EBI Dbfetch

ID   AL162252; SV 17; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 176845 BP.
AC   AL162252;
DT   24-MAR-2000 (Rel. 63, Created)
DT   10-MAR-2001 (Rel. 67, Last updated, Version 19)
DE   Human DNA sequence from clone RP11-55J24 on chromosome 9
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-176845
RA   Tracey A.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (10-MAR-2001) to the INSDC.
RL   Sanger Centre, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK. E-mail enquiries:
RL Clone requests:
DR   MD5; cd5e932cfc4c74d05bb64e2126873a3a.
DR   ENA-CON; KI270719.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL162252.17:1-176845; homo_sapiens.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC1199617; 16086835.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones.
CC   Where differences are found these are annotated as variations
CC   together with a note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the
CC   variation annotation may not be found in the sequence submission
CC   corresponding to the overlapping clone, as we submit sequences with
CC   only a small overlap as described above.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one plasmid subclone or more than one
CC   M13 subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by restriction digest.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   This sequence was generated from part of bacterial clone contigs of
CC   human chromosome 9, constructed by the Sanger Centre Chromosome 9
CC   Mapping Group.  Further information can be found at
CC   RP11-55J24 is from the library RPCI-11.1 constructed by the group of
CC   Pieter de Jong. For further details see
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of clone RP11-55J24
CC   The true right end of clone RP11-39C22 is at 49036 in this sequence.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..176845
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="9"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11.1"
FT                   /clone="RP11-55J24"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   repeat_region   1838..2059
FT                   /note="L1ME repeat: matches 5562..5789 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   2988..3312
FT                   /note="MER58B repeat: matches 1..336 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   3379..3429
FT                   /note="MER58B repeat: matches 291..341 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   3479..3775
FT                   /note="AluSp repeat: matches 1..299 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   4372..4673
FT                   /note="AluSp repeat: matches 1..306 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   7214..7696
FT                   /note="L1MA5 repeat: matches 5823..6300 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   8054..8275
FT                   /note="L2 repeat: matches 1589..1813 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   8601..8652
FT                   /note="26 copies 2 mer tt 75% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   9192..9441
FT                   /note="L1MC4 repeat: matches 7509..7739 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   9442..9747
FT                   /note="AluY repeat: matches 3..305 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   9748..10606
FT                   /note="L1MC4 repeat: matches 6608..7509 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   10607..10903
FT                   /note="AluY repeat: matches 1..296 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   10909..10970
FT                   /note="31 copies 2 mer at 67% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   11167..11300
FT                   /note="L1PA16 repeat: matches 6024..6157 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   13951..14255
FT                   /note="AluSq repeat: matches 1..301 of consensus"
FT   misc_feature    complement(join(14213..14329,14635..14834))
FT                   /note="match: STS: Em:L18383"
FT   repeat_region   14348..14643
FT                   /note="AluYa5 repeat: matches 1..295 of consensus"
FT   misc_feature    complement(14702..14858)
FT                   /note="match: STS: Em:G10067"
FT   misc_feature    complement(14713..14845)
FT                   /note="match: STS: Em:L17665"
FT   misc_feature    14714..14858
FT                   /note="match: STS: Em:G07994"
FT   misc_feature    complement(14714..14830)
FT                   /note="match: STS: Em:G09149"
FT   misc_feature    complement(14722..14861)
FT                   /note="match: STS: Em:L17784"
FT   misc_feature    14726..14837
FT                   /note="match: STS: Em:G08112"
FT   misc_feature    14733..14855
FT                   /note="match: STS: Em:G10072"
FT   repeat_region   14733..14782
FT                   /note="25 copies 2 mer ta 74% conserved"
FT   misc_feature    14734..14844
FT                   /note="match: STS: Em:G09625"
FT   misc_feature    14741..14851
FT                   /note="match: STS: Em:G09101"
FT   misc_feature    complement(14741..14834)
FT                   /note="match: STS: Em:G10582"
FT   misc_feature    complement(14748..14854)
FT                   /note="match: STS: Em:G15825"
FT   misc_feature    14754..14833
FT                   /note="match: STS: Em:G10403"
FT   misc_feature    14757..14851
FT                   /note="match: STS: Em:G12425"
FT   repeat_region   15111..15338
FT                   /note="114 copies 2 mer aa 54% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   16662..17066
FT                   /note="MER31A repeat: matches 1..543 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   17157..19274
FT                   /note="L1PA3 repeat: matches 4028..6146 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   19303..19329
FT                   /note="L2 repeat: matches 2015..2042 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   19330..19700
FT                   /note="MLT1A1 repeat: matches 1..365 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   19701..19804
FT                   /note="L2 repeat: matches 1918..2015 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   21098..21159
FT                   /note="L1M4 repeat: matches 3850..3914 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   21187..21389
FT                   /note="L1M4 repeat: matches 3904..4086 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   21390..21895
FT                   /note="MLT1D repeat: matches 1..501 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   21896..21932
FT                   /note="L1M4 repeat: matches 4086..4124 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   21943..22163
FT                   /note="L2 repeat: matches 995..1228 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   22244..22455
FT                   /note="106 copies 2 mer at 77% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   22576..22876
FT                   /note="AluY repeat: matches 1..299 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   26627..26877
FT                   /note="MER8 repeat: matches 1..239 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   27013..27184
FT                   /note="MIR repeat: matches 58..235 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   27189..27678
FT                   /note="LTR12 repeat: matches 16..1523 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   28031..28537
FT                   /note="LTR40a repeat: matches 1..519 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   31610..31671
FT                   /note="31 copies 2 mer ta 67% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   31798..32444
FT                   /note="L2 repeat: matches 2068..2749 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   32579..32705
FT                   /note="L2 repeat: matches 1774..1890 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   34285..34568
FT                   /note="AluSx repeat: matches 5..292 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   36841..37123
FT                   /note="AluSg repeat: matches 1..284 of consensus"
FT   misc_feature    complement(36943..37271)
FT                   /note="match: STS: Em:G09590"
FT   repeat_region   39449..39486
FT                   /note="19 copies 2 mer ac 100% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   39729..39979
FT                   /note="MER69 repeat: matches 107..362 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   41334..41862
FT                   /note="MER77 repeat: matches 24..591 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   42367..42664
FT                   /note="AluJo repeat: matches 1..282 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   42723..43048
FT                   /note="TIGGER1 repeat: matches 2..333 of consensus"
FT   misc_feature    complement(43061..43245)
FT                   /note="match: STS: Em:G12329"
FT   repeat_region   43122..43173
FT                   /note="26 copies 2 mer at 71% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   43250..43587
FT                   /note="MLT1A2 repeat: matches 1..374 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   44980..45681
FT                   /note="L1PA13 repeat: matches 5451..6156 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   45687..45855
FT                   /note="MER5B repeat: matches 4..175 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   48376..48544
FT                   /note="MER57A repeat: matches 68..237 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   49326..49450
FT                   /note="MIR repeat: matches 67..195 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   51068..51849
FT                   /note="L1MB2 repeat: matches 5183..5926 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   53032..53063
FT                   /note="16 copies 2 mer tt 84% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   54150..54738
FT                   /note="MER6A repeat: matches 2..604 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   54894..55017
FT                   /note="FLAM_A repeat: matches 2..125 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   55199..55477
FT                   /note="AluJo repeat: matches 21..311 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   57798..57833
FT                   /note="18 copies 2 mer tt 83% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   58531..59086
FT                   /note="L2 repeat: matches 2112..2685 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   59446..59555
FT                   /note="L1PB3 repeat: matches 5661..5773 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   59556..60264
FT                   /note="L1PA7 repeat: matches 5438..6143 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   60265..60678
FT                   /note="L1PB3 repeat: matches 5773..6150 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   62357..62614
FT                   /note="AluJb repeat: matches 1..293 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   63102..63302
FT                   /note="MER4B repeat: matches 382..981 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   63303..63354
FT                   /note="26 copies 2 mer gg 73% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   63366..63559
FT                   /note="MER4B repeat: matches 199..386 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   64196..64509
FT                   /note="AluSq repeat: matches 1..313 of consensus"
FT   misc_feature    65240..65588
FT                   /note="match: STS: Em:G05365"
FT   repeat_region   65693..65995
FT                   /note="AluSg1 repeat: matches 1..309 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   66459..66530
FT                   /note="36 copies 2 mer ag 70% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   67760..68058
FT                   /note="AluY repeat: matches 1..300 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   68318..68460
FT                   /note="AluSg/x repeat: matches 161..303 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   68466..68888
