EBI Dbfetch

ID   AL591365; SV 14; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 84618 BP.
AC   AL591365;
DT   15-MAY-2001 (Rel. 67, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 30)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone BUSM1-150I12 in linkage group 6 Contains
DE   the eif3s6 gene for eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3, subunit 6
DE   and a CpG island.
KW   CpG island; eif3s6; ERBB; erythroblastic leukemia; HTG; MYH10; myosin;
KW   PA2G4; proliferation-associated; v-erb-b; viral oncogene.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-84618
RA   Sehra H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; c7c561ee521d38d013f63f16b7bab57f.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000000103; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000039578; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000046359; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000057823; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000150939; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000151114; danio_rerio.
DR   RFAM; RF00001; 5S_rRNA.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone BUSM1-150I12. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone BUSM1-202L16 is at 82300 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone BUSM1-150I12 is at 84618 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone BUSM1-204D19 is at 2000 in this sequence.
CC   BUSM1-150I12 is from a Zebrafish PAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..84618
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="6"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="BUSM1"
FT                   /clone="BUSM1-150I12"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    2001..82631
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   CDS             complement(<3094..3447)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ150I12.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001642"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human non-muscle myosin
FT                   heavy chain 10 (MYH10)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O08638 Sw:P05661 Sw:P35748
FT                   Sw:Q99323 Sw:Q99323 Sw:Q99323 Sw:Q99323 Sw:Q9JLT0 Tr:Q04834
FT                   Tr:Q8R384 Tr:Q8SWQ7"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q8AW83"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001609"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR004009"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027417"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8AW83"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-162"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD58758.1"
FT                   LHNLKDRYYSGLIY"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<3094..3468,5797..5928))
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ150I12.3-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human non-muscle myosin
FT                   heavy chain 10 (MYH10)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BB613826 Em:BB634963 Em:BB642934
FT                   Em:BB643305 Em:BB646245 Em:BB649778 Em:BB659901
FT                   Em:BB659953"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AB022023 Em:AF139055 Em:L09740
FT                   Em:M69181 Em:M93676 Em:U34304"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(7921..9111,10835..10888,11355..11482,
FT                   11577..11671,13181..13314,13424..13502,14167..14245,
FT                   16192..16255,16543..16635,17576..17645,18664..18769,
FT                   22703..22831,24928..25068))
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ150I12.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human
FT                   proliferation-associated 2G4 protein (PA2G4)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI003495 Em:AI477493 Em:AI597736
FT                   Em:AI658267 Em:AI959368 Em:AL714598 Em:AL714617 Em:AW595183
FT                   Em:BI468030 Em:BI884960 Em:BJ001579 Em:BJ001680 Em:BJ009087
FT                   Em:BM365432 Em:BM464214 Em:BM775923 Em:BM924153 Em:BQ131136
FT                   Em:BQ133406 Em:BQ258512 Em:BQ263810 Em:BQ285086"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AK002685 Em:AK025367 Em:BC001951
FT                   Em:BC003777 Em:BC005593 Em:BC007561 Em:BC010279 Em:BC019222
FT                   Em:BC028926 Em:U43918 Em:U59435 Em:U87954 Em:X84789"
FT   CDS             complement(join(9049..9111,10835..10888,11355..11482,
FT                   11577..11671,13181..13314,13424..13502,14167..14245,
FT                   16192..16255,16543..16635,17576..17645,18664..18769,
FT                   22703..22831,24928..25012))
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ150I12.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001641"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human
FT                   proliferation-associated 2G4 protein (PA2G4)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P50580 Sw:Q9UQ80 Sw:Q9UQ80
FT                   Tr:O22523 Tr:O73806 Tr:Q96327 Tr:Q96327 Tr:Q96327 Tr:Q96327
FT                   Tr:Q9C5I5 Tr:Q9LKG4 Tr:Q9N5B3 Tr:Q9VRP2"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q8AW82"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000994"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR004545"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011991"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR018349"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8AW82"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-161"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD58759.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(29307..29549,29736..30109,32536..32800,
FT                   33923..33991,37060..37239,38305..38402,38727..38873,
FT                   38960..39035,40474..40629,40723..40908,43291..43389,
FT                   43505..43624,45675..45852,48011..48168,49683..49774,
FT                   51329..51546,55104..55194,56004..56077,57646..57769,
FT                   58928..59041,59728..59869,59946..60064,61914..61976,
FT                   62728..62853,68205..68391,69040..69258))
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ150I12.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to ErbB (v-erb-b
FT                   erythroblastic leukemia viral oncogene homolog,
FT                   neuro/glioblastoma derived oncogene homolog)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BM853091"
FT   CDS             complement(join(29307..29549,29736..30109,32536..32800,
FT                   33923..33991,37060..37239,38305..38402,38727..38873,
FT                   38960..39035,40474..40629,40723..40908,43291..43389,
FT                   43505..43624,45675..45852,48011..48168,49683..49774,
FT                   51329..51546,55104..55194,56004..56077,57646..57769,
FT                   58928..59041,59728..59869,59946..60064,61914..61976,
FT                   62728..62853,68205..68391,69040..69258))
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ150I12.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001640"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to ErbB (v-erb-b
FT                   erythroblastic leukemia viral oncogene homolog,
FT                   neuro/glioblastoma derived oncogene homolog)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P13388 Sw:P21860 Sw:Q62799
FT                   Tr:P79754 Tr:Q9W6F6"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q8AW81"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000494"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000719"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001245"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006211"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006212"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009030"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011009"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016245"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017441"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR020635"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8AW81"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030916-3"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD58760.1"
FT   misc_feature    35279..35287
FT                   /note="1329 bases of Tn10 transposon (J01829) removed here.
FT                   This sequence represents the duplicated flanking sequence
FT                   of the Tn10"
FT   misc_feature    42628..42647
FT                   /note="Inconsistency in the number of bases in
FT                   mononucleotide run between subclones"
FT   misc_feature    42783..42858
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   ofthe repeat element between subclones"
FT   misc_feature    46777
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 550bp by restriction digest data"
FT   misc_feature    55059..55067
FT                   /note="Inconsistency in the number of bases in
FT                   mononucleotide run between subclones"
FT   misc_feature    65269..65305
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones"
FT   misc_feature    80300
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: BUSM1-202L16"
SQ   Sequence 84618 BP; 28206 A; 15123 C; 14314 G; 26975 T; 0 other;
     ctgcaaaata aaccctgaca ctctgaccaa tgtaaggaga gtttactcgc atgtgacttg        60
     ttttagctct tttggtccga ttagaaactt ttcagtgtga aagtgaaccg ctccaagagc       120
     aaagagaacg taacaattgt aatctctgtt tcggaacaac tgaatcgatt cacaggtgtg       180
     aaagcaccct tatattacta ttgacgtcac tggatatagg tttttagctt tcttcacatt       240
     atctttttta atgttcaact aaaccaaggg tggggaacgt ccggcctcca ggccgtatgt       300
     ggcacgcgag aacatttgat ccagccccat ccgtcaattc aaaatcactc ctcaggaaaa       360
     aaataataat aaatttctgt tatagaaagt gacagttgta cacatttgtt gctctacaaa       420
     gctcagtttc acatgaaaat gacttaaagc atgtgctgta atgtaacgtt tgcagcacga       480
     gatgtgcatc atttattgat gtacgttcac ttcaaatcat tcacattttt aatagcgtga       540
     acgggaccgc atagcatgct tctgagtgtg tgcacgcgct tagcctcggc gacgagccta       600
     atgccatctc aatgtgagcg ctttaacggt caaatacatg cacatttgtg tcagagcgcg       660
     gtgtttagtg attattcata ttcaccctca tcgtgtaaca aacaaacaag ttgagaatca       720
     aaagacacgt aaaagagaaa ctattcttaa agtgacagtg cgcaattttc ctgctgccga       780
     ctgtttttat tattaatcaa acaacaaaag gagaaaatcc ctcactgctt ttgactggag       840
     ggcttctgta gcttaagctt tttcttatag tgaagatgct taaagcacag tttgtttcat       900
     attttattct attgcattta tttccctttc cttatttaca gggaggaaaa aacctgtgca       960
     tttataaaat cagatttatt tgcccttctg aattattagc gaccctaatc ataaggtaaa      1020
     cacaaaacaa aagttttcat ttggagctcc attatgggac tccacacttg taaataattg      1080
     ctccatcagg ctcgtggtct cagcaccgcc aacgctcatc acagctacca agccgatcaa      1140
     ccacagattg atatgcagac agagatacgt gtcgttgtga catgtagtta cattttttca      1200
     tacactgtaa aacccaataa gttaaggtaa ctcaaaccat ttgaggaaaa cgattgcaac      1260
     aaaccattta agttcaaaaa ctaatcctga tgagtactgt gaacttactc catttgagta      1320
     aatgaagcaa tttgagcaca gtaaaaccca ttaaataaag agaactcaaa ccaacggagt      1380
     actgtaaaac ccaacaagtt aaggcaactc aaaccattta aggaaaccga ttgctacaaa      1440
     caattcaagt taaaaactag tctataggag ttctgtgaac ttactttatt taagttaaag      1500
     taatgaggta tttaatgaac tcactacctt caacacggtg ttcaaaactc ttcaaatgag      1560
     tagaattaac tttcagacaa ttttgagtta actacactca tttcatttga taatggtaac      1620
     ttttgggtat tacagtgcac atcagcattg gccacagcga gagctatgtg agcgtgtgaa      1680
     ggctgtgccg aaccatacgt gtgagcttga cgcagaagta taaatcagcc tttagttggt      1740
     ttagttatca ttgataaggg ttggagctga actctgcagg ctgttagatc tccaggaaca      1800
     gggcgttgta gaatgaaaac gatccgcgtc cacactcgcg ttttacccag cgtttctgaa      1860
     ctgctctccg tccacaccaa aacgctgaaa acgcacatca cgtgaccaca cacacacact      1920
     ctcgggcaag cgctccagca tttctaccca gatgagagct ctgcttgtcg gactgctcat      1980
     caagcatctc tcgctggatc taatctcact atatttgcta aacgtgatat ttcattcatg      2040
     ttgttgtctt tatctaacga caaaggccaa ttctctgact ttggtcattg gaatttatta      2100
     agttacttgt tcatcggtaa catgttttgg ttaagcgcaa agataagtta atgattaatc      2160
     caggtacatt gactgatcgc ttgcctttat ttcctacaat gtataaaatt attgtatgtt      2220
     atacttttat aattattgat tattaaaact gatattcagc aaaagagagg gtgcgtttcg      2280
     tattttcact caaattgaaa ggaggcagtt gttataggct ccgttttgtt ataaatatcc      2340
     acacagtgaa gatgacgctc atatatgcag cacgacgcct caacatttct gctgtctgtt      2400
     aagttgctaa tattaaaaag aaaataggca gttccttaaa tcatgtttac attttattgt      2460
     tgagaaagtg aaacaacgta gccaaggtga tgtgaatgaa gttataaagt acactgttcc      2520
     ctttgaagat ttacccgtgt cctcggtatg ttttccatat caaactgaga agggggagac      2580
     tgcagccttg atcaaacttg cgaagtctta acttacaaga tgaggatgcg agactgaact      2640
     gtgtgtgggc tacttaatat tgaggaaaag ccccaatcag ataggcgaac gtttgcagcc      2700
     ccgcctctgt tttcagatgt ctccgtcttt ccccatccac actgagacgg agcagcagcg      2760
     ttttagaatg aaaacgacct ttccagcgtt ttcaaaaagc tccgttttcg gcgctcgaga      2820
     actccggcgt agtgtggacg gatggcgtaa ccgtagcaaa acgtatgcgt tttcaaacta      2880
     aaacgcacta gtgtaaacag ggcctgagcc ccctggtcta gagatccctg ctgtgagcat      2940
     gagcattcaa caaaaatcca gtgtttttca tgcagtgacc aatatcacac caaaactggc      3000
     tgctgaattc atgagcacga cagaaatgtg tgattggcta caatgctcag cttgagaaca      3060
     aatcgaaatc acacaaatat caatcccact tacgtatatg agtccagagt aataacgatc      3120
     cttcaggttg tgtaacacag atgcttcgtt caggcaggtg agttcagcca tatcctccac      3180
     tttgctgaac ttgggcgggt tcatcttctg gatgtcatct ttgttcacca tggccttctt      3240
     gccattttca gccagctcca caagcacttc ttctccacgc tcctctcgga tgctggccgc      3300
     ctcaaatcca tgccgttcag aaggaaccca caccagcttc ttggccgtcc agtctgcctg      3360
     ggtagttggg ttgtagacca cggcccgatc cacaaagagg taccgctcag ggtcctcttg      3420
     cccactccgc tgcgccatct ccggcatgag gaactaaaaa taggccacct gaaaaaaagt      3480
     gttagagtgt tatttggtga tttgaaggca cagagattca ctgagggttt atgtaatatg      3540
     acatttcgaa gggtcaattg gttttactca aaaaggttaa agctcggatt ggttttcttt      3600
     acagaaacaa atattccttt agtcgctctt caaagcagca tttggtcaaa ttaacagtat      3660
     aaccaattct cgattatggg gatttattta ccgatcagct tcaaaactct tcttcgcaaa      3720
     ctggatgtta tttatcatgc agcaattggt tgttattggt gcgccattta atactcatcg      3780
     ctgtcaactg tattccttac tgaattggcc ttctcttcta tcacgtctac aaattcattg      3840
     gtttctgttc attaacaaaa ctctcactgg aaaaactcca ctatatttac agtcacttct      3900
     taacattcag gaatcacttt taaatctgcg ctctagtggt ttcattaacc tttgcatacc      3960
     caaagttcgc actttatttg gtcgtaactc ttttcagttt tctgctgctg atgcttggaa      4020
     tcatctccag cagaactcaa agcccagcac tttcattcca ccatcgtctt ataataattc      4080
     aattcagtca gtagttcaag atcactgtgc ttgtttttag tttttcgttg gatttatatg      4140
     ttattatctg catttgtgaa attgttattg tattgtgtcc ctactgcttt gtatctgctt      4200
     ttcatgttgc ctcttggcct ggtcgtcatt gtaaatgaga actggttctc aattgactta      4260
     cctagttaaa taaaggttat taatatttac ggggatatag ggaatgttcg attagcattt      4320
     acataaatac attacactgt taaagtgact ttttttctct gagtaaaaca acattaaaga      4380
     tcttaaactg ataccgtggt cattgcgatt ttaaaaaata tcaaaagtca attggcacca      4440
     ctattttgaa actactggca ttattacagg caaaacacat actaataaaa ctaaggtctt      4500
