EBI Dbfetch

ID   AL591144; SV 6; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 111434 BP.
AC   AL591144;
DT   03-MAY-2001 (Rel. 67, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 22)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone BUSM1-104N07 in linkage group 8 Contains
DE   the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate solute carrier family 6
DE   neurotransmitter transporter glycine member 9 (SLC6A9), the gene for a
DE   novel protein (zgc:66482), the gene for a novel protein (zgc:91990), the 3'
DE   end of a novel gene and two CpG islands.
KW   alpha chain; beta chain; CpG island; HTG; MHC class II; retrovirus; VIRDR1.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-111434
RA   Sehra H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; a9e76f4d7f691772cebd1159891dd9ae.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000070206; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000074510; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000097932; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000102847; danio_rerio.
DR   RFAM; RF00436; UnaL2.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone BUSM1-104N07. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone BUSM1-104N07 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone BUSM1-104N07 is at 111434 in this sequence.
CC   BUSM1-104N07 is from a Zebrafish PAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..111434
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="8"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="BUSM1"
FT                   /clone="BUSM1-104N07"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..105995
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: BUSM1-104N07"
FT   mRNA            join(3683..3768,3933..4202,5001..5282,5358..>5471)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ104N07.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to MHC class II beta chain"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF115529.1 Em:X70166.1 Em:X70167.1"
FT   CDS             join(3699..3768,3933..4202,5001..5282,5358..>5471)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ104N07.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001394"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to MHC class II beta chain"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q31375 Tr:Q31376 Tr:Q31377
FT                   Tr:Q31461 Tr:Q31514 Tr:Q8WM93"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q8MGS7"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000353"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003597"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011162"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014745"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8MGS7"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-97"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD32256.2"
FT   misc_feature    18158..18167
FT                   /note="Inconsistency in the number of bases in
FT                   mononucleotide run between subclones"
FT   mRNA            join(<23759..24005,25280..25564,27987..>28108)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ104N07.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to MHC class II alpha
FT                   chain"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:L19445.1 Em:L19446.1 Em:L19450.1"
FT   CDS             join(<23759..24005,25280..25564,27987..28108)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ104N07.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001395"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to MHC class II alpha
FT                   chain"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:O19197"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q8MGS6"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001003"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003006"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003597"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011162"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014745"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8MGS6"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-98"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD32257.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<33939..34049,34122..34403,35584..35859,
FT                   35950..36049))
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ104N07.3-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to MHC class II beta chain"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:Z49064.1 Em:Z49065.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW232906"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<33939..34049,34122..34403,35584..35859,
FT                   35950..36019))
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ104N07.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001396"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to MHC class II beta chain"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q31375 Tr:Q31376"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q8MGS5"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000353"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003597"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011162"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014745"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8MGS5"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-99"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD32258.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<43691..43788,46735..47019,49607..>49852))
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ104N07.4-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to MHC class II alpha
FT                   chain"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AJ251431.1 Em:AJ251432.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<43691..43788,46735..47019,49607..>49852))
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ104N07.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001397"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to MHC class II alpha
FT                   chain"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q31380 Tr:Q8WLP3 Tr:Q8WM94
FT                   Tr:Q9MX25 Tr:Q9MX26"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q8MGS4"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001003"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003006"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003597"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011162"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014745"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8MGS4"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-100"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD32259.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<64710..64827,64902..>65183))
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ104N07.8-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to MHC class II beta chain"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:X95431.1 Em:X95434.1 Em:Z49064.1
FT                   Em:Z49065.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AJ425739.1 Em:AJ425819.1
FT                   Em:AW233357.1 Em:BG934345.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<64710..64827,64902..>65183))
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ104N07.8-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001400"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to MHC class II beta chain"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q31356 Tr:Q31487 Tr:Q31488
FT                   Tr:Q31590 Tr:Q8MGR3"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003597"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8HWF9"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-103"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD58783.1"
FT   mobile_element  <70609..>73788
FT                   /mobile_element_type="transposon"
FT                   /locus_tag="VIRDR1-001"
FT   mRNA            complement(<77774..>78048)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ104N07.5-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to MHC class II beta chain"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF115533.1 Em:X70165.1 Em:X95431.1
FT                   Em:X95434.1 Em:X95435.1 Em:X95436.1"
FT   CDS             complement(<77775..>78048)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ104N07.5-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001398"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to MHC class II beta chain"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q31589 Tr:Q31591 Tr:Q8WM93
FT                   Tr:Q9TNW0 Tr:Q9TNW2"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q8MGS3"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000353"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011162"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014745"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8MGS3"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-101"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD32260.1"
FT   misc_feature    78595..78686
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones"
FT   misc_feature    83330..83342
FT                   /note="Inconsistency in the number of bases in
FT                   mononucleotide run between subclones"
FT   mRNA            join(<84582..84828,85638..85922,86043..>86164)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ104N07.6-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to MHC class II beta chain"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AJ251433.1 Em:X95432.1 Em:X95433.1"
FT   CDS             join(<84582..84828,85638..85922,86043..86164)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ104N07.6-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001399"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to MHC class II beta chain"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q8WLP3 Tr:Q9MX25 Tr:Q9MX26
FT                   Tr:Q9MX27"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q8MGS2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001003"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003006"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003597"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011162"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014745"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8MGS2"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-102"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD32261.1"
FT   misc_feature    96472..96504
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only"
FT   misc_feature    104116..104119
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data"
SQ   Sequence 111434 BP; 36110 A; 20203 C; 20406 G; 34715 T; 0 other;
     gatcgctgtg ccgttcacac tacatgactt gactttgtgt cttttgatct ctgtggtgtt        60
     cacactacgc aacactccgt gaacgatcaa caagaggggg gtcacacact acatgatctg       120
     acaacaactc attccccatc agctcattca agctaccaaa ccacagccaa tgaaaatttg       180
     agggaggagt cgtcagaaaa aagctgaaca ctattggctg cttgtgtgct gattacatca       240
     ctgacagcgt ttcaagcttt ggagaaagca tttaaaaaca tcgtcaaatc agctgattta       300
     tcagcggatt aatcactcat ctgcaaggtt tgagtggata gatacacaga gagtttttaa       360
     tttttgtaat tttataactc tttgaaataa aactaacata tttataacac cctgccgttt       420
     tctaactatc agtgtatttc tttctgacat tgttattatt acaaaacagt aaagaactga       480
     gcatttctgc cttaaattac catattggtc aacatgactg catgcatgtc tgatactttt       540
     cactgtgact ttaaatatgt gtgcattttc ttgcctggca acttcctgct aacataaaca       600
     aaactttctg atggcaaaaa catcaattta cttcagatat ctttcaaaac agcatattct       660
     gtgctgttaa acagctcctg tttgaaagtg aaaatgaaag ccaagacctt taagtgtttt       720
     agtatcttaa ctacatattt ataggctgta ttaccaaaaa aatattatat ttttagggta       780
     atagtgtcat taaatatgat gccagacatt caaagcttaa ttttaatatc tcaataacag       840
     ctttgaatgt aaatatgttg tgacagtatg gcgttttata tgagaacggt cagaatgggc       900
     agtatggtaa ttctaatagt tacagaattc tagttccact gttaatatag cctactctca       960
     tgtctgtgct aacgcagaat gaagcgagtg cactgatgcc cattctgacc aatcacagat      1020
     gtttctgctg agctcctgaa cacacaggca ttcagctcat gctgatctgc tctctcattg      1080
     gctgcagctc gtcactacat ctgaccacac gtggggttga gtcggccgac tgctctggaa      1140
     tatttagcat gctgaatgtt ggatttccgt ctgcgaggtg tcggcgacgc gtcagcgagc      1200
     ctcgttgatg cgttgctcag tagttcacac ataaagagcg gcgatcgccg atcacccgca      1260
     gatttcttcc cgatcacagc ccgatctgtc ggcgagctcg ttaacttcca aatcgggctc      1320
     aaatcaggct taaaatcctc tagtgtgaac taggcattat agtgctggag ttacccccga      1380
     agaggaacgt tcgaggttac taaagtaacc caagcactat actccgtcgc cataatgact      1440
     gtcccttagc agttaaagtc tcttcagctt aaaaaggata gcgtctgctg gcgccaggtg      1500
     tgcttatatg ctcagttaat tgcctatgca gcacacctgc gcaggcttgc actgccaatt      1560
     cattcttaat tggcccgttc aatactcttt cagacaagta gcttctgaac cgaatctccc      1620
     atacgtggat ttaacatcaa tccacttata gtacttccgt tcccctcctc ggggaaggaa      1680
     gggttacttt agtaacctcg aacgttctct ttatcttgaa ggtttagggc taaggggaag      1740
     ggctagatag ccttcgaaaa atagaattta tcaggatcac tctcaaaacc aaggggtaag      1800
     aaaaattccc agaatacacc agccacaacg gctgcatagc tgcacctgta agtaaggaga      1860
     tccacaaatt agtatttttg gtcattatta tgaattttta cgaccaacag gcatgtttta      1920
     atacatccat aatggcattc gtattttacc ttcatgataa aaaaaaacaa aacactaaaa      1980
     taaaaaatta taaaaaaatc gataatccat aataataaca cctgtatagt agtcccacaa      2040
     cattctgaca ctcgatgaca ctctaatacc ctgtcaggaa agtctactgg ctggaaataa      2100
     gctttttaca gtgtctgcta taatgttaat gttgttttta gtgtgtttac atacatgaat      2160
     atggcactgt gtaaatgcac acaacagtta cgagcttatt gccacattat atcattataa      2220
     taacatgata tatgccttca gtgatttcat gaagataaat accaaaaaaa taactcaact      2280
     ggaagaacta cagcagtcgt gatcatctga tctcatataa agcaagagat cgcaaaacag      2340
     atgatgacgt ttgcaggtgc tgtagtgctg tcccagatct tagggcctac tcacactatg      2400
     ccatccgtac cgtgcccagg cccgtttccc ggatcgtttg agaagtgtga gtgtgctgaa      2460
     tcgggctcaa gcgtggttca cttggccggc cctggcccgg ttggaagagg tgtgtgcctg      2520
     agcgcggttc acttggcctt tggcacggta cgcttgtgtg tgagtgcaaa acgcgccaag      2580
     gcccgaaact gaaagcgaga tgtgactttt aagggtctgt ttcatatgta tttattaatc      2640
     attcttactg tttagtgaat gcaaactgcc gtagtttatt aaagacgaga actcctcaca      2700
     gcacgacagc tccgcacctt cagcagatct cctcattcct tcagcacgag gattttatga      2760
     ttatttatga gtgccaaaag tggcggatct gctcggcaaa atatctgact gtgtgtcccc      2820
     gcatcccaaa ggactgtttg gcgaaatatt tgacagcatg tcaccgcata acaaatgact      2880
     gaaacgatat aacctgagaa atctccactg tgctgctgag tgagtgagag tgcttctcac      2940
     tgaacagcgc agcagcgatg acgcaagcgt gccgaggccc atttgtggtg taagagcggg      3000
     ccgtcgggag agacgggagg ggggacaagc ttgctttggc ccggttcgag gcaactgtac      3060
     ctagtgtgag tacggccata caggtaaatt ttgaagccct tcctcttcac cctctgtttg      3120
     aagggcaaaa gggaaggggt aggggtacaa aaatagaatt gggattatag aattgggaaa      3180
     gaataaatag taactatgag ctttgaactg tagttgcagg tagactcaca tgggttaagt      3240
     acaataaaac aatacattat aatataaata ttattctaaa cagtgacttt aaccttttcc      3300
     aatgtcattt tttagtaagg tatctcttct tttacttaag tatgacgttt aattagttta      3360
     tacaccatgg ctgcctaatg gcaggtgttc atcatcagtg ttgaatcatt ataaattagt      3420
     tcttttatta ctttcagcaa tcagttactg caactttaac actctgtgga ctttggacag      3480
     ttgtgcttga agctgtgttt aacagagttt atttcaaaat aagggtaact actttgttta      3540
     ctaataaaaa aaagatgctg catagcaacg cttgacactt atacctgcag tgactggttt      3600
     ttcagttatc ttcgagttcc atcatgttca tcgagttcca catgaacatg aacataaagc      3660
     acctagcagc attcagctga gtttcagtat gagagaaaat gtctttacta aatctatcaa      3720
     gctgccctcc tatattggca ctgtttgtat tgattagagc agaaaacggt gagtaaaatg      3780
     aaaggaaccc aagaaacatt taatatatga ttgcatttta taagttattt taacaggata      3840
     attatataat taatgtcatt gcaacctatt tatgagtaca aattgctctg atgcttaaga      3900
     aactatgtat gttctgtttc attctttttc agccaatgaa tattatgcaa cccagtggtc      3960
     aagatgcttc ttcacctctc atgatctgag tgatatggtg cttatcgaca actattattt      4020
     taataagcat ctaatcacgc agttcaacag cactctgggg aaatttgtag gatttactga      4080
     gtttggagta cgaaatgcag aaagattgaa caacaatagt gtcattctgc aaaaagagat      4140
     gaaaagtgtc gatttagaat gcagatttta tgttgaaaag gcagctttcc gtactaaagc      4200
     aggtaagcag gtaatctctt ctgtggtctc tattttcact tcttactgca tttactaata      4260
     attataaggg gggaaatgtg ataataaata aactaataaa taatgcagca aagattaaag      4320
     attcttatct gaaccttaaa taatgtttgt tggatagcaa accagcattg aatcaatata      4380
     aacccaacta aatgtttgtc tttaaattta acagattaga gttgtttcag tatttccttt      4440
     gagaaattaa acactgtaaa cacagacaac tgacattact acacagcaaa atcatctttg      4500
     aaaaattcac tcagctcaga tagtattttg tccctctcta aatgagttac tcagcagcag      4560
     agttaaagtt aatgagacaa taaaaatata taattattag tgcactaata cattttacca      4620
     aaaaattttg atatttgaaa agcatcaaaa catttatgcc gataatccaa catacctagt      4680
     ctttatttga aaacttcaca atcatttcta agtaaataca gtccaggtta cccattactt      4740
     ttcagagtaa gaaggtgtga gtgtaatatc tgggtgaaat gcaggtaaat cacgttaaac      4800
     aaggtagagt tgacagccct gaatcaatgt tacatttcta ctgtcaggga tttaaatttt      4860
     ttttgcaaat taacttttta aatctacccc cgttcctctt tactttttaa atctacccca      4920
     tctttccgta taacatgaga catgcattga tatggaaact aacaaactat gcatatgtaa      4980
     cgttgctctt cttaattcag tgaagccaac agttgtgctc agttcagtaa ctcagaccga      5040
     tgggagacgt ccagctatgt ttatctgcag tgcatatgaa ttttatcctc aacacattaa      5100
     agtgtcctgg ctgaaagatg gtaaagcagt gacctctgaa gttacttcaa caatggaaat      5160
     ggctgatggt gactggtatt accagatcca ctctgaactg gagtacacac ccagacctgg      5220
     agagaagatc tcctgcatgg ttgagcacgc cagctccagt aaacccatga tttatgactg      5280
     gggtaagatg agacacttgc atacaaacat attagaacta tgattgcttt ataatttgac      5340
     acaactattt gatacagatc catctcgtgc tgagtctgag aggattaaaa ttgctgttgg      5400
     ggcatctggt ttggtgatag gattcataat agcggctgtt gaactctttt actacagaaa      5460
     aaaattaaca ggtctgtgga gattagatta attccaattt ttaatattat ttgtatttta      5520
     tttatttatt tatttatttt atttttattt atatgacagg aaagatcctg gtacctcatt      5580
     aattatgtat gtgtgtcaag accagctgag aagtttgtat atatgttcac atgcactttg      5640
     gttcaaagaa gatggggatg tatctacaaa gtgaggaaca tctattgctg catttttcag      5700
     tttacaattt aatttagttc tgtaaactgt gttatatatt gtattaaaat tgtataatac      5760
     gaacatattt tgtagatgga attgtaaatg accaactcta ataatttaat taataataat      5820
     gataaaaaaa aaagttcttt cagtagacac tgcatccact ggaatatttt ctgtaatttt      5880
     cagaccaaca tacaacagaa attaaagtga ttcaaaatgt aaaaaatgtt ctgtcctcat      5940
     gatcagattt gaaaaccact gatgtaaagg gttgatttat tattctgttc ctgtgctttt      6000
     tcataagtct tgagttccct gtatttttat ataaaaacca acaatctgta acacttggta      6060
     aagatgtaaa cacagagtaa tattagataa cttgtgttat gtgtgtgtat acacataaca      6120
     ccaggttatg tgtatacaca caaaaaggag aaagtgtgtt tatgttgaga tggaaacttt      6180
     taatattgag aataaagtgt ttattgctat gctgaaaaaa aatatacaat taaagcatat      6240
     atgagtacac tgtaaaaaat aaatccgtaa aatttacggt aaaaaaacgg cagctgtggt      6300
     tgccagtact ttaccgttaa aaacatggta caaaccaaca agtaatttct tatttttacg      6360
     gtaaactacc gtattttatt aatttataga ggtaatatgt ctgtattttg aatgaccaac      6420
     atctacactt cttttgttac acagttagac acgttagcac acccacatga aggtggtgat      6480
     aagaaagtta catattgagc caatgctcat tacaattaac ttttcccaca agcagaaaag      6540
     agtatcagca tatagaaggt gctcagtgtc attcacacag ctactaaaca ccagtatggt      6600
     aacacgtata aaattaaagt caagaaataa acattgttta tcaacattag atgtaacata      6660
     aatctctaat gtacataact gatggggaaa caattaaaaa gatccataat aatgtcaaca      6720
     aaatgcataa aaagtaatgt gccaggcaga gaattctggg aaagtcaatt tatggttatt      6780
     cgccgtatat gttaaggaaa catactgtta accaggttac ggatttgtac tgtagcattt      6840
