EBI Dbfetch

ID   AL591399; SV 3; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 97774 BP.
AC   AL591399;
DT   15-MAY-2001 (Rel. 67, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 12)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone BUSM1-172D23 in linkage group 2 Contains
DE   the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate copine IV (CPNE4), the
DE   5' end of the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate dynein,
DE   cytoplasmic, light intermediate polypeptide 2 (DNCLI2) and a CpG island.
KW   C segment; constant region; CpG island; HTG; J segment; T-cell receptor;
KW   TCR-alpha; V segment; variable region.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-97774
RA   Hammond S.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; b4c8ad551d267ec1cc58343fedbae4b9.
DR   IMGT/LIGM; AL591399.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone BUSM1-172D23. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone BUSM1-172D23 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone BUSM1-244O13 is at 8748 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone BUSM1-172D23 is at 97774 in this sequence.
CC   BUSM1-172D23 is from a Zebrafish PAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..97774
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="2"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="BUSM1"
FT                   /clone="BUSM1-172D23"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..95774
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   mRNA            join(9..48,135..>438)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ138M20.1030-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-85"
FT   CDS             join(9..48,135..>438)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ138M20.1030-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000002304"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-85"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD59186.1"
FT                   SDSAVYYCAL"
FT   mRNA            join(1676..1736,1825..>2122)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ138M20.1002-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-86"
FT   CDS             join(1676..1736,1825..>2122)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ138M20.1002-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000002305"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-86"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD59187.1"
FT                   SFAAVTDSALYYCAL"
FT   mRNA            join(2299..2341,2486..>2786)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ138M20.1135-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-87"
FT   CDS             join(2299..2341,2486..>2786)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ138M20.1135-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003503"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-87"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD59188.1"
FT                   SDSAVYYCAL"
FT   mRNA            join(10118..10157,10318..>10610)
FT                   /locus_tag="BUSM1-172D23.2-001"
FT                   /product="T-cell receptor alpha variable region (isolate
FT                   3746)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF246176.1"
FT   CDS             join(10118..10157,10318..>10610)
FT                   /locus_tag="BUSM1-172D23.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000004710"
FT                   /product="T-cell receptor alpha variable region (isolate
FT                   3746)"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI11507.1"
FT                   YYCALQP"
FT   mRNA            join(12478..12517,12865..>13162)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.7-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-91"
FT   CDS             join(12478..12517,12865..>13162)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.7-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001352"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-91"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD59192.1"
FT                   SAVYYCAL"
FT   CDS             19142..19327
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.8-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-92 pseudogene"
FT   mRNA            join(19867..19909,20022..>20322)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.9-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-93"
FT   CDS             join(19867..19909,20022..>20322)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.9-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001354"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-93"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD59194.1"
FT                   TDSAMYYCALV"
FT   mRNA            join(21306..21348,21457..>21760)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.10-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-94"
FT   CDS             join(21306..21348,21457..>21760)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.10-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001332"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-94"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD59195.1"
FT                   ETDSAMYYCALV"
FT   mRNA            join(22906..22948,23051..>23351)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.11-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-95"
FT   CDS             join(22906..22948,23051..>23351)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.11-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001333"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-95"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD59196.1"
FT                   TDSAMYYCALV"
FT   mRNA            join(24040..24079,24201..>24493)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.12-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-96"
FT   CDS             join(24040..24079,24201..>24493)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.12-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001334"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-96"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD59197.1"
FT                   TYYCALE"
FT   mRNA            join(24786..24828,24943..>25243)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.13-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-97"
FT   CDS             join(24786..24828,24943..>25243)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.13-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001335"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-97"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD59198.1"
FT                   TDSAMYYCALV"
FT   mRNA            join(28979..29018,29103..>29400)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.14-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-98"
FT   CDS             join(28979..29018,29103..>29400)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.14-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001337"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-98"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD59199.1"
FT                   SAVYYCAL"
FT   mRNA            join(31655..31697,31867..>32116)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.15-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-99"
FT   CDS             join(31655..31697,31867..>32116)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.15-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001339"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-99"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD59200.1"
FT   mRNA            join(32298..32340,32475..>32763)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.16-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-100"
FT   CDS             join(32298..32340,32475..>32763)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.16-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001341"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-100"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD59201.1"
FT                   LYYCAL"
FT   mRNA            join(35822..35861,35972..>36260)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.17-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-101"
FT   CDS             join(35822..35861,35972..>36260)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.17-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001343"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-101"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD59202.1"
FT                   YYCAL"
FT   mRNA            join(<37310..37352,37462..>37759)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.18-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-102"
FT   CDS             join(<37310..37352,37462..>37759)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.18-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001345"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-102"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD59203.1"
FT                   DSAVYYCAL"
FT   mRNA            join(44310..44349,44456..>44738)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.19-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-103"
FT   CDS             join(44310..44349,44456..>44738)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.19-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001347"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-103"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD59204.1"
FT                   CAL"
FT   CDS             join(45087..45126,45236..>45525)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.20-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-104 pseudogene"
FT   mRNA            join(47371..47410,47514..>47796)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.21-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-105"
FT   CDS             join(47371..47410,47514..>47796)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.21-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001355"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-105"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD59206.1"
FT                   CALV"
FT   mRNA            join(49913..49952,50095..>50344)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.22-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-106"
FT   CDS             join(49913..49952,50095..>50344)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.22-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001356"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-106"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD59207.1"
FT   mRNA            join(50810..50852,51259..>51553)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.23-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-107"
FT   CDS             join(50810..50852,51259..>51553)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.23-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001357"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-107"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD59208.1"
FT                   SAVYYCAL"
FT   mRNA            join(53527..53578,53661..>53961)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.24-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-108"
FT   CDS             join(53527..53578,53661..>53961)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.24-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001359"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-108"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD59209.1"
FT                   AAVTDSALYFCAL"
FT   misc_feature    68314..68326
FT                   /note="Inconsistency in the number of bases in
FT                   mononucleotide run between subclones"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(83198..83699,85365..85472,86150..86191,
FT                   86274..86453,89501..>89556))
FT                   /locus_tag="BUSM1-172D23.1-001"
FT                   /product="T-cell receptor alpha (J segment 3, constant
FT                   regions 1-3)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF425590.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BM156799.1 Em:CF996937.1
FT                   Em:CK026180.1"
FT   polyA_signal    complement(83204..83209)
FT   CDS             complement(join(85366..85472,86150..86191,86274..86453,
FT                   89501..>89556))
FT                   /codon_start=2
FT                   /locus_tag="BUSM1-172D23.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000004711"
FT                   /product="T-cell receptor alpha (J segment 3, constant
FT                   regions 1-3)"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI11508.1"
FT   misc_feature    87027
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: BUSM1-244O13"
FT   mRNA            complement(<87577..>87636)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.28-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha J segment 1"
FT   CDS             complement(<87577..>87636)
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.28-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001363"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha J segment 1"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD59213.1"
FT                   /translation="TNTADKIIFGKGTQLFVHS"
FT   mRNA            complement(<88168..>88224)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.29-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha J segment 2"
FT   CDS             complement(<88168..>88224)
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.29-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001364"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha J segment 2"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD59214.1"
FT                   /translation="TTSVKIVFGRGTKLTVQS"
FT   mRNA            complement(<89501..>89557)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.30-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha J segment 3"
FT   CDS             complement(<89501..>89557)
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.30-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001336"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha J segment 3"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD59215.1"
FT                   /translation="NNNIKIVFGRGTKLTVQS"
FT   mRNA            complement(<90255..>90314)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.31-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha J segment 4"
FT   CDS             complement(<90255..>90314)
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.31-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001338"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha J segment 4"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD59216.1"
FT                   /translation="NQNTNKLIFGQGSQLVVLS"
FT   mRNA            complement(<91750..>91809)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.40-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha J segment 13 (identical to segment 4)"
FT   CDS             complement(<91750..>91809)
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.40-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001358"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha J segment 13 (identical to segment 4)"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD59217.1"
FT                   /translation="TQNAFKLIFGEGTQLFVLS"
FT   mRNA            complement(<93277..>93336)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.33-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha J segment 6"
FT   CDS             complement(<93277..>93336)
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.33-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001342"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha J segment 6"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD59219.1"
FT                   /translation="TQSGFKFIFGKGTKLTVLS"
FT   mRNA            complement(<94478..>94537)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.34-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha J segment 7"
FT   CDS             complement(<94478..>94537)
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.34-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001344"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha J segment 7"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD59220.1"
FT                   /translation="NPGGTKLIFGTGTKLTVIS"
FT   mRNA            complement(<95033..>95089)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.35-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha J segment 8"
FT   CDS             complement(<95033..>95089)
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.35-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001346"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha J segment 8"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD59221.1"
FT                   /translation="NDRIKLLFGKGTKLTVQS"
FT   mRNA            complement(<95515..>95574)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.36-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha J segment 9"
FT   CDS             complement(<95515..>95574)
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172D23.36-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001348"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha J segment 9"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD59222.1"
FT                   /translation="TQGVNRIIFGKGTQLTVLS"
FT   misc_feature    95774
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: BUSM1-172D23"
SQ   Sequence 97774 BP; 33130 A; 16653 C; 15952 G; 32039 T; 0 other;
     gatctatgat gtttctctgt ggtgtctggt tcattcttta tttttcaggt aagatgtttg        60
     attttttaca gaagaagaga tactgaaatt attaatcctt taatggataa acacaaatat       120
     tctgtcggtc tcagatgata ctcatggaga aggaatagct cctctctctt catctgaatt       180
     ggtcatcaat ggtcactcca caactttgtc ctgcaattac aatggctctt acagcagtga       240
     ctctctcatg tggtatcgac aatacagcag ctccaaacca cagtttctgt atttggttag       300
     tgaagccaag ctgatccaac cagctgatcc tccaatttct ggactgtctg ctaaattaaa       360
     tgaggagaat aaccgtgtgt atctggagat ctcctctgct gcactatcgg actctgctgt       420
     gtattactgc gctctgaagc ccacagtgac tgaaaacaca caaacactga acaagaatga       480
     cagctggagt cttttcagtc aggaatgatg gaataaaaag agcatgtttt gcattttagt       540
     acagtactcg agtataaaaa gaataaagca agaggtttat tgtttcattg ttccttcata       600
