EBI Dbfetch

ID   AL513025; SV 13; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 197940 BP.
AC   AL513025;
DT   19-JAN-2001 (Rel. 66, Created)
DT   15-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 30)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-235O1 on chromosome 13 Contains the 5'
DE   end of a novel gene, the E2f3 gene for E2F transcription factor 3, a novel
DE   gene and two CpG islands
KW   CpG island; E2f3; HTG.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Sciurognathi; Muroidea;
OC   Muridae; Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-197940
RA   Kay M.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL Clone requests: Geneservice ( and
RL   BACPAC Resources (
DR   MD5; 48509dfb22f12f52fcd5a9771ced7e50.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456164.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000006191; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000016477; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL513025.13:1-197940; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000006353; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000091674; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000102948; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000110323; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000124532; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000129231; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000137225; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000140278; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000146092; mus_musculus.
DR   GOA; D6RJ19.
DR   GOA; F6S0I8.
DR   RFAM; RF01417; RSV_RNA.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D6RJ19; D6RJ19_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F6S0I8; F6S0I8_MOUSE.
CC   Genome Center
CC   Center: UK Medical Research Council
CC   Center code: UK-MRC
CC   Web site:
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence.  Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone RP23-235O1. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap
CC   The true right end of clone RP23-47A2 is at 2000 in this sequence
CC   The true left end of clone RP23-232M10 is at 195941 in this sequence
CC   RP23-235O1 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong
CC   For further details see
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..197940
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="13"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-235O1"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    2001..197940
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(5158..7052,7816..7919,48945..49057,
FT                   52656..52825,57615..57658,58280..58380))
FT                   /gene="Cdkal1"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-202F3.2-004"
FT                   /product="CDK5 regulatory subunit associated protein 1-like
FT                   1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AK045506.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BB643935.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(7029..7052,7816..7919,48945..49057,
FT                   52656..52825))
FT                   /gene="Cdkal1"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-202F3.2-004"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTMUSP00000039106"
FT                   /product="CDK5 regulatory subunit associated protein 1-like
FT                   1"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q91WE6-5.1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q91WE6"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002792"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR005839"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006466"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006638"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007197"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013848"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR020612"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR023404"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR023970"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:1921765"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI24675.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(39712..39787,41232..41419,48945..49057,
FT                   52656..52825,57615..57658,58280..58382))
FT                   /gene="Cdkal1"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-202F3.2-009"
FT                   /product="CDK5 regulatory subunit associated protein 1-like
FT                   1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CJ048926.1 Em:CJ049365.1
FT                   Em:CK331696.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(AL589701.9:92788..92979,
FT                   AL589701.9:121381..121545,AL589701.9:124251..124334,
FT                   AL589701.9:210759..210821,AL645587.9:24080..24260,
FT                   AL645587.9:66964..67109,AL645587.9:101780..101946,
FT                   AL512647.14:26186..26289,AL512647.14:92164..92284,
FT                   AL512647.14:109660..109708,AL512647.14:118286..118382,
FT                   AL512647.14:177782..177866,48945..49057,52656..52825))
FT                   /gene="Cdkal1"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-202F3.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTMUSP00000000607"
FT                   /product="CDK5 regulatory subunit associated protein 1-like
FT                   1"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q91WE6.1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q91WE6"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002792"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR005839"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006466"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006638"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007197"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013848"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR020612"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR023404"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR023970"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:1921765"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI24677.1"
FT                   TM"
FT   CDS             complement(join(AL512647.14:<177861..177866,48945..49057,
FT                   52656..52825))
FT                   /gene="Cdkal1"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-202F3.2-010"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTMUSP00000039111"
FT                   /product="CDK5 regulatory subunit associated protein 1-like
FT                   1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:B7FAT1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013848"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR023970"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:1921765"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B7FAT1"
FT                   /protein_id="CAT00705.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(AL512647.14:<177861..177866,48945..49057,
FT                   52656..52825,57615..57658,58052..58148))
FT                   /gene="Cdkal1"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-202F3.2-010"
FT                   /product="CDK5 regulatory subunit associated protein 1-like
FT                   1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BY300885.1 Em:CJ170298.1
FT                   Em:CJ176431.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(AL645587.9:23419..24260,
FT                   AL645587.9:66964..67109,AL645587.9:101780..101946,
FT                   AL512647.14:26186..26289,AL512647.14:92164..92284,
FT                   AL512647.14:109660..109708,AL512647.14:118286..118382,
FT                   AL512647.14:177782..177866,48945..49057,52656..52825,
FT                   57615..57658,58280..58360))
FT                   /gene="Cdkal1"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-202F3.2-003"
FT                   /product="CDK5 regulatory subunit associated protein 1-like
FT                   1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AK018346.1 Em:AK158546.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AV350897.1 Em:AV362683.1
FT                   Em:BB421046.1 Em:BB554077.1 Em:BQ560075.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(AL645746.10:31902..33302,
FT                   AL645746.10:35115..35411,AL589701.9:121381..121545,
FT                   AL589701.9:124251..124334,AL589701.9:210759..210821,
FT                   AL645587.9:24080..24260,AL645587.9:66964..67109,
FT                   AL645587.9:101780..101946,AL512647.14:26186..26289,
FT                   AL512647.14:92164..92284,AL512647.14:109660..109708,
FT                   AL512647.14:118286..118382,AL512647.14:177782..177866,
FT                   48945..49057,52656..52825,57615..57658,58280..58364))
FT                   /gene="Cdkal1"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-202F3.2-007"
FT                   /product="CDK5 regulatory subunit associated protein 1-like
FT                   1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AK082629.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(AL645587.9:63758..67109,
FT                   AL645587.9:101780..101946,AL512647.14:26186..26289,
FT                   AL512647.14:92164..92284,AL512647.14:109660..109708,
FT                   AL512647.14:118286..118382,AL512647.14:177782..177866,
FT                   48945..49057,52656..52825,57615..57658,58280..58360))
FT                   /gene="Cdkal1"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-202F3.2-006"
FT                   /product="CDK5 regulatory subunit associated protein 1-like
FT                   1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AK169761.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(AL645587.9:71388..72802,
FT                   AL645587.9:101780..101946,AL512647.14:26186..26289,
FT                   AL512647.14:26443..26519,AL512647.14:92164..92284,
FT                   AL512647.14:109660..109708,AL512647.14:118286..118382,
FT                   AL512647.14:177782..177866,48945..49057,52656..52825,
FT                   57615..57658,58280..58356))
FT                   /gene="Cdkal1"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-202F3.2-008"
FT                   /product="CDK5 regulatory subunit associated protein 1-like
FT                   1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AK041864.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(AL589701.9:92052..92979,
FT                   AL589701.9:121381..121545,AL589701.9:124251..124334,
FT                   AL589701.9:210759..210821,AL645587.9:24080..24260,
FT                   AL645587.9:66964..67109,AL645587.9:101780..101946,
FT                   AL512647.14:26186..26289,AL512647.14:92164..92284,
FT                   AL512647.14:109660..109708,AL512647.14:118286..118382,
FT                   AL512647.14:177782..177866,48945..49057,52656..52825,
FT                   57615..57658,58280..58391))
FT                   /gene="Cdkal1"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-202F3.2-001"
FT                   /product="CDK5 regulatory subunit associated protein 1-like
FT                   1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AK000349.1 Em:AK004490.1
FT                   Em:AK024151.1 Em:BC016073.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL597272.1 Em:AL653795.1
FT                   Em:AL702987.1 Em:AW412976.1 Em:BB476090.2 Em:BB578886.1
FT                   Em:BB580782.1 Em:BB584262.1 Em:BB609164.1 Em:BB638590.1
FT                   Em:BB651261.1 Em:BB658977.1 Em:BE514950.1 Em:BE797743.1
FT                   Em:BE799258.1 Em:BF428220.1 Em:BF525015.1 Em:BG194374.1
FT                   Em:BI562312.1 Em:BM426207.1 Em:BM666014.1 Em:BM710919.1
FT                   Em:BQ389423.1 Em:BQ559329.1 Em:BQ560076.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(AL512647.14:109406..109708,
FT                   AL512647.14:118286..118382,AL512647.14:177782..177866,
FT                   48945..49057,52656..52825,57615..57658,58280..58374))
FT                   /gene="Cdkal1"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-202F3.2-011"
FT                   /product="CDK5 regulatory subunit associated protein 1-like
FT                   1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:DV046483.1"
FT   polyA_site      complement(109292)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(109292..112882,113910..114045,
FT                   116121..116235,119563..119721,121293..121512,
FT                   122831..122942,188017..188385))
FT                   /gene="E2f3"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-235O1.1-001"
FT                   /product="E2F transcription factor 3"
FT   polyA_site      complement(109294)
FT   polyA_site      complement(109301)
FT   polyA_site      complement(109302)
FT   polyA_signal    complement(109313..109318)
FT   polyA_signal    complement(109338..109343)
FT   CDS             complement(join(112620..112882,113910..114045,
FT                   116121..116235,119563..119721,121293..121512,
FT                   122831..122942,188017..188385))
FT                   /gene="E2f3"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-235O1.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTMUSP00000000663"
FT                   /product="E2F transcription factor 3"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O00716 Sw:O35261"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:O35261"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003316"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011991"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015633"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:1096340"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI24679.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<121501..121512,122831..122942,
FT                   186845..186936))
FT                   /gene="E2f3"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-235O1.1-002"
FT                   /product="E2F transcription factor 3"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW603144"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<121501..121512,122831..122942,
FT                   186845..186862))
FT                   /gene="E2f3"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-235O1.1-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTMUSP00000000664"
FT                   /product="E2F transcription factor 3"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:I7HFT6"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015633"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:1096340"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:I7HFT6"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI24678.1"
FT                   KS"
FT   mRNA            join(143000..143148,144354..144978)
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-235O1.3-001"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BG862897"
FT   misc_feature    144184..144212
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP Big Dye
FT                   Terminator reads only"
FT   misc_feature    189212..189223
FT                   /note="Sequence from Uni-Directional dGTP Big Dye
FT                   Terminator reads only"
FT   misc_feature    193941
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: RP23-232M10"
SQ   Sequence 197940 BP; 58550 A; 44538 C; 41436 G; 53416 T; 0 other;
     aatgctattg atttcaacat tgagtcttct ctactctcaa aagtagatta agctacatgg        60
     aaacagtttc tgtactacct ttccttatac ttaggcatca ctcacaactc tacctttcac       120
     aacttctccc gtacattgtc ttggtaaaat cactgcacac ctcaacgcta acaagttaca       180
     gaaccacagt ctgtaaagag gtctcccctc atgtgaattc agggaaaagt ttcctggcac       240
     gccactagac agttaaaggg ctagcacagt attatcttct gataataaca gctgctttgt       300
     agggaaaagc cttcctaatg ttagacccaa gggatttttc tctgtaattt ggatctacaa       360
     aacaaatact ttgctatcat ttaaaacaca cctattttta aagtaatatc tacaaggatg       420
     agagtgagta atggcacaat atctataatt actttaaaat ctttcaacag agggctaaag       480
     aaatagttca atagataaag tgctttctgg gcaaagtaga cctgaatttt tttaatcccc       540
     agaaacaaag ctggatggag tagtccactc ctgtggtccc actgacaggc agaagcagag       600
     agagaacccc tgcacactga tgggccagct agcctgtctc aaacaagata aggcataatg       660
     actgatacca cacagatact atagcataca caatcccaca ctcacacaca tggacatcat       720
     acacatacat acatattctt caacaaaaat aaaagtgaca aagagccagg ggtggcagaa       780
     gaggcctgta atcccacctt ccagaggaga ctccaatagt aaaatcaaaa caatggctag       840
     aagaaggaag ccagcgttac tgactggatc tcctcgagtg gggtgggctc ttgtgaacta       900
     gttcctcagc ttgtgagaga ctaaacattc tcataataaa ttatcagctc tgaaagatga       960
     aagaatacaa atatacttag aaattttgtg tataataata gtggcatttc aaattagagt      1020
     tgaaaagaca gattacttaa taaatggtat caggaaaaac gattagtcat ctgggagact      1080
     gagagcaggt ctatccatca cttgtaaatc acagacagtt ccacataact gatttaaatg      1140
     tatgaaaatg agagtgttag cataatagca ggaacaaggc cgcgcaactg ctgtcatcta      1200
     gaacttaaaa aaaaaaaaat caactgttta aaaaacagtg tcttcacaac aaaagtaacc      1260
     aagagtaaca agtgtcctct ggccagctaa tgtccctgag agaatacctt caaattagta      1320
     accaccatcc aataaaacaa taacaaaagg ctatgagtag gtcacaggaa aggaagtaaa      1380
     atgattcttt tgagaaatgc aactcacaag acactaaaat actatttttc actcataaga      1440
     ttagtaaaga ccaaaaaggt tcataatttg gtatgctagc cagactctgg gaaaatacca      1500
     aactcataaa ctgttgatag gaacataaat taatacactc tctacagaag gcaacacgtc      1560
     catagtaaaa ttatatattt acacacattt aacacagata ttacacttac agatatttac      1620
     tccaaagatc agttacctgt atgcaaaatg acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac      1680
     attataccta catacaaaga cataggaatc actgtagcat cactgataat aacaacagat      1740
     atgaaacagg gactcttaga aaggattgga gctggagaga tggatcagtg gttaagagca      1800
     catgctcttc cagaggtcgg gagttcaatt cccagcaact acatggtggc tcacaaccat      1860
     ctgtaattgg acctaatgcc ctcctcttgt gtgtcaatga cagtgtgctc atctacataa      1920
     aatgaataaa taagcctttt tttaaaaatg aaggaagaaa ggattgggta ggactatgct      1980
     tcactgatac aatggaattc agcacactta gaacaaatct gagcctgctg ggtatggaaa      2040
     cccagagcct gggacatgcc agggaagcaa gggccctacc aggatgctct ccagttcatt      2100
     cactctcttc caaacattct ttctgattct ttgaatgtat actctgtaaa ttaaatatgt      2160
     gttcataaaa gtccattgct agtgtagagt ctttgttgta tacaatatta attttagtct      2220
     gaaacatgta acatgtgttg gtcttcgggt acaaggagaa cactctgcat ccaagagacc      2280
     ccagtaccac agttagctcc tgaaatgcat gtctcacatg taaataatct cacctggctg      2340
     cctggctctc cctggggctg gtaagggagc acccccaagc agctgtccag caggctaaca      2400
     catagctgca gaggagcaag aaataacaca tgctttgcct aggatttttc tctgattaaa      2460
     gcaaaatgat tggcagttct gagtagagga aaattgttgt ggagtgtgta agagggaact      2520
     aaataagccc tttctctagc aagaaagcag gctaggaaag caaaacaggt aagagaagga      2580
     cagggatggc agagcaagca taagaacaag agcagaagtc actaatggca ccacacagtc      2640
     gtcctgcata cagacaacac gggggagggg gggggttgga gaaatgcttc agtggctaag      2700
     agcatgtact actgttatag aaggcctggg gtccatcttc agcacccata tctagcaggt      2760
     cacaaacacc cgtaactcca gcttcagggc ttccacaggc acttttacat acacagacag      2820
     acagacagac acacacacac accccatgtt catacatgtg catgcacata aggggggaga      2880
     aataaataat cctagaaaat gctaaaatat gtagatagac ttcatgcctg caacacagat      2940
     tttgttttga gcataactag tgtgtatgtg gagtaagtac acagaggagc gtactgcaac      3000
     cacttagatt ttggcgtgcc gtagccaagg gaattctgga aagcataact gaaaatgtaa      3060
     ggaaagggta aagacagaga gattatactg ccaagccaat agaaatgaga aatccataaa      3120
     taaaacagga gatgaggctg gatagctgga ttcgtggtta aagcttttgc ctgtgctcgg      3180
     aatgtaaaga cgaagtatgc ccagagcaag ctgactggtg agatctgcct taccagtgag      3240
     ccccggaccc aagctagaga ccctgcctag gtatacaggt agagaacaat caaagacacc      3300
     taatgtcagc cttggaccct agcacataca tgttcattta catccatata tacacatttt      3360
     ttaaaggggg taggaatgtg gagcacatta agaaaaactt ccaaaattcc aaaacttcca      3420
     tgtacagtat agctgaaaag actgccaata ctagaaatac cttctattta tttcatatta      3480
     caaaagcaca ataagggcct aaagactttc tggggggaaa aaatcacaaa tacacaaaca      3540
     cccgaaaggg agaaagtcag gcatcaaact ttccctaacc tccccctcta gtccacaaag      3600
     gtcggacgag gacatcggat cccttggaga tgcagtgaca ggtaagctgc acaacagagg      3660
     ttctggaatc aagtccggtc ctctgcaaaa gcagtaagca ctctcttcat tgctgagcca      3720
     tctttccaga tccaaacctc tcagacgtaa gaatgagttc ccaaaacagt tggacctaac      3780
     ccagcaggta tgacacactc ccaggtattc aagagaacag aatttactac catggacctt      3840
     ttctgaaaga attattccaa cattggattc tagagtaaac aaagttggga tttttgctat      3900
     gttctccacc ctctagccaa gagttagttc tgcagcagag aaagggggga gataggagga      3960
     ggaacgggag aagatgaaaa gccaggtctg taggggctgg taagcttggg cctgaatgaa      4020
     tggagagaaa gaagctgaat aaatacatcc aaatttactt tcaaagtcat cgctactttt      4080
     ttaagtgccc caagaggcta cacatgggca gcagaaggta atgatgcccc tctcgcctct      4140
     accacaccaa gcagaggtct ataattaaag aaacaatgtc actcacaagg ctagaaattc      4200
     tgctacaaat gtattacatt aaagcacaaa acttttctac cccgactcag aggaaaagat      4260
     ggaggcacaa atataaaatc aactatttat tcatttatat gtacatgggt gttttgcctg      4320
     aattttaagt ctgtgtaagg gtgtcagatc cccgggaaca tacgctacag atggttgtga      4380
     actgccatat gggtgctagg aattgaaccc aggtcctctg aaaaaaataa ccagtgctct      4440
     tatccactgg gccatctctc cagcccctac aaaattaact ataatatctg attttttttc      4500
     taaaagcatt tttgttttga aacaggattt cactctgtgc cctagaattc agtatgcagc      4560
     ccaggctggt ctcaaactcc tatcaattat cctgtttcag actctaagat tacaggcaag      4620
     tgtcaccgtt cccaggaaca ttcctgtgac cttgattaat taccatattc ttatttaaca      4680
     aattaataga ccttattatg acattttctt ttttaattat attattatta ttattattat      4740
     taccactact actactacca ctaccacctg tatgtactat tactacaacc agtactgcta      4800
     tctgtatgaa gtttgtgcac catgtgcatg tctggtgcct gaggaagaca tggatcctct      4860
     gaaagtggag ttactaacag ctaggagcag ctatgtgtgt gctgggaatc aaagccagat      4920
     gatctgttta ctgcggagcc atctcttgag ccctgtgatg actttttcat gcagacgctt      4980
     caccccttga tcctttctta tgctcccctg aaccctgcta gtctgctccc tctccctacc      5040
     tcctgtaatc caagtgtgtc tttcagtctg ggttctgcac atgagagaag acatacataa      5100
     atttatctaa gtctgaatta tttaatttaa cataatgaac tttcctggaa atgatgtctg      5160
     ataaccatag tatttatttt attttcataa tatgatccta aatctacaca catacacaaa      5220
     agaaaagatg cctttgagac atcattcttg taaaggtttg gcctagatgc aaaaagtcct      5280
     ttgccagctc tcaatatgac agatgtgacc agaacaccaa taatttgata gcactagata      5340
     aaaagtatat catgcaaacc tttttaataa cttaattatg atatttactt ttacagtgtg      5400
     ctgctcttgc tgagagcaga tgaagactag acaagcattc tcatgttttt tcctgatctg      5460
     gtttcccaat gcagccccag ctccaattgt ttgactagac cagttgtaaa gtagttgact      5520
     gcaggcaacc tcagacatac tctcatctag cccatgctca caaacacaag gataattggc      5580
     ttcttctcta ctggtatcag ccatagtttt aacagatggt gccattaact gaggaaggtt      5640
     tggtactgaa taaaactaat gacaaaccat atgtctgcag caaaacagtg ctcttgtcaa      5700
     ggatacagca cactggattt tatttatgtg tctggttttt tgatggggac acaacaatat      5760
     agtgcagtaa cataagccaa aagtaacagg gaaccagaag aaatccagga atgactgaaa      5820
     agcagagtca agatgtgcag ctccttccca gcttgtaaag gtaccaagca cacacaccaa      5880
     cttcacactt acagcccaga ggggcctatc tgcattagtt catgaactgt ctccaccttg      5940
     actacaagcc tcagacatta cttaaagtaa tgatatagct ggtaagacag acactcaatt      6000
     tctttcttca gtaaactctg tctgtccaaa tgatggtatt ttagcaactc tgcacacatt      6060
     aattctttga ggaacaacaa agtatactca gatttaaagt agcctgagtt attttctatt      6120
     aaacactatt tcagaagccg gggcatgatg gtacatgtct atccagcaag aagaggcaga      6180
     aactagagtt ggcacgatag taaaactctc tcaaagcaaa cgccatctca gtaacccatt      6240
     gaagaaataa ttcaagcaga cattagatgt atccaacata acgttattgt agcaaaactg      6300
     gccacagaaa atgtgcaaaa gaaaatacac agctttatca taagaatctc acttccatag      6360
     ggctatactt caggcaagat ggtattctct gatgttaaca atctaactcc caagctgctg      6420
     agatggctta gcaggtaaga gcattgactg ctcttctgaa ggtcctgagt tcaaatccca      6480
     gcaaccacat ggtggctcac aaccatcctt aaccagatct gactccctct tctggagtgt      6540
     ctgaagacag ctacaagtgc ctatgtataa aaataaataa atctataaaa aaaaaagtaa      6600
     ttcccagtgc ccactctatg acataaaatt ctactgtaat ctactcatca tttagccaga      6660
     cagcatagtt aactgataaa atacacattt ggaagaatga aacaatctta gtcagaaatg      6720
     tgtgtccatt tcaacaaaga aagtgcaggc atttcaacag aactccttcc ggcagaacac      6780
     caggcagtgg gaagcccagt ctagacacca cacacagcct acaatgcccc cgaacctcca      6840
     agagctgcct taagaacagc ttccacttca tcttctgctg tctcattcaa ggacaagaat      6900
     ctgtatccat gacttccagg aaaagcaatc atgcgtgtga ggacacagtg aatgtgccca      6960
     cgagtcaaag tcccagggta atgcatagtc aatgaacagt ctcagagtct ccattttttg      7020
     aaatgagatc accaccatac aactagtagg atctgtcaga aggacaagat gagatgacgt      7080
     atgtaaagcc catggcatca ggtcaggcag aagacatcct aataaatacc cccccccccg      7140
     agttcctaag gctcccgggg aaccaggaca gccgtcaaaa cctcattgtc gagcattgtc      7200
     accctgaatt gaactagact tcatgatgca tatcttaagg ttagtttctt tcccattccc      7260
     ctctcagaag cctctgagaa ccagcacatt gagcctgata aattttccaa caagcactga      7320
     gaagatctcc aatcaataag caacaaacac agaaatgcat ccgtaagaca ggacctgagc      7380
     aacaaggggc tgcaaacgca gctttggagt ctgcatttct atcagcttgt atttatttac      7440
     aaacgattct tgagctcaga gtctagtccc agacgtccct ctgaccttga aattctccat      7500
     actcagctcc cccagttcca caaacctgca catgggtcga tctcacctgt ttatcccttc      7560
     cttgtgttct actatttata tgggaaatct acagagacaa atcttccata aaaacataat      7620
     taagaaatgg ttctaaataa tgaaaaacag gttctcactg tgcaagaatg tttcaacttc      7680
     ctaagtaaat atcttttcta agtaaatatg tttgatctta gcctattaag ggttgcctaa      7740
     atatatgatc gcagaagttg cattaaaata acaacattaa aaaaacaaac aaacaaagga      7800
     acaggcaaaa catacaagag gggttttcaa gaccctgcag cggacagagt gaaggacagt      7860
     gcgcaccgga tgatgaatga gttccatggc gcccaagctt gactccgttc cagactgagc      7920
     tgcagtgagg atacggagaa gaaacggtta gcagaccgaa ggtttgtggt acaagcgtga      7980
     gttgagacag aagcagagac aggggatgct gagggtaggc tgcctacact agctatattg      8040
     gcaagtctgt gactcagtaa gacccctgcc tccgtaaaga aagaacaatt aaggagaaca      8100
     cctaacatca acccctggac tccacagcat gccaagccat agacaaacac agagaagatg      8160
     gaggtgatgg cacagagctc acacaggcac ctgctctttc agccacacag gaaacctgat      8220
     gactcatcac ccactgggta gcacacagaa ggaccttacc tcagtacaag ggataatcag      8280
     tcctgactaa gccaaactcc tagtccaaga gaaccaagtg cttctaaata cctacagccc      8340
     agaacagagc ccaaggatat gcagaaaagg cacaaaaaca cctatgagaa aaaacttaca      8400
     gtgatttgac tctaatatgc atgacagaat aagggaaatg ttacttcaaa ataaggatga      8460
     aattcagtac ccaggtgacc tagaaatgac gcaaacgtta taattcagac aataacacta      8520
     gtgtattata aactgtatgt taaatacatt caaatttgaa gtgcagactt ataagacatt      8580
     aagaggggag agctgaaact gagctgctgg ggtccttcgg ctggcagaga gagccctctc      8640
     ttgaaaggag agagctgctc ctttcttgac tggtcaattc ttctgttaac ctttaagact      8700
     aaggatggaa ggggtaagaa gtgcccagag gatgccatgc ctagatatcc tctccctggc      8760
     accactgtag gacagaaact caattctccc ttgctcagca atcagcatca ttcagtcttg      8820
     taaggcttct gttgttgttg cagttcattg atcatttgct gaggggagaa cccaaccagc      8880
     caaggagcag ccctgtctcc cgatcccatg gaaccaccgt tctctccatg gagacagtct      8940
     ccctctcagg accatgacct cccagacagc agaggcctgt gctgacatgg cagaaagtgg      9000
     aagttgtacc aaacaggttt gatactcaga ctctcatcag tgtgaaaagt atcagacata      9060
     aatgagttaa ggagaggaaa ggttatttgg actcagcctc agagctttca gtccacagtc      9120
     acttggcccc atggttccgt gcctgcaatg aggaggctgt gcactctcac actggccagg      9180
     aaacagaaaa atatagaggc agagaacagg gtggataaga tacagccctg aagatatgtc      9240
     cccagtgacc tacttcctca ggtaggctcc acctcctact ttccagaaac tcccaaatta      9300
     atgccacagg gtagggaatc aagccttcag tacaagagcc atgagggaag agcacataca      9360
     aaccataatg tgaatcacta gttaaaatag caaggaactc ccaactttta ccccctgatt      9420
     tccaaggcca tgagtatgat tactagagat aacacatgca atggtctttg attcacagtg      9480
     cacactacac cctgggaaga agcaagaaca tccttttatg gtacttcctc tcaactagca      9540
     ctgtgctaca gccagaagga ataaaatgca aagtgcccta agagtggata gagatttctg      9600
     aatccacaaa taagggtgct gacagaatat tctaggtaga ggaggaaaag ccataagcag      9660
     catagatgac tattccagta atgatgtatc ttttccttcc ccgtgatgga aaaggtccaa      9720
     tataatttaa ccaccaacag atggctggct gcttccctca gagaatggtg tcacaccagg      9780
     gactcaatga tgggactcta cagttggcag agtaggcatt cagcaataac atcagccagg      9840
     tcggccttat tacaacacta acaatagtcc ttattgttga acccatgaat aggttttccc      9900
     actgccaaca cagccattta ttcgtgggcc tgttgcttaa gccctaagat ggagaggaag      9960
     aggacagcca tggacacagc gaactgcagt ccttctcctt ccacttgcct gtccttcact     10020
     tctcacccat cttcagatca tacagaaaaa gcattaataa atgtccactc gccactgtag     10080
     attttgatct gtccaatctt ctctcactct gtaaataata ggtggccact catactgcta     10140
     caagttctgc caactggggg tattttttcc cactgtcctt catggtcagt cttgtgagga     10200
     actttgatgc tgtggtgtcc aattctgaat atatgagaaa atccttcact catttgtaaa     10260
     ccaactcaag cttctctgtt ttttagtcaa ctgtcatggc agcaactcag gaagccattg     10320
     ccatgagcag aacgaagtag ggcagcagct ggcaccaaag ggtctgacgc actccttaga     10380
     agtgatgtcc agccctggtc aagcttggtc tcctagagac tttttccctc tgataacaga     10440
     ctgctactat gcatagccaa atgggtcaga aatgagatga ggaactgtca gagggcagat     10500
     aggaacggag ataacaactg gactgtaaaa actaaaagaa attttaaaaa tcattaatta     10560
     aaaaaatttt ttttcaagct aaagtctagt agtcactgat tagtggctaa aaggggcttt     10620
     agattggttc catgtcccct tctatgctga tggatccaag caggcagtag gagacatggt     10680
     aggagctcaa acacgctccc acactagaca cggaagtatt ttagcaaatt acttcagccc     10740
     cttttaagac tcccatttgt atctataaga tagcatcgta atgctatcta actcacagat     10800
     cactgtggaa gagcacatgc aggtacatga aaaaccctgc ccagtgcttc ttatgaggca     10860
     agtcctcagc cttacattag ctactatcac taatgcctgt cagcagcatt atgaaatcaa     10920
     cttttccatt aggtattcct actgcttttt taatcatggt taaccatctg gcaacccaat     10980
     aacaattatg tataagtaat aaacatggca aagaataata tggtgagagg cactggttaa     11040
     ataaatggga cttggctttc aggctgccag gaactcattc actggcttgg cacaagcctc     11100
     ccatgtattt gagcctccat ttgctgagct gtaaaacaag tctgagttaa gtgctatcaa     11160
     gatttctttc ctccattaca atgtacaatg caataaccat atcttagact taagttttaa     11220
     gcctattcgt atgtggtcct cccagatttc tgtttgtatc atccttatct aaaccaagca     11280
     ccagcccatt tctaaagcat atcggagggg accctccacc aagcactagt atcaaacagt     11340
     tccaagaagg tcctagaaat caccactcaa ccatctccct tgcaaggctt tggttaaaaa     11400
     cttataaagg ataaagaccg gagagatggc tcagcagaga agaacactga attctcttcc     11460
     tgaagacctg ggttcagttc tcattgccca catgatggct gaaaatcatc tataactgca     11520
     gtttcagagg acctaaaacc tctgcacaca tgtggtacac agacatacat gaagtcaaaa     11580
     tacccataac ataaaaatta aaactcaaaa tgtaaggata ggtggctcag tgggttcagg     11640
     tacttgctgt gaaacctgac tacctgaatt taaaaccaaa gatctacatg ggagaaggag     11700
     aaaagagact ctcacgactg ttttctgact tttatgtacg tgagcacata tgtaaggatc     11760
     tgcaagttca cacatacaca tccacagaat aaatcaataa taagcaaatg aaagtcaaaa     11820
     ttaaatttta agcccatgtt taaaacaaaa caagcaagaa caaacaaaca aacaacaaca     11880
     gggtctcact atctagccct tgctggcctg gaactcacta cgtaaaccag actgtcctca     11940
     aattcacggg agctacctgc ctctatttac caagtgctct gattaaaaga atatgtaacc     12000
     atgcctagca cttaagcact agttttgaaa taaaaatgtc cctctcaaat tcaaactaat     12060
     ttacctacaa gaagaaaccc ggaatcatta ccatctttcc tagatggccc acacacagtg     12120
     ctactcacaa ctgatcaata gcattggatt aacccacatt aactcaaaat taaacaagct     12180
     gacaccattt gcatttaatt atgtgtctct gctccttcgc agaggtacca aggcttttat     12240
     gatcatttgc ccggcattca tcaataacac caattttctc agtaatctga cctaagcacc     12300
     ggctgcaggg aaagcaagac aggaagaact tagcaatgcc atagaaagga aactgctagt     12360
     cccctcgggg atttgtgatc aatctagcta caacaggagt ctgtcattca gtacacagaa     12420
     tgaaaacatg ctatgttttt atacaggtga gtctcatgtt atgtgatata cagcctaatc     12480
     taatagcata cagaaaatga tttttattaa tctaatacaa gcttaaatat attaatggtg     12540
     ttttctagca agaaataaaa aatgaatact gtttcagaat aaaagaataa atgttgtaag     12600
     ttggaagaag gacatgctgc agggaatgtg gaagaaagaa atggcagagt ggataaggtc     12660
     atttctcaaa gaacacatat atgaagctct ccagaataaa gacaacttat agttttaaaa     12720
     ggttattatt aaagaataac tcatttcata tatgattggt atgtgtagat tagacagaca     12780
     aacagattga ttgattatgg atgatagatg ggtaaaaaag tagatggatt atggatgaca     12840
     gagaaagatg gtagagatat gcatgtgtgc atcctgtttc tgtagagata tgcatgtgta     12900
     catcctgttt ctgaccataa gatttacttg caataatcaa aatattataa ataaaaataa     12960
     atataaaatc tttggtatta aaaataatat ttactattaa atatttaatc atacttttaa     13020
     aacattatta tttcaaaaga taaagataga gacctttaca cacacaaatg aaatagattt     13080
     tagaaactaa aggtcaccac tgcaaaaaaa gaagaagaag aagtagtatt tcacttaggg     13140
     tcccatgaac aatggtgact ttgatgacac tcgtagaatc aaactattta gatgcagaag     13200
     cctcctgggc ggcctggggt gcttactagc atttacggta ggttaaacaa cagatgggaa     13260
     aaggtaaagt acaagatgtg agcgctctat gccttcacaa atccaaggcc attggtgctc     13320
     taagacgtaa tcaaccttgg tcaataacca gaaagcccat ctgaaaaggt agatttgtat     13380
     cagctgcctg ccccaggagg ctcacacatg aatatgctca catgactttt agtataaaaa     13440
     ggagaaaaga aaaaaggaaa accactacaa aaaggaccac tggggaggga agtcattgat     13500
     catgccaaac ataaagcctc cagtaaagta agagccaaca ttaagtgcgt taaaatgagg     13560
     acatgatttt tcataattac aaagcaaatc acaagccttc taaaatgagc caacgaccgt     13620
     gatgagaccc atgtactgag catgtcatag cactgctgtt acaatgtcaa actgctgctc     13680
     ccttttccag gaaggaaagg taagctgtca gacagctttc tgatatcctg acaggatacc     13740
     acagctaatt tctggaaaag atgatcagta aaccaaatgt gttagattgg ccttttatgt     13800
     ggcagtcaat cgcagctgca catgctatag aaggagttaa cattttgctc actatacctt     13860
     aagctatcag gaagaccaat tttatgcaaa tcttcatcaa ctgtaaatgg ggctgggtta     13920
     ataatcatag gtctaaattc cacatgcaaa ttagacttaa acatctaaga cacagttatc     13980
     ctaagaacac tgcctgtcac agaacctttt tatttggtac ataatgtaat ctttcatatc     14040
     catagcattt gaagtcttaa caacacacaa agctaaatga gccaagtcag atgcaaattt     14100
     taacaaaact cttttgagaa acagaaataa ataatacagg tggcagtgtt tgtataaagc     14160
     acccagtttt tgcatgagta agtttgcata ggatggatcc cacagaaaca gatacagaaa     14220
     gggcgatctg tcttctccag gaactcatga ttctcaacat atccaagctg agagccactg     14280
     ggagtggttg atagggggag aaacagaagc acatgaatgc atgtctaagt agaagattac     14340
     tagagtctgg tgtaaataat gttagtttta ttattaagta cctattgtct ttagaattat     14400
     tcttttaaaa gtggaataaa tggtagaaaa tctgaaatat gtctgcatta ggcagcattt     14460
     gtataactgg aggaatatgt ttctgtgtgt gaggacatgg aagctaagca agcatgagat     14520
     ttagacagaa ataacacttt tgcatgtaaa tcttttcaca ttgtgagtat tttaactcat     14580
     gatgatacca acttcctcaa atactgaatc aataaaactg taaatggaat gataaaatga     14640
