EBI Dbfetch

ID   AL591391; SV 5; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 97640 BP.
AC   AL591391;
DT   15-MAY-2001 (Rel. 67, Created)
DT   15-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 18)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone BUSM1-186F8 in linkage group 7 Contains
DE   the 5' end of the gene for a novel protein similar to cAMP responsive
DE   element binding protein 1 (creb1), the 5' end of the pard3 gene for par-3
DE   partitioning defective 3 homolog (C. elegans) and four CpG islands.
KW   HTG; nitr; novel immune-type receptor; pard3.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-97640
RA   Laird G.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; 99a9d1d74147d6b656edf162149b914f.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000000460; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000069848; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000060383; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000098083; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000113472; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000170911; danio_rerio.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone BUSM1-186F8. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone BUSM1-186F8 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone BUSM1-213M14 is at 55064 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone BUSM1-186F8 is at 97640 in this sequence.
CC   BUSM1-186F8 is from a Zebrafish PAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..97640
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="7"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="BUSM1"
FT                   /clone="BUSM1-186F8"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..58124
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: BUSM1-186F8"
FT   misc_feature    444..511
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones"
FT   misc_feature    1071..1134
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(4115..4363,6420..6454,6595..6720,
FT                   7692..8045,8323..8378))
FT                   /gene="nitr3d_3"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr3d_3-001"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 3d, allele 3"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF318401.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BM859156.1 Em:BM859493.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(4253..4363,6420..6454,6595..6720,
FT                   7692..8045,8323..8368))
FT                   /gene="nitr3d_3"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr3d_3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003738"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 3d, allele 3"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q90Z86"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8UVA3"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD19184.2"
FT                   R"
FT   misc_feature    4844..4864
FT                   /note="Inconsistency in the number of bases in
FT                   mononucleotide run between subclones"
FT   mRNA            join(<15608..15650,16994..17335,17411..17728,17814..17921,
FT                   18034..18068,21056..>21187)
FT                   /gene="nitr2a_3"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr2a_3-001"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 2a, allele 3"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF318391.1"
FT   CDS             join(15608..15650,16994..17335,17411..17728,17814..17921,
FT                   18034..18068,21056..21187)
FT                   /gene="nitr2a_3"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr2a_3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003740"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 2a, allele 3"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q90Z83 Tr:Q90Z85 Tr:Q90Z90
FT                   Tr:Q90Z91 Tr:Q90Z92 Tr:Q9IAY8 Tr:Q9IAZ1 Tr:Q9IAZ5 Tr:Q9IAZ8
FT                   Tr:Q9IB00"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5VTQ7"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-020225-28"
FT                   /protein_id="CAH68838.1"
FT   mRNA            join(<26408..26450,26546..26893,26968..27279,27360..27470,
FT                   27559..27593,29452..>29544)
FT                   /gene="nitr2b_1"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr2b_1-001"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 2b, allele 1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF318395.1"
FT   CDS             join(26408..26450,26546..26893,26968..27279,27360..27470,
FT                   27559..27593,29452..29544)
FT                   /gene="nitr2b_1"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr2b_1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001279"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 2b, allele 1"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q90Z92"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q90Z92"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-001106-6"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD19186.1"
FT   misc_feature    35075..35088
FT                   /note="Inconsistency in the number of bases in
FT                   mononucleotide run between subclones"
FT   mRNA            join(39569..39650,39748..40098,40185..40526,40659..40748,
FT                   41037..41068,41380..>41514)
FT                   /gene="nitr1a_3"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1a_3-001"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1a, allele 3"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF318402.1 Em:AF318403.1
FT                   Em:AF318405.1 Em:AF318406.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BE557490.1 Em:CA058310.1"
FT   CDS             join(39611..39650,39748..40098,40185..40526,40659..40748,
FT                   41037..41068,41380..41514)
FT                   /gene="nitr1a_3"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1a_3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003739"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1a, allele 3"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q90Z81 Tr:Q90Z82 Tr:Q90Z83
FT                   Tr:Q90Z84 Tr:Q90Z85 Tr:Q90Z95"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5VTQ6"
FT                   /protein_id="CAH68839.1"
FT   mRNA            join(50392..50473,50573..50923,51008..51349,51498..51596,
FT                   51872..51888,52196..>52345)
FT                   /gene="nitr1b_2"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1b_2-001"
FT                   /product="novel immune-ype receptor 1b, allele 2"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF318392.1 Em:AF318393.1
FT                   Em:AF318394.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BE557490.1"
FT   CDS             join(50434..50473,50573..50923,51008..51349,51498..51596,
FT                   51872..51888,52196..52345)
FT                   /gene="nitr1b_2"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1b_2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003741"
FT                   /product="novel immune-ype receptor 1b, allele 2"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q90Z87 Tr:Q90Z88 Tr:Q90Z89
FT                   Tr:Q90Z93 Tr:Q90Z95 Tr:Q90Z97"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5VTQ5"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-020225-16"
FT                   /protein_id="CAH68840.1"
FT   mRNA            join(55043..55124,55220..55570,55660..56001,56451..56558,
FT                   56663..56685,56822..56948)
FT                   /gene="nitr1c_3"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1c_3-001"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1c, allele 3"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF318393.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BE557490.1"
FT   misc_feature    55064
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: BUSM1-213M14"
FT   CDS             join(55085..55124,55220..55570,55660..56001,56451..56558,
FT                   56663..56685,56822..56944)
FT                   /gene="nitr1c_3"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1c_3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001278"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1c, allele 3"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q90Z94"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8UV99"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-001106-4"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD19189.2"
SQ   Sequence 97640 BP; 32436 A; 16315 C; 16658 G; 32231 T; 0 other;
     gatccatgct ttcatgttgt tgatgccaaa ttctgacccc acccttcgga cgtcacagca        60
     gaaatcaaga ctcatcagac caggctatgt tttttcaatc ttcaattgtc ctgtttttgt       120
     gaccctgtgt gaattgtagc ctcagtttcc tgttcttagc tgaaaggagt ggcacccggt       180
     gtggtcttct gctgctgtag cccatctgcc tcaaggtcgg acatgttgtt cattcagaga       240
     tgctcttatg cataccttag ttgtaacgag tggttatttg agttactgta gacatgccca       300
     aaattattga aacccctggc aaattctgac ttaaagttac tttttttcat aataattcct       360
     cttgtatatc atctgattgt cttttaggag aggcgtgtac aggaaaaaaa attgttgatt       420
     aaataaagta acatatacgt tactatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat       480
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat actgtatgca tacagacaca cacacacaca       540
     tagatatact agtttttttt tcttctaaag atacaagaca ttttgttgtc tctcagtgga       600
     tacatatggt ttatcgacga taatacatta tcattatcgc aataaatacc ataaaatagt       660
     gacataattt taagtccata tcatccatgc ctttaatttg gtttaattta ttgccataac       720
     catcgcctca ttgaaaaaaa aaacattctg tgtaatcaat tattctgctt ataccacacc       780
     caatgatgtt gttcagatga tgtattttaa gacatttgta tgatttttag gactagattc       840
     atctcatcta aagccttttt aaaattgttc tgattgtgat agaactgaaa ccattcagca       900
     gagtgatata gaactgtaat ctggtcaaga ccaatctgga ccaattgttt gctgatttga       960
     aaaagacaaa ggacatctgg taatgcatgt cacagcaaat acaaaggcct aattgtttga      1020
     ttctagctag aaattttatt aaaagagtaa tctagattac aattaagtaa tatatatata      1080
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tataaattaa      1140
     tttatgtatt ccaattattg cagatataaa tttgatatat tactacatgt attatttcaa      1200
     aatttttaaa tataaatgtt ctttactgaa agagatagaa ggttaggggg aaagtgcaca      1260
     taggagagct atttttgacg ctgacaaatg tgcatggcat gtgtgttttt cattcagatg      1320
     taggtgtgaa gacacaacac ttggtcagtc ctgtggttgg taaattgtca aacttgcaaa      1380
     gcgtaagcag gtacaaacaa acaatcacat ataagataac ataaatgcat acatgcacag      1440
     tatttactat attaatatta ttaaaacatt taatcggtgc taaagtgaat ttttccattg      1500
     atgttcacca catcagttct agactgagca tcttcttcct gtcagccatt ctacaggaaa      1560
     ttatgtcatg cactgtggcc tctaaataga gctctattta tcacatttta ttttacttat      1620
     atagacaaaa gattagttta cgcttgagtt tgggatttgt gatagtacaa tcccaaatct      1680
     gtttagagca gcttattcac tttaacccga ctgcattttt caaaaaagtt tgtattctac      1740
     tgacttttat tgtgttttta tttgaactaa ttgttctagc tgtcctgtac ggtgacctag      1800
     agtgtcatga aaggcgcctt taaataaaaa gcattattat tattattatt attattaaat      1860
     cagaaaaagt tgggaaagta tgaaaaacac aaataaaaat tgtagtgatt tcttttttca      1920
     attttttatt ttgatgcttc tgtaagtgct ttgagtctga gaaaagctca ttattaaaaa      1980
     aacttattat tattattatt attatttgca ttattataat tattatttta attattattt      2040
     gacttgtatt ttattgcaga caatatgaac acaacatatt tcatgttttg tgaccttcat      2100
     ttcatttgta aatatacata ttttcctaac attgagacat gcaacacatt ccaaaaaaaa      2160
     aaaggttggg acaggagcaa tgtagtgcta gaaatcagat aaattggttg aataatgatg      2220
     tgatttgaaa caggtgattt taacgggtga ttgtaattat gatttggtat aaaagcagca      2280
     tccaacaagg tctagtactc taggagcaaa aaaaaaatgg gtcgaccaaa attattgaaa      2340
     tgtttaaaaa caggtggtac ggcgtctcag tggttaacac tattgcctca caacaagaag      2400
     gttgctgatt tgagtcccag ctggaccaga aagcatttct gtgtagagtt ttcatgttca      2460
     ccccgtgttt gtgtgtgttt cctcagggtg ctccagtttc ccccacaatc caaagatatg      2520
     cagtttaagt gatttggttt aactaaattg gcctttctgt gtgtgcgtgt gtgtgtgtgt      2580
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtat aagagtgtat      2640
     gggtgttgcc agtacttggt tgcggcatcc gctgtgtaaa acatatgccg gaatagttgg      2700
     ccatttattt tgttggggcg acccctgata agggaggaaa aattaattaa tgaaagaaag      2760
     acatttagag attttatctt caacaatgca ttacataatt aatagattct agaaatctgg      2820
     aaaaatttca gtccataaaa gacaagggtg caagcctaag ctgaactacc atgatctccg      2880
     aaccctaagg cggcactgca tcaagaatca acattcatct ataagcgata tcaccacatg      2940
     ggttcaggac tactttggca aacctttgtt gagtaccaca atacataatg acatccacaa      3000
     atgccagtta aaactgtcct gtgtcaaaag gaagccttat gttaacagtg tctagaagcg      3060
     ctgtggactt gtctgagctt ggaggcatct gggatgaacc atcaaacagt ggaaatgatt      3120
     tctgtggtca gatgaatcag tatttcagat atttttggga gaaatgaacg ccatgtgttc      3180
     ctgaccaaag aaaaggatca tccagactgt taccagtaac aagtccaaaa gccagggtct      3240
     gtcatggtat ggggttgtgt cagtgccctg ggcaaaggta actttgcatt tctgtgatgc      3300
     accattaatg ctgaaaagta gagattttag agcacaatat gctgcctttt ttcaagggac      3360
     acccatgcat atttcaataa gacaatgcaa aaccacattc tgtacacatt acaaagtact      3420
     ggccgcagag gaacagaata cagaatacct gactccaata gagaatgtgt ggtaaattct      3480
     acaacaacaa agacaccata cttacgcccc attcacacgg ggcttcagct tcaacgcttg      3540
     acagagggca tgtctgaagt tgagggtgga gcgatcgtca tagaagcgtc agccaatgaa      3600
     attcagtttg caataggcca ctgtctagct ggtgtatttg catacagcga tcagattgct      3660
     tgacgtcggc gcttgaaaag ttgagctact cccaacttct gcagcagaaa gtagagcgag      3720
     agtcagaaag tagagcgaga gaagaaaata aaagagacgg caagtttata atccaacttt      3780
     gcctcttcct tgaccatgtg tccaaagccc aaatactgag acattgcaac tgaccaataa      3840
     gaacttcatc aatatctgac cacaacttaa gtccacacac attttagcca tgccctgatc      3900
     tttatcagcc atctgtatgg tttgcaagac atggtttgcc ataaaaacaa atgcatatga      3960
     tcatttacat tcttttagca tcaatcacta aatatttaat attaaaatac aaaaaatatt      4020
     tttttaagct tgaggatgat aataaagctc aagaaaaaaa agagtcaaaa tgagtaaaga      4080
     gggacaaaaa taacttttat tggtttacat tgtgctgata tatttataga ctaaaaatat      4140
     ttacaattaa ccaaaatcaa aattataaaa agaaaatgta atgtgtgaac tggtaaaatt      4200
     attaacaaac ctaaacaacc acaataaaaa ccacaataat ctacagcagc aattatctca      4260
     taaagtgctt actggtctgt gtataaacac agatagtttc ttcttggcta gttgtcactg      4320
     aagagctttg caaggcaaca taattgaagt aatttgtatc aacctgcaga gaacaaataa      4380
     gagaaatatt atcagtggat tttcatgggt attctttgtg tacactgtga tgcttatatc      4440
     atgctcttat cgtcagtttt ttttttttta aagatcatgt ccaactgata ttcacaggtg      4500
     atgaacagag caaatgtgta caattactga cattagatgg atgcctattg gaacacaaaa      4560
     acaccccaat acacaaggtg gcgctgcaca attttatgct tctgactctt gttacacaga      4620
     agaggcagtg gcgtccctat tcgcatacta tctgtcctaa atagttttag aaaaaataga      4680
     accagtatgt cccaaaccat agtatgttga aaagagcatg tcaaaggtgc ccgattagtg      4740
     tacgatttcc agtaaaaata aaagtgtaga accatccata actgctaata ttgcccacag      4800
     tacattactg gacgtgaatt tgtttagaat tataaattcg ggtaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa      4860
     aaaactacaa acatggcgga catgcagaat gaactgtcaa gtagagagga tttggtaaag      4920
     ctgtttgaat gactgtttat taatatctgg ccaactgaaa aatatttaaa tcgtgttttt      4980
     gcgcgttata gttcaactac agcaacactg tgaacatatc aagacgtgtt tggaaataaa      5040
     cttctgaatg aataattatc caaagacctg aagagatttc tctgcatgaa agactcgaaa      5100
     ggcagactat cctgctgctg cttctccaat aaggtaagta attaaatatg aaagaaatat      5160
     ggatgatatt gagatgattg atagggaaca taacaaagca acaaaacgat ctgttaatga      5220
     ggaagtagta tgtctcaaag cttgcataat cttctgttac acaagtatat accttcacaa      5280
     aagtagtaca tacttttagt atgtgtaagc aaattaaaag gcagcaaagg ttgttgcttg      5340
     aagagacgca cctggcgaag ctatatgtat taaattgtat tttattaagg tctacaacta      5400
     ctccaatcct aaccccgacc ctcacagtaa ggtaagaaca gtaattacac caagtatttt      5460
     tcatattatt tattattagt taatcctgtg actaccttca gaatgttaaa atcgtgtctg      5520
     taagaacaca cgcaaacttg gggcgttaaa actctaatga acgcaaacat tgaagagtat      5580
     gggatcagat ataaatcaaa actctaaatt gactcatgac tgaaaaatgt aacccattcc      5640
     taatcagaaa tacagactta aattgacgac ggtcacctta aattgaagtc aaataaaatt      5700
     tggaacatga aacaaacatg aattctaata aatataattc ttttcagaaa cgctagaaaa      5760
     agcaaacact tatctaacat ttcaaccatt catcagattt cattgtcggg tacatctgta      5820
     atttttattc atgtcacaga acattcaaac acaatgtttc aaaacaatct agttttgaaa      5880
     ctagatgctg tgtgcagcat ctgtctttag caagccccaa gggggaaata ttttacacac      5940
     aagcatacac cagaaaatag aacaaagttg tgaattctga agagacttga gttatgaatg      6000
     tacttaaagc ttaaaattat gcttgccatt acaaaaaaat aaacatttct aaatatatta      6060
     aatgcaaagc atatgtttta cattgtaatg atattccata atattatatt taatactaat      6120
     aaatgaaagc acatttatgc agtatacgag atgttttaaa aacatgaact gaccttatat      6180
     tttttttatc actactgtgc atatttaagg gatttaagtg aaacggtgta gaaaataatt      6240
     taagataaaa tttggaaaga tcaacaaatt gtattgtagc ttctacagtt ttgcatttat      6300
     ccacatttag attttcttat gtttttaata cacaggcaaa ataggaccct tactataaaa      6360
     aattattttt caatctctaa aagtttaaag aagaataaaa aatatataaa cataattacc      6420
     tgaataactc gacttaaaat ttgttctgaa gcatctgtgg aacataataa ctttgttaaa      6480
     ttacagatca ctgatctgaa tgtcagaaac aaatgtattg tcactgtagg taacaagtaa      6540
