EBI Dbfetch

ID   AL591374; SV 5; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 102137 BP.
AC   AL591374;
DT   15-MAY-2001 (Rel. 67, Created)
DT   07-AUG-2003 (Rel. 76, Last updated, Version 9)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone BUSM1-204B6 in linkage group 6
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-102137
RA   Skuce C.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (06-AUG-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; c13071933da9a1dcb353acc5f5fd5830.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones.
CC   Where differences are found these are annotated as variations
CC   together with a note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the
CC   variation annotation may not be found in the sequence submission
CC   corresponding to the overlapping clone, as we submit sequences with
CC   only a small overlap as described above.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one plasmid subclone or more than one
CC   M13 subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by restriction digest, except
CC   on the rare occasion of the clone being a YAC.
CC   BUSM1-204B6 is from a Zebrafish PAC library
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Repeat names beginning "Dr" were identified by the Recon repeat discovery
CC   system (Zhirong Bao and Sean Eddy, submitted), and those beginning "drr"
CC   were identified by Rick Waterman (Stephen Johnson lab, WashU).  For
CC   further information see
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of clone BUSM1-204B6
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..102137
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="BUSM1"
FT                   /clone="BUSM1-204B6"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   repeat_region   96..310
FT                   /note="Dr000347 repeat: matches 1..197 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   287..429
FT                   /note="Dr000347 repeat: matches 130..277 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   446..513
FT                   /note="Dr000347 repeat: matches 599..673 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(550..1279)
FT                   /note="Dr000386 repeat: matches 61..792 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(1285..1336)
FT                   /note="HATN4_DR repeat: matches 1..52 of consensus"
FT   misc_feature    1327..1347
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data."
FT   repeat_region   1343..1412
FT                   /note="Dr000386 repeat: matches 6..74 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   1425..1616
FT                   /note="HATN4_DR repeat: matches 1..192 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   1634..1711
FT                   /note="TDR9 repeat: matches 131..208 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   1646..1992
FT                   /note="Dr000407 repeat: matches 1..359 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(1942..2002)
FT                   /note="Dr000035 repeat: matches 800..860 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   2089..2108
FT                   /note="3.3 copies 6 mer TTTAAA 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   2095..2108
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 7 mer TTTAAAT 28% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   2213..2251
FT                   /note="Dr000066 repeat: matches 96..134 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   2341..2430
FT                   /note="TDR7 repeat: matches 145..232 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(2430..2721)
FT                   /note="Dr000407 repeat: matches 67..358 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   2722..2771
FT                   /note="HE1_DR1 repeat: matches 12..382 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   3049..3067
FT                   /note="2.1 copies 9 mer AGTTAAATT 29% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   3086..3096
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 5 mer TCAGT 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   3309..3351
FT                   /note="4.8 copies 9 mer TATAATTTT 32% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   3316..3338
FT                   /note="7.7 copies 3 mer TTA 46% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   3749..3956
FT                   /note="Dr000144 repeat: matches 3..234 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   4021..4030
FT                   /note="5.0 copies 2 mer TC 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(4388..4545)
FT                   /note="TDR18 repeat: matches 403..572 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   4390..4563
FT                   /note="Dr000004 repeat: matches 1..184 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   4567..4623
FT                   /note="Dr000393 repeat: matches 253..313 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   4624..4644
FT                   /note="DNA25TWA2_DR repeat: matches 1..159 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   4645..4754
FT                   /note="Dr000116 repeat: matches 49..160 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(4763..4869)
FT                   /note="Dr000029 repeat: matches 97..620 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   4876..4929
FT                   /note="Dr000029 repeat: matches 864..917 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   5341..5350
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 5 mer ATTTT 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   5455..5481
FT                   /note="9.0 copies 3 mer TAT 29% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   5520..5531
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 6 mer TTTTAG 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(5550..5821)
FT                   /note="ANGEL repeat: matches 1..289 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   5906..5916
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 5 mer ATCAC 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   5943..5952
FT                   /note="3.3 copies 3 mer TAT 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   5978..5988
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 5 mer TACAA 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   6035..6052
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 9 mer AAAAAAGCC 27% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(6370..6905)
FT                   /note="drr438 repeat: matches 3..537 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   6960..6977
FT                   /note="3.6 copies 5 mer TTTAT 29% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   6981..6992
FT                   /note="3.0 copies 4 mer ATTT 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   7052..7061
FT                   /note="2.5 copies 4 mer TAAA 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   7224..7235
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 6 mer TTCGGC 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   7483..7499
FT                   /note="2.4 copies 7 mer TTGTACA 25% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   7813..7829
FT                   /note="2.8 copies 6 mer TTAATA 25% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   7856..7870
FT                   /note="2.1 copies 7 mer TGTCTTT 30% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   8059..8068
FT                   /note="2.5 copies 4 mer ATTA 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   8084..8093
FT                   /note="10.0 copies 1 mer A 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   8394..8880
FT                   /note="Dr000191 repeat: matches 28..543 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   10418..10429
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 6 mer TGAAGA 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   10571..10586
FT                   /note="4.0 copies 4 mer TGAA 25% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(10694..11114)
FT                   /note="Dr000349 repeat: matches 31..467 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   11156..11168
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 6 mer AGTGTT 26% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   11201..11836
FT                   /note="SINE_DR2 repeat: matches 3..622 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   11866..11875
FT                   /note="2.5 copies 4 mer TGTA 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   11936..11947
FT                   /note="2.4 copies 5 mer TGTCA 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   12227..12238
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 6 mer AGTTTA 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(12374..12482)
FT                   /note="Dr000039 repeat: matches 299..408 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   12393..12765
FT                   /note="HE1_DR1 repeat: matches 1..393 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   12776..12788
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 6 mer TGTTTC 26% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   12833..12852
FT                   /note="6.7 copies 3 mer AGA 31% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   12960..13102
FT                   /note="TDR18 repeat: matches 423..572 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   12961..13149
FT                   /note="Dr000029 repeat: matches 777..962 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   13571..13981
FT                   /note="TDR15 repeat: matches 1..425 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   13985..14306
FT                   /note="Dr000257 repeat: matches 1..333 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(14431..14531)
FT                   /note="TDR15 repeat: matches 1..101 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   14679..14695
FT                   /note="2.8 copies 6 mer ACCCCC 34% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   15430..15441
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 6 mer TTTACT 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   15672..15682
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 5 mer GGAGA 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   15849..15859
FT                   /note="3.7 copies 3 mer ATA 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   16216..16230
FT                   /note="3.0 copies 5 mer TTTAA 21% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   16252..16266
FT                   /note="5.0 copies 3 mer ATA 21% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   16256..16267
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 6 mer TAATAT 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   16308..16319
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 6 mer TATTTA 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   16899..16910
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 6 mer AATATT 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   16916..16928
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 6 mer ATTTAT 26% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   17110..17120
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 5 mer TTGAT 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   17139..17151
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 6 mer TGTAAA 26% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   17192..17213
FT                   /note="7.3 copies 3 mer ATA 35% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   17419..17429
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 5 mer TTATT 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   17489..17500
FT                   /note="4.0 copies 3 mer ATA 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   17653..17663
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 5 mer CAATC 22% conserved"
FT   misc_feature    17694..18478
FT                   /note="CpG island"
FT                   /inference="non-experimental evidence, no additional
FT                   details recorded"
FT   repeat_region   18181..18193
FT                   /note="4.3 copies 3 mer GAG 26% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   18340..18349
FT                   /note="2.5 copies 4 mer TTAT 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   18681..18690
FT                   /note="2.5 copies 4 mer GAAT 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(19419..20004)
FT                   /note="drr598 repeat: matches 1..586 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   20754..20766
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 6 mer ATGCTC 26% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   20795..20842
FT                   /note="Dr000366 repeat: matches 1..45 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   20800..21928
FT                   /note="TDR8 repeat: matches 1..1155 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(21927..22009)
FT                   /note="Dr000165 repeat: matches 109..191 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   22008..22106
FT                   /note="Dr000121 repeat: matches 298..392 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   22105..22540
FT                   /note="Dr000027 repeat: matches 1..438 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   22543..22743
FT                   /note="DNA25TWA1_DR repeat: matches 99..301 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   22735..22920
FT                   /note="Dr000295 repeat: matches 280..460 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   22907..23212
FT                   /note="Dr000295 repeat: matches 597..881 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   23233..23243
FT                   /note="3.7 copies 3 mer TTA 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   23336..23412
FT                   /note="ANGEL repeat: matches 81..157 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   23416..24084
FT                   /note="HARBINGERN2_DR repeat: matches 1..674 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   24289..24298
FT                   /note="2.5 copies 4 mer CTCC 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   24406..24421
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 8 mer AGATGTCA 32% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   24837..24849
FT                   /note="2.6 copies 5 mer TTGTT 26% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   24872..25107
FT                   /note="Dr000036 repeat: matches 3..241 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(25049..25469)
FT                   /note="Dr000253 repeat: matches 45..464 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(25390..25480)
FT                   /note="HATN12_DR repeat: matches 4..89 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   25481..25593
FT                   /note="HATN12_DR repeat: matches 3..109 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   25493..25789
FT                   /note="Dr000253 repeat: matches 45..346 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(25830..25952)
FT                   /note="drr529 repeat: matches 19..143 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   26044..26062
FT                   /note="3.8 copies 5 mer TTTTG 29% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   26108..26120
FT                   /note="2.6 copies 5 mer TCAAA 26% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   26147..26156
FT                   /note="2.5 copies 4 mer AATC 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(26161..26521)
FT                   /note="drr528 repeat: matches 1..402 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   26552..26654
FT                   /note="Dr000207 repeat: matches 2..123 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(26647..26751)
FT                   /note="drr527 repeat: matches 1..126 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   26784..26948
FT                   /note="Dr000253 repeat: matches 336..500 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(26949..27311)
FT                   /note="drr656 repeat: matches 63..428 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(27303..27400)
FT                   /note="HATN13_DR repeat: matches 132..229 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(27377..27591)
FT                   /note="drr655 repeat: matches 1..211 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   27592..27731
FT                   /note="Dr000250 repeat: matches 526..666 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   27732..27797
FT                   /note="HATN12_DR repeat: matches 510..579 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   27841..27856
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 8 mer TGTTGACT 32% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   27930..27939
FT                   /note="3.3 copies 3 mer TAC 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   28095..28140
FT                   /note="23.0 copies 2 mer AT 76% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   28140..28150
FT                   /note="11.0 copies 1 mer T 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   28446..28456
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 5 mer TACGT 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   28800..28812
FT                   /note="13.0 copies 1 mer C 26% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   28943..28953
FT                   /note="11.0 copies 1 mer A 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   29096..29107
FT                   /note="3.0 copies 4 mer GTTT 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   29170..29593
FT                   /note="Dr000060 repeat: matches 72..466 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(29613..29684)
FT                   /note="Dr000089 repeat: matches 16..94 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   29640..29810
FT                   /note="drr1211 repeat: matches 11..182 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(30093..30575)
FT                   /note="Dr000193 repeat: matches 510..970 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(30572..30650)
FT                   /note="Dr000193 repeat: matches 300..400 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(30649..30867)
FT                   /note="Dr000332 repeat: matches 1..237 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   30894..30906
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 6 mer TACAGT 26% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   31136..31155
FT                   /note="2.9 copies 7 mer AAAATGT 33% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   31422..31431
FT                   /note="2.5 copies 4 mer TTCC 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   31511..31521
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 5 mer TGTGT 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   31589..31599
FT                   /note="11.0 copies 1 mer A 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(31712..32673)
FT                   /note="TDR2 repeat: matches 1..941 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   33310..33328
FT                   /note="1.9 copies 10 mer TTTTGGAGTG 29% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   33530..33540
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 5 mer ATAAA 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   33724..33734
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 5 mer AATGC 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   34310..34324
FT                   /note="3.8 copies 4 mer TTAT 30% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   34347..34356
FT                   /note="5.0 copies 2 mer AT 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   34356..34380
FT                   /note="25.0 copies 1 mer T 32% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   34664..34679
FT                   /note="3.2 copies 5 mer TAAAT 23% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   34947..34957
FT                   /note="2.8 copies 4 mer AATA 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   35000..35013
FT                   /note="14.0 copies 1 mer A 28% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   35067..35076
FT                   /note="10.0 copies 1 mer T 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   35167..35178
FT                   /note="2.4 copies 5 mer TGTAT 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   35208..35218
FT                   /note="2.8 copies 4 mer TAGT 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   35314..35459
FT                   /note="HATN13_DR repeat: matches 2..147 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   35456..35664
FT                   /note="HATN13_DR repeat: matches 760..983 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   35665..35993
FT                   /note="drr414 repeat: matches 1..355 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   35995..36277
FT                   /note="drr591 repeat: matches 1..265 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   36281..36419
FT                   /note="HATN13_DR repeat: matches 982..1119 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   36669..36680
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 6 mer TTATCA 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   36926..36942
FT                   /note="2.1 copies 8 mer AACTCTGA 25% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   36943..36953
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 5 mer TCTTC 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   37159..37171
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 6 mer AATTAC 26% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   37508..37720
FT                   /note="Dr000275 repeat: matches 212..428 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(37873..38158)
FT                   /note="Dr000101 repeat: matches 314..601 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   38174..38192
FT                   /note="1.9 copies 10 mer CAGAGTAGAT 38% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(38332..38523)
FT                   /note="Dr000360 repeat: matches 75..272 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   38524..38605
FT                   /note="drr841 repeat: matches 68..148 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   38588..38766
FT                   /note="Dr000170 repeat: matches 576..727 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   38928..39255
FT                   /note="ANGEL repeat: matches 1..311 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   39376..39853
FT                   /note="Dr000393 repeat: matches 1..549 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(39378..39791)
FT                   /note="Dr000029 repeat: matches 492..916 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(39946..40049)
FT                   /note="ANGEL repeat: matches 210..318 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   39981..40093
FT                   /note="Dr000167 repeat: matches 249..350 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   40375..40387
FT                   /note="2.6 copies 5 mer TTTTG 26% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   40855..40865
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 5 mer CTCGT 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   40866..40875
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 5 mer AGTAG 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   40895..40906
FT                   /note="6.0 copies 2 mer TG 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   40932..40945
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 7 mer GCTACAT 28% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(41074..41495)