FT                   /note="L1ME2 repeat: matches 5555..5973 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   68889..69209
FT                   /note="AluY repeat: matches 1..311 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   69210..70132
FT                   /note="L1ME2 repeat: matches 4600..5555 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   70133..70433
FT                   /note="AluSg repeat: matches 1..295 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   70434..70816
FT                   /note="L1ME2 repeat: matches 4222..4600 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   70889..72183
FT                   /note="THE1B-INTERNAL repeat: matches 1..1310 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   72184..72538
FT                   /note="THE1B repeat: matches 1..364 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   73721..74211
FT                   /note="L1P repeat: matches 4076..4566 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   74664..74837
FT                   /note="MER58A repeat: matches 2..186 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   74865..75156
FT                   /note="AluSc repeat: matches 11..303 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   75194..75517
FT                   /note="L1MEc repeat: matches 2103..2086 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   75518..76135
FT                   /note="MER34 repeat: matches 3..543 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   76136..76184
FT                   /note="L1MEc repeat: matches 2431..2130 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   76185..76492
FT                   /note="AluSg repeat: matches 3..309 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   76493..76605
FT                   /note="L1MEc repeat: matches 2129..2243 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   76615..78020
FT                   /note="L1ME1 repeat: matches 3995..5352 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   78021..78334
FT                   /note="AluJo repeat: matches 1..296 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   78337..78655
FT                   /note="AluSp repeat: matches 1..313 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   78656..79118
FT                   /note="L1ME1 repeat: matches 5352..5928 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   79126..79301
FT                   /note="MIR repeat: matches 2..172 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   80233..80416
FT                   /note="MLT1D repeat: matches 3..186 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   80417..80714
FT                   /note="AluSx repeat: matches 1..296 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   80715..81032
FT                   /note="MLT1D repeat: matches 185..505 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   81043..81066
FT                   /note="12 copies 2 mer ga 100% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   81156..81258
FT                   /note="AluJb repeat: matches 195..297 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   81739..82046
FT                   /note="AluY repeat: matches 1..305 of consensus"
FT   misc_feature    complement(83976..84411)
FT                   /note="match: STS: Em:L17241"
FT   repeat_region   85307..85506
FT                   /note="L1ME3 repeat: matches 5734..5948 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   86520..86897
FT                   /note="L1M4 repeat: matches 3957..4351 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   86957..87451
FT                   /note="L1M4 repeat: matches 3369..3865 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   87537..87687
FT                   /note="MER58B repeat: matches 164..325 of consensus"
FT   misc_feature    88657..90636
FT                   /note="CpG island"
FT                   /inference="non-experimental evidence, no additional
FT                   details recorded"
FT   misc_feature    complement(88657..88765)
FT                   /note="match: STS: Em:L09867"
FT   misc_feature    88889..89053
FT                   /note="match: STS: Em:HSB296ZB9"
FT   misc_feature    89060..89233
FT                   /note="match: STS: Em:HSB296ZB9"
FT   repeat_region   89080..89159
FT                   /note="40 copies 2 mer ac 67% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   89177..90412
FT                   /note="MER22 repeat: matches 366..1563 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   90383..90434
FT                   /note="MER22 repeat: matches 1174..1225 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   90475..90494
FT                   /note="TAR1 repeat: matches 1016..1086 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   91381..91453
FT                   /note="GSATX repeat: matches 5..80 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   91490..91976
FT                   /note="TAR1 repeat: matches 1521..2006 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   92481..92619
FT                   /note="GSATX repeat: matches 5..144 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   92902..93087
FT                   /note="GSATX repeat: matches 5..198 of consensus"
FT   misc_feature    93098..93636
FT                   /note="CpG island"
FT                   /inference="non-experimental evidence, no additional
FT                   details recorded"
FT   repeat_region   93729..93867
FT                   /note="GSATX repeat: matches 5..144 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   93925..94054
FT                   /note="GSATX repeat: matches 5..136 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   94340..94479
FT                   /note="GSATX repeat: matches 5..144 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   94955..95277
FT                   /note="L1M3e repeat: matches -464..-188 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   95291..96779
FT                   /note="L1M3e repeat: matches -590..514 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   96902..97115
FT                   /note="L1M3e repeat: matches -473..-265 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   97157..97265
FT                   /note="L1M3e repeat: matches 276..384 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   97266..98748
FT                   /note="L1M3e repeat: matches 817..861 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   98749..99105
FT                   /note="THE1C repeat: matches 1..371 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   99106..100521
FT                   /note="L1M3e repeat: matches -564..817 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   100547..101008
FT                   /note="L1M3e repeat: matches -494..-28 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   101046..101558
FT                   /note="L1M3e repeat: matches 90..563 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   101327..102216
FT                   /note="L1M3e repeat: matches -312..569 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   102247..102570
FT                   /note="L1M3e repeat: matches 597..892 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   102652..103616
FT                   /note="L1M3e repeat: matches -477..481 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   103659..103888
FT                   /note="L1M3e repeat: matches -420..-178 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   104312..104446
FT                   /note="AluSg repeat: matches 1..145 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   104447..104694
FT                   /note="AluY repeat: matches 63..308 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   104695..104884
FT                   /note="AluSg repeat: matches 145..300 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   106510..106845
FT                   /note="MLT1A1 repeat: matches 1..340 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   107345..107609
FT                   /note="AluSx repeat: matches 36..303 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   108301..108399
FT                   /note="MER61E repeat: matches 99..189 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   108452..108665
FT                   /note="MER61E repeat: matches 341..565 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   109309..109589
FT                   /note="AluSq repeat: matches 1..282 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   109754..109819
FT                   /note="33 copies 2 mer at 75% conserved"
FT   misc_feature    complement(109858..110007)
FT                   /note="match: STS: Em:AU049771"
FT   repeat_region   109858..109905
FT                   /note="24 copies 2 mer at 77% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   110008..110069
FT                   /note="31 copies 2 mer ta 71% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   110443..110751
FT                   /note="AluSx repeat: matches 1..311 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   110755..110790
FT                   /note="18 copies 2 mer ct 88% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   110792..110868
FT                   /note="L1PA7 repeat: matches 6059..6135 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   111072..111659
FT                   /note="L2 repeat: matches 1281..1931 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   111696..111787
FT                   /note="46 copies 2 mer ca 68% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   115770..115963
FT                   /note="THE1C repeat: matches 1..190 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   115964..116079
FT                   /note="L1MA3 repeat: matches 6189..6304 of consensus"
FT   misc_feature    117134..117792
FT                   /note="match: STS: Em:HSPG04B7"
FT   repeat_region   117559..117645
FT                   /note="MIR repeat: matches 54..142 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   118193..118476
FT                   /note="AluSx repeat: matches 21..303 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   118619..118875
FT                   /note="AluJo repeat: matches 1..266 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   119076..119185
FT                   /note="MER4C repeat: matches 4..119 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   119330..119582
FT                   /note="LTR34 repeat: matches 149..257 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   119651..119788
FT                   /note="L1PA13 repeat: matches 1506..1640 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   119789..120080
FT                   /note="AluSx repeat: matches 3..294 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   120081..120738
FT                   /note="L1PA13 repeat: matches 852..1506 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   121270..122011
FT                   /note="L1PA15-16 repeat: matches -706..24 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   122268..122392
FT                   /note="MER65-internal repeat: matches 4746..4866 of
FT                   consensus"
FT   repeat_region   122398..122861
FT                   /note="MER65C repeat: matches 1..461 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   123106..123521
FT                   /note="MSTA repeat: matches 1..426 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   123522..124392
FT                   /note="MSTA-internal repeat: matches 725..1651 of
FT                   consensus"
FT   repeat_region   124395..124888
FT                   /note="LTR15 repeat: matches 1..487 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   124897..125198
FT                   /note="AluY repeat: matches 3..305 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   125234..125864
FT                   /note="MSTA-internal repeat: matches 3..726 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   125867..126259
FT                   /note="MSTA repeat: matches 19..426 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   127165..127451
FT                   /note="AluJo repeat: matches 1..292 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   128037..128271
