EBI Dbfetch

ID   AL591382; SV 3; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 98934 BP.
AC   AL591382;
DT   15-MAY-2001 (Rel. 67, Created)
DT   15-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 19)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone BUSM1-105L16 in linkage group 7 Contains
DE   the nitr2d_1 gene for novel immune-type receptor 2d, allele 1, the nitr1o_3
DE   gene for novel immune-type receptor 1o, allele 3, the nitr1m_2 gene for
DE   novel immune-type receptor 1m, allele 2, the nitr1l_2 gene for novel
DE   immune-type receptor 1l, allele 2, a novel immune-type receptor 1
DE   pseudogene, the nitr5_4 gene for novel immune-type receptor 5, allele 4,
DE   the nitr4a_2 gene for novel immune-type receptor 4a, allele 2, the nitr1i_2
DE   gene for novel immune-type receptor 1i, allele 2, the nitr1j_1 gene for
DE   novel immune-type receptor 1j, allele 1, the nitr1g_1 gene for novel
DE   immune-type receptor 1g, allele 1, a novel immune-type receptor 4b
DE   pseudogene, a novel gene, the nitr1k_3 gene for novel immune-type receptor
DE   1k, allele 3 and a CpG island.
KW   CpG island; HTG; nitr.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-98934
RA   Hammond S.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; bcd33134618542bd1c244fc0461c2702.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000068024; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000098127; danio_rerio.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone BUSM1-105L16. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone BUSM1-105L16 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone BUSM1-105L16 is at 98934 in this sequence.
CC   BUSM1-105L16 is from a Zebrafish PAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..98934
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="7"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="BUSM1"
FT                   /clone="BUSM1-105L16"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..71071
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: BUSM1-105L16"
FT   CDS             4472..4789
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ105L16.27-001"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 4b pseudogene"
FT   mRNA            join(<5674..5722,5803..6156,6488..6826,8333..8443,
FT                   8606..8655,8745..>8855)
FT                   /gene="nitr4a_2"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr4a_2-001"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 4a, allele 2"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF318403"
FT   CDS             join(5674..5722,5803..6156,6488..6826,8333..8443,
FT                   8606..8655,8745..8855)
FT                   /gene="nitr4a_2"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr4a_2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003820"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 4a, allele 2"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q90Z84"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q90Z84"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-001106-11"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD12504.1"
FT   mRNA            join(<5674..5722,5806..6156,6488..6826,8333..8443,
FT                   8606..8655,8745..>8855)
FT                   /gene="nitr4a_10"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr4a_10-001"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 4a, allele 10"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF318403"
FT   CDS             join(5674..5722,5806..6156,6488..6826,8333..8443,
FT                   8606..8655,8745..8855)
FT                   /gene="nitr4a_10"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr4a_10-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003714"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 4a, allele 10"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q90Z84"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A3KFQ0"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM56283.1"
FT   mRNA            join(12957..12989,13130..13173,14600..14764,15156..15306,
FT                   15404..15541,15661..15754,16151..16319,16535..16566,
FT                   16938..17412)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ105L16.2-001-2"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI601505 Em:AI626721 Em:BI892360"
FT   mRNA            join(12960..12989,13130..13173,14600..14764,15156..15306,
FT                   15404..15541,15661..15754,16151..16319,16535..16566,
FT                   16938..17414)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ105L16.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI601505 Em:AI626721 Em:BI892360"
FT   CDS             join(14692..14764,15156..15306,15404..15541,15661..15754,
FT                   16151..16319,16535..16566,16938..17249)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ105L16.2-001-2"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003675"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8JFW6"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-108"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD43088.2"
FT   polyA_signal    17391..17396
FT   polyA_site      17412
FT   mRNA            join(<22560..22605,22708..23058,23425..23769,24957..25061,
FT                   25197..25246,25347..>25463)
FT                   /gene="nitr5_4"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr5_4-001"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 5, allele 4"
FT   CDS             join(22560..22605,22708..23058,23425..23769,24957..25061,
FT                   25197..25246,25347..25463)
FT                   /gene="nitr5_4"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr5_4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003991"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 5, allele 4"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q90Z90 Tr:Q90Z92 Tr:Q90Z93
FT                   Tr:Q90Z94 Tr:Q9IB00"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5SYD7"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-020225-40"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI11482.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(31166..31704,31802..31824,31932..32036,
FT                   32239..32577,32662..33015,33125..33168))
FT                   /gene="nitr1o_3-2"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1o_3-002-2"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1o, allele 3"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF318392 Em:AF318393 Em:AF318394"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BE201996 Em:BE557490"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(31166..31704,31802..31824,31932..32036,
FT                   32239..32577,32662..33015,33125..33207,33598..33651))
FT                   /gene="nitr1o_3"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1o_3-001"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1o, allele 3"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF318392 Em:AF318394"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BE201996 Em:BE557490"
FT   CDS             complement(join(31591..31704,31802..31824,31932..32036,
FT                   32239..32577,32662..33015,33125..33164))
FT                   /gene="nitr1o_3"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1o_3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003990"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1o, allele 3"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q90Z86 Tr:Q90Z87 Tr:Q90Z88
FT                   Tr:Q90Z89 Tr:Q9IB00 Tr:Q9IB01 Tr:Q9IB05 Tr:Q9PTR7"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5SYE4"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI11483.1"
FT   CDS             complement(35599..36051)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ105L16.14-001"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1 pseudogene"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q8UV50 Tr:Q8UV72"
FT   misc_feature    37390..37465
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(40607..40741,40869..40882,40981..41091,
FT                   41295..41636,41720..42064,42154..42229))
FT                   /gene="nitr1m_2"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1m_2-001"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1m, allele 2"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF318390.1 Em:AF318393.1
FT                   Em:AF318394.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BE557490.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(40619..40741,40869..40882,40981..41091,
FT                   41295..41636,41720..42064,42154..42190))
FT                   /gene="nitr1m_2"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1m_2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001285"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1m, allele 2"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P04431 Tr:Q90Z87 Tr:Q90Z88
FT                   Tr:Q90Z89 Tr:Q90Z93 Tr:Q90Z95 Tr:Q90Z97"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5SYE3"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-020225-5"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI11484.1"
FT   mRNA            join(41295..41636,60472..60594,60865..60972,61666..62016,
FT                   62114..62196)
FT                   /gene="nitr1k_2"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1k_2-001"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1k, allele 2"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF318394.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<49955..50056,50187..50209,50313..50417,
FT                   50825..51160,51271..51615,51730..51806))
FT                   /gene="nitr1l_2"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1l_2-001"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1l, allele 2"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF318390.1 Em:AF318392.1
FT                   Em:AF318393.1 Em:AF318394.1 Em:AF397457.2"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BE557490.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(49955..50056,50187..50209,50313..50417,
FT                   50825..51160,51271..51615,51730..51769))
FT                   /gene="nitr1l_2"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1l_2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001286"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1l, allele 2"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q90Z84 Tr:Q90Z85 Tr:Q9IAY6
FT                   Tr:Q9IAY7 Tr:Q9IAY8 Tr:Q9IAY9 Tr:Q9IAZ1 Tr:Q9IAZ2 Tr:Q9IAZ7
FT                   Tr:Q9IAZ8 Tr:Q9IB06 Tr:Q9PTR8"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5SYE2"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-020225-7"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI11485.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<60472..60594,60725..60747,60865..60972,
FT                   61234..61575,61666..62016,62114..62196))
FT                   /gene="nitr1k_3"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1k_3-001"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1k, allele 3"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF318392.1 Em:AF318393.1
FT                   Em:AF318394.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BE557490.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(60472..60594,60725..60747,60865..60972,
FT                   61234..61575,61666..62016,62114..62153))
FT                   /gene="nitr1k_3"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1k_3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001287"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1k, allele 3"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q90Z93 Tr:Q90Z94"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5SYE1"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-001106-5"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI11486.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<68483..68620,68820..68827,69194..69292,
FT                   69437..69778,69870..70214,70293..>70332))
FT                   /gene="nitr1j_1-2"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1j_1-001-2"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1j, allele 1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF318394.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BE557490.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(68483..68620,68820..68827,69194..69292,
FT                   69437..69778,69870..70214,70293..70332))
FT                   /gene="nitr1j_1-2"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1j_1-001-2"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001288"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1j, allele 1"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q90Z87 Tr:Q90Z88 Tr:Q9IAZ9
FT                   Tr:Q9IB08"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5SYE0"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-020225-3"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI11487.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(AL591497.2:<104357..104364,68483..68620,
FT                   69194..69292,69437..69778,69870..70214,70293..70332))
FT                   /gene="nitr1j_1"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr1j_1-001"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 1j, allele 1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF318394.1"
SQ   Sequence 98934 BP; 32820 A; 17110 C; 16946 G; 32058 T; 0 other;
     gatctctttt tttacatgag acatatttta tccttttggc atctttgaca gattaaatgt        60
     ttgatcccat ttgtgccttt gcattttgta acatacaccc aaagggaaaa aaaaacatag       120
     ttcaacatag aaaagaaaaa tatatatata tacaatataa atattgaagt caaaattata       180
     taaataatat tcagtaaata atatttcact agattttttt aagacacttc tatacagctt       240
     aaagtaacat ttaaaggctt gacttggtta attagggtag ctaggcaggt tagggtaatt       300
     aggcaagtta ttgtataacg atagtttgtt ctctaatcta tcgaaaaaaa aatttagctt       360
     aaagaggcta ttaattttgt ccttaaaatg gtgttaaaaa aatgttactg cttaaagtta       420
     tactgctttt attctagccg aaattaaaca aataagactt tttccagaaa aaaaaaatag       480
     tatcagtcat actgtgaaaa ttttgttgca ctgatagaca taatttggga aatatttaaa       540
     aaagaaaaaa aaatttaaag gggggctaat aattctgact tcaactgtat atacacacac       600
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac       660
     acacacacac acacacacat atatatataa ctttatatat aaattattat ataattataa       720
     ttatttataa ttttatataa cattaaactg ttccatggtt ttactccaca gaaagacata       780
     cacaaactgt tttaaagttg ttcttgtttt cagcctccta aaattttgtt cttctctgag       840
     attatattcc ccttgtcata cttcaaaaaa cttttttatg tgttttggaa gtactttatt       900
     cctagcttta aacataaatt gtgctgtttt aaatgtaacc aaatcatcga atttaagtat       960
     ttttaataaa aaaaaataaa ggatttgttt gctttaatta cccacacctt ctatcagtct      1020
     aattactttt tctgcattgt acttacggat cgtaaattag atttatatgt attcccccaa      1080
     attttaacac aatacctcat atatggcaac ataagtgtgt tatataatat tgatttattg      1140
     tgcaggataa atctttcttt atacactact gcaacagttt ttttattttt tttttactaa      1200
     ttttgagatc aaattattta tttgtgattt ccaactaatt ttatgatcca gtacaacacc      1260
     aagaaaccta attgcattta ctctttctat aacttcatta tcaatatgta aatctttatt      1320
     atgactactt tttaattttc caaataacat aacctttgca ataaccatgc aaattaaata      1380
     tttgcttgag taaattacat aatattcaat gcaaatgtga gaacagaggc agattgtaat      1440
     cccatagaca aataacatga aataggctag gcaaggcaag tttatttata tagcacattt      1500
     catacacaat ggtaaatgaa agtgttttac ataaactgga ataaaagaaa caagaaacta      1560
     aaagtaaata agagatttaa aaacaattaa aacaaaaaaa aactgatata aatgtgtaaa      1620
     caagttataa agtaatgaaa gtatttattc agtaaaggca aatgtgtttg ccatgcttgg      1680
     ccaagaatgt gtttaatttt gcttcatttg cgtctttagt gtttggtgtg aacccagcca      1740
     tcttgaccaa tcatgaagca gaaaactgat gtcatgaggc gaaaacacac agtaatttaa      1800
     aaaaatctta acgtcttaaa gtatcggtct cagcaacctg acattgcatt ttcttgtgga      1860
     caaacagtaa aacagtgtgg aaaaaagtgt ggtttagaaa atacccatgt ttgtgtggac      1920
     agactgcaca aatatgatcc ccatttctca gtcatatgca atgcagtatt ctggggcatt      1980
     gtggattgat gagttgtaga ccgggggtgg gggtttgggg gtggtggtta tgagtgattg      2040
     cagactgaat gacaataaaa ggcagcatga agttgaaatt ctgactgcat gaatgtctac      2100
     cggagctgct gcccatgaat tgaatgctac ttccttaact ataagccatg tcaaaagcat      2160
     gtcagataat ttggcagtca ttcaactgga gttacaactg cagatcatgt gtaaccacac      2220
     cagctcatta cctccacatt tgaggtttag gcaactacgt aaataaataa ccacaattgt      2280
     gctgcatttt tgcattacgg ttgtaattat tgatttacag tgcgctgtga aaatttacag      2340
     tcttactgtc aaactaaatt ggcagtgagt tactttaaac tttaattttt ttacagtgca      2400
     gttatgtaaa ccttattcag gttttctttg taaaacgtaa tggagatgca ttttctgatg      2460
     tgtctcaaaa cgatttttaa aaatgtttta taacacctta aaaagcaggt cctctttttt      2520
     atatatatat atatatttaa tcagtaacct tgcagaaacc ctgtgtaaaa atgtacaaat      2580
     aatgccacac tagccttcat gtcagtgttc tcatcagtca tcatgcaagt caatatttga      2640
     ctttgacatt aaaatgttaa aaaaaaaaaa acatgtggag gtaagcgtga ttgaacaccc      2700
     aataaggggg gagagcatgc taggagcaca gcggctgatc agcaggtcaa tcagaaatga      2760
     taaataacac ctgtctttct agttattggg ccggagagac tcccttcata aggagaaggg      2820
     gaggagcagt cgggagagga gagagtacac acacacacac aaaccctgct acatgtgtgg      2880
     tggcattgaa aattaataaa cagtttgctt acctgaatcg ccgaccctgt cttcttcttc      2940
     cctcaacaac aacgaacttt actacaaaaa ctaaaacaaa agaatttaaa tgctaaattt      3000
     aagtgctaaa ttcagcacca cggagaggga cagtattttg caaatgcagc aaaatcttca      3060
     agttcaaatt attaaaatca tcaataaatg gagtcatcat ttactctcct tttatttgtc      3120
     aaaaatcagt ttgagttcct gtttttgtgc ttaacgcaag aagttctttt ggaaaatgtt      3180
     ggaaaaccta aaactattga catccatagt ttttgttttg tttttataca aattaatgat      3240
     taccggtttc ttcaaaatgt catattttgc aaggaaaaaa taaaatctta aaggtttgga      3300
     acgactcgag agtgagtata aatacataaa tacatatcac atacagtttc acatgtgact      3360
     tctacattgg tttagattca ttatattggt ttctatattg gcgtaaagat taattcattg      3420
     ttttaagtct catgtaagca atctcctacc tgtatatacc tgtatatgtt tatacaacag      3480
     ttctgtctgg ttcttgaata tgattggctg atagccgtgt gatattccgc ctgtaacagc      3540
     actcatacag cctcttaaat cttcaccctt gtgtattact ccgcccacat acagcaacaa      3600
