ID   AL591175; SV 6; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 89232 BP.
AC   AL591175;
DT   04-MAY-2001 (Rel. 67, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 22)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone BUSM1-37I06 in linkage group 8 Contains
DE   five genes for a novel protein similar to type I cytokeratin, enveloping
DE   layer, the gene for a novel zinc finger domain containing protein, the cyt1
DE   gene for type I cytokeratin, enveloping layer, the gene for a novel protein
DE   similar to vertebrate keratin family, the gene for a novel protein
DE   (zgc:85781) and four CpG islands.
KW   alpha chain; beta chain; cyt1; HTG; MHC class I; MHC class II;
KW   retrotransposon; SUSHI-ICHI; SUSHIIDR1.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-89232
RA   Babbage A.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: zfish-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests:
RL   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/D_rerio/faqs.shtml#dataeight
DR   MD5; 8b76180ed10a82d8c47988ef2422173a.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: zfish-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/C_elegans/wormpep
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone BUSM1-37I06. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone BUSM1-37I06 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone BUSM1-37I06 is at 89232 in this sequence.
CC   BUSM1-37I06 is from a Zebrafish PAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..89232
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="8"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="BUSM1"
FT                   /clone="BUSM1-37I06"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..89232
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: BUSM1-37I06"
FT   mRNA            join(<3055..3304,3628..3909,3990..>4111)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ37I06.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to MHC class II alpha
FT                   chain"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AJ251433.1"
FT   CDS             join(<3055..3304,3628..3909,3990..4111)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ37I06.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001325"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to MHC class II alpha
FT                   chain"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q31359 Tr:Q31362 Tr:Q31379
FT                   Tr:Q31625 Tr:Q9MX25 Tr:Q9MX26 Tr:Q9MX27"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q8MGS1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001003"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003006"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003597"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011162"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014745"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR036179"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8MGS1"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-440"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD32273.1"
FT   mobile_element  complement(<7144..>11399)
FT                   /mobile_element_type="transposon"
FT                   /locus_tag="SUSHIIDR1-001"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(13138..13387,13471..13610,13850..13938,
FT                   14124..14200))
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ37I06.3-001"
FT                   /product="putative novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI544505 Em:AW279935 Em:BI350674
FT                   Em:BM025909 Em:BM026143 Em:BM036470 Em:BM036710
FT                   Em:BM103315"
FT   polyA_site      complement(13140)
FT   polyA_site      complement(13144)
FT   regulatory      complement(13157..13162)
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   regulatory      complement(13167..13172)
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   misc_feature    17164..17227
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<18801..18923,21795..22151,23408..23692,
FT                   26366..>26614))
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ37I06.5-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to MHC class I heavy chain"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<18801..18923,21795..22151,23408..23692,
FT                   26366..>26614))
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ37I06.5-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001327"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to MHC class I heavy chain"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q9BDB3 Tr:Q9GJC0 Tr:Q9GJK0
FT                   Tr:Q9GJK8 Tr:Q9GJL1 Tr:Q9GJL2 Tr:Q9TNN4 Tr:Q9TNW9"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q8HWF8"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003597"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011161"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011162"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR036179"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR037055"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8HWF8"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-443"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD56801.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(31152..31362,31437..>31697))
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ37I06.6-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to MHC class II alpha
FT                   chain"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:L19446.1 Em:L19450.1 Em:X95433.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BI318681.1 Em:BI318699.1
FT                   Em:BI475666.1 Em:BI842059.1 Em:BI842063.1 Em:BI845880.1
FT                   Em:BI846070.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(31274..31362,31437..>31697))
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ37I06.6-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001328"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to MHC class II alpha
FT                   chain"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q9MX25 Tr:Q9MX27 Tr:Q9TQ81
FT                   Tr:Q9TQ82 Tr:Q9XRY8 Tr:Q9XRY9 Tr:Q9XRZ0 Tr:Q9XRZ1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003006"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003597"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR036179"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8HWF7"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-444"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD56802.1"
FT                   LAMKMKNVYVD"
FT   mRNA            join(<36699..36756,36978..37253,37365..37646,37725..37838,
FT                   39882..>40021)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ37I06.4-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to MHC class II beta chain"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF296391.1 Em:AF296392.1
FT                   Em:AF296397.1 Em:U77597.1 Em:U77598.1 Em:Z49064.1
FT                   Em:Z49065.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AU090795.1 Em:AW184436.1
FT                   Em:AW233318.1 Em:BE201938.1 Em:BM438192.1"
FT   CDS             join(36699..36756,36978..37253,37365..37646,37725..37838,
FT                   39882..40021)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ37I06.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001326"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to MHC class II beta chain"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q31377 Tr:Q31488 Tr:Q31490
FT                   Tr:Q31590 Tr:Q95HJ7 Tr:Q9GJI1 Tr:Q9GJI4 Tr:Q9GJI6 Tr:Q9GJI8
FT                   Tr:Q9GJI9 Tr:Q9GJJ0"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q8MGS0"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000353"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003597"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011162"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014745"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR036179"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8MGS0"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-442"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD32274.3"
FT                   LLCNSILI"
FT   mRNA            join(complement(AL591442.2:78794..>78851),
FT                   complement(AL591442.2:77707..77825),36978..37253,
FT                   54472..54753)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ243A08.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to major histocompatibility
FT                   complex class II DCB gene (mhc2dcb), MHC2DBC related
FT                   sequence (mhc2dbc-rs)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:U77597.1 Em:U77598.1 Em:X95431.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<48782..48891,48976..>49257))
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ37I06.7-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to MHC class II alpha
FT                   chain"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:L19445.1 Em:L19446.1 Em:L19450.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BF717925.1 Em:BI472418.1
FT                   Em:BI475666.1 Em:BI845880.1 Em:BI846070.1 Em:BI865180.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(48782..48891,48976..>49257))
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ37I06.7-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001329"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to MHC class II alpha
FT                   chain"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q95H91 Tr:Q95HJ5"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003006"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003597"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR036179"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8HWF6"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-445"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD56803.1"
FT   mRNA            join(<53806..53863,54085..54360,54472..54753,54832..>54945)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ37I06.8-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similat to MHC class II beta chain"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:U77597.1 Em:U77598.1 Em:X93898.1
FT                   Em:Z49064.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW184436.1 Em:AW233318.1
FT                   Em:BE201938.1 Em:BG936494.1 Em:BQ261921.1"
FT   CDS             join(53806..53863,54085..54360,54472..54753,54832..>54945)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ37I06.8-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001330"
FT                   /product="novel protein similat to MHC class II beta chain"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q31357 Tr:Q95HJ6 Tr:Q95HJ7"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q8HWF5"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000353"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003597"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011162"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014745"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR036179"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8HWF5"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD56804.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(58412..58590,58670..>58949))
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ37I06.9-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to MHC class I alpha chain"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF103007.1 Em:AF212850.1
FT                   Em:L19446.1 Em:L19450.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BI318681.1 Em:BI472418.1
FT                   Em:BI845880.1 Em:BI846070.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(58469..58590,58670..>58949))
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ37I06.9-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001331"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to MHC class I alpha chain"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q31362 Tr:Q31466 Tr:Q31468
FT                   Tr:Q31470 Tr:Q31471 Tr:Q95H91"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q8HWF4"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003006"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003597"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR036179"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8HWF4"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-447"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD56805.1"
FT   mRNA            join(complement(58670..>58951),AL591442.2:74048..>74169)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ243A08.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to MHC class II alpha
FT                   chain"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AJ251432.1 Em:L19446.1 Em:L19450.1
FT                   Em:L35065.1 Em:L35067.1 Em:X95433.1"
FT   CDS             join(complement(58670..>58951),AL591442.2:74048..74169)
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ243A08.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001295"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to MHC class II alpha
FT                   chain"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q31465 Tr:Q31467 Tr:Q9MX26
FT                   Tr:Q9TQ81"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A3KFP9"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003006"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003597"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR036179"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A3KFP9"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM56284.1"
FT   misc_feature    75527..75567
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones"
FT   misc_feature    89232
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: BUSM1-37I06"
SQ   Sequence 89232 BP; 28765 A; 15886 C; 16392 G; 28189 T; 0 other;
     gatcctaact ctgttgtcag tgtcacatcc cttgcttaca gttaccaata aacaggttta        60
     aaatgtttta gagaatgttt acctatcttt taaaagaaca ttctgtgaac taaactaata       120
     ctagccctaa ttaggttatg acaatggtaa acccaaatgt ggttacaatg ttttagcgat       180
     tgattaaacg ttgtaataat gttaaagtat aatattgtaa gaatgttact tagaaacgta       240
     tttagaatgt atttagtgaa tgtttaccaa ccattgaaga gaacattctg gaaacttaaa       300
     gaaaacccat taataatgtt ataagaatgt tagaatataa tgttctaaaa ttgttagcag       360
     cgaatgtggt tagaatattt ctaaaaaatg ttttcctacc attaaagaga acattctggg       420
     aacttaaaga atactagccg ctaataatgt tatacgaatg ttagaatata atgttcgaaa       480
     attgttacca gcgaatgtgg ttagaatatt tctaaaaaat gttttcctgc cataaaagag       540
     cacattctgg gaacttaaag aaaactaact gctaataatg ttataagaat gttagaatat       600
     aatgttctaa aattgttact agcgaatgtg gttagaatat ttctgaaaaa tgttttccta       660
     ccattaaaga gaacattctg gggacttaaa gaaaagtagt cgctaataat gttatacgaa       720
     tgttagaata taatgttcta aaattgttac cagcgaatgt agttagaatg tttctagaga       780
     atgttttcct accattaaag agaacattct ggcaacttaa agaaaactgg ccgccgaaaa       840
     cagtaattca acattggtaa tattttcaga aaatgtatag aactaaaaat ttctactggg       900
     gatgcatgag gaagttcgac tgaatttttt tttctgctct attcattctt tccctaaaaa       960
     caaaaacgag gaagggattc aaaagaagct cagacacaaa gtagcagtta gatcaccatt      1020
     atttatgaca ataacattat gtccacccac ctataacaag agcctatttt ggcccccaaa      1080
     atattagcaa caaagtgagg tatcgatctt ctgaagttgc agccattctt ttgtgatatg      1140
     tcaacataag gacctacatt gcagagtggt gatgatgcag catgaatcag cttttctata      1200
     ttgaatcaaa aagaattata aagaggttta ttgcacacac agggaatttg ctttagtgat      1260
     agaagcttcc agtactccgg agtacaaaaa gtactgtaca aacatagtga agacaaaaat      1320
     aaaaaataaa aacatgaata aataacaata gcgaaaatag tgaaaaaact gatgtttcac      1380
     tgagttcatg tacagtgatt tcagagggca atgcattaat agaaattcat ttgcatgttc      1440
     caccattttg gataattttt ggatttgaca tggaggtgct ctggcttaat ttgttctaag      1500
     aaaaccactt caacaggttt gttttcccta aaagtttatc tatgcaagga accttttatg      1560
     cacacttttg aagcatactt accatagcag tctatgaaca accaaatgtg tgccgttgct      1620
     gcactgaagt tccatgttgt ggcaccaaac actgataaac cacagcaaac actatactga      1680
     ttgaaaggtt gctcttagat tgtataaagt gtttacactt ttgcatcctg agtcttaatt      1740
     gttttaaagt actgtagatt taacaagttt tttttatgtg tgtgtgattt cttttttaat      1800
     ggaaattgaa aatctgaaat aatgtgaatc tcttgtttga gcacagtgct ctactgaatt      1860
     aaaatatggt gactgtggag gtaatttgag taagttgatt gcactgtcaa attcaagaaa      1920
     ccagtctgag atctggaaat ctgaattttg caatatgcaa atcatacatg aatggacatg      1980
     gttagtaata atactcaagt acagtaggct gtggtgttca aacaatgctc tgttggcact      2040