     tagtaatact atgagtaaag tatttgtatt tattatataa catactgtac ttaccttctt      6600
     tgcaatatgt gcaaatcatc agaaatatgt tcacaataat ggatattgca cttattacag      6660
     acaggatcag aacgactgga ctccaaaacg aggattcagg tgtgatgatg atgttcgttt      6720
     ctgaaagaca tacaacattc tgtaaataca ttaatatgct atacatctga aaatcatcat      6780
     acactctaca aatgacttgt gctgcttgtt caaactactt atttaaaaat ttgttaaaac      6840
     aacccagttc ttaagttttt tgggacatct taattgtttt atgttaagtc tacttgaatg      6900
     tcaaaattat tcggttaaca atcaatttgt gttgggacaa cgtgtatcaa ttgtgtggaa      6960
     ccacacattt ttttacggtg taggcatttg tttttattgc aaaacaatgt gtattaaaag      7020
     gcacaataca aattccaaaa cgcacaaaag tgctaataaa gatgtggggt ctcgctataa      7080
     atgtggcgta cacacaaaac gggtggaaac atgcatacta accgtacatc atttcccaca      7140
     caaagggtgg aatgggagaa ttaaactcta agtaaacata ttaaacctta atagtggctt      7200
     atttgaacca ctataaaata gaaacgataa ttacttataa acaaactaaa aatatttctg      7260
     gcatacgttc actttgagga aggtttgaat gcaaagttta aagaaactcc aggctgtaga      7320
     ttgatgtgta tatttgtgaa tgtttttagt aatggaagga ataaaagagt attcgaactg      7380
     ctaccttgtc tctttgtttg gttctcttgc tttctgtctt tctcttgtca caaattcatt      7440
     tgtaatcaca tcaaaatatg gttattaaat catttaataa agtattgtgt gaattagttt      7500
     tgatttaata ttaatgctaa actgcaacgc atttgctgaa ggtggttaaa ctagaaacat      7560
     agtttttaca acatcatcct tataacattt tttgaatcat tcggcaatac tacagcttga      7620
     accactgcag taaacactgc cttataaacg gttatgtaca ttttagaatg caaaatctgt      7680
     cattaactca ccattatgta gcagaatcgt cccttctcca aacatcatga tgttcaggaa      7740
     aaacttagca caataatagg ttgcaaaatc ctctttctcc aagtgaagga tacttaaatt      7800
     ataagagcca cttgcaattg tgataaagaa tcgattagtg ttgttaaagg cattttgata      7860
     tgtaactctt cctgagttgg gagctgaatg tgctataaga agtggtttct tgccagctga      7920
     atgtttatac catgaaatag tggttataaa gtcatcagag tgaaaacagg gtaaagtcac      7980
     actgcttcca agttcagcaa ctaccagtgg ctgctgatga ataaaatctt cttcacaggt      8040
     cccatctaaa acaaacaaaa acaatcaaat aacaatatga aataaaacta atttaaaaca      8100
     aagcttaata aaaattgcat aaaacaaaac acattttata aatgtttagg cttcacagca      8160
     tatttaattt cttggtttct acaagtttca ctctgcaaaa agtctgcctt taactttgaa      8220
     ataaacagag atttgtaatt aattatgtta atcatcaata ttgacagata taaatttaat      8280
     tgtggtcttt tttgtcatta tgaaccaaca ttttaaactt acatgcgaat gtgaagagaa      8340
     agaaggtaaa acaaccttgt aagctcattt tgcagcacct gatagaaaga aaaaaagaac      8400
     atgtcaaaaa aatctggaac atgaaaataa ttaaatatta aagttacaaa tttatctcta      8460
     acaactgaac aaaagtactt tactacattt attaatttga tgaaaaacat ttaaaatggt      8520
     ctacttactg tacaacctca ggagaaatgt attattaaaa aaaaaagaaa cttaatatta      8580
     cagtccgctt aatattgatt gagacacaaa taaggtccag tatgttcagt tcagaaaacc      8640
     accatacaat acaagttaaa caacagactg cttcctcttc aaggcacacc agtggtcaat      8700
     catcagacac ggaaatgtta aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagggc agagccagct tcatttagaa      8760
     tatctcttaa tagacgctta aacaagtata gtgatcaaac aaacagataa catgagaaat      8820
     gcaaacctac atcatggggc aattagttta atttctgagt tgtgttattt tgcgagtgca      8880
     ctttaaagcc gacaacattg tttaaaactg ttttaagtag gcaagaggtg aacttaaggt      8940
     gcgagtgaat gtgtgaaagg ttagaagggt ttaacatgaa ataaatcaaa atgcactgca      9000
     aaagacactt ataattggcc agtaagtctt aaaatgagca gatatgagtt gattaaaagg      9060
     cctcagctaa ttttgaatag ctgtatctgc atagaaagag acttagaggt aactttgtgg      9120
     atgttgttta tgctcatata cttgtcaaaa ttaaaatcat aatcgagaac cactttaaac      9180
     accttcatct catccactat agtttttaat gtaagagtga gcatacaaca tgcttttctt      9240
     actgagagtt tttgtatcgt ttctagtcca aatatcaata attctcaaat caagaagcac      9300
     caagaagcaa actggtgttt cctttactgt accattatgg gtgacacatc aaagttcaaa      9360
     agaagacata ttgtttatgt gcgtctcttg cacacctgtc accaaggcag caggtctttg      9420
     tgatgtatta agagcaacaa tattcagagt aatgtcagaa taccaccaag aaagacaaat      9480
     tacatccaaa agtagtaact gtggatgcaa gaggaagctg tctgaaaggg atgtccgggt      9540
     gctaacctgg attgtatgca aaaaaacaca gctgccaaac tcactgaaga attaaatgta      9600
     cctcaaccct cctgttttca ccaaaactgt tcgtcaggag cttcacaggg tcaatgcaca      9660
     tggccgggct gctatagcca aacctctggt cactcgtgcc aatgagaaat gacgatttca      9720
     atggtgccag caaacaaaaa ttttaagctg tggactatgt gaagaatgta ttgttctcta      9780
     cagtccacct tcacagtctt ccccccgatc tggagagtta tggtgtggag aagccccaaa      9840
     gaagcatacc acccagattg ttgcatgctc agagtgaagc atgggggtgg atcagtgatg      9900
     gtttgggcag caatatcatg gaaatcccta ggcccaatac ttttgctaga tgggcgtatc      9960
     actgccaagg actactaaag cattctggag gaccatgtat tccgaaggcg gtgtcgtgta     10020
     tcaagataat tatttcaatt caattcacct ttatttctag cactttttac aatgtagatt     10080
     ttatgaaagc agttttacat tgaacaatat agtgatttga aacagtgtca gttaagtttt     10140
     cagagtctaa gtttagttca gatcacctca gtttagtgtg gtttaatatt cactactgag     10200
     ttttaatttg ataggtgcag tatttagtgt gctagtaaag atgacatcca tactgctggt     10260
     aactacatca aggtaatttg caggtgcatt tcaaaatttt caaataagag aaagatcagg     10320
     taagtttttt gtgaattcat ttttggtgga cagaatgaaa gttctactag ggcaatatat     10380
     cggtgcagat ctgctaattt caggtaaaca cagcttatag tatagaggta gtggtctgta     10440
     atatcatcac tttgtggtat aatgtctaca tcaatgacct caattccata agacagaatt     10500
     agatgtaatg tatgctttaa gccaggggtc accaaacttg ttcctggagg gccggtgtcc     10560
     tgcagatttt agcttcaacc ctaatcaaac acatctgaac cagctaatca aggtcttact     10620
     aggtatactt gaaacatcca ggcaggtgtg ttgaggtaag ttggagctaa accatgcagg     10680
     gacaccggcc ctacaagccc aagattggtg acccctgctt taagcgatgg gttggaccaa     10740
     gaattttctt tatccattac tgaccattac tgcatcaagt gaatgcagta aatccataaa     10800
     cgtgagccct aatgtatcgt tagcatcatc tatgtggata ttagtcatgg gggtgttata     10860
     atgcaccaat aaacagcaag ccaggtgaca gactggtttg atgaacatga aaggaaagat     10920
     gaacatctcc catggcctgc agtaaccata tcagccacag aaactacttt cttttgccta     10980
     tcatccacat aataattcac caacatcatt ttagagctag tatttgaatg attctctagt     11040
     gtaatgtcta aaatgatgac aaaacaggtg acacatttct tctttctttc tttttactaa     11100
     actagtctga agtaacaaaa acggtagact cattagaaat aaacaaatgg tcaaccaaaa     11160
     agtaactcaa caaaaaataa atacattcct aatatgtcta cctcacactc aacacacaac     11220
     aattactgtg gtataaataa acagatcgac ttagaatgcc acttacctgg tttatcatga     11280
     tttgatcagc tgtagtttgt atttttgcgc tgaggttttc tcctctaatg gcatacaaca     11340
     tttccatgtt gtggatggac aatgtcaact gtctttactc tgctcaagat gccgatgcac     11400
     caccgaagtt ataaatattt taaatgggca ctatctttat aattaaactg catagttgca     11460
     atctaaacaa ctacaattgc cacctaaaag cctcaaaagt acattatgtt gtgtaagagc     11520
     tagaatattt gtcaaactgt agtcttctgc ttgccactcg tgtaggcaga ctaatacaca     11580
     caagtgaaga ggtcgtacga gtgccgatat tgcaaaaata tctgccaatc aaagaaccag     11640
     acagaacttt tgtatgtatg cgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tttgtgtgta tgtatgtgtg     11700
     tgtgtgtgtg tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     11760
     tatatatata tataatacta tgctatcatt tcaagtccat attgcccatc caatatttgt     11820
     tttgaattaa ttgcaaaaaa caataaaaga cattcagttc agatgttgta ttttcttgaa     11880
     tatctcatat aaagccttta aaaaaatgtt gtgacggtga tagaactgaa gtcattcagc     11940
     agagtaatat ggaacagtaa tatggtcaag acctatctgg acctatttta gctgtgagat     12000
     catcagaaaa taactgcaaa ccttgaaatg tttacccacc aactagatgc aagcattcaa     12060
     tagtcatgtc gtaaaaatag gaattattag ctgatttgaa aaacacaaag tttatcatgc     12120
     acgtaatgca ggtcatagga aatacaaagg cttcattatt taaatctagc aaaaaaaaaa     12180
     aaaaaaatag caagaaatta ttcttgagaa cacaatttaa tattttaaat atatcatgtg     12240
     tttatatgtt taggcttatt ttataattta ttgttgttgt tatagcacta atcaattatt     12300
     gcaaatataa aattgatata ttactctatt tattacttca cactttttta aatgagggtt     12360
     agtggaaaaa gtgcacatag gagggttatt tttgacactg acaaatgtgc atgtgtgttt     12420
     ttgattcaga tggaggtgtg aagacacaac actcggtcag tcctgtggtt ggaaaattgt     12480
     caaacttgca aagcgtgcgc cggtacaagc aaacaatttc ttgaaaaata tttttgcaca     12540
     gaagggtcaa taattctgac tttaactgta tctccatata acttaatata aactttaaat     12600
     atttttgatt ttcttgagat ttgttgcgat tatgtcagtg ctaaagtgaa ttgtttctcc     12660
     gctgatgttc accacatcag ttctcagtct gtattgagca ttgtcttcct gtcagctact     12720
     ctacaggaaa tgatgtcata cactgaggtc tctaactgga gctctgctta tcacgttttt     12780
     tccttttata gacagaagat aagtttaagc ttgactctgg gatttgtggt agtagactag     12840
     caggtttttt ttatcagtct aaaaatcaag tcatgaggtt ttgctttttg ttcatctatt     12900
     atcagtttga cgatgcatgt gcttgtggac gtttgtggta aacatgtggc tcaaatgact     12960
     tcaaaagtaa gggcctctga tgtggtgcaa tggctttaaa cgctcatgtt atatacattg     13020
     aacctccagt gctatgcaga ataatagctc gttttttaaa ctgacctttg attttttaac     13080
     aaacaaaaga tttgacatta tataattggt cacatttaat agtaagattc tgtcagctaa     13140
     tgttagttaa tgtatttatt aacatgaatc aaaaataagt agacgtgtac agcatttatt     13200
     tatcacaatt aaaaatcctg ggttatgcgg tgtgttaaaa atgaaagcct tttttaattt     13260
     ttattatata ttaactttaa caacgatgaa taaaaactgt aataagtgca tcattcattg     13320
     tttattcatg tcatgtaata aatacgttgt ataactttgt taccatttaa tatctctgaa     13380
     tccaaaaata gacttacact tttcagaaat tagacatcta ttcaaaatat tagttttggt     13440
     aacactttat tttgatggtt tatttgagta ttagtagact gtctgctaat gctatctact     13500
     gattctactc cttcaacaga catttaactg aaattttgct agtacatgtc aaattacact     13560
     aaccctaacc ccaacctaaa gggcaccaca caccggatgc gccgcgacac ggcacgcaca     13620
     tgacagttga aagtatcgca ctccagatgt gcacaatcgt atgctattta aaatgaaact     13680
     aatcagacag tgctctgtgg cgaggcagaa atatgaacag cgtcctgagt ctggctgact     13740
     tgcggcgccg gtgtgtgtac cctgatagaa aacctatgtt tagaatttta aaatacatgg     13800
     cgctacacgg tgcggcgttt ctggtgtgtg acccccaaga gtctacttac actctaatgg     13860
     taattagttg gcatgtagat gcaatctaac ttaaaataaa gtgtgacctc agttttttct     13920
     ccaaaaataa cttgaaaata tagtattatg ttctgtattt aattctgtat ttttacaggt     13980
     gctttatata aattttaaag ggggcctact ttgccccttc tacaagacac aaacgggttc     14040
     tctgttgtcc ctagagtgtg tatgtgaaga tgtagccaaa ataaccaaca aatatttttg     14100
     tacaactctt tgaaactgcc tctttgaggc tgtgatccaa attgtgccat tttggtgaca     14160
     gtcgctttaa atgtgagaaa aaaagagggt ggagctgcaa aaatctatag gtcctatcat     14220
     atacccggcg caataagacg caatacctgt atggtgcaat ctgttgcttt tttttagacc     14280
     agcgcaaacc taattttcat gttttgcgcc acattgttta aatggcaaat acatttgcac     14340
     cacgctgtga actcatgggt gtgacggtca aactaaacaa atgaaataac aaagggaatt     14400
     acatatgaag actaatggtt gtcttcagtg aagtgtgaaa aacaccattt tcttatccac     14460
     taaagtaaag gagttaagag taaaaataaa gagaaagtaa aaaagaggcc gaatggagga     14520
     ggcttgttct ttatcctcac gcagatagtg tgtttaaatg ttttttccac ttacatattc     14580
     catgtaaata gcaaatgtgc catggcgtga cgcaactgac tcttaaaggg aatgcgagat     14640
     gagactccga ttggtttaat gcaggtgatc atcaaaacat acccataact cattaagaga     14700
     ataagcacaa ccctgttagc attttccatt tttaaaatag ctagtgtatt cggacaggcc     14760
     cttaatgctt ttgcgccatg tgcttcagac tttgcgccta gattgttaaa acaaagctcc     14820
     atgtgtcagc atagtggcat attcgataca ggactaatat cgtcattaat gggtgaaact     14880
     tgcaccctct gatgacattt ccccctctgt ttctgaagac tgaaaaaaaa taataaatta     14940
     tacatttttg tctattagag gttggttata ttcacatgtc tttgccacac aactgtgttt     15000
     aaacacctta taaaagtgat ttttgcatta taggtgtcct aattttatta ttattttact     15060
     gcagtatccg aataccaaat tccacacatt atttgaaaaa cagcttacat gctttttaga     15120
     ttgtcagtgt tttattattc atttatcgac tggtaaattt cccataacaa catacctttg     15180
     tagttaaaaa catactaaca agcagttttt ttccaaccac aacactgacc tctatcccac     15240
     ctactcttta cttcaactca acttaaccca atttccgaag agtaacccat tttcagaaga     15300
     gatcacattc gatgctttta ccatcaaagg ctgctgctag tgacttaagg taaagtgcat     15360
     agctggatgg aaattaatta ttaattaaat agttttattt ttttaattgt cagtgcattt     15420
     aaatttgaca cattaaggcc attataacac atctttattt atatgcaatt tatatgcatt     15480
     tgattgtaat tttagtgttt gtgtggaatc atgtagatac agtttgctgt ccttcagcat     15540
     agggaagtgt gtataaaggc agacctcttt acgcttctct ctttcagtct cagtatcaag     15600
     gaggaacatg tcagatggtt tgaggggtca caaacctgtg atggaaaact gtaagtcatt     15660
     tcggttagtg tctttactat ttctttgttg atttatacat tttttctgct cagtttcagc     15720
     aacaagactt acatttcagc atataatata aatattttaa tgttagtgaa ttacaacaat     15780
     gggataaagc taaagtggat gttctggagt ttagtaacaa ttccataccg tcttggtatg     15840
     tgtttgatta aatgtattta ttattattat tattattact attattaata gcttttctcc     15900
     ccaagtagtg ctggttttca gcagctgctt aatatttgag cagattttgg gcagagatac     15960
     gatgtgcaat ataatttaaa aaaaagagtg tttacatgac gtgtagaacc aaagaacata     16020
     gagatatgat ttttacagat ttctttttgt cagggcaagt tttaaatgtt ggtaagactg     16080
     ttaaatattt agggcatgtc attactgaag acatgagtga tgataatgat atgtacaggg     16140
     gacgtcaaag ttatatgctc aagcaaatat gctgatgaga aagttttatt tgtgttctga     16200
     acaggttaaa gtaaacctct ttagaactta ttgcagttct ttatacacag cttctgtggt     16260
     atcattttta aaaagagagt ctccatttac tgcaggttgc atacaatgat tgcatgagga     16320
     tgctaaaaac atagatggtg tagtgcaggt gcattattct gtaaattaag agtttggtca     16380
     tttttttgct ttgatgagaa atgtgttcta taagtttatc tgtcgattgg agaattctca     16440
     gagtagcacc ttaatgttgt tgataaatcc ttactgaggt gcgttttcag ccaattttga     16500
     tgaaatattg gcttaactgg tgttttttta aggtatattg tgtggtttgt attgtttttg     16560
     tcagtctttc gtactattgg acctagcgtc tggaataaag aaaataaata ttatcattgg     16620
     tattattatt attattaaca ataatttgaa tgttttttct ctctttctca tatagagatt     16680
     ttaatttcaa cttgtttgtc gacaatcctt aaaatgattc attttttgat tctaacactt     16740
     acatttttac agtgtaagta actgttttac tttttctttc tttaaatgtc tttaaaaatg     16800
     ttttaaactc actttaaggc aaatataatg tatatttcaa gtaaattttt atgacccatt     16860
     ctgtttcata ttgatttcat taaggcgact ctaagacaaa ctgaaaagct ggctctaatg     16920
     tgtttatatt gtacttggtg aagaaaccaa atctaccaca gacaatacta acttttgttt     16980
     atttcaattt taggcagctc agaaactaca gacattaaga attatctaaa gattgttcaa     17040
     gctggagaca cggttaactt cacgtgtagt ttatttaatg aaataagaaa cagtgtggtc     17100
     tggatcaaac aaagtgttgg aaagaaacct cttcccgtcg tttcatcatt tcaaaatgta     17160
     gatcacaaat ttgacaatga ctttgacaaa caaaaacgct tttttgtaac aaaagatgat     17220
     gtcagtttta atctgagcat cacaaacaca gaagtgtctg actctgcaac ttactattgt     17280
     ataacatatg catatcattt cacatttgga aacagcactg acctcatagt taaaggtaag     17340
     cagattattt acttactctt ctaaattgca ttaattagca atataccgtc attatttctt     17400
     ttattttcag ctggtgaact gaacatcaag tctgatcatc agagatcagc atcagaggat     17460
     cagcagtgca gcgttatctc tcagagctgt gcagaagaac acaaggtcta ctggttcaga     17520
     cagcgctctg gagaatctcc tccaggagtg atctacactc aggacagcag gagcgctcag     17580
     tgtgagaaga gctctgatct aaactccact gcacacaaat gcatctacag cctgcccaag     17640
     actgatgaag atcctgccat ctactactgc gctgtggccg cttgtggaca aatactgttc     17700
     ggagatggga agaaagctgg attgaaaggt gcacatttac atttgttcca ttatttcctg     17760
     taacgccaat attttatttt aataatatag cctatatttt tccattgcta cagatgaatg     17820
     ttttcagaca cattggatta cagctttact gatcataaca gcttcatcta tgattgtgaa     17880
     tatcatttta agtgtacaat tgcacaagta caggcaaaaa ggtgggtatt atttcatctc     17940
     tttattatct atgctatgtt aacatctccc atttaaattt aaatagagcg ttcgatttct     18000
     agctgtaata tgtaaactca ttctctcttc aagatcggtt ttacaacact cagagccatc     18060
     agttatcggt gagcaatcta aacacttttt tgctgttaga ttattttctc catatttaga     18120
     agattaatcc acaatataaa atgtacccac tatttactct taatcaagtg gttccaaacc     18180
     tttatgtttt attcttctga tgaacacaag aaatattttg aagaatgctg taaaccagtg     18240
     acttctatag aatgaaacac aaatactatg gatgtcaatg attacatgtt tacaacatta     18300
     ttcacagcaa cttatttttc agaaaccatt gaattccgtc gttgggcaaa caattgctac     18360
     agtatgtaag ccagtgatta caggttttaa acattttcaa aataaattat tttgtgttta     18420
     acagaagaat gaaacccaaa ctggcttgtg atgagtgaag agattcactt atcacagaat     18480
     gttcagtttt gtgtgaacaa tctcttgaaa tgttttcaaa atgcttcagg aaaaaaaaac     18540
     aaaacaaaaa aaacagtatg ttcaaattct ttaaagtcca ataactgagg aatgtaatta     18600
     aacattacat tatactgtga tatctatctt ttttaaacct gaattatgtt tgaacttcca     18660
     gtttgtggaa ctttcaccca aaggaactga aactaatact ttttaaatat ttttttaaat     18720
     atattcccat aacgtaaact gattgagtaa tgcattttca ttgtgctaaa ttttatatga     18780
     aaataatgta acttttggtt gacagttcta ctgaaattgc tccaacacta tcaaaaaagc     18840
     atcaaaaagc tgtacaatat atataggcag tataaaaaac aagagatgtt ctcagatcag     18900
     catattctgc atccagtcca gatttcagtc acatacgtta tatatagtat ttaactctag     18960
     tagctttatg agcaatatca cacgagtagc agtgcgatat ggctgtatat cagcactgtt     19020
     gggaggtgcg cattggcaca aggtcatagg ctgagtgcct tagcgtccca ccagtgctga     19080
     tttgcagcca tatcgcactg ctacaagtgt gatattgcgt ttatacaaca gtgcaacagc     19140
     acaatcctgt atataaataa gaaaaatgaa acacagagtc taaaaaacct tttttattag     19200
     gaactacttt ctttcgccat tcattcacat ctgcagctga cgtcaaaaca gcagaagccg     19260
     ttactaattc accagcgtca ctttagagct agtgttttaa taactctgtc ataaagtcac     19320
     tctgtcactc ataaagtgat gacaaaactg ctgattttgc ttacacttta agattataag     19380
     actgaacatg acatgaaatg ccatccatct acagagatat cttcttacag tgttacagtc     19440
     tacagtattt ctctgttgca atcgggattt cacaataaat aaccccgaaa ataacagcat     19500
     attcactaac attaccagac tgctgttgtg tttgcgataa ggaaaatgct aaacatgtgc     19560