     gcagattaca ctctacagtt tgacaaatat ttctgctgtt ggtcaacaat gtacttttga      3660
     ggcttttata gtaaagaatg tagttgttta aattgcaatt atgcagttta tttataaaga      3720
     cagtgcttat tttaagaaat gtataatttc caacccaagc ttattctgaa atcgtagtcc      3780
     cgcgaacgtt tctggagaca gcggattacg tcccaggttt ttttttttca agcgaacgcg      3840
     gcggggcggt gtgacgctgt tccctttcgc gcttgcctta cctccttgtg gagggcttcc      3900
     ccgctgcaac ccgtttgtcc acacaactca gcgtgtacgt cggcaggctc gagatgcaga      3960
     gaggggtcaa ccacggcaac tggtttcgag tcaagcaatc aggttagaca aaaacagaat      4020
     cccaaaaatt aagtgaatga gtttcgtgac aggttcagaa cgtggcaaaa tccgaaaacg      4080
     cggtagaata aaaaaaatca gggcttttat ttttttggtt ggcttttgtg aactgttgct      4140
     cgggtttagg gaagcgagcg ggcgggcggg tcgatcggta aaattggttg ggttcaggga      4200
     aggaggaggg cgagtcggcc gattggccgg ttgcgtagtc aatcgtccgg tcagtcggac      4260
     agcggccttc ggcgggttca cgcgagaaca gcgcgggcgc gaaccgcgct cgaaagaggc      4320
     gtctgaggtg cgaaaaagcg cgcaacagcg gcctctcgcg aattcgcgaa aacaaaaact      4380
     gcagccgtac atacccgccg ggacgtattc cgcagtctcc agaaacgtcc gcgggactac      4440
     gtttccacaa tgagcctggg ttgatcattt ctgagagaca gtgcgtcgtc tgctattcaa      4500
     acagagttca aatacaattc atccgggaat tgttaatact tatggagaaa gcaaaaatga      4560
     gtgtgcagac tcatttgata cacagagctg tctccagaac cttgctaaga tgaatgttgg      4620
     tgtgtctgac ggaggactat tctactgttc tgtgatgagg ttttatttgg aaacggttgg      4680
     tcattgaagg caagtacgct ttttatgtgg tttttgaggt ggaataacag ttagacacat      4740
     gttttatgag taggcttaag ggttgtttaa agggcagggt tagaaacaac cgtgttatta      4800
     acatcagcct gtcattgagc agtccaaaga cggttgatgt tgttcattca caagatggca      4860
     acagatgttg cttaagatct tagaggaaaa aaaatacagc gtaattttaa actacagctg      4920
     atgaaatcat tataaaactg gtaaatttct ttctaagtca atctctctct gttttgtatg      4980
     ttgtagagct gtatttatac catagtgtat tgagtgagat gggactcttt gagttacttt      5040
     ttggttgacc atctgtttgt ttctaacaag tctcctgttt ttgttactgc agactagttc      5100
     agtaaaaaga aagaaagaag aaatgcccgc atgtgtttag cgtttttcct tatcacaaac      5160
     acaacagtaa tctggtagtg attgcattgc tttggctttt tcaggggtta tttatcgtga      5220
     tctcaacaac agtgaaatat tgggaaatct ttgtagacag atggcatttc atgccgttca      5280
     gccttataat cctaaaatgt gagcaaaatc acttattttg tcatcacttt agacattaca      5340
     ctagagtatc attcaaatct agctctttct ttatgttgtc ccagtacaaa tggattaagt      5400
     taacttaatt gttttaacaa atttaagtga attgaacata aaacaattaa gttgtctcaa      5460
     aacttaacaa ttcaatgttg gttcaactcg tattaaataa gtagtttgaa caagcagtat      5520
     aagtcttttt tttttttagt gtaacacatt tgagggcagg gatttgtgct ggcagagtca      5580
     catgatgagt cacgtactgt atgtcagaga gtaaatgaat gcactcagca caacatgcag      5640
     ccagaagaat caaagaccca gaaagagcat aaaatgaatc acatcatcta cgtgatcatc      5700
     tttctctttc atcctcaagt ctgtaagtac aacataccca attcaatcag tcacttagta      5760
     ttgttatggt taaaaacaac tttacagtat ttgtttttcc agcaggcaaa aataattgca      5820
     ctgttgatca agtggatgaa gtgttagcca ctcaagaagg gtacattgtg ttgttacctt      5880
     gtcttctgtt agaagattac tttcatcgag tgatatggta taagcaagtt cttggagaga      5940
     aacctgtcgt aatagtgtca tcatatcacc actctcaacc caatgagttt tcctctgact      6000
     ttaaagaaac tcagcgtttt catgcggtgc gaaaagcaga cagtttcaac ctaaccatcc      6060
     gtaggacact gaaatccgat tcaggcacgt atttttgtgg cagtgccttt gcccatgttg      6120
     tttcctttgg gactggaaca attctgttgg ttaaaggtga gtattttact tttgttttta      6180
     tttattgtaa ccctaaaatc tgattcagga atgtatttct gtgccagtgt ctttgcaaat      6240
     gttctttctt ttggaactgg aacaattctg taagttaaac taaaagtttt ttaactttta      6300
     tttgcattta ttttaacaaa tattaacaca aaaagaggta aaaaaaaaaa ttctcagagc      6360
     atacaggtaa ctagagacat tagataagct cttgcatact tcttatacag ttattaaacg      6420
     tgaagcttaa ctgtttttaa gatggatgat tccatttatt gtcccttgca tttttttttt      6480
     tgtacaggtg cagaccttaa acctgctgtt atacaactcc cagtacatgc tgttattaac      6540
     ccaggaagca atgtgaccct gcggtgctca gttgaaagga aaacgtgtga taaagatgtg      6600
     caatctgttt actggttcag acagagttca aatacaactc atcagggaat tgtttatact      6660
     catggaaaaa gcaaaaatga gtgtgcagac tcatctgata cacagagctg tctccagaac      6720
     cttgctaaga tgagtgttga tgtgtctgaa gctggactat actactgttc agtggtgact      6780
     tgtgatgagg ttttatttgg aaatggcaca acgttggtca ttgaaggtaa gtaagctttt      6840
     ttactggctt tcgagatgga ataacagata catgttttgt ggtatgagta tgtttaaggg      6900
     ttgtttaaag tacaggatta gaaatagtgt caatgtacaa aaacaatgtt attaatatta      6960
     tagatgcatc aataatgatg tactgtatat atccatgtat gtatatacag ttgaaaccag      7020
     aagtttacat agtaacaaga accattacta tttttttttt aaatgtctga tggtaaatca      7080
     tactgaatgt ttattatttc aggtccgtta ggattgccta aatgatttgc taaatgccag      7140
     aataatgact ttttttataa aatacttttt tttttttgag aattttttta ttaatttcta      7200
     gacagtcaaa agtttacaca catttccttg gtattttttt tagctttgct tttaaactat      7260
     aactttggtc aaatgtttag ggtatctttc cacaagcttc tcacaatagt ctgaaggaat      7320
     tttggcccat tcctcctgac tgaattggtg taactgagtc agatttgaca tctcagtgga      7380
     cttttttcag tttttttaca acaacttgca tttgtataat gttattattt tttattagta      7440
     ttatttatta tatgcataat tatatttgtt tgaataaaaa cagatttaga ttagtccacc      7500
     tgtcgggttt tgcagacata tgtttgtata actcaccaca cttcgttatt attgttcatt      7560
     tattcatttg ctggaaatta gaacagaaat tagaaatagt tttgaaacaa atctttgctc      7620
     ttaacgaaag aaattgaata tgtaggctaa tggatgtctt tagttaagtg cgtacaacac      7680
     cgtttcctct ccacgaaagt aaaggagtaa ataaagtaaa agtaaagtaa agagaaagag      7740
     gccgaataaa gtaggctcgt tctttatcct cgcgctgcag atggtcggtt taattgtttt      7800
     ctcgctagtg aagcattcag ttgatcctct tcgccatgta aatagcaaat gcatcatggc      7860
     ttgaagcaaa tgacacttga agagaatggg agatgagaaa ctgtttggtt caatgcacat      7920
     tatgctcaaa acacatccat acctcattaa gagaataagc acaaccctgt tagaccatgc      7980
     gctggggcgc agagcgtatt ttaccatttt accatcggac acacccttaa tgcttttatg      8040
     ccatgcactt tagactttgc gcctatcgtt aaaatagagc ccaatgcctt tgtttatttt      8100
     gtgaaacagg tgttacttgg ctatcaaaaa gacattaaaa atcgaataat taacagcata      8160
     gaaacaataa atactttgct ctttataatc ataccaatgt atagatttga cttgtggtag      8220
     tgtattattt tattctggga attactttta attctgacta atgctattta cccccctcta      8280
     aataaataca gatgactaat taattaaagt tgcttttttc ttcttctcct agatggattt      8340
     attagtgaaa gtatacagaa atgtatttta attggcctca cagtgctgtc tgcagtcagt      8400
     cttaccatca atattttgct ctctttacca ttgagaagaa acggtaatta ttttattgca      8460
     atctatcagt ttaaccttaa tattaataat aatagtaaac attttcatct gtttattatt      8520
     attaatatta tagatctatt cttaaaaata gtgaatattg attacataac tcatatgtaa      8580
     cccattttat acttacttca aacaggtgga acgcctcagc aaatgcagac taatgatgat      8640
     attacaagag tgcaggtttg gagaatcaaa tcagcaaata ggagttaaca taacatgtca      8700
     tttaatgtga atttacaaac acattaccta attctttctt ctagtttcag aatgctgatg      8760
     atgttaatta tgcggccctg aacctttcct caaaaagagg tcagagaaag atgaccctag      8820
     agaagacacc aacacagacc aatgctgcaa gatgagattt gaaacatttt aatgctaatt      8880
     gtcagaagat cacagacagc agtgatactt tatcaatatt gtaagtttgt gtgataaaat      8940
     gtggtataaa gcaggtgggg tatctgcact tttttctctg agtattaaca tctaacactt      9000
     gtggcaaact catagttgga aggaaagtaa tgtgcaaaat tatataaaag cataaccaca      9060
     tcctgtatgt gtttatataa caatggctga aaagtagggt gtttattcac ttctgtcagc      9120
     tttactaaca ggatttaggt cagcatttta aatgggttat tcattgtata tgtgtctctg      9180
     gaccacaaac ctaagttgca caggtatgtt tatgaaatac attgtgtggg tcgattatca      9240
     atctattatg ccaaaaatgc tgaatattaa gtaaaaatca tgttatattt agtaaatttc      9300
     tatttaattt ttgattacta ttattgattg ctgagagatt cataggacaa cttcaaagat      9360
     gatttttaat atgaatattt ttgaataata tgattttttt taaccctcaa gctctaatta      9420
     ggtcttgtat atcagctttc agaaggtgta aaaatctcaa ttgtacactt attattgaca      9480
     cttataactg ttcttgtgct cacatgtgtt acttctgcta cataagaata gattgaatca      9540
     tgtatttccc acaatccaat tatcatattt aacatctcag ttttactaat tattccacca      9600
     aacttccaac aattaatctg ttttactttt gttcctattt tgagtgaaat ttatattgaa      9660
     tgaagcaaac ttcagagcag actttcagag atttgaaatc gcctttcttt caggtaattt      9720
     tttttaattt actagttgaa aactggatat catatcattt gctgaagcat gtaataatga      9780
     caacctaaaa ataaagtact agtctctctc tctctttcaa aaaagataaa agatatgtgg      9840
     taatagatac agatttgtgc ttttaagtaa aatgtataga catatgcttt taagatactt      9900
     atatttactg tttacccact ctttaactaa aattcagaat taaacctttt aaaaatattt      9960
     ttgtaccttt ttttctgagt ttttgacatg aaatatagga aaataaagat tttttgtata     10020
     aagatttaca gtaacctttt aaaagctata cttttaggta caacaggcaa ctgaaagtaa     10080
     caagtaattt aatttatggt tctataatac aacattcaca ggtaaattgt aactgtggga     10140
     gttggggtac aacggaggtg tgggtccaaa tacagtgtat tcacaacttg atcaggcagg     10200
     caatggtcaa aacaggagca aacggtatca tgagggtaat ccaaaagtgc atggtcacag     10260
     gcaaagaggt cagtgcaggc gacaaacagc atgaacaata aacaaggcat ggcaaggcta     10320
     gacaaaaaat aatgcttggt aatgttggtg agcaagactc agcaaagtgt gtgtgtgtgt     10380
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgagg taaatataaa     10440
     gaattatgag ttaccagctg tgtgtgtaat cggggaatca ggaactggtg tgtatgtgag     10500
     gtcatgatgg tatttgtagt ccagttaagt gacagatgtg tagttcatgg tcatgatcat     10560
     gacatttcat gtacaaaagt gtaccttaaa agaaaaaaag atcaccctgg tgaaagctcg     10620
     ttgctttaca tttacatgaa gtcatttagc ctatgctttt gtccaatgtg acttacaata     10680
     gaggaggtgt tcagcgattc tacaagaaga gacaatacaa acaagaagtg ttaattatac     10740
     aaagaaactg tgcttggatt tgagagaggg agagagaaag tgcttcgata ggtgtttttt     10800
     tttattattt actggggttc agttgttttc ggaagaggtg ggttttagtt gtcatttgag     10860
     ggtcaccagt gtatccggag tccaagtgcg aatggaaaga tcattccacc agtggttttg     10920
     gaaagttacc tacagcctct ctgcgatggc accacatggt ggtgctcaca cactgactgg     10980
     aggcaactgt agaccttcag gagcagataa aggtaagatg gtgcaatgct ttcatttgga     11040
     cacagcagtt ttttttaatt attatactta ttattcattt aaatggtaaa atatttttaa     11100
     ttatgctagc agaagctatg gaaatatacc tcaaagaaag gtgtcaatag tgttgtgcat     11160
     gtgattagtt attaattgtt atttggtcat taagccgtgc atctctctca ctttattttg     11220
     acaatacatt tttttaatgt atactaaaaa cccgtatata ttgacttcca taaaaacaat     11280
     tattatcttg ttaatggtta caggtttcca gcaatcttca aaatatcttc ttttgtgttc     11340
     aacaacaaca aaaacactca tagaggttgt tgcaacatag gctcattcta aaaaatgcag     11400
     ccctgtatat agttgaagtc agaattatta gccccctgtt tatttttttt tccaaattgt     11460
     ttaatttagt ttctaatcat aatagtttta ttaactcatt tcaaataatt tatttatttt     11520
     atctttgcta tgaggacagt aaataatatt tgactagata tttttcaaga cacttctata     11580
     cagcttaaag tgacatttaa aggcttaaca agggtaatta agttaactag gcaggttagg     11640
     gtaattaggc aagttattga tggtttgttc tgcagacagt ctgaaaaaat tgtctcaata     11700
     aaaaaaaaaa aaactgcttt tatttttgct gaaataaaac aaatatttct tcagaagaaa     11760
     aaaatattat cagacatact gttaaaattt ccttgctctg ttaaacatca tttgggaaaa     11820
     aaaaaacatc aaaaggaggg ctaataatta tgacttcaac tgtacatttt tggagattga     11880
     gaattatgta gccagaagta tggctgcatt ttgtctttaa aacaagcgct atgaggaggt     11940
     ttgatgctgt cactttttgt gctttccagc tggccgatta cctccatgtg gacgtctttt     12000
     ccgcagttac cagtttgtcc agtagctcgc catgtcggca gacttgagat gctcttgacc     12060
     acaacaacga ggtttgagtc aagcgacgaa tggttccaga aagcaggcaa gacaaaaact     12120
     gaagccaaaa ataaacaagt aaataacatg gtgagaatat ggtaaaatct aataatgtgg     12180
     caaaaatcag gcgatagcat ttctttttct gaattgcttt ttaaaactgt cggttgggtt     12240
     tagggaagtg ggtgcacggg tcaatcggtg cttttgaaaa cactattggg tgagtcagtc     12300
     tatcaatcat tcagtcagtc agtcgacagc agcctctagt ggttttacgc gagaacagca     12360
     ggcgtgaatg gcactgtcga gagaaatttg agatctcaaa aagcgtagac agcagcctct     12420
     ggtggattca caaaaacaaa aactgcaaag aacttagctc ttgggacata tttggcgctc     12480
     tccagaaatt catagcggta tgttttcagt gtgagtctgg ggtttagagc cacttaaggt     12540
     tgagcgagga caatttcttt tttgagggaa ctgtcacttc aagtttatct tgaaagtgac     12600
     atgtgaaatc tgattaacat cttaaaaagt ttcaccacaa acctcaagac ttatgctaac     12660
     cctgtttagt gctgttgcaa gatctaatag gttgaccaaa actacaaaga acataacatg     12720
     agagtgtctg cagtaaccat gcacagcaaa atttccagtg ttgtttggag ttgtttttac     12780
     agtgtaaatt tttttgagtt aaaaagtgtt atttgtggtg ttaatttacg tgacataaac     12840
     acctgcagtg tacccttgtg gtcagagtaa gggttaatac tgcgagttaa catagttaac     12900
     actataaaca agttgtttcc atttccggtc gcttcacctt acttcctctt tgattaatgg     12960
     cggatggcac atggagaaca ttcaaacagg taactgtcat attacttatt taaccacaaa     13020
     tattcaatac atttttacat gctttatgtt tctcaatgtt aaattaatat ttgtaaatat     13080
     tctaaccgag atttcaagtt ctaaccactt gtcattttat acgcgacaga catctggagc     13140
     cacgagacaa gctgctttag cgggaaaaca aaggtaactt taaacatttt acagttaaca     13200
     gttttaagga gttcctattt gaatcgggtt cagttcgagc ctattatgag aaataggcag     13260
     taatgactca tgcaaccgtt tgaattgttt aaactgttta tttgttttaa atatctgcaa     13320
     agcagcagct gtcagtactt aacgttagct gaaccgtaac ctagctttgt gtgtaatcta     13380
     acgttatcta taatgttcac tgttcagtgc gattgatttg tggcgcgagc agcgaggagt     13440
     cgcgggctgc ctgttcacgc tttcatcagt gcttttaaac ggtgaataac gttatacgat     13500
     tcaagtgtac aggtacagac ctgcagacca taatacgtta aaaacagacg caaaatacat     13560
     tcgctgtaaa agttagccgt gcttgttgac atgaagggat aacgttagcc agttaagaaa     13620
     tgattctttt ttaaacggtt cttttcagtg aatcaatcga accagttcac tacattgaac     13680
     tgaatcattt gaaattgttc gcttctccgg taagcaccaa tccttaaaat ggcttacttt     13740
     ataacctgtc tgacactcag ttccactcaa aaataccgta tgttgagttt cgacttattc     13800
     agtaactgta acagacggaa ctgctgtgaa aagaactgat gatgagcgcg aatcgagtaa     13860
     cgtgttccct atgacaacga ccgaaaaatg ctatgctcag aagagacgaa cccaagcaga     13920
     ctgttattgc cattgtttac ctagcaaatt tcattgttaa ctctaaggta gtagtcgaat     13980
     agtaacttta tttaatattg aagtgctgtt caattgcatt gcatgaagag ctggcttaag     14040
     atagaactgt acgtactctt aacttttgaa gatctttcat taatgtgtaa tgtgaaaaaa     14100
     aaaagttttt ttaatctgta atgtgcattt atacaagtat aattttccta tagcctacgt     14160
     cttgctaaca atactagtta gaaattggta tgtagaatcc ttcataataa aaaaacaaaa     14220
     agaacgtaaa tatagttatt tttagaaaaa gaaaaacata atgtgctttt ttatttatat     14280
     gtactattca taataacatc ggcttctgta tcaccttaac atgaaaatga ataaattaac     14340
     ttgatttaat tttactatgt caagtttgtg atagattctt gttaataata aagtgatata     14400
     ttgtgtattt ttcaacagct tccatcatgt tggtgaaagt tctatattaa ggagtgaaaa     14460
     aatatgtaaa attgcttact gattttacat ttcaatgttt tcggagtgaa gataagttaa     14520
     gattgtgctg gtcagagttg tgctcactaa agtcataacc atttcctgag tctgtttttt     14580
     tttttttttt ttttttcagt gaaaagcaaa tttggattat caacaactgc agatcctcaa     14640
     gttttcaatg acacggaccc taatgtagaa gaggagatct tccacgagtt aatggacagc     14700
     agtccacatt tatgcttgac tgttagatgt ttggaagaaa atatttctgc tggcctgcct     14760
     gagggtaatt attcaataaa tatttggaca gttttaaaat gcctctgttt tacagtagta     14820
     caagtcaaaa cagttagaat taagtaaaaa gaagaaattc atagaagagc ttactgaaca     14880
     gtggagtgtg tatagaaata aagagttttt atatgtttct tgaccattgc caggtgttcg     14940
     tttagctaaa gttcatgtga tgcccagtga tgaaaggttg atcaaaatag tctgtcaaaa     15000
     ccacagtgta gaaaaacatt gatgatgata gtgtatagta aaagctatta gtacagcatt     15060
     gttttaaatt aagttgaaat ataagataaa tttattgtaa actaaagaaa atataacgta     15120
     aaggttaata ataatgtttt ccatttctcc atcagtgatt tcacccacaa gatcatcaac     15180
     agccagcaca tgtactgata cagtttcact ctcttcaatg gatcatgaag acccagagcg     15240
     aaatatgcag aatcaattga caaggactaa cagctgcttg atagtagatg gtaaagggca     15300
     aaacaggtat atgcatatgt tgtttgttat ggttaattca atcatatact aattcagttt     15360
     tattatttta caagtataac catttttctg gtcactttat cagattgttc aagatgcatt     15420
     gggaaagcaa tctggtggtg atgaagtact tgacgaatac aaggtcacaa aaacttaagg     15480
     gccacagcac tagatggcag ctggttaata ttgtcgtcag tcacatgaaa gagattcatg     15540
     ggtaagattt cattaaatat atgcaagaaa agcatggatt ttttttttta aaccaaaaaa     15600
     aaataataaa atgtaaaaag ttaagtactg tccttaatca aatattttac tgattgttag     15660
     gagaatcccc acgtgcaagc aacgggagac ttatgctttg ggcattattt ctctttttcc     15720
     cagcctgaga gacccgtttt ccgcaaaagg ctatgtaaga aattgtctta ttgtacttaa     15780
     cacaaacttg ttcatccgtt ttaattattt aacgcagagg tgcccaaacc ttggtcctgg     15840
     agagccagtt ttctgcagag tttagctcca actgtaatta aacacaagct cttaactagc     15900
     aaactagaaa ctttcaggca gttgtgttga agcaagttgg agctaaactc tgcaagacac     15960
     tggccctcca ggaatgagtt tcgacacccc tggtttaaag gtttgtgttt tttattttta     16020
     tttgtatcat acagtcagtc tttttaatgt aactggcatt tttaaaatat ttctatctat     16080
     ataacaggaa catttttacg atccagaaaa gggaaccgtt tgtaattaat ctaatatgct     16140
     tctttcttag attattcaag actttagtct cctgttcaat gctgaaacat ccaacaagtt     16200
     gcttgagagg tggcagaccg catttaagca caggatcatc aatgaggcga aatctctgac     16260
     ttcaactgcc agacttcatt gtcttattaa ttcagcagaa ggacaagaat ctgaaaatgg     16320
     tacgatttct aaggattttg tagtttgaaa tttgctttgg tttcttttgt atttgtgagc     16380
     tataagtgtg aatgtgggct tgcttcattt taatattaat acgtataact ttatcatcat     16440
     tcattcagac tgggataatg atgtcatctg tcctactcct tctgcatctc ctacctcctt     16500
     cagagagaaa gaagacttaa gatcagttca acagaggcct ttgaaagact tgtgcatttc     16560
     cataaggtaa aactcacaat attttcaaaa gtcttttcat tgttattatt aaggttgtta     16620
     agaccattat gcgatgctgt aaaatgtacc ttttaaaact tttttttaaa agccaataca     16680
     ttcagttgaa tgctgttgaa gaatgtatgt tacatcttgg atgaaatgag ggtttatcaa     16740
     aaaatatata aacatatttt tgtggtaatt cttttccctg tcacactaca caatgaatga     16800
     catgaacaca ttttattttt gcactttggc taaaggtggt tttgttttat tttttgtgtt     16860
     gttttcatta acaaaattgt aagtttccta attggtttcc tgcatttaat gacatatttt     16920
     tggctgtttt tttgcagtct tgcaccagca ttgaagacca tctcagtgag agaaagggcc     16980
     accagccatg tcgcctaaga ttaggaagga tcaaggggag gattgaccat ttctatttgg     17040
     ttatggacaa acatctcatc tcttgtgcag caaccaggtc cttgagtgct gttgatgaac     17100
     tctttaaaga ctatgtgttc aacttgacgt acgaggaagc ccttgtctac atctttacct     17160
     ttctgcagac tacagtctac aacatcgatg ttggacctac cagtgagtca cccagggtaa     17220