FT                   /note="Dr000029 repeat: matches 492..916 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   41115..41545
FT                   /note="Dr000004 repeat: matches 52..554 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   41662..41673
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 6 mer AAAATT 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   41679..41789
FT                   /note="Dr000167 repeat: matches 255..362 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(41792..41864)
FT                   /note="HATN10_DR repeat: matches 382..454 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(41863..41955)
FT                   /note="HATN10_DR repeat: matches 1..93 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   41954..42032
FT                   /note="Dr000167 repeat: matches 358..441 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(42048..42733)
FT                   /note="Dr000089 repeat: matches 5..743 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   42886..43071
FT                   /note="Dr000073 repeat: matches 1..187 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(43071..43127)
FT                   /note="drr917 repeat: matches 142..201 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   43124..43261
FT                   /note="DNA13TA1_DR repeat: matches 182..318 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   43602..43897
FT                   /note="CR1-1_DR repeat: matches 4686..4985 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   44399..44410
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 6 mer TGTGTC 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   44500..44514
FT                   /note="3.0 copies 5 mer CGGGT 21% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   44672..44724
FT                   /note="17.7 copies 3 mer TAT 54% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   44735..44896
FT                   /note="drr486 repeat: matches 13..204 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   44934..45021
FT                   /note="Dr000340 repeat: matches 53..140 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   45022..45033
FT                   /note="6.0 copies 2 mer GA 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   45069..45079
FT                   /note="2.8 copies 4 mer TCAT 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   45077..45096
FT                   /note="5.0 copies 4 mer TCAC 31% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   45094..45115
FT                   /note="11.0 copies 2 mer CA 35% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   45117..45126
FT                   /note="5.0 copies 2 mer AG 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   45140..45390
FT                   /note="HATN11_DR repeat: matches 647..927 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(45398..45462)
FT                   /note="TDR15 repeat: matches 299..367 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   45466..45552
FT                   /note="HATN8_DR repeat: matches 134..219 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   45563..45584
FT                   /note="3.7 copies 6 mer ATATAA 26% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   45569..45582
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 7 mer ATATAAA 28% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   45592..45698
FT                   /note="DNA11TA1_DR repeat: matches 8..131 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(45705..46212)
FT                   /note="Dr000121 repeat: matches 299..846 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(46214..46248)
FT                   /note="DNA11TA1_DR repeat: matches 145..179 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   46415..46430
FT                   /note="16.0 copies 1 mer A 32% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   46713..46723
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 5 mer AATTG 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   46873..46883
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 5 mer TCAGA 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   46887..46909
FT                   /note="1.9 copies 12 mer GAACAAATCAAT 37% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(47425..47558)
FT                   /note="Dr000222 repeat: matches 67..209 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   47427..47619
FT                   /note="LOOPERN6_DR repeat: matches 1..181 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   47592..47685
FT                   /note="Dr000286 repeat: matches 24..117 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   47680..47864
FT                   /note="Dr000350 repeat: matches 203..408 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(47700..47867)
FT                   /note="Dr000396 repeat: matches 163..330 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   48621..48641
FT                   /note="21.0 copies 1 mer T 33% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   48687..48702
FT                   /note="3.2 copies 5 mer ATCCT 23% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   48800..49488
FT                   /note="137.8 copies 5 mer TATTT 194% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   48844..48862
FT                   /note="3.2 copies 6 mer TAATTT 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   48874..49022
FT                   /note="49.7 copies 3 mer TAT 39% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   49020..49041
FT                   /note="3.1 copies 7 mer ATTTTTA 35% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   49054..49067
FT                   /note="3.5 copies 4 mer TTAT 28% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   49076..49094
FT                   /note="6.3 copies 3 mer TTA 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   49213..49229
FT                   /note="4.2 copies 4 mer TTAT 27% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   49236..49254
FT                   /note="19.0 copies 1 mer T 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   49257..49296
FT                   /note="5.7 copies 7 mer TATATTA 30% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   49298..49312
FT                   /note="15.0 copies 1 mer T 21% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   49323..49390
FT                   /note="9.7 copies 7 mer TTTTATA 33% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   49491..49502
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 6 mer TTATGT 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   49496..49518
FT                   /note="5.8 copies 4 mer TTTA 37% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   49583..49593
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 5 mer TTATC 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   49949..49959
FT                   /note="5.5 copies 2 mer GT 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   50459..50470
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 6 mer TCTTGC 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   50754..50779
FT                   /note="3.2 copies 8 mer GTCAAATA 25% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   50933..51112
FT                   /note="drr995 repeat: matches 5..193 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(51105..51775)
FT                   /note="HARBINGERN2_DR repeat: matches 1..674 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(51865..52035)
FT                   /note="Dr000275 repeat: matches 304..527 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   52072..52340
FT                   /note="drr469 repeat: matches 12..316 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   52389..52653
FT                   /note="drr470 repeat: matches 1..244 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   52654..52672
FT                   /note="1.9 copies 10 mer TGATATTAAT 38% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   52689..52701
FT                   /note="2.6 copies 5 mer TAATG 26% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   52695..52710
FT                   /note="2.3 copies 7 mer AATGTAA 32% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   52771..52784
FT                   /note="14.0 copies 1 mer T 28% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   52855..52865
FT                   /note="2.8 copies 4 mer GTCA 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   53008..53017
FT                   /note="2.5 copies 4 mer TGTC 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   53345..53358
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 7 mer CATTTAT 28% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(53990..54509)
FT                   /note="Dr000004 repeat: matches 1..555 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(54522..54697)
FT                   /note="Dr000365 repeat: matches 2..182 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   54702..54712
FT                   /note="11.0 copies 1 mer A 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   54730..55242
FT                   /note="drr1069 repeat: matches 1..496 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   55283..55306
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 11 mer AAGTAAAAACT 39% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   55297..55312
FT                   /note="2.3 copies 7 mer TAAAAAC 25% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   55299..55312
FT                   /note="2.3 copies 6 mer AAAACT 28% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   55751..55761
FT                   /note="11.0 copies 1 mer A 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   55855..55866
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 6 mer TTAATC 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   56082..56095
FT                   /note="4.7 copies 3 mer AAC 28% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   56567..56599
FT                   /note="TDR18 repeat: matches 537..569 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   57203..57218
FT                   /note="3.2 copies 5 mer TAACA 23% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   57261..57388
FT                   /note="Dr000006 repeat: matches 204..332 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(57388..57957)
FT                   /note="TDR2 repeat: matches 6..586 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   58365..58374
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 5 mer CTGCT 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   58886..58895
FT                   /note="2.5 copies 4 mer TCTG 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   59022..59032
FT                   /note="2.8 copies 4 mer TTTC 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   59237..59246
FT                   /note="2.5 copies 4 mer CATT 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   59811..59828
FT                   /note="3.0 copies 6 mer TACTAA 36% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(59914..61106)
FT                   /note="TC1DR3 repeat: matches 1..1224 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   61154..61166
FT                   /note="13.0 copies 1 mer T 26% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   61233..61242
FT                   /note="10.0 copies 1 mer T 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   61444..61453
FT                   /note="2.5 copies 4 mer TGGA 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   61684..61695
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 6 mer GTGGAC 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   61972..61981
FT                   /note="2.5 copies 4 mer AAGC 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   62046..62056
FT                   /note="11.0 copies 1 mer A 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   62059..62068
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 5 mer TTGAC 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   62076..62085
FT                   /note="3.3 copies 3 mer TAT 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   62081..62090
FT                   /note="2.5 copies 4 mer TTAT 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   62122..62408
FT                   /note="Dr000093 repeat: matches 510..809 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(62416..63351)
FT                   /note="Dr000234 repeat: matches 1..954 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   63413..63423
FT                   /note="2.8 copies 4 mer ATTT 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   63524..63538
FT                   /note="2.1 copies 7 mer TAACAAG 30% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   63841..63860
FT                   /note="4.0 copies 5 mer TGATT 31% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(63918..64051)
FT                   /note="ANGEL repeat: matches 109..317 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(64082..64420)
FT                   /note="drr560 repeat: matches 1..373 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   64485..64567
FT                   /note="drr595 repeat: matches 167..232 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   64607..64687
FT                   /note="drr595 repeat: matches 221..302 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   64706..64724
FT                   /note="2.1 copies 9 mer TTCGCCTAT 29% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   64770..64871
FT                   /note="ANGEL repeat: matches 210..316 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   64940..64950
FT                   /note="11.0 copies 1 mer T 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   65297..65369
FT                   /note="36.5 copies 2 mer CA 119% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(66131..66290)
FT                   /note="Tc1-4_DR repeat: matches 1397..1572 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(66307..66970)
FT                   /note="Tc1-4_DR repeat: matches 85..732 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(66985..67041)
FT                   /note="drr557 repeat: matches 196..253 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   67057..67075
FT                   /note="9.5 copies 2 mer TG 38% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   67085..67106
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 10 mer AAATTAACTT 35% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   67567..67577
FT                   /note="3.7 copies 3 mer TAA 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   68309..68318
FT                   /note="2.5 copies 4 mer TTTA 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(68426..68594)
FT                   /note="Dr000293 repeat: matches 1..194 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   69311..69326
FT                   /note="16.0 copies 1 mer G 23% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(69528..70084)
FT                   /note="Dr000004 repeat: matches 1..551 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   70241..70252
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 6 mer CGTTTT 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   70253..70466
FT                   /note="Dr000216 repeat: matches 128..354 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   70541..70685
FT                   /note="Dr000216 repeat: matches 379..523 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   70817..70891
FT                   /note="DNA9TA1_DR repeat: matches 1187..1261 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   70892..70909
FT                   /note="9.0 copies 2 mer GT 36% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   70970..70983
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 7 mer AAAATTT 28% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   71116..71126
FT                   /note="11.0 copies 1 mer T 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   71163..71262
FT                   /note="LOOPERN4_DR repeat: matches 811..911 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   71391..71402
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 6 mer GCATTA 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(72014..72093)
FT                   /note="CR1-1_DR repeat: matches 4890..4970 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(72137..72223)
FT                   /note="CR1-1_DR repeat: matches 4459..4546 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(72149..72250)
FT                   /note="Dr000040 repeat: matches 1058..1158 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(72315..72518)
FT                   /note="TDR3 repeat: matches 1..205 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(72531..72564)
FT                   /note="drr1078 repeat: matches 290..323 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   72578..73198
FT                   /note="SINE_DR2 repeat: matches 22..620 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   73603..73692
FT                   /note="ACROBAT1 repeat: matches 779..868 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(73686..73744)
FT                   /note="Dr000349 repeat: matches 361..422 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   73743..74679
FT                   /note="TDR2 repeat: matches 1..941 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(74720..74782)
FT                   /note="Dr000349 repeat: matches 1..65 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   74799..74810
FT                   /note="12.0 copies 1 mer T 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   74811..74822
FT                   /note="2.4 copies 5 mer AATTA 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   75305..75773
FT                   /note="TC1DR3 repeat: matches 1..482 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   75789..75798
FT                   /note="2.5 copies 4 mer ATTG 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   75894..75905
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 6 mer TTAAAT 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   75906..76272
FT                   /note="SINE3-1 repeat: matches 216..586 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   76285..76296
FT                   /note="2.4 copies 5 mer ATATT 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   76786..76802
FT                   /note="3.4 copies 5 mer TTCTC 25% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   76787..76802
FT                   /note="8.0 copies 2 mer TC 25% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   77089..77102
FT                   /note="14.0 copies 1 mer T 28% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   77116..77193
FT                   /note="Dr000134 repeat: matches 289..369 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   77519..77561
FT                   /note="Dr000298 repeat: matches 259..301 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   77562..77581
FT                   /note="20.0 copies 1 mer T 31% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   77595..77606
FT                   /note="2.4 copies 5 mer TTATT 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   77616..77644
FT                   /note="1.9 copies 15 mer ACACATTTAAATACA 42% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   77684..77694
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 5 mer ATAAA 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   77725..77746
FT                   /note="5.5 copies 4 mer AAAC 28% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   77744..77753
FT                   /note="10.0 copies 1 mer A 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   77882..77905
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 12 mer AACTTATTCCTC 39% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(77951..78038)
FT                   /note="DNA9NNN1_DR repeat: matches 1074..1161 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(78046..78691)
FT                   /note="DNA9NNN1_DR repeat: matches 1..692 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   78808..78818
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 5 mer CAAAG 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   78880..78992
FT                   /note="Dr000298 repeat: matches 317..441 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   80202..80220
FT                   /note="2.4 copies 8 mer TATTATAT 29% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   80207..80220
FT                   /note="4.7 copies 3 mer TAT 21% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   80210..80220
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 5 mer TATTA 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   80354..80420
FT                   /note="Dr000032 repeat: matches 1..69 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(80416..81287)
FT                   /note="Dr000057 repeat: matches 9..944 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(81303..81580)
FT                   /note="Dr000032 repeat: matches 5..479 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   81641..81965
FT                   /note="Dr000257 repeat: matches 1..333 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(81997..82142)
FT                   /note="Dr000352 repeat: matches 1..144 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   82708..82726
FT                   /note="2.4 copies 8 mer ATATACTA 29% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(82790..83400)
FT                   /note="TC1DR2 repeat: matches 1..630 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   83425..83436
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 6 mer AAAATT 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   83796..83812
FT                   /note="2.4 copies 7 mer CCTGGAC 25% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   83920..83931
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 6 mer GTGCAT 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   84320..84329
FT                   /note="10.0 copies 1 mer A 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   84425..84446
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 11 mer TTTCTGAACTC 44% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   84445..84460
FT                   /note="2.7 copies 6 mer TCACAA 25% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   84560..84675
FT                   /note="HATN12_DR repeat: matches 1..128 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   84677..84791
FT                   /note="Dr000096 repeat: matches 407..520 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   84796..84962
FT                   /note="HATN12_DR repeat: matches 385..552 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   84981..85005
FT                   /note="3.6 copies 7 mer TATAAAC 41% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   85107..85125
FT                   /note="1.9 copies 10 mer ACATATTTAT 38% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   85116..85132
FT                   /note="2.1 copies 8 mer TACATATT 34% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   85223..85233
FT                   /note="3.7 copies 3 mer AAC 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   85274..85405
FT                   /note="Dr000149 repeat: matches 1..144 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(85398..85622)
FT                   /note="Dr000004 repeat: matches 323..555 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   85634..85779
FT                   /note="drr1078 repeat: matches 176..321 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   85841..85853
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 6 mer ATTTTA 26% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   85865..85896
FT                   /note="3.2 copies 10 mer TGAACAAAAA 37% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   85957..85968