     ggactgtgct tatttgaatc tgccatcaca acacacaatc ataatatgcg agcaaatagg     19620
     tataaataca gcactacaac atacaaaaga gagatcatct aatctgccaa catgtctcta     19680
     aaaaccaaag agaccaggga ggagggggtg ttctggggtg aggttgagaa caggatgcag     19740
     cgggttttgg gcggccgctt tgatcgggta ctgtaccaaa gttggcaacc cgggggtgtt     19800
     tagtttacag actgtactaa agagggggtt gggtaaaatt acgggagttt tttttagaaa     19860
     gaaatagaaa cagatgtttg ctggaaactg gtctgaaata tgtgatactc ccatgaaaaa     19920
     cggaagtgtt ggcaggtgtg cttacaagtt tagtatagat ttgatctgct atagttagaa     19980
     atcagactgt aatatcgtct aagcgtaagg gcttactatg gggttctgtc gccatcttgt     20040
     ggattgaaaa cgtcaactgt cgccgacgag ctgtctctca gaaatggtaa atattttaaa     20100
     ataggcatta ttcttgtaaa taaactgcat agttgcaatc taaacaacta cattctcgac     20160
     taaaaaagcc tcaaaagtat attttgctgt ctaacagcag tgatatgtca aactgtagtg     20220
     tctgcttgtt gctggctgta tgtgggtgga gtaatacaca aagggtaaaa aggctgtacg     20280
     gatgctgata ttacttaaat atatatcacg gctaccagcc aatcagattc aagatccaga     20340
     tagaactgtc atataaaaat acatacatgc atactgtaca tacactgaaa aaaatgactc     20400
     attgtattta caaaaatatt tttagataag tagctgcaaa caatttatat gagctgaatt     20460
     taaacaaatt aaattgagta atgttgaact taatttgttt aaatgtatgc agagagcctg     20520
     ctttttgcag gtttgtttca cacctttaat ttagaagcag ggttatgaaa cccacactgc     20580
     agtggcaaca gtgttacgac atgattctta agaagaaagc caatcttgta acgtgttttg     20640
     aacagtttta aaaacactgc atgttgtact gtataattgt tttaagaaaa atatcaagcg     20700
     gttatgaaaa acactttttg ctcttttaat aattatgaca agaatgccta cagccattaa     20760
     tcattatgtg attaattatc aatgacacta acaccacaaa tatgcaaaca ataattttga     20820
     aaggtaatac ttataagcca caaaaatact tttgggataa attataatct gcggaaaaca     20880
     taaaaaaaat agcccaggat tacttttaca tgaggtttac tctaggtata aggcagggtt     20940
     aagtattacg gagtgaaaag cctttatgaa tacaacccct atatagaata cagatatata     21000
     tgttattgtt tttgtttggg tgaatgtagc aatattaatt tctgttctgt gtcaggtgga     21060
     tcacgctgat ggtttgaatt atgctgcttt gagcttccaa caaaatccct ccacgtctag     21120
     aaaatcatcg gaaagaaacc tacaagacac tgctatgtat gcacatacaa ggcgccaaca     21180
     aatgtagcat aaattgtctg ggtttgctta tatagacact ctttgtgttt aaactaattt     21240
     gcaggtgaca tcgcaataac ttgttttaaa aacctctgtc cgtggtactg aaataacaat     21300
     gttcagaatt atttttggaa agtatgactt cattaatact gacaaattat ttaattaatg     21360
     acacaaatta ttaataaact gcttatgtat gtacaaactc acacaagcac ttgcagtttt     21420
     ctatatgtaa tacaatgatt gattcaatat tgaattgcaa ttgtattgct tttcttaaca     21480
     catgcggatg taggatgtgg ttcaactttt aattttacac attgtttatg ccatgctgta     21540
     agtaaagcat ttatttattt aaatgcttta atgtattttt aaaactatat tgtaattgtg     21600
     ttatttgcaa agaaaaataa ggcccaaaat tgatgtggag gccaatgtac acttaaccat     21660
     tctggtaaat tgtaattaga caatgtttca ctttgttata attagggctg tatgatacaa     21720
     gtaaaattta acagtgcgat attttatttt gcagcaattt atattgcgat atgaatacaa     21780
     tttcagcaga cgagttgaat agctctattt ggagtgaaat cattaacttt gaatcttgta     21840
     gaggagggaa tcaataaatt gcaagtataa ataaataata gtgaaataag tagtgagata     21900
     ttcaggtaca gtaatacaat acaattttat catgatattt tgccaacaat attgatagat     21960
     cacaatatca gcgatatatc acaagaaaat aaatcatatg tatatattaa aaatatatca     22020
     tattggtaaa atgaagaggg aaaaatgcat caaaaagtta aaagatgtat ttcttttatt     22080
     aaaagcacat atatttctta gaattgcaac aatgatatat atttaatccg ccattacgac     22140
     ctcatgtata ttgttatttt gtcctgctta tgttgaataa taatgtaaac ataaaatgta     22200
     aacactgcac attcttcatt tctgatcaac aataattcca actccacatt gcagatgctg     22260
     tgatgtaact attgcaaatg catgcattgc aatatcaatg ctgaaacgat acacataatg     22320
     tgcagcccaa gttataattg ttcaatgtca gatatttttt tatatcataa taataatcag     22380
     aagtgattat tctccatgtt attactagac tgtgcaaaat tagaaagttt attaaatata     22440
     gaaatggctg acaattagta agacacttga aagttatgga aagtgaaatg tatagagaat     22500
     aaataaagca ggcaaactgg aaaaaaaata ttttttttta aatacaaatg atatcctctg     22560
     gtgtaaaaat atcataaaaa ttatcatgga ggcatacaaa tatatgctgt aaaaatatcc     22620
     tgaatgatca gttttccgta ttttgtggtt tgtttttttt ctccccatct ttatttatgc     22680
     ttttgaattg cattatgtga ccttgatctt tactccaaca acttggcctt cattggctcc     22740
     tagttgcata gcgcattaaa ttcaaaattc tcctccttgc atttagatcc ttaaaaggcc     22800
     tagctccctc ttatatttgc aagatgcctt tccctatacc cctacttgct tattacgttc     22860
     ctctgactct ggccttcttg ctgtccctcg gtaccgcctc tcttcagatc atttagtgtt     22920
     attgcaccca aaccttggaa ctctttacca cgttcactct gttccgttaa taatatctca     22980
     gaatttaaaa ctgtactcaa aactcacttg tttgctacac ttctgatttg ataaactggc     23040
     cactttgttt gatcaacctg tactctgcat atttgtctct caggtcttgt tttgtatttc     23100
     cagcttgtta tatttgactt cctgtatgtt tgtgtctcta cttgattact gtttctttta     23160
     atgtctgttc gtactatctt ttttttgtta caatctttgt aaagtgtcct taagctctgg     23220
     aaaggcacta tataaataaa atatattatt attattattg tttttaatag ttcaaagtga     23280
     tatattgtct gggttggtgt tgtatattat ggtgcaaaaa tcttgtaata aactgctggt     23340
     acatttttat tttacaaact tatttctcta tatattattt caaactacta aaatgtcaat     23400
     aaaaactgta gagttgaatt ttcaacattt aaagtcaaca gagcaaagat caatgttgtg     23460
     caatgctatt cacaactgta aaaaaaatgg gtaaaacttg tgaattttac agtgtaggct     23520
     gtaaggccgg ctgtgaggtt gccatcatca tgaatatcca gaccaatggc ttctggctct     23580
     gaatgaaaaa aaagtatata caataaacag cttacaataa taaatgttgc tagttttata     23640
     actgcttatt gcttgtgttg ctttcagatc agagtgataa atattatgtt ttcaaaacag     23700
     gatttgctga atcacaagca caggaacaac tcagcaagat tggcctgtca ggcagctcat     23760
     gtgaactgta atatattttt agtagttttc caaccacagg acaggccaag tcgtgcttat     23820
     cttaacaccc acactcatta ccgcccacaa acaccacccc aagcagattg ttttttccac     23880
     ttcatgcatc actttttgtt caatttctga gcactacatt atagagcaag tgtgcacata     23940
     gtttaaatgg catgttgatg tacagtaata acagctcaat ttagcatgca tttaacaaat     24000
     gctttagtat atgcagaaaa taaaccccta tagaaatgtt attgctagta aatttcagtt     24060
     caaatggaac agcaaataac acactgaatg acacatgaaa ttgaggtaca ttataaaaac     24120
     aattattgct aacctacttt taattaaatt gaattaaata aacatttcca gtcatcacaa     24180
     cttacttcaa tcaaactgac caaacatatc aagttaggct ttgtataact tttacatttt     24240
     agttaaaaac ttattaaaat aatttaaagc actatacaaa tatctgtttt cttgatttta     24300
     ctcattaagt tacggtgcat actgtaaaaa atgttttttt atattctcta ttaaccttta     24360
     actgcctgtt ctaccaaacg attgactgtg tttttacggt tttaataaat gttatagtca     24420
     tttaaagaat gactgtttta aataatggtt tacacacaac atttttggtt tacacacaaa     24480
     tcaaactaca cttgattttg gttttattat aaaaaaagaa agaaaaaaaa agaaagtgtt     24540
     aaatgagaat ctgaaatatt ttatggcata ctttaaaaaa taaagatgta ttagtattta     24600
     gtgttccaat atgatttatt ttgattgttt ttaaataaag tggtcttata tttcatattt     24660
     taggattttt gtagtatatt tagtaattat agtaattccg gtactttatc ataaaccaac     24720
     ataactattt ggtggaagtt gatattttag aaattatggg atgtgttggg aaaaaatgca     24780
     ttgagtgtgt taactagcaa cattaggagt taagaaatgc aatccaactt ttttttctta     24840
     gtggggcagt taaagggtta atatttacag ttgaagtcag aattattagc cccccctgaa     24900
     ttattggccc cccagtttat tcccgtttta ttccccctaa actttttcct tttttttgtt     24960
     ttgttttaca aatgacaaaa agcaaagtgg caaaataata atgcgtttat ttgatttagt     25020
     cataacttat tatttgcttc ataaatgaga gaccacatca attatataca ttgattgaat     25080
     tataattcaa aacatgatat tatactgata aaaataggca ggcacagata aaacattgat     25140
     cacaggttca aagacttttg cacttcaacc agcttcagtt ttggccatga atttctgctg     25200
     ttgcacaata gctgtgaaga atcctttact gtggtcaaaa tgtgaaaaca ggaaggaaga     25260
     aaacatgttc acgccaagct gctatttgaa aaactttcca tatgacacct taccgaaata     25320
     cagtattcat aaacattaca caaacaaata taaaggtcac acacaaacat ctaaccacac     25380
     atacatgcac acaacataca gtgtggatgt tacgctacac atttaaaaca aacaaaaaat     25440
     actttaaact gttgatatat tcatttgtca ataaacggtt catatattta tgtaaaaagt     25500
     gtgagtcaag tgtaaacttt agatttgaat gttttgaatg ctccactaac attaatgtga     25560
     atcaaccaat ggaatggtgt aaatgtgctt ttctttagta cagggaagta cagtactgta     25620
     tatataagtg agcgtctctg tgtctttctc ttttggacta tgttgaaagg aagacgaaac     25680
     ctcatggctt ccacaccaaa accagccttg atctttaatg acgtctgtaa gtaaagcttt     25740
     cagactttct tcacacaatt attaacttta tattattaac aaattattaa cctaaatgat     25800
     taacattatt aataattaat tttgatttag ctgtttaaag ctatgtatcc aagagtgcaa     25860
     atgtgcatta taaaaacaag ggtcacactt tacaaaaggg tttcattagt taatatattg     25920
     tgaatcaagt acgattgata cagcatttat taatcatagt tcaacattta ctaatgcatt     25980
     aatacaatgc aaatcaatgc ttgataacgt gttaatgcac tgtgagttat catgaactaa     26040
     catcaaaaac tgtattttca taaactaagg ttaactagca tgaatacata ctgtaattta     26100
     atgaataata tgatttgttc attgtttgtt cgttatccaa cattaactaa tacatagtta     26160
     ttgtaaagtg taatcaaaac aagtagtcat agattaaaat tttattaagc taaaattgat     26220
     atttaattca tttgtcttta caagtgaact aaccaaatct agcctgggga ttaattgtgg     26280
     actgtttcat ttaggcttct taaatgtttc attgtttata tatacacttt taagatacga     26340
     ttcttttctt tctagatgat tcaccctaag cagttctgaa tcagctgatt tttatcaatc     26400
     ttttaaaatg attcattgtt ttttcatctt attgctttac cttttaacat gtaagtaact     26460
     ttagttttgc tatgcataat gaatcagagt aaaactaacc atcttcccac ccataatgtt     26520
     tgatttttct ttttcttttt tataggcacg tcagataatg cagatataaa gggacagaat     26580
     catgttatga ttgttcaagc tggagtcgct gttaacttaa catgtatttt tccaaaagag     26640
     tcaagaacca gtgtggtttg ggtcaaacaa agagttggag agaaacctct tctaattgct     26700
     tcagcatatc aaggtttagc tggcaaatat gaaaatgact ttgacaaaca aaaccgcttc     26760
     tttatagaaa aagatgaagg tagttttaat ctgagcatcg caaacactga aatatcagac     26820
     actgcaacat actattgtgt tgcatatgtg tacgagttca tatttgggaa cagcactgac     26880
     ctcattgtta acggtaaaca gagcatttac ttaaatgttc ttcattgagt tcagtcaaat     26940
     gagcattttg ctaatttctt tttttagctg gtaaactgaa catcaagtct gagcatcaga     27000
     gatcagcatc agaggatcag cagtgcagcg tcatctctca gagctgtgca gaagaacaca     27060
     aggtctactg gttcagacag ggctctggag aatcttcccc aggagtgatc tacactcaga     27120
     acagcaggag cgctcagtgt gagaagagct ctgatcttaa ctccactgca cacaaatgca     27180
     tctacagcct gcccaagact gatgaagatc ccgccatcta ctactgcgct gtggctgctt     27240
     gtggacaaat actgtttgga gatgtggtaa caatcccagg tgcacataaa cacagcatta     27300
     ttttcatatt tacagatcct cttttgctac tttaaaacaa ttctgcattt ttcctcaagg     27360
     tttttggaca ctttggaaga ctgttgctct ggcgttggca atttcaaaca gtttattaat     27420
     gattgtgatc atatttctgg gcatgcggtt gtacaagttc caaaagaacg gtaggaatta     27480
     cttcagtaca ccttactatc tgaacagtta tttcatgcac taaaaccact gttttgtgtt     27540
     gtaatattgt atttcaagac aggacacaga acattcagct tggtcaatta atggtgagca     27600
     ttttaatgtt gaatgtttaa aataaaaatc tgataactat ttttaaaacc attgcttgta     27660
     aaatgattag ttgactttaa caaatgcatt gccttaaaac tcagaaaaat aaactacagt     27720
     gctcagtata ctgtatttga ctacacccta ttttgaaaat gaatagtttt atctatttct     27780
     cagtgaatat aggtaatata tttgggtgca tttgaacaaa acagatttat taaacaaata     27840
     tatttattaa aacaatactt tggtcaccaa acatctttag aaatagaaag ataatacatt     27900
     taacaacaaa agttcaacaa aaatgcatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     27960
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatgcct ctgatataaa ataaatatca     28020
     gaggcattta tgatgtatat gatataaaaa tgcctctgat tgtgagagaa agaaggaccc     28080
     cgatatagtc ttggaaaacc ttttacagaa atcttgttgt gcatgctatc ttcatctaat     28140
     ttaaaatatt aactcatgag atgcttggct ctcaagaagt ttttatagga cattacattc     28200
     atgtttctct gtgtttgtca atgaacaaaa tcaaatattg aacagtacaa ttgttctaat     28260
     tacttttttt atcatgaaac tttctagacc acagtaaagc tcaaagcatc tacttaattt     28320
     tgtagctcac tggggtcaag aactgttact atttaaagtt aggtaggtgt gaatcactat     28380
     aattgagtgc tggctaacag tttttattta tttatttaat attattccct aaaatataca     28440
     ctcaaaaata tattttttgc cccttattta aaatgagctg aaacagcaca attcttggga     28500
     tttcattgag actacttaat ttatgttcaa tcccaataaa tttgttaaaa gtgctataat     28560
     aacttaatca atttgtattg ggacaatagg aatgaattgt gtggaaccct gcatttttta     28620
     cagtgtacat ttgggctact aatgttttta aactgttatt ataagtaatt ttgttagatt     28680
     agctctagaa tttgcttcag ttctgactaa tataatatat actgcatgca ctgatataat     28740
     attgtaaagc atcctagaaa atattaatta taaagagatt tgtgaggggt gttctcatac     28800
     atgctgagca ctgtatgtgc agaattataa aaatgaagtc tactaacagt tccaagttgc     28860
     aatgggttca catacttttt aatttaggtc acaattcatg ctatagacca ttttgaggga     28920
     tgtaaacaaa gacagtggtc ccatgtttcc tgttttacat atttaatttc catagcttca     28980
     gaaaatctaa aaagagccac atattgataa ataatgttat gacagctgtt ttaacataag     29040
     ttatgtttca attggctctt attacagtta tgaaatagtt tgataacaag caggaaatgt     29100
     tcatggacca atgacatgac cacattgaaa tggtctatta actactagct tactacctgc     29160
     ctaatattaa aacatgaact gttcattagt agttataaag catgatctta ttctgcatct     29220
     ctaatcctaa acctaacttc tactgtacct tcgtaactat taacaaacag cttattaata     29280
     cttaggctag taatgttagt taatggtttg ttaataccat gaactgtaac ctaaactaaa     29340
     gtgttaccaa gttaacttgt cactgttatg gcaatgtttt ttatcattga agtaactatc     29400
     cgcttttaca gtatagccta tttgactaaa tgttgtaaac tgctgttcta ggatgaagac     29460
     agaggtgttt tgaattatgc tgcactgagc ttccaacaaa agtcctccac ttctagaaga     29520
     cccaaagaaa aacatttaag ataaacgtac tcatttatgt aaggtatcat taaatatgtt     29580
     gtgatgtgat ttaactggtt tacccaatca atataatgaa ctcttaatta catgtaactg     29640
     tttgagctca aaatatatag atattaactg taatgtcaca aactgaaatt aaagaataat     29700
     ataatgtcat tcatttattt tccttcggct tagtcccttt attcatcagg agtcaccata     29760
     gtggaatgaa caaccaactt atccagcatg tgttttacac agcggatgcc cttccagctg     29820
     caacccagta ctgggaaaca tccaaacact cattatcaca catatgccaa tttagtttat     29880
     tcaattcacc tacagtgcat gtatttagac tagggggaaa ctgaagacct cagaggacac     29940
     ccaagcaaac acgaggagaa catgcaaact tcacacagaa atgtcaactg accaagccag     30000
     gactcaaacc agtgaccttc ttgctgtgag gcgacagtgt taaccactga gccactgtgt     30060
     catccatgat ataatttaaa gatgtttttt agtatttctg tgtctactgt tttactatag     30120
     attttaaata gcactcaata agcatattgt ttggggttac atacatttaa aatcgactgg     30180
     tttgttgtaa atatctgaag tttagaatga agtctctgtc catggtgctg aaataccata     30240
     agttaataga aaccattttg tacaatattt tggagtaata ttgattgaat taaagtgtgc     30300
     tactgtacaa acacacactg ttgactttta ttattgaccc ctacatcaat taagtcagta     30360
     aatatatttc atatatcgaa aaagggagat tttatatact tattaataaa tatagttgaa     30420
     tttagtttat tgaccaatga agtatcacct tataatccat tacacacaca cacacacaca     30480
     cacacatata tatatacaca catatacaca cacacatata tatatatata tatatatata     30540
     tatatacaca cacacacaca catatacaca tatacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     30600
     cacacacaca catatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     30660
     tatatatata tatgtatata tatatatata tatatatata tatataatgt aaaaattcac     30720
     ttttttgtta ttattaaaat aaatgaccaa aaaagataaa actgaactat gcaaatcact     30780
     gcttcacatt attagtaagg ctgttataaa ttttagtttt attgcattat gaatacactc     30840
     aaaaataagg ttgtgaatca tctgcatatt aaatatcttt actctttaat taatttaaga     30900
     gattgatcat attgtggcac atcactagac tgcttcattt atttctaaag agactgcgta     30960
     tttgacaaaa agaggtgacg cccagtatta ttaataatcg gttagtgaga accctctagt     31020
     ggagaaagtc tgcaaaaact cctcaataag accttaaaaa gcaaggcctg cagcataaaa     31080
     gactgcagtc caatatatta tacctaattg tatgctaaac caatactttg taatatattt     31140
     ctgaaaaagt ttgtatttta ttttcggaat gtttcaattt tactaattaa aaaagacatt     31200
     taataaagca catcaatgta aaagtacagc atatactgta tacagtactt taaaaataac     31260
     atgtttgtct tattaaattc atatattgca acgagttaga tcagctgagc gaatacggtg     31320
     gtgtgtgtga ttgttgactc agagagaggt gtgaacacac tagctggtca gtcctgtggt     31380
     tggaaaattc tcaaaccgca ccgtgcaaaa tcatgcatgc aaagagatgc atgcaaaagc     31440
     acaaaggtgc acaaacacat ctaagtataa agcttgaagt gtctatttaa gcaattagca     31500
     aacaagcaaa acattgcaaa taaattagag tgcgcattta ataaataaaa aacacaattc     31560
     tacagattta ataatataaa aattctaaaa agaaaaatgg ataaaaaaat gcattgatct     31620
     aaatcaccta aaaaattaaa aagatgtttc aaaagagact tttcctttcg aaatattcat     31680
     aacgtaatga tttaaatgtg ttgtgtgctg ttagtaatgt ctgatactgt atgtttgaga     31740
     aatgtttatc cgctgcagtt cacctcatca gttctcagtc tgtactgagc tgctgcttcc     31800
     tgtcagtcag tctacaggaa atgatctatt ttgtttctgc cttctgattt gttggtctca     31860
     tgttcagaca aatgttgact ttgaaaagga gttaggcctt ttttgtttat tttgtgtaga     31920
     atttagtaga ggcacagcaa ttacagtata tcagaacatt ccagtgttat aacataacat     31980
     aacaacataa tacaatgtaa actataaatt atggagcttc taccacccca acgtctgcca     32040
     actacttgtt tttaacatat gttataatat attgcttaaa atgatctatt tttatatttt     32100
     aatatccatc tgctacctaa atttgtcaga aaagaaaatc tattaaatgg caattattat     32160
     gccaacaaac atcaaagcag aatttttgtt atctctcttg atttcttcag tgtatgcgcc     32220
     taaatctgcc acagtgttat gtaattacat caattagaaa acaataatga ccctgttaat     32280
     ggaaagaata cactttgtgt gtgtttgtgt gagtgcaaga tatacttgtg aaggctcaac     32340
     tgtcctaact tacagtagta cagtagtatg acctattagt gaggacattt tacaggctct     32400
     cactaattaa aaatgctaat aaattggcca gagaatgctt ttattagtat ataatgactt     32460
     acacttgttt ctgtaggggt tgggtttagg agtagaggta tggttaggcc catagacaat     32520
     atcattaagc tgacagaaaa ataatggacg tctgtgtaat gtccgcacta aaatagaaaa     32580
