EBI Dbfetch

ID   AL591427; SV 2; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 126202 BP.
AC   AL591427;
DT   15-MAY-2001 (Rel. 67, Created)
DT   15-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 20)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone BUSM1-219H16 in linkage group 7 Contains
DE   the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate human immunodeficiency
DE   virus type I enhancer binding protein 1 (HIVEP1) and the edn1 gene for
DE   endothelin 1.
KW   edn1; HTG; nitr; novel immune-type receptor.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-126202
RA   Skuce C.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; 4a2890a61939190a7e13272714275deb.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone BUSM1-219H16. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone BUSM1-219H16 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone BUSM1-219H16 is at 126202 in this sequence.
CC   BUSM1-219H16 is from a Zebrafish PAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..126202
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="7"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="BUSM1"
FT                   /clone="BUSM1-219H16"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..114233
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: BUSM1-219H16"
FT   mRNA            join(1611..1686,1768..2118,2198..2539,2802..2909,
FT                   3017..3039,3178..3546)
FT                   /gene="nitr1d_4"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1d_4-001"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1d, allele 4"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BE557490.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF318392.1 Em:AF318393.1
FT                   Em:AF318394.1"
FT   CDS             join(1647..1686,1768..2118,2198..2539,2802..2909,
FT                   3017..3039,3178..3288)
FT                   /gene="nitr1d_4"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1d_4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001378"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1d, allele 4"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q8UV37"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8UV72"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-020225-11"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD21604.1"
FT   CDS             join(5630..5726,5798..6142,6231..>6586)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ219H16.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1e pseudogene"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q8UV66"
FT   CDS             7840..8282
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ219H16.17-001"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1 pseudogene"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q8UUG3 Tr:Q8UUG6 Tr:Q90Z93
FT                   Tr:Q9IB09"
FT   mRNA            join(9408..9489,9587..9937,10016..10351,10710..10817,
FT                   10933..10955,11075..11202)
FT                   /gene="nitr1f_2"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1f_2-001"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1f, allele 2"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF318393.1 Em:AF318394.1"
FT   CDS             join(9450..9489,9587..9937,10016..10351,10710..10817,
FT                   10933..10955,11075..11197)
FT                   /gene="nitr1f_2"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1f_2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001379"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1f, allele 2"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q8UUG6 Tr:Q8UUG6 Tr:Q8UV42
FT                   Tr:Q90Z95"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8UV70"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-041001-83"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD21606.1"
FT   mRNA            join(<20034..20076,20191..20532,20612..20947,21050..21154,
FT                   21227..>21261)
FT                   /gene="nitr2e_2"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr2e_2-001"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 2e, allele 2"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF318395.1 Em:AF318396.1
FT                   Em:AF318397.1"
FT   CDS             join(20034..20076,20191..20532,20612..20947,21050..21154,
FT                   21227..>21261)
FT                   /gene="nitr2e_2"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr2e_2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001365"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 2e, allele 2"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q8UV33 Tr:Q8UV45 Tr:Q90Z90
FT                   Tr:Q90Z91 Tr:Q90Z92"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5VTP2"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-041001-81"
FT                   /protein_id="CAH68848.1"
FT                   VLDQST"
FT   CDS             24490..24778
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ219H16.18-001"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1 pseudogene"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q8UV70 Tr:Q8UV72"
FT   mRNA            join(<25528..25530,25607..25688,25768..26118,26199..26540,
FT                   26664..26762,27977..27984,28219..>28353)
FT                   /gene="nitr1h_2"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1h_2-001"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1h, allele 2"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF318392.1 Em:AF318394.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BE557490"
FT   CDS             join(25528..25530,25607..25688,25768..26118,26199..26540,
FT                   26664..26762,27977..27984,28219..28353)
FT                   /gene="nitr1h_2"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1h_2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001366"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1h, allele 2"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q8UUG6 Tr:Q9IB00"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5VTP1"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-041001-84"
FT                   /protein_id="CAH68849.1"
FT   misc_feature    34551..34580
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones"
FT   misc_feature    34591..34645
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones"
FT   mRNA            join(<37004..37006,37093..37174,37267..37617,37706..38047,
FT                   38277..38381,38490..38512,38670..>38771)
FT                   /gene="nitr1i_1"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1i_1-001"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1i, allele 1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF318392.1"
FT   CDS             join(37004..37006,37093..37174,37267..37617,37706..38047,
FT                   38277..38381,38490..38512,38670..38771)
FT                   /gene="nitr1i_1"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1i_1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001376"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1i, allele 1"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q8UUG6"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q90Z95"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-001106-3"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD21609.1"
FT   mRNA            join(<43078..43117,43195..43539,43631..43972,44117..44215,
FT                   44583..44590,44776..>44913)
FT                   /gene="nitr1j_3"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1j_3-001"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1j, allele 3"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF318392.1 Em:AF318393.1
FT                   Em:AF318394.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BE557490.1"
FT   CDS             join(43078..43117,43195..43539,43631..43972,44117..44215,
FT                   44583..44590,44776..44913)
FT                   /gene="nitr1j_3"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1j_3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001367"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1j, allele 3"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q8UV37"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5VTP0"
FT                   /protein_id="CAH68850.1"
FT   mRNA            join(51132..51213,51311..51661,51753..52094,52359..52466,
FT                   52584..52606,52736..52862)
FT                   /gene="nitr1k_1"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1k_1-001"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1k, allele 1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF318394.1"
FT   CDS             join(51174..51213,51311..51661,51753..52094,52359..52466,
FT                   52584..52606,52736..52858)
FT                   /gene="nitr1k_1"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1k_1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001377"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1k, allele 1"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q90Z93"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8UV66"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-001106-5"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD21611.1"
FT   mRNA            join(60182..60259,60374..60723,60858..61164,61571..61678,
FT                   62554..62576,62718..62823)
FT                   /gene="nitr1l_5"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1l_5-001"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1l, allele 5"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BE557490.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF318392.1 Em:AF318393.1
FT                   Em:AF318394.1"
FT   CDS             join(60220..60259,60374..60723,60858..61164,61571..61678,
FT                   62554..62576,62718..62819)
FT                   /gene="nitr1l_5"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1l_5-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001368"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1l, allele 5"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5VTN9"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-020225-7"
FT                   /protein_id="CAH68851.1"
FT   mRNA            join(70763..70837,70927..71271,71353..71694,71893..72003,
FT                   72105..72118,72243..72374)
FT                   /gene="nitr1m_5"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1m_5-001"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1m allele 5"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BE557490.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF318392.1 Em:AF318393.1
FT                   Em:AF318394.1"
FT   CDS             join(70801..70837,70927..71271,71353..71694,71893..72003,
FT                   72105..72118,72243..72365)
FT                   /gene="nitr1m_5"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1m_5-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001369"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1m allele 5"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5VTN8"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-020225-5"
FT                   /protein_id="CAH68852.1"
FT   misc_feature    72084..72095
FT                   /note="Inconsistency in the number of bases in
FT                   mononucleotide run between subclones"
FT   polyA_signal    79365..79370
FT   polyA_signal    79383..79389
FT   polyA_signal    79387..79392
FT   polyA_site      79414
FT   CDS             79856..80230
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ219H16.19-001"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1 pseudogene"
FT   mRNA            join(82160..82213,82604..82686,82772..83125,83210..83551,
FT                   83862..83966,84071..84093,84212..84753)
FT                   /gene="nitr1o_6"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1o_6-001"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1o, allele 6"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BE201996 Em:BE557490"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF318392.1 Em:AF318394.1"
FT   CDS             join(82641..82686,82772..83125,83210..83551,83862..83966,
FT                   84071..84093,84212..84325)
FT                   /gene="nitr1o_6"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1o_6-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001370"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1o, allele 6"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q8UVB4"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8UV63"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-020225-2"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD21614.2"
FT   polyA_signal    84731..84736
FT   polyA_site      84751
FT   misc_feature    90546..90601
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<91602..91718,91811..91860,91986..92090,
FT                   93491..93838,94205..94555,94658..>94703))
FT                   /gene="nitr5_3"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr5_3-001"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 5, allele 3"
FT   CDS             complement(join(91602..91718,91811..91860,91986..92090,
FT                   93491..93838,94205..94555,94658..94703))
FT                   /gene="nitr5_3"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr5_3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001371"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 5, allele 3"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5VTN7"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-020225-40"
FT                   /protein_id="CAH68853.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(103116..103222,103312..103361,
FT                   103524..103634,105110..105448,105781..106134,
FT                   106215..>106263))
FT                   /gene="nitr4a_9"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr4a_9-001"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 4a, allele 9"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF318402.1 Em:AF318403.1
FT                   Em:AF318404.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(103157..103222,103312..103361,
FT                   103524..103634,105110..105448,105781..106134,
FT                   106215..106263))
FT                   /gene="nitr4a_9"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr4a_9-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001372"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 4a, allele 9"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q90Z83 Tr:Q90Z84 Tr:Q90Z84
FT                   Tr:Q90Z85"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8UV61"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-001106-11"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD21616.1"
SQ   Sequence 126202 BP; 41729 A; 20638 C; 21381 G; 42454 T; 0 other;
     gatctgtctg cagttcatag ataaggcttt cctttcttgt actttagtac tgagggaaag        60
     ttgtcacatg ttagactatg cagacagagg tgtgaaaact gagacaaagt tgattctcta       120
     aactgtgact ttataagtga cattttcatt gaaaaacaaa ggagatttta atcaaaatta       180
     aatttcttta gcatatgata ttactgctaa aacataaaac gtgtctgggt ttgtgattta       240
     cagaagatct gcttagaagt atgtattagg aatataaatc aacattgttt attataattt       300
     gtctatgtct gactgtctca atttattttg cagtctgctc aacggatttt gatgttgttt       360
     ggataaggta gaagtagttc aagctggcta agatgtgaat gaaacggtta ctatgtatgt       420
     gtgaatgggt agcaccagtg cacacagcta gcagcaatca caatcagttg tgaataagaa       480
     tgccctctaa gcatcacaaa gcaacgtttc tagctgaaga agccaaacta tagctgtcag       540
     ctaagatgca atcactgtgg cgaaggaaca tagcatttcc acctatatca tagcagttcc       600
     catctgccaa tcataacaga aaaggagctg catagagtcg taagctctga atgaggtcac       660
     aggacacagc aacgaaagat ccactttact atcccattag gccacaggag atcatttgtg       720
     aacaaagaga agggacacaa ctggcactgg ttggacgtgt gatacttaca acctaccaga       780
     tgtagtatct gattttcaat taaactacca tattacttca tactctatga ataaaaattt       840
     ctggagcatg aagaactcag aaagtatctg atgttataca aactaaattc cactagatca       900
     ctatatacaa aacatttaat ttagcagact aaaaagccgt aagaattgtg aataaactga       960
     tggccctcaa aatattttct gctatgaata tacaagcata ttaaatatca aaataatgat      1020
     gcaaacctct agatttaaag aaaaaaaaaa ttcatcttga tgcgtttgtg ttttaacact      1080
     taaaagcaaa tggggttaac taagactaca aaaaaaacag attagtgcct tttcaagatc      1140
     tgacagatac tcaacttcat gctcagccaa caacaaatat ccttatttaa gatgtaaaga      1200
     tatcttgcaa actcaaagac aggaactttg aggctcttga gagagtttct attggttata      1260
     ttcatcttat ttcctgcttt tttctggtaa gcaacattgt actttgaaga actgaaacaa      1320
     cattgtgtaa aggtttgaga gtggacagtt taagctgcaa tgtttacgct ttgtcttaat      1380
     atatgtgaaa gagagtaatg gaaaaatgtt tgtgttagaa tgttttttag tcattctgat      1440
     gtggtatgtg gtgtgataaa agcatgaaag ttaaggtgaa actgcattag agtgtcagtt      1500
     gactgaagaa ggagctgatg aacacatggt aaggaaggac acaatcatct tccttgttca      1560
     gcaggtgtaa atggattgaa agcttgatta tttgttctct atttttctag gtgaattcaa      1620
     aggatagttt tggaagacga ctgatgatga gatattactt ttttttgttg ctttcctcaa      1680
     ctatatgtaa atatctaaat gtcttataaa atattaatca atccaattta aactatataa      1740
     caatttcaac ttttttttgc tttgcagtct gctcgactga ttttgatgtt gttcaggaag      1800
     ataatgtaaa aatagttgac gctgactggg atgtgaactt tacctgcaca ttcccatggt      1860
     tagtacaatc aacaaaagca tggtttaaac aggcgaataa tggaaaatcc ctaaaaattg      1920
     tgtctttata tgaaagtcaa aagccaagct ggaatcacaa ctttgagaaa acaaatcgtt      1980
     ttaatgttat caaaggagat ttttatttta atttgacaat tgtgaagaca aagccgtcag      2040
     actctgcaac atattactgt gtagtttcat catatcaggc cactggaatg ggttcaggaa      2100
     ctcgattact tgtcagaggt aagttatgtc tattattttc gggctgtttg cattgtggta      2160
     gctaatttta atcctgacca tttctttatt tgtgaagacg aagccgcaga cagaaacaca      2220
     actcttcatc agtctttagt agacgctgtt gatccaggag attcagtgca tttgcagtgc      2280
     agcatcttca ctgagagctg tgcaggagat cacagcgtct actggttcaa gcaaagctca      2340
     ggagactctg aaggagtgct ttacaccaaa ggagagagaa atggtcgctg taagaacagc      2400
     actgagtctc aaacacagag ctgtgtctac agtctccaca agaacaacat cagtcgctct      2460
     gacgctggca tttactactg tgctgtggcc gcatgtggac aaatactgct tggaagagga      2520
     actcaactga atattaaagg taagatgaag gtgaaacaaa tatatgtgaa aaaaaacatt      2580
     tgattcataa actatgacat gatacggaac tgacctaaca aatgtacaaa aagatatcta      2640
     aagaactata tccaaatgaa aaggaatatg tagacaaatg gataaacaat agaataaatg      2700
     taaaaatgtt atgaaaactt gcattcatat ttgaacatgt aatactaaac tcgtcatgta      2760
     agaacgttta gaaattaaaa ttaatttaaa ttttgttaca gaaagatgtg attttaattc      2820
     tgctcttctt gcttctggaa ttacaaatat aatatttttg gcccttgttg tttttctggg      2880
     aatcaaactc tgtagaagtc agattaaaag taagacttta tgaatacaaa ttcttaatat      2940
     aaagcaattg caaaatgtaa aataacacga ctgctattta taataaacag actgtttctt      3000
     gatttttttt ttaaagcgtc cgctgctcaa acgactcaag taagtacttc actatgttgt      3060
     ttatcaatta caagaccttc tcaaactttt cttaaaatct tttagattta atgtttatta      3120
     agtcatatca catatcacac ttcctgaagt ttcttttata atttctcttg atattaggat      3180
     gaagaccgcc tgaattatgc agccattact tttagtaacc ctaaaagagc cagagcaaaa      3240
     gtcacacaag atcagtctct gtatgcacag gtcagatcac accagtaaca ttcagaggtt      3300
     tagagaaact tctataatgc tgaaaaagtc gtcaaatgtc attgcaagat aaaaattatg      3360
     gccatattgc aagtttttta tgtgactgta ttatttgatt ttgtactgtt tatttgctgt      3420
     tagatatttg aatttgctaa aaacatgcta aagtgtgggt ttttgagccc atgtttggag      3480
     aatagtattt ggagatcatt gcatgaatgt tatttgacac actgttgtgt tttagtgaaa      3540
     actttggaac atcaaactat aaagcttttc attttacaac atcttaaaaa tcttgtgtat      3600
     tatcctttat ttgcgcccgc taaataaata aatgtgcagt ctataaaaaa taacttaaaa      3660
     aaaaacaata agtgttgtgt aatgaaaaag attttttcag cacattgtta aacagtttaa      3720
     ataactattt tctaataact agtttatttt gtctttgcca ctgtcacggt ttattcttta      3780
     atttttcttt ttctaattaa aattattatt ataaatatct tcattgtgtt gctttggagg      3840
     ttgttgattt ttacttattg ctgtttcttt gctttgaggc tggctccgcc ttgtacctgc      3900
     cactaattcg gcttgttgcc tttataagtg gaagctgagt gtatgttggg gtggctcttg      3960
     ttttccagca tgtctgactg atcctcctga tcttgtctct cttgagagta tgacccatat      4020
     cttgtcctga tgaaggtctg agacttctgt gcgcatcttg tgcagccgct gctgaggagc      4080
     catgctggtg ttgttgccgt ttatttgatc tatgctttat ttgtacttta tttatgtttt      4140
     ctctatggtt tgttttgtta tgtttaagta attgttttga ctaagaaata ttgtttaatt      4200
     aatgatttat ctttttgttg ccaccttaag ttgattggac acttttctgg tctctaaata      4260
     aatagagaat tgtacgcttc tgagctctgt gtcttttaat gttgctaacc cctttcctag      4320
     acaagcctta aaaactgagg tttgtaatag ccatagtgac tgtaaataat atttttctac      4380
     ttatttagta aggtactaga atttagctta aagtacaaca taaaggtttc tccaaatctg      4440
     tggtttaagt cttggtcata gttgtaaagt caaaaatgac catcaccctc tcatgaataa      4500
     ataaacaaaa taaaaagtca aaggaaatac atttggctgt atactgcacg ggtttttata      4560
     atgttgtgtt ctatctagac ttcaataatg tgatgctgtg catgtttata attgagaaac      4620
     tcaaatgtcc tttttacatc agatcggttt gaaataaaga atacgtttgc taagataagt      4680
     aacattaaac atggcaaatt aaaagtttct aaatctgttc ttgtgaatta actgtttcat      4740
     agcaacatta gtttactgat tttaagattt gtcaggttat gtttgtttgc attcatttga      4800
     tctcaatata atctcattga gcttatgctc acaaaagctc tgttaatctg tctgtttgtt      4860
     tgttagtttt tttttctgcg taaatatgta tgaagctatg ttagatcatt tttccaattc      4920
     aaaagttagt tatatctctg tccttggtgc tgaaatgaca aatttgtctt atagatttta      4980
     ctttaaggtt gattatcgag tgtctgtgtt aatagttaag tgttaatagt tctgttaaca      5040
     tttgtgtgtc tgcagggcac agatgaggct tttttttcta acaatggaag aatagcggtt      5100
     tcacatgttg tagtgttgat gcagctagag gtgtgaaaac agacacagag gtcattctct      5160
     gaagaaacta aactgtgaca ttaactcact aacatttaaa gagtgcaatt ttcctaaaat      5220
     aaaaacaaca tttaaattaa aataaaaatg tatttagcat taatgatatt cccgtaagat      5280
     tgtatgaaat tctaattatc gtgcactgtt attagttctc atgttttaaa atatttcgta      5340
     cttgatgtaa aataaacaat attgtaattg caatttttat aatgtcgata tttaccttac      5400
     agtgattata aaaaagtggt aatgcaaact cgaccacaac actgtgttga ttggctgcag      5460
     tcacagaaga ggtttcagct cagtccaaac ccctttctaa gcggccaatc aactcttaga      5520
     aaacagaata aataagataa gtgcgtaagc gtctcacttg tctaagtaga gtttgaagtg      5580
     tggggtaaac tgatcgctat tacttcattc tggtgtcaag atttagtttt tggctgattt      5640
     ttacagggca aattaaaact aaaggatatt tttaaagagg gtgatcatga agtattattt      5700
     aatcttttta ttcagctcaa caataggtat atgttttata tgctttaaca attcaacagc      5760
     ctttatcaca atgtaatact acacttttag tttgcagttt gctcctctgg tttggacgtt      5820
     gttcaggaga atgatgtaca aatagctgca gcgggagaga aggtgaacct tactagcaca      5880
     tttttaaggc ttgtgcaggt gacaaaagta ttgtttaaac aaacggctga tgaaaaatcc      5940
     ctacaaattc tgtctttata tttaaatgac aaccccattt ggagtaacat ctctgagaat      6000
     cattgtaatg ttatgagagg agacggttat tttaatctga ccatttgaaa gacgaagccg      6060