     agaaactgcg tgcaaagctt ttacactaaa tgtttctttt acaataatgt gttggtgttg     17280
     tcaaagcttg caagcaaaca gcacctcttt aagactctca cagtttttga tactgaaaat     17340
     gctgtacatt ttatgttggt ttaactgtgc gtttaagatg cattgttaaa aataaaagtt     17400
     taaactagta aactgttctg attttttttt tactgatcaa tgcaaactgt cttgtaatgc     17460
     agtaaacaat ctatataact aaaatacatt taaatatcaa cctaggtatg tatgagcact     17520
     atattattag tgttaagatg aacactctta gtgttaagct attaacactg cgagtgtagt     17580
     tttaacatat ttattttatg caaataggga aagtgagtgg aaaacagaga gttaaagtca     17640
     acactagcag tgcttttttt taacactatg caagtgtaaa ataatttact ctttttcaag     17700
     tgtaaattta actcgattta gtgtggacct atataaacac taaggaagtg ttaattttca     17760
     cactttgaga gtgaaattaa cacttcaaaa tttgctgtgt ggcctactta acacctactc     17820
     aaacctttta ccttcctgtg tggctcaagc tctacaaatg tcctgtttct caagattgag     17880
     gtaataacaa aacatgagct ccatcaggac catctcttca tctatacaaa gtccaacaga     17940
     aaaataagag tggatggaat ataatgcaaa gcgaacgggc tgtatcagac taaagcatag     18000
     ggctgaacat ttgaattaca tcacatcctg ttgagtgagt gactggaaga agctgcacag     18060
     tgtagagcag aaactgttga agtgaacatc agcgcatcag atttgttgct cataagcgta     18120
     aatcgaaagc atagtttaat ttatgctaaa tagttttgtc ttaaacagaa taaatgaact     18180
     tggtattgat tatttatagc agagtgaaag ttgttgtgat tggttgttta cattcttatc     18240
     tctcttacat acagtggtgt gaaaaagcgt ttgtcctctt attaatttct tatttttttg     18300
     caagtttgtt acactttaat gtttcagatc atcaaacatt tttaatattt gtcaaagtaa     18360
     acacatcatg cagcaaaact aaatccaaat ctacatactg tagccttaca tattgtgtat     18420
     gttgttgctg ctggtgtgtg tgtttcaatt ttattttaga aattcaaatg ttagaaaaga     18480
     agtctcacaa ataaaatgct taaataagta aagacgtaaa agtggatcag tacccttgct     18540
     ctcattttaa atgaacgtgc atcatggttg gagttgtttc cagccgcaag acccatttat     18600
     atttctttcg ctcactgcat ttaaaccaca acaaaataca cacgtcaccc tttattttca     18660
     catccctttc ctttaccaaa aacacaaata gcccaccctc ttaaaaagaa actgttatta     18720
     ccagaagtct ttgaggtctt aaaaatgtat ttgattcctt tgtgtctcca aattgtttat     18780
     acaatatata ttgtatgtta ctaaaagtta caaaatgtat acatactgta catacactaa     18840
     ctggccactt tattaggcac accttactag taccaggttg gacgcccttt tgccttcaga     18900
     actgccttaa tccttcattg catagattta acaaggtact ggaaatattc ctaagagata     18960
     ttggtctata ttgacatgat agcatcacgc agttgctgca gatttgtcgg ctgcacatcc     19020
     aaaatgcgaa tctccctttc caccacattc caaaggtgct ctattacatt gagatctggt     19080
     gactctggag gccatttgaa tacagtaatc tcattgcatg ttcaaaaaac cagtctcaca     19140
     tgattcgcac tttatgacac tgccgttcac tggatatttt ctcttttttg gacaattctc     19200
     tgtaaaccct agagataatt gtgcgtgaaa atcccagtag atcagcagtt tctgaatcat     19260
     tcagaccagc tcgtctggca ccaacaacca ggccatgttc aaagtcactt aaatcccctt     19320
     tcttccccct tctgatgctc agtttgaact gcagcagatc gtcttgacca tgtctacatg     19380
     cctaaatgca ttgagttgct tccatgtgat tggctgatta taaatttgcg ttaatgagca     19440
     gttggacagg tgtacctaat aaagtggccg gtgactgtat agttatagta actatatcta     19500
     tatctatgtt taaatgtaca tgcatctctg cttaagaatg aagaatgtgc tgcaagttat     19560
     tattattatt attattatta ttattattat tattattatt aataataata attattatta     19620
     ttattattat tgttttatta catgaaggtg tttaatgcat caacatatat atttaataat     19680
     atttctttcc tttttaaata tattatacaa atgttttatt gtttttaaag tgttaagaaa     19740
     tattacaata aactacaata ttataaataa tacatattac aataaaaaat attacaacat     19800
     atataatcct ttctatttat atttaacaaa ctgaattgtg ttcaatttat taataatgtt     19860
     gtttcatttg atgttattta gcactaaagt gtaaaatgga gctgacagat cagatcacca     19920
     tcttcttctc agcttcgagg tcagagtgca ggccggcgtg tttgtggttt aaaagtaaga     19980
     acagaatgga aagatcaaga cacactttat acacacttta gctgggctca attttagtgg     20040
     tgtaaagttt ccacagtgca tctgatgttg ctaaaaaaaa ggtgtcagaa gcagtctcat     20100
     gcacttacaa gtgcttagct tattcactgc caccatacac tatgtgaaac ttaactaaac     20160
     tacaaagact tttaaattca ggtgttacat ttgttctcat aactgcactg catgttaaat     20220
     aaagcttcac catttccaga aatgcaaagt taactcttat aaacatgtta aatggattat     20280
     tttctgatgt gcatgtttat aagataagtt gtaaatgata gatttattgt gtaaaggcaa     20340
     acatttagat ttttccttga tgttagatta tggtttatag gccaaaatac agacatgcat     20400
     aaaaaatgca ttgagcacca caaagccaca gtgcttttaa atgtataatc tgttatttat     20460
     ggtgatataa ggtttggtag gttacatgaa ttacaagaaa gtactgaaaa acagacacaa     20520
     aaatgacaca cttcactttt aagtaaatgt attcatcaga tacgtaatct aaaagactga     20580
     aatctaggca ctcatttaac ataaacataa aaatatggta tatttaaaaa tacacaaatg     20640
     atttataatt tacattgctt gcagaatgaa tcgatggaat agattttcat tttgtcatta     20700
     attttccttc ggcttagtcc ctcatttatc aggggtcgcc acagcggaat gaaccaccag     20760
     gaattaattt ttattaagaa ataaaacaaa ttgcaacact ggctctttaa ttagcatgta     20820
     aatgaatgat aatcacctaa tttatttgca gaagaacata aattatgatg catcaaaata     20880
     tgattttact tttatatcca aggatgtcca agggttttgt catttcagga ccatggacag     20940
     ggatatttgt caaaggttta ttcagtattc agtttcaatc aaaatcagcc tgttagcact     21000
     gcatggtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     21060
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgagagag agagagagag     21120
     aagtgaccac aaaactagtc ataagtgtct ctttaaaaaa acaaaaaaaa aaacaaaaca     21180
     gatgtacaga tcacctggca gctgaataaa ttgggtttcc atatggttat aggacaatat     21240
     gcaaaacaag ctcattctta aaatgtagcc ctatatacat ttctggaaat tacaaataat     21300
     gtagccagaa gtacgtatgg ctgaattttg tctttataac aaacgctaca gggcggtatg     21360
     atgctgttcc ttttcacgct taccagctga cctccgtatg gatatctttc ttgctgttac     21420
     cagtatgtcc agtagctcgc catgtacaat ggtggacttg aagctcatcg tcgtggtcaa     21480
     ctcctctctg cgtctcgagt ctgctaaaaa acggttccag aaagcaggaa agacaaaaac     21540
     agaagccaaa aataaaataa acaagtaaat aacagggtaa gaatgtggta aaatctaaaa     21600
     aatgtggtaa aaatcaggcg agggcttttc tttttctgga ttgcttttta aaactgtccg     21660
     ttaggtttag ggaagtgggt gtgtgcctgt gccggtcaat cggtgctttt gaaaacacta     21720
     ttggttgggt tcagggaagg aggcttggcc ttaggtggat ttacatgaga acagcaggtg     21780
     caagtggcac tcatgagaga aatttaagat ctgcagcctc tgggggagtc acgaaaataa     21840
     aaactgcaaa aaaacgtacc tcttgggaac tattgtactg tgtactgtaa atcgatacgt     21900
     ttacagaatg agatacaagt atttgaatct gacccttcaa aaaaatctac attttgagaa     21960
     aatcatttag aaaagttctt agcaatgcat attactaatt taaaaactga gaataaatat     22020
     tgtatggatc acatttatat attaaagtaa atttttgatt agtaatatgc attgagcaac     22080
     ttatttatat attatatata gtttatacat atttaaaagt tgctcaatgc atattactaa     22140
     tcaaaaatta agtctccaac ttcaggtttc aggtccaggc tcatacattt catactaaat     22200
     atacttaata taatcaaatg tagaatcaaa attaaatata gaatctttct ctgtccaatt     22260
     aaaacaatta atttgttata ttttaatgta tgaacgtact ttaatgaatt ttaatttaat     22320
     ttgaatttaa tttaaagatt cactgtccaa actgcatgca acgtctgcta atattttctt     22380
     atttttccac agaattcttt taagctgtgg ttgaaactgt gtcaactcca ggaaatgaac     22440
     aatgatttgc tcactaaaaa aaatcatgtg accttataaa ctaagtgcag gtaacggtca     22500
     attctgtgtg agcttttttc ttctcagcct cagcacagaa tgatctgaat gaagaaaaga     22560
     tgaacaaacg actctgtgtg atcatcttcc tcttgtttga agtctgtaag tgccatttca     22620
     gtaatgttta catgaattaa aataataacg ttaatgcttt ttctgaagat cgtcataatg     22680
     ttagctttgt ttgtattttt ttaacagctg agacagtgta tggaaacatc atacagcctg     22740
     atacagttgt gtcatttcag gaaggagaga cagcagtttt gcgctgtttt atcacaaatt     22800
     cacaaatgag catgacactg tggtacaagc aagtcactgg agaagagcca cgtctcattg     22860
     cttcctctat cctacgttca tcagaaatcc aatttcacaa tgaatttgac agcagtcatt     22920
     ttgaagtgtt gagagacact ggtggtttta atctgaagat tgtgaacgct gtacagtcag     22980
     attcaggaac atattattgt gctacatctt tttccaatgt cattgagttt ggaaatggca     23040
     ctcgtctggt tgttaaaggt gagtcagcgc atttcatctt catgctaata gcatagttca     23100
     cccaaaaatg aaaattcggc cgttgtttac tcacccttga cttgtaacaa atcattttgt     23160
     ttttttgttc tgttaaacac aaaagaagac attttgaaga atgttggaaa cctgtaacca     23220
     ctgacttcct aggaaaaaac aaatattaat gaagtcaatt gttatagatt ttcagcattc     23280
     ttcaaaatat cttcctttgt gttcaacaga actaaaataa ctgaaactta ttttaataat     23340
     agaaacactg tttttttggg gtaaaatatc tcttttaaaa gtttctaatg attctaaaac     23400
     tgttcataat atcatctgtt ccaggaacaa atctcaacaa acccacttat ctacagttgc     23460
     atgagcttga acaagttgag tcggcaaaaa accctcttct ctgttcagtc caaaaccagc     23520
     tagtgagaaa tgaacatcgt ctctactggt tcagtcatgg gtcagaagaa tctcctccag     23580
     ggtttattca tatttatgga aactcaagta aatcatgtgt cgggagctct aaatctgact     23640
     gtctttcacc gacctgcatg tacaatctcc caatgaaaag atcaaggtca tcagaaatgg     23700
     aaatgcatta ttgtgcactg gccacatgtg gacaggcttt atttggaaat gtttctaaac     23760
     tcaatttagg tgagtgtgag ttcatttgga aaatgttttt attttcaaaa tctttgaaga     23820
     ttgaagacct tgagaagtta tggaagagtt gcgttgcagt tgatgaaaaa ttgattagcc     23880
     ctccagacag agcaatgttt tattcttttt catcccagga gatgtttaac agagcagaaa     23940
     acatttcaca ttatttcata ttatataatt cttctggaga aagtatttct ttaagtatgg     24000
     ctgggatgat ttttttttaa actaagctaa agtcaatatt attagtcccc tatacagtat     24060
     atatattttt cttatttggc aacagaacaa accacttttg tccaatgact tgcctaagta     24120
     acccattgta tcttaactaa acctaaccta gttaagcctt taaattgcgt gtttaaatga     24180
     ttacaaatat cctgcataat acctagaaat atattatgta ctgtcactat gggaaaggct     24240
     aactaaaata gtgattaaaa ataacatatt aatatatcat atttaaaaat gtgctgaaaa     24300
     aatctcgctg ttaaaaagca cttgggaatt tttttaaaat aattaaaatt tcacaagaat     24360
     gatattagtt tgaaacactg aaactgatta tattgtagtc agtttgaact ttattttttc     24420
     tatttttttt ctgagcattt ttatttaggc tttttgatag aatccactag tttgcccatt     24480
     tttttttttt ttttttgcaa gataattttg gcaaataaaa gccatgatgg tgttcctcta     24540
     cacaatacac catgcttttg tcatatgttg tagattgaat ccccattttc tggtcaaaaa     24600
     aataaatgaa aagtttagat gcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaacaagag ccgtctggaa     24660
     ttttcatcta aaatgagcat ttttcttagc cttctatgtt tatgttcagt tatgtcactt     24720
     tgagggcaat gaaaatacca taatctttgt cataaaataa aaaatacaaa attaatcata     24780
     aataaaataa taaggaacct gacaagcaaa tcattttaga agaaaatttc agatgaaact     24840
     taaagattta aaaaaactgt gcatacctat cctaacatct gttctactgt aaataataaa     24900
     ataatatgca aaaagacaaa cagaaaatat tacatatgtt tgtttgcatg tttcagatgc     24960
     tgttgggagc ccgaaaatat tgctcattca aattggcctc gctgtgttac tggcaataag     25020
     tcttgcaatc aatattctgc tttgctgtca gaggaaaaat ggtaagcatt tctgctaatg     25080
     tatcctgtaa tctcaaaaac ataattacat gtgtaagcat tgtcttatca tgatgcattt     25140
     ttatttcatt gttattattt ttcttattat ttttatttat ttatttttta caacagggag     25200
     aaaatctcaa atacagactg ctgatgaaga tttgtcaata aatccggtag gatgttataa     25260
     atgaaaacaa attagaagtc actaataatc tatctataat gaacattgta ataaacattt     25320
     tcttttcttc tacttttttt attcagttta gtgaagtgac ctacgctact gtaaacacct     25380
     ccagcaaaca ctcaagagtg aagagagaga gcaaacaaga ggacacgctg tattctggtt     25440
     tagcatgtca acaacacagc tgaaaactac ttattttaga tacatactgt atataattag     25500
     ctctctaatc aactccaatt gtgacttgtt cttatacatc tttattacat gtacaatgct     25560
     tttttgtcaa gccaaaagtt ccttgtaatt gtatgtcatt ttgtgagggc aaaggtgtag     25620
     atttgctttt gatattgctg tgtaacagct accaataagt acttttctca gtggagcagt     25680
     gtgcctgttc ttattttatt tattcattaa ttttcctgcg gcgcagtccc tttatttatc     25740
     aggggtcgca acagtgaatg atccaccaac ttatccaggg tatgttttat gcagcagatg     25800
     cccttccagc cacaacccag tactatgtac actatggcca atttagttca tttaattcac     25860
     ctataccgca tatcttcgga ctgtggagca ccggtaggaa actcacgcga acggggagaa     25920
     catgcaaact ccacacagaa atgctaactg acccagctgg gactcaaaca ttcttgctgt     25980
     gaagcgacag tgctaaccgc tgagccaccg tgtcgccgtt ttcattttat aataatttaa     26040
     aatgtaaaca tttttgtttt actttaagta gcttgttagt ccaagtgtca aaacaataac     26100
     ttttttgagc caatgcatta catttttacg tttctgcata aaatgtatta tccaactgaa     26160
     aatcacatag ggagacctca tgggttcacc actagctggg ccacccaata ggctccaaat     26220
     aagatgtcca ttttaagcca atgaccactc tgtacctctg tagttcatgt aaaattcatg     26280
     tgggccccat attatgtgct tgctgtgtgg ggtggggaca gatcccatcc gcaaagtata     26340
     taggttttca cgctttacac acataaattc acataaatta ttttcttctc aatagttaaa     26400
     gaaaaagaat ctgttgaaat aaaaaaaaga taaaatatat atactattac gtacttttat     26460
     ggtattcagg agccatgtgc catctatgac aggtgctttc cttctctctt tgttttaaaa     26520
     gcatcataag catctgctaa atgactaaat gtaaatgctt attaacactt gcatatgaaa     26580
     taaaaaagtg aagagaaaaa caattgtcaa gtaaagaccc agggtttggg gatgccatac     26640
     aacaaagcat tagcgattac attcagaaaa aatagacaaa acaagtaaaa aaataataca     26700
     ttaagtataa atttacatgt acagatgaat aaaaatagac ccacattaaa aatgacctta     26760
     aatacactaa tcaaatgaga aaatttttat ttaaaacatg cgatttgttt cgggttgcca     26820
     agtaagtgaa tgttttttat actgtaaaat gtacataaga atgatttcca cgaataaata     26880
     aattggtata aaaaagtaca aataattaac gaggttactg ttttatatgc aatgtataat     26940
     tcattcataa gtaacgtatt cccagcttat tttcctgttt atcgacgccc attgtcacta     27000
     accaattaaa aactgcactg ttctagttag ctacactaca ttttttacag tcattggcta     27060
     cacactacag actgaggcga acttgagaat tgagactata ctaatttatg tgacataggg     27120
     gagacatatt aacggttttt acaaacaagg tattttacta aacagactta acaaattaac     27180
     agaaatataa caagcacaaa gtgataatta ttaaagctaa ccaattgtaa taatcctgac     27240
     aaataaaaat aactccgaaa taatatttaa tccattcgtc ctcccctact tttgagatgg     27300
     tatcagccgg ctgaagcggg aagaataaaa gtcttttccg cccttttcca aactgtttac     27360
     cagtcgagac cgcgaaaatg gaaggcacca gaccactcat tactcacctc tcagaaacct     27420
     cgtcccaaac aaggatttaa aagcagtaga cctaccacaa aacgtgtaag tgtgcattcc     27480
     aaacgaagtt taagaaaaac ttactgtata aataaagctt taagtgtatc aagcaaaagt     27540
     tcagtggaat atgtggtctc tctccccacg acattaaact aaaaccgaat tacacgtttg     27600
     ctaactaatg taagataaag agctgggctt ttattgctgt aacccactaa acagcaaata     27660
     aataacgtta gatgttaaat gaggtctaca agttattaat gttgaaaaac tgaacaatgc     27720
     tcgtccattt agaagttaat gcacactcca gtgtttggaa ctgtgatcaa aagataactt     27780
     tgttataatt tttaatatta ttgttatttt tgaaaactca acataaccta taatgttaaa     27840
     tgcaagggag atattttcac atacttaaat gaccttttta aggcctacaa caaacgcctt     27900
     gttgggaata ccaatataga catatacaaa ctaatatagg ctatacaaat ctaaataacc     27960
     agataataaa acaacacatg taatgtttag tctaaaataa ccgaaataaa tcaataccaa     28020
     ctataatttg atgacgccta tttagggaca cattgtctgt tttctgtctg gatggtaatg     28080
     ttaattgctg ttccctcaca acatatccac attgaggtaa agctggtttt attttcccac     28140
     attcagactt tatccttaat aatatttcag aaaacagttg ttttcaaatt ctgaacatga     28200
     aaatcatatt agtaacgtta gccaatgact atcaaagtag cattgtttac agtcaattaa     28260
     atagtgccaa tgttgttttt aagtcacact tgaatgcgat ttagtcaaaa tattgaaatt     28320
     acgttggtaa acactatagg gacccttaaa atgagttaat gtgtggatat aaccaacttt     28380
     ggatataacc tgcccttttt gggaaacaaa cagcagaaac aacaaaagtg caaatataag     28440
     agcacattag aattaggttg tggttgagat caaatcaaat acagtctaaa ataacagcaa     28500
     taaacttata tcaactgata tataatgtag tgtatttagg gccacagcag cttatctcag     28560
     gtctttgtta ggatgttgag tgctccccac cccaacgcaa tatctattga aaagacccta     28620
     aatgtcgtgg ggtgatgctc tcattcacct taactcagtt tagtcaatct taccatggca     28680
     aatccctcaa tgatttctta ctcttcgtga tgtggtgatg cttcagttgg tgggtgactg     28740
     tgggctgggg tccagttcag catttcactg gacggaagtg ttgtgtttaa aatcacacat     28800
     tgcataggtt ttgttttatt tcgaccatta aagaaagtac attttatata gcaataatta     28860
     cacttgggca tactgcatct gccatcattt tactgtcatt tgatctacag catctgttac     28920
     aaaacattga gataaatcct taaaatatat taaaaaacac aaaacaaaga taaaacagaa     28980
     aaacacattt tttgcaaagc tactacatgc tggctttact tttaaagttt ttttaatttc     29040
     tttacattat aatttttgtt ttaaatatac ctagtttgca aaatactttg ttgttcctta     29100
     tactcatttt atacttgatt tccagaggtt gccagaacct gacgtcctct tctcttcctt     29160
     gtcttttttt atcaagccgt cctgctcctt cctcccagtt ggacaatgtg cagtggtgca     29220
     atgctgaata taccaaaagc atctgcctac agtataggca acaaggtatc taaacatttt     29280
     aaattcacta aatccaccaa cacatgagat aatgcgtcag tttagttcag tttaatacag     29340
     tgctgccaaa aaaggcaaaa ctgagtgtgg cttaataatt gttttattgg tatgagccac     29400
     agttgtaatc aaaatcagat aaacttcaca gccataagta aaccgacagg tattaagaat     29460
     cactggtgtt attaagctct gtctgcaact gcctattaac tttaaaaaag tgacgggcac     29520
     acatgtactc aaataaaatg tgtgccaatt tcattcaaat aatggtttgt caagtaaatt     29580
     gctttagttt ttttttcatt aaacatataa actatgctta tttgcttatt ggctgcagtt     29640
     tacaaaaact acaaaatgtt tgaaagtttt cattttaaat gtgtaagtgt tttttttttt     29700
     gtaaacactt aaatagacac ctaaacacta atcttttctc tgagaaaaac ttataaaaga     29760
     tagttacttt ttaatcaaac caagtctgca gtttggcttt cgtactttta aaaatagtaa     29820
     tattagtagt aataataata acaaaaaata agttaataaa actaattatt aaacactgtg     29880
     ataagaaaca ctttttaata ataataggct gtatttagtt ggcttcattg taatgttgat     29940
     taatgttatt tgacaaaatg actcacgaga ccaaaagaga ggaaagttat gcttataact     30000
     caacaggtgc cttgtaaggt ggtgtacatg agaggatgtg cttagcattt gtcatattaa     30060
     gatggtcaca caacagaagc accactcggc gacgtgccgc gtagcgcctc gcagccacat     30120
     gcattttaga attctaaaca taggtttcta tcagggtaca cacaccggcg ccgcaaagac     30180
     tcaggacact gtttttattt ctgccacacc acagagtgcc atctgattag ttttatttta     30240
     agaagcatgt gaatgtgcat gtctggtgtg cgatacttta aactgtcatg tgcaagtggt     30300
     gtcgcggcgc atccggtgtg tgacgccctt taggcgacat gcgtggagac atttgtaaaa     30360
     atgtaaaaat aacatacagt aagcactaac aaggtttctt agaaagattg ttattattat     30420
     taggacccaa catattcatt attagggaca gcaattttct ttgggtaggg aaaaataatc     30480
     atgttagtta aggcatcgag taaaagtaca catagcaagt ggtctaaata tcaacaggat     30540
     atttaaccat cacatgtatg cacaaataat ataattaagt aattcacatc aattttctac     30600
     aatacatttt cacagaaaga ctatagcttt ataagagctc cagaaaacca atcatatcag     30660
     cttctgcatc atatcaccta tttgtattta aactctcaga aataatgata caaaatctgt     30720
     cattaaccca cggttcctgt ttaaactgta aatatttaaa accttttagg tgtaaaatat     30780
     gagccttcag ggtacaatat ggacctttta ggtattggta aataactttt aggtaccaat     30840