     tagggccaca cagctccgaa gcagaatgga tttgcattag ccacagaaac taaaggggaa     14700
     cttcatcatt ctcactgatt acaattaaat ttggcacatc aaaaggcatt aaagatctta     14760
     tgtaattata actttaaaat aaaaacctcc attagtgctt ttgttataca caaagcctcc     14820
     agagaacaaa cgtggaacca cctaaatctg gggaaagcag aaatcttaaa gcagagaaca     14880
     aatgaattgt aattaccttc attctcagtg ctaacaaaaa agctaatcaa ttattaaagt     14940
     tgataaaatt aactatgtga aatgttccat ttgattctag ttttattagg tttatatgtt     15000
     tattttaata agcataacag acatttctca gaaggctacc acttataaat tttaaatgtg     15060
     tctgtgctaa tgacaggggt cacataatta atgaatgatt ttagttccat gtgtcagaca     15120
     catagcacat gtcacattta atgtaaatgt tggaacatat tctctagtca gaaatggcag     15180
     taacctagct attggtcagc agtgtattag cctcaagatc aaaacgaagc aagctgaggc     15240
     ttccatttaa gaacaacttt gccttctggg aaaaaaaaga aaaagaaaat tagcatgtga     15300
     cattaagaaa agctattttg gatggctaca gcttttcctt gattccaaat tgcttttgag     15360
     tgctttctgc aactcttccc atacataaga agttaaagag atgcagtttc gactgtttct     15420
     gaaattctcc actccagtcc ttcacagcaa ctatatgtga cctgcagact atcacattaa     15480
     aataacgggg caactcagga aagaagccct aagtgtctgc cctgttactc cctaccctgt     15540
     aacaacatca ccccacagta ttaagacgca agatacaatg gcaaatgtat cttagtggtt     15600
     ctgatttata gtatctagcc taaatattca caatctgtga ctaataaaca aaagcaaaga     15660
     aattttctca agtatggctc tagaacctat ggaatcaaaa gtccactaat aatttcacag     15720
     agctacgtaa ataaaaagaa gaaacaagag tcattccatt ctgtagtcaa aattttatat     15780
     tgcctagagc aagagcttat gattcacgta aaaccccaaa agaaagtgaa cagttgccct     15840
     aaacatgcaa ctctgcacag tgttgccctt ggcatggtac actctcaccc cacaggtatt     15900
     tcatattact gtataataaa ctctattttc tatactaaaa gaaaaagaaa aaaggctaaa     15960
     attaccagat ttcaattttt ttcctctcac aaaaacaaac ttaggtacat aaccctagag     16020
     agtaaaaatg gatgactgct aatttaaagt ggagacatat tgatttatta atcacagaaa     16080
     taagagcaca ttgttaggcc catgagagtg acaacagcta aatggaaggt gggaaggagg     16140
     ctcaacagct aagagcactt gctgctcttt cagaggaccc aggttcagtg cccagcacta     16200
     ccaggaacct cagaattgcc tgtaactcca gcttctgggg atctgatacc ctctccgggt     16260
     ctccacagac attacatgta tttgctgcag tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     16320
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtatgta tacatacata tacatatata tgtgtgtatg tatatataca     16380
     catgcacata tataaattca cacacacaca catatataat atatatgaac tcaagcacat     16440
     acacataaag ttaaaaagtc cttttataaa acagaaataa tgtggagaac agattagata     16500
     ctttaaaagg tggcctctga cacaacttag aagcagaatt agaaaacaat aagaaaagtt     16560
     caaaccgtaa tttcactaat tttccctctg aacctttgaa agattgccaa atagacttaa     16620
     gcaacaaggg agggggaaac tttaataaaa aagaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag tctacctcat     16680
     ccaggctgaa gtgctagagg gaaaacacgg aaatagcaag acaacttcaa agagattcta     16740
     taatcgaaga tgccgtactc ttgcctgttt cgtctcagag attaaagaag atttttaaag     16800
     ctgttccatg gacacagaga tcaaacattt ataaatgttt atcattttac aagtcctaaa     16860
     ttcaaaggtg ggctcaaaga aatgagagta acaaagggag caaggaggaa agacgagcta     16920
     ctgggcgagg caggagcaca gaaggcagct tggaagaaca tactttggag ctacaagaaa     16980
     ggaaaattct ttctgaaaat ctcattgcaa gaagacctgt acaatgtagc acactgaaat     17040
     gctatggaag tggcagcagg acaggctgga gcatcatcta ctcgccttta agagacacta     17100
     aagttgccat agcgtccttc catagcagac caagatcaac catatcagcc tcactaggtc     17160
     atccctttct caacgaaaag ctcaatccat tctttacatt tactttttac tgttatgtat     17220
     gtgcatgtgg ggtgagagtg ctatgtgtgt acaggtacct gatgaaacca aaaaagtcag     17280
     atacccttga gctagagtta caggcagagg ggagctaact gacttgggtg ctaggaactg     17340
     ttgtattaga atggcagctc gtatatggac agatcacagc aggctagcac agctccgggt     17400
     agagatttat taggggagaa gggaaaaaga ggaaaggaca aaggggggca atgaagaaga     17460
     agaaggaaag agagaacgaa tgtcaggggg ctctgccttt tatttgggcc atgatgtaat     17520
     cacacaggta agggcaggga ggtaaacaat gggaatgtat ggcagttgcc atggaaacag     17580
     atgagggggt ccttgtcgcc tatgggtgac atcatcactg gattcagagt gcaggctctg     17640
     atgccaataa actgaacagc aagtactttt aaccaaagat ccatttctcc ggccccaaga     17700
     atatggactt ttagtgtcta aaagcttatg gacagctaac aaatattatt atctcagtca     17760
     gctttgcaca aatttccctt cccatgagaa aagagtatgc agatgaagaa gaagaaaact     17820
     gggtccctat gacaacagtt agagccaatc agctgctgag aatctgacac acacaacagt     17880
     gaggtggtga tgaaatcaca cttacccagt tctcttacta tgtctcttaa tggctatcca     17940
     ttaagtcacc acttaatatg ctaataaact aagcctaggg ctggagagag ggcattgcag     18000
     ttaagaggac tttttctagc agaggaccca agttcaattc ctagcaccga cgtaacagct     18060
     cacagctata tacaactcca attctgggag atgatacact cttctagcct ctagtggcat     18120
     caggtatgca tatgatacat agacatgcat gcaagcaaat cacccacaca taaaataaaa     18180
     ataattttta attcaggaaa actgaaccta cgctcactat ttccaatagt gggtagcact     18240
     atgtcaccct aggaatgagc agacattcct aaaagcaatt cttccgcacc cctaccccca     18300
     ggggtcatga tgctggaata caattaagca agcaatcccc ctacaaccgt ttatctgcaa     18360
     aatcaccagg cctaatattg ctaacatata cacactcatg tattcatttt ggttgcctaa     18420
     acatttatct aaataaggat aaagcaagca tctaaactaa atgaggtaat tctaatgttt     18480
     ctactaccgt tgggcaaact tgctttcatt catgacggct tatgttgttt gtatggcggt     18540
     accattgctt atatgaaggt atcattgtct atatagagct attatttgta tggaggtgtg     18600
     ctggctagtt tatgtcaact tgacacaagc tagagctatc tgaaaatagc aaaccactac     18660
     tgagaaaatg tccccatttt cttaactgat taatggggga gggctcagcc cattgtgggt     18720
     ggtgccatcc ctgggcaagt ggccctgagt tttataacaa aacaagctga gcaacctatg     18780
     attaaaaagt cagtaagcaa tatccttcca tggcatctac atcagctcct gcctccaagt     18840
     tcttgccctg tttgagttcc tgtcctaact tccttcagta atagactatg aatgaaccct     18900
     tccttaccca acttgctttc ggttatggtg tctcatcata gcaacaataa cccaactaag     18960
     acatggtatc attgtgtgaa gatgtcattg tttatatagt ggtttaattg tatttaatgg     19020
     aggtattttt gttttatgaa agtatcacta cttgcatggt gttactgtat gaaggtatca     19080
     ctgatcatat ggagtggtca tatgggtcac tgatcatttt tcatatggaa gtattattgt     19140
     ttgcatgaag attccacacg tcctaacata gaagctacta ctgattcttc cataattcca     19200
     tgatacagtt tgtgtgcatg tgagtacatg gtaacaagta cctacgcctg tacatgcaca     19260
     catgtaggcc agaggctgag tttgaaatgg ataaattcca ccttatattt gagatctgag     19320
     tcagtgtcta tctcatactc taccctgctg cttcatccag actggctgac aagcaagcac     19380
     ccagaagcct cctgtctctc acactgatgc actaggacta caagtataca ccagttttta     19440
     cctaggttct gggaacctaa attcaggtca tcatgcttgt gaagtaggca cattacccac     19500
     taagccatct cccagccctt ctccaatatt ctacagccag ttttcattca ttggccaaca     19560
     ccagatcacc ttggctgaca gttctactca ttgataaata cttttcaaat gtctactatg     19620
     agctgctgac cattcttata cagcagtatc accagacaaa aaagaaaaca gcaaatcaat     19680
     acatgactca tgaggtgatg atcattattc cacagaaata aaaaaaatta gagatgaagg     19740
     cctgttatac acaactcaaa ggagacctct ctgataaaat aacatgtgag caaaaacacg     19800
     acgtgagcaa acgaaacagg tacacaatgg gaagaagaac attccagaca caagaagact     19860
     ataaactcaa gtgtgtgttt ggtatgttcc aagaacagta agaaatcaag gtgtagtcat     19920
     ttgaatgaaa tgtttacccc tgactcaggc atgaatactt gctccacagt gggtggcgct     19980
     gtttgggtaa ctttagggtg tgtggccttg gtagaggaag catgtcactg gaggagtggc     20040
     tttcagaatt taaggttttg ggccatttct agttcactct ctgttttgta cctgtggttc     20100
     aagacatgaa ctctcagctt cctgaccctc ctcctacaat gccttcctac cactctcatg     20160
     gactcttaac tccctggaac tacaaacccc tacaaaactc tttcttctat gggatgcttt     20220
     gacaatcaca gcaatataaa aaaagtaact aacacacaag gcgactgcag tgattagaga     20280
     caaaatcaag agagattttc aacttggaag atgttgcgtc atgacaaaac tctgcccttc     20340
     actcatgtgg ctatctccat ttgaattttt taaaagtaga atttaaaatt caattccttg     20400
     gttgcaccag gaaataggcc atgccaggtt agaggctact ctatctattc ataccaaaaa     20460
     aaaaaaaaaa tctgactttg attctctatc ctctactctg agctagagat tcaatccagg     20520
     gtctcatgca ggctaaatgt gtactgtgtc accagctaca tctctaacct gagtgtatca     20580
     aaacatttcc tagcaggaat gtaaaaaacc agttgtagag gggaaagcag gagtagaacc     20640
     cagctactat ttattcagaa gaggaggtgg gaacatagga taagtgaaaa agaaaaaaag     20700
     tcagagtctg aatgtatcca ttttagtgtg gacaaagcgg gatgtttgaa cagatgtaat     20760
     gtgacataag agcaagagta tttcttcttg actccaattc ttttggccca agcaactgga     20820
     aggacccaaa taagactgaa agactggagg agcagcctct gggagagttg aagaattctg     20880
     gacagggtaa atcagcattc ctccgcattc aaacgataaa caagggggaa gagtccagag     20940
     agcaaaggaa atataccatt gggaggcatc catataggga ggagattcaa gagctcagag     21000
     gactataaaa ctgaagagta cttgagtgca agcaggagcc cttggagata gatagcatca     21060
     agtgaggagg actttgctgt ctcctgcaga gaagcaatag ccaggggtat tatgctcagg     21120
     acaggagaca gccacccctg aaggaaagag accaactcca gtgaatgctg acaaatgaag     21180
     gcagagtgct gaggaatgac agttgcactt ggccatgaag aggtcactgg tgaatttgat     21240
     aaagaaggcc tgactctcaa ggcagcagaa gaaacagcag attatcaacg gactctttct     21300
     tacaaggagt tttgctagta gaagaaaaaa cagaatcatt agagaaaatg tggtgtccat     21360
     agcaatagga aaaaaatgca aaaaggaaag tggccaatgt tggaagtaag tgcatagggc     21420
     agagcgggcc tcacacacac agcagctcag cagactgatt atggagtgtg acacaggaac     21480
     tacagagtcc atgcgtgaag gacactcatt cagacctgca gatttgttgc agcaaagtat     21540
     agacactgct cctgatggct ctaaacaaca atctacctca ctagattgac agcctttcaa     21600
     aggaattggc tgttgtaatc atctacgttg ttaacactaa caagcttgca cactttaaat     21660
     tattcaagag ttgtactgag caaataaatt gatagaaaga ctgaataccc agggacctcg     21720
     gcttaagcct taactcacgt aggtcttagc agtcaggtct gagctgtaca cactcggcat     21780
     cacacagaag gagctcactc ggcatcacac agaaggagct catagccatc accagccaca     21840
     ccccaccctg ttccctcacg gtcctgctgg ctcctgggaa ggagagctgt gtctcctgcc     21900
     tacacataca gaaattatgt ccatcttact aaaactacag aaatgactag gaacaggact     21960
     cacaaggcaa agagctcacc accaagcttg acaacctgag cacacatccc caacccccac     22020
     ataaaagtga gacatatggt ccgtggacct gtaattccag cactctcctg caggagacag     22080
     gagaatctcc agaagctaac ctgaagagac cctgcctcaa agatgggaaa gcagtgactg     22140
     acagcagaag gctgttctct gacctccaca cgggactcac actctcaaat ataaacacat     22200
     gcacacacac acatcatacg ctcacacatc acacataccc caaatcatta ttaccttcaa     22260
     ccagctaacc tccaactgtc ctatttactc attatagacc agtcaggtct gatgtttcta     22320
     gaatataact ctgcccttaa acattttaga cagtacctta tctactgtga ctaaatctga     22380
     ttcctatgtg gttccctctg gtccctagat tcacaaatat caaaaattcc tatttttaaa     22440
     aaaaatctac agaatgagat tagaaactaa atacatacga tgtaatttaa tttcctgtgc     22500
     ccactcaaag aggaaagatt ctaaaaagaa accaaatgtg aatggcagag ctgcatttaa     22560
     aggggagggg gcagaatatt gccaacatca gtactgttct gatttcttag atttctgtta     22620
     ttcattaagg aggcaaattc aaatcccata ctcaaaaatg ctttcgatgt gttcataacc     22680
     atcaaacttt cttaactcta aaaactccca tgcttctatg cttactgaat ccgctgaatt     22740
     tgacaaggat agaaacaaat cttttatctc agaagcatgg tgagtggctg acaagatagc     22800
     accatgggta aaagcacttg ccacccagcc tgatggctga ggtccatccc agagccaaca     22860
     ctgtgtaaga agaggaccaa ctccagaagc tatgacctcc acacgcatgc taggcacatg     22920
     tgcacataca tacatcatgc acatgcaaac atacaaaata caattaaaag taaaacaata     22980
     tcacaagtag ccaaaattac ttaaggaagt tactccttac aacaatgagc tccggctttt     23040
     agatcaagtg cacgcctgcc acatctacca caacagtacc gcccacaggg tgctacctct     23100
     cagtgtttcc actctaaaac caatatcccc catggccttc aattgctgat ccctgagata     23160
     gcctaacacc actacactaa gtgttttagt tctgcagact atcacgcaaa cgttgtgtgc     23220
     cgttcatctt tccagatcac acaaaggctt taatcttcaa acatgaatca caggcacatg     23280
     cattccagac acacatcagt gtgcactgag ggcaattcaa tgttaataac acatcagacc     23340
     tctactcttg cactaagaat gcgagttata gacatttaca atactgaaaa catcagtatg     23400
     ataaacatct gtcctctgac ttggggatca aaaacctcta ataaggtgaa atgaaacaga     23460
     atacagggaa atgaagaaca gggtcaaaag agctacactt gtggtaagga aggatagtca     23520
     atacatatgg tggccagaga agaaaaagaa aacctacgat aaaacagacc cctgagggac     23580
     tttctctgca ggccgtgcca gccagccacc aagctaaagt ccagggtaaa gtcaagttta     23640
     ctgtactaaa aaaaaaagaa aagaaaagaa aaaggaagaa aggaaggaag gaaggaagga     23700
     aggaaggaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa     23760
     aaaagaatta cccctcatta aagatttact ttctaggtac cctaacggat agagcagggg     23820
     ctatctctga ctctgttgcc tgccattggg tccccttccc cttaactgga ctgacgggtt     23880
     gggacttact gggagagaat acttagtcct gctgttccag gatggggtga tacccaagtg     23940
     tgggcttccc cttctctgga gagaagggga gaggtaatgg gaagagggac ttgtaagggt     24000
     gggactggaa ggaaagaagg gaatgggact gagattagga tgttaaataa ataaataaat     24060
     aaggaaaaaa taattacttt ctattcctaa taatatgatg tcattacata agcataaagt     24120
     tctgctactg gaagatcttc ctctctcaaa tgccaaatgg gcagaatgga ctacaacctt     24180
     gagcagccca ttcctgcatg caccactact ttgtatccca ttctatgaaa tgtgcatcac     24240
     tctcatagca ataacaacta aatgtcatgg gccttgtagg taccctgaaa gctctcatac     24300
     caaatgcgca aatgtcaaga acctactgtg gctgtggcca atcctttcaa gtacaaggac     24360
     cccaaaaagg aatgtgtatt cttggcttct atcatccaat tcacacacat gcatatctca     24420
     tagtctcctc caaggactcc agcacccagc taagaagcac caagcacatc ttgaaacagc     24480
     tctaaactgg ttaacaacta gcttgttgag gcttaaagta tttcaattga ctccgggggc     24540
     cagagagtac aaattgaaaa gcagcccttc ctaagtatcc tgcccccact tgcaaagaaa     24600
     aactatacca ttctcagaca tgttttttaa actgacacac attataaaga agttctaatc     24660
     cttacatctg tttgatattg tgaatctcta ctaaccacat ttcccggatc aagaagtagg     24720
     ctaggtatgg gggcaaacag aggcacacag catgatgaac acacaccaca ggcagaaaac     24780
     cactgtccag atgcaaacac agctccaccc atactgtctc tgtgactttg acccagtcct     24840
     ttcatgtgta gaaagtagaa tgaaaaaaga aacatttccc agttctcagg gttttgagaa     24900
     ttgacatatg gaaatcagag atgtcactgg ataagctgtt tggcaaatgc tagccagcaa     24960
     agcaagcagt acagatgtat gactccttca acgtgaagct gtcaatggag agggcgctca     25020
     gtacccaaga acacttgctg ctctctcaga ggaccttagt tggctcccaa cacccatagc     25080
     agacagctca ctaccacctg taactccaac tacaagggat ccaacaccct cttcatcctt     25140
     acagcctcag agcagaatct agcctgagtc ttccttcccc agggcacttc tggcttagga     25200
     cttaggctca tcaatacccc gtgctgagtt cacagggaaa caaggggact cagaatgaga     25260
     tacaggagtc ctcttggcaa acactaagac catcactgtg tgtcaagact ttgaccagac     25320
     tggtctgcct gggggactga gtgcacactg gctttgcaag cacaatacag tgacacctgt     25380
     gagcactgtt tggcgctaat atccaagaat gtaagctgat actaattcaa acaacaactc     25440
     tggctacttc taatcatcaa cctgacacaa tctacactca ctggggaaga ctctccatga     25500
     gaaactgtta gattatgttg gcacctgtgg gcagggcgat gagggatttt tctaagtagg     25560
     ttaacctagg atggaaagac acaccatgaa ggttaacacc tgcatgtata cacttattct     25620
     ctctcctttc taaactggaa atatgtctat gacaaaatat tttctagaat atggaaatgt     25680
     ttcccacctt gtttggagca atactaacat gggcccagaa aatggaacaa cttgttaatt     25740
     atacatttaa agttttaaga ggtccaatag cagcagtcag gaagctgagg caggagagag     25800
     aactataact acataatata ttacaggaca gtgtgggata tacagcaaga ctttgtctaa     25860
     aatatcaata aatatcaaaa attttgagtg ggctaatgag ctagatggct cagggtaaaa     25920
     tgcttactat aaagcctgat gactgaagtc caatctctgg gacccacatg gtaggaggaa     25980
     agaactgact cctaacagtt gtcctctgac ctccacacac acctgtcatc tatatgcatg     26040
     caaacacatt tgctcacaca tacaatataa ataatgcaaa gaaaaatttg aaatgtgtcc     26100
     cttttgtggg atataatttt acctaaactt tcaaaccctg aacagcaaag gcaatgagat     26160
     acagcttctc tactagaatc ctgcagagca gaaacagtaa acagcaacct ggggagcacg     26220
     taagaacaaa cgagaagtgc tgagtcaaag acttaggatt gggggtccaa gaagggcaaa     26280
     tatttgcatc gtccatattc tatctacagc taacgaagaa acgtctcccc tccatctccg     26340
     cagcatccca gcatcccagc atcccagcgg tcagccagga gcagcagctc cctcttcccc     26400
     tcatctgctc tagtctgcag tgctgcttag accacgagac taatgcagtc aacagaaaga     26460
     aagactgaat agccaatcca aacagcaatg attttattaa acagcccagc agctgtgtga     26520
     gcagaagttt gtaaatgcac ctgttctaca ggactttagg tttaattcag tttgctcaaa     26580
     tcagagtagc aagaccctct aactatgggc cagacaagga aacagatttg ctaaacagaa     26640
     ccccatgcta ggagggcgtt tgctagaaga gaattgcacc tactcgttca ttcactcctt     26700
     cacacaacag cacctatccc actgcggcta ttatgagcag agctgagaac acaaagccca     26760
     agttcagcct ggtggaggtg acagacaact gaacagatgg ttgtaacaca ctactacaca     26820
     ctggcaggtt caatagcaca cagaggcctg gggtagcgct gtgccacagc gagcagggaa     26880
     gagtcccttt gaaggctgga gcttgtcgac aagacagaga gaatgaaaac tgtacttcgt     26940
     gcacagccac actcggacat ggcggggggg gggggtgaga ggttggcaca taggaatgtt     27000
     ttctttctaa agctgggtag actgtatata ctctgcatct tgttttttaa tgcttttctc     27060
     tagaaaatac ttcataataa aaccttaatg tgacagtgtc tatagacttt gaaagctctc     27120
     tccaccccca ccccaccccc tcccccacac acacagcttc tttcccgtac agacagctta     27180
     agtctagtta gttcatcaca gctgaagagt aatgcagagc agagacgcag gaggagcatc     27240
     tcagaacaca cacgtggggt ctgaacagct tgaaaagatc ccaccacagc actcgagaac     27300
     actcactcat acttccaatc ccggcactca ggaagctgag gcaggaggac tgctgcaaac     27360
     aaagggccaa acgaggctac acagcataca acaggcccgc tgaagctaca catcaggacc     27420
     ttgtctcaat aacatcaacg aagcaaacgg ttacaaagtg gctacggaga acttattctg     27480
     acttcatttt atacacaaaa caagaaaaaa tgtaatctgc cttatgttcc ataggaaacg     27540
     tctgctagaa acagctgctt caggcctgct ggccattact ctctaaggga actcactgga     27600
     cgtttgctcc tcaatgctgg atgcttgctt acacagcaaa aatcaagctc ctgcctccag     27660
     catggcttga gccacagtgg aagcagtcag gtgagcagag cccaggaatg gctctgagtg     27720
     cataagctgc cagggctggg cactccctaa aaactcaagg gtggaaagaa aggctatggt     27780
     agaactaaga caatcctgaa atagtctaaa tacttcaagt taataaaatt acaactgagc     27840
     cggacaaggt gggacaggcc tgcaagtcca gcactcacga aactgaagaa aggtttggtg     27900
     ttggaggact ctgagctaca caataaaacc ctggccaaaa acaaacaaac aaaaaaaaaa     27960
     gccactcacc ataaaatctc ataaactcat gaaaatgttc tgagctgatt tcagctgggc     28020
     tcattactat ctcaggaccc tcgcagcgac tgcggcggtg ccagtcctcc gtctgcctcc     28080
     ataagatact gaatgtcatc acctctgacc tttagtcatt ctgcaacaca cacccttacc     28140
     ctgtactgtg tagtgtgtga tttcagagct aatattagtc attaaaatcg gaacagaaga     28200
     acctgcatct gccaatggcc agctaccaga aggaattggg actacttagc aaactgccac     28260
     cgatgacact gacatcactt aggaattcat cacacccaat gaatttggat attttggaaa     28320
     tacaaaaaac gaaaaacaaa ccaaagcatg attttaggtg gtaggatgca gcttagggat     28380
     aaagtacatg cctctcgcac ccagtgacat gggttcaatc cccaccacct caaggacaaa     28440
     ggactgtgct atacttcata atgcctgacc accagtgagc aaccacaggc tgctcgccca     28500
     gcccataaac acaaactcac agcacaccac taacaccacc agataaaaaa atgggacaaa     28560
     atgcctgaga aggttctggg ctcatttcaa agtgcaaagt gtcactattc catcaacaaa     28620
     attctattac cttaacacaa aatgactacc cagaccagag cagcaaagca tcagtgggcg     28680
     tctcagagcc atggcgggac atgtttgcac tgtaacactg cactattctc agagataatg     28740
     atattagaaa tcaatgtttg ctctactgca gaagctcaat gtaaaatatg tcccttatac     28800
     agacatctac agctccctcc ccctccccct ccccctccta ctcccccacc tcctccttcc     28860
     cccccttttt tgtactttag tttaaaggta aggggcaaga tagacttgtg atgttttgat     28920
     agagcttgtt gccatggaaa tgactggctt gctcctcatg aagcaccatg acctcattgc     28980
     aaatgaaaaa gggaaaggat gatttctgag gattcaactg agagaaaaag taatggctag     29040
     gagagaaaaa aaaatccaaa acccaagaag acaatctgga aaatatcaca atgtcaagag     29100
     ctatgctcaa gtgtacttag agaacttcta aaagcttcag cctccagagc agtaatactc     29160
     taataaaaag aaagacaata ttaacttcac gagaagataa accacacagt ctaggccttg     29220
     tgctttctga ataaatacat cctagcctcc atcctggcag actatgagcc tctgactttc     29280
     tgtggctatg ttataaaatt aaaacagcct cacacttttc cccactccta aagcaagctt     29340
     tccctttttt ttttttttct ttttcttttt tgtggtgccc tgtttataca gcttatccct     29400
     tatcacactg acgagactgg gaaccacagc agatggtccc ccagacagaa ttctaacagg     29460
     ttttttgtgc aaacaaaaga taaagaaggc tacagcaatg atttactgat atctaaagtt     29520
     gaaaactgac aaaatacaaa ctgcttttgc cttgctgttt gaactgttta tcctttaagc     29580
     tactaactaa gatagatgtg gccaaaatta aatataactt caaaaaaaaa tacaatttta     29640
     ccaggcactg agttttgctt ctgtggtagc aaagtgttca aaatgacact tttaaaaacc     29700
     attaccttcc ttcccccccg cccccgccct ttaccagcta aaagagaaat atttgcaaat     29760
     ttctatctta taaaatctgt ttagttgtta tattataaaa taagccactc atctggattt     29820
     ttcttaaata aaatgttctt gaattgaaat tcccaaactg cttttcccag aagagctcac     29880
     tacaggatga actacttgag ccaaatctgg aatcttggtt gaaaagctag tgtctattct     29940
     actctaaaat aatctaccaa ctgaacacaa cacaacacca agtggcaaat gtccccaaaa     30000
     ttgcttatcc ttcaaaacta aagcctgttt acagatcata aaacagcagc tccctcaaga     30060
     caatgtaaca gcaaagagta ttatgtatgg aacacctgaa aacccagcaa ggaccccaaa     30120
     taataaccta taacaaaact gacgagcatc tgaaataaac cacccagaca tcaagaaaaa     30180
     atataccaga cagacccaca gggctctttt aatgtaggtc atgactgtca gaccatagca     30240
     gaaacatggc accccttcat caacattaac cctgattcta tgtgatcatg cacatatttt     30300
     gctctgagta accagtcctc tgatgtcagt gcttaaggct gcatgtggtg agaatcatca     30360
     tcagctacaa gccactttac actaaagatg tctgccctgt cacgtctcta tgaaggaagg     30420
     catagggata gcttctatca aagtggttca acttctgagg actccatatt acctcaacta     30480
     gaattacttc ttactgtcta ggggcaaata tgattgccat tttccctgga aagattatca     30540
     aagcacatta gaatcagatt ggtaataaca gagccaataa aagcatcatg cccacttttc     30600
     gttggaaatt attcaccaag tctctgacta ggaaaaaagg tggtgttcaa tgctgatcct     30660
     ccaattaatc taagctagta cgatgttcta taaaacccta catgtgggca aaactctcca     30720
     tgcagctcaa caagaacgag tactcatcaa agataattta cccacatata gcttactaat     30780
     tcaatagtaa aagcacaata tcaccaagtc agggttacaa atgtgaattg gtttcagcca     30840
     gcttgtcaca ctgccttcta cagccacaaa gcaaatgttt gattgtgctg ggcagctatt     30900
     acacatacga actgaaagca ggagctagtg ggagactatg ctccaatcag tgcaaatcca     30960
     ttactactgc aagagcagtg ggtcagaggt cacctctatg gggcatacag cattctgcag     31020
     aaacaatagg tgttctctgc acagtgtttt caaatccaat ctaaaccagt ataccatggg     31080
     taaggcacat attttcctga tgttagatac ccaatactca taaaagaata ggtattttca     31140
     gtattatttg atattctgta tcctaaatga aatagtgaat ttatttctga acacaaatcc     31200
     tgtaaaatat aatcaaacct aattttgttt tcagagcaaa actatggcat tcataactct     31260
     aagataatgt ccaagtcatc atattgatgt aaattaaaat atttacattt aaatatagca     31320
     tattttacat gctatattta tatgctacat tacaacatag catattttct ttgaatatat     31380
     actaggttca cttctatcca ctaccatttt gtagcatgaa aaactttcta gctgaaatat     31440
     gtttactaat aatataacat tagatttttc tattgaaatt aaaattcaaa gatgttatca     31500
     caaaattctc attatggcca ttgcatatat gtgtgtgtgt acatatatat atatatacgt     31560
     aaacatatac acatatacat atctacatat atatttttct acatatatcc tttttttaat     31620
     tggctattaa cctaccaaaa tatatcactt cttggccttg tggctaaaat caaatgtagt     31680
     atctgttcta tatacatata tcttcattca taaatatcaa ccatagaact gaaaagtata     31740
     atgataacac tgaaatgcgt aatggaaatt tccaacattt gagctaacac acttaaaagg     31800
     aaaacaggcc aacaggaaat gtgcaacaat gtgttatgca atgtggtcct taggatccca     31860
     aacttacgga ctgtcatcat attaggagga ggctctggct actagctaat ttaatactta     31920
     aatgttaata taatttccct attactacat ctgtcatggg tggtttttaa ccaataaaat     31980
     caaaaacaaa acggtatgca cggaaggaaa gtcctctcag cccagactta cacctgctcc     32040
     agagctcact gcattggctt tgtcaacaaa gactgtgata tgagcagaaa taaaagtatg     32100
     gaactaccat aacacaactg aaatgtgact gtcctacaga gcatgtgtat acgtttttaa     32160
     aatattaact ttacctaaaa taaataaatc taaaaacaag gaaattactt ttgttaccaa     32220
     tgcaaaacat gtgactcgca acagcaggag aatgaacctc attacaaatg cagcagtaca     32280
     ggcccatgtg tatgataaat aaagtattag aaagcactca acatttctat gtaaactgcg     32340
     tctgaaggat tattatggaa cgcacacact ggctgaactt agagtgttca ggttttaaac     32400
     attaatttac tttgactatg tgcatgtcag aatgaaagat tgctgtctgg attcagacat     32460
     gccatattaa tattgaacac aggcattcac ttcaggtcag tagtcactcc gagtcggctt     32520
     cagcaggtgg taagagtaat gcactcatta aaatggatgt ggtacaaggt tatctccccc     32580
     aaacagctct caaatagagg tagccttgaa actcgagcat tagatatgct agaaccaacc     32640
     tctaattgtc acaagtatag agaaaattga acttactctt gccacctaat aaccaataaa     32700
     tttagttgct ttcatcagta tcttcggaga agtcagagaa ataaattgtt ggacgccaac     32760
     ctggcttctg ccaacacagt taagtgctag tgagctaacc tgcacagact cagacttcct     32820
     tctagacctt gaatacacga aagaaacgtg ttctcagttt gaagacctta gcctatttct     32880
     caattaactg gtattttatt cctttcattt gtattaactc cattcaaatt aattttccca     32940
     tttgcaacat aataaatttc aattctccag aataagggta aaatgttcaa aataggaggc     33000
     ctgacttata ccaaagatga ttttcccccc aaaataaaat tacttctgat cttcattatc     33060
     cacaactgta tgaataacta cccagttccc atgctttttt ttaaagttgc ttttcaatgt     33120
     caagaataaa tctttttcct gttttatata tactagacct aaacttaaac agctaagcct     33180
     ttcatcttct cactttaaaa agcacctaat tagtttacca ctaccagata atccacttca     33240
     ttttaaaaac attaaagcaa atataagcca ctgtctttat agaccattta tgcacacgaa     33300
     aagtcatcaa tccattttgt acataagagc agacagagtc tgtaaatttg taattaatca     33360
     ttccacattg cttcatttcc tcattatcta cccactgacc agataagcaa gcaagagaga     33420
     agggcaggtg gacagagaga agggaaatag aagtcttctt gcaagggtga gggcagatct     33480
     gtctccttgg ttgaatacac agcataacag gcctgtgatg cacatatatc tagtgaataa     33540
     atgaatctat aaagagtctg agcacactgg acgtcatgtg ttcatcttat ttatgaataa     33600
     cttgtggttt gggaagataa gatggtgtca ctaaggccac agggtaagtt ggccattcct     33660
     gcacaatcta acactatgtt tgtgcatttc ccccctctca cctacatacg tatttaagtt     33720
     caatatatca ctctttctag aacttgagcc acataaaaac agctgtggct gaagaatgta     33780
     tttggtggtt agttttacat tcagaaagaa aaaaaaaaat gtccacactg aaaaccatca     33840
     ggaggattaa aacatcagag tcccaagcca aacaatctgg tggctggcgg taaacactca     33900
     ttactgtgac acacagggat tgatcaggtg gtccatgact gtaccaataa taaaacctaa     33960
     ctcactagaa atgttcctga ccagagcaaa agcatttgct tggccggtac agaaggaatg     34020
     acaagtctga aagaaatgcc caacactggc cagacgccac aaggagtaag tacagaagat     34080
     gaaaagaagc aacagagaaa agtaacgaag aactatgtgc ctttttactg agtcactgtg     34140
     agcatgaagt ctagccttac acagcccatg aatcacaaca tctgaaaagg actacaaagc     34200
     cattttactt gtttgttcaa agaaagggtc tcaaaaactt aagagctaac tacaaactac     34260
     aaacacgcta aactgcattt gctcaggcat tataccaagt cattccttgt cctgtaccta     34320
     acaacaaaca agaagagcac aaaaagaaga agaaaacact tatataacaa gctctgtttg     34380
     ctccccatta aatggcatga atattaatat aagccattaa aatcctaatc aagtgcttat     34440
     tgtaaggaaa agtatggtct gtgctgggaa cacaaaagaa gaagactggc ccttactcgg     34500
     gctcgtccta gtaagaagca aagcataaac aagggcagtg tggtctagga gtgggaaaga     34560
     gaggatggag gccacagcgc tgctaaggaa tgacctgact ggggtctgcg tgggccaggg     34620
     caggcgaggg aagaagaaga ttccaataga gcttcacact tgacagttct aatcaagtgc     34680
     ttcacctcag gcaaagttac acactgcgtg ggaagagcca tcaccgggcc tctcacttct     34740
     gccatagtca acatgattca tttgtgagaa ttaaaaacct gagaaaagat gaggaagctc     34800
     actgactacc aaccattttt ggaacaagac ccccatatcc tctgacacct aatcccacat     34860
     ttctcatctg actcactgac tacccaaaga agccatcaga gtttgcctca cttcctaatg     34920
     cacactcacc acagacaaag atacacagga gtgaaacaca tacaactaaa agacatctaa     34980
     atacgtccaa accgattaaa tacgtgtctg attcaaattt cattagtatt gcgagtacat     35040
     gtaaagtact ggaatttaaa acatcataga tgggaagttt cttcattaaa gcataatagc     35100
     taatgcctgg cagtcattta ctagtcatta cagcaaccat cctcaacatg aagaatcaca     35160
     ggtctagaga agccggcgtc attgttatga cagcattccc caggttttat cagtgtctaa     35220
     atttatcagc atccttaaga gtaatagtta atcaaaggct agagaagaaa cagttttaag     35280
     acagaactaa agtagttact gtccctacca tataaaaggc taaatataag gaggaaatac     35340
     cctaagtata ttttctataa taaagataaa aatattctgt tgacaaaata aaaaattgta     35400
     tataaggtct ataaatttcc cctatggaat tttcactgta acagatctaa atatttaaac     35460
     tttgatcaga tttgcccttt ctctacataa agtcctcaat ttctccacca tatattgtgc     35520
     aatatttaag tacatgactc tccagttaag gaatagaaac ataggtataa tcaaggtgct     35580
     agcttcttta gaactgcctg tgatacctac ttttctgtct tgtgatactt tctcactgac     35640
     attaaaataa tatcaaaaga tgttcataag cctttgctta atacagccaa tgacccgact     35700
     ccctttctta attatgagct ggcggtagta agagtactta ctatttgcaa tgaatgttca     35760
     gacataactg tcttattaaa attatgtcta tcttataatt tcttccatta ctaatgcatg     35820
     cttaaagaaa ttgattctga gatacatttt tcttgtcctc tgccaggcct tgacacagac     35880
     tagtataaat ggtagtgggc actaacaagc agattcaagc aacagggatg atggaaatta     35940
     aaaagctaga acatattaac atatctatgc cacacagaag ggtcacgagg taagaccatc     36000
     agcataaatt aacacattat tatgagacag ctacagaagc aagccaggca agaatctgca     36060
     cagcacatct tttaatcaca acaaatatat aatgttgttt gattggatta cttgaggaaa     36120
     tgttgccagt ctactaccac ctttgataac ttccactcct accctgagat acaaacttga     36180
     atccagacag cctgggcata gggcttgaga tgggtggaag aaatttgtaa acacatgttt     36240
     taaacattag ctgatattgt ccatttgtct aggaataaag gtttaaaaaa aaaaaaaaca     36300
     gtgcattttg ttgttgttgt tttctatttt ccctacaaga gtcatgcagg aactaccctt     36360
     tgttatctac caagtccaca gagtttccca tctccaagaa gagaggaatg agctagagtc     36420
     accctaagga cagcactgct catgcagcag gcaggcaggc agtcccaagc aagtcctcca     36480
     aagcagccac ctcagaatgc aaccccttaa cttctcagac tgttctccac tcacaaggcc     36540
     actgtcaaat cctagagaac gtcgagatgg ctgtcagtca gtgcccactg gagctgctgc     36600
     tgaggaacca acctctccct taaccgcgca ctgctaagca attcaggcac atcacatgtg     36660
     catcacatta ctggcatcaa cagaggcggc aagaagagtg aagattcaca gggactgtac     36720
     atctgtcacc atgagcataa aaacaaacgt ctcgctgcag aggcgttgtc actcctgaaa     36780
     ctacacacag gtggtgagtg agactgtcct gtcagggagg taagaatggg gtctaatgga     36840
     ataaggtgca aaaatcttca tttttaaggc atactaacct ttttgtaaaa aagtaatttg     36900
     gggagaaata cataaaagct gaaacataaa attgatgcag attcaaaaca atttccccac     36960
     tccaataaag ggcagtaaag gacaacccga aaggtcctgt acttctgacc ttggtcccaa     37020
     aacaagggcc actcatctca caaaaaagct ggataagtag tctgtgcttt cttacttcca     37080
     gtaaaaatcc ctggcaagtg tacaagcggg aaacagccac agataccttt gactggacat     37140
     aagaccgtcc tacttgtacc atcacacttg ggtcaccttt gagtatctgc ggctggcgaa     37200
     acggctcagc atttaaaagc atacactgct cttgcaggga acctgggctg gggtcccagc     37260
     attcacatca ggcaggttca taactccagc tccagggtat ctgatgcctt tgacatctgc     37320
     agtcaccagc acacatgttg tgcacagact gacacgatac acacactcac atgtgcatac     37380
     acctacacac aattaaatat aaaataaatc ttttttcaag atgacttcgg aaggggttca     37440
     actgcatgat gatggataca aacacatgct gctgttgaaa gcagcctgcc atcaagccag     37500
     aggcacatta tctaattttg tatttctcac ctagaaaagc tattcataga ccctagattc     37560
     tccttctatc acattacagc cagaggacac agaaacagtg aaaggtttta ctaaattttc     37620
     aaaagtcctg ttaatataaa atgactttcc aaaatggata agccagagtg gtgtgacctg     37680
     aaagccacac aaattgttta tttatgcctg ctatgtttta atcactggac tggtttagag     37740
     acttcaaaaa attaatggtt ttggctatac aacagcaact atgtctccta tgaaacatta     37800
     gctgtcacat taagacaagg ttttatcatt aattatattg gattatatag tttatatcta     37860
     caacatgatt gttaaataac caaatttcca aaccatttca aaataaaaat gaaatcaggt     37920
     cccagcaagc cttacatgaa ttaaggatcc atttacaaaa cagaaaatta aatgtaaaaa     37980
     atataacctc aatttaagac atttgcagat aagacatcca acactttttt ttcccatcca     38040
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agcaaatgaa aatgctaacg caggtcaata gtgccatctt     38100
     ttgggttgct ctgtaattgc acgaaggcgt ccagaaacac cttgaatgca tacgaggaag     38160
     gcacagcaga tgaggcaagt caagctatca gtctttaact tacataactt acattcaatc     38220
     aatgtattaa ctacacactc tttttttttt tttttagatt tatttattgg ttatatgtaa     38280
     gtacactgta gctgacttca gacactccag aagagggagt cagatctcgt tacggatagt     38340
     tgtgagccac catgtggttg ctgggatttg aactttggac cttcggaaga gcagtcgggt     38400
     gctcttaccc actgagccat ctcaccagcc ccttaactac acactcttac atgtattgtc     38460
     gaacctcatg tttgtgttta ctgaagttcc actgggttga acccctctct tcaaagagct     38520
     gagaaagctt tattgactga gttctaaaac acctctgagc cagtcactgc tgggtcacaa     38580
     tactagtttt caaattccaa cactaattca ttacaattat ataaccatat agtcataatt     38640
     gttataagta atgcacacat ttctatacac aattttgaaa aaataatttt attcctttta     38700
     caatgttttt atcatacatg tgccaaaaaa atgtttttat tattaattaa attattacat     38760
     gactatataa acattaactg cattcataaa ggtatttaca tttcaaaaat attaaagcat     38820
     gtattcaaaa caatatttat gtatgtgaca atgggggggt tcatcactga aaactgcaaa     38880
     aagctttttc cttattgcgg aggggatctc agccttcatc actgcagcct gcacctgcct     38940
     cacacctggc ctaagtcaca agaggctaca gtgagctgtg acgggtaagc ttcaagctca     39000
     cccactcgag gatctgtgcc ttaaactgat gaggtctgta caccaccttc actctttttc     39060
     aataatttca caaagtttta tgaaatcaca acatatttct ctaggacacc ctcagagttc     39120
     aggccttcat ttctgtctgc taacaattca gctctcacgt ggaaagcaga agatatgaca     39180
     gtggtctgcc cgtgcccttg aattactcat tgtcaatttt actcaaatta ccatcagcca     39240
     atagttcttc agagaatgac tttttaaatc acagctaaaa gctatcaaaa tggagacacc     39300
     ttataaggtt accaagacag caacagaaaa caaattaaac aaaacaaagc cagaagctga     39360
     agggtgcgtt gagtgctgct ctggggctgg ggacacaggg catctgctaa gtgctggcct     39420
     gcagcacaca aagagccggg ccagacccag cattgctgga actgggatac aggagaagct     39480
     atcttacact ggacactgct cttctatgaa agcaaatcat aacaacgatt gttaaatacc     39540
     tcagaaacat cttcagtcca atggcaagcc ttgtcactag aaacagacat ggatggagag     39600
     acttagagac cactaaatga aagcctaact gtcggaaggc tgtggctccc cacagctcgc     39660
     cttcactcct caggggccgg tgtgcgcccg ccaggtcttc tctagagata atcgccttcc     39720
     ctatttctga gtggtaggtg aaaattccat tctgaaggcc cttagattta tttctctgtt     39780
     ttattccctg agaaataaaa agggggggaa tgagaaaatg ccattcttct ccccaccttc     39840
     tactataccc tttaccacca ttgcaaataa ttcaacttct gaacacaagg aacacgctaa     39900
     accctaccct gatgagcaca caaaccaaca ggaacatatg taaccgtatt ttatcaagtt     39960
     taaaggtcca tcgagattgc tacagtcaat tccagcccat taaacagaaa gcaattactg     40020
     cttccaattt aataagaatg gattaaactg gatttctgat tcaataccat ttgtaaaagt     40080
     gtccatgtca ggaagagtga tggcgtgcga tcttatctca gacatgtcaa gactaagcca     40140
     agtggacctg acagcaccta aataggactc tactgaaagc tccagacgtt cacatgcata     40200
     cataccactt agttcactgt tacaatagac ttctgtgtta aagttggaaa gcaattatta     40260
     acattcatca tattcaaaag tcagttctac ttgatcacta acccacatat aatgcacatt     40320
     ttaaaaattc ctattttgtg tgtggtaccc tgtgcaatgg cacttgtaat tcaaacacac     40380
     atggacactg ctcatgctag ctcatttaat cctccacttc taccaaaggc agtgctcagg     40440
     actaatcaca ggactcagag gactaacacg ggacgatcac tgtaagctta aggctagcct     40500
     gggctataca gtaagactct gtcagggaga gagagggaaa gagaaaggga atgggagagg     40560
     gggaggtgaa gagggagggg gaggggaaag ggagtgggag agggagagag ctagctggct     40620
     agcaattaag ctaatagaag atattacctg attttaccct tattttacag tgtgagtgtt     40680
     aaaagttggg tacttcagct ctgatttgct gaccaagtat ctctgaaatg tccaagctga     40740
     gtaagatgga aagacttcac caaaggaaag gaaaaatggg tgaatcacac ttaggtgggg     40800
     actggctaag aagtcactat ttcagtaagc agaaatatac taaacagcag tggtgccaaa     40860