     ttatataatt agatagcttc ttcaccttat gtaaagatga ccacgtgtac acaagcatcc       660
     taacactgct cttctacatt aaatattgtt gtggttttta attattttct ttatcgtatc       720
     gtagattgtt atatagtatg ttacgctgct ttggtacaat ctacattgta aaaaactaca       780
     aatgaaacat tgtcagttca tcttgccatt ttaatgcatg aaaactattc tttttccagt       840
     agggctgcgc gacatggcaa aatgcagtct agataattat tttccataaa gaacaataat       900
     gacatatatt tcaatttaag ttgttaatgc ttccagattt aaaaaggagt accccaacaa       960
     agactgacgc cacaaaaata aaaggatcca ttaaatggca taacagtttt ggctgaaaga      1020
     tttttggttg ctgaaaattc gggacatctc taatatcaac acaattttag attcccattg      1080
     ttgcacaatt cttctgtgtg atttactatt cgatcattat agagtaaaaa gtccagagct      1140
     tattgttgac aaattatatc ccgatttaat aaaacatcat ttattggccc agctctattt      1200
     caaggggaat ccttacaaat aaaacaaata tagcaaaacc gtttaccagg ctttacatat      1260
     atttacttaa gcctcataaa acatactaca tatttctatg tcaattgttc aatctcagaa      1320
     gagagctgaa aaactaaaat aacagcagga tttattaata tataaactat caatgcttta      1380
     tgcactaaca taaacctgta aatcattttt tgtagcaatt agtttttttg tcctatttac      1440
     agtattttac aactgtacta acttacaaac gtacaaacct accttaaccc atacagttac      1500
     ctccttaagt attaggtgtt ttaggcatat acactagaat acataagtga aatgtagagt      1560
     aaaataacat tttcatgtat tcataaccat cctaagatat gtgggaggag cttcatgatg      1620
     ttgtgctacc attgatctac catgtgattt tagtctgttc ctcagtaatg taaaaatgag      1680
     ttctcttgtt tgtctactta tactgttagt cttaatgggt gagtgcattt ttcattgttt      1740
     aattttataa tttcaataaa ttaattaaat taagaacaat gtatttttgt tattctgaag      1800
     atgtttttca tgctgtattt gcagatcaat catttggtca gtcaataaca gcactgcaga      1860
     gcacaaaaca ggctgctgag agcgaaacgg tcagtctgtc atgcaaatat gatacccgag      1920
     cagacaattt acagtggtat cgacaatatc caggatctac accagaatat ctgctgcttg      1980
     tttatgaatc aaacaccgtg tttcatgctg aacctccttt tccaagactg aacgccagtg      2040
     tgaataaagt ggagaagcag gtgaatctga ccatctcttt tgctgcagtc acagattcag      2100
     ctctgtatta ctgtgctctg cagcccacag tgacagaaag agcagctaca ctgtactaaa      2160
     acctcataga gaagctcaga gtgtgaaaga aagattcagt gactctgagt gtgttgatga      2220
     gagttttggg tggagctttg caggatctga cagaaatgct catctgtctg cagaacattt      2280
     gctgtttgtt gtgcaaagat gatgcttcac tgctgtctgc tggtgttgtc agtaacacaa      2340
     tgtaagtcat attctgtact aaactgattc gtttaaagct gaaatgctta atatattaac      2400
     aattcaagtt agcatttatt tacaatcttt tattgcgttt tacatctgtt cattactcct      2460
     aaaaaaagtt ttctattttc tgcagataca ctggcacagt caataagacc actgcagagc      2520
     gatgttcata tcactgagaa gactccagtc aggctctcat gcaaatatga tggcaatgta      2580
     tacagtctgc attggtatcg acagtatcca ggagcaaaac ctgaatttct gcttcttgta      2640
     ttgaagtcag ctacaaaatc tgtaacatat gcagatccta aaatccccgg aatggatgga      2700
     gaaatgagta taagtgaaca acaagtagat ctggagatct cctctgctgc agtatcagac      2760
     tctgctgtgt attattgtgc cctggagccc acagtgacag gaaacacaca aacactgtac      2820
     aaaaactgtc tgttcattac cgtctcatgc tttctatttg cagactcaac aagaaactga      2880
     aattaccaca aacataaatt taaaatagaa aaaacattaa caaaaaaatg tgagcaagta      2940
     ttccgtttaa aataatatct ttgagcacac ttaatcaccc attttaagtt tattttaaat      3000
     ggctctgttg tgtaacaaat tacattaaat ggtatagggg tataggtaaa aaaatatgat      3060
     tgcataaaca ctgcatgtcc ataacgcata tccatgcctc acacaagacg tgtcattttt      3120
     taatatttaa ttttaactaa ccctgtttat taaataaaaa gtatttttaa atacttttaa      3180
     aaatagtttt taaagtacta aagtattagt atttaaagta ctagtattta aagtactaat      3240
     gttaaataat ttgaatgcat tttaaattat gaaaaaaaat aattttaggt ttcaattgca      3300
     ataaaagaca attgcaataa aagacaaaac tggattaggt ggtcaagtga agaaaccaaa      3360
     aaactacaaa ccttaaataa atcactttag ataattcaag gtgacaaaca aaacatgcca      3420
     atatgaatta ttagtgttct tatgtaaatt cattactgca gcaacatggt ggcattcttt      3480
     ccagttgaac ttgttacact ttacaacaag cagtgtcaaa tgaacagtgc tgtttagctt      3540
     tcatctataa acttaaataa aaatttaaca acaatagccc ctttcacaca tacagacctt      3600
     tccggaaaat tgccggcaat tttccggaaa ggatgtatgt gtgaacaggt cccttttgaa      3660
     aataccagta aattcgttct ggctattttc cagaaagaga agttgtaaca ttaccggcaa      3720
     tttgccggaa tgctgcgctg tgtgaatgca gaaggaagat taccgtaata agcgcgtgca      3780
     cgtctagaac gtgctgacgt gagacgtctg ctttagccaa tcacaacagt cagacgcatt      3840
     tacgttcgcg cggtttgtga gaataaaaac ctttgaatat ttttccagac acatttagct      3900
     gctagaagtt agtcagatca cgtttatatg ttcttcttta tgccaactgt gtaaataatc      3960
     atcgatgaga tgcttatgat aagccgttgt ttgtttacct tcaagctttg cgtgttcctg      4020
     tgaaacagcc tgtgagcgcc tgcacacgca catatcatga acatctcgac atgcgaaagt      4080
     gatcctgcga aagttgttca caatattgat catccacaga gtttgtaatt tagtcaaatg      4140
     tttacaaata caagcgcagc cgtataaaag ctcatttgtg gtgaatgatg tcagaattta      4200
     ccggtatttt ggaatggatg tgtgaatgct cttttccgga aaatttccgt aacgtcctcg      4260
     cctatgtgaa cagtgctttt ttaaatatac cggtaaagtc gttccggaaa ttttccagat      4320
     atttaccggt atcactgtgt gaaaggggct aatatcttaa atcaaatagg tagcaacata      4380
     tctactgcaa aagtcaaatt acatgtcatt caatagctaa taatttagga aactatgaaa      4440
     aatataatcg gaatcagtag tgtgatagca caacttgtcc agcagaaggc agtgctcact      4500
     tagactacag aatagaaaag taaagaaatc agttctgaaa tcggtgatgt ttcagtatct      4560
     gctttatctg tgctttcttt tcaagaaaga tttgtgatat ttatagaaaa aagtaaagta      4620
     ctttgtaaat atttcattta tggataatta agcctcactc taaataaatg ccattttaca      4680
     ccagagtgca cttttcagtt ccctgttttt tttttgtttt tttttttaca tcatgtacgc      4740
     ttggaattcc aggaagattg ctgcaacaca gtacagtttc tgatacggtt ttctaaagct      4800
     gtgtcctcgg ttaacactcc attaccaggc accatataaa gctataaagt ataatatggt      4860
     tataatgcag gttgtgtgca tgtccagcac agtgctaagg acttacacat atcacagtat      4920
     tcttacagat ttgatcataa cctccaacat gtggattctg aacataactt caattttata      4980
     agaattgaaa actgttatgc atttaaacag atcatcataa tcatagggaa atgcacacat      5040
     atggcacctt attatcatgc tgaaatgtat gaattcacaa aataataata aaatatttcc      5100
     tggaagtaaa gaaaagacaa gaacagggta atttctgaca atgtttccaa taaaatatta      5160
     caatttctaa aaattaacag actgccataa ttctttgggt ggagctttgc gagagcaagt      5220
     acaacagaaa gcagcacagc agttcctcaa atctctattt gtacctgatc tcatcagtca      5280
     tcatggtctt attttacatc tccattttga cacttcttac aggtatctac atttgatttt      5340
     atattagtta atacataccc caagtgtatt aaatgaacat gaaaacactt aaaatgtata      5400
     aattataatt ttctgttttg ttttcacaga aggcattttt gcaaattcag taactccttg      5460
     gtcaactaaa cagcaggttt tggaaggaga aaatgtgact ctttcatgca actacagtgg      5520
     aagtaatatt caaagtttgc agtggtacag aaagtatcca agcagcacag ctcctgaata      5580
     tatcctgcaa acctttgaaa gtgcggaacc agcgcaacag ggccgacatc ttgctaaagc      5640
     acaaaagaac aaaaaacaac tggatctgct catctccaaa gctgaaatga cagactctgc      5700
     gatgtattac tgtgcactgg tgcccacagt gacaggaaac actcttaatc tgtacaaaaa      5760
     cctgacattg gagtctcaca tatgaatttt tttcttttgt tttcacttct ctgaaagact      5820
     agcatcagtg tttaattcct attaatagta attaacacac attctgtagc cctatatgca      5880
     tttctggaga tcgcaaatta tgtagccaga gctatgtatg gctgcatttc atctttataa      5940
     tgaacaatac ggggtggtat gacactattc cttttctcgt ttattagctg accgcttacc      6000
     ttcatatgga tgtcttttcc actgttaaca gtttgtccgg tagctcgaca tgtacgtcag      6060
     tggacttaag ttgaccgtga caacagggtt cgagtttggt gaagaaaggt tacagaaagc      6120
     aggtaagatg aaaacaaaag ctataaaata aaaaaataaa gaagtaaata acagggttag      6180
     aatgtggtaa aatctgaaaa catggtgtaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa tcacgttttt      6240
     ttttttttta ctttttctgt attgctttta aaacactgta gttgggatta gagaaggggg      6300
     ttggtgtagg gctgggcgtt ttttttttgt ttttttttta ttaattagaa tttacctttt      6360
     aacaacgatt taatttatat taaatcgaga aatcactata aaaaaaattt gatacattat      6420
     aatggcacca atgtgctttg gttcactctc tgtatgaagc aggttgcaca ccagaagcgc      6480
     tgctcttaat tgcgcagcaa cattaattaa ttcattttct tgtcggctta gtcccttaat      6540
     taatccgggg tcgccacagc ggactgaacc gccaacttat ccagcaagtt tttacgcagc      6600
     ggatgccctt ccagccgcaa cccatctctg ggaatcatcc acacacacac acattcacac      6660
     acactcatac actacggaca atttagccta cccaattcac ctataccgca tgtctttgga      6720
     ctgtggggga aaccggagca cccagaggaa acccacacga aggcagggag aacatgcaaa      6780
     ctccacacag aaacgccaac tgagccgagg ttcgaaccag cgaccttctt gctgtgaggc      6840
     gacagcacta cctactgcgt cactgcctcg cccccacgaa gcgccatgga ttctagaatt      6900
     ctaaacaggt ttcgatacac acaccggcac cgcccagcca caattcagga cgcagttcat      6960
     atttcagccg caacacagag tgccatctga ttagtttcat gttaaatatc atgcaaatgt      7020
     gcgcgtctgg tgtgtgatcc tttaaactgt catgtgtgcg ccgtgtcgcg ccgcttctgg      7080
     tgtgcgacct gcttgattgt ctgttaaagc gtgaagtcat gtaggatttt acttgttgca      7140
     ttagtctgag tcacgtctgt attgtcaaga catattccct tatcaagtca ataaagcaat      7200
     aaaaataaaa gagtggagca aagtgcatga aatgatcaat atataaaagg ggggaaaata      7260
     aaaagattaa atatattatt ttatattaga ctaacatata ttttatatta ggtgctttta      7320
     tttgctccta ctatacgtcc acaacttcac gcattgggtt aaattaggct ttacagtttc      7380
     cgtgttcagt ccttttcttc cactgtcttt ttttaagaaa aaggcagcag cattacaacc      7440
     tgtcattcaa tcagaagaca gaagtcaaag ccgacctgac tgccaatatt tcctaggctc      7500
     agcaaaactt gcaaaaaata cctctgtatt cctgcaactg caagatttat ttgaaaggat      7560
     aagaggtggc tctctataga acaaacatta tttattttct tttacatatt ttgcatttat      7620
     gagaaaaaaa tgcttcttta tggatggggc ttttctccat tatggatgta aaactgccac      7680
     ttggtgactt tggtaattca aattaaacca tttgaaaatg ctgagagata tttaagaatt      7740
     ttttcagtaa tgtaaaatac tttcatggca agattgacat ttgcattgaa ttgctcatca      7800
     gcaaaagtat gtactgtatt tatttcacct aaatattcca tgcaaacaat acaaatctca      7860
     aatagacact ttagaataag tagagaaaat aagtagagat gtagggtatg gacttaaaat      7920
     atttggtatg aggactatat aagtggagaa gacaaacaca tacgagatgg agattctccc      7980
     tgttggataa actattatgc tcgtcactaa tgttaattta gcccaagact acagttaatt      8040
     caaagaaatt ttaccaaaat tatggaagag gcaagtttat ttctaatgag cctggcaact      8100
     tgcatatata ttttttacta gtggcaatac ctttatcatg tcaatactat taattacaga      8160
     gaatttccgg tgggcggagc tttataatga tgaaaacaac acttccacag aatctgcact      8220
     cagctcttgc attgctctaa acacataaga tctctctcaa tcatgatgct tatttgtctc      8280
     gcagttctgg ctgtacttac aggtattaca ttttgttatt tgaattaatt tgtcatatta      8340
     ttcatgattt catccacagc tatcaaatgt gcattcattt tttgattttg tttttcagaa      8400
     agcgtttttt caaatgcaat aagacctctc tctgctgaac agcaggtttt agaaggagga      8460
     aaggtgatcc tttcatgtgc ctacaatgga agtaatataa ggagtttaca gtggtacaaa      8520
     cagcatcaca gccctgctcc cgaatatctc ctgcaaactt ttgaaaatgc ggcaccagag      8580
     cagaaggacc gtcttcttgc taaagcacaa aaggacaaaa aacaactgga tctggagatc      8640
     tccaaagctg aaatgtcaga ctctgctgtg tattactgtg cactggtgcc cacagtgaca      8700
     ggaaacactt cggcactgta caaaaacctg acactcagta ttatgatcat ttgacaaact      8760
     aacgtttatg agctacactg ctcctgcaac aattgatgag atttaagaat tactgtactg      8820
     actggacgac tgtagctcat gctgataacc atcagagatg tcggtaagag gaatgaaaag      8880
     ttatttattt aacgtttatg aataaaaaaa taaataaata gaaaagatgt ttaaggatgt      8940
     ttgtttttta ctatacagca ttaaacaaca tttcatacaa catataaatg ggcagattct      9000
     atttcatggt gactaagaat cttttttctc tcccaaaata gaaatttaaa aaggtttttc      9060
     attttgaaat agcagcaagc atcttttaaa cataacaaaa aaataaaaat aaacaagtgt      9120
     atataacatg actaactgta caagaaatta ttattgactt tacaaaactt tattgactgt      9180
     ttttacaatt tttttttttg ttttttttgg ggacatacaa caaacaaaag tacaaacaca      9240
     acatgaaatg cctgacacaa aaccaaactg catacagaaa catacacaag gcgaaagcca      9300
     taaactattg accattgaga tggtgggacc agtaaaaagc ttgatgaaaa cagaatacac      9360
     atgaatgatc atccatgagg acattgtcat tccgagtctc aaattgtcac atacagaaag      9420
     gtttatattg tctaaatatc gtgatcaagt gcgaatacat gtatcagttg tgtagtggct      9480
     aagacatgct taatagtgca ggggaatagt ctgttattga cttggaatgg tacatgtttg      9540
     atccacaaac aaaaatcatc acattacttt atgatttgag aattcccctt ccaccccccc      9600
     aaaaaaaaaa tgcactgcaa aaataagaaa attaaacatt tacaggctca gcgtcatatt      9660
     ataatttgta taactatttg aaaataaaga tttgtttgct tattcgcttg gaataaacta      9720
     tatactttcc agatttgcga gcccactgtg taataaagct gacaaaaaca gccattcaag      9780
     tttactccac aggaaggcgc tcttgtgaga caagatgctg ctttcctagt actaaacatt      9840
     tattccagcc cttaaacttt tcttcttata ttaacataag ttagaagata actatttaag      9900
     atgagtttaa ttcatattgt aaaattcata ttgtttaatt catattgtaa aactgtaaaa      9960
     tcattgattg aagttataac attccaatat acaaaacaaa acaagtccac tgttgctctt     10020
     tcccgccaca ggatggagct ctgcagtgtg ttgttaaatg tgactgactc cagcatttgt     10080
     ttcacatttc aagaactcat tctgctcaac aatgaccatg tttactgcag tcttgataat     10140
     attttcactt cttaagggta agtagtgctt taatgctccc tattgccctt caaacatcag     10200
     cagactgaat attacagtat aatttattgc aaagcatttt aattcaggtt gttaaacaat     10260
     aggctttcaa ttgagatttg acttgcgcta caaacagact ttttttttct ttcacagaga     10320
     ttgctgatgc atatacaata gaatctctct cagctgaaaa gcaggtttca gttggaggaa     10380
     atgctgtgat ttcttgtaaa tacagtggtc ttgggccaag cttccagtgg tatcgacaat     10440
     atccaggatc tagaccagag taccttattt ttaatacaga gactggtgct ggatttgaac     10500
     ccgctttacg tcttacatcg atggccaaaa aagcactcac acaagtggat ctggagatct     10560
     catctactga agtgaaagac tctgctatgt attactgtgc cctgcagccc acaatgactg     10620
     aaaatacacc tgctccttac aaaaaccgtg ctccagttct catgggaagt tctcaaattt     10680
     tagttttgaa gtgcaccttc tttcatttta aattgttgct gcataataat ttttctccat     10740
     tttcaaagtg taagcacagg attttaacat ctatatacta tcaaaatgtt tacctgtttt     10800
     accatccttc gtcccttata tccagggcta gacggaatct gtggacattt tttgctattt     10860
     ctgcagagaa ctttggtaaa aatctgcgga tttctgctga attattttgg gagtatccag     10920
     cggagtatca taaattaacc cttaaaatat gaaataaaaa gtaataaatt actgaataaa     10980
     aactgaataa attcagattt acacatttac tcaagcaaat aaacagaatt attgatgtgc     11040
     taaaaatctg cagaaatctg tggaattctg cggaaaatct gcgcgcacag attccgtgtg     11100
     ggcctactta tatccaaaac aaactctgca ttataagaaa atccaaagcc gccccattta     11160
     taattatgat tagagcaaag catttttttt atttgtacct ttgtttagtg gtattactca     11220
     tggttgtggt ttattatatt tcagtgcttc ccacacatag actttacttg ggtggaccgc     11280
     ccaagtatgt ttagtgacac gtttttatat ttactagcat catcatcctt ttacactttt     11340
     tttgtatcca cccaatataa acacatccgc gagcgattaa gttgtggaaa atcttctctc     11400
     gtttacccgt ttcacgccac tcgttttgtg tgtgcgagaa ctgtcaacac tcacgtgctc     11460
     tgcagaccca gagacctgca cctttttgca tccggccgga gtttctaaat ctactaaaat     11520
     gtccgggatt tggttttgct ttccttctct aagctgtcgc tacttttatg tgcacagctg     11580
     cgagagtgag agagacatta aataataaat ttgagtctaa acgactcaga taaatactca     11640
     gaggacgaag ctacatctaa attggctgaa gaatatttgt acaccattag aaagggctaa     11700
     tcaactcatt tgctttaatt taataatcta tactttttat tcttgtaatt attataattt     11760
     ttggagatag tgtttttgtt tattttttct gtcatttatt tatcatttgc tgtacatttt     11820
     gtttatttga ttatgtcaat atattacata ttttacacat ctaaaatgtt ttgccaatac     11880
     tgtacaaaat ttcataccaa taaagcaagc tgaacttgaa tgagagctag agagaagcag     11940
     atttacctgt tagtgggtgc acatggctcc tgagtagcat aaaagagaaa tagtagattg     12000
     ttcattcatt tatttattta tttatttatt tatttattta tttttattat ttatttattt     12060
     aaacagtatt ttaaataaat actgttatgt gatgttattt tatctaatgc acattggcag     12120
     gaaatcttct ataacaataa tattaaatga acaattattt accaagatgt aaaacgtgtt     12180
     tctataaatt aaaattaatg cacaggtcat gagagcaaat ttaagaaata tgcatataaa     12240
     aagttcttat cagtcagagc acaaaaataa aaatacatta ccattcgagc tctgagcttc     12300
     ataaaggtct aaatgtgttt cttacacaga agagggtgtg cttctttttc cctgctgttt     12360
     ctaagctcaa ttctcatcat tgaaggtctc cacagggtgg agctccaggc ttaaatcaca     12420
     aggtttcagt cagaaaaaaa ctgtatcaac aacacaacct gagcccatca tttcatcatg     12480
     ctgctctgtg tgcttatcat gctttcatca cttgcaggtg agaagtgttg aatcttatat     12540
     atattaatta tacatttgaa tgttttaata caggaaactt ttcatttgaa tggacttaca     12600
     gtgtacatac tatctgctta atgtctctgc tgaaatgttg atggttcatc aacatatatt     12660
     atactgattt agcaaggcca tatcagctta ttctactaac accaacaagt ctactaatac     12720
     tttagtgata gttcatcaac atggagttgc aaagttgctt ataatcaaca gaatatttaa     12780
     agtggaccat caaaataaaa tgcatctcaa atcctattat ttcatctgat catattaatt     12840
     aatctagtat gctttcttct tcaggagaag taataggtga agtgataaca tctcgtggtt     12900
     ctgaaaaagc agctcaagat ggtaccaagg ttactctgtc ctgcaactac acaggagtgg     12960
     tttataatct gttatggtat cgtcagtatc agagattcaa acctgaactc cttctctcca     13020
     tcgctgaatc tggagaagca gttaaagcag acccatcagc ccactggcta tcagctacag     13080
     tccacaaaca aagcaaactc acagaactgg aaatcagccc tgctaaagtg actgactctg     13140
     ctgtgtatta ctgtgccctg aagcccacag tgacaggaaa acactcttcc tctgcacaaa     13200
     atcattctgt gaattaacca tgctatttat tgaggcttaa caagaacgtt tactgtattt     13260
     ttctatgttg tttctgagac taaatcatcc attagtataa tgaatccaca aaaattgcca     13320
     cactacactt gtgggtggag cttaatgtgg tgcaagcaca agagctcaaa aagtcttgaa     13380
     agaccaattg ctacatcatc aaatccaaac atacaacaat gatcctcttc tgctttgttt     13440
     tagcactggt cttggatttt ggtaagaaac agacttaaaa tcttgttaaa gataataaca     13500
     acaacaaact gactttttta ttggccatta ggcatcttta aaatgtaaac ctttaagatt     13560
     gataacactg gattgctaat cgtgtttgca ggaaacgcta atgagaactc tatcagacca     13620
     gatgaagagt ttgtgtcttt aaacgaaggc agtaacacca ccctgtcctg tacatttgat     13680
     ggatctgcac tgtaaacgat ttcttgttaa atcaacagta agttactggc aacaattatc     13740
     cagtagctgc tgtatttcat aaaacagtaa cattactgta atactaatta cattagtatt     13800
     acatttactg taaaatgtaa tacatcattt tactgttgtt gatttttact gtaacaccaa     13860
     ttacagtagt gatacacata ctgcaaaact gaaaacagta ttttattgta catttttacc     13920
     atgaagaact acggtatttt aacgttactt ttattattac tgtatagtat tttacagtta     13980
     ttaaatgtta ttttatttta tttaatagtg ctactttata ttgggcaaaa cattttcaaa     14040
     aattgcacaa atgttatttt aactgttcaa gaaatacaag aaaaataaag aaactgaaac     14100
     tttaacttca caataaaggt ttattgtgta aaccatgcta aaacagtagc aataattcaa     14160
     tataacaaag caacagaaca ctaataaaca attgatcatt aaaaccagtc aacaattaat     14220
     gcatcaaaaa ttattacaat tttaaaaaaa ggtgaaaata ctgctacaag acaggaaatg     14280
     atgaaggcca aatgatgtgg aaagggacag tgaaaaaggg cagcagcact tctgatgatc     14340
     ctgcaaaaat gacaggcaaa atcaatcact gaagtaaaaa ctaatcatcc ctcaaaccat     14400
     ttaattcatt cagaaacgaa acactgcact gttgtttttt atacatatat atatatatat     14460
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatataa     14520
