EBI Dbfetch

ID   AL512647; SV 14; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 199848 BP.
AC   AL512647;
DT   11-JAN-2001 (Rel. 66, Created)
DT   15-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 30)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-47A2 on chromosome 13 Contains part of a
DE   novel gene (6620401C13Rik
KW   6620401C13Rik; HTG.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Sciurognathi; Muroidea;
OC   Muridae; Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-199848
RA   Holt K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL Clone requests: Geneservice ( and
RL   BACPAC Resources (
DR   MD5; 11b28f92e75509d73aec983dfd6549c7.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456164.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000006191; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL512647.14:1-199848; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000006353; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000091674; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000110323; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000124532; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000129231; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000137225; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000140278; mus_musculus.
DR   GOA; D6RJ19.
DR   GOA; F6S0I8.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D6RJ19; D6RJ19_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F6S0I8; F6S0I8_MOUSE.
CC   Genome Center
CC   Center: UK Medical Research Council
CC   Center code: UK-MRC
CC   Web site:
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence.  Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone RP23-47A2. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap
CC   The true left end of clone RP23-47A2 is at 1 in this sequence
CC   The true left end of clone RP23-235O1 is at 187382 in this sequence
CC   The true right end of clone RP23-47A2 is at 199848 in this sequence
CC   RP23-47A2 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong
CC   For further details see
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..199848
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="13"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-47A2"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    2001..199848
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   CDS             complement(join(AL589701.9:92788..92979,
FT                   AL589701.9:121381..121545,AL589701.9:124251..124334,
FT                   AL589701.9:210759..210821,AL645587.9:24080..24260,
FT                   AL645587.9:66964..67109,AL645587.9:101780..101946,
FT                   26186..26289,92164..92284,109660..109708,118286..118382,
FT                   177782..177866,AL513025.13:48945..49057,
FT                   AL513025.13:52656..52825))
FT                   /gene="Cdkal1"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-202F3.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTMUSP00000000607"
FT                   /product="CDK5 regulatory subunit associated protein 1-like
FT                   1"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q91WE6.1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q91WE6"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002792"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR005839"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006466"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006638"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007197"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013848"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR020612"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR023404"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR023970"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:1921765"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q91WE6"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI25816.1"
FT                   TM"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(AL645587.9:23419..24260,
FT                   AL645587.9:66964..67109,AL645587.9:101780..101946,
FT                   26186..26289,92164..92284,109660..109708,118286..118382,
FT                   177782..177866,AL513025.13:48945..49057,
FT                   AL513025.13:52656..52825,AL513025.13:57615..57658,
FT                   AL513025.13:58280..58360))
FT                   /gene="Cdkal1"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-202F3.2-003"
FT                   /product="CDK5 regulatory subunit associated protein 1-like
FT                   1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AK018346.1 Em:AK158546.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AV350897.1 Em:AV362683.1
FT                   Em:BB421046.1 Em:BB554077.1 Em:BQ560075.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(AL645746.10:31902..33302,
FT                   AL645746.10:35115..35411,AL589701.9:121381..121545,
FT                   AL589701.9:124251..124334,AL589701.9:210759..210821,
FT                   AL645587.9:24080..24260,AL645587.9:66964..67109,
FT                   AL645587.9:101780..101946,26186..26289,92164..92284,
FT                   109660..109708,118286..118382,177782..177866,
FT                   AL513025.13:48945..49057,AL513025.13:52656..52825,
FT                   AL513025.13:57615..57658,AL513025.13:58280..58364))
FT                   /gene="Cdkal1"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-202F3.2-007"
FT                   /product="CDK5 regulatory subunit associated protein 1-like
FT                   1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AK082629.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(AL645587.9:63758..67109,
FT                   AL645587.9:101780..101946,26186..26289,92164..92284,
FT                   109660..109708,118286..118382,177782..177866,
FT                   AL513025.13:48945..49057,AL513025.13:52656..52825,
FT                   AL513025.13:57615..57658,AL513025.13:58280..58360))
FT                   /gene="Cdkal1"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-202F3.2-006"
FT                   /product="CDK5 regulatory subunit associated protein 1-like
FT                   1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AK169761.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(AL645587.9:71388..72802,
FT                   AL645587.9:101780..101946,26186..26289,26443..26519,
FT                   92164..92284,109660..109708,118286..118382,177782..177866,
FT                   AL513025.13:48945..49057,AL513025.13:52656..52825,
FT                   AL513025.13:57615..57658,AL513025.13:58280..58356))
FT                   /gene="Cdkal1"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-202F3.2-008"
FT                   /product="CDK5 regulatory subunit associated protein 1-like
FT                   1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AK041864.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(AL589701.9:92052..92979,
FT                   AL589701.9:121381..121545,AL589701.9:124251..124334,
FT                   AL589701.9:210759..210821,AL645587.9:24080..24260,
FT                   AL645587.9:66964..67109,AL645587.9:101780..101946,
FT                   26186..26289,92164..92284,109660..109708,118286..118382,
FT                   177782..177866,AL513025.13:48945..49057,
FT                   AL513025.13:52656..52825,AL513025.13:57615..57658,
FT                   AL513025.13:58280..58391))
FT                   /gene="Cdkal1"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-202F3.2-001"
FT                   /product="CDK5 regulatory subunit associated protein 1-like
FT                   1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AK000349.1 Em:AK004490.1
FT                   Em:AK024151.1 Em:BC016073.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL597272.1 Em:AL653795.1
FT                   Em:AL702987.1 Em:AW412976.1 Em:BB476090.2 Em:BB578886.1
FT                   Em:BB580782.1 Em:BB584262.1 Em:BB609164.1 Em:BB638590.1
FT                   Em:BB651261.1 Em:BB658977.1 Em:BE514950.1 Em:BE797743.1
FT                   Em:BE799258.1 Em:BF428220.1 Em:BF525015.1 Em:BG194374.1
FT                   Em:BI562312.1 Em:BM426207.1 Em:BM666014.1 Em:BM710919.1
FT                   Em:BQ389423.1 Em:BQ559329.1 Em:BQ560076.1"
FT   misc_feature    27577..27589
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(109406..109708,118286..118382,
FT                   177782..177866,AL513025.13:48945..49057,
FT                   AL513025.13:52656..52825,AL513025.13:57615..57658,
FT                   AL513025.13:58280..58374))
FT                   /gene="Cdkal1"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-202F3.2-011"
FT                   /product="CDK5 regulatory subunit associated protein 1-like
FT                   1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:DV046483.1"
FT   misc_feature    116172..116206
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   misc_feature    149077
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 450bp by restriction digest data"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<177861..177866,AL513025.13:48945..49057,
FT                   AL513025.13:52656..52825))
FT                   /gene="Cdkal1"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-202F3.2-010"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTMUSP00000039111"
FT                   /product="CDK5 regulatory subunit associated protein 1-like
FT                   1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:B7FAT1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013848"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR023970"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:1921765"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B7FAT1"
FT                   /protein_id="CAT00713.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<177861..177866,AL513025.13:48945..49057,
FT                   AL513025.13:52656..52825,AL513025.13:57615..57658,
FT                   AL513025.13:58052..58148))
FT                   /gene="Cdkal1"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-202F3.2-010"
FT                   /product="CDK5 regulatory subunit associated protein 1-like
FT                   1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BY300885.1 Em:CJ170298.1
FT                   Em:CJ176431.1"
FT   misc_feature    185382
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: RP23-235O1"
FT   misc_feature    187315
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 420bp by restriction digest data"
FT   misc_feature    197848
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: RP23-47A2"
SQ   Sequence 199848 BP; 65583 A; 42113 C; 40496 G; 51656 T; 0 other;
     gaattcctta cacagacacc ttaaaaaaca aaaccaaaaa accaaatgtt tgcccttgtc        60
     tgtggcatag aaaacccagg ttgtttacac aaattttctg ttgatcatcg agtaattaaa       120
     gtccccaaat tctaaggcac ttaaaccctc taaggtcatg gttctctaac aagatgaaca       180
     ggcaaaatca agtcaggcca ttctcttcta acacccatag aggcagggaa atgaggaagg       240
     ggaagaagac ccccaagaga gacaagacag aaagcttgca aagagaatgg actctgtcag       300
     aactctacat tgtcagatga aacctttcca gtcaggataa acccttcact gacaataagg       360
     aaaggctctg tctacgaata aacacaaaca aggccaagat tctgtttaaa tgggtcaggt       420
     tctagggctc agaagtactc cagggtaaag gtcattcact ggctagccta gaagcctgaa       480
     aggactagac gagggatatg ctgagaagcc tgggaaatcc agagagagaa gagctacttg       540
     ctcctatcaa gtgtcaaaga aaaagaaggg ttaaatgtca atataccagc aagtgatgga       600
     ggcaactaag cccaggcata gataagcatc ttgtggatat tctttgaatc tctagttctt       660
     catctgtcaa gtgtgcacaa agattacctg aaatagcagt ttttaaagtt aaatggtaca       720
     gaagctgtta aagtggctga tgcataacat gcagggtaaa ttatttacct aacttctaaa       780
     ccatatcaaa gtagtttgga attcaagagg tgaactctac ttatgatcag agaagaccaa       840
     ctcttcctta tatgacaaga gtgcctttcc ccttcttagg gagcacggct ttgagggtgt       900
     gcagaggttc tgagccacag aaatagcagc agcatctgag tacagttcta agcctgtgca       960
     aaagcatctc caaaaatgtc ccatgcaggc catgatggtg agctctaaag gtcaacgcac      1020
     ttcagtagag agttacgaac aatggtgctg tctggaggca caagagcaga atggattctg      1080
     tacaggtgag caatgagaga ctgccacaga taaaagcctt gagggaacca gggagaaggt      1140
     cactagacaa gcagataagc aagacatttg gtcctgttgc tttattgtct aagccagagt      1200
     ccctacacca ttccactaac aaaattcatg atatgagata cataaaaata ccttatagtc      1260
     tagttgaggt gagaaaacat ggcacccata agtatagtgc aacacagaaa aagtaaatgc      1320
     accgcccttt tcaggggagg ggataccacc agcaaggcaa tcagaaccaa tcccacaact      1380
     gttagagcag tttgagctta gtgtgaatgg aggacacaag gtcagcaaag agtcccatct      1440
     ttgtagggaa agtctagata gaggaccttg acagaacagc acaaagtggg gcaatcaagg      1500
     ccaaggttgg aaatggagag catgtaggta acttcccagc ctgaggggct aggttacagc      1560
     cacacaaagc taactacaga tgcagcggac tgtgtaagga acaagtcaaa acaagacaag      1620
     cgatagattc agattctaga agaaaaaaga ctcaatcaag agtgatttca atgcacaggc      1680
     tcaatgctca agtcatgact catgagtgga cagggaacac taagaaatga acacatgtca      1740
     taaacaggtg ctcggggatc atactatgat acagctgaag aagcaggatc agggccagtc      1800
     tgggtatggc acagtgagtt cttgacacag gggtcagccc cagggaagcc agttcaagct      1860
     ggtctgcata ctggctagat agatccagtt cagtcagttg accctgaggc cacctgagga      1920
     ttgtgggaca aggggagtaa gagagtaaag ggaagggagg attccagata caccttcaag      1980
     gcagcaggct acaagttccc caggtctttg tcaaggtttt agattgcagg gctgtggaca      2040
     agactgtttg gtcagggtaa gaatcactac cctatttaaa cactgggaat aactttagac      2100
     aaattttaca aattgcttaa gaacctattt ttgttctcca tttaacaaca tagcctgcag      2160
     taaagcttaa ctagctgcac tggtcttggg atcacatggc tgctcaggcc ataggtacac      2220
     ctgatactat ggcacccaca gcagccacac cctcatgttc tgaacacagc tgtaggaggc      2280
     taaatttgtg cttcatcact ttatctccca gtaccttgca catgtcctat gttcagtaaa      2340
     tgtgttccct gacctgagtg cattgaactt actaaactca cagagctaac ataccattct      2400
     agtttgcttt ctgttgctca gataaaacac tgacccaagt agcttggaga ggaaagagtt      2460
     tatttggttt tggctttggc ttccaatttc aggtcataat ccatcattac caaagtcagg      2520
     gcaggagttt aagccagaac tgaaggagaa atcatgagga atgctgcatc ctggcttgct      2580
     cccaggctca gattctacta gttttcctat agagcctagg ggatgccacc accaacaatg      2640
     ggcttgacat cattcacatg agctcagtcc tcttacataa attcgctata agaaaaagac      2700
     cccacaaaca tatccatggg ccaattgatg gtagcaatcc ctcaactgag gttctatctt      2760
     ctcaggtgtg tcaagctgac tactgaaatt agctatcaca cgggtcccag tgaaactttt      2820
     agaatgggaa caaatactgc ttatgagacc acagtaacat gggcatttca gatattacca      2880
     tgtatgaatt ctgacactag aaaataactt ccagtcagat tttgtgcttt cattaaatct      2940
     aggccaacaa agaaacagca aaagcaaact aaaggcagga atactacaat tcaggcacat      3000
     ttccacaaac atgagaccag acatgtccag ggtgatgtgc acaatactaa accctcatat      3060
     ccagtgtttg aagcatcaga tatcatatat cactgtgaag ttctgctcca tcccctagag      3120
     cagcacaatg acagaggtgt gtcactcaca ggccacaccc actcttttcc tgtaatgcac      3180
     tttcagcctc cagggacagt tccagctgat ggaacaactt caaagggaaa atgttattac      3240
     tgacattcta cacagatgag gaaactgaag ctcagaaaat ggaagggatt ttacaagagc      3300
     atgaatccag gaagcaacat aattcaaatt caaagcagac ctacctgact gtaaaatgta      3360
     cagacttagc cgggtatatg tggcacacac ctgtaatgcc agcacccaga atgtcaaggc      3420
     aggaagactg cttcgcattg gccttagctc cccagtgaga cgcacaaatg gacttttctt      3480
     ctttttagag acctatttcc tacatgctaa aaataaaaac tagaaaatga aacaatatca      3540
     ctaagcttaa ttagaagcat gagatctctc accaatctat aaacatttcc attttttgct      3600
     agaccatttt tttatataag agattgtttc tattacaggc cttcaagaca gctcaatgga      3660
     tatgggggaa tactgcctga ccttacagcc caagttccat ttctaggacc atatcatggg      3720
     agaaagacaa gatgccctct gacctccaca tgagtgtgcc tgtgccagca cacaccccac      3780
     atcctccccc aaagccccca acacctcaca ccctcacaag catacacacc ctaccctgtc      3840
     cctacccacc atatatgtcc acaaccctca aaccccacaa atcacataga atccacacac      3900
     tcacaaaccc catacacacc cacgtacacc acacacgtta aataaatatg tatatattac      3960
     aaaaacaaaa gtctgggctg gacaactcag cagttaggtg ctaagtgcag ttgcagaaga      4020
     ctgaggttcc attcccacaa ccatgactgc agtttcaggg gatccaatga cttcttgtga      4080
     ccttggagga caacaggcac acatgccgta catgggcaca cacataaaac attttttttt      4140
     agtctaagaa acgactgcta cagctttctg tttgcttttc ccttccaggg caactctacc      4200
     ctcaggtagc agtggccccc agagccatct gcctgccatg ttggtagtaa gaaacagaga      4260
     cttggcctcc tcatttgtct gacaacatct gtacaaaaag tagacacata tttcctgtcc      4320
     caagtggaaa gatctgctac tcataatggc agagactttt ccaatcgcca gtctagctct      4380
     gccagtttta aaccccaggt tcttaaattt agcagcagcc caccggtgtg ttctgatccc      4440
     gagtcggccc caagccgcag cagcagctgg taaaacggaa tgctaattca ttacagatgg      4500
     tagaacacag cctacattta atttatttac attttcagaa attttggatc tgcagtgaag      4560
     atgtcagatt attttaacaa gtaagtttag ccttttttca atttggtcaa tgctcaataa      4620
     aaaaattaat gtttatatgt taaaaattct ttcaacaagc ccaattaggc ctctattccc      4680
     acagtttgta ttttataagc tatttagctg gtgagccttt tctgaatgtc ttattacaag      4740
     caaagttgga acaaaattag gcctaaacgt ttgcaacaga accctttctc acaaggcatg      4800
     ttgctgcctt tgtgttctct agccctgcca ttccggggag actaagagtt taataaattg      4860
     taagattatt aaatatctct agagacccct cccctttttc atcacttaag gcaatggcga      4920
     ccaaaatacc aaatcacttg cttaattttg aatagccaag tacacagaga aagagtggcc      4980
     aacactcaaa ggctgatgcg gcgctgctgc cctctcctgg actcggtgat cctaacccct      5040
     ccccactgcc taggaacagt gaaactgaga tgtggaagtc aaacactagg tcaggttcaa      5100
     agttttcctg aaatttttga acttaatttt attaaatcaa atgtgtgtgt cgctctctct      5160
     ctctctctct cacacacaca cacgagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag      5220
     agagagagag agagagagta ttaagaggtc agaaaggttc tccatgaatc tcccacttac      5280
     tgagagagct agggagcatt gattttcaaa gtcttagact gtcatcccaa tttctcaggg      5340
     tatattttac acgaaccacc acccacccca cccccatctc tgccgccact tcagctcttt      5400
     tccctgtcat accaagatag gtcatgttcc tggaccctag cttggctaag cttatcagag      5460
     tgttccatca cctctgaaat cattctccca tcaactaaga ggttgctctc caataattca      5520
     aatcttgctt tctacttcct tgttctgttt catcaagaaa caaagcagct cactctagaa      5580
     caaaattaaa atgaaaatac ctttcctcta tataattttg tttcctagta tgtcattcca      5640
     aatctttaac tacttgggga cacccaaagc tagtttatag gggctttagt tatgtacctg      5700
     gaaactccct ctagcctcag taattaacct ctactccaag cccagcaccc ttcaatccag      5760
     tctagataca attatacata acactaaagc atgacctttc atccaagtcc gccaacccca      5820
     gaccccttca acacagaatc tggacctgcc aatactattc ctcatcactt acagaaactg      5880
     ggcttctttg ctttccctgc ctccctttag caacctccac ccctacaatc ctcctaccac      5940
     atggattcct caccatggcc tcccagacac caacaaaggc ctggccatga acatagcttc      6000
     agattcaaag aatatagaaa aataaatgaa gtgaagacag tgttgaaaaa tcacaacact      6060
     atacaaagga atgccttaaa gacatccaca gaagcaacta ggatgctggc cctggtggat      6120
     gtcgggggtc aaaagaaccc ttgtgccatg atctactaac tctgcagtca ctgggagaaa      6180
     ggataattaa gatcctgggc tctggtctac cactgcttgg ctgtgtgtat ttgaggttat      6240
     tgaacctgtt tttgattcag cttctcattt gcaaagcatg taaattacag tacatatctg      6300
     atagggtgcc tatgagatgg ccattatgaa tgttaccaaa cagaacagtg cttggcgtta      6360
     taatagagta actctcagat agacagacag aaagacagac agattactta gttttcttat      6420
     ttttctttaa agctagggac ctgtgattta aagaacaaac aaaaaatcaa tttcttaaat      6480
     atgtaacagg catccaaggt tttttgggtt tttttatgta ttctacagtt tgaggacaag      6540
     ttttgtaatt gttctgtaaa cgtaagccat gggcttcgag tagccacatc aaatgatctg      6600
     ttcttcaacc tctctagcac tctgctatac tgtctgcgtt ccagggcctt accattaagc      6660
     ttcaggtgat ggttctgagg gaacatccat aaattcctag agcagaaaga ctcaacttgt      6720
     tctagtctat tccggtgact ataacaaaaa accacaggct gcgtacctta taaataagca      6780
     tggtctgctg ctctcaagag caaggcattg gatgactcag tgtctgatga gagcctgttg      6840
     ctcacaggtg gagacatcta agtatgctta caaggcacaa gggacaggaa gagagccagg      6900
     cttctcaggc cagttttcta aaggcaagaa tcccattcac cacgactgtc cccaagggcc      6960
     ttttgaaact gtttttaatt ctgcactagc ctcacagcca agagtaattt tttggtatgg      7020
     tctgaagatc cttgctaagt gttattttta cttaactctg gaaacaactt cggtaatcaa      7080
     aactataata ctgaatttat cttcaaagga gataatcaag aaagcacaca tttggaaaag      7140
     caagcatttt caagataata agagatcttg ttctaaaata catatcttaa aatattttaa      7200
     atataaacac tctagaatat attttgagac acatgttaca gttttgtggc tatttgtgtt      7260
     tacaaacaag atgtctagaa ctacacaaat gtactctctt attataagga taagccagtc      7320
     tttttactag ccctgcatct caagcaaagg acagggagct gaggctgtat atagttcaat      7380
     gggacagggc tcgcccacca cgtccaggac ccttgatttc cagtattgta aaaatcaaaa      7440
     aacaagcttt tagcccagat atctatgtaa gctaaaacca aagaatctgt gaactctggc      7500
     ctagggatcc cttaagcatt cttagttcac agtgaaggga caactatgtg gttagtaaac      7560
     aattcaatgt aatagtatgg tgatacatga aagggaattt gtatcaattt cctgaaaatt      7620
     agataaaata aagcattaag cttgagacct gtgacaatct tctttgtaaa tctacatgta      7680
     tctggaatca ccatggacat acattgggtg agtctgtgag ggtgtgtgtg tgtgcacatg      7740
     tgtgtaaggg catgctctta gagtgtattt taggacctag agtgatttat cggagctgtg      7800
     atgacccacg gcctggggtc tcaggctgat tgaaagaaga aagctcacag agcatcatca      7860
     gccttcctca ctccctgtct tgcagtagac accatgtgac cagctcttca aggccttgct      7920
     cttgtgcagc catgccttcc tagcctgcca gaagaggctg tttgcactgt atgctgccca      7980
     ttccaactgt gaggcagaat aaattcttct gtaagttgct tctgtcagga tgttttccac      8040
     agcaacaaca aagaaaggaa catttagaac ctagactcaa tgtctggagt gtcagcaaat      8100
     gagctcctag caagccataa caagaaagat ttattattaa tttctgaact acagtaaatc      8160
     tcctaaaggg gactagcagc tgcaatgtaa taactgacac cttaaatggc ctacaaatgc      8220
     ccaagagttg aaggcttgat cctcagctcg tggtggttat tgtgaggggt ggggaacctt      8280
     gggaggtggg gcctcaaggg gaaagttagt taggggcatg atcgcaggat attgggacct      8340
     cagccccata tccttccaga caccaaaagt ctaggcagct ttctctgcta ctcaagtggt      8400
     cgcatcaact gactgactgg caacaactaa gtcgagcatc attgaaggaa acctgggaag      8460
     taatgagtac aataactttt tcctcttaca tattttgtca catgattcag aaatgtctaa      8520
     cgcgggtagc aatgaaggat gactcccaac taggagtctc aggcaagggc caggacaacc      8580
     taagcctgct agtctgatct tgcttaccaa gagagcaagc actctcaagc agtttgatta      8640
     ccaggaccta tattcttgac gctgctaact cggtttacag atcagttttc tgccattgtg      8700
     ataactgtgt cttcttcact aagaaaagta gaagtgtaca ccttccctgt gtaccaacaa      8760
     gaaatcatgc atgtatacaa ctgagaaaaa aacctgccct tggattggaa aaagcatcca      8820
     gtctgttttc tgttaccact tattgaaatt ctacagttca gaacataggc aacaagcttt      8880
     tatatgtatt caaagtacct gtaatatttt tcctataaga gattaaatat tctctcatat      8940
     catgctgccc tctttccaga ttatctgaag tattatatac tgctttaaat atatggatat      9000
     attagaacca gatatatttt gttatttaat gtagaagaag ctatgttatg aagatattct      9060
     ttgtattgat aataatattt tcctttaatc ctatgaattt tataccacag gtttaaaaat      9120
     aatcaccaag agaagagagc ccagatagtc acgcaattgg ctaattcctt tcagtcacct      9180
     gaaatttcga gtctacaacc tgtgggtaca tgggcatctt taaaaaggag aaatgatggt      9240
     ggctttcatc tactgttcct gtgtagtgat gtctttgaag gtaagataag cgtttatgtg      9300
     ccacagaact ggttggtaag catgaggcac agcactcacc tgctccatag gaacaccaca      9360
     gcatccagaa ttgcgactcc aaggttcaga tgagaagact gctgcttgtt gaataggtac      9420
     ttgcttagaa ccatatgtgc aagcagacct cacagcctgc ttgactagca atgggatctt      9480
     gcaaatgctt gctgatgaat agaaatattc tcctgggata tttctactgg gatctcaaca      9540
     caaatgaaca aacttcagga gatagagaaa gagctgctgg tgtggttttt gtccaccacc      9600
     acattattta ctcctactgc aacaatgagg atctcaagca cttcccaggc ctacatgaat      9660
     aaagagaaac aaaagagcag accaacgtga atttacctcc tagtaggcat attcaaaaca      9720
     aacgtgggaa attcagttgg gcattttaaa tgtgtctgga caagaggtgg gagtccagtg      9780
     ggaaaagaga cagcagctat gacaccaaca gaaaagctct cccatcctca gcaccacatc      9840
     gctgggcatt catataggcc actttccatt ttcagagcat tcagagtatc acacgacaaa      9900
     atccaggagg gttacttctg tgggtaaagt cactaagccg atggtattaa gatacagtca      9960
     cggctctaga gtccaaccta gagtatcctg agataccgca cgtcgtcatg ctgtatgtag     10020
     cctagaaaac tcagtgatga ggaaagtctt tactaacact gtttgtgttc tacagggcag     10080
     atgcagtgcc ttccaatcac aaccaaagca gccagatggg agctctctgc gggccttccc     10140
     tgtgctgccc taacactagt taagtccttc agcaagctct aaacatactt cctcacgcca     10200
     cagacctcgg gcactctgtc tcttttagta tttcagccat tctttagtat gcagcccagt     10260
     ggcattcgtg gcacacttcc ttcactggtc tctcattctg aaacatgcca gaaagagaat     10320
     cttggtgatg cataaagcaa aagccgcatc agcttctata aatacaatac agtttttaaa     10380
     taagcaaaga aaatacattt tagtagctat taactctttt acatgtatat catactttaa     10440
     tttgtaagtt gtttcaaagg ccaaagatca tttggctgat ttaaataagc agctgctctg     10500
     ctttgttaaa ataactattg caatggtaag cagtttagac tgactagtca cgtgactgcc     10560
     actaaggatg gcgagcatca ctcccaaaca aaatcagagt gatgatttat tttaataaat     10620
     tgcagacagc cgcgatcatg aatgacatca cctccatcca ctgctgagag gagacactga     10680
     acagatgaag tgctgtttaa agtcaatggg gccctgactt aggggacaga aggattaatg     10740
     agaaatcgag gatctgccac atggtgctgc tgggctgctc gctgtggtct cagtgcatgc     10800
     gaagccccag ggccccacct ggtaccctaa ctgtgcactt atgtttcatt acaccttggc     10860
     cattgctatg catgctgatt accagcgagt atcaattcct ctcactgtcg cacacctctg     10920
     cagtgcccca gcactcaact gtgaaaactc cggcactcca ctcctcagaa cacaaggccc     10980
     atgctgctaa aaccacagag agtaaattat ttgtcactcg acggggtgcc aattcggttt     11040
     cctgaggatg acatcatgcc cattttacca ataacaatgg cactaacaag accttgtaat     11100
     caacaaacct caggcctctc ccagccctgg caggtgcaac tctctttatg ctaaaaataa     11160
     gccaacatta gcttcagctc caaactattt cttttatcac aatgctaagc agaagttggc     11220
     ttccataagg cagtgcagct gctgctgccg aggccgcttc tgcagatgcc tgcattaatt     11280
     gtatcaagga catactgaac taagtgctta ttcagcacaa tggctattgg ggagcagctg     11340
     gaggcacaag acaaactgtc ttgaagggaa tgtcccagcc cagtgtgtaa attacaatga     11400
     tgaagtacaa agagtctaag tttaagggtc taatataact gcagagtggg gcaaaaatgt     11460
     agtgttatca gtggaggcca gatccaataa ataaggaaga gagacttgca gatttcacca     11520
     ccattgcagt cactgctgtg ggagatgctg agacccattt ccacccagga ggaaggggac     11580
     tcctcactta aaactatcag cggtgccggc attgaccagc ttgcatgtgc aggtcagaat     11640
     acaatcccct cattgcagta ataagtggca aaatcaaaac agccttgttt actacacata     11700
     agcaagactt ggctgaaaat taaagagact ggctagtttt cttcctgggt tattcaaggg     11760
     ggtgcctata agcatcactg cctgctctcc aggcatgttc tcctcttacg ttagtgaatc     11820
     tccgtgaatt cagggtgatt aaacactatt ccagctgaca ggtaattaca gagcttctgc     11880
     ccataggagt ttagataggg atggagaaaa tgtgcctgca aacaccccag gagcatcctg     11940
     agtggctttg ctactatgga cagaacatga gcagagagga cagggcaggc tcagattata     12000
     aagtcagatt ctgagattat ggcttctctc tcagtctgtg ccagggtctc ttctctagaa     12060
     aagtggaatg aggatggcca cacccatgca ttagttggga aactgacctg aaagcaggca     12120
     gtcgatccaa taacaagatc cctatgactt gatcctcccc ataagcctct gcgcaaagat     12180
     actcagatgt aaattcaagc cttgggaaat taaaattgct ctttttttcc ccccaaagaa     12240
     ttaagaaatg gttaaaatga gaatactgat acatgaatgt caaccataca catagtacca     12300
     gtacaatttg ttgttatttc agctaagttc taaagtggtg tagtacatta aagaggtaga     12360
     tgctctgcta cggactctga aaagcatcct cagacaagat tacctgcacc agtactcagc     12420
     ctggacccca aaccctcact gcctcaggct ccactttcgt gtcagtacag aacttctcag     12480
     caatgttgtc atcacagcga aatgctgtta ctgtcatata caaaccacca tataatatgc     12540
     atttctttac aagcccagat ggtatgaggc tagatgcaag ccatctaccc aactttatcc     12600
     taatagatac aatgtaagtg agctgaccct agtatctaaa cttcatagtc tagaaaatat     12660
     taaatatctg tatggacagt tgaaaaagta aaacaaattc aaacatgaaa gaaaacaatt     12720
     tgttgaataa aacaaagagc aaggcaactc ccatgtccaa gtgggtcctt atgaggtctg     12780
     tcctgtgcaa cggtccttgg agggtattcg gtatctgaca gctctattag ccctggagcc     12840
     ttatccagca tgtttatttt taataggttt cccttacaaa cagctgccta cgatgctagc     12900
     ttttctttct tccttggacc ttccgtaaat atttgaagca accacccatt aaccgcagca     12960
     catctcttca gtcctgttgt atggcctggg gactggaact ggctcttctt ctcttttgct     13020
     atctactggc cacactagaa aacccctgct gtttgggttc aatctgtcaa ggttcaaatt     13080
     atcctccaac tgagagctaa tcaagggcct ctgacctggt ttgcaaataa actcagaaca     13140
     aaagtgggtt tatttttgtt ctttctaggg acccttagtt ctcacaaact gaagcaaaat     13200
     acaagcacac cacaaatgca attgcctaaa atcagaaaca ggcacaacta ccccctgaag     13260
     atggacggga cttaccaagc gcctcagagg tacccgtttt caagctataa atccattttt     13320
     tatagaaatt ggtttgcaaa tacatttcaa attaaaagtc acagttcatt taatgctagt     13380
     ctgcagcatg cagagaatgt agatgtgaag cgctggggct accccaatga ggacactgga     13440
     gattccaagt atctttatgg atgacaagct tcaagttgct gggtacacat ggcggaatta     13500
     agctttccgc accattaaca tcattacggt agtcaccgta tatagacttc tacactatga     13560
     aatatgaacg agtttccttt taaatttttc ctgttgcctc tgctgctgct gtttcagaca     13620
     ggtttcactc tggccctgac tctggaatat taataatata tctcaataca ttaaggtccc     13680
     agggacaaaa attacgcctt tggtctgaag ctcagagttc ttttattagg tatctaatct     13740
     taggaagcag cctagggcag caaagctgac cacacaggag acgcttgagg acatcacaga     13800
     gcactgtgac tgcagttcta gggaggtctt gccttacatg gctatcaact gacgaaacgt     13860
     cttgccttac atggctatca actgacgaaa cgaccgcgtt attacaatgc agcaaaggac     13920
     aaggcaactg gctccttaag gaagaactat gcattttaaa ctcttcctcc agcagcaagc     13980
     agggctagct gcaccagcag caagcagggc tagctgtggc accagcagca agcagggcta     14040
     gctgcaccag cagccaggag tcactgagca tggaacggaa ggatgggatg aaaggccaga     14100
     gagagggaaa agtacagaga ttacctggta ctcaattcac agtcaacata aagagtgatg     14160
     aagcagcata gcatgccagt tatagccaaa agcacacagt ggtcatcaaa agcgccatca     14220
     cagtgcaaac agggggctgg ggggaggggg caggactaca atcagatatg gacaaagatt     14280
     cgacctggct tgtgaaataa ggctttgttg atttctgtta gctgttttgt ggagatttta     14340
     aagattaatt ttattattgt tatttctgta tacacatgta agtctgtgtt tatgagaata     14400
     cttgctcctg tggagctgga gttacaggta ggtcctagca gcctgacatg ggtggtgggg     14460
     atcgaactct ggtcttctgc aagagcagta ctcactctga accactcagc tttctctcca     14520
     gccccaggtt agtagttctg attcctggaa tccatgttta agaaaactca tcagtaccat     14580
     ggttgaacaa gtatgatatc agaaattaga tgatccccca ttaaagaaag atctggtttc     14640
     acccaaaata tgtcctgcca agcttccatt aaagtttctc tttgtctata gcatcctgag     14700
     taacaaacca actattctgg aagccatatg atttagtact ctaatgtttt actgaaaaaa     14760
     aaaatcctgt tttttttttt aatttccaaa tgactaattt agaaattagt cattgttggt     14820
     tctcatgttc cagcattcat cagaaaaaat gcaaaatatt aatagcactg tcttcatatc     14880
     acaaatcctc tacttaggag tagaaacaat gaagagtaac atccacactg acctcagcta     14940
     atgtgccatt aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaaa cccacatgac tctcttgtat ttattcaaag     15000
     taagctattt taaaggtcat caatttaagt caagaaacat gcaataaaat acaaaatgtt     15060
     aggcaacctg agaaataaca caggttttca aaattaacac agaaagctat ttttcacatg     15120
     actaaaatat ttatgaattt acaaaaggca tatattactt gaaaatccag ttccaaaaat     15180
     attgctggat acattcaaat actgaactaa tcatgttaga gaagttattt aaaaatcttt     15240
     attcaattta ttctccactt aacactgaac caagctcctc ccacagcccc ctctttttta     15300
     cataaactaa ttacatagtg aattacatct gaaagtcagt gcaatcataa ctaaaggtca     15360
     gaccatcgaa tgtaagttat ttcaagtctg aaaaataaag cccagatgtt actgcagtga     15420
     acaaatacag atataaaaat ggaaatgaat tcacatggta aagtttatat caaccccatt     15480
     tttccccaaa gaaaactgat ctcttcttct taaattattt tcctcaacaa ttcctatgta     15540
     aaagattgtc tttgtttcaa atattcccta gcttgctatt gtttatgtaa cattcacatg     15600
     tgcccaatct attttgttct cccaaatgac ttcacatctg tgaacaatgc atccttcttt     15660
     accaatcatg ggtgctaggg tggcgattcc ttccaacttg tggatccaga catgtgtaag     15720
     gttccttctg agagcattcc ctacacaggc tgctaaggct tcctatctaa ttatgagaat     15780
     catcacggca cacaacgtgc actcattcaa atcacattac tgaacattaa ttgaaacatg     15840
     gggagaagtg agccccaggc agtcctcacc gccaaggtgg ccaagtggga gacagaagta     15900
     gagcactcta cgtttagcaa gctctgtcac cacagagaaa caaagaattc tctacggctg     15960
     gggccagact atgctgctaa aataaaccac tcttagacta aaatatgaag agccatgcag     16020
     atcacgccat tctctaggac ctttctaccc actgtgacgc aagacccttg aatcaggatg     16080
     acctgcagac gcacaggctt tacattacta accagtatag cattcccaag tcagcaaaat     16140
     tcccaggcaa tccatacata ctttgccaca tggaaaacat gtttggaatc cagtgtttct     16200
     tctgaagagg ttacccaggt ggagacattt gtggtcaggc atgtgtatgt acacatatag     16260
     gcattacaac cactgtgtaa ggtacccagg tggagacatg tgtggtcagg catgtgtatg     16320
     tacacatata ggcattacaa ccactgtgta aggtacccag gcggagacat gtgtggtcag     16380
     gcatgtgtat gtatacatat aggcattaca accactgtgt aaggtaccca ggcgtggaca     16440
     tgtgtggtca ggcatgtgta tgtatacata taggcattac aaccactgtg taaggaacac     16500
     agcgtgattc tcaggctgca ccctgctttt tcaggtcctt cctccttgtt cacttctttt     16560
     gagtttagtc ggataactaa aatatgtctt caactgtgta agagtgcagt aagatcagga     16620
     ttatggtttt aagaattgct gtcctatcac caggaaccgt gaagtgtgga aaaagcccaa     16680
     actcacaccc agcagttctt agcttgcagt tcccagctgt gtaagctact atgtttactg     16740
     ataactgcag gactggatta ctgtacagta ttttgtatgt tgatcaacaa caggataggt     16800
     actactgtgc attcacatag ttggctcagt gactttaaga aaagaattta ttctctttcc     16860
     ttcttagttt tcccatctgg aaaccggaag caagcctacc tagcagacac acagagtgga     16920
     aactgccatt gcagagctgt gcctctagga cttggaagac attcactaaa gggttccttc     16980
     ctgttagagt gatcaagatg gagggtgaga aagaggaagg tcctgggcca acaaagactg     17040
     ccaaagcagt ctgcattcca ttcaactttt atcctatatg acttcactgc ttcctccaaa     17100
     gtacatacaa tttatattta gtatcctttt tctttattcg ttgttctttc gctgttaagc     17160
     tagtgagaat acctgttcaa ttccccactg aactctaaga atttggcatc acaaaaatta     17220
     ggtgggagaa aacctctgaa ttctatacac ttgcaggtac ccgcacacca aacaaaaagg     17280
     gaaaataaga gaagtgctag gttcagtgag taaggggagg gcagggtgga gacagtgtgc     17340
     gaggtgcaca tcagtgtgag aggaggatgc agccagaggc tatcacccac tggtgccaag     17400
     tgcaacctgc actcaagtat gagctgcatt ggtccttcct ggtgcagagc actccccttg     17460
     gcctctctcc taagaggcca ctgcttttat cttccagctc agaaagtccc tttacctaat     17520
     ctactattct caactgtgtt atcttctacc atgcaaatgg ggcaaattag atgctttcca     17580
     atctagtaga gatgtagatt tctacacaat aaaaatttaa atcttcttaa atttattctt     17640
     caaaaaaaaa aaaaacacac aaaattacaa acgccaacac attacttcag tgtttctgta     17700
     aacaaaaggt ctagagtggt ttgaatgaga atgtgtctcc ccttcccccc accccctcag     17760
     gtatttgtac atttgctccc caactggtag cactgctcag agcttagtgg aggaagtgca     17820
     ttactggagg caagcttcaa gaatccatag cctggcccca cttccagtgt tctctctgct     17880
     ttgtttgaag ttgaagatgt gatttctcag cttcctgctc ctgctcacca tgatggacaa     17940
     aagagatttt tacttctata agttgccttc gacacagtgt cttactgtag tgacagaaag     18000