     atagcgcgta aagtgtgtca agaaaacaca accactaatt catttttttt ttttaccata      2100
     attctcagac tagcccctat atggcacaaa taaccaagtt taaagccact taaatgcatg      2160
     aagctgcagt catttaattg gctaattaga tatttacata gcaagcgttt gactaactgt      2220
     acctgataaa gtggccaaaa tgttacttgt ggttaagaag cagaaccatt tagtggttaa      2280
     caaaggaact aaaacagagt tcctcatgcc ttcaacccag accatgtccc atagagactg      2340
     ttctgtcaca gaatagctgc agagccaatt ggatgatgta agtgatcaaa taaagcttgt      2400
     ttgaataata ggttgtacca tttcaaacaa aactctactg acatgccgtc gagtggcatt      2460
     ttctgctacc tgcacttact gtttgtgatg tacaatggag gcattgttaa gagtcacact      2520
     catctgtgtt tgtgtccaag ctcaaggtga gtgaaccaag cataaaattg tttgacttag      2580
     ttcacccaaa tttaaaatgc tgtcatcatt tactcttcct caagtggctt caatccttta      2640
     atagattatt tcttctgcta gacacaagaa aaggtatctt gaacaaagct gaaatcctgt      2700
     aaccattgac tgctgtagta tttgttttta ctaataaggt agtcagtact cacaggtttt      2760
     caactttcca caaaatgtct tcttttgtgt ttaagggtta gaaccacttt agtgtgagta      2820
     catagagagt aaagtttcat tttgaggtga actatccatt taaagctgct tgcttttcag      2880
     taacacataa ctaatgatac cctaaatgat ttcacaattg ttaaatgaga tttcatagat      2940
     aatcaagttg ataaataaga ttatactcat gtatgcttca tgtaaatata ttaaaaatgc      3000
     tattccttaa caaaaataat aatactcaga tctgtaaacc tgtttttttt tttagattat      3060
     cataaatatg gactgattgg ggcgtgtggt gatgcagatc aggaagattt tattgtccag      3120
     tttgatgatg aacagttggc acacgtggac ttcaaagagc agaaagatgt tattacatta      3180
     cctgaatttg ctgatcaggc tgtgcttccg ccaatatatg tggatgctaa aagggccgaa      3240
     ttcaattgca aagcctacct ggctgtgctt agagaggtgt atgccagttc acctgaagta      3300
     cttggtaaga caaaaatagg gataaaaatg agtcacactt catgataagt ttgcaatact      3360
     tattaacatg agctaggaat aatacagcaa cagattcttg tttgttaata tcagttaatg      3420
     caccgtgagt taacaagaag taacaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa acgtttatta actatcatta      3480
     caaaagatga atcaaaactg ttataaatat tgttcatcat ttgtttgtgt tagtaaatac      3540
     aataacttat acaatcttat tataaagtct taacaaaaaa tgttatagta aaatgtttaa      3600
     aatggtggtt gatctaatct ttgccagaac ctccctggag ctcaatttat cctaaaagtg      3660
     atcctcaatt aaatatcaag aacactctga tctgtcatgt gactggattc ttccctccgc      3720
     cggtcagagt cttgtggacc aagaacaatg tgaatgtgac agacggatca accatcagca      3780
     gatattaccc taacaaagat ggcacaatga atgtcttttc tcgactgagc ttcattcctg      3840
     aggaaagcga catttatagc tgttcagtgg agcacaaagc tcttcagcaa cctcagacca      3900
     gaacatgggg tgagtgttta ttcaacattc acatataatc acgaataaaa cacatgaatt      3960
     tcccaaatgt ttgtgtgtgt tgtgtgcaga tgtggaggta aagcagccca gcattggtcc      4020
     atcaatgttc tgtggagttg gtcttggtct cgggctactg ggttttgcta ctggggtctt      4080
     tttcactgca aaaggaaaca actgtaacta ataattatcc tgaagcagac aaagtggtgc      4140
     acacataaat tgtacatact gtataaactc atgtggtgaa cagaaaacaa ttctttattc      4200
     attgtaaagt gcaagggcaa aagagtttag aggtttctct gagcaatcta ctggaatcat      4260
     tggtctagta ccttagaagt gactaatatt aaaattctag aagtctcacg tgacggcata      4320
     gggaagtttg tgacaaatgc agaacattct gctgaatgca tactgtaaat ataaattttt      4380
     caatcagacc gtaaatagat attattttaa tatgcaaata ttgctttagt ttgatttttg      4440
     atgtattgtc aggtgtttca gagagacatc ttgtttacca gaatatactt aatgctgtaa      4500
     tttaaataaa atatattcaa agaataagca agaacctaac cagtcagtct tcaaatctat      4560
     cttgttacct tagcctgatt cacagtataa gcatgcgata atgctttcca atttgagcgg      4620
     cagatttcca tctttgttgt cttattgtac agaaggactt gtatagacag ataaaggcta      4680
     ctgtgaccct atgtaagggt cattaacagc cttttctcac agcagctgga ataaataaat      4740
     ttatcaatat gaatattgga tggtatgaca attagaaatg atagactgtg tagataagtt      4800
     gcaattctac acgtaacgct aaacacacta tgacatgctg atgttgttaa cagtaaccag      4860
     aagcattgta tagaagagaa gtatagctaa taacataaaa ataccaatac caatttgcat      4920
     ggtttaatgt actaagaaat taatcagata ttaacacata acagagcgat gtgtaaatga      4980
     catatctgcc aaaaatgttg cttgtttaaa ttactttttg cgatgaaaac ccttttgggt      5040
     taaacagtat ttccaagaaa attaatctgt tctttaaatg tgtacagtat ccacacagct      5100
     acacatactc cttgaaacat cagactcatt agcattgaag agcttcaccg taaaaaccat      5160
     gtcaagatga tccttctgct tttaacagca ataaccacag aactttcgct tcagtgttgt      5220
     tcagctacgc agctgtgaaa aaatctcaca gtgtgtgtta cttgatcaca tgttgttttg      5280
     tgggtcagtc atactcataa gctggatttt ccagtttgat gaattgagat gccaaactag      5340
     actgggatta gtttactgga actgcactct gtctcattcc atctaagaaa acaatactga      5400
     attacagtgt atgatctttc aatacacctg gccttatatc cctaacatac agtataaact      5460
     tttaagttaa ttcttgaagt taaataaaca agacttgtgc tgggatgatt tcctgcacat      5520
     gagtcagttt gttttgagtt aaactacatt gctttcacaa gcagtgactc ggttttaaat      5580
     acacaatatt atctttactc tgggattacc cctcttaatt aatacactga cttatcattt      5640
     aaataataac tcaaaactct tacaaggtca cagacagtag acttttattg ggcatatagc      5700
     ccactccagc aaatggagac acaaaatttc tgttcaacgt tactgagaat aaagttgttg      5760
     ctgcaaacac taaatatggt gaattattaa aatcaaaatc cttaatagtt acatgagcag      5820
     gtgaagaaat taaatctcaa attatgagca atttttttcc cccagacttg tgtgaccagt      5880
     tctgtaaaac tttataacct gtttctttgt ttcactgtac gtttcttgtt tttttttaaa      5940
     ctttaatatt gcattgtgga tattaaatgg aataaaataa atagcgatgc catccacaca      6000
     atataagtgc tgatctttca ttttcgctaa agttgaaaaa aacaccctca tcgacacatc      6060
     aacaccatta caaacctcac acagcttaca ccgagacatg tgacttctaa ttcataattg      6120
     aacaaaataa taataaataa atatgtatcc tcatcccaat ttacatcctg cttaagaatt      6180
     gtacacatca aaagtcaaca gagcacagat caaggtccta taatgcagtt gtcaggaaag      6240
     agaatgagag gattcaagtg caggtaaaag aaaacaattt tattaatctt gctgactggg      6300
     caataacaaa aaacctccag caggtggagc tggggaaccc acagagggat gaaaaatcca      6360
     ggcaaaaaat aaagaaaaaa ataagaaaac caaggatggc ctctagaggg cagacggcag      6420
     tctcaagcac cagtaaaaag gggtaaagca aaagaaaact aaatgcaata ccaatcgtcc      6480
     caataggagg cgcacggcaa accaagccgt cactagatag tcaatgcaaa agaaaatgaa      6540
     agcaaaataa aactgcttca gcgagaggcg cacggcaatc caagccgtca gtcagcaagg      6600
     ggtttattct gcgatgctgg caaccaggac gagagggagc aggaggagag aaagtcggct      6660
     ggagaggaga tcgctggtgg gcgttaatgc ggaactggag caggaagtgc cgagaggtga      6720
     ggagaaacac agctgatcta cagcaggaac ggtctgactg gggagaaaga aaaagtaaaa      6780
     tccaaaatcc aaaacaacag ttaaagactg gcactggagc ctaaacagta acgagacgag      6840
     acgagactgg acgagatcat gaaacaggat cgtaaggtaa gacacgcgaa cgataaggta      6900
     caggaaagtg agaacaagag gaataaatag ggagactaat gaaggaaaac tacagacagg      6960
     tgtgaaggaa ctaatgatct aatgcgtaga atgacaagtg ggtggggtga gacagcagag      7020
     cgcatggcga tctgtcaaaa taacgccatg tgcgctgaga aaacaaaaca aatgaatgtg      7080
     acgacaacat gcaggtgaca gaccatgaca gtacccccac ccctaagagc gccaccaggc      7140
     gcctcagggg aggggcttac cccgtcgccg gtgaaagtcc ataatcaatg cccgatccag      7200
     gacatgccga gccggaatcc aactcctctc ctcaggacca taaccctccc agtccactag      7260
     atactgaaaa ccccggcccc ggcgtctgac atccagcagt ctcctgacac tgtatgcagg      7320
     agagccatcc actaggcgag gggggggagg ggcaggggaa gagacaacag ggttaagaat      7380
     ggatctaaac acaggtttga ccctggatac atgaaaaaca gggtgtaccc gaccaagagt      7440
     gggaggtaac ttgagccgaa ctgccaccgg actcaagacc ttggtgatga ggtatgggcc      7500
     aatgaacctg ggagccaact tacgtgaggc taccctaaga ggcaggtcct tggtggataa      7560
     ccataccttc tgaccacaca catattcagg tgggagggtc cgatgacggt cggctgctgc      7620
     tttagtccgt ctagaagtcc gagccaagac ctccttagcc ctcatccagg tgcgacggca      7680
     ccgttggaca aaggccaagg cagacgggac tgcagcgtca ggttcctgtg agggaaacaa      7740
     aggaggttga taacccatgg aacagagaaa tggggacata ccagtagacg caaccggcag      7800
     ggaattatgg gcgtactcaa cccatgagag ctgttggctc caagaacaag gattctggga      7860
     ggtcaggcag cggaaagttc tttcgagatc ctggttggct cgctcacatt gcccgttggt      7920
     ctgggggtga aaacctgaag acagactcgt agaggctccg atctgtcgac agaactctct      7980
     caaaccggga aacaaactgt ggtcccctat cagagactat atcaaccgga aggccatgaa      8040
     tccggaagac atggtcaacc atagcttgag ctgtttcctt ggctgaggga agtttgggca      8100
     aaggaataaa atgagctgct ttagaaaaac ggtcaactac agtcatgatg acagtgtttc      8160
     ctcttgaggg gggaaggcca gaaacaaagt caagggccag gtgtgaccat ggacgagagg      8220
     gaatgggcaa gggcttgagc agaccaacag gtgctcggtt agaggtctta ttctgggcac      8280
     aaaccgagca agccaacaca aactgcctga catcctgcct cagagagggc caccaaaatc      8340
     gctggcggat ggcagccagt gacctccaaa ttcctggatg acaaaccagc ctggatgcat      8400
     gcccccaccg gaggacctcg gaacgcagcg caaccggcac aaacagccga ccatccggac      8460
     acccttctgg cacctcaatc cctcgaccgg ccttaattac ctgctgctcg atgccccagg      8520
     agagagaccc aaccaccact ccctcaggga ggatgggtcc aattgaggac tccccactgg      8580
     ggacctcgaa cagccgagag agggcatcag gtttagtatt cttggaccct ggccggtacg      8640
     agagactgaa gttgaatcga ccaaagaaga gtgcccagcg ggcctggcgt gcgcttaacc      8700
     tcttggccga acggacatat tcaaggtttt tatggtccgt ccagaccaag aagggatgca      8760
     ctgctccctc cagccagtga cgccactcac ccaaagccag cttgactgcc aacagctctt      8820
     tattacctat gtcgtaatta cgttctgctg ggctcaggcg atgagagaaa aaggcacaag      8880
     gatgcacctt cccatccttg ggggaccgct gagataggac cgcgcctacc ccaacatcag      8940
     aagcatcaac ctcgacaata aattgttgtt caggatctgg aatagaaagg acaggagcag      9000
     agatgaaacg ggacttaaga acatcaaagg cctcctgagc ctgtgtattc cacctgaaca      9060
     taactttagt ggaggtgaga gccgttaagg gtgcagcaac tgactaaagt tcctgatgaa      9120
     gcgcctatag aaattggcga aacccaggaa acgctgcaga gccttgcggg tgttggggac      9180
     tggccacttg gcaacggccc ttaccttagc aatatcaggt tttattccct cagccgagat      9240
     gacatacccc aggaatgtaa ccgacttcgt gtggaactcg cacttctccg ccttaacaaa      9300
     gagttggttt tctaatagtc gttggaggac ctgacgtaca tgatgagtgt gtgcctgtaa      9360
     agaggatgaa aaaatgagaa tatcatccag gtacacaaag acaaacttgt ttaccatgtc      9420
     tctcagcacg tcgttgacca gggcctggaa gacagctggg gcgttggtca gaccaaaagg      9480
     taagacaaga tattcgaagt gtcccgtagg ggtattaaag gctgtcttcc actcatctcc      9540
     ctcacggatg cgcaccaagt ggtaagcgtt acggaggtct aacttggtaa agacctgggc      9600
     tccctgcaac aactcaaagg cagaagacat aagaggtaag gggtacctgt ttttaattgt      9660
     gatgtcattc agccctctgt agtcgataca tggacgcagg gagccatcct tcttcttaac      9720
     aaagaagaac cctgcacccg caggtgatga tgagggacgg atgagaccag tactaagtga      9780
     ttcctgaata tacctgtcca tagcctctct ttctggacca gaaagggaat ataagcgacc      9840
     cttgggcgga aaagtgcctg ggaggaggtc aatggcacag tcatatggtc gatgaggagg      9900
     aagagatccg gcccgagctc tgctaaagac ctggcgaaga ccatggtact caaccgggac      9960
     ctttgttaca tcaacagtct cctcctgcaa cacagaacac aaagaaccag gagacaaggc     10020
     agaacccaaa caagaagcaa gacaagactg actccaggcc aacacagaat ttccggacca     10080
     atcaacgtga ggattgtgcc gtaccagcca gggatgcccc aagacaatag gggaacctgg     10140
     tgaatcaaga aggtacagtt caatgtcctc acggtgattg ccggaaacaa caagacttac     10200
     acgaggggtg atgtgggtaa tggtagagat gagctgaccc gctaacgacc agacagaaat     10260
     aggagaaggg agggggatgg cggggatacc ccactgcttg gcagtgagac agtccaggaa     10320
     attgccttcg gccccggagt cgagcaaggc agagcaggag ttgagggatc cttcatgttg     10380
     tatggtgaca ggcaataggg tgcgagacag aggggaattc agacaggggg aggcgcccac     10440
     caggattccc cggtttactg atgggccctg gcttttaaag gacacttgat ggcaaagtgc     10500
     cctggtttgc cacagtagag acacacgcca cgggctaggc ggtccctctt ctcctgaggc     10560
     gtgaggtgca tacgtcccat ctgcatgggc tcaggatcgg aagagggagg agtagaggag     10620
     gcttgttggg ggaagatgtc atcagccctc caggaagaat ggacagaccg ccactggcgg     10680
     cggcggcgaa ggcgcccctc aacacgtaga gctaagtcaa taagagtctc caggtggcga     10740
     ggaagctcat gagaggcgat ctcatcctgg atctcctcat tcagaccctc aaaaaatctg     10800
     gatcggagag ccccttcatt ccagtcacag gtggccgcta aagtattaaa cacgatagaa     10860
     tagtcggtga cagaacggcc ctcctgggtc agtcgtgcca acctggcagc cgcctcatct     10920
     ccctgtgcgg accggtcaaa gagcttaatc atttcgtcct taaaatcatc aaaaaaacgg     10980
     cagaagggtg ccctagcatc ccagactgca gtgccccact cacgtgctct cccagtgagc     11040
     agggtcagga catatgccac tctggaggcc tcggtggcat aacggcgggg ttgcagggca     11100
     aaaacaaggc cacactgcga taaaaaggcc cgacaggaac tgggatctcc atcatacgga     11160
     ggtggattgt tggcatgggg ctctggatcg tggtggtggg tggcgatagg tggagcaacc     11220
     tgcctgggtc ctgcagcttc atgctggagt gattcaattc gtgcgttgag ctcgaccact     11280
     tgggcagtga gcatctccaa ctctctggag gtggtggtga gctgggtggc atgttgaccc     11340
     aggagtgcac cctgctgggc aagtgcagtt cgcacttgat ccgtgcctgc tgaatccatt     11400
     ctgaccttat cgttctgtca ggaaagagaa tgagaggatt caagtgcagg tcaaaaaaaa     11460
     caattttatt aatcttgctg actgggcaat aacaaaaaac ctccagcagg tggagctggg     11520
     gaacccacag agggatgaaa aatccaggca aaaaataaag aaaaaaataa gaaaaccaag     11580
     gatggcctct agagggcaga cggcagtctc aagcaccagt aaaaaggggt aaagcaaaag     11640
     aaaactaaat gcaataccaa tcgtcccaat aggaggcgca cggcaaacca agccgtcact     11700
     agatagtcaa tgcaaaagaa aatgaaagca aaataaaact gcttcagcga gaggcgcacg     11760
     gcaatccaag ccgtcagtca gcaaggggtt tattctgcga tgctggcaac caggacgaga     11820
     gggagcagga ggagagaaag tcggctggag aggagatcgc tggtgggcgt taatgcggaa     11880
     ctggagcagg aagtgccgag aggtgaggag aaacacagct gatctacagc aggaacggtc     11940
     tgactgggga gaaagaaaaa gtaaaatcca aaatccaaaa caacagttaa agactggcac     12000
     tggagcctaa acagtaacga gacgagacga gactggacga gatcatgaaa caggatcgta     12060
     aggtaagaca cgcgaacgat aaggtacagg aaagtgagaa caagaggaat aaatagggag     12120
     actaatgaag gaaaactaca gacaggtgtg aatgaactaa tgatctaatg cgtagaatga     12180
     caagtgggtg gggtgagaca gcagagcgca tggcgatctg tcaaaataac gccatgtgcg     12240
     ctgagaaaac aaaacaaatg aatgtgacga caacatgcag gtgacagacc atgacagcag     12300
     ttgcataaat aaactaagtt ttgactaaac agcttgacaa cttttgtaat ggctactttg     12360
     tgtattaaat attattgttt aagaaataat actgtaaata ataatattta atagtgtatt     12420
     tacaactaaa tggtctggaa atggtctgtg tgttagtgct gaaagatttt gaataagcac     12480
     caaatgcgaa ataaactaat gaaatttttc aaaatttaaa gtaatgtttg attattttta     12540
     ggattaaccc tttaaatgca caataaatgg tttcaagagg gtcgaaaatg tcacgatttg     12600
     gaaattatga aaaaaggatt gacctgaaag ataaatgtcg tatcatattc agattatcac     12660
     tctcaaaatc ttataatact ccgcataaca gaacctgatt ttagcaaatg caactgtgac     12720
     ggggcctctc ttgggctcat tgaagaccag acaagctgca acatttcgtt ctgggagtag     12780
     atgagcatgt catctgtgta gactatggcc aacttgtgaa gttactcaca agacctcagc     12840
     ttattcatta ccattaaaat taaacgtttc cagcagaata tgacacttta aaaaactcca     12900
     tcagcactgg taactatgaa aaacacgact agcactaata gtgtactcca cactttacac     12960
     tgacatttga aggataacct gaccttaaag actgaagtaa gaacgctgaa aaaaacatca     13020
     gattttagcc caaaagagtt ttttttttcc taaattaaag caaaacttta taatattgtg     13080
     ttaatgaatt aattagtgtg tgttgcacta ctggagtgaa ggttaaccag tccacacagt     13140
     tcatgcagct ataatcttta ttatctttta ttaataaact atgtacaata tttacacgtt     13200
     ggctccatgt ctcttggatg aaggtctctc agcgacgtgg tctcttctgg tcacagcgcg     13260
     tgtctggtgg agatagggag cgggttcccg gaccgaagat gccgcacctg ctgaggacga     13320
     ggagggcaaa ggcttggact ggcaggagaa ggacggcctc tttctcttct cagcagctta     13380
     ggcctcactg aacagatcga gcgcaaacac acacaagcag acatcatgtg agatttggac     13440
     atgtggctat gccaagtaca gtttactcac gcgtctatga tgggaatgac gtatctgccg     13500
     ctgccgtcta tcatgactcc ctttcggttt gggtcgtcca cctccaacag gaagctgcgg     13560
     ggaatctctg tgctcttccg gatgcgcttg tgcggagcag agccgctgcc ctgtgaattg     13620
     aggagtgaca gtcaaactct gagcaaacaa tctgactgat gaggacaagg gctcaagttc     13680
     acagcaatcg tgagcttgga aacccagtta ccacattagt ggggcagtgc ctaatgtggt     13740
     gtcccgggat cccaagcagc ttcatggcct cactagtgaa tatcagaacc atgagaatca     13800
     gctcagacat ttctcacaaa agaaaacctg tcagtatctg aacgctcacc tgctggagta     13860
     gtagcacagg ctggactggt acatcaccgc tttcagcttg tcctcctctg atgcctttgc     13920
     ctcagccaga ttctcagtct gttttacagg catttgcaca tttgaatctt ttcaccctca     13980
     acccttcaaa caatctcaaa tctccctaag aagctgagtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     14040
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgcgta tattgtgtgc tttacattgc gttttgctat     14100
     tgtgctattc atttgttcaa taccttcaat aactgctcca gtaagaggag tgaaggatca     14160
     cctcttggtg aagattcacc ccatcgtcca gcttgatgtc tgcaaaacag gagcttgtgt     14220
     gactaaaaca ccagggacag accaggagtc ttcatataac atctaacaga gggcaccacg     14280
     tgacgcaggt gctgaagaac ttccggcaat acatattttt ttcttattaa taatagtaaa     14340
     aaaattaaga taaataatga ttaaaaaata aatagcagaa cagttgacca taactctata     14400
     tgaataacac agccgcgttt tcttttacac gaacaattca ggccttcgca aagaagactt     14460
