EBI Dbfetch

ID   AL590522; SV 7; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 211776 BP.
AC   AL590522;
DT   11-APR-2001 (Rel. 67, Created)
DT   15-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 21)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-117C5 on chromosome 13 Contains the
DE   Prlpc2, Prlpe and Prlpf genes for prolactin-like proteins C2 (
DE   1600019F10RIK, Prlpc beta), E (Prlpg) and F (Plp-f), and genes
DE   1600032B14RIK, 1600017L04RIK (3830403L08RIK) and 1600014J19RIK for novel
DE   proteins similar to prolactin
KW   1600017L04RIK; 1600019F10RIK; 1600032B14RIK; 3830403L08RIK 1600014J19RIK;
KW   HTG; Prlpc beta; Prlpc2; Prlpe; Prlpf; Prlpg; prolactin.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Sciurognathi; Muroidea;
OC   Muridae; Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-211776
RA   Holt K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL Clone requests: Geneservice ( and
RL   BACPAC Resources (
DR   MD5; b25d7af6e6c9e98bdbbbec49c73584f8.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456164.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000006488; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000006490; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000019756; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000021346; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000021347; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000046899; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL590522.7:1-211776; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000006659; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000006660; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000006662; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000006664; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000018389; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000080595; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000095924; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000095926; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000110350; mus_musculus.
CC   Genome Center
CC   Center: UK Medical Research Council
CC   Center code: UK-MRC
CC   Web site:
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence.  Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone RP23-117C5. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap
CC   The true left end of clone RP23-117C5 is at 1 in this sequence
CC   The true right end of clone RP23-142M3 is at 66483 in this sequence
CC   The true right end of clone RP23-117C5 is at 211776 in this sequence
CC   RP23-117C5 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong
CC   For further details see
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..211776
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="13"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-117C5"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    2001..211776
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   polyA_site      complement(35914)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(35914..36316,37302..37481,38516..38623,
FT                   39389..39427,40385..40563,42070..42161))
FT                   /gene="Prl8a8"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-117C5.4-001"
FT                   /product="prolactin family 8, subfamily a, member 81"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AB009889.1 Em:AK005568.1
FT                   Em:BE136200 Em:U93351.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AA801416 Em:AV034099 Em:BE135406"
FT   polyA_signal    complement(35927..35932)
FT   CDS             complement(join(36128..36316,37302..37481,38516..38623,
FT                   39389..39427,40385..40563,42070..42100))
FT                   /gene="Prl8a8"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-117C5.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTMUSP00000000593"
FT                   /product="prolactin family 8, subfamily a, member 81"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q9DAS4 Tr:O08627"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q9DAS4"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001400"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009079"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR012351"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:1921438"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q9DAS4"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI23980.1"
FT   misc_feature    64483
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: RP23-142M3"
FT   misc_feature    67874..68050
FT                   /note="Sequence from clone PCR only"
FT   polyA_site      complement(86955)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(86955..87285,88230..88409,89446..89553,
FT                   90503..90541,91360..91538,93462..93550))
FT                   /gene="Prl8a9"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-117C5.1-001"
FT                   /product="prolactin family8, subfamily a, member 9"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF158744.1 Em:AK005409.1
FT                   Em:AK005494.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AV033945 Em:AW921417 Em:BB564141
FT                   Em:BI278861 Em:BI285909"
FT   polyA_signal    complement(86974..86979)
FT   CDS             complement(join(87097..87285,88230..88409,89446..89553,
FT                   90503..90541,91360..91538,93462..93492))
FT                   /gene="Prl8a9"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-117C5.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTMUSP00000000589"
FT                   /product="prolactin family8, subfamily a, member 9"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q920I0 Sw:Q920I0 Sw:Q9CQ58"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q9CQ58"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001400"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009079"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR012351"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:1914560"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q9CQ58"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI23981.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(102868..103136,104465..104644,
FT                   105840..105947,107569..107607,108582..108757,
FT                   111026..111117))
FT                   /gene="Prl8a1"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-117C5.5-002"
FT                   /product="prolactin family 8, subfamily a, member 1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF011385.1 Em:AF015729.1
FT                   Em:AK005485.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AA107300 Em:AV036248 Em:BG064136"
FT   CDS             complement(join(102948..103136,104465..104644,
FT                   105840..105947,107569..107607,108582..108757,
FT                   111026..111056))
FT                   /gene="Prl8a1"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-117C5.5-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTMUSP00000000595"
FT                   /product="prolactin family 8, subfamily a, member 1"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:O35258 Tr:O54832 Tr:Q63545
FT                   Tr:Q9DAV8"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q9DAV8"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001400"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009079"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR012351"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:1920494"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q9DAV8"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI23982.1"
FT                   YTKFHLRTLKCRITGKDC"
FT   polyA_site      complement(103378)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(103378..104644,105840..105947,
FT                   107569..107607,108582..108757,111026..111117))
FT                   /gene="Prl8a1"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-117C5.5-001"
FT                   /product="prolactin family 8, subfamily a, member 1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AK014414.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AA107300 Em:AV036248 Em:BG064136"
FT   polyA_signal    complement(103402..103407)
FT   CDS             complement(join(104369..104644,105840..105947,
FT                   107569..107607,108582..108757,111026..111056))
FT                   /gene="Prl8a1"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-117C5.5-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTMUSP00000000594"
FT                   /product="prolactin family 8, subfamily a, member 1"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:O35258 Tr:O54832 Tr:Q63545
FT                   Tr:Q9D6C4"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:J3JS25"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001400"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009079"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR012351"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:1920494"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:J3JS25"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI23983.1"
FT   polyA_site      complement(130765)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(130765..131095,131657..131836,
FT                   133463..133570,135109..135147,135840..136015,
FT                   139438..139528))
FT                   /gene="Prl7b1"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-117C5.6-001"
FT                   /product="prolactin family 7, subfamily b, member 1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF139809.1 Em:AK005458.1
FT                   Em:K03237.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BI274659 Em:BI285796"
FT   polyA_signal    complement(130785..130790)
FT   polyA_signal    complement(130792..130797)
FT   CDS             complement(join(130874..131095,131657..131836,
FT                   133463..133570,135109..135147,135840..136015,
FT                   139438..139468))
FT                   /gene="Prl7b1"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-117C5.6-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTMUSP00000000596"
FT                   /product="prolactin family 7, subfamily b, member 1"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q8CGZ9"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q8CGZ9"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001400"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009079"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR012351"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR018116"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:1922846"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q8CGZ9"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI23984.1"
FT   polyA_site      complement(162326)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(162326..162646,164637..164816,
FT                   166499..166609,168027..168065,168797..168835,
FT                   169587..169765,171366..171410))
FT                   /gene="Prl7a1"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-117C5.2-001"
FT                   /product="prolactin family 7, subfamily a, member 1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF020525.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BG063552 Em:BG077016"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(162326..162646,164637..164816,
FT                   166499..166609,168027..168065,168797..168835,
FT                   169587..169762,171366..171420))
FT                   /gene="Prl7a1"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-117C5.2-002"
FT                   /product="prolactin family 7, subfamily a, member 1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF011381.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BG063552 Em:BG077016"
FT   polyA_signal    complement(162340..162345)
FT   CDS             complement(join(162425..162646,164637..164816,
FT                   166499..166609,168027..168065,168797..168835,
FT                   169587..169765,171366..171396))
FT                   /gene="Prl7a1"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-117C5.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTMUSP00000000590"
FT                   /product="prolactin family 7, subfamily a, member 1"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O54830"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:O54830"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001400"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009079"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR012351"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR018116"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:1206572"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:O54830"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI23985.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(162425..162646,164637..164816,
FT                   166499..166609,168027..168065,168797..168835,
FT                   169587..169762,171366..171396))
FT                   /gene="Prl7a1"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-117C5.2-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTMUSP00000000591"
FT                   /product="prolactin family 7, subfamily a, member 1"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O54830"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:O54830"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001400"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009079"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR012351"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR018116"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:1206572"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:O54830"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI23986.1"
FT   polyA_site      complement(187902)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(187902..188227,189811..189990,
FT                   191618..191725,194002..194040,194824..195002,
FT                   196910..196982))
FT                   /gene="Prl7a2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-117C5.3-001"
FT                   /product="prolactin family 7, subfamily a, member 2"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF011382.1 Em:AF020524.1
FT                   Em:AK005455.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AA013842 Em:AI179866 Em:BB564219"
FT   polyA_signal    complement(187919..187924)
FT   polyA_signal    complement(187925..187930)
FT   CDS             complement(join(188003..188227,189811..189990,
FT                   191618..191725,194002..194040,194824..195002,
FT                   196910..196940))
FT                   /gene="Prl7a2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-117C5.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTMUSP00000000592"
FT                   /product="prolactin family 7, subfamily a, member 2"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O54831 Tr:O35333"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:O54831"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001400"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009079"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR012351"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR018116"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:1206571"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:O54831"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI23987.1"
FT   misc_feature    209776
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: RP23-117C5"
SQ   Sequence 211776 BP; 65006 A; 39280 C; 38065 G; 69425 T; 0 other;
     gaattcttgt agccttaagg caggtgggtc taagtttgct gtccattaat gtctctttca        60
     gggtcatgtc actcaaagga aaagtatttc tggcttttgg tagccaaggg taagctgaag       120
     aaaacatctt ttaggtccgg aacagaatac catttctgat ccggagatag agagctcaaa       180
     agagtataag ggttagctac agttgggtgt atgtctatca cactgtggtt aacttcccgt       240
     agatcttgga cggggtagta gtcattggac tttggcttct tcacaggcaa taatggggtg       300
     ttctaggctg actggcatga cctaaggact cttaaggcca acagattcta gatatgggga       360
     atgatcccct tttgtgtctc ttaggacatg ggatattggc agacctgtgc tgggtgtact       420
     cctggcttga gctctacaaa tacacgggtt gaatgttttc cctgtcccat gtctctagtc       480
     tctgtccata cctagggaaa ctctgtcagc caggcatcca ggtcttattt gggggtggat       540
     ggtgacttgt agagtctaaa tttagtctca aatgccaggc ccagtgtcag cacctggatt       600
     ggattaccat tccagtccat aagctggatt ttcccagagt caaaatgaat ctggggtctc       660
     atttcaacta gtagatctct ctccaacaag gggtatgggc atttaggaat cactatgaag       720
     gagagacaca cttgtcctat tttcaagtct attgtccttt gggtagtcca tgaatattgt       780
     ttggcacctg aggctacctg gacacaggat ttctaattag acaatggtct ttaaccttta       840
     tgagcactga atgttgggct cttgtatcca ccaggaagtc taaaggctcc cccacccact       900
     caaagggtta tcttgggctt ggagaaaggg tccaagtcct gacttcctca atcttcctct       960
     tcgtagttga tcatagtctt gttttaggga ttttcttggg ggcgttctct agcccagtgt      1020
     ctttcctcct tacaataagc atattggttc ttacctaagg ctggtcagtg tccttttcta      1080
     ggttctctca cctctgtgat gttctggagc tggtgttttc tttttgtctg gtcaggatta      1140
     tcattggcta gcaggacttt ggttagatct ctgtttaaca tttttcctgt cttaattttc      1200
     ttttcttctt tagcttccct gttatggaac actttctctc tgcaccttct actaaatctc      1260
     ttaatgcctt ttcccctagt ctttttagtt tctgtaactt ctttttaata tctggtcctg      1320
     actgatttat aaatgttagc accatggtat taggattttc tgtttccttg caatctaagt      1380
     gtgtgtataa tggtagagca tgtctataat cttctggagg aacactgttg gacttccatt      1440
     atctgattgc ctgacatcat aaactttaac cagatttgtg ggccacttag cagctgccct      1500
     gagacccgcc attagagact ggcaatagac tggaagaagc accttacctg tccctgtatt      1560
     atagtcccaa gttggtctcc agagagagaa tccctcttca atatcatctt gattctgagt      1620
     tggagtgcca ttggtgcctg gaacattctt ctgggcctcc aggatgatgt gttccttttc      1680
     ctcagttgta aagagaatct gcaacaatta ttgaccatgg actaccccag gtatgatctt      1740
     tggttggtgg cttagactct aggagatcag aggggtttct tcataaaatg tgtaactgta      1800
     tagaggttta tgtgatttat gaaatagaag attaacagaa attcagcagt tttgtagatc      1860
     aactgcgacc tgcttctaga caccacaaat tgacttgatg attctgcatc cacatggaca      1920
     ttagtcacag attagtaaag atgttagaca tcatgaacaa gccttgaggt tatatgagtg      1980
     gtttagccca aagcataaga ctgtgtagca tagcacggat gggatcatta ttacgtttgc      2040
     aagcttatac tctaaagaga accctctgta ctttataggt tgcttcactt tagactgaca      2100
     tatgatcagt atgaggtggc atcttgctaa ggccaagaag gaacagagcc cattcagatc      2160
     tcccaaatct attgtccctt cagaagtctt ccaagttaca atggtctctt ccttggcctt      2220
     atgctctcta gttctttatc tgtctatagt gttttacgaa aggactctgg cctgggtaag      2280
     tagcctcctc cccatagact tccctattct caacaataca agcttttcat aattttcata      2340
     aaatcaaaca gaacactaca atttgatatc agcctacatc ccttctatac acccaccctc      2400
     aagattccta tctacattat tgaattgtat acagaatact ttttgaagga gagttaagtg      2460
     catatcccta gggcaaacag tatcattttt atattccttg atctatctgt ttattattgc      2520
     actgttagat tttgccctag tgatcttcaa tagccatgaa ttctcatctt cttgacaaac      2580
     tgacgtggac agtctcttga tgattccttt tagatgtcct tgtgtccttt gtaatttgca      2640
     ggcagaaagg aaatgctagt aaatctgttg attttaaaag atgtattgtc cctttaagac      2700
     atcactctcc tatagcaggg aaatcaatag aaacctctgt ctcatcttgt acccaataga      2760
     caactgttat tcaatttata gcctttctcc tgctcttaca tgttacacct ttgatctggt      2820
     caacatttct gttagatatc ctagattggt catagtacaa atcttgccac attgtacttc      2880
     ccatgagcct agttttcata taatttcttt tgtgtgtata gtgtgtgtgt gtgtttattg      2940
     tattcgtcct tttcaagtga tatttacgtc atattccagt cacctctttc cagtggagcc      3000
     ccttctactt caagtgtaat tttatgctga atcatgactt gtgagagcat aatatataaa      3060
     ctatgtaata acagttttag atagcagact ttcatctctt ctatcaaagt tacagtattt      3120
     ttcagaaatg caggagttga tatctgacac taccagttaa aagttaaaaa gcttattctt      3180
     gacatgcgta aacagctatc ttatacttga ctcttaactt agttaaaatg aagatttttt      3240
     ttcatcaagc taccagacta taatgcttgg tagaaagttg gattctcttc tcacctttat      3300
     gtcttgtgca gacctcctat gtgtttggat tcttattatt ttcaatgttt gggtattact      3360
     tttgtgctgt gtatttccat tctagatttt tttaacttta caatgtacct attacaatca      3420
     tatttacttg tgcctctgct ccttctctgc tgctctctca ccctcccaca ctcaggtgtg      3480
     caatttactc taacattaaa ataaaaggaa taaagtattg ctagtttcat gtgttctttt      3540
     ctcaaaaagg ctgaaactat atatgcatta tttttaactg agggtgcctg gcacatttat      3600
     atggatgata tacattttaa aattgaaaat gtaagtgatt gccaaatagt ttgctgaagt      3660
     aaagaataca agttatataa aaactaacat ttctaataag aggaccaggt gatcatggtt      3720
     tgtttcacat ttaaattctg ttgcctgcct tccaggtaat accttttctg tttgattgtt      3780
     tgcttttttc acgggaatca agtttttact ggtcctcagt aggcactcag gaatcctgac      3840
     ccatttaaac tgcatgataa tactgacagt tacaaatgac ccagatcatt ttcattcaat      3900
     gatacaaatg cactaataag ttaaatcacc cattaatata ttttctttga tttttagatt      3960
     aatttaaaat attcaacaaa aacagtctaa gcaaaaagca ttcatgaaag taatttcctg      4020
     aattctacat gacattttgc ccctaggctc tagcaaagta gtccacttct tggcacttac      4080
     atctgaagaa ctgtgacaca atgttgcctt taataacaat atcaatggaa attacaatgg      4140
     agttttgatc ctccattgta tgtttgctga gaggatcata tgtgaatccc atttctaatt      4200
     taatataatt aataagttgc tgcctgttat ttagtgataa tgaacagaaa aataagggag      4260
     gatctgaata agccttacaa agggaaatgt ataaaggata ttgagaacag gaatatgtta      4320
     aaggatgatt gcttttatag atttttgaga gcttgaggtc catgattaag aataagccta      4380
     catttccttt cacacgcatt atataaggtg tacaaaaact ttgtaatctt ttaaagcctc      4440
     agtgttcata tctaagccag cttttgtaag gttcaaatgt agtacttcca gaataatgct      4500
     ttgtgaagca ctgtagtagc cctcaagaaa tgctattgtt tctttatctc tgtgtcctca      4560
     tttttcatta ttgttatcaa atgttattta acataagtca tggtatgtta tggcagaaac      4620
     cacaaagaaa acatgatagc aaatatacat taagcttata tggtatatag actgtctttc      4680
     catgatggag agcccagtta cattctgagg aatatgacat actaatttgt aagaatattt      4740
     ttttcagtat tttcagttaa ggcatcaata tggaatacat aggaagcaga tatgaagtag      4800
     agtcacatat gttgagaata tttgatgtgg aggtcaataa tatacataac ttccagcact      4860
     ggggaaattc gtaatatata gtaaatgcaa ctgagttctg gagcaatggg acattcatta      4920
     attgcactta ctgctctcac ctgatagaga attggtgctc accacatact tgacatctca      4980
     taaccatgaa tcttttcact tccagccctt cacaggcatc aggtacatat ctaaaagata      5040
     gacatgcaat gcaggcaaaa tatttattta tataaagaaa tttactaaaa aataatacaa      5100
     tcatactggt attttggcaa atatacctat atatgtacct gattaagagt ttgcagttca      5160
     cctcaaattt tcctacatga tggacaatta aatgatctag tttggtgcct acataaccta      5220
     cagtacagca aagccactca tcagttaatt tgtagaaaca tgagctgatg actcatttga      5280
     atctatttgt cttcctgttt cagtatggaa tagcaaatga agatgtatga cagtcccttt      5340
     taggctttag cctccaaatt atggcaaagt tcagttagtc tgagcttagg agctgaataa      5400
     atgaatctat gatcagaata ttaacatact tgtttagata tgctagtttt aataattatt      5460
     aaacataaac tgtagttgaa aaattaagga tgtggtcctt taccttattt gtgctacatt      5520
     tgtaatcata ttttatgttt catctggctt tttcaccagt ccccttcttt actatactct      5580
     tcacacattc taaattttgc tgtttgaaag aaaagctaaa cacttaaatt taccataagc      5640
     tttctttgag tccaatacca tagtacatac atatttgcta ttatttatct cttacttttt      5700
     gttggtccaa acttgtatgt atcttacagc ttatgataca tttctacctt cttttcccaa      5760
     ttgtcaaaca atatttgtat catctgtgct aagtttatca taattacagg aagacattat      5820
     accaaaagat cccaaattaa tcacaaagaa actggatatt ttatcacaag cattaactaa      5880
     caagagttat ggtaaaccac taagttgcac aagatgaagt cagaaaaaat attagtatag      5940
     agaagaagag taggtggtct ctaaatcaca gcactcattg aaatattgtt tacaactgag      6000
     agtaactgtg taagggtgaa atcttttttt ttttttttga ggttatagcc atggatgcat      6060
     tttccacatt gtagtggatg gcagtacatg tgggcagtac gtatgggact tggtggttta      6120
     ctgaaaaaca aacaggaaat tagaaggcac acatgttagt ataatgagaa atttaaagag      6180
     gatgtgcatt taggagatgt gttcatactc tactacatac atatatgact ttcttaaaaa      6240
     atgaatgaca agaaagatat tttgaagtcg gtaagtgtca aggttttcat ttttcaacaa      6300
     ttatatgaag acaaataacc atgtgttttt aaaacagact gtggttgtct gtgaatacac      6360
     gacaataagt ctctttcatt aaattttttg agaaattgaa gaaatgtctg aacggctata      6420
     gggactagct gttccctata gcgttgggtc cctatagact tatgacagtg aatatttttc      6480
     ttttaaattc tagttgcaag atatccaatg ccctctctgg cctctgacaa tactttatgg      6540
     acatggtaca cctacataca tgttgagaaa atataaacat aaaaatgttt ttaagtttgt      6600
     gtgcatgtgt gtgtgtaagt gtatgcaaaa gtatgcatgt gttttaaatg gaagtactgt      6660
     atgatatgaa gataacagca acacaatgtc ccagagattg agaaacaaaa attccaatac      6720
     tacatgtggg ttaccatttt tggagatttt tggaaataaa ttgccagaga gccaaaaata      6780
     ttacaggcta ttgataatga tattgttact ttctagaact tgattttaag atctttttat      6840
     ggaagaaacc atgtaacaca gcatggagat atcaacctga gagtgactta ctgcctaatt      6900
     ctcatagtgc tggcaggtgc tgtgctctac cagagtataa aatgtccagc tgtaaacatt      6960
     gcaagctaca ccaatgcctc gcctagccag atattcccac taatgcaata gtggcacaaa      7020
     catcatgttg gtcaccaacc actatttgat tagattcaac tatagctcca cattatgaaa      7080
     cccattcctt aaacaatttt ggggccaaaa tctagtagat agattggtca tagactctag      7140
     gggagaacgt actctgttaa acggccataa tttaatacca catcctattg acccattttt      7200
     atacccataa atattggcat atctgaacta ccaccaagag tacttctatt tgcaaggtgt      7260
     ggtaattgac agagacatac atctaaccaa ggtagaaaga ataagaaatt acagagttct      7320
     caggactaaa tatgacatct aatccacact ccttcttctt aaggcctgaa gatcattggc      7380
     agccaaatga ctatgagagc cacagttcat gtatgaaatg aatagataaa taaataaata      7440
     aataaataat aacgttgtcc tttggaaaca tcctgaaaac tgcatatatg ggtttgtagt      7500
     gaatatgata aaatgtgtaa gccctgtgca agtccaaacc agaccaaatc ccaacatgaa      7560
     gagggaagtt gaacataagt tatcaacctt acatgaggaa taattggcaa ttgattttta      7620
     tggggagatg gagattcttt cctccatcat ttggtaaata gtgttgtctt tggaaagtca      7680
     atcacaattt agtggaaggc tgcacttcaa agaatatgag ttgcacaaat tgaatttggt      7740
     atgcaataaa aaaaaagcaa aatgttggga gggtaaaaag gtggtattgg tatagatggt      7800
     gtcagaggtg agtgaacatt accaaataca ttggataaag ttatcaaaaa taataaaatt      7860
     aataataaaa tagtttgaaa tatgagagta caatatacat atcttagtct ctgcttgcaa      7920
     gcaagtttta aaaatttcac aaagagtctg gcatagacaa aatcttgcca aatgtttatc      7980
     aggtatgttt tttaaagtat taaatgatga taataaaatt gcgtttcatt agaaataaca      8040
     ttaaaaattc taacactaaa caaaaagtaa tcctgggctg tacatcagca taagagatga      8100
     gcagagatat gtcaaatggc taaacctggg gctctattat gagcttccac cactggtgga      8160
     ttgttaggaa ttgcagtata ttttatggac aacaaaatac agtagaaagg aaggaatgca      8220
     gtttaagaat tgacagtcac cagctgctct ggtcccacca atttctcatg attatttttc      8280
     aagatgtgac actgagggtc tttaatcttg tgttagatca tgtataacaa aaattgtcga      8340
     catatttcta ccttaatagg tttttctaag aaaaactgtt aatacatcca gaatattata      8400
     taatattata ttatataact cttaagataa ctgttaataa tacataatgg tggatataca      8460
     atgtaagaat ttgtctttta aagtaagtat tatggaacta agaatcaaaa cacaaggcat      8520
     taataatatt ttcatattaa tcaatatatg gttattttaa gattatatcc attttagtat      8580
     agtgttttat atatctatta ttgaaaacaa taaattgtac tgaaaaatga aagaattata      8640
     gcaatcaaca agttcttgaa agtttaatgg aacattgaca ggaagtttat aaactgtgaa      8700
     ggaagaatgg gaaaagaatg gaccaacaat gaatttaatc ttagctatgg tgttttctga      8760
     gctatattgt actgctgtac tgtaattaac atgaagcccc cctttaaaga agctagtatg      8820
     atgtgaggta tttacaaaat tgggggacat attttaagag aattcactga ttaaatgagg      8880
     caagagcaag ggaatgaaca agaaaagtca tgagtaaaag gacaaaattg agcaaatact      8940
     attgcaagta gagacacatt ctctagatgc acctgtcata ctgaagactc atctccttaa      9000
     tctcttattg atgttgtctg accaagacca gttaacatat tgccattaag agaatagtaa      9060
     ctgtttctgc ctataccaac ctatgtagtt ttgacatttc ttctttgaga aagtcatgta      9120
     tgtaaggtac ttgcagattg ttatacgttt ttgaacagag ttaaggtgga tgcattcaaa      9180
     catcattaca gtgtggtcaa atatatcgtg gaaagcaaac cctccagcag ctatcttcaa      9240
     tgtaacactc agaatatagg caataatctt ccgcaatgtg agacttgact ccagcagcat      9300
     cagcaggtct ccttactaaa tagagacagc agccactaaa acaggttgat tcacttttct      9360
     gaggtttcaa aactcatcat ctggaggaag tggtaatgtg tccttagcta tttgaattgt      9420
     tctagttaag caaatgtggt aaagtgatat tctatagtgt gaaaatttag ataaataatt      9480
     atatttgttt tgttctttag ttggaagaat tgggaaaatc ccttcatatt tttgctatgc      9540
     tctcagtgtt tgtggaacat tacagataca acttaagttt gcttatgcaa ctttaattag      9600
     tctccatctt accaaatatc caataattaa ttaaatattt cttgagtata tagtaagcac      9660
     acaacattgt ttctaaaact taaacaattg tagagatagc tgactacctg gacagtccat      9720
     taatttctta taaagttgga gcatctgccc tcagcctttt gcccagagac atatggcaga      9780
     tccagcaatg aagtaggaat ataaaggaca agttcgcact ttcttggcag agattagtag      9840
     ttgaatatgc tacatctgtt tgtccttttg gactgtattt catctgtaat ttaaacagac      9900
     aatttctgcc ctgttgctac ctcaccatga taatcaacct tgctttgagg taaacatgct      9960
     caatatctgt tttgagctgt gaagggggta ctatcagggg cagatgtgtc tctaatcaag     10020
     atttctaata atattgaaat gattaaacgt tagatatatt tagccatctc tatttgagta     10080
     aattgaaagt actttattat aattaaattc gtatctaata taaccattag tttactatct     10140
     gccccttaac ttgtgctact taatcattct aaacaatttg taaaagcagc taaaccaaga     10200
     ctgggttgaa acaatttgtt cttaataagt tgaaggcaca gtgccaatct aagagtaaca     10260
     atattaattt caaattttgt atcaatatac agatttatac caatgaaact ttaactctat     10320
     aactatatat acatttttac caatataaga aattgtaaca tcaattttaa atcaattgaa     10380
     aagatttcta caaattaaca ctatgactac acaatgcttt gttcaagaat aactttagta     10440
     atccatccca tctattccct ccatgtaaat aattatgacc attcccaatt atcccttaaa     10500
     atgacaacct atatatgatt tgtaaaataa ccttaactgt gggcctaaat accagagtct     10560
     ttccacagag atctctagcc agggctgctg tgagggttct ggcaaaggga agacagtgca     10620
     ggcaggaagg gaaaatcgct tcccccactt ccactgcagc atttggctcc acctcagtct     10680
     cttctgtgcc ttccaggtta ctcaataagt gctgctctat actgagtctg gttgggctgg     10740
     gccgaagaga ggcctactag ccgacaagga gtgtgggaga gcctcagcct gtgctatggg     10800
     agagtagatc tcttcccaag tgttacagct cttatgactc aaggctcaga aaatggagta     10860
     gttctcacac tactcctgga tgggattctt ttctttttat tttgaaattt tttttaatat     10920
     tttttattac atattttcct caattacatt tccaatgcta tcccaaaagt cccccatacc     10980
     cttcccccca cttccctacc cacccattcc catttttttg gccctggcat tcccctgtac     11040
     tggggcatat acagtttgcg tgtccaatgg gcctctcttt ccagtgatgg ccgactaggc     11100
     catcttttga tacatatgca gctagagtca agagctccgg ggtactggtt agttcataat     11160
     gttgttccac ctatagggtt gcagatccct ttagctcctt ggatactttc tctagctcct     11220
     ccattgggag ccctgtgatc catccaatag ctgactgtga gcatccactt ctgtgtttgc     11280
     taggccccag catagtctca caagagacag ctacatctgg gtcctttcga ttaaatcttg     11340
     ctagtgtatg caatggtgtc agcgtttgga agctgattat ggggtggatc cctggatatg     11400
     gcagtctcta gatggtccat cctttcgtct cagctccaaa ctttgtctct gtaattcctt     11460
     ccatgggtat tttgttccca attctaagga ggggcatagt gtccacactt cagtcttcat     11520
     tcttcttgag tttctggata ggattcttat ttgcactttt gggatgggta agggtctgac     11580
     aacaggtact tctcattggt ttggcctgac aggtttggag aaaccttatt tgcatataag     11640
     agggcttggt gctcaggctg tctgtgtaca gcccaccacc ccacacataa ccagaactcc     11700
     aaaactaaga aattgggctg aaaactccct atggtttatt cctgctgaat agtgatgatg     11760
     agaaattctt tatcagtgag ggaagggcta ggaaaattag aagcttgttt agacttaaga     11820
     aatctagctt tagcatctct taccagtctc tgtgtgctta gaagactcag gtcttgactt     11880
     ctgattggat ttgtctaaaa gtttaaatga ggaaagatca tgtggaatca gtagcaattc     11940
     ctgaggctgt tctgcaagga agtttctgga tggtatcagg aagcaggggg ctggaacagc     12000
     aggtcagttc tgcaactctg aggatgaatc ttgtcaaatc tgtaactctg taacatgaat     12060
     ctcacaccca aaatcatagt atgattaaga tatttgtatg gattgtgcag ggttcacata     12120
     tcagctaagg atgaattttt cctccttgtt tgagcaggtg aaagataact ggatttatga     12180
     gttgacttta tcgataacta attgccataa atcttcattc atgccatatt gagaagggta     12240
     tgaagaatct taagtattcc ataaccaaca agattttttg tctcatttta gccaaagtat     12300
     ttgctagaga caatttatat ctaagcaatt tactgggctg ttcccatatc aaaaaataag     12360
     ccaatcaact cacctgtctt ctttgatttt cttgaatttt tcaaggtcct caggaggtct     12420
     tcccctgtcc tatctgatcc atgccactct gtaaggtgtt cagagccttt tctcctttcc     12480
     tgtcaacaca aatacatagc ctctctcccc aaatagcatg tccttagtcc agtaactaag     12540
     aatcattaaa agtatagctt accccatctc ccagaggaat tttaatataa ccaccaaact     12600
     tataaccaca aacattctga tatttaaaat tattcaaagc aattaaagta atctaaacaa     12660
     atattaactt tgaaatcgtg tttcagcaca acctcctgct ttccgatcta caatttaaga     12720
     tcaaaagctt caatatttca tacatctatg tacaattaaa tcctttcttc cactagagat     12780
     taatgtttct gtgagttcat actatggtat atgtggtatc tttatttaat tctgaaggcc     12840
     taagcatcta ctgtctaata ggttaggctt cctacacact gctttcaatc taattatttt     12900
     taagatcgaa tgcctcaatc tttatacatc tctgtattta actttaactt cccttttact     12960
     tactgtgtaa gcctatttac aggctctaat ttgtgacata taaggctgac aatcccagaa     13020
     gtcccatgta gaccatattg gaagatcctg agaatttgcc ctggcaagat gtttacatat     13080
     ctttaaagca tttgttcgtt ctctttaaat tctcatttct gtggacttta atatctgcta     13140
     tgtctatcat taggttcact gcctttcatt gtcttcctcc tggcagctgt caagcttttt     13200
     gcacagcagg gtctcccagt gtctcagcat aacctccttg tatctgtttt gaaccatggg     13260
     aaagaacacc caactgtctc aggcaaaata tgtatagtcc cttctgtcat taaaaacaat     13320
     taaatctatt ataaataaag ctgctgccaa catagtggag cttatgtcct tgttatactt     13380
     tagagcatct ttggggtatg tgaccaggag tggtatacct gggaccttag gtaaaactat     13440
     ttgaatttat ggaagaaaca ccagactgat ttccagagtt gtactaattt gcagtaccac     13500
     cagcaatgga ggattttcac cctctacatg cccttgaaag catatgccat caactgtgtt     13560
     ttttatctta gccattctga ctggtgtaag gtgaaggaac tttagcatgt ggatatgcag     13620
     attcctgatt atatcaacgt attagagcca atataaaaat ataatataac attttatttt     13680
     tataaatttg atacttctca gaattgatta catgtaatat atatattcat atggatgaat     13740
     tgctttcttt attatctaat gtattattta ttctaagaca aggtataata aaaatttctt     13800
     catactcttg ttcagtatat taaggttatc agttattaat ttttctgaaa actccctttc     13860
     tgtttacaat atttttaaac atacaccgta atcacaaaag catatgacag aaatataatt     13920
     ctgaacagaa agattccaca atctttttca agacagaaaa ttatatagaa tattcaagaa     13980
     ataaaaatta acagcttctg tttgtacttg tacagacaga agatcttcat tttttgaatg     14040
     atttactatt catttttgtt aaatttgtag tatatttgca tttcaaatgt tgctctaccc     14100
     cattccacaa aagccacatc ccatcacctc tcacctttga ctctaagaag gtacaccctc     14160
     atccatccac acaatcctgg gtcacccatt cagcattccc ttttattggg gaaataagcc     14220
     tccacaagac caagggccta ctctcccaat gatgccagaa aaggcagtcc tctgatacat     14280
     atgtattagg agccacatac ccaccatata ctctttggtg ggtgatggct tacttgctgt     14340
     tagctctgtg gtgttcagta agttgatatt gttgttcttc ctatggggtg gcaatcccct     14400
     tcagcttctt cattacttct ctaacttttc cattccacgg ggcacatttc aatggttggc     14460
     agtgagtatc tgcatctgtc ttagtcaggt ggtggcagaa cctctcagag cacagccata     14520
     acaagcaact gtcatcaaca ttgtcattag caatagtgtc agagtttggt gtctttaaat     14580
     gggatgaatc ccaaagtggg gcagtctctg aatggccttt ccttcagtcg ctgctctgtt     14640
     ttttattcct tgcatttgta ttatacagga acaattctgg gttaaaattt ttgagatggc     14700
     tgggtaaccc catccctcca gtggaggcca tgtctattac tggaggtaat ctcttaagat     14760
     tcaaactcct ctctgtttgt aattccatat aatgtcaacc ccattgaatc ctgggagccc     14820
     cttgcatccc tggcatctgg aagtttctag tggttccccc acattcccca atccatactg     14880
     ctgtttattt ctattcattc ttctggaatt cttttttatt atctcttccc tatccctcta     14940
     ttttttttct ccccttcaca tctctcaccc aggtctctcc ctccctctgc ctcctatgat     15000
     aatttttttt tttatttttc tcccttgtaa gtgggttgga agtatacata catagctctt     15060
     cttttctgtc aagcttcata tggtctgaga gttgtaccat gggtattttg agttttgtgg     15120
     ataataccca cttatgaatg agtacataca atctatgtcc tttaggtctg gattacttca     15180
     cacaggatga tattttctat tctatctatt aacctacaaa attcttgaag tcattttaat     15240
     aggtgaatag tattccattg tgtaaatcta ctacattttc tgtatccatt cttctgttga     15300
     gggtcatcta ggttgtttcc agcttctggc tattataatt aagtctgcta tgaacattgt     15360
     ggagcatata tttttgttat atgttggagc atcttttaag tatatgccaa ggagaggtac     15420
     agtttggttc ttcaggtaga actatttcca attttctaag taactacaag attcatttcc     15480
     aaagtggttg aaccagcttg aaatctcacc aaaaatggag aagtattctt ctttctccac     15540
     atcattgcca gcactccctg tggcaggatt ttgaagtttt ctttaggtgc ttctcagcca     15600
     ttcaagatta catagttgct tccattttca atttgtatcc tggagataac actttcccac     15660
     agttctccat actcaaatcc cacctggaga gagctaatct cccaggagag cttacacagc     15720
     caaagacaca ggtaaaatca tcactattgc tccagtatca ggcccaggag ggaccaacct     15780
     ggagtccaca ggagacagga agcacaaagc tgctcgggag agcattcttc cactttccat     15840
     ctatcctgga gataaatctg taccatagct cttcttaccc aaatcctact cacagagaga     15900
     gctagtttca caggagtact gacacacctt agatcactgc tctccaaata tacaatcatt     15960
     acccagagag agctgaactc ccagggttgc tgacacacct aatgtcactg gcttacaggc     16020
     tcacaggaag gacacattcc aatctgagac atccagacca tctaacacca aagataatca     16080
     tatggtgaga ggcaagcaca agaacataac caacagaaac aaagggtggt tggcacagtt     16140
     gttccaccag agcaagtcct gcctggatac accaacacaa cggaaaacaa gattctgatt     16200
     gaaaatgaca tcccatgatg aagaaagaga aatttaagaa ggacataaat aactccctta     16260
     aagagataca ggagaaaaca agtaaacagg tagaagccct ttaagatgaa acacaagaaa     16320