FT                   /note="L1PA3 repeat: matches 5861..6096 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   130245..132542
FT                   /note="L1PA4 repeat: matches 3841..6146 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   134432..134469
FT                   /note="19 copies 2 mer ta 84% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   136974..138375
FT                   /note="L1PA2 repeat: matches 4745..6146 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   139336..139411
FT                   /note="L2 repeat: matches 1723..1801 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   139561..140002
FT                   /note="L2 repeat: matches 1992..2416 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   140211..140858
FT                   /note="L1MD2 repeat: matches 5447..6122 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   140867..141016
FT                   /note="L1MD1 repeat: matches 6060..6216 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   141078..141247
FT                   /note="MIR repeat: matches 17..212 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   145238..145542
FT                   /note="AluY repeat: matches 1..306 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   145735..146045
FT                   /note="AluY repeat: matches 1..311 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   147271..147457
FT                   /note="L2 repeat: matches 1667..1850 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   147576..148036
FT                   /note="L1PA7 repeat: matches 5680..6141 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   148037..148135
FT                   /note="L1P3 repeat: matches 5306..5405 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   148136..148603
FT                   /note="LTR22 repeat: matches 1..509 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   148604..148876
FT                   /note="L1P3 repeat: matches 5405..5673 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   148878..149169
FT                   /note="AluSq repeat: matches 1..292 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   149171..149468
FT                   /note="L2 repeat: matches 1913..2208 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   149471..149907
FT                   /note="MLT1C repeat: matches 4..465 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   149955..150102
FT                   /note="MER5A repeat: matches 4..186 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   150118..150265
FT                   /note="L2 repeat: matches 2262..2404 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   150290..150337
FT                   /note="24 copies 2 mer ta 75% conserved"
FT   misc_feature    150416..150577
FT                   /note="match: STS: Em:G06093"
FT   repeat_region   152837..153173
FT                   /note="L1PA5 repeat: matches 5800..6143 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   155720..155947
FT                   /note="L2 repeat: matches 2531..2750 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   156245..156282
FT                   /note="19 copies 2 mer at 81% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   156712..156887
FT                   /note="L1MD2 repeat: matches 5957..6143 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   156919..157005
FT                   /note="L1MC4 repeat: matches 7654..7742 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   157144..157252
FT                   /note="MIR repeat: matches 81..189 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   157262..157455
FT                   /note="97 copies 2 mer ta 82% conserved"
FT   misc_feature    157379..157417
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   repeat_region   158535..158693
FT                   /note="MIR repeat: matches 84..244 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   158740..159136
FT                   /note="L1MD2 repeat: matches 5951..6324 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   159451..159728
FT                   /note="L1MA10 repeat: matches 5903..6182 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   160350..160658
FT                   /note="AluY repeat: matches 1..309 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   160849..160970
FT                   /note="MIR repeat: matches 48..182 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   161447..161602
FT                   /note="L1PA16 repeat: matches 5959..6122 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   162058..162119
FT                   /note="31 copies 2 mer tt 69% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   162445..162571
FT                   /note="L1PA6 repeat: matches 6017..6143 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   162572..162641
FT                   /note="35 copies 2 mer aa 67% conserved"
FT   misc_feature    162871..163090
FT                   /note="match: STS: Em:G24795"
FT   misc_feature    162871..163141
FT                   /note="match: STS: Em:G28174"
FT   repeat_region   163657..163899
FT                   /note="Charlie5 repeat: matches 2252..2490 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   165047..168086
FT                   /note="L1 repeat: matches 1497..4490 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   168090..168262
FT                   /note="AluSp repeat: matches 136..308 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   168272..169011
FT                   /note="L1 repeat: matches 4477..5219 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   169415..170052
FT                   /note="TAR1 repeat: matches 1420..2068 of consensus"
FT   misc_feature    169649..171082
FT                   /note="CpG island"
FT                   /inference="non-experimental evidence, no additional
FT                   details recorded"
FT   repeat_region   170069..170832
FT                   /note="L1M3e repeat: matches -79..642 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   171088..174110
FT                   /note="L1M4 repeat: matches 2483..5610 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   174097..174270
FT                   /note="L1MA9 repeat: matches 6126..6308 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   175058..176454
FT                   /note="L1PA15 repeat: matches 4545..5967 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   176462..176769
FT                   /note="AluSx repeat: matches 1..310 of consensus"
SQ   Sequence 176845 BP; 55462 A; 33734 C; 33614 G; 54035 T; 0 other;
     gaattcactc agcagtcaga agaaaaggaa gcctcttgtt ggaattcata ctaagaagat        60
     cagaaagtgt agtggaaaag agaggactag aactgcaggt gcaagtagaa gttggtgtcc       120
     aaaaagaagt gtatttgtat tgttcatttg acctcattta ttttagtatg caagcgtgtg       180
     cttaaaaata tttcagcctt ctttttacta tatatgcaac tcatcatcat ttattgagag       240
     attatatatc catcattact tcaatgatct catttttagc tttcttcttc tttattaatg       300
     gatgcagtaa cttctggcat tcccctgaga atattaattc tacttatttg gaagtactct       360
     ttttattgct ctctgctgtc tttcttttgt attttataca tctttcattt gctttatgtt       420
     attttaaatc ttaccctatg cacttacaat gatggcactt ctctgaatga ctgttgattt       480
     tcttcctttc tttctttttt tcatgttgtc tacatttttt tttcaaggtg agtttctgct       540
     agactgttat tactgagcaa tcctttggta gagaaggagg ttcatgctgc tacaggccac       600
     aatttgcctc atttgcagtc agatcaggct ttttgtcaga gagaggacat gcccattagg       660
     caatatgtat tcagatattt ccaactgatc gctgcctttt ctttctgatt caaattccca       720
     ttctcaatat atttacctaa tgtatgcctc ccttttgcct ttttaagcaa gactaaaaaa       780
     tcaataccct tgaaaaaaat tgattaattt ggctaactta aatttaaagt cttcacttct       840
     agcaaaatag ttttactaca tgttttttac tatgagaaaa tatgtaaact atgtatacca       900
     aagcaaatgt ataaataatt tagaaaaata aaaatatttc aatagaaaag tgggaaaatg       960
     taaaaatagg tacttactgg aagaatcaag agattagttc taaagacctt aattatttat      1020
     ttaaactaat ttaattaaaa ttttaaaaat aattaaattt ttcaataatc aagtaaaaca      1080
     aattaaactt aaacaataga accttttatt ttgagatgca aaagcatgaa tcaaagacat      1140
     ctgtaaagct taaatgtatt cagattgtaa agctaaccca tgtaaaccaa actaggccag      1200
     gaattagact atattagtgc cccagactcc cccaagtgtc ccttcctaaa agaagctcct      1260
     ctcaccctaa gttttatgta taattttttt gctgtgcttc aaaaaggtat agcatgtatg      1320
     catctctgaa caacatacct tagttttttt tggcctgctt tgataattac tatgaaatcc      1380
     tctttctgta ttattttgtg ccacactcct tttgttcaac atatgtttat gagtgacagc      1440
     cctgttgttg caagcggttg taatttattt attttcactg ctctataata tttgattgtt      1500
     tatatagatg agaattttct attttattcc ttatatacat ttgtgttatt ttaaagtttg      1560
     ggtgcttagg agcaaagtca atatgaaaat acttggacat atgctctcag aattatatgc      1620
     ataagtttat ctacaacata taactatcca aggaatttta ggagcaaaca tatgtggata      1680
     cttatttaat cacagactaa ctttttttca aatcagttgt atcaatttat acttcttcct      1740
     gtggtaccta agatttcata aaattatact ttcaatccat gggtttagca aaataattca      1800
     aagtttaata atatcaaatt gacatctata atttaagacc actttagatg aaaatttttg      1860
     atatctatta aattttacaa tgtgaataac ttataagcac aattttcctt aactcatcat      1920
     ctgtcttacg aaatactaac atatgtgcaa taaaatgcaa taggatgtca attacagctt      1980
     tttaaaaata gtcaaaagcc cattaaatag attaaatgtc caccaataga gaaatggcta      2040
     agtaaatatg acatatctaa gagttaaaga aatgataaag attaacatgt gttgaatcac      2100
     taagatttcc aatacatatt aaattgaaaa ataaaaacac attattgtgg ttaaaaatac      2160
     acaaagtatt agattatcaa atcagactca catgcatcgg agatcttatg caaacttaac      2220
     taataatttt atggataaaa attattgtga ggtacaggtg gagcaaggta aggtcagata      2280
     gcactgtgag aatccctggg tcctttcctc ccacatcaga tatgctttga acaaggataa      2340
     tagatgatga ttctgagtaa gatgtgcggt catctcactt acacagagga gatatttaga      2400
     tcacaaaata tctcattttg tctttagatg gtccaggaaa ctatgcccca tgagtcaaag      2460
     agatttaggt tttattataa acaaccctag aaaagaaatc acagcacata cattcttcta      2520
     aaagcattct gtaggtaaga tattcctccc tggaaacttc ttagtttgtt tgccaagagg      2580
     ttagccagtt atatggttac caaaaaacct gccttctttg tctccagcat gtttcttatt      2640
     aaagagaatg aatgaattgc agaactattg tttgcacatt tacttttaaa tggtttatca      2700
     gtaaaatatg tgagaataca tttttaaaat gaacttatgt gattgctttg gaaaatgtct      2760
     ggaaatacgc aaaccacact gataataatg gccttctggg gatgaaccaa cacacaatag      2820
     atttactggt aatcgtttga ttttttcaaa agtactacat tcctgtataa tttgcatgat      2880
     taaaatgtat ttaatataat ttccacccgt gataattttc ttgtgtataa ataggacatt      2940
     gctcttgcta ttagcagcta tatactgtaa tatttctagt tgaaccacag ggtttagcag      3000
     acttcagccc atatactgaa cctgtcctat tgcctgtttt tgtacaacct gcagctaaga      3060
     atgtttttat attttttgaa taatacaaaa atatcaacag aagaatagta gtccgtaaca      3120
     caaaattaac aaaatataac atttgtgtct atgaataaag ttgataatat tgtagccaca      3180
     gccatttgtt tgcatattgt ctactttctt gttacaacag ggtttagcag ttgtggcaga      3240
     gacttctaca atgttcccaa agcctaaaat atttactgtc ttacccttta tagaaataaa      3300
     tactttgctg acactgtgac tcataataat gtttgcaact actttttgaa taagctcaga      3360
     agtttacaga cacacactcc taaaatattt gttatattgc tctttataga aataatttgc      3420
     ttatccctgt gaattatagt gatgtataca actgattttt gaataagtta aaaaatttag      3480
     ctggggcggt gcctcacacc tgtaatccca gcactttggg aggctgaggc aggcagatca      3540
     cctgaggtcg ggagttcaag accagcctga ccaatgtgga gaaacccagt ctctactaaa      3600
     aatacaaaat tagctgggtg tggtggcgca tgcctgtaat ctcagctact cgggaggctg      3660
     aggcaggaga atcgcttgaa cctgggaggc ggaggttaca gtgagccgag attgcaccat      3720
     tgcactccag cctgggcaac aagagcgaaa ctcagtctca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaacttta      3780
     cacacacaca cacaaacatg gattatggat tgagttgcat gtatttgaat attagttttg      3840
     ttattcttgc aacttattag ggggtttgac actttttcta aattacaatt gggtgaaatt      3900
     tttgcaattg ataaattgct agataacata atctagctca tattatatga taactttaga      3960
     tgttaaatca gtaataaacc ttatgaagat ctatgtttct aggaaacaat tacttcaaca      4020
     agaagggaaa gtaaagacag aaggtaaaac aaaatataag atgaaataaa ataaagatgg      4080
     gaattgaatg ccatagaagt gtggaagttg gaaggaaagt ttctaaaatt atttggataa      4140
     aaaggaagcc atatatttta ctgaatcttc tagatgggtt ttaattctgt atcctttcat      4200