     tcaaactctg caacatatta ctatgtaatc tcaacatttt acacctttgg aatgggttca      6120
     ggaactcgat tacttgtcag aggtaagcct tttatttttt ctatttattc agggttttgg      6180
     tgtgtgtaga ggctgattta ttgtgctatt tcttttctgt gcttgtgaag acacagtagc      6240
     aggcagagac acaactcttc atcagtcttt gatagacact gttgatccag gagattcagt      6300
     gaatttgcag tgcagcatct tcactgagag ctgtgcagga gatcacagcg tctactggtt      6360
     caagcaaagc tcagaagatc ctgaaggagt gctttacacc aaaggagaga gaaatggccg      6420
     ctgtaagaac agcacagagt ctcaaacaca gagctgtgtc tacagtctca acaagaacaa      6480
     catcagtcgc tctgattctg gcatttacta ctgtgctgtg gccacatgtg gacaaatgct      6540
     gcttggagga gccattatac atgtaaaatt taactttcaa ctctaagttt tttaaggtct      6600
     tttagagtgt aaaaggacac atcaacacat taacttttag gacctaaaaa tacaacttac      6660
     agaatgttta attgtctttt taatcatgtt gtttttcttc cttacccaca aacctcaaga      6720
     caatcaagta agttcaatat ttattttcaa agttgaaaaa ctttaatgga ttacatttta      6780
     caatatttaa attattctac tcatttttac atttagatta aggtagaata atattaaata      6840
     ttttaaatgg ttcaaatcat acatttgtca attgcaataa cattgcctat caaatgttaa      6900
     caactgctgg tggatccttt tgttttattt atttaaaaag actatttaat ttattttttt      6960
     ctgattattg tagggtgaag acattctgat attatttgat tgcagaaaaa ctcaacatga      7020
     agttttctga agaacactca tttgtaaagt acagcatgat cactcaaaaa atgcctacaa      7080
     aacgctttag gccataagaa ggtcaactca agtctaaatg ctgcttagtt catttttaag      7140
     atgtttgcag caaatatttt cagattattg tctttttatt tttaacatgt tttattctga      7200
     atatacttca ttgcttgcac atatgggtat taacaggtta gaaatcagat caaataagtt      7260
     tgttgtgttc aactgttgat atcaaaaata agatcatttg attaaaataa atgttgttat      7320
     tattttacat attctctgta tagttttgca tacatatata ctttcaggta attttgcata      7380
     atcagagtta cttgtatatg atgtgtgctc caaaaataca ccatatacca tactccatgt      7440
     aataaatcct cagcctaaca ataaaaacta aattcagtgt ggctttacaa ttctttagct      7500
     caaataaata gttaaaatgt aactctgttt atagtctata ttatagtctt atattgtttc      7560
     tgtatcttct aatcattact ttagcagcat gcaacattaa aaatattagt aattaacaaa      7620
     agaatatttt gtcattaaag ctactaaagc acttaatatt gaatgtattt tctgaattgg      7680
     tctttttttc ttcattttct tgcctcaact atatatcttt aaaaatagta agcaatccaa      7740
     tttacactac attatttaaa cgtgtttttt ttttgttttt ttttttgcag tctgctcaac      7800
     tgatttcgat gtttttttta cattatcttc ctgaacaaca tcgaaatcag ttaagtcgac      7860
     tgcaaaaaaa ggagagaaaa aaagtttaaa tagttgaagc tggcagggat gtaaacttta      7920
     cctgcacatt ttcattaact gaaagatgtg caggagatca cagcatctac ttgttcaagc      7980
     aaaggtcagg acaccctgaa ggagtgcttt acaccaaagg agagagaaat gatcgctgta      8040
     agaacagcac tgagtcttaa acgcagagct gtgtctacag tcttcacaga aacaacatca      8100
     gtcactctaa tactggaatt tactactgtg ctgtagatgc atgtggacaa atagtgctta      8160
     gaagaagaac tcaactgaat attagatata tagtttttag agaaatatat aaagcttgtc      8220
     attcagcagg atttaattca aatattgctg gaaatattat atgaactaat ctgttatcaa      8280
     tattcaaaat aacatttaga ttatagacac gacacgtatt aatatttaaa tgcattgtat      8340
     attaaatttt tatactgtag gctataaact tttactttgg atttataaga tcaatgaaca      8400
     aaaggaattt attgcaagtt tcagatctaa aattgtccat tgtgaaattg tacttaaaac      8460
     ttttattgac aacaggccaa taaactacag gacctatcta tgatgtctaa ggtatattaa      8520
     acatgacctc caccaatgaa aatcaatgca ctgattctgt agctccaccc actgattcac      8580
     gcaggacaag gttggataca gccacagatg agcaatgaac aagcgattga agatcattaa      8640
     tatggtgtaa acacaaagaa aggcctatgt gaatgtgttg cactttttcc agtctgaaac      8700
     agctgagaag ccaattgtcc cattactttt gatcctttaa caagtgtgag gcacatatgc      8760
     aaactgttgt aattcctaca ccgttcaccc tgattatgga tgtaaataat ttaaagctga      8820
     cagtatgcag ttaaagcaca tctcgtttca ttttaaatcc attgtgttgg tgtatagagc      8880
     caaaaatgtt agaattgtgt caatgtccaa atatttatag acttgactgt ctgcatacca      8940
     tacaatcatc aattcaaaat acttccgtaa acccccttac ttaaactgca aaaattcatc      9000
     tatttaatgc ttctcaacaa aaacaggaaa tttgaggctc ttatttccgc ttctttacag      9060
     tggtaaacca caaaatgtat ttttgaacca ctgaagcaac atcaattacc tggttttgag      9120
     agttgtcatt ttaaggtaaa cagttaacta agtgttcaat aataatacat tcattaataa      9180
     atgagagagg gttttggtta agtaatagaa gaacaattgg tttacatttt ttttccactc      9240
     attctgctgt ggtatgtgtg aaagcataaa agttaaggtg aaagtgcata agctcagttg      9300
     tctgaagaac aggctgatgg acacatggtg aggacacatt catctactct tattttctag      9360
     catgagtaaa tggattgaaa gcatgctcat ttgtttaatt ttcatagggg aattctgaga      9420
     acaaggatca ttttaaagga cgactgataa tgagatatta cttcattgtg ttgctttcct      9480
     caactatatg taaataccta aatgtctttt taaatattaa ttaaaataga gctaacatta      9540
     tataatcaat tcaaatcttt taaactcttt tgtgctttat ttgcagtctg ctcctctgat      9600
     tctgatgttg ttcagaaaga taatataaaa atagttgaag ctggcgagga tgtgaacttt      9660
     acctgtccat ttccagggca tgaaccatca acaatagcat ggtttaaaca gagggcttac      9720
     ggaaaactca tacaaatagt gtctttaaat tcaaatcaaa agccaagttg ggataccaaa      9780
     tttgagaaaa caaatcgctt aaatgttgcc aaaggagatg gttattttaa tctgaccatt      9840
     ttaaagacaa agccttcaga ctctgcaaca tattactgct tgatcacagc atataacacc      9900
     attggaataa gttcagaaac tcgattactt gttaaaggta cttttttatt attgttgttt      9960
     attaggtttt gtttggtctg atttttattt atttttgtac tttgtgctta tgaagacgca     10020
     aacagaaaca caactcttca tcagtcttta atagacactg ttgatccagg agattcagtg     10080
     aatttgcagt gcagcatctt cactgagagc tgtgcaggag atcacagcat ctactggttc     10140
     aagcaaagct caggagactc tgaaggagtg ctttacacca aaggagagag aaatggccgc     10200
     tgtaagaaca gcactgagtc tcaaacacag agctgtatct acagtctcca caagaacaac     10260
     atcagtcact ctgattctgg catttactac tgtgctgtgg ccgcatgtgg acaaatactg     10320
     tttggaagag gaactcaact gaatattaga ggtatgaaga cgaaacacaa atatctggtt     10380
     ataatgttga aatgtttgat ctttctctga aaaataattt aattcatttt aattaatata     10440
     ctacaacata ataatgatct gatttagaaa atggagagtt taaatgcaaa agtcttaaaa     10500
     attaacattt ttgtcagcct cctgcgttta tagtatgctg ttattttatt ttaaaaccta     10560
     ttaattgcga aaaagtgaaa ggcatttaga ggcttttgca tttgaactct ttacatgtaa     10620
     aacctgtaaa aaggtaaaca aagtatatga cactaaactg atcacataac aaaatgtttt     10680
     gaaatcaatt taattcaaat ttcttacaga aaattatgat tttattcctg ctcttcttgc     10740
     tttgggaatt tcaaatatca tatttttggc ccttcttgtt tttctggcaa tcaaactctg     10800
     tagaaatcaa aataaaggta agactttatg aatacaatta atgtcttaaa ataaaccaat     10860
     ttaatgtaag atttaaaata acatatgcct gctatttata ataactaaac tgtttttttt     10920
     atttttttta agcaaccact actcaaacaa ctcaagtaag tttcactgtg cttaaaatct     10980
     tcttaaaatc tttaagtttt gatgtctatt gagtcatatc acatatgctt cctctcttaa     11040
     ctgaagtttc ttttctgttt tctcttgata taagaatgaa gacagcctga attatgcagc     11100
     cattgctttt aggcagaaat ctttgaacac tagaagagcc agagcaaaag tcactcaaga     11160
     tcagtctctg tatgcacagg tcagatcaca ccagtaacat ttagcggttt agagaaactt     11220
     ctataattct gaaaaagtca tcaaatgtca ttgtaagtta aaaattatgg ccattttgta     11280
     agtattttat gtaactgtgc tatttgattt tgtactgtat atttgttgtt agatatctga     11340
     atttgctaaa aaaaaatcat aataatttaa attgtgtttg tgtgtcagtt gatatatttg     11400
     ggtacaattg atgattgtta tttaactccg tattgctttt tagaatatca agctacagta     11460
     catcgcattt tacaacaagt tttaatggaa agcttgtgtg tattattatt aatttgcacc     11520
     tgctaaataa atgtgcattg caagtgttta ttatattttt tcaagtgtgt gcatgtgtat     11580
     gttattgtgg agtttcctat tccaataata atgacgatga aaattgcatt acagtacatt     11640
     gtttttattc tttaaactct aatgacccct ggtataaaat atacagttcc cagcaacatt     11700
     ctagagcacc tttacttgga cttagcattg ctgtattcat ctaaataggc accatggaac     11760
     actggaccac caacacgttt attgataaat cagcaacgta atcagttaaa tcctaaattc     11820
     aacccaaagc ttctactgcc accaagtggt caagaacact ggaatgggat ctgttggttt     11880
     gactaaagta tcctgaatag tgaagccaaa atattctggc tgaggcagag atcataaatt     11940
     ctgtcctctc tctgtactgt aaacatttgg cacataaaaa aaacttaaat tacactttaa     12000
     ttgatgtttc taagaaaatt ttgtaatttt agttttgtta attttaactc ctttacatat     12060
     tggtgtacgt tcaagtgtac attttgtttt taaatgtcaa atgtcataaa aacagcatat     12120
     ggtgcattta ttgtacattt gtggttaggt tcagatatat gctgttcaga cactctccca     12180
     ggctgcttgt gatcacttct gtgctgacta gggtttttta tatacaaatg atgatagagt     12240
     cctggttggg gaattttggt ttcactttac tacagcagca gagaaaaata agcatgtcat     12300
     tcactttttt tttttttttt tttttgagtc catgatttga ccacccttcc tacttttgaa     12360
     gtaagttaca gtctcagtat tatttaagct ggttttttat ttagctgata atgattttaa     12420
     aattagagaa gacagagtta taaacaaatt taatcacctt attctttgcc aaagagtgga     12480
     cgcagccatt tgaatctttt tggctcgaga cttctggtct cattcacttc cattcttttt     12540
     tagacgtaaa aaactgctcg ttacgctgct tgatgttgca aactgatatt ttcttattat     12600
     attattctac ttggtctgta tagtcatgca aacatttgtt tgtagagcaa gtagtttgac     12660
     cattttctgc cgtttattat tcctagtcat ttctcgcata ggcgactgaa tcggaagttc     12720
     caaaacaatc ttgaaaacag gcgcacttcc gcattttaga ataaggtcaa tatatctaga     12780
     gcagaaagct acagccaaaa atcatttcag ggaagatact tggggtgagt ggtatttctg     12840
     tggttagagg taatctgtgc aataaaaact aattattgct caaaaaataa atgtcagaat     12900
     tgctcaaagt gatggtaatc attactgaat atgttggcaa ttgtcaatgg tttgcattca     12960
     cacaaattta taacgagact ttctaattta gtacatttgt caaagaaaat ttattaaagc     13020
     cgtatttatt ttaagtttca ctagaataaa gaaaagcatc tgtttacaat aatgcaaaac     13080
     atgaattgat ttcatgatta ctgtgaaaat aaaattgtaa tacattgtac tttggcctaa     13140
     aatgcaatta tgacatcaga agacctaaaa tcaagactta aaatcaagac atgaaataaa     13200
     ataatggaac aataaagtat aaaacttatg caatgcaaaa tcctaactta ccacaatccg     13260
     taaactgaga agaaaaaaga aaaagaaaaa ctacataaaa catgaaaaaa cctgaacccc     13320
     tgtgtacaaa ccaggacccc ctcttctctc tcccacccca acaacaccaa actgagtgtg     13380
     cctcacacag gtgagtgggc ttgacaaacc acctgttttc tacactcttt tatacatcat     13440
     ctctttgaca ttatcgccag ttgcacattt gcaccagaca cattcttaca aagaaataaa     13500
     taaatatact gtgcatttca aagtgtgctt tacacagaag agtgggcttg acaaaccacg     13560
     tgtagaaaca ctcactcact cactcactca ctctctcact ctctcactct ctctctcttc     13620
     tctctcttat ataaagcagg gttacagagt aaaataaata cagcaagctt aaaatatata     13680
     ttattttgta aaaaatgtag caatattaat ttctgttctg tgtcaggtgg atcaagctga     13740
     tgtttgaatt atgctgcttt gagcttccaa caaaatccct ccatgactag aagatcagtg     13800
     gaaagaaact tacaagatac atcagtatgc acatactgta caagacgtca acaaatgtag     13860
     catgaattga ctggctttgc taatatagaa gtatctattt aggcattttg tttgaaaact     13920
     tatttgcagg tgacattgca ataacaatgt gcaaaaattg ttttaaaatc tcgagagata     13980
     tttttagtaa gcatgacttc attaatactg aatttatgcc aacattaata tgattttttc     14040
     acaaagataa tcagaatatt aataaactga tcatgtatgt ctagactcac acaagcactt     14100
     gcattttcta aatataatat aataattgca ttcatttctt tcactacatt ttcattatga     14160
     ttgtcattag atttggacaa acgattgtac aaatttcaaa agcatattgg agtgacataa     14220
     attttagatc aactgctttg ctgtaaatgt ctgaagacta gaatgaaatc tcatggtact     14280
     gaaataccac attaaaagac cattttgttt aatattttgc agtcatatta actaaattta     14340
     agtgtgctac tgtacaaaca cactgttgaa ttttattatt gacccctacc tgggcttatt     14400
     tccattgtgg tcctctgtta aataaaaaca atgtatggct tcaaaatacc aatgatgcat     14460
     aaaacaaaca gtcgccacag tggtatgaac agtcaactta tccagcatat gttccacaca     14520
     gctaatggcc ttgacgcaac cttattcaca ctcaagtaac ataaaataaa acctcctcgt     14580
     ccaccacgca aactaattat cctcatcaaa caaccacctt ttgatagctt ttttgaacaa     14640
     ccttaaatct tttattttct tgattgattt tggtagtttg tttcacatga ttgcacttgt     14700
     atataaaaac attattttcc ccactaaact tctaaattta aataaacaaa tattaaaatc     14760
     ccaaccccta gtactgtatg agtgctgttg cctcaccatt tgaatagttc atcaaataac     14820
     taggaaccac attattaaac attttacgta ccattcccag ttttaaaaaa acacactcta     14880
     ttactaacag ttaacatacc taatttatta aaacactctt tgtgtaaatg tgctctagga     14940
     tgcattttta aaatgattcg taatttattt tgtgcctttt gcaatttccc cttcaaagtc     15000
     tgtgggcagc tactgtacca aaatgaagta gcataatcaa aatggggttg aattaaagct     15060
     cctgccaaca attttaaaga atgaccatcc aacagatcag cttgccttgc taaaaaccta     15120
     atttttacac aaatcttcgt aaaaactttt ttttttttgc catagcatct cctgataatt     15180
     tattatctat taaacaaccc aaataattta caacattttt tgactgaatt tttcaatcat     15240
     taatcctaac tacaaaatta tcatcattct ttaatttcat tctcgaagca aataaaatag     15300
     cctctgtttt acccatgtgt aaagaaagtt tgttgtcgaa aaaccagttg taaacgcttt     15360
     ttaactgtaa actcataatt tcttccaggg cccttttttc ttgaggagat actaatattg     15420
     cggcatcatc agcataaaga tagagctcct ctgaacatgc tatttttaat tcaatatata     15480
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatacatata catatatata     15540
     tatatatata catatatata tatatatata tacatatata cacatatata cacacacaca     15600
     cacacatata tatatatata tatacacaca cacacacaca tatatatata tatatatata     15660
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tacacacaca cacatatata tatatatata     15720
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tacacacaca catatatata     15780
     tatatatata tatatatatt aaagaaaaaa ataatggacc taaaatactt ccttgaggaa     15840
     ctccacaatt gattgataag ggagcagata atataccctt tatgtcaatt ctctggtttc     15900
     tatcaagtag atacgactaa atccacttta aagacacttt atcaaatcta attgccttta     15960
     atttatatag caaaatttta tggtttacag tgtcgaaagc catctgaagg tccagcagca     16020
     ccattccaca atatttgcca ccatctacag ctctctgtat tttgtcagtc atatgtcttc     16080
     agttaattaa agagattaat caactttggt acatcattag actgcttcat gtttttatag     16140
     agagcctgca tatttgagag gtgaagccca gtattattaa gtggttcatg agaccctcta     16200
     gtggagaaat tctgcaaaaa ctccacaata agaccataaa cagtggaggc ctagcagggg     16260
     cggactggcc atctgacaat tctggcaaat actagaagga ccgaaccatt ttttaaatgt     16320
     gggtcggtca gtttaaaatt ttttatttat tttttttatg tattggtttt acatgaagac     16380
     agcttttatc gcttgcaaga tgtgaatatt atgatgatga tgaaaataat aatagtaatt     16440
     atattataat aataataata aatgtttagc atttggccca atcggcgatg gccagctgtt     16500
     atcaagatgc gctgacccaa tcagaggtta cgtggacgta attaatatct ggcaagatta     16560
     ggcttttttg agattcgcct tgccttgact gcgttgtaga tgagcaggcg gctgcagtaa     16620
     gaggagggct caaaaaatac atcagaagtc ggtcggacac ttcccgaatc tcgctgtttt     16680
     gccacctgaa aacatcacca gtgatggaga ttgtactttt tctttttttt ttaatcacag     16740
     gtggatgacc tcaagtaaaa attactatgg taatttatag taaatattat agtgttcttg     16800
     aaaacttttt tcagtattgg gttatgttta ttattgtaaa aaccatagca actatataat     16860
     ttaaatagcc attaataggc atcaaaacac taaagtattg ctataaatta ctacagtatt     16920
     ttttaatgtg ggagtggatg caactgaaat atcactgttt ttacaaaaag atggtcacaa     16980
     tcacagataa acagctcatt acttaatagg ctgcattaaa aatataaatc tgtataatca     17040
     acaatgagcc taaatgttaa aagaatgtca aaataaacaa cttatacagc aagaaagttt     17100
     tctagaaatc tcatttggct acattataaa gtaagtagca agatgctttt gagtgacaag     17160
     tcatgacaaa tgtttgttta tttgttatgc taggaaggtc cctagaattt ggcattttat     17220
     tgaacaagtg gtccgttact ataataaatt tagactttct atagagggca ttggaaggta     17280
     aaaagggaca gcacactgac tttttttttt ccagtcacat acattaaatg tttaaatata     17340
     tgttacatat aatatggtac tgcctatatt atttcaccat ctgtacacca atataagtag     17400
     taaatgtgcg tgtccatggg tggggctgta ttggtgtggt aatgcgggct ggtgtggcta     17460
     cagggccagc gctgaacttt tgtcccagtc cgcccctggc ctgtagcata atagactgcg     17520
     ttcaaaaata acacatttta ctaatatata tactttgtaa tatattatag ataaagtctg     17580
     ttatttattt tctgattgct ttaattttac taatgaagaa catgtgaaaa agcacatcca     17640
     tttaaagtta ctgcatatat acagttactt aaaattaaac atctgtttag ttaaatgcat     17700
     ttttaaccag ttaactcagc taagcgaata gggtgttgtt tatgatgcaa gaataaactt     17760
     ttaccaagca gtaatttatt tgactaatgt agtgagtggt gtgtgtgtgt gggtgtgtgt     17820
     gacgttgact tagagaaagg tgtgaacaca ctagctggtc agtcctgtgg ttggaaaatt     17880
     ctcaaaccgc agcgtgcaca aagggcacaa agtgatgcat gcaagagcac aaagttgcac     17940
     aaacacatct gagcataaaa cttgaagtgt ctatttaatc tgttaacaaa catgcaaaac     18000
     actgcaaata aattagagcg tgcaatttat aaaaataaca caattctaca aatctaagat     18060
     tttcatgaat ctaaatcacc taaaagtaat aaaaagtcat tacatattat ataaatataa     18120
     cactgtattt ccaaagagag actttttatt tttaatatgt tcatgactta attatttgaa     18180
     tctgttgtgt gctgttagta atgtctaaca ctgtatgttt aagaaatgtt tatccgctgc     18240
     agttcaccac atcagttctc agtctgtact gagccgctac ttcctcttag tcagagtaca     18300
     ggaaatgatg cattttgtct ctgccctctg atttgttggt cttgtcttct gacaaatgct     18360
     gaccttgagg agcaatcagt gttttttagt ggaaataaca taatcatttg aaaacatcgt     18420
     gcacaagcat gagtaagcag cgtatattag gttattgact gacgttttta atagcacaat     18480
     atttctaaac acactagatt acttaaagtg aaaaacatta aaaaacataa aaagacctac     18540
     ttaaactttt cgcttagctg ttaatatgcc cacacacacg aatgcaaagt tttggtaaca     18600
     ctttagatta actatccgat ataaatagtt aatagatcat taataaactg ttagttaatg     18660
     ggttataaat gacttgttaa ataaaactta atagttctct taatagctta gtttctatca     18720
     attttctgta gctttaactt ccatccattt gctgttctac aaaagtttca ctggcattag     18780
     tggatggtta acaaactatg aacaaatgat ctgtaaagtg tgagttaata tattagttgt     18840
     gttagtcatt agcttatgta tgttattggg gagttattct agttgcaact attcctcatt     18900
     tactagcagt taataaatga ataatagttg caactttaga ataacgtccc aataacatat     18960
     ataaactttt aactgatact taagtcttta gtaagtaatt taataacagc ttcttcatga     19020
     tctattacta atttattagg tatagttata aatctttaaa atacagttaa caagtcattt     19080
     aggcgcattt agttatctat tggctttctt taaggcagtt ataaataatt aacaaactat     19140
     taacttttat ttagcaaatc atttataacc cattatctaa cagcttatta attatctatt     19200
     aactagttat aacgcatagt tattctaaag tgttaccaac ttttttatta ggtttttatt     19260
     ttatttatat ctcttaattt cttcagtgta tgtgcttaaa tgtgccacag tgttacatta     19320
     ttatctcaat tacaaaatct gataacagtg ttaaagactg gaatacactg tgtgtgtgtc     19380
     tgtgtgtgtg tgggtctaca attttgattt taaaaaacgt gctggtgaat tacctgtggt     19440
     ttgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     19500
     gtgtgtatgt gtgtctgtct atgttttgat gaaaaacctg ctggtgagtt acatgtggtt     19560
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtggg tgtttttatt gcacacttca gatgctttgt gatcagaagc     19620
     tgtgcaattg catcgagaag ataatttggt acagtatgat agtaccacat agtgagatgg     19680
     taattttttc atctaaatac aagcattttg ttaatagtgt tataagacat gttataatat     19740
     ataatatgct gatgagtata aatatattgt tctatcatcc aacagaaaga agagaagatt     19800
     tattaatccc gatcttttcc acatgatcat cacaaaaatc tgtaagtaca tatgcaagtt     19860
     tgtgtgtgcg tgcgtgtgca aatgaatgaa acgtatgatt aaaatgcttt tttttctttc     19920
     ataaactaga attgtatata tgatttaaaa gtattctatg taatgcaaca ctaattaata     19980
     attttgcatt ttttcagtgt agatgattta aagctgtctg ctaatgtgga aaaatgatcc     20040
     tgcatttatt tataatattg ccttaccttt taaagtgtaa gttttttatt attaaaatcc     20100
     tagacttaaa cagaatgaag gcgagacacc ttttatatgt tcactgtggc tacagcagaa     20160
     aacactaact ctcatttatt tcaattttag gcagctcaga aactacagac actcagaatt     20220
     atctgaagat tgttcaggct ggagacacag ttaacttcac ttgtagttta tttaatgaat     20280
     taagaaacag tgtggtctgg atcaaacaaa gtgttgaaaa gaaacctctt ccagtcgttt     20340
     catcatttca aaatgtagat cacagatttg aaaatgactt tgacaaagaa aaccgctttt     20400
     ttgtaacaaa agatgatgtc agttttaatc tgagcatcac aaacacagaa gtatcagact     20460
     ctgcaactta ctattgtata atatatgcat atcatttcac atttgggaac agcactgacc     20520
     tcatagttaa aggtaagcag attattcact tactctttta aatcgcagta attagcaata     20580
     taccgtcatt gtttattaat tctcttttca gctggtaaag tgaacatcga gtctgagcat     20640
     gagagatcag catcagagtc tccatcagag gatctgcagt gcagcatcat ctctcagagc     20700
     tgtgcagaag aacacaaggt ctactggttc agacagggct ctggagaatc tcctccagga     20760
     gtgatctaca ctcagaacaa caggagcgct cagtgtgaga agagctctga tcccaactct     20820
     actgcacaca aatgcatcta cagcctgccc aagactgata atgaccccgc catctactac     20880
     tgcgctgtgg ctgcttgtgg acaaatactg ttcggagatg gcagaaaatt tggtttgcga     20940
     ggaccaggta catacatttg ccctgtattt gcacagaaga attttttttt ttaatgtaac     21000
     ttatatggac gtgaggtgtt gttaaaaacc atctttctca tttttgcaga aacaccatgg     21060
     agtataattg cccttgtttt aacaagttca aacattttgt gtgtgattgt gatcctactt     21120
     ctgggtatac agttgtataa tcaccaacaa aaaggtaaga tttacagtca caaatcaata     21180
     tctgtctgtc agtatgtgtt tgtaacaata attactgttc gtttagatgg gattccctat     21240
     aatgtgcttg atcaatcaac ggtaagacgt ttcgtacata ttatcttagt ttgcttgctt     21300
     ttgttacaac ttaatgttac agtaagttta ctttattcaa aagtgtaaaa tatgtataac     21360
     gcctttacat ttatcatcct tatttgcttt taaatttaat tatcaacatc attggttttg     21420
     ttgcaggcgg atgccactac tactgtcagt tacacaatgt accacaatcg tctttaagat     21480
     gcaaaaggta ctaaaaataa aactgcataa atgacacatg agaagtttga catgaaagtt     21540
     tgtttgttgt tctgtgctaa atacattttt gttttgaagt ttcttgtaga tatctattgc     21600
     ttcaccgaag gccaatttat atggttgata gcagcagaca tataattgtt ttgtcagatc     21660
     agtgtgtgta actcctctca gtgtctgcta gcatttttta gagattgctt tcacaaatta     21720
     aacctgttga atcaacactt gttgaattat agaatatctg agaaatcagg agaaatattt     21780
     attgcctcta tttgttggtg ctgtctgaat ccacccttaa aggccacaca aatgaattgt     21840
     ttgatctcac aatcatgtgc ctttcatttt agcagctttt cacacaatta caaatgtaat     21900
     gcaaaaaaga aagcatttaa aacataaacc ttttttttta aatccacata catacatcca     21960
     atatacatat atacatacca acatatagaa actttaacaa aaccaagaac caaatacaca     22020
     agcttaagtt gcatttcttg ctttttaatc tcatctgtta tacagaaaaa aaaatggaac     22080
     atgtcttgtc tatggtttta ctctttgatt acatttatgc ttatgcttat acatacagta     22140
     ctttaccttt tttctcatct tgaatatgga atcttttatt tgaaacaaat aaaataaaat     22200
     aaaaagaact atgctggaaa tataatagtg tgtctagttt gtcttaacag aggtcagatg     22260
     ctgaaacttt gttatgacca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaggaaaa tgaagcttta ttcagagtac     22320
     aaaagaagat tgttaataca aataaaagcg aaatatttaa ctaaatatta agtagaaaat     22380
     ggaaaatttc atgacgcaaa atcatcaatc catgcaggaa tattaaatat tatcaaaatt     22440
     attaaacata cagtaagctt ttatctctta atgacatatc aaattataaa aagctaaatg     22500
     ttgcatggcc tgggagtaaa gcagttttgg tgaacaatca ttttaacatg ggtagcacaa     22560
     agtatttgat aatccacaaa aagatagcac ttaaaagttt aagtcaaagg aataagattg     22620
     tgtattttac tacattataa tatctcataa ttacagtaca actttttctc tgtcattgaa     22680
     aagcaaagtg caacagttgt aaaagctgag tgttgatgaa gttggtttta attcaaagtg     22740
     tggtgtgaaa atatgtgtat gtggtggggt tgaacagagg tggagagggg acacagacag     22800
     atgtgagtac atgcaggttt tccaaagcta tcagtggttt tccattcagc tatattgtta     22860
     gtacaaataa agtactaacg catacaaacc ttcatgaatc atattaaaat attatttatc     22920
     aacaggatgt ttaccttttt tttttacact ttcagacact gaataggttg taagtgaatt     22980
     ttattaataa ctgcataata cagtgtttac attaataata atcaataatg ttcaataaac     23040
     ttttaacttt tttacataca attctaacca tttgagacag tttgaaagct gaaagctgtt     23100
     cgctgatgtt tattccagca cccctcgttc tataataaag tttcttcctg tctttttagc     23160
     atgaaatgat gaaactcgtc tctgccttct gacttcagta agagcctcac tcacagcctt     23220