FT                   /note="4.0 copies 3 mer ATT 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   86049..86058
FT                   /note="2.5 copies 4 mer TTGT 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   86274..86284
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 5 mer GAGCA 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   86494..86504
FT                   /note="2.8 copies 4 mer ATTT 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   86651..86662
FT                   /note="4.0 copies 3 mer TTG 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   86720..86729
FT                   /note="3.3 copies 3 mer TAT 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   86739..86890
FT                   /note="Dr000149 repeat: matches 1..151 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   87095..87109
FT                   /note="2.1 copies 7 mer TACATGT 30% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   87118..87554
FT                   /note="L1-9_DR repeat: matches 423..888 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   87653..88209
FT                   /note="Dr000004 repeat: matches 1..559 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   88256..88325
FT                   /note="Dr000149 repeat: matches 304..371 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   88364..88383
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 9 mer GTTTGCATT 40% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   88507..88524
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 8 mer AATACTTT 27% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   88801..88812
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 6 mer GCTTGT 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   89064..89073
FT                   /note="3.3 copies 3 mer GTT 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   89122..89132
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 5 mer GCTGT 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   89253..89262
FT                   /note="2.5 copies 4 mer GAAT 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   89437..89457
FT                   /note="1.9 copies 11 mer TCTGAAGTAAA 35% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   89613..89637
FT                   /note="1.9 copies 13 mer CAGAGATGTGTTT 41% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(89673..89909)
FT                   /note="Dr000319 repeat: matches 182..444 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   90192..90212
FT                   /note="2.1 copies 10 mer AGCTTCATTT 35% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   90248..90260
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 6 mer TCAAGG 26% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   90345..90355
FT                   /note="2.8 copies 4 mer ACAT 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   90406..90418
FT                   /note="2.6 copies 5 mer AAAAT 26% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   90429..90697
FT                   /note="drr720 repeat: matches 4..315 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   90720..90730
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 5 mer CCAAA 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   91075..91468
FT                   /note="TDR24 repeat: matches 1..444 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   91756..91765
FT                   /note="3.3 copies 3 mer CAT 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   91907..91918
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 6 mer AATGTG 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   91945..91956
FT                   /note="4.0 copies 3 mer AGC 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   92459..92472
FT                   /note="2.3 copies 6 mer ATCATA 28% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(92623..93610)
FT                   /note="TDR22 repeat: matches 166..1251 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   93626..93678
FT                   /note="drr483 repeat: matches 585..644 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   93819..93828
FT                   /note="2.5 copies 4 mer AAAC 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   94148..94163
FT                   /note="2.7 copies 6 mer AATACT 23% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   94519..94531
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 6 mer GCTGAA 26% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   94602..94621
FT                   /note="6.7 copies 3 mer GGA 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   94606..94621
FT                   /note="3.2 copies 5 mer GAGGA 23% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   94640..94649
FT                   /note="3.3 copies 3 mer AGA 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   94869..94880
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 6 mer ATGCAT 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   94911..94920
FT                   /note="3.3 copies 3 mer GAG 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   95220..95229
FT                   /note="3.3 copies 3 mer GAT 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   95260..95271
FT                   /note="2.4 copies 5 mer TTTTG 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   95982..95991
FT                   /note="3.3 copies 3 mer ACC 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   96085..96109
FT                   /note="3.1 copies 8 mer TAGGAAAT 25% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   96203..96214
FT                   /note="2.4 copies 5 mer ATTTT 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   96388..96397
FT                   /note="5.0 copies 2 mer AT 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(96663..96991)
FT                   /note="Dr000032 repeat: matches 28..355 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(96819..97019)
FT                   /note="HATN12_DR repeat: matches 151..346 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(97083..98173)
FT                   /note="TDR23 repeat: matches 2..1147 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(98182..98572)
FT                   /note="Dr000179 repeat: matches 1..391 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(99352..99695)
FT                   /note="Dr000400 repeat: matches 1072..1418 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   99696..99879
FT                   /note="Dr000196 repeat: matches 168..369 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   100037..100050
FT                   /note="14.0 copies 1 mer T 28% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   100130..100139
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 5 mer TATAT 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   100342..100826
FT                   /note="TDR7 repeat: matches 1..541 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   100859..100879
FT                   /note="2.1 copies 10 mer ACTATAAGCA 33% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   100881..100985
FT                   /note="drr424 repeat: matches 39..169 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(101047..101125)
FT                   /note="Dr000357 repeat: matches 46..128 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(101422..101493)
FT                   /note="HATN12_DR repeat: matches 35..108 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   101570..101979
FT                   /note="drr425 repeat: matches 26..482 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   102016..102026
FT                   /note="11.0 copies 1 mer T 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   102108..102118
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 5 mer GACGA 22% conserved"
SQ   Sequence 102137 BP; 31143 A; 18288 C; 18575 G; 34131 T; 0 other;
     gatctttaaa cgggaaaagg acatgaagaa aggtgagacc caaatataca gcgcacagca        60
     tgaatgagta cacccctttt aaaaagctat ctatacaggg tgcaacgcta aggatttttt       120
     ttctactggt tcgatcaggc caatggttca gatttttaac ttgccctgcc aaaattttca       180
     ctggccccac caaagaaaaa ataaaattta atagcaattt ttaagccaca tattttaaac       240
     actgtgtcaa aactaatgtc tataattatt taaatgttaa taattattca aataatgtat       300
     ttaaataaaa tttaaaagtt ttaataaatg tatagtgagc aaaatcttct gttagcaaac       360
     caaaaagagc agtaaggaag aagatgggtg tattttattg cagttcaaaa ttatttaaca       420
     aaacgcggcc ccaattgggg caggaatgat cctgtctgct gtcttaagcg tctctcacac       480
     tggcaatcga gcagtcccta ttgttgaaca ctgatatata ttagtccagt tctcagtgaa       540
     tatagtctat agcccctttc acacagggat accggtaaat atcctgaaaa tttccggaac       600
     gactttaccg gtaaattcaa aaaagcgctg ttcacacagg cgaggacgtt acggaatttt       660
     tccggaaaag agcattcaca catccatcgc aaaatgccgg taaattctga catcattaac       720
     cagaaatgag ctctaaacgg ctgcgcttgt gtttgtaaac atttgactac attacaaact       780
     tttcggatgg atcagtattg agtacaactc caatgaaaac atagagaaac actttcgcat       840
     gtcgagatgt tcatgatatg tgtgtgtgct ggcgctatgg gcgctcaagg gcacacgcaa       900
     agcttgaagg taagcaaaca acggattatc ataaacattt tatcgataat tatttacaca       960
     gttggcatta agaaggaaca tagaaacatt atctgactaa catctagcag ctaaatgtgt      1020
     ctggaaaaat attcgaaggc ttttattctc ataaaccgcg cgcacgtgaa tgcgtctgac      1080
     tgttctgatt ggctaaagca ggcgtctcac gtcagcacgt tctagacatg cgcgcgcgct      1140
     ctttccggca atcttccttc tgcattcaca catcgcagca ttccggcaaa ttaccggtaa      1200
     tgttacaact tctctttccg gaaaatagcc agaacgaatt taccggtatt ttcaaaaagg      1260
     gcctgttcac acatacaact gaacagctga acactatagg aagatcgatc tccaggaaca      1320
     gggttgagca cccctgatat atgccccttt cacacataca gacctttccc gaaaattacc      1380
     ggcaattttc cggaaaggtc tgtatgtgtg aaaggggcat atatcagggg tgctcaaccc      1440
     tgttcctgga gatcgatctt cctatagtgt tcagctcaaa ccctgatcaa acacacctga      1500
     atcaattaat taggacctga acagcacttg ataattacag gcaggtgtgt ttcatatggg      1560
     ttgcaactga aatctgcagg aaggtcgatc tctaggaaca gggttggtca cccctggtct      1620
     atatagtttg gtgcatttaa acattcattc attcatattc ttttcggctt agtcccttta      1680
     ttaatgtagg gtcgccacag tagaatgaac cgccaactaa tccagcatat gttttacaca      1740
     gtggatgccc ttccagctgc aacccatcag tgggaaacat ccacacatac tcattcacta      1800
     cggacaattt agtttaccca attcactttt atcacgtttt tggacttgtg ggggaaaccg      1860
     tagcaccttt aggaaaccta cgcgaacaca gagagaacat gcaaactcca cagagaaacg      1920
     ccaactgact tagctgaggc tcaaaccagc gaccttcatg ctgtgaggcg aacgtgctac      1980
     ccactgcgcc actgtgctgc cctgcattta aacaacgcag cttgattcaa aggttatatt      2040
     catcaatttt ccagtttggt ccactgaaca tcattggaaa tacaagattt tatatttaaa      2100
     ttttaaatga gaaaaacaaa tgggtacaaa ctacaaaatt taaattaaag ctgcaagcag      2160
     cattgagggg ccccaaccat cggtggcttc agaaacacag tgcacaacag gctagagctg      2220
     gagatctttg ctcaaaccca atgagacttg atgagtcctg acgggttcag tcaggtttgg      2280
     gcttaatgtc tatcatttta cactgtaaat gagcgtttat gtaatgcatt tcgatttgcg      2340
     tttgttcccc aaacattatt agtaatagaa agataataca tttcaattta caatgaagtg      2400
     ttacgaaaaa agaattacaa actcctaaat ggcgtagtgg ttagcatgat cgcttcacag      2460
     caagaaggtt gctggtttga gcctcggctg agtcagttgg cgtttctgtg cgagtttgca      2520
     tgttctcctt gtgttcatgt gggtttcctt agggtgctcc ggtttccccc gcaagtccaa      2580
     agacatgtgc tataggtgaa ttgagtaagc taaaattgtc cgtattgtat gtgtgtaaat      2640
     gagagcgtat ggatgtttcc caatgatgag ttgcagctga aagggcatgc gctgcgaaaa      2700
     acatatgctg cataagttga cctctgatta ataaatggac taacttaaaa agaaaatgaa      2760
     tgaatgaatg atttaaactc caaaattgta actttgggtg caaaaactta tccataatta      2820
     tcgaaactga aatttgttgt caacgaatgg cgttatcgat taatttggct gctcacataa      2880
     ctgagcagta tattgacgaa catgcccccc cagtcctcca aggcagggga gaatgttata      2940
     ttaaatgcat ctaagaagac tgtaacatgc ccgctattca agacagcttt catggacgga      3000
     aagtagctta ccatagtcgt catcatcgtg tcaaagtggt atagttgaag ttagattagt      3060
     taaattaatg atctattaaa ttagatcagt tcagttgcta ctcgtgagta taacatagtg      3120
     atgattcatt aaatgacgct actttaacta aaattaagcg ctgcgaatag agtgagacac      3180
     cacatattaa aaatcagcat gtgtgacaat tagtcaatgt tgtggtttgc agcgaattct      3240
     aataacgttc cattttgcac tgagcagtgg agtatgcctg ctcttctgat ttctatctca      3300
     aaaataaata tatatttatt attattatta ttattattta taatttttat atgtgaacac      3360
     attgtgctgc ttaatatttt gtcagtgtgt ttattttaat tttctaatgt gaatatagtt      3420
     ggagtacagc acctgttttg cttttttata gatttttttt tcgtttcccc caaacttagt      3480
     ttctcattaa aggttttaaa tgtcaaaatt aaatatagtt aaactccatt aacaatgtgg      3540
     cttttgcatt tttttacttg cttttataca taaatactac cctgatttac tgttttatgg      3600
     atttataaga agcaaattgt caaataaaaa aagacattta gtttttattc aattaatcat      3660
     ggaagaaata atcacgcaac taatagatcc tcaaaataat cgttagttgc agccttaatt      3720
     tcaacaacat ttttaatctg ttttttaatg tttctcttga tttaaaaaaa attttttttt      3780
     cttcttttta tttaattaac aaaaatattt tactctaaca gattcattta ggtgtactat      3840
     ttttaagtta tatgttttga cagtgattaa tctaatgttg tatatacaca tattattgta      3900
     aagcatcctg ttgaaaatct gaatttcgaa gcgagatctg agaggggtgt actcattaaa      3960
     ttctcgtggt tcataagaga gcgagtgggc ttcatagatg tgcaggtttt atttgaagcg      4020
     tctctctctc ctcacacatt atgcagaagg tctttttgtt gaggattggt ggttgtcctt      4080
     tcttgcaggt attgcgttcc ccacctgtgt gtcagtcaat aactgtgtct gccacttctc      4140
     tcccctgaag agcgaccccg actacatgct gaaagatgga gatttggtca aaatgtaggc      4200
     aaaactcctc cagctcgtct gtctaacctc cctgtgtctt ttccttcagt ctctgtcctt      4260
     cagtccatct tgtatgcagt tgtccctcag tgatgcatcc cagtgccgtc tctacccctt      4320
     cttgtcttcc tgcttgttcc cttgttttct gtgatcctcc acacatgaag ctgtttgttt      4380
     tgtagacata cagatgacat ctaaaggatt agccctctat caaaattttg attctttttc      4440
     aaatatgatt gacagaacaa ggaatttttc acagtatttc ctataatatt ttttcttctg      4500
     ggaaaagtct tatttctttt agttttactg gaatcggaac agtttagaaa tatttttaca      4560
     cacagtgtta ttcaataact tgcttaattg ttcttacctg cttaactaac ataatctagt      4620
     taatgtcgag ttcagtctgc acgattttcc actgcatgac tttttggggc agcattccgt      4680
     tgatgctgtg tttacactga aagatgtatc ggcaacaggg ggtttcacac tgcatgactt      4740
     tacaatagga gaataattac tatttgagct aaatactagt gtcttgcaaa gtaaatagta      4800
     aaatattatg tactctcatc atggcaaaga caaaagacat tagttaatta aaaaattata      4860
     tttaaaaatc tacttaatat ttgtaaaaga ataaaaattt cacaggaggg ctaattttga      4920
     tttccactgt acatatttaa taagtggtgt gagtgtttta atgtagattc tgtggtatga      4980
     taattatgga atgtgttttt atagatgtaa ttttcttttt caatgtaatt ccccttagag      5040
     caaaatgctc aatgttttcc aatggaccct tttcacatgt ctccaagttc tcccaagtaa      5100
     aagtcatcag agttagttca cataggagtt tcattgactt tccccctggc tttatgtttt      5160
     tatttttctg tattctctcc taaatttctc tcattgcttt caacagtgat ttaggagttc      5220
     atgttgacgg cttcatctct aatgtggccc atagctttgt tattggagct actaaggttt      5280
     gtgcgtctgc ttttatattt attctctcgc tgttacttct gtttacataa tataagcaac      5340
     attttatttt gtcaaatccc tctcaagcct gcttttttta caccatgtgc tggtcttaac      5400
     ccagagagtt ttttactcag tgaatacttt tgtagaaatc taaaacacag taaatattat      5460
     tattataata ttaatattat tttagggttt ttagaaaaag tctattataa acgtcagatt      5520
     tttagtttta gctcaatttt cttgccatga ttccgtcatt atttactcat cctccacttg      5580
     ttccagacct gtttattttg ttaatcacaa aaacagaaat atgtagaaaa atacagccat      5640
     tgatttgttt ttttagtatt tttgcttttt tctatggatc tcattagctt tttttcttca      5700
     tcattcttca gaatattgtg tgttgtgttc aacaacaaca aaaaaaaatt aataaacatt      5760
     cagacctgct tgagtgagta aatggtgaga attttcattt ttgggtaatc tatcctttta      5820
     aaccaactaa caaacttctc gttgttacat ttccatggta ttatctatga tagattttgg      5880
     acgatacttt gtctccatta attcgatcac atcacaatac aatatgcggt gctgcttatt      5940
     tatattatta tttttacatt tgcatttcta caagtattac aatacaattt tatagggatg      6000
     caccgaatat tcggcaaccg aagttattcg gccgaaaata gccaaaaaag ccctttcggt      6060
     gttcggccaa ataagtaaaa aggccgaata aattttgccg aataatgacg tttttaatga      6120
     cccgcgtaac ccgcatagat tgagaggcgc gcgctttatg cagcaaacat gtcagcagtg      6180
     tggaagcact ttaaagtgtc agagaaaaag gcaaaaacgg ccgtttgcag acactgttct      6240
     gctgaagtgt ccagaggaac attctctctc ttctcgcccc ctttgagcag ataacaaaag      6300
     agataagctc atctgtggca gacgtcatac atttactttg cagcactaaa gcgtctttta      6360
     aacaattagg ctgaaacaga ccacggagtg aaaacagcta aaagtgcgct cttagaagct      6420
     gtcagcgcac gatttagtca ggcggactca gaactcctgt acttcatcgc gactgtgctt      6480
     gatccacaat ataaagatca ttgcttggat atggggaaaa agctgcgcac acgagaaatg      6540
     atccaggccg agttagactt gggaaagccg ctaggtgttg gagatggtca ggtgatgcac      6600
     aacgcaggag atgaaaacag cgcagagagt aaacgggctc gtactacaga tgagccgcgc      6660
     accgacagcg agagactttt tagtgctgca tctcatgtca tcgatgagaa aaggaactga      6720
     ctttcatgcg agacagcaga gaagctactt tttataaaga agaacctgcc acttttcctg      6780
     aagaagtagg ctaattaggc ttatgtctag gacagttatt catttgttgt catccacatt      6840
     tttgcactat tcaatgcaca tttgttgttg tagacataca gtcacattct ttcagcagtc      6900
     agttataggc ctaacatagg ctattcaaga aggggggctt caaagatggc caaataaaat      6960
     ttattttttt tattttacta atttatttat tttaagttat attgtgcttt gtttgtatat      7020
     tgtctgctgg aatgttaaaa atgttcagtg ttaaataaat atttttgaaa ttgtattttt      7080
     gttatttgat ttatttctct aaaaagcaac acaaaattgt aaaaagctca tttttactat      7140
     ttaattattg taatggtgaa aaaattggca aactaaatga aaaacacgca aaacaccgcg      7200
     ttcggtattg caattcatta ttattcggct tcggccaaga atctcatttc ggtgcatccc      7260
     tacaatttta cagtgtttta cagattttcc catgggtaaa tgttgactcg tcttctgttt      7320
     tttcccacat gcctgtaaat tacgctgtta tggtcaatga tctccaacat ggccttacta      7380
     tttatttttt atggttattc tacaattttc taatactagc ttgtttcctc aactgcatag      7440
     tgtaatagtt gaataattaa atgtgatgtc aatttactca ttttgtgaca ttgtacatta      7500
     tcacctgctt tcaggaagca cctgtgacag gaaggaaagc tgacgtcatc aaagcagcac      7560
     acctatgtgc agaagcagct ctgcgtcttg ttaaaccagg caaccaggtt agtacattac      7620
     ctcaagctag aatcagaaat gaacatggtg tccccataca ttcaacctaa aggccaatta      7680
     aatgaaacta ttacggctat actgcgcatt tttggctcca taattaaaaa atgcaccaaa      7740
     cagtaaagct ttttagcaac tttgacaacg ttggcggtca gctcttcaat gtgagtgagc      7800
     agaatagaca gcttaatgtt aatattaatg aagtgatgat ctgtttctca tgcaatgtct      7860
     tttgtctttt ctgcctgccc aatttacctt gaagaacact caagtaaccg aggcctggaa      7920
     caagattgcc cactcattca agtgcaatcc aattgagggt gagttttggc tgatgtttct      7980
     tttggtacag cctgaccaca attaaaagat tatccaccca gaaagcagtt tgaaggtgtg      8040
     gattgtatga gtaaacacat taattaatat attgatttga aacaaaaaaa aaacttgatt      8100
     gatattacat aactgcatta aagaaccagt ttaagaaatg ttatcctgca gaaatcagtg      8160
     tattttttta attaaagttt ataaagacag tgttcataca gtcatggaaa acctgcaaaa      8220
     gtcctggaat tttgacatgc cattttccag gcctgaaaaa gttttggaaa aacagaaaaa      8280
     cccacaaagt tttggaaaag tgatggaaat tagttttaat caaatattta ctcacacttg      8340
     tttcaatact ataggagtta ttaattatat tgtttttgtg ttcatttaaa aaaaaatgtt      8400
     tgaaacaagt gatgggtgta atgagaatgg taagtaattt ctggctgaac tctttaaata      8460
     tgcatgcaga tgctaaactt ttactccatt aggattaaag tccaaactat aaagtcctaa      8520
     actataatcc caacattgca taacccgcga tgtgactatt gtgcatgctc acattgcatt      8580
     atcaatggtg aaacaatata ttgtgcagcc ctaacttgaa tataggttag ttgtcttctt      8640
     ttcttggcca aaaacttgct ctcacattgt tagtgttccg taagcataat caaaatcaat      8700
     ataaaaacaa atgttatcaa aatagattgt tgtgtgtact atgatatgct gtaatctgaa      8760
     cgtcattgtg tttctaatta tttatcatgt atatgtagac attacaagaa acattacgtt      8820
     atgaaaatgt acctgaaagt tgtggaaaag tcatggaatt ttagtagtaa aaatgtgtat      8880
     ggaccctgta aagagattct tgtcaattgg gcattttagt cttttgagga aataaatcta      8940
     gcttttattc acaaaacttt ggttaatgca catacatgga gcactttaaa gacctcctta      9000
     catttggtaa taaaatctga ttaaatagac tgcagtaaaa caagtcttaa ttggtggatt      9060
     tcaattttgc agtttggttt aaagatgtaa aagcattctg ttctgattgc agattaactg      9120
     ttgttatttc actgttgtct ttcatcttaa tgtgtaaact gcacacattt attttgcaat      9180
     gttgtattaa aagttcagta gcagccaata tgtatacctg caaaaaacgc cccctcaaaa      9240
     aactaaaagt tggttgaaag tgtatgtaag agaccgattc cttcatcacc ctgtgatcct      9300
     gctggtcatt ttaattgaac acatagtaac attagaacat gtttcagtta tgagtgaaat      9360
     aatcacacaa aagatgaggt gtgaagaact cgatgtacct gcagaaatca acaggctgac      9420
     tttctgtgtg agccattatt caatgtttct cttctgttca tggataggta tgctgtccca      9480
     tcaactaaag caacatgtga ttgatggaga gaaaaccatc atccagaatc ctacagatca      9540
     acaaaagtat gaaagacaaa catttcaatt attttatatt tgcaggtttt tatgccacca      9600
     cagagcttgg tttatatttt tctgctatta gtttagatac aatatctcca tgtgaataat      9660
     ctgaaggcag gaaaaagtat tttattccct ttaaaacttt gttctttaga tgtaagattt      9720
     tagtctagtg aattatttta cgggacaaaa attccatgtg gggtttgatt gtattgaagc      9780
     aagctatcag ctaaaacagc cttgcaaaca catgtactaa aacaatatta gtcagcagat      9840
     tttaaagaca actagacaag atttttatac tgagagcaat ttggatgtgt ttaaaaatgt      9900
     gttactggga ataactttaa gtaatttatc atatattgga ctgaaaataa tcctatataa      9960
     ggtttttaat gtaaaatata taactgtttt tcaataatga agtacattgt aagttgttat     10020
     tatcatgtat tatactttta cctatattta ttttgtcaag actaatgtgg caatttattt     10080
     tggcaagttg ctaatgtgtc aacaaataaa aacaaaaaat aatttgtcat caaatttgca     10140
     ttgactggct tctgttggtc tggttacagg aaggaccatg agaaggcaga gtttgaggtt     10200
     catgaagtgt atgctgtaga tgtgctgatc agctcaggag aggggaaggt gagggataat     10260
     cctgccgtcg ctcagcttta ttgttattat cccatagatg tgattgtgtt caataaaaac     10320
     aactggaata tttagctttt ctgctctctg tcataggcta gagatggagg ccagaggaca     10380
     accatctaca aaagagaccc cagtaagcag tatgggctga agatgaagac ctccagaatg     10440
     ttcttcagtg aggtggagag acgcttcgat gccatgccct tcactctcag gttggagaca     10500
     cttttcttca gttcttttat taaaatcagg tcgctaatat agaggcagaa ttacatagtc     10560
     tgtttgtctg tgaatgaatg aagaattttg tgtacagttt gactagaaga cactgaacac     10620
     ctttgagaag tctttgatat gatggatgca agcttgactc taaggatgtc atttttgttg     10680
     actactttaa aggtcccatg aaataaaata aagtttgttc gatgtctata tcagtattgt     10740
     tttaaggata tttacaagct agtgcgcact aaaacagtga aacaattcag gtttaggaga     10800
     tacaaacctg atataaacat gtaaagcttg cagtttgtca cttcgcctaa atggatcagt     10860
     gctttttttt ttcatcacct catacttcag tttctcatca aatcgtgacc aatcaaatgc     10920
     tctctagtat ctgacatgcc ccgccccctt taagacgctt ttcatttgat gcgtttgagc     10980
     tcaactgctc tcactagtaa aatggtggta taacaaaaca ctattggctg tttttttttt     11040
     ttaaataggg aggagctaca ctgtcccgcc ctctccatgt ttcagttgag attggcaaac     11100
     attaaaaaaa agatttcaaa tcaggctatt gcgccaatgt gatcttgata ttttaagtgt     11160
     tagtgttaca taccaatgtt tttttcaatg aaaatatacc aagtgaagtt tatttataaa     11220
     ctaattttga gaggatcaca tgattatgat tgaacacagc tggttctgca ttagctacgt     11280
     atgatccacc aatcaggcca gtcctaaccc actataaaga gccagggtgt ctcgctaaag     11340
     ccatcttcga tttgaagaat tcccccttcc acccttctcc acctttccat tcatagggcg     11400
     gcacggtggc ccagtggtta gcactgttgc ctcatagcaa gaatgtcact ggttctagtc     11460
     ctttaacaga tgggtggttg tttctgtgca tagtttacat gttcttcgtt tctgtgcata     11520
     gtttacatgt tcttcccgtg ctctcatggg ttttcctcgg gttctccggt ttcctcccac     11580
     attccaaaaa catgcactac aagtgaattg atcaatgtaa atttagcact atagtcaaac     11640
     tctcatcctg cagcatatct cttcatagca ttcattttag tcatcagctc ttatcaaggg     11700
     gggagttgtc aagatctacc cgagctcaaa tctccccttt caccctgcaa tcgggaggga     11760
     gcccagggct ctttcccggg acagcatgcc aaacttgctt gtaatcaatc atcagctaag     11820
     tgtgaactct tgaaatacta ataccgtcat ctcacaattt aacattgtat gtatgctcac     11880
     agatttattt tcagtcacaa acacaagtga aatgctcaca ccgagccctg atgtttgtca     11940
     tgtcatggaa attctaagag aatgatgtag tgatggacag ctaattgaga tgtcagtgta     12000
     attgagtgtt ggtatcctgc agggcgtttg aggatgaagg aaaagctcgt cttggagtgg     12060