     actcatgtac tatgcctttt ttttcaactt ttcattccac ttctacttcc taacttatga      4260
     tgaatttacc tatatagagt ccttttatca tttagactaa aattgtattt atttgaaggt      4320
     aagaacggtc atatacttct tagttgtttt cagaattgaa aacatggttg aggccaggca      4380
     cggtgtctct catctgtaat cctagcactt tgagaggccg aggcgggggg actacgagat      4440
     caggagttcg ataccagcct gaccaacatg gagaaacgtg gtctctacta aaaatacaaa      4500
     attagctggg catggtagtg cacacctgta atcccagcta tttgggaggc tgagtaagga      4560
     gaatcgcttg aaccctggag gcagaggttg cagtgagcca agatcacgcc attgcactcc      4620
     agcctgggca acaagagcaa aactcatctc aaaagaaaaa aaaaaaaaga aaacatggtt      4680
     gaaagtcaat atccatgtga taaattgagt tagaaagcca atgagagctt agctaatata      4740
     aaggtgatgg aattcactat caaaactttt cagagactta gaaaaaatat ggaaaattag      4800
     tgaaaatgta acagaatgag gcttgaaatc aagataatta aactgcaaac tttaagaagg      4860
     caggaaagat atcctttact tagtttgtct tgtccaacta atggttagtt gaatgccatg      4920
     cacataacgc atccctctga gtacttattg aataaatgta gaatgtcatt ctggaataaa      4980
     ttgaggcaag aaactagagg gatagcagtg tgaaaagtga gattaattta tttggtatag      5040
     agtcagtaaa tttaagtggg ccatttgaaa caacaagctt aaaagaaaac caaataagca      5100
     ttttcaatgc atagaaatgc aaccattttt ctccttctgt actttatcca ttcaaacatt      5160
     gcttgaaaaa aaatataact ttcagtcttg cttttttatc tccaccaaac tcagataatt      5220
     ttggtcattg atgacctaag ctaattccta ttttagaatg ctatggacga atgaatctca      5280
     aaacttcttt taaccaattt attttattcc atttcctaag gaatagaaac tttttacctc      5340
     caaccagggg agctatgaaa caaactccct atttatttcc aatctaaaca catttgataa      5400
     aacaggcaga ggaatttttt atcagatctg tattttaaat tttcatgact gttgttcaag      5460
     agtttccatt cttcttcata aatatgtaga ggcttaaaat tcttttctga aaaataaact      5520
     gctactttaa atgattttaa ctcatattta taataccttt ttttattctc tgatgatctc      5580
     ttgctgtttt tctttctcta gaaatgttct aagaataaat tagctgatat actaagaaag      5640
     gttcacaaaa tgagtccttc acctatacag cacctcttct aaataacaga gagattacaa      5700
     atccaatgta tttaaactct gagatgtcta tatgtgtagt gttaaaaaat gtagctgtca      5760
     gttttaacag cttttcccct gagatttcag tggctagcta atgatctctt ttaaggatta      5820
     ggacaatttc tagatagtga aatggcagga aaacatatca aatacatatt tttccattat      5880
     actattctga ggactgtaaa gtcttactca atgtatatca cttttaattt ttaggataca      5940
     tagaaatatt tgctagtaga aataaatggc aactgtttac ttgaagatgg tttagaaaga      6000
     tgcttttctc ttttaatttg aattgctact gtaaatgtca tcacatgtat ttcagtattg      6060
     tctatgccaa ctttgtacct gaaaaacagt attatgaatt gggcattata ttccatcttc      6120
     ataaattaaa aaagaaacat aataactagc gaagtggaat gaggaaggtg tggggagaca      6180
     cagaattttt caaaagtagt aacaaattca agcatgtatt agcttaatat atcataactt      6240
     aaatgattta aattaggtat atgtttataa caataagttt taaattctta attctaacct      6300
     catcaagtac caacaaagaa tgcccttcca tattaataca ctttgggaat taagataaag      6360
     tatatgtaat taaatcatca aactcctttt gttgtttagc aggtagtttg atataataag      6420
     agaaattgtg ttctcattat atatttgtca caatgaatga atgtaaaacc ttaatcaggc      6480
     tatctgactt cttttagtga cattaccctt tttgcaacca acacatcaaa ttagtaatat      6540
     ttatcctaca aaaataatgt gaagataaat gagataacat atataatagt cacaaatact      6600
     tattgaataa agctgttttt atttatatat ttctatgtac ttactagata tgttcttatt      6660
     aaatatttta ttatggtata tgtcaagtct tttacttctt tttttatact tagtatatta      6720
     tagaactcat cttccaataa aattgtaata caattttctt gatttactaa tcctaggtga      6780
     aaaatatata tatatatata tgttgtcttc tgtttgaatt atgcttagtg gatggcattt      6840
     tcaataatct ctctgattct tccttttcct gtttaaacta ctctcattct cattgtggcc      6900
     tagagttctt tttccctaat attgccttca gaaggctaag tttctaatat aataacaatt      6960
     tgagtcttta ccacttctct ctagaatcgt gatttagact aggttattag agtaaacaat      7020
     atgattccaa attttttctt tttttttaat gggctagcat ccaaaaagct taagaattct      7080
     tgggggaaat gacataatta agctagatta ttttaattta aattcagaat taaaaatcat      7140
     tttcaatagc ttctttgtct taatttaaca agcttttgtt gaacattgat tatattttga      7200
     attctatttt ttcttttatt tttagttggc acataattat acgtatttat gggatacaga      7260
     gtgatatttt gatacatgta tacaatatga aataatctaa tcagagtaat tagcatatct      7320
     atcaccttgt acatttgtca tttccttgtg atgtgaatat tcagaattct gtctggtacg      7380
     tttttaaaaa aattcactaa attattgtta acttaattca ccctacagtg ctacagaaca      7440
     gtagagctat tcctcccttc tagctacaac tttgttacaa agttaacttt gcttaccaac      7500
     ctctttccat cctcttctta ttcccatcct ttccagcctc tgataactac aattctactt      7560
     gttactttta taagttcatt tttacctccc acatataagt gagaacatgt ggtttttctc      7620
     tctctgtgcc tgtcttattt cacttaacgt aatgtcctcc aggctcatcc acgttgtaac      7680
     taataacatg atttcaattc attacaaaac ttaaaaggat actcaacagt gccaaacatt      7740
     ctattttagt ttcccaatgc attcactccc acagcattca taacaataac cttctacaaa      7800
     gttaccacat gtcttatgct aaattgacaa gatctcccaa tattaagtaa attctgtcct      7860
     tagctctccc tctcatttta gtattatcat tctcattaat gaataattcc ctttttgtta      7920
     aaagtttaca ttgacctacc gttgtccttc agttatcaac ttactttgta ttctttcttt      7980
     gaaagaaatc aatcaaacaa tagacagtct ccttcaatat ttcctgtact gtcttcaacc      8040
     cacttagctg agtactttct tttttctcta cttactcact ttttcccgcg tgttctcaag      8100
     cattttcatg ggtttaaagg ccagttacat gatagcatct cagaatattt ccaattttgg      8160
     tatcttctct gaggtagagc tttgcatagt catctactta cttaatatca aatgtggatt      8220
     gttttataga caactgaaat tcataatgtt ttaagtagag ttttgttatt ttctctgctt      8280
     cccagtttgt gtgtgtatgt ttgtttgttt acttcagctg gtgttcccat tgattttatc      8340
     ttatctaata caccaaaacc ctatcagtag ctgttttctt caaacttgca catatcttaa      8400
     atatgtattt cattattttg aacaaggtct ccaccttctt gtcctttcac tttaatagtt      8460
     ttctaattca tttccttgtg tttattcttg tcccagtaaa aattattctt ggtttaagag      8520
     gcagagatat atatgtatta taaacacagg gaaacaaatt agatataaac caattattat      8580
     aaaccaatgt aataataata atatatatta catttttttc ttttttattt cttctttttc      8640
     ttttttattt tttgtaatgt aagcaagatt ctttccctcc tttgccttaa atcctttagt      8700
     tacttgtgga gtacaattac aaatctccag gatgctaaag ctctgctctg ctgtctacaa      8760
     tcaaaggcac cattcaagac cctcactcct aacgagacag ggctctttcc actcttgaaa      8820
     cacagttttt ccccatgtca gggttttgca caaggtaaca tcttgtcttt gaagcttcat      8880
     agtttggctt gttaatcaaa tggttccttt tccatattta agtcatcact ttacatttca      8940
     ttttcttgga gaggtcttcg catgactcca agctatcacc agttatgtgc tattgtagaa      9000
     catggtttat ccagaaatag tgataacttt catcactatt gatcattctt tggttttctt      9060
     tacatttatt ttatatctta aacactgtaa tataaaagac ctcagggatg gaccatgaat      9120
     tttatattta gcacaatact tcagaagatc catactatcc tttttctttt ttattcattt      9180
     tattttaaaa ttttcatttt gaactacttt aaagcttaca aaaatatatt ttaaaaaatc      9240
     aagagttcct atatattctt cacccagctt cttgactgct aacaccaatc taagagtaca      9300
     gttactcaca ttaggaaatt gatatggaat tagttactta cctacatatt ttgttcatgg      9360
     ttccactaat gttttttaac taggatcaaa atcagggtca catattgcat ttatctgcta      9420
     catttcttta gtcttcttta tctgggtgcg gtggctcatg cctgtaagcc cagcactttg      9480
     ggaggccaag gcgggcggat cacgaggaca ggagatagaa accatcctgg ctaaaacggt      9540
     gaaactccgt ctctactaaa aatacaaaaa attagctggc gtggtggcgg gcacctgtag      9600
     tcctagctac ttgggaggct gaggcaggaa aatggcatga acccaggagg cggagcttgc      9660
     agtgagcaga gatcatgcct ctgcactcca gccttggcaa cagtgcaaga ctccatctca      9720
     aaaaaaaaaa aatgttaaaa aagaaaattc agcttttctt tttgtctttc atgcccttga      9780
     tacttgtttt ttgtagatta ttctgaagtt tgattttttt ctaatatttc ttcatggtta      9840
     aattcacata atatattttg gcaagaatgc cacaatgccg aggttgtcct tctcagtgca      9900
     tcatatcagg aggcacatga tatcatcgtg tcctaatact gttgacgtta actctgatca      9960
     cttgaataag atattgtctg ccacatttct ccacttcaaa gttaccattt ttaaaatcag     10020
     tattttgttg agagatactt ggagattatg taaatatctt gtttctcata attgtatcca     10080
     ctaattttag cagacttgtc tgcaacaatt atatggtatt tgccaagaaa tgagaatcta     10140
     tttccactat tctttctata tttattgatt agaattctac tgtatggaaa agctttcctt     10200
     tgtcccactt ttcttattta tccaattatt tatttatatt agtgtggatt catgtgtatt     10260
     tggtttaatt aatctgaata atctattgcc atcattattt attcccttgc tcaatttatc     10320
     tcagtttgtg tcactgagag ccacttctag ttagctccta tgttctttgg catgtctcca     10380
     tcattagttg agacttcctt attttcttaa caacaacaga tgtctcagac ccattttgtt     10440
     ctttctgccg catgcaccta gaatcaggca ttgatccaag cagctctgta tccttttaac     10500
     gaagaaaaaa gtgaatccaa gatttgaatg ctagatgtgc tgattgctat taaaatgtta     10560
     ttgcttctag tcttagtggt taaaattaag aaatatacac acattcggcc gggcgctgtg     10620
     gctcacacct gtaatcccag cactttggga ggccaagatg ggcggattat gaggtcagaa     10680
     gattgagacc atcctggcta acacggtgaa accccgtctc tactaaaaat acaaaaacat     10740
     tagctgggcg tggtggcagg tgcctgtagt cccagctact tgggagactg aggcaggaga     10800
     atggcatgaa tccaggaggc agagcttgca gtgagccaag atcaggccac tgcactccaa     10860
     gctgggtgac agagaaagac tccatctcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaatatatat atatatatac     10920
     acattcacac acaaacatgt gcatctaggt ctatttatat atctacacat tcttttcaat     10980
     ttctatctaa cgtagaaaaa aagtaaactt aagtatatat tgatagtttt gattctgatt     11040
     gaacaccata agtgttattc tagtctccac tccccttcat ttctaaattc tttttctaaa     11100
     acagaatcac ttagttttgt tttagttaat atacttaata taatcatttg ctttttattt     11160
     ttattttttt aaatttcaac ttttagattt gaggatatat gtgagggttt gttacagagt     11220
     atactgcatg atgctgaggt ttggggtatg actgaaccca tcatccaggt agtgagcata     11280
     gaacccaaga ggtattttct atggcacttt acacattcta gaaaactggt tgttaattag     11340
     cacaagcacc tataatagtg cctgatatat ttaatactca aaatatatgt taaattaaaa     11400
     acaaatgtat aaattaatgg ttgactatca taataattac tcaaaatgta acataattcc     11460
     aaaggagaaa acttttttct aaaaaggctc tctcaattgc tctttctgat ttattatttt     11520
     ccccaaatct gtagttgctt cattattgtt tggaattttg cattagttgt caacaaacaa     11580
     aaaatatgga tcataccaca gctctttcat tgctttcatt tcttgagata tatgaatgta     11640
     tgtgatatct ttgatgtcct gtattttatc tttattgctt tttgttactt aagaacatct     11700
     agaaaagaag ataaatatta atcatgtcag aaattatcaa aggttgatta caataaaaat     11760
     ttctctaatg tgataaccac tcaaaaactt ccttcttcat caaaacacag tattttttaa     11820
     aaaatagagt gcttcatttt tatttcacag aaaataatca aatgatagcc agaatattat     11880
     gaactagagt cacataggct attctaataa tactttttgt gaaagaagta ttgaggaggt     11940
     cttaggacca aagaatattt gtttaatagt gtcagaattc attttaacac cataaaaagg     12000
     atatgtattt gttcaatttc actcactgca caaagaatta gataaaagaa gattttcagt     12060
     aatagcattc attttgagtc ttaccaatcc tttcagtttt ggtataacaa aaaggctatt     12120
     agcttttact ctgttgtgtt gaattttgat gatttctgac agtcttcact gagatgctca     12180
     aagagatgag acttgccagt cgaataactt aagatctcat taaatttacc agcaacataa     12240
     aagctatttc tgcctcttaa ctttttgatg tgttgccttt ttctaatcct cttctcagga     12300
     cctatttgaa agacaataaa aattttgttt ttgtgtgttg aaagatttct ccattatcaa     12360
     gagagtagtc agttcttaac tttagaatga ttgtatatat agatatgaaa aataaggaaa     12420
     caattattaa gaaaactaat caaatttttt actaacattt agtaatttta acaaaattat     12480
     tgtacattgt attttgcagc atttatgcag aggatatact aacctgttta aatttttaga     12540
     cacaaatagt agaaaataga acatcatcat tttcaggagc aaggaagtaa cctgtgaaaa     12600
     agtgaatgcc tttcttcaaa taatatgcta atgaaaggct gagatattaa tgtccaaata     12660
     ttataaaacg ttcattttaa tataatgttt tactttatat ttatattgta ttgtataaca     12720
     aagaaatgtg agtcttctta cacctgagaa cttgaactgg caatctacat attgttgttg     12780
     aaacaatttt aaattaaaaa tacaatgaga gggaaaaatg attctgttgc ctcaatttta     12840
     aaaggaatat tttgaagaaa taattttcca tataatagct tgttatgatc ttgcctttta     12900
     gcctccctgg ataaagaaaa gcatacttat aataattgaa ggaagacaat tttccttgtt     12960
     ttctgcaaat tagaaatata ttaggctatt aaatacataa ttcaaaatat acagaataaa     13020
     ggtattatag aacctaagaa ttatataaag aattatatac ataaagtaat gaatacatat     13080
     acaaatagta taaaaatact aaaaatagta tttgcttatt gattaattac tatgggtatt     13140
     atataactct tagtttctac attgcctttc tattcttagt tattataata ggtatattat     13200
     aattactaat acgtataaac tacttatagt ttatatgaat gtgttatatg tacatgtata     13260