     ggacaatcag ataattaact gaagaatatt tacataattt ttaccttcaa ttcacagatt      4560
     ttgcatagag agcaagcttt ctgatgcaac atgctggaaa tctgagagaa ttaatctcta      4620
     agatcacaaa cattgatgta ttcttatctt tgaatgtagg ttgcagcctc cacaggtatt      4680
     aatttagctg tgctggtgta ttttttcctc tcaaagtgcg agaactattg acttgctact      4740
     aaatatcttg aatgttcttc tgaacattct ttgctcacat cttggatgaa attacgatgt      4800
     gaaaataaac agcaaatttt cattttaggg tgtctgatct gtctttttaa tattgacatt      4860
     caactctcat tttaagaaat tgataaatgc ttaaaataca aaaaagtgca tatgtgaaat      4920
     acccctcaag ctcgatgttt gaagatgaaa tccaaaagta ggagttacac acagcagaaa      4980
     aaaattatgt aaacagcttc tgtatcattc attccacaca tgccagatga tttaggctta      5040
     atctgttaat ttatatacct tgagtggctc ttcacagtgg aattaacaaa aaacaactca      5100
     ataaattcaa aaaccagatg gtctggccta caactggagt tactgtaatt cccacagagg      5160
     aaatataaag ctaaaataag gcaagcatgg caaaaaatag gtcatgcctg ttatttcaaa      5220
     cacgagatcc gttatacggg agatgaatgc ccggtaaact gaagcgagac tcctgggccg      5280
     ggataacgtt agtccttcaa aaattcattc aatgataacg ccctcaaaaa acgcatttct      5340
     aacggtcact ctcataaata acttaaaatt gccgacagat attttacatt tgtaacgtta      5400
     tatcgttaat gggacgaagt gactgttagc taggacacaa tattctccag cacgagctga      5460
     agtttctgag gccgccaagc gcgtgctcaa accgggagct gcacgcgcct cctcctcctc      5520
     aacatcatca ccatctcccg ttatatggcc tgtggcgaag cggacaaacg gttttataag      5580
     tgttttagcc aacatatgga gcccgtgacc acccaacggc taacaaccgt accatttagg      5640
     actgtatccc tgtttaaaac agccgcaata acaaactcgc tagcgtgggt tagcgcgcga      5700
     gctctcccgg ttgcttgaaa agtaatgcga aaaataatcc gttacactgc aacggaggaa      5760
     aaagctgagg cgaattgaaa agacgcataa acttaccacg ggcggtcaga gatgagagct      5820
     acgtgcacga agagatgaat gagtggctat ccagcgcgtc cagtttttat aatccagtta      5880
     ttttgaaagt cggccaaata ttcccttgtt tcgccccttt gcactgatgc caccgtccgc      5940
     agcgccgccg cttctccgaa ctcctcaacc gaactcagca tcgcattctg ctgcgcccgc      6000
     cccttcggtc acacccactg agatcctgat ggaacgggga ttggattgaa acgggccttg      6060
     accacaagct attggtttgt taccattaca cccccaacaa aaagtgattg ttcacgcaag      6120
     ctttcttcta gcgggagcag aatccataga aatacattgg ttgcaaggcc gcgaggacag      6180
     gacgttttat aataaaaaaa atattattat tataagtaca agcataagag cagaaatgtc      6240
     ttacaaatag aagtgtttaa aaataatatg cgaaataaca taatacaagt tgaaaactta      6300
     ttataaaacc aagtgatgta tctaatctct aatgcctatc taagattgac gtttacaatc      6360
     tcacaaagat ttaagtttcc ttgattttct gatgatgctg ttattcttta caaatcgatt      6420
     ctttcaaaat taactttatt ctatataaat ttttatctgt ttcaggttac aaatgctgac      6480
     aagtcttata ttaattatta ttatacatta taacacaaat acaataaggt aaaattaaac      6540
     ttttatctac atttacagaa cagagcacaa ataataatca aatcaataag ataatgcaaa      6600
     aaaatttttt aacagaatag acacacaaac aaataaacat ttagggcctt ctattaattt      6660
     cattttttca taatttagat ttttaccaac tttaaagatt tacagtataa ccaaaattcc      6720
     ttttggaaaa ccaaaaacag tggttttgtt taaaggcact tgcatttata aatataattt      6780
     tttaaaaaaa tattaatatt ttcccttaat aagccaaata aatatacttt ttttgaaaat      6840
     agagaggaca acttgagaaa cttaaccact cgaacgaatc agaccaaggt tctgctctat      6900
     attttacagt ctatggttgt gctacataaa gtcaaaaaat aaaagttgtt tcaatgctaa      6960
     cctcacagaa tgtacaatta ttgtgatcaa aattaagtct aagaaacaca gaagatgggt      7020
     aaatatcata aaatatttta aagtttacat ctggtctaat atataggctg taaaataaag      7080
     ctgcagcaat atattatgta atgtttctct tttgttcgaa ttaattcaga gtcgaattca      7140
     tcagtgattc attcaaaaga tccgactcta aaccacgatt cgtgtaaaaa catggtaaat      7200
     gatgaaggat tatatccgta attttactcg taaccttaaa ctgataacag taataccagt      7260
     aattttatgg aaaagattaa aacgccactt tgtgattgat taaattaaga cattttaact      7320
     ctaaatttaa ttgacgttta tttttgtatt gcaaaatgat ctaacattat ataaatgtta      7380
     ttaaatataa ataatataaa ggttggttat aaaaagtatt ataaatgtaa gagatattaa      7440
     tattattata cttattagaa atgttgtatt ttaaagtaaa ttaaaattga aacgttttca      7500
     ttgagaaaca cttctgcttt tatattttcc agtgctctta aatagttttc aataattgtc      7560
     tgtttgtatt tataaaacaa tttaaaatct ttaaccaatg aactgaataa acttcaacat      7620
     gagtttgcta gtctgggcca aacagcgcca cctgtcagct ttaatcagat ctactttaac      7680
     actaagaaga tctctttgct ggacactgaa ccatatcggt agatatagaa ttatctgcct      7740
     tgaatagaat atagtgacac aaaccctcca gcatgctcct gtcatttcgt aaaaatgtgc      7800
     aaaacgctga gttccctgaa aattgcttta aacataaggg attattatta taaaaaagaa      7860
     accatgcaga ggtcccgagt gtgtacattt cttcaattaa taatgacaat ttcaaagaaa      7920
     ttatattcaa agttatgttt tatttcatta gttgtaaaat agtcccatat gatggtttgt      7980
     actacaaaaa caagatcgtg tcgattccaa acctccactc tcctctccca cacaaacctt      8040
     tacactctgt aagcatgtca caataaccaa catttcggac gatctactga gcctcaacca      8100
     aacctgcgaa aaagtcaaat attacagaac cacttcccat cacctcttct ggaattgttg      8160
     cactgactgg attgaacaat aatgcctgaa aagctttaca atccagtccg agcctagttt      8220
     tgatctgaat attcagtcaa gcggacactc tattgctcag taaaagtaaa gtgataacgt      8280
     gttggtcctt gtccagagga agtaataact cagcttcagc gagttcagat gtattttaga      8340
     tcagaccttt aaagcaaacc catgataaat cagactttct aatgctaagt tgaattaata      8400
     atatgtcaga tttgtttgga aaaacagccc tgcaccaaca aaattattcc acactttaaa      8460
     agatgaagaa cgggattaac aagatatgaa caaataattc tccagtattc aggagtcgtc      8520
     ttcagatgta caaatgtaat gaggaaatct atatactcaa tttgatttct aatgcccctg      8580
     taagctattc tcgatcctac ttctcagata aagaagattg tttcatcttt gaaaccctga      8640
     gaaatagctg caattgaatt atcggcctcg aaccacttaa tctaatcaaa cgtaatgcgg      8700
     ttttaagtta accttagggc caaacaaagc atttcaaaca gtcaacggtt gtgaaaaacg      8760
     caactctaca aaagaattgc gcagcttttt taataacatt ttgaaaaagg ctttgcgttc      8820
     cagttgaaat gcaaatcgag tgcttcaaaa tggcaaatag attcattatg aaaatacaaa      8880
     ttcgtagtgg agtggcgttt ctccgtaatg gggggaggca gacatgttta acacaggttt      8940
     aagagtggct cgtgatcgaa tgagtgatga gggtaaaacg gagagaaatg ttgggagttt      9000
     ttgctcgtca ggggtggggg tgggggtctt gagaggcttg agttgcctct atttggctgc      9060
     aacttcattc tcagctggtt ggcctgttgc agtctctgca gttttggagg cctgcaatca      9120
     aaagcaatag aaaagtgaat acagactatg aactggtggt gttcaattat gcaatagtgc      9180
     tgtcaggata ctggaattcg gtaccagtcg atactgacat ttttaaaacg tccgttttct      9240
     gctaacatgt gagtgctgtt gagcatgttc ttaaagagcc cctattatgg gttttcaaat      9300
     tatgggagtt ttccaggata aataacaaaa tgggagggtg gctggagatg ggctgaaata      9360
     cgggacactc ccgggaaaaa caagagtgtt ggcaggcatg ctcatacata cactcagcac      9420
     tctgactact tcaatattgc tgataagacg tggtgggtat ttcactctgt ctcgcgctgt      9480
     cgaccaatcg caacaggctg tcattggtcc aatcagtgca gattagcttt taaggagggg      9540
     tttatgaaca aatgagtcgc tgtacgattc atatgggagt cactaggata attaggtaaa      9600
     aataaatgct tattataaga ccatgaaagt gttttttgac cttgcatgca tatcagcctg      9660
     ttgttggaga cctttaaaac caaaatatga ccccttttaa tgtataatag gggctcttta      9720
     aacagccatt gtgttcatgt gctcaacaga aatgactgtg attgaccgag aaggtcatca      9780
     gttcactgaa ctcacagccg tttactgagt gtaaacacag atacagaaac actggagcgt      9840
     tttaaagaca cgattcgtca gcggattgac cgtacctcag cttatagaca aagcagctga      9900
     tcgacgtgac tttaaagcgc tccagtgtct ctgtatctgt tgttacactc attaaacagt      9960
     ggtgagtttg gtaaactgat gaccttcacg gccaatcaca gacatttctg ttgagcacgt     10020
     gaacacaatg gcaaatcagc gatgttttca aacaggttca aatgttagca ggaaatggac     10080
     gtttttaaaa tctcaatatc gattagtact gaattccagt atagagacaa cactataatg     10140
     caacctaaac aaaacgccat gacagtatac actttaaatc tgcatatctg ttttcctgtc     10200
     tgcagactaa cactatgttt catgttgaat aacagaattg gacaatctta cattgtgcaa     10260
     tgaatggaac attagaattt ctttgtgtag cgcaatagtg gtggtaattc agttttattg     10320
     catccagtgg atcgtggtat aaaaagttca gtgtgtaagt cagtccctcc aggattttgc     10380
     aactccaata gttcttgaga taaaaagaga tacatttgac atgatttttg tgtgttttca     10440
     cagcaaaaca caataattga agcaaacaat gccacaggtt gataaaacat cacaaaatca     10500
     gattgaatta tattttttaa atcctggaga gatagataaa tgcacactac aactactatt     10560
     cactttaatc acatacaaac agtatacagt tgaatttaaa atgagtcgcc ctcctgtgaa     10620
     tttgtttttc aaatatttta caaatgatgt ttgacagagc aaggaatttt tcacagtatt     10680
     tcctataata ttttttcatc tggataaagt cttgtttgtt ttacttctga ctttaacagt     10740
     atgtatgata aattatatga aaaaaggcca tcaaaccatg ttttgtgttt taggtcagaa     10800
     aaagccagac atgctcgaca acatgaagcc tcaccttctt tttcttcttc ttctgtgctt     10860
     tacgacttgc agaactctgg atcagagact gaaaataaag aagtggaaac atcatggtag     10920
     gaaaaactgt attattcatt cattttcctt cagcttagtc ccttatttat caggggttgc     10980
     cacagcggag tgaaccgcca acttatccag cttacatttt atgcagcgga tgcccttcca     11040
     ttcacaatcc agtaccagga aacacccata cactctcaca ttcacataca ctacggcaag     11100
     tttagttcat tcaattcacc tatatagcgc atatctttgg actgtggggg aaaccggagc     11160
     acgcgaagga aacccacgcc aacactggga gaacatgcaa actccacaca gaaatgccaa     11220
     ctggtccagc tgggactcaa accagcgacc ttcttgctgt gaggcaacag tgctaactgc     11280
     cgttaactgg ccgtgccagc ctaactgtat tattattact gcgaatgtaa acagaataaa     11340
     tgggtcttgt ataccttcag ttcaggatct tgaacgtcat gttcagactt gtagagttct     11400
     gcttcaagtg gtccactggt gattctcaaa ggcccattgg ccatcagtag cactgtaaac     11460
     ttaaactgag ccacaaattc acctaaagga agaggtggaa acaacgattt accaattgtg     11520
     gaagtaaaca aagaggtcaa atgaagagaa actactaaat tgatattaag actgaccttc     11580
     tttctcattg agcacactga aaggctgcag gagctcgtgt ttggcacact ccaccactcc     11640
     aagacgagct tttccttcat cctcaaacgc cctgcaggat accaacactc aattacactg     11700
     acatctcaat cagctgtcca tcactacatc attctcttag aatttccatg acatgacaaa     11760
     catcagggct cggtgtgagc atttcacttg tgtttgtgac taagaataaa tctgtgagca     11820
     tacaaacaat cttaaattgt gagatgacgg tattagtatt tcaagagttc acacttagct     11880
     gatgattgat tataagcaag tttggcatgc tgtcccggga gagagccctg ggctccctcc     11940
     tgattgcagg gtgagagggg agatttgagc tcggctagat ctcgacaact ccccccttga     12000
     taagagctga tgactaaaat gaatgctatg aagagatatg ctgcaggatg agagtttgac     12060
     tatagtgcta aatttacatt gatcaattca cttgtagtgc atgtttttgg aatgtgtgag     12120
     gaaaccggag aacccgagga aaacccatga gagtacggga agaacatgta aactatgctt     12180
     agaaacgaag aacatgtaaa ctatgcacag aaacgaccgc cggtctgttg aaggacttga     12240
     accagtgaca ttcttgctat gaggcaacag tgctaaccac tgggccaccg tgccgcccta     12300
     tgaagggaaa ggtggagaag ggtggaaggg ggaattcttc aaatcgaaga tggctttagc     12360
     gagaaaccct ggctctttat agtgggttag gactggcctg attggtggat catacgtagc     12420
     taatgcagaa ccagctgtgt tcaatcataa tcatgtgatc ctctcaaaat tagtttataa     12480
     ataaacttca cttggtatat tttcattgaa aaaacattgg tatgtaacac taacaattaa     12540
     aatatcaaga tcacattggc gcaatagcct gatttgaaat cttttattta atgtttgcca     12600
     atctcaactg aaacatgcag agggcgggac ggtgtagctc ctccctttct taaaaaaaac     12660
     agccaatagt gttatgttat accaccattt tactagtgag atcagttgag ctcaaacgca     12720
     tcatatgaaa agtgtcttaa agggggtggg gcatgtcaga tactagagag catttcattg     12780
     gtcacgattt gatgagaaac tgaagtatga ggtgatgaaa aaaaaagcgt tgatccattt     12840
     aggcgaagtg acaaactgca agctttacat gtttatatca tatttgtatc ttctaaacct     12900
     gaattgtttc actgttttag tgcgcactag cttgtaaata tcctaaaaac aatactgata     12960
     tagacatcta aaaaactttt ttatttcatg ggacctttaa agtagacaac aaaaatgaca     13020
     tcctcagagt caagcttgca tccatcatat caaagacttc tcaaaggtgt tcagtgtctt     13080
     ctagtcaaac taaacattca cagacaaaca gactatataa ttctgccttt atattagcga     13140
     cctgatttta atgaaagaac tgaagaaaag tgtctccaac ctgagagtga agggcatggc     13200
     atcgaagcgt ctctccacct cactgaagaa cattctagag gtcttcatct tcagcccata     13260
     ctgcttgctg gggtctcttt tgtagatggt tgtcctctgg cctccatctc tagcctatga     13320
     cagagagcag acaagctaaa tattccagtt gtttttattg aacacaaatc acatctatga     13380
     gatgacaaca ataaagctga gagaaggcag gattatccct caccttcccc tctcctgagc     13440
     tgatcagcac atctacagca tacacttcat gaacctcaaa ctctgccttc tcatggtcct     13500
     tcctgtaacc agaccaacag aagccagtca atgcaaattt gatgacaaat tattttttga     13560
     ttttatttgt tgacacatta gcaacttgac aaaataaatt gccaaaataa attgccacat     13620
     tagtcttgac aaaataaata taggtaaaag tataatacat gataataaca acttacaatg     13680
     tacttcataa ttgaaaaaca gttatatatt ttacattaaa aaccttacat aggattattt     13740
     tcagtccaat atattataaa ttacttggtt attcccagta acacattttt aaacacatcc     13800
     aaattgctct cagtataaaa atcttgtcta gttgtcttta aaatctgctg actaatactg     13860
     ttttagtaca tgtgtttgca aggctgtttt agctgatagc ttgcttcaat acaatcaaac     13920
     cccacatgga ttttttgtcc cgtaaaataa tccactagac taaaatctta cttctaaaaa     13980
     acaaaaattt aaagggaata aaatactttt tcctgccttc agattattca catggagata     14040
     ttgtatataa actaatagca gaaaaatata aaccaagctc tgtggtggca taaaaacctg     14100
     caaatataaa ataactgtaa aaataataat acattttatt taaattgaaa tgtttgtctt     14160
     ttatactttt gttgatctgt aggattctgg atgatggttt tctctccatc aatcacatgt     14220
     tgctttagtt gatgggacag catacctatc catgaacaga agagaaacac tgaataatgg     14280
     cacacacaga aagtcaggca ttcctgttga tttctgcagg tacatcgagt tcttcacacc     14340
     tttcatcttt tgtgtgatta tttcactcat aactgaaaca tgttctaatg ttaatatgtg     14400
     ttcaattaaa atgaccagca ggatcacagg gtgatcaagg aatcggtctc tttcatacac     14460
     tttcaaccaa cttttagttt tttgaggggg cgttttttgc aggtatacat attggctgct     14520
     actgaacttt caatacaaca ttgcaaaata aatgtgtgca gtttacacat taagatgaaa     14580
     gacaacagtg aaataacaac agttaatctg caatcagaac agaatgcttt ttacatcttt     14640
     aaaccaaact gcaaaattga aatccaccaa ttaacactaa ctgcagtcta cttgatcaga     14700
     ttttattacc aaatgtaagg aggtctttaa agtgctccat gtatttgcaa taaccaaagt     14760
     tatgtgaata aaagctagat ttatttcctt aaaagactaa aatgcccaac tgacaagact     14820
     tacttgtatg caagcatcat ctctttacag ggtcgtacac atttttacta ctaaaattcc     14880
     atgacttttc cacaacttgc aggtacattt tcataacgta atgtttcttg taatgtctac     14940
     atatacatga taaataatta gaaacacaac gacgttcaga tttattacag cacatcatag     15000
     aacacgcaac aatctatttt gttaacattt gtttttatat tgattttgat tatgcttacg     15060
     caacactaac aatgtgagag caagtttttg gccaaggaaa gaagacaact aacctgtatt     15120
     caagttaggg ctgcacaatg tattgtttca ccattgataa tgcaatgtga gcatgcacaa     15180
     tagtcacatc gcaggatatg caatgttggg attatagttt aatatggagt taaatcctaa     15240
     tggagtaaaa gtttatcatc tgcatgcata tttaaagaga tagttcagcc agaaattaca     15300
     taccattctc attacaccca tcacttgttt caaacattca tttttttaaa tgaacacaaa     15360
     aacaatataa ttaataactc ctatagtatt gaaacaagtg tgagtaaata tttgaatctt     15420
     taagtaaact gtctctttaa ggcctgtgac tgtgtgaaca tttcaatatt tcaaattttg     15480
     aaacatctgg ctacaagaaa tgttttgaaa ctttaataaa gattaaataa tgtacaaagg     15540
     aagactatgc aatgttgatt attcaatatc tgtagttgaa tagtaaatac ctgaaaacta     15600
     gaattcactt tgatctttac tatattttat ttatctctgc ttgtaatttg tttgttgtgt     15660
     attattcgag attcactcct ctacaaaatt cccccccaat caatccaaat aaacttgtta     15720
     aatcatctgg tgaaattgta ttcacatcgc tatatacatc acagaaatac aaaatatcat     15780
     aatgtcatat ttttccaata tcgtgcagcc ctaattcaag tatacagata tttgttaaac     15840
     taatttccat cacttttcca aaactttgtg ggtttttctg tttttccaaa acttttccag     15900
     gcctggaaaa tggcatgtca aaattccagg acttttgcag gttttccatg actgtatgaa     15960
