EBI Dbfetch

ID   AL591210; SV 6; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 118527 BP.
AC   AL591210;
DT   05-MAY-2001 (Rel. 67, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 19)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone BUSM1-194E12 in linkage group 8 Contains
DE   the atp1a3a gene for ATPase, Na+/K+ transporting, alpha 3a polypeptide and
DE   four CpG islands.
KW   alpha chain; beta chain; CpG island; HTG; MHCII.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-118527
RA   Clark G.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; 9d83c94e6c04d0e2f4898995a0a7ab5d.
DR   RFAM; RF00436; UnaL2.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone BUSM1-194E12. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone BUSM1-194E12 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone BUSM1-194E12 is at 118527 in this sequence.
CC   BUSM1-194E12 is from a Zebrafish PAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..118527
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="8"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="BUSM1"
FT                   /clone="BUSM1-194E12"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..118527
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: BUSM1-194E12"
FT   mRNA            complement(<8298..>8570)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ194E12.7-001"
FT                   /product="novel MHCII beta chain protein"
FT   CDS             complement(<8298..>8570)
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ194E12.7-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001572"
FT                   /product="novel MHCII beta chain protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:O46869 Tr:Q31354 Tr:Q31369
FT                   Tr:Q31370 Tr:Q31372"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q7ZYW5"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000353"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011162"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014745"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q7ZYW5"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD60672.1"
FT   mRNA            join(<16067..16312,17133..17417,17538..>17659)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ194E12.8-001"
FT                   /product="novel MHCII alpha chain protein"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:L19445 Em:L19446 Em:L19450
FT                   Em:X95432 Em:X95433"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW184652"
FT   CDS             join(<16067..16312,17133..17417,17538..17659)
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ194E12.8-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001573"
FT                   /product="novel MHCII alpha chain protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P04224 Tr:O98044 Tr:Q30437
FT                   Tr:Q31362 Tr:Q31380 Tr:Q31469 Tr:Q8WLP3"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q7ZYW4"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001003"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003006"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003597"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011162"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014745"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q7ZYW4"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-323"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD60673.1"
FT   misc_feature    38979..39044
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones"
FT   misc_feature    51245..51269
FT                   /note="Inconsistency in the number of bases in
FT                   mononucleotide run between subclones"
FT   mobile_element  <63485..>66966
FT                   /mobile_element_type="transposon"
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ194E12.1-001"
FT   mobile_element  <79581..>80066
FT                   /mobile_element_type="transposon"
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ194E12.2-001"
FT   CDS             join(<100187..100369,100478..100726,100851..101022,
FT                   101287..101344)
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ194E12.10-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001567"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q7ZYW3"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040724-55"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD60676.1"
FT   mRNA            join(<100187..100369,100478..100726,100851..101022,
FT                   101287..102059)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ194E12.10-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI545260 Em:AI585076 Em:BI886431"
FT   regulatory      102040..102045
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      102059
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<108701..108822,108999..109283,
FT                   110094..110339,111992..112056))
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ194E12.11-001"
FT                   /product="novel MHCII alpha chain protein"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:L19445 Em:L19446 Em:L19450
FT                   Em:X95432 Em:X95433"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW184652 Em:BI845880"
FT   CDS             complement(join(108701..108822,108999..109283,
FT                   110094..110339,111992..112049))
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ194E12.11-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001568"
FT                   /product="novel MHCII alpha chain protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q31359 Tr:Q31362 Tr:Q31380
FT                   Tr:Q31466 Tr:Q31625 Tr:Q8WM94 Tr:Q9XR28 Tr:Q9XRY8 Tr:Q9XRY9
FT                   Tr:Q9XRZ0"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q7ZYW2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001003"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003006"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003597"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011162"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014745"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q7ZYW2"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-318"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD60677.1"
FT                   AVGTFFLVKGNNCN"
FT   mRNA            join(113161..113247,113486..113758,113914..114195,
FT                   114306..>114419)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ194E12.12-001"
FT                   /product="novel MHCII beta chain protein"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:X95431 Em:X95434 Em:Z49064
FT                   Em:Z49065"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW233357 Em:BE557092"
FT   CDS             join(113181..113247,113486..113758,113914..114195,
FT                   114306..>114419)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ194E12.12-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001569"
FT                   /product="novel MHCII beta chain protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q31375 Tr:Q31376 Tr:Q31377
FT                   Tr:Q31488 Tr:Q8WM93"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q7ZYW1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000353"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003597"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011162"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014745"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q7ZYW1"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-319"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD60678.1"
FT   misc_feature    116237..116249
FT                   /note="Inconsistency in the number of bases in
FT                   mononucleotide run between subclones"
FT   misc_feature    118527
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: BUSM1-194E12"
SQ   Sequence 118527 BP; 37604 A; 22088 C; 21220 G; 37615 T; 0 other;
     gatctcagtg tacagttcta gtacttgaat gacttgggga attggtttat ttacaattag        60
     ctgggtacaa ggcatgatca aaggtaagtc agttttggtt aagtacttac tgaaaaagca       120
     tattatctca aagaattgtg tttgctttgg tgaactggtt caaccactta gaagatcagg       180
     ccatagattc tcagccatag atttttcctc agcactgacc gtttgtacag tttattttag       240
     agcaggggtg tccaaactcg ttcctggagg gccggtgtct tgcatagttt agctccaact       300
     cccttcaaca caactgttca agtgactcaa ttctgatttt tttctcccat gtggcacaga       360
     tccgatatgg cccatgtacg tgtaagcagg aacaaatcac atggattccg atttacaaaa       420
     ccatatttct ctttttttcc tggtcattgt gcctttgcgt gtgctgtgta aatgcagacg       480
     atcagatacg aatcacttta aaagatgatg taatcaggtc atcaaaaaaa tctgagacag       540
     tcacaaaatc ggaattaacc atcaagatct gcagtgtgaa tgcagcctag tatacctaga       600
     aaaagcttga ttagctggtt caggtatgtt taattggggt tggaactaaa atatgcagga       660
     caccactcct ccaggaccca ttttggacac ccgttttaga gggttgagca ttgtaataca       720
     agaacctccc ctttgggctc tccttgtctc cacgagtctt cacaatggtc gcagagagta       780
     cctctgttgc ctctttggct aatgggcata cacattccca actaccttga tagcagctag       840
     aaatgcacag gggttcattg attccacacc agaggcggaa ataaaagcat tatggaaaca       900
     aaagcacaat ctcatgcagc ctagtggatg gtgcgtgtgc attaagtaaa tgtgcttcaa       960
     atgtcccgat tgtacaaata ctcagaaact gacttgatga atttaataaa tgttattttt      1020
     tatgaccaaa acaagacata tttattccca aagtgtttat tcagatgtca aaccaatgtt      1080
     aaaacataac acgctacaag aacacagcat taaaaaaata tcattttata ttgctgcatc      1140
     accctggatg tatacccatt atcactgcat gctagtcagg aacagttacc gctccactaa      1200
     attgctttat atctcaatta taaaacattg ctaaaaagct ttctttgctg aagtggttcc      1260
     agagccatac atcaaaacat gaccacgaca tatcactgca tatgaaacaa tttaagccct      1320
     tgctgcatga ttgattcccc agatttgcac tgctggcagt ggttgcacat gcagattgca      1380
     ctcgccaatt ttataggcat tttataggcc cattttcata caagtgagtg tatgaaataa      1440
     ttgagtgtga ttggacttct aagcaaatcc accaattgat attgcaacaa attgtccctg      1500
     ttccctcctt tgggaaatga aggttatgtt actgattgtg tagttttttg tgtaggtcct      1560
     gttggattat ggatatgaat gtgttgatgt tttcagatat caacatcacg atagcaaaat      1620
     tgtgttttac agcaatatac accagatgac acagcctgac aacaaacaac agaatgtaaa      1680
     aaaatcctca gagtcaaatt tactaagttc aaaatgtatt tggtccctct ctaaattaag      1740
     caaaagttac tcagcagcgg agttaaagtt aatgagacaa tgaaggaatt gattgtgtga      1800
     tgattaagca ctgatgagga acacttactg ttaataaaca gaaacagaag agaagcacaa      1860
     aattacaact gatttcagtc acagctgtag atgaaatcaa ctgatataaa acacattaaa      1920
     tctctcaaag ttttagcagg ggatcattaa gcaactccac aaacagcagc tttacttatt      1980
     aacaacctgt ttggcctaat ttctgacaca taaaatttca tgtagtgata ttattaagaa      2040
     ctataagtaa ttttttaaac aacaataaaa acaaaaacac cactttgtgt tttaagatgt      2100
     caccattgag aaggaaaatg gaatccagca atacttttat caaattataa aacacattga      2160
     acatctcaaa cacacagaca tgaatcagca tatgctcctt aactgttttt tttttcttcc      2220
     aacagtgcat gctgggaact atggatgtat gttgtatgat tattttagca tacactgcaa      2280
     aaaaaaaaaa actctaacca ctgttgagat agatacgctg attattgatg tctgtgtctc      2340
     taaagtgatt cagatgccca atgtatgtat ataaccacag cttaggccca ctctcttgaa      2400
     aaacacagca ttttgtttct tatatgataa accaccattt aagcataatt tgcaaagcca      2460
     aacataattt cttttatctc ttattaagag taagaatcaa tacagaacca atcaacctga      2520
     tcataagtac tctcttaata cttgtaataa acaaagagaa atttagtcaa agagtccaag      2580
     taaatcaacc ccttttctcc acgatggtga catcagggga aaaacattta cattttacaa      2640
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaaa ataactaaaa cagttaattc tcaataaatc tcatatggac      2700
     ttttgtgaac atctgagaga aataaagaca aaaaataagc tgctgcttca cttctgtttc      2760
     tgcttattaa cagcaggtgt tcgtcatcag tgctcaatca tcgcctaatt aaccccatca      2820
     ttgtctcatt aactttaact ctgcttctga gtaaatttta ctcaatttag ggaaataaat      2880
     ctaaaaagtg tggataaaat gcagttgtaa tagtagataa taaaattttt catcaagagc      2940
     ttgaaaatgg catggcaaaa gttaacgtag gcatttatta aaaggcgtca ctggcgtcac      3000
     tgtctccgtt cggtcacata ctgcgtgtgc ttgaagtttg gacttgctat ttactcgcaa      3060
     tttaaatctt aatcataaaa ttcttcctca ttcgctaagt atttgtctct cctactcagg      3120
     gtgaccaaac ccttaataca tttatacaaa caaaactgct ttaaaaacgg tctgtccctc      3180
     gagcatccgc ctgttgtttg tagctttagc ctgctagcgc cgctggtcag ctaaagctac      3240
     cgacctcttt tctcatacac gtttgactta ctggctttgc tctttacccc gtaaaatgcc      3300
     gcttccgtct ctgtccttgt gtgcaggaga agcatcgatg gaggcgttgg agctggagct      3360
     ggaagaagtg gagtcccaga ttcgcgcgct ggtggtgaga aggtcgctgc tacgggaaca      3420
     acttcgtgtt gtacctaatg ctaaggccgt ctcatcacct aaggtacgtg gaaattacaa      3480
     ccacatcatt ccctctacct caaccccgcg tccttctctg tccaggccca gcgcacccgg      3540
     ggcgcggctc agccaggcgt cgttcacgcc gacacccggc taccacggcg cctgggtgca      3600
     gccgcgcaag gtgcttccca gatcccgggg cagaacgtct cctcctgtgt tcgagatctc      3660
     cacggagaac cgcttctccc ctctccgcga gtcgggtccc gatgtggcca tcatcggtga      3720
     ctcgatcgtt cgtcacgtcc gtgccgcctc ctcaaaaggt aataaagtac gtactttctg      3780
     ctttcctggt acccgtgtga gaaatatttc tacacagatt ccaaccatcc tgggcgctgc      3840
     cgagagccct ggtgccgttg tcctccacgt ggggacaaac gacaccgggc tccggcagtc      3900
     ggagatccta aagaaggact tcaggagcct gatcgagacg gtacgacgca cctcgcccgc      3960
     cacgcagatc atcgtttctg ggccgcttcc tacctaccgc cgaggaaatg aaaggttcag      4020
     tagactttta gctctgaatg aatggctaat aacatagtgt aaagaacaaa aattgctctt      4080
     tgctaataac tggaatcttt tctgggagcg tcctaggctc ttccgtcctg acggcctgca      4140
     ccccagtcga gccggagctg aactcctgtc ggacaacatc tccagattac ttcgcaccat      4200
     ctgactagca ggtaaaaatt cacactatag ccacctagac tcttgttcac cccacttaaa      4260
     catcagtaac gcatatctgg cgaatcctat agagactgtg tctgttcctc gtattattag      4320
     attaagaaat aaacgtactg tgtgctccag aaaaaatcta ttaagaatca aaccagaaaa      4380
     accagtagaa agtgaaaata caaatttcgt aaaacttggt ctcctaaaca tcaggtcact      4440
     tgcacctaaa gcacttatca ttaatgaaat aataacagaa aacaatgtta atgcactctg      4500
     tctcactgaa acctggctga aacaaaatga ctatattagc ttaaatgaag caactcctcc      4560
     aggattctta tataaacatg aggctcgtca aactggtcgt ggtggtggag ttccatcaat      4620
     ctttagtgat ttccttaata ttaaacagag aaacggactt atgtttagct cctttgaagt      4680
     attatcgctt aatgttcagc ttccagatac tatacaaaaa cctatgttat ctctcgcttt      4740
     aatcaccata tatagacccc caggacccta tgtcaaattt ctaaaagaat tttctgattt      4800
     tatttctgac ttactagtca aaactgataa aatgctaatt gtaggtgact ttaacatcca      4860
     catagatgac gctaatgata cattaggact cgcgtttatg gatttaatac actcacttgg      4920
     gataaagcaa aacgttgtgg gcccaaccca tcgcttaaag catacattag atctaattct      4980
     gtcttatgga atcgaggtta ttgacgaaga cattatacca caaagtgatg atattacaga      5040
     tcactacctc ttactatata agctgtgttt acctgaaatc agcaaacccg ctccaatact      5100
     ccgccctagt agaactattg ttccgtcaac taaagatgaa tttatcaata acttacctga      5160
     tctttctcta tttcgtaatg cacctgcaaa ctcaaatgat cttgatgtag taaccagcag      5220
     tatggatgcc atctttacta gcacactaaa tactgtggca cccatcaaat taaaaaaggc      5280
     tagagagatt aaaactatac catggtataa tagtcatact cgtgcgctca aaacagcaac      5340
     ccgtgccctg gaacgtaaat ggaaaaaaac aaatttagag gtctttagaa ttgcgtacaa      5400
     agacagtatg tccagctata ggagggctct aaaatctgcc aggaccgagc acctgcgcaa      5460
     actgatagaa aataatcata acaatcctag atttttattt aacaccatct ctaaattagc      5520
     taataatcgg tcatccttgg aacaaactac tccaccgcaa attagtagtg atgacttcat      5580
     gaattttttc agtaataaaa tagaaggctt tagacagaaa ataggagatg ccaaactttc      5640
     tgcaccggct tatactccaa atcctgtaaa tatttcatta aatcataata ataacctaca      5700
     ctgcttcaaa atcatagaac atgaagagtt agtaaaaatt ataaatagct ctaaaccagc      5760
     tacgtgtatg ctggactcaa ttccaacaaa attactgaaa gagctgctac ctgctatagg      5820
     agaacctctt cttaacatta tcaactcttc tttatctata ggccatgttc caaactctta      5880
     caagctagct gttattaagc ctattattaa gaaaccgcaa ctagacacca acaacttagc      5940
     taactatagg cctatttcaa atcttccatt tatgtctaaa atactagaaa aagttgtttc      6000
     cactcaatta tgctcttttc tgcagacgaa caatattttt gaagtgtttc agtcaggttt      6060
     cagggctcac cacagtacag aaaccgcctt agtgaaaata accaacgatt tactcttagc      6120
     tgctgaccga gggtgcgtct cgctattagt tttactcgat cttagtgcgg catttgatac      6180
     cattgaccac aatatcctca taaatcgctt aaagtctaca ggtgtccagg gacaggctct      6240
     acaatggttt aagtcatact taactgaccg ctaccaattt gtgaatctta atggacagcc      6300
     ttcacaaatc tgcccagtaa agtatggggt gcctcaagga tcagttttag gccctttact      6360
     gtttacaatt tatatgctac ctctgggaga cattattaga agacatggga tcagctttca      6420
     ctgctatgca gatgatactc aattatatat ttcaactaaa cctgacgaga cgtctgaact      6480
     ttctaaacta actgagtgtt tcaaagacat caaagactgg atgaccgaca attttcttct      6540
     cttaaactca gacaaaacag aaatgttact tattgggcct aaatcttgca cacagcagat      6600
     ctcgcaactc aatttacaat tagaaggata caaagttagc tttagctcta ctataaaaga      6660
     tttgggtgtc atatttgaca gcaatctaac ttttaaaaac catatatccc atgtcactaa      6720
     aactgccttc tttcatctaa gaaatatcgc taaattacga aatatgctat ccatctcaga      6780
     tgcagaaaag ctagtccatg cttttatgac ttcgagactg gattactgta atgctctatt      6840
     tgctggctgc ccagcatcct ctattaacaa acttcaatta gtacaaaatg cagcagccag      6900
     agttctgacc aggtctagaa aatatgatca tataacccca attttatcct ccttacactg      6960
     gctgcctgtt aagtttctta ttgaacttaa aatattactt ctcacccata aagctctaaa      7020
     taatctagct cctgtttatc taaccaacct tctgtctcgc tacaaaccaa ctcgctcttt      7080
     aagatctcaa aattcagggc ttctggtagt acctagaata gcaaaatcaa gtaaaggagg      7140
     tcgagccttc tctttcatgg ctcctacact ctggaatagc cttcctgata acgtccgagg      7200
     ctcagacaca ctctcccagt tcaaaactag attaaagacc tatctgttta gtaaagcata      7260
     ctctcaatgc atcacctagc gggttccaca ctggctccta catcttgctt atatacacta      7320
     tgaacagcag ctacgctaat tattttcttt attctctatt ttcacctggg gatactcatc      7380
     ccgaggtcct cagattatgc ggagtcactg attggatcca agaccagcga cgtgatgatc      7440
     ccaaggattc catatccggg accaggccat atcttgagct gctgctgcgc tgatggtcgt      7500
     ggggagtgga gaacatgagt ctgattccag cgacgctcca gggacagacg agtcttcgct      7560
     gaggccatct tccagcctaa accacgacga atgaagttgg ccagcggaga aattaaaatg      7620
     gtcgtgccca actgagtctg gttctctcaa ggtttttttt cttcactccc atcaggtgaa      7680
     gttttttttc cctctctgct gtcgccactg cctcgcatgg ttcaggattg gtagagctac      7740
     gcatcgatga attggctctt cagtgtttga actctcagta atgattaaat cacactgatc      7800
     tgagctaaac tgaactgaac ttaaacatta aaaactgaac tacactgttc cagttactga      7860
     accacactgt tccagttact atgaccattt atgtgaagct gctttgacac aatctacatt      7920
     gtaaaagcgc tatacaaata aagctgaatt gaattgaatt gaagtttaat gtcatgttgc      7980
     tgtcatgtat gctggtatgc tggatgccag agcctctctg attaaaaaat ggcaaaatgg      8040
     acagattttt tttttctgtg ttctatgtct cttcaccata cagtttatca aaggctataa      8100
     aatatctaat tatgatttga tttaaaagaa gttattgtat ttgtttatca agtcttattt      8160
     tatgttaaga taagaatcgt atatctttgc tgcctgttaa tacaattccc cagtaattat      8220
     aaattagttg ttagcaaata ttaacaaaat ttccattagt gaaaatagag accacagaag      8280
     agttttaagg tacatacctg ctttatcacg gacggctttg tctctggttt taatgtaaaa      8340
     tctgcattca gaatcaacat tagatatctc tttttgcagc aaggaactat tgttccagat      8400
     ttctgcattt tttattccat actcagtaaa ccctacaaat ttccccagag tgctgttgaa      8460
     ctgtgtgact agatgtttat taaaatagta gttgtcaata aacaccatat cacttagatc      8520
     atgagaggtg tagatgcatc ttgacaactc ggttgcgtaa tattcattag ctgaaaaaga      8580
     atatgaaaac attagtgcaa atccttttcc ttttgaaaat gttacagtgg cattatttat      8640
     gtcattttgc tatatttttt tggatatgaa tattttgttt gatattgaat tatgtttcct      8700
     tcattttact caccattttc agctccaatc agtacaaata gtgacaatat aggaggacag      8760
     catgatagtt ttattagaga cattttcttt tatactgaac cccagaatgc tgctaggtgt      8820
     tttattctca tgtgcataag atggaattct aagataactg gaaaaccagt cattgcaggt      8880
     atcaagtgtc aagtgttgct aggcagcatc tttttttctt ctgcaagaaa gtcaagtcac      8940
     ctctcttttg aagtaaactc tgctaaacaa agctccaagt acaaatatca aagcaaaatc      9000
     tgactgttca atcatttgtg taacacgctt gagtttaaat gcaaaaccct ctaaatcctt      9060
     ctgacctctt ttcttgtaaa ttagcatttt ctatcaggct cctctgatta ggtttggagg      9120
     tttcattttg tgaataatga aaacgttatt atctagtaaa taaaataact ttttttcata      9180
     aatgtcactt cagacaattc tttggtttaa caaattagat tttattttgc atcaaaacca      9240
     gctaaatcca cctatgcttt tttttttttt tttttgcaaa aacctcttaa tccaccaaga      9300
     acaagacagc gtatttaatt gaaaatcact aaatatatat ataattagaa attatttttc      9360
     taaacattaa acaaattaca gaaaccacct aaaattaaaa atacatctgt caagtaagtg      9420
     gcggttcatt cccctgtgat aaaccaggga aaaagcagaa ggaaaatgaa tgaatgaaat      9480
     ctgttaagta agtgcattaa tcaataacat taaaactgac atgaattcaa tctgaacact      9540
     ctgttgtcat ttctgatatt tgggatttag atttaatata agtagagcca tgtaaacatt      9600
     gtaaactcag cttgaaatat tgtagtttac aacgttgtga aacatcaata tctttgaatt      9660