     ttataataac taataccgat aaactattta caattataca tattataata actaataaat     13320
     ataaactact tattgtcaaa actgttttta actattaaaa gataaagcac acagatatgt     13380
     tttctttact aggtattccc agaagcactc ataaaactcg gagttttcat atagcagtga     13440
     ttacagactt gctattttta ttattcccat ttcatagatt aagagcacaa gactcatttt     13500
     agtgttattt agccatgtca cagagccagt tcccagatat tttttccact tgttttgtca     13560
     tgaagaatga gaagtagaat cagcatcaag tttgtgctaa acaagtacaa taataagaaa     13620
     gcacagcaaa tgctgactag actgtaagaa tatttttgct tttaggctac ccaaaaaaga     13680
     taagatatat gaggtgatca aagtgaataa ttatataaac aagaggaatt agaatatgaa     13740
     taagccagga aaaataggaa tagtccaaaa aaacacacac acccatttct tatttaaact     13800
     taaaaggaga caaattcatt caatctatat atatttattt tgctacctca atagagataa     13860
     atatcttctc taagaaaaat cccactttac ttaatatgta tcacatttac ctaacaagta     13920
     acatattact aaaacagaga gcaaccagtg ttttactctt ttttttttca gagatttttt     13980
     gctcttgttg cccaagttgg agtgcaatgg catgatctcg gctcactgca acctccacct     14040
     cccaggttca agcaattctc ctgcctcagc ctgccaagta gctgggctta caggcatgca     14100
     ccaacatgcc tggctaattt ttgtgttttt tttttaatag acacgggatt tcaccatgtt     14160
     ggtcaggcta gtctcgaaca cctgacctca agtgatccac ccgcctcggc ctcccaaagt     14220
     gctgggatta taggcatgag actttgcgcc tggcctcatt tattttcata taaaatatag     14280
     ggtcaagtat gttgagatat taattacgct atattttgct cagtattgcc tgagagttgg     14340
     attattattt tttttttttt tgagacggag tctcgctctg tcgcccaggc tggagtacag     14400
     tggcgggatc tcggctcact gcaagctccg cctcccgggt tcacgccatt ctcctgcctc     14460
     agcctcccaa gtagctggga ctacaggctc ccgccactac gcccggctaa tttttttgta     14520
     tttttagtag agacggggtt tcaccgtttt agccgggatg gtctcgatcc cctgacctcg     14580
     tgatccgccc gcctcggcct cccaaagtgc tgggattaca ggcgtgagcc accgcgcccg     14640
     gccggattat tttatcattg tagagaatag cttctaggtt atgagaatat taaataaaat     14700
     aaactggaga gactctcagc agcaaactat ggtatgtaag tatataggta aatatgtatc     14760
     tatctatcta tttatctatc taatctagcc tatctatcta tctatcacct atctatccat     14820
     ctatctatct atctcctttt ctttcattta tgtctggatc tgtaccaaac accaggcaga     14880
     ggagttagga gaagtaactg aaaaacccat gggtgacatc accaactaaa acaggtgaca     14940
     aataatcagc ataaaaccca ggatacaaga gtaattgtcc taatcattgg cagcataggg     15000
     ccagtaccag ctggacttaa tggcaaagat aaaatgaaga taaaaggaag tattgtaaga     15060
     tcttaatatc aataaactac aacaagaaat catcaataat gctcactccc aaaagaaaaa     15120
     tacttaccct gaagaaaaac aactggaaca aaatcaaaat taatcagaga atcagataat     15180
     ctgagacaag taagataatt tttagaaaat agtttttaga aaaaaaaaat ttgaaggtac     15240
     ataaaatcaa atagaagtgg tacgaactat agtaagagat atagagtata aaaataagag     15300
     taaaaaacag aaattgagag attaaaaaca tctaaaaatt ttctaaacat agaacttagg     15360
     caaagaatag taatacccat gtaacggtta tttctaagaa caaaaattaa aataaaaaat     15420
     aatattaatt atttgagcat gaaggtaaaa ggataagaag tttatattga taatagactt     15480
     cttgatagca acattttata caagatgata atcaagaaat ggtttaatga ttatgaaaca     15540
     gataacacag tagcgagatg agattttatt caaccaaact atgaatcatg tctaaggaat     15600
     gtagaacatc atgaatattt atgattttaa gaaacattgt tcctgtgatg gcttttttag     15660
     aaatgtccta cctactgaca agaagacaaa catcatgtga agcttctgga taaggactaa     15720
     atatgtttaa ttttataatt aagaacaagt aatggggatt aaagtgacaa aacatgatgc     15780
     tattaagtgt gttaaacatg aagaaataat gcaactcaac aacaaatgga aaaaaggaga     15840
     agaaaaagaa agtagacgaa tcttaatgac tatctcagga gtatctaact gccattaaaa     15900
     aaatatggaa ttaaagtaaa tgttaagcaa aaagagagaa gaaaggaaag aaagtttact     15960
     agaatacagt attactactc attgaagaaa tcaatagaca gtattcaaac acactagagg     16020
     actagtatat tttattataa tattattata agataataat aagaataaac atagaaacat     16080
     ttataaatac caaatgagta tatcctgccc ctcaaattaa agtgtaaata cagggcaaga     16140
     ttttatataa attatttata tagcaaaaac ttatataaca gaacttaaca ccagcataac     16200
     aggtatatca aagacacaaa tgggcttaac tcaccattaa atggcatact tttagattgg     16260
     ctaatggagc agaatccaat ctattctgtg tgcaagaaac atattgaaca aggcaattca     16320
     gaatggttta atgtaaaagg aagagcaaag atagatcttg tatgatagca agatcctgaa     16380
     atagttgtca gaattttgct atgagacaag atagaattta agacaaaata aatttaacag     16440
     gataaggaag ggaaatttat tctacagaag gattcatgct tcattctaca ttaaaaataa     16500
     aatatatatt aataacatac acaaaattac aattttcata aagcagaaag aagaaataga     16560
     cattaaaact ggagatttta acatagctta ttaattggta agtccttgaa gaatgcaaat     16620
     aagcctcact tttactaatt aaaaaaaatt aacacaaata ctgacaaaga ctctctcctt     16680
     catcaaactt tagtcagatt tttgagctct cctctcaact agatcttcac ctaggcccct     16740
     tgcctagtct ccatagctca cttttaacaa gaatccttaa gtccatatag acagaatctt     16800
     gatatctgat caccctgagc tgccttcagc aagaatcctg ttaatttggt ttagcaagag     16860
     ttcccctact tttgatgtct cctcttagta attttccatc cactgacccc ctcacactgc     16920
     tcttttgcta taaatttcca tgtgtgcttg tatttggaat tgagctcctt tctctactaa     16980
     agtctctttt cctgtgttgc aataatttct gaataaaatc tttctttact gctttaatta     17040
     ccctctggct ctggttctct ttgacattac tctttgaaga atcactttag gggaaaagaa     17100
     taaatgcaag aagacaaagg cagagactat tatccaaata tagaatggag ataatgatat     17160
     catactgaat gggcaaaaac tggaagcatt ccctttgaaa actggcacaa gacagggatg     17220
     ccctctttca ccactcatat tcaacatagt gttggaagtt ctggccaggg taattaggca     17280
     ggggaaggaa ataaagggta ttcaattagg aaaagaggaa atcaaattgt ccctgtttgc     17340
     agatgacatg attgtatatc tagaaaactc cattgtctca gcccaaaatc tccttaagct     17400
     gataagcaac ttcagcaaag tctcaggata caaaatcaat gtacaaaaat cacaagcatt     17460
     cttatacacc aataacagac tgacagagag ccaaatcatg agtgaactcc cattcacaat     17520
     tccttcaaag agaataaaat acctaggaat ccaacttaca agggatgtga aggacctctt     17580
     cagggagaac tacaaaccgc tgctcaatga aataaaagag gatacaaaca aatgaaagaa     17640
     cattccatgc tcatgggtag gaagaatcaa tattgtgaaa atggccatac tgcccaaggt     17700
     aatttataga ttcaatgcca tccccatcaa gctaccaatg actttcttca cagaattgga     17760
     aaaaactact ttaaagttca tatgaaacca aaaaagagcc cgcattgcca agtcaatgct     17820
     aagccaaaag aacaaagctg gaggcatcat gctacctgac ttcaaactat actacaaggc     17880
     tacagtaacc aaaacagcat ggtactggta ccaaaacaga catatagatc aatgtaacag     17940
     aacagagcct tccgaaataa tgccgcatat ctacaactat ctgatctttg acaaacctga     18000
     gaaaaacaag aaatggggaa aggattccct atttaataaa tggtgctggg aaaactggct     18060
     agccatatgt agaaagctga aactggatcc cttccttaca ccttatacaa aaatcaattc     18120
     aagatggatt aaggacttaa acgttagacc taaaaccata aaaaccctag aagaaaacct     18180
     aggcattacc attcaggaca caggcatggg caaggacttc atgtctaaaa caccaaaagc     18240
     aatggcaaca aaatccaaaa ttgacaaatg ggatctaatt aaactaagga gttctgcaca     18300
     gcaaaagaaa ctaccatcag agtgaacagg caacctacag aatgggagaa aattttcgca     18360
     acctactcat ctgtcaaagg gctaataacc agaatctaca gtgaactcaa acaaattgac     18420
     aagaaaaaaa caaacaaccc catcaaaaag tgggcaaagg atatgaacag acacttctca     18480
     aaagaagaca tttatgcagc caaaaaacac atgaaaaaat gctcaccatc actggccatc     18540
     agagaaatgc aaatcaaaac cacaatgaga taccatctca caccagttag agtggcaatc     18600
     attaaaaagt caggaaacaa caggtgctgg agaggatgtg gagaaatagg aacactttta     18660
     cactgctggt gggactgtaa actagttcaa ccactgtgga agtcagtgtg gcgattcctc     18720
     agggatctag aactagaaat accatttgac ccagccatcc cattactggg tatataccca     18780
     aagaactata aatcatgcgg ctatgaagac acatgcacac gtatgtttac tgcggcacta     18840
     ttcacaatag taaagacttg gaaccaaccc aaatgtccaa caatgataga ctggattaag     18900
     aaaatgtggc atatatacac catggaatac tatgcagcca taaaaaatga tgagttcatg     18960
     tcctttgtag ggacgtggat gaaattggaa atcatcattc tcagtaaact atcgcaagaa     19020
     caaaaaacca aacactgcat attctcactc ataggtggga attgaacaat gagaacacat     19080
     ggacacagga aggggaacat cacactctgg ggactgtggt ggggtggggg gagggggaag     19140
     ggatagcttt aggagataca cctaatgcta attgacgagt taatgggtgc agcacaccaa     19200
     catggcacat gtatacatat gtaactaacc tgcacattgt gcacatgtac cctaagactt     19260
     aaagtataat aataataata aaaaataagg aatggagata atgatgatgg taatgtcttg     19320
     gatactgatt gcaatggact gcatgtctgt tgccaccctg tctctgaaac ttataggtgg     19380
     aaatcctaac ccttaatatg atggtattag gaggtgggac tttcaggagg tggttacatc     19440
     atgaggttgg agcccttcta aatggaacta gttcccctat acaatagacc caagagagtt     19500
     ctctcactct ctggcatgtg aggatacaag aagaaaatgg tagtctgcaa cttagaagag     19560
     agatatcact gaaacctggt cactctggta ccatggtctc agacttctag cctttagaac     19620
     tgtgaaaaaa ttgatttttg ttatttctaa gccacctagt ctataggtct ttgtgatagc     19680
     agtcagaatt gactaaaaca gtaatagtag caatggcgat ggaaagagtg aatgcatttg     19740
     atatatactt tgaagaaaga aataacagga ctatcagtca tgtggatgtt tggcatgaga     19800
     gaaatgcaag atggtaatta aacaactttg tgtctaagtc tgaaggttgg agaataggca     19860
     aaggtaaaag taaagctatg ggagttaccg acacttatga gccctttaaa ggaattattt     19920
     atttttattg ttaaatcacc aaggaagggt tgaaacagac aatagaaatt aatgccaaat     19980
     gagctgaaaa aaaaatgtgt tgcaattaag ttgggaataa aaagctgagg tggcaagaag     20040
     aaaagcaagg ttggtatatt tttaaagaac tctataatga ataatgtttt gaagaggaag     20100
     aaattttcaa caatttgaaa tgctgctgag actttgggaa atgtgaatgg tgcccacgta     20160
     gaagttattg acagtcattg aaacaacact ccctttagca ttatgtataa gaaactagat     20220
     tagaatgaaa caaatggatt cttaattcca gaattgtgga gaaatagaaa atctaaaaac     20280
     ttattggaaa cacaagaaat gcaacatgaa ctacaataac catccatttc aataaaatta     20340
     gaggatttca ggttcaggtc atgataaagt agcacaaact cacaccctga agttggctat     20400
     aaaagctggg caaaatatgt tagacaatta ttggaagaca cgggagaaca atcaatgtat     20460
     acagagcttg agtgggatta ttattaaaaa gaaataatta tagactataa attacattca     20520
     ctcagacgtt tttcctctaa taacatttcc caaatagtga tgtgaagaaa gaaagcatat     20580
     acagaaagtg aaattttact gtgttgaggt gacagagatt agagttcaga gtatctagtg     20640
     tgtatggggc tcatgagaca aatttccaag aaggaggtaa ccacagagag agagcctgaa     20700
     tatctgcata caaatgtccc ttaagtgtgg ccagtatcaa agatatgtat gcacaaggtg     20760
     agacgtcaag aagcctagca gaaatcaata aatgggaggt tggagtgctg agtttagatt     20820
     tcagctagtg gtttagagaa gaaagaggtt gtggttcaaa cactggtaat tacagaggat     20880
     gagatgggag tgagaaacta tatggctaaa tgtggtcatt cttcaggttt tagcttttat     20940
     gcagggtgct atatgctggt tgcttccaac actgaaaaag ttattattta attacctaca     21000
     tataaaagat gaccatgaat aggcataaga tgaaagtatg tcattaatca aaatgatgat     21060
     taattcaatt ctctataatt gagattcaat taaaaagaat attattcatc acattcacag     21120
     agtaaatgag aaaaatcaca taatttcagt agatgcagat acgttaagat ctgtatccta     21180
     acagatattg atacaaagaa gtatttgata aaattcatca ttaatttact gtatatatat     21240
     atgctcttat taaactagga tttaaaaggc acttaattaa gttgataaag tgtatctttt     21300
     gaaatcctat aaacaatatg ttatgacata ataatgtggg aatgttagaa gacttgcttt     21360
     taaacctggg aacaagaaga gattctctgt tattttccta tgctgctgta acaaattgcc     21420
     acaaaatggg tagcttaaag caacacagac tttttctctt atacttctga aggccaaaaa     21480
     ttcataatca gtatcagtgg tctaaaacca aggtgtgatc agcaccctat tttttccaga     21540
     gaactcaggg gagagtaatt ctagaaatta ttccagaaac gcagcttcta gaactacatt     21600
     tcttgtctca taggcccctt cttctatctt caaagatagc agcgtataat tttcaaatat     21660
     ttctccactt ccatgatcac ataacctaga ttctatgtca aatctccctc tccctcactc     21720
     ttataaggac acttaagatt gcatttagag cccaccaaga taattcatga taatcttcca     21780
     tcacaaaatt cttcacttat tcacatctgc aagtctcttt gccataaagg ttacatttac     21840
     aggtactaag gattaagacc tgacatctct tgaggccatt attcacccta acacagatgt     21900
     cctctcttgc tgcttgtttt acacattgta cttttctgaa tacttttgag aaagtttgct     21960
     ctaaagaaga aaaaaaagta gttctatatt tgtgagacat gtagactgag gagaatgact     22020
     atttttctaa tgtgatatat aaaagcacat ttatgtgaca atagcaataa tagagaagat     22080
     aaagttatgc agaagggaga agatttgaca atagcaagca tgaaagtcct gcaggagaaa     22140
     agtttggatg ggatactgaa taaaattgta atattacttt ttgatgcata cgttcacacc     22200
     attttttcac aatgcttcct agattgctct gtatttcttt cccatctata tatatatacg     22260
     catatatata tacacatata tatacacata tatatacaca cacatatata tacacacata     22320
     tatacacaca tatatataca catatataca cacatatata cacacacata tatacacaca     22380