     atggatcctt taggtactaa catgtaccca ttgtacaaaa aagtacaaca gtgtacattt     30900
     tgaaagggta ttgttactgt ttcatagatt tatctctaaa agtattcatt ttttttcttt     30960
     tcccccattt tctatttgtc tcagacattt ggtggcaata gagacttcaa gctgaattct     31020
     gcattcaaca tatctgaaga attaaagaag ttaaacagaa gttaaaataa aaacaatgca     31080
     ctgtaataat ttccaccatt aatttccctg aaaccacagt atgtcttaag aaatgaatgc     31140
     acattaaaat acacacaaat tcacatgatc ttcatatata tttattcaca tatataactg     31200
     gtatataaga tggtgcaaat gaacaatact gtacacatgt gatccaaaaa gagatgttaa     31260
     atgaggttgc acacaagagt ctaacagcat acagtacatg cattattcag tcgcataaaa     31320
     ccacacatat ctttagcaaa ttataatagt acaaatacag taaaatcaaa ataatacagt     31380
     aatatacaaa aacattataa tttggccagc tatatagcta tcatcttaca atattttttt     31440
     tggttgacat tttaagataa caaacacttg aataaccctt tcctttaaat atcttgattg     31500
     ttacagatgg attaaaggaa actgagtagc actaactgaa attattcaaa ttaagtccat     31560
     tgaatatttc aataatgcag atgtgaaatg ttacttttgt gatctgacca ttgcatacaa     31620
     atattggtct tgagagtcac ttactgcaac tcttctagaa ttctggctaa aattaatggg     31680
     tgtgtagttt aggctgtctt cattctgatg tcaagagaaa aataaaaatg ttatattata     31740
     aggctttcaa acacatcaga acttctaata tgaaataaat tttaggaagt catgtactta     31800
     cttgagttct ttgagctgca agcactttgg aaaatgaaat gtatatattg ttattctaaa     31860
     taaaaaatgt ggtatctgac aatttatgag aatacaataa tacaagatga attataatct     31920
     aaaaatctta cttttacact gactcctgag ttttactccc agaaaaacaa caagggccaa     31980
     aaatataaca tttgaaattc caagagcaag aagagcagga tataaatcac cactttctgt     32040
     aacaagattg aacatgtgac atttttgcat taagatcagg ttatattaaa taattaattt     32100
     caaatgtgac aatttgtttt atttaacatg cttcaaatat gaatgataga tgtatataac     32160
     atacatttcc gtataggaat gaacaaacta agcctttcat catttaacct taatgtttgt     32220
     attttgcctt aatcttacct ttaatattca gttgagttcc tcttccaaac agtatttctc     32280
     cacatgaggc cacagcacag tagtaaatgc cagtatcaga gcgactgatg ttcttgttga     32340
     gactgtagat gcagctctgc ttgtaagact cagcgctgtt cttacagtcg ccatttctct     32400
     ctcctttggt gtaaagcact ccttcagagt ctcctgagct ttgcttaaac cagtagacgc     32460
     tgtgatctcc tgcacagctt tcagtaaaga tgctgcactg caaattcact gaatctcctg     32520
     gatcaacaga gtctattgaa gactgatgaa gagttgtgtt tctgtctgtg gctgcatctt     32580
     taaaagcaca gtcagatagt caggatttaa acaattagcc aacacaaact aaatagagct     32640
     aatataataa acacaactta cctctgacaa ttaatctagt tcctgaaccc attccaatgg     32700
     cttgatatga tgaaactaca cagtaatatg ttgcagagtc tgaaggcttt gtctttaaaa     32760
     tggtcagatt aaaataacct tctcttatga taacatttac attgttcatt ttctcagagt     32820
     tgttattcca aatgggactt tttgtaaaaa acagattaaa cacaatctgt aaagtttttc     32880
     catcagccgt gtgtttaaac catgctgttg acaattgcat attaggtgaa aatgtgcagg     32940
     tgaggttcac atcctctcca gcttgaacaa tttttacatt attctcctgg acaacgtcca     33000
     catcagagga gcaaactgca aaaataaacc ccaaacaaaa tatttataac tgaaattagt     33060
     gtttaaaaat tgttagattg ttaaatgagc actttaatat ttaaaaagat gtagtcatat     33120
     ttacatattg ttgaggaaag caaaaggata aagtaatatc tcatgatcat ctgtcctcca     33180
     caattatcct tctacttaga attttcccta aaaagtgaac aaatgagcag gttgtaaaaa     33240
     catttgccca tacgagaaaa tacgagtaga tgaatgttac catgtgtcca acggcttctg     33300
     ctacagacaa ctgaggttta catacacctt cagctcaact tcatgtcttc attctacttc     33360
     ccacatcaaa atgaccagaa aaaaatctag cccaagtgtc tttccattac tctcataact     33420
     ctcatgtatt aagacagaaa ttgaaaaaca ctatcagtgg aaatagtcta ccataagctt     33480
     aaaacgggtc actctcaaaa ttactgtcca aaatagaaga aaatatagta tgtagttcat     33540
     cataaggaac aaaagtagaa tataagtttc aaatagcata aaaacaataa aacaaacctt     33600
     ttaaggcctc tgtttttaaa cttcttacag gttcgaagat gtcaagaaat gaaactttta     33660
     aaccaccagt ttcaatcatg gggttggcaa atgacgtgtg tcttacatca gagccaacga     33720
     gagataatat aagataagct tactggcata tcacaaaagt cttcagcaaa cactgaatgc     33780
     aaaagctgct tcaaaaacca gctgcagtaa tggaatgaca tttttgcaca ttaaactttt     33840
     acatcttacc tttttttccc caactttttt tctaaagttt tcttaaagta atggtccatt     33900
     tagttatact aacatgaatt aacatttagt gatacgttta ttagggtatt tattaatagt     33960
     taatattagt taagttaaat aagttagttc aaaattggtt agtttaaatt ggttagttaa     34020
     gttaaataac attatgttag ttcatgttat ctcacggtgc attgatgtta acaagcacaa     34080
     ctttggattt taataatgca ttagttattg ttgaactgcg attaataaat gctttacatt     34140
     taatttatta ttcatactta attttaataa atacattaac caacatgaac taaagtacca     34200
     ttattctaaa gtgttttcct gaataagcaa ttataaatta gtctccgctg cttttatttt     34260
     gtatcaggat catctcttaa ctacaaaaca gattaaatgc ataatgcggc agtttgtttg     34320
     acaggaggag gaagtcaaac caacagatct catttgaatg cttttcaacc actaggtgcc     34380
     agtagagact atgggttgaa ttttggataa ataaaaaact taaggtgaac tataggaagc     34440
     attttcccag gaaactttac tttatacaac cacaagagtt tataatttca attaaaataa     34500
     tgaaaacaat gcaatgcaat ttccatcgtt ggtttatttc agacctcatt attagttctc     34560
     aatcgcaaac tccaccataa cattcacata caaacagctg aacaaatgtg tgtacagttt     34620
     attcactagg agacatgttg taaaaagaaa aaaacatagt tatgatattc aagtttcccc     34680
     atgaagtgag caacaaagta tagacttacc tacaaatata tcattataca ttcaagacca     34740
     gactaattct aatctcattc ctaacatatt catatataca aaatagaact gaaacataga     34800
     acgacattaa aatatggaca gttttcattt tgcaataata tttaatgatt tttttaaaat     34860
     ttcagatgaa gagaaatcat taaattgaat agaaattatg taattattct ctgtatatag     34920
     atcagtgtgt atacaatcaa cagtaaacac atctttaatg ccagtaagtt tttgttaaat     34980
     gtgtgaaaac ctttaatgtt gcatctttgc tagatgtgag ccagctgtta gaattttttt     35040
     ctttgactct gaacaatgca ttattcataa acagagaagt acatgcagca atgaaaaaat     35100
     catacagaaa caattataga ctaaacagag ttccacgtgg cactttattt gagcaaaaaa     35160
     agtgatgcca gtctggattt atgggctgaa gattagttac atgcatctat gagatcacag     35220
     agcacacatc attatgtatt taactctgat tcagtgataa tgctaaatta caaatcagct     35280
     cttaaattgt tttactgggt gtatggaaaa atttcatact ttcatacaaa tatttttcca     35340
     tatttctaaa catccttaag atcaagattt gctttagatg caaaaatgaa gaaatttaag     35400
     aaaagaattg aacttaattt tttaaaaatc tcgttattaa agggatttcc atgttgtgat     35460
     gcttacgctt tttaccattt atttgatctt aaaaaggtct ttatatattt acctccataa     35520
     agcctgcaga agccaatgtg tttctgtagt ggaattttga ttttgtaaat atatcaaatt     35580
     gcttaccttt tattgtcaca aaaatacaac agttcttatt ttcaccaata ttttaatcaa     35640
     atattaaaat aatactgaat gactgattaa atgttttttt aaactctacc tctaatattc     35700
     agttgttcct ctttcaagca gtatttgtcc atatgcggcc acagcacagt agtaaatgcc     35760
     agtatcagat tgactgatgt tgttcttgtg gagactgtag acacagctct gtgttgggaa     35820
     cttagtgctg ttacagcagc catttctctc tccttttgtg taaagcactc ctttagagtc     35880
     tcctaagctt tgcttaaatc attagacgct gtgatctcct gcacagctct cagtgaagat     35940
     gctgcattgc aaattgactg aatctcctgg atcaacagtg tctatcaaag actgatgaag     36000
     agatgcgttt ctgtctgcag ctgtgtcttc acaagcatag tcaaggaatt gattagccaa     36060
     cataaaccaa atactgcaca ataatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     36120
     ttaggggtgt aacgatttat cgttgtacga tttattgcga tgcaaaaatg tcacaatatg     36180
     catcgtggcg ttatgacgat ttgattacga tatgacgttc attttctctt attagttgag     36240
     ctgtttgcac gtgagctacg ttctacctgc tgtcgcacgt gagttcagat tgcagcagca     36300
     gtaatgttag cagaccaaga tgagtggagt tgaaatagag gatggcccat cctctcaaaa     36360
     tcagacgtct ggcaacattt cggttgtaca gtcattgctt tagactcgtc cgctttttga     36420
     cacgcatact gggtcaaaca tactaagttt taaagtcttc acagtgattt acatactttg     36480
     cacagctaca gggatacctc ctaatggtgt tgaaagagtc acatactgta tttataaggt     36540
     acaattcagc ctaaaatatc attctgtctt catataatgt tcccgtcgca aaatcacaga     36600
     tgacgtgagc tgaccgtgag ctgttactac agagggcgga ctgatagacg cgcgcgtatg     36660
     gcaagccgtt ttagcattta aacctttgtt ctgtctatcc ataaatatct ttagagatat     36720
     ctctaaatct aattatattt tgactagtca taattataat tcgactagtc agaatgacaa     36780
     ttagaaatat ctgcaattac aattgtacta gtacgaaatc agattggaga tatctgcaaa     36840
     tatattatga ctagtcatat tcctccattg acttccattg aaaaatattt gcagatatct     36900
     ctaaatgagt tttgactagt cacaattgta attagagata tctctaaata aatttaatta     36960
     aatatgaatt aaatatctgg aaatgtggat tttttttttt tgcacacaca aaaaacacaa     37020
     gtgaccaagc aacgccttaa gctcttactg ttaaattcaa ttgaatagaa agcttatttt     37080
     tttctttttt tttgcacctt tacttaaatt gttccttaat tttgtctgtc atttcaataa     37140
     tattttaaag aagtttttaa attgttttat tttccagaga caggcctgtt taatttattt     37200
     tcttaaagaa ggttcagttt aacaagttga aacaaaagaa atacataaaa aatagtttac     37260
     ttggtaaaat ttgcatttca gtttaatttt caatttttat tccaaatatc gtgatacata     37320
     tcgaatcgtg aacattatat cgtgatacac atcgtatcgt gagctgagtg tatcattaca     37380
     cccctaaaat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     37440
     atatatatat atataaataa atatacatat tgcgatcgtt atttttgata attacatgac     37500
     tctgtaaaca tttattatta ccatttcttg attctcccca tacagtttaa tacagtgctt     37560
     gaatccgaaa gctttatcag gtgacgtcac acttaacaag cagatatcta ttattttata     37620
     gcactatttg catgctttat aatgatttgt atttgcattg ctcataccat aaacagtcac     37680
     agttataata aaatcattaa attctatttc ttctagggat gtcccgatac aacattttaa     37740
     cttccgatac gatactgata ttgcagcctt cagtacgaac caatataaat ccaatatcag     37800
     cacaaattat gaatacttta cttttaccta tttcgttgag tggaatgtat gaacggctgg     37860
     atcaaactga gagcaaaagt cagcaacagt aagtatggaa aaaaacaacc aacttattaa     37920
     tattggttgc ataaatgtga accttttaca taagagtaaa taaaaaaaga attaaagaat     37980
     aaatattaag accctgaaaa atatcttaat tgaattacaa aaataaattt tttaaagtgc     38040
     aaaatactaa ttaaaggtca cttcagttga ctgtgcacgc tgtgtcgtgg cgccgtgcgg     38100
     cgcttctggt gtgcgatctg cttgactgcc tgactgggtt tcaatcatgg taatgacgga     38160
     ctgaacacag agactggaca gcccagttta acccaatgca tgaagttgtg gtcatgcatc     38220
     gcagagctgg tgcaaataca acaaatacaa gcatttaagt gtcttaactt gtgcattttt     38280
     cttttgttaa tacctttgca tcaaacgcgc tttggtccac tctctcacac aactccagca     38340
     ctggctgaca aggggattta cattcagact aatgcaacaa gtaaaatcct acatgacttc     38400
     acgctttact aagtcacgtc cgtgtggatt gtcaagacat tcctttatca agtcgataaa     38460
     ctcgatctct caacttgtat gaaggacgta aaaacctgcc atgtgaaaaa cagcaccgat     38520
     cttagtttga accacgctga tcttagtttg gtttgaacac gagcagaggt gagcagctgt     38580
     accagtgaaa gtgaaagtac ccgcccccat gacgtcattt agcggaccta gttgaaaccc     38640
     aggcaggctg tcaggccaat aatatccagc tgcaggcccg cagaaccaca cacgttttag     38700
     gcacacacaa tctaggacac atgatttagg caaaccatat atggtaacta actctttagc     38760
     attatcgcca cctattgaat ttcacaaata tggtttccca tttcagtcat tattattatt     38820
     atatcgtaac gataatttta acatctctgc agtttctgaa ctcaaattat gtaaataaaa     38880
     ataattggtt aaagacactt atgactttat tcatgtgtcc acatacacaa agaaaacatt     38940
     atagatcgtc taattgttgt attaagtgta acaaactaat tcaagctctt aatattatca     39000
     tgcttggtta aaatcacttt gttgtaaaat ataaaaagca aacaataata tgtcacttta     39060
     aaatgaatta tcctacatta ataaactgat tatcttaact gattatagac agtggtcagt     39120
     cagcataaac cagagtggta aaaagtgcat gaaatgatca gtatttaaaa gggggaaaaa     39180
     agaaaaataa atatattatt ttatattaga cactagacag acatctggtg gatgtatttg     39240
     ctcctatacg tccacaactt cacgcattgg gttaaattag gctttacagt ttccatgttc     39300
     agtcctttac ttccactgta tctttttaag aaaaaggctg cagcattaca acctgtcatt     39360
     caatcagaag acaaagtcga agccgagctg acagccaatc tttcctatgc ttagcaaaac     39420
     ttgcaaaaaa atacctctgc attcctgcaa ctgcaatatt tacacatatt tttttattca     39480
     aatcttctgc aacgattttt aactcgtgaa tttgttttac aattttttac accttgttgg     39540
     ccaatttata tatggcgtgg ctattaaaaa tacaatgttc cttaaccaga tggtttttca     39600
     agttacttat aaagagaatg ttacttcagt catgttgttg taatgtttta agttgactag     39660
     tcacacagta aaaaaaatcg atatcgttaa tcggtcaaac ttatgttata tattatatat     39720
     aaaaacctag aatttttttt ttgccatatc gcccagtcct agtgtacagt atattgtgca     39780
     tattctaaaa taaataccag aggcaacggt aaaaaataca atcaatataa gctattaact     39840
     aaaaaaaaac acattaaata aataactgaa caataaacac ccagaagcat gagagggaag     39900
     tacattaaag taacaaacct tttgactcac tcatttagtc tcaaccagac taaagtattt     39960
     ttgttaaaga ccaaataaat gcatgctaat atttttccat gaacactata atatccaggt     40020
     gccacagttt aaatatgtgg gttaaaataa taaatacaag gcattggaat ttcaattaat     40080
     aatttttcag aatcccaagt attagtccta aacaaatgca atttgtcaat gcaaattaac     40140
     attcacacaa acacatttga aaagataaac atgtttattt tttcagagga cacaattaaa     40200
     tcatacagca caagtgatcc ataaagagat tgtaaaacgg agcatattgt aatatgaaat     40260
     ttaaaagttc catataatac aaaaagagag tcattcatac gtttttccac aaacccacaa     40320
     accttattct tattttcaac acatcaactt cataacaata aaaatgcaat acaaagccag     40380
     aataacacag taacacatac agtagacgtg gccagttata tatttaaatt atatattttg     40440
     atgactttga ttttgatgaa aaaatgttat actttttaac cctttccttt aaatactggg     40500
     cataatcaat taagtaggtc tgtaattgat tcttacaaat caaatgtatg gaaccaaata     40560
     agttttcata agataaaaat acaaagattt taactgcata gaagcaaaat gttgaatgtc     40620
     actgaagtga tctgacctgt gcgtacagag attgctcttg agtaattttt gctcttgctc     40680
     ttttggtgtt cagaggtttc tgtctaaaag taatggctgc gtaattcagg ctgtcttcgt     40740
     tctaatattc agagggaaca aaaaagaaaa taatatatgg gttatacatt aaaataatat     40800
     atattctttt aaatatcata agttatatta caacaaatta aattaataaa acaactttat     40860
     gtacttactg gactttcctg agctgctaga aaaaaacaaa cattgttatt ataaatagcg     40920
     gacgtggtat tgtaaatctt actttgtatt gcaacaaata ttttgtactt taagtcttac     40980
     tttttctctg acccctgaag attttgattc ccagaaaaac agcaagggcc aaaaatgtaa     41040
     tatttaaaac tccaaaaagt gcaagaagac caggatataa atgaccactt tctgtaacaa     41100
     aagagttgtt tatatcaagt actctttgtt gaaagttttc aattttatat aacatgcttt     41160
     agatattaac aaaatgtttt gcatattttt tttacattaa attcagtatc ttgcactcta     41220
     gtgtatgaat caaagttttc cttaaacaaa aagtaaaaaa aataacccat atatttgttt     41280
     agcctttaac ttacctctaa tattcagctg agttcctttt ccaagcagta tttctccaca     41340
     tgcggccaca gcacagtagt aaatgccagt atcagagcga ctgatgttgt tcttgtggag     41400
     actgtagaca cagctctgcg tttgagactc agtgctgttc ttacatcggc catttctctc     41460
     tcctttggtg taaagcactc cttcagagtc tcctgagctt tgcttgaacc agtagacgct     41520
     gtgatctcct gcacagctct cagtgaagat gctgcactgc aaattcattg aatctcctgg     41580
     atcaacagtg tctattaaag actgatgaag agttgtgtct ctgtctgtgg ctgagtcttc     41640
     atgagtacag aaatagcaca ataaatcagc cattacacac actaacacaa aaagtaaata     41700
     taaaaaaaaa aatccttacc tctgacaagt aatcgagttc ctgaacccat tccaatgttg     41760
     taagatgttg agattacaca gtaatatgtt gcagagtctg acggctttgt ctttaaaatg     41820
     gtcagattaa aataaccatc ttctttcatg atattaaaac gattctcaga gatgttactc     41880
     caattgggta cttgatctag atataaagac acaatttgta gggattttcc atcagctgtt     41940
     tgtttaaacc atacttttgt cacctgcaga agccttgaaa atgtacaagg aaggttcaca     42000
     tcctctccca ctgcagctat tttgacatta ttctcctgaa caacttccac accaaaggag     42060
     caaactgcaa aataaagcac aaaaatatct ttagaactga aagtgttaca aattaattat     42120
     gtttataaat tagtaaggca gagcaatgtt tacatattgt tgaggacagc aaaattaagt     42180
     aatatctcat aattcgccgt ccaaaattgt ctttttgctt cgaattctct gcaaaaaaca     42240
     aacatatgag catgttatta atttatatgc acatgctgaa taataagagt aaaaaatgaa     42300
     tgtgtcctca ccatgtgtcc atcagcctct tcttcagaca actgaggctc ctatgcactt     42360
     acaccttaac ttttatgttt tcacactaca taccacatca gaatgactag aaaaaatcta     42420
     actcaatcat ctttccatta ctgttaaaaa aaagctggca tttctcaaaa tctattttaa     42480
     ttaacatgtt ttaatgctac aaatttcttt gtggtttacc attggaaaaa aagcaggaaa     42540
     taagttgttc caaagaagta tttaacgaca aaccttagaa ggggcccaaa tttcctgttt     42600
     tagaagatgg gcattcaaga tgtgaagtgc gatgactaac aactagctca tttatttaga     42660
     aagcaggatg tattccgcca tattgtttat tgcataaacc attgctcatt ctttagtaat     42720
     gtgtgtgaaa tttaaactga atgctttcgg cctgttaaaa catccacaat aggggtcttg     42780
     actgattaag tgcacaaaac tgcccccaag tcttaaaaca attacccctc acttacatct     42840
     aatccacagg taagacttta ggcttatccc caacttaatg acattttaaa gctgtattaa     42900
     ctgaacataa cttgtgtggg cacatcctaa agtatgtcag tgttgttttt ttgtcttaag     42960
     atgcatacca gtaatgtgct tttgtaaagc attttttata aaagttgttt aaatatcttt     43020
     atttacaaaa gacctagtcc aggtttaaga tgagccactc tctgtgaaac tgtgcctgta     43080
     taattgtctc acgttggata atccaaactt ctacacacac ttgcagtctt tataaccact     43140
     tgaacgcttc tttaaatata ctataacaaa cacattatat tagcaagtag ttaagtgtaa     43200
     agattgcata ctcactatgt agatatgaca ttcatgtgtc cttgatgttt aatgttgctt     43260
     tgtttgtttg tgtggcagtt gtctatatgc tttgtttttt ttgttttttt ttttgtggtt     43320
     aatgtttttc atcgttaaat tcatgccacc cactccccac tgaacactag gtcactgtgt     43380
     tttttctcat atagagagaa tagtttttct acgcccactc acctgtgtgt acacacttca     43440
     taaatgcata tattagatgt gcatttttta ataatatatt tatttttgtt tataccttgt     43500
     ctggtgcaaa ttcacaaaac tagagcaagt gttgattaca gtgtcagaga agaaagtgct     43560
     tactacggct agtttgtcaa gcccactggc ctgtgagagg cgcactcggt ttggggttgt     43620
     cgtgttgtta gagaagaggg gggtcctgtt tttgtttata ggggttctgg taattgtgta     43680
     gtttttcccg tagggttggg taccgatgta atttctttgc accggactga attagtatat     43740
     gagtttcagt gcctaatttt ggtgccactt tgctgcaaca aggacataag aagcgtcaat     43800
     gtttaagcac acatatgtat gcattgtcac accatctcta aacaagttct aaacaacttt     43860
     gagggatatg gacaccattg tcgatgttag gtgtttgatc ttgttgctta atgtatagaa     43920
     ggcaaagcgc acaaaatgac acaaaaccct tcagattcat tagccccttt cacacagtaa     43980
     taccggtaaa tatccggaaa atttacggaa cgactttacc ggtatattca aaaaagcgct     44040
     gttcacacag gcgaggacgt tacggaaatt ttccggaaaa gagcattcac acatccattc     44100
     caaaataccg gtaaattctg acatcattca cctgaaatga gctttaaacg gctgcgcttg     44160
     tatttgtaaa catttgacta aattacaaac tcttttgatg atcaatattg taaacaactt     44220
     tcacaggatc atattcgcat atcgagatgt tcataatatg tgcgtgtgct ggcgctaaca     44280
     ggctgtttca tgggcacact gaaggtaaac aaacaacggc ttatcataag catcttatcg     44340
     atgattattt gcacagttgg cattaaggag aacatataaa cgtgatctga ctaacttcta     44400
     gcagctaaat gtgtctggaa aaatattcaa aggcttttat tctcacaaac cgcgcggacg     44460