     gggtgagtcg atgattcagt gattggttca tctgtccgtt catccgttca ttggctgaat     14520
     gagtcgctca atgctttact caaataaagc ggcctcttgc tgccaccagt actttgacac     14580
     tttttaaagc actttcaaat gcaagttaat ctctgtttaa taaaaatggt ttaaaactcc     14640
     tcaagctcat gattttcttt atgcattcgt cattttaaat gtaaatgtat tagtacttgc     14700
     ttttgattcc cattaaaaca cttttttaaa tataaataat tataattagc attgattgga     14760
     caacataaaa tgattgttca aaaacaaaca aacaaaaaaa taatgtacaa ttcatgtgta     14820
     cagcattagc acaaaactat agatttttga atggattctg atatcaaaca aaaaattaaa     14880
     caaacaaata gaaaaaaacc ccagtgacat tttagcataa acacatatac ttagcctaga     14940
     ttaaataaat taataaataa gtaaataaat aaaatgatga ggacaagcca cggctaatta     15000
     gcatcaattg attttctgct cagatttcta tttctagtat atttaaaatt aattttgatg     15060
     ttaagattaa attttttgta aattttcata ttccaggagc tgttcaagcc ttaatttaaa     15120
     aattttaaca ttttttcttc ttaaaatgaa caagttatgg cgttacggtg gtgcagtggg     15180
     tagcatgatt gcctcacagc aagaaggtca ggaccctggg ctgggtcagt tggcatttct     15240
     gtgtagagtt tgcagttttc cccttgttcg cgagagtttc ctctgtgtgc tcaggttcac     15300
     cccacaagtc cgaacacatg cactatagat gaattgggta agctaaattg accatagtgt     15360
     atgtgtgtaa aagagtgtgt atgggggttt acctgtcatg ggttgcagct ggaagggcat     15420
     tcgctgtgta aaacatatgc tggataagtt agcggttcat tccgctgggg cgaccccaga     15480
     ttgataaagg gactaagccg aaaagaaaat gaatgaatga atgaataagt tataaaaagt     15540
     ggtattttta aacttcaaac actcattgaa tttatgccct ttctataaat gtactgttgt     15600
     agttcccctc aaactactag ctatattact gctatactat tactttttat tattaaattt     15660
     cattcgaacc atgtaaaatt ataacaagca ctgtgattat gcattgcact gaagtaagct     15720
     gtaatccctt ggctgcagtc cagtcataat gtgacaaata aatcaacaaa acattacata     15780
     tattattagt tgtacactat ccaagccata ggaaacaata aaaataatga cccgttgggc     15840
     aagatcatgt cagtgtaacc gagttaaatt aggacatcat ttcagttttg attaaatcac     15900
     agttctaatg tgttctttgc ctcaaataga tcagttttgt agacatatta taaacatgtt     15960
     ccttacattt catgtatcat gtaattctat tgatctgcaa tgtaaaatta tattgccttc     16020
     acaaacaaca ctactggaga atacaggcaa aattaatgct tttgaaaacg gaactccaca     16080
     gttcagttaa ttaaatattt tttttagttt gctcttaagt ttccttgcct gtcacttaca     16140
     tatctttttg ctattaaatg agtaaaatcc actggattga cgggcttgat agtttaaagt     16200
     tttttattta ggcagagcat ggttaattta tatatcaaat aatgttgcag aacattgacc     16260
     tttcccattg ggtattaaaa atagatacca cttcactgta cttaaattac acaatgtcat     16320
     gggccatgca ggttttttgt aatcaaccct tttaaacaca tttttaatat tccacaagca     16380
     ataagtttta ctttatgaaa attttgataa gtgtgaaact acaaagaaaa ggaaaaactc     16440
     aagcatgagt ttatacacat caacaggctt tgagcatttt caaatatgca aagaacacac     16500
     aacaatgcac agtacaaaac attcatggat caaaagaatg aatgactcac caaacaatta     16560
     taacacaaaa caaagttttc ataatgacct cccaatatta ataaacaatc tcttaaagat     16620
     ctctcaaggc tttgaatggt aagatggaac actgggtgtc tgaaaccaca ttaaggggca     16680
     ccctacagta aatataatct ttaaaaataa cagctaaata tgttaaaaag cccaaaatac     16740
     aagtccatga ttaaacttaa gtttaaagtc ctccacaaaa ttgtgaaaaa gaataaatga     16800
     ttataaaagt ctaaatacaa tgaatacaaa tacaatgtta cagtatacac ctgactgcat     16860
     gtcaccttca gatacaataa gagctcgaat taacatgtag attgttaaga tcaaggacat     16920
     ttccttcgca aaacagttgt agattctttg gaatgttgat caaataaatg ttgaagcatt     16980
     aatattgccc acagttatta gtaaagatac aagtaactga atctctacaa gattatggct     17040
     tggcttcata agagatttca tcttgtttct tgctccgcag ctgaaaaggg gtttttaaaa     17100
     atcaaatgta attaaaaaga aaatcatgtc aatgaaaaat caattcttat aaaaaaataa     17160
     aattatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     17220
     atatataata taaataaaaa gattacatta ataaatttat ttataaacaa cacatattta     17280
     tctatttatt atgtaaatac ttatatatta ttatacattt atatatcttt tttatatgta     17340
     caataatttt tattaatgta tattaaatgt taagtgagat tgcacttact tgaagctgga     17400
     aaatatacac tttgatgaga agtactggag ctcagacctg aataagagtt tgaccatgtt     17460
     aaatgtaaac tttgaatgat tttctgagac gttttttctg tgttactaat attttatcac     17520
     tatttatatt tttttccaca tttttaaata tattatacct ttaaaactaa tttctataaa     17580
     ctaattactt tagtctttgc catgatgaca gttcataata tttttcttct tatttaccaa     17640
     gatactagta ttcagcttaa agagcaaaaa ctataaagca ataaagacat aatatagttt     17700
     ttttgttatt aggtatagtt aagagattaa agtaattagg caagtcattg gataatagtg     17760
     tgtttttata tatattgaag agttcagatg caaagacctc taaaagccat ctgaaatgtt     17820
     ctcctaaaat tgaatccgcc gttaatgtgt ttatgttcag ttatttctat ttaaaggcaa     17880
     ttaaaataac tcatcttttg actataaaag taaaattaca tagcctatac acacaggagt     17940
     tagagaaaaa tgctaactaa gaaaatatca aatggctttt aaaggttttg catctaaagt     18000
     cttcatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     18060
     atatatatta tatatatata tatatacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     18120
     cacacacaca cgcacacaca cacacacaca gttgaagtct gaattattag ccccctttta     18180
     attttttttt tatatattta tacataatat atttatatat aatatatata tactttttta     18240
     tatattttcc aaatgatgtt taacagaaca aggacatttg tctaataata ttttgtcacg     18300
     gtatgtctga taatattttt tgttctggag aaagtcttat ttgttttatt ttggctagaa     18360
     taaaagcaga ttttaatttt ttaaacacca ttttaaggat gaaattgtta gcccctttaa     18420
     gcaatttttt ttttctgact gtctacagaa caaaccatca ttatacaata acttacctaa     18480
     ctaccctaac ctgccttaac ctaattcacc tagttaagcc tttaaatgtc actttaagct     18540
     gtatagaagt gtcttgaaaa atatcaaata ttatttactg tcatcatgac aaagataaaa     18600
     taaatcagtt attagaaatt acttaataaa acttttatgt tcagaaatgt gtttaaaaat     18660
     tcttctctct gataaacata aattggaaaa aataaacaga ggggctaata attcaagggg     18720
     gctaataatt ctgactttaa ctatattagg aggtaaatct aatctctaag cattttagga     18780
     ttattttatt taatatttac cagcagctcg tctttttctc cacacgataa gtgcagttgt     18840
     gatgacagac atacacaaca ccagcccacc gatcactgta ctcaaactaa ggaatcctgg     18900
     gtcacattca aactcatctg aatctgtaat aaaaacacac aaaaaaaaag agtatacttt     18960
     aaaaagtcac ctgcaaaatc cactttttga acagacatgt atgttagaat tatgtacaca     19020
     gacatcaagg aataagaaaa atccattcgg tatattcaag tttttatttt tattttttaa     19080
     atcttaacta taaagccgca agcataatat ttgatacaca agtttctaag acctatataa     19140
     tatttgatca atactttgtt taaaaacctg ttgcatatga tttgatacct gtttgatact     19200
     tgatttctcc ccccttgtgg attttcatga cactgcaggc cgtgtaaggg ctttttaaaa     19260
     aatcttttca aaatggctgc tctcaataaa ttactcatga ttctttttgg ctaaaatgat     19320
     tagctaattt cttatgctta aagttgttat tgtaagaata aaatttatat tgctactatt     19380
     tttattaatt aaaggttttc ttgattgaaa caaagcatat ttactaaata attaatttat     19440
     tgtcttacaa ataaattgtg ttaaaaaatg catgtattaa atttgataca acaggaaaaa     19500
     ggagctttat ttccgaacaa tcgtgtcaca ttattgtaat gtaatctata tcatgcctac     19560
     tacaatgcaa acacactgtt tttggatgat tagattaata taattagtga ctgaaatacc     19620
     atttttaaat tcattgtggc tattttgtcc aataattcat aattgacaaa ctatgttgat     19680
     caatgtatgt gtatttttag atgtcaaaat aatagaaaaa ttaaagtgtc ttgtaaattt     19740
     catcagcata ttagtctatg gcaattaaag tgacagaaag aagttagggg aagggattga     19800
     cttcacacag aaatgccaac tgacccagct gaggctccaa acagcgacct tcttgctgtg     19860
     aggcaattgt gctacccact gcaccactgt gccatccaca tgtttatgtg agtgtttaat     19920
     tcagttgcat aatgaacttt tcaattgcgt ttgtgtgtgt ctgtgtgtat ctactgttgc     19980
     aaaacggcgg aataaactac atcaactaat catctttgta aaacttcctg gttcagtctt     20040
     aatgttggta tttcttggtc tctgcttaat cattgtctga gtcactctca gtcattgtgc     20100
     ttgctgacca ataaacttag gtatcagaag tggacatgtc caaactccat tctgttgcga     20160
     atatagcaca gaaagaacca actcatttgc aagctcaagc cacttacaca gaaactgttt     20220
     gtttttactt tgactcaaaa aacattgaca ttttcaacag ggtataataa aagatctggg     20280
     tatttactaa aactaatacc tcccagacac attctagggt cacaaaaaaa cttatacaaa     20340
     atattgttca aatattgtta aattaaggca taatatatgt cctttaagat tacttaaaaa     20400
     aattactcca tttttagtat taatgttatg acgggggagt gacagagaca attggaggta     20460
     agatccacaa tgcaggttta ttaagtgtca ggcaagcaat gatcaaacaa gtgcaaacgg     20520
     gtatttgtag gcagtccaga atcgtagtca gtataaccgg caacaggtcg taaggcaggg     20580
     ggctaaacag gataataaag gtaaacaagg ctagggtcta acacagagaa acaagacagg     20640
     gagaaacgcg ttgtaaagta actgaaacag ataacaagac tcagcaaaca ggatgggtga     20700
     atgagtggct tatgtagggt tgctaatcag tctctgaaag tcctcaggtg tgcgaatgta     20760
     atcaagttag atgagtgagc aggcgtgagt gtctgggaga agtgcatata tgattgatat     20820
     gtagtccaga agaaggcggt agtgtagtcc tattgttcgt gtgagaacca gcaatctctg     20880
     gagagcgatc gctggttatg tgacaattaa catatttata tttaatattt aaaatattaa     20940
     catattttct catcatcaac caccaagcac aaccctttaa aggccaagtt tgactattcc     21000
     atcaagatgc tatctctttt aacatcagtt actctcctag acatgaaatt attcttggcc     21060
     aacatggtca tctgttcatg aaccagtttt ttcctagtat aatgctgagc taaactattt     21120
     gcctgaattc ggtcaaaccc attgtatgta ctaagccata gtcaaacctt gcttaacaat     21180
     aagcattaaa agcctaaaca tcattcaaac tatcaaagtt ccctcctgtt atagacttta     21240
     gtaaaagatt tttagaaaaa tcaaggccac ttaagttacc aaattgcccg ccatataact     21300
     gttatatggg cagtcattca ccagatgttt tgaaatgtca ggttaagcaa atgttcatca     21360
     tcgaacaaaa cataagtcat caagatgtag agactctaac atcagagcag tcacagattg     21420
     gcctcaacct actatggtca aggacctcaa gagatctatc tgctttgcaa acttctacag     21480
     atgcttaaat cacaattaca gtttgattgc atcctcctaa catcacattt aaaaggcaaa     21540
     ccttcacaac ttaaaaaaac aaaaaaaaca agaagcctaa aaggggggct aataaatctg     21600
     accaaatgta tattttatta gcttttttga atataccctt tttgttgttg ttgttgttgg     21660
     ttggactatt tatttgtgat tttgactttt ttatatgcga ccttcacttt gatttcctaa     21720
     tgatttggca tgttaaaccg ttttctcata aaccttgtgc aaatgtaaca ctgcttcagc     21780
     ctcacactaa ttacaaagtg ctataaaccc tagcaatatt aaaatatgct ttgttttcat     21840
     aatagcttgt ttttcattac caaacttaag gtccaatttg ttgtccagat caaggtgttt     21900
     cattgtacag ttgtactgat gtctttcatg cagctcttct ttactaatga tcaaagtctt     21960
     cctcatctgg tacgtcccat ctccgttggg cagaatctcc cctcctgtga tctgatcgtc     22020
     atccaccggc tcagtatctc tgaacagggt caggttaatg tgacgcgggt aaaaaccagt     22080
     agccagacag ctgatctgaa gcccttggca gtctggaagt ctcttcttta tgagtctgac     22140
     tctgggtttc actttaaaaa gcaattgaaa aagtgaacag cattaatttg agtatttgca     22200
     ttaataatta atggatgtaa agacaaaatg aacataatga ttgatcatgt ttaagaaaca     22260
     attaattttg ttcagaaatt tgacatataa attaaacata taaacatatg gtcattacgt     22320
     tctgagagta agaaattaat gacaatgtat gattagcatg aaatagggtc tcattgcttt     22380
     gaaatattct gatgcattgt ttaacctttt gttaaactta atgtttaact aaattttgtg     22440
     tttgtaaatt aaaatgatta ttcaaaaata aaataaaaat aataaaaagc tgaaatgtct     22500
     taattaaaaa attgaataat taataagtaa aatttctgtt gtcaatgatt tgagatttat     22560
     agggattgta agtagtatta aatcaagtaa ttaaattcct cattaagtca tgaaattact     22620
     tttaatttca gacatagtaa tttaaattat ctttctttca acccaggctc attctgatca     22680
     tgtattccaa tatacaattc tagagaaagc aaaatgggtc ccaggagcca tgtttttttt     22740
     ttttttttgc agtctttgtt ttcgcgaacc cgcaagaggt cgatgtgaac agtttttcag     22800
     atctcaaatt ttttcttgcc agtgccattc gcacctgctg ttctcaagta aatccaccag     22860
     aggccactgt aaactaattg atttactagc tgaccaacgg acaaaatcca ccaccctctg     22920
     ccttccctaa acccaactga tagtgttttc aaaagcaatc cagaaaaaga aaaggcctta     22980
     ctgcagcctg atttttacca cattttcaga ttttaccaca ttctctccct gttatttact     23040
     tgtttatttt attttttggc ttttgttttt gtctgctttc tggaacggtt cttcactgaa     23100
     ctcgaacccc gttgtcaaag tcaattccgc tctgcatctc aagtctgctg acgtatatgt     23160
     tgagctacct gacaaactgg taacagtgca aaagctatcc ttccggaggt aagcagtcaa     23220
     agaaaagaaa tggtaccacc ctgtaacatt tattttaaag ataaaatgca gccatacgta     23280
     gctctggcta cataattcgc gatttccaga aatgtatata gagctatatt ttcagaatga     23340
     ccctatgttg ccttcttttg ctgatttttt cccttttaaa taatcgatgt aattaaggct     23400
     gactcacctt ttcgcatgac aattttcttt tcttttccca aaaacctccg caaagttttt     23460
     atgcaaatag gatgataaac attcttatac agaaacgtca cctgaagcca ttccaaatga     23520
     ctcaggttct ttattctcat ccaaggcaat gtattttgca ccgttcttgt tgccacatca     23580
     aatgtgaact cttcggtatt ttttccatta aaagcatccc atgaaaggaa taatcctggc     23640
     tcatcattgt caagcaattc acatccagca tgtttctgat acacatgtaa acctaaaaaa     23700
     ttcaaggaaa gctattttaa aacaaattag cttttaaata acacaggaca cgtataaagt     23760
     gtttttacta ctggtcagaa atgagaaatt aaagctgttt gaggaagaca aatcctgtaa     23820
     atgacaaggc ccattgatat taaatgttaa agatgcactg acaaaattag tcaattcaat     23880
     aaaaacattc atgaaaagga atgcttcact cagtctttgt tttatgaaat ttaaaagcac     23940
     aggccaatca ttgtacacag tatgagcata aaacaggcaa cagagttgag acaacaaaca     24000
     agcaacaatc aacaaactat ctaaacagtc caaggggtca aaaacatggg caatacaata     24060
     acaatggaac tatttagaaa tgttgcagca gctaaacaac tcagcaattt tgtgacagag     24120
     tgtgttgagt atttataatt tatgtaatta gtgataatgt ccttgtaatc gatgtgaatt     24180
     tgaaacttga attgaacttg aatttgaatt gtgagtgcaa ggtttgatgg gatatgcagt     24240
     ctggaaagat gatgcaggtc atgccctcat atgacccctg caggtgcaat cctgctagca     24300
     attacaacaa agacaggttt ttcaagttga caagtgcaaa ccgtcaatct gggtggtcca     24360
     gcagcatgct aaaatagcta acatccatct aaaagagcta agttgttgaa ttatttcttt     24420
     ttttctggct gcagtttctc tcctcatcaa atgtagacaa ttgctcaggc aaaatttata     24480
     attgaatatt gtactaattg tgagtgaatg tttatgacag atcttttgta catcagcagt     24540
     ttctcactct ggtccttgta cctcctggtg caaagcgtta gtagaaagtc ctcagggcaa     24600
     aatggggtgt aatacagatg ctcttcactg tggtccttcc cagaaggctt tgaagtggtt     24660
     atgaaacaga tggccctggg gagactactg acctgtcatt ctgaggtccc aaactttagt     24720
     tcacaacaag cacttgataa tccagatgga caacactgcc agggtagcat ttaccaacgc     24780
     agagtacaag tgctctaact cttgcacata atctcttgct ttggactcaa ctggagcaca     24840
     tgccactgta cactctcaga aaaaaaggca cacggtggta caaataatgt tccttaaaga     24900
     acagtcttgt agctttataa atgttgtacc ttatatgaca caaaaaagat ctcttatgat     24960
     cctgttctgt accttttagg gtacaattga aatgaaggta gacaattgct ctcaaaaaag     25020
     ggtacttgag tgttggacta ctccttcttt attgcaatat ctatgaaaat aaatattact     25080
     gtgaaggcaa agggatttta tgactaattt acattttaaa acatgaatca ttatttagaa     25140
     gcatatgttt aaagaaactc aaacattaat tagtaagttc tataatacaa aacaactggt     25200
     aaaacaaaaa catatatttt gtaaactaaa catttaaggc atttttaata aacatttggt     25260
     aagtattatc tgataaatac attttcatta ttgatatccg cacctttttg tgtttgcttt     25320
     ccaagtgaag tttattcata aaccaatttc gagaggatca cgtgattata attgaacaca     25380
     gctggttctg cattagcatg tataatccac caatcaggcc attcctaacc cactaaaaag     25440
     accctgggtt tttcactgca gtcctcttag atttgaagaa tcgctccttc cacctcaacc     25500
     ttttcacctt tccctccata gggcagcata gtggcccagt ggttagcact attgcctcac     25560
     agcaagaacg tcatcagttc tagtcattta tcaggctgat tgtcatttct ttgcgtagtt     25620
     tgcatgttct tcctgggctc gcgtgggttt ccccgggttc tccggtttct cccacattcc     25680
     aaaaacttgc acaacaagtg aattgatcaa tctaaattta gcactacagt cagtctctca     25740
     tcctgcagca tatctcctca tagcattcat tttagtcttg cttataatca atcaaaattt     25800
     tagtttccca tgaaacaaat catgtcctta aaggtacaaa ctgcaatggt acaaattagt     25860
     ttctttgtct taaggttcag ttctgttcca taaaaaggta ctgcccagtg acaagggttt     25920
     gttccttctt tggtacaaca ttgtaacata atttctaaga gcgcagggaa ctttagtacc     25980
     ttttttgctt ctcaagaatc ctcccattgt gccttgaact tttaccttga ccaaagctct     26040
     tctcagagta gatacaatgt tatgaattta taaagtgtat aatgggttta gaatgtagaa     26100
     atcagaatgt gttttatgtt tattactgag tagagttttt ctgtaaagac atgtttagac     26160
     gggcagaata ctgtttttgg ctaaatttat ataaaaactg tataatgtat tattattgtt     26220
     ctaaatgaag gaggtattga aaggcaaaac caccaaacta tttcagattt cactcagaat     26280
     aatcagaact ggctgtgaaa ttcgtttctg tgcatctcta gataaacttt gtattagtaa     26340
     catgaaaaca taggcttgca cttaccatct gtgagattcc agttgtcctt aacataaaat     26400
     gttctgtatt tcaagaggtc atgcatatct ctgaatataa gagtataatt ggtgtccttg     26460
     tactctgaat tactctgact gtgagggacg ggtttctgtg tgatcgaatc atagtataac     26520
     acttgcaggt catccagcat gacaactgca ctgaactcag ggaactgtgt ttgtccagca     26580
     atgtatgtgc caaaaaccat cagtgagtga gaacctgtgg agaaaagatt gctttctgtt     26640
     gacaggttca gacacatata gctttgctaa actacataaa aaacttaatt ttaattcatt     26700
     ttattattaa ggtgacgcag tagcacagta ggtagtgctg tcacctcaca gcaaaaaggt     26760
     tgctggttcg agcctcggct gggtcagttg acgtttctgt gtggagtttg catattgtct     26820
     ctgttttcgc aagggtttct tccgggtgct ccggtttccc ccacagtcca aagacatgcg     26880
     gtacagttta attggatagg ctaaattatt tgtagtgtat gagtgtgaat gaatgtgtat     26940