     gtctattaat ataaaaagct tatcagacgc atagataata ttaagtgggc taatataaat      9720
     gtaaagtttt atacattata attatctttt taaagatagc ttacattagc agataaaaca      9780
     caaggtacag taggtctact aggcaaaaag gggatgtccc tcagacaatt ttagaagctg      9840
     tcattcatta attctcacca cactcaaggt cttggtttct ttcataaaag ccatcgtacc      9900
     agctcggtgc tatatattga ttgaacacat atgattcgat tcgtgccttc tgattggttc      9960
     tcaggatata gcagatcttg ctgtcaaaca agtttagcga cttttgcata caaactgtta     10020
     tttctgaatg tgctgacact gagatttgga taattagaag caaatatagt tgttgatggt     10080
     ttactacatg cctaaaacat tcactcacat taatccaggg tcgccacagc agaatgaacc     10140
     gccaactcat ccagcaagtt tttacacagc tgatgccctt ccagccacaa cccatctctg     10200
     ggaaacatcc acacacacat actcatacac atacactaca gacaatttag cctacccaat     10260
     tcacctgtac tgcatgtctt tggactgtgg tggaaaccgg agaacctgga ggaaacccat     10320
     gcgaaagcag ggagaacatg caaactccac acagaaacgt caactgagcc gaggctcaaa     10380
     ccagcgaccc agcaactttc ttgctgtgag gcgacagcac tacctattgc accactgctt     10440
     cgccaagtta agtcataaat aatataatta tctgatataa gttgtttggg acaatactat     10500
     agcttcttat gagaggttac ctaattatca ttaaaaatga aaaaaaaaaa agaattattg     10560
     atttatgccc aaaaactctg agagcaccaa caaaattttt accatttaag aaacacagac     10620
     ttcaagaaac aggatatgaa cctcaaacag ggttgctaaa aaaataaaaa acccgcgcaa     10680
     ttcatttatg ccacaatgca tgctgagtgc cagcacagta caaaactccc atcatgcatt     10740
     tcagcatgaa caaattcttc cttgcagctt ttttctgata tttcagcaga ttgttttgtg     10800
     ttgttttatt tattttactt ttatttttta tttaattatt gttttttatt taatttttgt     10860
     taccaatgtt gagattttgg tttctgtgtg gttttaagtt caaacatgtt tattatgaat     10920
     agtctgacct gttaaactgg cattggggtc aagttggttt tataattgga catttagcct     10980
     ttcaccttta taatataatt tcagaaatgt attgtttaca aattctaaat agtgaaacca     11040
     tataatcagc caatgactat aaaatataac atttttcaca gtcaattaaa caatgctaat     11100
     gttgttttga agtcatacct acatttcaga ccattcaaag taacgttaga gtgggaaaga     11160
     aaattgtact catcaattgt actcactgat cctcaatctg cttttacact tgaacaacta     11220
     actattttac taactatatt atcgatgctg taaaaggtac tacatgaact taaaaatagt     11280
     caaaatttcg cttaatgttt tcagtggctg aaaaacacct ctgtatccat taataaaaaa     11340
     taaaaataaa aacacaattc acataaactt tgggtgacta aaacagtttt aaagcatacc     11400
     tgtctaaaag tggtacttcg gccatggtgt caactttaag atcatggttt taaactgcat     11460
     aatgttattt ccctccagca tgaaaagtaa ataatattga ttcaggattt agaaaaatgt     11520
     gattctgcac ttttggcaga agctcttaaa aaatctttct tttcatggat acaagaaaag     11580
     taatgtcttt cataaaatag gtaatgttga tgctaatttt gtcagctgtc actcattttc     11640
     attgtcagct gtacataatc atgctgcaca tgatgtactt gaaccagaat aattaacttg     11700
     actagaaatt tgtgtgaagc cccttgtatt aaaccatttt ttaaacaaaa ctgatctaca     11760
     tcgataaaaa aattcactga aaccatgata tctgtctagt tatcttttaa taaaaaaaat     11820
     aaacttatct tcaactcaca acattgtgtt ggaatatcta gccaattctg tgcatgttca     11880
     ataaaaaaag tcaggagaga gttttctttg tcaaaaatat tagtaattta ttagataata     11940
     attcaaggac agagctctgt gttatgttac cccaatgcaa tacaggaatt acattcaaga     12000
     ggttcgaaac taatttacat ttccctgact catatataca cgactgatat taacaggtgg     12060
     agttttggtg taacatcacc tatcattcat tctgcagtcc tttggctgtt gtacccgaac     12120
     atacttcctc tttctgcaac ccttctctgc ataccagaac tgaacagtta agtgcatctt     12180
     caatatattt caaaacttct acaagcattc agctccttgt gacatctaga cttcttatta     12240
     gaaggcagtc tggagcaagg ccccgcacta tatttattct aattttgcta tttcactctt     12300
     gtcagcaggt ccttctaaga agtatgcaac acagtaagaa agaagaatta tccttggtta     12360
     atatatggta tcatacaaaa gaaaaagatt gaataatctt ttgttagttt aaacattgta     12420
     tttctttaat atgtttcatt tatctttttg acacgcagta gtctgttggg gaactgtgtt     12480
     aaatcacttt aagtcaaata gattattact ttgtgttttc atgttcatca aaaagaataa     12540
     tacaaaacaa ttaacttaca atcaacattt ccttcaaccc cttttccttc tgtgactgtg     12600
     cttgttaaca acaggtgttt atcagagtct gaatttgtgg tcataaatgc tgcagtcaca     12660
     ctaaagttgc atgcaacatt ctgtcgtata gccatgcaaa aaggggcgag attaaacaag     12720
     atgattagac aataaaaaag caagcagttg gttcatgttt taaatttctg cccagagagg     12780
     tcatgttttg atcatcacaa tcaagggatg caactttgcg agttcaacaa gcttgaactt     12840
     tcgaacgcag cgaactgcga atcttcccgc acgaccttga atttccggtc tggcgcattg     12900
     gagtctatgg ggaaaaaagt agtgtgacca cagcattact ctgtctagtg gactaaacta     12960
     atcaactaat ttagggacta atgaatgagc atgcaagatg agctttcaga cactctgctc     13020
     actttcttga taacaaaggt tagatcagtt attattaaac tacttatttt ccgtattttg     13080
     tccggaaata agctgttaat tatttaacag cttttcacag gaaattgtac caactgtgtc     13140
     agattagtaa aagctggtac aatctacagt gaaaatatgc tgtaaaatct tttgaaatat     13200
     gtgattagca catataaagt gttgaagtgt tgccacattt tctttgtaaa taaaagaaat     13260
     aaataaaaat gttttgattt actgtgaagt taagattagt cagaatgttg agctaaaaaa     13320
     caacaaaaat atttctccaa gatacagtga tgtcattgtg tgactcacaa tctgagtgga     13380
     tcatgatgca aagtctaaca atgctgtttt tgttttacct caaatatttc cttaaacgtt     13440
     tgattctcat ctgtcaagat ggagctgcat ataatcattc tctctctagt atttgttctc     13500
     tcaactggta ctgaatgtaa gttaaagctt ttaattgtat tgacaatgtt ttaaaagtag     13560
     tggatataaa tttaaatgtg aatatcacgt tttttaaaaa cttgcttttg tggtttgtgg     13620
     ttagacagcc acataattat ttattgcata acattagaca atttggttta taatttttaa     13680
     ccattaaaac aaataaatta aaaagtgata gtgttgcctc actgaacacc tttttttaca     13740
     gtggatttcg taaaaattgc aatcgaagga aatcgattgc aataaaccat ttaaattcaa     13800
     aagctaatcc aaatgagtac tgtaaaactc aatacgttaa ggcaacttaa accattttag     13860
     gaaaccaact gcaacaatct gagttaaaaa ctaatctata tgagtactgt aaacttgctc     13920
     catttaagtt gaagaaatga agtatttgat taactcatta ccttcaacac tgagttcaaa     13980
     ctcttcaaat aaataaaatt aactttcagt aaattttgag ttaactacac tcatttcatt     14040
     tgataaatgt gactgttggg ttttacagag tagaaaaaag tgaataagtc caatagtgga     14100
     tttcaacctc aataaacgac ttgaaataag tgtacagttt attttaggaa acagagtatt     14160
     tcatgtagca taaaatatgt aagtagatct ttgcattttg acttttagct gttttgcatt     14220
     tagcttgagc ctcacaagaa tgattctatt catgctacac aaatctgatt aatcatttta     14280
     ataaatttta tttaagagct cttggcagaa ccaaatacct ccaagcagat ggctttcaaa     14340
     agtatcatcc atttggtgct agggttgtcg tggagcaatg tttatgatta aaatcttaca     14400
     tttcaaaatg cactgttatt tgcaatgccg gctaatagtt gcttacatca attttaatca     14460
     aattaaagtc actaatcgtg acaaaatagt ccagcagttt gctttagaac tataaaatag     14520
     ataagtaaag tagagaggct ttcagcatcg gcattgatta aatttctctc tgaaattatg     14580
     gtttgtactt tcggtcacac tttatttaaa tgtacaattc acactaataa caaaatatta     14640
     actaagactt tttttgttaa aacaaactcc tactaataag ctgctttttt agttagtagg     14700
     atattagttg ggtttaggaa ttgggtataa ggatgcaata taacatcatt ctttataagt     14760
     gctaattgtt aatattgact gtaaacagtt aatatcttaa taaaaggcaa ataataagcc     14820
     agtagtaaat agtgtggaaa aactaaaatg tcaccatgct tttttcaaac ttacaaaaaa     14880
     aatatcagca gctgtggttg ccagattttt tcttttaaaa aattctaaag ctttatagaa     14940
     ctgtttaaat ttacagaaaa aaaacgtatt ccattaatca atacaatggt catttacaaa     15000
     catttgagat ggtttgtttt tattttctga agctaaaaaa taaaacctaa ttcaaatcaa     15060
     ctgccatttg cttttaaaat aatatttatg ccgtattaat aatgtgagca tattggtatt     15120
     gagctgttat agctcagttc acaaaaatgt aaagtcatta aatgcattaa tgtgtttatg     15180
     tgtgattgca gatgtgattg cagctttggt tgccggtaat ctactgtttt taacatttta     15240
     cattcataaa ttcaatctac agaatatttc ttttaaaaat acatttgttc aacagtcaac     15300
     cctgttcaac agtctgtgtt tttcatcgaa ctcatttaac cccttaaatc ccagagcaaa     15360
     atccttatag tgtcctcact gcacagggtt gaacactcag acagtgacga agttaattaa     15420
     ataattcagt ggctaattag aggaggattg agaaaaattg ataaacaact gttaacaaca     15480
     gaatcactga aggaaagaaa aatagaaata gcagtcaaaa tcaaagatga attcaactga     15540
     aaataaaact ctaaataaaa taataattaa taaaaattaa aagaaaatta cacaataaaa     15600
     atttaatttc tcaagatttc agcagagatc aatatcaata taacatcaat ataacatcag     15660
     gagctttact tattattcac ctttgacttt aattctgtca tgtaaacaaa agctcttaac     15720
     aaaattgtag ttcatttgaa gtcaccataa tggaggtcag tctgctttag ttgcgctttt     15780
     caactgggat ttttttttac gctgtttaaa cactagcttt tattttacat gctataatta     15840
     attgtcaatt atgctgtttg tataacatga aaaactaaaa ggaaatataa taaaaaaata     15900
     tcaataaatg aatttgtgtg tctgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     15960
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgcgcgcaca tgcgaatcta attttaaaaa caacaaaaaa     16020
     agcagatgtt taacaaatgc attttattat ttttgattta tttcagttga acatgaagca     16080
     attcaatttc aagtatgttc caatacagaa caagagtttt ttattggata tgatggagag     16140
     gaaatatggc atgctgactt tgctcagaag agaggagtcg atacatcacc aaagtttgca     16200
     gatgatgtga cattccctgg gttttatgaa cgtgccattc aatatatatc tggttgcaaa     16260
     tcaaatttac ttgtcttcat taaaagcttc aagaacccac caccagaaat gggtaagaca     16320
     tgatgtggta aaaattgtaa aacaaaaaaa aataattaac acctgacccc cgactagatc     16380
     aacgaatcaa actatttttt gataaaccaa aaagataatc aaattgttta gtgtgttttg     16440
     ccattatata cagcaatcaa gaaaattatt tttagaacat ttttagaaac aaaattcggt     16500
     gtctgtgcca aaatgggaca atggtagatg cccagatagc agatcttcat tgatttatca     16560
     ttaaatcaac aatagaaatt taacattgac ttttcatcag gtttgcaccc tcaaataatg     16620
     tctgttcaat gctgagactt tgagagattt agtgttttat attagtagat ctaatctact     16680
     aatgtgattg aagtccaaat aagattatga tagatatttt taatcatcat ttagacactg     16740
     acatcaaaga tcatttggac actttgctta atggaatgtg tattcaacta ttgctgttta     16800
     gagttacctt gcaaacctga taaaaactca atgttgaatt ttcaactcat caattgttta     16860
     ttcaatgata attcaatgaa gttctgcttt ctcagtgcac tcacctgcag tgggcctgtc     16920
     aaatgtacca agatcacttc gtagagaaaa atctgtctgt tagccagagg tgttttggag     16980
     agtttgcatg gctctggccc attatcttct cacgaatgcc aagaccgaca tgtgccacat     17040
     tttagcttga attgttttaa acatgcttgt cattagggaa gatattgaat tttatttgaa     17100
     ttcgctgatt aaaataagtt atctatttct agatgcaccg cagacatcca tctattcaaa     17160
     gggttatgta cagctgggag ttcagaacac ccttgtctgt catgtgactg gtttctatcc     17220
     tccgtttgtc aacatctcat ggactaagaa taatgttatc gtgacagagg gtatgagatt     17280
     gagtttgtac catccgaggt tagatggcac cttcaacatt ttctccactc ttacgttcat     17340
     gcctgctgaa ggagacattt acagctgcac agtggaccat gaagcactcc agggccaacc     17400
     tcagaccaaa ttatggggtg agtatgtgtt catatatata aaaaatagga gtacaagtat     17460
     atcattttaa tataattata atcacgcacc aaatattcat gcatcttcta atatttggtc     17520
     ataatgttgt tttccagatg ttaatgttgt cctcccaagc tttggtccat cagtgttctg     17580
     tggagtaggt ctgactcttg gacttttggg tctcgctatt ggaactttct ttattgttaa     17640
     ggggaaaaat tgccactgac gataagaagc aaacttctgc aaaggtctct taattttatc     17700
     gtaacataat agcattatat tgactcagac aattgcatac aagaacattc atgtttctgt     17760
     tttctgtgac tttgtaacat ggcataaaat tgtgctaaag atctaaagat ttttagtcac     17820
     attttctaaa aatcatttca ttacatttac aattcataat ttactgacac attcatttgt     17880
     aaaaaaaaaa aataaaaaat ctctatttgt tggttgcagt attctggaca gtggattttt     17940
     ggttatttga ctttttactt tttatgtctt cttaatttgt ttttggatga tgtaaatgtg     18000
     ttgtgaagtg gttcatttcg ctgtggcgac ccctgattaa taaaggaaaa taagccgaaa     18060
     agaaaataaa tgaatgaatg taactgtgtt gtgtgtcatc acagcatgaa tcatcattct     18120
     gtgtgaagtt tgcttgttct ccctgcgttc ttgtgggttt cctccgattg ctccggtttc     18180
     ccccacagtc caaagacatg cggtactggg gaattgggtt ggctaaattg tctgtagtgt     18240
     ataagtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gaatgtgtgt gtggatgttt cccagagatg ggttgtggct     18300
     ggaagggcat tcgctgcgta aaatcttgct ggagaagttg gcggttcatt ccgctggggc     18360
     gaccccggat taataaaggg actaagttga caagaaaata aatgaatgaa tgaataaatt     18420
     tcagtacatg tgtactcatc ataactcgca ttgctttatt ctttaattcc ctacattaaa     18480
     tgcctgtccg catgctttgg gcggacaccc aaatttgcat acgaacagcc tcgagacaaa     18540
     gaaaggattc gcgctcaaaa tttgtcctga aatcattggt cagaatgctg aacgggttgt     18600
     cacgtgaccc gcaggtataa ccagacttct ccccaaacat ctgggcaaag tagtccgaac     18660
     aaagatccca tcaacggtgg cccctttgag ggccacacgg cttttctatg ccgcatgaac     18720
     tttcccgcca agcttttgtt attttccggc aaaataaact cagttaaaag tttgtgatcg     18780
     tgttcgtctg aactgcatta caaactcaac tcatcaagaa ggacatcaaa ggagtttcat     18840
     caggaagaga cccgcataaa gagagagacc tccagacatg aaagtccagg tatttttagt     18900
     tatacgaata agctgtgccc ccttttatca aaaaggtgtt ttttataatc ttggtgatcc     18960
     ttaatggtgc gtgtggaact gaaagttttg tcactctttt atctgaaatc tctatttcct     19020
     cgctttacta ttcctctttg ttgttacacg ttctctagac ctgtatagac ccgaccactc     19080
     cacgtggttt acctttgtta tatgtttaat gtatgtttgt gagttgttcg ttatctgtct     19140
     gactagtcaa taaatgctat tataatcaaa tgaattgtat tgtttgcctc acgagaaaac     19200
     gtcactgaaa tacagattcc cctgcctagc tgttataagt tgtttaaaac ttatgaatga     19260
     ttaatctact tcacaagaag tagcaattaa attccctttt tctaaatgaa tagatcattg     19320
     ccgtggccac tcggaagagc ggcggctcta gttatgtttc ttcggtcaag ttaacaataa     19380
     attgatccag aataataatg attaataata atttgttatt gttgataatt aaaattcata     19440
     atctgagagt ccgctcagtc gaacgggcag gatcaaatac aatcatatgt ttgtttgacc     19500
     agattgactg aagcttaagc cggaatatta ataattaaga ataaaccgtt attgttgatt     19560
     attaatatcc ataaaatgag cttatttctg ttacacacaa cacctcatat tgacagaaaa     19620
     acacagaact gttgacattt ttgcagactt attaaaaaag aaaaactaaa ataccacaca     19680
     gtcttaagta tttagaccct ttgctgtgac acttatacat ttaactcatg ggcggttcat     19740
     ttcttctgat tattcttgag attatccttt atttaagtcc agctgtgttt aattatactg     19800
     attggacttg attaggaaaa ccacacacct gcacaatgca tgtcagagca aatgaaaatc     19860
     atgaggtcaa aagaactgct tgaagatctc agaaacataa ttgtggcaag gcacagatct     19920
     ggccatggtg acaaaaatat agctgcactt aagatgccta agagcaaagt ggcctccata     19980
     atccttaaat gaaacacttt ggcatgacca gaacccttcc tataggcaag atggtggcgc     20040
     gtacacatta cgaggctaag tgtctgtcca gtttctgcag ttttgcagta ttattcctgc     20100
     tcatttcggg tctgttcgtg cagaacagtg gtgcctttac atcgtacacc caacaggaga     20160
     ttttggatat tagtttgtgc attccggaca gttttattag caatattcga ctcatccctg     20220
     agatcgccag taaacacgag gctgagcgcc ctggccggcc aggaggatgt gcttgaaggc     20280
     ggtgtcgaga ccgtaaacaa aggcggaggt agcacggcgg gctaaaaggt aagctaaagc     20340
     taacaccaca ccgactctct ttacccagca tctttctagc caatgtacag tcagtggtga     20400
     acaaaatgga tgagattcga ctgcgcataa accacagcaa atgattatgc aactgtaacg     20460
     tcatgatttt catagaaaca tggctaaaca gcgggatacc agacacattt cgagcaaaca     20520
     gaatggcgga tgacttcaat cagagacatt gctctgctaa cctggaattt ctaatggtta     20580
     aatgtagatc gttttatcta ccaagagagt tcacattcac cattgtaact gctgcttata     20640
     ttcctcctga tgctgaagcc tagcttgcta tgaatgaaca tccagccatc agcaaacaac     20700
     agactgctta cacggaggct gcttttattg ttgcggaaga ttttaatcac ttaaacttaa     20760
     agacagtgct ccccagtgct ctgccacaca aggggaaaca aaacctaaga ccatgttcac     20820
     acaaacatgg ctgaagccta tgttatgaac ccccctcccc cacttgcgtc aatcagatca     20880
     ccttttttgt tcctcacgcc caagtactca cccctcatca aacgtgtgaa gccatcagtg     20940
     agaaccatca aagtgtggcc agtgggggta gactccacac tccaggacag gtttcaacac     21000
     acagactgga gtatgtttgc ttcccaggcc accaccatag acagtgttgc aacccagaaa     21060
     cagatctcta catacccgaa tcagaagcca tggatgaaca aggaggtgcg cctgtcttca     21120
     gatcagggga tgcacaggcc tacagcactt ccagggctaa tctaaaagtg ggcatcaaaa     21180
     agatcaagca ctgttgcaag ctaaagctag aggagcactt ttccaactcg gatcctcggc     21240
     gcatgtggca gggcagccag gccatcagta actacaaacc cagcagtcca cagccacaga     21300
     tgtctccttt ctgaacgagc taaatgactt ttatgcttgt tttaaaatga caataaagaa     21360
     ggatcaccag gatcacttcc tcaaccgacc actcacccat cacactcacc tcctcagtag     21420
     tctacaccgc actgagtcag atcaatgtgc gtaagactgc tgtaccagcc cgtatttctc     21480
     aaagcatgtg cagaacagct cgctggggta ttcacagaca ttttcaatct gtcacttaac     21540
     ctagcagctg tgccaacatg ctttaaaacc acctctattg tgccagttcc aaaacactgc     21600
     agcccaacat gcctgaatga ctaccgccct gtaacactca cacccatcat cataaagtgc     21660
     ttcgagcggt tggacctggc acatctgaaa gactctctgc catccacact ggttatggac     21720
     tttctcacta acagacctca gaatgttaga tcaggccaca tctgctccac caccgtcaca     21780
     ctcaacactg gtataccaca gggctgtgtg ctgagcgcct tcctctactc cctttttacc     21840
     atcaactgta ggcctgtaaa cagatccaac accatcatca aatttgcaga tgacaccaaa     21900
     gtaattggtc taatcagcaa taatgatgag accacctaca gggaagagca ggcccagatt     21960
     ggctaatcgg gaggaccggg agaattcccg gtgggccggt ccgttttttg gccgtgaggg     22020
     ccggtgtccc tagctccaga atctgttgct ctcagcagtc acacactcta aaaacgttgg     22080
     gttatttatt taacccaatg gttgagttaa aaatatatgg tgctttgttg ggttatttta     22140
     aacctttatt gggttattta attaataact caaccagttg ggttaaaatt tttgaatttc     22200
     aactgtcagc tgattgagct gacagaggac agctgtatta atttgcgtac gtgatgatgt     22260
     tttttgcgct ctaaagttta tgtaagctgt aacacggtaa gttaatgtta tttatttttt     22320
     tttatcaaat tgcctctgca tcttgtgttt tttatacccg tttcacctgg actattgatg     22380
     atacaagcgc ttcatagctg atctttatgc ggataataac gctttctcta acttcgtgtc     22440
     catctctaca gctgttttgg agggaatgat acacgtattt gagatattcc gccgacattt     22500
     tcacctttag gacccagcag agacattaaa ccgagtcgcg tccagtcttg gttaaggtag     22560
     gctatgttgt cttaacaaac actgtccttt cgctaggaaa tgatattgta acatctaaat     22620
     gctaataaag acacgtaaat atgctacatt ttattcagga agttgctgtt ttttcccaag     22680
     aagtacggaa tcggagccct atgttattgg ttattattcg ccgctagagg tcgctgaatg     22740
     gatcgcaacg tttctgtctg taacttagtc aagaagaagt caaccttgaa cgggcctgca     22800
     gctgaatatt attgtggaca agaccagctt gctatatcat cttttatcaa aagaggattc     22860
     attatccatt tcaaggtact tgattattaa ctattgaaag ttaaatgttg tttattactg     22920
     tttgtgtgta ctatattaaa gttcctgaaa attgcatttt tcctacatct tatactaacc     22980
     tacagggatg aaactagtgg ggggcaaagc gaggcttcgt gaaacactga aacagtcgaa     23040
     gcaaatgtgt cgaagcttcg aaacgtttcg aaaccccact ctacagtgac atctagtggt     23100
     cattttttat gtattgcact gaaacggctt cagcaaagaa ctgttgaaca aattgaggca     23160
     ttaaacccaa ctttgtacat ttgatctttc aagttacata gtacagtggt aaagatggca     23220
     gacttccatg cagtgttaga tggttttgaa gccaggctgt cgcagctatt tttaaatgct     23280
     ttaataccaa ttggtaatgc tttgctcttg tatcgtttat ttcaacattg gtgtgatatc     23340
     caaatgaaca atttgtgaat aaatgtcttg tttttgtctt aaaacagggt tgttgctaga     23400
     tcaaaaacgg tggcctgaag ttatcaagaa ttatttatat tattcattaa atttcccatt     23460
     tattgtattt ttttaatgtc tacccaaacc ctaaacccaa ccatactgta aaaatattta     23520
     ttattgtttt acagtgttac aaaaatgatg ctaaattgat ggcgtaactg cagctgtatc     23580
     ctatttaggc tacacaaaac agaaacatga ttaaaataca taaaaccatg atttcagagt     23640
     atttgtacaa gtcggatttc gaacccaaaa cctcatgcaa agcataaaat caattagcac     23700
     actcacagtc ctctaagcca tatgagacag agattgtttg ttgtccttgg cagacaaatg     23760
     aggattcgca aggtctcgaa acgtttctaa gctgatcgat gctttgaatc gctttactca     23820
     cgtgactagg tgtttcgaaa caatttagtc acgtgacttg ggtgcttcgg atcatgcttc     23880
     ggtgcagtgt ttcgaaacac ttgtgcttcg ggatctcgac actgtgtcga aacatcagtt     23940
     ttacgtcagc catccctaga tgaaaccaca ccctgataat gttagatgct aatggaaatg     24000
     tttaatgagt tatagatgac atacagcaat taaatataag cctaacaaaa ttatatataa     24060
     aagaattgtt acatctgtta gctttgtata ataatagtag taagtatgtt aatgtgcaaa     24120
     tagtagtatg tgcaaataaa caataataca aatcccttaa acatacattg tccttgccca     24180
     gttttctatt caggtgagat tttagggatg ctgtgaccac tgaactaata aatgttgtct     24240
     gtcagctcat gttcatttgt ggtttatttt ttgtttgttt gtttgttcat tgtaggttgg     24300
     tctggacaga gcaaggttta gatctccttg ataatcttgc tgagagaggt gagaaaacaa     24360
     cagctctgta ttttgtaata tttacatcat gtaaaaatgc gcagatacac acacttaagc     24420
     aataagcagc taaaaatgca ctttttcata gtttttttct ctctatctgt ttaaagtacc     24480
     cctggagatg accacttgca gccttccagt tatcttttct ccgttgctaa actgggtaag     24540
     tacatgattt ttgttgttat ttggtcctgc aaacatgtgc aaattaacaa ttaaattctg     24600
     ttttaaggtt ggagaaaaca tcatttggta tatggaggat gatttgcttt gtccatcaag     24660
     ttatcatttg tggtcagccg aaataagaaa attattcaag aactcgaggg tgagtaaatg     24720
     atgaatacac ccaaaaatct gtgaaacacc catacactca ttcagtagca gaggcaactc     24780
     catgtcctgg agctatatat atatatatat atatatatat tataaatata tataattttt     24840
     attatttttt tttatttttt atttttcatt tttgtgtgaa atatttgttt aatgaatcca     24900
     ttctactgtt tctttggcat ggatttaagt gctgtttttg tttttatttt tagattgctc     24960
     aagacaggta ttttatacca acacaccaaa gataaacttt ttgaggtttg gggagattca     25020
     tcactgtgga ttctcttgta ttgcaaaaaa gagaggagag ccttggatct actagttcaa     25080
     gcaaacattt catctggtga gaaaatcctg cataatttca cctttgatat aaggggcttg     25140
     ttttgagttt aattattgtg ttttttttct gtttgatata aagagagcct tggagatccc     25200