     gtttgagtgc gtttttgtgt acttgtttga tgaaaaacat gcttgtgtga tacctgtggt     32640
     ttttttgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt tcacactagt ctttacaccg atgtgaatcc     32700
     tttgtgataa agtcattgcc tttctcaaat atttctctca gctgtgcaat tggcatatga     32760
     tagtatcaca tagtgaacgg tcctttttca catttgaaac tttaaattta ctgcaatcaa     32820
     gtaaatccat aacatgtttt gttgatctgt atatattatt cagttataat acaaccccaa     32880
     atcagaaaaa gttgggaaag tatggaagac aatacaacaa acattattta atgtgttcct     32940
     catcattcta aaacacattt taaaataagt tggaacagta aagcgtttac cactctgtaa     33000
     tgttgccatt ccttttcaca acccttaaaa gacacttaga gagtgaagac accaagtgat     33060
     gaagtgtttc aggtgtcatt ttgtcccatt cttcctgcaa acaaaatttt aaggttgcca     33120
     cattaggggg atttcgttgt tgcgttttgt ttacttgaaa atgcaccaca caatctccat     33180
     tgaagacagg ccggggacag cagaaaggcc ttttaagcat ctgttttctc tttctccaca     33240
     gccaggcctt tgtaatgtgt gaagtgcaga aaatgttttg cattttctta ttaaaatatg     33300
     catagacgtc cctggaaaag gcagcagctt aatgtgctcc aaaatctcta tgtactattc     33360
     agcattaatg gtgccatcac agaagggcaa agtgaccttt gccagggcca ctgacacaac     33420
     cccataccat aacagatctt ggcttttgaa tttgctgctg gtaacagtct ggatgaccat     33480
     tttcttaaaa ggtccagagc atacggcgtc catttttccc caaaaatatc tggaatactg     33540
     attcatctga ccacagtaca gaatttcatt gtgtgatggt ccatcccaga tgcctctgag     33600
     gccagagaat ttgacagcgc ttctagacac tgttaacata gggcttccct taggcttact     33660
     ttggtaattt tggccaaagt agtcctgagc ccatgtggtg aaattgctta tagatgaatg     33720
     aggattcttg atgcagagct gcctaaggga tcaaagatca cagttcagtt taggcctgaa     33780
     cctttgtcct gaatgcactg aaattcctcc agattccttg aatcttttaa ttatgttatg     33840
     cactgttgag ggtgaaatat ccaaatgcct tcctattttt ctctgaggaa cattgttttt     33900
     aaacatttca ttaataattt tctcacattt gttggcaaac tggtgatcat cggcccatct     33960
     ttgctcctaa agaactagac ctttcttgaa tgctgctttg agtggcgtct ttcagacgtt     34020
     aagctgaggt cctgactttc tgtgctcatt aaaattccaa tggcacttct aaagagtagg     34080
     ggtgtaaccc cggtcaaatt cccaccatca gcccttaccc atcatgtcct cccaatcatc     34140
     ctcattccac caaattggct ctatcactgt ctctttacta cacctatagc tgatgtgtgg     34200
     tgagcgcact ggtgcagttg tcctgtggct gccgtcgcat catccaagta gatgctgcac     34260
     accagtatca ttaataacat tttttacatt tggctctttt atttgagcta aaaaattgtg     34320
     aagccaaaaa gttgaacata ccaaataatg tgatctgtta ctgtcagata ctgatactgt     34380
     tcaaaataaa acaagttcca aatgacattt cagattacat taaaaagatg ataatctaac     34440
     atctttttct gccagcacat catgaaaaag aactaagcaa tatttaggct tgagttgaac     34500
     ttatttttgt ctaaagcatt ttgtaggcat gttttcagtg atcatgctgt tctttacaaa     34560
     tgaatgttct tcagaaaact ttacaccgag tccctcttca ataaaatcat tttgagcagc     34620
     gaagatcaaa atgtctttac cctacaataa tcaggggaaa acaataaatc taacttttaa     34680
     aaaggaccta caacattgta ttttttgcac ttgatatgat tggctatgtt attctaaatg     34740
     aaaaatctct gagttaaatc tactctaaat gtaaaatata aagatttaaa tcattgtaat     34800
     tttaaaatct actattgata tttacaattt tgagaaataa tttcaagaac ttacttgatt     34860
     gtcttgagat ttgtggattg tggatgaagg gaaaaaatat tcagttaatt aaaaggcaat     34920
     taaacgcaag ttatcctgta ggtcttaaat aacaataaaa taaaattaat atgacaaatg     34980
     ttagttatga acatacaaaa tacttgtttt aaaacagatt tctgaaaacc aataaccata     35040
     agagcaagta caaatttcat acacttaaaa taataaaaaa aaaaaaaatt catacacttc     35100
     taagggaaaa tcatcaatgc taaatacatt ttcgttttaa ttcaaatgtt gttttcattt     35160
     taagggacat gtcactcttt aaagtgctaa tgagtgtatg tcacatttta gtttatgcag     35220
     agaatgacct ccgagtctgt tttcacacct ctagctgcat caacaccaca acatgtgaaa     35280
     cctcagctat tcttccattg ctagataaaa gcctcatcag tgccctgtag acacacaact     35340
     attaacacac tattaacata ctctctgata cttgataatc agccttaaac taaagtctgt     35400
     aagacacaga tttgtcattt cagcaccaag gacagagata taaatcattt ttgcgttgga     35460
     aaactgatct aacatacctt tatacatatt cacacagatt taaaaaactg agcgtttgtg     35520
     agcataatct caataagata atattgagat gaaatgaatg caagcaaaca taatctgaca     35580
     aatattaaaa tcagtaaact aggattgcta ggaaacattt aattcagaag aacatattca     35640
     aaagctttta atatgccatg cttaatgttg cttaacttta atttacaaac ttattcttct     35700
     ccttacacaa tcagggacat ctttgatttc aaactgatct gatataaaaa ggacatttga     35760
     gtttcttaac cataaatata cacaacatca catcattaaa tcctacacag aacacaaaaa     35820
     agggaacaac atgataaaag cctgtgcagt aaacagcaga aggtattttt cagactttat     35880
     atttttaact cataacagtg tgatggttgt ttttgacttt accactatga taaaaacttt     35940
     aacttcagat ttagacccag cccatataag aggatgtgac tgtgactctt actgaagtca     36000
     gaaggctgaa acgagtttca ttacttcctg cttgaaagac aggaagaaac taaatgtgag     36060
     aattgctgga gtgaacatca gcaaacagct tttagcttta aataagtgtc tcatcttatt     36120
     ttaagtttgt ttaaaggtgc cacatttgag gttcagaatg agaaacatat aatcattaat     36180
     actgtacagt ttatatatat atatatatat atataaagta actttgggtg attaaatagt     36240
     ggtacaaaca aaaattcaat gtcacattca gtatattcag catgtaaaga cagtacaaac     36300
     atcaaccaca attgattaac aaaaaaaaac ttccagaaaa gctactaaag tttttactat     36360
     cgattgtgtt ttatgctctt aattttcttg attttgagca aacatttttt tcttgaagca     36420
     cttttaaaag tccaatccac tgtacctttt accatgtgtg tgcatttgaa aaccaacagc     36480
     tgtctaaata aaaacagaag agcaggttgt ctcattgaac tcttatacat ttagatgcat     36540
     ttatttattg aaatctactc ccaatagtgt actaagactt tgctaacaaa taacgcagaa     36600
     aagttcaacc aactcttcac tcaaataaat atgaaaaatg ttcttctctg aaagacaaca     36660
     ccaagaaagc ttaatataaa tccctgatta agagttcaat taagagttta catgagttta     36720
     ctaggctata gatttatttt gaagagaccc gtttaaactg catatgccat ttattaggat     36780
     taattaaaat cagtcaatga aaaacatact gtatcttttg tcttttttcc atattggcaa     36840
     gcctaaacac aatctaatgt tacacggcgt gcttcttcga gaggacaaca taattatttg     36900
     tatgaaacaa acacaatgaa aagcctacat gaatatattg tacaaaccca attccaaaaa     36960
     atttgggaga ctgtaaaaat tgtaaataaa aaaagaaatg caataattta caaatcttat     37020
     acacttatat tttatttcca atagaatata gataacatat caaatgttta aagtgagaaa     37080
     tttggctcat tttggatttc aagacagcta cacattctaa aaaagttggg acagcaataa     37140
     caggctagaa aagtcaaatg tacatataag gaactgctga ggaccaattt ccacttaata     37200
     ggtcaactga tgatttgggt ataaaaaaaa gcctctcaga atgtgagtct cttagaggtc     37260
     aagatgggca gaggattgaa aatttcccta atgctgcaac aaaaaatagt ggactggagc     37320
     catatcataa aggactttct cagctaaaat tgcaaagagt ttgaaatttt caccatctac     37380
     tgtgcataat atcatccaaa gattcaaaga atctgaataa tctctgtgcg caagggtcaa     37440
     ggccggaaaa ccacactgat tgcccgtgat cttcaggacc ttagactgca cagcatcaca     37500
     aacaggaatt ctactataat aaaaattaca atatgggctc aggatttttt ccaggaaaca     37560
     ttgccggtga acacaatcca ctgtgccatt caccgttgcc ggctaaaagt ctattggtca     37620
     acaaaaaaac atatttaaac atgatccaga agggcaagcg ttttctctgg gccaagcctc     37680
     atttagaatg gactgtggca aagtggaaaa ctgttctgtg gtcaaaattt aaagttcttt     37740
     ttggaaaact gggacgctat gtcatccgga ttaaagagga cagggacaac ccgttgttat     37800
     cagcgctcag ttcagaagcc tgcatctctg atggtatggg gttgcatgag tgcatgtcgc     37860
     atgggcagct tacacatctg gaaagggacc atcaatgctg aaaggtatat ccaagttcta     37920
     gaacaactta tactctcatc caaatgtcgt ctctttcagg gaagaccttg tattttccaa     37980
     cataacaatg ctagattaca tactgcatca atttcaacac catggatgcg tagaaggatc     38040
     caggaactga aatagccggc ctgcagtcca gatttttcac ctataaaaaa catttggcgc     38100
     attataaaga ggaagatgcg gcaaaaaaga ccttaaacag tcgagcacct agaaacctgt     38160
     attaaacata agtgggagaa cattcctatt cctaaacttc agcaacttgt ctcatcggta     38220
     cccagacatt tgcagagtgt tttaaaaaga agaggggatg cctcatagtg gtaaacatgg     38280
     ccttgttcca actttttaaa aaaatctgtt gatgccatta aatatgaaat caacttattt     38340
     ttcccctaaa aaaatgacac atttttgcat gcattttaaa catttgacgt gtcatctatg     38400
     ttttatactg aagaaaatat tgaaatttga aatgttattg cattcagttt taactcacaa     38460
     tttgtacagt gtctcaactt ttttggaatc gggtttgtag ttgtatgaca aaaaaacaaa     38520
     aacattcctg agttaacagg tattgtaagc tataattatt tctgtgttag cagctctgtt     38580
     ttttttattt tagatgttta gctgttattg tggttgtaca caaatatatg aaaaacaaat     38640
     tacagaatta cctctgagac agactcaaaa acaaggtaca aagaaaacat tataacctaa     38700
     agatattgat agttttaaaa gtaaaaacca agttgacatc agacaacaac aaaaaataat     38760
     aaaaacagtt catgacctct ttaacaatgt attgggcttt atttcaagtg gtgctcactg     38820
     cagagccaat tgggcagagc tgagctccag cgagggggag cttgagcttg agctcctctt     38880
     tcttgcactt tttctacgag tgatgtcact gggggtaggg ttaggagtgg ggttggtgta     38940
     agcattaaaa cagcttatag gaggaggagc gagagctcat gctccctatc gctggagctc     39000
     agctctgctc aaatggctct gcagcgagca gtgtctcctt tattttgtct agagtgtgca     39060
     cacacacaca cacacatacc atgcatatat caaatcaaaa tatgtctgta aaccccctta     39120
     ttcacatgca aagactcatt tattaaattt ttatcatcaa aaacaggaaa ttagaagccc     39180
     ttatttccgt ctttttccag tggtaaacca cacagcatat ttttgaagca gtgaaagaac     39240
     attactctct cattgttttg agagtggcca ttttaaggtg cacaatatct aacttcaagt     39300
     tagttagaac ttgttcaatt ataatacatg gattaataaa tgggggtttt gtttgagtat     39360
     tggaaggatg gttggttgat ttttttttct agtcattctg atgtggtatg tggtgtgaaa     39420
     gcaaaaaaag ttaaggtgaa agtgcattag agcctcagtt gactgaagaa gaggctgatg     39480
     gacacatggt gaggacacat tcatctactc ttattttcta gcatgagcaa atggtttgaa     39540
     agcttgatca tttgttcact ttttataggg gaattcaaag cacaaggatc attttagagg     39600
     acgactgata atgagatatt acttcattgt gttgctttcc tcaactatat gtaaatacct     39660
     aaatgtcttt ttaaatatta atcaaaatac atttaacact atataattac tttaactttt     39720
     ttcaactgtt ttgtgcttta tttgcagtct gctccactgg ttttgatgtt gttcaggaag     39780
     ataatgtaaa aatagttgaa gctggcgggg atgtaaactt tacctgcata tttccatggc     39840
     atgttccatc gacaaaagca tggtttaaac agacaactgt tggaaaatac ctacagatag     39900
     tgtccttaga tttaaaaaaa cagcttaagt ggaattccag ctttgagaaa acaaatcgct     39960
     ttaatgttac caatgtatac gattatttta atctgaccat tttaaagaca aagccttcag     40020
     actctgcaac atatttctgt gtagtttcag catatgaaac cattggaatg ggcacagcaa     40080
     ctagattgct tgtcaaaggt actttttttt ttttaggttt tgtttggtct gttgtgcctg     40140
     atttttattt atttttgtac tgactatatt ctgtgtttgt aaagacgcag ccgcagacag     40200
     aaacacaaat cttcatcagt ctttgataga aactgttgat ccaggagatg cagtcaattt     40260
     gcagtgcagc atcttcactg agagctgtgc aggagatcac agcgtctact ggttcaagca     40320
     aagctcagga caccctgaag gagtgcttta caccaaagga gagagaaatg gccgctgtaa     40380
     gaaaaccact gagtctcaaa cacagagctg tgtctacagt ctccacaaga acaacatcag     40440
     tcgctctgat tctggcattt actactgtgc tgtggccaca tgtggagaaa tactgtttgg     40500
     aagaggaact caactgaata ttagaggtaa ggtttttaga gaaatattta aagcttgcta     40560
     ttcaggagga atatttgatt cagatattgc tggaaaactc tatgaactga tctacaatca     40620
     gcacactgaa tcacatattg aatgttttgt aatttcagaa tgtaatgctg taaacccaac     40680
     tctttttgct atggggattt taaacatctt atttttggca tacgctgttt ttgtgaccat     40740
     aaaacaatgt aagaaaggta agatatttat tgggacactt actgctaaca tgtatttgta     40800
     attgcacata tataattaca atacatatat actggcttct gtgggtttta tcaacgtaca     40860
     tttataaaga cctttgtaag acaaagagag acaaatatta aacactattg gagtcatatt     40920
     tcccatagct tatgacgaca ctccaaaaac ataataataa taataatgcc actagtatgc     40980
     ttagaaaaat caacaataaa aaaagtataa aacaaacttg ataaggatgt ttttagatat     41040
     ttgtgctaga ggggaaatat atatttttgt taccttttta agacccacgg gacaacttgt     41100
     tacgttttat tgctttttaa tttttttttt tcctttttca tccacaatcc atgaatctca     41160
     aggcaatcaa gtaagttttt gaaattattt cttagaattg taaaaaacaa cagtaatttt     41220
     acaattacaa ttatttgaat ctttatattt tacatttaga gtagatttaa ctttaagata     41280
     tttcatttag aataacatag ccaatcatat caagtgcaaa aaatacaatg ttaaagacct     41340
     ttttaaattt gattgattgt ttttctctga ttattgtagg gtgaagacat tctgatcttt     41400
     gctgcccaaa ataatttgat tgaaggactc gatgtgaagt tttctgaaga acattcattt     41460
     gtaaagtaca gcatgatgac tcaaaaaatg cctacaaaac gcttcaggcc ataagaagtt     41520
     caactcaagt ctaaatgcag cttagttcat gttcatgatg tgtttgcaga aaataatgtc     41580
     aacttattgt tttttaaata taatctgaaa tgtcattttg aacatgtttt attctgaata     41640
     tacttgattg cgtgcacatg tgggcattaa cagatctcgt cagagcttgt ttaactcttt     41700
     ggcttcacaa ttctttcact caaatacagt acaagccaaa tgtagctctg ttttgtctgt     41760
     tattgctgct gtatctctta ttcagttctg catgtctttc tgttcataat atcacattca     41820
     gcaaatatgc aacatttaaa atattaaaac atttagcaaa aaaactgcaa ataaagctac     41880
     agaagtgttt agtatggatt gcattttatg ctccttaatg tcttgatttt gtgataacat     41940
     ttactgtcct gaagcgcttt taaaaatcca gtctattgtt ttatctaaat atatgaattt     42000
     ctgaatccag tttgaagtac cttttaccct gtctatgctt ttgaaaaacc acatctgtct     42060
     aaataaaaac agaagaactg tttgtctgat tgaactctta tatatttaaa tgcatttatt     42120
     tattgaaaat ttactcttga tactgtcctg atactttgct aacaaataat gcagaaaagt     42180
     tcaactaatc acaaacaact ctttgctaaa gtgtatgtct ttttttatct gtggatatgt     42240
     gaaaaataat tgggtaaata taagagacac aaactatttt aaaaaatctt aactttaagg     42300
     tttaaagtta tttaataaac aaagctatgc aggtcgctca gttaatgcat cagctaaaag     42360
     acttttcaaa tattattgta taaatcacag aaacatttgt atattattca attatataag     42420
     aaaattaata ttaaaaacac aaatacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     42480
     acacacacac actacctgac aaaagccttg tcattgatcc cagttgtaag agcaacaaat     42540
     aataacttgc cttctagttg ataatttgga taagtgtcag aaggtaaatt tttaagaaga     42600
     ttcatctgtt gaactgcatc ttaatcatgg acttaagcct ggacccaaga tactcacaga     42660
     aatcagtcaa gtttggtgac ggtaaagtca tggtttgggg taacattcag tatgggggca     42720
     tgcaagatat ctgcagagat gtatcaagac atttgtgctg cccattacaa tacaaaccaa     42780
     aggagagagc aaattcttag gatagcgctc cttctcatac ttcagcctcc acaaagttcc     42840
     tgaaagctaa gaaggtcaag gtgttccagg aatggcccgc ccagtcataa gagatgaaca     42900
     ttattgagca tgtctggggt aagatgaagg aggaggcatt gaagatgagt ccaaagaatc     42960
     tagatgaact ctgggagtcc tctgggagcc attccagatg actttattag taagttaatt     43020
     gagtcattgc agagatgtat ggatgcagtc ctccaagctc atgagggtca cacacaatta     43080
     ggggtatcaa aattaatcgt ttcttcggtg cactgcgatg cagacgcgga caattcggta     43140
     tcggttcagt aataatcata accggttatt actgacgtca tttacctcat atgcgctctg     43200
     tcgcgaggga ggtgatcgcg agtatttaca acactccaac tacttaaaac tcataaactg     43260
     tgcacaattt cactgtggcc ccgtttacac tagtacgttt tagttttaaa acggcgtttt     43320
     agaatgaaaa cgatccgcgt ccacactcgc gttttaccca gcgtttctga actgctctcc     43380
     gtccacacca aaacgctgaa aacgcacatc acgtgaccac acagacgctc tcgggcaagc     43440
     gctgcgccca tctacccagt tgagagctgt gctagtcgga cttctcatca agcatctccc     43500
     gctggatcta atctcactat atttattaaa cgggatattt catttatctt gttgtcttta     43560
     tctaacgaca tattccctga ctttgggcat tggaatctat tacttgttct caggtaacgt     43620
     gttttggctg agcgcaaaga taagttaatg attaatgaaa ccacgtagcc tattctgtat     43680
     attgactgat cgcttgcctt tatttcctat aatgtataaa cttattgtat gttatacttt     43740
     ttaaatggcc attatcaatt cttaaagctg atactcagca aaagagaggg tgtgtttcgt     43800
     attttcactg aaattgaaag gaggcagttg ttatcaactc cgttttgtta taaatatcca     43860
     gacagtgaag atgacactca tcttatgcag cacgacgcct caacatttct gctgtctaag     43920
     ttgctaatat taaaatgaaa ataggcagtt ccttatatca tgtttacatt ttattgttga     43980
     gaaagtgaaa caacgaagcc agggtgatgt gaatgaagtt ataaagtaca ctgttccctt     44040
     tgaagattta cccgtgtcct tggtatagtc tgcttttcca tatcaaactg agaagaagag     44100
     atgcagcctt gatcaaactt gcgaagtctg aacttacacg gagaagatgc aggactgaac     44160
     tgtgcgtgtt aggctactta atattcagaa aaagccccaa tcagagagac gaacgtctgc     44220
     agccccgcct ccgttttcag atttctccgt tttccatcat ccacactgag acggagcagc     44280
     agcgttttag aatgaaaacg gcctctccag cgttttcgaa acgatccgtt ttcggcgctc     44340
     gagaactccg gcgtagtgtg gacggttggc gtaaccgtag caaaacttat gcgttttcaa     44400
     actaaaacgc attagtgtaa acggggcctg tgtgtgtttg ctgtatcagt ctttcactga     44460
     aatatacagc aaaagcccct atttaactgc gattgagcta ataaaagtac tccatttctc     44520
     tctctctctc tctctcacac acacacacac acacacacac acacaggccc tgtgtatgga     44580
     actgtgtatg gaaagcaccg tcaatgcacc gagatatcga attgaaccga atcgatggaa     44640
     taataaatgt aaccgaaccg tgagactagt gtaggttcac acctctacac accatattaa     44700
     ttcttttccc actgcaccat gaccttatat tctattctgt acattatttc tgttaagtga     44760
     caagactttt gtctaagcaa attcagacct ttctgtccta attaaataat ccaaaaccga     44820
     gtcataatca ttattttttg gtaaaataag cgtaatctag aggcctttgc cttaaatatg     44880
     agccacttgt gataactaat gatcaactaa aagtcaagtt agtatctgtt gtttctaaaa     44940
     cttggatagt ttttgcaaaa gtttgggtaa ccctgataat tcttttaaat tgcaagacat     45000
     actctgcttt aattaggata tattttatat accatatgca aaaagcaaca tttcagttct     45060
     cacgacactt gtttaatcaa cagatgcaat gcaatttaaa tcaaaatgta aaaaagtttg     45120
     tcttgtaaaa tgtctccagt ttagtcaaga ttgatgggtg ctgagcatga atggcctttt     45180
     ccaaaacaat ccataaattt ttgatgatgt tcaagtctgg ggctggaatg accattctag     45240
     aacattgtat cttgtctgag catttggatc attgtcctgc tgaaacatcc aaccctgccg     45300
     taacttcagc ctcttgactc attcttgaac attgttcttt agaatctgct gatactgagt     45360
     gaaatccatg cagccttcaa ctatgacagg gaacctgtgc ttgccacaca tccccacagt     45420
     atgatggacc ctccactata ttttacagta gggagcaagt tcttctcctg gaatgctgtg     45480
     ttatttttcc accatgcaaa gcgcagacag ctctggcatc tgtccccact gtttttgcta     45540
     aatgattcag gcttgtccag atgagccttt gcatacctca aataactctt cttgctcaga     45600