     ttacagtttt tttaccattg aaatcactgc cattttttac agtgtatata ttactttata      6900
     ttaataaact gatcaaacgt gaatgtggct ttcacattgt tctactcatt tgtatactca      6960
     ttagtgttgt gattaccagc aatctgacag ttgcagatca cttgaaaatt aaacacacac      7020
     cacagtaata aactacaact cccagcatgc accgcacaca caccagctct tgattctgac      7080
     tgattacaca cgtacacaca cagccggaag aacggatatg tactgatttc ttggactata      7140
     aaattagcac acacatacgc acatcgggct gagtcttgtt ttttttcacg aacattacaa      7200
     cacagtttcc attgtctagt attcccaagt tttgactatt tctttatgta tcgttgtttt      7260
     attctttgtc gcttagcctg accatttgcc tgtgtatttt gacaatgttt attggattac      7320
     ctctatgttt ctgtttgctc ctgttcctga ccattacctg caccactttc ctctaaacaa      7380
     actcctcacc tccttaatca gcatctactt tgttacagaa gactcgagtc gaaacatgaa      7440
     ttcatgaatg tttgacggga tatttggagg aatttataca aatagcaaac ttattaacta      7500
     agagtgactt gtgtttaaat atctttattt gtttaggact gtctaaacca ctcttttcta      7560
     acataatgcc accagcgttg ccagagccat caacgctgcc aaatcctcct gaattcccag      7620
     aatgacgggt gccagatgct tctgaattta ttgaatgaca ggcaccacat cctcctgaat      7680
     tcaccaaatt gcgggcacca aatagtcctg aattgacagg atggaatgtg ccagatccct      7740
     ttgaatccac caaatggctg gcactagatc tctctgagtc caccaaatag caggtgccaa      7800
     ggataaagtc actatctagt cccacaaggg ggtaccagag ccatgtgacc atccactgcc      7860
     atcagagctg agtggttgct gtcaccatca gagatacaat tacaagaact gtctatgcag      7920
     cttcctgatc caatgatgcc tcctgatgca gtgccacctg atccaccagg atgatctgaa      7980
     ccactggtac ctcctgcccc tgagctaact tatctaccag ggttgtttgg atcactggta      8040
     cctcctgact ctgaaccacc tgatccacca gggttgccta aaccaccaat accttctgac      8100
     ccactgaaat tgtctgacct gccagtgtct actgaacctg aacctcatga cccactgggg      8160
     ttgtctgact catcagtgcc tgctgaacta aaaaacccag atctgccaaa gcttcacttc      8220
     ccaggccttc tgcagttcta ctctccaggc cctcccagct cccctcacca ggttcttcca      8280
     cagctccact caccaggccc ttcgcaactt tatgcttcag gccctccaca gcttcatgct      8340
     ccaggtcctc cgtagctcaa tgcttcaggc caatctccac tgcatggacc tggctcttta      8400
     tcccacccta gttccctctc cactccacct cctggactgt tttaagagca tctggaatct      8460
     gccatgttgt gatcgctggt gatttgatag ttgcagatcg ctggagaaca cacatgccac      8520
     attatcaaag tacaactccc agcatgcacc gcacataaca caccaactcc tgattccaac      8580
     tgattacaca cacagccagt agatcattat gtactaattt cttggactat aaactcagaa      8640
     cacagacaca tcggggctaa gtcttgtttt ttttcacaaa cattacaacg cgtttttaca      8700
     ctgtcttcgc gggttttgac catttgtttg tgtaccattg tttgattctt tgctgcctaa      8760
     cctgactatt tgcctgtgta ttttgatgac attatttgga tttttcttta tgctcctgtt      8820
     tctgacctta tgcttgcaca acttttctgt aaatgaactt catgtggatc ctcatcttca      8880
     ttgtcagtgt ctgctatgtt acaattaatt attgttaaat ttgtgcctgt atgattacca      8940
     tccacagggt gttaaaggta acacagaagc agtatttcaa ttaatcaaca ataaaaaagt      9000
     gtagtaaaaa attagcctga ctacttgcca tataacaaat tactactcct ctttctgggt      9060
     tatgtgatat aattatgaca tgaaagttca tgggtagaat atgaggtgga ttttattaat      9120
     aaagtgttat agactaaaca gactataata tatagatatt tacatttagt catttggcag      9180
     atgcttttgt ttaaagtcat taacaactaa ggaagaattc agtgatgtaa caaaaagagg      9240
     caatacacac aagtgcaaat catttgtgct cagataattt agtgctggac taaggagggg      9300
     ggagatttta gagagacata gagagaaaga gtgtgtttcc acaggtgtga gggacactcg      9360
     ggattgataa tatttagctg ttagtatgtt gtgaggtggg ggtgagaagg agagtcttgg      9420
     ttttattaat tagggatcaa gtgaccacag aaaagttttt tcagtgaaga acattgaata      9480
     aaaaggtttt ggagagtgac ttacagcctc tctgcgatgg taccacaaag ctgcacacac      9540
     tcttcaacca gaggctccgg gagacatgta gatcttcagg agcaggtaaa ggcaagaggg      9600
     tgcaatgcca gtggctatcc tcaaccagta accaatgcag agagaaaaaa gaggtgttac      9660
     ataggctctc ttgggctcat tgaagacgac actagctgca acgttctggg tcatctcaag      9720
     aggactatag gtgcaagatg ggagaccagc tagaagagca ttgcagtagt ctacttttga      9780
     aatgacaagg gttgtgcagc atgatctgtt aagaagaata taatttttct gatgttgaaa      9840
     agtgcaaacc tgtatgatcg acctgtgtta acaatttgct ctttgaagga cagctgatca      9900
     tcaaggatca ccccaagatt tggtttgaag actgaattac atggggtaat tgtagatgat      9960
     cccagctgga ttgagaaatt tgaatgtgaa tgtgtggagt tgtagggaag aagagaagtt     10020
     cagtttttct agattaagca gcaggtggtg tttgatccaa gctggaatat cctccaggca     10080
     gtgtaatatc cttgcagcta ccattgggtc atcaggatga aattaaagat agagctgtgt     10140
     gttgtcggca tgacaatgat aagagaaacc acatgaacat catggatgat gattcccagt     10200
     gatgtggtgt aaatagaaaa aaatagggaa cttggtacag atccctgagg aacctcagtg     10260
     gccagctgat taactttgga tacctcttcc ctcaaggcaa ccctgaatga tctgctggtg     10320
     agctaagacc cccaccagca gatggtgatg cccattgagg agacggtgga cagtagaatc     10380
     tggtgattca atgtatcaaa agcagcaatc aagcagaatt gatgatttat cactttcttt     10440
     agcaatctgc agggcttcag tgactgaaag tagtgcagtc tcagtggact gcacacattt     10500
     atagacttat tggtttgcat ccagcaggtt attgtgagat aaaaatgtga caatttggtt     10560
     aaatacatct tattccagtt ttttggcaat aaaaggaaag agagagagag agagactggt     10620
     gtgtaaattt caaccaattg ggttgggtta cttagccctg tttagaagtg gttgggactg     10680
     tgccagtgtg tgttgatgtg tgttagggtc ggcactacgg ctgggtaaat gtcctacagg     10740
     atgtgtaagg ggattgggtc cagaaggcag gttgtggaat aagcagagaa aatatagata     10800
     cgtcttcctc cataatgagg aggagagtga attttcttca acaactattg ttttaaggaa     10860
     aattggaatg gatgagttaa aaaacagact gctgatttga gtattttttt tttttttttt     10920
     tggacatgac atggcagggt tttaaacatc ctgaataatt agtgggtgtc tgaggtacta     10980
     ttaactttgt tactgtagta tagggtttgg ctgagttggt aggtaaataa taccagctgg     11040
     gctttatacc tgctaaggtc agccagggct tttgatttgc agctttctct cactgttgtc     11100
     ctgggcgtgt gtgatgttct ttaggtctag agggctatct catttacccc cactgctttg     11160
     ccactgcaga gcttgcaaac tacctcagtg acttcagttt aggtgatggc agctccccac     11220
     gtctgctgta aacagtatca gggtggaact gcttccctct cagagagacc tggtcaaact     11280
     tctataagct tcatgcttaa gactctttat gtgtaatcca gagttttgca acaagtctct     11340
     tgctcatata ctaatattat ggttttaata cttgtgcaat aaatgtttaa ctctaccaaa     11400
     gctaatcaag atcatagatg attaatgttt gatgtccctg taaagctaat ttggcatact     11460
     aaacaattgt gtaaatttta ttttaacaca tgtgcaacat attaacattt taagaagctt     11520
     taaacatttc tgcaccagtt tacacccaga atgtcaatgc aaatcaccaa gattaggaaa     11580
     aaaagactat aaaacttgct tcggggaatt caacttctca atggtcaact cggctcctca     11640
     gggtgggtac aaaaccaccc ttataaagca ggtggctaag gccaccagcc agtaaagacc     11700
     agaatccaaa agaaccccaa gaaaataccc agagaactcc agggagcaag catggaccct     11760
     gacaaaatgg attaaccaca ctgctcagat attcccatct ccaattttct ttcttttctt     11820
     tatgtcgaga gtctgctcag gtatagtgtg ctgtgaaacc aaaaatcaac acgactacag     11880
     tttttgccgc ctcaagtgaa aatccagact tgaccccact ccaagccttg cgaaaacaaa     11940
     aaactcatca ccagctacct gcgtgctcat cagagggagt tgtataaatc acaaaaagaa     12000
     cgcaagtaac atctccagat tacctctgat ctggtgtaaa ctaaatataa cctaaagaaa     12060
     ccataaaagg gtaaaattga ttaatttagg cttgcttcgt ttggtcttac aaaatctgac     12120
     gtttttacat tagtacactc tctcaaaatt atttttcttc ctattttgct tttctacaac     12180
     atgtatgaat gtgtttgtgt tagactttag tttctgttag aaactttagt cagaagttta     12240
     attttgtata aagaaaggtg gcagtgcatt tttatgaatc taatatttta aacttcgatc     12300
     ttattacaat gcataaatat aaatgggtca ttatttttga tagcaatacc ctagttagtc     12360
     tgttcaaaca attgctggat gaacccattg ttcaattttg agttaattct tttaaagccc     12420
     tgttgaaatt aatctttaaa tcaatttgag ctaattcact acaatggagt tggagaacat     12480
     ggaccactca gactcaatat cccaccacct catgggatct agtcaaaatt aaaaaatccc     12540
     tctgatgtgt ttcagccaga cattgccaga gactctcaca ataaatttgg gccagccatg     12600
     tacgtccttc ctcctcctct ccaagcagag ccaactgatg atgtctttgg gggaaatcag     12660
     atcacccaga gaaaacccat gcaaacacaa tgagaacatg caaactctgc aaaaaaaatg     12720
     ccaagtgacc cagccagggc tcgaatcagc aaccttgctg tagattgtgc tacccacacc     12780
     gccactgtcc tgccatgccc tatacagtat gggccaaaca taaattacgt cagaccctta     12840
     aaaaatgtca agtgtaaaaa caccatgata taaatagttt aataattgag agggtagacc     12900
     gaaggtgaca gtaactttaa catgaccaat gcttaatttc atgagtcctt ttaaatgagg     12960
     aagtgaacta acaaaaaaag ctactgtatt ttaggctgtt tttaaaacag tcacgcatcc     13020
     ctgagatgaa agaaaccata ccaaaaaaaa aaaagaaaga aagaaaagaa agcaggttca     13080
     caagtttaat cagtaacaaa caaacaggtt attttacagt agctatgaag tttgtgatca     13140
     ttgagaatgt gggaactatc aaaacttcct tataccagac tttcattgag ttattttgaa     13200
     cagtcaaaag gttaaaactt caatgttatg ttttcaaaag gcttgcatcc tctaatactg     13260
     ttttattcta tgataaatca catgaaggag ataattaatg atcctctgct tagattttga     13320
     gagacttaat gttttagtta ttcgatttta tctaaggcta tgactgaagt cagttgtagt     13380
     tttgaaccaa catcaaagct agtttgcagc gtttttctag taaagtcatt tatttgggtt     13440
     ccaagtaata actttgctga ctgtgatgtt aatttagtct ttgtagaatg tccccaaaaa     13500
     gtggtatagt acagtgttga ttgaacatta atgttgaaca cctgctgtca acaagcagaa     13560
     ttgttgagaa gaaacacaga gcaacaactg actttagtaa cataatgaac tcaacaagta     13620
     gggtgaagct gcggtcagtc aagccacggt cagaccacat tttgagcata ggaaaatatg     13680
     tcgtacagca gcctgatctc acgagaaaat gtaactattt tacgttttgc cagtttagtg     13740
     gctaattcgt atgaattcat acgagttcag tcgtacgaaa ttgtacgatt tttaaaaagg     13800
     aggcgtggca cctaacccca cccctaaacc caactgtcat gaggggatga gcaagtcgta     13860
     ctaaattgta cgaattagat cgtatgaatt catacaaatt agccactaaa ttaaaaagtt     13920
     aaaaattgcc gttagattgt gttgcgtacg gagaagtgaa aaggggtggg attaaacaag     13980
     atgattagac attaaaaaaa gcgagagagg tcatgttttt atctttgatt ggtctcatgc     14040
     attcacgtga tgcgatttcg caggtcagag tttaccaagc ttgaacttta ctaggcagcg     14100
     aactgtaaaa cttgtcgcac aagcttaagt ttgcagtctg ctgatttcgc atgagtatga     14160
     atggaagtct atggggcaaa aagtgaagtg tcactgttgc tctaatcagt ctcaatgtct     14220
     aaccattttt atcaacctcc taaagataac atgagttaat gagtgctcac agcgcatacc     14280
     taaaggcatt tttggtggaa ccttaaaatt tacaagccat tatggacaaa aaggccacat     14340
     attttataaa ggtgaagttg gagtttttat ttatttattt ttttttactt tttttctttt     14400
     ttaaatacat aaagacaaca aaggaaatta actggtataa acataacaac cccaaaatag     14460
     atcagaaaat aaaaataaag aaataaagtg actaaataac aaatggggga gatttactaa     14520
     tcaaagcaat aataccgttc aaataagtat gttcaattgt tccaattaac cattggcata     14580
     acactaatca gttttgagga aaagattgcc atacagtttg aaattggtgt tgatatttgg     14640
     ttccaaggag tgtatcctct cgagctgaat gatttgaaac aatgaactca tccacgcttt     14700
     gaaacatgga gaggtcagaa gtttatcagt ttaaaatgac ctctttttca taagagttaa     14760
     tcatgttatg agaaaaaatt aacattacag attctttatg atgtcaatct ttggatgagt     14820
     atttgtatct gagttgtggc atggcaattg taatgattca ttagaatcgt attgatccat     14880
     ttgcacactc tttaatgtta aagcagtaat gatgaaggga aactcacaca cagtgaaata     14940
     aacaggcttt cctgtggggt gatcgatgag caggtgtggg tcgaggctta cagagaacaa     15000
     tcttaaatcg agagacaggc agagatcagg gctggcagca gactgtgggt ctggaacatg     15060
     gagctgcagt ggcccgggat catgaagctg cagaaggcct aaagtactgc ggggagccgg     15120
     cagggctagt cgtctgggtg gagccggcag ggcgagctgt ctgggtggtg acagtaggac     15180
     gagccgtctg gatggtgccg gcagggcaag gagttgggct gggaccagca ctgagctatg     15240
     ctctggggct ggagccgaca ctggagggcg ctctgaggct gggactgaca ctggagggcg     15300
     ttctggggct ggaaaaaccc tagctttaaa ggcctttctc ttcagcctcc gtctttgggt     15360
     gcgggttaac tcttgggggt tggtcatggg cttggaccct tcttgagact caggtggcga     15420
     ctcggacccc ctgagagact caggcagcag tggcagtggc agcgctggca tcgactctgg     15480
     cagctcaggc ggtggcatcg actctggcgg ctctgtcggc ggcggtgtcg actcttgaac     15540
     cacagatcca cgtgcaggtt tattagaatc gtcaggcaag caaaggtcaa ttcaggtgca     15600
     aacagatata tgcagacaat ccagaatcat agtcgaataa caggcaagga ttcagaaggc     15660
     aggcagcaaa caaagacaaa aggataagct aggctaagga tcaaaaacaa ggcaaaggca     15720
     gacaaaggaa aacatgttgt aatgtcacta tcagtaaaca agactcggca aactgaatgg     15780
     gtgagtgtgt ggcttaaata gtgtgagcaa tcagtctctg acaatcctca ggtggtgtga     15840
     atgtaatcag tttagatgag caagtatgtg tgtctgtgac cggagtgcat gtatgaaaat     15900
     gtagtccaga aatggcggat ttgtagtcca tggttattga gaatgaaatc cagcgatctt     15960
     atgaaagacg attgctgata atcgtgacac agtgattgct ccctctgatg gtttaaagga     16020
     gaacgctcac tgcaggaatc atattcatat agtctgaaaa gctatattaa tatattaata     16080
     ataatataat tcaattaata atgaataata aaaattgagc cagggtttag agttgagcat     16140
     ttctttattc tgggtacaca gtattcggcg aataacacag ttattctggt ctgggtgcac     16200
     agtatctagg tatctaataa aattaattat tttcttttgt attgagaact gccttaatct     16260
     ttcatggcat agatgaaaca agctgaattc aagcttttat gttgttaacg ctaaattctg     16320
     accataccat tcaaatcttg aagcagaaat cgagactcat cagaccaggc aatgtttttc     16380
     caatcttcta ttgtccaatt ttggtgagcc tgtgtgaatt atagcttcag tttcctgttc     16440
     ttagctgaca ggactggcac ccggtgtggt cttctgctgc tgtagcccat ctgccacaag     16500
     gtttgatggc ttcagagatg ctcttctgca aaccttggtt gtaacgagtg gttatttggg     16560
     ttactgtaga ctttctataa gcatgaaaca gtctggccat tctcctctga cctctggcat     16620
     caaccaggca tttgccactg aactgatgct cactggatat tttctctttt tcagaccatt     16680
     ctctgtaaac catagagatg gttgtgcatg aaaatccacg taaatcagca gtttctgaaa     16740
     tacgcagatc agcttgtctg gcacttacaa ccatatcaca ttcaaaatct cttaaatcac     16800
     atttcttccc cattctgatg ctctttttga actgcaacag atgatgtaga ccatgtctac     16860
     atgcctacat gcatgagttg ctgccatgtg attagaaatt tgcaataaca agcaattgga     16920
     caggtgtacc caataaagtg tcctgtgagt gtatatgccc acactacagg gtattcaagt     16980
     aacactgtat caatgttaaa tgtaatgaaa taatgaaatg gtatttcaaa ggaccttatc     17040
     aaagacctgt gagagaaagc attttaagac agaatggagc aagataaaaa caagaccaga     17100
     gggaaacaga agaaatataa aaagcagccg aaaacatcac aatagttgag attcaaaccc     17160
     tgaaattttg ttctgttttg tgattcagat ttttaaaaaa taaaaataaa aaaatacttt     17220
     aaaatgtatc ttaaaagaaa agaaaaaaga aatcacttga aaaatgattt agtgtggtca     17280
     tgatcaaaat tacatacttg aaatcatgcg tatatttggc gtggaactat gagaaacttt     17340
     tgatttactg tgttcacttt tgtagaagat agtaagcaaa caaacaaaaa aaaatgcagt     17400
     gtatttctgg aatcacggaa acaatttaag aaattgttta ccaagattgc tgtcttttga     17460
     ggaaatatgg ggaagatttg ataaaattct gaaaacttcc ctgttgtttt ataatacatt     17520
     tatggtaata ctaattaatg gactattttc actgtctttt ttgttgtatt acattaaatc     17580
     acaaaataaa atgttgtttt aatgtcggca gagggagtaa tgatacattt acatacaaga     17640
     tcttacataa tgactgtcat tagttttgga tgcatggcca taaaatacaa tctaacttta     17700
     aatgtataat tacttaggac aaaatgttac actaccaact tgtggataaa catcttcagt     17760
     tcagttcagt tccacacagt tccaccatga atacacatta agattttaag caatggttga     17820
     tgtaatgtca gctagaggtt gtaaacacac acgcacacac acacacacac acacacacac     17880
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     17940
     acaaacacac acacacacac acacacacat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     18000
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat gcatacacac acacacacag ttgacgtcag     18060
     aattattagc cccctttaaa ttttgttctt ctttttaaac tattttccaa atgatgttta     18120
     acagagcaag gaaattttca taatatgtca gacaatattt tttttttctg gagaaaatct     18180
     tatttgtttt attccgtcta aaataaaagc agtttttaat ttttaaaaaa aacattttag     18240
     ggacaaaatt attagcccct ttaagctata tttttttctc cataatcgac agaacaaacc     18300
     atcactatac aataccttgc ctataactac cctaaactgt ctagttaacc taattaacca     18360
     agttaagcct ttaaatgtta ctttaagctg tatacttttg ctttgaaagt taggtcacat     18420
     ttcatttaaa aaaaaaaaat taattaagtg tctaaggttt cataaaaaaa acaatatata     18480
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatactta     18540
     catacatatt tatttattta tttatttatt tatttattta tttatttatt ttatgaaacc     18600
     ttggaaacaa ttaattattt tttttaaatg aactacattt aaatgtgacc taactttcaa     18660
     agcaaaagta tgtatgaatt tatttttctt ggaaacttga aaatgataca agatatttta     18720
     aaggcaacat ttttaccctg ctgtgaaatt cttttttcaa atattctcct actgttgttt     18780
     aaccaggtaa ggggttctta gattcactac actgaagttc atagttcata gattgtttat     18840
     ttgagtgact cagatattta aggtgttttt aaaacctggc caatgttttg ctgactctca     18900
     ttcttttctc agtacagtgt cattcactaa aatagatcag tgaatcaaag ttttaaatgg     18960
     ccaaagaaca ttatctattt gataaagaga aactactgtt aactgcagag gtaattctta     19020
     aaacttgcat tttcaataaa agatcttaac atttattttt aataaatgtg atgggggccg     19080
     tttgtagaca tctgactaag aagtcaagca ggttggtaat aagcgaagct gctgatgctg     19140
     ttgggttgtt tattgagcct ctgctgagat tttgagagaa tgtttgagtt gatttaattc     19200
     attgtgtctc tcaaaaaaat gacatcaata aaactttcat tctgcacact tgggggttgt     19260
     gggctgaaaa gtttgggaac ccctgagcta aaactaccat ggacttggtg aaatacatgc     19320
     tcagcactgc ataacattat gcttgaacaa atgcaaaact gaacaaaatg tattacaaat     19380
     gaacaagagc tataaatgta taaatgtcct ttgtaaaaat gtttcttgtt tacagtatag     19440
     atatgatatt tcagaattct gacagctaaa caacatgaac aagaacgaca aaactatttc     19500
     tccaagatac agtgatgtca ctgtgtgagt caaaatctga gtggatcatg atgcaaaagc     19560
     ccaacaatgc tttctttttc tcctcagtta agtatttccg taaatgtttg tttgattctc     19620
     atctgtcagg atggagctgc atataattat tctctctcta gccattgttc tctctactgg     19680
     tactgaatgt aagtttaagc ttttaattgg attgacaacg tttcaatgta gatgtaaaac     19740
     tatatttctg tgataaaatg acaaggtaag ttgttatatt taacactaag tttagatcat     19800
     ttagaatgag ctttaatggt tttaaatgtt tcatttagag ttatttattg cttaaagtaa     19860
     tcagactatt tggattatta tattttaatc atccacaagt gaaaattttt aaagccctta     19920
     aaaaaatata ataacaatta tgtaaaaaaa aaaaaaggct tgatcggcag aactaaataa     19980
     aatttctctt ttcctcattt actaactctt ctcttaaaac aacaaaacaa ctacaactct     20040
     acattttatt atacaatttc tacatttact gacgctatca aaatgctcaa agcattaatc     20100
     cagtcaaaac attaatagtt ttatgtccag aatgaacacc agtctgttat aacagacaga     20160
     ctgacaaaat ttaattaaca ttaatcaatt taattaacat ttaattcaat cacaaaaact     20220
     gatttgcttg tcaaaaataa aaataaaaat tcatatgaat atgtgtgtgg agattatttg     20280
     ccaaataata aaataaataa atataataaa aataactttt tttagttttc agttatgatt     20340
     tttttttttg tgcattgaag agtaaaagtg caaaagatat gatttatgga aattactaaa     20400
     cctggagatt tttatttagt aattttctta atttgcaata aaaaattgaa gagtacacct     20460
     gataaaaaca tgatttatgt agaactcaaa actaggtttt ttatggtttt ctaaaatatc     20520
     tgtttttgtt gtttaaggta ctgtatagca cagacactag cagagatatt ggtggtatat     20580
     aggtgctata gcacttactg taaagtgctt ccctgtgatt aaagccaaag aatcattttt     20640
     agtgctgcag ttttatcccc ataaatatgt cagacaataa ggcctttgtc ttttggttta     20700
     taaaaactac agataaaaaa gcaacagaaa aaagtacaca gcaaaatcat ctgagtaaaa     20760
     tttactcagt ttagagagta tttagtccat ctttaaataa gggcaaacag gttggtaata     20820
     agtaaagctg ttgtttgtgg agttgcttaa tgaccctatg ctgagatttt gagagattct     20880
     gtgtatagta tttcagctga tttcatctaa gactgactgt agtcagttgt agttttgtgt     20940
     ttctcttctg tgtttctgct tattaacatc aggttatatt agtgctcagt tatcacttat     21000
     ttaatccttt tatcgtctca ttaacttgag taactttaac tcaatttaaa gagggaccaa     21060
     atactatcta agctgagtaa attttactca gagtatttag ctgtggttaa caatataatc     21120
     ttcaagacct gccactttct cattgacatc acaaatttta ctcgatatgc attgatagaa     21180
     acactagcat ggctgatcta ctgctgcagt agggggtctc tgagcctcca ctgcatccag     21240
     gagagacaat tgattatgtg ttggatcata gacttacacc ccccgcaggc atactgaaaa     21300
     tatttcttaa tatttaggca tatagtaata gttaccttgc ttgttaggtg tgtgttaaag     21360
     ttaattacaa ttaatagcaa aatgtatgtt tgaaaacgta atcatacttc tgtggttatt     21420
     taggtcaaag tagctgaaac attatacaaa agaagagtaa cgcattcaat tttttgagac     21480
     attgagggct ctattttaag gatgcaaagt ctaaagtgca gggcgcaaaa gcattaaggg     21540
     catagcatgc tgcaattaaa gaaaacacat gcaattacaa aaaacaccag caaattacga     21600
     aaacatcttc atctgtttga cagcacacgt gctgcaaatc ctcataacgc aaacacatta     21660
     catataaagc acataaaaac atgcttagca gaggatcaat aaacacctct acaaacagca     21720
     tcagcagctt cactcataat tattctgctt gactttatta ttgtcagacg tctacccaag     21780
     ttctcagttc caattattga gaacttaaag gttttaatgt tttattgaaa ataatcaccc     21840