     taaatgcgtc tgactgttgt gattggctaa agcagaagtc ttacgtcagc acgttctaga     44520
     cgtgcacgcg cttattccgg acatattcct tttgcgttca cacagcgcag cattccggca     44580
     aattgccggt aatgttacaa cttctctttc cggaaaatag ccagaacgaa tttaccggta     44640
     ttttcaaaaa ggacctgttc acacatacaa cctttccgga aaattgccgg taattttccg     44700
     gaaaggtctg tatgtgtgaa aggggctatt aacatgcatg atcgcattca tcaaatgtac     44760
     ttaaagcaga tgaactttac aaaagttgcg tgtaaggggg gaaacacgtc aaaccttatg     44820
     aaacatttga ggacacatgg aatcaaaggc atgcactgtc tttaagagcc agcgacacta     44880
     tctagcactt tcagcgacta tgtttacatc tatttatcta atctaattat ttgccttaat     44940
     ctgaataagg taatgtagtg ttgggcgttt cattttttat gtttcgactt taactgcatt     45000
     tcggcacttt cactttcatt taggaatatt tcatttatgc cctgtgacaa gctgagatat     45060
     tagatgcgag tatggagtaa ggactggggg aagagtgttg ttttaatgga acttgatacc     45120
     gcatgctgaa tggaaagaaa ctttagcatt ttgtgatgtg agtgtctgtg gtcgttcacc     45180
     tactcgatag gtgcagagaa tagtgtcaaa cagccgtttg tgtatgaagt atcctctcgc     45240
     caaatgtggc aaagtcctac actatggtaa tagtttgata aaggtgttta tatgtttgaa     45300
     aaaaatttcc atctaaaaca gggatactcc acatgcctta atacaattgt ttagatcact     45360
     tataactagt cgaattaagg taatcaaaag cagcttttta catggtggtc ttttaaccag     45420
     agtattattt taatcatatt aaatccggag tagtggtgtc catgtaaatg tacttggtca     45480
     tgacttaagc cccaacccca gaaaaaggag ttcactgatt ttgatgacag cctttccaca     45540
     ggttagtagt aagctaatgt aatgttaatt gcataatgca aatcttgcat tcatgctaat     45600
     gaaaaaatta tcaaaagaaa tatatgaatg caattcaaat atatataaaa atagtcaaaa     45660
     aaataataaa cacatttcaa cacatttcta aacataatag tttaaataac tcatttctaa     45720
     taactgattt agtttatctc tgccatgatg acaataaata atattttact agataatttt     45780
     caagacactt ctatacagct taaagtgaca ttcaaatgct taactaggtt aattaggttt     45840
     actatgcagg ttagggtaat taggcaagtt attgtataac agtggtttgt tttgtagatt     45900
     atcaagaaaa aatgtagctt aaaggggcta ataattttgt ccctaaaatg gtgtttaaaa     45960
     ttttttaaac tgcttttatt ctagccgaaa taaaacaaat aagcctttct ccagaagaaa     46020
     aaatatcaga cattctgtgg aaattttctt gctctgttaa acattatttg gaatatattt     46080
     taaaaagaag aaaaaaatta gaaggtggct aataattctg actttgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     46140
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     46200
     tgtctgtgtg gtgtgtgtgt ggtgtgtggt gtgtggtgtg tggtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     46260
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gcgcgtgtgt gtgcgcgtgt gtgtgcgcgc gtgtgtgtgt     46320
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgaga gagagagaga gagagagatg cagacaggca     46380
     cgcactaatg gctcatctgc gtgaacagat gcgcagaact tcgaatctac atttgctgac     46440
     agacagtctg acctgcttat cgaaattatg ggagatgtcg gtccgactct atttaattca     46500
     ttgaacagtt tttagtttta tgctttaccc agaatataaa aatacatata aacacattta     46560
     ctttaatcat tactattgga ctgtgaagag actttcaacc agcacaacaa aaaatacttc     46620
     tgaagacaat cacctactgc acctttgatt attcatgaga gcacgtgctt tccgaaggca     46680
     aggcagacct gccagcaaac tgagacaagg acccgtggcc atgacacaca gtatttggcc     46740
     gttcatgaag gcttgtatgt gtttgtttcc atgatccatg ggatttgttg catgtttttt     46800
     ccccgcgatc atgtcagggc cgatcataca gcaaagctgt ttgtgtgctg ctagcatttt     46860
     tgtcgggaga gcagtacgag aatatgagaa tggcgaacgt tgtcttttat catgagttcg     46920
     ttcacattca gacacatcac cgtgctgctg tgttcgctta aatcctccag attaccagca     46980
     ggtctaacgg ttaaaatata cagggcagga gacgacactg agtttgcatt cagacctctg     47040
     attcagagtc agacccgggg attgagggaa aagtcctcat ttatagtgtt tatatgaaca     47100
     cgattatctt tataatgata taaattgagg ttatctgtat atgaaattac gaataacaaa     47160
     tgtagcaggg cattaaatta ctgttcattt ctttgcattt taactttgta aactaaaaac     47220
     tcatgcgtct cctcacagtt tgtgtctcat tttgtgagca aactgataac agttcgctct     47280
     tctccttctt ccctgctggc cacacccact tctgcccttt gctcgcggag ctccatgccc     47340
     attaatcatg catcttttga aaaaattctg aagtagactt gaacttaagg tgagggggtg     47400
     tcatggcctt ataacgcaag tgattacttt gaaatattta acgcttaaaa aataattaac     47460
     gaaattatcg cagttgcagt tttttttcct gttgtggccg ttatgtgttt aatgtgcaac     47520
     aaaatatgga taaaaccaag gaagggcttt tagaaggaaa gtttcagtat aaaacaatca     47580
     atgtcgcatc accaggttct ccagcatttc ctttcatgca attttgggtg catttttatt     47640
     cgttagacat taactgcagt tcactctcat tcaacaacat tgttcatgcc ccggcgaacg     47700
     gaaagaaaaa tctttgcatt tcgggactct ggtggtcctt taaggcaatc taaaatcgat     47760
     gcttacatgg tagacccaat cagtattatc ttaatcataa attctgagta ttggtgccta     47820
     tgtaaatgta ctcaatgaaa gtgccagatg atgtcccaag ctgtcagaga cagcccattt     47880
     ctcttccttt aagttgcttt catgcgccct caaatgtttc attaagtttg acatgtttcc     47940
     cccccgcacg caacttttat ttccattttc caaatttgca atgcctattg accttattct     48000
     aaaatgcgga agtgcggctg ttttcacgat tgtcttagaa cttccgtttt agtcgcctat     48060
     gggagaaatg acaaggaata ataaacggca aaaaacggtc aaactacttg ctctacaaac     48120
     aaatgtttgc atgactatac agaccaagta aaataatata tcaaggaaat atcagtttgc     48180
     aacatcaaac agcgaaacga gcagttttta atgtctaaaa atgaatggaa gtgaatgaga     48240
     ccggaagtct cgtgccaaaa aggttcaaat ggcagcgccc gctcgtctgc ggagaataag     48300
     gtcaatattt ttgatttttt ttgtagtcca cttagaatcc aacatggaaa tcatttttgt     48360
     ttgttattgg cattgattgt tttgaaattc aaatggcact tacatgcctg tgtttttatt     48420
     cctgtaatat atatggcttt tcatgattta atcatgatta attgcaaaaa agtgtgatta     48480
     ataaaaaaaa tatatatata ttatttgaca gccctactct atcttctttt cattttaaaa     48540
     tcattatcag ctaaataaac accagcttaa gtaatacaga gactgtaatt tacttcaaaa     48600
     gtaggaaggg tggtcaaacc atggactcta aaaaaggtgg atgacatgct tacattttct     48660
     tctgctactg tagtaaaaag tgaaaccaaa attccccaac cagaactcta tcatcatttg     48720
     catttaaaac ccaagtcagc acagtagtga tcacgagtag ggagtgtgtc taaacctaca     48780
     gtatatatca gaacctatac aaatatacaa tgaatgcacc atatgctgtt ttatgacatc     48840
     gtataactac tgtaaaagct gacttactag aaaaattaac accggtgtta agaaattaaa     48900
     attaggaaac taaaattaca gaaactattt cttagaaata ttaattaaag tgttactcaa     48960
     tagctttttt tctgatctgc caaatgttca cagtacacag tttatgacct ctgttgcagc     49020
     cagtcaccag gggggcatta ttcaggatgc atgaggcaca cttgcgtcaa accaacagat     49080
     cccattccag tgtttttcga ccacttggtg gcagtaaaca ctttggcttg ctttttgcat     49140
     ttaacctatt aggctgctga attataattt aacgcagtgg tcaccaaact tgttcctgca     49200
     gggccggtgt cctgcaaatt ttagctccaa ccctaatcaa acacacctga acaagctaat     49260
     caaggtctta cttggtatac ttgaaacatc caggcaggtg tgttgaggca agttggagct     49320
     aaaccctgaa gggacaccgg ccctccagga ccaggattgg tgacccctga tttaacgtgt     49380
     tggtgttcca gtgtaccaca catggtgctt atttagatga aaacagcaat gctaagtcca     49440
     aataaatgtg ctctagaata ttgccaggga actactgtat gttttataca aggagtacca     49500
     ggattgttta ttatagttaa aagaaaaaaa aataatgtaa tgcaattgct atgggaatag     49560
     gaaactccag aatagcaata acatacacat gcaaacattt gaaaaaaaaa taaataaaac     49620
     actgtacttg caatgcacat ttatttagca ggtgcaaatt aatgataata cacacaagtt     49680
     ttttttatta aatcctgttg taaaataaaa tgtactgtag cttgagcttc cacaaaagca     49740
     aaacatattt gtataacatt catgtattgt accaaataca tcaactgaca cacaaaccca     49800
     cactttatct atttttatct aacaacaaat ataccgtaca aaatcaaata gcacagtaac     49860
     atacaaagac ttgcattgtg gtcataactt tcatctttct atgacatttg atgacttttt     49920
     cagaattata caagtttctc taaacctctg aatgttactt gtgtgatctg acctgtgcgt     49980
     acagagactg ttcttgtgtg actttagctc ttgctcttct aaaagtaatg gatgcgtaat     50040
     tcaggccatc ttcatcctaa tatcaagaga aaatataaaa gaaactccaa ttaagtgagg     50100
     aaatctatgt aataagactt aatagacatc aaaaatctaa cagtttgaga agttctagta     50160
     tttaatacag tatgtcagta gcttacttca gttgcttgag cagcagatgc ttaaaataaa     50220
     aaaaaaaaac agtctagtta ttaaatagtg tgttatttta aattgtacaa ttgcttttta     50280
     ttaagaaaat aattgtattc gtaaagtctt acgtttaatc tgacttctac agagttttat     50340
     tcccagaaaa acaacaaggg ccaaaaatat gacatttgta attccagaag caagaagagc     50400
     aggattaaaa tcactttctg caacaaaatt gaaatgaaca tttgttgcgt gatcagttta     50460
     gtgtcatgta ctcagtttca attatgtatt taccttttta aataacatgt tttacatgtg     50520
     aagaattcag atgcaaaagc ctctaaatgc catcggaata tcatttgttt tgtgtagata     50580
     tttcactttc tggcaatgaa tagattttta aagtgaaata acagcatact ataaacacag     50640
     aagactgaaa aaaaaatttt tatttaaaag cttttgcatt tgaactctat attcattaga     50700
     tcagatcctt attatgttgt attatatgca ttaaaattaa ttaaatgatt ttccaaagag     50760
     gaaaggtcaa actaaacatt ttaacaatat aaccagatac tcaagtgttt tatcttcatc     50820
     ttacctctaa tattcagctg agttcctctt ccaagcaata tttctccaca tacggccaca     50880
     gcacagtagt aaatgccaga atcagagcca ctgatgttgt ttttgtggag actgtagata     50940
     cagctctgcg tttgagactc agtgctgttc ttacagcggc catttctctc tcctttggtg     51000
     taaagcactc cttcagagtc tcctgagctt tgcttgaacc agtagatgct gtgatctcct     51060
     tcgcagctct cagtgaagat gctgcactgc aaattcactg aatctcctgg atcaacagtg     51120
     tctatcaaag actgatgaag agttgtgttt ctgtctgcgg ctgtgttttt acaagcaaag     51180
     gacagaaata acacaataaa tcagccacta cacacacaac aaaaatgttt aatgtataac     51240
     taaatctgaa aaataaaaga catacagtac ccctgacaag taaacgagtt cctgaaccca     51300
     ttccaaaggt gtaaaatgtt gagattacac agtaatatgt tgcagagtct gacggcttcg     51360
     tctttaaaat ggtcagatta aaataaccgt ctcctttcat aacattaaag tgattctcag     51420
     agatgttact ccaaatgggc ttgccatttg aatataaaga cacaatttgt agggattttc     51480
     catcagccgt ttgtttaaac catgcttttg tcgcctgcac aagccttata aatgtgcatg     51540
     taaggttcac ctcctcgccc gctgcagcta tttttacatt attttcctga acaacttcca     51600
     aaccagaaga gcaaactgca aaataaaaca caaaaaatat ctttagaact aaaagtgtta     51660
     tacggtaaag tcttagataa attttaattt tagtctttaa tttatttgga aaggcataac     51720
     aatatttaca tattgttgag gacagcaaga taattaggta atatcgcata attcagcttc     51780
     caaaatgatc tctttacttc taattccctg caaaaggcaa ataaaaatga acatattatc     51840
     aagttaaatg cacatactga agcattagaa taaaaaaagc gtcctcacca tgtgtccatc     51900
     agcctttact tcaaacaact aagcctccta tgcactttca ccttaacttt tatgctttca     51960
     cactacgtac cacagcagaa tgactagaaa aatctaactc aatcatcttt ccattactct     52020
     aaaacaaaca aacaaacaag caagtttaca tattttaaat actaccatat atttaacagg     52080
     tgcactaaag ctggcgtttt tcaaaatcta ttctaattag cacgttattt atactactat     52140
     taccatattt atactactaa ataccttgtg gtttaccatt ggaaagaaag caggaaataa     52200
     gttgttccaa agaattattt aaacacacaa accttttaag gggcccaatt ttcctgtttt     52260
     agaagatggg tatttaagat gtgaagtgcg atgactaaca actagctcat ttatttaaaa     52320
     ggcggggctt attccaccgt attgaagcat aaaccattgc tcatttgtta gtaatgtgta     52380
     tgcattccta aacagcatgc ttcctgcttg ttcaaaaata cacaattggg gtcttggcta     52440
     cttcagatta agtgcacaaa actgacccaa gtctttaaaa aaattacccc cagtttcaca     52500
     ggcaaggctt aaggcttatc ctagacttaa tttcattttt gagctgtctt agctaaaaat     52560
     aacttgtgtg agcacatctt aagacaaaac aataacattg acatatttta atatgcattt     52620
     gttgttagac cttattaatc ccaaagggga attcacatac taaaaatagc tcaaataagt     52680
     tgcatatgta taaaaacaat agtaaaatta catttatact gcacacctta gtttcaaaca     52740
     acaagtaaac acttgtccat atctaataaa tattacaatt aggcataatt gatctaatat     52800
     aattttggtt atacaatctg atcactgttg gtaaaaatga tttcctgtat ctttgtaata     52860
     ccggggttga attaatcttg cactaaaaga gcttgcacac gcttggactg tatcaaaaaa     52920
     aagggatgat tatcatggtt catcatactg acaaattaca gaacatactg tttaaaataa     52980
     tgacaagtta agccactcta tgaaaacaca gcacattttt aactttaatt gtgtcctatc     53040
     agataatcca aatgtctaca cacaattgct gtcttaacaa ctacttgaac acttctccaa     53100
     atatactgta actaggggtg taacgataca ctcagctcac gatacaatgt gtatcacgat     53160
     ataatgttca cgattcgata tgtatcatga tatttggaat aaaaattgaa aattaaactg     53220
     aaatgcaaat tttattaaaa aaacatttta attcccaagt aaactattct ttatgtattt     53280
     cttttgtttc aacttgtcaa actgaacctt ctttaagaaa ataaattaaa caggactgtc     53340
     tctggaaaat aaaacaattt aaaaacttct tataaaatat tattgaaatt attaaattca     53400
     actgaattta acagtaagag cttaaggctt tgcttggtca cttgcatttt ttgtgtgtgc     53460
     aatctacgtt tctaggtaat cagcagttct ataagataat cctgaactga tgtgtatctg     53520
     tctgagaggt tttcttcatg acttcatgtc ttcatgttgg gcatgatgag tgacagggtg     53580
     gccgtctttt tattacacag gacagtcgtg gctcttttca gcagtttagg caggtttact     53640
     atttcttcgg cgcatttttg tgtacctccg tactcaaaag agttaatgct cgtcgtaatc     53700
     ataactctaa aatgcgagat gaatatttaa ataatgtgca cgctttcggt ttcatttcca     53760
     cagctgttca tacttcccac gcggctcctg aacgatcact cagttccaca aactgaatgt     53820
     tgtttactac tttattacct gttagtcaca acctgcaggt tctgttcact gaagcagaca     53880
     cgcgcgcgtc tgcttagtcc gccctctgta gtaacagctc acgtcatgtg tgattttgca     53940
     gccgccaata catcataata tgaagacaga attattttag ggtgaattgt accttataaa     54000
     tacagtatgt gactgtttta acaccataag gaagtatcca tgtcgctgtg caaagtatgt     54060
     aaatcactgt gaagacttta aaacttagac tgtttgaccc agtatgcttg tcaaaaagag     54120
     gacgagtcta aagcaatgac tgtacaaccg aaatgttgcc cgacgtctga ttttgagagg     54180
     atgggccatc ctctatttca gctccactca tcttggtctg ctaacattac tgctgctgca     54240
     atctgaactc atgtgcgaca gcaagtggaa cgtagctcac gtgcaaacag ctcaactaat     54300
     aagagaaaac ggacgtcata tcgtaatcaa atcgtcataa cgccacgatg catattgaga     54360
     catttttgca tcgcaataaa tcgtacaacg ataaatcgtt acacccctaa ctgtaacaga     54420
     tacaaatact ttattagcaa ccaagtagat aagtgcaaag actgcacacc attatatgat     54480
     atcatgtgca attgagtctt ctgaacttac aacagccatt acttgtttgt ctattaagtg     54540
     gcggtttatc aacgtcatct ttctatattt tacagcggtt ggcattaggg ctgcacgatt     54600
     ctggcaaaaa tgtgaatcac aaattttttt ttttgcttaa aatcaagatc acgattctgt     54660
     aaatgttaaa taaaggttat tatgattagg atattataat tgttaattct caaacatatg     54720
     gtaaaacaac atatgtgtta tatgtgtagg tatactgttg cttaaaatgc aaaattttgt     54780
     atagtcatta tggtggactg gaacagactt tcaatatgtc ctgtttgtta attcatagta     54840
     aaatgatgac atctgaatat aactattcat aattatgaag ttgatgtatt atgtttgaga     54900
     ctagtgcttg tcatctgtca ttgacagcat tatttgacca tttgttttca ctggtaagat     54960
     tcgaattttg ttattatcct actccttgtt gcattatatt caacattata ggctagggtt     55020
     gttttactga cacattaaac gattattttc atgcacaaca ctgtgttcgc tatgaaagaa     55080
     aaaacacatc aaatgtttgt cataatcata actgtaaaat gtgatatgat cattttaatg     55140
     atgtttgcaa aggtttcact ttcaattccg acacacacat gcaaatcaaa cttcccacac     55200
     ggctctcaaa caatcgctct gtgcaacaaa ctgaacgtta tttacaactt tattatctgt     55260
     tattcacagc ctatgcagct actgttcact aaagtaggcg tcatagaagg gcatgcgcat     55320
     tctctgcaat gttgccagat tgtaaaaaat gacatagacg ggtagtgtga aattaggccg     55380
     ttttgtaacg gcgtaccagc cagctctggt cttcactttt aaacctgtta tgatccccca     55440
     gataggtgcc atagctcctg ttctccacat acaaacgctt acaacagttg tgatctccca     55500
     accagaatac agattgttgg gcggtgcttt ttagttttca acgggtttct ggctggaaac     55560
     agtcagctac atctggcaac actggtactc ggaagtaaac aaacagctag cagtcagctc     55620
     acttgtaatt tcgcaatgaa tacatcatta catgaagaca gaaattacat tttttgggtg     55680
     atttatacct tataaataca gtatgtgata cttttaatgc catttgaagg tgtcaatgtt     55740
     gctgtgaaga tttttgcgac tgccttgctt ctctcctgac cttaaaaata taattgcctg     55800
     aattgcagaa aaagctgaat taagattgtc tgtagggtca agtcaagatt gtgatctttt     55860
     ttcaattacc catgcagtcc aagttggcat tcagtgaatt tgtgttagtt tccattatat     55920
     tgcagtctcc ttatcataag cttggcagcc atcttagttt tagtttagtt tagtttagtt     55980
     tatttatata gcacattttt tacaacacaa cgttgcccaa attgctgaac acaatcaata     56040
     ctaaacatga aatctacatc acacaaataa caattaaaac ataaggcaaa tccctcaaca     56100
     ttaaaaaggc tcaaatacta aagaacaaag atggtgtttc aaacgttttt taaaaacagg     56160
     tagagttgga gcatgtctga tgtggggcgg aagcccgttc cagagttttg gggtgacaac     56220
     agcaaaagcc cgatccccac ttcgcttaca ccgggacctt ggtacagata gaataaattc     56280
     atcagaagac ctcagtgacc taccaggatt gcatacgtgt agcaggtctg ataagtatga     56340
     tggtgccaga ttgtttaagg atttaaaaac aaagattaat agtttaaaat caattcttga     56400
     cctaacaggc agccagccca gagaggaaag aactggggat atgtgcccaa acttgcgagt     56460
     ccctgtcaga agtctcgcag ctgcatttta tactaattgc aatctgttta gggcattttg     56520
     actaataccc acatacagag aattacaata gtcaagtctt cctgaaataa aagcatggat     56580
     caccttctga aggtcattaa aagagagaaa cgactttact tttgccacaa gtcgtaaatg     56640
     gaaaaaactg gatttaacaa ctgtatttac ttgtttgtta aatttcagat cactgtcgaa     56700
     ttgaaatcct aggtttctaa caacaggttt ttgataagtg gaaagctcac caaaacctga     56760
     taaatgcaga ggattaggat cgccaaacca gaccagctca gttttttctt cattgaaatt     56820
     taaaaaattt gacgaaagcc agctcttaac ctcgactaga catctcataa gggagtcaag     56880
     ccccttttta tccctacttt taaaagggac ataaatctga gtgtcatcag cataaaaatg     56940
     aaaagccacc ccatatttac gaaaaataga tcctaaaggt aaaatatata aagaaaataa     57000
     aataggtcca agtatagacc cttgtggaac tccacatgtc aggggtctgg aggatgaaaa     57060
     ggtctgacca acattaacgc aaaagcttct gtctgacaaa taagatctaa accacttaag     57120
     agcagagccc tgaatgccca ctaatctctc aagacgagaa ataaggattt cgtggtctat     57180
     agtgtcaaaa gctgcagtaa ggtcaagaag cataaggatc acagagtgcc ccgagtccct     57240
     aaataacaga atgttattag ctctgcagtt gtgttaaaac tgttttctcc aatatcttag     57300
     ataaaaaggg tagcttagaa ataggtctaa aattggacag cacagattta tccaaactag     57360
     gctttttcaa aagaggttgc actacagcat gtttcaactg agaaggcacc acaccagaaa     57420
     caagactcct atttataatg gataaaatac taggaccaat aatctcaaag gcttgcttaa     57480
     aaaactttga tggaaaaata tccaatggat agctgctaag tttgatcttg cctacagtac     57540
     cagtcagaga tagaagagag acaggtgtga aactaacaag tgcagcaggg gacacatccg     57600
     gttccggaaa aacaatatca aagctagcaa ttccagacct aattgaagaa atcttctccg     57660
     taaagaagtt taaaaaagct tcacatgtat cacatgactc ctccataaca acattagacc     57720
     cagggttaat cacagaactt atgcaggaga atcttaaact gcatctattg caagttccgt     57780
     aaaactgttt ctgtttctat aaaactgttt accaagcatt aaagattaaa tttaacatgt     57840
     agaatcacaa attaattctg acaataaatg tttttgtaat aaaataactg aagagttaaa     57900
     tcaactcgtc cctttgagtg gctctggatt ctattaaatg tggtgtactg tcaacaataa     57960
     aggacaaaag agtgccgggt ctagggtgtt taatgttgct tttttgttta tgtttgtgtg     58020