     cactgtcttt ataaacttta attaaaaaaa tactctgatt tctgcaggat aacatttctt     16020
     aaactggttc tttaatgcag ttatgtgata tctatcaagt ttttttgttt caaatcatta     16080
     tattaattaa tgtgtttact catacaatcc acaccttcaa actgctttct gggtggataa     16140
     tctttaaatt ttggtcaggc tgtaccaaaa gaaacatcag ccaaaactca ccctcaattg     16200
     gattgcactt gaatgagtgg gcaatcttgt tccaggcctc ggttacttga gtgttcttca     16260
     aggtaaattg ggcaggcaga aaagacaaaa gacattgcat gagaaacaga ccatcacttc     16320
     attaatatta acattaagct gtctattctg ctcactcaca ttgaagagct gaccgccaac     16380
     gttgtcaaag ttgctaaaaa gctttactgt ttggtgcatt ttttaattat ggagccaaaa     16440
     atgcgcagta tagccgtaat agtttcattt aattggcctt taggttgaat gtatggggac     16500
     accatgttca tttctgattc tagcttgagg taatgtacta acctggttgc ctggtttaac     16560
     aagacgcagc gctgcttctg cacataggtg tgctgctttg atgacgtcag ctttccttcc     16620
     tgtcacaggt gcttcctgaa agcaggtgat aatgtacaat cagtcacaaa taatatattg     16680
     aataaactga catcacattt aattattcaa ctattacact atgcagttga ggaaacaagc     16740
     tagtattaga aaattgtaga ataaccataa aaaataaata gtaaggccat gttggagatc     16800
     attgaccata acagcgtaat ttacaggcat gtgggaaaaa acagaagacg agtcaacatt     16860
     tacccatggg aaaatctgta aaacactgta aaattgtatt gtaatacttg tagaaaggca     16920
     aatgtaaaaa taataatata aataaacagc accgcatatt gtattgtgat gtgatcgaat     16980
     taatggagac aaagtatcgt ccaaaatcta tcatagataa taccatgaag tttgttagtt     17040
     ggtttaaaag gatagtttac ccaaaaaatg aaaattctca ccatttactc actcaagcag     17100
     gtctgaatgt ttattaattt tttttttgtt gttgttgttg aacacaacac acaatattct     17160
     gaagaatgat gaagaaaaaa aagctaatga gatccataga aaaaagtaaa aatactaaaa     17220
     aaaaaaaatc aatggctgta tttttcgaca tatttctgtt tttgtgctta acaaaataaa     17280
     caggtctgga acaagtggag gatgagtaaa taatgacgga atcatggcaa gaaaattgag     17340
     ctaaaactaa aaatctgacg tttataatag actttttcta aaaactctaa aataatatta     17400
     ggtttcactg tgtttagatt tctacaaaag tattcactga gtaaaaaact ctctgggtta     17460
     ggcacatggt gtaaaaaaag caggcttgag agggatttga caaaataaaa tgttgcttat     17520
     attatgtaaa cagaagtaac agcgagagaa taaatattaa ggcagacaca caaaccttag     17580
     tagctccaat aacaaagcta tgggccacat tagagatgaa gccgtcaaca tgaactccta     17640
     aatcactgtt gaaagcaatg agagaaattt aggagagaat acagaaaaat aaaaacatac     17700
     agccaggggg aaagtcaatg aaactcctat gtgaactaac tctgatgact tttacttggg     17760
     agaactctag acatgtgaaa agggtccatt ggaaaacatt gagcattttg ctctaagagg     17820
     aatcacattg aaaaagaaaa ttacatctat aaaaacacat tccataatta ttataccaca     17880
     gaatctacat taaaacactc acaccactta ttaaatatgt acagttgaaa tcaaaattag     17940
     ccctcctgtg aaatttttat tcttttacaa atattaagta gatttttaga tgtaatattt     18000
     taattaacta atttcttttg tctttgccat gatgagagta cataatattt tactatttac     18060
     tttgcaagac actagtattt agctcaaata gtaattattc tcctattgta aagtcatgca     18120
     gtgtgaaacc ccctgttgcc gatacatctt tcagtgtaaa cacagcatca acggaatgct     18180
     accccaaaaa gtcatgcagt ggaaaatcgt gcagactgaa ctcgacatta actagattat     18240
     gttagttaag caggtaagaa caattaagca agttattgaa taacactgtg tgtaaaagtg     18300
     taaaaatatt tctaactgtt ccgattccag taaaactaaa agaaataaga cttttcccag     18360
     aagaaaaaat attataggaa atactgtgaa aaatttcttg ctctgtcaaa catatttgaa     18420
     aaagaatcaa aattttgata gagggctaat cctttagatg tcatctgtat gtctaaaaaa     18480
     caaacagctt catgtgtgga ggatcacaga aaacaaggga acaagcagga agacaagaag     18540
     gggtagagac ggcactggga tgcatcactg agggacaact gcatacaaga tggactgaag     18600
     gacagagact gaaggaaaag acacagggag gttagacaga cgagctggag gagttttgcc     18660
     tacattttga ccaaatctcc atctttcagc atgtagtcgg ggtcgctctt caggggagag     18720
     aagtggcaga cacagttatt gactgacaca caggtgggga acgcaatacc tgcaagaaag     18780
     gacaaccacc aatcctcaac aaaaagacct tctgcataat gtgtgaggag agagagacgc     18840
     ttcaaataaa acctgcacac ctatgaagcc cactcgctct cttatgaacc acgagaattt     18900
     aatgagtaca cccctctcag atctcgcttt gaaattcaga ttttcaacag gatgctttac     18960
     aataatatgt gtatatacaa cattagatta atcactgtca aaacatataa cttaaaaata     19020
     gtacacctaa atgaatctgt tagagtaaaa tatttttgtt aattaaataa aaagaaaaaa     19080
     gatttttttt taaatcaaga gaaacattaa aaaacagatt aaaaatgttg ttgaaattaa     19140
     ggctgcaact aacgattatt ttgacgatat ataagctgcg tgattatttc tttcgtgatt     19200
     aattgaataa aaactaaatg tcttttttta tttgacaatt tgcttcttat aaatccataa     19260
     aacagtaaat cagggtagta tttatgtata aaagtaagta aaaaaatgca aaagccacat     19320
     tgttaatgga gtttaattat atttaatttt gacatttaaa acctttaatg agaaactaag     19380
     tttgggggaa acgaaaaaga aatctataaa aaagcaaaac aggtgctgta ctcctactat     19440
     attcacatta gaaaattaaa ataaacacac tgacaaaata ttaagcagca caatgtgttc     19500
     acatataaaa atgataaata ataataataa taataaatat atatttattt ttgagataga     19560
     aatcagaaga gcaggcatac tccactgctc agtgcaaaat ggaacgttat tagaattcgc     19620
     tgcaaaccac aacattgact aattgtcaca catgctgatt tttaatatgt ggtgtctcac     19680
     tctattcgca gcgcttaatt ttagttaaag tagcgtcatt taatgaatca tcactatgtt     19740
     atactcacga gtagcaactg aactgatcta atttaataga tcattaattt aactaatcta     19800
     acttcaacta taccactttg acacgatgat gacgactatg gtaagctact ttccgtccat     19860
     gaaagctgtc ttgaatagcg ggcatgttac agtcttctta gatgcattta atataacatt     19920
     ctcccctgcc ttggaggact gggggggcat gttcgtcaat atcctgctca gttatgtgag     19980
     cagccaaatt aatcgataac gccattcgtt gacaacaaat ttcagtttcg ataattatcg     20040
     ataagttttt tgcacccaaa ggtaaaattt tggagtttaa atcattcatt cattcatttt     20100
     ctttttaagt tagtccattt attaatcagg ggtcaactta tgcagcatat gttttacgca     20160
     gcgcatgccc ttccagctgc aactcatcat tgggaaacac ccatacgctc tcatttacac     20220
     acatacaata cggacaattt cagcttactc aattcaccta tagcacatgt cttttgactt     20280
     gcgggggaaa ccggagcacc ctaaggaaac ccacatgaac acaaggagaa catgcaaact     20340
     cgcacagaaa cgccaactga ctcagccgag gctcaaacca gcgaccttct tgctgtgaag     20400
     caatcatgct aaccactacg ccatttagga gtttgtaatt cttttttcgt aacacttcat     20460
     tgtaaattga aatgtattat ctttctatta ctaataatgt ttggggaaca aactcaaatc     20520
     gaaatgcatc acataaacgc tcatttacag tgtaaaatga tagacattaa gcacaaacct     20580
     gactgaaccc gtcaggactc atcaagtctc attgggtttg agcaaagatc tccagctcta     20640
     gcctgttgtg cactgtgttt ctgaagccac cgatggttgg ggcccctcaa tgctgcttgc     20700
     agctttaatt aaaattttgt agtttgtacc catttgtttt tctcatttaa aatttaaatg     20760
     taaaatcttg tatttccaat gatgttcagt ggaccaaact ggaaaattga tgaatataac     20820
     cttttaatca agctgcgttg tttaaatgca gggcagcaca gtggcgtagt gggtagcacg     20880
     ttcgcctcac agcaagaagg tcgctggttt gagcctcagc taagtcagtt ggcgtttctc     20940
     tgtggagttt gcatgttctc tctgtgttcg cgtaggtttc ccccacaagt ccaaagacgt     21000
     gataaaagtg aattgggtaa actaaattgt ccgtagtgaa tgagtatgtg tggatgtttc     21060
     ccactgatgg gttgcagctg gaagggcatc cactgtgtaa aacatatgct ggattagttg     21120
     gcgattcatt ctgctgtggc gaccctacat taataaaggg actaagccga aaagaatatg     21180
     aatgaatgaa tgtttaaatg caccaaacta tatagaccag gggtgaccaa ccctgttcct     21240
     agagatcgac cttcctgcag atttcagttg caacccatat taaacacacc tccctgtaat     21300
     tatcaagtgc tgttcaggtc ctaattaatt gattcaggtg tgtttgatca gggtttgagc     21360
     tgaacactat aggaagatcg atctccagga acagggttga gcacccctga tatatgcccc     21420
     tttcacacat acacatacac attaccggca attttccgga aaggttgtat gtgtgaacag     21480
     gccctttttg aaaataccgg taaattcagt ctggctattt tccggaaaga gaagttgtaa     21540
     cattaccggt aatttgccgg aatgctgcga tgtatgaatg cagaaggaag attgccggaa     21600
     agagcgcgcg tgcacatgtc tagaacgtgc tgacgtaaga cgtctacttt agccaatcag     21660
     aacagtcaga cgcatttacg tccgcgcggt ttatgagaat aaaagccttt aaatattttt     21720
     ccagacacat ttagctgcta gatgttagtc agataacatt tttatgttcc ttcttaatgc     21780
     caactgtgta aataattatc gataaaatgt ttatgataat ccgttgtttg cttaccttca     21840
     agctttgcgt gtgcccttga gcgcccatag cgccagcaca cacacatatc atgaacatct     21900
     cgacatgcga aagtgtttct ctatgttttc attggagttg tactcaatac tgatccatcc     21960
     gaagagtttt aaatgtagtc aaatgtttac aaacacaagc gcagccgttt aaagctcatt     22020
     tctggttaat gatgtcagaa tttaccggca ttttgcgatg gatgtgtgaa tgctgttttc     22080
     cggaaaaatt ccgtaacgtc ctcgcctgtg tgaacagcgc ttttttgaat ttaccggtaa     22140
     agtcggaaat tttcaggata tttatcggta tccctgtgtg aaggggctat agactatatt     22200
     cactgagaac tggactaata tatatcagta ttcaacaata gggactgctc gattgccagt     22260
     gtgagagacg cttgagacag tagacaggat cattcctgcc ccaattgggg ccgcgttttg     22320
     ttaaataatt ttaaactgca ataaaataca cccatcttcc ttactgctct ttttggtttg     22380
     ctaacacaag attttgctca ctatacattt attaaaactt ttaaatttta tttaaataca     22440
     ttatttgaat aattattaac atttaaataa ttatagacat tagttttgac acagtgttta     22500
     aaatatgtgg cttaaaattg ctataaaatt ttattttttc tttggtgggg ccagtgaaaa     22560
     ttttggcagg gcaagttaaa aatctgaacc attggcctga tcgaaccagt agaaaaaaaa     22620
     tccttagcgt tgcaccctgt atagatagct ttttaatagg ggtgtactca ttcatgctgt     22680
     gcgctgtata tttaggtctc acctttcttc atgtcctttt cccgtttaaa gatcttccca     22740
     gtctctgcca tgatgaaagc gtctcctttc tggcagaggc tgagaactga tactcctggt     22800
     ttggctgcct cgatgaccgc cctcaacgcc tctacagaca caacacaatg cattcaagta     22860
     taatatacaa gtgtaatggt gcaatttcaa agtccaacct ttcgttttta ctgtttagtg     22920
     aagtaatgta tgtaatgtgt atttatatag cgcatttatc gtgtatggtc atacacacaa     22980
     agcgcttcac aatcatgaag gggggggggg gggggtctct ccacaccaac accagtgtgc     23040
     agcatccatt tggataatgc gacccgcagc cacaggacac agacggcagt gcgttcacca     23100
     cacaccagct atagggggag cggagagaca gtgatagagc caattttgtg gatagggatg     23160
     attgcgaggc tatgattggt aagggatgat ctagggaatt tggccaggac accagggtta     23220
     caactccact ctttacgaga gctgccatag gatttttaat ttttaaagtg gtctttaatg     23280
     aacataaaag agcacatgtc actccgctac tcatccgttt gcactggctg ccagttgttg     23340
     ctcgcatcaa attcaaagct ctgatatttg cttacaaagc gatttctggc ccttcttatc     23400
     tgctctcact tctgcagatc tatgtgccct ccagaaactt acgttctgtg aatgaacgtc     23460
     gcctcgtggt tccatcccaa aaaggggaga aatcactttc ccttttttcc actttttgct     23520
     tcggataaaa gtgtctgcta aatgactaaa tgtaaatgta atgaccacag agagtcaaga     23580
     ccccaatgtc tcatccaaaa gacagcactc actgacagtt tagtgtcccc ttcactatac     23640
     tagggcatta ggactggcat agtccgcatg ttgagcaccc cctgttggcc tctctaacac     23700
     gacttaaaac agccacctag tttttcccat gcggtctccc atccaggtac tgaccaggct     23760
     cagccctgct tagcttcaga gagtaaacag tcatgggctg cagggtgata tggctgtgaa     23820
     gtgtgaagca tagctcaaca agaagcaagc acatgctgat attctataac tcaatatata     23880
     gtgataatga acatgcacta taatgatgtc atgagcactt caagatacag tgaattatta     23940
     tttattaagc ttttagagtg ccttcaatga aggttcagat tgtgatattt ccagtgcttt     24000
     cggcagcaac aaatgcttga agacttaata gatgtgaatt tattattaat aggtgatgtt     24060
     cctttcttag tgaatgccta atgaagcatt aaaactaatt gtaaacatct cagtaaatgg     24120
     agatattttt ataagtttgc tttggattta ctttactact atttttatct aacaataata     24180
     tggttatttc tcttgattct aatgcattat tagacattta ctaatgaggc tttattacaa     24240
     ggatttaaaa ataagtgatt agggtcctga aaatatttaa gtactaacat cacaagatta     24300
     gaaatctatt taacaagtgc taactaatac aagcaaaata tcactaacaa attctgagac     24360
     taatgtggca gaactattag tccttgtcga gccaataatg gagctcaacc attcaagttc     24420
     acagtgtaaa aaggcacaat gagccagtca ctgacaccag ctgctctgta cagatagtca     24480
     aaaacccgtc agcatctcca gaattgtcac tgctgagaca ggactgctgt tctgccccag     24540
     taagccagca gtggatatca ctagtcgagc tagtaacaca cgcctttgag gactaacaca     24600
     caccagttgg caacgagaga gccacaagtg tcccctgaca tgcactgagg gctaatgcta     24660
     gctagcatta gctccagaat gactacctcc ataatgtagg actgcaataa agtgtaatgt     24720
     tatgtgcttt acagacacgc gccggaggaa cagccgtgca tttaaaagag gtttaatgca     24780
     gctgtgcgtt gcgtaaggtc acagctccgg aacagataga tatctgtcga cccacgctgc     24840
     acatctcgtc ccaacacatg gcatgcatga gaagcggcgt ggaggcccgt gtgtcagcca     24900
     ctcaacacct caaaacgtca aactcacggt tggcaatgtc accgcccatc ttgtacttgg     24960
     tcacgaccaa gtcctcggcg atggtctgct cttgctgctc gtcgtcggac atcgttgcac     25020
     cggctctgga agaggctctc tgtgagtcta tacggtgaac ggacagcagt aatcagtcac     25080
     gctaccacca ggcggctcac cgaacgtgcc gctccgccca cgacctccac gcattgcgtg     25140
     accacgctca ctacgcagcc gcgtcagagg tgtcgtcata ttctatggcg ccaaaaccga     25200
     caggcatttg gatactttcc agaaaagtat ttttcccctt ttttattaat tatttaattt     25260
     ttggtccaat acgcttctac agtaagatta agctttatgt aaccactgct acaccttttc     25320
     aggcattttg attgaacatt cacaagcagt actgacagaa aaaaaaataa ataaatagaa     25380
     cgataaaatt aataaattaa ttaattaata atacatttat taaattaata aatattaaat     25440
     aagataatta tttaaaaaac taactattaa taagcaatca gtaagaaaaa tagcacaatt     25500
     tgtatagttt atctatgtta aaagtttacc aagataagca ttgtttgaga atgtgcctca     25560
     cgagggaagt ttggttttca gtttttgaag tatttgcatg ctctattgct ctattgacat     25620
     gctgcaaagc atttgcacgc tggtaacatg ttttagcata ttgctaacat ttcactagca     25680
     tattttaaca tggcaattgc attttagcac attgcttaca tattactagt atcttttggc     25740
     ataattgctt gttttatatt attgctaaca tgtttttttt aaactttatt atgatttaac     25800
     actaaaatgt cctactttaa agctttgctg gcgatatgga ttgattatag aaatattaat     25860
     gttattaatt aaaatacatg taaatataat aaaataaata gccatcgacc aaaaaatata     25920
     aaaactaaat tataactaat ttgatatagg caatcatctc acagcaagaa ggtcgctggt     25980
     ttgagcccca gccaggtcag ttggcatttg tgtgtggagt ttgcatgttc tccctgcgtt     26040
     ggagtgggtt tcctccaggt gctccagttt cccctacaag acatgtggta tatgtgaatt     26100
     gaataaacta aattgtccgt agtgtatgtg tgtgtacgga tgtttccctg tgatgggttg     26160
     cagctggaag ggcatccgct gtgtaaaaca tataatggat aagttggcgg ttcattccgc     26220
     tgtggcgacc ccagattaat aaagggacta agccgaaaag aatttgaagg aataatgtgt     26280
     tgtgacacta ccaaatgaaa taaataaaat agggggtgat gcagtggagc agtaggtagt     26340
     gctgtcgcct cacagcaaga aggtagctgg ttcgagcctt ggctgtgtca gttggcattt     26400
     ctgtgtggag tttgcatgtg gagtttccct gcgttggagc gggtttcctc ctggtgctcc     26460
     ggtttccacc acagtccaaa gacatgtgct acaggtgaat tgggtaagct aaattgtcct     26520
     tagtgtatga gtgtgaatga gtgtgtgtgg atgcttccca gggatggttt gcagctgaaa     26580
     gggcatccgc tgcataaaaa atgtgctgga taagatagca gttcagaccc cggattaata     26640
     aaggcactaa gctcaaaaga aaatgaataa atgactgaca taaaataggg tgtatgtctg     26700
     aaagtgaagg tttcaaatgt tgattcatat ttatatacaa accttttatt aaaagtgtaa     26760
     gatacaagta gttaacaaac agtgaataaa aaaatctatt acaaagttta gaaaatactt     26820
     tagtctgata tgtgtgtgta caaaactata gttctgttgt aaaagcttgt ttactggcca     26880
     ttccatttga aacgttacac aagtacttca ttagggtttg ttcagaaggc acggacaaca     26940
     cctctcaaag caaaaagtca acccaaattc aacaaatatg ctgttcaact agcatcatca     27000
     aatgataacc gtataaattc cacatatata tacaacagat ttgacacttt tcaaacatta     27060
     cattgttttt aaagaacaga tgcacagtga tatagcatat agagtagcat taacagctgt     27120
     tggctgaata gggcacttca taaacacact aaaaacatat ttagcacaac actcactttt     27180
     aaatccacaa acacatggct tgatgagtta cacaaacttg gcactgacag aacattgaca     27240
     gccaccgcac acgtaccgta cacacacaca cgcattcatt catatgtaaa tatcagtgca     27300
     ttcaacgtgt agctatgcat ctggtcattc tggtacctcc accacacaca cacacacaca     27360
     cacacacaca cacacacata tatacaagag caaagctgct atgctatttc aactagcgct     27420