     gaactcataa aatgtgcatc acccttcaac taaactgttc ttggtgtaga gtgagctgga     45660
     ctgtggaatg atgtacaatg acattatcag caacaataca ttcctggagc tcttttgagg     45720
     tgatctgtgg tttgtttgtg accattcaac ccattatgca cccttctttc acaacaactg     45780
     tttctgtgac ctccaatttt cttactatat ctcttactat ggagaaacct ttgtgatagc     45840
     tttttgcatc ctcctcctaa ttcatgtagg tgaatttttc tagcttttag gtcattttga     45900
     ggttcccatg ttgctacttt ctggttcata aggaagcaca actagcaatc agctatttta     45960
     aatagtcttt ttcaccaggc tgcacctgcg ttggtattgt ttaagttcac cgagtcaccc     46020
     aaatctattt tgtgttgtaa tcagccagca ttatgtgaat acaggtttta aaatccacac     46080
     aaaatagagg ctgcccaaac ttttgcataa aactgtataa atacagggtg ttacatgggc     46140
     actgaagagt ttgagagctg catctacagt atcagctgat ctgtcagcag actgacagca     46200
     ttcaaaggct gacaggaact acttttaggg cgcactcaca ctatgctatc tgaactgtgc     46260
     ccaggtgcgt ttcctggttt gtttgagaag tgtgagtgcc ctgaattggg ctcaggcatg     46320
     gttcagttgg ccggccctgg cctggttgga agagatgtcc cacagcgtgg ttcacttggg     46380
     ctttggcacg gtacgctttt agtgtgagtg caaaaactga aggcgccatg tgacttttaa     46440
     gggactgttt aatatgaatt tattaatcat tcttactgtt caatgaacat gaactatcat     46500
     agtttattaa agacgcaaac ccctcactgc acatcagctg caccttcagc aatcttccta     46560
     atacctgcag cacgaagact tttatgagta tttatgagcg tcaaaagtgt ctgatatggt     46620
     ctgcaaaata tttgacagtg tgtctctgca tatcaaacaa ctaaaattat ataactaaag     46680
     aaatctccac tgtgctgagc gagagcactt ctcttctgtt aaactgaaga gcgcatcatc     46740
     aatgacataa gcgtgcgcct gctcagatgc aatgtgagtg caggccatca ggggagaggg     46800
     aaagaaggac aagtgtgcta cggcacaatt caaggcaact gtacatagtg cgagtacgcc     46860
     ctcaaacact ctagtgctaa ctaggaaact ctgtgactag tcaacagtat ggggtgtgca     46920
     tattaatgat tcctgcagcc tgtttttttt tttttttctg actggacttt ttttcatcaa     46980
     gattttacac ttgtgggatt tatatacgac tgaggaaaca gtgatatttg aggctcactt     47040
     tatgctattt ccatgtacta gactcttatc attcagctat agccaggtgc aaaatatcca     47100
     gatttccact acatggcacc tttaacataa gtttcaacca agggtgcaac agttcacaaa     47160
     atacttggtt caaattgata gggcacaatg atgtcaccgt tcagaacatc tttggtacag     47220
     caaaataaag aaatttcctt gtgttttaca tatttttatt ttcttaaaac taagattata     47280
     aaagcatgaa ctcagtttac acatatgtca tgtacatgta tgaatgtgta ttgctacacc     47340
     cctagttaca acacagaaag tattctctct aacactctac acctgaatcc acaaaaagac     47400
     agaactagag agaagggtct ggggctgcag acagagtgca agcagaatgc aagctgagac     47460
     atctgttaaa gcgtttacca aacaccacct ttaaccctac ccctcacagt gaagtcacta     47520
     gatctattga gtgcatgtgc ctgagactac atgagtaagc ttctgtttgc agccagacac     47580
     gattggagct agtatataaa tatataatag tagatgagat ccaagaccgg tgaagagatg     47640
     atgcagagca tagaaaactt tgaggacaac acatacaatt tatacacaaa cacagacaga     47700
     gaatctgact gttttttttt ttttcatttt aagggaaatg gcactcttta aagtgctagt     47760
     gagtatttgt cacagtttag ttttttgcag agaatgacct ccgagtctgt tttcacacct     47820
     ctagctgcat caacaccaca acatgtgaaa ccacagctgt tctttcattg ctagataaaa     47880
     gccttatcag tgccctgtag acacacaact attaacacac tattaacata ctctctgata     47940
     cttgataatc agccttaaac taaagtctat aagacacaga tttgtcattt cagcaccaag     48000
     gacagagata gatataattt ttgcattgga aaagggatct tacatagctt catacaaagt     48060
     catgcagaat aaaaaatgaa taaacagctt ttgtgagcat aatctcaata agataatatt     48120
     gagatgaaat gaatgcaaac taacataatc tgacaaatct taaaatcagt aaactaggat     48180
     tgctataaaa cagttaattc agaagaacag aatcagtagc ttttaatatg ccgtgtttaa     48240
     tgtttcttaa ctttaatttg caaacatatt cttctcccta cacaatcaat gtgtctgttt     48300
     ggtttcaaac tgatctgatg taaaaaggac atttgagttt cgctatcata aacgtacaca     48360
     agcatcacat cattaaagtc tatagagcac agagaaggga acaacataat aaaagcctgt     48420
     gcagtgtaca gccaaatgca tttgctttag aatttatact cataaaaggt tgttttcgac     48480
     ttaactgctg tgatcaagac ttaaacctta gattcagtcc cagtccatat aaggagagga     48540
     tgtgactgtg gctctaactg aagtcagaag gcagagacga gtttcatcat ttcctgctaa     48600
     aaaaagacac gaagaaactg ttcattatag agcgagttag agtgaacatc agcagatagc     48660
     ttttagcttt ctaagtgtct catcttattt taagtttgtt taaaggtgcc agaattgtgg     48720
     tttcatgttt tggaagttca gaatgagaaa taaatataaa tcacttttac tgtacagttt     48780
     atgtattatg aaattattta taaaaatgta ctttctgtgt aattaaatag tggtacaaaa     48840
     ttaaacttca gcacattcag catgtgaaga gattataaac cacaattggt caaaaaaaaa     48900
     aaactgccaa taaagctaat aaagttttta ctattgattg tgtttcatgc tctttagttt     48960
     cttaaatttg tgctaacatt tctttaagca cttttacagt ctatataaat aggattatat     49020
     ttttgaatgc agtttaaagt accatttacc ccatgtactg tatgtatttg aaaaccaacc     49080
     gctgtctaaa taaagagaat gcatctaaaa aaaattacat ttagatggat ttatttgttg     49140
     aaaatctatt cctgattctg tactgatact ttgctaacaa ataatgcaga aaagttcaac     49200
     caactctttg ccccatcaaa tatgaaaaat gtactcgtcc gaaagaaaac cataagcacg     49260
     cttaatataa aggcctgatt aagagttata ttaaaagttt acatgactac caggctattg     49320
     ttttgtttct gaagaaaccc atctaaactg catatcccat ttattagaac taattaaaag     49380
     cagtcaatga aaaatatact gcatctttca gcatattttt gcttgtgcaa ataccagcag     49440
     cctaatcaca tcctaatgtt acatgcagct agtgctactt cgagagaaac aacataatta     49500
     tgtatatgaa acaaacataa tgaaaagcct acctgaattt gtgatattag ttcaacacaa     49560
     aatcccaaaa atatctgagt taacagttgt tatctataat ttctgtgttc gcagctctgt     49620
     tttctttttc ttttaaatga tttgttgtta caggggttac acacaaataa tagaaaaaaa     49680
     cattacagtt taattccact catactctga gacagactca atgccaagat ccaaagaaag     49740
     cttattatta cctatagata ttgatatttt ggaatgtaaa aaccatgtaa atgtcattaa     49800
     ttgccatcag acaatgacaa aaaataataa aaatagttca tgacctcttc aacacattgc     49860
     attgggcttt attttgtctt agagcgtgca aatgtatata tactgtacat accatgcatt     49920
     tatcaaatca aaatacttct gtaaagcccc ttattcaaac tgcaaagact catttattaa     49980
     atgtttatca tcaaaaacag gaaattagag gcccttattt ccgacttctt tccagtggta     50040
     aaccacacaa tgtatttttg aaaccctgaa aaaaaaatga attactttgt tttgagagtg     50100
     gccattttaa aataaaccgt taactaactg ttcaataatc aataacaata cacatattaa     50160
     taaatgaggg tttatttaag agtaatggaa ggatggttgg tttagatttt ttctactcat     50220
     tctgctgtgg tatgtggtgt gaaagtataa aagttaaggt gaaagtgcaa aagagcctta     50280
     gttgtctgaa gaagaggctg atggacacat ggtgaggaca cattcatcta ctcttatttt     50340
     ctagcatgag taaatggact gatagcatgc tcatttgtcc actttttata ggggaattca     50400
     aagcacaagg atcattttaa aggacgactg ataatgagat attacttcat tgtgttgctt     50460
     tcctcaacta tatgtaaata cctagatgta tttttaaata tttattaaaa tacatttaac     50520
     attatataat tactttaact tttttttcaa ctcttttgtg ctttatttgc agtctgctcc     50580
     attggttttg atgttgttca ggaggataat gtaaaaatag ttgaagctgg tgaggatgtg     50640
     aactttacct gcaaatttcc agagctggta cagtcgataa acgcatggtt taaacagaca     50700
     actgatggca aatccctaca aatagtatct tcatatttaa atcaacagcc tagctggaat     50760
     cacaactttg agaaaacaaa tcgttttatt gttgccaatg aaaatggtta ttttaatctg     50820
     accattttta agacaaagcc tttagactct gcaacatatt actgcgtaat ctcagcatat     50880
     caaaccattg gaatgggctc aggaactaga ttacttgttg gaggtatgta tttatttatt     50940
     tattttttgg tataaggtgg ctaattttat ttatttttgt tttgactgtt tgactgtgct     51000
     tgtgaagact cagccacaga cagaaactca actcttcatc agtctttgat agacactgtt     51060
     gatccaggag attcagtgaa tttgcagtgc agcatcttca ctgagagctg tgcaggagat     51120
     cacagcgtct actggttcaa gcaaagctca ggagactctg aaggagtgct ttacaccaaa     51180
     ggagagagaa atggccgctg taagaacagc actgagtctc aaacacagag ttgtgtctac     51240
     agtctccaca agaacaacat cagtcgctct gattctggca tttactactg tgctttggcc     51300
     gcatgtggac aaatactgct tggacgagga actcagctga atattagagg tatttatatt     51360
     ttacataaag gtttttagag aaatatttaa agcttgccat tcaggaggaa catttgattc     51420
     agatattgct ggaaaactgt atgaactgat ctacaatcag cactctgaat catatattga     51480
     atgttttgta atttcagaaa gtgatgctgt aaatccaact ttgattgctc tggggatttt     51540
     aaatgtcata tttttggtgt atgctgtttt tgtgaccata gaactacgta ataaaggtaa     51600
     gatatttatt gagacattta ttgctaacat gtatttgtaa ttgcacatat ataattacaa     51660
     taaatatata atagcttttt tgggtttatc aagaccaatt taaaaattat tagaagtcat     51720
     aattcccata gcttattatc acactgcaaa aatatattat tattattatt attattatta     51780
     ttattattat tatattgcca ccacttggtt tagaaaaata ttccaaaaaa ggaaaaaaaa     51840
     aaaaaacatc taaagcaaaa cttgattgaa gtacgtttag atatctgtgt tggggaatat     51900
     atgtatatgt gtatatatat atatatgtat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     51960
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat ttgttacctt     52020
     tttaagaccc actggataac tcattacgct tttttgcctt ttattttttt tcttcttcat     52080
     acacaaacca cacatctcaa gacaataaag taagttcttg aaattaaaag agcaaaaata     52140
     atgttgaaga ttttttttaa aagattgatt agttgttttt ttctaattat tgcagggtga     52200
     agacattctg atcttggctg atcaaaatga tttgattgca ggactcaacg tgaagttttc     52260
     tgaagaacat tcatttgtaa agtacagcat gatcatgcaa aaaaatgcct ataaaacgct     52320
     tcaggccata agaagttcaa cttgagtgta aatgcagctt agttcatgat gtgtttgcag     52380
     aaattaattt cagctcattg tctttttttt tttaagattt ttttttattg aatattgtta     52440
     attgcatgta catgtgggca ttaccagacc atatcatttg ttgtttggta tgttcaactc     52500
     tttggcttta caattccttt gctcaaatga gagccaaatg taactttgtt ttgtctgata     52560
     ttgctgctgt atttgttatt cattactgca tgtctttttg ttcataattt cacactcagc     52620
     aagtatacaa catttaaaac attaaaatat ttaacaaaaa actgctaaaa aagctaataa     52680
     agtttttact attgattgca tttcatgatc tttcttttct ttctataaaa atagaagaac     52740
     tgtttgtccc attgaattct taaacattta gatgcattta tgtaataaaa ttaactttaa     52800
     tttattcctg atactgtact tatactatgc taagaaataa agcaaaaatg ttcatccaat     52860
     cacaaataac tgtttgctag agtgtttgtc tgagctccgc ccctataagc aggctattgt     52920
     caaagataat tgaaggcaag cctaaaacaa ttagcccaaa aagctaatgc taacgctgcc     52980
     tttatggaga ctaagagtta ctaaagtgat tgctaggaca tttattttat taatatttta     53040
     taaaaagtta cataatgaca ttacaacagt ttcaaaaaga gactcaacaa tcctgcaaaa     53100
     atctgcagtt ttggtggagc tttctgtgga tttgcgctgg cacagattct gtgtaagcct     53160
     ggctattagc taccaacatt cttcaaaata tcttgtgttt tcattagaaa aaaagtagtc     53220
     agtaaaatat tttttgcggt aaaatagccc attgggctgg actagtatat tatattatat     53280
     tcaagatata ttgtgcataa tattcattca gggcatcacg gtggcgcagt gggtagcatg     53340
     gttgcctcac agcaagaagg atgctggttc gagcctctgc tgggtcagtt gacatttctg     53400
     tgtggagttt gcatgctctc cccgtgttcg catgggtttt ctccaattgc tctggtttcc     53460
     ccaagaatcc aaagaaatgc actgtaggtg aattgagaag gctaaattgt ccagagatgg     53520
     gtggcagcta agagcatccg ctgcgtaaaa atatgcagta taagttcatt ccgatgtagt     53580
     gaccccagat taataaaggg actaagccaa aaagaaaatg aatgaatgaa tgaatgaatg     53640
     catgaatgaa tgaatgaatg ttcagcaggt tgacattgga ttttaagttt taacattcaa     53700
     attctcacca aacacctggg gtttcattta taagatttgc atagaaacct tcctaaaggt     53760
     gaacatacac cagaataaat gttaattaat gtattaatga atatggctca tttaattaaa     53820
     gtagttcaat taagccaata tttaaggtaa tatgtttgct taatagtttt ctaacaactg     53880
     tgcttattct cccatcaagt tagtttttta cttaaagtgt tttctctcag gctataattt     53940
     atatgaagaa cttcacattt tataagtcaa ggaagttttt cctctgtttt ctttatttta     54000
     gatgttttgt tggttataca gtattgcacg aactctcaaa attgacaaat attttaattc     54060
     gttcaaaaaa aaggtctgta accttggaca ctcatgcaac aatattacat ttatataatt     54120
     gaaaagttga catcacaccc tgatcacatt caaaaacata tgctaaatcg tagagtccta     54180
     tctcaagact gacgtcatgg aatgtcattt ttaacaccag taatattcga tagtgaatgc     54240
     aaactaaaag attctgatgt tttgtcaatt tcacaattag cattcaatcc cccatgctag     54300
     ctgacaaggg aattgaaagc cagtttacta tgcagaactg ttatctaatc atagaagtgg     54360
     gcatttactt caactggact gctcataaaa acgacccata ctcgaaggaa caaaacagct     54420
     tattacctat agattttgat atgttggaaa ttaaaaaccc ttttaacaca atatactggg     54480
     ttttattttg tcttaaagtg ttcaaatgtg tattttaaaa attacaggca ggagtgaacg     54540
     ccacaaaaaa cacataccat ggatttatcg attgaaaatt cttcatgtcc agccatttgt     54600
     caaccccctt ctttaaactg caaagattca tccgtttaat gcttatcatc aaaaacagga     54660
     aatttgaggc ccttactttc tgctttttcc agtggtaaac cacatgatat atttttaaaa     54720
     aactgaaaga atattattta cagttttgag agtggccatt ttaaggtaaa cagttaacta     54780
     agcgtttaaa attaatacat ctattaataa atgagaaagg gttttgttaa gagaaatgga     54840
     aggatggttg gtttcgattt tttctactca ttctgctgtg gtatgtggtg tgaaagtata     54900
     aaagttaagg tgaaagtgca ttagagcctc agttgactga agaagaggct gatggacaca     54960
     tggtgaggac acattcatct actcttattt tccagcatga gtaaatagat tgatagcatg     55020
     ctcatttgtt caccttttat aggggaattc aaagcacaag gatcattttg agggacgact     55080
     gataatgaga tattacttca ttgtgttgct ttcctcaact atatgtaaat acctagatgt     55140
     cttttttaaa ataataatta atatacagta accattatat aattcaattc ttttcaactg     55200
     ttttttgttt tatttgcagt ctgctccact ggttttgatg ttgttcagga agatactgta     55260
     aaaatagttg aagctggcgg ggatgtaaat tttacctgca tatttccagg gcatgtacca     55320
     tcgacaaaag catggtttaa acagacaact gttggaaaat acctacagat agtgtcctta     55380
     gacttaaaaa aacagcttaa gtggaattcc agctttgaga aaacaaatcg ctttaatgtt     55440
     accaaagtag atgattattt taatctgacc attttaaaga caaagccttc agactctgca     55500
     acatattact gtgtagtttc agcatatgaa accattggaa tgggctcagc aactagatta     55560
     cttgtcaaag gtacattttt attttgttgt taagttttgt ttgttttatt ctgtggtggc     55620
     tgatttattt ttgttctgac tatttctgtg tttgtgaaga cgcagccaca gacagaaaca     55680
     caactcttca tcagtcttta atagaaactg ttgatccagg agattcagtg aatttgcagt     55740
     gcagcatctt cactgagagc tgtgcaggag atcacagcgt ctactggttc aagcaaagct     55800
     cgggacaccc tgaaggagtg ctttacacca aaggagagag aaatggccgc tgtaagaaca     55860
     acacagagtc tcaaacacag agctgtgtct acagtctcca caagaacaac atcagtcgct     55920
     ctgattctgg catttactac tgtgctgtgg atcaatgtgg agaaatactg tttggacgag     55980
     gaacccaact caatattaga ggtaagatga acaataaatc tattatttgt atgtgaaata     56040
     aatctattat ttgtaacaca aatatctggt tataatgttg aaatgtttag tttgatcttt     56100
     cctctttgaa aaattattaa attaattgta atataatact gcaagatagt aaaaatcgga     56160
     tctaacaaaa ggagagtcca gatgcaaaag ctttaaaata attttttctc agtctcctgt     56220
     gtttatagta tcctgttatt tcactttgta acctttccat tgctaaaaat ttaaatatct     56280
     tcaagaattt ttttgatgcc atttaaaagc ttttacatcc aaactcactt cacatgtaaa     56340
     catgttatgc aaaaacgttt actcataatt gaaacaagaa ctatacgata ctatatgata     56400
     atcactttac aaatgttcaa taattaaaat tcagtttaat tttcttacag aatattttga     56460
     ttttaatcct ggtcttcttg ctttgggaat ctcaaatatc atgtttttgg cccttgttgt     56520
     tgttctggga atcaaactct gtagaagtca aattaaaagt aagactttat gaatacaatt     56580
     taggtcttaa tatgaagcaa atgtaacagt aaaaattaca ctgctattta taataactag     56640
     actttctctc aatgttttta agcgtccgct tctcaaacaa ctcaagtaag tacttcactt     56700
     tgccgtttta tcaattaaat atgtaatact aaacatctaa aactttttca taaaatgaag     56760
     tcatatcaca taggctttct ctcttaactg gagtttcttt tctgttttct ttttatatta     56820
     ggatgaagat ggcctgaatt acgcatccat aacttttaga cagaaacctt tgaacactag     56880
     aagagcaaga gcaaaattca ctcaagatca gtctctgtac gcacaggtca gatcacacca     56940
     gtaacattca gaggtttaga gaaacttcta taatctgaaa aagtcatcaa atgtcattgc     57000
     aagataaaag ttatcgccaa tttgtaaatc tttgcatgtt actgtgatat ttaattttgt     57060
     actgtatatt tgctattaga tatttagatt tgctaaaaac atgaaaagtg tggatttttg     57120
     tgtcagttga tatttggtca caaagcatga atgctattgg aatgtgttgc ttttcgaaat     57180
     atcaagctgt agtacatttc attttacaac agtttttaat gggaagctgt gtgcactatc     57240
     cttcatttgc atctgctaaa taaatgtgtt tatttatttt atttatttaa ttgtgtgcat     57300
     gtgtatgtta ttgtggaatt ttcaattcct atactgctga tgatgaaaat tgcattacag     57360
     tacactgttt ttattctttt atctctaatg ataaatccgt gtatgtctgg tataaatata     57420
     gttccccggt aacattctag agcacatata tttggactta gcattgcagt attcatctaa     57480
     ataagcacca tgggtggtac actggaacac taacactttt aataatattt tagcagcgta     57540
     atcggttaaa tgcaaaacta aaagtctcta ctgccaccaa gtggtaccaa gaacactgga     57600
     aagggatctg ttggtttaat gaaagggtgc ctcacacatg gtgaatagta tgctaaaata     57660
     tttggctgca gcagaggtca taaactctgc cccctctctc tctgtactgt gaaaacaaaa     57720
     gcaattaaac tacactaact aatatctcca agaaatggtt tctgtaattt tagtatcttt     57780
     attttaattg ctaaacatac aggtgtatgt ttaagtgtac aagattgcta ttacagcagt     57840
     tatagtatat gatgtcataa aaacaggata tggtgcattt attgtatgtt tgtggttcag     57900
     tttcagatat atactgtagg tttagacact tcctgctcta ctgtgctgac ttgggtttca     57960
     tatgcaaatg atgctaaaat aatgattaag gaatttttgt ttaaattttt tactagcaga     58020
     agaatgaatg tttatttatt tattttcatt attatataag ctggcattta tttagctgat     58080
     aataatttta caaatgaaag aagagaaatt agacattgta ttttgatctt agaagcaatt     58140
     attataacat cagaagtctc cataaggtct aatgtcaaaa caagaaataa aatactgaga     58200
     tgtgttttat ttataagtat aacacagcaa aatactgact tactacagtc cgaaaactaa     58260
     gaagaaaaaa actacttaga acataaaaaa aaaaaaactg aacccctgtg aacaaaccag     58320
     gaccccctcg gctctcccgc acctcaccac acaacaaccc caaactgagt gttcctgata     58380
     caggtgagtg ggcttcccaa actccctgtt ttctacactc tatcatctct ctgacattaa     58440
     ccgacactca ccagttttgc acatttgcac cagacacatt cttacaaaca ataaataaat     58500
     acactgcatt tacaaagtgt ttttttacac aggagagtgg gtttgacaaa ccacctgtag     58560
     aaacactctt ctctatagtc tatagttacc ggaacacttg ttccctttca agcccatcaa     58620