     cggcagtgaa gagtagttgc tttactttgg gtgtttcatg ttaacttctg tttgtttgtt     21900
     gaagcgatgt tatgtcaaaa gtgacaaaag tgattgtttc tttttctttt aaaagtttgt     21960
     tttactggtt tgtcagtgat tttaatcttg tacaataatg acaacatggt gttgatttca     22020
     ttgagctgta agtagaactg gttctgcata ttgaaagcca gcagtgcatt ggtcaagttt     22080
     taaaaacacc ttgagcatct gagtaactaa aaaaaaaaaa acatcaaaaa tcattgtatg     22140
     cttctgatgg tgacacattt tatgctgcag tgcatgctgg gagaatagta caaaacttgt     22200
     ctgtgactgt atggaaagtt tcaccatcat taatatgcat atgctgattc ttgatgtctg     22260
     tgtattttta gtacctcaga tgttcactgt gcttttaaaa cctgaccaat gcactgtagg     22320
     ctctaaatgt gttatcagtg taatcgacac cacagtgtca ttatagtaca acataaaaag     22380
     tcactgacta aatgagatga gtcaatcatt aacaaactgt ttctaggttt tcttgcaata     22440
     gcaacagtta ccagacatgg aaagcaaaac aaagtacaaa tacttcgtta ctgtacttaa     22500
     gtagactttt tctggtataa gtactttact ccactactta tttttatgcc aactttttac     22560
     tttttcatca actccttaca tttttaaaca aatatctgta ctttctactc cttaaatctt     22620
     taaatcgggc tcgttacttt tattttcatg cgtttggtgc caaaatttat atattgtttt     22680
     tgccattgtg caatttgaac gcctatttga tttagtcaat ctattctttg tcattatgtg     22740
     acgtgtgctg cagtgcgagg actttttaac ctcaagaaga tttttcaacc ttgtttattt     22800
     gagcttacta ttggaacggc taacgtggat gagacagagg gagtccgcga tgtaaacatg     22860
     actgatgtca tgtttatacc gggtaataaa atgcattttg gttaattgga ttacaggtaa     22920
     aacaagagac gcattcctgt tcaaatctga catttaaatg gggttaaagt cttttgtcca     22980
     attcagacca tggtgtattg tacttttctg atctttcaat caaatactgc aagaaaaaaa     23040
     aaatcttaac gtttctacag ttagcactaa agcaatcaaa taagtataaa tacgtttgca     23100
     ttgaagtttc caatgagttc atattcaggt tcaggtagta taataaatac ttttacttga     23160
     gtaaatattt caggccgtac ttctttactt ttactgaatg tagcggagtg gacgaagcta     23220
     aggtgggaga ctaagggaag ctaaggttgc ttgagggtta gcttcctttg caccacaacc     23280
     caacgactaa tctcaattta attttgatac cgacaacacc acctgggatt taaacccagg     23340
     aaaaatataa ggtcacacag atttgtctct ttttacagtt taaggagcag acaggagaca     23400
     ggtcggcgct ttagagcacc aagcacaaaa acagccacac acaagaaagt ttctttcctc     23460
     aggccatcta cctcatgaac agttaaatat ccatcaactg tgcaataaat atgtgcaata     23520
     ctttctcata cgcacttgta cacagcacct tatatcaata tacaatgcaa tactttctta     23580
     attcgcattt gtacacagca ccgtataacc tgcatattta taacaaatgt gtgtacaata     23640
     ttttattgct cttttcacct ctgtctgtat tatacatgcc agctgatcag tctactttta     23700
     aaacaacgta aagagcagat gtttaaccaa tgcatttcat gatgctttat atatttcagt     23760
     tgaacatgaa gtaaaccaga ttcaagtatg ttccaataca gaacaagagt tttttattgg     23820
     atatgatgga gaggaaatat ggcatgctga cattgcacat aggagaggag tcaagacaac     23880
     acccagtttt gcacaatatg cagtaatccc tgatatttat gaacgtgccc ttgctttttt     23940
     agatttttgc aaatacgatt tgcatgccta tatcaaatat ttcaacaacc caccaccaga     24000
     aatgggtaag actttttaaa tatgctttta acactttaca cttttataaa ctcaggataa     24060
     ctaaaacata acattgattg tttttttgtt tttgtttttt ttaatcaggt ttccacccta     24120
     ttatttttat gataaaaaat aataattcag taacactgaa gtacattgtt ctttggctta     24180
     gtccctttat ccatcagggg ccgcctcagc ggaatggacc ttcaacttat ccagcacatt     24240
     tacacagctg atgcccttca agctgcagct cagtactgag aaaaacccat acacactcat     24300
     cacacacata aacaacggcc aatttagttt attcaattca ctcataacac attcggactg     24360
     tgaagtaaac cagagcatct ggaagaaaac cacgtaaaca cggggagaac atgcaaactc     24420
     cacacagaaa tgccaaatga cccagccaag actcgaacca gcaatcttct tgctgtgagg     24480
     tgacagtgct aaccactgtg tcactgtaat actgaaattt attattatta tttagatata     24540
     taaactgaac ccaagtagtc gactttgctt aaaaattaaa ataaacattc cagtataaac     24600
     ataataataa tgaacaaaaa caacacaaca acaaactttt aatcataaaa tactatctaa     24660
     attatatttg tgaaacacac aataaagagg aagcgcagtg gatagcgttg tcaacaagtt     24720
     tgctggttca agcctcggct gggtcagttg gcatttatgt gtagagtttg catgttctcc     24780
     ctatattgcc gtgggtttcc tctgagtact ccggtttccc ccacaagtcc aaagacatga     24840
     gctatagctg aattgtgtga gctacattgt ccgtagtgta tgtgtgtgaa tgagtgtatg     24900
     gatatttccc agtgatgggt tgcagctgga agggcatcag ctgcataaaa catatactga     24960
     ataatttttt tagaggttaa aattgcttgt tttgctgctt gatgttgcaa actgatgttt     25020
     tctttttata ttattctact ttgtctgtac agtcacgcaa acttgagtgt atacaaacga     25080
     cttgctctat agagcaagta gtttgaccgt tttctgccat ttattatttc tagtaatttc     25140
     cctcatatgc aactgaatcg gaggttctaa aataagcgca aaaacaagca aacttcccca     25200
     ctgaagaata aaatcaataa ggaaagatat agattttttt atttgaattc actgattaaa     25260
     ataagttatc catttctaga tgcaccgcag acgtccatct attcaaaggg taatgtacag     25320
     ctgggaattc agaacaccct tgtctgtcat gtgactggct tctatcctcc gtttgtcaac     25380
     atctcatgga ctaagaataa tgttattgtg acagagggta tgagtttaag tcagtaccat     25440
     ccaagggtag atggcacttt caacattttc tccactctta agtacacacc tgctgaagga     25500
     gacatttaca gctgtacagt gaatcacaga actcttcagg gccaacctca gaccagaata     25560
     tggggtgagt gtgtattatt tatattagta cccattaaac acaatcgtgt tcaaatgacg     25620
     tcatttagac ttcttttgga caattagatg ttgaaattat gtcccctaag ggtgcagatt     25680
     gaatgttttt atagcatcct ttttggacag agccttagat aaaattaact aaaacgttaa     25740
     aactctcaaa atctcagaag aggatcatta aacaacttaa caacatcagt agcttcactt     25800
     actactaacc tgcttgacag tattactgtc agatgtcttc aagtgtccct catcacattt     25860
     attaagaatg aagtgcttta gttgtttaat tgacagtaca cattttcatt atcactattg     25920
     cagtgaagca cggctgcttt acttggggtc actgttttaa ggatagttta acataacaca     25980
     tttcttcaac aaatgaagtg aagtttattt attaattaat tttgagagga tcacatgctc     26040
     atgattgctt gcggctgatc ctgcattatc caatttatga ttcatgaatt tatcagatga     26100
     ttcctaagcc actataaata ccctaagttc caaataacag ccatcgtcat tttgaagtat     26160
     gctttctgct acaaaactct caagctccaa aagctttaaa gcatttaact attcaaccta     26220
     tagacatgga taagaaccaa ccaatgaaaa ctacaacaaa agcccctgct ctgcccaaga     26280
     cttcagctgc ggcttagtgc catccagcct tcaagatgac aaatggagcc tgaggtcccg     26340
     ctagatgaca ccggttctct gttgatttgt cctaccttgt cagattgtcc tacctcccat     26400
     ttaaaaaagt ttggccattg gctctaaaag cagattctca tccaacaccc gtccctcctt     26460
     attcagaagt tctgccttca tttactttca tttgtatata acactactga gagtatttaa     26520
     cattcctccg agagcaccca taactctcca attccgacca cctctgcaac tgcagagatg     26580
     ctccactgca ctacacttac ccattgcacc actgcaacag caatggcgct ctagctgagc     26640
     ccttattcac tttcatctgt acatatcact actgacagca tataaaattc ctacggtggc     26700
     actaataact ctccaattct gactaccact gcacctctgc aacagcagag acactctgtc     26760
     gagccttatt cgtcctctgc agcgctgcca tctataacgc tctgcctgag ctcacacact     26820
     cttccattta gccatttact actgacacac tccccagcac cgccacaaaa gtttaaacac     26880
     ctcagtggaa gtgtatttac ctgttattat tgcctgctat tatcttcgtt ttgaagaatc     26940
     ccccctttca cccctactcc tcctttctta gggggttgac agggtgagcc agtggttagc     27000
     actgttgcct catagcaatg acgtcactgg ttttagacct tatcaagcca gccgatgttt     27060
     ctgtgcagag tttacacatt ctccccgtgc tcacgtgggt ttcccatggg ttccctggtt     27120
     tcctcctatt gtccaaaaac atgcaactaa ggttaattga ctaatctaaa ttggcaccat     27180
     agacatgctc ctagtaagta gttatctctt aagagcaatc actatctgtt cattagctac     27240
     tccagcaggg gagtgttgaa atctacctga gctcaaactc ccttctcgcc ttggagggag     27300
     ggagccccag gcttgaggat tttagcacag agctctctac tgatacaaca tgccaaacaa     27360
     gcatcagata agtatgaact cttgatgaga ggttaacatg aaacaccaca agtaaagcaa     27420
     ccactcttca ctgccgtggt gacttatttt ttaataaaac attcaaaact tttaagttct     27480
     caataaatgg gactgagaac ttgggtagag atggaagggc atgcgctgca taaaacataa     27540
     gcaggacaag ttggcagttt gctccgctct gccgactccg gattaataaa gggactaagc     27600
     ctaaaagaaa atgaataaac ttgggtagac gtttgacact aataaagtct aacagattaa     27660
     ttataagtga agctgctgat gttctttgta gagatctctg ctgcgatttt gagagattta     27720
     atgttttagt tgatttcatc taaggctttg tcaaagtcca aaatggacat cataaaagcg     27780
     ttcattctgc acccttagag gatgtaattt ctgcgtctaa ttgtccaaaa aaacatctaa     27840
     aagatttcat ttgaacacga ttgttctgta ggacacatca cgagtccagc tgtttcattt     27900
     gttataaaac attcttattc taattagctt catgcatctg atatttattt atcttcaaat     27960
     atctaaagca tgacattgtt ttccagatgt tgatgttgtc ctcccaaact ttggtccatc     28020
     agtgttctgt ggagtgggtc tgactattgg actcttgagt gtcgctatcg aaactttctt     28080
     tctttttaaa agaaaaaaga gcaactgaca atggatcaat cgaagcaaac ttcagtaatg     28140
     atctttaact gtatttcaac ctaatattcc actaaacttt cattcttcaa gtaccatagt     28200
     taataatata tttataaaaa tgtgtacaca taaatctgga ataaaacttc actatcgttg     28260
     tattgactca taattcaaac attgttttaa aaagtatttg atgtttttta tttactaaaa     28320
     ataatttgat gcattttaaa gcaaaatgcc tttaaatagt tcttaaagga acacatttta     28380
     cactgttaag gtacaaagtg tcttgtcact ttagtgctac cttcatgaac cagattagat     28440
     tttttttgat gaaggtacaa tattgtatct gcaggtttta aaaactaaag gttcgttttg     28500
     gtttcccatg gtacaaatca tgtcgtgaat gctgcaaact acaaaccttc tgtgagtgta     28560
     ctatgagtgc aaagcgagac tgagtatgaa actaaagacc tgacgtcact ttaaagggag     28620
     tgtttcatat gggtttatta atcttttttt attttttcaa tgaatacagt ctgtcatagt     28680
     ttattaaaga tacaatcccc ttgctgcatg acagctgcac cttcagcaaa cctcataata     28740
     cgtgcagcac agtgactttc atgaacattt atgagcgtca aaagtggtag atctgttcag     28800
     taaaagattc gactgtatgt cactgcatat taaacgacct gaaataatac aaaatattat     28860
     aactaaagca atgtccacag tacagtaaaa ctaaatagtc atatcattga tgacgtaagc     28920
     gttttcgggc tcgaaaggca aaaaaatgca atgtaagtgc aggccaaggg ggagagggga     28980
     gggggaacaa tcaagcctgg gaacagttca agacaaccgt gcctagtatg agtacaccta     29040
     aagactttgt gcgaaattgg tagacgtctg gttctgggat gtctttgatt tttttggtac     29100
     tacaactaac tttgagacac ctgaaaattc attatctgag tttctttgtt caggacaaaa     29160
     gtgaactggt aacaggtgaa cagcattcca caccgttcca tcgtccagag taaatgtgcc     29220
     ctggacttgt tgtcctctaa tgcagtggtt ccaaaccttt tttttactaa tacatccttt     29280
     tttgtcccag aatatattgt gaggccattt tatttaatga tataattgct catgcagaaa     29340
     taatagcata atgtttccca gagatgggtt tcagctggaa gggcattcgc tgtctaaaac     29400
     atgtgctgga taagttggcg gttcattcca ctgtggccac cctggattaa taaagggact     29460
     aagccaaaaa gaaaatgaat gaatgattgg tgttgtgcaa taagagttat tgcaattgta     29520
     ataacatttg caatttgatg tccatcaaag taacagaacc tagtttttaa agtttcctaa     29580
     aacatgaaca aacctgatag aaatgcaaca agttttcaat aacgttttgg cctcttcatt     29640
     gttgatccaa tgctgtttta ctttttcaat aattattacc aaccacaaga tggcaatctt     29700
     aactttctga taaagcaagg tctttctttc tttctttgtt tctttctttc tttctttctt     29760
     tctttctttc tttcttaaac aagatggtag ttaagcaagt tgcctcaaag tgataatgtt     29820
     tttacagaag ggtgtgattt gatgaaaact ttattagtga aatatgtttt atgcaacatt     29880
     atggacctta ttaaaaggtt ctgcctggca aaattgctta taaaaacagt ggaattactt     29940
     tactttcaga attataaaaa tatagaaagc ttgttggtat ttgcaaaaaa aaaaaactgt     30000
     ttactcagtg cttcaaggta attgcaaaag aacctgttaa agtaggtctc attcatacta     30060
     aaccagtatg cattcatact aaaccagttt tgacaattct cagtgctcca tgactaacat     30120
     aaacaaaaca aatctgcacc aagcattttg gtttgtgaaa cttcctcata cagaaatcac     30180
     atggttgagt tgattacttc ttcagcgtta taaacatacc tttcttgcaa cacctgtcaa     30240
     aaaagttgga acaataaatc atttattact ttgtaaagtt gctattcctt ttcacaacac     30300
     tatatacaat aacttttgcc tagtctatgg tatatgaatt tttttcctat gactacagac     30360
     atatgttgga accaccaaaa taaattacac caaatgtata cctctgcatg tggcttggga     30420
     agcttttaaa attgagtagg caaaatctag acggaaatcc caaaatagca ctacagttta     30480
     agatgggatt tcttgcaagc catgtactgt ttctctcttg tcttgtagat ccggttttgc     30540
     atgtttctgc tgcaatttct tacagagtgc tgctaaaaac tttccccata gcctactggt     30600
     tgtaatatgt cattcctgag tcactatcca aaacttgaca aggttggtgt tcaaatttat     30660
     cttagtaaca cacatagatt aactacagca tatattacaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaacgca     30720
     caaaaaaaca ttcatttaaa attattatat tgttttaatt aaaacattgt aaatagtttt     30780
     ccctgcacca gaatgattat aataaacata aagaacattg gttttacaac aattaaataa     30840
     tcatgacatc aaagcaaatc agtgcaaagt tcataatatt atgtttataa tgcttaaatt     30900
     tgttagctaa aacagcagca tcccatttcc acccttgcta aatgcatgtt agggatcact     30960
     gaacaaagtc tttgctaatt gagtttgggc cttcttggag agagtgtagt gtattgtaaa     31020
     aatgaattac cgcacagtta ttatttatat agtactcagc aatgaggtgt ttctttgccg     31080
     ttttctgtca ggcaagatat ccactcatag ttgtagcatc acaaaactgc ttctgtaaaa     31140
     tcaaaaaaaa gagaatgatt ttacgtccat acgccatgta aaatttcaga ttacatgtaa     31200
     aaaattacaa tattacaata tattaatttt ctgaagatta cagcatactg atgtggttac     31260
     acacctatga ctttatgtct tctgaaacac acacacaaat cttcagaaca caaataaaaa     31320
     tttgtgagct cttattggag tagtgcaaac tgcgtagctg tcctgactta ttttgatggt     31380
     ggtgacccct gataaataag ggacttagcc gaaggaaaat aaatgaatga atgtttccac     31440
     atgtcaaaca tgcctagtat ggtttgagtt tatgcttaac atgtaagaca agtgtggcgc     31500
     taattaacga gaggcggcac caataaatgt acataaacca tattaaccaa gcaacacaaa     31560
     tgtttatttc tagtacacac agccaatatc aattatcaca ataataatca ataatcatga     31620
     ctaataatta ggacataatt attaaaaatg caacaaaaat gcataaaagg cttataactt     31680
     caaataaaga caataaataa tgattcaatt aatgacagaa aataaataag taataaaacc     31740
     cctagcaacg tgatataatt atatacaatc tcagagataa gccatcattt tcctattcaa     31800
     agactgagga cttctttgca gtcacattgg aaaagtaacg agtgtttgag cttccaatgg     31860
     ttttgcaaga aactctacaa ctatatagtc aaaatttggg tgttggccga agatcagtct     31920
     gtagagcctt ttcacaagac tgttatgaca tgtctaacgg tcatcagtat cttaaatcct     31980
     tgaaagtttt taattttctt ttattcattt tcttattcat agtcctatta ttaatctggg     32040
     gtcgctacat cagaacgaac cagaacttat ctagcatatg ttttaggcag cgaatgccct     32100
     ccagctgtaa cccatcacag ggaaacatcc atactcattc acacactaca gacaatttag     32160
     cttacccaaa tcacctacag cgcatgtctt tggactgtgg ggaaacgttg aatacaggag     32220
     aacatgcaaa ctccacacag aaatgccaac tgacccagct agggctcgaa ccagtgatgt     32280
     tcttgctgtg aggcgattgt gcttccccct gcgccaccat gctgcccttt ttaatatttt     32340
     tattttttat ttatttttaa acctatgacc atttctgtgt atttatgtat gtcatcttta     32400
     catcaaatta caaaaaaaac taattaccgc ttatgcaagg tgtttctaat gcagcgtcga     32460
     tggggcagga taagaaatgt gtcattgttc gtctcaattt tttctccttt tcccaggttc     32520
     ttgataacac cattgtggag tttttctttt attatttcag gaaataggat tgtaaaaaaa     32580
     atatttgttg tactctccaa ttccctctaa gtttacccaa ctatgacaac ttctgctact     32640
     aaaaaaaatt tttgaaaaag gtccattaag agggtttggt ttggtttggt tttgttacaa     32700
     attattaaaa aaggggggac aaaactgatc tctgattttc cataaaaaaa caagaatcac     32760
     atgattttca ctgaccagaa aggaaaactc agaattcagt gacacatttg ggaaatatac     32820
     agttgaagtc agaattatta aatcccctga attattcgcc cccattaatt tttccccaat     32880
     ttctgtttca ctgagagcag atttttttca acgcatttct gaacataaag ttttaataac     32940
     tcatctctaa taactgactt aaattatcct tgccatgatg acagcaaata atatttgact     33000
     agatattttt caagacactt ctatacagct taaagtgaca tttaaaggct taactgggtt     33060
     aattgggttc actaggcagg ttagggtaat taggcaagtt attgtataac gatggtttgt     33120
     tctatagact attgaaaaaa agatatctta aaggagctaa taatattgac ctcaaaatgg     33180
     ttttttttta aaaattataa ctgcttttat tctagccgaa ataaagcaaa taagactttc     33240
     tccagaagaa aaaaaaatat tatcagacat actgtgaaaa tgtccttgct ctgttcgaca     33300
     tcatttggaa aatattcaaa aaaagaaaaa aaattattta aaagggggga taataattct     33360
     gacttcaata ctcagaagct caactaagtg tgtcacagat acagagcact cactgcattg     33420
     cacagagctc ttgttttgtg gacaccccaa cccccataaa ctgacaatga agagaagaat     33480
     ctgtaaagtt atttttgttt tatttttgca caatgatatt ctctgatgac acatgatcag     33540
     catgatgaca catgatttgt tttatgatgt ttttactgac tttctggact ggctagagaa     33600
     ggaattcatc taaaatctcc taatctgtgt ttggcagatt aacgacacct tcatgaagtt     33660
     tttgaatatt cattttggaa tataaactac ccatttaaat acctgcaaat atttttaaaa     33720
     tatttttgaa tttacatagt ttaaataaac tgaaaatata cacattcaac tcctaattta     33780
     aagtatttac agtttttatg aatactctgc attttaatac aagaagcaat taaaaagaaa     33840
     ataaatatgt ttgtcaaaaa atagcagttt catactttat ctctttaata aggtaaaaaa     33900
     aaaaaataga aaaaaaagtt aaatgaattg aaactaacct gcagttttct tgtagtaaat     33960
     aaaacatata gctgggatga tgattcccag aactacacca gatgccccaa tggcgatttt     34020
     attcctctca gacgcaggac gagatgaatc tgtaggatac aatagtatgt caaattgtcc     34080
     cacaaacaat gctaatatga cagtaagcat attccgctta ccccactctg taatgatggg     34140
     tttattagag ctggcatgtt caatcccaca tgagatcctt tctccagatt ttgggctgta     34200
     ctccagctca gagtgaatct ggtaatacca gtctccatca gccatctcca tagttgatgt     34260
     cacatcagag gttatcactt caccatttct cagccagtac actctgatgt gtggaggata     34320
     aaattcatac gcgctgcaca tcaaaactgc aggatgtctt ccaccagctg gcttcactaa     34380
     agtgagctta acctttggtt tcactaaatc aacaagagca acattctaaa tttgctgctt     34440
     ttacaaatga ggaaattgtg gcttttaaca aatgaaatgg cagcattatg atatgtactc     34500
     atatacgtat agattatatt cttacaaaag ttatgtacgt aggtcattaa gtgttgcaat     34560
     gtataatttc tgatcattgg gtttaataac attagcaaca acatggctgt aatgtggtat     34620
     ttttctttcc aaatattatt tgaaatgtga cacttttaag gagaaactat cacgtttgtg     34680
     ttgaaaaatt tagaaagaaa aaaaaaaata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     34740
     tatatatata tatttttttt tttttttttg atatacctat tcaagtaggg aaaaaaagtg     34800
     gtttacctag gtagagttta cttctgcttt ccaaatgtca cttgagaaat tgccattgtt     34860
     tattcaatga tctctttaat tcagggatat tttgcatgtt gaaaatcttt tggaatcatg     34920
     ttttacataa acatttaaag tcagtattat tagcccccct gaattattag cccctgtatt     34980
     cattttttcc ccaatttctg tttaacggag agaagatttt tttcaacata tttctaagca     35040
     taatagtttt aataattcat ttctaataaa tgatttcttt tatcttgcag tggtgacagt     35100
     acataatatt ttactaaata tttttcaaga catttctata tagcttaaag tgacatttaa     35160
     aggcttaatt aggttaatta ggctaactag gcaggttaag gtatttaggc aagttattgt     35220
     atgagatggt ttgttctgta gattatcgag aaaaaaaagt tagcttaaag gggctaagaa     35280
     ttttgaccct aaaatgtttt tttttatttt tttaaataaa gtctgctttt attccagcag     35340
     atatacaaca aataaaactt tctccagaag aaaaaatatt atcaggcata ctgtgaaatt     35400
     tccttgctct gttaaacatc atttgggaaa tatttaaata agaattaaaa ttcagggggg     35460
     ctaataattc aactctacat catatcatgt aatgtatatg aacacaaacc agtttgttgc     35520
     ttatgctcca gtaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagca gcaaataaaa gatgagagct ttgggttaca     35580
     tacctgcttt attgcgaata aatttgtcat ggttgatagc attatttttg cagactttgt     35640
     tcaccgcagc ttttttttta agcagtaaat tggtgtcatt gttcctaaat tctgcatttc     35700
     taatgccgta ctcactaaac cccacatact ttccaatatt actattaaac tgtgtaaata     35760
     gatatttatt gaaataaagg ctctcaataa acaccatgtc actaagattt ttagagctgg     35820
     agatgcattg tatccaagtg tatctgtaat atacattagc tgaaaaagaa tgtagagaca     35880
     gaacaaacac acatttggtt aaataacaca aaacaagaac ttcacttcag tacatctcat     35940
     tgaactcacc tgtttcagct ccaattaata cagacaacgt caatatgaga tgaccataga     36000
     aaagcctaag cagtgacatt ttcactcgct ctgaatatct gctgaatctt gcccaaaaat     36060
     cttgttgtta agctggttgg tctaaggtga aaaccaaaag ttaaattgta acgtgttgct     36120
     aggcagtttt attttaaaac atctcccatc tgtcagcaaa gtgaacagag tgcaccccct     36180
     aaaggtggaa ttatacccat ggccataact tgggatttag aaaggtgtgt agtggagtgt     36240
     tataacttct atgcattgat acagtgcgta tgaacataat gattgtggtt agaatgtgat     36300
     cagaatcatt gaacatttga aatcacagcc tgatcacatt caaaaacaaa atactaaaaa     36360
     ctcttaagaa attcaaacct gtgagattgt cattatcaaa ccggtgaatt taaaaagtga     36420
     aatcaaacaa tttaacaggg ctctgtgttg tcaagttcat tgtgcattac caataacaac     36480
     cagcagcaga cccgcaaacc cacacatgtt tttggtacat acaattccga ccacatggtc     36540
     cagccctcaa agtaagaggg acttccacta ctgtggtgta agcggtgaat ggttcattcc     36600
     aggtttaccc ccacacagtt ttgtgtaatg gtaaggtcct ggtatgtgtg tagttgaaga     36660
     tgtagacttg gctggtatgt gtacaagtgc gggagagaat aaaagttgtt ctatctgttg     36720