     gcagttgtcc atgatcactt tgcattattt attgtgtttt atgtcaattg agaagagccc     58080
     caattgttgc gctgcaattg tttcttcgcc ttttgctttg atctacggtt gtttgattaa     58140
     tttttgctgg tgtgctttgt ttgctatgta atactgaaac atttttagtt tcaaactcct     58200
     tcgagaactg gagtatgaac atcatatctg tgtattattc tagatggagg agagggaata     58260
     gagaatctat gtcatgtgat atacatgcca cacacgcagc attcttttag ttatacacac     58320
     taggttagga tttgtgcaac acttgtaagt tttactttgg taggagagag tagatatgac     58380
     atctcagatg tggaaggttt acttttttgt tgtattttgt agtcatgggg aagagtttaa     58440
     tggggtagtt agttgatttt tgttttattt ttttattttg tttggcacag accctttctc     58500
     tttgtcctcc ttatgtcagt taaacttggt tagatttctt tttttgtaaa gtcgttgtct     58560
     tatttcttta actacttttg tgtgaaactt ggaaaaacgt gtgcggtgca aatgtacaaa     58620
     actgctgatt aaagtgttga ttaaagtgtc agagatgaaa gtgtctattc tacaggtagt     58680
     ttgtcaaacc cactcacctg tatcaggcac tctcagttag gggttgttgt tcggtgaggt     58740
     gggggataga agagggggtc acaaagtttt cgcatagttc ttctgttttc tgtagttttc     58800
     tcttctaaat ttccagactg taattagtca ggatttagca ttgtatagat gttatacttt     58860
     gtctcagtat tttatttaac aacttgactt tgggccaagg gaagactctg cttgtggagg     58920
     gagtacagac tgatttcaca gatggttatg gtcttttgat gccataattg ctctggagtt     58980
     taaaatgcaa cctttaatta tcatagtaat cctgaaataa gtttattttt agaattaaag     59040
     taaattgtaa gcagaggtta atctttattt tagtaaaata taaaatatat gttttaatac     59100
     atattccttg acaaatgtgc ttaattagaa agtctctttt taaaattgtg tgattgctaa     59160
     ccattgacaa ttgcaaacat attactcagt aatgattacc atcactttga gcaattatca     59220
     ctttattttt gagcactaat ttgtttaatg cacagattaa ctgtgcaggc ggaattacca     59280
     tttaccctaa atatctttcc taatataatt taaaactgta gcccctactt gtttttttta     59340
     tcaatatgct ctagatatat aacttcattt ataagtaagt ttctttctac tttttaaaat     59400
     caatttcaac taatgtcact gtaatttaat tcaaaagttt gaccacctcc atagaccctg     59460
     aaaagtgatt gacatgctta aactttcttc caccagtgaa aagtgaaacc aaaattcctt     59520
     agtgtgagtg tggctatacc tatccatctc agacttaacc acaaacatac aacaagtgca     59580
     ccatatcctg ttttaatgac atcatataac taaatactgt aaaagctaac atatttgaga     59640
     aatgtacaca aggaattaaa agtaaaaaaa aaataaagtt gcagaaacca tttcttgaag     59700
     atattaaagt gtaattcaat tgcttttgat gtgccaaatg tttacagtac atggagagag     59760
     caaggtttat gacctctgct gcagccagtc actagaggag ctcaaaatat tttggcttca     59820
     ctgttcatga ttcgtaaggc acactttcgg caaacaaaca caccccattc tagtgttctc     59880
     gaccacttgg tggcagtaga gactttggct tgaatttagc atttaaccga ttacgctgct     59940
     gaattatcat taattttatt agcgttccag tataccacag aagtgcttta gatgaataca     60000
     gcaatgctaa gtccaaatat gttttatatc aggagtacca ggatttatca ttagtttaaa     60060
     gaataaaaac aagctattgc aattttcatg agcattgtta tgggaaagtc cgcaataaca     60120
     cacacatgca aacatttgaa aaattaagta cattcaatgt acatctattt tgcatatgca     60180
     aatgaatgac actacacaca agctttcctt taagatttgc aaattgaaat gtacaatagc     60240
     ttggtgttcc aaaaagcaat tcagtccaat aacattcaag cattgtgccc aatatattaa     60300
     ctgacacaca aacccacacg tttattttta tagtttagca aattaaaata tctaatgtac     60360
     atgtatacag tacaaaatca aatcacacag taacatacaa agacttacaa aatggccata     60420
     actttaatct tgcaatgaca tttgatgact tttcagcatt atagcataat ctcactggtg     60480
     tgatctgacc tgtgcataca gagactgatc ttgagtgacg tttgctctgg cttttctagt     60540
     gttcagaggt ttctgcctaa aattaatgga tgcgtaattc aggctgtctt cattctaata     60600
     tcaagaaaaa tataaaagaa actcaagtta taaaaggaaa cccatgtgat atgactttag     60660
     gaaaagtttg agaagttcta gtattcaata tattattgac aaaacagcaa agtgaaatac     60720
     ttacttgagt tgtttgagca gcggatgctt aaaaaaatca agagaaagtc tagttattat     60780
     aaatagcagt catgtgttat tataaatctt acaattgctt tacattaatt aattaattca     60840
     ttaattgtat tcataatgtc ttacttttaa tctgacttct acaaagtttg attcccagaa     60900
     aaacaacaag ggccaaaaat ataatattta aaattccaga agcaagaaga gcaggattaa     60960
     aatcacaact ttctgtaaga aaatataaat gaattttact ttctgaacat ttgttatgtg     61020
     accagtttgg tatcatatac tcattttcaa ctatgaatat acctttttac ataacgtgta     61080
     catgtgaaga gttcagatgc aaaaacctct aaatgccatc aggaaaaatt cattatgttg     61140
     tagcattaaa tgaattaaat tattttccag agaggactaa aactaaacat ttcaaaatta     61200
     taaccagata cttgtgtttt gccttcatct tacctctaat attcagctga gttcctcttc     61260
     caagcagtat ttgtccacat gcggccacag cacagtagta aatgccagta tcagagcgac     61320
     tgatgttgtt cttgtggaga ctgtagacac agctctgcgt ttgagactcg gtgctgttct     61380
     tacagcggcc atttctctct cctttggtgt aaatcactcc ttcagggtgt cctgagcttt     61440
     gcttgaacca gtagatgctg tgatctcctg cacagctctc agtgaagatg ctgcactgca     61500
     aatacactga atctcctgga tcaacagtgt ctatcaaaga ctgatgaaga gttgtgtttc     61560
     tgtctgcggc tgcgtcttta caagcacaga tatagtcagg acaataaata aataaaaatc     61620
     agccaccaca gaccaaacaa aacctaaaaa aacccataaa catacctcca acaagtaatc     61680
     gagttccgga gcccattcca attgtttgat atgctgagat tacgcagtaa tatgttgcag     61740
     agtctaaagg ctttgtctta aaaatggtca gattaaaata accatcttca ttggcaacat     61800
     taaaacgatt tgttttctca aagttgtgat tccagctagg ctgttgattt aaatatgaag     61860
     aaactatttg tagggatttg ccatcagttg tctgtttaaa ccatgtgttt atcgactgta     61920
     ccagctctgg aaatttgcag gtaaagttca catcctcgcc agcttcaact atttttacat     61980
     tatcttcctg aacaacatca aaaccagtgg agcagactgc aaataaagca caaaagagtt     62040
     gaaaagagtt gaagtagtta tataatgtta aatgtatttt aataaatatt taaaaagaca     62100
     tctaggtatt tacatatagt tgaggaaagc aacacaataa agtaatttct cattatcagt     62160
     cgtcctctaa aatgattctt ctccaatgaa ttcccctata aaaagtgaac aaataagcat     62220
     gctatcagtc cgtttagtaa tgcctgaaaa taagagtaga tgaatgtgtc ctcaccatgt     62280
     gtccatcagc ctcttcttca gacaactgag gctcttatgc actttcacct taacttctat     62340
     gctttctcac cacataccac agcagaatga ctagaaaaaa tctgaaccaa ctatccgtcc     62400
     attacgctta acaaaaccct ttctcattta ttaatgcatg tattattatt gaacactttg     62460
     ttaaccttaa agtggccact ctcaaaaact ataattgatg gtatttcaat gcttcaaaaa     62520
     tacattgtgt ggtttaccac tggaaaaagc aggaaataag agcctcaaat ttcctgtttt     62580
     tgatcatatg cattaaaaaa ataaatcttt ctagttttag taagggggtt ttacagaagt     62640
     gttttgaatt gatatatcca tggtatgtat agaatgttta catggttttc actttccaaa     62700
     atatcaatat ttataggcaa taaaaagctt tattttacct tggttttgag gctcagagca     62760
     ggagtggaat taaactgtaa tgttttccta atatttgtgt ataaccacaa taacaacaaa     62820
     acatctaaag aaaacagctg ttttgtctcc ttgactcatt aatgtggagt gcttcacaga     62880
     aaatatagcc tacaatatag gcttgatctg accttgtgct gtgtgaatca gtgggtggag     62940
     ctatagagtc atgcattgat tttcttaggt ggaagccgtg tttaatcata gataggtact     63000
     ttcctctatc ggcatgttgc ctataaaagt tacaagagat acttacaaga gattctttta     63060
     atgcaaagaa tcttttgcta atctcaagcc aaagtaaaag tttatttcct ttattgttcg     63120
     tacattaata catgttaatg ttaatactta tagcgtcagg gctttatgtt aacctttctc     63180
     gtggtttttt tatggataag taaatatttc atatatttgt tcgagtataa aatttctgtt     63240
     aatttgagca aagagttgtt tattattgga tgagcttttc tgccttattt gttagcaaag     63300
     tataagtaca gtatcaggag tggattttca ataaataaat gtatctaaat gtataataat     63360
     tcaatgtgac aaatagttct tctgtttttg ttaagacagc tgtcggcttt caaatacatt     63420
     cattcattca ttttattttc ggcttagtcc ctttatttat ccgggttcgc caccgcagaa     63480
     tgaaccggca acttatccag cacattttta ttcagtggat gcccttccag ctgcaatcca     63540
     tgtctgggaa acatccacac acacttattc acacttatac actacggata atttagccta     63600
     cccaattcac ctgtaccaca tgtctttgga atgtggggga tacccacgtg aatgcaggga     63660
     gaacttgcaa acttcacaca gaaacgccaa ctgacccagc cgaggctcga atcatgacct     63720
     tcttgctgtg aggtgacagc actgactact gcgccactgt gtcgcccttt caaattcata     63780
     tacacacttt tagaagaaaa cgtacaaaat tgtacctttt agggtacaaa tggcccatca     63840
     ctggggtggt acccttaagg gtacaatttt gtacctttat ttagaggtac aaaattgtac     63900
     cctctacatt tgtaccattt aaggaacaat tttgtagccc caaagaacta aattgtagac     63960
     actgaaggta caaatatgta cccttattat attatatagc attttcaggg tactgaccca     64020
     ggcatttctt tgatcctttg gtgactgcat gcacaaataa ataaataaaa tattttggtt     64080
     tacagatgta catttttatt tagagatgta gaaatatttc attacaactc acaactgaat     64140
     gcgtcaagca cagcaagtac aaagcagaca tgtaaaacag taaaaagaac aatttagata     64200
     acaaataaaa aatagtttgc tcactgtata gtaaataatc tacacttaat acaaacaaga     64260
     atactgttta aaatctataa acgcattaca caggctacat caagtcctgc actttataaa     64320
     gtccaaagtg tttgtcttta gtcagaatag tcagtcttaa taaataattt gtcatcaaca     64380
     ttttctctgt atttcagaat gaaggcagag tttctctata aattgcttca acagtgcaga     64440
     aaaccaaaaa catcagtagc ctcttcctca gcatcagtag attactcatc atcatcctca     64500
     agtggagttg taatttgttg taacgcaata tatttttttc ttttggtaaa caaaacacgt     64560
     aaggcactca taactgaaaa atgttctttg atagtcaata attattagga ccaaaaattt     64620
     gtttcatcca tgaatgagag cagtgtgctg gattaacttg atgattgtaa attattattc     64680
     aagagcatgt agaaaaacaa aaaacaaggt tgatcactct ggtaactgga ataggtcaag     64740
     gcttttcata atccaaagtt catacaaaac attccactgc agaaacatca aggtgttctt     64800
     caaatgaaat ggatatgtca aaaatgtata ttcgtccaca ccattaaccc ggccgatcgc     64860
     agtcccatca actctgaaga ctgccgtcac tcgtcttgtt aacacagttg tccagtcagt     64920
     ggcctcctcc tgtacttgaa ctattgtatg tggtaaagat ggtttactgt aaatgacaaa     64980
     gcaataatta cagtcatatc agtcactcca tcactgatga agagaaaatc aacatgcaaa     65040
     gaatttaatt caagaatttc gttcattttg gcttagtccc tttaataatc aggggtcgcc     65100
     atagtggaat gaatcaccaa cttatccagc atatgtttta catagtggaa gcccttccag     65160
     ctgcaactca gtactgggaa atatgcatac acactcattt acatacagta cactacgaac     65220
     aaattagcaa attagcttac ccaattcacc tttggcccat gtctttggac ttgtggggaa     65280
     actggagcac ttggagggaa cccacaggaa cacggggaga acatgcaaac tccacacaga     65340
     aatgccattt gacttagccg aggctcaaac cagcgacctt tttgtgacag cactacccac     65400
     tgcgccaccc taatataaat ttaagaatta taaaatgcat ttatcagagc atatacaaaa     65460
     cagaaaacaa catacgcacc tgagcacaac gaaatgttga agtttctcgc tgaacaaggc     65520
     tggcaacatg agaagtgttg ctgtaaaatc aattcctgga acataagata agatgtgaca     65580
     tacaaacaaa tatgaaggaa tccatccaaa gctagaattt aacaaaatta atcaagtgga     65640
     gaaagtttaa gagtcttaaa aataaagtaa aataaaaaaa agagtacctc agagtcaggt     65700
     ccttagcatt ctttagttga tctctcatct ttcgatgaac agctagaaaa taattgtaaa     65760
     catatagttg tacatttatt gttgtttgta agtaaaaacc tacagatgta aaactgtatg     65820
     taagccatta aaatcatggt ataaatatga gaaatacttg catcttgtaa ctgagccatg     65880
     ctttcatatg acatgccttc attggtttgt tgttcaaacg tgtcctgaaa gtcaaataga     65940
     aactttaaaa acttcaggaa agcaaaaaga gaaagtaata tttatttatt cattttttag     66000
     gtatttataa aaaagttaaa atactgtaag gtaccagttt cagaacagat gggacaaatt     66060
     attaagttaa agaacaaaac attacttaaa atgttgattt gtacaacagt ggtacgttat     66120
     taattttaca ttaacgtaag catgaacgat agtaatggat atgagtttgt ggacactcca     66180
     taacaccaat gtagacactg aaacgaagat acatacatat gaagagtgcg gttaagttgg     66240
     ttttgttttc aatattcctg acacattcag taatagacag caataactca aaaacatctt     66300
     accctaaaaa gatctaaact gttttaaaat ccttttttac gagtaagggt aaaaggagag     66360
     gttctgaaac ttcccatatg caaccgtgta tgacaagtaa tttttaccaa aaaacacctg     66420
     tgtaaacaaa aaataataat aataattaaa aaagaaaaaa agaagcactt ttccaacact     66480
     cccttactaa gcgctcagcg cgagctctcc cggctaaaca catatggcga gcttgtaatg     66540
     tccagcgaaa aaaaagaaaa aggcagctgt gaaacataac ctgctttgtc tgttcgtagg     66600
     aaacacactt tagatctttt tagggtaaga ggtttttaag gtattgtcgt ctattactga     66660
     atgtgttagg aatattgaaa acaaaaccaa cttaacccag ctcatacgaa gagacaggca     66720
     taacgttaca catttgtaac tagacacgtt tacataatca ctcgctttgc aggtgacaaa     66780
     attgtgcttt ttattaacaa aatgataaat atataaccat ggcatggatt tactaatgcc     66840
     tttgacaacc ctcagaggtc taaaataaca tttctgcggt caaccgcagc tagaaaatgg     66900
     cctcaagata taaaaaagca gtaacgtaag atatgtgagg cacgaataca ttaacgttaa     66960
     gtgaaaggcg atacagggtg tttttacacc gagaaaacta acatataatt actcaccttc     67020
     aatatgtccc tctccttttc tgtgtcttcg ataccatatt gtattaactt ctttaataag     67080
     ctgtagacat tttagcaaac tccatcctgc aggccaacgc acacaaagca gtctgaccgg     67140
     agcacttttt cgcaggagaa agccgagacc cgagtgtcag acaaaatcaa cagaacatgg     67200
     cttaacatgc aaaagtaaga ctgacaatat atcattaata catatttacc tgaatgtgtg     67260
     gactccaaga cttttcctta aaaatcgtgc aaagttctgt gtaaacaacc agcatacttg     67320
     accacctcag taacaaacac tactaagtaa cgtctcaaca agccgaattc ttaaagagac     67380
     agcaacatca ctacttaaat gatgaagttg ccactctgca tggtccttat tctaaatctc     67440
     atttagggtc ttaaacaact agttagcaag gtttttaatt aaaattacat tcaattgtac     67500
     attaaattat acattttttt tgaggaatta ttaaatttaa atacatgaaa aaaacaacat     67560
     tattaaaata tctaattcaa tcaatttatt aactttaaat tttgaaatta tgtgttttag     67620
     ttatgtttat ttaatgttta aatcaatgtt tattattaat aaatttaaat tagtgtttcg     67680
     atcttatcat gagcagtggg tacaattttg ttcctataga ggaataaaat atataacctt     67740
     gaacctttaa agctgccaaa ttggtccttt acagtacaat tttgtaccta aatgtgctat     67800
     aaaaggtaca aaaatgtacc tttcaaaccg aaatctcaac atttgtacct ttatagccca     67860
     tttgggtaca aaattgtacc ctaaagacca atttgggacc ttttaaggta caattatata     67920
     ttttgttccc tctaagagca aaattgtacc ctcattgtac ctttttttct gacagtgcag     67980
     ggtaaaagtt acttttaaac ttcacttaaa aattctaata ttttgaaaaa acagtggact     68040
     ggcgcttcag gccaataatt gtttgcacaa aatcaagaaa agaaagagca tgaaatacaa     68100
     tcaatagtaa aaactttatt agctttattg acagtttttt gttaaatgtg ctaatatttt     68160
     aaatgttgca tatttgctaa atgtgaaagt ataaacaaaa aaacacatgc ggtattgaat     68220
     aaaagataca gcagcaataa cagacaaacc agttacattt ggcttttatt tgagcaaaag     68280
     aattgtgaag ccaaagagtt gaacatacca aataacacat gatctcatct gtttattccc     68340
     acgtgcacgc aatcaaataa aatctaaata aaacaagttc aaaatgacat ttcagattat     68400
     attaaaaaac attaatctga cattattttc tgcaaacatc ataaaaatga actaagccac     68460
     ttttactctt aagttgaact tcttatggcc taaagcgttt tgtaggcatt ttttgagtga     68520
     tcatgctgta ctttacaaat gaatgttctt cagaaaagtt catgttgagt ccttctgcac     68580
     tcaaatcatt ttgggcagca atgatcagaa tgtcttcacc ctacaataat caggggaaat     68640
     aatcaacatt tttatttttg cacttgataa gattgcctgt attattcaaa ttattattat     68700
     actattcaac cttttgaaat ctcaaactat aatctatact acatgtaaaa tataaagatt     68760
     ttaaataatt gtaaaattta ctgttattta taattcagag aaataaatta aggacttact     68820
     tgattgtctt gatttgtgga ttgtggatga agaaaaacaa atttaattat ttaaaaggca     68880
     attaaacata ataagttgta ttgtgggtct taaaggggca ataaaaaata tataaataac     68940
     aaatatctaa acatccttaa gacgttttgc tttagacgtt aaacaagtgg cattattata     69000
     atatattttt agcagtggat cataagttaa aggaaatatg acttctatag tatttaatgt     69060
     ttttctctct agatctaaaa aaggtattga taaatgtacc ttgataaaac ccacagaagc     69120
     cattttattt atgtagtgga attatgcaat tacaaataca tgttaggagt aagtgtccca     69180
     ataaatatct tacctttctt acattgtttt atggtcacaa aaacagcgta cgccaaaaat     69240
     aagacgttta aaatcccaag agcaatcaga gttggattta catcattaca ttctaaaatg     69300
     acaaaacatt caatatgtga ttgtgtactg attgtagatc agttcatatt tccagcaaca     69360
     tctgaatcaa atattcctcc tgaatgacaa gctttaaata tttctctaaa aacctttata     69420
     tatataatat aaatacctct aatattcagt tgagttcctc gtccaagcag tatttctcca     69480
     catgcggcca cagcacagta gtaaatgcca gaatcagagc gactgatgtt gttcttgtgg     69540
     aaactgtaga cacagctctg tgtttgagac ttggtgcttt tattacagtg gccatttgtc     69600
     tctcctttgg tgtaaagcac tccttcagag tctcctgagc tttgcttgaa ccagtagacg     69660
     ctgtgatctc ctgcacagct ctcagtgaag atgctgcatt gcaaattcac tgaatctcct     69720
     ggatcaacag tgtctatcaa tgactgatga agagttgtgt ttttgtctgc ggctgcgtct     69780
     tcatgagcac agaaaaggac aaaaaaagct caatgaatca gccacttcac acatacaaaa     69840
     ataattatta tatacaataa aaaccttacc tctgacaagt aatcgagttc ctgaacccat     69900
     tccaatgttg taagatgttg agattacaca gtaatatgtt gcagagtctg aagactttgt     69960
     ctttaaaatg gtcagattaa aataaccatc ttctttcatg atattaaaac gattttcaga     70020
     gatgtttctc caaatgggtt cttgatatag atataaagac acaatttgta gggattttcc     70080
     atcagctgtt tgtttaaacc atacttttgt cacctgcaga agccttgaaa atgtacaagg     70140
     aaggttcaca tcctctccca ctgcagctat tttgacatta ttctcctgaa caacttccac     70200
     accaaaggag caaactgcaa aataaaagtg tagtattaca ttgtgataaa ggcttttgaa     70260
     tgtaaaataa agcatataaa aagtatattc acctatggtt gagcagaaaa aacagattaa     70320
     aaaatacttc atggccgttg gtcttaaaga aatatccatc aattgtaatt tgtcctataa     70380
     aatcagccca aaacaaattc ttgacaccag agataagtga tagagatcag tagactggtt     70440
     accccacact tcaaactcta cttagataaa tgagacgctt acgcactatt atcttattta     70500
     ttctgttttc taagagttga ttggccgctt agaaaggggt ttgaactgag ctgaaacctc     70560
     ttctgccaat tcagccaatc ggcgtggtgt tgtggttgag tttgcattat tattattttt     70620
     ttaaattaat ttaagcatta taattataaa taattacaat atacataatt atatattcat     70680
     aattataaaa aaaattgtaa aataaataat taaaaaatat aaaatgaatt acaaataatt     70740
     ataataaaat gataaattat aataaaattg caactacaat attgtttatc ttacaacaag     70800
     taaaaaacac ttgtttcaaa actaattttt gaaaactaat tactgcgtgc aagtacagat     70860
     tttttcgcac ttaagtcata aatcaaatca taaatgctta atacatttta atttgaattt     70920
     aaatgttatt tttcatttta agagaatggc actctttaaa tgttagtgag catttgtctg     70980
     tttagcatta gttgagaatg acctctgagt ctgttttcac acctctagct gcatcaacac     71040
     cactacttgt gaaacctcag ctattcttcc attgctagaa aaaagcctca tcagtgccct     71100
     gcagacagac tactattaac acactattaa caaactctct gatacttaat aatccgcctt     71160
     aaactaaagt ctataagaca cagatttgtc atttcagcac caaggacaga gatatgaata     71220
     atttctgcat tgcaaaaatg atctaacata ccatatatac tgtatatatt cttgcagaaa     71280
     aataaacaga gcttttatga gcacaatttc aatgagatat tattgagata aaatgaatgc     71340
     aaactaacaa aatctgacaa atcttaaaat cagtaaacta gtattgctat gaaacatatt     71400
     taattcagaa gcgtttaata tgccatgttt attgttgtta aactttaata agcaaatgga     71460
     ttcttcccct acacaataag tgatttcagg tttcaaactg atcgaacgta aaaaggacat     71520
     ttgagtttct taaccataaa taaacacaac atcacgtcat tgaagtctgg acagaacaca     71580
     gagaaggaac aacatgataa aagcatgtgc agcatacagc caaatgcatt tcctttatat     71640
     ttttatttat gagagtggtg gtcattttcg actttactac tatgatcaaa acgtgaacct     71700