     atatatataa atatatataa cagttataat atatataaca gtttttttaa ttgtttttgt     14580
     tggtgaaata cagtttgttg tcaattcaca attacactaa cgttaataag gaaaagatca     14640
     gcgggcattg ttcttaaaga ttgctattca ggtgtccaca caggtgtgta aaaaataaag     14700
     tctcatctta acttaatgtc cgactctgta tagctcgaat atctgattcc atgatcacac     14760
     tactagtgct tccacgaatt taagaggggt gaacacagtt cattctcact ttaagaggct     14820
     acatatttaa aattaaataa ataaaaataa tctaatttaa cgtgactaat gttaattaaa     14880
     tacttttaga cttttaacac gtataaatcc acttctaact tacagataag attgcgttag     14940
     agaacatgaa agacgtgggt gattttttaa aataatgcta atgatgagtt actgatattt     15000
     ggtttgcata aaacaaagta atcactaagc attcattttt ggcaaaatct gcagagaggc     15060
     tcagcgacac gaggaaatgt gttaaagttg agtagagaac taaagagcag tctagcctac     15120
     ttcatgaaat gtttgtggta atattctgcg gtcaattcgt attactgtat ttcaatatgc     15180
     agcagtgatg gcatgtcagc gagacaaata aacattttat cgagtcattt catacaattt     15240
     atttatttat ttatttattt tttatacaaa ccctctagta acatttcctt aaactaaatc     15300
     atcataacgt tactgtgcac agcatcagta aaacgtttag aataatttaa atacttaatt     15360
     ttttaaaaca gtcactgctg attagaaact aacattaaag ctaagcttac agaaatcctg     15420
     tatgcatgac aatataaata tgtattactc actgatgtcg aagcacttcc aggtcatcag     15480
     agatgtagac aggacagaat gtgtgctatc aaatgagctc ttgtgcagcc tttgttggac     15540
     atccaggtag tatgttcacc cacactgtaa gaaacaaaaa cagaaacaat ttattaaaat     15600
     gtgagggata gtaaacatgt ttggtctaca gagagaagac aatgtttact ttaagcattg     15660
     atcctaatga atctatttct aaactacatt taaccttatc acggaaacag catttttgag     15720
     cttttagacc aggggtgctc aaccttgttt gctttaaatt agaattaaaa caataaatct     15780
     ctatgtcaaa taaaatactt cagatctaaa taaagcaggt gcttttacct aaaggttcct     15840
     tccctccagt tagtttggct gcaaatacct ccacatctgt gctttattcg gttcttgtct     15900
     taagagtaac tggtgtcgca ttccaggtcc atcgcaatct gggctagaag gacaatatga     15960
     caaaagacaa gacacatata aataagtctc agaataaaat atttaaagca cagtttacta     16020
     ttttgccact atttactcca cgtgttttaa actagtttga atttctgtta aacactgaag     16080
     cagatatttt gaagaatgtt agtaaccagt aactattgac atccatattt gaaccaaatt     16140
     tctttaaaaa atacgagttt gtgttcaacg gaacaaatta aatatataac tattttgaaa     16200
     caagtaaagg atgccaaaga tgctattatt ttcattttgg ggtgaactgt cccttcaatt     16260
     caagtgtcaa gcaatagtca taaaaactga tgtgtcgctt gaggaaaact aaatcaagta     16320
     ccttctttaa acaagcagaa tcattatgcc attgtattca gtgattctct tttacatttt     16380
     cccactataa aacgatagct tcaacatgca atccatgtta agacaaaaat gaatagcata     16440
     aaataacata ttgaactaaa cttacagttt ccaggctgtt tgaaaaaaca aacaaacaca     16500
     tacgcccagt aaaattgcta ataaacacaa agacaacagt tatagaaaaa aatgtttgtc     16560
     taatatttac tcagcacttg gtaggcaaat agcatagctg tggctgtttt aacaccagat     16620
     gttttttttt tcttaaagtt ttcttaggaa ctgctggaag aagaaaaaga ggttgtacat     16680
     gaaactcctc acaacaaatc tgtgaacaac ttgacattta aaaatctaat caaaatgagg     16740
     aagacatcga cattaccttg aataatcaag tgaggagtga ttggttgcat cagtttttca     16800
     acatcaatta ctgtagctga aaaacagata aatataataa gagtaaaata agacttaaca     16860
     ttaattaatc taagtctatg gtacaaccat accaatctgt atggggttaa aatacatttg     16920
     tacacaaatc attccctgac cccatcaatt taacttagaa taggatggat atgactttgg     16980
     cttatatctg tgtactcaga acgtacactc acctcaggta cacctgaaca ccaaaattta     17040
     aatgtacaat taatgacaca ctatacatca agctcattaa cattattgag aaatagacaa     17100
     ttaatatgta ttttgttaat attaacgtta gcttaaaata attcaactgc atttaatttt     17160
     cagctccatt taataaaaca gttaagactc atttcattat gagtttagtt taaataacta     17220
     acttacagtt gaaaaatttt accataatga tagcttagtc ataatgacta acgttatgtg     17280
     aagaccagag cttaccttaa cggtaaacgt ttaacttttc atggtgactt cgccttcatc     17340
     tcagtgttgt gctgaaatag agaattcatt aatgcagtta caataagttg aagttatgtt     17400
     tttcaggtaa cttacgtatg gtcaaaaact cactcaagat aaacttactg tatctaagtt     17460
     aatacctcgc aaacactaca atgaccgcct ggcgtctgtt atttcttgtt taaaataccg     17520
     tttgttaacg gatagcgtga cataacataa gaacctacaa ctaatgtcac ttggttaatt     17580
     cttttaaatt acacacacaa tacacagaaa tacttataaa acaatccttt aacggacaga     17640
     atttgacttt aaaacactta ccgaggatga attcgctgga tgaaagacga caggtgaatt     17700
     tcaaattagg agagccgttg cctgcatgtc gagtcgtgtc cgttcggttc tatgaatcgg     17760
     ctccttagtg aacagtaaag aatcgaatcc gcctaaaaca gattcctttt tgtatatgat     17820
     tcattactat ttcgttatac tgcttggcca cacgcattta tacactaatt atacactaat     17880
     tgcatattgc tgaatgtgct tgtgaacacg tgtgatcaaa taattcccga gcaaacggtt     17940
     caatacgatt cagagtcgct cgagtgctga accgaaccag tgcaaacgtg atattgatta     18000
     caatatagta acattgtttt ttattcactt taccagcgaa attattacat atatctgacc     18060
     ttgacaatac gaataaagtt cgtttgaagt gttttgagaa ttaatatttt tttctcccag     18120
     aattcatttc acatcaacaa gcaaatggta atggcggatg agaaagccta gctaatatta     18180
     taaatattgc gtttaatatg tcacgaaatg aaattttaac agtgtttcat gcgagaatgt     18240
     agttcttaca aacttaaatc tgtggtttat ttatagatat catgtgcaaa ttgtaagcgt     18300
     gctttgccga tagcggagat tctgacctcc agggtgtcca tcatcattca tgtatccggc     18360
     gaaacgaggt tataatcggc tagacatgtg agacttgccc cggtcttaga tggctctata     18420
     atgaatgtgt tatgaaattt aattttaacc atttttcatg cgggaatgta gttgttttaa     18480
     actcaagtct gtggtttatt tatagagatg gtgggtattt taaaatattg ttttgaaaat     18540
     gcggagatat gtgacctcca tggtgatgac gggtgcccaa acctcatgaa tccgtctaaa     18600
     gcaggctggt cattatgaca tttaagctaa ctttggtttc atgaatcaat tacttttgtt     18660
     ccagtttacg ttttgattaa gcacaaagtt atgttgatta aaaatgattt aatattttca     18720
     tgttaacctt ataaaattaa ggtgcagtac acccaaatat ggaaaaccag gggacagctt     18780
     tatgcactga acagtctgaa gaaataggtt attttatttt tcttcacaaa atactttgtc     18840
     aaaaaaaata aacataaaaa taatataaag tgtgtgtaga gtttttcatg gtcatttgca     18900
     gtactgtttt tagatgcaca gtaactgatt ttttcccaaa attcattgta aaatcttcag     18960
     tagcatactg ttaatcatgt tcacagtatg gaaatgttga gaatacatta tcatgctgtg     19020
     aaaacagcaa tatatacagt aacacactgt gcacagctta tacagtaaac aactgttgag     19080
     aaatgcagta taataccgtg aaaacaacag aaatcgttta cagtgtgctt atcgcctcca     19140
     ctggtatcga cagaaaactg gatcgttgtt agagtttcta gtgctgattg ataaatctac     19200
     caaagttgta gtgaccgctt ctcctccgca tccgcacgtg tctattaatc tccatgataa     19260
     ccgtgtggat ttggagatca ctcctgctgc agtgtcagac tctgctgtgt attactgtgc     19320
     tctgcagccc acagtgacag gaaagcttgt aacacagcac aaaaaaagat tttatatgaa     19380
     ctgatgcatt tttcccccta cacatattcc cctactactc cttcttaata catttcttca     19440
     gcacagttta gctgctgatg gccatcaaat atgtacggtt aggttataaa tatatacttt     19500
     tcccaagtca aactaaaatt ttatgctata tggaatattt tatttgatga atagaaataa     19560
     gaacaaaatc ttcaattaat tagttgtcca tattcagttg ctgtatgatt ttgattcgca     19620
     ataaagtgaa agaaatgtat ctactgattc atatattcag tttatgttct ctttaatgaa     19680
     tactttgaac aaattggctt aactggttta aaaataagga caagattaag taaatcattt     19740
     ttcgagaagg cggagcttga tatcaagatg taaaagtgtt ttatctgaag gaggatgtca     19800
     gaagtcaaag gcatccagtg tgaatgatac tccagtcttt cagattctgc tttaacatct     19860
     gctattatga ttattttcac tctcctctgg tttttgtggg caagtcttgg taagaatgtt     19920
     tggtttactc accctttaat tagtttttac ttaattgctg cattttttac tatttagttt     19980
     ttatttgact cgactaattc agtttttctc tctattaaca gaacacacag aggcagatgt     20040
     aataaaacct ttatccctgg atgaaaacag tcatgttggt gatgctgtta ctctgtcctg     20100
     cagttataaa gattatacgg gtaatgttaa tggtttacaa tggtacagac aattacccag     20160
     atccaaacca gagttcatcc tttacatctt tgaaagtgga actatgagta aagacaaacc     20220
     agacagattt tctgctcaag ttaataaagg caccaaacaa gtggatctga acatctcctc     20280
     tgctgtagaa acagattctg ccatgtatta ctgtgccctg gtgcccacag tgacaggaaa     20340
     tacaactgca tcatacaaaa acctcacatg ccatcattaa acaaacatca agcctcaagc     20400
     atttacttca tcccatctca gataccaaat ttctcaaaat agactttcct ttctatggaa     20460
     catcatattc acacacttag ttttcaaatc caccatgtct actctaaaac catacagtaa     20520
     acaaacactg cattttgcca gcagatggca gtccatcact gacatgagac atactttctc     20580
     ataattttcc tcctgtctaa tcacttccca aattccatca ttatctaagt gtgttttatc     20640
     ttacaattaa cattaattca tgtttggtaa ttattcatct ttgcacaggt cagatttcag     20700
     tccaactatt gatcatgctt ttttatttct tagcttaaat ggtcaatgat taaattgtgc     20760
     aacattttct cttcaaaata gtcagacagt acagataatg ttgttagttc agttttagca     20820
     tgtgatcata atctctgctg tagaaacagt ttagtagact gcaattaaat gtcaccctat     20880
     tttaaaatga acaaagttac ttagagagcc atttggggac caatttaaaa gcattaatta     20940
     gataatctac aggttcacta acagcatgta cagtagcgca acattacttg aaggtaactg     21000
     aatgtcctaa aaagatctat gaatgtatag tgttaaacaa aaaggaaagt aaatgtatta     21060
     ttttttccag acggtgaagc tttaaagaga taataaagat aagttttttt tttatgaata     21120
     ctttaaacag attgcataaa ctggtttaga aatgaagaca atattaagca tatcattttt     21180
     ccagaaggcg gggtttaata tcaagatgta gaagcatttt aatctgaagg aggatgtcag     21240
     aagtcaaagg catccagtgt gaatgatact ccagtctttc agattctgct ttaacatctg     21300
     ctattatgat cattttcact ctcctctggt ttttgtgtgc aagcattggt aagaaagttt     21360
     tatttactca ccctttcatt attttttaca taattgctac tgtttttacc atttagtttt     21420
     tgactcaaca aattcgtttt tttttctccc tattagcaca acacacagag gcagatgtaa     21480
     taaaaccttt atccctggat gaaaataaac atgttgatga caccgttact ctgtcctgca     21540
     gttataaaga ttttacggat actgtacgga atttacaatg gtacagacaa ttacccagat     21600
     ccaaaccaga gttcatcctt tacatctttg aaagtggaac tatgagtgaa gacaaaccag     21660
     acagattttc tgctcaagtt aataaaggca ccaaacaagt ggatctgaac atctcctctg     21720
     ctgtagaaac agattctgcc atgtattact gtgccctggt gcccacagtg acaggaaata     21780
     caactgcatc attcaaaaac ctcacatgcc ttcatcaaac aaacatcaag cctcaaacat     21840
     ttactatatc ccgcctcaga taccaaattc ctcaaaacaa tagactgtcc ttttaatgga     21900
     acatcatatt cacacattta aaaagtttta atgtacccat atctaaaacc atacagtaaa     21960
     caaacactgt ttttgccagc agatggcact ccacttacat gagacatact ttctcattat     22020
     tttttccaat cagttcattc tcagcttcca tcattatgta aatgtgtttt atcttatggt     22080
     ataacttaca tttggtaatt attcatcttt gcacaggtca gatttcagtt cagctattga     22140
     ttgtgctttt tccagcttaa aaggtcaatg attcaattgt tcaacatttt cccttcaaga     22200
     tgtcatcaga taattttgtt attcagtttt agcatatgct aattttcctc tgctatagaa     22260
     accgtttagt agactgcact caataatgac ttttgctgtt cgttcaaact acttattcaa     22320
     acaagctgaa acaacaattc ttgatatttg gggaagaaaa cttaattgat ttatgttcaa     22380
     tctacttaaa tttgtaaaaa ctgataacct aattctttga tgttgtccca acacaaatca     22440
     tttgtgtgga acccagaaat tgttagtgtt cattttgaaa tcagtcagca ctcatttgca     22500
     aagacactta cagtacagtc agtagggagt cttgttggag agcaaaataa aagcattata     22560
     gcagacatta aacagatggt ctactgattg actaataaca tatacagtag tgcaacatca     22620
     cttgaaggta actgaatttc ctaaagagaa ctatagtgtt aaacaaagga caagtaaatg     22680
     tatttttttt tcagaaggcg gagctcaata aagataacag attttcttca ataaacacag     22740
     gttgtatgaa ctggtttaaa aatgaggaca acattaagta aatcattttt ccagaaggcg     22800
     gggcttaata tcaagatgta gaagcatatt tatctgaaga aggatgtcag aagtcagtgt     22860
     gaataatact ccagtcttac agattctgct ttaacatctg ctattatgat cattttcact     22920
     ctcctctggt ttttgtgggc aagaattggt aagttgtatt tgtccgttcc tatcgattac     22980
     tttttactaa tttagtactt ttaaatgttt tttttttatc taactactgt attcttttct     23040
     tcattaacag aacacacaga ggcagatgta ataaaacctt tatccctgga tgaaaaccgt     23100
     catgttggtg acgctattac tctgtcctgc agttataaag attatacggg tactgttaat     23160
     ggtttacaat ggtaccgaca attacccaga tccaaaccag agttcatcct ttacatcttt     23220
     gaaagtggaa ctatgagtaa agacaaacca gacagatttt ctgctcaagt taataaagac     23280
     accaaacaag tggatctgaa catctcctct gctgtagaaa cagattctgc catgtattac     23340
     tgtgccctgg tgcccacagt gacaggaaat acaactgcat catacaaaaa cctcacatgc     23400
     ccttatcaaa caaatatgaa gtcttaaaca tttacttcat cctgtcagaa atgacaaaaa     23460
     catcatcaca ataatgtcat tttactggac caagttataa catacattca cataggctca     23520
     cttctccctt ctgactaaaa ttatacagaa ataattctta tatattccca gcaggtggcg     23580
     ctctagtact tatttttgac ggtttggtat ttaacttgac ttcaattttc ttttacattt     23640
     taatttactt acagtacatt acctgacagt tcccaagctt gctatgaaaa ggagagcgtg     23700
     taataacaca atcatgcttg caaaatagat ttaatgaaaa tatattgatt ttaacattgt     23760
     aactatgaca tattacagta tagccattaa tcagtgcttc tgactgtatg atatatgcac     23820
     tcattctgaa caaagttata tcaaataaag tttccatgca tattatttta cctctcactg     23880
     acctgaggaa ccataataat ccactcttac catatgctgc cagtgggagg agctgtatgc     23940
     ttttcacaac caagttcagg ctatttttga gttactgtat atcttagcaa gaaacaagca     24000
     gcagtcattt tcagtcactt ttgtctcttc acagatcaga tgttgtccct aatcttgatc     24060
     attatttccc tgctcaaagg tcagtcattc ataattgttt acatttaatc aaatcaaatg     24120
     tattacgttt aaaaatatat atacaatgtt tgcacttaaa ttaaattaaa cacccaatgg     24180
     ttttttcttc tttcctatag aaaatgttga tgcagatgga catatgataa atcctttgag     24240
     tttagagaca cacggcacag taggacacaa tgtgaccctc tcctgcaatt acagtggtcg     24300
     tgttcatact ctgcaatggt ttcgacagta tccaggatct cgaattgagt tcctcatttt     24360
     tgccaccgag ctcaatgatc aatcaaacgt tgcgcttcgt atttcaaatg tggtcgataa     24420
     acaaaaaagc atgagtctga gcattttcca tgcagaaatt caagattcag cgacgtacta     24480
     ctgtgctctg gagaccacag tgatgagaaa cattgaaaca ctgtacaaaa actagaactc     24540
     ataatcaaca aactgtagac ctgacactat attataacaa tgctttcaac aaactcccac     24600
     aaattaacat aagctgactc aatctcaagt aacatgagcc atgatcatga aatcattttt     24660
     ccagaaggcg gagtttaata tcaagatgta gaagcatttt attctgaagg aggatgtcag     24720
     aagtcaaagt catccagtgt gaatgatact ccagtctttc agattctgct ttaacatctg     24780
     ctattatgat cattttcact ctcctctggt ttttgtgggc aattcttggt aagaacattt     24840
     tatttactca ctctttcatt aatttttacc taattgctac agttttaaca acatagtttt     24900
     tatttgactc aactaattca gtttttttct ctctattaac agaacacaca gaggcagatg     24960
     taataaaacc tttatccctg gatgaaaata gccatgttgg tgatgctgtt actctgtcct     25020
     gcagttacaa ggattatacg ggtaatatac agaatttaca atggtaccga caatttccca     25080
     gatccaaacc agagttcatc ctttacatct ttgaaagtgg aactatgagt aaagacaaac     25140
     cagacagatt ttctgctcaa gttaataaag gcaccaaaca agtggatctg aacatctcct     25200
     ctgctgtaga aacagattct gccatgtatt actgtgccct ggtgcccaca gtgacaggaa     25260
     atacaactgc atcatacaaa aacctcacat gccttcatta aacaaacatc aagcctcaaa     25320
     catttacttc atctggtcct agatactcag aaaaaaggct gccatattaa aaatgaaacc     25380
     aactacatta agattatcga caaaacaaaa agtaagtccc attaccacat gacttcaact     25440
     gtacagaaca cactaactat aactgtattt tgccaggagg tggtgctctg tgacttacat     25500
     gagacagaag agacgtgttc aattctctaa taactcttaa ttttattaaa taaaaataat     25560
     tgtatttcat gggaaatttt ttattcttgt gcagttcaga ttttgacact aattatttta     25620
     cgtctaatcc taaactctct gaaacagatg agatttttta ataaagatca catcactcgc     25680
     acaacaaaag tcaaaagact ctcagttcag ttgtcatagg gctgcatgat attgaaaaaa     25740
     tctgacattg tgatattttg ttttgctgcg atatatattg ctacatgaat agaatttcac     25800
     caaatgattt aaatagctct atttaggaag atttcattca tttagactga ctgggacaat     25860
     caagggtgtt tatgtttttt tttaaataaa ataaattcca agcctatata aatacaacag     25920
     caactataaa agataaataa acagtgattt atggctttct ggtgagacta acaaaattga     25980
     agtacagaaa ttaaacaatt acacataaaa taacaccatg atcattgaat aaataaatag     26040
     atatcacatt gtgttcatcc gcaatagtta cgtcacatga tctgcaatat ggaactgaga     26100
     ttatatcagg aggcagaggg gaaaacactg caatgaatcc atgaatcaaa gtttaagcac     26160
     tgctaccaaa atgtttgtca tttggcaaaa tattcaggta caagaaatga taatgttttt     26220
     aattttaaaa ataacattaa ttataattat gcatacacac aatgaaggct atacacagcg     26280
     gtattatata tttgattatt catctattta ttcattaatt cattcatttt cttgacggct     26340
     tagtcccttt attaatctgg ggtcgccata gcagaatgaa ccgccaactt atccagcaag     26400
     tttttacgca gcagatgccc ttccagccac aacccatctc tgggacacat ccacacacac     26460
     attcacacac tacggacaat ttagcttacc caattcacct gtaccacatg tctttggact     26520
     gtgggggaaa ccggagcacc cggaggaaac ccacacgaag gcagggagaa catgcaaact     26580
     ccacacagaa acgtcaactg agccaaggtt cgaaccagcg acccagcgac cttcttgctg     26640
     tgaggcgaca gcactaccta ctgctccact gcctcgccct attcagctat ttagaatgat     26700
     ttaattaact agcttgactg ggatgacaaa ggctttttct atgtaatgca tttgcataaa     26760
     acacaataaa tttcaagcat atataaatac cacagcaaat atagaagcga tataaacatt     26820
     gctttatggt tttttgggga gtttaacagt atttaggtac agaaattgaa caatcaaaca     26880
     taaaataaca caatcatcat tgtataaatt aagatatata tatttatata tcaatttact     26940
     ctcaataacc aaatcatttt gtaataatga cttaaagaca taaatgcggt tgttcagttg     27000
     ggtttagaaa ttacatgaac gattcttatt cagaacggta aaaaaaaaaa aaacatgtca     27060
     ttctagcaat aaatattttt gatagactaa gtttctgatt taaaatagaa agtaaacaaa     27120
     gtttctaagg tgacacttaa aaaagtgttt aaatccataa acattaccat tatgagattt     27180
     aagttcaatg aatcaaaaga atataatttt agagctttat tttaggcttc tttagacaat     27240
     caaccacatg cctacagtgt atttatatga atacgggatt agaggatttc cagatactgg     27300
     aaaaatgcat taacaatatt tcttactttc ttatgatttc ttaaaaaaaa gaagctattt     27360
     ttattagcaa tgtttttaaa acatttaaca atttttaaac aaacaggtga attgtattta     27420
     ttcagattaa ttaattagaa ttcagactaa aaaaaaaaaa atgtaaaagt ttcaaacatt     27480
     tagtctttaa aacactataa ataagtgaaa actttctctc tcttcatgac tcctgccgga     27540
     taagtttttt ttttttttcc aagtctgggt tcacctttgg gccactccag ccaatagcaa     27600
     aacagcaact acattgggcc tcgtttgaat ggtcaaattt agataaacaa ccaatgcata     27660
     aaaaatgcaa tgcatcacaa atttgcaata cgtatattca atatcctatt attgtgatta     27720
     gggctgcaca attaatcgaa aacagattgc gatctcgacc ttacacacaa tcctaattct     27780
     gtttttctat gattcagcca attatatttt caaggtcagg agagaagcgt aaaggcgggc     27840
     acacaagtct tcacactgtt ttaaacaagt tgctcagcaa catggacatc tccaaatcgt     27900
     tttaaaagtg tcacatactg taatcataag gtataattca ccgcaaaatt taaatttagt     27960
     ctttatgcaa tgatgtattg ggagccgtga aatcacgcat gagttgacgc actgtttgtt     28020
     tactacagag aggacgcgca cctgcccact aatctactat tgagtgtgct attgagaaca     28080
     caacctgcat aggatgtgaa taacatatat taaacttatt attaacgttc gtattgttgc     28140
     atagagcaat cgttttggag ccgcacagga agtatgattt gcatgcatgt tttttttctg     28200
     aaagtgacaa caggcataac atgagccgca ctataaaaag tgaaaccgaa agtgcgcaaa     28260
     tcatttaatt aatcatatta tattttacag ttatgattac aaaaagcatt tgataggttt     28320
     tttctttcat agcgaacaca aaagtgttgt gcatgaaaat gaatgtttaa taggtcagtt     28380
     taattactct agtctatata atattgaata taatgcaaga ggaaatgcat tttttaaaat     28440