     ccccataaag aattatagaa aaatacaacc aaacaggtga agaaattgaa caaaaccatc     16380
     catgatctaa aaaaggaaat agaatccata aaaaaaaatc acaaagggag acaaccctaa     16440
     aaatagaata cctaggaaag agatcaggag tcatagacat aagcatcacc aacagaatac     16500
     aaaagataga agtgagaatc tcaggggcag aagataccgt agaaaacatt gacacaacag     16560
     ttaaagaaaa tgcaaaatcc aagtcttcta acccccaaaa cctaggaaat ccaggacaca     16620
     tttaaagact aaacctaatg ataataggta tagaaaagtg tcaagatttc caactaaaag     16680
     gtccagtaaa tatcttcaac aaagttatac aagaaaactt ccctaaccca aagaaagaga     16740
     tgcccataaa catacaagaa gcctaaagaa cacaaattag actggaccag aaaataaatt     16800
     cttcttgtca cataataatc aaaatgccaa atgcataaaa caaagaaagt atattaaaag     16860
     cactaaggga gaaagatcaa gtaacatatg aaggcagatc tactagaatt acaccagtct     16920
     tctcaccaga gactataaaa gctattacat cctgagcaaa tgtcgtacag tagctaagaa     16980
     aacaaaaatg ccagccaaag ctaccatacc caacaaaacc ctcagttacc atagatggag     17040
     agaccaatat attccatgac aaagccaaat ttacacaata tctttcagca aatccatccc     17100
     aacaaaggat tgtaaattga atactccaag ataaggaggg aaactacacc ctagaaaaag     17160
     caaaaatgta atcttctttc aacaaaccca aaagaagata atgacacaaa caaaattcca     17220
     cctctaacaa aaataacagg aaacaacact tttttcaata ttaatggact cagttactca     17280
     ataaaaagac aaaggctaac agatttgata tgtaaacagg acctagcatt ttaatgcaca     17340
     caggaaatat aactcagtgt caaagacaga cactacctaa gagtaatggg atagcaaaca     17400
     attttcctag caaatggtcc caagaaacaa gctggagtag ccattctaat atcgaataaa     17460
     atcaaatttc aaacaaaagt tatcaataag gataaggaag tacacttcat acttgtcaaa     17520
     ggaaaaatct accaagataa actctcaatt ctgaacatat atgctccaaa tgcaaaggaa     17580
     cccacattca taaaagaaat tttcctaaag ctcaaagcac acattatacc tcacacaata     17640
     atagtgggag ctatcaacac ctgactctca cctctgcccc ctgtgaggcc cagagaccct     17700
     ggactgctcc ctctctaccc cctcagactg gggttccatg gttcttatgg ccagacaccc     17760
     acccagacag cctagagagc acatggcagc cccccatgtc tgcctgccca gagtcctaga     17820
     gctctggcag gatgtgggtc atttctccca tcccctttta tttctccaca catgttaccc     17880
     cacatggaag gagataaact taggtctgaa gttaacgaaa gtttctaata aaaagaacta     17940
     tacaaacaat caaaaaaacc aggatctgtt tctttgagaa atcaacaaga tagataaacc     18000
     cttactcaga ctagccagtg ggcacagaga cagtatcaaa attaacaaaa ccagaagtga     18060
     aatggtagat ataacaatag aaactgagga aatacaaaaa agtaatcaaa acctactaca     18120
     aaagcctata ctcaacaaac tggattattt ggatgaaatg atcaattttc tagacagata     18180
     ccaggtacca aagttaaata aggaccagat aaaccatcta aacagtccca aaacccctaa     18240
     agaaaaaaga agcattcatt aaaggtctcc aaaccaaaaa catcccatga ccagatggat     18300
     ttaatgcaga attctatcag accatcaaag aagacctagt accaatactc ttcaaactat     18360
     tcagcaaaat aaaaacagag agaatactac ccaattcatc ctatgaatct acagttatgc     18420
     tgataccaaa accacacaaa gacacaacaa agaaagagaa cttcagatca attcctttat     18480
     gaatattgat gcaaaaagta ctcaataaaa ttatcacaaa ctgaatccaa gaacacatca     18540
     aaatggtcat tcatgacgat caagtacatt tcatctcagg gatgcaggga tggttcaata     18600
     taaagaaatc catctactta atcaactaca taaacaaact caaaagaaaa aacactacat     18660
     gaacatttct ttagatgctg aaaatcattt gacaaaattc aacatccctt catattaaaa     18720
     gtcttggaaa gatcaggaaa tcaaggccca tacctaaaca tagtaaaagc aatatacagc     18780
     aagcaagtta caaatatcaa actaagtgga aagaaaattg aagcaatccc actaaaaata     18840
     agggactaga caagccccct ccccccacac acacatctat tcagtacagt actctaaatc     18900
     ctagccagag cacaatttta attggattat ctggttttct agagtctaac ttcttgagtt     18960
     ctttgtatat tttggatatt agccctctat ctgatgtaga gttggtagca atcatttccc     19020
     aatctgttgg ttgtcgtttt gtcctattga cagtgtcctt taccttatag aagaatttca     19080
     gtttctttag gtcccatttt tcaagtgttc atcttcaaga ttgagccatt ggtgctgtgt     19140
     tcaggaaatt ttcccctgtg ctgatgtgtt tgggactctt cctcactttt tcctctatta     19200
     gattcagcat ttctggtttt ctgtggaggt ctttgaccca tttagatatg agctgtttat     19260
     aaggagataa aagtgaataa atatgcattc ttctatatgc agactgccag ttagaacagg     19320
     accatttgtt gaaaatgctc tctttttttc tagtatatga ttttggttac tttgtctgtt     19380
     ttgtatcaat accatgttct atttttgttt ttgttttcga tttttagcac aattgctctg     19440
     ttgttcagct tgaggtctgg aatggtgatt cccccataag ttcttttatt gtgaagaatt     19500
     gtcttagcta tcctggatat tttggttatt tcagatgaaa ctgagaactg ttctttctgt     19560
     ctctttgaag aattcatttc ggattttaat ggggatggaa ttgaatctgt agattacttt     19620
     tgttaagatg gcaatattta ctatgttatt gctactgatc caggaccatg caagatcttt     19680
     tgatcttctg aggccttctt caatttcttt cttatcatac aaatctttca cttgcttgat     19740
     tataattata ccaaggtatt ttatattatt ttcaccatta tgaagaatga tgtttcccta     19800
     atttccttct gagtatgttt tatctattgt ttagaggaag gttactgatg tgtttgaatt     19860
     aactttacac ctagccactt tgctgaagtt gtttattact tgtagaagtt ctcctgtaaa     19920
     atttatcgac ccatattcat actatcctat catttgcaaa tagtgatagg ttgacttctt     19980
     ctttgccaat atgtatcact attatgtcct tttattgtcc aattctttta cctagaactt     20040
     ctaatactat attgaataac tagggaaaga gtgggcagcc ttgtcttgtc cctaatttta     20100
     gtgggattgt ttcaagtatc tctccattta atttgatgtt ggctgttggt ttgttgtata     20160
     ttgcttttat tatgttttgg tatgtgcctt gaattcctga tctttccaag acttttaaca     20220
     tgaagcggtg ttgtattttt gtcagaggct tctttaccca tctaaaaaga tgatcatggg     20280
     atttgattct ttgatttttg tttacatagt ggattaaatt gatggatttc tctatgtcaa     20340
     actctcatgc atcccttgga tgaaacctac ttgaatattg ggaacgatgg ttttgatgag     20400
     gttttggatt tgatttgata caattatact gaatattttg catcaatatt cataaaagaa     20460
     attggtcgga agttctcttt ttttgttgag tccttctgtg ttttaggtat tagcatagct     20520
     gtggcctcat agaatgaatt acatagtgtt ccttctcttc tagttttgtg gaatatcata     20580
     aggaatattg gatttaggtc ttctttgaag gtcctataga atgctgcact aaaaccatct     20640
     agccctgggc ttttatttgt gttgggagac ttttaaggac tgctactaac ttgtaagggg     20700
     ttatgggact gtttagataa tttatattgt cctgatttag ctttggcaca tggtatctgt     20760
     ctagacaatt atccatttca cctagatttt ccagatttgt tgagtacagg cttttctaat     20820
     aggatctgat attttttgaa ttttgtcagt ttttgctctt atgtctcact tttcatttct     20880
     cattttggta atttaaataa tgtctctgtg ctgtttactt agttcggcta aagatttttc     20940
     tatctttttt actttctgaa agaaccagct cttaattttg ttgattctta atataggttt     21000
     atttgttttt aatcggttgg tcttagccct acatttggtt atttcctccc ttctatccat     21060
     cctagttgtc tttgcttcct ttcattctta agggttcaga tgaactgtta agttgctagt     21120
     ataggatctc tccaatttct ttaagaaggt ctcattgcta tgaaatttcc cattatcact     21180
     gctttcattg tgtcacatat gtttgggtat gttctgcctt cattttcatt aaattctagt     21240
     aaatctttag tttctttccg tatttcttca ctgattaaat taacattgag tatagagtta     21300
     ttcagtttag atgaggatga gagttttctg ttgttttgtt gttattgaag accagactta     21360
     ttttgtggtg gtttgaggaa attcatggga ttatttcaat cttcttgtac ctgttcaggc     21420
     ttgttttgtc tctgtttata tggttaattt tggagaaggt accacaagat gctgaggagg     21480
     aggcatagcc ttttgtttta gggtgaaatg ttatgtagat atctgttaaa tccattttgt     21540
     tttaactctt gttagtttca gtgtgtctct gtttagtttt tgtttccagg atctgtcctt     21600
     tgatgggaat gatgtgttga agtcttctac tattatttta tgaggttgaa tatgtgtatt     21660
     gagacttaat aacatttcat ttacaaatgt ggttgccatt gcatttgtgg catagatgta     21720
     cagaactgag agttcatctt ggtgtatttt ttcctttgat gagtatgaag tgtttcctca     21780
     tctcttttga taactttcgg ttgaaagact attttattgc atatttgaat gattgctcca     21840
     gcttgtgtct tgggacgatt ttcttggaaa ttttttccag tatttttact ctgaggtatt     21900
     gtttgtcttt gtcactgagg tgtattttct gcatgcagca aaatgtgtcc tttatatatc     21960
     caatctgtta acctgtgttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttaaaattg gggaattcag     22020
     tctcttgatg ctgagagata tgaaagacca gtgatgtttg cttttggttc tttttgttgt     22080
     taaagtgggc attgtgtttg tgtgattctc tccctgggtt tcttgtgaga tgattaaatt     22140
     cttggatgtt tttaggtgta gtttcccacc ttgtgttgga gttttctgtt ttcttctata     22200
     taactggttt aaagaaaata cattgtttaa atttggtttt gtcatggtat atcttggttt     22260
     cagaatcatt atggtgattc tgaatattgc tggatatggt aggctagcat gttgtttgtg     22320
     ttatcttagg gtctgtatga catctctcca atatcttctg ccttttaaag tctctcttga     22380
     ggtgtgtggt gtaattctga taggtctgcc ttcaagttac ttggttttta tcccctattg     22440
     cttttaatat tcctttttgt cttgtgtgtt tagcattttg aatattatag tactggagga     22500
     aattcttttc ttgtagaaaa tagttggtgt tctgtaggct tcttgtatgt ttctgaacat     22560
     ttctttattt aaattaggga aattttcttc tatgattttg ttgaacatgt tttctgtcct     22620
     tttgaactgt gaatctccac tcttctatcc ctagtattct taggtttgat ctttttatat     22680
     tgtcctaaat tttctggatg ttttgggtta gaaacttttt catgtttttt tgtttgtttg     22740
     tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg tttgttttgc tattgttaca atatctacta cagtataccc     22800
     tatgcctgag attctctcct ctttatctct tgttttctat tggtgatgct tgtatttgta     22860
     actcttgaac tcctacctag gtatttcatt tccagggttt cctccctttg tgatttcttt     22920
     attgtttcta tttctttttc tttttctttt tcttttcttt ttttttttct tcaattcctt     22980
     caactgtttg tgttttcctg tattacatta aggaatttat atgtttccta tctaagtgtt     23040
     tcttcctgtt tacctgagtt cttctgtatt tctttaaggg agttatttaa ttcatcttta     23100
     aggtccccta tcatcttcat gagatgggat tttgtgttgg agccttgctt ttcaggtttg     23160
     ttagacaggc agggcttgct gttgagggag aactaggttc tgatagtgac aagtggcatt     23220
     ggtttctatt acttatattc ttgtgcttgt ctctcaccat ctggatatct ctagtgttaa     23280
     ctgtctttgt tgtatctgag tggagcctgt cacccctctg agccttgtta tgagaacctc     23340
     ctttggtcaa gctatctctg gaagcctgtt tattatggac ctcctgggag tcatgctgtc     23400
     ttttgttatg gccatgtgtg ggagggggag ggagaggggg ccagcagctg aagcacctta     23460
     tctttcccca gaaccagttg tggataggaa gaaagatgtg tctcaggaaa tgtggatggg     23520
     cccatggggg tcccagtttt gccaggcatt gggggcaggg ggagggagaa ttatctcacc     23580
     tatgagactg gttatgatgg gcttcaaggg agtcaagctg actctgggtg tgggaggggg     23640
     tctggagcac tggctctgcc cagagcaggg ttgcaggata gacggaagat atgtcatcaa     23700
     ttttatttta aaatatatat tagtgttttg catgcatgta tgcccttgcg gagtgtgtta     23760
     gattccctgg gactggagtt atggacagct gtgatatgct atgtagatgc tgtgtattga     23820
     actcatgttc taccagatgt gtcctcctct aagggatctg tttgatgtat gatagggagt     23880
     acactaggaa ttaccaactc atcttctact ccatagagga ctgttacaaa tgtttatagc     23940
     ctttcatatg ttcataccac catacctgcg atattgtcag catttccact ggaaagtttg     24000
     gtttgcacac acacagattt tacaaccaca tttattttaa aatgagcctt gttttcaatt     24060
     ttttcattta ttgtcttgac tccttagcag tttttcaaac catagtttta atcacacccc     24120
     agtcattaag attctaatga gtgacttctc ctctaagcat aaccttatgc tgaaacatag     24180
     ttggagagaa gataattcag gtaaactctt tatcaaagtt ctggccatta ggaatgccaa     24240
     ctcttctcaa aaatttaatg tgatttttat aaatggaagg gaagagagct atgtctatca     24300
     tgtaaaagca aaggagttta ttcttgccat gccaaaatat ttgcctttaa attctttatc     24360
     tagtcagata gaaaataaat atttttgtca catttgtatg acgatgatac actacagaca     24420
     ttttttccct cttttctctt gtaaaaacct cttgtgtgtt tggattctta ctttgttctc     24480
     tagatttggg atttttgttt ctggtacatt ttccatccct agattatgag ttccaaatgg     24540
     cctggaatga aaggcatggc attgtttcct accactggta cagagccagg aagataaggg     24600
     acaccacgag tgtttatggt tgttgtgagc ataaggcatg ttgtataaca atgtacatga     24660
     tatactttat ctttcacttt tgggatatgc tagacccatc agggttatcc atgaatgtcc     24720
     tatgtacaat gattaatgac tatatgatga gttgaagaag catgaattca tgtagtaagc     24780
     atgtatctaa gcaatatggt aaatattgtg accttcaaga caaaccaact atgcaaaaca     24840
     tacagaagca atatggattt ttgaggcatt tcacaggcct gaaacaacaa aggcagcttc     24900
     actatgaact agattatggc aaagatttta aaataggaga taaagagatt tggagagtga     24960
     tgatcacaga agaagatctg gccaagataa gtttattatt tgtgctaacg aaggcagcca     25020
     gactactgag ttcaagttca gccagggaca gagctagttt agggctcaga catggaagaa     25080
     atggtgatct tataacagga tcccacctag ctagtttatt atctgtgctt ccaaactcaa     25140
     tctcttaatt catggctata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     25200
     tatataacat ttacttgctg tcttcttcta agatgaagtg actaaggtct taaaataatg     25260
     attcatgaga taatcaaaag tgacaaataa gtaaacaact atgctttggt cttcaaggga     25320
     gagcctttct gagagaactg cttgaagtgt gatctcagct cttttagaaa tattttctag     25380
     caagaggtga actgtctaca gatttttgaa gagctttctc aagcagaaca aaagactgtt     25440
     atcttttatc ccataactga cactgggttg tactttctgc catttcaaaa caccccttta     25500
     tcagtgttga ggcctgctcc ttttaaaata actgtcacca ttttatattc agtctgcatt     25560
     ttgctcacaa ggtgacatta agtccaggtt ctcagactca gcttcccaaa agtaaatatc     25620
     tatagataac actaaaactg aaactgttac actaaaagac taaaaactgt tacaaataag     25680
     ccgaaaatta atgtttgaat tacttgtaac ctgttatctc aatgttatga agttcccctg     25740
     ttcatagcct actacccttc ttatctcatt tgggccaatc agctaaaagc ctagctaata     25800
     tttttttcta gttagcaaaa atgttgtagt atttcactac ttgactttga atctttgtac     25860
     cttgttgttc acatgaaaat tctggcctga ggactgactg tggcctgcca caattttttt     25920
     ttgtccttct tgtgtccttc acatttatta ttattttgtt taataaccta tttttttctt     25980
     aactgagatt ggtctatata tgatttgtgt agcaattccc agaacccaac tctcagaact     26040
     cctctccaag ctaaggctag ttgtgaccat ctagattttt taagtttaac aattaaatgt     26100
     aattatcaaa aacacctctg catatgctac atacatatat agatactaga catctgatga     26160
     ttataataga ttttagatag atgatagaga tggaagacag ataagtgata catgatatat     26220
     agagatagat gatgaataag gtagatgatg gatatgacag agagataaat aatagattga     26280
     aaggtgatag caagatggat agacagaaag ataatagaca gacagagaga tagacagaca     26340
     gacatataga tagattgata atagctggaa ggacagacac ataatagata aataagtaaa     26400
     tttagattta tagatatata gatgataaat gataagtaga ttaactataa atatagaagg     26460
     gtaatttgga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagttagg gtttcattct tataatgaga     26520
     tactatgacc aagggaaatc ttataaagga gttcatttag ttggatccag cttatagttt     26580
     cagtggttca gtaattaaca acatggcaag aagcacgaca atgtcctggc aggcatatca     26640
     ctgaaggagc tgagatttct gcatcttctt caaatggcaa actgcaaaac acatgcatca     26700
     tctggcagct aggaggaagc actctaagct cacccccaca gtgacacact tccttctcca     26760
     aagctacacc cattccaaca acatcatgcc tcctaacagt gccactttct tggtcaagca     26820
     tactcaaacc accacattcc attcacctgc ccccatagtc ttgttcaagc acatgagccc     26880
     gtagagacca tactgagtca tatcatcatg ctaaatcatt tagatcatct ttaaaagtct     26940
     ccatagtctc tgacaatgtt aaaagtccaa agctgaaaaa tcccttctga tattcaactt     27000
     aactgtaata cactataaaa tcaaaataaa aaatcagatg atatacctcc aaaatcacag     27060
     ggtataatta ccatttcaaa atgaaatagt aaagaaatac tggaccaagt aagatcaaaa     27120
     gtcagctggg caaactccaa attggacaaa ttggacaaac tgggcaaatc tccatgtctg     27180
     ttgccaaagc acccttcaga tatcaaatta tcttttgatt tgttctcttt gctatttcca     27240
     ctaccagtta gctgctttcc tcagcaagta tcccatagca gtatcatctc aaagatcttg     27300
     gggtttccaa gcaacttcaa cattacagct tcttgttcca gtgtcagaga tccacacaag     27360
     atcttctggc tttgttcata ctgcttgagt catatcccct gctttgctct ttctagaact     27420
     ctaggctctg attgactcca cactactgct gtttctgttt tattatatat atactttttg     27480
     ttaggtattt tcttcattta catttccaat gctatcccaa aagtccccca taccctccca     27540
     cccactcccc tacaaaccca ctcccacttt gtggccctgg cgtttccctg tactggggca     27600
     tacgaccttc caagagtact gacattttga gttcccttga gtcttctgtt gcaactagcc     27660
     tcaactcctt tgcatgactc cttcagtcct agaccattaa ttgcaactga agcttcatct     27720
     tttccaatag ccttccctgt tctaacagag taccaagcat cacctgctct ccatgacacc     27780
     ttagtgcttt caaaagtcat agtacatgca tgattcttac acactaccaa gtccagctgc     27840
     agcaagagat aaaaccttgg ctatctctgg aacacagctt atttgtgctc tcagaaacca     27900
     attccccaaa gacttcacct cagtgattct ggtttcttct taatcactgt gaatttctta     27960
     actctagcta accagcatca attgccctag taaccccttc tattcctgac tctaaaggca     28020
     aaaattaatg cctaaaaccc ctcacttttg ttgcttgctg gagatgcaaa atgtctccct     28080
     ttacagttca gagtttcagt acactatcat catgcctgca agcattcaga cagacatagt     28140
     gtagaagggg taacaaacag gtttacattt ggatccatag gcagcaggaa cagacagtga     28200
     cccaaaaggc atgaaaatag caactgaact ctcaaatcac acctcccagt gacactttct     28260
     ccaacaaggc caatcctact caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gggtggggag     28320
     aaaaggactg aagtcctgag ggccatagaa agaatggaaa caggaaacct tgggaggcag     28380
     ggtgtgcaag gacccttaag aatatgctga agacctggga tgtgagacaa tctcaggact     28440
     ctcagaaatt agatgaaatt ccctacatta gggagaggga acatgtagaa cctacctcca     28500
     gtagaaagaa tggtcatcaa gtgagggatg gatttgccat cccaccatca aatactctgt     28560
     cccataaatt ttcctgtctg aaagtattgc aggaaccaaa atggcgaaga gcctgaggaa     28620
     ctggaggttc agcaacaggc tcaaattggg acccacctga aggtgaggcc ccaaggcctg     28680
     acactattac tgagaatatg gcatgctcac aaaaatgggc ctatcatgac tgtcctctga     28740
     aagacaggca agacacttgt accctatggc agctaagaaa aagcagtcta agctcacccc     28800
     cacagtgaca ctcttacttc tccaaagcca cacccactcc aacaacatca tgcctcctaa     28860
     cagtgatcaa ccagtaactg aaagagtcag atgcagatag ttatacccaa caaatggaca     28920
     gaagctgctc acccctgtgg ttgaattagg gaaaaggttg aagaagctga tgaggagaga     28980
     gagaccctat aggaggacca gcagcctcaa ctcacctgga cctctgaggt ctctcagaca     29040
     ctgagacaac aacctggcag gatacatcag ctgatatgag gccccaaata catatacagc     29100
     agagaactgc aagatgcatc taactctcaa gagactagag gggaggtatc ttgataagat     29160
     attcccatcc caaatctggt gaccattaga atacaagaag cttcaggcca acacactaca     29220
     gaatttcttg cctcctggaa cagtacatgc attttagcac aatttcagtc tattaagttt     29280
     agtgatgttt taagttacaa tgattttgat cgattttgtt tcaacgttgg tagtacacag     29340
     gaaataaagt tcatgagtac tggtcataaa attaaatgac ttcagcattt catctcttgg     29400
     attttctcct tttaatattt tacctactct caatttctaa agattctttg tcatttctat     29460
     gtgccagctt tctctgtcaa accatgggct aatgaaagct gctttgagcc ttcctcattg     29520
     gaggtccctt aataagtaat cttattatat ttcattttat tattatctct tcagagaatg     29580
     tttgttttct aaggagagac aaaaagggta gaaccatctc aggaaatgtt taattgcatc     29640
     tctccaatag tttttaagtg attaaaggat atgttacctt tgcttgagga cacaaaatct     29700
     ctttacagtg tcagaagttt atatgattga cattaattaa tataaatcaa cactcatcat     29760
     cattcaatca ggcattctga gtaggacaac catactagta atacacaaaa caatggtaat     29820
     ttgttaaata ttttattttt tcagtccaag gggattgtgg attgtttaat gggacgtcag     29880
     ctttacaaat tcatcctaag cacctgaggc taggggttca catcctgttc atatttcctt     29940
     aaaggaaact gtgttacaga agtttgcttc caacactgtc agtgatttgc aaggatttcc     30000
     aaacagtgag tgtcagtctc aaaagcatcc tgataaatgg aaaatgcaaa atcagagttg     30060
     aaatgaaaga ctagaatggt gcaatatgga gcaaagaaag gaaaaattaa agggatgaaa     30120
     ccagtaaaaa atcatatggt atgaaagata ctgttcttgt tagatttgat ttgactttcc     30180
     acaagcaaga gtactctggg acaaaagaac taggctgaaa aatgtttctt tactactgga     30240
     ttttaggcaa atctatagaa cattttcttg cctagtgact gctgatgtca cattagatca     30300
     tgtggtctag tatattatgc aaaggaatgt ttaggaagcc agtaaggagt gttcctctgt     30360
     gacttctgat tcatgtccta attcaaggtt tgagttcttg ccaggtgttc tatccataat     30420
     aaactctaaa ctgtaccctt aaataaagcc attgctcact gaattacttt taatcatggt     30480
     gttgtgcaaa gcaagaaaac cctaaaatac aaataccatg cctttaggat accaagttgc     30540
     acaaatacct aagactaccc taagttttag acactcatta taagttttta ttttacttct     30600
     tccagtgact tttcctccct tacttgcttc cataacactt tagttatatt aaaagtagcg     30660
     cttcttaatt ttatatggaa aaacaaaatc ccaggatagc taaaacaacc ctgtacaata     30720
     aatgaatatc gagaagtatc atcatccctt actgcaaact acactacaga acaacactat     30780
     ttccaactac atagtattgg cataaaatta gacaagttta tcaatgaaag agaatcaaag     30840
     acacatatat atgaacactt gattttttca aaaccataca ctgtaaaaac aaaaatagaa     30900
     aacaacttaa acaaagagtg atggtctaac aggatgtcag taaaaaatgt tcaagaactc     30960
     atatctaaca tcctgcaaaa aacttaggtc caagtggata aaacacatca acataaaatt     31020
     aaatctaata gaagaaaaaa gtgggagaac agctttgaac aattttaaaa tagacaactt     31080
     tctaaaccaa acaccaatga cttaggtgct aagttcttta ataaaccgaa ctaatggaac     31140
     taaaaacatt ttgcaaggct aagcacacca tcaatagaac agaatagtag cttgcagaaa     31200
     gggaaaagtt cttcaccaac actctctctg actaatatgc aaaatatata aagaactcaa     31260
     ggaattagaa attgacacat caaattatcc aattttatat tgggattcag agctaaagag     31320
     aaaattctaa acggaggaat ctctaaccca gaatcaatta aagaaattct caacaatgtt     31380
     aatcaccaca aaaatgtgaa tcaatatgaa tttattatta tataaataaa atatataata     31440
     atattatata aatataatat atgtattagt tagggtttta ccactgtgaa tagacactat     31500
     gaccaaggcg agtcttatca aaaacaacat ttaattgggg ctagcttaca ggctcagagg     31560
     ttcagtccat tatcattaag gtaagagcat ggcagtatcc aggcaggcat ggtcttcatc     31620
     ccaaagctgc tagtggaaga ctgacttcca gtcaactagg gtaaggatct taagcccaca     31680
     cccacagtga cacacctact ccaaccaggt cacacctcta aatggtgcca ctccctggtc     31740
     caagaataga caaaccatca cattccactc tgtggccccc atagacttat tcaaacacat     31800
     gagtctgggg gggggcatac ttaaacgtag aataatgcaa aatgcattta gttgaacttt     31860
     taaagtcctc atagtctaaa gcagtctcaa cagtgttaaa aatccaaagt tcaggtctct     31920
     tctgagattc atccaatcac ttaactgtaa tccccaaaga aagacgggaa agcagctgag     31980
     caaactacaa actgcatctc catggctgat gtcaaagtag tcttcagatc tccactcatt     32040
     tttcatcttt gttgactgca acaaactgct ttctgctggg ctgtttccac ttcatgttag     32100
     cagctttcct cagcagatag tctgtggctc ttgcatctca aacatctttg agtctccaag     32160
     gcaattccaa tgttacagct tcttgtttca gtgtctggga ttccatttga tcttctggac     32220
     tccttctaag gcctggcatc gcttctccag ctctgccctc tgtaccactc taagctcagg     32280
     ttgatccact ccactacagc tgctgttctt agtgatcatc ccatggtact gacatctcta     32340
     atacactggg gtgttccact ccaactaggc ttcaccaata gcctctcata ggctctcttc     32400
     atggtgccaa gcctcaaatc cttttcataa ccccttcagt cctgggctat caactacagc     32460
     tgaggctata ccttctccaa tggccttcca taacctgtca cagtgccaag cctcagctgt     32520
     tcttcatgac accttcatgc cttcaaaacc agtactacct gggtgattct taaaccttac     32580
     caagtccagc tgcagcacga tgtacaacct tgactatctc tggaacaaag cttctttctg     32640
     ctcccaaaag aaacacttcc cagaagattt cacctcagga tgctggtctc ttcataatca     32700
     ctgctaattt cttagctcaa gctaaccagc atcaattgtc ccagcagttc cttccattct     32760
     taactctaga gccagagtca catggctaaa gctgccgagt tctgctgctt gcaggaatta     32820
     gaacatggcc tgcttatact attacattga cactggcttt ctgttttcca aatccttcaa     32880
     tgcctaagct tggctatcct gggtcttgct ctgtagattg gccttgaacg cagagatcag     32940
     catgcctgtc tcctgggact aaatgtgtgt accaccatgc ctggatctaa acttagctgg     33000
     gtaggatctt gccccaaagt cccactccct taatctatta tcttctagaa cacaaaattt     33060
     tgctccattt cacttcctgg taccccttta atattcaaac catatatttt atatttttcc     33120
     tttctaagct tgctatgctt gttcaaactt ctcttcataa gacttaacca gagaacaaag     33180
     tctctgctag aattttgttt ttgtttgttt gttttttgtt ttgttttttg gttttttttt     33240
     ctgagacatg ttttctctgt atagccctgg ctgtcatgga actcgctttg tagaccaggc     33300
     tggcctcaaa ctcagaaatc cacctgcctc tgtctcccaa gtgctgggat taaaggcatg     33360
     taccaccacc gcccagctct cctgagcttt tttgaaactt cctttggcaa tgctattaat     33420
     ctgagtctct tcaccttagc ctcaggtaga attttcagac aagggcaaaa agtagcaaca     33480
     ttcttcacca aaataccaca aaaacagttt tcatgccaca ttctgaaatt gttctccttt     33540
     gaaatctctt gggccaggtc aacacagttc aaattactcc cagcaactaa gtcttccata     33600
     ttcctaaaag gaggatccat taagccccat ttaaagcatt tcactgcttt ccaaatctga     33660
     agttccaaaa tccacattct ttcaaataaa agcatggtca ggcctatcac agcaataccc     33720
     cactcctggt accaacttct gtattagtta gggttttact gctgtgaaca cacaccatga     33780
     ccaaggcaag gcttattttt aaaaaaccca acatttaatt gaggctggct tacaggctca     33840
     gaggttcggt ccattatcat taaggtgaga gcaaggcagg catggcacag acagagctga     33900
     gagttctatg tcttcaccca aaggctgcta atggaagact gacttccagg caactagggt     33960
     gaagatctta agcccacagt gatacaccta ctccaaccag gtcacacctg taaatggtgc     34020
     cactccctgg tccaagaata gacataccat catactgaga ttccatctca catacttcca     34080
     aatggataaa gacagcacat tctgtttggg atatgaagca aggggaacac atctccactg     34140
     atggtggggg tacaaacttg caccaccact ttggaaatca atttggtagt tttgaggaaa     34200
     attgagaata tatttaactc acaaaccagt tatacaacta ctgggcgtat acccaaaata     34260
     ctccccaaaa tacaacagga acacttgctc aaactatgtt catagcaact ttagtcaaaa     34320
     taaccaataa ctagaaacaa cctagatggt tctccactga aaaaaatgaa taaagaaaat     34380
     atagcacatt tacacaatgg aataatattc tactattata aacaaatgta tcctgaattt     34440
     tgcaggcaaa tcaatggaac ctgagaatat catcctgagt cagttaatag agacaccaaa     34500
     aatatgtatt gtgtgcaatt ataactggac atgagccaca atgtgcaaga taacctcaat     34560
     acaatctata gattcaaagc aactgggtaa taaggaggaa acaagtgagg atgtgtgaat     34620
     ctcactgaga aaaggaaaca acatagtctt cagaggtgga tggagagagg gagaaaggtg     34680
     gtgagaagtg gtttggaaat gtcaatcatg tgtatggtgg ggggactcag gagaaggctg     34740
     tgtatgagaa aggatatcag tggggaacat atcttcttct agcagaagat ctgggacagg     34800
     gaaggctctt gggaatctat gggagtcata atagctgagg ttcctaactg ttcaggttat     34860
     agagactgaa ttagccatct cctgtcgcca ggtgggactc tcacaagcat cacccccccc     34920
     caaaaaaaat gtactgcata caagatacat agcaatgatg atgggacaga gattgaggaa     34980
     atgtacaaac agtgatttgc cctatttgag acccattcta ttgaaaaaca aaaacaaaaa     35040
     caaaaacaaa aacaaaaaca atccctaaca ctattaatga tattctgcta tgctttcaga     35100
     cagaaggctg acataactct ttcctaagaa atttcaccca gtagctgatg gaagtagaag     35160
     cagagaccca cagccaaaca tcaggcagag tgtggggagt cttgtggatg acttaggaga     35220
     ctgggtgtgg cagaggcatc aaggacatca ctagacctac aaagccaact aacctggttc     35280
     acagagactg aaccaggaag taaagagttt gcagggcctg aacctatcta tgtactctgc     35340
     acatttatag cagatgtgca gcttgttctt caagtgagta aacaattgga gccagaatga     35400
     cagacactta ttgcttcatc agaatttcat ggcagacatc ccaagggatt gtcaatctta     35460
     aggctcctat ggttttaata gataaatcat atgaagtgtg tattttgtaa aatattatag     35520
     agcaacacag aacttgttta gacacagaga aatgaaaaca tgtagatcat atctatgatc     35580
     atgctattgc agagcaaagt tgtagttgga cttatgacac atcgtgagga gaacatcact     35640
     aactggtatt ttcatcctaa tagaaattat gttttaaaaa tctcacatat ggctgtgatt     35700
     tcaacttcac attgtttcca atgacaatct aaatgtcctg aggcagtaac agttttatat     35760
     tctaatgaga ataatcgtca gttaatgaat tttatacttt gattataata acttgatatt     35820
     cattattttt ctgtgaaata aatgtaacct tattaaagta aacattaaca ttacttgcta     35880
     gattaacatc tactgtttgt gatatatttg attgagtaaa tctaacttta ttaatatatg     35940
     ttctattcaa tgaacaaaag atgaataagc tttaaaattt tggacatttc taaagagagt     36000
     ctttttattt ttttttaaag agacccatta tacccacaca tgcttttcaa atgtttacaa     36060
     ttaaaagcaa cagctctgca atgaactttt gtggagcgtc tccaaagcag atatggtaaa     36120
     tgtgcactta gcaatctttt ccagttatac gacacttcaa tattcttaga tgaaatagaa     36180
     agaactgtgt atcatactct agacagtggg aaaggttaaa cattgccaaa aacttagaat     36240
     ttctgctact tgattttaag aatgaaagaa gttcccagct gggaaaaatt tccttcttct     36300
     ttgaggtagg atagacctaa aaatgaaaat gatatttagt taatcattgg ttacattgtt     36360
     agtgttcctt tttccttatt tcttccttgt ccgatcagag aaatacattc aggaaagtgc     36420
     tgcatccatc taagttatgg gttttcattt atctaagcca agagactctc aagcagttag     36480
     acttttagaa tgtgataaag actcatgtgc attccttcta atatgtaatt aattgcagag     36540
     gaagtatgtc ctttcagaag agaggaagtg taagaaattc ctgtttgatt ctgggtcagt     36600
     ggaagagctc atatcagtta ctcactcagg aaattcttac atttcctttt atatttactt     36660
     tacagaagat gatatacacc actcttctat taaatccaaa ctccatgagg tctatgtata     36720
     aaaatctcac aagtgatgag gatcagatgg agatttaata tgcagaccat aaggttgact     36780
     gtgattgaag gaccagagct cttttcatcc aaccaggaat ggtgtatttt aagtgcctaa     36840
     gaggaacatc tgtgtttcat tctgatctcc agcatggaaa gatatgagaa gcatctgaaa     36900
     aggctggaga tgccagcaac ctattaggac agtgattcta aaactttcta atgctatgac     36960
     cctttaatat agttcctcgt gctgtggtaa cccccaacaa taaaattatt ttcattccta     37020
     cttaataact ctaatttttc taatttaagt aattgtaatg taaatagctg acaaacagta     37080
     tatctgttat atggcccttg tgaaaagatc atttaccctc aaaggagtaa tgacccacag     37140
     gttgagaaac actgtcatat ggaaagattg taagcaatgt taaatatcta tgttttactc     37200
     tggaaaaatg aggtgtttca aaattgttgt tgttgctgtt gttgttaatt tctacaacct     37260
     acttatttta tgagtgagaa taaataatgg gaagtcctca cctcagtgat tatccaccta     37320
     aggtcacgca gaatttgtct gttgttctct tcaatctcct tggcttttga gaggatagtt     37380
     tcagggacat ctttcatggc actcagttca atcactagat ggaatagagg gctaatccag     37440
     gcacccacat aatttatcaa agtttttaaa tactctggaa tctaagaaac acaattgaaa     37500
     cattgcatta aaaaatttca gtttagcagg tttgatacct gcaatattat tcatgtaaag     37560
     aagccgaact gagacatgta tttactatgt gtatatgaca catgtataga tgttatatag     37620
     ttttggaagt ataacattta aacaactgct gttattttct aaaatataaa acaaactgta     37680
     gagcttatca attagaaatt ttctgatgtt aggtcatcat attttgttct cccaatgcaa     37740
     ttctaacagc ttgctttcca gtgagttctt tataatttgt tttttgtttg tttgtttgtt     37800
     ttttgtttgg ttggtgggtt gggttttttt gctagtgcta aagagagacc aataaggttt     37860
     gactcctgat agatagagac aggggttcag taagggatga agaacaatat agtaactaaa     37920
     atagaactgc tatgatatgc agaccttcta atcatgaatt tgataattat tgcattctaa     37980
     ggaacataaa ctattatttc aactggacta ttctgttctt ctggttttca gttaagtcat     38040
     agagaataat agagggatga agagataggt tcaaagggaa atagaaccag gacagaattg     38100
     accactcaag aaaggggata gtgtttagta acatagaatg ctatcatgca gacctcatta     38160
     gtaacatata atgaatacaa ccacattgtt atcactgatg gaggagtgag tatatatcca     38220
     tgaatagtca atttagctca aagaatcctt aaaaaaatag taagtgaaat ttgagtggta     38280
     gatcattcct aaaataccat tctctaaatg gtatatttaa gtattggctg cactgttttg     38340
     gggtatttta atttatatat aatttatcaa tactatgatt attttctata ctttatcttc     38400
     atttttctgc atgcatgatt attgtagcta tcataatgcc tgtaataact gacagttcta     38460
     caaatgcaat atattacttc tggagttctg tggaaaactc agaaagtaaa ctcacttcaa     38520
     tagttatgta ttgaattccc ttatttgggg gatttgttag agtagaatgg cagtgagatg     38580
     cagctctgaa aacaatctca tcccgccgaa ccagtttgga agtctggaaa aaaaataaaa     38640
     cagagttcag aaatcataaa taacttcata tccagagtgt taattaactt tagtgatttt     38700
     gtaaatttta acataagtaa ttcatgaaat agagatattc acaaattaag aaaatgtttg     38760
     tcatgtagtt ttgtgcttgt acattgcacc tccaatttaa tttggtcttt cattagctct     38820
     tgaatattta actccttcct ctcttaattg cttttctcct tcactttgaa aattaagcaa     38880
     ggcagacact gaaatgatta agttgatgaa gaactaattg atttcattgc tacaattgtt     38940
     taggatttca gcataaagct atagcacata tttattaatc ttactctttt ctgtcaatat     39000
     gtaccaaaat ttccttaccc aaatgaaaag ttaaaagtta atataattta acactaaaga     39060
     atgtagctgg gcatgtttat aatagtttta gaatgaaatt gtgtgtattt tgactaacaa     39120
     aataaactat tttacagtaa attatatgta aacccaaatt taacaaaata tgaaatatta     39180
     ataaataatt attttggaat attttattta ttttaaagaa ccagctaatt cataaaatct     39240
     taatgaaaat ttgtgaaggt taagaagttg aaaagctgtc aattaagaac agggaataca     39300
     aacactgtat aatgctttat cttctaaagt gcaatcattg acatgaggac cttattgcaa     39360
     agcaggtgga agaaagtaag gtacttacaa gagttgcaaa ttttccagat gagaattggt     39420
     tgtggtactg tgtcatgtaa aggggaaaaa ataacatcca gtcaaaaaaa atatgacagc     39480
     atgtttgttt ttgaacagag acaaattctt ttgatgccca tcttattgaa ggtttgcccc     39540
     tttttatagt gtcttttttt tctttttttt ccatttttta ttaggtattt agctcattta     39600
     catttccaat gctataccaa aagtccccca tatccaccca cccccactcc cctacccacc     39660
     cactccccct ttttggccct ggcgttcccc tgtactgggg catataaagt ttgtgtgtcc     39720
     aatgggcctc tctttccagt gatggccgac taggccatct tttgatatat atgcagctag     39780
     agtcaagacc tccggggtac tggttagttc ataatattgt tccacctata gggttgcaga     39840
     tccctttagc tccttgggta ctttctctag ctccttcatt gggagccctg tgatccatcc     39900
     attagctgac tgtgaacatc cacttctgtg tttgctaggc cccggcatag tctcacaaga     39960
     gacagctaca tctgggtcct ttcgataaaa tcttgctagt gtatgcaatg gtgtcagcgt     40020
     ttggaagctg attatggggt ggatccctgg atatggcagt ctctacatgg tccatccttt     40080
     cgtctcagct ccgatgacag tcaccacagg ggtaatggat acacatttat gcataccctg     40140
     atatcagaaa aactgttatc actaaaaatc tttaaaccac aattgctagt atttatggga     40200
     ttcttgaaat gctagtctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct     40260
     ctctctctct ctctcaatcc cttccttacc tatgaaggta tatattctca tatctgagtc     40320
     aggatgttta gagtctcagg ttctagtgca gttcaaatat tagtatgtag gttgaggtac     40380
     ttacaagctc tacatagaat tgtttagaaa ctgtacgaag ggtttcagct ttccggatgg     40440
     cactgtcaaa tgtttccatc cgtgggttcc agcagccgct cttttctgcc atacatgcag     40500
     gaattgatga agctttctcc cacagcagca agtttgacaa cagtagcagc aggagtgcat     40560
     ctgctacata gaaacaaaac ccacttagag atggtgcatt aaactgaggc ccaggaaagt     40620
     tctatatgac aaaaggtttt attaggtgtt ttttgttgtt tgtttaattt tgtttttgtt     40680
     tttggggggt tgtttgtttg attttccttt tttcactgct atataacttc atattggatt     40740
     tttggaatga catatcaagt cactctaagc actgagtgcc cttgctatat tgaaacaaaa     40800
     cccacttagt gatggtatat taacctgagt taccctaggc ccagagaagt tgtatctggc     40860
     taaaaggttt ttttgttttt ttagttttgg gtgtatgttt ggttgttttt aaatgttttc     40920
     cttcatgact gtatactgga tatgtgtaat gtcatataaa gtcactctaa gtacttaggc     40980
     aagtaattga atttttctga ataatagttt gaggagcaac tgattttaca tttttttcca     41040
     aaagtccttc tgaattttac aaatttctga aattaaaatt agttcttact tatatcttaa     41100
     ggtattttta gatggtttac tatctttgga atttaaactc attttcagtc accaaactcc     41160
     tgaagaatat gcagttttta gtcatcatgt ctgatgtcaa tgttttggac acttatggca     41220
     cagggatatc acagtttacc tcttggctcc ctctatccat ttgagcataa atacaaccat     41280
     gatgattact aacaagacaa taaagagatg ttgtctaata tatgatatca acttggaact     41340
     gctaacatga taaaaatcca tcagagactt tttttcatca aaaacttcag atcattcact     41400
     ttagtgttga tctgctcctt aattttgtca gcagattaaa ctctcttaat gtattctgga     41460
     catattcagg ttggagaagg ataatatgtt caaattgttt ttctaatggc ttatttttag     41520
     ctaaggtaga agtaagaatg ccaatctttt actcacaatc acaattcttt ttcttctgcc     41580
     ttaaaataag attaatttga tccactgaat ttacaccttc aatatttccc aatttctgaa     41640
     actccaaaac attttccgtt tgagatgtat tattctttgt tctggaaggt gtcctatgca     41700
     ttgggagctg cttaataatt cctatcagtt caactcattg cctacaagga acactttcct     41760
     cgttcttctc tctgctcaag agagaagata agacaacaga ctctctttga atatcgcaac     41820
     atgtctcaag ttaaagaatg atgaaaacta ctaatccaat cgtctcttgt acccttgtgc     41880
     agtttcttac aagagaaata attttacaag acagtgtaaa gtctatgcag aattctactc     41940
     ttgctagtct atgtacaaat agttcttcat accagaaaga atgtcaagga ttccaaagaa     42000
     ataatccaat taaaataaac tcctgaattc ttttaccaag agaggaatag gggtgggaga     42060
     tttacttaca gaagtgaggt tgtctgaatt gcagttccat cactgaggag tttctaagca     42120
     agatgagttc tgtctctgga gatctgcttc atcggagtta tatattcagt tagtttactg     42180
     ttcctatata ttctggtaga taaccccaag ggcatgtaca gccagccatg agacagcatg     42240
     agttacattc agaaacactc tttcgtgaaa catatctttc ggtcttctgg gaatgttacc     42300
     tgacttatta caacatactt atgagcatct ggatggtctc attttattta ttcctacata     42360
     ttgattcttg tgcgaatatt tttgaaatct ctgaagccat tatcagctgc ctgattaatg     42420
     atgatgatgt cagaccataa aaaaataatt gttcatgatt acttcttttt ccttagattc     42480
     ttacattgtt ttatcttttc cccaatcatt atggacagag aaagattcat tgttgaatat     42540
     ttggccacca taccacagca ttagtaaatt atccatagtg ttttgaatcc ttgccagtaa     42600
     tcactggcta tgctgaagag tgtttctctg tgaactaagc tgacattata atatcctgta     42660
     tctttaaatt atgtatttat aagttggtct aaaataaatt agataattta acaacaacaa     42720
     caacaaaaac caccattaac ttctctctag gaaatatagc ctctcaaaaa ttactgggaa     42780
     ttcttttaaa ataacaaatg taagttgatt tcttgtattg actgttaatc atatcagaag     42840
     tttgttaact gcaatggtaa caattgtatc atggttgtcc taataagtat agtttcatat     42900
     tcttactact aatattagca cttgtgctat agaaacagtg atgaaaattc gtcaaaagcc     42960
     agtggcatca tagcttccat tctctggcat ctagtcaaca ctgagtgatc ttctaatcca     43020
     atatcaaaaa aaaaatcctc atatcactga aagagtgtac ttggctgatg aaaatggcag     43080
     acaaagcagt taggtctaat atttatcaaa aggaaataca tctactagaa tgtcaatggg     43140
     ggatttcaga agcctaactg tatgcactgg ctagttttgt gtcaacttga cacaggctgg     43200
     agttatcaca gaaaaaggag ctacagttgg ggaaaaatct ccacgagatc cagctgtaaa     43260
     gcattttctc aattagtgat caagaggaga ggtccctttg tgggtggtgc catctctggg     43320
     ctggtagtct tagttctaga agagaacagg ctgagcaagc caggcgaagc aagccagtaa     43380
     gaaacaccct tccactttga aagttggact aaatgcactt tgcattatgc aatatttaag     43440
     tatacccccc ccataaactc ctgtgtttga acaagtctat ggggaccagg gagtagaatg     43500
     tgatgatttg tctattcttg tacctgggag tggcaccatt tggaggtgtg gccttgttgg     43560
     aataggtgtg agctggttgg agtaggagtg tcactatgtt gtgggcttaa tactatcagc     43620
     ctaggtacct ggaaatcagt cttccaatag taccctttgg atgaagacag aactctcagc     43680
     tctgcctgtg ccatgcctgc ctggaggttg ccatgctccc accttgatgg taatggactg     43740
     agcctctgaa cctgtaagcc agcaccaatt aaatgttgtt ctttataaga cttgccttgg     43800
     tcgtggtgtc attttacagc actaaaaccc taactaagac acacaggcac agagactcat     43860
     ggaaaattta tcatttataa gtttcaacag tttaatgata atttcttcac tttgaatatt     43920
     tttcagatat caaatcactt caatataatt ttatactttc atttcatgac cctgttaaag     43980
     agggtatttt gtataaaaag tgcaaaatta tgtggctcag agaacaaata taaataaatg     44040
     tacagttttg ctgggaagat gtcatgtcaa ctctatcaga taggattttg tatacgtcta     44100
     attttgtaat cttgaaactt taacagtgta tctatgtcta gctgtatctg tatggtttgt     44160
     aatattttca tcaataaatc aataactaaa gaaaaaaaga aagaaagacc cctccatggt     44220