     actttggaga tggtgcttca acaactcagc cagctatcct ttctccactg ctatacagat     25260
     tgtgcagcaa gatggttcgg ccctcatacc aggaggcaaa acaaacattt gttgatttgc     25320
     gacttaggtg tataatttat gacaataaat gttggacatt atttcattca tgtgtgtata     25380
     cttggaggag caacagatac agaaccctct tgtcctgttg ctcggggatg aactaaactg     25440
     ctctcagaca tttgttatta ttggagaagt gacactaaat tcatggattt aaataaagct     25500
     ttgccaatgt attaaaagct gtgtattttt atttacatat aaagattact actataataa     25560
     taatgatgat ggtaataata ataataatag taatttatta atatatagtg gtgaagccac     25620
     tttttggcaa aataacccaa caaattagtt gtttttgtaa cccaaattgt tgggttaacc     25680
     ttaacaaccc aatggttggg ttaaaataac ccaactgaag gtcggtgcca aattgaccta     25740
     ccattgggtt acctgttggg ttattattaa cccaactgtt ttaagtgagc actttttaca     25800
     tttatttatt tatttacttg accacaatct tcttattcat tattttacca gctctgctct     25860
     gtttatctat tttctcgcag ccttgtgggc atgatgcagc ctgcaggtta atgatgatat     25920
     aactcagatg agtcaccttt caatgtacag ctgttgtggt ccagtggtta gcatgttaga     25980
     ttatgatgcc atcaacctgg gtttgatcct cgtttgaata atttattttt ttcattttta     26040
     ttgttaagac atataatact gttagggttg ttgaacattt caagttctaa agcagttgtt     26100
     ttctcaaaaa aagacgtgat agtgtaatta gaaaatgaat tggaaatgac cttattttaa     26160
     tatagtcagt cgtgaactaa ggtgggccgg tctgaggctt gaaactccat ggcttaaatg     26220
     gagtcccact ccggccctgg ggaagagata cagcatctgg ccacttggtg caccgacaaa     26280
     aatctgctcc ttaacatcaa caagaccaag gagcttattg tggacttcag gaagagacga     26340
     acaggctcac atgatcccat ccacatcaat gggatggccg ttaagcctgt ctcatccttc     26400
     aagttcctgg ggacccacat ctcaaaggac ctttcctgga ccaccaacac ctccagcctg     26460
     gtcaataagc acctattttt taaaggcaac ttaagaagaa ccagctttca tcagccgtct     26520
     tggtgaactt ttaccgctgc acaatagaga gcatcctgac caactgcgtc acagtctagt     26580
     atggaagctg ctctgttgtt gagtgtaagg cactgcagcg ggtggtgaaa actgcccaat     26640
     gcattacagg gaccgcactg ccagccattg aggacatcca gaagaaacac tgtctgcacc     26700
     gagcacccag tattcttaag gacacctctc accctgctca cagactgttt tcactcctgc     26760
     tttcgggcag gtgcttcagg ctcccccgga caaaaaccag cagactgagg aacagctttt     26820
     tccccagagc tcccttttga actctgcccc tcactgactc ttttgtccca ccccaataca     26880
     cccccactct cctctaactt atactcctta caatcactgc aatgtttaac atttgcccat     26940
     ttaaaatttg cacatattca ttgcactgat tcacttattt gaactgtaca cacccactgc     27000
     atatggacat ttgtaattat gtacacaccc actgtacata tacacttgta atcatgttta     27060
     tttatctgca cacctctgat tattaatagc aacctgtaca tatattcatt tattgtagat     27120
     ctctgttcaa agctaataca acctgtatat aatgttcata gtacatctat ctgtaaatat     27180
     caatatagtt gttctataac tgcactttat aatttacact gcacttcctg catttgctgc     27240
     tattgcactg ctggttagac ctaaactgca tttcaatgcc ttgtactttt acatgtgtaa     27300
     tgacaataaa gttgaatctt atcaaatcta atctaatcta atctagagtt ggttgtctgg     27360
     ccaagaagaa tccaaagatt actatgactg agctccagag atgcagtcaa gagatgggag     27420
     aaagttgaag aaagtcaacc aaaactacag ccctccacca gtcggggctt tatggcagac     27480
     tggcccaaca caaaaagcct gcatggagtt tgctaaaaaa acacttgaaa gactccaaga     27540
     tggtgaggaa tgatattctt tggtctgatg agattaagat aaaacttttt ggcggtgtgt     27600
     gtgaagaaaa ataggcactg atcatcacct gtccaataca gtcccaacag tgaagcatgg     27660
     aggatcatgc tgtgggggtg tttttcagat gcatggacag gatgactggt tgcaataaag     27720
     ggaaagatga attcggccaa gtacagagat atcctggacg aaaaccttct ccagagtgct     27780
     caggacatca gactgggtca aaggttacgt ttcagcaaga caatgaccct atcacacagc     27840
     taaaataaca aaggagtggc ttcacaacaa cttcgtaact gttcttgaaa ggcccagcca     27900
     gagccctgac ttaaacccaa ttgagcatct ctggagagac ctaaaatgac tgtcaccaac     27960
     gtttaccatc caacctgaca gaactggaga gcaactgcaa tgatgaacag tagaggatcc     28020
     ccaaatccag gggtaaaaaa aacttgttgc atctttccca aaaagactca tggctgtatt     28080
     agataaaaaa aaaatatgct cctactaaat actgagcaaa gagtttaaat acttggtacc     28140
     atgtgatatt tcagttttct tttttaatag atattgttgt aaaaaaaaaa ataaatgagt     28200
     gaaaaagaag agagaaccca gtccaggaga ctcgaaacaa gcagaattcc tttattgaga     28260
     cgtgttggtt aatctgcagt catacagtgt ctttaagatg tccgtgtctg caagagccta     28320
     ctagaggtcc gcagtctgca agttctttca caagtctctc acaagtctca cacaagtctg     28380
     aattagtctg aattaagaca aagatttcat ggctatattg tgttcttagg aggaggggat     28440
     atagctaaac aaagtatgca aattaagagt tgtggtcggc agggcaaact gctctttcag     28500
     gcattgatct catcatgttc tggagacaga aaccgcctga ccatttgatc gaaaagagaa     28560
     aacaatagac accccatgct gtgaaactga caatttgcat tactttggct tagcttgtaa     28620
     tcagaaagac aaaggttaat gtccctccta gctggaatgt taatgaaatt atataattaa     28680
     aaaccagaga atataacttt ttagttatac gtagattatt gttaatttga aattagatga     28740
     tataaattta tatttccaca gttccccctt tgagagttat ttaaaaactc tcacaaaaaa     28800
     atatataaat ttgtaagctt tcctaaaacc attcaatggc ttctgtttga taacagaagc     28860
     cccatcttct agtcatgtaa cttgaaaagt tacaggcaca tttaacttat tctgtgtcat     28920
     ttcaatatct acgtagatgt aagtgtagat ttcaaaactg ttcacacgtt tatgacaatc     28980
     agttgtaatg tcataaatcc tacatggtga cacaaaaatc atgtagttaa actgcagatc     29040
     ttctgaaagt ccatggcttg tgaatagtgt tcagtctttt gtgaggtgtg tttcttgtgg     29100
     ttcttctcca gcacagagtt gatctgatga cttcctgtca ttcatggatc tccgtagtga     29160
     tgctctggtt cagagtgttt ctgagaagat gcagtgtttg tgtttacctg cacacaagaa     29220
     aacacggaaa cagcagacca gcagtattca tgcatagact tgtatgatca tacagttcat     29280
     gtgtctagtt attcaggtga ttgtatagtg gttgtgctaa gttggtgatc gtattgtgtt     29340
     gtgtattttc tgtctcctaa tcttaaaatt atgacaccta taaaacagtg aggtgaggat     29400
     gggggaagaa aaacaaaaaa gaaaagggag tcttcaccac agggtgcggc ccctgaagcc     29460
     tgttgctttc agttctgccc tgggctcctc actggtttgt gtgtcctgtt ctgtccctga     29520
     gtgtggtggg caaactttaa aatgtgtgac acaaactatc attcaataaa tatcagtcct     29580
     atcagacatc ataacattga atgggtagtg attgtaaaat gtgttaaaca cattcaaggc     29640
     tgtaagtgga cttaagcaga gttccccaat aaaaaggaag aagtttcctt tgtgtctttt     29700
     tacaaagagt ctttcatctt aattgtaaat gaactgggac attaagcact tacagccaaa     29760
     aaatggttag catctttgtg gactgctcaa tggatttagt gatgagggga ggggtatgtt     29820
     gagggcattt agcaaactgt tcagaagttg atttaccctg ttcatctctt taaagttctt     29880
     tttattcttt ctacactccc tcatccaatg tcctttttta ccacagtaat gacaacagat     29940
     atttttccta agacatttgt gatttgatgt cttttctgtg ttgaccttag tggcggctgc     30000
     ttcaaatctg actctgtctt tgatgtaaga gtctctttcc cacaaagcta aactgttcat     30060
     attatttctg agagtggtgg aagaccaggt gatgttaaga aatggcaaag cttttctgta     30120
     ttcagctgca aggccatctg accagatgcg gactaggggt cccttatcat ctagcacact     30180
     gtccgaatta tcagctaatc cactgtaagt tatggcggat tgacaaaatc tctcagtgaa     30240
     ttcattcaca gattcatctt tcctttgcac acaacaagtc acttttgacc agtcaatctt     30300
     tgggccaaca atgttcttta gagctttcaa aacaccctct ctcaaatcat ccttactggc     30360
     atgttgtaat ttagaggtca cagtatgctc aaaactgttg aattcagatt cagtgagaat     30420
     ttgagacatt agctgggtga cttctgttaa tgacatgtca taaagacgca ttttgctgat     30480
     tagtgctctg ctaaactctg aaaaatttgt gcgtgctgat ggtaagcttt gagacagtct     30540
     gtctatttct ttaggtccta gtgttctgga aactgtttga atttgaacaa cagaagtgtt     30600
     gttgtgtgaa ctctcagttc tcttagatct tgttgcacca caaacctcta ctgagcctat     30660
     aggtaaatcg ctatctgact ggatggaaat gtctttttca gagacaattt gtaagtcagg     30720
     atgcttatta tcaggctgac taacctcctc aatgtcagtt tttaatttct ttaggttcag     30780
     ttgttttgtt aatgaggtta tcttagcatg aagctcttgg atctgttttt ctaattctga     30840
     tttagcttga gcttgttgtt tagctcgaga taaattgaat tctctgtagc agcagataat     30900
     gacttttaca ttgtttttgc gaatgcatgc atcaagcact ttcttgcatt catctaatgt     30960
     ccaaacatca tctgggtcaa tgctaaattt ctttgtcgaa tttagtctga ctgactctgt     31020
     aattgagtcc atgtgctgtc gtagcagcga tttgaaatcc tgatctgaca atgaaggagt     31080
     tgttaaacta cctttttcag ttgtattgat cagtcttgta ttctgtctaa acattttgtg     31140
     agcttattat cacaaagtaa aaatactaaa acttttcaga tgaaagtgta gtaatttctt     31200
     ctctggcgaa acagagggta acaatattag cacatgttgc taaaacttcc tgcctgaaca     31260
     agagataaca tcaattagct tgtatagcta aacttaaact tctctggttg aaaagaggga     31320
     aaacgaaata aaagaaaaaa aatagcgcat aaggcttaac ttctctgaag agaggataac     31380
     tttttaaaag aaaatagcac gtaaggcttt acttctctgt ctaaacagag gataaactgt     31440
     tacttctcta ttgaaataga ggatagcttt ttgttaaaca aaccctgcag ctgtttgtta     31500
     acttttctct gatggagcag agaataacca tgtgtataga ctggtctgta tggttctttt     31560
     gatagagtga aactcaccaa atcgaggttg agctgaaaag attcagtctg gagtgatctg     31620
     atctttgtat tcaggtagct ttaatgttca tcagggttgt agtcagcaaa tagttgagaa     31680
     tttgtgacgt ccgctgagtg acttcaaatt gccgttgagc tgaagattcc gtctgaagaa     31740
     gtttccttga tcttgatggt tcaagttgaa tttcaggtag atttcagtct tttgtagcaa     31800
     attgttgaga atttgataat ttcagtctct atccggctca cggcaccaag ttgttgtaaa     31860
     aaaaaaaata aatgagtgaa aaagaagaga gaacccagtc caggagactc gaaacaagca     31920
     gaattccttt attgagacgt gttggttaat ctgcagtcat acagcgtctt taagatgtcc     31980
     gtgtctgcaa gagcctacta gaggtccgca gtctgcaagt tctttcacaa gtctctcaca     32040
     agtctcacac aagtctgaat tagtctgaat taagacaaag atttcatggc tatattgtgt     32100
     tcttaggagg aggggatata gctaaacaaa gtatgcaaat taagagttgt ggtcggcagg     32160
     gcaaactgct ctttcaggca ttgatctcat catgttctgg agacagaaac cgcctgacca     32220
     tttgatcgaa aagagaaaac aatagacacc ccatgctgtg aaactgacaa tttgcattac     32280
     tttggcttag cttgtaatca gaaagacaaa ggttaatgtc cctcctagct ggaatgttaa     32340
     tgaaattata taattaaaaa ccaaagaata taacttttca gttatacgta gattattgtt     32400
     catttggaat tagttgatag aaatttatat ttccacaata tgcaaaaatg tcaataattg     32460
     ttttttctgt caatatgagt tgctgtgtga acattaatga agaaaaaaat tacttaaatt     32520
     attttagcaa attgttgtaa tataacaaag agagaaatat ttaagggggt cctaatactt     32580
     tccatactca ctgtaaatag aaggtgaaca aatagatgtt tcctaccagc atatattaat     32640
     ctaagcaaaa gaaaccaaca ccaaatataa aagcagacac ttacaagcta taacacagtc     32700
     actaataact aaatcattca tgactatcta aaagataaag agaattaaaa atgacagatt     32760
     ctgagctttg acagaacatg agattattta aacgactcgt aaaacagatg caggtgcagg     32820
     ttagcaagtg cccaaaattt atagtttgga atcatatctc tgattggttt tgttgatctg     32880
     tgatttaaat gttcatagct tgaaacagat agaaaatgat cgttttgtgc ttatagggag     32940
     atcccagtgt agctggcagg tcactttact tctttagaga aaaatataat aatttctttt     33000
     tgatgatttc tgaaaatggt gcttcattca gctgtgtgtc agggaatgag gaaaataagc     33060
     gagtaaacat ttgcttgtca tgctgtcagt taataaaata attttagagg ccaactgtat     33120
     agacaataat gaacaacact catattgtcg ggagctagag aagcaatctg ctctttatga     33180
     ttgcataatt tacattttaa agtcaacagt gcaggcaaag gacaaagcat tagaggtgaa     33240
     gtaatggcag tccttggtgc aggtaaaagc ttttttttaa catgttgtaa attataaata     33300
     aaataaataa ggatcagatt cttctttgcc tacatacact gcttccttgc tttggaataa     33360
     agctatatgc tgtaacactg aggtattgtt aaagttaatg ataaataagt gattaattgt     33420
     tagtgaagaa caattatcat cttcatatca tatttttttc actgtttctg gacaaaaaat     33480
     taatatgttt cattaacctt taaacaacta tgtttaattg atttaaatgt tgtgcatcaa     33540
     cttttgataa aaagtcttgt gataaaaatg atgtttcttt tgaggtccac tcatttttta     33600
     attatttgaa taagtagata aagcatattg cctaaagtta tattgactaa agctttattc     33660
     ttgtttattg ctgtgttttt gctgtgattg ccatctgtat cctgtcaact tatgccatca     33720
     aattgagatt aatcctttcc accaattagt cttctatatt acttttaaac tacaaaaccc     33780
     taaaaaagag agaagagaaa agagaaagca tattgtaaat tatgtagtgg aactaattag     33840
     catttataac ctctaggtgg cagtattaac ccaacagtaa atataacact tattaaaatt     33900
     atcatactaa caaacaacca cgagatggca gtcatattac tgtggtaaac taggccgagg     33960
     cagaccaaat agaatagttc actcaataat tttctttttg gcttagtccc tttattaatc     34020
     tagagtagcc acagcggaat gaaccttcaa cttatccagc atatgttttg tgcagcggat     34080
     gcccttctag ctgcaactat tctgggaaac atccatttac attcatacac tacggacaat     34140
     ttagcttacc caattcacct ataccgcatg tctttgggct gtgggggaaa ccggagcacc     34200
     cggaggaaac gcaggcagaa catgcaagct ccacacagaa agaccaactg acctagccga     34260
     ggctcgatcc tgcgaccctc ttgctgtgag gcgacattta gatttgaata taaaacatat     34320
     attttaaaga agctattttt tgacaacaac aacatcaaca aaaagaacaa taatttatgt     34380
     aatgatgtaa aatcataaat aaatattttt gcataaaaca attacttgaa tcatctatta     34440
     aatatcaaac atgcattttt tatttattta tttaaatgta tgaggaccat cgtgcagggt     34500
     aaaatggagg tgtttaatat ggttttaaaa tgttaaaaca ctgggttgtg ggtttaaaat     34560
     aatgggtatc attatcaagc tgactgtaac tttcacaaga caaaagaagt tcataaccat     34620
     gtgaattttg aaaagggaag tatcacaaat ctggtgcagg ttttgtgctg tggaactctg     34680
     gggacttttc aaaactggtt gaactttatt gtactgaaca tggcgtacat tatgtaaaaa     34740
     ttccaaatgg aaaacattta aatcaaatgt aatgttttta taaaaatatt aatttattaa     34800
     ttttcagcat tcagcttaat ctctttatta atcaggggtc accacagcag aatgaaccaa     34860
     caacttatcc agcatgtttt atgcagcgga tgctcttcca gctgcaaccc atcactggga     34920
     aacacctata cactcccatt cacacacata cactacagcc aaatttaccc acaacacctc     34980
     tagcgcatgt caactccaca cagagatgcc aactgaccta gccaaggctc gaaccagcaa     35040
     ccttcttgct gtgaggcaac agcactaccc actgtgccac ctcgttgatt ataaaaaata     35100
     catttaatat taagattttt ataaatttac aattttaatg atatcttcat ttatatctat     35160
     ataaaatact ttacatggta atataataat aattaataat aaccataaaa ataataatga     35220
     tataataatg atatcataag aataataatt ataatacatt ttatttaaaa tgtacttttc     35280
     taaaaccata aaacaatagt aaataataaa taataaatta aataaataaa taaataaata     35340
     aataaataaa taaataaatg aatgaatgaa tgaatgaatg aataaataaa tacaggaaaa     35400
     ctataaatat cagaataatg cttacagtgc aatacaatag aatactaata acgatagtac     35460
     ataaatcctt taaaaggact tattagagaa tttcataacc agtgtgcaaa tttctgtata     35520
     caggtggaca gtgtatgttc aggtaacact gaaatggtgt taaaattgta atccaattac     35580
     ataatttggc cactgtatga tcgttttgtc atcctcagca aaaaatgcaa catctttatt     35640
     acatgtgtcc tggttttcat aataaatgtg ccttacaaat accatgttaa aaatgtcaac     35700
     atggctaacc tgttatcgtg accatattac ttttagaata acataacctt aatgaaaagt     35760
     caatggaaac aaataaatca cactgcaaca atatcttttt ttttgtagtt atgtattgga     35820
     attttactta tttatcaagc acaaaataaa actataatat ttaaacgttg atcatcatta     35880
     atatgaatgt tcattaatta gtgtttgaga gagagggact gtaatttgca tttaggtgaa     35940
     ggtattaccc aacagtaaat atcccaataa ttaaaataga agggccatta ctttagattt     36000
     ctgcaatata aacaaccaca agatggcagt catctcattg tgttttcatt gtgaaaatgt     36060
     tgaactccag gtatttagaa aatgaaaaaa gatgtgaatc taacaatgtg tgtgtgtgtg     36120
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg cgtgtgcgtg tgcgtgtgtg     36180
     tgtgcgtgtg cgtgtgcgtg tgcgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tatcattttt aatagaaatt     36240
     ttacatttga tttgattttt ctatgtgata tatttacatt gtgtttctaa tatttaatat     36300
     ttgtttactt gatgccttag tgtttagtgt tgttttagta tgacattagt tcaatgtagc     36360
     tcaaccagtt ttggaaagtc cccagagatc cagggctgtc ataaacacac cgaacctgca     36420
     ccagatttgt gatacttcct ttttcaaaag tcacatggta ataaagaatg tatttagtcg     36480
     tctgtaaatt actgtcatcc tgataacgat actttcacat tattcaactt tttataatgt     36540
     ttagtaacaa ttcactgttt taacatttta acctgaatgg ttttcatata ttcttaaaat     36600
     aaacggttga atgaatgaat gaatgaatga attacgcttt ttgatcagac tgaaaattta     36660
     tatatgaaaa gtagttttgt tttgttttac ctaaacaaaa tgcccagatt ggctttatga     36720
     gctgcatatt tgagttgttg tttttcttgt cttgtatatc aggggcctgt ttcagaaagg     36780
     aggttaactg aaaactcaga gtattttaac cctgaaatga gagaaactct gggttttccg     36840
     tttcaaaatg gcaggtttgt taaactcgag aaatcagggt aagtcaagcc tgtttctgaa     36900
     atagaggtaa ctttaactca gagtcagtta ctgtggtaac ttactctgtg aatctaacct     36960
     ggtcagaagc aggttttatt ctctaaactc agagtttctg tctgtctcct cctccccttt     37020
     tttaaagatg aagcggtatt tctcgcctta gccttgcgtt tccacccacc tattttaatg     37080
     ctcattttgg atacgtgcat aaaaacgatt gatagaaatg tcatgatgca cataactttt     37140
     taaaatatgc ataaaaaacg cgcataactg agtaggataa acttttattc gatagaaaat     37200
     gtgcgcataa actacgatgg aaacactttt actgaacaaa ttacagtatg tacattaaaa     37260
     aaaagatcat gatcatatga taatgaaaat ttgtgtaaat ggaggtcgag aacactgtaa     37320
     cacgtcttaa atattgtttt agtcattcta aaatgcctta actgtttcag tattagtgta     37380
     tattattaat tacctccgaa tgtctggtgc gtgtcaagag tctccgcgtc tcatggcttc     37440
     agacgccccc acgtgttcat tgtgtttcag cattgtcttc tgacatcgag gcgcaagtac     37500
     attaattagg ctaaataaag aattaattga cgcagcttct tctaccacag taaattctgt     37560
     ttttactgtt gatatttggt gccagttaaa tcaggaagtg acaatttttt tctctttgac     37620
     tcgttggatg gaattttatt cgcatctttt atgcaatatt ccagttttgc acataaattt     37680
     atgtaatata tttggatgga aacatagcta ttgcctacat tttagtcaca cacagaagaa     37740
     ctgtactaga atggcttatg ctttttaaat aaataattaa attgaattca ccttcgacat     37800
     gcatgtaact agattaatgg gattattatt ctttctaaaa attatttttt agttctgctt     37860
     accttctaaa tgttatatta acctctatca cttgatcaat aaaaaaggca gacacacaag     37920
     tgcaccgtta aatcatttaa aactaataaa tgtataaaag aaagtttaga aaaaaaaata     37980
     tacaaacgtc acaaattaca ttacttattt tattatactt aaatatttaa atacttaaaa     38040
     agttaaatta ggcattatct tgagcagctg ttttcccacg ctaactggtt gatggctgct     38100
     tcttttcaaa tatatacact catatttgct ataactttgc atgagaacat caaggtcagc     38160
     tggagaaaga aatggtgatc tcttttataa gatgttgcca tagtcactcg taatgtctgc     38220
     gctccactga taatgccttt ttaaagtcac ggtgtgcgcg cttaactctg agttggtcta     38280
     ctcgaagttg attgacccaa ctcagatcag ctgttctgaa accgaaaact cagagttttt     38340
     aatctctcag taaatcaact cagagttcaa gtttaaactc tgagttgttt gaacctcctt     38400
     actgaaacag gccccaggtt tggcctattc atcagaaagt aaacatgctg atgatatttc     38460
     agatacagta taacgctgac aataaacttt ctctgtggtt tagttttaga ggcttggcat     38520
     ttgataaaca aaaccatggc tgagaactgg tcttgacatg ttgttcctaa atccctttcc     38580
     aaaccagcca attaaaaaac agctttttat tatatattga gtctctaggc aaagcgaaat     38640
     ctaaaattca gttactaaat atgaatatct aatgacatat cacaattaaa aggagtcatt     38700
     tcttcagatt ttaatattta attgaataca tcataaaatt gatactctgt cattaacccc     38760
     ttgaactgca aaagttgcaa atattaatga acagggttac caaatgcctc tatatttaga     38820
     ttttttggaa atggtattat tatgaaaagt attgttaaac cagtgttttt taaattagaa     38880
     taatagtaac aaataataac aaaattattt tttttctcag tgtaattctt ttcactgttt     38940
     cattttctac tggtagcatt gtttgtgtcc caacatccca taaaccagtt tgaagaagtg     39000
     attattcact gagagagtgg aaacaaatat aggtaacctg tttctaggta gattcttttt     39060
     cttcttcttt atttttaaca gactgaactg ttttaagtga cgcagtgctg cagttggtag     39120
     tgctgtcgcc tcacagcaag agggtcgcta gtttaagcct tggctgggtc agttgccatt     39180
     tctgtgtgga gtttgcctgt tctccctgca ttcgcgtggg tttcctctgg gtgcttcggt     39240
     ttcccccaca gtccaaagac atgtggtaca gatgaactgt aggctaaatt gttcatagtg     39300
     tatgagtgta aatgagtgtg tgtggatgtt tcccagagat gggttgcggc tggaagggca     39360
     tccactgcat aaaaaacata ctggataagt tgtcagttca tactgctgtg gcgaacccag     39420
     attaataaag ggactaagcc gaaaataaaa tgaataaacg aatgaatgaa ttatgtttta     39480
     aggtgtgtct aatagtggtt acacaaaaat attgactata tagttttact tttacatgaa     39540
     gacttaaacg taaacgtaaa ctttaccaca tcttaataat tttttttgta aagctttcaa     39600
     actagttgtt attataaatg ttgccaagac aatatgagga cataaaaaaa cttcaacaaa     39660
     caaggttgta tcaattatca aaaaaaaaga cagcaaccaa tagagaacaa gggccctatc     39720
     atacacacgg cgtaatgtag cgcaaagggc aatgcaattg ctatttgcta ctttcacctc     39780
     ggcgcatttt gacctcggct agggtcattt tgaggcattg cgccacactg tttaaatagc     39840
     aaatgcattt gcgctcatat gtgcgcccat gtgcgttctg gtctaaaaaa gcaggcgtgt     39900
     tttggcgcgt tgctattttg agaaactgta aatagtctgt tttatagacc agaacaaagt     39960
     cctgtctggc ccaaagtgcg cctggcttac acactacata caagatgtag agcaatacgc     40020
     aaatatcttt acatatgaaa aagatataat atattaagga tatatatata aaaaggatat     40080
     atatatatat atataggata taaatataaa ttattaaaat attacaaaac atattaattt     40140
     ctagcctaca tgaatttaaa aaccactgcc gtcatacttt cttcatctcg ggaggctttt     40200
     tcagttcatt caatttgctt ttgtataatg ttgttattat tagcagtatt atttattaaa     40260
     tccatattta taattgtttt attaaaaaca agcttagatt tgtccacctg tcagttttta     40320
     gaccatatgg ggcatagcag gtgtatttgg aaataactca gtattttgac cacacttcgt     40380
     tattattggt tatttattca tttgctgaaa attagaactg aatttagaaa tagttttgaa     40440
     ataaatcttt gcgcttaaca aacaaaatta attatttata ggctaattga tgtctgtgag     40500
     gtaaggtttc cctatccaca agagtaaaag cgaaagtaaa cttactttac gtcctgtaaa     40560
     tagcaaatgc gcttatggcg caaagcagct ggctcttaaa gggaatggag atgagactct     40620
     gattgcttta ttctcaaaat acctataact cattaagaaa ataaactcaa cccttttaga     40680
     ccatgcgcca cggcgcaaag cgaattttcc catcctaata tattagaaaa tatggattat     40740
     gacataccct aaatgcgttt gcgccctgcg ctttttgttt tgcgcatgga ccgtcaaaac     40800