     gatgaatgtt tcattttacc agtgaaaaca tggcctaata atgttgtcaa tgacaaatga     28500
     taagtatgtc tcaagcatag taattgatct tcagaatttt aaatagtttt tttctgatgt     28560
     catcacttta gggtgaacta accaccagga cacatttaaa gtcttttcaa gtccaccgtt     28620
     ccaagtttat acaaaatgta gcattttaac caacagtaga catacacata atattattgt     28680
     tgttttacca tatgtttgaa aaataacaac aataatagcc tacttgtatt aacctttatt     28740
     tctaaatctt gccgccctaa ttgtgatcat gataattttg ctacatattg tgcagccttg     28800
     gttatgatac tgtaaaaaag gctattattt tctttatgat tctgatccct ataggtctgg     28860
     gaggtaaaaa tgtaattcat atgcaatcct tcaacgctgt cagaaggggg agctctatga     28920
     gagtgtagct ttcatttttg tctttgtgtg ctgtcattct gtgagttgaa gcagcattat     28980
     gtggatctat tttcttttgt tccttttagc acttggaggt gagaatattt tttaattctt     29040
     aatttataat tactatttta aagcaataga aatgattcac aatttttttt tttttttgac     29100
     aggagactct cttggtgaca ttataacatc tcgtggttct gaaaaagcag ctcaagatgg     29160
     taccaatgtc actctgtcct gcaactacac aggagtggtt tataatctgt tatggtatcg     29220
     tcagtatcag agattcaaac ctgaactcct tctctccatc actgaatctg gagaagcagt     29280
     taaagcagac ccatcagccc actggctatc agctacagtc cacaaacaaa gcaaactcac     29340
     agaactggaa atcagccctg ctaaagtgac tgactctgct gtgtattact gtgccctgaa     29400
     gcccacagtg acagaaaaac acttttcctc tgcacaaaat cattcagatt gtaagactta     29460
     aggctgacag actcactgac aatcttactt taatattgac ttatatttta ttgactttta     29520
     tcaaaatgtc tatgacaatc catgtcaatc tatattgtga ggacactgca ttctttgtat     29580
     ttaaaaaaaa gtctaataga catctaaaca cttggctgaa acaaggctaa atttgagctg     29640
     taagagaaaa tccaatagac atccaagaac cagtccaaaa ataaaactag tcaaatgact     29700
     agcctggttt tggattattc ttaggtgtct ataagagttt catgcacagt cgggaccaat     29760
     agccaagtgg tactgtgcgc caacatatag cacggacgtg ctgacgttta agatagccgg     29820
     gaatcaaacc taatgctttt ttttgatgaa aaaataaaaa ataaattaaa aaaagatttt     29880
     tacagacaga ccaaattgta gtctaatttt agccaagact actatttttt gatgtctatt     29940
     gaaccccttt ttttaaatca tatagtatat catgatagca aaatttcatg aacaaaatgt     30000
     aaatggtata atgtgaatgt aaaagctcta taaaatttta tttaagttaa attcacaaag     30060
     ttattactgt tctgaagcag tttttcaaaa aagtgcacgc taattcgcta aaacattaca     30120
     accataatca gagattacga aagaaagcag agaagacatt ttgcatggtg acattttccc     30180
     caaggctgtt aaggaatttt atataatgca cacaatagat tattattgat attacatata     30240
     tttttggttt atttttagca gaatgatgag aaagtcatga tgttgtgata gggtggagtc     30300
     cacataacga gtacatatta gagtacagtt aaactcagtc atacaatata atgtactttt     30360
     caataaaaag tgcatgtata taatgtttac gcacatattt gagtaaacta ccagatcatt     30420
     acaaaaaact aaaaacaaaa ttgtgtattg attaagaagt tgtgctgtcc tcaaagtcct     30480
     caaaaggagt ttttgtcata agcccctttc acacagtgat accagtaaat atccgcgata     30540
     tttatggaac gactttaccg ataaataaaa aaaacactgt ttacacacac acacaaagac     30600
     attgcggaat ttttccggaa aaggccgttc acacatccat tccaaaatac ctgtaaattc     30660
     tgacatcatt aaacaaaaat gagctctaaa tggctgcgct tgtatttgta aatatttgat     30720
     tacattacaa actctgtgga tggatcagta ttgtgaacaa cttcgatgaa aacatataga     30780
     gaaacacttt ttcacaatat gtatgtgtgc tggcgctaac cagctgcttc atgggcaaac     30840
     gtgacgtgtc aagcaactgg aagcagagct tgaaggtaaa caaacaacgg cttatcataa     30900
     gcgcattatt aataattaat tacacagttg gcattaaggt gcagcataga aacgtcatat     30960
     gactaacatc tagaagctaa atgtgtctgg aaagctattc aaaggctttt aatttcataa     31020
     acaacgtgga cgtgaatgcg tctgactgtt ctgattggct aaagtagacg tctcacgtca     31080
     gcatgttcta gacgcgaacg cgctctttcc ggcaatttta cttctgcgct cacacagcgc     31140
     agcattctgg aaaattactg ctaatgttac aacttctctt tcctggaaaa tagccggaac     31200
     taatttacca gtatttccaa aaagggcctg ttcacactta cagacctttc cagaaaattg     31260
     ccggtaattt tccggaaagg tctgcatgta tgaaaggggc ttttgtctgt ttaaaagtct     31320
     tgcagctgtt agaagaaaat tagattgaat gttcagacaa accacgaatc acattcattc     31380
     atatactcac ccttcttcag agagagagaa aaaaaagaaa agagtaaaaa aaaaaagaaa     31440
     agagtaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agttaagtta actttagtta aagacatcgt gtctgtctca     31500
     tctaattgag atccaaccgt aatatcaggt ataactaatg agcaagtaga cttgagtatg     31560
     aaggaggagc tcaatgtttt gttgactcca gcagaacaag taaaagatgc acagagactt     31620
     aaacgcatac tgacagtaaa aatcttgatt gacgatgttt ctcttctatc ctgctgtcat     31680
     ttttctgcta agctgcagta agtactatta ctctcatttt acaatttatt tcaaatcact     31740
     gaaacaatag gccatcaaat aaattgattt acctttccac aaaattgata gaaaactaac     31800
     tgctacagtt tttctttcca gatgactcaa atgggaatgt catcagacca gagagaacat     31860
     ctgtagtttt aactgaagga agcaacatca ctctgtcttg tacatttaat ataacacctt     31920
     acagcctcca ctggtaccgc cagatgcctg gatcaagacc agagtttctg ctactgattg     31980
     tgaggtcttc taaaactaaa gtagcagctt ctccacctca gccacatatg tccatcaacc     32040
     tcagtgagaa acgtgtggat ctggagatct cctctgctgc agtgtcagac tctgctgtgt     32100
     actactgtgc cctggagccc acagtgacag gaaacacaac tacactgtac aaaaaccagt     32160
     taagcctatt gtacactact aaatctcaat ttaacattct gccagaaggt ggcgctcttg     32220
     acacacagat ataagaagag ctggagaatg gaagtcactc agaagacttt ttaccctata     32280
     tttctcagtg gtgcatcatg aagtttctct tagtcattgt aatactctgt tctcttaaag     32340
     gtaagatatt tataacaata attccaatct agaaaaatgc atacgactct cttatattgt     32400
     cagtattata ttgttacatt gtctctgtta taaagtgtca gtattcatga aaatgtttaa     32460
     ttttttttaa acagagaatt ctggtgaaga agtgatatca acactatcca caaaccaata     32520
     tattattgaa ggaaaaaatg ccacactttc ctgcaattac agtggctatc ttcaaaattt     32580
     gcagtggtat cgtcagtatc ctggatccaa acctgagaat attatttttt acactgagag     32640
     caacaatcag tcagactcca agcttggtct gctcgctgtg gctgataagg gacagaaact     32700
     tttgaattta agcatatatt ttacaaaagt ggaggattct gctctttact actgtgccct     32760
     gcagcccaca gtgagaggaa acatagaaac accatacaaa aatgctgtca actgtcacat     32820
     atcacgaatg atgccataca acaacaaaaa tacaccctta aaaaacagaa tattttccca     32880
     gtgatgccca aaaaaataaa ttaattaatt aactttcaaa gagcagttct ctaggtactg     32940
     ttaaataaca ttaactacgt attgcatatg catttaaagt agtccgttta ccagtatttg     33000
     catcactatg taatgcccca aaaaagcatg ttgttgggtc aagtctgtgt tgttagttga     33060
     ttacatcatg gactctgctc tgcttgtttg caacttcatt tgggttggtt tatgtgctgc     33120
     attaattatg aaaatgagct gctgcaccac tgttctttaa ttcatacatc gtctcttgca     33180
     acacttctgc acttatgtgc gctcatgata atgtttagta aatctgaccc gtcagagctg     33240
     cacaatatca gaaaaatctg acattgtgat attttgtttt tctgcaatat acattgcaat     33300
     attaatcaaa tttttaccaa atgccttgaa tagctctatt tggaaagaaa cctttcattt     33360
     agattgaagg gtgtgactta tttacaaata ataaataaat tgcaagcaaa aataattaca     33420
     ctagagcaat ggaaaaggct aactaaacag tgctttatgg ttttctgtag tttttgtaac     33480
     ttaaataatg aaatgtaaaa taatctgtaa aaatgtcatt tttatggatt cagtacaatt     33540
     attcattaaa gttacataat gtacattttt tgcgtgtgaa tgcctgtatg tatgatattg     33600
     aaaaatctga cattgtcgtt ctgttttctg aaatatatat tgcaatagga gtacaatttc     33660
     atcagatgac ttgaatagtt cgatttagaa aaaaattatc atttaagatt gcttgatatg     33720
     gttctatagg ggaatgcatc agcataaaat ataataaact aataatttac aagcacagaa     33780
     aaaagcaata aagaaaaata aaataaataa atgtgtgttt tatgttttca gaggactctg     33840
     tattcaggta cagtatgtac agttatagag taatcctgaa tgtttttaaa atcctcatac     33900
     agtcacaggt ctcaaaaact gacacaaatg attaattata atacagtctc aacattattg     33960
     gcctgtcaca ataatcaata taatgacttt tatcattttt ggtgatgcat tatatatata     34020
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     34080
     tataaataaa taaacactat agtatttatt ataaattact ttactataat attattatta     34140
     tttatttaga atttgcgttt taacattgat tccaatgctt tatttttaaa tcgttaaact     34200
     gactataatt aaattaaata ttcttaagaa taaaatgcag ggctcgaaat tgcgaccatt     34260
     ttggccgcat atgcgcccga aattctatct atgtgatctt aaaatatatt tgggagtatt     34320
     tctgtgagtg cttaaaattg ttatgtgcga ccagttttta ctgcaaaatg ttcaccacat     34380
     gtgcagattc ggaagacatt cacgcagaat gcatctctaa gctctttgtc tgcacttgaa     34440
     aggtgaaacg cagcgctcgg gaatggttta aaactgttgt catgacaact tgctgcagta     34500
     aacaaatcca agtcagtaac gcttgccccg ccttcgcgct ctttttattg gcccaccact     34560
     gctctagcac tgaacgcaaa tgattggtta atatcagctg tcaatcactc agttccttct     34620
     ggcttgggat gacagagaga gctgctacca cgaaaaaaag taaagcgctg aagatgagaa     34680
     tgaagataac actgacagaa tttgttttag aaaccatggc atctacagta acaaataaat     34740
     aaataatgac acagcttact agtgatcatg tgccgaatgt taatccacca tctacacttc     34800
     taagagtgga taaaagactt ccattggctt caagtccact atgaaaagtc tgtgggatgg     34860
     agttttcagg taactgtttg ccacatctag cacgagagct tctgtttaat ccttcatata     34920
     accgccagat gctgtccgcc gtgcaagggg cagatatatg tcaaatttaa cactacgaac     34980
     accatcgcag acgggcttac actaactaaa ctaataatcg ctactcctaa aatgaccggt     35040
     attgctatta acataaatgc atataataag gtacaatata tgtcaaaagc atcagcgcaa     35100
     tatcagacag cacccatgag aacagcacag atataccatt aacagattaa ttcaagcagt     35160
     gtgtgcaggg ccggtgagcg ctccgtgtgt gctttggtca ctcagttatg ttataaaaat     35220
     ttattttctt gtgataacgg gatttcgttg agacattttc ctcacgcttg catttaacgt     35280
     tatatttaca tttttttttc ttgttagttt gataagtgtt gatttaaaat acaataaata     35340
     tgtttgtata aaacttgtag tactggtgct cataattggt gggtgcgact aaattttggc     35400
     tgatgcgcct agatttttaa atttaggagc accggtgcta ccaagcaaaa agtttaattt     35460
     cgagccctga aatgtgttct ttggacaggc gtactagcat tgtgatgtta ttatattgtt     35520
     attctagcat tttgctaaaa caatatattg tgcagcctta ccttaaactc tcttgaaatg     35580
     tctttacaat gcatgcaaat tataaagttt cactgttatg gttatacttt gcaaatactc     35640
     cacaaatctc atctattctc tatctgttgt gctgatcaac tataatccca actcaacatt     35700
     gcatatcctg caatgtacca gaaggtggag ctcacatttc agttctctca aaatggggtg     35760
     cacatataaa cagagtcaga gaggaggaaa ctctaaaagg ctttttagtc tcgtgttgat     35820
     gatgttgttc ctggccctcc taatatttac tcttttaaaa ggtgagtgat caacagaaat     35880
     ataaccacct tttcaaagca catataaatc cactgcttat atatatagtt tataaaatgt     35940
     aattttctta atgattgctt tttttaaata gagactgctg gtgaggaagt gatatcatca     36000
     ctgtccacag aacagattgt tttggccgga aaaaatgcca cactttcctg caaatacaat     36060
     ggcaatgttt acagcttgca gtggtatcga cagtatcccg gatccaaacc tgagaatatc     36120
     atttatcaca ctgagagcaa caagcagtca gactccaggc ttcgtctgct cgctgtgact     36180
     gagaaaggaa tcaaacgtat gaatttgagc atatttcata cagagatgca ggattctgct     36240
     ctttactact gtgccctgca gcccacagtg acaggaaaca cagaaacact caacaaaaat     36300
     tgaatgatgt agatcaggat gcacaatgca gagtttaaag ctcactctct agtggacaat     36360
     gaacttctgc atatttttat caaatctaaa attgtgccta ataggcctgt cacaatattc     36420
     aatatagcga cttatcgcac aaaacatgga cacaacctca aacatttttg gcgatgcaaa     36480
     atataattgc ccatgcataa accaattcct gcaacatttt agctgattgt gcatcacctt     36540
     tatttctatt ggagttgtca gtttaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag ataaaaacac     36600
     tacagtattt acaatagtat atttttgtgg ctgtctgaca actgaaaata gatctggtag     36660
     cagatatcgc agccttgttt acttattata ccttgcactt ttttgttaac atttattatt     36720
     atttatttgt ttaaaacata cattttcaca ttttgatttc aatgaccaat tattaaatcg     36780
     ttaaaacgac tattattaaa attaacattt tttaactata aaatattgtg ttctttggaa     36840
     gagtgtactt gcattatgaa actattatat tgtcattctg gcattatata atgagtggga     36900
     taaaatagtc ttatatcgtt tattacaata tatttcagtg cattatatag tacaacaaaa     36960
     aaagatatgg tgacggatct agtgtcttga ttctctaaaa tatcagccat tgcaataacg     37020
     ttacctcata atacagatat gagagacaaa ctaatgcttg aaacattcaa aatctgcatg     37080
     attccagtgc aattttgata tagcattgta tcttataaca gaccattttt agtttgtaaa     37140
     ctaaaagctt attcataatc tgtatgtacc tgtatggata agaatggggc aatgagtggg     37200
     aggagcttga tgttttatct tcagcagaaa tcaaaaagac aacactgact ttccttcaca     37260
     cagacactga aagaagccac agaaagacaa cttaaactac agcaaggtgt tactcattaa     37320
     gttggttttc atccatttga tcttcagcta ctgtaagtat acttttagtc caacacactt     37380
     cacaccacat tccagaaata tctctaaaaa atacaattca ttttatctag tctaaacaaa     37440
     tcccttgcat tttctttcca ggtgactcta atggtgatat tattagacca gagcaaacat     37500
     cagtagttgt aactgacgga agcagcatca ctctgtcctg cacatatgat gaatcagcct     37560
     acagtctcca ctggtaccga catacatctg gattaagacc agagtttctg ctgctgatag     37620
     atgaatcttc aaagtacgtc accaaagcta aacaacctca cccacatatg tccatccaac     37680
     ttcagaacaa caaacgtgta aatctgatcc tctcattcgc tgctttatca gattctgccg     37740
     tttactactg tgccctgcag cccacagtga caggaaagtg gtctacactc tacaaaaacc     37800
     tgtttcttgc ataaatcata tttctatagt aaaaaggggg atcttcatgc agtgtctcag     37860
     tcttttcttt ctttgctgta tagtgttgtg tttctccatc ttatttaatt tcattaaaca     37920
     ttagagcccc attgacctgt ttattattgt tcatttatag ttcacagggc tcgaaattgc     37980
     gaccattttg gtcgcatatg cgcccaaaaa ttaatctatg caacctcata acatatttgg     38040
     gcgcattagt gcgactactg ataatggttg tagtgcgacc tgttttgatt ttttctaaaa     38100
     acatgctgaa tcgctgttcc ctgccgcaat attggttcat attagctgtc aatcactcac     38160
     ggtattccgc tgtcagatga cagggaagga gcttttatga ccacggggaa atgcaaacgg     38220
     ctgaagagta aaaacttaaa gcacacaggt ttgcaaaccc cacctaaagt tgaggtgcag     38280
     atgagagcga tcatgacatg tggtgaatat taatcctgag ctgagatcaa tagagtacgc     38340
     gcttcttgga gaaggcgccc gaatctccaa gcgtcgcatt cactgcgtgt tcagcgcaaa     38400
     tgtccgctaa aagtcaaatc taatactgta caacatatca tcgccaaaga agctcgcctt     38460
     tactaagttt acactaaaac tgcggctcat aacaaagagc agtattgcgc cggtggtcac     38520
     cgcaagaatc ttgcgctgcc tgctcataaa ttgggtcggc tgactcgcca gcttttccac     38580
     aaacacagaa aaatgaagat catctcagac tgaaccttta aattgacaca aactgaaacc     38640
     aaaactttta aagagtgata gaagtgagac tttacttact ttcttttgtt tgaggtgtat     38700
     attttttttt ttatttactg atgactgctt tgcagctttc atcattgaat tgaatgattt     38760
     attataatct tttgtttgtc ttgtagcaaa aatattattt attaaattga catgcatata     38820
     aaaacagcag tacaaaataa atatttctta cagcaatgct tcatttttgt ttgattcaaa     38880
     ctatacaatt atttttcata gagtaacaga ctttttatag cagataacct acattcatgc     38940
     acattcaagg cagtatcata atgagaaatg gaattcattg ttactattat tgtcattttc     39000
     atcatcacta atattctata gcctaattgt tagacattca ttttggaatt attgcacaca     39060
     aatatcaatg tcttcgcagc attagttaga tagttgtttc tggtttttgt tagtcctatt     39120
     gatgttgttt taaaatacaa taaatccctt aaaaagcaat ttgcagcggt gctcattcat     39180
     ttttggtggg tgctcctaaa tttttactgg tgctcctaaa tttattttgg tgctcctaaa     39240
     tatttgaagt tgggagcact ggtgctacca agtaaaaaag ttaatttcga gccctggttc     39300
     agtttatttt ttggctactg tttttgacaa agacaaagtt acggtccaat aggcatgtaa     39360
     agtaaccagt ttgctttatt ccatgttata tacaggggtg tgaaaaatat aatattgata     39420
     agcctacaac agaatggcgt gttaaactca taaaaaaaag caatgtaaag taaatatgtc     39480
     gttaactaaa cctagaaatt ccaaactctt aaaaataaaa gcctcttaaa agatccatcc     39540
     agggtcattt ttattaccaa aaaaagttct tgaaagtgga aaaaaaaaga tctttatgcg     39600
     attaaaaaaa gtcatccaca tatataaaaa aaatatttta ttttttattt ttattactat     39660
     tattattatt attatttagt acagggaaca attgagtaat ctgaaagatc tttttccact     39720
     ttcaagaacc ttgtgtgaat gtgtaggcct aacagacagc ttggagaaag aggtagatat     39780
     agcacaggtg tcaagttagt gtagcttcaa aaaaatttta aactgatgtt tcactgtaca     39840
     gaaaggcagt ttcttttaag gtcattgggg aaaaaaaaaa ttaaaaataa tagtatgaaa     39900
     aaaaaaaact tcctttgaaa ctaatttatt cacaatcaga taagagtttg acatcagatt     39960
     actgtataaa aagactgcct gtgcacatga tatgttggta tcaaatatac ataattgaca     40020
     acacaattta agaaggaaat tctaagtaaa gtttacatac aaactaattt caagaggatc     40080
     acatgcttat tattggccat ggctagtccg gcattattgc atgattcacc aatctgatga     40140
     ttcttaactc actataaaaa aacagagttt aaatgttcta gccatgctca cgtgagcttc     40200
     ccccaggccc ccccagtttc ctcccaccat ccaaaggcaa gcgacataag ttaatttact     40260
     aatccaaatt ggcaccatat gtgctccaag tcagctatct cttcgtagtg attcctactt     40320
     agtcataagc tataaacagc agggaagttc ccgagatcta cacagcaaaa gatggggacc     40380
     caaaacaact ctatgggtgt taatttcaac cctttgaaag tgtctcatgg ggtccactca     40440
     aaacagagtt aaatcaacac tttcaaaagg gttggcacat tgacaccgaa gtaagggtta     40500
     attttaactc tgggcagagt taaaaaattt aactatattt aacaccgcct ggtgtaatat     40560
     attgttattt tattcaactc tcttgagtgt aaatatggta aaaaggtcaa atagactgta     40620
     aattacaaaa taaaaaacat tttatttgaa aacattcacc acttcaacaa ttcattcagt     40680
     ttttaaaatc caacaatgtc aaatatgctt taaatgtttt attagtacta acagtatcaa     40740
     caaaatatgt atgaccagtg ctcaaaaagg ctgtttcagt cctttggtcc aaacttgatg     40800
     tttcatcaga gccatttgaa agttcaatat agcgtcactc atagttttct tctgaacgca     40860
     aagttttctt ctgaaattac attttaaaca acttggcgtg caaatctttc acttctggtg     40920
     tttccttggt cctccatatc aaacacagca gtttaaatga aggtacaaat gctgtaaact     40980
     tgtgtgaaaa caaactggag ctaggaaatc tcatcaagta tgtcctgtga aagatgtgct     41040
     tcccagccac aggatgacct ttttatccat gacgatgtac agtagtagct gctgatcgct     41100
     cgtctggtgg ttcctgatgc acggatatag ggtgatgctc atctaagaac tcttcaagac     41160
     tccagcatga ctaagaaaaa tgtttgaaaa caaattgcaa tcaaattcta tgatatattt     41220
     aaaagaacat ttaaagtaaa taaaacattc aagaaatcta aactcacctt ttgaaaatct     41280
     tcatgatgat ccacaacttg actcttccag ctggttgagg tgacaggata tggaaaagta     41340
     gaaaaaacac atacatcact gttggatctc caaaaacaat taggttaacc actatgacta     41400
     gaactggaaa aacaggcagc tgtctgtcca gaatccagaa tttaacacaa cacttggagc     41460
     aaaatttaga gcttaaaatc ttttatatca tttagtgatg ctgacttccc caaaatattg     41520
     gccacagtgt aaaaaatatt cataaactta cagttttctg taagcgtgca tgtgtgtgtg     41580
     cgtgtgtgtg tgcgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tttctttacc agattcaact tgttaggccc     41640
     tttcaggtcc agtattgacg ccacctttcc tggagtctag cagatgtttc aggtccaaat     41700
     ataatctaaa atattaggat aagcagaaga ggaaaagtgc aaagcagagc aaaacattat     41760
     ttaagtaaca gttcacccac aatacaaaac ttatcacctt catgtcattt gttattctct     41820
     aatgctctaa taccctctca gcttattgtg aaacaaatac agaactttat caaacatacc     41880
     ttcattattt tcaccacata tgaccaagaa ggtgtgcttg gtaatttcac caactctgga     41940
     aatacatcat ccatctctaa tcagccaccg tcacagggtc ttgtgttatt gtatagagaa     42000
     ctgtggctgt taaaaaaaca acaaaaaatt agtatctaac acatatgcat aaccttcaga     42060
     taaaaggaga gatgaacatc acaaagtatg cctcacactt tttcagatat cttttgattc     42120
     agatgttgat tattgataat aaatctacaa atcaaacctg tatcatcatt aggctgctca     42180
     aatatgaatc agttgattaa ttttacagac aggtggctgt ttacaacgca ctaaattgtc     42240
     tttaataaaa aggaaatgtt gtgtacagta cataagttta gcctatagtt ttaagcacaa     42300