     ctctgcatca gctcttgctt ccttccctgc ttgagtacca gtcctaaatt ccttggtgat     44280
     gagcagcagt gtggaagtat aagctgaata aacccttccc tcctcaactt gcttattgtt     44340
     catgatggtt tgtccaggac tagaaaccct gactaagaca atgtatctct tgggaaggta     44400
     actctgatct ctagatcacc tacatctcaa agatttaatt caataaacat atggttctca     44460
     gtaatcccat ctcctacttt tattctctaa cggtcttttt catttccttt ttaaattatt     44520
     tttacttaca ttccaaagtt tatcaccatt acaattcact gtctagagtt catcatacca     44580
     tctccccttc cctttgcttc tgagagggtg ttttcccaca cacccacccc acctacctca     44640
     tcccagccat tatcatacta ctgtgtgttt ctacaggtta aggaacatcc actcccactc     44700
     attccataca aggtcttcct ctgttacata tatgtcaggt gccatggact accccatgaa     44760
     tgttcttcgc ttggtggcta agagtctggg atgtcagaag ggtcctagtt agatgatact     44820
     tttgttcatc gcttggggtt gccatccaaa ttagctccta caatcctatc cctaaatcta     44880
     ccatagggtt ccaggacctc agtctaatag ctggctctaa gtatttgcat ctatctcagt     44940
     caaatgatgg tagaacctct cagaggacag tcatgtcctt ctatgtgtaa gcagagcatg     45000
     gcatcagtaa tagtgtcatg ctttggtgcc tgtgcatgga atttaaacca atttggacca     45060
     gtcattggat ggcctttcct tttgtctctg gtccattttt gtccctgtct tcccattaga     45120
     taggaacaat tctgtatcaa atattttgaa gatgagtggg tggctgaatg cctcaactgg     45180
     gtgccatgtc tacctactag aggtggtctt cttaggttcc atttatccac tgatgagcat     45240
     ttcagctaag gcaattccca ttgagtcctg gcagtctctc acatttcagg tctctgagat     45300
     accatagagg ttccccttga cccccactct ctactgctgc atatttccat taattcttct     45360
     agcactctag acttctttcc tgtctccccc atccccatat ttgatcctga ccctttttcc     45420
     cctctatgta ccttctccta tacaggtggc tcccattgcc ttctggaatt attttgttcc     45480
     tcctaattgg gattgaaata ttctcactcg ggccttcctt cttgttaagc ttcaaactgt     45540
     ctgtgagttt tatcatgatt actttgtttt ttggctaata tgcaattatt ggtgagtata     45600
     taccttacgt gtctttttgg gtcttggttc cctctcagtg gttaagagca ctttttgctc     45660
     ttccagaagt cctgagttca attcctagca agcacatggc tgtttaaaac aattgttaat     45720
     gcaatctgat gccctctact ggcacatgtg aacccaaaga aaatataatt acatatatag     45780
     tataaactct catagattct ttaagagctg aatttagtat ccttttagtt tctttgacaa     45840
     atgagtaacg gtatagaggt tggatttatg aaatggaagc ttaacagaag ttcagcacat     45900
     ttgtaggcct attgttgcct gcttcaagac accataaatt gacttgatga ttgtgcatcc     45960
     acatggacat tagtcacaga ttagcaaaag tgttacacag catgtacaag ccttgaggtt     46020
     atatgagttg tttagctcaa atcataagac tgtgtagagt agcacggatg gattcattac     46080
     tacttttgta agcttaaaat ctaaaggcag gcctctgtac tgtttaggtt gcttcatttt     46140
     aggatgacat ataatcagtt agagttggca tcttcctaag gcccaagaag gatttgggag     46200
     cattcagctc tgccaaatat gttgtatccc cagaagtctt ccaactttca acagtctctt     46260
     gtttggtctt atactctcta gttgtttacc tgtcaacagt gttttagaaa aggattctgc     46320
     tctaggttag taatctccca cagactctac tattctcatc aacaccagtt caacataatt     46380
     tttataaccc gatacagaat gctttaaacc ttaggtgcaa catatatccc ttctacacat     46440
     ccaccacaag attcctatct tcattagaga gttgtataga gaatactcta tgagggccac     46500
     ttaagtgcct tcttctagga caagtagtat catctttata ttcctcgatc tatctcctca     46560
     ttattagact gttggttttt gcccaggtga ttttggatag ccacgaattc tcatctactt     46620
     gacaaattga tgaaatgatt tccttgaaga ttcctttaag atgaccttgg atcctaggta     46680
     acttccagac agaaagacaa tgttagtcaa tctgttgatt ttaaaagatg tcactttcct     46740
     gcagcagggg aatcaaggga aagtcttgtc tcatcttcta ctccatggag aactgttact     46800
     cagtttacag ccttactgtt gctcctaact aatacacctt tgatctgggc aacatttctg     46860
     ttggagatcc tagattggtc acagtgcata tcttgccaca gctgacttct catgaaccca     46920
     ttttcatata tatacttttt gtatgtgctt tttattgttt tagcactgta aaaatgatat     46980
     ttaagtaaat ttacagtcac ttctttttaa tggagcccct tctacttcaa gtgtaatatt     47040
     gtgctgaatc atgatttgtg agaagataat atactaaccg tgtagtcata gttttggaga     47100
     cagactgtca tctcttaact aagtgaatgt gattttcaga aatgcaggag ttgagatata     47160
     aaactacctg ataaagtcaa agcactattt ttgacatgcc taaacaagca tgactttcta     47220
     cttgacttgt aatgtagtca aaaatgaaga tactttcatc aaagttacct gattataata     47280
     atgcttggtg gaaagttgta ttctcttctc acctttttgt cttctgaaaa cctttctgtc     47340
     ttctgaaata tatattttga ttattatttt attctaagat tgagctatga cttttccact     47400
     atgaatttcc attctagata ttataaactg tataatgtgt ctatcacaaa catatttact     47460
     tgtgccaagg ctccttctct gttgctgcct ctccctccca cacattggta tacaatttat     47520
     tctaacatta aactaacagg aataaactat tgttagttac atgtgatctt ttctcaaaag     47580
     gctgtaacta gatatccatt atttttaact agcacattta tatggatgct atacatttta     47640
     aaatggaaaa tctaagtgac tgctgaatag tttgctgaaa tgaagagtac aagtcatata     47700
     aaactgattt ttatagtaag aggaacagtt gatcacattt tgtctccctt ataaattctg     47760
     tcatctgctt tacttttttt tcacagaaat caagatttta ctggctctca ttaggtacac     47820
     agggaacctg actcatttaa actgaatgat aatattaatt attacaaatg acccaaatca     47880
     ttttaactca gtggtacaca cgtacaaaca agtgaagtta cccagtaata tatttgtttt     47940
     gatttttaga ttattttaga atacttttaa atatccaatg aaaataaaaa gcattcatga     48000
     aagtaatttt ctgattttat atgatctttt gcccctaggc tctagcaaag cagtccattt     48060
     cttggcatgt acagctgaag aaaaatgacc caatgctgcc ttcacaaaca atatcaatgg     48120
     aacttactat ggagttttaa acctcaaatg tatgtttggt aacaggatca tagctgaaaa     48180
     ctatgtctaa cttaatataa ttaataagtt ggtgcctgtt atttagtgat aatgcacagg     48240
     aaaataaggg aggatctgaa taagccttac aaaggaaaat gtataaagga tattgagaag     48300
     aggaacatgt caaagggtga ttatttttat agattgttga tagcttgggg caaatgatta     48360
     aaagtaagcc tacatttcct ttcacatata tcatataagg tgtacaaaaa ctttgtgatc     48420
     tttcaaagcc ccagtttact taattaagtc agcttttata aggatcaaat atagcagtgc     48480
     cagaagagtg ttctttgagc tgtttagcac tgacaaagac ctcaagaagt aacatctcta     48540
     cttcccctct cctcattttt tcattattgt tatcaaatgt tctttaaaat aaatcatggt     48600
     atattatgtc aggaatgaca aagaagatat gatagaaaat atacataaag ctttcatttt     48660
     atacagatga tgtttccatg actgaggtcc cagttacatc cagagaaata tcacatatta     48720
     tttcgcaaga atgttttatt tcagcatttt cagttaaggc agatagatag aatcataaga     48780
     agcagatgtt aaatagagag tcaaaaattt caataatgct tgatgtgcag ttcaacaata     48840
     tacaaggatt ccaacacagg cacaacctgt aatatataat ttcatcagag attacaaaaa     48900
     ccaaaagatt ctgggcagat gtcatacaga ccttaagaga acacaaatgc tttcccaggc     48960
     tactatacct agcaaacttc tcaattacct tagagggaga aacaaagata ttccatgaca     49020
     aaaaaaaaca aacgaacaaa caacaaaaaa caaacaaaaa agccacaaca acaacaataa     49080
     aagtcacaat atctttccac aaatccagcc ctacaaagga taatagatgt aaaactccaa     49140
     cacaaggaaa gaaaatatac ccagaaaaaa gcaagaaaat aatagtcttt caacaaaccc     49200
     aaaagaagat aggcatacaa acataattcc aactctaaca acaaaaataa cagaaagcaa     49260
     caatcacttt ttcttaatat ctcttaacat cagtggactc cattccccaa taaaaagaca     49320
     tagagtgaca aactggaaac ataaatagga ctcaacattt tgctgcatac aggaaacaca     49380
     cctcagtgac aaagaaagat attaccacaa agtaaaaggc tggaaaaaaa attcccaagc     49440
     aaatagtcac aagaaacaag ctggagtagc caattgaata ctattaactt tcaaacaaaa     49500
     gtaaaaaaga taaggaagga cacttcatgc ttgtctaaga aaaaaaacaa caacaacaac     49560
     ctaccatgat gaattctcaa ttctgaaaat ctatgtttca catgataggg tatccatatt     49620
     cataaaagaa actttactaa aggtcaaagc acacattgca actcacaaaa taatagtgga     49680
     agacttcaac cctccactct cagcaatggt cagatcatga aacagaaatt aaacagtgac     49740
     atactaacag aagttatgac tcaaatggat ttaacaaata tgtatagaac atttcatcct     49800
     aaaataaaag agcctacctt cgtctcacca cctcatggta ccttctccaa aattgagcat     49860
     ataattggtc acaaaacata cctcaacata caatatgatt gaaataatac catgcatcct     49920
     atcaggtcat cacagactaa gaatattctt caatggcagc aaaaaaaaaa aagccatatg     49980
     tacatggaaa cagaacaatg ctctactcaa ggacaacttg gtcaaggaag aaataaagga     50040
     aaaaattaaa gactttcaga atttaatgaa gatgaatgca aaacatacca aaattataga     50100
     acagaatgaa atcaatgcta agaggaaaaa taagagctct aagtgctatg gaacaaaatg     50160
     aaagcaatgc taagaggaaa aataagagct ctaaattcct ccaaaaaaaa gacactggag     50220
     agcatacact aggaggtaga cagcacacgt gaaatctcta gaacaaaaag aagcaaatat     50280
     actcaagagg agtagattgc aggaaataat caaatgcagg gctgaaacca accaactaga     50340
     aacaaaaaga attgtacaaa gagtccacaa aatcaggagc tggttctttg agaaaatcaa     50400
     caacataaac ccttatccag aaaaatgaga gagcacagtg aaagtaacca aattaacaaa     50460
     atcagaaatg aaaagagaga cataacaaca gaaataaaaa aaattcaaaa aatcatcaga     50520
     tcctactaca aaagcttata cacaaccaaa ctggaaaata tggatgaagt agacaatttt     50580
     ctaggcagat accaggtgcc aaagttaaac cagggtcaca taaaccgcct aaacagtccc     50640
     ataactcata aagagataga agcaaccatt aaagtctccc aaccaaaaaa atcccaagac     50700
     cagatgggtt tagtgcagaa gtctatcaga ccatcaaaaa agatctaata ccaaaaccct     50760
     tcaaactatc ccacaaaata gaaacaaaat aaacactaac caatttggtc tatgaatcca     50820
     tgattatgct tttacctaaa ccacaccaag acccatcaaa gaaagagcct accagatcaa     50880
     tttctcttat gattatttat gcaaaaatac tcaatgaaat tctaagaaac caaatacaag     50940
     aacaaacaat catccatcat gaccaagtag tcttcatcta aataaggcta ccctttatct     51000
     ccctaccttt tcaatatagt attccaagca ctagccatag gaattagaca gcaataggag     51060
     gtcaaaggga tacaaattag aaaggaaaaa gtcaaaatat cactatttgc agatgatatg     51120
     atagtatcct taagtgaccc caaaaattca ccagagaact cctaaatctg ataaacaact     51180
     tcaatatgtg actggataaa aaaatttact catacaaatt ggtagccttc ctctactcaa     51240
     agaataaaca tgctgagaaa gaaacttgca aaacaacaac tttcagaatt ttcaaaaaca     51300
     taaaacacct tggtgtgact ctaaccaagc aagggaaata tatgtatgat aagaacttca     51360
     aggctctgaa gaaagaaatt gaagaacatg ttagaagaca gaaaaatctc ccatgctcgt     51420
     ggattggcaa gattaatata gtaaaaatgg ccaccttgct gaaagcaaca tgtatattca     51480
     atgctatccc catcaaaatt cctactcaat tcttcataga gttagagaga gcgatttgca     51540
     cattcatctg gaataccaaa aaacctagaa taccaaaaac tattattaac aataaaagaa     51600
     cttctggtgt aatcaccatc cctgaattca agctgtatta caaagcaata gttatattgg     51660
     tacaaactgg taggaagatc aatggaatag aattgaaaac ccagacatga acccacatac     51720
     ctatagtcac ttgatctttg acaaaggagc taaaatgaaa gtggaaaaaa agacagcatt     51780
     ttcaacaaat ggagctggtt taacaggagg tcagcattta gaagaatgta aatcaatatg     51840
     ttcttttctc cttgtacaaa gctctagtcc aagtgcatca aggacctcca cataaaacca     51900
     gatacactga aactaaaaga agagaacttg gggaagagct tcaaaaacat ggccacaggg     51960
     caaaatttcc tgaacagaac agggatggtt tatgctctaa gataaataat tgacaaaggg     52020
     gtcctcataa aattacaaag cttttgtaag gcaaagaaca ttgtcaaaaa gacaaaatgg     52080
     taaccaacag attgggaaaa catctttacc aatcctacat ctgatagagg cctaatatct     52140
     aatagataca aagaactcaa gaagtaagcc tccagagaat caaatatctc tattaaaaat     52200
     agagtacaga gctaaagaaa gaatttttat ctgaggagta tcgaatggct ggaaagcacc     52260
     taaagacatt ttcagcatcg ttagtcatca gggaaatgca aatcaaaacc accctgaaat     52320
     taccagtcaa aaaatacacc ggtcaaaatg gctaaaacta aaaacccagg tgatagcaga     52380
     tgctggtgag tatgtggaac gctagggcca aaagggggga gtgggtgggt aggggagtgg     52440
     gagtgggtgg gtatggggga cttttggtat agcattggaa atgtaaatga gctaaataac     52500
     taataaaaaa tggaaaaaaa gaaaaaaaaa gaacattctt gcattgctgg tgggattaca     52560
     agctggtata aacactgagg aaatcagttc ctcagaaaat tggtcatagt attacctgag     52620
     gacctagcta tatcacatct gggcatatac ccaaaagatg ctccaacata caacaaggac     52680
     acatgtttca ctatgttcgt agcaacctta tttataatag ccagaaaaaa gctggaaaaa     52740
     acccaaatgt ccttcaacag aggaacagat acagaaaatg gggttcattt acacaatgaa     52800
     gtactactca gctattaaaa acaatgaatt caggaatttg cttggtaagt ggatggaact     52860
     agaaaatatc atctttagtg aggtaactca gccacaaaag aacacacatg gtttacactc     52920
     actgataagt ggataatagc ccaatagctc agaatatcca agatacaact catagaccac     52980
     atgaaattca agaagaagga agaccaaagt gtgggtgctt tggttattct tagaagctga     53040
     aacaaaaatc taacaggagc aaatatggag ataaagtgta gagcagagag agactgcccc     53100
     agctgaggat ccatcccata tactctcacc aaacccaaac actattgtgg atgccaagaa     53160
     gttcttgctg acaggaccct catatagctg tctcctgaga ggctctgtca gacaactcca     53220
     catgatgaaa ccataccttg tagaattttg gatccaaaat ttggtagcta ggtagatcac     53280
     aggccttagg ggagagccta ctagcatcat tttgttaaat ggtcataatt taaaaccaaa     53340
     tcctacacac ctacctttct accaataaat aatggcatca ctgaactcaa atcaagaata     53400
     cttctatttg ccgggcatgg tggcacacat ctttaatcct agcacttggg aggcagaggc     53460
     aggcagattt ctgagtttga ggccagcttg gtctatagag tgagttccag aacagccagg     53520
     actacacaga gaaaccctgt ttcgaaaaaa acaaacaaac aaaacaaaca aacaaacaaa     53580
     caaacaaaca aaagaatact tctatttgta aatgtggtaa ataacataga tacatacatc     53640
     tgacaaaggt agaaagaata agaaattaca gaattctcag aactaaatat gatatctaaa     53700
     tcacattcct tcttctcaag ccctgaagat tactgggggc caagtggtta tgagagacag     53760
     agttcatgta tgaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag     53820
     aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaaa gaaagaaagg aaggaaggaa     53880
     ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggagccta acaaatgagt ttgtagtgaa     53940
     tgtgataaag tgtgtacacc ctgtgaaagt tgacaacagc ccaaatccca acctgaagag     54000
     aggagttgaa tataaagtat caaccctaca tgagaagtca ttggcaacta agattcaaga     54060
     aataaagtaa taattaatat catcatatta atcaatacat gattatttta agactatatc     54120
     cacttcagta tactattttt gatatccatt atttgaaaac taggggttgc aatgaaaaat     54180
     gaaagaatga tagcaatcaa caagtttttg aaagtttaat ggaacactaa gacagaaagt     54240
     ttaaagacta caaaggaaga atggaaaaag aatggaccaa cagtgagtat aatctacact     54300
     attgtgtttt ctgaactata ttgtactgtt gtatcataat taacatgaag cttcccattt     54360
     aaagatgtta gtatgatgtg aagtatttac aaaattaggg gacattttta aagagaaatc     54420
     actgattaaa tgaggcaaga ccatgggaat gaataagaaa tctgacgaga aaatggacaa     54480
     aaatgagcaa atactattgc aaatagagat acattcctag ataaatatgg tatactgaag     54540
     acttgtctct tttttctctt cttgatgttg tctgaccatg accagataac atataaccat     54600
     taagaggaaa gtagctactt ctacctaaac taaacctacc aatgaataaa ctttgcctaa     54660
     tgtagttctg agtagtattt ctcactactt tgagaaagtc agtgtaaata aggtacttaa     54720
     aaattgctat atattttgaa acaagtttgt gtggatgaat tcaaacaaaa tgacagcatg     54780
     ttcaaataga ccatggaaag aaaacttcaa acagccacct tcaacatgac actcaaaata     54840
     gaggtaatag tctttctttt ctttatttta tattactttt aatggatatt ttctttattt     54900
     acatttcaaa tgttatcccc tttcctagct tcccctgtca gaaaccccta tcccaacccc     54960
     ctctccctac ttctatgagg gtgctcactc acccactcca atgtccccat cttggcatta     55020
     ctctacattg gggtatctag ccttcacagg accaagggcc tctcctccca ttaatgtcag     55080
     acaaggtcat cctctgctat atatgcattt ggagtcatgg gttgctcaat gtgtactcct     55140
     tggtctgtgg tttagtccct gggagctcta gggggggggt ctgattggtt tatattgttg     55200
     ttcttcctat ggggtctccc aacccccctc agttacttca gtcctttctc taactccatc     55260
     attggagatc ccatgctctc caatgattgg ctgaaagcat ctacttctgt gtttgttagt     55320
     ctctggcaga gtctctcagt agatagctat atcaggctcc tgtcagcaag cccttattac     55380
     atccacatta atgtctgggt tctataacta tatatgggat gtatccccag ctggtgcagt     55440
     atctggatgg cctttccttc agtctctgcc cacacttttt ctccttatgc tcctgtgaat     55500
     attttgtttc cccttctaag aaggaccaaa tcattcacac tttggtctac cttcttcttg     55560
     agcttcataa ggtctgtgaa ttgtatcttg gtttttccca agctttttgg ctaatgtcca     55620
     cttatcagtg tgtgtatacc aagtgtgttc ttttgtgatt gggttacctc actcaatatg     55680
     acattttcta tttctagtca gttgcctaag aattttctga atttgttgtt tttaatagct     55740
     gaatgatact ccattgtgta aatgtaccac attttatgtg tccattactc tgttgaagta     55800
     tatgtgggtt tgttccaact tctgactatt ataaataagc ctgctttctc atagtggagc     55860
     atgtgcactt tttatatttt ggaacatgtt ttgggtatat gcccaggagt gatatagctg     55920
     ggtcctcagg taatgcactg tcccattttc tgaggaatcc ccagactatt ttccagaatg     55980
     gtaataacag ctttccatcc cactaacaat gaaggagttt tcttctttat ctacatcctt     56040
     gcagcatctg ctgtcacttg agtttttttt tctttgccat tctgagtggt gagaggggca     56100
     atttcagtgt ggttttgatt tgcatttccc tgttaagtaa agatattgaa attttcttta     56160
     ggtgctttct ggccattcaa tattcctaga tgaaaattct ttctttagct ctgtacccct     56220
     tggtcaggta taggattggt aaagatgttt tcccaatctg ttggttgcca ttttgtccta     56280
     ttgacaatgt tctttgtcat acttttgcaa ttttatgagg ttccatttgt caattgttga     56340
     tcttagagca taagcctttc ttgttctgtt caggaaatgt tgccctatgg ccattacctg     56400
     aggacccagc tatatcactc ctgggcaatc aagtgaccat agatgtgtgg attcatttct     56460
     gggtcctcaa ttctcctaca ttgatctttg tttctacttt tatttctctc cttatttctc     56520
     ctttgactaa gttatcattg agtagggcat cgttcagctt tcatgtttat gtaggatttc     56580
     agttgtttat gttgttattg aagataagcc ttggtctata gtgattagat aggatgaaca     56640
     ggattatttc aagcttgttg catctgtttg tagcctgttt tgtggccaac tatatgatta     56700
     gttttagtga cagtatcatg aggtgcagaa aagaaggtat actcaattgt tttataatga     56760
     catattctat aggtatctat taaatcaatt tgattcatta cttctgttag tttcagtatg     56820
     tctctgttta gtttctgttt ccattaactg tggatcactg aaatgggatg ttgaaatctc     56880
     ccaatattat tctgtgaggt acaatgtgtg ctttgagctt tagtaaaatt tcttttttga     56940
     acgtagtttt cctagcattt ggataataga tgttcacaat tgagacttca ctatggtagt     57000
     tttttacttt gatgagaatg aagtgtcctt ccttatcttt ttttttaact ttcggttaaa     57060
     agttgatttt actcaatatt agaatggctt ttcaaggtag ttttggaaga tcattttctt     57120
     ggaaaatatt ttttcagcct tttactctga attaatctct gtctttgtca ctgaagtaca     57180
     tttccagtat gcagcaaaat gctgggtcct gtttccaaat ccactctgtc agtctatgtc     57240
     tttttaattg aggctattga tgttaagaaa tattaaggaa aagtgattgt tgcttcctat     57300
     tatttttgtt gctagaggtg gaattatggt tgtgtggtta tcttctttca tgtttgttga     57360
     aagattattt tcttgcttta tctaggatgt attttctctc cttgtgttgg agttttctat     57420
     aaattactct ttgtatggct ggatttgcag aaagatattt gtaaattggg atttgtcata     57480
     aggtgttggg cattgggcta tgcacaaaca ggctgatctc cagttgagct gaggtctgaa     57540
     ccctggaagg gtgataattc acctacatga catggtaggc attccctcat gttcctagaa     57600
     ctctggctcc tgcttgagtt actgaccccc acagctccca caaaagaagc atggctagaa     57660
     gtcatgtaga caatgtccca agcttctaac cttcaggcta aactcctccc cagttaccta     57720
     gcaacagtaa agaccataaa aagggctgtt cagcccctcc tagctctttt actcatttct     57780
     ctcttacttc tcactctcac cctctcactc ctctgtcttt tctctttgtc ttctctcctc     57840
     tctcactctc ctcttctctc tttctcttct tttctttctc ctctcctctc tcccttttac     57900
     tctctttttc tctagccttc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     57960
     tctctctctc tctctctttc tctctctctc cttccctctt tttccctgac tttctataat     58020
     aaagctctaa aaccatagaa tgtctctgct catcaaggcc cactgcgctt ggaggatgag     58080
     ctgtttctaa tctcctgatg gaaggctttc ccgagatcca gtcaagatcc actgtgctca     58140
     ctctcacagg tttgggaacc tctcttccct cacccgtctc tcccataacc ctggggcttt     58200
     aggaaagtag cccccaggtt cccaggtggg ctgccccttg ttcactccct gaagagtggg     58260
     tcaaaggctt ggatgcccac ccaggactga gtggagagtg tatggcatct ctcccatgtc     58320
     tgcctgacca gagtataggt ggaactctgt caggatgtgg gccttctccc ttccccctct     58380
     cccccagggc ctcctttttt tagttctaca atgggatatc ttggtttctc catctatgtt     58440
     aattgagagt tttgctaggt atagtagtct gggcttgcat ttgttttctc ttagggtctg     58500
     tatggcatct acccaggatc ttctggcttt tgtaatctct aatggggagt ctgatttaat     58560
     tctgataggt tagtcatcat atgctacttg accttttccc cttactgctt ctaattcttt     58620
     ctttgtttta tgtatttggt gtttgattat tatgtaatag gatgaatttc ttttcaggtc     58680
     cagtcgtttt ggagttctgt aggcttcttg tatgttcatg ggcatctctt tctttaggtt     58740
     agggacgttt tcttctataa ttttgttgaa gatatttact ggccctttag tttggcaatc     58800
     tttcctgtct tctataccta ttatcctttg atttggtctt ctaattgttc ctctacttcc     58860
     tggatgtttt aagttgggag cttttttttg cattttgcat tttctctgac tgttgtgtta     58920
     aggttttcta tggtattttc tccctctgaa attctctctt ctatctcttg tattctgttg     58980
     gagattcatg catttatggc ttctgatctc tttcctagat tttctatctc ctggattgtc     59040
     tccctttgtg atttctttat cgtttctatt tccattttta gatcctgaat ggttttgctt     59100
     aattccttcc cctgcttggt tgtgttttcc tgttattctt taagggatgt ttctgtttct     59160
     tctctaaggg cttctacctg tttacttatg gtatcctcta tttctttaag gagttatttc     59220
     tgtcttcctt aaaatcctca atcattatct ctggatgtga tgttatatca gagtcttgct     59280
     tttccagtgt gttgggcaat ccaggacttg ctgtggtagg ataaatagat tttggtgatg     59340
     ccaagcagtc ttggtttctg ttttttattt tcttgtgctc gcatcttgcc atcttatctc     59400
     taatgctacc tgcccttgct gtctctgact gtatattgtg catcctgtga tcttcattgt     59460
     gtcataactc ctcagagtcc agctatctct gtgatcctat gattctggac tcctgtgatc     59520
     ctgggtatgt cagagctcct tggattcaag ctctctctgg gatcctgaaa tcctggtatg     59580
     aacaagcacc taagatcctg tgatcctggg caagttagag cacctggaag ttgatcttcc     59640
     tctgggtgtt gagggactca gtgagaagcc agtgcccaag gtttacttgg ggcaccagct     59700
     cagagtagaa ggaaatcatg tactggccaa gctgtggttc ctgattccct gggtcttggg     59760
     gggcccagtt actcctggat ttggggaaga tgttttggct tcctcccctg tgaccctggg     59820
     catgtaagag catctgggaa ttgagcttcc tctgggtgtt gtgggactgg gtgtagagcc     59880
     agcacccaag gtcttggcaa tattctttca taacctcagt cttaacaaca ggagcagcaa     59940
     gtccctactg aatagaaaca gtacccacta aaaatagttg attcacattt ctgaggtttc     60000
     aagactcatc atctgaagga aggggagtag caatgtttct ttggctatat gaattgttcc     60060
     acttaagcta atgtggtaat gaaaacttct ataatgtgaa aatttaaatg aatgtcttgc     60120
     tctgtagttg agagaagtag caaaacccct cattcttttc tttcctttcc tttcctttcc     60180
     tttcctttcc ttttcttttc ttttcttttc ttttcttttc ttttcctttc tttctttctt     60240
     tctttctttc ttcttttttt tgttattccc tccatgtttg tggaatatca cagatatcag     60300
     acaattaagt tcattctcag tactctgcag atggtttcat gtattgagag tttataacta     60360
     ttcttccatt cccaggtgct gcaagtgttt ataatgattt agctgaatat ctcaatatct     60420
     cctagttgca gtttgaacac tgtcttgaca agaacaacac agttcatttc tatgctttat     60480
     ctttatgcct gacatgaggg atatttcatg ttgattacta acactcagta tgaagatagt     60540
     ctgttgtcaa aatgatcctg taggctgtta tctacctaaa gataaaaatc ctatgtattt     60600
     gtaatttcat cataagcttt gggttatatt tcttcaaatt agtttaacaa taactctata     60660
     tgagtaaatg attttctcta agtcctgtta ttaaacagtg ggggaatcaa aatgcccaca     60720
     tagtagaata gactcctcac attgtcacat cctacatacc tggaagcatt ccctttgtac     60780
     ctgatagaac atcacattta tagtcccaat gcccagtgta agcagaatgt gtttccatta     60840
     tttgtaaaag agcaaaattt gcctagaatt gctaataata gaagaccaag ggagcttgat     60900
     tttatccaat tccccttttc tgtaaaacac tcatctttaa gatttttaca atgatcagtg     60960
     ttgttcttat cctcaatttt atgttttagc aaatggataa aggctaacta ctaacatgtc     61020
     agcaatttac aatcacaatg tgaaaaaagt acatgtatat ttcaaaggaa aagtttcttt     61080
     ttatttaatg atataaacac taagtaaaat ttgaaaataa aaaaaaagtg tatctgaaca     61140
     aactaagaaa tatgagactt tttctaaatg atgttcaaag actctggtat gaaactgaca     61200
     tagtgctggg gatttatgcc tggaaaaatg catacactaa aatgctcaag ttaatgtatt     61260
     acaaagatta gagtatagta tgtaagcaaa taagagttca attacaaaat taagtcatag     61320
     tttatataga attttgtata atgttttgtc ttcctgcaga tctcacatga atatacaacc     61380
     agcagttatc ttttgatcca taaatgaaac agacacaaac acacacacag acacaagctt     61440
     atttttaaat gctaggtatt tgtaaatctc ccctgctacc cctgcagtgc ccacttacct     61500
     aaaatctcat ttggctgttt ggctttatta ctgaccacta ctgcttcctg tccttgtgct     61560
     caagtcatga aattctgctc ttttctctat ttatcttacc tgctcaagac taagtcttcc     61620
     accctgtgcc caaccattgc ccactggcat ctttactgat ttatcacaaa acaattggtg     61680
     acaaggacct tcactgtcta tacacagatt cctgatctct caggcataca ttgagttcaa     61740
     ccacaaaaat tatataaatc atagagtatg atatacaact atcatccaat ccatgagttt     61800
     tgtcaatcag atacagtact ctgccatcat tccaaacaaa gtgtttattg ttcaatacct     61860
     tggttatgtt gtgattttag cctgtaagac catctgaaaa ccatctttta atctctatat     61920
     catgtctttt catgttaaac aaattgtttg cttatgtgac tttaattaat cttctacctt     61980
     atcaaaaatc caagaatgaa ttaaatattt cctgagtata taggaagcat acaacattgc     62040
     ttctaaaact tagacaattg tagagacagc tgataacctg gacaataccc taatttctta     62100
     taaagttgga gtatctatct tcagctgttt ggcccagaac catttggctg agccagaaat     62160
     gaagtaggaa tataacagac tagtttaccc tttcctggca aagattagta tgctactatt     62220
     ctacatctgt ttgtcctttt gcacagtatt ttgtctgcag gtgaaataag aaatttctgc     62280
     cctgtggcta cctcaacatg acaatgaact ttgattggag gtaaacatgc tcaatatctg     62340
     ctttgagctg tgaaggtgat actatcagat gcagatatat ctctagtcaa aaattccaat     62400
     aataatgaaa tgattaaatg tttgctacac ttcgccattt gtaattaagt aaattgatag     62460
     cactttatta taactaaatt agaatctaat ctaaccatga gtttactatc tggccctgat     62520
     cttgtgttac ttaattattc taaaccattt gtaaaagcag ctataatatt actgggtcaa     62580
     agaatgtgtt tttaaataag atgtaaggac acaatgccta agaataacaa tattaatttc     62640
     aaattttgtt tcaatataga gatttatacc agttaaatct taattatata acaatatata     62700
     aattgtgtac cagtgtaaaa aagtataact tcaattttaa attaattata aatatttcta     62760
     ccaattaaga ttgtggctac acaatgagtt gttcaagaat aaatttagta atccatacaa     62820
     tcttttgctc tctgttcaaa attatgacta atcccaaatt atcccttaaa aatgacaacc     62880
     tatatatgat ttgtaaaata actataacca gacctccaag cccaagaaat taggctgaca     62940
     actctccatg acttcttcct tctgaaaatg gatgatgaga aattcttaaa aggtgtggag     63000
     cgggctatga aaatcagaag attggttagc cttaataatt ctcagcttta gcatctgcta     63060
     tccagtctct atatgctcag aagactcagg gtctgaattc agctctgtct gggtccatga     63120
     gagagtttgg atgaggcaag atcatgtgga atcagtacta attcctgaag ctgttctgga     63180
     agtaagcctc tgaacagcat cagaaagtgg ggtactagaa caacagggta gttctgcatc     63240
     tctgaggatg aatacaatca aagctataat tccttaacat atgaatctca caaccaaaat     63300
     tttagtgcaa ttaagatatt catatggctt gggcagagtg cacagattag ttaaggatga     63360
     aattttgctc cttgtttgag aatgaaagat aactgtttta tgagttaatt ttatcactta     63420
     taaatctcca ttcatgccac atgaaggaag gcatgaacaa ttttacagat tccaaaatga     63480
     agaggatttt tttttctcaa tttggctgaa gtttttacta gatacatttt ttgtctaagc     63540
     cagttactgg actgttccca tgttgaagaa taagcagatc aattcacctg ttttgtttga     63600
     ttttcttgaa tttttcaaga tcctcaagag atctttccct gtcatatatg atccatgttg     63660
     ctttgtacag ggtccagaac cctttatcct ttcctttaaa cacaaataca aatcttctct     63720
     ccccaaatac tgtgtccttg gtccagtaaa cagaaatcat tcaaggaata gcttgacctc     63780
     ttgtagagga attctaatat atccatcaaa attataatca catacatttt gatgattcaa     63840
     ataattcaaa tcaactaaag taatctaaac aaacattaac cttgaaattc ttttttcact     63900
     actgcctgtt tatgacctat aacttaagat taaaagcatc aacatcttat acatcaatgt     63960
     atactggaga gtaatagctc tgtgagtaca tactgtagta tgtagtatat ttagtacata     64020
     ctttatcttt attaaattct cacgtcctaa gtttctacta tttgatagtt taggcttttt     64080
     acgccctgct tttgatctag ttaatttttt tagaatcaaa tgcctcaatc tctatacatc     64140
     tctgttctta accttaatta acttcccttc tacttactgt gtatgcctat ttacaggctc     64200
     cattttttga catacaaggc tgacaatcct agacattcta ggtatactac gttgaaagat     64260
     cctgagaatt tgccctgtca agaatattat atatccttaa agcatttgtt cattcattct     64320
     tcctaaattc tctcttttgt ggagcttaac atctgctgca tctaaaatct ggctctctgc     64380
     ctttcattgt cttactcctc aaagctggcc agctttttgc acaacagtgt ctcccagatt     64440
     ctcagcataa gctctttgta tcagttttga accatgagaa gaaatcccca agtgtctcag     64500
     gcaaaatcag tatattccct tctaccatta aaaacaatta aatctattat aaataaggct     64560
     gctatgaaca tagtgaagca tttgtccttg ttatatgata gagcatattt tgggtgtatg     64620
     atcaggaatg gtatagcttg gtagaactat ttctaatttt ctgaagaacc atcagattga     64680
     tttccagagt ggttgtacca gcttgcaatc ataccagcag tagaggagtg ttctttcttt     64740
     gtatctttgc cagtatctgc tgtcacctaa gttttgatct tatcctttct gacttgtgtg     64800
     aggtggaatg ccagtgtcat tttgatttgc attttcctga tgactaagaa taaggatgtc     64860
     aaatatttct ttaagccatt tgagatttct cagttcagaa gtctttgttt aactctgtat     64920
     ctaatttttt aattgggtta tttggttctg gaggctaact tcttgatttc tttgtatatt     64980
     ttcaaaattt gccctctatt ggatgcaggg ttggtaacaa tggtttccca atctgtgagt     65040
     ttcaatataa accaaccaga cccctaaagc tcccaagtat taaactacca accaaagagt     65100
     acacatggag ggacccatga ctgtagctgc aaaagcagct gagcattgcc ttctcttgca     65160
     tgaaaggaat gggacccact tggtcctatg gtggcttgat gatccaacat aggggactga     65220
     tagtgtttat ttttcttagg tattttcctc gtttacatta tcaatgctat cccaaaagtc     65280
     ccccataccc acccaccccc aatcccctac ccacccactc cccctttttg gccctagggt     65340
     tccctgtact gtggcatata aagtttgcaa gtccaatggg cctctctttg cagtgatggc     65400
     cgactaggcc atcttttgat acatatgcag ctagagtcaa gagctccggg gtactggtta     65460
     attcatattg ctgttccacc tatagggttg cagttccctt tagctccttg ggtaatttct     65520
     ctagatccta cattgggggc cctgtgaaac catccaatag ctgactgtga gcatccactt     65580
     ttgtgttttt taggcccctg catagtctca caagagagag ctatatctgg gtcctttcag     65640
     caaaatcttg ctagtgtatg caatggtgtc agcgtttgga ggctgataat gggatggatc     65700
     cctgcatatg gcaatcacta gatggtccat cctttcatca cagctccaaa ttttgtctct     65760
     gtaactcctt ccatgggtgt tttgttccca tttctaagaa gggacaaagt gtccacactt     65820
     tggtcttcgt tcttcttgaa ttgaattcat ttagcaaatt gtattttata tcttgggtaa     65880
     cctaactttc tgggctaata tccacttatc agtgagtaca tattgtgtga gttcctttgt     65940
     gattgggtta cctctctcag gatgatgcca tccaggtcca tccatttgcc taggaatttc     66000
     ataaattcat tttttaatag ctgagtagta ctccattgtg taaatgtacc acattttctg     66060
     tatccattct tctgttgagg ggcatctggg ttctttccag cttctggcta ttataaataa     66120
     gggtgctatg aacatagagg aggatgtgtc cttcttacca gttgggacat cttctggata     66180
     tatgcccagg agaggtattg cgggatcctc cggtagtact acatccaatt ttctgaggaa     66240
     ccaccagact gatttccaga gtggttgtac aagcttgcta tcccaccaac aatggaggag     66300
     tgttcccctt tctccacatc ctcgtcagca tctgcagtca cctgagattt tgatcttagc     66360
     cattctgact ggtgtgaggt ggaatctcag ggttgttttg atttgctctt ccctgatgat     66420
     taaggatgtt caacattttt tcaggtgctt ctcagccatt cggtattcct caggtgagaa     66480
     ttctttgttc agctctgagc cccatttttt aatggggtta tttgattttc tggagtccac     66540
     cttcttgatt tctttatata tattggatat tagtccctta tacaatttgg gataggtaaa     66600
     gatcctttcc caatctgttg gtggcctttt tgtcttattg acggtgtctt ttgctttgca     66660
     gaagctttgc aattttatga ggtcacattt atcgattctc gatcttatag cacaagccac     66720
     tgctgttcta ttcaggaatt tttcccctgt acccatatct tcgaggcttt ttcctacttt     66780
     ctcctctata agtttcagtg tctctggttt tatgtggagt tccttaatcc acttagattt     66840
     gaccttagta caaggagata gaaatggatc agttctcatt tttctacatg ataaccgcca     66900
     gttgtgccag caccatttgt tgaaaatgct gtcttttttc cactggatgg ttttagctcc     66960
     cttatcaaag atcaagtgac cataggtgtg tgggttaatc tctggatctt caattctgtt     67020
     ccattgctct acttgtctgt cactatacca ataccatgca gtttttatca caattgctct     67080
     gtagtacagc tttaggtcag gcatggtgat tccaccagag gttcttttat ccttgagaag     67140
     agtttttgct atcctaggtt tgttgttatt ccagatgaat ctgccgattg ccctttctaa     67200
     ttcgttgaag aattgagttg gaattttgat ggggattgca ttgaatctgt agattgactt     67260
     tggcaagaca gccattttta caacattgat cctgccattc catgagcatg ggagatcttt     67320
     ccatcttctg agatcttctt taatttcttt cttcagagac ttgaagttat tatcatacag     67380
     atctttcact tccttagttt gagtcacgcc aaggtatttt atattattta tgactattga     67440
     gaagggtgtt gtttccctaa tttctttctc agcctgttta tcctttgtgt acagaaagac     67500
     tattgacttg tttcagttaa ttttatatcc agctacttca ttgaagctgt ttatcaggct     67560
     taggagttct ctggtggaat ttttagggtc acttatatat actatcatat catctgcaaa     67620
     aagtgatatt ttgacttctt cctttccaat ttgtatcccc ttgatctcct tttgttgtct     67680
     aattgctctg gctaggactt caagtacaat gttgaatagg tagggcgaga gtggacagcc     67740
     ttgtctagtc ccagatttta gtgggatggc ttccagcttc tcaccattta ctttgatgtt     67800
     ggttactggt ttgctgtaga ttgcttttat catgtttagg tatgggcctt gaattcctga     67860
     tctttccaag acttttatca tgaatgggtg ttggatattg tcaaatgctt tctcagcatc     67920
     taacgagatg atcgtgtggt ttttgtcttt gagtttgttt atatactgga ttacattgat     67980
     ggatttccgt atattgaacc atccctgcat ccctgggatg aaacctactt ggtcaggatg     68040
     gatgattgtt ttgatgtgtt cttggattcg gttagcaaga actttattga ggatttttgc     68100
     agcggtattc ataagggaaa ttggtctgaa gttctctatc tttgttgggt ctttttgtgg     68160
     tttaggtatc agagtaattg tggcttcaca gaatgaattg ggtagagtac cttccgtttc     68220
     tattttgtgg aatagtttgt gaagaactgg aattaggtct tttttgaagg tgtgatagaa     68280
     ctctgcacta aacccatctg gtcctgggca ttttttggtt gggagactat taatgactgc     68340
     ttctaattct ttaggggata taggactttt tagatcatta atctgatctt gatttagctt     68400
     tagtacctgg tatctgtcta gaaaattgtc catttcatcc aggttttcca gttttgttct     68460
     gtatagcctt ttgtagaagg atctgatggt gttttgaatt tcttcagaat ctgttgttat     68520
     gtttcccttt tcatttctga ttttgttaat taggatgctt tccctgtgcc ctctagtgag     68580
     tctggctaag ggtttatcaa tcttgttgat tttctcaaag aaccagctcc ttgattggtt     68640
     gattctttga atagttcttc ttgttttcac ttggttgatt tcacccctaa gtttgattat     68700
     ttcctgcctt ctactcctct tgggtgaatt tgcttccttt ttttgttcta gagcttttaa     68760
     gtgttttgtc aagcagctag tgtgtgctct ctctagtttc tttttggaag cactcagagt     68820
     tatgagtttt cctcttagga atgctttcat tgtgtcccat aagtttgggt atgttgtggc     68880
     ttcattttca ttaaactcca aaaagtcctt aatttctctc tttattcctt ccttgaccaa     68940
     gttatcattg agaagtgtgt tgttcagttt ccacgtgaat tttggcattc tattagttat     69000
     tttgttattg aagagcagcc ttagtccatg gtgatctgat tggatgcatg gggcaatgtc     69060
     aatatttttg tatatgttga cgcttgtttt gtgaccaatt atgtggtcaa ttttggagaa     69120
     ggtaccatga ggtgctgcga agaagttata tccttttgtt ttaggataaa atgttctgta     69180
     gatatctgtc aggtccattt gtttcataac ttctgttagt ttcactgtgt ccctgtttag     69240
     tttctgtttc catgatctgt cccttggtga aagtggtgtg ttgaagtctc ccactattat     69300
     tgtgtgaggt gcaatgtgtg ctttgagctt tactaaagtt tctttaatga atgtggctgc     69360
     ccttgtattt ggagcatagc tattcagaat tgagagttcc tcttggagga ttgtaccttt     69420
     gatgagtatg aagtgcccct ccttgtcttt tttgattatt ttgtgttgga agtcaatttt     69480
     gttagacatt agaatggcta ctccagcttg tttctttata ccatttcctt ggaaaattgt     69540
     tttccagcct ttcattctga ggtagtgtct atctttttct ctgagatgag ttttctgtaa     69600
     gcagcaaaat gttgggtctt gtttgtgtag ccagtttgtt agtctatgtc tttttattgg     69660
     ggagttgagt ccattgatat taagagatat taaggaaaag tagttgttgc ttcctgttat     69720
     ttttgttgta aaagttggca ttctgttctt gtggttgtct tcttttaggt ttgtttatgg     69780
     attaccttgt ttttttttct agggtgtggt tcctgtcctt gtattgtttt tttttttttt     69840
     ttctgttatt atcctttgaa tggctggatt cgtggagaga taatgggtga atttgttttt     69900
     gttgtggagt actttggttt ctccatctat gataattgag agtttggctg ggtatagtag     69960
     cctgggctgg aatttgtgtt ctcttagtgt ctgtataaca tctgtccagg ctcttctggc     70020
     tttcatagtc tctggtgaaa aatctggtgt aattctgata ggcttgcctt tatatgttac     70080
     ttgacctttt tcccttactg cttttagtat tctatcttta tttagtgcat ttgttgttct     70140
     gattattatg tgtcgggagg aatttctttt ctggtctagt ctatttggag ttctgtaggc     70200
     ttcttgtatg ttcatgggca tctctttctt tagatttggg atgttttctt caataatctt     70260
     gttgaagatg tttgctggtc ctttgagttg aaagtcttca ttctcatcca ctcctattat     70320
     ccgtaggttt ggtcttctca ttgtgtcctg gatttcctgg atgttttgag ttaggatctt     70380
     tttgcatttt ccattttctt tgattgttgt gccgatgttt tctatggaat cttctgcacc     70440
     tgagattctc tcttccatct cttgtattct gttgctgatg ctcgcatcta tgtttccaga     70500
     tttctttcct agggtttcta tctccagcat tgcctcactt tgagttttct ttattgtatc     70560
     ttcttccctt tttaggtctt ggatggtttt attcaattcc atcacctgtt tggttgtctt     70620
     ttcctgcaat tctttaaggg atttttgtgt ttcctctttg atgtcttcta cctgtttggt     70680
     tatgttttcc tgcaattctt taaggttttt ttgtgtttcc tctttaatgt cttctacttg     70740
     tttagcagtg ttctcctgta tttctttaag tgagttattc aagaccttct tgatgtcctc     70800
     taccatcatc atgagatatg cttttaaatc catgtctagc ttttcaggtg tgttggggtg     70860
     ccctggactg ggcgaattgg gagtgctggg gtctgatgat ggtgagtggt cctggtttct     70920
     gttagtaaga ttcttacgtt tacctttcgc catctaataa tctctggagt tagttgttat     70980
     agttgtctct gtttagagat tgttcctctg gtgattttgt taccctctat caccagacct     71040
     gggagactag ctctctcctc tgagtttcag tggtcagagc agtctctgca ggcaaggtct     71100
     cctctttcag ggaaggtgca cagttatctg gtgtttggac ctcttcctgg cagatgatga     71160
     aggcccaaaa caggatcttt cccagaagct gtgttgcttt ggcctttcac agaagctgtt     71220
     gtttcagtag tccacactct caactgtgta aactactttc cgcggagtcc cggaaccaag     71280
     gtggctaccg cggaacctga ggcagaagcc tctcgggctg ggcgaacacc tgtgctctga     71340
     ccaggaaggt ggccagttgt ctggagccaa aaatggcgcc gcctcagagg ctctgtggct     71400
     ctcgcctgtc ccagaaactg ctggcctctg tattccacac tgtcacctgt gcagactgtc     71460
     ctccgcggag tcccggaagg aaccaagctg gctcctgcgg aacctgaggc agaagcctct     71520
     cgggccgggc ggacacctgt gctctgacca ggaaggtggc cggttgtctc aaaatatcca     71580
     attttatctc aggtttataa atctttattc tttatttgtc tgatggctga tggcaggcag     71640
     tttttactgt ttaagtctta ctttttccca gcagacagcc cagggtaaat tcatgtgttt     71700
     ctttgttctc cttctgtggc ttgtgtgaga ttcagcttgg ctagctgaaa aatcaaatct     71760
     ctccaaatcc taaaattaag tcatgaggca tgtgtatttt ctttttcatt caggaatctc     71820
     taaattattt taatagtggg tacttaccta ctactgcatt gtatgtcatg tgtagtagtg     71880
     aagttttgct acattgttat ggcttctggt gtatcacaaa acatacctgt ccgggagcta     71940
     tatttgtatc cacaaatgaa agacacagag acacacatta gcttactttt aaaaatgtgt     72000
     tggttacctc aaaccctgag aaacatgaag caatcccact aaaatcaggg actagacaag     72060
     gctaccagct ctttccctat ctgttcaata tagtacttga agttctacct agagcaatta     72120
     gacaacaaaa gaaggtcaaa gggatacaaa ttggaaagga agaagtcaaa acatcactat     72180