     gcaattaata caagtctaat tagttcatta gcactgatca gcggattatt tccataatac     18060
     aaggaatgtt tgttttataa aacatgttta aagggagtta aaggtctctt gattctgcta     18120
     attataagaa atcctgcttt caaagaatct agtcattttc atcaaaatat atcatactta     18180
     agaaaagact tttagtaata ttaaaaacta ggcccagaaa atatctagga cattgattcc     18240
     cacaattatg gagtttttaa aatataaatt tcctaacata tagctccctt agactattca     18300
     gagagctatt acaaaatatc ttggagtaag taatttataa agagcatgta tttgttatcc     18360
     acagaggttg gaatgatttc tggcacgaaa cccaggcaga ttcacactct gtttcaagga     18420
     tggggcttct ggctgcattc tcacacctgg aagagtacag gatgcaagga tgctcacagg     18480
     gtaaagaaag cagagtctcc aaatccaggc ctcacttata atggtatcac aactgtctgg     18540
     gctctaaaag ttgacaacca ttaagaccat agaaaactcc tcctgaactc tcagagcctt     18600
     ttggggttaa atttgtggaa tctgtattct aaaagcatct ttaaacaagg gatgctgtac     18660
     tttaatgtaa gcatcatctg catccaacac aaagttcaaa ttgaagcttc agcaacatta     18720
     aaaggtaggg tctttaggag cagagaaggc cttaggggtt cctttccttc ccttccataa     18780
     ttaacttcag agcatacagc aacacactgc cactgaaaca gagacggggc ccctaccaga     18840
     ctgtcagcaa atcctggact gcccattttc agaacaatga gtacttaaca ttctgttcct     18900
     tgtaaattac caggtttgtg tcattttgct gttacacagt aagacaggac cttactatgt     18960
     aaacctgatt ggcttggaac tcactgtaaa gatcaggctg cctttgaact cacagagacc     19020
     tactagcctc tacctaagga gtgttagaat taaagatatg tcccactact ccccgccatt     19080
     ttgtttttgt gatggtgtcc tgctgtgtaa ttcagactag tgttaaactc tagaattcaa     19140
     gcaatcctcc ctcctcagcc acctgcatac ataggaatcc ggatatccag ccccatgtcc     19200
     aggagtctgt ggtgttttac tatagaagca caacttaaag aatacagaag tcttaacata     19260
     aaaatgagag agctgataca catacttaaa acatggaaac attcaggcag gacttttgtt     19320
     accacacata aatagtgaac ctcttcactc tttcactgag tattctgatc aaatgttagc     19380
     attagtttag tcataatact tccgaaaaca aagtctccag gggtggtcta cacttcacct     19440
     tcatctcagt tatgggtggt gacttatttg agaaaaaatg cataatacta ggtttatgac     19500
     aaagctactg gatcaaaaat ttggccagat atttgcattt caatcaatgg tttagagatc     19560
     agactccttc tgagtttaaa aagatgtaac acctatagtt atacacacac acacacactc     19620
     acacactcac actcatacac acactctcac acacacatac tcatatacac acacaagcac     19680
     acatacacaa acactcacac actcacacac tcatacacac acacacactc atacacacac     19740
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacaa ttatttaatc actcatttcc ttaatcactc     19800
     agttcattta atcatcaact tcctttcact taactacatc gtcactgttg ggttttctag     19860
     cctctggctt tcaccctgct cctgttaaca ctatcagaaa tgatacatta aagggcctga     19920
     gtttccaagt cagcaaccta aatcaaactt ttctcctcta tcacagcagt aaggaatgtg     19980
     ttagaactga ccaagagata taaagagtag atggagggca gcaaataaaa gaaatacagg     20040
     agtttataac ctctgcagac agccaaggtc ccactaacaa acattgtttt tcatgcagaa     20100
     aattgtgctc accatacgtg acattgtgta agggtgttta cggcaattta atatccacgg     20160
     gagcaggaga agaaatttaa taagttttca aatgaaatga actgacagcc agtgtgagaa     20220
     actgcagact ctgcagaatg agcacaagct gctggcagca cagagaagtg cttcttccca     20280
     gaaaacatcc cacggaggtc aggttcagaa accaccaggt aacagttaca gctttccaag     20340
     gcggttaaaa ttccccaaaa caaccttcca cactaactta caactttcaa agttcaccaa     20400
     aaccacccca gaaacagatc gcctcaattc aaactctgaa aacacaccct tgggggaact     20460
     tgcgccccat tgtcacccaa aataatttgc agagtgctgc taagaatgca aaataacaag     20520
     gcaaatgcat atttatgtac ccgtcattaa tgccgagcta agcgcacata cccaactcgt     20580
     aaagctgtag atacctgtgc actggcagca aatgagttag tttttctcag ctgaaaaacc     20640
     tcggatagcc atcactacta aacatctgtg tcatacaatc cagtctatgt tcagttaagt     20700
     gcactagacg aactctgaag cccagttgga tttctgctca tttccaaaac atgggttttc     20760
     cgtgccacct tttccttaga ggccccaaga agcacatgga attacatgag acttgatcat     20820
     ttccgttagc cactcaccca acaattactg aagactggcc aacccatgta taccaccaca     20880
     tatgctttaa cctaatgtct tttataaaag ctgctccgga ccaatcatgg catatactga     20940
     aatcacaacc tttctacagc tcaagcctca agcagaaatc caaactgcct ccaacaaatg     21000
     ctaaggaaac atctattgag tgaacagtag ccatatagtt ccaatagtca cgttaactca     21060
     gggagccacg ataggtctct agcacaacat acactctgat attccgaatg gtatcttgga     21120
     tcttaagggt cattagggag gaccatggct gatcactgag ggctaatggc cagcaagact     21180
     ctacacagag accactgatg agtaggctga caagcaagga atgtcagtgt tagaggaagt     21240
     ggagagggac ataagggctt ccgaggagcg acaccactat tgatatttgg gcatgttttt     21300
     atactccaaa cagcccactt aaatttttcg aaggtcaatg agctcttgca gcctaagact     21360
     tgcttcatgg ttctgtatac ttaacgtctc atcactccaa agccaggtat ggtaatgcat     21420
     gccctcagtg ccaacatttt gaaagcagag ccaggaggta caagaagtac aaggttattc     21480
     tctctcacac taacaagctg taggccagca ggggctaagc gaaacattgc cattactccc     21540
     acttggtagc ctccttcctg aacagagagg agtgccttaa aacacagtcc atgtgctttt     21600
     aatcctttta atcccaacac tttgcaaagt aagtcctcca taactgtcag ctgtgccttc     21660
     gatcctatct gcatgatgat aaatgagcct gctagtcctc caagccttca gcgcgtacat     21720
     gtctcacgct gcactataca tttgcctcgc gagatgatga aactcactct ttccctgctt     21780
     gcctagactg tcagcactcc caggtcagtc aaatggcctc ctctctttca aacaggcaca     21840
     gctttatgca gcttccagtt tcatagtgca ctacataaaa ttatttaaca catggtactt     21900
     aaatcccttc tagagttgac aatctatagc aaacatgtat atgcaggtga tctataagag     21960
     agatttactt gattatttta tttgaatatt gtgcaaataa aaagataagg gaattagaca     22020
     tttaactgcc atacaaatga atatgatgcc attattggtc tcttttttat cttggagcaa     22080
     aagcattata cagtaatcac caccagaggt gatagatagt caagtggggc tttatggaag     22140
     caagcgccac aaaggagcaa tctggataat acaactgaaa atccagtatt gcttctagcc     22200
     ttaactaccc aacatatagc aggaagcaag gtccttctac tcattgtttc acacaattaa     22260
     tcttagccat aacagacagt gctctttgcc agtctggagc tccaaatatg atttttaaaa     22320
     tttcagcact aatactgaaa tcactaggca tccaaaattg tctttttatt ctgaatactt     22380
     catccacaat ttacattata tcctgtaact gattaatgtc acattccttg caagggcctt     22440
     tcagatttat gagggcagaa aaaggtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     22500
     gtgtgttgtg ggagaggggg cagggggaac aacacacaaa tgagatctag aaaagcacac     22560
     ggtatgcgcg caaacggccc atccatcatc cccacgtttt gattcagaga cagcaatgga     22620
     aggtgctgtt tccacaccac tcaccctgca cacacacaaa ggtttgctcc attgagaaca     22680
     caactgaagc tgattgatta gctgctagag aaaaatcgat acgaatatcc tagaaaacac     22740
     cagcctgtga attcattctg gctccaacaa agtcctggtc actgcttgac atgttcttca     22800
     ggatatctga aaaagcagct aaagggaacc cagcaatctc agcccaggga ccacagttaa     22860
     tccctatgat ttcattaaag gagggaaaaa ccctgactca gcaaagagaa ggaggcaggg     22920
     aagacgattc cctaacatac aaatgtacac agaccctcaa atggaaaaaa cactgagaaa     22980
     gtagaaagtc aatgaaaaat gctcagagga ctaaagtgaa gaaaaaccag gggaagcagc     23040
     taagaaacca actaaacatg tacatgcttt atgcataaaa gaaattaaga tttttcttta     23100
     tgagctctaa tcttgactgc aatgctgccc attcaaaagt tcctaagcac acttctggaa     23160
     gacgaatgaa ggggcagcag attctacact tcaggaggcc attttatccc taaggatgtc     23220
     ctgactggtc tacgttctct tctgagtgtt gcttgccttt cagtcggcct ttagttggta     23280
     cattcactct acagatagga gataattttt tataaacaaa acatttcaac aatatgctat     23340
     taaggaaaaa attatagtta tcatatattc tatttcatga cagaaacctg gtttccaatc     23400
     ccagtctatc caagtttaat ttaaaacaat cattaatatt tctggcacac agaagctagt     23460
     aaacaagcta aaaaaaggaa agaaagaaaa tgccatcaaa atagggtata gcagcacata     23520
     ttaattctgg cactctgaag gccgccctgg ttcacatagc aagttcaatg tcccaagcag     23580
     gaagatcctg tgtttaaaaa atagaaaagg aaaagggaga ggtagggaag ggaagaggga     23640
     tggggggcca ttttaaggaa ggaaatttac ctgtactaat aaaggaattt cctggtagca     23700
     cacttacact tcatctttaa gtaactcttc acggtcagag ccatgtttct tactcataat     23760
     agggccagac ttctaaataa tggttttaga tcaaaggcac atgaattatt aaagaatgaa     23820
     gacaagttag aaataagaaa atggaacatt tcttctatta tgttaaatat aaaattatct     23880
     tttgtgattt gataaggcaa attttaaaac tcattaaagc ccttaaagtt tcaaggtctt     23940
     ttgtaggaac aaagatggtg caagccattc aatgtgttta tagtgtgagc ttacaaattg     24000
     gtatttccta tcatcagaaa tgaaaagtga ctgttagatt aactagctca cctggagaga     24060
     atgttctcag aaaccttatt ctaaagcaaa aggaacccca tgattggatc ccgggcatct     24120
     atatctgtta ttgatgctac aaagttctat gcaaatgagg tttttcctcc ttggctcatt     24180
     tacaaatcct tcactgtaaa ccattatcta cttccatccc cttcactcag ccactatcag     24240
     acttgcactc tctagaattt tacaccaggc aatgctaaat tagcagagag gacaaacaca     24300
     acttggggag gcctgacacc cagttcaggt cgcctggcag ggagcaacag agcagggttc     24360
     caagcccaaa ctgcctacag caaccctcct tcctgcacac agtggtctcc tagcaaggtc     24420
     tgacctcagt gcctcagcaa caaagccaca tggcaatcaa ctgagcctgc agccatctga     24480
     gaaccagggt ctcagtatca gctctaagac acagataaca agacaagttt caagcttaca     24540
     atgctaacac tcagttcaaa tggaaataac atacaaatca ctaatgacaa taatgttatc     24600
     atcttctgga actttctaca taagcagcca ctaagtgttg ctggcctgtg ataagccagt     24660
     caccatcatc attagcctaa cactacactg cagacactac caactacccc tgcctggcat     24720
     gatgctcaga agagaaataa gatgctgagc tggaactatt tacaaaggtt cccaaaccaa     24780
     tgtacaaaat ccatgttctc tttctctcca gtcctgtatg aggcatgcat gagtgggtcc     24840
     atacaaagcc atgatgcaag cccaataaaa gtatagctca attatgaagt aataaagaaa     24900
     attcttcact tcctaaatac ctatttttat acctttatag ttttcaatct tttcaagtga     24960
     aaataggtag gttttttaag cctatgcaat ttcataatgt tgaaaaatat gcttcctata     25020
     cttgtggagg ttaacacata tgtcagttat acttaatgtc tccttaacag acagatacat     25080
     ggaaaactga gccccagttg aaagtgccag ccaacatgac cagaggcaca gagtaggttt     25140
     ctatccaaac tcctgcccct tctgaaatag gatttcagga atcacactga agaaaaagac     25200
     aatctctaga gtttcccgga acacataaaa actaacaata aaaatggagt gttaccaaga     25260
     gccaacaaga acatcagtgc ttgctgaatg tgaatatggc ataagaataa gttaaaaaga     25320
     aatagttttt aaaaatggtt ttatgtcaat aaatgacata aaataaatgt catttttctc     25380
     tctttttttc tttattacat gaaacattcc aaactcatat tgataaaagc tttagataga     25440
     ctgaataaag aaatgtgttt agaacacaaa cactgtgaca ttcagagttt aagtactgag     25500
     tgctgttctc caagtcactt gctaagagga aaagtgtact gccagtaact attaacccac     25560
     aagatgaggg gacaagaaga gatccgaatg gaggtgtaaa aacatcccac tgttagatat     25620
     acagattcaa acaaagacaa aagaggaaga tcatggctta agcagttatg tgtcaaaaca     25680
     actgtgactc atgttaaaga taagctgtgc tgtttgctga gggcaggagc cagtgatgca     25740
     ggcagcagca agcagcccag gcagaaagtt cctctcagaa cccccagatc cactcttccc     25800
     tggcctgcag ctctgtattt ccatccttct ccaaaaatcc caagacattc ccacctctct     25860
     agcttctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctccc tttcaccctt tctcttcacc     25920
     ctttccatga tatctagaca tgggtgatgt tacagtgtat tgttacctta gtggttaaat     25980
     ggaaaaaaat ggtaaaagac cataagcaat agaaataaag gttgagcaat taaatcagat     26040
     actatgctct ggtagctaag cagacacaca cacacacact tcagacagct aaagaaactg     26100
     gaacctttaa cgggaagtat tatttaggag atgaatatga cttattaaga agacagactc     26160
     catacaaagt tctagaaact cttaccttga aaggattgct tggctctctc cacaagctca     26220
     tcaatgggat agctggccag gtttcctctg gcgtgtttag ttttgcagta ggtacaagca     26280
     ttgagacacc tgttcaaacg ggagcaataa ataaggctca aaaccttaaa gacatggcat     26340
     acataaacgg gcaggcagaa caaacagtgt agtgacattt tagtaacatt tgcttaattt     26400
     atatgagata caaaaataat tatctaaatg attcatattt accttccacg aggaacagag     26460
     ttagtaagcc ttgtgacttt taactaggag agaatgatca tagaaagcca cagattatcc     26520
     taaaacacac aaaggtacaa ggagcaaact tttaaatact ttatgattaa acacttactt     26580
     ttttttagga ctcaagttta taaactccat gattaatcaa atgaaattca aaatagcagt     26640
     ttttttaaaa aaaattcata aaccaccaaa aatttctttg gccatcaaat aactagtaaa     26700
     attttagtgt tgcttttcta tatcttttta ttaagaatat tgaactatat tcattgaacc     26760
     tttagctaag gatttaaaaa caaacgaata ggcaacattg gtttcacaaa actagaaact     26820
     tttagaaaac ttctgactat ttttttaccc ctcgaggaaa atattaagat gcgcctgtaa     26880
     cttacatgag ccagagaaac aagcaggatg gtaagatgaa ctgtaagaaa tgttaaaact     26940
     gactcatgtc ccagtagcct tcatccatgg ttcagagcta ctttttccaa actagaatat     27000
     tgattccttt agtttcagag tacagtttaa ataaatatat tacaaaataa aagaaagcat     27060
     ttttaatata gaagaagaca tgtaagaaca ctggaggaaa tagaagaggt gtatcctcat     27120
     gctttagtat ccactgtaag gaacaaggcc ttcaaaagac cactgtcaca caaatgctct     27180
     aaattttcac acggaaaagc aaaatttgac aaatgaacct taccaacatg attttactga     27240
     tatctaactg tgagatatat atgaattact ggcctcagta gtcaaaccaa caatgtccaa     27300
     tgtcttacag ttttggaggt aactctaggg aacagtaata catatatttt gaaaagtatt     27360
     ttgctatgta cctaagattg attattagct accaacactg tcctcccagc aatttatatt     27420
     taatttcaaa cactgaggac cttctatatt tttggaagaa tgacgcttgg ctgtgctgtt     27480
     cgtagatgac agtccttctg tttcctcctc actaaagaaa aaaactgtta gatttggtat     27540
     acaggttctc ctttggcctt atttgtgtgt gggggtgggt gcacagcaga gcatattacc     27600
     aacaaggtct accagatttc aactgtatgg gtcttcccta tgaacaagcc cctggaataa     27660
     atgtgaatca agcatctgtg gggtggattg ctagagcctg gatttagcag aagtgaggat     27720
     ctgggttcca gtacaaaaaa aaaaaaccaa aaccaaaaca aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaca     27780
     aacacaaaca cccaaaacaa caggagtcat cctagcttcg tacaaatgaa gacagaagtg     27840
     ctcatcccac aggagctaag acaatgcagc gtgtagtcag caacacctat tctccagcat     27900
     aaataaggtc tttggtttaa aatctctgca tctccctcag tcagtctgag agcatggagc     27960
     caggcttcct gtccgcactg gcctctgcct gtgtctgcat gcccactgtc actcatctgt     28020
     tctgtgtctc atcttcttgc tgtgtcacct catgatgact tgttctgttt caaattctgg     28080
     aactcaattc ccagtactat gctgggatcc ctgggaggcc agtgtgcttg ctgactcttc     28140
     ctcaagtgtt ctcatggacc tgggattccc ctctactggc attcactgaa gtcagcactg     28200
     ttctaggcaa gctgccaggg caggctctaa tgctccttca gggaccctgc tctggttatt     28260
     gtcccatcca gatgaagggc aatgacaagg tctgggacaa tcttgataga agccactgac     28320
     acttctgact ggggttgctt cttaaaagat cccacaccaa aggaaagggt gtggaaagaa     28380
     aagtgggcag aaggaaagtg gaagaagcat ttaaacaaaa cacatgagga ctgataaggc     28440
     tacatactgt gtagaaaagc tttctatact tggtaaattt tacattggag tcacgtggtg     28500
     tttgtgcact gtcatgtgac acgtatcacc agctctgtgg agcgcgagta ctctctgtcc     28560
     aactctgtgg agcatgagta caccatgccc aactctgccg agcgtgagta tcttatgtcc     28620
     aactctgtga aacacacgta ttgaggacat attaatttaa aagcaggtgt ggaaatcaag     28680
     caacagttct ctactgtcgt attcaataac agaagtgaag ccactccatg aaaaaccgct     28740
     tgtgaaaaca cattaaaaag gaaaaatgag tgatattcta aaacattcct aatagaaaag     28800
     ccagaaaata taaataatac attaggaatt caaaatattc ttcactcaac tgctcttcca     28860
     cacattgttg atgagatact tttaattcta gatttccatt gaataagata gactaatcct     28920
     tatctgtcaa aaaaaaaaaa acccttgcta ttgttagtaa ccttagacgc aacaattcta     28980
     aagtgcatac ttctgtgaac atgtcacaac acgaccaact cgagcagtaa gtctatgtct     29040
     aacttctaat aggaggggct tcttagaata cagaagaaag tcacagtgcc aaagcactga     29100
     aggggctttt tgatgtttca gtcaccagga actgtgctga ccaatcgctt caacacttta     29160
     aaataaggga attcatagta gacactttca attgtccata agtaattaag taactgtcca     29220
     agaggaagac agagccaggt tctttaacag tcagaataca aaagatcttt gagggctccc     29280
     cactgaaagc caaaacaaaa gcgaggtggc tgctcaactg cacagatgca ggaaaccctc     29340
     cacctaccct ggctgtggtg acacaagaga aagcgcagcg cacctacaca tcttgtgagc     29400
     tggccattgg ccaagaaaca ctaaccagct caggagcagg gagattagac tgaactcagg     29460
     agtccgcccc aaggtctgct agagcacatt taggacagcg ctcttaaact acagagacag     29520
     aaaaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aaggaaggaa gggagggagg gagggaggga gggagggagg     29580
     gagggaggga gggagggagg gagagagaga gagagaaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag     29640
     aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagag agagagaaag     29700
     aaagaagaag aaataccatg gtggttcaca aatcatgagt tcccaaaaga ctggaaccca     29760
     gaatatactg atgcaatagc atggtctctt ccaaaacctt agatattgta agtttgagaa     29820
     taatttaaaa accatagttc tattctaaaa cataactcgt gtaatctgtt agtaatggag     29880
     aggggcagcg tgagaatcct catgtgactg aggctgctct ttctcctgga ttcttggtta     29940
     agaatacatt tgaatatgca aacccacttg agaataaaac atgaacactg aatgtaaatt     30000
     actgaaacag tgtgctgcaa cccttttaaa tactttaatc cttacttttt gaaaaaaatc     30060
     agttgctact gtataaaaat gtttcgaagc ttcaagtgtg acaaaataat aagctcttag     30120
     agctaagtct tggagaagct acactgccac tgcccatata cttctgcacc aaggtatcat     30180
     catgcaatgg aaaaatgaat gcaataaata acttcaacag gatacaggta gaggcagact     30240
     tggctgttaa ttagcaccta ctgtgtctcc tcattagctt tttaaaggac ttctcaaaaa     30300
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagggc caagtgtttg aactaccaaa tacaggagat gctatcatca     30360
     gatgaagaac tcttccttca ggtaataaag atctatctgc tgctgaggct gaaagcccaa     30420
     gcaagagaaa atggagcacc agagcacagc agaagtgagg tcccagcacg atgaagcctt     30480
     tggcttccta agaccaggat tctgcgccct cagcactgac tactgattcc ctccaaacgc     30540
     cagaatttcg cttataactc agcatcgtct tccactatgc cctttctggg cttctgtctc     30600
     ctgcgtgtta aaaattacac aatacagact gctgctctag cccccttatg tcacgcctat     30660
     gagcttcatt ctttattgca aaaggctgca ttcatggttt ttcactccca tggatttcat     30720
     ccccactccc tttacctgaa agaattattt ttatggccag tatccatcaa ttcccaggcc     30780
     tttaaaagga tttggtagaa atggtagcta ataataagaa aagaagaggc tcatatgctt     30840
     gcctgataca aaattaggca tcttatataa taaggatgca agcagcatta cctggatctc     30900
     tcataaagga aactaaagct caaaaggatt ataaattgtg cccaaaggta cacagaagcc     30960
     aagtcactca atttcttcct tctttttttc ttgatgtgat actggagacc acagccagga     31020
     gcttaagcaa gttggccttg tgctattatc accccacagc acaaactgaa ttcttcattc     31080
     ctctaataac acaaaaacta actctgtgtg agaatacaaa ctgattgcat gatcctttaa     31140
     aagccttaca gctgtgcctg gtggggctcc ttgctgagta tgagccctaa ctatacgaca     31200
     gtggggattt aagttcaaat cctcaacact cctgtaaaaa gctagatata gctacccatg     31260
     caactataaa ctgcgcagtg ttgctggatg gagacaggaa gactgctcaa gtgtttgggc     31320
     caccagccta gctccaggtt caatgaggga cactaactca aaggaataag gaggagacac     31380
     ataaagtaag gcacaatgct ctggcctttc catatgccca ggcgtctata cacaccactg     31440
     gcatacaccc acaaataaac aaatgcagcc accttcatac acaagcggca atttttactg     31500
     tgccacaccc tttaacacag tgctcgtagt ccactaaaac accaacaaaa aaatgcttgg     31560
     tgctactgga gatctcacaa tggactggac aagctaccaa accataattt agtatagttg     31620
     gaggcgtgct atgcaggtag gtcagcagga aaacacacac agggaatgag aagacatcat     31680
     gcctagcaac aacaacgttc tctaaagcta aactgctttg tactggcact actagttttt     31740
     atgttattta tttttgaggt agcatcattt ccccttccct atcttccctc tgaatacttc     31800
     catacatctt tcattgttat tttgaaatta atggcctcct ttccattcat ttgttcacac     31860
     acacacacac acacacacac acccctaaag gcacaagcac agtctgaaca gtctatagaa     31920
     tgtttgtctg tatgtttgca gggctgacca gtgctttgga taaccaagtt ggtagctcct     31980
     ccctagagca gactatttct ccctctctca gcgtgtccta attgcctgca gtttcttgtg     32040
     taggtttcaa gtctcgctgg ctttccccca gcatcatcag catgtttgct gctgttgtcc     32100
     gtttcagctc ttgtttatgt agttgtgttg gtgagacatg gatctggctt ctgacattcc     32160
     taggagacac aatctcacca gaaactccct gttcctcttg gctctcgaaa gctttccact     32220
     cctgtttctg cagtgataac tgagccttaa aggcgcagga gctgtactgt agactgagct     32280
     ccacagctct gtgttttgaa cattgtggct ttctggaaaa gtctgtgttg aagagaactt     32340
     tctagtgatg ttagatggcc actacataca ccagtgggga tacagaccca ctgttacaat     32400
     tttttaaaaa acaaagataa ataccaaaat aaaaagaatg ccaaaattgc atatgcatac     32460
     aattacaaga agctcatatt ttacttacat ttagttctcc ggagaccaga aagaaccact     32520
     gaagtttctg gaacctattt gcatacatat ccccaaattc ccttataagt ctaaaaaaac     32580
     tcgtttaaaa tgtacaaaaa caaaaatggc aagaaaacat ctttgttcaa ttgaatattg     32640
     ccctggttag tgaatatatc agctgatggt gtgtagagta aaaatcacac ataggtggtg     32700
     gcaataatcc caggtcaatt tctcatgttt tctatttata tctcacagct tgcttctggg     32760
     aagtagtctt atgcccccag caccagaaac tgttttacag aggtgtatat taaacagcaa     32820
     gataaaagat aagcaagaag caagtccatc taccatgata tatgtatgaa tgtactgaac     32880
     attcctagag agatactgct ttatgctgaa aaatagaaca tttttcttct agagatttgt     32940
     aacaagcttg tgaacaggac catttgagac agtccaagca tcaagacaca aaaagattac     33000
     agagcaggca tactacaaag gccttgtaga aggggccgtg tagaaaactg cttacacttc     33060
     tgagtttgtg gaaaaatcaa acaaaaaaaa tagaaataaa aaacttcaag cataatactc     33120
     atcaaggtca ttctctaatt ttacagctaa aaaataaata caacacaatt ttgctaatag     33180
     aacccaagaa gaaaacacag attggaaata cagctttctt cctggctaaa gacagcatta     33240
     ccatatgcac aggtcccatc agaaccagta aacctgcaaa gaatttagaa gtgtagacca     33300
     gagggagcag ggaggaagcg tggcactgcc aatgctctgg ggaaagagaa tccctttgag     33360
     ttgagttgtt ttattttaaa tggttatttg tatcatactt tgaaaactgg tctcaaatgt     33420
     ttctaaaatt cattttattt aaacacaatc ttcttgaatc acaccatata aatgcattat     33480
     cttcgtaagc agagcatgaa gagtgagacc tccacagcat ctcaccacct tcagaaacca     33540
     gtggaattgc tacgtcagag ccaaagacca acagatgcca tgttttctct tcttactgac     33600
     tctttattta tttgtagaaa taaaaaggga gacatacaat tattatcaac tcactttttt     33660
     tatggaaaaa gatttacaat atttattctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     33720
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgaatgta     33780
     tatcactatg tatgtgagtg ttcctggagg ccagaagaaa cattaagatc ccctagagct     33840
     agagttacac atggctatga gccacccaac atgatgctgg gaaccaacta tggtcctcca     33900
     taagggaacc aaatattcat aactgctgag tcatctctct agtctactgt caacttattt     33960
     ctgttggtgg tatttgttgt tgttattgtt ataaattaaa aaacaattca cactgaagat     34020
     aatgcatcag gagctgaaga gatggctcca taatttagag cactttctgg tcttgcaaag     34080
     acctaggtct ggttcccaac atccacatgg cagctcacaa tcacccctga ccccagtccc     34140
     atcagatgca tgtgctcaac tcaaagggga ccatgcacat aaacagtgac caggcaaaca     34200
     cacatatgca taaaataaaa tcaataaaca taaacaaatt cttaatgcaa ataacttatc     34260
     aaaaaacttg ctgatgcaca gcagtactgg caggcctaca gatcttggcc tcattcagaa     34320
     atcaaaactg tctctgccag tgcactctca tgatttatag agtcagatgg tagggttaaa     34380
     catagggcga atcttatact tactttcttt attttagtct ttggggacct taaaaacatt     34440
     ttcccagatc cccgctaacg ggattctacc tgctgctgag gtgatctttt tatgttaaag     34500
     tctatgacca aagttgagag ctgaaacctt atattgcatg aacacaaaca ctatggtata     34560
     aagagaaatt agccagatag acctaaaata atgaacaact gtaatattat ggagaaactt     34620
     tgcatatgaa gaagttagga taaatttttg ttgaccatat aaaagaatgg aggatttttt     34680
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tggacagggg tgtctctgta tagccctggc     34740
     tgtcctggaa ctcattttgt agaccaggct agcctcgaat tcagaaacct gcctgcctct     34800
     gcctcccaag tgctgggatt aaaggcggga tttttgtttt ttgttttgat ttgaggatct     34860
     ctgttgactg actctgaaga aaagaaaaca caaaattcta caagtggtag agatgggaag     34920
     taacacagtg gctatagaaa ataacttgac agttccttaa aaaggcagag ttccctaaaa     34980
     aagaaatatg atatgatcca ggaacaccat agaaacaaaa gaactataca caaacactta     35040
     catacagact tgctcaagaa tgtttacagt aaatattgct ctcatagcaa aaatgcaaag     35100
     aaacacaaat attgatcaga attagaatat acaaagtaaa tctggtaggt acatagaatt     35160
     gtatctggcc ttggaaaatg aaatctgtca catgctatcc ctagggagaa gcataaatgt     35220
     acaacactaa gtgtaaaaag caaatcacaa aaggaaaaag gatgtgactc caactgaaaa     35280
     gtaagtagtg tagccaaaat caggtgcaga aagtgggtga gtaccaggga tgaagacaag     35340
     agggatcagg gatgctgctg tttcatgaac agaatctaag cttggggaaa tagaaagact     35400
     ctggagtcaa atggtgggga gggcctctca ataaacaata agacagggta agtgctccca     35460
     aactatacaa ccaagagaag taaaatgctt cattttaagg taggcacaca cacactcact     35520
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaag ttgaaataag gagaaaaggt     35580
     ctccctctct aatccaggat agccacttgc taatatagtc caggttagac tcaaactcac     35640
     tatcatcctt tcaccttaac tttctgagta ctggagttgt aaatatgagt caccatgtgt     35700
     ggtttgaaac acatagacta ataaagaggc tggaaagaaa gcttagttga taaaacactt     35760
     gtctagtccc aggctagtta gagacatctc tcaaaaaatc gtatgtgtgg ttgatctctg     35820
     agaggggggg gggaggtggg gaggggaggg gaggggaggg gaggggaggg gaggagggga     35880
     ggaggggagg ggaggagggg aggaggggag gaggggagaa aaagacagac acacagacac     35940
     ccggagaaac acacagacat tggcctactt aataacaggg gataataata actgaaaagg     36000
     agaatgaaat tctatagaaa tcacctaaag gctgtgatct gtttcctaca agtcatacat     36060
     ggcagttaca tttcaataca aacaggaaga aatgggaccg aaggagctat gtacagaatt     36120
     agttctatgt tgtccctata atgactgcca aacaaatccc atccctaaat gaaatgcatt     36180
     aaacagcaga catgggtctt tcttcccaaa gcttttccca aacaaacata aagcaagagc     36240
     gagtccacat gtgctgttgg tatttcatca ctgttttgta cagaacaaga gtgttgttgc     36300
     ctacacacca tttctcagca tcaacaccca ttttcttatg caatttcaag tttggttggc     36360
     aggtcagaga cattttttcc aaccacagac aaaacgtctt ttgatactca aagaaaatgt     36420
     tcaaggaaat gttcccaata aaagacaaca aaaacaatag catgtaagtg catcagcagt     36480
     ctaaggaaca gctgaggtga ctccaattaa cctcccgggg gaggggggga tgtgacagac     36540
     aaggcactac caacacacct agtctatgtc tgcagccaga gccttggaaa tgcttgcaga     36600
     atgccacaac gctgggaagg aggcaggcag acacacttgt tttgtttttt gaaactggat     36660
     ctcatagctc aggctaactt tttttttaaa caaatatttt taaataagga aaaggagtca     36720
     aggtttgaga gcacaatcca tcatcaaaga agttctagat gtgagggcag gagaatgaag     36780
     tggacggaaa tatcacatgc acagtcagga agcagagagg gaattctggg gcccaaccat     36840
     tctctcctat atatgcagcc cacaacccca gcccatggga taatgcctcc aaattcacag     36900
     taggtctttc cccctctctt gaactcaaaa ctgtctctct gagattctgg atctcatctg     36960
     gttaaccaag gacaactcac cattactctt tcctcctcca agactctaag ctatctcctg     37020
     tctctaccat cacacagctg ggattataag catatgccgt cacagaaatc gagtagagcc     37080
     caggacctca ggcatgctag gccagaattc taccagctaa ctgaatacac cttcagccac     37140
     cagaactgta ttattgaatc ttccatgtaa ccctgacaag cttttaatgt ttcatatact     37200
     aatatatgcc ataaaaggcc ttgataatga ctgctccatt ttaatttctc acttctttgg     37260
     tgttacagaa agctgacttc tacatggaat atttagtgtt tgaaaattaa agtctatcaa     37320
     ttaccttgaa atctcataaa gagagatgat ttttgtttaa atatatattt ataagttata     37380
     tacaatttac atatacatat gtgtatatag atacatatat gtgtgagtgt gttcatatgt     37440
     agggactggg gacatagctc acaaatcaag agctctgact gctcctccac aggatctgaa     37500
     cttggttccc agcatcaatg ttgagcagtt cacaatcacc tgaaatttca gattcaggga     37560
     atctgatact ctcttctgga ctccataaat actggtgtaa gtgtacttca cacacacaca     37620
     cacacacaca cacaccacat aaataaacat acacaaacct gaaagtgtgt aaagctgtcc     37680
     aatcacagat ggagaatgat acatgaagca cggacagcac tcactgttcc agactctaaa     37740
     gactcactac ccaaaacctt aaaagcaccc cgcgaagtgc tgccactggc attctctcca     37800
     aagatgaaac agacatagaa acataaataa tctgacaaat atcgcaaaca ttgcacagct     37860
     ggttaagtag gtgaaccaga cagtctggct ccactacaca tggctgcaac cattacacac     37920
     gctacatgtc ataacctatt ggaaataaag ataagtttga taatgcttaa caagctcttt     37980
     aatgggaaca taatagaaac tatttcagtt gtcttgctga tcccagtatt attttgcttt     38040
     tctttttaac tgtaaaccac tatcctaaaa gtctatgtgt cttggagggt taaacacaca     38100
     agtgaagcct acatttctgg taatgctcat tactgttagg aaaatagtca acaaagatta     38160
     caaagggcta cttgttaaaa ccttctgcaa aaaggcaagc atggaagaac atggcagccc     38220
     agcactgaga ggctgaggca gcactgtaag gttagggcca gctttaaacg aaacacaaga     38280
     aaacttcatt ttctttctag tttggtgatg agtatatgaa tatactgact gggattggta     38340
     cttggcacaa taaggaaata aacatattat ctttggagga cataaaagag caggtgacta     38400
     atgagaactt tcacaaactg gcacatgatg caaactttca gcacatcagc tgcccggggt     38460
     tgaggtgtag gtagactacc caaaataatt agaggtctgc aggaagcaca gagttcatgc     38520
     taagtgtgac tcatgcatct cacagcaaaa caaaatcctc cagacattta tctcttccaa     38580
     acaagacact gggcctggca gcggcccaca agcaagaaag agcacgtgaa agtcagacac     38640
     tcatgtgctg gttaaaaata aaacggtgag gaggctcgtg acgagccatg actccaagct     38700
     gacctctaag acacacaatg ccatttataa catccacaga gtttcaaaac acctgaaagc     38760
     agcaacattc acaagacaac tcagaaggaa aactaaagac cacttagtaa gtcggagtcc     38820
     cattaagatc tgctccctct gaagaacaaa atcccaagat gtctgtcaca ctggcttcag     38880
     tgatgaagcc tctgtccctg tgaacatgag gtcagtgtag tcacccctcc ctgccgttag     38940
     ctatgtaggc tgagtccaca ggtgtgaaga agagatctac ctagcccagc ctccctcctg     39000
     aaggagagaa ggctacagac aggctgccac cggtacctcc acactgattc tgtttgaaag     39060
     gttgtgaaat catgacccag agcaagaacc ctttcagaca caattcaggt cccagctgtt     39120
     aggaaagaca aaatgttcca aaagaactca cctccccacc ccaccccgca aaagtcaata     39180
     aacaaaatgg gaaaccaaac ccaaggaagc tgccatgaaa gtaagagcac aaggctgagg     39240
     cctgggacgg agcctgacca agtgtattta acagggtctc actgagtcac aactaataac     39300
     cagctagtac ctatagcaac aaacaggagc catttgtgat ccattattgt actattatca     39360
     tcagcaacat ttgtagattc tttctagatt tatatgcatg gatgttttgc ctgaatatat     39420
     gtatatgtta actatgtgca taccaatgga ggtcagaaga gagtattgga tccccaagaa     39480
     ctggaattaa gatggctgtg aactatatgt gaatatacat gaactatata tgaagatgct     39540
     gagaattgat cctaggtcct ctgtgaaagc aacaagtgct ccctccaaac aactgagcca     39600
     tctctccagc cacagcaaca gtgttaaagt aaatgcagac tgtcactgag tgatacacat     39660
     ccaggcccag agctatcaga ggaacaagga catgtttctt atgttcaggg cagtaggtag     39720
     aaagccacaa ggatacatgg tgtcattact aagggctggg ggttgggggt ggcagagaca     39780
     aagagagaga cagagagaaa tacagagaga gataaagaga gagacagaga cagagagaaa     39840
     tacagagaga gacaaagaga cagggacaga gagcagcaaa accctataaa agcaactgaa     39900
     cactccctct ccctctgcat gcatctgctt aggccagtaa ctatctttta ccaaccagta     39960
     acccacttac accccttaat aagcgcccaa gcttcggagg ggctcagttt aaaaacctgt     40020
     tataatcatg tacaaataaa tccatcctgc ccactgaaat cagtaattcc atatagactt     40080
     tattgaacat ttaacctgtg tgtgaggaat aaaaaggtga ctagactata aagtttgaag     40140
     agtaaagatt ccacaagaaa gggatagaaa gacaccgtgg aaaagaagac tcaggagaag     40200
     agctacacat aagagaaagg attaataatg aaaacccaac aacagtccca aataccacca     40260
     agagctcaaa attgagaaat tgctctcttt agcctcatca gaagaaaact ggggagcatg     40320
     caggggtgtg aaggcagcag aaatctaagt aaatattcag ccagatttag cagttaacca     40380
     caagctgcag gtagaagagt taaaatgtct tactttttta ttaccgcaaa tacaccactt     40440
     cactgagtat ttattcaaca ggatttactg ggccatggca ttgcttctag acaatctatg     40500
     tgtatcggcc tctcaggaaa gagtgtaaca gccccccatt tcctgcctgc tagaaagtct     40560
     accatatgtg aactgttctc tacagtctgg gcaggatcag aaaaccgctt cagacactac     40620
     agtgcttcaa agtgggaaga ggtcctttgc atgattccat aacttctgcc caccaaggaa     40680
     gcactccatt aatggctttg aaggagcaag cagtcacagg gtaggcaccg cactgcacag     40740
     aactccgggt aacctccagt ggagctccaa taagagacta gggaccttga cacagcagcc     40800
     tataaagaac tgcatgttcc aaaacacaca aaacttggga aagtctcctc ctggttacaa     40860
     gagacttaaa tgcatggcag ctactgcaaa catcttactg caggctggct gaagagtaca     40920
     acacccagat acctgactca tagacacagc cacatttgag taacattgtt acacatcaat     40980
     aaatgactaa tgccaagact ctcctcaagg aggctttttt tttttttttt gcaggagatg     41040
     gtgattgaca cacatcttga caacgtatac acagagaaga gatcttggag cactcagcta     41100
     tagatgggat gtccctatca aacccctccc ctcagagctc acagacatgg gctgaagagg     41160
     agggagaaaa tttgcaagag ccagaaatgg taaagaattc taaagaaaca gagaaccagg     41220
     actgatgtac atataaactc ccagagattg ataggaggca catgacttat acaggttcaa     41280
     agcaacaaaa tctcagcact gacaaaggta cctgggcata aagtcttggt tctgaccagg     41340
     aaaatcagtt tactccaatg ggcgctactg tgaatggtaa cctcactcga gggcaggcct     41400
     catgctcagc tgtagctgac caacataaat acactccatg tgattgtatg caggggttgt     41460
     tgtttggggg tcttcttttt ggtttagttt ggttttgttt tcttgtaatg ctttgtctgt     41520
     ttattgagaa ggagggaaag aacaggacgt tagatagaaa tgttgggaaa aaagaaggac     41580
     ctgggaggac ttcggggagc caaaagatat aatcaaaata tattaaataa taaatttaaa     41640
     aaaataaatg taacaaaagt aagaaatgga aaaactgtgg aacctttaga attgttaaac     41700
     caattcactg ctaagcacac gagattgtca ggaaagtgtg gaagttcctt ctgacaaagg     41760
     ctcaggaagc tttccagact ctaagcctca cgagttctag acaaagcaca gtgtgcttgc     41820
     agagggacag aaggacagta agcagcgagg aggaacaggc cctgggaggt cagcccactt     41880
     tacctgagct ccgactcaca gataggctca atgtttacag tcaccacttc acttcccata     41940
     aaacattgca tcatttgtaa atggggtcag aagagaggac tctgacaagt gcacaggtga     42000
     cttacccagg agcatgggac aggggctgca ggataatcaa agcaggtcag atccagcaca     42060
     gttagaggca gggcagcatc ccagaaggag gcagcactgt cacaggcctc aagtaagaat     42120
     gtcggttttc acaagtgcgc acagagatgg agaggatgtg gaaagacatc ctcctggaca     42180
     acagctaacc atcagtgtat agtctcaggg ggaggaacaa aagagagaaa cacaaagaga     42240
     aggggcagat gtaggtgtgg tagcggagtt attcagtcag gctacaggga agactaaatg     42300
     gttggccggc tgagaagtgt gtgcttaaac taccaggcga ctataaagag tttaaacctt     42360
     ctgggtcaga gaacaaggta ctgtttgcca tgtggcctgg tgttgctgat tctggagcag     42420
     ctatgtggga aacatcctca gggctagact tacagtgtag cctgttatga ttaccaagag     42480
     tgggccggga tgggagccta agatgctcag tgacatttca acgtgcttat gtgtacaact     42540
     tcccttccaa atctgcttct tgaagaaaag aaataactca gtggaaataa gcctgtataa     42600
     attcatgaac agatatattc ctattgttca aatttttgct accctaactt cattggaaca     42660
     acttgtcaca gactagatct acactataaa atgtaataca gtataatttt agagcactgc     42720
     tctgaatggg atctaatata cattactgta aagtattaga atatcagatt ttaagggcaa     42780
     gagactttgt gcaagtactg aattctattg aaaagcagat gtagccgatg acaattcaaa     42840
     actgtgtgag cacagccaag aggcatgtaa aacctatggc aaaagaagcc agactggatc     42900
     tgcccatggg ctacaatttg ctgacctcta atctgtattt ggctctacta attccctttc     42960
     ccataaaaga gtaaaagggg ccttaccagg atataattac atccatgtct taccagaggt     43020
     tgtgccttat acaaggcact aaaccaagtt tattacctcc aacttaacag catccagaaa     43080
     gtagacgaga aaaacacaca aaaggaagcc tatttggtct tcagaaagcc tcttctatcc     43140
     aatacagcct cccccacagc cttaagccac tcatgtgcac acacactcta cctggctctg     43200
     ctcaatattc tgaagggaga gacagaaaag cccctgccct tggggagcaa tgtctgtgag     43260
     gaatccacat aattaataaa ggggtacact ggcaccatga cagagctgtg cagcaaagag     43320
     agaaacaggc ctgggagtgc cagcgaagag ggagcaggag gcatcaagtc gcgtaagggt     43380
     gttaggcctg gatcaaagag gggaagatat tccagcgaca ctcctccaaa acagggccta     43440
     cactaggaca gcacctgcag cccatcgcac ctacaccact ccagggtcag attactcttg     43500
     cttctcacat tttgaatcta ttacctgttc catacagcca tcaccatgcc tctgccgagt     43560
     tgattcccag aatagggtga ataaaacccg gtgtgtcaat gactcccaac tggtttccta     43620
     ccactgttgc taagcactcc ttgctcttcc gtatcaaagc agcttaccaa gactttgttt     43680
     tgacttggga ctctagattc cagacactgc caccactgac tgccatgact actactacca     43740
     ccacacttcc ttcacatctc acacctatga ctccatccaa gaccattctt aagacttctc     43800
     tgtccaaaat ggttcaagcc cttgcaccgt agctcctcag acagctctac tgatcatcta     43860
     cacattcaat agccttatgt tcttagatag tagttgtttg ctcattaaac tgcatgtaga     43920