     atggatgggt ttctcagaga tgggttgcag ctggaagggc atccgctaca ttaaaccatc     27000
     agtgagtgag ctggataagt tggcggttca ttctgctgtg gcgaccccag attaataaag     27060
     ggacttagcc gaaaagaaaa tgaatgaatg aatttatatt attagttcat aaattcagtt     27120
     cattaaagta aaaccttaca gaaaaaatgg ttttaaaccg tctccatgtg cgcaagcgtg     27180
     tttgtgtttg ggcatatgat tagtcatatc tgattaataa ataaattacc aatcccagtt     27240
     tgatcactac tagtttatat tgtataccgt gtcacatgtc atttcataat cctaccaact     27300
     ctaaatatta atataattag attgttttca ttaaataaac aaacaaacac acacacatac     27360
     atatgtttat ctgactataa taatgattta aattgattta aataaacaaa cagaaaaact     27420
     tgtacagtca agaattttta gcttcagctc caagcacatg atcacaaaaa tacaaaaagt     27480
     cataaagtgc cttacctgct ttaacagtta tcaaacatga caaaagaaac acaacggtcg     27540
     gcattgtatt cataatcaaa tcctttttac cagctcttgt atatggtctt gatgttgttt     27600
     acaagtttca aactcacatc tgtgactttt cttgtcttgc cagtctttcc agtctttcct     27660
     tcgaagtggc tagttttgag cactttggtt tgagacaaca cattgatatg gtggccatga     27720
     ttactctgaa gtgctcttcg gagagtgata tatgccattc aaaacacaca gcgagccact     27780
     ctttcaatac ctctgaaatc acgtactgcc caagtaggta ttacttttaa ttttcaaaat     27840
     aatgaccatt ttgaaagtat gttcttcatg aagatgagca gaatgaatgg aaattagaat     27900
     acttgtgaga tgacatgaat ttgtatgagt tcacttccat tcaaaattca cccctgtggt     27960
     gtcattggat agtatttgga tccatttcat gcacaattca gaatggaatt gaaaggctgg     28020
     aagccaatgc tactattctg aaccaatgat tgcaacagta aaaggaagaa cgacttgtat     28080
     aaatcaatta tttattttca ataaaattta tatgactctt taaagttatc attattgaga     28140
     aagtgaaata atctcaaaat cttaagcagc aggataaaag caattttccc tgatcaacag     28200
     aaacatatcc ttcttatact ccaagcatta acaggaacat acactgttaa accttactgg     28260
     gcatttttaa cactaaaata ctgtttcctt ttattacagc aaaacactgg ctatttacag     28320
     taatttaccg cataatctac attaaggtta acagtgtatc ttcttcaagg catgtctaag     28380
     caataatgca ttgtctgttc attacaataa ttaaatgtct ctattgggtt taccactcca     28440
     tagttgagga cctaaactgt caaatgacac caaacataag tgaaatacat gaaccaaaca     28500
     gtacatgaaa ggagagcata agtggataaa tgatgactgc ttgattacta tgagacaaat     28560
     ggcagagatg tgagaggtgt acagtaaggc atcctgtgct tggaatgtcc catcattcct     28620
     taattggcat aaaagggatg tctgtgggtt tctgggtttc ttctgggtat tttggctttg     28680
     cccacagtca aaagacatgc agtataagta aattggataa agtttaatga ccattgtgtg     28740
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgcgtgtg cgtgtgcgtg     28800
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg taaaaacaac     28860
     gtataggtgt tttccagcat tagatgctca aaatataatg cactttgaag tctgggttat     28920
     ggcaggaaga acatctgcca ataagtatta tattatattt aataaatatt gggggttcaa     28980
     tctgtttttg tgacccctga tacagcaggg atctgatcta atctgaagga aagtgattcc     29040
     ttagtaaagt aaaaattatc acaaataatt gataaaaagt ctatattcac tgaactttaa     29100
     ttaaaacaag attatttgct tgtactttta aacgtatgta tagtccaaac attttcacat     29160
     aaatatttca taaattatta tactaaaata taaccctgca gcctaaaaca ggctaagttt     29220
     ccattgatgt aagctttgtt aggacaggac aatattggct gtgataaaag tctttgaaat     29280
     ctggattctg aggcttaaat aattaaaaaa tactaagaaa atccccttca aagttgtcca     29340
     aataaagttc ttggtgtcgt ggaaattttc aacaataatc agaactcacc acagagaatt     29400
     caaatagcta caagttgcct agtatcaagc tatttctctg aattcacacg ctacaatcca     29460
     gtacttccct gaatggtgac agcattctgt agactattct atagacttcc aacactatca     29520
     ctgtctttgt ggaggttctt tgagggtagt atcgttagta cttccattac acgtctgtgc     29580
     agcatataac agtaagagac cactccaaag tttgcagaaa taaaagttta ttaacagcca     29640
     gtaacccact gatcacaaca accatatgta aatcatggac aaaagaatac atatacatgc     29700
     aactgagtaa taatcaatca atgttaattt attcccccat tggtgattgg tttgtcctga     29760
     ctgttaatta tatggtttta agcactttta gtattgtcag ttatagattt ttttaaatca     29820
     ctggataatt atgagctttg atttaaccat cattagtctg cacaatcttc aaaaaaatca     29880
     cattttcaca ttattaataa aaattggggt ttgacacatt tacagcagaa aatttaccaa     29940
     atatcttcat ggaacatgat ctttaatcat atttattctt ttatactaaa taaccaacat     30000
     actgtttgtt cacttcttca ctataaaaca taggtataac tttctaataa catttattaa     30060
     cattaattac aacaacaaaa acaacacaag cacattaaca tttgtgcatt acataatgct     30120
     ctacgattcg aactgcagaa cttaggtctc tgaaaacaca ttttttaatc tgatgaacca     30180
     agaacagcgg ctgcttgtgg ccatcaaaat aaagtcatct caccaatgac catatttaga     30240
     ctacctcctt cacctgctgt cagtgggcag aattccagta tctcttgcaa acagctcaag     30300
     tgaaactgaa agaaaaataa atctttaaac aggtctttaa ccatctcatt attaataatg     30360
     aaccaatatt tcagctttaa ttaaaaagag tacaacaaga tgtgataaca tggttttgtt     30420
     ttgatatact cactgggtat tctgtcagag tggaaaagcc tttaagactc cgtaaagcat     30480
     cttctccttt gagattagca tcaggggaaa tgccaaagtc ctccttgtat ctataagagc     30540
     tttttctgga aaaagtcttg ttaaacgcaa actttcttgt tgtgtccaga gttgatggac     30600
     aacccactgc ctgaagccac aatcgagctc tgtcaggatc acgggggaac cagtgcagac     30660
     accgtgccaa caagcacttg caagccattc tgaattcact gccagactgg catcagctca     30720
     gtttatagga aatagtcatg tgacagaaaa caaactgaaa cttgttttta aagagatcac     30780
     tgaaaccctt ccaaaaaata tggtcacact ttattttgat ggtccgtttg ttgaattaaa     30840
     gttacattgc atagacatgc caactaattc tcattagatt tataagtaaa ctgtttggtt     30900
     ggggttagtt taagttgaca tgtacttgca aagtttctta tagtcaggta aacgtttgtt     30960
     gaaggagcag catcagcaga taagcagaca atctactaaa actcaaatgg accatcaaaa     31020
     taaagtgtta ccaaaagttt actttaggct catttttatt aatatttaag taatgtaaaa     31080
     tgtgtgtttt cgttgtgtat tttaagcaca cttcatgtat ttgcatctac gtatagtact     31140
     agtatgtcta gtagtttaca tgtaagtata cttcttgaat atcacttgtg actaaattga     31200
     ccaaagttta gtatacaagt gtagactttt aaatttacta taaatacaac agtagtacac     31260
     tagaagtgaa caactagtct acatagacat ttttcatttt catagccaga ccaactccac     31320
     agaacacaga tggaccaatg ctgggctgct gtacctccac atctgcacac aacacacaca     31380
     aacatttatg tgttttataa gcgattacat gtgaatgtta aataaacact cgctgcatgt     31440
     tctggtctga ggttgctgaa gagctttgtg ctccactgaa cagctgtaaa tgtctccttc     31500
     ctctgcaatg aagctcagtc gagaaaagac attcattgtg ccatctttgt taggataata     31560
     tctgctgatg gttgatccgt ctgtcacatt cacattgttc ttggtccaca agactctgac     31620
     cggcggaggg aagaatccag tcacatgaca gatcagagtg ttcttgacat ttaatttcac     31680
     atcatgtcgg gggtaaactg aggttcaagg aggttctgga agataataat atgtcttttt     31740
     ttttaaataa ataaataatc attttctgtg tttgagtttt atctgaaaaa tatttggaca     31800
     ttacagatcc ttcgtatgga actagcagtg aaaaatgttc aaactagttt ttcctctttt     31860
     atgtctatgt atgcagcctc ttcagtatca aaattgaaga caattttatc atatgatgat     31920
     cgactacatg tttctatgaa gccaaattca ggataaccta aagcaggggt gtcaaactca     31980
     attcctggag ggtcgaagcc ctgcgcagtt tagttccaac tctgctccaa cacacttacc     32040
     tgtaggtttc aaacaagcct gaaagactca attagtttga tcaggtgtgt ttaattaggg     32100
     ttggaactaa actgtgcaga gctgcggccc ttttggaact gagtttgaca cctgtgacct     32160
     aaaggtttca gaagttcaga aatgcatagt atctacacaa tattgcatct ctcatccata     32220
     atgaagcaat tgtttaaaaa taactattac aaaaagtata caaatactgt aatttttaga     32280
     attaatatat ttacaataaa atattcataa taaatttgtt gctttttaca ttacatttac     32340
     ataaattaca aattgcacaa caggtttcac ttgaagattt cacttacttt ggccttcagt     32400
     ataaatcaaa cagcaaataa aaaatgatat tccacaaaat gttttaagca tgtttgatga     32460
     cagaagtcta gtcagagcag ttgaatccta cagtttgcca ctgtggtcag tcataaactg     32520
     gaaattcctg tttgatctaa tctgaagctg tgacatcaca tgtgttattt gttatgtgta     32580
     ggcccacaca gaatctgtac gtccagattt ccgcaaattt ttagctcact attgagtctt     32640
     ttcatttaaa tgtgtgttca tttatattta ttaagttttt aaattcaatt cactaatatt     32700
     attgtgatgt aataataata ataataatat taaaatgttc atatgattta tttacaatac     32760
     agtttgtaat gtaatatggt tctgtctttt atgagattta tcatgagaga cttgctttgt     32820
     ttaccaagta ggttgatcta attgggtttg tattgtaaac attaaattca atttaaaaat     32880
     gtattatttg ttgatttaat atataaagtt tttggttatg aaaaacctaa aaaaattccg     32940
     cataagtcca ctgattttat tttttttttt actaaattct ccagaaatat aaaaaaatgt     33000
     cggaagattc tgtctggccc tagttatgtg tgacaccgtg tgtgttattc ttttgtgtta     33060
     ataagtttag ggtatattaa aattcctgaa agtataaaca gcatggtgac aaattgtcag     33120
     gataataatc atgggacatt ccaccagaag cgtattatct gtccctgaaa caaaaacatt     33180
     aatacagtga ataaaaaaca atgcatacca gaaatttcta aaacggactg atttctgtga     33240
     gctgttctgt aaaacaaatg ttttcattca tttggttctc agataaaaac cctttagaaa     33300
     tgtacaaatc ctgttattgt ccttgtcctc cgccaattga acctacagct taaatagttt     33360
     tggtatgcta aaaactgttt tttagaaaaa aaatgttgtt tagtttagtg tgtttttcac     33420
     gctagttgat caaaaacatg aacttataaa taaatttaac aaataaatat ataatacaaa     33480
     taaactgaca attgtcctca tgtttctgtc agtcctgtca catttgcatt aaatttatca     33540
     taaaatgcgt gcaataaacc tttaagatta tgactcggaa gtgacatcat ggatgcgctc     33600
     tatcattgaa ctgtatgatc ttatgtcaac ttttgtataa ttttctgagg acaagcttaa     33660
     aggtcagacc ctgtcacatt ttttatacgt gaaattgtat gtttctggta gaatgtccca     33720
     tatcaagaca ataatttgtg attaaatgtg ttaaatattt gttatttatt aaaaaagttt     33780
     acaggatttt taccccttta aagtcatttg tcaaatggta aatgtttatt tgtacaggga     33840
     agaaaaaaat cattgaactc atcactagag ggcgcaaaga gacggttttt gtgtattaaa     33900
     agcacgtgtg tttaaatgtg ctgtaatatt tatattttta ttattttgat ttcatcatgt     33960
     ttacacattt gatcttatca gtggcctatg gctaaaaaca gaaaaaataa tttttcgttt     34020
     aaaaacacat gtaagacaag ccgttcttgg atgtttcttc atttacacaa acacatttga     34080
     ccagataatt tttctaaaat tttacttatt ttatgtatat gattcatttt aaaacaacag     34140
     acgtattcgt gcaagacata agtgagaata tttgttggaa ctaaggagct tggatttgat     34200
     acagcaggtt ttgcaaggca aatttacttg gaagtgcatg atgacagaaa aacaaatacg     34260
     tcagagtcag tgctaataaa aacagcccca gtggcaagac gattatattt aatggtttga     34320
     gtttttgttt atcctgttaa taaaattatc ccccaaaatt agataaaaat agtaaaactg     34380
     aaaaaattac aataaattga acattggtaa tttctaaaca gcgagactct caagcgactc     34440
     tttgtgttta ttagttaaga tcttaaaaaa aaaaatcaaa ttaagataaa attgttcttg     34500
     tttacaaact taactgatga gaggaaaatt ggactagttt tttctcaaaa aacagagaaa     34560
     gttttttctc aaattaatgc atacattccc tcattaatct gtaaatattt ttccagtctc     34620
     attgctgtaa ggataagcac agtgactctg tttaaaataa tttattcaag atgcaacacc     34680
     aatgacatcg gggaaaaggg gaaattcagt ttgtcctttt acatgcaaat gcacctttaa     34740
     ttaagtttca tacaaaacct gttaaaaata aaaccatctc agtttttccc ctttaagttc     34800
     tcctacatat tgttttccaa aacaataaaa caaaggtgag gaagtgacca gttatttcat     34860
     ttcaactgat taatttttaa atgacgctgg tgactactgc acctgatatc aagtatttga     34920
     aaaacagtat gcatttaaca gtaaaaattc acagcttata ttcaaaggca ctacatatgg     34980
     gtacatttga ccttacagtg tttatcaata tacagcagca atagaaagtt gatttatttt     35040
     agtaattaaa ttaaaaaagt gaaaccatac actatttaat aaagattgat atcatatatt     35100
     acactttaaa ctttattact tgttaatata ttggtaacac tttacaataa ggttcattag     35160
     ttaatgcatt tactaacatg aaataatcat gaacaacaca tgtacagcat ttattaatca     35220
     taattgaaca tttactaatg cattattaac atccaagtcc atgcttctta acattagtta     35280
     atgcaccatg agttaccatg aactaacgat gaactactgt attttcatta actaatattt     35340
     actaacatga acaaatacag cagtaaatgt attgttcatt gtttgttcat gttaataact     35400
     gcattaatta acattaacta atgaacctta ttgtaaagtg tgaccaatat actgattaca     35460
     cattaattaa tttaatgcag acgttattgt caattaacct tttactaatt tttgagtgcc     35520
     ttgcacatta ttttcatcag taaaaaagtt tggtgttgat aaacttcagt ggcttgcaca     35580
     gagtcctgac ctcaacttga ctgaactctt tttacagtta atccattgca ttactgtaac     35640
     ccctgatata tttcaaaagt ttatatcttt ttatttttga tgattatagc tcacataaaa     35700
     accccaaatt cattatctca gaaatgtttt atattattta agaccaataa aaagagaatt     35760
     tttaaaaatg ttggactact gaaatgtatg agcatgtaca acactcaata cttggttggt     35820
     agcttcatgt gcataaatta ctcaacgggg catgcgcggc gatcagtttg tggcactgct     35880
     gagagaatga agttcaagtt tctctcatag cggacctcaa gtcctctgtg ttgtacaggt     35940
     tctggtattt gatataccca atttttaaac agaaaattac taacacgggt tgtaaataac     36000
     acaggttatt agtaaaaatc aataactgag tgacttgaat acactgaaaa tctgttatgc     36060
     ccaattcaaa aacagacgtg ggtacatttt atcccatgcg ggttgtggta ttaatttagc     36120
     atttatcaat ttgaatagtg tatattgcaa gcaagcaaac aattttttta aaacaagtca     36180
     tggatattat tgcaattaga attacttcac tgaaaaacac acacactttg tatttcattt     36240
     tacttcttac cacaggagta tgtacaataa atgtttttgg tttactggac ttgcatgaaa     36300
     aacactatcc aataaagatc tgtaaacctt taagttaaaa tttatttttt tatttttttt     36360
     gctgactgac tgttcaaaat taacaagtga tgtctcagtc actgcacatg tactctgtta     36420
     ctggccttta gaaaggatta aatctcttta aacaggattt tatatattct ttaatttatc     36480
     attctgattt atttgtaaag acagaggaaa acagacatgt tttacagtta tttctgatgg     36540
     atcagtgtgc taaacagaag caggagtaaa taatgtgcat gtgatcaaca tattttgcaa     36600
     agcaaattta caggcacaca attgaccgac aacaaatatg ccagtgttgc atcaagttac     36660
     tgtagccaga caaaagtatc agcatacaga acaacaaaat gcagttcagt cgtgttgcat     36720
     gtctggcaat gattttgtct gctttattgg aaaaaggtaa gacatacaaa atgcatgtgt     36780
     gttaaatgat tcacctgaac aacaaattac ttctttaaag ttaacttttc tttaaaaagt     36840
     gttgcactct aatctgctaa aaatatattc tgctgtgaat ttctttttta tttctgttta     36900
     atttttaatt gaaggtgcaa tattgttatg ttttcttttt tgcaaacaca tttttgtcta     36960
     tctttgttat ttttcagtat gtggaaatta cggctatctt caaagtcaat gtcgagtact     37020
     gagctctaca aagaaagttg agctcatctt ctcattcatc ttcaacaaga ttgaatacat     37080
     tagatacaac agtactgatc agaaaattgt tggctacact gaatttggag agaaatttgt     37140
     tgaaaactat aaaaataaca catttgtgct agtcctggct gagtttggga ttgacaactg     37200
     caaaaaaatt gctaaggcac taatctctga tggaatgctg aatcatgtga caggtggaag     37260
     acctattcat ttgtccactt taagttaaga aggccattta tagactggta ttattgatat     37320
     tttggttaaa tttgattcat gtctaatttt attcacttct acagtgaaac cagaagtcat     37380
     tattcggtca gttactgaag ctaaaggcaa tcagaaagct ttcctggtgt gcagtgccta     37440
     tgacttttat cccaaagcca tcaaactgac gtggatgagg aatgataaaa aggttacagc     37500
     tgatgtgacg tccattgagg agatggctga tggagactgg tattatcaga ttcactccca     37560
     cctggaatat tttcctcaac ctggagagaa gatctcctgt gtggtggatc atgccagctt     37620
     ccataaaccc atgatctatt actggggtaa gaacacagtt atggtgaatt taatgtgtca     37680
     agaatcagcc tggacgtatt tatcaaccgt ctttcatttt acagatcctt ctctccccga     37740
     gactgaaaga tctaagatca ttcttggggc tgtggggctg ctgatgggga tctttacagc     37800
     agctgcaggg gtgatctatt ataaaagaaa acaaacaggt tagtgtttaa tgtaaaacag     37860
     acttttttga ctggtagtgt aataaaatct acattatctg taatttataa ctgagatctt     37920
     ggaaatgttg ttttcttgct gcctacaggc ttttacagac ttccggtttg tttacttcca     37980
     atggaaacaa taaacgacac tgaactgcag taggctgtga catttgatac ttaaaaataa     38040
     cctccagatc atctgagaga tccactgatt gaataggtgg agtgtcctgc gtcaatcaca     38100
     tgcttcatct cttgatttgt taatattaat gttttctcac ctgtcaattc aaaggtgaca     38160
     aactcttaaa atagattatt gaagattaat gttttgttac ttgacttgat ttatgatgta     38220
     attctaatgt agatttcaga tattattacg tatacactct agaacttgac attgtactct     38280
     acactgtact tgacaatgtt tttggagatg acaatactca aactttcaaa tacattatga     38340
     tgatttatgt tgtttttcct ttaaatgtac attttgtgtc cacctgttca ccagccaaac     38400
     atatttggtt tttaaaaaga agagactgta ttgcatttcc accaagccaa aaatgcttaa     38460
     agacaacctt gtaagcaaac caaactgtaa ttagacttta gctgaaatca aaacatgaca     38520
     aaaaaaaaag attgtagctc agcaaaaact tagggtagac ataagtaaca tgcactgcac     38580
     acacatacaa acaatgatgg acaactgaaa aaaatgctta taaacacaag aattaaaagg     38640
     ctgagaagga gacagtggat aactgaggca actaacaggg ttaaccaagg gagcaaatga     38700
     gggtgcagca caaaacacag aggaggaaaa cagtagatgg aggacagggt aaaactcaac     38760
     acaaaacaac agagacaaga cattttcact cttgcttgtt caagaccctt tcttgttgct     38820
     ttttgatgtt ctttgtaccc ctttgtacca tgtacctctt ttaaaatgag tgatatcctc     38880
     aaatgctttt ggttgtttgc attatgcatc ccttaaaatg gtttgcatgt ttttgaaaaa     38940
     catgaatcat ttgttcttta tgtagtggtt tacagcaacc taaacccaca cagtaaactt     39000
     acctgtttgt aaacaacaaa aatgcactgt ttgaaaatga tatttttctg catgtgcagc     39060
     acagttggta gcatgattac ctcacagcaa gaagggtgct ggtttgagcc tcagctgggt     39120
     cagttgtcat ttctgtgtgg agtttgcatg ttctacccgt gttcctgtag gtttccttct     39180
     ggtgctccag tttccctcac aagtccaaaa aatatgtggt ataggggaat tgggtatgct     39240
     aaaattgtcc gtagtgtatg tgtgtgaatg ggtgtgtatg ggtgtttccc agtaatgggt     39300
     tgcagttgga agggcatccg ctgcgtaaaa catatgctgg ataagttgtc ggttcattcc     39360
     tttgtggcaa ccccaaatta attaagggac taagccaaaa agaaaatgaa taaagatatt     39420