     gtttaacaat aaccgtgact aatcaagtac aaaataaaag ttgtatgtac ataatatgtg     27480
     tgtgtgtatt gtgtatattt attatgcata tgatcaccag tagtgttgct cttgcagatt     27540
     gctggaaaac actcacattc atctgcacta caaatcccat catgcgcttc actcacacac     27600
     ctggccttga ttgcaaacac acacagttaa agctgttcag gactaattag atgcaccata     27660
     aacacagcac acacacattg ttgctgagtc tcaccaagag tactaagggt ggaaggagga     27720
     aactcaatga agtctctgaa ccagttactg gttaaaccaa gagtgactgt ctgtggttat     27780
     gtaggtcaat caggaattta gtgtgtacag tgtctggtcc atttgaaaga tagaaggctg     27840
     taatgcacta ttatgccgcg gttacgctgc acttctctcc ctatagactt ccattccata     27900
     agcacgctaa tgtgacagac tggaaatgca agctcgtgcc acaagttttg caattggctg     27960
     atttagaaag ttcaaccttg gtgaactctg acctgcaata tcgcatcatg tggttgtgtg     28020
     agaccaatca aagatcaaaa catgacctct ctgtacagaa atttaaaata tggaccaatc     28080
     gttcactttt ttaaatgtct aatcctcttc tttaatcccg ccccttttcg cagtgccgta     28140
     tgacagaact ttgcatgttc aaactctagc gtgaccgcgg catcagtcat aaaactagaa     28200
     gaacaacgtt gctgtcttgt ttatgtttag agcatcacgc aagcgttatc ctcgtcttgc     28260
     cttccattgt tttgatcttt gccttgtttt acaattcatc ttgattcttt gctgtctgta     28320
     cttaacattc gccctgcttt tgactacaat tcaggatttc ctgcaagttc ctgtttcccc     28380
     aagtcttgat tgttgcctgc ctgactatgc ttgttaataa accgcacgtg gatcctcgcc     28440
     tctgttgtct caaacactta cgtgacaata caaatgtact catatgcatg tgtatatgct     28500
     aattttcata tattctagca tgatatataa ttttaggtta taataatcta aatataaaca     28560
     aacattttct atacatgtag atacgcatag atgtatttat atattcataa taatcacact     28620
     tgcaaattta gctttgtatg cgataagtca cgattactgg tttaaagtct gcgtgtaccg     28680
     gaagttgatg tactttcaac ttaaaaggac tattgaaaag ggggcggggc ttacattttg     28740
     cgcatcattc ccttatataa attgcaaatg gggcatggtt aaaaataatg tgtgagtggt     28800
     tgacctgacg tcaacagaag caccattact ccaaatgcat tggattaacg ctatctcacg     28860
     ccaattcgta acttattgat ttagcggcta atttgtataa aatcgttttt catacaattg     28920
     agtacgattt gctgatcccc caatgatggt tgggtttagg ggtgggcttt ctttttaaaa     28980
     tcgtacattt tcataagact gaacttgtac gaattagcta ctaaactgac acaacgtaaa     29040
     atagttacgt ttcctcgtga gatcaggttg gaataacact atgcgctagc aaaataaaca     29100
     ttgtccattt tgatttcaca ctgttgattt taacagcact actaaccatt taatgcccca     29160
     atattttaca acaacaatac aatttacata aaaatacatc gcatcagttt ttttcccctg     29220
     gacttatagc agtacgaagt gcatttctga aaaccatcca gaacatttga tcatttgcat     29280
     gaagtttctt caagctgttt ccgtttctac gtgtggacag ctttagtttt atgaaatgat     29340
     ctgctgtgcc aataatcagg gttatcaaaa gcattatgat tggtcccagc gtgcacctgt     29400
     acatacggtc ccgggctacg aggtcctcca gaccaatctt catccctctc ctcatcttct     29460
     ccatccagat tctgatattc agctcccgaa gctccgcctg cagccagtga gtccatatcc     29520
     tcatattcat acgcttctcc tccaccgccc tgcaccctga gcgagtttct caaccggggc     29580
     tgatggttgc tgtactgata atcttcatct tcatcatcat cttctggaga tcttctgaga     29640
     ggaggattgg aaacgggtct cgggaggtga agtttgagca gcatgtttgc tgctggtcct     29700
     ccagcaccac ggatgtccat gtactcgtac tccacctcca gatcgccatc tgtgtattct     29760
     gcttcactgg agaggaaatc tccatcgctg tgactcctct ggtcagttga ggattgagag     29820
     agtcctccgc tgctttccga gccctcgatc gatgacctct tactaggtct gctgggtttg     29880
     tggttgctgt acatcccgcc agggttaaag gaggcgctgc ggtttcgtgg cgctcgttga     29940
     ttgtactctt ttagctgtcc tggtatgtgg ctgagagaga gcgtctggtt gttcatgtac     30000
     tcgtattctt caccagcacc tctgttggct tccagaaagt ctccagaatg acctctcgag     30060
     agtctctttt gagaaagcgt tgaacgtgat gatgtgaaca gaagagtttc taaagaaaac     30120
     cataaaagga aaaatgttca tgtaggtatt tataagtatg gaagcttatt tacgggtaat     30180
     tcttcaacta cgggcacttt tatgtccttt gattttattt ccaataatat atataatttt     30240
     gttcaaaatt cctctttctt tgttaaacta acaataaagc ctattttttt taaattacca     30300
     gctttctatt atatattttt catattattt aacctccttt tacgtgtcaa aatcagtttt     30360
     cattgttgtc cacttacaga tcttaaaact agacaatttg tttaaactta agaggctatg     30420
     atagtacatt ttttacaagt tttttttaat tcaacttcac aaggctaaaa gtgcccgtag     30480
     ttgaagaatg gcccttatgc atgagttaac aaagctgttt ttttttgttt tttttttctt     30540
     aaggtgtgat ggcgttactg ggacaaatat tgcaggcaaa gttgttgtca atgggattat     30600
     gatgtatgaa gtcatgttga agggttagtt caccaaaatt ctgttattaa ttacacatcc     30660
     tcaactcatt tcaaacttct gagaccttcg ttcatattta gaagacacat ttaaatattt     30720
     tagatgtgat tattatgaga gctctctcat cctccagaga cattcaaagt ccagaaaatg     30780
     aactaaaaac attgtaaaat cattccccgt gaaatcagtg atttaactgc aatcctatga     30840
     agatccaaaa acacttttgt ggaccagaaa tcagtaaaat tgtttactat ggccagttat     30900
     atcaggatac atcaacctct aaaggacact tcacagtgaa aaaaatcagg gctgccattt     30960
     tgaagtgtca tttcatacca aagtgctcga aactggctac ttcaaagggc attttggaat     31020
     taaggatttt gcaattataa taataataat aataattaat aattacttac atttatatag     31080
     agcatttctg gacactcaaa gtgctttaca catagggggg aatctcctca tccaccacca     31140
     gtgtgcagca tccacctgga tgacacgacg gcagctattt tgcgccagac cgcacatcac     31200
     acaccagctc attggtggag agtaatgaag ccaattatga tatgggaatg gtaaggaggc     31260
     catgatggac agaggccagt gggcagattt ggctaggatg ccagggtgaa acccctactc     31320
     tttttcgaag gacatcctgg gatttttaac gaccacagag agtcaggacc tcggtttaaa     31380
     aaagacatcc aaaaagacag cgctcactga gcagtataat gtccccttca ctatactggg     31440
     gcattagaac gcacgtatac cgccccatgc tggcctcact aacaccactt tcaacagcaa     31500
     cctagctttc ccatgtggtc tccatcccag tactgaccag gcgcagccct gcttagcttc     31560
     agtgagtgat catgtgagag ttgcagagag ctagctgccg acgagctagc tgccatgatc     31620
     ctttgagcag gggaattgtt tggtatcata gactgcactc agtttggaag ggctcatccc     31680
     tatctgttca gagagacctt ccgaaggggt tagggcatag tgatgtaccc ttctgaatgg     31740
     aactcatgaa cccatgatct attgtcatta gagtcagcag cacaacatgc aagcattgta     31800
     ttgcccatag taaacatgca ccctgaccgg cacggatgag aacaattcaa ttaaattcaa     31860
     ttcagcttta tttgtatagc gcttttacaa tgtagattgt gtcaaagcag cttcacataa     31920
     atggtcatag taactagaac agtgtggttc aggttttagt gtttaagttc agttcagttc     31980
     agtttagctc agttcagtgt gatttaatca ttactgagag ttcaaacact gaagagcaca     32040
     ggcaaacaag tcgtttttac agtttattgg catacaaaag tgttcttgga tcttcatatg     32100
     attacagttg aaccactgaa gtcacatgaa atgttttgac aatgttcttt cttttttttt     32160
     tcacgagact ttaaatgtct caagaccatt gcggtctatg aaggatgaga gagctcttgg     32220
     attttctcta aaatttcttc attggtgttc tgaagcttaa aaaatgtctc aggtatttgg     32280
     aatgacatga aggggaataa ttaataaaaa taataacatt ttcattttta tgtgaaataa     32340
     ctctaaaatc aagcactttt aactggtgat agtggtaaac ttatgtgact aacttacagt     32400
     atgttacaaa acgtaaacaa ggaaaacttt tgctctcaag caaaactcct gattgaatgg     32460
     attgttattg aaatagctgg atttcatcct cacaattcca tccctagcgc ccccttttaa     32520
     tgagttaatt ctaacctttc tcagggcttt caccgaatcc aggcagcacg tattcattct     32580
     ggtcttcttc tccttgagtt cctgtggagg ttgtttctgg tggtcctgaa agactgtccc     32640
     gctgtgacat gtaagcactg tcttcacgat gtctgaccct ccttagactg ccaacggatg     32700
     agaagtcgtc attcatttcc agttccagcg ctcctcgtcc ctctgagctc tcagaaacag     32760
     tgcacgctga gtccagacgg gaccgagacg cccatccagt ctacagcaaa cgaggtgaat     32820
     aatatattga ggaaatgtgg ccaatatttt gtatgtaaca tttacacata gacatcatct     32880
     atacactata taactgcagg ttaactgtgt ttatatatat ggctctattt taatgatcta     32940
     ggcgcaaagt ctaaagcaca aaagcattaa aagcgtgtgc aaatccactt ttgctatttt     33000
     aaggattgaa aaatttggtt tgcaccatgg tgcatggttt aacagggttg tgcttattct     33060
     cttaatgagt tatgggtgtg ttttgagcac aatgtgcatt aaaccaatta gagtctcatc     33120
     ccccattccc tttaagagtc agttgcattg agtcatggcg catttgttat ttacatgaca     33180
     gaccttgtaa gtggaaaact gaatgcttca ctagccagaa aacagctaaa cagactatct     33240
     gcagcgcgag gataacgaat gagcctcctt tatttggcct ctttacttta cttttactct     33300
     ttactccttt acttttgtgg agtaaggaaa cggtgttgta cgcactccac taaagacatc     33360
     cattagccta catatttaat ttaatttaag cacaaaagat ttgtttcaaa actatttcta     33420
     aattcagttc taatttccag caaacgaata aatgaacaat aataatgaag agtggtctaa     33480
     aaaccaaaca cacatcttat tcttttgccc cataggcact ctcagaagta aagtacacaa     33540
     gctctcactg gggtggtacc tttttcaaaa ggtacacatt tgtacttaaa gggttcatat     33600
     tggtacctca gaagtatata ttagtataaa aaaattttaa gaggaacact tttgtacttt     33660
     ttaggtacta aaatgtatcc ctgaggtatt aatatagacc ttttaggtac aaatttgtac     33720
     ctttttaaaa tgtaccaccc cagtgacagc tcacctttat ttctgagagt gtggtgatgt     33780
     actgtatatg ctccaaaacc tgacaggtgg acaaatataa acttgtcttt attgaagcaa     33840
     atctaaatat tcatataata aattatacta ctaataatat taacattaaa aggagttagg     33900
     catgatttgg tgaagcactg acctgtacag agctctccag acccggagtc ataggtagat     33960
     atccagcagt agtggatgga gtcaaacttg actggtgtca caataaaaag aaaagtgtca     34020
     taaatataga gtattctaat gcatgctttc acaaagcctg cacagatcgt ctgaacatgt     34080
     acatcgccat tcaagtttgg agtcagaaat gtaaattctt aaaatactta aactaatact     34140
     tggatgaaat aaactgctct acagagatag aagacatttg tgttactaaa ctttacaatt     34200
     ttttcttttt gtccctcttt tatgtgtaga tttattttaa gatgaattcg tgggtcgcta     34260
     taagataatc tatgtataat gtattattat actttttcct ttgtattaat agtattacaa     34320
     ttattattct tataattata tttttcttct tgtagttttt ccttattgtt tactgttttg     34380
     ttctaattaa tgtcaattac agtgctcagc ataactgagt acaccccatt ttgaaaatta     34440
     atattttgtc catttctcag tgactatagc caatgtattt tggtgcattt aaacaaaaca     34500
     gatttattaa acagatatat ttattaaaat aataatttag tcaccaaaca tatttagaaa     34560
     ctgaaagaaa attttaattc aagaaaaata ttgctaaaat acattacaac ctacaaaatt     34620
     tcaacaaagt tttccatttt ttttgcttct ctttattttt cctcattttt aaaatttgta     34680
     tttaatatta tataacacat aaatttgaat gtactagttt ttggaccgtt atcttaagtt     34740
     atttgttaga taagctccag attttgcttc ggtactgact aaactaatgt acatggacaa     34800
     atataatatt gtctagcttc ctattaaaaa tatgaattta aaagatgtga ggggtgtagt     34860
     tatatatgct gagcactgtg catctgaaat gaccaaaaaa aaaaactcaa taaaaatgtt     34920
     acaatttcca aacaaaatgc tgttctatta gactttctac ttcaaaagat ggtataatag     34980
     ttttgttggt ataaacagcc taacagtttt caacattgtt aatgataata agtgtttctt     35040
     gagcagtgat cagcatatat aaggatgatt tatgaaaaat catgtgaaca ctggaagagt     35100
     gacaatgaaa aataacggca aagttcaccc aaaagctaaa attctgttat gctttactca     35160
     cctttcactt attccaaacg tgtttgactt tttgtctttt gctgaacaca attgaagata     35220
     tttggaaaaa atgctggttg ctggtatcca ttgacttcta tagtaatttt tatccctaca     35280
     atggaagttt atgtgtgcca gctaccaaca ttcctcaaaa tatcttcttt tgtgttcagc     35340
     agaagaaaga aactcataaa gttttcaaat cagacaattt ttgggtgaac tgtcctttta     35400
     ttttaaaaat gcattaaaaa ctaagtcacg agactgaata agatctgaat aaagaaatta     35460
     atgcaataac aggattgaat ctggaaatgt aaataattaa tcattttaaa actaagcact     35520
     tgtgaattta tttttcagaa atgccaaaaa aatgagacat atttccttaa tacattgcta     35580
     acaactagta aaaaggccat tacaaagaaa tgactcaagg aagatcctcc atttctaggt     35640
     gaatggcatg atattgtatt tctttaaagg ggtggtccac taccatgtca tatttgaagc     35700
     tttagttgat gtgtaatgta gctgtgtgaa cataaacaac atctctgaat gtataatgct     35760
     caagtttaat gcaaagggag acatttttag ctttttaggt tatgtgcaag cgcatacaac     35820
     ccgcgcaaca aatgggcgtg gccagaggcg ctgtagtgct gtactgtagt agagaaagct     35880
     aaaatggcat ccaaatgctg ctatttccac agagcttgtt ctgtttctgt ttttgggctt     35940
     ccaaaggaca cgacacacaa agagagaaaa gcttgcagtt taattttaat tatgctccag     36000
     agaactatac aatatatacc tagcatttga cacaggacaa cttctagaat ctttctcaat     36060
     tcagtgctgg attcggcaaa aactcttcaa agaaggagca gctccaacca taatagacaa     36120
     agctgtggat tttgaattga tctattacat gcatagtttc tagcattaac ggtatgttgt     36180
     agcgaggacg taaacaaagg gaaatgctgt ttggcgctgc taacaattta gctacaaatg     36240
     attcagacag ctaacaatgc taacagctgc tctgaatgac tgtttacaca acgcaaaagt     36300
     gcgtactagt aggggcgtga tgcttttcct ggtgacgtag agccaatccg tgaatcacag     36360
     aacattatgt tagctgacca atcagagcct ctagagggcg ggcattcaga ggaactagga     36420
     aatatgatag tcgttttcat gttagccaag tagctgtata taatcaaagt aagatacagt     36480
     gtatgaaaaa ataacgtgat tttctacaag taaaacatga gcacacattg ctttcttatg     36540
     aacacaacca agccttaaaa atacactgtg gaccacccct ttaagaccac aatcctataa     36600
     gatttcttca tactggggaa agtggttgag aaaaaatgta atgtttttat tttattgtgg     36660
     tgcttttatt tatatatctg gagcttttct atctttcata tgaaaccctt tacaaaactg     36720
     aatctgatta aacaaaactt tttaatgtaa ataagatggt atccagtgat catggcactt     36780
     atattgtctg tctttttgtt ttatgttgtc ttttgaaagt gttttttgtt ctgatttctt     36840
     tgaaaagtga aaaaaaatag atttttttaa ctaagtcact aatttcaaat tataataaca     36900
     ttttagtttt attgcatttt gatcaaataa atgcagcctt ggtcagcata ataattacaa     36960
     atccatccat actaaacttt caaatgttag catatattac tcatcattat gcattacata     37020
     tcattatgca ttgattatgg tcaacaatat atgacgtacc cgatgagaat ctatacgcag     37080
     tctagagaag cttctagatg gtgttatata gcgtggagca tctatggcat cctccaagac     37140
     ttcatcatcc tggtcctcca gcgccacccc gagaatgtct atttcagtac cattctgatg     37200
     agtctcatct gaggctgagt ctggggctct gtcttcctcc tgatggtgga acatcaacca     37260
     acagcactca tgtaaacaca ttaagctcca tcatcaataa atgaagtaat tttttttatt     37320
     atcttgagca aaggaagctg gataattttt ttaaaacgag ttgtcacttt tgaagctggg     37380
     ttgcaataaa ttgatcaaac gtgacagtaa cgatatacta ctttatttag taaagtgttc     37440
     ctaaatatta ctatttaaaa gcatgcttta aaaattcaca tggtaaaggt ttaaaccagt     37500
     ttaaaggttt aaaccagttt aaagaatgag taaagtaaat atttacatgc ttttgaatta     37560
     tcatggtgat aaaacaaaca aacaaataaa caaaaataaa acaataaata aataaagtaa     37620
     ttaattaaat aaaaaaatgt atatataaac aaatctaatt aacaaaaaat aaattaataa     37680
     acaaataaac aaataaacaa ataaaatatg tatatgcttt taaattgcca tagtactaaa     37740
     acaaacaaac gaataaataa ggtaaaataa aataaaaaaa taaataaaca aaaaaatgaa     37800
     ataatacata aattaattaa ttaattaatt aaaaaattaa ataaacaaat aaaaataaat     37860
     aagcaaaaaa caaaaaatgt aataaataaa taaattaatt acaataaaaa ataaaaataa     37920
     acaaaaaaat taaacaaaca aacaaaaaat aaaataaagt aacaaataaa atatatttgt     37980
     atgcttttaa attgccatgc tactaaaaca aacaaacaaa caaacaaatc aaattaaaat     38040
     aaaataaaat catcaaataa taaatgaata aataaattaa ctaaataaat aaataaataa     38100
     atacatagac aaacaaaaac taaaataaag taaaacaaaa tgaaataagt cattaattaa     38160
     aattacaatt aaattaaaca aataaataaa ataaacaaac aaacaaaaaa taaatacaaa     38220
     aataaaatat atttatatgc ttttaaattg acagggtaaa aaaaagaaaa aaaaatcatc     38280
     aataactgaa ggagtttgac ttactttgat gaccaggtac cggtgcgggt ctcgagccat     38340
     tcgggtgaat tcattggcca gctctttaaa agttggacgt acattttcat caatcatcca     38400
     gcctgttgaa tatttgcaca gagaacaata tagataagcc aatagagatt tatatatata     38460
     tatatatcca gggaaaaatt ctaatcaact gcaacttcag aaatatgttt tctgagaaaa     38520
     atggtgacgt gttcaatact tattttcccc actgggtgta taaaacctat atcacataat     38580
     gataaagaaa tcatctttat ccgatacagg acttccaggt acattccaaa ttccaaatta     38640
     atttttaaaa aaatgcgtgt gtctagaaga tttatgggat catgagatca ctgtcacttt     38700
     gcatcatggg agataagaag actcacattt gaccatgacc atgtagacgt caatggtgca     38760
     gatttgaggc tgagagagtc gttctccttt ctctaacaga tcaggaactt cctgcggtcg     38820
     catcgcagag taaggctctg ccccgtatga catcatttcc cagaccgtca cacctaaaga     38880