     caagggcctc gtttacagcc caacttctaa tgtttccccc atacaggaaa agcctcaatg     43980
     cacatttctg aatggagttt tgaattaatt agtggatagg gcatgtttta acaaaaagga     44040
     ataaaattgt tgaataaaaa tttgaaatga tcggggacag cagaattctt tcacaaaaaa     44100
     gatggaaagc attcccaatg tcacatggac agaaagtggc caagccagta ttcaccttaa     44160
     gagggttaga aactaggaca tcatacctca tcagaaacct agtgatgcaa ggctgcacca     44220
     aactggaaga agctctataa ccaacctgct taagtcaagt ctaaactatc tcaacaccag     44280
     atctgcctgc cgactaagac catcttcctg gtgctttaca aagcttcgtg atagttagca     44340
     aataagctac ttaggtaaaa tatgcctcat ctgtacactt ggaataatac taatccttca     44400
     cctcacagag atggctggaa gaatagccaa gttaatatct gtaaatctcc ttagaaaaag     44460
     gggaaacagg gaaagtggtc actgggagac catggttaca ggaagaaata gaagagcttt     44520
     gaggcagaaa gacttgagtc aaatagttta gttacagtag ttaccaaagt tgaagttcta     44580
     gtgagtccgg gcaagtaatc agagtcccac accctctcca tgtcaggacc ttggcagccc     44640
     tgtgtgggag ggaaccacag cacctacact ttgctaggcc tacaaccctt ttctttgggg     44700
     attctacaga gcaccagcat acaacatgaa tacactcttg ccaggaatcc acaactctca     44760
     cagaagacca cacactagac tgcggtcata ggtggaaggg agtcccaggt ggaaggagcg     44820
     tctttctaca gggtcaacaa tagttgctaa gcagcatcag tatctacatg tggcaccact     44880
     gacaggggct gtcatcacag tccaaacctt ctggctgagg ggatggtgta tgtggtaact     44940
     ttttgaatga ttcagaaaat attacctaag tttttgacag tagatatagt attatatctc     45000
     tataataaaa atctacttga aagacttaaa aagtcaaaca cattagaaat agcttaagtt     45060
     tttgcactca ttttcaagta cagaaaacag ccttatttgc ttactaatta acactttaat     45120
     ataatacaag atagatgtat gtaatagtgt ttagattttc tcacaggcaa acaactgaaa     45180
     gtcaaaagct gtctgaggag atgtggagca agggtgagga ccagtttagc catcaaggga     45240
     acagaaagca gagctccaag tgaacaaaaa caagaataca tgtgccaaag cagtgggtaa     45300
     ccgcactgca tctttaaaaa ctcaaagttg ttatattgac agaagacatc tacaaggaag     45360
     tactgtacaa aagtgttttt tataatactc tagctatcat ctgtattata gatgaaaaac     45420
     tgtatgcttc agtcgcttgg aatttttagg acatcccaga aggcacttat cttagctgaa     45480
     actgtttatt aatagaagtt aaaatattca aaatgggggg gggggcataa aacagcagac     45540
     acatagccaa aagttgacaa taaagtatct gagctctggg gaaacagaga agagcaaccg     45600
     aaatgatgct ttgcagaagc tgttgggaat acccacacac accaactagc tagttaagtg     45660
     cacgtgactc tagctcaatc aaatgagtgt caatttaaac cataaactaa ccaaaaactc     45720
     atatcacaca caactaaaat aacacaactg ctccatttgt taagaacaca cagagaataa     45780
     aagattttaa aaatccttat acagcctaaa tcccaaccgg atggatactc aacatgtggc     45840
     acaacatgag aaatggagag gctctctcac tgagtcctgg gcgacagctc ctccacgtac     45900
     cctcacagcc acagggtccc atgcatgcac atgcacaccc agaagcaagc tctctctctc     45960
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tcacgcgcgc acacacacac     46020
     acacacacta tcttgacaag acatatgcat aaaaattgcc ttatatgagt ttataagaac     46080
     tcttaaatgt ctccccaagg ttagcatgtt ctgctaaagc ctagtctccc tctaaagagc     46140
     ctcacaaagc cagagtcatg actagcttag ccaacctcgg atttgagtgg tcgtgatgca     46200
     gagccacagc tttactgact tccataagag actgagctac tgtttaaaac agcacctgag     46260
     agtacactag accccacttc ccagtaccca aactgcagga aagaggtggg ccctggtcat     46320
     cccacccatt atatagtttc cagaattcaa ttcagaaata tgtctcagga gaacaagcta     46380
     acaactgatt ggagacatgt tggcaagaga ctgtaatcta attctggatt atgatactta     46440
     gtaatgtttg gtcccacaaa accaaacaag agatgctgaa agctatgaag tgagcaatca     46500
     cttggaaatg actaaataat accagaacac cttcagagcc cagtcccaca ctaccagcag     46560
     gaagcttact tgagagtcat ggaccatatt gatgcagaat agcacagact cacacaaact     46620
     tacttacttt ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct     46680
     ctctccctct ctctctcagc attgtgtaat ctcaagacat aggagtcaga ttaatcaatc     46740
     agttcagtct aacttacata agatcctatc tcaaaaaaaa ccacaaacaa acaaacataa     46800
     aacaacaaac cttacttatt gaatcaaatc ttaaaaatcc tcagaaacaa atagtgaatg     46860
     tgtgctgtgc tggatcacat catcctggca gtgcaaacag tgcgaatggt gagggagtgt     46920
     gctctttggg gtgtaggaca acaatccatg cccgccacac accactgaac aacatctgtt     46980
     cacatctcta gcagcactat gtggagacag ggtctcctga ggaaggccca gaccgcgctg     47040
     aaacttggta ttgtaaccca tactggcctt aaaactctta atcctgatac tttaaacgac     47100
     taagggctgg atgacaggta tgtgtcaact acttagtcta attgtgtggg atgtgtgtgt     47160
     gtgtgtgttc aactaaatat cctcaactca tttaatatca tacaatataa aggttgcaaa     47220
     aaatacaaaa tgtatttttc ttaatctgaa aaataaggaa aaatttaaaa ctataatcta     47280
     ctatgaatag agagtacatg aatgacaact gacttaaaag caataaaaac taggcagact     47340
     cctattgaaa tgttaagagg gcttcgtaga tagaatgatg tttatttgta tctctaacat     47400
     gaaactataa agacgcaaac ccaggaagca ataacataaa ctctaagtca aactctgcca     47460
     ggaactatca gtaaatgtgt tttcactttt accttcattt cttaatacat tcattaagtt     47520
     tcaagaatta aagagaagtc cacatgtcac atgccacagt gtgtaattct gattccctcc     47580
     tgactctccc tgcccccatc actcttctat ctaggctgag gaaaattcga agtgctagct     47640
     agcacatcaa ggaacaatta actcccataa tataagacag ctatacactc tttcaaaatg     47700
     agcactggag gttgcagata gataagcagg aaacgggaca tgtccaaggg tgtgcagttg     47760
     acatgaagga ggacaagctt acaaacagat gggtaaggag gagtttgctg aacagccaag     47820
     caagactcaa agccatgctg tcttagggtt ttctgacaca attcaattac tactattggc     47880
     cttttatgat tcttagattt gagttgggaa agaattgcat tcattttact cactgaaaca     47940
     cataatacat aattttaaca gatggcagaa catagagtct tctaaaactg atgaggatat     48000
     aagtggtaag caagtttggg aggctctggt ttgttttttt aggatggtgt tttgtaaacg     48060
     aagatataaa tctgtgttag taagtagctg gacactatca caccccaata ctcacacaga     48120
     gcagtgccga ggtaatctac cagccgtact ggttttgccc taagttcatt ttcagaaaca     48180
     aacatacaca aaaattcttg agagggacag aataagaact ggccatacaa tacagtactg     48240
     gagtagatag catttctcaa aaatctgtat ctacttggac ccttctttgg aggactgcca     48300
     ttgtggacag aatctagttt gggtagggtc attctagaat agagtagatc ctaatccagt     48360
     ggggcataga aaaataaggc caaggaagat ctgcacagag ttaatccatc caaaggccaa     48420
     ggaagatggg aatggagagt taagctatct gaggctagga aggggaaaca ccactgatca     48480
     gcgttaggag aggaaagggg gactctgcct cagacactac gagaagtgtg gcactgttgc     48540
     atctttagtt ggaatgccca gactctaagc ctcctagggg tgccattcta agcaacccag     48600
     cttgagagcc ttggtcttca ctgccctagg acagtaactc aaggacgtgc tcagaaactt     48660
     ctctcagtgg tgctgcaatg gatgtgccat tgcacgcaca ctagcatacg aggagttacg     48720
     aagctgggaa cagtgattct ctctgaatga aagactggtt catttgtatt ctactgtttg     48780
     tactctttcc aaatttacaa accttttctc aataaacgtg tttactttca taatacaaac     48840
     aaaagccaat aaagatgact ccattaaaaa aaaaacataa aaaagtgaac agagttaagt     48900
     tagtcaggaa gcaaggcata aataaaaaca tgcaaaaata gaaagggcaa gaaatgaaaa     48960
     tctatcaaaa cactcatttt tgctaaaaca agggatatta cacaaccttt tatagatgat     49020
     tttgaaaaat caagataaag tacataattt caatagaaca atgcaattta ccaaatctat     49080
     ccccagaaaa agaccccccc aaaaaaaacc ctaaaaatta agttcccaca gttaaatgct     49140
     aaacatttct tctatgtaat cctaaaagat ggaatgatat agtggttaca taagtaattc     49200
     ctaaaaacag aaaaacaata aacatactcc aaacctttct ttttctgtca gattcaaaat     49260
     tctgacaaag aaacctgtgg gaaatgggga ggggacaaca cctccatttt taggaacatc     49320
     aatataaaaa tactaagcaa aatattagca aatagttttg ggttctggac aaagaaagaa     49380
     tgagaggtaa tcaatctttc cttacacaat aaataaaaag gacaaaaaat atgcaaagta     49440
     attttcagat attggaccaa atataaacaa tgataaataa atgaataaac aaacaacaag     49500
     acatggcttt gagagagtga agaacgctaa gcaggaccag cttttcaata cccccacgtg     49560
     ttctatgcag acacgatcca catctcagtg tatttattta gatgtatcca aaggagagga     49620
     ggcaggtctg gtggagaaga gttgggcacc accaagtcta agagcataag aatctgcagg     49680
     ctggtacttg tagggaagag agctttaaag agctgtggat accacattaa gtgtcttatg     49740
     gactgaccag cctataccca tgaggagttc cttagcaacc agaagagaaa gccattccaa     49800
     cacagaggac actgagcaga ctcttcaaaa gcaaatttat ttgccttgaa gaaaactagt     49860
     cctccactaa cagctaccct tgacctgata acagcaatta agagaaagtc cagaaaagac     49920
     caagtgtttc caagtaacca aactcggata ggaatacaat ctaaaaatat ttgggagaaa     49980
     aaaaaaataa gccagcagct aacaacataa aatttacagt ctggatatta ataaccaatt     50040
     tccagacatg agaagaagca ggaaaacatg acccatgatg aggagaaaaa taagtcagca     50100
     ggaacagaat gagaagtaac acagatgata aaatcagtag acaagagctt gaacactcaa     50160
     acaaatccca tgtgttcaaa gtggtagaag aacctatgag cacaatgaga atgcaaactg     50220
     atgtaaaaat atatgtgtgt ttaaaaaaga ttcaagtcaa gcttctagca gttaaaaata     50280
     gaataggaac gaagaaaaat agaggaatga gtaagcctga agcccaaaat agaaattggc     50340
     cctaatgaaa tgcagagaaa gattaacaag tgaataacag ctgagctgag ggacatgaag     50400
     tagatctgca acagttaagt ggcaggaagg atccttacag aaaacaaggc tcaacttaag     50460
     cctgcaaggc ttacggaaca cagtatagaa acaacacaag aaaccacaag acatgccatt     50520
     ataatgccca gaaacactga taaagctgta cagctcccaa aagaaaatta aaaaacacat     50580
     tatctttttg tgaaataaaa ttaaaagaca cctgacctct gataagaaac aataagcagt     50640
     gcaaagaata caagacattc tcaaagtatt aaaagataaa ggggccaggc agtggtggca     50700
     cacaccttta atcccagcac ttgggaggca gaggcaggca gatttctgag tttgagacca     50760
     gcctggtcta cagagtgagt tccaggacag ccagggctac acaaagaaac cctgtctcaa     50820
     aaaaataaaa caaaacaaaa agataaaggg tattgagaac acattgaaaa ttttgaaagt     50880
     attcaaacta ttgaagtatt aactgcatca aaaatattat ttaaaaatca gagtgagaaa     50940
     aaaatcagtg acagaaatac tgtttatgat ctgaaagaga taagagagag cagactagac     51000
     tacaggcatg ttaaagcctc acagagaaga gtggcccaga caggaatctg aacacccaga     51060
     aaggagtgga aagcaccacg actgctcaag gatgggagtt aagagaaaag accatagccc     51120
     tcctggagga accctgttaa tcaatatcct tctgtccagt gaaagcattt cctggacaca     51180
     tggccagtct actgctgtag aatgtaggac aaaaatctga ataactaaag caggagatgg     51240
     gaaaattaca gtaaatgaaa tataagtcct taaagccagc gaggcacaac taaggcatga     51300
     ggaagcagca gggtggcaat ccgtgtctca taaaagggaa gaaggaagct aaagccaaaa     51360
     tttcatgaga tcggaagatg acacagcagg ataaaactgg agacagcttt aatatgtgaa     51420
     agttgtagga gctaaacatc ccaactagag aataaaaaac aaatactatc agattggata     51480
     caacaaacaa atgaacagac aaaccaaaaa gcaccatcac atataggcca cacagttcaa     51540
     attaaaatga taggaaagga catgtcagag tcacaccaag aaacaaaggt ttagagtaac     51600
     tctattaaca gagaaagcag aagtgcagat ataatcagag cttcacagtg cctcgtcata     51660
     atgggcattt aacaaatggc agtaagaatc ctaactttgc aaaatgtaaa attatagctt     51720
     taagtacaca gatatgacca gaattgaaag aagacactgg aacggccgca gttacacttc     51780
     caaacttcaa cagacagctt tccatcacgg aagagaaagg aagaaaataa gtaatgtcaa     51840
     agtgagccag aacaacattg ctaaacactt gatctaattg acattcttat caagagccat     51900
     gaaatattca ccaaaacaca ttacactctg aacaaaacaa gtttctcaaa atttagataa     51960
     gttgaaatca tggctttcaa gcaacagtga attaagacaa aaacacaaca gaaggctatt     52020
     ttgatagctc ctgagaagtc tgtggctaat aaacatgctt ctcacattac aagggctaac     52080
     tatgacatca caaatgaaac ttaaaagaag ttgaagtaaa tagaggtatg gggatgcatg     52140
     tcaatttcta agatgtccac gatgatcata gaaggaaaca cacaacatta aatgttttac     52200
     tggaaaacaa gagtaaacaa ataacctaaa ttctgaagct caggaaacag gaaaaaagga     52260
     gaacgttgag aagaaacaaa aaatgatcaa aaagaaatct gaataatgaa agctagctct     52320
     ctgagaacat aggtaagatg acaacccaca tcaggtgaga tcagccacat tcaggagaag     52380
     acacacagac agtagcagga agagttttca cacagccaaa aaccccacag aggcaagtga     52440
     ggagatgtag aaagagcctt ctacactcag aaaagacaat gatgtgaaag taattccctc     52500
     ggaggaaaac aatagcaacc aagcagtgta cattttatct acttaactct acatgcaggt     52560
     gactagaggt aaaaagaaat aatgctacta taagcaaatg ctggagccac ttagtggctt     52620
     tatttagcct gggctacaga atcagcccat gaccccagcc ttcaagaaac gtcagatctc     52680
     tgctaaacct gaacactgac tgcccccaaa atattaagtg tgccagaccc taatctactg     52740
     aatcccaaaa atacatgaaa aacactgcac catccccaac tacagttcac atccataaga     52800
     caatggtggt ttagcaaaca acttactgtg taattcctca cagtaatgac tgaaccaaaa     52860
     gtcgggatta tcccgacaaa tatgaggaag cacttcacaa aagtgagcat tcactcatga     52920
     taaaaaaaaa aattaacaaa ctcagaacag aagcaaactt tctctaccac acaaaactca     52980
     aacatcacat tcaaagctga atgaccaatc ccttctacct gataaagaac accaagatgt     53040
     ctgctctcaa gcctcagggt cacagtatgg aggacggccc agccagagaa gtaactaaaa     53100
     aaaaaccaat ctcgaggcat aggagcacag agaagaaagt agaattatac acacatgcaa     53160
     catgactaca cagacagtca gaagcaaact tttaataaat tagatttaaa agagtttagc     53220
     aaaatggtac aatagtgtta atacatgaaa acctcaataa tatacaatat gaatgcatat     53280
     ttggaagcta aaacatttta atctcatcta tgagaactta gaaaattcaa gttttgagag     53340
     taaatttgaa ctcccttccc aaagaaagat taagaacttt taagaaaatt gtttactttt     53400
     taagagccct acctagggtt aaagataaaa atgagaaagg cctctaaaat ctgactacca     53460
     gcctgaccta aagcagggac ggcccaccct gagtggtggc ccagatggga gctgcagccc     53520
     aacactcgca gttgggaaac gctggcctgg atgttgtttt ggaaagagtc ctcaggcaaa     53580
     aagatcacag atttcgttat actctacact gtaaacgagt gtttgctttc cctctgataa     53640
     acactgtggg ttttgcaagc aacattcgtg aagccaaaat ccatggatgt tctttgcctt     53700
     caaaaaaagt tctggattct acttcaagta gtatagctga ggggcaaaca tatatagtga     53760
     aagaactacc tagtcaacag aagaaagtga catgctcccc tctgcataaa accaaatgat     53820
     agcctagctt ataaaggaca ggtgtctatt tcaggagtgc ttcataacag aaaacacaga     53880
     aatacatgat tcccttctaa ggaacataga acacactaag aaccatgcag tggattttat     53940
     caacacctga tataatgaca accctgcaac cccatttctc tctgaaatct gacttcagag     54000
     ctgtgtagtg ctgggctggt gttcttcaat ccgacaattt agagtcatcc aaaagcagga     54060
     gcctaaactg aagaactgaa gaactgcaga actgcctcca taaggtcatc ctgtggttaa     54120
     gcccatgggg catttgcctg attaatgatt gctgtgggag ggcccagctc actgtgggca     54180
     atgtctctgc tgggcacgtg gtccagggaa gtacaataaa ataacctgag aaagccatgg     54240
     agagcaagcc agcatgtagc attccatcgt gagtccgctt cagctcctgc ccaggcttct     54300
     cttgctgatg agactataac tcataagcca aataaaccct ttcctcacca agttggtttt     54360
     gggcagtgtt ttaccataac agacaagaca caaattgtca atttacagct gaaaaatttc     54420
     ccccaagcat ctcaaacaca ggtccaaagt tcaactggct cctcattggc caacctcttg     54480
     tttctcctga aaccaagaca tacagaacag tgctgtgctc tctgcggtgg gaacaccatc     54540
     cctgagaaga cataaacaca cccccacact gctccttaca gagcaccact aacaaaccaa     54600
     agtatgactc cagcaaagcc agacttatag gtccaatgac atcagtgagt tcactgagcc     54660
     taaatgagga atcacaggag catgggtgac acagaaaagc catacaacac actgaccaga     54720
     acgcctcacc cagcatgcat ggcgtctacc tcacagatgg gtacatggag tctctccttc     54780
     acatcgtctc ccacagtcaa gattcttaga cacctccaag aacacaggtc acataagatt     54840
     atggcagaca cggacacata catggccaga aggtaaaact gggaagcact gacacatcag     54900
     aggaggaccc ctcccaagcc ttgctcaagt agaaatccag tttcagggtt tctaagaaat     54960
     aacagctctg tggtaaagag gccagctgtt gtgcttggag cacagagctc tacagcactg     55020
     tcaccagcaa ctacacacac tggctgcccc tttttcagac agcctcccct ttctacatcc     55080
     catcagctat ttttcagtaa agaatcagtg aataattccc agaccaggct ttccatgtga     55140
     aaaggcagga accaggttat tacaaggtta ctcagagagt aagggccttc aaaatatcat     55200
     aacacaaata aaaatacaac tcttataata caagcctatt aagaagaaca gaacttcttt     55260
     tttatggaat aatggtttac ttaagtatga aggcaacaca ccttaacatc aaaatcaaat     55320
     acagatatat ctctgctgta ctaaggtggc aagattttac ttactctgtc ttttaagaat     55380
     gtcttcacac agacaggtaa ctacaaatac tgtaaatact gatggcactc attccacaag     55440
     ccttacttga gcaaatccat aaataggaag cccttgtaga attctgctct ccatatatat     55500
     ctttcaagat gtcatttata atgcagatta cttgtttcca atgttggttc tgtgaggaga     55560
     ggcagttcct cactgcacac ctatatgaac tttgaaatct agaaattgcc tttgttcctg     55620
     catagagctg gaaggaagga aggctgctag gataggaggt gctgcttgaa tcttgtatct     55680
     gctacaagtc tgggcaagaa gcaaggccat ggtttagggt tggatggctt cggtgcagtg     55740
     ggctgctgga catttctaca ttatgaatgt tgttatcaca atgattttac tacagtataa     55800
     attctatgtg taactcttac ttcacctcac aattttagat catttacatt aagaaatgct     55860
     gataagcttt tggcaaaatc caattttctt gccttagtgt tcaaaaacag tggttgaagg     55920
     tagttttact tcatgagaaa ctttgaattt tgtacctgat ctcaaaaata aatattaaaa     55980
     aaaacaccag caattgtaaa aagccaataa agtgtgcgag catacacctg tactcctcag     56040
     aaggcaggac catcagtcac aggactctct gagctgtaga gactctgtcc tccccaacag     56100
     caaaataagc aaacaaatca atcccaggaa cgctttgcca ctgctgagct atctacaact     56160
     atcccctgga ataatgtgca attacccggc tttagttctt agaaaaattc atggaaccaa     56220
     ccatagctca gtctttgaaa agcaagggac atttagcaat gatactattg gttcaaagta     56280
     gatgaaaggc tcaactctta tgtcattatc tacttataaa taacacttga attctaatat     56340
     gaggaaaacc aactggacat ccaaatacag tgtgtgagta tgtgctatca cacctacatg     56400
     tcatggattt gtgaatctca gccttttatc gtgtacactt ttgccctcag gaaaggaaga     56460
     gtttcagcag attctgcatc tgcttagcca aatctgtgct ttcttaattc ccttataact     56520
     agagaatatc gcttacagtg agatccactc tctgctcatc ttcattcaga cgcagtgagt     56580
     aggctgtggc tatgaaaaaa agaaatacag agagagagct gcatccacac caatctccac     56640
     cgagatacgc agcgccgtga tgtgcatgca gtctgcagaa caagaataca aacacacaaa     56700
     gctcccgttc caggggtcct gacatcaaac acatggtcag cagatcagca caagtcctca     56760
     gtgctgggag acagtcgcac acatggcaat catctgttac agcaatcagc tagagcaaaa     56820
     cacagaggtg aagcctggag cagcacgtgc atgcgctttg aattctgtct cagagatgac     56880
     cccaatgaac agactccttc cccagcagac acatgcatgt aatatttatg cccaagacag     56940
     tccactccag agtcagtcaa gagattgtat gtaagcttta tctcaaattg acaggatccc     57000
     tcaagaaaag cccatgttca acaccaaaga ggtaaaaaca gttttatcaa cctcatggaa     57060
     atttctccaa gctgcattcc cacaagttac ccaagatgta gcccactgcc atcccctcta     57120
     acctggcatt tccagacatg ctctgctaag tctcatctgt ggagaaccac actcactctt     57180
     catggtaaag ctctagccca ggacacaact acaaacacag aaccaaaact gcagtccagg     57240
     tgcctgctta cccgcacaac tccaccaaca tcagacttta aattttatat aatattcatg     57300
     tatctcaaag tactctttga tttccttcct tggttgttga aacacagcaa atttcttaga     57360
     ctatgagcaa taggaagaca gaatccattc tggcctacag ggtgtggttt acagaccctc     57420
     acatgcctgt cctgggatgg cttagtccca gttgtgcccc accgctgtta actatcactg     57480
     accacactgc cactgtttcc ctcaagagct tttaaaggtc agaactcttt gcatcattgc     57540
     cccatccatc acatttctac tctggctgcc acacagtatg cacataagat gttttagcta     57600
     actgtgtgga agatggcttc atgggccata gccccctgtg tacaagcaga agaaggactg     57660
     taattcagag atccctagtc agggcctcca cataaagtgc aaagggagac agagacagga     57720
     ggatcgcttg gcattactga ctgccagtct agctaaaata gcaagcttca ggttctcaaa     57780
     aaaataaagt agaacaaaac agtgtaggac aagtggtcct ctttctccac ttcctcgcca     57840
     ccatttgtta ccacctgagt ttttgatctt agtcattctg actgctgtta gatggaatct     57900
     cagggttgtt tcaatttgca tttccctaat gactaaggat aatgaacatt tctttaggtg     57960
     cttctcagcc cttcagtatt cctcagctga gaattctttg tttagctcta taccccattt     58020
     ttaaataggg ttatttggtt ctctagagtc taacttcttg agttctttgt atatattgga     58080
     tattagccct caactggatg taggattggt aaagatattt tcccaatctt ttggttgcat     58140
     tttgtcctat tgacagtgtc ctttgcctta cagaaccttt gcaattatat gaattttatg     58200
     aatttgtcaa ttactgatct tatagcataa gctattggtg ttctgttctc ggggctcttt     58260
     cctactttct tttctattag tttcagtgta tctggtttta tgtggaggtc ctttatccac     58320
     ttagacttga gatttgtaca aagtgataag aatggatcaa tttgcattct tctgcatgct     58380
     aattgccagt tgaactagaa ccatttgttg aaaatactgt cttttttcca ctggatggtt     58440
     ttagctcatt tgtcaaagat caagtgatca taggtgtgtg ggttcattcc tgggttttca     58500
     attctatccc attgatctac ctgcctgtct ctgtaccaat actgtgcagt tgtttttaat     58560
     cacaattgct ctgtagtata gcttgaggtc agggattgtg attccaccag aatttatttt     58620
     attgttgaga atagtttctt ctatcctagg ctttttgtta tttcagaaga attggcaaat     58680
     tgctctttct aactctataa ggaattgtgt tagacttttg atggggatta tattgaatct     58740
     gtagattgct ttcagcaaga tggccatttt tactatattc atactgccat gagcatggga     58800
     gatctttcca tcttctgaga tcttctttgg tttctttctt cagagaattg aagttcttgt     58860
     cctatagatc tttcacttgc ttagttaaac accaaggcat tttatattat ttgtgactat     58920
     tgtgaagggt gttgtttcgc taatttcttt ttcaaactgt ttatcctttg agtacaggaa     58980
     ggccactaat ttgtttgagt taattttata tccagctact gtgctgaagt tgtttatcag     59040
     gtttaggagt tctctggtgg gattttttgg ggtcaactaa gtatgctatc ataacatcta     59100
     aacatagtga tattttgact tcttcctttc caatttgtac ccctttgacc tccttttatt     59160
     gtctaattgc tctggctagg acttccagta ttatattgaa taggtaagga gaaagtgggc     59220
     tggtgggatt gcaagctggt acaaccactc tggaaatcag ttgggcagtt cctcagaaaa     59280
     ttgggcatag tactacctga ggactcagca atacccagaa gatgctccaa catgtaataa     59340
     ggacacatgc tgtattatgt tcatagcagc cttatgtata atagccagag gctggaaaca     59400
     acccacatgt ccctcaacag aggaatggat acagaaaatg tggtatattt acacaatgga     59460
     gtactactca actattaaaa acaatgacta catgaagttc tttggcgaag ggatggaact     59520
     agaaaatatc atcctgagtg agataaccca atcataaaca aacacatatt gtatgcactc     59580
     actgataagt gaatattagc ccagaagctc agaataccca agatacaact cacaaaacac     59640
     atgaagctca agaagaagga acaccaaagt gtggatactt tggtccttct tataaggggg     59700
     aacaaaatac aggaggaatt acagaaacca agtgttgagc agagactgaa ggaaaggcca     59760
     tacagaaact gccccacctg gggatctatc ccatttacag tcaccaaacc caacactatt     59820
     gtggatgcca acaagtgctt gctgacagaa gcctgatata gctgtctcat gacaaatacg     59880
     gaggtggatg ctctcagcca accattggaa tgaacacagg gtccccagtg gaagagtaga     59940
     aaaaggactc aaggagctga aggggtttgc aaccccatag gaaaaacaac aatatgaacc     60000
     gacctgtaac cacagagttc ccagggacta aaccaccaac caaagaaaac acatggatgg     60060
     actcatggct ctagctgcgt atgtagcaga ggatggccta gtcagtcatc aatgggcaga     60120
     gaggcacttg ttcctgtgaa ggctctatgc cccagtgtag gggaatgcca gggccaggaa     60180
     gcaggagtgg gtggattggt ggaggcagga ggtgggggtt tttcagaggg gaaaccagga     60240
     aagggcataa catttgaaat gtaaataaaa aaatagtgca ggacagccta cctcctcctc     60300
     tggcttcaac tcctacacac atatgtgtat atacatcacg cacaccacca caccatatac     60360
     ttaaccacat acctacacac ccagatataa cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     60420
     cacacacaca cacaccccac tctattgtat gtgctgagca ttctaatcca aaatccaaaa     60480
     caaaagtaaa gaattctata cagaaaagtt gcatcatcaa aaaataaagt tactaaaaaa     60540
     cactgaataa aatttcttat ctagttacac tcaaacattt ttaaaattca aaatattcct     60600
     agctccaaac aattttaaga agtgatacta aacctataat aaaaatttta atactttcag     60660
     gtatttagaa aagtcaggca tggtagtcca cttctgtaat cagagtgtta gggttacaga     60720
     gactggttga tccataaact tgctgtccat tctagccaat cagtaagggt tcagtgagaa     60780
     accaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaggcga agagtaatat aagaagactt atgatgttga     60840
     cacagggcct tgtggtggtc tgaataggtt aggccccccc catagacgca tgtgtttcag     60900
     cttggccata gggagtggcg ctattcagag gtatagactc ttggagaagt ggatcactgc     60960
     aaagacaggc attgaggtct cctgtgctca agttcaaccc agtctggact cagagcctcc     61020
     tcctggctgc cagaggaagg taatccacat ctgctgccta ctgatcaaga tgtggagctc     61080
     tcagctcttc cagcaccatg tctgccggca tcctgcttgc ttcctgccat gaggataatg     61140
     ggttgaacct ctgaaactgt taggccagcc ccaactaaat gtttgccttt ataagcattg     61200
     ccttggtcaa tggtgtctct tcctaggaat tcaaacatga attaagactg acctcaacat     61260
     acacaggtac ttaagtacat acacctactc cacatataaa aataaaaagt aaatagcaaa     61320
     cctcattgga tatctttaaa tatttatgtc tgtgtgcatc tgcacacagt gatatgccca     61380
     tgtgtacaaa tgcagtgcag gcctaaggtc aatcttgggt gtggttcctc aggaatggtc     61440
     tgtccagtgt ggtttccctc cctggtgcag ttcgctagtt tggtttggct gactagcagc     61500
     tgctatagct gcctgtctct gcctactttg ctctataagt agactctgga gactgacctc     61560
     atgtcctcag ttaatctatc tcccaacccc tcaaggtatt ataaaattaa ctagacatct     61620
     tactgtatag tactcctttg gaatctcata attgaaaaca atgcttactt cttaggaaat     61680
     ctagacagac cataatgata ttttttgact gattaaatga tacttaaggt ggaattactt     61740
     aaaaagaata gttaaggaat tgtcactttt atttttcttt ctttgtacag agaatggatg     61800
     aaaacaatgt tgtatttcta gaatttaaga aagttctata aggaagatca tttcttaaaa     61860
     gtaacttgat acatttttag ggtcaatagc gagtatacca atacagcttt aaagaaaata     61920
     ttttatcaag tatgttacat aatgatgtgt tggaaatatt taatatgtgt aacaaagagt     61980
     ctaggaacct ggctaaagtc atctatgatc tacctaattc catgaggaga ctgagtggga     62040
     gatcagagaa gggagtacac ctcctctctc aactaagcaa atacagaaca caccacctct     62100
     ttctggcatt ccgaggagct gctgtatttg cactgtgaat attacagaag cagaagctag     62160
     cttacaagaa ttttgcagat gaatgcaact ataaaaacaa cacacatcta ttatttctaa     62220
     aaatttcata aaatctgaaa aaatatattg aagcctaaat agtgctgtca catctgatga     62280
     agtacttaga gcaaagagtc aaggggtcta caatcgaaac ataattcaaa agaacaacag     62340
     gcactgaggg acatgcagaa acagatggat caatagaccc aggacaataa atataaatga     62400
     cagcatcttc atggtgtatg tacagtgtcc actgaaaatt ctttctccat tactgtttga     62460
     agattttttt aactttaaaa aaaaattcaa caattgctgc actgtcatat gcaaggttca     62520
     tcttggaaga tgcaaaataa attccatcca ttgccttcat cttgaaggat gaaaaataaa     62580
     ctacatccat tgcctctgtc tttggggctc tggatcccgc agccattttc aagggtcacc     62640
     acactggcat cggatggcaa tgctgtctat tcaactctcc ctgactctga ttttggaaga     62700
     tgccctacca ggatttttca ttaacatttc tgctacattg aaaacctgat actttctggc     62760
     atacggaaaa aggacatgag catccccatc gattgatgga ggttcacact ttttcattgt     62820
     ggtgattaat gaattaataa tcaaagaaat tgtactaact ctgtatacag ggaagcccac     62880
     ccagatccca aagaagtaag gtaagtcagt cccatgctta gactccagct gagaggactg     62940
     gaaagcaggt agagaagaaa ggaattcgta aatatcactt cttagaccag atggttttaa     63000
     cgactctctg gatacctaag agtaaatgtg agttccaaag atactgtggc ctaaatcaaa     63060
     atatatagaa atattttaat ttcactgtta tggtaggggg tggtaaagaa gagagagaaa     63120
     agtgtttgca gaagttctca aattgaaaaa aactgaataa atcattaatt taaaaggcaa     63180
     ttacacatgt aggcacatta acaacaaggt gtaaaggaga tgccatcagt aacatgttga     63240
     taaagcacgt gagctaaatt acctgggaag gcaaacggcc ataccagctc taattttatc     63300
     tgcacccata gcaagcactc aagatcatta gtctgaatta tggatgataa tggtaaagac     63360
     aatgagttaa atatgggaaa ctagtgatta aaggcacgtg gccaagggat atacagtgac     63420
     tcgagtatga aacgtctccc acagattcat ggacttgaca acttggtccg cgctggtggt     63480
     gctgcttgtg ggtggtaaag cctgggcaag aagcctgtgc tagggacagc agcacaagcc     63540
     aactttcagt cccctttaca gttgacagtc agacaggata tgaagaatta gcaacctcaa     63600
     agaggcagag atgctccgcc aggatgcctt cccaccaggc aaacaaggcc ctcctttctc     63660
     cagcagcttc tgtgttacct gaactgccta gcatgtgcta tgatctgcct gggaggtttg     63720
     catgtataac ctggagaata tgcacacacc atggagtggg aggtgggatc ctccagtggc     63780
     ctgtgaccag caagatatgt agcttaccac tctctcctac cttacagata cagtcatcac     63840
     cattctaatt tagctttcct catattctaa ggaaaatgtc aggagaatag atgaaagtat     63900
     gaaattagtt taggggaaaa gctaatacca aaagataatg caatgatgat atgtaaaaat     63960
     ttctattaaa tagcaaaaga attcaagaag ccaggacttg gcagtttgag aagtttctca     64020
     gacacacaga ggttaagttt aaagaagtga ttccacagtg cagttagctg tagacgcagg     64080
     cttaaaataa agtacaaatt aataaacttc ctctctgcaa aacttagcag gaaacataaa     64140
     ggggtcagtg acacatatgc ctcaagggac agccctctgc aacatgtccc cttctaatca     64200
     gatgccagtc ttgcccctca catgcctggg aatgactcag tcctgatctc cttctgtcca     64260
     gaggaggcca tcccccgctc atcagtgagg acgcatccca taagtgtcac atgcatttgc     64320
     caagtggtaa aactctcagc tcagctccag cactcagacc agactctcct ccctcagctc     64380
     agtaccagcc ttcccaagtg aactgcagac aaagatttcc tttctcttca ggggtttgtt     64440
     tgtttgtttg tttgtttgcc agatcaatta atattttgaa atctttatta gtaatagtgg     64500
     tgtttagaca ggtgtacagt tgaatgaact catcacagat acagatgcgt aaaaccaata     64560
     ccaaaataaa gatactgaag agtccctcac tccaacgtgc cctagcccac acagtctgtt     64620
     gagagttata ggtgctgccc ttccctgagg cacttccaac aacaggaaac cactgaccac     64680
     ttctctgcta acacagtgtg gtccttgaga gattgtcata gagatacttg atgggcttcc     64740
     tcttcataag gctttcaaga tcaatgcaga ggacaataac actagctctc attctagatt     64800
     gtggctcaac agtactcaat ttaaaagaaa gtcgtttacc cagtgatccc acaaaggata     64860
     caagagccat ttccagctta ttgcaattga gagacagcta tcataaaggt tttgtttttt     64920
     gttttttggc atgtcctata tgagtactat actaacataa tttcccttcc atctcctcct     64980
     ttatctcccc tccttaattc cctttcaaat gcatgtcttc ttatccttaa ttgtggttac     65040
     atatgaacat agacataaat ttatcaatcc agcaggctga gtgccctagt gctgttcatt     65100
     atgtatacgt ctttggggat gccaacttgg gggtgaagaa actgtaaggg gagtctctca     65160
     gaagccactg aattgcctgg agctcagcat aaagtagccg agctctagat tcgcccctct     65220
     tccacttctc ttcagaaagt agcaggactc ccaagaagat caactgggca cagcataaca     65280
     agttacacta agaacaagca caaactctca tatcagggct gggcaaggct gcccagtagg     65340
     aggaagagtc ccaagagcag gtgaaagggt cagagacacc cttaggtgtg tgttactgcg     65400
     gtcgctgtta ggagtcccac tgaaacaaga agctacacaa gcacagcatc tatgcagagg     65460
     gcagagcaca gagccacaca ggctccacga gggaagaatg gacttcagtc atcctcaacg     65520
     gtgttttaca aactctacta cctctgtgtt tcttctacaa aaaataaaaa attctactga     65580
     cacttacact gtaatttctt taactctaca caaaaatgtg agaactgaca tcttttctcc     65640
     tttgatcttc cagttcatga atgctatatg gtccattcat tttggtcttc attaattatt     65700
     tctgaatttt aggttttaaa attctagtac tgtacaataa ttgtaagata tttttcttaa     65760
     gtatcaaatt gatttgggaa ctaatatata acataaaaat cttttttgta cattgtacaa     65820
     tgtacaaaat gcaaatagga tcattctgag gatttatgtt ttatccttgc tacaccagag     65880
     ttctgagagt tttcttgtgg atatcatgga actaactatg tctataatca tgttatcact     65940
     aaacactttt attttttcca attgaacgag actctgtcct gacatatgtg atttgaatgt     66000
     tttgggaata agtcacaagc ctcaggtacc atacctgaat agaaggtaaa ctctttcgta     66060
     tcagatatag cagacagttc acagaaaatc acattcactc tactagttcc tccatttatt     66120
     ctttactctt tgaacttgta ctgctgtgga cctagcaagc tcctatgcaa agtcataaaa     66180
     acaatgacca gttaaccatt caatgaccag tgcaagtggc aaacacagct ctgagatcaa     66240
     gcatgcatat tcttcatgct acatttcaaa gagtataccc agtttactgt gataatactg     66300
     acataatacc agcataatac caacttatca agtgttctta ctaaaaattc aatctatgaa     66360
     cataaaacat ctaaaaggtg taagtttaaa gtaaagtcaa ccacttatgg tgtttttgag     66420
     aaaactaaca tttaattccc cttcaaagcc atctgatgaa atgattaagt ctggtgttag     66480
     ctattcctcc ccaagtttgc tcctgaacac catgctccca taccttaacc cacttaaccc     66540
     ttattgttcc attccccctt ctctttttac acattatata tcctatttct ccttccttta     66600
     aatcttcctt cgtctcccat ggctccttca ctagttattt aatctcttga gaattctaaa     66660
     tgaaacacat atcgagctta aagctacatc catatataga agaaagcatg taatgtttgt     66720
     ctaagttgag ataattgttt ccatttccac ctatttatca ctgaatgtcc ttatttcata     66780
     aattcattgt gcattctcca gtgtaaatgg gtaacatttt catcatccat tcatctatgg     66840
     acgaataccc aggctgcttc cacttcctgg taactgtgaa gagagcatca gtgaacacat     66900
     gcgcgtaagc atccgtacag agagacagaa aatcctctgg gcagagctgg attttgaggt     66960
     agattgaccc cagcttcttg aggaaccttc atactgactt ccatagtagc ttaccggttt     67020
     gtactcctcc tggaagtgaa taagtatgca agtgttcccc tttccccaaa gctccgctgg     67080
     cagataatgc catttggggc tttgtttact tggggccttg ttttgttttt agccttggcc     67140
     attctgactg aaataagatg aaatatcaaa gtactttcac tttttctagt gtttcttagc     67200
     tatttgtgtt ttatcttttg agaactctag ttccatatac cattttttaa aacatattgt     67260
     ttgtgtcctt gatgcttaat tttttttgag ttatctatat attctagata ctaacatttg     67320
     ttaggattct ctaacaagac caaactgata caatgaatat atgtttgtat aaagtgacat     67380
     agagaatgaa tatacatagt atttattaga gtgtcttgtg gattatgggc caactactct     67440
     aacaatattg tctcccaatg ggaagtccaa gaatctagta gttgttcagt ctacaatgtt     67500
     gggtgtatta gctggtattc agtacacact agaattcaaa agaagtaggc tctaatacca     67560
     gtaaagaaat gaaagtgcca gggaaagtaa aggcaggcag acaaaaaatt agagcttttc     67620
     tttccttttc ctcttcctct tctttatctt cctcccctcc tcttccagat accagatacc     67680
     agataccaga aggtatggcc cagcatttat gctgaacctt aacaccttaa atgatccaat     67740
     caatcaaaat acctcaccgg tatacccaga aactttgatt ttagttcatt ccagatgtag     67800
     tcaagttgag aagcaaaaat agccatccta gaagtacaat tggtaaagat gttttgtccc     67860
     cattacatag gcttcgtgca aagcatggtg ccctttgcta gttttgaaag gccccatgag     67920
     ctaactactg cgttcaatgc ctgcgttacc agggtcatgt tcaaaaagtt ccttactgta     67980
     caatggattc aagcatgccc tatgctttct tctctaacag agtcagggta ccagatttta     68040
     aactgaggtc cttaattcac ttagtgttga attttgtaca agatgaaaga tatggacaga     68100
     gtttcattgt tctatgtaag cctacccagt ttgacgagtt ccattcattg aagatgctgt     68160
     tattgtattt actccactgt gcatttttat cgaatcagat gctcatacat gtgtaggtca     68220
     tacatgtgag gatcttcaat tctattccac tgatgaatat gtctatgtgt atgccaatac     68280
     tatactgact agattgggtc tctaaatcac agtcctgccc tcaagcctca gggatgtata     68340
     caatgaggaa gcagtaagat tgtaagaatc taaggtggta gatcacctaa aaaaaatcaa     68400
     tatttccaaa cacaacagag aaaatataga aattatgaaa acatgtacaa gatctacaca     68460
     aaataaagtc aggcaaaaat ctcctcataa ggagggcaag tggccaggtg aaaccgtgca     68520
     gagaaactat tgatatttca ttgctgtttg gaaagagaga gtccatttct gtcattcagt     68580
     gacacctagt atatcaacca cactccaggg caggccccat gcttagtagt agttccaagg     68640
     caaacagaat ttgatgttta gttttctttt taatagaaag agaatatgaa cttgggtagg     68700
     tggggggagg aggatacaga aggagttgga aaggagagat taaatataat caaactacat     68760
     tatatgaaat tctcaaagga taagtgagaa cactagttta gaaggaaaag gatcatctgg     68820
     cttctgcctc tttaacgacc aaacttaatg atgacagtga taccttcttg tatttggaac     68880
     tccacttcga cctaggtaac acaaaatgta ctttttatag tgtcatacag atcataaaac     68940
     tttacaaacc acccatttat ccctaaattt ctaaacatta aggtgcacca tggttaacac     69000
     caacttgaat ttcttatgaa cttgacactc tggaaagcaa ggacatcaaa ctctgaagtg     69060
     acctaggaca ttttcactga aatggggact ctttcagctt cattatttat gtggaaaatt     69120
     tatgtttcca cgatcctttc tgcctctaaa agtctatgaa tataagcatt ttccaaaagg     69180
     atttgtaatt atccaagaac agattcatat taaggaggtg tatggacact tggtatttgg     69240
     tatttggcca tgaggctaca aataataaag ggatttatta aatattttgt agaatcccta     69300
     attcaaagga gggtcttttc gcctctaata aaaaggcctt agagcaatct cattaattgc     69360
     ttaaagatct taagcactat aacccattaa taaatagctc aagtcacact gctctcatgt     69420
     gaattagtgc actattcttg tacccatcca gacactttct aaagaaagaa tgaaatatct     69480
     acatatttac aggtgaagtc catcaattca agtagttctt tcacacctac taccgcaaac     69540
     caaggagata tttaataaga tatgactata taaaagacag atattcaaaa ggaaaaaaaa     69600
     ggactggaaa tgcagaatat gcaaaggggg gagatcaaaa attaaacatt aaaaagagaa     69660
     agagaacaga aaatgtaaat atggaaatgc aaatgattac agaaaaaaga aaatgctggg     69720
     caaaaggaaa aaattaagta attagacaat gcagtctgat gctgcttcaa ataagcgtgt     69780
     ggagtgcagg aaatcctctg cttggctgag tcctgcacac tgctgtgctg tgtggggaag     69840
     gtaacatgcc agtggtcaag ttaaagaagg agcaaactca gaaaagcagt catcatcgtc     69900
     ttctcctggt catccttcag ttcagttgtt aacagagtcc tagttagtta cactccaaat     69960