     ttgcagatac tattatatac ttaagtgaca accaaaattc tacaagagaa gtcctaaagc     72240
     tgataaacaa cttcagcata gtggttgaat ataaaattaa ctcaaacaaa tcagtatcct     72300
     tcctctattc aaaggataaa caggctaaga aagaaattag ggaaataaca tccatcaaaa     72360
     tagtcacaaa tatatacctt tgtgtgactc caatcaagca agtgaaagat ctctgaagaa     72420
     aaaaatcgaa caagatctca gatgatgaaa ttttactgtt tttatgtgat tctcaagtgt     72480
     gcaaaagagc tcctgtctga ttcttgtgat ttctcctggg ctctcttctt tattttgctt     72540
     gaaaaaatgt tgtgataatt tttgttttat attatattat tatcatttat tattatatct     72600
     tacaaacttg ttttttacta ttgagaaaca aaaaaattag tggatctgga ggggtaaaat     72660
     aaaaatactg atatttcttc caactcaatt cttcaacgaa ttagaaggag caatttgcaa     72720
     attcatctgg aataacaaaa aacctaggat agcaaaaact cttctcaagg ataaaagaac     72780
     ctctggtgga atcaccatgc ctgacctaaa gctttactac agagcaattg tgataaaaac     72840
     tgcatggtac tggtatagaa acagacaagt agaccaatgg aatagaattg aagacccaga     72900
     aatgaaccca cacacctatg gtcacttgat cttcgacaag ggagctaaaa ccatccagtg     72960
     gaagaaagac agcattttca acaattggtg ctggcacaac tggttgttat catgtagaag     73020
     aatgcgaatc aatccatact tatctccttg tactaaggtc aaatctaagt ggatcaaaga     73080
     acttcacata aaaccagaga cactgaaact tatagaggag agagtgggga aaagccttga     73140
     agatatgggc acaggggaaa aattcctgaa cagaacagca atggcatgtg ctgtaagatt     73200
     gagaattgac aaatgggacc taatgaaact ccaaagtttc tgcaaggcaa aagacaccgt     73260
     caataagaca aaaagaccac caacagattg ggaaaggatc tttacctatc ctaaatcaga     73320
     tagggggcta atagccaaca tatataaaga actcaagaag gtggacttca gaaaatcgaa     73380
     caaccccatt aaaaaatggg gctcagaact gaacaaagaa ttctcacctg aggaataccg     73440
     aatggcagag aaacacctga aaaaatgttc aacatcctta atcatcaggg aaatgcaaat     73500
     caaaacaacc ctgagattcc acctcacacc agtcagaatg gctaagatga aaaattcagg     73560
     tgacagcaga tgctggcgtg gatgtggaga aataggaaca ctcctccatt gttggtggga     73620
     ttgcaggctt gtacaaccac tctggaaatc agtctggcgg ttcctcagaa aattggacat     73680
     agtactaccg gaggatccag caatacctct cctgggcatt tatccagaag atgccccaac     73740
     tggtaagaag gacacatgct ccactatgtt catagcagcc ttatttataa tagccagaag     73800
     ctggaaagaa cccagatgcc cctcaacaga ggaatggata cagaaaatgt ggtacatcta     73860
     cacaatggag tactactcag ctattaaaaa gaatgaactt atgaaattcc tagccaaatg     73920
     gatggacctg gagggcatca tcctgagtga ggtaacacat tcacaaagga actcacacaa     73980
     tatgtactca ctgataagtg gatattagcc ccaaacctag gatttccaag atataaggta     74040
     caatttgcta aacacatgaa actcaagaag aatgaagact gaagtgtgga cactatgccc     74100
     ctccttagaa ttgggaacaa aacacccatg gaaggagtta cagagacaaa gtttggagct     74160
     gagatgaaag gatggaccat gtagagactg ccatatccag ggatccaccc cataatcagc     74220
     atccaaacgc tgacaccatt gcatacccta gcaagatttt attgaaagga cccagatgta     74280
     gctatctctt gtgagactat gccggggcct agcaaacaca gaagtggatg ctcacagtca     74340
     gctaatggat ggatcacagg gctcccaatg gaggagctag agaaagaacc caaggagcta     74400
     aagggatctg caaccctata ggtggaacaa cattatgaac taaccagtac cccggagctc     74460
     ttgactctag ctgcatatgt aaccaaagat ggcctaatcg gccatcactg gaaagagagg     74520
     cccattggac acgcaaactt tatatgcccc agtacagggg aacgccaggg ccaaaaatgg     74580
     ggagtgggtg ggtaggggag tgggggtggg tgggtatggg ggacttttgg tatagcattg     74640
     gaaatgtaaa tgagctaaat acctaataaa aaatggaaaa aaatactgat atttcaaaag     74700
     tttatttttt caaattaaat ttgataaaga aatttggatt tggtatgtct catatttcaa     74760
     tacactgata tatatttaag aatagtacac tctaaagttt atttttatat cataaatgat     74820
     actaattgtg tcacttaatt tcaaagataa ttcatatata tgtgaaatat atgtttatta     74880
     agatacacac ttacacacac acacacacac acacacacat atctatagac aactaagatg     74940
     gaaatgttgt caatgtttcc ttctagaaag ctagctttca tgatatgaga atgtgccaat     75000
     caagcttaca aaggacagaa ataaccaagt aaacaaaaat cctgcccatg taagatagct     75060
     atgagccagg tggggtggcg cacaccttta atcccagcac ttgggagaca gaggcaggct     75120
     gatttctgag tttgaggcca gcctggtcta caaagtgagt tccaggtcag ccagggctat     75180
     acagagaaac cctgtctcga aaacaaaaca aaagaaaaca aaaacaaaaa caaacaaata     75240
     aacaaaaaac atacaaacaa acaaacaaat aaaaaacccc accttggttg taaaatttca     75300
     ctaattgaac ttaaactact ctacaagaag aaaccttacc ccaccctgga aatgtatcca     75360
     aattagccag agttaatgaa atgttggatc ttataggagg aattacaaat tccattttaa     75420
     taaaccagca tactccttat ttacagtcta catatttatt tttataccta cagctaagtg     75480
     tactcctcac acttaataaa ggaatttttg tgcaaaagat tgagttcact ttggaaaact     75540
     acagccagct aaaatgcaga gatgaggatc ccagtcccaa tggatgcata agcatactga     75600
     acaaatccca tgcatatgat tgtagaagga gaagtgtacc aattctatga gatgggggaa     75660
     gattttggag tttgctgtga gactgtatct tttagtagta tcagaagtca taagcataaa     75720
     atcttaccaa ctataagaca tgccaaaggg atgggtaaat aaccaggagt tgtcatcttt     75780
     ttagaaagat ctacagacaa ctaagaaatg cagaacatga aagaaatagt ctttctaagt     75840
     gaatagagca tttacttatt taataaggta tttagcaagg ctcaaggctt aaatgcacaa     75900
     gcaaaagggg aagtacttct cagcaggagg ggtggggcag tggaaatgca caagcaaaag     75960
     gggaagtaca agtacttctc agcaggatgt ggggggcagt ggaaattttt ctttttgcag     76020
     ctacacgggg aagcaggaac ttggtggtat cagggtgtgg tcaggacatc tggtgctgac     76080
     ttagggatgg aacattctgt ggttgttctc ggaacggtgc atcagtggcc tgcttttgac     76140
     ccccttttct tcttgggggt ggggagagag gcccaattcg gagatcagga caatagtgtt     76200
     gtcttaatag cttccaacaa tattggatag gtggggagag agtcggcagc cttgtctagt     76260
     ccctgattct agtgggattg ctttaagttt ctctccattt agtttcatgt tgtatactgg     76320
     tttgatatat attgctttta ctgttaggta tgggccctga attcctgatc tttcaagaat     76380
     tttgctataa tgcagagctg aattttgtca aatgatttct ccatgtctaa taagatcatg     76440
     tggctttttt ctttgagctt atttatgtag tggattacaa tgatggattt ccttgaacca     76500
     tcccagcatc cctggaataa aactgacctg atcatgatgg ataatctttt tgatgtgttc     76560
     ttggatttgg tttctgagaa ttttattgat tatttttgca tcactattca taagggaaat     76620
     tgttccgaag ttctctttct ttgttgggtc attgcgtggt ttaggtataa gcttaattgt     76680
     ggcttcatgg aaaaaaaaaa tccagtactg ttccttctgt ttctattttg tggaataagt     76740
     tgaagagtat tggtattagt tctttgaagg tcttatagaa atctgaacaa aaccaatcca     76800
     gtcctgggtt tttttttttg tttttgtttt tgcttgggag aatttaatga tttttttgaa     76860
     ttctcagttt ctgttgctat gtctcccttt tcatttctga ttctgttaat tgggatactg     76920
     actctgtgac acctggttag tctggctaag aatttatcta tcttgttgat tttctcaaag     76980
     aaccagctac tggtcttgtt gattttttgt gtaggtcttt ttgtttctac ttgcctgatt     77040
     tcagtcatta gtttgattat ttcctacttt ctactcctgc tgggtgtatt ttcttctttc     77100
     ctcctcctcc tcctcctcct cctcctcttc ctcctcctcc tcttcctcct cctcctcctc     77160
     ttcctcctcc tctgcctcct cctcctcctc ctcctcctcc tcctcctcct tcttcctctt     77220
     cttcttttta ttcttgagct ttgaagtgtg ctgtcaaggt gctagggttt gttctctaca     77280
     ttttcatttt ggaggcactc agaactatga attttcctca gcactattta aatcgtgtcc     77340
     cataagtttt ggtatgtttt gccttcattt tctttaaatt ctaaaaaatc tttaatttat     77400
     ttctaacact taaaccttta gcaaagcggc tagatataaa attaacccaa aaaaattgtg     77460
     tagccttcct ctaatcaaag gacaaacagg ctgggagaga aattggggaa acagcaactt     77520
     taacaataat cacgaataat agaaaatacc ttggtgtgac tctaatcaag caagtgaaag     77580
     atctatatga caaaattgtc aagtctctga aaaaaattga acatgactcc agaaggtgga     77640
     aagatctgcc atgctcgctg gttggcagga ttaatatagt aaaaaatgac attttaccta     77700
     aagcaatctg caaatccaat gcaatcttta tcaaaatttt aattcaattc ttctcagagt     77760
     tagaaagagc aattttcaaa ttcatttgga ataaaaaaaa acccaggata ttcaataaaa     77820
     tatcttctgg tgagatcacc atccctgacc tcaaggtgca cacagagcaa taatgataaa     77880
     tacttcatgg tattcagaga caggcaagaa gatcaatgga atagaattga ataccctgaa     77940
     atgaacccac acacttaagg tcacttgata tttgacaaag gagctaaaat catccagtgg     78000
     aaaaagacag cattttcaac aaatggtact ggcaaaccag gcatggtggc acaggccttt     78060
     aatcccagca cttgggaagc agaggcaggt tgatttctga gttcgaggcc agcctggtct     78120
     acaaagttag ttctaggact atacagagag accctgtctc gggaaaaacc aaaacaaaca     78180
     aacaaacaaa aaacagaaaa ttggacatat ttctacctga ggacccagcc ctacaactcc     78240
     tgggcatata ccttccaaat gctccaacat ataacaagga cacacgctcc accaagttca     78300
     tagcagctgt attcataaga gctagaagct agaaataact cagatgttct tcaacagagg     78360
     aatagataca gaaaatatag tacatttaca caattgaatt ctactcaggt gttaaaacga     78420
     tgacttcatg aaatttgcag aaaaatggat gtaactagaa aatatcctga gtgaggtaac     78480
     ccagtcacaa aagaacacac aaggaataca ctcactgata agtgaatatt agcccaattg     78540
     ctcagaatac ccaagataca attcaaaaac cacatgaagc tcaagaagaa ggaagacata     78600
     tatttggatg cttcagtcct tagaaggggg aaaaattaac tcatgggagg aaatttggag     78660
     acaaattgtg gagcagagac tgaaggaaag gccatccaga gactgcccta cctagggatc     78720
     tatctcctat acagacaaga aatccagaca ctattgtgga tgtcaagaag tactggccga     78780
     caggaacctg atataattgt ctgctgagag gctctgccag aaagtgatgc ttgcaaccaa     78840
     ccaagggatg cttggactga gtacggggtc cctaatggag gagttagaga aaggactgaa     78900
     gtaattgaag ggctttgcaa ccccatagga gaacaacaac atcaaccaat cagacccagc     78960
     agcactccaa gggactaaac cacaaaccag agtacaaatt gagcaaccaa tgactccagc     79020
     tgcatatata gcagatgaga gtccggcatc aatgaaagga gaggcctttg gtcctgtgaa     79080
     ggttagatgc cccaatgtag tgtaatgcca gggcatggac gtgggagtgg gtgggtgggt     79140
     gagtgagaac cctcatagaa gcagggagac gggtttggga tagtggtttc tgcccaggga     79200
     acccggaaaa aaggggataa cattttttat gtaaataaat aagatatcca ataaaaaaga     79260
     aaaagagcag tgaatgataa cttgaatggc tttagagtgt ggaaatataa aggacaaatg     79320
     atatagttat aatctcaaaa atatatgaaa aaatatcggg gaaaactatt gggggtttaa     79380
     ctcctgtctg tcatgtattt atgtctgtct ctattgtcca agatacagtg accatgacat     79440
     gagatttttc acaaggaaga ggctgcttac tgagtgtttt ggaactagga gagagaattc     79500
     tgctactgaa ctttctgttt caagagatta ggcaagaaga ctatagtcat cattcattta     79560
     gggtgaatac agttttagaa ataatctaaa gttatgtatt gttcattgat cttttcctga     79620
     ttataaagta tgaagggaca atgcaatcag tggtgacttt tgaaaacact gtgttggtta     79680
     gttttccatt gctgtgacac cgttcctgag aagattatct caaaaggagc aaagatttat     79740
     ttttgctcag agttttcaag ggattagtca attgtcactt aggactatgg cagcatagca     79800
     tatcatctta ataacaagag tggaagagtt aagctagtca catagtcatg atcagaatga     79860
     caagacacaa aacggggaga ggtaatgaga gagaatcttg atatttcttt gaagtcacat     79920
     attcaggggt ataacttcct ctacaggttg tctcctaaat gtatccaaac ttactgcagt     79980
     gctaagggat gaaaactaga gctttaatat agaactccta gagattgcta tagatatgga     80040
     ctgtgatcca atgaatcaca aattcataga aagttggaca taaacatgtt caaagaaaat     80100
     aggcagttaa tatgtcttat tctaattcac tgatgacgaa agtagattct ctcttgccac     80160
     tgctgagaaa tggaagtttt gcaatagaaa ttatttgatt ccagtttggc ctttttacac     80220
     caactttgac catttagttc ccagataaaa gacatataca acatttatat ttatagtaat     80280
     cccgtaaata gcacaaacac tgcacagata tctaccctct atgctcttag gatctactct     80340
     tttattgata accctgagtt attattttct atattccttc tgtgcagttc tcacctcaga     80400
     gtcatatttt tatgccttac ctaacacatg gtgcttctcc ttcatccttc tgcatcttcc     80460
     ttccccttca tggttcttca gtgaccctca agcccaggaa ccataaactc tgcctatgtc     80520
     tcttctaccc aaatattagc tattagcatc tttatctgcc aaccaaaaat aacttgggag     80580
     caaggtcaca gagcttttac ttatggactc tctgatctgt gagacaacca gttcttcagg     80640
     aaatgctatt agcattagaa tacaagcagc atcaggccaa cccactatac aacctcttgc     80700
     ctcctggcac agcacatgta ttttagcacc atttcagtct aacaaattta gggcttttta     80760
     aattatgctt ttgatcgatt ttgtttcaaa gtcagtggta tatacaaaat aaagttcatg     80820
     agtattggcc ataaaattaa ctggcttcag ctttttatct cttgggtttt ctcctttatt     80880
     atttcaccta cactcagtca ctaaagattc tttgtcactt caatgcacta gctttctctg     80940
     tcaagccgtg gggtgctgat ggctgctttg agtccttcct cattggagat ccgttagtgg     81000
     gtaatcagtt tacatgttat tttgttatta tcacttaaac tatttttttc caacaagaga     81060
     ctaaaagggt aaaactatat ggagggagaa atgcaaagta ggaggaggac aggtaaagga     81120
     aactttaatc aggatatatt ttatgaataa aaagatcttt attttcatta aacaaaaatg     81180
     acaatttcag agctcaggag atggcctagt ggttgattac ttgtttatgg aaagggtcta     81240
     ggttcaacat tagtacccac acggtggctc aaaaaatcca agcctccaaa gccagagtat     81300
     ctgattcctt attctgacat tttgatgtgc ccttccattc aggcatatta ctcatacaca     81360
     caatatagaa tctttaaaaa taaaaatgtc tgttgatatt ttctaccatt actgacgtta     81420
     aagctcagct ctacttatta tattttagga tatgcctaaa ttgtagaatg atggcaacaa     81480
     tttgtaggta tgaatagttt tcaattttga aaaaaaatta gtcacgcggg ttttgtgtgt     81540
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtga ctgatttatt cttcatgtta     81600
     tggtacccac taccagaaat cattgcggta atctacatat tgtaaacctc tccacacaag     81660
     ttcaactaaa gctcatatca gcccggaatt ttgaacctgt tttgtctgag tattacccat     81720
     catttcctgt attataaagt caactgatgt ctgttctttc acttttgatt ccatatctat     81780
     tattctggca gtaataggac catttcttca aaagttattt taaactgaaa atattattaa     81840
     taataattag taataatttt tgctaatatt acttataatt atcaataata aaatatatat     81900
     ccatgttata caagggtgtg gttattatgt tcttcgaaaa tatactttct cactatttac     81960
     ttctaaatat atttaagttt aagaatatca taactccctc ctgaaaagtt cattttcagc     82020
     tatatgtcac ttttaagcag aggcctttct ccatcacata tacatgatta actggacata     82080
     taacttcatg ctttatataa aaattgataa agtaatattt tctgcaattt cacagtgata     82140
     tattttcaga tttcctccct gactagtctc cagtactaaa aatatgcata ttaatagaag     82200
     atgactaaat gaaaagccat atagttagat tcattggcca aacatcaatt tagattatac     82260
     atatatttca ccatacacac ctgccttttg aaggaaaaaa ggctgaaata tacaagagca     82320
     gtaattattt atttgataca ttcaagataa aatagacagg ttgataggat acttcctatc     82380
     atgtgattgg tggtagtctg actgatcatc atggtcaggg aaggaagatg attcatatgg     82440
     aaaaaatcct agctctgagg aaagcactga tttgctaaac tgctggagca gaaatttcta     82500
     catcttgatt gacaggaagc agaaagggac tgtgtttggc actggcaaag ctgaacatag     82560
     gagacattca agttcacctc cacagtgaca cactactttc aacaaggcca cacctacaca     82620
     aacaaggcca catttcctaa tattgcctct ccctactggc caagcatcca aacacaggta     82680
     tctatcagga ccaaggctat tcaaactact accatggagt agttttggtt ttccctggag     82740
     ctctagtaac tcaagggatg aagaactact tttaatacac ttaaagtgtt ataaaagaaa     82800
     gtgaaagaga actgtcactg gaaagaagat ggaataaaaa cataatcagt gtctaaagtt     82860
     taaggtagtc ttaggagttc atgcagtttg gtatcctaaa ggagtaatat atgttttgtt     82920
     agggttttat tgctttgcaa aacaccataa ttaaaagaaa ttcagtgagg aaaggcttta     82980
     tttaagggta catttcacag ttcattatgg atagatctca ctgcaagaat gcatggcaca     83040
     aaccttgaat taggacttga ttcagaagtc atggaggaac actgcttaca ggcttgctca     83100
     gaattccttt gcataatatc ctaaaccacg tgccctcata taacatcatc agtcactaat     83160
     caaaattttt ttctgtatac ttgcctacaa tccaatatta aagaggcatt ttctcaccct     83220
     tggttcttca tcctggatta ctggctttta gaaagttaac attaaatcta acccaaactg     83280
     tacctttcat accatgtcct ttttactggt tttatccctt tagtctttcc tttctttact     83340
     ccatattgca caattctagt ctttcatttc agctcatact ttgtattttc catgtgtcag     83400
     gatgctgttg tgactgacac tcactgtctg gaaatccttg caaatcactg acagtgttgg     83460
     aagtatactt ctgtaacagc ttcatttaag taaatatgaa aatgatatga acccctaacc     83520
     tcagatgctt aagatggatt tgtaaagctg aggtcacatt aacaaaacca caacatcctt     83580
     ggactgaaaa aaattagcat attaccattg ttttgggtat tactaggatt agtgtcctac     83640
     ttataaatgt ctgattgaat gactataatt gttgcattat attaatggaa tgtcaaccat     83700
     gtaaacttat gctgaagaaa ttttgtgtcc tcaagcaaag gtaacatatc ctcactcact     83760
     aaaaatctat tggtgagatg caattagaca tttctttaga gggaattcaa tctggatgaa     83820
     gtacattatt atgtgacatg tcaaatagag gaccagaaaa ctgataattg agcacaaact     83880
     tttgtttgaa gaaggcagaa aagaaatgag agaattcaaa cctttcatag cagtcacaaa     83940
     taagattaaa aaaaaaacaa acaaacaaaa aaaaccttga tgtaactcta actaaacaag     84000
     tgaaagaccc atatgacaag aagttcaagt ctatgaagaa agaaattgag gaagatatca     84060
     gaagatagga agatctccca tgctcatgaa ttgataggat tagcatagta gaaatggcca     84120
     aaagaattgt tgaccttgaa agtgcaatgc tcagcttaca tagaaaaaca gaaaagccca     84180
     cgatagctaa atagatccac tacagtaaat gaacttctag aggtatcacc atctctgatt     84240
     gcaagctaca ttgtgtgcca ttggatccct tttccctggc tggtctgcct ggatgcacct     84300
     cagtggaaga gggtgcactt agtcctattg acactaaatg tctcagggca gagtggtacc     84360
     cagtggaggt ttctccatct ctgagaagaa ggggagaaga taatggaggg agaaaaatgt     84420
     aaagtgggac tgagaggaga ggaggagtag actgtcattg ggatgcaaag ttaataaata     84480
     tatattaatt ggaaatgaca ataatgtgat ttctatccct tggtttctag ctgctatcct     84540
     aactttgagg ttttatgagt agtctttata taccttaatt aaaatagctt aatcatggtc     84600
     aacaaccatc ttatcatatg ctaagctatg cttacatgta gtgtattata tatttgtgcc     84660
     tctgtgctca tcagaaaaaa atggtttgta attttgtgat ttttaatata gtttttattt     84720
     ttctgagatt acaatataat tagattatat ttcctttact tcagcactac agccccactc     84780
     ttttatctct catggccact ctttttgtta ttctatttgt atttggaatt gtggtcatgc     84840
     tggctctata aaatatattt ggaatttatg ccctttttgc atgttttaaa actttgtaga     84900
     acttttatat tagcatttgg gggggggagt gagtacaatt tggtagtaac ctgtcttttc     84960
     tttgtaggta agcttctatt attactggtg gtttcaacag tagaaacaga tctacttgat     85020
     tgtatttcat tttctatgga ttttctatgg aagtacaatg tacctaatct tctcacatat     85080
     ttttgcctcc atatatgtgt ccatccattt actcaagcac atcttattca ttcaagagtc     85140
     cagtcctaat atgcgtgtct ttgtccttct ggccctttat ttcctctgta gaatattggc     85200
     cagttcatgt cttaagatat ctcacatcct ttttacatca ttccagaatc cttttgattt     85260
     ttattgggaa gtattataac agtatttgaa attatttcta gtaacgtttt tgtagcattt     85320
     cttataacta tagcttccca agtcatatta ttttacaatt tggccacatt gaattctcaa     85380
     agtaaaatct gctatttttc tgttgttctg tgacatatac aaaagcttta agattgccat     85440
     aatcacactt tgtaatgcaa acttaagtct caatagtttt tctctagttt ttatattatc     85500
     tcttgtttct actatgaaac tttggacata tcaaatatat tttttaatga aagtacttta     85560
     gttgcctgta gtctgttttg tgtggttaaa ggtccctagc ttcagcatat ctattgctgt     85620
     ttagctcatg tttcatctgt aatactggtg gcaatttgga gaagttaact tctgtcattc     85680
     ccaatagacc caatttcaag gaaaccccct catcttctgg ctcttataat gtatccaaca     85740
     ctattccaca atgagtcctg aaagttcagt gctttgcaga tacattattt gggattggac     85800
     tctaagtgtg tattttgatt gattggattt ttctgtaaaa tccatgcaat acagtatcag     85860
     atcatagtac aatataatat gatataaata tcaagaaaac tgcaccatct attcaaatac     85920
     atggaagttg aatgatcaat catgtcactg aaaaaaaaat aaagaagaaa tgtcaaaagt     85980
     tcctagaatc aaaaaagaaa tccaagaact gcttatcaaa atatttaagg tataactgaa     86040
     gaagaaaata gccatttggt aatagaaaat ggcatggtct ccatttcata ctgagctgaa     86100
     tgacagacaa ctggttgctg tatcagattt ttatggcaga catcacaagg gatttttcat     86160
     cctaaaactc ctatggtttt tatacacaca tcaaatgaag tgtggagttt ttgcaaaata     86220
     ccataaagca acaaaatatt cgttagaccc agagaaatga agacctgcac aacatatcca     86280
     tgatcatgct atgaaggagc aaagttatag acgggcttat gacacatatg gaagagatca     86340
     tcactgacat ttactttcta aaataatttt attttttcaa aatcagctct tttgttaggc     86400
     agtggtggca catgccttta atcacagcac ttgggaggca gaggcaggtg gatttctgag     86460
     tttgaggcca gcctgttcta cagagtgagt tccaggacag ccagagctac acagagaaac     86520
     cctgtctcaa aaaaaaaatc agctctttgg aattttcaca aatgttttca gtgtatattt     86580
     atcatgtcca gtccttgcct cctttcctct aagtcctcct gagactgcgg agtcagataa     86640
     caattgtatt gtattgtatt ggcaatgttt ttactgttaa cgtagtttcc taaagacaat     86700
     gtctatttca tgaagcatta aaaattatat ttctgattct gatacattaa ttagttgcga     86760
     agttttatat tttgttatta gcaacttgac ttttattaca tttctgtgaa ataaattgtg     86820
     actttactga agtaaactaa ctttatttgc aaaattaata tctattgttt gatatatttc     86880
     atcggggctt cctgattttc ttgatatata ttttactcaa tgaacaaaat ataaagaggc     86940
     tttttagata tagatatttc taaagataat gcttttattt tttaaaaaga gattcattat     87000
     acccactcat ggattcaaaa gatatacaat taaaagaacc atctcagcaa tggactcttg     87060
     tggaacattt ccaaaacagt cagggtagat gtgtacttag caatcttccc cagttatctg     87120
     acacttcaat tctctaagat aaaatagaat gtgatatgtt tcattgtata tgcagttgga     87180
     aaggttaaac attgccaaca atttataatg tttgccctgt gattttaaga atgaaagatg     87240
     ttcccatgca ggaaattctt ccttcatctc agctgtagga tagacctaaa aatcaaaatg     87300
     aaaatcggtt acttgtttat tatattattt tgttcctttc ttcttatttc ttctgtgtcc     87360
     aataaaggaa tgcattcaaa aatatgatgc ttgcatcaaa gttatgggtt tcaatttata     87420
     taaaccaaga gactctcaag cagttagact tctagaatct gtgggaaaga tttgtgggta     87480
     tttctaatca cagaggaagt aagccttttc aggagaggaa atgtagaaaa tctctatttg     87540
     attctaggcc aatagtaaga gctcatatca gttactcact caggaaattc ttacaggttc     87600
     tttcatatgt acttcacaga agctgatatg tgtcactatt ctatgtatga aaatagcaca     87660
     tgtgataagt atcagatagt gatttaatat gcagactcaa gggatgacta cgatcaaagg     87720
     accagagctc tttttatcta actagtatag gtgtcctcta agtgtttaag aggaacagct     87780
     atgtttcatt caggtcctca gtgtgggaag agatgagaag catctgaaaa tgttggaggt     87840
     gccagcaacc tattagagca gtgattctga aactttctaa tcctgtgacc ctttaatata     87900
     gttcttcatg atgtggtgaa ctccaaccac aaagttatct tcattgtttc ttaataactc     87960
     taattttaac aatttcagta attatcatat aaatatctaa tatgcagatg tctgttatat     88020
     gacccctctg aaagggtctt ttgaccccaa aaggagtcat gattcacagg ttgaaaaaca     88080
     ctcttttatt ggaagattgt gaccaagatc agatatctaa gtttcactct gcaaagatga     88140
     agtatttcag aattccttca ttgttgttgt tgctaattta cacatacaac ttcttttaaa     88200
     aataagaata actaatggga aatgctcacc ttggtgagta tccacctaag gtcttccagg     88260
     agttttctct tgttctcttc gatctgcctg acttttgaaa ggatagtttc agggacgtct     88320
     tgcatcacat tcagttcaat tactacatgg tatagagggc caatccaggc acccacatag     88380
     ttgatcaaag tttttaaata tttttcagtc taagaaaaca atagaaacat ttcattaaat     88440
     aatttgagta tagcaggttt gttacctcta atgttcatgt aaagatgctg aagtgaaaca     88500
     tgtttttact atgtgtataa gacacatgta tagatgttac acagtttgga agtataacat     88560
     ttaaacaact ggtataattt ctacaaaatt acacaaattg tggggcttgt caattagcat     88620
     ttctgtgagt ttatgtcata ttttgttcta cttatgcaat taaaagagct ttcttgccag     88680
     tgagatcttt attatttggt tatttgttta tcaatgtgta aaatcggtct tcctggtact     88740
     caataggaat aaatattgac tcatgataga tagaggcagg tgtaagtgga taaaataatt     88800
     ttcattaagg gattcatgta caccacttat agggaaagaa ctatatcaca tctgaaaatt     88860
     atatgtagac cttttcatca tgaatttgat cattgttgca tcctaaggaa cataaactct     88920
     tatttcacag gactgctctg ctcatccagt tttcaggtag ggcatagaga ataacaggac     88980
     catgaagtga tagataaaaa tagaaatgga accaggacag aattgaaaat caagaaggag     89040
     acagtattta gtaatgtaga atgccactat acagaatcca ttagaaacat ataataaata     89100
     cagccacgtt gttctcagtg atggaggagt gagtatataa acatagataa tcaagttagc     89160
     caaacaaatc ctaaaaatat agtaagaata attttagtgg caggtcattc ctaaaacact     89220
     attctgtaaa tggtgtattt aagcattact acactgttat tgggtatttg atttttttat     89280
     ataatttaaa aattctatat tgtgtttatt gcctatactt tgtcttcatt ttttttctgt     89340
     atgcatgttt attgtatcta tcataatgcc tgtaataagt cacagtacca caaacccaac     89400
     aacctgtttc tggagttctg tgaaaaacca atgaaggaaa ctcacttcag catctgcatg     89460
     ctcagttccc ctatcagggg ggtttgagag agtagaatgg caataagttc cagctctggc     89520
     aacagtctca tcacgcctaa tgagatttga gttctacaaa taaaacaaaa taacagagtt     89580
     tagaaataat aaataactac atgaccagaa tattgatgca ttttagagta tttgtaaatt     89640
     ttaataataa gtagttcata aaatacagat attaagaatt aagaaactgc ctgtcatgta     89700
     attctgtgtc tactcattgt acctgcaatt taacttggct ttttattaac ttttgaatat     89760
     ttaacacttc cctctcttac tctcttcttt acttgcaaaa gttactctat ggaaggcaaa     89820
     cactgaaagg agtaaattat gaaaaactaa gtaatttaat tatcatcatt gtttagcatt     89880
     tcagcacaaa gatattcagc atatatacta atcttatttt taatcaataa gtactgttat     89940
     tttcttacct cgaacacaga taaatttatt aatttgacac taaagaatat aactaggcat     90000
     gtttatataa gttttagaat gaaattgtgt gcaatttgat ttacaaaata agctatttta     90060
     cagtaaattc tatataagtt caacatcaac aaaatataaa aatattaatt aatgctatat     90120
     attaaacatt gtatgattaa tgaaatattt aattgactac ctactttaga atatcttatt     90180
     tgtttcaaat agttaattcg tgaaaagtta atgtgtgtaa gggaatgcga gagcagggag     90240
     gttagagtag gagggtaggt agtgttatat cctcatagaa gcaggaggag tgggggcagg     90300
     ataggggctt tctgggggga gggtcaggaa aggggataat acttgaaagg taaatacata     90360
     aaatatctaa tagaaaaaga agttgaaaag ctgtcagtta agaacaggaa atacaaatgc     90420
     tgtataatac tttctcatat aaagtcttat cttgacatgt gagtattact gggaagcagt     90480
     cggaaataag tgaggtactt acaaaaatca aaaattgtcc agatgagaat tggttgtgat     90540
     actgactcat gttaagggga gaaaaataac atctagttaa taaaattatg accacatatt     90600
     tatttcaaac agagacacat ccatttgatg accgtattat tgaaagtttg cctgcttcta     90660
     taatttcttt ttcttctgac tttaataaat gaaaatcacc atgaaaggaa tgtatacact     90720
     tctattcatg ccctgatatt ggacaaactt atcactgaaa acctttacac cacaatttat     90780
     ggtatttatg ggtttcttga tagattcttt tctttctttc tttgcttctt tctttctttc     90840
     tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttccttc     90900
     cttccttcct tccttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc     90960
     tttcttactt acatgtttta ttttatctct gttacaaatg tatagttcac tataatgcat     91020
     atcttctata atgcaaacct gcagtgtgct aaaagaacat gaccaataga aattcatgaa     91080
     tctgaatgca acaataagaa atgatagtta ttccaaagtc acactttaaa agttactacc     91140
     atagtttagt tgtttttatt tttaataaag taaagaaaat atactaatag cattagattt     91200
     tatgaaattt catgacagta tccaattgac tatgtccctg tttcagtagt tggggcattt     91260
     ttacctgtga aggtctattt tctgatattt gagtcatgat gtcatgtgtc tcagtttcta     91320
     gtgcagttca agtattagta tagaggttga ggtacttaca agctctacat agaattggtc     91380
     agcaagtgta cgaagggttc cagctgtctg catggcactg ttaaatgttt ccacgagagg     91440
     gttccagcag ccgctctttt gtgccataca tgcaggaatt gctgaagctt tctcccacag     91500
     cagcaagttt gataccacca gcagcaggag tgcacctgct acatagaaac aaaaccataa     91560
     aaaggtggta tattattctg agttatccta ggcccaattg gttcaggaaa tttgtatctc     91620
     gccaaaggtt gtttgattgt ttgtttggtt ggtttgtttt tttctgcatg acttggtatt     91680
     caatacctgg aatggcatat agagtcacat taagtactta aggaagtaat tgaattcttc     91740
     tgaacagtag tttgagaagc aggtgttttc acatttttct attgtttcag aaatgcttct     91800
     gaattttaca aatgtctgaa cttaagctta attctgtact tgtattttaa gtcatgttta     91860
     gatggtttag tgtcttcaga atttaagctc attttatgat gcccatttgg aaaatacgta     91920
     atttttaaag gtcagtctga tgtcaaactt ttggaccctg atgggacagg gatagcacag     91980
     tttaactctt tgttttctct acatatttga caataaataa aaccataaag atcactaaca     92040
     gcaagaatag atgttgtcca atatatgata tcagcttaga actgataact tatggtaaat     92100
     ctccatcaga gatttttttt catcaaaatc ttcagattat tctctttaaa gttgatctgc     92160
     ccaataattt ggtcagtaga ttagattccc ttaatgtaat ctgaatatat ttataatgga     92220
     aaaggtttac atgttcaagt catttttcta atgtcttttt tttttagaaa tggagacttt     92280
     aatgtacaca ttcatctaac ataaaccaat aatttaaaag aaatgcattt tgaatatgaa     92340
     agaagtgtat tgacatgttt acatttgtgt taatgataat ttaaccaaat tacaacagtt     92400
     aatttcttga cattgaactt aaggtgacta agggctcatt ttttttcttt tttctttttt     92460
     ttttattacg gattttcctc aattacattt ccaatgctct cccaaaagtc ccccacaccc     92520
     tccccccccc gactccccta cccacccatt tccatttttt ggccatggca ttcccctata     92580
     ctgggacatc taaaatttgc ctgtccaatg ggcctctctt tccaatgatg gccaactagg     92640
     ccatcttttg atacatatgc agctagagtc aagagctccg gggtactggt tagttcatat     92700
     tgttgttcca cctatagggt tgcagatccc tttagctcct tgggtacttt ctctagcttc     92760
     tccattgggg gccctgtgat ccatccaata gttgactgtg agcatccact tctatgtttg     92820
     ctaggccccg gcctagtctc acaagagaca gctatatcac ggtccttgca acaaaggctt     92880
     gttattaatg gttaatgtac gagtcagaat accaaccatc agtacttttt tttctgacaa     92940
     tcaataaaaa ttctgtttct tctgccttga gataagatta attcaatcct ctgattttat     93000
     accctaatat tttccaattt ctaaaattcc aaacattgtc tctttgcgat gcactgtttg     93060
     ttctggaagg tttcctatgc attggaagct gcttaataat ttccattagt tctactcatt     93120
     tgataccagg aacactttca tctttcttct ccttcatcaa gagagaagat aacacagact     93180
     ctctttgcat actgcaacaa gcctcaagtt agagaatcat gagaacgact gatgcaattg     93240
     tctcttgtac ccttgtacaa tttctttcaa gaaaaataat tttaaaagat aataaaaacc     93300
     ctacgcaaca agtctactcc tgataatcta taaacaaata tctattcaaa cctgatagaa     93360
     catcaaagtt tctaaaggaa gaattacatt ggaccaaact catagaacta ctgaactgaa     93420
     tatgttttac taagagagac acaaaagggt aatttactta cagaagtgag gttgactcag     93480
     tggcagcacc atcactgagg agatcctaag cagaatttct gtctctggag atctgcttca     93540
     cttgagtcat acattcagtt agtttcttgc tcctatatat tctagcagat atctccaagg     93600
     catgcacagc catgtgacag caagaagtca cgtagaaaaa cattcattgg tgacacatgt     93660
     ctttcttgct ccagggaatg ttaaccattt tattacaaca tacttatatg tgtctggatg     93720
     atttctcttt gcttggtcct acatgttgat tctcgtgcaa attatttttg aaatctctga     93780
     agccattctc agctgcctaa tcacagatga tcatatcaga ccatgaggaa attggcactc     93840
     atgattactt ctccttcctt agaaccatac attctttgtt ttatcttttt ttaatcttca     93900
     tgtacagaga gcaagtcttt attggatatt tgactaccat gtcaaagcat tagaaaatta     93960
     tccatagtgt tattagaaat ctttgccagt aatcactgac tactctaaag agtgtttctc     94020
     tagaactatg ctgacaataa ttataatctg tgtgcttaaa ttaattaggt atttagaagt     94080
     cagtctgaaa taagtcagat atatgtaaca caaaacctcc atcaacttct ctccaggcag     94140
     tataatctct caagaattat tgcacactct tttaaaataa caaatagagt tcttttcttg     94200
     caattgccct taattaccag cagcaattgt ggcatgattg tcctaatgat tagtttatac     94260
     atttgcgtct agtattagca ttggtgaaac ttctccaaaa ccaattccaa agtggcttcc     94320
     agactctgga atctgctcag cattggtgga tcttctaact caatgccaac aaaatgtcct     94380
     catattgttg aaatagagta cttgctgcca aaaattttgg caaatctgtt aggtctaata     94440
     ttcatttgaa aggtcataca gctacaagaa tggcatgagg aatttcagaa gcctggctgt     94500
     acaatatctc ttgagaagta atatctgatc ttctggtcac cctcatctca gagatttaat     94560
     tcaataaaca tatggttctc aggagccctg tggattagca aaatgaatag aaatatacaa     94620
     ccaatatgtt gggaggtagg aaggaccctc tagaatgtac cagagacctg ggaagtgaga     94680
     aactctcagg actcaaaggg agggacctta gatgatatgt ccaagagtag gtagagagaa     94740
     cttgtagagt ccaccgtcat tagaaagaca tggcatcaaa tggaaggatg gggtttccat     94800
     ccaacagtca aaactctgat ccataattgt tcctatctaa ataatctgca gggataaaaa     94860
     tggagaagag actgaggaaa agtatgtcca gggactggcc caactaggga tccatctcaa     94920
     ggggaggcta tgagacctga tactattact gatgttgtag agtgcttaca gaaaggaaac     94980
     ttgcatggtt gcctctgaga ggccaaacga gcagttgaaa gaatcagatg cagatactta     95040
     cacccactca acggactgaa gtcaaggacc cttgtggttg aattagggaa tgactggaag     95100
     aagctgatta gaaggataat tccataggaa gaccagcact gtcaactatc ccagagccct     95160
     gagatctctc agacatcgag acatcaacca ggcagcatac actatctttt acaagaccct     95220
     ctacccatat acagcacagg aatgcctgat ctggcctcag tgagagaaga tttgccaaac     95280
     tctcaagaga cttgtggccc catagagtgg gaaggcatgg aggggtttag gggtgggtat     95340
     agaggagtgg agacatcctc ttggagatga aggttgggag aaggaacagg atgaggaact     95400
     gtgggagggt ggaccatgaa gggttaatga ctggaatata aaaaaataaa ttaaagtaat     95460
     aaaaaaatca aacaaaacaa acaaaccaag caaaagaaac atggttctca ggagttcctt     95520
     tcctacatgt atgtatactc tcaaagattc ctttttgttt cttttttatt gagttatttt     95580
     atctacattc caaatagtac tcccattccc agtccctccc cccttaccaa tttcatcatt     95640
     tcatttccta ttctctttgc ttgtgagagg ctgctcactg acccaaccac tctatctacc     95700
     tgcttcagtc atcaaatttc tacaggttta agcatattct ctcccactca atccaaagaa     95760
     ggcactcctt tgctacatat gagctaggtg cccttgtcca gcccatgttt gatattttgt     95820
     aggtgcttag tctatgggag ctcagaaggg tctgggttag ttgaaattga cttgatgatt     95880
     ctgcatccac ctggacatta gtcgcacatt agcaaaggtg gtagacatca tgagcaagcc     95940
     ttgtggttat atgagttgtt tagcccaaag cataagactg tgtagagtag cacagatggg     96000
     atcatcttct tttgcaagct tatactctaa agacagtcgt ctgtactgct taggttgctt     96060
     cactttaaac tgacatatga tcagaaagaa ctggcatttt gctaagggcc aagcagcagg     96120
     gcccattcag atcgaccaaa tctgttgtcc cttaagaagt cttccaactt ttgacagtct     96180
     cttgctcagt cttatgctat ctagttattt atctatcaac agtgtttaag gaaaggacgc     96240
     tagctttggt tagtaatctc ttccccacaa actctcttag tctcaacaac aaaaatttca     96300
     tcttaatttt tttttttggc agaacactac aaacttggta tacagcctgc atctcttgtg     96360
     catgttcaca ccaaagattc ctatctacat tagagaattg tatacaaagt actctatgag     96420
     ggagatttaa gtgacgatgc ccaggacaaa ctgtatcatt tttatattcc ttgatctatc     96480
     ttttcattct tacactgttg gattttcccc tagtggtttt ggatagccat gaattctagt     96540
     ctacttggca aattgatgtg gacagttcgg tgaagagtcc tttgagatgt cctcgggtcc     96600
     tctgtaatgt catgtcactt ctttcaacag aatccctttt actacaagtg taattttaag     96660
     ctgaatcata acttgcaaga aaataatata caaacattgt agtcacagtt ttggagtcac     96720
     ctcttctaac aaagtgaatg tgttttccag aaatgcagaa gttgagatta aaactacctg     96780
     attaaagtga aagaaggggt tactcctgac atgcctaaat agatatcttc tacttgattc     96840
     ttaatttagt caaaatgatg atattttcat caaaattacc tgactataat tattctagtg     96900
     gaaagttgga ttctcttctc aactttttat cttctgaaat actcctgtat gtttggattc     96960
     ttatttgttt ttctagattt gtgtattatt ttctgctatg tatttccatt ccagattttg     97020
     taaactttat aatgtacctt aaaaaacata tgtacctgtc cctgtgctcc ttctctgtct     97080
     ctgtctctct ctcctacaca caggtgtaca aacatacata catatgtatg tatatacata     97140
     tacacacaac catattaaca cacagtgaga aatgtaaata atctctaagt gtatcccaca     97200
     ttcacactga aaacagaaat ttaacctatg ctaaaattta aagaagaaat ctttacaatt     97260
     agatataact ctcatattcc cccatttaca ggtcagcaca ggctgttgtt aatgccactg     97320
     tactggtgag aaaattttgt tcatgaacaa ttggtaataa tattaactgg cctactcttc     97380
     tcatatcttg agtctttcct ttattagtca cccatctctt ttcatatctg aagattcctt     97440
     gtcatctctt tgtgctatat tcctgccttg aggcatgggc tactttgaaa agcatggtga     97500
     gtattcttca taaattttgt gtattagaac attagactca cagattttgt ccttgatact     97560
     ttaaggtaaa catagttcag ggaagatggt gaatctgtgt tgaggtagtt gtttgccttt     97620
     ctgtttgtct ggataggtaa ccagcaacat agtatgacca gctcttgatt ctaatccttt     97680
     ctaagtgaaa tgtggaatag aaaacccttg agaacgtctg atccagatat cttacaaggg     97740
     agaggatatc cacaacagca acttcctaca ttttatgctt gtaaagagag ttatcgaaaa     97800
     tttcacttca tgttgcagag gccatgattt catgaagaga attcatacct tccacgcatc     97860
     ctgaaattgt cacccaagac ttggtgtttt cattcatgtt ctccatatag gagagcagca     97920
     gaggctctct acataccact aatttaagaa cataagaacg gaaaagagtt gatctagcca     97980
     ccagccatat taggctaggc atcagaggca gagggacacc atcttttctc aaagaggctg     98040
     aatttaaatg tccattattt tttactgact ctgccttaca cgttttttat ggatgacata     98100
     cattttatat tggaaaatct aagtcatttg cctatgatgt gctgaagtaa agagaacatt     98160
     gtagaaacat aattgtttcc attgttggtg ggattacaag ctgatacaac tcaggaaatc     98220
     agtttagtgt ttcctcggaa aattggacat agtactaact gaggacccag cgataccact     98280
     cctggccata ttcccaaaag atgctccaac atacaacaag gatacatact ccactatgtt     98340
     catagcagcc ttgtttataa taaccagaca ctggaaaaaa cttagttgtc cttcaacaga     98400
     ggaatggata cagaaaatgt ggtacattta cacaatggag tactacttga ctgcattagc     98460
     actttgcaaa tcgtatttaa aaccccatga cagccaccga gatcctaaag agtttttttt     98520
     ttctatttta agcattattt tatgcttaac catagctgta gaagagacaa tgtaggtaaa     98580
     aatcttggcc ataatctttg ccaatgagac agtcatctct tctcacaatt ttaatgtgat     98640
     ttttatgaat gcaagaattt ggagctaaat ctattcaggt agaatataaa tattttctga     98700
     catattcaca tgactatgat gaactatggg cttttttttt tttcattttt ttacttattt     98760
     ttcttcttaa aacctcttgg ttatttaaac tcttattttg ctctctacct tagggatatt     98820
     ttgtgctaca ttttccctct ctagatttgt gtgtttaaaa attaactgta actatcacaa     98880
     gcacctatgc atgtgcctac aaacagagag atactacata gatgatgatg ataataggta     98940
     tatgcgatag ataataggta aagatagatg tcagaagtac atgacagatg ataaacagat     99000
     agatgttaga tatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga     99060
     tagatagata atagacagat agacctacat aaagatgatg gacggataga catgcataca     99120
     aattgataga tgacagatag aaagacagac tgatataaaa aatagatatc ttaattgtca     99180
     ttaagtgaat tttatgtaaa tcctgattga gtaacctaac tttattgata aatattctat     99240
     tcaataaaca aaaaataaat aggtgttgcc agagcatctg tgggtaccat cttggttcct     99300
     ggattccacc aagactagtc tgcacaggtg agagtgtgga ctacagaagc taacagcttc     99360
     tgggacaggc gggggccaca gagcttctga ggaagacccc ttttcaggct ccagatatcc     99420
     gggcaccttc cctgccagag gagaggtgca caccctgccc aggagggctt tgccagagta     99480
     cctgaaggag ccatcttggt ccctggatcc cgctgagact agtctgcaca ggtgagagtg     99540
     tggactacag aagataacag cttctgggac aggtcctgtt tcaggccttc atcttctgcc     99600
     agaaggcaag tccaaaagtc agatatctgt gcaccttccc tgaaagagga gagcctgcct     99660
     gcagagtgtt ctgaccacta gaactgagga gagagctaga ctcccaggtc tgctggtaga     99720
     gaataacaaa atcacgagag gaacaagctc taaccagaga caactataac aactgactcc     99780
     agagattacc agatggcaaa aagctgacat aagaatctta ttaacagaaa ccaagaccac     99840
     tcaccatcat cagaacccag cactcccacc tcagccagtc ctgggcaacc caacacaccc     99900
     gaaaacctag acccagtttt aaaggcatgt ctgatgatga tgatggttga agacatcaag     99960
     aaggactttt aaaactcact taaagaaata caggagaaca ctgctaaaga gttacaagtc    100020
     cttaaagaaa aacaggaaaa cacaaccaaa caggtagaag tccttaaaga aaaacagtaa    100080
     aacacatcca aacaggtgat ggaaatgaac aaacaatact agacctaaaa agtgaagtag    100140
     acacaataaa gaaaacccaa agtgaggcaa cgctggagat agaaacccta ggaaagaaat    100200