     tatctcagat ttttctaata agacattttt aattttacac aagttaattt taatttagta     39480
     caaatctaag tccttagaga gagtcagacg tgaggagaat aattcaaatt ttattgaacg     39540
     aaactcccag caataacagc atttgtttac aaaaatgcac catgtcaaat tatgatgcac     39600
     aatagcattt gaaaacattt tataagttgt aaaaaactga aaacatttgt tgaatttgca     39660
     gtattaagag gtcatgttta ctgaaatcaa aagctttttc aaatcaaaaa catcaacaaa     39720
     agagcgttat atgttaacat agggcacatt ttgtaccacc ttcccaattc atgtatccat     39780
     tgaatttgtg aggctttttt ttctgcttaa atttcttttc aggatgttgg aatagcctga     39840
     cagggctgct agtttgatgc taactgcctc ccatcccata gatcttttga ttgaggatgc     39900
     tccaaagctt ctcaataggg ttgagctcag gggagaatgg tggccacacc atttctcttt     39960
     tacagaggca ccagcagctt caaatatcgg tttgctgctt tgcaatagca ttttaatcta     40020
     atcttgctct cttaatctta tgaatttgtc tggcagatac cttcctcctc ctgaattgat     40080
     gtgcactgtc tgtctgaatc agtcacaaat ctcatcacag tagatgatca cacttacgtt     40140
     tttgtaaaat atctaatgtt ttcataccta gtccaagtcc ttgcaatgtt ttatgttttt     40200
     tgttgttatt ttctttccca tattgcttga aacatgtctt gcttaataaa gctgctgtca     40260
     cgttagagtt tgagcttgtg acattctgtt gtatggcact gcgaaaagag gcaggactaa     40320
     acaaaatggt tagacattaa aaagaaaagc aattgccata ttttacattt ctgcctagag     40380
     aggtcatgtc ttgatcttct attcgccacc ttagaattat aaggttctat ccgagttatt     40440
     cacatattct tattaaatga caactttttt acattgtgat ttttttatat atataagttg     40500
     catacatttt aaaacttttt atttaaaaaa aaattatttt aataaacttt tatctatact     40560
     aagtcaaact ctagcttggc tctataaggt tctttttttg agccaacccg catttcaaat     40620
     gcccacacga ggaccaagca ggatcagtgt tctgtttatt gtttgtttat taaaattatt     40680
     tgttcattgt ctgttttctt ttaaagtctt aaatttgata ctaagccttg aagcccaaat     40740
     acttaatgta attcatgggg tatataattc aatagttcat ataaagctta aaatccaata     40800
     aaaataacca tattaaatta cataaaatta acagctgcac tgggtaaaat atttagcaca     40860
     gccttgcatg ctcaatttga aaatattcat cttaaaccat taaataaatg ttaaaaaagc     40920
     taaactttta ctttctcaag catcaacata gtgttataac ataatttata tttatttgtg     40980
     attgtatttt tttgacaagt aatgcttcaa ttaatgatct gccagacatt ataattccaa     41040
     gtgttccact gtttagaatt tgaaggctat ctgcatttgc cctatatatt ttaccccaat     41100
     ttgcaaattt aagagaactt cgttaattta catttagggt ctctgtcatg ttaatgtatg     41160
     aaagagaact gttacacaca tactgtttgc tatatggaat gcaaaatctt gagctcaaga     41220
     tctcaaaatc attttagaat tccaaggtaa caaattggtc ccatgcaatc acatgatagg     41280
     atttcgcaca tcagagttca ccaagcttga acctgcaacg cagtgacaaa caaaactggt     41340
     catatgagtt tgcgttaaca gtctgctgca ttcgcatgca tatgaatgga agtctatggg     41400
     gtgaaaagtg cagtgtgacc gcagcttaat gttgaacatc tttcttaagt agttttcctt     41460
     taattaggct ctcctgacaa attaactatt acaatagcta atttgtcagg tgagcctaat     41520
     taactattac aggtgtctgg ggtggatttc aatgatctaa cgagctttga aaaacaaaaa     41580
     ctgaaaaaca aaaaatgtaa tgtttgagac acataaatcc aacgtgaata ttaatttaaa     41640
     acacagcatg agcagcaggc caataaaagt cacaaaaaat catgtcttat tgcaaaaaca     41700
     catattaaag cattacaaac ttgtgttgca ttccaggtcc cctgaacttc tgcaatgtct     41760
     ttatacatag atcatgtgaa tgagcccggg cacacaagtt agctgctcag gccatgtgta     41820
     caggtacaca ggtactttta tgaaaggagt tttccttgcc ataaaactta aaaaaaaaac     41880
     ataaaaacac aaaaatgcac tgtgattaaa aggacatgcc aaaccggcga taaaagcctg     41940
     taattttttt tatattaaat tcaaaattaa agccgctttt ccaatgcaca cgacaaatta     42000
     caagcggcag actggaagtc attcatttcc aatggagagt agtccaggag ctgcgtggag     42060
     ttccgatcat ttccgtatgc gaaaattcgg atctgatttg agctgcttat acgttgaaat     42120
     atttgaacga gctcctgcaa gaccggccga ccggatgtga tatattccag tgttgtccaa     42180
     gctgatccat gtgcatgaga gaagaaatag tagttttttt ttgtttttaa tcagtaaaaa     42240
     gtttatatta aaaaataatt tctattcata aatgagtaat aaaatatata tatatttttt     42300
     ttatgttgtc tccacaatcc ttccaaaatt tttttgcggt ctatgagtgt ctaatattca     42360
     ttcattcaac tatggtgaat gcgtgaagaa tgaaagagct tgcttttgaa cttctttatt     42420
     tcggacactg cgagaacagc ttctctccca tggtgcacaa caaaattgaa aattctgtgc     42480
     aactgctaca aggggcgtat tccgacagtc caaatgttgt gtgcagtgga agggcagctt     42540
     aagtatttgc cggagtaaat ttcttagaag tcaatgcaaa tatgaaaaca aaggcagatt     42600
     actgcaatgc agaatgtgtg atttgtttgc tgcaaattca atgaatttga cttgaacatg     42660
     tctttcacgg ttggtgtaaa ccctgaccaa tcaggggcct gtttcagaaa ggaggttaag     42720
     tgaaaactca gagtatttta accctgaaat gacagaaact ctgggttttc ggtttcaaaa     42780
     tggcaggttt gttaaactca agaaatcagg gtaagtcaag cctgtttcta aaagaaaggt     42840
     aactttaact cagagtcagt tactgtggta acttactctg tgaatctaac ctggtccgga     42900
     gcaggtttta ttctctaaac tctgagtttc tgtcggtctc ctcccctttt ttaaagatga     42960
     agcgtatttc tcgcattagt cttacatttc cacacaccta ttttagagct cattttggag     43020
     atgcccataa aaacgattga tggaaacgtc atgattcaca taacttttga aaatattcat     43080
     aataaaacat ttgcatatct gagtaggtta aacttttatt tgataagaaa agatgtgcaa     43140
     aaactacgaa gtgcacttaa caaattacag tatgtacatt aaaaaaaagt ttgttagaga     43200
     tgatgatgaa aatgtgtgta aatggacaaa ccagctgact gagcacacag tagaacattt     43260
     taaatgttgt tttagtcatt ctaaaatgcc tttactgttt cagtattagt gtataatagg     43320
     ctattaatta cctccgagcg tctggagcgt gtcaagatcg gccgcgtctg gcttcaaacg     43380
     cccccacgtg ttcattgtgt cttctgaggc gcaagtatta aataaaaaat cattaacgca     43440
     gcttgttcta cgtaccgcag taaattctgt ttttactgtt gatatttggc gcaagttaat     43500
     caggaagtga cgattgtgtt ctctttgact cgataaaaac gctgctttat tcacatcttt     43560
     taggcattat tccagttttg cacaaattta tgttagcctg tattttgatg gaaatatagc     43620
     tattgcctac atttttgtca cacacagaac aaagtcacgt acaaggcgtg tccttttttc     43680
     cataaatatt tagcttaacc ttcgacatgt accgttacta gattaatggg attattattc     43740
     tgtctaaaaa ttatttttag cactagtgtt tcttaatgtt atatcaacct ctcttgatca     43800
     ataaaaaggc agacacacaa gtgcactgtt aaatctatta aaactgataa acatgtataa     43860
     aagtttagaa aaaagtataa acgtcacaca ttatattact tattttatta tacttaaatg     43920
     tttaaataat ttaaacaaaa aaatacgcat taacttgagc agctgttttc ccaggctaac     43980
     tgtctctgtt tcactgatgg ttgcttcttt ttaaatatat acactcatat ttgctaaaac     44040
     tttgcatgag cagatcaagt tcagctgggg aaagaaatgg tgatctcttt ttttaagatg     44100
     ttgccatggt cactcataat atctgcgctc cattgataat gtctttttat tgtcacggtg     44160
     tgcgcgctta actctgagtt ggtctactca aagttgattg acccaactca gatcagctat     44220
     tctgaaaccg aaaactcaga gtctttaatc tctcggtaaa tcaactcaga gttcaagttt     44280
     aaactccgag ttgtttgaac ctccttactg aaacaggccc cagaaaggac aagcatgcac     44340
     gctgacataa ttagccaaaa cagttttagt ggccacacaa ccacacttta agtgaagatt     44400
     atttataaat caatttcgag aggatcacgt gcttataatt gcttgcggct ggcctcgcat     44460
     tatctaattt atgattcacc aatcagatga ttcctaagcc actataaata ctctagcttt     44520
     catactccaa tcattttgaa gaatccccct tccaccctta cttctcctct cctctcctct     44580
     cctctcctct cctctcctct cctctcctag atgggtggcc cagtggttag caccgttgcc     44640
     tcacagcaag aacatctttg tttctagaca ttactaagcc agttgatgtt tctgtgcgga     44700
     ttttacatgt tctccctatg ctcatgtggg ttttccccag gcccccctct ttcctcccac     44760
     catccaaaaa catgcaactt aagttaattg actaatccag atcagcacca tagacatgct     44820
     caaagtagtt atctcttaag agcaatcact atctgctcat tagctactac agcaggggag     44880
     ttctcgagat ctacgagcac aaactcccct ctcgccttgc aaacgggaga aagccccggg     44940
     ctcgaggaac ttgtgagctc agggctctct ccctggacag catgccaaac aagctttata     45000
     atcaatcatc agctaagtgt gaagtcttga actggagttt ttgaaaatct tcaccttggc     45060
     tggagttttc agaaagttca ggtttcagtc acctgatgct gtgtttttgt gtggaaaaag     45120
     cagtggtttt gaaaacactg gtgtttatgt ggacacagtc tcagtctata gaagatgtca     45180
     gaagaagtga gtggaaatat tccagttact ccactttttt gccaactata tttattaact     45240
     ttttgtgcag atacaacata atatacatac agaaataagt aatacactgt tctgcttttt     45300
     cacaactaag aaccaatgac catcagaaaa acaatatagt tataaaatga cacagtaaat     45360
     gtaaaaaaaa ataataataa aataaaaata tgaacaacaa aaaaaaacta actaaaaaag     45420
     taataaataa atattaataa aatcataata aaaaaccttt attcctcttc tgcctcaaga     45480
     tcaatagtgt caatataatt caacaagggt ttccatgttt tgtaaaaata ttttaaagcc     45540
     cctcttaatg aaaacctaca ctgtaaataa agaacttaat tttacagaaa atatccttaa     45600
     attttttaca gtaatttttt gtaatttcac attatattca aaacttagta aaaggacaac     45660
     caatctctct aaattaaccg tttgactttc attttaggta ctttattatt aaagacaaat     45720
     tactgacatt tgtgtttttt atacagggaa attacagtat tatttataca gtatttttct     45780
     gtttttttaa attatattca aaagtttgta aaatgtacaa acattatcag taaattaacg     45840
     gcttgaatgt tattttatgt actatataag ttatgacaaa ttacagcaat ttgtctgttt     45900
     ttttacaaaa aaattgacat attatttaca gtgatttttc ctgtttttca agtacattta     45960
     aaattacgta aaattaaagt aataaattgt aattacttgc tctgtaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     46020
     tcgtaaaaaa aaaaggtcaa atcactggca gctacggctg ccaaacaaaa accataaaat     46080
     taaggtaaaa tttctttgtt gaaaaaaagt gcaaaaaata ataaatctac aggtatttac     46140
     attaaaatga ttacagaaaa acacaggtat tttacagact tttcctagat tattacgatc     46200
     aaatccgttc aataaaggta tacactaaga gtgctcacat acacctgttt cagattccgc     46260
     tgattgcaca cacacagtct gaggatcatt atgaactgat taaatgcact ttaaaagcag     46320
     cacagcacac accaattgct tagtcttgtt atgctgctac tgtgaacatt atgacgcgtt     46380
     gctcttcttt tgtcttgctt tatttgttaa ttgtttacgg tgtttgctgc cggaactgac     46440
     catttgcctg ttatttgacc atgactctgg attccctgca aaattttaca tttgtttgcc     46500
     cctgtgttga ctgttgcttg cctttggatc tgcactcatt tgtcagcgcc cccttcatgt     46560
     tacagttcca tttcatttaa gatctgtaac tgaatcattc catataactt aaacctacat     46620
     gatttatata aacactattc aataaaatgg aacaactgta attttaaagt tgtgagaatt     46680
     ttagtcagtt gtacctcatt tgttgttttt tttttttttt ttctaaattt ttttatccaa     46740
     aataaaactg ttaaattacg atcatgaaca tgtcttggca tgttattaaa ggtgtttaac     46800
     cgtaatgatt caggcaaaat tcttttaaag aattttgttt tctcttgaac ttttagtgta     46860
     gtcactttat tgatgatgtt tgatcataat aatctaggaa aagtctgtat aataacagtg     46920
     tttctttgta aaactcttag tgtatacctt tattgaacag atttgatcgt aataatctag     46980
     gaaaagtctg taaaataact gtgtttttct gtaatcattt taatgaaaat atctgtagat     47040
     ttattatttt tttcacttta tttcaacaaa gacattttac cgtaatttta tggtttttgt     47100
     ttggcagccg tagctgccag tcatttgacc ttttttttac gatgtttttt cttacagtgt     47160
     attttttcca tttttaaaca caaaaaatta ttttatccat ctgtcatatg aaggtagaga     47220
     tgtttctttc cacctacaac acacctttta tttctcatgc tgagataagc ctatacaacc     47280
     tgagctaatt actggaccag actgggacag taatggtgta tactacaaaa aagagaacaa     47340
     agacaatttg ttcaataata atttattgaa caaataattt gaaaatacaa aaatacatac     47400
     acaattcatg agaaatcatt tgaagatgca cagtccatta cttcataaac tatgtatata     47460
     gacaataggt taattaggct gctgtcactt taaaatagat atcggggtag tgtagagaca     47520
     caatgtatca gaatactaca ctatatccga aatttcacca agacattaat tttgacaatt     47580
     ttgtgtacat ttaaagtgca ataaagctaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga gtcaaaaaca     47640
     cattgcttac agtagtcatt ttgatgatta attttaaacc tctaattggt tagaaaagtt     47700
     agagtacagt ttatgtttag ggaatatgtt tggtttaaac tttcagacag aattgatgtt     47760
     tcaggatcaa caaaatatgc tgactcagaa acacatctgt gaaaaatgta aactgtgttt     47820
     tcaatcctca tttttgtaca acaattttac tcaaaacaga ccatcagaat ccagccagtt     47880
     ataaaatata aaagcatttc tagacacaga ggacgccatg taatatacta ataatataac     47940
     aagcaattta agccgatcat tcagtcgata tatttactaa cataaatgtt ttataacttt     48000
     ttttttattc agattttata ttactttcgt taatatgatt gaatgataat accaatgttt     48060
     atatgattat gtacaatgca actggtcttt tttgggatgt attatatgag agaggctgca     48120
     gctttgtttt tcattgtaat ttgatttgca ctgtaaacct taaataaaag ttaagaagtc     48180
     attttttaaa cagtatttac attcttgcat gatttatgta caatgcaatt gtctttgatt     48240
     ggacatatta tatatgagac ctgctgtgtt tgccaaaagt gtattcaagc attttaaata     48300
     gtctaatact atttcttgaa gcagatataa gatataacca aacaggttta gtttagtttc     48360
     tgttcatttg caatgcaaac ttatatgcta tttttatatg acaacggcac tttaaacatt     48420
     cgtgccatct tcctgtttct ttagctttta gtttttctag tcatgtcaat ttacatgtca     48480
     aattgactaa aaatatcaag ttaatctttg cttaactaaa atacaatata taattatata     48540
     taatatatat cagtagttag agccggatca acacattgaa ataccttaaa gtaacaaaaa     48600
     tgcatttgtc atcacttttt gtcatcttat tttttacagt gtaacaccaa aatgtttttt     48660
     ttccatcatt atttagtaat caacatttga agtggatcaa aactattttt taagaatcgg     48720
     tgttgctcgg tagatttagg acaactttga tgaaagggtc tgatccactt ttaatgttga     48780
     cttatgtata attatatcca ttttttgcct ttggcaatga aaaggactcc agttgcaaaa     48840
     ccaaaaagcc caagagcaag accaactcca cagaacacag atggaccaat gctgctgtac     48900
     ctctacatct gcacacaaca cacatattta tgtgttttat aagcgattac atgtgaatgt     48960
     taaataaaca ctcaccccat gttctggtct gaggttgttg aagagctttg tgctccactg     49020
     aacaaccata aacgtcgcct tcctctggaa tgaagcttag tcgagaaaag acattcattg     49080
     tgccatcttt gttaggataa tatctgctga tagttgatcc gtctgtcaca ttcacattgt     49140
     tcttggtcca caagactctg accggcgggg gaaagaatcc agtcacatga cagatcagag     49200
     tgttcttgac atttaatttc acatcattcc gggagtaaac tgtggtccaa ggaggttctg     49260
     gaagataata atatgtcttt ttaattaaaa ataaaaaaac taatttgttg tcgatgtctg     49320
     aattttattt gaaaaatatt tggacattac agaataactt cgtattgaac tagcagtgat     49380
     aattgttcaa accaggtgtg tttcagtaga tgtcagctgt gtggagtaaa aaaaaaactc     49440
     accaagaggt tcagtgtctt cagacacatt caaagagagt atcttgtggt aaatctctgt     49500
     gcagaaagct ggtattccaa cattattgag tcttagatca ttcagagaat attgaggatt     49560
     tgcaattaaa aaggagttta ccatatcagg tggtgtgaaa actagttttt ccttttctat     49620
     gtctttatat gcagcctctt cagtatccaa aatgaagaca attttatcat atgatgatcc     49680
     cctgcatgtt tctatgaagc caaattcagg ataacctaaa ggtttcagaa tttcagaaat     49740
     gcatacacaa tatcacatct cttttctata atgaagcaat tttttaaaaa taactattac     49800
     aagaagtata caaatactgt aatttttcga gttaatatat ttgtaataaa atatttataa     49860
     taaatatgtc gctttttaca ttacatttac attaattaca aattgcactt caagatttca     49920
     cttactttgg ccttcagtat gaatcaaaca gaaaataaaa aaatgttatt ccagaaaatg     49980
     ttttaaacat ttttaaagtc cagtcagagc agttggatcc tttagtttgc cactgtggtc     50040
     agtcataaac tggaaattct ggtttgattt aatctgaagc tgtgacatca catgtgttat     50100
     gtgttatagg cccacacaga aactgcgcgt ccagaaatcg gcaaatttcc gcagacttta     50160
     agctcatcat tgagtctttt cagtaaattt gtgtataaat ttatgtgtgt aaatttatat     50220
     ttattccgct tttacattta ttttctttat atgttgattt catatttttg ttatgatact     50280
     cctcaaataa ttccgcataa atccacagat ttttaacaaa attctctgca gaaatatcaa     50340
     aaaatgtctg cagattctgt ctagccctag ttgtgtgaca ttgtgtgtgt tattgttttg     50400
     tgttaatagg tttagggtaa tttagaattc ctgaaagtgt acagcatggt cacaaattgt     50460
     caagatcata atcatgggac gtcccaccaa aagcgtacat tttctgtccc tgaaataaaa     50520
     acattagtac agtgaataaa aatcaatgca tccagaaatt tctaaaatgg actgatggtt     50580
     gatttctgtg agctgttcta taaaataaat atttcattca tttggttctc atgatgtttt     50640
     tctttaataa aaacctttta gaaatgtaca tatacaaacc ctgttattgt ccttgtcctc     50700
     cgccaattga acctacagct ttaactgttt tgttatgcta aaaactgctt tttaaaaaaa     50760
     atacttcaag tttaatttgt tattcacgtc acttgattaa aaacatgaaa ttataaataa     50820
     attctacaaa taaatatata atacaaataa acttacaatt gtcctcatgc ttctgtcagt     50880
     cctgtcacat ttgcattaca ttcatcataa aatccatgca ataaaccttt aagactatga     50940
     ctcggaagtg acatcatttg accgagaagc tgacagtaat caaggatgcg ttcaatcatg     51000
     atcttatgtc tacttttgta tgattttctg aggtcagacc ctgtcacatt ttttataagt     51060
     gaaaattttc tggtagaatg tcccatatca agacaataat ttgtgattaa atgtgttaaa     51120
     tatttgttat ttattaaaaa aagttttaca ggatttttac ccctttcaag ttatttgtca     51180
     aatggtaaat agcctatgta tatgtagcct acacggaagg aaagaatcat taaactcatc     51240
     actagagggc gcaaagagat ggttttgtaa attgaaagca cgtgtgtaat atttatcttt     51300
     tattatttta atttcatcat ttttacacga ttgatcttat cagtcggctt tggctaaaaa     51360
     cagaaaaaat aattttacgt ttcacaaaac atgtaagaca agccgttctt agatgtttct     51420
     tcattcacac aaacacattt gaccagatca ttatttctaa aatattaggc tactttcact     51480
     ttatttattt gattcatttt aaaacattca cgacagacat agaatatttg ttgaaaccaa     51540
     ggagcttgga tttgatacag caggttttgc aatgcaaatt tacttggaag tgcatgatga     51600
     cagaaaaaca aatgcttcag agtaagtgct aataagaaca gccccagtgg caagacgatt     51660
     atatttaatg gttttaatgt gagtttttgt ttatcctgtt aataaaagta ttctccaaaa     51720
     ttagataaac ataataaaac tgtaaaaatt acaataaatt aaacattagt aatttttaaa     51780
     cagcaatact cccaagcgac tctctgtgtt tattagttaa gatctttaaa acaatgtttt     51840