     ctatcagtgc gtgtcttaat agagacaaaa gggaaaagcc acaacatggt gtcagagttg     36780
     gagcaacccg cttcttaatg ctgcactcgc agtgacgtca gatcacagcg tggtgagctt     36840
     aaaaaaaata aaataaaaat agcctgacag cgagggccac aacgagctag caagctaacg     36900
     ctatcgacaa catggagacg cttcattcac ctccgccgtt atccatgacg gggaatttgg     36960
     ctgaaaattg gcgtaagtgg gagcaaagat ttaatctgta tctcactgcc tcagcattag     37020
     tggataaatc ggagtcaaga cagattgctg tgctgctgca ttgcatagga gaagaggcgc     37080
     aagacatata caactcattt gcgattcaat acgaggatcc acaagataaa aaattgacag     37140
     aggtcctcgc ggcattaaga caatattgtg ccccacgaaa aaatactgtc tttgagcggc     37200
     atcaattctg ggcccacaca ttcgctgagc aaacaggcat agacaaattt gtcacagagc     37260
     taaagaataa agcccgcaca tgtgaatttg gcgatactga agatctcatg atacgagaca     37320
     aaatagtatt cagcacaact gactctgggc ttcgtgaccg actgttgtcc atacctgatt     37380
     tgacgcttgt gaaagctatt gatatatgca gagctaaaga agtcacaaaa gcacaggtca     37440
     cagcgatggc agcatcatca tcagaaacac aatttgtgca tgtcataaaa aaagcacagc     37500
     aacctgcaca cagatcaaca aaactcacaa tgcacaactc tctaaactac tctcaaaatg     37560
     gaaaggagct aataccaaca gatgtggcaa atgtgatcgt gttcaccctc caagacagtg     37620
     cccagccttt aatgaaacat gtaaaaagtg tggcaaaaag aatcattttg ctatcgtgtg     37680
     caaatcaaaa gtcaaaatag acttgcttaa ccagccagaa atagacactt tgtttattgg     37740
     tacagtagcc cagtcaaact gtgacgaaac cggctggcat gctaatttgc atatggcggg     37800
     cacaataatc aacttcaaat tggacacggg ggcagaagca aatgtcattc caaagaaaat     37860
     cattgaccgg cttcagatgc ctgtaaacat tcaaaagaca aaaacggtgc ttgtatcata     37920
     tggaggcact cgtatcaaac cagaaggtgt tgtcaaatta catgtacaga acagaaacaa     37980
     aacagccaac atgatactct ttgaccaccc accacaaaaa ctgagctcct aacccgatat     38040
     gcttcagtgt ttgaaggatt aggccaattt ccaggattac atctcattta tactgaccct     38100
     aacataccac cagtaataca tggttgcagg aaaattccat ttgcagtaca tgatcgactc     38160
     caagtgacat tggaagaact tgaaaaaaaa ggtgtgataa gcaaagtcac taagcctact     38220
     gcatgggtga gcagtttatg catcacagaa aagaaaaacg gcacgctgag agtctgctta     38280
     gaccctagag atttaaaccg ggccatactt cgtcagcatt actgcatacc tacattggaa     38340
     gacataagga ctcagcttgc cggaaaaact ctgttcacca tactggacga gaaggatggc     38400
     tattggcaga tcaaactaga tgaggagtca gcagacctgt gcacatttaa cacaccatgg     38460
     ggcaggtatc gctttcatcg gatgccattt gggataaaat cagcaagtga agtctttcaa     38520
     cgcctgaatt cagaaagttt tggggacatt gaaggtgttt tcatggtggc tgatgacatg     38580
     atcatagcca catccaccaa agcagagcat gatgttgttc tagataaggt tctgagcaga     38640
     gcagagagtc tcaatataaa attcaacaaa gacaagctgc agtacatggt caatgaggtg     38700
     acttacctag gccatgtcat tacatcaaat ggagtgaaac ctgatgagtc aaaggtggca     38760
     gccatagttc agtttcccaa tccgactgac agaaaggcta tggctcgatt tgcccacgaa     38820
     tggggtttta acattacaca ttctagccca aactaccctc aatccaatgg gatggctgag     38880
     cgagccataa agactgtcca aactatgctg aaagctgttg cacagtctgg cactgaccct     38940
     catttagccc ttttaaccct tcgcaacact ccagttactg gtctcaagta ctctccagcc     39000
     cagattctga tgggcagagc tctccgttgc agattaccca tgagcaaagc tgtcctccag     39060
     ccggctacac caacccatat tcaggcagat ctgcagcgtt gacagttgcg acagaaaaga     39120
     tggtatgaca ggagagcaac tcagcttcca acactcagga ggggacagag agtatatatg     39180
     agaatcaaaa acacatggaa accagctaca gttgtcagcg tcagagatga gcctcgttca     39240
     tatgatgtaa tcacatcaga gggcactact taccgtagaa acagacgcca cctcagaccg     39300
     gacaggtcac ctgcgcatga tacacaactg gattgtcaca tggatgctaa tgaagaccaa     39360
     ctagacaatg tgactcctga gcctactcag tctgatccat cacacaatgt ggaaataaac     39420
     actgtcccac ctgctatatg cacaagagct ggacgtgtta tcaggccacc tggatggctg     39480
     aaagactatc tgtcttttta agtacttgtg actagtgctc acagtatctg caaatgtttg     39540
     ttattgttat gaccactgtt cttattcaaa tttgattacc atattgctta aacctaagaa     39600
     gggggatgtg gtgtaagcgg tgaatggttc agtccaggtt tacccccaca cagttttgtg     39660
     taatggtacg gtcctggtat gtgtgtagtt gaagatgtag acttggctgg tatgtgtaca     39720
     agtgcgggag agaataaaag ttgttctatc tgttgctatc agtgcgtgtc ttaatagaga     39780
     caaaagggaa aagccacaac aactgccaga agattattta tgacatgtcg tgtataagct     39840
     gtttctattt aaacatgttt ccatttttgt ttcttattct gcatttagtt tttgcttttg     39900
     ccagcaaaat cagctatatc ccgagaatta gtcagaaggc gtgaattgaa tcctatgttt     39960
     taaatgtatc ggagcgatgt tactctggct ttaatgagga gattccactt gcgattttaa     40020
     aagatggagt ttgatgaact gcatgagctt gtccaactgt cactgaatgg caaatgaaac     40080
     gtctcttacc ttaaaagtcg gaggtgtagc atgaaatcat aatgtttttt tgcacactac     40140
     tttgaatgag tctgattcac tatacatcga gcggctacag cattttatta ttgtccaaga     40200
     ggcttcccct ttttgtccag taggcctact ttgtgtttta tttgctaatt taagctattt     40260
     ttaaaagata aatatattta aattacttca taatgcctat acatataagc ttttttacat     40320
     taatggacaa tgcacagata ttgatgtttc acaatgtttt ttcactcgat tatttgaatc     40380
     taccaagctt agtttacaat ggttgcaatg tttacattgc tctacttaca ttaaatctaa     40440
     atcccaaaca tcaaaaatgc cgacagattg ttaaaaggac atgaaacccc attgtttcag     40500
     cagggtgttt tcacacctct actttcgaaa aagtcaggaa agtgggcgta tccaactctg     40560
     tttaggtggg agtgtcgatt tgggtaggtg ctgatattca gagtcaaaac acacacacac     40620
     acacacacag caggtagtat cagaaaaccg tgtgtgttat tccggtcaca aaatgcggtg     40680
     aaaatcctac atgacggtaa tagtttggtt gtggtgctaa catgtttaca ctttgtgtaa     40740
     tagttagttc aacgcaaact aacttgccat ttgaataaac gaagacctct ggttgctcac     40800
     ttaccgcatc tttattaaga ggagacgagc agaaaatcca gatctcacaa tttgcaaaag     40860
     ctctcgggta aacaatgttc cttaggcacg tatttctgtc gcacgtcgcg tgcactgtaa     40920
     tccacacgtg agtccagctg cgctctcata gagagaaaat gaaaacaaac cttcactgta     40980
     gcaaattata gaggattata ttcaaaatta gatttagaga aacccagata actcaacagc     41040
     aacttacaac tataaaggaa ataacacctc cccccccacc ctaccacttt tttttaaaag     41100
     aaaataaatg catgtttttt taaagagccc atattataca tgaactaggg tcatatcttg     41160
     gttgtaaggg tctccaacaa cagtctaata tgcatgcaag gtcaaaaaac actttcatgg     41220
     tcttataatc tgcatttact tttacctaat tatcccagcg actcccgtat gaatcctcca     41280
     gtgattcatt tgttcccaaa tccctcctta gcgcgaagct aatctgcgct gattggaccg     41340
     atgacagtct gttgcgattg gtcgactgcc ttcagtcaga gagtaaaatg cccaacagct     41400
     aatcagcaat ataaaagtaa tcacagttca tacacgctcg atagtgtagg cgtggatttt     41460
     agctgccagt ggatcaatgt aaatacagtc gatggacttg aaaattcaga cgattaacta     41520
     ttttattgag caaaaactcc aaaaactgtc gagaagatat ccaagcttgt ctcactctgc     41580
     tcttttcaca gacacaaaca cacacacaca cattgccatc gtccgcgcac tcaaacacaa     41640
     aaacacacac agacctccgg gcgacaacgt gatgtattct ttgtagcatg tagtttccag     41700
     aagtttccag tagtttccat ctgcttggtt ataatcctaa ggtttcatct ttgggtagag     41760
     gctcgataat atccatctgc agtgtgactt caatcgaccg gcatgtttgt gtgcgtgtgt     41820
     ttgtgggtgt gtgtgtgtct gtgtgtctgc gttactgcgt cagaggccgg ggcctcaggt     41880
     ttgaaatctc ccgggtttgc gcgtgcacgt gaataacttg gtttcgttca tacgtcacgg     41940
     cgaaacacct aatgactcgt tatcaaggcg actcatttga agcactatga gtcgactctt     42000
     ttatagatga atcaaccatt ttaaacactg tactcttaca gatttaagcc ttagctggat     42060
     acttcacttc acttagagct gtgttacaca ctacatggag gggaattttc aaaaacccat     42120
     aatatgggct cattaaattc acttccacac aaggttctgt ttcatttaaa gtttatattt     42180
     gttcaccaaa ataaaaataa gatagtatca gaaaacatat tcacaagccc ttatctcaca     42240
     gcaatataaa cacaagacaa acaagcatta attatttgaa gaatcaagtt tgcactttta     42300
     cagcagttca attttcaaac taaagcgaaa aaagaacaaa caaaacccaa caaacaaaac     42360
     atgaatgagg aaaataaatg tgtgtgcact gaagctcaat gtatgtgtgt tggggaaaaa     42420
     tcagccacat gaagcatgca gcatttgggc agccacacag ttaacaagcc catggaagca     42480
     acgtgacact ttaaccaggc tttaagtagg tgaaaattaa aaaggtcctg catccattga     42540
     actagtgggg aataactttg cagctggcaa caatgcagac taaaccaatc tgctctgttg     42600
     ttttgacagc cgcatttact cttggccaaa ctttccttca agaattttac aacagtagac     42660
     aaactactca ggagtcacgt tacaacctgt aacactgtac agctactctt tttgtgttca     42720
     cacaaggtct gtgtaagctc atagcctcaa cacactgggc caaacttgcc tttaaaaact     42780
     tgtctggaca ctggaactac cagatatata aaaccactag aaatgccata gtggtcattc     42840
     tgactgttct catataagat gccaaattgt cacatcatat ttatattcaa aacttttatt     42900
     gagattttaa aataagcttt gaatgtctgt tatcatattt aatgaagtca ttacccccaa     42960
     atatgatatt tttggtaaaa cagcctatat acttgcagtt actctacggg actgtaacag     43020
     acactgatat gcatgcagtc actttgacca ctggtagaac ttcagataca gtatgtgtat     43080
     ttgtacttta tgtgtgtata ccttatatta cctaattaat tccaacacag tttctgtttt     43140
     atttgacatg cttttgtgca cactactctt tttcatttct tggcatttca taggacctac     43200
     gaggaaactg tgaacaaaac tgacttatcc ctagttagaa tgccatttag gaacacggaa     43260
     tgcttttaca gatcttatat tgtaaattaa ttttaaatga ttgcagttaa aattcaactg     43320
     cagttcaaca caattttcca ggttcattag tgaagtcaat ataaaaaata aataaaatac     43380
     aaacaaataa gtagccattc ttgtatgtat ttattttttt ttttaaatac tgatgcttca     43440
     caatttaaat ccactcagaa accaacaaaa aagagatttt ttagacttcc aatgtagata     43500
     tttgataata aatagtaaag ttaatcgcac ttcgtttttg aaggcacagt aaaattgttg     43560
     ttgaaattta accaaaatgc atgcattcaa ttaccattaa aatcaatgtt actttcaata     43620
     ttacaatgca tttgaagttc tctgttgagt ttcttcaagt tagctctctt cagttgcagt     43680
     ttcctttaac aagcaagaaa gttccggcag caattcccag cagtccaaaa accacaccca     43740
     ctccacagac aactgctgga aaagcacttg ggagggcaac gtcaacatct gaaaaagatg     43800
     agtatacaaa acaaaattac cattttatat taaaattcaa tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac     43860
     agcaacatca acttcacttt ctttataatt gtttgacgtt gtttccatca aatgactaca     43920
     aaagttatta ctgggactgt ctgaggcata aaccctgtta agagtcttat atttttcatt     43980
     atattatatt ttatgtcttt cagaagggac gtgggtatca ctaaaaaatg aacaaaacac     44040
     aaacgatatc caggttacaa tttgggacac tgaacaacat tgaattaacc agtctttgaa     44100
     aactatcaga taaaaaaagt cataattgaa tgttgaataa aatgatctgt tgctagtcag     44160
     aaatatcaga gcctatggca attaatagta tttgcctcaa cctttaaaat gttcactttt     44220
     agatcattaa gtggacctgg tacagtgtgt gcaaaaatat gctcagtagg actgaacccg     44280
     agagactttt ggactgttta ttgcaatata aatagcacca atgggatgcc tttattccag     44340
     tctctacagg tatccatgca atatttcttc tacataaact taagcatctg ctggaaacat     44400
     ttgcaaacac cctgactttg tgggagaaat aaacttgaga ctcaatgtgt tggtacctgg     44460
     aagtgaagtt agaaccagaa aaaaaatatt ttgtacataa agtttgacct ttggtaaatc     44520
     aaacgtggag aaaattttga ttaataattt cataatgact agcgatgaat cgataccact     44580
     ttttttacaa actgatacaa gtaggagtag ttttacagag aacagattct gatactacct     44640
     tgattttgct cacaattttt tttgcctgta gcatggatga acacaaaaac tcttcaacat     44700
     aaggctattc caagccaaaa atatacacac attgttgata accctgtaaa tcgctagacc     44760
     tgagcagaac atttttgcca gtgttcaatt atctattacc tctcatttac agtacatcta     44820
     cactggaatt gtgtgcacca cattatggct tcaaaaaggt tgtgtcctgt cctgcacata     44880
     ctgccaaact acagaagcga agcaaagtga catgacatta ctaaactgga tttcacattt     44940
     tcctgatttt tgagtaccat tttgtaccat agtgaagtgg gttaaatatt tactaactcg     45000
     tccaaacgaa ttgtctttca tgttgtgtgt attgtcattt tctcaactaa cttgaaatct     45060
     atcttaattt ggacttgatt ttgtatataa aaaatagaca agatgcctat gttgccatag     45120
     atgtcacaat gtcactctcc attaaaagat caatcagaga cttattagct catatcaatg     45180
     aatcaaatct taggattaca atcacttgat tcaaatctat tgagtccgac tgaatcagat     45240
     taacagcaat ataagacatt gtattttacc tatcttgttt atattaattt catagccaac     45300
     aataataaca taacacagta ttgggttaaa tttgagcaac gtaacaaaat atacagctcg     45360
     aagcaatgac ttagaagcac ataaacacca acacagttcg tacaaaatga aactagctat     45420
     gtaataaaca aacaacaaac acacagacac acacacacat ttacacatat acagtggatg     45480
     caaaatgagt tgacaaccgt cccaaattag aatcacatct gagaatccac aaaagcagag     45540
     acttggctta tctttaactg cttaagatca atctgcacca gatcagcaag aggcaacgtt     45600
     tgttcgtggt aaaactcaag ttttgagttt tccttacccg gctggcctca gagaaatgca     45660
     gcactgctga ttggtgactc ggcttcagtg acatccttgg gatttactcg cttgtgagtg     45720
     gaggttgtcc tgggttatct ctgctgagag gctgtttgca gaagattttc ttgcgatttt     45780
     gactgtccca aaattttaat aggttgaatg gaacgtttgt ggtgatctaa tcttgtggca     45840
     cattaattaa cttggttggt tacaatgtgt tttttttaac cctcatagca gatgaaaccc     45900
     tctgtatatg tctatttcat tcatatgcat cattgaggat gtcccacatg acaagaacat     45960
     gacacaggag tcatgttaga gtcttgtgag gcaattagtt tagtttcctg ttgaaagcct     46020
     tgtaaagcac cattgttagg tgattaaatc ctttaccaaa tttagtaaag gctccccaga     46080
     acatctgtgg acaaagtatt ggtcaaaata gtcaaatcaa ttggctctct gttatctgtg     46140
     atgaagccct cgagccagtt ctaaatgaat gagaccaaac aatgtggcgc ttgaccgaaa     46200
     ttcagattca gactgatttt gatcctgcaa tatgccaatg agttccttca atgtagaaag     46260
     tgtcatggct ggtgtaaaca gagaggctgt gatcagctct gctgaacttc aaaatgaagt     46320
     tggattgcag ctttagaggg ctctaaaata tctcagatga ggaagaaaag tcttttttgt     46380
     ctgtatcttc agaggtatca tacacttctc ccatttttgg acagatatgt gtcactttgc     46440
     ttacagatga tcggttgatt ctcagtgtgc aatctcttat gcagaacata atctgcccca     46500
     gatcaggtta gttgtgtagc attattaaag ctgagctgta gcttagaata aagttaagtt     46560
     acctttttgg cacctaaaac tcattgatgc aagctaactt gaaaaatgaa agagacccca     46620
     ggtatgttga ggatgtctaa aattaaaaag tgtacatcca aaacccagtt aacatagcta     46680
     agagaatttt tttttactct acattatcaa ttttatttga aaaatcacac tcaccccatg     46740
     ttttggtctg agcttgaccc tgaagtgctt catgattcac tgtgcagctg taaatgtctc     46800
     cttcagctgg tgtgaactta agagtggaga agatgttgaa gctgccatct gcccttggac     46860
     ggtactggct taaattaata ctctctgtca cgttattatt attctttttc catgagattg     46920
     taatagatgg aggatagaag ccagtcgcat gacagataag ggagttctga acacccagct     46980
     ctacatcatc ctttggataa acagatgaat gtggtgcatc tagagaaaaa aaaacagata     47040
     acagtctgta tttattatct tcaattaaaa ttaaattctt accaattaac ttaaaacaaa     47100
     taatttattt gtgaggcaaa attctggttg tctttacact ggtgtgtatt tttttaacac     47160
     agcatttaaa aaatagaaaa gatcctcatc tatactggca tttcttactt tataaattgt     47220
     catgaaaaaa taaatgtgtt attgctgctt tagtgtaccc tgatcacaac aacgatgggg     47280
     gctgagtaaa gaaccgtttt atgaacatct gtaagcgttg ttttctaatt gctgcagaca     47340
     gacacctctt cttgtatagt gctagtttct aaaatgttgg atgtttcctg tctcacctcc     47400
     atagacataa gatacggaac aattacatgt caaagaaggc agagtttcag aacacaccca     47460
     cggatagtgc aatggttatg gaccaatagt agctcagagg tgttttggag ccaaaatgaa     47520
     ctcccccaaa agtttgctat ggttagctgt ttcaaacggt caaaataatc tccggatttt     47580
     aatccattct tcaatttggt ttgaagtaca gtacaccagg gcatcaaact agtacagaca     47640
     gtacaatata atatttaaac agaagtgtaa ctttctctat aattgtttgc ttgattgcaa     47700
     gctatgttgt taagttagtg atggtatgat atttagccta tattttgact ttatagaaaa     47760
     gaatgcaggt tatataacct atttaaatta ttttggtttg catatttcac agagtaattt     47820
     tcagctcatg gtctgctaac aagcaacata acagagagat gtcatatcca caggtacaca     47880
     ggtattttta taaatggtct tttccccact tctttttttc atttgctgca aatgtgtgga     47940
     actttgctta atttgcatct cccacatttg gcgtgaaccc agttgtgttg ggcaaacaga     48000
     aaggagaaaa ccgcacgcac aatgtcatga ggtgaaaact tcggttataa tgtcatcacg     48060
     gccaccatgt attttggaaa atcctcaccc tggctggagt tttcagaaag ttttggtttt     48120
     agtcacctga cactgcattt tcatgtggac aaacagcaaa accacataga aaaaagtgct     48180
     gttttgaaaa tacccatgtt cttgtggaca gggccagagg ctattataac cctgagtctt     48240
     ccacttattt tctggaattt tttgtgagga tcatgttaat ctgatgatga gttagcgtta     48300
     ctttataagt gctactgttt cggttgggta gtgagacacc ttttgtggat ttatccctgg     48360
     ttgctgtgcc tcctaatcag tatttacaaa ccttattcgt ttcctatttg tatgttcttc     48420
     tttaatcttg aagaaaatta ggtttatttt gaccaattaa ttaattatta gttaggtcgt     48480
     tttgtctaca cagaaatgct ctaaaatgtt cattttaaca tctcactggg cagtaaattt     48540
     taagtgcttt tacctaaaaa agttatgtta gtataagatt caatcatgca ttgttgttgt     48600
     tgttgtgtaa aacatgattc ctggaaatgc ctttatatat tttatcaaaa tactttagtg     48660
     tcttgtattt gtagtttcaa aatattataa aatactttgc aagaaatctg cagttaatga     48720
     ttacatataa aaatgtggtg atttgtgctt tctcagttat tttccttggc ttagaaacag     48780
     aacagacaat ttatttcttt ttaagtaggt ggtcaatgca tggaggatgg atggagatta     48840
     ctcaaagaaa gtaacatatg caagtatgaa agtaagtatg gtgagggtat attcgagaga     48900
     gagtcaacaa tcattgatta gtatagttta ctgtactgta gaaaatacta cactgtttaa     48960
     aataacccgt taaatttaaa aaaaaaataa ataaatacca gcagctgtga ctgccaggat     49020
     ttgtctgtac aaaaatgggt agaaacatct tggatgctgt ttttgtacca aagtattatt     49080
     acaatcacct tttgacatag cttttggcat agtttcaaat cacatcattt aaccaattta     49140
     cctgattacg agccctaaac tgctaatgtc ccaacttttt tggaatgtgt tgcctgtcta     49200
     aatgacatga aaggatgtgt atttatatga aataaagttg accagacaaa acatgacata     49260
     ttgtctccaa ttaaatataa gtcaaagcaa acttgaaatc actactttct tttttatttg     49320
     ggttttccat actcccaacc ttttctaatt tggggttgta ttagcttgct ttacagagta     49380
     tactatgtac taaattaata aaattactct aagttaatct aagattaatc taagattagt     49440
     ccttttaatg tcatatcaca tagcttatgt actcttaaca catttcttaa atatgatttt     49500
     atttagtagc aacccccttt atagaccctt aataattaaa ataattcata tgcagcattg     49560
     atattcattc agaaacaaaa atccaaagca cattatcacg gcttacccat tgctggtggt     49620
     gggctcttga aacctctaat gttgttcgct aagttccttc tgcatcctgc tattgaatca     49680
     acacttattt cataaaaccc aggaaatcca atacgatctg caaaatcagg taatgttatt     49740
     attccagtct tctgcttaaa gtcagcatgc cacaactcct ctccatcagc tccaaccata     49800
     gcttcacttt ctgagtcaga gcacacataa atttctaatt cttctcgtac aactgaaata     49860
     aaaaaaacaa cacaactctt aacaatgcaa actacatgat ttgtcttcag aaaacacttg     49920
     ttttcctgtt acaattgttt tccaattaat acagtttgga taagccctaa agatgcatga     49980
     ctgtgcatgt ccagagttaa gctgggtgtg gataagtgat ggtttgggct gcaatatcat     50040
     ggcattccct aggcccaata cttgcgctag atgggcgtgt cactaccaag gactaccgga     50100
     tcataattct ggaggaccat atgcacccaa tggttcaaat gttgttttgt gaaggcggtg     50160
     ccatgtatca ggataataat gcatcaatac acacagcaag actggtgata gagtggtttg     50220
     ataaacatga aaataaagtc gaacatttcc catggaaaaa tggctcaaaa tccctttggc     50280
     caccgtgcag aacctgtatc tgtcattgcc aagacaaaat gatactgtat tggctgcaaa     50340
     aggaggccct acacaatact aatgaattat tgtggtctaa aaacaggtgt tttagtttca     50400
     ttgtccaacg cctgtatgta tatatagttg atagatttat tagccctcct gattattatt     50460
     cttcctgttt acactgtaaa ccttaatgtt gtttttactt aaacaatcaa gtaaagttga     50520
     ctgaacatta attaaaattt agcattttat atcgattttt atagcagtta atttaactga     50580
     tacacaatga aactgcataa acttaagatt tcatgtatag taagcccaaa atcacaatta     50640
     atcctttgag aaaaatagtc gttttttaat gtagtcttgg ctgtaaaatt ctaatatgtc     50700
     caactttaag gtcttttttt ttatcagaaa acaagacttt atatataatt atttaccata     50760
     atgggaataa atggctactt atttttcttt taaacatttt ttcttagttt ataattacac     50820
     acgcacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac actgaactta acaatttaag     50880
     tataatctac caaacaggca agttaaataa acttaaatat gcacgttttg ggagactcca     50940
     ttacttaatt aaatgtaggc aacgagtttg ctcaattaat tccgttcagt taacttatta     51000
     gggttttcag tgtatccgtt ccccccaaat ttctgtttaa tggaaatgag attttttaaa     51060
     catatttcta agcataatag ttttaataac tcatttctaa taactgattt cttttatttc     51120
     tgtcatgatg acagtacata atatttaata gatatttttc aaaataacag tattcagctt     51180
     aaagtgtaat tgtttaatat ttaaagtgta atattttact aggttaatta agttaactag     51240
     gtgattaatg taattaggca ggttctgtgg ctcgttctgt agacttgtcc tgtagactat     51300
     caaattacat attgccaata ataaagaggg ctaataatat tgaccttaaa attatttttt     51360
     tttttgtaaa tggatggaac aacatgaaaa caacattaat gttataccag aagtgctgaa     51420
     tagctaattc cctgtcacaa tactttctga aagactggcc tgtcaggtga acttatccaa     51480
     aattaaatta tgctgtttaa tataaggcaa cgtttattat gagggactat cattaataaa     51540
     acttagcatt tctttttcta aggatctggg tctacaaatc tgcacatgaa tctcaacagc     51600
     actgtcacct cacaacaaaa gaaggtcacc ggttcgagtc ccagctggac cagttgacat     51660