     ctccattctg agattttttt ttaacaattt tgacgagaac gataatcact gacactatca     58680
     ccacaaatat gtaaacaaga atatcaaaag gtgatactta tgaaccacaa aaaaatttgt     58740
     tgatccctgc ataaattatg atgtgtaaac atgaagcaaa ataaccgagg attacgagat     58800
     ttaggtataa cgcagggtta agtattacag agtgaaaagc cattatgaag aaagctttat     58860
     cattgttttt tcattacaga tatgttattg tatgggtgaa cgcagcaata ttaatttctg     58920
     ttttgtgtca ggtggatcac gcagatggac aagtttagca tgaattgact agttttgctt     58980
     atatactgta gtagtatcta ttgagacact ctgtgtgaaa actaatttgc agaccacatc     59040
     gcaattaaaa agtgtgccaa aattgttttt aaaatctctg tccgtggtac tgaaataaca     59100
     attttgagtg agattatttt tagtaagcta agcacgactt cattaaaatt aagtctatgc     59160
     taaaatgaat gatatgactg actacaatga tagtcagatt ataaataaac tgctgtacag     59220
     actcacacaa gcacatgtag tttatatgtg taatataatg attgcacttt tttcttttcc     59280
     tacttttttc aacttccaaa attttcctca aaatttttgg acatcttgga aaacagttgc     59340
     tgtcctgttg gcattttcaa agagtttatc actgattttc atcatatttc tgggcaaata     59400
     gttgtacaag tttcaaaaga actttgcttg gaggtatata aattttagat caactgtttt     59460
     aaatgtctga agtttagaat gaaatcgctg tccatggtac tgaaatacca catgttaata     59520
     gacaccattt ttgtgcaata ttttgctttc atattgactg aattgtgcta ctgtacaaac     59580
     acgcactgta gacttttata atttacatct acatcagtta aaaagtcagt aaattattgt     59640
     catatattga aaaggaattg ttaatttatt tgcacattaa taaatactgc tgaattttat     59700
     tttcaacacc ttgtgatcca taaccaagta aatatataat gtaaaaatac actttttttt     59760
     gtaacaataa aaatgaaaaa aaaaatatat atataatcga aactgaactt tgcaaatcac     59820
     tgcttcacat tattagtgag gctgttaata atttcaattt tatttcatga ctaatacaat     59880
     caaagtaaga ttgtgaatca tctgcatgtt aattatcttt actctttagt taatttagga     59940
     tattactcaa tcacattgtg gtacatcatt agactgcttc atgtttttat aaagagagcc     60000
     tgcatatttg agaggtgaat cccagtgtta ttaataagtg gtcagtgaga cccctctagt     60060
     ggaaaatttc tgcaaaaact ccacaatgac acaatgaggg tgaggcctgc agcataatag     60120
     aatgcattta aaaacaacac actaaattaa taaagacttt gaaatactgt atattatggg     60180
     taaagtctgc attttatttt ctgaatgctt caattttact aattaaacac atttaataga     60240
     gcacatccat tttaaaagta cagtataaac agcagacagt aacttaaaaa atagcctgtt     60300
     tcgctcaatg catatataac cagttagttc agctgagcgc gtttatagtt tatgatacaa     60360
     aaataaactg ttaccattca gtatgccata aagcagtaat ttatttgact aatgtagtga     60420
     gtggtgtgtg ggtgtgtgtg caacgttgac tcagagaaag gtgtgaacac actagctggt     60480
     cagtcctgtg gttggaaaat gctcaaagtg caccgtgcac aaagggcatg catgcaagtg     60540
     atgcatgcaa aagcacaaag gtgcacaaac acatctgagc ataaagcttg aagtgtctat     60600
     ttaatctgtt aacaaacagg caaaacactg cacatactat aaattagagc atacaactaa     60660
     tttacacaac acaattcgac aactttaaaa ttttcattca cctaaaatca attaaaagta     60720
     ataaaaagtc attacatatt atacaaatat agtattgtat ttcaaaagag ggactttatt     60780
     tttaaaatat ccaaactcta ttatttgaat ctgtcgagtg ctgtcagtaa tgtctaatac     60840
     tgtatgtttg agaaaagttt atccgctgca gttcacctca tcagttctaa gtctgtactg     60900
     agcagcttct tcctgtcagt cagtcaacag gaaatgatct attttgtttc tgccttctga     60960
     tttgttggtc tcatgttctg acaaatgttg actgaggcaa agtctgtgtt tttttttttt     61020
     ttttggtaga aagaacctaa ggcaaaaaaa ttatatctga acattccagg gtcataacat     61080
     aacataactc aatgtaaact actgtataaa ttatgcaaca tttgccaccc taaccacctg     61140
     ccaatcacac ttgtttttaa catatgatat attgtttaaa tgatacactt ttttacattt     61200
     tgatatttat ctgctatcta aatgtgcata ttattgagta tcaatattga gtattaaggg     61260
     ggaaaagcat aggctctgta ctgaatttct ttttcatttt gagaaatatg ttgcattttg     61320
     catctgtgga agtaaaacac tgtgcatagg cattaataag ctgcatacat taggttattg     61380
     attaatgctt tagtaccaca atatttctaa acacaatagg ttacttgatt tgagtggaaa     61440
     tgtgcacaca ttgtacactt agcaattatt atgccaccaa acatgaatct ctatctcttc     61500
     agtgtatgtg cctaactgtt acacggccac ggtgtaatta tgtaaattat aaaatatgat     61560
     gacactgtta atgacagtta tatactgtgt gtgtttgtgt gtgcttgggt gtgcttgggt     61620
     gtgtctgtgt ttgtgtgggc tatacttgta aaggctcaac tgtcctaact tacagtaaaa     61680
     agttaattat gacttactga accagtaaga acatttcact ggctcacaca aattaaaaat     61740
     gctaatatgc aactggtgcc tagtatctaa tgatttacat gtatttctgt gagggttggg     61800
     tttaggggta gaggtatggt tagacccata gacaatatca ttaaggtgat agaaaaaaca     61860
     acagacatct ataaactcct cctatcctca ccaagataga aaaaccgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     61920
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgcgcgcgc acatacatgt ggtgaaaaac ccatttgatg aaaaacctac     61980
     ttgtgtgtta cctgtggtat gtgtgagtgt gtgtgttggc agcacccatg taaatgcttt     62040
     gtaatactgc ctttcgcaga tttctcccag ccgtgcaact gcaatatgag atgtgcacat     62100
     agagagaggg ccttttttgc acctgaatcc aagcttttaa ttgactgcaa acaagtaaat     62160
     ccataacatt ttgttgatct gtatacataa atgcggtaat tataaatgtt gcaataatta     62220
     atatatattt ttatattttg ttacattata tccatcatcc actagaaagg agaagagaag     62280
     atttattagc caaactgatc tcttcgacac cacaacatga tcttttttca caaatctctg     62340
     taagtacaga tgtattttat tttaaatgtt atgtgtttta atgtgctgtt taatgtgcag     62400
     tttttacact tatttcggaa ttctgtatta ttttggaact ctttattatt caatttgtct     62460
     aaaagctttc caggaccaaa tgttgaggct atcgtatgat tcccatatgc acataaacat     62520
     ttttagtatt gttctgtaat taaataaaat tgatttatga aaaattgagt catatacaat     62580
     ttttgtatta ttccataaac tgcaacaata attatttatt tgatactttt ccctgtagac     62640
     aattaaagct atttgctatt tatctggcaa aataatcctg cactggttaa tgctattgct     62700
     ttacctaatg cgcaagttaa ttatttttca ttcttagtcc tacaattaga cggaattaaa     62760
     tgctagacat tttttcattg tattgatgaa taaactaaat ctaccactga caaaactaac     62820
     gattctctca tttgtttaat tcctaggcag ctgagaaact gcagatgctc agagccatgt     62880
     tctgattgtt caagctggag atgctgttaa cttgacatgt atttttccaa aagagtcaag     62940
     aaccagtgtg gtttgggtca aactgcagag aagcctcttc tatcacttca gcatatcaag     63000
     gtttagctgg ccaatatgaa aatgactgac aaacaaaact gcttttcgat aaaaaaaaaa     63060
     aaaaattatc tgagcatcac aaacatgaat gaatcagata ctgcaattta ctttgtctta     63120
     catatgtgta tgagctcata tttgggaaca gcaccaactt cattgttaaa ggtaaaaaaa     63180
     acattcactt aaatgtgctt cattgagttc agtcaactga tcattttgct gatttctttt     63240
     cagctgttaa agtgaacagt aagtctgagc atcagagatc atcatcagag gatctgcagt     63300
     gcagggtaat ctctcagagc tgtgcagaag aacacaaggt ctactggttt agacagggct     63360
     ctggagaatc tccaccagga gtcatctaca ctcggaacag atttattttg catgctatta     63420
     ctacaactta attttaagtt cgattaagtg tgccttattc caacaaactt caacagataa     63480
     aatgtaaata tgaatgatgc ctaagcaata tttatatata tttatatatt ttttgatata     63540
     tttattataa aatctttggg tgaggcagtg gcgcagtagg ttgtgctgtc gcctcacagc     63600
     aagaaggtcg ctggttcgaa ctttggctca gttggcattt ctgtgcggag tttgcatgtt     63660
     ctccctggct tcgcgtgggt ttgctccggg tgctccggtt tcccccacag tccaaagaca     63720
     tgtggtacag gtgaattggg taggctaaat tgtccttaat gtatgagtgt gtatgaatgt     63780
     atgtgtggat gtttcccaga gatgggttgc ggctggaagg gaatccgctg cgtaaaaact     63840
     tgctggataa gttggcggtt catttcgctg tggcgaccct ggattaataa agggactaag     63900
     ccaacaagaa aatgaatgac tgaatgatta tgaacatttt attaaattta tcattgtttt     63960
     gtttcaggct gacaccacta ctaatgtcag ttacacaatg caccaaaagc gtaccacaag     64020
     gtaccaaaaa taaaactacc tcacaagcga gacataaaaa gtttgatgtt cacctcatca     64080
     ttctgagatt ggaaatttgt tctgtttgtt ttgaatattt ttgttttgaa ggccaattta     64140
     tattgtagac aacaacagac acttcattgt gtttagtgag atcagtgtgt tacccctctg     64200
     ttgaaattct caatctgtat acttaagttc actttcacaa tataattccg atatcgatat     64260
     ggacaatatt aaaaacacag gaaaaactgc caagaacgca tataatagat gtctgtacct     64320
     acagatctct gcaaactgaa tatgcaaagt caataatacc tccaggctct tataactttg     64380
     tttttttttt tttaaataaa aacaatacaa aaaatacatg ttcacttttt atttgtatta     64440
     gcctttacaa acaagaaatg tatgtgcgta tgttaatgtg ggagtttatg cacagatcaa     64500
     gttatgtatg tgcgtgtgta tgtggatgta cgcaatatgc atgcatcaag tttagatgta     64560
     tatgcacaag tttcatactt gttttgaaca ttcaatagta taagtttata tgggagtaat     64620
     ttataggtgt atatgcgtgt gttgataagc gaagttcgat ttaaatccta cacggtgcat     64680
     catagccatt tgtttgcttc atagccttct cttctgaccg ctgattttgg tgttagggtt     64740
     agggttaggt ggaagggggt gaggcgacag gttagcttaa acgtttatga tgcctcatct     64800
     tctgtcattg cttgtgactc tcagtatgtg ctatcaggtg gaaaagattt gatgtgttcc     64860
     cgatgctagt gggcacctct cccgtacatt ttgcagagca ccgaaactat aaatgtttat     64920
     cagaacttaa aaagccgaac cactttcaca ccactgcatt ggtgtttcct ctctcatcaa     64980
     ccacttcatc tgcattctta cttgtggaag cttgttcatc tgtattcagg gcacacttca     65040
     gggcaaactt tctgcgacgg acctaaacaa ctgctgtgcc gagcgctggc aacgtgtctg     65100
     tgatgtcact tgcgtgatga cgtacatcac gctctttctg acggtcactc agtaacaaat     65160
     gatacaatgt acaagatctt acaaatataa taataataat gatatgtaac gaatatggct     65220
     gaccagacac ataactattt tgctttttat ttcacaacca agccaacttt gcccaaagaa     65280
     gactcaaaac ctgatttcaa cgtatttacg acccaaaagg aatgtgccat gcggcattaa     65340
     acaaagaatg aacaggactc tttaagctgc ttgtctaaga ctgatgtttt catataaact     65400
     ttactctctt tatgtttaat catgtgtttt ggagtcatat gtctgactcc accaaagcca     65460
     aacgaactca taagcggttc aagtttggac tttccgaaaa gctcactcgc tgtactaatt     65520
     gatcgttgaa attttatttt aataagagtg caacatatta acattttaag agatttaaca     65580
     tttctgtccc aatttgtata aaatttgcct atgcaaattc ttctgcctcg gacaaagagc     65640
     gtgggaccga aagcaatgcc tctctctgtt aaaaacttct ctctgccctg aaacacgctg     65700
     cctgggagct cttcgcaccc ctctctgttc aacctctctc tctcccggct caaaaggaag     65760
     caactctctc tctctctctt tctcccgtct tcagagcaac cccccccccc cccctctctg     65820
     ctctgaaaca cgccgttttg aactttcttc aaactctcgg tagcttcctc ggaaacccag     65880
     acggaaaggg ttaatcgcac tgagctcgga catttcataa tcaagaatcc tttggccgct     65940
     tcagcttgaa acacagactc tcccactaca accctcgcga gaacaaagaa caacagccga     66000
     accacatgct caacaatcga agctatgacc tcacggacag accgcaagta tcacctctct     66060
     tccaacatct aaactggtgt gagctaaact caaccctaaa gagacaatag aagggttata     66120
     ttgaatttgt ttatgtttgg tttgcttggt ttgttcttac aaaatccgag gtcttcccat     66180
     cattatatcc tctcaacctc taacttcatg ttagttactc ttccctatgc ttgtatgaat     66240
     gtgtgtttgt gttaggtgtt agtttctgtt agattagtca ataaagttta attttgtata     66300
     aagaaaggtg cctgtgtata ttaatgaatc taatgtctta aactttgatc ttgctaccct     66360
     gcttaaactt tatgggtttt tattttgata gcattgctgg acgattcgtt tgttcggatc     66420
     taaagagtcg attcatttaa agccccgttc aaatgaatct tcctccagct aagctagtcc     66480
     gctatataat ggtccagaaa ggtacgcgag cattgaaatc taaatcataa cttgcaacat     66540
     tataacggcg ggaaacgcat gggaagaata accttaagct aatttttaca gtaataatgg     66600
     tgtagatatg cgagcacttt aatctacatt ataatttgtt acagattatt aatgtagata     66660
     tgcgtgcaag ttaatctaga ttattattat aatttgcaac aggtttattt gtggagaata     66720
     aacaaagcat gaaatatgta atttttacaa ataataataa taataataat aataatatat     66780
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     66840
     atatatatgc aaatttatag caaaatacca gaattgagtt taaaactcat caacgttatt     66900
     gaaaagaatt atattgcgat atatattgat attgaaatat tgcccagccc taatgtagat     66960
     ctgtctgcag ttcatagata aggctttcct ttcttgtact ttagtactga gggaaagttg     67020
     tcacatgtta gactatgcag acagaggtgt gaaaactgag acaaagttga ttctctaaac     67080
     tgtgacttta taagtatata ccttttcatt gaaaaacaaa ggagatttta atcaaaatta     67140
     aatttcttta gcatatgata ttactgctaa aacataaaac gtgtctgggt ttgtgattta     67200
     cagaagatct gcttagaagt atgtattagg aatataaatc aacaatgttt attataattt     67260
     gtctatgtct gactgtctca atttattttg cagtctgctc aacggatttt gatgttgttt     67320
     ggataaggta gaagtagttc aagctggcta agatgtgaat gaaacggtta ctatgtaacc     67380
     ctcaagaaga gaaataaaat gggccaatga aatgccaatg aatgggtagc accaatgcac     67440
     acagctagct gctatcacaa tcagtgtgaa taagaatgcc ctctaagcat cacaaagcaa     67500
     cgtttctagc tgaagaagcc aaactatagc tgtcagctaa gatgcaatca ctgtggcgaa     67560
     ggaacatagc atttccaccc atagcatagc agttcccatc tgccaatcat aacagaaaag     67620
     gagctgcata gagtcgtaag ctctaaatga ggtcacatat tgcagtgcac aggacacagc     67680
     aaagacagat ccactttact atcccattag gccacaggag atcatttgtg aacaaagaga     67740
     agggacacaa ctggcactgg taggacgtgt gatactaaca acctaccaga tgtagtatct     67800
     gattttcaat taaactacca tattacttca tactctatga ataaacattt ctggatcatg     67860
     aagaactcag aaagtatctg atgtcagaca aactaatttt cactagatca ctatatacac     67920
     aaacatttaa tttaaaaagc tgtaagaatt gtgaataaac tgatggccct caaaatattt     67980
     tctgctatga atatacaagc atattaaata tcaaaataat gatgcaaacc tctagattta     68040
     aagaaaaaaa atttcatctt gatgcgtttg tgctttaaca cttgaaagca aatggggtta     68100
     actaagacta caaaaaaaaa acagattagt gccttttcaa gattagacag atactcaact     68160
     tcatgctcag ccaacaacaa atatccttat ttaagatgta aagatatctt gcaaactcat     68220
     caaagacagg aactttgagg ctctagagag agtttctatt ggttatattc atcttatttc     68280
     ctgctttttt ctggtaagca acattttact ttgaagaact gacacaacat tgtgtaaagg     68340
     tttgagagtg gacagtttaa gctgcaatgt ttacactttg tcttaatata tgtgaaagag     68400
     agtaatggaa agatgtttgt gttagaatgt tttttagtca ttctgatgtg gtatgtggtg     68460
     tgataaaagc atgaaagtta aggtgaaact gcattagagt gtcagttgac tgaagaagga     68520
     gctgatgaac acatggtaag gaaggacaca atcatcttcc ttgttcggca ggtgtaaatg     68580
     gattgaaagc ttgattattt gttctctatt tttctaggtg aattcaaagg atagttttgg     68640
     aagacgactg ataatgagat attacttttt tttgttgctt tcctcaacta tatgtaaata     68700
     tctaaatgtc ttataaaata ttaatcaatc caatttaaac tatataacaa tttcaacttt     68760
     tttgtgcttt gcagtctgct cgactgatgt tgatgttgtt caggaagata atgtaaaaat     68820
     agttaacgct gactgggatg tgaactttac ctgcacattc ccatggttag tacaatcaac     68880
     aaaagcatgg tttaaacagg cgaataatgg aaaatcccta caaattgtgt ctttatatga     68940
     aagtcaaaag ccaagctgga accacaactt tgagaaaaca aatcgtttta atgttaacaa     69000
     aggagatttt tattttaatt tgacaattgt aaagacaaag ccgtcagact ctgcaacata     69060
     ttactgtgta gtttcatcat atcaggccac tggaatgggt tcaggaactc gtttacttgt     69120
     cagaggtaag ttatgtctat tattttcggg ctgtttgctt tgtggtagct aattttaatc     69180
     ttgaccattt ctttatttgt gaagacgaag ccgcagacag aaacacaact cttcatcagt     69240
     ctttaataga cgctgttgat ccaggagatt cagtcaattt gcagtgcagc atcttcactg     69300
     agagctgtgc aggagatcac agcgtctact ggttcaagca aagctcagga gactctgaag     69360
     gagtgcttta caccaaagga gagagaaatg gccgctgtaa gaacagcact gagtctcaaa     69420
     cacagagttg tgtctacagt ctccacaaga acaacatcag tcgctctgat actggcattt     69480
     actactgtgc tgtggccaca tgtggagaaa taatgcttgg aagaggaact caactgaata     69540
     ttaaaggtaa gatgaagatg aaacaaatat acgtgaaaaa acatttgatt cataaactat     69600
     gacatgatac ggaactgacc taacaaatgt acaaaaagat atctaaagaa ctatatccaa     69660
     ataaaaagga atatgtagac aaatggataa ataatagaat aaatgtaaaa atgttatgaa     69720
     aacttgcatt catatctgaa catgtaatac taaactcgtc atgtaagaac gtttagaaat     69780
     taaaattaat ttaaattttg ttacagaaag atgtgatttt aattctgctc ttcttgcttc     69840
     tggaattaca aatataatat ttttggccct tgttgttctt ctgggaatca aactcggtag     69900
     aagtcagatt aaaagtaaga ctttatgaat acaaattctt aatataaagc aattgcaaaa     69960
     tgtaaaataa cacgactgct atttataata aacagactgt ttcttgattt tttttttaag     70020
     cgtccgctgc tcaaacgact caagtaagta cttcactatg ttgtttatca attacaagac     70080
     cttctcaaac ttttcttaaa atctttcaga tttaatgttt attaagtcat atcacatatc     70140
     acactttctg aagtttcttt tttaatttct cttgatatta ggatgaagac cacctgaatt     70200
     atgcagccat tacttttagt aacactaaaa gagccagagc aaaagtcaca caagatcagt     70260
     ctctgtacgc acaggtcaga tcacaccagt aacattcaga ggtttagaga aacttctata     70320
     atgctgaaaa agtcatcaaa tgtcattgca agataaaaat tatggccata ttgcaagttt     70380
     ttttatgtga ctgtattatt tgattttgta ctatatattt gctgttagat atttgaattt     70440
     gctaaaaaca tgctaaagtg tgggtttttg agcccatgtt tggagaatag tatttggaga     70500
     tcattgcatg aatgttattt gacacactgt tgtgttttag agaaaacttt ggaacatcaa     70560
     actataaagc ttttcatttt acaacatctt aaaaatcttg tgtattatac tttatttgcg     70620
     cccgctaaat aaataaatgt gcattcttta agaaataact ttaaaaaaaa caataagtgt     70680
     tgtgtaatga aaaagatttt ttcagcacat tgttaaacag tttaaataac tattttctaa     70740
     taactagttt attttgtctt tgccattgtc acggtttatt ctttattttt tctttttcta     70800
     attaaaatta ttattataaa tatcttcatt gtgttacttt ggaggttgtt gatatttact     70860
     aattgctgtt tcttttcttt gaggctggct ccgccttgca cctgccgcta attaggcttg     70920
     ttgcctttat aagtggaagc tgagtgtgtg ttggggtggc tcttgttttc cagcatgtct     70980
     gactgatcct cctgatcttg tctctcttga gagtatgacc catatcttgt cctgatgaag     71040
     gtctgagact tctgtgcgca tcttgtgcag ccgctgctga ggagccatgc tggtgttgtt     71100
     gccatttatt tgatctatgc tttatttgta ctttatttat gttttctcta tggtttatgg     71160
     tttgttttgt tttgtttaag taattgtttg actaagaaat attgtttaat taatgattta     71220
     cctttttgtt gccaacttaa gttgattgga cacttttctg gtctctaaat aaatagagaa     71280
     ttgtacgctt ctgagctctg tgtcttttaa cgttgctaac ccctttccta gacaagcctt     71340
     aaaaactgag gtttgtaaca gccatagtga ctgtaaataa tatttttcta cttatttagt     71400
     aaggtaatag agtttagctt aaagtacaac ataaaggctt ctccaaatct gtggtttaag     71460
     tcttggtcat agttgtaaag tcaaaaatga ccatcaccct ctcataaata aataaacaaa     71520
     ataaaaagtc caaaggaaat acatttggct gtatactgca cgggttttta taatgttgtg     71580
     ttttgtctag acttcaataa tgtgatgctg tgtatgttta taattgagaa actcaaatgt     71640