     gcgttgtggc ttatggagag gagggtctaa gatgatcagg ttcatgaaaa caatgttaag     40920
     gcacaactac caccactaag aaagccctca gattaccata aatataatac ataccaaaga     40980
     gtatatataa acctgtacca agattctagg cccctcttac atcaaccctc aaacccacgt     41040
     caagtcagag gggaatgtga aagtgcagag ttcaactctt tctgctttac catttcctaa     41100
     ccctgtttaa taaacaggtc tgagaattca tgaggcactc aagatggacc catgccactg     41160
     tttttagtaa gcctgaaagt aagagagtca taaagtaaca aatagttttt cctcagattc     41220
     aaaaatccca ccttaatata ttcctacgga aagccacaac cagacactag gacgagcagt     41280
     gaaagcgacc aagaccagtt gaagctgtca gcccatcatt ggataatcac acatctgatt     41340
     tgctgcgcac tgcatctcag attaacaaga gctcacatgg cctctgaaaa ggtcaatttg     41400
     ccaagttctt atataaatac tgttaaaaat agaaaaaaag cagagaaaaa ttaaatgtta     41460
     ggtaacttaa tgacttctaa tcattttatt agatgatcat ttgtaacatg gaattcatgt     41520
     tcaggggtca taacaccact aagtgatcgc atgatgcaat actgccatct gctgttcaaa     41580
     agctagaaac acatcttatt tttaacacaa accttctgaa ggccagagtg ttgaacatac     41640
     tcaactacta atgtccctga agtttttaga cccaaaatta aagaaggcaa caaaaaataa     41700
     aaataaaaaa attaagtatg ttttaaatga tgctttcatg gtaatttgtc atctactcat     41760
     tttcttaaga aagaaaacta caatttaaac acaggctatt tctacataaa ttactcaaga     41820
     acactgtaca atatttttaa gcataatctg aactttatta agcaattaaa taggtatcag     41880
     atttctgaaa gtatatggat atgtgtttta tttgtctcat aaaacctcta acatgtaggt     41940
     agaacacagt gtagcaggcc agaagttttt taaagcctca atctcctgat acagttcccc     42000
     tttcaatcaa gtttattcag gaaaacagca tatggctggc tttgctgctc acaagctaca     42060
     caaagctgaa gtttaggtca aatgttaaca gcatgaagaa caaactgcaa gctcacaagg     42120
     agaaacagga gaatggtaac agtatcacaa ttttaatagt gggaaaattg ggaaagcagg     42180
     ttttcactct gtatcaaatg actcactagc atggaagtct aaccattgct ggccattcat     42240
     tttagacaaa tgataagcgt cttcagagcg aggacccaga accaagaact agagaattca     42300
     cttactcctt taaaaatagt gaagattctg agagaatccc tgtcttgaaa aacaaaaaac     42360
     aaaaaatgaa gattctaatc aatcattcaa attctggaga ccaaaccaga ttttccaact     42420
     aatccttcaa gaaagccaac attctcctca atcattcaag attatttaaa cataaggaga     42480
     atactgcttg aagtacaaag gacacaggaa aggcccacac tccttggttt gtacagatga     42540
     cacagtatag gacaaatcag ggctgcttag cattctgtcc aaaatgagtt tgggcacttc     42600
     ctaagaagcc aaatatgggg aaatttctca gccaactaga caaataaatc aaatatatat     42660
     atttgatttg atatatatat taattatttc tgtgctgcct gaaaaacaaa catgtatata     42720
     aagaagaaac agaaactaac agagaaatca cgaaagtagc tctgtgagga gtgtcaacct     42780
     agcactccag aatccctaag ttcaaatcca agcatagcct aagtttgtaa tctcagccac     42840
     ttcaaagagg caacaaatca ttgtgtatcc cactttatac ctcggcaaca aagtcttaaa     42900
     cacccttcta aatatagtta tagttcaata aggtactaca aaatatttgt gtgtgtgtgc     42960
     atgtatgagt atatatgcaa atgcatgtgt gcacagtaac acatgcaaat gcatgtgtgc     43020
     acagtaacac atgcaaatgc atgtgtgcac agtaacacat gcaaatgtat gagcatgtgt     43080
     gtggaggcaa gtggacagcc tctcactggc ctagaccttg ccaagcaagc atggcaagag     43140
     acccaggaat ctgtctgtct gcctccccag agctagggtc accaaagcac agcacttcac     43200
     tgggtgcttt gttctgtttt gtttggattt tggttttgct catgtctttg ttttaagtag     43260
     ataacagagc tgaatctcgg tcctgtgcac cacacaagtg agtgagttat ctccccagcc     43320
     caagtacttc aaaatttcaa caaaatattt aatacagaga acatagatta tagaaacgtg     43380
     aatagaaaat actcagtagt ttttataata taaagtataa ctctttataa gaagccattt     43440
     ttttctcaac aactttcatg caagatctta tagtaattca ggcaaaattt attggcaaac     43500
     aaagtaaatt atatgtagga tgtttaatat ttttatttta ataggaaaaa tactggccat     43560
     ggtatttcag tagagctgtg cagcacgtga ccacagtgct ctccttctga agtgggccac     43620
     ccagtcctgg tggcacaacg gtcctgctat atttctcaaa gatacatttg tcccttgagg     43680
     ccacagagaa ttatgcatag catccagcaa ttaattaaat atatcaatgg cctttcaaat     43740
     tgtaacattg tgatgcccta ttatataaat ggctttatat aataaaaatc tttccaaatg     43800
     atagtcatta ttaacacaca catacatgca aacacatata tgcacactct aatgactttc     43860
     actaaagtct ttagttttat ttggacatta tgtctgttca ctacaatttt tctcttttaa     43920
     aaatgtattc ttgctggggg ctggtgaaat ggctcagtgg ttaagagcac tgactgctat     43980
     tcccgaggtc ctgagttcaa atcccagcaa ccacatgttg gctcacaacc acccgtaatg     44040
     agatctgacg ccctcttctg gtgtgtctga agacagctac agtgtactta catatactaa     44100
     taaataaaac ttaaaaaaaa gaaaaaagaa aaaagaaaaa gccgggtgtg gtggccccat     44160
     gcctttaatt aaaaaaaaaa aaatgtattc ttggagttat gtacaatcaa gctgttggcc     44220
     aatgcagatt ggtgccaaga ctacagaact atatactgct ctccacaagc ttagagtaaa     44280
     gccctactgc tgaagacaac aactcactgc acgtggagga gtccaactat tgcctaccta     44340
     gagccttgac tcctactgac taaacagtca cagaaccaga agacattctg catgctacca     44400
     aaggagaaag gtagacacca actaagcaac aaattctttg agcaccgttg taacggtgct     44460
     ctacatgcaa aatgtgctaa tgcaataatg gcaggagact cgtaggacaa accaagtaac     44520
     gtctgattag atctgagtcc cactccatga gatgaacctg tctctgattc tgctcatgtg     44580
     tccaagaact tggaatagct agaccaggga tataggagat ccaaatacta ctcttctgct     44640
     aaaggaaaat aacaataaaa caatacttaa tgacattctg ctatattcat agattagcat     44700
     cttcctcagt cagcatcagc tgtggatgag aataaacaga gactcacaac tggacaataa     44760
     gcatacagta agagaccttg gaacactcaa ccctacatgg ggtctctcca ttaattccct     44820
     cccctcaggg ctcagggaac cctgcagaag aggcaaaaag attgtaagag ccagaggggg     44880
     tggagaacac caaagaagca ggtcttcaaa agacagcaag atgcacatat gaactcatag     44940
     agactgtgat tgcacttata ggtcctgtaa aggtctaagc cagatggggt cccagcagtg     45000
     agaggcgaag tagacacatg cccataccct agtccagaag ctatctccaa ttgctaactg     45060
     ctcagaaagg aaaagaacat ttgatccaat ggagtctagt cactactctt agggctaagc     45120
     ctcattcaca tccagcagta gatggccaac ataaaacaaa ttcaatagaa tttttggagg     45180
     ttctcggtct cataatgttt tttcagggct gtttttttac ccttacaggt cctttgcatg     45240
     tgtgcatgca tgtataaatg acatcccatt ttgtattttt atggagttcc tgcgtgtgtg     45300
     atgtttcttg agctttatct cagacacttt tccttttggt ttgcttgttt gtttgttctg     45360
     tcctagtctg gtttgtttgt attttttatt ttatttactt acttattgcc tctttgtatc     45420
     ctaatgagag aaagggtttc caccctgggc gagtggggaa gtggggaaat ctgggaggag     45480
     ctgggggagg agaaatataa tcagaaaaca tgggttttgt tggtttttta aaaatctttt     45540
     caattaaaag caagaaaaaa ttactttgca taaaaaaggg ggtgagggat ataactggta     45600
     ttcaataaca ctgatcatct tccacaactt aaaccactca caatcagagt gtatatcatt     45660
     tataaccctc ttaggagtgc tgggaccaaa ggcatgtatc gccacaccca gcttactctg     45720
     tgtcttaatg taacttatca tctaggtaag cttgatatgt tcgtgtgacg tgacaaaagc     45780
     acaagccagc aaaggaaact gagataacca ggcaacattt gctgtcactg cggtttttaa     45840
     gtaactttat gtaacaagca ttacttctgt caacatcaac acaaactaaa aatttcattt     45900
     taataaccta atcagtaatg tgatccttgt atgcatttcc tatataaaat tctccataca     45960
     tgaatcaaat acatgaaact gacctcaggc acacaagtta aagatacttc gcattgagtg     46020
     gccaaagccc aggagtacgc tatacacctg agtcagtcca ctgtgctgtc tccctacacg     46080
     agagagttcc tcaaatcaaa cacaaaatgc tacagtattt ctaaaataca gattataaaa     46140
     gtttttaact acagcagatc ctacttttct ctattattaa aagagaaagc aagaatccat     46200
     tagaaataag cattgcccaa gacaacctct aagatttaag caatataaag attcttcctt     46260
     ttgtgtctcc acaagttcct agaactctac ccacgaatac acagtatgct cacaacatac     46320
     ttgccaactg attaagctat atacaaagat acaaaggaac catcaagaat gtaacagcct     46380
     agagatgttt acgctttctg caactaggac acccaagata aagactcagt tctgacttcc     46440
     ataagatggt ccacaagcac acagtcccct catgtgccta tgagaactca accgggggcg     46500
     gactttccca caaaccatca tgcacatgca atacccatga gcaacaggta taactacaca     46560
     ttagcataac tgttgtgaat gcgggaccca cctagggaag ccaggctcat attttactag     46620
     aactacgtac ccagttgtaa tgagtttttt gatagaactg tattatgagg gagtctgaag     46680
     agacccagaa agcatacgaa gtactgctgc tctatgagct gaggccagcc tggtcctcac     46740
     agaggaaaga gacagtgagg cagtatgtta aaatcaataa ataaacaaga attgctgcta     46800
     ctcttcaaga gttcccagaa ccaattatga caaacagaaa tgtaactacc aaaaatccca     46860
     gtactcacta ggcaggagtg ttcctgtgag tttaaggcca gcctgggcta tagagtaaga     46920
     aaaaataaaa gatgaaatgt ctactgttaa ctagaacagc attattcact agcatgcccc     46980
     aaatcttacc cacaggtcgc ttgtttataa cacttcatgt gagaagacac gacagtttcc     47040
     cacaaatgaa gacactggag ataatttggc aagctcttca acagaaacag caacagagcc     47100
     ttcctagggc agaggtcagc cttcagcctg cttcctggag gatgctcctg ggatgcaggt     47160
     gttcacatca cgtctccact tgcttctgag acagtgtccc actacacagc agctacctac     47220
     aactcacagt cctcctgcct cagttcccca agtgcacctg ccagctcagc cacaacatat     47280
     tccttttaaa aacactagtt cccatgaaga aagttcacct acttgccacc ttgcccattt     47340
     aattctatca tctcccactc ttcttgatac taattgttct gtgtgacgtt tgctaggaaa     47400
     acaccaccca tctccatggg ctctcctccg aaggtggcct gcctgcctgc ctgcctagca     47460
     cacccctgcc ctgggttccg gcccagcacc aaaccacacg gaggagcaga aacgcaagcc     47520
     atcctcagct acttggggac tctgaatccc tgtctcagag caatattttt ttaaacgatg     47580
     aatcttttcc ttcactccaa atcttacgtt ttcctgcaga attatcatgt atcagactcg     47640
     gagttacaga cagcaatttc aagtatcttt acccaaatca tgtttcttca ccaaatagta     47700
     aaatggctac aagtagctat taagaaatct taacttcttt ccaataatcc ctgtattcag     47760
     tacatgaaat ctaaatttta cacctatgtt atattcattg atattttagg cccatactta     47820
     attaacaaaa acaatttaaa ttaataatat taacacaatc ccactaatcc acaataacca     47880
     aaacacctaa tatcagtaat ccagaaacca tgcaaattat gtttcaggtc tcaacttgag     47940
     gtctacagag agttggggaa atacagctca aaacaaagga tatgtttagc agaggtaaag     48000
     actctgcgaa ctccacagtg ttaaaaaaga caacaaggag ggctgtggag acgtctcagg     48060
     gtataaagta cttcctccac aagctaacag tccggatctc cagagcccac ggaagtgcac     48120
     atacgcacag taaatatgaa gctagactgg tcatggtggt atatgtctta atcccaagag     48180
     aggcagaagg atcaatgctg tgagttcaag gccaaccagt tgacataaca agatccagac     48240
     cagccagaac tacaaagtta aactctgacc aaaaaaatac atataatcat cctcttatgt     48300
     tattcagtgt ataaattgta ccactataca taaaataaag tatcataaaa aattagaata     48360
     aaaattgcta aaagtgggac tagatatatg tctcaacatt tcaaaccatg gtgctcttcc     48420
     agaggacccc agtttaagtc ctgataccca cgaagcagct ctcactgact gttactccaa     48480
     acagctaatg ccctcctttg gccttacatg aatttcctgc agtttcactt caaaatacaa     48540
     aaggttttaa ggttatttta aaataaccag gcaggtgaga tggctcagtg ggcaaaggca     48600
     cctgtcgtca agcctgcccc aagatcccac acaggagaga ggtctcttct cctgcagctg     48660
     tctcctgacc tccacatgtg taccactgtg catgtgtgtc ccctcccacc cctccaccct     48720
     gcatatacac acacaaataa aatgtaatat aaacaaacag aaatacaata gaagtcaaga     48780
     aagatgtaac cagttatcta ataatatata gtcgctatta gtgctctacc ttcctatcat     48840
     taaattactc taaaattccc ttaaactgct ggggctagac tacctgtctc caaaatctgc     48900
     aactctgaaa tataatcaat aaaatacatt atggatctca ttacctgtaa ttttatagcc     48960
     ataggcagca agctgtccag ccatgtattc tccatccgaa ttattatgtg agcagcccca     49020
     tgttcggatc caaattttct gtatgcctgg aatagtgctg ttaagtaatc aattagaaca     49080
     aagtgagtat ctgtaagtga ttcttaagat aaaagccact cgatgatttt agggcacatt     49140
     acacaaaaaa acaaacgaat caattcacaa tctagttaca gaatgcacca aactatttta     49200
     aaatctgccg ttgcaacaaa actctaaaat aagggtcagt gagctagatg ggcgagtaaa     49260
     tgcacttgtc acccagctca tcgtggtggt accatccctg ggctggtggt cctgggttct     49320
     ataagaaaga aggctgagca agccactggg agcaagccag ttagcagaat ccttccatga     49380
     cttctgcatc agcttctacc tcaatgaagc tgccatttga gttcctgtcc tgacgtcctt     49440
     caatgaagaa agtgctgtga aagtaagtgt aagctgtata atcccctctc ctcccagcgt     49500
     gctttttggt catggtgttt cattgcagaa ataaaaaccc tacctaagac ttaaacacat     49560
     tctgcataca gacacaataa taagcaaagt gttttaaaac taaaatccgg ataaaataac     49620
     caaggagtca caagaaggct ctctgtcttt atacaatgtc cttttgtgtc ttttgtcacc     49680
     aaatgccagg actagaaata gattacctct aactgagttg ttggtctaag ggtcccatgg     49740
     gaaccccaaa acaacccagg ctgttgataa gattgctctc catacgctta tggtaaggcc     49800
     ctactgctaa agacaacacc tacacatctc actgaacatg gagaagtgca gttgttgcct     49860
     accaagagcc ttcaccacta ctgactaaat ggtcacagta ctgaaatgta ctctgcagac     49920
     tactagagga gagggtaaat actaacccag ctgcaaactc ttcagactac aatggtgacc     49980
     tccataccag atgcactagt gcagtgcttc ggagcttctc aacccaccag tcatgacccc     50040
     ttcggaggct gcatatcccc catgtcagat atttacatta caattcatag ctataacaga     50100
     attacagtta tgaagtagca atgcagtaat tctatagttg agggtcacca caacataagg     50160
     aactgtatta aagggtcaca ttattaggaa gacagagaat cactgcacta gtgcaacagt     50220
     agcataaggc ttgtgagaca tgccagctaa tatctgattg gatttatggc ccactccatg     50280
     agacagaaca catccccaac aatgttgggc cagactggat aggccagaca ctagggtaaa     50340
     accaaacaaa tgtagcaata aattgacact atagtcatag gtcaatgcct ttctgttttc     50400
     tcttattaca ttttatttta ttctgtttgt tttctgagag agacagaaaa ggggtggatc     50460
     tggatgggag gggagatgga taggagctgg gaggagtaga ggaaggagag atcataatca     50520
     gaaaattatg ttgaacaaaa tctatcttca atagaaggtg aaaatgatgt tagaagtaaa     50580
     taaataacgt ccttttggat ccatgagaag gcttagcagg tcacggagcc tgcccccacg     50640
     cctgatgacc tgagtccaac cccgagatcc acgttagaga accgactcct aagctgactt     50700
     ctgaccctca ctcacgtgct tcagcacgcg ctcatgcctg ctcatacatc ctaagtaaat     50760
     aagatgtcat ttttgaaaaa cattttaaat acaaatttta attttaaaaa tgtcctttca     50820
     agccaggtgg cacacaactg taatcccagc acttaggaaa gagaagcagg aagttcaggg     50880
     tcatctgtgg accaagctac aagagatctt gcctcagaaa aaggtcttct ctggattgta     50940
     gttttaatcc ctactcacca taccaccaat gactgatgca gcttttagaa agatacacac     51000
     aaacggtcac accgaaaatg gcagctgtag cacccaaaac aagaagggct gaggagacgg     51060
     tgatgccata aagtactacc ctataagtat gaggatatga cctgggggta ctggacaccc     51120
     agcacccaga aaaaaagtca ggtggagcag caggcatatg caaccccagt gcctgtcagg     51180
     gagaagacag aagaatccct agaacaaaca ggcagccacc ctagcagaat caacagctcc     51240
     agcttcagtg acagtccctg tccctgtccc tgtcccaaga aataaggtgg aaagcaatca     51300
     aggaagatac ctaatctgac ctgtagtgta cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     51360
     cacacacaca cacacacaca ggtacctgtt cactctcatg aacatttaca gagtatacaa     51420
     cacagaaaac atattaagaa taaaaacagc caggcagtgg tggcgcacgc ctttaatccc     51480
     agcacttggg aggcagaggc aggcggattt ctgagttcga ggccagcctg gtctacaaag     51540
     tgagttccag gacagccagg gctacacaga gaaaccctgt ctcagaaaat aaataaataa     51600
     aaataaataa ataaataaaa acaaaggctg atgaactgtc cattcacaaa ctcttaaata     51660
     ctagttgcaa tctttatcca cttaaaattt acagattaaa aataaccaaa cttgaaaact     51720
     ccataattca tgtaactcca gtcacaggtt tctagagaat ttatctcgga aggacaaaaa     51780
     gactctcctc ttagactgtc ctaacaactt aaaagtaaac agaaatgaca ataaagacat     51840
     gcttgaaata aatgtgacaa actccactaa ttaaaacacc ttctaccagg gcgggaggag     51900
     ggtatagggg actttgggga tagcatttga aatgtaaatg aagaaaatat ctaataaaat     51960
     aaataaataa aaataaaaaa ccaccttctc catgcagagc cctgaaaagc tcaatcatct     52020
     aaacaaagcc aacatgagag ctgcccacca tttactaggt gaacagtcac aggctatgga     52080
     cagctaggca atcacctctg cagtgtccta ctacactctt actgtctaga atcccaccac     52140
     aaaagggcag acaggacaat ggtctttgtg cccagtgcct tgtgtgtgat ccctaagcac     52200
     tcactaatat gctaacaata atcacacgtc caaaacaccc actgccacag aggattcaaa     52260
     gctttaatct gcaattacaa cagatttata ccaactatag tcaaatcaaa acaactccta     52320
     gtgtcctatc accttccttc aaagaacatt taaactggta ttttgttttg tttttaatta     52380
     attcttggaa aattctcttc aatgtaattt gatcatatcc gttcccctaa ttccccatgc     52440
     ccttggtatg aagaattaga aatttctgag tttttaacct attactggcc agatttgaag     52500
     caattccttt tttttttttt tttttttttt taagctctat gtttcctact agaaatacaa     52560
     agatcctata cctggagtta ctgcacatac agtgtaggcc agcagtgcca gcctcttctg     52620
     ggacggaagt gaatgtaatt ctgaggaatg cttacctgtc acttggtggc ctgggctctt     52680
     cttgcaaata tttttgggta ttccgccttc gtactttagg aaacacatgc tttcttgaga     52740
     actgtctgtc ctgtggcttt gaatcttcct gtgatatgat atcttctatg tcatccagca     52800
     gtacatcaca agacgcagaa ggcatctttt gtaggacaga aaaaagttac aaatagcaga     52860
     ggtttataaa aatccactta gcatggtatt ggtcaacaat tcttaccaac cttgaatctt     52920
     cttaactctg tgaaacctaa gtccacagaa aacatagata aaccaaagaa acaaccatgc     52980
     aagtcctgca tatatagaac acccatgact gaactgaaaa tgtcataact aatactatgg     53040
     agagaaagta gggcagggtc ttttcaagag aaaggaaaca gaaagccagc aattcccatc     53100
     agccactgct gctgaggcca gtgaccacca aggcctccag tactgtgaga aggaattggt     53160
     atacctgact ttaagagtga ttggtggggc tgggcggtgg tggcgcacac ctttaatccc     53220
     agcactccgg aggcagaggc aggcggattt ctgagttcga ggccagcctg gtctacaaag     53280
     tgagctccag gatagccaag gctatacaga gaaaccctgt ctcgaaaaac aaaacaaaaa     53340
     aacaaaaaaa caaacaaaca aaaaaaagag tgattggtgg ggctcaagag atggctcagc     53400
     agataagaga acttgctgat tttatagaag tccatcgttc agttccagta cccacacaga     53460
     ggctcaatac catcataagt ccagttcaag ggatctggca ccttctgacc tccttgggca     53520
     ccaggcacat ttttggtgca cataaataca tacaggcaaa aacgctcata tacatataat     53580
     atggtgagtc atgcatgcac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acataggaca     53640
     gctatgccaa tcaaaactag tattggtaaa caactacaaa gtattactct aatatcaaaa     53700
     ccaaataaag gcacacacat taaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaaa gaaagaaaaa gaaaactacc     53760
     agctaatacc cctggtaaac actaatgtta taatcatgaa taaaatgttt acaaaccaaa     53820
     cacaggtagg tctatatcaa aaacattaaa ttaactgtat cccagagatg tagagatagt     53880
     tcagcatata ttaagccaat aaatgacata aatgaactta aagatgaaaa aaacctcatg     53940
     atcatctcaa tagatgcctt tgacaaaatc caacatgcca taatgataaa agtcttagag     54000
     aaggggatag agagatggtt tagcagataa gaaagcctgt ggctctagca gaggacctgg     54060
     gttctgttcc cagcacccac atggtgactc aataccatct atgattccag ttccagagaa     54120
     tctgataccc ttttctgaac ctcaaaggta ccaggcatgt atgtggtgca catatgtaca     54180
     tgcatgcaaa atattcatat atataaaata aaataacctc aaagaaagaa gtaatgaatt     54240
     ggggttgaag ctggcagtaa agaaagagtc taggcccatg catactatgg catctattac     54300
     ctattaactt tcctcattag gttatctgaa ccagtgtgaa gactataaat cagcagttct     54360
     caacctgtag gtcatgaccc ctttgggggg gtgcaaataa cttcacgggg gtcacctaag     54420
     accatcaaaa accacagtta tttacattac aattcataac aatagcaaat ttacagttta     54480
     tgaagtagca ctaaaagtaa ttttaaggtt atgggtcacc acaccatgag gaactgtatt     54540
     aaagggttgc agcattagga aggttgcgac ccactgctat atagtcatgt gtcttcaagc     54600
     ctgtctgata agctcccttt ttgttcttct ataggattcc catctttctg ctcacatcat     54660
     ccaaataaca gagtggcttc ctaccaggcc tatttttgtg cctggaattt gcaatgtttg     54720
     ctttaaatct ttaacagcgt gtgcatcata attcaaacct ctatttaaat ctcagccact     54780
     tatatatcta tcatcagtaa aagaaaaaaa aaagtgagcc aagcacccat cctaaaaact     54840
     gttatggtaa tgagcacatc ccagtcagtc gctccttcct tccttttcct agacagtgat     54900
     ttgctcagag tcagtcacaa caagacgatc cagccagaaa agacctttac aacaactgac     54960
     agtaaagaca gcttctcttt ccactccagt gcatgaagtt ggggtaatag gccaacttgg     55020
     tgaaatctgt gacaggccaa agaagccacc tacctaagga atgaagccta gcaagagatg     55080
     cagacataat gactgcattg agcacctgag gtgcaaccgt actcggctca ctcaccggag     55140
     ccactaccct ccctctggag tctaacatct tttggattgg gcattcgcct cctagaaaca     55200
     agggtttacc agctcagcca ttaagattgg cctttcccac ataggttcca tttacatgca     55260
     atatctgtca gtgaaaaaaa aaaaataaca gtttgaacac attcaggaaa ttcttcctct     55320
     ttcagatcta aatgcacagg cttggagtgt gaagaagtgc aggaaagaaa ctgaacatcc     55380
     gctgacctta ggagttttct aaaaattatt ttcttaccaa agaaaggagg tgggactgac     55440
     aaaagggccc aacacagatg gaggccatcc cacacagaga gatcacttct ttctttactg     55500
     ccttatgctt gtcttccaat ctgttactgt gtgaactgac cactgtctta gagtaagctt     55560
     actactgcct agctcaagca tgaggtccca acaaggttct tttcaccctg cattgtcatg     55620
     agctgccagc tattcaggtg tctccactcc gtttgagatg catagtctcc tatagtcctt     55680
     aggcagagat attcattctg gaagtgattg gagttattgg agccaggact cttttacatc     55740
     attcatagcc accagcaagg ctattcttag aattggtgat tttggctaat aatttagaaa     55800
     gctacagtcc aaccaggcaa agaaggtctg aatggcatta ggtggctcat cacactgcac     55860
     caatagtcag gaggcaggga ggagtgctcg tgctcagcgg gctccctcca tttacacact     55920
     ttctaactca gtcttaaagc acagcctgca tccaggccac aaattccttc atcagctaaa     55980
     cctctctaga aatctcctca cagatacaaa tatcaggttc aacagaccct ccaataactt     56040
     tgatatctac tattctagag ttattatttc ataaagactg acttagaggg catgccaaat     56100
     agacgttact gaatcaagtg actgtagtgt gtataaaaac aatgtaaaac agaacagtct     56160
     tctcaacaaa tgacacgaaa acaactggat agccacacgc aaggaaacgc agctggggcc     56220
     ccatctcgca tcatactcaa aagtaaactc acaggggcta cagacctaag cttacggacc     56280
     tactactaga agagtcttac agctatcaca agtatcaagt ttcccaatta gacactggct     56340
     tcttagttaa ggacaacaag agcacaaaag gaaaaacagg ttagacttca tcaaaattag     56400
     tgtttcagcc agatgcagtg gcttgtgctt gcaatgccag cacgtgggaa tttaaggcag     56460
     gaggaccagg actcaaaggc tggtctcaga tacaaatcaa atttgaagct aacctgggct     56520
     atgtgaaaac tgttctcaaa aaagagaaaa aaacaaaaca aaacaattct catgcttcaa     56580
     agacaatatg aagaccatga gagagcatgc agtgggagga aacagtagta actcatagaa     56640
     tacaataagg gcctctcatc agagtaaata aagaacccaa aaatacaaac aaccccaaat     56700
     taaaatacgg gaaagggatc ccaacagaca tacttccaaa caagatatat aagtatctga     56760
     taagcacaga gagctgtcag taaagtcagc catgagggaa aggccattca aacccacaaa     56820
     gatataccgt ttcacactcc cgaagacaat gagaattaca aagacaagta gccatgttta     56880
     acagcagtga atcacatcgc acagaaagga aacaagaatc tggcctggca tggtggtgca     56940
     cacactcaat cccagcactt gcaagtttgg tctatatagt gagttccagg ctaacaaggg     57000
     ataaacatta agacaacatc tcaacaaatt taaaaaataa aaataaattt taaaaaaaag     57060
     agagagagag agggagagag aaacaagaca acccagctag aagaggtaca gaaacaagcc     57120
     ttcaggaatg ccatatttgg gctgcagaaa tggctcagag ttaagagcac tgattgctct     57180
     tccagaggac cagggttcaa ttcccagcaa ccacatggca gctcttacct gtctgtaatt     57240
     ccaggatctg ataacctcac aaagacatac atgcaggcaa aatcccagtg cacataaaat     57300
     tataaataca tattttaaaa aaagaaagaa agtcatattt aacagccagg tagagaagta     57360
     ggatataaca gggactaagc aacagccaaa caagaaaaca gatgtgccac aaatgggaaa     57420
     gagagcatgt ctcgcttctt aatgaaaatg aaaaactaag gaagagatac aaaaatgtct     57480
     ctccgatgaa gttataggga aatctagttt tcacaaaatg atactggcta attactaaaa     57540
     acttaagaca tctttcttca tattctaatg cagaactaat tactcaaata ttagaaacta     57600
     aaataaacca ataccttgat tttctgaaat tggtctcaag tcctcttgaa agatgaatct     57660
     gaaaaattaa aattaattag aaaatgcgag taccctataa gttcataaaa ccagtgtatg     57720
     acctctttac aacttcctta aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaggatgc atctagccac     57780
     tttttaaact gctaccctgc actgtaacac ctgagcacaa tgaaaatcac caagtaagaa     57840
     acaagtgatc ccttatgaca caggaaagtt ttctaagcaa gggagcaaag aaaagagggg     57900
     aagggggcgc aaaaacacaa gcgacctctg cccctatgcc caacttcagt gcaaaacact     57960
     catctcctga agccctgatc gcgtagcaca agtacattca cgggtaaagc gagaggggaa     58020
     atgaggctag agcagaatgg aagtccctga cgtcgccagc cagcagtgtc tgccgccacg     58080
     ccggcctctc tccaggcagc gctccagagt ccgactctcc acgccagccg ccaagtcttt     58140
     tccaaactgc gagaacaagc gggcgatcgg cccaaaggag aaaacctgcg gaaacgaagc     58200
     tccgcccaaa atgcagctcg gcccacggtc gctgagcact gatccatttg ccccagtata     58260
     cacagatcca gaacttcacc tgtccgaact gagaggaaaa aaaccacaag cccctgccag     58320
     gaaactgcac agacttcaga tggagagcgc catgacactt gtgtcccgcc gggctgattt     58380
     gcgcatgctc cgcgacggta gaccggagag gtcaaaacag atcgttgttt caagtttgcg     58440
     tttgttttta tctataatta ttaccacatt cttctacaaa caaaggtgaa aatacactcc     58500
     tacctcatta tgttagctta tcaactaact tctgctaagt tataacctta taacttgtcc     58560
     tgcacagtta agagattaac ataaacatct tgccatttat tattactact cattattcac     58620
     aaaaagggac tggagacttt aaatacttac cagaataatt acctccggag taaatcattt     58680
     tcattacatt cattacattt tatcagttcc ctcctctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc     58740
     tatctatcta tcatctctat ctcttttgag acagcatctc tctataaaac cttaattgca     58800
     cagtcactca ttatatggaa tgaactggcc tcgaactcac agatcgacct gcctttacct     58860
     ccagatctct aggattaaaa gcatgctcca ccatgcccaa ctaatttcct tctcttctat     58920
     agagaagaat aactaaaata atagttgttc tatcgaataa cagaagtcaa ttaacaccaa     58980
     actcgtgccc acatctacct cctactgctg ggattacggt tgtggcccac tgcagtaggc     59040
     ttatatttct gcttctgcag agacaattca gccgaggtag tcaggtttca tttaataatt     59100
     ccataagaat acataagaag aaacctttat actttctttg tcagtaatgc ataactttat     59160
     atttaaaaag caaaaagaaa ggaatgatgt gaaaaatatg gaacaaaatc tttatgtttt     59220
     caaagggatg aagatttttg ttgaaggatg agtggtttag cagtctgtgt attgggaccc     59280
     agggacttct gcatgctaag caagcactgt accactaagc tgcatctcct gaccctaggt     59340
     ttgttgttgt tgtttgtttt cttgcttttg tctccatagt gaaaactgaa tgggaaaatg     59400
     ttagcaataa taaaaccaat ggacaaagga ataataaatc cagaaattac aaaaaattaa     59460
     aaacagattt agtttataac tttagcaatt atcggttgta ctattgaatt taaaccaatc     59520
     aataactttt catgagacac aatgtgtgtg agtttaattc gctctttaaa aagtgcatat     59580
     gaattgtttg tgcagagatt gcatggacat aatagcgaca gtcttaagac agataagtct     59640
     atttcttagg cgaatgggac aaacgtagat gtgaactgta gggattgggc attaaatgtg     59700
     ctgtgattta cattgacttt ccacagcctg tgaccaaaac ccagctctaa tttcaaaaca     59760
     aggggtgcac ataagaatcg atgttggata cagggactgt gaagattgat cctgtataag     59820
     aaattacttg acagaataag gctcccctgg ctgaaaacta tatgacagta attttttgtt     59880
     gttgctgttg ttgttgtttg gttttttggt ttttttcaag acagggtttc tctgtatagc     59940
     cctgactgtc ctggaactca ctttgtagac caggctggcc tcgaactcag aaatccacct     60000
     gcctcttcct cccaagtgct gggattaaag gtgtgtacca ccaccgccca gcacaacagt     60060
     aatttttaag gaagattttt tccccccaag agtggatgaa cccaacaaga aagagtgata     60120
     gtgtgaacaa agagaaaaca ggaggaatgc tgtagcaaca tcaaaagaaa ggctgcctct     60180
     agtgaatgag tgcctcaaaa tatagggtaa gagggaggag ctgaagctct taaatgctgc     60240
     tagacaggga catgaaatca cctccagtct gtggaggaat gctgaagggc atcttataaa     60300
     gtagccacta gaggtcagag tattgaactt ctggcaccag ctattcgctt gctctagcag     60360
     gtcacataaa tggcgttgct ctaagtgtgt aagtaaattt ctcttttcag actcctgaaa     60420
     cctggaaccc ttgctagagc aatgagaaca ccacattccc ttgccgtaga gcaggtaact     60480
     tacctaggcc cagaatcctc ggcttttgtc ataagcaaga atctgatgct agctccacaa     60540
     aaaaagacag tcagacagaa agacagacag acagaaagac agacagggag ggagggaggg     60600
     agggagggag ggagggaagg agggaaggag ggaaggaggg aaggagggaa ggagggaagg     60660
     agggaaggag ggaaggaggg aaggagggaa ggagggaagg agggaaggag ggaaggaggg     60720
     aaggagggaa ggagggaagg agggaaggag ggagggaggg agggaaggag tagctaagaa     60780
     gttctgatcc tcctgccttc acttctcaag gcctgaacct caacatatta aaattcttat     60840
     tgttagatat tctcccaatg atttaaaata ataactcaca tttattgtat aatactctca     60900
     tggtttataa gtatcagcag gagacatgat gttttctctg tccttagaag gacatgacaa     60960
     tacagaataa atttggtttt gtgaggaaca cagcttagtg ttaggactct cacatgccta     61020
     aggccgcagg ttgaacaccc actgctgtaa acactgatag taatgacaga tctgttattc     61080
     acatgaattg agttatgtaa tctttactac atgtactcgg tatactaagg actattctaa     61140
     atgctcgggg gaatgaaacg cagcaatgtc tctacctcct tattcagtcc agccaaggct     61200
     acatagtaag atctaaataa agaatgaatg aaaaacagag agagagagag ggagagagag     61260
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagaa agagaatatt     61320
     attgttttct ttctgtcttt cttctctttc atttgataga gtgctgtgta gccctgggtg     61380
     gcctataatt tgctatgtag accaggctgg catcatactc acagagatat aactctcact     61440
     gcctctgcct tgctagtgct aaatccttag tcccagcaat ccagaggcaa aggtaggtgg     61500
     atcttgtgag ttcaaggcaa gcttggtcta tactgtgagt tcaaagccgt tcaggaagaa     61560
     gagtgaaatt tccatgagca gaaatgaggg ggaggggaga ctgcaggtag agcaaatatg     61620
     ggaggaaaaa ggaaagatga agaatcatct tccccatacc cccaacacaa ttggtgagtt     61680
     attttatact aagtgctcag aggtatacat ttaagaaatc tcataaagct aatcaccttc     61740
     ctaccaaata ttaaagacat tcaaattgag gataatagaa aatccttggt ctccttaaat     61800
     tgtatgactt gagatacatc tagatgtatt ttaacctatg acctccacac aggtatgaca     61860
     agcagccatg aatgaacaca cgtgcataca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     61920
     cacacacata cttatataat ttttaattat tgtttgagaa tttcattcgt acatgaatat     61980
     tttgtgtttt gaaaaaatcc aatcccccac tccctccaca caccctcccc cattccctct     62040
     cccattccct ccccattccc tcccccactc cctcccacac accctccccc actccctcca     62100
     cactctcccc cactccctcc cacacaccct cccccactcc ctccacacac cctcccccac     62160
     tccctaccac acaccctccc ccactccctc ccacacaccc tcccccactc cctaccacac     62220
     accctccccc actccctacc acacactctc aatactactt ctctctccca atatttttat     62280
     atttaatttt ctcaattttt ttatccggga cctatttcaa acttctttat tttctttttg     62340
     aaacagggtc tctctatagt cctgactgtc ctacaacttg ccaagttgac caggctggcc     62400
     ttgaactcac cgagattggc ctgcgtctgc ctcccagtgc ccacaggtta aagacactca     62460
     ccaccaaacc cagctcattt cacacttctg aaaattttcc caaatattgt aactgataca     62520
     tgtataatct tcatccccag ataataaccc ctcatacgtc ggaagtacag tgctcacagc     62580
     caggaaacga tcgtgggtat aatgcactga tcctgggaga gtcttttgtt tttttatctt     62640
     ctctaatctt gatgctttag aagaagaatg gtacagttgt ttgtaaaatg tcattcaatt     62700
     acagtcctct gatgcgctca cacctacatt catgctttta gtttcctgtg gtttgttttg     62760
     ctttgctttg cttagatgca ggatcttgct atgtaacctt ggctttcctg aatctcaaac     62820
     agatccatag gcttctgctt ccaagcactc ggatttaaag gtgtatgcta ccgtgcctgg     62880
     cacagcttcc tttgaggtaa ggatttgggg caagaatacc acagaagaaa tgctgtctgc     62940
     tccccttggc ctatctcaac agaggcatgt gacagatctc attaacagtg atgtactttg     63000
     aacacttggt ctcaccactg tgaaacaact cttccaccct ttgttatcaa tgagtgactt     63060
     gagggaagac atgctgaggt tacaatagaa tcctgttcca gagcatgttg ctgcctctac     63120
     ttgtggcatc tctaaatgac cctgcaggga acaattatta ctgtggcatt tgccaaatgg     63180
     ggactttcca tttctatcat gccttctact tagattattg aatgggcttt cccttctcgt     63240
     ttttctattc aattatttat attggcatgg atgattgtgc tcattttata ttatagcttc     63300
     taagccattg ttagtattat tttgttgctc aaattatccc aaatctggcc acggctttgg     63360
     gttgccttca gagttctttg gacacgtcta catttcaatt atacataatt tttctgttag     63420
     tgcaatatgt gccaaagctc gttgtatatc tctctacccc agccctgcaa tcggtctatt     63480
     gtccacagag ctatagttcc tattagttta aagtgctatt tagagaccaa gataggaagc     63540
     caaatgttgt gatatacatt tatagttcta gaatgtggga ggtgaagaca aaaggatcag     63600
     gaatttaagg ccagactctg ctacaaagaa agtatgaatc catcctgggc cacatgacaa     63660
     tctacatgga aagggaagga aggaaggaag ggaggaaggg agggagggag ggagggaggg     63720
     agggagggag ggagggaggg agggagggag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaggaagga     63780
     aggaaggaag gaaggaagga aggggaaggg aagggtgata ggaggtggct cagcagcaac     63840
     atttactgct cttgcaaaag acccagatta tgttcccaga attcctatag aggctgttac     63900
     aacggcctac aatgccagtt ccagaggatc tgatgtcctc ttttctggtt ctcttgggct     63960
     cctgcatccg cgtatgcaca aaaatacata catgctcaca cacataacta aaaaataagt     64020
     aaataaataa atctttcaga aaataaataa tgatatgagc ttcagtatgc tattgcttct     64080
     ggttatcatt gctccagaag ctacagtata ctcgaggcaa acttggagtg tctgttagat     64140
     atccatgtgg attcttggcc tggcaattgg acttatgatt ctaaagcttt gagaaatgca     64200
     agaggaagct aggaagttgg ggatcattgc catgcaggta gaatcttaag ccaggacttg     64260
     tatgaaagtg cccgtggaat gagcctgaag catgctcctc cccaactaag gtgggggaga     64320
     agagaaagag acagaaaaga agactgagaa ataacaactg atgggaagga aggaaagcaa     64380
     gaatgtgggg tcctggaagg caagggaaaa cccagaagtg gggacggcag gcagcattaa     64440
     ccgatgctga agatgcaggg aatggatgct gagcatgaga cgtcagcgtg aacagtctag     64500
     atgggcagtt tctggaggaa tgatgggcgt aaaccttgaa tggactatat caaagggtaa     64560
     ggaactagag acaggacatc agccaggagc agagagatca aactgtggca aaggaggaat     64620
     catgttcata aagaattgtg ttgaagatag gaaaaacaag agcatgctta aatgctaaaa     64680
     ctcctagaaa tgggaagacg gcagtggcag aaggaaggga gattgttaga ataatatttc     64740
     ttgaggtata aaatttttaa aatacacaaa agttatttaa aaataaataa aaatatcagg     64800
     tagcaaatga agtagaaacc taaggactct ttgaaaagtc ggtggaatgg tgttttgctt     64860
     gggcaaacat gtgaaggaac atttcatgaa agtggtcaca gggggctgga gagatggctc     64920
     agcggttaag agcactgatt gttcttctga aggtcctgag ttcaaatccc agcaaccaca     64980
     tggtggctca caaccatcca aaataagatc tgacaccctc ttctggagtg tctgaagaca     65040
     gctaaaatgt acttacataa taaataaata aatctttttt taaaaaagga aaggaaagga     65100
     aaggaaagga aaggaaagga aaggaaagga aaggaaagga aaggaaagga aaggaaagga     65160
     aaggaaagga aaggggacac aggtgtgaaa ggctaaggaa gactcctgaa gtagcatttt     65220
     catgaagcag acacaggaga gaggatgttc tgctaaagca agcatgtgaa tggacacatg     65280
     atgaagggtt ctttgctaac aacatattgg tttgccttat gttgcgtagt taagctgcat     65340
     atgtcaggac tccatagaga gaaacatacc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagttt ggggtgtgct     65400
     gcagtttgtt gctgcttcca agggcttggg aagattggaa gcacgtgctg aggcatggcc     65460
     agtgctgagg gaaggtatgt ggaggacaca tggtgtttgg aggatataaa taagactcca     65520
     ctggccgggc ggtagtggca cacgccttta atcccagcac ttgggggtag aggcaggcag     65580
     atttctgagt tcgaggccag cctggtctac aaagtgagtt ccaggacagc cagggctata     65640
     cagagaaacc ctgtctcgaa aaaccaaacc aaagcaaaac aaaaaaaaaa aaagacttca     65700
     ctgaatgatg gagacagagc ttggcttgct ggtacagcta gctgtgcaat gcttgtgagt     65760
     ctggagtatt cacttccctg agagaggcac agctgagaac tcctggtgtt cttgttggtt     65820
     cctcctgctg aggctgaggc ctggctgtct ctgctaggcc gtgtcactgc tgtaactaac     65880
     ccaattctac caaactggac tgctggtgta tccctgaagt gtttgcaagt ggatcgagct     65940
     gccgctgcta acctatgaac tgaactgatg atttccagac aacacagaca gcagttgctc     66000
     caaagaacct ttctaaacag gtccactttt cctgtatcct ttctttccca ctatctcttg     66060
     tgggtggtgg gcaaacaagg aggttaaggc atttaagagc tatcattaaa aatgaggtat     66120
     gaaaacttta aagttatagg cacatgcctt tagtcccaga acttgggggg caaaggtgag     66180
     tggatctctg aatcaagaac aaagagagtt ccagaccaac caagtctaaa tactgtgacc     66240
     ctttcccaaa aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca gctaagacat     66300
     attttaaatg tttaaaaccg tccgaagatt cagttggtaa ttagtagagg gcttgcccag     66360
     ggatacagga ggctctagac atcacacact gatgctgtca aaaggcaggg agggcatgat     66420
     gcaaaagcct ataatcccag cacccgggag gtaggagggt caggagttta aggtcatcct     66480
     cagctacata gaactttaag gctagcctga gctacaagaa accctgtctc tttcttcctc     66540
     ttcctcttcc tcctcctctt cttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttggttttcg     66600
     agacagggtg gtttctctgt gtagtcctgg ctgtcctgga actcactctg tagaccaggc     66660
     tggcttcgaa ctcagaaatc tgcctgcctc tgcctcccaa gtgctgggat taaaggcatg     66720
     cgccaccatg cccggctcta tctcaaacaa aattgaacaa aacaaacaag taaaacattt     66780
     tatttgtgac attttaaaat ctaagtttaa aaatgttgtt tttaaaacaa caaccaaaaa     66840
     atttttaaat taaagaaaga tttctagtaa ggtattagtt agcttgacta tcaatggtca     66900