     agagcccaaa gtcttcatcg gtagtgttga gtgtgacttt taaaaaaagt ccctgagaga     40860
     cttttaaaaa aagtcgtaaa acacttatta tttaaaacac tatatttaaa aaaataaata     40920
     ctttttatag ggcaaggcaa gaggtcattt cctttattta ctaaaataca ccaggactgt     40980
     cttatttttt taaagaacac ataattacat gtttatcttc caggaaaaat agaattaaca     41040
     acaatcttta gtagacagat atgtaatata cacaattggg gatcgagagg aattacttta     41100
     ccaatgattg ggtcagtatt ttcaccccaa aacggttgac tttagtacac tcccatatta     41160
     taattcattt tatttgtaaa tggcgccttt caagacaccc aaggtcttct tacaacaagc     41220
     atcaacagcc aagctaaaac aaatgacgca ttactaaaac aatcattgac caaacaggtt     41280
     aaacgcaata gcgaatataa aagaacatca taaaaaacat gacaaaaaat tgttaaagaa     41340
     aagcctgctt aaaaagagtg taaaagtgtg aagactataa ctgctcctta gatctaggga     41400
     aagtgagttc catagccgag gagccataga gctaaaggat ctgtctccca atgtgctcaa     41460
     tcgagtgcga ggtggtacca gggtgaagtt gttggctgat ctaagagtag gagaaggggt     41520
     gtaaatatgg agaagttcgg tgagatattg aggagcgaga ttatgaagtg ccttgaaagt     41580
     tagaagtaat attttaaaat caatacgata ctttactgga agcaagtgaa gctgatagag     41640
     gagtggtgtg acgtgctcgt gagatggggt cctagagatg acacgagctg catggttcta     41700
     aaccagttgg agtttttgtg agatagggtc ctagagatga cacgagctgc atggttctaa     41760
     accagttgga gtttttgtga gatagggtcc tagagatgac acgagctgca tggttctaaa     41820
     ccagttggag tttacagaga agtttgaaag gaattccaga aagaagtgca ttacagtagt     41880
     caagaagtga agtaactaat gcgtggataa taatggctgt gttattagtt gtgagagaag     41940
     ggcggagacg agtgatatta cgcacgtgga aatatgcagt acgtgtaata ttattaatgt     42000
     gaccttcaaa ttagagtgtg ctatccaaga tgacacccaa actctttacc tgcacagagg     42060
     gaaaaattgt gctgttatca atgtcaattg taaaattatc agctttatcc aaaacacttt     42120
     tagtgccgat gagaagggat tcagttttgt cgctatttaa ttttaaaaag ttagctgaaa     42180
     gacagatttt tatttcagct aaacatgtgc ttaaagcaga aggaggaaaa gaacaggagg     42240
     gcttggtgga caagtagaat tgagtgttgt cagcataaca gtgaaatagt atgttgtttt     42300
     ttctgaaaat gtgaccaaga ggcagtagat ataacaggtg tggacccagt acagaaccct     42360
     gtgggacacc agtggtgacg atctgcgatc ttgacttaaa atctttaatt tgaacaaact     42420
     gagtacgatc tgggagatat gacttaaacc ataaaagaag ggtgccagag atccctagtg     42480
     aggcaagcct ataaagaacc tcgtgcaaaa ccatgtcaaa agctgcactc aagtccagga     42540
     gaataagaac tgacagtaaa ccagagtctg ctgccagtag tagatcatta gtaatccaga     42600
     caagagcagt ctcagtgcta tggttgggac gaatacgaga ctggaagagc tcaaacaaat     42660
     tattacttga gaaatagtta tggatttgaa actcaacaca tttttcaagt attttttaga     42720
     caaatggcaa attgaaaatt ggtctgtagt gggccaaatt agatgaatca cctccagttt     42780
     tttttttttt tttctggggt ggttacagca gttttaaata aagatgggac agatacagaa     42840
     tccagtgatt tgtgaataat gttagtaatc agtgtggaca atgatggaag acaggtctta     42900
     actaagcatg taggaagtgt cagggttcag gaaggatgag ggagtgagga ctcaagtgca     42960
     aacaggatga tttattgata ataaaaataa aacaaaagaa gaacaaaaaa acacccagag     43020
     ggggaaaaac ataactatga cactaacaaa caaacttggc tggcatgaca agagcaggga     43080
     gtttagacga caaactggca cagaacagaa aacatgaggg gattataaag caaaaagtaa     43140
     attgacacac aggtgaacat gacaaactaa tgagttaaca aggagggtgg gactagacaa     43200
     tagacggaag agcacatgac acagagagac aacacaagcc atgcgctcac ataaaacagg     43260
     accagaacat gcagccaatg agagaactca ttaaccgcat gttcatgaca agacaagcac     43320
     aacactgaag cacacgacaa aagcatgtga ccacaacgta aacaccgagc cacgtgcttt     43380
     gacaagagat gcaagacacg agcacttgat agataaacac cttaccgtgc gctcacacat     43440
     aagcaacgcg cattgcttca tctcagcgcc atccaaaact gaaaccaact agacggaggc     43500
     gccgagaata aagcagcgcg atgctgacag accaaacaca aacactagta caagagcgcg     43560
     cgcgctctgc gtccgtcaga cacgcgcgct cttgtactag tgtttttttg tttggccaca     43620
     tcaagttgca gcgcgcacac tccgcgtaca cccacgaccg cgcgcacgca cacagagaca     43680
     gaaacaagac cagacatggg tagtgtcaga gctctgccac caaaacaaga atttacaaga     43740
     ccagagtggc agaaccctga caggaagagg atcaagcagg cagttggtgg ttttggattt     43800
     ccaaatttga ccaactattt cagcgataga tggtaaggta aaagtatcat aagagaaatg     43860
     tataatgatt tcagaaacat gttggctgaa gtcaggggct gaactatttg aatgtaactg     43920
     atgatgaatg ttcttaattt ttgtttaaaa aaaagtcagg aagctgttac acaacaataa     43980
     aaaaaagttc tcttctcttg tttacattta tagcacatat taggaatatt cgggttaaag     44040
     tgatgcaact taataagtta tttattgtct actcagccac ttatattgaa gaaatttaaa     44100
     atgagtgttt gttgtcttag tttgggcttt taaacaagag agcaaacacc atactaatac     44160
     ctttagttaa ccaaattttt aaacttggat cagctcttcc aggaagaaaa ttttcatttc     44220
     caaaaactgg tgaggactgt cacggtggtg tagtgagtag cacgaccacc tcacatcaag     44280
     gtcagtgttt caaacctcgg ttgggtcagt tggcatttct gtgtggagtt tgcatgttct     44340
     ccccatgttc tcatgggttt tctccccttt ccaacacaaa ttcaaagaca tgtggtatac     44400
     tttaggtgaa ttgggtgagc taaattgtct gtagtgtatg tgtgtgaatg agtgtgtgtg     44460
     gattttcccc actgatgggt tgcggcttga agggcatccg ctgtgtaaaa catatgctgg     44520
     ataaattgtc aaccactgtg gcaacccgga ttaataaagg cactaagtcg aaaagaaaat     44580
     gaatgaatga atgatatatg aatgaatgaa tttattaatt aatgaaaact ggtgagaaac     44640
     gtgagagttg tggtagttgt ggagagtttg aaataataag aatttagtgg acctctatga     44700
     atatcctggt cgaatggtta tttttatcaa aataaacatt gctgctctaa tgtcagctgt     44760
     gcactaattc tagaatttca ttaagtttaa cccccctgtc tcataaggca aatattgcaa     44820
     gaagaacctg agatgagcgc gcttcttgtt ccaaactaaa tttgtgaggt tttgttttta     44880
     ttagtgcaaa aatacagaag tgtggaggta gattgatgaa ttggaagaag agataaaact     44940
     atttgggtaa ggctaacatt taaaaaaaaa atattaataa ggccaattag tgatatggag     45000
     agtttttttc catctgccca acatatggaa tctaatatag gcttataatt tgctgttaca     45060
     atttcattta tggttgctgt gattttaatc ccaaggtaag tacaaacttg tgatactgaa     45120
     agcacaatat ttgaggactt gtgcatttta gctaaatgat ttattgtgca tatagtatta     45180
     acatagtaac acatttacac cactgttaat cagccataca cccaaacaac aaaaacaaca     45240
     acaacaacag aacaaaatta tggacaacac aaattaaatt taattgtaca gtcttcctgg     45300
     aatgtgtttg agttgtttct ccattgatgg atgcatctat ttcagtgtct gtaccatctg     45360
     gacttcatct cttcacagca tctaagagag gaggatatga ttatgtatga tcctacaact     45420
     aaaaacttgc aaaagaacaa gtattattgt cagtttcgtg aatgaactaa tatccagagt     45480
     agcaattgta tctaatgtca atacatacac attcacaatc actcatcaag tgctaggaac     45540
     tatgtcctta cccatattca gttttgtgac ttgtgcatca ttcaaggctt acactgaaat     45600
     tataatttca tttttttttt tttcagtctc gctgtctgag tcattagaca ttttaaaaca     45660
     tctgaacatt aatacaggca tgttcataag gagatataca tttatgcatg acgtattcaa     45720
     gtaatttcaa aggctgggtt aattgttatg tagtaaaatt tattttcagc cattgaacac     45780
     aaacaatgct agaaaaatat gaatctgttc atgacatttt tacacagaac tatacaaatc     45840
     aaacttagtt actggaggat agtagacctg cgaagtttag ctccaacact gttctaacat     45900
     atttacctgt agctttttaa acaagcctga aggactcaag tattttgata atctgagttt     45960
     catgagggtt aagtctaaac tgtgcagagc tgcggccctt aaggaaatgg ttttgacacc     46020
     agtgatccaa acacagtcag agacactgta acagttcaaa tttacgctga tccaattctt     46080
     cttgtcagat ttgctcgaca cttcacagga cttcgctctc agaatccagt ctctaagtag     46140
     aacatataga cctgctgcag tccacattga caattactga aaaatatccc acaaaccaga     46200
     ttgaagatgt gatctgtagt ctgtagtcag aaatagattt tttcttcttt tttttatttt     46260
     aacagactgt actgtttcaa aggaccttca tggaaagtac agtgtctaat agtggtaact     46320
     cgaaaatatc atttatagtt ttaccttcac ataaagtaaa gacttaaaca ttaattttac     46380
     cacattacaa gatttgatca tccttttgag aacatgttta aagcccaaat cacgttgaac     46440
     aaacattctg ttaagattga gaatgctaga tcataagttt gagaggatct tgacagaagg     46500
     ctacagccat aagaacattc cttgctaagc tctttctttt ttgtaattta acttttttta     46560
     ttttattttg aacttttata cccacacaac ataaaattta caatacaaaa tcaacattca     46620
     agaaataatg ttgacaaatt ataataaaaa taatggcaaa acaaaaatta tagcaaatat     46680
     aaaatagtac aaaacaatat aacagacagt caaattgaca acttttcaat tttcttttta     46740
     tgtgctctcc aaatattgca aaaagctacc ccatttctaa ttaaaggtat gggtggaatt     46800
     ctgaagtctt gccaacatac atatgatgca ttagaagtca tcagctcaat ccaatcttta     46860
     aaagagggag tgtctgagtt cttccaattt cgcagcacca gtcttacagc aataatacat     46920
     cctgcgacga ctagtccagc ctgtgtttta gataatccgt tctgtaaagt ggatgtatca     46980
     ccaagaagac agactcttgg ggaataaggt aaaggttgtc ccagccattt ctctaggttt     47040
     tgaataactc ttgtccagaa tggagccacc aaataacagc tccacattaa atgtaaaaac     47100
     gtgcccacag aatgaccaca tttccaacag tggttatttt cctttaatcc tatcctatgc     47160
     agtcttactg atgtccagtg atattgatta attatcttgt aatgtatgat ccctgtacca     47220
     gaaactactg cctcccattc acccttttca aattccacct ctaggtcttt ctcccagata     47280
     atttttaaat gatcactttt tccgtacatg ttgtttgcag caatcttata aacaaaatat     47340
     gtggtttgca tcgactttgg catatttaga aaccctaata aaacattttc ttctgctcct     47400
     ggcttatatc ccacagttct tacactcaaa aaaaaaaata atcatggctt tagttggtcc     47460
     aaagaatgta actatgttca aattaaacaa ttcacatatg cttgtctatt aaaaccaaaa     47520
     gagttgtgtt ggaaaaaata gaaaaagtgt attttcaaat ttaaacagat ttctaattaa     47580
     gatgaatgaa agggagttgt gttgcttctg cagtaccaaa ctttggtcaa taggttagtt     47640
     gttttttcaa aacaacagag aaaggaagat tcaaaccaca acaatcgctc tcattatata     47700
     ggaatcaaaa gaggaagatt acagtaaaaa aattgaaaga tgctgtgcac tatgttcatt     47760
     gcactgaaaa aatatgggtg attttaacaa taaaagtctg tacagtccac agtaaaaatc     47820
     tgttcaataa ttagcagcta atttctgtac aaaatatgaa aaataactgt aacagatcaa     47880
     acctttgttt tctagaatgt aatcagagtg tctgaaatct caccatacac cctcattcac     47940
     tagaccctaa attagtcgat tagtttattc cactagacag agtgaatgac cacaataagt     48000
     gaattcagac actgatgaac agctgctgta gacaagctca atcactgaag gaaagaacaa     48060
     aacctaacca catacagaca cagcctcaca ctaaacaaac agaattaaaa cagaggatta     48120
     aacattaaat aacagcatta gaagcttcac tgattacagc ttgaacacat ttctgtcata     48180
     tctgcaggaa tatttgataa ttaacagagg tttatatatt ttttgaacat tttttttttc     48240
     atttgacctc accatcatgg agatcagagg ctgctttagt tgggctcttg atcattaact     48300
     cttctatctt aatgtttgtc tgtctgttat aactgtgtgt ctgaaactca tcagatatag     48360
     caagaaatgc aatgagaaag tgttctgaac taagctgtag cagaatataa attctggcaa     48420
     tttttaattt aaaatgtgta agttatcaaa aaaacaaaat atgaattcat atcaatgctg     48480
     tttgggacaa tacttcaggc ttttcattga aggttagcaa atacaaacaa aaaagaaata     48540
     aatattttta aaaaatgaat aattaaagtc acatgcgcaa aactttaaga gcactagcag     48600
     ctttttaaga cacgcagaca tcaagaatca ggatatgaac ctcatccatg gctgctaaaa     48660
     aaaaaactgc gtaatcttgc tgggtgccag catagtacaa aacaaagcat gcattgcagc     48720
     atgaatatat tatatattat gcagcttaaa gttcttacaa ttttgttctt tgcctttagt     48780
     ctatgttgtt ttttgggtgt aatatttcag tagagtgttt tgcatagttc tgcgttgttt     48840
     ttttatcaga tttttatttt tggtttgtca ccattgttga gattcaaaga ctaattgttg     48900
     atgtctgtgt gtttgagtcc tgccatagat caaacattct cattgtgaaa tatgtattta     48960
     gggctgatgt tccagttatg tatattactt attttttaca ccaagttaac aacatttttg     49020
     acaaataagc aggtgaaaaa taactagtgg tagaacaagc agctgaagag cccaacgaaa     49080
     gcagactctg tcctccaaca tggtgacttc aaatgaacaa cagaaatgtc atgaagagct     49140
     tttgtgcaca tgacagaaat aaaatcagag ctcagtaata agtgaagctc ctgatgttag     49200
     tgaagttgtt taatgatctc tgctaagatc tttagaaaga acatttttat tgtttaatta     49260
     ttttgattat tattatttta tttagagttt tgttttcagt tgatttcatt cttggttttg     49320
     gctgtaattt gtgtttttct ttccttcagt gattctgctg ttaacagttc atcaattcat     49380
     cctttaatta gactcttaac ttcatcactg tctaagtgtt caaccctctg tagtaaggac     49440
     actagtgagg agtttgctct gggatttaaa gggttaaatg tgtttgatga aaaatacaga     49500
     ctgtggaatg tatttgatgt atatgtatac ggatttacaa atgtacagta gattactggc     49560
     aacagctgcc ggtatttttc cgtaaaatga acagattttt taacagtgta aataaatgaa     49620
     atctaaatat ataaaaatct ataaatattg tattaattaa actaaacatt acatttatgt     49680
     aactaactta agtttactca aataaatatt cttttttaag gtaacttaac tgggttacgt     49740
     ggaacctgtt gacataaaaa agttaattaa agccaacatg tcattttttt gagtgcacca     49800
     ttgtggagga tagtagcatc tgtgtgcaag tccaatataa actaaggtta gctgatgttg     49860
     tgctgcatct tcttttgttt aaaagtaact ctgtagttac aaatacagtg aaaatctgtt     49920
     tgctagttat acatacatga acacattagt gcattgaatg actttacgtt tttgtgaact     49980
     gagcattgta tcagttgata tattattgtt attttctgta aatttaaaca gtcctatcaa     50040
     ctcctgtagt attacagaaa attcctggca accactgcat gtatttttca gtaaatttaa     50100
     cggatttttt tagcagtgta aatgaattag agttaaatta taaatgttgt gttgattgaa     50160
     ctaaacaaca ttaccttacc tttatttaat taacttaagt tcactcaaat aaatattctt     50220
     tctttaaggt aacttaactc ggttacgtgg aacctgttga cataaaaaag ttaattaaag     50280
     ccatcctttt tttgagtgta tactactatg cagctgtata tatttccaga aatccccttt     50340
     atctactaga ttgaatttgt ctttcaactc ctgaaatgaa tacagtgcac cttgtccata     50400
     taaatcatca actgttttca ggctcttttt tacaccaatc cttccaatag actgttttct     50460
     ttcctacatt caaaaaaatg atgtcaacag gttccacgta accgagttaa gttaccacta     50520
     gaataaaggg gggtttggca ttgctaaata tagagcttta taatactgca tttgagatga     50580
     ttaaaatatg taaacactgg tcaggtgata atgtagaggg tataagctgg atcgaaatag     50640
     agaaaacgct aactttccca tccagtgtta ttgatgcttt atctcagaaa tctttatatt     50700
     ctattatgaa tggggaagtt aaccctatac tggaacacac acagcagttc gggaaaaaat     50760
     acataagata tttaatttgt cccattataa acaaggctat tcttcattat ggaataaccc     50820
     tactaataag atatatgcac cattgtggag gatagtagca tctgtgtgca agtccaatat     50880
     aaactaaggt tagctgatgt tgtgctgcat cttcttttgt ttaaaagtaa aagagaaagc     50940
     actcacatca gccaccgaac atcccacaga cactggcatt acctcagaat taactagacc     51000
     caattaactt tgtaacctga tatttgagaa aaatgttcaa tagtatccat cacagcaggt     51060
     atagatatac ttggatttga aagcaagaga agaatatcat cagcatataa aaaacactta     51120
     tattccctct ctcctaaata gacaccattc actcttatgt cattcctgac tgcaactgct     51180
     aagggctcca gaaacaaagt aaaaagcaaa agagacacag gtccccttgt ctggtgcctc     51240
     gctttaattt aaagaaagta gaaataatgc catttgtaag aacagctgca cttggggcgg     51300
     aatatagcac cttgacccac ttaagaaaag ttggcccaca gtcaaacatt tgtaacatat     51360
     aagttaaata gccccattct actctatcaa atgccttcat cgcatctaat gaaaaagcag     51420
     caactggaac attctcattg cggctttgcc agatgagatg aagtagtgac cgaagattat     51480
     cagaagaaga tctccctttt ataaaaccta cctggtcgct atgtacgata ttggataaaa     51540
     tgccctccaa cctcaatgct aatactttag ataaaatttt acaatcaaaa ttttctaaac     51600
     taactggtct ataactccta ggatcataaa gatccttatc ctttttaaga attaacgtaa     51660
     ttagcgcatc attaaatttt gggggcattt gctccagtaa caaactttct ttatacaccc     51720
     cttccaatat tggtgcaaaa atgtcaatat acttcttata gtattcggca ggaaagccat     51780
     ctaaacctgg tgacttagcg gccttcattg acattattgc agccccaatt tcagattctt     51840
     ctattggcgc atctaacatc tcaagctggt ctgaggacaa ggtgggaagc gtaattttgg     51900
     agaaaaaatc tctatattta gtacagtctg gggatgactc tgcttcatat aatttactat     51960
     aaaacttttc aaagacctta ttaatgtcca tgtttgcagt caccacttca tctttttcat     52020
     ttttgatagc tgaaattaag aaactagcat ccttttgttt caattacctt gctaacaatt     52080
     tatcagcctt ttctccactt tcatagaaag ctgtgcgcat cctaaacatt acatactctg     52140
     ctttcctatt gtgaatatca ttaagctgat attttagatc gcagacttgt tttaaaatac     52200
     tatctgtaaa ctttagtgat aattgcctgt ctaaaacttt aattctggcc tcaatgtcct     52260
     taactttttt cttgttgagt ctttttacca aactagcaaa ttgtattacg ttacccctga     52320
     cataagcttt tgatgcttcc catactgttc ccaggctctc tgtggtacca acattaatct     52380
     cgaaaaattc ctttgagtca gctcccaatt ttgtaaaaaa atttacgtcc tgaagcaagg     52440
     atatattgaa tctccatctg ttttgtttta ttgtcctaga attggtgtct aatgtcatct     52500
     ccactggtgc gtgatctgac aaagcaatca cgcctatctt acagtctact actgactcga     52560
     ctaaatcacc agaaaccaaa aagtaatcta ttcttgagta agatttatga ttatgtgaaa     52620
     agaaggtata ctctctctct ctaggattta caagcctcca tatgtccacc aaccccaaat     52680
     cttccatcat taattgtata gctaatctgt ctctgggcat cttgcacctg attaaaatca     52740
     cctgcaatta ttaactgatt aaccgtatga aaaaatacac tattctcctt atttggagca     52800
     taaatattgc aaatattaac tttttgatca tcaaccatgg cttacaacca tataaatctc     52860
     ccctcctcat ccttcttttg tttaatcatg acaaaattta ccctcttatg taccaatatt     52920
     gctaccccat tcctcttact attatatgaa ttatgaaaca cctgtctcac ccagtcacgt     52980
     ttaaattttt cagcctctgt acccatcata tgcgtttctt gaattaaagc aatgtccacc     53040
     tctttagatt taaggtaacc taaccatttt cttcttttaa ctggattatg agaaccattt     53100
     atattccaga atattatttt taaatattta gccgttccat gcatgtctcc ctactatata     53160
     taaacacttg ctgtctgtaa aaaacataca acagtaacat acaaaagtaa aaaaataaat     53220
     ataaaacaca tacaagaact ctgtaaacat tgacttcaag aacttaaacc ccttgagccc     53280
     tcccaagtta catcctatct ctaaaagaag gcccctccct atacacgagc agtgaagcgc     53340
     tgatgatgga accacctgtc gaccccaccc cagaactttc gtgtaaatcg catgttaaca     53400
     ccccatcaaa cttgctgcag atccctttgt ccttacattg gttacagacc tagtcttttt     53460
     gtttttatct tagcatcaaa caacataact tttgtccaca gaaaacaact tccgttcctt     53520
     agtccttttc agacaataac tccaaccata tccgaaactg aatccctaag ctctgcacac     53580
     tctttaacac tttttccggc catttgttgc aggcgctcgt tctcatcttc aagcactcca     53640
     attcgagcct ctgcctcttc aagccattgc gccatggcgg tcgcgtcagc cttcatctga     53700
     aactgtgtag tcttcacact cgttacatca aaacaatatg gacaaacctc cacaccactt     53760
     ggcaattgtt cacaacagaa ttgaatttct cgttcatttc atcaaattgc aaatgtctaa     53820
     gtacatcttt gcaaatgatt aaggttttag cagatttagt acagatcact acatttagca     53880
     caatttccaa gtgattagat cttattgatc taaactgatt gtcatttctc agtctaattg     53940
     ttgttctccc caaaacctgt cagcatcaat tcattgtata agtcatcaca tgcacattaa     54000
     tttgttcaaa tgttaaaatt agtcaagacc ataataccat gaataccata cagtaggtga     54060
     atccttggaa agtttgatca ttgtagggga tggttgcgac attcacgcca tttcttccct     54120
     tgttgcatcg caagagagaa tatacgctgt gaagtggaca agaatctgtg gccacacaga     54180
     ctgcagcgtg tggatggtca ggaaggtgag gacagcgggc agtgaagaac tgttatgaaa     54240
     ctccagcttt atttaaagca ctctagtttt ttgtttgtgt gtttatatta cagtttaata     54300
     tgatgtatgc agtttctttt tgctctaata tatggaagtt actttgtgtg tggttgatca     54360
     taacaataaa aaaggagtta ccatttcctt ggcagtatga gtgcaatgtg tgacctcaaa     54420
     cgttggaggc tactcttacc ctaaaatcat atttcttttt ttcagttttt atacacatgt     54480
     attctgttag ctagacaaaa acagtacagt aatcattgtc aatgaagaac tgggctaaga     54540
     ctataaggtg gacatgaggg atattttagt ggtcctttgc catagtgaca aaacatctaa     54600
     acgttttgac ttgcagtgct aacacaatgc taaagggact aagcattttg ggggcactgg     54660
     ctgtttaaat gagaaggaaa tttagttttg acacatgaat gaactgtttt gggaacggtt     54720
     tgagctattg taggtgaacc atggtgttgt gccaaaccat ccacattatt ttggcaaaag     54780
     caccaagagt gttgagaatg tccggtctgt ttcaagaaac gagccaaatc aattgagaag     54840
     gatatttgcc atttttgtgg cactgacttt ttatatggaa aaggaattta gatttgatgc     54900
     atgtgtgaac tgttttggga gagatatgag cttttgcaag tgagctataa tgttgtgcta     54960
     aactgtaaca cttttttgcc aaacgatctg agaattttat aaatgtaatt tctgtttcaa     55020
     gaaatgagcc aaaccaatgg aaaaaaaact gtaatgtgga ttacaaaagt acaggggttg     55080
     gacaatgaca ctgaaacact ggccaattta gtgttggagg ttttatggct aaatttgagc     55140
     agctggtggc caatcttcat tgattttaaa tacaaccagt aagggcagag ttttaaggtt     55200
     taattagaag agtaattaaa cagtttcaag tggtgctcac tgcagagcca tttgggcaga     55260
     gctgagctcc agcgagcacc gtctcaacag ttgtgcttaa aatattgcaa tgcatacaac     55320
     attatgtcat atgttgacat atcagagttc acaagaggat aaattgttgg tgtgaacatc     55380
     tggcacatct gtgactaaga caacaagtct gtaatgtatc aagagccaca gtatccagag     55440
     taatgtcagc ataccaccaa gaagaagaac cacatccaac agaagtaact atggatgcaa     55500
     gaagaagatg tctgaaaggg atgtccggtt gctaacaccg attgtatcca aaaaaaaaca     55560
     taaaaccaca gctgcccaac tcactgcaga attgaacaga gtcaaacata ggaatcattg     55620
     atggtttggg ctgcaatatc atgccattcc ctagacccaa tacaggtgct agatggagta     55680
     tcactgccaa agactaccaa agcgttctga agtactatat gtacccagtg gttcaaacat     55740
     tgtatcctga aggcggtggc atgtatcagg ataataatgc accaatacac acagcaagac     55800
     tggtgcagag tggtttaatg aacatgaaag tgaagttgaa catctcctat ggcctgcaca     55860
     gtcaccaggg gcctcatgta cgaagacttg cgtggaaatc atactaaaac attgcgtaca     55920
     cgcaaagctg taaatgtgcg tacgcagaaa aaaattctga tatgtaaaac actgcatatg     55980
     ccaaatccca cgcattttct ttgtacatct gaatgaacgt gaaactgagt gcaacatgca     56040
     cgaacgtaaa acccctccct gcctcctccc ccgttaatcc ccggaattaa taacaaaaga     56100
     aaagtgggga gcgtttagct gatgcggtta actcagttaa atctgaacat cactgagtgg     56160
     attaaaaaaa gaaatagtgt gatttatatg tgtaaaatgt tgtagtatcc ttaatagtat     56220
     gggtggcgca gcttggaaaa cgcatgtcaa catgatttga cacgtttgag caagatcatc     56280
     tacagacagt gttgtgcaag ttacttccaa actgtaatac attacagatt acttattact     56340
     gttatttaaa tgtaatccct taccttacaa tattactgtc tcagaattgt aatatgttac     56400