     cctttttaca tcagatcggt ttgaaataaa gaatacgttt gctaagataa gtaacattaa     71700
     acatggcaaa ttaaaggctt ctaaatctgt tcttgtgaat taactgtttc atagcaacat     71760
     tagtttactg attttaagat ttgtcaggtt atgtttgttt gcatttattt gatctcaata     71820
     taatctcatt gagcttatgc tcacaaaagc tctgttaatc tgtctgtttg tttgttagtt     71880
     ttttttctgc gtgaatatgt atgaagctat gttagatcat ttttccaatt caaaagttag     71940
     ttatatctct gtccttggtg ctgaaatgac aaatttgtct tatagatttt actttaaggt     72000
     tgattatcga gtgtctgtgt caatagttaa gtgttaatag ttctgttaac atttgtgtgt     72060
     ctgcagggca cagaagaggc ttttttttct aacaatggaa gaatagcggt ttcacatgtt     72120
     gtagtgttga tgcagctaga ggtgtgaaaa cagacacaga ggtcattctc tgaagaaact     72180
     aaactgtgac attaactcac taacatttaa agagtgcaat tttcctaaaa tataaacaac     72240
     atttaaatta aaataaaaat gtatttagca ttaatgatat tcccataaga ttgtatgaaa     72300
     ttctaattat cgtgcactgt tagtagttct catctgtttt aatatatttc gtacttgatg     72360
     taaaataaac aatattgtaa ttgcaatttt tataatgtcg atatttacct tacagtgatt     72420
     ctaaaaaagt ggtaatgcaa actcgaccac aacactgtgt tgattggctg cagtcacaga     72480
     agaggtttca gctcagtcca aacccctttc taagcggcca atcaactctt agaaaacaga     72540
     ataaataaga taagtgcgta agcgtctcac ttgtctaagt agagtttgaa gtgtggggta     72600
     aactgatcgc tattacttca ttctggtgtc aagatttagt ttttggctga tttttacagg     72660
     gcaaattaaa actaaaggat atttttaaag agggtgatca tgaagtatta tttaatcttt     72720
     ttattcaact caacaataag tatatgtttt atatgcttta acaattcaac agcctttatc     72780
     acaatgtaat actacacttt tagtttgcag tttgctcctc tggtttggac gttgttcagg     72840
     agaatgatgt acaaatagct gcagcgggag agaaggtgaa ccttactagc acatttttaa     72900
     ggcttgtgca ggtgacaaaa gtattgttta aacaaacggc tgatgaaaaa tccctacaaa     72960
     ttctgtcttt atatttaaat gacaacccca tttggagtaa catctctgag aatcattgta     73020
     atgttatgag aggagacggt tattttaatc tgaccatttg aaagacgaag ccgtcaaact     73080
     ctgcaacata ttactatgta atctcaacat tttacacctt tggaatgggt tcaggaactc     73140
     gattacttgt cagaggtaag ccttttattt tttctattta ttcagggttt tggtgtgtgt     73200
     agaggctgat ttattgtgct atttcttttc tgtgcttgtg aagacacagt agcaggcaga     73260
     gacacaactc ttcatcagtc tttgaaagac actgttgatc caggagattc agtgaatttg     73320
     cagtgcagca tcttcactga gagctgcgca ggagatcaca gtgtctactg gttcaagcaa     73380
     agctcagaag atcctgaagg agtgctttac accaaaggag agagaaatgg ccgctgtaag     73440
     aacagcacag agtctcaaac acagagctgt gtctacagtc tccacaagaa caacatcagt     73500
     cgctctgatt ctggcattta ctactgtgct gtggccacat gtggacaaat gctgcttgga     73560
     ggagccatta tacatgtaaa atgtaacttt caactctaag ttttttaagg tcttttagag     73620
     tgtaaaagga cacatcaaca cattaacttt taggacctaa aaatacaact tacagaatgt     73680
     ttaattgtct ttttaatcat gttgtttttc ttccttaccc acaaacctca agacaatcaa     73740
     gtaagttcaa tatttatttt caaagttgaa aaactttaat ggattacatt ttacaatatt     73800
     taaattattc tactcatttt tacatttaga ttaaggtaga ataatattaa atatttaaat     73860
     ggttcaaatc atacatttgt caattgcaat aacattgcct atcaaatgtt aacaactgct     73920
     ggtggatcct tttgttttat ttatttaaaa agattattta atttattttt ttctgattat     73980
     tgtagggtga agacattctg atattatttg attgcagaaa aactcaacat gaagttttct     74040
     gaagaacact catttgtaaa gtacagcatg atcactcaaa aaatgcctac aaaacgcttt     74100
     aggccataag aaggtcaact caagtctaaa tgctgcttag ttcattttta agatgtttgc     74160
     agcaaatatt ttcagattat tgtcttttta tttttaacat gttttattct gaatatactt     74220
     cattgcttgc acatatgggt attaacaggt tagaaatcag atcaaataag tttgttgtgt     74280
     tcaactgttg atatcaaaaa taagatcatt tgattaaaat aaatgttgtt attattttac     74340
     atattctctg tatagttttg catacatata tactttcagg taattttgca taatcagagt     74400
     tacttgtata tgatgtgtgc tccaaaaata caccatgtac catactccat gtaataaatc     74460
     ctcagcctaa caataaaaac taaattcagt gtggctttac aattctttag ctcaaataaa     74520
     tagttaaaat gtaactctgt ttatagtcta tattatagtc ttatattgtt tctgtatctt     74580
     ctaatcatta ctttagcagc atgcaacatt aaaaatatta gtaattaaca aaagaatatt     74640
     ttgtcattaa agctactaaa gcacttaata ttgaatgtat tttctgaatt ggtctttttt     74700
     tcttcatttt cttgcctcaa ctatatatct ttaaaaatag taagcaatgc aatttacact     74760
     acattattta aacgtgtttt tttttttgtt ttgttttttt gcagtctgct caactgattt     74820
     cgatgttttt tttacattat cttcctgaac aacatcgaaa tcagttaagt cgactgcaaa     74880
     aaaaggagag aaaaaaagtt taaatagttg aagctggcag ggatgtaaac tttacctgca     74940
     cattttcatt aactgaaaga tgtgcaggag atcacagcat ctacttgttc aagcaaaggt     75000
     caggacaccc tgaaggagtg ctttacacca aaggagagag aaatgatcgc tgtaagaaca     75060
     gcactgagtc ttaaacgcag agctgtgtct acagtcttca cagaaacaac atcagtcact     75120
     ctaatactgg aatttactac tgtgctgtag atgcatgtgg acaaatagtg cttagaagaa     75180
     gaactcaact gaatattaga tatatagttt ttagagaaat atataaagct tgtcattcag     75240
     caggatttaa ttcaaatatt gctggaaata ttatatgaac taatctgtta ccaatattca     75300
     aaataacatt tagattattt ggtaatttca gaaaaagatg taaatccaac tctgattgct     75360
     cttgggattt gaaatgctgg cttcacaatt cttttgttaa aaaaaagaca aaatgtaact     75420
     ctgttgcgtc attgctactg tatctgttat tcattactgt atgtcttttt gttaatactt     75480
     catatttagc aaatatacag cattaaaaat atttacacat ttaacaaaaa aacggccaat     75540
     aaagctacta atgttttttg tttttttttt ttactatgga ttgtattgca tgctctttat     75600
     tttcttgatt atgctaacat ttttaaagcc atttaaaaaa tccagtccac tctttttcaa     75660
     aatatgtgaa tttctgaatg cagtatgaag taccttttac cctgtgtaca tatgcattta     75720
     aaatgcagaa ctttttgtcc cattgaattc ttatacattt agatatacat ttatttaacg     75780
     aaaattagct cctgcactaa tactttgcta acaataatgc agaaaagttc atccaatcac     75840
     aaacaactct ttactcaaat aactaaaatt ttatactcaa acatatatat gaaatatttg     75900
     cttgtgcaaa acacttaaca gaaaagccct tatagacacg acacgtatta atatttaaat     75960
     gcaatatata ttaaattttt atactgtagg ctataaactt ttactttgga tttataagat     76020
     caatgaacaa aaggaattta ttgtaagttt cagatctaaa attgtccatt gtgaaattgt     76080
     acttaaaact tttattgaca acaggccaat aaactgcagg acctatctat gatgtctaag     76140
     gtagattaaa cacgacctcc accaatgaaa atcaatgcac tgattctgta gctccaccca     76200
     ctgattcacg caggacaagg ttggatacag ccacagatga gcaatgaaca agcgattgaa     76260
     gatcattaat atggtgtaaa cacaaagaaa ggcctatgtg aatgtgttgc actttttcca     76320
     gtctggaaca gctgagaagc caattgtccc attacttttg atcccttaac aagtgtgagg     76380
     cacatatgca aactgttgta attcctacac cgttcaccct gattatggat gtaaataatt     76440
     taaagctgac agtatgcagt ttaagcacat ctcgtttcat tttaaatcca ttgtgttggt     76500
     gtatagagac aaaaatgtta gaattgtgtc aatgtccaaa tatttatata cttgactgtg     76560
     tgcataccat acaatcatca attcaaaata cttctgtaaa cccccttact taaactgcaa     76620
     aaattcatct atttaatgct tctcaacaaa aacaggaaat ttgaggctct tatttccgct     76680
     tctttccagt ggtaaaacac acaatttatt tttgaaccac tgaagcaaca tcaattactt     76740
     ggttttgaga gttgtcattt taaggtaaac tgttaactaa gtgttcaata ataatacatg     76800
     cattaataaa tgagagaggg tttaggttaa gtaatagaag aacagttggt ttagattttt     76860
     tctactcatt ctgctgtggt atgtggtgag aaagcataga agttaaggtg aaagtgcata     76920
     agagcctcag ttgtctgaag aacaggctga tagacacatg gtgaggacac attcatctac     76980
     tcttattttc tagcatgagt aaatggactg aaagcatgct catttgttta attgtcatag     77040
     gggaattcag agaacaagga tcattttaaa ggacgactga taatgagaaa ttacttcatt     77100
     gtgttgcttt cctcaactat atgtaaatac ctaaacgtct ttttaaatat taattagagc     77160
     taacattata taattagttc aactctttta aactcttttg tgctttattt gcagtctgct     77220
     cctctgattc tgatgttgtt cagaaagata atgtaaaaat tgttgaagct ggcgaggatg     77280
     tgaactttac ctgtccattt ccagggcatg aacaatcaat aaaacactca tggtttaaac     77340
     agagggctta cggaaaactc atacaaatag agtccttaaa ttcaaatcaa cagcaaagtt     77400
     gggataccaa atttgagaaa acaaatcgct taaatgttgc caaaggagat ggttatttta     77460
     atctgaccat tttaaagaca aagccttcag actctgcctc atattactgc ttgatcacag     77520
     catataacac cattggaata agttcagaaa ctcgattact tgtcaaaggt acttttttat     77580
     tattgttgtt tataaggttt tgtttggtct gatttttatt tattttttgt actttgtgct     77640
     tatgaagacg caaacagaaa cacaactctt catcagtctt tgatagacac tgttgatcca     77700
     ggagattcag tgaatttgca gtgcagcatc ttcactgaga gctgtgcagg agatcacagc     77760
     gtctactggt tcaagcaaag cttaggagac tctgaaggag tgctttacac caaaggagag     77820
     agaaatggcc gatgtaagaa cagcactgag tctcaaacac agagctgtgt ctacagtctc     77880
     cacaagaaca acttcagtgg ctctgattct ggcatttact attgtgctgt ggccgcatgt     77940
     ggacaaatac tgtttggaag aggaactcaa ctgaatatta gaggtatgaa ggcgaaacac     78000
     aaatatctgg ttataatgtt gaaatgtttg atctttctct gaaaaataat ttaattcatt     78060
     ttaattagta taatacaaca taataatgat ctgatttagt aaatggagag tttaaatgca     78120
     aaagtcttaa aaattaacat ttttgtcagc ctcctgcgtt tatagtttgc tgttatttta     78180
     ttttaaaacc tattaattgc gaaaaagtga aaggcattta gaggcttttg catttgaact     78240
     cttcacatgt aaaacctgta aaaaggtaaa cggagtatat gacactaaac tgatcataac     78300
     tgaacataac aaaatgtttt aaaatcaatt taatacaaat ttcttacaga aaattatgat     78360
     tttattcctg ctcttcttgc tttgggaatt tcaaatatca tatttttggc ccttgttgtt     78420
     tttctgggaa tcaaactctg tagaaatcaa aatcaaggta agactttatg aatacaatta     78480
     atgtattaaa ctaatttaat gtaagattta aagtaacaca tgactgctat ttataataac     78540
     taaacagttt tttgattttt taagcgacca ctactcaaac aactcaagta agtttcactg     78600
     tgctttcact gtgcttaaaa tcttcttgaa atctttaagt tttgatgtct attgagtcat     78660
     atcacatatg cttcctctct taactgaagt ttattttctg ttttctcttg atataagaat     78720
     gaagacagcc tgaattatgc agccattgct tttaggcaga aatctttgaa cactagaaga     78780
     gccacagcaa aagtcactca agatcagtct ctgtatgcac aggtcagatc acaccagtaa     78840
     catttagcgg tttagagaaa cttctataat gctaaaaaag tcatcaaatg ttaaaaatta     78900
     tggccatttt gtaagttttt taagtaactg tgctatttga ttttgtactg tatatttgtt     78960
     gttagatatc tgaatttgct aaaaaaaatt ataataattt aaagtgtgtt tgtgtgtatt     79020
     tgtattgctt tttagaatat caagctacag tacatcgcat tttacaacaa gttttaatgg     79080
     aaagcttgtg tgtattatca ttaatttgca cctgctaaat acatgtgcat tgcaagtgtt     79140
     tattttattt gttcaagtgt gtgcatgtgt atgttattgt ggagtttcct attccaataa     79200
     taatgacgat gaaaattgca ttacagtaca ttgtttttat tctttaaact ctaatgaccc     79260
     ctggtataaa atatacagtt cccagcaaca ttctagagca cctttacttg gacttagcat     79320
     tgctgtattc atctaaatag gcaccatgga acactggacc accaacacgt ttattgataa     79380
     atcagcagcg taatcagtta aatcctaaat tcaacccaaa gcttctactg ccatcaagtg     79440
     gtcaagaaca ctggaatggg atctgttggt ttgtataaag tatcctgaat agtgaagcca     79500
     aaatattctg gctgcagcag atcataaatt ctgtcctctc tctgtaccgt gaacatttgg     79560
     cacataaaaa aaacttaaat tacactttaa ttgatgtttc taagaaattt ttgtaatttt     79620
     agttttgtta attttaactc cttcacatat tggtgtacgt tcaagtgtac attttgtttt     79680
     taaatgtcaa atgtcataaa aacagcatat ggtgcattta ttgtacattt gtggttaggt     79740
     tcagatatat gctgttcaga cactctccca ggctgcttgt gatcacttct gtgctgactt     79800
     gggtttttta tatacaaatg atgatagagt cctggttggg gaattttggt ttcactttac     79860
     tacagcagca gagaaaaata agcatgtcat tcactttttt tttttttttt ttgagtccat     79920
     gatttgacca cccttcctac ttttgaagta agttacagtc tcagtattat ttaagctggt     79980
     ttttatttag ctgataatga ttttaaaatt agagaagaca gagttataaa caaatttatt     80040
     caccttattc tttgccgaag agtgggcgca gccatttgaa tctttttggc tcgagacttc     80100
     tggtctcatt cacttccatt cttttttaga tgttaaaaat tgctcgttac gctgcttgat     80160
     gttgcaaact gatattttct tattatatta ttctacttgg tctgtatagt catgcaaaca     80220
     tttgtttgta gagcaagtag tttgaccatt ttctgccgtt tattattcct agtcatttct     80280
     cgcataggcg actgaatcgg aagttccaaa acaatcttga aaacaggcgc acttccgcat     80340
     tttagaataa ggtcaatata tctagagcag aaagctacag ccaaaaatca tttcaaggaa     80400
     gatacttggg gtgagtggta tttctgtggt tagaggtaat ctttgcaata aaaactaatt     80460
     attgctcaaa aaataaatgt cagaattgct caaagtgatg gtaatcatta ctgaatatgt     80520
     tggcaattgt caatggtttg cattcacaca aatttacaac gagactttct aatttagtac     80580
     atttgtcaaa gaaaatttat taaaaccgta tttattttaa gtttcactag aataaagaaa     80640
     agcatctgtt tacaataatg caaaacatga attgatttca taattactgt gaaactaaaa     80700
     ttgtaataca ttgtactttg gcctaaaatg caattatgac atcagaagac ctaaaatcaa     80760
     gacttaaaat caagacatga aataaaataa tgggacaata aagtataaaa cttatgcaac     80820
     gcaaaatcct aacttaccac aacccgtaaa ctgagaagaa aaaagaaaaa gaaaaactac     80880
     ataaaacata gaaaaacctg aacccctgtg tacaaaccag gaccccctct tctctctccc     80940
     accccaacaa caccaaactg agtgtgcctc acactggtga gtgggcttga caaaccacct     81000
     gttttataca ctcttttaca catcatctct ttgacattaa tcgccagttg cacatttgca     81060
     ccagacacat tcttacaaag aaataaataa atatactgtg catttcaaag tgtgctttac     81120
     acagaagagt gggcttgaca aaccacgtgt agaaacactc actcactcac tcactcactc     81180
     actcactcac tcactcactc actctctctc tctctctctc tctcttctct ctcttatata     81240
     aagcagggtt aagtattaca gagtaaaatg aatacagcaa gcttaaaata tatattattt     81300
     tgtaaaaaat gtagcaatat taatttctgt tctgtgtcag gtggatcaag ctgatgtttg     81360
     aattatgctg ctttgagctt ccaacaaaat ccctccatga ttagaagatc agtggaaaga     81420
     aacttacaag atacgtcagt atgcacatac tgtacaagac gtcaacaaat gtagcatgaa     81480
     ttgactggct ttgctaatat agtagtatct atttaggcat ttgtttgaaa acttatttgc     81540
     aggtgacatc acaataacaa tgtgcaaaaa ttgttttaaa atctcgagag atatttttag     81600
     taagcatgac ttcattaata ctgaatttat gccaaaatta atatgatttt tttacaaaga     81660
     taatcagaat attaataaac tgatcatgta tgtctagact cacacaagca cttgcatttt     81720
     ctaaatataa tataataatt gcattcattt cttttgctac atttttcaat tattatgatt     81780
     gtcattagat ttggacaaaa acgattgtac aaatttcaaa agcatactgg agtgacaaat     81840
     tttagatcaa ctgctttgct gtaaatgtct gaagactaga atgaaatctc tgtccatggt     81900
     actgaaatac cacattaaaa gaccattttg tttaatattt tgcagtcata ttaactaaat     81960
     ttaagtgtgc tactgtacaa acacactgtt gaattttatt attgacccct acatcaatta     82020
     agaagtcagt aaataacttt catatattga aaagagataa tttatatgtg tattattaaa     82080
     tattgacgaa tttagtgtct agcccaatgg agcaacacct tgtaatccat gactaaataa     82140
     atatgatata aatgtaaaaa aaattaaaat aaaaaaagac caaaaatata atagaaacta     82200
     aacttcgcaa atcactgctt cccattatta gtaaggtttg ttattaatat ccatttcatt     82260
     actgatacac tcaaatgtaa ggtttgaatt agaattttat ttgacagatt ttagacaaat     82320
     tgtacaaaaa gtattccata cactttgtta aaaaaaaaaa ctgtcaagga taaaaacaca     82380
     ataaagccct gggcttattt ccattgtggt cctctgttaa ataaaaacaa tgtatggctt     82440
     caaaatacca atgatgcata aaacaaacag tcgccacagt ggtatgaaca gtcaacttat     82500
     ccagcatatg ttccacacag ctaatggcct tccagacgca accttattca cactcaagta     82560
     acataaaata aaacctcctc gtccaccacg caaactaatt atcctcatca aacaaccacc     82620
     ttttgatagc ttttttgaac aaccttaaat cttttatttc cttgattgat tttggtagtt     82680
     tgttccacat gattgcactt gtatataaaa acatattttt ccccactaaa cttctaaatt     82740
     tgaataaaca aatattaaaa tcccaacccc tagtactgtt tgagtgctgt tgcctcacca     82800
     tttgaaaata gttcatcaaa taactaggaa ccacattatt aaacatttta cgtaccattc     82860
     ccagttttaa aaaaacacac tctattacta acagttaaca tacctaattt attaaaacac     82920
     tgtttgtgta aatgtgctct aggatgcatt tttaaaatga ttcgtaattt attttgtgca     82980
     ttttgcaatt tccccttcaa agtctgtgag cagctactgt accaaaatga agtagcataa     83040
     tcaaaatggg gttgaattaa agctcctttt aaagaatttt aaagaatgac catccaacag     83100
     atcagcttgc cttgctaaaa acctaatttt tacacaaatc ttcgtaaaaa cttttttttt     83160
     tttgccatag catctcctga tcatttatta tctattaaac aacccaaata atttacaaca     83220
     tttttgacag aattttccaa tcattaatcc taagtacaaa attatcatca ttctttaatt     83280
     tcattcccga agcaaataaa atagcctctg ttttacccat gtgtaaagaa agtttgttgt     83340
     ctaaaaacca attgtaaaca ctttttaact gtgaactcat aatttcttcc agggcccttt     83400
     tttcttgatg agatactaat attgctgcat catcagcata aagatagagc tcctctgaac     83460
     atgctatttt taattcaata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     83520
     tatatatata tataaaagaa aaaatgatgg acctaaaata cttcctttag gaactccaca     83580
     attgattaat aagggagcag ataatatacc ctttatgtca actctctggt ttctatcaag     83640
     tagataggac taaatccact ttaaagacac tttatcaaat caagcaatca atcaagcaag     83700
     cctttatttg tcactacact ttcgtatagc gaaattggac cccccagacc atacacaaaa     83760
     catcacaaac aacttttcag gggagacaga tcataggagg cagcatttag aaacgaagaa     83820
     agatacattt ggacagttag gctaaaaaac accccctcag ctttcccttg attaggacaa     83880
     agtgagaaaa gggagataaa cagccctatc ttagcataag cacaccggca agacacaaca     83940
     tagacagagg ggatgggaac aggggtaatg gaaaaaagtc cgttgagtgc gggcagccaa     84000
     ctggtccagc agccatttcc ggcgcaagtc acagtcccgc ccacgcccca cgtgggtaaa     84060
     agcacacaaa ggcgtttgac aaaacaagag gtgctagcaa ggagagatat gggacggaga     84120
     gggaagaaga gcgaccgcct tcgccgagac ccaaagaaga aaagaaaaaa atccaattgc     84180
     ctttaattta tatagcaaaa tttgatggtt tagtgtcgaa agccatctga aggtccagca     84240
     gcaccgttcc acaatatttg ccaccatcga cagctctctg tattttgtca gtcatatgtc     84300
     ttcagttaat ttaagagact aatgaattgt ggtacatcat tagactgctt catgtttttc     84360
     tagagagcct gcatatttga gaggtgaagc ccagtattat taagtggttt atgagaccct     84420
     ctagtggaga aattctgcaa aaactccata ataagaccat aaatagtgga gggcctagca     84480
     ggggcagact ggccatctga caattctggc aaatactaga aggaccgaac cattttttaa     84540
     atgtgggtcg atccgtttaa aaatgttatt ttattatttt ttatgtattt ttttttttac     84600
     ataaagacag cttttattgc ttgcaagatg cgaatattat gatgatgatg aaaataataa     84660
     tagtaattat attaataata aatgttacag gcccgtgcag agaccgtcca aagggcatgt     84720