     tccttatttg gactgggtct gaatcggagg tttaggtttt gatcaaagga gtacagtcaa     23280
     aaacaatcat cacttatgaa taaaatccta aatttggctg tatactacac atgctttttt     23340
     tgttttagtg tcttctctat gttgtgtgtg gtccttaatg atgtgatgct tgtgtatgtt     23400
     cgccattaag agtcaagaca aagtcatttt tacacaagat tagcttaaaa gatgtcaata     23460
     attgtttaga agaaaagaat aagtttgcta cttaaagtta agcaacatta gaacaaaaca     23520
     ttatgaaaag aaatgtaatt aaatatttat ctaatgtgct gtgcaatatt aactcagtga     23580
     tattacaatt actattacag tatgctacaa ttaaagtgct tgtctgtttt ttctgcacta     23640
     gtaaaacaat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     23700
     atatatatat atatataaat atatatatat atattttttt tctttttctt tttttttttt     23760
     tttttttttt ttgcagtgca aaattatttg tttatccttg tgctgtaatt ctaaatctgt     23820
     atcatgttat aatgtttacc tagtttatat caagtgtcag atcatttcta aatcgctgta     23880
     tgctgatctg tctgcaggtc acagataagg cttttgtttc ttagtactgt aaaaatagtt     23940
     gaggtttcac atgttagtat atgctgacag aggtgtgaaa gaggtgtgtt cttcattctc     24000
     tgaagaaact aaaaagagac ttgctaacca aaaatatatt ttagttacaa ctttcaagtg     24060
     tggtttttaa aatttcaaca tgttcacact tattttactt acatttgtaa agcataaaac     24120
     agcatgtaac aaaagcaaac ttgaccacaa cacccatttt attggctgca gtcaaaatgg     24180
     tttaagctca gttcaaacca ctctacgagt ggccaatcaa ctcttagaaa acagaataaa     24240
     taacataagt gtgtaggcat ctaatttgtc tgaagtggag cttgaaagat ttgtggggta     24300
     aacagtttac taattactat tattctgttc acctggtgta aagtgctttg ttctggctgg     24360
     atttacccca ggggaatttt aactatgaaa atatatttgt aagatccatg atcatgagaa     24420
     attatttaat atttttgttt tgctcaagaa cagctaaata catttttgtt aaaatgggta     24480
     cagttcaaca ctccctatgt cttatttttt attctttatt tagcagtctg ctccactgat     24540
     tttgatcttg ttcaggaaga taatgtaaaa gtacttcaag ctggccggaa tgtaaacttc     24600
     cacatattca gtgcttgtac catctacaat caaagcatgt tttaaacaga caactgatgg     24660
     gaaatcccaa caaatagtgt cttcatattt taatcaaagc ccaagttgga atcagaactt     24720
     caattaatgg gaaagaaatg ctatttcaaa cagaggaaac caaaataaaa aacacaatta     24780
     atgggagtag acctcatacg gtgtttcatc aactttagtg agattgccga acctgaagtg     24840
     agaggaagtg ttaggcatag aagaaacaag agatgattga tttaccaaca taacaaaaaa     24900
     ctaattacga aaaaaatata tatatttttt tgaaactcaa gtattactat agagtttcat     24960
     tggtcttagc tgtgactttg atgtggatgt ttataggtgt gatgtatgag atattatgag     25020
     agtactaata aactgtttat ttgtacatga aacgtcatgc agacatttat tttgaaactt     25080
     ttacagggct tgtttgtcca aaaatgaaaa ttctctctta aataaatcat gtaatgcaat     25140
     taaatactgt taccaacaaa ttacccatcc ccggcgtcat tctttaaaac atctcttttt     25200
     gtgttcagca gaaaaaagaa aattaaactg taaagattca tatcttgcaa atttgcaaaa     25260
     gacaggaacc ttaaggctct tgagagcttt ttttactggt cattttatat tatttcctgc     25320
     tttttatctc tggtaaacaa tgcatattga aaaactggaa caacattttg taaaggcatg     25380
     tattgatgtg acagagtaat ggaaagatgt ttgggtaaga acgtttttct agtcattctg     25440
     atgtggtata tgatgtgatg aaagcataaa agttaaggtg aaagtgcata agagcctcag     25500
     ttgtctaaag aaaaggctga tgagcacatg gtgaggacac atttatctaa ctttttagca     25560
     tgtgtaaaca gattaatagc ttgatcattt gttcttcttt ttataggaga attcaaagca     25620
     caagagtaat tttggaagac gactgatagt gacatgctat ttccttttgt tgttttcttc     25680
     aactatatgt aaatatctaa atgtcttata aaatattaat ccatttaaga ctatataaca     25740
     atttcaacta ttgtgcttta tttgcagtct gctcgactga ttttgatgtt gttcaggaag     25800
     ataatgtaaa aatagttgaa gctggctggg atgtaaaatt tacctgcaca ttttcatggc     25860
     atgcacaatt gaaaaaagtt tggtttaaac tgacgaataa tggaaaatcc ctacaaattg     25920
     tgtctttata tggaagtcaa aaaccaagct ggaatcccaa gtttgagaat aaaaatcgct     25980
     ttattgctgc taaaggagat aatttcttta atctgaccat tttaaagaca accctgtcag     26040
     actctgcaac atattactgt gtagtttcat catatcaggc cactggaatg ggttcaggaa     26100
     ctcgattact tgtcagaggt aagttatgtc cattattttt gctctgtttg cttgtggtac     26160
     caaattttaa tcttgaccat ttctgtactt ttctgaagat gcggtcgcag acagaaaaag     26220
     aactcttcat cagtctttga tagacaacgt tgattcagga gattcagtgt atttgcagtg     26280
     cagcatcttc actgagagct gtgcaggaga tcacagcgtc tactggttca agcaaatctc     26340
     aggagactct gaaggagtgc tttacaccaa aggagagaga aatggccgct gtaagaacag     26400
     cactgagtct caaacacaga gctgtgtcta cagtctccac aagaacaaca tcagtcgctc     26460
     tgattctggc atttactact gtgctgtggc cgcatgtgga gaaatactgt ttggaagagg     26520
     aactcaactg aatattaaag gtaagatttt tggagaaata tgtttgtgat tcatgaggaa     26580
     tattttattt agatgttgct ggaaatatgg aatgatctac attcagccct ctgaatcaga     26640
     tattaaatgt tttgtcattt cagagtgtaa tgatgaaaat ccaactctga ttgctcttgg     26700
     gattttaaac atcttatttt tggcatacgc tgtttttgtg accgtaaaat tacataataa     26760
     aggtaagata ttttttagaa cccatactgc taacaagtat actccacttc tgtaggttta     26820
     aatgtacctt tatgaagacc tttcaggtac tgtacacagt aaaaaatttc ttcctctagc     26880
     cccaacataa atcgattaag ttaatttaat tatttttaaa aatataagcg gattgagcaa     26940
     agcaattaag cagtcccaac aaaaacaaca ttttaagtaa gtaatttctt tccagtaaga     27000
     ggggctggag tgaattcttt ctaactattt tttgtgagtg tactttctga tcatactgta     27060
     aaaataaata aataaataaa taaataaata aataaataaa taaataaata aataaataaa     27120
     tattaatgcc cctgcatggg ctcagaacaa tccacaggaa atgcatctac ccaaaagcta     27180
     ccttaagcaa gctacaatta gtacaaaatt aagcagctat attttgacta ggacaaggga     27240
     gcacataaca catattttga aaaaacagaa ctggcttcct gtcagttttt aaattgattt     27300
     taaaatcctt atggttgcgt acaatgcctt gaatggtcta gcatctacaa tatttatctg     27360
     agcatttgat ttcatacact cctagatgat agtgctttat gctcgtctga tgctggtctt     27420
     tctcagtcta tgtggttaaa atctatggga gaccaggcat tcttttcatt gtggaaattg     27480
     tggaactctt taccctcgca tattcacaat tcagaatcac tgagtttttt taaattaacc     27540
     cacatttctg agtatatact attattattt tttacatgtt tttaattatt atatattttt     27600
     tatcattttc tttcatcttt gtatgtatct tttaccgctg cacattttat atgtctgata     27660
     agtgtctttt gagatgctac tttaaaaggc acaatataga aataaagttt tattatagtt     27720
     attattatta ttatataaag cgacacatga aaaattgtga atgattagat attttatgac     27780
     ggaaaaaaaa tgataaatag gtttagcttt tttgcagaca tgaaaaaaaa tgtttaaggt     27840
     cttttaaatt gtgaaaggac acattgacac gttattatta attattacct tttaagacct     27900
     tgaagacaac ttacagaatg tttaatagtc tttttaatca tgtttttttt tttcttcctc     27960
     acccacaaac ctcaagacaa tcaagtaagt tcaatattta ctttcaaagt tgaaaaactt     28020
     taatggatta cattttacaa tatctaaatc tttctacttg atgttacatt tagttcaagg     28080
     tagaattata tttgatattt aaaatggttc aaatcataaa tatgtcaatt gcaacaacat     28140
     gaccaatcaa cagtaaaagt ctactggtag atgtctttaa gtttgattgt ttgtttgctt     28200
     tttttctgat tattgtaggg tgacaacatt atgatatgtg ctgctcaaaa tgatttgact     28260
     gcagaaggac ttgatgtgac attttctgaa gaacactcat ttgtaaagta cagcatgatt     28320
     cagcactcaa aaaatgccta caaaacactt tagaccataa aaagatcaac tcaagtctaa     28380
     atacggctta gttaacattc atcatgtttt tgcagaaaat aattttagat agttttcttt     28440
     ttaatatatt gtctgttatg taatttttaa catgttttta aatgcttgca catggggcat     28500
     taacagtcca gagatgagac catatttttt gttatgttta actgttgtgt tttggcactt     28560
     gatatcagaa acaagatcat ttggttaaaa taaatgctct cttttgtttt atgcatatgc     28620
     tctgtatatt tttgcaaagt ataatgtatt tttttttata attttgcata atcagagtta     28680
     catgtataat gttgtgtgct ctgtgatttc tacataaata catgtcatta ttcttcagct     28740
     tagaaataaa aacaaacttc agagtggatt cacaattctt ttgcttaaac agtcaaatgt     28800
     aactatgttt atagtctatt attgtttctg tttcttttat ttgttactgc atgcctttta     28860
     gcaaacatgc aacattcaaa agacatttaa gacatttaac aaaaacatat tcagttatta     28920
     aagctactaa aaaagtttag tattgattgt attttctgat ttgtaatttt ttttttattc     28980
     gtgctagcat attaacatat tttttcttaa aatactttga aaaattactc cactgttttt     29040
     tctaaatatt acaactgtca actaacttgc agccttattg tctaaaaaat tattttactg     29100
     atacagtaca tgtaacaaac gcgtctatgc gtaaagagcc atatgtgaac aaccaaaaca     29160
     ataagcaaat atactttcac acaatttagc ttttgaacag ttctgttcac cctgtatata     29220
     gaaaattttg gcataaacag tgtactgcat gcatttgaaa acaatcagat gtagagctgg     29280
     gccatatggc aaaaaaaatt atcacaaaaa tgtatttttt atatcagtcg atatcgataa     29340
     ttatcccgat aaatgttaaa tttttatacc tattaatttt ataggatttt tagcatgcca     29400
     atcgctttgg gcagctgatt taacacagtt tgtgaaatat attaactatc tgacaatata     29460
     aataataaaa taataaacaa aagaacattc taaattcagc atttactgtt caagttttca     29520
     acaaccaaat acattaccta caagttattg gatattattg ttcaacatca aacaaaaaat     29580
     aaaaccggtt tggaacgaat ggtcacagaa ttttcagttt tggatgaact ctccttttaa     29640
     tggcgagtat ggtcaatatg gccaatattg atttagggat gccaatgatt acttgatgat     29700
     ctgttaattg tcgataacgc tttaatcgac agaccatatc gatgactgat gaagcattga     29760
     caatggacat gtaattttta gttatgctgt gggatgtgtc cacgcattac ataatcaagt     29820
     gtttgcagtt tacttactta tgcacctact tatcaccctc ttgacctcac ttattgcgag     29880
     acgcataaaa ccctgttatg cgcagatctc tgttatatct gcgggtgtgt caaaacaaat     29940
     ttgtctgaca gactagcacg aataggccta tgcagactct cattttacaa atcgcgcatc     30000
     acaacaaaac attcttccga ggtaacctaa gaaatctatc agtgctgcga atagcctgta     30060
     aagactgtcc tgctcatgct gctcagcact tagttaatca attaaaatga aaccgtgaaa     30120
     acagtttaat agactgtttt ggcgctaaag catattacct atagctggct tgttttaaag     30180
     cgcttcacct cagatgttat ttgttcttct tgtttatgtt gtagataact gaccaacaaa     30240
     atatacatca aaattaagtt agacattata caaaacaaaa tttcttgcaa aaagataaat     30300
     tttgaagaat atttatatat atatttaaat aatttaaata atattccact gctgtcgtaa     30360
     acgtctgtca tatatttgct gcatttttaa tatgtcattt tttaaaagat tatgtcttaa     30420
     gcatctgatt tctcctcagt gattacgtcc tttaaatata tgaaggcagg ttgttttacc     30480
     gtcgatgagg gacaatagta gtattacaga tttcaaaaca aatatcttag ataaaacagg     30540
     tttttggtgt tgcttgagtt tgatgacatg agtcgtctgc gtagtttgca gtgcacattg     30600
     ctctgttttg tgtcggattg caaaaaacta agtagtgtag cttaaggccc cgtttacact     30660
     agtgcgtttt agttttaaaa cggcgttgta gaatgacaac gatccgcgtc cacactcgcg     30720
     ttttacccag cgtttctgaa cagctctccg tccacaccaa aacgctgaaa acgcacatca     30780
     cgtgaccaca cacacactct cgggcaagcg ctccagcatt tttacccaga tgagagctct     30840
     gcttgtcgga cagctcatca agcatctccc actggatcta atctcactat atttgctgaa     30900
     cgtgatattt cattcatgtt gttgtcttta tctaacgaca taggccaatt ccctgacttt     30960
     ggtcattgga atctattaag ttacttgttc acgggtaaca tgttttggtt aagcgcaaag     31020
     ataagttaat gattaatcca ggtacattga ctgatcgctc gtctttattt cctacaatgt     31080
     ataaacttat tgtatgttat acttttataa ttatcgatta ttaaaactga tgttcagcaa     31140
     aagagagggt gcgtttcgta ttttcactga aattgaaagg aaacagttgt tattggctcc     31200
     gttttgttat aaatgtccac aaagtgaaga tgacgctaat atatgcagca cggcgcctca     31260
     acatttctgc tgtctgttaa gttgctaata ttaaaaagaa aataggcagt tccttaaatc     31320
     atgtttacat tttattgttg agaaagtgaa acaacgtagc caaggtgatg tgaatgaagt     31380
     tataaagtac actgttccct ttgaagattt acccgtgtcc tcggtatgtt ttccatatca     31440
     aactgagaag ggggagactg cagccttgat caaacttgcg aagtcttaac ttacaagaag     31500
     atgatgcgag actgaactgt gtgtgggcta cttaatattg aggaaaagcc ccaatcagat     31560
     aggcgaacgt ttgcagcccc gcctccgttt tcagatgtct ccgtctttcc ccatccacgc     31620
     tgagacggag cagcagcgtt ttagaatgaa aacggcctct ccagcgtttt caaaaagctc     31680
     agttttcggc gctcgagaac tccagcgtag tgtggacgga tggcgtaact gtagcaaaac     31740
     ttatgcgttt tcaaactaaa acgcactagt gtaaacaggg cctaagacta ctgaagtcta     31800
     gacctttttt acactgtcag aaaaaaaggt acggttgggg tacatttgtg aacacttggg     31860
     gtacaaatgg tgaagttgta ccatcaacgg ttcaaagtag caccctaaga cacttatatg     31920
     taccattaaa gggtaaaaaa ggtacaaata tgttcccaac tgtcaaaggg tccatgtttg     31980
     ggccatttaa ggcccaaaga aaggtacaat cacttgtgtg aaaaaggagc aagtcaacgt     32040
     gtatgaaatg gtccttcatt tatgtcataa gttgttggtt atttggaaga aatgcacaaa     32100
     aaaactgtac aacattgtag cattattaaa taaataaatc aataaaacaa ttattaaacg     32160
     taacagaata atgctgccaa aataatacag ctgagaacta acaaatagat ataaaagacc     32220
     aaaaactggc cattagatgc acacaaaatg tattaaaaaa tattgtgtta taactacaag     32280
     gggtagattg aatccagtgg cagatccgag attgactggc cgaagtaaat gctgctgtcg     32340
     gcgagggaga gaatcataaa gctcccgctg acaaagtccg cattcactga tgcacattgt     32400
     caaagaagca ctgtctttgt aaataaactg ccgattcgaa tttaaaacaa ttacattctc     32460
     gcctgaaata ctcttaaaac ttcattttgt gacacaatag atgatatttt tttcaaactt     32520
     tcgggtctgc acagcggggt atagactaat ttcacgcagc caccattttc aaaagcgaaa     32580
     tcgaggctgc ggtgggaaga aacccggaag tatcattggg agttacatag gaatgttgtg     32640
     taactggcca tatatcttat cagcgaagag aaagtgacac aaatttataa tttcttcgcc     32700
     ttccgggtga cccgaagatc cgttctgaat gaatggtgaa aataaagaga tatcagagct     32760
     cattttcagc taagttaagg gaaatggcac tttagctaac gttttctttc ccaaatgcac     32820
     gttttagatg ccttttatca aaatcgagtt aataaactga atctttcact atattaggct     32880
     tgtaacgata ctaaattaaa agaaaaaccg gcaatttcgt gctaacattt aaagcaatgt     32940
     taatggcttt cttaaaacag tgctgatttg ccattgtgtt cgtgttcaac agaaatgata     33000
     gtgattggcc gagaagatca tcagttcacc caccgctgta tactgagcaa aaacacagat     33060
     atgactcaac tgatctagac ggctgcttca cgctccagtc cgtgtatctg tgtttgcact     33120
     gggtgaagag cggtaaactg agtgcaaacc aaacacagat acatggagac ggaaacgcga     33180
     agccgtgaag atcagtcgag ttatccgcgc tcagcagcgc ttccatgtta gcgggaaata     33240
     gccgggttta aaacttcagt accgggacaa cacagaggac tgcagtgttt tatcactcac     33300
     cgggttacat aggctgaagc aggaaagcgt cctcacggtg tttaacttgt gccatgagct     33360
     gaagcctagg aggacactta agcgtatcac tgagattgtg atcttgtttg atgctaaatt     33420
     gcttttaatt ctttaaaaca aacttactga ataatattaa agtgatggtt acaccatttt     33480
     ctgcattttg aaatcttggc agcagctgaa ggttttagta caaagcatgt tactgcaatg     33540
     tttacagtgc tcgtcctata cttccgggtt tcttcccact gcagcctcgc tttggttctt     33600
     taaaatggcg gccgcatgaa ataagcgtat tgtccattga gttttgctta gtattagcag     33660
     ccagcaaatt tgaatttgtg ttgtccaata ggatttttgc ccgcgccgtt cataatgcca     33720
     gctgattacg tgcggcggtt aatctccagc tgttgcactg ttgttctgac actcttctcg     33780
     gcgtcaacgg aggatggact tgaaggacaa gaagctggaa tacgctcgtg aagacatagc     33840
     acagacattt gcatgtacgt ttaatgtaaa ataacttatt gtaaatatcc gttgggtcat     33900
     attcaattca tatttgacgt tactctgcct tgtgtatgta gttaagatta ccgtggagtt     33960
     aagttacctg ccacgtgagg ggaccctttt gtaatttaag gttaaccaga aatgaagata     34020
     tgatttttca cataacctgg ctgtgagaca gagctcgaga cactgaaaaa acagcggtga     34080
     aacgtctaga gaaacagttc aaacacattt tgttttgttt agataatgtt gttaagcctt     34140
     tattgcatac gttatttaac ttataaataa agaatttcct tagtgttggg aagctaacgt     34200
     tcatgctaac gttcatgttt actgtcgcct tcatgtctga aacaatataa ctttaattta     34260
     tgcatatctc gacccatgtt catttatagc agttgtattt tgcaacgtta catatttaaa     34320
     taacattata aacgcatgtc caagaaagtc ctaatcatct gtcgtgtcag atcgaggtgc     34380
     aggtggttta tcaaaccttt gagttgctaa tttaaagctt tttttgtttg ctgttaacct     34440
     caagttcaca tcgatcatga tttttttttt tctttcagaa aatgaagtgg acgaggaagc     34500
     agaagtgtaa taccgtaagt atttggtatt ttgtctttca tctgtttgtt aataataata     34560
     ataataataa taataataat atatatataa atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     34620
     atatatatat atatatatat atataaaaat caatagacct gatcgattac catttatgca     34680
     tgggcattta aaagaataat ccttgtgctg acgtgcgtcc atggcttcac attacataat     34740
     caaaagtgtg cagtttacgt tatcttatgg agtaactctt gacattgcat attggggatg     34800
     cacaaaacct tgttatgcac ggttcatcat tatatttgag tcctgacgtt ttatccatga     34860
     ccaagggtga tcaaaatgta ggctacatga tgtttaacta tgggtgggtc acagatggat     34920
     aagattaata gttggtaatg caaactttaa ctactttctc taaaacatta aggtgtttta     34980
     agcaatttta tcttgacata ctcccacaaa cacgcatact ctcattttaa aaatcgtgcg     35040
     accatcatct cacaatgttt atgagttttc tcatcctttc gacagagttt gttcttccaa     35100
     ggtaatctgg gaatattttc agcgcagcga aaaggattta aaagctgaaa caggtgcaat     35160
     agatgaattt gtcattaaca gtaaaaacag tttaatgctc tgtggaaaat acaaatttta     35220
     ttaatgcacc actataaatt gttgcataac aaagcggtca taggcctatt tgctatatta     35280
     ttaatataca tgtaagtcaa tgttttcagg cttcattttt cctcgtgttg agttcaggcg     35340
     agggtgtatt taataagtaa acctgaccac aatagtttga ttgtgccaaa ctggcaagaa     35400
     aaaatacttt tgaaatacat taaatacaaa ggctggttgt tttaccagtg atgagcgata     35460
     atagtggtat tacagatatc aaagaaaata tagactaaat attaaaaaga aaacaacaat     35520
     agatttatta atgttatagc taatgccgtt aaataatgca gcctatttga cagcaactga     35580
     gattgtgttg tctgtcatgt catgatcttt acagaagctg taaccagcca cataccgcag     35640
     tgatattcag ctctgacgag gtgctttaat ttagcctgta gtctactata aaaattgttt     35700
     agattttgta catgtaaatg tttaattact tggatacaat tacattgatt tttaaacttt     35760
     aacagggctt gttcgtccaa aatttttaat tctaccataa ctctagactt gcattaaatc     35820
     ttcttctatt ttgaacagaa aacaagataa tttgtaatat gttaaatacc agaagatgac     35880
     aatgtcttcc tagtaatttt tcctactatg gaagttaatc gctaccagtt actaacactc     35940
     ttcaaaatat tcatgtgttt aatagaaaaa aactcataaa aaaacccata aggattagta     36000
     aatgatgagt acatttccat ttttgagtat actatcttat taaatgtaga catatacacc     36060
     attctcaagg aaaagagagt taggggccca gttagcatgt tggctgtgat gcaagacaca     36120
     ctatagcata gtacatctag aggacataag atagttcagt gataatatac acttcgacca     36180
     agattctgac tctttgttaa ttcattaggc catagaagag aatttgtgaa cgaggaaaag     36240
     gaacacaaat gacgctggta agacatgtga tactaacagc attccagatg cagtatctga     36300
     tttttattta aactaccata ctaacttgca tgattaacat acttggacag tatttcagac     36360
     acgacaggat cattaatata cagtacatac atttgtttta gcagactaaa aagctatagg     36420
     aattgtaaag aatatttaac tttccacgcc agcatttaaa aaaaaaatta tggtcctcag     36480
     cttcttttct gctagaatat aaacattaaa ataatgaacg aagcctctac tttaaaggga     36540
     aaaaaaggca ttttatttta tgttgatgtg ttcatgtttt aacacttgaa tgccaattgg     36600
     gttaacccca aaatacaaag aaaacagaca aatatgaaac tttatgctca gccatgatca     36660
     aatgtcctta ttcaagttgt acagattcat atcttgcaaa ctcaaagaca gcaactttga     36720
     cgctcttgag atttttctac acaacatttc atcttatttc ctgttttatt ctggtaaaca     36780
     acaatgtaat ctgaagaact gaaacaacat tgtgtaaatg tttgagtggg tagtttaagc     36840
     tgaaatgttt atgacatgtc ttaacagatg aaagaggaag taatggaaag atgtttggtt     36900
     tagaatgttt ctctagccat tttgatgtgg catgtgatgt gataaaagtt aaggtgagag     36960
     tgcataaaag cctcagttgt ctgaagcaga ttccgatgag cacatggtga ggaaggacac     37020
     attcatctac atttttagca tgtgtgttaa atggattaat agtttgatca tttttttttt     37080
     ctttttttat aggagaattc aaagtacaag aataatttag gaagacgact gatagtgaca     37140
     tgctacttca ttttgttgct ttcttcaact atatgtaaat atctaaatgt cttataaaat     37200
     attaatccat ttaagactat ataacaattt caactctttt tcaactcttt tgtgctttat     37260
     ttgcagtttg ctcgactgat tttgatgttg ttcaggaaga taatgtaaaa atagttaaag     37320
     ctggctggga tgtaaaattt acctgcacat tttcatggca tacacaattg aaaaaagttt     37380
     ggtttaaaca gacgaataat ggaaaatccc tacaaattgt gtctttatat ggaagtcaaa     37440
     aaccaagctg gaatcccaag tttgagaaaa caaatcgctt taatgctgct aaaggagata     37500
     atttctttaa tctgaccatt ttaaagacaa ccctgtcaga ctctgcaaca tattactgtg     37560
     tagtttcatc atatcaggcc actggaatgg gttcaggaac tcgattactt gtcagaggta     37620
     agttatgtct attatttttg ctctgtttgc ttgtggtacc taattttaat cctggccatt     37680
     tctgtacttt tctgtgcttg tgaagacgca gacgcagaca gaaacacaac tcttcatcag     37740
     tctttgatag acgctgttga tccaggtgat tcagtgaatt tgcagtgcag catcttcact     37800
     gagagctgtg caggagatca cagcatctac tggttcaagc aaatctcagg agactctgta     37860
     ggactgattt acaccaaagg agagagaaat ggccgctgta agaacagcac cgagtctcaa     37920
     acacagagct gtgtctacag tctccacaag aacaacatta gtcgctctga ttctggcatt     37980
     tactactgtg ctgtggccgc atgtggagaa atactgtttg gaagaggaac tcagctgaat     38040
     attagaggta aggtgaaggc aaaacaaata tttgtaaaaa agcatttgat tcataaacta     38100
     tttcatgata cctaactgac ttaacaaatg tacaaaacgt tatctaaaga attatatcca     38160
     aatgaaaagc caaactgatg tattaaatgt tatgaaaact taaattcata tctaacgtga     38220
     tactgaactc atgttaaaat attcagaaat tgaaattcat ttcattttta ttacagaaag     38280
     tgatttcaat ctttctcttc tcgctttggg aatttcaaat gtcatatttt tggcccttgt     38340
     tgtttttatg ggaattaaaa tcttcaggag tcagaataaa agtaagactt tatggataaa     38400
     atatttttag agtaaagcaa aacagtcaga taaaaaaaaa cacatgactg ctatttataa     38460
     taactacact gtttcttgat gtttttaagc gtccgttgct caaacaactc aagtaagtac     38520
     ttcactgtgt tgttttatca attacatatt gaatactaga atttctcaaa cttttcttaa     38580
     aatatttgtg atttgatgtg atgatttttt taaatcatat aacataggct tcctctctta     38640
     acagaagttc tattttctct taataatagg atgaagacag cctgaattat gcagccattg     38700
     cttttagtca aaaacctctg aacactagaa aagccagagc aaaatttcac aaattccagc     38760
     aaaaagactg atctctgtac gcacaggtca gattacacca gaaacattca aaagttgtga     38820
     gaaacatctt taatgctgaa aagttttttg tcatcaaatg tcattgcaag attaaaaaaa     38880
     agtatggcca tgttttttta tgttactgtt ttatttgatt ttgtactgtc tgtaaattcg     38940
     ttctaagata tttgaatttg cttaaactat gctaaagtgt gggtttgtga gcgagttgat     39000
     atatagtttt ttagatcaat gcatgaatgt tatttgactg tgttgctttt tggaataatt     39060
     ataaagcctt tttttgtaaa aacatcgcaa aaaaaagctt gtgtattatc ctttatttgc     39120
     acatgctaaa taaactcgtg cactgcatat agcatagagg aattgtaatt attataaaaa     39180
     atatttccca agtgttgttt aatgaagaga tcgtcttcaa cacattttta aagttatttc     39240
     ttttaaataa caaattttgt ttgcctttgc cctgcatgat gacagttaat catattttta     39300
     aatattttgc aagatgctag tatttggata aatgatacta gaattctgca gttttcttat     39360
     ggagacatat attactgacc ttaaatttgt taagtttttg tttgcttttt tttgtttttg     39420
     tttgctttta ttactgccaa actaaaagaa ataagactct ccagaaaaaa aaagtattat     39480
     agaaaatact gtgaaaatgt ccttgtttta aaacagcact tgggaaatat ttgaaaaaga     39540
     gtaaatttca caggaggctg gctaattttt ttttttacgc aacgtattta tttaatttca     39600
     gtgttaggga tgtgaatgtt cttctggagt ttgtaattca tgtatagtta cactgatgat     39660
     ggaaattaga tttttattat tattattatt attaaaacac gtaagggatg ctatatttag     39720
     tttacactaa attggtttat tataaactta tcagtgctga aaaataagtg tcagaattgc     39780
     tcaaagcgat ggtcatcatt actgaataat attaatggtc agcactcaag ttaaaaagaa     39840
     atattctaat ttagcatatt acccaacaaa aaaaaattga aatattatgc tgtataattt     39900
     aggcttaact aaaatataga ataacttatg tttacaatta aaggaaaaat caaaggttta     39960
     actgcttctg aattattagt agttagacat taatggtggg tcttggcact gggagtactg     40020
     ttagaagtag caacttagat acaagtcatt actaagattt taaaaatgtg gtgatggcag     40080
     caattcctgc ttgcattttg ggcactgctg agtggattct tgaaaaattc tgattggtca     40140
     ttgtgttcat gcgctcaata gatatgcctg tgattggctc tattggctca tcagtttaca     40200
     agagcattta caccatgtct tcttaaaaac acatgccgtg gcaagattcc acagataaac     40260
     tattttaatg tacacaccaa aagctaagcg aaaagataga aagtatactg tatgtatatg     40320
     tgtgccagta atttaatttt caaaatctga agtaaactat ctgcgatccc tgtcagtata     40380