     ctggaaccta gatgcgagca tcagcaacag aatacaagag atggaagaga gaatcacagg    100260
     tgcagaagat tccatagaga acatcagcac aacaatcaaa gaaaatgcaa aatgcagaaa    100320
     gatcctaact caaaacatct aggaaatcca ggacacaatg agaagaccaa acctacggat    100380
     aataggagta gatgagaatg aagattttca acttaaaagg ccagcaaata tcttcaacaa    100440
     aattatagaa gaaaacttcc caaacctaaa gaaagagatg ccgatgaaca tacaagaagc    100500
     ctacagaact ccaaatagac tggatcagaa aagaaattcc tcccaacaca taataatcag    100560
     aacagcaaat acactaaata aggatagaat attaaaagca gtaagggaaa aaggtcaagt    100620
     aacatataaa ggcaggccta tcagaattac accagatttt ttaccagaga ctatgaaagc    100680
     cagaagatcc cagacagatg ttatacaacc caaagttatc aaaaaagaac aagaggggca    100740
     cttcatactc atcaaaggta aaatcttcca agaggaactc tcaattctga atatgtatgc    100800
     tccaaataca agggcagcca cattcattaa agaaactttt gtaaagctca aagcttaggt    100860
     caggcatagt gattccacca gaggttttgt attatagagc aattgtgaga aaaaatgcat    100920
     ggtgctggta tagcgacaga caagtagacc aatggaatag aattgaagac gcatatatga    100980
     acctacacat ctatggtcac ttgatctttg acaagggagc taaaaccata cagtggaaaa    101040
     aagacagcat tttcaacaaa tggtgctggc acaactggta gtaatcatgt agaagaatac    101100
     gaattgatcc attcctatct cctcatacta aggtcaaatc taagtgaatc aaggaactcc    101160
     acataaaacc agagacactg aaacttatag aggagaaagt agggaaaagc ctcgatgata    101220
     tgggcacagg gggaaattcc tgaatagaac agaaatggct tgtgctgtaa gatcgagaat    101280
     caacaaacgg gacctcataa aaattgcaaa gcttctgcaa ggcaaaagac atcatcaata    101340
     agacaaaaag gccaccaaca gattgggaag ggctctttac ccatcctaaa tcagatagga    101400
     gactaatatc taatatatat aaagaactca agaaggtaga ctccagaaaa tcaaataacc    101460
     ccattaaaaa tggagctgag agctaaacaa agaattctca cccgaggaat actgaatggc    101520
     tgagaagcac ctgaaaaaat gttcaacatc cttaatcatc agggaaaagc aaatcaaaac    101580
     aaccctgaga ttccacctca caccagtcag aatggctaag atcaaaaatt caggtgacag    101640
     cagatgctgg cgaggatgtg gagaaagagg aacactcctc cattgctgtt gggattgcaa    101700
     gcttgtagaa ctactctgga aatcagtctg gcgattcctc agaaaattgg acatagtaat    101760
     actggaggat cccgcaatac ctctcctggg catatatcca gaagatgtcc caaccagtaa    101820
     gaaggacaca tgcttcacta tgttcatagc agccttattt ataatagcca gaagctggaa    101880
     agaacccaga tgcccctcaa cagaggaatg gatacagaaa atgtggtaca tttacataat    101940
     ggagtactac tcagctatta aaaagaatga atttatgaaa ttcctaagca aatggataga    102000
     tctggagggc atcatcctga gtgaggtaac acaatcttaa aagaactcac acaatatgta    102060
     ctcactgata tgtggatatt agcccagaaa cgtagaatac ccaagatata atatacaatt    102120
     tatgaaacac ctgaaactta agaaggacta ccaaaatgtg gacactttgc cccttcttag    102180
     aattgggaac aaaataccca tggaaggagt tacagagaca aagtttggag ctgagacgaa    102240
     agggtggacc atctagagac tgccatatcc ggggatctat cccataatca gcttccaaac    102300
     actgacacca ttgaatacac tagcaagatt ttgctgaaag gacccagata tagctgtctc    102360
     ttgtgagact atgccagggc ctagcaaaca cagaagtgga tgctcacagt cagctattgg    102420
     atggatcaca gggcctccaa tggaggagct agagaaagta cgcaaggagc tgggagtatc    102480
     tgcaatccta taagtggaac aacaatatga actaaccagt acctccccag agcttgtgtc    102540
     tctagctgca tatgtatcag aagatggcct agttggccat cagtggaaat agtgacccat    102600
     tggccgtgca aactttatat gcctcagtac aggggaaggc cagggccaag aagtgggagt    102660
     gggtgggtgg gggagtgggt gagggagtgt gtgggggact tttgggatag cattggaaat    102720
     gtaaataaaa taaataccta atttaaaaat aaagattaag acaaaatttc acgataaata    102780
     aataaataaa taaatacata cataaataaa taaataggtt ttgtagattt ggacattaaa    102840
     gagatccatt atacacatac attctttcaa aatgtacaca atttatgaaa tttccaaaca    102900
     atcaactgcc atggacaacc tccaaatcac acagggtagg tgttccctta gcaatctttc    102960
     ccagttatgc gacatttcaa tgttctgaga tgaaatttag tgtagaatat atccacacga    103020
     aggcaatggg aaaggttaaa tattgccaaa aattggtaat ttttgtcagt tgattttatg    103080
     gatggaagat gttcccaggt aggaaataat ttcttcatct tcgctgtagg ataaacctga    103140
     aaatcaaaat ggtagtcagt tatctgttgg ctatattgct agtgttcctt tctccttgct    103200
     ttttatgtgt tcagtcagga gaaatattca gaaatatgct gcttcagtca aagttatgcg    103260
     ttttcattta tctaagccaa gagactctca atcagttagt cttttagcat ctatgttcaa    103320
     aaagactcat gtgtatcccg tctaatgtaa ttaatcacac agaactatgc cctttctgaa    103380
     gcagaggaaa tataggaaat ttttatttga ctctgagaca gtggaggaac tcatgtcact    103440
     ttctcactca ttaaaatctt atgtatcctt aaatatgtat ttttacagaa gctgatgtgc    103500
     accactattc ttttgtacat ttcaactaat aaattctcca ttcagtctat gtatgaaaat    103560
     cttacatgtg atgaggatca gatggtgatt taatatgaag agccacacaa tggctgcagt    103620
     caaatggctg agctctttca ctccacccag gaaagttgtt ctctaaatgt ccatgaagaa    103680
     cagttgtgtt tcattctgat tcccagagtg agaggaaatt agaagcattt gttaaatgtt    103740
     ggagttgcca gtaacatctt agggagatga ttctcaaaca tccgaatgct gtgatccttt    103800
     agtttagctc cccattgtct tagttaacgt tttaatgctg tgaacagaca ccatgaccaa    103860
     ggcaagtctt ataaaaaaca acatttaatt ggcttacgca ttcagaggtt cagtccatta    103920
     tcatcaaggt gggagcatgg cagtatccag gtaggaatgg tgcaggagga gctgagagtt    103980
     ctatgtcttc atccaaaggc tgctagtgga agactgactt ccaggcaact agggtgagga    104040
     tcttataccc acacccacag tgacacaccc attccaacca ggtcacacct attccaacaa    104100
     ggccacacct tcagatggtg ccactccctg gtccaaggat atacaaacca tcacacccat    104160
     gctgtgatga accccaacca taattttatt tttgttgcta catcataact gtaatttgat    104220
     actgaaattc atagtaatgt taaatatctg atatgcagga tatgtgaccc ctgtataaaa    104280
     gccatttgat acccaaaaga tcgacccata agttgagaaa cacagtctaa gtggatgatt    104340
     gtccacaaaa ccagatattt atgtttcact atggaaagat gatgcatttt aaaatgtcct    104400
     ttttattaaa tttacacagc tcacctcttt tatggatggg aataactact gagaaatttc    104460
     ttaccttggt gagtatccac ctaaggtcat tcaggagctc cctgttgttc tcttcaatct    104520
     cattggcttt tgagaggata ctttcaggga catcattcat ggcactcagt tcaatcacta    104580
     gatggtacag tgggctgatc caagcaccca caaaattgat caacattttt aagtactttt    104640
     tggtctatga aacacaatag aaccatagaa ataaaataat ttaaatacag caagtttgtt    104700
     ccatataatg ttcatatgaa agagctgaac tgaaacattt tttttactgt gcatatatgg    104760
     cacatgttat atagatgttg cataatatga aaatgtaaaa atttaaaaat taatctattg    104820
     tcaacaaaat gaaacagttt atattgctta taaatgaaca tttcccccct gagttaaagt    104880
     catcatgttt tgttctcctc agcatttcta acaacttcct tctcagtgat atctttatta    104940
     tttggttatt tgtttatcaa ttggtaaaat aggtcttgct gggactcaat aggggccaat    105000
     aataatcaac tcaggaaaga tagtgccacc aggtaggaga aattggctca aatcattttt    105060
     actcagagat tcatacacac caataaatca tattgttcat taaaatacag atttatgatt    105120
     tctaactgaa tttaagaaat taaaacaaga atacattgaa aacagcatga taatcattaa    105180
     tgtgctttct ccttgcctct gacagagcag agtatttgtt ggcatgtatg ggtgaagaat    105240
     tgtatcataa cataaaatag aactcctatg atatgtagac cttctcatca tgaattggag    105300
     cattgataca tcctaaggaa tataaacgac tatttcatag aactattctg ctcatccaac    105360
     tcttagttca gacacagaga atcataagga tatgaaggaa gggggaaata aaatagaacc    105420
     agcacatatt tgaaaaccaa gaatgggagt atgtttagtg ttcagtaatg tagaatgcca    105480
     ccatacagga cccattagca acatataata ataaagaaac atcatgacct atgtaagagt    105540
     gaatatataa ctgtagatag ccagtttagt tcaaacatct taaaaaattg ttagtaaaac    105600
     tccagtggta agtcattcta aaaatgccag tctccaaatg gcatatctat gctatgcatc    105660
     tgctacaatt attggttatt tagttatact tatataattt ggtcattttt gtatacttta    105720
     tctccaattt ttttgcatga atgattattg tatctatcat aatgcctgca taactgaaat    105780
     actgcaaaca tagtagattg cttctggcat tttgtgaaaa acctgtgaaa gacacttact    105840
     tttatatttt tgtattcagg tccaatattt gaagggtttg tgatagtaga gtggcagtaa    105900
     gttctggctc tgagaacaag ctgatcctgc ctaatcagtt gtgagttctg taaataaaaa    105960
     caaatttcag tttgagatta gaaactggat aaattacatc atgaccagaa tattaatgtg    106020
     tttgatgttt tttttttaat tttcaaaata agtacttcat aaaacacaga tactaaggaa    106080
     ctagagaagt gaccattgcc taacccagtg tttattatta tagctgtaac ttaagttggc    106140
     tttccactag cttttgaatg tttaacttct gcctctctta cactcctgtg ttctcatctt    106200
     tcctaaaagt tactatttgt aaggctgcca ctgaaaggag tgaattctat gaaggttcta    106260
     tgccccgtga taggggaagg ccaggactgg gaattggagt aggtgggttg gggagcaggg    106320
     ggagggggag gggatagggg attttcagag gggaaactag gaaaggggat aacatttaaa    106380
     atgtaagtaa agaaaatatc taataaaaaa agaaaaaaaa gaaatagtgt atacaaagga    106440
     gttacagaga aaaagtttga agctaagatg aaaggatgga ccatccagag actacctcac    106500
     ctggggatcc atcccagaat cagccaccat acacagacac tattgcatat gccagcaaga    106560
     ttttgctgaa aggaccctga tatagctgtc tcatgtgagg ctatgctagt gcctggcaaa    106620
     cacagaagtg gatgttcaca gtcatatatt ggatggaaca cagggtcccc aatggaggag    106680
     ctagaggaag tacccaagga gttgaagagg tctgcaaccc tataggtgga acaacaatat    106740
     gaactaacca gtacccacag agcttgtatc tcttgctgca tatgtagcag aagatggcct    106800
     agtcgggcat cattgggaag ataggcccct aggtcttgca aactttttat gtcccagtac    106860
     aggggaatgc cagtgccaag aagtggtagt gggtgggtag gggagcaggg cagggggaag    106920
     ggtatagggg atttttggga tagcatttga aatctaaatg aagaaaatat ctaataaaaa    106980
     attgaaaaaa tatttaaaac ataaaaaaga aataagtgtt tcaattatca tctttctcta    107040
     gtatgtcagc acaaagccat aacacttatg tattaatctt ccttttttgt caacaaatag    107100
     tgatattact tacccagaca acagaattat gaatgtaata attgtagcac taaatacata    107160
     tatccatgaa tgtttatatt tgacaatgaa gttgtacact ctgttataaa ataactcaca    107220
     acatagacta ttttacaaca atctctttgt aaactctaat gtggcaaaat aaaaaatact    107280
     aatgacatgt atatttgttt aataaaatgt taaactttat taaatatata tatatatata    107340
     tatatattta ataatatatt aaataaaata tatactttag aatatcttat ttatttcaaa    107400
     aaatagctaa ttcttgaaag ataatggatt attgtgaagg ttaagaagtg gaaaattgtc    107460
     agttatgaac aggaaatata tagactgtgt aattctttct tatctgactt gctatcattg    107520
     ccatgagact ccttttgaga agcagctaga agaaaggaag gtacttacaa agtgtgtgaa    107580
     gtgtctggaa gagaactcat tgtggagctg agtcatgtgg ggagaaggaa aataacatcc    107640
     agttaagaaa acatagacat tctcttgatg cctacaataa agagttccct atttctacaa    107700
     cttcttttgt aattcctgat ttttgagaaa taatattcag gaatctacaa gaaagtagca    107760
     gatacacttc taatcctgcc ctgatattgg acaaactcta taagtgaaat ctttaaacca    107820
     taattcccgg tatttggggg tttcttagct tagctcccct cctcttttat ctcacactct    107880
     cccttcctcg ttcccttctt ctttctgtct tccctcccct ccccctcccc tctctcaatt    107940
     tcttttttcc tccctccctc cctccctccc ttcctttttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt    108000
     ctttctttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt tccttccttc cttccttcct    108060
     tccttccttc cttccttcct tctttctttt ctttctttct tccttccttc cttccttcct    108120
     ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt tttctttctt    108180
     gtctcctcac atgcttcagt ttatctgtta caaatatata gttcactgta atacacatct    108240
     tctacagagt gcacctgcag tgtgcaaaat caacatggcc aatggaaatt tatgatactg    108300
     aatgcaacaa caggaaatga gaattctttg cccaggcaca ttttaaaggc ttatgtcatt    108360
     gttttgtttt gttttgtttt gttttttaag taaaatagag aaaatataga aataccatta    108420
     gattctctaa catttatgac actgttcaat tggcggtggc cctgtttcag tagttgaagc    108480
     atcctttacc tatgaaggtg tattttctga tatctgtgtc atgatgctta gttcaagttc    108540
     tagtgaaggt caaacattat catggaagtt gaaatactta caaactcttg atgcatttgc    108600
     tcagaaacat taaggatgat ttcagctctc tggatggcat tgttaaatgt ttctacaagg    108660
     ggtttcatgc agccttcctc atctgtgtga catgcagaaa ttgatgcagt tttctcccac    108720
     aggagcaggt ttgaaaccac caacagtagg aatgtgcctg caacatagaa acaagaatca    108780
     cataggggcc atctgagttt tgcaagaccc aactgattca gggaaatttt ttctggtcat    108840
     ttttttcttt ttctttcttt cttttccttc cttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct    108900
     tccttccttc cttccttccc tccctccctc cattctttct ttccttttgt ctttctttcg    108960
     ttcttccttc cttccttcct tccttccttc cttcctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct    109020
     ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttcctgta tgatgttgta tgggatatct    109080
     ggaatggcag ataaaaatca ctgtgatgac ctaggcaagt aattgtatat ttctttttaa    109140
     tagagaagta cgtgatttag aagtttttgt attttttttt tagcagtggt tctgaatttt    109200
     gcgaatatca ggaactgaac ttaattctaa actagtattt taagttattt ttagatggct    109260
     tagtttcttt ggcatttgag ctcattttca gttaccaaat atatgaagaa tttgtaattt    109320
     ttacacctca tgtctgatgt caatgggttt gataccgatg ggacaaggat agaatagttt    109380
     actagttttc ttcttctaca tgtttttcaa ttagtaaaca gatggtgatc actaataccg    109440
     aagatgatga gaatgttatg aaaaatgatg tcactctata actgctaact tatgaaaaaa    109500
     ctccaccaga gttcatgtca tcaaaatctt cagatcattt tctttaaagt tgatctgcat    109560
     agtaattctc tgagattacg ctcacataat tttaatctga acatattcat aaaggaagtc    109620
     ttcaatgatg aaaaactccc aataccttat tattggttga tgtagaagtc agaaccccaa    109680
     catgtgtact ttgtccctca cattgtcata gagagaatac tctacatttt tctggcagaa    109740
     aacaaagcca caattctgaa actcagttct atcagaggtc atgatcatca ctcttaaagc    109800
     ataatttttg tcactatgac attatagcag aagctttggt agatttactt catctactgt    109860
     cttttctcta aaatactctc ttttaaaagc tgtgacaatg atcaagatta gcctcaacct    109920
     ccaaatagct acttattagg caccacaaca agaaccttac aattaaggtg cagaaaaggt    109980
     catagattaa ggggaaataa tgaatataag aggtggaggt caagaatgct tgctgcaaga    110040
     aagtggacat atgtgattat gtaaaacaaa gtggctatca ctaaaatcat agcgctataa    110100
     gcaacactac atggattaag caggttgttt atatttgcct ataaatatat tgatattttt    110160
     taaaagccct gagcttgaaa gggataatgg aaatgggttt gtgaagaatt gtatgtgtga    110220
     tacagcacag tatttatgca gaaaattctc aaaaacttgg aaacataaaa gtgtcttcct    110280
     atttcattta aaatattttt gttatcatat ccttttaaat agaaaatgtc acctacaaaa    110340
     catggcactt ccatagcacc ccattgttct tcccatttgt gatatcattt ggcttgtgct    110400
     aaactggaaa atagtataag acacgatttg acgaatttgt ctagtttagg cttcagaaca    110460
     taaagattct tcagatttac tccaatggga aaattcatat acaataccca cacacacaat    110520
     tctgtttctc ctgtcttgag atgacaaaaa ttagacacat tgactttaca tcctccattg    110580
     ttccaacttc ccaagctcca aaacattgtt cttttgcgct gtattatctg ttctggatgg    110640
     tgacccatct attggaagct gcttaatgat tcctatcgat tctactcatt ggacaacagt    110700
     agcactttct tcctcctctc acttcaatag aaaagacaac acagactctc tttgaacatt    110760
     gcaacatgtc tcaagttaaa ggatgatgag aactactaat ccagttgtct tttgtgtccc    110820
     tgtactgttt ccttcatgaa aagtaatttt gaaagtatta gaaagtctat gctgatttct    110880
     tctcctggta atctataaag aaatattttt cacaccaaat atatcatcaa agatttcaaa    110940
     gaaagactcc ataaaactaa ctcaaagaaa cactgaacta gacactttaa cttggagagg    111000
     aaaggggagg gggtaattta cttacagaag tggggttgaa ttaatggcag caccatcttt    111060
     gaggacttcc taagtgggat gagttctagc tctggagata tgctttactg gtgtcctaca    111120
     ttcagttagt ttcctgctcc tatatattct agcacataat cccaagggca tgcacagtca    111180
     tgcaacagca agcagtcaca tacagaatcc ctcattcatg agccatgtct ttctatcttc    111240
     agggaatgtt aactgtttta ttacaacaca cctatacgtg tctggatgat ttctttttgc    111300
     ttcttcctac atgttgattc ttgtcaaaac tacttttaaa atctctgaca ccatcttacc    111360
     tgcctaatga cagaatgtca tgtcgaacca gaaaaaaatg gtttttcata attgcttacc    111420
     ttctttaaat tctagatttt ttatcatctg cctcatgttt ataaacagat ggggattatt    111480
     ttttgaatat atgaacacca tgccatagaa ttagtaaatt ttccatagtg atatcctgaa    111540
     tctctgctag taatcactga gtactctgaa gagtatttct ctaagaacta aactgacagt    111600
     tctaataatc tacatgctta attttgatat ttggaagaca ttttgaacta tattaaatat    111660
     atttcacaga gcttctttaa ctcctctcta gaacctaaaa cctctcaaaa aagattttga    111720
     cttaaaatgc caagtaatta ttaattcctt gttatcagtt ttaatcatat cagaagtttg    111780
     ttagttgcac ccaaaccact attgcgtcac gattacacta gtgaatgcaa ttttatatac    111840
     ttactgctaa tacttgcatg tgggccataa aaccactatt gaaaattctc caaaagcaaa    111900
     ctcttctaga ttttgcattt tgtttttttt taaataaggt tattttatct gtttacattt    111960
     caaatgtcca ccttttcatg ttttgctttt gcaagccaca tatctactct cccctccccc    112020
     tacttctatg agggttctcc ccagacttac ccaccaactc ctacctcact gtcatagtat    112080
     cgccctatgc tggggtattg agcctcaaca ggactaagag gttcccctcc cagtgatgcc    112140
     tattaaggca attctctgct acacatacag ctggagccat gggtccccac ttttgttggt    112200
     ggttaagtca ctgcgagatt tctaggatct ggtaggttga taatgttttt cttcctgtgg    112260
     ggttacaaac cccttcatct cctttgttct ttgcagtaac ttctccattg gggtccccat    112320
     gctcagtcca atggttggct tcaagcatcc acatttgtat tgttcaggct ctgagagaga    112380
     ttctcccggg gccactatac caggctactg taagaaagtg cttgttggca tcagacatag    112440
     ggtctgggtt tggtgtttga ggatgggaat tgctccatag gtggagcagt ctctggatga    112500
     cctttccttt agcttctgat ccagtcagtc cctgtatgtt ctttagacag gaacggttct    112560
     gggtcaaaat ttttgagatg gatgggtagg cccatccctc aaccagaggc tgtccctatc    112620
     cactgaatat agtctttaca ggttctaaca ctcctgtgtt gggtattttg tctaatgtca    112680
     cccccgttgg gtcttgagaa cttttttctt ccctggcatc tgggacattc tagtgaatgc    112740
     caccatttac ccatccccca ctgctacaca actcacttca ctttcctgac cctctgaact    112800
     tctccctcat ctcccacacc gggtactacc cttcttttat cattcccctc ctctcacctt    112860
     cccagagccc tctcctcctg tacttcccat aattattttg ttcccccttc taagtaggac    112920
     tgaagcatcg acactttggt gttccttcct gttgagcttc atatggccta tgagttgtat    112980
     tgtgggtatt ccaagctttt agactactat ctactaatca gtgaatgcat accatgtttg    113040
     ttcttttgtg accgagttaa ctcactcaga atgatatttt ctagctccat ccatttgcct    113100
     aagaatttca tgaagtcatt gtttctaata gctgagtcat actccattgt gtaaatgccc    113160
     catcttttct gtatccattc atctgttgag ggatatctag tttctttcca gcttctggct    113220
     attataaata aggctgctat gaacatcatg gaacatgtgt ccttgttata tgttggagca    113280
     tcttttggat atatacccag gagtggtata gctgggtcca caattagtac tatgtcaaat    113340
     tttctgagga agtgccagac tggttttcag attggttgta tcaacttgca atgccaccat    113400
     caatggagaa gtgttctcca ttctccacat cctttccacc atctactgtc accttagttt    113460
     tttaatttag tcattctgac tagtgtgagg ggaaatctca gggtcatttt gacttccaat    113520
     cccttcatga ctaaggatgt tgaccatttc tttaggtgct tctcagccat ttaagattct    113580
     tcagttgaga atttttgttt agctctgtac cccatttttt gatagagtta ttagattccc    113640
     tggagtctaa cttcttgagt tctttgtttc tatcggatat tagctctcta ctggatgtag    113700
     ggttggtaaa gatttttcca atttgtagtt tgctattttg tcctatggac agtgtccttt    113760
     gccttacaga agttttttct gttttataag atcccatttg tcagtagttg ctcttagatc    113820
     atgagccatt ggtgttctgt tatggaaatg tgcccccatg cagacatgtt ctaggttctt    113880
     ctctactttc tcttctataa cattcagtgt gcctggtttt atgtggaagt tcttttttat    113940
     ttatttttca tttttatttt attttatttt attttatttt atttttgatt ttttgagaca    114000
     gggtttctct gtgtagccct ggctgtcctg gaactcactc tgtagaccag gctggcctcg    114060
     aactcagaaa cctgcctgcc tccacctccc aagggctggg attaaagtcg tgtgccacca    114120
     ctgcctggca atgtggaggt tcttgatcta cttggacttg aactttgttt aaggagataa    114180
     gaatggatcc atttgcatta ttctagaagc ctactatgac ttaagtcagc accatttgtt    114240
     gaaaatgctg tctttatttc cactgatttt ggtttctttg tcaaagatca ggtgatcaga    114300
     taggtatgtg ggtttaatta tgggtcttca attctattcc attgatctac ttgtctgtct    114360
     tagcaccaat accatgtggt ttctatcact gctactctgt agtagggctt gaagtcaggg    114420
     atcataattc ctccagaaat tctcttattg ttaagactaa ttttctctgt tctgggtttt    114480
     tgttgttgtt gttccaaatg aatttgaaaa tggctctttc tatctctgtg tggaattgca    114540
     ttggaatttt tatgggcatt gcactgaatc tgtagattgt ttctggtaag gtggtcactt    114600
     tttactatgc taatcctttg aatccatcgg agatctttac atcttctgag gtcttcttca    114660
     acttcttttt tcagtgacat tttgaagttc ctatcataca gatctttcac ttgctttatt    114720
     agagtcacac caagatatta gattttgata gctagtcaac attgatagaa cttccacctc    114780
     actgtcaatc aaacatattc atattgttga aagagagtac ttgctaccta aagattttta    114840
     gacattcaac ttcagtttga tgttcattca aactgatata gctgcaagaa tggtttgagg    114900
     ttcttcagaa gcctgactgt atcataactc ttggggaaat aactctgatc tcaggtcacc    114960
     ctgatttatt taattcaata aacatatgga tcccaggaat ccttttacct agtatatgta    115020
     catgttcaca gattcattac tagctctttc atatcttttc agattcttca ccaaaaggtg    115080
     aagtgtgtag aagttggatt tatctaagga aactttatag aggttcagca cttttataga    115140
     gctactctta cttccttcaa gaaaacatgg attctcttaa tgactctaca tctatatgga    115200
     cattagtcac agcttagcaa gaatgttaca cagcccgaac aagccttggg gttatatgag    115260
     ttatttcctc caaagcacag ggttgtgttg agtatcacgg atgggagcat tatttccttt    115320
     ccaaacatat aaaaagacag ctctctgaac tttttaggta gctgcatctg gaactctgac    115380
     atatgatagg aagagctggc atctggataa gggtcaagaa gaaaaaaaaa aagaacctat    115440
     tcagatctgc caattatatt gctcttccag atgtcttccg cctttcaaca ttcattttct    115500
     tggtcctgtg ttgtttttct gtctgtagta tttagcagat aggaaaggac tctggcttgc    115560
     atgagtaaac tcctcctcat atactcctct tttctcaacc acctgagaac aatataaact    115620
     ttgtaatttc aagcaaaaca ctacatgctt gatgaatagc ctatgtcctt tctgcccatt    115680
     cattgtcagc attgctattt acaaaagaga attgtatgca aagagttctc ttagaaagaa    115740
     ctaagtgtct acctatatta caaatcagta tcattttcat gtttcctgat ctttatccac    115800
     tgttggattt ttcaacagtg attttggaga gccatgaatt ctagtctact tggcaaattg    115860
     aagcaaatct tttcatattc ctttaagatg tcctcaggtc ttctgtaaca tacatgcagg    115920
     aaggcaatgc tcaccatcct gctgatttaa catgattcat tgtctctata agacacctgt    115980
     ttacctgcag catagagttc agtagaaagc cctgtctcat cttgtatccc atggagaact    116040
     gttattcagt ttccaacctt tctgtgctca tagcttttca cacctttgat gtgatcaaca    116100
     tttctgttga aaatcctaga ttggtcacag tgcagagctt tccacatttg acttcccatg    116160
     agccctgttc ttatatattt tcttttcttg tcttgattga attagcactt tataaatgat    116220
     atgtaagaca tgtttcagcc aattctactg caagtctaat tttatgctga atataaaaat    116280
     tccgaaaaga aagaagacta caccaaagta tggatgatac agtcctactc agaaggttaa    116340
     agaaaataat acaaggaagt agagggagag agggatcttg gaggtagaga gaaggggaag    116400
     ggaaatgagg agggcagttc agatatggga ggagatgagt gagaagtaca gagggttaag    116460
     aatttcaaag caggagagta acaatggggg agcaggaact ggtggtagcc actagaaggt    116520
     ccctgaggcc agggaccaaa gaggttccta ggactcaaca ggtaagagat tagttaaaat    116580
     atccaacaag gaggagctaa aatctataga aatgagatcc aatggatagc catggcccca    116640
     ggtttaggga ggggccacta acctgccgca aaaacattca gtatccctcc tgtcaaaagg    116700
     aagttcaggg acaaagaatg gaacagagac tgatttaaag gccaatgaga gactgcccca    116760
     cctagacatc catcccatct gcagacacca atcccagaca ttatggctaa tgccaaaaag    116820
     tattgcttgc tacatccact acagtagtga caaacttgac aggctccaaa aacctgggtg    116880
     ctgtccctag gcgaaaagtt cacagaaact tggtctcctg gaattgtggc atcctatata    116940
     acgaatgctc caatgtcttt gctttagttg gcaaatggat ctgtgtgtgt tcccttaata    117000
     ttgctttatt ataagtgcct ctatttgaca tatagctaag ttagattctg caccagtcct    117060
     agtcagtcct tgagccgatc ctaggcatgg atagctgagt cattgcccta cacaggaatt    117120
     taccattatc taggaagaag gaagtttgtg atctaggaga aaccagagca gatacttaga    117180
     accatagatg gctgagttac acccatatac aagtatttac aatggcctag ggggaaggag    117240
     gactatacaa tagactagaa taggaactat ggcaagggca caaagccctt gcctctggct    117300
     tctaagatta agtggacctt atgtggagct gtttttgatc ccagttgtta acattgaatt    117360
     ttatcccagt tggttcctgc cagcccttcc ttgtttgcat tcctctgttt tgtgtaagaa    117420
     tccagtaacc tcattgtatc ttgctggtgt gtcacctaac ttccctattt tcttctgtat    117480
     aaagagtttg atgctcgatt tgacaaatta ctttcatatc cactctccct tgtgttgagt    117540
     ctgtttgtca ccccaattcc tgcagactat atgcccttct gcggaacccc tgattcccac    117600
     ggattggggg gggggcgatt aggcccggtc tgtggcactt gctgacagta ccctggtata    117660
     gctgtctcct gccagagcct aaccaataca gatgtggatg catgcagcca aacattaggc    117720
     taagcatgtg gaccacaatg gagaagctag ggcaaagact gaaggaactg aagggtgtac    117780
     aaccccacag gaaggacaag aatatcaacc aaccagacac tgcaaagctc ccagggacta    117840
     aaccaccaac aaaagagtac acgtgggggg acccatgact ccagctggat atgaagaaga    117900
     atattgcctt attgggcatc actgggaggg gagccccttg gccttgtgga ggctcgatga    117960
     cccagggtaa gcaaatgcta gggcactgag gcaggagtgg gtgggcaggt tgggaagtac    118020
     ccataggggc agggggaaag gggaggagat agggactttg tggaggggaa ctgggaaagg    118080
     cgataacatt tgtaatatca gtaaaaaaaa aaaaaccaaa ataattgaaa taaaaagtca    118140
     cagttttgaa gaccagactg tcatgtcgtc tcacaaattt aatgtgtttc tcaggaatgt    118200
     tgagatgtaa aactactgga taaaattcaa agagcttatt ctttaaaaaa aattattaga    118260
     tattttcttc acttacattt caaatgctat cccaaaagtc acctatacct tccccgcacc    118320
     ctgctaccct acccactcac tcccacttct tggccctggt gttcccctgt actggggaat    118380
     aaaaagtttg caagaccaag aggcctctct tcccaatgat ggccaaatag gccatcttct    118440
     gctacatatg cagctagaga cacgaactct gggggtactg actagttcat attgttgttc    118500
     cacctatagg gttgcagacc ccttcagctc cttaggcact ttctctagtt cctccattag    118560
     gggccctgtg ttccatccta taaatgactg tgagcatcca cttctgtatt tgccaggcac    118620
     tggcatagcc tcataagaga cagctatatc agggtccttt cagcaaaatc ttgctggcat    118680
     atgcaatagt gtctgcattt ggtggctgat tattggatgg accctcgggt ggggcagtct    118740
     ctggatgggc catcctttgt cttaatgtcc ctaaagaggt atcttttact tgattattaa    118800
     tttagtcaaa atgaagattg tttcatcact cttacatgat tataatgctc aggggaaaat    118860
     tagactttct tattccctat tttgtctctt gggtgtttgg attcttattt ctctccttca    118920
     ctttggaaat tgctcttctg ttatgtattt ctattctaag gattacagtg taactatcac    118980
     aaacacctat gtatgaactc tgtctcttta tttctctcac acacaaacag gtatacagac    119040
     atacacatgc atatgtatac acacatctac atatataaat aaacatatac ccacagaaag    119100
     aataataaat tatctctaag tatagccaat gttcacactg acaaaaggca attttccaaa    119160
     gctaaagttc aaagaagaaa attttacaat caaaaatacc tctcatattc ccccatttac    119220
     aggtaagcac aggatgctat gaatgttcct ctaccaatat gaatttcctt ctctctacac    119280
     ttggacactt tttacagttt ttactaacta gttagttagt tagttagtta gttagttagt    119340
     tagttagtta gttttttgag acagggtttc tctgtgacct ggaactcact ttggagacca    119400
     ggctggcctc gaactcagaa atctgcctgc ctctgcctcc caagtgctgg gattaaaggc    119460
     gtgtgccacc accacctggc tacccttttt tattaaagac aagacaaatg caggaatata    119520
     aacgactctg tggcatgcac acaggctatt taaaaataaa taaatagcag agcagtagaa    119580
     attcattcag aaacacaagt actgctaagc ttgagttatt cagagaacaa gatagaataa    119640
     agaaaaagtt ctcattcttc cttaagcagc tttggttaga gaattttatc actgaagggt    119700
     gtgaagtctg tcagtatctt tctctctctc tctctctctc cttccctccc tctctctgtg    119760
     tgcatttatg tttatgtatt tttatgacta catatatgta taaacatgta catgtgtata    119820
     aatttatgta tgtataagtg tgtatggtaa tgtgtttata catgtgcaac cattcatgta    119880
     tttatacatg tatttgaagg cattttgtaa atgacttcct catttagtgc ctaccctatt    119940
     attaaaatag gttatgtcac tgaacataga gctcattgat taggtagatg gattatcttc    120000
     aaatcccagg aatcctgctg aactgacttt ccaagaacat ggggaacaaa atacccatgt    120060
     aaggagttat agagacaaag tatggagatg agagagaagg aagggccatg cagagactgc    120120
     cccattcagg tatccatacc ataatcaacc actgactaca gacactattg catataccag    120180
     caagattttg ctgaaaggac cctgatatag ctgtctcttg tgatggcatg ccagtgcatg    120240
     gcaaatacag aagtggatgc tcacagtcat ctataggatg gaacacaggt ataagggact    120300
     tttgtgatag catttgaatt gtaaacaaag aaaatatcta ataaaaatta tttaaaaata    120360
     aataaaataa aataaaaata aattgaaaaa atatacattg gttgcttact aatggcttac    120420
     tcaagtcaca aaataagact catgtccttt tattgaaagt aagtatatgc ctatgtcata    120480
     ggccgattgg agataaattg gagaaactga aaagtatttt cttcctattt tgatcaatca    120540
     gtgtcgcatc aaattttcaa aactatgaac tgtgagagaa agatttaatc tcacaattat    120600
     ttgtttgctg ttatttatct ttttttatct tttagtgtat ctactaccct gataatgtca    120660
     gtacagtaat ttgtatatta gtctaacact ctctcctaag tttagctaga acttatttaa    120720
     aaaaaaaaaa aagattttta ttagatattt actttattta cgtttcaaat gtcacctttt    120780
     ctggtttctc ctccaaacca cccccacgat ctcctccctc tccccttgct caccaaccta    120840
     cctacacctg cttcctggtt ctgccattcc cctacactta gctaaaactt ctggcagcca    120900
     gatttgtaaa tatttctttt gtatttgtga taccatgata tgtggtttat atattccaaa    120960
     tatgaaacta atcaatttct ggcatttctt tctgtcttgt tagcatttct aatgtttcta    121020
     caataagaag accatttctg ttaatgttac tttctattgt gacctataga agtaagcaca    121080
     catatactca ttagagagga tcttttttcc atgttcttgg aaaatatcct atttcaacct    121140
     tctttgctga ttttgcatta tatttctgaa ataactcttc tctgaaaagt ttgagctatt    121200
     tttgaacata tacatttatc acataagact gattcactga aagtctaaag tccatgcttt    121260
     atatggtact gtgaaatgtt tattcctttt ttgtattatt attattatta ttatttattg    121320
     aaaattttat ttatgtacgt ttccattgtt ataccctttc tcaattcccc cctcaaaaaa    121380
     cccctattcc atcctctttc ctcctgtttc tatgagcgtg ttcccccacc cacccaccta    121440
     ctcctgcctc cctgcttgtt cattacccta cactgaggca tcaagccttc acaggaccaa    121500
     gggcttcttc tcccattgat gcctgacaag ccaccttctg ctacatatat ggctggagtc    121560
     atgtgtccct ccatgtgtac tccttggttg gtggtttagt ctctcagagc tctagttggt    121620
     tgatattgtt gtcttcctat agggctgcaa accccttcag ctcctccagt cctttctcta    121680
     actcctccat tggagatcct gtgattagtt caatggttgg ctttgagaat cgacttttgt    121740
     atatgtcagg atctggcaga gcctctcaga agacagctat atcaggcttc tgtcagcatg    121800
     tacttcttgg catccacagt agtgtctgca tttagtgact gtatttaaaa tggatcccaa    121860
     ggtgggacag tttctatatg gactttcctt ctgtctctgc tccacacttt gtctctgtat    121920
     ttgctcccat gagtatttgg ttaccccctc taagaagaac tgaaggacac ataatttggt    121980
     cttccttctt gagattcatc tggtctatga attgtatctt gggtattcca agctttcgag    122040
     ctaatattca cttatcaatg aatgcatact aggtgtgtcc ctttatgact tggttacctc    122100
     actcatgata tttaccagtt tccatccatt tgcctaagaa tttcataaag tcattgttta    122160
     tattttttat ttttttctaa ccatatagtt caattttatt aattatgaaa ttatgtttat    122220
     acaaataatt ttacatattg caaaagagaa atacaactta ttttttaatc tattttttaa    122280
     tttaattagg tatttttttc atttacattt ccaatgctat cccaaaattc cctatacccc    122340
     caccactccc ctacccaccc actcccactt cttggccctg gcattctcct gtactgaggc    122400
     atataaagtt tgcaagacca atgggcctct ctttccaatg atggccaact aggccatctt    122460
     ctgatacata tgcagctaga gacacgagct ccggggggta ctggttagtt catattgttg    122520
     ttcctcttat agggttgcag acccctttag ctccttgggt actttctcta gctcctccat    122580
     tgggggccct gtgatccatc caatagctga ctgtgagcat ccacttctgt gtttgctagg    122640
     ccctggcata ccttcacaag agacagctat atcagggtcc tttcaacaaa atcttcctag    122700
     tgtgtgtaat ggtgttagcg tttggaggct gattttggga tggatccccg ggtatggcag    122760
     tctctagatg gtccatcctt tcgtctcagc tccaaacttt gtctctgtaa ctccatccat    122820
     gggggttttg ttcccaattc taagaagggg cagtgctcac actttggtct tcattcttct    122880
     ttagtttcat gtgttttgca aatcgtatct catatcttgg gtattctaag tttctgggct    122940
     aatatccact tatcagtgag tacacatcat gtgagttctt ttgtgaatgg gttacctcac    123000
     tcaggatgat gccctccagg tccatccatt tccctaggaa tttcataaat tcattctttt    123060
     taatagctga gtagtactcc attgtgtaaa tgtaccacat ttcctctgtt gggggggggg    123120
     catgtgggtt ctttccagct taaaatgggg ctcagagcta aacaaagaat tctcacctga    123180
     ggaataccga atggatgaga agcacctgaa aaaattttca gcatccttaa tcatcaggga    123240
     aatgcaaatc aaaacaaccc tgagattcca cctcacacca gtcagaatgg ctaagataaa    123300
     aaattcaggt gacagcagat gctggtgagg ttgtggagaa agaggaacac tcctctattg    123360
     ttggtgggat tgcaagcttg tacaaccact ctggaaatca gtctggaggt tcctcagaaa    123420
     attggacata gtactaccgg aggatcccgc aatacctctc ctaggcatat atccagaaga    123480
     tgttccaacc cataagaagg atacatgttc cactatgttc atagaagtca ttctttttaa    123540
     tagccgagta gtactccatt gtgtaaaagt atcatatttt caatatccat tcctctgttg    123600
     aaggagatct ggttcttact atctcctgac tattataaat aaggctgcta tgaatatagt    123660
     ggatcatgtg tccttgttat atgttggaga ttcttttgaa tatattccca ggagtggtaa    123720
     agcttggttc tcaagtagag ctatgtccaa ttttctgaaa tcgccagact gttttccagt    123780
     atagttgtac cagcttgcag tcccaccagc aatggtggag tattcctctt tctccacatc    123840
     ctcaccagca tctgtctgct gtcacctgag tttttgatct tagacattct gactggtgtg    123900
     aggttgaata tcagtgttgt tttgatatgc atttttctga tgactaagga ggttgaacat    123960
     ttctttggct gcttcttgac catttgggtt tcctctgttg agaattcttt gtctacctca    124020
     gtgccccatt tttaatagga ttatttgatg acctggagtc taatttgttg agttctttgt    124080
     atatattgga tattagccct gtattggata taggattggt aaagatctct tttcaatgtt    124140
     gtttgccatt ttgtcctatt gacagcatcc tttagaggag ccatttttct tttcttttct    124200
     ttcctttcct tttctttttt tcttttttct tttttttttt tttttgcttt tttgtttgtt    124260
     tgtttgtttt gtttttcttt ttttgttttt cgagacaggg tttctctgta tagtcctggc    124320
     tatcctggaa ctcactctct agaccaggct ggtctaaaac tctgcctact gagtgctggg    124380
     attaaaggtg tgagccacca cttccagctg aggtgccatt tttcaagtct tgatcttaga    124440
     gcatacgtga ttggtgttct gctcaggaac tttccccatg tgcccatgta ttcaaggctc    124500
     ttctccactt acttttctat tagtttcagt gtatctgttt ttttgtggag gttctagacc    124560
     cctggaattg agctttgtac aaggagataa gaatgggtag atttgcattc ttctacatga    124620
     tgactactgc ccattgaacc agcaccattt gttgaaaaaa tgctgtattt ttttctactg    124680
     gaaggtttta gatccactgt caaagatcaa gtgaccattg gtgtgtgggt tcatttctgg    124740
     gtcttcagtt ctattcaatt gatcaacctg tctgtcgctg tgccagtatc acacagtttt    124800
     tatctcaatt gctctgtagt acagcatgaa gtcaggcatg gtgattctcc cagaagtgct    124860
     tttattgttg agaatagatt tagctatcct gagttcatga attgcagttt ctaactttat    124920
     taagaattaa gttggaattt tgatggagat tgaaatgaat ctgtaggtta atttcagaaa    124980
     gatagccatt tttactctat tcctcctgcc aatccacaaa catgggagat ctttccatct    125040
     tctgaggtat ccttcgattt cttttttcag agacttgaat ttcatgtcat acagatcttt    125100
     cagttgcttg gttagagtca caacaaggta ttttatatta tttgggacta ttgtgaaggg    125160
     tgttgtttct ctacttactt tgtcagtctg tttacccttt gagtagaaga tttgtttgag    125220
     ttaatttgat atccagccac tttgctgaag ttctttatca ggtttatgtg ttttctggtg    125280
     gtatttgggg gttactaaag tatactacaa tatcatctac aaatagtgat actttgattt    125340
     tttttttctt tctaatttgt atccctttga tctctttgtg ttgtctaatt gctctagcta    125400
     ggacttcaag tactataaga gagtgagcaa ctttgtctag tccctgattt cagtgggatt    125460
     gttacaagtt tctctccatt gagtttgata ttggctattt gtttgctgta tattgctttt    125520
     actatgttta ggtatgggcc ttaaattcct gatcttacca agacttttac catgaaaggg    125580
     tgttgaattt tgttaaatgc tttctcagca tctaatgtga tgatcatgtt gatttctctt    125640
     tgagtttgct tgtataatgg attatgttgg tggatttctg tatattgaac catccctgca    125700
     tccctgggat gaagtctact tgatcatgat ggctgattgt tttgatgtgt tcttgcattt    125760
     ggtttgtgag aattttattg agtattttta catcgatatt taaaagggaa attggtctga    125820
     agttctcttt ctgttgggtc tgtatgtagt tcataacttc tgttagtttc actgtgtctc    125880
     tgtttagttt ctgtttccat gatctttcca ttaatgagag tggggtgttg aagtctccca    125940
     ctcttaatgt gtgaggtgca atgtgtgctt tgtgctttta gtaaagtttc ttttatgaat    126000
     gtgggtgctc ttgcatttgc agcatagatg ttcagaattt ttacttcttc ttggtagatt    126060
     tttcctttga ctagtatgaa gtgtccttcc ttatcctttt tgataacttt tggttgaaat    126120
     ttgattttat tcaatattat aatggctact ccagcttgtt tctggggaac atttgcttga    126180
     aaaattgttt tccagcctgt ctttccttgt gactgaggtg catttcctat atgtaacaga    126240
     attctgggtc ttgtttatgt atccagtctg ttagtttatg ttttcttttt tactgggaaa    126300
     ttgagtcctt tgatgttaag agatattaag gaaaagcgtt acttcctgtt atttttgttg    126360
     ttaggggtgg aattatgttt gtgtggctat cttcttttgg gtttgttgag ggattatttc    126420
     ttgctttttc tagagtgccg tttccctcct tgtgttggag ttttcaatct attatccttt    126480
     gtaggatggg tttgtggaaa catattatgt aaatttggct ttgtcatgta atacctaggt    126540
     ttctccatct atggtaattg agagtttctc tgggcatagg agcctgggca ggcatttgtg    126600
     ttctcttagg gtctgtatga tatctgccca gggtcttctc gcttttatac tctggtgaga    126660
     aggctggtgt aattctgata ggtttgtttt tatatgttac ttgatctttt tcccttattg    126720
     cttttaatat tctttctttg ttttgtgcat ttggtgtttt ggttatatgt gacaggagaa    126780
     atttcttttc tggttcagtc tatttgaagt tctgtaggct tcttgtatgt tcatgggcat    126840
     ctcttttttt agattaggga agttttcttc tataattttg ttcaagatac ttactggccc    126900
     tttaagttgg gaatcttcac tctatttcac tctcttccat acctattatc cttaggtttg    126960
     gtcatgtcat tgtgttcttg atttcttaaa tgttttgtgt tacgagcatt ttgcattttc    127020
     tttgactgtt gtgtcaatgt tttctgtggt gtcttctgca cctgagactc tcttctttct    127080
     cttgtattct gttggtgaag cttgcatcta tgactcctga cctcttttct ggtttttcta    127140
     tctccagtat agtctccctt tgagatttct ttgttctgtc atgtccattt ttagatcctg    127200
     gatggttttg ttcaacttcg tcacctgttt gattgtgttt tcttataatt ctttaaggga    127260
     tttttgtgtt tcttctttaa gggcttctac ctgtttacct gtgttctcct gtatttcttt    127320
     aagggagttt attttgtctt tctcaaagtc ctctatcatc atcatgagaa gtgattttaa    127380
     ttctgaattt tgcttttctg atgtgatggg gtatccagga cttactatct tggggaaact    127440
     ggattctgat gatgccaatt aaccttggtt agtattactt atgttcttgt gcttgtctct    127500
     tcccatctgg ttatctctag tgctacctgc ccttactgtc taggactgga gcctttccct    127560
     cctgttacct tggctgtgtc agaactcctc agagtcctac tgtctctatg atcctatgat    127620
     tttgagatcc ttagtgtaag agatcctagg agtcaaactg cctctgacat cctgaaatcc    127680
     ttttgtaacc aaactcctaa gatcctgtga ttttacaatc ctaggcatgt tagaacacct    127740
     gagagtccag cttcctctag gttttgtggg gttgggtgca gagctatcac ccaaggtgtg    127800
     ctcagagcac tggctcagac aggaaggaac ccttcagaat gtttattcct taaagtagat    127860
     agtcattgcc atatttgctt cctcattagt tatcatgtct tttttttttt ttaggaatgt    127920
     gcataaattg ataagtgatc agccaaaatt aagttaaata taaagtatcc ctatatctca    127980
     tcatacatac ctacctattg aaggggcaag tttgaaacat attagagcaa ttattatttt    128040
     ggattgattc tagaataaat agaggaaata atagaaaaat agtatttggt tgtgttctaa    128100