     cacatatata tacacatata tatacaccta tatatacaca catatatata cacatacaca     22440
     catatatata cacattttga ctgaaaatga ttgactagga tgaaagaaaa tgagaaagaa     22500
     aaacggaaca aggaattctc aattatataa atagaatatt ataattagta aaccatgaat     22560
     aaaagaaggc atatgggctg ggcgcggtgg ctcacgcttc taatcccagc actttgggag     22620
     gccgaggtgg gcggttatga agtcaggaga ttgagaccat tctggctaac agggtgaaac     22680
     cctgtctcta ctaaaaatag gaaaaattag tcaggcgtgg tgatgggcac ctgtagtgcc     22740
     agctagtcgg gcggaggctg aggcaggaga atggcgtgaa cccgggaggc agagcttgca     22800
     gtgagccgag atcgtgccac tgcactccag cctgggcgac agagcgagat tccatctcag     22860
     aaaaaagaaa aaaaaaggaa tacttgataa aaaaggtatc catatatcag ataagaagat     22920
     gtaaaattta tgtgctatct acttctggaa tttccaccat aagggaataa taatgacgta     22980
     ggggttcact taaaggacag aacttgtact tggttactta tgtacacaat ctctgcctta     23040
     cttgcttttg gtggatcgta ttgtgtcatt tcaatgtggc cattattgtc ttttatgaac     23100
     atatacaata aagtaatata cctttacata atgtctacat ctctactgta atttaaactt     23160
     taatggctca aaaatgctaa attacaaaat agagaaagat gtgtgttaaa tgcagattaa     23220
     tataatttaa ataatattat atatgataag ggtttgtaaa acttaactat taagatggat     23280
     agatgagaaa gatagaaacc tagaatacaa tactagaaaa tctagaaaca tagtagagat     23340
     gagttcaata attcaattct atataagagg tcatcaaact acaaagcaca gagctaatca     23400
     ggccactgat gcattttggt aaacaaagtt ttattagaat aaagtgacat ccttttattt     23460
     tacttattgt ttatggatac ttatgcacta cgatggcaaa tactggtact tgtgacagag     23520
     atcacatggc acgtacattc taaaatactt aatagttggc ccttcacgaa aggttttgag     23580
     agctactgct ctaggaaatc tcaggttcaa tgtcagttat gaatcagctt tgcttagcat     23640
     agccatgttt gaaatccttt ccaatgacaa taattgttac tgcctctaga cagaagagtc     23700
     caattatttt aaggtttcat tattaggaat ggttcattta attaagccat agttgttact     23760
     tcaagtataa ttaattagtg aaggtatatt gcttttatgg gatataatta ataggagaat     23820
     aggttactgc tctgtggcat agttagaatt taaatgctgt ggctttatag aatttaaagg     23880
     tagggtctgt ttattatgaa ttatgcctcc catcatctag ctcatgtgag gtagttctgg     23940
     aatagcacat tatttatgtt tgctgataat ttattttaga tataatggtt ggttaggaag     24000
     gagttcatgg tgaagaaggt agatgtcaca aaaacatgcc tgaaatggtg atggagaaga     24060
     cgaatccgtg tatttattca tttaataagt tatgttgtca ttcaagcaaa taaaaatagt     24120
     ctttactctg aacattcata taaaatatct gttgtataat taatcgtgtg cttctgaata     24180
     aaatagatga aagcatagtt tgcatcataa gcattaattc attaaaattt accctgaaca     24240
     ttgttatttg gttttattag caagaaatat agcacttgga atggttttag taaaccatac     24300
     atgtgaagaa ctctagatca taaagaacct aaaatacaga attttcagca ttattataat     24360
     ctatttaatt atacattcag gtttatttgt tactgaaact tagtaacttg attttgggag     24420
     ttttatatcg cttctgtgtc ttgtttgttt gcacaagttt gtttatggtg aagtgcaaag     24480
     tattttagta aaagggattt gagccacaga tgacaaataa ttacaggaac atataacata     24540
     aactacactt ggactttaaa gcaggtttag attatattac tttggttatt attctttgtt     24600
     ttcaaaaggg aatgatgggt tatagcttta tgcccaaata tttaggcaaa acacgacaaa     24660
     agaagggtga agagaccttt tatctaatgg acaaagtaga aggtagcact cataaaatat     24720
     actgttttgt gtaataagtg aatggaatct ttacacaatt ttttgctagg gttaattgtt     24780
     taggaaactt ttctaattgg caactacttc atagaaaaac ttgatccaga cctatatgtg     24840
     gaacttccct ttatattaac ttgctgaaat tattaaagtt aaaagcttgt ttttccaggt     24900
     tgatactctc aagacctaca aagaccagca cattgaagca atcagttgat taccatcatg     24960
     atgcctgcgt atgtttattt catgtcagac acacctgagg tctgtaattg aatacataaa     25020
     gagtgcaacc atggaagaaa caaggttggc ttgtggtgct cctatggcag catcaacaca     25080
     acttcaagtg caccatgagc atgagcactg ccaagaaaat atattggctc tcaactctca     25140
     gaatactgcc atgtctagaa cttttggcct tgccaaccac tgggcagtaa gagacagtaa     25200
     caaatcacag cagatactgt ttccttagag caattaaatt acatcagaaa aactaagctg     25260
     agtgataaca aaacaatttc taaatgtcag gagcctatat caattcattc ataagttgct     25320
     catttcacat gtccttggtg ttgcttatga ttctactcat gggtcattgt cacctttata     25380
     ccaggatcta gaggacaaag cagccactcc agaacattga aagttactgt agtcgaggaa     25440
     aaaaagaatg ttgtgaggca cgctctgaat ttttgcctct agaaggaaac agacacttta     25500
     gtctactaac atttcaataa gcaaaaggaa atcacattcc ataactgaat taaacagggc     25560
     agtgagctat atcctaccat gtgtgtgaag aagccaaaaa atatgtaagc aatcctaatg     25620
     tttatcacct taaatttatc catgcatgct actgtggtca ctttcactgt aaaagcagtc     25680
     attgcagaat catcaccagt atctcagtat attagtcagg gcaattaata ttagtttctg     25740
     aaccaaactg caaatatctg tgacttaaca caattttttt tcttctcatt catataataa     25800
     ttcagtagag gattaacttt ctgaaattcc ttaaacgttt tcacagaata ctctgcattt     25860
     aatataaaga ggagtatgag aagcattgca tgaggtatct tatagctcag tctaaaagtg     25920
     ggaaatataa cttctaccta catttcattc accagtgaaa tggtctcatc ctacctgcaa     25980
     ttgaggctga aaaatacagc attttcttgt ggtccaaaga aggaaataat gttacctcac     26040
     caatctctgt caaggtcagt ccttctgatg ccaaaatacc tgctttaatc ttcctcccat     26100
     tataaaacac actgacttct ctcaaaatga aaaatgcaga gttctttcaa ggtctggcat     26160
     ccagctcaaa atgtagtatc tctggccact cataattctc ccagtgaagt ccagataagg     26220
     tcctcatttc tcagtaaaat ctaaacttaa aagaataaat atgtgtcctg tgtacaaata     26280
     tgcaatggtg aagtgggaac aaggtggcag caataaatac atctctatca ccacagtcat     26340
     ttgttcttga ctatttgcaa atcatttcag gaagacatgg tgaaacatcc tacactgtga     26400
     gtggcagaac cccatgtgca ctgcaatctc atttcctacc ctccagagga gtatataaac     26460
     ttttcctaca taaataatgg ccacattttt gtatcgatac attgtaagtt ctaagatgtg     26520
     tgtgtttttt ttaagaagaa ttaaaataga aaagcatata cctaaaagat gttcctcggg     26580
     atatatctgc atatattctc tactcttgtc attttaaata aaaatacagt ggtcccttga     26640
     tatcctcaag agattgggtc caggacccca gaggatacca aaatcagcac atattcaagt     26700
     aatcctgtgg aaccagagta tacaaaaagt cagtcctcca tatctgcggg tttttcatcc     26760
     tgtggctact gtattttgat ccacatttca atgcagatgc tgattttttt taattaaaag     26820
     aatctctata taaggggatg cacacagctc aagctcatgt tgttcaagtg tcaaccgtac     26880
     ttttttattt ctgtccaata taatttaaat aacataattc tgtgaactgc atgtcattaa     26940
     ttacatatac taagaggtgg cgtaacaatg tgtttaaatt ccaagaaatg gtggctagca     27000
     aatttaattc tcatctctgc tctgccacag acaagttctg aagtcttgag caaatcatga     27060
     gtatctatct ctagcttact catcttaaga aggagccagt aagtagcaat tatctttcag     27120
     tgttcttatg agaagtaaat aacctgtaca catcaatgct cagaacagag actgccatgt     27180
     ggtattatgt ccggagttgg ttcctgcctg tgggtttggt gggttcgtgg tctcgctgac     27240
     ttcaagaatg gagtcatgga cctttcccgt gttacagatc ttaaagatca cgtggacccg     27300
     acgagtgagc ggtagcaagg tttattgtga agagcaaaag gagaaagctt ccacagcatg     27360
     gaaggtgaca ccagcagatt gccgctgctg gctggggggt ggccagcttt tattcacgta     27420
     ttggcccctc ccatgttcta tttttgtcct atcagagtgc cctttttttc aatcctccct     27480
     gcaattggct acttttagga tcctgctgat tggtgcattt tacagagcgc tgattggtgc     27540
     attttacaga gcgctgattg gtgcatttca caatcctctt gctagctaca gagcactgat     27600
     tggtgcattt tacaatcctc ttgctagaca aaaaagttct ccaagtcccc actccaccta     27660
     ggaagtccag cgggcttcac ctctcagtat gttctgaata aattgggcta ttaaatatgt     27720
     gatatgaatt aatcaagcag agaaaaagtt actagtgaca gggaaaagga gaaaatatgt     27780
     attcaatatt attttgtaaa caatttataa atatgctgca cctatgagtt tcttctcagt     27840
     accttagaaa ctataacacc atggaaaatt ttggatagtt tagggaagtg cattatttgg     27900
     taatgtgaaa aataagatgg tcgtgataaa gcaacttggg aaaaaagaaa tggcatgaat     27960
     cttgagaaca cgtaccttct gagaattttc atgtttagaa aagagcaagc taaaaatctg     28020
     gaagcgtatt tgttcacagg caattttcaa ttggtctcag gcatttctgt gcatcttgca     28080
     aatagaaagg cactagcttc acatttatta caggttttcc tttttaaaga tctttatata     28140
     gtggatagcc ctggaagatc aagatattgt ttatttatga atgagagaac agatttgttt     28200
     attttcaagt aaaacgaaga tagtgtttcc tccacagaaa acatcagaca ggtgtgctta     28260
     ctgctcattt attaaagatt taagtttcct ttacttggag ttcttcatct atgacacaaa     28320
     ctgtgtgtag catcaacttg aactccttgt catcatctcc agtaaacttg agggaaaaca     28380
     ggaaccagag caaagatgaa gctcgtgcaa ctctgtgctg tgctgcaaat aatggaagtc     28440
     tttctgtctc tgaccaaaca gttatgtgtc ttctgccagc atccataaaa ctgaagcagg     28500
     ctaacttgta agctcagatc cttcacagtt cttgacaata gtccctaaaa ctgtctgcag     28560
     atgcacatcc cttggaaaaa ttttgcatcc ttttaagaat aattaatatc ctagttaatg     28620
     acaactatat gacaggatag atcactttaa gcttctaccc agattactat aacttttagg     28680
     taaataatgt atatgccact ttttctaagg ttatctagcc attttcgatg tagaaaacaa     28740
     tattgtgtaa gataagctga gcatattttt cacttcgttt ttgttttgca aaacaatttt     28800
     attggttttg ttaatgcccc aatcatcagt actgcttggt ataagagccg agtttgaaga     28860
     attatcatgt tgcaaatgta ttttgttcag ttatttcaaa ttagtagaca gaattgagag     28920
     atggaaaatt ttagaaaaat cttggttaat catacttgga atttggttat gtaatatctc     28980
     tttctctttt ggggaataca aaggttcata aactagtgat aatcttcact cttggaacca     29040
     ttagatgcta tcatgatgtt agcatagaag ataaatttat aagttgcagt gaggtaagga     29100
     aataaaacat gtaagtcttt gaaaacaaca ctatgacagt ccttgcaggc taaaacttag     29160
     acaccaaagc attttttgtt acttttggag aataaaagaa gtgtgtccct caatgtcttg     29220
     tgggagaaaa tatatagttt gatacaattg tcaatatctc taactcaaaa atgatgagta     29280
     taaggagtga cccttattgt agtcttatat ttctctccaa caattaagag agttggtggg     29340
     gatgtttttt ccatgagttc atcccgggcc ccaggagatt ttcatcttgt attctcttta     29400
     taatcctatc ttagtgtttc atcctcatgg ctaagttcag caatacttct gcattccaga     29460
     cagtaaaatg tgtaagaaga gatgtaaaaa caatcggctt tgcctttatg gagattaact     29520
     taaatttatg ctcataatat aattcatatt atatttgatc aaaattaatc actgataaga     29580
     gactatagaa ggtaatctcc tgcttgtggt catatgtact taggattcta ttactaaaca     29640
     aaatgaaaga atgcattata tgcacaatta gtggtctcta gtacaaagaa attaccaggt     29700
     catttccaat tctcaatatt aaaaaaaagt ttatttctta ctgcactatc aaattggaaa     29760
     ggtcagtaca ggggcattca ataatagtaa aaatatgaat aacaatcatg tataacaaca     29820
     gaatcattta aaaagatgta tatttaaaat gtgattattg cattttattt cccctggcag     29880
     aaaataataa actggagaaa aatcacattt gattgatgtc tgttacatgg atttttaaaa     29940
     tttgtatcaa tgaatgcttt ttaaaggtaa actaattgag gcctaccgaa ggtaaataaa     30000
     tctttagtta ttttggtaaa tatattttac agtttcattc tttttcaact taagttagat     30060
     aataggtact atattctctc ctaatgtaaa tgtttacgag cattgaaact ccatctggag     30120
     aaaatagaaa cacttttaat ttaaatgaca tttgaagaag gaaatgtata aatgtattca     30180
     aaactgtaag tgaaaatggg aaggtcctat taaaaaaaaa agaaaggaca aacactttcc     30240
     aatgaccttt ctataatatt agcaaattta ttatgatctg ttatgaaaga ctgttttgcc     30300
     ttccttgttt ctactgtctc aactccctaa gtactaattc aattgaaaag taacttcagg     30360
     tatgggtcca ttttaatgtc cctctacaag atctgcagtg ccattaatta caatcatata     30420
     atcttagagc caaggaccct tagagattat ctaatcctat tctattaatg catgatgaaa     30480
     tgggcttagc aatctgtcta aggttacaca aattcaaaaa cacatagaaa gttttcataa     30540
     tcaaattaaa ttaaaagtat aaaacaatgt cactaattta tgtataagaa aatattaaat     30600
     atcattttat atgaagtgat tctgataatt ttaatgagtt cataacaatg cttctaaata     30660
     tttcaaaatt ttagtttatc atccaaatat gataatacta tacactttta taagtgagtc     30720
     ttctacagtg aaaattacta attataggaa agagaaaatc atggataaat agggttgtat     30780
     caaactctta aaatgtacat gtggaaattt aaaaatatcc tcttgccaag gggatgttga     30840
     tgtcattcca taacaggatt gacatgtgta attaaaacaa acaataaaaa ttaagaatat     30900
     ataaataata ttttaaatgc ttgaatttgt tatttataat gaatattgaa atttatttag     30960
     tgagataaaa ggttaacaaa ttcttgaata taattatact acttttataa taaaatgcat     31020
     ccaagctgaa atctcacttc tgttgtcaat tgctttgatg gttctagact catttcccta     31080
     tttttggtga gtcataagat ggatgacgca catgctcaat agcaggttat gttcatggct     31140
     aaggtttatc atagcaaaaa ttacagagca aaaccagttc tattcatatt tttaataaat     31200
     agtaaactaa tgatatcttg ttattcctat gctttgtcta tcatacctac acataaatat     31260
     aagcactggt aagttctggt tctaaacata gcttatatat gaatgccata atcattcaat     31320
     atgcatacat tagccttgaa ttttgaagat taaaaattgt ttgtaaaact atctagaaaa     31380
     aatttattat gattacagcc actattaggt ttcaaaaggg ttcatcagaa atctctgagg     31440
     tatataatgg ggaaagaata ttttgactac cactttaaca ggtctgctat ttaataatat     31500
     tagtttcttt ttaattgatg tttcatggac atccagaata ctagctataa aatcatatat     31560
