagtcacgg tgtgcgcgct taactctgag ttggtctact     91320
     cgaagttgat tgacccaact cagatcagct gttctgaaac cgaaaactca gagtttttaa     91380
     tctctcggta aatcaactca gagttcaagt ttaaactctg agttgtttga acctccttac     91440
     tgaaacaggc cccaggtgtg tgccgtgcac gcgcattaac ccgcggttat cttcaggagg     91500
     ttgatttaac taactcttgt cacctgtttt ggaaccaaca tactcgcggt aagcaggttt     91560
     tgggtaaatc aaccgagagt ttaggtttta gcagatggta agttaaccca gctttctgga     91620
     atacccccct gggcttattc acaggatcta tgtataaaga cattgcagaa gttcagggga     91680
     cctggaatgc aacacaagtt tgtaatgctt taatatgttt ttttgcaata agacatgaat     91740
     ttttgtgact tttattagcc tgctgctcat gctgtgtttt aaattaatat gcacgttgga     91800
     tttatgtgtc ataaacatta tatttttgtt ttttcagttt ttgtttttca aagctcgttg     91860
     gatcgttgaa atccaaccca gacacctgta atagttaatt aggctcacct gacaaattag     91920
     ctattgtaat agttaatttg tcaggagagc ctaattaaag gaaatctact taagaaagat     91980
     gttcaacatt aagctgcggt cacacagcac ttttcacccc atagacttcc attcatacgc     92040
     atgcgagtgc agcagactgg aaatgcaaac tcatatgacc agttttgttt gtcactgcgt     92100
     tgcaggttca agcttggtga actctgatgt acaaaatccc atcatgtgat tgcatgagac     92160
     caatttgtta ccttggaatt ataaggttct aaaatgattt tgagatattg agctcaagtt     92220
     tttgtattcc atatagcaaa cagtatgtgt gtaacagttc tctttcatac attaacatga     92280
     cagagaccct aaatttaatt aacaaagttc tcttaaattt gcaaattggg gtacaatgta     92340
     tagggcaaat gcagatagcc ttcaaattct aaacagtgat tttccacttg gaattataat     92400
     gtctggcaga tcattaattg aagtattact tgtcaaaaaa atacaatcac aaataaatat     92460
     aaattatgtt ataacactgt tgatgcttga gaaagtaaaa gtttagcttt tttttgaaca     92520
     tttatttaat ggtctaagaa gaatattttc aaattaagca tgcaaggctg tgctaaatat     92580
     tttacccagt gcagctgtta attttatgta atttaatatg gttattttta ttggatttta     92640
     agctttatat gaactattga atcattttta ttgaattata taccccatga attacattaa     92700
     gtatttggcc ttcaaggctt agaatcaaat ttaagacttt aaaagaaaac agacagtgaa     92760
     caaataagtt taatagacaa aaaataaaca gaacactgat cctgcttggt cctcgtgtgg     92820
     gcatttgaaa tgcgggttgg ctcaaaaaaa gaaccttata gagccaagct agagtttgac     92880
     ttagtataga taaaagttca ttaaactaaa gtttttttaa ataaaaagtt ttaaaatgta     92940
     tgcaactttg caatattttt caaaaacgta agtgtgctca tctactgtga tgagatttgt     93000
     gactgattca gacagacagt gcacatcaat tcaggaggag gaaggtatct gccagacaaa     93060
     gtcattagat taagagagca agattagatt aaaatgctat tgcaaagcag caaaccgata     93120
     tttgaagctg ctggtgcctc tgtaaaagag aaatggtgtg gccaccattc tcccctgagc     93180
     tcaaccctat taagaagctt tggagcatcc tcaatcaaaa gatctatggg atgggaggca     93240
     gttagcatca aactagcagc cctgtcaggc tattccaaca tcctgaaaag aaatttaagc     93300
     agaaactacc aaataaaaaa aaactcacaa attcaatgga tgcatgaatt gggaaggtca     93360
     ggtggtacaa aatgtgccct atgttgacat ataacgccct tttgttgatg tttttgattt     93420