     agaatacttg acccaaaagg caccaaacga actcgaaaaa ctaatccttt gaaaaataac     70020
     tgaggaacaa aatctggaac ttgaggtcca tttgtgcacg ctgccctccg ctgtgcacac     70080
     atctcgacac tccagaagtg caagtgagct tgatcccaca gcacagaagc cctctttcct     70140
     cgtgggcatt tgttagaggc aggcagctcc tttcccagga gcggcatcac tgctccatgg     70200
     tatgctgtct tcctgtcacc ccgactcttc ctctgcactt aagtgagagg aacttaaggc     70260
     aggaaagtaa aaatgaagaa ataaatcaga gcacaataca gacaaaaaag acagaaaaga     70320
     gctttaacac tcttccattt tagaagtgac atcaaggggt taatagagaa gaataagctt     70380
     aggaaactct gaaaagtcag tcatctccac tttggagtaa gacgaatata tgatagtgac     70440
     acttggattc tcaccagtgg ctaatcatca aagagggtac cactaggcag caagatgctg     70500
     gatgtcacta cctcccaggc ccagttcagc caccgtctat tgtaggaacc ctattattca     70560
     ttctggacat gtgtggtaat ttaaggaatg cagctcaaac cacatataca tacatggcaa     70620
     tattatcaca gatgacagag taaaaccaaa gttgtttacc agttagctaa gatacagggt     70680
     cataagccac tccagagcag tgactttggg gtagggtctt gtttcattca atgcacatag     70740
     tatctgatgg ccaccaagca ctctgcacat taactgagtg agcaaaggaa caaaagaata     70800
     attaaatgga tgtgcaaacc aatgagtaac attctgtcag tgtgcctggg gaatcttcca     70860
     attacaggaa cctaaagaaa taagcccatt cttgtagact tagaaacaaa agtttcacaa     70920
     atttatacac atgtgtggga aaataaaaga gaaaaatgaa gaaaaacgaa tgaaaatacc     70980
     accacaggca gaactacaca taaaaggtat tttataaggt acaaatgaac aaaaaaaaaa     71040
     aagaaaaaag ctctatataa agtcatattc tctcataact aatactttag tttagccttt     71100
     agaagtcaaa aaaatataca ttacaactca ccaagtcaca tatgttgttt taaaactgaa     71160
     accagaaatt cttacaaatg accttattgt aaaaccaact ttctcagtgg acttataggg     71220
     aaaacgcaca ttccccagag actatttcat cagataaagt aaatgaggtc ttaactacat     71280
     gcactattgc ctttttaaaa agccaaataa aacattgtgc tttgtcaggg ttagaaaaaa     71340
     ataaaccaac tgaggctacc atgctgatac cataggaaaa tgaaagcaaa gtggtttgaa     71400
     aagtaaatat gggatatgta ttattctagt gttagagaga gctgacaggc ctgccaaata     71460
     ttacatgtgt atccaattac acataatttt ggtcaggcta cgaaaattcg gtcctacccc     71520
     catcccctga ccaaactaga atagtagttt tcttgaatca atagaacaat ttacagagag     71580
     ccttgatata tccaaccatg ctcactggtt ccttacacat ggaacccagt tacatggacc     71640
     gaaatgtgac gagagaattg aacagaaaaa taagacaata tcaagggcca gggcactggg     71700
     taccattaac aaaaaaaaaa tgtgtgtgat ttaggagtct catcattcaa acaccataca     71760
     aaatcacaat ctccttccac tggtcaaccg ggcatacatt aagaggtgcc acacccttcc     71820
     ggtcggcgcc agcactgggt caccttggac ccggagtcgc tggacaagcc cgaggtcccc     71880
     agaggactct ccacgggatc ttaggacctc tggtggtaga acacaacttc tgttccaatc     71940
     caatcgcacg agacccgaga cagcattaat tagggaaaca gaaaacccgg cctgaccagg     72000
     gtcacaagtc cctcccgggc tacaacacca ggtccccttg ggtgcggagt catctgacac     72060
     ccccaaggtc cctagaggag tctccaagag atcttaggac ctctggtgag tggaacacaa     72120
     gttctgccag gaggcaggtt cgaacaccac atacctgggc accttccctg caagaggaga     72180
     ccttgctggc agagagtgct ataaccacta aaattcagga gagagctagc ctcccagatc     72240
     tgctgattag aggttaacat aatcatggga agaacaagct ctaaccagag acaactataa     72300
     caactaactc cagagattac cagatggcaa aaggcaaaca taagaatctt actaacagaa     72360
     accaagacca ctcacaatca tcagaacgca gcactctcac ctcacccagt cctgggcacc     72420
     ccaatacact cgaaaagcta gacccggatt taaaagcata tctcatgatg atggtagagg     72480
     acatcaagaa ggactttaat aactcactta aagaaataca ggagaacact gctaaagagt     72540
     tacaagtcct taaagaaaaa cacaaaaaca caaccaaaca ggtagaagtc cttaaagaaa     72600
     aacaggaaaa cacatccaaa caggtgagga aaatgaacaa aaccatacta gacctaaaaa     72660
     gggaagtaga cacaataaag aaaacccaaa gtgaggcaat gctggagata gaaaccctag     72720
     gaaagaaatc tggaaccata gattcgagta tcagcaacag aatacaagag atggaagaga     72780
     gaatctcagg tgcagaagat tccatagaga acatgggcac aacaatcaaa gaaaatgcaa     72840
     aatgcaaaat gatcctaact caaaacatcc aggaaatcca ggacacaatg agaagaccaa     72900
     acctacagat aataggagta gatgagaatg aagattttca acttacaggg ccagctaaca     72960
     tcttcaacaa aataatagaa gaaaacttcc caaacctaaa gaaagagatg cccatgaaca     73020
     tacaagaagc ctacagaact ccaaatagac tggaccagaa gagaaattcc tcccgacata     73080
     taataatcag aaaaacaaat gcactaaata aagataaaat attaaaaata agtaagagaa     73140
     aaaggtcaag taacatataa aggcagacct atcagaatta caccagactt ctcaccagag     73200
     actatgaaag ccagaagatc ctggacagat gttatataga cactaagaga acacaaatgc     73260
     cagcccacgc tactatacct aaccaaactc tcaattacca tagatggaga aaccaaagta     73320
     ttccatgaca aaaccaaatt cacacattat ctttccacga atccagccct tcaaaggata     73380
     ataacagaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaacctata caaggtcaga aaccacgccc tagaaaaagc     73440
     aagaaagtaa tccttcaaca aaccaaaaag aagacagcca caaaaacaga atgccaactc     73500
     taactatgaa aataatagga agcaacaatt acttttcctt aatatctctt aatatcaatg     73560
     gactcaattc cccaataaaa agacatagat taacagactg gctgcacgaa caggacccaa     73620
     aattttgctg tttacaggaa acccatctca gggaaaaaga cagatactac ctcaaaatga     73680
     aaggctgtaa aacaattttc ccagcaaatg gtctaaagaa acaagctgga atagccattc     73740
     taatatctaa taaaatcgac ttccaaccaa cattcacatg gaaactgaac aacactcttc     73800
     tcaatgatac cttggtcaag gaaggaataa agaaagaaat taaagacttt ttagagttta     73860
     atgaaaatga agccacaaca tacccaaact tatgggacac aatgaaagca tttctaagag     73920
     gaaaagtcat agctctgagt gcctccaaaa tgaaactaga gagagcacac actagcagat     73980
     tgacaacaca cctaaaagct ctagaacaaa aggaagcaaa ttcacccaag aggagtagac     74040
     gccaggaaat aatcaaactc aggagcgaaa tcaaccaatt ggaaacaaga aaaactattc     74100
     aaagaatcaa ccaaaggagg agctggttct ttgagaaaat caacaggata gataaaccct     74160
     tagccagact cactaagagg gcatagggac agcatcctaa ttaacaaaat cagaaatgaa     74220
     aagggagaca taacaacaga tcatgaagaa atccaaaata ccatcagatc cttctagaaa     74280
     aggctatact caacaaaact ggaaaaccta gatgaaatgg acaaatttct agagagaaac     74340
     caggtaccaa agttaaatca ggaacaagat aatgatctaa atagtcccat atctcctaaa     74400
     gaaatagaag cagtcattaa tagtctccca accaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaggcccagg     74460
     accagatggg tttagtgcag agttctatca gaccttcaaa gaagatctaa ttccagttct     74520
     gcacaaacta tttcacaaaa tagaagcaga aggttctcta cccaattcat tctatgaagc     74580
     cacaattact ctgataccta aaccagagaa agatccaaca aagatagaga acttcagacc     74640
     aatttccctt atgaatatcg atgcaaaaat actcaattaa attctcgcta acaaaatcca     74700
     agaacacatt aaaacaatca tccgtcctga ccaagtaggt tttattccag ggatgcaggg     74760
     atgatttaat atacggaaat ccatcaacgt catccattat ataaacaaac tcaaagagaa     74820
     aaaccacatg atcatcttgt tagatccaca gaaagcattt gacaaaatcc aacacccatt     74880
     cataataaag gtcttggaaa gatgaggaat tcaaggccca tacctaaaca tgataaaagc     74940
     aatctacagc aaaccagtag tcaacatcaa agtaaatggt gagaagctgg aagcaatccc     75000
     actaaaatca ggaactagac aaggctgccc actttctccc taccttttca acattgtact     75060
     tgaagtccta gccagagcaa ttcagcaaca aaaggagttc aaggggatac aaattggaaa     75120
     ggaagaagtc aaaatatcat tttttgcaga tgatatggta gtatatataa gtgaacctaa     75180
     aaattccacc agagaacacc taaacctgat aaacagcttt ggtgaagtag ctggatataa     75240
     aattaactca aacaagtcaa tggcctttct ctacacaaag gataaacagg ctgagaaaga     75300
     aattagggaa acaacacctt tctcaatagt cacaaataat ataaaatacc atggcatgac     75360
     tctaactaag gaagtgaaat atctgtatga taagaacttc aagtctctga agaaagaaat     75420
     taaagaagat ctcagaagat ggaaagatct cccatgctca tggattggca ggatcaatat     75480
     agtaaaagtg gctatcttgc caaaagcaat caacagattc aatgcaatcc ccatcaaaat     75540
     tccaactcaa ttcttcaaca aattagaaag ggcaattggc agattcatct ggaataacaa     75600
     aaaacctagg atagcaaaaa ctcttctcag ggataaaaga acctctggta gaattaccat     75660
     gcctgaccaa aagctgtact acagagcaat tgtgataaaa actgcatggt actggtatag     75720
     cgacagacaa gtagaccaat ggaatagaat tgaagaccca gaaatgaacc cacacaccta     75780
     tggtcacttg atctttgaca agggagctaa aaccatccag tggaaaaaag acagcatttt     75840
     caacaaatgg tgctggcaca actggcggtt atcatgtaga agaatgcgaa ttgatccatt     75900
     cctatcttct tgtactaagg tcaaatctaa gtggattaag gaactccaca taaaaccaga     75960
     gacactgaaa cttatagagg ggaaagtggg gaaaagcctc gaagagatgg gcacagggga     76020
     aaaattcctg aatagaacag cgatggattg tgctgtaaga tcgagaatcg acaaatggga     76080
     tctcatgaaa ttgcaaagct tctgcaaggc aaaagacacc gtcaataaga caaaaagatc     76140
     accaacagat tgggaaagga tctttaccta tcctaaatca gataggggac taatatccaa     76200
     tatatataaa gaactcaaga aggtggactc cagaaaatca aataactcca ttaaaaaatg     76260
     gggctcagag ctaaacaaag aattctcacc tgaggaatac caaatggctg agaagcacct     76320
     gaaaaaatgt tcagcatcct taatcatcag ggaaatgcaa atcaaaacaa ccctgagatt     76380
     ccatctcaca ccagtcagaa tggctaagat caagaattca ggtgacagca gatgctggct     76440
     aggatgtgga gaaagagaaa cactcctcca ttgttggtgg gattgcaagc ttgtacaacc     76500
     actctggaaa tcagtctggt ggttcctcag aaaattggac atagtactac tggaggatcc     76560
     tgcaatacct ctcctgggca tatatccaga agatgttcca actggtaaga aagacacatg     76620
     ctccactatg ttcatagcag ccttatttat aatagccaga agctggaagg aacccagatg     76680
     cccgtcaaga gaggaatgga tacagaaaat gtggtacatt tacacaatgg agtactacta     76740
     agctattaaa aagaatgaat ttatgaattc tctaagcaaa cggatggacc tggagggcat     76800
     catcctgagt gaggtaaccc aatcacaaaa gaactcatat gatatgtact cactgataag     76860
     tggatattag cccagaaact tagaataccc aagatataag atacagtttt cgaaacacat     76920
     gtagctcaag aagaaggaag accaaagtgt ggatactttg ccccttctta gaattgggaa     76980
     caaaacacct atggaaggaa ttacagggac taagtttgga gctgagacaa aggacagacc     77040
     atctagagac tgccacatcc aggcatctat cccataatca gcccccaaat gctgacacca     77100
     ttgcatacac aagcaagatt ttgctgaaag gaccctgaca tagctgtctc ttgtgagact     77160
     atactggggc ctagcaaaca cagaagtgaa tgctcacagt cagctattgg atggatcaca     77220
     gggtccccaa tggaggagct agagaaagta cccaaggagc taaatgggtt tgcaacccta     77280
     taggtggaac aacaatatga actaactagt acccccagag ctcatgtctc tagctgcata     77340
     tgtagcagaa gatggcctag tcggccatca gtggaaagag aggcccattg gttgtgcaaa     77400
     ctttatatgc ctcagtacag gggaacgcca gggccaggaa gtgggagtgg gtgggtaggg     77460
     gggtgggtgg gatggtatgg ggtacgttag ggatagcatt ggaaatgtaa atgtggaaaa     77520
     tacctaacca aaaaaaatta aaaaaaaaaa gaggtgccac aaagctgggc agtggtggca     77580
     cacgccttta atcccagcac taggaaggca gaggcagatg gatttctgag tttgaggcca     77640
     gcctggtcta cagagtgaga tccaggacag ccaggactat atagagaaac cctatcttca     77700
     aagaaagaaa aaaaaaaaaa agaggtgcca caagctctct aggctagcct ccacttgaac     77760
     aggtcactgt aaccctatct ttagaaagac actggtgtcc acagtttcct tctcagattt     77820
     catagactat cctgtgatta gtctcaaaag ttgcctctgc ctttccttct agaacgacag     77880
     caaaagccta aaggaagaag caagctagaa accactgagc ttgaaatatc ttaggacaga     77940
     gctgatcaca tgcatggccc catagtgact ttgctacttg gtatttctat catgctaaga     78000
     aaactgaagt ctgcagagct gcaaacttgt cctgaggcta gtgctgtaat gagaaaccta     78060
     ctaacatgtg agcagatgct ttggggcagt ctttgtgttg aggctatata tatatatata     78120
     tatatatata tatatatata tatacacaca cacaagggat ctctcttcag tatcatagta     78180
     ctgttatcat gccacacata cacaccttac aaaagaggga tttaaaaatt gagactgaca     78240
     aagaagggtt gaatgatgga ttccacagca cagagcaaat gatgaaatga tggcgcaaga     78300
     tctaaaccca agtaatccca agggcctgaa ggaggcagcc tgggcagctg aggcaggcct     78360
     gaaagtggta aatcgcctgc ctcagcttct caagggctgg gaccacagat attttctacc     78420
     acacacaact gtctaattct tttggatact tttcccacga ttctcttatg taaaacccag     78480
     cacaccgaac tccttgccat tctacacaca aggcatggcc ttcaagtcag tgctactgct     78540
     catagatttg ctttgatttt taactttgcg ttgattgcct ctgaagacat cacaagataa     78600
     cttgagacat acataccctc catatcccat tgcattgaag tcctttccaa cataccaaca     78660
     aagcaccatg accctgaggt gactttcttc acttctgcac agtggcactg cacagtgcta     78720
     tgttacatca ctgctttcag ttcatatctt tgccttttgc tgtggtgttc tcaggggaga     78780
     cataaataaa ctcgttatcc atcatacata ggaaattatc aatcacattg gaaaaagggt     78840
     aataaacaac tcaaaataaa taaatataca gatggaaagt cttctatttt cttaatgaac     78900
     aagcatagaa taaggtgata tttccttcag aatatttatt ttatatatat aaaaatgttt     78960
     gtctacatgt atgtacaaca tggttgtgtg tacacaacca tgggtgtgta caaccaaggg     79020
     tggacagaaa agggtaggag attaccctgg aactgaagtg agctttgagc agccacatgg     79080
     atgttgagaa ctgaaccttg attctgtaca agagcagaga acgttcttaa ggctaaatca     79140
     tctctcaagt ccccagtaag ttgatgcttc aatcaaaagt taataaactt tctaaattgt     79200
     agaggcatcg ctaagctgtt atattgatac atatctacac cataaatctg tgaaatagcc     79260
     tggacaaact gtcaatcatt ccacttaatg taaattcatg tctataacag tgagcttgag     79320
     tatctttact tttgattttt cttaaaccca aatttaaaac taatctccca tcttcaacct     79380
     caatacttct attatattat aataataatt ataaataagc aaggtaaaat ttttttactt     79440
     agggcaagag actcctataa catgctagaa tttaaaataa ttttaatcag atatttatat     79500
     atgccagtga tagatagata gatagataga ttcattacaa agttaatata aaataatggt     79560
     tatgtaaaga aaaatttaca aaatttaata ttaaagatat cctaatatta ctttgaagac     79620
     acttattgaa ccagcatttg gaagttctga agtttacaga taattacatc acaggtatgg     79680
     gccaatagtg ccatccactg ttcctatgaa gatctttcct aaatatagtt gtatattgca     79740
     taaaaaaatc tgttgtgcag agatgtcatt tctataatat gtaagatatc tccaagtgat     79800
     atgtttagaa ttggcagtga agacatgaaa agagctacaa atttcaagaa aactggtttt     79860
     tagttgaaag agtaaaaatg tgacaagaag ttcaggacag cttcctggta tttgattgtt     79920
     taggatgttt gattgttagg atgtaagagc aacacagtca tccacaggaa gaaaagtaaa     79980
     agtacaatgt tccaaccagg ctagaaacag tctccgtact tcacctcacc atgcctgaaa     80040
     gtacccagga aaccccagcc gactgaaagc tagaggcatc tggtactcac tcacaactga     80100
     acacacacat tcacctggcg tagcggcaca cacctgagag cccaacacaa cagaagaaga     80160
     agcagggaat cggcacttgg gccaggtcct gactgagaac aaacacaaac ctgaatcatt     80220
     gtggtcgaag gctgaagagc tgattgagga caaggtccaa accttctatg agagttccag     80280
     aagctttcgt gactaagtaa caaaaacgat ggggcctctg ggaagggaag accgtgggaa     80340
     atgttcatac agtataggat tcaacagccc taaagttctg cagagaaaag agatgtgtgc     80400
     tgagaagcaa tgatttcatc tgagtcccaa gctagaaaac aaggggatca gggactccaa     80460
     accctaacca gcagagactc actgcagact ctgtggcctt ccccagagca ggctggtgtc     80520
     acattccatc caccacaccg actccactgc acagcttaca caacatgagg aacaacagct     80580
     ctgcctcatt ttaggggtgt caatttacag ttacagtgtt tagccgctag atttcacagg     80640
     ccatcttaga atagctacaa atcccctgta ggggaaaaaa gatctcaaca cagagcaaat     80700
     gtaaactggt aagctaccat tctaagagca atcaagccct cggcctgtgt ttgaccaaaa     80760
     aagtcaatcc ctagagaaat gactgcatat attttaacca cccttgagct ctggtcaaca     80820
     tctgaggctt tgccaattag caaattaagt ttccattttt gaaagtaaag caaactacta     80880
     tgacagctaa tctccacggt caatatgagt ggcctcagag gcatgcgggg tgataaagca     80940
     tgttagggta tgtgcctgtg agggtcactc cacagacaat gcacacaagg ggcattaaca     81000
     cagggaagat acacgctgaa ggaggcagaa cacctaaaca caatggggcc agatggaaga     81060
     gaagaagagg agaaggatat tgggcaggca taggtgcact ctctgtctct gcatgtcctg     81120
     cctccctcac actcaactgt gtatccaggc aaccacaggt taaaagctca gagcctagta     81180
     atcaagataa ggccacctct tttatgaagt gtttcaagta tgtgtcagag catcataaaa     81240
     gccaacacaa ctctaaccat tttggctatc tagcaacata aaaacatgtg aaataatgcc     81300
     tcattgggag aaatcaagat cactgtattg aatgatatag ttttcaaact aagagaaaaa     81360
     aatgacaaca cagaagccta cttcgttctt cttaaaggat ctatggtcat caaccatgga     81420
     tttattgcca atcttttata aactaagatt tgtgtaaaat aaagtgaaaa tgagttcctt     81480
     ccattaaact ggagtaaaat cccctaacaa gtttcaaagc aggtcagtag tgagtagtta     81540
     gtggtgagtt actggtccac agaatgagag gcatcagcca agacctttga ggaaatgatc     81600
     atgaactggg tttgctgaag gtcatattgt ccttacatgc tatactgtct cgcctggctc     81660
     aagtgatcag tccctgcaag gtttgactca gtcataccaa atgagacaag gggaaggcca     81720
     taattgcagt tacacgatca actggatggg gcctgctcga ggatggtctc actgcacagt     81780
     ctgctctggg atttattctc agtacacagt gacagctgaa ctaagagaag ggagttgggg     81840
     atgaggcaaa agaaaggaaa gaagggagaa gagaaagaaa ggaacacaga agggaagaag     81900
     gggaagagga tagaagaagt gggagttaga aaggtaagga ggagggaggg agggtaggag     81960
     gaaggaaata tgaaataatt agctcaggtt gaatttcaaa catcagtgct caatgtgttg     82020
     tgtaaaacag gcaacatttg gtgtcatact tatatttgta taaataattt aaaaagaagc     82080
     ggtcatgaat ttgagaagga tgggctacag gaggaactgg aaaagaagca caagaggtgg     82140
     aaatgaggta aatacagcac cagtattttt attttcttaa ataggaaata tttagccatg     82200
     ttatttacat tgctgagtaa ctctgaaatt actgagcact ttttgtcaat aatttggtct     82260
     tgcgggattg cctctttgga taaaggaacc aagatcttca aagagttatc ttaaggcata     82320
     gcatagaggc taaggaactt gaagcaatca gattctgact aagcctgatt catttaatca     82380
     aaatatctac acaatggtct agtatgaata aagtaaaaat aaatgagaat ctttggttct     82440
     tgacagcatg ttaaggattt ttggttcttg acagcatgct agatataaag taagaatcca     82500
     agaaattcat ttgagtatac taaaatgtgt agttgtcttg gtttgctctc tgttgctatg     82560
     ataaaacaat gcaaagccac ttgaagtaca aaagggctca actggcttac ttccatgtca     82620
     gagtccatca cctagggaag cctaggcaag gaatccaacg caggaacacg aggaagaatc     82680
     ctggaggcaa gaattgatac agaggccatg aatgaaccct gttcacaggt ttcctcaaaa     82740
     actgatatct cacctttctt tcttatacaa gccaaggcca cacgctcagc aatggtactg     82800
     cctacactgg actaggctct gcaatttcaa tcaataatca agaacatgcc ccacaggctt     82860
     acctctgggc caatgcgaca aaggcaattc cttgaggttt cctctttcca gatgacacta     82920
     gcttgtgtca aactgatgag gagctaatga gcacatactc tttccccaaa tctgtaaaat     82980
     gaatcaacct agtgtgagtg tgacaatgac cgctgtaaaa agtctccgga aggttgagtg     83040
     tagagatggt ttaaggcaag gtctcagttt gcataccagg ttgcaaacac actcgtcctg     83100
     cctcagccca agtgttataa ctatatgcat ggcccaccat cgtaggcaga acttttactc     83160
     ttccctctcc atctttaacg ttatttgttt ttatgagata cagttttgct atgtagtcct     83220
     cactgacctg aaactgtgta gaccagactg gctttaatct cacaatgaac tacctgccaa     83280
     ttgctttgat tagaggtagt catcatacat ggctacaata tttctaacaa aactcaaaaa     83340
     cactctgtgt atacaatagt atttgccaaa agcctcactt aatataaaga gacagtaatg     83400
     gagctttgta ttatacagtg ctgataacaa aacgtgtttg aggacagaag cagggagatg     83460
     cagcacattc tattagtcct tgatgcttct gcatgtggca gagagagaca gtaagagaac     83520
     ttctgagaat ccaatgaccc ctcatagtca gagagctgag gagtcaatgc ttgtgccctc     83580
     agcatttgga agacagctga gacatttccc caaatacggg ctctttgata cctctactta     83640
     tagctgtata tttgcatgct gtcagtttca tagatgactt gggagaagtt tatctctgta     83700
     ttctacaatc tgatgtcata agcacgaaat aatattttca attacactgt gattataacc     83760
     actaataaag cctatgcttt caacagattc agaagcttct gtaaagataa ttccagttgt     83820
     gtaggataag tttgtaatca ctgcctttca ttcatgtatt catagagagg ctagatatca     83880
     aggactatga aagagcctga tatgaggcag acattccaga aaatgtaaac atctaagtaa     83940
     gaatgttttc ctaaagctca gctgcttaca ggggaagaaa tggggagtaa aagattcttt     84000
     ttataaatga taataactcc aattatgtaa tctcaaagaa aattaaattc ccctcaatgg     84060
     tctccaacta ccatccttct acacctaact aatgaaaaag accgagagac aagataaata     84120
     atgaaagaaa aagatcaggc accaggaggc caagtagcat attctgagat gtatttagca     84180
     gagggaggct tgcagccttc agcctgggat aatctgacag ttctgctgat tgcactatcc     84240
     tcactggcaa tgaggcagca gtcaactccc agctttggaa gatgaagact gtcaaagatg     84300
     acaaccttaa caatcaaaga aataacaagc agaacacagc ttgccttcat tttccaatgt     84360
     ccgacttctt actttatgtt ctaccatcct tgcgtctgtg tcccactccc actgttggga     84420
     aaagcaaagt atggctcaag ggagagcccg tgcatgggga catatgagaa atgacttctg     84480
     cctccttgta gggcaccaac aaaaggcaaa gtacaacttg aggaattatg agctttaggt     84540
     ggagggttca cttataggaa catgggtaac accaaaccag ctacactacc aaactactgc     84600
     agcagacatg acaacttctg tatagcctca cagagtcctc acctccagtt atcctccccc     84660
     ttctagacag ttaacacctc agggccacat gcaattaggg aagaattaca tacggcagac     84720
     tgggaaggag agacccaagg actgtagttg gaatgatcct ccactacctc ctttctacga     84780
     gagaatatca attagcgctt caatctcaag ggtcgcttgt aagtgttcac agctgctgtg     84840
     atgaaaatga tggctgttat tcttggaaga tcatgcttac aatggttgga gccactgata     84900
     aggtaccctc acacacttcc tgtaaaagac tctaatgaaa cttatgtggt ctctctcaca     84960
     cacacacaca tgaatgtaga ggataaatag ggaaaggaat aatgaggaca gtagaagaac     85020
     aagagacaat aacaggcatg aaaaaaatat atatatatat tttcttacta tattccaaag     85080
     tactctccca tagcaaacct cactgatgtc taagtctctc attttcacag agtatggaaa     85140
     tggttcatat atgtctataa gctatgggtg tgtggtgggg cgggaggcag gcatactagg     85200
     aaagcattcc actaactgac ttacatcccc agaccccaga cacaccccct ctctctctga     85260
     aaaggagtct tactctggaa gccccgttgc cttgaactca ttgtaatcac cctgtgacag     85320
     cctcccgtca gctgagatta caggtgtgct ccagtctctg ccctgccaac ctatccctgc     85380
     agctcttcat cttcccacac taacccacat gacaaactgc tggcagaaaa acaatcccag     85440
     tgttgacttt agcagtttcc ctgtctctag caagtgaact gacttgcatt tttctccctg     85500
     agcgatcaga gttttcacac ataagaccat ctacttcatg cttctgaagt atgctagact     85560
     ctccagacaa ctggacactt gtacaagtca cagacaactt gctgactgcc cttgcaactt     85620
     catctttcct atcttcctat actgtgggga gccgccctca cattcgccgt tacaagatgg     85680
     cactgacatc ctgtgttcta agtggtaaac aaataatctg cgcatgtgcc aagggtagtt     85740
     ctccactcca tgtgctctgc cttccccgtg acgacaactc gcccgatggg ctgcagccaa     85800
     tcagggagtg acacgtccta ggcggaggat aattctcctt aaaggggacg gggtttcgcc     85860
     attctctctc ttgctctggc tcttgctctc ttgcgctctt gcgctctggc tcctaaagat     85920
     gtaagcaata gagcttgctc tcttgctctc tggctcctga agatgtaagc aataaagctt     85980
     ttgccgcaga agattccggt ttgttgcgtt cttcctggca ggtcgcgaac gcgtgtaaga     86040
     ctatacctgc tcttcagact ttctgtactg agcagaaatg tctcccccat ctatgtgcat     86100
     gctagcctct agaacacagc aaggcaggtg ggatttaaat taaagtggac aatgaactga     86160
     caaaacacaa actgtcctgg attatcctag tggaccaaga gtcatcactc aaaagtgaga     86220
     agagctggaa gggaaggaga taagagaagg cagacacaga gaagtgaatg ttgtcaaggg     86280
     gaccataggg taagaacagg aagggtctcc agtggctgaa agggcatggc agcctagtac     86340
     ctgatgcctc tagacccacc ctgccagcac tgcctgactt actaaggcct gttagatttc     86400
     tcccctacag aatcgtaaaa taataggttc acccagtttt gagcaaccag gtctgtgctc     86460
     tgcaagtgat aaaccaaaca catctgtgca tgcagttatc caaactcatc ctccccattt     86520
     gtatgcagtt atccaaactc atcctcccca taacccttct cattatccca atctgataga     86580
     aaaatctcag ctgaccttat tggacatgag acctttattt ctctgaactc acaaatgtgt     86640
     ctgggaagag ttaaggccaa gcaagactac acccagtccc atcccatgga gacaactcta     86700
     tgaagccaag tgacctaatt ttcttagctt tgtcatcggt acagaaaatt accttaaggc     86760
     tattgtgaga atagatgatg gaaagaatat agactttata aaccacacct ggaatatgag     86820
     gtacattgaa tatgcattag taattattat tagctttatt cttattgggt aatgtccatg     86880
     gtactgtctt attaccctac tacacaagaa tgggcctatt catattaatt tacttactct     86940
     atagagaaac tttgacacat ggaaaacagt ctacaaatac tagccatact agataagtga     87000
     ctactagtct caaatagttc actttaatgc aacaagaata ttttcaaaat aaaatacaat     87060
     aaaagcattc aaacagaatt accttgtatg gaggcattag attacctaat gaaaatcata     87120
     gggccagaga tgggacacat tactctgagt tactggccag ggaggcccca aagatctcca     87180
     aaacagcaca gccaattgcc attgctctag atacccacta taggaacatg gaaagaccct     87240
     cttactaatg acataagtac agaatttggc tgtaagacat atagaaaaat aaacctaaac     87300
     tgaacatgaa gctctctcct tgctcacagt cttccagtgt cagaagatgt tctgcaggct     87360
     gctggggcaa gaaaagagca tcaattttct cacctagagc tggactcttc attctacatc     87420
     agtgaactgt tagacaaggt tccgttgctg gtgcacctgt gccataactc ttcttgggtt     87480
     actaactgca ttctgattgg ggctaaagtg taatttcatg attggtactg aaatcctggt     87540
     caaaactcac tgctggggag gtcataagtc ctaatgtagt atctgcgatt aatattttgc     87600
     taaatggtaa ttcaagacta attggtgaat gtactgtaca atgttaattt ccaggtttga     87660
     ccaggctatt atgcccatga gttcatgcca gctataatca tatggtcaag atctaaccaa     87720
     atacctgaat ggcttgcggg agtgctccaa ggatcactcc ccttaccaga gagctaatca     87780
     caggtgacag ctgcaggaag agaaagcatc attctaagat gtgtaagcac tgagggatgc     87840
     gcatgcttta gtgaatgccc ccacaccata cacatacgga taataatgat aggttatcaa     87900
     aatgaaagag ggttggaact taggaagaga tcatgtcata aggcagaaag agttagaaat     87960
     gagaaatgaa aggcagatat gattgtgctt cattttgtgt gtgtgtattc attggatata     88020
     tttataggac ggtctcacaa ataaagaaaa attaatacaa gaaaagaaaa atggagcaaa     88080
     taatatcttg gcctaaaatt cacacattta atacaataaa tagaaacaaa cccctaaaga     88140
     taaacttacc aaaaaatgtg caaattattt tagataaaat atttttctag atctctatgt     88200
     atgaaaatac taaaacactc ttagtaaagc caatacataa atactatcat caagttaata     88260
     acaccctagc ttattaaaaa aaaaaactca acttgatctg aaatgctcaa cttgttcctt     88320
     gacaaaaagt aactaataca ctccactaat atacttttaa attacagatt catatgtgca     88380
     tccgtgtagg catgagtaca ggtgcccttg gagaatggag gttctgatac cctgaaactc     88440
     catttataga agtttgtaaa ccaccaatca caggttctag gaagaaaact tgtaactgct     88500
     aaccatttaa aagtaatttc aagtaagttt cttaaaaaag caatttgctc caccggcact     88560
     aagggttaaa aactgaaatc caagcaaaga tgttacaagg tgatagtgtg gaatgacact     88620
     cgtggggcgg cttccgtgtg agagaagtga taagacagca accggctcag caaagtgatg     88680
     gcgactcaca tctcacaagg cctactgcga ttttagataa tatgaattga cttaacatca     88740
     aaaatgtgct tacttactta cttccaaggg tcaattctat attcactgat gtaagagaca     88800
     agactgtgag ttattgcaaa tacctgctag cttcagtatt cattacagtg ccatcaacac     88860
     aacaactaaa tccataggag aaaagttcag atcgcataga gaaactttaa catgatgctg     88920
     tttgagacaa aattgtaaca caatacttaa cagttttgga ataactaata tatggcaaaa     88980
     ttgcaatgac cttaaaataa accattcagg agccagggag caggttcact aggtaaagag     89040
     tttgacgagt gagtgtaagg atccatgtct gatgcacagc ccctacgtac aaactgcagc     89100
     catactctta tgaccccagt gttgagataa cagagaccaa agggtgtcta acctcccttg     89160
     ccagccagcc aggcagtaga actgaactgc tgagcaccaa gctccatgac agactctacc     89220
     tcaaacaatg aggtaaagag caaaagtgat gcacataccc agcactaatg tctgacctat     89280
     gggcacgcgt gcacacacac acacacacac acacgcacac gcgcacacgg ggaggagggg     89340
     aaggaggaaa cagtacagca gaagcaccat tccgagtctg agagaaaagc aacagctgag     89400
     atgaaggaag caaacagcct tgtggtgata agaagctcag tcaccgctca ctacaaatca     89460
     ctaaaaaccc tgcttcactt cgggttctga gtttctgtcc gagccccttc accctcaaag     89520
     ccgaaagcca gaaatctgtt ccacaaaaca ttccccagtc ggttaactgc cacccagggg     89580
     gatgttaatg aaaaaccaag aaactcttct accttctgtg gactacagca gcagtgtgag     89640
     gggtgaaaca gacacaggga agtctgaaaa ggagctggcc catgacaggg tggacacaca     89700
     tgcaggagaa atgcaggtac gtggagctgg cttagagaag cagaaatgca ggtacctgga     89760
     gctggcttag agaagcagaa atgcaggtac ctggagctgg cttagagaag cagaaatgca     89820
     gatacctgga gctggcttag agaagcagaa atgcaggtac ctggagctgg cttagagaag     89880
     cagaaatgca ggtacctgga gctagcttag ttagagaagc agaaatgcag gtacctggag     89940
     ctagcttagt tagagaagca gaaatgcagg tacctggagc tggcttagag aagcagaaat     90000
     gcaggtacct ggagctggct tagagaagca gaaatgcagg tacctggagc tggcttagag     90060
     aagcagaaat gcaggtacct ggagctggct tagagaagca gaaatgcagg tacctggagc     90120
     tggcttagag aagcagaaat gcaggtacct ggagctggta gagaagcaga aatgcaggta     90180
     cctggagctg gcttagagaa gcagaaatgc aggtacctgg agctggctta gagaagcaga     90240
     aatgcaagta cctggagctg gcttagagaa gcagaaatgc aggtacctgg agctggctta     90300
     gagaagcaga aatgcaggta cctggagctg gcttagagaa gcagaaatgc aggtacctgg     90360
     agctggctta gagaagcaga aatgcagata cctggagctg gcttagagaa gcagaaatgc     90420
     aggtacctgg agctggctta gagaagcaga aatgcaggta cctggagctg gcttagagaa     90480
     gcagaaatgc aggtacctgg agctggtaga gaagcagaaa tgcaggtacc tggagctggc     90540
     ttagagaagc agaaatgcag gtacctggag ctggcttaga gaagcagaaa tgcaggtacc     90600
     tggagctggc ttagagaagc agaaatgcag gtacctggag ctggcttaga gaagcagaaa     90660
     tgcaggtacc tggagctggc ttagagaagc agaaatgcag gtacctggag ctggcttaga     90720
     gaagcagaaa tgcaggtacc tggagctggc ttagagaagc agaaatgcag gtacctggag     90780
     ctagcttaga gaagcagaaa tgcaggtacc tggagctggc ttagagaagc agaaatgcag     90840
     gtacctggag ctagcttagt tagagaagca gaaatgcagg tacctggagc tggcttagag     90900
     aagcagaaat gcaggtacct ggagctggta gagaagcaga aatgcaggta cctggagctg     90960
     gcttagagaa gcagaaatgc aggtacctgg agctggctta gagaagcaga aatgcaggta     91020
     cctggagctg gcttagagaa gcagaaatgc aggtacctgg agctggctta gagaagagca     91080
     gaggaaaccc tccaatggag agggcaggaa gaaaagggca gcagcagaca gtcaaacctg     91140
     gggtggggag gacaggggct gaggaataaa agacctcaat cttcccaaga agactgaggc     91200
     tttaatgtgg agcctaattg aaagagccca agcccaggag ctgtgagcaa agaaagcaga     91260
     agtaatagag acaagggcta tggtttgaga ccatagcctc agacaaagaa gaggcaacgg     91320
     gagaagcatg taatggtcac gcatgggttg tttgaagaat tattagccaa aaaaaaaaaa     91380
     aaaaaaaaaa aagaattgtt agctattgat caactatggt tagtatttgg agcaatctct     91440
     cccagaatct cacggtaaaa gcagtcagag acgctgagtc agccattcct gaaactcttt     91500
     ccaagctttc tgctttgtgt ttgcttgggg aaggatggtg agggattgag actggatctc     91560
     cctcacactg gcctgagctt cctacatggc acggacagat tttacagtcc agatcctagt     91620
     gacttagcct gggattgcag gtgtgagcca tgagactgtt ttatcatttt taagaacttt     91680
     tgccgggcgt ggtggcacac gcctttaatc ccagcactcg ggaggcagag gcaggtgaat     91740
     ttctgagttt gaagccagcc tggtctacaa agtgagttcc aggacagcca gggctacaca     91800
     gagaaaccct gtctcaaaaa acaaacaaaa aaaacaacaa caacaacaaa aaacaaacaa     91860
     acaaaccaaa aaaaaagaac ttttaaaaag atttttaaca aagtatatac ctgggaaatg     91920
     aagtccacgt gtactgccca aaatgagaaa agtaatgtca aagatatgaa atcctgactc     91980
     aagcatacat gtcgtttaaa gacaggacac atcttaaaag aaattatact tataaggatt     92040
     agcacttttt gtgattttct tttcaacaaa cacatttcaa cccgtggcat cagatgtcca     92100
     agggcataca ggctgaactc atgggagccc actatgccat gaacaattcc gagagacact     92160
     caccccgtgt tgatggaaat gatttctatc agcggattct ttctgatctt cggcaaatcc     92220
     agtcgagctc cacccaagcg cttcccgttg tctttcttct ggcccaggag cctcactgag     92280
     tgacctttga gtcaagtaca agacaaacat tggcatgcca cacaaatcca ctgttattta     92340
     atgttttcaa taaatatgtt catgattgga tttgattttt ttttcctcca ggaataaaag     92400
     catactagag aagatgtgat catttgaaca caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaca     92460
     ataaaaaaga atctgtttta aggactgact ctatctgcca atgctttgtt catagtatgc     92520
     acacatttgg gagagcctct gtgtccttag aaacaagctc acaagtgaac actgtgctga     92580
     gcagacacca cgatgcaaca gaaaggtctt acaagactta ccagggcatt aggactacct     92640
     gctctttcct aactatatta cgacatatgg atggtaactc acactgggtt aaaatagtca     92700
     gaactggtat tttctacagt cccctgctag tcccctgccc ctatgctctt gcttccctcc     92760
     cagactcact cacactttca tgccgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     92820
     gtgtgtgtgt gaagtatctc tgtaaagcct aggactagtt attttcaaat aaaacctttc     92880
     gagttgactt gtacaccatg caccggatga cttctaagat ccattaaaag tgttgtaagt     92940
     gttaaaaact tggaagtaat tttagacatg tagaaaacac agaacaaagg acctgtatat     93000
     cccctgattc tagtcacaag tttaccatgt agggttactc tttgcactca gacttgatgt     93060
     gtttatgact acaccatgca atacatccca taaaaccatt catcttggct gcacacagca     93120
     atgattttta aataaatttc tacagtgata tactggggtg gtttgtttgg ttcttttttt     93180
     ttgttttttg taattttacc attgactatt ctacagcata taaaagttat ctactgtaaa     93240
     aataaaatta aatgatttta aataaagatc tacagtttta taatcttgac aataacccag     93300
     tttgggagca tttccatcat gactagaaac tcctttgagt ttagctcaac ccatctctgc     93360
     cccctgccgt aagcagtata tgttgttagt ccattggcca ggagagggac atctacccca     93420
     tttccaagta actattataa gaacacttct aagaacttct gcacatttgt atacccatgt     93480
     ttgcacactt ctcttagaac ctaacataga aattattgaa ttatttcatg aggtcttatt     93540
     ttagctaagg gataaccaat ttatattctc aattttatga aatgagatta ttaaaatttg     93600
     tctcccattt tgcatattat attttaactt gcaggatgat atcttttgga ggaaaatgtc     93660
     tgtcagttta acaaacttca aattacacac tatttccttc atggcttatg tttttggtgt     93720
     tacctaggat ccctttgtct ttcccagagg tgcaaaggta ttcttgcctt ttcctgacta     93780
     ttctatcatt ctagctctta catctgggtc gagggtggac tctgatgctt tctgtgtagt     93840
     aagggcctat gtttacctac ccacactata ctcggtgatc tcagtgccat ttctttgtct     93900
     tattcaacca tgtacaaatc ttgtcatata gattaacaca aaaaaagtta tccaaagcca     93960
     aaaaagcagt gctgtaaata tcattttaaa agaaaataca tatttatagc atttctgaca     94020
     ctttcttccc actgctcctt ggaattctat ttatcatgtg tgccactttt ctccctgacc     94080
     tgtccctttg agtgtttttc ataaagtagc tcatttagca acaaagccac atttcttgct     94140
     tatctgagaa catttttatt tttgcttctt ttgtagagac tagctgggct ggatataaaa     94200
     ctgctgctgt ctgtgcaatg gatattagtt gtctatggtg tttactgttc atgatcgcat     94260
     gccagctatt aatctcactg tttgttccct taggcttttt cagacatcat tttgttttac     94320
     tcagtttgtt ggggttgagg tgtggatttc tgtagtagcc taaatgggat taacgtcctt     94380
     tggatttata aaatgttcat ctaggatttt ttcaaacttt tttgtatggc attttttttc     94440
     tatccattct tctgcaactc ccgtcatgca tttgttagta tgtgacaaat atgtgtctaa     94500
     caagtactta aagctatttt agtcagggtt ctacagagac acagaacttc aaggaaacag     94560
     gatcacctga ttatagaggc tgagcaatct catggcaagt caacagtgta gctgacaaca     94620
     gcaaaaggtg tcagagtcaa gaaaagtgat gatataaata tcaggctgaa atcaaatgcc     94680
     aagagcccag gagacagatg ataggagtgc cagaattcaa aggtattata ctatttcctt     94740
     catggctcat gtctttagtg ttattcctcg gataccctct cagaccttgt gtctcactct     94800
     tttctcagca tcttctcgct ctccctgtct cccagtcccc accccttttc tcagtcctca     94860
     tggctctggc tcctgtctgt ctgcctgtgt acatgtctac ttgtgtgcct caatcccttc     94920
     cccaggtcct cacttctctc cccccacccc caaaaaagaa gtctcagatc gtagaaaaag     94980
     aaagagacac tggcatttct ctgcttttct tgtttaattc aggttcccag agaacaagag     95040
     ggtgcccatg atatagagtg aataatagag tgaataatag aacggaatcc cccatgtcac     95100
     atgccagtct ttactggaag catcctcaca aatgaacatg agcattgtat ctgtttcaat     95160
     caaaaccaaa gtcacatggg ctaccccact cagcaggaga gatgggctca gagcatccca     95220
     agcacagaga acagtgctct actagctgag tgccgtttgt ccagtcaata accatagaac     95280
     aacattcaca atggtattca ttctatccct gttcttcata tgaactcagt cctctatcat     95340
     aaaacttact gatatttccc atttgccatg aagagtccag acttgagcca ttccaatgag     95400
     cacctcgctc agataatact catttcattg cagacaatat cattctttgt ttgcacaact     95460
     ttactatatg agctcaagtc attgtcactt ttttcttgat atttcttaac atggcttcac     95520
     ttggttcttt gaaatccttg tcttctaatt accacatttt taaggaaaat cagaattaat     95580
     aatttaatgt taacccaatt taatgggggt gaactgggtt gtacctagta tttaggcacc     95640
     tataattata taatgtgaaa tatgggacat ttcatacaat ttattatagc aaatcaaaat     95700
     ttagattccc taagaatact actttaatat aatgactatc taaactaaat ttatgaaacc     95760
     aaccctctct acaatgaata actcttaata ttgctgtcgc tgtttctctc tctctctctt     95820
     tcttcctttc tttctttctt tctttctttt cttttctttc tttctttctt tcttccttcc     95880
     ttccttctct tttctttctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     95940