     tggagtgtgc caaacacgag ctcttgcagc ctttcagtgt gctcaatgag aaagaaggtc     12120
     agtcttatta tcaatttagt agtttctctt catttgacct cattgtttac ttccacaatt     12180
     ggtaaatcgt tctttccacc tcttccttta ggtgaatttg tggctcagtt taagtttaca     12240
     gtgctactga tggccaatgg gcctttgaga atcaccagtg gaccacttga agcagaactc     12300
     tacaagtctg aacatgacgt tcaagatcct gaactgaagg tatacaagac ccatttattc     12360
     tgtttacaat cgcagtaata ataaaacaga taggctggca tggtggctca gcggttagca     12420
     ctttcgcctc agcaagaagg tcgctggttt aagtcccagc tggaccagtt ggcatttctg     12480
     tgtggagttt gcatgttctc ccagtgttgg cgtgggtttc ctttgcgtgc tccggtttcc     12540
     cccacagtcc aaagacatgc gctatatagg tgaattgaat aaactaaatt ggccgtagtg     12600
     tatgtaaatg tgagagtgta tgggtgtttc ccgctactgg attgtgaatg gaagggcatc     12660
     cgctgcgtaa aacatgctgg ataagttggc ggttcactcc gctgtggcaa cccctgataa     12720
     ataagggact aagctgaagg aaaatgattg aataatacag tttttcctac tgtgatgttt     12780
     ctgtttcttc attttcagtc tctgatccag agttctgcaa gtcgtaaagc acagaagaag     12840
     aagaaaaaga aggtgaggct tcatgttgtc gagcatgtct ggctttttct gacctaaaac     12900
     acaaaacatg gtttgatggc ctttgttcat ataatttatc atacatactg ttaaagtcag     12960
     aagtaaaaca aacaagactt tatccagatg aaaaaatatt ataggaaata ctgtgaaaat     13020
     tccttgctct gtcaaacatc atttgtaaaa tatttgaaaa acaaattcac aggagggcga     13080
     atcattttaa attcaactgt atactgtttg tatgtgatta aagtgaatag tagttgtgtc     13140
     taaaataata cactgtgtag tgtgcattta tctatctctc caggatttaa aaaatataat     13200
     tcaatctgat tttgtgatgt tttatcaacc tgtggcattg tttcttcaat tattgtgttt     13260
     tgctgtgaaa acacacaaaa atcatgtcaa atgtatctct ttttatctca agaactattg     13320
     gagttgcaaa atcctggagg gactgactta tacactgaac tttttatacc acgatccact     13380
     ggatgcaata aaactgaatt accaccacta ttgcgctaca caaagaaatc ctaatgttcc     13440
     attcattgca caatgtaaga ttgtccaatt ctgttattca acatgaaacg cagtgttagt     13500
     ctgcagacag gaaaacagat atgcagattt aaagtgtata cggtcatggc gttttgttta     13560
     ggttgcataa tagtgttgtc tctatactgg aattcagtac taatcgatat tgagatttta     13620
     aaaacgtcca tttcctgcta acatttgaac ctgtttgaaa acatcgctga tttgccattg     13680
     tgttcacgtg ctcaacagaa atgtctgtga ttggccgtga aggtcatcag tttaccaaac     13740
     tcaccactgt ttaatgagtg taacaacaga tacagagaca ctggagcgct ttaaagtcac     13800
     gtcgatcagc tgctttgtct ataagctgag gtacggtcaa tccgctgacg aatcgtgtct     13860
     ttaaaacgct ccagtgtttc tgtatctgtg tttacactca gtaaacggct gtgagttcag     13920
     tgaactgatg accttctcgg tcaatcaaag tcatttctgt tgagcacatg aacacaatgg     13980
     ctgtttaaag agcccctatt atacattaaa aggggtcata ttttggtttt aaaggtctcc     14040
     aacaacaggc tgatatgcat gcaaggtcaa aaaacacttt catggtctta taataagcat     14100
     ttatttttac ctaattatcc tagtgactcc catatgaatc gtacagcgac tcatttgttc     14160
     ataaacccct ccttaaaagc taatctgcac tgattggacc aatgacagcc tgttgcgatt     14220
     ggtcgacagc gcgagacaga gtgaaatacc caccacggct tatcagcaat attgaagtag     14280
     tcagagtgct gagtgtatgt gtgagcatgc ctgccaacac tcttgttttt cccgggagtg     14340
     tcccgtattt cagcccatct ccagccaccc tcccattttg ttatttatcc tggaaaactc     14400
     ccataatttg aaaacccata ataggggctc tttaagaaca tgctcaacag cactcaaatg     14460
     ttagcagaaa acggacgttt taaaaatgtc agtatcgact ggtaccgaat tccagtatcc     14520
     tgacagcact attgcataat tgaacaccat cagttcatag tctgtattca cttttctatt     14580
     gcttttgatt gcaggcctcc aaaactgcag aaactgcaac aggccaacca gctgagaatg     14640
     aagttgcagc caaatagagg caactcaagc ctctcaagac ccccaccccc acccctgacg     14700
     agcaaaaact ccaacatttc tctccgtttt accctcatca ctcattcgat cacgagccac     14760
     tcttaaacct gtgttaaaca tgtctgcctc cccccattac ggagaaactc cactacgaat     14820
     ttgtattttc ataatgaatc tatttgccct tttgaagcac tcgatttgca tttcaactgg     14880
     aacgcaaagc ctttttcaaa atgttattaa aaaagctgcg caattctttt gtagagttgc     14940
     gtttttcaca accgttgact gtttgaaatg ctttgtttgg ccctaaggtt aacttaaaac     15000
     cgcattacgt ttgattagat taagtggttc gaggccgata atttaattgc agctatttct     15060
     cagggtttca aagatgaaac aatcttcttt atctgagaag taggatcgag aatagcttac     15120
     aggggcatta gaaatcaaat tgagtatata gatttcctca ttacatttgt acatctgaag     15180
     acgactcctg aatactggag aattatttgt tcatatcttg ttaatcccgt tcttcatctt     15240
     ttaaagtgtg gaataatttt gttggtgcag ggctgttttt ccaaacaaat ctgacatatt     15300
     attaattcaa cttagcatta gaaagtctga tttatcatgg gtttgcttta aaggtctgat     15360
     ctaaaataca tctgaactcg ctgaagctga gttattactt cctctggaca aggaccaaca     15420
     cgttatcact ttacttttac tgagcaatag agtgtccgct tgactgaata ttcagatcaa     15480
     aactaggctc ggactggatt gtaaagcttt tcaggcatta ttgttcaatc cagtcagtgc     15540
     aacaattcca gaagaggtga tgggaagtgg ttctgtaata tttgactttt tcgcaggttt     15600
     ggttgaggct cagtagatcg tccgaaatgt tggttattgt gacatgctta cagagtgtaa     15660
     aggtttgtgt gggagaggag agtggaggtt tggaatcgac acgatcttgt ttttgtagta     15720
     caaacaatca tatgggacta ttttacaact aatgaaataa aacataactt tgaatataat     15780
     ttctttgaaa ttgtcattat taattgaaga aatgtacaca ctcgggacct ctgcatggtt     15840
     tcttttttat aataataatc ccttatgttt aaagcaattt tcagggaact cagcgttttg     15900
     cacattttta cgaaatgaca ggagcatgct ggagggtttg tgtcaatata ttctattcaa     15960
     ggcagataat tctatatcta ccgatatggt tcagtgtcca gcaaagagat cttcttagtg     16020
     ttaaagtaga tctgatatat agctgacagg tggcgctgtt tggcccagac tagcaaactc     16080
     atgttgaagt ttattcagtt cattggttaa agattttaaa ttgttttata aatacaaaca     16140
     gacaattatt gtaaactatt taagagcact ggaaaatata aaagcagaag tgtttctcaa     16200
     tgaaaacgtt tcaattttaa tttactttaa aatacaacat ttctaataag tataataata     16260
     ttaatatctc ttacatttat aatacttttt ataaccaacc tttatattat ttatatttaa     16320
     taacatttat ataatgttag atcattttgc aatacaaaaa taaacgtcaa ttaaatttag     16380
     agttaaaatg tcttatttta atcaatcaca aattggcgtt ttaatctttt ccataaaatt     16440
     actggtatta ctgttatcag ttttaaggtt acgagtaaaa ttacggatat aatccttcat     16500
     ttaccatgtt tttacacgaa tcgtggttta gagtcggatc ttttgaatga atcactgatg     16560
     aattcgactc tgaattaatt cgaacaaaaa agaaacatta cataatatat tgctgcagct     16620
     ttattttaca gcctatatat tagacttgat gtaaacttta aaatatttta tgatatttac     16680
     ccatcttctg tgtttcttag acttattttt gatcacaata attgtacatt ctgtgaggtt     16740
     agcattgaaa caacttttat tttttgactt tatgtagcac aaccatagac tgtaaaatat     16800
     agagcagaac cttggtctga ttcgtttgag tggttaagtt tctcaagttg tcctctctat     16860
     tttcaaaaaa ttatagttta tttggcttat taagggaaaa tattaatatt taaaaattta     16920
     tatttataaa tgcaagtgcc tttaaacaaa accactgttt ttggttttcc aagaggaatt     16980
     ttggttatac tgtaaatctt taaagttggt aaaaatctaa attatgaaaa aatgaaatta     17040
     atagaaggcc ctaaatgttt atttgttcgt gtgtctattc tgttaaaaat tttttgcatt     17100
     attatcgtat tgatttgatt attatttgtg ctctgttctg taaatgtaaa taaaagttta     17160
     attttacctt attgtatttg tgttataatg tataataata ataataatta atataagact     17220
     tgtcagcatt tgtaacctga aacagacaaa aattaatata gaataaagtt cattttgaaa     17280
     gaatcgattt gtaaagaata acagcatcgt cagaaaattt aaggaactta aatctttgtg     17340
     agattgtaaa cgtcaatctt agataggcat tagagattag atacatcact tggttttata     17400
     ataagttttc aacttgtatt attttatttc gcatattatt tttaaacact tctatttgta     17460
     agacatttct gctcttatgc ttgtacttat aataataata tttttttatt ataaaacgtc     17520
     ctgtcctcgc ggccttgcaa ccaatgtatt tctatggatt ctgctcccgc tagaagaaag     17580
     cttgcgtgaa caatcacttt ttgttggggg tgtaatggta acaaaccaat agcttgtggt     17640
     caaggcccgt ttcaatccaa tccccgttcc atcaggatct cagtgggtgt gaccggaggg     17700
     gcgggcgcag cagaatgcga tgctgagttc ggttgaggag ttcggagaag cggcggcgct     17760
     gcggacggtg gcatcagtgc aaaggggcga aacaagggaa tatttggccg actttcaaaa     17820
     taactggatt ataaaaactg gacgcgctgg atagccactc attcatctct tcgtgcacgt     17880
     agctctcatc tctgaccgcc cgtggtaagt ttatgcgtct tttcaattcg cctcagcttt     17940
     ttcctccgtt gcagtgtaac ggattatttt tcgcattact tttcaagcaa ccgggagagc     18000
     tcgcgcgcta acccacgcta acgagtttgt tattgcggct gttttaaaca gggatacagt     18060
     cctaaatggt acggttgtta gccgttgggt ggtcacgggc tccatatgtt ggctaaaaca     18120
     cttataaaac cgtttgtccg ctttgccaca ggccatataa cgggagatgg tgatgatgtt     18180
     gaggaggagg aggcgcgtgc agctcccggt ttgagcacgc gcttggcggc ctcagaaact     18240
     tcagctcgtg ctggagaata ttgtatccta gctaacagtc acttcgtccc attaacgata     18300
     taacgttaca aatgtaaaat atctgtcggc aattttaagt tatttatttg agtgaccgtt     18360
     agaaatgcgt tttttgaggg cgttatcatt gaatgaattt ttgaaggact aacgttatcc     18420
     cggcccagga gtctcgcttc agtttaccgg gcattcatct ctcgtataac ggatctcgtc     18480
     tctgaaataa caggcatgac ctattttttg ccctgcttgc cttattttag ctttatattt     18540
     cctctgtggc aattactcca gttgtaggcc agaccatctg gtttttgaat ttattgagtt     18600
     gttttttgtt aattccactg tgaagagcca ctcaaggtat ataaatgaac agattaagcc     18660
     taaatcatct ggcatgtgtg gaatgaatga tacagaagct gtttacataa ttttttttct     18720
     gctgtgtgta aatcctactt ttggatttca tcttcaaaca tcgagcttga ggggtatctc     18780
     acatatgcac ttttttgtat tttaagcatt tatcaatttc ttaaaatgag agttgaatgt     18840
     caatattaaa aagacagatc agacacccta aaatgaaaat ttgctgttta ttttcacatc     18900
     gtaatttcat ccaagatgtg agcacagaat gttcagaaga acattcaaga tatttagtag     18960
     caagtcaatt gttctcgcac tttgagagga aaaaatacac cagcacagct aaattaatac     19020
     ctgtggaggc tgcaacctac aatcaaagat aagaatacat caatgtttgt gatcttagag     19080
     atgaattctc tcagatttcc agcatttact gcatcaagac gcttgctctc tatgcaaaat     19140
     ctgtggattg aaggtaaaaa tgatgtaaat attcttcagt taattatctg actgtccaag     19200
     accttagttt tattagtatg tgttttccct gtaataatgc cagtagtttc aaaatagtgg     19260
     tgccaattga cttttgatat tttttaaaat cgcaatgacc acggtatcag tttaatatct     19320
     ttaatgttgt tttactcaga gaaaaaaagt cactttaaca gtgtaatgta tttatgtaaa     19380
     tgctaatcga acattcccta tatccccgta aatattaata acctttattt aactaggtaa     19440
     gtcaattgag aaccagttct catttacaat gacgaccagg ccaagaggca acatgaaaag     19500
     cagatacaaa gcagtaggga cacaatacaa taacaatttc acaaatgcag ataataacat     19560
     ataaatccaa cgaaaaacta aaaacaagca cagtgttctt gaactactga ctgaattgaa     19620
     ttattataag acgatggtgg aatgaaagtg ctgggctttg agttctgctg gagatgattc     19680
     caagcatcag cagcagaaaa ctggaaagag taacgaccaa ataaagtgcg aactttgggt     19740
     atgcaaaggt taatgaaacc actagagcgc agatttaagc gtgtttcctg aatgttaaga     19800
     agtgactgta aatatagtgg agtttttcca gtgagagttt tgttaatgaa cagaaaccaa     19860
     tgaatttgta gacgtgattg aagagaaggc caattcaata aagaatacag ttgacagcga     19920
     tgagtattaa atggcgcacc aataacaacc aattgctgca tgataaataa catccagttt     19980
     gcgaagaaga gttttgaagc tgatcggtaa attaaatccc cataatcgag aattggttat     20040
     actgttaatt tgaccaaatg ctgctttgaa gagcgactaa aggaatattt gtttctgtaa     20100
     agaaaaccaa tccgagcttt aacctttttg agtaaaacca attgaccctt cgaaatgtca     20160
     tattacataa accctcagtg aatctctgtg ccttcaaatc accaacttac actctctaac     20220
     ccttttttca ggtggcctat ttttagttcc tcatgctgga gatggcgcag cggagtgggc     20280
     aagaggaccc tgagcggtac ctctttgtgg atcgggccgt ggtctacaac ccaactaccc     20340
     aggcagactg gacggccaag aagctggtgt gggttccttc tgaacggcat ggatttgagg     20400
     cggccagcat ccgagaggag cgtggagaag aagtgcttgt ggagctggct gaaaatggca     20460
     agaaggccat ggtgaacaaa gatgacatcc agaagatgaa cccgcccaag ttcagcaaag     20520
     tggaggatat ggctgaactc acctgcctga acgaagcatc tgtgttacac aacctgaagg     20580
     atcgttatta ctctggactc atatacgtaa gtgggattga tatttgtgtg atttcgattt     20640
     gttctcaagc tgagcattgt agccaatcac acatttctgt cgtgctcatg aattcagcag     20700
     ccagttttgg tgtaatattg gtcactgcat gaaaaacact ggatttttgt tgaatgctca     20760
     tgctcacagc agggatctct agaccagggg gctcaggccc cgtttacact agtgcgtttt     20820
     agtttgaaaa cgcatacgtt ttgctacggt tacgccatcc gtccacacta cgccggagtt     20880
     ctcgagcgcc gaaaacggag ctttttgaaa acgctggaga ggtcgttttc attctaaaac     20940
     gctgctgctc cgtctcagtg tggatgggga aagacggaga catctgaaaa cggaggcggg     21000
     gctgcaaacg ttcgcctatc tgattggggc ttttcctcaa tattaagtag cccacacaca     21060
     gttcagtctc gcatcctctt cttgtaagtt aagactttgc aagtttgatc aaggctgcag     21120
     tctccccctt ctcagtttga tatggaaaac ataccgagga cacgggtaaa tcttcaaagg     21180
     gaacagtgta ctttataact tcattcacat caccttggct acgttgtttc actttctcaa     21240
     caataaaatg taaacatgat ttaaggaact gcctattttc tttttaatat tagcaactta     21300
     acagacagca gaaatgttga ggcgtcgtgc tgcatatatg agcgtcatct tcactgtgtg     21360
     gatatttata aaaaaacgga gccgataaca actgcctcct ttcaatttca gtgaaaatac     21420
     gaaacgcacc ctctcttttg ctgaatatca gttttaataa tcgataatta taaaagtata     21480
     acatacaata agtttataca ttgtaggaaa tagaggcaag cgatcagtca atgtacctgg     21540
     attaatcatt aacttatctt tgcgcttaac caaaacatgt taccggtgaa caagtaactt     21600
     aatagattcc aatgaccaaa gtcagggaat tggcctttgt cgttagataa agacaacaac     21660
     atgaatgaag tatcacgttt agcaaatata gtgagattag atccagcggg agatgcttga     21720
     tgagcagtcc gacaagcaga gctctcatct gggtagaaat gctggagcgc ttgcccggga     21780
     gtgtgtgtgt ggtcacgtga tgtgcgtttt cagcgttttg gtgtggacgg agagcagttc     21840
     agaaacgctg ggtaaaacgc gagtgtggac gcggatcgtt ttcattctac aacgccgttt     21900
     taaaactaaa acgcactagt gtaaacgggg gcctcagccc tgttcctgga gatctaacag     21960
     cctgcagagt tcagctccaa cccttatcaa tgataactaa accaactaaa ggctaattta     22020
     tacgtctgcg tcaagctcac acgtatggtt cggcacagcc ttcacacgct cacatagctc     22080
     tcgctgtggc caatgctgat gtgcactgta atacccaaaa gttaccatta tcaaatgaaa     22140
     tgagtgtagt taactcaaaa ttgtctgaaa gttaattcta ctcatttgaa gagttttgaa     22200
     caccgtgttg aaggtagtga gttcattaaa tacctcctta ctttaactta aataaagtaa     22260
     gttcacagta ctcctataga ttagttttta actcgaatgg tttttagcaa tcggtttcct     22320
     taaatggttt gagttgcctt aacttgttgg gttttacagt actccgttgg tttgagttct     22380
     ctttatttaa tgggttttac tgtgctcaaa ttgcttcatt tactcaaatg gagtaagttc     22440
     acactactca tcaggattag tttttgaact taaatggttt gttgcaatcg ttttcctcaa     22500
     atggtttgag ttaccttaac ttattgggtt ttacggtgta tgaaaaaatg taactacatg     22560
     tcacaacgac acgtatctct gtctgcatat caatctgtga ttgatcggct tggtagctgt     22620
     gacgagcgtt ggcggtgctg agaccacgag cctgatggag cgattattta caagtgtgga     22680
     gtcccataat ggagctccaa atgaaaactt ttgttttgtg tttaccttat gattagggtc     22740
     gctaataatt caggagggca aataaatctg attttataaa tgcacaggtt ttttcctccc     22800
     tgtaaataag gaaagggaaa taaatgcaat agaataaaat atgaaacaaa ctgtgcttta     22860
     agcatcttca ctataagaaa aagcttaagt tacagaagcc ctccagttac acgatgaggg     22920
     tgaatatgaa taatcactaa acaccgcgct ctgacacaaa tgtgcatgta tttgaccgtt     22980
     aaagcgctca cattgagatg gcattaggct cgtcgccgag gctaagcgcg tgcacacact     23040
     cagaagcatg ctatgcggtc ccgttcacgc tattaaaaat gtgaatgatt tgaagtgaac     23100
     gtacatcaat aaatgatgca catctcgtgt tgcaaacgtt acattacagc acatgcttta     23160
     agtcattttc atgtgaaact gagctttgta gagcaacaaa tgtgtacaac tgtcactttc     23220
     aataacagaa atttattatt atttttttcc tgaggggtga ttttgaatcg acggatgggg     23280
     ctggatcaaa tgttcttgcg tgccgcatac agcctggagg ccggacgttc cccacccttg     23340
     gtttagttga acattaaaaa agatattgtg aagaaagctg aaaacctata tccagtgacg     23400
     tcaatagtaa tataagggtg ctttcacacc tgtgaatcga ttcagttgtt ccgaaacaga     23460
     gattacaatt gttacgttct cattgctctt ggagcagttc actttcacac tgaaaagttt     23520
     ctaatcggac caaaagagct aaaacaagtc acatgcgagt aaactctcct tacattggtc     23580
     agagtgtcag ggtttatttt gcagtgtcct gctaagctgt caggagaggt ggtggtttgg     23640
     tggtgattga cagggtgtgg cgcacgacgt gtctaaggag agatgcggcg gggaggggtg     23700
     agaagggtgc gcgatgatgc ctatttgagg accgggaggg agacgtgaga ttaccgggag     23760
     atcctcactc gtttgcgggc atccggagac ttgcaaaact tcctgccata ctcataattc     23820
     tctcttcata tagccgtatt cctattacat atccataaaa cactgtgata taaccgcgct     23880
     cggatcggat cgctttctca ctgcaatcga actgctccag ggttcgtttc aatcgagccg     23940
     agaccacctt attcatgcgg tcttggagcg attactttgg tgccgaacag agcttgattg     24000
     ccctgttaac atatgccaaa cgaaccgtgc taactgggca aatgagacac gttccgaaac     24060
     aaaagtgtag gtgtgaaagc accctaagag tattagtttt gggtgaaaaa caaattaatt     24120
     taacttcata tttaccatta ctggaagttt ttcaggtcat cgatgtcaga gttcggctca     24180
     tttggccaca cttttagatg ttaaagcagt ccctgttgtc attttacatg gattgtaatt     24240
     cttgttctct gccttttttt taagcctctg ttccatgtgg ccgctgtgct ccctccctac     24300
     aggctacagt aattggccat agaggcccat gcttggccta gtaaaagcag aagctttata     24360
     acaggacctt tgtgtttggt attgcgcagg ctcgtaatat ctgtgagatg tcaagatgtc     24420
     agactgactg ttgacagcac cttcacaccg ctgcattccc cacatttctc aggttcctta     24480
     ttgctgttgg gtgatgcttt tgttaaaaga aatacagtct gcgttaatgg aggtggaatg     24540
     ttatatattt acagaaaggt tatatatatt gtctcgtatg tgcgtggatg gtgaccagag     24600
     ctcaggctgg tgtgtgcggt atacgtgcac tcatatctgc tgtgtgggca gagctgtgga     24660
     ggtgctgcgt tactctctgc cttcccacgc ccctctgttc ttgaatagca tgttgggtga     24720
     cgaaagacag gttagatttt attcctctct atgggctgtt atattccagt tgcttaaaat     24780
     tagcatgaca tgaattcttt taggttaaat gataaagcta ctttttaaat ctatgcttgt     24840
     tttgttttga tgacattttt aagcttttaa ttagggctgc actatatacg tttcagcacc     24900
     gatatcgcaa tgtatggatc cgcagtatag tcacatcgca ggatctgtag tgtcgagatg     24960
     atattatagt tgaacaggag ccacagttca aaaggcctca tttgtggagt ggttgccact     25020
     ttttaaccat agatttaaca aatagttgca tgtgttttta aggcctgtga ctaaatttaa     25080
     gcacaaggaa ttatgtttgt aactttaaga aagatgaatt gtatttatgt gcatatatca     25140
     attattaaga tacagtatac agtgctattt taaatttgat tatttcactt gtgcctgaat     25200
     actgctagac tgccagaaaa aaacaaacaa gaaatactgt ttatttaatt agtatatttt     25260
     gctctactct gtttatcaat gcttgtgatt ggtttgttat gttttgcgca gatacactgc     25320
     cctacaaaat aattccagtt aatctatttt atgatttttc tttttaaaat gatagatgca     25380
     ttcatttcaa tctagtgaaa gtatcctcaa tatcgcaata tgtattgcag gaaaaaacaa     25440
     aatatcacat tgttgttgtt ttttttaata tcatgcaatc gggctgctcg atattgaaaa     25500
     aaatctaaca ttgttttttt tataattttt tttttaatga ttatatattg cgaaacgaat     25560
     acaacctcac tagatgagtt gaataactat ttggaaataa attataattt tagattgatt     25620
     gggataattc tgtattggag tgcataaaat ataataatct acaagtttag agcaattcag     25680
     taaagaaaaa tatacaaatt aattaaacag cgttttgttt tctgaggagt cgaactgtat     25740
     tcaggtatac agtaattaaa caatgaaatg taaaataata ctgcatagta gggctcggcg     25800
     atatgggcaa aaaaatgata tctctgtgtt ttttggagga atgacggtat acaatataaa     25860
     tccggtattt tcccataaat ggtttcttga tggtcaaagt ctttattaaa agtttatcga     25920
     aaagtttttg aatgaaatat aattcaaaca catattgtta tttgtttaaa gagtaactaa     25980
     cagtgagatg ttaaaataga aaaagaaata tttggtagac aaatgcatgt ttttataatt     26040
     gacttttttt ttgttttgtt ttaatactca tttaaaccac caactgtttg tacactaggc     26100
     tcacgcgtca aatcaaatca cgtcttccag ttaaggggct taaataaatc aatcaaacag     26160
     aatgactaaa taattaaata aatacaatga ttagaatcgg aattgaagtc aatatgcaat     26220
     aagagcagaa tgcagagcta aatgtgttat aatgtaaata agagaccgtt gtgtaataaa     26280
     tactgaactt ataatcagtg aatatgaggt ggttttactt tcaaaataca gtataaattt     26340
     gtcccatttt ggcgttttta attcttttat acgcattcag gtactgcttg tcaatttgac     26400
     aaggcttcta tgttcgttgt gactgtcaat tgcagaagaa atgatcgata aggcatggtg     26460
     tgatgcacaa gctcgcgagg gggagtgaga tttgtttggg gagtcagatt tcgatacaac     26520
     actggcactg catgttcctc catgtcgcat cagtgatggg tcgttcttaa acgattcgtt     26580
     ctttttaaac aaatcttttg tatgactcat ggagtgaatc attcatttgc gcatgtgcac     26640
     atttgtgcaa gtggagctcg cgtgctacct tggagtggtc tgtttctcgc agaatccacg     26700
     tgtgtgacca atattggata atcccgcatc gcatttggaa gttatattga tatatcccca     26760
     gaactagatt taccgcctag ccctactgca tagtctttgt tttataaaca attcaataaa     26820
     atgttaataa attattaatt tttatgcctg aaggtttttt tctaaacctt catagagtta     26880
     taggcttcaa aaacacttgt gaaatgatac atttataatc cagactcaac attgcaaata     26940
     ctcgtgatta ggggtgtaac aatacactca tctcacgata cgatgtgtat cactatagaa     27000
     tgttcacgat tcgatatgta tcacgatatt tggaataaaa atttaaaatt taactgaatt     27060
     gcaaatttta ccaagtaaac tattttttat ttatttaatt tgttttaact tgttaaactg     27120
     aaccttcttt tagaaaatat attaaacagg cctgtctctg gaaaataaaa caattaaaaa     27180
     acttcttaaa aatattatta aaatgacaga gacaaaatta aggaacaatt taagtaaagg     27240
     tgcaataaaa aattagcttt ctattcaatt gaatttaaca gtaagagcat aagactttgc     27300
     ttggtcaatt gtaccttatt aatacagtat gtgaatcttt caacaccatt aggaggtatc     27360
     catgtcgctg tgcaaagtat gtaaatcact gtgaagactt taaaacttag gatgtttgac     27420
     ccagtatgcg tgtcaaaaag cggacgagtc taaagctatg actgtacaac cgaaatgttg     27480
     ccagttgtct gattttgaga ggatgggcca tcctctattt caactccact catcttggtc     27540
     tgctaacatt actgctgctg caatctgaac ccacgtgcga cagcaggtgg aacgtagctc     27600
     atgtgcaaac agctcaacta ataagagaaa acggacgtca tatcgtaatc aaatcgtcat     27660
     aacgccacga tgcatatcga gacatttttg catcgcaata aatcgtacaa tgataaatcg     27720
     ttacacccct actcgtgatg tattgcgaat cattacattg tgataacgat gccgaaatga     27780
     tatattgtgc agccctatcg tgcaacccta cttgtaatta taaactttat tttcacctgg     27840
     tgttgacttg ttgactgatg ttgatctgac cgcaagtgtt cagaaacgca ttatggcatc     27900
     tacagaaaag agaacatttc ctcatattat actactactt ctttactttc tcagagaaag     27960
     catgcatatt gtgagaaatt aatagtaata aagcaaaaat ttctgtctga ttgtcatatg     28020
     ccagctactt attctgaatc ttaattttac gttggattaa cccataagga caattggcta     28080
     tggtcatgat tatcatatat tatcatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     28140
     tttttttttt atcaattcct attactccca gacacttaaa atatgttgta ggcgtctcaa     28200
     aggaccttcc aaattcaaaa tttactacgt tgatagttgt cttaacatct agagccttaa     28260
     gcatgctctg ttgaggatgg tttataatca tgaccactca aatggatttg ttagtgatat     28320
     tgtatgtaga ttactaaaca tttagcatct aaaaccgtaa atgtgctaag tataagttac     28380
     ataagctttg aggattcggg acataacatc attcacaaca gagtacctta tcatgactaa     28440
     agcagtacgt tacgtttctt aaccctttat ctgtcaacac attttgagca cactcttgaa     28500
     aatgatattt gagtatcaat attgaagtta attttcttaa taaatatgta ctaaaaacct     28560
     ccctccgatt aaattgcttt tgattggact agtatatagc ttatatatga gataagctgt     28620
     tttcctctat atatagcctg aaaaacatgg aggacgatac tggagaaaca actttccagc     28680
     cacaagtctc ctgagtctca agtctattgt tctgtctact ttgtctatct actttggcag     28740
     ggcggctttg tctagtgggg cgttaggagt tggaagtagg caggtctgtc ctctgtgcac     28800
     cccccccccc cctacttttc cacacccata taaatgccct ctcgtaaaca caacccagcc     28860
     aataaaaaaa gaccctttgc tagacgggat tagctctccc ctgatttacc ccttaccctt     28920
     gtgtctggat ccaggactag gcaaaaaaaa aaatcagtat ttgcccaatg ctgttcagtg     28980
     aaataatgat aaagattcta aaaacaaata tattgtaggg attttataca cttattgtac     29040
     aaaaaaggtt aaaattacat gacaatcttc attgtaacac cacaatctat aataagtttg     29100
     tttgtttttt taaatagaag ttaaatagac taaactgttt tgattgcccc attacaatag     29160
     tcacttcgca gttaagtagg gttgtcgcga tactattaat tcacattacg atactatacc     29220
     agctgaagta ttgtgatacc aagtagcatt gcaataatat aatttatcat aactcaaatc     29280
     tataaaataa agaaaattgt cagaaatact atattttatg ttataacaga cctacttgaa     29340
     ttaaattcat aattccctta ttattgatga tcactttacc taaaatgcat tcgctcttat     29400
     tgttattttg tggataactg accaacaaaa atatattaaa ataaagatac aaattatacc     29460
     gaaatttgtt acaaaaagag caaattaggc tatatgaagt gatcaaattg tttcaatgtt     29520
     tcctgttttc tggctgtccc atccgtttgt tagatgtttg ctctcactta tttgcagtct     29580
     aaagcacttc aaatgcacaa aacaaccaat atgcgccaca gcaagtctaa tcgcatcttt     29640
     gcattgcctt cacatgttaa tcactcgcgc ttcatccgcg tctgcttact gcacagtctg     29700
     caaaacattt cctcctctct cgtttattgt attgattgtg aggacgcaag tgagatgtct     29760
     cttttgagag acactcaaat acatcacgtg cgctgcatat gcaatgtcta acgggattac     29820
     atggtttgac attagatgtt ttaagagatt atttaatttt ttgcgattat tttgcagatc     29880
     acaaaaattt gcgacttttt gttgattttt cgttggaatc agcgattgtg gaattgtgaa     29940
     aaactagggt gtttgtctat tttaaagcca ctcatttaaa gcttgactta tttaggacag     30000
     tggaatagta gagtgtacac tatttaatac tgaagctgtt ttgtagatat agtcttatca     30060