     gctgcataat gcaaggaaaa caaaagcacc tgtaaatatt acagaagact atacatgtat     31620
     gtatatcatt gccataaaat aactatatac atatatgtat atacacacat aattgttttc     31680
     acaaccatga tattattact tacaaaagca tgcaaattta gggagatggc taaataagtt     31740
     atggcttttt cataaattgt aagcctattc attataaaat attattgagg atcaactttc     31800
     atttgttccc caacaaatta ttgagcatct actatgtata ttctaggccc atttctaggg     31860
     actggggaaa aaatagtgaa aataacattc agaatgtctt ggcttcacag agctgttgtt     31920
     ccagtgttgg gagaaaaaca gtaattaata ccacaaagta tcatgtgttg tatgccagat     31980
     ggtttaagtt ctattctaaa aaatgtggca aagaagggga atagagagtt ctgggcacaa     32040
     gaggtgctgg atactgaaca agatggttgc tgaaagcctc actgggtggt atcatctgaa     32100
     tacaatgagt ggttatgaga gaatgagcca agagcataat tgagagaaca tattttcagg     32160
     gagcagaaat agcaaatgag gccttggtgt atgaacgcac ccatgaggtt ccactaagga     32220
     tgccaatgtg atacagcaga ggagatgagg tcacactcca tggggagatg gtcacataaa     32280
     gcttcttaga aaatggtaag aactttgttt atttaattgg cagccatgaa gggttttaaa     32340
     cagaaaagca atcgcctctt taaagaatta gcagtaacag tttgactgat ctgtgaaaat     32400
     agaccacagc atagcaaaag agaaaacagg gaaattagtg aggaaagtat catgtaaact     32460
     attgctgaag ctgttctaaa ctataaacta tgtaaattat aaattgaaat tgttctatgc     32520
     aaacaagata tatttgaacc ctgtatatta gaggcaaaag tccatgatat tggcaatgtt     32580
     ttggcctgaa ctatgggagg aacagagttg gaattactca cctgggttta aatttgggag     32640
     gagcaaattt gggaatagag gataggaaag atcaatagtt ttatttttaa caggcttaat     32700
     tttaaataga caatcatata atatatttta aataaactat taatcataaa ataatgtcag     32760
     gctatatttt aatactcacc tatcaattat aaataaataa aatgataaga aaatacataa     32820
     aaaccgcaat agtttttgta attagacagt ggagttactt gtgattttaa tgatgtagga     32880
     attattcagt ttttaaataa taaatcttta ttaattttat aattatcaaa gatgctataa     32940
     aaagaaataa tttttttatt actatgctac tgatgtattt ccattgcatt gactaacaaa     33000
     attaatacta gaattttcaa aagtatccac agtggttact ttatttgcac tgttaattca     33060
     gctcttttta agtatgcctt ctcgttccct aattgatata attcagagac tacacttgga     33120
     cacaatttaa tgaataagca aattaggtcc agttattcca atatgaaatt ccttttaatt     33180
     atgggctact tttggagatg tagaataatt tgaatgttta atttggtgac tcagtatgac     33240
     ctacttcaca ttgttttatg agtgggtgaa aaatataagt gctaggaaat gtgtaccaga     33300
     aataatttgt catctaatta catttcagaa cattatacct cctcaaagcc ttgtttcggc     33360
     atatatctca ttttaaaaat ctatgttgca tatatgttta cttctttaaa attttaaaaa     33420
     tgtttgtggc attcacataa aatacagaag agactagcaa taagtgacat acatgtactt     33480
     caggacctga aaatttatat gactatattt ttttctttcc ttaaaaagaa tatattcaaa     33540
     tacatcatga gaaaaatgta tagctttata gttaggataa acctttaatt caagtgctgt     33600
     tacttgaatt aaggatgcac aagccccgga ctctactcca caaaccccac ccgctcttct     33660
     caccacataa atacctaggg agagggatct gtctgaagga acctttccca caacagcctt     33720
     tattcaaaat gacacacctg ccactttctt gatgcctact cttgtactcc aactgcagtg     33780
     tgattcatta cacacagttt gcttgtatgt tatatgacag tgattacatc aaggatttgg     33840
     gtactagcta actgaactga tatatttgaa agtactttat aaaacagaaa gtgctgaaca     33900
     accattaagt atacagaatg atttggcaac aatcatatgt agtaccatat tttctgaaat     33960
     atctatttct taaaaaacaa gtttcattaa gtatattatt tgctgaataa tctctcaaag     34020
     gtcatgtttt catatagcta ctattattgc attttgaaat caaacattat tttctttgcc     34080
     atttcagaga agcccttggt aatccagccc gcaagtgcaa ttcatgcgca tggctctaaa     34140
     gagaaatggg caaacaaaaa gaagattaac tacacattca ataatcattt atttattttc     34200
     ttagagatat ctacagtagc tctctcttat ccttatttta ataaatgctg acgtacagaa     34260
     ttagtgagat ttttggtaat aatatttttt ttttgaggca gagtcttgct ctgccaacca     34320
     ggttgaagtg cagtggtgca atctccactc cctgcaacct ccacctcctg ggtttaagcg     34380
     attctcctgc ctcagcctcc tgagtagctg acaggtgcgc accaccacgc cctggctaat     34440
     ttttttgcat ttttagtaga gatggagttt caccatgttg gccaggctgg tctcactcct     34500
     gacctcaagt gatctgcctg cctcggcctc ccagagtgct gggattacag gcatgagcca     34560
     ccgcgcccat ccgggttata aatttgttat tcctcttgtg gttgtttggg atgtgtattt     34620
     gtgtgtgtgc acatatacat attattgaat ttaccacgtt actccaaagg cttttcttta     34680
     actattttgc ttgatgtata ttcaacaatg atagtctcaa acaaacaaac agaaaacaga     34740
     aacacatctg atttttcacc aatactgttt atagaatgaa tctgtataga gtctgaggct     34800
     attctgatga taaattgatt ataggactag aaaaaactat tttgccattt tacaaactct     34860
     cattatgcac cttatataat agttccaagt taataaattt gcttctatgt ttatagtcta     34920
     caacagaaaa aacttatgag gtactatttt ccagatgaaa gtgaaagtga tgacagattt     34980
     tatttcttca cttaaattat taagatatac ctttattatg tgagcataat cgattttatt     35040
     gcagggaagg cccttaattc agtaaaaaag acaagattgc ttcttgaata ttaaaacatt     35100
     ttcatctttt cagttttgct tttcttgatt atttttcttt ttactgagta atgtatatca     35160
     ttttttaatt aaatataatt taaataatat tttacaataa tctaaaatgc ttctgaatac     35220
     ttcgtcaata acttttggat gttcaataac attaagaacg attacatttt tcaaatatta     35280
     tttttgcatt atttatatgt ttgcattttt acaagtgttc taatcgcata ttgcaaggcc     35340
     aaatcagaat ttttaaagac ttcattttat taacatttaa ttatagcaat aattaagaaa     35400
     taaaataaaa tgacataaaa ttttaaatca tatgaataaa ttaaacctat atatttaaat     35460
     tactttacaa ttttagcatt tttcataaat atacagaaat ttcatttcgt atctgttgtt     35520
     ataattatta caatattaaa attatgtaat ggaaaaatac attaagcatc aattaagaca     35580
     gcatacatct gttggcaaaa gaaagagaag gtatatttga tttccttgat tttttcctct     35640
     caaaattgag aaatagttta attttataaa tctatatcca tttaaattac ttaagtcacc     35700
     attttagcct aattttttca ttttctagat agattactct tcttttttct taaaaaaaag     35760
     gtatcattta ttctggttac gagtaaaaga caattttaga tgtgcaaata tttagatatg     35820
     taatcacaat tagtattttt acttcatgaa atctttaggc gcaaactttg ctgttctaaa     35880
     ctaaaatttg gattccaatt caaaagctaa agactatcat agtgtgatta tcccaaatga     35940
     actcttttac ctaacactta ctgaaatttc aagataagta gtattgagat tctacaagtc     36000
     agtaagaggt cttctctctg tgaactttta ggttttaagg gcacaaggaa tttaatggct     36060
     actgggctaa agaatgtaat aaccactact gtgcatatga ttttagtcat ataggcaaaa     36120
     agcctaggag ttacattgtt tggtcagatg gcataagtac aattaattgc aatataaatt     36180
     gtcagattgt ttcataaagc tctacaataa attattcttc accagaaata tatgagagaa     36240
     cactagaaac aataagtcct atagttatct ttaaatgcta ccaatttgat ggtttttctg     36300
     gtgacattcc tgtgttattt taatttgtat tttctttacc acccatgaat cttaacagat     36360
     tttttctatg aaagttcagc actttgattc attcttctgt ggactgactg cctgtgccta     36420
     tccacttccc tggctctctt gcttggtgtg tgcatgtggc ttagttttag caaatagaat     36480
     atttgctgtc cctgagcctt agtcttaaat ccttatacaa gcactttttc ttgttatctt     36540
     acctgtttgt ctgacttggg tgatgattct tagagtaatt ttggttgcca aatgttaaag     36600
     ttagtagaac tactataagc ctctgagtgg ctaaatggta gttatttctg tggcctgaat     36660
     actcttatga gatattcaga gagattgaga gggaagaatt atttttgaag acatggaatt     36720
     tttattttct attccttaga acagtttagt ttaccctaaa tagtaactac ctattatttt     36780
     cctctgctaa tttttcttga ggctcctaac tttatcaggt gaattttaag atatctgtga     36840
     ggctgggcac ggtggctcac acctgtaatc ccagcacttt gagaggctga ggcaggcgga     36900
     tcagaaggcc aggagttcaa gaccagcctg gccaacatgg tgaaacctcg tctctactaa     36960
     aaagaaaaaa attagctagg tatggtggcg ctcgcctgca gttccaacta ctcgggaggt     37020
     tgaggcagga gaattgtgtg aacccgggag gcagaggttg cagtgagccg agatcgtgcc     37080
     actgcatacc agcctgggtg acaggcaaga ctatatctca aaatacatac atacatacat     37140
     acaaacacat atatgtaatg tataaatatt acctttttgt catctattta acaaaatatt     37200
     tgctcaaata tatacttcca tctgacaact atttaacatt acttttctaa tatttttacc     37260
     ttattgctgc tgacttgata catttttatt cattccacta catccttgtt attttggaag     37320
     atctatcctt tatttcttta ttaaggggta tcttcaattt tttgacctca caattagatg     37380
     cataattttc aagtactatt tgaaataaag ataccttcta ttgtcttagc aaattagtca     37440
     atttctctac ttacccctcc tcaataagtt gacaaattca aaaaacataa atttccccat     37500
     ttctttttca ccactcccct ccaagaaacc ttggaaccag tttgttccaa ggtttgttcc     37560
     caccaaagtc tagattatac aaaaatattt tagaatgtta atgatatatt gttagtaaaa     37620
     ttcttctatt gaatagttta tgataatttg tcaacatgaa atgttaggca gacattgaat     37680
     accaactaga gctattcata ttctcttaac gggatttcca ttgagttatt gatgaaagat     37740
     aaagtgatat aaagaaaatg tgtatacacc aagtgcaaaa tattttatac cctttatgtg     37800
     gccatgaata ttaaatcata gttatgggag gaaattgcca aatacatata ttaggctgtt     37860
     aaaaactgtt tttctgagct ctggaaactg atggataggc atagcagaag agagcagaag     37920
     caagccaaga aatcaaggaa aagatactgc tatataacaa gaaataaaat aaaagtacgt     37980
     aatgtaattc ccttagaaaa tgaagtcggg tgactgagaa gatgtggaga acctttatac     38040
     caatttcctt tttctaatca gatttgatta taaaacatcg acataaaatc aatatatgtg     38100
     tattatattc atttcaattt taatttcaag acctaatttt gctgtcttaa agatcatgga     38160
     taaccccatc ttatctcagt gttcaatcta taattcatta aaacagtttt caaaagaatt     38220
     ttcaaaatac tttattatga ttacaaccat acttaatctt aaattaggac atactatgtg     38280
     ataaatacta tggtgaagta cttctcaata atccatattc ttaaacacaa caagttctag     38340
     gatcaaactg cttaaattta tatatttgct caatcatttg ccacataaat attttacaga     38400
     tgaagaaact aaaacacttt ttttttctcc gaaactgttt cagggctaag taacttactc     38460
     atgagcttgg taaaaataaa aattattaga taccttgtgg atccgttgca tatatttcaa     38520
     atttaagttt ttgaagcact ttttgaaaag acttctttat gtgacatttg ttcattaaaa     38580
     acacagtgat tctttttttg aaatacgatc caattgtaaa atatcctgtg tctagaaatg     38640
     aatttatttt cctaacaaaa atgtattaaa ttaattaatt aaattctcag aaccattatt     38700
     taaaccaagt ttgttgatcc tacaaccagt gaaaataatc cctacaatgc taaaaatgtg     38760
     tgtgctatta tccatctatt tcctagttca ttaaagccaa gttatcataa tctggacttt     38820
     ttaccaaaga ttttcaggga tgtcaaaggt ttttactcct aaatttaata tgctgaaata     38880
     ttactttatg ttctatttat ttttttcatt taaaataaca tttttctcta tgttgcgatt     38940
     gcaaaaatta acttatttac atatatacat gatgtcatga tataatctag gcacaatttt     39000
     ggatatttcc ttttcccaat ctgtttaact tacacaggta atcaatatat gtaatcacca     39060
     agcaaaagac cttcattggt ttctattttg ttattttttc ctctggaaaa gtgtttaaga     39120
     tagttttaac atgaagaata gcgaccatat tttttgcata ctgttatttc ttcaaagacg     39180
     cttaatctat ataaacaaat tttaaaaacc ctggtatcag ttgggtaaaa tctctgagat     39240
     ttaaaatatt tactaagcta ctaaatgtta agcaacacgg gattttgaga aattggccaa     39300
     tggcaaggat tgtaagggaa caaaaacttg gaaacaatgc tgtttgtcga catcttgaat     39360
     aatttgctgt gcctctattt tatgtcacag tatttccact tccaggccta tacaaataaa     39420
     taaaatcagt attatacaca gaataggtac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     39480
     acacacaagc gttcagatat aaagatttca actgtagcat catttgtaat aaacaatatt     39540
     ggaaacaatg ttggtatata ttgctaagaa aatgtgttga gatcaattta gtataattat     39600
     ataatgagat atatgattat ttcatttctt tatggaatga gtgtaatggg aaaatccagt     39660
     ggaaagctta cgttaaagct aagaaagtta aatctttaag acctttcata tgtatgggtc     39720
     tttctcgggg tcatatgagt tttgcaaaat ttgctatgta agatgcttaa ttaaaaataa     39780
     gaaaagccac acctgttttg actcccattt gcctttagtc atttatctcc ctgtcaggta     39840
     gtgcgggtcc agcctacaat acttttagta ttcagctaag gggaagttga atagagacat     39900
     atttaatttc agttcattga ggttaatgtg tttgatttaa agccacttcc atgtaaaatg     39960
     aagttgtttc tggcagttca gagactttct attgctcact ccatagattc atccagtgtt     40020
     gtagcacaga ggtgcagagg cagagaatgt tgtgagacac atgtcatgca gtacttggta     40080
     ccagaggctg cagagaagga aagaaacagc tgcccttaac ctagctctcc tttccactaa     40140
     ttcttaccgt ggtggtgatg tggtgagaac cagatgtcct tcatgtaagg ggatctgctg     40200
     taggcaaaga actctggaaa aaagaacctg agcgtttttg tggaagagtg acccagttgc     40260
     tcttgacccc cttctgagtg tgtctccata gtcacaaaac ggaaaaaaat ctgagttctt     40320
     actttaacca tttggataaa aataaatctc tctaggggaa agataacact agagtctcca     40380
     gctttgtaac ttctgggatg catctactgg gtctcatctt ctcttgaaat gtaaatatat     40440
     atccctagtg aggtaaatcc ctcaggatgg cccctaacca tgttctttct gtgaattaat     40500
     ttccagagct agttcttagc gtagagcaga agtctgagta aaatttgttg agaaagttct     40560
     tactatgcat aaataacttt atttacagcc taacactatc cattaaaatc aacaagagaa     40620