     tctctcttct tccttctcct cgtctgccct cttcttccct cttcctcctc tcttcatcct     96000
     cctcctcttc ttcttggggc agcttgtttt gtttttcttt caagcatggt attatagggg     96060
     tcaacttgga atgggcaaat ttccctgcaa gtcaaaactg attactcatt tgctcaaaaa     96120
     tgatgagcaa atcagagttc tagtatctat tgatggatct atttatggac caatgagaaa     96180
     agggtatggg tcacttccaa gtgagccctg aattttactg taacctgggc tcccattggt     96240
     ccattctggc tttctctcaa ttcatgtaca ggcagatatg agttatacta ggcccactcc     96300
     catctcttca gtgtgtacac acaccatcta ctcaactcaa cgcaaaggat ttggggagtt     96360
     tctctaggtt cctaccactg tctcacaaac tgcaatttcc taattaaacc aagactagtg     96420
     aacttgatgg tagaccttga ttgcattaaa ctagctggta gcatcaatgc aacagagcca     96480
     catagctctc tccctgatca tcaaaatctc cactgtaact aacagttagc aactgagcca     96540
     tctctggagt ggaaacagag acaccaggtc gcacagtatg ctttttctat gtagaacaat     96600
     cctgtcaaca caacatcaag aagggaaatg ggggcggccc aagcacaaat gccacataca     96660
     actattctta gccaaccttt agtgattttc acaatgataa ctctttaact tatagctgaa     96720
     aggttttggt gagtttccat aaaaagtcca gctttatcat tgttttgtga gtatgttctg     96780
     tgggttaaaa tacattatca ttgcaaatgc aaatcaaatg caactttttc aaagcaatct     96840
     taacataagc tcaaatgcat acacaatgtt acatatatgt tttatcagcc tttatttcag     96900
     aaagatggac tgtttaaaca tctgaagagg caggtttcca agactagaaa acaaggaaac     96960
     catcagtcag agcccttgat gcactaacaa ctcaaatagg aaaagttcat tcattctgac     97020
     aatgtctgat cttacagtta agaatagtca aagcccaacg actaattaaa tcctacagat     97080
     gctcaagata agatgaactt ctcaatcaag gtccagctaa tgaagaggtg aaagagattg     97140
     gccagataac acaacagttc tttgagaaag tccaaaaggt caagaatgac tatgcaaaag     97200
     gaaagccgtt ttcatataag ctccaggcaa atttcctttt gtcctgctgg gactctgtaa     97260
     tatgcaacct gctctaataa tattcaataa attattcatc ttcgcaatct acatgtaaat     97320
     agagaagcgt gtctacatgc aatgatacaa aagagttatt ttctaatcca atgactcatt     97380
     aaaaagtgtc acatctaaca ataggctagt tggtgtttag tgcaccaaag acaaaaatag     97440
     aaagcataaa agttgtttgt tatatataga caaagatgaa aggaaggaaa cgatgtgatt     97500
     tcctttaaaa tggactaaca aattaaaact cctatttgtg atatattatc tttctttaat     97560
     gtcctgtttc aaaggaaatt attgcaaaat gttcatcaaa cccatgggct ataaagtcag     97620
     aatacacatg ttgcaaatta tttcctgttt catgtgaagt tacgaatgtt gttgccttct     97680
     gaagcaaaac tgaaattaga aaaaataaaa ataacatgaa ggagacacca taaacaaaat     97740
     atgacattaa gaggaaacaa gggagacaga aaaacatgct gagggactgg agatgagaca     97800
     ggggcagatt cttgaagcaa catatcataa aaatgaacat attaacacat atatatatgt     97860
     gtgtatatat atatatatat attccgtata tataaaggac catgaaagga agactataat     97920
     tgaacaccca cgtgctgtat cttggcttga tcccttcttg taagcctcta gtgtctagca     97980
     ctgtgataga aaatgagtga ctgctagcat ggcctgctgg tgagagcctg taatcccaga     98040
     tacccaggag gctgcagcag aaggatcacc agcccaaggc tcccctcccc agactaattt     98100
     ataagattgt ctcaaaagtg aatgtcaccc atactgccag tcaagaaaag aaattaaaaa     98160
     aaaaaaaatg acgacaagtt ggcatgtatt ttatcataag aattatggga ggggggtaag     98220
     aattttctgg taagaattaa gggaggatgg gaggggggga gacaatagag attaacagga     98280
     acagatagca aattagcctt gttaaagaaa tgaaaagaag agacggaatg aatgatgctc     98340
     agcacatgca acaaagctga atcctaacac tcgcactcaa gagaaactga taaagaagga     98400
     acaagatgaa ataaggccat ggactgcaaa acaacagaga aagaaaagtg gtgtcacacg     98460
     tgcaatggaa cccacgaaag aagtgaactt cttggggcca ctcttttcca ttttaaatat     98520
     aatcccactt catgtcttct atataatgac cagatatagc tcaatagatt agtaaacttt     98580
     aataaatact tctctaagct attacttttt aattatcact taaaactcaa aactgtaaca     98640
     gctaaattca attataagcc ctaaaagatt tcagctgcta tttataaacc aacttcaaaa     98700
     ccctgattac atgatgcttt tacattagaa ctaatccatt gaaaaatttc atgaaaccat     98760
     tttattatta cttattagtg aattttgaac ccaaaattct aataatacta ataggtagct     98820
     gctaatgatt cacttcaaaa cactaaacct gggtcaaaga aagccaagcc atgtatctga     98880
     tttgtgcaag ttactataca cgttgcactg atactccatg ttgtctgtgg atcaagagca     98940
     aaagctgact aaaccccaca gttctaaagg ccttgagaga ggaggaaggc cacccaggtg     99000
     tctgatcagt gagtgagggg gaatggtcac tcacaagcaa cacatacagt aaaagaatgt     99060
     cagaaacatg atgatctaca aaatatgtgt ttattaacta cgttgtgacc ctacacacca     99120
     acctcctccc tcttctcatt ctcacagatt agcttggaga gtcattacat gttgtaaaaa     99180
     catcaaccag ctggctagtg gaactccttt gtatattttt gtctttcatt tcgttttttc     99240
     ttaaggattt gtaaagcagc caacaggcag agtttccttt aaaacttcat taaacccaac     99300
     tattttagat gccaggtcac tgtttcctga tttcttagct gcttgctgac tgatgacttt     99360
     gcacagatgc agaactagta ggcacacact aaaacagcag atctgaatcc taagctccgg     99420
     gtcagcctcc tggaaaactt cctaggaaag caatccaaag tgatgccggg ggcagagggc     99480
     acagaggagt caaagttgtt ctctactcca ctcaacataa atgctcatat gcaacacttt     99540
     tcatgagaag gggcatgttc agatagccac aacaaaagta tgaccctccc ttcaaatatt     99600
     ttcatcttga gaaatgaaaa ctaaaataag ttcagcagaa ataacagctt cttcacaagt     99660
     tgaggctaga aaagaatatg taatattaaa actgggaggg caactcacgt tccgatccag     99720
     ccgttcctca agcaggaaga acttaatagt aacttgagtg acagcactta acagaaatac     99780
     taagatgggc tgctgagaga gagtgcttat cactctggca aaggatttga atctggttcc     99840
     caaaacatac atcaggcaac ctcacaccta cttataacgc cagctctaag tgtatccaaa     99900
     gcctctgact tcctgggata tcacgcatat acccaaacac taacatacac acatacatgt     99960
     aattaaaaaa tttttaatat actgaaagaa aagaagccaa ctctggaaaa gaaagcctat    100020
     agatgtaggg tggtctctca gctcagtagt ttctagatgt tatcaaaaca taaaaccaca    100080
     atactcctgg cgacccagca gagcttgctg gtgacaccct gtgtactcca gtcacaagat    100140
     tgagaaaaag caagctggta ctgacctaga agctttctcc ctgataacta gttcttataa    100200
     taccaaaaga tgccaacagg ctgctgggag agaaatggca gccacaggtt tatccaggaa    100260
     tgaacctgca accaacaacg atgactggca tagcaagata tgtcctctgg tacaatcgtg    100320
     gcacaaatgt tatggggata accaaccact ttctggttgg gtttaatgac tactccacag    100380
     gaggaagctc atgcctcgtt tatctgaaca agaacacatg gctggggtgg gttacaggta    100440
     ctgggaatga aactatcacc attattttgc tactccatat aatatcaaat tgccctctga    100500
     ataggtataa ttctctatag attagtgtag ctttcaaggc tagtcagaga agcatcttag    100560
     tggagtacat gacagtttat acagagactc acaatagatc gaagtgcaga gagcaagaat    100620
     ctgtggagtg cttagtcata catgacaaaa caggaaggac gacgaggtaa aatggccata    100680
     aagagcaagt gctcagggat aaatgaggca aaatagtctc ttctggacat aacagggctg    100740
     gtgaactcac agtactgagg ccttctccac aagacctgga taagaacggt ctactcaaca    100800
     ctccagcttg gacagcgggg tacatgaacc tctacccctg gctgagaagc tactgacagt    100860
     gaatggctgc taggggaaga ggaattttct tcagcaatgt ggtctgggta ggttgaccag    100920
     agggtatacc aatgttcatg agtgtacaga cagtcaatgc aatgagtagc ttaaaaagaa    100980
     aataagaaga gtttaaggga agatagataa gtacatgacc aaaacatatt gtgtacttgt    101040
     aggatattct caaagaaaaa ataaaaacca tactccctaa gacaaattaa actaacattt    101100
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga tcttacctgg taagatacta tgataaaatt aaagaacaca    101160
     gtttaaatct ctggaaatct gaagattatt ttatgtcaaa atgcatactg cacagaaaaa    101220
     tatacctgcc ctataccatt aagtgtgaaa ctgatgtgca gacactgaaa gcactgctac    101280
     aatggaggtt ctcagtgatg ctcggtcacc agcacacact actgctggtt cacagtaact    101340
     gagttagact ctgtcacaga aggctatgac agagtatacc tacacaacac atcctctcac    101400
     tctaacagaa atgccttctg caggaaatta caattcacat ggaatcttat gtcttttatg    101460
     acaagagaag gaaatgtgtg tggtgtgtca gttatctgta atctacctca aatgtccatt    101520
     caaaatatca gcagccaaaa gagtcctaat gagcaggtag gagccctgac cctgatcaga    101580
     agcgcctcag agcatggcct gccttgctag gacagacttt cccggtagaa gtttgttgaa    101640
     gagctgcaag gttgtgatat ttccaacaat gacgtgataa gtgtatctgc ccctgttctg    101700
     cgtgcatttc ctgctagaaa atgacaggaa tgcaatacgt gactttggga cccggtgaga    101760
     caacttttaa cttttttaat cttttctttt taatttaatt tttttgactt attcactttt    101820
     acatcctgct aacagcccag ctcccagtca cccccccaca cacacacaca ctcacataca    101880
     acccttctcc catctccccg ctccaaaatt caacttttaa gaaggaaccc cacaaaatgg    101940
     ggagatggct cagtgggtaa gaatttggta catgagaagg agggtctgag tctagatccc    102000
     cagcacccac ataagaagcc aggggtggca gcccaagcct ctaacctcag ccctgagaga    102060
     agggcagaaa caggaggacg cctatggctt attggccttc ccccaagtga aaaacaacaa    102120
     caataagctc caggctcagt ggcagacctt gtctcaggaa atgtggcaga gagtaagaga    102180
     ggtcatccat tagtcaccct cctgttatct aggacactga atatgcataa cacagcttct    102240
     atttcatagc acactctgct agaacttcaa cttgttgcta attttcctta aagttaatca    102300
     aggaaaaagc ctatcactac aaccacattc cactgaagag atttattagg actgggcatg    102360
     aaggaaccct gtggtgaaaa ggcacacctt ctaaaatgaa tgcactaaat agcacttagg    102420
     aagcaagaat agaaaaagct ctcaggcact ggttacaatc aaatagtcag tcaactgtct    102480
     tctaagtgtt tccttttcag aactgtactg atgatgaact ttaaggattg tagtttctac    102540
     attaaaacac atgtggctct gcagtaacac tttcctgcct ccactgtgca cttagaactg    102600
     caagatccat catagcctta ggaaaatgta caacaatttt tttggcctaa cgactgacaa    102660
     taaacctaga gaaagtatac tttatgcaaa atttcaagtc aactttaacg catgcacata    102720
     caaaagaatt ttccttatag aaactctttg ctacctcctt gtttatattc agatctcatc    102780
     actagcttca atgaggaaac ctttttgctc actttctaac ttaagtacct taacatcaaa    102840
     gcaagattaa aacattctac tgattaaaaa aaaaatgaaa caaatcttta ctaacttcca    102900
     gacaccaaaa ggtaatcccc tagatgataa taataataat aataataatt tcctaacaat    102960
     aaataaaaaa agaaacacac atgtacagaa caaatgtgaa ggaacaaaag gagtgatgag    103020
     gattatttga agggaagagg aaaaagtgag cagcaaagtt gcactggagg gggtgggcta    103080
     acagccagca agccctccct cctcagcaaa ctctgttccc tccaagcagc ttcgcagagc    103140
     agaagggaca tgggctttgg aaccagagag caaggttcag acttggcact gcccagtgca    103200
     gtggcagtgc agcctcagtg cagcagcagt gcagcctcag tgcagcagca gtgcagcagc    103260
     agtgcagcct cagtgcagca gcagtgcagc ctcagtgcag cagcagtgca gcagcagtac    103320
     agcctcagtg cagcagcagt gaagcttcag tgcagcagca gcagtgcagc ctcagtgcag    103380
     cagcagcagt gcagcctcag tgcagcctca gtgcagccag cagcagtgca gcctcagtgc    103440
     agcagcagtg aagcttcagt gcagcagcag cagtgcagcc tcagtgcagc agcagtgaag    103500
     cttcagtgca gcagcagcag tgcagcctca gtgcagcagc agtgcagcag cagtgcagca    103560
     gcagtgcagc ctcagtgcag cctcagtgca gcagcagtgc agcctcagtg cagcagcagt    103620
     gcagcagcag tgcagcagca gtgcagcaag gtttctgcag agcgcaaagg aattaatgtc    103680
     tatggagaag attagctgcg aagaactaga caaggtgctg attacagcta ctacagtaat    103740
     gaatgcgagt gcagtcctag caagacccgc ggtgctaatg atgtgaggaa agtctcatac    103800
     gctacaagtg aatgtaatct tccacttaga taaaaaactg acaatgaaaa tcaattttgc    103860
     aagtgatttg ttacctaagt aattaaagta ttatagattc gaggcgatgc ctatgaagtc    103920
     gctcatgtgc agtaacagga agggaaggag gcacagataa agaccctcac tcgatctgga    103980
     aacctacgca tgtgtgcagg aagctcgcag aacggcagct gctttccacc tcaggaccct    104040
     aaattacact caaccagaca gtggctgcag tgccaggcac cttagagagg aataccaagg    104100
     ccaacctcca acactaagct taacaaggtt atgatcagcc agcctaacag tttttgattt    104160
     tgttaacata acacataggg aaaaactttc tgtatgtgtg tgttcatgta cacacaggta    104220
     catatgcatg tactgcatgt tcgtgtatgc aggttcacat agtgtatggg gacacatgca    104280
     taggacccta ggtatgacac agagaccatg agacaatcac agtttgaaga tgttcaggcg    104340
     ccaccccttg tttctgagac aggctcattc atagagaggc ctgaaccttt aacattgatt    104400
     cgacgaggct ggctgagcag tgagccccgg gcatccatct atgcccgtcc accttccctg    104460
     agctattgtg ccaactgctt tcctctgggt gctggagatc aaacttaggt gcccaggctt    104520
     gcaccgaagc attttgctga ctgattgttc ctctaccctt agagaggcag ggtatataaa    104580
     acgtacactc cagctatgtg tgtgaagtgg acatgttttg ttaatagagt cagaacttgc    104640
     tgtgttttgc aaacaagtcc tttgagaata aaaaaaaatg aagtttatat ataatacaga    104700
     tttgttacga aactgatact ttacaatctt tatcatatgt tgcaatatca tatcaagcaa    104760
     taccctgtag aaatgggaac atggatctca gaaactgcca tatctgagaa taccatatag    104820
     atagcataaa taatcagtag agacattcga attgaaactg gcacacagta gcagattcca    104880
     acatgtcttt cattaagatt attaatgcct catctcccac ataaccagac agtgtgtttt    104940
     acaaggggtg agcatgtaaa ctcagcctga cagtaggtaa gtcaatattt aagcaaggaa    105000
     gaaaggcggg gcaattctcc atcgggtagt gggatttgtt tattctggtc tatgtttaac    105060
     ttagcataca aagtaagaaa ctcattatgg ttgtagcatc tttatacata tttgttcttg    105120
     tttgttatcc tccaaaccct ccccaacccc cttactcccc acaaagctag tcagtcagtc    105180
     tctctctccc cctctccctc tcccccacat cttaaaatta gttttcatgg tcccatattt    105240
     ggttttatat cttgtactgc ccatcaacaa atgtgtaaac acacacaaac acaaacaact    105300
     tatggaggaa gatgacccag tgggtaaata tacctgccac caatctgaca ttctgagtcc    105360
     aattcctagg acccaaatga tggaagcaga gagctacctc cctctattta gctacgcatc    105420
     attggatgca aaagaatttg ggtcctacca acattgtaaa aatggctatc ttgccaaaag    105480
     caatctacag attcaatgca atccccatta aaattccaac tcaattcttc aacgaattag    105540
     aaggagcaat ttgcaaattc atctggaata acaaaaaacc gaggatagca aaaactcttc    105600
     tcaaggataa aagaacctct ggtggaatca ccatgcctga cctaaagctt tactacagag    105660
     caattgtgat aaaaactgca tggtactggt atagagacag acaagtggac caatggaata    105720
     gaattgaaga cccagaaatg aacccacaca cctatggtca cttgatcttc gacaagggag    105780
     ccaaaaccat ccagtggaag aaagacagca ttttcaacaa ttggtgctgg cacaactggt    105840
     tgttatcatg tagaagaatg cgaatcgatc catacttatc tccttgtact aaggtcaaat    105900
     ctaagtggat caaggaactt cacataaaac cagagacact gaaacttata gaggagaaag    105960
     tggggaaaag ccttgaagat atgggcacag gggaaaaatt cctgaacaga acagcaatgg    106020
     cttgtgctgt aagatcgaga attgacaaat gggacctaat gaaactccaa agtttctgca    106080
     aggcaaaaga cactgtctat aagacaaaaa gaccaccaac agactgggaa aggatcttta    106140
     cctatcctaa atcagatagg ggactaatat ccaacatata taaagaactc aagaaggtgg    106200
     acctcagaaa atcaaataac ccccttaaaa aatggggctc agaactgaac aaagaattct    106260
     cacctgagga ataccgaatg gcagagaagc acctgaaaaa atgttcaaca tccttaatca    106320
     tcagggaaat gcaaatcaaa acaaccctga gattccacct cacaccagtg agaatggcta    106380
     agatcaaaaa ttcaggtgac agcagatgct ggcgaggatg tggagaaaga ggaacactcc    106440
     tccattgttg gtgggattgc aggcttgtac aaccactctg gaaatcagtc tggcggttcc    106500
     tcagaaaatt ggacatagta ctaccggagg atccagcaat acctctcctg ggcatatatc    106560
     cagaagaagc cccaactggt aagaaggaca catgctccac tatgttcata gcagccttat    106620
     ttataatagc cagaaactgg aaagaaccca gatgcccctc aacagaggaa tggatacaga    106680
     aaatgtggta catctacaca atggagtact actcagctat taaaaagaat gaatttatga    106740
     aattcctagc caaatggatg gacctggaga gcatcatcct gagtgaggta acacaatcac    106800
     aaaggaactc acacaatatg tactcactga taagtggata ctagcccaaa acctaggata    106860
     cccacgatat aagatacaat ttcctaaaca catgaaactc aagaaaaatg aagactgaag    106920
     tgtggacact atgcccctcc ttagaagtgg gaacaaaaca cccatggaag gagttacaga    106980
     aacaaagttt ggagctgaga tgaaaggatg gaccatgtag agactgccat atccagggat    107040
     ccaccccata atcagcatcc aaacgctgac accattgcat atactagcaa gattttatcg    107100
     aaaggaccca gatgtagctg tctcttgtga gactatgccg gggcctagca aacacagaag    107160
     tggatgctca cagtcagcta atggatggat cacagggctc ccaatggagg agctagagaa    107220
     agtacccaag gagctaaagg gatcttcaac cctataggtg gaacaacatt atgaactaac    107280
     cagtacccct gagctcttga ctctagctgc atatgtatca aaagatggcc tagtcggcca    107340
     tcactggaaa gagaggccca ttggacacgc agactttgtg tgccccggta caggggaacg    107400
     ccagggccaa agggggggag tgggtgggta ggggagtggg ggtgggtggg taagggggac    107460
     ttttggtata gcattggaaa tgtaaatgag ctaaatacct aataaaaaat ggaaaaaaaa    107520
     aaaggaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaat ttgggtccta gtggatgcta    107580
     gagagtgtgc atcccactgg actccagaga ctaaggattt gatgagacac tagaaagcaa    107640
     ggatcctttg gggatgcaga gaacccaggt tttgatggac aagagattga aggtcatcct    107700
     gagcaccaga gaagaagagt ccctttggat gccaaccagc agggatacta agtaatctaa    107760
     cacataaatg ccagctaggt gggcacagat gaatgtggga aatagctctg agaggcaatc    107820
     agaggttata gagttctgtt tgggacatta agataaaagc aagggagctg aaaggtctat    107880
     aggaaaccct tcaaatcctc tccagctgca gctgagaaca ctaagcatca gaaaagtaat    107940
     gtgtccaaag gcaatcaaca aatgtatcaa tgctttggtg gggtgctggt ggagggttac    108000
     agatagtaca cattattgct ctggcttggg ctctctaaat gaagtgtggg ctgcagaaac    108060
     agaaggtaaa gaacaagtct ttacacatta agatgaacac aaagcctcgc tcttaagact    108120
     tctgttaact aagcaaacag ccactgactc aacctctcca gggttcagtg tccacacccg    108180
     ctacgtgcac ctaccagact atgcttctgt ctctagccct ctcatggcat tgctagcact    108240
     gagcttatca ctttccatcc tccaagcggc cagtgagaat tcccatcaac tgcatctcta    108300
     ctattgtttc tcacaactaa acgcagcaca gcctccccag tgaacctaca ctgggccaaa    108360
     ctcattagtg agaaaccatt ccttatcacc ctggccaggg agagaaaggg ctcatctcct    108420
     acagaaacct tatctctaca cactgccacg gaagcacata ttgagtacta attgttttta    108480
     aaatccatcc tatttttttg gagaaggttt agggtcacag ataaactgtg cacctgcacc    108540
     cacatacctc agtggtgggt tccttttttt ttctagtaag ttgtttcttt aatgaaatta    108600
     gaatgcatta tagtataaat gatttgaaaa tttcaataga atagttaatg ttgaataaga    108660
     atatattttg gaaagataga aagtcttaca aattattttc cataggatgg tgggtttctc    108720
     aatgatagat gtggcactgg caggttctta gggttcacag gtacaggaga tgtccctacc    108780
     ccaagtatct cctgggttat tctcactcgc ctcttcccta catatctaac tatgaacagc    108840
     cacagattct gttgttgctt ctatagttgc cctctgccaa aatgccatat agttgatatc    108900
     acatagcata tagcttttag gaattaagat tatagccggg cagtggtggt gcacgccttt    108960
     aatcccagca gtcaggaggc agaggcaggc ggatttctga gttcaaggcc agcctggtct    109020
     acaaagtgag ttccaggaca gccagggcta tacagagaaa ccctgtcacg aaaaacaaaa    109080
     acaaaacgaa ttaaaattat tttaataaca ttaatgattg ccttatatta ctctgcaaaa    109140
     cctttttatg tgttttcatg acttcactat tcattttttt agtgttttac aaaaaattta    109200
     aaataaaaat tttaagaaac tatgagcaaa tttcctgatt catttggaac cagaaataca    109260
     tacatacata catacataca tacatactta catacataca tctatccatc ctagtcaatg    109320
     tgtgagtcca aggacaaaat ttattatttt tatcctacaa tgatatcctt tattttaaaa    109380
     atgctcaata agtgttaact gaggggctgg aaagatggct cagcagttaa gagcactgac    109440
     tgctcttccg gaggtccaaa gttcaaatcc cagcaaccac atagtggctc acaactatct    109500
     gtaatgagat tggatgccct cttctggtgt gtctgaagac agctacagtg gactcacata    109560
     caataaataa ataaatcttt ttaaaaatac agaaaagtgt taactgattg atataccaaa    109620
     atttaagtac aggaagtgca tcttgcatcc cacaattacc ttttattgtt tcctccacaa    109680
     cttctaccac acgatctatc tgctgaacct gcaaggggag agacaagaag ttagaacatg    109740
     ccgggtggag tcaaggtaca gttccaaaga acactgataa agggtttact tgatttcctt    109800
     aatgttatat attaagtaat atttaattta aattaaattt acattaagca atatatataa    109860
     acatagatag ataatagaca ataaataaat agaaagtaga gagataacaa gaaataatct    109920
     atgggactgt cctgaggaat agtgaagtct cacacagcac aaccatcacc atgagctgtg    109980
     tatcttcttg catcactgtt actagggctg gaaccatcac cccagaagaa ggaaaaagac    110040
     tgagaaaagt caaacaactt ctaagattca tgagactcct aacccaaggt aaatgctagg    110100
     aaacggggtt gctttgagtt gtagctttag tgagtttttc cccacactgg agtgggattt    110160
     tcagtgaaga gataccttgc tttgtcaagt acccccgtaa taaagtaata aactcactac    110220
     tgtactaagg ctaaaattca gttgaattat atatttgatc tattttcaga gtcttaactg    110280
     gtggaataga catttgctct atctcccaag aaaaaaacag gtaatagcta cccacataaa    110340
     ctcaagccga atcataaact tatttttaat caaaatatgt ctcttcctac aaagcttcaa    110400
     gttataagac ataaggtggc agattacacg agagtatgtg ctaatattaa agagatacat    110460
     ggagcatctt ttgctttagt attccgattt taagcccctg acagtgagtt actacctagt    110520
     gtgagtagca cattcagatc caggtcattt cccacataca agtgaccagg gaagagctcc    110580
     cggagtgcag caagaacaca gagaaaggaa gccaaaggga gtgggggacc aaaggagtct    110640
     tctgaacaaa ggcaggaaaa gacactagga aaacccaggg gcacagagga agttagaatg    110700
     aaatggaggc agcacacaaa taaaatcata atctcagaag tttcagaagt tatttgaaat    110760
     agctcaaggc tgatcatcta aaaattctcc acgtatcatt gttttctctc tctctctctc    110820
     tctctctctc tctctcactc tctctctctc tctctcacac acacacacac acacacacac    110880
     acacacacaa agaaagaaaa gagcagagca gagctaagga aatcaaagca cagtaaaata    110940
     taacagtaag atgtgactga ctcaatccat aaaacctccc acctcaggga aggatcttac    111000
     tatgtagctc tggctgaagt gaacttgtag agaagactaa cctcaaactc agagacctgc    111060
     ctgcctctgc ctccagagtg cagggtgtaa aagcacaccc tgacatgcct tgcttacctt    111120
     ctatttctgc tgcataaaca aagcaactca ttatgcaaac cagatactaa gactcattct    111180
     ggagtgtatg catgtgtttt ctgtggctgt tttcatttta ccacagcaga ggttgctaca    111240
     cacatagaca aggggaaaac caagaggcat gtgtctgtgc atacatcatt gctgctccta    111300
     ggtctactgt gctcattcta ccagctgccg agcatcctgc tcactgaagg gaccatatgc    111360
     attcatctgc atgcaactga cgaaagaaca acactatcat accatagtga tgtggtggtc    111420
     ctagactggt atgagaagaa ccttttacac aggatgcatt aaaaatacat aatgatagct    111480
     ctaaaaaata ttttgttgcc ctcagtgtct cacacacaaa aaatgtagag gcgtgcaacc    111540
     acgaaccatg tgctgtctct gcctgctctc aggcaggaat agcctgtgtg gactacagga    111600
     ggtcatggaa cccagaagga gcactctgaa cacctcagga aaacatgtag gtaggtacag    111660
     tagtaacaag tcacaaacaa ggaaacagat aacgtaatgc attatcaata ataatttata    111720
     tacttttgtc tatttgacag tttaaatgca aacagaagaa aggttgaaga aaaatgttaa    111780
     aaatagaaca aacactttta gttgtgagcc tagcctttaa aggtttatcc gggaaaattt    111840
     ggggaagggg gaggaccatc tctgggacaa gccagagacc tgggataggg gaagcacctg    111900
     agaggatatg gggataaccc tatctgagat ttttaggaac aggggatatg gagcctgaag    111960
     tagccacctc ctatagccag acaggacttc cagtaaaagg aggagaacac caaaccaccc    112020
     acaaaacctt agacctaaaa tttaccctgt ctacaaaatg tgtagggata aacatggaga    112080
     agagattgag ggaaaagcca gccaatgact ggcccaattt gagacccatg ccatgagaga    112140
     gagctaacct gtgacacgat taatgatagc ctgctatggt tgcagacaag catctagcat    112200
     aactgtcttg ggagagcctg catccaaaag ctgatggaaa cagatgcaga gactcacacc    112260
     taaacaggaa acagagctcc gagagtcttg tggatgagtc aggagaagga tggagggagc    112320
     caagaggggt caagaagacc aaaagaagac ctgcagagac accaaccaaa gagcatgcag    112380
     gggctggact agaccccctc acatttgtag tagatgtgca gcttggtctt caggtgggcc    112440
     tcctaacaac tgcagcagtg gctgtctcgg actcggactc tgttgcctgc ctttggattc    112500
     ctttgaatgc ctagtctagc ctcagtagaa gaggatacac ttagacctgc tgcaatctaa    112560
     tgtgccaagg gagggggggc tccccttttc aggaaacggg aggtaaaatg aagaaagtgg    112620
     ggggtgagag ggtgggactg gaaggaggag agaagggagg cgggatgtca tcaggatgta    112680
     aaatgaatga atgaatgagt gaatgaatat aaaatagggc aaatgatttt tttgacaaaa    112740
     aggttgacag cataaaaagc aaatataaac ttttttttaa agtccaggtg ctactaagga    112800
     acaagtcagc attaagaaag taggatacta tagggattcg tatgatcaaa gtatgctata    112860
     tacatgtaga aaaatgtcga aataagatcc atccctttgg ggagaaaaag gagggaggag    112920
     agagagcaaa agggagctag ggagaaggag gaggagggag gttggggagg gagagaaaga    112980
     tggaaacaag cctagcatgc aaagtttcct ccaccgaatc aaggggtgag agaaacccgg    113040
     caagcagagc aggcactgct gcagagggca cgggagctgc acgctggaga gatttgtggc    113100
     acaggtgaga agcaaataga agaaaatagt ggactgtgca atgaggctca gatgaagcct    113160
     gaaaaacaca tgaataagcg gaaccaatat ttagagggaa ggagggaggc aggatggcga    113220
     aaaggaaaaa tacaggaggt tctaattagt atgggctcag ctgttcagta cctgtgaaga    113280
     aaagcgtggc cagtgtctgc ttatagaatc agggtgctga aacagcacgc aggtgattcc    113340
     cactggagtt cacacagaag gaaggacaag tttaggttag tgcaagtcac aacacacaca    113400
     gtgactggga ctgcctgaga tttggacctg tggtaggagg cagaggtctt ggctagattg    113460
     tgtacagtat aaagatgaat taccaaggta ccaattgaga tcagcagatc acaaaaaaaa    113520
     aagaggaaaa tatgaaataa ctgtcagtga tggggccaga acaatattgt cttcctatgt    113580
     gcttgtaaat agataggttc agaggggctc caacactcgc tctgaagcag acactggcca    113640
     cgcttttctt cacagttcac tcacacaaac agaataagga cgcagggaac gttgcagcat    113700
     ggtgacattt gttacaatat gcccatgcag ctaacctatg aaccatacat agtatggaaa    113760
     acagaaccat gagcccacga gacgcttgga tgaaacagtg gttttcagat ggttagaagg    113820
     acccacctcc ctttgggaca ctggggcaag aagtaagcat tgttagagta ttactaacta    113880
     cttttaaatt aatgttagta attttaagca tttattaaag ttcctgccca atgtttgttt    113940
     ttcatttaag ctaagacaat tgaggcccag acactaattg gcaagttaca tcctgtgctg    114000
     gtgccctggc tacctgagtc aagcagctgg ctggattatc cactatgcag aacaaccaca    114060
     tctgctcgtc accaaagcaa ctccagctcc agagggcaca gccccagaca tgactggttc    114120
     aaccaaactt cttaccatca aaaggctcaa acctagcaac cactttcacc tgccatttcc    114180
     cctgaatgtc cagatgaagg cctgtgactg gttacaaaca caaaccttaa cttctgtgaa    114240
     tgagtgtgcc atgactgtat aaacactctt gctgtattgc ttcaggaaat agaagcagcc    114300
     tgcctttgtg ctggtcagga gactcctatt tgtgccgctc ccatatgaaa attagccctc    114360
     atcaaaggct gcgcccacta agtcctttgc ctacgtttac cttcatcacc agtagactga    114420
     acaataactt ggtgagaaag aggccagcag aagcagcaac aaagcagcaa cagtggcaaa    114480
     gtcagtggtg attactgcca ccctggtggc agcagaaatg ggaagagacc tgaagcatta    114540
     aagaaaatga ctatggcaga aaccagaata gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    114600
     gagagagaga gagagaatga aaaattccaa aagagaaatg agggtcccag catatggggc    114660
     ctgtttgaaa gctgtgacac cagcagtgag tgagatctgc tgctgctgct gatgatgatg    114720
     atgatgatgg tggtggtggt ggtggtggtg gtggtgatga tggtggtggt ggtggtggtg    114780
     gtgatgctga tgcctgcaat acagtctgac attttctcaa ttaatcacag ttatcatata    114840
     acccagcagt tctaaatctc tacaacagaa atgaaaccta tacacacaaa aagcctgtgc    114900
     atggtgttca aagcaacatt taaaatggcc aaaggctgaa atacccacca actgataatg    114960
     aaacatacac cataaaagag ataggagcaa tgagacatgc tacatatgac tacacagagt    115020
     gggaagtcag ggtggccctc acagtgtaca accccatcag aggtccaagg ggcagcaagg    115080
     tagtggctgt ccagggatgg ccaaggggga aacagccagg tgcactaggg agcccaggct    115140
     tcttccacga gtaaggcgtg ttccgacact gtgtggtgat ggtcatagac tctacccaaa    115200
     ctaccaacta caggactaca cactgcatgc agttggatgc actgtgtgaa gtatgaattg    115260
     tatctcaaga aagccattac atctaaaaac aacaacaaaa gatgaaatta gccgaatgta    115320
     gtactatgaa gatcactaaa gaaaacaact gaggaaagca tgcagactga gggaccctga    115380
     ggacctcaca actctatgca actgtggaca gctgggagct ttgcagccat aaaggacaaa    115440
     agaccaggaa gaagtgtgta taaaaacaga ataagaaacc attattttta cttaattaca    115500
     aagaagcaga aaagaagttt attatgtaat ttgggaagct attgtgtcca tttgcattga    115560
     taaggacagt ggagaaaata tgaaggaaaa aaggcagaga gaaagaggga ccacaaccac    115620
     aggctgaaga ggaagaaggc caaattgagt gcaggtggga ggaggggaca gagcaaagac    115680
     agacccaaac cccccttgaa gagggcacaa tagactgaat ttccactgga gaaaaaggaa    115740
     agccattctc agttagcacc ataaattgca gccctggata cacaaaagct tattcaacag    115800
     catatcattc aaataaagta cgtaaaacag tatcttgtgc ccttcaggca attgactata    115860
     aatatacagg ggaaaaccaa aacaaaacat gcagcatgtt cccttactgg ctccatatgt    115920
     tctcaatcag gaagcaagga cttggtgacc aaacaattca gaaataacag tactgagtca    115980
     caatgctgag agactttcaa agggcccatg caaatatttt actctgctct cagaaaagac    116040
     ttcagggtca cagctgaaca tgaaggagga aacaagccaa catgctggta cctaaagcaa    116100
     atgaaaggtg ctgttcccac atctccaaac tgttgagagt tgagctttcc ccaggggcag    116160
     agatactcac agtcgtgcca ggcactgtgt cagttaccaa ccacctgtgg tcactacaca    116220
     ctcagctgaa acactgaatg tttaacttaa gccatgtgca acaggaaggt tttaggaatc    116280
     gtaagccagc agatcactgt gcagatcagc tgttagaagc caatgaatac ctcaaagaca    116340
     gcttcccagt tgggctagaa aagaaggcca catgcccatg tacccaagag accaggcaga    116400
     aggactcact ccactgcaca catcgagggt atttttccta aacagcctgc gagacaagcc    116460
     agtgggtaga atcataaagc ctacatttaa gtaattcttt cgcttcgggt tgcatgctag    116520
     tattgaacac gagttaccac ttttaattat aaacattctg gggaatcaaa ctcaggacac    116580
     caggctcggc agcaggcatc tttatccact gagctgcctc acctaccctt atataaaaca    116640
     gatttatttt caagatcaag gctgagcttc ctgagcagat cttcagtaag ttggtgggaa    116700
     agaaaaactg taccatgtag taaggaaata ctaactgaac acaactacac tctcagggaa    116760
     acttcttaaa cattttccac tgtgactcct tttattgcct aaaaaaaatt ttatataaat    116820
     ctgaggataa agatatacat tatacattat aaaatagata tataaatcaa acatttaccg    116880
     ataacaatca taagaaattt actttaaaat attttatcag catataattt caccatttat    116940
     ttaaaattaa agaaaatttg cataccaatg agctagaagg gtttgccttt aaaaacacaa    117000
     ttcaaagatg tatactgatt tgatagatta aagaatgatc ataggaaaat cacaaatgtc    117060
     tttatttttc tgtaatttaa ccattatatt tcttgggaag aagaaagttt tatgtgtacc    117120
     cgaaacgctc agcagttcac aacatgtgta gtccgaaagc actgtggctc acagcaggca    117180
     tgtgtagtct ggcatctgtg ctaggtggtt caggcagagg tgtttactgg ggctgtgcaa    117240
     cctgacagca tgctcagtat aaagtgcaga tatgttccaa accaagacta cagtgaagtc    117300
     acatgataca acactggtaa gcactgccag aaacatggca gactggctac atggtgatgt    117360
     gaatttattt ttagttgcca ggcatccaga aatatttcac ttgtcacatg tttcatggcc    117420
     atccccattc cattcatttt cttgactatg gggtcacaac ccacagttca agaagctttg    117480
     cactgggtcg ttttgggagc taaggcagac agagagcctc tgaccttctc agatctgact    117540
     gcccagcagt tatgtataag aacaaaacga cagaaggaaa aatgtttggc caaaataatc    117600
     agtgtccgtt taccaggaac acttatgtat gcacgagtgg agaaggctgg agaaacacac    117660
     agcggttaaa gtgatgaaaa gcttgtcctc aggtgaaaat ttaaactgga gttaggggct    117720
     ttgtggaaaa ataaaatcac ttaagtgtac aaccatattt cctctgtgat aaggtagaca    117780
     cagtgacaga cacaggggac aaagccaccc agagatggga tcctggagat gtgtgtcgca    117840
     gtaaagagct ctatagcacg ggggccccag agctgagacc tgagggtggg gaatgcacag    117900
     ggagagcatt ttaaaacata catttatgta ctggggagga tggacaggga aggtggggaa    117960
     tttggtatga tctggagagc gacaacaatg gatgaagacc aggacattac aaggcgttat    118020
     aatccccata gtgtagctct ttagagtgct agtgtcttag tgggaaagcc tgcaacatgt    118080
     gagaaagaga gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    118140
     gaaggtgaaa agtcacacac agtggaaaag gtttcagagg agatacagac agtatgttta    118200
     gaaaagtcgt aaggaaacta gcaggaggaa gtaaaatgag ttaacaacat ggcattcttc    118260
     tatttatcat caggtcgtcc cttaccccga tgatgctcag tcctttgagg tagtcctgac    118320
     gaggctgggc ttggggaaca cagccagcga ggacaacttt cttattctct tcttgagctt    118380
     ttctgcaatg aagaaaatca ttgtgaattc tactgctcac tgacacagcc taagaaattg    118440
     atgtcagtat acctaagttc tccagtaaag aagaccatct aacatgaacc agggttttct    118500
     ggcaatggga taaaaaaaaa tattcatcac taaacttatg tactgtatgc ctgtttctca    118560
     taacactaat acatgtgtct gttggggcct ctcattatca ctatattgcc aaacaaaaca    118620
     atcacacaaa gtttccaaca ctgatatgaa acatttgcaa aaatctgttt tccagagggc    118680
     aggctaaacc ttcaaacaag tcatgttaat aagaatgcac atacaacatc gtatatcctt    118740
     tcttaaactt tgaacaatat aaaattaaac tataatttaa aacaattcca ccaggagaga    118800
     atcgaaggta aaatatctca tatcattgac attcttgaac tcctgacgac ttcttctccc    118860
     taatcaacct atggttattg gtttcttgtg ttggctgtca tcgttcacac agcgagcatg    118920
     actagatgat gcatgtatcc acacatatga atatatgtac atatttgtac atatgtttat    118980
     ccatgagaaa gactggctaa tgatgcctgg tgtcatccat gggttaatcc atcagtgaca    119040
     tgagctacgt ggaagtgatg caggtctagg gcgcaggagc aagtacaccc ttgagaagta    119100
     gacctgatcc ctggacctcc cctcagtgct ttcagtttct tcctcttcct ctctcccttt    119160
     ctgcctgccc agatctgagc actttattgt ttgtttgggg ggggggggtg ttgttgtttg    119220
     ttttgggttt ttttgtttgt tttttgggct ccaccatgat attcagcact gctgcccata    119280
     gaccactaac agaatcataa gtcaatataa gtcaacataa cagttttctt ataaattaat    119340
     tctctctgat atttttccac agcaataaaa gctgatgaac acataagttc taagtagaaa    119400
     cactggttca aatgcttatg tggcatttgg agcactacga ggcattttgt taatgggcat    119460
     gtctgtgctg agcatcacta aggtcattca ctactttcag caacacagat ttaaagctag    119520
     taacagcagg ggtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtatttaaa    119580
     cctccagggt caactatatc ctctgctcat tttgaaatta aatgtgcatg ccttcaactc    119640
     tttttcaaga gcatcagtct gaaagttcct tactggtttc cctgctgcac tcaggagtac    119700
     cataattcat gcaccaagct gggacccctg gtactccagc accctagaaa gctgaggtgc    119760
     tgcagccaag actctagact tgtttggaat acatgtcaag aaatgacttg tctctgtacc    119820
     cagcacacat gtgttgtcat tttttgagaa cttttccagg gcacaggtta aggattagaa    119880
     gccaacagta acgagaagaa agctcctgag gccagtagag ctagctcctt gcaattacaa    119940
     atcacatcca atcgtctggg aagtgcaaga agggttgaat aaataaatta gtacatataa    120000
     attcactaac ttttattttt gagattttaa attataacat ttcttctttc tgtctcctct    120060
     gtctaacccc tctcacatac cccacaactc cactctgcac cctgattggc tgtgctactt    120120
     ataaatttac tacttcaaga gccttcataa atgttcgatt tcattaagaa tcctttgata    120180
     aaattttact tgaagtccta aaaatactta ctaaaataat tttgttaaaa ccccaagctt    120240
     gtacttgggt gactcatagt ctatccaggg actcatcacc tgtctctgcc atgtgattac    120300
     actttattga taagcacttc acttcaaaca agtatgtttt tatagcaaat gcaaaaactc    120360
     ctcatcaaat gaaaatattt ttccattttc attatcaaac tcaaataaca gttaacatct    120420
     tgctttctga aaaccttcac tataccatgt agaagcacag ccaagtatcc aaaagatcac    120480
     caataattat gctcagaaaa aatgactggg gccatagaga tggcttagca gttaggagca    120540
     catgacactc ttgctgagga ccctagttca gtttccagca cccacatgaa aactcagaat    120600
     tatcttgttc caggagatcc aatgccgcct tctgacagcc ctgggcacca ggtctgtaca    120660
     tggtacacat acattcatga aggcaaaaca ctcagacact taaaataata aaataaatct    120720
     aaaagaagtt tttcttaaag aaaatgccta tttcccgtga aatgagatga ttttaaggga    120780
     gcacggaaat gaggaaggct cgtgcctgca attcaacaga caagttaata aaagatggca    120840
     tgacaagact acacgcaact tggcagctac cgtgcaacct cggtggcaca gaaaagagca    120900
     gaaggcttga agagatcagg ctgcaagcaa gagcggcttc atgaggaaat ttttatcagc    120960
     atatgtaaga agaaaggggc agaaaaaaga gcccagaaag ttgcaggcag tcgctatagc    121020
     aggagcaaag aggagagcag accaggagga caggaggaca gggagaacgc cacggcgcca    121080
     ggcagaacag gctgtttgtc aagcactaag aacaccacaa gattaggagc aaaggttcag    121140
     aagggcctga cttgggaact tactgagaac tattcccagc tgagctgacc ttggcttcaa    121200
     aatggcagag cagacgagaa acacaatcca ccgaacctca gcccagcagg ggagactgat    121260
     gccacacttc acatgtgagc agaacatgct ccagagctct aatacagagt ctgcaatgtt    121320
     cttctaagcg ttcctttctg acagtctgtt ctttttattt attaagcttt gttcatgtta    121380
     atgcacagtg aaattatttc tcttttgata catacctaac acagatattt tttaaaacct    121440
     ttatccttca aaatatgaat gctgctagga ataataactt gagaaaagtt taaaatagta    121500
     tgaattacca tgtcttcctt tcaggtggca ctggcatgtt aattaaaaat ttaatgaata    121560
     taaagttaat ttaatatttt ggttcatata ttcttgaaac atatctccaa atgagactag    121620
     tggcatgcac ctgcagagac cattaacttg agtgacacag aaaataaaaa taaagcggcg    121680
     gcctcctctt ctgaatacca aacacaggaa atagtttgga gagaagctta agagacacag    121740
     cagcatgagg ctacctaatg atgacaaagt atcagccttt cattgcaaaa ataagaaaac    121800
     tacacttcaa aaagatgcag tgctctcagg tgagtgtggc agagctgggg tgagcccacc    121860
     atagccttgc gtgccacctt tcaggaaaca ataacaaaca atgaggaagc tctcgatcct    121920
     tctctagatc cttctctaga acccatgggc atgcatgcac caagatggaa agccaagcac    121980