     gaaaaagctt ttgatttcag taaacatgac ctcttaatac tgcaaattca acaaatgttt     93480
     tcagtttttt tacaactttt aaaatgtttt caaatgctat tgtgcatcat aatttgacat     93540
     ggtgcatttt tgtaaacaaa tgctgttatc gctgggagtt ttgttcaata aaatttgaat     93600
     tattctcctc aagtctgact ctctctaagg acttagattt atactaattt aaaattaact     93660
     tgtgtaaaat taaatatgtc ttattagaaa aatctgagat aaatatcatt cattcatttt     93720
     cttttcggct tagtccctaa ttaatttggg gttgccacaa aggaatgaac cgacaactcc     93780
     agcatatgtt ttacgcagcg gatgcccttc caaatgcaac ccattactgg gaaataccca     93840
     tacacaccca ttcacacaca tacactacgg acaattttag catacccaat tcacctatac     93900
     cacatatttt ttggacttgt gagggaaacc ggagcaccag aaggaaacct acaggaacac     93960
     gggtagaaca tgcaaactcc acacagaaat gacaactgac ccagctgagg ctcgaaccag     94020
     cacccttctt gctgtgaggt aatcatgcta ccaactgtac tacccatgca gaaaaatatc     94080
     attttcaaac agtgcatttt tgttgtttac aaacaggtaa gtttactgtg tgggtttagg     94140
     ttgctgtaaa ccactacata aagaacaaat gattcatgtt tatcaaaaac atgcaaacca     94200
     ttttaaggga tgcataatgc aaacaaccaa aagcatttga ggatatcact cattttaaaa     94260
     gaggtacatg gtactaaggg gtacaaagaa catcaaaaag caacaagaaa gggtcttgaa     94320
     caagcattaa tatgaggcaa gagtgaaaat gtcttgtctc tgttgttttg tgttgagttt     94380
     taccctgtcc tccatctact gttttccttc tctgtgtttt gtgctgcacc ctcatttgct     94440
     cccttggtta accctgttag ttgcctcagt tatccactgt ctccttctca gccttttaat     94500
     tcttgtgttt ataagcattt ttttcagttg tccatcattg tttgtatgtg tgtgcagtgc     94560
     atgttactta tgtctaccct aagtttttgc tgagcaaaaa tctttttttt tttttgtcat     94620
     gttttgattt cagctaaagt ctaattgcag tttggtttgc ttacaaggtt gtctttaagc     94680
     atttttgcca tggtggaaat gcaatacagt ctcttctttt ttaaaaccaa atatgtttgg     94740
     ctggtgaaca ggtggacaca aaatgtacat ttaaaggaaa aacaacataa atcatcacaa     94800
     tgtatttgaa aatttgagta ttgtcatctc caaaaacatt gtcaagttca gtgtagagta     94860
     cactgtcaag tgctagagtg tatacgtaat aatatttgaa atgtacatta gaattacatc     94920
     ataaatcaag tcaagtccaa gtaacaaaac attgatcttc aataatctat tttaagagtt     94980
     tgtcaccttt gaattgacag gtgagaaaac attaatatta acaaatcaag agatgaagca     95040
     tgtgattgac gcaggacact ccacctattc aatcagtgga tctctcagat gatctggagg     95100
     ttatgtttaa gtatcaaatg tcacagccta ctgcagttca gtgtcgttca ttgtttccat     95160
     tggaagtaaa caaaccggaa gtctgtaaaa gcctttagac agcaagaaaa caacatttcc     95220
     aagatctcag ttataaatta cagataatgt agatttcatt acactaccag tcaaaaaaag     95280
     tctgtcttac attaaacact aacctgtttg ttttctttta taatagatca ctcctgcagc     95340
     tgctgtaaaa atccccatca gcagccccac agccccaaga atgatcttag atctttcaga     95400
     ctcggggaga gagggatctg taaaatgaat gatgagtgct aaatatgtct aggctgattc     95460
     ttgacacatt aaattcacca taattctgtt cttaccccag taatagatca tgggtttaag     95520
     ggagctggcg tgatccacca cacaggagat cttctctcca gtttgaggaa aatattccag     95580