     ctacgtttgc actaatttaa atgcattcta accatacctg tcaacatagg tatgtgaaaa     30120
     taatggatat gcccaccaca ccaaagggat tcccactaca ccccctttaa aaattcctaa     30180
     aactactaaa tatgttaatt tggagctgct ttattgtaaa taaacagtta aatggtcagt     30240
     aatatcttta ttattattta caaaagaaaa aataaatagt atacattggc ggctaattag     30300
     cgaacagttc agcttattaa aattaatagc tattatatag aaatagaatc aagctatcaa     30360
     atcccactag ccgtttcttc actgtataac tcacacattc tgattaaagg gtaacaaatg     30420
     aatgattatt tagatttttt tcatttgatt acattaaata acagaggtgt cactttaaaa     30480
     atgctcacat cttacgttat aatgaaagca ttcttttgct ttcctaactt tttatgctca     30540
     tttaggatga aatttcttgt gtttggggaa aaaaatcagt ttaggaaaca gtgtctattt     30600
     aacactatag agtcagctga cagtcatata tggattgcat ataaaggggc ctaaaagcga     30660
     aagcacagaa cagactcgca tttaagagca agaggtggcc cctgggggtt cagcggtatt     30720
     ggttgagtat aagcaggctc ggctctttaa tgtttatttg ccacccttca gagaaacact     30780
     gaaaaaacag gagaaatatg ggatgatagc gggatagaac tgtaaaatat gtgagaatcc     30840
     cgggaaaaat gggagtgttg accggtatga ttctaactac gttaaaagtt gtgtacagtt     30900
     acagttttgt atgtgaaacc gccgaaagta aagggttaat atcttgtaac tgtcttctgt     30960
     aattaagtgc gtgatcactg cacgacagct gcaatcattg tgaatgcatg ccagcattgc     31020
     tcgggaaaaa tacctttatt gtgtttcaat gtgtacaata ttctggacat ggaataataa     31080
     tgctaatatt gatattagaa acttgctgtt ttactgtccc tgcatgaact gcaacaaaat     31140
     gtaaatgtaa aatgttttaa attaataatg aacaataaag tttattgcat ctcattaacg     31200
     aagtgtttat gtttttggct tgtgtttcac agacatactc aggactcttc tgcgtggtca     31260
     taaacccata caaaaacctc cccatatact ctgagaacat catcgagatg tacaggggca     31320
     agaagaggca cgagatgccg cctcatatct acgccatttc cgaatcggca tacagatgca     31380
     tgcttcaagg taagaccaca tttgtgaagt attccttcag attccttcct tttagtggct     31440
     ctatgtgtta gaaaaacagc acagaattct gcactccccc tgatgatact gcagtgaaaa     31500
     taatagtggc tgtgttgtgt tttcttaatc tttgttcagc attcgctttg atggatgtag     31560
     tgtagatgag accaccctgt gttgaattaa aaaaaaaaag tctctctctt ttgtgctttt     31620
     gagcaagact aaatttccta catgaattcc atactcaaag ctgtatctga acttacggca     31680
     agtttcagcc aaccttaaat tgtattggcg gtacactacc agacaaaagt cttgtcgcct     31740
     gtccaagttt taggaacaac aaaaaataac ttgacttcta gttgatcatt tggtatcaga     31800
     agtggctttt atgatgggta aaggcctcta gatttcactt attttaccaa aataaaatat     31860
     gttcatgatt tttaattact taattattat taaatgtgat attattaaat tattattatt     31920
     atttaattag acaaaactta cttagacaaa agtcttgtca cttaacagaa ataatgtaga     31980
     gtatcgaata taaagtcatg gtgcagtgga aaattaatta atattgtgta tgactgcatg     32040
     agcttggagg actggatcca tacatctctg caaagactca aagttattaa taaagtcatc     32100
     tggaatggca aagaaagctt cttgcaggac tcccagagtt catcaagata ctttggattc     32160
     ttctttaatg cctcctcttc catcttacct cagacatgct cagtaatgtt tatgtctggt     32220
     gactgggctg gccatttctg aagaatattg accttcttaa ctttctggaa ctttgatgtg     32280
     gaggctgaag tataaaaagg agcgctatcc tatcctaagt gttttcactc tcgtgtggtt     32340
     tgtaatgtaa tgggcagcac aaatgtcttg atacctcagg ctgttgatgt tgccatccac     32400
     tccgcagacc tctcgcactc ccccatactg aatgtaaccc caaaccatga tttttccctc     32460
     accaaacttg actgatttct ttgagaatct tgagtctata tgggttgcag taggtcttct     32520
     gctgtatttc ttatgattgg gatgcagttc aacagatgat tcctcagaaa aatcgacctt     32580
     ctgacacttt tccaaattat caacaagaag tcaagttatt atttgttgct cttacaactg     32640
     ggatttacga caggactttt gtcaggtagt gtacttagtt tgttacgcaa gcagaaatgg     32700
     attgatctcc atttccagta ctatctatta tatttcagtt tgtttttcca ctctgagagt     32760
     taaattgatt tctctgccac atctggtatt ctcagataag ccctgaggat ggaaagaaaa     32820
     agggctgagt ttttccgaat ttcactgcgg tgggtttgag ctttttttta ggcctgctgt     32880
     gcatgttgaa agataatata cttcagctac tactattaga ttctgtgttg ttcagctact     32940
     gacttgtgtt gatttagtga gtcaagattt tcaataaaac catgtgtcta atgcctctgt     33000
     ccatcattgt aagagctcag aaagtaagcc tcatcactcg tctacttgga caattgtttt     33060
     cttaactcag taaagcggat aggttaaggc tagttgtgac tggtgagatc agacttaact     33120
     ctgtgattcg gtcaaccatg cttctttttt tctaccactg tcataatctt taagtcatct     33180
     cttagtaaat ctggggcagt tggatatcgc agtgggcaac tgtctcacag attaagatgt     33240
     gtttggcaag gtgtgctcca ttacaactgt aatcatttca tctcttaact ctatttaatt     33300
     ctttctgcat tttggagtgt ttttgagtag cttatacaat cactgagctg caaatttagc     33360
     catgcataac tgtttgctca tactttttgt tcagatcttt tggacttgtt tggtgggcat     33420
     catggtttgg attgtgtttt ctgtttttta agatgcaaat ttaatggaaa aattgaattt     33480
     tcgagtgtgt cgagtgcagc ctgtttggcc tgtcgtgata aaaaaatata taaaataaaa     33540
     atagccctga atatatatac agttatattg tattacaagt tacctgacaa tttctttttt     33600
     tcctttacat ctcatataca cacatttgac ttcttacatt ggtgattctt cttagtagtg     33660
     aacaatcatt caaactttga attaaccaaa ttctttgggc atttggagaa agctttggac     33720
     attaatgcaa tgcagaatta tctcctgaag ctgacacata gtaggacaga gcagttgtcc     33780
     agatctgtca gaggccaggg aacaagagcc gtcccaggct gggaaggaga gctgacctgc     33840
     attgtggggt acaatatgtc ctttgtgtgg cgatagtggg ggggcagcac atagtgtgac     33900
     gtgctgggtc aagtgtggcc ggcgcacatg gatcctggtg tctgcctctg gaggaaacac     33960
     cccaacaatg ctgcacgcgc ccacttcatt agatctgcag ggattacagc agtggaacca     34020
     agctgtttac ttttcctctt gagacgtttc cttcatcatg gctcagttcc agtttttgtc     34080
     caagtgcact tgtggtttgt tgcattaata gttggaaacc tttctgttac actcttttat     34140
     cagaacacca aaaccatcca agttttgatc agactgtctg atatgctgaa ttaaagtgta     34200
     ataataactg gccattaggg ctgcataata ctgaaaaatt atgcgatgtt attgactatt     34260
     gctatttctt atctagaaaa atgctatttt tactagctat gtttttaaat tatttattta     34320
     tttaatgatg ttaaaataaa gtggtaatat atatattttt tttcttttct tttttttttt     34380
     aagtctaatt gattctagtt ccagctaaaa aaactgtgtc tgtgcaaaca tttagtcctt     34440
     aaaacattat gaatgagtgt aatcctcagc agacattccg actctgattg gctgttgcca     34500
     tcttcctccc ttgtcttgac tccagcctta agtattaatt tttagctctg ggttcacctt     34560
     tggaccgctc cagccaatag cagaacagca actactggac agacagggaa aaagatagtt     34620
     aggccccatc ttattggtca aatttagata aacaaccaat gcataaaata aattaaattt     34680
     ttcacaaata tctttgatac gtgtatagca tatgctatta tcacaataat gataatttaa     34740
     cgatattgtt agtgataaca aaaatgttta actataacaa tgtttcttgt gttattcatc     34800
     tttttttttc aataggaaaa ttctttctat attgcctttc tgggcttaga aatatccaca     34860
     aaagtcgcct gctaatcaat ttctgttcgg aagcagataa ccaatatatt gagagactga     34920
     taaatattaa gttttctcag cctcataata aataaatgaa aaaagcaggg gtaatttcat     34980
     ttaaatgcca taaaattgca aaaaaaaaaa aaacaaacat ctatgttatt ttcccaaaat     35040
     catttaaaat ttgtagttct taaatctttt ttttttgctc tcatagaaat atgcacaact     35100
     tcaacatctt attttccaat aacaacgctt taccattatg gctgccaata tattgtccat     35160
     cagtaatgta ttgtattggt caaatgtatt ggagtccagt ctaattgtag ttagttagaa     35220
     gttgttcagt tagaatttcg taggtgagac tgggttgcct tcccaaaatc aagtaatccg     35280
     tttattttta caaattttta tattgcaaga ataagggctg cactattaat tgaaataaga     35340
     ttgtgatctc gattcgaccc tacacacaat cttaatttag cttttctact attcagccaa     35400
     tcatattttc aaggtcagga gagaagcata aaggcggtcg cacaagtctt tacattgttg     35460
     tcaatgacag atgacaagca catgtctcaa acataaatca tcgttagaat tatgaatggt     35520
     catattctga tgtcattact ttactttgaa ttaacaaaca tgacaatatt taaagtccac     35580
     cattccaatt ctatacaaaa tttagcattt taaccaacag tagacctaca cacaggccta     35640
     atattactgt tgttttacaa tttgcagggt gtccgcgggg tcttaaagta ttctaaagtt     35700
     gataaatcaa atataagaaa attaaggccc ttaaaaggta ttaaagtctt aatcgcattt     35760
     ttatgagatc ttaatttttg ttcaaggact gtccaaagcg tttgactcca aaaaagcaca     35820
     aatatataaa ttttctttta aatattaaca ttggggtgct cgagccacat gatgagtttg     35880
     ggctggggcg cgtctggcct agggtcacgt aatttgcaac gctctgcaca tgtagccata     35940
     gagcaaaaca gatggcaaaa tgtaagtttg tgtactccta gttggagaaa gacgagttta     36000
     aacaatgact gaagactgaa gcctgtcgct gaaaacaacc acataattta ttctttgaag     36060
     ctttgtttcg tccgagctta tccgagttct gttgcatggt tgtgcttcat tgacttatta     36120
     aactacaact gtttattagc aaccgtttaa caagttaatg tttgtttact gattaaaact     36180
     tgaagctgca aatgaggtct ttaaatattc tgagaaggtc tttgaaaatt cttaaaaagg     36240
     taatgacatt atcattagga ttcgtgcata taccctgatt tgtttgcgaa ataacaatta     36300
     aaattgcata ctcatattaa cttttatttt acattcatag aattctgaga aaatagtgca     36360
     aaataaagca aagcaaaata aattgtgatt ctcattttaa ccagaactct gcagccctag     36420
     caggaattag tttagtctac tctcactaga catttgtagt gtgtgccctc ctctccagta     36480
     aatgcaatga actttgtgcg gttacttgaa tttgataaat tacaacaaaa atgttgtatt     36540
     tgtcatgttt catatgagat tacctgtgta gttgaagaaa tgttttcctt aacacaattg     36600
     acatgtactg tacctgataa tatatatcaa aacaacattt ttgtaagcca attgaatcga     36660
     gagcttgttt atcattatca aattcattca agtgttcaat ttagcactgt gcttgagtat     36720
     atttgtaaat catttttatt ttctgatatt caaattaaaa ggtttaatga aatttagctc     36780
     aggcaaaggt caattttaga atgtctccac cggatgcact tacacaaccg cacatctatt     36840
     cacatctgtc actgattagt gaactagcca taatctgcct gttgactgaa ctctgttatg     36900
     aagtgctaat tataacaact tgaagaactc tgaaactgct gatcttctct tctacaataa     36960
     catttttgga aaaggcccag acggtgcagc cactggagcg caggaatgtc agtggcaccc     37020
     gtcttttcta taagggatat ggaagctatg aaatctaaac acagtcacgg actggaaagt     37080
     tatgtctgaa acgtataatt acaatcttta aaactccagt cttccaacca cattttgccc     37140
     agtgtagagg cacacttaaa ttacaattac atcgagtccc caacttatca gcatgtagca     37200
     gaatgggttt tgtactatga tgtgggagtt ttttgtccca cctggtacta atacctgtgt     37260
     aatgagctgt aaattgtttc atgtcttttg aactcagtcc aggttgctgc aataaagacc     37320
     ttgtctatcc tggtctactg gaacataaag atcttgtgta gattatggtg actagagaga     37380
     ctctgtttca aaggcattcc aaggtgatct caaaaaacat ttttgtacct gttttagatc     37440
     aactctcctt ttttttagac tggataacta agaggtatta ctgaagagga ttttatatat     37500
     tgtttaccag tggcccccaa ccttttaatt acctcggacc ggtcaacgct tgatcggttc     37560
     accacggcct gggctggtgg gtatacttgg attactaggc aaatcaaccg ttttctcaca     37620
     agacttcaag ctgacaaaac attgctgcaa ctctgataca agttatattc tgggagaaaa     37680
     ttttaaaaaa gcacggcagt gtttgggtgt tctgtgtttg caggggtgga cttaaccaat     37740
     aagcagccgc ttagggcccc ggggaattag ggtcccccga ccaatgccaa gaagcctaat     37800
     caaatagctc ttttatacat tttctgtcgt atgttgtaaa atcttgagat tttttaaatt     37860
     aatttttttt ataaaatttt gtagagactc taatgtgtct gtgccattcc taatgttact     37920
     cttcacggcg aggtgcgggt gatgccgtca gactcttgcc ctgcctcgga gcactcaagg     37980
     tggcacagtg ccacacagcc atctctcaca cctgcaggat tgggagtaga tcgttcctct     38040
     gcataccggc agcaaatgtt ttagcactgt gagcgtgagg tatttgggat agtcaaatcc     38100
     atctgcttct actctgtttt aaatataata atttaaatga accgtttatt atttttttac     38160
     tgttgttagt gaccagagta gatcagagta gaggtaggta aagtgtgcaa gagtgagaat     38220
     tttgagaaca tgtggggaaa aaaatagaaa tgggacaaac aatgaaacgc agcttcatcc     38280
     gtgatcctgc tgcgtggccg aaacataatt tgtgagttta ttgcctttaa ttgttccttg     38340
     gcagttgctt cattgggtct tttccccttc gcaaagtaac tttccaagat gtctgtttca     38400
     tacttccttt gctagcttgt gggttaaatt ttagcgctca agtgaacgag ataaaactga     38460
     gagaatacgg tcgtttttca aaataaaata ttttttcaaa ataaaggatc gttcgggctc     38520
     aaaaaagact gtccagcaaa ccacacgcag tgaattgtgc agagttcctg tgtttcttag     38580
     gtagttggag tattttcatt acttgcactc gcctccctcg ccatagtaag cttctgtaat     38640
     atagcgcata tgagataaat gacatcagta tgtaataacc ggttaggatc tattactaaa     38700
     acgatactga attgttcgcg tctgcaccaa ggtgcacaga tgaaacaatt aattgtgaca     38760
     cccctaatgg tttccatact ttatcagttg acattattat gatataacta taattgccat     38820
     atcatctggc ttacactaca aatatttatt acatttcaaa tttttcaaaa ataaaacatt     38880
     cgttccaagt tacatgtata atatgtctgg ttagtaaact atattgttta aatgtaaagt     38940
     tcacccagta attaaagtgt actcttcctc gagtggttcc gaacatttga gttgattttt     39000
     ttctgttaaa cacaaaagaa tatattgtga aaatgttaga aacctgtaat tgtctatatc     39060
     gataagtagg aaaaacaaat actttggaag tcaacagatt tatggattat tatagaagtc     39120
     aacattttat ttatttattt attttatttt atttttttat attttgtgtt caatagaaag     39180
     agaaactcaa aaaggtttgt gacaagtcaa ggttgagtaa atgatgagag aattttcagt     39240
     tttgggtaaa ctatctacat tcctccagac tgcatttgca gtagatgggc tctttattct     39300
     ttcgccgatg cttgtggttg catagtgctt aagttcatgt gaatgattca cccataacaa     39360
     tttgtcttag cgcctatagt tgaagtcaaa aagattaggc gtcctgtgaa cttttaaacc     39420
     atatttacca aatgatgttt aatagagcaa gtaatatttt acagtatttc ctaaaatatt     39480
     ttttcttttg gagagaatct agaatatcag ctcgaataaa agcagtttaa ttttttataa     39540
     aaccatttta agttcaatat tattagcccc cttaagcaat gttttttttc ccgattgcct     39600
     acagaacaag ccaacgttat gcaaagactc gcctatttaa tctagttaag actttaaatg     39660
     tcactttaag ctgaatactc ttatcttgca aaatgtctag taaaatatta tgttctgtca     39720
     tcatggccaa gataaaagaa atcagtgatt agaattgagt tattaaaact tatgtttagt     39780
     aatgtgttga aaaaattctg gaaattggaa atacacaggg gggctaataa ttttgacttg     39840
     aacttcaact gtatgtgctt gttttttgtc tgttcacatt tgatattatt cacgtcgtat     39900
     gaaaatattg tgtttaaata tttctaaaaa tgtcacttcg ctttgttaaa ggctaagttt     39960
     acctgaaaat gaaaattgtg ttattaatta acctcctatc gttataatgc cttgagacct     40020
     ttgttcatcg tcgaacacaa atgaagacaa atgaatgatt ttacaaatta aaatctgaaa     40080
     gctttcttat tcttattctc agtccttgct gattttgttg gtaccattgg catagaacga     40140
     tgatcattga acttcctgta catttgtgcc aaaatctttg aactgcaagg catgaaataa     40200
     cagaagagag agaattaaag tctatttaaa cagcagtcag tgtggttaat ttaacgattt     40260
     tctcaactca tttgacaggg ttgcttgtct agacttaggt ctttgcttga ggcacttggt     40320
     aataaacaga aaacctcttt atgtgattgt tttaataatg ctcaacgatt atttttttgt     40380
     tttgtttaga ctttgaacat ttacggacat aagggtttac cacggttgtt tgtgtctgat     40440
     ggccatgacc tttgaggtgt ttgttttttc agtagtttga gtcactcctc aaacacaaca     40500
     ggatcaggaa aacaactgcc ctcctacact acatggctac agtatcccat aatgcttctg     40560
     tgaactgagc ctctgacaat gcagatgaga tattcttagc ttgctaaata tcagctgata     40620
     ccatgatgct tcatcattta attccaacgg tccgggtctc tgtttttatc tcctgtctgt     40680
     atgtagattg gattttaagc aaccgcatgt ttataatatc agtaatatag ttaggatgta     40740
     atgaaatcac taagtgcttg tattctgaag gtgtttagtg atggtggcaa acatgatggt     40800
     gttgtttgtt atagagctgc agtcttcagt ggtttctgat caggccatat ctggctcgtc     40860
     tcgtcagtag agtagctact gagtcatatt tctctgtgtg tgtgtgactg actggcttgt     40920
     cacgttaaac agctacatgc tacattcctc cacactgcat ttgcagcaga tgggctcttt     40980
     attctgtcgc caatgctttc ggttgccctc ttgttacata gtgcttaagt tcatgtgaat     41040
     gattcaccca taccgatttg tcttagcgcc tatagttgaa gtcaaaacga ttagacgtcc     41100
     tgtgaattaa aaaaaaatat ttaccaaatg atgtttaaca gagcaaggaa tttttcactg     41160
     tatttcctat aatatttttt cttctggaga aagtctgatt tgttttattt tagcttggat     41220
     aaaagcagtt taatttttta taaaaccatt ttaaggtcaa tattattagc cctcttaaac     41280
     aatttttttt tgattgccta atgcctacag aacaaaccaa cgttatgtaa tgactcgcct     41340
     atttaatcta gttaagcatt taaatggcac tttaagctga atactcttat cttgaaaaat     41400
     atatagtaaa ctattaagat ctgtcttcat aaaataaaag aaatcagtta ttagaaataa     41460
     gttattaaag ctattatgtt tagaaatgtg ttgaaaatct tggaaatata caggggggct     41520
     aataattctg acttgaactg tatatgtgct tgtttttttg tctgttcaca attgatattt     41580
     ttcacattgt atgaaaatat tgtgtttaaa ctgtttctaa agaatctcac tttccctttt     41640
     gttaaaggct aagttcacac gaaaattaaa attgtgttat taacctccta tcgtcataat     41700
     cccttgagac ctttgttcat cgcccgaaca caaatgaaga aattttacaa attaaaatct     41760
     gaaagctctc ttattctcaa tttacagcag aagacatggg ccggtatacg attctgacgg     41820
     tatgataacc ttgggtaaaa ataccatggt ttcactgtat tatgggaacg gtagaacaga     41880
     acattttcgc ggtattaaaa ccttgacttt tccaaaccgc agtaaacctt gaaaccagtt     41940
     atcgtcccat gcccagcagt ggtcccagaa cttttaaagt ccagaaaaga aagttgtcaa     42000
     ctttcaatgt gacttcagtg gttcaaatgt aagcatgtga atctataatg tcgtgttcac     42060
     actagacgtg gcacatgcga atacattgcg ctgtttgtgc gtaaatagac atgtgaacat     42120
     tgagcttatt tacttcattc gtgcgtcaaa ttcgctttac aatagacatg gattcacgtc     42180
     ataaacaggg ctttttttgc ccggtgactc tagttttgtt gctaaatcgc taacatggat     42240
     tttattcaga gagtagctgt gtcttgtgtg cttaggaatg ctgaaaaaca gtgtagattc     42300
     atgagtgtct gagtccacta gatccattct gaggtgaacc caactctatg agttcaataa     42360
     ctcctccaga aactatacct ggatgatgga agctttcatt gatgttttcg cagtggccga     42420
     ggccattttg atgagctatt gtccggtgtc ggctggagga tttcccctcg gtgcaccaac     42480
     agcaggccct acatcataat cacaccccta taagagcaag ctcctgattt gttatatggc     42540
     acgaatgtcc gataaagttc agattttcca aaacgagcaa ttcacgcttt tagtgcgtca     42600
     aatgtttaaa cactcaattt gcatctcctc atttgcacga atagcgctgc aggatgtcta     42660
     ttcacttctt tgcattgact taacatgtaa atcacttgcg cttgacgctt catctgcatc     42720
     tggtgtgaac acacaataag aacgcagact attaactttg tacttgtttc tgtgtattag     42780
     atttgtgcat taggtcttaa aggaacagca gcctgtaatc tgttccgata attttaatcc     42840
     aaagtttttc ttaatgtaac tccactattg tctgcacacg gttagtattc accttattct     42900
     tcacgtacga ggaggtgtag ccatatgaat ctttttggct ttagacttcc gctctcattc     42960
     acttccatca tttttagacg ttaaaaaggg cttgttatgc tgcttgatgt tgcaaactga     43020
     tattttctta ttatattatt ctacttggtc tgtatagtca tggaaatact tcaaatcact     43080
     tttattgtca catcatcagc agcacgtgtg ctatgagtga aaaacttgtt tgtagagcaa     43140
     gtagtttgac cgttttctga tgtagttttt attcctagtc atttctccca tatgcagctg     43200
     aatgcgaagt cctaaaacaa tcacaaaaac gagcgcacct tgcattgaag aataaggtca     43260
     attggacctg ctaacaaagc ctgtatacaa catgtctata attccaccca ctttaaagct     43320
     gtactaaact gcagtgtaaa tagtatttat acatggtgag agttgcagac tttgtctatt     43380
     atctttaagc atggtctaat cttcctgaga agtccagttg accgttgttt tgttcacttt     43440
     gggctttact ttcaccttgc atcaccaatt gtggtgaacc agacccgatt gtctgaccag     43500
     tttgtaaaca ctgcctctgt catcatcact gttcgaaatt aacacattat taaaataatt     43560
     tcctacactt ttgcagctct atgcacttat ttttgcactt atcaaggttt tttttgttca     43620
     ctgctataaa gtgaagtttt tttccctctc tgctgtcgcc actggctcgc atggttcagg     43680
     attggtagag ctacgcatcg atgaattttc tcttcagtgt ttgaactctc agtaatgatt     43740
     ttaaatcaca ctgaactgag ctaaactgaa ctgaacttaa acactaaaaa ctgaactaca     43800
     ctgttccagt tactatgacc atttatgcga agctgctttg acacaatcta cattgtaaaa     43860
     gcgctataca aataaagctg aattgaattg aattgaactt attagcagct cttttgttaa     43920
     attataaatg catgtctgtt gtcatttctt tcagctgcat tttcatgttg cttttggttt     43980
     gattggaggc acaattctct tttagtagca ttgtgaactt tgttttatat aaaaactggt     44040
     ttcagatgtt gaactcattc ctgctcgagc acaatgtttt atttgttttg tgtcgtcaac     44100
     tgaaattgtt ccaaaatctg tgggatccta ttcgaattct gttcatgcac aaatgttttt     44160
     gatcaattct tccatgcttt atgcagttcc cataaacagc gccacatttc agtacagcca     44220
     ttaaaagtgt caataaactg tatttgttaa aatcagttgt taagtaagga cttgagtgtg     44280
     ttttctgtcc agcagcttag tttactagtc caagcacatg cacacataag atagtgtaat     44340
     gaatgcttct gcatcccgtg ttgctgaggc caatgtgact tttgtgcggt tttctctttg     44400
     tgtctgtgtc caccctcctc tctctggggt ctggcagcga tgcagtttgg tatgttagga     44460
     atgtgtcctg ttgtaggtta atccagcaga agggggtggc gggtggggtc gggtgggcca     44520
     gctgaggggt gcaaagtgag aatttggagt tgcagctcgt attgtcagac tggaggtctg     44580
     ggcagaataa acactggcac cctaatatgt tacctagata tcttaacttt agagctttgg     44640
     gttatagaaa agcacattat aaattaaaat atattattat taatattagt attagtttta     44700
     ttattattat ttttattagt attagagaaa ggtttataaa aggcttgggc ggtatccaaa     44760
     ttttgacatt atcaaatctc ctccctttac ctcggtattc ggtattatca tgcataataa     44820
     aaaaaaataa tatgacgtaa ggctcagaca acgtcaccaa actgctgtac agtgtatgcg     44880
     accttaggtt cgcggttacc tgtttgtctt ttttgtatta gagatctgtg cgggacgctc     44940
     tctcattcgc acgcacgcac gcacgcacgc acgcacacac acacacacac acacacacac     45000
     acacacacac acacacccac agagagagag agacggcacc aagtgatgca cagcaccaca     45060
     tttctctctc attcattcac ttactcactc actcacacac acatacacac acacatagag     45120
     agagagcacc aagcgacaaa gagctttaca ctctcacata cacatgcata cacacacaca     45180
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca gcatccatgc ggatgcgcgc gtgctcgctc     45240
     actcgggagc gatattgtta gacagctctc ccgctttctt tcaaattaca ccagagttac     45300
     caaccgctct cgtgctttat tcagaaattt attcctgcac cacaagtaat ctggttggct     45360
     cccgtggtac agcgggattg cagacctcta gttcgtattt accacgtcta ccacgtttac     45420
     cacgtaacca cagatacagg gacactggag cattttaaaa ccctagtgcc atgcctcctt     45480
     tttaaaaatg taacgttttc gaatgattga acgtgtacaa attcataaga attagccact     45540
     aaactgacaa aagtattgta atatatacat ataaaatata aatagttaag taaaatgttg     45600
     tttgctggtc gtccaaacct cttattaaaa cacaattctt gaggattttt ggggacaatt     45660
     gaattatttt gttcaatcta gttaaatttg tgaaaactaa agtctggttt atacttctgc     45720
     atcgagtgat cagcttgacc catgtcacat gccttgtgta ttgccctgca tttatacttc     45780
     tgcgcccggt ttgtgttgct ctgcaataat acttccgaaa cgctagctgg cagtaagtgt     45840
     ttcgtgttcc tctgtattgt gtttcttcgc tggtgttttg ttttttctga acgtgacctt     45900
     aatgtagaag tagctcaaac gcacttattt tgtggcatga accgggggac gtgcaacaac     45960
     tttaatcata aggtaaaaca acagttttca tctgacgctc cttcatggga atccacacct     46020
     gtaaacacct gtaaatccac acccacactc gtcagcgtta tgaccaatca ctgaacttgc     46080
     gctacgtgtc gttgtgacat gtagttaaat tttttgagag gtgcgcatca gcgatggcca     46140
     caggcatgtg tccatatgca ggctgtgccg gagcataagc gtgcgcttga agcagaagtg     46200
     taaatcagcc ttaataattc cgtcatgttg ccccaacaca aattgattgc ctggaaccca     46260
     gagtttttta aagtgtttaa gcacatttac atgtgaactt aatcttcaga tctgctctga     46320
     gattcacact gcaagctttt tacagtttta tgtaagagaa gcgattgata gattgtgtac     46380
     acacaaaaac tgttgtcatt aaaggcatcc tgtcaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gttatacttg     46440
     gaaattgttg ctgatatgtc tgcgcagtgg attgcacttc tcttgtaata gtgtttaaaa     46500
     ctttttgtta tattattaat cattgttaat aaatagttca ttagacataa ttgtttctta     46560
     agtttatttt gactggaatt aaatgatttt caagaggaaa gaagtaaaat atttgggatc     46620
     ctaaaatgta tttattacac ttattaaatt cttaatatta aaaagtgtta taatttattt     46680
     catttttaat tgaagtattt taatttcatt ttaattgaat tgatgaaatt ttctatagta     46740
     cagaacatgt aagaaaaggc tttgtttaat agtaagttat atgtttttaa agtttgcatc     46800
     cattttctta agaattcgct tccttaatgt cagaaacatt taatcacttc agaatcatga     46860
     aactcttcca gttcagatca gatgtagaac taatcaatga acaaatcaaa taaaaacctg     46920
     aagtatgcaa gttattgtat actgaccaaa tgttgacaca ttacaatgat agccggttac     46980
     aactatcaga taatgttcta tgagtgctcc atttcattct taattattat tttcacacac     47040
     ccctatctca ctctgcctct gttttgcctg tctgcgtatt ctggcatcac tttaatcagc     47100
     catttattat tcagagaagt gtcgctaagg ccttgacaaa ggatgcagtg aaaagaagtc     47160
     aagaggcttc tcttgactcg attatatgct tctcttttct gcagctgtgc tgataggaga     47220
     ggccattctt cagaatcctg ggctgccata tctgtgtgtc tgtatcagag gccgatagtg     47280
     tcatgaacat tcacagaggt tgatgtacac cacacaaaag gaagcgtctc tgaatggcct     47340
     ccaccccagc aactgcttcc agttcatgtg acccaagcct tgaacttttt atctaaaaca     47400
     aaagagtttt tcctagttct gcttaaccct tatgtgctgt gggatgtttt catccacttt     47460
     aggggttttg agttctgatt tggccacaac tttttttgtg ttttagcaaa tggaatgatt     47520
     ttggtgacaa cagtcgacac atattctggg aaaattcttt aaaaattaaa aacaattaac     47580
     aataaattgt gggcaaattg acaaactttc cggtatgttc gtgggtgttt ttgccacatt     47640
     gacttccatt ataattacat tttttgattg cctagccatg acacctggcg tcccagtggc     47700
     gcagtaggta gttcgctggt tcgaacctcg gctcagttag cgtttctgtg tggagtttgc     47760
     atgttctccc tgcgttcgct tgggtttcct ccgggttctc tggtttcccc cactgtccaa     47820
     agacatgcgc tataggtgaa ttgggtaagc taaattgtcc atagtgttcc tgttgattca     47880
     tccatgatga cactttgagt tattaaattc ttcagttttt cagctttata tcttttaaac     47940
     taaacacgtt gcacatttcc ttttatggca ctattcttct cttccacatt ctcttacgtg     48000
     tttggcctct gaaacaaggg cgagttctca aatgttggac ttctagtgag caaactagtc     48060
     caggtggagg aaaccccata ccgaggatct gcccagctgt agatcctctt catttcagtt     48120