     ttctcagtgg agtttgcttg ttctccccgt gcgccggttt caaagtccaa agacatgcgg     51720
     tgaattgaat aaactaaatt gaccatagtg tgtgtaaata agagtgtatg ggttacggct     51780
     ggaagcccat cgtaaaacat atgcaggata agttggcggt tcattatgct atggcaaccc     51840
     ctgattaatg aagggactaa gccaaaaagc atatgaatga atgaaattga tcatagtgta     51900
     agtgtgtgaa tgagtgtatg aatgttttcc agaactgggt tgcaattgga agggcattcg     51960
     ctgtgtaaaa catatgctga ataagttggt gattcatccc actgttgcaa cccctgatga     52020
     ataaattgac taagacaaag gaaagtaaaa gaaatgaact tctatactga gctgctttga     52080
     cacagtctac attgtaaaag aaatagattg aattgttata gaaataaaga agaattaagt     52140
     tgaattgaac tttgtctgtg tgttttaggt gtttacgtgt tttagtgatt tagatgttca     52200
     aagtttaaat gttttaaagt ctaattaaag catgtttgta aaccttggag ccactataaa     52260
     acatttttat aagcaaaacc ccaccatctt cataatctaa gactcatttc acctctagga     52320
     tcagtgaatc aaactatgat atgatgtttt aatctgatta tattaatcat taattctact     52380
     gccataacac accactgcag tgtcggaaga taaatgaaca tgaaaatgta aataggttaa     52440
     tcacccaatg tgtgccattc tgtatttttt ctgatcatgt aaaattttgt aacttcaata     52500
     tagttgtagt tttgtccata tttttttaaa attgtttttt gacaaaaatg attaaaatgc     52560
     ataaaacaga caatcttaga caatgatctt atgttttcaa acatagtgtg aaaaaaagaa     52620
     ttacccacaa gaaacatcca aaagtaacaa catgagagaa actgtgctac aaatgaaatg     52680
     agtttcaagt tttttttttt tcatttgact ttttctgaaa atggtgaaaa taactaaata     52740
     tatatataaa tgaacttaca ttctgcatta gatgacagaa aagcgataaa agtaagaact     52800
     attacataca gctccatcag atgcagctaa acacaaatca gtttgaccaa ggtgaagaag     52860
     gcaggtgtta tttcctctgt tttggctttt gcatcatcca atcagagtct gcccagcaca     52920
     gtgacatcac tgtatctagg aggaaaaaga atgttccctt ttcagctttt aaaaagtata     52980
     agagaactgc taacttgcac taacagattt aaaacacagt tttaaaagta ttgggtgcag     53040
     gggaaaataa aataaataaa cacacacatt tgataaaaac ccaactaact tcaatattca     53100
     agatcattaa aaagttttat gttctttctt aaagctttta ctttcacatt ggcagctttg     53160
     aaagactgaa aggggaaatt caaatatttt ttatttaggt tttcatgatg ctttcaggcg     53220
     tcacagtggc gcagtgggta gcacagtcgc cgcacatcaa gaattttgct ggtttgagcc     53280
     ccggctgggt ctgttggcat ttctgtgtgg agtttgtatg ttttccccgt gtttgcgtgg     53340
     gtttcatccg agtcctctgg tttctgccaa agtctaaaga catacactat aggtgaattg     53400
     aataagctta attggatgca gtgtatgtgt gtgaatacaa gagtatatgg ttgtttcccg     53460
     gagttgtgtt gtggctggaa gggcgtctgc tgcgaaaaac atatgctgga taagttggca     53520
     attcattcca ctgtgaagac ccctgattaa taaagagact aagctaaaaa gaaaatgaat     53580
     gaataatggt tctaccaggt aacctgtcat tgtccatgtt ctcctgtgtg cctagtcatt     53640
     acccacaatc ctcgagatct acaatgaaag tttcatatta acatccaact gtcaccaaca     53700
     ctgttaacta ttttcaattt taattcatgt ccacattcca gcagcagttc tggtcatgga     53760
     ggctttcctt ggtggcactc ctaacgccat attggaaaca caaggtatag tgaatgactt     53820
     gggcatcagg agtgccaaga ggtcctgcct ttatgtgctg agactgtgtg ggtggtcaca     53880
     aacaacacaa tatctaacaa ccagtgacaa ctggactgaa acagaggata atggactaga     53940
     taataagggg tctggaacaa tgaaaacata gtaacaaaag atgaggtgtg gcactggtag     54000
     tggtgggcag agccaggctt cgtgacactg aaactgttga agcaaatgtg tcaaagcttc     54060
     gaaatattta gaagtaacat tgctacaaca ttaaacacta acattataat aacttttaaa     54120
     catattgttt tttttcactt cccataacat tttcttaaaa gacaggaaaa cattctctaa     54180
     aacattgtaa cttgatttgg ttgtaacttt gttagggcta cttttagttc agttcataga     54240
     atgttatttt aaaagaggta aacattctct aaaatattct aacacaaacc cgtttagttg     54300
     gtaacattgt tgaaacatca tacagtactt aaactttgct ataacatttc aagataatgt     54360
     tttatttttc ttcccagaac attctcttaa aagacaggta aatgttctct aaaacattct     54420
     aatccctttt aatggtaata ttgttaaaat atactctaac attttcatca ggtatttagt     54480
     tctagttccc agaaaacctt acttaaagtt aggacaatat tgtttaaata atacacaggt     54540
     ttgttattaa cattgtttgt tttctttttg cttccaaaat gtactataac aatatgacag     54600
     acacaaaaca ttctctataa ccatttaaaa tattttattt tactgtacaa aatttaaagc     54660
     actgcatatt cttacattct tgtggtcatt gtataacgtg taacaaataa agcaaaaaaa     54720
     ggaaaaaatc acatgctact aggttttact tatttgtctg caataagttt ttgaacatga     54780
     cattttatat attttaataa ttacaggtta aaattagtta attttctttc tgtctcgtta     54840
     ttgaaaagaa atcatgttct tataacattt ctcgtatgta cagtatgtca caaaagtgag     54900
     tacactcctt ctacttctgc aaatatttat ttatattttt tcataggaca acactgcaga     54960
     aatgactctt tgacacaatg aaaagtagtc agtgtaaagt gtgtatagca gtgtaaattt     55020
     cttttcctct caaaataaat acaaatacag ccaatagtag ctaaacccct ggcaacaaaa     55080
     gtaagcatac tcctaagtga aaatgtgaat atcaatattt tgtgtggcca tcatcatttt     55140
     ccagcatggt tttaattttc ttgggcatgg agtcgaccag agcttcacag gttgccactg     55200
     aaattctctt ccactcctcc aacacaacat catggaggtg gtggacattt gtcaccttgt     55260
     gcttctctac cttccttttc aggatgcccc agaggtgttc tatggagttt atatctggag     55320
     acatgcttgg ccagtccatc cacttttacc ctcagcctct ttagcaagcc agtggtcatc     55380
     ctggaggtgt gtttggggtt attatcatgc tggaacagtg ctctgcagtc cagtttcctg     55440
     agggaactgc ttcagtatgt cacagtacat gttagaattc atgtttccct caatgaaatg     55500
     tagcttccta atgccagcag cactcatgca gcccagaaca tgacactccc accatcatgt     55560
     ttaatggaag acaagacaca cttgtctctg tactcctcaa ctcgttgcca tcacacacac     55620
     ttgacaccat ctgaaccaaa tgggtttatc ttggtcttag accataggac atggttccag     55680
     taatcctggt ccttagttta catgccagca gcaaattgtt tgcaagcttt cttgcatcgt     55740
     ctttagaaga ggtttccgtc ttggaccaca accatgcaga ctaattttat gcagtgtgcg     55800
     gcgtacgatc tgagcactga cagactgacc tcccatatct tcaatctctg cagcaatgct     55860
     ggaaccactc atccgtctat ttttttaaag acaatctttg gatgtgacgc tgagaacgtg     55920
     cacccagctt ctttgaacgg ccatggcgat gcctgttctg agaagaacct gtcctcttaa     55980
     agcactgaat ggtcttggcc actgagctgc agcacagttt cagggtgttg gctatcttcc     56040
     tatagcctag gcaatcttta tttaaggcaa caattctttt ttcaggtatt ctgagagttg     56100
     tttgccatgt ggtgccatgt tgaactttca gtggcctggt tgagagagtg aaaaagcttt     56160
     tataccaagt taaactcacc tgctatctgt ggatacctga gacagtgtaa cacttatgaa     56220
     tgacatgata caggggaaga aaaatgacta attgtgctca attgtttaat tttcacttag     56280
     aggtgtatac ttacttatgt tgccaggggt tcagctatta ttggctgtat ttttgttatt     56340
     tttagaggac aataaattta cactgctata cacactttac actgactact tttcattgtg     56400
     tcaaagagtc agtgttgtcc tatgaaaaga tataaataaa tatttgcaga aatgggaggg     56460
     gtgtactcac ttttgtgaca tgagaatgtt gttactttgg ttttataaaa acattgtgaa     56520
     aacattttct aagagaacat tgtttaatct ggtccctcac caacattttc aaaacattgc     56580
     tagaatgttc ttgttcattg ttatggaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaacattttt tgaatattca     56640
     ttggatatta cttcaaaatg tcttctctaa aaaattaaca caacctgtag ggaatgttag     56700
     ccaaagttga gagaacgttc ccttctagct gggatctgaa tcacattaaa aggtatgcca     56760
     tggtcatact agagttttag catgcaaaat tctgtcatat agtgctgtga aaatgggcgg     56820
     gattaaacaa gatgattaaa aattttaaaa tgtaagtcat tggtctattt aaatttctat     56880
     acagagagtt catgttttga tcttcaattg gtcttacaca gtcatgtgat gcaattttgc     56940
     aggccagact tcatcaagct ttaactttgc aatgcagcaa tctgcaaaac ttgacacaca     57000
     agcttgcgtt tccagtctgt cgcattgtct atggggaaaa atatgcagtg tgaccataac     57060
     tttagagcga tggcatgctt catgctacag tatatgttgg caaaatcata caaaacttgt     57120
     ctgtgatttg tgaaaacaca ctatatatta tgaatagtgg aataataaag atggtaggcc     57180
     tattttttca cagtaaattt cacaattaaa taatttttag attttacatg tggttgtgaa     57240
     tgaggaagta taacaaacaa aaatagctaa tcaatttttg gcagtgctcg taatagtcat     57300
     gcatcactgg gaaaaatgca gacaacaata atcttaccag ttttaccagc aacacaaatc     57360
     ttttacagga actgtgaagc ttttacatgt caaacgataa cagtggtttg ctctgtgtac     57420
     ataaaaataa tgtgttgaaa acaacacact catgtcttaa gtttagggta agttcataaa     57480
     aacacaaatt gaacatcaaa gtcacttaaa acacaaacac acagacacac acacgcacgc     57540
     acacacacac acacacacac aaagaatcag catatgcatc tcatcaatga tacaattttg     57600
     tttttgctgt gtactccagc aaaaaaaaaa aaattataca aatttatctt tatatatttt     57660
     tattaacaga ttagttgcaa acaaagtcca aaaggcagag tccagaaagc aggctaaaat     57720
     caatgggcag acagcaaata atcagagatc taaattaggc aagggtaaaa acagaatgac     57780
     aaaccctaaa gaacattcag tactttttat tagtattatt attttttttt attaatgctt     57840
     aaagaacaaa gtacagaaca atacaaatac aaaaagaaaa aaagggtcag ggtgtacaaa     57900
     actaaatata aataagacaa acaaatatat ttgtaagtat gcatactaag aaagggcaag     57960
     ggccttgtgt aaaaaacaaa cgattttaat gtttgttttt attagagctt tgctttatgt     58020
     tgttcgtaaa atgttctaat tattttagta tagcagaata aaatggtgtt tagttattaa     58080
     atttgcatct gtaaatatgg tactttgtaa atattatcaa aacattaata acataagctc     58140
     ccttttcaat tttttgttac agttcaaaaa taacatgttg gtattttaaa cagaaattcg     58200
     gcaatattgt gttgtttatg aatttggaga tcttgtacca tatttgcttt aagaattttc     58260
     aataaaaaaa aaaatatgca caacagtttc tggctgtgac aaacaaaatg aacagttttg     58320
     atctatatcc tgtctaaact tggaaagtaa atgtttgaca gggaaaaatt tataccgaat     58380
     tttaaatgag acctttttaa aattgtttgt aataaaaaaa aaattgttag gcaatgacga     58440
     aacctttttc taatttaaac ctctgatgaa cccagaccaa taataaaata tgtagggttt     58500
     actaactagg aatgattgaa ataaaaaacg tatggctttt tttgtcggtg agaataaaaa     58560
     aatattttcc cacacagtgt atctttaggg tgtaacagag atattttctg aatatgagta     58620
     acttttacac agtgagacaa tacaaaggga aatagtagca aagaccattg caattttttt     58680
     gtgggataca ggaaaactta aatgtgaaaa caattcttta taaagcatta agtaaccttc     58740
     ccaccaggaa aaaaaaattc aaaccatttt tttaagaaca agctttaatg tttgtacaaa     58800
     atataacagt tgttcaaaat ataacattga tgtgaggaga agttgtgttt gtagattaat     58860
     ttccaagcta aaagagattg tgaggctgaa aatttaattg gaagattctc tgctttacag     58920
     tcacacatca gcaagaaaga cagaccaccc atctgatcaa atacagcttt agagactata     58980
     tcccaaactg aagagtaact aaaatatttt agtcatttaa ttttgaatgt atttgtggcg     59040
     gggagagtgt ggccgaacac acagaaatgg gggagagtgg agacaccagt ggctggtcag     59100
     tggcccaatc agaaaaatta acctgttttc tctcgtattt aggccggaga gacatcgtct     59160
     taaggaagca ggagagacca tttgagagag agctgagcga ctgcacacac ttttgagcct     59220
     tgtgctattg aacactcaaa ataaagaata attttcactt accttattgc cgcccctgtc     59280
     tttttcccac aacaaagaac ctttctacag tagtgctgaa atccaggaag tagaagagac     59340
     ctcgctgata agatgaccac tctgtcgatc tgtccgtttg tggaggtaat tcaggtgctc     59400
     gcggtcctcc accgtgaaca gcaccaggag attctgaata taagggtcga gcactgggag     59460
     atccagccca cagcaacatc ggccacccac cctcccatta ttctacacaa aatgggacca     59520
     cttcacgacc cggaagtgtt tctcgacttg tttgagaaaa cggcagaggc gtgtgggtgg     59580
     cagtgggccg attggccggt gagagtcatc ccgctgttgg gcaaagccca gaccgccgca     59640
     cagcactcag gatcaggatc gctcaggttc tctaattagc tggaattact cattaagatt     59700
     cttggtaaca ttttataata actacacact gtaaatcatt tactaagcat tagcatctag     59760
     taaattcatt atttgttaag cattaactct acattaatag acgttagtaa acagtttata     59820
     actgcagcta caaatgctgt attcttcact tacatttaca tttataatgt gcttaacaat     59880
     tgtactttca tacttagtta ctgatttatt tttcattact aaattaagtt gtattgcatt     59940
     atttacaaac cagttgtatt taagagtagt tgagggtttt taggatcatt cagaataagt     60000
     taataaatga ataataaact attgaaatca acatttaaat attttattat tcaggcatat     60060
     actaatagtt aactaatatg ttaataaatg ctttattaat tcaacttcat gcagttttgt     60120
     gacctaatct taagtgagga ctaatcatgc tttataaatc ccttgtaaaa gacaaataaa     60180
     ggctcagaat caaataaaca ataatttgtg caatcttttc taaaaagtaa aattactgta     60240
     aagtttaaac attgccaaat aacagtagcg tcaaaatgcg acattaaact ggataaaaca     60300
     acagcaatat aataatttaa caatataata agatgcaatg tttaatctct gtagtgattt     60360
     tattttagat caggttgcac agatttactt ttcatttgat acagattcat ttgtgtatct     60420
     ttaaatgaat aagattaaat aatgtaattt ttcctgttta gaatttaact gagcctttat     60480
     ttgtcattta taagggattt ataaagcata aatagtcctc actttagatt aggtcacaaa     60540
     actagatgaa gttgagttaa taaagcactt attaacattc atagtaacca ttgatatatg     60600
     cctgaataat aagacatatt tatgttgatt tcaatagttt aatattcatt tattacctca     60660
     ttctgaaaga tcctaaaaac cctcaactac tcttaaatac aaatggtttg taaataatgc     60720
     aatacttcat ttagtaatga aaaataaatc attaactaag aataaaaata caattattaa     60780
     gcacatttta aatatgtttg taagtcaaga atagagcatt tgttgctgca gttataaact     60840
     gtttactaac gtctattaat gtagagttaa tgcttaacaa acaatgaatt cactgtttgc     60900
     taatgcttag taaatgattt acagtgtgtt gttattataa agtgttgccg gattcttttt     60960
     ttttgttgtt gttttttttt ttagtggttg gtgcaattgt ttcctctaat ggtttgagtt     61020
     attgggttta acagtgtact attcaagtgc agagatctca aattaggcaa ctgctctagg     61080
     ctcttctgaa aacctgtatt ttcaataata ctcacaaaac tgtttatttc tcaacaaaca     61140
     tttgtagaca tatgtaacaa atatggccga tcagacacaa ttattttgct tttattcaac     61200
     aaatgcgttt tttgcaaggt gttttgcaac atttcccttg ctcctgtatt aaaattatgc     61260
     taatacttct gcaaccaatg tttaacttta tcacagctaa acaagctcat agttcatatt     61320
     tgatgtccct gcaaagctaa tatggtgtac tgaccaatgg tttacatctc atcttaatac     61380
     gcgtacaaca tattaacatt ttaaaaaatg tgaacatttc tgcctcagtt tacgtcacaa     61440
     tacctatgca aatacacttc tgaacaaagg actataaaaa acgactcagg gaattttcac     61500
     tttattggtc aacttggccc tggagggtgg gtacaaacca tccttacaaa agcttgtgcc     61560
     taaggccaca gcccaagaaa ccccagaaac agagaaacca gagaaaacct gaggccagag     61620
     aggagggccc aggctcacag agaaagaatt gaacccagag gactccaggg agcaggcgag     61680
     gatccagaca aaatggatta ataacactgc ttagacattc tcatctcgat accttttctt     61740
     ccttttccgc cgagagtcta gtagagttta gtgtacagca aaacctcttg aaacgaccta     61800
     ctccaccccg ctccaaacct cgttaggaca aagagcaacc agctagctac gtactcaaca     61860
     gagggagttt cttcacatca cataaggaac gcaagcaggg gcagactggc catctggcaa     61920
     gccgggcagt ttcccgctgg gcagacgtac tttttgagac gggctgatca tcttcttatg     61980
     atctgatcgg cctataaaac acttaacagt ctatcgtttt tttttctgtc taattaattg     62040
     atgatgttgt gatctgtgac actctgaaag taaggtgttt tttttatcgg acagacaggc     62100
     ccatgtgaca taatctgcag cccacgggtt cttttttttt tattgacatt ggcctgaccc     62160
     aactccctat gtgggttctg tgtgagcgtg caatatcggt gtgtttttgt caaaatagtt     62220
     aagagtcaga gaaatggata agaaacggaa gggaggcgca gaccatttga agtagaaaat     62280
     atacaggctc ttcaaacaga cactacaaaa tgttgtaaaa taacaaagat gtttcccgcc     62340
     actgccgtgg gaccttcatc agctgctgtg gctgatgaga gtggtgatgc cagtgtcgtg     62400
     ctgaaaaaca caccccacaa cactactggt agcaccagtg aggaggaaaa gggagggttg     62460
     aagtgagtgt agagcctgca gtaagcaaaa ttgctttcaa aacacttacg gtacatgtat     62520
     gtaataaatg taaatacctt tgtcaaaact taaccaaaca ttaaataatg aatattagca     62580
     ctgtaataaa ttaatagcat cttatgatct gtgactatca gtttggcttg ttacaattat     62640
     gcctgcggga gtagtaagta atgccataca tttaaaatgg tcaaaatgat ttttatcatg     62700
     caagcagcag atctttaagc tatgttttga tgtttcagta ttgagttaaa cgttttaggg     62760
     tgctttcaca cctaccttat ttattttggt tgaatcgcac ttgagttcat tttccctgtt     62820
     ggtgtggttt gtttgggcta gtgtgaatgc agcaatcgtc ctcgagtgtg caccaaaatt     62880
     ggaccaaaaa agccttcaag caggtctcgg tacgatttta aacgaaccct ggagcagttt     62940
     gtttgtggtg agaatatgat tcatactaaa acagacccaa ccgcaaaaaa cactgctttt     63000
     gaactaatcc agctgccgta ggccgatgcg ctgtgcatta tgggatatag agaaaggtat     63060
     ttgttgacag cgctttacca acaaagagag agagagggaa aaacattacc tgatggatct     63120
     tcggtaatat taattcacta tattaataag tgatttaatt agttaaatta attcacgcct     63180
     ccccctgaag tgatgtgtaa tgcattaaaa cattgttttc tgaccacgct tcatttttta     63240
     aatgtatagt ttgtctaaag cagggataca atcagccagc cgttcctcca aagtaaaaag     63300
     caacattttg tgtctgcggg tttgtttact tgcgggagtt cattggcatt ttcccgcaca     63360
     tgaattctga ccaatcgata agcagtttat agaaactatg ttcaacaaca tctggccaat     63420
     gaaagatgtg gatttagtca gatgactgca ttttggttct tttcaactga ttcggaccaa     63480
     agccagcagt gtggtgtgaa aacgacccaa agacagaaaa aaatgcaaca atgtatcatt     63540
     tattgccctt ggtccggacc aaataaaccg aactacagat gtgaaagtac tcttgaaaga     63600
     gtggattctt ttgaagcccc aaatgaaagc tactttgtta caacatatga caaaaaatga     63660
     cataattcct cttaacaaat acaaaaaaat aaataataag atatttatta gacaatgtat     63720
     taagattaca atgttttcac aaaagaatga taataaaaca ttaggaaata atgtttaacc     63780
     tatattatta ttacatttta tgtttttaaa gaatggcttt caggagaaca gtgtgagaac     63840
     aaaaatatat acatattttt aatacaacat tgcaacagtt gggaagacca gtaatctaat     63900
     atttctcctt aataacatct ttaccaagag atacagttgg ttgttcttta ttaacaaaaa     63960
     cagggaactt tagactaatg agaaaacaca ggaacataaa catcagtggt tttcagacct     64020
     gattctgagg atgcaccagc tcacacattt taaatgtgtg aaaatttaat ttaattttat     64080
     ttatttattt atttatttta ttctattata ctgagctgag ttcatgtaat ccttgtctaa     64140
     tagtctggtc atttgaataa ggtttcttaa tggaaaatgc aaaatgtgta aagggacttg     64200
     tacccaggac aaggattaaa aataactgtt aaatatagat aataatgtaa caatagcaac     64260
     taaaacagaa ggttataatt acacaaaaat actaaattag gaataatcta ataacaggtg     64320
     ataaaattaa gtcatgtgca gaaatattca ttttgaaata tttgtattta caagttctat     64380
     gaaagttgta aatattagtc agtttgagtt atgtctgatg aaacacgtcc atagatccag     64440
     tggatgcagt gtctgtcctg ataaaaaatc agtatatatt aattaaattt aggcattcct     64500
     taaagatagg cattcatcat tttgtagaag atacatcagc atcttgcccc aaaccaaagt     64560
     atacatataa acatatatac aaacttctca gcaggacatg aacacactta atgaggtatg     64620
     ggaatcattc ctgtcaaatg aatataaata aaagaatcaa tagagagaaa gaaaggttta     64680
     ttatactttt aaattaatct aatctccaca gacctgttga tttttttctg tagtataaga     64740
     ttccaacagc cgctattatg aatcccatca ccaaaccaga tgccccaaca gcgattttat     64800
     tcctctcaga ttcaggaaga gatggatctg tattaacagt tgtgtcaaat tataatacaa     64860
     acaaagtatt aatatgagaa tatgtgagtg tctcatctta ccccagtcat aaatcatggg     64920
     ttcactggag ctggcgtgct caaccaaaca ggagatcttc tctccaggtc cgggtgtgta     64980
     ctccagctca gagtggatct ggtaatacca gtcaccatca gccatctcca tagtggaggt     65040
     cacttcagag gtcaccgatt taccgccttt tagccaggac actttgatgt gtcgaggata     65100
     aaattcatac gcactgcaga ttaacatagc tggatgtctt ccattcgcct gtgttactga     65160
     actgagcaca actgttggct tcactgaatt aagaagagca atataacaaa tgcataatta     65220
     gtttctgaat caatgtatgt ctcatgttat tgtacagaat ggaaagcagc aattgtagta     65280
     gccagatagc agaacgtgaa ttatcattga atcaatagtt aaaaagttgg aattctaaat     65340
     tttcatcagg gtttagctta tttttttttt ttcaatgata gaaagatttg tgaacacaga     65400
     tgcactgatt aagttaataa tacaattatg actgagcatt attgataatc gatgatgaac     65460
     acctgctgtt aacaagcaga atcactgaag gaacacaaaa ctacaactga cttcagtttg     65520
     tgtcaaatta atacataaag aaatcattaa attgttttct tctcatttat cttgtaactt     65580
     cactgactta actagaaaat tccattaagc gtagtgtcca aatgatgatg aaaaaaatat     65640
     ctattataat catatttgaa cttcaatcac tgccgtagat taaatcaact gaaataaaac     65700
     acagtaaatc tcgaaaatct cagcagagga tcattaaaca actctatgaa catcatcagc     65760
     aacttcattt attactacct tgtttgactt tatttcagac gtttacccaa gtcttcattt     65820
     acatttattg aaaactaaaa tttataattg attaaaaata cagttttgga agtcaccatt     65880
     atggtgaaga gtggttgctt tacttggtct ttttgatcct tcattcagca ttgtcagttc     65940
     cctggtactc aaacctgatc tcagtgtaca gttctagtat ttaaatgact aggggaattg     66000
     gtttatttac agtcagctga gtacaaggca tgatcaaagg taagtcagtt ttggttaagt     66060
     acttactgga aaagcatatc atctcaaaga attgtgtttg ctttggtgaa ctggttcaac     66120
     cacttagaag atcaggccat agattctcag ccatagattt ttcctcagca ctggccgttt     66180
     gtacagttta ttttagagca ggggtgtcca aactcgttcc tggagggccg gtgtcttgca     66240
     tagtttaact ccaactttct agggccgcat ttacactgca ctgttcaagt gactcaattc     66300
     tgattttttt ctcccatgtg gcacagatcc gatatggccc atgtacgtgt aagcagtaca     66360
     caaatcacat ggattccgat ttacaaaacc atatttctct tttttttttt cctggtcatt     66420
     gcgcctttgc gtgtgctgtg taaatgcaga tgatcggata cgagtcactt ttaaaagatg     66480
     atgtaatcag gtcatcaaaa aaatcggaga cagtcacaaa attggaatta accatcaaga     66540
     tctgcagtgt gaatgcagcc tagtatacct agaaaaagct tgattagctg gttcaggtat     66600
     gtttaattgg ggttggaact aaaatatgca ggacaccacc cctccaggac cgattttgga     66660