     cagattcaga cccagtccat ataaggagag catgtgactg aggatcttac tgaagtcgga     71760
     aggcagagat gaatttcatc atttcctgct aaaaaagaca ggaagaaact gttcattata     71820
     gaacaagaga tgctggagtg aacgtcagcc gacagctttc agagtgtctc accttatttt     71880
     aactttgaag atgtcacatt tgtggttaga catttaaaaa tttcagaaca agaaaagaca     71940
     atcgttatta atgtacaatt catatattaa gaagttattt aaaaaagtaa ctttgtttga     72000
     ttaaatagtg gtatgcaatt acatttttca tcactttcaa tatagcacgc aaaaacagta     72060
     taaacatcaa ctaattggta atattctgag aatcagattc atgaaggtct tttgttcatg     72120
     cttatatgaa acatgtatat caccaatctt cctctgtctg ttcccccctc cccctcactt     72180
     ttttatacca cactctaaat tgaaaccaca gaagtaactt ccgcaatgaa cagctttcac     72240
     tactattgca cttagttttt tttaatgtca gagtaaaagt tatagttatg agataatgaa     72300
     gtgataaaat actaaatcat attgtgttaa ccatttgact ttatttgaac atttgttctt     72360
     ttaataaatt cagttatatc tgcctgcaga cttgcagatg catgtaggca gacacatgca     72420
     cttaacagaa ctggtggaat cactgtaaag tgtagtgtta aaggcagggt atacacttta     72480
     aaagaatgtg cagccagacc cttctcacta gttctatctt ttttttcatt ttcaggtgta     72540
     gagtgttaga gtgaatactt tgtgttgcaa ctaggggtgt aacaatatac atttatatgt     72600
     gtacatgtca tacttttttt tttactcatt ctccaactgt caacacgttt tataaataaa     72660
     gagcacttaa gacctcacat aaaaaagccg aggggaaaat gttttttatt tttatttttt     72720
     ttttcacgca caaccatctc ggatttttgc tgcgacattc taatggtagg gtccggattt     72780
     gcaacaaagc atggatccat ccttgtatca acagttcagg ctggtgttga tggtgtgggg     72840
     gatatttgct tggcacactt tggccccatt agtaccaatt gagcattgtg tcaacaccac     72900
     agtacctgag tattgttgct gaccatatcc atctcttaat gaccacagtg tacccatctt     72960
     ctgatggcta cttccagcag gataacgcac catgttataa attgcctaaa ttagttttgc     73020
     gggacattaa tttccatact gacagggatc gcagatagtt tacttcagat tttgaaaatt     73080
     aaattactgg cacacatata catacagtat acaaggcttt ctatcttttc gcttagcttt     73140
     tggtgtgtac attaaaatag tttatctgtg gaatcttgcc acggcatgtg tttttaagaa     73200
     gacatggtgt aaatgctctt gtaaactgat gagccaatag agccaatcac aggcatatct     73260
     attgagcgca tgaacacaat gaccaatcag aatttttcaa gaatccactc agcagtgccc     73320
     aaaatgcaag caggaattgc tgccatcacc acatttttaa aatcttagta atgacttgta     73380
     tctaagttgc tacttctaac agtactccca gtgccaagac ccaccattaa tgtctaacta     73440
     ctaataattc agaagcagtt aaacctttga tttttccttt aattgtaaac ataagttatt     73500
     ctatatttta gttaagccta aattatacag cataatattt caatattttt ttttgttggg     73560
     taatatgcta aattagaata tttcttttta acttgagtgc tgaccgttaa tattattcag     73620
     taatgatgac catcgctttg agcaattctg acacagcact gataagttta taataaacca     73680
     atttagtgta aactaaatat agcatccctt acgtgtttta ataataataa taataataaa     73740
     aatctaattt ccatcatcag tgtaactata catgaattac aagctccaca agaacattca     73800
     cattcctaac actgaaatta aataaatacg ttgcgtaaaa aaataaatta gccagcctcc     73860
     tgtgaaattt actctttttc aaatatttcc caagtgctgt tttaaaacaa ggacattttc     73920
     acagtatttt ctataatact ttttttttct ggagagtctt atttctttta gtttggcagt     73980
     aatataagca aacaaaaaca aaaaaaagca aacaaaaact aaacaacttt aaggtcagta     74040
     atatatgtat gtctccataa gaaaactgca taattctagt atcatttatc caaatactag     74100
     catcttgcaa aataagtaga aaaatatgat taactgtcat catgcagggc aaaggcaaac     74160
     aaaatttgtt atttaaaaca aataacttta aaaatgtgtt gaagacgatc tcttcattaa     74220
     acaacacttg ggaaatattt tttataataa ttaaaattcc tctatgctat atgcagtgca     74280
     cgagtttatt tagcatgtgc aaataaagga taatacacac aagctttttt tttttgcgat     74340
     gtttttacaa ttaaaggctt tataattatt ccaaaaagca gcacagtcaa ataacattca     74400
     tgcattgatc taaaaatact gtatgtcaac tggctcacaa acccacactt tagcatagta     74460
     taagcaaatt caaatatctt agaacgaatt tacagacagt acaaaatcaa ataaaacaaa     74520
     aacttaaaaa gacttggcca tacttttttt taatctgcaa tgacatttga agacaaaaac     74580
     ttttcagcat taaagatgtt tctctaaact tttaaatgtt actggtgtaa tctgacctgt     74640
     gcgtacagag atcaatcttt ttgctggaat ttgtgaaatt ttgctctggc tcttctagtg     74700
     ttcagaggtt tctgactaaa agcaatggct gcataattca ggctgtcttc atcctattat     74760
     aaagagaaaa tataacttct gttaagagag gaagcctatg ttatatggtt taatgaaatc     74820
     atcacatcaa atcacaaata ttttaagaaa agtttgagaa attttactta cttgagttgt     74880
     ttgagtagcg gacgcttaaa aacatcaaga aaaagtgtag ttattataaa tagcagtcat     74940
     gtttttttaa ttttttttat ctgactgttt tgctttactc taaaaaatat tttatccata     75000
     aagtcttact tttattctga ctcctgaaga ttttaattcc cataaaaaca actagggcca     75060
     aaaatatgat atttgaaatt cccaaaccaa gaagagcagg attgaaatca ctttctgtaa     75120
     taaaaatgaa attaatttca atttctgaac attttaacat gagttcagtt tcacgtttag     75180
     atatgaattt aagttttcat aacatttaat acatcagttt gccttttcag ttggataaaa     75240
     ttctttagat agcgttttgt acatttgttt ggtcagttag gtatcatgta atagtttatg     75300
     aatcaaatgc tttttcacaa atatttgttt cgccttaatc ttacctctaa tattcagctg     75360
     agttcctctt ccaatcagta tttctccaca tgcggccaca gcacagtagt aaatgccaga     75420
     atcagagcga ctgatgttgt tcttgtggag actgtagaca cagctctgtg ttagagactc     75480
     agtgctgttc ttacagcggc catttctctc tcctttggtg taaagcactc cttcagagtc     75540
     tcctgagctt tgcttgaacc agtagacgct gtgatctcct gcacagctct cagtgaagat     75600
     gctgcactgc aaattcactg aatctcctgg atcaacagtg tctatcaaag actgatgaag     75660
     tgttgtgttt ctgtctgcgg ctgtgtcttc acaagcacag aatagtacag aaatggtcag     75720
     gattaaaatt agctaccaca agcaaacaga gaaagattaa taaaaataaa ttacctctga     75780
     caagtaatcg agttcctgaa cccattccag tggcctgata tgatgaaact acacagtaat     75840
     atgttgcaga gtctgaaagg tttgtcttta aaatggtcag attaaagaaa ttatctcctt     75900
     tggcagcatt aaaacgattc ttattctcaa acttgggatt ccaacttggt ttttgacttc     75960
     catataaaga cacaatttgt agggattgtc cattattcgt ctgtttaaac catgcttttg     76020
     ttagttgtgt ctgccaggaa aatgtgcagg taaattttac atcctggcca gcttcaacta     76080
     tttttatatt atcttcctga acaacatcaa aatcagtcga gcagactgca aataaagcac     76140
     aaaagagtta aacagtttta atagttttat agtgttaaat ggattaatac agtattttat     76200
     aagacattta gatatttaca tatcgttgag gaaagcaaca aaatgaagta gcatgtcact     76260
     attagtcgtc taccaaaatt attcttgtgc tttgaattct cctataaaaa aagagaacaa     76320
     atgatcaagc tattaatccg tatacacatg ctaaaaatgt agatgaatgt gtccttcctc     76380
     accatgtgct catctgcctc tgcttcagac aactgaggct tttatgcact ctcaccttaa     76440
     cttttatcac atcacatgcc acatcaaaat gactagaaaa acattctaac ccaaacatct     76500
     ttccattact ccctctctca tatgttaaga catgtcataa acattgcagc ttaaactgcc     76560
     cactcaaacc tttacacaat gttgtgtcag ttcttaaaaa tacagtgttg tttaccagaa     76620
     aaaagcagga aataagatga aatggtgagt agatgaatct caagagcctc aaagttgctg     76680
     tctttgagtt tgcaagatat taaaatgtaa agcttaaata cggacttttg atcatggctg     76740
     agcatgtttt atatctattt gcctgtctgt tttctttgta tttttggtta acctcttttg     76800
     cattcaagtg ttaaaacaca aacacatcaa gataattttt tttcttggtt tgattcatta     76860
     ttcttattac agaatatgct cgtatattca tagcaataaa gatgctgagg gccgtacatt     76920
     ttttgaaaat gctggtgtgg gaagagttaa atattcttca taattagtac agccttttag     76980
     tctgctaaaa taaatgtaag tgtggataat aataatccag tggaaatttg tgtgtttgaa     77040
     atactgtctg agtaagtata acatgtgagt tagtattgta gtttaaatga aaatcatata     77100
     ctgcatctgg tttgttgtta gtatcacacg tcctaccagc gtcagttgtg tcccttcttc     77160
     tcaatcacaa attctctttt gtggcctaat aggatagaaa agagtcaaaa tcttagctga     77220
     agtgtatatt atcagtgaac tatcttagat catcctatct cacatacatc tgtacttcac     77280
     ctttaaacaa ctgggactat aatgaaactt caaaataatc cttgagttaa aaaaagggta     77340
     tatatatatt ttcataatta ttagggattc accaatacca gcattgggta tcaagttgat     77400
     aactggttaa aatgctcaca tcgtatatga aatgcagata ccatgcactg ataccattca     77460
     gcagtatttc actatgtgga tgtgatttgt tgtcttgcct gattgcaaca tcttaatgta     77520
     ttatatatat taatagctta gtctttataa acaatctgtt tataaaatac attattaaca     77580
     aatctatagg ctactgaaga ataaaccgaa aatgcaatat gagccttgca taatgatgac     77640
     agtgaaacag gctagtgctc attttatata taaactataa atattaaaaa tgaaaggaat     77700
     tttaagtaat ggaacataac atgtaaaaaa aaaatctaag ctattatgtg aaagactaca     77760
     ggttaaataa aagtgcttcc tcggagctga atatcactgt ggttgtgcac acgcgtgttt     77820
     gtttacagct tctgtaaaga tcagataccc tatacctgac agatgacaca atctcaataa     77880
     acacttgatg cttgctgtca actaggctac attatttatt ggcattagtt acgacattga     77940
     taagatctgt tgttgtcaaa ctttttcctt tttaatattt agtctttatt ttcttttaag     78000
     tctgtaatac cactattatc cctcatcacc agtaaaataa ccagcctttg tatgtattgt     78060
     atttcaaatt tatatttaat caaaataaat tgtagcgagt tttacttatt aaacaaaccc     78120
     ttgcattaac tcgccgctgg ggaaaatgaa tgcttatccg cacagagaaa aaaccagatg     78180
     ctttagacat aatttttaaa atactgactt atattaataa tatagctagt agggctatat     78240
     gacaggtttc ttgtacaaaa agcatgttac agttttctag ggctgtaacg atacacgata     78300
     tgaaatcgaa atcgcgacac tcagatctac gatcctgtgt cacggtgtga taagggagaa     78360
     tcgcgacaca ccccgtgact acctttccaa caacgtcacg cgtgcctgca aaagttgagc     78420
     tagttgaaga agaacgtgag gaaacacttt ttttcgctcg acattacgag cactgctccg     78480
     tttaagccct cgcaatatgc gtttaactgg gagagctcga acggagctct tagtaaggga     78540
     ccgtctgaat gtgtcaggaa tatcaaaaac aaaaccaacg taaccccgct tgacaacaga     78600
     caacggcaga aacattgcca attcagtcaa atcattgttg ttaatgtggc tgcgcagaga     78660
     gggatgggcg ttcaccagat gccccgactc ctctgcagag gaaacttttc tgtaaccgtg     78720
     ctgtgcgctt tctgtttaac cctttaggag ttaacgttac gtgctgactg acaggtgcgt     78780
     gaggccagga aacaggacga agctttcagt taagatgaac acagtttata tagttatact     78840
     ttatttatag ataaaggtat atggctctgt atataatcac tctatcttgc tggagtttat     78900
     agccgtttcg ctttacttca ggacgcatta atgccgctct gaaggtctaa tcgctgtttt     78960
     aagttatcca gagctggatg aatgtacaaa tcttgaatat cacaatagta ttaaatatta     79020
     caattgtaac tacacagaca gcaacacttt tgcacaatca atacccaact gattcagtcg     79080
     tttcatgaga ggaccgcgct tcttctcttc ttttttcctt gtcaacataa aggcagtgag     79140
     atgcgccttg ttttcggccc cttgtttaac tgcaaggcat acttattttg cgggacgata     79200
     acgtataacc cgtgcctaca gacacatttg ccaatgaagc aaaatggaag aagaatattg     79260
     ctgtttgata cagacctgtt gatgctaacc agcgctgatg ttgacctgga tatgcataat     79320
     aaacgcaaca aataggcttt accttttatt ttacagctta taaagcatgt atgcacatta     79380
     atgcaatata tttaaacaac aaaactgtta acaaaaagtc aacctatgcg cgtgttgttg     79440
     ttgttgtctt ttcatcatgc atcgtgcgca cttgaaccgc gagggagaga gagaaaacca     79500
     tatagcaaga cataatcttt aaaataatga tttctattaa aaatgtaaaa ggttttgtca     79560
     ttataataat aacagtgggg cattaaataa atgcatattt tccgtggaga aagcaatttg     79620
     aggaagtctg cgatttttat ttgacggaag aaaaaacata tgattggata aaaaacagcc     79680
     tatgccggtt attaaaaaga atcagtcagt gttttcgatt tgtaatataa attatttatt     79740
     taaatgaaaa taatttaggg cagtcctatt tattttatta attttattta gattattctg     79800
     ctcttctgtg ctaaacactg caggtgcgtg aagatgctct gttgttctgt tctgttatta     79860
     atatgctagc atataaaaat aaatcagtat ttttaaatgc aatatttaat gtgtcagaca     79920
     caaaatagtc acgccaattt gtttaatata aaattaatag cctagtaatc tgaccagtta     79980
     accgttaata accgattaat gagcggcggt tgtcggttag caaaatttgt tttatatatg     80040
     gctatttaca gggagtgcag aattattagg ccaatgagta ttttgaccac atcatcctct     80100
     ttatgcatgt tgtcttactc caagctgtat aggctcgaaa gcctactacc aattaagaat     80160
     attaggtgat gtgcatctct gtaatgagaa ggggtgtggt ctaaagacat taacacccta     80220
     tatcaggtgt gcataattat taggcaactt cctttccttt ggcaaaatgg gtcaaaagaa     80280
     ggacttgaca ggctcagaaa agcaaaaaat agtgagatat cttgcagagg gatgcagtac     80340
     tcttaaaatt gcaaagcttc tgaatcgtaa tcatcgaaca atcaagtgtt tcattcaaaa     80400
     tagtcaacag ggtcgcaaaa agtgtgtgga aaaaccaagg cgcaaaataa ctgcccataa     80460
     actgagaaaa gtcaagcgtg cagctgccaa gatgccactt gccaccagtt tggccacatt     80520
     tcagagctgc aacatcactg gagtgcccaa aagcacaagg tgtgcaatac tcagagacat     80580
     ggccaaggta agaaaggctg aaagacgacc accactgaac aagacacaca agctgaaacg     80640
     tcaagactgg gtcgagaaat atctcaagac tgatttttct aaggttttat ggactgatga     80700
     tatgagagtg agtcttcatg ggccagatgg atgggcccgt ggctggattg ataaagggca     80760
     gagagctcca gtccgactca gacaccagca agatggaggt ggagtactgg tttgggctgg     80820
     tatcatcaaa gatggccttg tgggaccttt tcgggttgag gatggagtca agctcaactc     80880
     ccagtcctac tgccagtttc tggaagacac cttcttcaag cagtggtaca ggaagaagtc     80940
     tgcatccttc aagaaaaaca tgattttcat gcaggacaat gctccatcac acatgtccaa     81000
     gtactccata tcgtggctgc cgagaaaggg tataaaagaa gaaaaactaa tgacatggcc     81060
     tccttgttca tctgatctga tccccattga gaacctgtgg tccatcatca aatgtgagat     81120
     ttacaaagag ggaaaacagt acacctctct gaacagtgtc tgggaagctg tggttactgc     81180
     tgcacgcaat gttgatggtg aacagatcag aacactgaca gaatccatgg atggcaggct     81240
     tttgagtgtc cttgcaaaga aaggtggcta tattggtcac tgattagttt ttgttttgtt     81300
     tttgaatgtc agaaatgtat atttgtgaat gtggagatgt tatattggtt tcactggtaa     81360
     aaaataaata attgaaatgg gtatatattt gttttttgtt aagttgccta ataattatgc     81420
     acagtaatag tcacctgcac acacagatat ccccctgaaa tagctaaaac taaaaacaaa     81480
     ctaaaaagta cttccaaaaa aaattcagct ttgatattaa tgagtttttt gggttaattg     81540
     agaacatggt tgttgttcaa taataaaacg attcctcaaa aatacaactt gcctaataat     81600
     tctgcactcc atgtatattg ttaataattt gcatagttaa tattgttctt tgatgtttag     81660
     tttataaaca ttttttaaat gttatttaat aaaaaatcgt tttacaaaat cttttttttt     81720
     cccaccccac acgaaaaaaa aaaattgtga tatgaaccga atcgtgggtt tggtgtatcg     81780
     ttacagccct acagttttct ctggtaagga caaattcatc cattgcccct gtcagtttca     81840
     gtttcaaatc cctattcgca gcactgaaag tattcccaga ttaccttgga agaactaact     81900
     atgtcggaag gacgagaaaa ctctgaaaca ttgtgagatg atggttgcac agtttttaaa     81960
     atgagagtgt gtatttgtgg ctggatgtca agataaaatt gcttttatca ccttaatatt     82020
     ttagagaatg tagttaaagt ttgcataatc aactattgat cttatctacc tgtgaaccac     82080
     aatgttaaac agcatgtagc ctactttttg attgcatgag catggaaaaa atggcaggac     82140
     tcacgattat aataaagaac cgtgcataac aagttttatg tatccccatt atgcaatgtc     82200
     aagagtgact tcataagtta acgtaaactg cacaccctcg attatgtaat gtgaagtcat     82260
     ggatgtgtgt cagcacaaag attatccttt aaatgtccat gcttaatcag taatcaatca     82320
     ggcctatcga tttacagcgt tatcaacaat atgtgtacat ttttggcttg aatactgtag     82380
     tcttctgttg aagttttttg tgtacatcca aaaaataaaa cctcctttca aattaattgc     82440
     acctttattg aaaccaaata tcagaattgg tactctgtat cggcaagcac acaaattaaa     82500
     atactcattc ttgtatcgtt ttttttttta aaaagtgtta tcggtttatc tctaataatt     82560
     agtttttttt tttttgactg aattgataaa tcaaggtctc tttttctgta tatgccattc     82620
     acagtgatat tccaacctta cactttctct tacatctgct tcgtgaatct cactaaagat     82680
     gataaaaaca ccagttgagc tccagtcaca ttaattgtgt ttttactttt ggtttgtttc     82740
     ccccaaattg aacccaaggg ctaacaaaaa cccaagacat aaaagtggcc caattctgtg     82800
     ggaaaaccat ggacttggca ccacttactt ttcaagtaat taggtgtgac atacataatt     82860
     gcagaattac agaatgatgt atctgaaaat aacagccacc acaggtttaa ttgaaacaat     82920
     ttgaatctaa caatttgaaa caagctagga actatttgtg aaaagcaaag ttttacttgt     82980
     gactgaatga aactggcaat gtaacaagat taaattagca aatgaataca aataaatgtt     83040
     taagaattaa atagaattgt atttattatt tagacagctg attgtattca aatgtgtaca     83100
     atatgttaat gccactattt ttacagggta aacaaaactt caaacttcgt tcaaaagcta     83160
     aattgcctgc aaaagtaaga ttttcccatt ttgactgttc acatatttct cctcacacat     83220
     agacacgttt gatacatgta cttgatcaat aacaccatat tttagagaat aagggtgcaa     83280
     tttagttgcc tgttgtaata ttttgaaata acagtgggca catttttttt tttacaattt     83340
     aagaaaatat gttaatatgc tagcacaaga taggaagtaa aaaaagatca attcataaaa     83400
     tacaatcaat acgaaatgct ttaatgtgtt tttgttaaat gtcttaatat tctgaatgtt     83460
     acatgctgct aaagtaatga atagaagata ctgaaacaat ataagactat aaacagaatt     83520
     atgtttggct atttatttga gcaaaagaat tgtaaagcca ctctgaattt agtttttatt     83580
     gttaggctga agattaatta catgtaggtg tatgtagaga tcacagagca aatgtcatta     83640
     tacacgtaac tctgattatg caaaattaca ttataatgaa aaaagaaagt acaaagaaag     83700
     tttcttataa tgaagaaaga aagtacaata tacatgtatg caaaattata cagagcattt     83760
     gtaaaataat aacaacattt atttgaatca aattatctta tttcgacatc aattgccaaa     83820
     aacacaacag ttgaacataa caaacataca tggtctgatg cccatacgta caagcaatga     83880
     actatattca gaataaaaca tgtttaaaaa tgacacatta aaaagacaat attctgacat     83940
     tatctgctgc aaatacacca ttaaaatgaa ctaagctgca tttaggcttg agttgaacta     84000
     cttatggcct gaagcgtttt gagtaatcat gctgtacttc acaaatgaat gttcttcata     84060
     aaactttacg tcgagtcctt ctgcaatcaa atcattttga gaagcaatga tcagaatgtc     84120
     ttcaccctac aataatcaga aaaaaaaatc tttaaaagat ccaccagcag tcttttacgc     84180
     ttgattgtta atgttattgc aatagacaaa tgtatgtttt gaaccatttg aaatattaaa     84240
     tataacttta ccctaaacta aatgtagaaa aatttagata ttgtaaaatg taatccatta     84300
     aactttattt cctacttaaa aaaagaaaaa aaacttactt gattgtcttg atatttgtgg     84360
     gaaagaaaaa aaaacacatt attaaaaaag acaagttaac actgtaagtt gtctttaggg     84420
     tcttaaaaag caataaaacg tgttaattcc atatattttt aaagaccttt aaaaaaaact     84480
     taaatccgag ttaaaagttt taaatttaac atgcgctgca aagaaacatt ttattttgta     84540
     ctttgcttta gacgcatttc ctgtcgattg agcccaggga aattaatgtt ttactttttt     84600
     tttttactgt gtgatcaaaa ggtgtatggt aaaaataatt tccatcttgt ggtgtttaac     84660
     tttgttctct cttggtattt aaaaagtctt cagtctacat aaatgtacct taaaacctac     84720
     agaagccatt ataaagtgaa attataaata tgagcaatta caaatacatg ttagcagtat     84780
     gggtaccgaa aaatatctta cctttattac gtagctgtat ggtcacaaaa acagcatatg     84840
     ccaaaaatat gacatttaaa atcccaagag caataagagt tggatttaca tcattacatt     84900
     ctaaaatgac aaaacattaa atatgtgatt cagggtgctg attgtagaac agttcatatt     84960
     tttagcaaaa tctgaatgaa atattcctcc taaatgaacc ttacctttaa tattcagttg     85020
     agttcctctt ccaagcaata tttctccaca tgtggccaca gcacagtagt aaatgccaga     85080
     atcagagcga ctgatgttgt tcttgtgtag actgtagaca caactctgtg tttgagactc     85140
     agtgctgttc ttacagcggc catttctctc tcctttggtg taaatcactc cttcagggtg     85200
     tcctgagctt tgcttgaacc agtagacgct gtgatctcct gcacagctct cagtgaagat     85260
     gctgcactgc aaattcactg aatctcctgc atcaacagtg tctatcaaag actgatgaag     85320