     gttccaggaa gaaccgcatg gcagtatctg ttctcctcac caaagtccag tgggcagcag    122040
     aatggtctga cagaaaacta gcctcatggt ggatgcagaa aaacagagat ccttttctac    122100
     tagtatctgg tcgggggaga ctgtggattc cccatctgtc ctctcattcc tcatacatgc    122160
     tctgaaattg gtattaatat taaaatattc atagcaatgt gaacttttac ctaaaatttc    122220
     tttcattaaa aaaaaaaaaa gtcctggggg ctggagagat ggctcagtag ttaagagcac    122280
     tgactgctct tccaaagatc ctgagttcaa ttcctagcaa ccacatggtg gctcacaacc    122340
     atttgcaatg tgatctgatg ccctcttctc atgtgtctat agtatactta tatacataaa    122400
     ataataaata aatctctttt tttttaagaa aaaggttaaa aaataaataa aaaaattaaa    122460
     aagtcctgtc ctgtgtcatt gtcagcccat cagtagtctg tccccatgcc cccttaccac    122520
     ctctggtagt tgggaaatct tacatcatcc tgagagaggg ggaactagcc cggcacctcg    122580
     cctaggcagc acagctgact gtgggggtaa gggggctgca ggtgacgggg cacccagggc    122640
     aagagctcca tgaggtactc cccacccccc tcatctggag aactggcccc aagggcaaga    122700
     caatgagaga ccagtcctgc cctctcactg gctattgcat tcaggcaagc cagcactata    122760
     acctgagcaa cacagtggag ctggtcctga tggctaaggc aaggctgagc cagccttcag    122820
     gctgtgagag tgggagagct ggagcagccc ctctgaggct gcagcacttg ggagagtggg    122880
     ccccatacct tgactgtgta gcagtggagg catgagtgcc agtgagctag cactgagggc    122940
     atgagagcag gagccctgag ggcaagagag cagtagaact gactctgcct cttgccaatg    123000
     gtggcactgc atggcctatt ggagcagggt gggagaactc accctggtgg tacagattag    123060
     ggctagtcgg tgcactgacc agctcagcta ccacccaagc ttagatccag ggctctgaat    123120
     tggcccatct caaaatctct atcatctgca aacagtgcag atctgtgaaa gggccagtcc    123180
     tgatgatcta aagctgtagg atctctttga cacatgacaa caacaggata acttcgagga    123240
     ctctctgatg gtgtcagaga agccagagat ctggcactag accagtgact caagcaatga    123300
     acatctgcaa taggatatgt gtggacagag gtatatactg tggacatact gtgacatagt    123360
     acaacagctt caacaatgag atcttttcta tgctttgttt tttgttgttg ctttgtgtgt    123420
     tgttgggttt tttttgtttt tgtttttggt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtat gtgtgtgtgt    123480
     gtctgtgtgt gttttgggga gggggttatt gcaagggcaa gggtggagat gagtaagact    123540
     ggggtacatg atgtgaaaca cacaaagaat caataaaaag tttttaaaaa gaaattgcaa    123600
     ttagagaaat agagaatttt gtgaaaaatt aattccctca gtatatctag gttttacaca    123660
     tctaaatgta aatttcttcc tcatgacagc aaaaggaaga gggtcatggc attgtgtttc    123720
     tgtatgaagc aagcacacct ctatacagga aagaccttgc aatcagatgt tctcatgagg    123780
     agtctcctgt ttcatgagtt gatatataga catacagcca tataaaatac agaaacacac    123840
     tgaagcaaca aagagaaatt ctggtacagt tcattagcca cagtgccttc cctattctga    123900
     aaccagtcga gaaggaagta cttggtttaa atgccaatgt gcacttacaa gaggctggtg    123960
     tcacaacatg gacagttggg ccatgagctc ccaatagctt gaagtaaaat taaagtctac    124020
     tctaagattt atagacccaa aataatgatg caaacagctc cattcagtga tgtataggga    124080
     tactcaactt ccaagtcact ggagcataat gtcagtgtct cagtgtggat gccattgtaa    124140
     ttgtgtagct tatgctttgt gagaaggaaa aggcgttaca ggatgagcaa tgtacagaag    124200
     cccatgccaa tgacaggagc aagagaaggt actctgggca aatgatcaat atacacaaac    124260
     ctggtacatg caagcagtga tttccctgaa ggtaatctgg atatgataaa ttctgattct    124320
     atgatgatgt ggccaaatcc cagtatgaaa gtaacacaca gctggtggca tagctcagtc    124380
     tagtatgtac ttagcctgtg caatgccttc atctgaatct tccacattat aaaataaaaa    124440
     gacttgattc tatgtacctt cattgttctt accgcaactc ttaaaagagc ggctgcacaa    124500
     gggctgggca ttaaaagcac ttgcctcaca agcctgaaac ctgggttcag atccctggaa    124560
     tccatatgat aaacctcata cagtggtttg catatatgat tctattattc ccatggaaag    124620
     aggaaaatct gatacaagtg aattgaccaa aaaagatgaa agccagttaa gtaggaacac    124680
     gtaacacagt agcacaaaac aagaaagatg ctgcttcaaa aaaaaggggg aagacagtgc    124740
     tggctcccat gaattgtcct ctcatctcca aatgtgtata tgcataaaca cacaagcatc    124800
     cacataaaca tgcaatgcaa atacttacaa ataataagta gatgcaaaag ataaaactta    124860
     acaatccaat gagaatgcat cttacattca attacacaca aatatagtat cactgaccta    124920
     catctgaagt ttatgatgaa tccttaaatc aaaccaataa aaatagaatc cataagagct    124980
     actacaatac tgtagagaat tttcttagta tataagtcac ccccaactct ctttttgttg    125040
     catttctcct ataaaagcaa caaaatttac acttcagcat aacgtcagaa aagtagcaca    125100
     gaaattggac agaactaagt tgaccttagt gtaggtggcc ttcatcacag agctatgtaa    125160
     ttaagtacaa cttttagctg ggggaggggt ccttttaaaa cagcagtggc ctagatacat    125220
     ggagcagact aaacttcaga gccactactc acttccaaac ccagcaagaa cggtggtttc    125280
     tgagacagaa ccaccacaca caggtctgtg taaaaaatgc cctcttgaca acataaatgg    125340
     gcaaaacagc atccactttg gggggttaaa ttgtagaaaa tatttcaatg ctagctcata    125400
     gacaaactca cactaacatc aatccaaatt atcaactaaa acaaccatgc aaacagcatt    125460
     tgccatttac caacaggact taaacaaacc aaattatgct gtactgtata actgaaagca    125520
     ggtttcctca ttattaccac cgtccattct gcagcggaaa gtgaagctca gcagaatcat    125580
     acagaaaggg agctgaggct gcgccaatta gcctcggaaa agccatactc agaacgtgcc    125640
     tccattggtt cactgttgtt atctccctag ggaaagctac ataaaatgtc tatatgtatc    125700
     catgaaaaac gatacacagc actgtagcaa gtggaaaacc ctaagctaat caaccaaggc    125760
     ctgctgatta aacactaagt gtgaggcatg tggggtggcc cacacccaca catatatggg    125820
     cagcacaaat gagagcctat gcatcataaa tttaaaaacc atgacaagtc tgatccagag    125880
     atgcaggtga atctggaagg agttgaaagt gaatatgatc aaactacatt gtataaaatt    125940
     cttaagcaac taataaaaaa taaattttaa aggaatacac gcacacatac acacacacat    126000
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacgaga aacagctcag    126060
     tggtagaatg tctgcctact atccataaga cccagtacca cccagctcat actactggat    126120
     agaacaaaac tgacctgaga taatgtgctc acataatcat aataaggaac ccaccacatt    126180
     tatcactaac tcattaagct gtggtcactt agagatggag catgctgtga cttccacagt    126240
     gtggtgatct gaatgggaat gggtcccaag gcccatgttt gaactcttgg ttccccatgg    126300
     gtggaatgcc ttgggaagga ttgagaaatg tggtcttctg tgttacagaa ccaaagctgc    126360
     aagattgcca tgacatgggg caacaacagg atatctaaga gacggtgagg atccagggtt    126420
     gatggggtag caaaagccag aggcttctag ccagaccaca gcctcactgc aatgaacatt    126480
     tcaggtaagg ctatttggtg tactgtgtga cacaccttat cttccacggc acgatgtttt    126540
     ttctgtatgt atctgatttt gttttgtttt tgctttttgt ttgttttctt tgggggcggg    126600
     gatgcaaggg tagatttgga gagactggga aatgatggaa tttccgtgca tgatgtgaaa    126660
     tttaaaaaga atcaataaaa atattttcta aagtaatttt aaaaattcaa aaagaaagag    126720
     agagaaaagt gtggccttgt tagagaagat gtagcactat ggaagagcac tgactactcg    126780
     cccccccctt cgtccctccc tcctcacccc tcccacttga gcacatagat gtcagctttc    126840
     aactgttgct ccagtaccat gtctgtctgc ctcctggcac actctccacc atgatggccc    126900
     cagtaagctc ttccttctgt aagccatgtg gtcatggcat cgaatcacag caatagaaaa    126960
     gtaactgaga cgagtgtata aagcacaaaa gcagtttcca agtgactggt gatatagaca    127020
     tttccgtgtg actttaaaat attgtattta acaacataga cattaaaaat aaaccaatat    127080
     ttcaattaaa aataaataag cagaaatttc ccagcaaaaa gaggaagaga aataaaactg    127140
     tggttagtgt ccctacatcc ttttgaacct tcctatttat ctcagaaccc acataaaagt    127200
     ggtttttaac ccatggcata taaacaggat gtcacagtta gctggaagaa ccctgatgaa    127260
     tgctttaggg gagaaatatg gtatttggtc ttctgatcat ctcagaaaaa taaagtggtg    127320
     tttcaaacca actaattaag gattttgatt aaagggattt tagacatcat taaataattg    127380
     ggtgcctttc tacattttga tggcaataaa tactactgag gagacagtta agagttggga    127440
     gggtgcgtgc ctaggataca cctgtgcagg gtctctcatg tagtgtgtct gggcaacctc    127500
     attactccct ttctgaaaac aaaactttaa gctttaagga gctggatgca ctatagcata    127560
     cacagccagc ctccccagag gcccatgtgt tcaaggcctg tttctcaggg tggtactacg    127620
     aagacaagtt gttagctttg agggtagaag caggtcttta attcagtgct gacatgcctt    127680
     tgggaccctg agctctcctt tccctaatgt aactggtatt gtcctgccta atactctttc    127740
     tatgacatcc taagggccaa actatacctt tcttctctgt gagttatctg tcctcagtca    127800
     ctgctaactg atacaacatg gttctggaag aaagctctaa accaacagta tcaagagttc    127860
     agtttagatt ctgcctctgt ggcaaactga aagaaaggca gatcttgtct ccatcctagt    127920
     tttcccacgt gttaaatgga aactgctaaa ccctgtggtt catactggca agaaaactct    127980
     acaactgtaa taggaaacat ttgccttaat aggcagtaat tacaaccaaa gcctagtaat    128040
     attaagaaga aaatattgta ggaatgagtg aaatccttag attttctttt ctaaatgcta    128100
     cggtactaaa ttagttgcaa aagttctttg aaagcatcca caaaacactg caaatgggaa    128160
     tttggaggga atccatggca gacactgaat gatgggaaat cacttaaatt ctaaacaaga    128220
     aaacctaaac tcaaggtacc caagtcatca tccaaagagt gagagatcac ttgctgcctg    128280
     ggacaatggc aaacagcact caatccccag aggctccagg ggtaggagac agacaactaa    128340
     atgcaggcct ccactctgtt cttccacaat gcaggcaaga gacagaaaca agaggccaca    128400
     caaatatacc agattccaga tttcaaatcc cctcaccaaa aacaaagcct agtgggtccc    128460
     taatgcctgt tatatgaggt ccagtgaaac caaattaaat cgccttaagc aaccattgct    128520
     agttaaaaca catttctgag tcactatctc taaaaagtac acattttata tctaacacag    128580
     cctctcctac ataggggtct cagcaaatga ctttccagct tattttactg aaaaacaaat    128640
     aaactgctgt ttctacaccc aagcatatct aacagactgt tctacatcaa aatgctggtt    128700
     cttctatgac ttagcacaga gtgcttacct agcaattagc acacataggc catgtcatat    128760
     gtgcccctca caaatagacc aactgtcctt gctcctcacc aactgagatg cttcttgtac    128820
     acagtacatt ccaatccttc tggacagact gttgctgtaa ttaactgctt ttcttctagc    128880
     aagcatgttt ttcctctata acagatcaca cccaaaagtg tatagatgca catcttaaaa    128940
     atataacaca aaatctcagt actagagaga ctgaggcaga agataatgag tttggcatta    129000
     gcaagagata cacacacaga gacacaagca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    129060
     cacacctcct cctcctccta ggtatgaagt aaggacctca agtcagtatg ctccagacag    129120
     atccttatgt tttgctcgca tatccacacc atttcacagg taaacaaaca gaatagcaac    129180
     ttatttcaga caaatggttc caatgcacac ccaatactca actctcctgc cacacaaatt    129240
     aattaaaaat taattctcac tatgaaatag tccttagact gttcatttcc tgcctcagcc    129300
     tcccaagttc caggatgcct tgtttttacc tataactgag tatcttaaaa catgatgttg    129360
     ttatctgctt cttaaatatt tatttgctta aacacacaca cacaccgaga gagagagaga    129420
     gagagaaaga gagagagaga gagagagcgc tgagagagag ctgagaaact ttacaagtaa    129480
     ttatcatgga acacacagag ccaaaacagg gcactggaga tacccaacaa aaatgcctgt    129540
     cttgatcaaa tcctcgccca ttcaaatgtc atgtgataac attctcattt actacattag    129600
     tgacttttct cattgttgtg accttgttca tgacaacagc agcttaagga atgatgggtt    129660
     tgttctggct cccaatctga ggggacaatc cagtccatca cgctgagaaa ggcgtgacag    129720
     tagcagcacc aagaggtcag tcctactgca gccacagtca ggaagcagca gcagcaaact    129780
     atgatttact ccaggccatt gagtcttgct gcccacattc aaaatggtat ttctctcctc    129840
     agttcatcta tttttgaaac actcagatat agagctgtac tgtatttcaa cgacgattct    129900
     gaatccaaag aaactaaata tgaacttcag cgccttgact ctttgatctc tctcatctca    129960
     tgttggcttt ttgtggtttt gttttttaag gcatgggctc atgcaatctg ggctggacct    130020
     gacctgagtg caggtgagac tccggatcct cctaagcatg ggactggagg tctggaccac    130080
     tgcgctcaga ctgagatgct gttagacact gaaggcttta tgtgctaggc aagctctcca    130140
     ccacaccctc agcttcatct ctgtttgttt gaggttttat cagaggggaa aggggatagt    130200
     tttagaataa taaactgttt aaaatactac accaagataa tacactctat catactgtca    130260
     atttttccaa tatgaagttt cttttgtgta ttacaaaagc agcacatgaa acataagttt    130320
     agacttgatg tgtttaaaaa acatcaacta ggaaaattaa aacatccttt gaaagaaaac    130380
     aaacaaacaa aaacccaaag aagccttaaa tgataaccta tagaatctct ttctttacca    130440
     ttacatttcc ttttcagaaa aaataatttc aataaataag ctagaaaggc agaaggtaaa    130500
     gtttgctttt cattcacatt tgaattttat ataaaccaaa cacaaaggag cccaattccc    130560
     ctatttcata ggaatgtctt tcagtgcaca gtagttcatg ccttaggaag ctgaagctgg    130620
     aggacccctt tgaggttgag gatagcttgg gctacacagt aagttccgag ctaagctgga    130680
     attcagagtg agatgctatc tctcaaaaac aaatgataat actgatttat gatgaagcag    130740
     tttatacttt gtaaaataat ctgcaagatg gctgagcagc tgaggaatct gtaccagact    130800
     gacagcctca gctccatctc cacacaacag gagaaggaaa gaagactttt ctagatgtct    130860
     tctatgacca tacctccaaa gagctgtcat ctgacggaca ctcaaacaca cggacagtca    130920
     aaaacacaca ataaatataa ttgtaaaatt ttgttaaaga ataaatctac cagtttttta    130980
     tatctccatt gtgattatta attttgagca aagaatccat tttattttta ataagaaaac    131040
     atattgacat gagttattag accaattatt aaaacttgat tgtggtacct tagatgagtc    131100
     ttagtccatc aagtatttac atgtataatc acttgtcata attttttttg ttacctaaaa    131160
     cctgttggtt agtcttgcaa gcactctcca tgaatatact tgttaaagaa ttactcaaga    131220
     aatacatgga catagtacta cctgaggacc cagctatagc attcctgggc atatacccaa    131280
     aagatgctcc aacatataac aaggacaaat gttccactat gctcatagca gccttattca    131340
     taaaagccag atgctggaaa gaacccagat gtccctcaac agaggaatgg atacagaaaa    131400
     tgtagtatat ttatacaacg gagtactact cagctattaa aaacaatgac ttcatgaaat    131460
     tcttaggcaa atggatggaa ctagaaaata tcatcctaag taaggtaacc cagtcacaaa    131520
     agaacacaca tggtatgtac tcactgataa gtagatacta gcccaaaagc tcagaatacc    131580
     caagatacaa ttcatagacc acatgaagct caagaaggaa gaccaaagtg tggatgcttc    131640
     agtccttcct agaaggggga acaaaatact catagtagga aatataaaga caaagtgtgg    131700
     agcagagact gaaggaaagg ccatgcagag actaccccac ctggggatcc atcccatata    131760
     cagtcaacaa aacccagaca ctatcgtgaa taccaagaat tgtttgctga caggagcctg    131820
     atatagctgt ctcctgagag gttctgccag agcctgacaa atatagaggc agatgcttgc    131880
     agccaaccat tggactgagc atggggtccc cagtggagga gttagagaaa ggactgaagg    131940
     agctgaaggg gtttgcagtc ccataggaag aacaacaata tcaaccaacc agaactccca    132000
     gggtctaaac caccaaccaa ggagtacaca tggagggacc cattgctcca gccacatagg    132060
     cagcagagga tggctttgtc aagcatcaat aggaggtgag gaccttggtc ctgtgaaggc    132120
     ttgatgcccc agtgtaggag aattcaaggg cagtgaggcg gaagtgggtg agtgggtagg    132180
     tgaacaccct catagaagca gtggaaggag ggatggaaca gggggtttct ggaggggaag    132240
     ccaggaaagg gaataacatt tgaaatgtaa atatagaaaa tatccaataa aagaaaagaa    132300
     aaaaataaag aataccaaat aaagtccccc aacacagagt ctttggcctg cacaataagg    132360
     acgtggggag aagcaactat accaagtact ctttggctaa cacagtatca gctactgaga    132420
     cgttagggaa aaggaagtaa aataatgtca ggagacacaa aatgggaatt cacttctggg    132480
     tcataaaaaa ggaaatatat gagttagtct agcttcttat accaaaatcc accaattaat    132540
     tcatccaaaa gttcgaaatg aaacagacgt acagggcacc gtgcttcttc actatgtagc    132600
     acaggctagt cttcctatct cagttacacc tgtgcaccac tatacctagc ttccttagct    132660
     atccttcctc ggtgctacaa tgtatacttt tctcactcta ggcattgagt taaggatcaa    132720
     tgctttcttt gggaaagtta agagccacat gattactaca ctgattaaat tgttacagat    132780
     atcaaagaca gcatttcaca tttataagac aacactttta ctattataca attgtattta    132840
     aacaaggagg gtctcactga aatttagctg ttacaactgg gtgtgatggt gcacacctgt    132900
     aatcccagca ctcaggaggc agaggcaggt ggatctctga gctcagggcc agtctggtct    132960
     ataatgagag ctccaggaca gccagtgcta cacaaagaaa ctgtctagga aaaaaggagg    133020
     aggaggagga ggaggaggaa gagaaggagg aggaggagac aagaaaaaag aaaagtagtt    133080
     gttagagcta tagctaacta caatagaact taagttcatg tactgaagcc aaaacctgtc    133140
     ttaaaaagtt cctgaaaact aggaaggacc cagtatagct gggtatcctg ttcttctggc    133200
     agcagaaggg cacactgcta tgtgccttat tcttgcctga tttccatcta gtcaggcaat    133260
     aagtgggatg tattttcttt tagaaaaatc ttctctgatc ataattctgc cctttgtgtt    133320
     ttccacatct atgcttctgt aaaatcccac actgccaata ctatccatac tgttatcaaa    133380
     actattgatt taaatgcctg ttctactaaa tactaaatgt acccagtatg gccaatcaac    133440
     ttagattagt cttgtgctaa gtggctttgg tcaagttgac ataagttagg atgacatgga    133500
     aagaggaatg tcaattgaaa tgtatgtatg tgtatgtgtg tatatataca tagggggtgt    133560
     atacatacac actcacacac acacacatac acacacacac attttttcaa catattgcct    133620
     gtaggcaagt ctgtagagca tttcttaatt aatgattaat gtgggagggc ccagccccct    133680
     gtggttggta ccaccactga gcaagtggtc caggatgtgt aagaaagcag gctaaacaag    133740
     ccagtaacat tcctccatgg cttctccttc agttcctgct tccaggttcc tgccttgatt    133800
     tcccactgtg gcttccctca gtgaactatt agttataaag ccaaactgta ttcaaacaaa    133860
     tacagctcaa gttgcttagg ccatggtctt tatcacagca gtagaaagaa aacaaagaca    133920
     tacctcaaac cactccaatt cttcagagca gtctgagctt gctgtttatt ctataaggca    133980
     ctatccttag aacacacaca cccacataca cacaccccta cctcaaaatc caattataga    134040
     tagaaagtag tctaggtcaa ttatgacatc ttaatagatt ttatttagat ctgagtccgg    134100
     gattcacctg gttatgaagt cttgtctgta gccatggaga acggtttttc ttcttggatg    134160
     aacaagcatg gagatggaag tcttgactag ctatcattcc cttcacacac aatacatgaa    134220
     agtgttcctg aggcatcaac attgccacta cacaagcaat aaactgagga ttggatctca    134280
     aggtagaaga cccctgtgtc gcacaagact tcgaccctag aattaactga catagaactt    134340
     cccgtttccc aacttcttgt tataagggat cataaaaaat tttaaaggga ccagcaagat    134400
     ggatgactca gcagataaag atccctcttg tccaacctaa agacctaatt accaccccag    134460
     aacctgtgta gtagaaggag agaacaaatg cctcacagtt gccctttggc ctccacatat    134520
     gtgcctgccc ccacccccac cccgctctgc tctgcttttg gttgattctc ccggtacata    134580
     cagccaaagc ttttcaagct gaaacagctt cctttcatag aaatacacta atgcagacag    134640
     atgggggagg tgcatgcatt taggcccagc acagcaggca gaggcaggtg aatctctgag    134700
     tttaaggcca gtttggtcta tagagccagt tccagaacag ataaggctac acagagaaac    134760
     cctacgacaa aaacaaacaa aaataaatag ataaacatta acaaatggaa tgagcctgaa    134820
     tccatgctca cctccaccag actgcagtgc ccaggtcatc aagcctgcat actaccaggc    134880
     tcccttctca agccaatctc agaggtctaa atccagagct cctttgtatt gcaggtaata    134940
     aagggaatcc aaactctgtc tactgtttac acacttatta gtctaatgcc attccagatg    135000
     ccaggtgtca ttagaagctc agatttgact aatgaagaac cagacacact ggggaaatgt    135060
     aatgtgctta tacctacaaa tacttcctat gtaatgaact gacatataca tttcaagcta    135120
     tttcctatac ttagcccata cactgagagc agaacacatt tctagctcac aatcttattc    135180
     actttttata gcacaccacc accaccacca ctcagtatgt caggcagttc ccaggaaagg    135240
     agtggttatg accaatgaac actgagctgt gtttttaaaa cagaggggaa tgcctttaca    135300
     gataacagaa gaagggctcc acagaagttg gctgttttac tagaaatcac agatacttag    135360
     ggccagaagc agaagtggaa tgtggaggcc aacttctaag tcagtgcttt ctcctaatgc    135420
     cagactgctt ctaagctgcc tattaaatat ttactgggga tatttggcca aacaaaaaat    135480
     aatccattat tgtattcaag taaaccaaaa accttttagt aggttaggct gacagatgta    135540
     cactgcccta aatattgact ttttattttt tagaagtaag ctccactacc cagttatctc    135600
     ttccactcct ctagtcaaca tgattctatt gtgtctgaat aatttaaaca caccaattgt    135660
     tatcagttca aacacactga agagggagtc agagctccaa ctggatttta tgtatccact    135720
     ttctgtttta taaaagcaat gctgagtagc atatttatta aatttaagaa gacagaactt    135780
     acatttttat tttaaatgct ataatttcct taatgaagta attatcgtat aatgttgatt    135840
     tcatccaaca ccctcttcat tatcaaacca atcagactgg gaaatctcaa cttggaaatc    135900
     aagtctgtag aagttatcta taaagggtaa ttcggatggg atttttgtgt gatagttcac    135960
     acatccatct cactacagat gactggtcca agccaatccc tgtactccac tcctttgtca    136020
     aggagtcaaa ggagaacctg tactaatgat gcatgaagag acttgttcag tccttcctgg    136080
     aaagacaggc cagcctctta cccaatcagg agagaaaata acaagagaaa ggaaggagtc    136140
     tgaatcccta ataacaccat agatcgcaat gaacccgctt tggagctcca taggcctact    136200
     gagccatata cccctggagt gactggagtg actcctgggt gagggtgctg ttacttgaat    136260
     gaaaggtatc acaggcaaag cagtaaatca agttgtactt gacaacagta ctagaaataa    136320
     gagactatga gcctatagta ttgcaaaaat aaaaggactt tcttctccat cggattaaat    136380
     accagtcaac ttgcaagttg tctgcaaagc aaaggcatgc caagcctttc ccttaacaat    136440
     acatgacaga tagtctgcca gcaaggcata agcatttctg taggcttaag taactgcttg    136500
     gtgcccagca caagcttccg ggctctgggg attggaagta cgcaaaacac aatatttgcc    136560
     ctcgaagctg agacagaaag gagttaacta ccaagtacgc aaacatcttc atgaaggacc    136620
     caagcaagct cctctatgat ccgaatctga gcattatgat caattagagg tttagaaaca    136680
     aaatgacttg gtgaattctt ccactccact gggaaaagcc acggagaaaa aacttggggg    136740
     tgggggatgg ctaaaagaga aagaatcaca gagaccaggc caagagtaca ggaaggtaac    136800
     agggaaaaga aatttacaaa atcagacaca tagagggacc cacactatcc tcaaaataaa    136860
     ataaaatttt taatttaaat tttcaaaaaa agttaaactg gagaggttga aatggcatct    136920
     gtttccattt tgtctcatta gaaccagagc aaagggacag atgggatgtt gtgtcaatta    136980
     acagggtctt gatacagaga tttttcccaa catcttcctt taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    137040
     aaagccatct cagagcaggg ggaaaatgag caaagtttct agccaacact ttctaaacag    137100
     gaacggccaa acactgtcct gagatcaaca acagctcact ctgcagcata ttccactgag    137160
     gacccaaatc cagtcaatgt ctcctgaaca tgaagtagct gactcccagc aatgtcagat    137220
     gcaggcagcc ttttcttccg tagataagca aagacttggg gaaagagagg ggactttttt    137280
     aaaagaaaaa aaggaacttt ttaaagtaat aaactccaaa ataaaaaatt aaaacaaaaa    137340
     gtccaatgtt cagtctcaac agtatcaaaa gctctgacaa ccgagaggga aggtggccac    137400
     tggctgcttc gagtttccga aggaaggaga agtcatcggt gagcagccat ggaactgctg    137460
     tttggaggaa acagtgaggc ctgagagaga agcaccatga caatgtacgt tagatcattt    137520
     gagacaggac agtaggcaac tgtaagtaga cattttaaag gttaccctta tactatttta    137580
     catattaaaa tcataggcca gtggataata tcattatggg actatatgag actgggttgg    137640
     atttttaacc cagagctctt ttagaacgta cattttcata gatgtggcag aaaaccataa    137700
     gatttttaaa agcatgtttg ttattcaaat tccatatatc tactgagtat ctcctctttt    137760
     aaaaatacac ttgttaggtt ggagctggag ctggggctgg ggctggggct ggggctgggg    137820
     ctagggctgg ggctccatag tcgagtactt tcctggtaag caaagggccc tggggtcacc    137880
     cctctacaaa cagaaaactt cagataagaa atgccaactc taggatcatc cttccatgtg    137940
     tgaggagtgc ttgcttatcc ttaactgcag aacacacatg taacacatat gtaacagcca    138000
     tagccttgct atggtgtcca acagagccat ctccatctct acccttcagc ccaacaccag    138060
     tgttagtcat tttttaatta cttctagcaa gttccaaaac ctttgagggg ccacatacct    138120
     cacaggctac cacagtagct aagcagatag gtaggtgcac aatggcagcg gttaccgtac    138180
     tgccaaatgc tgcacgtatc ccttttcaat gctgtagata agaataagct atcctcagat    138240
     gcttatgtta acagtggcaa aagtgctctt cagttgcaga gcaggaactt taaagggaat    138300
     ttgtttcctt aagtcaaata cccagtagcc aactactcca gagttctgtg ctacaggatg    138360
     aatggtttgc aaaaccaaaa cagatctcaa cagccacata gccaaggaag caaccacaac    138420
     tcagggccac tcatcagact gctaaggaac aaagtcctag caggtggcca tcctctgctc    138480
     caaattcagc catcctgcac atgacattat cttcacgatt tgtatgcggt cgttttgtat    138540
     aatgtaaccc ctggtatcca attttcaaaa ttaagacaaa actgtcttta atgacaggca    138600
     aaccacaaga ggaaacatca atgataaaaa taagtctgct cagagctcag tgaaaagggc    138660
     ccctcccaag tcccagaggt acctgccaag ccttacccca ccctcacctc agtatttgtt    138720
     cagtgaagca gtgctgtgcc tggaacaaat cccgaggcct agtcaaacac caggtggtac    138780
     accagtgtca ttttttaagt aacagatggc tcaaactttt cttgtttatg acatacagcc    138840
     aggacttaca caagtgaagc tgtcttccaa gttctttata caagtagcac aattactcat    138900
     gtgactcacc acttcgaatc ataaagacag cagcaggtgg gacagatgca gggctcctgg    138960
     attatttatg actttgcata acagacagag aaaccataca catgaacaca gatggagtca    139020
     agtgcagtca catattcaat ggtatttcat ttcctaggtc ataaagtctg gaggccaaac    139080
     caagtgagcg ctttggtttg aataaataaa agtaaaatgt tacgaaccta agatggaagt    139140
     agggagaaga gaggtgtgtc cagtgtcctt caaatctgaa gggcattttc actaaaggtt    139200
     taggaatgga aagtaagtca aagattgctg ggccaggagt ttgcaaggga ctttcattac    139260
     ctgcatatca tttcagttgt tattaggacc aggtaatctc actgagttta atttattaaa    139320
     ctgcatcaca gattccttta tagtagaaat acacacttga gtactgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    139380
     tgtgtgtgtg tgttcagtac catggtttca agcatcaatt gctcactgtg tctctcttaa    139440
     agcacaggca tcaactgggg attggtggga caaacacctc ccccaaatta gagctgtata    139500
     tcaaattcat caaaaaatga ggggaaagct tgaagcaaag taaaagaagt taccctaagt    139560
     gattttctcc ctgtttctct ctctccctca ccatgtcccc actaaacaac actacagcca    139620
     gggtctatct acctctatca aaggctagta aaggcctgag catctttgga caaagcagca    139680
     gaattaagga attgacagga aatgtgtgag ctttccaaca gggcccatcg gtctcagcct    139740
     acttcactct aaagtgcctg gcccatgctt tatcatgaac atgactctag catcacctca    139800
     gctttctcat ccctgacaat caagcataca atgattgatg aggcctatgg gtaagacccg    139860
     ctgcccttgg cagagtcaca gacaggttca aatgtttggt gatgccagta ctgtttcacc    139920
     tgtagccact actgggtcca cgatccagtt cttctatcaa cccataaagt ttgattagca    139980
     atacaggtag aaacagaaag ctggtcccaa acagatttga gacctgttgt gctaccaaaa    140040
     catgcggcca agtcaaggaa aacctagagg ctcccacttg aacacctcct gactcctcta    140100
     aaactcatgg gatagactca gataccccac acatgttggg tttccctaac aactgaatta    140160
     ctacagctat ttttcctggg taaaatccaa gtgctttttg agatgaactt gttcctctat    140220
     ggtactgtcc tggtgcatta cttctctagc tgtctaaact gtccttcctc cttgtacaga    140280
     taataatcct cagataataa cactgcaggc caaagaacca aaaggagctg ctccaggagg    140340
     aggagctgca ctacagtggg gggcacggtt cttcactaaa cgtgtcctct gtgaaaactt    140400
     agctgattat catcttatgc tagacaaatt cactctgatc cacatcctta tcctaaaagc    140460
     ttgggacaga actgttgaag tgggcaagtt ttttaacttc tggaatatta catagacttt    140520
     tccatcgggg attagcaccc ctaatctgca aacctgaaac ccaaatattc taagatctaa    140580
     aacttctgaa tgtcatatta gaactcaaag tactactaat ttcagatcag tgtgatttcc    140640
     aaatagggct attcaacctg tatgggcttt aaaattgaaa ttatgactat acaaacatgc    140700
     actgcgtgac agcaaacaaa attaaatgct attaagtact catttgaaat gagaaaagag    140760
     ccaattgttt taaatatctg cttctgctaa agtgtactgc accagcccta agttaattgg    140820
     ttcacacttg aggccagcta cccagcatgc cttgtaatta taaacaccag gatcagtgtt    140880
     tcgccaattt caggagcttg accattttgt ataacactta taggaaaaat taacacttgg    140940
     aagagggctg acttttaaat ttacaactat taattaccat ccttcctttt tttccccttt    141000
     acctaagcac agtgaaaagc tattgcaagc tatgcacatt ttaattgaat ataaattgtt    141060
     agtttccttt catccctgtt ttctgaccca tttactccaa aattcatatt ccttgctgca    141120
     aattaatcaa atgaccagcc tatgatgggc acggtgctgt gtaaattcaa acaccaccat    141180
     tggcctcagg gaactgaact atctcatcca aaattccatg gtgaaggact aagtcaccaa    141240
     gagatttgga gagtcggatt taaggagaca cagtgagcaa agaaggattt ttcctgactc    141300
     ttgattcagg gacacgatgc acaggtctat gtttcctggc cctgcactac tgtccctggc    141360
     cactaaacac agtatggtcc catgtaaaag atataaactc accacctaga acctccatct    141420
     ggctcctgat ccccaggaac actggccttg gcttcccagg cacactcctc cactttctat    141480
     accgttgttt cctccttaaa cacttcaggt ctctgctcaa atgcaatctt agtaaaaaag    141540
     tctttcttaa tcctgctaca gaagtgttat gcatgtccca tctctccaag acctagtttt    141600
     catattcttc atagcactga gtacctgact tcacactttc ttctttagtg acaatgtaag    141660
     ctacatggaa aagagaaaac aacaacaaca acaacaacaa caacaacaac aaaactcaat    141720
     gtgctcacca ctatacctct aggcctttca aaacaaacaa acaagtcctt ggaatgtggc    141780
     tcaataaata attacatgtg tgaaatgcat agccctccat gtgcactcat aaagtctttt    141840
     gttctatttg gtactgaagg cccagtacct aaagaagtac ttaatacttg aggtactggg    141900
     tagttctgtt gagtgatctc caacacacag gcatgctggc tttctgaatg tgtgtctgtt    141960
     tgtttctaat gaggaggatt tgataaataa agtacattct ctcctgctga gctaaaatcc    142020
     cactctctgg cctattatta aatgctctca aaatcaaaaa agcaataaag aagtaacttt    142080
     attagtgttt aatagtgctt aaatttgatc agtaaataaa agttaactat tctcctagtc    142140
     actaaagctt ttaacagtta taaaaatgga aattactacc ataatggact atatgtgaac    142200
     atctgacaat tctaaatacc atgttttaat tgactacatt tagtctcctc ataaaaagtc    142260
     attttttatt tttattttta ctgaatttta ctaatatctt cctttggctt tgcaaacaac    142320
     tttatgccct tgctcactac taacatacaa gcaagaaagc actgtggttg gggctggagc    142380
     gacaacaagc agggagcagg ctcaggctta caggccagcg aggcagaagc agggtggaat    142440
     ccaagggcct gatgactcct aggatgggag agaaaagtcc agccgtgggt tcaaggaaag    142500
     accctgcctc taaaggaaca ggaggattat aagaagtcac agaacagccc tcgacagagg    142560
     aatggataca gaaaatgtgg tgcatataca caatggagta ctactcagct attaaaaaat    142620
     tgaaattatg aaattcttgg gcaaatggat atatctgaag gatatcatcc tgagtgaggt    142680
     aacccaatca caaaaaaagt cacttgatat gcactcactg ataagtggat attagcccag    142740
     aaacttagaa tacccaagat acaatttgca aaacacaaga aaatcaagga gaaggaagac    142800
     caacatgtgc atatttcatt cctccttaga atagggaaca aaatacccat ggaaggagtt    142860
     acagagacaa agtttggagc taatacaaaa ggatggacta tccagaaact accccaccca    142920
     ggaatccatc ccataatcag ccaccaaacg cagacactat tgcacatgcc aacaagattt    142980
     tactgaaagg accctgatat agctgtctcc tgtgaggcta tgccagtgcc tggcaaatac    143040
     agaagtggat gctcacagtc atctatagga tggaacacgg gaccccaatg gaggagctag    143100
     agaaagtacc caaggaacta aaggggtctg caaccctata ggtggaacaa caatatgaac    143160
     ccacagagct cacgtctcta gctgcatatg tatcagaaga tgacctaatc ggccatcatt    143220
     aggaagagag gccccttggc attgcaaact ttatatgccc cagtacaggg gaacaccaga    143280
     gccaagaagt ggaagtgggt gggtagggaa gcagggcagg agggaaggta taggggactt    143340
     tcaggatagc atttgaaatg taaatgaaga aaatatctaa taaaaaattg gaagaaaaaa    143400
     aaaaagaagt cacagaacaa gaagtggagt ctcactaaag gggacacctc aagtcctatc    143460
     acgtcctgct caatccatgc tacaatagac ataatgagat gccttcattg ctgctgtccc    143520
     tccacattca tgaactgtgt tctaccgaac tgtgaaccaa aagcaagaaa acaacagttt    143580
     cctcttttta aaaagcagat agaaataagc tgagcaggag acgaggtctt ctggcttctg    143640
     ggcatacaga cactcaaatg cacatacaca ttcccacatg taaagagtaa gtgaaatcct    143700
     gaatgactgt gttgttgaca tggccttgga ctcaagagag taacaaagcc tttcctttgg    143760
     tgaggctcag agggatggca gagcctctct ctggtccctg tgtggatggt gacatgtgtg    143820
     agggaaatgt ctaccataac tttctctcca gctcagttat ttacattgtg aagactgtct    143880
     ctacaggacc tattcctact aagattggtc aagcccacct tctgccctgc gaataataac    143940
     cgcctccctg taaaaccata tataatgaac actctaagcc tttggggctc tgaggattat    144000
     ccatccaagg gcctagacca cctaatccca gcttttctgt actcgggcct gtatgtttgt    144060
     cctttcttca ccacctcccc accctaggta tgccctgcaa gatgcaacac acactataaa    144120
     gaagacagac agactgactg atttttgagg gtcagtcaca taactgacat taagaatgta    144180
     gctttgggct ggtgagatgg cttcatgggt aaaagcatct gtcaccaagc cagacaacca    144240
     gagttcaatc tccaagaccc acatggtgag agagaaccat ctcttagaag gtgtcctctg    144300
     acttccacat gacagacaca cacatagatc acaaaaagga tgacgatggc atcaatgatg    144360
     atgacagtga tgatggtgca aataaacaaa taaatgtaaa attgccttga aaaaatgtag    144420
     actcttgctg atgtcctccc agacacataa gtgttattgg tttggttcca agagtgtcac    144480
     tatggagagg aaatggaaca tcagggcaag gctgttctaa ttggacagtt gtactgattc    144540
     cttttctgta gctgtgacag aactccagga caaagataac ttttagctgg agttgaggct    144600
     tagtgaacca gagggatgag agtcgtgatt cggagggcac agatcaggca gcagaatgag    144660
     gaagccgaga aatcacagct cttacaacaa acacaaagca gagagcaaac tggatgtgag    144720
     ccaaggcttt aaaccagtgg ttctcaatct gtgggtcagg accctcttag gggctaacca    144780
     accttttccc agaggtcaca tatcagatgt tctacatgcc agatgtttac attattatta    144840
     ataacactag caaaattaca gtgttgaagt agcaacaaaa ataatgttat gactggggtc    144900
     accacaacat gaagaactgt actaacaggt cgcagcacta gggggagttc agaaccactg    144960
     ctttaaactc tcaatgacac tttctccagc aaggctgcag ctccacataa caacagctcc    145020
     cagataacac caaccggaga ccaagagttc aaatgcagga gcctacaagg aacactttct    145080
     tcaaactacc atgaacacta gaggatgcta ggagacatta ctcattacat cccacttctc    145140
     ggccatgaag gcaagtttgc taagctagga gtcccctatc ataaaaagta tgttcagctg    145200
     tctgaagcct aggccctcca aaaccaggag ccaaaataaa agctctctac ttataagtta    145260
     aaggaactgg cagctagact gatggcttgg tgataccagc actgagatga ccactcacaa    145320
     ttatctgaaa ctccaatctc aggagatcca acaccctctt cgggcctcca cgtcaccagg    145380
     catgtatgtg gtgcatagat gacatacata caggcaaaac accaacacac acaaaataat    145440
     aaattaattt ttaacaaaga aaatgaatta tacgattaat tccttttttt cttttaaacc    145500
     aaaccatctt ggagggcaca gaggagctat ctagagttgg tgctattatg cctatttttg    145560
     gacagaacct tccataagca ggatagcaac cttttctcag tcaactgcca gatactgttt    145620
     aagagtttga gggctatatg gtctatgtca caattaaact ccaaactcta ccctaacagt    145680
     ggaaaagcac attggctaat aaactttctg ttccaataaa actttattaa caaaaacaag    145740
     caaccagcta ggtttgttct gaaagctaga gttggcggat cactagtcca cctcatttcg    145800
     aggaacatta tctgagccca caacaaccca gattatgaat gggctgagtg ccaaaagtac    145860
     catatggcaa tggttttcct tagctttcac tacttttgaa gtacaaactg caatagaaac    145920
     agtcttacat ttaattggga gatttgaggc aactagggca aatctcctga tcctctcctc    145980
     tgtccctcac tttaaaaaca gagagaagtc ccttgaactg ccaagcaact gggtcatgaa    146040
     agtcaggcca ccacacagtc tagacggaga aacaagaacg gagaacgaca cactcgactt    146100
     gttttcctgg aaaactttta acctgtggct tctctccacc acctcaagat caccacagtg    146160
     ccttaactcc ccctccatga catcacacca tgctcttagc tggggcttta agagaggcca    146220
     catgccgctt catcattgta cgttttcatt taataaagct gactttctcc aaaactagag    146280
     agaaacactg gccaaacaaa gcatgccagt gtgggggaca tggaatggag aagagctaca    146340
     agatccctat ccaaggaact cacactttct gcattgagta aggatggcca ggtaccactt    146400
     gatgatctca ggaatatgaa tttaacagaa atggagaccg tgcaggggtt gggaagaagg    146460
     aaaaaggatc agaaattgga gggcttagtg agaaacacaa catccagaca aaccaaccct    146520
     gatgggcaaa gctgacaagt gtccttcctt cctcagcaag tttgctcact tctgtaccca    146580
     accccctcca gtccaggtgt cacattagcc caacatgtcg aggaaggtga cagaggtgca    146640
     ggtgagacag actgagaggg atagaggcac accagcgtct gaaagcgcag gtgcaagtac    146700
     ttatcagctc caatctgctg caggactcta gtgaaggtat tgcctagaaa gcctgtaaaa    146760
     ctatcagttt gtggaaacac ttcaccagtc aatgagaact cagcccccag cccagtcatc    146820
     agctttctgt ccttactctc agcaggccat gccctctctt aactcagctt tcttgagaaa    146880
     taacaggcat tctcgaggaa ctgcataatt accgctgctt ccatcctcgc caaaatcaca    146940
     tgtatccttt attttaaaat taagaaacat tgaaggtttt ttgaaaaata aaaataagaa    147000
     gcccaggcta cctcggtgat agccactgca tacaatcact gcagagtggt ttgttcagcc    147060
     cgaatgtaaa tcagggttga aagacatccc tcaagttcca gctggccctg aagctagcta    147120
     taccagaggc agcacagtgg gccagtctct ttcccaataa ccaaggttcc ttgctgttga    147180
     gctggtatct tgcctccatc agcagcctct tcctgcagca gaggaggagc ctcagactat    147240
     aaaacgaatc tgagctcgcc acagactcag gctccttcac tcagctcggg cctgccagct    147300
     gctgtgcaac ttctgtccca ctttctgccc agacctgtaa ttatttacag ttctgcacct    147360
     gtcacaagct tcacacaata actttccttg tttcccgggg tttacagaca gttagacata    147420
     ctctgttcaa agcctaaagc ttagggcact tttcaaaaga agtaagacag tgaggaggaa    147480
     atattcagca aggttctgat ggtaacaaac tactcaggca gtcacttcag tctttgtgag    147540
     cacagaaatt atctatgaaa tgctaaaatg gggaaaatac tagatgacaa acctccaaaa    147600
     ttagaagtta caatggagag aaacatatcc aattttgaaa atggtctgta aaatatcata    147660
     ttgcaaacac tcagcaaaca taatcaatca aagcattagc tgaagactgg tcagtcactg    147720
     gtgcagccct gaatcagagc aggctggggt gaccacttgt taaagaattc agcagtcagg    147780
     cagaattaaa gcacagtcaa aagaagccaa gatcaaccct gatgatgcgc tcttgggcca    147840
     ctctgctctc tcactaagaa cgaacggggt ctctcactgt ggctggcgaa ttcagggcac    147900
     agagtcggaa gctccggctt gctgggcttc tcttctccta agttatgcaa cgctcaccag    147960