     tatcatgcgg gagaaaaagc ttgactaaga tgttcctgac tacagaaata gcctaactta     42360
     ctaacgtcag acatcccgag ttgggaaaag taattttcgg gggatacaga gttgatttgc     42420
     gggaggtagc gggagaaatg agtacctaaa gagcaatggg atgacttgcg cgcgacgtac     42480
     ctaaagagcg gtgggggtga cttgcgcgcg acgtacctaa agagcggtgg gggtgacttg     42540
     cgcgcgacgt acctgaagag ctgggaggga tgcggtggag agggatgtgc aaattgttta     42600
     atgaccgggc gggagacgcg cgatttccgg gagattatca ttcatttgcg ggcatctact     42660
     tgggcatctg ggagtctctg tgcatttgcg ggataacgtt aatgttagtc ccacaacttc     42720
     cgggagactt ctgtaacctt aaaagtctga gaaagtgcaa acgcggtcat ttaaagacat     42780
     taatgttaac attccgactt taatggttgt caacgcttaa tataattcaa gcgtacgtta     42840
     tcacgcgagt ctatcaacta acggtatatg gacggccacg aatgaaccag tttaaaaggg     42900
     ccgcggtgtt taaaacaacc aaattaacgt acacgaataa caaacaatca tatgttttag     42960
     tcaggaagcc ttttacaagt aagcatatgt tcatttactc accagatatg ttttagaaac     43020
     tctcagagct tatggaaacc gtcctgtgtt gccgttagca tccgggcaga gtaggctaag     43080
     gttaggctgc tccggggatt ccctcgctag tttgcttcga attaaaggag aagtgtcgat     43140
     tttattttac agatgggtaa caacgcacaa aatggcatta agcgtgacag aaatgtgttg     43200
     aacatgtaca tttgatgttt ttatgcacta tgtatgcgtg agcatatata aaaacattct     43260
     tgaaaagaag tgaatagtaa tgcagttaag ctagatacac aaacgaccat gaatgaacca     43320
     cagaagttta aaattgtcac tccattctaa agttattaac ttaacaatat gtttacaact     43380
     gtatttcctt agagaaagtc agtaaaatgc caacatttag gtagtttgac tcaccagttg     43440
     ctgttctaaa cctcagatgg aaaatggcat ctggaaaatt cttcagtgac tggggctgca     43500
     tgaattcccg gatgttggaa ataacaccac caagtgtaga aaagataact ccttgatttc     43560
     gcactgaata aaatcaattc taactcttat tatattcatt tatcaaaatc taactcttta     43620
     acgtcaacac tttactctga aatgcttcaa caccgagaat ttaactcaga tgaatttgct     43680
     gtgtacctga gctcaaactc accctgcaaa tggaagggag ccctgggctc gaggatctga     43740
     tgagctctgg gctctctact aggacagcat gccaaacgct ttataaatca atcatcagct     43800
     aaatgtgaac tcttgaaata aaaaaaaaaa attaaaaaaa ggagttcctt ttgttgatag     43860
     aaagagcagg ttaatcctgt aactttcttt aactgaccac aactcttact taatattttg     43920
     cagaaatatt aagcatgtcc tttattacat aatcaaactg ttaaaaaaat agctattacg     43980
     gttttcaata aatctattga attttataac taagaacagt cacattcaca agcttgctgg     44040
     aacatatttt attaacaact taaactaaac aagccgatgt tcaagtacaa aaaaagtaac     44100
     agtatttttt ttttttttgc tgcatctgat aataatgagg tattgaagta aatgtgatct     44160
     cacttgcatt ctgccaggag gtggagctct aggaacaacc aagaacaact agttcaactg     44220
     tttaaataca gagcagaaac tcattgagtc agttatactc ttggagtgaa agttttgact     44280
     ctcaaagtca cggtctcgta ttggtgatga tgttgctcct ggtattgact atattttatc     44340
     ttctaaaagg tgagtaatta gtcattacag tggacattat ttatactgtt tgacaatcta     44400
     acattaagat catcttaata aataataata ataaatcatt gtttgcttta aacagagaat     44460
     gctggtgaag aagtgataag accactcttc aaagagaaac atgttctgga aggagatgtt     44520
     gttacactga tctgcagcta ctctggaagt gttcagaatt tgcagtggta ccatcagttt     44580
     cccggatcta aacctgaaaa tatatttctt tactttgaga acatgcctac aactaagaac     44640
     cgcatgactg ctgcgtccga taaagcagtc aaacacatga atctgaccat cagttctgca     44700
     gaaattacag actctgctgt gtactactgt gccctgcagc ccacagtgac aggaaacaca     44760
     actacactgt acaaaaactg caagagcaat tatatttacg acagaagatg ataaagttaa     44820
     aactaaacat ataaagtgaa tacaactagt actagataga caacaaattg gtgtatggta     44880
     ttgctgtaga ataatttagg tagatttaag gcaaattcaa tataaataaa taggttttta     44940
     caacatcaga cagcctcggt taagcagagg ttttgccaga aggtggagct cacatttcag     45000
     ttttctcaaa acagagtgca catataacag tcagtgagga ggaaactaac tctcaactct     45060
     aaagaccttt tagtcttgtg ttgatgatgt tgttcctggt cctcctgata tttactcttt     45120
     ttaaaggcga gtgatctata gaaatataac atctaaatta agacacatat aaatcaactg     45180
     cttatatata gtttataaaa tgtaattttt taatgattgc tttctttttt aataggggat     45240
     gctggtgagg aagtgatatc attactgtcc acagaacaga ttgttttggc tggaaaaaaa     45300
     tcccacactt tcctgcaaat acaatggcaa tgtttacaat ttgcagtggt atcgacagta     45360
     tcccggatcc aaacctgaga atatcatttt tcacactgag agcaaaaatc agtcagactt     45420
     caagcttcgc ctgctcgctg tggctgagaa aggaatgaaa cgtatgaatt tgagcatatt     45480
     tcatacagag atggaggatt ctgctcttta ctactgtgcc ctgcagccca cagtgacagg     45540
     aaacacagaa acactgaaca aaaacagaat gattataaat aaaagaataa aacaaacttt     45600
     acaacaaatt aaagaataca gaatgacgtg aatcaacagg ctggagagaa aaaaatttat     45660
     tcctttgaag ttcatttaat caaacatagt aaggcatcag gttgtacaac aattgcttgt     45720
     tgcttgtgca caacaggata ctgttttggt atcaattata caaaattgac aacacattaa     45780
     tttggaaatc ctaaaataac tagagagctc cttatatgta tagagaaaga acatgttaat     45840
     cctgataact ttatttaaat gaatataact cattaatatt ttgcatttag taatcaaatt     45900
     gggcaatcaa ttgaatcgta taactaaaat cattcacaaa cgtgctaaaa cgtgttttat     45960
     taacaagtta aactacacag gttgatggtt aaagtacaaa aaaatatatt agcaataata     46020
     gggctgaaca atatatcgtt tgagcatgga tatcgcaata tgcgtttctg caacagtcaa     46080
     acgcaggatt tgattattta ttaaggattt taaaaaatag agatattatt aaatgttatt     46140
     ttatattaat gtataatatt atttatacaa tgttgaccat gtttattttg tttgattgtt     46200
     caatttctat atttcaatac tgttagactc cccagaaaac cataaagcac tgtttaattc     46260
     acttttaagc aatttcatgt aaatgtcaac cttgccatga aaaaaaacca aacagtttct     46320
     gcgttttgtg caagcgagta ttgtacagtg cttttacaaa tatgtctccg ttaatgtttt     46380
     caagcaatca tatttgattt atcaaaatca caaatgcaaa tttaacatcg gtctcatcca     46440
     taatatattt ttcctcaaat gcgaaaaatg tcaaataaca taaaactaat tgtttttgtt     46500
     ctatagtgag ccaactacta tcctttagat gagcattgtt tattttaggt tgcagtttaa     46560
     tttacagaat ttctacaaag tatattgtat actgtaaact cgttaacttt ttggtcacat     46620
     ccataacgca tgtttatttt ccttttttaa aatagaaaaa atccttacag attgatatat     46680
     ttttcttctc ctgcacctct gtttaggaaa atataaacag atgtttcaat ataatgtcaa     46740
     catagacttt ctctgtgaat tgatgttttg agattttact gcaaatgtca catccataac     46800
     gctagaattg ctcttatttt tgctctatag tttttaatta tgctagtaat ttattatatt     46860
     ttatgcagat gcactgcata gaacatggct tgatgacccc agttgatcta gttaatgaaa     46920
     tctttccaac tagaggtgtt taaatcattc attcatttat cttctgaacc ccagacttcc     46980
     ctctccccag acatttcctt cagctcctcc ggggagatcc agaggcgttc ccaggccagc     47040
     cgagagacat agtctctgtg tgtttaaatt atctggtaaa attacattca tatcgcaata     47100
     tatatcacag caaaacaaaa tatcacaatg tcagattttc ccaatatcgt gcagccctaa     47160
     ctagtaacaa aaagggtctt tttgcttgtt taatactgag gtgttgtagt aaatgtgatc     47220
     tcacatgcat tctgccagga ggtggagctc taggaacaat caagaacaac tagttcaact     47280
     gtttaaatac agagcagaga ctcattgagt cagttatact cttggagtga aagttttgac     47340
     tctcaaagtc acggtctcgt attggtgatg atgttgctcc tggtactgac tatattttat     47400
     cttctaaaag gtgagtaatt agtcattaca gtggacatta tttatactgt ttgacaatct     47460
     aacattaaga tcatcttaat aaataataat aaatcattgt ttgctttaaa cagagaatgc     47520
     tggtgaagaa gtgatcagac cactcttcaa agagaaacat gttctggaag gagatgttgt     47580
     tacactgatc tgcagctact ctggaaatgt tcagaatctg cagtggtacc atcagtttcc     47640
     cggatctaaa cctgaaaata tatttcttta ctttgagaac atgcctacaa ctaagaaccg     47700
     catgaccgct gcgtccgata aagcagtcaa acacatgaat ctgaccatca cttctacaca     47760
     attgacagac tctgctgtgt acttttgtgc cctggtgccc acagtgacag gaaacacaac     47820
     tacactgtac aaaaactgca agagcaatta tacttatgtc agaatatgaa taaactttta     47880
     aaagtttgtc atgtcatgca aacatttaca tttctttaag atagcagaat cagaaagagc     47940
     tttattgcca tgcatgttca cacatatgag gaatttgttt tcgtgacaga gctcctacag     48000
     tgcaatagaa tcacagagac aggacaaaaa cagataataa atatatttga aaaatagaag     48060
     caagtagtaa atgcaaatat ccaaattgac aagtgtatgt acaagtatat tactatatac     48120
     attatatgtg cagctgttat gtgcaaattt gcaggtaaag tgtgttgtta aataagtgta     48180
     tgtgtgtata aaaagtgtaa gtagtgatgt cggttacaca attatcatca tcatcatcaa     48240
     gtctttatga gatagattgc ctgagggaag aaaccgtttc tgtgttgtgc tgttctggta     48300
     cgcagtgttc tgtagcgtct tacagaaggt aacagtttaa agaggcagtg tgctgggtgt     48360
     gagaagtcca gagtgatttt ggctgccctt ctgctcgctc tggataagta cagatattgg     48420
     tgattaggaa gagttgtacc aatgatttgc taagaagtcc gaactattcg atgtagtctt     48480
     cgaaggtcag atttggtagc tgagctaaac cagacagtta ttgacgtcca gaggacttat     48540
     tcgatgatgg agatgtagaa ctttactttc agcagctcct ttgggaggtt gaacttcctc     48600
     agttgacgaa gaaagtacag cctttgctga gcttttttga taatggagtc aatgtgagtg     48660
     tccaacttca ggtcctgaga aatagtggtg cccaagaacc tgaatgactc cactactccc     48720
     acaatgcttc catgatgctt agtgggggga gagcaagggg gtttctcctg aagtccacta     48780
     tcatctccac tgttttgagc atgttaagct ccaggttgtt gtgactgcaa caggcagcca     48840
     gctccttaat ctcctgtcgg taagcagact catcactgtc ctgaatgagg cagattaatg     48900
     tggtgtcatc tgcaaacttt aggagcttga cagaggagtc ctttgaagtg cagtcattta     48960
     tgtacaggga gaagagcagt aaggagagga cacacctctg ggggtgccag tgctgattgc     49020
     gcgggtacag gatgagaatt tttccagctt caccagctgc tgcctgtccg ttaggaagct     49080
     gttgatgcac tgacagacag aggtggtcac ggagagcaga gttaattttg gcaggatgat     49140
     agtgttaaga gccgagctga agtcaacaaa caaaatcttc acataggtgc ctggtctgtc     49200
     taggtgttgc agaacacaat gcagtctcat attgactgta tcatccacag acctgtttgc     49260
     tctgtaggca aactgaagag agtccagtga gggtgcagtg atatccttca ggtgggccag     49320
     caccagtttt tcaaaaaact taatgaccac agatgttagc atcaccagtc tgtagtcatt     49380
     tagtcctgta agtttgggct tctttgggat ggggatgatg atgggagtgt ttaaggctga     49440
     agggcacttc acaaagctcc agtgatctgt taaagatcag ggtgaagatg gggggccagt     49500
     tggtcagcac aggattttaa acaggctggt gttaaaaatg tgtttatgat ggcgtgaaga     49560
     gcatttcaga gtgggtgtgg ggggttttct caaaccggca gtagaactca ttaaggtcga     49620
     gttacatgaa cataatgaca ttaaataata atatatatgg ttatatttgt agacatgtca     49680
     aattggttta tcctgttact gtacaataat tttggtggtt ttagtaaaaa tttaacaaaa     49740
     caaataattg tttacaatat acagtacacc agacagcctc ggttaagcag aagttttgcc     49800
     agaaggtgga gctcacattt cagttctctc aaaacagagt gcacatgtaa acagagtcag     49860
     tgaggaggaa actaattcac aactctaaag gccttttagt cttgtgttga tgatgttgtc     49920
     catggtgctc ctattattta ctctttttaa aggtgagtga tctatgggag aatagcacag     49980
     ctttttagaa gcacttataa atcaactctt tatatggttt ataaacacat tttggtttat     50040
     ttatattttt attagggaat gctggtgagg aagtgatatc attactgtcc acagaacaga     50100
     ttgttttggc tggaaaaaat gccacacttt cctgcaaata caatggcaat attcgcaatt     50160
     tgcagtggta tcgacagtat cccggatcta aaccagagaa cataattttt cacactgaga     50220
     gcaacaatca gtcttactcc aggcttcgtc tgcttgctgt ggctgaaaaa gaaatcaaac     50280
     gtatgaattt gagcatattt tatacagaga tgcaggattc tgctctttac tactgtgccc     50340
     tggagcccac agtgacagga aacacagaaa cactcaacaa aaactgaatg attttgatta     50400
     tgatgcacaa tgcagaggtt aaagcctgaa cttgtaaaag ttaacacttt atttctaaaa     50460
     gctagtactt ctaatgttaa aagttgtaaa catatctaca gtagctagtg cttgctgatt     50520
     ctctgagaca ttagccctta gcaagatctc ataatacaga tacgagaggt aaactaatgc     50580
     ttgaaacatt caatatctgc acaattccgc agtactaaga tttgataaat cagacggacc     50640
     attttagact aaaaagctta ttcatattct gtttgtacct gtatgatctg atgagaaagg     50700
     aaatctgtgg gaggagcttg aggctttgcc atcttcagca gaagaaatca agtcaacact     50760
     gactttcctt catacagaca tttgaaggct gaactcaaac tacagaaaca tgttactcat     50820
     ctcattattt ttcatcttta tcctcagtta ctgtaagtta tttatttatt atttatttac     50880
     gtatggctat tttgtggcga aatggatgta tataaagtat tacatgataa aatcaaattc     50940
     gtattaccat ttaaaaaagt tacttagaca aatatgcagg atataaataa aaacattcac     51000
     acaaaatata ttaaagttaa atataatttt tcagtaaaat ttttgataaa taatttaaga     51060
     ttcttcctgg tggtaccttt ttaaaattgt ctaatggtat taaaacttcc acattccaac     51120
     aaaatatgtt ttatcagtta ctataagtgc tgtttatcaa atattttaca cagtattaaa     51180
     gaacatcact ataataaata aaaaacttta ttctaagcat aactgatcaa gtaataacat     51240
     tctttaatgc ctttgcaggt gtagtaaatg ggaatgtcat cacaccagcg agaacatctg     51300
     tagttttaac tgaaggaagc aacatcactc tgtcttgtac atttaataca tcgccttaca     51360
     ggctcctctg gtaccgacag acgcctggat caagaccaga gtttctgctg ctgattgtga     51420
     ggtctactaa aactacaatt gaagcttctc cacctcagcc acatatgtcc atcaacctca     51480
     gtgagaaact tgtggatctg gagatctcct ctgctgcagt gtcagactcg gctgtgtact     51540
     attgtgccct ggagcccaca atgacaggaa acacaactac actgtacaaa tactaaagga     51600
     gaaattcagt acaatagcaa atccttagtg atactcaatt ttaaaaaagc gattcactaa     51660
     atgcagtaat atgacatttt tagcagttct taaactgacg ttcttgaata ttctcaacta     51720
     tgaattttct acttaaattg aacccgtttt cagcccatca aattgcactg agtgaaaagt     51780
     gagaccacac tgagacaagt ttgcttttgt gaattgtaga aacattccac aaatgtccat     51840
     tatttttttt atattaccct accctaactg gagacctaga accaattcta attttatttc     51900
     tgtacccctt gcccttggcc cttaaagcag agtgtgaaag ggaaggactt caaaattttc     51960
     tccctaaaaa aatgggagac cactacagca ctgcacacgt catcgcaatc tcatgcttca     52020
     tatgagattg gcgttgaaga ctgctgtagt tattccagtt gcttattatt gatcttttat     52080
     cgttatttaa aatttaaata aattaataaa ataaattttt aaaaatgtaa aaatttaatt     52140
     gcaacatggt aaaaatatga attaataacg atgaaacata gttggtctgt gcaatcatat     52200
     attacagtaa tacaaatgca atagttgagc ccgtttacaa acacagattt actgacatat     52260
     attatgacaa cattactcta aattcacttt aaaacatcag tcaagtgaat aaattgaaaa     52320
     tgatgaccag gcattgttta atatcacaaa ataaagaaga aatcatgccg ttatttcaaa     52380
     ggctatgtca gttagcattg cactataaat atactttatt ttatacttta ataaaaaact     52440
     ccagataact tgaagaatcc aaataatcta gttattgcca caattgtttg tttattcttt     52500
     tcatgtttga tctatttatc cgtttctaca atcctaatcc tcatgcagtg atgaccgtag     52560
     tttacatctt cttcggttaa gtatatatgg aaattacgag agagagaggg cggcacatat     52620
     gaatgagaca gaaataacat ttcaatgtat gcttgaggtc tcgaactcta tccactgtca     52680
     cgcaatattt actacatgcc tcagcagaca tccttgtgta ttttatatga tcctctctaa     52740
     aacattaatc agctgcttca ggtattaaat tggttaatat ggtgaaatat ggttgagctc     52800
     tgcaagactg tatgtatcca ggaggagggt tgaagtgtgt aaaatataaa aataggataa     52860
     aataaaatat ttagacttta cttcaaagac acaggagttt ttttggtctc tgagtggaca     52920
     catagaaact gtcatcaaaa tgacttattg caaaaaatac cacaaatata ttttatagat     52980
     aaatagacaa tttacaaaaa catgcgcaca caccgacaac tgccgggacc taaattgaac     53040
     ctgcgacatt catattacaa taggccaaaa ctgactataa acttggataa aatgtaatac     53100
     attattatct caagttgttg aataactatg aacacagaac tgcaggttct gattagtttc     53160
     actgcatttg caaccaataa acacacagtt ttttctagct tacaaaaggc attctaaaaa     53220
     ggcagatgtg aagttaactt cgctatattt caactatagg actatcagca tgcactttat     53280
     ataaaaaaat atatatacac attcctaatt aaccataggc cgactatttc aaaattaatt     53340
     ttaactttgc gaaggaaaag agagaacttc tgatgcctgt gggaagcttt taagaaataa     53400
     gtgggtggag ctaacacagg aaagtcactg ccaaagagaa catcatcaca atgtctcaaa     53460
     agaccagaga agatcaatgc tcttgacaaa atctacacaa aaactatgct gttgccctgt     53520
     ctgttcatgc ttttcaatta cttgggtaag aaactggctt tagttgcttt tactgtttgt     53580
     tcttatgaaa aaaagcccac aatatccttt tttttttctt tggatgtcaa gtaatatttg     53640
     ctaaatctat gtcattacag gtgaaacaac tggggataaa attaaaccag ataacgacac     53700
     cgcacagtta atggaggatt caaatataac actctcatgc acatatgaag gctccattga     53760
     cagcttgtac tggttcaaac aaaaaattgg atcaagactg gagtttctca ttatgattga     53820
     tgaagcttct gaatacgtga caaatgccat tccacctcat ccacgcctgt cagtccaact     53880
     tcacaaagca caaaaacgtg ttcgtctaga gatgtcgtct gcagccgtta cggattctgc     53940
     tctttacttt tgtgctttga ggcccacagt aacaggaaac gcacattcac tgtacaaaaa     54000
     cccttctact gtatgtacca tctcagaggg actgagcatt tgaaatgtaa gcatatttca     54060
     atgtgaaatg gtaagtgctc agcttatgtt gtgattctgt gttgagtatt ttagtgtctg     54120
     caagcatgca attttgcaag atgcattagt ttggtttcca gaggagatct ttcttcaaca     54180
     tggacgagga atttcaagaa tgaatgagca acaataacag ctcaaatctc aaccctgaca     54240
     ttcatatctg gaagactctg cagccagtat catttgacac agctacagta agtgcaccaa     54300
     catgcccaaa gtctatatgg ggattattta cggatcttga tttttcttaa aaaataaaaa     54360
     aaaataaaaa cgataataat aatattaatt ttggccaatt cagataccaa tatttttttt     54420
     ctattgttaa gctaaaacaa ataacatacg agtacatgat gtttgcttta tcacaggttt     54480
     aactatcagg gataaaaaaa ataaataaat aaataataaa taaaaagtac aataatagaa     54540
     aaataataaa aagagagaag caaccactgc actgcaatca tcataaatta taataatttt     54600
     ataaataaaa acaaaatgag aatacactgc tccagtcacg atgtccaact tgagagtgaa     54660
     taaccgttta cttggaaagt gctataaaca aagccattgc tctggttttt aatataccat     54720
     ggtttctgct acattccttc ttccatggcg gagttccaca ccaaaattta tcccaccacg     54780
     gctacattac agcttcgcat ttaaaacatt caggcatatt ttttttgata gcaggttaga     54840
     attacaccca aacatattat aaggcacgtg aatcataaca gtgcaaactt ttctgtaatc     54900
     gtaggtgaca tgctgaatga cagggctgcg ctataggtga ggccagcaaa aacctgtagt     54960
     ttacagttat gatgaacacg gtttccataa ttatacttta tagataaagg tctatggctc     55020
     tgcatacagt gactttatct tgctggagta tagccttttc actttacttc atgatgcatt     55080
     aatgacacta tgaaggtcta ttggagacat tcataaatat tcctagcaaa tctaataaat     55140
     gttggagaca tactcgttac atgaacgcac taaatcccac ttcagcagtg tttgagcgca     55200
     caagaaaatc tgcacttgag cggtgtagat ttgagtgcgt gcaaaaagtt gtgcatgaac     55260
     agaggaaatt gacgcacaaa caagaagatt cgcatgctcg tattacataa ttgcaatttc     55320
     aacttgtact gcgctaatga catttgtcat cgaaataacg ccataagtgg tagatctgtg     55380
     taaaaggcct gccgccacag ctgaaaaatt cttagaggaa accctgtata ccaggggtgc     55440
     ccaaacttag tcctggaggg ccggtgtcct gtatatttta gttccaatcc caattaaaca     55500
     cacctgaaca cgctaatcaa gctctttctg ggtatgaaac ttccaggcag gtgtgttgaa     55560
     ggaagttgga gctaaacttt gcaggaccag ggccctccag gaacaagttt ggcaacctgc     55620
     tgtatacatt attaaaggaa aaacaacaac atcatatgaa caaatatatt attaaatgaa     55680
     gcccatgtag tcaaataaag tagatattta catttagatt ttcacagaca gaaactgata     55740
     catcatggta actttctctg agcttatgaa acaattctga gctataatga aaacaactgc     55800
     accaaaaaaa aattccatac aatttttcaa attaaatgtt gaaaacatta cagaaacata     55860
     attatgaaat gatcatacta atgcattata tttaatattt aaaactgcct acagtatgtt     55920
     gaatccatgt gtctgaatat tgtttttgat ttgaaatggt attttaattt tcacatttta     55980
     tctatttttt attttaaaaa gcatgctttt ttccattttg tatgtatttg catgactata     56040
     gtcaaaaaaa ttaaggaccc actgaaggta tcattacaaa tggaatataa tgcagataaa     56100
     acccacacca accaaaatac gagtaccctt tgctagactc aaacacaatt tattcaatat     56160
     aatttcatga gtttgcctat taattcttaa taggttaaac ttcccaatag ttatacaaag     56220