     attactctta tattactttt taggcacttt caccaaaata actacagaat tagaacttaa     56460
     cattataaag ttctataatg ttctataatg agcattttac atccagtaga aagtgatttg     56520
     atgtagcaga atgactgtga cctctccagg ctactaacaa tatagtatat aattggcaat     56580
     gtgatggctc aagacaatgc aagaaaggat aacagccaga atcacaaatg atctgttaaa     56640
     agtatggtag aggtaaagtg attatctggc aatatctgtg aatggcttgg ctatattcat     56700
     attagacaca acaggccgat atgtaaactc caatgccatg acaaaatgca gattttgttt     56760
     cttttcttat tgttgccatt attgtattta ctttacattc aagtggttta caacacaaaa     56820
     ccgtcctgca taaagtgagc atgatgaaca gctttctcag taaaatgttt gtgcatcaat     56880
     ttcctgtttg tggacaaaac tgcttgcgag ctctcacata cgctgctcgc gcacaaattc     56940
     tcacaatctc tcaaatatgc actgctcacg cacaagtttt cttgcgtgct ctcagtacac     57000
     tgctctttca gtgagattat atgcaaactc acaatttgtg atatgctttt tgatatgaat     57060
     tatattagta cactatttat taacaataac caaaatacta aaatagactt ataattttta     57120
     atctaataaa ccataacatt gttggctgta tgttatatga tgagatattt caaataaaaa     57180
     gcatttagac aaaaaaaaaa ctaacgcaaa cagaaatgta actaatagaa acacttgata     57240
     aggtattata gcctactata caattcactc ttcaaataaa tctcattaac aatcacattt     57300
     tttatggcaa ctaaaataaa gtgaactagt gtctgttgtc ttccacattg ttgatgagat     57360
     tgtggaggac attttccctg ccatcatctt cattttgaga agaagctgtt ccacagggcc     57420
     cctgaacaga cataggtaca ctttttatat ttaattttat gagttcacta ttcttaatac     57480
     gacagtatgc ttaagcattc attgtaaatg ctagcctaaa acataggcag tataccttac     57540
     actcaaaaac actagttttt attatagaat ttatcttaac ctgtaagtaa atagtgtagc     57600
     aataaataaa ccatataaaa aatcttggga taacaattaa ataggaggat ctctggagag     57660
     caacagaacg aaaggaagag gaaacacaag gcacagattg cgagtctgca tcatctgatg     57720
     gagcgagagc aggtcgttag cacgtgagca gcccagccag tgttgagtta acacgaggag     57780
     ttttgtccac agaggaaacc agcacgttca ctcgctcgta ttacatgaat aagcttacaa     57840
     catttgtcag tgaaataacg ccatatgcac ttatgttcgt ctcgcgaatg cactgtctta     57900
     tgccattttc atctattttc cgctgtgcgt actgcaaaac aggctgagcc aatagccccg     57960
     gaccttgagc tcagaagctg aaatcattcc gcgttcaaag taaaaatgtc ccatatagcc     58020
     agagggagat taatgacatt acgcgcatat attctctagc cacgaacagg aattaaactg     58080
     cggtattttt tatttgttaa tgtcttgcgg gcgaaaagtg tgttgtaacg cacgcgttac     58140
     tgaacatgta ccgagtaaaa tattactgaa aatgtattag taatgcctta cactactgca     58200
     atacaggaaa atgtaataca ttactgtaat acattacttt tgtaatgcat tactcccaac     58260
     actgtttaca gatagtgtct ttatagcaat gtgcgtgcag tagatagctc cgattacatt     58320
     gggaaaaccg gcgaccactg caaattgcac tttaatgttt ggatggtcaa ctgtatggta     58380
     cggaaacctt atatactaga catgagaatg aagccgtctc atacagctga gaagacactt     58440
     tgtagagtgc aatttaacac aactgcctct aggagtcgcc aatggaaata aaacagacac     58500
     gcacaaaaaa tgtgggtacg ccagccatga agctgacgtg gagctgcgca cattcccatg     58560
     ttcagttcat cgttagtaaa tccaaacatg agctattctg agtgtgaaac ctggcgtacg     58620
     caaagttttt gtgcgtacac agcgttgata catgaggccc cagaactaaa tataactgat     58680
     cattttgggg tattttgtgt gtgtgtttgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     58740
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgttcat tcattcattc attttcttgt cggcttagtc     58800
     cctttattaa tccggggtcg ccacagcgga atgaaccgcc aacttatcca gcaagttttt     58860
     atgcagcgga tgcccttcca gccgcaaccc atctctggga aacatccaca catacacaca     58920
     cttatacact acggacaatt tagcctaccc aattcacctg taccgcatgc ctttggactg     58980
     tgggggaacc cggagtaccc ggaggaaacc cacgcgaacg cagggagaac atgcaaactc     59040
     cacacacaaa cgccaactga gccgaggatc taaccagcga cctagcgacc ttcttgctgt     59100
     gaggcgaacg tgtgtgtctg tgtgtgtgtg atttaaccat tgaatgattt aaatattgtg     59160
     catcaaattc tgataaaaat cccaattttt aaaagtcaat ttttaaaaag atctaaataa     59220
     taatgactca atttaagcat attacagact tgactaaagc tttatttttg tttattgttg     59280
     ttttttgctg tgattgccat atgtattatg gcatctcatg tcattaccat aggtaatatg     59340
     gtaaaaagtt tcttagcctt ccaaaatgag attaatccgt cctccaaata gttttccata     59400
     ttacttttaa actacaaaac cctatttaaa aagagaaagc atattgtctg ttatcataga     59460
     ctgtaaaata tatgaacgta gtatccgcga taacatccat aggtttctaa agagcgtaaa     59520
     agaagccaca agtaggcgcg gccaaccgtc gccattttgt tcacgcgtca tcacactcac     59580
     gacgggatac taaacaaggg caagaagaat tttggaggga cggcgggaag atggtgtaac     59640
     atgaaatttg ctcattttat gaatattaat aatcaacaat aacggtttat tcttaattat     59700
     taatattccg gcttaagctt cagtcaattt ggtcaaacaa gcatatgatt gtatatgatc     59760
     atgctcgcac gaccgagcgg attcccagat tatgaatatt aattatcaac aataacgaat     59820
     tattattaat cattaatatt ccggatcaat ttgctaattt gaccaaataa acacaagcag     59880
     aaccgccgct cttccgagcg gacacggtaa taatctattc atttagaaaa agggaattta     59940
     attgctactt cttgtgaagt agattaatca ttcaaaagta ttaaacaact tataatagct     60000
     aggcagggga atctgtattt cagagacatt ttctcgtgag gcaaacaata caattcattt     60060
     gattataatg gaatttattg actagtcaga cataacgaac aaacaaacgc acaaacatac     60120
     attaaacaca gaacaaaagg taaaccacgt ggagatatcg ggtctctaga acgtgtaaca     60180
     acaaagagaa atagtaaagc gaggaaatag atttcaggta aaagagtgac aaaactttca     60240
     gttccaccac accattcagg accaccgagt aatcgcataa ctaaaggtac ctggacttaa     60300
     tgcctgggat ctctctcttt atgcttccgt cctgatgaaa ctcctttgat gtccttcttg     60360
     atgcgtggag tttgtaatgc cgttcggacg aacaagatcg caaactttaa actgagtttt     60420
     cttttgccgg aaaataaaga aaacgtggcg agaaagtcca tgcggctgtg aagagccgtg     60480
     tggcacgagg gccaccgaca atgatgttct ttttaggacg ttctctttct gcccagatgt     60540
     ttgggcagaa ggtctgctta tacctgcggg tcacatgaca acccgtacag cattctgacc     60600
     aatgatttca gggaaaagtt tgcacgcgaa ccttcctttg tctcggggct gctcgtatgc     60660
     aaatttgagt gtccgcctaa agcatgcgga caggcattta atacagggct ttaaagaata     60720
     aagcaatgca agttatgatc ttgctctatg catcatgtgt tgtaaaatgt cagcagaaac     60780
     ccatcggtac caaacatggg ggggtttaaa gtacatcaac ataatttttc atatccttac     60840
     aatatttatg ctttacaaag gcctaaaggg aacatgcata caggttataa gagaggttac     60900
     acaggtaaga aaagtcagaa atgagataca aagttaacac cttaaaaaac ataacacctt     60960
     agttttgtgc tggttcagga tttgatgagt tcattttctt tctgtcggaa cagcctcgtg     61020
     gttgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtatttggg caggaatgtc tttgaagtgg cagacctatc     61080
     tctccaggct ccctagatta cttaagctgt cacgaaaatc cagacttctt ggagccagga     61140
     gtcgtaaaac acttctgtcg accaaagcca gaccgtgata aaatcaataa gaaattttat     61200
     ctgtggactg tacgctacaa tggcgctctg aacagttgtc tttcccaagc tctgcaacaa     61260
     attatttctt gaagataagt gacgcttatc aagacctctt ttgaaactga tatctgtaat     61320
     ttaatgacgg aagaaacatg tcgaaatctt aaaagaaaag gaaagatcta ttagatctca     61380
     cggttagcag ttcggctaca cctgctgtta tgaagtccaa ccctgatgtc atgataactt     61440
     ctgaagggag caatttactg atggatgtag aggtctgcat tcccgcggct gtcccgcggg     61500
     cgccgcagga cccgaccaga tttctgcggc gcgggaataa atttccgaat aaatcgcggg     61560
     agcggtcggt aacaggttta atttgggaag gaagcgggct gtctagcaat attgcggata     61620
     ttgctatgcg aatgagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag cgagctttgc     61680
     ctgtgtgtgt gcttggtgct tatgtgtgtg tgtatgttag tgcgcgcgcg aatgagagag     61740
     agagagagag agagagagaa agagctgtcc cagataccaa aatacactcg ggccagttcc     61800
     ggctagattc tcgcctgccg gagacttacc actcagccca gctccggctg ccggactccg     61860
     gatgcttgtg gactcactgc ccgattccgg ccagatgcag cgggccagat gctggttcgg     61920
     gccagatgca gcggccgtaa gcgagccgac gctttcgcat ccgcgccaga atcggcccga     61980
     gagtaatgtg cgcagcagcc cggagctggc gcgactcggt atttatttac ctttatataa     62040
     aaccttttgg tattacatcg gtacttgata caaggtatta aaagcctttg tgttgatata     62100
     acagcaaacg cctgtgtgtc tgcttggtga cgcgcgcgcg tatgagaaag agagagattt     62160
     gtctgtgtgt gtgtgcttgg tgctgtgtgt gtgtgtgttt atacagacag cttggctgtc     62220
     tggactgtat agctggggga ttgtcggttt tgttctcccc cactctttag cgggatcggg     62280
     cgcggcgggc agaaaacggg gcgggtcggg cagcgggaca ataaattctt aatataagcg     62340
     ggagcggtcg ggtttgggct aaaacctggc gggtgcgggc gggagcggga tttaaaattc     62400
     agtccctcgc agatctctag atggatgttt gtcatgatta tgatacccat gtatctccac     62460
     cattaccctc tgtggatgac tttccttctt tacctgtgac tccatccagc aaacgtggta     62520
     aacctgacat atttggtgag gaaactatat ctactctctc tgaactgatt aataccaggg     62580
     cagacggtat ggagaaactg ataaacaaca acgctatgcg aattgaaggt cttaaaaaga     62640
     cggttgattt tgtttgttca gaggtaaaag aattgaaagt taagatatct aatgccgaga     62700
     aatgtattga tgaggaaaag aatcatcgca acaggctgga gaaccgaatt cgggagctgg     62760
     aaggatatca tagaagatgg aatctgaagg agaaagccat acaaagtgta cgggatgatg     62820
     tgattcgaat ttgtcaggaa gtgctacctg agggaaaatc caagccccca gatgtaatcg     62880
     ataccgttca tcgcatagga aaactgcaca ctgataaacc caggcctgtt attcttcagt     62940
     ttaccagcag agtgcaccgt gacgcaattt ggagggcagc tagaaacaac acataccttc     63000
     gtgacaacaa gctacgcttt gcagaagact tctgtgaaga agacagggag agaaggaaaa     63060
     agctgtggcc tttaatcaaa agtgcgagag atgccgggaa aaaagcttac tacgtaggag     63120
     ctcgtgcttt tgttgagggc aaggaaatca cacaccccat ttaatgggtt ctgaattttt     63180
     gttctgcggc tgtttgaata ctttggctca tcatgagcaa ctttagccat ttatgcacat     63240
     cactgttgat cttgttctta agatgttcta tgataagtcg actcgcttat actgacattt     63300
     gttttaattg caaagcttgg acgttccata cactgatctt aagcttttaa attaagatct     63360
     attgttcgca cagttctctt agatttttct tttaaatgtt atctttattt tttttaaatg     63420
     tcaggggtat aagacaatct ataaaaagaa aagctttatt ttatttgcga aacagttaaa     63480
     ggctgatttt ggtttcttcc aagaatccca ctctactgtt aatgacataa agttttggag     63540
     atctcagtgg ggtaatgacc tttggttttc tcatggaact gaacgctctg caggagttac     63600
     tactctaaga aatgcattta aagggaatat tttgcattcg gacagtgatt caaatggaca     63660
     ttttttgtgt aacatcattg atattgactc aaggattgtt atcattgcca atatatatgg     63720
     gtttaatgtt aagactgaaa atataagttt tcttgattat ataataagca gaatacaaca     63780
     ttggcttaaa aaatttccaa gttctataat cgttataggt ggggatttta atatttcaat     63840
     cgatagtgtt cttgataaat ggcctccagg gcgcccctct ttactcaatt ctgaaattaa     63900
     acaattcatg gagagattgg atgtatttga tgtctggaga tccaaattcc ctaatacaaa     63960
     agcgtttacc tggagtaata aagctgcttc tcaattttct cgtttagact ttaggctgat     64020
     ttctaattct ttaaattctc aaaatactac agttgatatt cttcctacat ccctaacaga     64080
     tcataaagct atttatataa aaataataat ttcaataaat ctctgaaata ccatcagaat     64140
     ttcatattgg aaattaatta gctctcattt atgtcataat acagttaggt taaaaatatt     64200
     tttttttatt agatattatt ggaaaaaagc attaagtgaa cattctttta ttaataactg     64260
     ggaactactt aaatttgata ttggaaagtt tatgagacgc tatggaagta tgctaaccaa     64320
     atataagaaa gctgaggaag aagcagtagt tagtcagatt actttgctca ctcagagttc     64380
     ccctgaaaat atttcagttg aggaaactgc tttacttaat caataacaaa atcagcttga     64440
     cgacatttac aaaaataaag ctgaaggtgc ttttgtgcga tctagaagga ggtggatgga     64500
     gcagggcgaa caaaactctg catacttctt taggttagag aaatcgaatg ccatttataa     64560
     tagcatgact aaacttatga ttgatggtaa cattgtggat gaccctaagg ctatatcttc     64620
     ttattgttat aatttttata agttgttata tagctctcat tcagatgata attatacatc     64680
     ctctttttta gattcggtaa ctgacctgaa aattatagag gaaagtgata aaatttgctg     64740
     tgataaacct atttctataa aacaagtaat tgattccata aaccttttaa aagttaataa     64800
     atcaccagga aatgacggta ttactaatga gttttacaag actttctcta tctctttagc     64860
     tcctttcctg gttgaagttt atgcagagag ttttttgcga agcgctctcc tgcctacttt     64920
     aacacaaggt ttaattaacc taattccaaa ggccaaaaag gatccactac atattgagaa     64980
     ctggcgtcca atttgtttac ttaataccga ttacaaaatt ttagctcaaa tttttgccca     65040
     aagattacaa aaggtaatga gttatttaat tgatgaatca cagtctgttt ttttaaaaag     65100
     cagattaatc tctaataata taagattaat tttagacata attgattatt ctgattttat     65160
     ttctgatgaa agttttatat tatttctaga cttttacaaa gcatttgaca cggtagagca     65220
     caattttatt tttcgttgta ttaaaaaatt tggttttggt gattttttta taatgctatc     65280
     acgacacttt atgctaacag taattgttcc ttgaaatttt gttttggtac ttcaagtcgt     65340
     tttagccttc agaggggtat cagacaagga tgtcccattt caccctatct ttttcttttg     65400
     gccactcaag tactttttca atatatttaa acaagtgcct taaaagggat tatcattgcg     65460
     gaaagggaat taaaaatcag ccaaatagca gacgatacta ctctcttttt aagagacgca     65520
     tcttgtggcc cctttgctat taatacaatt caatccttct ccaaagcttc tggtcttttt     65580
     ttaaatttat ctaaatgtga attactttca gtaaaagaat ctagtctttc tacaattaat     65640
     aatatcccag ttaaagataa tatagtttac ttgggcatct ctatttgtaa aactgaaaaa     65700
     gttagatgct ctattaattt tgaccctatt attgagaaaa ctcgtagaaa attaaactta     65760
     tggctccaga gggatttatc tctgagggga agaattcttc ttactaaagg gaaaaatatc     65820
     tctatatata tgatatctat atatatatga ctttcatatg ctgctcaatc tctccatgtt     65880
     gacaaattca ttttgaatca tactgataaa atattattta attttatttg gaaaaatggt     65940
     atccattata tcaaaaaatc agtaattatg aatagctttg agaatggggg tcttaatatg     66000
     ctggattttt gtacatttaa taatactatc aaaattaaat ggggaaaaaa ttttctcaaa     66060
     aatccaactt caatctggaa ttttatttca aattacatat tttctaaatt tggagggctt     66120
     aatttcttat tactctgtaa ctataatgtt gagaaaatac cagttaaatt atctcaattt     66180
     cataaacaat ttcctcttgc ctggtcacta ttatacaagc acaatttttc tcctcacaat     66240
     tattttattt tgaacaacca aaatattgta tataaaaaca aatctctttt ctttcagcgc     66300
     tggtttgaag caaatattct gcttgttagt caattattta actcaaatgg ccatttatta     66360
     aattataatg aatttcttaa tcgattcaat attgccatac catctggtgt tattagatta     66420
     ttccaaggca tcccctatcc ttctgtttta cctcctttag acccttctac tacaatgatt     66480
     ggaaaatact gtttctctgc aacttcttca aacaaaacaa tacgtttttt gtttcttaat     66540
     ggaactgtat cagttccaaa tgttactttt tattggaatt cttttgtttc ggatattgat     66600
     tggagaaaaa tgtggctcat cccaaataac tactttatta caaataagaa aaaagaagtt     66660
     tcattcagaa ttattcaccg tacataccca gtcaatactc ttttagtacg atataaaaaa     66720
     gatattaata ttaattgttc attttgtggg cagcaacctg attccctggt tcacttattt     66780
     tggcaatgca attactctag gttgctttgg aaagacttct cactttttat aattgagaat     66840
     gttaatgagg aattttcctt gctgtgggag aatgttttgt ttggttttgt tgattatgga     66900
     acgggggctt tacataaaaa gaaaacatat tttcttaatc ttcttgtctt atcaacaaaa     66960
     ttttatatcc ataaatgtac atttttttaa accaaaaacc ttttttttat atattgctta     67020
     ctgaaatgca gtattacttt gaaacagtgt attactcttt tacaaaaaag gctttaaaaa     67080
     caactgaaat ttgtaaacta tataatcttt ttctttaacg tgtaatgtat ttacccctcc     67140
     tgtttttttg ttttttttta atcttttgtt gtttttcttt ttccaaaaat gttgctcttt     67200
     ttgtctcttc aatttcttct taaaatactg tgattgtata ttctcacttt cgtatattaa     67260
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaacaagggc aaagaaccgg agaatgagcg gagctacaga     67320
     catctgctgg cattttgctt ggacctggct ttagacacag attactttgg gagaacgctt     67380
     aatactttat tacctgtgac tcgtttgtgt tctgaccaca tgtgcttggc tgtactctat     67440
     atcaataaag tgtttagact tttaaaaaca ctgtagtaat acattgagca gctaagtatt     67500
     gttcttatga ctttttcaac aggtggaaaa cgcaaattac ttccaaacac ttcagatatt     67560
     gtctgtgtta gtaaatgcag gactattgat gaaatacagc ataacactgt atgataacac     67620
     ttcagatgac tgttctagag catacagcta atcaataaat atgccgagat cagtggctaa     67680
     tctgcaggat ttagctgagg tgacgtgacg gtgaccaaca agacctagct gtcacttata     67740
     tggccattcc cttaattatg caaacttaat ataacttaat ataaagaaaa cggatgagtt     67800
     ctaaaaaaat tcacccccct cacagttgtc atgaagggta atattagctg tattaaccaa     67860
     aatctttttt ttgtaccagg ctgtaaacac ttttttctgc tgtaaagttg gccattctaa     67920
     cagtgggctc aattaaaatt agctctatta tggaaccagg agcggccagg actagcggat     67980
     gattagccat ttatacagct atggcttgtt tagattactc tgttgcagag tgaggcctca     68040
     tatcaaggaa gttatcatct gcaaagactc tgctttgcca tcaaagccag tgaaaataat     68100
     aacacaggct ggtggttctg actcgtaaag tgtggcaata ggtcaactgg ccagttgttg     68160
     gcatactatg taattataca atcataccaa atagactgtc agaaggacgc ctatggaaag     68220
     cgtgaggcct gttattgttc taaaggaact gcttcgggct ttagacttgt ctctctgtgc     68280
     cataaaaatg gatatcacag ggacatttgt ggctaaatca gtccggtatc aagaaagagg     68340
     acatatgtct cttccttgat gcccccattt tgcccgctgg tttattagag aatctgttaa     68400
     gcgggtagag gcggtggggc tcctacggga gcttccttgt ctaagaaacc gttatttagg     68460
     ggcggcttgg cgggaccagc cccagcccca gccgcaagcc agtttatccg ctcagcattg     68520
     tgtggggcaa gagagtgcgt tgcatccatt cagcccctaa aacagttggg gtgggaagca     68580
     gcgctctcag gagacaaagt ccgtcatgta ctttggcaaa gaaccattgt catgacacgg     68640
     gcatcgtctc cgaagaagtt ctagtgttag gaaattcttc gggtggcccc tgcgaggagc     68700
     aagggccgcc tcctcatgcc ccacaggggg tccatccacc aaccctccca ccgctggtgc     68760
     ctcagggtgc ggagaccccc ggtgttgtcc atcagcgttt tatcccaaaa gtggtgacgc     68820
     tagtgaagca ctgccctcag gagacaaatc ctgtcatgta ttgtggccaa gaaccattgt     68880
     tgtgaaacgg ccatcgtctc cgaagaagtt ctagtattag gaaattcttc gggcagcacc     68940
     tgcgaggagc aaaggccgcc tcctcgtgcc ccacagggga tctatccgcc aaccttccca     69000
     acgctggtgc ctcagggcgc ggagaccccc gttgttgtcc accagcgttt tatcccaaaa     69060
     gtggtggcgc tagaggactc accccctcta cggagggtcc aaaagcagtt aacttggtgg     69120
     cctctgttgt ggttttcggt ttttctctta atgaatcaaa ctcagtctgg aggttatgaa     69180
     tatcagaaga gtatacttta ttgtcgacaa caaaggagaa ttttcaggag acccccagta     69240
     gcatctctgt ctgaaaattt ctgtctcact gatgttctgg cctgcttata tagggcctac     69300
     tcttttgcag ctgtttttca cattgttcta tatatgtcac acaagatccc acctagtttt     69360
     cagcttcagc tttttttttt tttttttttt tttggggcgc atgctcgagt gacgtcactg     69420
     gcgtcactgt ctccgttcgg tcacacactg tgtgcttgaa gtttggactt gctatttact     69480
     cgcaatttaa atcttaatca ttaaattctt cctcattcgc taagtatttg tctctcctac     69540
     ttagggtgac caaaccctta atacatttat acaaacaaag ctgctttaaa aacggtctgt     69600
     ccctcgagca tccgcctgtt gtttgtagct ttagcctgct agcgccgctg gtcagctaaa     69660
     gctaccgacc tctttaacca tacacttttg acttactggc tttgctcttt accccgtaaa     69720
     atgtcgcttc cgtctctgtc cttgtgtgca ggagaagcat cgatggaggc gctggagctg     69780
     gagctggaag aagtggagtc ccagatccgc gcgctggtgg taagacggtc gcggctacgg     69840
     gaacggctcc tcgccgtacc taatgctaag gccgtctcat cacctaaggt acgtggaaat     69900
     tacaaccaca tcattccctc tacctcaacc ccgcgtcctt ctctgtccag gcccagcgca     69960
     cccggggcgc ggctcagcca ggcgtcgttc acgccgacac ccggctacca cggcgcctgg     70020
     gtgcagccgc gcaaggtgct tcccagatcc cggggcagaa cgtctccgcc tgtgttcgag     70080
     atctccacgg agaaccgctt ctcccctctc cgcgagtcgg gtcccgatgt ggccatcatc     70140
     ggtgactcga tcgttcgtca cgtccgtgcc gcctcctcaa aaggtaataa agtacgtact     70200
     ttctgctttc ctggtgcccg tgtgaaaaat atttctacac agattccaac catcctgggc     70260
     gctgccgaga gccctggtgc cgttgtcctc cacgtgggga caaacgacac cgggctccgg     70320
     cagtcggaga tcctgaagaa ggacttcagg agcctgatcg agacggttcg acgcacctcg     70380
     cccgccacgc agatcatcgt ttctgggccg cttcctacct accgccgagg aaatgaaagg     70440
     ttcagtagac ttttagcttt gaatgaatgg ctaataacat ggtgtaaaga acagaaattg     70500
     ctctttgcta ataactggaa tcttttctgg gagcgtccta ggctcttccg tcctgacggc     70560
     ctgcacccca gtcgagccgg agctgaactc ctgtcggaca acatctccag actacttcgc     70620
     accatctgac tagcaggtaa aaattcacaa aattcacact atagccacct agactcttgt     70680
     tcaccccact taaacatcag taacacatat ctggcgaatc ctatagagac tgtgtctgtt     70740
     cctcgtatta ttagattaag aaataaacgt actgtgtgct ccaggaaaaa tctagtaaga     70800
     atcaaaccag aaaaaccagt agaaagtgaa aatacaaatt tcgtaaaact tggtctccta     70860
     aacatcaggt cacttgcacc taaagcactt atcattaatg aaataataac agaaaacaat     70920
     cttaatgcac tctgtctcac tgaaacctgg ctgaaacaaa atgactatat tagcttaaat     70980
     gaagcaactc ctccaggatt cttatataaa catgaggctc gtcaaactgg tcgtggtggt     71040
     ggagttgcat caatctttag tgatttcctt aatattaaac agagaaacgg acttatgttt     71100
     agctcctttg aagtattatc gcttaatgtt cagcttccag atactataca aaaacctatg     71160
     ttatctctcg ctttaatcac catatataga cccccaggac cctatgtcaa atttctaaaa     71220
     gaattttctg attttatttc tgacttacta gtcaaaactg ataaaatgct aattgtaggt     71280
     gactttaaca tccacataga tgacgctaat gatacattag ggctcgcgtt tatggattta     71340
     atacactcac ttgggataaa gcaaaacgtt gtgggtccaa cccatcgctt aaagcataca     71400
     ttagatctaa ttctgtctta tggaatcgag gttattgacg tagacattat accacaaagt     71460
     gatgatatta cagatcacta cctcttacta tataagctgt gtttacctga aatcagcaaa     71520
     cccgctccaa tactccgccc tagtagaact attgttccgt caactaaaga tgaatttata     71580
     aataacttac ctgatctctc tctatttcgt aatgcacccg caaactcaaa tgatcttgat     71640
     gtagtaacca gcagtatgga tgccatcttt actagcacac taaatactgt ggcacccatc     71700
     aaattaaaaa aggctagaga gattaaaact ataccatggt ataatagtca tactcgtgcg     71760
     ctcaaaacag caacccgcgc cctggaacgt aaatggaaaa aaactaattt agaggtcttt     71820
     agaattgcgt acaaagacag tatgtccagc tataggaggg ctctaaaatc tgccaggacc     71880