     caaattgaga taaaattgtt tttgttcaca aacttaactg atgacaagaa aatttgacta     51900
     taccatacac tgattttttt ttttctcaaa ttaatgcata cattccctca ttaatctgta     51960
     aatgtttatc caatctcatt gctgtaagca taagcacaca gtggctctgt tcaaaataat     52020
     ttattcaagg tgcaccacca atgacatcgg ggaaaaaagg gaaattcagt ttgtcctttt     52080
     acatgcaaat gcagctttaa tcaactttca tacagaacca gttcatacaa aataaaaaca     52140
     tctcagtttt ccccttttaa gttcttcttc atattgttca ccaaaacaat aaaacagaga     52200
     caaggaagtg accagttatt ttatttcaac tgattaattt ctaaatgacg ctggtgacta     52260
     ctgcacctga tatcaagtat ttgaaaaaca gtatgcattt aacagtaaaa atgaacagct     52320
     tgtatttaaa ggcactacat atgggtacat ttgaccttac agtgcttatc aatatacaga     52380
     tgcagcaata gaaattagat ttatttcagt tattgaattc aaaaagtgaa actcgtacag     52440
     tattttataa agatttatat catatattac actttacact ttaatatctt gattacactt     52500
     taatatattt attacagacg ttattgtcaa ttaacttttt tactcatttt tgagtgcatt     52560
     cattggtgaa aaagtttggt gttgataagt ggcttgcaca gagtcctgac cttaacttga     52620
     ctgaacactt tttttacagt aatccattgc attactgtaa cccctgatat atttcaaatg     52680
     tttatttctt tttatttttg atgattatgg ctcacatgaa aaccccaaat tcagtacctc     52740
     agaaatgttt tatattattt aagaccaata acaagaggat ttttaaaaat gttgcactac     52800
     tgaaatgtat gagcatgtac agcactcaat acttggtcgg tagctccatg tcatgtgcat     52860
     gaattactca acagggcatg cgcggcgatc agtttgtggc actgctgaga gaatgaagtt     52920
     caagtttccc tcatagcaga cctaagctct tctgtgttgt acaggttcta gtttctctta     52980
     tcttcctctt cctctaaatt ttaatttatt gagatgtacc tttaaatacc caatttttaa     53040
     ccagaaaatt gtcaatatgg gtcgtaaata acacaggttt agtaaaaatt cataactgag     53100
     tgacttaaat atattgaaaa tctgttatgc acaattcaaa aacagacgtg ggtacatttt     53160
     atcccatgcg ggttgtggta ttaatttagc atttatcaat ttgaatggtg tatattgcaa     53220
     acaagcaaac aattttaaaa caagttatag ttattgcaat tagaattact tcacttaaaa     53280
     acacaaacac tttgtatttc attttacttc ttaccacagg agtatgtaca aaaattgttt     53340
     ttggtttact agacttgcat gaaaaacgct atccaataaa gatctgtaaa gctttaagtt     53400
     ataacaaaat cttgacattt ttttgctgac tgactagact gatctgttca aaatttattt     53460
     ttaatttaac aagtgatgtc tcagtcactg cacatgtact cggttactgg ccttcagaaa     53520
     ggattaaatc tctttaaaca ggattttata tattctccaa tttatcattc tgatttattt     53580
     gtaaagacag aggaaaacag acatgtttta cagttatttc tgatggatca gtgtgctaaa     53640
     cagaagcagg agtaaataat gtgcatgtga tcatgtgcat gtgcaatgtg atcaacatat     53700
     tttgcaaagc aaatttacag gcacacaatt gaccgacaac aaatatgcca gtgttgcatc     53760
     aagttactgt agccagacaa aagtatcagc atacagaaca acaaaatgca gttcagtcgt     53820
     gttgcatgtc tggcaatgat tttgtctgct ttattggaaa aaggtaagac atacaaaatg     53880
     catgtgtgtt aaatgattca cctgaacaac aaattacttc tttaaagtta acttttcttt     53940
     aaaaagtgtt gcactctaat ctgctaaaaa tatattctgc tgtgaatttc ttttttattt     54000
     ctgtttaatt tttaattgaa ggtgcaatat tgttatgttt tcttttttgc aaacacattt     54060
     ttgtctatct ttgttatttt tcagtatgtg gaaattacgg ctatcttcaa agtcaatgtc     54120
     gagtactgag ctctacaaag aaagttgagc tcatcttctc attcatcttc aacaagattg     54180
     aatacattag atacaacagt actgatcaga aaattgttgg ctacactgaa tttggagaga     54240
     aatttgttga aaactataaa aataacacat ttgtgctagt cctggctgag tttgggattg     54300
     acaactgcaa aaaaattgct aaggcactaa tctctgatgg aatgctgaat catgtgacag     54360
     gtggaagacc tattcatttg tccactttaa gttaagaagg ccatttatag actggtatta     54420
     ttgatatttt ggttaaattt gattcatgtc taattttatt cacttctaca gtgaaaccag     54480
     aagtcattat tcggtcagtt actgaagcta aaggcaatca gaaagctttc ctggtgtgca     54540
     gtgcctatga cttttacccc aaagccatca aactgacgtg gatgaggaat gataaaaagg     54600
     ttacagctga tgtgacgtcc attgaggaga tggctgatgg agactggtat tatcagattc     54660
     actcccacct ggaatatttt cctcaacctg gagagaagat ctcctgtgtg gtggatcatg     54720
     ccagcttcca taaacccatg atctattact ggggtaagaa cacagttatg gtgaatttaa     54780
     tgtgtcaaga atcagcctgg acgtatttat caaccatctt tcattttaca gatccctctc     54840
     tccccgagac tgaaagatct aagatcattc ttggggctgt ggggctgctg atggggatct     54900
     ttacagcagc tgcaggagtg atctattata aaagaaaaca aacaggttag tgtttgatgt     54960
     aaaacagact ttgttgactg gtagtgcaat gaaatctgta ctgtatctgt aatttataac     55020
     tgagatcttg aaaatgttgt tttcttgctg tctacaggct tttacagact tccggtttat     55080
     ttagttccac ttcaaacaat gaacaatact gaaccgcagt actctgcaac atctgacact     55140
     ttaacataac cttcaggtca ttcgagagaa ctagtgattc aataagagaa gttctcggtg     55200
     tcaatcacat ccacctcatc tcctgattgc tcatattatc ttatatcatg tcatagttgt     55260
     aactaaatgc atgtctaaat tctttatagt ctttgtcatc ttttatgatg ttttttctcc     55320
     ttaattagta aattaaatca attacaaata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     55380
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatacttttc agtatttttc tctctcgctt     55440
     tgcacaaaaa gttcttatta tatacctgaa agtgtttcag aaatgtgatt tcccgccttt     55500
     ctatcttttt ctgttaatga tgtattgttt attaaatata ataaactatg ttacagaaaa     55560
     agttcaagat tgaaaataaa ggtttttttt ttttttattt atgccattga tggttcaatg     55620
     aggaacatta gactgggcta acactacaat agttttaggc caacataccc aatattccac     55680
     taccaagaat ctaacaaaaa aatcttgact gttccattgt cagttctgat gtttacagat     55740
     taattcttga tcacaactac ctcagtaatt tagccaatag gaacaaatct aagaaaagac     55800
     agaattatgg atattttgaa aaggtggtca caaaacgtat gctttggagt ttagagatag     55860
     aggaagaaaa acatgatgat attaaaactg catgctttag cgtcagctgt catcaatttt     55920
     atgcagaatc agtagctaca gacctccaaa cctaatgtgg cctgcagaat agctcaagaa     55980
     aggtgcatag ggagtttcat ggaatggggt acaatggctg agcagctaca taaaggccta     56040
     cattactaag agcaatgcaa agcgtcagat gcagtggtgt aaagcactct gctactggat     56100
     tctaaaatag tggagatgtg ctttggagtg accaatcaag cttttaatta cagcagaagc     56160
     ttgcaagata gtcatccttg tctaacatca gtgcctgacc tcacaaatgc actttctaaa     56220
     taaatatcat gaaaacattc aaccctgtgg aaatccttcc cagaagagat gaagctgtta     56280
     tagaagtgtt tttttgccaa gtgtgcttta cacacaagga atttgttttg gatacagaag     56340
     cttccagtgt acataaagtg atgagactac acaaaatata tatatgaaaa aaagatgata     56400
     gacattaaac aaagatgcag ttagtcaaaa aagccaagcc atattaaaac cacttaaacc     56460
     atgacatcat caactttcac tttcagattt aaagggctag cgttgcacca gacccccgta     56520
     agtggtgtca tctgaaagtg tagaatctat attttatgca catatgcatc actttggttt     56580
     ttattctact gtataaaaag taatttacac ttaaatacac agtattttgg atacccgagc     56640
     tgggtatttt acattggttc attttcatat ttttttatat gacacatgga caagttatag     56700
     ctcaaatgaa agcccttgcc ggtgctcata cagttctagc attcttttta ctgaattata     56760
     ttcatatgcc aaacagttgt tgaatgaatt gtggggtttc catggtgcag aaatgtaaac     56820
     attatattca tgatcaataa gcagccccag atagcacaga cacctttcat ctcttacctt     56880
     atgttgtgcc ttcagggcca ttctcctctg tttttgaggt gatgtgcata agtaatcctt     56940
     ttatatgtct gatgtggtcc aaacacagtg agttatgttt aattaaacaa aacaatagtg     57000
     aaataagtaa acaaggatcg gtctctgtgg cttgtacagc acctctcatc agttggaatg     57060
     caataacttt tgcatagatt atggtagaga cctttttctt ttttcctatg attacagaca     57120
     tgtgcaggaa ccaccaaatt taattacagt acgctagacc acacagaacc taaaaggtac     57180
     actttcaaat ttgagtttat aaaaaaaaaa tacaaaaagc gcctcttttt aagttgttta     57240
     ttataacaca gacgacatat acagttattt taaacacttt caattgtgtt ttatgaaatt     57300
     tcaaagggtt ttctttaaaa tgataccaaa tttttgcatt tacacctctt tatgtggatt     57360
     tgggaagctt ttaaatttcg gtaggtaaaa tccaggcgga aatcccaaaa taccagcaga     57420
     gtttaagtgg ttaaacccac agatcaagac taggacatca attaagttca tttgcatgta     57480
     tgtaaagaca gatattcaac atatctataa gatgtatgtc acataatgga tgttaaatga     57540
     attagactgt cattaagaca gtggttcccg gccttatttt caggagaccc ctattttaac     57600
     attcaaaatg ataaatgacc acttatcccc acctcaacaa ttcccagttt tttaaacaat     57660
     attcttgttt tcactaaata ttggctataa agccttaatc tcagtctgat acatttgtct     57720
     aaaccagttt acggtctgaa gaacacttga agacaatctc aatgaaaatg ttgattcata     57780
     ttttttacac aaaacaacac atacgctgtg actcttgata aatttgtata atgatggaca     57840
     gaatttactg tcctgaagaa taaataatta taaaaatgta atattaacca tgcaaacttt     57900
     ggtttatcac taaattggca tcttgctata tactatagca agtttgatga cccttcatga     57960
     atccttagtg tccaatagtt ggggttgcaa cccccagggc gggaatcaat gcattaagat     58020
     gcttgtaatt taaaatattt gtaaaacaaa ccttgtttat caagaaaata ccaaacaagc     58080
     tttgctatca gggagacact atattgactt tttaagcaca ttatcaacta gcaattacta     58140
     tttgtagact gtatatcagc taaagtgggc tactgaaaaa aatgtagtca ttatattaaa     58200
     tagtattata atgtaaattt attcttcctg ttacatgaaa tcagactaat cttttgcatt     58260
     gtgaggtctg cctgtttgca gtacttttat aacaataaac cacactaagt atttaaaatc     58320
     aacatgtaaa actactgaat gtaacaagaa caatgcaata atattacaaa tgtctgcaca     58380
     actgagccag attatacagt acatagtaat gttgaatgga atctatatgt tgacacaact     58440
     aataaataca tgtgtcagtg tgtcaatatt acatccattt tttgcctttg gcaatgaaaa     58500
     atattccagc agcgaaactc agcagcccaa aagcaagacc aactccacag aacactgatg     58560
     gaccaatgct gggctgcttt acctccacat ctgcacacaa cacacacaaa catttggaga     58620
     ataatgtgtt ttataagcga ttacatgtga atgttaaata aacactcacc ccatgttctg     58680
     gtctgaggtt gttgaagggc tttgtgctcc actgaacagc tgtaaacgtc tccttcctca     58740
     ggaatgaagc tcagttgaga aaagacatta aaatttctat cattgtcagg gtaatatctg     58800
     ctgatagttg acccatctgt cacattcaca ttgttcttgg tccacaagac tctgaccggt     58860
     ggagggaaga atccagtcac atgacagatc agagtgttct tgagatttaa tttcacatca     58920
     tttcgggggt aaagtaaaac ccagggaggt tctgaaatac atattatcaa ttcatttaaa     58980
     aaacaacagc aacataatca tgttaatcct aatgggacat actaaatgtt accctggatc     59040
     ccaaaaccaa tcaaagtgtt aattaaaaaa aatgtattat atgtcataat gaagctgaga     59100
     attttttttt ttaatatata tggtttgatg ggataggaga atatttggcc aggataaaaa     59160
     acactgaaaa aacctttaag gttgtctaaa ttccttgcta acaatgcata ttaccaatca     59220
     aaaagctttg aagaagtcat gatcttgaat tttggtataa aataaaatct ataactctga     59280
     ctcaagtatt tcagtatgtt cacaaaaata tacatgtgta aataagattt tccattttaa     59340
     acttaagatt aaggttttat gatccagagt tacataataa taagcagaca actgaatgat     59400
     gaaatggata gttttgactc acatcattaa ttaatacatt aatttacatt attaatttct     59460
     taacattgtt acaaaattaa tacataatga cattgattta attaataaca agtcatatga     59520
     tatgtagtta atcagaaaca ttttcttaaa catagttata ggttttgttt gctgtacatg     59580
     accactgtgt aaaggaaaaa tcatatctta ccaagaggtt cagatacatt taagttgagt     59640
     gtcttttcat acaccacttt gcacagagct gttaatccaa cagtcgcagg gctagcatca     59700
     agcaggggta attcatagaa tccaggataa tctttaataa aatttggtac agtgagaaca     59760
     agtgtcccat ctactaccac caagtatgca gccagttcag tattaaaagt gaagacaatt     59820
     tcatcatctg gtgatccagt gcatgactcc atcagaccat attcaagatc cactgaggat     59880
     ttcagaaatt agaggattta ttatatgtag aataattaat gagacatcca tgttatattc     59940
     acaaatgtag cctccaagaa taggaagagt attaacacta tttaaaaaat aaaaaaacat     60000
     tattaaataa cattttaaaa tattacaata ttagttttac ttactttgtc cttcagaaca     60060
     tgtccagtag gcaatgaaaa gcattattct gcataataat tcaagcatgt ttgcttgagt     60120
     gagttcaact atagagtggt ctgaggaata caccaacata caatataata cagtttgctg     60180
     ttgtggtcag ttatgaactg gattttctgg tttgacattt aaagtagcag tccacaggtg     60240
     tgattgtctt gtttaggtat ttgtaaagtt actctgcctt ctaataagat gcaaaagagc     60300
     tctctaacat ggcaaataca agacatatag actttccaaa gccatgcaat aataaaacaa     60360
     tacgcaatga ttcacttgag tgaaaaacct acattactag acaaacttgt tgtctgtgac     60420
     caaattattt tctggtctta tcttattggt atttaattgt tccctgctct gcttttgtca     60480
     atacgaaaca gatttgcttc caattattag ttttttcttt tgtactaaca tcacaagctg     60540
     tttttgtact aacatcacaa gctgtttttt ttcccaaata gctttttttc ccctttttac     60600
     ttccgtttct atcagtaatg agactgatat cctaatccac aggattacca ccagaggtca     60660
     ctatcatcta tagttttatc atatactgta tatagacact acagtggaac tagattaggc     60720
     ctcttacgga tttttaaatc ataatgataa aatgtagctg catcatgaga acaatataca     60780
     aactcagatc cccatccaac tatgcattca tccaccctta tatcttaagc acagacatga     60840
     ctggagaagc attaaaattc tatagtgcca tatggagcat atgacacagc agaaataatg     60900
     tctacatttg ttgttggccc aggaaaccat ttttattaca ctatggatta aatacgttct     60960
     taatttaatt tcattacaac tgtttacagt tacagaatga acgtccatgt agaaacgttt     61020
     aacattacga ataaagcaaa aataaatgaa aataaaaaac atgcttgttg tgaaactgaa     61080
     cacaaataat catgcctttt cttttattca ttgtgtagta aatctgagga aatggctatg     61140
     ggaatgaacc tccaataact ccaataacta catttttaat gaaagcatgg ttgggttttc     61200
     gttagggcct gaaaaaggtg tcggttctgg cctgttgcaa agcaaatgca aattaacagc     61260
     atttccattg accaaaacat attttataaa acaaataatt tgttattgac taataagccc     61320
     tgagacatca tggtttacat tgaacttgta atagcaaagg aaacttttat gccctttagc     61380
     agttatacat tatgtttcct caaaacatga tgatggatgt tggtctgttt actaagaata     61440
     tattgccaaa atattttatc aaaagaggtg tatccatggt atccaagcat ttgcatgatt     61500
     ttttttttca atgagattgt acttcacaaa gaaactgtgg attcagaatt tccagattaa     61560
     cacgtcaact ttttctgagt tattcattgt atagtcttag tgcctactat tatatcaaaa     61620
     ggagccattt tacaaaaaaa cagaacaata ttttaaaagt aagatcatat gaccttatca     61680
     ggcgacctgt atatgagcaa aaatggtttt cattgttttg tgaaatattc tagcagtata     61740
     ttgacttaaa ttaaacctct tccatgactg tcattaatgg attacaatgt ttaaatgatt     61800
     aatatgtggc taattttgag ttttacaaaa cttccagcca gtctcctaca ttttctagaa     61860
     cagcaataaa gagcagaaga ctgcaaaaca ttctcacact ggtgaatcgt aagcttgagt     61920
     tttcaggggc ctccacacga tggacgtaga gctacagatc atgatctcaa tttaaaaaga     61980
     gcaaacgcct gttctctgaa atgatcaatg acaataaact aatatatcac atcataaaat     62040
     tattaaaaag tgggatatca acaggataga gctcaagatt gtttgttgtt ttgagatttt     62100
     tatgtgtatt tttgccttct aaaagtttag ggtcagcacg tttttaaaat attttaataa     62160
     aaacattatg ctcacaaagg cctgcattta tttgttaaaa atacaataca ttaaaaacta     62220
     tattttattt taaagtttta gcaccacaac ttttgtgcca cacaatcctt ctgaaagcat     62280
     tttgctgcaa ctgcttaaga ataatttctt attattatga atagtgaaaa ctgttgcgct     62340
     tcttatttgt ataatttacc ttttaaaata tgatatgtta aaagaaaaat attgtgattt     62400
     aataacagtt ggcattcata ggttaagaaa atgaataatg actagactag actacagtca     62460
     tcagactgtt ttgatgttga gctgatagca cacaaatcta ggcagcctga tttgaggctt     62520
     ttgaagagca gagaaaaaaa tgtatgacat atgcttatca taactttgtc tttctctcct     62580
     tctgtccatc aaaagttttc tctcacagcc ctgggactgg tggcgttggc ctttgatttt     62640
     aatactgaga gcataattta tgtaagatgt ttgaatagct ttttgagtgc ggctagatta     62700
     aagagaattc cgtgtaatgg aacaaaaaaa gcatctgcag attttattta aatatatttc     62760
     aaacctccaa tgacttggat agagttgaca aaggcggaga gggaaaagag tttgggaaaa     62820
     cactattaaa tcattgtact gtatgagttt gtcaaagcaa gattgctttg tttctgtaaa     62880
     gcttccactg acttaaatga caacatcaat ccactcctac ccaactattc gtacacccac     62940
     ccatccattc ttcaatgcat tcaaaccatc aacctattca tgcactcttt agctcacgta     63000
     ttcatgtgtc tttccatcca tccacctttt catccatcca tccatccatc catccatcca     63060
     ttcacccttc aattgctaat ccatcttttc atcaatcaat ccccattcac actttcattc     63120
     tttcattaat tcatccatct ctccattgat ccttctatcc attcctcatt tacctattca     63180
     tctaccgacc agtaaatcca tccatccatc catacatgca tacatacatc catacatcca     63240
     tccatcaacc caaaccatca atctatccaa agattcaccc actctttgaa tcatgcattt     63300
     atgtattttc ttccattcca tctattcatt catccattta tccattcatc tgtccttaac     63360
     tccatgcctc atccatccat ccattcccac atactattcc ttccttccct ccttaattcc     63420
     ttccttcctt ccttctttcc ttgcttcatt ccttccttca ttcatccatc catttatccc     63480
     tccatcattt atccatgact tcactccttt tttatccatc atttatcaat tactccatcc     63540
     cttatccatc catccgtcca tccgtgcata catacataca tacatacata catacataca     63600
     tacatacata catctaccct tacccccata ccatcaatct atccaaacat ccacccatcc     63660
     atcagttcac ccatttatgc atttacatcc ttatattcat tcattaattt ctccatctct     63720
     tatcatcctt cctttcatcc atctatccat caatccctat ccatccatcc atcctccaat     63780
     tataccgtca attcatccat ccattcctcc actgatctat ctgtatattc attccacatt     63840
     cacccattca tcaactcttc aactcatcca tccatgcatc catccagtca tattttactc     63900
     acccatacat gcatcattcc atccatccac acttccattc atccatttat ccaatggccc     63960
     tttgcctacc cttttattta tccatctgtc tctctctaat ccatcaatcc atccatccaa     64020
     taatcccacc ccacacatct atcataccac tgattcatcc atctatactt ccatctagca     64080
     aatctccata caaccttctt tctactcatc cattcatttg ttcatcaatt ccattcgtcc     64140
     atccaatgtt ctgtcagtca atctaccatt tcatccatcc attactctct ctgactctcc     64200
     tgtgagtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     64260
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtt tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     64320