     ggccctgacc tcctgccgac tgcacaggaa agcagtcagc actattttat cttcaggcat     48180
     cctccgttcc cataggtaga cttagttaaa tactcccacg tcccattagc agactacgga     48240
     acccaatcct ttccaagcca ataaggatga agtcaattgc ttttggcgtt ctgaacgact     48300
     acacactgca gttaaagagt ttgatgaatc ttctccatga aagtcctttg aggtgtgtaa     48360
     attatgtata aaacagtcag tattctgact gctttagtag agcggtgatc agtctactat     48420
     atgaggcttt caagagcaca gctggtgttt tatttggaaa aaaagttctt ggatgtcttc     48480
     atgtaggctg attcacacta agtgacatgt atcttgacgt aaacaaaaga acaactggta     48540
     atgtgcattt gctaataaat acctttaaag atgatttttc tcagtgtttt tactttttaa     48600
     aatactactt tgactcagta ttttttttct tttttttttt tggaatattc aaattctaga     48660
     tttttaaata attgtgtgtc taccaaatcc tgtcctatcc taacaaaccg tgcattagtg     48720
     acaaacttta gtgcaccaaa acaattttat agatttgttt taatatatat agattatgtt     48780
     tgtattaatt gttttgttct attttttatt attttatttt atataatatt attttatata     48840
     atataatttt tatttaattt tatatgtttt ttatattatt ttatataatt ttatataatt     48900
     tttattattt tattttatat aatattatat ttcattttat tttttttata ttattttatt     48960
     tgttttttta tattatttta tttttattat tttattttat ataattttat cttattatta     49020
     tttttaattt ttaagttttt atattatata atattattta tttattttgt atgttttatt     49080
     atattatttt tatttaattt tattttttag attattttac tttacgtttt attttattat     49140
     actgttttat tttatattat gttattttga ttatttttat tttgtttaat tttagatttt     49200
     attttatttt gattattttt tatttatttt aatagttttt tttattttta ttttgttata     49260
     ttttatatta tattatataa tattttaatt atatatattt tttttgtttt ttatacaaat     49320
     ttttttatat ttgtttttta tattttattt tattttatat tatttaattt tctatatttt     49380
     tattatatat acttcattat attttattta gttttgtttt attatatttt attttatgtt     49440
     atattgttct atattttatt tttattattt tttgtttgat tttattttta ttatgtttat     49500
     gtatttattt atttattttt cttttatgct ttaagcaaaa gttgtctgtg actacctttt     49560
     ttgtggagtg ggttggccag gtttatctta tctagtgctt cttggttcca ccagacacac     49620
     acaaatgcca gaagtttcaa ggatggcctg tactcggcag ctatctgata ccacaagagc     49680
     aacagtttaa cagtgacatg aagttattta tctgcatcat tagcaacatt ctgcagctac     49740
     agattcggga actaagacac cacccaaatg atcacttgga agagctccca gtgtggatgt     49800
     gtgttcagtt gtgtacattt agcagaccat agtttgcaca cataatgtat tcgagtgaat     49860
     cacagcatgc agagagctgt taagctctaa taaaaggctt tattaatcat ctaaggaaat     49920
     aatcaataag gaaacaaatc attattaagt gtgtgtgtgg gatgcaccaa accatcctaa     49980
     aacatcgagt actgtgtatt tgactttgaa actaatgcag aggaagcagc ttgctctttg     50040
     taagcttatt aaatcagacg tcctgcatga ggatattaag ttgtatattg aatctgatga     50100
     tctttgtcca ctcaaatgtt ctctaccgct acagattggg cttgacctga gcccgctgtg     50160
     tcctgacatt gtggccaata ttggctgtag tttcttaata ctccaaaccc atttacccac     50220
     tgtccactct ttgatttaaa tgagctgaag ttactgcttt cactgcactt aaagcacatc     50280
     agaggctttg tagatctctt gtgttcgtgc cagtagcttt ggtttggcag agttgttctt     50340
     taactctttc cgtttgggaa gtgatcttca taacaagtgc agaatataag agatagcttt     50400
     gaagttactt tcgaatctaa atgcataaaa tattacgtat atcacatgat gccttccatc     50460
     ttgctcttgc agaggtttag tatcattgtt taagaaatga ttacttgctt cagaatttgt     50520
     tgaaatcaca aaatgatttc atttctttga aagactgact tgtttatgaa gtgagatttt     50580
     acagatgagt gagtaaccca ctttaaataa agcctagatg cgactcgact ggtttcccag     50640
     atgttttttt gcctctgatt ttagtccagc acagcatttt cagttggcgc tcatttccat     50700
     tttctaaatg tctttctctg tgctgtgttt tctttaacta aaactttcca tctgtcaaat     50760
     aggcagaata gtcataatat accaggtttg gtttatgcaa tttcgacagt ttgaagttat     50820
     aggcgaagac aaataaatct taaaataggt ttatcgtttc tgttacccca ttgtgatagt     50880
     cttctgtatt tgatttagct tattatgatt ttatttgctg atttaaatag tactgggcaa     50940
     taaaatctgt atcgatattt attgatccaa caccattgtc aatattgatt attttgggta     51000
     taaagcgcta tagttttatt taaatgtggc tgctgagtgc atgccttgga agcagtgcca     51060
     acaagcatag agtgcaagtt tcatacggag tcatttctaa ttaagggtgc tttcacacct     51120
     acactttttt cgaaacgtat ctcgtttgcc cagttagcgc ggttcgtttg gcatatgtga     51180
     acagggcaat cgagctctgt tccgcgccaa agtaatcgct ccaagaccgc atgaatgagg     51240
     tggtctcggc tcgattgaaa cgaaccctgg agcggttcga ttgccgtgag aaagcgatcc     51300
     gatccaagcg cggttatatc acagtgtttt atggatatgt tataggaata cggctatatg     51360
     aagagagaat tatgagtatg gcaggaagtt tcgcgagtct ccggatgccc gctaacgagt     51420
     gatgatctcc cggtaatctc gcgtctccct cccggtcctc aaataggcat cgtcgcgcac     51480
     ccttctcacc cctccccgcc gcatctctcc tcagacacgt cgcgcgccac accctgtcaa     51540
     tcaccaccaa accaccacct ctcctgacag cttagcagga cactgcaaaa taaaccctga     51600
     cactctgacc aatgtgagga gagttaaatc acatgtcact tgttttagct cttttagtct     51660
     gattagaaac tttgcagtgt gaaagcgaac cgcaccaaga gcaaagagca acaatgtaac     51720
     atttgtaatc tctgtttcgg aacaactgaa tcgattcaca ggtgtgaaag caccctaaga     51780
     cacgtgacgt gcatgacgcg cacatgggag tgaaccgtgc gcatttttta gccacaccta     51840
     gttaaaaaaa catctcaact tttctgagtg ctgtgagtgc accgcgatac atgcaagtag     51900
     aacgaaccaa tctgcttcac actttgtatg aatatacatg tttcagtaac cgcagactaa     51960
     ttacctcaga caaacacagc gcagcaaagg tttgtccatt tgtcatcctc tgagaaattg     52020
     gttgatggtc acctactgta gttacaagtg acgccaaggg acttcaggtc tggtcagaat     52080
     aacaacacat gtgaaaatga gtgccgtata gcagcagtga ggagattgta aattaaaaag     52140
     ggtgtaagga tgtcaccaga gtggcttttt ggtttctttt attgtgcatc ccagccacta     52200
     gctccctatc agaaatatct ttatcatagg gggtaatgta gtcattcaac ttcatttgta     52260
     atgttgcagt ttgtatttga ataatgatgg ttgcttcctt tacttgaaag ctcagatttg     52320
     atcatcataa tttgtgttgt tgacagagtt tgaagtgtac tgtattcttt gaggtttact     52380
     gtacggagtt cacaccttaa agtttgcttt gattgttcgg tgtttacgct ttaccaatgc     52440
     acacactttg taacatttta tttatcaagt ttaagggtct ctttaacact tctgtttatt     52500
     ttattataaa gagatcagat attttgtttg aatatttttg tttttgacta caaaaatttg     52560
     ccttagtaat gtcgcttaac atttttatta cgttaaatac attaaaacaa tactaatttt     52620
     tctaaatgta ttgttaaaaa attcaataat tattgatatt aattgatatt aaacatgata     52680
     tcgcgatata atgtaatgta aaatgtaaaa aattattgat ttgaaataaa accttccttc     52740
     aaaatgctga ccttttcttc cctctgtctc tttttttttt ttttgcagat cgtgaggacc     52800
     aatcaattct ttgcacgtga gtaactgtta agtcatatct cttcagcagg ttgcgtcagt     52860
     cagtctggac taatggaagt gatgtcagaa atcagtgttt ttggaatcaa acacgtaaag     52920
     acagacatgt ctgagtcatg tattttttcg gtattgaata tcagtagctg cagctgtttg     52980
     gcatgtgaag catctcacac caagtcatgt ctgtctgagc attcacggat ggaaatatca     53040
     gccttagatt gatttaatca tgtcttcttt gacgttgtaa ataagtaaac atcctctctt     53100
     atatcatggt gtcactgtaa aaggttatga gagtagattt tagcatcttt ccctcaaagt     53160
     tgtccccttt tgacatactg atataccact gcagcacatg ccgtcctgca cacccactat     53220
     gcagacatga tgtccatgaa gccatatgtc catgtagctg gaatgtatat taaaggaatc     53280
     tcacactcag cagcttaacg gcaaataaaa agcagacatg ccaagtgctt ttacacacaa     53340
     catacattta tcatttattc tgaaacactc aagacttaat ctcttttgtg tgaaagcaca     53400
     tctttaatag cataacggcc aaactgttct gttttataca ataaaaatgg tgtccccggt     53460
     taatggcttt gcatgttatg cgcaaatcgt attactcaaa tcatcgcaaa ttacataaat     53520
     acattttgta taggtatctt gagagccccc tctttgtaaa aaatactacc gtgacataaa     53580
     gttacagtat gaatgtttcc ataatcatcc taaactcaat ataagtgtct cttatgagca     53640
     gcttttgtgt gattcaccca tttttatgag attttgcttt tgtatttcat tagataaatc     53700
     cactaataag taaatgactt tacagttctg cgtggaaaaa gtctgcctga gtctttctaa     53760
     aggttgtttt ttccatttat gggccgattt tgggagatga atatttggat aagaagaacc     53820
     atatttctca catatgtatt atacagtgtt tatgataaag tcctaatagc ctcatgagct     53880
     ccagtgatat tatgaaagaa ttttaatgtt tacttaataa aagccattgt gcaatttgct     53940
     agcaatatag gccaaattcc cctcagtaaa gagctgcagc tggaaaaaca acatacagtt     54000
     taagtcagaa ttattagagg ccctgtcccc ccccctcccc cctcccccca tttctcttta     54060
     acgtagagaa gatttgttta acacatttct aaacataata gttttaataa ctcatctcta     54120
     gtaactgatt tattttctct ttgtcatgat gacagtaaat aatattttac caaatatttt     54180
     tcatgatact tctatacagc ttaaagtgac atttaagggt ttaactaggt taattaggtt     54240
     aactaggcag gtaattagtc aagttgatgt ataaatgtag actatcgaaa aaaatttgcc     54300
     taaaggggct tataattttg tccttaaaat ggggttaaaa aattaaaaac tgcttttatt     54360
     ctagccaaaa taaagcaaat aagactttct ccagaagaaa aaatgtaatc agacatactg     54420
     tgaaaaatgt ctttctctgt taaacatcat ttgggaaata ttaaaaaaat aaaaatcata     54480
     tgggggctaa taattctgac tccaactgtt cctgtgaaac gtcggcgcag tagccttgtg     54540
     gttagcgcac tgacatatgg tgcagtagca cgtctagagt tggaatccca gctcgaggac     54600
     atttctcatc cctaccccct ctctctctct cccacttcgc ttcctgtctg aaattctgtc     54660
     ctatccactt aataaaagca aaaaggccaa aaataaatcg taaaaaaaaa aacatacttg     54720
     tgaaaatggt attatagtta atgaaaacga acaaaaaaaa aattaagcta gaattgaaac     54780
     acatttttgt taactgaaat aaaaataaaa aggagagtaa aaaaaaaact agttaaaaaa     54840
     actagaacta actaaaactg catcctgtct gaactaaact aactgaaact aactaaaatt     54900
     ataccaaaaa cattcttcgt tttcttcctt gtagttgtat gaaatacata aggcttttag     54960
     aagtaaatta atttatttcg tgatgccagt tttacacaag gtgtttgacc atacagcgct     55020
     tcggagtctg taatcctgat gccattggcc agatcaagcc agtcctcctc cagtcagatc     55080
     cttgctgttg ctaccgtgac aaaagcaatg agtggatata acagcaacac agtgacgatt     55140
     ttaaatatga cccgagcaga cagttaaaag tattcattta acacatttat gtccaataat     55200
     ggattttatt tccgtattag tgctctcgat cgtgaacaaa tcattctttt ttatggtgaa     55260
     actagctgaa tttaaaaaca aaaagtcaaa actaagtaaa aactaaaact aatgaaaaat     55320
     ctcaaactat tataaccatg acctgtgata cagcagcttg aatccattga tcaaacaaat     55380
     gtgcataaag atggtcctaa tcttttttgt gttttgggtg tattatatgt gtaatgacat     55440
     gagttgatgg ttgctttgat tgctaatttt tcttgcagcg gagaatcagg tgctggaaag     55500
     accgaaaaca ccaaaaaagt catccagtac ctggctcacg tcgcatcatc tcacaaagga     55560
     agaaaggacc acaacattcc agtgagtttc ttttctcttg gctgtcctca gagttaatga     55620
     ggaggattaa tataggcgtg atgttggggt attctgggaa aggcttcagc aaggtttttg     55680
     ctgagcagaa aatacagtag gcttgcatat taaaatctca cttagtttta ttgacttatt     55740
     tagaaggttg aaaaaaaaaa actcaaaaaa gaaatctcaa agtaaaatgt agacatgatt     55800
     cttttaatgg tctggattag tgagaggttt tttaaaataa ttttttttct cattttaatc     55860
     ttaatcagtc gtttggaagt gtttgtactt ggggtgggaa aaaatcaatt cacagatgga     55920
     tccatgattt ttctctaatg attttgaagc tattctcaaa ggttattata ttgcaataat     55980
     gtatgcctgt gggccttttt ttattcaaaa ataattgttg aacataattt ttatataaag     56040
     attattagtt ttaagagatt tatttgtgaa aaggggttat aaacaacaac aacaatttat     56100
     atgaaatagg aacttttttt tccttaattg ctctttttaa tctgacattt caatgttata     56160
     ttcagaaatt atagcactac tgttatagat tccaatcata cttctattat ggtttaaatg     56220
     taaagttgaa aagatgtatt tgcactgtcg aacaattagg aaaacatgca tagagaatcg     56280
     atttataatc gaatcgtgac tcccagaagt gcctaaagat cccaacactt agtttgtagt     56340
     gtgaatgttg ccctccagga tttcgtggga cttttttctg aagtttctaa ttttcctgta     56400
     gcttttctta acatttgcag caatgtttgt ggtcttattt tgtgttgatt tgctgtaaaa     56460
     aaaattatac cacagacaaa tgtctttatt aaatataatt tttattactc ccagaaccca     56520
     gtgtctgggt cttgaactta cagtacattt aaaggatact gtatgtttaa aaaagggcta     56580
     ataattctga cttcaactgc tggtaaatgg aaacagaagc cacctactat caggatgtgt     56640
     gtaaaataat ggctaagcga gggttgtttg cgtccacatg gcctttgttt tgggtaaatc     56700
     catgtcatga tgacgtcata aaaaaaacgc caaattttac agagtttgct ggattttgcg     56760
     ataaatccag cgattgcgaa atcatgaaat cctggaggga ctgactattg ctctaatttg     56820
     gctgcaagtc aattacagtt aatgcgttca cactgtgtac cacacatggt ggagtttcgt     56880
     gattatttgg tttctttagt gatactattg cacttttatt tatgatactg aacataatgt     56940
     acatcagtta tcacaatgat tggtcccact attagatata atacactaat atgcacttca     57000
     atcacagaca atacagtgta ataggccttt attaaaaaga aagatgcaaa aactaaattt     57060
     aaacaataag cagttacatg cagcaaaaga agtcacacag attccttgtg gcactgcaca     57120
     atgtacattc atagtttttc atcttacgcc agcttcaatg acatcagggt gcttttgtgt     57180
     gaagggtcat ttttaaccaa attaacagaa cataacatgc acttgtatgt cattgttagt     57240
     gttgtgtgta gatttgaatg tacactacct gacaaaggtc ttgtcgcctg tccaagtttt     57300
     aggaacaact aataatactt gacttttagt ggattatttg ctatcagaag tggcttatat     57360
     gaaaggcaaa ggcctctaga ttatgcttga agtaatctgg aatggcaaag aaagctttct     57420
     tgcaggactc ccagagttca tcaaggttct ttggattcat cttcaatgcc tcctccttca     57480
     tcttacccta cacatgctca ataatgttca tgtctggtga ctggacaggc cgatcctgga     57540
     gcaccttgag cttctttgtt ttcaggaact ttgttgtgga ggctgaagta tgagaaggag     57600
     cgctatcctg ctgaagaatt tgccctctcc tgtggtttgt aatgtaatgg gcagcacaaa     57660
     tgtcttgata catcaggctg ttgatgttgc catccactct gcagatctct cccacacccc     57720
     tatactgaat gtaaccccaa accatgattt ttcctacacc aaacttgact gagaatctta     57780
     ggcttatgca ggttccagta ggtcttctgc agtatttgtg atgattggga tgcagttcaa     57840
     cagatgattc atctgaataa acctaccgtc tgccactttt ccaaacgatc aactagaagt     57900
     caaggtatta tttgttgctc ttacaactgg gatcgacgac aagacttttg ttaagtacca     57960
     tgctgataat gctggctaga tgtttatcca ttagtatcta ctagttctgg ttgtatgtgt     58020
     gtatgtgttg tatattatgg gcacattgtg tatatttaaa aaaacaggct cgtgtgctgg     58080
     cttgtagttt gccatccttg tgcagtttct tgatatatga taacatgttt aaatatatga     58140
     aagcatgttg ttcatgctgc agtcattgac tttactgtat tcgcatggtc aattatgtgc     58200
     tacatcctaa aggcttcgaa ctgtccccat tagtctaaaa gatattggag aatgtggccc     58260
     ttatgccttc taacatatta catctgttta ttatatacga acagccagaa tcacctaaag     58320
     cagtcaaact ccaggcaagt tccctttaag cttttctttt attcctgctc tgcttgtgca     58380
     tgcaaaacta acctcctgtg taaaatacga ctgggatata gtcaatccaa agggacatgt     58440
     ttctgtatac taggaatttt tgtcatataa acaaagattg tattaattta ctggtgattt     58500
     atttgtcaca tgtttgttaa atgcttttga atatatgcac tctgctctgt ccttcatgta     58560
     gggttattgt aagcatcttt aatgctggat gaaacgtata agagattaac ctagttaaca     58620
     tctatgtatg gctggggcca gaacgtatac agtatttaag cttgcatgac gtaacaactg     58680
     tcatttaaat agcattttca tatttagcct tgtacattga tgacgcattt cagatctttg     58740
     catgttaaat catttaatgt attataaagt gtttattatt tagacgagcc acattctaaa     58800
     ccagccagaa attgagaatg cttcctttag gaatattcac aactcatttc tgttcagttt     58860
     gaagtcaccc ctttgctatg cgtgttctgt ctgtcacatg tttgtgtatt tcctgctgtg     58920
     tgatattaat acctctgtgt ttccatcata ataatttgat tacagaacgg aatcctgttt     58980
     tatgtgagta gcttgtagtt ctttgtttta tttccctcca ttttctttct tttgtctccc     59040
     catagttctt actgcttact atttttgttc attctacttt ttaaatagtt tttttactaa     59100
     ccacttccca ttctgccatg taacatcagc ttaatttttt tcctggtttc taaatcctac     59160
     acttttgggg tgatgtatct ctgcatgtaa aagtactgca tagttgtggg tccccattct     59220
     aaaatcacat gctgtccatt cattcagttg gaagtttctg gaatgtccat ttacaaagag     59280
     cagctcaaat gccagtagtt cttggcatgg tttctttaat gatggaagta aattagggtg     59340
     tgttcacatt ttgctggttt ggttctatta aaacacaaag tggggggtct tggtctgctt     59400
     tcaaatgatt ttgagtgctg tttgactgaa atataagtgc aacatggacc aaaagaaatg     59460
     aaaaataacc catatcagaa cctgatgtca aaagatgtgc ctttattact tagtaatgca     59520
     gcttagcagt tatttttgtc ttgatgtttt gcgttacagt tcaatatggt tgtctgaaac     59580
     tcgccttcat gtattataag ctttttaaaa ggtcattatg gataaaaata ccatcacttt     59640
     acactaaaag gacacatagc attgtattag atgtttagta cattttaaac agtagggctg     59700
     tgcgatatga cgacagtttc ataacacaat atgtcatctc atgttctgat aataatatac     59760
     atcactatat agtacctttg tctgcatgta cattgaccac gtggaaaatt tactaatact     59820
     aatactaaaa cggtcttaaa tttcactcag taaaatgcta aatgtaaacc ttttaagact     59880
     gacgatagac tttttatttt gaccttaaga catactcacc ggccacttta ttaggtacac     59940
     cttactagta ccgggttgga ccccctattt gccttcagaa ctgtattaat ccttcgtggc     60000
     atagattcca caaggtgcag gaaatagtac ttagagactt tggtccatat tgactgatac     60060
     cattagcagt tgctgcagat ttgtcgactg tacatccatg atgcgaatct accgttccac     60120
     cacatcccaa agatgtactc tattggattg agatctggtg actggaggcc ctttgagtac     60180
     agtaaactca ttgtcatgtt caagtctgag atgatttacg ttttatgaca tggtgcgtta     60240
     tcctgctgga agtagccatc agaagatcgg tacactgtgg tcataaacgg atggacatgg     60300
     tcagcaacaa tactcaagta ggctgtggca ttgacatgat gctcaatggg tactaatggg     60360
     cccaaggtgt gccaaaaaca tatcccccac accattacac caccaccacc agcctgaacc     60420
     attgataaaa ggcaggatgg atccatgctt tcatgtcgct gatgctaaat tctgacctga     60480
     ccatccaaat gtcgcagtag aaatcgagcc tcatcagacc aggcaacgtt tttccaatct     60540
     tctattgtct aattttgttg agcctgtgcg aattgtagcc tcagtttcct attttttagc     60600
     tgacaagagt ggcacccaat gtgggcttct gctgctgtag tccatccgcc tcatgtttga     60660
     cgtgttttgt gttcagagat gctcttctgc agacctctgt tgtaacgagt gcttatttga     60720
     gttactgttg cctttctatc agctccaacc agtctggcca ttctccactg gcatcaacaa     60780
     ggcatttgcg cccacagaac taccactcac tggatatttt ctctttttcc ggccattctc     60840
     tgtgaaccca agagatggtt gtggaaatcc cagtagatca acagtttctg aaatactcag     60900
     accagcccgt ctggcaccaa caactatgcc atgttcaaag tcactttcac cttttaaaat     60960
     cacctttctt ccgaactttt atgttcagtt tgaactgcag cagaccatgt ctaaatgcat     61020
     tgggttgctg ccatgtgatt ggctgattag aaatttgcat tgatgagcag ttagacaggt     61080
     gtacctaata atgtggccgg tgagtgtgta tgccctacaa aagaatatag cagtagaata     61140
     tgtcttaaag gtcttttttt ttttttgtat ctttagactt catcttaaca aaatgcagtg     61200
     tggataccaa gcaaaccatg actaaatgca gatttttttt ttctagacca aataaaccaa     61260
     gagaactaag ctacaagtgt gaacaaaccc ttaaaccatc agactttcta gaaaagttgt     61320
     cactagcagc ttttgtttag atgttttcct acaaagcttc cctactattg cttttttcaa     61380
     agttcactcc agtctcctag atacaccaaa atatgtttaa acagtttagc tattaaatac     61440
     aattggatgg atgctgcagt ctattttcac ccttttgtaa tattggattt ccaaaagcat     61500
     gaaagtgttc aaactttaaa ccacaaagcc tccctggact ttatccactc ttcttctgcc     61560
     atttggttta cgtaatggga acaagagtgt caaatcacag tggtcattct cttttgccgt     61620
     gttgtgttcc tgtgtcacga caacagcaag aacaatggga cacctgtcca aacttcctat     61680
     caggtggacg tggacaacac tgaggggcgt taggggggtg gatgtcccag atttgctgct     61740
     gagatgcagg ctagctctgt gatgtggcac agtgggactt tgggcgtctg tcgttgctaa     61800
     tttgaggagt ttcctctcca acccccagtg cctgcgtttc agattttgag caaaaaccct     61860
     ctcatggcaa cccatgcttt aattaggttt gtagggtagt gtatttttaa cttcagctag     61920
     atgttctgct tctggtttag ggtcaaatgc agagagctgg ctttactgta gaagcaagca     61980
     aacgtatatc tatacatata tttaaattag tgctgggcaa agattaaact tgattaatcg     62040
     catccaaaaa aaaaaagttt gacttgacct gtgcatatta ttatttattt taactttttt     62100
     aaaaaaggaa aacagtcact gttggtttta ggcaatgtgt gttttaattt cagttgttca     62160
     gcagtgatgt tcaataaata attgtagata gtgtgtgttt ccttcagtta ttttaaaatt     62220
     cagtaatgca cccttcattc agaaatcctt cacttgtatt atgtgagcat atttactata     62280
     caaaacttgt caggttattt tttagggcaa acatttttta taaataaatg aaataatcat     62340
     tcatttaatc ataatcaagc taaaatgttt aattaattaa gatttaaatt ttaggccaaa     62400
     ttggccagtc ctattttaga caggttttct ttgggggaaa tgcttaacat tcattaccct     62460
     tgattcgttt gtgttctgac cacatgtgct tggttgtgta ctatatcaat aaagtctttt     62520
     ataaacactg ttgtaataca ttgaagcact aaacatttaa acattttttt acaggaggaa     62580
     aacgcaaatg accttcaaat acttgtcaaa tataatataa tattatataa atatagcctg     62640
     tgttagtaaa tgcaaggcta tttatgaaat ccaggcataa cactgtatgt caacgtttca     62700
     aatgactgtt tagtgcctac agctaatcaa tctgccagat tctgaagtgc tttaaagttt     62760
     taaatacaat tatagatggt aaataatatt aagtaaaaca aacacattta aagataaaag     62820
     tatttaaaaa tttctctcac ctaggaaatg gaggccacat gaatggtttg tgagcacaat     62880
     taagtgctca gtatgctatc tgatagttcc gaaattctct aataatccca aaaggcaact     62940
     gactgtgtaa agtcactcaa aactaaacaa aaatatgatg tatatgccga gttcagcggc     63000
     taatcagcta gaatcagctg atggtgatga gacagcaagc agcgagaact agctgtcact     63060
     caagaggcca cgcccttaat tatggagact taatataaat gaatcgaatt gagtaataaa     63120
     caaaattcac ttctctcaca gttgtcatga aggatgattt ttagctacat gcaccaaaac     63180
     aatcttgtgt accaggctgt aaacatgttt ttatcagctg taaatttggc taacttagct     63240
     ttgcagtcat ctggggtttg tggagccagc cctctgaggc cagtcgatga attgcaattt     63300
     cagttacttc catattagct tcacaagaga gagcaggatg ttgccgcttg gtttaatcat     63360
     gattaatctc tgcccagcac taatctagat ctaataaaaa tgttgtgttg ggatttattt     63420
     attccccctt ttcctaattg aatgctgcag atctgacatc aaaaacgaaa agactaaatt     63480
     actgctgatt ccctcaagat ttttatgatt tggggttttc aactaacaag taacaagtta     63540
     tttggtaaac agcttgcact tgaatgttta gtcatataaa aacagtacac accgcataga     63600
     tttttatgca ctaatctagt agaaaaatga gctggtttca aatacatgtt ttagtagttc     63660
     atgttgtaga gcattatttg gaaagttaat ttttaccaca ggtcttgatt tactcacgaa     63720
     ttgagaaaaa atctgttgga aaatcctgag gaagccgctg gtaaattggt cttttgtttt     63780
     ttgaggtcac ggctgctgca ctttatacgt ttaaatgtgt taaaatggat gatgataaac     63840
     tgatttgatt tgctttgatt gatcggttga acctaactaa taatacagac taacacaaga     63900
     tgatctgcag tatacaataa tgggatagtt catccaaaaa atgaagtttt ttgcattaat     63960
     ttactccctt aaaaattatt tgagtttgtt tctttctgtt tttcctacta tggaagttga     64020
     tgggtaccaa caatcaacat ttttccaaat acagtggtcc ctcgctataa cacggttcac     64080
     ctttcgcggc ctcaaagttt cttttgtgca atttgacatg cttcttttca agacttctgt     64140
     gtcttgattg actgtagacc attgtcatta aatctccttt atgccatgtc tctggaacag     64200
     taaagaatgt gttcagcttg tcaggtttac acaaatcttc gatcgctagc agtgctgtcc     64260
     aggttatttg caggcccccc ccccaacaaa ttccacaatg tcgacgaaac attctgcacc     64320
     atcaaaggca cctgcagtag caccaaaaag gcagagaaag atgctaacca tcgcttaaag     64380
     ttcttctgga tatgataaag gaagatagaa gttttgctgc tgtacagcgt ccttacggaa     64440
     aaaataaatc tttggttcgt tacatacagg aggaagaaaa tattctataa tactgaactt     64500
     atttttctag gaaggtttga actttgagag tgtttaaaca acagagaaaa gtgtgaaaat     64560
     tcaattcata taatgctatt aattgttaat agcaataaat tcaattaaat gttaatgcct     64620
     gtctgaaaaa ttgtgtacaa agtgtgtagt aagggggttt tacagcctta aaacatctag     64680
     aattgtataa aacaaagctg actacttcgc gtatttcgcc tattgcgggt tagttctaga     64740
     acgtaactct aattaacggg ggaccactgt gtcttcctat gtgctcaaca aaagaaagaa     64800
     actcataaag gtttaacagt aacatgaggg agaataaatg atgaggtaat ttgtggatgg     64860
     actatccctt ttaggcagta catgcttaaa ttgttagagt gttagaaagg tttctggtag     64920
     ttcaaatttt tccaagcagt tttttttttt cctccagatt ttttttcagt acttcaaatt     64980
     ttgtccgtac ttgtatgaaa tgtaatcatc ctagtggtta gtgtttctaa tcagtgacca     65040
     ttgctttata gggagagttg gagcgtcaac tcctacaggc aaatcctatt ctggaatcct     65100
     ttggaaatgc caaaacagtg aaaaatgaca actcttcacg ttttgtaagt tgaccagtta     65160
     catctaatct gactattcct attgtttttc cgactgtaat gttgattcaa ctttaaaaca     65220
     tataattaat ctttctttac ttaaggcatt tgcacacatt tagtgtgcat gtagcatctg     65280
     aaaatggaca tttaggcaca catacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     65340
     cacacacaca cacactcaca cactcacact ctcatcaaat ccacattcag cagtctgaaa     65400
     gatctaggcg tctgtcttgc atcggctctt ctgtccagct gattgagttt tcgctggcat     65460
     gcgttaaagt cagcagaaag cttttaagca cacaaacaaa tcaaaagcca cagaggaatt     65520
     tgtttcttca ggccttcctc tggggaatta tattgggggc atttgttgca aataagcatg     65580
     tctgtaaact tctaattacc agtttcggct tatacatact caaacctctc tgtctgatcg     65640
     ataacaagac aacaataatc tctatttatt cttagagatg ttggttaggc tcataaaata     65700
     taatgatatt tccatgatgc aattgaatgg tttgtaaagc atgaacagta aatgcatctc     65760
     atggaaaatc tgtctttcca cagggcaagt tcatccgcat caactttgat gtaaccggtt     65820
     acattgtggg ggccaacatt gaaacctgta tcctgatctg atagccgttc cattacattt     65880
     aagcaatact acaaacagct gtcaagtcaa agcaagcatt cagaaacacc aaaatagttg     65940
     agtttgtgta tgcatcaatg ttaatggtgc cactttctat gaacttttag aacagcaaca     66000
     ccgttttgta cagctacaat agatggtata cagtaggaaa aaaagtcatt tgaagtagta     66060
     tcccagataa acaccacatc ataagcaact ttgatttaac aaaattgttt ttactatgaa     66120