     gagcacctgc gcaaactgat agaaaataat caaaacaatc ctagattttt atttaacacc     71940
     atctctaaat tagcaaataa tcggtcatcc ttggaacaaa ctactccacc gcaaattagt     72000
     agtgatgact tcatgaattt tttcagtaat aaaatagaag gctttagaca gaaaatagga     72060
     gatgccaaac tttctgcacc ggcttatact ccaaatcctg taaatatttc attaaatcat     72120
     aataataacc tacactgctt caaaatcata gaacatgaag agttagtaaa aattataaat     72180
     agctctaaac cagctacgtg tatgctggac tcaattccaa caaaattact gaaagagctg     72240
     ctacctgcta taggagaacc tcttcttaac attatcaact cttctttatc tataggccat     72300
     gttccaaact cttacaagct agctgttatt aagcctatta ttaagaaacc gcaactagac     72360
     accaacaact tagctaacta taggcctatt tcaaatcttc catttatgtc taaaatacta     72420
     gaaaaagttg tttccactca attatgctct tatctgcaga cgaacaatat ttttgaagtg     72480
     tttcagtcag gtttcagggc tcaccacagt acagaaaccg ccttagtgaa aataaccaac     72540
     gatttactct tagctgctga tcgagggtgc gtctcgctat tagttttact cgatcttagt     72600
     gcggcatttg ataccattga ccacaatatc ctcataaatc gtttaaagtc tacaggtgtc     72660
     cagggacagg ctctacaatg gtttaagtca tacttaactg accgctacca gtttgtaaat     72720
     cttaatggac agccttcaca aatctgccca gtaaagtatg gggtgcctca aggatcagtt     72780
     ttaggccctt tactgtttac aatttacatg ctacctatgg gagacattat tagaagacat     72840
     gggatcagct ttcactgcta tgcagatgat actcaattat atatttccac taaacctgac     72900
     gagacatctg aactttctaa actaactgag tgtatcaaag acatcaaaga ctggatgacc     72960
     aacaattttc ttctcttaaa ctcagacaaa acagaattat tacttattgg gcctaaatct     73020
     tgcacacagc agatctcgca actcaattta caattagagg gatacaaagt tagctttagc     73080
     tctactataa aagatctggg tgtcatatta gacagcaatc taacatttaa aaaccatata     73140
     tcccatgtca caaaaactgc cttctttcat ctgagaaata tcgctaaatt acgaaatatg     73200
     ctatccatct cagatgcaga aaagctagtc catgctttta tgacttcgag actggattac     73260
     tgtaatgctc tatttgctgg ctgcccagca tcctctatta acaaacttca attagtacaa     73320
     aatgcagcag ccagagttct gaccaggtct agaaaatatg atcatataac cccaatttta     73380
     tcctccttac actggctgcc agttaagttt cgtattgaat ttaaaatatt acttctcacc     73440
     tataaagctc taaataatct agctcctgtt tatctaacca accttctgtc tcgctacgaa     73500
     ccaactcgct ccttaagatc tcaaaattca gggcttctgg tagtacctag aatagcaaaa     73560
     tcaagtaaag gaggtcgagc cttctctttc atggctccta cactctggaa tagccttcct     73620
     ggtaatgtcc gaggctcaga cacactctcc cagttcaaaa ctagattaaa gacctatctg     73680
     tttagtaaag catacactca gtgcatcacc tagcgggttc cacactggct tctacatctt     73740
     gcttatatac actatgaaca gcagctacgc taattattct cttttctcta ttttcacctg     73800
     gggatactca tcccgaggtc ctcagattag gcggagtcac tgattggatc caagaccagc     73860
     gacgtgatga tcccaaggat tccatatccg ggaccaggcc atatcctgag ctgctgctgc     73920
     gctgatggtc gtggggagtg gagaacatga gtctgattcc agcgacgctc cagggacaga     73980
     cgagtcttca ttgaggccat cttccagcat aaaccacggc gaatgaagtt ctgcacaaga     74040
     cttttggcca gcggagaaat taaaatggtc gtgcccaact gagtctggtt ctctcaaggt     74100
     tttttttctt cactcccatc aggtgaagtt ttttttccct ctccgctgtc gccactgcct     74160
     cgcatggttc aggattggta gagctacgca tcgatgaatt tgctcttctg tgtttgaact     74220
     ctcagtaatg attaaatcac actgaactga gctaaactga actgaactga acttaaacac     74280
     taaaacctga accacactgt tccagttact atgaccattt atgtgaagct gctttgacac     74340
     aatctacatt gtaaaagcgc tatacaaata aaaaaagctg aagctagttt taacccctga     74400
     cccaaacctg ataaccatat atcttatcca tctatactta actgttttca catgtgttgc     74460
     tctattctca tccgtttcct gtgacacctt ggttgtttac tcaggctttc tcccgctctc     74520
     ttctcatcca tttcttgtga cccttagttg tttactcagg ccatctcccc tttctcactc     74580
     tacacagtac cttaattgtt ctaatggtat gcaagtccac aagcagacca cacacacaca     74640
     acctgaatat acagatcaac ctcacacccc aaagagcaca aaatccacct cacctcctgt     74700
     cgtgagttca cttcagagcc ctgagttagc taactagggg agcatagagg ccaatcttta     74760
     gggactggta cccctgcgaa ttttctggca gaatgagagc agctgctaaa cgtttcacag     74820
     tagggtcctg ctaaccttaa agaggagcta tataatgcag tttggttcac aaccctcttg     74880
     ctgcaataat atggtttaca tttttagtaa agttaaagta ggctctagat atgaaagtga     74940
     agtagactcc cttctgagca aggaagtcat aaaacagatc ctcctccaga catggagtcg     75000
     gggtttttat attattactt cattgttcca aagaaggatg gacggttata tcctatatat     75060
     taagacgact aaatcgctct gaacaagcgc tgaagttcaa acaataactg aaagcgccat     75120
     agtgtcacaa atacagtctg agggctggtt tgtcacacat ccatccttta aagtcacaga     75180
     aagttcctga gtttcgcctt caggggcaag gcgtacaggg ctctttcatt cggtctggca     75240
     ttctcacctc acacgttctc caaagtattt aacgtaccat tggttgcact ttggctacaa     75300
     aggacttgta ttttctattt cctggatggc tggctaattt aatttcagtt tagggagtta     75360
     gcaatttcac atagtggtgt tgttcttggt tacatagaga agttggggtt gcgcctagtc     75420
     ctacagaaaa gtgttattgt gcaagttcat gttgagacag aagttggcat atacatttta     75480
     tgtgtatttt ggaactccac aacgatgttc gtgtgtctgt tcccctactc aaatagagtt     75540
     aatccagatc accgtaaaga gtgtcaggct gggcctagct atcactgtca aaccatttta     75600
     gaggctggtt agcagcagcc accaacatgg ttgggtctgc taacatgaca ttattacagt     75660
     ggtggctcaa atccagggat ttcggataat caaagccttg tgacattatc tacaagcttt     75720
     atcgatatag tgacagccct gttttctgtc ccaaagccct acattgggag taatctctca     75780
     gcgcatggca ctgacctcag aagccgcttg cgagggttgg gaagcgaccc tgaggtgcct     75840
     tcccacattg cggcaaaaga gggaccatct tctccatatg catatcgatt gctgggagat     75900
     gttatcagtg tttcaggctc tgaaacactt gttttttttc tcaagtaaga ggtcaccatg     75960
     tcagcagagc cgacgtggat aaatgcacct gtcaaaacaa acaataccca ttgtggtttt     76020
     ttactgacac acccagcacc atttggactg gatgtcatag tgcagacatt gctaaggctt     76080
     gtctgtattc tttccccagg atcactttgc tcctaggagt tctggagaga gtccatttag     76140
     ggggctcaac ctactatcgg tggcccctag gcctacaaga gtgtggttct cagacctaaa     76200
     gtctttcctt aatggtctcc catgggagat tcttgttcag aagagttctt ctgttccagg     76260
     caagctatgg gtgtggcctc tgaggggacc cacctcatag atcttggttt ttcaactgaa     76320
     catgttcaaa ccgtacacat ctccagagcc ccttccatga ggacattgta tgccaccaag     76380
     taaaattttt cactttgtgg tgtaccgacc accacctggg tcaagtttca tcgcctgtgt     76440
     ggttggtgct ggaattttat ccaggagtct tttaaatatg atgcttttat gtatatttag     76500
     cagtaatgtc cacatatggt actgagggtc tctgcagaga cattctggtg gtcggattcc     76560
     tccatggatc caggaggttg aggcctaatt gcaccagtag aattcctatt caagatttgt     76620
     ggatagtgct caagggcctg tcgacagtcc ctttttgaac ccattgagga gatttagatt     76680
     caagtttcta atgctgaaat gggatttttc tctcaagagg agctccctct tgtttgaaat     76740
     gctcacctgg catggtgaga gcattcctgt accccacaac agagtacttc tgactccact     76800
     gaggtggtat gacctacgat gctgcaggcc tttaatcctc caccatttat gacgcagatc     76860
     agaagcactt catctgcttt gcccagtgca tgcgttagac gcatacatca tacagctgaa     76920
     tggagttcac tgtaacaata gttcattgtt tatgacccac ctaacatggg ggcatctgcg     76980
     tctaagcaga cttgagccag tggatagtcg aggctatctc actcacatat ttcagggctc     77040
     tgcattttac acataaaatt atgagccctg aaactctatc agaggcaata agggcctatc     77100
     ctaccagggg tatagcgact tcaaaatcct tttttattct ggccagtgta tagctggcat     77160
     ctgcgaaaca gcagggtggt ctaccctgca aacctttaaa agattttaat gattagattt     77220
     ggatcccact tcgaaaacca gtatctttta ttgaattagg agaactcaga ccaggcaaat     77280
     caaactatgg cgtgtttggg atagcattcc cattgtgtct cctaaaagag acgcagcgta     77340
     gagttccccg aaggggaacg tctcaggtta cgtatggaac catggttccc taaagggaac     77400
     gagacgctgc gccgctttgc catacttttt caagcctggt gcgcttcgtt cgagaggttc     77460
     tatgctgaag tcgtatgctt ccgtggtgct tttatacctc ccggtctgac gtcacactca     77520
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacataca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     77580
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacggt cccgccaatt     77640
     aaattggatt gatttcacct gtgcttcagg aggttataag agagggattg tatcccattg     77700
     tgtctcctaa aagagacgca gcgtctcatt ccctttaggg aaccatggtt acatatgtaa     77760
     cctgagacgt tttctttcat aaagacaaga ataagaaaag tcacagcttt aaattatcta     77820
     tatagattta attataaaac attctattta attcaagctt atttttatag cgctttttac     77880
     aatgtagatt gtgtcaaagc ttaacatata tatttttaaa gaagctattg ttaagacaac     77940
     aacaatcata ataataaaat aataataaaa taaaatgtat ctatttaatg gaaaaactgt     78000
     gtaatgaatt gtcaaatcat aaataaatac tgttgtataa aacaaaaaaa catttattaa     78060
     ttgtccgaca tccatctata agttatttat ttgtttaaat aaggacaatc gtgcagggta     78120
     aaatgaaggt ctttaatatg gttatcaaat gttaaaacac tgggttgtga ctaacattaa     78180
     aataatgtga atgtatcatt atgaagatga cagtaacttt cacaagacaa aagaactttg     78240
     taaccatgta actttttaaa taaggaagca tcacaaatct ggtgcaggtt tggtgttttg     78300
     ttgtcagcca tggagctctg ggaactttcc aaaactggtt aaacttcatt gtactgaaga     78360
     tgacgtgtaa attatgtaaa tattttcaaa tagaaaacat ttaaatcaaa tgtaatgtgt     78420
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatat atatatatat atatatatat     78480
     attagcgctg tcaaaataag tgcgttaacg catgcgatta attttaaata acacgttaaa     78540
     aaaattaacg caattaacgc agttgcaggt tttttttact tcctgttgtg gtggacgtgt     78600
     gttcaacaca caagacatgt ggataagacc aaggaagcac tttttgaagg caagtttcag     78660
     tataaaacaa ttagtcgcat caccaggctc tccaaacttc atttttaaca ttcgacttct     78720
     gttgtaagtt gataccgcaa ggcgaacaga aagaaaatcc tccgaaggga gggtgggggt     78780
     gagttgcgcg cgacataggc tacctgatga gctaggaggg atgcggggga gaggggtgtg     78840
     caatgtattt aacgaccggt ttgcgagaaa ttatcattca tttgcgggta tccgggagtc     78900
     tctgtgcact tgcgggatac tcctagtctt agcaactgga tgaatgtaaa ggaggattgt     78960
     ttctactcta taactaattt tctcaactca aagcaataaa actttacaat gagtgcaact     79020
     gtttgtgttc tatagtttat tattataatt ttttattttc cataactgca attgctgtat     79080
     tttggcattt ttttacagtc cacttagaat ccaacatgga aatcaatgtt ttctttatcg     79140
     gcattgattg ttttgaaatt taaatggcat taacatgcct gtgttttaat ttctgtaata     79200
     aatatggctg tcaagccagg atctttatgg tttattgtgg gtatgttgtg tacatgaaga     79260
     aatctgtgtt acacgttaaa caaaaatttt attaaacaat tatattttga attttaattc     79320
     taataaacaa atatattatg aatttaaata gtttttgtct tgcgtttaca ttaattttac     79380
     atttgaatag ccaaaattac aagtttcagt attttaaatg cgattaatct ttttaaaaag     79440
     gtgcgattaa ttagttaatc ttttaatcga ttgacagcac taatatatat atatatatat     79500
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatac cagtgtaacc     79560
     agtgtaactt actgactgta cttcccaaat atcaccaaca tgtgagtatt cccactcgtg     79620
     aaaataacac actggacaat gtttacagta acatacgcgg tgcatacaga gctgcccccc     79680
     gcccccactt tggtcagtca gaccacatct ccttgttttt gtatccagct taaagacaaa     79740
     gactgaagca aacaaacccg atcactaaac tggttaaaat ctggaatcca cagacagaga     79800
     gcacccttca ggactgtttt gctcttacag actgagatgt gtttaaaact gcagccacca     79860
     aggaggactt gtctgttaat gtacaggact atgctgagaa tgtgactggt tatatcagca     79920
     cttgtgttga aaacatcata cccaccatac aagtcaagaa gttccccaac cagaagccct     79980
     ggattaacag caaggtgcgt cacatgctga atgttcgttc tctggcattt acatcaggca     80040
     atgagaatga gtacaaatct gctaaatatg gagtgagaag tgccatcaaa gaggctaagg     80100
     ccgtactcac actaggtaca gttgcctcga accgggccaa agcacgcttg tcccccctcc     80160
     cctctccccc gacggcccac actcacacta tgttatagca tccgtaccca agcccgttta     80220
     cgtcactata gtgcgtcatt gtagtgcgac gtactcaaaa taaacagtag gagatgcgct     80280
     aagcacaatg gagtccattg ctttgttaag tttgtgggta ttttttttga gtcgtttgct     80340
     cctcagcggt gctcagccct ctcacaacat aacgatgagc cggtctatcg tctttgtggc     80400
     tcgaaaactt tcacgaaacc gtgctgctcg aatcaggaag tttgcgaggt ggcagctgaa     80460
     atgcagcgaa gactttgcag ctttgttgag cgactacagt tcatgcacat ctataaggtg     80520
     agaaaaattc gaagtaataa gaacaaaagg aaggtgtatt attaaatttc aaacacagta     80580
     tgttttttaa tgataactgt agcgtagtat gtctaataat ggtgtaacgc cttagactat     80640
     tagggatatg taatagataa tgttcgataa caatagttaa aagctgcgaa tattgcatat     80700
     tgtacaatca agtgtccaac acgtaacgtc acttgtttgt aactacatca gttatataca     80760
     ggttatgtaa ttataaattt gttatttaat tataaactgt aacactgtaa cacttccatc     80820
     tacattgtga ttaaattgtt tagcatttac tttgttacaa tatgttgtag tttttagtgg     80880
     aaatgcaaaa gaaatcatgt ttttaatcag tgtttatttt ggttattcac aactaaatgt     80940
     acacagtctt atagaaaata gaacagctat actttaggta tgtaataagt attttgtgtg     81000
     cattgccagc acctaagctt ttcactcatc atagcacacg tgctgctggt gatgtaacaa     81060
     taaaagtggt ttgatttgtc atagtggttt cttgtttgtt gatttccact tcaaagagct     81120
     ggaacgttat tgtgtatgca aaaactatac aattattaat attgtttcca ttctgctgca     81180
     ggactacatg gattcgtcag agatctgatg tgtggtggca gcatgttctc accagttgga     81240
     cagattgtga gtggaaggat aatttcagaa tgggaagagc tgcattctta cagttgtgca     81300
     accgcctgca gccacacatt caaagacaaa ccactacatt caggaaacca gtgcctgtgg     81360
     aacaacgtgt ggcaatatgc atatggagat tggccacaaa tgttgagttc agaacaatct     81420
     cccatttatt tggtattggt cagtcaactg cagtaagcat aacaaactgt gttgcctcag     81480
     caattgtgaa aaatttgctt tcaattttca tccgcacacc ctctgaacag gaatttgaaa     81540
     gcataattca gggtttcaga gacaagtggg ggttcccaca atgtggagga gccattgatg     81600
     gcactcatat tgggatttta gctccaccag tcagctctgc agactactat aaccggaaag     81660
     gtttctattc tgttattctg caaggtgtgg ttgatcatag acttatgttc tgggacatta     81720
     atgtgggatg gccaggcaag gtacatgatg caagggtttt tgctaattca tccttgtttg     81780
     ataggggcca gggtaattcc ctatttcctc ctaacataga gaggtttggg gatgtggatg     81840
     tgcctgtaat gcttttaggg gatgctgcat atccgttgat gccatggttg atgaaaccat     81900
     accctgaaaa ccaactgaca acccctgcac aaagtacctt caacaaccgc ctcagcaagg     81960
     cacggatgac tgtggaaagg gcatttggac ccttaaaaag gaaggtggag atgcttaatg     82020
     aagaggtgtg attgtcacat agacaacatt aactctatta tcagtgcctg ttgcgtgctt     82080
     cacaattatt gtcaattgta tggtgaggac tgtgatgaga ttgctactga tgacgaaaat     82140
     gtgaacagtg attggaattc ttgccattca gccaccaggt caaatgccac tagagatgca     82200
     ctgtgctcat atttctctaa tctgtaagga cagattttgc agaacaatgg ttttgatggc     82260
     atactttgtg taatgttgta tagttattta ccctgttagt gttggtatac tacttctgtg     82320
     attgttgtca ataaagacat acagtattgc ttattttcag aactgctcta attatgtaat     82380
     aacacacaaa aacattagat aatatccaaa aatgttattt aaaatataag aagcacattc     82440
     tgcagtacta agagtacttt acaatagatg accgtgtgca gtaatgggac ataaaagaaa     82500
     atcaaaaaga aagtaaatca aatatagagt ttgttgaata ctgaggtata acaataaagt     82560
     gcagttttta gagatataca ttgtggttga ataactatca aaaaatatat aaaatatgta     82620
     tatatacata tataaatata atatatataa atatataagt acaacaactc ttatataaag     82680
     aaaagaaaaa caacaaacta taatatataa actataaact attatataaa gaaaaaacta     82740
     tataaaagaa caacattaag aaagcaaaat caaaactaaa gtttgttgca tactgaggta     82800
     caacaacaaa gtgtggtttt ttggcagcat atattgtctt taaagagcgg ttaccaagtg     82860
     tttatttaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaacacaca cacacacaca tacatacatc tcacatacac     82920
     acacatttct ctttcttgct ggtaacgcag ttgttccccc tccataaatt cgtcatactg     82980
     ccgtttctgc aggtttacaa aggcagccat agtgtcgttt gcctccacct ttctcttcct     83040
     cttcctttgt tccctggaag gtgttgtttc tagtgtctca acactactgt ttgaggtgcc     83100
     aggtgagtct gaaccggggc acataactgt cgaattacaa gaaaagaaaa cacaaatata     83160
     aacaatttaa taatgcacag ttaacaaaca tgccttatga tcattttact tttttccatt     83220
     tgttgtaaaa catgtttgct attacaatat tggtaaattt gtggaaacag ttacctttgt     83280
     ttcttagtta tatataaata ataaaacatg tcatttacgt ctgggacacg catatgctga     83340
     agcaacgtta ctcaccacgc tgggatctct ccgatcctgt gtcctccgtc tcagatggtg     83400
     tagatggtgt agaatcaccc atgctttggg aatgggattc caacacattc ggctggctgg     83460
     atggtttgct gccgataatg ttgtcgacag catcatacca tttaaattta tctttttctt     83520
     ctggtttgct cccagatcta cggagggcgt cacgcacttt taagtactgt gcccgtagtt     83580
     ttttcatttt gtcccggcat tgttcggtgg ttctttggta accacggccg agaagatgat     83640
     ccttaatttt ccgaaatatt tcggagttct tgtgcgtttt gtccagctgc tcttgaatgc     83700
     tctcgtcagc ccaaacatcc aacaaacact gcacctcatc agttgaccaa agggatcctt     83760
     tccacgccac ggttgttttt ggaatagtcg cagaaaatgc gtcactcgtc cttttccggt     83820
     tgcttttggg agttagaagc gtcgcagaaa gtgacgtaac atgatttttt cctgttttga     83880
     agtgtcgcag caaatgacgt agcgtcttta gtttcgggct ctggcacgct tgcactctca     83940
     ctacaagtgt accgcgccaa agcccaagtg aaccgcgctc aggcacacct ctcccaactg     84000
     ggccagggcc ggccaagtga accgtgctcg ggcccgattc agcgcactca cacttctcaa     84060
     acgatccggg aaacgggcct gggcacggta cggatggcat agtgtgagta ggccctaaga     84120
     ggcagtataa agagaaactg gataacacct actccactgc ctcagctgga caaatgtggc     84180
     gaggcctgca gcacatccca gactacaaga gcaccacaaa tgtcacaatc agtgcctcag     84240
     aaagcttgcc ggatgacctc aatacatttt atgcccgctt tgtgtcctcc agcatcaaca     84300
     cagagcagag acacacacaa cctcaaactt cccaacctgc cctcccccct cctgcagtga     84360
     caccagctgc agtacacaaa gcactgagaa aaatcaaccc ccgcaaagca gccggacatg     84420
     acaacatccc gggacagacc ctcaaggctt gtgcttcaga gctggttgat gttctcacct     84480
     ccatctttaa cctttccctt agtcaaagct ctgtcccaac ttggttcaaa accacaacca     84540
     tcgtccccct tcctaaaaag atccctctga cctgtctgaa tcattacagg ccaatagcac     84600
     tcactccaat cattcccaaa tgttttgaga gagtggtact acccctcatt cagagcagta     84660
     taccagacac tttggacccc ctgcagtatg cataccggac caataggtcc acctcagatg     84720
     ccattgctgc tgcactacat acttccctct ctcacctgga agattaagac acctatatca     84780
     ggatgctctt tatcgattac agttccgcat tcaacacggt tatcccccat aaactcaccc     84840
     acaagctgtc tgaactcgga ttacacccca cactctgtga ctggctctta gatttcctta     84900
     ctggcagacc acaatctgtc aggattggaa ataaaagctc aagcaccatc cttaccaaca     84960
     tcggcacccc acagggatgt gttttaagcc ccatcctcta cactttagtc acacatgact     85020
     gtgtcgcatc tcacaagaac aacaccatca ataagtttgc gaatgacact gcagtgatag     85080
     gatgtatcac tgggggagat gaggcagctt acagaaagga ggtggccagt ctagtgacat     85140
     ggtgtgataa caacaacctc accctcaaca cagacaagac caaggagatg atagtggaca     85200
     tgaggaagga caggagaact catcagccac tgtttatccg cgaacttgaa gtggaaagag     85260
     tgagcagttt gaaatacctg ggggtccaca taagtgagga cctcacctgg acactgaaca     85320
     ccacccagct ggtcaagaaa gcacaacagc ggctgtactt cttaaggaag ctaaggaaac     85380
     tctgtctgtc atctaagatc ctcagcaact tttacagctg tgtggttgag agcatcctga     85440
     ccaactccat tactgtatgg tatggcaacg ctactgaaaa agaccgcaaa cgtctgcaga     85500
     gagtggtgag gacttttctg cagactatct accatcacag agtccacaag agaactgcct     85560
     ccatcctgaa agaccccact cacccacaac acggattatt cacactccta ccctcggagg     85620
     tataggagtg tgagatgcag gactgccaga ctcaagaact ctttcttccc atcagctatc     85680
     agacttctaa acagataacc aacgcacata acagtctctt tttctgctca gtacaacact     85740
     acattctcca tcccattttg gactatttta tttttttgca cataagccag ttgcactagg     85800
     cactttttgc ataataagca caattaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa acactgtaca ttgtttacat     85860
     ctgtttcatt actcaaatca ggtttatata ttgtttactt tcatagatat ttatatactt     85920
     acattttata atcatacttc aatcatacta caatcacttc tgtgtatata tgtgtattta     85980
     tgtgtatgtt gtgtataatg tgtatgtttt gtgtatgact tcactgtgga cggcaaagta     86040
     agaatctcat tgtacaggga gacgtgtttc cttactgtgc acatgacaat aaacagttga     86100
     attgaattat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     86160
     atatatatat atatagatat atatatatat atatataaac atacttttat atatatatgt     86220
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtatatgtat gtttatatat atatatatat atatatatat     86280
     atatatatat atatatattt atatatatat atggaagaaa attaaatctt gtctttatgg     86340
     aagaaaaata aatcttggat ctaacttgtt atagtcacca tattactttc aaataacaaa     86400
     accttcataa aatggcaaag gaaacaaatg aacagcgctg caaaaatctt tagatccttt     86460
     ggattttttt taattatgtt gaattttaca actatagtac tttaacattc gccattcata     86520
     tgtaattcat caatatgtgt ttgaaacgag agcttgcata tatgatttta tgtgacctta     86580
     tactctaaca gtaaatatca caatttattt atttagactt atgcaatatt aacaaccaca     86640
     agacagcagt tgtatgtgtt ttcattgtgg aactgcagac cacaagacat tgagagaatg     86700
     aattgaaaat ggtaatctaa cattttgtct caacttgata aatattattt aacaatttta     86760
     catttgattt aaaagttgtc tatgtgaaat ctttacatta tgtaacattg tacacagact     86820
     tcaattgaat gtcaattcaa tgcttcagtg ttatagttgt tttagaatgt ctttattagt     86880
     acaatgaagt tcaactagtt ttggaaagtc cccagagctc catggctgtc atgaacaaac     86940
     caaacctgca ccagatttgt gatactactt caaaaatcac atggttataa agaatgtact     87000
     tagtcatctg taaattactg tcatcttgat aatgatactt acacattatt caacttttca     87060
     taatgtgtag tcacaatcca gtgttttaac attttacctt tggtggtttt catatattta     87120
     aaataatgaa tgattattgc tttttgatca cacttcaaat ttgtatgtga tattgagctt     87180
     tttaatgctc aaattgtctt tatgagctgt atatttgaaa cctttttttt tgtcctgtat     87240
     atcagtttgg actatttatc aggaagtaaa catgctgctg acattcccca cataatgctg     87300
     gctataaact cttcctttgg tttagtttca gaggtttggc atttgataaa caaaaccacg     87360
     actaagaacc ggttttgaca tgttgctcct gaatcccttt ccaaagccag ccaattacaa     87420