     tgggtgtgtg tgggtgtgtg tgtttgtgtt atactgcaca taattacaat cagtaacatc     64380
     tttctttgta ctatggtcag tttagttttc tttgattcac acacatggat taacagtcaa     64440
     tatttgtcag tgtttctgca agttgcacaa cttctttatt atccccatgc tgatgcaatg     64500
     tgatgtgttt gctcgctgta tacagggctt tacaacatag tgcgaaacaa aaattatttt     64560
     tttatttttc tgtgtttaat gctttaaaga taaatattgg caatctgtct tctacaattc     64620
     agctttctgt ttgctcagtt gtttcttgga atagtaaaac aatggtaaac atggtaacag     64680
     agatagctgg ttaacctctg tcgggcagat cttcttacca tcaatagttt tgtgggacac     64740
     catgtggtgt aaaaatgcag accctttgcc ctctggtttt gtatgaggga gtcggtatgg     64800
     tctagtacca catttgtacc ttcgcaaaaa taaaatgaaa caaaataaaa aaaaaaactt     64860
     ttgtattggt aaaactagca cttacacaaa catttattct tttttataat taaatttatt     64920
     taacatatta ttagctttaa atgtaaaact agacaacaca ctacaattaa gtataacttc     64980
     taataagtgt atattttgca gattgattaa aatctatttt aaaacattta aattgtcatt     65040
     tttacattat aagcaattat atagcgtcat tttgtgacaa gtaacaatgt ctgacttgtt     65100
     aataatcttt ttttatttat ttattttatt tttttaacgt ctcaaacaaa ttgtccagtt     65160
     cacagaatta gtttgaggct gtgctcaatt taaggggctc accaatcctt tcagaggatt     65220
     tacctcatac tgtacacaca cacaagcaca cacacaaaca aatctttctt gggacatatt     65280
     tctgtgtcat aaattaaaca cagacaaaga atcatttgag caaatacagc agtgttcatc     65340
     acttggaccc ttcaaaaccc ttggaccctt ccttcaaaat ccaattggca ttttaaaaaa     65400
     ttttcaacac atcagtgtac tgtgtgattt tcatgtgaat caaatggatt cagttcttga     65460
     gttaaacttc ctgactcggt gatctggtat taccactctg taaaacaaaa atcttgctgt     65520
     cttaaatttt tcagatgaat caattgatcc tctagtcaac tcaacttaaa ttaatcaaac     65580
     tgacgaaata tgtaacactc aaaaaggaca ttttgctgtt tgtttaaact atgtatttaa     65640
     aatgaactga aacaaaaaat tttgagattt ttggggagaa acttaattgc tttatgttca     65700
     atcaaattaa agttgtaaaa aaacattaaa aattacgtta acttatttcg ttcatgttgt     65760
     ccaaacaaaa atgaactgtg tgaaacccaa aaatgtttac agagcaagtt aaactttgtt     65820
     tggtttataa aatgtagtta aaacatgttc aacacattaa aataagttaa agcaacaaaa     65880
     aagtagtctt gacttttagt aatgattttt ttttacagtg catgcttttt tttgtcaaac     65940
     agccacaaaa acatgatcat ttataatggt tataacataa gtattgtatc agttgtaaac     66000
     ttatctttta tcactttact ccgaatgacc ttttcgcttt ggttagaaca aatcttcaat     66060
     atggtggcca tgattgatct ttggaggtgg atttatctaa tctggaatgc attgtcagtc     66120
     tgcaaatcaa aatgcagata tgcaaaagaa ctaataatgt ctcttgttta tcaatacttt     66180
     acatttcatt tattcgttcg ttggttgttc gtccgtccac catccatcta tctgtccgtc     66240
     cgtctgtccg ttcattcatt cattcattca ttcattcatt cattcattca ttcattcatt     66300
     cattcattca tacattcatt cattcattca tttattcgtt tgttcattta tttattcatt     66360
     ttcctttgtt ttattcccgg atttattttg tttattcaat tcacctatag cacatgtatt     66420
     tagactgttc gggaaaactg agcacccgga ggaaacatgc aaactccaca cagaaatgct     66480
     aactgaccca ctacacattt ctataaacgg ttaaaatcac taaaatcacc attccttatt     66540
     cttctttgtt tttatttatt tgcaaacacc ccttccacct tttttcttta aattattatt     66600
     attttattat tattattatt tctatgtcct tcagtaccag tgcaaaaaaa gtcattttct     66660
     aatgtagttg ttctttattc acgccattat aagaacaact ttactgctcc ttgactgtag     66720
     gccaggggag gtattacgga gaaaatctct gtcaaacata tccaaatgaa gtgctctgtt     66780
     catttattca gttgccttca gctcagtccc ttagtccact aatccagcat atgttttaca     66840
     cagtggatgt cttttcagct gcaacccagt actgggaaac acccacgcac aaacacacac     66900
     acacacacac acacacacgc atgtctttta ctgtgaaggg aaccggagaa cgcaaacaca     66960
     gggagaacat gcaaactcaa actctataca gaaatgccaa ctgaccaagc tcggacttaa     67020
     accagcaacc ttcttgctgt aaggtgacag tgctaaccac tgagccacca tgcctctcta     67080
     aagtgctttg tgatgcacat tactaatcaa aaatcaagtg tagatatatg tgcggtagaa     67140
     aatgtacaaa tataacttag tggaagagaa gctttgctca aaatgtaaat aatttctgac     67200
     ataaaagaaa aggcctgtaa ttttgattca aacaatgcaa cataaccgag ctcgattggt     67260
     tttgtttttc agtgtcaaaa ttagatcgta aagttttcat tttgagctaa attacaattt     67320
     cagttttggg ttttatcttc atctccaagg tttctccatg attataatat ccataaaccc     67380
     acatgggcac agaatagagc aggtggcggg ctaatctaat atatctgctt ttttttttta     67440
     ttaggttgag ctcttttgaa tcagctcatt tgtagcctgt tcattgagct gctatacctc     67500
     caagtgtgaa gtgcccaact gcggggaccg aatgaaagag acactatgaa gtgctaaaag     67560
     gggggccatg cagaaagaga gtgaacgtag agaaagttgg aacgagatgt cgttcagaaa     67620
     gcaaagcact gaatgactga taatgggaga aagagttaca ccaagctttc gtatgtgccc     67680
     atatgtacgc atgtgatgga gagaaagagc gagcgctgag agcggcacgc tatgatggta     67740
     ttgtttttgt gacagagatc agtggctggc tgaatgtgct ttatttgcag tggggctgct     67800
     ctcccaggct aataaaatgt gaagctcccg ctgcctgcag tggcatgctg tgcacagcgg     67860
     gagacagggc ttttttgtgt tcccctgccc aaattatgga accgtcaata ccctccctgg     67920
     atcccgtcaa tagaaccacg ctttgtgact gatgggagac caacttcaag gctatcctga     67980
     aataacagtg aaataaaaca agagagatgg agggagaaga aaaacttgac ctgttttccc     68040
     caaatatgct ctgtatgctc cggcagtctg acacagaagg ttgtttttag gatcgtctga     68100
     ggctttgtga agactggggc actcaataga gcaaaaaacc atcactatcg tttcactttc     68160
     tttaccatgt gggagggaat gctctgctat catcactgtt gttgatttgc cttgatctga     68220
     atggtgacat accctcaggg tgaagtctga gacattagac gcactgttgc tgtgttagca     68280
     tttgcatgta ttcctcatga aacccgaaag ggattttcca gagtgttcat agacctaccg     68340
     tttttgtgga ggaggggggc tgctggggat atttgttggg gattttaagg ctaattagca     68400
     ataagcaggc atttgatttg ggataattat ttacacttgt tcaagcagca tggaaactta     68460
     agtacaggtc aggctttgga ctgattcaca atgtcccttt agcatttcat tgaagaaaaa     68520
     acttcagtca ttcaaaatga gaactttaag tttaatagca ttgcccttta gtaagtaact     68580
     ttaatcatat tttaaataaa tgtcctccta acttgtttaa tttgtataaa aatactgcat     68640
     gtttacttta tttaatcttt tatttaatct aaacatttta ttgcttaaag acccttttag     68700
     tcataaaaga cttttaatta ttttcagtca taaatgactt tgctatttgt ttaataaatc     68760
     tagtaaggat taattaaaca tttaggttta atttaaaaca tatattttga tcaaaagttt     68820
     attttttttg ttttgaagaa agcaatatat ttacacagca agcatgcgtt aaaggtggtc     68880
     acaaaaatac aatacttact gtaaaaattt acaaactttt gttatttaag tattattaag     68940
     tatttttttc attttgtaaa ttataatagg ttcaactggc gatgcggtgt cgcaatggct     69000
     agcacgttcg ccttacagca agaaggtcgt gggttcaagc ctcagctggg tcagttggcg     69060
     tttctgtgtg gagttttcat gttctccccc acaagttcaa agacatgtgg cacaggtgaa     69120
     ttgggtaagc taaaattgac cttagtgaat gagtgtggtt gagtgatggg ttgagactgg     69180
     aagggcattt gctgtgtgaa acatatgctg gataaattgg cggttcattc cgctgtggtg     69240
     accccagatt aataaagggg ataagctgaa aataaaatga atgaatgaat aataagttca     69300
     gtgaaatata caattaagtt tttttcacaa aaaaattgtt taaacaaaaa aatttagtat     69360
     atcataatct ctcaaaccac tcactctaaa aaaaatcttt ttcagagtca tttcatctca     69420
     tttcatccaa aactgtgtaa aatatggact aacaaaaaca gttgagttaa atttggtcgt     69480
     attcacttaa ttaggacata acccagcagt tgggttagtc cctattacac ccaaaattgg     69540
     attgaaacaa cctgaaacaa ccaatatttg acttttcgct ttgatccata ttaaatgcat     69600
     gtttttgttg gagagttcag tctgaccctt tttgggtcag tctatactct gtatacattg     69660
     ctacagaggt cacgcaaagg tcacaaaagt ttagtttcgt tctcaatatc tcacatttgc     69720
     tataatttag aagcctacga gcttaaagac aacgggtaca atagaagtca atcaaacagc     69780
     aagattaacc ctttggtgac acttcagagg aaaagaatct cgtctgttct tcaggatccc     69840
     gcaccccaaa gatttctgta gagtgggaga aacatcacag tgaattatta aacatcaagt     69900
     acagaataaa aaacaagtaa attcatctgt cctccctctc tatatccaaa aaagtgaaac     69960
     tttttcttgt tctttttccc ctcagtttgg agttggaact tcaagtcatt tctgtggctg     70020
     ttcaaacggc ggggaacacg gagcgtttgc tggattcctg tgtgcgcatt caaaagccgc     70080
     ctctctcaga agtgccacct agcagtgtgc aagcgcagga acctcgtgcg gcgccaggat     70140
     tcagatatgc taattgatca gcggggtagc tctgagcatc gctgcaccca gctttaaata     70200
     gacagctgcc tccctctgta ttcccccaac cttctctcct tcttcaatcc cttttctcct     70260
     tctctatcct catttacctc actttcagtt cagcattgga gcaaatggca gtacattaat     70320
     tatcaagaag ggctgataaa ttgacttctt gacaaagcaa aaggaaaggg aactaaagga     70380
     gaaagacaac caatcctcca atcttctctt ttcgacttca tcctctcctt gttttacctc     70440
     actttcagtt tagcattggc gcaaacagaa gtaaattaac aagaagggct gattaactga     70500
     attaaaaaag agagaaacta aagtagtcag acagccttct cttatccctc tctatttctc     70560
     cttctttgtg ttttacctca gttttggttt agcattagag aaaacagtag taaactaaca     70620
     agaagagatg atgagctgaa ttattgggca aattggaaag aaacatagct gaaggagtag     70680
     atccaccttc ggtcattctt ctctccattt ctccttaaat atccacattt cacttaattt     70740
     aatttcaagc ttatctttgg aacaaacagc agcaaattaa caagaagaaa caatgattta     70800
     acgttctggg tgagccataa aggaaggaag ctaaaggaga atgacaccct tctctccttt     70860
     tgcaatactt cactccttct ttctccctgt ttacctcatg tccagcattg gagcaaacac     70920
     atgtacattt attatgaaga agaactgatc aattgacttc tgtgaaaata aagtttaaaa     70980
     aaaaaaacct ccaatcttct ctagtttttt ttctttgtcc ttctcaattc tcctttattt     71040
     tgcctcactt ccaatttggt attggggtaa acagcagtta ttaacaagat cagtagatta     71100
     aatgacttct gggtgaagca aaaggtaaag aaacttaagt aaaaggacaa ccttctcctc     71160
     ttcttcacta tacttttctg cttcattctc cccagatctt cttttttctt ctttaagttt     71220
     taattcagct ccagaacaaa cagcagcaaa ttaacaagaa gaaacaatga gccgttttct     71280
     gagtgaagca aaaaggaagg aaactcaaga agaatgacaa ccttctctca tcccctctct     71340
     ttgtttttta gcattggagc aaacagaggt aaattaacaa gaagagctga gacttttctc     71400
     caccatctca cacacggaaa gaatctatat gaggatatat gcgcatatct gaaacctata     71460
     tgcagtatat ttgcacatat gtgataacat atatgctgta tatatgtgta tatatgcaac     71520
     atataggcag aattgaggtg catatatgtg catatgcagg ccaaataggt cttctgtatt     71580
     gcttcttcat atccacataa gccctttatg ttaatacatg atatgtctcc tatatagctc     71640
     atatctcact ttggcaactg tcatgcatga tgccttgcct agctcatatt ttctattata     71700
     aaggcaatag ctatctagct agcagagtgg catttattca ttgttgaaat tctatcagaa     71760
     tcattatttt ggttgaggtt taatatttag cattgaatta aataatgaat ctacgttgat     71820
     agttcaatca cttgccattg ttgtaaatac cccaaatcaa ccaatgttga taatttacac     71880
     atttcttaac actgaaaata cttacattgt tttaacgttg atattttggt catttactat     71940
     tgttgaaaat actgacatcg aataaatgct gattttgtga acattttgat ctatttctca     72000
     tcatagaatt aacattattt cagggtgcaa aactggctaa aaatcaatat tgagttttaa     72060
     tgttgtttaa atgatagttg gttgatggtt taacatttat ttaatgttaa tttaacttag     72120
     gtctgctatc ttggtaagaa ctaacttaaa aaatgttaaa aacgtatgta tgtgccactt     72180
     aaatttgcta tcgctagtaa ttggcatgtt atagatttta accatggcaa ataagtgaga     72240
     agagatggaa agctatgatg tctacacgtt ttcctgaaac atttacaagg tcaattcttt     72300
     cttgtatgaa gatagtggaa aagaaagaaa tgtataacaa aatgatttgt ctttcttctt     72360
     atttattgtt gttgttttgc cttatttttg ttcttgtact atatttattt cttgtaatat     72420
     ttaagtaaat aaaaattatt aatcttttaa ataatgttgt ctagcagctg tattttaata     72480
     attttactaa catataggcg aacatttatg tatccatata tgtgcataaa tgtacatata     72540
     tgtacatata atataggaaa acggccaatt ttatttgtca catttatcaa agacctatat     72600
     caaaacctat attaaaacat atatgtttat agaggttctt tccgtgtggg ccaactcaaa     72660
     tcttctcatt tgacctcaat ttagtttgtt taactctgta gtaaactgat aaattaacaa     72720
     gaaggagctg acttctgagc aaagtgggaa gtaaaaggat ttctcctcca tactctttaa     72780
     ttctcctcat tttgcctcac cttcagtgta gtattggagc aaacagcagt aaattaacaa     72840
     gaagagctga ttagctgact tctgggcaaa gcgagaacta aaaaagaaag acaataaaat     72900
     tgcagaggct gtttgtctgc gagtgagaaa gggcctccac cgactcttta tggcagccag     72960
     ggctgcatta acgctaagtc ccatttattt ttctccttgt ccagagctca tgctgagcag     73020
     gaacctgagc tgattgggtt tcattcacag gtctctgagt cggcagtaaa ttcagccggg     73080
     gttccctgaa gggcccctcg acacctcatc tccagctggc tgagcgcgat tgttgaggag     73140
     ctgaggagtc acggtggggt cattttctat ggcgctgcta agctaactca ctgcgctcct     73200
     ttctctggct ctttcttcct cttctccttc cccgctcccc tcctgcaggt tgctagggcc     73260
     tggtatttgc tctccgcggc caggctgtaa tgacagccgc ggtgcccctg ctggctctcg     73320
     gctagcgatc tctttgtgct acttgtggtt attgggagtg agagggcaag aaaagagcga     73380
     tggcacacac acacacacac acacacacac acataaaaaa ataatcatac ttttgcacat     73440
     acccattcac agattttgga cctgttgagt agggtgcaaa attcacattg gtataatttt     73500
     aattagacta ttaaactcat aaaacacaat aaaaacacat tgtgtttgtc tagcattcaa     73560
     acttttttaa tatattaaga ttaattttaa acattaatat gtattaatga aattataaat     73620
     attcatttat tgattttctt ggtttataca tgtccatcga gtgattgacg tgaccaacag     73680
     cgcatgatga atgatgaatg atgtttgtgt tgctctgcaa taacacttcc aatacactag     73740
     ctggcaatag gtttttatgt tcctctgtgt caagtttttt ttgctggtgt tttatttttt     73800
     ctgaatgctt ccttaatgta caagtagctc aaacgcgctc attttggggc gggaaccggt     73860
     ggacgtgcaa caactttaat cataaaataa acacagaaca aaactttcaa tctggagctc     73920
     cttcacgaga ctcgacactt gtaaacactt gctcctatga gtttgcgtgg cttttagtcc     73980
     tatccacact agtcagcgct actaagctga ccaatcacag agcttatgct gcgtgttgtt     74040
     gcaatgtgta gttacattta tgagaggtgc cgatcagcgt cagtacagta ctgggaagca     74100
     tccgtacatg ctcacattca cacactaact catacactat ggctaatttt gttaaagatc     74160
     tatttttggg gagttttgca tttaggtcta cgagccttga cttgaactca ggatgcctga     74220
     agcacattgg tgctatatgt tctgcactga ctactaggct ttcggcacca tagaactggt     74280
     accaataaat gatatattta tttttattat ataatgaaat aaatgacaag ctgtaattta     74340
     aagaactttg atgaaacata gtctggctgt attacacgca atgtaaaaca tttatgcaat     74400
     aaattgcact gcatgtggta gttaacagaa atgtccataa aaacaatgaa aattgtgatg     74460
     aaaacatcag aaaaatgaca atagttttat ttttacatgt catatctagc aaatagcaag     74520
     caatgactaa aactgaagca aaacacgatt gaaaaataaa ataacataaa agacatttta     74580
     gaaaaaatac aaattaatat attttttcaa agctaaaatg caaatggaag atgtaaataa     74640
     aaatcctgat ttaaaatctt taaaactgta acagtgtctc tattactaaa ataacctgca     74700
     atatattttc tttctatttc actgtcttac attgctcagt catctcttgc tcatcacttc     74760
     aaatccatat ttaatgcctt tttgtttatt tgtggtaaat ctgagccact ttcaaaggga     74820
     tcttgtataa ccctgaaggg ctttgttttg cggtaatagc cggcgctgaa tcccttttat     74880
     cactttttat cgctatttga ccagtttaaa atgtaatttt tattgacaga ctgttttcag     74940
     actccaatat tctcttcagg agatctctac cctaaaggca aatacagtgt atatgttccc     75000
     tttgggagag gggtgagtgt ttatggtcct caatgggaca gatgctcatt caaaacagcc     75060
     cagtcaacac agacatcata tcacacatcc tctaaataca gcggctctta aaaaaggcca     75120
     aacaccagcc ataaaaaccc taatgacaac actaataaaa ctacaaagac atgaaagagc     75180
     cggctgaagt ctgtcatgca cggctggcca aaccttcctt cctgcttctg tgtctgctga     75240
     tgacaggagg aggaaagaga gcggacaagg gtgaatattt ttatcttctt ttggattact     75300
     gtctgattag ctgcttcagc attgttggtt tgccaatgac cgcaaccgac tttgacttca     75360
     tttaaccctg tttcttgtaa agctagtgtc tgtctttgat acatataaaa tacatctatc     75420
     tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc     75480
     tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcca tccatccatc     75540
     catccatcca tccatccatc catccatcta tctatctatc tattaaaggg cttgacatgt     75600
     ttctaactta gtttatcttg gtcttacatt ttgaaataat tatcatagaa aagcacaaag     75660
     ggggtgacat tgacacatat taattacctt tgaacttttt gtcaaatttt tagacgtatt     75720
     acacaaatac acatgattaa atatacaaaa gtataactta taactataac ttattaatag     75780
     gacatctata ttttaaaaaa aatcattgat tctaaaacat taggttgcat ccattcaagg     75840
     tcaaacagta cataaaaaat gtcaaaatac aaactgcagg cctctctaaa cctctctttt     75900
     tggtgagttt actctgctgt cattgctgtc agatggccca gttgcgatta gttacagcat     75960
     acttcactta cagcatatca aaagtaaaac atccagaatt aaaattcatc tatgcagact     76020
     tatacaacaa agtgatacaa acagtggcgc agtgggtagc aggttcgcct cacagcaaga     76080
     aggtcgctgg gtcgcaggtt cataccttgg ctcagttggc gtttctgtgt tgagtttgca     76140
     tgttctccct gtgtttgcgt gggtttcctc cgggtgctcc ggtttccctc acagtccaaa     76200
     gacatgcggt acaggtgaat tggataggca aaattgtccg tagtgtatga gtgtgtatgt     76260
     gaatgtttcc cagagatggg aaacttgctg gataagttgg cagttcattc cgctgtggcg     76320
     accccagatt aataaagaga ctaagccgac aagaaaatga atgaatgatt gaattgacag     76380
     aaagcagtaa tttacagctg caactccaac ttcagtgttt gaggtttaat agagcagaca     76440
     tatgctagca aaatgctaat tttgcaaacc gatgcagatc tgtgcaggag ctcatttcag     76500
     gcagttcaaa atcatttctg tctattggca gataaaactc aatttattgc acatttttta     76560
     acttcccaga cctttcacat tcataaacac ttacttttta ttacactaga tggaagggga     76620
     agtgaaaagt ggtcaaccaa aaaaagctaa attattaaaa ttttatgtaa tgtgaacttt     76680
     aatacaagtt agactagtta ggtgtcaaat taaacaacta ggctgttaac aataaaagaa     76740
     aaatagagat gatctattta atactgtaca tgcacaaaaa acttttgtga gaccaggttg     76800