     aatgtttgta caaccccaaa gcagaaaaag ttgggacagt atggaaaacg caaataaaaa     66180
     aagaaagaag tgatttctaa atttagacaa tacaacaaac attatttaat gtgttcctcg     66240
     tgattttttt taataaacaa attccaattt tggctcattc aacacatttt tcacttttaa     66300
     atgctatgga cactgttaac atatggcttc catttgacac agtacagttt tcactggcat     66360
     ttgtggatgt gaatatgtat ggtggtactt gaagaaggtt tgccaaagta gccctgagcc     66420
     catgtggtga tatctcatat agatgattga caattcttga agcagtgccg cctgagagat     66480
     cagaggtcat ggtatagttc agcgtagact tgcccccctt gtcggactgt aattctttca     66540
     gattccttga agcttttaat tatgccatgc actgttgaag gtgaaatatc gaaatgtctt     66600
     cctatcttct tgaggaacat tgtttttaaa cattcaataa ttttctcatg tatttgttgg     66660
     caaattggtg atcctcggcc catatttgct cctagtggac tggacctttc ttggatgcaa     66720
     cttttttacc aaatcataat tattatagtc acctgttgac atcaccggtt tcaaatcaca     66780
     tccttattta aacaattcct ctcattacta gccgtaaatt gcttctgtcc caactctttt     66840
     tttttttttt ttttttttta atgtgttgca agaaccaaaa tttaaaacat gttaatttta     66900
     aaaaacacaa acaatgaaaa tcatgagcaa cccattaaat aatgtttgtt gttttgtctg     66960
     caataaaata tcctacactg taaaaactgt tcagttgact ttactttaaa taaagtgagt     67020
     aaacccattt tcttaacatt attaagttat tagagatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtaattc     67080
     ttaaaaatta agttaaatta acttaacagt tctgaattac aaaataatta cttccagttt     67140
     tgaagtaaga tcaacttgtt tctttaaagg caatggattg actcacttct tttaagtaat     67200
     tgcttcttac agtgaactgt cctaactatt tttctaaatt ggggttgtaa attaagttgg     67260
     cattaaaaaa tgtgttaaac ctaacttatt tgacacagag tgatataaaa ttggctgtac     67320
     aataggcttc acttgccctt aacacaatct caagatcttc ttgaaaagtc cagggccatt     67380
     cgccaagcca aagatgaacg caccttccac gtcttctacc agctgttggc cggtgctgga     67440
     gaacatctaa gatgtgagtg aatcttttaa catggttact actggagtat ctagaaatga     67500
     gcttacactt ggattaaaaa gtctatgcaa atatgtttgt gtcctttaat aaatttggga     67560
     tatttttaat aataatagtg atgataaaaa ggaacaaact tgctatgagg tctgaggttg     67620
     ctgtatgttt ttgttgaacc catctgttca tattgtttta aagctatcct gtttaaattt     67680
     gtaaagccaa atgacattaa tgtggaacat gtcaccaact gcagcaatgt gaaataaaag     67740
     agctcttgag cataaatgct gcaaacaata taatcaagtc tgcctccatg tgatctcaga     67800
     atatatgatt ttatattcag cttttgtttg taatttcatt accagttgca gtgcctgatt     67860
     ggattgtagt atatgagtac atcgtttcgt accaccttct tatagtctgg ttttcatgta     67920
     ctaccttgct tcaaaaaata gattgtaatg tctccacgta gttatttggc ttgattcatg     67980
     tcttgtagta ctttaaacta agacttattt gaatatttat gataaaaatg gattatagaa     68040
     atgccagtgc tgatggaaaa aaaaggtagc atgcgttaac actccctgtg attgcagacg     68100
     tgtgattaat cctcttgttc ttttggcagc tgatctactc ctggagggtt tcaatagcta     68160
     ccgcttcctc tccaatggta acattcccat ccctggccaa caggacaagg ataatttcca     68220
     agagaccatg gaagccatgc atattatgag cttcaatcat gaggaaatct tatgtaagca     68280
     ttcctgaaac ttacacacct ctatgtagtt tatttattgc tgtttttata taggcttgct     68340
     agtaaatcat agttcttgtt aagcatttgt ataatttccc ccccttttta ttatttggat     68400
     tagattaatt ttgcattcac tagcccagtg tttcccaacc ttgtttctaa aggcacacca     68460
     acagaacaca tttaaaacct ctctctaatc aaacacacct gaatcaactc attagaatat     68520
     tataagagac tccaaaacct gaaaatgggt cggatactgt tggtgtgcct ttaggaacag     68580
     ggtggggaaa tactgcacta gcccatgtgc aatggtcctg cggtgggatt attctctttt     68640
     aattaatggg tttttaacag tatgtgttaa aatatcaagc tgtccacatt aacacatgca     68700
     tttttatata ttttataact taaattacac agtttaccat acaaactgaa tataagctac     68760
     atctccagta tactttttcg caccttgaca aagactgtag aagccgtcat gccattaaac     68820
     acaaataaac agttcaacac agtttaattg tttgtgtggt tgaaaagttt gattagtgag     68880
     aaccaaaatt tggcatagat ttcttaatat ataaaatcag gtttgcttac agataaataa     68940
     ttcctgaaat aaaccagtta ggatctttaa agaaatgtat ataactaatt ttatataact     69000
     atgaaaggtt aagtggaatt gtaatcagac aatataatta atattaagta tacaaaagtc     69060
     tgccaagttc tggtcaaagt ggttttgtat tataagcatg ccacactgga cagaactttt     69120
     tcatgtcaaa tccctgcata cagttgattg tccttgtttt tctgtcgctc cagctatgct     69180
     gaaggtggtt tcagccgtcc tgcagtttgg taacattgtg ttcaagaagg agagaaacac     69240
     cgatcaggcc tctatgcctg aaaacacagg taccacatac tcgctcacct gtttctaagg     69300
     cattttcgat gggggtgggg ggggggtgat tgggaggcta tgatgggcaa gggctgatgt     69360
     ctaatttgca tttaaagtag taataaaatc aaaacttact ttgtttattt gtgtgtgtag     69420
     agtatagctc gtcatgaaca atgtgtctgt gtacttcaat attttgctaa atataatttg     69480
     ccctcataat ctgtcatcga atatcataac cttatctcga aatgacttac agttgaagtc     69540
     agaattaata aacccccttg aattattcgc ccccctgttt acttttttcc ccaatttctg     69600
     tttaacagag agcagatttt ctcaacacat ttctaaacat aataatttta ataactcatt     69660
     tctaataact gatttatttt atctttgcca tgttgacagt acataatatt ttactagata     69720
     tttttcgaga cacttttata caccttaaag tgacatttaa aggcttaact gggttaatta     69780
     ggttagcttg gcaggttagg gtaattagta agttaagtta ttgtataacg atagtttgtt     69840
     ctgtagacta tggagaaaaa atatatagct caaagaggct aataattttg accttaaaat     69900
     ggttttaaaa aaattaaaaa ttgcttttat cctagtcgaa ataaaacaaa taagactttc     69960
     tccagaagat aaaaatatta tcagacatac tgtaaaaatt tccttgctct gttaaacata     70020
     atttgggaaa tttttaaaag agaataaaaa ttcaatgggg gcaaataatt ttgacttcag     70080
     ttgtaactca atcttaactt ccatttcata gcgactttaa agtgacgtat aaaaacaagc     70140
     tgtttttgct tccacccaaa aagtgccatt cactgcacag tataataaat gttctgtggg     70200
     gtattgtaga ctgaaatttt aagccctatt tatactaata cgttttcgtt ttaaaacaca     70260
     cctgagaaca aatattagat ttataagatc aaaatctgtc ctttagatat tcacaagatg     70320
     tattaaatat catgttttaa ctacaatgga gagataagat ccagcggtac atctgggatg     70380
     gcctggccga agtaaagctg ctctggcggg gaagctgatg acggagctcc cactggcagg     70440
     ctgggagtcg gagtccgcat aagctgagcc acatcgttat caagcgctat ctttgtaaat     70500
     aaactgccga ttcgagttta aaacaactac atcccggggg ggtcacgtga tgtgcgtttt     70560
     cagtggtgtg gtgtagatgg agagctgttc agaaacacta ggttaaacgc tagtatggac     70620
     gcggatcgtt ttcattctaa aatgccgttt tgaaactaaa acgtactagt ctaaacgggg     70680
     ccttagagac attctggcag cacctgagcc ttttattgcc tgttgtaaaa agggcataat     70740
     aggaacattt taaatttctc aaaattgcaa aaagccctat tttaacttct taatgtcttt     70800
     ttttgcattt aaagtctaca attgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     70860
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta ttaaaaatac     70920
     tctacatata tgtgtgcata gtcatgcttg tcataaacaa tctatcataa aaatttaaaa     70980
     ttttgtgtaa aaatgaattt ctcataattt tcaatcaagt atcataacct tctctctcct     71040
     cttgaaatga ctttttgaaa aaggacttaa cttccgtttt atggtgactt taaagtgacg     71100
     tataaaaaca aggcgttttt ttttttattt acccaagctg tttttgtttc ctcacagcac     71160
     aatataataa atgttctgtg gggtatttta aacttaaact ttagagacat tctggcaaca     71220
     cctgagcctt ttattgcctg ttgtaaaaag gggcataata ggaacattat aaagattgca     71280
     aaattgcata aagccttatt ttagcactga gttaacatct tttttcagta atggaaattt     71340
     gaatgcatta tgtgatcgta cttcaataac tccataaatc atttggcagt gcattagcat     71400
     taaagtgtgt tcagtatcca gactgccctc cagtataacc catgcaccag atgtgcactg     71460
     cattgttttg acaaattacc cgttggactt tgcttgggct cttttagtga cagctcgaat     71520
     ggttcctgga tccatttcat attaaaagaa aataccagaa tagttgtgct aaatcaaaac     71580
     gcgtttacgt aagagcctca gaagcaactg ttttttaccg tcacgatgca ttccagcagg     71640
     cttactccac cggcgtttgg attaatttat ttttattctc accgttcatg gaaagatatt     71700
     aaaacttttt tctgtttaag ccacggttca agcttttgca ttcgtaacat aaagctggaa     71760
     agttatagtt ctgctggtgg tcctgaaggg gaacttttta tggctgcaga atgagctgtc     71820
     tggatttaaa agtcagtaaa ttgcaataac gacctgggtt atttgaaata tcttttatac     71880
     acgagcaaat atgccttata ataacttctc tcaccaccat ttaagtgcat aagggaagct     71940
     cctaaaatcc tataacccga gaaggaatcg taccattttt ggtcagtttg catacggata     72000
     ttttttttca tctttcattt ttatttctat agcgctttta ttctgtaggt tgtgtcaaag     72060
     cagcttaaca tagaagttct agtaaattga atatgaacgc tcatcgttaa gaagctgcat     72120
     gtgtgagtag gtcactagtc tcaagctctt ccctccttca tgaccgccac agcatctgct     72180
     cagaatacgg cctgatctag gattaaggaa acctcgagat aataaaaaaa cagactaaca     72240
     tgagcataga tgccattcaa attataaggt tttttgggaa gtgttcctgg ttccagttgc     72300
     ccgaattaac ctcctagggc aggggtgtcc aaactcggtc ctggagggcc ggtgtcctgc     72360
     agattttagc tccaacttgc ctcaacacgc ttgcagggat gtttctagaa agcctagtta     72420
     gagcttgata agctagccca ggtgtgtctg attggggttg gaactaaact ttgcaggaca     72480
     ccggccctcc aggaccaagt ttgggcaccc ctgtcctaag gcttagtggc cacatacgtg     72540
     gacagcgcat tttagctttt atgttttatg ttttgttact aatttcgaga ggagcacgtg     72600
     gttatgattg aacacggctg gtcccgcatt agccaattca tgattaacca atcagatgat     72660
     tcctaactca ctatactgta aataagcaga gtttctcact agagttatct ttgctttgaa     72720
     ggatccctcc ttccacccct actccacctt tttctctata gggcggcacg gtggcccagt     72780
     ggttagcact gatacctcac agcaagaatg tcactggtcc aaacccttaa caggccagct     72840
     gtcgattctg tgcggagttt aaataatccc ccgtgctcgc gtgggtttcc cccgggttct     72900
     ccggtttcct ctcacagcca aaaaaacatg tgtcataagt gaattgatca atttaaatta     72960
     acactatagt cgaattctta agcagcagta tttttttcta cacagcaaat ttgatctgtc     73020
     atcaactcta aaaaatggtg gatagttctc cagacctacc tgagctcaaa ctcccttctt     73080
     gcccaacaaa cgggagggag ccccggactc aaggatctta tgagctcagg gctctctccc     73140
     aggacagcat gccaaactca ctttataatc aatcatcagc tatgtgtgaa ctcttgaaca     73200
     atcctttaga ggagttggat tttaaaagca tttgtgtttt atgtgttttc agctgctcaa     73260
     aaactttgcc acctgctcgg aatgaatgtc atggagttca ctcgtgctat cctgtctcca     73320
     agaatcaaag tgggcagaga ctatgtacag aaagcccaaa ctaaagaaca ggtaatgaga     73380
     taatcacttc ccctttgtaa atctgtcaga tcaccacccc ttcagctata agacaatgtt     73440
     ttcttttgga tcctgataat ttccctttgt acctctctgt ccatttacaa caataggctt     73500
     acagtgtcct gtcataaaat tgtcatcact attattcaca tttaactgtg caaatgagtg     73560
     attttcttaa catttaaaag tcctgtgata ttaaaataca atatatatat atatatatgt     73620
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     73680
     atatatgcta gttttaagga tatctattag ctagctgttc caaaacagtg aaaattcaca     73740
     tttacacttc ctgacaaaag tcctgttgtc aattccagtt gtaagagcag caaataataa     73800
     cttaacttct agttgatcat ttggaaaagt gtcagaaggt ggatttttca gatgaatcat     73860
     ctgttgaact gcatcccaat catcacaaat actacagaag acctactgga acctgcatga     73920
     acccaagatt ctcacagaaa tcagtcaagt ttggtgaagg aaaagtcatg gtttgggatt     73980
     acattcagta tggaggtgtg tgagagatct gcggcgtgaa tagtaacttc aacagcctga     74040
     ggtatcaaga cattcgtgct gcccattaca ttacaaacca caggagaggg caaattcttc     74100
     atcaggatag cgctccttct catacttcag cctccacatc aaagttcctg aaagcaaaga     74160
     aggtcaagga ttgctccagg attggccagc ccagtcacca gagatgaaca ttattgagta     74220
     tgactggggt aaaatgaagg aggcattgaa gatgaaccca aagaatcttg atgaactctg     74280
     ggagtcctgc aagaacactt tctttgccgt tccagatgac tttattaata ggtgatttga     74340
     gtctttgcag agatgtttgg atgcagtcct ccaagctcat gggagtcata cacaatatta     74400
     actctttttc cactgcacca tcactttata ttctttactg tgcattattt ttttaagtga     74460
     caaggcaatt tgtctaagca aagtcagacc ttactgtcct aattaaataa ttaaaaagca     74520
     aggtatgatc atattttatt ctggtaaaat aagtgtaatc tagaggcctt tgcctttcat     74580
     ataatcctct tctgatacca aatagtcaac tagaagtcaa gttattattt gttgttccta     74640
     aaacttgcat aggagacaaa actcttgtca ggttgtgtac ataatataaa atgtgcttga     74700
     gtttcatcac tctcactggc agttgagatt acgtcaaaca tcgaataaaa aatgcccatt     74760
     tcaaagcact tcatgggcct ttttaaaatt gtaagaaatt tttttttttt aattaaatta     74820
     aaacaattgc aataataatt ggagcaaaac taacatgatt actaattaaa atcttaatgt     74880
     tctgtcttag attatatttt gtgattgttc attaatatta gcttgattat atgttctaat     74940
     gcaaaggttt gttgactttc tctgtttctc tatctaggct gactttgcag tggaagccct     75000
     ggccaaggcc acttatgaaa ggttgttccg ctggcttgtt caccgcatta ataaagctct     75060
     ggacagaacc aagcgccagg gagcttcctt tattggcatc ctggatattg ctggctttga     75120
     gattttccag gtgcggcttc ctcgggttta gtgctcagct gtctgttaga tattaatcac     75180
     tatgctgcca caaatcagag cttgtgcgat tgaatgtttt tagaaattca ggcaatgcaa     75240
     gtacctgaaa atgctgaaag tttctgtact tttgatttta aacatatcaa atatcacaga     75300
     tttacactca ccggccactt tattaggtac acctgtccaa ctgctcgttt acacaaattt     75360
     ctaatcagcc aatcacgtgg cagctactca atgcatttga gcatgtagac atggtcaaga     75420
     cgatctgctg cagtttaaac caggcatcag aatgtggaag aaaggtgatt taagtgactt     75480
     tgaacatggc atggttgttg gagccagatg ggcttttctg agtatttcag aaactgctga     75540
     tctactggag ttttcatgca caaccatctc tagggtttac agagaatgat cagaaaaaga     75600
     gaaaagtaag caggagttat gtgggcgcaa atgcctctat taatgccaaa ggtcaaagca     75660
     gaatggccag actagtaagg aaaggcaaca gtaactcaaa taaccactca ttacaaccga     75720
     ggtatgcaga agagcatctc tgaacacaca acacgtctaa ccttgaggtg gattttcaga     75780
     tgccttcaat tgattgatat tttttcattt ttaaaaaaag tgtaatatca gaaatgctaa     75840
     atatatttga atggactcta gaactaaatg tatgtaaaac attgtaaaaa tgattaaatt     75900
     taaatctgtc attcggatga gatgttaaat cgaggtcctg actctctgtt gtcattaaaa     75960
     atcccatggc acttctcgta aagagtaagg gtgtaacaaa ggtgtcctgg ccaaattccc     76020
     tccatcaacc cttaggatca tggcctccta atcatcccca tccactaaat tggctctatc     76080
     actgtctctc cactcctctt acagctggtg tgtggtgtgc gcacttttcg ctgttgtcct     76140
     gtggttgccg tcacatcatc caagtggatg ctgcacactg gtgtcggtgt agagagaacc     76200
     ccccatgatt gtgaagctct ttgtgtatat gaccatacac aaaacatgca ctatataaat     76260
     tacattactt actaaataat gtaaatatta tattatttaa atgtaattga ttaaacattc     76320
     ttattcatta ttagatttta gttgtgctaa atcattaaaa acattgtcca gaaaaatgta     76380
     catgtaaatg gaaactaatt ttacaaatat aaaaataaac ttcctaaaga tttgaagata     76440
     tgacaattgt aaaacttaat acattttgtt gttataaatt aaaaaacatc aacaaattaa     76500
     ttttgagtac aaaacctagt tattgctcat ttgagctttc ttctttcagg tttcatctcg     76560
     gagctgaact ttgctttgga taagatgcat ctgctaaatt gaataatata attatgactt     76620
     tgttaggaaa ccaaataaca aggtttacag taaacagtgt aattggacac ccactcatag     76680
     ctgcgatatt cagttagttg atatcgatgt tgcagatctt ggttaaagag ccaattagtt     76740
     ctgggctaaa aatactacgg acaaagacaa ctcagtcata cttaattctc ttctctctct     76800
     ctgtagctca actcattcga gcagctttgt atcaactaca ccaatgagaa gctccagcag     76860
     ctcttcaacc acaccatgtt catcctggag caggaggagt atcagcggga aggcatcgaa     76920
     tggagcttca tcgacttcgg cctcgacctg cagccctgca ttgacctcat tgagagaccc     76980
     gtgagcagct attcgcaaat taaattgtcc ttaaattggt tgatagaaat gtttttgctc     77040
     ctactttata ttacagggtg attgcggggt cttaaataaa aaaactactt tttttttttt     77100
     ttacaatatt tactgtacac aataagtaca ttgtaactga ttaatttcag tgtaagtaca     77160
     tattagttat ggacacttga tatgaattag gactatattt tctaacccag atttgaatag     77220
     aagtaaagaa tgttttcctt tggcttttct gcaaatatag ttgtcctaaa tggtcatttt     77280
     tttgtacttc ttaggcaaat cctcctggcg tgttggctct gttggatgag gaatgctggt     77340
     tccccaaagc cacagataaa acctttgtgg acaaacttgt tcaagagcaa ggcacccatg     77400
     gaaagttcca gaaaccacgg cagctgaagg acaaagccga tttctgtatc attcactatg     77460
     ccggaagggt atgtttacat ttatgatgcc acacttactt taggcccaca cagaatctgc     77520
     ggatccgaat ggatttgcat tgtaaacatt aaataaatgt tttttttttc tttttttttt     77580
     tgccataaca tatcttattt tatttttcag tttgtacaca tttaaataca acactttaca     77640
     tacattttta tacaacaata acattgctgc atttacagat tatataaaat aaaagcatat     77700
     ctatatatat taaaaactaa gcaaaaacaa acatcaaaca aacaaaaaaa aaacgctcct     77760
     tttttcgttt atcttttcaa aagtgatcat tataatgttt ctgagtacaa tgtacagcaa     77820
     atatatattg aagagtgtgt caatacagat agggaagact ggtactacat tgtccacaca     77880
     aaacttattc ctcaactttt tcctctgtta attccacatc tttggtttaa ctgataatag     77940
     cactccatta gccttagtat acacccggcg caataagctg caagacgtgc ttgtcacgat     78000
     ttgttgctat tttcaggcca gtacaacagt tatttttatt actatttatt atttttagta     78060
     ttatttatta gatgcctttt tatatttgtt gtaataaaaa caagtttaga tttgtccacc     78120
     tgtcgagttt tagaccatat ggggcataag aatagatgtg tgtttggatg taactcacgc     78180
     ttctttatta ttgttcattt atttgtttgc tggaaattgg aactgaattt agaaatagtt     78240
     ttgaaacaca tctttgtgcc taacaaacga aattaaatat gtcagctaat ggatgtgtac     78300
     aacacagttt cctcatccac gaaagtagaa gtgtaaagta aaaagtaaac ataaagtaaa     78360
     gaggccaaat ggagtagact cgttctttat tcccgcactg cagatgctct gttaaccatt     78420
     gtctcactag tgaagtgctc agttttccac ttacaagatc cgccatgtga atagaaaacg     78480
     ctactgactc ttaaagggaa tatcggatga gactatgatt ggtttatgct caaagcttac     78540
     cataacttaa gagaataagc aaaacaccgt tagaccatga gtcgtggcgc agatgctgtc     78600
     cgtaaaatag caaaagtgga ttcagacaga gccttaatgc ttttgcgcca tgccctttag     78660
     actttgcgcc tagatcattg aattagagcc ccatatgttt tcaaatatat gctgtttagc     78720
     ttttagtatg cgatttatat ttctaatgga aggcttgaca acatctgtct tatccattga     78780
     gtagtgtttg gtctttgcgt ttttgtccaa agcaaagcta cacataattt ggcataaagt     78840
     aagctgaggt ctatagatac tcattcgctt ctttagttat ttttattata tatattatgt     78900
     tttcagtttc gatactccca aaatcattcc gcataaatcc acagattttt tacaaaattt     78960
     tgctcagaaa taaatagatt ctgtctggcc cttcttataa ggtacgaaat ttaccttttg     79020
     tgcttcagtc tgaattcagc ccagttgtta atgtttaaaa gaagcctgga atgcatggta     79080
     accttatgta attggattta gtcaggtcat cctggcttgc agttgaaatg ttgcattgct     79140
     gtctttcgag tgctgcagaa tccagctgtg gtatgtgcta accataggcc acatctggtt     79200
     cagatcagtg aactgtttgc aatagaaact tgacgctgca tgaaatgagg aacttttaat     79260
     atttctctcc ctgagagctg tttttaggtt aaaagccaga aaattgctgc ttgctttgtt     79320
     tcctgttgtt taagaaaaga actaaaacgg ttgatttata ccttcagtaa tacttctata     79380
     agactatgca aacagccaat gactaccgaa ctgcagaagc acagaatcca gactgtgcag     79440
     gagtaattca gtttttctca ttctgagtgt ttagtttatt aatgcagtgc ttatttcctt     79500
     ttattctgca ggttgattat aaggctgatg agtggttaat gaaaaacatg gaccctctga     79560
     atgacaatgt ggctacgctt ctgcatcagt ccacggataa gtttgtggct gagctgtgga     79620
     aggacggtaa gcagtttctt ctcaacatgt gaaatattaa acgacccatt tttattgctc     79680
     tcgccctccc actctgtgaa gaaagagact gttgttttca atcctcagtt tcatgtattt     79740
     aagaaaaaag agcttgtcat gcatttcaat ggcttgtgcg aatatcttaa catagcagga     79800
     gagaactatt aatccaagag gagaaatgtc aaacaagaga ttttgcaatg tttatgccac     79860
     agttgatgtt tttatatgct attagtgaga aagactgctt tacattggaa tatgtatata     79920
     caagtgagag cagggaagac atatttaata ttgttaaaat acagagtggg acgtgcatgt     79980
     ttggtggctt tattttatga cagcattttc actgcgattc tagaaaaaat aacactgtat     80040
     gtgtgtcaaa gacaaggcaa atattttaca attaatttaa catgtaatga atttatttaa     80100
     aagtgatttt atatagaagg aaaacataat aatgcaagtg cagtgtcttt ttttaaaata     80160
     tttcaaaagt cttttgtgta cataaattgc aaaaaaaatg atattgtatt attatattat     80220
     cattcagtag ctgtgttcta aatcacattc tgcatcttct gaaagttgaa actgattgag     80280
     tcaccaaatg tcagcagaga aaatgccgaa ttacacttta aaatgcacca taagtatatt     80340
     gtttcaaaca gtacttcaaa aaatcctttt cttatatttt tttgtcttgt ttctaatcca     80400
     aatgtctaaa aatacttaaa ggtgcagtag gtgatctgcc aaaatgctaa ccgcttagca     80460
     tattatcttt ggatggcggg gagggactgg gatttcaaag ccacacctcc tgaaattgtg     80520
     agcgcgcacc gcgtcacaac agcagacaga caacccacta gttcatgtca ttcggcagtt     80580
     agttagtgtt aagccagcgc cgtgcagaaa ttacatttat taattagcca cacttacatg     80640
     ctttttcaga gcgaatattc agagtagcat ggtaaacagt attggaaggc tgtcattgtt     80700
     caaaattgac ccaatgtgaa taaaaaagca acttcagctc aataaagcag gttaggcgaa     80760
     atagcactac ttactgatgt tttgttgtta aactaaatat aaatctacat tatcaatgct     80820
     gtcaaaggac cttatgaaac tgaaaataga ctaaaacagt tttaaaacag aacattacct     80880
     gtctaactgt aatacttcag ccatggtttc gtctttcctc cagtgtgcta aagtaactcg     80940
     gatattgatt caggttttta aaagtttcaa ttcagcattt gatttctccc ggtctgtctc     81000
     gtgaccgcgc ggcgcttctg cagacatgca cgtgcgaatg gcggatctgc ttgaacagtt     81060
     gcgcagaagt ccaaatcgac atttgctgac gaacagtctg agctgcttat cggaattgtg     81120
     ggagatgtcg gtccgacaat atttaatgga tgaacatttt ttagttttat gctttaccca     81180
     gaatatagaa atacatataa acacatttag atcatttact gtaatcatga ctattggact     81240
     gtgtggagac tttcaaccag cacaactaaa aatgtttctg aagacaaaaa cctactgcac     81300
     ctttaaatca agaagcattt tctaggcaag caaaaaatct ttgaattatt ttaagaaata     81360
     ataagtcaaa attaagtgag ttataaatgc ggttggcagt ataatcttaa atcaaaagga     81420
     aaaacaagat tatgttggtt accccattgg taggttattt tgaaaaaaat gttttttctt     81480
     aaaacatgca atattttttt gctgctgggt ttaagaagtt ttaggactag acacaagaca     81540
     aaaaggtttc aagtcagaaa agcatttttt tgctctgtaa aatgttcaaa aaccactgaa     81600
     tatgcagttt gttagcagta tttcagtgta acaattcatt ttaaagagcc ccttattatg     81660
     cattataaaa tgtcatattt tggtttgggg tgtctccaac aacaggctga taaacatgca     81720
     aggtcaaaaa acactttcat tgtcttataa aatgcatttg tttgacttaa ttatcccaac     81780
     gacttccata tacttgtaca gagattcatt tattcccaaa cccctcgttt gcatgatgct     81840
     aatcgtcagt gtttagtctg agtctggtgt gattggttaa ctaggttcag catgagatgg     81900
     agagaaacgg ccagcaccgt tataaagtaa cacagagtat atatgtgagc tcgatgcatg     81960
     caggcaaaag atcagaacaa aagacaaatc attaatttga ctctatagaa ttaatagttt     82020
     taaacacgat gcaaggtaca cttttaagat ttaaacctca gctggatgtt tccattcgct     82080
     tacagctgtg ttacacattg catggatggt tattttcaaa aacccataat aggggctctt     82140
     taaaatcata catataaaaa cccttatagt tatttaacaa tctgtgacat catccaaatg     82200
     acagctgcat ttctgatttt gcttcaaaag tacttgatta tttttaaata tgttaatttc     82260
     acaatttcat ggtctggcaa tctaaatgac aaaaaacaca tcaatctgtg aaatgcccct     82320
     aaaaaagcta tttattgttc atttgatttt gaaataagta gatgtgatat tttatatagg     82380
     tgtccagttg atagcctgca atattaagct gaattagaag tttcatcatt caggttaatg     82440
     ctttgtttag tgtaatacag attctctgtt aaccgcagtg tcattcatta cactgaacta     82500
     cagtatgcct gtatgtttgc aagcaatact tttttataaa taaagctgca acaggaactt     82560
     tttgactaaa ctcattatct caggaatatt gttgtaacac attaaatgat ataggcgtaa     82620
     aaccttggac tatcagtatt ttctcctttt ctgcaaaaca taattcagtg taacaaaaat     82680
     cgtcttttag cgttttgtct ttgacccata tactaatatc ctaataatgt agttgtaaat     82740
     aaaatgatta atatattcgc aacatacact gggggaaata attattcaac agcttaaaga     82800
     tgtctctcat ctggagaatg aagtgaaata tacaattttt atttatattt ttttcacaga     82860
     cttcaacaga gtataaaaat cttgatggtt ctgtgggtct cgtttagcca aatctgatct     82920
     ttattttcta ttttctattg gattcaagtc aggtgattgg ctgggccatt ctacagcttg     82980
     attttctttc tctgaaagca tttgagagtt tccctggctg tgttttggat cattatcttg     83040
     ctgaaatgtc caccctggtt ttatctttat catcctgata atgtagatgt tgtgctgtag     83100
     cagccaatat tcatttacaa tgacgaaagg tagagggttg ctactgaact actgagagat     83160
     ttcagctgct gtctgggctt tcactgcctt tctgcacctc cctttcttca tgtgttcaat     83220
     acattttttc tatgtcattt tattttatta cacatcattt gtaaaccaat aagatttgtt     83280
     ttcttttcat atatgtgttt atttgtttat aaacatctgg tgaaaatttc aagtcaacag     83340
     cacctttaga aatatgtttt ctgagaaaaa aaggtgacat gtttaatact tatttccccc     83400
     cactgtaatt acctaaatga atacaaaatt aaaattgtgc gtgtgtgaag atcttaaaaa     83460
     gaaaagctac cgaaacatta cactattgca aatggaaata acttactgtt gcttgttctc     83520
     acctgtgttg caaagcacta accagtgtgt ttactaccat ttatgtcttt atgttctagc     83580
     tgtgttttac tactttttta ttttgctttt tttttcttgt ttatcccccc ctttgcctct     83640
     tctctgtctc tcgaccatag agattcagaa tttccaaaga gcgtcttttt atgatgtctc     83700
     tagtctccat gaatcgccag gtgaaggtat acgatgctgt aggtctctgc ttaccagcgc     83760
     attgtgtact ttcagactct cccatggctt gtagacctgg gccctggacc ctttagctgg     83820
     ctaactttag agttagctgg atccatttga agcaaagctt gacttggctg attcattcag     83880
     atgcccaaat ggcttgaatg aagattgcat gaaaaatgag tgcatgtgca tagaattaat     83940
     ggagagtatt gacgtaaaca aactatttga gtttctgggt aactctaggt gacctggcta     84000
     caaggattag ggccctgctt gttccttagt gcctttcagc aattttgagc agttcccatg     84060
     ccctgtaact gttaataatt agtctaaaaa ttgttaaagg aatatcaaat attgcaactt     84120