     gagagacctt tcattatata tcgagtctct aggcaaagct gaatctaaaa ttcacttact     87480
     aattataaat atcaaattat gtatcataat ttaaagaagc aattaactaa ttaactaatt     87540
     gtaatattta ttgtgacata ttatgaaatt gatactatct tgaaccatga actgcaaaag     87600
     taaagttctg caaatgatta tgaacagggg tcccaacgat gctctattca gatattactt     87660
     aaaaaggggt ttatgtagag ttaagaaaaa tattgctaaa ccagggttgt atgaattatt     87720
     tcaataaatt agaaataaaa tctgcatttt tccagtttta ttttctactg atagcattat     87780
     ttgggtgaaa aaatatccca caaaccagtc tgaagtgatt attcactaag agaatgaaaa     87840
     tacgtagatg tcacctgttt ctaggtagat ttttcttctt cttctatttc tcttattaaa     87900
     cagactgtac tgttaaacaa agttacagtg tctaaaagtg gttaaacaaa aaaatacttt     87960
     ttcctttaca tatattttag agaatactta aaatcttcta aatatgaaat tgaatctgaa     88020
     gttagttgtc attataaatg ttttaccaat gttgccaaga caacaacatg acatttaaag     88080
     aataaacttc aacaatatag ccctaatggt tttaagctct ttatgaacac atttgtaaag     88140
     actagatcat gctgaacaaa cattctttta acattaaaaa tgttcataaa gttaagaaaa     88200
     ctagaatgct agccatcgga aaacattcct tgctgggctc tatatcaatt aaataattca     88260
     ttcattttcc tttcggccta taggccccct tattaatatt gggtcgacat aaagaaacga     88320
     cccggcaact tatccagcat atttttattt atttattttt tttacgcagc ggattcccta     88380
     ccagccacca gcaacccatt actggtaaac atccatacac actcatttac acacatacgc     88440
     tacccacaat ttttagctta cccaattcac ctgtaccaca acgtttgaac ttgtggggga     88500
     aaccggagca tctggaggaa acccacatga acacgaggag aacatgcaaa ctccacacag     88560
     aaatgtcaac tgacccagcc ggtcctcaaa ccagcgacct tcttgttatg agtcgataga     88620
     ttgattgatt tctagtttaa tgctttcttt agtgtttttt tttcttttct tttttttgct     88680
     taatatttta ttttgttatg aaaacagttt agattttaag catttgtcaa tggtggcagg     88740
     aaaaacaatt gggttacaaa actactatca catagacctt taaatattga aatcaatcca     88800
     ttccctacca gtgaaatata tatcaaataa cacaaacagg tttggagagg ctggaaagca     88860
     tgtagccaat gagagagttt tgttttgttg tgtcattggt ttatgggata atcgatcaaa     88920
     aaacagaatg tacaaattac cttgtaaact ttagtgccat tttatttttt tattatttat     88980
     tattatttca ttttattgtt ttattttatt ttttatggtt cttccaacaa atttttaata     89040
     ataaaaaagt aacaataatt taccacattg taatgttgcc atggtcccaa ttttcacaac     89100
     acttaaaaga tgtttaggga ttgaaaatag caagtgataa agtgtttcag gtgtaatttt     89160
     gtcccatttt tcctgtgtac aaatcttaag ttggacaaca gtactgggta tttgtatctg     89220
     taatgtttgc agaatgtgtt tttgcattgt cttgttaaaa tatgcatagg tgtccctgga     89280
     aaagaaggca gcgtattggg ctgcaaaatt tctatgtact aatcagcatt aatcacagaa     89340
     gtacaagtta cttttgtcaa cggcacaacc caataccatg aaagaccctg gcttttagac     89400
     ttgttgctgg taacagtctg gatgatcctt ttcttctttg gttcagaaca atacctaaaa     89460
     tactgatgac cacagtacac attttcactg tgttatggtc catcccagat gcctgcaagc     89520
     ccagagaagt tgaaagtgct tctggacact gttagggctt gcatttggca cagaacagtt     89580
     gtcattggca tttgcggatg taatgatgta ttgtggtact tgacaaaggt ttgtagttct     89640
     gagctcatgt ggtgatattt cttaatagat gaatgacaaa ttttaatgca gtgtcatctg     89700
     agggatcaga aaccacagtt gttctgccta accttgtgtg cttgtccttt atgcactgaa     89760
     tatcctccag attaattgaa tcttttaatt atgccaagca ttgttgaagg tgatatatcc     89820
     agatgaattc ctatctttct ttgaggaata tttttgtttt taaacatatt ttttctcaca     89880
     tatttcttgg caaacaggtg atcctctgcc catctttgct tttgaaagac ctttcttgga     89940
     tgctgctttt gtaccaaatc ataattacaa tcacctgttg acatcaccta attcaaaaca     90000
     catcattatt aaaccaattt acctgattac ccgattattt atttaagctc agagggtgtt     90060
     gaagagtaaa aagtaagttg tgctggtgct gggtttcgga caagattagt ttgattgtga     90120
     attacatttg tttagataaa gtctaaaatc accaaaaaaa aaaaaatctt attaaaaatg     90180
     gttaattaac tacaattttt attagataat aaaaaactta tttgttattt gtgaatttat     90240
     tgcatttttt tatattaaga cgataaaggt tcatttaaat atataaaata taatttaaat     90300
     attttattgt ttaataaatg tttttaacat agtttttttt tttttgttta cacacacaca     90360
     aaaacaaaaa attatagaga aaaagtatct atagagaaag actcacttag tccgcccctg     90420
     taaatatata aaaaattaaa taatacaatt ttaggctgca cttagagatt ttttacatct     90480
     taactctata aatgtatact gtaaaataaa aaaagaaaat taaataaatg tgtattcatc     90540
     cttcttatgt tttcttttga ctgacgttac aaccacagca acttaaaaga aataagtgat     90600
     agttgggcta gacagtttaa attaatattt ctattataaa attttacttt tcctgaattt     90660
     aatatcataa tatctttatt aaatgtgtaa caattttaag tagaacctaa ccttaaacct     90720
     ccagttttcc ttggtctttt ttgattcttc aaacatcctt aaccttgtca ttgttccttt     90780
     gcacataatc acgtataaga aacaccatta catacagcat gttgtttttg caacaaacat     90840
     acaaccatgt ttccctgggc cataattaat atgttttgca taataatcat taatcccata     90900
     atattaaaca gaagttaaca gcaacagagc ccagatagca gaacttcgtt gaattatgat     90960
     tgaatcaaca tttgtaagag ttaaaaatgt tcaagattga attttcttcg gttttgcacc     91020
     ctcaaataat gttttttttt tttttttttt ttaaataaaa gaaagattta taaacacaga     91080
     cgcagtggcg aagttaatga tatcattgat taatgaagtg ttattgataa tagaagataa     91140
     acacctgctg ttaacaagca caatcagtga aggaacaaaa ctacaactga cttcagtttg     91200
     tatcacttta atacatacat taagacatca ttttttgatt ttcttctcat ttatcttgca     91260
     acttcactgt aaacccaaat agttgacttt cttagaatat tactgtttac tttgactcag     91320
     ttttgattca ctgatttact gacaaatttc ttgacagtga atgcctgaag aatcataaaa     91380
     cactcatcta tgactcccag tatgcactga ggcattaggc atgagattga gatttttatg     91440
     ctgattcttg atgtctgttt tgagtgattc taatgttcaa ttcttttaaa acctgaccaa     91500
     agtattgcta aatctcattc tactgttagt ttaatgttat ttacaacaca tttattatag     91560
     acaaataatc atcactgact aggttaatga attaaacttt tgacaaaaaa aaataagatc     91620
     aaattgcctt ttctttttct tgtcataaca ttcagacaca acaatgtaaa acaagctaaa     91680
     ttttaagtgc agagacccca agaatggcaa tccttcttaa acaactaaaa tgtttaattc     91740
     tcaataattg tgactgaggg cttttgtaga tgtctgacaa aaataaataa aacagattag     91800
     ttataattga agctgctaat aatgtttgag ttgtagagct catttttggt taatgatgta     91860
     agaatttaac ggtaatttgg aatggatgtg tgaatggtct tttgtggaaa aattccagaa     91920
     cgtccttgcc tgtgtgaaca gcactttttt taatttaccg gtaaaggtgt tccggtaact     91980
     ttccgaatat tttacggtat ccctgtgtaa aaggggctaa tgttattgtt tcaacttttc     92040
     gattgtggat gaaatgataa ttcaatgaag gttcactatc tgggcagcac taatacttga     92100
     tagtaatttg tcagtaattt gacaacccat ctgcacaaag gagaaactaa ctgggagaac     92160
     atgtaaactc cacacagaaa caccaactgg tccagctgga actcgaacta gtaaccttca     92220
     tgctgtgagg caacagtgct aaccactgag ccaccccatt attgaaatta atattattat     92280
     ttattaaaaa caaacagaaa cattattaca tgattaaaag attaaataga actgtccaca     92340
     aagaaatgtt tacagaacat gctcatcatt ataaggaagc aatacttaaa gcaaaatctg     92400
     actattatgc taacagaata taatctagtc agggtaactc tagattactc ttctctgaag     92460
     ttaaaaaatc attaagtttt cctgacacat cactttcttc ttcaactgag ttatgtaaca     92520
     gcatcctgtc tttttttgaa acaaaaatta aggacattca tcatcaatta catacaaata     92580
     gttcagcccc tgacttcagc caaaatgttt ctgaaatcat cacacatttc tcttttgata     92640
     cttttacctt accatctacc gctaaaatag ttggtcatat acaaaaatct aaaactacca     92700
     agtgcctgct tgatccactt cctacatgct tagttaagac ctgtcttcca tcattgtcca     92760
     cactgattac taacattatt caaaaatcac tggattctgg atctgtccca tctttactta     92820
     aaactgctgt aatcacccca gtactaagaa aaacctggag ctgattcagc tgattggcca     92880
     actatagacc aatttaccaa tttgccattt gtctcaaaaa tactggaaaa atgtgtcgcg     92940
     tctcaactcc ataaatatct tgctaataac aatttgtttg agctcttcca gtctggtttt     93000
     cgtcccaacc acagcactga gactgctctt gtcaggatca ctaatgatct actactggca     93060
     gcagactctg gtttactgtc aattcttatt ctcctggact tgagtgcagc ttttgacatg     93120
     gttttgcacg aggttctttt gaataggctt gcctcactag ggatctctgg cacccttctt     93180
     ttatggttga agtcatatct tgaagatcgt actcagtatg ttcaaattaa agattttaag     93240
     tcaagatccc agattgtcac tactggtgtc ccacagggtt ctgtactggg tccactcctg     93300
     tttatcatat atctactgcc tcttggtcac attttcagaa aatacaacat acaatttcac     93360
     tgttatgctg acaacactca actctacctg tccaccaagc cctcctgttc ttttcctcct     93420
     tctgctttaa gcaggtgttt agctgaaata aaaatctggc tttcagctaa ctttttaaaa     93480
     ttaaacagcg acaaaactga agcccttctc atcggcacta aaagtgtttt ggataaagct     93540
     gataatttca ctatagacat tgataacggc acaatttttc cctctgtgca ggtaaagagt     93600
     ttgggtgtca tcttggatag cacactctaa tttgaaggtc acattaataa tattacacgt     93660
     actgcatatt tccacgtgcg taatatcact cgtctccgcc cttctctcac aactaataac     93720
     acagccattc ttatccacgc attagttact tcacgtcttg actaatgtaa tgcacttctt     93780
     tctggacttc cttccaaact tctccataaa ctccaactgg ttcagaacca tgcagctcgt     93840
     gtcatctcta ggaccccatc tcacgagcac gtcacaccac tcctctatca gcttcattgg     93900
     cttccagtaa agtatcgaat ggattttaaa atattacttc taactgtcaa ggcacttcat     93960
     aatctcgctc ctcaatatct cactgaactt ctccatattt acaccccttc tcgtaccctt     94020
     aggtcagtta acatgttcgc tctggcacca cctcgcactc gactgagcaa aatgggagac     94080
     agatctttta gctctatggc tcctaggcta tggaactcac ttccagtaga tcttaggagc     94140
     agtgatagtc ttcacaattt taaatcacgt ctaaagaccc atctttttaa gcaggctttt     94200
     acttaacaat tttttttatc atgtttttat tatgttcttt tatattcgct attgcgtttt     94260
     aacttgtttg gtcaatgatt gtttttagta atgtttaagt tgtttagcat gtctgcagat     94320
     gcttactgta aggcgacctt gggtgtccag aaaggcgcca tttataaata aaattaatta     94380
     ttattattat tattattatt attattatta ttattattat ttttattttt attattatta     94440
     tagaagtgac aaatcatgac aaatcaataa caacacatga aacaaagctt tattctaaca     94500
     gacatacatt tacagacaga agcccatgtt ctgctgcatc tccacacagc tgcatgggcc     94560
     atttctgcag aggatcaggg actttgcctg ttttgccatc attgcatctc tcactgctcc     94620
     aggcaagtct ggaactggaa aggcatacaa gaaaaagagg tactagaaca ggagcgccta     94680
     aactcagtcc tgaatggctg ctgtcctgca gagtttagct ccaaccccaa ttagaaacac     94740
     ctaacctagc taattaaagc tctttctatt tctactagaa actttttggc aggtgtgaat     94800
     tgaagaatgt tgaggctaaa ttctgcagga caccgaccct ccaggactga gtttgggcac     94860
     ccctgtacta gaacatttcc aacagtggta tccaaactcg ttcctggagg gctagtgtcc     94920
     tgctgagttt agctccaact tgcctcaaca cacctgccag gaaccatcta gtatctagta     94980
     tgagcttgat tagctggttc agattccttt ttcttttttc gaaaataagt caccattgca     95040
     gagaatagtg gatgctttac ttggtatgtt tcaaaattac ttctattagt ttgttgaagc     95100
     aatgtacttt gtcttaacat tttgcaggac aaaagtgact tttgcagttt ctttaaaaag     95160
     tttgattcaa tgatttgtca gtgactttaa tcttgtacaa tgatgattgt gtggtgttga     95220
     tttcactgag ctattagtaa aaatcatgtg gttctgcata ttgaaagcag cagtgcattg     95280
     gtcagggttt aaaaacacct tgaacgtgag taactatata tatttatata taaaagaaga     95340
     aaaaagagac atcaagaata attgtatgct tctcaatgat ggtgacacat ttcatgctgc     95400
     ggtgcatgat aggagaatca tacaactgac tgtatggaaa tgtttctcca tcattgagag     95460
     ccatacggtg attcttgatg tctgtgcatt tttacttcct tggatgttca ctgtgctttt     95520
     aaatctgacc aattcaccac tggctctaaa tgtgttgtca gtgtaattaa cagcaaaatg     95580
     ccattaatat tcaacataaa aagtcactga ctaaattaga tcagtaaatc aaactttaaa     95640
     ataactctgc agtattaaca agctatttct agattttttt atgccaaagc aacagccact     95700
     tcttcttctt tgatgtttaa tggcggttgg catccaaccg ccattaaaca taataatact     95760
     ttgaacatta aacataatta atacataata ataccccccc cccccccccc atgtactggc     95820
     gtgtggactg gatttagaca gagataatta ctgtacccta ttattttgta ttcccctcac     95880
     cacccaatcc ttattttaac tcttttcata acataactat acatattaca ctctatatcc     95940
     tattcactaa accagtgacc tttaagaaat ataataactg tgacaatgtc tcttaatgtt     96000
     tttcctagta tatccattat tgtgcaccct tgttacccca atttcttgat tttttccttc     96060
     agctttatcc tttcattgtc acacatattg tcatcctttc attggcatac atttttacac     96120
     aagagcacca catgttccac agattctata atattacaat gttcacatct tccagatatg     96180
     cgtttaccta tcacatgcaa gtacttgttt aacctacaat gtcgatttct ttcaatatcc     96240
     ctccttaccc caaccttcag ttgaatactt tataaatgtc ctcctttctt ctcttcatcc     96300
     caacttttct gccatttttt ccatttttta tttttttatt ttttgcttta cttattttta     96360
     tgtatatttc tacttctgtc ctgctactgg cttgctttgc taaattatcc acaatttaat     96420
     tttctttaat ccaaacatgt gctggtaccc atgtaaatat tacttttata ccgatgacaa     96480
     attcgtgtgt agcattcaat accatatata agtcttgcct tgatttaaat gtttgtaaac     96540
     tttttaaaac agctctggaa tctgtacata tcacaacctt atcaagtctg gattctttaa     96600
     tgcaatgcaa cgccatccat actcccacaa tttctactgt aaatacagat aaattattag     96660
     ttaatctttt ctgtacactg aattcctatt ccagtatttc aaatgccacc ccagtttgtc     96720
     cattttgagg gttctttgat ccatctgtgt aaatagataa acaacccaaa tattcctcct     96780
     tcaagtattt aggcaacagc cacgtaacct agctacttaa aacagtgacc ccaagtaaag     96840
     cagccatgct ctactacaat ggtgagtgtg aaagcattaa ttcttaataa atgtgatggg     96900
     gtacatttta agacatctga cagtacactg taaaccttaa tgttgtcttt acttaaacaa     96960
     tcaagtaaag ttgactgaac attacttaaa atgtagcatt ttggtcgtgt cacctaaaaa     97020
     tgagttaatt taacttatat acaatgaaaa tgcataaact taagatttca agtagctcaa     97080
     aattacaatc ttttgaaaaa aaaaaaaggt tgtttttaat gtagtcttga ctgtaaaatt     97140
     caaataaaaa tatgtgcaac ctattagtgc gcaaggtctt ttttttttat aagaaaacaa     97200
     ggcttcatgt ataattattc accataattg aaataaatgg ctactttttt ttcttttaaa     97260
     catttctttt tatagtatat aattgcacac acacacacac tgaactgaac aatataagta     97320
     taatctacca aaccggcaag ttaaataaac ttaaatatgc aagttttggg agactccgtt     97380
     acacagttaa attgaggcaa tgagtttgct aaattaattt cattcagtca gcttattagg     97440
     gttttcagtg taataaagtc aagcaggtta gtgaagctgc tgatgctgtt tgtagaggtg     97500
     tttatagatc ctcttctgag attttgaaag atttaatgcc tttgttgatt tcatctaagg     97560
     ctgtgtctaa gtccaataag gatgtcacaa aaattttcat tctgcaccct taggggatgt     97620
     cattttaatg tctaattgtg aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aacatctaaa aggcgtaatt     97680
     tgaagacaat tgtgtttagt gggccaatac ttctcagata tttttctgtc aaacatttaa     97740
     taattaataa tattttggat tatgtaagtt tacttttaaa attgtaagaa atgagtctgc     97800
     ctcgacccaa cttccactcc aaatgttgaa ttgatgctca tttcccaaaa ggactgactt     97860
     gtgagagaaa agagaagtca atggggtctt gtttctgaat cgtttgaggt gactacatct     97920
     caaccaaatg gtagcaattg aagaatgggg atgggtgtgg tgcacagaga accatctcat     97980
     caatggtgtt gaaactgcat taacatgata agattgagag aacagctggg tcaacagcca     98040
     aggaggaact tcattaacat ctaaaggcaa catcaaaaac agtataaagg tttgaattta     98100
     agaatgttca gggttcattc tgactccggt gaacccaagg tactgtcatg tattttgaga     98160
     ctgctatgct gataaaacat cttcattgag agtttcttcg tcatcatcat tttttcttac     98220
     aaaatgtaaa atgtgcttat tggagatcat actgtaaaaa atatataaaa aacaaacaaa     98280
     tcttgcaata ttcaacttca tttctttgtt tgtttaaatt cagcccatat aaattgtttg     98340
     caaacactta cctaaaaaat aaatttggaa atccaatgaa tgaatgtttt tttcagtgta     98400
     catcaaataa aataaataaa taataaaata aaaaagtata aaataaaaat tctatgctat     98460
     agattgtcct tacaccttca gcagttttac agttccctgt acagtagccc aacaaatgtg     98520
     agtttaacac aatgtaccgt tcttttggtt tttaataccc acattttaaa cagactatgt     98580
     cctcttcctc gttcattctt tatgctgtgg cttccagaca tagaaagtta tccatctaac     98640
     atactctttc atggtaactg acaatatggc gaattattat tttccctgtc agccagtgat     98700
     gacgtcacac ccccaccctc tataccaggg gtcaccaaca ctttgcattg aacctgctat     98760
     tgtccacaag tggagaaatt ggcagagtga aatgctagaa cagctcagtc gaagagagaa     98820
     tgtaattgtt ggaggtgata tgacatttac atttacattt agtcatttag cagacgcttt     98880
     tatccaaagc gacttacaaa tgaggacaag gaagcaattt acacaactaa gagcaacaat     98940
     gaataagtgc ctataggcaa gtttcaggtc tgtaaagtct aagaagggaa gtattagtag     99000
     tattagtatt ttttatttat ttatttttgt ttttgggtac agttagtgtg atattcagag     99060
     aggcaattgc agattaggaa gtgtagtgga gactaaatag ttgagttttt agtcgtttct     99120
     tgaaagtagc gagtgactct gctgttctga tgtcgttagg gagttcattc caccaactgg     99180
     gcagattgag cgtgaacgtt cgcgaaagtg atttcttccc tctttgggat ggaaccacga     99240
     ggcgacgttc attcacagaa cgcaagtttc tggagggcac atagatctgc agaagtgaga     99300
     gcagataaga aggagcaagg ccagaagtca ctttgtaagc aaacatcaga gctttgaatt     99360
     tgatgcgagc agcaactggc agctagtgca aacggactag cagcggagtg agatgtgctc     99420
     gtttaggttc attgaagacc actcgtgctg ctgcattctg gagcagttga agaggcttga     99480
     tagagttagc tggaagccca gctagtagag agttgcagta atccagtttg gagagaacaa     99540
     gagcttgaac aaggagttga gctgcatgtt cagataagaa gggtcggatc tttctgatgt     99600
     tatagagtgc gaatctgcat gatcgagcag ttctagaaat gtggtcagag aagtttagtt     99660
     ggtcatcaat cgttactcca aggcttttca ccattttgga tgcagtaatg gttgccccat     99720
     ccatctggat tgaaaagtta tggtgtagag tcgagttggc agaaactaca agcatttccg     99780
     cttttgcgag gttcagctga agatgatgat ctttcatcca gtgtgaaata tccaacaggc     99840
     aggctgagat gcgagctgga accgagggat catcaggagg gctgactccc caggtattta     99900
     gtcaaaagat ttaatttcta attcaataca gtctaataaa aaaataaata tgaaatacat     99960
     tataattatt ccaaaaatgt gtttaaaata attatgtacg gtttgttctt gaaggtcact    100020
     cggccaagta tgggagttat acaatgatgg accttgcaac taacacagtg gtcgacctac    100080
     agttagtcca ggtaatacag aaaagtgtta tgtgaactag cataatattt tagatggaaa    100140
     atgtgtgatt tttatatata tttttttacc ttaattaaaa ttttatagag taatgaggtg    100200
     ggcggcagtt accatatgga aaaagaaggc ctaaagagaa gccttgacct gttggatgcc    100260
     cgcggtgttc atctggaatg catcatcaca gaccgacatc ctcaaataca gaaatatctc    100320
     agggatcgaa atgtcactca gttttacgat gtgtggcata tcgagaaagg tatgtaattt    100380
     agcagttatt catttactta agattaaatt gctatttaca gttcttacat ttttattatt    100440
     atttttgtgt tgatgtcttt ttttctttaa tttccaggaa tttccaaaaa actggacaag    100500
     atatgccaga taaaggggtg tgagaagttg cgtaaatggt tacgtagcat caaaaaccac    100560
     atctattgga ctgctgcatc atccacaact ggtcctgaaa gagtggcaaa gtggacctct    100620
     atcttaaacc atgtacaaga caaacatgta catgaagacc ccaattttcc ggcttatctg    100680
     catccgcaac ggataagcag agacaagaac aaatggctgt cggctggtaa gttgtataca    100740
     gacaaataaa atattctttg cgattaaaac taatgcaaaa cagagcttgt ttctttgttc    100800
     agatttgttt ttgatttaga ctctaatacc ttacattttt gcttgtttag caacgatgcc    100860
     attctacaag ctggagaaag ttctcgctaa caagagaata ttgaaggatg tggccaagct    100920
     aagtcctcac caccagacgt caactgttga agctttccac agcgtcatac tgcggtttgc    100980
     acccaaaaat gtggtattcc catttctggg gatgctatgc aggtaaagcc aatgatcaga    101040
     aattaatatt tacaatacca tacagtcttg tcatggtacg tcatttacat ttttcttttt    101100
     gagtataggg tccgagaaat gaagacgtag caaactttcg gtatgtatat aaatgtttat    101160
     agtattatta ataattcaat aaataaataa aataattgca ctttacattc acaatgaaaa    101220
     ctcactactc aaaatacaaa attaagttac taaagagata actgttatat tgcacaattt    101280
     atgtagaaga gctgctggac ctcatcttca accaagtgtt tgtggaccca tcaccctatg    101340
     ttgatgaagt gttgggaatt cacataccac ctgctctatc atcagcctac gatagacctg    101400
     agatggagga ggctatctcc agcagggtga cccggttcat tcaatagcta tcctaaaacc    101460
     cacatagctg ccctgctctt caggaaactg tcttcgaatc ttcagcacca cacaggcagg    101520
     aatcactaca tggactctcc gcccgaggaa accccaacac cagctcacaa agctccgata    101580
     agccaaaaag cggcactgtc taacagagac ataataatga aagattgttt tagaaattgc    101640
     actacaattt gaacttggga gttatcacgt atacattttt atttttttat aaaataacta    101700
     gctttaacaa aatttcagaa gtcatatttt gtttattcaa ctgccaatgt atgtttgata    101760
     tgtttgtatg tgtttgtaga tatactgtac tttctaatgt tcatggacaa ttgtatttca    101820
     tccaacaaag tgactacttg gagtttatat tttatatttg cacaaggata cattttatat    101880
     ttgccaatca cattttaatt tatacttcaa tataaagttt ttatatgact caggaattga    101940
     agcatctttt ctgaagggtt gatgtttcta tgccatactg atttttatat attttaagag    102000
     tttatatatt aatgtttagt gaatttaaaa ttatttttca ataaaaagta catgcattac    102060
     tcagcctttt atgaagtcat tcaaattgtc atctcagaaa tagcagcaat aaaaaacggt    102120
     acgtatttca tttttattga cattgaggta aagttggttt tatattaaga tatttggaca    102180
     ttctccttaa tagtatcatt tcagtaaagt attctttgca aattcaaaat agggaaatcg    102240
     tattagcagc aaatgacaaa gtacaacatt gtttacagtc aagtagatag ttttaatgtt    102300
     gtttacaagt catacttgca tgctaaatcc gatcgattgt ttaaactacc atggtaagca    102360
     atacagggac ttctgaatgt gcggatataa aaccaacttt atcgctattt tattgactac    102420
     acagcgttaa tgtgcttaaa aagaaagcga gcatgcagat catgaacaag gtaacctgct    102480
     attctttcta tttatttaaa ctcacttttg cactccacaa agtcgcaggg gaccatagtc    102540
     tgctttgtat atattcaatg cattttgcaa ggaatatatt gaagcaaacg ggatccattc    102600
     ctggatgctc cgtcatgcac gagggttgca cttccagttg atacattcgt cttctaacct    102660
     tattacacga cacagttatg ctgtttatta tctcattcga tgtctttaga gcagcaacgt    102720
     taacataaac tggaaattta cctgcggtat ctccctgcag catacatttt cagcctcagt    102780
     tggcattttt tcacaattgc cacacaagca cctgccaata tttgtcaacg tcaatattca    102840
     tgaattacga agaaatcata ccaatgcaaa atttatcttt gtggatatct ttatgtcttg    102900
     tctgtgtttg acgtaacgca tgacgttcgc gaactttatc aaacaaatta cagatggcgc    102960