     tacagaaccc ttctattgaa tcttctgctc cagcttccag tgtagcattt acattttatc     38940
     tcgcagcaca tgaactcacc gtagctccat acatcactct gatgtgtgta tctgcggaac     39000
     aagatgctct caagggccat ccactttata ggagtctaga aatgacaaaa cagtaggaat     39060
     aaagtcagga agagtgtagt gatgactggt ttaaaattaa aaaacattat ctttatagat     39120
     ttgaactgtt tttgaagtgc cttatggtca acaagtctta tttattcctc caaagtgaca     39180
     caatccttca gatgtcagtt taatatgctg gctttcttct caataaacat ttctcattat     39240
     tatcaatcat tatcagttga gctgcttaac atttttgtgg aaactgtatt tatttattta     39300
     aatattattc agcacaacaa aatgcttttt cccaagattc tgggaaaaaa ttaacagaat     39360
     ttatataaaa tctaaatatt tttactgtca cttttgatca gtcaatgtgt ccttgatgaa     39420
     taaaaggact tggtcaatat atagtgtgtc atagtttata taaaaatgaa gccttatgac     39480
     aattttcagc gttgataata aaacaaaata aaataaaata aaataaaata attaaataag     39540
     taaataaata aataaataaa taaatattat cttgagcaaa agaaacttga tttgttttta     39600
     aacaaaacac atttgaagct gggtcgcatt aaattgatca aaactgcagt aaagaagatc     39660
     tataaaaagt tactatttat ctaattatta tttattttac tatatataat tactatttta     39720
     tattctattt aatatttact ctaattacta aatattactt tttaaaatca tgcttttgag     39780
     ttgccatgat aaaaaaatat aataaattga tatgttttat atatttatat gcttttaaat     39840
     tgtcatggta aaaatgaaat aaataaacat ttattcattc attcattttc tttttaacct     39900
     tgtcccttta ttaatctggg gtcgccacag cggaatgaac cgccaattta tccagcaaat     39960
     attttacgca gcggatgccc ttcaagctgc aacccatcac tgggaaacat ccatacacac     40020
     tcaatcacac tcatacacta tggacaattt agcatatcca attcacatgt accacatgtc     40080
     tttggactgt gggggaattc ggagcacccg gaggaaaccc acgcgaaagc agggagaaca     40140
     agcaaactcg ccaacatatc ccagccgagg ctcgaatcag cgaccttctt gctgtgaggc     40200
     gacagcacta cctactgcgc caccgcatcg cccattttat tacagtatat tatattttat     40260
     tatattatat ttattatatt atattatatt acagtatatt atattacagt atattatatt     40320
     atattatatt acagtatatt atattatatt atattatatt atattatatt acattatatt     40380
     atattatatt atattatatt atattatatt attaaacagc gatctgtctg tgtgatgcaa     40440
     tccattgatc aaccaactca gaatctgccc taccttaatt tcattgaaga agtatttctt     40500
     gtcatcagga tagagcaggt cagcgatgcc ataatcggct atctgaacaa ttaaatcact     40560
     cttgagtaga atatttcggg cagccaggtt tctgtgcacc atcctctgct cctccagata     40620
     gtacatgccc tagaagagaa gcagacgagc agtgattcag ctgttttgtg tgctggaaat     40680
     gttggtaaaa ctcaaagcat gcatgttctc agtgtgtctg accttggcga tctgcacaca     40740
     ccagttcagc agcctctgcg ggttcaggtt gtccctgcgc tggcggatgt gctccagtaa     40800
     agagccctgt ggactgagct gagtgaccag ctgcagactg gcacccggac agatgcccag     40860
     gatgcggaca atatacgcgt gatccagact acccattgcc aacatgtgct gcaggacaga     40920
     aaaggcatca ttattaggca tgtgtggttt ttaatcttta atctgttaac ttatattcat     40980
     gtgctaaaac aataaaacta aggataagat tacttggcag caatctgttt aaaacagaaa     41040
     tgtgtttacc atgacaggcc agcaggtggc atttttacac agctccccga aatacttgat     41100
     tccgattggt aactcatgac tttacaaggt atgttattcc cagataacaa ccacttaagc     41160
     taataacaca ggtattacaa atcatctaga gtgttagtga atacattcat atgtgtgtct     41220
     gtgtgtgtac aggtttatgt ggtttacaag gacatgtaat tgtataatga catggctttg     41280
     acctagttgt actatttaat gggggtttac gaggacatgt cttgtgtgtt tatatgcata     41340
     aaaatcacat ttaacaaggt cttttgacat tataggttta atgtgagggt tgggtttagg     41400
     agtagggtta aaccatgtaa taagccggtt ttacagtata gctttatgcc tacgaagagt     41460
     cctcataaac catatataca agaatgtgtg tatgtgctga tgtaaagaaa ttaaacttat     41520
     tttatgttaa ctagttcaaa agaatattcc acttttcctc aaactttcat ttaaactgat     41580
     atactttaaa aactgacaaa acactaaact ttagttactt atttaactta agtttgttaa     41640
     tactaaaata tcactaaatg gcattaaaga atgggtaaaa ttccaacgca atctcacggc     41700
     aattcgtaac tttttgattt agtggctaat tcgtatgaat ttgtacgatc taattcgtac     41760
     aatttagtac gatttgctca tcacccaatg acggctgggg ttaggggtgg ggtttggtgc     41820
     catgccttct ttttaaaatc gtgcattttc gtatgaatga actcgtacga attcgtacga     41880
     attagccact aaactgacaa aacgtaaaat actagatcag gctgtaaaat tctgtcagag     41940
     taacttgtca ccataaataa ataaaaataa cattatgtct atgatcatat tcttaaattt     42000
     ttacaaaatt ttgtaagttg aaacagtaat attgttgtac atattactgc agtttaatta     42060
     caatttagtt aatccacact caatggccac tttattaggt acacctatcc aactgctcgt     42120
     taacacaaat ttataatcag ccaatcactg gtctgaaaaa gatcaaatat ccagtgagcg     42180
     gcagttctgt gggcacaaat gccttgttga tgccagaggt cagagaagaa tggccagact     42240
     ggttcgagtc aataaaaagg caacagtaac tcaaataagc cctcgttaca accgagatat     42300
     acagaagagc atctctgaac acacaacacg tccaaccttg aggtggatgg gctacagcag     42360
     cagaagacca caccgggtgt cactcctgtc agctaggaac aggaaactga ggctacagtt     42420
     tgcacaggct caccaaaatt ggaaaataaa agattggaaa atgttgcctg gtctgatgag     42480
     tctcgatttc tgctgcacgt tcaacaacat gaaagcatgg atccatcctg ccttgaatca     42540
     acagttcagg ctggtggtgg tggagtaatg gtgtggggga tattttcttg gcacactttg     42600
     tgcccattag taccaattga gcatcatgtc aacaccacag cctacccgag tattattgct     42660
     gaccatgtcc atccctttat aacccatctt ctgatggcta tttccagcag gataacacac     42720
     catgtaataa agcttgaatc atctcagact ggtgtcttga acatgacaat gatttcactg     42780
     tactcaaatg gcctccacag tcaccagatc tcaatccaat aaagcacctt tgggatgtgg     42840
     tggaacggga gatttgcatc atggatgtgc agctgacaaa tttgcagcaa ctgtgtgatg     42900
     ctatcatgtc aatatgaagc aaaatctctg aggaatattt tcagtacctt gttgaatcta     42960
     catcacgaag gattaaggca gttctgaagg aaaaaggggg tccaacccgg tactagtaag     43020
     atgtacctaa taaagtggcc ggaaagtgta tttttttata tatatataat ttagttctca     43080
     ataagcattt atgattatta tcaaagttaa aacaaaaatg tttgtaccta atttgttaga     43140
     gaagagttca gaagaacagc atttaactga aatctattct ttactgtcac gtttaaccat     43200
     tttaattatt tcatccttgc ttattgcaaa tattaaaaga caaatagttt actttggaac     43260
     agaaatgtat ataagcgatt gtgtttttac atcagtaatt tcctgaaagg tctgtcgccc     43320
     tgtgcggtcc tgaatagtct tgatggccac gggaatcttc accgtgtctc cctctggtat     43380
     ccagatgccc tgtgaacaca cagaagagga aggagaaaca ttaggagatc acctggagag     43440
     gaagcttcgg aaagtgatgc cagttatttg catataggat gagctcaggt aatgagagca     43500
     gtaccttgtg aaccgtcccg aacactccag agcccagaag cttgatcttc ttcaattcag     43560
     aagttctcag aatccgagca tgaactttca cacctttctc tccgggttcc agcggttcaa     43620
     agctctgaaa cacatttttt tttttcaatt ttttttttct ccaataattt aacagttcca     43680
     tcattttaca catgttttac atccttttac ccttttttct accctcacca acagaggcag     43740
     ttacagttag atgttgctat cataagtcca gtaaacacaa ataatataaa aaacacacat     43800
     acaaaaaata acagtaaagc aacaacatta ataataataa taaataaata aataaataaa     43860
     taaataaata aataaaataa gataattgca cttttaccgt gcgtctcacc acagtgacct     43920
     tattcatcct ctaaaacaca ttttcacatt cagaacattt aacaacaatt cagtttctgt     43980
     aaatggaatt tattttatgc taaaacacat tctacctttc aatacaattt gtcaggctca     44040
     ataaaatatt atgtaattgg aattatattt aatttcaatc ttcactatgt tcaatgtttc     44100
     aatacttcat acaaaaaaat atatttaaaa atgtctttct attgattcaa tacaatgtgg     44160
     atggagatct aaagtatttg ttgctgaggc aattatataa atttgtaata ttagtttgtt     44220
     ctggtggtag tcatttcctg tagggtttcc taattgtgtc cagaggactg tattttcctt     44280
     acattaagca ttttaaacat caaatgaaga ttaaaatcca gtgttaaatg atcatgtatt     44340
     atcatgaaaa caacagaaca tttattttat tttaacattt atttatttaa aaaatctttt     44400
     atttttttta aatatatatc agaaatacag aaaattatct aaaatagtat atagttttag     44460
     aaagtgcatt taaatagtat atattcacca tatatatttg aagacaaaat tattattaat     44520
     atgtatgatt ttcctaagtg atgcttaata gggcaagaat aatttcaaag ttcttcctat     44580
     tacattgttc ttctggatca agtctttctt tcttttagat gtgatgtaaa aaaaaaaaaa     44640
     aaaaaaatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     44700
     atatatatat atatatatat atattttttt tttttttctt gcataattta tataaaaatg     44760
     tatatgtgtg tgtgtgtgta taatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     44820
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatataa ataaataaat atatatattt     44880
     atattattta ttatagatat atttatatat atatatttaa ataaacttta caattttaaa     44940
     aatacacaaa caatatttcc aataaatata gtagtaaaat atttaaatat atttcagcag     45000
     ataaatagtt gaagataaaa ttattattaa taactattta atttcctttt tttaaaatat     45060
     tttctaagtg atgtttaaca aagcaaagaa aataattcag tatttcctat tatatttttc     45120
     ttcttgagta agtcttttag ttttgctgga ataaaaaaaa tatttaaata tatttattgt     45180
     ctacagaaca aatcactgtt gtccaatgac tttcctaatt accctaacct gcatacataa     45240
     cctaatcaaa ttatttaagc ctttaaatca cactttaagg tgaatgctac actgtaaaac     45300
     ccaataagct aaggtaactt caaccatttg aggaaaccga ttgcaacaaa ccattcaagt     45360
     ataaaaaaaa atcaatatga gtactgtgaa cttactttat ttaagctgaa gtactgaggt     45420
     atttaattaa ctcctcatta ccttgagttc aaaactcttt tcaaatgagc agaattaact     45480
     ttcagtcaat tttgggttaa ctacattcaa ttcaattgat aaagctgact gtaggatttt     45540
     acagtgtagt aacttgaaaa ataaccaaga agattttata aactgttggt aaagacaaaa     45600
     gaaataacat attaaatctt tcaacccttc atcatttttc attcagtcat tcataataag     45660
     ttttctacac acacctctcc gctctgcagg tatctcctca tggctcgttt tctgcggatg     45720
     gagagactcc tgcggtaaag cacactcagc acaaacaccg aaaacgcgag caggacacag     45780
     aatatgacgc tcagcacgat ggcggtgacc ggcagcctgt aacgcacaat attcacacca     45840
     taatgagttg agctgacggg aaaatgcagg cgattcatga agagaccagc agagggagac     45900
     tctcacccag cgctggacct ggacgagtcc acacagtcat tctgacccgg acccaaacac     45960
     ctgacacaca cacgcaaaac acagctttag tttatcagtc atgttaaaga ttacagtcac     46020
     agtggcatgc actattgttc aaaaagacat tcataaaatg aaagaagtga gcacctttat     46080
     ttagcatatg ttttagtaaa ttaagaaaaa ttaacaactt ttaagcaaat aaataaataa     46140
     ataattaaca aaaacgtaat tttccttttt ttatgttgtt attgaagttg tttttatatt     46200
     tttggtacta tgtagtttaa gtaacaattc acaccattta ctactggctt attacatgct     46260
     gttattaaga cattaaccat ttattagcac ttaagtatta gcacttatta gcacttaaat     46320
     gtcttatttt aaatacttaa tcctacacaa tacctaaagc caacttctac cttacttact     46380
     aaaaataata ttgagctaaa tggtaatgat ttgttaacgg tttgttatta gcgtgaattg     46440
     taaattaaaa taaagtgtac catattgtta catttgtccc tgtggatttt gatccagaat     46500
     gttaactttg gtgtcattat tattgttttt tattattatt ctgttttaat gacctctgta     46560
     cagcattttg gttgcaactt ctgttttttt tttttttttt ttgtgcatta caagttaata     46620
     aacataacta aattaaactg aactaaactg agctaagcta aaattctgtt aatatttctg     46680
     ttaaagtttt tcaggtagca ctgttactta atttcaggtg ttgttgcata atgtcattgc     46740
     accagaatga gagtagtttc tagacattct agaattcatt cagaagagtc tagctttaaa     46800
     tacaaaaatt ttaattatca taaaattcga aacatcaaat ttgtttttta aatgtttgag     46860
     cgagatgcta atggtctaat ccgattcaat gatctatgct aagctatgct aaaagttctg     46920
     actcaaagat cgtctgaatt aatttaaaaa tgttaaaatg caactctttt actttagggg     46980
     agttgtataa cgagcttatt taaaaaaaaa aaaacaattt ttgggacaaa caagcaagga     47040
     atgtgaaaac tgtgtgcaga ttttgaataa aacataatca taaacacaaa ctataataat     47100
     ataaaaacgc atgcatattt gcttcctcac cacaaggtgc agcaggcatg acaaggttgg     47160
     catttgtttg agtgagatgc taacggtcta atccaattca atgatctatg ctaagctaag     47220
     cttaaagtgc tctcacaaga ctcgaagttt gacagaacta atttaaaaat agtaaaactc     47280
     aactgtttaa cttcaggggg agtgtataat gagcctattt cgaaaaaaga agttgccatt     47340
     tctttgagcg agatgctaat ggtctaatct gatttaatga tctatgctaa gctaagctaa     47400
     aagtgctttc accagactcg gcaaaaaatt ggtaaaaatg gtaaaactca acagtttaac     47460
     tctaggggag ttgtaaaatt agcctatttt gaaaaaaagt ggagtgttta acaatttttg     47520
     gggccaaaca agcaagaaat gtaaaaatca tgcataaatt ttgcaatatg agagttaaac     47580
     agaaccagtc gaacaaatat aatcactagc attaaatata tacatatata aattgatgta     47640
     tatttgcatc ctcacccaca aggtgcagat ggcatgacaa ggtcagcttt taattgagcg     47700
     agatgctaat ggtctaatcc gattcaatga tctatgctaa gctaagctaa aagtgctccc     47760
     cccagactcg gagaccagct aaatggatta ataatggtaa aactcaactt gttaactctg     47820
     gaggagttgt ataatgagcc tatttaatag aaaaaatgct taacaatttc tggtgctaaa     47880
     aagcaagcaa tgtgaaaatc gtatgcagat tttgaatgca atatgagggt taagcagaac     47940
     cagttaaaca aacataatca aaaacacaaa ataaaacaat atgaaaatgc atgcatattt     48000
     gcttcctcac cccaaggtgc agttggcatg acaaggttgg catttgtttt gtctattagg     48060
     gaacttataa atgatgagtc cgttttcccc ctgaactccc tctggacagg aggacacaca     48120
     gtacgggccg tcctgcagat gagcacacgc tttgcactca tcagagccct gcgagaccag     48180
     cgagatggca tgttagtcaa tgaatcaaac aataactgca aacagacagc agcttttcat     48240
     cagaggacag tgtgttaccg gtcctttgca ggtgtctccg ctgtcttgaa gcgcacactc     48300
     ctgatgacaa gccatacact cgtttttagg gcctgcgaac tcacgctgct cactgtgaag     48360
     agcaggacag aggattcaga cagcaccatc acatcacaac acacacacac acacactgga     48420
     gatcagagtt aattactcat tttagtgttt acttgaaggg gttgttcata agactgtcat     48480
     gaagactgtc ataagcttta taaccatgac atgattgaaa acaaattata tgggctgaat     48540
     ataaacaata ttgaattaat attcaactta atttgtttgt ttaaattcag cccatatcaa     48600
     ttgtttgcaa ccaggtacct taaaaaacat tagtaaatct aatgaatgac tttcttctct     48660
     ttattattat tgttattata aatattatta tatgttatat tattattatt attaatatga     48720
     ttattattat tattattatt attattatta ttattattat tatcatcatc atcatgaata     48780
     ttattattat aattatcatc atccttatta ttattatcat catcatcatt attattatca     48840
     tcattattat tattattatt atcattatta ttattatcat catcattatt atcattatta     48900
     ttattgttat cattattatt atcataatta ttattattat catgaatctt attattatca     48960
     tgattattaa tgttattatg atgattatta tcatcattat tattattatt atcataatta     49020
     ttattattat tattatcatg atgatgatga ttattattat tattattatt attattatta     49080
     ttagtagtag tagtagtagt agtatcatta ttattattat tagtagtagt agtattatca     49140
     tgatgattaa gttatgttgt cttagtaaag tcaagttgtc atgacaaaga catctcaaac     49200
     tatgtaatct tttgcattta aaatgacagt tgtcaacatt gtcaaaatct tcttcataaa     49260
     tctcctccaa aaactgggtc ccagtaatta gcattcttca aaatatcttc ttttgttttc     49320
     aacaacaaaa aaaagaaacc ctaaacgctt ttaaaataaa tgaaggatga gtaagtgatg     49380
     gaaaaatgtc cattttttga gtgaactgtc cctttaaaac accactgttg tctgtctatc     49440
     tatcgacaga acacacatca aaagtgcaca ctaggtgtgt ctcaaaccac tccttacttc     49500
     actgcccagg gtgttaacca tttctaagca ccttttcaga gtcaaaatca ttccaatgta     49560
     ctgaaacgtt catttcagaa attcctacat gcagtggttg ctcaatacac gggaattgta     49620
     agctggtctg cacaaatgca gtgcccttgt tagtgtgtgt tgatctgctg tcgttcactc     49680
     acccggacat gaagttgcag tctggtacac atgttcctcc tcttctgaag ttcttgcagg     49740
     acaaacactg atcgggtccc ggaccccagc agccctcaga ggagcacagt gggtcacaca     49800
     catggccttc taactctgcg cgcacacaca cacacacaca cacacacata ggcacacatt     49860
     gatatatatc aaaacaaaga ttaaccccag cgctgcatca tttaaaaaag ttataaatca     49920
     atccttagat gacagaattg ttggcgtctt gatagacaaa aatgtaatta atgttaactg     49980
     ccgaaatgat cactatcttt aacattttct tctgcttttg actgatgtct tcaccagcat     50040
     cggtcctgtt aataactacc aaaaacattc atcaatgttg gggatttgac acacttttgt     50100
     gtcgtgtatg tttctgtgtg catctacact gaattaatgt gtgtttgtat agtaggaaaa     50160
     aacaggaaca agagagcgtg tgctttcagt agacaagaaa tattatttta agagaaaaac     50220
     taaaatatta acattggaaa aacttattat ttctagccta ttgtttaata ttttttcatg     50280
     cttattcaat gactttctgt tattttgctg ttgaaggctg tgagaacctt ggaaataatt     50340