     gaaattaatg tcccgcaaaa ctcatttacg cattttataa catggtgcgt tatcctgcta     40440
     gaagtagcca tcagaagatg ggtacactgt ggtcattaag agatggacat ggtcagcaac     40500
     aatactcagg tactgtggtg ttgacacaat gctcaattgg tactaatggg gccaaagtgt     40560
     gccaagcaaa tatcccccac accatcaaca ccagcctgaa ctgttgatac aaggatggat     40620
     ccatgctttg ttgcaaatcc ggaccctacc attagaatgt cgcagcaaaa atcagagatg     40680
     gttgtgcgtg aaaaaaaaat aaaaataaaa aacattttcc cctcggcttt tttatgtgag     40740
     gtcttaagtg ctctttattt ataaaacgtg ttgacagttg gagaatgagt taaaaaaaaa     40800
     aagtatgaca tgtacacata taaatgtata ttgttacacc cctagttgca acacaaagta     40860
     ttcactctaa cactctacac ctgaaaatga aaaaaaagat agaactagtg agaagggtct     40920
     ggctgcacat tcttttaaag tgtataccct gcctctaaca ctacacttta cagtgattcc     40980
     accagttctg ttaagtgcat gtgtctgtct acatgcatct gcaagtctgc aggcagatat     41040
     aactgaattt attaaaagaa caaatgttca aataaagtca aatggttaac acaatatgat     41100
     attgtatttt atcacttcat tatctcataa ctataacttt tactctgaca ttaaaaaaaa     41160
     ctatgtgcaa tagtagtgaa agctgttcat tgcggaagtt acttctgtgg tttcaattta     41220
     gagtgtggta taaaaaagtg agggggaggg gggaacagac agaggaagat tggtgatgta     41280
     catgtttcat ataagcatga acaaaagacc ttcatgaatc tgattctcag aatattacca     41340
     attagttgat gtttatactg tttttgcgtg ctatattgaa agtgatgaaa aatggaattg     41400
     cataccacta tttaatcaaa caaagttact tttttaaata acttcttaat atatgaattg     41460
     tacattaata acgattgtct tttcttgttc tgaatttttt aaatgtctaa ccacaaatgt     41520
     gacatcttca aagttaaaat aaggtgagac actctgaaag ctgtccgctg acgttcactc     41580
     cagcacctct tgttttataa tgaacagctt cttcctgtct tttttagcag gaaatgatga     41640
     aattcatctc tgccttccga cttcagtaag atcctcagtc acatgctctc cttatatgga     41700
     ctgggtctga atctgaggtt cacgttttga tcatagtagt aaagtcgaaa atgaccacca     41760
     ctctcataaa taaaaatata aaggaaatgc atttggctgt atgctgcaca tgcttttatc     41820
     atgttgttcc ttctctgtgt tctgtccaga cttcaatgac gtgattttgt gtttatttat     41880
     ggttaagaaa ctcaaatgtc ctttttacgt tcgatcagtt tgaaacctga aatcacttat     41940
     tgtgtagggg aagaatccat ttgcttatta aagtttaaca acaataaaca tggcatatta     42000
     aacgcttctg aattaaatat gtttcatagc aatactagtt tactgatttt aagatttgtc     42060
     agattttgtt agtttgcatt cgttttatct caataatatc tcattgaaat tgtgctcata     42120
     aaacctctgt ttatttttct gcaagaatat atacagtata tatggtatgt tagatcattt     42180
     ttgcaatgca gaaattattc atatctctgt ccttggtgct gaaatgacaa atctgtgtct     42240
     tatagacttt agtttaaggc ggattattaa gtatcagaga gtatgttaat agtgtgttaa     42300
     tagtagtctg tctgcagggc actgatgagg cttttttcta gcaatggaaa atagctgagg     42360
     tttcacatgt tgtggtgttg atgcagctag aggtgtgaaa acagattcag aggtcattct     42420
     ctactaatgc taaacagaca aatgctcact aacatttaaa gagtgccatt ctcttaaaat     42480
     gaaaaataac atttaaattc aaattaaaat gtattaagaa tttatgattt gatttatgac     42540
     ttaagtgcga aaaaatctgt atttgcacgc agtaattagt tttcaaaaat tagttttgaa     42600
     acaagtgttt tttttcttgt tgtaagatat attgtagttg caattttatt ataatttatc     42660
     attttattat aattatttgt aattcatttt atatttttta attatttatt ttacaatttt     42720
     tttataatta taaatatata attatgtata ttgtaattat ttaaaattat aatgcttaaa     42780
     ttaatttaaa aaaataataa taatgcaaac tcaaccacaa caccacgctg attggctgaa     42840
     ttggcagaag aggtttcagc tcagttcaaa cccctttcta agcggccaat caactcttag     42900
     aaaacagaat aaataagata atagtgcgta agcatctcat ttatctaagt agagtttgaa     42960
     gtgtggggta aacagtctac tgatctctat cacttaactc tggtgtcaag aatttgtttt     43020
     gggctgattt tataggacaa attacaattg atggatattt ctttaagacc aacggccatg     43080
     aagtactttt taatctgttt tttctgctca accataggtg aatatacttt tatatgcttt     43140
     attttaaatt caaaagcctt tatcacaatg taatactaca ctttcatttt gcagtttgct     43200
     cctttggtgt ggaagttgtt caggagaata atgtaaaaat agctgcagcg ggagaggatg     43260
     tgaaccttcc ttgcacattt tcaaggcttc tgcaggcgac aaaagcatgg tttaaacaaa     43320
     cagctgatgg aaaatcccta caaattgtgt ctttatatct agatcaagta cccaattgga     43380
     gtaacatctc tcagaatcgt tttaatatca tgaaagaaga tggttatttt aatctgacca     43440
     ttttaaagac aaagccgtca gactctgcaa catattactg tgtaatctca acatcttaca     43500
     acattggaat gggttcagga actcgattac ttgtcagagg taaggttttt attgtatata     43560
     ataattattt ttgtatgtgt gaagtggttg attcattgag ctttttttgt ccttttctgt     43620
     gctcatgaag acgcagccgc agacagagac acaactcttc atcagtcatt gatagacact     43680
     gtagatccag gagattcagt gaatttgcag tgcagcatct tcactgagag ctgtgcagga     43740
     gatcacagca tctactggtt caagcaaagc tcaggagact ctgaaggatt gctttacacc     43800
     aaaggagaga gaaatggccg ctgtaataaa agcaccaagt ctcaaacaca gagctgtgac     43860
     tacagtctcc acaagaacaa catcagtcgc tctgatactg gcatttacta ctgtgctgtg     43920
     gccgcatgtg gagaaatact gcttggacga ggaactcaac tgaatattag aggtatttat     43980
     attatatata taaaggtttt tagagaaata tttaaagctt gtcattcagg aggaatattt     44040
     gattcagatg ttgctggaaa tatgaactga tctacaatca gcacacaatc acatattgaa     44100
     agttttgtca tttcagaaag tgatgctgta aatcaaactc tgattgctct tgggatttta     44160
     aacgtcttat ttttggcgta cgctgttttt gtgaccataa aactatgtaa gaaaggtaag     44220
     atatttattg ggacacttac tgctaacatg tatttgtaat tgaataattc cactacataa     44280
     ataaaatggc ttctgtgggt tttatcaagg tacatttatc aatacctttt ttggacctag     44340
     agagaaaaac attaaatact ataaaagtca tatttccttt aacttatgat cacactgcta     44400
     aaaatatatt ataataatgc cacttgttta acgtctaaag caaaatgtct taaagatgtt     44460
     tagatatttg ttatttatat atttttcatt gcccctttaa gacccacaat acaacttatt     44520
     atgtttaatt gccttttaaa taattaaatt tgtttttctt catccacaat ccacaaatca     44580
     agatcatcaa gtaagtcctt aaaattataa aacagtaaat tttacaatta tttaaaatct     44640
     ttatatttta catgtagtat agattttagt ttgagatttc aaaaggttga atagtataat     44700
     aatagtttga ataatacagg caatcttatc aagtgcaaaa ataaaaatgt tgattatttc     44760
     ccctgattat tgtagggtga agacattctg atcattgctg cccaaaatga cttgagtgca     44820
     gaaggactca acatgaactt ttctgaagaa cattcatttg taaagtacag catgatcact     44880
     caaaaaacgc ctacaaaacg ctttaggcca taagaagttc aacttaagtc taaatgtggc     44940
     ttagttcatt tttatgatgt ttgcagaaaa taatgtcaga ttaatgtctt ttaatataat     45000
     ctgaaatgtc attttgaact tgttttcatg tgttatttgg tgtgttcaac tctttggctt     45060
     cacaattctt ttgctcaaat aagagccaaa tgtagctggt ttgtctatta ttgctgctgt     45120
     atctcttatt caatactgca tgtctttttt gttcataatt tcacatttag caaatatgca     45180
     acatttaaaa tattagcaca tttaacaaaa aacttgcaat aaagcttata aagtttttac     45240
     tattgattgt atttcatgct ctttcttttc ttgattttgt gcaaacaatt attggcctga     45300
     agcgccagtc tactgttttt tcaaaatatt agaattttta agtgaagttt aaaagtaact     45360
     tttaccctgc actgtcagga aaaaaaggta caatgagggt acaattttgc tcttagaggg     45420
     aacaaaatat ataattgtac cttaaaaggt tccaaattgg tcttcagggt acaattttgt     45480
     acccaaatgg gctataaagg tacaaatgtt gagatttcgg tttgaaaggt aaatttttgt     45540
     accttttata gcacatttag gtacaaaatt gtactgtaaa ggaccaattt ggcagcttca     45600
     aaaggttcaa ttatatattt tgttcctcta taggaacaaa attgtaccca ctgctcatga     45660
     taagattaag acactaattt aaatttatta ataataaaca ttgatttaaa cattaaataa     45720
     acataactaa aacacataat ttcaaaatgt aaagttaata aattgtttga ataagatatt     45780
     ttaataattt tatttttttc atgtatttaa atttaataat tcctcaaaaa aaatgtataa     45840
     tttaatgtat aattgaatgt aattttaatt aaaaaccttg ctaactagtt gtttaagacc     45900
     ctaaatgaga tttagaataa ggaccatgca gagtggcaac ttcatcattt aagtagtgat     45960
     gttgctgtct ctttaagaat tcggcttgtt gagacgttac ttagtagtgt ttgttactga     46020
     ggcggtcaag tatgctggct gtttacacag aactttgcac gatttttaag gaaaagtctt     46080
     ggagtccaca cattcaggta aatatgtatt catgatatat tgtcagtctt acttttgtgt     46140
     gaagccgtgt tctgttgatt ttgtctgaca ctcgggtctc ggctttctcc tgcgaaaaag     46200
     tgctccggtc agactgcttt gtgtgcgttg gcctgcagga tggagtttgc taaaatgtct     46260
     acagcttatt aaagaagtta atacaatatg gtatcgaagt cacagaaaag gagagggaca     46320
     tattgaaggt gagtaattat atgttagttt tctcggtata aaaacaccct gtatcgcctc     46380
     tttcacttaa cgttaatgta ttcgcgcctc atttatctta cgttactgct tttttatatc     46440
     ttgaggccat ttctagctgt ggttgaccgc agaaatttta ttttagactg ctgagggttg     46500
     tcaaaggcat tagtaaatcc atgccatggt tatatattta tcattttgtt aagaaaaagc     46560
     acaattttgt cacctgcaaa gcgagtgatt atgtaaacgt gtctagttac aaatgtggcg     46620
     tgtgtaacgt atgcctgtct cttcgtatga gcagggttaa gttggttttg tttatgatat     46680
     tcctaacaca ttcagtaata gacgacaata cctcaaaaac ctcttaccct aaaaagatct     46740
     aaagtgtgtt tcctacaaac agacaaagca ggttatgttt cacagctgcc tttttctttt     46800
     ttttcgctgg acattacgag ctcgccatat gtgtttagcc gggagagctc gcgctgagcg     46860
     cagctcttag taagggagcg ttggaaagtg cttctttttt tcgtttttta ttattattat     46920
     tttttgttta cacaggtgtt ttttggtaaa atgacttgtt atacacggtt gcatatggga     46980
     agtttcagaa cctttccttt tacccttact cgtaaaaaaa ggattttaaa acagtttaga     47040
     tctttttaag gtaagatgtt tttgagttat tgccgtctat tactgaatgt gtcaggaata     47100
     ttaaaaacaa aaccaactta accgcgctct tcatatgtat gtatcttcgt ttcagtgtct     47160
     acattggtgt tgtgagtgtc cacaaactca tatccattac tattgttcat acttacgtta     47220
     atgtaaaatt aataacgtat cactgttgta caaatcaacg ttttaagtaa tgttttgttc     47280
     tttaatttaa taatttgtcc catctgttct gaaactggta ccttacagta ttttaacttt     47340
     tttataaata cctaaaaaaa tgaataaata aatattactt tctctttttg ctttcctgaa     47400
     gcatgtcata tgaaagcatg gctcagttac aagatgcaag tatttctcat atctatacca     47460
     tgattttaat ggcttacata caattttaca tctgtaggtt tttacttaca aacaacaata     47520
     aatgtactat atgtttatat atgtactaaa ctatgtgttt acaattattt tctagctgtt     47580
     catcgaaaga tgagagatca actaaagaat gctaaggacc tgactctgag gtactctttt     47640
     ttttatttta ctttattttt aagactctta aactttctcc acttgattaa ttttgttaaa     47700
     ttctagcttt ggatggattc cttcatattt gtttgtatgt cacatcttat cttaagttcc     47760
     aggaattgat tttacagcaa cacttctcat gttgccagcc ttgttcagcg agaaacttca     47820
     acatttcgtt gtgctcaggt gcgtatgttg ttttctgttt tgtatatgct ctgataaatg     47880
     cattttataa ttcttaaatt taaattaggg tggcgcagtg ggtagtgctg tcacaagaag     47940
     gtcgctagtt tgagcctcgg ctaagtcaaa tggcatttct gtgtggagtt tgcatgttct     48000
     ccccgtgttc ctgtgggttc cctccaagtg ctccagtttc cccacaagtc caaagacatg     48060
     ggccaaaggt gaattgggta agctaatttg ctaatttgtt cgtagtgtac tgtatgtaaa     48120
     tgagtgtgta tgcatatttc ccagtactga gttgcagctg gaagggcttc cactatgtaa     48180
     aacatatgct ggataagttg gtgattcatt ccactatggc gacccctgat tattaaaggg     48240
     actaagccaa aatgaacgaa attcttgaat taaattctat gcatgttgat tttctcttca     48300
     tcagcgatgg agtgactgat atgactgtaa ttattgcttt gtcatttaca gtaaaccatc     48360
     tttaccacat ccaatagttc aagtacagga ggaggccact gactggacaa ctgtgttaac     48420
     aagacgagtg acggcagtct tcagagttga tgggattgcg atcggccggg ttaatggtgt     48480
     ggacgaatat acatttttga catatccatt tcatttgaag aacaccttga tgtttctgca     48540
     gtggaatgtt ttgtatgaac tttggattat gaaaagcctt tacctattcc agttaccaga     48600
     gtgatcaacc ttgttttttg tttttctaca tgctcttgaa taataattta caatcatcaa     48660
     gttaatccag cacactgctc tcattcatgg atgaagcaaa tttttggtcc taatgattat     48720
     tgactatcaa agaacatttt tcagtaatga gtgccttacg tgttttgttt accaaaagaa     48780
     aaaatatatt gtgttacaac aaattacaac tccacttgag gatgatgatg agtaatctac     48840
     tgatgctgag gaagatgcta ctgatgtttt tggttttctg cactgttgaa gcaatttata     48900
     gagaaacttt gccttcattt tgaaatacag agaaaatgtt gatgacaaat tatttgttat     48960
     gactgactat tctgactaaa gacaaacact ttggacttta taaagtgcag gacttgatgt     49020
     agcctgtgta atgcgtttat agattttaaa cagtattctt gtggtctttg tattaagtgt     49080
     agattattta ctatacagtg agcaaacaat tttttatttg ttatctaaat tgttcttttt     49140
     actgttttac atgtctgctt tatacttgct gtgctatttt atttcttgac gcattcagtt     49200
     gtgagtgaaa tatttctaca tctctaaata aaaatgtaca tctgtaaacc aaaatatttt     49260
     atttatttat ttgtgcatgc agtcaccaaa ggatcaaaga aatgcctggg tcagtaccct     49320
     gaaaatgcta tataatataa taagggtaca tatttgtacc ttcagtgtct acaatttagt     49380
     tccttggggc tacaaaattg ttccttaaat ggtacaaatg tagagggtac aattttgtat     49440
     ctctaaataa aggtacaaaa ttgtaccctt aagggtacca ccccagtgac gggccacttg     49500
     taccctaaaa ggtacaattt tgtacctttt cttctgagag tgtgtatatg aatttgaaag     49560
     ggcgacgcag tggcgcagta gtcagtgctg tcacctcaca gcaagaaggt cgtgattcga     49620
     gcctcggctg ggtcagttgg cgtttctgtg tgaagtttgc aagttctccc tgcattcacg     49680
     tgggtatccc ccacattcca aagacatgtg gtacaggtga attgggtagg ctaaattatc     49740
     cgtagtgtat aagtgtgaat aagtgtgtgt ggatgtttcc cagacatgga ttgcagctgg     49800
     aagggcatcc actgaataaa aatgtgctgg ataagttgcc ggttcattct gctgtggcga     49860
     ccccggataa ataaagggac taagccaaaa ataaaatgaa tgaatgaatg tatttgaaaa     49920
     ccgacagctg tcttaacaaa aacagaagaa ctgtttgtca cattgaatta ttatacattt     49980
     agatgcattt atgtattaaa aatccactcc tgatgctgta cttacacttt gctaacaaat     50040
     aaagcataaa agctcatcca ataataaaca actctttgct caaattaaca gaaattttat     50100
     actcgaacaa atatatgaaa tatttactta ttcataaaac aaccacgaga aagcttaaca     50160
     taaagccctg acactataag tattaacatt aacatgtatt aatgtactaa caataaacga     50220
     attaaatttt tactttggct tgtgataagc aaaagattct ttgcattaaa agaatctctt     50280
     gtaagtatct cttgtaactt ttataggcaa cgggccgata gaggaaagta cctatctatg     50340
     attaaacacg gcttccacct aagaaaatca atgcatgact ctatagctcc acccactgat     50400
     tcacacagca caaggtcaga tcaagcctat attgtaggct atattttctg tgaagcactc     50460
     cacattaatg agtcaaggag acaaaacagc tgttttcttt agatgttttg ttgttattgt     50520
     ggttatacac aaatattagg aaaactttac agtttaattc cactcatgct ctgagcctca     50580
     aaaccaaggt aaaataaagc tttttattgc ctataaatat tgatattttg aaaagtgaaa     50640
     accatgtaaa cgttctatac ataccatgga tatatcaatt caaaacactt ctgtaaaacc     50700
     cccttacttg aactagaaag attcatttat ttaatgcata tgatcaaaaa caggaaattt     50760
     gaggctctta tttcctgctt tttccagtgg taaaccacac aatgtatttt tgaagcactg     50820
     aaataacatc aattttagtt tttgagagtg gccattttaa ggttaacaaa gtgttcaata     50880
     ataataaatg cattaataaa tgagaaaggg ttttgttaag agtaatggac ggatagttgg     50940
     tttagatttt ttctagtcat tctgctgtgg tatgtggtgt gaaagcatag aagttaaggt     51000
     gaaagtgcat aagagcctca gttgtctgaa gaagaggctg atggacacat ggtgaggaca     51060
     cattcatcta ctcttatttt caggcatgac taaatggact gatagcatga tcatttgttc     51120
     actttttata ggggaattca ttggagaaga atcattttag aggacgactg ataatgagat     51180
     attacttcat tttgttgctt tcctcaacta tatgtaaata cctaaacgtc tttttaaata     51240
     tttattaaaa tacatttaac attatataac aacttcaact cttttcaact cttttgtgct     51300
     ttatttgcag tctgctccac tcgttttgat gttattcagg aagataatgt aaaaatagtt     51360
     gaagctggcg aggatgtgaa ctttacctgc aaatttccag agctggtaca gtcgataaac     51420
     acatggttta aacagacaac tgatggcaaa tccctacaaa tagtatcttc atatttaaat     51480
     caacagccta gctggaatca caactttaag aaaacacatc attttaatgt tgccaatgaa     51540
     aacggttatt ttaatctgac catttttaag acaaagtctt cagactctgc aacatattat     51600
     tgcgtaatct cagcatatca aactattgga atgggctccg gaactcgatt acttgttgga     51660
     ggtatgttta tgggtttttt ttaggttttg tttggtctgt ggtggctgat ttttatttat     51720
     ttattgtcct gactatatct gtgcttgtaa agactcagcc gcagacagaa acacaactct     51780
     tcatcagtct ttgatagaca ctgctgatcc aggagattca gtaaatttgc agtgcagcat     51840
     cttcactgag agctgtgcag gagatcacag cgtctactgg ttcaagcaaa gctcaggaga     51900
     ctctgaagga gtgatttaca ccaaaggaga gagaaatggc cgctgtaaga acagcactga     51960
     gtctcaaacg cagagctgtg tctacagtct ccacaagaac aacatcagtc gctctgatac     52020
     tggcatttac tactgtgctg tggccgcatg tggacaaata ctgcttggaa gaggaactcg     52080
     gctgaatatt agaggtaaga taaaggcaaa acacaagtat ctggctataa ttttgaattg     52140
     tttagtttta gtcctctctg gaaaataatt taattcattt aattctacaa cataatgaat     52200
     ttttttctga tggcatttag aggtttttgc atctgaactc ttcacatgta aacacgttat     52260
     gtaaaaaggt atattcataa ttgaaactga gtatatgata ccgaactggt cacataacaa     52320
     atgttcagaa attaaaattc atttatattt tcttacagaa agttgtgatt ttaatcctgc     52380
     tcttcttgct tctggaattt taaatattat atttttggcc cttgttgttt ttctgggaat     52440
     caaactttgt agaagtcaaa ttaaaagtaa gacattatga atacaattaa tgaatgaatt     52500
     aattaatgta aagcaattgt aagatttata ataacacatg actgctattt ataataacta     52560
     gactttctct tgattttttt aagcatccgc tgctctaaca actcaagtaa gtacttcact     52620
     ttgctgtttt atcaatgata tattgaatac tagaacttct caaacttttc ctaaagtcat     52680
     atcacatagg tttcctttca taactggttt ctttcatatt ttctcttgat attagaatga     52740
     agacagcttg aattacgcat ccattaattt taggcagaaa cctctgaaca ctagaaaagc     52800
     cagagcaaac gtcactcaag atcagtctct gtatgcacat gtcagatcac accagtgaga     52860
     ttatgctata atgctgaaaa gtcatcaaat gtcattgcaa ggtcaaagtt atggccattt     52920
     tgtaagtctt tgtatgttac tgtgtgattt gattttgtac tgtatacatg tacattagat     52980
     attttaattt gctaaactat aaaaataaac gtgtgggttt gtgtgtcagt taatatattg     53040
     ggcacaatgc ttgaatgtta ttggactgaa ttgctttttg gaacaccaag ctattttaca     53100
     tttcaatttg caagtcttaa aggaaagctt gtgtgtagtg tcattcattt gcatatgcta     53160
     aatagatgta cattgaatat actaaatttt tcaaatgttt gcatgtgtat gttattgcgg     53220
     agtttcccat aacaatgctc attaaaatgc attaccttgt ttttattctt taaactaatg     53280
     ataaatcctg gtactcctgg tataaaacat atttggactt agcattgctg tattcatcta     53340
     aagcacttgt gtggtataca ggaacgctaa taaaattaat gacaattcag cagcgtaatc     53400
     ggtttaatac taaattcaag acaaagtctc tactgccacc aagtggtcaa gaacactaga     53460
     atggggtgtg ttggtttgac gaaagtgtgc ctcacgaatc ctgaacagtg aagccaaaat     53520
     attttgagcg cccccagtga ctggctgcag cagaggtcat aaaccttgct ctctccgtgt     53580
     actgtaaaca tttggcacat caaaagcaat tgaattacac tttaatatcg tcaagaaatg     53640
     gcttctgcaa cttcaatttt tttttttact tttaattcct tgtgtacatt gctcaaataa     53700
     gtaagctttt acagtattta gttatatgat gtcattaaaa caggatatgg tgcacttgtt     53760
     gtatgttttt ggttaagtct gagatggata ggtatagcca cactcacact aaggaatttt     53820
     ggtttcactt ttcactggtg gaagaaagtt taagcatgtc aatcactttt cagggtctat     53880
     ggaggtggtc aaacttttga attaaattac agtgacatta gttgaaattg attttaaaaa     53940
     gtagaaaaaa aacttactta taaatgaagt tatatatgta gtgcatataa acaaggaggg     54000
     gctacagttt taaattatat taggaaagat atttagggta attggtattt ctgcctgtac     54060
     agttaatctg tgcattaaac aaattagtgc tcaaaaataa agtgacaatt gctcaaagtg     54120
     atggtaatca ttactgagta atatgtttgc aattgttaac tgtaagcaat cacacaattt     54180
     taaaaagaga ctttctaatt aagcacattt gtcaaggaaa atgtattaaa acatatattt     54240
     tatattttac tagaataaag attaacctct tcttacaatt taatttaatt ctaaaaataa     54300
     acttatttta ggattactaa gttaattaaa gattgcattt taaactgtac tctctccaca     54360
     tgcagagtct tcccttggcc caaagtcagt tatgaaataa aatactgaaa caaagtataa     54420
     catctatata caatgctaaa tcctgactta ttacagtctg gaaatataga agggaaaact     54480
     acagaaaaca gaagaactat gcgaaaactt tgtgaccccc tcttctatcc ctcacctcac     54540
     caaacaacaa cccctaactg agtgtgcctg atacaggtga gtgggtttga caaactacct     54600
     gtagaaaaga cactttcatc tctgacactt taatcgccag ttttgtacat ttgcaccgca     54660
     cacgtttttc caagtttcac acaaaagtag ttaaagaaat aagacaacga ttttacaaaa     54720
     aacatttaac caagtttaac tgacatatgg aggacaaaga gaaagggtct gtgccaaaca     54780
     aaataaaaaa aataaaacaa aaatcaacta actagcccat taaactcttc cccataacta     54840
     caaaatacaa caaaaaaagt aaaccttcca catctgagat gtcgtatcta ctctactacc     54900
     aaagcaatac ttacaagtgt tgcaccaatc ctaacctagt gtgcataact aaaataatgc     54960
     tgcgtgtgtg gcatgtatat cacatgacat agattctcta ttccctctcc tccatctaga     55020
     ataatacaca gatatgatgt tcatacttca gttcccgata gggctgctcg attttgggaa     55080
     aaatcataat aacgattatt ttggtcataa ttgtaatcac gattattcaa aatgataact     55140
     gaagtaaaaa ttattagcgc tcctgacaat ttctttttta aataaatatt tcccaaatta     55200
     tgtttaacag agcaaggaat tttaacagta tttcctctaa tatttaattt ttctggagaa     55260
     agtttttttt ttattttggc aagaataaaa ggaggtttaa atattttgaa acccatttta     55320
     aagtctataa tattagcccc tttaagcaat atatattttt tgattgtctg cagaagaaac     55380
     tgctgttcta caatgacttg cctaattaca ctaattaagc ctttaaatcg cactttgaat     55440
     ctgaatactt gtattttgaa aaatatctag tcaaatatta tgtgctgtca tcatagcaaa     55500
     gataaaataa atcagttatt agaaattagt tatgaaactt ttatgttcag aaatcttttc     55560
     attaaacaga aattggggag aaaagggctg ctaatattca ggaggactaa taattctgac     55620
     ttcaactgca cagttatttt cctccctgca aaggaaagag aaataaatac aataaaataa     55680
     aaatatgaaa caaactgtgt tttaagcatc cttacagtaa gaaaaacact ttagctgctg     55740
     cagtccttca gtcaagagca gagaggcatg ttctccattt attgtttgat taataatcat     55800
     aaaaacaggc ggaagaggga ttatcgcgcg ctgtctcttt aatggttttt ctttcccgtg     55860
     tcttttggtt ctcaactcgt ttgttcatta cacaaatgtg ggctaaaata aataatcacc     55920
     aaacaccgcg ttatgtcaga atctattgcg cgccacacac acgcacagaa tcatgcagtc     55980
     tttcgcattt ttaagagcaa aacgtctaca actggaaaga gggcggttta tgatgcaata     56040
     atcgttcatc tcgattaatg gtttttcata atcgttagaa gccaaaatcg aaatcggatt     56100
     ttcgattaat tgcacagccc tagttctcgg agtttgaaac taaaaacgtt tcagtaatac     56160
     atagcaaaca aagcacacca gcaaaaatta atcaaacaaa atagatcaaa gcaaaagaca     56220
     aagaaacaaa tgcagcgcaa caattggggc tcttctcaat tgacattcaa cacaataaat     56280
     aatgcaaagt gatcatggac aactgccaca caaacaaaca aaaaagcaac attaaacatc     56340
     ttagacacgg cactcttttg tcctttactg ttgacagtac accacattta atccatccag     56400
     agccactcaa agggacgagt tgatttaact cttcagctat ttaattacaa aatcatttat     56460
     tgaattaatt tgtgattcta catgttaaat ttaatcttta atgcttggta aacagtttta     56520
     tagaaacaga aacatattga aaacatattg gacatattga aagtctgttc aagtccaaca     56580
     taatgactat ataaaatttt gcactttaag caacagtata cctacactta ggtataacac     56640
     ataagttgtt taaccatatg tttgagaatt aacaattata atatcctaat catattaacc     56700
     tttattttac atttacagaa tcgtgagaaa gaatcatgat cttaatttta agcaaataaa     56760
     aactgtgatt cacgtttttg ccagaatcgt gcagccctaa tgccaaccgc tgtaaaatat     56820
     agaaagatga cgttgatata acgccactta atagacaaac aagtaatggc tgttgtaaat     56880
     tcacaagact caagtgcaca tgatatcata taatggtgtg caatctttgc acttatctac     56940
     ttggttgtgt aaccctaggt acacaaatgt attataagat ttaatcaatg gaccagatgc     57000
     tcagaagtct aaattcctcc aaagagagag aagatacaac aacagtgaag gactcggaca     57060
     cagaggtaag aatattaaaa cattgtattg taaaatgttc acagaaatat aaaataaata     57120
     aataaataaa aataaataaa taaaacaaat tctaggtttt tttttcacac ctatctaatg     57180
     acctcagtct tatttacact ctctaataac acttctcttt cttcacaggg ttttatggct     57240
     atatcactaa taaggtaagt taatattatg ttattttttc tgtttttcta ttgttaaggg     57300
     ctaatattat attttggtta ctattataac aataatataa tactaatata ttaataacaa     57360
     tactataata aaggtttata agtgtaaggt aataatacaa tattaaaatt gtattattat     57420
     ttaacatata atcaagattt cccttcttaa aacaattaac ttctctctat aaagcttcaa     57480
     aaatttcaac gaatgaacac tctaaaggaa caatgtacaa ataaaataaa aatgaaaata     57540
     aaacattcac ttaaaacatt tcaaaatgtt ccaaaagtcc agtaaaggtg ataaactttc     57600