     cacccgtttt agagggttga gcatagtaat acaagaactt cccatttggg ctctccttgt     66720
     ctccacgggt cttcacaatg gtcgcagaga gtacctctgt tgcctctttg gctaatgggc     66780
     atacacattc ccaactacct tgatagcagc tagaaatgca caggggttta ttgattccac     66840
     accagaggcg gaaataaaag cactatggaa acaaaagcac aatctcatgc agcctagtgg     66900
     atggtgcgtg tgcattaagt aaatgtgctt caaatgtccc gattgtacaa atactcagaa     66960
     actgtgactt gatgaatttt attaatgtta ttttttatga ccaaaacaag acatatttat     67020
     tcccaaagtg ttcattcaga tgtcaaacca atgttaaaac ataacacgct acaagaacac     67080
     agcatttaaa aatatcattt tctattgctg catcaccctg gatttatacc cattatctct     67140
     gcatgctagt caggaacagt taccgctcca ctaaatcgct ttatgtctca attataaaac     67200
     attgctaaaa agctttcttt gctgaaaagg ttccagagcc atacatcaaa acatgaccac     67260
     gacatatcac tgcatatgaa acaatttaag ccctcgccaa tttcataggc attttattgg     67320
     ccctttttca tacaattgag tgtgattgga cttctaagca aatccactaa ttgattatgc     67380
     aacaaattgt ctgtaatgga aattcatttt tagataagct ttatatgtta gaaacttgtc     67440
     taagactcat tattacatat gtgtgtatct gtgttctcca tatgttcatc ataaaaccta     67500
     tgtgtacatt tttatagata actatatttc tttaggtgaa agctttttca ttatcctaag     67560
     aaggatgtgt ggttgttatg agcatatcgc acgaacagca gaagacgtct gacgtaattg     67620
     tagatgaggc cttattggga gttgacctcg taagcagtac aaactagata aaaaggttaa     67680
     cacactttgc ttaagtatct cactctgcag aaactgttgt tgctgtatga ctgtgatctt     67740
     ctttataaag aataaaactt gtaaaagaca tcccgggtaa gactttattt cttgaccact     67800
     gagagagcct ccttagagaa aatagccact acaatttggt gtcagaagtg ggatgtcttg     67860
     gaggaacctt tccggaccct gcggacggtg actgatcatc ctgggacttc gtgtcacagc     67920
     cctgccccgc gattgagggt tgaggggccg accgccgggc tcggaggggg accccactga     67980
     catctgggaa aagaactcag tggcatctga actctctggt aagaaacaaa ttctttgttt     68040
     attgttaaaa aaggaaattt aacaagtttt gggtatttga ttattgtgat caaaaataat     68100
     tagaagggtt tttactgcaa attgggcctc accatgctgg tagatctgtc tctgtgggat     68160
     agcggcgtga ttaatgaaag tgaaatcgga catcgggcgg agatcgagac cgttgttaca     68220
     agtgagatct ggcgtttagc tgagatcaag accttataca agtgagatct ggcgtttagc     68280
     tgagatcaag accttataca agtgagatct ggcgcctgtc taagattaag acctttttaa     68340
     tacgttcggc tagctaactg cgatttactc ctgggagggg gttgaaatca gggggctgta     68400
     caatttactt ccaaaaagaa gctgaaatcc aggctgtgcg atttactttc agaaggaggt     68460
     tgaaatcagg ggccgggcga tttacttcta aaaggaaagt gaaattgtgt gccacgagaa     68520
     atagagctgg aaagcttaac ttgtcgattt taggtgaaaa atcaaaatct gttggagacg     68580
     tccaacagat taataggtac cgacaaagtc caggggaagt ttttaccagc atggggacgt     68640
     ctcaaaacaa agtatgaaga tatgatagat cggtgttttg gaatatgggg gaaaaaaaaa     68700
     gaaaaaaaag catgcaagat ataggaaaac taataaagta tcacaagttt ctgagggaaa     68760
     gggaatgttg agtgttacta ggttaaacaa aatgaaagag ttgattgaga aggcagaagg     68820
     aaaagcaggt tgtttttgtg aaaggcatgt gtgtgtgtcg tgtggagaca ctgttgattg     68880
     ttggctcagg gaggcagata agaggcaaag aggaaaatgc tgcagaggca gctggcatga     68940
     aaaatgtgaa agggtgaatg aaagagtaat tagcactact aatcctttct atacatctgt     69000
     ttccatacat gtaccgccgt accatcacta tcccgtggct gagctgcgag ccctgagaac     69060
     tgacccagag cttaactgct actgtcccag aagacctccg accgcaccaa cgaaattccc     69120
     acctcgaacg agtggaggac atctgtttga actggagaaa tggacattta acagacattc     69180
     tgctgtgtgc tcaacatgct gaagacaagc tgacagcgaa gcacgagcaa gacaagaaga     69240
     aagcagaaaa cgagctgcac atggctctgg tacaagcggc caaccaaaga tccaaccaag     69300
     acctgacaac caaagatatc gcaagttcaa aggcgacaaa ggtgtcaagg gtgaggtaga     69360
     taacagaaga cggagaaact ggaatgtgac ggatggcgat gaaatctaca gagcctgtgg     69420
     tgtaaatgac gagaaactgt accaaatgtc tgcgcttgcc accgagatgg acttttggtc     69480
     aaggattgac ccgaaaggcg caaaccaaca acggagctga tgtgcggaga gggtagagca     69540
     gaatggagag ggtctgggca agcagccaac agctacagta aagggaagtg aacatttttt     69600
     actaacaagt ttaaatgcag acacattttt atacagacat attcacatac actgatatac     69660
     tggctctctg caatgaagaa aaagcttgca tttcccactg taattttgat cacagtgatg     69720
     ttgatcattt ttcggatgaa atggcattgt ttttttggta aggaagcatt tttaatatga     69780
     caaaatattt tatgttgatt gacaccactt tggttgagtt ttttagctga tagcggagct     69840
     agcagatctt acatacgacc atgtgacctg cagtgtgaaa tacctctatc aaccaaattt     69900
     cataagtctc tgtctggatc tggtcataca gtggttgagc gatttacagc tccgctgacc     69960
     tgtgaaacag agggtggtaa aattttcaga catgcatttg tttgttcacc aaaatgacac     70020
     gtttccatca tcggaaggga cattttgtgt aaactaaatt tgattttaac ggcagattcc     70080
     tctggtgtga gagtgattga aggggaggaa ttttgtcgtt tacaaattga atcacaagag     70140
     ccgaagtggg cctatgaatg gctgattgaa gacaatgaat gggctaatta aatttgcaaa     70200
     ttggctaaag aacgtgttaa accttttgac agtgatatga tgtctcctgg taaactgcat     70260
     tgtacgtcac atgtcgtaat ttacagatga ggaatttgag aaagcttggt ttgagacaaa     70320
     tgtgaatgaa acgttgattt tagagaaaat gtactggaag catagtctgt gtgcagtttc     70380
     agtgtctctg tcagaaaagc agctttcatt ctatctcttg tcagcacagg ctgtgcctca     70440
     catatcagtt tgcaagggta aacaacaatc ttgggctgat ttagggccgt ttgtgaagca     70500
     gtgtgttgat ggaatttagc aaaagcattt agagtagaca gtgaaactga aacagctgtt     70560
     tcaaaaactg tgactgctat tgacaaactt tgcgtaaaga attattgcat ggttgacttt     70620
     aacgctgaag acatacaccc agctttagca gaaataccaa gtgaattgtg ggctaaaagc     70680
     aaatatgatg ttggtttaat caaaggttgt gatccagtga aaatcactgc aaaatctgat     70740
     aacagacctt gtcaacaaca atatcctttg aaaagggaag ccattgaggg cattacccca     70800
     gtatttgagg ctttactgaa acagggtgtt attgtaccat gcaacaattc tgaggttcgc     70860
     acccctattt ttcctgttaa aaagataagg gataatggga tgcctacaga atggcgtttt     70920
     gtacaggatt tacaagcagt aaatgcagct gtcaaacaaa gggctccatt agttccaaat     70980
     ccgtacacga ttttgtcaca aattcctgaa aaatcacaat tgtattcagt ggttgatctg     71040
     gcaaatgcat ttttcagtgt gtcagtggac aaagacagcc aattttaggt ttgcatttaa     71100
     tttcaatgga aaaggctaca cctttacatg tctgtgtcag ggttttacag catctccaaa     71160
     cttgcaatga agcgttgtta agaagtttgg aacctttgac tctgacagct ggaactgctt     71220
     tgttacagta tgttgatgac ttgttgatat gtgctgagga tgaggagaca tgtgtgaaag     71280
     acactgtgac tctccttaaa cacctagcta aggagggcca caaagtcagt ttgacaaaat     71340
     tgcagtttgt taaacaaaag gtaacatttt tggggcatgt cattacacca cacagtaaat     71400
     ctctgtctga aaaaaagggg gagtggtata aaaaaattta ccaaaaccgc tgacgaaaaa     71460
     acaaatgttg tcatttttgg gaatgtgctc atattgtcgc acatttattc caaattatgc     71520
     aattttggaa caacccctga gagccctaac attagggaag gggatgaaat ccactgacaa     71580
     actagagtgg acgaaagagg cagagcaggc atttgtaaac aagaagttac aaatggctga     71640
     ggcccctgca ttgggtttac ctgtaccaac aaaaccattt gttcagatgg tagatgagag     71700
     aaatgggttc atgacgtcat tgctcctaca ggatcatgga ggtagattgc gacctgtggc     71760
     ctactttgag caaacttgac cttgtagcag caggcctgac acgttgctta agagcagtgg     71820
     tggctgcgga aaaagctgtt atggcttcaa gagattttgt tggttattct gatctgatat     71880
     tgatggtgcc acattctggg tccatgatac ttcaagaaca aaaaacattg catctgtcaa     71940
     cagcccgctg gctgagatat cacactatct tgttagatat gccaaatgtg actgttaaac     72000
     gatgtactgg tttgaatgca gctactcttc ttcctactga ggaggatggg gaagagcatc     72060
     attgttgttt aacagcactt gaacaggtgt gttcgccacg acctgacctc tctgacgaac     72120
     cacttgaaaa ttgtgacaat gtcctctttg tggatggttc aaagatggtc agcgttcaaa     72180
     gatccacaaa caggccagaa taaggttggt tacactgtaa caactgaatt tgatgtgatg     72240
     gcttctggta aattaccagg gcactattcg gcacaggccg cagagcttgt ggcgttgaca     72300
     gaggcatgta aattgatggc agaaaaagaa gctaccattt acactgactc taggtatgca     72360
     tttggggtag ctcatgattt tggggctctg tggaaacaca gaaaatttct aaagtctgat     72420
     ggtcgacaaa tactcaatgc tcctttagtg gcagcgctgc ttgatgcgat ttaactacct     72480
     gacaaactgg ccatttgtaa atgcgcagcg cacaccagca ataaagattc ggtttctgca     72540
     ggtaactcca tagcagacgc agcagcaaaa gttgcggcgt cccgagacga ggacaactct     72600
     gaatgttctc tgctatctgt cgataatgac aatgacgtgt gttcttcttt gcaggatatg     72660
     cagaccttcg cgacggggct ggagaaaaaa caagtggaga cagtctggct gtgtgatgaa     72720
     agataatgtg tggaagtgtg ctgagggcaa ggcgtgttta ccaaaacatt ttttccaaca     72780
     tgatgcaaaa ttacttcacg gtaaagatca tgtgtcaaaa acagcaatgg ttgcgcaaat     72840
     gaacgaactg tggttcacaa aggggttcac tacatttgcg gacaatttct gtagacgatg     72900
     tgtaatttgc aacacacaat gtggccagag cgataaaggt tccactatca tctcatccac     72960
     ctccaacagg gccttttgaa tatttgatga tggatttcat tgaattgtcc ccatgcaatg     73020
     ggaaaaggta ttgtttggtg atggttgaca tgtggtcaaa gtaggttgaa gtttttccaa     73080
     cctcaaaaca agattcggct gcggtagcaa aagcgttact gactgaaatc gtgccgagat     73140
     ggggaatacc actaaaaata agctcagata atggtaccca ttttgttaat gaagcaatca     73200
     aacaagtggg ccaatatttg gaaattgatt tgagaacaca ttgcagttac cattcagctt     73260
     caggcgaagc tgttgagaga gaaaatggta ttctgaaaaa acaaattggc aaaatgttgt     73320
     gaagacacag ggcttacatg ggttcaagct ctacccattg tcctgatgta catgagaatg     73380
     agaaaaagac caaaaatgaa tttgagcccg tttgaaattg tctttggcag accaccgcgt     73440
     gtaggtgtga atgggggtaa acagcagctg ccctcaacag atgtgtgtga ggatgacatg     73500
     ttgaattact ataaagaaat gtctcatgtg ttgtccaatg tttgtgtgca ggtaaaggcc     73560
     gcattgggga aggcagctga cagaccacta cacaatctga ggcctggcga tttcgtggtg     73620
     ataagggacc tgaggagaaa gagctggaga gcgaaacgtt ggctgggtcc atttcaagtg     73680
     ctactgacca ctgagacagc ggtgaaggtc gcggagcggg cgacgtgggt gcacgctggg     73740
     cactgcagga aaattccacc acctgaggag gattctgcga gggagtagga gagaaagagg     73800
     ggctctgaag ctgtctgaag gaaaagagca ggctgatatc tgagtgaagc aaggtcacag     73860
     ctggggagaa acaacaacaa agtcaagagg tgtgtgtgtg aaacagtaac ttctgaatac     73920
     aacaccaagc agcaatcaga cggaggagaa ggcaaccaaa agagaggtga ataagctgtg     73980
     cttgaccatc acattaaggg tctgaagatg gacgaaaaga ttgctggcat ccattctgtg     74040
     tgcaagtaat gtgtggtctg aggagaacaa cactggcatt gctgctagtg tcaccttaat     74100
     taacctgatt acaacaaaac attactggca ttgtagttaa aatgagattg gccgtaaaag     74160
     tgcctaagaa cgctaacaac tcatggctag attggctgtc atttaagtgg ggaatctgga     74220
     tctactggac ctttactgta gttttacctg tattggggtt gggcctggtg atattatgtt     74280
     gtctgccatg catattcaga tttgtatcat ggtcagttgg cagactgatt acatttacaa     74340
     catcccttca gatggtaaag atggctgtca acaaagaggg tatgaatatt gatatggggg     74400
     atgaatttga ttatgacttt gatgatagca gcagctatgt ggatatgaac aaagaaaacc     74460
     ggtaaacaga ctgagaacag atttaggtga cggctgttac ttaattgaga aaatgttaat     74520
     ggatctgact ttttgtttga attttgagac gactatttgc ttgcttatat gtattttgag     74580
     tctatccaaa caaaaacagc aaactgcatg agttgtatgt tctgtaacaa gtcttaaaag     74640
     agtgatcatt tgcatgaaaa tcgagagaag agtaaaaatg cgatgtatgt ttaagagtac     74700
     acaaacaaca acatgttcct atgtttatga gtattatgat tgaatcaaca atgtagaggg     74760
     ttagtaattt taactgattg acaaatgttt ctgaattttg ttgtgtgaaa ttaatcaata     74820
     atgtgaaaat aacaggcaat ttctgtgatg gaaacctctg aggggtgact gagggtctga     74880
     cttcggtcag gagcgcaata acagtgatta ttcgtttagc ccggctccca gggaagaggg     74940
     atgttttgaa aagtaaatct taatggggaa actatattaa gaagagggtt tgaacatctc     75000
     tagtgtatta atgtgggcag aaacctgtta aatgatttgt gtaaccagtg tgattaatat     75060
     aattggaatg atttttttgt aatcagcatg atcaatataa tcagaatgat atttataact     75120
     agtgtgattt tagaaaaggt gaaaaaaatg aatttgatga tgagttatca atgaatgata     75180
     aaaagagagg aattgtaatg gaaattcatt tttagataag ctttatatgt tagaaacttg     75240
     tctaagactc attattacat atgtgtgtat ctgtgttctc catatgttca tcataaaacc     75300
     tatgtgtaca tttttataga taactatatt tctttaggtg aaagcttttt cattatccta     75360
     agaaggatgt gtggttgtta tgagcatatc gcacgaacag cagaagacgt ctgacgtaat     75420
     tgtagatgag gccttattgg gagttgacct cgtaagcagt acaaactaga taaaaaggtt     75480
     aacacacttt gcttaagtat ctcactctgc agaaactgtt gttgctgtat gactgtgatc     75540
     ttctttataa agaataaaac ttgtaaaaga catcccgggt aagactttgt ttcttgacca     75600
     ctgagagagc ctccttagag aaaatagcca ctacattgtc tctgttccct cctttgttaa     75660
     atgagggtta tgcaaataac tgagatgtta ttgattgtgt agttttcaaa caggggtaag     75720
     gtcctgttgg attatgggta tgaatgtgtt gatgctttca gatatcaaca tcacaatagc     75780
     aaaattgtgt tttacagcaa tatacaccac atgacaacaa acaacagaat gtaaaaaatc     75840
     ctcagagtaa agtttactaa gttcagagtg tatttggtcc ctctctaaat taagcaaaag     75900
     ttactcagca gcggaggtaa agttaatgag acaatgaagg gattgattgt gtgatgatta     75960
     agcactgatg aggaacactt actgttaata aacagaaaca gaagagaagc acaaaactaa     76020
     aactgatttc agtcacagct gtagatgaaa tcaactgata taaaacacat caaatctctc     76080
     aaagtttcag cagaggatca ttaagcaact ccacaaacag cagctttact tattaacaac     76140
     ctgtttggcc tcatttctgc cacataaaat tccatgtagt gatattatta agaactataa     76200
     gtaatttttt taaacaacaa taacaacaaa aacaccactt tgtgttttaa gatgtctaat     76260
     ttatactaga atcatgctag taacatgcta attcatgcta aaatcatgct aacaacatac     76320
     taattcatgc tagaatcatg ctagtgagat gctatgttag tttctcttta tttcccaaat     76380
     agtgtattgt gtcaaatatt gtacaaagag agcaattggg ctctggataa ttgattctgt     76440
     ggtgatttac tcattggtca aatcagtaaa attgaatttg acccactaag tttgaataat     76500
     gttttatcac aaaagtaaca ctgtatcaag aaaataaaat tcagcaatac ttttatcaaa     76560
     ttataaaaca cattaaacat ctcaaacaca cagacataaa caattagcat atgctcctta     76620
     aactgttttt tttttcttct ttcctacagt gcatgctggg aactatggat gaatgttgta     76680
     ttattatctc agcatacgct gcagccaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaacactgtt gatacactga     76740
     ttattgatgt ctgtgtctct aaagtgattc agatgctcaa tgtgttttaa aaatgcatat     76800
     aaccacagct taggcccact ctcttgaaaa cacagaattt tgtttcatat atgattaacc     76860
     accatttacg cataattggc aaagtcaaac ataatctcat ttaactctta tcaagagtaa     76920
     gaattaatac aaaaccagtc attctgatca tagttactct ttttatactt gttgtagtag     76980
     acaaagagaa attgagtcaa agagtccaag taaatcaacc ccttttctcc acgatggtga     77040
     catcaggggg aaaacttttt tttttttttc gttttttttt tttgtaaaat gaaaataact     77100
     aaaacagtta attctcaata aatctcatat ggacttttgt gaacatctga caaaaataaa     77160
     gtcaatcagg taggcaatga gcgaagctgc tgctgcttca cttctgtttc tgcttattaa     77220
     cagcaggtgt ttgtcatcag tgctcaatca tcgcttaatt aactccatca ttgtcttatt     77280
     aacttaaact ctgctgttga gtaaatttta ctcaatttag ggaaataaat ctaaaaagtg     77340
     tggataaaat gcagttgtaa tagtatttgt aatataattt ttcatcaaga gcttgaaaat     77400
     ggcatggcaa aagttaacgt aggcatttaa taaaaggttt aatgtcatgt tgctgtcata     77460
     tatgctggta tgctggatgc cagagcctct ctgattaaaa aaatgccaaa atggacagat     77520
     ttttttttct gtgttgtatg tctcttcacc atacagttta tcaaaggcta taaaatatct     77580
     aattatgatt tgatttaaaa gaagttattg tatttgttta tttatcaagt cttattttat     77640
     gttaagataa gaatcgtata tctttgctgc ctgttaatat gattccccta taattataaa     77700
     ttagttgtta gcaaatatta acaaaatttc cattagtgaa aatagaaacc acagaagagt     77760
     tttaaggtac atacctgctt tatcacggac ggctttgtct ctggttttaa tgtaaaatct     77820
     gcattcagaa tcaacattag atatctcttt ttgcagcaag gaactattgt tccagatttc     77880
     tgcatttttt attccatact ccgtaaaccc tacaaatttc cccagagtgc tgttgaactg     77940
     tgtgactaga tgtttattaa aatagtagtt gtcaataaac accatatcac ttagatcatg     78000
     agaggtgtag atgcatcttg acaactcggt tgcgtaatat tcattagctg aaaaagaata     78060
     tgaaaacatt agtgcaaatc cttttcctct tgaaaatgtt acagtggcat tatttatgtc     78120
     attttgctat attttttgta tatgaatatt ttgtttgata ttgaattatg tttccttcat     78180
     tttactcacc attttcggct ccaatcagta caaatagtgc caatatagga ggacagcatg     78240
     atagttttat tagagacatt ttcttttata ctgaacccca gaatgctgct aggtgtttta     78300
     ttctcatgtg cataagatgg aattctaaga taactggaaa accagtcatt gcaggtatca     78360
     agtgtcaagt gttgctaggc agcatctttt tttcttctgt caagaaagtc aagtcacctt     78420
     tcttttaaag taaactctgc taaacaaagc tccaagcaca aatatcaaag caaaatctga     78480
     ctgttcaatc agttgtataa ataatgcatc tatgcttttt tttttttttt tttttttgca     78540
     aaaacctctt aatccaccaa gaacaagaca gcgtatttaa ttgaaaatca ctaaatatat     78600
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     78660
     atatatatat atatatatat atatataatt agaaattatt tttctaaaca ttaaacaaat     78720
     tacagaaacc acctaaaatt aaaaatacat ctgtcaagta agtggcggtt cattcccctg     78780
     tgataaacca gggaaaaagc agagggaaaa tgaatgaatg aaatctgtta agtaagtgca     78840
     ttaatcaata acattaaaac tgacatgaat tcaatctgaa cactctgttg tcatttctga     78900
     tatttgggat ttaatataag tagagcaatg taaacattgt aaactcagct tgaaatattg     78960
     tagtttacaa catgaaacat caatatcttt gaattgtcta ttaatataaa aagcttatca     79020
     gacgcataga taatattaag taggctaata taaatgtaaa gttttataca ttataattat     79080
     ctttttaaag atagcttaca ttagcagaaa aaacacaagg tacagtaagg tctactaggc     79140
     aaaaagggga tgtccctcag acaattttag aagctgtcat tcattcattc tcaccacact     79200
     caaggtcttg gtttctttca taaaagccat cgtaccagct cggtgctata tattgattga     79260
     acacatatga ttcgattcgt gccttctaat tggttctcag gatatagcca attttgctgt     79320
     caaacaagtt tagcgacttt tgcatacaaa ctgttatttc tgaatgtgct gacactgaga     79380
     tttggataat tagaagcaaa taaagttgtt gatggtttac tacatgccta aaacattcac     79440
     tcacattaat ccagggtcgc cacagcagaa tgaaccgtca actcatccag caagttttta     79500
     cacagcggat gcccttccag ccacaaccca tctctgggaa acatccacac acacatactc     79560
     atacacatac actacggaca atttagccta cccaattcac ctgtactgca tgtctttgga     79620
     ctgtggggga aactggagaa cctgtaggaa acccatgcga aagcagggag aacatgcaaa     79680
     ctccacacag aaacgtcaac tgagccaagt taagtcataa ataatgtaat tatctgatat     79740
     aagttgtttg ggacaatact atagcttctt atgagaggtt acctaattat cattaaaaat     79800
     gaaaaaaaaa aaaaagaatt attgatttat gcccaaaaac tctgagagca ccaacaacat     79860
     ttttaccatt taagaaacac agacttcaag aaacaggata tgaacctcaa acagggttgc     79920
     taaaaaaatt ttaaaaaccc gcgcaattca tttatgccac aatgcatgct gagtgccagc     79980
     acagtacaaa actcccatca tgcatttcag catgaacaga ttcttccttg cagctttttt     80040
     ctgatatttc tgcagattgt tttgtgttgt tttatttatt ttacttttat tttaaattat     80100
     tattattttt ttatttaatt attgttacca atgttgagat tttgatttct gtgtgggttt     80160
     aagttcaaac atctttatta tgaatagtct gacctgttaa actggcattg gggtcaagtt     80220
     ggttttataa ttggacattt agcctttcac ctttataata taatttcaga aatgtattgt     80280
     ttgcaaattc taaatagtga aaccatataa tcaatcaatg actataaaat ataacatttt     80340
     tcacagtcaa ttaaacaatg ctaatgttgt tttgaagtca tacctacatt tcagaccatt     80400
     caaagtaatg ttagagtgga aaagaaaatt gtacttatca aatatactca ctgatcctca     80460
     atctgctttt acacttgaac aactaactat tttactaact atattatcga tgctataaaa     80520
     ggtactacat gaacttgaaa atagtcaaac tttcgcttaa tgttttcagt ggctgaaaaa     80580
     cacctctgta tccattcata aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaacac aattcacata aactttgggt     80640
     gactaaaaca gttttaaaac atacctgtct aaaagtgata cttcagccat ggtgtcaact     80700
     ttaagatcat ggttttaaac tgcataatgt tatttccctc ctgcatgaaa agtaaatgat     80760
     attgattcag gatttagaaa aatgtaattt tgcacttttg acagaagccc ttaaaaaatc     80820
     tttcttttca tggatacaag aaaagaaatg tctttcataa aataggtaat gttgatgcta     80880
     attttgtcag ctgtcattca ttctcattgt cagctgtaca taatcatgct gcacataatg     80940
     tacttgaacc aaaataatta acttgactag aaatttgtgt gaaacccctt gtattaaacc     81000
     attttttaaa caaaactgtc tacatgagat tcactgaaac catgatatct gtctagttat     81060
     cttttaataa aaaaaaaaac ttatcttaac tcacaacttt gtgttggaat atctagtcaa     81120
     ttccatgcat gttcaataaa aaaggtcagg agagagtttt ctttatgtca aaaatattag     81180
     taatttatta gatacaattg actaattagt gtgatactaa gtaatactgt aatactaaaa     81240
     gtagtgtgac cacagcatta ctctgtctag tagtggatta aactaatcaa ctaatttagg     81300
     gactagtgaa tgagcatgca agatgagctt tcagacactc tgctcacttt cttgataaca     81360
     aagcttagat cagttattat taaactactt attttccgta ttttgtccgg aaataagctg     81420
     ttaattattt aacagctttt cacaggagat tgtaccaact gtgtcagatt agtaaaagct     81480
     ggtacaatct acagtgaaaa tatgctgtaa aatcttttga aatatgtgat tagcacatat     81540
     aaagtgttaa agtgttacca cattttcttt gtaaaaaaaa aaataaataa ataaaaatgt     81600