     aagatagaaa gcatcagtgg ctgattaaaa gtacaaatga gactggacat gaaaaaattg    128160
     aatgagtttc cctgaactgt tgtcttaaaa gcattataat gtcttattat gtagaaataa    128220
     cttttcttga attctcacat agagatggcc tagttttgat tttctctaga gctctaacaa    128280
     ttcaatggat gcagtaaggg gtattttcga ttaaatgaaa ttttcaagaa agcaaataag    128340
     attagaaaat gcacaggaaa gcagaaggtg tgataaaatt tttgtatgag aatataaaat    128400
     ttaaggtggt tttagatgac tatatatgtt aatatactaa ctgtgtagta tcactgatac    128460
     cattttaaaa gttttttttt attattttat tattttaagt cttttttttt tccttcaccc    128520
     aacatttaat tttcttcatt tcatctagtc tttttacttt ctgtatatca tgattctctc    128580
     tggatgatat cttagtgtct ggaaatcatt gcaaatctct gatacttgct ggatatagag    128640
     cctgtcaatc acctttctgt atgaagatct gaaagttaca tgaacccata ccttaggttt    128700
     cttagacaca tttgagaaac catcaacaat tcataattat gaagactgaa aaaaatcaga    128760
     tatcaaacct tttgactaat tgtactgggg actattcgaa ttagtgtcct actcaggaat    128820
     gcctaagtga aagactccaa ggcaattgtt cctgaacaaa tgtacacacg gtattcagaa    128880
     gaaaggaaga atggcatctc attccttggg tgatgagtgc taataaattt gggttgctgg    128940
     gataatttgt atccacgaga acaagaggga atgaaattca tagagacccc agtaaggact    129000
     cactggtaat ccgatgtatt aacaataaaa gcaataaata gagtaagact gagccaacct    129060
     acctcaagaa aataaatgct atatttgaga aaccaacaac cctcatcatt ctaaatggaa    129120
     aataaaacca caaagcaatc tcactaaaat cagatatgag actgtgctca ctgtattctg    129180
     tgctcattcc tttcacatat agtactttaa tagtcccata tgattccagg ctcattcacc    129240
     agtaatatta atagtaaaaa catgaccact tgacataaag gaatttacag actcaatgga    129300
     atctcaacca aaatccataa gagtcttcaa aggacgaaaa aaaaaaaaaa tagaaaagta    129360
     atttggatcc acaaaaatac taagacagcc aaagattctg accaaaacac aatgttaaag    129420
     gaattagcat tccagaacac aagatatatt gtaaagtaat agttataaaa aaatactatg    129480
     aaactagcat aagacagatg agtaagaata gaaaaaacct taaatatgag cacgaatact    129540
     acatctgata tatgacaatg gtgccaaaaa caaattgaac aaaatagcat cttcaacaat    129600
     agtgctggga tatatggaca tccacatata gtacagtgta attaggcact tttctatcac    129660
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatataaaac tatatatata    129720
     tatatatata aaacactata tatatatata tatataaaac aaatttgagc tagaataaag    129780
     gccacaatag ttgagttgga atgataagac tgctaaaaca gaatatgggt attacttttc    129840
     agggtaaaag taaaggaaag aaatgtctga attggactcc atttgaccag caattaaagc    129900
     caacaattgt cctaagagat ctcattaaac taaaattctt ctctgttaca gaagtaacat    129960
     tccattaagg aggaagccga aaatgggtga gaatctctgc cagacataca catgaaagag    130020
     gatcaccatt cagaataact gaagaagtca aaagctaaaa aaaagaaatg agaaaaaaaa    130080
     atcaagagcc tggcagtagt aaagcactct taattccagc atgtaagaca catgcccagt    130140
     ggggaatctc tgtgagatca agtacagcct ggtctacaga gtgaattcca ggaaaactag    130200
     gcatgtataa taaatccctg ttttgaaaaa caaacaaaca aataaacaaa aaatcaaatt    130260
     gtaggctata ggggtctaaa caaagaattc tcaaaagaag aaatatattt gtctaagaaa    130320
     tgtctcaaaa aagtgtttaa catctttatc aaggtcattc aaaaaatact tgattattta    130380
     tcttactgct ttcaaaattg gtgagatgaa ggaaaccatt gacaattaac actgttaatg    130440
     aaagggactc ttcatactgt taccaaaatt gaaaataaat tcagccactc atgactcaat    130500
     gtgaaaaagt ctcctttttt ttttaaattt gaggaataaa tactaatatt gtttgaacga    130560
     aaattcccag gacaggcaag ataaaagttt ccagcaactg tctgaattat accaatggat    130620
     gataaatgac attaacttac tatgattctt ctgtcaattg cctctcttgc cattaaagca    130680
     tctcttcttt atgttagaaa agtatccatg ctattaatgt aattattact aaatgaatca    130740
     acatactgac aaatgcattg ttatatttgg atatatctaa agcatttatt ttttatttgc    130800
     ttatgaaggg ttgtgttaca taaagggata gcttcaaatg ggagaaaatt aaaagaaact    130860
     ttgaagaaac tgattagaga agattaattt ggtttactga gtcttggcac atgtaaccat    130920
     caaaataccg acacttcaag tgcttaagat aatgttcaac cttatctgtg tcaacaaata    130980
     ggcaatagga caatttataa agagcaaaaa atcttgattc ttcattggct gactgtaagg    131040
     atgcaagctc tgaccaagca ggatacactt cattttcttc aaatccatat ttaacctaat    131100
     gagaaatgat agttatatga ttactctttc tgtttaactg ttcctttaca tgtttggatt    131160
     tatattacta tatgttgatt tatattacta taatgtcaac aatgtaaact ttaattagtg    131220
     tcaatagatt ttatgtgtcc aaactcaagt aaaatatccc ttaatcacct ccaaactgta    131280
     ggcaagttgc aagtaagcat ttactaaaat gaagttcaat caggatgaag tataatattt    131340
     tgggttaagt cacgttgaag atcacagact tgcgtttgaa aaagtcagaa tagattagtt    131400
     gttaacagta ttctcacttt agtatataga agccagaaat ggtagtaata acatagttaa    131460
     gagatacttc acccctccag taaaggtaat agcccagtga ttgtgaggaa cagctctatc    131520
     ccttagtggc aagattttat acaaaactga atgcatataa tttgctcttg tataatgagt    131580
     tgtttcaaaa tttatgattc accaaatata ccacatcatt tatgaataaa aagtggaaag    131640
     taagaatatg tctcaccttt ttggcaatct tcatgatgcg atccagaagg atcttatttt    131700
     ttacctcaat atctttgact cttgcaagga tagcaaaggg cgcccctggc atactcttga    131760
     gttctgtctc catgtgatgc agagggttgt cccaggctcg tagtatactt agtatcatat    131820
     tcataaagtc tggcagctac acaaatgtaa gaaattatat taaggtaaga ttggcatgaa    131880
     gtatctttag ttttaatcag agaagcacaa ttaaaatatt tatttgctat tcttatggaa    131940
     agatgaatat ttctgaagat gaaactatgg agagttatag aatttcagcc actctcctgc    132000
     attttactaa ataatacact atattaaata gtatctactt tttctaatga accaccatgt    132060
     tgcttttact gtattttcat tgtaccactt gattttctga taagatcttg tcaatattac    132120
     tgtatcactt gttcatgaga attgcaagct ttactcgttt tcagtagatg tcaacaggac    132180
     ctgatccaga aagacaattc tcaccagtgt caatggcaaa tggtgcaaga agagtcatta    132240
     cacctattaa attattaaca attttactca tttaatgttc ttaggttatt ttggtatata    132300
     agaacaaaga tttaataaag gaaatatggc atttataaat ggactttcct cagtctactt    132360
     ccctccatgc ccttgtctct agcacaatag tgatctatct gcataagctg ttgaagaagg    132420
     cacagtgtgg cttcattacc agcatcagtg ggaatcgcac tgtagtatac cctactatat    132480
     gtattcaata ccaggatcat acaaaaagtt catatttaaa atacttgcta tgttagatat    132540
     ctattaccta tgctagtgga gatgaaaatg aagagtagag aagaaatcca atggactttg    132600
     caaaggaaaa tgtataaaga aatgatggga aggaacacag gaaatggtga tggatcttgg    132660
     gagcatgggg catatcacaa tagtgagtgc ttaagttgcc agaagaacag attcaaattc    132720
     ttactgtgca tgcttttggt aaaagttctg tattaactta tcaaatcttc aaattgcttt    132780
     tcttaactgg tgtgataata ttatattcag agaggacact gaagtgaagt gaatgcagta    132840
     gttggtgaaa tgtccactga tgtagattgt tttcacagtg atttcatcac tccctcttgc    132900
     tcacttctca cttacttcaa ttctttcact tcagtatgat cctcaaataa aatcatttca    132960
     aaattagtta tggcagagaa tcaggcagga ggtatcataa gaattacaag tcatagctgc    133020
     aattttaagt tgatattctt ttatatttaa ggccatggtt ttgtcctaag taacattata    133080
     cagaattttc tgagtgtatt ggtaatatat aataaatata aatgcattac cagcttttat    133140
     acatacacat aagtgtatct ttaaacatag gtgtccaatt caggtcaaag tttctaacag    133200
     aatgattagt gaactaggta cagtatgatt gctgctgtgt tctcatctaa atgaataata    133260
     tttagctatg ctttacaatt atatgaaaaa atatttttct tattcatgaa ctgtaggaaa    133320
     tttttctcaa tactcatcct tcttagattt tcctaaagaa atatatacca catttattac    133380
     agtgtttata atagtctaca gcatggcaca gccagtgtac cactttaaag gtttgggatc    133440
     aaaccatagg caggagactc actgagatcc ttttggcttc cttttctgtc tttggtgatt    133500
     tgagtggcaa agtgtggcaa ctgttgagac cattgacaac aaattcatca tgtctgttaa    133560
     attgcaatgt ctgtagaggt tagaaataaa aatcaagtac gttgtaatta gtaatgttgc    133620
     aaaaccatcc catgaccaga ctattaatcc atttagtaaa tgtgtgcttt ttaaagggat    133680
     tattgtagga acttaaattt gaggaactta attgaaatct tctctttgtc ccatgaaata    133740
     tatactctca ttttgtatat attctcaaac atatacattt gtaaattctc aaacaaacat    133800
     ttgtaaaatt tctcaaacaa cttttgagaa aagtgttttc atctaagatt ttgcttgtga    133860
     acaattttgt ctctttctac tgactaacat gccttctttg ttatctacaa tttactcttt    133920
     tgaagtgaaa tgttaaaaat aaaaaatatt tttttaaaaa gcaagatttt ttgaaaaaac    133980
     catctttgtg ttacatttga ggcaacatca tagtatatat ccatctatcc ttaagttttc    134040
     ttgtttcctg tggctgaaaa tgtttcttac aataagacat tgcacaagta gactcttctt    134100
     tgtagtaact cacaaagtta atcacagatc ttcagtgaaa ttgaattacc cttgaaaaaa    134160
     attagttgtc aaatataggc accttaaaaa atgtaaaagc aatgaagaaa tgttaaaata    134220
     caaaatagta atttataaat atataattct ttaaacatag tacttctgta actatattat    134280
     aaaatatcag ttatttcaag ttaatatata atttgtgaaa ctgtaattta tcattaggaa    134340
     gattaagaat ttaaaagatt atcaatttaa actggagaat gaaaagaaac atgagctaaa    134400
     aggatggcat gaggatgaat ttatgtaaaa ttcagggaca cattctacag ttgcacctca    134460
     ttagactgag gctttatttg ccttcttctc tttgacactg gctcatttag aattagtaat    134520
     acacagccat tcagcagaga ggccttatcc ccacttctaa atgtgtccct ttaatgagta    134580
     agatcaagta aaagaaaact tatataacaa ttcctagcat ttgtgggcta ctgaaagcta    134640
     taatttgtag cccccagtac ctgacacaga ttcagtttag attatttcta ttctatctgt    134700
     acacttcatt acaagaaaat gcttacatct tggatacata cagtgagctc agtgaggaat    134760
     gcattaggaa cagtttccat accagcatgg ttaggatagc agggtttttc cctatgacaa    134820
     cttttagaaa tttatttcac attatattta tatttgcaga tagatatttt tagtagaaga    134880
     aatttagaga agatttttga gatgtttctg cattcatcat aaatctgaga ttccctgaaa    134940
     taattattaa ctctattgca tgatttctgg ctgatgtttc ctttacttat gtgtgtatcc    135000
     tatgggaaat tgggctgatg gtgctttctt atctaagttg cagtgtagta caatcattgc    135060
     cacaaaagct tcttttgtaa agaagctgga agtaaaagaa atacttacaa atgtaatgaa    135120
     catgtctgat gagaaattat tggatagctg gaataagaca gaagaaaaca catgagtgaa    135180
     aatcagcatg aacacacgat gtaagtgtag agatacatct tgtgggatgc ccattatggc    135240
     actccaacct aatctttttt cccctctttg atcttgattg ttttgacaac gtaacatata    135300
     attatcagga agagagggct tgtttgtgca gccctcctat tatctaagca ttatctatag    135360
     gtatataata ggaatgatta aataaagttt agaaacactt aatggtatct gaatatctat    135420
     gacttttttt ttacttatat ggcatctact tcagtttaat ttgggtctat tccattcact    135480
     gttaacttct ttattaaata actgtagcac tttaatgaaa atagcagctg acaatgcatg    135540
     ctgtaagcaa gctcagaaaa taggacttct attgtgccta tgcctttctg aattctatga    135600
     aacaacattt gagaaaagtg tttttatttt taataaagtc atttgttgtg aatctgtaag    135660
     aaatcaggac tgctccatcc tccttgtgct gcttcacaga agtcagagct ttatttgata    135720
     tgtgaaggtg agttacctga aatttgatgt atggtgactt ctattaaact atggcacact    135780
     ttcagttctc acacagacat tcactgttga acaatgcctg aagcctctga ggtacttaca    135840
     aatatcctgc gtgtctctat agcaaggcta ttgatgtgct gagacagtat gatggcatca    135900
     tcaaaaaggt cttcggtgag catttcgcta acacctgatc cactgccaat tgtgggtaca    135960
     gagaccacgt cctcccacag gagaagattt gacatcaaca gtatctgcag tgcccctgat    136020
     acagagaaac aactgttctg tgatccattc atctgaggtt atcaacacta tctctgccta    136080
     gcatcttcca ctgtattgtt tgtgccctct gtgattctat gatagtatgt aactgtattt    136140
     tacagttgaa aaagtaatta taaatacatc gttgcccaaa tatatagttt tagagcttgg    136200
     taattttcta cattttagac ttaaaattgt taaacagttt cattttaaaa gagtggtgtt    136260
     ttaaagttac tgaatacaga aagtttaagg gtttgggaat ttatcctgtt gtttggtgat    136320
     ttgtctgttt gtttgatttt ttttgtgtgg tcaaattcaa tgtaaatgta caatatttgc    136380
     attttgacaa gggcatcaca ctttatctgc tatttgcata ttcaggcctc ataagtttaa    136440
     actagtgatt acgtggtatt tatagtgaaa atgagaataa tgtcatgaca aaggtagcca    136500
     atgatggctt tgatagctta caataataaa gctatatatc tctgtttcat gcaaaggatt    136560
     acaattgatt ttttaatata agttttattt ttataatgac attgtgagta gactgtgcca    136620
     ttgtagcatt ctcaaactaa gcaggtgaaa gagaaccata gggttaaatg attttacctg    136680
     agcccagttc attggtggtg agatagactc tctagaggcc atcaccgtga atgtgtacat    136740
     ataccacatg tgcatgccat acacagctgg gtgccatctt gagcatgtgg atgccagaga    136800
     ccatatctat aatgctgaga gtcagtgttt ttttttaaag tacaaacttt accttagatc    136860
     acacgagtat agtagctatg cctagtaatt attttatcta catttcttgc tctatcttga    136920
     caaccatctt taaatttttg agcatgatta ctcttggatc ctttataaat ttgttaattc    136980
     agcagaaaga tagaaactaa acttgtaagt ttttatagct acactctcaa aaaatgaaat    137040
     aagcaacaga aaaaactgtt aaaagcatgt ttttatttct tgacatagtc tctaaaggaa    137100
     tttctaaaat taaaaaaaaa agaaattatt tgaaaaaaat ccaaattcct tgcaaacttt    137160
     cataacgcta aatgtgtcca acctaacagg caaggcaaag tctggcaacc tataactgaa    137220
     gaaactgaac aaatgccatg ttttgttctg tttcttttgt ttaattttgt tttgtatatg    137280
     tggtcttttc tgttattttt gagcattttc tatattattg gctcttgtgt gtttgtttat    137340
     aatttcattt taggagagag acattttgaa gttgggtggc taaggagatt agaagtatct    137400
     aggaggggcc aaataaagag acaaaacaaa gtatataaaa atattttagt tcacaaagga    137460
     aaaatttaag attaacatga gaaaaattaa aaatatgaaa ttttgtagta taaaatggaa    137520
     ctaagaatat tttgactaca tagctaaatc attatataac tccttattta aatgcttatt    137580
     ttttaacaaa tataattgtt gtagacttta ttttctgtaa tataaaattg tgtatgtgta    137640
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta tgtagacaca aacacacata tatgcttgaa tatatgcttg    137700
     ctgattttca tctgagaact ttttataatc taagaggaat taaaatgaac caccatcttt    137760
     gttctttatt tcataatctc tatggttgtc attaatgatg ttttcttatc aatgttacct    137820
     acagaaatct agcatgaaca actacactaa attgcacatt tattgaagta tcattcaatt    137880
     tactccagat tagccaaggg tcaaagacac atatcactat cattgcctag cttaagtttt    137940
     aacactaatg tttataacca gccattgttt tattatttat aaataaacaa atgaaattgc    138000
     tgtaacaata aaactatgta gtatataaaa gtatactaga aaaatttatg gcctgctaac    138060
     attacttata ttttcaatca tgtctgattt aaatgaacat gaaaatcatt gattcagaat    138120
     agctgtggga aaaaatgata tacaaaaaaa cttgtactga atatatgtgt taaatttctc    138180
     aagtactcac tccatatctg ctacaatgct agttcaaaaa cagttataca acacttatgc    138240
     aaaaaggcta aattaaagag ttctatttag ttttaaagac ttatttataa acattggacc    138300
     ttttgtgaat aaaaggtaac ttaaaggtgt gtggtagaaa agaaccaaga tgaagatctt    138360
     taaaaagcag taaattttca tgacaatttt tgaaagctgt gtcctcaaat agcatggatc    138420
     gtgtaggagg ttagtgaaga tgcttagaca gaatgatttc ttattgcttt gcatttatga    138480
     atacattagt aggggacagt tgagaagcag tgctaatact gtgtaaactc aaactgtaat    138540
     acactgaaat gcagcatagc ttcctccatt taaacctatt ggccaaatga attttccaaa    138600
     acaagactaa tatttttgaa gtcaaataat caagtaggat aactcatgtt cacagctaag    138660
     gaaacaacaa aacaataaaa taataatttc ttctttctaa atttgtgaca atttgaagtt    138720
     attgacgctt gggtttccag aaaattacca ccttttaatt tctgtaacac caatctctga    138780
     gctttatatt ttttccatct aaacactgcc ctgacctctg agtattttta aacatgtact    138840
     gtttctatcc aaacagatga cattattcta tcacttttct cttgagtgtg aaagtatata    138900
     tgtttatgtt ccttttcata tgtgttcaga tgtgtatata aggcagagaa caacctcaga    138960
     tgttattaaa taccaaccac atctgtattt aatattttgg agatagaaac tctcactacc    139020
     ctgaaacttt ctaaatgaat tggactggct ggccagtcag gctcaaggtc ccatctatct    139080
     ctactgtccc agcatagaga ttatgatcct aaaccactag gtctggctca tattgcccat    139140
     ttcctccttt atgtcaagta aagagaagga atactaatta gttactgtca gttggcataa    139200
     tgaaaggggt tcccattttt gcaaaccagt gtaaactgtc tataataaac ttgtaaatat    139260
     tcttcctagg tttccatttt taccatcatg gtgatgtact atttgaacaa ataaaaatgt    139320
     ctgttaacaa atgaaatatg agacaggttt ctctcaaaag gattccatct tggagccctg    139380
     aagaaccaac aagtttttca gatatactca gaaaagcatt atcaagaggt tacttacaga    139440
     agcacagttg agtcaatgat gtattcatct cagaaaagtt cctccacagt ttgtggggca    139500
     ctggaaaagg ctgctaaact ggtgtcctga tgtctcctta cttcatacct catatatact    139560
     ttagcagatt gtcctcaggc cacttactgc tgtaacagga aggaaatacg ttataaatca    139620
     ttagacattt tctcaatgac tgtcctgcat cagataatat caacgtcatc atcactatta    139680
     ccgcagtaat atgtacaaat ccaagttgac ttcatgatcc acaatgagca tgtcagacca    139740
     gacgtagtat gctgttcttt attacatcat tgcttcacct gactcttgca tttgttccct    139800
     aaccttttgt acactctatg acttctgagg cagttaagat ctatataata agataagatt    139860
     ttttttccta cccttggacc accatgttca ggtgattcaa ttaatcacac aaggaaaggc    139920
     gaataattag tatagtctga acacttataa ggtacaattt ttgctcatct tagaatgcaa    139980
     agcattggtt ctcccattta tgttggccct taatcaaatc acaatgttga tgctgtctgt    140040
     cagaactact gtaccagtat tcttttggtt ggcatatctt gccaagcttg ctcttagcat    140100
     tagcatgtag tgagtccttc caatgctgaa agttgtccat aagaaagttc tctagtttct    140160
     ttggagccat gaaactaggc agcatagtca aagtttccag ttcaatatcc tctgatttac    140220
     ccatgcagtg gacccagaga atgaaatggc tttaacattt gagtccattc agtttactac    140280
     agacatgtat ctaacagtag cctcaagagc ctgaatggtg ttaggagctt tagagatctt    140340
     aggttctgtt tactccaggc actgacactg tgttaaataa ctcaatacat gttgggaatg    140400
     ccttttccct tataattatg taatatatta tcacttattt aaccactgtt ctgttctgtc    140460
     aactcatcag ttttcatgtt attcattacc aaatgaataa gacatttaga gatcatatta    140520
     acatgtagat ttggaaaaca tcatctcagt ccctgaagga ccagtacttc ctacttcagg    140580
     aaagtctaaa gtaacatcag gattttggat ctctgtgtgt agtaaataat atcttttcaa    140640
     gtatttaata gactgagctt gttccatcct catttttttt acccctccaa aaagaaaatg    140700
     tgggactatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctttc ataatctatt    140760
     tatagttaac aattattctt tatagctgct atgtatgatt tagctcatgg tttgtcatag    140820
     tctcaccaac catgttaggg gtagttcaaa tatgccatag acagttctct acttctagct    140880
     ctttggggtc cctctttaca ggagctgttt atctgaagta acttctggta tggtctagga    140940
     ctgtgtgagt aacctcttct ccacagataa aattctggga caccaaagat tttctagcag    141000
     ttattatcct caggcaaact atccagtagg atgtatagca gatgttcaga tgaacaccct    141060
     tgtacagtat tcctatgttc aggacagaat tggaggcagt gcactccttg aggacaggat    141120
     cactgtccat atttaggaca agttcagctt ttgcatcttc agttctctgt acttgtcctt    141180
     ccacagttgt ctggagtcca gaggatttta tttaggaatg tacctatggt tagataatac    141240
     atatgacaat tttaggtgtt cctcatacct tcctattcaa agatatcatt agtatatatt    141300
     ctgtatatta atgcagcttt agataactct aatagtagac tttcacttcc cataaataag    141360
     attctttcag atttcagttt gcacaacata aaaatttgta tctgtatgta tatttagagc    141420
     catatgtatt tatgtatgta tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta tatatatata tatatatata    141480
     tatatatata tgtatatgtg tggttatcca ttttcatcta aggaattttc acatttgaaa    141540
     attaaataca atagagaaat atctttacta ttcattttat aaattcatgg ctgtcactaa    141600
     ttctgtttcc ttgcatgtat cacttggaga acactgggac cagcacaccc ttaatattgt    141660
     agtgtcattc agtttaccca agactgacaa caactgtaat agatatgctc taggctaggc    141720
     taaagcaatg aaagattgga aatacaagta gacaaactca cgaggccaaa gtaacaaaaa    141780
     taataataat aatttcccca ttcttttaat aggtatagtt caaaaacatt gctccctgtg    141840
     ttcccaataa aacactatat tttgatccca gtaacactga tctttgaact gtattggaag    141900
     atttttatta attctttatt tacatttcaa atgtaatacc actatcagga ttccccatct    141960
     ggaaacccgt aatcccatcc ccatcctcct cattctacca accacttctt ccaaccaccc    142020
     acccattcct gtatcccctc cctggcatct cacactacac tgggaaatta gccttcacag    142080
     cactaaggac ctctccttcc attgatgcca tacaaagcca tcttctgctg cataggcagc    142140
     tggagccatg ggtcactaca tgtgtacttt ttggttggtg gtttagtcgc tgggagttca    142200
     aagggggtaa gtttggttga tgttgctctt ctaatggggt tacaaacatc ttcagcttct    142260
     tcagtccttt ctttagctcc tccattatgg accctgtgct cagtccaatg gttggctaca    142320
     agcatccacc tctgtatttg tcaggctctg gcagagcctc tctggagaca gctatatcag    142380
     gaacctgtca acaagtgctt cttcacatca gcaataatgt ctgggtttgg agactgtata    142440
     cccaggtggg tcagtctctg gatggccttt ctttcagtct ctgctcaaca ctttgtctcc    142500
     atatttcttc ccatgatttc tgttgcccta caaagatgga ctgaagtatc cacactttgt    142560
     tcttccttct ccttgagctt catggggtct ataaattata tcttggctat tccatgtttt    142620
     gtggctaata cccacttatc agtgggtaca taccatgtgt gttctgttgt gattggatta    142680
     cattactcag gatgatattt gttaattcta tccatttgcc ttagaatttc atgaattcat    142740
     tgtttttaat agcttaatag aactccattg tgtaaacgta ctacattttc tgtatccatt    142800
     cctctgttga cagatatgtc agttattttc agcttctggc tatcataaat atggctgcta    142860
     tgaacatagt ggagcatgtg tctttactat gtgttagagc atcttttggg tatatgctca    142920
     ggagtcgtat agctgggtcc tctggtagta ttatgtgtac ttttctgaga aaacaccaga    142980
     ctgatttcca gagtaattct acaagcttgc aatcccacca acaatggagg agtgttgctc    143040
     tttctctaaa tgcacgacag tatctgctgt cacctgagta tttgttgtta gccattgtgg    143100
     tttgtgtgag gtggaatctc agtgttcttt tgattagcat ttccctgatg actaaggatg    143160
     ttgaacattt ctttaggtgc ttctcaccca ttcaatattt ctcagttggg aatcctttgt    143220
     ttagctctgt gtcccattgt taatagggta atttggatct ctggagtcta ccttcttgag    143280
     ttctttgtat atattggata ttagccctgt attggatgca gtattggtaa agatcttttt    143340
     cccaatgtgt tggttgctgt tttgtcctat tgacattgtc ctttcccttt cagaaaattt    143400
     gcaattttat aaggtcacat ttgtcaattt ttgatcttag aacataagcc attgttgttc    143460
     tgttccagaa attttccact atgccaatgc atttgaggct tttccccact ttttcttcta    143520
     ttagattcag tgtacctggt tttatgtgga ggtccttaat ccacttgcac ttgagctttg    143580
     tacagggagg taagaatggt ccccagaggc aaactcataa ctatgagtgt ctccaaaaag    143640
     aaactagaga gactatacac tagcagcttt atagcacatc tgaaatttct agaacaaaaa    143700
     gaagcaaata tactgaagag gattagagag caggaaataa tgaaactcgg gctgaaatca    143760
     cctatgtata aaaagaacta taaaaagaat caacaaaatc aggagctggt tctttgagaa    143820
     aaccaacagg atatataaac tcttatacta acgagaaagc atagagtcgg tatcgcaatt    143880
     aagaaaatta gaaatgaaag gaagacaaca agaaaatcta aggaaattca aaagaaaaaa    143940
     aaaacatcag atcctccaat aaaagcctat actcaacaaa actggaaaat atgaatgaaa    144000
     tggacaattt tctagacaga taccaggaac caaagttaaa tcaggatcag gtaaactgcc    144060
     tgaactgttc cataacctct aaagaaatgg aagcagtcat taaaagtctc ccaatcaaaa    144120
     aagcccagga atagatgggt tttgtgtaga gttctatcag acattcaaag aagacctaat    144180
     tccaatactc ttcaaaccat tcctcaaaat agaaagaaaa ggctctctac ccagtttgtt    144240
     ctatgaagtc acaattatgc tgatacctaa accacacaaa gacccaacaa aggatgagaa    144300
     cttcagacca atttccctta taaatatcaa tgtaaaaata ttcaataaaa ttcttgtcaa    144360
     ccgaattcaa gaacacaaca aaacaatcat ccactatgat gaagtaggct tcaccccagg    144420
     gatacagaga tttttcaata tatggacatc catcaatata atccactaga taaacaaact    144480
     caagaaagaa aacatttaat catctcatca gatgctgaga aagcgtacgg atttgggata    144540
     ttggatttgg gaagctgtgg aatgcataac atagggctta atggatgatc ctagtaggaa    144600
     tatggaagac attcttactt agagtgattt aaactgtaaa gcccttgctc tagaggtgtc    144660
     agaggagagg aattttagaa aattgcttga cgatcattct taagatgtta aagtaatgaa    144720
     tgtagctgac tatgccctta tctgaagaat ctgcctaagg ctaaggtgaa gagactcata    144780
     ttagttgcaa aattgaaaaa ggaagtttaa aaatgtccat catagacttg tcctctggtt    144840
     tactttcatg aagaacattt taattaagaa taacaaggtt gaaaaggaaa aatacgaaat    144900
     atatggttca aatattaaag ggacacaaga aagtgcaatg gagctaaatt ctgtgttcaa    144960
     acataaacaa cttaaggtag tatgacttca ggtcaagatc ctacccaaat aagaatagtg    145020
     tttttttgtg tttgcagttg aaaaatggat agttttacta ttatgacctg gttattccct    145080
     tcatttagac ataaggaaat attgtgtgtt gaattgacat gggacgaaac aaacttttga    145140
     tctggatctt gtggaatagt catcatgaag atcttaggtt cggcataggg gtataggtgt    145200
     ttaatcacag gagacagagg caagcatacc tctgagttca agaccagcat ggtagagaac    145260
     aatttttagg taaagaaaag cttagatcca ggaatggtgc tatacacctt caatcccagc    145320
     attcaagaga cagagccatg tagatatttg agttcaaggt ctcatagtaa gtctgagaat    145380
     agcaaagctt aggcagtaaa gcagttggga aacagaacac tattaataat ataacagaac    145440
     tagaggacaa tgttacaacc caggaaagca gcagaacttc aaagattcag ccatgtggca    145500
     ctctctttgg tgtcaataat agaagggttg ttgggacaat tgatgctgat tagctgagca    145560
     tttaacagtg gttaagaaaa taccagcatc actaaggtaa aaattttctg gacaatattt    145620
     tctgagagta caaaaaagct gtgtcctaga gatagaagcc aaacttgtta atgtgaaaga    145680
     atcaccaggt ggtttttggt tttgaaggta tgaagttatc acgaaaagag ctgaggcttg    145740
     gcactatgac aggcctgaga aggcaattga tgaaggttca acctcagctg cagttgatgg    145800
     cctaagatgg aggggggcat gcagagaggt tgaggcttgt catcatgaaa ggagcctatg    145860
     agatgctatt catgaagcta agttgcagtg gaagatgcta ttacaatggg acaaccacca    145920
     agaacagcag cagcagtatg gtagagtcaa ccagatcctg gagtaccaca gagggcagag    145980
     atggtgaagg ggcctaagac tttggaggag cccacgaggt tattagaaga agaagctata    146040
     aactttaagg tgccttggat agcataagat gttagagatg caagagccat ggaatacctg    146100
     gtaagtaaag ctactaacaa gtaaaactat cccaagagaa aggaatcata cagtcaacaa    146160
     agataaagag atttgtatat ctatagagtg ttttgacatc agacatggag gtgcacagtt    146220
     tgagtttgtc cagctaactt cctgtcttgc tttgttccag tatttcctca ttttggaatg    146280
     ctaatatata ttctgtggtg ttggaaggat gagatctgct ttttggttct gattttatag    146340
     ggaatttcag ttagggtatt atatgaatct cagaggaaac gttgaacttt agccttttaa    146400
     cattgttgat accgttatag attattggga cctctgaagt tcaactacat gaattttaca    146460
     ttatgctaag acttggtatt gcccccatag atacatttgt ttgaacaaac ctataggggc    146520
     aagagagtag aatgtggtga ctttaatatt cttggtctag ggagtggtac tattaggatg    146580
     tgtggtcttg tccaataagt gtggccttat tggaagaagt gttttattat ataggtgttt    146640
     gttgtgacac ccctctcctt gctgcctaga agaactcctt cctggctgcc tttggatcag    146700
     aatatagaac ccttgactcc tctagaccca tgtctgcttt catgttgtca cgattcatgt    146760
     cctgatagta gactgagcct ctctgtaaac cagaaatatt aaatgtggtc ctttatgaga    146820
     atttccttgg tcatggtgtc tcttcttagc aataaaaccc tttctaggat attcattgat    146880
     ggtctattta tagaaaccac aaacgggaaa caacgtagtt gtccctatga tggggtaaag    146940
     aaagtgtagt acatttttaa aaacagagta ttattctgtt gtaaatgtag ttaattaatt    147000
     aacactgtca tcattgaatg cacagtcatt tggatgaaac tggaaaaact ggagggaggt    147060
     acaccaaacc aaagagataa atatgttgtc tattaactaa tgtgtggata ttaaccatta    147120
     aataaattat taccaaccta caatgtgtgc acctagagag gttatgtgta gaggaagggt    147180
     agagaaagga cacatggatc gtcctgggag aagggaatat acgagatttt atgggtagat    147240
     tgggaagtag gaagaaaaat tgggttgaca aagggaatgt ggtcagagac agctaaaatt    147300
     gagggaaata tgaggtttta tgaaaatcta gtttaatgaa aacctccaaa ttatatagag    147360
     gaatatatag aggtaatcct aataaagtct ttaaataatt aggggaaggt aagagtccca    147420
     actggccatc ttttgcatga aacaaaagtt ccagtaccag gaattggttg catcatatca    147480
     tgttgctggc caaaggggtc tcatggaaat ctctaaacaa gggaggctgt tcccaatata    147540
     ataggttatt tttaaaaaac ctgacagcca ggtttcattg ctgaagagag caataaccac    147600
     ataactcatg aagcaggtag tagccaacct ggtgcctaca aataacctcc acttgtatgt    147660
     tctaatgtct ttagtaagtg aaggcactct gcaggctacc aaagagaaac atgaacacca    147720
     acctaggcaa taacaccttg atctgcaatg ctgtcttgcc tgcaaaatag attacatatc    147780
     caacattcta atcagaaata atattttaaa aatttaaaac aatatcatgg acatgaaggt    147840
     accccagcta ccatgtggta gttagactta tgtgcttctt tgaaagcatt tggtatcaga    147900
     tctcatatac ccagaaaata acacaaataa tacaaaaaaa agagctgaca ttactatgta    147960
     tattagtcag ggttctctag agtcacagaa cttattaata gtctctataa tagtaaagga    148020
     atttgttgat gacttacagt ctgcagtcaa atttccaaca atggttcagt aatagctgta    148080
     aatggaagcc caaggatcta ccagttgctc agtcccacac agcaagcagg caaaaaagca    148140
     agagcaaact cccttcttcc aatgtcctta tatggtctcc agcagaaggt gtagcccaga    148200
     ttaaatgtgt gtgccaccac acctttaatc ccagatgacc ttgaactcag atatctccct    148260
     gtcttaatct tctggaatct atagccactg tgcctcaata tctccatacc aagatccaga    148320
     tcagaaactt ctatctccca gcctccagat tagggtcgct ggtgagcctt ccaattctgg    148380
     attgtagttc attccaaata tagtcaagtt gacaaccagg aatagccact atactatgtt    148440
     tgagagaggc attttaatct ctcccctgtg taacaatctc tgcaatgcct ttatgatatg    148500
     atcagctgat tttcttcatt ctgtagagtt atttttgaaa catacaacca tatagtccat    148560
     aaactatcta gaagtgacac atgggttaat agaatctgat aggaaataca gtgttctgat    148620
     cagatgtatt tttgttttga attatttatt aaaattttaa ttgtacatga taatgtaatt    148680
     tattatgaca taccatgcat gtatacacta ttctttgatc atcttcaatc cctgaagatc    148740
     atgtccaact ctcttcattg attattctat tttctctgaa tctagtgttt ccttttactt    148800
     ttctacatgt catttttcat tcattctttt tttctttaat gtatttaata tatagtaata    148860
     agtacatatg tatcataata tgcatatgta atacatatgt atagcatata aacattagac    148920
     tatacactgt taagaccata ttgtgtgtga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    148980
     gaaagataga gagagagaca cagagactga gagacagaga gacagagaga cagggacaca    149040
     cagagagaga cacagagaga gaaacagaga gagagacaca gagagacaga gagagagaga    149100
     gacagagaca gagagagaga gagtgcatgt atgtgtgtat ttcatgtgcc caatacctga    149160
     ccaagtttca gttgagctta gctctgatcc acttgcaaac ttacaaatga ttgcttgttc    149220
     cttggatata tccagtatga tcaatgaaga atgcacagca actggttccc tacaaatatt    149280
     atgaagacag aagagctttg accttatgtc aagttctgga gatatatgcc acagtatatt    149340
     tatatttgta gatatatttt cagtagaaga cattttgaga aaactttgag aagtctcaag    149400
     atcaacaatt gacaaatggg acctcatgaa actgaaaagc ttctgtaaga caaaaaaaaa    149460
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa accaaaacca aaaccaacac caaaaccaaa aaacaaaaaa    149520
     caaaaaacaa aaaaaaccaa aaacctgtca ataggactaa atagcaaact acagattggg    149580
     aaaagatttc taccaaccta tgtctgatag acgactataa ttcaagaagt tcaactccag    149640
     aaatccaaat accccaataa aaatggaaaa caaagctaaa caaagaaatc tccactgaga    149700
     aatcttgaat ggccaagaag cacctaaaga aatgttcaac atctttagtc gtcagggaaa    149760
     tgcaaatcaa aacaacacac cagtcagaat ggctaagatc aaaactctgg tgatacacga    149820
     taactagcaa ggatgtgggg aaagagcagc actcctccat tgctggtaga attgcaagct    149880
     agtacaacca ctttgaaaat caatccagaa gttcctcaaa aaaaatggaa atagttctac    149940
     ctgcagatcc agctataaca ctactgggca tatacccaaa agatgcttca acacataaca    150000
     acatatgctc cactatgttc atagcagcct tatttacaat agccagaagc tgaaacaacc    150060
     cagatgtccc tcagtggaag actggatacc gaaaaattgg aacatttaca caatgaaata    150120
     ctactcaact attaaaaatg ctgacttcac aaactttgta ggcaaatggg tggaattaga    150180
     aaatatcatc ctgagtgagt taacttagac ccaaaatgac atacacggta ttactcgttg    150240
     ataagtagat attagctcag aagctcaaaa tacccaggat acaactcaga gaccatatga    150300
     agcttaataa gaaggaaggc caaactctgg atacttcaaa cccacttaga agagggaaca    150360
     aaataatcat ggaaggcaga gggagttagg gacttgggtg ggagagagga ggagaaggaa    150420
     aaacaagggg ctggatcaag tatggtaaga gactggagaa aagtccagag ggccaggaga    150480
     atgaatagaa acaagtagta ctgcagggtg ggtaacttgg ttaaccacta gaaagtcaca    150540
     gatgccaggg aagtgaaagt ctcctaggat ccaatgggga tgacattaga gaaaatacac    150600
     aatagcaggg agacaaaacc ttaagagacc acctccagtc ccccagttga gggattgagc    150660
     catccactca tctcaaaaat attaacccag aattttccat gtctaaagaa aatgcagggg    150720
     aagaaataga gcagagggtg aaggaaaggt catccagaga ctatcctact ctgaaaggca    150780
     ttccatctgc agacaccaaa tccagatact attgttgatg ccaagacgtt tttacagaca    150840
     ggggctggta tgactgtcct ctgagaatct gtgccagcac gcaactaaga cagatgcaga    150900
     tactcattgc caaccattag attgaagctg gggaacccag tggaagagtt aagggaaagg    150960
     aacaaggagc tgaaggagat tgaaataaca tcagaagagc aacagtttca attggacccc    151020
     ttgtagctcc cagggactaa atcaccaaaa aaagaatata cattgtttgg ttcatggttc    151080
     ccattacaat gtagcatcat ttgctcatca tcatgattct aagctgtgcc ctttaaatat    151140
     ggaggtgacc ttttggaaac tatgctcaca atgttttctc atctaagtta cagtgcactg    151200
     caatccttga cccacatgca cttttggaaa gaagctggaa ataaggacgt tacttactaa    151260
     gtcattgaac atgtctgata agaaggcatt ggatagctga aataagaaaa gggcaaataa    151320
     aagaaaatgt aatgaataaa aatcaacatg agtgtgtact taatgcaaat gtagagacac    151380
     attttctgga gcacacattg ttgactctca agacttaact ctttcccttc cttaatttta    151440
     attgatctta accacataaa atgattctca gggagagaga acttgcttgt ccaggcctcc    151500
     ttttgtctat acattatcta gagatatgtt ctggatatct ttaaacaaag ttttgacaca    151560
     cttaaaagat tctgagaaat tatggctttt aaactctatt tcaaatacac tgcagtttaa    151620
     tttagttcta ttccattcag ccaattcaat actgtgcact tctctaaata agaacctcag    151680
     agacttagtg aagatgctag cagacacgga cctcttgaaa gcaaaatcag gaaatcagaa    151740
     atactcccac atatactatg aaacaagtat atcttcaaga aaagcctttt ttctttcaat    151800
     ttaattatgt ttttaaatct ttaggaattg ctggtaatgt cccatttacc ttagtatgct    151860
     actcgggggc tgattcctct cttacatgaa agtatagtac ctacaatttg gatcatgtgc    151920
     acttctatta aatgacaatg gaacattggc agaggtggtc cttgtgaaaa gataccagag    151980
     gcaactaagg tactatctag tgcatttcta taacaggcca ccagggtgct gagacagaat    152040
     gaaggcatct tcaaaatgat aactgagtgt ttgctaagca aaatcatatc ctctggcatc    152100
     catgggtgca gagtctatat tctcccatgg aaagagagaa tttgattcaa acagcatcag    152160
     ctatgtccct gatatagaaa aagagagaca tccattcttc tgaggttata aacactagat    152220
     atacctcttt ccagtgtcct ctactctgtt ttacttctgt gtttttgtga tagcaagcaa    152280
     ctgtatttcc caatgatgaa ggactactta tacacagttg caaagatata tagtctgata    152340
     agttggtagt tccctacatt tcggatttct attaggaatg gctttgaaat tttcaagcat    152400
     tttaaagtct gatttttaaa aaaatcattg tgtctagaac gtttaatgtc ttggaaattt    152460
     atcctggttt gtcagtcatc atgctctcca agaaatagtt tttcagtgct catagtctcc    152520
     acaaatttga ttttagctca gtgtgcaata tttgtatttt gacaagaagt tgttcacatt    152580
     ttatctatca ctttaatgtt catgccgtag agaacacaac acttgatttc cttgtggcta    152640
     gtagtgaaaa taaggtgaag aagacccaga gaaggatagt atatcctgct tttggtagct    152700
     cacaataaca aaactttgta tcactgtttc acacagtctt caaattctat aaagttcaga    152760
     tttactataa cctcgttaac agattaagct tatgtaaaat tgttcaatta tacttataag    152820
     tgagatgatt acagtattaa gtgatttttc cctaagtctc attaatagct gttgagatag    152880
     gtgagttgcc aacactgaac ttttcactct gttaatgtgt cttatgcaac atgtgaccct    152940
     catgagcatc tccataccac acccatggct tcaactttcc tgcttataag gcaacaactt    153000
     tatatttggt cacctgatca cagatgtctg actttatatt tggtcacctg atcacaagag    153060
     cacagatgcc tacatttctt gctttgtaaa acaaccatct ttatattttt gagcatcacc    153120
     attgctggat tcctcactaa ctgctgagtc aacaggtgga cagtgacaaa attctaatat    153180
     ttcaacaaat catattaaca aaggtataga tacagatgta gctaccaccc tcatcaatga    153240
     atccacaatt tacaaagata ttattatttt ctttttaatt tcagagtctt caatctttta    153300
     gttatagttt tctcctagaa gttcccatgg catatatatg ccactaccag tctgccctcc    153360
     cacaattcat tatcccattt cttgtccccc tgtttccaag aggatacccc catccctggc    153420
     aggcctttgt actctctggg gccttaagac tttcgagggt taggtgtctc ttctctcact    153480
     gagtatagaa caggcagtcc tttgctgtat atgtgccaga ggcctcggac ctgctcgtgt    153540
     atgttgcctg gttggtggct tagtgtctga gaaatatcag gggtccagtt gagatctcag    153600
     gttagttgag actgttggtc ttcctatggg gtcaccctcc tcctcagatt cttctagcct    153660
     tttcctaact caccctcaag ttgccaacat cagtccattg gttgggtgta agtctgcatc    153720
     tgtctcattc agctagtcag aaacgctgac aaagacatgt tcatgtctaa agaactgcaa    153780
     gaacaaatgt ggagaagaga ctgagggaaa aacagtctat tgaccagccc aatttatgat    153840
     tcatctcaag gggaggcttc aaggcctgac actattattg atgctatggt gtgcttattg    153900
     acaggaacct agcataacta tcctctgaga ggaccaacaa gcaacggact gaagcattta    153960
     tatattttta aataccatgc attttcaatg cagacctaaa attctatagc attattattg    154020
     tcttgtttat catgtgcatg tgtctgtgtg ttgaaatgta tttatttaat atataagtgt    154080
     agatagaagg cagataacaa cctcaagggt tactagtgag atactatata tttgtttaat    154140
     caattaaaaa atataaaatc tctccctgcc ctgaaacttg ctaaaataaa ataaagtact    154200
     caggatgttc agccaggttc tagtaaacac cttcctccac agcaagggaa ttataaacat    154260
     aagcaaccat attgactttc aatgttttat ttattttctt gattaaaata agaaagtaac    154320
     acagtggaag caggggctgt ttctgatttt ttttttttaa aatcagattt ggtacccctt    154380
     tcctcctacg gggttgcttt attcagtctt gatatgaggg gaggtgacta gtcttgttac    154440
     aacatgaaat gtcatatttg atacacttga gaagcctgac tttttctgaa ggaaaacaaa    154500
     ggaggaataa atatggggaa gaaggaagta gggggaagag cctgagagga gaggagtttg    154560
     ggaaaataat gtatgagagg agaattttaa aagatacttt atactattag ctcttgcaag    154620
     tggtctcaaa gaaatggttc caatgattga taaccacagt tgttgttttt ttaatctgat    154680
     atatgttgtg ttgtgcaaat atgttttagt tgaaaatttt tcctgggtac agtgttgggt    154740
     tacttgaaga agtaaaaata tctgtgaata gcagatatac gagacacaac tagagtgaaa    154800
     aaataggatc cgtgaggttg aataaactaa ttggtgtctc aaatttactc agaagaacat    154860
     gactgagagg ttaattgcaa aattcatggt tgatccgatg aaaactgaac cttagagacg    154920
     ttctacatgg gccactagag aatgctgctg gcctggattt ctgacttttt acctcctaca    154980
     cattctagca gattgcagta aggccattca ttgatgtaac aggaaggaaa tgagttataa    155040
     aacatttcct tccctagata tttttccatt gactttcctg cttcaggtaa tgtttactgc    155100
     atcatcagta ttacaacaga cctgtgatct acatatttct gttgtttagg aagccaagtt    155160
     gactccatga tacctgtttg atacgtcaga tcaggcataa attactgttc ttaatcacat    155220
     cctgcttccc ctaactttct catttttttt ctgtaatctt ttgtatgttt cctgtctctt    155280
     ggaagagtta agatctgtat gtgaattttt tctgaacatt gacccaccac atcgtagctt    155340
     tattgaatga ttctcagaag tttagctgac cattcctttg tctatagcct atatctactg    155400
     taaagtgtat ttatccacaa actaagcaaa accaaaactc tctaaagcag cttacatctt    155460
     gcccattcaa taagtcaaaa gtgaataata catagacatt ttctggaatc atcaaatcta    155520
     tgcttttgct tggcttatca tctaaaatat atttcttcct gtagagttgg ccttaaatgt    155580
     aagagaatac tactggtttc aagaactatt ttccccgaat tacactggta gacattcttt    155640
     gctgtactcg ttctttgtat gaatatataa ctgagcagtt gtggggccag ggagctgtgg    155700
     aacttgtagg tgcaggccta tagcaacagt ggagtcaaag agtatccaaa acccagaaat    155760
     ctcatcctga gttctccaga agtgggatca ttcacctact gccctgaatt ttcatgtcct    155820
     ggtgcatata gccttttgct ccctaccttt acctcatcag aggaggtcaa atagttgata    155880
     gccatgttac acttactttc ctcttataag ttcatgtcct attggacacc tgaatttctc    155940
     atcatgcaaa tgaggcatcc ccagcacact ggccccttcc gatgatgtac attcaccctg    156000