     aaggtgcata tttctttaag aaacaagcaa tcttggataa actgggtgca tctggtgaac    148020
     acatgtctgt gagcaggtaa acacatgatt tcagtaatga cttccaacac catctgtcag    148080
     gcaggtagtg caaaacctac tcaacaggaa aggcggtctg aagtcatttt taagcatgta    148140
     cccttctatc tgcttaataa aagtcaagat caaaacacaa gcctgaaaac ctgtctccct    148200
     gtgctctaaa tttacctgtg gcagaggcag gcaggttcat tcttgttaat acagaaaaca    148260
     ataatgccat actgcttaca aatacagaaa ctaattattc ccaaaagaaa acttatgatt    148320
     aaatgtggca gtaatttatt cattgctaat caataactag caagaacagt ctctgtaata    148380
     aattaaagtg tgtcacctgt ctacaaaatc atcttaccat taattaaacg ataaaccaca    148440
     ctggtgacaa gtgctttaag ataatattaa atatcactaa cccagcttaa ataacataaa    148500
     ccctaacgtt aaaaaaaaaa aaacccgcaa ggaaaggaaa aataataaaa aataagagag    148560
     ggaaaagttc aattaatgat tgttctgact ttgaaatgag ttgattcgtt aagaggcttt    148620
     tgaggtttat cagtgctttt cccctggatg tacatctgta aacagatgac cccttcatca    148680
     gtccttaaat gacttacatc atgtaaacat tcaaaatgag atacaagaat accacaggat    148740
     ggaactagga aaatgactaa gtcagcaaag tgctttctat acaagcatgg ttcccagact    148800
     tcagatccct agcacccatg gaaaagctgg gcatggtggg aggcagggag gtgggaattt    148860
     atggggcttt ctgaccaatc agcatagtct acttggtgag ttccaggcca aaggaagact    148920
     tgattggtaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaggtg gaagctagag agatggctca    148980
     gcagttaaaa gcactgacca ctcttccagg ggacctgagt tcaattccca acacccatga    149040
     ggtggccacc acctaaggaa caacacacga ggctggcttc tggcctaagg cctccatatg    149100
     tatccacaca cgtgtaccca cacgatattc acataagcac acacatgtac aaaaaaaagc    149160
     taatcatgta acctagcttt agagaaacaa tgaaagaaaa gtgccgttac tgactgttaa    149220
     tctgggttct aatttgtgtg aagttttgtc tgttgatctg attgtgtttg aactcagggc    149280
     ctaatttatc tcagccagga gttgatcgag cactgaacta catgccaacc cccaatctat    149340
     gtttgctaaa gggcagattt catttcattc actgaatatt ccaggtgtct ttagcttccc    149400
     ctaacactta aaataattcc tgtcctatac tttgaacatc ttggtgcctt ggagcccagg    149460
     aaaagctgga gtcccctgaa attttccagt gtgggaaata caaatctatt taaaaaaaaa    149520
     aaaaaaaaaa gttgtcttta ttgaaaggag caaggcttgg tatttcttgg aattctctat    149580
     gattttctac cttgctcaca gacatccaag aaggaatgtc taccttgaag gacaccacta    149640
     gaaaaagaat ggcaaactaa ctgatgattg aagccctagg ttcaagaaat gtggctttta    149700
     caaatagttt aaacatatga gaggatgtat ttatgaggaa cctggaacag gcaaattgag    149760
     agaaaggaaa agcagacagg ggtttataag ggactaggga agagaggagt aaggattgct    149820
     aggagggttt caggtggaat aatgaaagca gcttctgata tatgtcagta gtagctctta    149880
     gctggataca atacagaatc cagatgctct ctgacccagc atatgattac aaaccaatat    149940
     cccatcccct gccatttaaa acacacttaa catatttagg ctatgtcatg tcatagcatc    150000
     tcagcacaca cacagcagag tgcacaggat gtttctgctc agaccatgag gatgacaggg    150060
     gtcaacagcc actgccactg cccagcatcc taacaagagc atccaaggaa tgtgaaactg    150120
     ctgagttcaa gtttagattt aacaacgtgc acacatattg gtttggggcc atgacacggt    150180
     taaaatgttt taaactggag actatgtaat atttaactgg ccagagaaac cagaaactga    150240
     gaaaataata gaagtagtag gcacgggtgt catgaggtca ggggacatga taataggcca    150300
     atggctggag ggacaaatgt cccccacact ctttatgcag catctctgga tatttttatc    150360
     agtgtcaaat tttgcttaga cgcatgaaaa aaaaactaat ccttaaggcc atgatctgat    150420
     gtgtttctca atcttgaaaa aatattagct atatctttcc cagttattag ctagggaaaa    150480
     gtaacactgc atgatagaat ctgaaaaaga tctgttcatt caatgagcca aaagagaaag    150540
     tcacagagtc ttctatctag gcttcatgag ttttggtaca ctggggaata acatacttca    150600
     tggcttgcag tctatttggg gacgtctgtt gatataatac cccattagta atggcaaaga    150660
     cagcatgcac tgctataggt ggaggacctc tgcacatttc aaagcatgca cctggagcac    150720
     agggagctgt agaatcgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgccctt gacattcaat    150780
     ctgtgagact tgaatcacct aggagtgtgt cattgatggt gtgtgtgtgt gtgctcttga    150840
     cattcaatct gtgagacttg gatcacctag gagtgtgtca ttgatggtgt gtgtgtgtgt    150900
     gtgtgtgtgt gctcttgaca ttcaatctgt gagacttgaa tcacctagga gtgtgtcatt    150960
     gatggtgtgt gtgtgtgtgc tcttgacatt caatctgtga gacttgaatc acctaggagt    151020
     gtgtcattga tggtatgtgt gtgtgtgctc ttgacattca atctgtgaga cttgaatgtg    151080
     tgtgtgctct tgacattcaa tctgtgagac ttgaatcacc taggagtgtg tcattgatgg    151140
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgctcttg acattcaatc tgtgagactt gaatcaccta ggagtgtgtc    151200
     attgatggtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgctcttgac attcaatctg tgagacttga    151260
     atcacctagg agtgtgtcat tgatggtgtg tgtgtgtgtg ctcttgacat tcaatctgtg    151320
     agacttgaat cacctaggag tgtgtcattg atggtgtgtg tgtgtgtgct cttgacattc    151380
     aatctgtgag acttgaatca cctaggagtg tgtcattgat ggtgtgtgtg tgtgtgctct    151440
     tgacattcaa tctgtgagac ttgaatcacc taggagtgtg tcattgatgg tatgtgcaga    151500
     gacaaagaac tgagggggaa tggcctccca cgtaacacaa ggtaaactgt acctactgac    151560
     cagatataaa cacagtccta tgaaaaggca ccatcggcgc ccctgcctcc gctgcgtcgt    151620
     tcttcgggaa tgcacctatc actgctgctg agactgttga catcatactt gctttagctt    151680
     cctttaaaaa acagtgattc cacaggaatc ttctaggcat tcagttccac agactgtgga    151740
     gacatcagct tcccaaacca agcagccatc tggttctctg tctctctggg atccagagag    151800
     ccatggttta actatatcca gccccatcac gcaagcccaa ctaatacctt ccccactctg    151860
     ttcctctagg gtaccctgcc tactacatgc tcctattaaa gaaataacag gagcatctcc    151920
     agatccgaat taaaaacctg acacgctact gaaagcagaa ggcaggttct tagtgagagc    151980
     catgccaaca gcgactcctg ccttgcagca gtggcctgtt aactcatcgt gaagcttttc    152040
     tgagccaagc cagcccaggg catcacttgt ctaggcactc ttcacattag attcccatca    152100
     tcttcaggtc aaggactgta catgccaaga gcagccatgg atctctgtag gcctgacctt    152160
     tagaaagcta gaaaagacag tctggatgtt gtcactaaca ttaagtatac gaactgaaaa    152220
     taaatgcaca cataacactc gtgcctgaga gaaactaatt cataggaaag agaattctgt    152280
     catttactgt ggtttcaggt ttgcttttgt ttgtttatag aggaaaatgt ggtcctttat    152340
     acacccaaag gggaaaaaag aaaaaaggaa aaaaaaaaaa aacaaacaaa caaaccaaca    152400
     aaccaacaaa cgggtagcat tgcttaatct ggagaactca ctaagtagac cagcctagca    152460
     cgacactctg agtgtgacac ctcctgagca ctgggcttca gggcatgtgc caccatggcc    152520
     agccgtggct tacactttgt aaaacagtta ctgaaggatt ttagggatct ggaatcaatt    152580
     atcagaaatg atatctaggt tcctgaaacc tgactactgg tatctgtaat aagaaaagaa    152640
     aataaatata ttcacatttg aaatacttaa aatggaagtc ggggtagatg acgaaaggtg    152700
     agcagctgcc ttagaccttc aataatgacc ctcttgaaag cagatctctc gaggacatta    152760
     gccggccatc tagcctaggg gacatgttcc aaaatcaaaa atcaagtaga tggcaaacaa    152820
     cgcccaaggt tgatctttga cctctaagtt ggacacagga gagaacacca tgcccagaca    152880
     gaataatgag accgtcacaa aaacaaaaca acaaaaaaag ggttttaata atttcttttt    152940
     aactggcccc agacattacc tgacctaagg acatgtgtgc ccactcagaa ggcagttgaa    153000
     agaaaaaact ataaggtgta acttttgtca tcaacttgac catatcaaat tggaatccat    153060
     caaaacccaa gcagccaggg acacctgtga ggaatttttt gactagacta tctgaagtgg    153120
     gaagacagac taaatctgga ccaatcagtg gcagcagccc acatgcaatg acatgaagga    153180
     aggaaggaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaggaagga    153240
     aggaaggaag cttttgcttt tttgcctcgc ttgccctcac tctcgagact gcaggtgcat    153300
     ctgtactgct ctagcactcc ttcatcagaa tcagcaccta cttattcagg tccggtagct    153360
     ctgggaatcc tccaggactc cagctctaga ctggactgct gagacatcca gccttatgga    153420
     ctcaacaact cctgcattct tggcatttcc gctgtgagaa agacattgtt ggaataccca    153480
     gaacacagcc tgtgaacagt tatttgaaaa caaacaagca tgctagatgg tagatagata    153540
     gatagacaga cagatagaca gataaacaga caaataatat agagattaga atattcattc    153600
     tataagttct gtcccttcag aggaccctga cacaaactga caactcgaga taaacagtgt    153660
     gaggcctttg agtctggcat agagactact ctaaggtaaa ttctgccaac tgaaaacctc    153720
     cagctcagaa gagagacctt ctgcaccttc atgcctattg gtattctctt cctcagaaga    153780
     cataggcaaa ggggaggaag agggcagagt caaatgggaa gccccaggta acaacactaa    153840
     caaagtttac tatacctact ggctgaattc agaatctaca ttcacgctgc cagccactga    153900
     tttccaccca gcctctccag gtcctcagcc tctcctggcc tcagcccatt gctcagagta    153960
     agcactatta tcaatcagca tcactaggca gaaggcaggc ttcccctcac cccatgccat    154020
     ctgcacacac acctgctctc aaaggcagtg actgctcggg gtctgctggc tcagagatgc    154080
     ccatgtccag agagccccac tgtgaactca catatcctgc aggaactcac ccaaagacct    154140
     agaaagaata cctagaaagc gccaaagaaa ggacacagga gaaaaaaaat ggcagtttac    154200
     agatgagagc catatcccct cctggtgaaa cgatcagata gaagcacagt ctagaagaac    154260
     ttcgaggtca ctaagttcta ttagtacaga tgtttactta tcttgaagtc tacatgagca    154320
     ttactgcgtg caatatggag ctcatttaaa ctatattcat cattacattc atgcaaaatg    154380
     attagcatat gatatcataa tctttgtcat tcttacaata atcagatagt ggagggacat    154440
     agaacaatca cttagtgaac ctacattgca tgttcataac tgcttctcaa ggtctgaatg    154500
     ttaaagtaat gattcaatgc atgtggtgaa atagttagga ctgtaaaaat tctccacagc    154560
     taattctcaa aatccaagac attcatatgc acatacctga gaggcatgga ctctgtagca    154620
     aagtcaaaat aatggtaaat aatcccaata gctgtaaaga cactcaactc catttacggg    154680
     agggaagaca ggcacaaagg gaaagaaaga cagggaaaat gaaacaatga gctctcgttc    154740
     cagtccccat ttgactggca caattacagc tggtaatact aaagcacagg acggtggaaa    154800
     ggagggagga tggagagagg gactgatgcg gggaggagca gtgagagagc cagggagaaa    154860
     gttctccttc agtattatac agcagtattc ggtcaccttt tcccaagaat aaaatggcta    154920
     ctcttaggtg agttagtttt tctttttaac tttctattaa ttcttggtga ctttcatatc    154980
     ctgtcccaat cccaaccatc ccccaggccc ttcctattca cccaatgccc ttgcaacatc    155040
     cctgtaaaaa gaaaataaaa aacaaataaa gtaaataaac aaaatattca aaaaaaaaaa    155100
     aaaacctcat catgaaagct gtagtgtggc acagtgtgtc ccacagttac cttttgtcca    155160
     cacatcttta cttacaggat tcattacaat gagctattga cctagctcaa ggcctctggc    155220
     ttctgctaca ctatcaatac tggatcttca ccgtgctgtt gctctatgtc atggatatcc    155280
     tgaagctttg gatctgcagg actggccctt ttacatgcta cagcagttta tagatggggt    155340
     agatatgagt ggaataagtc atagatccga atctgggcct gggtagtagc tgaattgttc    155400
     agcacaccag ctctccttca cctacaccag ggggctaagc tctccagcac tgccctagct    155460
     tgctcactca gagcccacat caaggtcagc tctactgtgc tgcccagaga aagagaaggt    155520
     cctgctctta agtgaggggc agggatagct ttcctgctct catggtctgg agctagctct    155580
     cccattcatg acctgaggct agctctccca gatactgtgg tggagggagg aaggtatctc    155640
     cccctcactc aagctaccac agagcagaca agtggcaagc ccagctctcc agtgacagtg    155700
     ggggagttag tccttaaaat ggtccaattt gatgcaatgc tcaccttcaa gaatctacct    155760
     acattaaaaa aaatgtatta acaataaaca aagctaaaga tgttcattta tttaactact    155820
     gtttgcagta gtaaattaag aactcaaaaa atctaagcac tcaaagaaaa agttataact    155880
     aaaggtgtat tcataaaatt agatatatag ttatttaaat agatacttaa tatgattatg    155940
     tataaaagtt ttatctatat agaagagaag ccaatataga aaagattagc tgagcatttg    156000
     tcaatgttac ccacagaaac cagcacatat gacgtaactt ttaaatcatt tctttcaaat    156060
     gttctgtttt aaaatttttg tacttgagga gaaaaatagt tttcaaagtc caaggattta    156120
     ccactactgt gatttctgaa aattattttt gacacaaaaa ctagcttcat aaaataaaag    156180
     ctattttcaa tagagaattc tttctcatat gattcttaat gattctgaaa ttttcacaaa    156240
     aaaatctgta tcaagacata aacattaaca aagcctacca gtggcaccct cggtgcactg    156300
     agcacctagg aatcacagag taaatatgaa ctccacacag ttgtcctcgg caatcttgtt    156360
     acacctaaaa gtactatagg aacttaccat tcagaaataa gaattcaaga agtttgtaaa    156420
     ctggtctttc accctactac caagtggaaa atctaaataa atgaaatgat caacaattct    156480
     cagatatata agtgaagtaa ggccatggaa tacactactg ccctaatatc gggcagaaga    156540
     gaattagaat ttgccaaagc agaaaccaca gaaagcaatg ctacaaagac cctaactcta    156600
     actgatggct ttctggaggc actgtgtgga taattttgaa gttaaaactc catgtcacac    156660
     aatgactctg tcaggtgtta gttttacttc cagtatcata gtggctttca cagtgggtac    156720
     agaagccccc aagcttctgt tgggaccaaa gaaaaagaag ccacttgtaa acaaaccaca    156780
     acactcagtt cctctagata aggaatgtcc caaagagaaa gtaactaacc acggtctaag    156840
     ctgctgggtt gtgacgggaa cctatctgat ctagagtagg aaatacccaa gatcagccct    156900
     ccacagcctt tctgctctac ccagggagag gggacaagga aagtcctgag gaggtcacag    156960
     tccagaggca caagccacca agacacggag acctattcac agagaactac agagtactcc    157020
     tagtgccctg cccctgctac tatagtacta aaggctgatt tacacggcgg ttcctttatc    157080
     caagtaggcc atgcctggat atcaagaaaa catcacaaag tatgattaaa agcaaaaggc    157140
     acaatctgaa aagaaagcaa acattaaaaa cagacccaga tatggcgggt atgttaggct    157200
     aatcagacct ggaatttaaa acaacaatga ttaatatgct aatgccttta atggataaaa    157260
     cagactacgt gtaagaacaa aaagaaatac tagacagtaa gccactgtgg cagacaaggt    157320
     atgcttctcc tggattcagt agcagactgg gcatagctgc ttgaatgcat tctgaccttg    157380
     agggtatctc aacagaaaac aaaaaattaa aagaaataga aaactagaaa atacagacat    157440
     tagaacatga aaagttataa aataaaaaaa tactgcatac catccatgta atgagaaaac    157500
     tagaggagct attgaagacg aaagctcagt agaaatagac aaaagactga ccactgagaa    157560
     accccagcac agtgtcaggc accaaccaaa cacaaggagc tcagacgaca ctgagcagca    157620
     caactgcaga ggagctgttc aaactttaga aaagtatagc aaaagacgtc acagaaagcc    157680
     ctgaccaggg aacatgccta gagaggggaa caaagacacc attacatctg atttccctac    157740
     agaggccaca gaagcaagaa aaaaaacgtg agtgaagtgc ttcactgggg cataaagctc    157800
     tgaactccca gaaatgcaag atgattgtcc aagaaacact gaggattcca ctgccattag    157860
     agcgccttcc tgagaaacac gagaggttct ccacggagaa gaaaaggaga gaggccagag    157920
     actcagacct gcatgaaaaa gaaaacattc aacaaaggaa cagtgaaggt aaaatggaaa    157980
     attgtaattt tcttgtactt gactgagcta agagctaagt ttaaagttgt acttttttaa    158040
     aaaagaaatc agtagtaaaa caaataaacc aaagctccaa tctactaatt tattcatggg    158100
     tacatgtgct catttatttt gatgcacaca tataagacac acaagtgggg gagtggaaaa    158160
     gaatattcaa gtacacaata acatcagcta tgctgcaagc cataagacag atgtagataa    158220
     cactttatgg tacaccgcca agaaatatat gcaacattat tttttaaatt tttacccttt    158280
     gtaggggcag tgcctgagag gccagaagag agtatcggat ccctgagagt tagagcttca    158340
     ggaaactctg agcaaccaga tggggtcctg ggagttgaac tcaggtccta gtcaggagta    158400
     gcaagtgctc tcaaccatgc tgctccagcc ccgcagaatt acaataaagg agtacaacat    158460
     agcagacatt gttcacagaa acacataaga ccatgcagca cacctgcaat ggtgctaata    158520
     aagcacacac tagacgaggt tacatctcac caacactgag acattgtgag aaatgagttc    158580
     tctccatatg agtagctctg ctctccaata aactctgtat tgtattgaat tgtgtgacct    158640
     ctgatgattt tgtatggttt tacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    158700
     cacaccacac attcatactc agtatatgtt aacaaacagg ggcagtaagt ctactggtca    158760
     ataacaaact attaatagtt gagttctggg caagtcaaag ttgcatgtga aaaaaattgg    158820
     ctttgagaaa gccctgtctg gcctcaaacg tcctatctag acagaaatga ccttcagaac    158880
     ttcggatcct cctgcctcca cttctttaat gttgaaaata caggtgtaag ccaccacttc    158940
     cattttttat gcagtgctgt aaaccaaacc tagtacttta tacatgctag acaggcactc    159000
     taacacaact gcaactattc ccagcctcac atcactgcta ggtggacaca cgtctgcatt    159060
     tttcaaggtc cagataatct tgggttgaga tataacaaaa tatgtataca aatctatgta    159120
     aagaaaaact caaagctaat gagtaaaatc aaagaactga accaacacag ggaactatgt    159180
     tcatggacag aaagatctaa tactgtcaaa tcacttcttc ccaatgagac caatgtagtt    159240
     aacacaaccc tgctcaaaag cccagcatgt tgttttgtgg gtatcaacta agggattcta    159300
     aatatggaga gtcaaaatac ctcgttagca agatggctca atatataaca gcacttatca    159360
     catcccctta gtaacctgaa ttgcatcctt agaatccaaa gtgaaaggac agatccaact    159420
     tccaaaaact gtcctttgat gtccataaga actctatggc atagtccgtg agcatgtgct    159480
     cacttgcaaa tgcacacaca cacacaccag ttaataaaaa gaaaaaattt aaagtgaaaa    159540
     cttgatttaa agggtcccaa aggtctaata gggtgtgtac tatttgcaaa agaataggca    159600
     aataaatccg taagcaaaac aaagaggcca gaaaattcaa tgcaatcaat caatacttgg    159660
     caaaaacaaa gacaaaaaac aaacaaaaac aaccacaaca acccagtagc tagcgggagt    159720
     gatggctcag tagttaacag taagttcagt tcccaaagct tgtaccaggt gcctcacaag    159780
     ctctcgtaac gctagttcca agaggatttg ctgcccctgg cttctatagg cacctcattc    159840
     aacatgcata cacccacaca gaaacacaca cattgcacag gacctaaagt aactttgtaa    159900
     aagccccatc ccacaaagcc acacatgatg gtgcagttct gtaatcacag cttcctggga    159960
     aacagatgca agaagatatt gagtttatgg ctaacctggg ccaaaaagta acttccaagc    160020
     ccatctgggt catgccctgt ctagagggac acggggagga gtaataggga agtacaaaca    160080
     caaaaaggca ttccttatca tgcgctccta gaaaaaagta cagaagaaca gcggtgcctc    160140
     ttgcacacat gccacttgca atggccaaaa cccagaaaat ccaatgctgc ctacacacca    160200
     gtcattgctg cagtcattgg ggcagcttgg ctggggaact agactttctt tttgcaatcg    160260
     gcccccttgg tgtcttctct tgaagtaaaa atgtctgtct cttaggaacc tttgcatatg    160320
     agcttcagtc catttcctca cagtggctaa accttgcaat caagatgccc agcagtaggc    160380
     gaatggacaa acggtaagca gatggctttt ctggggctat gactgcactg tccctgtcac    160440
     accctcagaa caaagctacc atgccacctg ctaacagaag acaactgttc cagagcctag    160500
     gtctagcagc aaagaaaaca aggcacagaa ggcccagttg gcacactgtc tctcctccca    160560
     aatactaggc aggaatctgc cttactctca gttttgtcct gggccaccaa cataatgtct    160620
     ggcataaaca gcaaaacagt tcactggcaa agcacagtgt gagagagaga gagagagaga    160680
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagactgacc ctcatttgag ctggcctaga    160740
     aacaaggcag atggaggggg gggggggtcc cactaaggag tacctaacag gaagtgagtg    160800
     gtttccaaag gtgcagcaca gttagggcta gtgctgccca aaaccatttc aggagctctt    160860
     gcagcaagtt aacatagcgt gctctgtggg ggcttcatcc tcatggaccc tcctgtaaac    160920
     caaatgcaaa tactttcaac ccgtaggaaa gccaaaacaa aggcaaaagc caaccagagg    160980
     gaggaggctt cagctacaag tctcagtttt aactaacatg ttgaaacaaa tcaaaaccct    161040
     acgcccttca gaacctactg ttgactgtta acaaagtacc aattgttcac ttaaggcctt    161100
     ccatgctttg gtatgtttag tgtcagaatt gctattttgt cttcttaaaa ttacatcctg    161160
     atgtcaggaa actgatggat caaacaagac gcatctctgc agctagcaaa caagaaacac    161220
     aggtttaagt tttgcccagt tacaaacagc ctcgccttgc tgaacagaac aagcattgtt    161280
     agctgtaatt ttttttcatg tttttaaagc tccaagattt gatccaagag tgccctgttg    161340
     gtgccagctg tgcatagaaa gctgcgctca gaaagcaaag atgtcctttt aaccagaaca    161400
     aagtacattc aaaagaaaga gagggggaga caacataccc ctattaataa gaccttgctt    161460
     atagaaggaa cagttccagg caagtgacgg cccatcctag ttttaaccag ccttagaaag    161520
     aaccagtacc gaaatagtca tggtttgggc aagtgaacat gagaaaccaa gcagtgtgtt    161580
     cttaataaga aattcttcct cagttttcct tagttggggg cccactcgaa aggaaagtca    161640
     tctcaaatgc actgccacac cttcaacgtc taaacagcac ttggggtcaa ctaaaagaac    161700
     tgaaagcttg taagactcaa cactgttgat aacgtcactg taatcttaag tgtatttttt    161760
     caatacagtt caaaagtaga ttcattcagc ttgcaggcat tacacaatgt gttacacagg    161820
     aatctttctc taaagccatt caaccttaaa acggttcact cacaactgaa gcgtggccca    161880
     cgtgtgtctc cagcaataac gaccgactgt ccaacactga gatgattgat gtctgctgta    161940
     gacagtggga agcacagggc acctccagcc acgggtattc gtgatgctca tgcccacaaa    162000
     gtcaaattac taccagaaaa acaatctgtt taaggtattc tgtccaccga cactaattat    162060
     aaggactcct ttgctagcca gttccaaaga aaacaaactc ctagaagcga tctaagtcac    162120
     acctgaagag ggcagggacc agaatggtag caccagggag ggcagtgaac agcgaacaca    162180
     gatgttgctt agtggatttc ccactaaggc tatggtgctt tttttcacta ttaattaatt    162240
     tctgagaatt ttcttttgtg ctctagattt ggacatatgc ctcctaaaag tcttcctaaa    162300
     taggcccacc caaaaataac cccattcgcc acaaagacca ttacaaatta ccaataaaca    162360
     tttaatagtg ggtattcaac aaaggaagga agatactcaa aataataatt cgatggaaga    162420
     ggcaacaggc aaagacaaat acgacaggga ggcaggaaaa gtcttaaaag tcttaaaggt    162480
     tagaatcctt gcagaaaagt ttttttaaaa agcaaaaaga aagagaccct gtcaaaaaaa    162540
     ctatataatc aatgtaactg catcacagaa aattttcttt ctttcaacag agtctgcagg    162600
     ctaaaagaat gagcaaattt aactgggaca atcgattcta agacacaccc ctactaaaag    162660
     gtttcaaaaa taaaaactgt tcagactctc taagaagaga agataaagta atgaacaaag    162720
     gcatatttaa ccggcctcag agttgtctaa aacaaagtca agtgcagtag tgtaaaccag    162780
     ccatggagaa acatcctcca ggtgtgcagc gagagggaga gtaaaaatga acgctgaagc    162840
     taaggagatc tagcatctag accatacaca gactgctcta aaagacaaga acacaagatc    162900
     cttccttgag aaatctactg caggatgaac ttcatgaaac caacagaagc caaaaaactt    162960
     tccagtccat ggtatgctga caggttcgtt tatacaccaa accatctagc aaagacgtaa    163020
     atagaagtac actatgccat aaaatgcaat cccatcaaaa tgtacggtaa atagtattat    163080
     agtagccagt tattaccaca gaaacgtgtg tgacacgaat gctaaatata ctccataata    163140
     agcccacgtg ttagcatgac cccacggctg gcactctgag aggttctaga aacttaagga    163200
     ggtgataaca cagatgaaag aagcaagtct ctgaggctca tcctttagag tttcttgtcc    163260
     ctggcctctt ctgagctctg tctctgttct ctctccacag tgaggtggaa agagtctcca    163320
     ccaaggctcc caattctata atgtccacaa ttcgtgtaaa caggcatttg tggccaagca    163380
     accacacctg gaagaccccg aaactgtaag ctaagctaaa ttttcccaac caattgtgtc    163440
     cgccttgtaa cttgtcaagc aatgagaaaa gcaacatgca ccatgacttt ataaggaaga    163500
     taaatgctgt aactaacact ggaatgccaa ttcctttgga actgatttgt gagaattggg    163560
     aagagtttgg agaagacaga gaacaaggac gttgtgagta cagaacaggg tcagttctga    163620
     caaacactca gaagacccaa gtactgacaa gaaggtgaac agcaacagtt ttgcatgggt    163680
     gaggtttcac atcaaggctc acaaaaggaa ctcgaggcca ctgtgtcatg ccatgaggaa    163740
     gaatttgcat gctctgttgt tgcactgaca ctttgtggga aacaggcggg ctttaaggtg    163800
     atggactcac acatatgagc aaaaacttat ggcggcagag catctgggca gcagcatggg    163860
     gttgctgttg ttttggcaac atttagaata agaattgagt tagacataag tatttaattg    163920
     cagcctttgg gggaaggaac taatgtttaa aggtacggcc aaagagagtg caaagattaa    163980
     taccattaaa aagaagccat gccctttgca gcaggacagt aagaaaaatg ctttgactag    164040
     agctagtcaa tcaggcctca agacggaaga aataatgtgt aaatagctac caaggcacgc    164100
     atttgagaaa gaagacccta ctacgacact acgcactcag aatcacctag agatttgctc    164160
     cctggtattt gtccccatgt ggtcagccag aaagacatgc agatgtcact gcagccatgg    164220
     tccaagtaga ctggtagatt ccagatagag cacattacca atgaccctgc tggcgctaat    164280
     tttgtgtgaa tacagaataa atacaagagt gattgagcca tagagacctc caatgatacg    164340
     taataaaaat agtgagtaaa tctatccatc ttctataagg ttatttaaca ccgtgataag    164400
     atgaaaataa aaaatgaaaa gaaacagagg gaggacaaag gaaggaacag aagcagtgga    164460
     atggttgctt gtccagactg tagtgagagc aggggagggt tagtgtcagg agtaaactta    164520
     tattttaaac tataaaagta cattagtcat aaccaaaatg aaaaaaaaat aaatgtcaca    164580
     aatttagctc tcggaagacc tggttaatac acaaattcag tatgttgtta tacttttaac    164640
     atttcactta gtctgaaatt atgtcaaaat taaatgttaa cgaagaagag gacacataga    164700
     aaaggaccag tctctgtccc catgctatcc aaaactgaca cagccactat acaatgcgag    164760
     gcaaccttag taaagatcaa gcacaaaaca tggcatgaca gagaaatgaa ggcagaaagg    164820
     ttagacggga ccagtacccg ggatgcctga caacatctct gaaccactac attaatcaaa    164880
     ggtggaacta cccatccttg aagccgtttg tgtcttgaga tgataaattt tccttactgc    164940
     tggccgagac agctataaat taaaatatgt agaaccaaca tgagttgaga cttgaaaagg    165000
     gcctaagagt ttaacgaaat aatacccaat cacaggcagc agctgtctat gtgatgggag    165060
     taccaagcct acctaactgc attacaattg ctatgatgtc tgtgttcttt tacgatatat    165120
     ttaatgtata caggtgtttt gtctgtatgt gtatctatac actacatgca tgtctaatgt    165180
     ctgtagaagc ccgagggtgt tggaccccct gctgaagtta cagatggttg tgagcctcca    165240
     cgttgggtgc tatgaattgt ggtcccctag aagagcagtc agtgcccttg actgctgaat    165300
     catcactcta gctccacata tgtttattaa cagaccacct tctaagagtt tatcagtgtg    165360
     ccttattagt gtttgaactg acaaagcctt caatacataa atatccaaca attttggggg    165420
     gaagttaata tcacctcttt ctagcatata gcaagactta gctgtttggg tgtgatgcaa    165480
     agatcattta atttgaaaaa tcaagaagaa tgcaattaga aactgttata gtttgttggc    165540
     aagaacaggg aaaattgaag tcaaatgaac gggatattca ctgtcaaatg tgggagacat    165600
     tccatacata tttaacatgg aggccaggaa acataaacat ttatttcaga taaaagctcc    165660
     agacatctta aggttagtat ctggaatgtg tctcttctgg ctggactgaa aatagaatga    165720
     tgagccaaat gatattttat aggagtgata agagaaggct agaagattcc atcttaattg    165780
     acagggagag ctagttaaat ctttaaacag cggcacatag acccccagat acacccaagc    165840
     atcatctggg catatttctg tgcatctgaa agggttcaag aaagggtaat gtcaacacag    165900
     tcactagtaa gtgagcaaga aggtgctttg aagtacagtg gtggtgtggg cctccgggtt    165960
     cttctcggct ggacagcttg ctgttagcag actccagacc agttgctgag aactgcatta    166020
     ggctgagtgg ccagagagga aagcacctaa aacactcagg aaggtgagtt acaacaccct    166080
     ttgtgttaca gccaatggtg caacaagcaa cactaagtag caacccttcc aggcaggtgc    166140
     tgctggtata tgcaggacaa tcaggaagca caggactaca aggtgaagga gcacgtgtgg    166200
     tctgggtttt atactactta ccataccaat aagttacttt acaagaaaat tataacagct    166260
     caaaatcccg ccactaacac ttccttacat tcaggaagtc tggaccttaa gttgtagtga    166320
     agttaaaaag cagaatctca tttaaatagt gccttatttt aatctgactg atggtaaata    166380
     ttaaagaaaa caaaaaggtt tcttacttct ttgcaactag taccgcctct tccagaaact    166440
     gcatgttcaa atcatttgga ttgttttaat aagatgttaa ctttaagcag ctcttcaaca    166500
     tcatttatct ttccttagaa atatatatgt cattaatata tggaaaaata aaagaatgaa    166560
     taattaacat ttcttgaggt aagaatgttc atgcataaat gaaagtagtt gtgtacagaa    166620
     taatagtaaa tgtcatatat atacaaatat gtgcatatat gtacacaaat gatatgtatg    166680
     agtacgtatg tacatgtgtg actgtgtgtg tactgatttt atttctcatt tttgctttaa    166740
     tcacatatga gcttctgtaa gccatataga aattttgatc accaagtaga aaaatccctt    166800
     tgctctctta gctgtgacac tgattgccag atgtacaggc catttttttg caggagctgc    166860
     aagggcttgt tccacagcac agtcctctcc acacaaagga tgcaagtgct gtgcatgttg    166920
     caaatgtctc actcacatga ctgcaatctc cccttagaat ccactttaat tcttgcatac    166980
     aatgtgtttg ccgttcagct tctagttacc gctcttacta agaaggtcct acgtgttagc    167040
     atgtggagcc ttggggagaa gctgtatgag ctgttatacg catgtctcag tctgtactta    167100
     gtactccggc acttgctgta actgttcaca ggccctttca ttacgtctgc ctgagcactt    167160
     tctacctcca acgacatgac tcattatcaa gtcttatttc cattcctttg ttctacatta    167220
     gaggatgtac taactgatgc agaattatgt gcggcagtaa tcacaggggt catggccttc    167280
     tcttaaaggt atacttcaaa aaaaaaatgt ataaactatt gaatgtctga tgaacttcag    167340
     aagcactgcc caggcctaca ggacagataa cacagaaacc caccccacca ccatccacat    167400
     tttaggactt taccctctcc tctatcatgc tgaggaccac gatggagcct ctaccaaccc    167460
     aacccaacag ggcactcact tcacaggacc cagaggtttg gtggccttcc tgacacctgg    167520
     cctcccttag tcacataaac actgggacaa tgaagggact ccaaaacatc tcactgccct    167580
     taaacatgca ggattctaaa agacctgatt agaatccaca ccattcaaac tacccaccgc    167640
     tgattaccaa ggtggcatat ttcaaaattt tccttactta atactgaaat gatgacaaat    167700
     gatgaagccc agaagagaaa attttaaagt ttctaagaat ttgctcaatg caatatcgac    167760
     catctttact cttgggattt gctaattagt gttttaaatt tttacttgat gatcctatgt    167820
     tattaaaggc agtaaaaatg aatattataa gagtaactta gtttcagcta tgaatgacta    167880
     aaatactata aatatactga cacaaatcat gatctcattt aaagaaaaac aggtcttttt    167940
     cctaactatt acaaaatatt gacaggcact tcaagaaagc actaaattaa actttctatc    168000
     cctcttcact tgacccctct tacaggcacg gtatctcagc ctgaacacac agagagaggc    168060
     tggctgaaca cacagaggct ggctgaacac acagaggctg gctgggacaa aggacacact    168120
     cgcttttgac ttctagaaca gccagttaaa gaaggcctgg tcaccacttc catttgggtt    168180
     ttttcccccg aaacaatttc tatgtgattc catcagtatc tttctgaatg tagtggcctt    168240
     gagaagagca tcctagaaca agaaaacccc agccatccta acatgaatac actcagtagc    168300
     tcacagccat ggacacagaa ggcaaactgt gaaggtggca gtgaaaccag aatttacaac    168360
     cttaacttcc ctctgacaca atgcgagggc agcagacagc agcaagcctt ctccctggaa    168420
     aaggttttca ttgcttctcc ctcactctcc atgctgaagt cagacctaga cgcttacgtt    168480
     tcatcttcag aacagaagca gcattgttct cagctgtcac ttgtttttac aattgtgcaa    168540
     gatactgttt tctaacattt aacttaaaat taatttaact cccatataac tggttctccc    168600
     tatagtataa actccattcc tggcatccat attcttttca aatttctagt ttctaagcca    168660
     tggttatgat gcttgtatga gacagtgtaa tctcaggagt gacatacaca ctctccttac    168720
     agaatccttc acagccgtgg ccactgtagg tgttaagagt accaaatatg tacaagtccc    168780
     aattttgttt caatgcattg tacaacatca gagccatgaa cttctcctgt gcattttact    168840
     attacttcac cagagaccac aaaggataaa cagaatgagg gaacttcctc aaatgccaat    168900
     caactatggt atttcttagt ctgactatag gtaagggcaa aaaggtctgc ttgcaaacac    168960
     ttttaaaacc aactctaaca ttctgggcct ggtaaataag agagagagaa atgaaatgtg    169020
     caccttactg cagcagcatt tacaccttgt aggagagaca tcaagtcagc ccccaataaa    169080
     cagactctgt tcctttctta cagagctgta aatctgttga gagcaacaat ggactgcatc    169140
     caaaagaaag aaaatcacac tgcgtctcct ggcctctttc acatgcaggt ggttctctca    169200
     ttgagggtcc agacaagaga gacaaatact ggtattgagt agaactttct agaaagcacc    169260
     tttgaaaaag aggtactttc acctggcata gtcctctttt acttcctact tttgggcaaa    169320
     caggtgttgt agctgggaag cataactgtt tgacaccata aggaaagagc cactgataat    169380
     acaaacacct cagcctctca gatcccacaa ccggtaaacc caactaacaa cttggtaact    169440
     gtggagttgg cactatatca ggaaactaaa tccccctacc ttatttaagc ctctatttat    169500
     taggttttat atgacatttt ctgaagttaa gtgcaaagta atacaatcta ataagaaaga    169560
     gatacagaaa aggttcttag aaaatccaca gaggaagaca tttgtatgat ggaggcagag    169620
     ggcagagggg atcaggaaaa taaatgtcca gagaagcaaa tatacaagtc agtccattca    169680
     tttgttcaag gatcaccttc ctccactgta tgagccactg acactgaggg ctgaggggac    169740
     acaggcaaga agaatcttat aacagagtta ccataagggg aggacaccca accagcactg    169800
     gactgtgcct accccttctt tctactactc atcatgaagt tacaaaggaa aatgaactct    169860
     gaggaggatt catatcatgg ctattacctc aaaatcctaa agtattcacc agccaaaagc    169920
     tgggctacat attgcctgaa gattgtattt ttcctccact gccactctaa ccaattttcc    169980
     caaacctcaa aaaagtcagt gtactatcta ggcaactaac ttcattagtg tgctccaaag    170040
     aatacccaaa agtataaata ttccatattt ggatagcatg tgctaagtgg aaatgtggtt    170100
     tgtttgtttg tttgttttct ttttctatct attatcagct attaacaact ctatggaaaa    170160
     attaagaaat atcaggtttg tcatacttgc agaataaaat agggagaaag tcttttctgg    170220
     gctgtttata aacacacaag atttaggaga atgtcattca aaccaaaaca acaggaaatc    170280
     actctcgctc aaagatcggg cttagatcac ggtgagttcc tctccaatcc tgctaaagca    170340
     agtttctgca tgccttccgg agcctccgcc tacagagctg ttaggccagc ggccaacaca    170400
     tatatttaat tatgtaagta ttcagtgctg tcagccagct gctgccgctc ttaatacact    170460
     gacctctttc actcctcctc ttgcagaaac cggcaaaaac aaagcaacag ttgatgcggc    170520
     agtaatcatg aaatatgcaa aatactattc tccaaaaaag gtttcagata actacacaat    170580
     tcagctttgc atttttaaag tgatttgctc cctctcaagt gcttttctgt tccttctttg    170640
     caaatgcaat aactgatcta actggaagtt cctttttgtt tctatacctt aaaaaagtca    170700
     accatgaatt caagtatatt ttctactttc ttgtcaccaa atttctcact ggaacacaca    170760
     cgaggcaatt gccttccatc attccatcca tgtctgttct gtgcttacag gacaagcaac    170820
     ggaacacatg gcctatatgc ccatcactct cagtcctcgt tttcaaaaga aaaaaaaaaa    170880
     agtaagtttc atttgatgtc cctagaaagt ccattctgcc agtagtaccc tcaattccaa    170940
     agtagctcca agggctgggc aggtagcaaa gcccccagaa cagcagagag cagactaaac    171000
     agaactgaga cacataaata aatgcaaaca aaacaagtcc acacatgggg gatgataacc    171060
     agagctaacc gtgaacaact caccagaaaa gtgggacttc atcagctcag gttagcagca    171120
     cgtgtgctac agagctgagg cacctcactg acagtctctc tttcctcaca gagctgtgtc    171180
     acccctcact ctagacccta aggtaccagg ttaactttcc caaacaattc cttcctgtct    171240
     tctgttggca gagatctggt ggctttttct cactcacaga aactataaac aagttgatgt    171300
     tcaaatgtaa gccagtgctg tggtgttaat agcagacaac acgggagtga caatagcttt    171360
     gactgggaca ctgacagtga gctgagagac agtgtcagca ggagcatgaa aactgaactg    171420
     aggcaaatta aacaaacatg cacacagtga gaaataatca tggtgtctca gactcaggca    171480
     aaagaccatc ggtccttccc tgtgactcaa aatgacccag aagtacaatc cagaaagtac    171540
     cctagctggt ttagttgggt agagaaaaag gtcctgacat tcacagccca gagctaccag    171600
     catggccagg ggactccaag gcacaaggac tcataatgtt gtcataacat ccctcaggaa    171660
     agaaactgga gaccaactgt gaccaaaaaa aaaaaaagta ggctttcacc tcttcaggac    171720
     aagagaggca agttacttcc tagcctcgac aaggacccac agcaaccttg tggaaccatg    171780
     ctcaaagaac ctgtaagtac cttactctat aggaggaaca acaatatgaa ctaaccagta    171840
     cccccagaac ttcttgagac taaaccacca atcagagaaa acacacggtg ggactcatgt    171900
     ctctagctgc atatgtagca gaagatgacc tagtgggcca tcatcaatgg gaggagaggt    171960
     ccttggtctt gcaaagattc tatgccccag tataggggaa tgccagggcc aggaagaggg    172020
     agtgggtggg ttgaggagta gggggagggg gaaaggtata ggggattttt ggagaggaag    172080
     ctagaaaggg ggatagcatt tgaaatgtaa atgaagaaaa tatttaataa aaatttttaa    172140
     aaactccccc ccccaaaaaa aagataaatc taagacaaca gtcttagagt caaagactcc    172200
     atacagaagt tcttcttagg ctgaggcaat ggctgggaac ctgaattcaa tccttagaac    172260
     tgctgtttaa aaagctgtac atggtagtgt ttgcctgtaa ctgaacactg gggagaggga    172320
     gactgaagga cacctgggat ctcaaggcca cacagtctac aaatcagtaa gctacaggtt    172380
     ccattagaca ctctgcctca aaacataaga tggagaacaa ctgtgtgaaa tacctaaggt    172440
     taatctcaga catacagcac acacacggac acggaccagg acacggacac ggacacggac    172500
     acggacacgg gggaggggat gaattcacct caagttaatc gttaacctcc aaactcaaaa    172560
     tctactaaac acctaaatat ttgaataagt aataaaagaa atgtaatgtg caccaataga    172620
     tgtttgtttg gaatcaaaag atagttacct gtgaaagact tgggctagaa gggaaatgat    172680
     ctcccgggcc gtattttgat gtgtgctaca aaggcacccg atttgccaag catggttagc    172740
     acatgggtgg gaggtgggag gacacactgc aggtctttgg atctgaagga aaagctgggg    172800
     ctttgggatg gcggtgaggg acgcaggtgg gggagtatgt gcagacatcc tgtgtgcttg    172860
     caaaatgtta cagtctgaag gaaagagaga atgacagaag ggaggtggga gaggtaggca    172920
     aagaacaaac aaaagtattt catgttgaga aattatgtct tctatcatgt agctgcaggg    172980
     tgagagacat gaaagggaat ttaaggaggc caaacgatga ggaagaaagc cagctctgtt    173040
     aacagtgtaa aaggttacta ttatactaaa gcagaagatg ttggggatag aacagattca    173100
     attcaaatgg cttacagctg gcccggataa ttagggagag aataggacca tgcggtttga    173160
     tgctgtttcg agaagaacac aacccaccag agcaggtaaa tgccaagagg cctgggctag    173220
     aaaagaaatg ggctgaagag caagaaggaa tggaagagga accaaagaac cctcccgatg    173280
     atgccaccag acaataccac taaacagtga tggcaaaggt aacatggaga aagagtctcc    173340
     agcacggcag gaagctgagg cagaggatgg aaggcttaat taaggccagc gtggggcaga    173400
     caacgtgata cgtgcaaagc tacacaggcc aatactccca actaacgtcc caagaaaacc    173460
     ggtgtgccac aatggctgaa gcaacaagac tgctgcagtg taggagggct aaggattcac    173520
     cacatctgca gcttacactg gagacaacat aaaactcaga ctcaagccag gcacacaact    173580
     aggtgaggca aaacacctat gttcaggaaa acacagagct aaaatccaac tgtgggctgg    173640
     ggagaaggct cagtgagtga aatgcccact gctcacgcct aacgacccag gtctggatcc    173700
     ctagaaggca tgcaaaagcc aagcaaatgc agaagtggct gcactcacac aacactttct    173760
     ccttccttcc tactcgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtccttttt cttatctaca aaaaatcaaa    173820
     tgaggcccag tgtggtttta ttttctaatg caaatgtttt catttaaatt aaatgaaaat    173880
     gaaaattaac catagcaatt ataatttttt aaaaacctaa taactattag tgaatctagt    173940