     actctaatat tctactggaa acttatttct ctggcaagtt ccaaatgtgg ttggttagtc     66960
     actgccaaga agatgaggga aaagaaaata aacttcttta agctcccttc ttttttgacc     67020
     acagggcatt tatagctttt gtttgatggg agaacagaca acacacacac acacacacac     67080
     acacttttta agtgctaaat ctataggtga aactcagact tgcaatccca ccaagggagt     67140
     ctagggtaag cggtgaaaaa gcaaaggcag gagagggact tgctggtgag gaagtctttc     67200
     tcagagaact gagcaggacc tgcagcagct ggcttcatga gaacgcactc cctaacctac     67260
     agaaccggct gcggaagtat tccatttcag cttatttact tattccaaat atctgcaaag     67320
     ctctctccca ggctgtccac tcaacaagag cggagatcaa aagaaaaggc aaagaggaca     67380
     aaataaaggg agaacaaaag gtcttttgta agaaaatcgt gttctcatat ttccctccat     67440
     aacttctcaa atgttagtga gaaggggaga aaatgtttaa taaaaggcac tcagtgaatc     67500
     gttccagagt ctatttttta aaaagacaat tttgttagat tttagcttct ttcttttgtg     67560
     tgcatgcaca tgccacaggg acagctttaa ggagtcagta ctctccttcc accatgtgtg     67620
     tcccaggatc aaattcaagt gttccggcat agccaaaggg gccttaaaca gttgagcatc     67680
     tcaatggccc aactatttca agacatctag ttccgaggca tatatttaca tatatcacac     67740
     gtaactacca gtaaatttta gttatccatt taaagattgt attttatgtg tatgaatgtc     67800
     tgcctgcttg tacgtatgga cgccatatgt gtccctggtg cctgagtaag ccagaagatg     67860
     gcataaagat cctttaaaac tagagttaca gggctggaga gatggcttag cagttaagag     67920
     caccagcttc tcttccagag gtcctgagtt caattcccag taaccacata gtggctcaca     67980
     accatctgta atggaatcta atgccctctt ctggtgacag ctacatcata tacataaagt     68040
     aaataaataa ttcttttaaa aaaaagaaac caactgtagt tacagaaggt gctgagaatc     68100
     aaacctgggt cccctagaag agcagccatt gctagcaatt gctgactcat atctcaaatg     68160
     ccaaaccctg tagttgtccc tacactagcc aagattatca acagtcaact aaataaactg     68220
     atatgtgtcc ttctaaaaag atatgattat gtatgaacaa atcaactttg gggagtaatt     68280
     ttacttccag caaattcatg tggcttatca gttttgctga tggggactgg tgagatggct     68340
     cagagacaaa agcacggaat tggggctgga gagatggctc aggggttaag agtacttgct     68400
     gttcttccag aggtcctgag ttcaattccc agcaaccata tggtggctga caaccatatg     68460
     taatggaacc taatgctctc acctggtgtg tctgaagaga gaaacagtgt acttacatat     68520
     ataaagtaaa taaagaaaac tctaaaaaaa ataaagcgct gagtctcatg gtgacttaac     68580
     aactgtctgt aacttcaggt ccaaaggatc tgataccttc ttcagactac ttctggaatg     68640
     tgttgctaca cagtcatggt aggtacacat agacatacgt gcaggcaaaa cattcattca     68700
     cataaaagaa taaaataaca ttaattgaaa aatagagaat aattttgttc aatccaaaga     68760
     cctttgcatt taatttgggg gaaaagtttt gatagttagc aataagtatg actgttttcc     68820
     acatcttaag atcttttttt aaacatcaga tgaagtacca aagaccactg agaaagaagg     68880
     cagtctccca cagcctgctc ccacagacat ggaatctaca aaaactgaac ggtaagccac     68940
     aagctgggag tccatttcag tttcctcatc tgtttaccac tgagcaacca tgtatgtctg     69000
     tcagtcaata ttcttccaga gagaaaagaa cctttttgtg accaactgtt gaggtcagcc     69060
     tgtactctgt cctaagttac tccatgtagt ttaaaaatgg tagattttca ggctatcttt     69120
     tgccccagaa aactatttta caagcagctt tggactccat tttgagggaa aaggatgttg     69180
     cagctcccgg gtgaaaccca gaaacagcac caactgacag gcaccacaca tccggcatag     69240
     actgataaat ggctactccc tgggactagg aaggaagcca ccctatgagt tcatcggaga     69300
     gaattgaaac tggcagccac atgggcataa taaaatcccg tcaagggcat cagacccaag     69360
     aacatatgga acacatcaga tagaaaatgg gcatagctcc ccctgagccc cataaagtaa     69420
     gtaatacgca ctatagctgt ggtggcatgc cccacagcaa cctatatcta atacctagtg     69480
     tgtgtatcaa agcccaagga ctctctatat tgacacagcc tacttgacta cctgcccctc     69540
     cacctattca cccttctgga cctgatcagt tgcttcctgc tccagcctgg ttcacctttt     69600
     ttgcctcaag cctgacttct ttcttcatct gcaccagcag tttttactgg cagcttccac     69660
     ctggtgttgg tctggatcct tatcttatct acagagagtc attctcaggt ctcttctgaa     69720
     gcctcctgaa agcagctgac tccttcactt gcattcattc cggaacccat aaacacgtat     69780
     agcgatagag acatatttat tatgtactgt gtgataggtc ataagagagg taagattact     69840
     aattaaaaca ggaataaagc actttctttc accaaactac caaaatgggt aaatttaggc     69900
     tggagagatg gctcagcggt taagagcact gactgctctt ccggaggtcc tgagttcaaa     69960
     tcccagcatc cacatggtgg ctcacaacca tctgtaatga gacctgatgc cctcctctga     70020
     agactgtctg aagacagcca gtgttcttac atataataaa taagtaaatc tttaaaaaaa     70080
     aaaaagtggg tgaattttac tacaaattcc cattattcca gcaccgttgt attgtagagc     70140
     cagtatgtcg tagattactt tcttagagct ctgtgtaact gctgggagag agtcctcaac     70200
     aaagagaatg aaagggcaac gaaccaggaa aaaagaagaa gtaggaaaaa aaatgaagag     70260
     agaattgtgg ttctgatcct gtgaaggaaa agctacattc ttatttattt tagcgatttg     70320
     gttcacacct cagcgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgg gggggggggg ggtgtaggcc agaggatcct     70380
     ttccggagct ggttgtttcc tttcaccaag tggcccccag gaactctctg acagctggca     70440
     cttttaccca gtgaaccatc tccatagccc caggttgcag tgtgactctc agttctatga     70500
     aggcatacct ttgaaccctc attaatttcc tttaaaaaaa aaaaaagcta actctatcca     70560
     gttggttctc tatcaagagt gcttactgac tactgactgt cagcctgtgg cattgccagc     70620
     agagaaggtt gatggatgtg ctgaggacaa agatagctga aaaacaggag ataaaagaaa     70680
     ctgaagcaat cttgaagatc ctagaggacc cagcctcaca gctgcatacc tgcccctgta     70740
     gcaccaagaa tcaagacgga aagaatgaga cctgaaagaa tcaccagccc tgggtggcga     70800
     cagaatattc taaacttcct gaaagatctt aagattctta tctagctgga ggatttctgg     70860
     aaaagaacaa agacttagca ttgtccctca cccttaagag ttaatccatc aatcccctgg     70920
     acaggaaaac accctcggga agctgtctgg tcccggaaat gttaaagaaa tagtgtaagc     70980
     ccacctggaa acctaagttg gtacattgag ctctctggcc actggttacc cactctgtgt     71040
     ttcccttggg ccataggatt cgttgttgtt gttgttgttg ttgttgttta gaggcagggt     71100
     ttctctgtgt agcctaggct gtcctggaac ttgatgccag cctgctctac agagtgagtt     71160
     ccaggacagc catttctgca cagagatacc ctgtctcaaa aggggagggg gcaatttata     71220
     aattcaaaat tatgctgagg attttaattc tccattgtca ataatgacaa actgagtaga     71280
     taaagtatta tattaaaaag cccacatatt aaaaaaaaac aaaaactaaa aggcccacat     71340
     attatcaaat atagaatcaa atgatattgg aagtaattaa gtgaattgca tagcctgtgt     71400
     ttataataca tatgaaatat tgcctaggct actcggctgt aataaagttg gaggcactta     71460
     gcttcccaga gcaaatgata ctgttagagc agaaaggcag agggcagcca gtcatcaaag     71520
     cagtaacttt acatcactga cctgatttgt ctaaggagcc cacaggagtg gggtgcatgc     71580
     taaagctttg tagacttcaa tgattactgc cagggtcatc atccagtgag acgtggccta     71640
     aaacaaccgg tgtgctactc tcctacaaac acgactgtct tgtttgtgct gcttcacctg     71700
     gccccacgct tccggtgcag acgcagtgaa tgacatttac tgcgttccct tattttacaa     71760
     tctactctcc ttattctgac ccagtgttat accgcacttc tcctgagaaa gcctcttctt     71820
     ccgaagtgct tcattactat gtctcctgcg ctacatagta aaggctgaca gtctaggctt     71880
     cagtcaactg gcttcaagct ctaggaaagc cacttcctaa tgcagtagag tttggtcaac     71940
     acacttaaaa ctctctgaac tttgtgttct tgctcaggaa agtgggatat tagatattcc     72000
     aatgacgctg tatggtattt tggtttgaat gagaaatgtc ccccataggc tctggtattt     72060
     gaatatttgc tccccagtta gaagttctgt tcggggtagt ttaggaggta cagccttggt     72120
     gcaaaacaat atgtcacgga tggtgtgccg ggtgccattt ccaattcagt ctctttgttt     72180
     cattctttct agtcaagaca cagtctcttg gcatcctgca ccagcctcca tgcctgtggc     72240
     ttgctgccgt gcttccccac actaggactc taaccctctg gaactagact cccaaacaaa     72300
     ctctttcttg gatcatggtg ttttgtctca acaatagaaa agtaactaat acagacagca     72360
     taaggagaga gaagagacat cactttcttt tttttttttt ttaaaagatt tatttattta     72420
     ttatatgtaa gtacactgta gctgtcttca gacactccag aagagggagt cagatcttgt     72480
     tacagatggt tgtgagccac catgtggttg ctgggatttg aactccggac cttcggaaga     72540
     gcagtcgggt gctcttaccc actgagccat ctcaccagcc cgagacatca ctttcttaaa     72600
     ttcctttcat gatctaatat aggagtttgg aggacatctt tggtgtgttt cttgagacta     72660
     ggataccagg agtcagggtc tcctataaaa gtatattctg ggaaggctga attctctttg     72720
     tgctttgggg aattgaacag tttgcgtatg cagagttgat cagtctaggc tagtggagtg     72780
     gggaaggctg tgagggagag gctccaggag attggcttga tagagctcca gggtggtccc     72840
     agctctctcc atgcttctcc aggctgaagg ttggcatcat ttctcaacat ttagagaccc     72900
     tcaaagccgc aactctgcaa tcacattcca ccctaccccc aaagaattag tcaacactta     72960
     gcagcacagc aagtgaataa aagaagccaa tgccagaaca caaagaaaga tgctttgaaa     73020
     agcgacaaat caaaggaatc tttccaggat tttttttttc ttatttattc cttgacagtt     73080
     tcaggaaatc cctttttata tattcactgt gttgttatgc aaggcaagga gttgaggaca     73140
     aggacacaac tcaccaaaat gccaaccaac atagcaacag tcaccttctt tatcagtatt     73200
     gtggacaaca gaaccaactg cccgcttcac tttagcggtg atagttcaac tggagctgtt     73260
     ttccttggaa caacagattc ctcttcaagt gcatctttga gagacatagc ttagggcccc     73320
     cagttaagag gggccattgc tctgttagag ccctcaagag agcagcaaca ttctgaggta     73380
     ttgacattta agcagatgcc taggataaga aggtagggag ttgggagata ggagtgggga     73440
     tggagtgtgt gcagagcaag ggaaaaagca ttccagagca tggcgaagtc acaggttcag     73500
     aggtgcggaa aggactagta agaaaggaat gtatgagggg attggaatga gctgaaatgc     73560
     agacatcagt agcgatcagg aggcggccct tctgtgtcct tcctcagcaa gaggtattca     73620
     ccacccttag ggaacttgtc agggatcatg ttgtcaaact tcctaatgct taaacactga     73680
     ctagaggtga cctgacagat acaatattaa taaagggttg ccctaagggt gtggagagca     73740
     tacttgtctc caaaaatcta tctctgagta aagtcagatt agctgagacc gagagcacgt     73800
     gccagaaggt tctgcgactc agtaccaggt ggtcagaagg agaagtacct gtcctagttt     73860
     gcacgaactg tcaacttgac acagcctgga atcacctgaa aaagagtatc aattaccagg     73920
     cagggtggca agcactgtta atgccagcaa ctgggaggca gaagcaggtc ctgtgaactc     73980
     aaggccagac tgttttatac agcgagtttc aggccagcca agactacgca gtgagaccct     74040
     gtctcagaga aaccaaagat taaatacaga cttgattgag taaaggttat tccgtgtgca     74100
     ggcctctgag agcctgcctt gattgctgat tgatgtagaa gatttctgtc tagtttggac     74160
     caatctggtc tcagcgtgta taaggaagtt tgttgagcat gcgcatgagt gaacaagcca     74220
     gcaagcaagc aagcagtgtt cctccgcagt attcccttca acatcctgcc ctggcttctc     74280
     tcagcggtgg actttgaccc taaaatggaa ggcaaaaaaa agtcctttct tcccttctgt     74340
     tgctttaggt cagagtcttt tcatcacaac aacagaatgt aagtagaacg tatacaggcg     74400
     gctagtatcc aagatcatga gacgactcag cattgtatgc tcccgtccat gctaaatatg     74460
     tctgacttca atcacctatg ggctatggaa gaaataacag tatatgaggt agatggggtc     74520
     ttagtctcat ttctattgct gtaaagagac accatggcca aggcacggtg ggcttgctta     74580
     aagttttagg gagttactcc atgagcatta tgttgggaat cctgacagca ggctgaaggt     74640
     atggtgctgg agcaggagct gagagctcac gtttgatctg ccaagttgta ggcagagaaa     74700
     gagagtgaca ctgggagtgc atccagtttg gaaacttcga agcccaccct gagtgacaca     74760
     cctcttccaa gggcacacct ccaaatccct cgtaaacagt ccgataacta gggaccaaat     74820
     atccaaatat acgagcagat gggggccgtt ctcattccag tcatcacaag ggggctatgt     74880
     tatttgacat ttgtggtttt ctctcttgga tcactttgaa gaagtcatca gccatgttca     74940
     tgaggacact aaagcaggcc tgtgaagaag tcctcatggg gaagaacaaa agccttgtgc     75000
     caccagcttg ctgtatatga cagtgtcatc ttcaggcagt cttcctgccc tgggcctacc     75060
     tgcaataaag atagatcact tttgtggaca tcttcgcagt catcaagcca cctagcaaag     75120
     ttgctactga cttcctgatc tgcagaaact gcatggctgt cttttttggt tttttgtttt     75180
     tttggttttt tttccgagac agggtttctc ctgtgtagcc ctggctgtcc tggaattcac     75240
     tttgtagacc aggctggcct cgaactcaga gatccaccta cttctgcctc ccaagtgcta     75300
     ggattaaagg tgtgcgccac cactgaccgg ctgcatggct gtcttaagac tcaatgttgt     75360
     cttaagacag tgtattctag ggctcttatt atgtggcaac agataataac aaacatttaa     75420
     caagcagccc actaggtact gtgctatgat aattgtaaca cttggtgagt ttgggcaagt     75480
     tacttctgaa aaatgttcat agcactactg aaatgaattt cactatttac aaattttaga     75540
     gacaatttat ttattggaaa caaggtctct tgatgtagcc tggactgtcc tgaaacttgc     75600
     tacatagacc aggccggtct gaaactggcc tgcttctgcc tactgagtgc ctagattcaa     75660
     gatgtgtgtc accaggcctg gccttacttt tataatttaa ttatgtgtgt gtctctgtgg     75720
     gtttgatgtg taggtgcttg gaaatgaact caggacctct gcaagaacag tatagcttta     75780
     attaatgagc cacctttcta gccccaacac gtattgattt tttttttgta tgtagccaca     75840
     catgctaagg catgcatgtg gaggttaaag gtcgaccata tgactcagct ctctttttcc     75900
     actatgcaaa tattgagagt tgaattcaga ctgtcaggct tagtggtaac tgcttttacc     75960
     cacgaagcca gcacacagat catcctttgt gtgttttgtc atcaaccaaa tctgcctgta     76020
     cttctcaaat tcaattaata atgtaacagt tcagatagtc aaaatccagc tccccagaca     76080
     ccatcctaga ctgattttca tccttgatct tcacactggg ttgcaatgaa tacatggact     76140
     gagtcttctg aggttccttc accagcttac tctcactgta tagctcaggt tgccattgac     76200
     accggaatgc actgttaaat aatagatttg taaatgcctg ccctggacct cattcccttc     76260
     agaactgctt ttcacactga agctgttgac ctttcctcaa caaaagtatg acagtcaggt     76320
     cagtatcagt gtctcccccc acactcccca cacccccaca tcccccacac cgcccccacc     76380
     cccatgaaaa gcattcggcc tcctcaatag tcacagcaag ccagcaagcc ctgtgtcctt     76440
     agtgagacca ctaagtccaa tcatgaacaa tgagggctgt cctgttctgg tttctctctc     76500
     tctctttctc tctctctcct tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctttctc     76560
     tcgctctccc ccccccatat gtgtctgtgt gtgtttgtgt gtgtgcgtgc gcgtgcgtga     76620
     gtatgtcctc ctcccctgcc cctcttggct ttctgttttg ttttgctttt tacagtctca     76680
     ctttgtatca ctgactacct tagctcgcct tgaagttaga gaaccttctg gttctgtctc     76740
     ctgacttctg ggattaaagg ggtacgccat catacttggt tggttggttt gtttattttt     76800
     atttgatgtc tatgagagct ttgtctaaat gtacatatgt gcactgaatg tgtgcctggt     76860
     atcagaggat gacagaagag ggtgtcaaat ttgtagaact ggagttacag gcaaaactaa     76920
     gttacagtgc ataggtgctg ggaactgaac tcatgtcttc tccaagagca gccagtgctc     76980
     tgccccactg aggcagggta atgcttataa ccaggctgac atggaaactt ccaacgcagc     77040
     ttcttccttc caatgcaggt atcctcctgc ctctgctgcc tggttgctgt gagggcaggc     77100
     attggcagtg atgactctcc tgtaaatgga ttattctcag atgtatgtgg actgactttg     77160
     tgttattgtt tcttttctgt tcatatttac ttatggttct atattaaaca gcatatttcc     77220
     catccacgtg acactctcgg gttgcctctc agtaggttca atttttcatc aaaggaaacc     77280
     atctgtaatg cttcagataa aagctggacc atgtgaaaag agaggtgtgg agtccacacc     77340
     tttagatctg gacataaagg attctgtcaa aatgagacat tgtatttatc tatttaagat     77400
     ctggcctcat gaatctgact gacagcaaag tagaagcgga ggatgacctt gaactcgagg     77460
     tcctcttgcc tccacttctt caatgctggg attataggca atgacatcac acctagttta     77520
     tgtgtccagg gattgaactg aggcttggtg gcaagtgtgt ttcttaagtc attgagtcaa     77580
     ctccttggcc cccaaatcat ttatttgggg atgagagttg ttggtagttt tttgctctgt     77640
     ttttgagcca gggtctcact atatatttct acctggactg ggttcactat gtagatcagg     77700
     ctcattttga actcacagaa atcagcctac ttctacctac tgagtcctgg aattaaaggc     77760
     acataccaca accatacctg gtttttactg acttttttct gtatattttt tcttttcttt     77820
     tcttttcttt tcttttcttt tcttttcttt tcttttcttt tcttttcttt ctttttcttt     77880
     ctttctttct ttctttcttt ttattagata tttactttat ttatatttca aatgttatcc     77940
     cctttcctgg tttcccctct ggacccccta tcccctcccc ctgctcacca acccacctac     78000
     acctacttcc tggccctggc attcccctac actgggttat agatccttca caggactaag     78060
     gacctctcct cccattgatg atgaactagg ccatcctctg taacatatgc agctggagcc     78120
     atgagtctca catgtgtact ctttggttgg ttgtttagtc cctgggagct ctgggagtaa     78180
     tgattagttc atattgttgt tcctcctatg gggctgcaaa ccccttcagc tccttgggtc     78240
     ctttctctaa ctccttcatt ggggaccctg tgctcagttc aatggtaggc ttcgaggatc     78300
     catctctgta tttgtcaggc acgggtggag catctctgga gacagctata acaggcttct     78360
     atcagtaagc acttgttggc ttttctgtat atttttaata gatttttatc atacaatata     78420
     gtgcgatcat gctttcccct cccccaaacc ctctctacct ccccactcac ccaaattcaa     78480
     accctttctc tctctctagt tagaaaacaa acaagcaaca ataacaaaag aatgacagag     78540
     taaactaaaa gaaagggagc ctaagagaag acacaagaaa tatgcagatg caatgacaaa     78600
     cactcacaca cacacacaca cgcacacaga tctcccataa aaacacataa ctggaaataa     78660
     agtgtaagca aaagacctgt gtcttagtta gggttttact gctgtgaaga gacaccatga     78720
     ccaagccaac tcttatagag gacaacattt aattggggct ggcttacagg ttcagaggtt     78780
     cagtccatta tcatcaaggt gggagcatgg cagcatctag gcaggcatgg ttcaggcaga     78840
     gctgagagtt ctacatcttc atctgaaggc tgctagtgga agactgactt ccagacaatt     78900
     agggtaaaag tcttaagccc acatccacag tgacccacct tctccagcaa ggccatacct     78960
     cctaaaagtg ccactcccag ggccaagtag atacaaacca tcacagctgt tctggctaga     79020
     tttatgtcaa tttgacatat gctagagtta tctgaaagga gggacactca atgagaaaat     79080
     gcctccaaac atctgactgt gagacatttt cttaattaat tagttaaata attacttgtg     79140
     ggtggtacca tccttgggct ggtggccctg ggttctttaa gaaagcaggc tgagcaagct     79200
     atgatgggca agccactaag cagcacccct ccatagcctc tacaccagct ccagcctcca     79260
     cgttccttca atggtggact acaatgtgga agtgtaagcc aaataaaccc ttccctctgc     79320
     aacttgcttt tggtcatggt gtttcatccc agcaatagta accatagcta agatacccag     79380
     ttttcttcag aagggattgt gttacagttc aagcacagag aatgtcttta ggtagactct     79440
     cctctatctc caaggttacc ttttcttcta cttgtgcctt cttcatctga ttgcatgaag     79500
     ctcactaatg tttggaggaa gaacaacatg ctttattgac aacccactga cttaaatgtt     79560
     gatgtcatcg ccaaataccc ttacagaaac agtcaaggta atgtatcact tgtgtgggca     79620
     ccacagtcca ggcaagttag gacataatta gaactatcac aagttctcaa tgatagtttg     79680
     ttaactcatg ctgtgttgtt gttattgttg ctgttattct ctggtttagc ctggattctc     79740
     tctatgaaaa tctacagaaa aattatagtt tgggaatctt aagagtcagg aatcactaga     79800
     ccttcttctg agacttgctt tgttttgttt aactctgaat tgtgtaatga gttttcattt     79860
     ctgtgttctt gctggttcta gaaaactctt ctaacaagtg tttttctctg gcaaatgcac     79920
     agtatcttgc agatgtgttt gataatataa tcatattcct atgtatgtaa tagctcagaa     79980
     acctttgttt ttcatttctt aattgcctta ctaatttgtt ttgaagttta atttatttaa     80040
     cagcccttta tgacaagagt ataaattaat ggagtaaaca cttgtcaaaa ttcttgatct     80100
     ttttttttag agcaaagatg aacatcctcc attttttaat gactctgaag taatcagttt     80160
     gtagctttta caacattatc atgcagtctg attctgacag cctttcaatg ttcgagttcc     80220
     tgtttccagt tccaagcaga aatccacacc tgtcatcaga ctctcactac tcaagagtaa     80280
     ctaattggaa gtcaactaag tattccagtg tgttgtctaa ataccattag gcattatttt     80340
     cttaccagat taaattgctc atctttgacc atctcaaagt gtctgaccta gaaaaatgtt     80400
     ggcttaccct aatagtggcc cttgttgtgt aggagtgtag tgagaaggca aaaagaagag     80460
     agagccgttg agaaccaaga gggggtcttt gtgattatat ttctcaatca gttcaacaaa     80520
     catgactgtg ggtagaattt ttcagaacat catgggaaat ctcctttatt aatatagttt     80580
     aagcatggag agttacaatg caaccaatag ctatattatt ggaaatggaa acaagaattt     80640
     caccagaatt ctgactggaa ctgatggggc ttttccatgt catcttcttg tggtgttcta     80700
     taatagccct gggggtgtgg cagctgtagg tatttcgtgc agacaggaaa ccaccatagg     80760
     ttgatctcca cttctactgt caaatcacct ccttgcccta aatgaaaaat agagcaactc     80820
     taaagcagag ctttccataa atgacataga atctcactaa actattagta ttctattaat     80880
     cagcacagag ctgatgtgtg tgtgtgcatt tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     80940
     acttgttaga atgacttaca tctgtggtca gctagttcaa caatgactgt ctctcaatgg     81000
     aaagtccaag aatccagtag agtttcattt tactaggctg aatgtctcca ctggtcttca     81060
     gtatgcacca cagtgaggga ctgaactcac caggggaagt aaagacaagc aggccaagaa     81120
     caaggacttc cttctatgtc atctatacag gctgccgcaa gaaaagagca tggcccagat     81180
     tgaagggggc cttcccactc acctcgaatg attcatcaag aaataatata cctcacaggt     81240
     atacttaact gcttgggttt tagatagttc tgaatgtagt caagttgaca accaagaatt     81300
     gtcacaagtc tatttcagac atgctaaata attgcctgaa gagataggag agaaagaaat     81360
     tgacaatccc actacagaga ataaaataat tttcacatta atagctaaat agtgaaagga     81420
     tttgaagctg tattagtatt atcttttcca ttgctgtgat gaaacaccac gaccgtagca     81480
     acttacaaaa gtgtttattt gggcttatgg ttccagaagg ttagcatatg tgacaatggc     81540
     tcacatctca ctgtaattgt gaaacagaga gtgtgaacaa aaaatgggga tggtcttgaa     81600
     gctctataag cccccctcct gtgatatatt ttttcaaccc ggccatacct cctaagctcc     81660
     ccccacccca cccccccaaa aaaacaatgg gagttaaaaa gcaatgccct gtgggcctgg     81720
     agagatggtg tagcaggtaa gggaaagggc tcacttactg cttttctaga gaacacaggg     81780
     tcagttctca gtgtccacaa ccatcgtaac ttcagtccag aggatccagt gccctcttct     81840
     gatctccaca aggtacaaga cacacatgtg ctgcacatat ccgcacacag gcaaaacact     81900
     cacacacatg aaacaaaata atattaagga aaggagtaat aaattggggt tgaaattcag     81960
     gaataaagaa gtgcttagaa ttcatgaagc atgggctcta ctcctgggca agctgggggt     82020
     gaggaacaga aaaaacggta aaggagaggt gagatagaaa ggacttctag attattctcc     82080
     ctaaaacttt catgcgctaa caagaaaggg gaagggctca caggaccgct gcagacatgt     82140
     ctctggtttg tcagtactac ctggtctcct agcctttctc attggcactt gtccacaagt     82200
     cagtctacaa cagagctgtg atgggaagga aacagaaaat agccgggtct ggaccaggag     82260
     cagagaaact ttgtgtctca tttatcatct tctcagtttt ccaggtctga tttaactcct     82320
     gacttaaaaa aaaaagatat tgaacttgga aactctacct ttctcttaat tttactcaag     82380
     tttcatgtca tcattcaaag ccttttttgc agtacaagca aaagagattc cttcaacctt     82440
     tgccatatta ttttcctaga atccatttat attcctcaca aggacattgc agcatgtcac     82500
     gtatgagaaa tcacattttg tcctctaaag aacaattatc aaagagcctt cattttttta     82560
     tatttatcct tgtgttattt tggggggtta acctcatgcc agtttgtctt gggctaatga     82620
     tacagctcag gtggtagagt gcttgcctag cgagaataaa gccctgaatt tgattccctg     82680
     tactccacga tgcatgtttg tattcccagg agatgactca gaagtccaag tcacccatcc     82740
     tcagttacat agcaaattgg aaatcagcct ggactacata agaccttgtt ttaaaaatat     82800
     atgtgcatat gtgtatatct gtgtctgtat gtctgtttgt cagtcggtct gtctgtaggg     82860
     tttctctaca taggcctggc tgttccggaa cttgttgtgt agaccaggct ggcctcaaat     82920
     tcacagagat gcatctacct ctgactcctg ggtgctgaga ttaaaggtgt gcaccaccac     82980
     acccagctta aaatatattc tcaatttgtt aataatatta catatagaaa gttcataaat     83040
     agcctaacag gaaagcttaa tggtaaaata agtacctgca atattaccag aatattattc     83100
     agaacaaagc ataacactgt tgaaaaactc ttaacttgga ttttttcatg aatcatctct     83160
     ttgggagttg tatgtcaaaa attgttacta aagtggctat ttgcatgggt gctggggatt     83220
     caaactcagg tcctcctgct tgcacagtag gcactttgtc aactgagcca tcgctctagc     83280
     cacataagca atgtgtcgtt aaagcatggc cattgtcact tatatagtct ttagtagtat     83340
     attcaaatac agaagcggcg tttctgttat tagacgcgtt ctcacgaccg gccaggaaag     83400
     acgcaacaaa ccagaatctt ctgcggcaaa gctttattgc ttacatcttc aggagccaga     83460
     gtgcaagaag caagagaaag agaaaacgaa acccccgtcc cttttttagg agagttatat     83520
     ttcgcctagg acgtgtcact ccctgattgg ctgcagccca tcggccgagt tgacgtcacg     83580
     gggaaggcag agcacatgga gtggagaacc accctcggca tatgcgcaga ttatttgttt     83640
     accacttaga acacagctgt cagcgccatc ttgtaacggc gaatgtgggc gcggctccca     83700
     acatctcccc ctttcctttt aataagagca aataggccac ccatattaat gagagtggag     83760
     atagaggtca aatccccagt gtgtaggtaa aggagccatg tacaggatta gctcttaggc     83820
     tcacaggctt ttacccagag caaccctgac ctgctcccgt gtcgttttgc ctggagagaa     83880
     ggacacttgg acactcaacc ttcttgaaag atgacatgtc tccctagaat aggctcatat     83940
     atgccgcaga gcctttctac tgcagtgctt agccgtgcaa ctctctcggg ctgctgaagc     84000
     acactcactc tatcccgtgc aatgagacta gcctcatggg atataagagc tgagtggcca     84060
     gcgacctatt gcctaagcat agatatatca ggggaagctc catgttctag tcctgcaagc     84120
     gcctgggcaa taaccacctt gtctctccta gtttgggcct taagcttaca gaccaatcaa     84180
     agaagcaaca ctaatccaca gcaaagtgta tctccaaata atattactcc cacccatttt     84240
     ttaaagaaag aaaatgctga ggagatccaa ttgggtaatc ctttggtcag ggacaggtcc     84300
     aagcgtgtgg agttgacctg aagtctcaat tcccgaagga tctgttcaaa ttcagccatc     84360
     caattctgta acatatactg aaaaagactt tttgacaaat tagctgccct agtaaattta     84420
     acatactgaa tggaagtaac acacaatccc ggaaactttt gttcacaacc ctgctgagtt     84480
     atttgtcata atacatctag ttgtatctgg acaagatcta tgagttgatt aaccagcatg     84540
     agacctctct gtatcttgac attagctgag gcctgttcat ctatgactgt agtcactgag     84600
     gctgacaaag tgttaatggt gtcagtcgtc tggacctgtc cagacagagc caaggctgtc     84660
     tgaattaagg ccaaacccag ttcccagtta gtggtaaaaa agcaggagaa tacttgagca     84720
     ttatacatca ccgtcattgg gagtggaaat atcgacatta tcccccaacg ctgctctctt     84780
     tttattattg acgccctgga catcaccaag acgagggaca ttagtattcc cttggtcagt     84840
     ctggattttt cgggtgagtc tttctggtat ccaaaatggg ttgtcttcat tctgtgggaa     84900
     aacacagaca gctcccctgg atcttatcaa gataggatcc gggccatacc atttattatc     84960
     aaggacattt ttccatttaa ccatctcatt gggcctatct ggctctgaac aatgacgttc     85020
     agccgcagta tggccatgag catcaatatt taaaaaattg agtgtaaaga gtgccaaaga     85080
     cacagacact cttggtgctc ggggtaaaat ctcttcaatt cccctcttct gttttataag     85140
     ataggttttg agggtgcgat gcgcacgctc aacaataccc tgtccttgag ggttgtatgg     85200
     aagtccagtc aggtgggtta cgtccatctg acggcagaac tgctggaatt tttgagacgt     85260
     ataagctggt ccattatcag tcttaaggag tctgggtttc ccccaagcac tccatgcctc     85320
     aagacaatgt tgaatcacat gtgaggcttt ttctccggtt aacggagaag caaacatgat     85380
     gccagaacat gtgtcaatgg acacatggag atattgaagt tttccaaagg aagaaacatg     85440
     tgtaacatcc atttgccaga cctgtagagg tcgaataccg cgtgggttaa ttcccacatg     85500
     aggaactggc aagaactcac agcagctttg acattgagta acaatgtcac gggcttcttt     85560
     tcttgtcaag gagaaacgac tgcgtaatgt ttcagccgtc acatgaaaat tgttatgaaa     85620
     atttcttgca gcctctaccg gggatgatag ggcagcagcc accactttag tggccttatc     85680
     tgccaaatca tttcccagag ccatggggcc aggtaggcct gaatgggctc taacatgagt     85740
     aatataaaca ggaaatcttc tagataacaa aactaattgt atttgctgaa aaatattggc     85800
     aactctactg gaaggcttaa tcactccagc cacttctaaa agatttactg cattaaccac     85860
     ataacaggaa tctgacattc cctgtggtaa gaccttccat tgatacctct tatcaggttc     85920
     catgtgatta atagagggga tggtaaaggc aaatctgggc ctatcccttg gacacaaagg     85980
     tatagaaaag aaacaatctt taatatctat aataattaaa ttccagccac gtggtaaggc     86040
     ggaaagtaca gggagacccc tctgtactgg gccaaataag ttcatttgct cattaatggc     86100
     tctgaggtca tggagcagtc tccactttcc tgactttttc ttaattacaa aaattggagt     86160
     attccaaggt gaggtagatg gctcaatatg gcctagtttt aattgttcct ctaccagttg     86220
     aatcacagct tctagttttt cagaggatag gtgccattga ggaacccaca ctgggtcccc     86280
     tgttttccat ggtatgggtc gtgctgcccc aatggccact aaggaaaaac ccagaccctg     86340
     tctgtcttgg tttccattag gtaagatagg ctctatcctt ccctgttctt gatgtcctaa     86400
     cccttttcct tctttataac ccatctttgc catgatattt tttgctttag ttgaataccc     86460
     tcccgatggg gcgttttcat tggacaaaat aaggcccaaa tgctgcataa tatcccttcc     86520
     ccagaggtta accgggagtg ggagcacata aggtatgaat ttcccttgct gtccttcaga     86580
     ggattcccac gtcaaggcaa cggagcttat agtgggacat gattgatatc ctaggccctg     86640
     taatgaatga gatgactctg tggtgggcca cgctttgggc caccaatgtg tagagattat     86700
     acttttatct gctccggtat caaggatgcc ttcaaactct tttccgttga tcttaaggcg     86760
     gagcttaggt ctattattca aagatacaac caaataggca gaatcatttc ctgaggagcc     86820
     catcttcttt atctcaggtc ctgcagattt ctccctggta ttatcaggga ggagcagcag     86880
     ctgagctatc ctatctcctt tactaataga aaaaacgcct ttagggcttg agcacaggac     86940
     ctgtatttca ggggaatgtt gacaatccat aactccaggg tggactacta agccctgcaa     87000
     ggtgagtgaa ccccggccga gaataaggcc catggttccc gggggcaagg atggtatagg     87060
     ctccaccggc accggctgaa tactcatttg aggcattaat aggaagtcgg aggcggcacg     87120
     caggtccacc cttgtgggtc ttcctgggtc gcctctctga ctgcttcctg ggtcctgaca     87180
     aaccggttcc catatctttg agggccctgg gaccgagggc ccgatgaccc gttttttggc     87240
     acatcagttg attgactatc aggtggggga agaattctgc cctttatatc cctcacagag     87300
     cgacactggt cagctctatg ataacccttg ccacacttag agcaaagagt gagagtccct     87360
     ccctgtttat ctggagctct gcaatctttc ttaaaatgcc caggctttcc gcaattaaaa     87420
     catgtcctct gatcatttct gcccatggag cggttctgag attgaaggat ggcggccgct     87480
     aagcctgcat tggtgagagg tcccccaagc tctcgacaga ccctgagcca gtcttgtaag     87540
     cctttgttct ttcttggggc tatggccgct cggcactcct ttgtggcttg ctcatagatt     87600
     agctgttcta ccagaggcgc ggcttgctct gaatctccaa aaatacgctc tgctgcctct     87660
     gtcattctgg ccacaaaatc tgagaaggat tcctgaggtc cctggacaac ttttgttaat     87720
     tgaccagtgg tttcacctgc tcgggagagc gccttccagg ccctaatagc cgtggaagaa     87780
     atctgggcat aagctcccca atggtagttt gtttgatcag cagaataagc tccctgaccc     87840
     gttaacaagt caaaagtcca atctctctgc tctggagtca aagcagctgc gtttgctcgg     87900
     gcctgcgctt gtgcagtttc atgccaaaga gctctccatt ccatatattt gcccatacta     87960
     gggagagcgg cttttacaac cgtttgccag tcagcaggag ttagtgccat gccggcgagc     88020
     ctgtctaact gcaccaaggt aaaattagca ttggttccat atttacggac cgactcggcg     88080
     agttctttaa tttgtaagta ttctaccgga gcgtggacac gcccaccctc ggctccttca     88140
     aagaccggaa atgcctgttg tattttcctt tgttcctctc tgggaatgaa tgagtctgcg     88200
     cactgcctct ctgcgcattg tctctctgcg cactgcctct ctgcgcatct ctctgcgcat     88260
     tgcctctctg cgcatctctc tgcgcattgc ctctctgcgc atctctctgc gcattgcctc     88320
     tctgcgcatt gctgacgcac tacgcagggc gggggctccg catagggcgg accttgaaac     88380
     cgactgccct gaggccaatc agcaaactgg ccttcgccag ccgcttttgg cttccttaac     88440
     tgattagcta gcactttacc tggctggtac ccttttttct cataatgagc tgcttcttcc     88500
     tcccagtctg tttcctcaga ggagaattct ttatctgctt cagagctact aagagctggc     88560
     ttcctgagct catctagtga cgagtatctc ctagagacct ccgctaatcg atcttttttc     88620
     ttttcttttt tcttttcctt ccttctaatc tctccccagg tattcttacc tgacctaaac     88680
     ttttcctcgg gttcaagacc cttggaaagg cctgtatact tattttgtgt accatatttt     88740
     ctctttgctc ctactctctc tccccgcttt acttctgata gattgtcctg aatttcatct     88800
     agaatcctcc ctgccttaac cacttgataa catgtgaaaa ggaacaaaag ggctcctaac     88860
     accagaaaaa attcaaggcc aaacatattc cactttactt ctgatagact gtcttgaatt     88920
     tccttagaaa gttcaaggcc aggcttacct cgtaaagctg tactcactgg tactctcgtt     88980
     ccccagctga aaagttctga attcatacag ttgaatcctt cttaacagtc tgctttacgg     89040
     gaacctttat taccgcgacc cgcagttctg gttctggaat gagggatctt ccttgcgcca     89100
     gtcccgagtt ttttctcgtc ccggaattcg gcaccaattg ttattagacg cgttctcacg     89160
     accggccagg aaagacgcaa caaaccagaa tcttctgcgg caaagcttta ttgcttacat     89220
     cttcaggagc cagagtgcaa gaagcaagag aaagagaaaa cgaaaccccc gtcccttttt     89280
     taggagagtt atatttcgcc taggacgtgt cactccctga ttggctgcag cccatcggcc     89340
     gagttgacgt cacggggaag gcagagcaca tggagtggag aaccaccctc ggcatatgcg     89400
     cagattattt gtttaccact tagaacacag ctgtcagcgc catcttgtaa cggcgaatgt     89460
     gggcgcggct cccaacacgt ttctgcctaa aataattgtt ctttcactct ttacagaaaa     89520
     atatggcaat tctgccacca cattttacac aggctcgcct ttgacatctt ctgttctctc     89580
     tacgctacag cctagacgat ctttccaact tgttatttct ttagccatct ccgattcgtt     89640
     gatctagtca cctttttgtt gttgttgttg tttccttctg taacggtttc cctttggttt     89700
     gatttttgaa acagggtttc tctgtgtagc catggctgtc ctggaactca ctctgtagac     89760
     caggctggcc tcgaactcag acatctacct gcctctgcct cctcagtgct gggattaaaa     89820
     gcatgtgcca tctccaccac ccagcttatg taattgcatt ttttaaaacc tttctctaac     89880
     ctgtctggta aattatgaca cttttttatt ggtcatacat ttctaaaatg ccatgtttta     89940
     tttctctaaa tatttatttg tttgttttgg ggcttgggct atatgtatga cactgcacat     90000
     acgtggaggt cagagagcca ggagccaaaa tatgtcctcc cttaaagttt attttgtcaa     90060
     gtgttttatt gctactcctg tagatgaccc aagttcagtt cgtagcaccg tcgttgtcac     90120
     taggcagttt ctaaactcgt gtaaccccag gtctaagcag cctgacacct tctttggcct     90180
     ctgagtgcac tgcacatgca tgtgtagtat ctattctttt gtatacttgt ctttccaatg     90240
     tgcacactcc aatgtgcaca cttattgact tggttttcat cccagccttt gggttggttc     90300
     tatctctttg ggaatttcct attctctcag caaataagaa aaagttactg tttctgttga     90360
     aatcagatgg tttgtaaaag ggggggctct atgtcgctct aatctatgat attgccagat     90420
     gtctcatcca atgccttttc tgtttttaca agtaagtttg gccctcactt tctgccttat     90480
     cacctgccag agctatgtgt ggagattatt cccatacttt tcatcttctc tgcccttcac     90540
     cacagctcat gtctgtgttc agaactcatt gtaacccatt aacaataccc aacctctggg     90600
     tgacggggat gatacttcct taatggctaa aggggcatcc attctttgta ttcttgctaa     90660
     ggacagggtg tagcttgtgg ttcttttaaa cttaaattgg cagggcacta tgtcagaggc     90720
     ctttaatacc agcactgggg aggcaggacg caggtggagc tctgtgagtt tgaggccagc     90780
     ctggtctaca aaatgagttc caggacagac agagctacat agcgaaactt gtcttgaaca     90840
     gaaacaacaa caacaacaac aaccccataa gaaaatattt tatccatcat tttgtctcct     90900
     cttgctccta aacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacttt     90960
     tgctcttttt tcctggttaa acattgtctt agtcaattca gtgttctatt actatgaaaa     91020
     gacaatacga ctatggcaaa gtttaaaaaa gaaaacattc attgaggctg gcttacagtg     91080
     tcagaggtta gtccgttaat atcatggcag gaagcaaggt ggcacacagg ccgtcatagg     91140
     gctcaagaag tagttgagag ttctacattc agattcatag gcagcaggaa aaggaagaca     91200
     ttagtactag cttagactct tgaaacccca aagcccactc cctagtgaca ctcttcctcc     91260
     aaaaaggcca cacatactcc aacaaggcca cacctcctaa tttctctaaa gtagagccac     91320
     tccctaatga ccaagcattc aaattgatga gcctgtgggg ccattcctat tctagccacc     91380
     actagccttt tccttggcac agttaatttg tgttctctga tagcctttct ggtctctccg     91440
     gtggaaatgc tgcactctct tgggttcctg gggtcaccag gctgtgaagt gaagccagac     91500
     actttctcct tccatttata ggaacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     91560
     cacacacact tcttcatttt ccaggttgat tagtttttat gcagctgttg ccttcactta     91620
     cgcatggcct taaatgaaga gacaggcaca cgaaaatacg tataatccgt gaagaccctg     91680
     aaaatgctca ggacccttca gacacaaaat ttacagtaac aataagactt ctgaattcaa     91740
     ttatgcagaa aagccattaa agaactccaa agctgagcag tagtctgtta gaggcagcat     91800
     ctttcgagga gggaacggaa tattctatga agccgccact gccaacttga atcctcctct     91860
     atttgaatta gaaaaaaatc cgtttttatt gcatactgaa gacaagcaaa acactgagac     91920
     atcctccaga acttttcccc cttacagttt ttctctcgcc ctcctggttg tgtaggagcc     91980
     gagagcatgg ctgccgaaca cctcagaaac agagtgtgga agcattgatg ttacagggct     92040
     gctgaagagc acagccaggg gcctggagag gtgacccttg cagaggaccc aggttttggt     92100
     tccaagcacc caggtggtgg ctcccagcca cctgtaactg cagatccggg agatccagct     92160
     ctctctcgtg gcgtttacag gctgttgcat gtacctggtg cacatgaaat gacacaagca     92220
     cacgtaggat aaataaacaa ttttaaaaat agagtctggc aaggaatcat tcagaactca     92280
     aagtaaaatt aataaactaa ccatgacatc tctgttacag ctctgaggct gagactcagc     92340
     agggtagggt tttttgatgg gtgtgtctga gagaacagag agattttaaa tgtagcagaa     92400
     actgttggac caggaggcta agaacctttt tttgatgaaa aattgggctg aggatgtagc     92460
     tcagcataca taaggctctg ggtgtgatcc ccagtattca gagggtgggg ctcttgatgc     92520
     aatgagctcc tttcggatgt gcagttgtct ctaactcatg ccctacgagt ctctgatcct     92580
     tttcagttca tgtggttttg tcagggttga aaaactagac aatggttttg ttttgttagc     92640
     ttaccatttc ttgttttgtt ttgtttgttt gcttgcttgc ttattatgag tacactgtag     92700
     ctgtcttcag acaccccaga agagggcatc agatctcatc acagatagtt gtgagccaac     92760
     aagtggttgc tgggatttga actcaggacc tttggaagag cagtcaatgc tcctaactgc     92820
     tgagccatct ctctagtccc aactttaccc gttcttgtga tgtgggatgt attcaagtcc     92880
     caagacatcc tagaggagta atactggggt ctctagtgtt actttcaagg ttggagcagg     92940
     accctgaccc tgatatcact ggtccatttt gttctgtttc ccattgtact tccctgagat     93000
     tccagcacca gaggcttcac agttactttc ttaacacatc tcaaaagcat tctcagaatg     93060
     tctggtggtt taaaattctg caaatatttt aataaattct tctggctttc cctcttcaag     93120