     aacgactaga agtgatgagg agacagaggg atgatgagct taataggccc ttttcacaat     56280
     cacttaattt ctacctttca cttatagagt gtgtcgatag tttcttttca cctttaaagg     56340
     aatgggatgg gatacttcga attaagacca ttaaattatt atgcatgttt tcaaatgttt     56400
     ccctttcaat actgaactgc tttctgagtt taaaaatgat tattttttgc aaagttgtaa     56460
     agaattggag taagctatta tttattaagt atatatgtgc agatttttca cttattaatt     56520
     cagtttattt gctcaataat ggattaattt ttactttgat gcagctatga tataaaatta     56580
     tctatctgcc gccacctact ggtggtttta atttgatatc tcttatattt aataaagtta     56640
     gaaaaatgta agtctttttt cataatcaaa atttcttttc attatttgta taatggtttc     56700
     atttcattag taagtcacac atgacattgt tattccattg cattccattt aaatcttaaa     56760
     tagacaaaca ttttgttaat gtaaaatgtc cttacatata aagtgcataa aatgggaata     56820
     taaatgtatt tgtaaatcag ctgtccatag taaaatgctg gtattgatgc catgagaaaa     56880
     gaatctattg tcgccatgac gactcaacat ctgtggtttt acatacattt aagacaggac     56940
     cgaacgattc ttcttaaacc tactgtacca gaatcggtgc ataatattac aactaaagcc     57000
     acttcgacct gggagtttac tatcaacatt agcttgcaaa aagcattgaa gtacaaaatc     57060
     aggaccacta tatgtctcct ggatgcaaaa gtccacttca ggaacaaagt gccatcaatg     57120
     agattgaagt taagtaattg aaattaagaa ttttcaaggt tgcttggcat cttttaagca     57180
     ctagaaccaa tgacaattta aaatgtatag aagaaagggg taccatatgt gttgagcagg     57240
     ttcattccca ctgtgggtct actggaaaaa ataaatattt acaactaggg ctgtgggatt     57300
     aatcgaaatc aaatcatggt ttaatgcgat tagctaaatc acaagaggct gcggtataaa     57360
     acatatgcaa tatttaattt cccctgccca gaccaaatta gtgactgccg tctgtgcgtg     57420
     atagtctaac tagcacacgt ttgttctgcc caatctgcgg aaagcccaca ataaaaaaaa     57480
     ataataataa aaaacagaaa agcacagacg aatgagatga tggccttttc tgcttcagaa     57540
     gcaataatac aagatttaat atcagagaaa agtaagacat ctgcatggga ataaggaaat     57600
     ccacatatgg gaatgttttg ggttcaaagt cacagacact ggacaaaaag acaatttgtg     57660
     aaaattgctg ccacagcacg agaaaataca acaaccaaca ttaaaaaaaa aaaaaagcac     57720
     cacaggcggc aatatgagga gtgtcttcct aaaaagtcag aagaaagtat ttcctttaac     57780
     gcttaatcga atagtaagca acagcaaagt acaaattcag atttgtttca gcgatgttag     57840
     tttgctgatt gttatgcatt tttataatta ttttgtgttt gtataataag ctacactatc     57900
     tccctaattt gagttcaact tgtttagaga aaggcaaagt cattttattt gtgtttactg     57960
     tttgctttag agaaacatga ggtttttatt tctgataatt taaaaacaaa tttaaataaa     58020
     aagttaaggt ttatatcttt ccagttccct tattaacaca aactgcattt tagcagtaaa     58080
     aagttgcaat acggagtatt gagcagaagc ttgacagcaa aataaaaaat aaatgaataa     58140
     ataaaaaata ataaaaatat ataaaaatcg caaatttaat caaattcgca atatgtccaa     58200
     aaaaaacatg tgtacgaggg acattctgca ttatcaaacg atgtatttta ttcagaattg     58260
     tgttaaagaa tgttgacttt atttcactga aattcttttt aatttagtgt acaaaataaa     58320
     ggttttgaca gggagctctt ttcttgcagc taatggttat ttaaagaacc atttatttgt     58380
     actgtatgta tttaaaaaaa ggttcaatag gttcttcttg aaagtttcta cactcactgc     58440
     caattaaaaa cattttttgt gtacatttat gtgattaagt gcatttgtta agtaacaaaa     58500
     agtttcttga aaaagctaaa catttcagtc atgtaaatcc acaagagcag ctctaatggg     58560
     tgatgaccat atttaatcca gtatctacat ctagctaaag gcactgacac aacataaaaa     58620
     agaaatatac agtgctcagc atacgagtaa accccatttt gactgtacat ttttatcaat     58680
     gtctcagtaa atatgtattt tggtgcattt gaacaaaacc gatttaataa acagatacat     58740
     ttattaaaat aataatttcg tcacaaaaca tgtttagaaa tggaaagata atacatttaa     58800
     attcatgcaa aacatagcaa aaaataatta caaaatgcaa actttcaaca gtttttattt     58860
     tgtttctctt gatttttgct attttaaaat tttatttaat atttctccct aacaaatata     58920
     tttgggctac taatttttaa ccccttaatg caagttattt tgttagatta gctccagatt     58980
     tggcttcagt actgactgaa ctaatatata tgaacaaata taatatttta aagcatctta     59040
     tagaaaatat acatttaaat gagagatttg ttgggggtgt actcatatat actgagcact     59100
     gtgtgtgtgt gcagtgcaga actgcataga cacacacaca aaaaaaagat tcataagaca     59160
     gtgatagcca aagtacttgt ttttcaagga atataattat agttgtcaat ggctattgct     59220
     ttcagttttt cttcatattg ctttcttttg cgttcatcat aataaaaaca caaacgtttg     59280
     gaattggacg gtggacaaat ggtgagtaca ttttaattgt ggttgaacta ctctttaaag     59340
     agattgattt taagtattag aaagacaaat acggtgtaaa tcttataaaa aaaggaacag     59400
     aaacaattcg atttttgctt atgtacccat cgtactgtaa ctgcagttca tgaaaatgag     59460
     catttgagct ttgaaaaaag gtcaacagca ccaccttttg ttcaaaatgt tttagtgcaa     59520
     gctaatttct caaattacat ttttttccca aatatattat ctgctttaac agaaacgtgg     59580
     atattttata aaagtgtaaa aacagtaaca tatttcacac attaggatat tattgtcaaa     59640
     gaattttata atttattgct cgtgtcgtct aatatgcttt gaatgcaatt actgcagtta     59700
     ttccgaattt tttattatta ttgttagatt gtttttcgca atatcaaaag gctacaagca     59760
     gttctgttca tgtgatctcc cttcacgaaa aagtaacgat aaactagtta ccaaaataac     59820
     attcatatag tcttccccag tagtgctgcc acttttggca attcttggac agtccacatt     59880
     atgaaacgca aagctacaag aaaacagcac agagtattat caaccaaaat ttataacgtt     59940
     agatttccct tttttataaa acgcaacgtc ttcttgcatc atcctaaaat ggctacaaca     60000
     acaggccagt ttccaaacat tcagtacgac aacaaattga agtttacagc aatctcataa     60060
     agaaccccct acaaatgagg caaagttggt tggtacagta tattcgtaca ttcgttttta     60120
     aggatctata atgtttaacg ttaccacgct actttgaata ttttgactga aaccgcatgt     60180
     aattatgact tcaaaacaat tgaattaact tatgaacaaa tgtgtaagac taaatttgat     60240
     aacgttagtc gttggctgct aatatgattc cctttttata atgttcaaca caataaaaat     60300
     atattattag aagtccgatg cgcaaatcta caaccaactt tacctcatct tcagttgaca     60360
     taactacatc atttgatcgg cacggcggcc taacaaacgc cagactatta tgaatcattg     60420
     taacttaaag ttaatacgca aaatgatcat tgaatttgta cattcagagt ttaaacagta     60480
     acgttaattc ttcagtgtga ctgatgccac acaacaaaaa ctttaatata aaattacagc     60540
     atacaaaaca atggcagcgg cggccaaaaa tatatcatat ggcacggcgg cctgcttgtt     60600
     tttgaacaaa ttaacgttaa cgtacctttt gttgattgaa tggttgaaaa tcctctcaaa     60660
     ggctcctagg taggtgggtc tttgcttcaa ctcgaatttc ttcaaacgta atctttaaca     60720
     cggcgtaaat aatgaaaatc catcgtggct aacggattac ttcttttagt tgtggaggtc     60780
     taactctcat tagagatgaa agccccgcca atctaatagg aagtcgattg tgattggtca     60840
     gtttttctga cgtttaaaaa ctggaccagt atgaccaatc acagagctga aaaggctatt     60900
     gggcggggaa attctaatcg ggaaacgggt aattttagcc atttacattc caactcaacc     60960
     agatcaggca aatttaaaga gtttatttca acagaaacat tttatggaga tgcttcaggt     61020
     caaaacttta gatgctaaaa attcaaacaa atacattttt taaaagtttc ccttaatgat     61080
     tatgtcatat taggccatac aataagtgtg tagcttacta ggctttccct ctcaaagacg     61140
     tttgtgggaa gttcacacac ttcctttatt tagagtagac ctttgatttt tatctatcag     61200
     attttactaa ctagtagtaa tagtaaaagt attgcaaact gcagtaggcc tataaagact     61260
     tttcaatttt atgtagattt ttgggaatat aattgttata aaaattagta tatatataca     61320
     gttgaagtca gaaatattac cccctgaatt attagcctcc ttgtttattt tttcccccaa     61380
     ttcctgttta acggagagaa gattttttca acacatttct aaacataatt aatcataata     61440
     ttcataatta atcatttaat taatcatttc taataactga tttattttta tctttgcctt     61500
     gatgacagta aataatattg tagaatgttt gaaaaggttt aatacagttc ctgtgtttta     61560
     ttgtggggtg tatctgtatt tgcaatgtgg gattgtaagg ggctggattt tggggaaaaa     61620
     gcgagtctgc gcactcgaga gggagggagg ggtttccgtt tggatgagac aggtatattg     61680
     ttctgtgaat ggacagtgtg gggttcggga gtgaacacaa taattactct gtctgaacgt     61740
     gcaaaagttg attaaaaaca caagttgaac tgttaaatgc ttcctggctt cttcagttcg     61800
     ttacaatatt ttactagata tttttcaaga cacttctata cagcttaacg tgacatttaa     61860
     agccttaact aggttaatta ggttaaatag gcaggttagg gtaattaggc aagttattgt     61920
     atagcaatgc tttggtctgt ggactatcga aaaaatatct agtttaaagg ggctaataaa     61980
     tttgacctta aaatggcttt tttttttaaa ttaaaactgc ttttattcta gccaaaataa     62040
     aacaaataag actttctcca gaagaaaaaa tattatcgca atattgttaa gcatcatatg     62100
     ggaaatatta aaaaagaaaa aaaaaatcaa agggggtgaa taattctgcc ttcaatactg     62160
     ttccaataat aaatttaata aggtttgttt ttgtacaaga tgttagtctc tttaagaaac     62220
     ttagacttta tcacgaatga aaaactgtta ttctaaaaaa gaacaatctg ctaaattaat     62280
     aaataaattg tgtgagtact agtagtgtac ttagtaaaaa aagtgtaaat atatgaagat     62340
     agtagatata agatttaata ccttaattag agtattaatt ttgtgagatt aaaaatgtag     62400
     aaaaaagtct attaatttag acttttactg aaaagttatt ctttttaatt ctgatgaatt     62460
     aataaatgta aatgtgtgtg catatgtaac atacacatag ccatcaccta tatgctataa     62520
     aactgcaggt taactatgct tatatataat aacttatatt taattttaac gttaacttga     62580
     agtgcacctt ttaaagctgc tttgaaacaa taattattgt aaaaagcatt atacaaatca     62640
     cctttattag aatgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgagag agagagagag     62700
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag     62760
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagaaag agatatttta cctattatta ttattattat     62820
     tgttggtctt tttattgcta tactatatat cataatacta tactaaactt tagaagtact     62880
     ttagcaatac atttgtaaca cttttcataa caataaagca actattgaat ttaattgaat     62940
     ttagtttagt ttaattagag aggaaaggag ataaagagca agagagagaa attaaaataa     63000
     atgttataca tttaaagttg gcatgaaatg tcagtattat catcattatc ctgacatatc     63060
     cagatgaaga atgaaaccaa gttgattttg aacaggaatt gaatcattgt catttgctat     63120
     agactacttt aatagacaga gaaggcttat ttgttttaca ttaaataaca acattaaaaa     63180
     aatacagtga gataaaaaaa tatgatgcaa tgtgatgcaa tattccattg aaaaaatact     63240
     tcacattcat gatcaaagtg ccaaggggtg atagaatggg tctaatcata caaacatatg     63300
     gtttatacat aggctactta tgttaataaa attgttttat attaaataca acgagcacat     63360
     tttcacacat tgccaatatc aaagcaaatc tgtttcaggc aaatccagta aagtatttac     63420
     acagagatga tttaaattgt ttatacaatg cctccatcta gtgttgaata ttgaagtact     63480
     acaggtagtt gtaaactaaa agctgcagat caaaataatg acaatagatg gcagcaggtc     63540
     ctcagttttg gctggcagga tcatcttgct ctttgccctc tcttggagac ttcaggcact     63600
     gcagccacac caggagtcct gcagatttat tgaagaatta gttcaaacca ctgacttctg     63660
     gaggcagttt agagacctgt tgatctgctc aaccctttat atatgtattt tgcacataag     63720
     tgcgcatgca catactgcat atgatgaaat actaatgcat atttaattga tcaatgtaca     63780
     aaataaatac aaaccaggaa tatatttgac atatttagta ttattacttg tacaaaacat     63840
     aacgggacat gtaatgcaaa attgggcata cataaaaaaa tatttaaatg cattttcttt     63900
     tttatttcat tccaacaagc ctgctatgca tattgatgtt ttttttaacc aaaatgagct     63960
     acatttctac cacaatttat actttgaagg aaagcttaaa ggttaagctc tggaaaaaag     64020
     aagctttcag aaatgattaa ttcacttttt ctgttgcagt gtcttttaaa catgatgaac     64080
     atttaagtta cttttatgac tgatcccacc ctcttattca gttatgagta acatgtatga     64140
     aacatgcact gaaagtacac agttggtgca aaagtgcaaa aatcctaata aaagaaaaag     64200
     tgctattttt aacaaaagta ttgcaagtaa acaaggcctc catgttgcca gattataagc     64260
     ttcatattat agaccaaagt catgcatgtg ctacattttg ctctttctgc aagttgcaaa     64320
     atgtgcaaat gcagatgcat cagtcttcct gtcctcattt ttgtcaccct cacccacaca     64380
     cacatgcgca aacacacaca tcctgtcatg cttgcctcac acaggagaca aacaaccaca     64440
     gacgtctgtg acgcaggcag gaagttaggc atcttgtctt atttctgcac agcgcccact     64500
     tcctgtggaa aaaaataata ctaacccttg attcaaatca tcccacttac ctactttcaa     64560
     aatgatgcca caggtttgct ttgagacatt atggaagaat aaagctaaaa ctgctataat     64620
     ttagcataat ttgtagctct tgcagcattg ctatattata aaatgcatgt agttaaataa     64680
     atatgatcag tgttatgatc aactgctgca gttctaaaca ttggagatgt ttaaaaagag     64740
     ctttatcagt gaaaaccata aactttatct cacagtgcaa ggatatttct tactaaatca     64800
     gatgaattac aacatgaatt tgattcttgt agcatatata aacacttctt atttgaaatg     64860
     cactttccta tactgtcagc tatttttagt agttcaacaa aagtcagggg aagattgtat     64920
     cagaacaaca atttccattg tgtgtttctc tttcaacatt taaaatagag agtgagattt     64980
     tccatgtgat tgttcagcag tttctttctt ttttgcattg actgctcttt atggaatcca     65040
     cctaatcttc acctatgggc agttttaact gtaaaatgcg gcatgtatat acagtgacca     65100
     gatgtttttg ttttctgggg acagtcccca ttttttttgt tgttgtctag ttcctgactg     65160
     catcagtttt ccttaaaaaa taaatgcatt taaaatgcac tgaatccatt tttaaaacct     65220
     atagataatc ataaatgaga ttcaatgtaa aaagtgacaa ctttttataa aatatcacag     65280
     ttaactaaac atattgtatt tataatgatg tcatttaaga cattacatta caattgtgct     65340
     aataatattt ttagttttaa tgttattaga ataggcaaca cagtgagtag cacaatcgcc     65400
     tcacagcaag aaggttgctg gttcgagcct aggctgggtc agttggcatt tctgtgtgga     65460
     gtttgcatgt tttcccccaa tgtttgtgcg ggtttactcc gggtgctccg gtttctccca     65520
     cagtccaaac acatacgatg tatggcgaat taaataaact aaattgtctg tagtgtatgt     65580
     gtgtgaatga gagtgtatgg gtgtttccca gtactaagtt gcagctggaa gggaatccac     65640
     tgtgtaagac atatgctgga taagtttgtg actcattccg ctgtggcaac tcctgatgaa     65700
     taaagggatt aagctgaagg aaaatgaatg aatgaagttc attattcata aaaatgttgt     65760
     atttacatat aaacaaatca ctcagcttag ctaaactaca ttgaaatcat gaaaaacaac     65820
     aatcattaat tttcttttcg gcatgatccc ttgactaatc tgggttcgcc aaagcggaat     65880
     gacccgccaa cttgtccaca tgtctttaga cacatacaca tgtggaggaa actggagcac     65940
     ccaaaagaaa cccacgcgag cacagggaga acatgcaaac tccacacaga aatgccaatt     66000
     ggcacagcca cttgctgtgc ggtgattgtg ctactcactg caccaccttg ctgcccatga     66060
     aaaacaacat acaaaaaatt attaaataat caatagtgaa gaataaacta gatattgttc     66120
     ttttccattt ctgtgtaaaa cattatcgca acacatttgt ttctgttgtg ataaaaaata     66180
     acgaatgatt gaatcaatgt atcagtcaat caatagctac atttattgac tttatttatt     66240
     tatcacaata ctagtaataa tatttatagt aataataata atagtagtga tgttgctgtt     66300
     cttgcccaaa ttaatttctt ttttttataa tcctgatttg tgatcagaga cacattgcta     66360
     acaagaatat aaaaacccag cacatataca taaacatttc ttttataaac atttcacaat     66420
     agtttcagct tatttttaat atcaacttgt ttgaaatcat ttctatattt tttgtagtgt     66480
     ttgtacttat gggtcaaaag gactgtcagt ggccttagag tagtatttat cttgactaaa     66540
     tattttttat cagcttacat taagcttgca tttaaataga tgtcagtttg ctgttaatgt     66600
     tgtgtcaatg ttgtctgaga acaatgtcat tgtcctgccc ctacaatgtt gttcaaaaca     66660
     ctgccatttt gtttcttgca aaaaggtgtc atgaggtcat gctggcctca taccctgttt     66720
     aatgtcacat gtatttctat aggccttgta taaaggaaaa tggcaacaga aaaattaaac     66780
     ttgagtcagt cctgatctgt ctctattcag acaaacatgt ttttgtctcc tacattttgg     66840
     tataggtata gctggaatat atgacattac ctatcctgct aaattaacat tttattgtga     66900
     tacattttta ttttaaaaag acaacaagtt atataatttt ataacttgtt gcctttttta     66960
     aataaaaagt attacaatat aatgttaatg cagcaggata ggtaagaaat aataactttt     67020
     acaaagagtt ttaaaatatg aaatataaac atttaaaata ttctacactg cagaataata     67080
     ataacaacaa ttaaataaac aggttttata cctttaactg tcttacattt ttaccacaat     67140
     tttactagac acccactaaa atataattca gtgcaacaat agtttatgta ccaatagtct     67200
     tgtcaggcat atttaaatta agaataattt aatgacaata tcatttaaac aactaggttt     67260
     tactaatttg ttagcaaggc gttttggatt atttaaaata tacaaaagaa aagtcacaat     67320
     atttcatttc aattttacag aaatagattt gttatagaga cagacattca acatttattt     67380
     tcaaaagcta ttttaaaaca ttataacatt acagcacact tacacacttt acaaaaaggt     67440
     tctgttagtt aatgttaaag ttgtatttat taattacatt agtttatagt attagttaat     67500
     catagtaaat tagttcactg tgagttaaca tgaactaaca atgcatgaat taatttgatc     67560
     ataaatcaac atttaaaaag gtaatataat taatactaag gtaatataat aaaaataaac     67620
     actgttatga atgtattgct tattgtttgt tcatgatagt aaatacatta actaatggta     67680
     ccttattgta aactgatatt tgttttgtat ataaaatcat atttgtacat ttaatttgat     67740
     taacattaag gtaatgaccc caataaggta tgaccccaat gtatataggt tagggttagg     67800
     gttgtatatt ttgcaatcct agactgagga tgacacagaa aagcatgagc aggaagtgtg     67860
     agtgattttg tttgcgtgga aaacaggtgc tgtggaagtg gtgtttgtgt gggctttaca     67920
     gactctgatc tgacagctgc tgtatctcga gagcttggta ttccgcttca cacagatctg     67980
     gttttcaaac catggaaaac acaacacact tcccggatga tgtggacaag tttagacatt     68040
     tgggcgtgtg ccttttttgc ccgttattta cagatgttgt tttttttata atttgtttga     68100
     catatataca atgtgtacat gtctggtatt taaacacacc ccaaaaactt tcacatttat     68160
     atattaatgt attaaccgta attgttgctt ttttgcatat agcaaactag tgggtataaa     68220
     tgttaaagtt acacttaatt aataataaat cttcacctta gaattataag gttctatctg     68280
     acatttttgt caaaattgag ttattaacat attcttatta aatgacaact tattcacatt     68340
     atgggagttt ttttataagt tgtttacatt ttaggacttt ttatttaaaa aacaaatgtt     68400
     acacacatac tgtttgctat ggaatgcaaa aactttggag ctcaatatct caaaatcatt     68460
     tagaacacag atagaacctt atagttccaa gttcattcaa attcccaata acctacaata     68520
     agattaaagg gggtaaaaag gggttgcata ttgatgcata attataacaa tgcactgaaa     68580
     aaaatgcttg tgggtgtttt ccacttcttt aagctttgaa ttgcattata agttctttat     68640
     ctcatggtca gacagctaat gatgttgaga gtgcaaaaca gtgacttttt tttttttttt     68700
     tttttacaat tttagttgtt taaaacaata tgtctggttt tattgtgtaa attatggtac     68760
     aaaaaccagg taatgagtga cttattttct gttattttat gaatttattt aattttgaat     68820
     gcaatatctt gtctgaaact gttacaacat taagtgttta aattgtaagg taaattttca     68880
     cattaagaga tcaagcaccc atattgcaat ttttaaggcg ctaataaatc aaacttgaat     68940
     gaatcgctat taattaacag atgtttttaa aagcttgctt gagtgcatgt aatgtgaaca     69000
     agtactgtgt aaaattaaaa taatattgtt aacacaatag tggtatatat acattacata     69060
     acattcattt gtttttcttt gtccctttag tcatcagagg tcaccacagc ggaatgaaca     69120
     ggcatcttat gcagcatatg ttttacacag cggatgccct tccaactgca acccagtact     69180
     gggaaacatc catacacact tattcacaca catacactac aaccaattta gttttagttt     69240
     attcaataca cctatagcgc atgtctttgg actgtggggg aaaccggagc gcccggagga     69300
     aacccatgca ctcaaacacg gagagaacat gcaaactcga accagcgacc tccttgcttt     69360
     gaggtgacag tgctaaccac tgagccactg tgtcgcccat taagtaacac actttaaaat     69420
     aaataacatt tacttctgtg tcattatttc aatgtgaatg tacagaattt gagtcttaca     69480
     ttcagtttat ttgaacaaaa ctttaaacta aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga atagcaccaa     69540
     taggaacaat acgcgttatt ttaaatcaaa agcagtacat atatacaaat atataaacag     69600
     atatagatta tgtatgtttc aatgctatgt tatattatgt taaatttctt ctgtattaaa     69660
     tgacctagaa aaatagaaaa aagaaaagaa ctaagcattc actacagaca ctttttctct     69720
     gtagggccca tttatatttt aatggttatg cattgttgat caaattgaca catacactaa     69780
     aatgtgcctc aaatgtgtga ataacatttg atatacagtt gtagttagaa ttattagccc     69840
     ccctttgaac tttttttctc tttttaaata tttcccaaat gatgtcgaac acagcaagaa     69900
     aatgttcaca gtatgtctga taatattttt tcttctggaa aaagtctcat ttgatttatt     69960
     tcggctagaa taacagcagc atttaatttt ttaaaagcta ttttaatgga caaagtcatt     70020
     agtcccttta ggctattttt tttccgatgg tctacagaac aaaccatcgt tatacaacaa     70080