     aaaaagattc ttttgcaaaa caactaggtt gcaaattcag ttccagagat ccaggacctt     57660
     gcacttgtga gtgtgttgta aatttacact cctaccatga cgctgaatag gttttacttt     57720
     gtatcttttc aacaggtgta tccaaagaat ccacttaatg gtaggctcgc cagtccaact     57780
     ccacaatgag acacgccgat ggaagttgag acaatccaaa tccagaaaag agttcaaact     57840
     tcaattaatt cgaatccaga gcagatcaca tccagcaact gaagtcaata gaacatctca     57900
     ccgatgaaaa accagaagaa gatgcacaaa cgaacaaaac caaacaaaca aaaaaaaact     57960
     tggccttgaa aacacaaggc caaaaaaacc attagcattt tacagtgtat gcattatctc     58020
     agctaaacac atttctaaat aaacagcaac agtaaataac catgtatatg cttctctctg     58080
     ctgaatttct gtgtttttcc tatttctctc tcctatttgg cattttcttt ttacaaatga     58140
     cagcatttta cttaaacttt ctcacttaaa ctttacacaa tcacttgtat aatactctgt     58200
     attatacttt gagtttttac tagaccaaac aaatggttaa ttaataaaac acatttttcg     58260
     acactagttt aaatcatgtt ataatgaaaa caataataat ttttaaaaaa acgaactcac     58320
     caagaaaatc attcaaaatc aaaatgaaac aaacaggaaa actccaggtg gcactcgtgt     58380
     gcagatttca ctctcagaga caaatcttgt ttttttctct ctcaatcctt cattaaaaat     58440
     atatgattga aatcatgtca gcatcttatt aatggtcaat tttcacagtt actacgcatt     58500
     aaaacattaa aagatcaatc taatagttat attactgtta ttaatataac aacttacatc     58560
     tctgctttcc cttgcgaaca ctgaatcaca atagcaacgg taaacacaag ctaacagaca     58620
     agcgagattt gttattgttt ggaaagctga tctgctgcta tagtgtaagg cacgatgatg     58680
     tcattctaaa gcactattcc cttgaatgct gtataatact ctattataaa ttatttatat     58740
     aagtaaataa ttttaatgta tattatttat tcgagtattc tgccaatgtt ttttccttat     58800
     atttctattt gctctattgc tgtatactac ccactagtaa cctgggttac agttgttaat     58860
     aaagtatatg tatctgttac agtatatttg aagaagtgtt caagtagttg ttaagacagc     58920
     aattgtgtgt agacatttgg attacctgat gggacacaat taaagttaaa aatgtgctgt     58980
     gttttcatag agtggcttaa cttgtcagta ttttaaacag tatttaattt gtcagtatga     59040
     tgaaccatga taatcttccc tttttttttt atacagtcca ggcgtgtgca agctctttta     59100
     gtgcaagatt aattcaaccc cggtattaca tagaagatac aggaaataat ttttaccatc     59160
     agtgatcaga ttgtataacc aaaattatat tagatcattt atgcttaatt gtaatagtta     59220
     ttagatatgg acaactgttt acttgttgtt tgaaactaag gtgtgcagta taaatgtaat     59280
     tttattattg tttttataca tatgtaactt attttagcta tttttagtat gtgaattccc     59340
     ctttgggatt aataaggtct aacaaacaaa tgcatattaa aatatgtcaa tgtaattgtt     59400
     ttgtcttaaa atgtgctcac acaagttact tttagctaag acagctcaaa aatgaaatta     59460
     agtctaggat aagccttaag ccttgcctgt gaaactgggg gtcatttttt taaagacttg     59520
     gggcagtatt gtgcacttaa tctcaagtag ccaagacccc aattgtgtat tttttgaaca     59580
     agcaggaagc gtgctgttta ggattgcata cacattacta acaaatgagc aatggtttat     59640
     gcttcaatac ggtggaataa gccccgcctt ttaaataaat gagctagttg ttagtcatcg     59700
     cactttacat cttaaatacc catcttctaa aagaggaaaa ttgggcccct taaaaggttt     59760
     gtgtgtttaa ataattcttt ggaacaactt attttcgctt tctttccaat ggtaaaccac     59820
     aaggtatttc gtagtataaa tatggtaata gtagtataaa taacgtgcta attagaatag     59880
     attttgaaaa acgccagctt tagtgcacct gttaaatata tggtagtatt taaaatatgt     59940
     aaacttgctt gtttgtttgt ttgttttaga gtaatggaaa gatgattgag ttaaattttt     60000
     ctagtcattc tgctgtggta cgtagtgtga aagcataaaa gttaaggtga aagtgcatag     60060
     gaggctcagt tgtttgaagt aaaggctgat ggacacatgg tgaggacgct tttttttatt     60120
     ctaatgcttc agtatgtgca tttaacttga taatatgttc atttttattt gccttttgca     60180
     gggaattaga agtaaagaga tcattttgga agctgaatta tgagatatta cctaattatc     60240
     ttgctgtcct caacaatatg taaatattgt tatgcctttc caaataaatt aaagactaaa     60300
     attaaaattt atctaagact ttaccgtata acacttttag ttctaaagat attttttgtg     60360
     ttttattttg cagtttgctc ttctggtttg gaagttgttc aggagaataa tgtaaaaata     60420
     gctgcagcgg gcgaggaggt gaaccttaca tgcacattta taaggcttgt gcaggcgaca     60480
     aaagcatggt ttaaacaaac ggctgatgga aaatccctac aaattgtgtc tttatattca     60540
     aatggcaagc ccatttggag taacatctct gagaatcact ttaatgttat gaaaggagac     60600
     ggttatttta atctgaccat tttaaagacg aagccgtcag actctgcaac atattactgt     60660
     gtaatctcaa cattttacac ctttggaatg ggttcaggaa ctcgtttact tgtcaggggt     60720
     acagtaagtc ttttattttt cagatttagt tatacattaa acatttttgt tgtgtgtgta     60780
     gtggctgatt tattgtgtta tttctgtcct ttgcttgtaa aaacacagcc acagacagaa     60840
     acacaactct tcatcagtct ttgatagaca ctgttgatcc aggagattca gtgaatttgc     60900
     agtgcagcat cttcactgag agctgcgaag gagatcacag catctactgg ttcaagcaaa     60960
     gctcaggaga ctctgaagga gtgctttaca ccaaaggaga gagaaatggc cgctgtaaga     61020
     acagcactga gtctcaaacg cagagctgta tctacagtct ccacaaaaac aacatcagtg     61080
     gctctgattc tggcatttac tactgtgctg tggccgcatg tggacaaata ctgcttggaa     61140
     gaggaactca gctgaatatt agaggtaaga tgaagataaa acacttgagt atctggttat     61200
     attgttaaaa tgtttagttt gacctttcct ctttggaaaa tcatttaatt aattttaatg     61260
     catataatac aacataataa ggatctgatc taatgaatat agagttcaaa tgcaaaagct     61320
     tttaaataaa aacttttttt cagtcttctg tgtttatagt atgctgttat ttcactttaa     61380
     aaatctattc attgccagaa agtgaaatat ctacacaaaa taaatgatat tccgatggca     61440
     ttgagaggct tttgcatctg aattcttcac atgtaaaaca tgttatttaa aaaggtaaat     61500
     acataattga aactgagtac atgacactaa actgatcacg caacaaatgt tcatttcaat     61560
     tttgttgcag aaagtgattt taatcctgct cttcttgctt ctggaattac aaatgtcata     61620
     ttagcccctt tcacacatac agacctttcc ggaaaattgc cggcaatttt ccggaaaggt     61680
     tgtatgtgtg aacaggtcct ttttgaaaat accggtaaat tcgttctggc tattttccgg     61740
     aaagagaagt tgtaacatta ccggcaattt gccggaatgc tgcgctgtgt gaatgcagaa     61800
     ggaagattac cgtaataagc gtgtgcacgt ctagaacgtg ctgaagtgag acgtctgctt     61860
     tagccaatca caacagtcag acgcatttac gtccgcgcgg tttgtgagaa taaaagcctt     61920
     tgaatatttt tccagacaca tttagctgct agaagttagt cagatcacgt ttatatgttc     61980
     ttcttaatgc caactgtgta aatagacatc aatgagatgc ttatgataag ccgttgtttg     62040
     tttaccttca agctttgcgt gtgcctgtga aacagcctgt gagcgcctgc acgcacatat     62100
     tatgaacatc tcgacatgcg aaagtgatcc tgcgaaagtt gttcacaata ttgatcatcc     62160
     acagagtttg taatttagtc aaatcttaac aaatacaagc gcatccgttt aaagctcatt     62220
     tgtggtgaat gatgtcagaa tttaccggta ttttggaata gatgtgtgaa tgctcttttc     62280
     cggaaatttt ccgtaacgtc ctcgcctgtg tgaacagcgc ttttttgaaa ataccggtaa     62340
     agtcgttccg gaaattttcc agatattcac cgatatcact gtgtgaaagg ggctattttt     62400
     ggcccttgtt gtttttctgg gaataaaact ctgtagaagt cagattaaac gtaagacttt     62460
     acgaatacaa ttattttctt aataaaaagc aattgtacaa tttaaaataa cacactattt     62520
     aataactaga ctgttttttt attttatttt aagcatctgc tgctcaagca actgaagtaa     62580
     gctactgaca tactgtatta aatactagaa cttctcaaac ttttcttaaa atgttagact     62640
     tttgatgtct attaagtctt attacataga cttcctcact taattggagt ttcttttata     62700
     ttttctcttg atattaggat gaagatggcc tgaattacgc atccattact tttagaagag     62760
     caagagctaa agtcacacaa gatcagtctc tgtacgcaca ggtcagatca cagaagtaac     62820
     attcagaggt ttagagaaac ttctataatt ctgaaaaagt catcaaatgt catagaaaga     62880
     tgaaagttat gaccacaatg caagtctttg tatgttactg tgctatttga ttttgtacgg     62940
     tatatttgat gttagattaa atacagataa agtgtgggtt tgtgtgtcag ttgatgtatt     63000
     tggtacaata catgaatgtt atacaaatat gctttggttt tgtggaagct caagctacag     63060
     tacattttat tttacaacag gatttaataa aaaaaacttg tgtgtattat cacctgctaa     63120
     ataaatgtcc attgcaagta cagtgtttta tttttttttc aaatgtttgc atgtgtatgt     63180
     tattgttatt ctggagtttc cttttcccat agcaattgca ttacattatt tttttttctt     63240
     ttaactataa taaacaatcc tggtactcct tgtataaaac atacagtagt tccctggcaa     63300
     tattctagag cacatttatt tggacttagc attgctgtat tcatctaaat aagcaccatg     63360
     tgtggtacac tggaacacca acaggggtca ggggtcaggg gtcaccaatc ctggtcctgg     63420
     agggccggtg tcccttcagg gtttagctcc aacttgcctc aacacacctg cctggatgtt     63480
     tcaagtatac ctagtaagac cttgattagc ttgttcaggt gtgtttgatt agggttggag     63540
     ctaaaatctg caggacaccg gccctgcagg aacaagtttg gtgaccactg cgttaaatta     63600
     taattcagca gcctaatcgg ttaaatgcaa aaagcaagcc aaagtctcta ctgccaccaa     63660
     gtggtcaaaa aacactggaa tgggatctgt tggtttgacg caagtgtgcc tcatgcatcc     63720
     tgaatagtgc ccccctggtg actggctgca acagaggtca taaactgtgt actgtgaaca     63780
     tttggcacat cagaaaaaaa gctattgaat aagactttaa ttaatatttc taagaaatag     63840
     tttctgtaat tttagtttcc taattttaat ttcttaacac cggtgttaat ttttctagta     63900
     agtcagcttt tacagtagtt atacgatgtc ataaaacagc atatggtgca ttcattgtat     63960
     atttgtatag gttcagatat atactgtagg tttagacaca ctccctactc ctgatcacta     64020
     ctgtgctgac ttgggtttta aatgcaactg atgatagagt cctggttgag gaattttggt     64080
     ttcccttttt actacagtag cagaagaaaa tgtaagcatg tcatccacct tttttagagt     64140
     ccatggtttg accacccttt ctactttaat taaattacag tctctgtatt atttaagctg     64200
     gtgtttattt agctgataat gattttaaaa tgaaaagaag atagagcagg gctgtcaaat     64260
     gataaaaaaa aaattgtatt aatcacactt tttttgtaat taatcatgat taaatcacga     64320
     aacgccatat atattacagg aataaaaaca caggcatgta agtgccattt gaatttttaa     64380
     aacaatcaat gccaataaca aacaaaaatg atttccatgt tggattctaa gtggactaca     64440
     aaaaaaatcc taaatatagg cattgcaaat atggaaaatg gaaaattatt ataataataa     64500
     tgtattgaat acaaataatt gtactcattg gaaagttcta ttgcgagttg agaacattaa     64560
     ttataaaagt agaaacaatt ttgtttaggc ctctttaacg tttagccagt tgctaagaca     64620
     gtccagtcta ttgactttat cggtggacaa tgtggccgag gggtacatca aaggcacata     64680
     caaaagatta tagacttctt acagggactt tggtcacacc atctctaaac atttaattct     64740
     aaacagctat aagggatacg aacaaagcaa agggcagaag tgggcaaggt cagcagggaa     64800
     gaaggagagg agcaaactgt tatcagtttg ctcacaaaat gagacacaaa ctgtgaggag     64860
     atgcatgagt ttatagttta caaagttaaa atgcaaagaa ataaacatta atttaatgcc     64920
     ctgctacatt tgttattcat aatttcatat acagataacc tcaatttata tcattataaa     64980
     gataatcgtg ttcatataaa cactataaat gaggactttt ccctcaatcc ccgggtctga     65040
     ctctaaatca gaggtatgaa tgcagactca gtgtcgtctc ctgccctgtc tattttaacc     65100
     attagacctg ctggtaatct agaggattta ggcaaacaca gcagcacagt gatgtgtctg     65160
     aatgtgaatg aactcctgat aaaagacaac gtccgccatt ctcccattct cgtactgctc     65220
     tcccgacaaa aatgcttgca gcacacaaac agctttgatg tatgatcaac cctgacatga     65280
     tcgtggggaa aaaagcatgc aacaaacccc gtggatcatg gaaacaaaca cataccagcc     65340
     ttcatgaaaa gctaaatact gtgtgccatg gccacgggcc cttgtctcag tttgctggca     65400
     ggtctgcctt gccttcggaa agcacgtgct ctcatgaata attaaaggtg cagtaggtga     65460
     ttgtcttcag aagcattttt attgtgctgg ttgaaagtct cttcacagtc taatagtaat     65520
     gattacagta aatgatctaa atgtgtttat atgtattttt atattctggg taaagcataa     65580
     aactaaaaac tgttcatcca attaaataga gtcggaccga catctcccat agttccgata     65640
     agcaggtcag actgtctgtc agcaaatgta gatttggagt tctgcgcatc tgttcatgca     65700
     gatccgccat tagtgcgtgc ccgtctgcat cataaacgca tgagcgcgag cgagctgcgg     65760
     gccgctcgcc gatgccgagt cgccaaagga cagcctagct caggccgatt actgtaaagc     65820
     cagacgcgag tataattcgc ccttaaagcg gccgcacagt cacgagacgg accgggagaa     65880
     ataaaatgct gaattgaaac ttttaaaaac ctaaatcaat attggagtta ctttagcatg     65940
     cttgaggaag gacgacacca tggctaaagt attactgtta gacaggtaat gttctgtttt     66000
     caaactattt tagtcaggct aagcttatgt tatattgtgt tgtgttatga gacttatatg     66060
     caaagacgtg ttgttcagcc actgaaatct cctggtgaaa gactgatgtg attattttca     66120
     gtttcataag atccttttac agcatcgata atgtagattt atatttagtt tacatcaaaa     66180
     catcagtaaa tagcgccatt ccgcctaacc tgcttcattg agcagaagtt gcttttatat     66240
     tcacattggg tcatttttta acaatgacag ccttcctata ctgtttacca tgctactctg     66300
     aatattcgct ctgaaatagc atgtaagtgt ggcaaagtaa taaatgtaat tcctgcacgg     66360
     cgctggcact aactaactgg cgaatgacat gaactagtgg gttgtctgtc tgctgttgtg     66420
     acgcggtgcg cgtcctggcg atttcagggg gtgtggcttt gaatcacagt ccctccccgc     66480
     cgtccaaaga taatatgcta agcggttagc attttggcag atcacctact gcacttttaa     66540
     gcagccggct cttctcatag gataagaaaa ctccgttatg aataatgaga aaccgacgag     66600
     tcatctttgc acttgcagtt ctgcgctgcg tcgccggttt tgatcccgcc caaaaaatca     66660
     ttttaaaccg gaagctgaaa ttagctgaca aaagctcaaa attacccagt tttgcccaca     66720
     attaaagctg acagctgcta acattgtctt aactgatgct caacacacac aaatctgtta     66780
     atataaaaaa aagggtgtcc agggtgtcct gaacctttaa cgcagtaatt ttgacagccc     66840
     caaaataaag ttatatatct agagcaggag aggctacagc ttaaaattgt attagcaagg     66900
     atttttagag tgagtggtat ttctgccttt aaagttaatc tgtgtaatta aaactaatta     66960
     gtgctcaaaa aacatttcag agttgctcaa agtggtggta ttcactacta aatattatgt     67020
     tggcaattgt caatggtttt catgtacaca aatttaaaga gagactctaa tttagcacat     67080
     ttgtgaagga aaatgtacta aaacatatat ttgaatataa tgaagagtaa cctgtttaca     67140
     atttactata attcaaaaca tgaacagatt tcaggattaa tatgaaaatg aaagcgtaat     67200
     ataatacatt gtattttgat cttcagagct attatggtat cagaaaacta taaccatggt     67260
     taaaatcagt ctgttctctc tctaaaagca gagtcttcac agagtctaaa aagtgaaaac     67320
     ataaaatact aagacaaggt ataacactta tacaatgcaa aatcataact tactacagtc     67380
     tggaaactag ggctgggtac tgtttgatac ctgtgctaaa caaatacttt taaccatgta     67440
     ccggtgccaa aatggcgcct gaaccaatac ttttggttca caaaactatg gtggataatt     67500
     cttaaaatat acaaatacaa acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     67560
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacga     67620
     gcgcgcgcgc acgcactaat tttttttttc taattttttt cttcttttta aaatattttc     67680
     caaatgatgt ttaacatagc aaggacattt tcacagcata tctaataata ttttttcttc     67740
     tggagaaagg cttatttgtt ttatttcggc tagaataaaa gcagttttta attttttaaa     67800
     catcatttta gggacaaaat tatttgcccc tttaagcttt attttttctc gataatctac     67860
     aaaacaaacc actgttataa aataacctgc ctaattaccc taacctgcct agtaaaccta     67920
     attaacctag ttaagcattt gaatgtcact ttaagctgta tagaagtgtc ttgaaaatta     67980
     tctagcaaaa tattatttac tgtcatcgtg gcagagacaa actaaatcag ttattagaaa     68040
     tgagttattt aaactattat gtttagaaat atgttaaaat gtgtttacta tttttttgac     68100
     tatttttata tatatttgaa ttgcattcat atatttcttt tgatattttt ttcattagca     68160
     tgaatgcaag atttgcatta tgcaattacc attacattag cttactacta accagtggaa     68220
     aggctgtcat caaaatcagt gaactccttt ttcttgggtt ggggcttaag tcatgaccaa     68280
     gtacatttac atggacacca atactccaga tttaatatga ttaagatgat accctggtta     68340
     aaagaccacc atgtaaaaag ctgcttttga ttaccttaat tcgactagtt ataagtgatc     68400
     taaacaattg aattaaggca tgtggagtat ccctgtttta gacggatatt tttttcaaac     68460
     atataaacac cttaatcaaa ctattaccat agtgtaggac tttgccacat ttggcgagag     68520
     gatacttcat acacaaacgg ctgtttgaca ctattctctg cacctatcga gtaggtgaac     68580
     gaccacagac acacacatca caaaatgcta aagtttcttt ccatccggca tgcggtatca     68640
     agtttcatta aaacaacact cttcccccag tccttactcc atactcacat ctaatatctc     68700
     agcttgtcac agggcataaa tgaaatattc ctaaatgaaa gtgaaagtgc caaaatgcag     68760
     ttaaagtcaa aacataaaaa atgaaacgcc caacactaca ttaccttatt cagattaagg     68820
     caaataatta gattagataa atagatgtaa acatagtcgc tgaaagtgct agatagtgtc     68880
     gctggctctt aaagacagtg catgcctttg attccatgtg tcctcaaatg tttcataagg     68940
     tttaacgtgt ttcccccctt acacgcaact tttgtaaagt tcatctgctt taagtacatt     69000
     tgatgaatgc gatcatgcat gttaatgaat ctgaagggtt ttgtgtcatt ttgtgcgctt     69060
     tgccttctat acattaagca acaagatcaa acacctaaca tcgacaatgg tgtccgtatc     69120
     cctcaaagtt gtttagaact tgtttagaga tggtgtgaca atgcatacat atgtgtgctt     69180
     aaacattgat gcttcttatg tctttgttgc agcaaagtgg caccaaaatt aggcactgaa     69240
     actcatatac taattcagtc cggtacaaag agattacatc ggtacccaac tctacgggaa     69300
     actgaaaaga gaaaaactac acaattacag aacccctata aacaaaaaca ggaccccctc     69360
     ttctctaaca acacgacaac tccaaaccga gtgcacctct cacaggccag tgggcttgac     69420
     aaactacccg tagtaagcac ttttttctct gacactgtaa ccaacacttg ctctagtttt     69480
     gtgaatttgc accagacaag gtataaacaa aaataaatat attattaaaa aatgcacatc     69540
     taatatatgc atttatgaag tgtgtacaca ggtgagtggg cgtagaaaaa ctattctctc     69600
     tatatgagaa aaaaaaccag tgacctagtg ttcagtgggg agtgggtggc atgaatttaa     69660
     cgatgaaaaa cattaaccac aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagtata tagacaactg ccacacacaa     69720
     acaaacaaag caacattaaa catcaaggac acatgaatgt catatctaca tagtgagtat     69780
     gcaatcttta cacttaacta cttgctaata taatgtgttt gttatagtat atttaaagaa     69840
     gcgttcaagt ggttataaag actgcaagtg tgtgtagaag tttggattat ccaacatgag     69900
     acaattatac aggcacagtt tcacagagag tggctcatct taaacctgga ctaggtcttt     69960
     tgtaaataaa gatatttaaa caacttttat aaaaaatgct ttacaaaagc acattactgg     70020
     tatgcatctt aagacaaaaa aacaacactg acatacttta ggattagccc acacaagtta     70080
     tgttcagtta atacagcttt aaaatgtcat taagtctggg ataagcctaa agtcttacct     70140
     gtggattagg tgtaagtgag gggtaattgt tttaagactt gggggcagtt ttgtgcactt     70200
     aatcttcagt caagacccct attgtggatg ttttaacagg ccgaaagcat tcagtttaaa     70260
     tttcacatac attactaaag aatgagcaat ggtttatgca ataaacaata tggtggaata     70320
     catcctgctt tctaaataaa tgagctagtt gttagtcatc gcacttcaca tcttgaatgc     70380
     ccatcttcta aaacaggaaa tttgggcccc ttctaaggtt tgtcgttaaa tacttctttg     70440
     gaacaacttg tttcctgctt tttttccagt ggtaaaccac aaagaaattt gtagtattaa     70500
     aacacgttaa ttaaaataga ttttgagaaa tgccagcttt ttttaaaaag taatggaaag     70560
     atggttgatt cagatttttt ctagtcattc tgctgtggta tgtggtgtga aagcataaaa     70620
     gttaaggtga aagtgcatta gagcctcagt tgtctgaaga agaggctgat ggacacatgg     70680
     tgaggacaca ttcatttttt actcttattg ttcagcatgt gcatataaat taataacatg     70740
     ctcatatgtt tgctttttgc agagaattag aagcaaaaag acaattttgg acggcgaatt     70800
     atgagatatt acttcatttt gctgtcctca acgatatgta aacattgctc tgccttacta     70860
     attgatcaac ataattaatt tgtaacactt tcagttctaa agatattttt gtgctttatt     70920
     ttgcagtttg ctcctttggt gtggaagttg ttcaggagaa taatgtcaaa atagctgcag     70980
     tgggagagga tgtgaacctt ccttgtacat tttcaaggct tctgcaggtg acaaaagtat     71040
     ggtttaaaca aacagctgat ggaaaatccc tacaaattgt gtctttatat ctagatcaag     71100
     tacccaattg gagtaacatc tctgagaatc gttttaatat catgaaagaa gatggttatt     71160
     ttaatctgac cattttaaag acaaagccgt cagactctgc aacatattac tgtgtaatct     71220
     caactgctta caagattgga atgggttcag gaactcgatt atttgtcaga ggtaaggctt     71280
     ttatttttta tatttacttt ttgtgtttgt gtgtagtggc tgaattattg tgctatttct     71340
     gtacttatga agactcagcc acggacagaa atacaactct tcatcagtct ttaatagact     71400
     ctgttgatcc aggagattca gtgaatttgc agtgcagcat cttcactgag agctgtgcag     71460
     gagatcacag cgtctactgg ttcaagcaaa gctcaggaga ctctgaagga gtgctttaca     71520
     ccacaggaga gagaaatggc cgctgtaaga acagcactga atctcaaaca cagagctgtg     71580
     tctacagtct ccacaagaac aacatcagtc gctctgattc tggcatttac tactgtgctg     71640
     tggccgcatg tggagaaata ctacttggaa gaggaactca gctgaatatt agaggcaagt     71700
     taaaggcaaa acacaaatat atgggttaaa tttttacttt gactgaaaaa ctttgattca     71760
     tacactagag tgcaagatac taaatttaat gtaaaaaaaa tatgcaaaac atttttttaa     71820
     tatctgaagc atgttatcta aaattgaaaa ctttcaacaa agagtacttg atataaacaa     71880
     ctcttgttac agaaagtggt catttatatc ctggtcttct tgcacttttt ggagttttaa     71940
     atattacatt tttggccctt gctgtttttc tgggaatcaa aatcttcagg ggtcagagaa     72000
     aaagtaagac tttgagtaca aaatatttgt tgcaatacaa agtaagattt acaataccac     72060
     gtcagctatt tataataaca atgttttttt tttttatcta gcagctcagg aaagtccagt     72120
     aagtacataa atttgtttta ttaatttaat ttgttgtaat ataacttatg atatttaaaa     72180
     gaatatatat tattttaatg tataacccat atgttttatt ttttgttccc tctaaatatt     72240
     agaacgaaga cagcctgaat tatgcagcca ttacttttag acagaaacct ctgaacacca     72300
     aaagagcaag agcaaaaatt actcaagagc aatctctgta cgcacaggtc agatctcacc     72360
     agtgacattc aacattttgc ttctatgcag ttaaaatctt tgtattttta tcttatgaaa     72420
     acttattggt tccatacatt tgatttgtaa gaatcaatta cagacctact taattgatta     72480
     tacccagtat ttaaaggaaa gggctaaaaa gtataacatt ttttctgacc ttacaatgtc     72540
     atcaaaatat tcaattcaat tcaattcagc tttatttgta tagcgctttt acaatgtaga     72600
     ttgtgtcaaa gcagcttccc ataaatagtc atagtaactg gaacagtgta gttcagtttt     72660
     tagtgtttaa gttcagttca gttcagttta gctcagttca gtgtgattta atcattactg     72720
     tgagttcaaa tatataattt aaatatataa ctggccacat ctactgtatg tgttactgtg     72780
     ttattctggc tttgtattgc attttttatt gttatgaagt tgttgtgttg aaaataagaa     72840
     taaggtttgt ggaaaaacgt atgaatgact ctctttttgt attatgtgga acttttaaat     72900
     tttatattac aatatgcttc gttttacaat ctctttatgg atcacatgtg ctggatgact     72960
     taattgtgtc ctctgaaaaa aataaacatg tttatctttt caaatgtgtt cctgtgaatg     73020
     ttaatttgca ttgacaaatt gtatttcttt aggactaata cttgggattc caatgccttg     73080
     tatttattat tttaacccaa atatttaaac tgtggcacct ggatattata ttgttcatgg     73140
     aaaaatatta gcatgaattt atttggtctt taacaaaaat actttagtct ggttgagcct     73200
     aaatgagtga gtgagtcaaa aggtttgtta ctttaatgtt ctcccctctc atgcttctgg     73260
     gtgtttattg ttcggttatt tatttaatgt gtttttttag ttaatagctt atattgattg     73320
     tattttttac cgttgcctct gatatttatt ttagaatatg cacaaaatac tgtacactag     73380
     gactgggcga tatggcaaaa aaattctagg ttttttataa agattgacag attaacgatt     73440
     tcgatttttt ttttttactg tgtgactagt caacttaaaa cattacaaca acatgactgt     73500
     tgtaacattc tctttataag taacttgaaa aaccatctgg ttaaggaaca ttgtattttt     73560
     aatagccacc ccatatataa attggccaac aaggtgtaaa aaattgtaaa acaaattcac     73620
     gagttaaata gttgcagaag atttgaataa aaaaatatgt gtaaatattg cagttgcagg     73680
     aatacagagg tatttttttt gcaagttttg ctaagcatag gaaagatgtc agctcggctt     73740
     cgactttgtc tccttctgat tgaatgacag gttgtaatgc tgcagccttt ttcttaaaat     73800
     gatacagtgg aagtaaagga ctgaacatgg aaactgtaaa gcctcattta acccaatgcg     73860
     tgaagttgtg gacgtatagc aggagcaaat acatccacca gatgtctgtc tagtgtctaa     73920
     tataaaataa tatatttatt tttctttttt ccccctttta aatactgatc atttcatgca     73980
     ctttgtacca ctctctgtat tatgctgcct gactatttaa tagtgtttat tagcttaatt     74040
     ttttaataac cttttaatta atgatttccc acatttaata ctgtagtaat ttatagtaag     74100
     caataaattg tttttgaacc aaaatttagc aataggaaca aattaactat taataataaa     74160
     aaaacaaaag taaatacaca cacacagaca cacacaaata catccatatc catatccata     74220
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     74280
     tatatatata tatacataca ctcagaaaaa aaggtaaaat gagggtacaa tttatttcct     74340
     agagggaaca aaatataaaa ttgtaccttt aaaggtaccc aaatgggcta taaaggtaca     74400
     aatgtccaga tttaggtttg aaaggtacat ttttgtacct tttataacac atttggatac     74460
     aaaattgtac cgtaaaggac aaatttggca cctttaaagg tacaattata tattttgttt     74520
     ccctatagga acaaaattgt acccttagct catgataaga tcaagacact atataacact     74580
     aatttaaatg tattaatacc taacattaat actaaaatac ataatttaaa aatataataa     74640
     ataaataaat tgattgaatt aaatatttta ataatcaaat ttttttcatg tatttaaatt     74700
     acattttttc tcaaaaatgt taataattta atttataatt gaatgtaatt ttaatcatta     74760