     ttctagattt aagagcacaa taactgatct ccatatcaca tgtaacactc caacctccta     93180
     ctagcaaagc tgtatcttca atattccctt tatcaaaagc ggcatatttt aattatacag     93240
     aacaataggt ttcattgtga catttcttta ttaagctatc ttacgtgcat gttggtatgt     93300
     gtgtgtgtgc atgcacatgt gctatatgat gttcagaaga cagaggacag atttcagaag     93360
     tggggtccct ccttcctcct tgtgggtccc agggcttgaa cgacaggtcc ttatcagccg     93420
     gtgcctttgc ctgctgagcc atctcatgaa ccctcatttt ggcattttta tatatgaaca     93480
     tatttttttt attaaactca tccccttaat cttcattaac tggagattta catttttttg     93540
     tttgttttat ttttcgagac agggtttctc tgtgtagccc tggctgacct ggaactcact     93600
     ttgtagacca agctggcctc taactcagaa atctgcctgt ctctgcctcc caagtgctgg     93660
     gattaaaggt gtgcgccacc accgcctgac ctacatcttt ttttttttaa atctcgattt     93720
     ttctcacaag tgaaaatgta atggcatttg tctttctgac tctagtttgt tttgtttaac     93780
     atgatttcca gttacatcca gttccctata aatggcatta tttcattctt tctatggctg     93840
     gacaatattc ccctatatat atactaaact ttgctaatgc attgattctt tgatgggcat     93900
     ctaagctata tcacaacttg atcatgatat ataaatgttc aggtatcatt attgtatcct     93960
     gaattgggtt ccttgcgggt atatatgtat aaaacttata gctggatcat atgataatct     94020
     atttttggct tttctttttt tgtgaattaa aatatttatt ttgagaaaga aggcatacag     94080
     gactctctct tgttcaaaca gtctcaagat ctcttggaga tagttctgtc accaagccac     94140
     ctgcctccca catgtgcact gaagattgcc tcccctgtcc cttctgtcct cactattttt     94200
     tttttgatgt gtgctacaaa ctacatgtgc ttactaactt tgctggctct cctttgcatc     94260
     cactccactc tcatattata gaaatgcaaa tttttatttt cctaaataca gtttccttat     94320
     tgaataaaac acttgtggaa tcattttggc tgatgacaca ctggactgtg tttactggca     94380
     atgctctcag cacaggggac agaaatcaga gctattggat ggggcctgga gccaaggcag     94440
     ccctggaatt tcccagtgct ctctgccttt cccagtaatg gctgaatctt gtattctgga     94500
     tagagagaaa cagagcccag ggttcctttg agcaagtgaa agcctgacct gattggcaat     94560
     tggggacatc agccagggtc acttgcagga cttaggtcag gtgttttttt gttttttgtt     94620
     ttaaattggg tattttcttc atttacattt ccagtgctat cccaaaagtc ccccataccc     94680
     tccccccccc cactccccta cacacccact cccacttctt ggccctgttg ttcccctgta     94740
     ctgaggcata taaagtttgc aagaccaatg ggcctctctt tccaatgatg gccaactagg     94800
     ccatcttcta atacatatgc agctagagac acgagccccc cccccccccg gggaggtact     94860
     ggttagttca tattgttgtt ccaactatag ggttgcagat ccctttagct ccttgggtac     94920
     tttctctagt tcctccattg gggaccctgt gatccatcca atagctgact gtgagcattc     94980
     agttctgtat ttactaggcc ccagcatagt ctcacaagag acagctatat cagggtcctt     95040
     tcagcaaaat ctttctagtg tatgcaatgg tgccagcgtt tggaagctga ttatgggatg     95100
     gatccccaga tatggcagtc tctagatggt ccatcctttc gtctagctcc aaactttgtc     95160
     tctgtaactc cttacatggg tgttttgttc ccaattctaa gaaggggcaa agtgtccaaa     95220
     ctttggtctt cgttcttctt gagtttcatg tgtttcgcaa actgtatctt ttaacttcgg     95280
     tattctaagt ttctgggcta aatatccaat aatcagtaag tacatatcat gtgagttctt     95340
     ttgtgactgg gtcacctcac tcaggatgaa gccctctagg tccatccatt tgcctaggaa     95400
     tttcataaat tcattctttt taatagctga gtagtactcc attgtgtaaa tgtaccacat     95460
     tttctgtatc cattcctctg ttgaggggca tctgggttct ttccagcttc tggctattat     95520
     aaataaagct gctatgaaca tagtggagca tgtgtcctta ccggttggaa catcttctgg     95580
     atatatgccc aggagaggta ttgtgggatc ctctggtagt actatgtcca attttctgag     95640
     gaaccgtcag actgatttcc agagtggttg tacaagcttg caatcccacc aataagggag     95700
     gagtgttcct ctttctccac atcctcgcca gcatctgctg tcacctgaat ttttgatctt     95760
     agccattctg actggtgtga gatggaatct cagggttgtt ttgatttgca tttccctgat     95820
     gattaaggat gctgaaaatt ttcgcaggtg cttctcagcc attcggtatt cctcaggtga     95880
     gaattctttg tttagctctg agccccattt ttaatggggt tatttgattt tctggagtcc     95940
     accttcttga gttctatata tatatatata tattggatat tagtacccta tctgatttag     96000
     gataggtaaa gatcctttcc caatctgttg gtggcctttt tgtcttattg atggtgttat     96060
     ttgccttaca gaagctttgc aattttatga ggtcccattt gtctattctc gatcttacag     96120
     cacaagccat tgctgttcta ttcaggaatt tttcccctgt acccatttct tcgaggcttt     96180
     tccccacttt ctcctctata agtttcagtg tctctggttt tatgtggagt tccttgatcc     96240
     tcttagattt ggccttagta taaggagata ggaatggatc aattcacatt cttctacatg     96300
     ttaactgcca gttgtgccag caccatttgt tgaaaatgct gtcttttttc cactggatag     96360
     ttttagctca cttgtcaaag atcaagtgac cataggtgtg tgggttcatt tctgggtctt     96420
     caattttatt ccattggtct atttgtctgt ccctatacca gtttctatcg catttgctct     96480
     gtagtacagc tttaggacag gcatggtgat tccaccagag gttcttttat ccttgagaag     96540
     agtttttgct atcctcggtt ttttgttatt ccagatgaat ttgcagattg ccctttctaa     96600
     ttcgttgaag aattgagttg gaattttgat ggggattgca ttgaatctgt tgattgcttt     96660
     tggcaagata gccattttta ctatattgat cctgccaatc catgagcatg ggagatcttt     96720
     ccatcttctg agatcttctt taatttcttt cttcagagac ttgaagttct tatcatacag     96780
     atctttcact tccttagtta gagtcatgcc aaggtatttt atattatttg tgactattga     96840
     gaagggtgtt gtttccctga tttctttctc agcctgttta tcctttgtgt agagaaaggc     96900
     cattgacttg tttgagttaa ttttatatcc agctacttca ctgaagctgt ttatcaggtt     96960
     taggagttct ctggtggaat ttttagggtc acttacatat actatcatat catctgcaaa     97020
     aagtgatatt ttgacttctt cctttccaat ttttatcccc ttgatctcct tttgttgtca     97080
     atttgctctg attaggactt caagtacaat gttgaataga tagggagaaa gtgggcagcc     97140
     ttgtctagtc cctgatttta gtggaattgc ttccagcttc tcaccattta ctttgatgtt     97200
     ggctactggt ttgctgtaga ttacttttat catgtttagg taaggtcctt gaattcctga     97260
     tctttccaag actttttatc atgaatgggt gttggatttt gtcaaatgct ttctccgcgt     97320
     ctaacgagat gatcatgtgg tttttgtctt tgagtttgtt tatatagtgg attacgttga     97380
     tggatttccg tatattaaac catccctgaa tccctggaat gaaactgact tggtcaggat     97440
     ggatgattgt ttgatgtgtt cttggattca gttagcatga attttattga ggatttttgc     97500
     atcgatattc ataaggaaaa ttgatctgaa gttctctatc tttgttgggt ctttatgtgg     97560
     tttagatatc agagtaattc tggcttcata gaatgaattg ggtagagtac cttctgcttc     97620
     tattttgtgg aatagtttgt gcagaactgg aattagatct tctttgaaga tctgatagaa     97680
     ctttgcacta aatccatctg gtcctgggct ttttttggtt gggagactat tgatgactgc     97740
     ttctatttct ttaggggata tgggactgtt tagatcatta acctgatcct gatttaactt     97800
     tggtagctgg tatctgtcta gaaatttgtc catttcatcc aggttttcca gttgtgttga     97860
     gtatagcctt ttgtagaagg atctgatggt ggtttggatt tcttcaggat ctgttatgtt     97920
     tcccttttca tttctgattt tgttatttag gatgttttcc ctgtgccctc tagtgagtct     97980
     ggctaagggt ttatctatct tgttgatttt ctcaaagaac cagctccttg tttggttgat     98040
     tctttgaata gttcttcttg tttacacttg gttgatttcg cccctcagtt tgattatttc     98100
     ctgccgtcta ctccttttgg gtgaatttgt ttccttttgt tctagagctt ttaggtgtgt     98160
     tgtcaagctg cgagtgtgtg tgctctctct agtttctttt tggaggcact cacagcaatg     98220
     agttttcctc ttgaaatgct ttcattgtgt cccataagtt tgggtatgtt gtggcttcat     98280
     tttcaataag ctctaaaaag tctttaattt ctttctttat tccttccttg accaaggtat     98340
     cattgagaag ggtgttgttc aatttccaca tgaatgttgg ctttctatta tttatgttgt     98400
     tattgaagat cagccttagt acatggtgat ctgatagaat gcatggaaca atttcaatat     98460
     tttttgtaac tgttgaggcc tgttttgtga ccaattatat ggtcaatttt ggagaaggta     98520
     ccatgaggtg ctggaacaat gatatatcct tctgttttag gataaaatgt tctgtagata     98580
     tctgttaaat ccatttgttt cataacttct gttagtttca ctgtgtccct gtttagtttc     98640
     tgtttctatg atctgtctat tgatgaaagt ggtgtgttga agtttcccac tattattgtg     98700
     tgaggtacaa tgtgtggttt gagctgtact aaaaattctt taatgaatgt ggctgccctt     98760
     gcatttggag catagatatt cagaattgag agttattctt ggaggatttt acctttgatg     98820
     aatatgaagt gtccctcctt gtcctttttg ataactttgg gttggaagtc gattttatta     98880
     gatattagaa tgactactcc agcttgtttc ttcagatcat ttgcttggaa aattgttttc     98940
     cagcctttca ttctgaggta gtgtatgtct ttttcctgag atgggtttcc tgtaagcagc     99000
     aaaatgttgg gtcctctttg tgtagccagt ctgttagtct atgtcttttt attggggaat     99060
     tgagtccatt gatattaaga gatattaagg aaaagtaatt gttgcttcct attatttttg     99120
     ttgttagagt tagcattctg ttattgtggc tgtttttttt aggtttgttg aaggattact     99180
     ttcttgcttt ttctagggcg tggttctgtc tttgtattgt tttttttttt ctgttattat     99240
     tctttgaagg gctggattag tggaaagata atgtgtgaat ttggttttgt catggaatac     99300
     tttggtttct ccatctatgg taattgaaag tttggctggg tatagtagcc tgggctggca     99360
     tttgtgttct cttagtgtct gtataacatc tctccaagat cttctggctt tcatagtctc     99420
     tggtaaaaag tctggtgtaa ttctgatagg cctgccttta tatgttactt gacctttttc     99480
     ccttactgct tttaatattc tatctttatt tagtgtattt gttgtcctga ttattatgtg     99540
     ttgggaggaa tttcttttct cctccagtct atttggagtt cggtaggctt cttgtatgct     99600
     catgggcatc tctttcttta ggtttgggaa gttttcttct ataatttcgt tgaagatatt     99660
     tgctggccct ttaagttgaa aatcttcatt ctcatctact cctattatcc atccgtaggt     99720
     ttcatctttt cattgtgtcc tgggtttcct gaatgttttg agttaggatc tttttgcatt     99780
     ttccattttc tttgtttgtt gtgcccatgt tctctatgga atcttctgca cctgagattc     99840
     tctcttccat cttgtgtatt ctgttgctga tgctcacatc tgtggtgcca gatttctttc     99900
     ctagggtttc tatctccagc attgcctcac tttctttatt ctttattcta cttccctttt     99960
     taggtctagt atggttttgt tcattttcat ctcctgtttg gatgtgcttt tctgtttttc    100020
     tttaaggact tctacctgtt tggttgtgtt ttcctgtttt tctttaagaa cttgtaactc    100080
     tttagcagtg ttctcctgta tttctttaag tgagttatta aagtcctttt tgatgtcctc    100140
     taccatcatc atgagatatg cttttaaatc cgggtctagg ttttcgggtg tgttggggtg    100200
     cccagtactg ggtgaggtgg gagtgctgca ttctgatgat ggtgagtggt cttggtttct    100260
     gttagtaaga ttcttatgtt tacctttcgt catctggtaa tttctggagt tagttgttat    100320
     agttgtctct ggctagagct tgttcctctc gtgattctgt tagcctctat gagcagactt    100380
     gggagactag ctctcttctg agtttcagtg gtctgagcac tctctgcagg caagatctca    100440
     tcttgcaggg aaggtacaca gatatctggc attcagacct gcctcctggc agaagatgaa    100500
     tgcctgaaac agggcctgtc ccagaagctg tgtagcttct gtggtccaca ctctcacctg    100560
     cgcagactag tctcagaggg atccgggaac caagatggct tcccaggcgc tccggcaaga    100620
     ccctcccagg cggggaggac acctgtcctc tgacagggaa ggtgcccgga tgtttggagc    100680
     ccgaaaccgt gtctgcctca gaagctgttc tctaggcacc ttgggggtgt ccaccgactc    100740
     ctcgcctagg tgacccagtg ctggtgccga ccagaaggga cttgtgaccc tggtcaggcc    100800
     agattttctg cttccctaat gctgtctcag gtcccgagtg tttggaatgg aacagaagtt    100860
     gtgttccact cactggtggt cctaagatct cgtggagagt cctctagaga ccttgcaggg    100920
     gggggggtgt ccaccgactc cgcgcccaag gtgcttccct aatgctgtct taggtcccac    100980
     acgattggaa tggaacctat ttttggcttt tctttttttt tttttttttt ttaattaatt    101040
     aatttattta tttaatgtaa gtacactgta gctgtcttca gatacaccag aagagggcat    101100
     caggatctcg ggtggttgtg agccaccatg tggttgctgg gatttgaact tcggaccttc    101160
     ggaagagcag tcgggtgctc ttacccactg agccatctca ccagccctat ttttggcttt    101220
     tcaagacata ctttagtatc ttatgtacat acatgttttg cctgcatgta tgatcgtgca    101280
     ccgcatgtgt gcctagatgg tagaggctgc tagatgccta gaggctagat gagagtttta    101340
     tatcctgtga aatggagtta tagatgattt tcagtgtcac atgggtgctg tccattgaat    101400
     acaggtcctc tggaaggccg ttctatgctc tcaactgctg gagccatctc tccaggccct    101460
     gttttcgttt tgttttaaat actgtttaaa atttttttaa ttttatgtgt gagggtgcta    101520
     ggccctctga aactggagct acaaaaggtt gttcactgtc atgtgggtgc taggaaccaa    101580
     agtagggtcc tctgcatgtg taacatgctc ttagccactg agccatctca tctcttgaga    101640
     tctttaattt gttttttgtt gaagttttca ttttgattcc caaacaggct gaaccgattt    101700
     acctttcatc aatagtatat gagagttgct tcctttagcc ttgatctttc ctttttttca    101760
     tgatagaaag tgttgctgaa taaccttggc tggctactat tttgtttcag aacttgagag    101820
     gcattagatc ttcattctct cctggcatct aggatttctg ttgatacatg tggttccaat    101880
     agttttgccg ttgttaagta ccttggcgtt ttcccccctg taactcccta ttctggtttt    101940
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttgcttt tggcacagaa tgtggagaga tgcttttctc    102000
     attgcttcta tgtgggactg tgtgcttgtc tgctttctat tgctatgata aattatcaca    102060
     gaaaacaact cagggagaaa aggttcattt gcatacccca attgtagtct atcaccaaag    102120
     gaaacacagc aggaactcaa aaagggcagg aactttaagg caggacctta aggctctggt    102180
     cccagcatgt cctgcaagca ggacaaattg taggttggag gttttgtggc tgagttggtg    102240
     accctacccc tccgcttgag gccttgcctg gttacaatgt gtatcttttc tttttgagac    102300
     tgcctttcac tgaatctggt gctcatcagt tggatagaat gttcagtttc agagatccat    102360
     ctcaaaccaa atcatacccc ctttttaatg tgggttctga gtatatgaac tcaggaactt    102420
     agagtttcat aacaaagact ttaaggcact tacccagcct tcaaaatatg atacctttta    102480
     attattatcc atgcagctga atttttcatc taagtctgat ttaactttct tgcatcattc    102540
     ttctgtttaa ttctttctga ggtaattggt cacttacaac aatggtactg tcattgttaa    102600
     cttgacacac ttgggaagaa ggtacctcag ttgaagaact gcctctgtca gactggcctt    102660
     tgggcatgcc tgtgaggcat tttattcttc ttttatgact tatttactgt tattttatgt    102720
     gcattagtgt tttacctgca tgtatgtctg tatgagggtg ttggataccc tagaaatgga    102780
     gttacagaca gttgtgagct gtcaggtgag tgctgggaat tgaaccctgg tcctctagaa    102840
     gaacagccag tgctcttaat tgctgagcca tctctctagc catagacatt ttcttaattg    102900
     ctaagaaagt aggcttgggt tatataagaa aggtagctga gggtgctgga gagatggttc    102960
     agtgattaac agtagtggtt gcttttacag aggacctggg ttcaattccc agcacctacg    103020
     tggtagctaa caaccatcta taactccagt tccaacagat ccaatgttct cttgcctctg    103080
     tgggcatagg catccagcac tcatacacac aatttaaaag ataccactct ttaaaagaaa    103140
     aaaacctagc atagcaagtc agaagaagaa aggcagtaag cagtattctc tcatagtttc    103200
     ttgcttcagt tccaggtttc tgccttgaac cttatttgag tcagggttca ctaaatgaac    103260
     agagctaaca gaactggact gattggctca caggatatag tctgagttgc ccaacaatgg    103320
     ctacttcaca tgaccagtag ttgctcagtc cacgaggctg ggtgtctcag cagtccctat    103380
     ctggtgctga aggcctagat aattccagag agctactggc cttcagtcca cacaacaagc    103440
     tggaagaagt ccattgtgta acattggtga aggaatgctt cagctacagg gttgataaac    103500
     ttgtcattaa gagatctctc aaacactaga ccaccaaaca gcatacacca gctgatatga    103560
     ggctcgcaac acacacagta gaggccttcc gggtttgtgt tcattcagag atgatgcacc    103620
     taaccctcaa gagactggag gccccaggga gtttagaggt caggtggggt gggggatggg    103680
     agcatccagg tggaggcggg gtggggtagg gaggaggtgt ggggtgtgga acagtcggag    103740
     gggaatatgg agtgtaaaaa ctaaattaaa agacaaacaa acaaacaaac aaatgagtga    103800
     gaacaagcag acagagagca aaaggctccc ttctttcatg tccttttgtc tgggctgcca    103860
     cccgcatgtg ccatgcacat tcagattagg tcttcctgct tcaaagcatc aatccatcat    103920
     gaaaattccc agtgcccagc agctcttctt tatgatgatt tagatacaac ctagattagc    103980
     caaccacagc cctctaagct gaaataaacc atttcctcta aaatgggggt ctgagcagtt    104040
     ttaccacaga aacacaaacc tggacctttt tcaattcttc tgcctcagct tttggaggag    104100
     tccttgcttt gctttttcat tgcttttgtt tgatggtttc tatgtgaaga tttatgcatc    104160
     tgtggggatg gatctctctt gtgatgagca gtccttcctt aagggctcag tccccagcac    104220
     cactcaagag aaagcaaacc tctgtaacag cagcacagcg gagcagatcc gacagagaaa    104280
     ccaagtaagg accaacaagc atgcccacca ccccgataac cacactaaag aggaaaaata    104340
     gcatcggaaa tgtgtgaagt taaaaactca taaggaatac agacaaaggg gagggggagg    104400
     gggagaggga gggcgggagg aggcagtgaa gaagcatgag tcaagaaaac actaataagg    104460
     aaaaagcacg acataaaacc atctagttac aagctggaga gatggctcag ttgtgaagaa    104520
     cacttgctgg cttcctgccc ttccaggaga ctcaagtttg gttcctacac agggtgactc    104580
     ataactgcct gtaaccccac tccaaggagc tgattccccc ttctggcccc acaggcactt    104640
     tcacacacgt gtgtacatac acagagacac atgtccctga caaaatatct agtaagaaaa    104700
     tatgtaaaca aattcggatg aaagaggaat ggcaaagatc taaaaataaa gtggaagcaa    104760
     tattaaaaaa ataacagtgg aaacagaaaa gtagacattg gagggacttc tttctgagcc    104820
     cttttatgtt ggaatctttg aggtgtgggg taggagctgg aatctactat ggttcttccc    104880
     tcttcccgct gtacaggttg gtgggtggtg ttgtggactt gagatctgtc tggtcaagca    104940
     tacatcaggg gatggcttat acaaatcctt taccactgaa ctgtcagccc cacggtcaag    105000
     cagcagccac tactgccaca gcagaggatc acttgctcca gtcttccctc tccagagcac    105060
     atgcatccca tgtgcgatga tgcaaatggc caagtgaagg aacacgcttc tagggtgtca    105120
     gagaggaaag catgagacgg ttctgccctt gatggagatg agggtataga gttctctgcc    105180
     tgcctgactc agtgttttca gattccatcc agcaaaaaca aaaaacaagc aaaaccccac    105240
     ccaatgggag gatgctgcag aatctggaca tctagtagac cttgggctca gagctcagcc    105300
     agcagccttt cttctatgtc taattcttcc cccatctaca aggacctctg gttggccacc    105360
     accccgacct tgctgcaggg tgtgctctgc tttcctgacc tgttcctttt ttctggtctt    105420
     cagagtagct cagtccaagc aagtctcatt gtcctcagga gatggctctc tgatgtagcc    105480
     ctccacgatc tgagtgcatg ctagcctgca accaaagcca ggcagggaca ccatgttctc    105540
     ctgtctagga cttccagcct gacattgtag tctgtctgta ccctccaggc tgattttgtg    105600
     gccatgggct ggacttcctg gctgtgtcag aagatatgga tggtttctta tctttctctg    105660
     tgcttagctg tccagtcacc tgcttcttcc tttcttctgt ccttggatta ccaccacctc    105720
     tcctttctta gcctgagtct ccttataatg tcacctgggg gaaagttata gaacaccatc    105780
     ttactccaga acttgagacc ttattgaatg ccactcttct gggttccaag agctcaattc    105840
     ctttctgctg gtagaagaga tcaaccttct agagagctgc tatataattg cagaatttct    105900
     gctcacatca tacagtttca gtagattccg gaagctatcc acagacatct atctattcag    105960
     atctgacttc agacggattg attctaacta gtcagtacag gagtttttgt gggttactga    106020
     cagatagatg acctcatcag taattttttt cttattgtgg tgactacctg agaaagtgca    106080
     aattgagacc ttattttgtc tagcagctca agggaatgtg gtccaccatg gtggggaatg    106140
     cacagagctt taaagccact ggtggatatg actatctgca gtcagaaaga gtggacagga    106200
     tacagcacta ctttctaggt ccaccatcag tgactcactt cctccatctt gtaaggttcc    106260
     acaacccagg ctggagagag atgactcagt gagtaggaac acatattact cttgtagcgg    106320
     ttccatgatc acttcccagc atccttctga tggctcacaa ctaactgcct gcaattccag    106380
     ctccagggga tccaatgcct ctggcttcca aaggctcctg cactgataag cacataccct    106440
     tctcccctac acacaactaa acaataaaaa taaattttaa attcagtttt aaggttgcat    106500
     aatctactaa cgtagtgaca tgttgtgaca ccagtcagac accaagtgtt gaagctcatg    106560
     ggcatgcagg ggacaggtcc tattctcaaa ccacatggat ttacaactga atcttgttat    106620
     ttctatagtt gagatacagg ttgaggctac cctaccaagc aaaggaccag tttggtttag    106680
     gagagtttca attgtgtctt atctggtcag tctcctccaa gcactcccac attgagatgc    106740
     acagggcctg agatgaggca ccacaccaag ccacccttct tcagatgctc tgtagagctc    106800
     cccagggaca ggattggatc ctttgttttt gcttctgcct ctaggccatc tgctcttctg    106860
     catcttccac aaatggcgtt agacaggaag gtgtgtaaag atatgcattt gcttctctta    106920
     gttaaaagtt ccttctctgc caagtaacta taccgacctt tacccatccc cagaaacttg    106980
     cacctagaac aatacctggc ataaaactac cactttctgt tcattcaaag catgactgaa    107040
     caaccaaact acttatcctg atgagtggta caaagtttct gttaattatc ctatctgcta    107100
     tcttttaaaa aatatatata tttacttatt tccattcatt tatgtattta ttatttatga    107160
     tatgaggtca gagggcaact tgcagcagtt agttttttct ttcagccttg tgggtcagga    107220
     atacaactca cattatcaga cttggcacta aatgccttta cctgcttagc ctttaaagtc    107280
     ctgatatgcc aattctaaat gttactaagg ctaatgccca gcttttcttt accacagaca    107340
     caattcctat agaataacca agcatggttc tgaaataaat cctcatcttc agtccatgtt    107400
     tctacataac tcaaccctat gtgattggac tcagatccac ctgtctaaac ttctcagctg    107460
     tttttgtgga ctcttttttt ttttttttgc cagctctgtg tcagtagact gctgaaagaa    107520
     aaaaaaaatc tttgttttgt tatgcttcag tcactggctt gattgtagac ttgacctgct    107580
     gaccaaatac acaggtttcc ttggatagga cagcagccat gttggatgac agaaaagcca    107640
     ggtctaagct ctgggtgaac atgactctac acagaacgaa atgaaatgta aaaaatgtac    107700
     acaaatgaga ccatgtggca gtcacaccca agttgaggaa caataatata caggcaataa    107760
     gaacaaaaaa gcaaaagcaa aacaaaaaat tctgaactga tatgcccctt ggggatttct    107820
     ttttaaaaga ttcttcagat acaccagaag aggtcatcag atcccatttc agggttgtga    107880
     gccaccatgt agttgttggg aattgaactt aggacatctg gaagagcagt gagcctaccc    107940
     ctgggtattt ttatttattt attttttaac agtttaaatg tgcaaaatca gaactttcat    108000
     ccattgggtg gtggtggtac acacctttaa ttccagcact tgggaaggag agcaggcaga    108060
     tctgagttag aagccaacct gctctacaga attccaggat gactaaggct atacaatatc    108120
     cttgtctgcc cccccccaaa aaaaaaagaa acaaacaaaa aaagctttca tttaagtctt    108180
     tacaaggggt ttagtacatg caggtaccag tctaggggct gaggtcatgt atatagagtg    108240
     aaccagagag aaaacattat agaacttatg ttctacggca gaagaggcag catgagctaa    108300
     cacatagatg atttgagaat actcagaaca ttcatcagag cactcaaaga tagtgtctag    108360
     aattctaata gtttacactt ggaaacaacc caaatatgca tcagtttatg gataaataca    108420
     ttgaggcata tccataatga ataatggact attattattt caggcataaa aagaaatgaa    108480
     atattggcca tgctactaaa tggacgagcc ttgaaattgg actataaagc caaacataag    108540
     agactatata tttcttattc tataatagaa aatattcaga aaggcaactt cagcagcgga    108600
     atggactagc agttgccacc cgtgttaagt aggaagtggc tgcttagttc acacaggttt    108660
     ccttctgggg tgattagcta cttaggaacc agatagacat tgctgtgtac tgtgaacaaa    108720
     ctaaagtcac taatgataag ctttgttgta tattttacta cataaaaaat agttcctggc    108780
     acaacaactg tgccccaacc actccatccc atttctgaaa ataagtaatc tcctgggtaa    108840
     caagtaatat cttaatcact agaatggtat atagccatta caaacatgaa tctggtctgt    108900
     aagtgctaac atagaaaaat attcaaggca tatataacga aggactaaat acactgtagg    108960
     cttgggccac atagtaagac cctatctata aaggggaacg tgctatgaat gtagctcatt    109020
     cggtacagtg cttgcctagc atgcacaagg gcctgagttc aatccccagc cacacacaaa    109080
     acaaaccagg tgtggtggca ccccatgggc ctataatctc agcactcagg aggtaggtgc    109140
     agaagattct ggaattcaag gttcagctac atagcaagtt tgaggccaac ctagagtaca    109200
     gaatagcctg cctaaaaata tacttacata tatatctcca tcccatccca tgagaactta    109260
     agataacact aagaaaatcc atccacaagt ctgaactctt aaaaaaaatc attttattga    109320
     ccctttacca tacaaaattt attcaaatta catccatttg aagtggtaag atcacagctg    109380
     gaacaggtca ccctgtaaca aatctattta caaaatccat cataaaagct tttgtttgtt    109440
     tgtttgtcta tttttacatt atattacatt atttatttat ttatttattt atttcaaact    109500
     agcatacaac acaaagctaa actgattagt agtttgccta ctcccagtgt tgggagaaac    109560
     acttcctttt ttacaaaagc ctgcaccccg taggaaagac attcccacac cctgccaact    109620
     gtcacccagc ctcctccgca aggcatcttc ctcagatccc ttctcacaca cacaacctgt    109680
     catgcacacg cttggattct tacttcgttt ttcctgaaag ctaaagcttt aaatactgcg    109740
     attctattta cagacagagc tacatgtacg acagaaaaaa aaaaaggcaa acgagagtca    109800
     caggcgaaaa caacagaaac aaaacacaaa aacccaaggc gacggtctta aaaaaattac    109860
     aaaccagcta gaaaatattc tggcagtgtt tacaaatgaa ttgctatctc tgtacaaacc    109920
     tggtaaataa tggcaatgtg agcggactgt atcgacttaa ataaaacggc tatgtacaca    109980
     aacacacgcc taacactgtt tgacagctca tgtgttgccc tttatacagt tttagttctg    110040
     aggctcacgc cgtcttcatt cgcacatgtg taactttcag ccattccgca tgtgagcttt    110100
     tagtagcagc aactcaatgg taccagggaa cctgcatctc aggacttaaa gtaacaaaaa    110160
     tactgtagta ctcatctact ttgtgtgcca gatactacga gcaaagaaaa tgcctaaaat    110220
     gcaaacagaa tagagcatgg atgtctcaca ctgtgtacgc cagttaagcc ccttaactgg    110280
     agaaagtctt attatgcatt gagagaacgc ttgaagactt attagtattc cttttcgttt    110340
     cttaaaacaa taaatacggc atcacaatac gaatagtttc aacaagaaaa gtcaaccaaa    110400
     cacacaacaa cctagagcca ggtgagttta gtcattagac tttggggaca gaaacccagc    110460
     tcgatgcagc tggcaaagag aattacacaa agccagaagc agaggcagct aaccagatga    110520
     gataaatata gggcattggg ggaaagcttg gcataaacgg tttcccatac aggaaaaaac    110580
     cccacagtgc atttccagta ggcacttaac acgaagctcc ccctccctcc tccaccccag    110640
     tgcttcagct aggaccacac gggattattc ggtaccaagt ccagagtgtg tgaggggagg    110700
     aggccggggc tggaggctga agagagagga agatagtctg cacctttgtt ttttcttccc    110760
     aaacatacac cacgcatacc cacacacaga gtttaaagtg ccggtgtctt ctgtctccac    110820
     cctcccccca ccaccaccac tttgcatatt gtggaaatct atctagagta aactggccag    110880
     ggttcttgtg gtttcagtaa aaggttttcc caagggatat tttcaactcg atcaaacgtg    110940
     tatgagttga gtgcctacta cgtgcctccc gggaaggcca ggcacgtagt gtttcaaact    111000
     gctcagctgg aggttagttt tcgtgactaa ctcatttccg cagcccttag catccaagga    111060
     atggatttga ggtactatgc catattcaac accaggacaa gatggccctt gccacctgcc    111120
     agtgggaacg ctattcttgg aagttaactg gaagggtcct tgctgacaca aagcctccag    111180
     tttgggacac cattcctgag gagtaacaag ggagtcgccc tggcattcta tcagtgcatt    111240
     tcccgtctcc tgacctccct tagtccaaac tcacccactc acagtggatt cggagaatgg    111300
     gttctggcta gaactagtcc aacccccaga cacagtggga gctcctcgct cctacttagg    111360
     gaagtgtccc tgatagaatg ccactcacac catgggatgt ctttctccct agggcctctc    111420
     cacctgaccg catcctgaga agtggtctcc ctgagtgtgg cattagagcc ctttccccgg    111480
     tcgcaggggc ccgggaagcc caaggatgga ggggatccat gcctgctgct ccacgggaca    111540
     gctgtatctg gcccgaggtc ctcactgtgg accactcgag tcagcaagcc ccggagctgt    111600
     tctcgctcca agctcccctc ctgggaaagg aggcaagaca gaggatgctt ctcgcagagg    111660
     ctggttggtg gaccttaggt cacacggggt tagatgcttt ttatcagtag aggtgctctc    111720
     cctctgctaa aggaataaga atttgcaaaa ctcgctttaa ggtaaacaat tcaattgaaa    111780
     tagtgatggg cgccacagga atgcttcaat ggcagctaga aaaataaaaa cttctaaaac    111840
     aacccacaag gaactcctaa gtcacaagta atcaaccggg aaaactcaca aatacgcagg    111900
     atgggggcag tggaagtggg gtatggagac agggaaatcc acaacagctt cgagcagcag    111960
     aactctacca gtctctgtat ctgcaacgag tacttgcaaa caagttcttc atccaaaaag    112020
     gctgtggagg ctcttgccgc ctcctagtgg gacactagcg gcccatagct tacactgaat    112080
     tatgagagta atttaaatat tcctaagagc tggagaaatc cgtgtcattc ctttgcatga    112140
     cttcaagctt gcatttgtgg cagaattcca ttccgtggta gcagactcac aaagacatgc    112200
     attctgcaag agaaggcacg gcttgaactg ctgttaaggg agggcgctgt ttccaacggg    112260
     ccaggcggcc ggacccagtc aacagcccat ccgttaggca cagcaagcca gtccgcaagg    112320
     aaaggagagg aaggagggga gggaaggaca ggtgagagac acctgattgc acatcttctc    112380
     acttgctgac tcatcaggaa gatttgggag cctgggacca ggcagggctt tcccaaggga    112440
     gcctgcaact gtgcgcttag aaaaaaaaaa ttaattcatc aaaatgtcag ctttgttctg    112500
     aagtttactt catgatactc ttggaggaag aaggtaggaa gggacaacac tgcgatacac    112560
     gtttctgatt ccgtgataaa aaaatattgg tttataagga cagtttgtac aaagcccaat    112620
     caactacaca tgaagtcctc caccagaggc agcttttcca aatcataggc atcgaagagg    112680
     tcactgatgc cctcttcctc ccccaggctc agcaggtagt cctcttggag caggggaggc    112740
     agtaagttca caaaaggtcc ttcaaggttg gacgggattt ggtcctcagt ctgctgtaaa    112800
     aggttggctg gggaggccag aggagagagg tttgctgtag aaaccgagca gtcactatgt    112860
     cctgagttgt tagaagccaa gtctgtaagg gggtggggag gagagtcaaa gttaggagaa    112920
     aacaaacaaa caaataaaca aacaaacaaa caccctactt gttttcggga agaaagtata    112980
     ttctgctgcc cctcagctca ctggggctac gggaggacac agatcaccat taggctaaca    113040
     ggcacaaaga atgacatcac tttgttttgt tctagtctag tcacagttga accttttttt    113100
     attttttttt taaagaaagg ttttctgtgt ctttaaatcc aagctgaagt tcccaagagc    113160
     ttttcttcag ctggaggaaa ggagaagtgg gctatgtccc tgctgctttc tgatcgcata    113220
     gatcctctcc ttactgctct ggagaggaag atgaggtcaa gactctgacc aaggcttgac    113280
     ttctcaattc catccctaat gactgcagga gcatcatcca agatgtctgc tgaagcatgg    113340
     ctgagaccca agactgtcta cagccatcgt ccagtacgcc aaggaaacag ttttctgctt    113400
     tcaagagcct gcagcatctt catcgggggt gagggaccgt ttggaccaag atcattattt    113460
     tagtctaaaa ttgatcagaa tgcctcagaa aactcttcca acaacatgaa acgtctctcc    113520
     ccgtcccctc catacaagac aaaggcttta aaaggtgcag gtcatggtca actgatgcat    113580
     acccaggacc cagcggcaag ttcagaatgg acttggagtc accttcctga ctcctacagg    113640
     acaagcatgt caccctcaca ccaggccttt aacatggtgg atgatggagc agctagtgtc    113700
     acccataaat tccaggccca cttgcaggct ctgcccagca ctttggttac tctggaaagt    113760
     ttcatgggtt acacgtgact cttagcaata atggcatcgg tctagtggac ccaagcattt    113820
     ggttaagaca cagccatgag gtcctgaagg aaaacccttc tccatgcctt cctttttaaa    113880
     caccgtgtct cagagtgaaa tctgtttacc tttggaagtg ggcttgggga tattcccatt    113940
     gtggtcttgg ttatttgttt tcatgggtct gtgtgtttcc gtctcttctg gacacaagta    114000
     aacctcaatg ggcccttggg tacttgccaa atggatttgt aggctctaga accaagaaag    114060
     agatcaagtt cacttagaaa tgaaaaccaa agcacatctc acctgaaact gaagtggagg    114120
     ggcgatgatc attgttcatt ttgctcccct accctttgtc tgtcagtact gaccttctcc    114180
     cagagcaggg gccagcaaac aactatagtc tgaaggccaa atccaagcca gcatccagct    114240
     ttgtaaataa agttttattg ggacagagag tctgtggcca ttctcatgct gcctattttc    114300
     atattgccct ctggctgttt tcatcttaca tagtaacatg tagtagagtt tattacttga    114360
     ataatctaaa cagaaattat gttgcttgca aaaccaaaga caactacaac ctggatcttt    114420
     aagaagtttg ttgactcttg ctagagaaat aatttgaggg gtgggtgtcc acgtcttctt    114480
     tagctgtatt attttcctac aaattattta aaggtctgtt aaatgttcca aacaactttt    114540
     ttctattaac ttctcatagt aagattttct aatacccaat ttataaactc taataaccaa    114600
     cttataccta gtattttaaa gtgccaggag ctttagtgag taagagaata aataaagcat    114660
     attggctttc ctcgaactca ctttgtagac aaggttggat ttgaactcag agattcacct    114720
     gtccctccct cccaagtgct aggatcaaag gcgtgtgtca ccactgccca gcacattttt    114780
     aaaaaaatat tttttttcat ttttaaataa ttggattata agtggattta aaaaaaagaa    114840
     ttattcattt agtttcatgt gtacttgtgc tttgcctgaa cgcatcctta tgcatcagca    114900
     agtatgcctt ttggtggtcc ctctgagaat ggaattatag atggctgtga gctgctgtgt    114960
     gggtgctggg aatcacccag gtcctctgga ggggcagcca atgctcttaa tcactaagca    115020
     tctctccagt ccaagactta attttgttac tattatttta aaaaaactat tcttatttta    115080
     tgtgtttgtg tgttttccct gcacgtacat ctttacaccc atgtgcacgc ctgggtaccc    115140
     gacaagctgt taccgacgtt gccacgtggc tgctgggaat tgaaccaggg tcctctcgca    115200
     gagcaacaag tgttcttaac cactaagcca cctctccagt gcattattta aaggcatgct    115260
     tctacgtctg tgtgaatata gattcctgtg tgtggctgtt ggccagaggc ccagagggca    115320
     ctgcatcttc tggagctgga gttataggtc cttatgagct atacatgaat gctgggaatg    115380
     gaactcgggt cttctggaat aggagtcagt gctataacca ctgagccatc tcttcagctt    115440
     gctcagcaaa cgaatattta gaggccctct tcatctaggt cataacgttg taactgtata    115500
     aggtatgaag tttaccttgt aaatttaatg ttttcaatat tttaggtatt atcttttaat    115560
     attctaggta ttttcttttc actatagctc ctttatctta taattgcagc cgaggctgat    115620
     ttcatcaaag tacacctgaa agcaattaca aggacgcccg tcctactttc ttacaacgtt    115680
     cttggctatt gattacccca aggtcccgtt taattttctc aaagtaaaca tgctacaaat    115740
     gtttttaaag aattcctaaa aatgtgctag gtcagagagc tacttctaaa atccatagtg    115800
     gggacacccg tacacaaggc aatcaaaata aaaattctca agtggttcaa actgatcaca    115860
     gccaccagat aacaaattgt gaaaaaggaa agttgaagag aaaacagggc accaaagcct    115920
     gctgtgaccc gaacacccct ctaaattgaa accagacgtt ttgggcattc aataaacagg    115980
     gaaattttga acccttttaa actttaggtt atggaaataa atgaagagga attagcaagt    116040
     tcttgggagg ggtcagtgac gcttgcgttc aggcgttctg gagcgttctc tatggatggc    116100
     cggcgtcact gtctccttac ctctattgag tcaggcactt caagtctcgt ttctggaggg    116160
     gctttcacaa ctataacagt ttggtcttta aggccactaa tttttcgaat atcttgatat    116220
     gtaacataag ctaacgtaag aagcgttaag gaaatcttct atcaagttgc cacagacgta    116280
     gctatcatga gcacaacgta acagacatag acagttaccc atggtttcac gagttagaat    116340
     aggtatgcct tcccttttgg atcaccaggt aaacggattc ttcatggccc ttgtcctttc    116400
     tggttgatgc ttaagactaa aagaaaccta tactttatcg tgccaatctt gagtactggt    116460
     agtccgtgaa ctccatcgaa gtgccctgtc aatcaaactg attgacacat ggtcctaatt    116520
     tgcagtgggg tgggggaggt aagatctgct aatcaaaatc tgagacggca gctacttctg    116580
     cttgctatta gcaagtgcca gcagccacca aatgaatgaa taaggagcaa atacaccagg    116640
     ggaagaatgg agcctactgc ttgctcgggc agacagcctg tttacgcggg tgcacctggg    116700
     ctggtgtgac tgcatagcgc ctagagatca gagtatcgtt atttccgtta gaaaaattat    116760
     ccttgttatt attatcacta gaacatttca gggttcccaa ggaggtgagc agctcccagg    116820
     tgctccgcaa ctgaatgaat ttaagataca atgacttagc taaaaagaat aaattaacat    116880
     ttcacgactc tccgtagtta ctttcaagta ccaaacaatt cctgtcggtg tcctggaagc    116940
     taagcctaaa aggatgtcac gaaagagcat gctacttaac tggctgacaa acgcactcac    117000
     aaaaactcag ctagagacaa caggctcaag gtgttctctt gctaattgac atggaggaac    117060
     acaggtgaca taacatgtgt ttctagccac ctttttaaaa attacttcct gtctttgtgt    117120
     gtgtatgcac acgagcacat tcatcaaagc aagtgtggca gtaaactgac agcttctctc    117180
     ctcccaccat gggttccata gatcaaactc aggacgccag ccaagcttgt gcagcaagaa    117240
     gcacttttac ccactgagag tcatcttacc agccctttag taagcttaaa acaaaacaaa    117300
     actttttttt cccaagtgtt tgagtacttt gactgcattt aggtatatgc accatgtgcg    117360
     tgcctgatga ctgtggaggt cagaactctt atagttattt atttttggtt tgttttttga    117420
     aacatggggt ctctctatgt agctttggct ggcctggaac ttgctatgtt gaccaggctg    117480
     gcttcaaatg cagagatcgg cctgccacct tctgactggt cagctttgaa aatatgaaca    117540
     aatggataaa tccgtggcac acttcggtgt ttgcctgtac tggactctct tcttcaaatc    117600
     tcaggattct gggctttcag ccaccactta gcccaccaag gaggccaatg ggagcatttc    117660
     cggaactctg gatggttctg cgttctgctt gtttgttttt ataagctgac catcaggttt    117720
     ctgagcttga gcccactgtc aaaaagctat gtgacacgag cttagtagac tagaactcac    117780
     ctacaattac tcaacaagct gcagggagca gaatcaacac agctgtgaac aagctgcagc    117840
     agactgggag ctgaacggag gatcgagatg aatttcataa atacattttc taagttacaa    117900
     acttaaaagt gctccctctg acatctgttt cttggttagt ggtttcaaga aaactgtttt    117960
     tgtttgtttg tttttgtttt ataacaaagg taccagaaaa agtcgagagc accccaagcc    118020
     ccatgctcag gacagctgcc aatcatgtgt aaccacacag cctttccaaa acagagctcc    118080
     aatccaacga tgaactaaaa aagccccact gttgatttct ttcttaaaaa aaaaagctag    118140
     ttatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat    118200
     ctgtccagtg tgtgaatggg cgccacagtg tgcacagtgc acgtgcagta tgagttctga    118260
     ggtcagggag ccttgcagga gtcacttctc tcctactatc acctggattc aggaaccaga    118320
     ctcaggtatg gcttggaggc aagcaccttt acctactgag ccacctatga ttcatctatg    118380
     tattcagaga cagatctcat ggtgtagccc tggctggcct ggaacttgct atggagatca    118440
     ggttggcctc aaatttacaa agatctgtct gtctctgcac caccacacca ggctctttta    118500
     ctcttaacat tttaattttt tgagataagg tggacaggac atactcacta tgaagttgta    118560
     gctagtctgg aactcattat gtagaagggc tggtctggaa ctctacctgc atcccaaata    118620
     ctggcattaa aggcacatac ctccacatct tgctttttct ttctttaaaa acaagatttc    118680
     tactctggcc tcaaactccc taggcagaca cacacaacct gaactcttga cttttacgct    118740
     ttgcttgaca agtgctcatg caccctagat gaactttaaa ctttatagtg cccaggctgt    118800
     ctttgaaccc ctgataattc tgtctttatc tttcaaatat tgctgtcaca aatgtgcaac    118860
     aacacacctg actttgaaaa gtatcatttc tcctttgttt tttttttttt ctttttttct    118920
     tttcttgaga tagggccctg cggttgtagc cagattggct gtgcactcag gactcagttt    118980
     ccctattgac aggattgcag gcagtcccag tccacccaga cacagcaaac tccaaatgct    119040
     acaaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaag gaaagaaaga    119100
     aaagaaaaga aaagaaaaga aaagaaaaga aaagaagaaa gaaagaagat aaaggtcgag    119160
     aactccaaca atgacagcta acccacatta aaactctggg aagccaaggt caaacctgct    119220
     ggatgctgtc atcaatactg atccagacac cttatgacat cttttaatag tgtgttctta    119280
     tgatgtgagt gtattcagat tttccaacca tacataccat gctttgaaaa actgttctca    119340