     tttggtttac tgtgtagtta agattagtca gaacgttgag ctaaaaaaca acaaaaatat     81660
     ttctccaaga tacagtgatg tcattgtgtg actcacaatc tgagtggatc atgatgcaaa     81720
     gtctaacaat gctgtttttg ttttacctca aatatttcct taaacgtttg attctcatct     81780
     gtcaagatgg agctgcatat aatcattctc tctctagtat ttgttctctc agctggtact     81840
     gaatgtaagt taaagctttt aattggattg acaacgtttt aaaagtagtg gatataaatt     81900
     taaatgtgaa tattacgttt tttaaaaact tgcttttgtc gtttgtggtt agacagccac     81960
     ataattattt attgcataac attagacaat ttggtttata atttttaacc attaaaacaa     82020
     ataaattaaa aagtgatagt gttgcctcac tgaacacgtt tttttttttt tttttttttt     82080
     ttggtagttt cttaatatta ttaatacact gtaaatctca aaaagttaag gtaactcaaa     82140
     ccatgtgagg aaatcgattg caataaacca tttaaattca aaagctaatc caaatgagta     82200
     ctgtaaaact caatacgtta aggcaactta aaccatttat gaaaccaact gcaacaattt     82260
     gagttaaaaa ctaatctata tgagtactgt aaacttgctc catttaagtt gaagaaatga     82320
     agtatttaat taactcatta ccttcaacac tgagttcaaa ctcttcaaat aaataaaatt     82380
     aactttcagt aaattttgag ttaactacac tcatttcatt tgataaatgt gactgttggg     82440
     ttttacagag tagaaaaaag tgaataagtc caatagtgga tttcaacctc aataaacaac     82500
     ttgaaataag tgtacagttt attttaggga acagagtatt tcatgtagca taaaatatat     82560
     aaatagatct ttgcattttg acttttagct gttttgcatt tagcttgagc ctcacaagat     82620
     tgattctatt catgctacac aaatctgatt aaacatttta ataaatttta tttaagagct     82680
     cttggcagaa ccaaatacct ccaagcagat ggctttcaaa agtatcatcc atttggtggt     82740
     agggttgtcg tggagcaatg tttatgatta aaatcttaca tttcaaaatg ttatttgcaa     82800
     tgccggctaa tagttgctta catcaatttc aatcaaatca aagtcactaa tcgtgacaaa     82860
     tagtcctgca atttgcttta gaactataaa atagataagt aaagtagaga ggctttcagc     82920
     atcaacattg attaaatttc tctctgaaat tatggtttgt actttcggtc acactttatt     82980
     taaatgtaca attcacacta ataacaaatt attaactaag actttttttg ttaaaacaaa     83040
     ctcctactaa taagctgctt ttttagttag taggatatta gttgggttta ggaattgggt     83100
     ataaggatgc aatataacat catactttat aagtgctaat tgttaatatt gactgtaaac     83160
     agttaatatc ttaataaaag gcagataata agtcagtagt aaatagtgtg aaaaactaaa     83220
     atgtcaccat gcttttttta aacttacaaa aaaaatatca gcatctgtgg ttgccagatt     83280
     ttttgtttta aaaaattcta aagctttata gaactgttta aatttacaga aaaaaaaaaa     83340
     aacgtattcc attaatcaat acaatgttca tttacaaaca tttgagatgg tttgttttta     83400
     ttttctgaag ctaaaaaata aaacctaaat caaatcaact gccatttgct tttaaaataa     83460
     tatttatgtc gtaataataa tgtgagcata ttggtattga gctgttatag ctcagttcac     83520
     aaaattgtaa agtcattaaa tgcattaatg tgtttatgtg tgattgcaga tgtgattgca     83580
     gctttggttg ccagtaatct actgttttta acattttaca ttcataaatt caatctacag     83640
     aatatttctt ttaaaaatac attccacagc aggggtggcc aaccctgttc cttgagatct     83700
     accttcccgc agatttcagt tgctacccat atcaaacaca cctgaaccaa ttatttagga     83760
     cctgaacagc acgtggtaat tacaggcagg tgtatttgat atgggttgca actgaaacct     83820
     gcaggaagat agctctggaa cagggttggc catccctgtt caacagtctg tgtttttcat     83880
     cgaacacatt taacccctta aatcccagag caaaatcctc actagtgtcc tcactgcaca     83940
     gggttgaaca ctcagacagt gacgaagtta attaaataat tcagtggcta attagaggag     84000
     gattgagaaa aattgataaa caactgttaa caacagaatc actgaaggaa agaaaaatag     84060
     aaatagcagt caaaatcaaa gattaattca actgaaaata aaactctgaa taaaataata     84120
     tttaataaaa attaaaagaa aattacacaa caaaaattta atttctcaag atttcagcag     84180
     agatcaataa acaactccac aaacatcagg agctttactt attattcacc tttgacttta     84240
     tttctgtcat gtaaacaaaa gctcttaaca aaattgtagt tcatttgaag tcaccataat     84300
     ggaggtcagt ctgctttagt tgcgcttttc aactgggatt tttttttatg ctgtttaaac     84360
     actagctttt attttacatg ctataattaa ttgtcaatca cgctgtttgt ataacatgaa     84420
     aaactaaaag gaaaaataat aaaaaaatat caataaatga atttgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     84480
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgcgcgtgc gcgcacatgc gaatctaatt taaaaacaac aaaaaaagca     84540
     gttgtttaac aaatgcattt tattattttt gatttgtttc agttgaacat gaagcaattc     84600
     aatttcaagt gtgctccaat acagaacaag agttttttat tggatatgat ggagaggaaa     84660
     tatggcatgc tgactttgct cagaagagag gagtcgatac atcaccaaag tttgcagatg     84720
     atgtgacatt ccctgggttt tatgaacgtg ccattcaata tatatctggt tgcaaatcaa     84780
     atttacttgt cttcattaaa agcttcaaga acccaccgcc agaaatgggt aagacatgat     84840
     gtggtaaaaa ttgtaaaaaa aaaaaaatta acacctgacc cccgactagt tcaacgaatc     84900
     aaactatttt ttgataaacc aaaaagataa tcaaattgtt tagtgtgttt tgccataata     84960
     cacagcaatc aagaaaatta tttttagaac atttttagaa acaaatttcg gtgtctgtgc     85020
     caaaatggga caatggtaga tgcccagata gcagatcttc attgatttat cattaaatca     85080
     acaatagaaa ttcaacattg acttttcatc aggtttgcat cctcaaataa tgtctgttca     85140
     atgctgagac tttgagagat ttagtgtttt atattagtag atttaatcta ctgatgtgat     85200
     tgaagtccaa agattatgat agatattttt aatcatcatt tagacactga catcaaacat     85260
     catttggaca ctttgatgga atgtgtattc aactattgct gtttagagtt accttgcaaa     85320
     cctgataaaa actcaaagtt gaagtttcaa ctcatcaatt gtttattcaa tgataattca     85380
     atgaagttct gctttctcag tgcactcacc tgcagtgggc ctgtcaaatg taccaagatc     85440
     acttcgtaga gaaaaatctg tctgttagcc agaggtgttt tggagagttt gcatggctct     85500
     ggcccattat cttctcacga atgccaagac cgacatgtgc cacattttag cttgaattgt     85560
     tttaaacatg cttgtcatta gggaagatat tgaattttat ttgaattcgc agattaaaat     85620
     aagttatcta tttctagatg caccgcagac atccatctat tcaaagggtt atgtacagct     85680
     gggagttcag aacacccttg tctgtcatgt gactggcttc tatcctccgt ttgtcaacat     85740
     ctcatggact aagaataatg ttatcgtgac agagggtatg agattgagtt tgtaccatcc     85800
     gaggttagat ggcaccttca acattttctc cactcttacg ttcatgcctg ctgaaggaga     85860
     catttacagc tgcacagtgg accatgaagc actccagggc caacctcaga ccaaattatg     85920
     gggtgagtat atgtttatat atataaaaga taggagtaca agtatataat tttaatataa     85980
     ttataatcac gcaccaaata ttcatgcatc ttctgatatt tagtcataat gttgttttcc     86040
     agatgttgat gttgtcctcc caagcgttgg tccattagtg ttctgtggag taggtctgac     86100
     tcttggactt ttgggtctgg ctattggaac tttctttatt gttaagggga aaaattgcca     86160
     ctgataatgg aagcaaactt ctgcaaaggt ctctttattg tattgtaacg taacatgata     86220
     gcattatatt gacttagaca attgcataca agcacattca tgtttctgtt ttctgtgact     86280
     ttatgtaaca tgacataaaa ttgtactaaa gatctaaaga tttttaatta aattttctaa     86340
     aaatcattgc attacattta caattcacaa tctactgaca aattcatttg ttaaaaaaaa     86400
     tatatatttt tgttggttgc actattctgg acagtggttt ttggctattt gactttttac     86460
     tttttatgtc ttcttaattt gtttttggat gatgtaaatg tgttgtgaag tggttcaatt     86520
     cactttggcg acccctgatt aataaaggga ctaagccgaa aataaaataa ttgaatgaat     86580
     gtaactgtgt tgattgtcat caaagcatga atcattaaac tttttttttc tttagctatg     86640
     tgaaagacca ctaaccacaa cttgcagaac agggtttttt tatggctgaa catactgacc     86700
     agagcaacaa agctttttga agttttgaat catttgatgc atatgcttca caaaatgatt     86760
     cacactttca aaaactccaa agcacctaat gtggtgacac ctgctggcca aacagtgtaa     86820
     atgcagaaac tttttaaaac tatataactt aaagtggggc gatgcagtgg cacaataggt     86880
     agtgctttcg cctcacagca aaaaggtcgc tgggttgctg gtttgagcat cggctcagtt     86940
     ggagtttctt tgtggagttt gcttgttctc cctgcgttcg tgtgggtttc ctccgggtgc     87000
     tccggtttcc cccacagtcc aaagacaagc ggtacatgtg aattgggtag actaaattgt     87060
     ctgtagttta taagtgtgtg tgtgtctgaa tgtttatgag gatgtttccc agagatgggt     87120
     tgtggctgga agggcatccg ctgcgtaaaa tcttgctgga gaagttggcg gttcattcca     87180
     ctgtggcgac cccggattaa taaagggact aagtcgaaaa gaaaataaat gaatgaataa     87240
     ataaataact ttcagtcatt tgtgtgcttt ttatacagtt ttaattgtaa ttttctggtt     87300
     aagagtaatt aaaatattat ttgaaatgca aagtcaaagt atacagtggt acagaaagca     87360
     ttcagacccc gttacatttt tcactctttg atatattgca gccatttgct aaaatcattt     87420
     gttcatttct gttttctcat taatgtacac aacacctcat attgacagaa aaacacagaa     87480
     ttgttgacat ttttgcagat ttacgtatta caaaaaaaga ctaaaatacc acacggtctt     87540
     aagtatttag accctttgct gtaacactta tatatttaac tcatgggcgg ttcatttctt     87600
     ctgattatcc ttgagattat tctttattta tgtccagctg tgtttgatta tactgattgg     87660
     acttgattag gaaaaccaca cacctacaca atgcaaatca gagcgaatga ggtcaaaaga     87720
     actgctttga agatctcaga aacataactg tggcaaggca cagatctggc caaggtgaca     87780
     aaaatattgc tgcacttaag gtgcctaaga gcaaagtggc ctctataatc cttaaatgaa     87840
     acactttggg atgaccagaa cccttcctat aggcaagatg gtggcgcata cacattacga     87900
     ggctgagcgt ctctccagtt tatgcagttt tgcagtatta ttcctgctta tttcgggtct     87960
     gttcatgcag aacagtagtg cctttacatc gtacacccga caggagatct tggatatttg     88020
     tttgtgcatt ccagacagtt ttattagcaa tcttcaactc atccctgaga ttgccagaac     88080
     acctgaggct gagcggcccg gctggccggg cggatgtgct taaaggcggc gtcgagacgg     88140
     taaacaaagg cgggggtagc acggcaggct aagagctaag ctaaagctaa taccacacag     88200
     gctctcttta cccagcatct ttctggccaa tgtacattca ctggtaacca aaatggatga     88260
     gattcaactg ctcatcaacc acagcaaaat actatcgaac tgtaatgtca tgattttcac     88320
     agaaacatgg ctaccagcgg gataccagac aatgctgtat ttttaactga gcataacaca     88380
     tttcgagcag acagaacggc ggatgacttt gatcagagac attgctctgc taacctggaa     88440
     tttctaatgg ttaaatgtag actattttat ctaccaaggg agttcacatt cactattgta     88500
     actgctgctt atattcctcc tgatgctgat gccaagcttg ttatgaataa acttcatgca     88560
     gccatcagca aacaacagac tgctcaccca gaggcaattt ttattgttgc ggaagatttt     88620
     aatcacacaa acttaaactt attcctcaaa gcatgtgcag aacagctcgc tggggtattt     88680
     acagacattt tcaatccatc acttaaccta gcagctgtgc caacattctt taaaaccacc     88740
     tctattgtgc cagtgccgaa acactgcagc ccaacatgcc tgaatgacta ccgccctgta     88800
     gcactcacac ccatcatcat gaagtgcttc gaacggttgg acctggcaca tctgaaagac     88860
     tctctgccat ccacactgga cccacatcag tttgcctacc gctgcaatag gaacacagaa     88920
     gatgcaactc catagcactg cactctgtac tcacacacct ggaccataaa aacacttatg     88980
     cacgaatgct gtttgttgac ttcacctcag cattcaacac tgtcataccc gcccagttaa     89040
     tgatcaaact tagagacctg gatatcgaca tgtctctctg cagctgggtt atggacttaa     89100
     tcactaacag acctcagaat gttagatcag gccacatctg ctccaccaca cgtcacactc     89160
     aacactggtg taccacagag ctgtgtgctg agccccttcc tctactccct ttttaccatc     89220
     aactgtaggc ctgtgaactg atccaacatc atcatcaaat ttccagatga caccacagtg     89280
     attggactaa tcagcaacaa tgatgagaca gcctaaaggg aggagataca gcatctggcc     89340
     acttggtgca cagacaataa tctgctcttt atcaccaaca agaccagggg cctcattgtg     89400
     gacttcagaa agggatgaac aggttcacgt gatcctatcc acatcaatag gatggtcgtt     89460
     gagcctgtct catctttcaa gttcctgggg acccacatct caaaggacct ttcctggacc     89520
     accaacatct ccagtctggt caagaaggct caccagcgcc tatttttctt aaggcaaatt     89580
     aggaagaacc agctttcatc agccgtcttg gtgaacttct acggctgcac aatagaaagc     89640
     atcctgacca attgcgtcac agtctggtat ggaagctgct ctgttgctga gcgtaaggca     89700
     ttgcagcagg tggtgaaaac ttcccaacgt atcacaggga gcatactgcc agccatagag     89760
     gacatccaga agaaacactg cctgcacgca gtattcttaa ggacaccact cacattgctc     89820
     acagactgtt ttcactcctg ccttccggca ggcgcttcag gctcccccgg ccccccccac     89880
     atttaaattt ttcacatatt cattgcacta cattgcactg atttacttat ttgagctgta     89940
     catacccact gcacatggat ttttgtaatt atgtacacac ccactgtaca tatacatttg     90000
     taatcatgtt tatttatttg cacacttctg attattaata gcaacctgta catatattca     90060
     tttattgtaa atttctgttc atagctaata caacctgtat ataatgttga tagtacatcc     90120
     atctgtgaat atcactatag tttttcaata actgcacttt ataacttata cctgtttcct     90180
     gaacttgctg ctattgcact gctggttaga cctaaaatgc atttcattgc cttgtacttt     90240
     tacatgtgta atgacaataa agttgaattt aatctaatct aatctaatct agagttgttt     90300
     gtctagccaa aaataatcca aaggtcactt tggctgagct cctgagatgc agtcgagaga     90360
     tcggagaaag ttgtagaaag tcaaccaaaa ctgcagccct ccaccagtca gggctttatg     90420
     gcaaactggc ccaacagaaa aagcctgcat ggagtttgct aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaacac     90480
     ctgaaggact ttaagatggt aagaaatgag attctttggt ctgatgagat caagatagaa     90540
     ctttttggcg gtgtgtgtgt gaagaaaact tggcactgat tatccaatac agtcccaaca     90600
     gtaaagcatg gagaatcatg ctgtgtgttt tttttttttt tttttttttc agatgcaggg     90660
     acaggatgac tggttgcaat cgacggaaag atgaattcgg ccaagtacag ggatatcctg     90720
     gacaaaacct tctccagagt gctcaggacc ttagactggg tcaaaggttt acctttcaac     90780
     aagacaatga ccctagcaca cagctaaaat aacaaaggag tggcttcaca acaactttat     90840
     aactgttctt gaatggccca gccagagccc tgacttaaat ccaattgagt atctctggag     90900
     agacttaaaa tggctgtcac aaaagtttac catccaacct gacagaactg gagaggaact     90960
     gcaaggagga ggggtagagg atccccaaat ccagatgtga aaaaaacttc ccaaaaagat     91020
     ttattgctgt attagatcaa aaatatgctc ctactaaata ctgagcaaag agtctgaata     91080
     cttggtacca tgtgatattt cagttttctt ttttaataaa tctgcaaaaa tgtcaataat     91140
     gttttatttg tgtgtttgtc tgtcaatatg ggttgctgcg tgtacattaa tgaggaaaaa     91200
     aaatacttaa attattttag caaatggctg taatgtaaca aagagagaaa aatttaaggg     91260
     ggtcctaata ctttccatac tcattgtaaa tagcaagtga acaaatagat gttccctacc     91320
     agcatatatt aatctaagca aaagaaacca acaccaaata taaaagcaga cacttacgag     91380
     ctataacata gtcactaata actaaatcat tcaggactat ttaaaaaata aagaaattta     91440
     aaaatcacag attctgagct ttgacagaac ataagatgat ttaaattact cgtaaaacag     91500
     atgcaggtgc aggatagcaa gtgcccaaaa tttatagttt ggaatcatat ctctgaatag     91560
     ttttgttgat ctgtaattta aatattttta gcatgaaaca gatggaaata tgacagtttt     91620
     gtgtttatat ggagatccca gtatagctgg cagtttattt tattctttaa aagaaaaaaa     91680
     attatatttc tttttgataa tttttgataa tggtggttca ttcagctctg gcgacccctg     91740
     atatatcagg gaatgatcga ggaaaataag tgagtaaata tttgcttgtc atgctgtcag     91800
     ttattaaaac aatttcagag gccaactgta tagacaataa tgaacaacac tcatattgtc     91860
     atggagcttg agaagcaatc tgctctttat gatcggcata atttacattt taaagtcaac     91920
     agtgcaggca aaggaaaaag cattcttttg aggtccactt cgttttttaa ttatttgaat     91980
     aagtagatta agcatattgc ctaaagttat attgactaaa gctttattgc tttaagctat     92040
     aagctttatt tgtttattgc tgtgtttttg ctgtgattgc catgtgtatc ctgtcaactt     92100
     atgccatcaa attgaaatta atcctatcct ccaattagtc ttccatatta cttttaaact     92160
     acaaaaccct aataaaggga gaagagaaaa gagaaagcat attggatatt atgtagtgga     92220
     actaattagg atttcaacct ctaggtggca gtattaaccc aacattaaat attacaataa     92280
     ttaaaaatat cacactaata aacaaccacg agatggcagt catatcactg tggtgacagc     92340
     ccatggcaga ccaaatagga tactgcattc attaattttc tttttggctt agtcccttta     92400
     ttaatctgga gtcacaacag cggaatgaac cgccaactta tccagcatat gttttgtgca     92460
     gctgatgctc ttccagctac aacccatctt tgggaaacat ccattcacac tcatacacca     92520
     cagacaattt agcttaccca attcactttt accgcatgtc tttggactgt gggggaaacc     92580
     ggagcaccca gaggaaaccg acacgaacgc aggaagaaca tgcaaactcc acacagaaag     92640
     gccgactgac ccagccaagg ctcgaaccag cgaccttttt gctgtgaggc aacaggacta     92700
     cctactgcac cactgcgtcg acccaaatag gatagttttc tttcacaaag acaagaataa     92760
     gaaatctcac agccataaat ggtctcatta gatttcaata taaaacatat tttttaaaga     92820
     agctattgtt aagacaacaa caccaacaac aataagaagt acaataattt atgtaattat     92880
     gtaaaatcat aaataaagat tgttgtataa aacaattact tgactcatct attaaatgtc     92940
     aaacatccat attttattta tttatttaat tatttaaatg tatgaggact atcgtgcagg     93000
     gtaacatgga ggtgtttaat atggttttca aacattaaaa catggggttg tgggtttaaa     93060
     ataatgggta caattatcag gatgacagta actttcacaa gacaaaagaa gttaataatc     93120
     atgtgaattt tgaaaatgga agtatcacaa atctggtgca ggtttggtgt tttgtgctgt     93180
     agagctctgg ggactttcca aaactggttg aactttattg tattgaacat agcgtacaat     93240
     atgtaaacat ttcaaataga aaacatttaa atcaaatgta atgtttttat taaaaaatat     93300
     tcattcattc attttctttt caacatagtc cctttattaa tcaggggtca ccacagcaga     93360
     ataaatcaac aacctatcca gcatatgttt tatgcagcgg atgcccttcc agctgcaacc     93420
     cattactggg aaacacctat acactcccat tcacacacat acattacggc caaatctacc     93480
     cacttcacct ctagtgcatg tcaactccac acagaaatgc caactgaccc caccaaggct     93540
     tgaaacagca atcttcttac tgtgaggcaa cagcactacc cactgcggca cctcattgct     93600
     ctataaaaaa caaatttaat attaagattt ttataaagtt tttatgatat cttcatttat     93660
     atctatataa aatacattac atggtaatga taatgataat taataaccat aaaaataatg     93720
     ataataataa aaaagtcaaa ggaaacaaat aaatcacact gcaacaatat ctttcttatg     93780
     tagttatgta ttggaatttt acatatttat caagcacaaa ataaaactat tatattttaa     93840
     cattgatcat tattatgatc attcatcaat tagtgtttaa gactgaggca ctgtaatttc     93900
     tgctatatta ccaaccctaa gatggcagtc atatcattgt gttttcattg tgaaactttt     93960
     gaactccagg tatttagaaa atgaaaagag atttgtctgt gtatatgtat atcattttta     94020
     atagaaattt tacatttggt ttaagagttt tctaagtaaa atatttacat tatgtgttta     94080
     tataatttca tatttgttta cttgatgcct tagtgttcag tgttgtttta ttatgtcatc     94140
     atcatttcga tgtagttcaa ccagttttgg aaagtcccca gagatccatg gctgtaataa     94200
     acacacccaa cctgcaccag atttgtgaca cttccttttt caaaagtcac atggtaataa     94260
     agaatgtatt tagtcgtctg taaattactg tcatcctgat aatgatactt tcacattatt     94320
     caacttttca taatgtttag taacaattca atgttttaac attttacccg aatggttttc     94380
     atatattttt aaaatgaacg tttgaatgaa tgaatgaatg tatgaatgaa tgaatgaatg     94440
     aatgaatgaa tgaatgaatg aatgaatgaa tgaatgacaa gctttatgag ctgcatattt     94500
     gagttttttt ttttttttct tgtcttgtat gtcaggtttg gcctattcat cagaaagtaa     94560
     acatgctgat gacatttcac aaaataacgc tgacaataaa ctttctctgt ggtttagttt     94620
     tagaggcttg gcatttgata aacaaaacca tggctgagaa ctggtcttga catgttgttc     94680
     ctaaattcct taacaaacta gccaattaaa aaacagcttt ttattatata ttgagtctct     94740
     aggcaaagcg aaatctaaaa ttcagttact taatataaat atcaaatgat gtatcacaat     94800
     taaaagtagc tatttttatc cgattataat atttaattaa gtaatatatc gtaaaattga     94860
     tactctgtcg ttaaccccat aaacggcaaa agttgcaaat atttatgaac ggggatacca     94920
     aatggctcta tatttaaatt ttactgaaaa tgggtattat aatgaaaagt cttaaaacta     94980
     gaataatagc aacaaattgt aataaaatgt gtcatgtttt cattgtttca ttttttactg     95040
     gtagcattgt ttgtgtgaaa aatatcccac aaaccatctt tgaagaagtg atcattcact     95100
     gagagaatag aaacatgtag aagtcacctg tttctaggta gattcttctt cttctttatt     95160
     tttaacagac tgaactgtgt gtctgatgtg atttactgtg tgtaaaatgt gtctaatagt     95220
     cttatagtgg tcacaaaaaa aatctattat atagtttact tttacataaa gtaaagactt     95280
     aaactttacc atatcgtatt ttttattttt tttttatttg taaatctttc aaactagttg     95340
     tcattataaa tgttttaagg atgttgccaa gacaatatga ggacataaaa aaaacttcaa     95400
     taaacaggat tgtattaatc atcaaaagaa aatgcaacta atagagaaca agtcttcatc     95460
     agtagtgttg ccctcgatgg agatcactcc ctgtacactc acctgaacaa tactcccatg     95520
     agagattgtg cagttgaaca aaagactaga ccacatatgt caaactcatt tcctagaggg     95580
     ctgcagctct gcacagttta attccaacca taattatgca caccatttcc agatggaaaa     95640
     tgaaatacaa aaaaaataaa ataaaacaga ttatctcttt taaggccaag caagcggtca     95700
     tttcctttat tcactcaaat acaccaacac tgtcttcttt tttccaagaa cacataatta     95760
     catgtttatc ctccagcaaa catagaatta acaacaatct ttagtggaca gatttgtaat     95820
     atacacaaat ggggatcaag gggaattact ttaccaatga tttgatcagt attttcacct     95880
     caaaatggtt gactttagta aaataaaaaa tttcttctct cgtttacatt tatagcacat     95940
     tttaggaata ttcgggttaa agtgatgcaa cttacagttt tttacaattg ctatgacact     96000
     tttatcaata catttaacaa gtttcctaaa ctcttaacac aactaacaca acatccgtct     96060
     tcgtgggcta tacaattacc acatttcttg ttgttttgac acaaaatgca tccagttaac     96120
     accaatttaa aatgatttaa cttcttttac acacaagcac aaccaagaac aaaaaaatta     96180
     attttaccgt caaatttaca aatgctttaa cacagtatgt cagaacagat aacaccatga     96240
     tctaaacaga aattatatag gataaagtca aagtgaacaa ctgttctaat tgtgaattga     96300
     aacaaatata ttccctgtat tttattcact tgccaatgag aaacagcata ttgcggttat     96360
     aaaaataaat aagtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     96420
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt ttgtgtgtgt atatatatat     96480