     aaaacgtaaa tactggtctt tgcttactgt ttaagaccct atagtttatg ggatgtagaa     74820
     taagaaccat gcagagtgac agcatcttta tacaggtggt gatgttgctg tctctttaag     74880
     aatttggctt gttgagacca atggttgaga ccaactgttt tttacagtca ttggttgaga     74940
     cgttatagta gtgtttgtta ctgaggcggt cggtagagta tgctggctgt ttacacagaa     75000
     cttcgcacgc ttttcaaaga aaagtctatt ttggagtcca cacttttcag gtaagaatgt     75060
     attaaagata tattttcagt ctcattttta catgtgaagc cgtgttctgt tgattttgtc     75120
     tgactctcgg gtctcggctt tcccccgctt taagtgctcc ggactgcctg gtgtaacgtt     75180
     acgttggcct gcaggatgga gtttgctaag atgtctgcag cttattaaag aagttaatac     75240
     aatgtgatat tgaagtcacc gagggacata acgttataga cggtgggtac tatatgctgt     75300
     tagttttctc ggtgtaaaag ttccctttat cgcctacgtt acgtattcgc gccttatatc     75360
     ttacgttacg ttactgcttt attaataagt gttgccacgg cggaatataa tcgcaaccca     75420
     gatagcaaaa tacactcggg ccagttgcgg cggcagaagc gagccgacgc tgccgtatcc     75480
     gtgcaccgga atcgggccgt gagtattgtg cggtgtggcc cggagctggc gcgactaaat     75540
     cttcatatac ctttatataa aaccttttgt tattaatact ggaaatttgt aattatcgat     75600
     aatgttttat attttgaggc cattttctag ccacggttga ccgctgaaat gtaattttag     75660
     acggttatat aagttaaacc gccattttgt gaagaaaaat cacaattttg tcacagacaa     75720
     agcgactgat tatgtaaacg tggctagtta caaacgtgcc gtacatatct ttgtttcagt     75780
     gtcaaagttg cattacatac tattttaaat ttgtaggttt ttacttacaa acaacaataa     75840
     atgtacaccc acgtgtttaa aattattttc taggttttca tcgaaaggtg agagatcaac     75900
     tgaagaatgc tatggtcctg actctaaggt actctttcta aactttctcc actagattaa     75960
     tattattaaa ttctagcttt gtagggattg cttcatattt gtttgtatgt cacatcttat     76020
     gttccaggaa ttgattttac agcagcactt ctcatgttgc tagccttgtt aagcgagaca     76080
     cttcaacatt tcgttgtgct ccggtgcgta tgttgttttc tgtttagtat atgctgtgat     76140
     aaatgcattt tataatgctt gatattcttt atattaggat gatgcagtgg gtagtgctgt     76200
     caccttacag caagaaggtc gctggttcga gcctcagctg ggtcagttgg catttgtgtg     76260
     aggagtttgc atattcttcc agtgttcgtg aaggtttccc cacaagtata aagacatgcg     76320
     ctatagctga atttggtaag cttatttgtc tgtagtgtat aaatgtgtgt gtgaataagt     76380
     gtgtctggat gtttcgtaat actgggttgc agctagaagg gcataaaaca tgctggataa     76440
     gttggtggtt cattccactg tggcgacccc agattaataa agggactaag ccgaaaagaa     76500
     attgaatgaa tgaatgaaat ttatattagt cttttaatct gtgatacctt tttttaatca     76560
     gtgaatatta attattttac tttctatgca tgttgatttt ctcttcatca gtgatagagt     76620
     gactgatatt aatgtaatta ttgctttggc atttacagtg aaccatcttc accacatcca     76680
     acagctcaag tacaggagga ggccaccgac tagacaactg tgttaacaag acaagtcacg     76740
     gcagtcttca gagttgatgg gattgcgatt ggccgggcta atgatgtgga tttttgatat     76800
     atccatctta ttagaagaac accttgatgt ttctgcagtg gaatgttttg aatgaacggt     76860
     ggacggtgac aagcctcgat ctactccagt taccagagtg aacaatcttg ttttttgttt     76920
     ctcttcatgc tcttgggata atcacaatca tcaagttaat ccagcacact gctatcattc     76980
     atgcatagag caaattttta aataacttgt ggtcctaatg actatcaaag aacattttcc     77040
     agatacgagt gctttacatg tcatgtttat caaaagcata aacacatatt gtgttacaac     77100
     aaattacaac tccacttgag gagtaatcta ctgatgttga ggaagaggct actgatgtat     77160
     ggtttagaga tgcgcggttg gcggttatag ccgcggactc cgcggataaa ccgcggatcg     77220
     ggcggatgac gttacgaaaa aataatattt taattaaatt cgggcgggtt gagggcggtt     77280
     gtactgtttt tataggcata gctggcgcac caacgaaaaa gcctaggact gatttcacag     77340
     aatgggagga ggaatcggat acactaattc tggatgaagt acagaagtat tcctctacaa     77400
     acttccgtat agacggatca gcagaggaaa atctacttcc ttttgggaga aataaggcca     77460
     ggcattccca cgactacagc acctttccaa gagaatccta tgcatttcag caacaagtgc     77520
     tgcgagcgag cgctccttca gtgcagcagg gcgcattata gtggctatgc aggcgctccc     77580
     gtctgaatcc tgacactgta gatgctattt tattcctgca ttgtgccaag acaaaaatca     77640
     aactagacct aaggtcaggc atattaaacc aattagccta tgttatttag gctacacata     77700
     tgttcaatat aaacttttga gttcggtcag ctgataattt tacgttcata ttggtttagc     77760
     ctattctatt ctagacatgt tggcctcgct tttacgttcc gaggctaagg ttattttgcc     77820
     agaatttctg tcgcaactgg catagtattt cgttatgctt caagtttgag ggcaatgggg     77880
     ataatcctaa gtccatgggt tattggggca cttgtcatac atgcacttta gcctggtcag     77940
     actttatgtt cgctcaaaga gggatggcat atctattttt ctaatttaat ttctaattgt     78000
     gggggtgact gagcctacaa ggcttaggca cgatatgacg tttttattaa aaaaaatttc     78060
     aactgtttgc caaagcatgc gactatagcc tatgcctaca ttaagatatt tatgttaata     78120
     ttttttactg cctgttgttt cttttggcat ataaaatagg tattgtctga tagagatata     78180
     aataaaggtt catcttgtcg cagaactggt gttgcttccg atttctacaa gctcaataac     78240
     atccacagca aaaaataaaa aataaataaa taaagttgaa aaactgtgcc cattaattag     78300
     atgtgcaaga caatcaggta cgtttttggg gttgctatgg acaactacaa atgtaaacat     78360
     tattaggcta taatgtaaat gacttattat tctatctatt tactaaaaaa taaagtgaaa     78420
     taggcattta gtagtaggct aaatagcagc atgttgaaat gatgcgtcaa tgcgttttct     78480
     attaggctac aataaaaaaa aaaaagttgt acagttcagt gcgtttaatt taggctattt     78540
     atttactttt gtccctgtgc gccgattgga gacagagttc actgctgata ttctgagagc     78600
     tcgggtgctt ctcatttctt atttgtgcat cctcgtttcc tttccttgct ttctttcctc     78660
     gtgtttccac cccaccggga tacgagggaa ggacgcaagg aaaagactca aggaccgagg     78720
     aatcgaatca agtgaaaaga cacgtcctcg tatctttagc gtcacttcaa agggtcgtca     78780
     attaatgact tgcacgtttg aattaactgc atgtctacat taaagtcatt ctctattcta     78840
     taatgatcaa taaagaaaca ttcatttaat aataaaaagg aataagccat tcaaataaag     78900
     agcccaatca gcagatggcg ggcgggtgcg gttttaaaaa ttggtcaaaa atgttactgc     78960
     ggatggatgg cggacggatg atgaattttg tcatgcggtt gcggatgaaa taatagccca     79020
     tccgcgcatc tctagtatgg ttttctgcac tgttgaagca atttatagag aaacattgcc     79080
     ttcattctga aattcagaga aaatgttgat gacaaattat ttattatgac cgagtattct     79140
     gactaaagac aaatactttg gactttataa agtgcagtac ttgatgtagc ctgtgtaatg     79200
     tgtttataaa tcttaaacag tattcttgtg gtctttgtat taagtgtaga ttatttagtt     79260
     tttattctta tctaaattgt tctttttact gttttacatg tctgctttat acttgctgtg     79320
     taattttatt tcttatttct taacacattc agttgtgagt tgtaattaaa tatttctaca     79380
     ttaataaata aaaatgtaca tctgtgaacc aaaatatttt atttatttat ttgtgcatgc     79440
     agtcaccaaa ggatcaaaat gcctgggtca gtaccctgaa aatattatat aatataaaaa     79500
     ggtacatttt tgtaccttct gtgtctaggg tacaaaattg tcccttaaag ggtacaaatg     79560
     tagaaggtac aattttgtac ctttaaacag aggtacaaat ttgtaccctt aagggtacca     79620
     ccccagtgac gggccatttg tactctaaaa ggtacaattt tgtacctttt cttctgagag     79680
     tgtatataca tacatatata aaacagcttt aacggtttag taaaagagta gtttatatat     79740
     aaacttataa ttataatcag ttaagataat cagttgatta atgtaggata attcatttta     79800
     aagtgacata ttattgtttg ctttttatat tttacaacaa agtgatttta aatctcaccc     79860
     aggagattca gtgaatttgc aatgcagcat cttcgctgag agctgtgcag gacatcacag     79920
     catctactga tttaagcaaa gctcaggaga ctctaaagga gtgctttaca ccaaaggaga     79980
     gagaaatggc tgctgtaaaa gcactcaaac acagagttgt gtctacagtc tccacaagaa     80040
     caacatcagt caatctgata ctggcattta ctactgtgct gtggccacat atggacaaat     80100
     actgcttgaa agaggaacaa ctgaatatca gaggtagagt ttatgaaaaa aatatttaat     80160
     cagtcattca ggattatttg aatatttgac taaaatattt gtgaaaataa gaactgtttt     80220
     atttttgtga ccataaaagg taagaaattt aatatattta cataatcaaa attccactac     80280
     agaaatacat tggcctctgc aggctttatg ggggtaaata tataaagacc tttttaagat     80340
     caaataaatg gtaaaaagct taagaatcac aacatggaaa tccctttaat agtgagattt     80400
     tcaattattt tcttaaattt cttcattttt gcatctaaag aaaatcttga tcttaaggat     80460
     gtttagaaat atggaaaaat atgtgtatgg aaaaatttcc atacacccag taaaaacaat     80520
     ttaagagctg atttgtaatt tggcataatc actgaatcag aattaaatat ataatgatgt     80580
     gtgctctgtg atctcataga tgcatgtaat taatcttcag cccataaatc cagactggct     80640
     tcactttttt gctcaaataa agagcaacgt gtacctctgt ttagtttata attgtttctg     80700
     tatgattttt tcattgctgc atgtccttct ctgtttatga ataatgcatt gttcagagtc     80760
     aaagaaaaaa ttctaacaga tggctcacat ctagcaaaga tgcaacattc aaagttttta     80820
     cacatttaac aaaaacttac tggcattaaa gatgtgttta ctgttgattg tatacacact     80880
     gatctctata ccaagaataa taataattac ataatttcta ttcaatttaa tgagttccct     80940
     tcatctgaaa tttaaaaaaa tcattaaata ttattgcaaa atgaaaacta tctatatttt     81000
     aatgtcgttc tatgtttcag ttctattttg tatgaatgaa tatgttagga atgagattag     81060
     aattagtctg gtcttgaatt tataatgata tatttgtaga taagtctata ctttgttgct     81120
     catttcatgg ggaaacttga atatcataac tatgtttttt ttctttttac aacatgtctc     81180
     ctagtgaata aactgtacac acatttgttc agctgtttgt atgtgaatgt tatggtggag     81240
     tttgcgattg aggactaata atgaggtctg aaataaacca acgatggaaa ttgcattgca     81300
     ttgtttccat tattttaatt gaaattataa attcttgtgg ttgtattaag taaagtttcc     81360
     tgggaaaatg cttcctatag ttcaccttaa tttttttatt tatccaaaat tcaacccata     81420
     gtctctactg gcacctagtg gtcgaaaagc attaaaatga catctgttgg tttgacttcc     81480
     tcctcctgtc aaacaaactg ccacattatg catttaatct gttttgtagt taagagatga     81540
     tcctgataca aaataaaagc agcggagact aatttataat tgcttattca ggaaaacaat     81600
     ttaaaataat ggtacattag ttcatgttgg ttaatgtatt tattaaaatt aagtatgaat     81660
     aatcttgtaa agcatttatt aatcggcagt ttaacaataa ctaatgcatt attaaaatcc     81720
     aaagttgtgc ttgttagcat taatgcaccg tgagataaca tgaactaaca tgatgttatt     81780
     taacttaact aaccaattta aactaaccaa ttttgaacta acttatttaa cttaactaat     81840
     attaactatt aataaatacc ctaataaatg tatcactaaa tgttaattca tgttagtata     81900
     tacaataact aaatggacca ttattttaag aaaactttag aaaaaagttg gggaaaaaaa     81960
     ggtaagatgt aaaagttgaa tgtgcaaaaa tgtcattcca ttactgcagc tggtttttga     82020
     agcagctttt gcattcagtg tttgctgaac acttttgtga tacgccagta agcttatctt     82080
     atattatctc tcgttggctc tgatgtaaga cacacgtcat ttgctaaccc catgattgaa     82140
     actggtggtt taatagtttc atttcttgac atcttcgaac ctgtaagaag tttaaaaaca     82200
     gaggccttaa aaggtttgtt ttattgtttt tatgctattt gaaacctata ttctactttt     82260
     gttccttatg atgaactaca tactatattt tcttctattt tggacagtaa ttttgagagt     82320
     gacccgtttt aagcttatgg tagactattt ccactgatag tgtttttcaa tttctgtctc     82380
     aatacatgag agttatgaga gtaatggaaa gacgctcggg ctagattttt ttctggtcat     82440
     tttgatgtgg gaagtagaat gaaggcatga agttaaactg aaggtgtatg taaacctcag     82500
     ttgtctgtag cagaagccgt tggacacatg gtaacattca tctactcgta ttttctcgca     82560
     tgttcaaatg tttttacaac ctgctcattt gttcgctttt tagggaaaaa tttaagtaga     82620
     aggataattg tggaggacag atgatcatga gatattactt tatccttttg ctttcctcaa     82680
     caacatgtaa atattacaat cttttaaaat attaaagtgc aatctaacaa ttattgaaca     82740
     ctaatttcag ttataatata ttgctttgca gtttgcatct ctgatgtgga agttgttcag     82800
     gaggatcatg taaaaatagt tcaagctgga gaggatgtga acctcacttg cacattttca     82860
     cctcatatac aattgttaac agcatggttt aagcacacgg ttgatggaaa agtgttacag     82920
     attgtgttta atacgttttt tacacaacat cccatttgga ataacaactc tgaaaaaatg     82980
     aataagaaaa atgctatcgc aggagatggt tattttaatc tgaccatttt aaatgtcaag     83040
     ccttcagact cggctacata ttactgtgta atctcagcat atcaagccat cgcaatgggt     83100
     tcaggtacta gattaattgt cagaggtaag ttgtgtttat tatattagtt ctattcagtt     83160
     tgtgttggct aattatttaa atcctgacta tttgactgtg cttttaaaga tgaagccaca     83220
     gatagaaaca caactcttca tcagtcttca atagactctg ttgatccagg agattcagtg     83280
     aatttgcagt gcagcatctt tactgaaagc tgtgcagggg atcatagcat ctactggttc     83340
     aagcaaagct caggagactc tgatggagtg ctttacacca aaggagagag aaatggccgc     83400
     tgtaagaaca gcgctgagtc tcaaaagcag agctgtgtct acagtctcca caagaacaac     83460
     atcagtcgct ctgattctgg catttactac tgtgctgtgg ccgcatgtgg agaaatactg     83520
     cttggaagag gaactcaact gaatattaga ggtaagatga aggcaaaaca caagtatctg     83580
     gttaaaatga tgaaaggctt ggtttgttca ttcctatatg gaaatgtatt tcatatattt     83640
     ctatatatat ttctatatat atatatatat atatatatac atatataata tatatatata     83700
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata gaaataaata taaaattcat atttaaagca     83760
     tgttaaataa aaaaataaga aataagttac atttgaaaca taaattagtt aatataatct     83820
     gatcttaatg caaaaatttc acgtgttcaa ttttgttaca gaaagtggtg atttatatcc     83880
     tgctcttctt gctcttggaa tttcaaatgt tatatttttg gcccttgttg tttttctggg     83940
     aataaaactt aggagtcaga ataaaggtaa gacttttaga ttataattca tcttttataa     84000
     ttgtattctt ataaattgtc agataccaca tctgctattt agaataacat ttttttttca     84060
     ttttccaaag tgcttgcagc tcaaagaact caagtaagta catgatttct taaaatctat     84120
     tgcatcttag aacttctcca aaatctctta ggtgttctga tgtgtttgta agccatataa     84180
     ttcattttgt ttgtttttct cttgatatca gaatgaagac agcctaaact acacacccat     84240
     taattttagt cagaattcta gaagagttgc agtaagtgac tctcaggacc aatatttgta     84300
     tgcaatggtc agatcacaaa agtaacattt cacatctgca ttgatgaaat attcaatgca     84360
     cttaatttaa ataatttcag ttagttctac tcaacttctt ttaatccatc tgtaacaatc     84420
     attatattta aaggaaaggg ttattcaagt ttttgttatc ttaaaatgtc acccaaaaaa     84480
     aaaaaaacag attgtaaaat tatagctata tagctggcca attataatgt atttgtatgt     84540
     tactgtatta tttggatttt actgtatttg tattgttata atttgctaaa gatgtgtggt     84600
     tttatgcgac tgaataatgc atgtacagta tgctgttaga ttcttgtgtg caacttcatt     84660
     taacatctct ttatggatca catgtgtaca gtattgttca tttgcatctt atatacgagt     84720
     tatatatgtg aataaatata tgtgaagatc atgtgcattt gactgaattt taatgtgcat     84780
     taatttctta agacatactg tggttttagg gaaattaata gaggaaatta ttacagtgca     84840
     ttgtttttat ttttaactta aatcctggta ttaatattag gtatagttca ggagttcaac     84900
     atattagtgt gcatttaggt agtctacaac aagaattctt cagatttgtt gaatgcagaa     84960
     ttcagcccag agtctctata gccaccaaat gtctgagaca aattgaaaat ggaaaaaaaa     85020
     aaaaagaata ttctcagaca aaaagctatg aaacagtaac aattcccttt caaaatgtat     85080
     actgttgaac ttttttgtac tatgggtaca tgttcgtatt agtaccttaa agttatttat     85140
     cagtacctaa aggataaata ttgtacccta aaggctcata ttttacacct aaaaagttga     85200
     cagcttttgt atcattattt ctgagagttt aaatacaaat aggtgatatg atgcagaagc     85260
     tgatatgatt gttttttctt gtgctcttat aaagctatag tgtttctgtg aaaatgtatt     85320
     gtataaattg atatgaatta attattttca ttgtgcatag ttgtgatggt taaatatcct     85380
     attcagggct cgaaattaac tttcttactt ggtagcactg gtgctcccaa cctgcaatat     85440
     ttaggagcac cagaaaaaat ttaggagcac tcaccaaaaa ctaatgatat atttttgaca     85500
     agttgtatat taagggattt attgtatttg aaaacaacat catttgggac taacgaaacc     85560
     cagaaacaac tatctaacta atgctgtgat gacttaatat ttgtgcaata attccaaaat     85620
     gaatgtagaa taattataaa atattaatga tgatgatgat gacaataata ctaataatga     85680
     attatatttc tcatcatcat gctgccttga atgtgcttta atgtaagtta tctgctatat     85740
     aaagtcctac tgttacttta tgaaaaataa attgatggtt tgttttgcat caaacacaaa     85800
     tgaagcattg tagtaagaaa tatttatttt gtactattgt ttttatatgc atgtcaattt     85860
     aataaataat atttctgtga caaaacaaat gaaataatat aataaatcat tcaattcaat     85920
     gctgaaagct gcaaagcagt catcagtatt taaatagaaa aataatatac atctcaagaa     85980
     agaacggaca aaagaaagga aaaaaaagcc tcacttttaa aagttttggt tttggttcgt     86040
     ctcgctttaa tgctcagcct cgttacgcac tgaattacat ttttctgtgt ttgtggaaaa     86100
     gcatgcgagt cagccggcca aatatgaggg gggcagagca ggattctccc gatgaccacc     86160
     ggcgcaacac tgttctttgt tataactcgc atcagtttaa actcagtaaa ggcaagcttc     86220
     tttggcaatg gtgttttagc agacatttgc gctgttgcag cctgatctca cgaggaaacg     86280
     tatgaaaaag ttacgaattg ccttgagatt gtgttggctg aacacgcagc atgcaacgca     86340
     tcgagagtca gtgtactttt cactcttcag ccgtttgcat tccccgcggt cacaaaagct     86400
     ccctccctgt catctgacag cagaaagtct tgagtgattg acagctaata tgaaccaata     86460
     tatcggtttt accacgtttt taaaaagaaa aaaaaaaaca ggtcgcaata ctaccattat     86520
     atgcagtcgc acaaatgctc ccaatatata ttatgaggtt gcatagctta aatttcgggc     86580
     gcatatgcaa ccaaaatggt cgcaatttcg agccttgctg tttatattta gagaacttgc     86640
     tttgtgtact tttactctat gccttaacta acatgattat tttccttatc caaaaaaatg     86700
     actgtcccga ctccctaata atgaatatgt tgggtcctaa taataataac aatttttcta     86760
     agtaactttg ttagtgctta ctgtacagta tgttttttta tttttatttt acaaatgtct     86820
     cgatgcatgt cgcctaaggg cgtcacacac cggatgtgcc tcgacacaac gtgcacatga     86880
     cagtttaaag cacgtcgtcg agcggtgctt ctggtgtgtg acccccttaa catgaaaaat     86940
     gctaagcaca tcctctcatg tacaccacct tacaaggcac ctgttgagtt ataagcataa     87000
     ctttcatctt tttgtcccgt gagtcatttt gtcaaataac attaaacaac attacaatga     87060
     agccaactaa atacagccta ttattattaa aaagagtttc tttttacagt gttaaataat     87120
     tcgttttatt catttatttt ttgttattat tattactact aatattacta tttttaaaag     87180
     tatgaaagcc aaactgcaga gttggtttga ttgaaaagtt acaatctttt ataagttttt     87240
     ctcagataaa gatgagtgtt taggtgtcta ttcaagtgtt tacaaaaaaa aaccttacac     87300
     atttaaaatg gaaactttca aacattttgt agtttttgta aactgcagcc aataagcaaa     87360
     taagcatagt tcatatgttt aatgaaaaaa aactaaagca atttacttga caaaccatta     87420
     tttgaatgaa attagcacac attttgtatg agtacatgtg tgcccggcac ttttttaaag     87480
     ttaataggca gttgcagaca gagcttaata acaccagtga ttcttaatac ctgtcggttt     87540
     acttatggct gtgaagtaaa acaattatta agccacactc agttttgcct tttttggcag     87600
     cactgtatta aactgaacta aactgatgca ttatctcatg tgttggtgga tttagtgaat     87660
     ttaaaatgtt tagatacctt gttgcctata ctgtaggcag atgcttttgg tatattcagc     87720
     attgcaccac tgcacattgt ccaactggga ggaaggagca ggacggcttg ataaaaaaag     87780
     acgaggaaga gaagaagacg tcaggttctg gcaacctctg gaaatcaagt ataaaatgag     87840
     tataagaaac aacaaagtat tttgcaaact aggtatattt aaaataaatt atactgaaaa     87900
     gaaattttaa aaacttaaaa agtaaagcaa gcatgtagta gctttgcaaa aaaaatgtgt     87960
     ttttctgttt tatctttgtt ttgtggtttt taatatattt taaggattta tctcaatgtt     88020
     ttgtaacaga tgctgtggat caaatgacag taaaatgatg gcagatgcag tatgcccaag     88080
     tgtaacaatt gctatataaa atttactttc tttaatggtc gaaatagaac aaaacctata     88140
     catggtgtaa ttgtaaacac aacacttccg tccagtgaga agctgaactg gaccccagcc     88200
     cacagtcacc caccaactga agcatcacca cttcatgaag agtaagaaat tattgaggag     88260
     ggattcgcca tggtaagatt gactaagcta agtgagggtg aataagagca ttaccccacg     88320
     acattgaggg tcttccccat agatattgca tgagagggaa agcactcaac atcaccatcc     88380
     aaagagctga gataagctgc cgtggcccta aatatattac attatatatt agttggtata     88440
     aatgtattac tgttatttta gactgtattt gatttgatct caaccacaac ctacttctaa     88500
     tgtgctctta tatttgctct tttgttgttg cttttttgtt ttccaaaagg gcacatacca     88560
     tttaactaat aagattataa agtgaatgga aactgatatt aaagtaaagt tggttatttt     88620
     ttgcacattc attcatttca agggtcccta tactgtttac tacccaactg tctatattta     88680
     gtctgaaatc gcattcaagt gtgacttaaa aacattagca ctctttaatt gattgtacac     88740
     aatgctactt tgattgtcat tgactactaa tgtgattttc atgtttagaa ttggaaaaca     88800
     attgttttct gaaatattat taaggataaa gtctgcatgt gggaaaataa aagcaacttt     88860
     acctcaatgt ggatatggtg tgagggaaca gcactcaaca ccatccagac agaaaaacga     88920
     caatgtgtcc ctgtccctga ataggctcca ataaattata gttggtattg atttatttct     88980
     gttattttag attaaacatt acatttgttg ttttattatt tggctatttt aatttatatt     89040
     ttattttaat ctaattatat ttgtatagcc tatattagtt tttatatatc tataaattgt     89100
     tggtattgta ggccttaaaa ggctaattat gtatgtgaaa atatctccat ttacatttac     89160
     gttatgctga gttttcaaaa ataataatta ttaaaattat aacaaagtta tcttttgatc     89220
     acaattccaa actctggagt gtgcattagc ttctaaattg aagtgcattc agtcttttaa     89280
     cattaacgtt aattacttgt aacgttagac ctcacttaac atctaacgtt atttatttgc     89340
     tggctagtgg attacagcaa taaaagctaa gctctttatc ttaaattaac aaacgtgtaa     89400
     cttaacgttg attttaacgt tagttttagt ttaatgtcgt ggggagagag accacattcc     89460
     actgaacttt tacttgatac acttaaagct ttatttaaag agtacatttt tcttaaactt     89520
     cgtttggaat gcacacttac aagttttgtt tcaggcctac tgcttttaaa tccttgtttg     89580
     tgacgaggtt tctgagaggt gattaatgag tggtctggtg tcctccattt tcgcggtctc     89640
     gactggtaaa cagttgggaa aagggcggaa aggcgtttta ttcttcccgc ttcagccggc     89700
     tgataccatc tcaaacgtag aggaggacga atggattaaa tattatttca gagttagttt     89760
     tatttgtcag gattattaaa attagttgga tttaataatt atcactttgt gtttgttata     89820
     tttctgttaa tttgttaagt ctgtttagta aaataccttg tttgtaaaaa ccgttaatat     89880
     gtctccccta tgtcacataa attagtatag tctcaactct caaattcgcc tcagtctgta     89940
     gtgtgcagct aactagaaca gtgcagtttt taattggttt gagacaatgg gcgtcgataa     90000
     acaggaaatt aagttggaaa aacgttactt atgaatgaat tatacattgc atataaaaca     90060
     ttgaccccgt taattatttg tactttttta taccaattta tttatttgtg gaaatcattc     90120
     ttatgtacat tttacagtat aaaaaaacat tcacttactt ggcaacccga aacaaatcac     90180
     gttttaaata aaatctttcc cagttgatta atgcatttaa ggtaattttt aatgtgggtt     90240
     tatttttatt tatctgtaca tgtaaattta tacttaatgt attattattt acttgttttg     90300
     tctatttttt ctaaatgtaa tcgctaatgc tttgttgttt gacatcccca aaccctgggt     90360
     ctttatttga caattgttct tctcttcact tttttatttc atatgcaagt gttaataaac     90420
     atttacattt agtcatttag cagatgctta tgatgctttt aaaacaaaga aagaaggaga     90480
     gcacctgtca aagatggcac atggctcctg aaacccataa aagtaagtaa tactatgtat     90540
     gtatgtatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatataa     90600
     tctttttttt tcaacagatt ctttttcttt aactattgag aagaaaataa tttatgtgaa     90660
     tttatgtgtg tgaagcatga aaatctatat actttgagga tgggatctgt ccccacccca     90720
     cacagcaagc acataacatg cggcccacat gaatttcaca tgaactacag aggtacagag     90780
     cagtcattgg cttaaaatgg gcatcttatt tggagcctat tgggtggccc agctagtggt     90840
     gaacccatga ggtctcccta tgtgattttc agttggataa tacattttat gcagaaatgt     90900
     aaaaatgtaa tgcattggct caaaaatgtt attgttttga cacttggact aacaagctac     90960
     ttaaagtaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaatgtttac attttaaatt attataaaac gaaaacggcg     91020
     acacggtggc tcagtggtta gcactgtcgc ctcacagcaa gaaggtttga gtcccagctg     91080
     ggtctgttag catttctgtg tggagtttgc atgttttccc cgttcgcgtg agtttcctac     91140
     cggtgctcca gagtctaaag atatgcggta tacagtaggt gaattgaatg aactaaactg     91200
     cccatagtgt atgagtgtga atgagtgtgt atggatgttt cccagtacta ggttgtggct     91260
     ggaagggcat ctgctgcata aaacataccc tggataagtt ggcgaatcat ttactgttgc     91320
     gacccctgat aaataaaggg attgagccga aagagaatta ataaataaat aaaataagaa     91380
     caggcacact gctccactga gaaaagcact tattggtagc tgtggcacag caatatcaaa     91440
     agcaaatcta catctttgcc ctgacaaaat gacatataat tacaaggaac ttttggcttg     91500
     acaaaaaagc attgtacatg tgataaagat gtatataaga acaagtgaca attggagttg     91560
     attagagaac taattgtata cattatgtat ctaagtcgtt ttcagctgtg ttgttgacat     91620
     gctaaaccag aatacagcgt gtcctcttgt ttgctctctc tcttcactct tgagtatttg     91680
     ctggaggtgt ttactgtagc gtaggtcact tcactaaact gaatgaaaaa agtagaagaa     91740
     aagaaaatgt ttattacaat attcattatt attagtgact tcaaatttgt tttcatttat     91800
     aacatcctac cggacgtatt ggcagatctt cattagcagt ctgtattcga gattttctcc     91860
     ctgttaaaat taaaaataag gagaaaaata ataacaatga aataaaaaat gcattatgat     91920