     gtaggagtga atctggtagt gccagtgtcc atcagccatc acctcagagg atgtcaattc     95640
     agctgtaacc tttttatcat ccctcatcca cgtcagtttg atgcctttgg ggtaaaagtc     95700
     ataggcactg cacaccagga cagctttccg attgccttta gcttcagtaa ctgaccgaat     95760
     aatgacttct ggtttcactg tagaagtgga aagaattaga catgacttcc taaaaaaagg     95820
     gtttttcaaa atatttattc ataccttttg tcttaatatt tagtgttaat aattgaataa     95880
     gacattcacc tgcaagccaa actgcattag gtaaaatgac atcaccaagt tctctgcatt     95940
     ggttcagcac aaaatcatgt tgtgcaagta aaactttgtc tttattatat tcctctgcaa     96000
     atttttgacc aattgcagtg taaccaaaaa acgtatcttc agtactgttg tatctcacaa     96060
     gttcaatcat gttgtaggtg acagagaaga taaattcaat cttttgtaga gagtcagaca     96120
     catgacactg gatttgagca tatgtgtaat atgcatgtac tgaaacaaaa gagaaatcag     96180
     gagaaatatt aggttaaatg ccattgatgc atcagctata tatgcagctt gatcaacaac     96240
     aaataatcaa aatgttgctg aattgtaggc cggccattct tcaactacgg gcacttttag     96300
     ccttgtgaag ttgagtaaaa aacttgttca aaattaacgt agcatagcct cataagttta     96360
     aacaatttgt ctagttttaa gatctttaag aggacaaact tagataagag aaacgttttt     96420
     taatcgtgaa ctgaacaaat gtccattcca ccacatctca acatgcagct tatttcaaaa     96480
     tgaaataaat tatggcagtc aaacattgtc taagatattt tctatctagt ttaaccaatc     96540
     tttccacaat atatttaata attatacatt tgtcaatgaa ataaattagt tgtatgctga     96600
     gttgtacacc tgtcacactc taaaatgtaa tattaatttg gttaagagtt tattagaaaa     96660
     taaaaaaaaa ctgaatttgt atattaaata gagtatgaac ttttacattt tgaatacact     96720
     tttaatgtgt gacgagaact ttttgaatat tttttttaat gtgtgtggta atggaaatga     96780
     cagtggtgga actgacattt caacagttta ttgtaaaaaa aatgaaacag cttcactgat     96840
     tagctttgaa ttggtactag cctttcatga atacaaaaca ctcttattta ccttcatttt     96900
     gtttgatttt taaaaacacc tttgtaggta cagcatgttt ggaaatgaca aataaatgta     96960
     tttccttatc aagcaatata taccttgatt tttcttcaag tgttattgaa caaaatttaa     97020
     attcccttca tcttgaacat gttatcagat ggcactattc attttcatag aaagcaccta     97080
     aataatcttt cacacaaact tttttaagcc acattacagt gttgtggtgg aaatgacact     97140
     gatactgtgt gacagctata ttttgtataa aaattatatt gataatagtt tcacattaat     97200
     aaccaaaaaa tatttaattt attttactag tgcttcatta agatacatta atagatacct     97260
     gataaataat aatttaaaat gttttttcat tgttgaagtt taaaactctg ggtgtgcgag     97320
     aaggtgaaaa ctgattttgg catctaaaag gaggttcaat aatatgaaaa atataataga     97380
     aagtaacttt tttaaagaag gttttattgt tagtttgaga aatgtgaaca aaattataga     97440
     tatttttgga tatatgatca aagtacataa aagtgcccgt tgttgaagaa ttacctaggc     97500
     atgttttaag tttaattaaa ttgcgaatta aaatagtaaa atcttattat tgatatagtc     97560
     aagaaattat acatcctgat gtaaacccaa tcaaatggaa atcaccttaa tgcaaatgaa     97620
     ttttgtagga aaattgttta aacttacctg tttcaaacaa agcagacaaa aacactgccg     97680
     caagactgta attgattttt gcattcatgc tgctgtgtgt atcttatgaa ctcagtgtag     97740