     cagggtatga ttaaagtgat caaaaccagc ctgaaatgac tttatatacg ctttccttga     50400
     aaataactgc aaatcttcat caaccaatca taagtaagca ttcaatagcc ttgtagtata     50460
     aatggtttct aataaatact gcaatactac ataaaaataa actttcatat acaatatagc     50520
     atattaatta catattgaaa acgtcaagat ttttccaagt aagtatattt ctgaagaatc     50580
     tgttgacatg aaattgaacc ccaaacatac atttaaacaa aatgagaatg tgcaataaca     50640
     atgaaaggag aaaattctga aaattctgaa ctagtgacat gtatttacaa tgaataaatg     50700
     gcttttttgg gcgatgagaa cgcctcttgt atggagaatg cagtcgtgaa catttcaaaa     50760
     gagtctaaaa cttatgacag ttctgtgggt gttggtgaac tctgaccttt agctcttatt     50820
     ttctattaga ttcaagtcag gtgattggca gggccgttct agcagcttta ttttcttttc     50880
     tgaaaccatt tcaaagtttc cttggctgtg ggatcattgt cttgctgaaa tgtccaccct     50940
     ggtttcatct tcatcatgct gttaatgtag tttgggactg aagcagctga tattcattac     51000
     acttatgagc ggtacgtgct aaattactac tgagagattt cagctgctgt ctgggctttc     51060
     catgactttt catgcctccc tttcttcatg tgtttaatac ttttgttccc tctgtcattt     51120
     cattttatta tacataattt attttctaaa gtaatcagtt ttgttttatt tggctgcatg     51180
     gatttttttg gttgttgctg acatctggtg aaaatttcaa gtcaacagca cctttagaaa     51240
     aatgttttta gagtaaaata gggacacatt caatatagtg gttcagacag cccataactc     51300
     aaagaaagct atcttcagaa gtactcactg cattgctcct gagggcgatt ctccttgatg     51360
     tccagtgatt tttggcggcg cagggctcgc ggaccgctgc cgaacaaacg cgtccagttc     51420
     acagtgtgat gataacagag ctgtgtgttt cctgtgatgt agatccctcc atcactgatt     51480
     cgcttcagag agcgaaggcc cagagacttc agcgttggga tcttcatcac caaaagagaa     51540
     taacccctga gagagaggga gtaagtggaa aaatactcaa gatatatctt acgaaattgc     51600
     atgccatgaa tttactctaa taaacaaaaa aacattttca aaagtgatat catagaggaa     51660
     cccttttaag ttccccaatg aactaattgg tttgcttcag ccatgcattt ccatgatggc     51720
     tttatccaca tcatataaaa aataactttt ctggaaatca ggggtgcgtt tctgaaaccc     51780
     atcgttaccc aactaaggtg gcaagttcca ttattaaaaa catgcacagt tcgttgattg     51840
     gtattcctta aatccaacaa acattcgcaa acttgtagac ttgcaactat atccctagag     51900
     ctgtagctag agtcataatt cctggttgtg ttttatttcc agttatccct cctatggcct     51960
     attcaattag aacatttcct cagaatgagt aaaaatagac aatcctccta cgtgtaactt     52020
     gctttcaaag tattttttac aattcagagc gatcttcata ttgacaaatt tgaacgcagc     52080
     ctaaagctat agacctatgg aaagtgttat ctacgttatg tctcaaaagc ttgtcaaaac     52140
     aaaaacatat aggttaagtt atatttatat atatatatat atgtaaaaaa attatacata     52200
     tatatacatt atacaaatac acacacatat atatatttat atatatatat atatatatat     52260
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     52320
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgctttt tttttttttt taacgcttgt gcatgtaatt     52380
     tgcaccaaaa aaagttaagg gtttttctct aaagtagtta ctccatcctg tttagagcgt     52440
     cattatgggc gctttgtgct ataacaaaca tggttcaaac gatgaaccac taaccttttg     52500
     agaaactctt gtcaccaggc ccggattggc taatcgggag gaccgagaga attcccggtg     52560
     ggccggtccg tatttggccg cgagggccgg tggccctagc tgcttacact cttaggagtc     52620
     gcgctttttt tttcattttt ttatttattt gaccatagtc tcactctttt tattcattat     52680
     tttgccacag ctccgctctt tttatttatt ttctcgcagc ccagtgagca aaatgcagcc     52740
     tgcaggttaa tgatgacata actattagtg aatataagaa tttgaataat taatattaat     52800
     gaatattaca cctgctcaat gaaaatcaga tgattcacta cattaataaa tctgacataa     52860
     attgatcaga aatctagaac ggggagaaac agattaagtc gtcaatagaa atgttattaa     52920
     caatagcgcc attgtgttcc agtggtcagc atgttgcgtt accacactgc aggacccgag     52980
     ttcgatcctt atctatctaa ttgaatttat ttatttattt ttttcatttt tattgttaag     53040
     acatagaata ctgtttgggt tgttgaacat ttcatcttat aaagcagctg ttttcttgaa     53100
     aaatacgtga tcgtgtcatt agaaactgaa ttcgaaatga cgttgtttta atatagtcag     53160
     tcgtgaactg aggtgagctg gtctaaggct tgaaactcca gggctaaaaa agaagtccca     53220
     ctctggccct gcttgtcact acatcgtttt tttcccaaca atcaacatag gctcattctg     53280
     aaaacgtagt cctttataca tttctggaga ttgcgaatta tgtagccaga aatacgtacg     53340
     gctgcatttc gtctttaaaa caaatgctat ggggcggtat tatgccgttc cttttcactc     53400
     ttacctgctg accttacctc cccagtggat ggctttccag ctgttatcag tttgttcggt     53460
     tgactgggtc aatcggtgct ttttaaaaca ctatcggttg ggtttaggga aaggggtggg     53520
     tgagggtatc ggtcggttgg tcaggcagtc agtttgtcga cagcggcctc tggtggaatt     53580
     acgtgagaag tgcaggcata aattgcactc gcgaaacaat tttgagatct gaaaaggcgt     53640
     acacagcccc ctctggtgga ttctcaaaaa caaaaactgc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag     53700
     aaacgacctc ctaggacata tttggggctc tccagaaatg tataggccta cgttttcaga     53760
     atgagcctgt gttacaaaca atgcattcag ccacgagtta tgtcgttgtt tgggaaatgc     53820
     accccaggtg aaatcatgac agttaatgag tttataatct ccacatcaat gtttcccatg     53880
     caagatttcc aaccaccaat ctgaagctta gaaacaccac accacagggc tgattgtgaa     53940
     gcaatgacaa atcatgcaaa ctgtgaaatt tgaaatttga ataagtttgc agtatttatt     54000
     tttaaaaagc agataaagag agaaaataga gcaaaaaaaa aaaatccaaa tccaatccta     54060
     cctcttagag ctcactcctc tggaggaaga ataaaaaaag gggcatgcaa atgaatgcta     54120
     cataacttct agatacttga aatgttcagt tttctaaaaa agcatttagt gatgattgtc     54180
     agtgtaaaaa ctacagctag aggtctggat gattccctaa cattgttgaa tattattgta     54240
     aaaaaaagta aactaggctt gtttttgtat caattgcgtt cgataattaa aacaaaatta     54300
     ttagataaac acataatcta cagaaaaata tagtcacgaa ttaacaaatg aaatgtttaa     54360
     aactcctagt agtatataca taaaaaacaa tgataaataa aaataatata tatatatata     54420
     catatatata tatatatata catacatata tatataacaa tgataaaaaa atatatatat     54480
     attatatata aaacaattat aaaatatata tataaaacaa tgataaaaaa atatatatat     54540
     ataacaatga taaaaaatat atataaaaca atgataaaaa atatataata tatatatata     54600
     tatatatata ttacaaatat acacatcaaa tgactaaaac ctaaagaaaa acaaaaatgc     54660
     aaaacacaaa atataaagat aaaaggtaat tcagaaaaat aaaagtgcat aaataataac     54720
     aaaataacat aaataaaata aaataatgaa aaaaataaat gactaggcta ggtctatata     54780
     ctgtatatgt taagtactgt atttacctaa tagtttttgt aatagtgtgt ttaatttagc     54840
     taatagttgc actttttatt gaattgaagt accaaaaaca gcaagtataa cagtataaaa     54900
     ctctacaaga gggaatcttt ttaacaatgt gtcaacgtgt cgaatgcctg tgtttgcaca     54960
     ttatcaaatg aagtatactt tgggaatata tatgcgtttg actgtgagta tattatagcc     55020
     tttactgctc taattaataa tctttttaaa agctctcagt gcaaatatta atataacatg     55080
     aatgcttttt actccattct cacctataca gtgttcttcc ctgtattgtt gctagattgg     55140
     agaaaacaga aagatcttcc agctcttcag gccaagattg aatactcaga atgtctatta     55200
     agcagaacga gaggtgagtt agaccgaatc aagattttta tttatcacaa acaaatcata     55260
     tacaacaagc aataatactt tatggatgat gcattaaaag tgatacggaa aagactgaat     55320
     gtagagtgca gaatggcgaa cacacacaaa tacatgtgta cttctattgc ggtttatgag     55380
     gacacaaact tatataatga cttaagtatg acctaattgt actctattaa gctggattat     55440
     gaggacatgc tttgtgtctg tgtaattcaa aattcctaac aatcatagtt aacagggtct     55500
     tttcacattc aaaatttgcc acaggtttcc tttgagggtt agttttaaag gtttaaagta     55560
     cagtaaggct gtacaataac cacattgtac agtataaaat acatatttgg gctctacata     55620
     gtccgaatgt attatatact gtaaaaactg cttattacat aataataatg cattttattt     55680
     aaaggtgcct ttcatgacac tcaaggtcac cgtacaggac agctaaaaca ataaattcaa     55740
     ataaaaacac aataaaaaca atagaataca atacaagcgt taaaaatgca tggcgattcc     55800
     tcactcctat cccaaaaacc aaccctcaca ggacacaaaa tctgaatttt tacactttca     55860
     aaatacttca ttctggataa tttacgagcc gtttgcctca aggggaccaa attaaatttc     55920
     cacaaggtca caatttactg ctattgctat cctttattgg gacatctggt ctccacaact     55980
     taagcaatac aaggtacaca cacctgtgat ctctcggaca gtgttgaaga tcttaagttt     56040
     ccttggatcc agagcactga tgttattata actgtctctg tggagggaag agagacatga     56100
     tttaagatga agcattttcc attaccttta actttgagca ctgatttaca aaaaataaaa     56160
     agggtcccac tttatattaa gtggtcttaa ctaatatgta cttacacagg aattaatagt     56220
     ttgttacaat gtacttattg tgcaaataca tgtatttact gtgtacttat gcttgattaa     56280
     atacatgtat gtaattacgt ctgaaattaa cttttgtaat tacatttata aatacactgt     56340
     tgaccatccc ttacacctta tcccaccctt aaacctaccc actccaccaa acctgtccat     56400
     aacccaacct ctatcctaac tcaaaagcac cacaagtgtt ctcaaataca ttataaacac     56460
     agtaagtaca ttgtatttat tttttgatgc aagtacatag tagttaagga cacttaatat     56520
     aaagtgggac cataaaaagt gttcagaaaa taatacagat ttttagaatt tattttttag     56580
     aaaatttact ttaagacatc attcagtctc tctctatata caattgaagt cagaattaat     56640
     agcccccctg aattattttt ccccaatttc tgtttaacag agagcagatt ttttttcaac     56700
     acatttgtaa tcataatagt tttaataacg catttctaat aactgattta ttttatctat     56760
     tccacttcaa ttcagtgtaa agtgacattt aaaggtttaa ctaggttaat taggtttact     56820
     aggcaggtta gggtaattag gaaagttaat gaatgatgat tgttagacta ttgaaaaata     56880
     tacagctcaa aggggctgat aattttgacc ttaaaatggt tttaaaatat ttgaaaactg     56940
     cttttattct agacgaaata aaacaaataa gactttctcc agaagaaaaa atattatcag     57000
     atatactgtg aacatttcct tgctctgtta atcatcattt gggaaatatt taaaaaagaa     57060
     aaaaaaatca aagagggatt aataattctg attttaactg tatatctatc taccctttag     57120
     ttttttgtcc accgtgtgca acagtatata taaaaacaga actaattttt accagaaaca     57180
     ttccagtcac tatacagtat attctgttat ttacagttaa aaatgatgga catttcattt     57240
     tctatagaag tgtctaatcc tcttcccttt gtgacattaa tttcactttc atcatattac     57300
     agcatgtctg acacttcttt catcagacat ctcgcatttc agttcatgca tcacttcttg     57360
     cacattttta ttttctttgt taaaaacttt gcataaatgg ttaacttgtg aaacaaatga     57420
     gggaatataa catttcgatg aattattatc atctgatgat tattatcatc atttaaaata     57480
     tataaaagta aattatataa aacttttttt tacattttaa attttacatg aataacccta     57540
     accctaataa tacttaaaat taggaggtgt ttgattagaa atgacaatga ttaaatcttt     57600
     acatccaggt tcaaagttac aatctctcag tgttcttcca ctcacccttt aattcctgtg     57660
     acaaggaagt gcaggctgcc ctgaatcttg gtgcagttta tgaagctgtc gatgttttgg     57720
     gaatctactg tctgtctgga ggcggtgccg gtgccggtgc caacacaggc tgaacacaga     57780
     gaaaaacaca caaactcaac tcacctcttc actatgttaa gagatatgtc tacgataatg     57840
     attaacataa cctgaggaat tcaagagcct acatgtactg taattattgt agcctattcg     57900
     taatttcatt atttcaatat ttattaccgt tgtattctgt tttcgtattg ataccttaca     57960
     tttacaagtg tctttttcat gctaataata ttggagcttt ttgatgattt cccatatata     58020
     gtgatttaag ttaaagttta attatagata aaattatggt taaaaaaatt taatcttcca     58080
     taccaactag gtaaaaaaaa aaaaaataaa ataaataaat atatatatat ttgtaaaaat     58140
     aataatatga aaagaaaaaa gtaaacaaaa agtagaaaaa atgacttact ttttaaatac     58200
     ttctagcaac cagtaagaaa actgtaactg gaaagtggct acaattcgaa ctgcctacaa     58260
     aatcggaatg gttggatatc gtatctaatg ttcaaaatat ggggagaatg actttttctt     58320
     taaaactaca aatggacaaa gacctgcaat attgggagaa atggattgta cttatgcctt     58380
     tacacagagt gaactgatct ctatatgtat ttgttgatgt gacctgtaag gaaatatgtg     58440
     accagacaac attcaatgtt catttaagtt ccgatgtgtt attgcattta tttattttta     58500
     atctatcatt tattagttgt atttgtattg cttttttttt ctttttcttc cttaaaaaga     58560
     gaaataaaaa taaaagtgta aaaaaaaaaa gattttgttt tcgtaatttt gaggtatgtt     58620
     taacaataga attctatttt atattctata ttttctatat tttgtaattg cacttgcaaa     58680
     aaaacaatga atgtttattt ttaattattt atttatttat aaattatatt attgtccatt     58740
     aaactttttt gttttgtttt ttttttggca aaatgtctct aactatttta tattaacaaa     58800
     ggaaaaaata ccaaacaaaa aaccttaaaa gctgttttta aagagtggtt tagagtttat     58860
     aggaaatatg gttcatgcaa cacaagttta aagaaaaaat taaaggcaaa gaaaacagtg     58920
     ctgttacctt taggacagag gccttcacac ttctcacacc ttttcacccc tgttttatcc     58980
     acctccatct tgtctgctgg acagctgcta acacacgaac tgccatctac aacaaaatta     59040
     gctggagcac aaaaaaataa ggccaatcag tatatattat ttattatata ttactattat     59100
     tattattatt atttacacag taagttcttc ataaactctt atatgtgact cctgaaccat     59160
     aagcattttt taaaaattga gatttgttta attatttatt ttattatata catattattg     59220
     agctgatagg agataagatt tacgtgaaac acatatatat ccagccaaat atatcatata     59280
     aactgactta caacagatta gattgataga attttaaggg atttgagaaa taaaaaaaaa     59340
     gattaaaaaa agataggaag agaaagaaaa aatatatata ttataaatat atatatatat     59400
     atttatataa aaattataaa tatatatagg taaatattgg aaaaaaaacc tttaacatgt     59460
     aatccttagc catgcatatt acaaaaaatt cataaaacaa aacaataaat aaataaataa     59520
     aaggtttgga aacattcaag atgacctttt ctaaatatat tagtgatttt tggcaaaata     59580
     accaatacaa gacagtttgg ctattcaata tagactagga cttttgttgt cccaggtcac     59640
     ttataatata aaatttgata tattagctat tgttgatgcc ttgctaaaga gaaatgtatt     59700
     tcataaatta atcgtggaat cacttacgag ggcaatgtga cacacacatg gagccaaact     59760
     ggtatttggc gttaggattg ggctccattt tgaaagttac tttgttgtaa atatcagccc     59820
     ttggacactg cgacacacac gagcccgagt tgttgaagtt tctgcaggcc tgtgaataca     59880
     cagacgctca agtcaaattt agcactgctg gaatcatgtt gttgggttgt tgtgtttgaa     59940
     catacaaagc agtcggtgtc gaggggtccg gtgcagccgc cggcacactc attatggcaa     60000
     cactcactcg ggctgcgtcc aaaacagcgc acgttacatt gcagtgcgca cactgtctta     60060
     gtcactgaga acaacagaga aacacagtaa gatacaaatc aattgtaata ttgattaatt     60120
     acaacttaac aagatcttaa tgggggccaa actgtccgaa attaccatct ggcatttttt     60180
     tccttcatat tttaatctta aaattataag ctctcctctg attttttttc tttttcaaat     60240
     atttcccaaa tgatgggaat ttttcacagt atttcttata atattttttt cttctggaga     60300
     aagtcttatt tgttttattt cagctagaat aaaagcattt tttaattttt aaaaaccatt     60360
     ttggtcaaaa ttattagccc ctttaagcta tattgttttc taattctcta cagaacaaac     60420
     catcattatt caatgacttg cctaattacc ctaacttgcc taattaacct agttaagcct     60480
     ttaaattgct ctttaagctg aatactagta tcttaaaaat atctactaaa atattatgtg     60540
     ttgaaaacaa tcttctttcc gttaaacaga aattggtggg aaaaaaaatc agaacggcta     60600
     aaatatctga cttcagctat atttacaaag agtggactgc agctggagtc agtgctttaa     60660
     gagccactac gcacagatgt atgcaagaca tgggtttcag ccgtcacatt ccttgtgtca     60720
     agccactctt gcacaataat atttgtccaa gataaatcta tttgagtatt ttattttata     60780
     caaatattgg gaaaattacc tttataatta aattcttagc aatgcatctt accaatcaaa     60840
     atgcataaaa ctagtgagaa aaaaaaaggt cttcatggaa gatgattttt tttcttaata     60900
     atctagtgat tcattcattt tccttcggct tagtcccttt attaatcagg gctcgccaca     60960
     gcagaatgaa ccgccaacta ttccggcata tgttttacac agtgcatgcc cttccagctg     61020
     caacccagta ctggacactt tgaaagaaag atcaaacatt aatctgcata gtgttctgaa     61080
     tgcaatcggt tcatctgtta atcctctcca taaataaatg cataattgca gaattccagt     61140
     caactcattc tgtaagtgca taattaatca ttaaaatgtg aatgaaagca aaaggtatta     61200
     tctctttggt gacgatgtct gtggatgtca ccatttaaaa ttaatatgca ccttttttgt     61260
     ttataatgcc ctaatttaaa tgtcttattg ctcattatca tcaattaaaa tgacgtatga     61320
     cgactataaa cggaatgccg gaaaataaac cgtgaggaga gtttactcat acgtgacttg     61380
     tttggacaat tttggttagt ttagaaatac cccgtgtaaa agcaacattg taacaattta     61440
     tatccatgtt ttggaactaa acattcaatc tacaggtgta aaagctcctt aacaatggtg     61500
     gagtttaacg ggaaaagttc taaagcttca atgcatgttt tgataaattg aaagtatttt     61560
     tgaactttta tatattacct accttgaata catcacctac tataatatag gaggagtttt     61620
     caagaggtgc tttaagccac atatatgtgt ttgtgtgtgt gtgtgtaaaa ctaaattggc     61680
     cgtggtttat gagcatgtgt gaatgtgaga gtgtatgggt gtttcccagt agcaacccct     61740