     aagacgatgc ttacacgtgt aattatgttt tagagattac aggatacatt agcagagatg     91980
     cttaccgttt ttcctcagac agcaaagcag aatattgatc gcaagactta ttgccagtaa     92040
     cacaccgagg ccaatttgaa tgaacaatat tttcgggctc ccaacagcat ctgaagcatg     92100
     caaacacaca tatgtaaaat aatttgcttg tcaggttcct gtgtgtaggt ttattatttt     92160
     atttattatt aattaaaaga ttagggtatt ttcattgccc tcaaagtgaa ataactgaac     92220
     ataaacatag aaggctgaga aaaatgctaa ttttagaaga acattccaga cggctctttt     92280
     tattattatt ttttttttac atctaaactc ttttatttat ttatttattt attattattt     92340
     attattcaat tattttatta accagaaaat gttgattcaa tctacaaaat atgaaaaaag     92400
     catggtgtat cgtgaagagg agcacactaa atatcatcat ggctcttatt agacaaaatt     92460
     atctagcaaa aaaaaagaac aaaatgggca aactagagga ttttttaaaa agcctaaatt     92520
     aaaatgccca gaaacaaact aaaaactcac ataaataaag tacaaactga ctacaatatg     92580
     atcagtttca gtgtctcatt ggatctaccc tgtatttgat tcctcaatta ttatgtttcc     92640
     ttgctttatt acagatgtac ccatttaaaa cttgaaaaac cacaaacgtt ttaacactct     92700
     ccagcaaaaa tgcagaaatc aactttggct attgctgtac agtgtgatca gtatagtatt     92760
     atttttatat ttcataatta ttttatttta ttattttatt tgaattatta ttttatattt     92820
     cataattttt ctgtgttggt ggagttatta tgtgacatta catttataaa agactaaact     92880
     aatatcattc ttgtgaaatt ttaattgttt taaaaaattt cccaagtgct gtttaacagc     92940
     aagatgtttt cagcatattt tgaaatatga aattttaata tgttattttt aatgactatt     93000
     ttagttagcc ttttccattg tgacagtgca taatatattt ctgggtatta tgcaggatac     93060
     ttattagtat tattttaaac acgcaattta aaggcttaac taggttaggt ttagttaaga     93120
     tacagtgggt tacttaggca agtcattgga caacagtggt ttgttcttta gccaaataag     93180
     aaaaatatat atactgtaga agggtttaat aatattgact ttagcttagt tttaaaaaaa     93240
     aaatcatccc agccatacta aaataaatac tttctccaga agaattatat aatatgaaat     93300
     aatgtgaaat gttttctgct ctgttaaaca tctcctggga aatatttgaa aaagaataaa     93360
     acattgctct gtctggaggg ctaatcattt tgtcatcaac tgcaatgcaa ctcttccata     93420
     acttctcaag gtcttcaatc ttcgaaagat tttgaaaata aaaacatttt ccaaataaac     93480
     tcacacttac ctggattcag tttagaaaca tttccaaata aagcctgtcc acatgtggcc     93540
     agtgcacaat aatgcatttc catttttgat gaccttgatc ttttcattgg gagattgtac     93600
     atgcaggtcg gtgaaagaca gtcagattca gagctcccga cacatgattt acttgagttt     93660
     ccataaatat gaataaaccc tggaggagat tcttctgacc catgactgaa ccagtagaga     93720
     cgatgttcat ttctcactag ctgattttgg actaaacagt aaagaggctt ttttacctcc     93780
     gactcaactt gttcaagctc atgcaactgt agataagtgg gtttgttgat ttttgttcct     93840
     ggaacagatg atattatgaa cagttttaga atcattagaa acttttaaaa gagatatttt     93900
     acccccaaaa aacagtgttt ccgttattaa aataagtttc agttatttta gttctgttga     93960
     acacaaagga agatattttg aagaatgctg aaaatctata acaattgact tcattaatat     94020
     ttgttttttc ctaggaagtc agtggttaca ggtttccaac attcttcaaa atgtcttctt     94080
     ttgtgttcaa cagaacaaaa aaacaaaatg atttgttaca agtcaagggt gagtaaacaa     94140
     cggccgaatt ttcatttttg ggtgaactat gcgattagca tgaagatgaa atgcactgac     94200
     tcacctttaa caaccagacg agtgccattt ccaaattcaa tgacattgga gaaagatgta     94260
     gtacaataat atgttcctga atctgactgt acagcgttca caatcttcag attaaaacca     94320
     ccagtgtctc tcaacacttc aaaatgactg ctgtcaaatt cattgtgaaa ttggatttct     94380
     gatgaacgta ggatagagga agcaatgaga cgtggctctt ctccagtgac ttgcttgtac     94440
     cacagtgtca tgctcatttg tgaatttgtg ataaaacagc gcaaaactac tgtctctcct     94500
     tcctgaaatg acaccactgt atcaggctgt atgatgtttc catacactgt ctcagctgtt     94560
     gaaaaaatac aaacaaagct aacgttatga cgatcttcag aaaaagcatt aacgttatta     94620
     ttttaattca tgtaaacatt actgaaatgg cacttacaga cttcacacaa gaggaagatg     94680
     atcacacaaa gttgtttgtt catcttttct tcagtcagaa cattctgtgc tgaggttgag     94740
     aaaaaaaaaa gctcacacag aattgaccgt tacctgcact tagtttataa ggtcacatga     94800
     ttttttaagt gagcaaatca ttgttcattt cctgaagttg acacagtttc aaccacagct     94860
     taaaagaatt ctgtggaaaa ataagaaaat attagcagac gttgcatgca gtttggacag     94920
     taaatcttta aattaaattt aaattaaatt aaaattcatt aaagtacgtt catacattaa     94980
     aatgtaacaa attaattgtt ttaattggac agagaaagat tctatattta attttgattc     95040
     tacatttgat tatattaagt atatttagta tgaaatgtat gagcctggac ctgaaacctg     95100
     aagttggaga cttaattttt gattagtaat atgcattgag caacttttaa atatgtataa     95160
     actatatata atatataaat aagttgctca atgcatatta ctaatcaaaa atttacttta     95220
     atatataaat gtgatccata caatatatat tctcagtttt taaattagta atatgcattg     95280
     ctaagaactt ttctaaatga ttttctcaaa atgtagattt tttcgaaggg tcagattcaa     95340
     atacttgtat ctctttctgt aaacgtatcg atttacagta catatttctg aagatcacaa     95400
     aatagttccc ggaggtacgt ttttttgcag tttttatttt cgtgaatccc ccagaggctg     95460
     cagatcttaa atttctttca tgagtgccac ttgcacctgc tgttctcatg taaatccacc     95520
     taaggccaag cctccttccc ttaacctaac cgacagtttt aataagcaat ccagaaaaag     95580
     aaaagccctc gcctgatttt taccacattt tttagatttt accacatttt taccctgtta     95640
     tttacttgtt tattttattt ttggcttctg tttttgtctt tcctgctttc tggaaccgtt     95700
     ttttagcaga ctcgagacgc agagaggagt tgaccacgac gatgagcttc aagtccacca     95760
     ttgtacatgg cgagctactg gacatactgg taacagcaag aaagacatcc atacggaggt     95820
     aaagcggtaa gcgtgaaaag gaacggcatc ataccgccct gtagcgttta ttataaagac     95880
     aaaattcagc catacgtact tctggctaca ttatttgcaa tctccagaaa tggatatagg     95940
     gctacatttt aagaatgagc ttgttttgca tattgtccta caaccatatg gaaaccttat     96000
     ttattcagct gccaggtgat ctgttttttt ttttttgttt ttttttttaa gacacttatg     96060
     actagttttg tggtcacttc tcacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     96120
     acacacacac acacacacac aaacacacac acaccatgca gtgctaacag gctgattttg     96180
     attgaaactg aatactgaat agacctttga caaatatccc tgtccatggt cctgaaatga     96240
     caaaaccctt ggacatcctt ggatataaac gtaaaatcat attttgatgc atcataattt     96300
     gtgttcttct gcaaataaat taggtgatta tcattcattt acatgctaat taaagagcca     96360
     gtgttgcaat ttgttttatt tcttaataaa aattcattcc tggtggttca ttccgctgtg     96420
     gcgacccctg ataaatgagg gactaagccg aaggaaaatt aatgacaaaa tgaaaatcta     96480
     ttccatcgat tcattctgca agcaatgtaa attataaatc atttgtgtat ttttaaatat     96540
     accatatttt tatgtttatg ttaaatgagt gcctagattt cagtctttta gattacgtat     96600
     ctgatgaata catttactta aaagtgaagt gtgtcatttt tgtgtctgtt tttcagtact     96660
     ttcttgtaat tcatgtaacc taccaaacct tatatcacta taaataacag attatacatt     96720
     taaaagcact gtgtctttgt ggtgctcaat gcatttttta tgcatgtctg tattttggcc     96780
     tataaaccat aatctaacat catggaaaaa tctaaatgtt tgcctttaca caataaatgt     96840
     atcatttaca acttatctta taaacatgca catcagaaaa taatccattt aacatgttta     96900
     taagagttaa ctttgcattt ctggaaatgg tgaagcttta tttaacatgc agtgcagtta     96960
     tgagaacaaa tgtaacacct gaatttaaaa gtctttgtag tttagttaag tttcacatag     97020
     tgtatggtgg cagtgaataa gctaagcact tgtaagtgca tgagactgct tctgacacct     97080
     tttttttagc aacatcagat gcactgtgga aactttacac cactaaaatt gagcccagct     97140
     aaagtgtgtc taaagtgtgt cttgatcttt ccattctgtt cttactttta aaccacaaac     97200
     acgccggcct gcactctgac ctcgaagctg agaagaagat gctgatctga tctgtcagct     97260
     ccattttaca ctttagtgct aaataacatc aaatgaaaca ttattaataa attgaacaca     97320
     attcagtttg ttaaaaataa atagaaagga ttatatatgt tgtaatattt attattgtaa     97380
     tatgtattat ttataatatt gtagtttatt gtaatatttc ttaacacttt aaaaacaata     97440
     aaacacttgt gtaatatatt taaaaaggaa agaaatatta ttaaatatat atgttgatgc     97500
     attaaacacc ttcatgtaat aaaacaataa taataattat tattattaat aataataata     97560
     ataataataa taacttgcag cacattcttc attcttaagc agagatgcat gtacatttaa     97620
     acatagatat agatatagtt actataacta tacagtcacc ggccacttta ttaggtacac     97680
     ctgtccaact gctcattaac gcaaatttat aatcagccaa tcacatggaa gcaactcaat     97740
     gcatttaggc atgtagacat ggtcaagacg gtctgctgca gttcaaactg agcatcagaa     97800
     tggggaagaa aggggattta agtgactttg aacatggcct gattgttggt accagacgag     97860
     ctggtctgaa tgattcagaa actgctgatc tactgggatt tacacgcaca attatctcta     97920
     gggtttacag agaattgtcc aaaaaagaga aaatatccag tgaacagcag tgtcataaag     97980
     tgcgaatcat gtgagactgg ttttttgaac atgcaatgag attactgtat tcaaatggcc     98040
     tccacagtca ccagatctca atgtaataga gcacctttgg aatgtggtgg aaagggagat     98100
     tcgcattttg gatgtgcagc cgacaaatct gcagcaactg cgtgatgcta tcatgtcaat     98160
     atagaccaat atctcttagg aatatttcca gtaccttgtt aaatctatgc aatgaaggat     98220
     taaggcagtt ctgaaggcaa aagggcgtcc aacctggtac tagtaaggtg tgcctaataa     98280
     agtggccagt tagtgtatgt acagtatgta tacattttgt aacttttagt aacatacaat     98340
     atatattgta taaacaattt ggagacacaa aggaatcaaa tacattttta agacctcaaa     98400
     gacttctggt aataacggtt tctttttaag agggtgggct atttgtgttt ttggtaaagg     98460
     aaagggatgt gaaaataaag ggtgacgtgt gtattttgtt gtggtttaaa tgcagtgagc     98520
     gaaagaaata taaatgggtc ttgcggctgg aaacaactcc aaccatgttg tacagtcatt     98580
     taaaatgaga gcaagggtac tgatccactt ttaagtcttt acttatttaa gcattttttt     98640
     ttgtgagact tcttttctaa catttgaatt tctaaaataa aattgaaaca cacacaccag     98700
     cagcaacaac atacacaata tgtaaggcta cagtaagtag atttggattt agttttgctg     98760
     catgatgtgt ttactttgac aaatattaaa aatgtttgat gatctgaaac attaaagtgt     98820
     aacaaacttg caaaaaaaat aagaaattaa taagaggaca aacgcttttt cacaccactg     98880
     tatgtaagag agaaaagaat gtaaacaacc aatcacaaca actttcactc tgctataaat     98940
     aatcaatacc aaattcattt attctgttta agacaaaact atttagtata aattaaacta     99000
     tgctttcgat ttacgcttat gagcaacaaa tctgatgcgc tgatgttcac ttcaacagtt     99060
     tctgctctac actgtgcagc ttcttccagt cactcactca acaggatgtg atgtaattca     99120
     aatgttcagc cctatgcttt agtctgatac agcttgttcg ctttgcatta tattccatcc     99180
     actcttattt ctctgttgga ctttgtatag atgaagagat ggtcctaatg gagctcatgt     99240
     tttgttatta cctcaatctt gagaaacagg acatttgtag agcttgagcc acacaggaag     99300
     gtaaaaggtt tgagtaggtg ttaagtaggc catggttact gcagacactc tcatgttatg     99360
     ttctttgtag ttttggtcaa cctattagat cttgcaacag cactaaacag ggttagcata     99420
     agtcttgagg tttgtggtga aactttttaa gatgttaatc agatttcaca tgtcactttc     99480
     aaaacttgaa gtgacagttc cctcaaaaaa gaaattgtcc tcgctcaacc ttaagtggct     99540
     ctaaacccca gactcacact gaaaacctac tgctacgaat ttctggagag cgccaaatat     99600
     gtcccaggag ctaagttttt tgcagttttt gtttttgtga atccaccaga ggctgctgtc     99660
     tacgcttttt gagatctcaa atttctcttg cgagtgccat tcacgcctgc tgttctcgcg     99720
     taaaaccact agaggctgct gtcgactgac tgactgaatg attgatagac tgactcaccc     99780
     aaaagtgttt tcaaaagcac cgattgaccc gtgcacccac ttccctaaac ccaaccgaca     99840
     gttttaaaaa gcaattcaga aaaagaaatg ctatcgtctg atttttgcca cattattaga     99900
     ttttaccata ttctcaccat gttatttact tgtttatttt tggctttagt ttttgtcttg     99960
     cctgctttct ggaaccattc gtcgctggac tcaaacctcg ttgttgtggt caagagcatc    100020
     tcaagtctgc cgacgtacat ggcgagctac tggacaaact ggtaacagcg gaaaagacgt    100080
     ccacatggag gtaatcggcc agctggaaag cacaaaaagt gacagcatca aacctcctca    100140
     tagcgcttgt tttaaagaca aaatgcagcc atacttcatc cttttgatgt ttttttttcc    100200
     cccccaaatg atgtttaaca gagcaaggac attttaacag tatgtctgat aatatttttt    100260
     tcttctgaaa aaatatttgt tttatttcag caaaaataaa agcagttttt ttttttttta    100320
     ttgagacaat tttttcagac tgtctgcaga acaaaccatc aataacttgc ctaattaccc    100380
     taacctgcct agttaactta attacccttg ttaagccttt aaatgtcact ttaagctgta    100440
     tagaagtgtc ttgaaaaata tctagtcaaa aattatttac tgtcctcata gcaaagataa    100500
     aataaatcaa ttatttgaaa tgagttaata aaactattat gattagaaac taaattaaac    100560
     aattttgaaa aaaaaaataa acatgggggc taataattct gacttcaact atatacaggg    100620
     cagcattttt tagaatgagc ctatgttgca acaacctctg agtgtttttg ttgttgttga    100680
     acacaaaaga agatattttg aagattgctg gaaacctgta accattaaca agataataat    100740
     tgtttttatg gaagtcaatg tatacgggtt tttagtatac attaaaaaaa tgttttgtca    100800
     aaataaagtg agagagatgc acggcataat gaccaaataa caattaataa ctaatcacat    100860
     gcacaacact attgacacct ttctttgagg tatacttcca tagcttctgc tagcataatt    100920
     aaagagattt taccatttaa atgaataata agtataataa ttaaaaaaaa ctgctgtgtt    100980
     caaatgaaag cattgcacca tcttaccttt atctgctcct gaaggtctac agttgcctcc    101040
     agtcagtgtg tgagcaccac catgtggtgc catcgcagag aggctgtagg taactttcca    101100
     aaaccactgg tggaatgatc tttccattcg cacttggact ccggatacac tggtatccct    101160
     caaatgacaa ctaaaaccca cctcttccga aaacaactga accccagtaa atcataaaaa    101220
     aaacacctat caaagcactt tctctctccc tctctcaaat ctgagcacag tttctttgta    101280
     taattaacac ttcttgtttg tattgtctct tcttgtagaa tcgctgaaca cctcctctat    101340
     tgtaagtcac attggacaaa agcgtaggct aaatgacttc atgtaaatgt aaagcaacga    101400
     gctttcaccg gggtgatctt ttttctttta aggtacactt ttgtacatta aatgtcatga    101460
     tcatgaccat gaattacaca tctgtcactt aactggacta caaataccat catgacctca    101520
     catacacacc agttcctgat tccccgatta cacacacagc tggtaactca taattcttta    101580
     tatttacctc acacacacac acactttgct gagtcttgct aaccaacatt accaagcatt    101640
     attttttgtc tagccttgcc atgccttgtt tattgttcat gctgtttgtc gcctgcactg    101700
     acctctttgc ctgtgaccat gcacttttgg attaccctca tgataccgtt tgctcctgtt    101760
     ttgaccattg cctgcctgat caagttgtga atacactgta tttggaccca cacctccgtt    101820
     gtaccccaac tcccacagtt acaatttaca tgtgaatgtt gtattataga accataaatt    101880
     aaattacttg ttactttcag ttgcctgtta tacctaaaag tatagctttt aaaaggttac    101940
     tgtaaatctt tatacaaaaa atctttattt tcctatattt catgtcaaaa actcagaaaa    102000
     aaaggtacaa aaatattttt aaaaggttta attctgaatt ttagttaaag agtgggtaaa    102060
     cagtaaatat aagtatctta aaagcatgtc tatacatttt acttaaaagc acaaatctgt    102120
     atctattacc acatatcttt tatccttttt gaaagagaga gagagagact agtactttat    102180
     ttttaggttg tcattattac atgcttcagc aaatgatatg atatccagtt ttcaactagt    102240
     aaattaaaaa aaattacctg aaagaaaggc aatttcaaat ctctgaaagt ctgctctgaa    102300
     gtttgcttca ttcaatataa atttcactca aaataggaac aaaagtaaaa cagattaatt    102360
     gttggaagtt tggtggaata attagtaaaa ctgagatgtt aaatatgata attggattgt    102420
     gggaaataca tgattcaatc tattcttatg tagcagaagt aacacatgtg agcacaagac    102480
     cagttataag tgtcaataat aagtgtacaa ttgagatttt tacaccttct gaaagctgat    102540
     atacaagacc taattagagc ttgagggtta aaaaaaatca tattattcaa aaatattcat    102600
     attaaaaatc atctttgaag ttgtcctatg aatctctcag caatcaataa tagtaatcaa    102660
     aaattaaata gaaatttact aaatataaca tgatttttac ttaatattca gcatttttgg    102720
     cataatagat tgataatcga cccacacaat gtatttcata aacatacctg tgcaacttag    102780
     gtttgtggtc cagagacaca tatacaatga ataacccatt taaaatgctg acctaaatcc    102840
     tgttagtaaa gctgacagaa gtgaataaac accctacttt tcagccattg ttatataaac    102900
     acatacagga tgtggttatg cttttatata attttgcaca ttactttcct tccaactatg    102960
     agtttgccac aagtgttaga tgttaatact cagagaaaaa agtgcagata ccccacctgc    103020
     tttataccac attttatcac acaaacttac aatattgata aagtatcact gctgtctgtg    103080
     atcttctgac aattagcatt aaaatgtttc aaatctcatc ttgcagcatt ggtctgtgtt    103140
     ggtgtcttct ctagggtcat ctctgacctc tttttgagga aaggttcagg gccgcataat    103200
     taacatcatc agcgttctga aactagaaga aagaattagg taatgtgttt gtaaattcac    103260
     attaaatgac atgttatgtt aactcctatt tgctgatttg attctccaaa cctgcactct    103320
     tgtaatatca tcattagtct gcatttgctg aggctttcca cctgtttgaa gtaagtataa    103380
     aatgggttac atatgagtta tgtaatcaat attcactatt tttaagaata gatctataat    103440
     attaataata ataaacagaa gaaaatgttt actattatta ttaatattaa ggttaaactg    103500
     atggattgca ataaaataat taccgtttct tctcaatggt aaagagagca aaatattgat    103560
     ggtaagactg actgcagaca gcactgtgag gccaattaaa atacatttct gtatactttc    103620
     actaataaat ccatctagga gaagaagaaa aaagcaactt taattaatta gtcatctgta    103680
     tttatttaga ggggggtaaa tagcattagt cagaattaaa agtaattccc agaataaaat    103740
     aatacactac cacaagtcaa atctatacat tggtatgatt ataaagagca aagtatttat    103800
     tgtttctatg ctgttaatta ttcgattttt aatgtctttt tgaaagccaa ataacacctg    103860
     tttcacaaaa taaacaaagg cattgggctc tattttaacg ataggcgcaa agtctaaagt    103920
     gcatggcata aaagcattaa gggtgtgtcc gatggtaaaa tggtaaaata cgctctgcgc    103980
     cccagcgcat ggtctaacag ggttgtgctt attctcttaa tgaggtatgg atgtgttttg    104040
     agcataatgt gcattgaacc aaacagtttc tcatctccca ttctcttcaa gtgtcagttg    104100
     cgtcgagcca tgatgcattt gctatttaca tggcgaagag gatcaactga atgcttcact    104160
     agcgagaaaa caattaaacc gaccatctgc agcgcgagga taaagaacga gcctactcta    104220
     ttcggcctct ttctctttac tttactttta ctctatttac tcctttactt tcgtggagag    104280
     gaaacggtgt tgtacgcact taactaaaga catccattag cctacatatt caatttcgtt    104340
     cattaagagc aaagatttgt ttcaaaacta tttctaattt ctgttctaat ttccagcaaa    104400
     tgaataaatg aacaataata acgaagtgtg gtgagttata caaacatatg tctgcaaaac    104460
     ccgaaaggtg gactaatcta aacctgtttt tattcaaaca aatataatta tgcatgtaat    104520
     aaataatact aataaaataa taacattata caaattcaag ttgttgtgaa taaactgata    104580
     aaaagtccac tgagacgaca aatctgactc agttacacca attctgtcag gaggaatggg    104640
     ccaaaattcc ttcagactat tgtgagaagc ttggggaagg ataccctaaa catttgacta    104700
     aagttataca gttaaaaagc aaaaaatacc aagaaaatgt gtgtaaactt ttaactgtct    104760
     agaatttaat aaaaaatttt ttttttaaat gtttcattat tctggcattt agcaaaagta    104820
     aatagtaaag tgtataattg taaacgttta gtatgattta ccatcagaca ttttttttta    104880
     aatagttatg ttcctttttt tagagtgtat gtaaacttct ggtttcaact ctatatacat    104940
     acttggatat attcagtaca tcatcattga tgcgtctata atattaataa cgttgttgta    105000
     cattgacact atttctaatc ctgtacttta aacaaccctt aaacatactc ataccacaaa    105060
     acatgtatct gttattccat ctcgaaagcc agtaaaaaag cttacttacc ttcaatgacc    105120
     aacgttgtgc catttccaaa taaaacctca tcacaagtca ccactgaaca gtagtatagt    105180
     ccagcttcag acacatcaat actcatctta gcaaggttct ggagacagct ctgtgtatca    105240
     gatgagtctg cacactcatt tttgcttttt ccatgagtat aaacaattcc ctgatgagtt    105300
     gtatttgaac tctgtctgaa ccagtaaaca gattgcacat ctttatcaca cgttttcctt    105360
     tcaactgagc accgcagggt cacattgctt cctgggttaa taacagcatg tactgggagt    105420
     tgtataacag caggtttaag gtctgcacct gtacaaaaaa aaaaaatgca agggacaata    105480
     aatggaatca tccatcttaa aaacagttaa gcttcacgtt taataactgt ataagaagta    105540
     tgcaagagct tatctaatgt ctctagttac ctgtatgctc tgagaatttt tttttttacc    105600
     tctttttgtg ttaatatttg ttaaaataaa tgcaaataaa agttaaaaaa cttttagttt    105660
     aacttacaga attgttccag ttccaaaaga aagaacattt gcaaagacac tggcacataa    105720
     atacattcct gaatcagatt ttagggttac aataaataaa aacaaaagta aaatactcac    105780
     ctttaaccaa cagagttgtt ccagtcccaa aggaaacaac atgggtaaag gcactgccac    105840
     aaaaatacgt gcctgaatcg gatttcagtg tcctacggat ggttaggttg aaactgtctg    105900
     cttttcgcac cgcatgaaaa cgctgagttt ctttaaagtc agaggaaaac tcattgggtt    105960
     gagagtggtg atatgatgac actattacga caggtttctc tccaagaact tgcttatacc    106020
     atatcactcg atgaaagtga tcttctaaca gaagacaagg taacaacaca atgtgcccct    106080
     cttgagtggt taacacttca tccacttgat caacagtgca attatttttg cctgctggaa    106140
     aaacaaatac tgtaaagttg tttttaacca taacaatact aagtgactga ttgaattggg    106200
     tatgttgtac ttacagactt gaggatgaaa gagaaagatg atcacgtaga tgatgtgatt    106260
     cattttatgc tctttctggg tctttgattc ttctggctgc atgttgtgct gagtgcattc    106320
     atttactctc tgacgtacag tacgtgactc atcatgtgac tctgccagca caaatccctg    106380
     ccctcaaata tgttacacta aaaaaaggac taatactgct tgtttaaact acttatttaa    106440
     tacgagttga accaacatcg aattgttaag ttttgtttga gacaacttaa ttgttttatg    106500
     ttcaattcac ttaaatttgt taaaacaatt aagttaactt aatccatttg tactgggaca    106560
     acatgaagaa agagttagat ttgaatgatt ctctagtgta atgtctaaag tgataacaaa    106620
     acagatgatc ttgttcacat tttaagatta taaggctgaa cggcatgaaa tgccaaagat    106680
     ttcccaatat tttactgttg ccatcttgag atcacaataa ataacccccg aaaaagccaa    106740
     agcaatgcaa tcactaccag attactgttg tgtttgtgat aaggaaaaac gctaaacaca    106800
     tgcaggattt tcttctttct ttctttttac tgaactagtc tgcagtaaca aaaacaggag    106860
     acttgttaga aacaaacaga ttgccaacca aaaagtactg taactcaaaa agtcccatct    106920
     cactcaatac actatggtat aaatacagct ctacaacata caaaacagag agagatggac    106980
     ttagaaagaa atttaccagt ttcataatga tttcattagc tgtagtttaa aattacactg    107040
     tattttttct cctctaagag cttaagcaac atctgttgcc atcttgtgaa tgaacaacat    107100
     caaccgtctt tggactgctc aatgacaggc tgatgttaaa aacactgttg tttctaaccc    107160
     tgccctttga acaaccctta aacctactca tactacaaac atctatctaa ctgttattcc    107220
     acctcaaaag ccacataaaa agcatactta ccttcaatga ccaaccgttt ccaaataaaa    107280
     cctcatcaca gaacagtaga atagtccggc gtcagacaca ccaacattca tcttagcaag    107340
     gttttggaga cagctctgtg tatcagatga gtctgcacac tcatttttgc tttctccata    107400
     attataaaca attcccgaat gagttgtgtt tgaactctgt ttgaatagca gccgacacac    107460
     tgtctctcag aaattacaca tatcttaaaa taagcactat ccttataaat aaactgcata    107520
     gttgcaatct aaacaactac attcttgact gttaaagcct caaaagtaca ttgttgacca    107580
     acaacagata tatttttcaa actgtagagt gtcctctgct tgttgctgta tgtgagcgga    107640
     gtaatacaca aggttgaaga gttaagaggc tgtataagtg ctgttacagg cggaatatca    107700
     cacggctatc agccaatcag attcaagaac cagacagaac tgttgtataa acatatacag    107760
     gtatatacag gtaggagatt gcttatatga gacttaaaac aatgaagtaa tctttacacc    107820
     aatatagaaa ccaatataat gaatctaaac caatatagaa gtcacatgtg aaaaatacat    107880
     atgaggcgat atgtatttat gtatttatac tcactctcga gtcattccaa acctttaaga    107940
     gtttattttt tcttgcaaaa tatgacattt tgaagaaacc ggtaatcatt catttgtata    108000
     aaaacaaaac aaaaactatg gatgtcaata gttataggtt ttccaacatt ttccaaaaga    108060
     acttcttgtg tttagcacaa aaataggaac tcaaactgat ttaatagatg atgactccat    108120
     ttattgatga tttcaataat ttgaacttga agattttgct gcatttgcaa aatactgtcc    108180
     ctctccgtgg tgctgaattt agcgacaaat tcttttgttt tagggtcagt gattcaggta    108240
     agcaaactgt ttattaattt tcaatgccac cacacatgta gcagggtttg tgtgtgtgtg    108300
     tgtgtgtgct ctcccctctc ccgactgctc ctcccgttct ccttaagaag ggagtctctc    108360
     cggcccaatc actagaaaga caggtgttat ttatcatttc tgattgacct gctgattagc    108420
     cgccgggctc ctagcatgct ctcccccctt attgggtgtt cgatcacgct tacctcccca    108480
     caatatttgt ccttacaaat attgacttgc atgatgactt atgagaacac tgacatgaag    108540
     gctagtgtgg cattatttgt acatttttac acagagtttc tgcaaggtta ctgattaaaa    108600
     atatatttta aaaaaagagg acctgctttt taaggtgttt taaaacattt taaaaaatct    108660
     tttgagacac atcagaaaat gcatctcctt tatgttttac aaagaaaacc tgaataaggt    108720
     ttacataact gcactgtaaa aaaaataaag tttaaagtaa ctgccaattt agtttgccag    108780
     taagactgta aattttcaca gcgcactgta aatcaataat tacaaccgta atgcaaaaat    108840
     acagcacaat tgtggttatt tatttacaca gttgcctaaa cctcaaatgt ggaggtaatg    108900
     agctggtgtg gttacacatg atctgcagtt gtaactccag ttgaatgact gccaaattat    108960
     ctgacatgct tttgacatgg cttatagtta aggaagaagc attcaattca tgggcagcag    109020
     ctccggtaaa cattcatgca gtcagaattt caacttcatg ctgccttttc attgtcattc    109080