     gtcagacgat attgaaaaat gtctttttga tgggaagaaa acaagtcaat ctttcaatat     84180
     ttgtcaggaa catgtaagca gctctggaag atattaaaag accacttgaa ttttctcatg     84240
     gatttacttg atttattagt tatgggtttg agtagatgtg ttgcgtttta tttcatgatg     84300
     gtctgatgac atttctttca aaaaaaaaat aatgtaaata aaagctattt attctcagaa     84360
     gatttcaatt cttaagtaaa tataaaatgg ttaatgaaaa acgggttatg ccaccaaata     84420
     ttgatttctg aactctttct gaactcacat cacaatcaca ttggttaatg tttaaaccga     84480
     agttaaaaat cacaacaaaa agatttaaat tcaaaaatat ataacagcaa aatagtttac     84540
     agaataaaac agtttaaact aggactgcac gatattgaaa atattatttt atttttctgc     84600
     ggtaaatatt gcaatataaa tactgtttca gaagatggtt tgaatagctc tatttgacag     84660
     ttttctggga agtttttact tttatttact ttttgttttg tttctagtca aaacaccaaa     84720
     aaaataccaa gtaaccaact aaaattattg cttggttttc actgtcagaa gaaataagtc     84780
     aaaatcaaga gattaactaa aattctaagc aagaaattaa ttttattttt tatttttttg     84840
     catagataat acagtaatta aataaaattc tatactgtgg ctcctggtca actatcattc     84900
     agatgggata ttgcatatca ttgcgatatg ttttttgcgg atgcacacat tgcgatatcg     84960
     atttcactgt agaacatatt tataaactat atactataaa ctatataaat tttctccaat     85020
     aattagattt cttatttcac cctgaaatct aacagataat aaaaaagtaa ttaatgattt     85080
     attaattcat tttattagtt acttacacat atttatacat atttacatat tttgcttaga     85140
     atttaataga acagttaaat gttagactta attgtagaag tctatcaaat atttatacta     85200
     ttatatattt tttcttaaaa aaaacaacaa caaaaatttg ttaattaaag ttatttttat     85260
     tacaataatg catatctgct tgttgagtct gatgtcacgc aaagtggctt ccgggtccaa     85320
     actgtatggg gagactcaac aaatggtaat aataaacgtt taaaaagcga tctgctactt     85380
     tcgaaaatcc caattgcaat acacagttga agtcagaatt attagccccc ctgacttatt     85440
     agcccctctg tttatttttt acccaatttt tgtttaacgg agaagatttt ttcaacacat     85500
     ttctaaacat aatagtttta ataactcatt tctaataact gatttatttt atctttgcca     85560
     tgatgacagt aaataatact agatattttt caagacactt ctgtacagct taaaatggca     85620
     ttaacccccc cgtatcttag acagttaaat atagtgtttg aaacatttca tatgctacaa     85680
     aacagttgca ggatgacact gtatgtctgt aaaaaaatat aaaacattta aagtatttta     85740
     aactgccact taagagctaa aatgtgctgt caacgtatga gccactaagc cctaggaggt     85800
     taaaaccaca acaaataaag tgtctgtgca cattatggtt attttaattt taaagagtta     85860
     ctgttgaaca aacagtgaac acaaatgaac aaaaattaca aaaggtaaaa atagtaaaaa     85920
     ccctaaaaca aattaatatt tcttatttaa tttgaaatta ttattatttt tttattcgtg     85980
     agattttggc tggagtgatc aatgtgtgtg gtttaccatt ttgcccctgc ttctcgcagt     86040
     cagacaactt gtttgtttaa agtgtcatac ggtgatttga taggccgtgt gtgagggaaa     86100
     tggagtttgg gtgaggggtg gaggaattct gtagtgtctc cgacaggcaa tgtggaacaa     86160
     tacaggtctt gtttcactgg aatccaaaag acttgctgtc tgggccagtc aacactgaca     86220
     gctcagtaga ttctccatag aggaaacgga aatcatgtca agagcctctt tatgagcaga     86280
     gcagttgctt gaaagcggtt cttaacaatg atgtttacag gagcgtagca agacctagag     86340
     tttcatagat ctactgtacc aaatgtactt agacattgtc atcctccctt tgatttataa     86400
     attaatttgt ctttgtattt ttaattgttt taacagatta aacatttata aatacctttt     86460
     ctgattagaa tttagccatt tattgctatg cacatttatt tattcagttg ctgaaaggat     86520
     acttttttag cagtgtgact ctgagtgaca gaacttcata tctgggtcat atttcactcc     86580
     aagaaaaaaa gcttattttt ttcttaaatt agattaccag atacatccaa agcttttact     86640
     tttttgtcat ttgttgttgt tgacttatta agatctcatt actctaatac aataggaata     86700
     acatcaaacc ttttgtttgt attattattg taagcattat ccgcttgtta agtgtgacgt     86760
     cacgcgaaac ggcttctggg tccaagcgct ctatcaaact gtattggaag atttaactaa     86820
     tagtaataat aaacgtttat aaagcgatgt tctactttta aaaatcacaa cagaaactat     86880
     gtttgtacat ctatctccca ctttgaattg ttagcagatg aacatgatgt atataaacga     86940
     ccttctacct ctcctgatgc ctaatttgat ttcccgtttt ctagatgttt ttactggtca     87000
     gttcgacata tctactttgt atttgaaata tttagtcatt cgaattacca atgaggactg     87060
     gaaaaaaatc tatcaaggtc atatccaaat gttctacatg ttacatgttc tattaactca     87120
     agagaccaac ttatccaatg taaagtagta catctgcttc attattctag ggttaagctt     87180
     aataaattct actcctctat ctcctctaaa tgtaacacat gtgaatctgt ggaaggctct     87240
     ttaggatttt ttttttggtc aaagttttgg agcaaaattt tatatttata ggctttattc     87300
     ttgtgacctt gtccatgatc cagcaaatgc ttgtttttgt ttggtttgtt ttttggttca     87360
     gtcatcaaat taaaaaagct gttcaatatg gaatggtgat ggctaaaaaa tatttttgtc     87420
     tatggaaata ggcatcaaaa ccccttttta aattctggct ttcagaatgt tctagcactt     87480
     tacatttaga gagacttgga cacaaacttt ctgataacgt tgctgacttt gaagccatct     87540
     ggaaaccctt ttttaattat ctgtcaaatg ccaaggataa cagttcaaag atatgactct     87600
     gtcatcgtct gcaacatcac catattgcct gtgcccactg gcctagaaat atacagttga     87660
     actcagaatt aattgttccc ctttgatttt ttttttcttt tttttttttg gtttcttttt     87720
     ttaatgtttg ccaaattatg tttaacagag caaagaaatt ttcacagtat gtctgataat     87780
     attttttctt ctggaaaaag tcttatttgt tttattttgg ctagaataaa agcagttctt     87840
     aattaaaaaa aaaaaaatta agttcaaaat tattagcccc tttaagctat attttttcga     87900
     tggtcttcag aacaaaccat cgctctacaa taacttgcct aattacccta acctgcctag     87960
     ttaacctaat taacctattt aagcctttaa atgtcacttt agtctgtata gaagtgtctt     88020
     gaaaaatatc tagtgaaata ttatgtactg tcatcatagc aaagataaaa taaatcagtt     88080
     gttagaaaag agtttttaaa actattatgt ttagaaatgt gttgaacaaa tcttctctcc     88140
     gttaaagaga aattggggaa aaaaataaac aggagggcta ataattctga cttcaactgt     88200
     atatgtgtaa cattgttaac ctatgtataa tactggagga aagaatacga aaatgaaatg     88260
     aatattttct caatttgaat gagtatggca gcttggacct gaaaacaatc ttctatacgt     88320
     cacaacttaa gtgaataata cagtttattt taattacttt tcagtttgca ttgtttgcat     88380
     tgtcgttatt atttgtaatt tattatataa taacgagaag gaatgattct tcattttata     88440
     aataaaaatt atttggaata tgtgcagatc ttaaagttag cacttttata accattcttt     88500
     ctgccaaata gtttaatact ttaaaagaga attaagagaa attataaaac taggaaggca     88560
     aattattcac cgccatagtt gaaattcatt cttgcaccaa tttgttgttc aatttattaa     88620
     taaccaaatt attgttcacc agttttgtaa ataagagatg cattcaaagt gttgtcctat     88680
     tcacaaacaa ttgattccta cttttgaaaa cactgtgact cgatgaactg ctgggtttcg     88740
     gggtgaaata tgtcctatag atggttgagt ggttcaacct tccctttgat ttcctttgca     88800
     gcttgtgctt gtttatagat gtagtcttac ccttggcttt ctccatctat ttcatgtctc     88860
     catttgccta gcactggacc tgctggcgta gttagggccg ttggctcttg gattgaccga     88920
     acttgtggca ttgagtcaaa atacactgta ctactttcag aaagctattt tctgctttct     88980
     tttgggatat gatgactgaa agaatctaag gaaagctttt tttaaagcgc agaaacacac     89040
     agcgtatttt gaccttctgc ttggttgttg ttgaattaga gtttagatgt agatttccct     89100
     ctttcatctt cacatgattt ggctgtgctg tgtcactatt atttaattct attgctttaa     89160
     atactctttc acagacctaa ctgattggta tcttgttttc ttctcactct tcatggcagt     89220
     ggaccgtatt gttggtttgg accaagtggc aggaatgaat gagactgcat tcggagccgc     89280
     atataagacc aaaaagggca tgtttcgcac tgtgggtcaa ctatataaag agtcccttac     89340
     aaaactcatg gccacactcc gaaacaccaa ccccaacttt gttcgctgta taatccccaa     89400
     tcatgagaag agagtaagtg acattagtgc ctttagtctg aagtaaatct gagtaaaaat     89460
     acagcccatt gtcataatct ctgttcttct attaggctgg taagctggag ccccatctgg     89520
     ttctagatca gctgaggtgt aatggagttc ttgaagggat ccgcatctgc aggcagggat     89580
     tccctaaccg catcgtcttc caggagttca gacagaggtg tgtttcagag atgtgttcaa     89640
     cagtagagaa ccattgcacc tcttctttct gtacactgta aaatccaaca gtcaacttta     89700
     tcaaatgaaa gtttatgaaa gttaattcta ctcatttaaa aagagttttg aactcagtgt     89760
     tagtagtgag tcaattaaat accttaatac ttcaacttaa atggattaag tactcctaca     89820
     gtactcatat agattttttt actcaaatgg tttgttgcaa tcggtttcct caaacggttt     89880
     gagttacctt aacttttttg gtttacagtg tagcattagt ttattgtgtt attttctaag     89940
     tgattaaact gtgatttctg ttttcatttc agatatgaga ttcttactcc taatgcaata     90000
     cctaaaggct ttatggatgg caaacaggct tgtgagagaa tggtgagata ttttaaacct     90060
     cagatgacta taaaatgagg ctggaaagct ctcatataaa ggtctaaagt acaaaataaa     90120
     ctgaataaat cataatattt aaaaatatca gtatattact aaatattttt taataaagac     90180
     attctggagt aagcttcatt tagcttattt agaaagaagg gaatgcatat ttttattctg     90240
     caagaattca aggtcaaggt aaaatctatt gtatcccgta gaagaaatct gttttagaac     90300
     aaaaaggttc tgctgtacat agacacccaa caagacaaca tataacatac atacacatta     90360
     ataatctgat gctaaagtac ctcctaattt atacaccgtt ccataaaaat aaaataaata     90420
     caatgttccc ccactgccct ctgttatgcc aaccaatgca gctatcttaa tctttgaccg     90480
     ccctacccta cttgctcatt gatcaattta attgtaaaag gagcaaaaga atgtttatat     90540
     ttattatata tgcacaacgg gaccctgtat cttctgccag aattcatcag cttatactcc     90600
     aacgacaaca catgttcaaa gactcaaaac cttagtgaac caagtgtctc aattcccatg     90660
     attttacctg ccagtctcat caggtgttta cctgggttct catttataca gtcagatttc     90720
     caaaccaaac agtaattcca tatcctaaaa tagacttcaa tattgaataa agtgacaagt     90780
     tcatgtagca atgttctttt gaactttttt cccttcaatt tctaggaaaa tgttgattct     90840
     tctccacaat aaaaatgttg agcagctgtt ggtaatgaaa aatattcagc tgaacagaag     90900
     tgtaattgtt ttaatatgtt ctagataaat atctaaaata cactcaattt aaatattaga     90960
     tttttcacga tgaaaacatg tatggccata tcccagtcta aataatagac atttcagaat     91020
     cacacctgat agtgccttat agcaatgctt gtatataata atatgtcatt tttataatgg     91080
     acccttttca catttccagg tttatcaaca gcagttgtca taattgtgta aagcgcagtg     91140
     attgggagag tacaacaaat catttttttg catcctgttt gctaaaataa tggaagaaaa     91200
     actttacgat agtgttctca ggacttttag gaaaaaggaa aaaaaaaagt ttatcgcata     91260
     tgtgataaca ttagccagaa gacgtcacat ttactgtcct gcccaataga caccgcttta     91320
     gaaaggcctc acacaagcgg taattcgttt tttttttttt tttttgtaat ttgatgcaaa     91380
     gatgatttaa tacatacgtg aatacatatg tatatgatta tgatgactgt taaacgtgtc     91440
     ataacggtct tgtgaacatg gtccattaaa atgaaataaa tatttaaaaa tacaaggaca     91500
     cttaaagttt aattgttctg ctttcagtac ttcgacgtta catttcatag ttatttaatt     91560
     ctgaataatg tccagtacta aaaaaagtag cattagaaat ttagctgctg atgaatatga     91620
     agcatcaact taatatttgc agattcgagc tttggagctt gacccaaacc tctaccgcat     91680
     cggtcagagc aagatcttct tccgcactgg agttttggcg cacctggagg aagagagaga     91740
     cctgaaaata acagacatca tcatctactt tcagtcggtc tgtcgaggat acctggctcg     91800
     caagtgagta caaaggcaaa agactaaaat aaacctaatc cacagggact ggtgaaaaaa     91860
     acatgcagct tttactgttt atagtgtaca aatttacagt atatgaaatg tgaatgtgtt     91920
     tgtttcttag ggccttcgct aaaaagcagc agcagctaag tgctttgaaa gtcctccaga     91980
     gaaactgcgc tgcttacctg aaactgcgcc actggcagtg gtggagactc ttcactaagg     92040
     ttggtctagg ttgatataat tgttaggatg gtttgaccag ctaaatctat gtggttgtcc     92100
     taactgattt gcattatttt tgtagatgtt tttaattgag acatgcattg gatccatgtt     92160
     tgcaggtgaa acccctcctc caggtgaccc gccaggagga agagatgcag gccaaggatg     92220
     aggagcttat taaagtgaag gagaggcagg ttaaagtgga aaacgagttg gtagaaatgg     92280
     agaggaaaca ccagcaggtt agcacatgca ttaccaccca cttcctccct cgctctttag     92340
     aaaattacat taatatttag tgtggtaaat ccaatattgt tagacctaat gtctgattca     92400
     gtgagggaaa ttcaaggcat tttaacacat ctacacttga aaactacggg tatgagatat     92460
     cataatcata atagagattt gaaaggtttt gatttgtaaa ctattatcac atgagaatgt     92520
     acagagctgt ttttttcgtg aagggaacac acactagagt ttagattctc tgcccgagcc     92580
     cagacttgac ctgaccccga tattttctgc cactattttt tccccatttc cactgactgg     92640
     aacagtacgg tacagtatgg gtcaccttta tcaggcttgt gttaccactg cctaaaaggt     92700
     accaagagta tccttttagt gggcgtggtt tacgacaaag tttcagttga cgtcattctc     92760
     gcttgaggaa atctcgctca aagtaaagct gtatgggtgg tttacatacc atatgagaag     92820
     ctcttctcac agaacagatg ctatatacac ataaatactt gatagatcaa tgatagccta     92880
     gagtaacgtc tgcaattata taaaataaat gaataaatgc aacatatatg aacacataca     92940
     gacttctact gtctctgata ttttaccatt tacagaaaaa ctacacgcag cagcatacat     93000
     tgagtcctta tttaggttaa aaaaaaaaac acataacata taacccattc attgcaaacc     93060
     tcttatctgt atctttaatc ttcaacagca catgtagcct ctgttacaaa gtaattacgt     93120
     cattccgagt tcaaaatagt ccaaaaggcg ataataaaca tgtcagtttg ttcatggttt     93180
     aggttggaaa aagaatcatt tgtttcaaga atcatttgcc tgtttttcag gcttctcctt     93240
     tgtttcaaag atgtcagaag cacttcaata atcacacgca cgttattatc atcagcagtt     93300
     cgttatttta aatatagacg cgcacacaag agatgaaggg cttccttgaa aaaatgaaac     93360
     cgctcgcact tttagatagc ctcgtaaaac aaaaacagga cacggcaaat tttgttgttt     93420
     gtggctgttc atcaagacaa tgacacggtt tgtttgagct caggttgacc aaggttcatt     93480
     attatatgca tatagcatta cgatgtaatg tctcggcttt gttttaaaaa atggcggttt     93540
     ctttgttttc attcttctgt ttgtgtatgc atgagtgacg cttctctcta aaccaatagc     93600
     gttcagctgc cctatttatg taggactgat gcgctgcttc tgcatgcaag atgaaatctg     93660
     ttagcatgga tgccaaaatt gcatgtgcga tgtgaaaggt gttatgatag ctaaaaacct     93720
     gggacttcca cgatgaacag acactcgaag caggcttgcc atggcagaaa ggatgatagt     93780
     cagctttcag tgaccttttt tgttacgttc cattcagtaa acaaacaatg cagtttacat     93840
     gcttcgtcct tattacatta ttcattaaga taaatataaa ctaatttctg tagttcaaac     93900
     aactcagaat tgtagttgag aatgtctgtt aaaacaggcc acgtattagg ctaaaaaatt     93960
     gtccggtgta aattgggctc gggcttataa ttatgccatt gtcagatcgg gtcgtgctcg     94020
     agtgcgatca ggtttaattt tttgggctcg atctaagctc taacacatac ttaatttata     94080
     ttaaatattt aatgactaca ctctgtaccg tgtatagatt atatagacag ttaatacata     94140
     tgaataaaat actaatagta ataaatacat gtcctaatcc tttcatttga agtatctgct     94200
     gcacactatt gagaatatta agctctaaat tgcaaaatcg aatcaatcac aatatcaatt     94260
     agaaaaatcg caatttggtt tatttatatt tttccctaaa ttacacagcc ctactaagaa     94320
     cacttataaa caaatgcaat gtatctttat tccatgatct tctttagcaa agctaaatta     94380
     tagttgttgt ttttaaccaa attcattctt aaaattgttg gagaaatgga taaaagagca     94440
     tgttttcgtg ttgttttcca gctcttggaa gagaagaaca tcttggccga gcaactgcag     94500
     gccgagactg aattgtttgc tgaagctgaa gagatgaggg ctcgtctggt ggctaaaaaa     94560
     caagagctgg aggagattct tcatgacctg gagtcccgcg tggaggagga agaggagagg     94620
     aaccagtcgt tgcagaacga gaagaagaaa atgcagtcac acatacaggt ggagcagtca     94680
     cactacatct cattccatca aatttcaatt gttcacgttc agagtgaaat attaagctgt     94740
     gatgtccagt gatgggaata acggtgctat aaataaactg tgttacttac ggcgattctt     94800
     tttttcagta acgagtaatt ctttaaattt agcattaaca gtttcacaga atcctacatc     94860
     agtgctggat gcatatgcat gttttatagg acctagagga gcagctggat gaggaggagg     94920
     ctgctcgaca gaagctgcag ttggagaaag tgactgctga agccaagatc aaaaagatgg     94980
     aggaagatat tctgctgttg gaggaccaga actccaaatt cctaaaggtc agtgtagatg     95040
     ttaaccaaaa tgcagtccag ggactttctg ataagcatgc tcggagatgt gctaatttct     95100
     tccctcgttg tgcctcagga gaaaaagctc ctggaggacc gtgtcggtga gatgacctct     95160
     cagctggctg aggaagaaga gaaggccaag aacctcggca aagtcaaaaa caagcaagag     95220
     atgatgatgg tggacttgga aggtgaggac agggttgatt tttgttttgt tctactggat     95280
     ataaaacaat aagttttacg tatttgtgtt tgaacatcag agcgtctgaa gaaagaggag     95340
     aaaactcgac aggagcttga gaaagccaaa agaaaactgg atgcggagac cacagaccta     95400
     caagaccaga tagctgagct gcaggcccag attgatgaac ttaagatcca actggccaag     95460
     aaagaagagg aactgcaggc tgtgttggcc aggtaaagat ctgttcaggg agaagcactg     95520
     aataatgata aaaatagagg ttattccaag aagactctcc tcttggagcc aaaatagttt     95580
     tgctgtcatg taaatggccg tgtctaaata ataacttgtg gtagactgaa tttttttgag     95640
     gtcaagtaaa ttggaatatt agtcatggaa taaatctatt cttgaccttt gtgttggttt     95700
     tttgtatcac attggtcaaa tgtatgacat cacaccataa ccatgttaac atgcccatgc     95760
     ttactgaaat atacatcatt taataatctt caaatattct acagttcaaa catttggagt     95820
     cttagatgtt tacgtgcaaa gaaacataac acacattgat tctgtttttt ttcctccctt     95880
     ctccccttct gacggcagcc ttatccatac tctggaaaat gatgacattt cggacactaa     95940
     cagaggtggt cttgagtagt aatctaacca actttctcta taccaccacc aacagtttaa     96000
     aatacaactc ttctttaggc tttacctttt aaaacttttg tcttggagct tttgtcattc     96060
     agactacatc tcacattagc actctaggaa attgcggaat taggaaattg tattttgttt     96120
     ttgtagttat ttcttcagat tttacccaaa atgggtcatt tagaactagc tgcataaaaa     96180
     tgaccagagt tttggagata tgattttatt ttatgatgat ataaacttaa cagagtaatt     96240
     taaagttttg atcatttctg ttcagtactt tttattaatc aaaaagaaag tccatcatgc     96300
     cttcatcagc agcatgattt gagaatcttt tccaaatttt gtaaacgggg cacctactga     96360
     tcatgagatc taaaaaagaa aacttaaata tatatatttt tttactttct aacttttcag     96420
     tagaattagg gttttatttg tattaattac agattttgaa gttgcaattt ctttttaatt     96480
     caagacattg gcaaaaagtt taataatgat cattgaagga atgttttgaa gatacctgag     96540
     aagttcaaac acagcgccac ctagtgttct agaacttttt ctttttggtt catttttgtg     96600
     cacaaaatga aacagtaata acccttttta aggattctgt gatgaatcaa catttcaaaa     96660
     ccatctaaaa ctattagacc aagaagcatt ttctagacaa gcaaacaata ttgtcttgtt     96720
     ttcagaaata ataagtaaaa attatgggag tttttcttga aaacaagtga aataatccgc     96780
     caatggagta agcaaaataa tctagttttc actttgacat aaggttattt tgcttagccc     96840
     attggcagat tatcttgctt gttttgaggt aaaactcact taatttttgc acattatttc     96900
     tgaaaacaaa acaatgtttt tttttttgct ttagaaaatc cttcttgatt ttaagaattt     96960
     ctacatattt aaactagaaa caagacaaaa aaaaaaattt tctgtgcatt gtttatttag     97020
     aataaaaacc tgtcaaattg aatttaaatc gaatttttat gtgtctttgc taaatgaaat     97080
     tattaaaaat gctgtttgta acttttggac tcttctaaaa cataaaaata ccatcatatg     97140
     tttgcagata tttatgaaac attgtaagcg aacattctag tttatctaaa aaaacaatgc     97200
     taaagtcaca aattctgctt tgaaaatatc tgagcagctg tctttgtttt ggttctttaa     97260
     acccacccac tgccatttta gtcaattata tttcagcact cctggttgcc ttcatggaaa     97320
     acagcgtatt tcattcattc gttcagaaag gctctctaag catgtgccca caaccgaaaa     97380
     tgcaacctcc ggtggacagt aacaaccctg aaatgagaca cagattcgga gttccacatg     97440
     aggtggttat taatgaacaa ataatataag tattacaaat gtaaacatta ggtgagcagg     97500
     ttacattgta accacacgtc ctaacaacat gctatatgtc gagatttgca gtaataagca     97560
     atttgcacca gatgcaacac gacagaaatt taaggacagc cattcagaag catagaatag     97620
     tgcgcacact cttgaaatgg gaaggtttat aatcttatca atacataata aacctcttac     97680
     cattattaca tctacatgct gattgactta tatttgttaa cttggctcgc actaagtccc     97740
     agttctatat ggtttatttt attttcaaga tctgaggtga tctgctgctg ctttcagtat     97800
     atggcaataa atgtcacgtg aaatggcatt caaactcaca ttattagcat ttaacactgg     97860
     ataaagcaga tgaggtgtac ctgaggtgat catagttcat cctgttgttc acctgtgaga     97920
     aatagaaacc gtttctacga tagaaatttc aggtgttgtt agaacaaaaa ctccttttaa     97980
     tatgaaaaat atttgttata tcgcgtaaca ttgcttttaa ttataaaacg gctcaaatca     98040
     gccttaaatc agcctttagg ctcgatagtc aggcacacga cctgtttgag gagccaagta     98100
     gaaatgtgtt ttgatcaagg agtgcaatac cttgtttaac cactgggtgt caaacttgca     98160
     cactgcacct ttatctccta ggctgcgtcc gaaaccgcct actactcagt aggtgctgca     98220
     tttgaattta aacgtactac tcggccgtta gaaaagtacg ttctatacag tatgaatgtg     98280
     aaaagtataa atggaattcg gacgtactac atccgccatt ttgtcatggt cacgtgacct     98340
     acctgcgtca gttgcgtcgc tttacttcca ttcatgaatt ctctcgcggg gcatcatggg     98400
     atagcgcagc atgcatggga tgcgcactcc ggaatctcgc cgaaagtagt aagtcatccg     98460
     ggtacttctc gcatactgat tttcgaattc tataaattcg gacatactac ttggctcgca     98520
     tactgatttt ggcgtactat atagtatgga agtatgcggt ttcggacgca gccctagttt     98580
     gtaaacaaaa gtctattaat aaagcccctg tacattttgc atgcattgtt ttgctgatac     98640
     tctctcttcg tgtttgttct tccacagagg tgatgaggag gtcgctcaga agaacaacgc     98700
     cctcaagcaa ttacgggagc tgcaggccca gctagctgag ctgcaggagg atctggagtc     98760
     tgagaaagca gccagaaaca aagcagagaa gcttaagaga gatctgagcg aggaactgga     98820
     agctcttaag actgagctgg aagacaccct ggacaccacc gctgcccagc aggagctcag     98880
     gtacaagtcc gctccaccaa tctgagacta gatggaatta gcgactgttc taaatctgat     98940
     atttatcgct gcaaggattc atttcaatca tttgttcaaa ccatttaatt acttaagata     99000
     aattattgtg ataaatgtct gtgtttgtgt gttttaattt aaagcagtta agaaactaat     99060
     caaatgcgtg ctattagacc tgtgcatttg gcattatggt gacagcacac tgagggttaa     99120
     tcaaacaaca aaagaatcat tcactaaatc actcacaact ataagtttaa taagaatcca     99180
     tgtgcattta actctgattg ttgaggctat tcattgtctt ttctatttaa ttacttaatt     99240
     caatttcttt ttatgttttt ggcaggctaa attattttat aacctttact ttttattgct     99300
     ttacttgcag ttttagctca ctgtcatgtt gtgtaacaga ttaagagttt taaaaatcac     99360
     atgttcataa gtattcacag cctttgctca atactttgtt gatgcacctt tggcagcaat     99420
     tacagcctca agtctttttg aaaatgatgc cacaagcttg gcacacctgt ctttgggaat     99480
     ttttgctcat ttctctttgc aggacctctc aagctctatc gggttggatg ggacgcaaca     99540
     gtgtacagcc attttcagat ctctccagag atgttcaata ggatttaggt ctgggctctg     99600
     gctgggccac ccaagaacat tcacggaatt gttatgaagc cactctattg atattttacc     99660
     agtttgcttt gagtcgttgt cctactggaa gatgacaaag gctgtgaatg cttgcgtaca     99720
     tgtgatttct cagaatttgc aacaatttct aaaaatcttt tttcacattg tcattatggg     99780
     ctattgtgtg tagaattttg agaaaatata tacatttaat ccattttgga ataagtctgt     99840
     aacataaaca aatgtggaaa aagtgaagcg ctatgaataa tgtaatctac ggtaatgtat     99900
     atttaaaaat attacatttt gtatcagtta ttttgaagaa taattaaatg gttcacaaat     99960
     aaagcattca tttgtttctg gttactgtat aaataatcat ttcatcaaat tagattctct    100020
     tgaacaaatt tgaatgtttt tttttttttt acatttctaa agatttaatt aatacattct    100080
     ccatttgttg cttcacatta ctttaaaaat tgctctgcta ttatatctat atattatatc    100140
     tgctattagc tctgcttcta tggtcactat taaaggcagc atttttgttt atatccaaaa    100200
     gtaaacattt attactgcac ttctgtagtt ttgtaacctt aacacagatt aattgcattt    100260
     aatgatttat acatgagtct agacagtttt tatttatact ttttaatttc attttctgaa    100320
     cctgaatacc tttagatttt atacagtgct caacataatt gagtagaccc cattttgaaa    100380
     atgaatgttt ttctccattt ctcagtgaat ataggcaata tattttggtc cattaaaaca    100440
     aaactgattt aataaacaga tatatttatt aaaataatat tttagtcacc aagcttattt    100500
     agaaattaaa ataaaataca attaaattca agcaaaatat tgcaaaaata aattacaacc    100560
     tacaaaatat aggttttttt tttttttttg cttctcttct catttttaaa tttgtattta    100620
     atatttttct atgccatata aatttgagtg tactagtttt tggactgtta ttgtaggtta    100680
     ttgtgttaga taagctccag atttgccttc agcactaact aatctaatgt ttatgcgcaa    100740
     atattatatt gtatagcttc ctatcaagaa gattaactta aaagagagat ttgtgagggt    100800
     tgtactaata tatgttgagc actatatata ccttttaccc acatcacata aatagttgac    100860
     tatatgcaac tataagcaaa acattattta ttttcaatgg gttaaagtaa aaagaaagaa    100920
     aatccactat ttctctttta tgctattcca tagccatgtg catacactga cgggttaaaa    100980
     tcagcttctc tgtatctcgc attcagggta aggttgcttt attggcatga catttttgta    101040
     gagtattgcc aaagcatttt agatgtataa aatatgttat aaattgacat aatcaaatta    101100
     ataaataaat gactgaaaaa gaaaatccct aatccctgac attttagtcg atttagaaac    101160
     cctggccgga cgcaaaaaaa ggtgcttctc tgtgggtctg cagagcatgt gagactgctt    101220
     gtatcagtag aaaacgggtt aatgagagaa gactttcctc tacgtaatcg attgcggaag    101280
     tttggtaatc tatggctgat acaaaaaaaa gtgtaaaaag atgataataa tccaaaacaa    101340
     gtgtgactaa atacttgggc taccattata aaaacatatt attactgttg ttattatttt    101400
     aatttcaata ttaagacatt aagataaacc tattcaagta ttctggtgaa actgtatttg    101460
     taacgctata tttgacagaa aacctaaatg ttgtgcagct ttaaatgttt aaataatttc    101520
     aaagaactaa actgtgttga aaagaatgaa gctgcttcat ttgtacgggg tgttaaaact    101580
     aataaatcaa tttagagaaa tttaagaccc tttaaaagta ttaaacgcta ttttacaagg    101640
     tattaaatct tgtatcagta gactaaagtt tgcctgaatt taatctttga atattgggat    101700
     gctgtgtagt ttatgaaatc agacaaatcc tgctagattt gacatcaggc tgctttgttt    101760
     actgcagtaa ccagggaaac tctattattc ctgctgttgt aaaggcgcca cctgctggat    101820
     taacattttc attgagtata taaatacagt tttaatttag gattcatttc ttgctttcag    101880
     tatttagtaa atatgctgca agttaaaata tctgcattgt tactggttga aacctgaagt    101940
     ggtgatgagg tcttaaaatg tatgcaaaga gtcttaaaaa ggtccctgtt gtacgtaagc    102000
     ctcactttta tttacttttt ttttttaacc cttttccctc aaatgtgtct caccaataaa    102060
     ggagtaagcg agagcaggag gtggcggagc tgaagaaggc cattgacgac gagacgagga    102120
     accacgagtc tcagatc                                                   102137