     gataaataaa taaagactaa gccgaaggaa cataaattaa tcaatgaatg aatgactttg     61800
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     61860
     tgtgtgagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagtt tctggggact tacagatttg     61920
     acaggtgtca tttcctggac cccaacatgg acccccgcaa gactcatgac agggaactaa     61980
     acaaaaatcc aaaataattt atatttttcc ttaagatcag cagccaaagt gagagttttt     62040
     ctatttattt atctacacat tcaaaacaaa tatagtcaaa tcttaaaaat gtattcatac     62100
     tttataaatc tgaatatata aaacaaggta agcaacctgg aactggtaaa ttggtaaact     62160
     caatagctat aaaaaaagtc aaacaacatt tgattattaa ataaaacatg acatatcacc     62220
     atcattaatg tatatattaa aatctttagt cagtaagact tttttcttgt ataaaacttt     62280
     tgcatccttg ctgaataaaa ctattaaaaa agcaaagatg agttgtttgg tgcaaataaa     62340
     actctttttt taaagtaaat tctgcttgca tgatcatatg tctaatagat tctatgaaaa     62400
     tattaagcag tttttaacat taataatgaa aacacatttt tcttgagaag cgaatcagtg     62460
     tattcatatg atttctgaag gatcatgtga caatgaaggc cagagtaatg atgcagtttt     62520
     gcctcagaaa ttaaattaat ctatattttt taaataaaat attgttttca atgatttcaa     62580
     aatgtaataa tatttcacaa atgcacaaat aaatgaagcc ttattggaca taagagatgt     62640
     atttcaaaag attaagaaat cctcctgacc gtaaacttta taatgaagat gtgaaaataa     62700
     tgaatgcatt tagtattgtc tccttacctt ctggtccatt gtcttgtatg atgacttctg     62760
     ctccactgtt tttcacaatg tcttgccagt taatctgcgg tgcgtagctc aagaatttat     62820
     tctggatgat ctgcacgcca ccctccagga tctctgtaga cgaatttagg aaattgaaat     62880
     gacaatgatt tattcattct tgttgacctt tttgctgtga ggcaacagtg ctaaccaatg     62940
     agccaccgtg ccacccatga actgacaatc aagtaatata taacagtcaa agtgtacttt     63000
     aatatgcttt catacattaa aattgtatta attcaaatgt gtcttgcatt ttcagagcaa     63060
     aaatagtcat tgttaacatt gatttatgaa agacaactgc taaactgtca tttagtgtaa     63120
     cagtggttta tttgtcccca aataatgtca gatatttaaa acaagaatca ttccttcatt     63180
     catttttcgt tggtgtagcc gctttattca tcagtagaat gaacccacgc caacacggga     63240
     gaacatgcaa actccacaca gaaatgccaa ctgatccagc aggacacaaa ccagagacct     63300
     tcttgctgta aggcgacagt gctaaccact gagccattat gccacccaaa caagaatcat     63360
     ttcatgacat attaaaattc tcgcattcag tatttctgga tagcaaatat atatatatat     63420
     ttgaagtcag aattattaac ccccttgaat tattagactg cttgtttatt tattccccaa     63480
     tttctgttta actgagagca gattgtttac aacagatgga tttctaaata taatagtttt     63540
     gataactcat ttataataat gcatttattt tacctctacc atcatgactg taaataatat     63600
     tttactagat attattcaag acacttgtag aaagcttgaa gtgacattta aaggcttaac     63660
     taggttaatt aggttaacta ggcaggttag ggtaattagg caagttgttg tataacgatg     63720
     gtttgttctg tagactatca aaaaaatata cagcttaatg gggctaataa ttttgtccct     63780
     aaaatggtgt ttaaaaaatt aaaagctgct tttatgctag ccgaaataaa acaaataaga     63840
     ctttcttcaa aagaaaaaat attatcagac atactgtgaa aatttccttg ctctgttaca     63900
     catcatttgg gaaatattta aaaaagaaga aaaaaagaat cgaaggggct aataattctg     63960
     acttcaactg tacatcatca ttatatgtgt gttggctagc ttctgcataa atactgttta     64020
     tactttgaca cttttgtttc acaagtgtta ttttaagcat tcaattagat gctttttgca     64080
     tttaatattc tttctatgta aataaaatca cagtttagat tttttaaatt tgatacacac     64140
     tgaataaaaa tgattcattg gattaactaa atgtttttgc aaacttgggc taaatttaaa     64200
     caaacaaatg aaatttagta atgtccaacc taatgtttgt ttatattcag cccatatatt     64260
     tttttgcaaa ccactgtcta actaattatt taggcccatt taattattaa tttacaattt     64320
     atgtacagta attgagacat aaaattagat tggaaaatat aatcaacaac gaaaatgtaa     64380
     aagaaaactg taaatgactt tctattgact gtcttagtcc tatcacttta aaataacaaa     64440
     cactgtacat ctctctattt ctaggctaaa aaactgcttt atttatatag aattatttgt     64500
     ttatttaggg tagacttatt tatgtgtatg tttgtacttt catttttgtt gtcttttatt     64560
     ttttttaatt ttactttcca aagtgaatct tcattttact taacacattt acaatgataa     64620
     taaagtttgt tatcaaagtt tttaacaatg aatgaaggaa ttaaaatgct ttgtctcttt     64680
     attttatctt tatctttatt ttatcttata agtagcaagg tatttacagc tactgtatat     64740
     ttctttccgt ttgcatccgg tccctttgtg ccaccgggca gcatagtcgc aaattgttgt     64800
     tgtacctaaa aacatgtttg tactccttta gtgcggcggc ggtacgactc atggcggtaa     64860
     tgctcttctt aaagtgtcac ccactgtacc ttacaaaaat ctagtaaatc caatgaatca     64920
     ttttcttcag ggcagggacc acaaatcttt gacccacaaa ccgaaaagtg ttttttataa     64980
     aaagttagtc taatttcgtc taatttcatt tataatattt gattagtggc gaggcagtgg     65040
     cgaagtaggt agtgctgtcg cctcacagca agaaggtcgc tgggtcgaac atcggctcag     65100
     ttggtgtttc tgtgtggagt ttgcatgttc tccctgcctt tgcgtgggtt tcctctgggt     65160
     gctccggttt cccccacagt ccaaagacat gcggtacagg tgaattgggt aggctaaatt     65220
     gtccgtagtg tatgagtgtg tgtgtgaatg tgtgtttgga tgttccccag agatgggttg     65280
     cagctggaag ggcatccgct gcgtaaaaac ttgctggata agttggcggt tcattccgct     65340
     gtggcgaccc cggattaata aaagggacta agccgacaag aaaatgaatg aatgaatatt     65400
     tgagtagtgc ttccccacaa agtagctgat ataaatgttt tgtttggcaa atgcttaaac     65460
     attcaaggtg atttggtttc ctaaatgaac tccaagacgc caatcacatt caagccgaga     65520
     ttttgaccta gaaatctctc tgaataaaga catgtaccat gattcatttg aaaaataagt     65580
     aacatttgta ttgattctac acactgagtc acaatggcat ctgaaggagg ttagaggaag     65640
     ggcactggaa atcatgacaa acatgttcat tgattcacac actcagagac acacaatgga     65700
     aagataaaac tacaaggctt gaatttcact ttagatgtgt gttgtttgct gaagcaggtc     65760
     gagacatgtt ctcgtctaac tgtagccatc taacgccaat ctactggaat tcatcacggg     65820
     aacaatacat tataggattt ttcttcaagc tatgaagcgc tcaaggcagt tagaaagtat     65880
     gtgctggtcc aagatgactg aatgcacaat tgcatgcaag tggtttcttt aaccactgtg     65940
     tgttgaactg gaaaggttat acattgttta gaaaggacaa aaatgtcagt taaaaaatat     66000
     atattttaaa atagtaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaat atatatatat     66060
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     66120
     atatatatga atagtttctt acactttcct tgacatcgat ttctttacca gcaccaatta     66180
     tgaatttaaa ttgtgttaat tttaaggatt ttaacgacag agctgtgaaa tgattaatcg     66240
     caactaatcg catccaatat gaaataaaag tttgtattta taaaaaatat gaatgtgtat     66300
     tatttatata attatgacat tatgatatac agccacatcg cactgctact cgtgtgatat     66360
     tgtgtttata taacagttcg gcggcataga cgagtaaata aaaatgaaaa tcaaacacgg     66420
     agagtctcaa aaaccttttt gtaagaggaa ctactatctg cagctgacca gcagaaaccg     66480
     ctgcttcttc acaaacgtca ctttagagct actatttgaa tgattctcta gcttaatgtc     66540
     taaggtgatg acaaaacagg taatttttgc tcacatttta agattataag gctgaacggc     66600
     atgaaatgcc atcagtctac agagatttcc cagtatttct ctgttgcaat caggaaatca     66660
     caataattaa ccccgaaata gcagaagcaa agcaaacact accaagttat gtggtataaa     66720
     tacagcatta catcatacaa aaaggagaga tcaactcaga atttcactta cttgatttat     66780
     aataatttga cttacgttga gaaaacgcta aggttattct cactctaagg acttattttg     66840
     tggtctccat cgccatcttg tggcggaacg tcaaccatca ctctcgttgg tctgcacagt     66900
     atgacaggct gatggctgat gcactgaatc tgaggctcca aaattataaa tattttaaaa     66960
     taggcactat ccttgtaaac aattacatgg tcgcaaacta aaccacattc ttgactaaaa     67020
     aagcctcaag agtacagtat gttgtccaac agcagcaata tttgtcaaac tgtagagcac     67080
     cctctgcttg ttgctgcatg tgggcggagt aatacaccgg agtgaagggt gaaggggctg     67140
     tacatgtgct gctgttattt gctgaatatc acacgcctat cagccaatca gattcaagaa     67200
     ccagacagaa ctgtatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatataaca gttctgtctg     67260
     gttcttgaat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatacgtac agtgggtacg     67320
     gaaagtattc agacctttgt tatgatgcaa ccatttgcta aaatgcttta agttgtgaga     67380
     aaaacacaga aatatcacat ggtcctaagt attttgacta tttgacttac tgatgtactg     67440
     acactgactc agtaggtgta tagaatagtg tccaacaatc atgtgtgtat ggcttatcct     67500
     gtcacaaaat gtggctaaaa gttctagttg acggtaataa tttgattacg gtgttaacat     67560
     gcttgtactg cacttcaata atgcgactga aataggaata ccccatatgt cttagtttga     67620
     tttctgttta caacgatcat gactttaagc atatctaaag tgctactcca tcgcttggct     67680
     atgaaccagt taatttgtgt tgtgtttgtg gtggtctcta cctttggatg cggcaacctt     67740
     tgaactccgg tgaaaaaagc aggtacgcgt tcacccaagc aaacgtgtga cgtgcaatac     67800
     agaggcagcc cgggttgcca ggtgtgtgta aagcacttaa tgtgcagttc aaatccaatc     67860
     ctgcctccaa tcttcagtgc taaattcacc ctcacactca atcataacat cacaactcac     67920
     ctcgatgaaa aatctcatca caatttaatc tcgtgagatc tcataggttg agatctcgtc     67980
     acgtcactag taaatactgt ttgcattaac actgccaaac taaaacaaaa aagataaaaa     68040
     actccaacaa agacgcacac acaaggtttt ttaaagcaca catggcgcaa attttttttt     68100
     ccatccgttg actcactctt tacaccacac cctctcaagt gtctagttgt taaagcgcgt     68160
     aggtgttttg acagaatgtg tttctgtggg tgagaatgtg tcacctgtca agtgtgtgag     68220
     gcccagctcc ctcagtccat acactccgtc tttctgatag ttgacaagga cagcgagggc     68280
     gaatttatct tcatacagag acgttccccg gataacccgc agctgctcca gcggtaaacg     68340
     tctgaactgg tttatagcga tgaggatgta gccggttacc tcacggatag actgtggaga     68400
     gagatgaagt tccaacgttc agttgatgaa acattacaga cacttcacgt tattcacgtt     68460
     tttgtttgtt atagagagca actgcaggat tacaggagtg taaaaactca ttcactggtc     68520
     tctattgtgc tttttttata gttttgtaaa caatagcttt atatctatct atattaatta     68580
     aaactttttt atatgttatc ttcaacattt aaatgaatga ataaaaaata aataaataaa     68640
     taaataaata aataataaaa aatataaata aataaataaa taaataaata aataaataat     68700
     taaataaata aataaataaa tttaaataaa ataaataaat aaatgatcag ccccctttaa     68760
     atcttttatt tatctatcat atttcccata tgggccgaca cggtggcgca gttcatggca     68820
     cgttcgcctc acagcaaaaa ggtcgctggt atgtttactg gctaatatat atcggcctcc     68880
     aattcgatag cgttatcggg taacggtatc agtaaaaaat tcaatatcag agcatcccta     68940
     aaaaaagctc ctggaaccaa tgccattgat caagtgagta tgcacaaatg cactctacag     69000
     gtatatacag taaaaactgc aaagatctat tttccccacc tgtaggaatg agaaatcgcg     69060
     gttgtgctcc atctgtgtga tctccaggtt tcctatgaca atctggcaac ctgtgtacat     69120
     ttccttcatg agtttgtatt ggacctcaga gcttcccgtc acactcagca aattctgagt     69180
     gcctgtacac actccaactg cagagagaga cagagacaaa gtgaagttat taacacaaat     69240
     acacatgcat ttatacattt catgtcttta aaaggagtct ctaatgctct caagctgcat     69300
     ttattagctt aaaaagcagc tacatagaag tatcatggca tattattaca aattatctat     69360
     caataatatt cctatgactt attcctctga attttttgca tcattcactg tcacatggtc     69420
     ctttagacag catttcaaca tttcttatta ttattaacag taaaaattgc tatgctgcta     69480
     aatttgttat attaatttcc tcaaagaaaa attgtactgt ctttgtagat ctttgcatgg     69540
     ttctctaatg actgctaaaa tgaattacac agcgcacagt gatattaggt aatcttaaat     69600
     attcaaggat tttttgtatt taagtggtaa aaaacattgt aattagtcaa acaacaacca     69660
     gcaattgtat atcatcaaaa agtgacttgt cagagcttat tatttacaac aatgcctgag     69720
     cgggtgcaca ttacacctta ttaaaaagct ctgagggagt ctgaggtaaa actactttgc     69780
     atttcaaatt ttgtccttgg ttcaaatgcg ccacggtcaa aacaaaccat tactgaggtg     69840
     cgactctagg aaaacataat atggctaata ctcagagagg tactcagaaa tggccccagg     69900
     aacctttaca cattaaaact caaagacaaa gtgttcttct gggaaaattg gtcattcatg     69960
     accctttaag atcaggttca gtaatactgc atgtaagaat agaaccacgt aattgcagct     70020
     gaagatacag tatgttacag taaaaaaatg tatatgacag aaagtcatga caaccaacgt     70080
     ttttaagcta cacggtttaa gttatacaaa gcttatctta atatttttag tctgtttgat     70140
     tgatgtaaat tgagataaca agaaaagttt atttgattta aataaaaatt aatttgcaga     70200
     aaattccaca tttatagaaa tccagtttct acatctaaca cagactcatt ctgaaaacgt     70260
     acccctatat acctttctgg agagcaccaa atacgtccca gaaggtactt ttttagcagt     70320
     ttttgttttc gcgattttga gatctgagaa aagttgagac taactgactt gactgaccga     70380
     cttgaatgac tgaatgatca actgaccccc ccctcctcct tccccaaacc caaccaatag     70440
     tgttttcaaa agtactgatt gaccattgcc cactcactac cctaaaccca actgaaagtt     70500
     ttcaaaagca gtccagaaaa ataaaagccc ttgaggcagc ctgattttta ccaggtattt     70560
     agagttcaca ttctcaccct gttatatact tgtttatttt gttttttgtc ttttgatttt     70620
     gttttacccg ctttctgcaa tcatttttca tcggattcca accccgtcat tgcagtcaac     70680
     ttctctctac atcaagtccg acgacgtacg caacgagcca tcgggcaaac tggtaactgc     70740
     aggaaagcca tccaaacgga ggtaacctgt cagttggaaa ttgaaaaagg aatccgcagc     70800
     attcctttta aagacgaaat gcagccatac atatttctgg atacataatt cacagtctcc     70860
     agaaatgtac aaagggctac attttcagaa tgagcccatt ttgcagttat tgtatctctt     70920
     cattttggag ctgcacagtc ttggaaaaat tgcaatttac agtatatttt gaaatggatc     70980
     caaattaatg ggataaataa cactatttgg aaacaattaa ttatttcaga ttgattagag     71040
     gggtttgtaa gtgagtgaat cgagcataaa atataataaa catattacaa gaatagataa     71100
     attcagtaga gcaaagatac aaatgaaata aacagtgctt tacagttttc tagtgattct     71160
     taggtacaga aagtaaatag tcaagtgtaa aacagcacag catagtgcat tcactgtgta     71220
     aaaagttcaa taaaactaat cttaagtaaa gttacttaaa cacacacaac gctttgtgcc     71280
     agaatccttt aagctctctt aaaatgctca tacaggcctt aaaaacacat gcaaatgata     71340
     aactttcact caattagggt taaactcaat tgttgcgaga aggtatacag ctacgactga     71400
     aaattaacaa gaattgttta tataatttat taaaaaatga cccattaatt gtatgttatt     71460
     aacgatcaca ataatgtaca aaacagtata tatacagaga attattcata ttatttattt     71520
     tattacccat taaattatat tttattaatg catatcacca ccccaagcct cacaataatg     71580
     taaaaaagta attatgcaga gtatcattca tattatttat tatattaccc attaaattgt     71640
     gcattattaa cacatatcac caccctaacc ctcacagtaa tgtaaaaaca gtaattatac     71700
     agattattat tcataatatt tattaaatta cccattaaat tgtatattat taatacatat     71760
     caccacccta accctctcgg taatgtaaac atagcaatta tacagattgt tattcatatt     71820
     atttattaaa ctacccatta aattctatat taataatgca tatcaccacc ccaaccctca     71880
     cagtgatgta aaaacagtaa ttatacagat tattagtcat attatttatt aaaataccca     71940
     ttaaattgta gattattaac gcacatcacc accccaaccc tcacagtaat gtaaaaatat     72000
     gaattattgt tgtacagcat cacaaaaact atgctatatt gaggtgagta tctccagctg     72060
     tatcccttct agactttaca attaaactct gtagtaagtc ttttgtgcct ggtcagctac     72120
     agtttaaatc ctgcgatgtg actattgcat atgctcacaa tacgatgttg atgctgaaac     72180
     gcgatatagt gctgcttcgt tttacataaa tgaaccgaaa agcacaggcg cttgctgata     72240
     acacacatat aaacccttaa cagcattaca gagtccaaca aatcagtcta aaagtctctt     72300
     gtgaaattca aacaggtgct cattccagcc acgcaggtga gattgtgggt cagacattgt     72360
     gttgaaatgc tttccagaaa gaatttgtgc atttccagcc tgtatttgga aaccttatca     72420
     aacttctcct ttagtaaatg caatgaaatg ctcaagaaat tctcaagagc aaacacacac     72480
     tcactgagca ctgagatact gggatttatc tattttctct cagtgcaaaa cacacactaa     72540
     aacaaacaca gtcttgcctt taacagatac acacaattcc catactatag atatgtgtgc     72600
     tgggaacttg aagtgataag atcttgattt gagactttag catgtcgtaa tggttaacta     72660
     tgagacagga aaggccagta atgtcagaaa cggcttcgaa gcattagtca aaccagaagt     72720
     ttgcattttt aagggtaaaa cgttttgagc atttgcatgc tctcaatgaa aatgtctagc     72780
     catgcagcta aataaaaaaa agatgttcaa aaaatgtttt gttaaagttt caaataggtt     72840
     acaactaggc ataggacaat aaatagcttc aaggtatacc gcggtttaga aaagtcaagg     72900
     ttttaaaacc cctaaaatta tctgctctac agttttttta aatttatgtg ttgtaaagaa     72960
     atttgtggtt ttgaaattaa tgaagacagc agaagtcaat tatgtatttt aattattatt     73020
     tattattatt attaattatt tattttttaa tggtaaaata ctgtcaacca cagctgacgt     73080
     ttttgacagt aaattttatg gatttattta ttatagtgta taacgatgat tatacactgt     73140
     aataaaaaaa tggttaaaaa aatagctcaa ttattagggg gttatcattt tgtccctaaa     73200