     cctggctatc aacactgata atgataccac atagtctaaa agtactttat ctcacacaca    119400
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacact gatagtgtgt    119460
     accatgccag agtaatatct atctacatca tgaacaagtt agtctgtcag ctctgcaaac    119520
     agtacagaag gctctaacca ccaccagcag cacaaaggat atctttgatt ctctgaatcc    119580
     tcggttaaca gtttgaggtc cagggtacag ctttggatca gctcatctaa tttcttctct    119640
     tcctgactga gctcagtcac ttctttggac aggccttgac actgggccag catgccccca    119700
     tcctcagaca gactgcagcc cctagaaccc aaacacagat tatggcgctt tacaggagct    119760
     aaagagtagg agggggaggt agggagtggg ggaaatcagt caataacccc cctcacccac    119820
     atcgtgttgt ttgtgagtcg agtgtcaaga gtacagcttt gtaaatacag ttttcataaa    119880
     tacagtcatg tacctttcac atatcacaga agtcgagtga aaagttattt tcagggtctt    119940
     tcttttcctt tttctttttt tttaaaaggt ctaattgttc agagtctcaa attctgaggg    120000
     ggaaaaaaaa aagcagccac ctggtctcct ccacccccat cacctaatgc atgcaccccc    120060
     cggggcaaac ggacaggtgt gctaggcatc tgtaagaaag agcagtagtt aacaggtttc    120120
     tctaaggcac aggtcaaagt gagtccccca gctgtccaca actccaaaca cacacagcta    120180
     ccagcttaat tataaataga aatccactct ttaataacaa tggggactga acgcatcagg    120240
     gctgtcttta gtgcataccg ggcaagtgtt ttctgccact aggttacatc cttagccctt    120300
     gaactgtatt tagacatttt tcccccactt attctgagtg tggacatacc gtgccatgtt    120360
     gggagtgcag aggccaaagg acaactggcc ctctccttcc accttaatgt atgcttcagg    120420
     gattgattct gggttgtcag gattttgagg ccacccttcc actgcctgag ccaccttgcc    120480
     agcccgtaaa ttatattgtt ttcaaaacat ctcctaacta gttttggctc ttttaacatg    120540
     atttaatagt tcagtgctgt acttataaaa tgcctggctc tgtccatgat tcacaaatga    120600
     tattatcatg cagaattaga cacattagtg cacacatctc tgcagaaaaa acccagacat    120660
     tgaagtcttg ccttcattga cagagaaact gtgttaattt agggatgaat ccactacaca    120720
     actgagtttg tccatattcg cccacagatg accaagatac agtatcagag acacacgtgt    120780
     gcatctgcag gtcacacgca tgcacagatg tcaagtgtga tgattcaaag cttccttctc    120840
     aatttataac tgcagagggg ctactgagtt ccacgatctt cttgatttat gctaatcaaa    120900
     tgcagaccct gtgctaaaag actttttatt tttacttttt tgatatacgg ttgcatgtat    120960
     cctgggctgg cctcaatctc tctatgtact ggaagatgac tttgaacttc tgatcggggc    121020
     tgatcaatac cacacttggt atatgtgggg ctggggactg acccctgggc ttcatgactt    121080
     caaggtaagc agtccactca ctaaactcaa tcctcagccg tgactttcta catacaactt    121140
     tgagggggaa agagaaaact gggagaaaga ggaagagggg aggggagaag tatgggtctg    121200
     aacgtggaag ctaaaattcg gataaactga ggcagtcata aaggccccga ggagctggct    121260
     ggtgcccggg gagagagtgg gctcctactc acatccactg gacgttgttc ttagacttct    121320
     tcttaatgag gtggatgcct tccagcacgt tggtgatgtc gtaaatcctc ctcttctgca    121380
     ccttgagcac ctctgctgcc ttgttcagat ccaggacccc atcaggagac tggctcagga    121440
     gctgaatgaa cttcttggtg agcagaccga gggacgtatc ataccgcgtt ttttctgagg    121500
     gagattttgg agcttaaaga aaaacaaaaa accgaacggg tgggggatag ggggaaaggt    121560
     aaagaaatga agggtttctt cgcagctaag caagccctct ttcccacggc agccagatta    121620
     gtatctaaag caaagctggt cgttgtttgg gggtaagtta cagagagcta tgaggtggct    121680
     tttatcagaa aaggaagaga tgataaagat ttcctatgtt ggcaatggca ttttcttgga    121740
     ctcgttgtca gtagtttcta tgtcctctta gcctattctc tgggtctagg tgtcccaaag    121800
     tatctgttga atggatgaaa aagtgctgag gcctctggga atctcattta agaagcataa    121860
     actcacagag ccaggtcatc tttgttcaag acagggtctc aaacagactc gacctcacca    121920
     gccctttgga gtgggggctg cagagttatc ccttgtcaat ccatctttca gaaaaagtct    121980
     tattttgatg aagaatagcc cccaacgttc aagttcccca cgtcctttaa aggcaatgtc    122040
     agtatttagt attgtgctat tcttctgcag gcgctcacgc tgaggttctg atttagccct    122100
     tacacataga ctacagatgc ataacagaaa ccatggggac agacgagcca agtctaagtt    122160
     agcttttgca ctaagcgcag aaacagaaga gatatttggc tttttatgac gtattcgttt    122220
     ccttctcaaa tgacatgacg acagtactca ccgaggcaag gaattagctg ggacttagcg    122280
     caactaccac tttctctttt ggctccttcc tgagataagg tatcatgtat cccaggctgg    122340
     ccttgagctc accacctagc tgaggctgac ctttccccat ccaattccca aatgctggga    122400
     ctatggatgt gcgcgaccac agtcagttta tgtggtgctg gggcctgagc ccaggcctcc    122460
     tcatgctagg ctctgcccag tttctaggct acggtgtggt gagctgggga gtgaggtagg    122520
     agaggcatca cgctgccaca cacgcctccg cccttgcact caagtgacgt ccactaaggg    122580
     aagggaaaat taaatctgac tagttcaaaa tgcaaatgca ttcaagtact ggagtgacta    122640
     ttgccttttg ctaggcgcca gaagaaattg catttttttt taatttttaa tttttggata    122700
     gtcacagaaa gaagtaaaga agaaaacatg ccaaaaatta ttcacacctt ggcacccttc    122760
     cagccacaag ctttgcgagt tgggagtccc acaccaagga gaacagggaa acagatgaaa    122820
     gcatccttac tttttggact atcgggactc cgtagtgcag ctcttccttt gcccttgggg    122880
     gtctttagac catctgagag gtactgatgg ccactctcgc ccagttccag ccttcgcttt    122940
     gcctgtagtc agaaggagag acagctgtca gtggccccgt ctgtgcttct cttctcctgc    123000
     tctatcccac tccgtggctt gtcatgtccc acagtcttac tcagaaggcc aacccaacgc    123060
     actaattccc tgcccctgca gcgattccgt ccctacactt ggagggttga acaaagtgat    123120
     tcttcggctc tggcttcatc atttatccac cgtttcaatg tatgtgctcg gcacagggct    123180
     ggttgctaag aacatctcat gcactatgga acgtaagttc acgttagtgg ggactccccc    123240
     atctgacctg gttggatact tacacctcct tgtgtttccc agatactgac tgtatttgct    123300
     tatatcctaa cacttaatgg ttacttctct gcctctcatt tcctttaaga cagacagttc    123360
     ccatttatct ttgcatcctg gagcttggca gagagccggg atctgtaggt attccatcac    123420
     tctttctata tacattcatc agatgagtga ttcagaggaa cacaacgagt gacaggctac    123480
     acacggccct tcatcagaaa aaataaacat tgcaaataca ccatcacgag ctacaaccaa    123540
     cagcactaat atttggaaag tgagaaacct tcatgaaagt tttaaactta tttttcactc    123600
     cactgaaaac ccctttaaca gattctacat actgggaact gcagttagga accaaggtaa    123660
     gcagaaagga taggagtctc ttccttcccc gatgtataat ccaagccaga agactaagtg    123720
     cttggcaagt atttaatgtc tgagtattat gggtgtttag cgcaaggtgt ttccacaact    123780
     agacacctag caggacaatg ggtaccaagc tccctttagg aagcttcttc tagtgagatt    123840
     tgcaacttca gattaactgc ctatgatatg ggatacaggt aacttatcag aagatggtgg    123900
     ctgtctggct tgctaatgaa aaggttttgg ctaacccagt ccatagcagt agcagttggc    123960
     catcagtttt ccccaaccta cacattatac tctacaagtc tcaaatacac actgggttta    124020
     aaacaaaaca aaacaacagc ctatgaattt tctgtgtgtg gaagccacag gataatttca    124080
     ggtgttgctc cttgggtact atctatcttg atttttaaga taaagactct tattggtccc    124140
     aaatttgtac agtaggctag tctagctggc cagtgagtga gttccatgaa tccattcgtc    124200
     tccagctccc cagtgttgag attctactac actcaggata tcgtagataa tgacaagctt    124260
     ttttacctac caacccatct ccaccggacc aacagctcat taaatgttcg tattatgtta    124320
     aaatgatact ttggctttat aaaagattga gtattacatg cagtgtgcat gtgttttaaa    124380
     cattagtttt tctattcgac tgggctaagc aaagggctca tcaaatagcg caggaaagac    124440
     aattcagcaa tttgcattct ccaaatcatt tcctgctccc tgctctcttg tccaatccaa    124500
     gtatgttgtg tagttttgag atatctgggc actgttccct ctctctggag aaccagcctt    124560
     ttcccgtgag agcttgagtg tatgtgaaca cacacctagg tatagctaaa tagctgtgct    124620
     gcctcccggt ccacccccac agtgaccagg ttgcacggta taaggccaaa gctgggggag    124680
     aaaggggtga ctcaactcta aggatttccc tgggactaca ggcaaaagtc ataggcttga    124740
     aaacaggact ggagagaaaa agagtctgac ttggttcagg catcaggagc aatacttggt    124800
     cttctccaca cctttttgtt gctttagcca atacaaatat ctttaggaaa aaggttgggg    124860
     gttgaaaccc tggaagtctg ctgcaagcag cagtaaagtc aagatgggcc agggtccaac    124920
     cgggagctgt caggtcctgg tagaaactag aatggtaagg tttgtgtgtg acttcttgtg    124980
     gcaattggaa agctgctaca gatggaaaac cttactttga ggctagacca cttgatagta    125040
     agtcatcaca ttttggcccc gttatgtcca tgaagtgcaa cccaaagagt tcaggctacc    125100
     gtctcctcta cccaaggcaa aacagtccag gatccaggaa gagctcggag gcctcaaatc    125160
     tttgctctcc ttaaggtcta tcctctggcc agcagctgtg gtccatgtga cttttacctt    125220
     atcaccctag gccattttaa tttgtgtttc gggaaaggcc taaggaagga caaagtcccc    125280
     agaggtttat tgctaagaga ctgagctcaa acttcaagga ccagagctag tctccatgtg    125340
     tgactctggt tactaagcat caattctaaa taccagacag tacaacaaat gctagatgag    125400
     agagcacagg cctgcgatgt ctcagtctct taagggtatt aatcatgagg cttagaggct    125460
     ctcaccacaa acaaacaagc tctgaaagaa aggcagccca agatgtcttt tctagagttt    125520
     ccaactgggg aggccattag cagctccatc aatcatccca tccctagcaa gtcagtccac    125580
     atctgccatg cctggggaag acacaagggg ctatggaaag tgatcactat atggcgttcc    125640
     actttcttaa gtaggtcttt ctgctggttt attgtatccc ctttcttcta tttcatgaat    125700
     gggagggctg attagacttg aatgaacgcc atgcttcctg ttaagtccct gatatgaaca    125760
     tgcgtatagt gtctggactc tgtgggcaaa tcgtaaactt tgatctgtga tagggcattg    125820
     ttgtgtcaat gctgaacatg gcaaattgaa tcctatatac ttagtaaaac aaaaagctag    125880
     attaaatagt gtaggtgatc tccgcctcca agaaatgctg atgggtctct tccgtctgcc    125940
     atggttttgt tttgcccaca gtgtgagcat cttggttgaa actgttatat gaaacatgtt    126000
     ttgcatcttc attcggtgtc cttacacaca actccccaaa cttaagaatt ttctagtgac    126060
     cagagtttgg tatgttggca gttactagag ggttgaggct tattactttt gggctactgt    126120
     gacagaatac tgacagaaat atagagggag gaaatgttta tttgagctca aggttttagg    126180
     aatttcagcc catcacagag gaaaaggcac agtggagtgt aagccatcgg acatacggag    126240
     gatgccagca tcatagcaca gtggccagga ctagggatgg ctgtcccctt cagaagtctg    126300
     cccttactga cctaggtccc accttctaaa ggttctgtag ccctacagca aataacccca    126360
     ccagctgggc aacagcattc aagatatgaa tccccatgat agggatttta gccccaactc    126420
     caatcttcag acagggaaag agggataatg gttgagtagg ttggttgtca atggccaata    126480
     attaaatcaa tcatgcctat atcatgaagc ttccgttaaa aactcaaaac actgggttca    126540
     taaggttctg agtaagtaat cctggagact ggtaatcatg agaggtgcac taaggtccac    126600
     acccttttct gtacctcact atccagcccc ttcttctgga gtggccttca tattcagcca    126660
     gtaaggataa gtaaagtgcc cacggccggc cgctgattca cagtaggtca gtcgaaagca    126720
     caggtgagag acctggggct tgggactgtc atgggaagca gcaggcttgg ggaccaggcc    126780
     ctgtaacttt aggcaaatgg aaagactgaa aggccaagca aaggtcctga cacagcctta    126840
     tgatacagca gcgttaacta ctttgcattt cattatacta tggcgtctaa tgacctctcc    126900
     acgtggcagc tgctatcacc gcttattcaa cgtgagagga ctgaagttta aaacattctc    126960
     cacagcccag aactggtacg cctcgtcagg gcttagctcc ccttcatgag gagtttgggg    127020
     gatattgcca tataaaaaca tttgaagaat tatgtgtgta ggtacccaca gaggccagaa    127080
     agatacgaat ctactggagc tggagtcacg ggcagttttg agccaccgga tctgggtgct    127140
     ggcaactgaa ctccagtcct ctgctggggg aagaagcact cggccgcaga gccacttctc    127200
     cggtgcctta cttagtcgct catctatttg catgcacaca aatgtgtgta gctgcccttg    127260
     gatgcttgaa gagcgtagtg aagcccctgg acctggagtg acagtcgact gtaagccaca    127320
     tgatgtgggt gctaggaacc ccactcctct gcaagaatac taagagttct tacccactgg    127380
     gttacccctc taggcccttg acattgcctt cataataaac ttgaatacta tcttatccat    127440
     tcagaaaagc cgaacctctt cctgccataa taaatgcaaa ccacacttta ctcactacaa    127500
     acagataaat gggaaaagca agagtttctc ctgctcccgg tccccaggcc cctttctcaa    127560
     acgtaagcac tgggaagtta cctggacaac aactcttcag atgttctacc taagtaaatc    127620
     taagtatata taatatacag agacgcacca ccataatgca atacttctaa cctttgtctt    127680
     tttacaaatc acagcaacac cagcactctt tatcaacatg tcctggagtg tgatacctgg    127740
     tactgcgtgc atgtagtgac ttcctcataa ctgtgtaaca tagtaattaa caaactacat    127800
     tttacttaag cattcaacac tattatataa taatttctcc ataaatgtta gtgatgactc    127860
     tgtggaatag gtattaacac gctctttctg tgttgagcaa attagcaaat atgatctgta    127920
     cagattctat gcaaccttga ctttttttgt ttgtttggtt ttttttgaga taggttttct    127980
     ctgtatagcc ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tttgtagacc aggctggcct cgaactcaga    128040
     aatctgcctg cctctgcctc ccgagtgctg ggattaaagg tgtgtgccac catgcccggc    128100
     taaccttgac ttttctgatg cttgagacaa gcgtcctgct tccatagcga cgtgtgggct    128160
     gccacagcac gattttacat ggcaatcacg gcccagaagt tttatttatt tatttttttt    128220
     agataggatc tcactatata gcctggacct cactaagtaa tctgtaaatt cagggttggc    128280
     cttgaatttg tagagatctt catgcctctg cctctgagag ctgggattaa aggtgtgtag    128340
     caacaacatg cccagcccag gtctagtctt tggcttagga tccccagagc aaggcgaaag    128400
     acaagcccac cttacattga tttatttgtt tatttatacc aaataagaca aggaatcgat    128460
     tctccaattc cttaccacaa agctttagtg ttgtcaacct ctaagagata acgtgtatgc    128520
     gtgcataact gtctgtctgt gcactggctg gagtttaagc accacatact acacagaaaa    128580
     agtactgtgg agatgagtta tagaaagaga tatatgattc catgcggcag aggggagcat    128640
     acaactatgt atttgaacaa aagtttctca caggggagaa aggcttggaa agaccatggc    128700
     aagctaagtt aggtagagga agctggaaga cagtgtgtat gaagttagcc tggaccacat    128760
     acaaagaacc tataattaaa ggaaagatcc atttatcaaa tgttcatggt ggctatttct    128820
     gtgaactaca atgaaaggaa atgaggcaat gacgtcatgc ttatttttgt aacattttat    128880
     tgtattttta aaatggccac atccacatat taaacttaat gacattcaaa ctagcaattc    128940
     cacagtatga ccccaacagg tatttctttg gcatctgtgt atcagaaaga gcagctgaag    129000
     catggtgacg aacatctttt aatcccagca ctcaggcagg ggcaggagag ctctgtgagc    129060
     cggggattag cctcatctat ggagtgagtt gtggggccac cagggctgct taaagagaca    129120
     ctgtgtcaaa tcaaacagca tgtttctcaa atacttgtct cttcccagac gtgtccagca    129180
     taaatggcca aatcttggag ggggcacaat ggtccctgct actgaacagg atgcacacaa    129240
     accaaaagga atgcaccaga aatcctatag tgagagctga gagctcagct cagagcggca    129300
     tcctgtgtga gcctgtgagt gaggaactga gagaaaccaa agcccttcag gcaggggggt    129360
     aagaggcgcc ctgaacagtg acccaagagc cccaggtcaa ccatttttac tgaattacaa    129420
     ttactaccca agctcagaca tttttcttct ttttgactct gaaacttcac tttaactttt    129480
     atgtatggac taacctggga gccaattctc ctcttaggag agttcctaaa ggaaaagtgg    129540
     ctgccaagct gacacacaat gttcagaagc cacttagtca ggaactaaca tctgccttcc    129600
     ttcttgttgc atttttcttt ttaaaacatt tgaaaaatga tgctgttgcg tatgtgtttg    129660
     tttctgtggg aatatataca tctgagtgca ggtgtcctca caggccaggt gtcacatgtc    129720
     cctgaagctg gagttatagg tggttgtaaa ccacctaaca tgggagccaa ggaacaaact    129780
     caggtcctcc ttaagagcat tatgcattcg tacccattgg ccatctcatt acctgccctg    129840
     cctgcacatt gttttttttt ttgtttgttt gttttttatt ttaaccatgt tatgggtgtt    129900
     ttgcttgcat gtatgtctga gcactgtgtg cacgcagtgt gcccacacaa gtcagaagag    129960
     gggggttggg atcccctgaa actagaagtt acagaaagct gtgaggctcc acatgggtgc    130020
     tagacccagg tcttccctgc aagagtaaca aatttgctca actctctctc cagccctgct    130080
     acgttgttgt ttagacataa atagaagccc caaggtctat gtttcagagc aattacagtg    130140
     gctgccttcc caggagaacc aatgtcacca ttgctgctgg tgtccctatg taacatgctt    130200
     atgcagccaa ttcttgattt agcccgtttt gttattctgt gctgtcttcc agtggtgcaa    130260
     tactcacctc tcctcccttt ccccctacaa acacactata tgctcctgga taaataggcc    130320
     atttatgcac accacggttc ttgaaatttt gttcatgttg aagtcaagta cagcagagtt    130380
     tgtatttcct ttcacataac tactgcagtt gtagaccccc tggtgcttta gcctgtacct    130440
     gataaattgc ccatgctctt gaagttaaaa gctaactcag tggctcacag gttggacatg    130500
     ggtggaacca tttctttgac ccgttgttgc cttatctgag gtgaatggat gtttccaact    130560
     tgccaggaaa agctcccgta acgtctgtgc gttcttgctg tgtgtccagt tccttcttgc    130620
     ctttactata ccctccacct tagatagtct actgaatccc cactcttcat tctgtctaca    130680
     tctcccaatc tgctgcctag cccttgggct gcttcccagt ccccaacatg gctattgttc    130740
     tgccatcttc cttcactgtc acagtgatga agccttggaa gaattatgta tctgcttggt    130800
     actggaacct gggaccctat gttaacggat ccacttctca attctagttt ctttagaacc    130860
     taggccagcc tgtacttaac atctagcttc ttaagatgag ggtctttacc ccacatggaa    130920
     gctagcataa tcacatttag gacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    130980
     cacacacatt ggtagtagtc aaaggttttt gaatgtgcaa ccatcaaaag ttagcccaaa    131040
     attaaacact gaaatgatga atttcatgga atctgccagt actcacccat attgtatcag    131100
     acaccttccc cacagccttg gttctgaaca tagaagacac tgcttgcatt tcccatgctg    131160
     tcgctccaga aaaacaccaa tgaacacacc ccaggaaaca gcacagatct gagattatgt    131220
     aggtcacaaa ctactgtgtt ttcaccatac acacaaagct ttctgctgac agaaacactg    131280
     tggcttaatt atggaaaaca aagacttttt agtattttcc tgccattgtt cctcagcata    131340
     ggaaaaatca cattagtgta ttgctggagt gcagacttag aattcaaaaa acaaaaaaac    131400
     tatggcttga gttgacttca atttcattaa aaacctgaga acaagacaga atttccaacc    131460
     atttctgaaa tagccccatt cattttctgc cggttactta tacattaatg tgactggtgc    131520
     tctcagtatt gaagatcata aagtacaaat atcagtctgc tgtgaaaaag gttgaatatg    131580
     ccttagtttc tgtggtgatc tgcaagattt aactccttaa gcttcttagc cctgaaatct    131640
     gaatatcggg ggactgaacc cagaacctga gcaggccagg cctgtgctct accgctgagg    131700
     tggaattctc ccaggtcaag atttcattgt tcactttaaa ataagcagca catctgtttt    131760
     attagtatgc acatttgcct ttgtccttaa taagtggtaa aactgcaggt tacacaaaat    131820
     ggcttgaaat ataattctta aataatttat tatcagtaag tggttagttt gtatacctat    131880
     tatatatact cacttacctg gggtcatata aacatttctt ggtcaaaaaa gtgctacaag    131940
     ttggcaaact ttaagccctt gatctaggtg gtggcgaggc acagacccag cttggacttg    132000
     aaccctagga aataccagat gctggtcata atcctggtgg tgccaccaag agcaggagcc    132060
     tgaccacagc agcatgacga tcggatcgat cgttatagag acccaggagg cagcctcaga    132120
     ggaactcaaa ttgctgagcc ccttatgggg tttctcgact tcgctagcta gggttgtagt    132180
     tgttcaggtt tcctggcccc cacttcttcc ctaagactgg ttttatcttc ccaatcaccc    132240
     tgtgagttat ccaatatcct ttcaataagt tcctcttctg gttcaataaa ccagaactag    132300
     ttctgcttac aaccgagtca gcacccttgt agattattaa tctactgttt tcctggaaca    132360
     catccgaaca gtgtatggaa tattaaactg tgtttcttat agcgataaaa ccatgtattt    132420
     taccctggta tacaaactaa ccacttactg ataataaata tcactgttgt ttccacatcc    132480
     actatcagtg ttaagagacc gacagctaat ccgagtctca ttcttttagg gtttgctatt    132540
     atttaataat tctaaacctt agagacaaaa aggcgtattt ttaggtatac aggtgttttg    132600
     tctgcatgtg cacgcgccac acgctggtcc ttggagggga gaagacgaac tgaatcccct    132660
     agaactgtag ttacaaatgg ctatgagctg ttacgttggt tctgggaacc caggtcctct    132720
     gcaagagcaa caaatgcctt taactgctga cccatctttc tagctccaca cttttggttt    132780
     ttatttttgc ttttttaaaa aaaaaagtgt gcttgtggat atgcatagac gcacatgtgg    132840
     catcagaaga aaactggcgc ccgcaggcgc cagttttctc cttccaccat gtggggttcc    132900
     tggcatcaaa ttccggtcat cagggtgggt ggcatgtgtc cttaaacact gagccatctc    132960
     cctagctcca tttaggatac ttcagtgtgt gtgtgcactg tcaacaaacc cgagaaaagg    133020
     tgagatcccc ccaaagtgca gtggcttcaa ggaattgtga gctaccctat atgggtgctg    133080
     ggaaccacac ccagttctct acaagatcag caagcacgtt taaccattaa accattttcc    133140
     caaccccact attagatttc atgaacttat ttctatcttg cttttgtttt gtgaataaat    133200
     tatctgctct ggtaacatta aaacctaaaa taaaataaaa taaaataaaa tgaagtgtta    133260
     cgagcctacc gtcttccctg gagccccact gactcttggt gttattactg atacttgtga    133320
     gcctttccgg gactctgtat tcagttcctt cctcagttct acttggttct caatggtatc    133380
     cactcctggc attgcagaaa tctgttgaat tgtctttccc atcaaagctg tctcttatta    133440
     cttacatatt tggggagtca gacctccata tatagcccag actgtatgaa ggtcagtctt    133500
     cccaaagcag cagtgatcct ctgtatttaa gtctcgttgg gcatggtggc acaagcccat    133560
     aaccccaaca caggggaaga ggaggcagag gcaggggact ggccccaagt tcaaggcaag    133620
     ccctgtgccc aaggagagtc caaggtcaac tggggcctca gaaaggctca aaattacctc    133680
     aatacaaaca attcagagtc atcagtaagt actccaggca ggcttgttag aagatgagct    133740
     cacacaattc ctcttgcaag ctcagtatct tcttcaagtc ttttccccag tccaggattt    133800
     tggtctttac tttactttaa agtcctggct agtttttatg ttaactcaac acaagctaaa    133860
     gtaatccgag aaaaacctca cttgggaaaa tatctctata agatctgctg gtaggcaagt    133920
     ctgtagggca ttctcctaat tactggttta ggtgggtgtg tgggagggga gaggactgtg    133980
     ctggtccatg gtgggtgtgg tcatccctag gctggtggtc ctgggttcta taagaaggat    134040
     gagcaagcca tgagatacaa tccaatgagc agcctccttc catggcctct gcataagttc    134100
     ccacctccag attcctgccc tcgcttcctt tgatgaacag agacttggaa acttcttaag    134160
     caaaataaac tctttcctgt ccaacttgct tttggtcatg ctgtttcacc acaacaatag    134220
     taaccctaag aaagaggtca taatcccagc cctgaggcag gaggatcttg agttcaaggc    134280
     cagccttgaa cgcaagaatt tgtctttaac aaaaaacaaa aaacaaaaac aacaacaaca    134340
     acaaaaaacc cacaaaaaaa caaaaaccag gagcaatgtc cctgtagtta agagtcctta    134400
     cgaagagaag cagggttcag ttcccagtac caacatggca ggtcacaact gcctatgact    134460
     ccagttccag gggacctaac accatcttct gacctctcac acatgctaat aaataagtaa    134520
     acactaaaga caacaaaacc aaggcaaaac cgggctaatc ctgtatctat accaactgga    134580
     gcagaaggta aagagaaaga cccaatgaat aaaccaacta agcctaatgt aaactacata    134640
     aaacaagggc agatgggcaa tatttataac aagttgtaac tactttgctg ctatcagtac    134700
     cccgtgtctg tgagtccagc atccacctgg cagagtggtc aggatgggaa tgctggacac    134760
     taacacagaa gcgtcggtac tctgctcaaa atccaaatat gataagctct ttctgaacac    134820
     aggggagaac tgcacaaagt aatgtaagag agggttttaa atgcactcct ctgatttgtg    134880
     atgtgttgtt tccttaaaac aactgctaac cttaactgta taaatactgt ccgtacaagg    134940
     caacacatat tcttccgaca cccaaatttc tatttttaag tttggcaaaa aaatatgtaa    135000
     aatctatctg gtggcgagtg gtgatggttt aggcgaatcc tgctgtgtag atttctcaca    135060
     gcaagtgttc tggaattttc tactccagta cagtttagtt tattcttctt tttctttttt    135120
     tttttccatt ttttattagg tatttaactc atttacattt ccaatgctat accaaaagtc    135180
     ccccatatcc acccaccccc actcccctgc ccacccactc cccctttttg gccctggtgt    135240
     tcccctgtac tggggcatat aaagtttgca agtccaatgg gcctctcttt ccagtgatgg    135300
     ccgactaggc catcttttga tatatatgca gctagagtca agagctccgg ggtactggtt    135360
     agttcataat gttgttccac ctatagggtt gcagatccct ttagctcctt ggctactttc    135420
     tctagctcct ccattgggag ccctattctt ctttttcttg agtctttaac ttttggcctt    135480
     gtggttttta tttcttgctt caagaacagt gaaataaaac aggagttcac aagcatgttc    135540
     tgcaaagggc agagggagga gtgcgttcgt taggctctgg catagccaga gaggctatca    135600
     aagaatggac tgggctgtgt tctcataaaa ctttatttat aaaagaggca aggggccata    135660
     ttttggacca cacccagttc taggactacg gggataaatt ctttttgtaa cttaatatgt    135720
     tcttttaaaa tctttgagtg tgtgtacaat gtatgtgttc atttaggacg aatactacca    135780
     tgaatatcat gtatgaaggt catgggacaa ccctgggtat tagtccttac ccttcacttt    135840
     gaataggtct cttatttcct actgcacaca ccaggctagc tggccggtga gcccctggag    135900
     agtctgtctc tttctcccat cttgctttat aaatactggg attatagagt ggatggccat    135960
     gtctgactga cattacaagg gttctagcaa tttgaactca ggttcccaca cccgtaggac    136020
     aagtgctttg cccactgggc cacttccctg tgtgaagctt ttattgtttt gtttttgaca    136080
     ttgggcctta ctatgtagct ctggcttgct actcattatg tagaccaggc tggtttcaaa    136140
     cccacagaga tctacctgcc tttgcctctt gagtgctgaa tttaagggtg tgtaccaccc    136200
     cacccagcag tcatttgtgt ttttattaat ggactcggta ttgctcatcc aatcatcttt    136260
     ttgggtaatg gggagatctc agccatgctt atttagtctt ttagctgagg actaaaaagt    136320
     gatgctaagc tatctagtct gaattgcagg acataatgcc acaggtagga aacagtgaaa    136380
     gaatgccttt ttatgtcttc agccattcat agataaggac acagtttata taggcagttg    136440
     aaaaacccat aaacagtttt ttccttgggg gctgacatat aattcaggga gcagctgagg    136500
     gtaaaggacc agcaaaggag ctgagtttga ggacgatcag aaccgacagt gaaactgttt    136560
     cgacagcaag gcaggcaggc aaaggcaggc tctgctggtt ttgcactgtg ccacagacat    136620
     ccaacactta gactagtgac aggtagctct gctcactcta ctttcattcc atataaacgc    136680
     aagccttctg catctggagg ctgggaatct ccagattgca gaagaggaag gagaggtcca    136740
     ggtggctctg gtaacgttcc tgagctgaga ggatggagtt aaaggatggg tgagggatgt    136800
     catagcagcc agaacctgga cagagtacca gaaggaaagg ggcagtagtg gggggaagga    136860
     aaaagtgagt gagagcgacc aaccccactg gagattcggg gaaagtcctg cctgtggatt    136920
     caatggagca gagctgggcc caaagaacat acaagagaac ttgaggatga aaatcagccc    136980
     aagtcttaga gaaataaacg acatgtaccg tgatggaaac tcctgagggg ccaaaaactg    137040
     tgtgtgttcc tatgaggcag cctaaaaatg cctcataaat catgggtaca aagtagagaa    137100
     ctcaggtcag tatttgtcac ctcactcagg ggtaaaagca gcccaacaaa aaatattgct    137160
     ctgctcacac cgaatgacac aagagctcac agatgaaact agtggctgta gcttggaagt    137220
     tcaagagtat ttacaaaaat acaaaaatgt cttgtaccca acaacgccta gtttccagta    137280
     aaaaaattac taaaggagcc tagttgggag tggtggtgta ctcctagaat cccagcacac    137340
     gggacgagaa aaaggagaat caggtcagcc tgcgatatca gagactccat ctatctatct    137400
     atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctaa aaccctatca    137460
     aaacagagtc tatctatgta tctatctatg tatctatcta tgtatctatc tatctatcta    137520
     aaaccctatc aaaacacaga gtcagtcagt ctgtctgtct atctatctat ctatctatct    137580
     atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctac ctacctacct acctacctac ctacctatct    137640
     atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctaaaacc ctatcaaaac    137700
     acagagtaag ggctggagac atggatgctc agtgtataaa gttgcttgct gccaagcctg    137760
     atgaactgaa ttgaccccag cacttataca gtaacgaaag gagagaagca agtcttttaa    137820
     tttgtcttct aacatctatg tgcatgttgt actgcacata cacagacaat aaataaataa    137880
     aattaaaaaa aaagagacac agtacaacta cattgcttaa aactggtgat aaagagaaaa    137940
     tacaattctc taaagagaaa aagaacaaaa aatgatagaa cagtttataa caatgcaccc    138000
     agaaaaaaga acaacagctt ttaaagtatt gaaagcttga ctttcatacc tagcaaaaat    138060
     accctccaca gttccgagag aaaagacttt ctgagaccta aaagctaaaa gaaggctggg    138120
     gatacagctt agtgtagagt ttgagcaagt gcctggttga tcctctgcag aaaggattct    138180
     tcagcagtgg acccagagca gaaatattaa agccctccga ggagaggatg tcaagtggaa    138240
     acctgcatag acaggaagaa catcagcagt gtggccagat gggtacacac atgacttctc    138300
     acccttgatt ttaaatctcc ttgaaagaca atcatcaggg atagagagat ggctgagggg    138360
     ttaagagcat ttgttgttct tccaggagac ccaagtttga tttccagcat gcacaccaag    138420
     cagctcacaa aagtttctaa ctcttacttc tggtggtctg acacctctgg ctttctctgg    138480
     caaatgcact tatgtgttcg tacttacata gaggcacaca agcttacata taattaaaaa    138540
     taaatacatt ttaaaaaaga acgatttaca atatagcaaa tatgtattat aggtgaaata    138600
     atagataaca tacagaaaat tctaacatga tagccagatg tgtgtgtatg cgtgcagatg    138660
     taagccagag gtcaactttg agtgtcagtc cgcaggagcc atctaccttg tttacaagag    138720
     acagagtcac gtagtatgtt ggtaacaaca aattcatagc agtcttttca cccagtgaca    138780
     gaaaaacttt cccatgctgt atttcttcat caattaatct cttcagatac atcctgcagg    138840
     ctgaagaaac ggctcctcag gaaggtttat tgtacttgtt gctcttttag aggacccagg    138900
     ttcagtttta ccagcaacct tacggtaatt cgcaaccatc tatagctcca gttccagggg    138960
     atccaatacc ctcttctgac atcctcaggc accagaaaca ggtgcgcaca tccacccacc    139020
     attcatacac atggaacaaa aattttaaaa taattaaaaa aaaaaaacca gataaaccca    139080
     gtgattacct tccacttgat gttcatttct ctgaagtgcc ctcttactat attactaaag    139140
     accaagtaac tggaaaatct tgcagagacc caacttcata cgctccctcc ccaaccctgc    139200
     ccaacacact caataaggaa acacaggatc aggccactta aaatttaatt taatttttct    139260
     tttaaatttt ttgagacaag gtctttctta tataccctat atggcctgca ccttgctata    139320
     caaaccaggc tggcctgaaa ctcacagaga tccacctgac tcagtatcca aagtgctggg    139380
     attaaaggca tgtaccacct caggctgaat ggcttttgaa gtcgttaaac cattttcaaa    139440
     gcctcagaag aggggcttat gatgaaatgt ccttcagaat agtagactca ggtttcccag    139500
     ttatcgccag ggaagcacca ggattacaga acatcatcct atccacatac aatccacttc    139560
     tgagccatct cggtgtgtaa agaatggaac agaacctgtg ggaaacaagt taactggcac    139620
     tttgacaccc attgcctatc tcttaagatc tgtaaacaac atcaaagaca agggatccag    139680
     gcgcatctag agagccccac cagaagattc tccacactga gggaagtaca gtagcctgca    139740
     gaggagccta gctggagagt atcagtgtca ctcatatggc acctcggttg ggggagcatg    139800
     gatggatccc cccagcacaa cacagctcca gccactctcc ctcggcagtt ggcttacgag    139860
     gactccgccc gcccgagcaa ggctttaact ccccattaca actaatgtgg gcaaatgttt    139920
     tgagaggctg tggttggaaa ttctctcact tacccatgga agtgcagaac aaggcccggg    139980
     ttagcttttt tctactctat aaggagtcat tacctttgag gttcagaggg gaaaaaaaaa    140040
     tcaaacagaa aggcctctgg cagggactcc taatgaatac atatgaaatc atgttcattt    140100
     ttcagatgca cataaaagga ttgggaaaac actaggaaga aaggtggtaa gaaatgtggg    140160
     ctggaaaaga ggagagctgc agctctggaa atatacaagc ctgatgattc tgaagtcact    140220
     aaacacggag aaataaacgt gttcttcatt aaaacgagct tggaacaaat gttagtgcat    140280
     tgtacaagaa aagggcaaca cggataactt ttactaagat aaaatcaaca gcagcccact    140340
     gttatcaaga gtcctcgcct tactctctag ctccatcatc acagggcaac cagctattta    140400
     cgtgaacccg gagttagctc acactgagca taaagtaagg catctaggag ccacagtggc    140460
     aagtacagct aagtgaccaa tctgagagtc tgtctccttt gaaaattcta ttttccaagc    140520
     catttacctt ctaactactt ctagcttatg taccttgtaa taattctaag cattagatac    140580
     catttcatag gtatttatgg gaaaggagac caagcagaga gctaagaaaa cagttcaaag    140640
     ctgctatttt tacacttata tattaaattt gcatgttgtg tacatgtata cacacacaca    140700
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cccctttgca gcagtcagtt    140760
     ctctccttct agcttgtgtg tcctagggga tcaggccaag tgtcagcctg ggagcgggtg    140820
     cctttggcta cccacccatc ttagtagctc cttcatgacc ctctatgggg tcacgtaact    140880
     aatgaggggg atgatgaaaa tctggcacta ttaagggact cttgagcaaa acaaaattaa    140940
     aattcaaaga tgaagtgaac tgaggcattt ttgacagtgc tcaaaagcct tggtgttttt    141000
     tttttttaat ttattgtgtg tgtatttgtg aacgtcagag gtttgagtcc attctcttcc    141060
     caccacgtga attctggaga atgaaatcag gccgttgggc ataaggtcgg gcacctttac    141120
     cagctaagcc atcttcctgg ccccagcctt gaacatacag cacacactct gtactgtgca    141180
     tgtcgtcaca ccatggaaca caagtgcacc ttgcctgcaa catgttggct cagatttaag    141240
     attatctgtg tcataaaaat gtaacaattt tactgtatgc acaaagcttg tgtgcctaca    141300
     gaaacgcagt agtttaatta tggaaaacaa atacttttat tctttccctg ctatcatccc    141360
     taagtattat gagagcatcc acgtaaatac caaattagtg tatctttgaa ttgtacagta    141420
     tcaggcagac atatccatct cattagtgtg caagtttgct ttcatcttta ctacttgaaa    141480
     aattacatgt ataccaggga attgcttaaa acacattctt tatgatcaat gtggaaaagg    141540
     tttagggagt tccatgctgt ttgaacatga caaggctggg aacagggtct ctctagacta    141600
     cattatttct agattaactc aagagaacag ggagaaacta ctcaccttgg agggctatgt    141660
     gcgtcacatc ctcccacgac ttcccctccc ccgctgcata gctgggaaag ctcacctgtg    141720
     accaagttaa ttcacaggtc tcagaagcat gctttcctcg atgactgacc ccaagtgaac    141780
     tccccagaac cccagagaca cacgtggaga ttcctgtcag cagagctggc ttttttcaac    141840
     gttatcatta ttaatgcaaa gtaaccatct aattaaaaag caacacacat agggtagaca    141900
     agaatctcag gatttctaca aagtagccaa agcttatgga tctgttcata ttatttatct    141960
     atccaaagca cacaattccc caaagcccaa tagttttaga cacatgggtt ggtcctgtag    142020
     tgactatggt ctgtttttcc tattagtgga ctaacactaa cctccccctt ccaaagtgct    142080
     tctattcaca cttttcattg tttactcttg tgcatggagg ctgacattcc atacacaaca    142140
     aggagtcaaa gcaaggatta cttgactcac accacaattt agagcaggtt ctttaaacca    142200
     ctgcccgcag ccgttcacag aggcaaataa aaaaaaaaaa acacgaatat ctatgttaaa    142260
     aaaagacatg acttctgctg cactagcaga cagctgattt tgcaagtcag caaaatagaa    142320
     cttattatta tttaaccctg cctgggcagc aggcaagaga ccttagctga gctgtggatc    142380
     cagtgggtct gagctgtaga aagtgaagag gagatgtcct aggaatgcct tcagtgtctg    142440
     aagcctcaca ctagtgaggt tcacaagctt ggtgtctttt gtgagtacat agtgtgtgtg    142500
     tgtgcacacg gagtgggagc cagaggtgga catcagtttt cttgtcaact gcttttccac    142560
     ctcactgttt gataaagggt tgtgcctcac tgtacctggt ggctgcacat tccttagact    142620
     ggcttggctg tgtagggagt tgctaggttc ccctgctcca tctcgacagt gctgggatta    142680
     cattcttttt atgaccacac agccttccca ttaatgccac tggagcaccc gagccctggg    142740
     acaccttcag aactacgatg agtagttgtt ttcttaatct gcctcctccc ctccttgtgg    142800
     aagactttgg aagactctac cgggaaattt tcgcagaaga gccacggatt tcctaagaag    142860
     gattctcaac tgttgctatg atctagaaag gactgttgct ctcaaagaca gcacaaccct    142920
     gcaagaggtc aaaggctcca gaaggggttc aaattaatct gctaatgcca tcaaaacgga    142980
     gccaaatagg aaagtccagc cctgacctcc ctggcacggg tggccactgg cattttatta    143040
     cctgtgcttg tagccagcaa aatcaacaag taagaccatt acggagaaat ccagaaagaa    143100
     acagacacac tgcagcccga gttcttctca gatgggaaag ccatccatgt gagttgctac    143160
     ataaatgacc catttcttgt tctaactata cttaccctaa ggagctcttc ctttgtacta    143220
     catttctgta tttgtttgtc tattgtgtgt gtgcgcactt gcatgcatat gctatggtgt    143280
     ccacatggag gctagaggac aacctaggag tcaattccct ccttctgcca tgttggtcct    143340
     gagggtcaaa ctcagttctt caaccttggt agcaagggcc tttcccactg gctcatgctt    143400
     ctttctcctg tgtggtccct gtgataagaa actccatggc tttaaaggct cagttctcag    143460
     acttgcgtac acgatgaaaa tgtctggggg aacttgagga aaacccactc ccaggtctca    143520
     ctcttgaggc atggacttgt ttacacagac gtgggtgggg taatgctaga ttttgcaaag    143580
     ggatctaggg gattctgtcc tgtaaagctg ccctgagttt cagatgggca cagtgaggtt    143640
     tggaagttac tgctgtgtgg gcgagccctg ctttctctgg cccaaggcca ccgcaggtaa    143700
     ataaatatgt attccattct ggtgtcagat tatctttgaa ggcagagggg agagggacga    143760
     ggaagaacaa tgctgctttt gttggggggt aaacaagttt ccagggccac aaaacttcct    143820
     agcatattct ggaaacccgt tcttctggtt tttaattata tgacattggg aagcactggc    143880
     ccagtcggcg gcaggatttt ggatgcaacg aagtccaaag tgactctgtg agctccggaa    143940
     aattccttaa gaaatttccc actcctaagc acaccagagt caaataacag atatcaccat    144000
     gtcctaagtc cttacactgc tacatgccaa gaagggccaa tctcacccac tcagatggca    144060
     gcaccgccaa gaccgtgatc tgctattaca aaattgaata cgacttctaa gcacgtcaca    144120
     ggactcacac gggagcatgc tcagattccc cgggaaggct ctaagagtca ggctcttggg    144180
     gccctgcatg caggatcatg ggtggctgac tccacacttg ggtctacaca gtaacaagat    144240
     gtccaatctc tagacggcag gaaagcctgg cttctctgct tccattctgc ccccgtcttt    144300
     acgtttgctg agagcacaga gatttgtcac aggtcttaac cttttctctt cagtcacctt    144360
     caattccaga aaagctcatc cccaaaagaa gacaacgctg cacctgaatc agtcagttgg    144420
     tatgaatcca ccacaggaat gacagcaagg aacagatcaa caatcagata tcagaccgtc    144480
     tgtccgcaag agtgaagctg agctggtggg cagggaccgc tctgaccaag gctggatggc    144540
     ccaggacatc ttttgccccc cctgataagc caagtcctaa agtcaggacc tcaaggacgg    144600
     actccaaggg gtctggggag gggagcaata cgtggatgta acccttatct gttccccttt    144660
     ccagtgcggc cacgccgaat aatctccatt ctccgatttt cacatcacac atctctgact    144720
     gactgagcct cgctgggagc agggcttttt tgttgttggt ggtggcggtt ttggtttttt    144780
     gagacagtag cctcacgtag ccctagctga ccttgaacct gctacgtagt gaggatgact    144840
     gagaactcgg gctcctccct caaggactga gattaccagt gttcactacc tcatctgatg    144900
     tacgaagtac agggagtgcc agagcttcac acatgatagg caagcgctct accaactgag    144960
     ctagtactat ccctggacct tggcatttgc cacaaaaact ttgataattg gtcaaagata    145020
     ggagcagcca ttcctggcaa cttccaaata atgcagatat gactttgagc atcctcacat    145080
     taacaagaga agtttctatt cagcctcagg cccggtaata aagaatgaaa ctgaaacact    145140
     tcaaggaaaa tgggacgctg tcttcgggta tatcttggga cttgttccaa aaggcaaaat    145200
     ttcatcatcc ccttaggtct gagcgcacag gcggactctg ggtttactca ttcatgttca    145260
     aggcttaaca ttgttactct tgaaggagag agcctggcac ggccttaagc tacaaaagga    145320
     cctaaaccca cccccagctc cccaacagta acccatagtt tatggtttca catgggcaca    145380
     gtgtatactt tccatttaaa aaattttata atagaggcat aggccatggg ccggggcatc    145440
     ttcttcagag tatgggacac acagcaaatg gatcatatat ttaaacagaa agggtgatac    145500
     cacagaggtc ctgtatgaaa caagaatcaa ctcttttatg tgtgagggga cagtaaaaga    145560