     agtctgcaat cactcataac caccaccccc aaacccccac ccccggtcta caactcatca    109140
     atccacaatg ccccagaata ctgcattgca tatgactgag aaatggggat catatttgtg    109200
     cagtctgtcc acacaaacat gggtattttc taaaccacac ttttttccac actgttttac    109260
     tgtttgtcca caagaaaatg caatgtcagg ttgctgagac cgatacttta agacgttaag    109320
     atttttttaa actactgtgt gttttcgcct catgacatca gttttctgct tcatgattgg    109380
     tcaagatggc tgggttcaca ccaaacacta aagacgcaaa tgaagcaaaa ttaaacacat    109440
     tcttggccaa gcatggcaaa cacatttgcc tttactgaat aaatactttc attactttat    109500
     aacttgttta cacatttata tcagtttttt tttgttttaa ttgtttttaa atctcttatt    109560
     tacttttagt ttcttgtttc ttttattcca gtttatgtaa aacactttca tttaccattg    109620
     tgtatgaaat gtgctatata aataaacttg ccttgcctag cctatttcat gttatttgtc    109680
     tatgggatta taatctgcct ctgttctcac atttgcattg aatattatgt aatttactca    109740
     agcaaatatt taatttgcat ggttattgca aaggttatgt tatttgggaa attaaaaagt    109800
     agttataata aagatttaca tattgataat gaagttatag aaagagtaaa tgcaattagg    109860
     tttcttggtg ttgtactgga tcataaaatt agttggaaac cacaaataaa aaatttgatc    109920
     tcaaaattag taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaact gttgcagtag tgtataaaga aagatttatc    109980
     ctgcacaata aatcaatatt atataacaca cttatgttgc catatatgag ttattgtgtt    110040
     aaaatttggg ggaatacata taaatctaaa ttagtacaat gcagaaaaag taattagact    110100
     gatagaaggt gtggggtaat tgaagcaaac aaatccctta tttttaaaat taaaaatact    110160
     taaattcgat gatttggtta catttaaaac agcacaattt atgtttaaag ctaggaataa    110220
     agtacttcca aaacgcataa aaaagttttt tgaagtatga caaggggaat gtaatctcag    110280
     agaagaacca aattttagga ggctgaaaac aagaacaact ttaaaacagt ttgtgtatgt    110340
     ctttctgtgg agtaaaacta tggaacatag tataatgtta tataaaatta taaataatta    110400
     taattatata ataatttata tataaagtta tatatatata tatgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    110460
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtatata    110520
     tacagttgaa gtcagaatta ttagcccccc tttaaatttt tttttctttt ttaaatattt    110580
     cccaaattat gtttaacagt gcaacgaaat tttcacagta tgactgatac tatttttttt    110640
     tctggagaaa gtcttatttg ttttattttg gctagaataa aagcagtata actttaagca    110700
     gttacatttt ttaacaccat tttaaggaca aaattaatag cctcttaaag ctaaattttt    110760
     tttctcgata gattagaaaa caaaccatcg ttatacaata acttgcctaa ttaccctaac    110820
     ctgcctagct accctaatta accaagttaa gcctttaaat gttactttaa gctgtataga    110880
     agtgtcttaa aaaaatctag tgaaatatta tttactgaat attatttata taatgttgac    110940
     ttcaatatat atattgtata taattttttt tcttttctat ttgcagaact atgttttttt    111000
     tttttccttt gggtgtatgt tacaaaatgc aaaggcaaaa atgggatcaa acatttaatc    111060
     tgtcaaagat gccaaaagga taaaatatgt ctcatgtaaa aaaagagatc agtaaaagaa    111120
     gaaataagtt taaggaatag acaaatgatg tatgtggtta tggggtggga aaataataag    111180
     cttgtgcttc atcccactcc attttcgact atgttgaaat gtattttttg ttaatgaaaa    111240
     ttgttcgaaa attaataaat caaataaaaa ttcctaattt ggcgtgaatg caacataaaa    111300
     gtgtcattat cgcctcctgt tggtttgacg tgtccatgca tcacagtgtg ttgttgcatt    111360
     gtcatctgga caaagattac ttgaagaaaa aaaattaaag cagggaaaac ccagtttatc    111420
     taaataccca tgtacgtgtg aacatagtct gactagttac acttgtttag gattattaaa    111480
     taagaaaaaa gaagaaaaaa acattatgtg agccacactt ttaaggtaca tctgtgtaat    111540
     aatcatgctg cctaatcagc atcttgatat gttacatctg tgaggtggat aattatgtct    111600
     gcaaagcaga agggctcact aatacagata tactgtagca aaatatatga acaacctgtg    111660
     tgtacataga aagagtttag atctttgaat tcagctcatg aaaaatagaa gcaaaaacat    111720
     aaagatttgc atttatattt ttgcctgatt aataattata gcacttctct gatttagatt    111780
     ttatcacatt tttccaaaat gttttttttt ctggatttgg ttgcattgtg atcattcgcc    111840
     aaacaagaga tttagaagaa tgtttatgat aaacagttgg acaaaaagga ggtcaacaga    111900
     aactaaaact gtttgaataa catgaggacg agaacataat gacagatctt tgaataaatg    111960
     tgaattttct aaccattatt catttcttta atctgtagaa cataaaagat aatatttaca    112020
     agactgaaag ctgaaaacct gaaaccattg acatccatag taggaaaaac aaatactatg    112080
     gaagtttata gttacagcag gtttgcaacc ttcgtcaaaa taatttattt tgtgttcaac    112140
     agaagaacta aattggtttg gaacaaatta aggctgagta gacgatgaca gaatcttgag    112200
     ttttggatga attatagctt taagtatcca tagctgatgt cacttgaatg aacaaagaca    112260
     aaagttttac attaaaatac cagcaaacag tacaaaattg cacttcctgt cattatagag    112320
     cctttcaaat aaaaatattt caaaactata atgaaatagc aaagaatgag tattgtacac    112380
     tgaaagtgat cctgctgtta gttgttgttt gtttgtgtgc atactggttt tgattaaatg    112440
     catctctcag ttttctcctg cctctgtgta ggcctgtttt tttttttctt tctttcgcaa    112500
     aaggtcattg gtggcacaac aacatacaac ataaatcagg tcagcacaac acatgctgaa    112560
     agggaaacaa ctgagggtct gctaatgctt tgaataaata ccacaaaact aaactgatgt    112620
     gcaagctaag acattctgtg cagctgacca caaaaaacac actttgatca gtttatcagg    112680
     gggaaataat atgggtttgg catcacatga caaatgcctt gcataaacaa cacgtgtgca    112740
     agcatgtgtg tgtgtgcgcg cgcgcgtgtg tgagcacatg caacttgctt aaatacaaaa    112800
     ataagtaaat caccacacta ttttccatgt tttattaaga taaaaaatac ttcctttttt    112860
     aattatatta atagcacaag tactccacta agatttatat atatatatat atcagggttc    112920
     aacgctaagg attttttgta ctggtctgat cgggccagtg gttcagattt ttacttgccc    112980
     tgccataatt ttcactggcc ccaccaaaaa acaaagggaa gttaatagct atattttagc    113040
     cacatatttt aaataatgtg tcaaaaataa agtctgtaaa tctacaattt taatacttaa    113100
     aaaaaattat taaagtgtta tgcaaacaaa aagagtagta tggaaaatgt ggaggttttt    113160
     tattacagtt tgaaattatt taacaaaagg tgggctgact tgtcaaactg atggcaaact    113220
     gtgcaaaaca tcacttcatt tttttttgtc acgttgttca catgtaaatg tctgcttcca    113280
     agacattaga aacagacatt ttcttttagc cttatatttt gatgttgccg ccatgttgct    113340
     gtttcttcta tgtactggct gttaccaggt tatggaaaaa aaaattgcat gctcaaaaca    113400
     tcaaatcaga taagaggaac cttaaagcaa tatggtgttt acgacatcac agacaaggta    113460
     gtgtttaaag acttaaaacc acaaaattaa aatgcacgca aatgacaaat agtcgcagac    113520
     aaattaaatt gttgagccct gtatatatat atacacctgt gcaactgctc gttaatgcaa    113580
     atttctaagc agccaatcac agggcagcaa ctcaatgcat ttaggcatgt agacatggtc    113640
     aatctgctgc agttcaaaag cattagaatg gggaaggaag gggatttaag tgactttaat    113700
     ggtgaaatgg ttagaaactg ctgatctgct gaaattttca tccacaatca tctgcagggt    113760
     tcacagagaa tggttcgaaa aagacaaaat atccagtgag cggcagttct ttgggcacaa    113820
     atgccttgtt gatgccagac tggtttgagc tgatagaaag gcaacagtaa ctcatggttt    113880
     gccgaccatg tccatccctt tatggccagt gcacccatct tctgatggct acttccagca    113940
     agataatgca ccaggtcata aagcgtgaat catctcagac tggtttcttg accatgacaa    114000
     tgagttcact gtactcaaat ggcctccaca gtcaccagtt ctcaatccaa tagagcacct    114060
     ttgggatgtg tgggaatgtg agattcgcat catggatgtg cagccgacaa atctgtagca    114120
     tctgcgtgac gctgtcaagt caatatggac caaaatctct gaggaatatt tccagtacct    114180
     tattaaatct atgccacaaa atattgaggc agttctgaag gcaaaaaggg atccaacagc    114240
     actagtaagg tgtaccttac tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    114300
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta    114360
     atctcattag tggaattttg gattttactc aaacataagt aaaactagtt gatatggctg    114420
     ctagatgaaa gaacagcaat ttatagagtc aaacaggtca tgttttttgt tttagaaacc    114480
     acatgcacat gttctagacc aaactgtaga acaaattgta aaaaaaataa taataataat    114540
     aataaaaaac tgaatagaaa ttaaaagtca gggtgaattt atagtttcat tttggtcaag    114600
     ttgttatttt acttaaatag ccatgaatta tattgtataa catgttaaca gttgatattg    114660
     acattcacgt ccatgttata acatgaaggc aactatgtat gtaaatttta cttacaagac    114720
     aactaataca aatttcatta attttgcaat tcaagatgca gataaaactg cagtttaagt    114780
     gtataattta tgtcatgcag tagtcactgt gacagtaact tcatactgta gaatatatat    114840
     cattacagcc tcaaattgtg attgtttaaa cattacattt taaaaaaact atatacttct    114900
     atatacagca gaacacacaa ttaaaaatca atatctaaat ttgtgaggca agctgatttt    114960
     aaaagaaata ttaaaacaat tgttttgtta aatcatgtaa tctcttgact ttaaattcac    115020
     ttcactgtat tcagcctttt gtatgttgtt tgatcttctt gccggaggaa cagaggcaaa    115080
     actcacagct gtataattca catctgaatc tctaatctga aaaaatacaa taaaataaaa    115140
     cattttaata tataatataa tctatttgag agacaaatca cattttatac atgttgtaat    115200
     attcattggc ttataacagt ataataataa tagcacttta atataagatt ccatttcttt    115260
     tctaattaaa aattattata tgcattagaa aatattattt tttggacctc agcaaacatg    115320
     aaccagttct ttagttcatc aacatcaaca aaggtgcagc aacttacttg ttgatcattt    115380
     cttattatta ctgattgtta atactgcatt aaccagccat aaataattaa aacatatttc    115440
     aaagttttac ccgatttaat atttaaataa taatgataat aataataata ataataataa    115500
     taataatgat gataataata atgatgatga taataataat aataataata aatgacatca    115560
     tatgtagaat aactgagctt tacactaagc aacaaattgc ctgattttaa caatatttag    115620
     aaaccattca caatattttt tgcagataga ctaaattgct agagtttcac aaaactacac    115680
     tgctaaaatg ctgtaaaact tacagtatta ctgacaatta tggttgccag taatactgta    115740
     aaatctacaa gtgccctgta aattattaat tacaattatg ctctaaaatt acaacacagt    115800
     tgtaattggt catttacagt gcacttgaat attttacagt attactggca aacaaaactg    115860
     ccagtaatac tgtacatttt acagcaattc tgtacatatt gtatgttaat ttgtttttgt    115920
     ttttttattt cattatttat gctataatta ctttgtctgc ttaggtgatg cagattatga    115980
     gaccttctac aagcatttta atttgtgtta gaagggtggg tgatctttga tatatgatcc    116040
     atccctttgt tgcaaggact ttactttatg tatatatgtt tgtcatgaaa atagagacaa    116100
     cacgttacct cacatgatgg agatgcaacc atttcaagtc ctttaataaa atgtgcagaa    116160
     tatttttgtt aaaatgtgtc agacatttgt gattaattat tcaaaagtac tgcttatttt    116220
     gatattatat tgtgtgtata tagtttttac ctctgtgcct ttttctccag tgtatgcagc    116280
     gatcagcaag aattatgata gttaccacca caaaaacaac attggagaat atcaagcaaa    116340
     gtaacacagg atgccattct ttttggaaaa tgtcatctga aatggaggaa aatgaatcaa    116400
     agaatgttaa aaataaaaag aacagttctt taaaaacaat gtattgccag actttgaatt    116460
     tctttttatt aatgtgatgt gcagattctt taattcaaaa ctgacttgaa cacttaagcg    116520
     aatgtctaag tatataaaaa ttagtgcatt acataaaata ttaaaccata gtaaaataaa    116580
     atattaatac tgattcaaat gcaaatgatt ttttaaatga gttgtaaagt agtttattaa    116640
     ccaactaaaa aacaaaaatc agaagaaaaa ttagctcaga aaattgcagt ccttttttgt    116700
     atacatcttg tttgatatta ttatccaatt aaaggattta ttttattaag tgtggcttag    116760
     gcgtataaat cattatcttg aactacagct ataaaggcca cattgtttac tgaattatag    116820
     cacttaaaag aattaccagc atttttaaca ggggttccat tcccagctgg tatctttcca    116880
     taagtcatgt tgatgtctac atactcagtt ccttggaaaa agcaaaatat atgatgttat    116940
     atggttaaaa tagcctattt cctcacaaaa tagtagactg aatatatttt accttgtagc    117000
     atcagatgtg ctccagagat aaactctatt aaattcaaga acaccgtgcc gcagtagtat    117060
     atgccagtgt cctgcttggt ggcagctgtt atgttgaggt gaaaagagtc ttcacttggt    117120
     aaaatactga atcttccatc tttaaattca tcttcaaata tgactttatt cagttgaatg    117180
     tatgatattg tgattgccct tgggatctgt ccagttttct gtttatacca aaccaatgtg    117240
     ttgcccaaac taatttttgt agagaagcat ttgatgataa catcatctcc cagcttaaat    117300
     gtttgtaatg agacaatttc agcactgtgg ttagactggg ctccagctac aacaaatcag    117360
     tgagatttca acaattaaaa tgatgtatga acagtaaaga agtatgttta aacagtcaaa    117420
     agagaaataa aaaagctata cttacgtgcc caacacatca aaatgaacca aaagatcatg    117480
     tctaaagcaa tggatgtggg aaaatcctct ttagaagact tgcatgtgac atgattggtc    117540
     actttcaaac caagacggac tagaataagt ctgttttgag caaagctaaa aaactctttg    117600
     caactgaccg caaaaaacaa catcatttct agcaggagga aataatgtgg ctttgttatc    117660
     tgataccaga tctattaaac gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    117720
     gttcacgtga gcgcgcaaac aaatttactt taatatgttt ctacatgcca ttacagttga    117780
     agtgttattg tcctttttgc taatatctta tgtggaatct aggattctga aaagctactt    117840
     acagtgtata acaaacataa gttacaccac taaggggaac taaacacaaa gaggagacaa    117900
     accacttaaa actgcagtca atctggctgc tagatgaaag gaagtcaaat aaaagagccc    117960
     aaaaggtcat gttttttgtg ttagaaacca catgcacatt ttctggactt gttaaatgtc    118020
     attttagcct gagttccaac ttacttttgt acattacaag agacagagtt tgtaaaaatg    118080
     ctttaaaata ttaccttgca tttacctttt gtaaatattt ttttaatatt tagtaaaatg    118140
     ttatgcttac aattttctgt acattttttg attagtaaac ttgtatgtaa tttgcaagtt    118200
     aataagaaat catgagcacg tgcacacctc gggtcagcca tcatgtacct acactgaaag    118260
     tggtttcaaa aatccccctt ttcttaaggt cacaaagaag caaaagattg tcctttttcc    118320
     tctgttatga catacatcca cttgaggggt aaaaatgtag tggtggtgca tgatttcttc    118380
     cattggaaac tgattggatt gcagaacaga catatgcagg ggagaaaaaa tacacactgt    118440
     tagccctttc tgaaagattt tctatgtgac cagaaatgaa gaaaagcaat tttgaggggg    118500
     caaggaaagt tatgatattt gataaaacat gttaagggga aatgaacaaa tgctgttgca    118560
     ctaacattaa cctcttctaa gcttgatagg aaaatttgtt aaacacaaag cgatgtaaca    118620
     caggtttaag cttgtggttc aatgaatggt gaaggtggga aagcggctaa cctttattaa    118680
     ttttaataat aaacataaat acccttaaca gaaacttaaa ggtaaactca aacattcagg    118740
     cctgagaagg gtataaacgg agatcagagt cagcttcaaa tttagcttca agtgggatga    118800
     acaaacctcc tggagttttc atttatttaa tgtctcgttt aagttgcaca agagtccaac    118860
     cgattgtttt atgaatgtct acatctacac aaaccctaaa ctcacactaa aaaaatccac    118920
     aaattagcag ttttccaaca acttttaacc ttgaaaattt ctaaaaagtg aattttataa    118980
     acatttttaa tagttcaaag ggatatattg tctgggttaa tgttgtataa catggcaaaa    119040
     aaccttgtaa ttaactgcca gtacattttc tgctattttt aaaatatttc tctatatttt    119100
     atgtattgta cattatatta tttccaaact actaaaatgt caatgaaagt cactatgtta    119160
     aagtgtagag ttgaattttc aagaaccggc agagcagaaa tcaacattca tttattcttt    119220
     tttttttcgg cttagtctct ttattattct ggggtcgcca cagcggaatg aaccgcccac    119280
     ttatccagca tatgttttaa acagcggatg cccctccagc tgcaacccat cactgggaac    119340
     atccatacac actcattcac acacatacac tacggtcaat tttagcttac ccaattcacc    119400
     tatagcgcat gttttcggac agtgggggaa accggagcac ccggaggaaa cccacaaaaa    119460
     catggggaga acataaaaac tccacataga aatgccaact gacccagccg aggctcgaac    119520
     cagcgacctt cttgctgtga gttgatcatg ctacccacag ctccatcgcc atataatgga    119580
     attcacaact ctaaataaat aaaataacag ttgtgaatca caaaatacag acgctattaa    119640
     ttaaaaaata ttttgcaacc tcacatcaac ctttgtgttt tattaatgtc tactacacct    119700
     acaacaccaa ccgtaaaccc aaactactaa cgacgtaaat ccctctccag gctgcagcaa    119760
     aacctacttg ccaggcctgg tcctctctca tcattttact cacgtcactc ctgcttttat    119820
     ctttccttta agatttaaca tttcatcacc ttagaattat aaggttctat ctgagttctg    119880
     aaagattttg agatattgag cttcaaagtt tttgcattcc atatagcaaa caatgtgtac    119940
     agttctcttt catacattaa catgacagag accctaaggg ttctctaagt gtaaatgatc    120000
     aaagttcttt tacatttgca aattggagta aaaaaaaaca tggtaaatgc agatagaacc    120060
     ttctcgttct gaaaagtcat tttccgcaat acaatcaaaa atacataatt tggtgttgta    120120
     acaatatgtt gatgcttgag aaagtaaaat tttggctttc tataacattt atttcatgtt    120180
     ttaggatgaa tattatttct tgaccaaatt aagcatgcaa ggctgagcta aatatttttt    120240
     ccagtgcagc agttaatttt atgtaattaa tatgttaata tttattagat tttatgcttt    120300
     atatgaatta ttgaattata tttattaaat tatatgcccc ctgaattaaa ttaagtgttt    120360
     accctcctag gcttgatatt aaatttaaag actttaaaag aaacagacga tgaccaaatg    120420
     agttaaataa acactgaaaa gtgtttcact gactatatgt ttatttattt atttatttat    120480
     aatttttaaa caggaaagga ttaaaagata atcaggcctg actcagcatg aatgctgttt    120540
     ttagcaggtt cctgctctgc agaacataaa aacagacaga catctcatcc atcaacacag    120600
     tacaagcaat caccaaacat ataaaataaa gaaaagcagg ctactatctc agtggctaca    120660
     gcaatagttg accatcagat gacaagcatg ggatttttta aaaagtctca gtgtcgggat    120720
     tgttttgaga tgttgtggga tctcattcta ggctcttgtg aaaacataaa agaaagatat    120780
     ctgtccataa cagtttttaa aagacggtac tggcaaacat caatttgtta cagatctggt    120840
     ggaacgatca gtccttgtgt tgagttttgg taccaatgca caaaaggctg ctgaggtaga    120900
     gctatttaaa atttgatagt acagtttgat acctgtgttc ataatgtagt tttgaaatgt    120960
     taaagcttta gaaagtgata gagcaaaaca gagatgtgtc catccagaaa gtctgttgtg    121020
     gatcttatag gccctattgt acagtctagc tattggctcc aagatatcgt taatgttgtt    121080
     ttcttgcgtt tacgtagatg actaaggcca ctgtgtaaat acacagtaca cttatgatct    121140
     tattgccaca ttatatcatt acgataacat gatattgttc ccttcagtga tttcctgaag    121200
     atgaatacca aaaataacac aactggagta actacagcag tcgcaatcgt cgatctcaaa    121260
     ttaagtaaga gctcgcaatg acatatgatg atgtgtgtgt aacggaggcc agctagtgag    121320
     tgctatgcag gtaaacctca cacctctgac ctctaaagct actctagcga cagatgctaa    121380
     aggccatggt ctgtaacctg actcccatgc ggaaggtcgc cggttcgata ctagctcgga    121440
     gtgggttagg accggtgggg ttacatgtgc aggtagattt tgaagctctt ccccttcaca    121500
     ctctgtttca aaggccaatg ggaaggttgt aggtgtaaaa tttaattaga tttgggccat    121560
     attttttact tgttctaaaa ctctacagaa tatatatttt ttagaatttt tctttttaaa    121620
     tgttgcaaat tactacaaaa aaggaatgac tcatctatat cacattcaag cagagttaca    121680
     tggctacaaa atagcagctc ctaaaacttt tttttatcca gtatatggca attaatcacc    121740
     tttaagagct tagtttgaga aagaagtgaa gaaagaagtc atcaaaatgg ttttatagtt    121800
     aaccactgtt ttactcccga acactgttat gcgtaaactt atgcatgttg ttttattatg    121860
     catactgcca tccaaatatc ttacaacata tcaacagtga ggtccataca acaatatggg    121920
     taatgatata aaagaatact attgatggag aatagcaatc tttaaaagct aatgcaatat    121980
     tggtctacct tttactcatg gtctttttaa catcattaaa atgttaatga tgctggaagg    122040
     atcaaggctg ccaaatacta cagtgaaata aatcaatttc tacattcaat gtactattgt    122100
     atgattattt tattaattgt tcatcattta tatttgattt ggatttgtaa ttattcatta    122160
     gacatattgt attgcatata ttgtattaca tattgtcgtc accatgtctt tgctttgcag    122220
     gtgattggtt agtttagatt agataagatt tattttttgg taagactaat acggcacagt    122280
     gctttttaaa tgtgtgaaga ggaaaaaaaa tgatgactgt aaaataattc aagtgaagat    122340
     ggatcttttt agaaagaact ctctctgttc atctgatact gtagatgttg atgccacaaa    122400
     tgtggaggtt ttgggagatt caaataaaag cgtgtaagat aatgtgatgt tttgcaaaac    122460
     agaatgaaga aataaaaagt gtggatcaat tttgagtttt attttggtca agttggtatt    122520
     ttactcaaat agccataaat tttattctgt aacattatca gttgttatta acattcagct    122580
     atgaaataat tagagtttct ttattataaa tatttaacag gttcatgaat taatttttat    122640
     tttattttaa gatctgtcat tttcttatat gtgtgaaaat attttaattt tatattccct    122700
     attttctctt tatataaaaa aatcttatat aatcttgtat aaataaaaga agcttaatta    122760
     tacattgtaa aaaaaaaaat caagaattta atggtttctt tccggcagct ggggtccttg    122820
     aaaaaattaa aataacgtct gttaaattac agacttttac tataaataac agcgattgaa    122880
     ttacaaaaaa ttaccagaag ttgaaattta agggcatttc tgttatttaa tgtcagttat    122940
     tttaccgtaa acttctgtaa tttaacagct gttattttac tttttttttt tggcacccca    123000
     gctgctgata ataaaccgta aaactacaga ttttttttac agggtaggaa agcagcagac    123060
     agcattagaa tccaatacac aaacagaaat gccttgatgt ctgttttaag ttacaagaca    123120
     aataattcac atttagctaa ttttggaatt ggcaaccaaa tttatgatac tgataaatca    123180
     ttatgaataa tgcaacctga aacatttttg tcatgaagca gtcacagtta taaaatattt    123240
     taaccttatg gcctcaataa agtgtgcttg tttcagcaga ttctactttt tacaaacacg    123300
     taactttaaa tctttaaaca ctaagtatat ttatacagtg gaacacacaa aagtgaagat    123360
     cacattctac ctttgtgagg caagatgaac tcggtataat ctctacatta aaaaaagtca    123420
     ggtctgatat ttttctcttt tttgtaaaaa gtttattgtt ttgttaaatc atgtaatctc    123480
     ttgaattcac ttcactgtat tcagccattt gtctgtcctt tgatcttctt gccggtgaaa    123540
     cagaggcaaa actcacagct gcataattca catctgaatc tctaatctga aaaaaaataa    123600
     taaaatgaga aatacacgaa tatatatata tatatatttg tttttttttt ttcctgatta    123660
     agaaacaaat cacattgtta ttaatgtagt tgtaatattc attgggttag aagtaggatt    123720
     gtgtactgta gattctaata acattttcca ataaggctcc atgtcagtaa tttccaaata    123780
     ttcataatta aaatcatatt tgcattaggt aatacaattt ataacagaac cgaacaaaaa    123840
     caaaccaatt ctttagtaat atttaaaaag atacaacaga ttacgtacag tttctcattt    123900
     ctaaatattg ctaattgtcg ttaatgcatt aaacagtgtt aactaatgga agcttatcac    123960
     aaattgttac cagattccat tttataagaa taacaataaa ttacctcaca tgatggagat    124020
     gctacatttt caggtccttt aaaatgtgca gaacatttgg gttcaatttt gacaaacatt    124080
     tgtgattgca tatttaacaa ttttgcatat taaactgttt gtgtgtatag attttacctc    124140
     tgtgcctttt tctcagatgt atgcagcgat cagcaagaag tgtgatagtt accagcacaa    124200
     aaacaacatt ggagaatatc aagcattcct tttgaaattt gctatctgaa atagagaaaa    124260
     aatatacaac aatttaaaaa taaagcaaca agtaagtcaa aatataaagt tctactaaat    124320
     actgcattgc cagaatcaaa atccttttat tagaactgtg tgtattgtgc agaatgcttt    124380
     ctatggcgca aaatacatga ctatgactta agcttaaaga tcacggcatt agataaaata    124440
     tcaaaccagg tgactcattt ctctattaaa ttctattcaa tttaatatat atttttttaa    124500
     aataagcaat acagagaccc tggaccataa aaccttttgt tttatgccgc attggtatat    124560
     ttatggtaaa atacatagta taagttaaaa ttatagatta ttattttatg ccaaaatgat    124620
     cagaatatta agtaaatctc atctttcatg aggaaatttt gtaaactttc cactgtaact    124680
     atatcaaaac gtaattttgg attagcaata tgcataaccc tcataatcta gatattcaaa    124740
     tagttgtatc ttgaacaaat attatgctcg cacaaatcat gtcattggaa agccttttat    124800
     tttagccaat ttgtaaactt tcagatgcat atctcaattt tcaaaacttt accattatta    124860
     tccttatgac tttaccctta tggttttgtg gtccatgtac tgtacacagt tcacaaaaca    124920
     aaaaatacat tttacaaata catgtataat gacaaatctg cacacacaca tttaaaaaaa    124980
     taaataaatt ataatgtatg actgacacaa aactgctgtg aacttaagga gaattcattc    125040
     atcatcatca tcatctaaaa tgatggttaa ccactggtta aaaaaaaatc accagaaaaa    125100
     agtgcagttt ttgtttgcag tttttgtttg cagaagtcat gcttgatatt ttatatctaa    125160
     taatgcaagg atatttataa tgtgttttgt tgtgacttaa tgatacaata actatcttga    125220
     accacagctc tggttcaaca tagtgacagg taacaagtta ccaaaacaga aaagtgaagg    125280
     actaatagtt tagaaaatta tagaaattaa aagaagaatt accagcacct ttaacggtgg    125340
     ttccatttgg aatattctca catgccatgt tgacgtcttg agttccttgg aaataacaaa    125400
     ttaaatgatg ttatatggtt aaaaaagtct attccctcac aaaatagtag aatgaatata    125460
     ttttaccttg tagcatcaga tgtgctccag agataaactg tattaaattc aagaaaaccg    125520
     tcccgcagta gtatattcca gtgtcctgct tggtggcagc tgttatgttg aggtgaaaag    125580
     agtcttcact tgataaaata ctgaatctcc catctttaaa tttatcttca aatatgacat    125640
     cacccttgtg gttgtatgat attgtgatag ctcttgggat ctgtccggtg ctctgtttat    125700
     accaaaccaa tgtgttgcca acactttttc tggtcgagaa gcatttgatg ataacatcat    125760
     ctcccagctg aaatgtttgt aatgagacaa tttcagcact gtggttagac tggactccag    125820
     ctacaacaaa tcagtgagat ttcaacaatt aaaatgatgt atggaactcc aataaataaa    125880
     tttttttttt atttaaacag tcaaaagaga aataaaaaag ctacttacaa gccaaacaca    125940
     tcaaaatgac ccaaaagatc atgtctgaag caatggatgt gtgaaaatcc tctttagaag    126000
     acttgcctct gatgtgatag gtcactttca aaccaagaca gactgaaatg tctgaaactg    126060
     tgattggttg aaatcgacct gatatctctc agctcactcc caaattgaag caaaatgtca    126120
     tgatcaatgt cttatttgct ttattgtata taataatagt ggttaatgca ttgggtcaat    126180
     gggtcaactt tgcacaatga tc                                             126202