     agagccccta ctcaagacca aaatatttac atagcctttg ttaacaccaa taaacttaac    156060
     cagttgtctg aagctattcc tggatgtgtg ttctttcctc acaaactcac tgctgaccaa    156120
     gatcctacct gcacccagtt atttttatct tcctccagtc cagccatgaa tataaggggc    156180
     ctggcttctt taagagggaa gtggccccag atgccaggta ctcccattaa tttcagttta    156240
     tttccagcag attccttagt attttcagaa ctgtggaagc cacttagcat ggcaaagatt    156300
     ccagttcaat ctctagttct ttaacagttt ttttacatac cttggaaaaa ataatgaaga    156360
     atcttcagca actaactcca atcagttttt tttttctggc atgtacacaa gagtagcatc    156420
     aaaagttcaa attctatgaa ggttcttttt tttttttttg gctatttttc gtatgtgtat    156480
     ttatttctgt attttctttt ttatatactt tttttaggta ttttcctcat ttacattaac    156540
     aattctatcc caaaagtccc ccataccctc ccacccactc ccctacccac tcactcccac    156600
     attttggccc tggcgttccc ctgtactggg gcatataaag tttgcaaatc caatgggcct    156660
     ctctttccag tgatggctga ctaggccacc ttttgataca tatgcagcta gagtcaagag    156720
     ctccggggta ctggttagtt cataatgttg ctctatctat agagttgcag atccctttag    156780
     ctcctgtgta ctttctctag ctcctccatt gggagccctg tgatccatcc aatagctgac    156840
     tgtgatcatc cacttctgtg tttgctaggc cccggcatag tctcacaaga gagagctata    156900
     tctgggtcct ttcagcaaaa tcttgctagt atatgcaatg gtgtcagcgt ttggaagctg    156960
     attatgggat ggaaccctgg atatggcagg ctctaggtgg tccatccttc tgacacagct    157020
     ccaaactttg tctctgtaac tccttccatg ggtgttttgt tcccaattct aagaaggggc    157080
     aaagtgtcca caatttggtc ttcattcttc ttgagtttca cgcgtttagc aaattgtatc    157140
     ttatatcttg ggtatcctaa gtttctgggc taatatccac ttatcagtga gtacatattg    157200
     tgtgagttcc tttgtgattg ggttacctca ctcaggatga tactctccag gaccatccat    157260
     ttgcctagga atttcataaa ttcattcttt ttaatagctg agtaggactc cattgtgtaa    157320
     atgtaccttc tgtatccatt cctctgttga ggggcatctg ggttctttcc agcttctggc    157380
     tattataaat aaggctgcta taaacacagt ggtgcatgta tccttcttac cggttggaac    157440
     atcttctgga tatatgccca ggagaggtat tgcaggatcc tccggtagta ctatatccag    157500
     ttttctgagg agccgccaga ctgatttcca gagtggttgt acaagcttga atcccaccaa    157560
     caatggagga gtgttctttc tccacatcct ccccagcatc tgctgtcacc tgaatttttg    157620
     atcttaacca ttctgactgg tgtgaggtgg aatttcaggg ttgttttgat ttgcatttct    157680
     ctgatgatta agtatactga acattttttc aggtgcttct cagccattcg gtattcctca    157740
     ggtgagaatt ctttgttcag ctctgagccc catttttaag gaggttattt gattttctgg    157800
     agtccaactt cttgagttcc ttatatatat tggatattag tcccctatct gatttaggat    157860
     aggtaaagat cctttcccaa tttgttggtg gtctttttgt cttattaacg gtgtcttttg    157920
     ctttgcagaa ggtttgcagt ttcatgaaat ccgtttgtca attcttgatc ttacagcaca    157980
     agccattgct gttctattca ggaatttttc ccctgtgccc atatcttcga gggttttcct    158040
     actttctcct taataagttt tagtgtctct ggttttatgt ggagttcctt aatccactta    158100
     gatttgacct tagtacaagg agataggaat ggatcaattc acattcttct acatgataac    158160
     tgccagttgt gccagcacca tttgttgaag atgctgtctt ttttcccact ggatggtttt    158220
     tgctcccttg tcaaagatca agtgaccata ggtgtgtggg gtcatttctg ggtcttcagt    158280
     tctattccat tggtctactt gtctgttgtt ataccagtac catgcagttt ttatcacaat    158340
     tgctctgtag tacagcttta ggtcaggctt ggtgtttcca ccagaggttc ttttatcctt    158400
     gagaagagtt tttgtctatg aaggttccta aagactattt aaagactatt gctagccact    158460
     aagttatagt gaggtagaat acttcaagca gtaccaagtc aatccataac attatggctg    158520
     ccagttttct tatcatgcag ttactttttt ttcatttttt attaggtatt tagctcattt    158580
     acatttccaa tgctatacca aaagtccccc atacccaccc acccccactc ccctacccac    158640
     ccactccacc tttttggccc tggcgttccc ctgtactggg catataaagt ttgcgtgtcc    158700
     aatgggcctc tctttccagt gatgaccgac taggccatct tttgatacat atgcagctag    158760
     agtcaagagc tccggggtac tggttacttc ataatgttgt tccacctata gggttgcaga    158820
     tccctttagc tccttaggta ctttctctag ttcctccatt gggagccctg tgatccattt    158880
     attagctgac tgtgagcatc cacttctgtg tttaacaggc cccagcatag tctcacaaga    158940
     gacagctaca tctgggtcct ttcgataaaa tcttgctagt gtatgcaatg gtgtcagcgt    159000
     ttggaagctg attatggggt ggaacccctg gatatggcag tctctacatg gtccatcctt    159060
     tcgtctcagc tccaaacttt gtctctgtaa ctcctttcat gggtgttttg ttcccacttc    159120
     taaggagggg catagtgtcc acacttcagt cttcattttt cttgagtttc atgtgtttag    159180
     caaattgtat cttatatctt gggtatccta ggttttgggc taatatccac ttatcagtga    159240
     gtacatattg tgtgagttcc tttgtgaatg tgttacctca ctcaggatga tgccctccag    159300
     gtccatccat ttggctagga atttcataaa ttcaattctt tttaatagct gagtagtact    159360
     ccattgtgta gatgtaccac attttctgta tccattcctc tgttgagggg catctgggtt    159420
     ctttccagct tctggctatt ataaataagg ctgctatgaa catagtggag catgtgtcct    159480
     tatcatgcac ttatgtaaca tttcacacat aaaaaattct ttcctactgt cttcagctac    159540
     taatccatca gttcagtttt ctcctgatgc tttattaaag aataccaaat atagattttt    159600
     acgttatagg ataacagtgg agaggggtct ataggctccc tgaagcccta gtttcttcca    159660
     ttttataaaa tgctaaaatg ttttctgcat tttttcattt atattgatga taaaaacaaa    159720
     tttcatgagg tttgagttcc acctgaacat ggctcatttc tgcatcagtt gtttttgctg    159780
     tttttgtttg tttgtttgtt tgtctgtttg ttattttgtt tagagatcac agttcggtac    159840
     agaaggatgg ttgtcaggcc ctacttgttt tatcatattg attctttgga aattttgtat    159900
     agaatctttt tgatcccaat cattaatttc cacacttccc agatccacct tcttcactat    159960
     tgtattagtt atatttttct attgctgaaa agggaagcca tgaccaaagg aattcttatt    160020
     aaacaacaac aagaaaatat ttgactgagc ctggcttaca gtttcagaga tttaggtcat    160080
     tatcatcctg gcaggaagca tagtagcaca caggcaggca tggtgctgga gaagtagctg    160140
     agagttctac atctggatcc tcagacagaa aatgggagtg ctgcattgtg actggcttga    160200
     gtatatgatg tttcaaaacc caccagaaat gacatacttc ctctaacaag aacacacata    160260
     ttccaagaag gccctctaat agtgctagcc cctcagaacc tatggggacc attttctttt    160320
     aaagcctcac acttacacac gtgcatttgt ctgattgatt tttgttgttg ctgttgttgt    160380
     tgttgttgtt gttgttaagc ccattaagac taagttgagc tatgtaaata tttttttgtg    160440
     accttccact agagggtgtt tagctttcct ttgttttcac tcttagaatt aattgaagaa    160500
     tcgatatgca gattggaaac caaagtagaa actatagggt cttgaaagtc aagatgagat    160560
     gacatggcaa ttagtaatta acaaagctat aaacacagaa gtctttggta atatctaatg    160620
     aataaaattg tgtttgcatt tcctgtacac atgtgaatat atttcaggat atgtattcaa    160680
     ctcagttcaa agttcctata tagtaggtaa tacatctcca gatgtagaca ttgggaaaat    160740
     attctttaat tgttacattc tacccaattc ttctcagtgt tttcaatgtt tgtctgcttt    160800
     ttgtagcaaa tcaccaagtc atatatgtgg tgacatagtt gtggtgtcat ctattggaat    160860
     gtgggcttcc taagggtggc catagccttt cttccttgaa gctattaacc atcaataact    160920
     cctaaactaa gggtagtgcc catgtccatg ccccatcccc atttcatgtt tgaatgctta    160980
     ctgttctact ctcatgtaat tcttgtacat ctaagtatat gtgttttgag ttaatgggcc    161040
     ctatcatgtt aaaaagtcac tgctttgctc tggtcctcct cttcctcctc ctcctcctcc    161100
     tcctcctcct cccccctccc cttccctccc actccccatc ccctctcctc cccctcctcc    161160
     tcctccttct gtctcctcct cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc    161220
     ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttgttc    161280
     tctcctctct ctctcgctct ctctctctcc ccccactctc tctccctctc tctctccctc    161340
     tttctctcta acattttctc tgctcttctt ttcaaagtag tttctgaaag ttgggtttgg    161400
     tgtgacatat atatatgcat acatataaat atttatatat ataaatatcc ctttggtggg    161460
     ttacatccca ataattcttg ttctctgccc ttttattatt tgaaagtttc tacctttatc    161520
     actatgcact tcacaaagga agttttctga taatgcctga gagctgcagc taatatacat    161580
     gtactgggaa atttgagatt gggaatttct ttgagaaggg gtaaaagcta taatttacct    161640
     gagtatatgg atacattttt aaatgcagtt aggaattttt ctggactatt aaaattgtgt    161700
     atttaggtta gtgcaggaag attagggata agagtaagta ttcactaggc taggccaaaa    161760
     tacacagtgt gccagcctgg ctattcctga acagaatata atgcctggaa tgacatggta    161820
     aaacctggtg gacaaaagga gctgctcatt aacacaagat ctgaatcctg tcccaaacct    161880
     gaagatttgg aaggcagggg aaggactcat aagactagag tagaccactg agcctggtac    161940
     cattgggtcc tctctgagaa ttctcttgag agcaggcaac ttagggataa gagagaacac    162000
     ataaaaagct gaatcagagg tcaccatgtg ctgatcctgc aagctctaat gggtgaatat    162060
     ggcatagggt aacacgatag ggtctattaa actcaagaac tatcttgggg tatcccaata    162120
     gtctcatttg cctaataaca tggaaatatg tttagttttt agttttaact tattctcttt    162180
     ttctaataac tatatcaaca acatattatt tactatgatt ttaaagtaag ttgaggatta    162240
     atccatttgt caaccaagcc ttttaaatat attagtacat ttaatattaa ataaatgaaa    162300
     gttaccatca atttttaaaa ctttgttaaa cacacaatgt ttatttttct tttaaaagat    162360
     gcccatttta ctcatgctca tctttgaaat gcataaaatc agactatttt aaaataatac    162420
     agcatcatga atcatttcca gttttggaag ataagcagct gtcactatta acaagagcca    162480
     cacacctcaa gaactggaga taaaagttag ctgtgtggat atcaacatgc aaacaatagg    162540
     ataatttaca aagagccaaa aatcgagttt cttcatcaga tgattgaagg tcttcaagac    162600
     cagaccagag ggtgtaatca gccacatttt ctgttgctcc ataagcctaa tgacaaagat    162660
     gataatcagt ctgttattct ttacatcttg tattttcttt ccctttcttt tctagatatt    162720
     aaattacttt tagagagata ataagactga cacatctttc agacatgttt ctgtattaga    162780
     atacctacct gcaagatcca atagttccaa aatttttatt ggactaaccc tccactcttg    162840
     attggatcta aaaaccagct tatgagatag gatccttacc tgacagggtt aatgaggcct    162900
     agaaagtaag actagataag ttactggcct aggagaaaac caactactat ttggataaat    162960
     aaatacacat agcaataaaa tattgtcatg accatagcta agagtatctc tcaaacctta    163020
     acagagaagt ttcttctgac agtagatagc aattaacatg tatatccagg actgaacaat    163080
     gtgcagagag taagactatg aaccacttag atataaatag gatctctaca ttactcccac    163140
     acatacacac tcacacttac accaaggatc cagtatctac atgaaagaag agattaaaac    163200
     atgtcaaagg cataggtggt aggtgagtcc aaggaaccag catcttcact gatactacag    163260
     ttctgatacg tgcaaaaaat cagagacttt aacagcatgc aaaagacctg cacaagttta    163320
     aaccagacaa aatgccagca ctgagaacag gagatgaaca caaagtccta tccttaagca    163380
     aaaaattatt tgcaaatgtt atcagataaa aggaggaaat gtcagttttc tacaaatagt    163440
     atgattggtt ataccaacta cactccaggt tagaccgcaa gcccaacaga aatcgcccaa    163500
     cacaaaacat attgggcagg tttttctttt cttttttttt aatatttttt attacatatt    163560
     ttcctcaatt acatttccaa tgctatccca aaagtccccc ataccctccc ccacacttcc    163620
     ctacacaccc attcccattt ttttggccct ggcgttcccc tgtactgggg catatacagt    163680
     ttgcatgtcc aatggggctc tctttccagt gatggccgac taggccatct tttgatacat    163740
     atgcagctag agtcaagagc tccagggtac tggttagttc ataatgttgt tccacctata    163800
     gggttgcaga tccctttagc tccttgggta ctttctctag ctcctccatt gggggccccg    163860
     tgatccattc aatagctgac tgtgagcatc cacttctttt cttatggggg tggattattt    163920
     tattttcttt ggatagttca gtctgattta ttctcttttt cttaatcttt ttggctgttt    163980
     tgatttttat ttatttattt ttcttctttt atgagggaga aaaatggagc aggagagcca    164040
     gattttgtta gataaggtgt tagggaaaat ctggaggaat tagggaaggg aaagtatatg    164100
     attaaaatat aatgtatgga aagtatttta agtaaaatat taagaaagga aaacttgtca    164160
     tcacaatgaa acataaagca ataagaaact tcaatcacag gaatggattt tcacatgtct    164220
     agcacatggt actataaatc tgtcagccat ctccaagtaa aatcaagact attgtaaata    164280
     ttttcttata tttaattgac ttcagttaaa aaataattta tgaatctgaa gatggaggac    164340
     caggacttga tacttgataa aaaaattttg tgtttgacct tgataatgaa tggtgattgg    164400
     tgagggataa ttgttgtgag tgtttaatga aacagtcagg aatatttcac tctgctcaga    164460
     gcaataagta cggtataaag tatactgtga gaaagatata tcttaatgtt acccattaat    164520
     tctgggaatg tctaccaaat attgctcttg caaaaggact atttcaaatt taatacccat    164580
     tgcagcaggc gtggcattca tgagtgagaa aagtagaaag taaaatcact actcacctgg    164640
     ctgagtatac tcttgctgtc ctcaagaagt tctgcaattt ttgtctcaat atttttatat    164700
     atagggagga tatcatcgtc tattcctggt gtaccttcag ataggttgat tcggtttttc    164760
     agagtttcat tccaagcctg cattctactg agtatcaaga ttggaaagtc ttcaagctga    164820
     gcagcaatgt ttccgcaatt acattaataa gtgaaataaa gaaggattag tttgttttgg    164880
     ttttctataa gaaaggatga attaaatata aatctataac ttttatggta aggtagaatt    164940
     tttgtgaaaa ataaaaataa tatagaataa taaaacataa acagcattgt gacattatga    165000
     aataacttat atagataact attaccaatt actcatttca tttaattgat catgtcttgt    165060
     tttccatatg aaactgtacc atcagacttt cctttaagct ctttcatact tcattatttt    165120
     agttgtccat gagaagccaa gaatttgctg gggcttagta gatgtcctga ttcagggtaa    165180
     atagatgtcc ccagtgcaaa tggtaagaca tttatttaac tcacagttat ccaattaata    165240
     aagtagatta ttcaaaatta tacatattct ggattgtttt aagttattaa taaaagtgct    165300
     tcatgaagag aatctggaat tattatattt ggcttcgtca gcctgctctt gccactagta    165360
     gagtaaaaca tttgttggaa tatataaatt aagaacaatg gagtgccatt gtatttaata    165420
     acaacatgaa tagaaataac aatggaattt tgactttcca gtgcattcca ggatattaca    165480
     taaaactaat tcctgactta aaatatttca tgttctgtaa tctctagcta tcgtagagac    165540
     agggaaatgg gctctggtga aacctataga tattttgata gaaatgggaa aaatacatga    165600
     tggaaagaat cagatccaac ggcattgaca atatagttta ctgggaccat tgctgcatat    165660
     aaataatact gaggacttga attaaatgga acctacatgt tctgatggat gatacaaatt    165720
     ccataaaacc tttcattgct cagtctccat acctcagcta gcttttgtga gtgctaattg    165780
     cagaaatgtt aatacagcat tttgtgtagt acctaaccac agagtacata cctaaaaata    165840
     ttttcttctt ccactttgcc taattactat cacaagacat gtaaaccagt tcatttggtg    165900
     ataagttttg aaagagaatt atagggaaag atcacaacag ttagaattgg agctgtactg    165960
     atatgtagag gttttcatta aaactgaggg cgtggcttat tctcaggagc tttgcacagt    166020
     acttataagc actgtgttca agtgctttcg gttaagacat agagggaagc taagaattca    166080
     tgtaaacatt aataggcaag gaagaacata gtagaaatag aataagcaag aataatgagc    166140
     atggtagcca gtaatgtgag attatccagt gaggcagatt cactgtcata tacaaagaac    166200
     aaaatgtgtt tgcatttatt aagtaaaatt tagtaatgag atatattact aaattaaaaa    166260
     tggacaattt cttaattatc ttaatggaca atttgtggac ttgtgacagt attacttagc    166320
     atttccttat tatttatcat atatctaaaa atcacttctc ttttttcatt cttagtccat    166380
     taccatgtag gaatgatttc cacatctatt acagtactta ctaaaacctg aagtataata    166440
     aagtaaagtt agtctgctgc ctcagctgct taagtgaaaa atcaagccaa acactcacag    166500
     agatgacatt ttgggcttct tctatgtctt cgggaacttt gatggagtat ttgtggcagt    166560
     aggtgaggtt cttagtcagt aactcctgct gcccaagaaa ttcaagcatc tgcatatgtc    166620
     aaaatttatt tcagttaaat aaaatcggga aaataaacca atgaatctac aaccagaata    166680
     ttaatgtact caatagatgt gtgcttttta cagatgaaat atgcataaca tttaagataa    166740
     aaatataatg atgtaaaaag tttgctattt tttcttttta acttgactgt aattttattt    166800
     tttcatctga atgtcaaacc tcaattcatt caattattca atattctatt aattttctgt    166860
     tccctaaata tttctataat aaagagaagc cttaaaataa caaaaattag acaataagga    166920
     atgtgctcaa tattatcttt ccttagaatc tgggcctagt gttacggtat attgtattta    166980
     tatttagtaa tatcttgttt cctgtaagtc caaattgatg aaggtcattt acatttttcc    167040
     taaatatgtt ttcttcctat tacaagtgaa taaaatcatc tgcaccatcc agtgttaatc    167100
     ataaatcctg actgaaattg tgttgtttga caaaattaga tatagaaaac tgatcatttt    167160
     agtaagcaat gaaatttaaa agcaacaaaa tactaaataa tgtttacctt ttgatcaata    167220
     gattgtttac aaatattata ctttatatgt agtattaata acttgttatt taaaactgat    167280
     aatcagttcc tgtgtaaaaa ttgaatgggt tctcaggaat gttaagaatt tgaaagaggg    167340
     tcagtagaaa atgaggaatg agaaacaatt tgaaaataga caataataac acatctgtgg    167400
     caaatgcaga gacaaattta cttcatgccc atggttttac tgaagccata catttttctc    167460
     ctttatgttg actgtcctcg aacagaaaat agtcatcagg aggagggtgt ccatttttgc    167520
     ttctccacca gcccccctac tgaatgaact ccagcactgg agaacttata ttcccctata    167580
     aagggaatat aagcattggg gttcctgaaa ataaattagt gttttcttcc ctcttgatat    167640
     ggtttccatt tggattgctt ctatctccta cacaaactgg ttataatgca gttcaaccta    167700
     cttggggatc ttcagtgaac taagtgaaaa atgccaatgt tttttgtcac cttcaaagtt    167760
     aaattcatat ataggaggcc ttccctagtc acaacactaa gtatactttt agtttacaat    167820
     tgtaatttta attaaaatta aagttttgca agtttccccg ttctcacttt cctttttact    167880
     gccagaaggc ttcatgtatg ataatataag agagaaatat cacaatgcac ctctggatat    167940
     gtctttgctg atttctcata taagttcagg tactgtaatt atcacgaaag cttttgggga    168000
     aaaatggaaa taaatgtggt acttacaaat tgatcatagg agtctgatga tgatgatgaa    168060
     cttagctaaa tcagaagggg gaaatcatta aagaaatgtg tgacaacaga caacacaaat    168120
     gcatatttgt tgcaaaaaag agacattcta tggatgccca cgtcaacact aaaaccattt    168180
     ataatatatc cttcttgata ttaactggcc tttaacagaa aacatacagt cttcatgaac    168240
     atagaaactg tttcatttct aaaccagcca ttccagtgaa taaacttctg caccagaaac    168300
     ctttacatat gatttaaata aaagctatgt atgattctca gcattcaggg gtctatgaga    168360
     agctaatata gtggtgttgc tgtttgttcc tccccctctt aaattatcac actttagact    168420
     cattccatgt attccttctg attcactgca atgcccatct tctctcttgg atatcatgaa    168480
     tgtgctaagt aaatatgtta acagagactg gctccataga tgagatcaga gactggcaaa    168540
     atgatgagat cagaattctt cactggacat ggttattaaa atattatgtt gcaagtgcat    168600
     acatttttta aataaacaaa aatacaaatg ggagaaggac cctagaaatt gtatctcatg    168660
     ctaaccagaa gtatcctaaa gctgttcctt tcttattctg cttttttttt tggctggcat    168720
     ttcttataat taaaagttgt taactcaaag cttttatgga ccatggcaag acggtggaaa    168780
     taagcaatgt actcacaaat ttatcaataa gtttagctga catctcactg atggtctgag    168840
     gcaggatgag agaaaagaac agaaaaggtg gtgagttaga caatggcata aatgattact    168900
     tattgggaaa agacacatat tttctgggtg tttatttctg tgatgaaacc cctatctgct    168960
     ctttcttcct tgaacagaaa acctaccacc ctcaaaaaga gaaccattac tcttcacacc    169020
     caaactttca agaattgcat ctgtctaaac aaggactctt tcggtattta aacattcaag    169080
     aggctaatgt ttcagggctt tttggttttg ttggttttgt tttgttttat ggctttcttt    169140
     cttgtcatat catcaccatt taactcagtt tcgttcattc caggtgactc acatccaata    169200
     tatttctcct cgatcagatg tggtgctaca tgttaaagat tctaaaagag actgtcctct    169260
     gttaaacaaa tttaaaaaat cagacctctt cccaactgtg tctgttatat atttatgccg    169320
     aaagtggaaa tttaagaaaa ctgaaaaata agtggcgaaa actccaaggt tcattgaatt    169380
     tttcaaaaat ctataagagt tcatgaagca tatcccattt ttctttctcc acttttctat    169440
     aactgcagct taaattcatt tatgtaaaag tattttatta gaaatttgac ttcctataat    169500
     aataactgtt gtacagaata agctttgaca agaaggttgc tttataacaa taacaacagc    169560
     aacagagatt taagtgaagt acttacaaat atcctgcgca actccatgtt gaggtcagtg    169620
     atattcttag aaagtatcat ggcatgatcc aacagtccct tgatggatag tggatcatca    169680
     tcagtatcat tgctgcttaa aggtagacag gccacattct cccataaaag gaggtttgac    169740
     accaccagca gcagaagtgc ccctgctaag agaatatgtt atgtgcatgt atgtgtgtgt    169800
     atatgtacac acacacacac acaaacacac atacacacac acacacacac acgtgtgtgt    169860
     gtatatatat tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tagtctttac    169920
     atttatatat gctatgtata aatgtaaata acactatgtt catagcagcc ttatttataa    169980
     tggccagaag ccagaaaaat gtggtacatt tacacaatgg agtgctactc agctattaaa    170040
     aacaatgaat tcatgaaatt cttaggtgaa tggatggaac tagcaaatac catcctgagt    170100
     gaggtaaccc actcacaaca gaacacacac ggtatgcatt cactgttaac tggataatag    170160
     cccaaaagtt caggataccc aagatacaat ttacagacca catgcggctc aagaaaaaga    170220
     aacacaaaag tatggattct ttagtccttc ttagaagggt aaacaaatta ctcaagggag    170280
     gaaatacaga gacaaagagt ggataagtga ctaaaggaat ggacctccag agactgccac    170340
     acctggggat ccatcccata tacagacacc aaatccagat actattgcaa atgccatgaa    170400
     gctgtctcct gagaggttct gccagagctt gacagataca gaggcatatg ctcacagcta    170460
     accattggga tgagcatggg gttccaatga aggagttaga gaaagaactg aaggagctga    170520
     aagaagaaca atatcaacca actagacccc tgccccttga gatcccaggg actaaactac    170580
     caaccaacga gtacctatgg ctccagcaga tatgtagcca aggatggcct tgttgggcat    170640
     caatgagaaa agaggccctt ggtcttgtga aggcttgatg ccccagtgta ggggaatgcc    170700
     agggcatgga ggaagaagtg ggtaggtgaa agggggaaca ctctcacaga agctggggga    170760
     ggaggatggg ataagaggtc tccagggtgg aaactagaaa aaaggataat atttgaaatg    170820
     taactaaaga aaatatccaa taaaatgatt aaattccttc atgccaagca tatcagagaa    170880
     gatattgaga aaacagaaca tgcttcattc ttccttctac agttactata aatttagtac    170940
     acagtctctt atctcatttc agtcaaaagc ctcactttct gcgatttgac tgagattatt    171000
     cctttatgcc ctgatcatct aaggttgtgt aagcaaaaca tttgctctta ccactagaca    171060
     gtgataaagt tccctttcta taaagtcaat taaatacaaa atatctctag acatctctac    171120
     atatttccta taattattag ttcttttaaa acttctgata ctagagtaca tggtgtattt    171180
     tatttcaata gcttcgacta gaaagttctt cccagcttaa acggattttc tttgtcctga    171240
     ataggcatga gcaacagtgt atccactcta ttgagaaaaa aatgcataca aaatgtaaat    171300
     tgtctagaga ataatgtaca tccatgaact gtcttagctt atttaaaaca tgaggtgtta    171360
     cttacaggag catggttgag tgaaagacag cggcatctct gaggtgtcct tgcacacttg    171420
     tctttttctc gcagtcccta ctcccgtaaa taatccacct cctatatagt ccattgaatc    171480
     atccccaagg ccacaacact gctaggaggt aagaagaagt aacatcagga atgaaggtga    171540
     gagccatatg actctttatc ttcaggaagt gctaacagcc tcaagatcat gatgactcaa    171600
     gtggtttctt tcaccctttt agattagttt agattacacc tagggcccaa gttaagttgc    171660
     aaaccactat agacatctct tctccataaa gggttttgtg aataccatgc ctgaacaaaa    171720
     tataggaaac ctacaaaata tgggatactt gaatatttct gtcattgaat atttggagca    171780
     gtttaacaca cacgcacaca cacacacaca ctatatatat atagtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    171840
     tgtgtgcgtg tgtgtgtgtg tatatatgta tatatatatg tatatatgta tgtatgtata    171900
     tatatatata catatatata tgaacaatgt aacatatatt catgtgtgta tatgtgtgtg    171960
     tatgtgtgtg ttaggaacac agtaaaggta tttactagac acagtaagtc aatattataa    172020
     agtgtaaata taggtatatg aagagagaga cagagacaca gagagagaca gagacagaga    172080
     agtgatttat ggttgttctt ttgtgttttg gggaggaggt ttacatgggg ttgtaggtaa    172140
     attactttca cctaaccaaa gatcacatca aactttcatg ttgcagctca aaatatctta    172200
     tgccacagat tttcaccaag actaacctat acaaatatag gttctgcatt taactgggct    172260
     taaacctaat cagaatgtat ttgactgcac ctatgacagt tgtctcatga tagatgtcag    172320
     gtttggtaga tgtcagtttt gatgtcatgt ccctatatga tatttcatac tattgccagc    172380
     aaagtgccat cagaaagtaa agaatgagtg tggaaccttc atttcggtca cagtacctct    172440
     ttatcatcca aatatactat actatgtttt gctatactgt cccctagtct cttaatttta    172500
     gtgttgtttt catccaacat attgtcaata gtctataata catgatggct actttctcca    172560
     tctgtgctgc tcagtgagaa ctagagttca ttgaatagag gaggagacag aagggatgga    172620
     tggcctctcc ttgtagaagc aggtgctttc gtgaagaaca gaacaatgac aatcacaata    172680
     ttaaattgga gcactggata aaattttcca tatggtttcc atatagaatt ttcaatattc    172740
     tttagattta cctaaccttc actattcaac ttcatgtccc ctgccttcta attcccactt    172800
     catttaatat ggcttctcac ttgtcactta atagcttcca tgatttacta tgtcttccca    172860
     ggcttgaaat tttgtcactc atctcactga ccacttatat ctcatgaatt ccaatggtac    172920
     ttcaatttaa acaatcatat ctaaaattca aagataggga gctgaaaagt tgatttggag    172980
     attaggacct tatcctgttc ttcctaatga cctgtgttcg atttgcagta accacttctg    173040
     gcagtttaca agagcctgta agtccagttt taggggaatc aagctgctct ggtcccatag    173100
     tcacttgctt tttcatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    173160
     atatatattt caaagctagg gtccatatat ggaaaagaac acttagcata tctttgtgag    173220
     tcttcactaa atcactaaaa ttgattatgt acaactacaa ccatttcact acacatatgt    173280
     gtgcatgtaa tttactttac tcatcaactg ataagtctaa gttatttctg ttcctttgtt    173340
     gtgaatagag cactaataaa tatagataag acatatctac cttgtaggat acacccaaga    173400
     gctgtatagc tgaatccaaa aaaaaagtat gtgaatgtga atatcaatgt ttctgaggaa    173460
     acactacctc aatttccata gtggattccc tatattttat tttcactgtg gggctaccat    173520
     aaacagatct cccttaaatg taggagaaat catttcatga aatatgactc acactaaaat    173580
     aaggcagaaa aaataaagca agagcattta atctgtctct tgatagttca agcagtgcga    173640
     caaaccacct tataattcct gacacagtga attgtgttcc tttgaaatgt aagctacaag    173700
     atgcttcttt agaaaagtca aagtttggag ctgagatgaa aggatggacc atgtagagac    173760
     tgccatatcc agggatccac cccataatca gcatccaaac gctgacacca ttgcatacac    173820
     tagcaagatt ttattgaaag gacccagatg tagctatctc ttgtgagact atgccggggc    173880
     ctagcaaaca cagaagtgga tgctcacagt cagctaatgg atggatcaca gggctcccaa    173940
     tggaggagct agagaaagta cccaaggagc taagggatct gcaaccctat aggtggaaca    174000
     acattatgaa ctaaccagta ccctggagct cttgactcta gctgcatatg tatcaaaaga    174060
     tggcctagtc ggccatcact ggaaagagag ccccattgga catgcaaact gtatatgccc    174120
     cagtacaggg gaacgccagg gccaaaaagg gggagtgggt gggtagggga gtgggggtgg    174180
     gtgggtatgg gggacttttg gtatagcatt ggaaatgtaa atgagctaaa tacctaataa    174240
     aaaatggaaa aaaaaagaaa agtcactctt attagttgtc cccccccccc atggtaaaga    174300
     aaaaggaaat ctgtacaaat gtcattacct cagagtagtt actcttcact gtcttcaggc    174360
     atttccacaa ggctgccttg gtagaggaag ttaacattat ctgtatttgc caggagtaaa    174420
     taaggaattg attctatctt tatctacata accttcattt ttgagcatta ctggctccag    174480
     actagcactt ttgctatatc ctgtttgttt tgttttgttt tgttttgttt tgttttgttt    174540
     tgttttgttt tgttttgttt ttgccaatat ctgactgact actcaacagt ttaaggtttt    174600
     acgaataaag ttaaaaataa aaggctctag tttctcatga acacttaagt tcaacttaat    174660
     ttcatgtatt tgtgtgataa attccaattt ccattcgtga tatgtattag gactctaata    174720
     aagtctagct accctgaatg tagtatcttt aagtgctaag tgtacatatt tagtagccat    174780
     gatatctcgc taattttaac aaaacaaatt tcagccatat atatatatat atatatattg    174840
     cagatttaca ttggaagggt caaatcaggt tagaggaggg gaagtgatat aattatctat    174900
     ctccatatct gtagtccatt attttttaat gaattctaaa cttcccttac atatatgttg    174960
     gggcagtcat tggttggcca cttcttcatt gtcttttcca tcctattcct gtgtatcttg    175020
     tagtcaggat aaattttaag ttaaaggttt tgtggatgtg ctcatgtccc cctacctcca    175080
     ttagaagtcc tgcctggctg caggaggtgg atacttctgt ctccacatcc ccttctggta    175140
     gtctcagcta ggaataccca catagataca tcagaacttt cttcatgcac tccctctact    175200
     cccagagata cctcccactg atttcctttc tcactatcaa ccctctcctg ttctctactc    175260
     cccatattgg attcaccaaa tctgttcccc tgcccacccc atcactcatc cagtgtcttt    175320
     gtccatccaa ttctagtgat tacgaggtct ctttattttc ccttccaagt gagattcaca    175380
     cttgctacct ggagccttcc ttattatgga gtttctttag gtctatagac tctagtgcag    175440
     ttatactgcc tgtactttat ggctaatgtt cagtggctat tataagtctt ctaagtcttt    175500
     ctggttctaa gttacatcac tcagaatgat attttctact tccatccatt tgcttgcaaa    175560
     cttcatgtct gttttgtttg tttgttttct attcttcttt ttttgggagg gggggtttct    175620
     acttgttaat ctccatttta tttatttatt tatttattta tttatttatt tacaacccaa    175680
     atgttgttcc cttcccagtc ccccctcatg gagttcagcc acttgtcctc cgagaagatg    175740
     ccctctctgg gtatccccaa acccttgcat atcaaagctc ctctcacact gaggccaggc    175800
     aatacattca tagagactga gctgcacatc tgctacatgt gtgctggcct tctagactgt    175860
     gtatggttgt tggttgggga atatctttgt tttaaatagc ggaatcatat tccactatgt    175920
     aaatttacca cattttcttt atccattctt cagttgtggt acaataggtt gtttccagtt    175980
     tttggctatt acaaataaag ctgctatgaa catagctgag caagtatctt tatggcatag    176040
     taagacatat agtaagacac cttttggtat atgtggagag gtatagcaat gtcttagagt    176100
     agaactatcc ccagttttca gagaaacctc cagactgata tccaacatgt ttgtacaagt    176160
     ttgctttcag gttttaaata tatgattcca aactttccta ctttaagaat ctatgttgtg    176220
     gactctgata tattctaatt attttccgat gtgcttgcct tggtgtaaaa actaggatat    176280
     ttcttttaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacagccata cagttatgtt    176340
     tcctgcctgt gatcacattc ttgtgaagaa caacttaaag gagaagattt acttttctta    176400
     cagtttagct atatattcta taacaaagaa gtgacaatac cactaatggc tcccatttaa    176460
     ggctgcatta gcacacagtt acttggcaaa atcatttggt ccctaggagt tgagaataat    176520
     atgaacactc tatagtattt ctcatttctt ctttcattat gaatgagctg aatgagttcg    176580
     taaactatga tattatgcta aaaaaccatc tacatttggg ttgactttag tgttctctgg    176640
     caatgttctc atgttatgtt cagtgctgta ttgctctcaa gattattaat ggttaggtag    176700
     gcaatggaga ttttgtatag taaacacatg accacaatac accatggaaa gttgtttcct    176760
     cctataatat atttatgttt ctaaactttc tgtgcttgaa ctttcatttt gctctctagg    176820
     tttggatttt tgttgttttt tatttgtttg tttgtttgtt tgttttttct cctctactgt    176880
     tctgctacaa cactgaacag atttactatg cctatagtgt ttatctttgc attaatttct    176940
     ctatatatgg attcttaggt tattctatgg ttacaccata gcttaatcat gtttgtttaa    177000
     tctacatatc ttctatctca catcatttat cacttatctc tgtcatctgt ctatacattg    177060
     atattcaagt atagtatttc ctttaactta ttctcttgct ttgttattct tcattttgac    177120
     ttagtctatt gcttgagact ttcacaaagc tcctcagcct tgagcaggca gaatagacct    177180
     tgagtgtttg ccacatgggc ttaatgacct aggtggagtg atctgccttg gttgcatgtg    177240
     caatttccta caggaactta gaagagactg cctgttgacc ttgctttgca acctaatcct    177300
     gctgaaagaa aggatgggtc tgtgggctct ccctatataa atgttagcac tagttataag    177360
     ttataaattc tattttttgg aggatgttgt tacagggggt acatttgtag ggatacaggc    177420
     taggctgaaa ggtgttgacc caatgccaac tttacctagg ggtgacagca caatgggaga    177480
     ggagaattct atataggcat ttttctgcag ctaagagctg catcaggttg gagaagagtt    177540
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaacaaat gttagaaaaa ttcttaactc aagtagattt atgctgtcca    177600
     tatttcccag aagtaggaat gataaatatg cagatgacat gaaggagaga gagagagaga    177660
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga atagttctca gaaaagcagt    177720
     tgtccctgac acattaggaa aagagaagga aaatggttat aagctatttc aaagctctcc    177780
     tagggacagg aggaaattga gagatgtcct gcttcctctc ttactcctac tggagatatc    177840
     cttagttctg gttatatcta ggtctctttg ggacatcaag ttctccccac tttctgccta    177900
     ttgtctgtct ttggtacacc aatctgtcca tgtctgacaa tttatgtctg tttttttttt    177960
     ctttgtttga atgattgttg ttttgtgttt catgttcaaa agaataaagg attaaaactt    178020
     tatctgctgc ttacccactc ctttatttag tttaactgct taaaacacag tctcatttgt    178080
     ccttcacagc cttgtacctg aagttaggag tctagcatag ttggagaaac cctgccagaa    178140
     gcagattgtc tgcaaaagct gatattaaag gggccagcag cttctcaagt tctatggtaa    178200
     gcaagctgat ggttgtttct tttagaaaaa tctctgtgac tgattactgt gttcagcagg    178260
     tgacaaggtg ctcacctctt gaaattagag ctagaaaaat taagaaaatg tagtttgttc    178320
     taaatatata agatgtgtgt tgccacttca tttttgtttc tgactggttt taaaagtata    178380
     aatatgttct gcatgtcttg gttatggagt attggcttat aaattatagg gtatgattag    178440
     aaatttgcaa tgttagtaac agaaagttag cttaaaattg gtaactcagc tttggagtca    178500
     ttctaaacaa caacatgtgg catgagccta ccgaggaaaa caggtctctc aagatacttg    178560
     taaattggga taggatttta tgtaattctt aacctggaaa ctagacttat aaaggatagg    178620
     atttagaaca ctttctcttt aatgaggtat taaagcctac actgtcatgc attcatatat    178680
     aagaattggc agccaaactt tgaaacatga aagtaatgtt cttggtattg attttaaaga    178740
     gagtggattt cttaaaactg ggttttgttt ttcaaaatta tggatatgct ctaatattgc    178800
     aaaagaaaca tgaaaattat aggtaaactg ccagtgttca attggctgca atttgcagtt    178860
     ctatcacagt ttcaggatat taactcgcac atatttataa ttaagaaaaa tatcaaacag    178920
     gtggagattt ttgcaaggtt ttccaaggct taataagcct atggaacttg ggtattatag    178980
     cctggcttgc ctgctctaac tgccattcca ggaaatgcat atagaattat aatggttttg    179040
     gaagattgtt tttatactgt tcctttgcat cctggtgact gagagactgg aatttagcaa    179100
     gcttgcttgt aattttcaag agcccatgaa gtgatatctc tgggaagttt tgcctcaagg    179160
     aatagctaat agtcctacat tatgttaaaa aaaattgtct ctgcttcaat acaagaagtt    179220
     aggactttga ttccttcggt gtatattatt cattatatgg atattttatt agctgatccc    179280
     tctgaaggcg ttttactaca agcctttgct cctatacaac aagctttaaa attttggagt    179340
     agttgttgct cctaaaagac tctaaggaaa tatctttttc aatatttagg gcctcagtta    179400
     caacctaaac aaattgtggc acagaaaatt caagtaagaa aagctaattt acttacttga    179460
     aatgattctc aaaagttgtt aggtggtatt aattggctaa gagctcatct taagcttacc    179520
     acagtaaaac ttaaacctct gtttgatatt ctccaggggg atgcaaattc taattcccct    179580
     ggacagttaa ttgatgaggg acaaatagct ttccagaaaa tagaggaagt tattagccaa    179640
     caacagatac attatataga ctataatcag ttgttggctg ttttacaaca gtcctttgtc    179700
     aaaagggatc ataatgtgga ttcatctttc ttcatctcca agtaaattta taacccccta    179760
     ttatgaagct gttgctatat taataacaga tatttaggat agaatcgtga aagtattttg    179820
     gaaagaatgt aataagaacc tgatgaaaca tttattcctt atgccaaaca gcaactaaat    179880
     tggttattgc agaatactga tatttgacct attgcatggc aaacttttta gacaaaattg    179940
     ataatcattt tccaaaagac aagttgttag aatttgcctc tatagttttg catttccaat    180000
     aaatttatgc atgcagtcag taaaaaatgc atttactgta tttacaaata actcatctaa    180060
     taggagagaa acatatgtga ttggatcaca tatttattct tttaagttcc ccccctcctt    180120
     cacaaataat tgaattacat gctgtagtca ctgttttgaa atgtttgcaa ttgcttgaaa    180180
     ttgttacttt tttagatact gctaattctc aaattttaca gttatttata caaacacagc    180240
     ttaatttaag aaatatgtat tgttccttag tttataggac attgaacagc tcatattgaa    180300
     ttgcctggac ccctgggcaa taccacagca gatttgtata ccaggaagat tataggcctt    180360
     acagaaacaa tgagctaaac aatctcattc gttacatcat gaaaatagta atagtttgag    180420
     aaaataattt ggtatgtcta gaaaatatgc aagtcaaatt gtgaagactt gacctcatgg    180480
     tgttaatcct agaggacttg tacctaatca attatggcaa atggatgtta ccaatattta    180540
     cttactatct tttaggacaa ggtatagtag aacaggctct tgaaacaggc ctatcgaact    180600
     ttaaaacatt accttcataa aaaaataaac aaaaagagga attacataac accatacacc    180660
     tcatatacta caaaattatt taattatgct ttttatttta aaatttgaat gtcaaggaat    180720
     ggtctgagtg tgggaggagc agctactggc atttctgccc tggttttgca aaaattatga    180780
     gattcttaga acagtaatat atacagatat agaaaggatg gaaacctcta tttcccattt    180840
     gcaagaatct tacctccttg tctgaagtag tccttcaaaa caggagaaga cttgatctct    180900
     tattccttca ttaaggagga caatgtataa catccatgaa gaatggtacc ttcacatttt    180960
     tcattcagga atagtaaaag attctatggc taaagttcaa gaagtactac acaaaaggat    181020
     aagagaaaaa aaggacagaa tcagggatgg tttgaatcct ggttctccac atccatgtgg    181080
     cttacaactt taatttctat gctgcttgga ccattaatta caagtttgtt gcttttaact    181140
     ttagaagctt atatcttaaa cagtttggtt gctttcatac aggatcactt tcagcaagct    181200
     cagctagtca ccatggccag ttattcattg ctatgaagaa atgcattgag tgcatatgtt    181260
     cttcatggct ttggtctgca tgagaaagag tgtactatag atggttggta gtcagagaag    181320
     gataagagtg ttctttagct cctataaaca gagacataca tcaatgctat gtttgttctc    181380
     catgatgggt aaggagaagc aatatagaca ctggtctaag acaggcacgg tcgactgacc    181440
     actctttacc ctagatggga ttatggaaaa caagtaaatt ttgtgccccc attcagctac    181500
     tggtactgct catccttaaa aaaacaaaaa gggggaaagt gtccttcccc agccttgagc    181560
     aagttgaacc tgagacctta ggtttaacaa ccttcataga gtcatctgcc ttggttgcat    181620
     atgcaaattc ctaaaggaat ttcgaagaat aaactgcctg ctgaccttgc tttgcttcat    181680
     aatacaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaggat tgatctgtgg actctcccta tataaacgca    181740
     gtgctgaata ttaaacttgg agccttgatc agaaccttgt catggcttta tccttctctc    181800
     accacctcag ccccccctac tccccatcct ttcatgtgtt gactaccttt tcctttctgg    181860
     tagtagcagg aaatctggta ccagggaagt tccagggagt gtatggggtg gccacagctg    181920
     agactactac cagtgtagaa tgtggaaact gaagtgatca cctcttgtag caggtgggac    181980
     ttccagtgaa tatataggac attaacccac ccataaaata ttcacccaaa atatgtcctg    182040
     cctaaaaatg agcagggatg aagatggaaa agggattgag ggaacaccca atcaatgact    182100
     ggcccaaatt gagacatacc ctatgtaaga gtgccaatct ctgacactat tactaatact    182160
     ttgctatggt ggcagacagg agctgagcat aactgtctca tgggaggctt catccaacag    182220
     ttgtgaagtc acatgcacat acccacaggc aaacatcagc cagggcttgg agaatcttgt    182280
     aaagagtggg ggatagaact atgtgaccag agatatcaag gccaccaaga atcatctaac    182340
     ctaagcccct tgggtgctca cagatagtga accaccaact aaaaagcatg gggggagggg    182400
     ctggccatag gcttccaaca catttgtagc ttgggcttca tgtgggtcct ttgtcaattg    182460
     gagcagggaa tgtctctgcc tctgttgcct gtcactgaat cctcttctaa ctgaactgtc    182520
     tagtttggcc tcagttggaa aggatgttct tagtcctact atgacttgat atcccatgat    182580
     ggggtgggac ccaagaggtg gtgcttcttt tctgaggaga attggggggg ggggtaatgg    182640
     ggtaggaatt tgtaagggta ggactgtaag aggagggata ggggatcaaa caaaatgtaa    182700
     aatgaataga taaattaata aatggaagaa aagatttgta gattgttaca cagtctcagg    182760
     tacccccaga tatcctgggg actaaaccat cagccaaaaa gtacacgtgg agggacccat    182820
     ggctccagct gcatatgtag cagaggagag ccttgttgga tatcaatggg aggagaggcc    182880
     tttggtccag agaaggctta atgccgcagt gtaggggaat gccaggacag ggaaacaggg    182940
     atggatgagt tggtgagcat ggggaggggg aaggttatag ggagttttcg aaggggaaac    183000
     caggaaaggg gataaaattt gacatgtaaa taaagaaata tctaataaaa ttttaaaaaa    183060
     taaaatgaag atattttaca cttaaaaaat atttcatttg aatggtgctg atatttgctt    183120
     ccataatgct gatttttcca aacattttta caaataaatg aaatatttac atttcttctt    183180
     tctggatcat tcatgcttct ggcttttcat cttcagtggc ttgattgact tcagccattt    183240
     gcttcttcct acactgtggt cactggcaat ttttataaat gagatgttaa atggtcattc    183300
     tctttttcta ccatcccaat ataatatctg tgaattcagt actttcaaaa tcataatctt    183360
     atgaggaatt atattcccat gacatctaat tttcatgtgt ttataatgga aattggtata    183420
     aaaatttgtc aataaatgaa ctgttgagaa ataatgaagt ataatagggt tctcaatgca    183480
     gaaatcacac tgatcccttg gctctcctag tggtgatgtt aaatatagta ggaatgtgct    183540
     tataaatgta tcatttccac ttcagtatga actatcttta aatgtcacca atcatttcta    183600
     tttctttttt ggtctttaga aagtaaactg ttatgtcagt gtacatttta catctggcta    183660
     tctagtgaga aatgcggaaa gcttctggaa aggataaact ctgccactaa agattcattt    183720
     ccaagagatt agaaagtatt taaatggtag tcttgtacaa tatcgttgta aaagttgaag    183780
     cctaaaatta attaattctt gtttgaacag ttgttgggat tgagacagga agacagaatc    183840
     agaggtgtct tctgaaaaca ttgagttagc tgtttcgaat tgctgtgaca taatagttga    183900