     agttgtgtct ctgtctgcgg ctgtgtcttc acaagcagag aaatactaag attaaaatta     85380
     tctaccacaa accaaaaaga gataaaattg taaacataac ttacctctga caagtaaacg     85440
     agttcctgaa cccattccag tggcctgata tgatgaaact acacagtaat atgttgcaga     85500
     gtctgacggc tttgtcttta aaattgtcag attaaaataa aaatctcctt tgttaacatt     85560
     aaagcgattt gttttctcaa agttgtgatt ccaacttggc ttttgacttt catataaaga     85620
     cacaatttgt agagattttc cattattcgc ctgtttaaac catgcttttg ttgattgtac     85680
     aagccatggg aatgtgcagg taaagttcac atctcggcca ggttgaacta tttttacatt     85740
     atcttcctga acaacatcaa catcagttga gcagactgca aaataaagaa tgaaaatgag     85800
     acagggtgtg ttgaaatgta actgttttat caaaagtata tttacctatt gttgagcaga     85860
     acaaaaatat gaaatttctc ctcatcatag atcttgcaaa tgtatcctta ttcattggga     85920
     aaaatccggc cagtacaaag cacttcacac caattgaaca gagtaataga gatcgataga     85980
     cgccacgcac cctttaatct ttttccagac aaatgagaca cttacgcact tatgttattt     86040
     attctgtttt ctaagagttg attggccact tagaaagggg tttgaactga acttaaacca     86100
     ctttgactgc agccaatcag ctagtgttgt ggtcaagttt gttttattac atgcagtttt     86160
     agactttaaa aaaagtttga agtaagatat gtaagataag agtggacata atgaaaattc     86220
     taatgtagtt catttgtaca atgtacagtt ttctcaatgc atacttattt taagcagatc     86280
     ttctggaaat cacacattta aatctaaaaa aatcacacat ttagcagtaa tatcatatgc     86340
     taaagaaatg tttaattttg atgatttgat tttgattctt tctttttgaa gttaatgaaa     86400
     atgtcacatt tataaagtta cagctaaaag tcaagtgttt gtgaacaagt cagtttagtt     86460
     ttttcagaga atgaactttg tctcagtttt cacacctctg tgtgcattct cttaacatgt     86520
     gaaacctcaa ctatcccccc cagtactaaa gaggaagaaa agaaagcctt atctatgaac     86580
     tgcagatagg tctgcataca gcgatttaag aaattctctg ctctctgaca cttaatatta     86640
     acaaggtctt aaagtgaact ctaaggggtg gtttcccgga ccaagattaa gcatagtcct     86700
     agactaaaat ggccatttaa atcagactaa cagaaatgtg ctttctctgt catggtttta     86760
     ataagtctaa gacttagcct agtctagaat ttaataggct aatttcccag aggaagacta     86820
     gagcaacttc aggactacat tgaggcttaa attaaaccta ccaggtggca ggtttaactt     86880
     cagattaatt ttgtttggag gacacatgga ttacttggac tatgtcaatg atgatcagcg     86940
     ctttccacca gccagccaag ttcttgcaga tagaagtgac ccgttgcaac atttcgatga     87000
     aataagtttt tgagatcgtt tccgcatgca taaagtaaat gcagtggagt taatttcaca     87060
     cttagaaccc aggctttcat ctgtgaccca aagaggacag cctataccag tttctctcca     87120
     ggtgcatata actttaaggt ttttggcatg tggcaccttt catcgagaaa ttggggattt     87180
     atgtggtgtc agtgaaccaa cagtatgtaa agtcattcac agagtgtgca gggctatttg     87240
     tgaattgaaa gcacactaca taaacttccc tgatgctaga acccaggcaa actacaaggt     87300
     actattcttt gaatatggaa atttcccagg agtcataggt tgcatagatg gaacccatat     87360
     tcccattaag cgtccctcta ctccagatgc ggaggaatac aggaaccgaa agaactggtt     87420
     ttccataaat gtccaaggtg tatgcactcc ccagttagag ttttcaaaca ttgttgcacg     87480
     gtggaaaggt gcaactcatg attcccgaat tttcctcaac tcatttctat atactcaatt     87540
     tgaaagaaag gatcataatg aaattttgct ccgtgacagt gggtatgctc agaagaattt     87600
     cttgtttaca ccatacttgc acccaacaac agctgaacaa ctgcgctata accaggctca     87660
     tatgcgcaca aggggtttag tagagcgcat gtttagtgtt tggaagagtc gttttcagtg     87720
     ccttaggaaa acactcagat tcaaaccaag tagatgctgc actgtcatca ttgcaacagc     87780
     tgttcttcac aactacctaa aaaagcaggg atgcccagat cccccaatag aagaggatga     87840
     caatccagat gtgccaccat ttacaacaaa ctacagagaa ggacttgcat acagggatgc     87900
     ttttgcattg tgccacttta aatagatctg tttacattat ttacctttca accctctgtt     87960
     cagacctgat acatgtaata ataaaactaa atatttgtta atagtttaca actttttggt     88020
     ctggtatgtt actaaaacca caacatccat cttttcttaa tagaacaata tttatttcac     88080
     ggattcatgt actgatgtga ctccttattt catgctcctc cttaagatat ttcaacttat     88140
     gttcatgaaa atcattagcc aatttttcat gaacagtgag tcttttcttc tggttaccag     88200
     cacaggcaga cattgacacc cttgcttctg aggatgtgga gggtaagctg ctttccaact     88260
     cttcagttcg gttttgacct taaaaaaata aatacagatt aaatgggaaa atgtttcaca     88320
     tcatatgaca aaagcaaata gaagtatgag aggagagaaa caaaagccaa aatcaaattc     88380
     aaatacttaa tacaagtgca tgtgatccat catctgaact gtccagatgg tcatcatctg     88440
     gtatgttctc caaaggttgc tgattctcca gtattccggt cagtaactca tccaacacat     88500
     cacagtcttt atttgcaggt cctccgccag tcttaaacct ctctcttcga gcttcagcag     88560
     cagttttttt gaggtttatt tttatatttt tccacaacac ctgcatttaa taactagtat     88620
     gaatacaact gtgactttaa aataaccgta acgtaataaa cctaatgatt cttacctgaa     88680
     gttgttgaat tgttcttgta gatgtgtgtt tatttataaa atctgtcact gatgtgattt     88740
     tcatgaatac agaagactgg gttggtattt ttgcatttcg ccgggttttg gatacttttt     88800
     gggctggaat cagttagcta catctggcaa cactgtgtgc gctttcggtt taattttcac     88860
     tgctgagaac ggttcacttc ctgcgcggct ctcaaacgat cactcacaaa tgagtgccac     88920
     aaactgaatg ttatttacaa cattattacc tgtaattcac agcctatgca ggttctgttt     88980
     actaaagtaa acttcattca gtggtgcgcg cgcgcaactg cccgccttcc ctctggtgat     89040
     tttgtgtgat tttgcagttg caaatacatt acatgaagac agaaattacg tttttgaggt     89100
     gaattatatc ttataaatac agtatgtgac tctttcaaca ctatttggag gtgtccacat     89160
     tgctgaacaa cgtatgtaaa acaatgtgaa gacttgtgca gccactactt ctctcctgaa     89220
     cttcaaaata taattgacag aatcatagaa atgctggata atgatcctct agggcagggg     89280
     tcggcaaccc aaaatgttga aagagccata ttggaccaaa aaaacaaaaa acaaatatgt     89340
     ctggagccgc aaaaaatgta aagccttata taagccttat actgaaggaa acacatgctg     89400
     tatgtatcta tagtagctat attagcctac tataaaaatg actaagttgg ctacaaatac     89460
     ataatgagcc ttcatgatta aatagccact gaaatcaggt ggttggtgtt gatttcgttg     89520
     tcatttaaac acttcagcac agcctctggt ctttcagtgg tataaatttg ataatttctt     89580
     cttgcggccc atcagagttc acatacctgc ataaaagcac attgaatatc ggtcacatca     89640
     caggcaattg agtatgctga cagtgaatta atgtccttgg tttgctgatc ggtgatgtta     89700
     cctgccattt taatagccct ttccttcact gtcttagcgg agagaggtat atctttaatt     89760
     ttttgtatta tcgtggtttt tagtttttga agtctgcaaa taggtgtttt aatatgttga     89820
     tgaatgactc cttcatgtag tcaccatctg tgaatggttt tccatgcttt attttctccc     89880
     ggtttgttta caacagccac ctgcctggca tcccgccctg ctgatagaaa cctgtgtcgc     89940
     aggctatgac gcaaatcttc gttgacagaa atgttaaaat taaatattaa ttctacacac     90000
     ttttacagca tttgaaaacg ttaaaaatgt ttgtcctcct atagatatca tattaaaaca     90060
     aaaatatata ctaaccttcc ccatcttttt gaacattttt gaaaaagctc cagggagcca     90120
     caaggacagc gctaaagagc cacatgcggc tctagagccg caggttgctg acccctgctc     90180
     tagggggtcg aatcgagatc gcgatctttt tacgattaat tgtgcagctc tagtttgtac     90240
     tttgtactta gctgtggaaa acctccatac tgtatactca cttctgtctg tgccccctgt     90300
     ccatctctct ttaaccccac cccacacaca cattttcaca ccacactttg aattaaagcc     90360
     aacttcatca atgagcaact ttcacaactg ttgcactttg cttttcagtg gcagagaaag     90420
     agaacaagtt acactgtaat gatgagatta taatgtggca atacacaatc gtaacttgtt     90480
     gtttcttaaa cttttaagtg ctatcttttt gtggattatc aaatactgtt gcaacccatg     90540
     ctaaaagaat agtttcccaa aactgattta tttcctggcc attcaacatt tagcttttca     90600
     ttatttgatg tgcataaaag tgcatgttta ataatgataa tgataattaa tatactttca     90660
     ttcttgcttc tatttgtatc aacaatgttc ttttgcgctt agaataaagg cattggacct     90720
     ctgttaagac aaactaaaca cacaattaat tttaaagcgt aatttaacct ttttttcttt     90780
     ttcttttttt tatacttctt ttcaattaaa aggttccata tcaggatgag acaaagtatg     90840
     tttaagcaaa agcataaatg ccattaagaa gtaaatcaat gcaaaagaca tcttccaatt     90900
     tattttacaa cagtgaagac aaaaagcaag aaatgtgact taaattcttg tgtttttctt     90960
     ggttttgttg ttagtttttg attggtcttt ttttgcacaa aatatgcatt tgtgtgacca     91020
     gctgttaaaa ttacagtcac aggattgtga gataaaatta tacatttgtg tggcctttaa     91080
     ttatcagaca cagccaacag tatggcaata gacagacaat aaatatttca cccaatttct     91140
     cagacgttct aagatcaatc tgtgaaaaaa atcaccaaaa aatgccagca gacactgaga     91200
     ggggtaacac actgatctgg aaaaaaaagc acagtgtctg tttgctgtct atgatataaa     91260
     ttacccttca gtgaagccat gggtatcgac aagacacttc aaaacaaaaa tattagcaaa     91320
     cacagagcaa attttcaacc acagaatgat tcttctcatc tctcacttat caggcataat     91380
     ttatttttgg taccttctaa atcttaaaga cgcttgtggt acactgtgta actgacaata     91440
     gtagaggcat cagcctgaaa caaaaccaat gataaattga ttcagatatg gtcataataa     91500
     atataaaaac aaataaggat aataaaaaaa atgcataggc attatacact ttggaataaa     91560
     gcacttttac tctaatatta agctgctgca atatcacgca aaataaaaaa ataaataaaa     91620
     gaactgaaag gtcttaccat tgatcgatcg agcacattat agggaattcc atcttaacga     91680
     aagaaaatta ttgttacaaa tacaaacttc ttgacagata ttgatttgtg actgtaaatc     91740
     ttaccttttt gttggtgatt atgcaactgt atacccagaa gtatgatcac gatcacacac     91800
     aaaatgtttg aacttgttaa aacaagagca attacactcc atgctgtttc tgcaaagacg     91860
     agaaagatgg cttaattttt aacaacgcaa gtccaaataa attacatttt gtgttttgtt     91920
     ctgaacaaat ttagtggata cctggcccag gcaaagcaac tttatttgca tccccgaata     91980
     gtatctgtcc acaagcggcc acagcgcagt agtagatggc aggatcttca tcagtgttgg     92040
     gcaggctgta gatgcatttg tgtgcagtgg agtttagatc agagctgttc tcacactgag     92100
     cgctcctgct gttctgagtg tagatcactc ctggggagga ttctccaaag ccctgtttga     92160
     accagtagac cttgtgtttt tctgcacagc tctgagagat gaccctgcac tgcagatcct     92220
     ctgatgctga tctctgatga tcagactcga tgttcagttc accagctgaa aagaaatcag     92280
     caaaatgttc atttgactga acttactgaa gaacatttaa gtgaatgttc agtttacctt     92340
     taacaatgag ttcagtgctg ttcccaaata tgaactcata cacatatgca acacaatagt     92400
     atgttgcagt gtctgatatt tcagagtttg tgatgctcag attaaaacta ccttcatctt     92460
     tttctataaa gaagcggttt tgtttgtcaa agtcattttc atatttgcca gctaaacctt     92520
     gatatgctga agcaattaga agaggtttct ctccaactct ttgtttgacc caaaccacac     92580
     tgattcttga ctcttttgga aaaatacatg ttaagttaac tgcgtctcca gcttgaacaa     92640
     tcagaacata gttctgagca tttgcagttt ctgagctgcc tagaaataaa acaaatgaga     92700
     gaatcgttag ttttgtcagt ggtagattta gtttattcat caatacaatg aaaaaatgtc     92760
     tagcatttaa ttatgtctaa tggtaggact aagaatgaaa aataattgac ttacacatta     92820
     ggtaaagcaa tataaaagag aaatgcagga ccattttgcc agataaatat cagacagctt     92880
     aaatcatcta gagggaaaat ataaaataaa aaaatattgt cgcagtttat ggaataatta     92940
     gaaaaatata tatataattg tggtatactg tatgactctg aaaaaaaaat aatcatacat     93000
     ttttatttaa ttacacacca atacttttta tgtgcatatg ggaaacataa gatagcctca     93060
     aaacatttaa ttctagaaag ctgttagaca aattgaataa taaataatta aaaaataaca     93120
     gtgttaaacc tgcacattaa aatgtattac aaaaaaacgt aaatcagtac ttacagagtt     93180
     ttgtgaataa aagatcatgt ggtgtcgaag aggtcaagat agctaataaa tcttctcctt     93240
     tctagtggat aatagaaata acgcaacaaa atatatatta gttactataa catataacag     93300
     aataatatat gcatattaac aaaacatgtt ttgaatttac ttgtttgcag taaattaaaa     93360
     gcttcagatg tgaaaagaac catctcacta tgtgcacata ctgcagttat acggctggga     93420
     gagatctgtg agaaaggcag tgacatttac atgcgtgctg ctgactgtag agtgtagcac     93480
     acacactcac acaaaccaca gataacacac aagcagaatt ttcatcaaat gagttttttc     93540
     taagcacact ctcacacaca cacacacact gtttttcaaa cttagtgagg acattacata     93600
     gatgcagaga tggcaaaagt acagtataca catcctttac ttaagtagaa gtactgatac     93660
     tcatgttaaa aacgactctg gtaaaagtag aagtactgac tacacttttg tacttagtaa     93720
     aagtaaagaa gtaccgcctc aaaaatgtac aaaagtaaaa agtactcatt tcaactacag     93780
     tgcaaagaca tgtggtacag gtgaataatg tgtaactaaa ttggcagttc agttgtgtgt     93840
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     93900
     gtgtgtgtat ctgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtatgggt gtttcccagg actgggttgc     93960
     agctggaagg gtttcagctg tgtaaaacat atggggtcac caaccttttt gaaactgaga     94020
     gctacttttt gggtaaattt gctcaattta cttgtatatg ttattattaa aaattaatga     94080
     tattcatcta tgtgaagaca ctgatcatgt taatgattct cacaatggtt gtcaaaaatg     94140
     atttaacaag gtaggaaaca gataaataca acatgacatg aagttatatt gtatatttca     94200
     gacaaatgac aagtatttta tagtaaagta aaaattgtaa aaatattaga tttgtatgct     94260
     cagctttctg gtaaatggca ctatggtgag ctatttttag aacaggcccg ctggcaactc     94320
     atgagatcct cgcgggctat ctagtgccca cgggcaccat gttggtgact cctgtgctag     94380
     aacaattgga cattcattca gctgtagcga tccctcatac atttccaact tttatgtaaa     94440
     atgtttattg ccaattttat gaaagtagcc aagcagcatc atagcctcac aacattgatc     94500
     aagaagtcgg ttcatgtatc atcatcctga cgcaaacccg tagcgttcag catgtagttt     94560
     agtcgatgtt actgtagatc aaaaatccag ttattgtggt tattttattt agcgaataat     94620
     caataattct gttacagatt tttctcagtc actttggtcc atttctcaaa taaaaaatag     94680
     aaatttccaa aactccctgt ttaatcttca gatcatcgtt gtgccacttg tgcacatcag     94740
     aaaagcagtt tctcataatg aacaagtctc aaatgctttt gcacatccat gcaaatgatt     94800
     gtgcaattat ctgctgtttc ctaacgtatc aattgctgat gttatgtagt catgtcatga     94860
     atagtctcac tccccacaac atttaaacat ttgttcaagt ctttacatga aaaatggctg     94920
     aagagtttgt cattatattt tgtcataatg actttttata catttccctt agactttttt     94980
     tctaaatctg tctacaactt ttttaatgaa ggtctaaaag gaggttgtcc tatgttcaca     95040
     tttttatttt gtttgttctt tgcactatgt agggcttttt ttcccctttc tgtatcacaa     95100
     ggacatgatc tgtcaactaa ttacagtaca aactgccaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     95160
     aaaatatata tatatatata tatatatatt gccaatgttt acatcagcac agccctccag     95220
     agtacactaa tattgacaac atgacttaag taatttgagt catatcattc tgatgccact     95280
     gacatgttca ttgacacaga aacttagttt tgagagaaga actaaggatt ctgagcagga     95340
     gactggcttt tataggtttc agttctgatc tgagaaatgt gatgaaaaag tgactaagaa     95400
     aaactgtaat gcatttattc tatgctaaag caacatatac agccgtgact acaacctaca     95460
     aaacatgtgc atgatctttt tttcacatga taaatacaac atctttggca atatattttt     95520
     atttagaaat tgcccagtag ttacttttgt tggtgcaaaa tatttgttaa acattattaa     95580
     ttgaagacaa cagtataggc caacaggtaa atgcaaaatc atatagtcaa taaaaaatga     95640
     aaaaaaaaaa aaacagcata cattctgtat taggaaatat gaacttatca gatataagtg     95700
     aaataaaccg caatgcatgc atttttttta gtatttgatt gttttagtac taaatgtgca     95760
     aatctttaca aaaaaaaaaa acaatatatt ttgtggtatt aaggctccta cacacacgct     95820
     tttcgtttgt gtttatcatc agcgttttac gagacgtttt tctgtattca aacccaagcg     95880
     cttttcactg gcgttaagtt gaagagtatg caaaatcact ctttgacgct agatggtgct     95940
     acacaacttt aagcttctga cacccgcttg taacagaaga agtggaggag aggaagttca     96000
     catgcttgtt gttaaagtta ctggtgactc aaacaagcat ggatggttta agcagcagct     96060
     ccagctcagg cgatgaagaa atgattactg ttcacaagag caataagcag ctaagcgttc     96120
     atatcgcctc tgggcatctt ctttaatgtg cgctcgcatt gacagttttg cgcttgagcg     96180
     cctccaagtg ctgtttactg tagcttcagc agctccatgc acgtgaacaa aagtgccgat     96240
     ttgattggtg gacaatgttt gaacgcggcg tgttaaataa aaaaaaaaaa tgagcatgag     96300
     gcgttttttt taaatgatgc ttttgcatgt tggtgtgcac gatcgcattg acgcccttta     96360
     tttagtcacg aggtgttgaa cgttgatgga aaacgcgagc aaaaaacgtc ttggtgtgca     96420
     cgggccttta gattgaaaga ccagagaagc gcgtgtagta tgatcggagg tggacagaag     96480
     gcataagcat ttaaatggca tgtttttgaa ctgaaatgtg tctcttgttt acctgtgatc     96540
     tgaaaaagta aaaggtgtct tattagcgtg aaagaaggca gcatcaatca tgttaaattg     96600
     gccaacttcc tctgtcacat ctgcgtagtc ttcctcgcct ttctgtaagt aatcttcata     96660
     aactagccca cgtacggtgc acgatagcct ggaaaaggcc acgcactgca gcacgtaggc     96720
     gcacaatgtg gaaaaaaaga ctgactgcat caaaagcgca cattattgca caatgacaaa     96780
     aaataatata gattgcgcca ccaaacacat gaaaacgaat gtaacgagcg ttatttaaaa     96840
     atgtaaggag tagagagtac agatatttgt gtaaaaaaag taagaagtaa aggtaaaaaa     96900
     tttgtcagaa aaataagtag tggagtaaag tactgatacc agaaaaatct actttagtac     96960
     agtaaatatt cgtactttgt tacttccatc tctgcataga cgtccattgt ttttctatca     97020
     ggttaaggat tttgtctatg ggcctaacta tacctctacc cctaaaccca accctcacag     97080
     aaacaagtgt caattattag atactaataa aaacatcctc tggccaatgt attagcattc     97140
     ttaattggta aggggcagtg aaatgtcatc agtaggtcat cataattatc tactgtatgt     97200
     acagtagggc agttgagcct tcacaagtgt agctcacacg cacacaagca cgcacgaaca     97260
     caacgtgtat acctgtcatt aaccaggtca tcatattttc taatttgcat aattagttaa     97320
     cactctggcc caattaggca catacactga agagatagag attcatgttt ggtggcatac     97380
     tgtaataatt gctaagtgta cagtgtttgc acattttcat gttattttaa tttgattttc     97440
     gacttaattt aagttacata ctgtaattaa tactgtggta ttaaagcatt aataaacaac     97500
     ctaatatatg cagtttatta ttgcctgtgc acaatgattt cctttcagag aggcaaaaaa     97560
     aagattttct tacagagagg caaatagcta caaatatttg ggtgaattat catttagatt     97620
     gagaaaagaa attcagtacc aagccaagaa gccccccccc ccaacccccc catattctgg     97680
     cacatttaga tggcagaata aaattaaaat ataaaaatgt ataattttaa aaatgtataa     97740
     ttggcaggtg gtgggggtgg aaaaagttgc ataatttata gtttacattg gattatgtta     97800
     tgacactgga atgttctgat atcattgttg tgccttaggt taattctaca aaaaacaaac     97860
     aaacaaaacc accaaaaaat aaacaaacaa aaacaaaaga cagacatctc ctcagtcgac     97920
     atttgtcaga acttgagacc aacaaatcag aaggcagaaa caaaatagat catttcctgt     97980
     agactgactg acaggaagca gcagctcagt acagactgag aactgatgag gtgaactgca     98040
     gcggataaac atttctcaaa catacaatat tggacattac taacagcact cgacagactc     98100
     aaatcattaa attatgaata ttataaggag aaaatataat ataatataag gagaaaagtc     98160
     tctccttatg ttatattatg actttatatt attttcaggt gatttaaatg aatgaaaata     98220
     ttttgatttg cagaattgtt tagttcttat gttttattaa ttgcatgctc taatttatgt     98280
     gcagtgtttt gtctgtttgt taaccgatta aatagacact tcaagtttta tgctcagatg     98340
     tgtttgtgca cctttgtgct tttgcatgca cagtgcggtt taagaatttt ccaaccacaa     98400
     gactgaccag ctagtgtgtt cacacctctc tctgagtcaa catcacacac acccacacac     98460
     accactcact agtcaaataa attactgctt ggtgacatac tgaattttaa cagtttactc     98520
     ttgcatcata aacaaaaccc tattcactca gctgaactaa ctggttatga tatgcattta     98580
     acgagacata tgtgctattt tttaagttgc tgcatacggt atatactgta cttttaagca     98640
     gatgtgctta tgtttttagt taggaaaatt gacgcattca gaaaataaaa tgcagacttt     98700
     acccataata tatttcaaag tctgttttat ttattgtgtt atttttgaat gctgtctatt     98760
     atgctgcagg cctcactatt tatggtctca ttgttgagtt tttatgcaga gtttctccac     98820
     tagaggggtc ttatgagcca cttattaata atactgggct tcacctctta aatatggaag     98880
     ctctctttag aaaaacataa agcagtctaa tgatgaatca caatatgatt gatc           98934