     ggctctccgt gatccataat tcaggagctg gaaagttaag aagaaatgtg ctctataaaa    145620
     agtcacctct ggccaggcca tggtagcaca catctgtaat cctagcactg ggcagaggcg    145680
     ggtgggtctc caggaaggcc tgggctacgg agaaatgctg tcttgaaagc aaaacaaaaa    145740
     caaaaacaca aaacaaaaaa aaaagtaact tctagggttc aggctggcca agcacttgct    145800
     gttcaggcat ggagctctga ggtctgatac ccaaggtaaa cgctggacag ggcagtgaac    145860
     atctgtaagc cagcatcggg gaggcagaca ggtggatcca aggtctcaga gagcatgtgg    145920
     acgtgtggac gtgggtatca cacaaacaca ctcaacatct gttagcaggc atataggaaa    145980
     tgatcaagtg gggagaaatt ctggaggaca tattagaatt aaaggcaagc tccctcatct    146040
     ttataaagac ctcacagatc aaagagacaa aaaacgaatt ggaagaaaag caaatcacat    146100
     cagagaatgc aatatgagag acagggagag cgagagggag ggaaggaggg agggagagag    146160
     agggagggag agggggaggg agagagggag ggagagagag agagggaggg agagaggggg    146220
     agagagaggg ggagggagag agacagacag agagagaggg agagagagag agagggaggg    146280
     agagagaaag agggagggag ggagggaggg agggagaggg agagggagag agagacagag    146340
     agaagagaga cacaaatgac ggggtgctca acctctttca atttttagct atacaaactc    146400
     aaaccatatg gctattgtac atttttctgc atgagaatgg caggcatcca gaatgtacaa    146460
     taaccttctc tgctggtgaa gctctcctaa gctaccatta gtgcaaaata catcagttct    146520
     tggaaaggaa atcaagctgg gcccacagag caagtctgta atcccagcta ccagagagag    146580
     tgaggccaga ggagtgcaaa tccaaggacc ccttgggcta gagtgggtcc aatgccagca    146640
     ctggcaactt agtctcaaaa gtacagtcac cggcatgtag tttgagtggt agagtggtag    146700
     ttggtctggg caaggatgca gactgacgat ttatttggta gactcattat tcatgggcct    146760
     ggaaaactca gtgttgttca atgcgcaagc aactgctacc ttgccatctg ttctaagacg    146820
     acagggtaac aagcaaatca gagggctgct gaggcggtag atggttcagt gggtagagac    146880
     atctgaggta aatcctctgg accgctgtgg cacagggaac tgacttctcc aaattctgct    146940
     ttgatttcca taatatacag tgaccttgca ttctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct    147000
     ctctctctct ctttctctct ttctctcaat ctctcatatt gtacacaaag taaaattaaa    147060
     aaacagattt aaaaaatctt tgaactgggc atgatggcac acatctttat acccagaagt    147120
     ccagagacag aggcagacag atccgagtac gaagccagcc tgatctgcaa atggagttct    147180
     agatcagcca gcgatacacg gcaaaaccct gtcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaatcc    147240
     aaaaatcctt gcgtctccta aaccgtggaa gaacctatga acatgtagta acattgtcag    147300
     cctgtaaaag ccattaggac agctgcaacc ggaacagact ggccagcaag agtccaagtg    147360
     tagcttccca cggaggcttc cttctaacaa ttactgcaga gcattcgact atgtcaaaat    147420
     gacaacagct ggggattctg ctcagttgac aaaatgctta ctgtgcaagt attaggtgca    147480
     gagtctgatt ccaggaccca cactgaatat gccagaagtg cagggtgttt accgcggggg    147540
     gcagaggttt tctgtgactt ccagaagagc cagggccaca cggtgagaga ctgcatctca    147600
     aaactaaaca aatccgaaaa tcaatcatca acaacaacaa caacacacac acacacacac    147660
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    147720
     agagcgcaca tcagagcatg cagatattcc cttgcaatcc cggcctgggg aggtggacac    147780
     atgaatctct ggggctcgat agccagccaa cctagtgacc tccaggtcac tacaacgggt    147840
     gacctccagg gcaatgcaga aaccctgtct aataaacaca gggttgaagt ctcccaagga    147900
     aggacaccag aggctgactt ccagccccca cacacacgtg cacacattca caggtacaca    147960
     gagaaaattt cagtacacac aggaacatct tatcttacag gtatattttc agcacagccc    148020
     aaagttaaac gaaaaaactt ggtaaatggg aacgaagtca ccaactgaac caaaggtatt    148080
     gctgacctca gagatggcag gactcccgtg gcaaagtcca ccctgcagac acggactttc    148140
     cagagacaca gcactaaagc agaactctga gatgaaagca gccaggcttt tagctttaag    148200
     ggatcattca ctttctatac attctccctt ccaattaaca caatgaactt acatctcttt    148260
     ccagctgaag ctgttaggtg agttctgatg tctgcatagg tttcttactt ccagacacct    148320
     ccagctttgt tttaacgcac aatcaacaag aacccctaat taaagacttc aaactcgaaa    148380
     ttccctggac caggcgggaa aatctgaccc ggtcctcccc accctctcaa atttgccatt    148440
     tagctaattc acagtgaagg tgatactttc ggatacagta taaaagtccc agcaccctaa    148500
     gttcctccat gactgtctgg agagaggctg gggctatctc tagtttctac attcctgctg    148560
     ttgccatgct gggaatcaaa cccagggtcc tgtgcttgtg aaaccaagtg ctccaccaag    148620
     agcttcctcc ctaacccttt acataaatgt attcctttct tctttgtaac ctttttattt    148680
     gtttgtttag ttccccactt actgaaattt caggtttgga ccattatgcc ctgcttcata    148740
     ccctttaaaa agctccccta taaaatataa aataaaaagc atctctggtc ggcctgctgc    148800
     tgcacgggtg tataaaataa agacaagcgt ttaactttgc tggagatatg gcaaagcacc    148860
     agaagagcat ctcccaagct gtcagccctg caacaggggg aagtctgcaa gcctccaaat    148920
     gatgctcggc cctgagaaac cagcaggagg gtgtacatta gcacccaagg cagcatggct    148980
     gctcgcacaa gctcgcacgc ctccaagagc ggatggatct gtgcctgtca ggagtggctt    149040
     ctaggctgtg tgctgggggc actcaagata ctcaaagcca caaggagccc attatgtact    149100
     agcttccact atccattgct cagctttgca catcatcatc tgtaatccac ctgcagaaag    149160
     aatgaggcct cgcggaaaca ggaatgccca aaggatggag cgagactggt cctcgctgtg    149220
     gctctagttc actctggtcc aagctggctc agcagcaaag acagttgtga taactaaaat    149280
     ttagattcca ggccattgaa tttttacagc ttactctggt cacctgaaaa cccccatcta    149340
     ctatcaagaa taaaatacag gaataaagag atggctcact caagttgtta agtgcgccgg    149400
     ttgctcttcc aaagacccag gttcgattcc aggcacccac atggttgctc acgacttcct    149460
     gtaactccag tttcagggga gttgatgctc tcttcttgcc tctatgggta ccgtgcatac    149520
     atacagctgt aactacagct ccaggttgga tgctctattc taacctccaa gtgcgcgcac    149580
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac accacacacc atacagagag    149640
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag acatacacac aaataataaa tcttagaaaa    149700
     aaagaataga agtgactatt ggtgacagtt tacaatggaa gaacaagctt gtaacctacc    149760
     ttcccaccca ccccaccccc gacaatatta catcagtcta tcttcttaga tactgaattt    149820
     ctaattgtat aacaacgcct gcacaagatg gcatagtgga agtgtatttt ctaattcacc    149880
     atggattcaa taaggatttt tggaggcctc atcagcacag gtcactgcct ttactgggga    149940
     aggaaacccc agaaagttgc tggagagtca gtgttctacg gcagtgaact gccaagactc    150000
     gctcaagttt agagtccagg gtcctagata ggaaactcag tcatttgggg gtcacaacgc    150060
     cattcctgta ccacagggca aggagaactt gtctgataga aggcaaaaaa tagcaagaat    150120
     tacctgtttt tctctcttgt ggttgtgcct ggatccacga ccatgtgcat gcacacgccc    150180
     ctttaataac actgcattgc ttaacctttt tgtcctccag gcaagaaact tcacagggaa    150240
     aggttaccct tcccccacac ctatcacctg ctgtggagca ccaggccctg gctggggact    150300
     cttcctccac tgtgacatta aacaggacag tgtggaaatt cctagatctt taggctctga    150360
     agacctacct atatttcctg acaagacaca agccgataca ttaatctaac ttatcacatc    150420
     ctgatattaa ccagaaagac aattcacaga aggaccacat atgggtctaa ggtggttgta    150480
     tcccattaca aaatggtaac atttcacaaa cctgctgttg gtatacacgg atttgatttt    150540
     tgctttgagc gtcttaggct ccctttcagt gttgagctgt ccatcctgta tacataatcc    150600
     agaatactat aacgagtagt tacaaagctc atgctaattc ctagtccaca aacaggtctc    150660
     ctacatcatg ttcagcgatg atttcaacct tgagcatcat ctgtggagtt tcacgaacct    150720
     cccatgcata tcaaatacat atctcaatgg cttcaagggt aaatccatac aaaagccttc    150780
     gttgaaataa ctccacgaaa ataagcatgg ttgatgatac ataagagcct cctgctttaa    150840
     gccagaccca cctcctcctc gccgccaagg aggaggtaac acagcaaaac ttttctgcta    150900
     ttcaggaaac ttcaagatag ggtacttccg tggtgtcaca gtgaggacga ctctggacga    150960
     taaaagatgc aggctggaga catgaacccc agaatattgg ctctgtcgtg atcattatac    151020
     ccaagccttt ttaatcacta ttagtagtga tcatactgtg ctgcctccaa gagtgaagac    151080
     aaacttcctg gttacatgca gccaggatta caagatgtac catgttttat cagcaaatgc    151140
     tgaggggagc aaggatggaa ttcaaatgga cgaatgagaa agaacgcatg tctcaggaac    151200
     ggagaagatg gggccagaga gctggctcag tggatgagaa tgcttggtgc tgagaaccca    151260
     catcagacag ctaacaccca cctgaaactc cagccccaag agacacaagg tctcccccca    151320
     caaaattact aaaaataatt tttttggttt tcaaaaagga caaaagtagg catttgtaca    151380
     gttaaccaac caagggctga ggctacccag ggggagtcga gctgtctggg cagcacatgt    151440
     gcttgtttaa ttattcccac aaacaaccta gtattaattg tagtacagca ctacactgct    151500
     attagaaatg accctgagtg gacaaaggta ggagagggta gggtgtacta cttactacct    151560
     tttatggaag acccgtgctt ttagtatcca gggggttcct agttaacaat cgatgggtag    151620
     tgttcccaaa gccttgtcaa catgagaagg aagacaaggc aaacactgtt cttttcaaag    151680
     atgacacctg agtcaccaag aagtcttatc tgaaaggagc aagtagctgt gctctgaccc    151740
     ccaactctcc atcctaatga agatgagacc cagaggactc agacttgcca agggccctaa    151800
     ggccatcaag gtcagtgcag gtcagttcta aacctcctgt gttgagagct gtgccgggcc    151860
     tggggacaaa cagaccaaag agttggatct gggtggctct agaggcccaa catctcaatg    151920
     ctaccacacc cacccatgac tcagggggac ttcccaaggc cctcggattg acttgtaatt    151980
     ttccctaaga cttaatttct agggaccccc gcttgcttgc cagtgagcat ccaaacaggc    152040
     tgtaaaacac tgcaaagctg gggctggctt cctgcactgt cttctgggca caccagcaaa    152100
     acacacccca gcccggcttg cggaagaggt gacggccaat gcctgacggc tcactgggga    152160
     tcagtgggta cttagctatt cttttcagga ggaatgagct aagaaccaaa cacatcattc    152220
     atcagtctca agcgtcaact acgtagctac acagaaatgc tattctgagg gcctgaatca    152280
     agcttacttt atgataaaca tgttaatcaa gcacggtggc ccacacacgt tagcccaggt    152340
     acagtgggga taggaggatt aacataagtt taaagccagg cctaaccacg aagagactgt    152400
     ctcaaccaaa atgactttgt taatgttaat atctacctaa aacaacagca tgtcatgttg    152460
     taaacatgtg gtctgttaaa agtgtctggg acagtggggg actgagctga gagagcaccc    152520
     cgccgccatt ctgaagctaa taaatatcag aggatggaca ggaaattcat acgacataaa    152580
     ggcaaagccc cgtgggtttt cggaagacat gtggcagcag acacacgtca catcacgtgt    152640
     gaaggccagc cctaccagaa ttcacatgcc atccaaagta ccacaatcaa tcatgttaaa    152700
     catggtatta ggaacggtcc ccagctgagg atttcagatc ttgattgaat ggtttaccat    152760
     ggttaccgtg cgcacataca aaatccagca cggtggtgat tccatgagaa aatcagcaac    152820
     aaaccaatgt caagaagggt tggttgcccc ggacctgggg actgtctatg gaggttggtc    152880
     acagaaagga aagtggatgg cctggctcct ccctagtgcc cccaaatggc accccagaaa    152940
     actcttgggg agatagatcc aagaatgtct gtgttggcat cttccttatc tattaagaag    153000
     atgatggcac ccacaaacca cctgctgccc ctaaaggctt cataagttga aggtaatgcc    153060
     acacaaagaa acaaggattc gaaacaccca ctgctcagga aaggctttgt ctacatggct    153120
     ccgtgcaagg aatcacatcg ggatgtaggg cccacacagc tacacagcca agggaaagtg    153180
     taaaagcatt tcagatcatc tcaacttcct ccgaagactt gctgttactg gaacgacaga    153240
     aagcatcaca gaactgagta tcccagaagc tcacaccact ctaaacttcg ctttgaggaa    153300
     tgaaaagcgc ctgagtcacc gagataattg gtaaaataat aggtgacacg tgaggagccg    153360
     ctccttcggg ctggcagaac aggaatgaat ttttcattcg catgaagctg cacctattac    153420
     aggggtggct tccaagagaa tgagaaggct catggcagtc tgaggagggc acagacggac    153480
     aggtccatcc aaccagatca acagcaaaac cgaagccagt gggccagggg aggaggcccc    153540
     agcacagagc agacacaata tggggagagg caggggttaa tgaagatgac gaggtagatt    153600
     aagggaaagc tgcaggtgac atccaaaagg gctaacacgc cccctgccat ggccttctgc    153660
     tgtacacgga atggaaaacg gtacagctgc tgcaagaaat ccccacagtt cttcaaaaag    153720
     ttaatcactg tgtaactgta cgacagcaag tctacttctg gagacacacc caatgagttg    153780
     gtacagatac cgggaaccaa acccggagcc tctctgcaag agcagccagc gttcttcagc    153840
     aagttctctg aaccatcttc tcagccccat acccagagag gatcaaagag agaaagcgca    153900
     agcatcctag catccgggca gcgctatcgg tgggaaccag agagtgcagc cgcaccacta    153960
     cagagcgctt caatacatga agggtaaaca aaatggtagc acacattaaa aaggaacatc    154020
     actgtctgtc agagaaagtg ccaggttctg atccagacca cagcatggct caagcttaaa    154080
     gacactgtgc taactgaaac aaaccactca gacagatgtc tggttctatc tctacaagtt    154140
     atctagagcg gtcaagttca tggagagcag aaaacagaat aggcgccatg aggggctgga    154200
     gagaactggg agtctatggt gaaatagaca ggcatgatag atgcacccag atctactgga    154260
     tcctacacct aataacagtt agatggtcaa tgctggggct ggtgagacta ttgcattggt    154320
     aaacatgctt cctatgccag gcaccacaga acctgatccg aagaactcat gtataaaagc    154380
     caggaggttc ctggagccca ctgggcacct ccaggttcag tgagagaccc tgtctcaaaa    154440
     gctagagaaa acccacctct acatgcctgt acagagtaca cacatgcaca ataaacacac    154500
     atatatacta agtcaaatat agaagtcaaa tctgcatgtc ccaccttcgt taccatggta    154560
     aggtagaaac aagttcccta agatgctctc acgaaggcag accctgacca tcagtgcagt    154620
     agaaaccttc cttcccatcc tctaccctgg tcactgccct tcccataacc atccatctgt    154680
     acgcttctcc ttcaagatgt ccactgaatt tattcctggc aaaaggaggc ataggtcaat    154740
     ctggaaagca gagtttgagt aagtgggctt cagcaggcgg cttccacgtc caagagaaag    154800
     aagtcacccc tgaggagttt cccacaggaa gggttaacta tcagcactgg aggccagcat    154860
     ggaaagaaaa catctagtgg gctgcagaca agatcccggc cttctttcat acaggtatca    154920
     atgacttcct accaacaagc cagagataag ggaccacaca caccctgggc tgacagtgag    154980
     ctcttctttg ttggctttcc ccctaacaca agtcacgctc ccttctattt ctttagacta    155040
     atgactacat ttttcttgtg attttttttt ctgaataact tgtgttaagt aattgcaaca    155100
     atttctttgg aagtaacact tctgaagtat gtgtggaatg gagaacatta taaaaacgac    155160
     tccctggaag aaaagctgat ttcaaaatgt gacaagggtt ggacatggtg atgcatgtct    155220
     ttaattctgg cactcaagag acagaggcag gtggatctct gtgagtttga gattagcctg    155280
     gcctaataag ttctgggcca ccagaaaccc tacctcaaaa aatacaaaat gaaataaaac    155340
     aacaaaaatg tataaaaaaa tgtgatgaaa ctaattgtcc aatagcatgg ggaccttgct    155400
     atgcaataag gaggatcaga aagcatgtga tttgttgaca agaatgtttt ctattgcatc    155460
     ctgactacac ataagtagcc ttgttaataa ctaaaacaca aacctacaga aagaaaatga    155520
     tcagaggcca tagacttagg cattcctaca acatgtgcta aacaggatgg ggtctgggga    155580
     ataaataaat gcgagctatc cctttttgtt ttgagacagg gtctccctta ggtcaggttg    155640
     gccttgaact tctgcacctg cccccactga gtgctggcat tatatgcaaa catcacctta    155700
     cctggctgaa gtgctgagga tggaacccag ggtttcctgc atgctaaacg gcactctact    155760
     aattgggcta tatcaaaaga agtcatccct ctaaagaaaa catgggaatt gaggccacat    155820
     tcaaaactgt agcactgaaa agcaatcttg taaactctta tagaaaaatc tcattttaga    155880
     ggcagggaga aggtttagtg gggtaaagcg cttgctatgt aagcaagagg tcccgagttt    155940
     gatccccagt gcccatgaaa aagcagggta gggccctgta ttgattgtaa tcccagagtc    156000
     aggggccaga gacagataga tgccagccag gtgctaagat ccaggctgaa cgacctcatc    156060
     ccatagtaag gtggaaagtg ataaagaaac aactgaggtt aacctctggc ttccaggtgt    156120
     acacacaggg catgttcacc atccccaatc ccactcatat cacacacaca aatacacaga    156180
     aagtgccatt ttagacagtt aaaatacctg gggtgggggg agggggaggt cagctaatga    156240
     tagttaagag ccctgatggc tccccaggag gctgattctc agccccaata tggcagctca    156300
     caacactctg caactccagt tcccggtaat ctactgccct cttctggctc ttatgggcac    156360
     tgcacacatg tggtgcacag acacacagac acacacacac acagaggcag gcaggcaaaa    156420
     cacccatata cataaaataa gaaaaagatg ttttaagtca tcaaaaccaa ctgggcaata    156480
     aattaacaaa taagatgaca ataaaaagca acatgtgcac gaaccctttc catctccacc    156540
     aagagctggc ttatccgcca gccacactca ccacagcctc tgaacccaaa gcatagggtc    156600
     aaaactagag caaccttgca ctctgttcca cagtgacagt tgttcattgc taagtcctat    156660
     ttataattga attccctcga tggttctaaa agcaagggaa gaaatagttt caaacaaaaa    156720
     tcattattta tacagctgga gtttccattt ttttgttaga aaaattagaa agaaaaaaat    156780
     gtttggtcag aattttagat aagttttgag tgtttcccaa aacctcatac tatcaacctc    156840
     ccttttatac cccccaacat caacaaggga agctcccaaa tcaactaaat ttatttattt    156900
     attttggctt gggggagaat ctccaaatta ctacaagaat acctcaatta aaatgacagt    156960
     ctaatactac attaattttt gcttgtaaac aactggcttg cccgtgtgaa taactacagc    157020
     caatcaagcc aggcctctga atcggagagc aagtgacagc tggaaaaagt atgtggttct    157080
     gttgattcac taaacccact ctggtatcca tgtttaccca gactggtaat actcacagaa    157140
     aaccagaacg caattatcaa tttctactcc gcagccaaaa ccacacctaa gagctgattt    157200
     aagatggtga aaaaccgcat atatgccagg agcgatacac acctttaatc ccaacacatg    157260
     gggagggaga aacagactga tcactggtta gcagccagcc tggcctacag agcgagttac    157320
     agtatctaca cagagtccca gagcagcagg ggctacagag agaccgtttc agacctaacc    157380
     aagtgaagga aaacaaaaac aaacaaaaat atttgtcaag agaatgatga attatatgga    157440
     gtggaaagtt gaagtttgct cactagagac aaaggctgca agagaaatac cctaacttac    157500
     aatatttaga cttccataga gaaaaaaaat actgggtaaa aatacaaagg ggagagaagg    157560
     taaagaaagc atcctgtaag ctaagcgctt ggaacctaga ggcaatagga aggcggagct    157620
     cagggcttgc ctcccacgca caggggagtt aggaggtaat caggcaacat gagaacccat    157680
     cacaaacaag aagcagaaat acaaaacggg gcggggcggg ggaatgttaa cttgattatc    157740
     caaaaatcgg aaaaacgaac ataggggtga tacctcgctg cctgcctgcc tgccattgct    157800
     ttgaatttga caaagcccct caccaccgcc taagagaaag ttcacaagtg ttaggattcc    157860
     catttcatgg atcaagaaaa cagagctctc aagtttgctc aggcgaaggc taatgtcaag    157920
     gatcaaactt gaacctggga tccaagtttg gtgccctttt gccacacacc acactagaag    157980
     ctaaagttaa cttaaagcaa ataaaaactg tcacgttacc cagccaaatc tgtggtattc    158040
     actatcatga atagtctcag agtcacacat gtcattaaat aaatcttaca gccaagcaga    158100
     gcgtgggtgc acacgacaat gctcaggctg gtcctgagca agcccctgct gctggagtcg    158160
     ttaccaaacc aggatagggg aaaagagaca ggaaattccc cagtcccttc cccaccaggc    158220
     tatgaaacaa agtggtttta gtgtcgtccc cgtccccgtc cccgtccccc cccccccccc    158280
     ccccgcacac actcagattg gaacagacca ctgtttttcc actggacgct agaggctttt    158340
     gctccaaagt ttcccattcc cctttgctga gtgaacatag ctgttactta agttcgggag    158400
     aacaatccac caacactaca ggaacaaact acttttcaaa aacccctaat tttaacgttt    158460
     tctgtagacg actggattgt ttcactgtat ttccaacctt ggcttaggtc aacttccatg    158520
     cccaagaata agaacggctt ctttctacat caaaaatcga acactccggt gttgtcatgt    158580
     cacaaactac caaactgagt cgaaatggaa ggagctgttc ttgcctgatg ctttaccgaa    158640
     ccatattggt gagccaactg agccttcttt ttctcatctg tgaatacaga cagatccctc    158700
     cgtgtgtgtg cgcgcgcgcg cacacacaca catgcacgct ctatgtagag gacaggaccg    158760
     agctgagtta gacacagctg gccatgcctg gctttttata tgagtgttgt ggattcaaac    158820
     tcagaccctc acactggcac aggaaagcac tcttatccac ggacccatct ctccagcccc    158880
     acagaccaac ttttagtttt gtaagatttc ccactatgta agttgaccca accataatgc    158940
     tttcatttcg catgactctt cttatcagaa caacatcagt ggagttgaac agcttaaacc    159000
     ataagcagtg tagatattcc tttggtcttt aaggtcctat tctttcctga acctcacaat    159060
     gcagcctggc tggccactaa ctcaagagat ccatctgtct ctgcagggat taaaggccgg    159120
     catcactatt gcctagcctg ggacttttaa ggaagtcatc taataaacag ggccacagcc    159180
     tggaattgat aatctcaagt acgttaaggt caagcatccc tcagtttgaa aagttctctt    159240
     ttttttttga ggatgttgaa agagaccagg gaagactata ataaagcagc actcattatt    159300
     aaaattatta ttatatatcc aacagagctc attcttacct cccatgtcat cccaattatt    159360
     gtctgtccag caagtcaatc cttaccaccc taccccaccc cctttcccct ttaaaagaac    159420
     aaactgcctt tgttttactc ttctattatc ctttgttgct gtcatccagg gtttggttta    159480
     cttgttttaa gatggggggt ggggggagct cacgtaaccg gcatggtggt ccgtgcctgg    159540
     ggaggcagag gcaggctgat ctcagtttga gccagccaga gtgagtgact cagagaaaac    159600
     cccgtggggc ggggctgggg gtgtttgtgt ggtccctagg cttctcttgc tctgcctttt    159660
     attattccca agtagcttga tctcaccatc aaactaaagg accaagagat cacgctcagg    159720
     cctctcgcag caagaaggct gggttggctg ctggcttttc ccccacttca tggttttggg    159780
     cctgtggata ttgtaacgaa tttgggcatg ttgtaactct cctaggcctt aagctcctcc    159840
     tctgtaaaat ggatacacca tttaagactt caaagagcag ctgttgggag gaacaaacaa    159900
     acccccgagg gaccttgctc agttcaaggc cacacctatc tgcaaccggc tctggctcca    159960
     tgctcctgtg tcttctctga tgccggcctg cagtgggtca ccatccaggt ttcccacggt    160020
     tccatctgtc aagcgttctt tctatggcta tgtacccagt tccctgtaag tcctagtgga    160080
     gtccccagtg ctcgctcaca ccaagccacc ataaaagcat ggagcagtga acggggagtc    160140
     agggcaggga agcccaatac ctgaatccct ctgctcccaa acaccacaaa agtgatgcct    160200
     tgctgcccac cctaaggcgc tgtggaagaa atttgtggct gtctctctat tttttacaaa    160260
     gaacaagcaa gagacttccg gtaataatga ggactccatg gaatgagatg tcgaggcata    160320
     agactgaggt ggcacagggg gaaattaagg actatacctc ttccttctgg caccatgaca    160380
     ccagggtttc taattaagcc acaaatcaca gtgtcttcaa gtacggagat tcttagatct    160440
     cagagatcaa tcctccccct aattacatgc atcacaaact gttaagtaac ccgtccgtgg    160500
     tgtcttggct ccttgtgtta gttcaccaga atttaagccg ggattcccat gtgggcctct    160560
     gtttgagaag acagcactgg cttgctcatg gttgttttcc tttaataaat tcttgccaca    160620
     agtggaccga gaggctgttt ttaattaagg tcttaaccaa aagatcaact ggaaagctct    160680
     gtccctcctc ccacgaggga ggacaagctt gttttgacca gctgtcccag atccttctgc    160740
     tccttcatca aagcctggat atcctgtggc agtcctgata cactgagcag tgaccattat    160800
     aaccctatcg gaaactgaca gacgtgggag cggcttcaga gggaggggtg agcccacagc    160860
     actgagcact tcctagacag agcttcttgt tctacacaca tccaccccag atttgggtct    160920
     caagtagccc aggctggcct tgaacttccg accctactcc aggggagctt gtttacacag    160980
     tgctggggat tgaactcaga gctcccttct tgcgaggcaa tctgtaccag ctgagttccc    161040
     tagttagagt tgagggggtg gcctccttcc ttccggccct ctagcaaagg ctatgacagt    161100
     ctttctaggc ctactgtttt tggactctga aaaataaaac atgccaagaa aatgccctgt    161160
     acggaaacac agcttttcaa agcaccaaaa aggtatgtat gatacagtaa caaacctgtt    161220
     agatttgaag atccaggagg tccaaagaac tcctgtagct ttaaaatctt aaaaccatga    161280
     taaatatatg tattatcggc agctgggact tgtccaggtg aggaaggata aacatcagtt    161340
     acagagtatc tacatggtca ccacagtgag gtgcacctac aatcccagca gacaggaagc    161400
     tgaggacaga gaactactgc aagcctaagg ccaccctgga gtccacatag tgagttccag    161460
     gccagccagg ctgggctaac gagaccttat ctcaacaaat aaaacaatgg atggtctcca    161520
     gaactcagtc caatgataat ctgtttaaaa tctagctttt ggaattcttc acgaccttct    161580
     gaaggtctgg ctccatttta tttaaggttt tttccccctt aatgctaaaa tttaacaagg    161640
     aatagttaaa atgtcatgtc agtaaccagt aagtaagata ttttatgttg ttcctcttga    161700
     ctctacatat gtcctagcta cttttatgtt aatttgacac aaactagagt catcagaaag    161760
     gtcaactgag aaaatgcccc cataatatcc agttataagg catttcctta attagtgatc    161820
     gatggggaag ggtccagcca ttgtgggtag tgacttctct gagctggtgg tcctggattc    161880
     aagctgagca agccataatg agcaagcaca cttccatggc ttctgcatca tttcctgtct    161940
     ccaggacctt ccctgtttga gtgcctgccc aggcttcctt tgatgatgga ctatgtatga    162000
     cacagaagca gaagttgttt cactgcagca atagtaactc taactaggac aacacatttg    162060
     ttttgtttcc aaaagtgaat ttaaatttgt atgtatgtat gtatgtatgt atgtatgtat    162120
     gtatgtatgt atgtaatggg cgccttgcct tcactcattt agcaaataat ggagcattat    162180
     gtagatgtca gctaagattc tgacttcaga cagtgaatga caggacaaga agtgaggcag    162240
     agtggatgac aagacatgac tgtgcgaggc caggctgctc caggcagagg aagcaggggg    162300
     tgccatggtc cagggcaggg cacaagttgg caacacctgc aaggcttccc tggacaattc    162360
     tatcatagac cctttctcaa agctccatgc tcctaacaca cctacctgac accccctcac    162420
     agaagcccca aggggagcct gttcactgcc cctgctacat tctgttctca tcattcaccc    162480
     ttcgcactgc aggccacaca cagatctgtg tgagggtttc tgggccacac cacagccacc    162540
     ccataatcct aaccgttcct tcatttgctc aaccgcatgg aagcggttct ctcaaccgtt    162600
     caccgtgttc ttatgccggt gtcacacttc tccagtctga cagcagctct tcttccaggc    162660
     cgtcccaggc caatagacta agaggaaatg gctgcctagt gggaccatct ttcttccttg    162720
     ttcggactca ttggaagact tcaaccgcag gtcactttta gataaagtag agttttgtga    162780
     aacctccaaa ctcaaagcca aataattcca ttgaaagaca catatcctag cccaaattgt    162840
     tcttcatagg tgttagtaat ggtgacgccc cccccccata aatccatgtg ctgaagccct    162900
     aacccccgga cctcaaaatg tcactgcatt tgcagcagca cctttaaaga gatgaagtta    162960
     taaaacaagg tctttgtttg gggcaggtgg tgacactatg ccgctggtct gtatgaaaaa    163020
     gcaaggctat agtgacagca ggcacctatg cacagcagag tgacgctctg gggacaccaa    163080
     cctggtgaga ccatgacctt gggctttggg tctccagaac taccagagca cgtttcaacg    163140
     gtttaactag aaatgacccc agaaagtacc aggttgtaga gataggaaac agtggcctga    163200
     gtctgctgcg gctccctagg aagcattcaa aatggaactc caagtaccac ccatccaccc    163260
     agtggcattt atcgccccag ggtgagaggc tgtttctcgg gcatcaactg tcctgactta    163320
     cagggtgctg tgggtggcag gggcactagg aagccactgg tgagaccact aggcagtaag    163380
     taccatgtgc acctaatgtt agagccatca acaccatcag tctgcacaga gctggctggg    163440
     aaatggaggg agtcaaggga cgagctgtgg aaccagagtt cagcagaccc agcacagggc    163500
     ccaaaccacc tttacagtcg cagaagctag caagcattac aggggactca ttttgtgtgt    163560
     gctgtatgca aatggaggcc acagaccaac accagctgtc ttcctcagtt gctttccaac    163620
     tttgtgcgcg cgcacacaca cacacattta ttctatgtac tatgatgtgc ctgtggtgga    163680
     cacctcccaa gagttgcttt tctccttcta ccatgaagat cccaggaacc gaactcaggg    163740
     gttcagtctt ggaggaagtg tatttgcctg ctgaatcacc ttaaaaaatg tgtatgggtt    163800
     gttttgcctg cctgtatgcc caaagaggcc agaaggtatc agatcccctg gtcatgtgga    163860
     tgctgggaat cacactcaag tcctctcttt gaagatcagc cagtgccttt aaccattgag    163920
     ccatctctcc agacccttta tcttatattt taagacagag ttcattgcac ctgaggacta    163980
     tagacatgtg ggttttgagg atccgaactc aggtcttcat acacacacac acacacacac    164040
     acacacacac acacaccaat gctttaccca gaggtacctg cccagtccct cgccatcaat    164100
     ggacttgttt tgaaatcaca gagatgtaaa ggtgcaggtg gcagtctatg acagctgctt    164160
     ccctcccaga acgtgggtac aggtgcccta acacggatga gccaggaaga actctgcatt    164220
     ctcatttgtg aatcgtcttt tgaaggtttt tcgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    164280
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgttc ccaagtgaat ctcaagccac cctccacctt ttcttttctt    164340
     tggctgatcc tcaacactaa aagaaactct actattcatg agtgacacga cactcgaggg    164400
     gtttaaatct catcgccttg ctggatttcc aggcaatctc tgacatgacc atgcaaagga    164460
     ttctctctcc tgcccagctt tgcctctggt ttctgaggtt tctggatgtt acaaaggaca    164520
     ttactcaccc tgtggtgagt agctattatt ccctccgtgt atgaaacatt cccttatgaa    164580
     cgagaagagg ggctcatgaa atattagaag ctcatatgac tcaggagggg tccctctctg    164640
     aggctgtgta ggctgtgaac tgatggaaaa gagagtcttt ggtggagctg cctgcaaagt    164700
     taaaaagaga actccagggg tgccgctact gagtcctcag ccaggctggg atgggctctg    164760
     ccgtgcctca gctgcctgag tctcccatgt ttctgaaagt cacctctcac ttggattccc    164820
     ttaaatcaac tcaaattggt tcgccaaacc aggtttggct ggtattgcgt ctttggtttg    164880
     acgtctttgc ttgcctggag gaggtagaca tttgttcaag tctccccagg gagtcacacc    164940
     acaccagttt atttgagcta cattgtgaaa caaatgaatg taactataga acacattttg    165000
     taaatcactt tcagaaatta tttccttcct tatggcaagt aattactcga gatgtattat    165060
     ttaacacttt gtagagtaca atatctgaga taaagttatg attggagatg gttaagtgtg    165120
     ggaggtacga tgggtgtggc ggcattcacc tgtaatccca gcactaggga ggtagaaacg    165180
     ggaggctgct gggatttgct gcccagtaag cctacctgag ttggtgagtt tcatgtttgg    165240
     ggaagaggac ctgcctcaaa aaataagaca gagcaactga ggagacacca accttcaagt    165300
     actagccttg acatacaagt acaaggcgca aatactccaa caatacaagt atcagtccac    165360
     gccccctgcc ccgccccgcc ccgcgccacc cttgcaatct gtgtacctga cttctaattg    165420
     tctcaaagga tctcatctcc tcattcaagc acaatgttct ctggcctaac acaaagtcag    165480
     accacacttt ctctttgcgt ctcttaccca caaatctaat gtcctttgca cccgatcaga    165540
     accccatccg acactgtggc cctaactgac agtcttgcgt atgtcagcca tgcctgggtt    165600
     ctgagttgag aaccttcacc tttttactta aaggaagcac ttcctggctt cccgttggtg    165660
     aatccgagtt gccacagtta cgccactgtt aagtcattta ggtttcctga gcccaaatac    165720
     tgtgaaagca gtcagtctgt tgcatggatg cctcggtaac taatgggtgt gtgtgtctgt    165780
     gtgtgtgtgt ggctcagaca gcatctccac actggatgaa gggatgaacc ccagacagaa    165840
     gcggcacctt atcacgcttc tcattaagtg tctgctttag caaatcaaat gttcccgagg    165900
     tcccagagtt ttaaaagaaa ttccactgca gggggctcaa cacatggctt agtttttaaa    165960
     tagcactcac tgttcttcca aaggacctgg gcccagttcc cagcactgat gtgacagctt    166020
     tcaaccatcc ttgatgctaa ttccaggaaa ccagacatcc tctggcctct acacatgcat    166080
     gcacacacat acacatacct gcaggcaaaa ccattcatcc atataaaaat gaaacaaagt    166140
     gtaaaactca ttacaattaa actgatcaca gcaaggtaac ttccaaaaac agtatgtgca    166200
     caaagcccca tttgacccac agtaaagtta aacaaagacg taccctacct tttacatgca    166260
     aaacgttgtg ttgagggact gcttctggct tcacgttctt gctttctcac cacagcaaga    166320
     accaacttta tgagtccttc ttttaaaagt aagaaagcat gtgtggtcat cacgtgtgtg    166380
     gatgcacttc gtgcgcacac ttggaaaggc tagaggacca cctgggttcc acagtcccca    166440
     tttcctatga gaccggggtg gtttggccca gtgctcactt tagacttaaa cccagcaagc    166500
     cctgaagccc tcacctctgc gtacacagag ctgggattac aagaagcccc accatgcttg    166560
     gctttctttt tatgtaagtt gtggggatca gttgcgcatg ctcaccctcg aagccagtac    166620
     ttgactatgt catcctgtag ccctttgctg atccacacac accttatttt tccccagtcc    166680
     acctttcagt ctaggaggtg caattatccc acatgacaga cttgcccagc tcccagaaca    166740
     cacgtgatct taaacccaag caatgctgaa gtccaaagct agcctcctct ttggggattg    166800
     ggcgagtctc cttctgaccc gccatacgcc tttcctcacc tgcaacttca gaataagatt    166860
     ttaatagttc tcagcatcac taagaacgga ggcagcactc agtgagctct tgaaggcggg    166920
     ttctagagct cagttgcaga aggaagcctc aaacagcaaa acttcctgtg gttttgtgga    166980
     cagacagagt ggaagatagc cttaaatctc tctgcgccca caggtccaca tctggacctg    167040
     caacccaagt ctgattacac agcaaacctc actatggcct gtggcccagg agacccttct    167100
     tccccaagtg gtcgcccaat gtcttggctc atcatctaaa taatggccac atggtcttgc    167160
     aggacaaatg gggtcaggca tgtcactgac ctgtgttgta gagatagctt ccaccaaatt    167220
     actgtttcga actgttggga gaaatgacca aatacataga agaacttgga taagtcagtc    167280
     agtcagtatt ggttaagaca ttaagtcttt gggcctcatt gggggttgga atggctgtaa    167340
     aaaggggaca ccaggagagt ttgcaatttc tgttacataa gagatgccac caggttgaag    167400
     tcagtccaca ggttcagaga acgcaggtgc agtggcagca aacactgctc tctacctcat    167460
     cccattgcaa caacataagc taacactgtg tgggccacat ggagaactgc cattctaagc    167520
     aagctccggg catattactc cattttcttc cctccacatc tcagttcaga agctaccagg    167580
     agctggcctg aatgccaata atccagattc tctgaagaga aaaatgtctt gcccatcttt    167640
     tcacgaagcc acatttagat tctaggtcta atttcaacag atatcagcac agcttagcta    167700
     cagttacagt ggacagatca tttgtcgaga atggaaaaag ccaggatgcc agggcagttg    167760
     tgttggggga agggaggatg gtaaagaaga catgttagta ttaggaaagc ccatgggagg    167820
     acagaaggca gaggccaggt caggcttcca ggcacacaga ccccagtgat catagtggtc    167880
     acagccctgg aaaggccaac ctatggccat aatgccaacg tgaggctaga tggtgatctg    167940
     acggacgctg cccatgggga tggcatggat gctaccactg ggctacattc ctagctccaa    168000
     gtacccttct atggtctaag acagaatcat ataatatgga taaataagca aacaaagcaa    168060
     aaccaggttt ttataaatgc tttatgacag cgacttaagt gcctccattt aactgttgat    168120
     aaaaacatgc attaaagaac tttggatgtg gggctggaga tggctcggtg ggtaagagtg    168180
     ctagctagct cggccattgt gaggaactga gttcaaatcc ccaggtaaag ccggacttga    168240
     acactgtgtt tgtctataat cgcaatgccc ttgtattgag atagagacga agacagggga    168300
     actgtcagag atttttttaa gagacccgtc tcaaacacgg tgcagggtga agaccaatac    168360
     tcgaggtagt cttcttggct ttcacacata ctcatggcac acaagcacct atagtcaatc    168420
     aatcaatcaa tcaatcaacc aaccaatcaa tctctgtctg tctgtctctc tcttttacac    168480
     attctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc acacacacac acacacacac    168540
     acacacacac acacacacac aacacagagg agatttctgg aaaaaaaaaa aaagacaagc    168600
     aaacctgagt aaaacacccc ccccccccca ccaatcacca ccacacacac caactaaatt    168660
     ccgaaaatcc cactcaacga ctccccgttt ccgtcctagg accgaccatt tcagcagtga    168720
     ttttgacaga aatcttaaat tataattcaa atggactcac ggttgcaggc ctctgggtcc    168780
     attctacaca cacaatcaat acattactac taataaatag gattactttc gaagcctgat    168840
     gggaactcac tgggccttgt tagggagtca gcctcaaagg tccccaaaga aaatcactct    168900
     cctgatgttc agccaagaga gctagcagaa aacaccagag agaggaagac tcaaggggct    168960
     accctacttg gtgaaaaggg gggatccatc aggcccaaac tgaagccaca tagctatgaa    169020
     tgtagcccaa cacataaact tagaccatta tgggtatttt ttggtttttg agacagggtt    169080
     tctctgtgta gccctggctg tcctggaact cacgctgtag accaggctgt cctcgaactc    169140
     agaaatccac ctgcctctac ctcccaagtg ctgggattaa aggtgtgccc caccatgccc    169200
     gacgagggta cttttctaag acaattattt gggaaactgc cccaatagtt catacctccc    169260
     agccttccca tgtctacctc ccatgcctcc cctaaaagta taatttgtgt ggtttgtata    169320
     ttcactggag tacggtcaga atgctagccc ccaagggacg atgagtcttt ctctggctgt    169380
     acctgggcca gaaggcatca gctgaggaga gctgtggggt agaccacaaa cacctctgta    169440
     ctacatacag cactgaggac ggcagagcac ccctccccac ccactcgggc atccatccac    169500
     atgggcttca gtgttaacac aggccattag acatcagcat ggcccttagc ccatgccatg    169560
     agcctcaaca tggtctcagg tgctcacaca tgccactcac gttggcatgg ctccctgagg    169620
     cggcaaagcc tgaagccatc accaaggcat catgaatggg aggcttcatc acggtctggg    169680
     gcagcagcgt ggaccacgga tatcaacatg gcctccgagg ccatcgagga tcatggtggt    169740
     ccttcaatcc acaaagtgaa cctttcttca tccctggcct ccatcattgt tggggattcc    169800
     ccagcctggc agaaggtcca gaggggtggg ggcggagtct gtgtccaggc tgttgcaaaa    169860
     catctctctg accataccgg gcaatgatag catgcagacc tcagtcctct ctcgcctgtc    169920
     accaccatca cattaccagt tccacctctg tccctagcac aagcgccact ccaatctgtc    169980
     ccacctctcc atgccatatt gtagtggtgc tagggtgtct tccagcactt gctttgaggg    170040
     tacttttaaa ataacctaat tccatagttc aagtgtgagc tatgtagatg ataggctgcc    170100
     tcatctacac gcatgcacac attcatacag acatgcacac atacacagac agacagacag    170160
     acacacacac acacacatga gttgagttgc cttggttttt aaagtttcct cttcaggaaa    170220
     gcagtacttc tggacttccc acagatctgt catttctcta accacattac actgtttttg    170280
     aataggtaaa aaactcccag ggttgtgcag acgtctcctc tggccagagc gtctaggatg    170340
     ttattacctt catggtgtgg ttattcttca gttcccatgg ggattagttc aagaaccact    170400
     accttgctgt ggtcccagct ccaaagatgc taagtcgttt aagcaaaagg acatcacctt    170460
     ggcttctctc ttctacgaga cctcccttat accctccggt ttgaggtgca cttcagtcca    170520
     tcctcattac ctccgtgcag tattaacaca gctgttactt gattgcagag gttctcaccc    170580
     ttcctagcac agcgaccctt taatacagct catgttgtgg tgaccccaac cataaaagta    170640
     tttcattgct acttcataac tgtcattttg ctactgtaat aaatcataat gtaaatcttt    170700
     gttttctgat ggccttagac gacccctgtg aaagggtcat tgaaccaagt tgagaacggc    170760
     tgctctactg catcgtttag agagtagaga caagaagaaa agtctgcgca tgtttagtgc    170820
     agatgcattt aaaagtatat tgtatccttg cttgaattta cagacaacga ggctacggat    170880
     atgggagtct gtcttttaaa cggcagaccc acccctctaa gcgagcaggt gagtggagca    170940
     taagaagcac ctgatattgc aaggtaagtt aataaccaag gtcatggggg acttacgggg    171000
     agagaaaagg tctaactaca gagggggggg gggataataa tacatgcgtc ctgctatccc    171060
     aagacatatt gagacacaca tttgtacaca cacaaaaaaa gttatgtaca taagatgaca    171120
     tttagttaat gagaccactt ataaactctg atgccctaag actgttaaca gaactgaaga    171180
     attcttataa agtgacacag tggctgtcct aatatgtctg tctactcaat gcactactcc    171240
     tgtgatgcta ttgacactca tgtaaataag cccatgttgc cagtcataca acagcagagg    171300
     tacacagtca tggatacaca caatgtgata atgaaaatat ttattactca ctaacttcca    171360
     catagactgt gttatgcgtt gtgtgtgtgc tcacggatgc atatgcacat cttcaggtgg    171420
     gaaggctctt atgatcaggc acagagatca acctcggggt tcctccatct tgtcttttga    171480
     gacaaggtct ttctctggta ccagggactc actgataaag ccaggctggc aggccaatgc    171540
     gcccaaggca tcctcctatc tcaacttccc ccgagctggg attacaagtg tgtgatacca    171600
     tacttaattt tactgggtga gttactcctc ccctataatt atacctctta tcaacaattt    171660
     aagtgtagtc ctacttgcag ggcgaccgag tctcttgact gcacaaaaag gctataccta    171720