     gcacagtaat gttatttgtg tgtgactctg atcaccacgc tgatgtcata atttgccact     97800
     gagatcatat caaacaagaa tttccagtca tgactgacca cagcgccata ctgaattata     97860
     aaccgctctg aatagtcttt tttcaacaac catgctggaa acattttgtg gaaaaacaat     97920
     ttaaaataca tgaatgattt tgtgcttttt ttaaaatggc ttatttatat tatcacaaac     97980
     ttgcaataca aatgaaaatg tctatgtaga ctagttgttc acttcaagtg tactactgtt     98040
     gcatttatag taaacttaaa agtctacgct cgtatactaa actttggtca atttagtgat     98100
     attcaagaag tatacctaca tactactaaa cgtactagta ctatacatag atgctaatac     98160
     aagaagtctg cttaaaatat acaacgaaaa cacacatttt acattactta aatatcaata     98220
     aaaatgagcc tgaagtatac ttttggtaac actttatttt gatggtccat ttgagtatta     98280
     gtagactgtc tgtttaatat atgttgatat gctccttcaa cagatttttt ttgaccataa     98340
     gaaactttgc aagtacaagt caacttaccc aatctgtcag tctacttata atctaacgag     98400
     aattagttgg catgtaggtg cactgtaact taatttaaca aacagaccaa gtaaagagac     98460
     caaaataaag tgacacagaa aaataattct tccaacattc tataagatca ttcaaagttc     98520
     acatttaaca tggtctaact cttattcagg tctgagctcc agtacttctc tacaaagtgt     98580
     aaattttcct gcttcaagta agtgcattct cactcaacat taatatacat taaaaaatgg     98640
     ttgtacatat aaaaaagata tatgtatata ataatatata aatatttata taataaatag     98700
     atgtttatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatattg gtagtacatt ggtctactcc     98760
     agtcaacact ctctcggtta caaatggtcc aaaatgcagc cgacagattg ataacaggaa     98820
     ctaagaaaag agatctcccc tgtcctcgcc tcattacaca ggcttcctat aaaattcaga     98880
     gttgatttta aagtcttttt tttacatata aagctttgca caattctgcc ctggcctatg     98940
     tcagtgaact tattaggcca tatacagctt gtagaccatt aaggtcccat gatcagtttc     99000
     tttagtcaat ccctcagtct cgctgcaaat caaaaggtga tcgagctttc agtattgcgg     99060
     ccccaaggct ctggaacagt ctgctattga acattaggat ctctccatcc tcggatactt     99120
     ttaaatctaa cttgaagacg tacttttact ccctcgcctt tgagtgactc atacatgtaa     99180
     tttctatact gtattttagt atcacatata aacatatatt tcctttttct tacattttta     99240
     atacaagttt tatttttttt attttcttta atattgtatt tcattgtaaa gcactttgga     99300
     tcaactataa aattgtgctc tataaataaa atttgccttg ccttgacttt gcatatttga     99360
     gaatgctcaa agactgttag tgtgtataaa caatctttat aaagggatac ttcgtccttg     99420
     tggaatatta aaaatgtgtt taagaggtgg cttaaaaaac ctgcatggcc catgacattg     99480
     tgtaatttaa ttacagtaaa gtggtatcta tttttgatac ccaatgggta ttaaatcaat     99540
     gttctgtaac attatttgac atataaatta actattctct gcctaaataa aagactttaa     99600
     acttccaagc caatcaaacc agtggatttt actcatttga tagcaaaaat atatgtaagt     99660
     gaaaggcaag gaaaccttaa gagcaaacta aaaaactatt gaacaactga tcaaagtgaa     99720
     gttccgtttt caaaaacatc agttttgcct gaattctcca gtagtgttgt ttgtgaaggc     99780
     aatacaattt tacattgcag atcaatagaa gtacatgata catgaaatgt aaggaactga     99840
     tctataatat gtctacaaaa ctgatc                                          99866