     cttgccttat taccctaacc tgcctagtta acctaaataa cctagttaag tctttaaatg     70140
     tcactttaag ctgtatagaa gcatcttgaa aaatatctag taaaatatta tttcctgtca     70200
     tcatggcaaa gataaaataa atcagttatt agaaattagt aaaccgtcat gtttagaaat     70260
     gtgttgaaaa aaatcttctc tccgttaaac agaaattggg gaaaaaaata aacagggtgg     70320
     ctaataattc aggggggcaa ataattatca actgtatgta tacttttggg ttaaataagg     70380
     cccaacagta taactttcga aaaattacca tgccattgac agcttttgta cttttttttt     70440
     ttttttttag agaatttcat atactgtaga ctaatggata aacgagaaaa aaagccctgt     70500
     agtcgaaata caaacctgct tactgcacag cttaaaccat ccctcagctt gaaggggatt     70560
     tacagtgatg aaaagacaaa acaaaccaac atattatccc acactctcag aattaatggt     70620
     gcaaaagtgg tcaatggtgt ggaatttctt caaaaggtac actttggtac ttttgaggta     70680
     ctaatatgaa cactttattg tactttaaag ggcccatccc aaaatgtgag tcttcgaaag     70740
     ggtacagtcc cagtgacaac cttcatttct gagactgcat gctctaattt attatttttg     70800
     gtacagctaa cagatgcagg acattttaaa tgacgtattt cttaaagcat gaatgaatgc     70860
     agctgcattt cccatgtgct gtagcacatc tgcactgccg aaagtaaact tcctgcagtc     70920
     aacaatctgt aatataaaaa aaatgttgac ctgcaaaact tataactttt ggaaatgcat     70980
     aatttaatag acagtggagc agatttttta tattttttta aatcagtgtt aggtatttgt     71040
     ggtcaaagat aaaacaagac aaatactgta caaacatagt gtcataaaca gaaagtattt     71100
     caaatgtatt ctttgcaatc atgctgaatg tgttacattt taaatgaata aaaccttttt     71160
     tctataacat gagtaaacaa tgatttgaag gaaagtgaca aactaaacat caaacaacag     71220
     ttaaatagta ttttagagct gcattgtgta tcaaatgaca cttgctttaa gtactgtatg     71280
     cttgtatgag tgtcttctat aaattatggt aaaacatatg attttcaata gttttagttc     71340
     atgggaaaaa caattaaatt aaataggaca catcctaata aacagattat tgaaaagttg     71400
     ttgttacttt tattcttttg ataaaaatgg atatctttga accactgaaa tactactctt     71460
     acttctatta caattatatg catattaact atgtacattt gtatatgttt tgtatgttgc     71520
     aagtgaagca ggtaaagctc caacactagt tctgcatttg aagaggcttt acaccaagca     71580
     taaggccatg tttacagatc acaatgtggc tcaaaagtac tattaatagt cataaatgct     71640
     tgtgtgttgc tgcagtactt caaatcacaa ggatttactc atttcaagaa aaaaaatcct     71700
     tttattgtca ttcaaaacat cacaaaaagg ttgaatgctg aagaaaacaa caatgcacca     71760
     gtagtaaaaa ctatacaaaa tagatatgaa tcagaaagtt taggatggaa catttctaat     71820
     atgttaatgt tttatgttgc ataagggaca ccaaaatagg acaaatcttg tctttgagtc     71880
     atgtattaat tagttagttt aaaccagggc ttcctgttgt tgttgattct gtaggatcag     71940
     tgtcctgtag tttaactcta actctaatta aacacacctg aagaagctaa tcaaggtctt     72000
     atacttgaaa ctgccaggca ggtgtgtaga gtcaagttgg agctaaactc tgaagggaca     72060
     ccggctctcc atcctggcca cctgacagct tcactttctt tctacagtaa ctgacttttt     72120
     ccatgacacg gccacttttc acctgttaag gacgtgatgt tttcaggatt gagatactca     72180
     acatggtatc tttgacatga tatttgaaaa attttaaact tttttattta aatattgaat     72240
     aaagttgcac ctgacataaa tatctaaata tgcaggtaca ccggcccttc agggtacgga     72300
     cggacggacg gacgcacgca cgcacgcacg cacgcacgca cgcacgcacg cacgcacaca     72360
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cttttatttt atgctataac aaaaggatta     72420
     tcaggaatta ccctaccctt cccctattac ccagttaggt atgattttta atcatttgga     72480
     tttgcgaggg cacaggatag tcacagtgct tgtagaccac ctaaagtaac acccacatca     72540
     tgttattatt caatgttgtg tcataaacca cataagcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaactca     72600
     caaaaccaaa aaacagacac acacaaacaa atgaaatata cttttacaaa gattcaagac     72660
     tcaaaataga aaaggccatt caaatatgct tacagattta ttttttaatg tgtcattggt     72720
     gtttttaatt gaattcattt attgtctaga catacactct cagtaataaa ggtacaaaac     72780
     ctgtcactgg ggtggtacct ttccaaaggg tacaatttta taccttaaat gtgcacattg     72840
     gtaccttaaa agtacaattt tgtaccgtta gcctacacct ttgtttttgg atagtactat     72900
     gaggtacaca tttctacttt tttaaattag taaataagtt gtacctttaa agtacataaa     72960
     gttgaagtca gaattattag cccccctttg aattttctat ccttttttaa atatttccta     73020
     aatgatgttt aacagagcaa ggaaattttc acagtatgtc tgataatatt tttttcttct     73080
     agagaaagtc ttatttggta tatttcagct agaataaaag catttattaa tttttacaca     73140
     ccattttaag gacaaaatta ttagccactt taagctatat tttatttcga tagtctacag     73200
     aacaaaccat cgttatacaa taacttggtt accctaccgt gcctagttaa cctaattaac     73260
     caagataagc ctttaaatgt cactttaagc tgtaaagaag tgtcttgaaa aatatctagt     73320
     caaatattat ttactgtcat catggcaaaa ataaaataaa tcagttatta gaaataagtt     73380
     attaaaacta ttttgtttat aaatgtgttg aaaaaaatct tctctccgtt aaacagaaat     73440
     tggggaaaaa ataaactggg tttctattaa tttgcacttc aactgtatgt gcccctgtaa     73500
     ggtacataag tgtacctttt gaaaaggtac agtaccaccc cagtgactgc acctttattt     73560
     ctgagagtgt ataatttagt ctgatcaaat atatgttttg tgatgctatt ggtatcttgg     73620
     aaaatgaacc ttttaggaac atttgtcaca gatgtgattt tcactgccga ctgatccagt     73680
     ttctttagaa tccatattta ggtatttatg cctacagtgc atctagagca acttattcaa     73740
     gaattgaata aaagtttaac atgtttcaaa tatcatgtca aaaggtacca cgttgaatat     73800
     ataaatcctg aacacataac aggtgaaaag tggccatgtc aagtgaaaaa gtcagttact     73860
     gtaaaaagaa agtgaagctg tcaggtggcc aggatggagg attggttttc actcctccac     73920
     aaatacgcat gtaggtcaca gaggtcaaat ctgtgttgat tcattgagag gttcaaacaa     73980
     ctagggctta accaaacaat aaataaaaca atatgaatat aaatgaaata ataaaatata     74040
     atggataaaa gttagaatat tatattaaac aagatcattc tttcaaagag tatttaggtt     74100
     tctactttcc tgatcctttt aattgatctt ttcagtttat ggtaattgct caaggacaac     74160
     tcttttataa aaataccttc acattttata tttatggctg tacatgagaa tgtgtcctgt     74220
     ataatttaat aatattttct atgctaaaac tacactgaaa tgttttgttg gatcaactta     74280
     caaattgtac atcctttggt aacacctaca ataactgttt gtttaactga cagatgtaag     74340
     atgttaagat taatgaatat atatgctcag tttaaccaaa tgaaaattta ctaaggttta     74400
     actaaggcat aactgtcaga aaatgtaact tggtttgtct tgttatttta catcactttg     74460
     caagtttgaa atgatctgtt ttatcttttt atctaaggaa attagctgga ctatttatct     74520
     aaacttatgt aaatttttgc attctgtaac ctcaaatcac acatttaaat taataaaaga     74580
     tactgtttca ttttaatatg ttacatcaag tgtgtgtaac ttcaaatcat ggctcacttg     74640
     ttaataaagc tgccaacacc caaagcacaa gtgctattct tctggatagt ggtaacctta     74700
     aatctcaaga aaggaagatt aaactcaaac aagactttct cttaacttaa aacacctgct     74760
     atcgtgaaca ttttcttctt ttgatgcaat tccaatgtca tggatgctgc gaactacaca     74820
     tcaattacgt agaaacttaa gccacggtca cactgcactt ttcgccctgt agacttccat     74880
     tcatattgcg aatgcaagag actggaaaat tttgcaagtt gctgttcaga agttcaagct     74940
     tggtgaactc tgacctgaga atcgcatcac atgattgcat gagaccagta gaaggccaac     75000
     acatgagctt catgtacaaa aatggaaaat ttggagcaat tgctcacttt atcaatgtct     75060
     aagctgtaca gcagaaattc gctagctcaa aacccaaata taaaaacgtt tttacatcta     75120
     cacaattcct tcatgttgat ttgaacacaa aacaattaag ttaacttaat tgtctttttt     75180
     tatttgtttt tattttacaa gtttacaact ctatactgcc ctctttgtgt ggggctgaca     75240
     gtgagcatgt tttgaataag tctttcccaa gtactactca caattgtaag ttagttcaat     75300
     gtaactaatt gtaagttaca tgatgaataa agtacagtag gttataacaa caaaataaaa     75360
     tgttctactt tttccatgtt tatttttaca gtgtattgat tatcatatat ttctaccgca     75420
     atgtacagaa gacacacaaa agtcaatcag gataaaaatc atttatgtac aaaacaattt     75480
     tgtcagacat acagtactaa aatcaagact catttgatga aaatacagct ccaaaatact     75540
     atttaattgt ctttttatat ctttttgttt tgtcacctca aaatcattat gctaaaaaca     75600
     aatcaaatta aatcaaattt taaattattt aaaccatgat aaaatgtagc accatcacaa     75660
     agattaaatc aggcactttg cttgcattga atatgccttc tctctctctc tctctctgtg     75720
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tcattatgtt tgtcaatgcc ttctcttgtc tttgacacta     75780
     taagacctaa aaactgatag aagactaaat taaaactctg ctcttctgtg cattttttca     75840
     aaagttaaaa gtttagtaga agtcggacac cattatttgg aagactgttg actgcagaga     75900
     gcttacttcc tctcagtatg tggttttgtc accatctgaa attagatcaa caacctgtgc     75960
     aatctcatct gcaaactcag atgcacagtc agttatgttt atttataagc aggtgtgaga     76020
     gagacaagga acatgaatct gcattttgga cattgaactc tatttgaata cttttcagca     76080
     aataatttgt cataaaataa tgtcagtgct ttgtaattat aattgaatga gctatttagc     76140
     atcctgaagt gtgtgtcagt gtcgcagatg tgatgcaaat tagcactcag caatcactta     76200
     gtgctagatt agatctgtaa agtaaaatga atgatattat ttgacaccta atccagttca     76260
     gtttagataa ttagaataca gtcatttaaa caggggttct caagctcact ttgaggccta     76320
     cctccttctc caaaaatgtt ttgaaggaaa atgctaattt taaagcttta tctaacccta     76380
     aacaaaacat ttcttttgtc ttttcttatt ctcttttttt ggatcaattt ataaaaaaaa     76440
     taaataataa atatatatat ttatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     76500
     atatatatat atttaaatat aatctaaaat ataataatat gtatttaata ttaaaaaaca     76560
     aaaacgcaca gacaggttca aagttcctga attcttgact tcagttactc tttagaactg     76620
     cagagtattt ggaccttttc tttaacaaat taacctgaca ggacaacagg aaatggcaaa     76680
     taacagtttc tgccttgact gactgactac tattcatcta ttgatctact aatcatattt     76740
     ttaaaaaaaa taaacaaagt attataaaac actgtaaaac ctgtgcgata caatacaggt     76800
     tgcgtacgtg aggcacgatc gagctggttt tttaaacttt aatcattgtt acctttacat     76860
     ttgcttgacg gtttgattta tacaaatgag aacttagtcc tagttgatgc acagcggttg     76920
     gaagtttaag ccacatgtct gaatttacca gtgaggctgt ttttgcaccg ggtccgaatc     76980
     agcctgttcg atcacagaaa atgggaaata ccattacttc aatcatttta atatgacata     77040
     tttaataatg gattcaaata attatagtat aatatttaaa ttaattttaa gctatctcgc     77100
     ggcccacctg caggattact gaggcccact agtgtgcaca aaatgcatac agttaacacc     77160
     actttaaaat gtttaaactt cttttacaca caagttcaag caagaccaaa acaatgtaat     77220
     gttacagtca aatttacaaa tgctgtgtca gaacagataa catgttctaa catgtgaaca     77280
     gctgttcata ttgtgaatgg aaacacaaat atattccctc tattttattc catttccaat     77340
     gagaaacagc ttattggata aggcatgcca aaaaattcat cccacgatgc cttgccagag     77400
     aagataacag gtgtgaaggg atgagaacat gtggccaaat gcagaagacc gggcacaata     77460
     gaagattact tcaagaagtt tttgtattat aattgcagtg ctttttctgt ttgtatatct     77520
     tgcagtaatg tcattgtgca aataaagtct gtactgtaca attctgtctg tattttattt     77580
     acataaactg cacattttag aaagctacgc tgagatggtc attcattttt ttatactgaa     77640
     ttcctgcaga aaaagaaaca aaatgcatgc atttgctaaa cccaacaaaa caaacatgta     77700
     gagaggtttc aagggcaggg ctgacacata aaataatgca gtttctgtaa tgtcagctga     77760
     tgatagtgtt tttattgtca gtgtgttatg attgactaaa tgtttctgtt ggaagagaac     77820
     atgtgttagt gttttgaatc attatttgat tttgaaacat gtttgcagtg ttttgtagac     77880
     atgtagtgtg ttagtttatt attctatttt gaaaagtagt tttaaggttt agtttacaat     77940
     gtgtgatttt gagcatgaaa ttaactattt tgccaattgt gtgttttagg tgtgttggtg     78000
     cgttaagagt ttagaaaact tgttaaatat attttaaaaa ctgtcatagc gattgtcaaa     78060
     aaaactgtaa gtaagtaatg tgtatttata tagcgcattt atttattgtg tatggccata     78120
     cagccaaagc acttcacaaa ataatgaggg gggtctctcc acaccaccaa actaacaaga     78180
     acagttaaag aacagttcaa cccaaaatga gaattctgtc attattcaac aaatttttga     78240
     gtttctttat tttgttgaac acaaaagaag atattttaag gaaagctctt gaaagtgttc     78300
     actagaataa aggaactcat aaatgtttgg aatcaattga tggcgagtaa atagtgagtt     78360
     agatttcatt ttgggtgaac tatcccttta agtcgggact gaaaacataa tgtaggcctg     78420
     agttaatgtg aatagttatt gtgcaggaaa caagctagtt taatgtacag cctcataacc     78480
     aggggggttc gggggattcg aaagacccat acacccctct gacaaagtcc agaatttggc     78540
     tcctaaatga gccaattcgt cctatttttg acagtatgca atcataaatt gtgaaaataa     78600
     ccgattgaag aaggctttaa gacaaattta gttttttaat tattcaaatg gacaaattct     78660
     gactgtggaa atgtgctagc cagtttgtta tttgcctaca ggctacagct gttattgttt     78720
     tttaaacaag ttagagcaga tttctactgt aataatgttt ttttttaatg atggataata     78780
     ataagcttat atttttaaaa atgtttcata tttctttttt caaaatgctt aatttgaaat     78840
     tttaatctca taacaatttt taaaaaaact aatagcttac agtttaaagg cacatttgta     78900
     aataaacact aagtggtaaa atagtacggt aagcaatttg gcagtgaata actgcaaaaa     78960
     gagccacttt ttgagaaaaa agaaccactc gtttcaatag gattgctaca ggcctgatgt     79020
     atgatgtata ggctgcctac catgtttaat agttaaatac tgttgagctt ttgttgtgtg     79080
     ctgttgctta aaagtctttg atactaaata ggtattacat ttgttccgct aaactgaaac     79140
     aagctattta tgttttattg aaccaaagtt tctctcttat ttcagaaaat agcacacaga     79200
     aattgttttt ttttttcttg tttaatcgac ctactcaaaa tttgtaaaac aacacagttt     79260
     gttacaattt cagtccactt tcagtgaaaa attgtgttgg ccttgcatca tttttgcttc     79320
     ccagcatgca tagaattcta tgaggtgcat gaaacaattt tgtatgtttc atgcttttga     79380
     gtaaagagaa gtttttagtg tttcatttta ttttattact tatttatttt tatacaatta     79440
     acatttgtta gatgtaaaaa tgtattgcag ctcattttat gtggttacca ttatgctaac     79500
     atattttcta ataacatgca gaatgttata acatagttgc aattaaaatt agcaaattaa     79560
     aaatgttagc tttatttgaa gatacagagt ttaaaataca cccacatctg taatggttta     79620
     tgtaattaaa tgttactttt ttgagccata tgattttgtt ttatttgttt gtttgattga     79680
     tttttttaac agagttgtca taattatcca aactcagtta ttgatttgca tggtaggcca     79740
     caaaccacca aaatctatag ccatatgaaa cggctattaa tatgtctgaa atgtgttcta     79800
     acagaaagct attgaggatg taaaaaaatc atcaaatata aaatgtttaa tgtaaacaac     79860
     aaataaaact ttatattttc ccgccaaaga gaaagaaact tttcaagaac agaaaaatta     79920
     ataaaacaat ttcaatacag aatacacagt gttacgtgtg gcattcactc ctgcctatga     79980
     ttattacttt caattgatct tgttcgtgtt tttccttttt aatttttctt ttggttgatt     80040
     tggtgaagtc aggcttttac aacggatgga agcggactgc tcgctgcctc atatctccat     80100
     gctaccacag tttctgactg catttttgtt gtgctctcca tgacttactt tcatttattt     80160
     ggaataggga gtcccaactt gctttaggtt tgtttggttg ttattgatta agttgttggg     80220
     ctccccatct cttgtcgttt ttctgattaa gttatgttaa caaataaact agttggagca     80280
     ctttggccgt tgtttattta tgtcatgttg tcttaggatc ccgaattttg tttaagtagg     80340
     gaccataaca tacagtgaga acaacatatg tgcatgaatt ttacattgga tctactgagc     80400
     aacatcttga ctatgaagaa cattaatcat cgtttactca tccttctctt gttccaaact     80460
     catcagagtt tctttcttct gttcaacaca aaggaagact ccatttactt ccatagtatt     80520
     tgttgttgtt gttctttgtc aatggctgcc tttacccaaa atcctgcaga atgggatgtg     80580
     ttgtgttcaa cataaggaga aattcataaa agtctaaaac tacttaagtg tgagtaaatg     80640
     ctgaggaaaa tttgatttta gatgaactat ttctttaaaa ggcagacttg attaggctaa     80700
     aatttatttg gaaattcaag ggaagttctg gatgaatgtt tcattggttg atttgagctt     80760
     tttggacaca tgagagtaga aatacagtat atcttgttat aaagatgctt tgctgctgca     80820
     tgaagttgaa atctttacct attaagaact tcatggatta tttgaagtaa caagccactt     80880
     tcacaaagat tgtgatatgg tgctgaagct tgattgtctg tagactttgc atcaaaccac     80940
     tgtaatgaat acatccaagc ttggtttaga gatcataatg tttctgagtg tcctgttcga     81000
     tgtccagcag taaatgtcat ttcaaatata aagtaatcat atgaaaacca aagtttatca     81060
     gcccacagga tgcttttcag gagagatgat gctgaagtaa gcgcttagag ataccattta     81120
     cagtaggacg ctataaagaa taagtgattt tatccaaaga ctatatttgc acataaacat     81180
     ttaaagacaa tctcaaaatt ttttacagtt actttgtttt ttagaaattg tcaaaatgaa     81240
     ctgcattcaa agtatagctg cattttttgc agatcaaggg ggattaatac ttcaaatgca     81300
     actgtatata cactaagtga caaaagattt gtcacctata tccaaaattt agggacaaca     81360
     aataataact tgacttctag ttgatcattt ggtattaaaa caaaagtggt ttaaatgaaa     81420
     gaaataaaaa aagcctctag attatgctta ttttaccaaa ataaaatttg atcatgcctt     81480
     tattttttat ttatttaaat agaacagaaa ggtctgactt tgcttagaca aaagtgttgt     81540
     cacttaacag aaataatgta cagtatagaa aataaagtca tggttataac ttattaataa     81600
     agtcatctgg aatggcaaag aaagcatttc tcgctggact tcctcaaaat tctttggatt     81660
     caacttcaat gcctctttta catcttaacc cagacctgct caataatgtt catgtctgct     81720
     gaagaatttg ccctcttctg tggtttgcaa tgtaatgggc agcgcaaatg tcttgatatc     81780
     tacagtaagg ctgttgaggt tgctatccac tctgcagatc tctcgcacac ccccatactg     81840
     aatgtaaccc caaaccatga tttttccatc accaaacttg actgatttct ataagaatct     81900
     tgggtttatg caggttctat cttaggtctt ctgcagtact tgtgatgttt gggatgcaat     81960
     tcaacagatg attcatcaga aaaatctacc ttctctcact gttccaattg attaactaag     82020
     tcaagttatt acttttgctc ttacaactgg gatagatgac aagacctttt gtcaggtagt     82080
     gtaagtttta tataaactgt attttgcatg ctgatgtgta gtagcagcta gcatactcca     82140
     aatgctgctc ttggtttcac attacaacat tagtgttcat aatgtactgt aaaactacca     82200
     tgaagaccat atatatatat actgactaaa cattgtgtga gaaatcagag agagagaaaa     82260
     aaattaatac atctatttaa gggctagttc acacaaaagc aaaaaatccg ccaacattta     82320
     ctcttcctgg aatatttact tgctccaaaa cttgtttcat ttttctgttg aacacaaagg     82380
     aagatttgtc tttgattcca tattattttt tgcctgcatg gatgtcaagg gctgcttttt     82440
     tcccaacatt cttcagaata tcttgttttg tgttcaactg aagaaagaaa ttcattagtt     82500
     tataacaact tgagtgtgag gaaatttttt gggggaactg accctttaat tcaactaatc     82560
     tctatcaggt cagcaattca ggccattgcc tttaatatgc aattaagatt ttaaaaagtt     82620
     tcaacgagtt ctcattcttt aatagtaatg tatttaccta taagctcatt caatttaata     82680
     gttaagatct taatgggtaa tcagccttcc tttaatagtt agactttaac agattaggtc     82740
     tactcatcat gcatagcgat tgggaaggca ataatcaaaa atagtcctaa tagagactat     82800
     aaagtttatt gaaaaatagt tagcatgtgg acattttgtt agtaataaat ttggatttgg     82860
     tttgattcat ttatttcata cataaaacaa ttctttaaac aaaatacatt ttaacatgat     82920
     tgaaatggag cgggatgaag cacaagccta ttattttccc caatgctgtt catctctaag     82980
     taattacctt taattatacc aacacaactg catttgtatt ttaaaaataa atgacaacta     83040
     attaattgta actagtttga ttaccattca gtgcaattga tccttaatgg ttagtcaatg     83100
     atctattaat catacctaca cactttcatg cattatgaat ttatgataca catttataat     83160
     gcatttataa tacacacaac tggacgactt gtcatttaca cattttattt gcatattctt     83220
     tgtacagtac acaacatctg ccaatgtaaa aaaagcacaa atctacttaa taagatgaat     83280
     atgttgtaaa ttaattgtaa ataataagtt gtagctatat agtcagaaat attcagatgt     83340
     aatacagcgc caaagcaatt taagatgttt acaaaaaata tatatgtaga aaaccttaaa     83400
     atagaaatta cacaggagaa ataatctaaa tttgaaacaa atatacttct actgtacgct     83460
     aagcttaatg aaatattttt aaaaatccta tataaacata tgacattcaa atgtgtatgt     83520
     aattctcaaa tcaataatga ttttgcatca ctgagggcgg ttatataatc cctccattgc     83580
     tatttaacaa catctgtgca catctgatga tctggaatgg gatgcagctt tttctgttgt     83640
     cgtcagtaaa agttcagtct catgaattta actgatgaaa cgtggtgttt ttctgagacc     83700
     tgtaaggtaa ataatagaca aattgtaatt ctttcaacaa aacaggtaat ctgtacagtt     83760
     agccaattca acaatgggtc tcattcacta aagactgcat acaagtagcg tacttactgg     83820
     atattctcgc agaaaaacaa gatcttccag catagccatg tgagccattc acaaccagtc     83880
     gaaaatgatt caaatgtttt cgaggtacca gaacaaatcc tcttttaacc ataataggct     83940