     gcagttgtct tatgccctcc agtttgttaa ggacactcag taacattcaa caatggcatc    171780
     atcacccgac ggatgagatt cacaatacac aatagcagtg acggcagtgg gcgtggggac    171840
     agcagggtta gtttgtgctg tatgacatga atgatagtgt cctcattagc agttgatgaa    171900
     gggctatttg tggccagcca atgtaacagc tagaatcaaa aataacagaa atcaagtggg    171960
     aataaccaaa taccttctgg catatcccat gagtggcctt catcaagaat aacacacatc    172020
     agcatacgtt ggtaaggaga gatgtcgaac tgtgtggagt agaatttgca agccactttg    172080
     tattcctttt ttaaaaatca gttgtccttt ttatattaaa tagatatttg caaatggata    172140
     tgaaatagac agacgaacat ttcattgcag ttccctctgt ctgggaaaga agcaggacta    172200
     tgggtatttt tactgcaatt tctattttct gatttgaaaa aggaaaatca tatcctagaa    172260
     ctaagtattt tctatataaa caaagacagt gttccctatc agagtgaggg aggtaaaccc    172320
     ccagtaagtg accattccat atagtccttg gacagctggt gatacttccg tctccaaggt    172380
     ccactccaga aagggaccat cgcagcagga caacactaat gggactgttc aacgcattta    172440
     ttcttcctct gataagcaca aaaatatttg taattgtctg cttgactatt atttcctgag    172500
     gtaaattaag aagtacgcat ttaaaattta ttagcctttg gaactctgac tgacacgaag    172560
     caatcttcca gagcaataaa ctttatttct aagtctgtaa ggtgggagca gggcctcttc    172620
     ccacagggat cactctgggg ctccaagatg gcagaagacc gaccaccttt cttaaaagga    172680
     cggctacgca atggcatttt acatgactgc tcacataaca gaagacatga aagcaagact    172740
     ccaggcagag agagggctca gcagataaga agcccgccac cccgagtctc acccccaaac    172800
     gcacaagatg agaaccaaga ccccaattta ccctccaaca cccttcacac gtgcacagca    172860
     actgactcaa gagttcatcc gttgataatc caagcactag agtctgacaa gtatttatga    172920
     aactcattgg tattaaggca ggatggctct atttttattc ctttactctg taagtcaaga    172980
     gaagagactg tcaagttcag gccgtagggc tgccttcagg aagagtggta ggactggatg    173040
     gaactagccg gtcatgggtg gtggctatct aagggctacc ttttctatac agaaaggcaa    173100
     cctgaaaagc caagaagaga agccgatcct tatacaccca acaagacagg aagcaagaaa    173160
     tgaacaccat ccgcctttct ttcacggccc ctgtagtaaa accaaccaca aatggcaacc    173220
     tccaaactac tgctgttgcc agaagttatt tgagcgcaag gtggacagaa aaagaggaaa    173280
     tgccactggc agagagactg tttttagaga accgagacac acctggatca tgagaccctc    173340
     atcgtctttc ctatgcatgg ccaagacctt gttcaaaaag aatgagcaca gagttccaaa    173400
     cacccctcct aatgtgtaag tcatgcccgt aaactgaatg atgaccaatg aatggacaga    173460
     ttatagtaat cttattcggg tttgaggaca gagtaaggtt caaagtaaag tatttctacc    173520
     aagcagattt ggccatttct taaaaaacaa aatattctct ctctctctct catacacaca    173580
     caccaaggaa tattcctttt tcaaaaagct ttatttcccc cccttttgtg gtattggggg    173640
     taggttttag ggcctgatac aagctaggca aacactctac cgctgttgct atatatcttc    173700
     agccctttta tttatttaca aaataaaagt tttaacaaat caaaccttta gattctatgc    173760
     ttcctgttct aatttatatg atggtaatgc atatgcaagc ggaaccccaa agttttcata    173820
     caatgaactg tgttgtttat ttaatgcttt ggctttccta atgaacgtgg acaggacaga    173880
     aattacatgg acatttctcc tgcggctctg ccgggcccag ttcccagctg gattctttcc    173940
     catggtctac catttcatta ctcctcacag tatctttaaa tactcaaact accaaacaca    174000
     taagggagaa ccaccattcc atttccaaat cagccttgtg tgcttggctg gcaatttgat    174060
     tacacacata aagattttta acgggagcag aaaaaaaaat aacagctaag aaattaaaat    174120
     aagattaaca atgataaaac agacatagta caagtgactg gacaggacac agtggggaca    174180
     agcctgtgac tatcacttag gagattcagc agcatttcaa ggttatccct gaccacagtg    174240
     ttcaaggata gcctaggcta cattcaattt tatctccaaa ttaaaaaaaa agtctccaga    174300
     caaagataat attttcgtgt tactgatgaa aagccaatga aagaccaaga atttctgtta    174360
     gctggaaccc tcccagtcat cccacgtaaa ccatggttgg tccatacaag gacgcgccta    174420
     caaagtgctg ccatcttgaa ttaccggaac aatagtcacg tatgtaaact ctgaggctag    174480
     aatcaccaca caagcaacac ttatttgata ccacagaata ccacagccca atcaaagccc    174540
     cttggtttct ccccaagcac tggctctcaa aactggtcat caaatcagct attggctccg    174600
     acactcaagt ttttgactca ataggtcttg gggtcccaca aggggaaaca ttcagaagtt    174660
     ccaacgtgct aacactggtt tacggcccct cacctcatcg tgagccacag tgcacaaaat    174720
     gcaccagaaa cagtaacaga agtgagtatc tattcctcat tagttataaa gccacatagg    174780
     ataaggaatt ctgtgttccg ataccgctct ccctaacatc aggtgacaca cagggccact    174840
     tctctacatt cctgccgatt aagttaagta actcttaagt taggtagctc ctgcagccag    174900
     tggctgacat tgccacctag ggaaggaaag aagaaagagt tgctccgagc tgctcagctg    174960
     ctctgagacg gaggccagac taagtgataa tgatatagat gatggagaca agaactccag    175020
     agtgtccagc catgggagga gctgcagcca gcactcatca caactacctg ctatccttag    175080
     aggcaggaac caggaggaaa gaggccatag gaagaagacg gtataggcaa actattccaa    175140
     gtgtgaagtg ctatgtagac tgggcttaaa agtcaagtgg agcagttgat ctgggtagga    175200
     caatgacaat gcaagttact tttcccaact gtgtggactt agtctttctg gtctgagttc    175260
     cagagaggct ccttgcagca aactaatatt atgctcgtca tatcaaacag acagagcttc    175320
     agccagctac acaaagtacc atcaaccaag accaagaaat agtaagctat agtgtgctca    175380
     ctctgcaggg cggctgggca attcaaagta caaactcagg atgaggaacc acttgcttgc    175440
     aaatttaaaa tttgtaaata ttagatgatt taaaatattg acactacatg tgcacacatg    175500
     catgcatgct cacacacaca aagatacata tgtatgatta gggccaggag acagtttaga    175560
     tgataaagtg ctcaccatat aaggttgagg gctcgagttc aagtcccaga acccatgtta    175620
     agaaagctag gtgtggtagt gcacgtctct agggaggcag acacaggtag atctgtgagg    175680
     cttaacagcc agccaaggcg gcctatttag taagttccag gccaatgagc gaccatccgg    175740
     gcctttaaat tttaaaaaag aagtgacacc tgaggaacat ctgagttttt gccttccaca    175800
     tgcacacaca catcaataca cttataaaaa tactatggta tatatagaag agatgcacgc    175860
     atgatctctg taacacccct ttcttcaagg tctagtgcag tggttctcaa tcaatggtgc    175920
     ttttgctccc aggacattta gcaatgtctg gagccaatgt tcattgtgac agctgccagg    175980
     atgctacagg cgtccacaag catggaggcc agacagacta ggtatcctaa atgcacaaga    176040
     ccatcttctt caacgagaca ttaatgggct tgctctattt taaactttcc caaggctgct    176100
     ttcctgtcct cctgagcccc caagtctagg tgcctaagaa acaccattgg tattatttca    176160
     ctatcttgta catcatcttc atcattagag aacacaactc cagtctactg aggcactgct    176220
     agaaaacctc aaagacaaat taaccacctc gtgagccccc tagagtacca ccaggacaca    176280
     cacacacaca cacaagtgtt caatgaggta ttttttcaca gcttgatttc ctggaaagtt    176340
     agaccaaaac tggactcgtc ctaccttggg aagaggaaaa tacaaatctt gtttcctata    176400
     aacaccatct catttaatct ggccgaccag ccagtgagac agaatcacta tttttaggta    176460
     agtgtgtctc accaatgtag ctggtgaaag gtcacacgct ggtaactggg aaaggagtca    176520
     gactgccaag tcccacgctc cttccatacc ctacctctgt gtcatggctc gccaggcctg    176580
     gaaactcact atcccagcat cagggcgcct gagatgctaa gaagcagagc agtaacacaa    176640
     attcctggaa accttaggac agtattagtg tgattgttac acactttgct acccaatata    176700
     acaacaaaat cagttaattc aaggagtggt ccaaacaggc ttcaacatgt tacatattta    176760
     aaaaaattta attgtagata tttagaatcc acttggctct atcccccgaa acaccctcat    176820
     catctaaaaa tttcaatttg acacagcata acaaaacagt tttgatattt ttttttcctt    176880
     attagcaaaa aatcaaaaga gcacagcaaa ttaggaagat aggggccaca ttgatcgcag    176940
     acataattac atgacttgtc ctgaaaaata gcaccccctg ttggtcctgt gctccccagt    177000
     tctctgtcag agcagcctag ctgccatgtc caggcctgga aaagcggcat aaataacatc    177060
     tgatggtttg tctctgggag ccctgacagt attgattccc cagccccagc cccagccaat    177120
     caatctgatg aatctgacat gtcttcatat tatacggaga gaagcaaaat tgtcgaaggt    177180
     ttctgtgcct ctacacctat gtggtttttc cctccaaaaa ctgaaaccac tacgttttgg    177240
     cctgtggttt ctgagcaatt ctactgtaac ttctatgcca gagcctcaaa cacttctagg    177300
     gctcagccca gacccttagg aagaccataa ataaatattg ctctccaccc ccgaggattc    177360
     cctccacaca ggagagccac acaatgaggg ctgtgctaag cctcaactct tcttccagcc    177420
     cccagagtta catatcttga gtcaaaagat ctagcaatcc ccgcccgctt tccatcctct    177480
     tcccacttat gccagttctt cagcatccat gagttcaagg acatgcccga gctctcttcc    177540
     agttcaagtc cagttcttag tccatttggt tatctgttcc cagagaccag atcagaaagc    177600
     ctacagatag actaaaccac tcggagcagg gaattctgtc ggtgtgggtg cctggacaga    177660
     ggaaactttc ccactttgac cttccaaact tagatcttca gtcacttggc aaaccccttc    177720
     ttgttattcc ctttgggttt tatgtgtgta ttcgtgtggc tgtatgtgtg tgagtgggtg    177780
     cgtgcagaag ccaaaggaac tcatctggtc tgtctagact actttccacc tattatttct    177840
     tctctcctcc ccctccccct cccccccccc tcctcctcct cctctttcag acaggatctc    177900
     actgtatagc tcttcctagc ctggaattca gagatgggcc catctctccc ttctgagtgc    177960
     tgggatgaag gcatgtgaca ccatgcgtat ctagctctac cttatgtcct gagacagggt    178020
     ctctcactga gcctgaagct catgaacagg actagactag gtagccagtg aaatcccaag    178080
     atcaacatcc agggctttct gcctctccag agctgggatt tagacatgtg ctgccatact    178140
     aggcaccctg ggctttgtga aacatatttt tggatggttt tcctggcaat gacctagaaa    178200
     tctcgaaact agtattgaca gagtaggcat gaagatcttc aggtctgttc ttctctataa    178260
     taaaagatgg gttaagcatc aaatattctc tatgaggttc ttgcctgctg aagaaacttt    178320
     attagtgact gcctacatat ttcacaacat cagatgtcag gcttccaact aaggttaggg    178380
     atggagctgg aaatctctgc ctggataaaa tgctaaaggc taatcttact acaggttgga    178440
     tatctctaat ctgaaaatcg gaaagacttt aagaatctca aacatcatag aatggggccc    178500
     tacacaaaat tattataagc aacgtgtaaa atgaccttca atccgtggtg acagcacaaa    178560
     ttaactggtg tttagacctg ctcctaagaa cagtgcatta tttatatgca aatagcactt    178620
     tattagaaac tagcaaacaa acatctgcca aacatggtgt ttccttcaat ctcagcacgt    178680
     gcatggaggc aagttagggt gggccttgac aaacacagtt aggctgacgc tggcctaagc    178740
     agtaagcggc tgtcttaaag tcccaaatca aaacactctt accccaaaca ctttgaatga    178800
     aggttattta actgaccccc caggtaaaaa tgctaactta tttcattttg gacaggtact    178860
     ttggtttcct gctatgtacc atgcaagggc actgaggata aagaggaaat cagttgagac    178920
     tcagagggca gtctccctgg gtttaagtct ggttgtccca cttagtatca gggccctaaa    178980
     ccagcccctt aacccctggc agcctgcatc cttccgtgtg gaacaagagt ggtaatagca    179040
     tccatttcat aggtttccac gcatctaacg tgctaaggcg aggaaggcat tccgtctagt    179100
     gccctcgata cccacgggca ctctataagc actgcctatt attatcccat agaccatcta    179160
     ctgtggagtg gcagccctta agccaaatct agcctagaga cctatttcat ttggccttca    179220
     cactttcctc ttcaatcaaa ccagtatttt aaaactggta gacgtgtagg ttagattgga    179280
     tgtctggcaa cacacaggaa taccctggcc tctggcatcc acagatcaag accagggacc    179340
     caggcacccc tttgataata cccactttct ctacaagaac agctctgtcc cactttcccc    179400
     taattccaat ttgtccctca ctgtgcctgc tcatgaaagc caaaacccct attctagacc    179460
     aatttctttg aaacagggcc tcactttaac ccagactggc cttgagctca gcaattctcc    179520
     taaatacttc tagacccatt ctactaacag acccgtttgt cttcttatcc ccaatactaa    179580
     cagcagtcca actagtggct ttcatgataa ctgacttcct gctgctctac tgtgggttca    179640
     agtccatatg gaaaatgtat ggcacattaa agaagccagc tttctctctc catctggccg    179700
     gtggtacgac gggcagcgca tcaccatcat ctggggcatc aaagaaaaga tagatctgtg    179760
     tcttaccctc agcgattgct agtctccgca gggcccaggt atctatgtat tttttagtgt    179820
     cccagagata cccttttttt tttttaaaat atagtctcat gtagcctgtg tggccttgaa    179880
     cttaatatat agccaaagtt tttatcttcc tgtctccact tcccaaatac tgggattaaa    179940
     ggaatgtacc actatgccag aattcaccca acaacatttg aaggtgcaca ctgataagcc    180000
     ctgagatatg ccattgcagg atccatggcc tctggttctg aaagccaggt ggagtggagt    180060
     gcccctcata ctctcccgtg ccacttcctg tctgcagcgt acacgggact agagatgggc    180120
     cttgttttct ttccaactct tgtttagtat tgcttgcagg ttgacctgta tttaaagcct    180180
     ggctccccaa ataggctgta aactcaacag caggcagatc ctaccatcct tctttcctat    180240
     ccccaacaga gctgacgggg tgccaagcac attgaagtca tctgacgaaa acacctcttc    180300
     tcaagtggtt cactctacaa ccagagaggc ctttgcaaag agcacgtgga gaaccggcca    180360
     caccgatctc tggccaggat ggtttggtaa aaagtcaaaa ccccaaacaa tagggatata    180420
     aggaaatcta tgatgcacca gaaaaagccc gaagccactt acggaagcgc tccaaggctt    180480
     ggggactctg ggactatact ctgtgtgaac tttcttcagg tgggcctgga aggactgatg    180540
     agaaagaggc aggaaaaaca aggcagcaat gaacagtcaa atcaagattt cacaataccc    180600
     aaaagccagg gagccaactg caagtctgag cgacttgcaa gaggcagacg gagcagagag    180660
     aacacaagga atgtcaactg tggaagagtg tcatcgctcc tatgggtgaa tctcagtgct    180720
     ggggaggacc aagaggtgaa accagctgca gctagattaa gacctggagg ccagcctgtg    180780
     cttcatgaga ccatctcaaa aacaaaccca gagagaatga gggataaaaa ggctccatgg    180840
     gagcttaaga ggcctctggt gagcaagact tggtcctggc cctaacatac atacccaagg    180900
     cgcctccaag ttagataggg cttggcatgc aatttctgag ccagtcttaa actatggctt    180960
     actgtacaga catgaaatta tgttaacagt gcaatttgca ttcctcgtgc cgtttcacga    181020
     acatgttcca tcagagaaat aaaggtttta ttcatagcac tggcactgca gattgcacca    181080
     tgacaataaa aaacttattc ttctgtttct tttcccgagt caatgagcag cttagaaaga    181140
     ggtaacaaag accgggggtc caatgattgc accaggcaat gtccacacca ggacacacgc    181200
     ctcccgctct cagtcaccat cactctcaga ggcgccaaca gtatgaaacg gacactaaag    181260
     aatagtggga aaaaaaaaca agacgcaaaa tacagcgcca agagatggcc tggcccctct    181320
     atgacatctg tgggacactg gtttcaactc cttgcacctg tgagaacccc gctaccccag    181380
     aaagatgaga aatgaagaga gcatctgacg ggtggaggca gaaaaggaaa ccagaggact    181440
     ccagcctcca tcacttaact ttctacctag ctgtctctca ctccaccttt taggagagtg    181500
     tgtcttttat actcaagact ccatctctgg acagtgaggc tgaaatcgga aggacagacg    181560
     tgatggtagt gtaagcaaga ctcgaggtcg ctcctcttga ctatgctttc ccaacatctc    181620
     agtgcaggaa ggagtgaaac gcatagaccc tgtgttcacc tcctccaact gtgagtccat    181680
     acaaggctcg tgagagtaga acaggatgga gcccttctca gcaatcactc aagagcacga    181740
     agagcctccg caggcttctc cagagcagac tggcgagagc tggcagggaa ggccaagggc    181800
     attcacctcc tctagccatc atatgtgctt ccagagaaac tcagcctccc tgataacagg    181860
     gctctcatca attgctactc atggctcaca ggaagtcagc ctttacacac acaggggacc    181920
     ttcctggctg gtggattaca gataaacaga tacccctgtc ccagggcagg ctaggagctg    181980
     caatcatgtt ggatcatgtt tcacgttctg gcttcagagc ttgaagcaat tctattttta    182040
     agctttctca gttccacaag taaaataaaa aggtcatttt aaggaaatga gctttgactt    182100
     tagacaactt cctccgaaag agttaagtga tcggcagctt tgacacatca gaaatcttcc    182160
     tggtgttaac cacagaggaa gagcctctcg gtcaatggtc taatgcaaag gcccagggag    182220
     caaaccgtga ctgtcactcg ggatgtagat ggttccggac aacacttccc ttggtgcccc    182280
     tctttcaaga aagttaaaaa agtcctttga ggctgttgtt gattaagtaa aactgtctct    182340
     gtcagggcac ccgaaatgtc acatccaaag aacaaataac tgaaatttca aatatcaaac    182400
     tttgaaaaac actgctacca ctatttaggg aacctgtcgt tcctttccac ttacaagtcc    182460
     tttccactga gtgtctaaag tagccttgat ttctcagtgt ctctggggca gtgtaaccgc    182520
     atctgaaaga aacttgagtt tagtagtctg cacacctaag cctcccatgt agggcatgta    182580
     agacagttaa ccctctcctc acaaaaagag gttttaagag ggcaaaaatc tccaatttca    182640
     gttttggctc ggaggggccc cctgttgact tgtgacctta gctgagtaat ttaattgcag    182700
     tgggcctgtc attgtcttac ctgtaaaaga agtggttgga taggaaaagc gtttaactcc    182760
     caagaccatc tgattgatca aatattgaat acgctaacct gaaatactgt ccgtcaagtt    182820
     agagggatgt tgccatgcct ttacattaca aacggccgca aacaattggg tcattaattc    182880
     tatcttctgc atactatctg ctatcttcaa gctgacacaa ctcctgcttt accaggacaa    182940
     agcaccaacc gagacctggt acttagggtc gccaagttca caggggcctt tggattccat    183000
     cctggcttta ccacatcttc aaagttacag gtaactgtgg ccacaagatt gactcccact    183060
     aaggcaagca gggtagagaa acatattctt gcaacttaaa tgcttaaagg caatgtttaa    183120
     agcaaaagta tgtgacgaaa ataaatcaaa cgccccctcc atgggaaagc cagataaata    183180
     atccggctgt attaacccca cccccacttt gctggtctca tcccagcaag gttgctttct    183240
     ggtacctacc ttctgtagtt agtaccagaa cctcttctct gtgtgagatt attttcctag    183300
     tcattcttgg aaaggagaca ggatggggag gtgaaaggcc ctacatctgt ggttttctat    183360
     atataatatt gtccccttta tcgggtctcc tcagtcccat caaatattat tggatgggaa    183420
     ctccttagca actgtaaaca caattcctga aacactactt aaagctgctc acagccatga    183480
     acgtgtgcat cagaccacat actttgtacc ccagagaact tagggatggt cctctaagca    183540
     tggcaggtgg ggatgggaag aactggaatc tctcctcctt gcgctatttc aggtagcttc    183600
     gtggacttcg agggactcag taaaccaagt aaacaatttc taccccaccc tgattaaaat    183660
     attatttaaa agtagatgag tgaaaagact tgggagttga ttagcttggg acaatgctta    183720
     cagccagtca tatagactat ttataagtca gggttaagtt gggaaaaaaa gccaattgga    183780
     aagggattaa atatatgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgttt gtgtgtgtgt    183840
     tctcactgga gatgatcgaa tcagaaaagc taaggagaaa ctactgctta tttctaagac    183900
     acctcctacc atcctccctc cctttttgtc cctctcttgc tctcctttca cttcccaggc    183960
     gctgatactt atttctaatc ccagagtata ttcctttccc aagttaactt tacacagcac    184020
     actgctaaac tcagactctg tccttgcaag tattatataa ggtggtgata tttagaaaaa    184080
     tacacgcgcg cgcgcacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca tacacacacg    184140
     catccttttc tgtgctcagg tttgggtgct ttgactaagt taaaggtgct tttttcccaa    184200
     ggatgcttag ggtggcccac tcagtactgt ctacagggga gctatttgta ccgcccaagt    184260
     ctgggcattg tattttatta aaagttccat tttggggtat gtagtgacta aaacttctgt    184320
     tccagcctca acttggcatc aaccgtatgt ctcagtggaa gcgggcttac tgcacacaga    184380
     accacaggag ccccacgttt tcttctctca aagttgttgt gggaaagagt ccctgctgaa    184440
     actgcatccc cagtcctcca atctcagagg aaattcccag gcaccgaagg ttctctcaaa    184500
     aagtataatc agcaggttgc tctgactgga ttaaattaaa tctgacatga taggctgcct    184560
     cttgcactga tagagtctca attttctgga agaatgaaat tacatatcac tttagaaaac    184620
     atatgagcat tctgctcaca tcagtaaaca gaggaacagc atctaagtca tttctgagtt    184680
     acagaaatac ttgattcata aatacgaatt ttatggggca gctaactatt tgccaggcct    184740
     tgagctaagt actgtacact cattaccatg acttaaaaaa agaaagtctc agtattattg    184800
     ccctgcctta cagacggaac catttgggca gataaagtta ttggcctaat agcagacaac    184860
     ttgtaaacaa gccaggaggc ttacagttag caagaaggca agccactcac tgtcaagttc    184920
     ttagatgctc tagagatgta acttgaaaag cagacacaga taggtctaga attgttgtca    184980
     cctgaagaat tccccacctc ttcttgaaca tagaatgttt agtcttatct tagttcattc    185040
     catatgcctt ctcaatcttc atgcttaggg gaaaatatca acagaattct aaaacacagg    185100
     gctatgcatg ttttaaatct cagaacttgg gcacttgagg caagaagacc aggggttcaa    185160
     ggctataaaa gaccctgcct caaaaacaaa atcaaataaa ttccaagact taactggaag    185220
     ccttcggaaa cactgacaag aaaaacataa taaacaaatc aagcattgcc tgcaacgctt    185280
     aggactttgt atgcacctgg gagataaact tcatacccct cccacaagat acagctctgg    185340
     aagcatagat taaccagtga ttcagcatac attacaatct tacataaaac tacttcggaa    185400
     tatgtgtaag aggcatttat attcctataa tgaaacatta tttttgagta tacaaattca    185460
     atctatattc ctggaataat aacttcatgg ctagaaggac aataaaagtt tagaaataac    185520
     atggaaggtg gtgagggcaa taattttata cttcaagtac ttaactacag taaactacat    185580
     ataaatttgg ttagacagtc ttgggtgagc tggtccaatg aataatctaa gatatttctt    185640
     aaagagcaat ttactagcct cacaatttcc tattatcaaa aataactttc cctgcaaatc    185700
     tgaatctgat ccaagaagtg tgtcaatagc cagttgttcc agcttattta tgatatagga    185760
     accgagtgtg tagggggagt gggcttgctg cactgcacgg tcaagcatgt ttaatcaagt    185820
     ccgtaaaagt atttaccact aatgaaagca tggaatatat cctgtgcctg agaatctagc    185880
     acactggata ctgtacacag tgtaagcagg tactgtactc ggcttccccc ctgctggcag    185940
     accctagtca ctaaaaggat gagcctcttt gactgggact gtctctatca cacatcccta    186000
     gtaagtatct ctaggctgga aagcactcaa gatccaaccc aggggaaaat tataaacaga    186060
     aaagaaattt aagaaaatta attctttcgc tacccacccc atttcccaaa gtcctatata    186120
     tgtgtacgga ctttcttaag agaccccagc aaaatactga tcgtgcagaa acaaacacac    186180
     ctagacctaa gactaggtga gatcttcgac tggtattatc atgcaaccat aggtatccga    186240
     gtccgggtgg gttctagtct ggtctgggcc aaggcacaac acgagggtga agacagaagg    186300
     catggaggaa ggaatgcagg agagaaagga agagagggag acctcggggc cacacttctt    186360
     tctagtagca acaaaaagga aagccgcata ctgacctaaa tcatctctca aaggcgcttt    186420
     ataaattaca gggacaaagg gagggggtgg cgggtggcct gggaacccca cagacaccct    186480
     accctctgac ccgccccctc cccctccagc acaagggaag caagacagaa agcagctcaa    186540
     ctcggccacg ggcgtgaagc cctcatcagg gtttcaattg cccatccatc caccccccaa    186600
     aagaaacaca cgtaaacact atacccaccc cgggggcggc cactcccgcc ccggggctcc    186660
     tagaagcgga ggccggggat ttacttagtt agatttttct tgcttactca tttccctcaa    186720
     gcacccaacc ccccgttccc actccaaaac cccgctccgt cgcctaccct ccggctcggg    186780
     ccccccgggg atcccgggtc cccgcggcgg tggctcgggc ccccgcgcgg tccaggtcac    186840
     taacctgctg ctgtaagggc atttccgaaa gcagcctggc tccgggggag gtggggggcc    186900
     ggctggagag ggggcccgag gccgagtgga gcggcggcgc cgggcgaggg cgggcgccgt    186960
     gggggggtgg ggacgggaga gggagggtgg cggtgccggg tgcgagggcg ccgggaccgt    187020
     cccaggcctg ggagccggcg agcaggagga agtgggtgcc ccctctcccc ctccagcgcc    187080
     ccctcccgcc gccgcctcct ccccagtcac aggcgcgtcc tccgcgcacg tgtgcgaaac    187140
     gtcaccggcg ggtcccggag agaagggaca gatcctggcg gcgggacggg aacccggctg    187200
     cccccgccct ccgtcgccgg gggggcgggg agggggacag ggcggggaag gaaggggcaa    187260
     ggggagaggc gggtcaaggg caggcccggg gcccggagag caaggcccca gcgctccggc    187320
     cacgcgggcg ccgccgctgc caccgcggag atgcgcccag gccggagcac ccgcccgccg    187380
     gccccttgtc gcagacagcg cgagccctgg cccaccgggg ctctcagctc cacctccccc    187440
     accgcgatac ccgtccacct cccagatccc ctttgttgcc tggagctagg tccccaaagg    187500
     tgccaggcac tggcgcccct gcgctcggag cacgcctgcg ggacccccag tcgcccaggg    187560
     gcagcagaga caggagagga ggcttgcacg cctcgggtcc cccagtttac atcctctggg    187620
     gtcccccact ctccagtgca ctactccctc ccccaccccc ttctccatcc ggggcgtgac    187680
     cccttcctac gcccgagaaa gaggaagctt cgagttgcaa gggaggggag agtgggggta    187740
     gggaaaagtg caggaaaaga agtggagggg gggggggcgc gaaaagtttt ggagtgttgg    187800
     atgtggttct caaagaggga ctccccactg ccccgcgtgc ctgcccaggc ccccacgtcc    187860
     tcccaacgtc cgcaggaaag caccccgagt ctaacaataa gcacacgctg gaagggacag    187920
     caacgaggcc cacgatgctc agcctcgcgc tcccgccgcc accgctcccg ggagcccgcc    187980
     tcccacctgg gctagggacg ctgaggaggg tattaccggt gggccaccgc cgccgccgcg    188040
     tcctggtgct ggtggctgct gcagcagccc gactctgctg gagggtcctt gtggcgtggt    188100
     gtagaggctg ctggcggccg gctccgtgcc ggggacactg gggagaaggg ggccggcggt    188160
     cagggcgcca ctttggaggg aggtggcaca ggacgtggtg gaagggttcg tagtgaggat    188220
     ctggatgtac gtgcccgggg cggcggcggc ggcgaagccg gggctggcta gcagtgccct    188280
     tttgtccatg gaggctgcag cggcggcggc gacgacagcc gccccctccc cacccccggc    188340
     ggtcaccagg tactgctcca gggcgggctg gatccccttt ctcatctctc gctcctgctc    188400
     ttttttagtg ttacgatata ttaacgtatt gctttcaatt tcttttatta tttgcagccg    188460
     gagtttccaa gtctctcctt ctcgcctccc ctcccggcgc ttccgaaccc tctctctctc    188520
     ttttcttttt atttttccgc accgcacagg ccccgggggc caaaaataat cgggggtctg    188580
     gagagaggag ggtcccggcc gcacggatat caggccccga ggagggatgg aggcgtcggg    188640
     ggcagccgat gcaacggatt gcgaggcggt ggcggcagcc cgggtgctgc ggccggcagc    188700
     tgaaaaatgg ctccaggaag ctgctgctga caatgaatga agggatacgg tttacgcgcc    188760
     aaggtcctcc cgcgaaactc agatttcccg ccggcttttc aaaccatatt tgcatatctc    188820
     cgcccctcaa cccgccgagg actgttccca cagtccattg gatccctgtc gccttacttc    188880
     ggtaccaatc ctggagcgag gtcgccactg gctgttttcc attggctgcc atacaccatg    188940
     gttaccgggg tgacccgggc tctatttgca tagagcaacc tgactggctg gaagcagagc    189000
     aggcttctta ggaggtgggg caaagtccta ctctcccacg gaaagccacg cccattccag    189060
     gcccctccct cgctcctacc cgcggggctg gctctgatga cctgggcagg gactctgcct    189120
     cgcagactca gtgtggatct agtcttgagc gcaagtttcg gttttggaaa ttgtcaaggt    189180
     gacaccctca gggactttgt ttcctgtaac caagcagtgt agtaaatgaa gaactggtag    189240
     aaattcccct aaatatgtgt caaaggcaag ttggacccgg cctggcaggt ggaaaactga    189300
     gccctttaaa tcctgggttt cttccttcct gaaatccaac caatgacgtg agagcggatc    189360
     cggaggccaa ggctgataga cagaagcatg tgggcagaca gaaccgtggg ggtagaaggt    189420
     tcagctgacg cgactgcagg cacactttag ttcatattcc agatcattcc tggcagcttc    189480
     atgattagcc cgatttcgat ttaagtaaaa attaactctt tgttcagtga actctgacta    189540
     caagtatagg tttgagtcta acaagcaccc tctctggccc agaaacaccc aggggagtta    189600
     atcagggcta acctagaact gatccgcggg tttttaatcc gccatgcagt aatccaaagt    189660
     agtacaggct tttatggtga cgtgggactt ccagtgaaag ctgcctgcac tcagctcttt    189720
     acagcctcat acgccaggaa attcttaagc aaacagcaaa cactacaacg caaacctaac    189780
     ccgatatgtt ttaaaagagg agaaaaatgt atgcatatat atgtatatat ggaaatcaga    189840
     aaatgtcaag gaaaatgaaa tcgtcgaact ggtttctata ttaaagtaaa tactcacgga    189900
     tctttaaaat gagcattgtg gggctggaga aatggatcag ttacttacat aagtgagggg    189960
     acctatattt gatccccaat actcacattt aaaaagctag gcatgaccgc gtgtatcact    190020
     aatcccagaa ctgggagaat gagacctgaa aactcattgg ggcttgatgg tcagccagtg    190080
     aagccagttg ggaaattcga gactcactga gctatcctat tctgaaaact caggtagaga    190140
     gctactgagg gagacatctg aggttgacct ctctggcctc cacaggcacg tgcatatgca    190200
     caagcgtgtg cactctcacg tacacacaca cttgtatacg cacaatgaga agtatttacg    190260
     actgaggagg aaggtgaggg aagatgtaga tgtcgagacc agattttcat tgagtagctg    190320
     agaactgtgg aaaacagctg ttgggataca tccttctcta cctcaggcac attataattt    190380
     tttaaatgta gagtatttgg tagggtgctc agtggatgac aaggcttgca ttacacctag    190440
     tcctttcacc taggtattgc ttgctattgt tattattatt attattatta ttattattat    190500
     tattaattat tttacccaag ctcacattca aaccctatag gaagcctaac aatttggggt    190560
     cagttcatct taggaccatc taatattgca tttcagcctt attaccttct ctggaattaa    190620
     aagtactgct aagctttata ccaggcttgg aaatattttg gttttgcatt caagcctgtt    190680
     gaagagccat agaatttgta tgtttgaaga tttgtggcca acaacaaaac tgactgtgtt    190740
     tgtagagtcg ataaggtgaa ggcgtacatg cctggttgag tgagagggag gagagcaacc    190800
     tctttaatct tatttcgtaa ctgtcgcttt gcattatgga tcgctatgga gaaagctaat    190860
     actgtaagct agggtattgc cagctgcatg gtgttactgt agggaggtta tgggggaggg    190920
     gttgttgcaa gatggcattg gagagctgca tctgacagta gagacaatac cagattccag    190980
     tctttgcaaa ccattaggcg accctcagta aggtaagcag gacataaacc tgggagcaga    191040
     ggaaacagtc tgggtggtaa gtcatcaggt cctgcattca gaccctggaa tccatgagtc    191100
     ctgagtggag agttagctca ttttagtagg tttgcactta ggagtcagta taatctgggt    191160
     ttgcattctg gctctagctc tgcctcctcc tcctcctcct cctcctcctc ctcctcctcc    191220
     tcctcctcct cctcctcctt ctcctcctct cctctcctct tctcttctct tctcttctct    191280
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctccttgttt aaaaagaaaa    191340
     taaagatcag agagatggtt catctggtca aagtacactt gttgccaaga gctacaccct    191400
     agagtttgat ccccagaacc catgtggggg agaaaaaggt tgactcccca aagttgtcct    191460
     ctggtctcca ccctatggac agcacgttta tttttttatt attgcgttgg gggaggtgag    191520
     tgatgtatgt gggtgttggc aggatgtgcg catgccacaa ggatgtggag ttcagaggac    191580
     acgtgtgtgg acttggctct ctccttccaa cttgattggg ttgaattcag ctcaccagtc    191640
     ttttttgcca agcacggttt cagggtgtac catctcaccc gtcctacctt tcacactggc    191700
     tcgcctgttt ttctcatatg gtaaatggaa ccccatattc cggaactcat gctgccaggt    191760
     agtgctgaga agaggccgta gcgcatgtgc agtgtgctgg gagcacagcg gctgtgcagt    191820
     cagtgggagc tacttaggag gctactaatt catatgagca cgcttcgtaa ttccttgaag    191880
     accagtccga ctccaagcct ctaaccttcc gagagtgttc agtgtcctct tgctggtgca    191940
     gcttgatgat tttctccaac tgaaagtacc gtcatgtcct ggagtatagg gagtataaga    192000
     tcgtgcctca gaaagttacc tctgctgttc attccacccc agcctgctca ttgatcagtg    192060
     gcctgcctcc tcttgaacat gctttttttt cataatgtga aagccagact gctttgccgc    192120
     caaccattcc ctctcgttac tctgacgact agctagttgt cttagaattg gcctatgtga    192180
     ttgatggagc tggacccttc aaagataggc ctatcttata ctcattgaga cctatgattg    192240
     tgacactctc taggtaaaga cagtctgtcc agatgttact aatgtgatgg gcgtcacctt    192300
     ctagctatat agctttcatc ttttcttttg tcttgaaaag attacagcca aagaaatgtt    192360
     ccagtggctc cagggcttgc tactaagtcc catgatctaa gtttcatccc tagaaccaac    192420
     acaggagaaa gagatcacaa tatgtggtca ttctggatta tcctgggtgt ccctaagtcc    192480
     agcagcaagt gtccttggaa gacacatcta gacatgagat caaagctctg tgacaatgaa    192540
     gacaagttgc agcaaggagt cacagtcaag gcaactgaca gccacttaag aagctgaaga    192600
     ggcaagggga aatctcttaa acctagaggg agcagaatac acttctattg agctgcccac    192660
     tttgtggtga tttatatgat agcttgggaa acaaatacag cctgtcatcc tatctaccta    192720
     gacttccaaa cctctaagtt cctactcacc ttatagatct cctgccagca catcattcct    192780
     tattgaacac cagagatcct aactgtggtc tgcgctatag actttggtga gggatttgca    192840
     agtatgctct gcttaatgaa ggagagttag aagaaacagg gatgccagtt cagggacctg    192900
     gaaagtcaga agaggatatt ggatcctttg gagctggagt tacaggcagt tgtaagccat    192960
     gtgacatggg ttctgggact cttactccag gtctctgcaa gagcggcaaa catttgtaac    193020
     cattgagcca tctcttcagc ccatccaatg acttattctt gctcctatat ctaaatgctt    193080
     ttaatttcct tcgaccttct ctcacctgcc agttaatgga agctctgggc cccccttcct    193140
     gtacaccctt acatttacac acatacatgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatat atatatatat    193200
     atatatatat atatatatga atgcatatat ctgtatcatg taaaacatgt ctagaaatgt    193260
     ccatttttaa tttagagata aagttatgtc agtgcctgta agccatcccc ctaaacatta    193320
     ttaattcaat agttgtatga aacctcaata tagaatacac agatggaaaa aattgtaagt    193380
     tttaggtgac taaggaaagt gctcattacc acagcaaaat ttagactgtg ccttacacat    193440
     cagatttaga gtatacaata ttacatttta gcatctgaaa aagcccaatt tcgtagtttt    193500
     gggggtttac ttgacagttc aattagttgc ccacaaagaa ataagattct gtttcagctt    193560
     tctggtttgg aagaaagaga agagtatatg tccttaagga attaccatgt caaacactga    193620
     taacaaaatg tcttagtcca cagcctagaa aactgaccat tacatcatta tagataggtg    193680
     tcagctcttt gggcaggagg attcttgctg gctatgggca gggctttaaa tatatccagg    193740
     atgtgcttct ggcctagagc attgctctca cttgcatctt atgaatctag ctctttggtt    193800
     gcgatccaga aatctgcact tgtaagcagg ataattttga tgtgtacgac ctacagaatg    193860
     cactttgata aacatgacca tacaaacatg ggtgacctga cagcaatctg cctgcattat    193920
     aaatcggtct tttgggggtg ggggagggga ggtagctgta acatagaaaa ctccctcgta    193980
     tataacatct gtgattcagc tgctagcact gtgagcatgc ttctatttag attgtaatgg    194040
     gaatgggaat catcttttcc cttaaattct tgcccagcta acaagtgatt cagacaaaat    194100
     atgctggggt gggtaagaaa ggcgaccatc tcgaaggggt gtgtttcctg gcctttctga    194160
     aatacacttt cgtcatgatg taaagtgcgt gaggaaaaac atcaaaataa atgtgtgcct    194220
     caatgggtca ttaagagagg atacctttgt catttctacc caggtctaga agtagagctt    194280
     tgtctgagcc cctgaggtct gaattatgtg ttccatcctg agcacaactc tccctcctag    194340
     cagaaggaac catgagcctg atgcatagtc tttcttcttt ccatgtcgtt tagcccattt    194400
     tcatcgaaat acctgagaaa aacaaccgag agggggaaag gtatattttg gctcacagca    194460
     gtgttagctc aggttagcca gatccaatgg cagtgttaag ctcaggttag ccagatccaa    194520
     tggcagtgtt agcacaggtt agccagatcc gatggcttta ggctggtctg aggtagaagg    194580
     atatggtaaa gggaaggatt acctcatgac agtcaggaag caattgagaa ggggctgcaa    194640
     acaagatata cagccctagt aatccattca cctcgatgct aacccattaa taaagttagc    194700
     aagctcaaaa tctagtcact tctcagtaga actctgctag ctggagacca ggttttcaac    194760
     atgtaagcct gcggaggtca cacttctggg aaccacagga cactcttatc tgtttcacaa    194820
     cagtgtcact ttgtttggaa ggtgtcgttg atgcttctgg tgcttcacca atccctttac    194880
     aaggtatgct ttcaatcttc tttgaagaat gtagtgggtg gaatgttgtt taggcctctt    194940
     aaaagatttc cccgttagga gctggcagga tggatctgtg agtgaggaca tttttttttt    195000
     ctttttgcca aacttaatga cctaaattca atcccaagaa cctaaagaag agggtgagag    195060
     ctgatgcctg caagttgttc tctgactccc ctcatcccac ggtacatatg cacacatgta    195120
     tgccccaggc ccatccacag ttgagtaggc atcaaagcat tcagaggttc cttcttcact    195180
     gcttccagga aaatggagac atgttttccg agatgtctcc aattttgcct tttccactcc    195240
     ctacatctat tctaaacctt ccaggcctcc tcttgtgtcc ctgtcttgac gcattttgat    195300
     tctaccgtca gtgggttctc ctcagtctga gaccctacct taaaagggaa tgtcagtggt    195360
     gagtgtgtgt gcacgcacac gcatgcacat gcacatattc cttcatatat atgtgtgcct    195420
     gtgtgtatgg atgtgtacat ggatatgtat ttgagggagt tgtgtagagg aacatatttg    195480
     tatgcctatg tgtgtgtggg tgggtggata cctgtgtgtg ggggcagtgt gtgtatgtgt    195540
     gtgagtatgt atgtgtgcat gtttgttaag tgtgtgcatg tgtgtgcatg tgtgtgtatg    195600
     tgtccatgaa tatgtacata tttgtgcatg cctctgtgtg tgtatgtgag agaggagaga    195660
     gacagagaaa gagatagaga cagagcaaaa ttctagttgt tgttccttag gtaggtacct    195720
     ttcaccgtgt ctttgagaaa gggtctctag gggcccccaa agtttaccat gtagtccaga    195780
     ctggctggcc ctcaaaccta agaagaatac ctaactcccc tgccctgaat cgaccggaat    195840
     tataatcaat tgggtgccac cacgtgttgg gggttggact gctgctatat atacaaatgt    195900
     taaagtctga accccaatat ctggttgccc ctagaggagt gaattctctc acacacctgc    195960
     ctttgttgtg caaaccttgc ttctgatttt aaagttattg gttaaataaa agtggctaca    196020
     gccaattatt gaggagaata gaggtaggtg gggctttggt taccaagctg ggccttgcag    196080
     ggggagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    196140
     agagagagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aggaggagga    196200
     ggaggaggag gaggaggagg aggaggagaa agactgagag agaaggaggc ttccatgaga    196260
     ggagatggat catgagtgtg tgtgtaggga gtgaagagag tgtgttctgc aggcagacca    196320
     atggagcaaa aaggcagcct ggttgagact caaacagcaa gtaacttgag gatcacagct    196380
     gggaattagt cagtctagca tatagaaaag tagattaggg ataattgccc agtaattgtg    196440
     ctaaagctga ttaaataaat ctagaggact cagtctccat tattagtact ggccaagtca    196500
     gaataacaac caatagaatt aataaatgta cattacagca actatgcctg actttttttt    196560
     tttaatgtag gttctaagaa accaaactca ggttgtcatg cttgcaaagc aagctcttta    196620
     ttgaatcagc tacctctcga gccaattgga tgtctatttt gagaaagaga ggccagttag    196680
     attgttccag atcctttaga tcttccagcc acagtccttt ggccttccct gctgctgtga    196740
     gtaggacaaa acccttctca cttctaacca ctggcatcgg aggttggtac ccagaggttc    196800
     tcatgttctt gggtcctgtg tatactgctg cgtctttgct gatagctcat gacacctata    196860
     gcagttggaa gctggcactc attcattggc accttgggta gtttacagtt gaattttgtt    196920
     ctaacacttc ctgtgcattt tgggctctac tttctagaaa tcatttctat tctcacatgg    196980
     gggataaaga aggatggtag aatgttactc tctgtcaact tcagatgtga ttcccttctc    197040
     tttaaaacag gggtccccaa cctgtgggtt gtgacccctt tggtaaatct ttatctccaa    197100
     gactacttcc actatgattc ataacagtag caaaattaca gttaggatgt agcaacaaaa    197160
     ataattttat ggtttggggg gtcaccacaa cataaggaac tatgtaaaag ggtcacagca    197220
     ttaagaaggt tgagaaccac tcctttaaaa gatttatttg gaacctgctg acttggcttg    197280
     tcattgaatc atgtcactta ggccgatgct cccacaagca ttaaagaaaa gcagagttac    197340
     gggctgtttt atttctagtc tctcagagaa catttataaa agagagttaa caacagaacg    197400
     ggggtcaaag gcctcggctc ttatggacaa tgatggcatg tgatgtatat gggaaggaag    197460
     cagagcacac accttttata tttggtgggc tggttgtgcc tcttgtgggg tttagatggg    197520
     gcccactgac agtagcaagt cacaagggcc tatgagtaaa gacttacttt ttctttgcta    197580
     ccttgggctc cttgataacg atgctccctc ttgatttccg gtctacccct ctgacctcct    197640
     ggatcccatt ggtgacttca aatctcttct gtattctctc taagcactac tcttattctg    197700
     tatattctct tctggaccac ctcttcttct cgtgttaaat ggacacagtg caatatttac    197760
     catttcagtc atgtataagt attcgattac atacattcat gatggggaac catacaactt    197820
     tttgtaccca aatctttttc atcatccccc agcagaaact ttgtccatca aacaataact    197880
     tgctgtgtga cttactcctc tcattgctat gaccaaatat ctgataagaa gcaacttagg    197940