     taacaatatc agttgagttt ttcactttct tttaaacagg gtgattaatt actgagagga    174000
     caagctcttg tctattctta acagctcagc ttattttgta aagcatttac ttcacgtgtt    174060
     ctggttgaaa tagtactctt gtacctctga caatttatga agacaaatcc acataaaaca    174120
     aacaataatt ccactgtagg acaggaagga aaaccacttt tttccctctg ctaagaagag    174180
     catggtataa ggaactgact cctgtagaga aaagacatca caggaagcag gtagccttca    174240
     cttcaggccc acccttcccg gcccggcctg gctctctatt ttcaactctt ctcgcaaatc    174300
     attttccttg gctatctaac cagtcctgtc agcactagca tacgtttttc tgggcaaggc    174360
     cggtacaaaa ctggaatgac tctagtctgt ctgctaccgg tgtggccctt tgggtaataa    174420
     tgtacaaggt caaacagagg tcatcagtcc atgatcaaag catgctggct gctcttcctg    174480
     tctttacatg gaacacacaa gatgtgttta ttcttatcag cctctgcatg acctccttag    174540
     gtggcatgag aaagacccca cacttcggga aagcacaagt caaaggtttg tctgatttga    174600
     tactctcatt aagagcaatt tttttcaaac ttttgatctt tcgcatttac tcaagtctct    174660
     caagttaaag cccatattgt ttaaaccacg ctggaataat ggatcaaaca ggaacccata    174720
     ctgacagatg aggaaacaga gtgatctgac aggcagcagc atgaaacaca ggtcccttag    174780
     cagtttttat gtgaactact tcagccaata acaagagttc aaagttcaag gccagcccag    174840
     aaagtcaatt tcacttctat ttttgtttct taaaacttct atgatttcat caatctgatc    174900
     aataatctac cattaaaacc tcaggaaaaa aaaacagctg tcttgtttta cacacacaca    174960
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cccctctgct ggatcttaaa ggagacttgt    175020
     attaatcaca ttaataaaca gcctcctgtc actcatctgt gtccctgcta acctgttcca    175080
     gtgaggtgga tctacctaat ggttcaagaa acaaatgacg tgatgagcaa tgggtaatga    175140
     agggcaagca gttgctaaaa acctcaatac tctggaaagg aacaaagcag acatgacagg    175200
     gcagggcgaa gcactggcac agcatgctcc aggccccgag gatagaatgt tagtactatc    175260
     cccacactag aggggactta tttttaaata tggataaagc aaagcaatta ttatggataa    175320
     ggggcccagg ggaggaaagg ggaccgtaat cttctaatag aaagaactgg ccaccataaa    175380
     tggacaagta gcatagcatc atattctcct tgaatttaat tgctacatcg tcctattgaa    175440
     aagcattaca gcaacacaaa acacatacag gcatgaagga tgaaggaatg gatccacaga    175500
     atgatagcag acaaatgtag ttacatattg ttgcatacat ggaatcatgt attaatatat    175560
     aaaagtcaca aaatagtcat ctttaccttt tcttgttagg ggatagcaag aagtaggagg    175620
     gcatgtgtgt aaagtctcca catatgtaaa caacacttgt acctgacatg ttctcactgg    175680
     gaattgtttt ttagatgtta catgattata tctactctgg aaataaatca agcgttagtt    175740
     gaagtgtttt ttagtaacaa ctggctacaa caatcaaaag tctttaaagc cattaaaaat    175800
     atttaatcat atttaatatt acttttcatt tgtcctttaa tgaagcaggg tggtagtata    175860
     ttaaagaaac ctgtggccag gcagtggtgg gacacgcctt taatcccagc acttgggagg    175920
     cagaggcagg cggatttctg agtttgaggc cagcctggtc tacagagtga gttccaggac    175980
     agccagggct gcacagagaa accctgtctc aaaacaaaaa caaaaataaa aacaaaacaa    176040
     aaaaaaaaaa acaaaaagga aacccatgct tacactccta gcttgttgta ttgtaagagc    176100
     aaacttgtct cctgtgatta gtggtgctgc gccatgactg aggctcagtc accaaagaat    176160
     acatactcat ggcaaaaccc acggaaagaa gaaatgtggg gagggtgctt tctttcctct    176220
     ctccctttca ttctttcctt gtgtttttgt ttgggtccag gctagttgtt gtggtggtga    176280
     cgctatgagc tacactcagg actccagaca cacaggcctg accactgagt gatatatgaa    176340
     gcgcgcctaa cacttagatt aatctgtaac cccagggcca tagtctccag gcgggaagct    176400
     ggagtagcgg cagtataaag tgtctgtgtg taattgtcaa ctgtcctgta gacaatgttg    176460
     ggactatgac agatttctca ttctgaaagg aaaggggaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    176520
     gagagagaga tcattttgtg gccatgggca gctccacgcc ctgctgcagc ttagggcttc    176580
     tctcctttca gagctcaccc cccatcccta ctccatccag ccttcctacc ctgctgtgac    176640
     tcagaatttt tctgttcctg ctcagttaaa gagaccaccc tcaacctgtg cctgcacata    176700
     tatgacatgc acgcacacat gcatacatat aaactgaaaa taaatactta ataaataaat    176760
     aatagaagta atgctaagga aaggtctggc tgggaaagca aggaaaaata ggtaacaagg    176820
     acacctggga ctgattagac ctgagtgtat tgaatggcaa ctgagaggct gaacgcctag    176880
     gaggaaataa tttatagaat gaggtttcta aggaagcggg tggttaagat tcaaagtgta    176940
     tgtgtagaaa gcatcttcca cagtgaggac tgacccaagc caggattcat gcatcagtta    177000
     cctactagag ttccctggct cacactgcac cacctagaaa agggctaatg ggcgggaaag    177060
     agggctacga caagcaactt taccaggcat gcctgcctcc tgagaagagc acatatctcc    177120
     ggccagacaa atcacttcac aaatgctcaa atcatgttat gaaactccac agtaagacat    177180
     tgttcatcag ctaaattgac atcaacagca tcttagaatg atgctaagat aattcttaga    177240
     tcttagaagc tgaactaggt agtatttcag tggcttcctt aacccagttg tgatgctatt    177300
     gtttgaacta atagaataga gtatttttac tttaaaaact acttaaagtc taacttatac    177360
     tctttgatcc atactaaatg tttaataaca ttaggagtcc ttctgtaaaa ggcaaaagat    177420
     tcatgtgagc tgaagagaaa tcagagtcat atgagaaatc tataaaagct tatttggaga    177480
     tgcaaagagg gctggctcag tggataaagg taattaccac caagactgac aacctgaatc    177540
     caatgcctag gacctcataa cagaaggaca gaactgactc cagcaacttg acctctgacc    177600
     tccatgtgca cactgtggca catgcacaca aataaataca tggtttttgt tttggggttt    177660
     tttttgtttg tttgtttgtt ttcatttttg ttttacataa aggcttcttg gctaatattg    177720
     gctgatacca gtttttccct tgattatgtc gaagggaaag aatggggatt ccctcactta    177780
     cttgattgag tttctaaagt ggtcttcagc tggatttttc acagtacaac tgttcaggag    177840
     ccacagatct gcatctgatg cattctctag gaaagaaaag aatgaacaca aaagagaaag    177900
     ataaatatca cattcaatga catcagcact gtgcaagtgc ttacctaggc ggccgggaat    177960
     gctggggaca gggtaagcag gaacatcagc gtgagcacca ctgtagcaca gccagccagg    178020
     gctctggtca gatccggttt ggaaacctgc agaagtctcc atagccagat ggagcctctg    178080
     ctctaactgc tacatttaaa cccacagtat ttaaaagtgt tcactatttt agcagtactt    178140
     caatgaactt catgtgtctg catgtctgtc tctgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    178200
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtatgtgtg tgtgtgtgta cgtgtgtgtg tgtgtatgtg    178260
     tgtgtgtacg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tacgtgtgtg    178320
     tgtatgtgac actgtaggtg actctgtgtg accctgacat tttcccaggt ttcctctggt    178380
     atcaatataa acagtggaac tgttaaacca aagactaaat cttgaaatgt ccttgcagac    178440
     tgttaaaagc cctagacagg gtatatcatt acacacccaa gaagaggacc aagagtgctg    178500
     tcctaacctt gcccactgga tgggatgtca cctttgaact cttgacaatc tggtggaaaa    178560
     gagggtccca gtgataagtc cgaataaagc cctcttatca taacttgaaa agctttccgt    178620
     gctgttttgg agttctgctc attttttgtg cctttcgttt gtcctactgg actacctaat    178680
     cctcatgggt gcactaagga aacatctaga acaggcatca caatagtttt ctcagttcac    178740
     ttttttttgg ggggtggtca attttcatga cacttttcta tttctgaggc atcacactgg    178800
     ccgaattttt ctccttttct tttcccccaa tttggcctta gaactatgac tcacaatgag    178860
     cgcacttccc tcatccatga ctgaaaaaag ccacgctgtt cctaccaata ggcacacgat    178920
     tctgcattct gacttctgat gttaggcatt tacactggta cacgtggatg ttactgaact    178980
     tgtaaagtga aaataagtgc ttgcatcttt ctatccagtt ggaaagccat cttaaccgtg    179040
     atgctatttc acataagcaa agcagtcagg gacacaagct cccccactgc catccacgct    179100
     gaggaagctc tcagtgtggc aaagcaggag cagcaaccaa acagttgctc actgggacac    179160
     ttggaacaca tttaaaaata acatatagga attcaagcat acacatagat acatatatat    179220
     ataatttcca ttgatgatta acaaggtaag cagaactaga aagcttgtaa atctatcata    179280
     gaaagatggc ttaaataaat atatgactag tggtttggat cttaaatatt cccccaaagg    179340
     gccacatgtt aaagcgtgga cactggtact cagcactgtc ggtgggagca gaataattaa    179400
     gaggaaataa atcacaggat gggatgatct gggtgtgaag cctgtggaag gctgaacact    179460
     tggtccacac caacgggcac tatttgggaa ggttatgcga ccttaaagac atgggtcata    179520
     ggtggaagaa acgggcagcc gagggtcaaa acatgagagc tataactgat ccctgctttc    179580
     aggcacagtc tctctagtct catctgctag ctgatccaag gagtcactat gcctttcccc    179640
     agggatgggc tgtaccctca gacacattag tgaaaataaa tcctttctct cggaatgtgt    179700
     ttcatatcag atatttgatc acacttgagg gcgttactaa ggccacattg catacatgtt    179760
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctaa cttgcagtca    179820
     tgagctgagt agcatcctct actcaccaca ggcccaaata caacgaagca aagcatccat    179880
     gacctggaac cctgactcac aataaccctt ccctccttga agctgacttt ctccagtgtg    179940
     tcatcacagt gctgagaagc tgactgccca cgaactgcag ctaaaacacc atggttaaaa    180000
     ggcaaaataa atccccgggg aataacttgt attgatctgt tatataaagt gagacagagc    180060
     aagatattga agagtaaatc caatttgtat tttaaatgcc aaagaaaaag gaggagaagc    180120
     taaaggcaaa agaaaatttc tagacacgtg tatcctaggt gtttagctct gaggtgagat    180180
     gaaaaagtat ttgtctttca atatactatt caagttgcag cttatctgtt tgttcaggtg    180240
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta gctgtgtttc tgggcataca    180300
     tgtgactgtc agagaacagc ttgtaagtca gctctctgct accatatggg ttccaggaat    180360
     caacctgagg tctcggagtt taacagtaac ctcctctacc tgctaagcca tctcaccagc    180420
     cctacgtgta actttacgtt ttctctggat ttaattcagc tggcgtgaat gttggttgtt    180480
     tctttaattt aatgtttagg aacaaaataa cgcttaattt atatcccccc atattatttg    180540
     agtttttaag attttgtttt ttgtgtatat ttatgtgtgt ggggggaggt gtatatctac    180600
     atgaatacaa atgcacacag agtccaaaag acaatttcag gtccttctgg gactaaagtt    180660
     acagatggct cctggcatgg tgccggaagc ccacctcagg cccacctcag gagcagtgta    180720
     tgctctcagc tgctgaggca tcgctctgac ccctgatagg acttttcttt taaaagaaaa    180780
     atagtacatt tctttaacgt ttttgtttgt tggcggcgag atccttgtgt caccacgtac    180840
     atgtgaagat cagagaaact cctggggatg tctccaggtc tttcctccta ttacttgtgt    180900
     aatactgtcc cagagatgat actcacttca ccaggctttg gcaggaaatg cccttaccca    180960
     ccaagccatc tcgcaggccc tatttggctt cttttttttt tttttttttt agtagttcac    181020
     caaaaccatt tatttttaag ccatggttaa ccttacaatc ttaatgaagc aatcataggt    181080
     cttgtgactt tggaaatagt gctaacccag tctcaacctt tcacgggcct ggagtacagc    181140
     ttggtgtagt gcttgcataa cacatgtgag gtcctgggtt caataaaaag gacccaatct    181200
     tctccttaga atatctcctg gcttgtttat atgataacca taagtcaggt acactacaga    181260
     tagaaactgg cccctgaccc tgagctacag taccaaggct tcctatttgg cttctattac    181320
     ttattaagtg tgtgctctga gtgtgtgcag gtcatgcaga ggtcagagga gagctcacaa    181380
     gaatggctct ggagacggct tggcaccagg ccaccgagcc ttctcactgg cagtacctga    181440
     cttagaagcg catggattgc tttcttttct cttgagtcgt tgaacctgtt tcctctcctt    181500
     tgattccttc ttaacagtac atagaatctc tcacttcctt tcactttaag gtgggcacat    181560
     gatcttgctg tcatccagca ggcaaacaaa gacccgatac acaccgcctg cttatggctg    181620
     gagtcactga gccaggaaaa ggagagtcac caatgaacca cccactctga gtataaggaa    181680
     agaggatcaa atatttgttc gaatcaaaat gtgcttagtt tttaaactac ttctttacac    181740
     acagcagaaa ttgcttttaa gcctatagta agaaaacccc aatgggtaac aatgatcatc    181800
     attaagagtg ctgaatacac tgttgggcag gaagccatgc atgccacatg cacctctgta    181860
     tgtaagcctc cctggtgagg aacattcagc gttattccca ttgtcagaga aggaacctca    181920
     agcttagaaa agaaaagaaa ctttctaaaa gtcaccagtt aagggatggg tgaggattag    181980
     aagtccagac aaactgactc caaagcctga gaacttgagg caatcagcat gtctcattag    182040
     tggttctcta cctcttgacc aaaagtaatg cagagtgcat ctaaggacaa cgccaagtgg    182100
     tgtgacttgg ccttggagca ctgcactcaa agtgtctcta gacttcagac acagctgttc    182160
     ctccgtttcc agtatttcta agattttgaa tgggccagct ttggtctgtt ctcatcaaag    182220
     gtgggcatgg aagaaggaac aagagactta atagcaaatg agagttgtta gtctgaagcc    182280
     cagacacacc gggccggtgt tcctgctccc tgcatggcac gattcagcac caggcagaac    182340
     agctctttcc ttgtacaact gctccatgtg aaagacagca gaggagcagt ggggagcagc    182400
     aagaagcata tattcacaga tgcaaatgga gggcaaccag gctgacgcaa gtacaagttc    182460
     acagagtgaa gaggagaaag tttgattgtt ttggccccaa aagcattttt ttgacagttc    182520
     tttaccacaa aactctggaa gaaaagttaa gtccaaaaca gtttcaatgt ccattaagct    182580
     tactcagacc caggaagttt atttatataa tacaaatcac tgagagccta ctaaaaactt    182640
     tgagagtaaa ctatgtatta ataagagaat ttaaatgtac cttaacttct gaagatcaat    182700
     aaaagataac ttaaaatgct gatcatgagc taatctttcc tctacaggtc acctattatt    182760
     ctttttttgt ggccgatata atggtatgga acaactatgc catcagcacg gagtgactac    182820
     gctttctaag cctgttcttg aaaaacgatg aaaatgactc attagacagt agcctccctt    182880
     tagccaacta tggagatgac actgggagga tgagaaaaaa ggatcaggag agaagatgga    182940
     aaaggacaga accctgacgg gctgagagag cccagactcc atgtctaact ctgagcagga    183000
     aggggccctt ggctccagag tgctggtcac tgtggagggt ccctgcacaa agcaagatgt    183060
     gggaggtcct gggacaagca tcttctctgg caggttaccc ccataacaaa ctgttctttc    183120
     aaaatactcc tatcgaatgt ttcacagaaa caatttgagg gaactaaaag tcagcatgaa    183180
     ctctatttac tcagagaagg aaaaagaact tcttgtttaa gtgataagta agagctggca    183240
     aaactctgcc aataactact gaaaactcat tacataagta ccctggttgt aattaaaatg    183300
     agaacacaga acagccatgt acacactaca gagatgggca ttgctaatac tgtttctcac    183360
     tcctaatagc tatgttgatt ctcacacata atgattcaga actcactgca tctgaagaaa    183420
     cccaaagagg acatctgtgc ctgtgttatg tcaccaaggg ccagtagacc tgtgccacca    183480
     tcagcctctg catacagcca ctgctcaccc ttagttgcct agcaagctgt tctcctggtc    183540
     acagtagacc ttcaaacccc atgccttaat atattaaagt ctaaaataca atttgacctt    183600
     taaatttata tattcctcat aaaatagctt tcttcatata gcccaaaagt gataaaaaca    183660
     aggggacttc tctttagcaa aagacctaaa caacccagag accatcactc acttgcaaat    183720
     tgccaaaaac atctggtttc tgtcagattg tatacagtct caagttgttt atcacaaatc    183780
     agtaactcaa gtcacctgct aaaaatggta catttccagg accagaaaca accctgggat    183840
     acagggaagg ttaatacaag ggtcactttt agatttgatc tagtaagttt acttggtcaa    183900
     aactataacc aatttggtta ttcaaggagg tggggagggg atgctatcca tatggaatgg    183960
     caaaataaga aagattcaga tgaaatgaaa aaaggaatat catcaaagat ctaataaaca    184020
     aaatgatact gaatatgaaa aacaggactg agagatagcc tagtcaacaa aatgctcacc    184080
     atccaactat gcagacctaa attccatgcc ccacaatcca tggacaaacc caggaattgt    184140
     ggtacacacc ttaatctcaa catgagaaag acaaaacaac cattaccctg gagctctatg    184200
     gccaaccacc tcagcctctt tggcaagtcc caagccaaag agaccctgtc tcaaaaaaag    184260
     tagaggcagc taaggaatag cattggagtt tgtcttcaca cttccacatg tacaaacgta    184320
     ttcacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacactggag tggggatggg    184380
     atgaacagag ggagggaggg agggatcggg gagggagaag gagagtgagt acaaagtagc    184440
     ttaaggctac tttatttctc aaggttcatc ccagacccac attagataat ctttaaatta    184500
     ctcctagaaa gaaacaaact gagcaatata gttaattgtt attgacttgt tagtaaattg    184560
     aaattcatca ctgaaataag catatcagga tggctaaaag tacaagcaca ttttatcaat    184620
     gtgaaacaaa agtaaacagc cattgtttta aaggtaaaat attgcattat aattctacgt    184680
     tacgtagttc atacctataa tcagagcact caggagagtg agtttgaggc caatcagagc    184740
     aacagagtaa gttctaggct tgtcttggct gcagagtgag acactgtcaa aaactaacca    184800
     aaacttacca aaaataaaac acactactta ggaaaggaca acgatttaga agactgtatg    184860
     catttgtcac aatacctaaa aacatcttgc actaagaagg tggagagaag aatttggact    184920
     aagattttct tttaaaggaa aaaatgacaa agatggccga agcagagtat gtcctatgga    184980
     atgcctctga acgaatgcta agaaacctaa ctccagatgc acccttggat ttcaacgcta    185040
     tagctttggg gtgattctaa ttctactttg gaagctagag agatggctca gcacttgcta    185100
     ctcttgcaga ggactggagt gtacttccta acacctacac cagcaactca caatcgcctg    185160
     taattcctgc tagaggaccc aacactctca ggatgccacg ggctcccatg agagtgcaca    185220
     aactcacata gacaatgtca agcattagat ttcaataata aaacagcaaa taatctgata    185280
     taagattgag taagagatct aaatagatac ttgtccaaag atataaagag agccatcaag    185340
     tatgtaaaaa tgaagcccca tagcatcagg catcagagaa aggcaaatga gaaccacagg    185400
     aggactgact cacatctact gggatgacta cattttctaa aactgtttta aagatgtgtt    185460
     ggtaaagcca tgaaaacact agaacctagg gaactcgcgg gttgcagatc aactggaaaa    185520
     ggtttagctg ctttgcacaa atggcctgct ggttccttta accattaaac acaattaact    185580
     cccaatccac caagccctct gtgcatctgc cctagagtag agatataaac acatgctcac    185640
     acagaacctt gtacatcaac attcgcaaac gcctgattcc tcagagccag aaaggagaga    185700
     aaatataaat agccaccaac tgatggatgg ataaatacaa cccagaatat acaaccaaat    185760
     attactagcc atgaaaaatg aggtgtgaca gatgaacaac acagatggac cctgaaatgc    185820
     tatgctcaat gaaagaagtc agtcaggaaa gcccacaaac cataaccaag tgtccagatg    185880
     agacacaaac acagaacaga aaataaactg ctgagtgcct agagctgggg aggtagagag    185940
     caggagacac catgaggact gcagtttatt gctgtgttaa tggaagtgat tttagactga    186000
     cagttgcaac tgagcatggt aattcatgcc tgaaattaca gtactcagga ggctgaggca    186060
     gatctgccgc cagttcttgg gtaacctggg ctacatagtg aattacagga tagcccgggc    186120
     tgcagaactg agaccatgtt ctaaaaacag ataatggtca tggggccacc agaatcagaa    186180
     aggcaactag agaatcaatc tcaggagatg ctgaggccag ctctgatgga caattaggta    186240
     tctcttccag ggtctcatct tgttctaaca ggaacaaaga acaaagcctt ccttccacta    186300
     agatacatgt atcaattaca atgaactcat acttagtaaa ggaacacaca cacaaaatcc    186360
     tgtttggtgg acttaaggga tgcatgtaaa gttgatacat gtatatactt agagaaaaag    186420
     gtaaaaggag actgctttca caatagagta gcaggaatcc cacctaaatg caagggtacc    186480
     cgcatttgta taaacagaac tcaagctcta gagatcagct cttccccgat tctgaggatc    186540
     tggccataag tctgggcctg aggtgtacat ctagaggttt ttacaaatct ctagacattc    186600
     attctgtata atctgactca ctcaaagacc cactatggga cccagcaagc agaggttcta    186660
     attatgcctt aaggggggct atttcaatac ttgaaaggta ataaaatatt gtggcgaagt    186720
     gtgctgttaa ttgtgggaca actgagacgc aaatggaaaa ggtatttgga aaaaagtaaa    186780
     aggatgtggt aactaactag atgtgctcta tgacaaaagg aagagctgaa ggtttctaga    186840
     ctgtaaggct aataaaaggg gcaactccaa aaaggaacag actgcagggt caccactagc    186900
     cctgctcact tcaagctccc tgccctgtga cagaagaaag caggactatg ctacaagcaa    186960
     ccaaagacat atggaagaca gcacaaaaag ttgatactga tgtcacccaa gatgacaaac    187020
     agcaaaacct agactggaaa ggactgttgt attcatgggg taaaaatcat tgagaaggta    187080
     gaaatacata ccagatgaat tatggtgagc aggacttcag gagggtttgc tttagtgagt    187140
     aatggtgaca ggacaatggg ctttgaggga caggaacgca aaacctattc tggcctcttc    187200
     tctgcactct gagtcaaagg gatttgccta cagaccacaa gtgcaattaa aatgcttaac    187260
     atgataccta aaactctctc catccatctt catcatagtt caggaaattc tagtcctaaa    187320
     gcatgcaggg cagagacgtg ctattgcata ggacatagtc cactgtgcaa taaatccaaa    187380
     ggaattcacc acccaaccaa agtgagatca acaaacagaa ataaatacac tgataacaag    187440
     tcaaattgaa ggggaaatgc aaaaacatgc acaataacat ttcttcaaag aaaatgaaac    187500
     acaaatgtat ttctgtaata aaatatccca aggagtataa aacaaacaaa caaacaaatc    187560
     ctatcaagtc ttaataaggc tcctggtgag gaggggtaaa tttctcccaa aatccatatg    187620
     aggaagtcta aaaagtagtt aacacaagga gaggcaacaa ctctgcccgc tttaaagatt    187680
     tatatctgtg gtgatgcaga ccttgtagtc aagtgtggct gcagcggagc ctcccaagag    187740
     caagcacaag aacagctggc cagcactcac accctgcacc acaggaacta tttgagactc    187800
     tagttctccg actctaagta agagttatca cagttttaga aactccactt tgctgatatt    187860
     ctgaaagcac agctctagcc agtcctgatg gataaactat atattgtgga ctgagacaag    187920
     gctaggagtt gtgggtgaga atgtatatca tctcccttgg agtactagag actgtatttc    187980
     ctgtaaagta tatttatatg ggatgatgac acagaaatta gactggttag ccacccatca    188040
     gatagattat gcagatattg ttggtcacaa accgagactc tgattcaagg tcctccttct    188100
     ccatctccaa ctgcacctgg aaaggctaac tcaatacttc caaggtactc ttcccagcca    188160
     gaatggccgt gagagttttg agcaacaaat ctgggggaag tccacagtac tgcatagctt    188220
     ccagaaaggc tgtagcctcc tgctgtaagg aggagctggt acggtgtcct tcaaattcat    188280
     taagcatata gaaaactttg agacagaacc ctgctgtgcc tatgctgttc tctggtgcaa    188340
     gttttgacaa agaatgcaac tcacttgctg tcaaagattc aaccacaaag taaaaaatta    188400
     aaaaataaaa aaactaagat tttctcagtt ttttagtgcc caaattagta aaagaagtaa    188460
     aataagtttt tttttaaatt agaaaatcaa gagtacaaat ataacacaca gaacaaaata    188520
     cttcagaaag ttttcccagc tccttatcaa aaagcaacct aactcctaca ttccattgac    188580
     tctcacaaac aaactttaaa cttcaagtac aagaaagaat catctttaca agcaaacaga    188640
     gttggaaaac gactcctaca actctgctca ggtaaacacg agggcagggt gggaatcggg    188700
     cacagagaac actaagccat gtgtctggta cagggcggtt gccatccacc ctcctgcaca    188760
     ttccgtatgc ttccaagata tcttctgatg gtttaggagt cttttctatg acaactctgc    188820
     tttcaagctc ttggtattct gataaatatt cttttcaaag aaacctcaag ttatctttca    188880
     atggcaggac atgtccatca tataatctgg actcttagga gtgtacttgt gtacatggct    188940
     aaggctgaag gaagtgtatc caggacaaaa tctcaaggat aaaccattag ggctggagac    189000
     tcagtgatta agagcacttg ctggtaatta cagaagatcc aatgccatat tctggcccct    189060
     ggaagcacaa ggctatacat gatacatata caaaacatat acataggaaa attttcttta    189120
     aaattgagca gggtgtgttg gcacacgcct ttaatcccag cactcagaag gtagaggcag    189180
     ccagatctct gagtttgaag ccagcctggt ctacagagta agttctagga tagccagggc    189240
     tacacagaga atgcctgtct taaaaaagaa gagaagggca ggggagggga gggcagggga    189300
     gggcaggaga ggagagagga ggaaaaggag gaaaggagga agaaaggagg aagaggaata    189360
     aaagaggaag aggaggaaga gaaggagagg aaaatttttt aatcttttaa aataaaataa    189420
     aaccattttc ttttttaaag atttattttt atgtaggtgt atgtgtctgc atgagtgtat    189480
     gtcacatgca tacatacatg tgcaggccct agagggtatc aaatcccatg gaggaagcag    189540
     gtgctaggaa tcaaacgcgg atcctctaaa agagcatcaa gtgttcctaa ctgatggccc    189600
     atccctccac aaagaacaga accatttcat ctttccatct aagtgccaga gaatgagtta    189660
     agtgtccttc aaagtcctgg atttagaagt agaaagccat tttgccttct aacatgaaaa    189720
     gttacttgta aatgaaacag agaaaggatc tctctgacat ttaatcttct tgtcaccttg    189780
     actggattta gaatcagcat gggagcttgc atgtctaaga gggcattttc agaagggttt    189840
     aactgaggag actgtgggtg gcaacatccc ataggttggg gtctgaatct taactcccta    189900
     acagaaagcc agccaagcag cagcactcac tctgctccta gctccggaca catggactag    189960
     ctacctccct cctgccaccg cgtcctctcc tacacatgga ctgtttcctc tctaactgtg    190020
     agccacttga gtgaatcaag atatttctcc ctcccttaag ctgcttaagc aatccatatt    190080
     ttctttctca cagaaacaat taagtgacac ggtgtcctaa ttctaccact tagaaggcaa    190140
     tgaagctaga ttcgacagac ataagccaaa acctgaataa gattcaggag atgcaggaaa    190200
     taaatgttaa tcaataaaaa gaaagttaga aagtacagta attacaaagt aaaagtagaa    190260
     aaaattatcc atgtatatct ctaatccaca ccaccctctt taacaaacta cctcacagaa    190320
     aattaattcc aagtcagaca ccgagggcgg gtgtggcaga cacaacagag aaggcaatgc    190380
     agagaatact atttttaagc ctaaaccaga aagaaaagcc aagatgttac aactggtcaa    190440
     gagtcctctt ctaaggctcc taattacagt tgtacagagt gtgaactttt ttatgcaaca    190500
     gtcgacattt tatttgaaag acggtatttg ggcatcatta ctatagcaaa ttctgtatgg    190560
     aactctaccc tgaggcaatt tatcgattac gaatacctta cttgtaccta acaccttagg    190620
     gaaaacagat ctaaatatta caaatcactt aagagagttg aaagactcag aacacattta    190680
     agccaaacag aataaatgct tattaaactg aaccttaaag caaaatattg actttttata    190740
     aacaacccat ataacctgac tcatctgaaa ctccaatttt tcaaggatct gtcataagtc    190800
     acaaacgata ttcagtgagt gtagtgagca catgcttgcc cggtgagcac tgtgagaatc    190860
     agtgtggact aacacactat tgggatgctt agcactatgg gggtaaatgt ggactaacag    190920
     gctgttacgg tttgggttgt ttttcttttt aagatttatt tatttattta ttttatgtat    190980
     atgatcacac tgtcactatc ttcaggcaca ccagaagagg gcatcggatc ccattacaga    191040
     tggttgtgag ccaccatgta gttgctggga attgaactca ggacctctgg aagagcagtc    191100
     agagctctta acctctgagc catctttcta accccaactg ttgagattct tcctcaatga    191160
     agtagcacag gaaagagaaa acacatgcat gctgatatga taatttacct gactccacca    191220
     ataaactgct ctcatgtttg ataaagaacc ctggtaaata cacagtagct ttatgatgca    191280
     tccagggcag cagctgacgt ggagcagaat ctgtaaggct ataattacaa gaccacatct    191340
     gcctgacaga cggcactctc tcaggaagct ctatattcac caggggaaag agaataattt    191400
     tccctaggat ctcactttct gtaaatttct aactctgata tttcagagtt ctatgttatt    191460
     gcaagcgaaa acaaatattg tgttttgaat taggtgtgtt ggcattctaa gaaacagtgt    191520
     tagtatgcag aaaacaggtg aggaggaggt atcgttgata aagtacactc atgaccagtg    191580
     ccaaaaagta taaaaacatt agaggtacaa tttttttgac aaaataatta ttatagaggc    191640
     tgctgctatt gcacagtcca ctatcagctg ttaatgggat aattaaataa acagaaactt    191700
     gtgcttctac acattctgag gaaatttaat acaaaccaga actaaattca gaaatttgtg    191760
     taaaatatgg atactaaaca atcgctgtga tttgaaatgc ttctcaaaat tcatttctca    191820
     gatttcccca tactcccttg gtctaggttt ctgttaattc taggcctcgc acctagtcag    191880
     tgagcaggcc acgcattcac gggagtgcat gaggatccag tgggaggtgg gctgggagaa    191940
     gagagaaccc agttatagca aagcaggact tcgctctgta ccccaggaca gagtcaaaca    192000
     cagtaagcag catgtgaagc aaaaatgcaa aagaaaaaac tgaaatctaa ttggcttcca    192060
     cccctgatgg actgtaaaga gggaatgcct ccatggctct ccgttctcaa cacttctatc    192120
     agccctcgtt tccattcttc ctccctgtcg ccacaaacta ccacgtgccc aaaaacttaa    192180
     gacttgcaaa agaagcccag taaattgagt aagaaattca ctccagggca gtaagattta    192240
     aaatggaggc aaggggactc cacagtggtt tcctagcaaa ggcttgccct tcttacaaag    192300
     aaagcacatg aagagtaatg agtgttcttt aaaagcaaga cagtgcaaac acagcttaca    192360
     caagacagtg cacacacagc ttacacttag agagcacgtc cgttgtggcg tggactgtgt    192420
     tccctatgtg gacatttcat cccacacctt gaataatcct ttatttcatc cacaccgtgg    192480
     agctccactc acatgagaaa cgtgagcagc caacatcaca actgagcaag tggtggaagt    192540
     cagcaatctg gctcctggct ctgcaagccg acttactact tttaggaaat tattttaaag    192600
     catctcaata ttgatcgata ataaaaacca agtgcaagca ggcaccacaa ctgtgatgct    192660
     ttgaatagga aatgtcccca ttaggggaca ctctgtctcg agttagtagt gctgtttggg    192720
     aacgttttgg gggaaatgca gtctggctag acaaatactt tattggggca ggctttgaga    192780
     gtgtataatc tagtcttact tcctgcttcc tatttgggga tgaagataat actcttcagc    192840
     ttcctgcacc taacaccgtg cctgtggttt gctgccacgc ctcctccctg acacacactc    192900
     atccctctgg caccataagc caatattaac tctttcttgc acaatttgct tttggccatg    192960
     tacttcatca aaacaccaga aagtagctag taacaatggc agagaaacca ctgactcttc    193020
     cactaataaa tacctacccc cccccttgac tgactgtaaa acacacaaag tgagcacctt    193080
     gcactggata tttttaattg ctatatcctt cagtgagctg taactcatga ttttacttta    193140
     gcaaggtgag aatacaacag tgattataaa gaatctttta cacattgagt gaagttcaac    193200
     aagactatcc taaactggaa gtctgtgcca agatgccata ccctcacccc caactggacc    193260
     aaagcacaga tctgagttaa attatataca catcctccca agatttttca aaaaatattc    193320
     ttctcttcaa gtaagaatgt atagtggacc aaaatgtgga gctatttttg tgctgaattt    193380
     gggagagtgg tgtttgcctg tttttgaaac agagtgtcta tatattgagc cagctatcct    193440
     gaaactcact atgtggacca tgctggcctc aaactcacag agaccttcct gcatctgtct    193500
     tccaagtgct ggattaaatg catgtgccat cacgcacaga tagaattatt tttgtatttt    193560
     ttattaaaac tgaatggact ttctgtaaca accaaatttg accataacaa tctatttaaa    193620
     gataaataat gcttgctttg ccctggaaag atttatattt cattacctta ctaaccaaca    193680
     aaacacattt aatatacatt ccttcttatc ctagaaatcc atataaaaac aatacaattc    193740
     ctcaccctga acatgctagg tacaaaaata tcttaatgta aaaggctggc aaagccaact    193800
     aagtaagtgg tttctttctt gtctgaaaaa aaattttttt agaaaaatca tgtctaatgc    193860
     gaataatagc caattaagtt gcttcgccta taaagtcaga gagttgtgct ggatgacagc    193920
     tcgaagagca atcagacact atagctgtat ttaaacagac atagtaaatc tggagaggca    193980
     gtcagataag agtagaaagg ggtttaggtg gatttttctc caagtctcaa agttaaaaat    194040
     ggcagaatat aaaatcataa attccgtctt tctcaaaaac cagtaagcca agcaaagaaa    194100
     taaaatcacc aacaaaaaac atcataagtt gtctaacagg agaatagact caaaccagac    194160
     aaacttttta aaagtatcat ctagaaacag aataaactaa actaaaaaca aaatatgtgt    194220
     atgaccaatc cagtgttgtc ctcatcccct ttgtccacac tgacaataaa taaatagata    194280
     ggtagatagg taggtaggta ggtaggtaga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata    194340
     gatagataaa cttaaagagc cacaaaacaa caatgaaaag ctgaatgggc aaaatcctca    194400
     attcctcaat caataaggta caatagttat ttactgaaaa gtaacaattt caaatttgag    194460
     ttaggaaaca agtacccatg aatcctttct ttgagtcaga gaagacctat gtaaatcaag    194520
     caaccccaag aagggtagaa aagattggga agggaaggtg gtcaatgggc cctcctaaat    194580
     ctgagcctag acgaaacaac agagaaggta tctgctatgg gtgagaagag ctgccaggag    194640
     gctttcactt gttgacagaa gctacaatga attcaagttc atattgggtc agaaatgtcc    194700
     atacatgtac acatacatgt acacattcct tgatctgcca ttgagtgtct aaaggaaaag    194760
     gagatccact acctggtaca tctagcccac agtacttagt ttccatggaa aggaaacacc    194820
     tcctcttggg aaaagaactg attaagtacc tgggtgggaa atacaaaaga tgaggtggaa    194880
     tgtggtataa tgcaaagcaa tatactaagc cactactgga taataaccaa gtatacaatt    194940
     aataggcatc ggcaggcaca atacttcaga aaggtagcag ctaccatggg atacagaagt    195000
     gaggaagaga agcatagcgt acggacggaa atgtgacttc aagtcctccc ttggtgacat    195060
     cccagctggg aggcttgcgc caggacacag aatttatgga gccacagggg tggcatctga    195120
     gaggaaaatg tacactctgt gtacctatca tggagaataa cgacaaaggc aaacagagcc    195180
     aggactgcat cacattagag aaaagcctaa atggaactga cgaactgatg cttctaatct    195240
     cttggactac tgaagcgaat ctttaggatt cttgaaggag ctagggaaaa taaccatttc    195300
     agcaagtcta aattcagtag ctctaaaaag atgctacata tataaaaata aaaacactga    195360
     tcagagtgat tgctcatctg ttagaagcac ttgctgctct tgcagaagac ccaggttcaa    195420
     ttcccaatac ccacaaggca gctaataacc accagtaact tcactacaag ggacccacac    195480
     cctcttctgg cctccatggg caccaggcac acacggggta tacatacaaa catttaggca    195540
     aaacacccac atatagaaat ataaataaat aaaatgtgta aaaagaggac gacttttaaa    195600
     tctcttgtta actgtatgtt gcttaggctc cacacatgtg acacaagata aatgcacctg    195660
     catatgtgca tgaccacact tgtatgtatg tagtgagaat ttaggtttcc ttaaaaaccc    195720
     agttatgtta tgtgaatatg tttttgtttt aatcccaggt gtgggatatg aggctgcttc    195780
     agattgtcca cagttattat gattgtctca tgatctagaa ggggcatgat ttttgtcagc    195840
     tgcagatagt ttacatttgg aattctgggg actcttgaga gagtataaat atgagagccc    195900
     cacaagggcc tgaggcagct gctgctcccc tgctgttgct gcctccacgg ctgctgctgg    195960
     ttgctgcttt tgcttttgta gatttctctg gattgctgga ttgctggatt gctggttgct    196020
     ggagataccc tgacaacaaa gactggacat tcccatagga actcaatgcc cctaaccagc    196080
     aggaaatact ctaaagaggt ctatgccccc tagtagtggg ggttgaaagg tagagaaggg    196140
     gggtacataa tagaacccaa taaagtatcc aaaaattaaa aaataaaagt gctgagagag    196200
     agggtggatg ggaataaatg taataataca tctttgagaa taaagagctg tcatatactc    196260
     aaccagctga gaacctatac accttagctg actcaaatag attgtaataa gaactataaa    196320
     ctccccaatt gggggggggg gatagtcaaa gcattacaga tttgtccaaa agaaggaaga    196380
     cattaatctt atttgataaa tgataaacca aatctgtatt cacttcacat tgttccaagt    196440
     cactggagga acatatctaa aagtaggcct actcagcaag aggggtttct cattctatta    196500
     ccttttttag aatgtattca acacagtgtt tggaagcact ccatttgtgt atatgtgtgc    196560
     gtgtgcatgt gtgcgcgtgc atgtgtgcgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    196620
     gtgtgtgtgt tatggattac cttaatatag ctagttacca tatcttttaa cgcacaaggt    196680
     tataagttat catttttgaa gtgagaacac tttgtaatcc cttctcttga ctttaagaaa    196740
     ttaatatatt gctatactca tagatcagca attttctcta gcctcatcag agaaacctca    196800
     tcttggagta gatggcagtt aacacaggga tctcaactag tcaacacgat gagaatagca    196860
     cactgtagag tgcccagcct gaaacaggat cccagccctc caccccgact caacgatctt    196920
     cttggagaag gagcagaaag gttgtaagcg tcagaggaga gggtggatgg cttcaaggaa    196980
     acagtgtttc tggacacgac agggcagctg cacacatgag cccacagcat tgatgacagc    197040
     atgctcagac ctacaccagc tcaagccaga caaaatccca gcagggagag gagaggtagg    197100
     caagaaatcc cactgctagt tgaggagcca ctggcaatag ctactgggaa agggaaagtc    197160
     agttttcttt atggtataac cctgggtaag tggaccacac tcaaaggaag accactccca    197220
     agagtactcg ggcaacctaa actaaaattg atgggctcaa aacaggaaaa aaagtcaaag    197280
     gtgggtgggt acaggggtga gagtggaaga cagtggatct aggaagagtt ggaggtaggc    197340
     aaattctatc aaaatatttt tgtgaagctc tcaagaacta aaatatatgc agcaatcagc    197400
     aggcagaagc aggcaggtgg tgatgatgat ggtaacaacg acaaccagct aacactattg    197460
     tcactgtgta cgacagagct tgcacatttg ttcctactat tcaaaggaaa tctgtatcct    197520
     ccaaagattt tcatgaataa ggaaaatgtg caacctattc taaagctgcc tttgcaatat    197580
     atatctgagg atatctctga attaacacta agtactagca gtaacaaaca ctataaggac    197640
     agctcatgga acagaaacat attagccatg gactctgagt tacaaagaga atttcaactg    197700
     aaacatatgg ttacataaaa tatctgtagc aatatctttc ctctttggaa attgataaaa    197760
     ttaaaacaag gcactaagtt cagaagtata tatgaatcat attccttgac agcccaactc    197820
     ttaagaaagc aatcaaaaat ttgatcaaaa tgctattgat ttcaacattg agtcttctct    197880
     actctcaaaa gtagattaag ctacatggaa acagtttctg tactaccttt ccttatactt    197940
     aggcatcact cacaactcta cctttcacaa cttctcccgt acattgtctt ggtaaaatca    198000
     ctgcacacct caacgctaac aagttacaga accacagtct gtaaagaggt ctcccctcat    198060
     gtgaattcag ggaaaagttt cctggcacgc cactagacag ttaaagggct agcacagtat    198120
     tatcttctga taataacagc tgctttgtag ggaaaagcct tcctaatgtt agacccaagg    198180
     gatttttctc tgtaatttgg atctacaaaa caaatacttt gctatcattt aaaacacacc    198240
     tatttttaaa gtaatatcta caaggatgag agtgagtaat ggcacaatat ctataattac    198300
     tttaaaatct ttcaacagag ggctaaagaa atagttcaat agataaagtg ctttctgggc    198360
     aaagtagacc tgaatttttt taatccccag aaacaaagct ggatggagta gtccactcct    198420
     gtggtcccac tgacaggcag aagcagagag agaacccctg cacactgatg ggccagctag    198480
     cctgtctcaa acaagataag gcataatgac tgataccaca cagatactat agcatacaca    198540
     atcccacact cacacacatg gacatcatac acatacatac atattcttca acaaaaataa    198600
     aagtgacaaa gagccagggg tggcagaaga ggcctgtaat cccaccttcc agaggagact    198660
     ccaatagtaa aatcaaaaca atggctagaa gaaggaagcc agcgttactg actggatctc    198720
     ctcgagtggg gtgggctctt gtgaactagt tcctcagctt gtgagagact aaacattctc    198780
     ataataaatt atcagctctg aaagatgaaa gaatacaaat atacttagaa attttgtgta    198840
     taataatagt ggcatttcaa attagagttg aaaagacaga ttacttaata aatggtatca    198900
     ggaaaaacga ttagtcatct gggagactga gagcaggtct atccatcact tgtaaatcac    198960
     agacagttcc acataactga tttaaatgta tgaaaatgag agtgttagca taatagcagg    199020
     aacaaggccg cgcaactgct gtcatctaga acttaaaaaa aaaaaaatca actgtttaaa    199080
     aaacagtgtc ttcacaacaa aagtaaccaa gagtaacaag tgtcctctgg ccagctaatg    199140
     tccctgagag aataccttca aattagtaac caccatccaa taaaacaata acaaaaggct    199200
     atgagtaggt cacaggaaag gaagtaaaat gattcttttg agaaatgcaa ctcacaagac    199260
     actaaaatac tatttttcac tcataagatt agtaaagacc aaaaaggttc ataatttggt    199320
     atgctagcca gactctggga aaataccaaa ctcataaact gttgatagga acataaatta    199380
     atacactctc tacagaaggc aacacgtcca tagtaaaatt atatatttac acacatttaa    199440
     cacagatatt acacttacag atatttactc caaagatcag ttacctgtat gcaaaatgac    199500
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacat tatacctaca tacaaagaca taggaatcac    199560
     tgtagcatca ctgataataa caacagatat gaaacaggga ctcttagaaa ggattggagc    199620
     tggagagatg gatcagtggt taagagcaca tgctcttcca gaggtcggga gttcaattcc    199680
     cagcaactac atggtggctc acaaccatct gtaattggac ctaatgccct cctcttgtgt    199740
     gtcaatgaca gtgtgctcat ctacataaaa tgaataaata agcctttttt taaaaatgaa    199800
     ggaagaaagg attgggtagg actatgcttc actgatacaa tggaattc                 199848