     gcaggataaa tttttggatg gggggggggg tcgtgggggg gggcaggttg gagggtgctg     84780
     cagatctgca gagtggatgc gcgtgtactg aaaagcggtg ttatcgcgcg tgtactgaaa     84840
     agcggtgtta tcgcgcgcgt actgatcagc tgtgttgtca tgcgcctact gaagggcggg     84900
     accaaagatg tgccgtgtcg cgggggcact tttgatcatt ttggaagggc actttctatc     84960
     caagactaaa aagggcatgt gcactgcaca ggttgagccc tatgtgtgca cgtgcgtgaa     85020
     tgtttagcat ttggcccaat cggtgatggc cggctgtttt caagatgcgc tgacccaatc     85080
     aggggttacg tggacataat caatatctgg ctagaatagg cttttttgag attcgccttg     85140
     ccttgactgc gttgtagatg agcaggcggc tgcagtaaga ggagagctca aaaaatacat     85200
     caaaagtcgg tcagacactt cccgaatctc gctgttttgc tggagattgt ggtcacgttt     85260
     tttttttttt ttttttaaat cacaggtgga tgacctcatg aaaaaattac tatggtaatt     85320
     tatagtaaat attatagtgt tcttgaacat tttttttcag tattgggtta tgtttattat     85380
     tgtaaaaacc atagcaacta tagaatttaa atagccatta ataggcatca acactaaagt     85440
     attgctataa attactacag tattttttta tgtgggagtg gatgcaactg aaacatcact     85500
     gtttttacaa aaagatggtc agaatcacag ataaacagct cattacttaa taggctgcat     85560
     taaaagtata aacctgtata atcaacaatg agcctataaa tgttaaaaga atgtcaaaat     85620
     aaacagctta tacagcaaga aaggtttcaa gaaatctcat ttggctacat tataaagtaa     85680
     gtagcaagat gcttttgagt gacaagtcat gacaaatttt tgtttatttg ttgtgctagg     85740
     aaggtcccta gaatttggca ttttattgaa caagtggtcc gttactataa taaatttaga     85800
     ctttctatag agggcattgg taaaaaggga cagcacatgg actctacaag attcacagat     85860
     tgttttttat tatgtataaa tttgttataa acgggttgtt tttgttccag tcacatacat     85920
     taaatgttta aatatctgtt acatataata tggtactacc tatattattt caccatctgt     85980
     acaccaatat aagtagtaaa tgtgcatgtc tgtgttggtg aggtaatgtg ggctggtgtg     86040
     gctacagggc cagggctgaa tttttgtccc agtccacccc tggcctgtag caataataat     86100
     agactgcatt caaaaataac acattttact aatatatact ttgtaatata ttatggataa     86160
     agtctgtaat taattttctg attgcatcaa ttttactaat taaaaacatg taaaaaaaaa     86220
     aaaaaaaaaa aaagcacatc catttaaagt tactgcatat atacagttac ttaaaattaa     86280
     acatctgttt agttaaatgc atttttaacc agttagctca cctgagtgaa tagggtgttg     86340
     tttaagatgc aagaataaac ttttaccaag cagtaattta tttgactaat gtagtgagtg     86400
     gtgtgtgtgg gtgtgtgtga cgttgacttt gagaaaggtg tgaacacact agctggtcag     86460
     tcctgtggtt ggaaaattct caaaccgcac cgtgcacaaa gggcatgcat gcaagtgatg     86520
     catgcaaaag cacaaaggtg cacaaacaca tctgagcata aaacttgaag tgtttattta     86580
     atctgttaac aaacatgcaa aacactacaa acagagcgtg cagtttataa aaataacaca     86640
     attctacaaa tctaaatttt tcatgaatct aaatcaccta aaagtaataa aaagtcatta     86700
     catattatac aaatatagta ctgtatttcc aaagagacac tttatatttt tattatgttc     86760
     atgacttaat tatttgaata tgttgtgtgc tgttagtaat gtctaatact gtatgtttga     86820
     gaaatgttta tccgctgccg tttaccacat cagttcttag tctgtactga gcagctactt     86880
     cctctctgtc agtctacagg aaattatgca ttttgtctct gccctctgat ttgttggtct     86940
     tctcttctga caaatgctga ccttaaggag caatcagtgt tttttagtgg aaataacata     87000
     ctcatttgaa aacattgcgc agaggcttga gtaagcagtg tatattaggt tattgattca     87060
     cgtttttaat agcacaatat ttataagcgc actagattac ttaaagtgaa aaacattaaa     87120
     ataacataaa aagacccact taaattttca tttagctgtt aatatgccca caaacataaa     87180
     tgcaaaattt tggtaacact ttagaatacc tatccgttat aattagttaa cagataatta     87240
     ataaactgtt agttaatggg ttacaaatga cttgtaaaat taaacttaat agtttattaa     87300
     ttatttataa ctgtgcctta tagatagcca atagataact tacaaactgt tagttaacaa     87360
     gttataaatg acttgttaac tgtattttaa tgatttataa ctatatctaa taaattagta     87420
     atagatcatg aacaagctgt tagtaaagta cttaaagact tgttaagtat cagttaatag     87480
     tttatatatg ttaatgagac tatattctaa agttgcaact attatttatt tattaactgc     87540
     tagtaaatga ggaatagttg caactagaat aactccccaa taacatacat aagctaatga     87600
     ctaacacaac tattatatta actcacacat tacagatccg ttgttcatag tttgttaacc     87660
     atccactaat accagtgaaa ctttgtagaa cagcaaatgg atggaacaag ttgaaaattg     87720
     atgtgatatt taaaatataa aatttttgta catcaacctt gttccactca gacttttctg     87780
     tgcgctgtat tttaccaaag aaactccaca gatgaaatgt tgaacattgt gtttaatgaa     87840
     tagaaacaca catactgagc tatcacatgg cagaacagca gtatacaaga atacaaaccc     87900
     atgaggtttg agcacttttt gtattaaaca tgaaaacaaa ataaataaaa ttttctttta     87960
     ttagaaaagt tcgacaaatg tttcactggt attagtggat ggttaacaaa ctatgaacaa     88020
     ctgaatcatt aataacccat taactaacag tttattaatt atctattaac tagttataac     88080
     ggatagatat tctaaagtgt aaccaacttt tattatttgc tttttatttt atttatatct     88140
     attaatttct tcagtgtatg tgcttaaatg tgccacatgg ttacattact atctcaatta     88200
     caaaatctga taacagtgtt aaagactgga atacactgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     88260
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     88320
     tgtgtgtgtc tacaattttg atttaaaaaa aacctgctgg tgaattacct gtggtttgtg     88380
     tgtgtgtgtc tgtctatgtt ttgatgaaaa acctgctggt gagttacatg tggtttgcgt     88440
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgcgtgt atgcgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt ttattgcacg     88500
     cttcagatgc tttgtgatca gaaactgagc agttgcatcg acaagataat ttggtacagt     88560
     atgatagtac cacatagtga gatggtcttt ttttcatctg aattaaagaa ttttgttaat     88620
     attattctgt tataagacat gttataatat ataatatgct gataagtata aatatattgt     88680
     tctatcatcc aacagaaaga agagaagatt taataatccc gatctttacc acatgatcat     88740
     cacaaaaatc tgtaagtaca tatgcaagtt tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgca aatgaatgaa     88800
     acgtatgatt aaaatgcttt ttattctttc ataaactaga attgtatata tgatttgaaa     88860
     agtattctat gcaacactaa ttaataattt tgcatttttt ttttcagtgt agatgattta     88920
     agctgtctgc taatgtgaga aaatgatcct gcatttattt ataatattgg cttacctttt     88980
     aaagtgtaag ttttttatta taaaatccta gaattaaata gaatgaaagt gagacctttt     89040
     atatgttcat tgtggctaca gcagacaaca ctaactctca tttatttcaa ttttaggcag     89100
     ctcagaaact acagacactc agaattatct gaaaattgtt caggctggag acactgttaa     89160
     cttcacttgt agtttatcaa atgaaataag aagcagtgtg gtttggatta aacaaagtgt     89220
     tggaaagaaa cctcttccag tcgtttcatc atttcaaatt gtagatcaca gatttgaaaa     89280
     tgactttaac aaacaaaacc gcttttttgt aacaaaggat gatgtcagtt ttaatctgag     89340
     catcacaaac acagaagtgt ctgactctgc aacttactat tgtataacat atgcatatca     89400
     tttcacattt ggaaacagca cagacctcat agttaaaggt aagcagatta ttcacttact     89460
     cttctaaatt gcattaatta gcaatatacc gtcattgttt attaattctt ttttcagctg     89520
     gtggagtgaa catcgagtct gagcatgaga gatcagcatc agagtctcca tcagaggatc     89580
     tgcagtgcag catcatctct cagagctgtg cagaagaaca cagggtctac tggttcagac     89640
     agcgctctgg agaatctcct ccaggagtga tctacactca ggacagcaga agcgctcagt     89700
     gtgagaacag ctctgatccc aactctactg cacacaaatg catctacagc ctgcccaaga     89760
     ctgatgaaga ccccgccatc tactactgcg ctgtggctgc ttgtggacaa atactgttcg     89820
     gagatggcag aaaattttgt ttgcgaggac caggtacata catttgccct gtatttgcac     89880
     agaagaattt tttttaatgt aacttatatg gatgtgaggt gttgttaaaa accatctttc     89940
     tcatttttgc agaaacacca tggagtataa tagcccttgt tttaacaagt tcaaacattt     90000
     tgtgtgtgat tgtgatccta cttctgggta tacagttgta taatcatcaa caaaaaggta     90060
     agatttacag tcacaaatca atatgtctgt cagtatgtgt ttgtaacaat aattactgtt     90120
     tgtttagatg ggattcccta taatgtgctt gatcaatcaa tggtaagacg ttttgtacat     90180
     attttttagt ttgcttgctt ttgttacaac ttaatgttac agtaagttca ctttattcac     90240
     aagtgtataa tatgtataac acctttacat ttattatccc tatttgcttt taaatttatt     90300
     atgaacatca ttggttttgt tgcagactga tgccactact actgtcagtt acacaatgta     90360
     ccacaatcgt ctttaagatt tagaaggtac taaaaataaa actgcataaa tgagacatga     90420
     gacgtttgac atgaaagttt gtttgttctg tgcttaatac attttgtttt gaagtctctt     90480
     atagatatct attgcttcac cgaaggcata cttatatggt tgatagcagc agacatacag     90540
     tataattgtg ttttgtctga tcagtgtttg taacttctct cagtgtctgc tagcattttt     90600
     tagacattgc tttcacagat taaacctgtt gaatcaacac ttgttgaatt atagaatatc     90660
     tgagaaatta ggtgaaatat ttattgtctc tatttgttgg ggctgtctga atctgccctt     90720
     aaaggccaca caaatgaatt gtttgatctc acaattatgt gcatttcatt ttagcagctt     90780
     tcacacaatt acaaatgtaa tgcaaaaaag aaagcattta aaacaaatct ttttttttta     90840
     ttaaatccac ataaatacat ccaatataca tatatacata caaacatata aaaactttaa     90900
     caacaaaacc aagaaccaaa tacacaagct taagttgcat ttcttgcttt ttaatctcat     90960
     ctgttatagg aaaaaacatg gaagatgtct tgtctttggt tttacttttt gattacattt     91020
     atgtttatgc ttatacatac agtactttac ctttttttct catcttgaat atggaatctt     91080
     ttatttaaaa caaataaaat aaaataaaaa gaactatgct tgaaaattaa tagtgtgtct     91140
     agtttgtctt aacagaggtc agatgccgga acttcgttat gaccaaaaaa aagaaaaatg     91200
     aagctttatt tcgagtgcaa aagaaggttg ttaatacaaa taaaagctaa atattcagct     91260
     aaatattaac taaaaaatgg aaaatttcat gtcgcaaaat catcaatcca tgcaggaata     91320
     ttaaataata tcaaaattat taaacataag cttttgtctc ttaattacat atcaaattat     91380
     gaaaagctga atgttgcatg gcctgggagt aaagcagttt tggggaacta tccttttaac     91440
     atgggtagca caaagtattt gataattcac aaaaagatag cactcaaaag ttcaagtcaa     91500
     aggaataaga taagattgtg tattttacta cattataata tctcataatt acagaataac     91560
     ttttactctg tcattgaaaa gcaaagtgca acagttgtaa aagctgagtg ttgatgaagt     91620
     tggttttaat tcaaagtgtg gtgtgaaaat atgtgtgtgt ggtagggttg aacagaggtg     91680
     gagaggggac acagacagag gtgagtacat gcaggtttcc caaagctctc agtggttttc     91740
     cattcagcta tattgttagt acaaataaag tactaacgcg tacaaacctt catgaatcat     91800
     attaaaatat tatttattaa caagatgttt acctcttttt ttttttacac tttcagacac     91860
     tgaataagtt gtaattgaat tttattaata actgcataat acagtgttta cattaataat     91920
     aatcaataat gttcaataaa cttttaactt ttttacatac aattctaatc atttgagaca     91980
     gtttgctgaa agctgtccgc tgaagtttat tccggcaccc cttgttctat aataaagttt     92040
     cttcctgtct tttagcatga aatgatgaaa ctcgtctctg ccttctgact tcagtaagag     92100
     ccacagtcac agcctttcct tatttggact gggtctgaat ctgaggttta ggttttgatc     92160
     aaaggagtac agtcaaaggc aatcatcact tatgaataaa atcctaaatt tgtctgtata     92220
     ctacacatac tttttttggt ttagtgtctt ctctatgttg tgtgtggtct ttaatgatgt     92280
     gatgcttgtg tatgttcgcc attaagagtc aagacaaagt cattttacac aagatcagct     92340
     tgaaagatgt caatgattgt ttagaacaaa agaataagtt tgctacttaa agttaagcaa     92400
     cattagaaca aaacatcatg acatttttta ttacatattt atctaatatg ctgtgcaata     92460
     ttaactcagt gatactacaa ttactattac agtatgctac aattaaagtg cttgtctttt     92520
     ttctgcacca gtaaaaaaaa atatatatat atatatgtac atatatatat atatatatat     92580
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     92640
     atatattagg ggtgtaacga tattacaatc gcgatacacc aaccacgata tttatcgcga     92700
     aactctcgtg acgtaccgcg gtactctcac gccccctgct gcccattgtt gaggttgacg     92760
     taacttgtct ctaactaatt gaaccaattt aaacacatct tttttatcac atttgattaa     92820
     attattttag taatgatgag gttttgttct aaatattata ttctaaagtt agtattttag     92880
     tgcatgtcat gtcatgtgac ttgagtgagt gatcacactc gttaatactg aacgcaggat     92940
     ggctgcttca tatagtactg agattgcaga tcctccagac acatttaagt catctgtgtg     93000
     gaaacatttg ggttttccag tagagtacag gaatggaatt tgtgttgtag acaaagcgca     93060
     cgcctgtctg tcttaactgt ttcacaaaac ttacttataa ggaaaaacgt ttaaaaagtg     93120
     tggtaatttc acaaagtgag ggtgtaagca acaaaactgc caacaaaagt gatttattgt     93180
     acaaaagtga aagcagaata atgcccaaat atacacaaaa agagaaatat ttacactaat     93240
     aaaaataata taataaagta acaaattcca acaaaaatta gttaaactgg agcaaaggga     93300
     cgatagtgaa gttaaacaaa aagaaagaaa tataacaaaa caattctaac taatgaataa     93360
     cccctcttac ctcactaaaa actgatgaaa agaaaaaaag tccttcagcg ctgagcgccg     93420
     cattctttcc tattctgaac tgtagaataa aatagataca aagatgacct tcaccttcta     93480
     cctgatgtct ttaacaatac attttctacg tgtttgcaaa atacaaatcg tatgaaattt     93540
     tcactatcca ctttacactg agaaaagaat gaacttgggg agttatagct taatattgtc     93600
     aggaaggagc agagccaaaa aataatttac aaatcaatta aaatacaaat gtacaaacct     93660
     tacaaaactt cttaaagtgg gcaaaagtaa tgcaaaataa ttttgcccaa acgaaagtta     93720
     agcaaaaaca acgaaaatca taatcatgtc agaaaaatac acgaaaaacg agatcaaagg     93780
     aaaaagcgct ctctcccgct cttcctgaca tgcattttta attcccgcgc tgcgtctcca     93840
     aatgatgttc ccgcgcaacg tcgacaaatg ataatagatc ggcctcttga ccaatctgca     93900
     gtcatgaagg ctaccctaca gaaatgacag gcatcagctg tcgtgaaggc agacctacat     93960
     aaatgaccgg catagaggaa gcgggagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     94020
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     94080
     gagagagaga tcgggaggca aacataaagc cggctacaac cctaacatta gtttcagaca     94140
     caactgcaat gtattttact ggtgaatatg tcatgtaaaa acactttaca agcacagtat     94200
     atgtatattt tttcattaat ttaaacggaa acctatctat ctaactaaaa ccatagatga     94260
     tcaaaaatga gtgtctgtgt ctgcacagag atcaagcctc tcacctcaga atgtggatat     94320
     tatagtgttt ttgaagaaga tcttgcacta cactgcagtt atttatttaa ttttagttta     94380
     cttagttaag atggctgcac taaagacaat agtttttttt ctgactagtc tatattggag     94440
     gtttttattt aattttagtt gtttactcgg gtatcctgac tgtaggctac aaaaaatgtg     94500
     atgacaaagt taataaagaa aaagttaaga tgttcttgtt attaagtgaa ttgtccctta     94560
     gcattgctgt taacatgaca tcaacactaa ccccacagca aacagaaacc gaaccgtacc     94620
     gaaccgtgcc tttggtgtat cgaaagcgca cgcctgtctg tcttaactgt ttcacaaaac     94680
     ttacttataa ggaaaaacgt ttaaaaagtg tggtaatttc acaaagtgag ggtgtaagca     94740
     acaaaactgc caacaaaagt gatttaatgt acaaaagtga ttatgtgaaa agtgaaagta     94800
     aaaccgtgcc tttggtgtat cgttacaccc ctaatatata tatatatata tatatatata     94860
     tatatatata tatatatata tatttttttt tttttttttt ttttgcagtg caaaaattat     94920
     ttgtttatcc ttgtgctgac attctaaatc tgtatctttt acagttcact ttaaggccta     94980
     gtttatatca agtgtcaaag aatttcttaa tcgctgtatg cagatctgtc tgcaggtcat     95040
     agataaggct tttttttctt agtactggaa aaatagttga ggtttcacat gttagtgtat     95100
     gcagacagag gtgtgaaaac tgagtcaaag ttcattcttt gaagaaacta aatagagact     95160
     tgctaaccaa cacttatatt ttagttataa ctttcaagtg tggattttag aatttttatc     95220
     atgttctcac ttattttact taaaattttt taaagcataa aacagcatgt aaaaaaagca     95280
     aacttgacca caacacccat cttattggct gcagtcaaaa tggtttaagc tcagttcaaa     95340
     ccactctacg agtggccaat caactcttag aaaacagaat aaataacata agtgtgtagg     95400
     catctaattt gtctgaagtg gagcttgaaa gatttgtggg gtaaacagtt tactaattcc     95460
     tatcattctg ttcacctggt gtaaagtgct ttgttctggc tggatttacc ccgggggaat     95520
     tttaactaaa aatatatatt tgtaagatcc atgatcatga gaaattattt aatatttttg     95580
     ttttgctcaa gaacagctaa atacaatttt gttaaaatgg gtagagttca acactcctta     95640
     tgtcttattt ttattcttta ttttgcagtc ttctccactg attttgatct tgtttgattt     95700
     tggtcaggaa gataatgtaa aagcacttca agctggccgg aatgtaaact ttcacatatt     95760
     tagggcttgt accatctaca attaaagcat gttttaaaca gacaactgat aggaaatccc     95820
     aaaaaatagt gtcttcatat tttaatcaaa gcccaagttg gaatcagaac ttcaattaat     95880
     gggaaagaaa tgctatttca aacagaggaa accaaaaata aaaacacaat taatgggagt     95940
     agacttcata cggtgtttca tcaactttag tgagattgcc gaacctgaag tgagaggaag     96000
     tgttaggcat agaagaaaca agagatgatt gatttaatta gtcccagctg tgattttgat     96060
     gtggatgttt ataggtgtga agtatgtgag atgagatatt aaaatgcagc ttttaaataa     96120
     taaaaacaca tctagtatta tgtttatttg tatgtgaaac gtcatgcaga catttatttt     96180
     gaaactttta aagggcttgt tcgtccaaaa ataaaaattc tatcttaact actgttacca     96240
     acagattatc catctccatc attctttaaa acagctcttt ttgtgttcag cagaaaaaag     96300
     aaaattaagc tgtaaagatt catatcttaa aaacttgcaa aaaacaggaa ctttgaggct     96360
     cttgagagcg tttatactgg ttattttatt tccggctttt ttctctggta aacaatgcat     96420
     tttaaagaac agaaacaaca ttttgtaaag gcatgtaata atgtgagaga gaggaaagat     96480
     gtttatgtta gaatgtttct ctagtcattt tgatgtggta tatgatgtga taaaagcata     96540
     caagtcaagg tgaaagtgca taaaagcgtc agttgtctga agaagaagct gatgaacaca     96600
     tggtgaggac acattcatct acatttttag cacatgtaaa ttgattgata gcttgatcat     96660
     ttgttctctt tttatagaaa aattcaaagc acaagagtag ttttggaaga cgactgatca     96720
     tgacatgcta cttcattgtg ttgctttcct caaaaatatg taaatatcta aatgtcttat     96780
     aaaatattaa tccatttaag actatataac acttccaact cttcaactct tttgtgcttt     96840
     attttgcagt ctgctcgact gattttgatg ttgttcagga agataatgta aaaatagtta     96900
     aagctggctg ggatgtaaaa tttacctgca cattttcatg gcaaatacaa ttgacaaaag     96960
     catggattaa acatacaact gatggaaaat cccaacaaat tgtgtcttta tatggaagtc     97020
     aaaaaccaag ctggaatcct aagtttgaga atacaaatcg ctttaatgct gacaaaggag     97080
     ataatttctt taatctgacg attttaaaga caaccctgtc agactctgca acatattact     97140
     gtgtagtttc atcatatcag gccactggat tggtttcagg aactcgatta cttgtcagag     97200
     gtaagttatg tctattattt ttgctctgtt tgcctgttgt agcaaatttt aatcctgacc     97260
     atttctgtac ttttctgaag actcagccac agacagaaac acaactcttc atcagtcttt     97320
     gatagactct gttgatccag gagattcagt gaatttgcag tgcagcatct tcactgagag     97380
     ctgtgcaggg gatcatagcg tctactggtt caagcaaagc tcaggagact cagtaaagta     97440
     ccgtacacag taaaaaattt cttcctgttg tcccaacatg aatcgattaa gttaatttac     97500
     ttatttttat aaattcaagc ggattgagca aagcaattaa gctgtcccaa caaaacaaca     97560
     ttaagtaagt catttctttc cagcaagaag tgctggagtg aattccttct aaatattttt     97620
     tgtgggtgta ctttctgatc                                                 97640