     ctgaagtcat tgcaattcag aaacatcaca gaaatcttaa catacttcca tactatatag     76860
     cttgctaaat acagtatgcg agccaagtag tatgtccgaa ttcatagaat ttaaaaatca     76920
     gtatgcgaga agtacccgga tgacctacta cttttggtga gattttgaag tgcacgacgg     76980
     atgcatgcta cgctatccca tgatgcacca tgagaaaagt catgaatggg agtgaagcaa     77040
     aacaactgat gtaggtaggt catgtaataa tgacgaaagg gtggatgtag tacgtccgag     77100
     ttccattcat cctactcaca ttcatactgt atagaacatc ctaacggtcg agttgtacat     77160
     ttaaatttaa atgcagtacc tactgagtag taggcgattt cggacgcagc cattgtccga     77220
     atgttttgga gctactgtac atcaaatatg accagcaaag aatcaaaggc tgaacgttta     77280
     tgtgtattgc tctgcataaa tcaagctgta caaaagagtt acacaatggc tgaatgacat     77340
     caaggcaatc caacataatt ccactttatc tgatttacag tttcgttcaa acagaagaca     77400
     catcttttgc cacatctcta ttgtccacag catcatttcc tctccctttg tgaaaaataa     77460
     gaaaacaaag cacatgacag atgccttgtt ggtctccgca gtgactttcc cctagtgagt     77520
     ctttaacaag gctccagata ttaaaaaaga gtgcagtttt tcttgactag agccaagtct     77580
     ttttgtgtgc atggcaaaaa gccacagaag ctgtgctttg ttccatgaga gcgaggcaaa     77640
     attatgtttg cctttgtgtg tgcgtcgggt ccatgctttc tcagaaaaca tttgcatgcc     77700
     cgataaacag cagcatttag caacttcctt gcctttgttg tagaaaaaag ggagaaataa     77760
     atatcatatc tttaaaccaa acagaatttc attcactttg agttttaact ctctgatgtg     77820
     agtcattggg gacagttaga caaaaacctc aaaacacact ataattacaa tatgcaaaac     77880
     acagatttcc ccattagaag ctaaacttga caccaattag atatgaaatt caagaaaatc     77940
     tcttattatt ataatgtgct tttgataagt aatcactaaa caatgaaatt aatcccacgg     78000
     tggttcaaaa aggattgatt actagcaaat ctttaaataa tttttctttt ttgaaatttt     78060
     aaccaaaatt gtttgggaaa aacttttagg agacgtttaa agaacactgt tttcaacgaa     78120
     gcagttcaaa ctgattttgc gcttgatttt ttgaaaacat tactattgtt atgtttggat     78180
     aaaagttctg acatccttct catgtgtatt atatgttcag tcaatagtca tgaaaaagtt     78240
     tttttaccaa aaacaaaaat ggtgatctac aatatgtatt tgcacatgtg ccacgtgctt     78300
     cattgcaaag ttatattcgt atcttctggc ctggcatgca tattggtgcg atttagtttg     78360
     gttcaagtcc cggctgggcc aggtggcatt tctgcgtgga gttatcatgt tttcctgtgt     78420
     ttgcatgggt ttcctccagg tgctccagct tctcccacag tcagaagtca tgcgttatta     78480
     gtgaattgga taaactaaat tggttgagtg aatgagtgtg tgtgaataaa agcaatggag     78540
     gttcatgagt taatgtatga tggccgattc acacagggcg tgagcatcaa cgcttgaagg     78600
     agggtgtgtc tgaagttggg gctgacgcga ttgtcatggc agcgccagtc aatgagaacg     78660
     caatcagttt ttgcataaag tgatctgatt ggctgatttt tccattggtg attgaaaagg     78720
     tgagaaattc ccaacttctg cagcaagtaa agccgctggc acagtgctga cagatccaca     78780
     atttagttca gcaaagcttg acgtcaccaa ttcaaagtga atggcaagca ttgatgctga     78840
     tgccccatgt gaagtgagca tcaatgctgg attgtggctg aaaaggtatc tgccacgtaa     78900
     aacatatgct agagtaatcg gcagttcatt ttgctgtggc gagccctgat aataactcca     78960
     ctgattgtat caacatactc ttaattttca actaaattag gagttgagaa tcttatttac     79020
     tgttttaata gaaacaacaa cagacttttg gacttcttca agtatttttc ttttattaaa     79080
     agagtctaac atataaaaac agagcaaagg actccaacca gcgtaattac ctgaagagcc     79140
     ctataatgta acatagaacc tactgagtga ctgtgtgtgt gtgtgagaga gagagagaga     79200
     aagagacttt gttaatgacg ccacttagga gatcagagac agaatagatg tatgaaaggt     79260
     gtgatgatgg aaaccgctca accatttaaa gatgcattac tacttcaaag attgaactgt     79320
     gttggaaaga cagacacttt gaccttttgg cttagttaca ggtaagagac taatttaaga     79380
     tgttttttca gagtcatttc aagagttcac acttagctga tgattgatta taagcaagtt     79440
     tggcatgctg tcccgggaga gagccctgag ctcgaaggtt cttgagccct gggctccctc     79500
     ccgtttggag gaagagaggg gagcctcgag ctcaggtaga tctcgacaac tccccttttt     79560
     ataatagcta aagattaaga ttgaaggcta ttaaaagata tgctgcatta ttagattacc     79620
     tgtattgaaa tttagattta acgattaact tgttgtacat gtttttggaa tgtgggagga     79680
     aaccggagaa cccggggaaa acccacgcaa gcacgggaag aacatgcaaa ctacacacag     79740
     aaacgaccac cggcctgtta aggaactaga accggtgacg ttcttgctgt gaggcgacag     79800
     tgctagtcac tgagccaccg tgctgcccta tggagggaaa ggtgaaaagg taggggtgga     79860
     aggggggatt cttcaaatcg aagatgactg tagtgagaaa accctggctc tttatagtgg     79920
     ttaggaatgg cctgattggt ggatcaagca tgctaatgca ggaccagccg tgttcaatca     79980
     taatcacgtg ctcctctcga aattagttta tgaataaact tcacttcaag agttcacact     80040
     tagctgatga ttgattataa gcaagtttgg catgctgtcc cgggagagag ccctgagctc     80100
     gaaggttctt gagccctggg ctccctcccg tttggaggaa gagaggggag cctcgagctc     80160
     aggtagatct cgacaactcc ccaaaatgct ccgctcggga cagcagccgc gtatttgaag     80220
     aaccccccaa aaggcacagg agattaatgc catatccggc tgctgaaaag tgatacagaa     80280
     atagcttgga ggagcaacag agactggtgt gggtgtaaaa attaactgaa agtgctaatg     80340
     tatgactatg tgtgctcccg ggttctgtta attgtaagga ccagcgggag agtgagtggg     80400
     gtaagtgtaa aggtttaaaa catatgtggt gagtttcgta atggtttagt atagtagtga     80460
     tggaaaataa ggctgtaagg ttctgcggag ctgtagctgc agatgtgaag cggttaactg     80520
     attaaccgct ttggcagtcc aatggggagt gtgtcagtag tggtatggat aaatggtagt     80580
     gtgcgtgagc tccggtggag cgacactgct gcagcagtgg tgcagggggg atgaagctcg     80640
     gctgagcgtc tctgcgactg cagaggtgcg atggtagtca gtactaaggg gaagaatacg     80700
     cttctgcagc agcgttttaa ctgctttagc agtgctggga gtgacagaag tggtataagt     80760
     gtaatggaag tgtgcatgag ctccagcaga gcgtcactgc tgcagcagtg gtgcagggga     80820
     tgtaaatgat gctcggctga gcgtctctgc tgctgcagag gtgcaatgga agtcagtatt     80880
     tgtaagggaa atacgcctcc gcagggacgt ttaactgctt tagcagtgct ggagagtgta     80940
     tcagtattgg gttgctaaat gaaagtgtat atgcgctcgc tgagcgtcac tgctgcggca     81000
     gtgatgtgga ggggagtgat gctcggctga gcgtctctgc gactgcagag gtgcggtggt     81060
     agtcagtcct aaggggaaga atacgcttct gcagcagcgt tttaactgct ttagcagtgc     81120
     tgggagtgac agaagtggta taagtgtaat ggaagtgtgc atgagctcca gcagagcgtc     81180
     actgctgcag cagtggtgca ggggatgtaa atgatgctcg gctgagcgtc tctgctgctg     81240
     cagaggtgca atggaagtca gtatctggaa ggtaaatacg ccttcgcaga gacgtttaac     81300
     tgctttggca gtgctggaga gtggatcagt agtggattgc taagtggaag tgtatatgcg     81360
     ctcgctaagc gtcactgctg cggcagtgat gtagagggga gtgatgctcg gctgagcgtc     81420
     tctgcggctg cagaggtgcg gtgaaagtca gtttctaaag ggaagtgcgc tttggagagc     81480
     tgattaacag ctgtgtagca gataggaatc agacacagta gagcgactct gtggctgcag     81540
     gggtgcatag gtattcagag tctggtgcat tatatgtgtg aaagcaatac atgttcccgc     81600
     taagccttta cagctgtatt atagcgggga gtgtggtgat ggaaaataaa ttgatactac     81660
     aatgcaatgt aattaagtgg agctgctgta aaggtgtgat ggtggtcagt atgtaagcaa     81720
     tacgagttcc cgctaagcct ttatggctgt attgttgcgg ggagtgtggt gatggagaat     81780
     aaattgatgc tacaatgcaa tgtaattaag tggagctgct gtagaggtgt aattgtagtc     81840
     agtatggaag caatacgagt tcccgctacg cctttacggc tgtattattg cggcggagtg     81900
     tgataatggt aaaatttttt gaaaagtgta catgtgagct tttaaagagc ttcactgctg     81960
     tggcagtggg agcttggggc tacccctgtg ggagtccgag ctgcggagaa tgagtgcaag     82020
     tgaaattaaa aaattatgaa gagaaagaga agggaagttt aataaaataa aaaggaaagt     82080
     ttagtaaaaa tgagtcctat gcaactaaga cagaaagtag gaagaacaga cagagtcgtg     82140
     ctgcttggaa actaggttga agtctgcaac cgagaatcag ctgggcttct ctgaggaaat     82200
     attggctgag gcaaattgag gatttagagg tgttagagga ccaatgacag agtttatatc     82260
     tgttgttgga agactgttca ggcagggcgt cactgctgca gcattggtgc aggggaaaaa     82320
     ataatctcag cagagcttct ctgcagttac agaagtgcaa taaaatcagt ggtgcagaga     82380
     attaaggcta aacagccgtc tctgcagttg cagctcaggc aaagcttaac tgttgcagca     82440
     gtggtgcaga gggagaataa ggctcggcaa agcgtctctg caagagcaga ggtgcagtgg     82500
     tactcagtat tagagcctca cacggaaata ctaagtacta ttagcagtga tatttagaga     82560
     tgaaagtgaa aaaggggctc agctagagcg tcactgcagt tgcagtgatg ttaatggggt     82620
     gtatagttaa gtggagcacc taaacagtca atattagtaa gttttgagtg ctcccgcagg     82680
     gacgttaaat actgccttta gtgatatgta aagatgaagg tgaataaggc atatgctaga     82740
     gggtcactgc ggtagcagtg gtgctttggg tgtgcaactc tgcggagcat ttctgcggct     82800
     gcagtggtgt agtgggccag tatggaggca acttgtgctc ccgcagaagc atttactgct     82860
     gtattagtgc ggggagtgca acgatagtgg tatttaggaa atttgtaagt gtatgcaagc     82920
     tcatttagaa cgttcctgtt gcagcaactg aaactcaaga caacccctga attggtcgga     82980
     gctgtggtga ataaaagtga atagaagtat aggatagttt aaatttggag agaaaaagtt     83040
     aaagctagaa aaacagggaa gggtagtgaa ggagctccta tgttaaatag gaagggaaat     83100
     aggaaggaaa tgacagagtc atacttcata cccaataatg catgatggtg tactctagca     83160
     aggatcgaac ccaggtccgc agcgtcttaa cctaacgtgc caaccactcg accacaacaa     83220
     aagagaaaag ttgtggtaaa ataatgaata aaaagctgtg gtcaagtaaa tgaattaaaa     83280
     aagtgtcact gctgagagca acagattctg gagctaggga caccggccct cgcggccaaa     83340
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     83400
     aaaaaaaaaa aacagaccgg cccaccggga attctcccgg tcctcccgat tagccaatcc     83460
     gggcctgttt agaacaggtg tgtgggggaa cggatatcat cctgcatccc ttcatcctgc     83520
     gaagatagat cagatatggt taggtgtatc gttggattga aatgtcatac ttagttcaga     83580
     agacttaaat tataaaggct agtgtgaata tggcatcgag ggtgtgggct atgtgagtgg     83640
     aaaagtgtca tttgcaaaga gtgtaaatgt atttagaaat ggatgtggag tgtaataggt     83700
     tggatgaggg tcagcttctg caaccagctg acatgatctc tgaaatgaga aaaacaagag     83760
     agaatcagaa atgacattac aacatggtac atgtatggca aacacaatga attattttag     83820
     ctgataacca tgcggggcgt cttaataaga gcatgggcaa ctaagtgtgg aagtgccttt     83880
     gttaatgcat ggtacgaagc ctcattgtcg caacgagcaa agatagtaga ggtaggcatt     83940
     tgtccctcct aaggatggca tattaaatgg gaaatctgct cgactagtga tcctgatgta     84000
     cctcttgaag acagggtagg tggaattata gtggagttta aaccccttgg tttgtatcta     84060
     acgcagagtc aattgatgaa acatcagaca tgtcagaaat gtcctcctct cattcgtgga     84120
     agtcaaagcg ggaagtttgt ttctttgctg ttttcacatc taaccaactt gccattataa     84180
     gcttatggct tataagtgta tggacatgag tcactggggc atattacgat tggacttcta     84240
     tgcctaatgc attgaatgtt tttcagtagc agagtaaact ttttagaagt taaactgcta     84300
     tcagatgtgg cagttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt     84360
     ttttttacat tttataatta tttattttct ttattattta tttattaatt tatgtattta     84420
     tttatttatc atctgccaac atcaaaccct gtacttaaaa ttaatgtcac catttagtag     84480
     taattgtgta aatgtaatga taatcattca tgagcttgtc atgagagagg gtgggaccat     84540
     ctcaaatttt tgagagttca ttggatggtg acgcttctcc tttcagctat tggcttgaag     84600
     gagtgtcaat caaagttgca gaaaaaggct ggcagccatt ttgtttgcca gagaactagt     84660
     gttatgattg gagacgctac tctattgaat gcaccacagc gactagtttg gaggattaac     84720
     atggatgttt atcaatgtat gcataagttg tagactgatg ttttaaggat tggattgtct     84780
     acaaccttga ttgagaggtg agtcattcta ttcacgctag aatcatcctt taaagatgga     84840
     tgtttaatct tagttgtagt ttgtgaggct tccccttaaa aagtgtcatg tatgttaccg     84900
     ctggtgcacc cctagaagag agttcagctt gaatcgcagg cattgagagt ttaggcaaag     84960
     ttcatggatg gtgatcgagt ttttactgtg atcttgttgg agaattgggt tgaagacaca     85020
     gagattgcat tgtgtgaggc aattgaagta gaaggttgag aagttgtagc tggagaagtt     85080
     gatgtagctg gagaagttgt tgtagctgga gaagttgatg tagctggaga agttgatgta     85140
     gctggagaag ttgatgtagc tggagaagtt gatgtagctg gagaagttgt tgttgttgga     85200
     gaagttgatg tagctggaga agttgttgtt gttggagaag ttgatgtagc tggagaagtt     85260
     gttgttgttg gagaagttga tgtagctgga gaagttgttg ttgttggaga agttgatgta     85320
     gctggagaag ttgatgtagc tggagaagtt gttgttgttg gagaagttga tgtagctgga     85380
     gaagttgttg ttgttggaga agttgatgta gctggagaag ttgttgttgt tggagaagtt     85440
     gatgtagctg gagaagttgt tgttgttgga gaagttgttg ttgttggaga agttgttgtt     85500
     gttggagaag ttgttgttgt tggagaagtt gttgttgttg ttggagaagt tgttgttgtt     85560
     gttggagaag ttgttgttgt tgttggagaa gttgttgttg ttgttggaga agttgttgtt     85620
     gttgctggag aagttgtagc tggagaagtt gatgtagcag tagcagtagc agtagcagta     85680
     gcagtagcag tagcagtagc agtagcagta gcagtagcag tagcagtagc agtagcagta     85740
     gcagtagcag tagcagtagc agtagcagta gcagtagcag tagcagctga tgcagagcag     85800
     tgtattcttc aaatcgaaga tgactgtagt gagaaaaccc tggctcttta tagtggttag     85860
     gaatggcctg attggtggat caagcatgct aatgcaggac cagccgtgtt caatcataat     85920
     cacgtgctcc tctcgaaatt agtttatgaa taaacttcac ttgaattgtg gagatatacc     85980
     gagccactgc taagtcgcat ataaaactgt atgtgtttat taaatataat tattattttt     86040
     aatctctgtt ttgttcatga ttactttcat ttaaaaactt tttgaaaaaa ctaaacacat     86100
     tgagatatat atattgagat gatattatac atttatacat tacaataata tacaatacaa     86160
     tatctatatc acaactttct tgcagttgta cgtaaagttt acacagcaaa attgtgagac     86220
     accaagttaa tactcagttg tgagttcata acatgcaata gtgtgatgtc aactaatgtt     86280
     taaaggtaaa agtccagaac tgtgggaaca atgtcaaagt tattcttttt aatatttcct     86340
     gtacagaaaa gaggcctcca taaacagctt caaataaagt ttaaccaaaa acttttgaga     86400
     tcccttttag atactagcat tgggtataac aacaataaca acaacaacaa caataataat     86460
     attaataatg ataataataa taataataat aataataata ataataataa taataatgcc     86520
     aataaagcat catgtaaaat gtgctaggtg ctgaaatata tttactgagt ttgtaaacat     86580
     gtgatttaaa gactaacagt ttgaaagtta agattattaa atacaaatgt ggtcaaatgt     86640
     tgaccgatac tcttccagat gtctgacttg atcaaacagt tttttctttt atggcctcac     86700
     tttgtctgtg ctactgtctg ctgaacactg gctgtttgaa cagtcctgga gaagctgtaa     86760
     aagtctcgtt cttctcaccc ggcttcatta aagagcctga atcctctgca aacagagacg     86820
     gtgtgaaaga aagcgacacc aaggtcgttg tccctcacct tggcacaaac atgtgtcatc     86880
     ttgctgtctg ctgtgaagga tcgctataca tctctccgtt cagctgtatt tgatgtggca     86940
     ctcacctgtc acgctctccg gacagatgag aagagaatct ctctcgcaaa gggccgccaa     87000
     tcaaagcacc tgacatgggc ctcaaagaga gtttgacgga gggcctgttg acacccctca     87060
     gccggcgccc cagctctttt aagccccact tctgcctaac atctgcagcg agatgaaaca     87120
     gaatcataat tgggtgcaat cacgcaagag gcgaaccgag cgcttctttt acagacgtgc     87180
     taacattaca acacatgccg agcatgcttt atcctcaaga aaatgtgctg tggaaaagct     87240
     atgttttact taaagcatga ataattgtat taaatttact catgtttaaa attttaaatg     87300
     aagatatatg agttttaaaa gagaattaat agtaaatcct atagcgttaa aatatttaga     87360
     gtatacaaat ttatgaatca acttgctttc tttaatataa tcaataatgt tttaattagg     87420
     ctgtgtagct tttgcttctt aatttgtttt aatcatgtta ctttgttatt taattgttac     87480
     tattaatttt ttaatttttg aaggtcacct ggtgttgcca tttatcactc tcattcacct     87540
     ccgagagcac tcttcttaca gacacttaat ctggagtctt ctgaatgtct ctatatttaa     87600
     aacataatgt gttttaggca tatcttagat taacttgtat attttataac tttacagatg     87660
     gttacttttt atctttttta ctacatttaa gtcctgtcaa cactacagtt ttttgtcaat     87720
     gaaattgctt attgatatag tcactgctaa tatctaaaga tacctttgtt tgtctctatt     87780
     tctcttgaaa aaactagatg tcaatgatta ttttttgtca atatgtttgt taacaaagtt     87840
     tacactatta cgttataatg ttggtgagtt ccgagttgca gtaaagtaat acagactgaa     87900
     ctaagacata ctgtatattg attttcctct tggcccttga aacagagtgt gaagggtaag     87960
     ggctttaaaa attacccctg agaaatagga cagcaacacc tgcacatatc atcatatgtc     88020
     atcacgatat cttgcttcaa ataagatcaa tgatcatgat tgctgtagtt ttttcagttg     88080
     tgttattcgt ctgtatttat tttttagcaa atcactgaag gcaacaataa tcatgacaat     88140
     ctgtgcattt acacagtggc catttattta tcaatgtaaa cacacaaaaa caacattaac     88200
     attatagcag acactgtaaa aagctcattc ccaactagac ttttctgaca gggtatttga     88260
     gtatcatcga gtgtcagaat gttgtgagac tactatacag gagttatgat tatggattat     88320
     agatagcgaa atttagctgt tttgatttta gctgggtttt ttttttaaag catgatggta     88380
     aaacacgaaa gtggttataa atatattaat tgaataggca aaacgagggt aaggggaagg     88440
     gctaaggggt aggattgggc cttaatgact gataggatct cacctaaacc tgaactgcaa     88500
     tcgctgctgc aatcagccat gaaaaagaag aactgttcat tgctcttatt ttcaattgct     88560
     atgggaaaaa gtatcaatat gggatcctca aaagaatttt ctactgacct caaaacataa     88620
     taatcatcag tcaaagcaaa ttagcagaaa aatacaaaaa gttatcaaaa caattctgtc     88680
     tccacactca gtagtagaaa gtcacaaata gtaagtggga tgctacagga acagatcaga     88740
     atgtggtata tagctgaaaa agggtttcag tggccacaga taaaccacaa accacctcca     88800
     aagagctcca agaacatctt gctgctgaca atgtcgttaa acaacgttca acagaacagc     88860
     acattttgca aaaggaaaac tcaatagaag ggtgatgtgg aaaaaggcct tttcaacaag     88920
     tcaaatagac aagccttaat tagtttggaa taatgtcctg tggacagatg aaactatgat     88980
     tatttgctct caaccagagg ccattgacat ttctgggtca acatattttg tatatcataa     89040
     ttgagaagtt atccaagaac aatttctatg cccaaatgta acccaaactg tcgggtattg     89100
     aatcaggatt attattacac tgataaaaaa ccacataacc ctgactttaa acctaaactt     89160
     aatgtgaatt gtaaatttgt ccctcaaatc tgattgtatg attggaatga tgtttcagaa     89220
     tttccaagga tc                                                         89232