     actattgaga tttattaacc ggacatagtg aaatattagc aacaaaaatc ttttttgtga     84000
     ctgactttat gaggaaaagt ttatattatt tatacaaatg acttttccca ctcaacattt     84060
     aaagcaggag agtatttaga ttaatcacac gatgagatta acaaatgttg gcattttgca     84120
     gtttactggt gtttacgcca ttattaaatg gcatttttat tgttagtgct ttatataccc     84180
     tgattttaat caccttcact tatatacaat gcatcccaaa tgggatattt tgcattacaa     84240
     taggcacttc agaatgtaaa caatcatggc tgccatttcg aagtgctcaa agttagccat     84300
     ttcaagggtt tctatagtaa taagacactt tggggtttaa tgatcaggga agtttggtgt     84360
     cacacgcttc attccaactg gaagggctca tccccttaga agcgatcact tttggagggc     84420
     aaacccatag aagggattag gacatatagg gaatgagcac ttacaaataa aatgaagcgt     84480
     gacaccaaac ttctcttcaa aatggaaggc agtgacagat tatgttggtt attacagtgt     84540
     tttctgcatg ccaggctatt ggttgttttg gttgtcaagt acacacacac acactgactg     84600
     ttcaccctac agactgaaca gaaaatatac atgtgcttga catctttatt ttcagaaaat     84660
     tacatttttt gtagtttaca cagagaccat aacagcatca ttttctaaaa cctgcacttt     84720
     ctttcaaaac aacaaaataa tttttacgtt atttttttaa acctaaatat ggacaaaccc     84780
     aaccattggg ttaactttta aattatttta tttatatttt ttttacccac gaatatgggt     84840
     ttgttcatat tgaccattgg actaacaagc cccaaaaatg ccactgtcat gtaaatgaat     84900
     ggccaaaatg tttcatcgaa aatgtggctg agaaacatac aaaccaaatc attttgttac     84960
     aattttttat tatattaaat aacattttta aatggttggg tatggttttt agagtgtctg     85020
     tcccaaaaca ctgttattat gcaatgaaac aaccaaaatg atttcaacat ttccactttt     85080
     tagttgaagt tggtttaatc taaacacccc tgtaaatctg acccctagat tgacttgtga     85140
     ttgactatgt ttttaaaaac tgacatctcg tccaccattt ttacgaacga actgctaaat     85200
     gactctaaga acaataataa atatagagag catttcatct gcagtgagtt ttattacacc     85260
     tgtggtttca tgtgtttcta tatatgccta taaagtgtgt tcacaccaat aaacatgcag     85320
     ttagtgaatg agacccagtg ttacaagata acaagttgac tcacgttagc tcatccacgc     85380
     tttgaaagtc accagcacat tgaaaacgac tgtcttcaga aagagaatcc tcagccagaa     85440
     gatgcccagt gacaagaagt tgactttttc atctggagaa ttaagaaaaa caaacattag     85500
     tacatctcaa cagttcacag agttttctga acaatccagc actttctaat ttgtttacag     85560
     gtgcacccat taggctattt taaagattgc taattgtttt attttaacgg tttacatcca     85620
     tctaatgtaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagtta tgtttttgaa acgtttaact gctctgattg     85680
     gtcagacatc cagtgttttg tttggtaaat cccttaaaat gtgtcagaaa ccaaacacta     85740
     attaccatat ttgcaattac taaaaaatga tttcttctaa agtgcttctt ttgggaaata     85800
     ttaactcaat ttatcgtgaa ttttgaaact ttgagatttt tcccatccat aaactgcatt     85860
     aaatgcataa tcaataataa gcataatcaa ggcactttca ttatttccaa attgctacag     85920
     tatgaagcct tacaatttga aatctatggg agcgtaaatt actgttttac atgaaatatt     85980
     ttctccagaa agaaaaatat tataggaaat actgtgaaaa tttccttgat ccattaaata     86040
     tcacttgaga aatattgaat taaaaagaat aactattgct tattattaaa agaataaata     86100
     ttgcttatat ttccctttta actgtatata aaagtgaaac aaatctcacc tctttctaaa     86160
     tctgtacctc caccggatga tgaacaaacg cctgaaagta gagaaaagct gattaatcta     86220
     atgtgaccat taactgattg atgaagatga aaaagctttg tgatcattct tacctgtctc     86280
     cttgcagtca tttgagctga atttgaagct gctgtagtaa ctttggcctg aatatcggac     86340
     agccgacgtt tcaagaaaag gtgaatcggt aatgttgaac tcgttgtgct ttgtgaagtc     86400
     agttgccagg catgagtttc ccacttggta aatattcggc ttcacttcag tttctgtaaa     86460
     acacaagaag aaaatcccaa atacgtcagt ctcttaagca ataaatgtag gtttaataaa     86520
     gacaaacaaa ttgccggaca ttgaaaagtg ctggaaaatg ccagcttagt tggatttgaa     86580
     agtatgctgg atggcaaatg ttgtccaaat gatgtttaac agaggctttt gaaactttac     86640
     aataataaaa aaaatatttt attaaatatt aaaacttgtt agtcttaata atgggctctc     86700
     atgacaacaa actcaatgaa tatttaaaaa attaataaaa agacaaattc ttaccctata     86760
     cagtcaaagt atcaactgat ttttcaagac ccacaggctc atacttcatc tcaaaaactc     86820
     atttacactt tcactatatg tgcatgttta ttctgaccag aaaaaatcat caatttataa     86880
     tattataata gttacgtaac tattttctct ctcttgtttt acctatagag actaaatctg     86940
     catttgcttt gtgttagtta aatttatagc ataatgtttg gaagtctaac attaatctac     87000
     ttaaacatgg aaatgtttag tttgttgttt ttaatagttc gttatgtcaa gaatttgtta     87060
     taatttgcgt aataacagaa tagtttggtc tttgaatcaa attaacttga ttatatgcat     87120
     cgtatacata ttagctgcat gttaagtgta aacttccgtg ttttcaacaa ctaaaacatt     87180
     ggtgaaataa tgttttaatc attattcaca gtaacagata tattaataga acaattaaac     87240
     accctattct taacagtact tacacaaata tagaaaatat tagacgatca tactacagtg     87300
     tatgaatttt aaatgattaa acattttttt gtcggaaaaa tgagttcaac caccttttgt     87360
     ctacgcaacg caaaatgata acattgatca attttacctc gaattatgta gcatttctga     87420
     attgtttctg taatggatga gtttggtttt tatataattg caatcttctg ccatatctgg     87480
     attgagtcag aacagctaca tgtcaagatg ctttataaat caaaaataat aataggtact     87540
     gtatactatg gcttttatcc atttaatact acttacttga gtgcacaaat agttgtgtcc     87600
     cttttccaaa tatgattttg tcagcagtgt tcgtcacaca atgataaacg cacatataat     87660
     aatcctctac gtggccaaaa ttatacaagc tcaatgttac gaactactta taaaactcta     87720
     taatagctac ttataaaact caaatgatac caaaatgttg acattcagcc tcgtttgtac     87780
     ctagcaaatg aatcaactcc aaatttgtca ttatattgat ttaacattgc caaacagaaa     87840
     tgcatagaat ataatctttt atataatttc tatctccgga aataaaaaat gagccattat     87900
     tgaaataaga gatacaaaaa taaaagcaat tactatgatg ttgttaatcc atgttggcaa     87960
     atgctaaaca tttgcatagt tttttaattt agctattttt tctttatgta aatgaatgca     88020
     ttgatgaaca accttacgtt cattcagatt atttttaaat gctggcttta tacattttta     88080
     attttacaaa cttttttgtg taccatttta atctatattg accccaatca agacagttcg     88140
     acaacaataa aatagttatt ctcttacttg attgcactgt taattttgtt cctcttccaa     88200
     aaacaatttt aacgctagta gtcacacaga ttgatatacg agtacaaaaa ccgtttggat     88260
     ggtacctaca gtatacatgc taaaaagatc agacgtagca gtaattatat ataaatatgt     88320
     aatataatat cactttgagt gaagtgtgat gaaagtggac actgctgtag tctttattaa     88380
     ataactttaa tgccacaatt catacagtat aaaatgtccc tatttatgac tctaatattc     88440
     aaatataaaa tgataagcta atcttattta aatggttcta ctcacttggc tgtacataca     88500
     cttgtgtccc agtcgcaaat ataattttgc cgatattgtc attcacacag tggttagtcg     88560
     aggaataata acttcaacat tttccgtgtc acaacaatga ttatttactg ctatcaaatg     88620
     tatttatggt gaattaaaac aaagtgatat agacacacat ttctaaaatt tacttgtatg     88680
     caacccattt gacagcaaga aatatttaac aacctaaaac tggtcaaatt tagtgtgatc     88740
     acttaatatt ttatatataa gtacttgcca gaataatgtt tcatttttac aaaaatatgt     88800
     cttttacagt gaatgataat gaaactttaa ttcacaaatg ttttagttgt taagaacaca     88860
     aaagtagaca tttgtatttc atatttattt ggtgagttat aaaatgtgaa tttgtgatta     88920
     tgaaagtgtg aaatttactt gatttactaa atatagtttt ttttttaatt actccatgtt     88980
     tcttagacac attttgacct ttatattttt cacttgactt ttttattttg tttgtttata     89040
     agtgcaaaat cactgagctg aatcgtttat ttaattcgat actgcaattt tgataaatcg     89100
     attgtgtttt aaaccgaatt tgtttattaa caaattatta ttattattat tgacacagac     89160
     acatgaaata cgttcaaaat tctttcaaaa acgaataaac ttactaattt gtaccacaac     89220
     ttttgtcccc gtgccaaaga aaagcttaaa tccatcattc acacagtctt cagcctaata     89280
     cgaaaaacta gcaaaacctg acaacctcac aaacaattct gtcatgattc tctaaaataa     89340
     aaataatttt gtaacatgtg gccttacaaa tattgataaa taatgtatgt ctcagtgaag     89400
     cctttatgta actattttta actatttact aaaattcaaa agttctgttc taatctaaag     89460
     ttacagcatt atctttgatt aaaattaaca aatctcttac ttgattgtac tgttaatttt     89520
     gttcctcttc caaagacaat tttgatatta ttattcccac aggctgatct atcagcacaa     89580
     aaaccagtcg catggtatct actgtatata cacttgacag attacataaa gcatgtaatt     89640
     atgatctttc aatatgattt cgacagttat cttcgtaata aaaatttgca ctcgctgttc     89700
     ccgttcatgt aaagcacttt gaattaccat tgtgtatgga atgtgctata taaataaact     89760
     tgctttgtct gtcctcagaa atgacttttc aacagcaatt attgcatttc tttggtcaaa     89820
     taaatgtctt ttgtcgttta gctataaaca tctaatgttt aaacctttta ataattaaat     89880
     acgtttttat ttaagcagca ctgtctatgg tggacattcc tgcagtatat ttttaaatct     89940
     gatgtttgca tgaattattt ccaaacataa atgagatttt acttactcgt ctgtacaaac     90000
     aaccgagttc ccttcgcaaa tatcattttg ctgtagttat cattcacaca gtgactgtct     90060
     gtgttataaa tactacacta atcgacaagt caaatcatca gtgttcattt tgatgcgaga     90120
     cattcagcaa tacggttaca attgtaataa caggtagaac aaatgtatgg atttaaaatc     90180
     agataaacgt gtgaaaaaaa tagcattacc gctataatga aatatcagct taaatacaca     90240
     aaatcataac ttactggata acacaacaag ctgcgacccc tgtccaaata ttagtttgtt     90300
     tgtgttttga ttcacacagt tatacacttc agcacagaaa cacattcaag acactatttt     90360
     ctatgacgag ttttgacgtt acagcaaatt tgattgacaa ttagattaaa tcacacttgt     90420
     attgtatatg tatatatcat catttaaatg gttgtactca cttgtttgta catatagtcg     90480
     ggtgccattt gtaaatatta ttttaccagt attgccattc acacagtggt tagtggtgga     90540
     ataaaaactt taacatcctc catcatgtta gactcaatag ctataatgat tttcttcaac     90600
     aaattaaatc tatcttcaat taaaaataat aataactgtt ttagcgacaa gtaggaagtg     90660
     caactttttg taaatttaca ttcttataat gtatttctga taaatttttg tctttataat     90720
     gtctgcaaat ttttaaaatg gccatctttc aaaatgcttg accaatgtgt acatattgaa     90780
     tattctcaac tattactgat gcatacagaa gaacttactg gaatgtagtt tttttcaact     90840
     ttcatgcagt ggttttgtct gacattttta ttcctgtgca tttaagacct ttatacttga     90900
     cattttctta tttgtctgtt ttgttttatg aaaaatacaa catttgaaat gtttaatagt     90960
     ttaaatgatg accagttgtg taattatgtt ttcactgtaa caaaagtaat tctttacttg     91020
     cattgaaatc atagttgaaa tggtgaacaa aatgtgtgca ccacaaaata cgttcaatta     91080
     aaacattaag caaaaactta ctgatttgta ctagaagttt tgtcccagct ccaaagaaaa     91140
     atctacgtcc gtcattcaca cagtctttag ccacataaca aaaactagca actagcaatg     91200
     ctgccacgat cctctaaaat aagactgtag tgtgtttatt ttattttaaa tatctgcttt     91260
     ttaatgtttt taaaacaaaa caatagatgt tgttcctaaa gttaacaagc aatgagtgtc     91320
     aagtatttat ctaaaaataa aactttatat tactagaaaa atgaaggatt ttccctagtt     91380
     caacacgtga gtataatgaa gcttttactt acttgtttgt acaaacaact gagttccgtt     91440
     cgcaaatatc actttgtaat tgttgtcatt cacacagtga ctgtctgtgt tataaatact     91500
     tcaacaaacg acatgccaaa actgcggtga acattttggt gcgagacact acagttaaaa     91560
     tacggtaata ctgtaaaaat atttgtttca attcttcata ttgtaatgat ctacatacta     91620
     gaaaacttct atagaaaaaa gacaattaca ctattaacct gtcatataat tacctgccca     91680
     gttagtagat taattgaaac attttgcaga atatcacttt aacgtataat aaacaaaatc     91740
     ataacttact ggataacaca aagagctgcg tcccctctcc aaatatcagt ttgaatgcat     91800
     tttgagtcac acaactataa atctcattac agaaaaacac tcagagtttt ggctggagtt     91860
     ttcaaatttg acattacact aaatcctgtt gatatttgga ttattaatac gctaatgttt     91920
     gtagattaat tgttttttat ctttgaaaag gtctgtttgc tagcacatta aatgtcaata     91980
     ttcatgactc taaaaacaga tatcatgtcc catgaaaaaa tatatgtgtt attatattta     92040
     ttatataaat aggtgtactc acttggttga acatacagtc gtgtcccact cgcaaatatt     92100
     aatttaccaa aattgttatt cacacagtgg tttgtagagg gataataact tccttcatca     92160
     tgccaggcat aacaacccta atgttttcct gctttaaatg aaatttataa tcaagttaat     92220
     caaataaagc gcaaatttga tataaatata gatctaaaaa ccaagtgatg aaaagataaa     92280
     aaacaatgta ctgcaattat taattattta gttttttccc caaatatgat tttgttattc     92340
     attagataat tcatactgtg gtttcctgtc tactcaatgt ctttatattg gtcttatttt     92400
     tagatagttt agataatata ttaattgcat tatatatatt ttccttgtca atcacagtca     92460
     tggctggctg atgaactaaa ggttttaaat agcaaaaaga acaaaaaaaa aaagtcttta     92520
     aaagattaaa attaaactta ctgatttgta ccacaagttt tgtccctgtt ccaaagaaaa     92580
     gttgaagtcc agcattcaca cagtctttaa ctatatgcca aaaactaaca tccagatgac     92640
     caaataaact gctaattatt gtgtaataat cctccttaaa ttatatctga tgtgaaaact     92700
     gtgaagtaca ctcaaaaaaa ttaccgtaaa atttatggta aagaaacagc agctgtggtt     92760
     gccagaattt tactattaaa aatgtgagag gaacgtaaga agaaatgtaa acattttaca     92820
     gtaaattact gtattgcatt catttatagt catgcagcga tgtttaaagt actaacattt     92880
     acacaatata ttattgcaat aagcattatc ttgcaatgtt agatgcaaca atattgtaca     92940
     taactgatga caaaataatg aaaaagaacc acactaatgc taaccaaaaa ttgaaaaatt     93000
     taagtgttct gcagggaatt ttgagaaagg aaatttacgg ttatttactg tactgtatat     93060
     attgagaaaa catactgtta agcaggttac ggatttttac tgtgagcatt tttgcagttg     93120
     tttccattga aatcatgcac atttttaaag tgtcaattaa ctttattaca tgttcaggag     93180
     ttgaaatgga actttgaagt ttttaatggt agggtttcta aaacaaaatt aattatttag     93240
     ttatcattcc taaataaata aatgaaagtc acttactgga aagcacggtt agtttagtgc     93300
     cttttccaaa tataaatttg aatccacttt gagtcacact gctgttgatc gcatactcat     93360
     aactgatgtg aaatgtgtat taatgcagtg ttcaattcat tagtctggct aaagagttta     93420
     agaatcactt aataattaat taacatatta tacattatta gaaaattatc agctctttgt     93480
     aaatggttaa tggttttctg agcaataaat atctatggtt cgttgttgat agccattatc     93540
     atttaagatg tttgcaagac ttaaaaacga caaaagttat tactatttaa ttcgttctgt     93600
     tttttttttt tttttttaac tttttacaca gtctaaactg attaaatttg aaaatgaaag     93660
     agtttttgaa ctccaaagac atgctcagcg gttcaatttt ataatcaaat taaattttat     93720
     agtaatgaca attttcaggc atatttttgc agaagaaaat tatgtgataa aaacattcat     93780
     taaacatctg ataatctatc atcacctaaa tattatcctt gacacttttt ttaagcagca     93840
     gtttaattaa aacgagaaaa aataaataaa ttaaatgatt gagtgagaat tacgatttta     93900
     aagataaaac ttacttgctt gaactataag tttggtccct tggccaaaga aaatcttgaa     93960
     ctgattattc acacacttat ttcttgtatg ccaaaaacca acaacatctg ctttacgtgt     94020
     gcacattttt cagtctgatt aaaataacta aaactaaact aaaataaagt taaaactgtc     94080
     acactgataa ctcttgaaaa atttaagtga tacattagaa atgttctggt attttaacat     94140
     taaaaataat tataataata caatatataa acactgctta gcagtttttg tttttatgca     94200
     cttataaagt gtattgattt atgaaaaatt gatttatgat tcaatcaaac tactaaacta     94260
     ttaaaaactt tgaacttaca aaatctttaa aactattttt ttttctagct acataccaaa     94320
     attatggttt tgtttgatgt gtttatactg tttggatatt attctgtgcg attgattaca     94380
     gcttctaaat ctatactctt ccatttaaat gaattattta aatattacaa tgaactctgt     94440
     gtttctgtgt ggtcattgga agaatcaata aactcacttg aaataactgt tagtttggtg     94500
     ccagtgccaa atatgagctt ggttcctcca ggattcacac atcagtaaag cacagtacat     94560
     ttattcaaga acaactctag ccaatgttta tgacagattt atgacaagtt acgttgtcaa     94620
     gttatcagga caaagacatc tcaaacatag cttaaagcct ttaaaactga cataactata     94680
     attaacagtt aacaagagct gttataaaca tttataaaat ctcaattata acctttatgt     94740
     aatgattata aaagttttat gagagactta tgaacacccc atcatgcaaa gtgttaataa     94800
     aactttaaaa aattctcttt caatatcatg tttgttatag ttgctgctga cgtgtattga     94860
     ttagttagtt tagtgcataa tcaaaatgaa accattagtg gtgtttactg ttagcataat     94920
     cagaaacacc tcggaagtcc tattattatt tctataaaat tagcattata taactagctt     94980
     ataaaaagca taaaatgaca tgttggtgtg aataaataat attgtgactt acttgactgt     95040
     acagtgagtt ttgttccttt gccaaatagc agtttaattc gatcattcac acagtcattc     95100
     attacgtact aaaaagtgtg acgaaggaaa aatcatcatt acctccacac tcgaagttca     95160
     aattcacaac gatattcatg ggagtctgtt tcggttacat tactaaaaat tacttttgag     95220
     gactaacggc tatcaatata tatgaatata ctatatagca taacgattag caagtgcaat     95280
     ctataatact tgacatataa aactaaacac ttgcattatt gcataacaaa tccaatatag     95340
     tttgaaatca ctacctttat accgagatta ttttaatcag tttctcaatt tagtttcgac     95400
     aatgccagtt tttcaagttc tactgagaaa tgttaagtgt aaaatattca gttttaaagg     95460
     gaaatattgt atatttcaca ttttttcaag aaaacaagct aaatctacac ttacttgaaa     95520
     gcacagtgag ttgagtgcct tttccaaaaa taattctgtt aaccccttga gtcacacagt     95580
     ggtttactgg accacataaa catgttccct ttacactctt ctcacactta gagccattat     95640
     tcatttattg atttgtttgt ttgtttagaa tcctacattt gcaattacat ttcggcatca     95700
     caatacacac ttatcttaat gatttttgcc cctaatgact ccacaagtta ctttaaagtt     95760
     atgtgaaggg tcctattttc ccacgttttc tgtatatttt cagtttcatt tttagtaaaa     95820
     cacatttttg ggattatatg agattatatg atagaagttc gatttgaaaa aataaacgca     95880
     gagattaaaa taagacttac taatttgtac gagaagtttc gtcccagtgc caaagaaaag     95940
     tttaagtcca tcattcacac agtctgtagc cacatactaa aaactagcaa catctgacaa     96000
     ctgtagtgtg caagattgta gtgtaaacat ttttgaatga atttatttca aagtgaaaga     96060
     gtttagagaa aacaaaaaat tccttcaaaa aaatttttta ttaacgttac agctactgta     96120
     tttcaaaagg tgatttgaag ctattttgta ttgctactag tcaatagtca agtgttttga     96180
     tcatgtttaa ttacattatt atgtttgatt acataaaatt acattctagt tttaagatat     96240
     ttcgaaatta ggtttgaagt cattgttgtt taatattact actagtgttt tggctggtgt     96300
     gatgaaatca tcagaatatt taaatatatt tttaatgttc gcactcttgt gtcctatggt     96360
     ttagcaaata acaataaact tacgtgaatc aactgttagt ttagtgcctt gtccaaatat     96420
     gattttcttg tatccagcat tcacacatta gtacagcatg gtacatttac ccgcaacatt     96480
     tttaaccaaa acacttgtgt gatatttgcg atatatcaaa atgcattttt ggacaaaaag     96540
     taatagagaa atttaatgcc ataaacctgc atagctaatt atcagacacc acattgcgaa     96600
     taatctcact aacattttga tgtttccaaa acgcaaaaaa ctaaatgaag caactgtaaa     96660
     atatgtaaaa atcggaactt acttgactgt attatgactt tggtcccttt accaaagtaa     96720
     atcttatacg catcattcac acagcgattg gtcacatacc agaaactagc atcattctgc     96780
     taacaactgt accttgcaaa cattacatgt tacactttaa accctattat aggtgtataa     96840
     tacttaacac aactctcgct gagctttttt tagcaataaa agttatgaaa ttttgaatgt     96900
     atgtattttc aaataatatt tttttatgca aatatacatt tgattttgtg tttgtgtgtg     96960
     tgcaagggag attaagtgtt gcatttgttt gtcatattta ctaggaaaga gaaatgcatc     97020
     aagtatcaac acttttatta ttttaaagtt atgcgtttat cttctcatga aaatcaggaa     97080
     atttcttact tgaggaaaca aagagactgg tgccacttcc aaatatgatc ttgtagttat     97140
     tattcacaca gcagtacagt acactacatt aacctcttgt tactttatca ttggccagta     97200
     acttgcaggt cattacttgg aaaactttgt tttctatttg actttgatta gttttgagaa     97260
     atgtagataa gtgaatttag tgggtgacta aggaataatg caagtattta taaaaagcaa     97320
     ctactttaga ttgattgaac tgattgattc agttaaattt taaataagtg caaaatctgt     97380
     gttttttcat atcactcagt taatcgtttt aggaaatcaa acttctaaaa taaataacat     97440
     gtattaatgt tgcctttgtt agaaatgctt tacttacttg ttcgcacaat cagtctggtt     97500
     cctttgccaa aagtaatctt attgacattc acacaccctt tgagcatgtg ccaaaaacta     97560
     ccgcattcca gctatttcat ataccattta gaatgaaagt ttagaataaa agtaattaca     97620
     ttcaatgaag atattattga tacaaatata ataacaatgt tataattacc atattgcatg     97680
     tcaaaaacag actttctata ttttttgcat taaactgtcc aatcaatttt tttctgagca     97740
     gtaacaataa cgattatcat acaattaaat gatc                                 97774