     acacacacac acacacacac acacgcacac acgcacatac acacacacac atatatatat     96540
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat acagctgatt cccatctaaa     96600
     aagcacactc atgtcttgtt tttccaatca catgatcata tgtatagagg actcaggaac     96660
     agtgagcgga tcaaagaact ctgtcaccaa tacgtccagg gaagattatg caatacagtc     96720
     attactgtac tatacacagt gtgttttgca gtaaactact ctttaaacct ggagttcatt     96780
     agtacataca gtacatatac agtacagcat ttgcatacac tgtgtctaat tactttcaga     96840
     gagtcatgaa gttagaggcc aatcaagtac cacatgaaat tttcaatgtt gacaaggctg     96900
     gggatgtcgc cgtaggaaaa acataatagg ccaaagggcc acagttaccg tgccaggcca     96960
     cagaagatat caagtatgat gtggatgaga acatgtggca aaagaccggg cagaaaagaa     97020
     gattactttg tttttttatt ataattgtgg tgctttttct gtttgcagtg atgtccttct     97080
     gcaaaaaaag tctgtactgc agaaattctg tgtctgtatt ttttttacat aaactgtaaa     97140
     ttttataaag cattttttgt tcttcgtttt atatataatt tttgcagtga aaaaaaaaaa     97200
     gaaaatgcct gcatttactt aacccaacaa aacaaaacag tgaggagact tcaaatataa     97260
     aggtagagct gacacataaa ctaatgcagt ttctgtaatg tcagctgatg atagtgtttt     97320
     tattgtcagt gtgttctgat tgactgaatg tttatgttgg aagagaacat gtgtttgtgg     97380
     cgtcactgtc tccgttcggt cacatactgc gtgtgcttga agtttggact tgctatttac     97440
     tcgcaattta aatcttaatc ataaaattct tcctcattcg ctaagtattt gtctctccta     97500
     cttagggtga ccaaaccctt aatacattta tacaaacaaa actgctttaa aaacggtctg     97560
     tccctcgagc atccgcctgt tgtttgtagc tttagcctgc tagcgccgct ggtcagctaa     97620
     agctaccgac ctcttttacc atacactttt gacttactgg ctttgctctt taccccgtaa     97680
     aatgtcgctt ccgtctctgt ccttgtgtgc aggagaagca tcgatggagg cattggagct     97740
     ggagctggaa gaagtggagt cccagatccg ggcacttctg agtgagacgg tcgcggctac     97800
     gggaacaact gcttgttgta cctaatgcta aggccgcctc atcatctaag gtacgtggaa     97860
     attacaacca catcattacc tctacctcaa ccccgcgtcc ttctctgtcc aggcccagcg     97920
     cacccggggc gcggctcagc caggcgtcgt tcacgccgac atccggctac cacggcgcct     97980
     gggtgcagcc gcgcaaggtg cttcccagat cccggggcag aacgtctcct cccgtgttcg     98040
     agatctccac ggagaaccgc ttctcccctc tccgcgagta gggtcctgat gtggccatca     98100
     tcggtgactc gatcgttcat caggtccgtg ccgcctcctc aaaaggtaat aaagtacgta     98160
     ctttctgctt tcctggtgcc cgtgtgagaa atatttctac acagattcca accatcctgg     98220
     gtgctgccga gagccctggt gccgttgtcc tccacgtggg gacaaacgac accgggctcc     98280
     ggcagtcgga gatcctgaag aaggacttca ggagcctgat cgagacggtt cgacgcacct     98340
     cgcccgccac gcagatcatc gtttctgggc cgcttcctac ctaccgcaga ggaaatgaaa     98400
     ggttcagtag acttttagct ctgaatgaat ggctaataac atggtgtaaa gaacagaaat     98460
     tgctctttgc taataactgg aatcttttct gggagcgtcc taggctcttc cgtcctgacg     98520
     gcctgcaccc cagtcgagcc ggagctgaac tcctgtcgga caacatctcc agattacttc     98580
     gcaccatctg actagcaggt aaaaattcac aaaattcaca ttatagccac ctagactctt     98640
     gttcacccca cttaaacatc agtaatgcat atctggcgaa tcctatagag actgtgtctg     98700
     ttcctcgtat tattagatta agaaataaac gtactgtgtg ctccagaaaa aatctagtaa     98760
     gaatcaaacc agaaaaacca gttgaaagtg aaaatactaa tttcgtaaaa cttggtctcc     98820
     taaacatcag gtcacttgca cctaaagcac ttatcattaa tgaaataata acagaaaaca     98880
     atcttaatgc actctgtctc actgaaacct ggctgaaaca aaatgactat attagcttaa     98940
     atgaagcaac tcctccagga ttcttattta aacatgaggc tcgtcaaact ggtcgtggtt     99000
     gtggagttgc atcaatcttt agtgatttcc ttaatattaa acagagaaac agacttatgt     99060
     ttagctcctt tgaagtatta tcgcttaatg ttcagattcc agatactatg caaaaaccta     99120
     tgttatctct cgcttcaatc accatatata gacccccagg accctatgtc aaatttctaa     99180
     aagaattttc ttattttatt tctgacttac tagtcaaaac tgataaaatg ctaattgtag     99240
     gtgactttaa catccacata gatgacgcta atgatacatt agggctcgcg tttatggatt     99300
     taatacactc acttgggata aagcaaaacg ttgtgggtcc aacccatcgc ttaaagcata     99360
     cattagatct aattctgtct tatggaatcg aggttattga cgtagacatt ataccacaaa     99420
     gtgatgatat tacagatcac tacctcttac tatataagct gtgtttacct gaaatcagca     99480
     aacccgctcc aatactccgc cctagtagaa ctattgttct gtcaactaaa gatgaattta     99540
     taaataactt acctgatctt tctctatttc gtaatgcacc cgcaaactca aatgatcttg     99600
     atgtagtaac cagcagtatg gatgccatct ttactagcac actaaatact gtggcaccca     99660
     tcaaattaaa aaaggctagt gagatttaaa ctataccatg gtataatagt catactcgtg     99720
     cgctcaaaac agcaacccgt gccctggaac gtaaatggaa aaaaactaat ttaaaggtct     99780
     ttagaattgc atacaaagac agtatgtcca gctataggag ggctctaaaa tctgccagga     99840
     ccgagcacct gcgcaaactg atagaaaata atcataacaa tcctagattt ttatttaaca     99900
     tcatctctaa attagcaaat aatcggtcat ccttggaaca aactactcca ccgcaaatta     99960
     gtagtgatga ctccatgaat tttttcagta ataaaataga aggctttaga cagaaaatag    100020
     gagatgccaa actttctgct ccggcttata ctccaaatcc tgtaaatatt tcattgaatc    100080
     ataataataa cctacactgc ttcaaaatca tagaacatga agagttagta aaaattataa    100140
     atagctctaa accagctacg tgtatgctgg actcaattcc aacaaaatta ctgaaagagc    100200
     tgctacctgc tatagaagaa cctcttctta acattatcaa ctcttcttta tctataggcc    100260
     atgttccaaa ctcttacaag ctagctgtta ttaagcctat tattaagaaa ccgcaactag    100320
     acaccaacaa cttagctaac tataggccta tttcaaatct tccatttatg tctaaaatac    100380
     tagaaaaagc tgtttccact caattatgct ctcttctgca gacgaacaat atttttgaag    100440
     tgtttcagtc aggtttcagg gctcaccaca gtacagaaac cgccttagtg aaaataacca    100500
     atgatttact cttagctgct gaccgagggt gcgtctccct attagtttta ctcgatctta    100560
     gtgcagcatt tgataccatt gaccacaata tcctcataaa tcgcttaaag tctacaggtg    100620
     tccagggaca ggctctacaa tggtttaagt catacttaac tgaccgctac cagtttgtga    100680
     atattaatgg acagccttca caagtcagcc cagtaaagta tggggtgcct caaggatcag    100740
     ttttaggccc ttttaggccc tctgggagac attattagaa gacatgggat cagctttcac    100800
     tgctatgcag atgatactca attatatatt tcaactaaac ctgacgagac gtctgaactt    100860
     tctaaactaa ctgagtgtat caaagacatc aaagactgga tgaccaacaa ttttcttctc    100920
     ttaaactccg acaaaacaga tttattactt attgggccta aatcttgcac acagcagatc    100980
     tcgcaactca atttacaatt agagggatac aaagttagtt ttagctctac tataaaagat    101040
     ctgggtgtca tattagacag caatctaact tttgaaaatc atatatccca tgtcacaaaa    101100
     actgccttct ttcatctgag aaatatcgct aaattacgaa atatgctatc catcttagat    101160
     gcagaaaagc tagtccatgc ttttatgact tcgagactgg attactgtaa tgctctattt    101220
     gctggctgcc cagcatcctc tgttaacaaa cttcaattag tacaaaatgc agcagccaga    101280
     gttctgacca ggtctagaaa atatgatcat ttaaccccaa ttttatcctc cttacactgg    101340
     ctgcctgtta agtttcgtat tgaatttaaa atattacttc tcacctataa agctctaaat    101400
     aatctagctc ctgtttatct aaccaacctt ctgtctcgct acaaaccaac tcgctcttta    101460
     agatcttaaa attcagggct tctggtagta cctagaatag caaaatcaag taaaggaggt    101520
     cgagtcttct ctttcatggc tcctacacac tggaatagcc tttctgataa cgtccgaggc    101580
     tcagacacac tctcccagtt caaaactaga ttaaacacct atctgtttag taaagcatac    101640
     actcaatgca tcacctagcg ggttccacac tggcttctgc atcttgctta tatgcactat    101700
     gaacagcagc tacgctaatt attttcttta ttctctattt tcacctgggg atactcatcc    101760
     cgaggtcctc agattatgcg gagtcactga ttggatccaa gaccagcgac gtgatgatcc    101820
     caaggattcc atatccggga ccaggccata tcctgagctg ctgctgcgct gatggtcgtg    101880
     gggagtggag aacatgagtc tgattccagc gacgctccag ggacagacga gtcttcgctg    101940
     aggccatctt ccagcctaaa ccacggcgaa tgaagctctg cacaagactt ttggccagcg    102000
     gagaaattaa aatggtcgtg cccaattgag tctggttctc tcaaggtttt ttttcttcac    102060
     tcccatcagg tgaagttttt ttttccctct ccgctgtcgc cactgcctcg catggttcag    102120
     gattggtaga gctacgcatc gatgaattgg ctcttcggtg tttgaactct cagtaatgat    102180
     taaatcacac tgaactgagc taaactgaac tgaactgaac ttatgtgaag ctgctttgac    102240
     acaatctaca ttgtaaaagc gctatacaaa taaagctgaa ttgaatttaa ttgaattgtt    102300
     ctgaacaata atttcatttt gaaacatgtt tgtagtgttt tgttagacat agtgttattg    102360
     tgttcgttta ttattgtatt ttgaaaagta gtttagaggt tcagtttaca atgtgtcatt    102420
     ttgagcatga aattaactgt tttgccaatt gtgtgtttta ggtgtgttgc tgcgttaaga    102480
     gtttagcaaa cttgttaaat gtattgaaaa aactgtcata accattgtaa aaaaactgta    102540
     acaagccgtt tactgctaat ttgatgtaat tctgctcaca tggataattg aatattaatc    102600
     agatgatgtc attacgctgc tgtgccgtca gccgatcgtt gcattgctga tcatgatttc    102660
     gaggatcgat ctgtccttca caacacacgc agcgatctca gatcagttca tccagacatt    102720
     ctaatctgat tcgcgaattt gtttgaagaa ccaaattagc gagagatcag ttatcaagat    102780
     taaaagatcc aggatctgcc aaataatctt agatcattta agcgaggtac gaagaacgga    102840
     ccccagtgca aaagtggtat tgttttaatc agaagttgat agtttttggt taatttatta    102900
     agattgtgtc attttacaga tttttacaat ggctatgaca gttttttcaa tacatttaac    102960
     tagtttgcta aactcttaac gcagcaacac acctaaaaca cacaattgac aaaacagtta    103020
     attttatgct cgaaatcaca cattgtaaac taaacctcta aactactttt caaaatacaa    103080
     taataaacaa acacactaca ccatgggtcc gttcttcgta cttcagatat cagattagaa    103140
     tgtctggata aactgatctg agatcgctgc gtgtgttgtg aaggacagat ctatcgatcc    103200
     tcgaaatcat gatcagcaat gcaacgattg gctgacggca cagcagcgta atgacatcat    103260
     ctgattaata ttcaattatc catgtgagca aaattacatc aaattagcag taaatggttt    103320
     gttaaatatg acacgcaata accttccaca tttgttgtga gctgcaggct ttacactttc    103380
     atgtgtcaag tgtattcatc atgtatttca atgcaaatca atatatttag ttccacattt    103440
     agaaaatatt ttctttatta tagtagccgt tttttaatcg gtgtaaagaa taactggttg    103500
     tttaaaaaaa gcgttttcat attggtaaag gcgtctgcaa cttttgtgaa gcatcaaatc    103560
     actggcatat tacagttttt tacaattgct atgacacttt tatcaataca tttaacaagt    103620
     ttcctaaact cttaacacag ttagcacaac atccgtcttc gtgggctata caattaacac    103680
     atttcttgtt gttttgacag aaaatgcatc cagttaacac aaatttaaaa tgctttaact    103740
     tcttttacac acaagcacaa ccaagaacaa aacaatgtaa ttttacagtc aaatttgcaa    103800
     atgctttaac acagtatgtc agaacagata ataccatgtt ctaaacagaa attatatagg    103860
     ataaagtcaa agtgaacagc tgttctaatt gtgaattgaa acacaaattt attccctgta    103920
     ttttattcaa ttgccaatat gaaacagcat attgcggtta taaaaataaa taaataaatg    103980
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta    104040
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatataac tgcaatatgc tgtttctcat tggcaactga    104100
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    104160
     tatatatata aaaccgcaat atgagtctct catgtatata tacagtatat atatatatat    104220
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    104280
     gacagctgat tcccatctag aaagcacact catgtcttgt tttggttttt ccaatcacat    104340
     aatcatatgt tctaatagag gactcttgag gtttttgaaa ggaacagtga gcgcatcaaa    104400
     gaactctgtc cccaatacgt ccatgtaaga ttatgcaata cagtcattag tgtactatac    104460
     acagtgtgtt ttgcagtaaa ctactcttta aacctggagt tcattagtac atacagtaca    104520
     tatacagtac agcatttgca tacactgtgt ctaattactt tcagagagtc atgaagttag    104580
     aggccaatca agtaccacat gacattttca atgttgacaa ggctggggat gtcgccgtag    104640
     gaaaaacata ataggccaaa gggccacagt taccgtgccg ggccacagaa gatatcaagt    104700
     taatgtggat gagaacatgt ggcaaaagac cgggcagaaa agaagattac tttgttattt    104760
     tattatagtt gtggtgcttt ttctgtttgc agtgatgtcc ttctgcaaaa aaagtctgta    104820
     ctgcagaaat tttgtgtctg tatttttttt tacataaact gtaaatttta taaagcaatt    104880
     ttttttctac gttttgtata gaacttttgc cgtaaacgaa agaaaatgca tgcatttact    104940
     taacccaacg aaacaaaact gtaacgagac ttcaaatata agggcagagc tgacacataa    105000
     actaatggag tttctgtaat gtcagctgat gatagtgttt ttattgtcag tgtgttctga    105060
     ttgactgaat gtttatgttg gaagagaaca tgtgtttgtg ttttaaacaa taatttcatt    105120
     ttgaaacatg attgcagtat tttgttagac atggggtccg ttcttcgtac ctcgcttaaa    105180
     ttatctaaga ttatttggca gatcccggat cttttaatct tgataactga tctctcgcta    105240
     atttggttct tcaaacgagt tcgcgaatca gattagaatg tctggatgaa ctgatctgag    105300
     atcgctgcgt gtgttgtgaa ggacagatct atcgatcctc gaaatcatga tcagcaatgc    105360
     aacgattggc tgacggcaca gcagcgtaat gacatcatct gattaatatt caattatcca    105420
     tgtgagcaaa tttacatcaa attagcagta aacggcttga catgcaataa ccttccacat    105480
     ttgttgtgag ctgcaggctt tccacgttca tgtgtcaagt gtattcatca tgtatttcaa    105540
     tgcaaatcaa tatatttagt tccacattta gaaaatattt tctttattat agtagccgtt    105600
     ttttaatcgg tgtaaagaat aactggttgt ttacaaaagc atttttatat tggtaaaagt    105660
     gtctgcaact tttgtgaagc atcaaatcac cggcatatta gctatcaaaa catgtttatg    105720
     actgcataaa tgtattattg ctttaaaaaa agtcacatat tgtgcatttc tattatacac    105780
     aatttgtact aaagcgatct aaaaagttca tatcaataag ttttctcttt gcaccaccag    105840
     gtggcagtct ttgtacttta atttctaggg tgcagatttc atacgtttta ttaatatgta    105900
     taacttaatt tattttatta atgactataa ctttatatat atatatatat atatatatat    105960
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatagttta aaagtgtata taactactac    106020
     tgtaagaaaa tatcagaatt cggaacatac tttctgcatt atctttgctt gaactaagcc    106080
     gatctaatcc tgtttatatg acttgaactt gctcccgatc aggtttaagc tagcagaact    106140
     gttgctatga taacaactct cggatcagct ttgaagaacg aaatgatcct ggatagtgtc    106200
     aaatcgtcaa catccaaatc cagctaaccg agtaatccac gtacgaagaa cggacccatg    106260
     gtgtagtgtg tttgtttatt attgtatttt gaaaagtagt ttagaggttt agtttataat    106320
     gtttgatttt gagcataaaa ttaactgttt tgccaattgt gtattttagg tgtgttgctg    106380
     cattaagagt ttagcaaact tgttaaatgt attgaaaaaa agtgtcatag ccattgtaaa    106440
     aaactgtata tataataatt agtgctgtca atcgattaaa aaaaattaac aaattaatca    106500
     cacttcttaa aaaaaattaa tcgcgattaa tcgcatttaa aagactgaaa cttgtaattt    106560
     tggctattcg agtgtaaaat ttatgtaaac gcaagacgaa tactatttaa attcaaaata    106620
     taatttatta ttagaatttt tgtttaactt gtaacacaga tttcttcatg taaacaatat    106680
     acccaaaata aaccatcaag atcctggctt gacagccata tttattacag acattaaaac    106740
     acaggcatgt taatgacatt taaatttcaa aacaatcaat gcccataaag aaaacattga    106800
     tttccatgtt ggattctaag tggactgcaa aaaaatgcca aaatacagga attgcagata    106860
     tggaaaatga aaaattataa taataaacta tagaatacaa actgttgcac tcattgtaaa    106920
     gttttattgc tgtgagttga gaacattagt tatagagtag aaacaatttt gcttaatcct    106980
     ccttcacatt catccagttg ctaagcctag gagtatcctg caagtgcaca gagactccca    107040
     aatgcccgca aatgaatgat aatttcttgc aaaccggtcg ttaaatacat tgcacacccc    107100
     tctcgcccct actcagatat gtcgctcact ccacccctga cacccctcaa cgggcctgac    107160
     acagacacac acacatacag acacacacaa cgcgctgtag acgttttggc cccaacggcc    107220
     ttccatactg gagcgactcc cctcaagatt caacacgcat gatcacgttc atcaaatttg    107280
     cttaaactaa gctccctaaa gtattactgt atttcccaag gattctgaca caacaatgcg    107340
     aagtatacgc tttcgttgcg tttaatgagg aaacacgcta aacttggagg gctcatgctg    107400
     aaaggcagag taatgccctg tctttgacag ctcgcgactt caccagacgt actgagtaca    107460
     tttacgtaag acaccaatac cataatttta ttatgattaa gataatactc ttaagattct    107520
     accgtgtaag gaaccttaaa aggaacctta ccttaaagga acaccgagtc acaaaatgcg    107580
     gaggattttc tttctgttcg ccatgcggta tcaacttaca acagatgtcg aaagttaaaa    107640
     atgaaacacc cgaaattgca tgaaattctg gataacctgt gatgtaccta attgttttat    107700
     actggaactt gccttcaaaa agtacttcct tggtcttatc cacatttatt gcatgttgaa    107760
     cacacgtcca ccacaacagg aagtaaaaaa acctgcatgc gttaattgcg ttaatttgtt    107820
     ttaacgcgtt aattaattta aattaatcgc atgcgttaac gcgttaattt tgacagcgct    107880
     aatatatata tatatatata tattaattgt atttcaattg aaatatagaa cctatataac    107940
     ctatataggt tctgtttaga acatggtatt atctgacata ccgtgtgaaa gcattggtaa    108000
     actggaccgt aaaattgcat tgttttggtt ttggctgagt tttggtgtaa acgaagttca    108060
     agcattttaa attagtgtta actggatgca ttgacacaaa atgcatccag ttaacactaa    108120
     tttaaaaagc ttaaacttat atttacattt agtcatttag cagacgcttt tttttccaaa    108180
     gcaacttaca aatgaagaca aggaagcaat ttacacaact ataagagcaa caatgaataa    108240
     gtgctatagg caagtttcag gtgtgtaaag tctaagaagg aaagcatttt tttttttttt    108300
     ttgggtacag ttactgtgat atccagagag gcaattgcag attaggaagt gaagtggaga    108360
     ctaaatagtt gagtttttag ttgtttcttg aaaacagcga gtgactctgc agttctgatg    108420
     cagttaggga gttcattcca ccaactgggc agattgaacg caagcgttcg ggaaagtgat    108480
     ttctttcctc tttgggatgg aaccacgagg caacgttcat ttacagaacg caagtttctg    108540
     gagagcacat agataagaag gagcaaagcc agaagtcgct ttgtaggcaa acatcggagc    108600
     tttgaatttg atgcgagcag caactggcag ccagtgcaaa cggatgagca gcggagtgac    108660
     atgtgctctt ttaggttcat taaagaccac tcgtgctgct gcgttctgga gcagctgaag    108720
     aggcttgata gagttagctg gaagccccac tagtagagag ttgcagtaat ccagtctgga    108780
     gagaacaaga gcttgaacaa ggagttgagc tgcatgttca gataagaagg gtcggatcat    108840
     tctgatgtta tagagtgcga atctgcttga tcgagcagtt ctagaaatgt ggtcagagaa    108900
     gtttagttag tcatcgatcg ttactccaag gcttttcacc attttggatg cagtaatgtt    108960
     tgccccatcc atcgggattg aaaagttatg gtgtagagtc gggttggcag aaactacaag    109020
     catttccgtt ttcgcaaggt taagctgaag atgataatct ttcatccagt gtgaaatgtc    109080
     caacaggcag gctgagatac gagctggaac cgagggatca tcaggatgaa aagagaggta    109140
     tagctgggta tcatcagcat agcagtgtta ggaaaatcca tgttttctgg atgactggtc    109200
     ctagagatgt cgtgtagatg gagaagagaa gtggcccaag aacagagcct tgaggtaccc    109260
     cagtgtttag atgctgtaag ttggacacct ctcccctcca agacaccctg aatgacctgt    109320
     cagagaggta agatctgaac cattgtaaaa cagtgccatc aacgcccagt gactcgagcg    109380
     tagatagcag gatctggtgg tttacagtgt caaaagcagc tgacaagtcc agcaaaatga    109440
     ggacattttg aaagaaagaa gaagacagaa tagtttggta tgttaagagc tgtgcaggat    109500
     ttttagtttt ccgccaaatt ctctctgcag cccgaagttt tgagcgatgc tcacggagag    109560
     catccgagag ccagggtgca ggaggactgg catgggctgg cctggatgta agaggacata    109620
     atctgtctag acataatgct agtgtggagc agagtgtatc agtggcactg ttcgtatcaa    109680
     gtgcagagag tttgcaagat ggaggaagag agtctgaaac aatggtggat agtctattgg    109740
     gtgagagaga gcgtaggttt ctgcgaaagg caaccattgt tggagtgtgc ggcggctcag    109800
     gagtaatgtg gatgttgaga gacagaagga aatgatccca tatttgtagt ggagttacta    109860
     gtgtttgatc agcaaagcaa tgtcgtgtgt aaataaggtt tagctgatta cctgatttgt    109920
     gagaagcaga agtaggtgct tttttgaggt caaaagaggc aagcagagtc ttaaagtcag    109980
     cagcttgagg tctttcaatg tgaatgttga agtcacctag cagcaacaag ggagtgtcat    110040
     aattagaaaa agatgagaga agaacatcca gttcatctaa taagtgacct aatgtacccg    110100
     gtgggcggta gatgacgacc acatttatgt agaaggggtg gatattggtg actgcatgga    110160
     attcaaagga gctgattgct ggcagggacg gtctacgagt aaattccatt ctttggaaat    110220
     cagtagtcca gttccacccc ctctccctgt cttctttaaa cgttgtgtga acttctttta    110280
     cacacaagct caaccaagac caaaacaatg taattttaaa gataaattta caaatgcttt    110340
     gatacagtat gtcagaacag aaataggcta aagtcaaagt gaacagctgt ttatattatg    110400
     aattgaaact atatatatta attattaatt atatatattg aatgatatat atacagctga    110460
     ttcccatcta gaaaccacac tcatgtgttg agattttcca atcacatgat catatgttct    110520
     aaaagagaac ccttgaggtt tttaaaagga acagagagca cataaaactc cgtcaccaat    110580
     acgtccagat aaggctatgc aatacagtca atactgtact atacacagtg tgttttgcaa    110640
     taaactaacc tagactgcat tagtacatac attagttata cagtacagta cagcatttac    110700
     atacagaata gaagattact ttgtttttgt ttttttatta taattgctgt gctttttctc    110760
     tgtgtatata ttgcagtgat gtccttttgc aaataaagtc tgtactgcag taattctgtg    110820
     tctgtatttt tttaatttct tttacacaaa ctgtacattt tataaagcta ctctgtcgtt    110880
     cattttttgt attgaatttc tgcagcaaaa gaagtcaaat gcctgcattt actaaaccca    110940
     acaaaaccaa aatgtagaga ggtttcagat ataagagcag aactgacacc taaaataatg    111000
     cagtttctat aatgtcagct gacgatagtg tttttattgt ccagtgtgtt ctgattgact    111060
     aaatgtttct gttggaaaag aacatgtgtt agtgttttga atcgttattt cattttgaaa    111120
     catgtttgca gtgttttgtt agacatggtg tgttgtgttt gtttatattt gtattttgga    111180
     cattagttta gatgtttagg ttataatgtg tgattttgag cattaaatta actgttttgc    111240
     caattgtgtg ttttaggtga gttgctgcgt taagagtttg tgtattgaaa aaactgcata    111300
     gccattgtaa aaaaactgta ataaaaaagg gcaataggaa ggaatgtgat tatggctaca    111360
     gtgttctgtc aagatcctct caaacttatg aacttgcatt ctcaatctca acagaatgtt    111420
     tgttcaatgg gatc                                                      111434