     atgcatagtt acatagcggc tgtaaaagta tacaaaaaca taaaatattt tgtatgtacc    103020
     actctgacac attctggcac attcggatta tagattcctc aacagtcgac tctgcttgat    103080
     ctgtgtccga gtctgggtca tatatgtagg gttgaattgt gttcctctca ctcatgatta    103140
     ctcttactgt ctgcctctgt gatgcggttc acaaagcaga cgcgctcttg gctccgcccc    103200
     cttgttacgt ttggcgggca gtcgaaactc attatcatgt taaacaacac accccaaaac    103260
     agcaacccgt gtacacgcct ctaaatttac actttttaac acagcataat aacaatatct    103320
     gaattgcgtt ttgatctgaa cctacattgg cacactcaga agaaccataa tattagtatt    103380
     aaatctcaaa aaagggctaa aatatgtgcc ctttaatatt tttttagtta ttcttattaa    103440
     atcacacttg cattggtgtg aatttgaaaa ttaagttata tattaaaaaa actttaaaaa    103500
     caatttccga ctaattaagt gttgcatatt gatatttatc taccttgata aatcattgtt    103560
     gacaactact gtgagaaatc attaacatga tcaatgtctt cacaagatga atattattaa    103620
     tcaataataa taacatataa ttaaaagtaa attaagaaaa atgttttatt taataactgg    103680
     tagaccttca cactaatcag taccaaaaaa gtagctctca gtttccaaaa ggttggtgac    103740
     ccctgctcta tacccacact gtaaaaccca aaaagtaaag gtaactcaaa ccatttgagc    103800
     aaaccagttg caacaaacca tccaagttca aaaactgatc ttaatgagta ccatgaactt    103860
     aacccatttg agtacatgaa acaatttgag cgcaataaaa accaataaat gaagagaact    103920
     caaaccaatt gagtactgta aaacccaata taagttaagg caactcaaac catttgagga    103980
     aaccgattac tactataggg attgtttaga gttgtatgac ctattttggt tacaaagaga    104040
     taggcaaatg cacttttata cattgagcaa tgtgttaact ttattcgatt attaaaataa    104100
     tcatattaat aaagtaatga aaaaaggata aatgttgatc caagctggga cggattggaa    104160
     ggcagaaatc cgaatccatg actgcaaacc ctttatgttt aagaactaat ctaaataagt    104220
     attgtaaact tactccattt tattatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    104280
     atatatatat atatatatga gagcaatatc acacgagtag cagtgcagta tggctgtata    104340
     tcggcactgg tgggaggctt gcgtaggcac gaggccgcaa tccctttatt aatcaggggt    104400
     tgccacagcg gaatgaaccg ccaacttatc aagctagttt ttacgcagcg gatgcccttc    104460
     catatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    104520
     tatatatata tatatatata tacacacaca aacttacatg tgtatgtata tattcatttg    104580
     ttcattttct tttcagctta gtccctttat taatctgtag ttgccacagc agaatgaacc    104640
     accaacttac ccagcatatg ttttacgtag cagatgccct tccagctaca acccatctct    104700
     gggaaaatgt atgtacatac tgtgattaag ttataagtta atagttcttt tcagttaata    104760
     tttctttaca gttagacgtc aaacagcaat aaagtcaagt acattataaa taaagttagt    104820
     aataagtgaa gctgtttata ctgtttgtgg agttgtttaa tcaacctctg ctgaaatgtt    104880
     gaaagatcga atgcgtttta tttcttttaa ggctgtaact gaagtcagtt gtagttttgt    104940
     gtttctcttc agtgattctg cttgctaaaa gcaggtgttc atcattaatg ctcaatcaac    105000
     acttacatat ttaatcattt aagctgtggt cacactagag tttgtgtgtg cgaaattctg    105060
     gcgtgcggcg ctgtgaagag aggcgggatt taacaagctt attagacatt taaaaaagca    105120
     agcgatcgct ccatgtttta aatttctgtc cagagaggtc atgttttaat cctcggttgg    105180
     tctcacgcag gcaagtgatg tgatttcgca ggtcagagtt caccaagctt gaactttgca    105240
     ccgcagcaac ctgcaaaact tgatgcaaga ccttgcgttt ccagtctggc gcatttacat    105300
     gcgtatgaat ggaagtctat gggaggaaaa gcccagtgtg accgcagctt aacactgagt    105360
     tcaaaaccct ttttagacaa gtagaattaa cttccagtac attttgagaa aactactctc    105420
     atttcagttg ataaatttga ctgtgggttt tacagtgcac atgactgctt caaattttaa    105480
     ttcaaaggtt taaacaccct tgtgggttag aaaaatgcat tgtgagagag cactggtttc    105540
     gggcttttct tgggagagta acataaattg actcataaca ttatctgcta tcttgttgta    105600
     agaaatggcc taagtgcatt tgtgagaaaa tttgacttat tatggtaaga caatccacct    105660
     caatctactt gagagaaaat taatctagat gcatttgtga gaaatccgaa ttaatgcatt    105720
     tctgagaaaa tctgcaaaga tgtgtttgtg agaaaatctg cagatatgca tctgcatgca    105780
     ctaattttgt ttaagagtta cgtgcagtta catgcagata aactgtattt attttttaaa    105840
     taagatttac gtatatttgt aaaacataat atgtttattt gttaacacta ctgggttttt    105900
     attaaaactg accttttttt gcaatttttt tctgtttgtt tgcgagtcat tcacacaaca    105960
     ttttaaatct ctttgaaaac atacaaagga acattagttt tcaattaaca atgcaggaat    106020
     gttattgcaa attaaagaac atgattaaaa cattgtttaa acattacatt taaatgtttt    106080
     ctttaaagca ttaatcaaac tcatatggaa tgtcggctta agatttggga acattacatg    106140
     ctagctgggc tggtgcccta gctgtctgaa agtccctgga caatgaagaa ttgagaagtt    106200
     gttcctttat attatcaata agttcgtctt ctgattttaa ggcagaaagt cctttctgca    106260
     tttaatctgt agaacagttt cctgatatta gttccttcag ctctattctg gtttatttaa    106320
     gctcttttaa catctgtcta aagactatca aagatgtcaa gtgttttgta gagttaacat    106380
     ggctgttcct gttcatcttc tcactgatgc tgaaactgag tgcgacattt gagcaataat    106440
     ctgtgttctt gctattaggg atattattta ttcattcatt cattcatttt cttgtcggct    106500
     tagtcccttt attaatctgg ggttagcaca gcggaatgaa ccgccaactt atccagcaag    106560
     tttttacgca gcggatgccc ttctagctgc aacccatcac tggaaaatag ggataccata    106620
     gtttattcaa tgttaattca attaatgtct gctaagtggg tatttaactg cttcatattg    106680
     caatattttg ctattctaac tgtgcttatt tccattgctg tataatattg tgttttgact    106740
     tgaattataa aggtattttt gtaaaacatt cagcaattct tcagactgaa ccatgacgaa    106800
     aaacaccacc acagcaaaat gcattgtttg taactgaaaa ttacattttt ttttattcat    106860
     accctacaga gtttgtccat ttgtttctac agcaaaggtt tatggtgttg ggaatatgca    106920
     ctgtttaaag gtaaataagg gtggaaatga agtatatagg gttgtgaagt atatgtgctt    106980
     ttgcacattt tatttttatg cctcagaaag aaattactta aacatttttt ttcatttgac    107040
     ctttatttga aatatccttc atttaaatcg tgtgatacaa aggtcaatat actgttttta    107100
     tttagaataa attcgtaata acaataattg cattttttac attattaatt tcattcattc    107160
     attttcttgt cggcgtagtc cctttattaa tccagagtcg ccacagcaga atgaaccgtc    107220
     aacttatccc acacattgtt acgcagagga tgcccttcca gctgcaaccc atctctggga    107280
     atcatccaca cactcataca ctacggacaa tttagcctac ctaattcacc tgtaccacat    107340
     atctttggac tgtgggggaa accggagcac ccagaggaaa cccacgcaaa cacagggaga    107400
     acatgcaaac tccagacaga aacgccaact gacccaagcc aagccgaggt tcgaaccagc    107460
     gacccagcaa ctttcttgct gtgaggcgac agcactacct actgcgccac tctgtcgcca    107520
     ttatgaattt caaccttttt taaatatgta tttttctggt attattatta ttattattat    107580
     tattatcact ttatttgttt gttattgtat cagaggtttt tattcctact cctggaggcc    107640
     tataagctaa aatggcagta gtgtttgtgt gtgcatagga gggcatgtga ctgtttccta    107700
     gaacttgctc agattagtgc actttcaggg ctggtttgtg tcaggaaggg catccgctgt    107760
     taaaacagtt gccagagtaa tgaaaaggtc attcactcct gataaagaag gtattaggct    107820
     gaataacttt aaataaaggg ttccccagga gaagatttaa gacctatttt tacacccaga    107880
     aacaaatgac tacatattaa aagacacaat aagaaagttt ctaaatccct taattttaaa    107940
     caacattgca tgaccattgt ttttttaata atgtttaact tcaattaaag gaaagacttt    108000
     attttatttt tagttaaagg ttctagactt gcatttaatg tataaagata cacagaaatc    108060
     aaagtttaat agtctttaag aattcatgag gcaaagattt gttctaaaca tgtattaatt    108120
     ttttcagcaa actttaacat ctgccagata ttttaaaact ggttattcac caagcacagt    108180
     tgtgtccaaa tgacattttt agacaggtta aggttgtaga aatcacttcc cctgaaggtg    108240
     caggaataat tgtttttaga actcattatt aacttgtttg acttcatgtt tgtcagatgt    108300
     ctacaaaagt acttagtcat atttattgag agctaaaggt tttagttaag ctttattgaa    108360
     aatagttttt agatgtcacc actgtggcaa agagtggttg ctaggtctct ttgattcttc    108420
     aatacttata tttacgttac ttcctttgct gaaggcatgt gttttttgca agtcagactt    108480
     caagcaaaat gattttattc tttcagcaga ttagttttcg tggttaagtc aatgatttaa    108540
     tcctgtcata tggtataaca aaatctttca tgcattctca ggggatttta tttcaacatc    108600
     tttaaaaaca tccaaaagat gtaatttaga taaatttttg cttagagagt agttgtatag    108660
     cagttaaaag atgtatatat atattttttt tgcttccaat tcagttgcag ttatttcctt    108720
     taacaaggaa gaatgttcca acagctacgc ccagcaatcc aagtgtcaga ccgattccac    108780
     agaaaactgc tggaccaaca cttgggagga cagcatcaac atctgttgca tgaaaatgaa    108840
     taaatatgaa atatgtgtta aacacatgac ttggatattt gattttttat gatatgggat    108900
     gaaaaatatt attctaacag aatttaagaa atattaagaa tattaaatgg cagtactcaa    108960
     atgtagcatg tcataacttg tttgaaaatc aaacttaccc catgttttag tttgtggctg    109020
     atccttgatg gctctatgct ttaccatgca actataaatg tctccttcag caggtgtgaa    109080
     cttaagggtg gagaatatgt taaaggtgcc atctatccgt ggacgatact ggcttaaagt    109140
     aatgtcctct gacacattaa tattattctt agtccatgag acactgacag atggaggata    109200
     gaagccagtc acatgacaga caagggtgtt ttgaacaccc agctctacat catcttttgg    109260
     atatatagat gtctggggtg catctacaaa agatatacgt tttcattggg aaaattattc    109320
     atttattcat tacactgtaa acctaaatag ccaactttac tagaaaattg cttgaaaacc    109380
     cattgcattt actaatcaaa gtttgtacat taggtgaaac taaacagtcc aagctgaata    109440
     ctattaaacg gtgccaaaaa atatagatat ttcgtaaatt aataaataat gcttccccaa    109500
     cattgatgaa tttgtgcatc attttgtgtt ttagatgtat tatggtaggg gaagtgcatc    109560
     tgaataagtt atggttctgc tcagtaaact caaatggcca actttactga aaatcagcct    109620
     ggaaacttgt tgccttaaat aacttaagtt taacacagag tgaaaaaagg gtgtgctcac    109680
     actaggcatg gttgtcttga aacgtgccca ggcatgattg tccaccccct ctccctctcg    109740
     gcctgcactc acactgttat tttaccttta tctacctccg tacaatggag attgctttag    109800
     ttataatgtt ttgtattatt ttaagttgtt tgatatgcag tgacacagtc aaatcttttg    109860
     ctgaacagat ccaccacttt tgacactcat agtgtatgga tgtttagttt caccttgtgg    109920
     aaaaaattta ttgatttgtg gtaaaccttt aaatggttta aggccatgta ttttcatgca    109980
     attgtctaga gaagtcaata gtgtacttgt atgaattact aaaatggtat aattattgaa    110040
     gcctttaatt caaacaaagt taagtgtaaa gtaagggtta acataaatct tacccatttc    110100
     tggtggtggg ctcttgaatg ttttggtcaa tgaggctaag ttacttttgc agactgccat    110160
     ttcagcctcg ctgacttcat aaaatccagg gaatgtcatt gggtctccaa aatcaggtaa    110220
     tgtttctact cccttctttt gattaaagtc agcatgccaa aattcctctt cgtccattcc    110280
     atacgcgtct tctttttctg tatccgagca tccatgaatg ctaaaatctt catgcacaac    110340
     tgaaatagaa tgagcatcac attttaaaca ttttctaaat agccacattg tactggcaac    110400
     tgcttttcac aaaagtatta ttctagggaa tatttgaaat attggtgtat tgttgtttgt    110460
     tatatttgaa agctgacaaa gctccaataa taaataaaaa ataataataa taatagctgt    110520
     gcctgtttta cacaaaataa tgatgcacca cataaccata ctgaacattt tgtgtaccta    110580
     catattgtgt ttttttatta tagtattact ttattgtcta tattcattta taacttaatt    110640
     atctcattac cttaattact acttctgtct tctagaagct gcttttataa ttgaataaac    110700
     tgtatttaag gtaaaaaaaa aataaaaaat aaataaataa ataaaaactt gttgaaaatt    110760
     cagtgctgaa gtttcaacct ttcaaccttt gttgaatcaa tggcaattca gtgaaggtct    110820
     gctggctggg aattttttgc tctttatttt ctgaaagaag agtttacaaa ccctgctgta    110880
     ttttcttgta atttgttaaa acgaaggtac tgccaagtgg gaggacttca acactattag    110940
     atagcataca atattcaaga aatagaatca agggggagaa tgagaaagtg gaaatgtcgt    111000
     tgaaatattt tttgctattc ctagtcctat tcattttttg caggttggga tgtctgctgt    111060
     tttaagagtg ccaattgtac attattgcac atgctcacaa cctttcaatt acatttatca    111120
     atccgaccag tcacattatt ttaacatgtg taaagcagaa taacacacta gtttagttaa    111180
     aaggaacata aatgtgttca actgatctgg ggtcatttcc actttactta ttacagcttt    111240
     tgataacata taaagtagat atatatacag ttaaagtcag aacattatta gacattgtat    111300
     ttatttgtcc ccaatttctg tttaacgggg agaagatttt ttttaacaca tttctaaaaa    111360
     cttaattatt ttatctttgc catgatgact aaataatatt tgacttgata ttagggctaa    111420
     taattctgac ttcatctgtg tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    111480
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata aattcaataa ttgttttctg    111540
     ttaacaagat aatgtcgaaa agattattac atgtgtaatg atgactgcat ttcattactg    111600
     taactttttt taacaaattt taaaaaatta ttttgcattg caatgtcagt gctgttgaaa    111660
     gtgagtgtat taaattaaga aatggccatt gcattgtgta tacaaagtca agtcaagtca    111720
     agcctattct aattacctag atttatacag atttttaaaa gttaccaaac agtaccaaaa    111780
     tattttaacc aaatcttctt attactttac actttaattt tatgattgaa tgattgtatg    111840
     aaaggaaaca ttcacaacca ttttaaaagc ataacagcaa cagctttgaa tcaacaatta    111900
     acagtatttc aaaaattagt gaacgtaaac gtaaaaaaaa aaaaacaata atagtttcat    111960
     gaatagttac aataataata aatgtactta cctttagcac cagctgagag aataatagtt    112020
     aggacaagag tggttatgta tagctccatc ttgttaaatg agtgtcaaac aaacatcaga    112080
     gaaatgtgtt tctaaagtga aaaaaaaaac cctgatatta ttatcacctg ttacggcatt    112140
     tgcatcatcc acttagagtt tgacacacat ctgtgacacg gctgtatcca agcagaatgt    112200
     cagttgttcc tctttcatct ctgaaagctt atagtcacta taacagattg ttgtgtgcat    112260
     tacataactt ttacaaaatt ctcaaaaatt ataatatgtt gtgttttgca aatattagaa    112320
     ggtgaatgaa ccaagtcaaa caaaaaggtc atatgtgcaa tggcatatgg catggccaac    112380
     attgaatagg gatttgttaa tactgtgtag cacaaagagt aaaaaaatta tttagaatgt    112440
     aagtaattaa tttgaacttc cacattacca ttttctgtct ggtcttgttg gtgatgttaa    112500
     gtatatggta ttgattttca ctgtttattt acactctcac tattattctg ttcttattaa    112560
     agatcattaa agtttcatcc gctcaggaac aaacacttgg aggtcactgt gtacctattc    112620
     tttaggtgta taaacatttt taccaaaata tatgtaatat tttataaaca agggctgtgt    112680
     atgtattaaa aaaaagtaaa acacaaatat tgctcaaatg ctttataaac aatttagtta    112740
     gtaataatcc tgtttgtgga aggtgttaaa tcatcctttg ctgtgatctt gaaagatttg    112800
     atgtgtttta tttttataga tttcatactt tgaacagctg gaaacttgaa tgaattgtgc    112860
     aaaagtaatt aattaaaagt cactgtttaa catgcagttg tagtttttag ttgatatgtg    112920
     attaaagtca ctaaatggtt gtttgtgctg tatttattta tttatttatt taagtaatat    112980
     tttatatagt tataccattg tagttattat ttaaggaata tatttacatg ttatagaaga    113040
     gcaggatata ctataaaagc aggaaactac ttagcaacac ttgacacttg tatgtgtagt    113100
     cactgattgg ccaatcaaaa atctgtattc gtaaacaaaa agcactaaca ctgttctact    113160
     ggcatttagt gtgagcgaaa atgttgccgc taaagtactt gacatgtctc atgttgacag    113220
     tgtcttcatt tactggagca gaaagtggta agtaaaatta gaggtaatga gatgatataa    113280
     ttaaagataa ggtataatat tatttgaatc atactactgc aacttctatt aatgagcctg    113340
     tggtcaggag attaatattg tacctaaaaa tgtaaaaact gaaaaaataa atactgcaat    113400
     ttgtttctgc attatatttc ttctgttcat tttatgacat attgttctga caagtttgtt    113460
     ctatgtcttt attttttttt ttcagctaat gtgtattaca cataccgttg gtgcagatgc    113520
     atctacagct cccctgatct cagtgatatg gtgtatattg atagctatta ttttaataaa    113580
     tatctgttca cacagttcaa cagtactctt gggaaatgtg tggggtttag tgagtatgga    113640
     ataagaaatg cagagtactg gaacaatgga acctttgtgg agcaagagag aaacgaagtg    113700
     gagagattct gcaaacataa ttctcaaatc agggactcag ctgtcattag caaagcaggt    113760
     aagcggctgt ataataattt cctatattta ccattacacc tgtaactttt gttttttagc    113820
     ttttagatta ttgtcatgtt cattaagtaa aattatttaa atgtttacaa tttgtcatga    113880
     actgtaagca ttaaattgac acaaattaat tagtgaagcc aaaggttaag ctcagctcag    113940
     tgacacgggc cggtggcagg catccagccg tgctgatgtg cagcgcatat gacttttatc    114000
     ctccacacat caaaatatcc tggctgagag atggtcaagt ggtgacctca gatgtgacct    114060
     ccactgagga gatggctgat ggagactggt attaccagat ccactctgag ctggagtaca    114120
     gtccgaaatc tggagaaaag atctcttgtg cagtggagca tgccagctca actaagccca    114180
     tcatctatga ctggggtaag attaaataat gttatcatgt tagaattact tgcgaagtcc    114240
     tcttacactc tcacatacag ctattaaata tggtaataat gcaaaatgat gtgtgcatcc    114300
     cacagatcca tctttttccg agtctgagaa aaacaaactt gtcattggag cctctggtct    114360
     tgtgctggga atcgtcttag cagctgctgg gctaatttac tacaagaaga aatcaacagg    114420
     tcagtgcaaa taaaaataaa caaatcaaga aagacgttaa tctgggtacg atcattaaac    114480
     aattaaataa tttgtctatt gtttatttac tttgacaggg aggatcctgg tacctcacta    114540
     gtaatattag tgaattatta acatgtttca ttacatttta ataattcagt ctatgctcag    114600
     ctgtcaaagt ttttccttat actgactcca agcaactcat tcctgtagaa ttttcataat    114660
     ttgtagggtt tctattgatg tttgtttttt aaaatataaa ataaaacaat aacaactgca    114720
     ctattgcatc aaatctgata catgtttttt tatgaatata tgaagaataa cattatattt    114780
     gagcatctta tacaatttga tgtaaattat atctgaaaac agaaataaaa tactgatctt    114840
     attgagttat cttgtatttg tacacaacat tgaggagcta agaggttaat gttgaaatga    114900
     aacataagat tcaagaattg tattattata tgttacataa agtatacaaa atccttgtct    114960
     tgtgttttac tcttatttct ttatctgaaa ttgcttaatg atttaatttg attaaatttc    115020
     tgttgatgaa gccgtcacct ctgtcccttg aaggcctcaa ataaagcttt tattttttta    115080
     ttacctccat aatgcaagaa cattttcttg attttcttct tgtacacaat tcagggctgc    115140
     aggtgattat aaatcaacaa aggtgattaa ttgaaatcca taatccttta cttgttaaaa    115200
     taatttgaca caagtagcga ataaacaaca aaaacatgct aaattatatt attaacataa    115260
     ttcatgacag caattaagtt agcttttgag tgaatcatta tgaattaata acactggcat    115320
     tttatttcat tattttttta taatgtaaaa aagataacaa agttgacatg atgaaagcat    115380
     tagcatttaa atgtgccata tagtgcattg attcaataag ttaaacttct ctgatatttt    115440
     gtgtttttct tcagggattc tgcttgttat cagcaggtgt tcgtcatcag ttgtcaatag    115500
     cacttaatta atcaccacat gccaagttct taaatgtata taattgaaaa ggggtgaaaa    115560
     cataaactct gactgtaaaa actgactctt gattcaaaga taattcaatg aaggttttat    115620
     ttcttgggtg tgagttggtc tctaacaatt agcctcagaa ggcgggaaat tctctagtac    115680
     aaaaacacac tgtaaaaaaa agtctgtgat tttaacagta gtccactaga cagagtgaat    115740
     gaacacaaat gactgaattc agacactgat gaacatctac tgctaacaag cacaatcact    115800
     gaaggaataa gaaattgaaa gaaaaaatta aaatcaacag cctaacacca aaccaactga    115860
     attaaaacag aggattaaac aactccatta aataacaggc tacactgatt acagtttgac    115920
     tttaattctc tcatatctgc aaaaatattt gataattaac agaggtttat attttggcac    115980
     aagagatact atttacacta agttcaaata gcatcagatg ctatttacac aatatagcaa    116040
     caaaaaagta tggtaaatgc tatttacact cagtgcttat agaaagtata tgccatttac    116100
     actttcagtg tttatagaag gtagaaacta ttgcagtgtt actaaaagta tgatgctatt    116160
     tatactaaaa attaaccata cattgtttac actaagactt gctaaataaa ctaaatttga    116220
     ataattggtt tatgctattt acagttaaaa gacgtttttt acacagcata ttattaaaca    116280
     gtaaatggtg tttacagtac actaaagtct taatagatgg aagatgctat gtacactaag    116340
     tatttagcag catatgctat ttaaacaaaa tgttagcaga aggtacatgt atgatattta    116400
     tactgtatta ataaaagaga tatatttgca atatgagctg aaagaaggta caactaaatg    116460
     ttgcactaca tctaataaac aaaatatact attcagtgaa aaaaagtgca ggatcaatta    116520
     ctgtagtata attttcaatc tttgagaaga catctataga tttaacaatg ttaggattat    116580
     atgatttgtt ctaaatgcat agaaacatta tctattatta tatattaatt ctatataaaa    116640
     acaaacatga cacattttac aattaagaaa aattaattat tttttgtcat tcttgccatg    116700
     aaaagcttca tcatctgctg caaggcctct gcattctgga aaacagtcaa aaaacaaaca    116760
     ataactatat taaacatttg aatggctaac ttgtagatca ttcaataatt aattttcttt    116820
     ttggcatagt cctttaataa tctgggttca tgccacagcg gaatgaaccg ccaacttatc    116880
     cagcatatgt tttacacagc agataccctt ccagctgcaa cccatctctg ggaaacatcc    116940
     atacacacac tacagactca tacactacga acaattttag cttacaaaat tcacctgtac    117000
     ttgcatgtct ttagactgtg ggggaaacca gagcacctgg aagaaaccca cacaaatgca    117060
     gggagaacaa gcaaactcca cacagaaatg ccaactgacc cagccgaggc tcaaatcagc    117120
     aaccttcttg ctttgaggcg acagcactac ctactgcgcc actaatgggt agttgtctct    117180
     gcaaattagg ctaaaacatt gttaatatga aaaactcact tatgcatttt ccaatcttcc    117240
     agtaagtttg tgtttaatgt attgtaacac atctatgtct ttctgctggg taaattaatt    117300
     tattttcttc tgcagcaagc gctctgcatt ctggaaagcg ctctgcattc tgggagaagc    117360
     aatggattta tttaatttgt tgtctctaat aataaagttg cacccaaact accaacaaca    117420
     ctgtaacatg ttcctgcacc tgtttcattg gagagctagg aatttccaac aacacaagca    117480
     acagggatct ttggttagaa gatgaaggct tgcctaatga tgtgacaagt agcaaaaatg    117540
     tttgtacatt actagtacaa tagatcatac aacaacataa gtggaaagtt acttttacaa    117600
     gaaaactgtc aaaatataat atcaagttgt ataatataaa tatataataa agttttacca    117660
     tcaatggtaa aattaatgtc atccaaaaaa agtagtaata attgtagttg taatttcagt    117720
     aatttaatta aataagtaaa actcatctat agattcatta cacatagact gatatatttc    117780
     tgtttacttt ttattttgat gattgtggct tacacagcta atctcagaca actgcaatat    117840
     tactcaagcc cataaaataa aataaaagga tttaaataga aatattggac tatgaatatg    117900
     tacagcactc aatacttgtt cagggctatt ttgcatgatt tactccagca atgtgacggt    117960
     tggtggcact gctaatgaag cccaggtttc gctaacagta cccttcagct cttctgtgtt    118020
     gttgaatttg gtgtctcgta tcttcttcac aatgcacaac agtttctttc ataagagctt    118080
     ttgatcaggt gagcttgcat acagggaaaa ttatacttaa aacacataca tgttgcagtg    118140
     tgaacaggtg ccaagtcttg ctggaaagtt taaattagca tcttcaaaaa aaattccatt    118200
     tttccagcag gacttggaca cctgtccaca cgagtagggt gaagctgcag gcccggagac    118260
     ccaactgcac gctcagacct gcacttccag acctattgtt ttctcagaca gtgccacctg    118320
     ctgttgggtt gtgtgaagta gcaggtcaag agacccaact gcacactcag accagcactt    118380
     tctagcaagt agcaacatcg gacacatttg agtaaggttt tgattttatt ttaagctttt    118440
     cctgaaaatt accaggtttt atggcataaa tcaatgaggc atcttattac aacaaaaaaa    118500
     acaattattt cagtgtttga tttgatc                                        118527