     agaaattatt tgaaagagag aaaaggtttg ttttggagca tagttttcaa ggttttaatc    183960
     tactcacttt ttaattctat ttccactggg acatcttgcc cccagtacat tattgtagga    184020
     aaacatggtc taagaggcta ttcacataac tgtagccaga aaagagagag gtaggagaga    184080
     gacagaggaa aagggaaagg gagaggggca gaaaggattt ccagtatttt actatgcttc    184140
     atcttccaaa tttccaccaa tttactgtaa tgctaaagac tctagaacaa gccttcagaa    184200
     cttgaacttt tgtgaatacc atgatcaaaa ctgcaaataa taaaaattta tagtccttca    184260
     acaaaaacaa aaggtgaaat gggtcatcta aatcctgtca aatttattgg taaagacaag    184320
     tgattagtat cttgttattg gtgtgtgata aatataagaa tttataatct tgttctggta    184380
     cagtacacac ttcataaccc cattttgatg gattatcttc ctccagattg aatatttcct    184440
     ctattatatt ttttttagac cttgaataat gatcctaaag ttatttaatt tttgtgatag    184500
     aatgttttta tacatcctcc aattttagtc tatggttttg ctgaatataa tattgtaggt    184560
     tgacgattat ggtctttcag gacatggact acatcgttct aacctatgaa gtttctaaat    184620
     gatcctgtta aataatccag tattattcta attgaactct ctttagaagt tagttgatct    184680
     atctctcttg gagcatgcaa tagctttttt gtgtgttttt agtattttta tcatataaaa    184740
     tataagccat acttatatga tgttactatt gtatataaac tacaatatat catgaagaca    184800
     ttgttttatg gctttgaatg tttgaatttc tgtaggattc ttatacctgg gtgggcatct    184860
     tatctctttc actagttctg ataaatgttc atttttttaa ctgaagatgt cctctatgcc    184920
     ttgctataga actcctcttg ctcagtcact ataattcaga agtaagcttg tttcatggct    184980
     gtcttaaact ctcctatgtt ttgtttgtat ttttattttg tctgccatct gtgacttaat    185040
     taaaatcttt tcttcattga gtagttgcca ttacactgac attagtacag taatttgtat    185100
     gttttgcccc catccctcac aacataattt taaattccaa gaaaaagagt tctgttaact    185160
     tctcatttgt tcttcagagt gccaatagtg tataactttg cactttataa gataaattca    185220
     tttcaatcct tgcctttttt atgtttcaac atcacagtta atattgtagc aaaaaaaaaa    185280
     aaaaacattc ctccaaatat tcagttacat tgaaatcttt aggagaaagt tattcattct    185340
     cattagagag gaagatgttt tattctaaag gatcttctct aacatcattt tgtagagtct    185400
     ttacatcacc tagggctcta ataaatcctc acagaaaact ttaattcata catttgttac    185460
     tattaaactg aggctttata tcaccacact tgcagaattt atcagaagcc taaaatcaat    185520
     tcttcttgca gacatttaaa tgtatgattt attaaattaa attgtcattt attttcaaac    185580
     attcttgctg tgttactaca ttctgtgttt gaactatgcc tacaaaatgt aaatgttaag    185640
     cacagtagaa tttgacaaag aataaaatag acctaaggaa catatgggtt acattgcaat    185700
     ctcctgcctt ttgaagagag agtgtgacag attgtagatt tacaagcatt ttgcatgctt    185760
     tcaggagcta gtagataagt tgatgagttt agagcactgc ctcctgctag gttttgaaga    185820
     agagagacca acacagtgag aagcaaaaga atgttccaat aaatctggct ggttttgaga    185880
     gaaattattg gtttgggcaa tcaataagta tcaaaaattt gtattatgta ttaaaaatat    185940
     ttcttgaatt ttgacatgga aaactctcta atgtgaatgg agaaaataat aattcaatta    186000
     caccaaaaca ctcaagaaag caaataataa taataataat aataataata ataataataa    186060
     taaagatatg tgatagacaa ggcaataaaa tttggtatga gagtctaaaa gttaagatca    186120
     tttttggttg ttatgaaatt tattgtccta acatcatggc accctttcta tcatgtctca    186180
     cattggtttt ctgttctttc aactttcatt tctctgcttc ttttccatga tctggttgtt    186240
     tgcttttttg tttttcatcc taatcattcc tttacatata tgtcaaaaag ttgtttttca    186300
     tagtgtctta gaatcttgaa aaatatatta tactagctag aaatatggcc tggacattga    186360
     gcagaagcag aactatgtga gtaatttata gatttgctgc atatttttta cccttcaaat    186420
     atttttataa tttgtctact atataatatg ataatccttt cagtggtgcc ttcttcccag    186480
     tctttctcca tattttgttt tttttcttaa acaacttaca aaatctagtt tgtgctgaca    186540
     gttttgttgt catccactgg agaatggggt atctaagagt ggccatagcc tttcctccct    186600
     gaatattaac tatttataac tcctaagcta agggtagtgc ccatgccaca tccccactcc    186660
     atgtttgaat ctttactgtc ttgttctcat gcagttctca tacaagcaag cacatgtgct    186720
     ttgagttaat gggccctatc atgtcaaaag gttactgctt tgctctggtg cttctctctc    186780
     tgtctctgtc tctctctctc tgtctctctc tctctgtctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    186840
     tgccccactc tttaaagtag ttcctgaaag ttgttttttt gttatataca tatcctttta    186900
     atgagtaagc ttcccactaa ttcttgttta ttattttata gtttctttgc ttgtcactat    186960
     gtaccataca aaggaagttc tgtgataatg ccttagagca cagcatatat atatatatat    187020
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatagtttt atatataata tagttatatt    187080
     atatatatat tagttatata tatagttagt tataatatat atatatatat atatatatat    187140
     atatatatat atatatatat taggaaattt gagattgaaa ttggacagtt tctttaagaa    187200
     gggataagaa atatatttac ctgttagtat atggatacat tttagaatgc agttgggaat    187260
     tactttgtgt tattaaagtg gtggatttgg actagtgcag aatcttaatg tcaggtgtag    187320
     ggattcatca gatctgtcca gagcacattg tgtaccaacc ctgaatataa tggcatggga    187380
     tgatgtgata acgtatgatg gacagagaag ctgggcatac acacagggtg taaatcctat    187440
     cccaccctaa atcttgggaa ggcatgggca aggctcataa gactagattg gaccactaag    187500
     tatgaacttc agcgacacat ttgaggacta cagtgaatac atgtgacttg tatattaggg    187560
     gaaagtctta caaattgaac cacaaaacat ggtgttaatt gtctcgaaga cctgatgggt    187620
     ggttatagca tagggtaata ggacaatttc catcaaactg aattactttc ttgcagtatc    187680
     ccaatagtcc catctactta ataatatgga aatacattta attatggatt aagtatttga    187740
     tacttataat tataccaaca ttaacattaa tttactgtga ttctgatgtt tttgattctc    187800
     catttgtctg tcattcctct taaagctatt aatacattta atactaaatg aataaaaggt    187860
     agtaacaaat tttctttgta aacttttaac atatacacat atatatttat atatatagtt    187920
     tatttttatt ttaaaagaca ctcgttatac tcaattatac tttcacaatt ataaaattaa    187980
     gattatttaa aaagattcag catcatgaag catctctaat atttttggat aaacaaacat    188040
     cactactaac atataccaca cactctaata gcttgagata aagttcaacc atatgtatat    188100
     ctacacgtaa gcaataggaa aatttacaaa ggtcaaaaag actaaattct tcatcagatg    188160
     attttaagtc ttcaagacca gaaaagacgg tgtattccac atttcctgtt gttgttgttc    188220
     cataaatcta atgaccaaaa tgaaaatcat tcagttatta tttatagacc ttattttttg    188280
     ttttcctttt ttattagatg tcaaattata tttagagaag tgataagtct gtgaaccttc    188340
     tttcagacag gtatctgttt tagcatacct gcctgcaagt tatacggatt cagtgatggt    188400
     aaaaatgttg tgggagtaac tattcactct ttgattggat ttcagcatca ttccatggga    188460
     tctgacccat atctgacact actagtaaga cctagaacct aagactacat agataatagg    188520
     cctagagtac aacctattat tattctgcta aattagcata ggaatattgt gatacccata    188580
     gataagagta tctctcatac cttaagtttc ttctgatggt acataataat tgacaaagag    188640
     tctgacaaaa ctgaacacta cacagagagt aagaaactct agaccactca agcctgaata    188700
     agatgtcttt aatatcccac caccacctcc aaagctccaa tatctacaag aaattgagag    188760
     taaaaaaata taaaaaaaca aaaacaacaa aacgggagtt aggtcacagg accagcatct    188820
     tcagcatgca atagaactga tgacagcatt cacaagacct gctcaggttc aaactacaca    188880
     gttctagata tgagaataag aagtaaacac aaagtcctat ccaaaaagtt atttgcaatt    188940
     gataccagaa gaaaaggggt ggggagaaac agttttctcc aaaagagtat cattgggtat    189000
     ctcaaccata ttctgggtca ggcctcaaaa ccaggagtaa tgggtgtaca gaaatcatac    189060
     ttcatgagtt tttctgtttt gtatgggtgg attgttttca ttgggtattt atgtcttctt    189120
     ggttatcttg ttcttagttt gctcctcttt ttttttcccc cttttgttat gttccttact    189180
     ttatgaggga aagtgggagg tagggagaga aagtgttttg tagataaggt ggtagagaaa    189240
     tgtggaaatt aggaaaggga aaggatgtga tcaaaatata gtatattaaa tatgttttaa    189300
     agaaaaatta agaaaattaa ttaaagaaaa gaaaacctgt tatcacaaag aaaaataaaa    189360
     ccatataaaa cttcaaccac aggtatgcat gttttcacat atcctgcata cagtactata    189420
     catctgtcag ccacctccaa gtaaaatcaa caccctggta tgcattttct tatatttaat    189480
     tgacttcaga caaaatttgt cctttcatga ctgtgaagat ggaagatcat gatttgatac    189540
     ttaaacatag acttgtgttt ggccatggta tgtaaggaat gctgattagc aaggagtaaa    189600
     tgttataaga gtgtctagtg aagtggttgg gaatatttca ctctgctcaa agaaagaggt    189660
     actgttcaaa ttactgtgaa aagttattct ttaatctcta tcttttacat ctgagaatat    189720
     ctacaagtga gatgcttcaa attttaatct ctgttgcaga agtcacatca ttcatgaata    189780
     agaaaaggaa aagaaaagaa cattactcac cgagttgagt atactctggg tgtactcaaa    189840
     aagctctgca agttttgttt caatgttttt ggctaatgaa atgacatcat catgcattcc    189900
     tggaatactt ctgagtgtgg tcagtagaac tttagaagtt tcattccaag cccacattct    189960
     actgaggatc agctttggaa attcgttaaa ctaagcagcc acatattatc aattgcatta    190020
     aggtaagtga aataaaaaaa aaaaaagatt agtcagtttt ggttttctat gagacaagct    190080
     aaaataaata tctatttgct atttttatga gaaagcagaa acagtaaagg aataaaaaat    190140
     atagactaat aaaataaaaa catacaattt aatatcataa aacaggttat gtagataaat    190200
     attattttca attatcattt tattgattgc atatgcaatt ctgacattag accttcctgt    190260
     aatctcttaa acattttttg gtttaatcct ggggagccca agaatttgct gaggcttcgt    190320
     agatactttg attcaggaaa aatagatacc cacagtgtaa atggcaaaat atttaactta    190380
     catccatcac acaaataaac tgcatttttc ctaatcatat atttttaggt tatcagaata    190440
     tcaataaaaa tattccatga agtcaacctg gcattgataa acatggattc cttagtctag    190500
     agcactccct cttcttgcct ctactagagt aaaacaattg ttggaacata taaattaaga    190560
     acaaaggaaa aatagaattt cattatcttt agtaacagca tgaattaaaa taacaatgca    190620
     attttgacat tgcagtgcat tccaggatct tatatgaaac taattcatga cttaaaatgt    190680
     ttcatgtgct gatatctcta gctatcacag agtcagtgaa tgagttctga gaaaaccagt    190740
     ggacattgtg atggaaatag ttaaactaca tgatagaaaa aaaaaaacag atccaaaggt    190800
     gttggcaata tagtttccta ggaccattac tgtatgtgag tatgaataag gacttgaatt    190860
     ggatagagcc aagatacctg tttgatggaa ggttcgagtt ctataaactt tttcagcacc    190920
     tcagtctcct tacctcagct agcttttgtg aatggtaatt gcagcaatgt caataaagta    190980
     ctttatagag tgcctagata gtgcatatct agaagtattt tcttcctcca ctttgtttaa    191040
     ctattatcac aagatgttaa atcagttcat ttggtgatga gttttgaaaa agaatcataa    191100
     gggaagatga caatagttac aattagagat ggactgatat gtagacctcc tcattacaac    191160
     tgagggaatg gattactctc aggagcattt caccatcctc ccttgttcag atgctttcag    191220
     ttaagacaca gaagaaagct caaaagtcat acatacgttg ataggtaagt aaaaaacaca    191280
     agtagagtaa gaagagtctt gaaaatcaaa ataactgagc atggtggtca gtgagtgaca    191340
     tttgcctata ttaagtaaat tctagtagtg agatatcatt aaagtaaaat tctcttaatg    191400
     gactatttag ggacttgata caacatgact taacagttct gttttttatt gaaatcaata    191460
     acaggagttg tctttcttca ttcttactcc atttccctgt agacatgatt tccatatctg    191520
     ttatactact tacaaaaaca ggcagcatga caaagcagtg ttcctctact gcttcagctg    191580
     tttaggttaa aaaaataaaa tcaaggtaaa aactcacagg aatctgttga gcttcgtcca    191640
     ggttttctgg agttttgatg gaataattgt ggcagcaggt gagagccttg accagatact    191700
     ccatgtcctc aataaagtca agcatctgtg tatatcaaat tagtattcag taaatagaag    191760
     ttgaaaaata taagtcaatg aaattttaac cagaatataa atgtactcaa taaatatgtg    191820
     ctttataaaa agcacatcta agattaaaga caacaacata aacattttca taccatttaa    191880
     tgggtttgaa atctctgata tcttttaatg gttttgaaat ctgattttct ttgtcatata    191940
     aatgtccatc tcctatcctg tactttattt actctgattt tatttactct cttcttattt    192000
     ttttcttatt tttcctgttt tccaatattg aatggaagaa ttaaaaataa caaagctaga    192060
     caatggtgaa gtgtcttaga gattaatttt ctctagaatc tgggcccgtt attatggtat    192120
     ttggtaacta cattcattaa cttcttgttt cctgattgtt ctaatgacac agatacttta    192180
     cctgggcatt ttaaaattat atgttttctt cctgttacaa gagaatgtaa acacctgtac    192240
     cattaagtgt taatcataaa tcctgactga caatggctaa tgttttacaa aatcagagaa    192300
     agcaaattga acatttttag gaaataggaa atagtaagca atgaaaataa aagcaacaaa    192360
     atattaatgt ttatgttttg atcaatagat catttattaa tattatactt taaatatact    192420
     atcaatagct tgttatttaa aactgataat cagctactgt gtagaagttg aatgggttcc    192480
     cagaaatgtt aagaatttca aagagggtca gcagagaatg agaaatgaca aaccagtttg    192540
     aaaaaagtca atgataacac atctgtagca aatgcagaga cacattctct tgatgcccat    192600
     agttttactg aagccttaca tttttctcct ttctgttgac tgactttgaa cagatagata    192660
     atttgtagtc aggaagagga tgtctatttt tgcttggcaa caagccttgc tactgaatga    192720
     actccagtac tggaaagttg taataggaat ctaagcactg gggttcctga aaataaatta    192780
     gtgctttgct tccctcttga tatgctctcc atttggattg cttctgttcc ctatacccaa    192840
     ctgactacaa tgcagttcag ccttcttggg gatctgcagt gaactaagtg aaaaatgcca    192900
     gtgttttctg tcttcttcaa agttacattc agatatagga gatcttctct agtcacaatg    192960
     gtaacactta tagttcaaaa tagtaatctt agactaaaaa gtaaattaag ttatagaaaa    193020
     ttgaacaaat cattctttgc aagcttcccc attcactttt tactatcaga ggctttcttg    193080
     tattataata ctgaatgaaa gatcaaaata cacttgtgga tgtgtaactt gacaattggt    193140
     ccttaatgct ttctcttgta agtttgagtg acaccattag catgaaggct tttgaaataa    193200
     gagaaaatag aaataagtga gatacttaca aatttggaat aggattctga tgctgaattt    193260
     agctgagcca ggttgagggc agtggcagaa attaatgagt aaagtgccat catgactgca    193320
     tatttattgc agaaagaggc attctctggg ttcccacgta agtaatgaat tcatgtctac    193380
     tccctctttc ttgacactaa ctggccttga acagagaaca tacagtcctc aggaacacag    193440
     aacctgtttc ttttctaatt caggattccc tgtgaataaa cttctgcacc agaatccttt    193500
     aaatatgatt taaatgtgat gcaagtatgg tttccagcat tctgtgagaa gctaatatgt    193560
     tgttgctgct ccttgccttt tccctctctt ggattatcac actttagatt tagtccactc    193620
     attccttctg actcactgcc aggcacttct ctattggatt tctctagtgt gcaactgaca    193680
     ctggctccac agaagcaaaa tcatgggatc agaattcttc ccgggacaca gctattaaaa    193740
     cgttatgttg caagtacaaa gattgttttt aactaaacaa aaacaatttt ttaaaaaaca    193800
     gataaagtcc tacagatttt tttttagcaa accagtgatt tgatgaagct gtcctctgct    193860
     tttgaacagc tgacattttc ttttacctgt agagctgtag aggtgtatct cttgaaactg    193920
     gaaatttttt tcagtgcaaa agcaaagtca ttaacatgaa ggctttgggg aaaaaaagat    193980
     ggacataaga gaggtactta catagttctc gtataatttt tcagagactt gattgactgt    194040
     ctaaggtagg ataagggaaa ataacagaaa aacaagtgag ttcatcttga catcaatgca    194100
     catttactgt aaaaagggac acattctctg ggtgcctatt tttgaacaga agacttgtat    194160
     attattttgt ccttggtatg tactgacact gaacagagaa catgtagctc tttgaaacag    194220
     agaacccctt cctgttctaa acaagccttc caatagaata aacttgtgca tcgtgcctac    194280
     ttaaacattg acactgaggg tttaaacatt tgagaggcta atgtttcatg ttttgtcaat    194340
     ttgtttgctt aattggtttg ggattttttg tttgtttgtg tgcttatttt gttttgtttg    194400
     gctttctcac ttgtcatatc accacttaaa ttagtttcat tcattccaca tgactcactg    194460
     ccatacattt ctcctctatt ggtgtgcggc tgtgcattga acaatgatgc tgacagagat    194520
     gtaaagagta aggaagccag agctcttccc catctgtgtc tattagattt ttatgccaca    194580
     aatgaacatg taggaaaatt taaagataac taggagaaaa tcccaaggct cattgattgc    194640
     ttcaaaaata tgtgccattt catgaaactt gtcctctttc tccttgcttc acgtttcaat    194700
     ggttgatgct ttaatttttt tagtagaact gtgcattttt catgatgact gtaaatgtaa    194760
     tacaggacaa tttgactgtg aagttcgttt atgaaataga ccagagctaa gtgaagtact    194820
     tacatatgtc ttgcgcagtt ccatgttgag gtttttgata ttccaagtta gtctcatggc    194880
     attatgaaac agcccattga tggataatgg ataaccatca gtctcattgc tactcaaagg    194940
     tacagaggcc acattctccc ataaaaggag gcttgacacc accaccagca gaagtgcccc    195000
     tgctaataga aacaatagct tttctaatca attcatccaa agtcatcaaa acaagatttt    195060
     attatctttg acctgtgcct ttccctttat aatttgatac tatgtttcat tgatagggaa    195120
     aaagaatctt tcactgtgaa atgtaattca atagttacat ttacataggt atataatgtt    195180
     agaacttagt gacttccaca ttttgggata aatacaagga ataatggtaa atttttcata    195240
     caactggaga ttaaattaat tgtctattag tttaataatg caagaatttg tgcgggtttt    195300
     caattatcac ttcctctaac atattttttt taatttttga gattagtata attacataat    195360
     ttatctcttc tccttcctcc ttactgacac tcccatatat ctcttattgc tctttttatt    195420
     aaatttatgt tctcattttc tcattaattg ttttttatgt aatatatata tgtgtgtgtg    195480
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgca tttctattct tgaatatatg attacaacct    195540
     gtaaaatgtt acttggatgt aatattttca gaaaggacca ttggttatta gatagtgtgt    195600
     gctttcccct gtggaagact atgtctccca ttctaattgt atcttggttg cctgaagtta    195660
     ttttagtagg ggtgaggcct ctgtgagaca tccatgttag catatgtatt tgctttggta    195720
     ttcagctcat gtttaggcat tcaagttggt aagacatttt aagtgtagct gtgatcgtct    195780
     taagagatac aatctcagag caaattctct ttttgccaat gtaaaaatca catgtaaaac    195840
     tcagagatca ttgtggaata tggggaagat aaatatcagt tttccaaact cagtgtgaaa    195900
     tgtgtacatt ttcatgagga tactatgaca tgtttttcag tatagtatta ttcatatgtc    195960
     ttaggactaa actttttgtg ttgagtaaaa attggaacat tcttccttca ggaaggccat    196020
     ttcttattat ataactaaat ttttcaaaat tatgatgctt tcacaaattt attttatgaa    196080
     cagtaatata catgtataca ttaagtacat gtgcagtcct aacatttatg atctgaaaga    196140
     tattcacagc ttaagctgaa tacaaggagc tagtcttact agttttttgt tttctaatct    196200
     caaagatcca ttggttttca ttatcaattc atttacttag aaattttatc aagaagagaa    196260
     gttaattatt acataatctc cttctttgga attttcttgg aaaatattct gcttgaataa    196320
     caattccaaa gctgtatggt tagatactca tctactgctc ttgtatatta agtgcccaga    196380
     ttagtgaata tgattaattt caatcaagtc aagcatctaa tagcacaaat caagaaaaca    196440
     gaaaatgttc ctttcttcct ctatagtaat tataaattta atacaaagtc tcttttttat    196500
     ctcactccag tcaaatgtct cattttctat aatttggctt ttgagactga tcactgagga    196560
     aatataagca aaacacttac tcttacctct agacagtgat aaacttcctc ttcctatata    196620
     ggtcatttaa gaaaattcac aattgtctgt ggacatttct acatgtctcc tagaagcaag    196680
     actcctttta aagaaccact gatccaagaa tgtgtggtgt atttgttttc tagagtagta    196740
     attagaaaca gcttctcaac tttatctatt ttacttgtcc tgactagata tgaacaacag    196800
     tctcttcata tcatatatag aaaaaaatga caaaaaatgt aaattgtcaa aacaatcttg    196860
     tacatcagtg gattgtctta gcttatttag aacatgagaa gttactcaca ggggcatggt    196920
     tgagagaaag aaaatgacat ctctgaagag ttctggcaca gcctgtctgc ttcacgcagt    196980
     ctaacaccca gtaaatattc cacctcctat ataggccatt gaacgatccc cagggcaaca    197040
     tactgctagg aggcaagaag aagttacatt aggaataaag ctgacaatca tatgactctt    197100
     aaacttcagt cagttctaag agcctcatga ccatgatgat tcaagacatt gatataaccg    197160
     ttttagcttg tttcaagact ataactaggg tccaaattaa gttgccaatt gctttatcca    197220
     tccctatttg ataaaggttg gtatgaattc tatcccctaa aaaatatctc tgtttcggac    197280
     tttcactttt gtctatactt acctatttgt gttactgaat cttagttaat gtgtcatttt    197340
     ttttcacctt ttctgagcac aaggtcacat gaatagtcct gcatatgagt agtttaatat    197400
     ttatgatttt gtccaggatc cagggaacat aggataggtt ttttttctac atgtttgttt    197460
     ctacatatgt ggtacaatag ttcagtaata taagatgtaa atccagttgt gtagaggttt    197520
     tttgtttgtt tgtttgctgt tttgttgttt tgtaagcaaa ggaccttcat ttaacaaaag    197580
     aacatacaag gtcttcttgt atattagaaa atcctaagtc agccgggcag tggtggtgta    197640
     tgtgtttaat cccagcactt gagaggcaga gacaggtaga tttctgagtt caagtccaag    197700
     cctggtctac agagtgagtt tcaagacagc cagagctaca cagagaaact ctgtctcata    197760
     aaacaaacca aaaaaagaaa aaaagaaaag aaaatcctaa gtcacagatt ttttttaagc    197820
     taggcttaca tatataaaca taatttctgt ccatggagct tggcttaaat ctaaatagaa    197880
     ttaattctat tcagacagtt gtatcaccat atattgaata taagtatcag gattggatta    197940
     ttaaatatat ttgttctaag caggatcctt tgttattttt cacagcaatg gccagcatgg    198000
     tcttatctga gagtaaactg aatgtgttta atcttcattt cagtcacagt taacatctct    198060
     ttattttgta acaataccat gtgatatatc atttcaccat ctgttaaatt gtttgcatcc    198120
     aacacattgt gaatagtttg tgttgcatag atagacaatt tgcagaaatt gtgggtgggg    198180
     taatgtcata acaactgttc tttgagtagc agagaaaatg taagcactac tttggtgaag    198240
     aatattccaa taaaaatcaa aacattcatt tagaacactg acgaacagtg gggagatttg    198300
     gaaatggaga cacaagtctc taaagtgatt tagaatcttt tatatttgaa agtattttgc    198360
     cccagatatc acacagtacg cttttgtcta gtaaaagtcg cacatgctct gagtattaac    198420
     ctccctccac aaaacacaca ctcacatact aacacaacac accaccatca tcccaggtta    198480
     aattgctgta ggactagatg tatcctctgt cactgaaact agaccagtca gtccacttag    198540
     ggacacagga tccataggca ggcaggcagg caacaggctc aaggacagca ccttctccag    198600
     ttgttggggg acttgcatta agaccaagct actcatctgt tacatatgta taggagagct    198660
     aggtccagtg caagctctcc ctttgcttgg ttattcagtc tctgggggac cccaggagtc    198720
     caggttaact gactctgtta ctcttccttt ggagtccctg ccctctttga gtccctcaat    198780
     ccttctccca aagtttctgt aagaatcccc gagctccatc taatgtttgg gtgtgtgtct    198840
     ctggatctat ttccattggc tggtgtatag agcccctcag aggagagtaa ttctggggtc    198900
     cagaagctag aatgggagag gacttgtgca agggggtact ggaaggagag aaagggctga    198960
     taatgggttg taagtggcta aataaataaa tttggaagaa aaactattct agggacacct    199020
     ttttgctgga aaacatattg tataaaggaa ttagaaaaat aatgcctgag cataagaaaa    199080
     gtaagttaaa catatttttt tggaagatag gaaagccttc agagtagaca ttattcctct    199140
     atcactggac tctttcgtca tactgatcta actaacaaag acttaaccaa agtctagtct    199200
     tgaggccagt agaagcaaag attattcaaa gaaatggtcc gattaaaaat agaccagttc    199260
     cccattcatt catgacagtg ataagcttga atttcatcca taatgccagc ttcatggact    199320
     attggaagag cctcaagata ataaagtgaa atcctaattg agaatgagag tatactatag    199380
     agaaatagat gtacttgtga ttccaattca agctgctctg ctggtcattc atagtgagag    199440
     ggagcaacta aacaaagcaa taattctttc attgttttag taacagctta atgatatctt    199500
     attaatatcc ttcataccaa attccaatac caaccagctt ctaaaataat aggtttggat    199560
     atgagtttca aaagtcttta atgttagtta atcctctgtt ttaaccattt tccttgcact    199620
     ctgagccctg tatcacttaa tatgtcttca ctccattatt cctcattcct ttaatagcat    199680
     ccagaatttg ctatcatctc ccagacttga tattttgcca gtcatcccat agacctacta    199740
     atgtttctag aattctaaag gtatttcaat taaaacagac aattcaaagc taggatccat    199800
     atatgagaaa caaaaatatc tttgtgggtc tcagttacct aactaagaat aattatttcc    199860
     agctacatca aatttcatta tatttagagc tcacaaaaaa tgtgcatata taccacattt    199920
     tcattattca tttatcagtt gataggtcta agctatttca aattcttgcc tattgtgcat    199980
     agtgcagaaa taaagttgtg taaaaagtat aatagtgtcc ttttagtcta cttcgagggg    200040
     ttgtatagct ggctcataaa gtagatcaat atcagtattt ttgaggaagc tctacatcaa    200100
     tttccatagt gggtacacta tattacattc tgataatggg gatactttgt agaaatgacc    200160
     tatgtaaaat gttagagaca ccagttcaca gatatgattc aaacttaata atatattttt    200220
     taaaagacag aagatataaa tccatagcat ttacctctct ctgtttcttg actgtggaaa    200280
     caccatgaca agctttctca caactcctaa ctcaatgaag tgtgtcaact tgaaggataa    200340
     cccaacaaaa actttctgag aaaagtcaat cttcttaggt ctttgattat aatagagaaa    200400
     aggaagaatt tgttcaaagg tcattagtat tcactgcctt gaatcatttt cacaagatgt    200460
     ccttgataca gaaagtgaat actatctgta cttgatagga gtaaatgggc atgtactcca    200520
     tatttatctg cagaacctgg aatcttctgt atacctggca ccaggatggt actaagacaa    200580
     aattctgttt atcacccata tatttctgta gaaaaggctc agggttttgt ttttttgttt    200640
     ttgaacaaag taaagaacac ctaagttcaa cttaatttcc tgcctttagg tgacattctc    200700
     caattgtggt atatatcatc tatacgatat aacaaactac ttcaaaccta ttatcattga    200760
     gtacaaactt gacactgcct aatgacttta gtaggcatgc ttacctttta gatttaacaa    200820
     aatgtctttt agcaggatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatataa    200880
     tcagacataa tatgtcacat atagtaattc agaaaataca tacatcattt gctgatgaat    200940
     ttatattttc cccactataa attttattgg cttgttaaat attagttttg catctgtaga    201000
     tttctacatg gttattcttt tatttatttg tttatttgtt tgtttattta tttatttatt    201060
     tatttattgt ttacacatat gcttaagagt aagactagaa aaaacttttc catgtaccca    201120
     agaagcaatc tggagtagcc attctaatat ctaataaaat cgactttcag ccaaaattaa    201180
     tcaaaagaga cagaggacac ttcatattca tcaaaggaaa aaaaaaacta ccaagctgat    201240
     atactaacac ctatgcgcca aacacaatgg tacccatatt tgcaaaagaa atattgctaa    201300
     tgcttaagtt gctaatctaa ccccacacat taatagtgga gacttcaaca ccctactctc    201360
     atgaattgac agattattca gacaaaactt aaacagaatt actagaacta acaaacattg    201420
     agtcaaatga acctaccaga catctataga atattttacc caaacacaaa agaatatacc    201480
     ctcttctcag cacttcatgc atccttctcc aaaactgacc ataaagtccc tcacaaagca    201540
     ataatcaatg gatacaagaa aattgaaata aggtcttgta tcttatgaaa ccacaatgga    201600
     ttatctggac ttcaaaacca gaaagaccag aaagccaaca caaacatgga gattgaacaa    201660
     ctctctactc aatgatctct gtgtcaagga agaaaaaaag aaattaaatt cttgagttct    201720
     tcgtttatgt tggatagtgg ccctctttct gatgtagggt tggtaaacac cttttctgaa    201780
     tccataggtt gctgttttgt cctgcttaga gtgtcctttg ctttacagaa gcttttcagt    201840
     tttataagat cccatttgtc tatagttaat catagagcct gagccattgg tgaaaatggc    201900
     ttaaggaaat atttcccttt acctatttgt ttgaggctct ttcccaattt ctgttctatt    201960
     agaatcaatg tatctggatt tttgtggagg ttcttgatcc atttggactt taactttgta    202020
     caaggagata agaatgaatc aatttagcgg ggcaatggtg gcacacacct ttaatcccag    202080
     cacttgggag gcaaaggcag gcggatttct gagttcaagg ccagcctggt ctacaaaatg    202140
     agttccagga ctacacagag aaaccctgtc tcaaaaagaa aaaaaatgat ggatcaattt    202200
     acattcttct acatgcctac tgtcacttgg gcaatcacca ctgttgaata tgctgtcttt    202260
     ttttccactg gatggttttg ccctcttcgt caaagatcag gagtgcatag atgtatgggt    202320
     tcatttcagg atcttcagtt ttattccatt catctacctg ccgttctcta taccaataca    202380
     actattgctg tgtagtacag ttgaggtcag ggatggtgat tcatccagaa gttcttttat    202440
     tgttgagaat agtttttgtt atcctggttt tttgctattc cagatgagtt tgcaaattgc    202500
     tctttctatc tctctaaaga attgagttgg aattttgatg aggattgcat tgaatctgta    202560
     tatttcccca aaatcttagt aggtaagtct ttctcacata aagaacttag tctgaaggct    202620
     ataaaaagct gaaaggatgt atagccagtt ttagattcat ctagtggtag catgtgcatt    202680
     gtctgtgtaa gtgaattctt tcttgactcc ctgattcaca aagagctaac aagttctgag    202740
     cctctagcct atccagcaaa gagctcctgg ctggcttgcc agagaaagaa gttctagcaa    202800
     taaattcttt acctaatttt ctaccgataa atggcagtca ttatctacaa aacctttgat    202860
     tttcagtcgc agaataagca agagagtgtt aagtttctag aaaccatcag cttctatact    202920
     tcattagtta gtgagagagt tacaaagcct gagatcatca gtcttttggc cttcatccaa    202980
     ctctgttcca actcaactca ttcacctaag gctgggcagg cccccagcca tgttctgttg    203040
     atcctgggaa ttggacccca accatatgga aatacagaca aagtacataa ctactaaata    203100
     ccttcctaga ttctctttgt aatttttttt tttacttttc taattatttt gtttattttt    203160
     tattttgggg catactccac aggtgtaagt aagatgagag gttgttggaa tcagttatgt    203220
     caatgaacaa tgtgtgtcct ggtgatcagt tctgatcttt agtgtgggtg acaagtgcat    203280
     catttcactt atctcatttc tagaacttct gtactctccc ttttgtcttt tattaaaata    203340
     ctatgctagg gttttttgtt actatggctc tcttgcggga aataatgaaa gcaaatacct    203400
     ctaggctcct tccctctgct taatattgtt tcgggcctct cagggacact ttgtcttcat    203460
     tttaatttta gaatcatttt gaaagctgtc caaaacacac attagaattt tgtccaccat    203520
     tatatgggat atgccaatct tcttcaggaa caatgtgctt cttactagat tagttctgcc    203580
     aagccatgag catgcaggtc tgaccatctt ctagtgtttt ccatttcttt taactcattt    203640
     taaaattcta aatgtagagt ttttctacct ccttaggtat gtctatttct agttatttca    203700
     ttttattcag aagctattga gaaggggttg agtatctgga tttattctaa tcaagttatt    203760
     tttccaatgt aggaaatgta tgtccgtttt gaatggtatc acatagctgt ttataatgtg    203820
     taaagttttt gtcaagactt tagtgccatt aaaatatgtg attatgtttt ataccacata    203880
     actgtagtat ctatttaaaa atgaaaaata tttatttaaa ttgtatgtat aataaaatca    203940
     aatagttact gtgtaacaga gaggcagtat aaatgaaatt ggaacttttc attacaattt    204000
     ctaagagtga tattttgaag gagggcatgg tggcactcgc ctttaatccc agcacttggg    204060
     aggcagaggc aggcagattt ctgagttcga ggccagcctg atctacagag tgagttccag    204120
     gacagccaag gtgatacaga gaaaccctgt ctcaacaaaa ccaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagtg    204180
     atttttttta aaccatagaa tccattccac gatgtatata ttcttcattt ataatggtgt    204240
     atcctatttt gtcaattaaa agtagtgacg atagacaata aaaatgttga ctagcatgat    204300
     gaatatttta taaaatacat ttgatcatgg tttcctatga ccaagctcat tccaaatcct    204360
     ccctaccttc ccacctaccg tacttccttt ctttcttttt gtttcacggt caaacaaaag    204420
     aaaagaaaga aaatgacata atcactacaa acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    204480
     acacacacac acacacatca aaatgaataa aaccacaaaa tcaaaatcaa taatatacaa    204540
     gcaaaaaaat atgttttttt taaagcaaca taaaacaata gtctgcaaaa aagcaacatt    204600
     gagctcgttt tgagtttaca aaaagtacta ttgatagttt tgagttggcc atctactgct    204660
     tgctatacat gggcttatct ttaagtgtgt ttaatatgcc cagtgagatt ccaatagaga    204720
     aaactaattg ttttctctga gaatttatgt caattggaga aaatttcttg tttatgatgg    204780
     aatatcatgt ccacttcctc ctgttagttc tcagtgcctg tctggcttga atgtgtgtaa    204840
     gctctttgta tgttgtaaca tgcctatgac ttcatatgtg cgtcaatcca gatgtgtcca    204900
     gaagacactg cttcctttct gtcatccatc ccctctgggt ctttcaatct ttctagctct    204960
     tcttcccata gctccctaac ccctgagcag cgtttcctag tgttcctaag ctcccccatg    205020
     ttctgtttat gtttttattt agtattctat ttctgacttt gctcaatatt ttatactttt    205080
     aatactgcca ttacactgac cttaaaacag taatatgtaa gtttttatac cctttcctca    205140
     caatggaatt tgaaactact ggtaaaacaa ttctaccaat ttctcatttt ctctacacag    205200
     tgtctatgat gtacaatttc acattttatc aggtaaatca attcctatca ttgttttctt    205260
     tctgttttaa catctccatt gctattattg aaaaaacaca gttatttttt caaaggttct    205320
     cttagattga aatttataca agaaagtata ctcattccca ttagcatagg tcattatttc    205380
     tgaactacca tttcctaaca cattttaaga ctagaaagtg tttagtttgc agctatataa    205440
     aataccactt tagaagttga tacctaaaat taattaatta attcttattt gaccagttga    205500
     tcagaatagt atatacagac acaaattgca atggtttctg aaaatattga gttatttggt    205560
     tttaatttct gtaataaaat acttgagcaa ttgatcctaa agggattaaa gttttgtttt    205620
     ggagcatagt ttccaaggtt ttaatctact cactttttaa ttctgttctc atttatgagt    205680
     gtcacaccat agtgcattat agtagaaaca tgtgatctaa tatgtcattc atataattgt    205740
     agccagataa aaaagaaagg agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    205800
     agagagaaag agaaagagag agagagagga ctttacttgt ttttactatg cttcatctcc    205860
     taaatttcta ccctcttgct atagcgagag agaagagaag ggagagaggg gggggaggga    205920
     gggagagaga gagagagaag atttcacttg tttctactag gcttcatctc ctaaatttct    205980
     acccacttgc tatagcacta tagtgctaaa gagtccagaa caataattca gagcataaac    206040
     ttttgggaat agaccaaata aacaaacaaa caaacaaaaa aacccaacca accaactaaa    206100
     caaacaaaca aaaaacactg taaaatgaca aaattatact cacttacaaa aacaaaagtg    206160
     taaaagggtt agatagatta tgtacaaatt tattgttcga gacaagtgat ttgtagcttg    206220
     ttattgataa gtaatataaa ttcttcttgt gttatagtac acacataaca tcatttggct    206280
     ctaatgtttt gggtaacact agggatgtta actttctctt cacactgaat atttcctcta    206340
     ataccttttg taggcctgaa ttaataatta taaacttagt taattagttt ttatgctggc    206400
     cttgaactca gaaatcttcc tgcctctgct tcccaagtgc tgggattaaa ggtgtgcacc    206460
     accactgcac agcataaata gagtttcaga tattttactt ttctattgag ggtatattaa    206520
     gatcagcaac ctcacaaata ctgtctgtat gacctacact taggtgattt ttttcaaagg    206580
     ataaaaaata ttagcaactc tcagtgtcag ttgtaaatat aacaataaat ttgactttct    206640
     gatttagtct agattcattt aaacacgaaa gagagagaat tggtagcaac cccaggaaga    206700
     tgccagcagt gatccagcat tcttaccact cgactgttca agaagtctct ctttcatgat    206760
     atttctgtgt catttagtag aatccttact ttgattagtt cctatattag tattccttaa    206820
     aaatgaggct atcaaaataa agagatctct aactatcatg agatagtatc tcaccagcaa    206880
     gaattcactc ggacaaccgg attcttctac ggcaaaactt tattgcttca tctgaaggaa    206940
     gaccccgaac aaggaaaatg gtgctgccta tatacccctc cgtgtgactt gtcagttcct    207000
     gattagctgc tcactcatca ccccactact acgacccggg atgggcagtg acttggcacg    207060
     aatttactct tgcacctgcg cacattactt gtttaccagt taggcacagc ggaggctcat    207120
     gatggtgatt gctcacggct ctccacatct cccccttttt attttattaa aatgcaagcc    207180
     actctttaat ggatgaatat agaggttgaa tccctagtgt gcagaaatac gggccatgta    207240
     caggattggc tcttaggctc acagactttt acccagagca agcctgacct gctcctgtgt    207300
     cgtttttcct aggggaggga cacttggaca ctcaaccctc atgcaaatcg acttgtcttc    207360
     taggagtgcc caaacctctg agaaactcct attcggttct taacccaaca atccataaga    207420
     gtcaacgacc tactcactcg tccctgtgca atgagtctag cctctagggg tgtaagtgct    207480
     gagtatggcc tagggcgagc tttaattgtt gagtctctct cattttccgc agaactgagg    207540
     agtgcaagag cagagaactc agatgccaat taagtcttaa gcatggatag ccaaatttca    207600
     ggggaggccc cttgttcaat gactgcaagt gcttgagcaa taacaacctt gtcacggttt    207660
     tgttgggttc tgagcttgca gaccaaccag agcatgaaca caagcccaca gcagatggca    207720
     gcagcaaaca aaatcactcc cacccatccc ttaaagtaag aaaaagcaga ggtaagccaa    207780
     gaggtaaaat tgccaacaat gatggattct attcaagttc cattaaggct taaaatctgg    207840
     ctttagatgt aaagaattga ggaaacaccc gaattcgtca acggcatagg tttcaggaac    207900
     acagagctct tcagttctca ctagcgggag cacctccagc cacaggaaca tccacgtcct    207960
     cacagctcca cttgccctaa attgctcttg tcagccactc cgggacctgc agctgttgtc    208020
     gatgatcctg aggaaacaca aacagaccct ctctcccaaa ccaattgaga gcgctcctct    208080
     tacctaattc agtgcctcat tgtctctctg aagttctaca acactgtcaa caccggtggg    208140
     caatgatttc cacgccctta tggcaatctg attcacctgc tcatacacct gcactggata    208200
     tcctgtctgt tgttgtgcaa agtgaccttg atcaagcagc atatctctat cccatgctgg    208260
     attttgcaaa ttcaataagg aaggctttcc agtctaaata ctgcccaggt gaaaggatgc    208320
     ctttaccaag cctgcccaat cggacagcac catgcagtgt ctattcaagg cctctacttg    208380
     agccacagta taggaggcaa ttaagccata gtccacacgg tctcagccaa attcctgatt    208440
     actttgaaat ctagaggctc atgctatctc tgccctgctt ggtcagtgaa aataggacat    208500
     cccagcaagg agaatctaat ctctctccaa atctccaaac agaaggtctg tctatgtgca    208560
     gctgcctgcc cctttaagag ctccatttgc aattggccct cagcagggct ttttcagctg    208620
     tacctgactc ccagccacag tgcttttatc actttctgct gtgcaaattg aggctgcttt    208680
     tcaaacaagt taaaggatag acagccagca gataaagttt taaccaatta tatttttcaa    208740
     catgaaacac agaacaataa tcatccaaac aacaaagcaa aaacaaacat gaattgacag    208800
     acatatggac aatttggtgc accaaaaaca gataacacac agacagggaa taaaagttgg    208860
     tgtctcaaag ggacacagat atcctaacca gagctaagaa tatctccata ggagccagag    208920
     aggaagcagg acatctccca ttttccttct gttcccagga gagctctgaa atagcttatt    208980
     ttcatttttt tctctttttt gctaaaaggt cttaaacggg ataactgctt ttctaaaatt    209040
     tattttctct ctctctcatg ttcagactct acttccttat ctccttcttc tgggaatact    209100
     gccagagaag ggagaggagg cgcagtggcc ctgagagcta tctttaagcc tttgatgaag    209160
     gctgcatctt tagtcaaagt ccttgagagg agggtaaatt gactcttctt cttttttata    209220
     ttatcctttg tatctttata ttttatatta tcttttgtat ctttatattt tagtttcttt    209280
     tctttttctc tttttatatt tcttcttttt tctctctccc ttctcctttt ctgaactctc    209340
     ccagggcatt ttttccctta attctttttt cctcgggctc aagtcccgtg gaaagccctg    209400
     ttttcttctt aggtgcacct tgtttcctct taactcctaa tctctctccc cactctgtct    209460
     ctgatagact gtcttggact tcctccagga tcctctgccc cccttaaaag gcctctaacg    209520
     ctggagaaag ttcaagaccg aacgtacctt acagagcttt agtgtcccgt aattctgaat    209580
     ctgccctgtg aaacgagggg tccccttttc agcgcctggt gaatgtatgg tcccaggttt    209640
     tcagcaccac ttatcccaag ctagtatctc gccagcaaga attcactcag acaaccagat    209700
     tcttctacgg caaagcttta ttgcttcatc tgaaggaaga ccccgaacaa ggaaaatggt    209760
     gctgcctata tactcctccg tgtgacgtgt cagctcctga ttagctgctg tacgacccgg    209820
     aatgggcagt gacttggcac aaatttactc ttgcacctgc acacattact tgtttaccag    209880
     ttaggcacag cggaggctca tgatggcgat tgctcacggc tctccacatc taaccatgaa    209940
     ttgtagagga taagacagat ggcagaattg ttatgtggat agaaaaacct agcatgggga    210000
     tgtatattga taaaaatatt gtaacctgaa atgctctctg gaaggtgttt taggtaaaca    210060
     ctaatgtgcc ctatgaaaaa gtcaattgcc actgagagat aatttaactt tgtgagcagt    210120
     aaatccttaa tattatcata ttactgggtg ttgagaccat gtcataattg gactatgaga    210180
     actttaaaga gtatggctta agaacttatt atagaaacct gtgaatagtc catttaataa    210240
     actatcactt ttagttcaaa atatcccaca aacttaagca tactggagtc acatgcaaat    210300
     tttgttattt tactagatgg tggatgcctg tcattcttaa gttatttcaa catgtccatt    210360
     ttatcagtag ctttgttgta cttttaatta tgattttatg ctttgatcag cattacttta    210420
     ttatgactca aaggtacaaa ttgcctaata tttcaaccaa acatctctca tttgtgatag    210480
     aatgctttaa agttatcata actttaagga tgacaaataa aagatagtga caaattttct    210540
     tttcacactt taatctagta tgtctctttt ggtttctttg tagagaccat atacatacat    210600
     gtatgacttc aaatggataa aattataaac agtcatcaaa agagtgaaca attgggttca    210660
     ttttcaaacc ttgaggatga tcaggtgttg cctccaacaa acacacattt caggtatttg    210720
     ggattgaggt caaccttgta tgtgtcaatc cctaagcaga aggacaattc aaataaacca    210780
     aagagtgtca agtttcttca tcagctgcct gcaaggattc cagagcagac cacccagaat    210840
     agtcctcatt tttaattcca ggatgaacct aataaccaaa attatactca actgtctata    210900
     atttatactg tatgtgcttg tttttcatgt ttttctttta aatattgaat tgcatttaga    210960
     gaaactttaa taatgtgaaa cttcagctgt agacactgga tttcattagt ctagcacttg    211020
     gtattctgac ctcattggat atctaaaagc tagaatcaaa ttccaactcc atattttctt    211080
     atattgaatt gataacagac atatcatatc ctttaaaaca agcatgatga agtaacagaa    211140
     aaatattgtc tcaacataaa cttgtcaact ggatagtttc gagtcactgt gatacaagct    211200
     agagtcatca gagaggaaaa agcctcaatc gaggaaatcc agccaaagtt ttcttaagta    211260
     gcaattaatg agagaggtcc cagcccattg tgggtggtgc catcccaggc tggtgatcct    211320
     gggttctaga agaaaacagg ctgagcaaat cagaggaagc aatacagtaa ggagcactcc    211380
     tccatggctt ctacatcagc tcctgcatct agaatcctgc cctgtttgag tttttctgct    211440
     gaaatccttc agtaattaat agcaagatgg aaatgtaagc caaataaacc catctcctca    211500
     acttgctttt tggtcatagt tattaataaa agcataagaa accccaacta agacaagttc    211560
     tgctttagta ataccaatgg atgctgacag tttagaggtg attgtccagc acctaggaat    211620
     agtactgtca aaactactat gaagttaaac atttatgtca attttttctg tttgtttgtt    211680
     tgtttgcttg cttgcttgca tgcttgtttt ttgttcttat tttcttgata attcaatcaa    211740
     cttaatacaa gctaggatta ccctgaaaaa gaattc                              211776