     atgttttcaa aaaattaaaa actgttttta ttctagccga aatagaacaa ataagacttt     73260
     ctccagaaga gaaaatatta tcagacatac tgtgaacatt ttcttgttct gttaaacata     73320
     atttgggaaa tatttatatc caacatcaac ccagacaata tataacttta aactattaaa     73380
     aatgttaata aaagtcattt ttcaaacttt tctaaggtta aaagttgttg gaaaaaagat     73440
     caaagtccca taatgcaatt taaaagcaga aaagaacttc cttaaaaaaa tgaaaacaat     73500
     aaaattaata ttaagaaaat aaaacatgaa tcacaatata tgtaaaactg ctaatttatg     73560
     aatagttttt acggtgcagt gcttaatttt aatattaact aaaaacagtc attatatttc     73620
     aatttgactc tttaaaaatg gatcctcatc tcaaccgcca ttcaagctac tgtcatttct     73680
     aagagaaaaa cattcaaaac agtgaaaaag ttaccattat tgattaactg acttgtttct     73740
     tcaacttttg caaaacaagc aaaaaagatt tgacccttat cgtgataatt atcaatatca     73800
     actgatttta taataacaat ttattatccg tatcgcccag ccctttgtcc taagaagaaa     73860
     ctcagttagc tgcactaatc tctaatttca cttatgtctg aacattcaga agagatctca     73920
     gcaatgtcaa aatatgctta gaccttaaaa accactcaaa atattttgat ttcaaggctc     73980
     ctatttggct ttttacatgt acagcttcta ttaatgtgta ttgtttctat ttgagcaaaa     74040
     aaaagtctgc aaagttacaa catatatcca atggaattat ttgctattat aaacactgtt     74100
     tctgaattta aaaagttgct acaccacttg ttctcctgtg ttgtgaaaca gcagtcacag     74160
     agcattgtaa ttctcctctg ggtttaggtt cacagaggcc attgaaagga agcagcaaca     74220
     ctgcattcca accgtaatgc tccaaacccc agaacagacg catgaaacta acaaacacaa     74280
     gtcaagagtc atttcataac tcacccagtg aaaaaaagta cacgtaacag cattacgagc     74340
     aattctaatc ttaaagcgcc actcttattt atttatgaaa attgccttcc atgcagtgtg     74400
     tagcacagct ctaagcgaat aaaaacatcc tgcagagttt taaatcagaa agtgtgacat     74460
     gtataaagat attgggctct attttaagga tctaagtgtg tggtttaata tgcacgtcaa     74520
     aagtgcactc agggcatgtc tgaatcaagt ttagctattt tttcctaatg agttatgggt     74580
     gtgttttagg tgtaatgagc acttcaccaa tcagagtcta tcatctccta ttcccttaaa     74640
     gagtgagttg gtgtatttgc tatttacatg gcggattttg taagaggaaa aactgaacac     74700
     ttcactatag cgaggaaatg gatctgcttg tgcgtgaggt ttttgcaagc agatcacaca     74760
     cggaatgagc caaattccac caaagccaat aaatcaagct gatatatctc tgaaaatctt     74820
     ttgaaaacga tatattaact taacttttaa tggctataat aactttatgc aaatgcttta     74880
     ttaacgtttc agtctgaaat tatattatta ttctcagaac gtcatttaaa atattattag     74940
     aatattccct taacattaac attatattaa tgttctaaga acgtttccct aaagttctcc     75000
     atacgttata aaaccgcttc tgggaatgac tgtttgaaca tacagttttt agacaatgtt     75060
     ttaacattat ttttggttat aataacatta tttaaaatgt tttaataaag tttcagtctg     75120
     aaattatatt attgttctca gaacgttatt taaaacatta ttagaatgtt ccattcacat     75180
     tatattaatg ttctcagaac gtttctccaa tgttcttcat aagttttaaa aacgtttttt     75240
     ggaaaagatt gtttaaaact ttagttttta gatgatgttt taacattatt tttggttata     75300
     atgacattac tcacaaaagt tttcataaca tttcagtctc aaattatatt aatgttgtca     75360
     gaacgttact taaagcatta ttataatctt ccatttacat tcacattatg tttttcgatt     75420
     attagcacta cttttaaacg tatataaaag tgtacaagaa tccttttcaa aaaataattc     75480
     tgcaaatata tctccaacat aaaaaataca tgttgcattt ccattaagtt atataacgtt     75540
     ttttaaaagt tcttagaaca ttcaaaatga tacattatac aaaacattat tagaatgttt     75600
     cattcacatt cacattatat aaatgtttta agagtgtttc cctaatgttc ttcataagat     75660
     ataaaaaaac tttttttgtg taagattgtt tgacgtccag tttttagatg atgttttaac     75720
     attatttttg gttataataa cattattcac aaacatttta ataatgtttt agtctcaaat     75780
     tatatagatg ttgtcagaat gttacttaaa gcattattat aatcttccat ttacattcac     75840
     attatgtttt tccattatta aactgtaaaa cccaataggt taaggtaact caaaccgttt     75900
     taggaaaccg attgcaacaa aacatttgag ttaaaaaact aatttactgt atatgagtat     75960
     tgtaaactta atccattaag tcaaaataat gaggtattta ataaactcat ttccttcaac     76020
     actgagttca aaactctttt cattcattca ttttcttgtt ggcttagtca ctttattaat     76080
     ccggggtcgc cacagcggaa tgaatcgctt atccagcaag tttttacgca gcggatgccc     76140
     ttccagcccc aacccatctc tgggaaacat ccatacacac tcattcacac tcatacacta     76200
     cggacaattt attctaccca attcacctgt agcgcatgtc tttggactgt gggggaaacc     76260
     ggagcacccg gaggaaaccc acgcgaacaa agggagaaca tgcaaactcc acacagaaac     76320
     gctaactgag ccaaccagcg acccagcgac cttcttgcac taccaagaac tacctactgc     76380
     actacctact gcaccactgc ttcgccaaaa acttttttca aataagtaga attaactttc     76440
     agtcaatttt gagttaacta cactcatttc atttgataaa attgaccgtt gggttttaca     76500
     gcgtagtact ctgttaaaaa tataataaag cctacaaaga tcctttttaa aaaataaatc     76560
     tgtgaatata tcccaaacat gaattctgca ttattaaaga caaaaagtta attcaaagaa     76620
     gttcagttca tacaaatatg catgctcatt tttctgtttc tcaatgctaa atgcaggagt     76680
     gtgttggtgt gaacggccct cagtgtgctg tgaactcaag catgcagaca atgacacaat     76740
     gctcccattc aagcagagcg cgaaaacaag tgtaggaacc cgccaaaact caaacaaacg     76800
     tgcacaaaat acacacacac tagattcagc tatcaggttc acatcacaat tacagaaaca     76860
     ggtaccaaaa acaaaagcca ggggaggtct aaaaccacac acacacaaca gatctgcctg     76920
     gtaaacagaa acttggcctt ggtcaccaag agattaacca aacctgacag gtcagttctc     76980
     acgagcataa aattaatcca cacattaatg tctgaaccat ttattgtcat tattgagtcg     77040
     tgtaacagac aactcacagg catgcacaca cacacacaga aaccatactt cgcttaatga     77100
     ctttgttttg cagctaaaag ccattttaag ttacaggtta ctcctgttcc tcaggcaaaa     77160
     gaaggcgcag atgcattatt ttgatttatc agacacatgt tggggaatgt gaatatgtgc     77220
     gcaggccata gtggaagcta caaaaccaca ataatgaaat gactgtagta agtagtaaat     77280
     aaatggtaat agttcctggt gttgacgagt gatagtgaat gataactttt gaaggatgga     77340
     aataacctct cacatgacag ctggcagtta aaaagaaaca ctcaacaaac aaacaaacaa     77400
     acaaacaaat ttgatggcac cgtaaaaggg ttaaaggcta agaattaccc tattaataga     77460
     ttttaattgt caatatgcaa atatcttgta atgatgtcac gatcaccagc aatctaaccc     77520
     tgattggtcg ctggaagaca ttccatatca cccggactac aatcctgtca tcagaggaac     77580
     taaaaaccct gtcatgcacc acacactaac acctgttccg gttcttcttt gattacacac     77640
     acacagctgg gagctgctca aagactgatc acatagaacc tttatacagc acacaaacac     77700
     acagacttcg ctgagtcttg ttatcttgtt acactacgac gcgttctctt gtctcgttta     77760
     gcctagccgt gctttgaatc cttgctttgt tttctcattt tgatttcttg ctgcctgtgt     77820
     tgaccattcg gctgtttgtg accacgattc tggattatct gtatgtattt gtttgcccct     77880
     gttttgacca ttgcctgctt gactaatctt ataaataaac tgcacgtgga tcatcaacaa     77940
     tgttgtgtta caaatgaagc ctaaaataag acaccttcct ttttaaattt ttatgtaacg     78000
     gacattttgg caagacaata aaacatcagg ccaagcaccc acagaaaaac ggcacatatt     78060
     tgccattact atatttatta cacaatggaa aaaactgtac aagtggaaaa ttgtttagat     78120
     gtttaaatgt tttgcattaa catttgataa aaaaaaaact cataaaatat aaatatatct     78180
     tacatctcag gctcattttg attatgtacc actatataaa tttctggaga gagcaaaatt     78240
     tgtcctagga ggtacatttt gttgatagta tctggatgca gcctttatga tgcaagctaa     78300
     gattgcatca ctcattgtga ggggtagggt taggggtgag gttaggtgag cccattaaaa     78360
     agcattggat gcagctcaga ttgcacttca ccaggtctgc agttttgttg cagtttttgc     78420
     tttcgtaaat ccaccagagg ccgctgtgta cactttttga gatctcaagc ttctctcgca     78480
     agtgccattc gcacctgctg ttctcacata aatccaccag aggccgctgt taactgactg     78540
     acttaccaac tgaccgatcc cccactctcc ccttttcctt aaccaaacta atagtgtttt     78600
     caaaagcaca gattgtttgc actgttttaa atagcaatcc agaaaaagaa aaaacaaaac     78660
     aaatttttac cttgctttca gattttacca caatctcacc ctgttattta cttcttcatt     78720
     ttattttttg gcttttgttt tacctgcttt ttagaacagc tctttactgg actcgaaccc     78780
     catcattgtg ggcaacccca ctctgcttct caagtctgct gacatacttt ttgggctacc     78840
     agacaaactg gtaacagtgg gaaatagtgg gttataactg aatatctaga gcagagatgc     78900
     cagaagtagg gtccagtaat ctttgatttg gcctaccata ccatctgaaa agaagggaga     78960
     ttgatggaga tggttgaggt gaaagccttt ggtagagatt atcctctttt tgaatttaac     79020
     gtaacctttt gtttctttgt ttgattgctg agcaacaaaa aaagccaact gaaataaaat     79080
     ggtttaatta aatgttgtaa atgaatcaga cttttgaaat gtaaatactg tcacttcaca     79140
     gatagaggac aacgcacaag tcatctgcga ggaaatcaag gtaaaggcag caaggagcag     79200
     ctcgattagt gtattcagca ttgaactcca atctgttata aatggaattg tttatctttt     79260
     taatgtaata agatcattat aaaatgttaa acattatatt ggtttagtta atatgagttg     79320
     aagcaacatt ttctattttt aaaaaatatt acctaaaata aattaggaaa tcccccttgg     79380
     caaatttatt gtaataaggt ttggtaaata tttggcacac agtcatcaat caagcttggt     79440
     ttttgagcct ttaaaggaaa aagtttaagc actcctgatc tagagctata gaattatttg     79500
     ttttaattgt tagaacatct ttatttgatc atatagagat gaaataaata aatgaaaaag     79560
     cgtactttcc taaccaaatt gtaggtatat aaatagatta catacatttt gaatcgtaca     79620
     acgaaatgtt cataagatgt tacattaatg ctcgactatt tgctacttac tgaaatgaat     79680
     gtttgacgta aaccaaatgt ttggcagtgc tcaaaactga gcatttccat aaatgaatgt     79740
     tcagtgaatg cggaggcgac agcagaaaca gagaggctac acacacagcg cttgtgaatc     79800
     tattcaacgc tcttggcctt cagtatgtgt gtgggagtct tcaacaaacg ctcttctgct     79860
     catactgacg tctacagaac aatggcaaag ggtcaacatc tgccatgatc ttttgacatt     79920
     tcgcataaac ccgtcaatca atattaggtt ctaacaatgt tctcttaatg ttcccattaa     79980
     gctatagaat gttttaaaaa aagttcttgg aacattcaaa atgatattaa ctttatttat     80040
     tagttataat aatgttactc aaaacgtttt agactgaaat tattttaatg ttctcagaac     80100
     gtcatttaaa acattattag ttcatttcaa ttacattcac attatatgaa tgttctaaga     80160
     acgtttccct aatgttcttc tcagttatta aaaacgtttt tggaaaagat tgttcaaacc     80220
     tcaagttttt agacgatatt ttaacattat ttttgattat aataacatta ttcaaaatgc     80280
     tttcataaca tttcagtctc attcacaaac attttattaa cgtttcagtc tcgtgttata     80340
     ttgatgttct cagaatgtta tcattcattt attttcttgt cggcttagtc cctttattaa     80400
     ttcggggtcg ccacagcgga atgaaccgcc aacttatcca gcaagttttt acgcagcaga     80460
     tgcccttcca gccgcaaccc atctctggga aatctcagaa cgttatttaa aacaatatta     80520
     aaacatttac atgatgttct aagaacgttt gcctaatatt gtctataagt tataaaaatg     80580
     ttatgaaacc tttatattga aaactgttag aacatacagt tttttagaca atgttttaac     80640
     attatttttg tttataataa cagtattcag gttttaataa cgtttcagcc tcaaattata     80700
     ttactgttct cagaacgtta tttaaaacat tattagaacg ttttattcac attatattaa     80760
     tgttgtcaga acattttcct aatgttttcc cataagttat aagaacgttt ttgtgaaaga     80820
     ttgtttaaac ctccagtttt gagacaatgt tttatcatta tttttggttt taataacatt     80880
     attcacaaac attttaataa cattttagtc tcaaaatatt gtcaaaacgt tattttaaac     80940
     attattagaa tgctccattc acattatatt aatgttctga gaacgtttcc ataatgttct     81000
     ccataagtta taaaaacgtt ttgtggaaga ttgtttgaac atccacttat tagatgatgt     81060
     gttcacatta tttttggtta taaaaagaac aaaatgcttt cataacattt cagtctcatt     81120
     tcatgagtga tgttctcaga acgttattta aaatattata ttattagatt gttagaacgt     81180
     ccagttttta gacaatgttt taacattatt tttggttata ataacgttat tcaaaacatt     81240
     ttatttacat ttcagtatga aactatattg ttctcagaac atttttaaaa cattcaagaa     81300
     cattcaaatc atattaatgt tctaagaatg tttcccaaat gtttttcata agatataaac     81360
     acatttttaa aggaagattg ttggaacata tcccaatata taaatacaca ttacattggt     81420
     tataatgttg ttactcaaat gtttaaataa catttcagtc tcatgttagt tattgttctc     81480
     agaacattat aagaacattc caatcacata ttaatgtttt aagaacgttt ccctaatatt     81540
     gttggtaaca tataaatata tttttgagga acattcatag aatgtcggtt tttagttgat     81600
     ttattaatgt tattgtttgg ttattataaa cattgtttaa atgtttttga atgttccagt     81660
     cttgatatat taatattcta agaatgatga cgaattatgt atctaaatta tgattaatct     81720
     aaacaattca atgaaagacc tgattaaaat gactcatttt ccttgactct caggaatgca     81780
     tgaatcaagg ttggaaatga caaagttttc attaaataac taaataaatg atcttaattt     81840
     gaattaatgg ttggataagt ctattttgga gtacagaaca ttgatctgaa agaactgtga     81900
     gagtttaaat catttgacat taccttcaaa tactgagtga ttatttttca aaaataaaaa     81960
     ctttaatgaa acattttaat taatactaca aatttgatca ggttaacttt aaaagtaatg     82020
     tttgtatgtt ataaaatatt attataaaat actaattgaa acatttttgt ggaattattc     82080
     ttagactgtc agtttttaaa tgatatctta atgttattgg ttataataat ggtgtttaaa     82140
     tgttttggaa tgttccagtc ttaataaatt aatattctaa gaataacttt atcattacct     82200
     aaaaacttta tttatgctaa catctacaca gcttttaagg aacgatatgc aatattcgga     82260
     gagcattatg ggcaacggtt ggtaccattc aagagcactg atcatcttaa aagcatgttt     82320
     ttagtgttgt atatgagtct cattgtctct gcatctctca taaacacagg tgttcctgac     82380
     acttcttttc acagtcctgt tctttgtttt cataaatgcg cctcagcagc tcttgtgaca     82440
     tgactgacaa tgacaatctg tcaccatgaa aactattcgg cacacagtac attctgtaca     82500
     ccagaatacc tcagcgtgtt caacattact cctctagcaa ggtaaataca ctgtggtgtt     82560
     caatatgaca ttgacaaaca taacactgct tgtttggaga gttttccaag tgaggatgaa     82620
     attcttgaca tacagtagta aaaatatttt acaattaaaa catttaaagt gacaatttgg     82680
     gcgacacggt ggctcagtgg ttagcactgt cgcctcacga caagaaggtc actagttcga     82740
     gtcccagcag ggtcagttgg catttgtgtg tagagtttgc atgttcttcc cgtgttggtg     82800
     ttggtgcgtt cctccgggtg ttccagtttc cttcacactc caaagacatg cgctacaggt     82860
     aaattgaata aattaaattg gccgtagtgt acaagtgtga atgtgtgagt gtatagatgt     82920
     ttcccagtac tgggttgcag cgggaagggc atcctctgtg taaaacatat gcttgataag     82980
     ttggcagttc attccgctgt ggtgactttt gatggataaa gggaataagc cgaaggaaaa     83040
     tgaatgaatg aatgaggtga aattttatgc aattctgact gatacaaata actacatttt     83100
     tagaagctga taaaatatag gcacaaaaat gtacatacaa cttaagtgga caacttaaaa     83160
     cctaactaca gaaataaaga aaccgcaagg acacatctac atcttttttc ccccaaaatc     83220
     accagttaaa aaccctcata ataataccaa taacataaaa actgtgcatt gctctgaaca     83280
     atgtgatgta aatgatatta tattgaatcg cgatgcaatt aaggtcaata acaatgataa     83340
     gttctggact tttatactct ataacagtgg ttctcaaaga tttttcatca agtaccacct     83400
     tagaaaaaag ttgtctttgc aagtaccatc ataatgagca gtattgaaat atagtagcgt     83460
     atttggtcca gtaaagcagc taaaactctg tacagttcaa aaacgaggca tataagctcc     83520
     taatattaag aagatttaaa ttataatgtg cttttaaaag ttaaaaatgg tatgttacag     83580
     ttcttaaaaa gtaaaaaaac gagtttatca gcacctggaa atgttgcctg gacctcacaa     83640
     atatagactt tatgtcatca tattcataca taaatcattt ttgatcattt atttaaatat     83700
     atgtagcatg tccatatgac atattcgatt catccgcgta ccactagaag gaagcccttg     83760
     taccactagt ggtacacgta ccacattttg agaaccactg ctctataatg atctaagagc     83820
     caatcacata gtagaaatgt gcaacaatgg gaatctaaaa gtgtattaat attagagatg     83880
     taccggattt ttggccaccg aaaatgtatc ggccaaaaac tatgttatgc catttaatgg     83940
     acactgtaat ttttgtggct tcagtcattg ttgggtgtct tttttaaatc tagaatcaac     84000
     aacttatatc gaaatataca gttgaagtca gaattattag cccacctttg aatttctttt     84060
     ttaaaatatt ttccaaatga tgtttaacag agcaaggaaa ttttcacagt atgtctgata     84120
     atattttttc ttctggagaa agtcttattt gttttatttg ttggctataa taaaagcagt     84180
     ttttaatttt tcaaaaaaca ttttaagatc aaaattatta gcccctttaa gctatatttt     84240
     ttccgatagt ctacagaaca gaccatcagt atacaatgac taattactct aacctgccta     84300
     ggtaacctaa ataacctagt gaagccttta aatgtcactt tagtctatat agaagtgtct     84360
     tgaaaatagt caaatattct ttactctcat catggcaaag ataaaataaa tcagatttat     84420
     tagagatatt aaaaactatt acgtttagaa atatggtgaa aaaatctact ctccattaaa     84480
     cataattggg gaaaaaaata aacagaaggg ctaataattc tgactccaac tgtatatagt     84540
     tatcattcaa tatgaaaaat aataaagaga ttgcattttt gccatcttcc ccagccctaa     84600
     tctgatgaaa gtctgatc                                                   84618