     agacaaacta atccaaaatg accctgcaat cggggctcta aaacaatgca ggttgactgt     40680
     aattgttaaa atgaatttgg aaagtatttg accttatctg ttaaaattaa gtatatgcat     40740
     accctgtgac caataattct gctactatca tccaacagga acacataaac atattcagga     40800
     aatgtacaaa attgtttatt aaagaattat tcacaacagc ttaaattgga agttttgcag     40860
     ttatccatca agagtgaaat aaacacatca tagcatatat ataaatacat ggagtattat     40920
     caagcaagaa ggataaatgg tatacccaag agagctttga tgactctccc aaatacattt     40980
     ctgagtaaga gaagccatcc agaaaagaat atatattgtt taattctatt ataaaagttc     41040
     aaaaataggt taaaaaagtc tatgttatta gcaatcagaa taataattac ttgcagatgg     41100
     agcagatggt aatttaaggg aattttattg tgaaatatgt acaatcactt tgttaaaatt     41160
     aattaactat atactatttg tgtattacaa taaaaatgtt taataaacta tctcatcgtt     41220
     gttatttaca tttcttaaat agcatttagg catgggtgaa aaggtttaac ttgactggca     41280
     tgaattgctc aaatactgta cattccaaag aggggtccct ctgcaggact agaccttagt     41340
     ctaggagttc atctctgagc ccttggagta ttttgcttga taaaagtgtt cttgttttcc     41400
     tgaagtcttg ggccatactc tcccagttcg accagaaaag gttatgttat caacgtgact     41460
     tatgtgaaca tctgttttta ctctgggtgt aggaagaaag ttgtgcttaa atgtcatgga     41520
     gctgaggtca atcatatggg cattacatga ctatgtgact gatcccagta aacaccttcg     41580
     acaactaggc tccagcgagt gttcctggtt ggcaatgctt tgcactttac atattgttgc     41640
     tgggataatt aaacatgtcc ccatgcaact gctctgggag gggacacctg agagcttgga     41700
     cttggtttct cctggagttc acttcatttg tcttttctct tagctgactt ctatctgtac     41760
     tgtttttact gtaatatact gtaacaatga gtactacagc ttctgattcc cttagagatt     41820
     tccagtaaat taccaggtct caagtggtct tgggaacccc tggcatatta ctgaacttaa     41880
     agttttcaga atatctgtat ttgatatatt ccatggcaag cactatatcc atcatacttt     41940
     ttcatttatt gacataactc caaatatttc cacatatcta aaattcagga aagtaaccct     42000
     atccttacct ctgaggataa agcttgttaa ctataggtaa accatgataa tttaaattca     42060
     cctgtttgtg actgactttt tttaatgact gcttttagtc aagaaaatgt gagggtaggt     42120
     ctgccaagag ctactgaaaa gagttacatt ttctaaaaaa aaaaaaatcc tcgtcttttc     42180
     tttttgagaa taatttgtgg tgtttctgaa atcattgtct gcccataaag agagattact     42240
     taaacaaaaa gtctgtataa aatatgacta caaagaaaga tgagaaaaaa atcatattct     42300
     tgattaattt attgatctat taaattaata gtcttggaag tagatccctc tttggacttc     42360
     cagttagaga cagggcctta ctctatggcc caggctggag tgtagtagtg ccaccatagc     42420
     tcattgtgta gctcaccgca acctcaaact cctggactca agcaaacctc ctgcctcagc     42480
     ctcccaagtg gctggaatac agacaggtgc caccatgacc acacctggct attttttttt     42540
     caattgtaga gctaaggtct ccctatgttg cccaggctgg ttttgaactc ctggcctcca     42600
     gtgagcctcc cacctcagcc tcccaaaatg ctgggattcc aggcataagc cacgagacct     42660
     ggcctattta tagtttaaat tttctcatcg tctaaataaa agatctaaaa ctaattgtct     42720
     aagttggcgg agcagtcaga acacacacat ttattgatta aattcattgt cttatatgga     42780
     tgtggttcat ggtgcccaaa acaattacaa tagtaacatc aaaggtcact ggttacagat     42840
     tatcatatca aatataatta taattaaaaa gtttgaaata ttgtgagatt tacctagata     42900
     tggcacagag atacaaatga acacatgcta ttaaaaagtg gtgccaataa agttgcttga     42960
     tgcagggtgg tcataaacct tcaatttgtg aaaaacacat tatctgtgaa gccaagtgaa     43020
     gcaaagcaca atcaattgaa gtatgtctat attccactgc ctttgtagag tgtatatagt     43080
     tgtattacat aacatatata atatatatac aaatatatat aatatatata tttgggtata     43140
     tgtaatatat attatatata tttgtatata tattatacat acatattata tacatatata     43200
     gtatgcatat atattataca tatatattac atatatatat atatatattt gatatggact     43260
     gtgtcttgtt tccccaaaat taatatattg aagccttaac tctcaatgtg ttagcatttg     43320
     gaggtgggac ctttggaagt aattaggttt agatgagccc ataaggatgg ggtcttcatg     43380
     atgggattaa tgctcttaca ggaagagacc agagagctaa cactttctat tcgctatgta     43440
     cgtacatagg aaaaaggcag ccctttgaaa gcccagaaga tgaccctcct cagacttgcc     43500
     aggttcaaga actataagaa ataaatgtct attgttcaga ccagcgccta tcttattttt     43560
     atatagcagc ctgagcttac taaaacaatt attaagaaaa aacagcaaag caaacaaaca     43620
     aaagcaacta tgtttaaaac tcctggaaaa ataatttatc ttctgtgcag ctgtttttta     43680
     agatcttcct ttaatgtatt tcccctcatt tttcttgcgt cttatttgga gtctgtagta     43740
     gcatagttct taatttgctt atcaagtaat ttacatcata ttaaacatga atttcaacca     43800
     gcaaagaata ttattaaaac ttctggacta atgttattca cttgtattct ttcctactac     43860
     ccggaaatgc ttttgctggc aatgatttct cctttgatgt tgtgaagttt cgggccattg     43920
     ttagagaaac aggtccactt gccgattagc aggcagtagg ctttgtgacc taagttcagt     43980
     aacagaaaat cattactttc tctggcaatt tgatacaaca tgcttcatat attccaaaat     44040
     tcatcaattt tctgctctgt tgatgtcctc ctttattatg ttaaagaatt gccacagtat     44100
     agtttattca taatgctatt ttcagttgaa ttactagagc tccactttag cattttaaaa     44160
     tcatattatc gcatgtttat ttccaaatta acagggcaat aaaaatcatc tcttaaaaat     44220
     caggggtatc agtattcatc tcttttcatg taaaaatatt aaaaaattag aagtgaaata     44280
     tcacagaaga tattttaaat atgaagacaa ataatgaaat aaggagaatt ttaaaagcca     44340
     aatattttgg atcagagtaa gaagttagtg gtaaaagata aaggttatcc aacaaccttt     44400
     cgcaaatgaa gccaaaaaag taggtttgcg caacactgaa taactaaaat tacaactctt     44460
     ttatatttca ttaaaaaaca tgcccttttt caaaaagtca gatcggttta atcacaccat     44520
     aaaattattt acccaaagtt aaggaaaaat agcatgcttt catataagta gaaaatttaa     44580
     atacacaatt gatatttaac gttctctaag caatgtaaag attgctttta agccatctaa     44640
     cagagttgta tttattatta gggatcaaaa agtgtgtaaa ttagcacaat atattttata     44700
     taaaatgaat ctgttttctc ttataagagt atacaattat aattctgaat tttgaattta     44760
     ttcttaaaca aataaaaaca actgctatat ctgaattctt gttttatgtc actctatcta     44820
     tctatatttt tttactatct atattttttt tactatctat atatttttac tatctatatt     44880
     ttaggcattt ttactatcta tattttaggc attttatagg ttaagtatgc gcagttggtg     44940
     cttactaaat atagcctagc aatgctccct gtttcttttt tttaaccttt aatttcaggg     45000
     gtacatgtgc aggtttgtta tataaataca tttgcatcat gggggtttgt tttacagatt     45060
     aattcattac ccaggcatta agcctatgac tcattagtta tttttccaga tggtctccct     45120
     cccccgacct tctgccctct tgtagggccc agtgtctgtt gttcccttct ttgtgtgcat     45180
     gtgttctcat catttagctt gcacttacaa gtgagagaat gtggcatttg ttttttcgtt     45240
     cctacattga tttgctaagg ataatggcct tcaattccat ccatattcct tcaaaacaca     45300
     tgatctcgtt cctttttatg gctacatctt attccctggt gtatatgttc aacattttat     45360
     ttatccagtc tttactattg atggccattt aggtctattc catgtctttg ttaatgtgaa     45420
     tagtgctgca gtgaacatat gtgtgcgtgt gtctttataa tagaacaatt tatattcctt     45480
     tggatatata cccagtaatg ggattgctgg gtctaatggt agttctgttt ttaggtcttt     45540
     gaggaataac cacactgttt tccacaatgg ctgaattaat ttacattctc tttaacagtg     45600
     tatagtgttc ctttttctct gcaaccttac cagcacctgc tattttttga ctttttaata     45660
     atagccattc tgactggtgt gcttactggt tcttaatctc acccacatct tagaataatg     45720
     tggaacattc aaactaccca cacctgtttc taaaaactga agttctgttt taattggact     45780
     ttagtagagc caagaaatga gtattactta aaatcttgcc atgtgattct actaggaagc     45840
     cagagttcag agccatggat tacattttta atataaatac atattattag ttgaagcagt     45900
     tttaagttag gatagctgta acgttgattg aaaggggaat acttaaaaca gaaccctgcc     45960
     ttgggtcgtc aagacttaaa aaattcttct gtttttattc gattaaatat aatcatgcat     46020
     tcatttactt tagcatttgt aattctaaaa cacattgcaa atttcacaaa actatcattt     46080
     tctaaatgtc aacactctaa atacaccatt tattttttaa agtagtatat tcacttcaaa     46140
     ttccattgct gtgtcaagag ttagttgaac ttaaaatata attaatagtt actcagcaaa     46200
     aatagaaaga tgttagctga ctgtgtcaaa agaaatattt taacactgat ttcattttta     46260
     ctaaatgact gaatttttct ttatgtttta tgcttaagct tctctgcttt ctttctattt     46320
     tttgtggttt aaataaagaa ccatgattat ctgtataact gattgctcaa agtaattaat     46380
     catttttctt ttgaaattac cagggtaaat taagaatctt ataattacag agttttctct     46440
     tgcctagagg aaacatactg agaaactgtg ttaggaaatt attatttcaa aacccagtct     46500
     aagttcttag ccactggaca tttaaaaaat acatattaca tatacttttt ctaacatgat     46560
     tgagaatata gtttgtttca gatttccaca tttcttaaat gaaaacaata aagaattcaa     46620
     aaggcaaaag gtactgtaaa aaaagttatt tgatcacatg taaatgaaaa ttctaccttc     46680
     ttattgaatt ttactaatta gaggggtaat tattctcaca tcagattatt tgcacaagat     46740
     actatttctg atgtatttta ttaaagaatt caaaaggcaa aggtattgta aaaaaagtta     46800
     tttgatcaca tgtaaatgaa aattctacct tcttattgaa ttttactaat tagaggggta     46860
     attattctgg catcagatta tttgcacaag atactatttc tgacctattt tattaaaagt     46920
     caccatttat tattggtttt catctcatgt tatatatgca aatgaaactc ctttgagtat     46980
     gcaatggtta tttactgcag tgaatattgt acaatcatat ttatcaaaat gttcttcttc     47040
     aaaatatttt tctaatgctt attagcaagc agtttttata tttgagaaag tgaaacgtgg     47100
     actttagaat cagatttagg ccatatggta agccagctgc ctgaaaaatc ttcataacaa     47160
     atgctaatat tgatgaattt tggagatgtc attatatatg tatacctaaa actacaggaa     47220
     aacaaagaaa attaccaatg ccagaaacac aggcaacact taaaaccagc aagaccagtt     47280
     gctctgactt ttccggatgg aaagagagat ggacccagca atttataaat ttggattttc     47340
     ttaaggctca tcagcgaagg ggtgatgcat agctggacct agattgaaag agtaaataaa     47400
     aatacttatt aaccaaccca gtacaattaa gaagtttgtc tgtaaatact agaacaattg     47460
     gtagaaaaaa caaatacata ttctcccctg agaatctgta acatcaggat tatccatcat     47520
     gtgttgtttg acttcaaact tataaattat acagccttga gccatgaagc atcaaattaa     47580
     caaattaaca tatagattat tttctggcca ttgatacact ggaagtttgg tggaagagat     47640
     gcaaaatcat tccagagcaa aagctgaaaa tttttttctg caaagggcaa gataataaac     47700
     atcttacaca ttattgacca ttttaaagag cagcttatag tcaccaaaag gaatatcaac     47760
     aaactagcaa gtgaagataa agaattatcc agattgcaga atatgaacca aaagatagaa     47820
     cataagataa gctgaaagac atggaggatt gaataaaact atccaaggaa tatctaaaag     47880
     aaattctgaa aagagaatag taggaataaa aataatggga ttataatagt ttgcttctac     47940
     ttctgggatg aatgtagtag ttgtataaga cacatactct tattaaaatg acaagaaaaa     48000
     gctggataaa ttataaaagc cacatatctt ttaaagcatg agggaactgt agaagcaatg     48060
     atgaatagat gaactaagag tacagacata cctgagtgtt cgaaatgggc caaagagcat     48120
     gatgcattca tagcatctac tagtcaattc tggcacaaat taggaagtag aaggcatgtt     48180
     caatggaggc aaaacagtaa tatatatata aacatgtggg taagtctaaa gaagcatttg     48240
     ctatattgaa tcaaacaaat acaataaagt aaaacaaata ctagagaaca ttgttaaact     48300
     gagttaagtt tggctcaaag tgcccattgt acttgcctaa ttaggtttgg cccaaagtgg     48360
     catccataca tagtgactgt actctaactt aacgtgtaaa taagttgtaa gctaatgtag     48420
     atgtatggac ttgtaaccaa gcaactgaga ctcaaccaat cataggagcc aaacccttag     48480
     tcaatcccaa actgaatgct gccaaattat gcccaaataa ggcaaatatt gaactgcacc     48540
     aatcagggaa actctgaata taattttcta tgttctggtt ataaatacat ctcaccactc     48600
     tggatgtgga gtcactctga acaatcttcg ttctgggatg gtgcctagtt ctcaaacctt     48660
     tttcttggtc aaataaactt agtgaaattt aacatgtctt agttgtattt ttttaaacaa     48720
     cattcaaaga cctacaaaat aggacaggga acttgtattt agactatact gtctaaatgc     48780
     aacttattta tgctagttat ttgtgtgtta tagagaatat agtgatattg atatacttta     48840
     agtcatttat gtacatcggg aagaggaaaa aaaaaaagtt acccaattca atggaagtca     48900
     aatgaagaag cagaatagag ctaccagaaa aacatgataa gagttaaaga agatgggagc     48960
     tcaaagagga aaactatcac tgaatttggg gaacttctcc ttgcaagcca agttaacttt     49020
     tgttcagata gaattctcag atgaaaaaag acagaaatta tagtctatgg ctgacaaaat     49080
     atagagagtc tgcccagaga cttttgctat tctaagctag aatcttaagg ttaatacact     49140
     tcaatgaagg agaaaacaag aaccaactct tgagcatact tgaagtctgg gaccaaatct     49200
     gagttgttca gatactcata ttttcaccct gatttaagat gatctgatat gggtaatgct     49260
     tgcataatca aaacttctgg aggaacttat ctccatagta gacaacaagg taatcttaaa     49320
     ctatcctgac actaattggg tgtataaact tggccaagtc atttttccct ttgagtctca     49380
     gttttgtcaa ctgtaacatg aatatgaaag taactaactt gtaggtctgt attaaaaatt     49440
     aagtcaatta ttttggtaaa tcagttgtat gcaatatagc gtacatgaga gagagagaga     49500
     gtttgtgtgc atgtgtttag agagagatgg agagagagac acacatacac agagaagaat     49560
     cagtatattg ttaaggataa caacatctag aaacaaatcg acagacaaga aaaacaattt     49620
     aagtaataga attttcagac agaagttaaa gaacaaaaca tatgcttaaa gatgcccaca     49680
     gggaaataca aatatgatca tggtagattt agaaaggaaa tacctgctag aagtaacaga     49740
     gaactactgg aaaattaatg aagtgcagta ggaagaaaga aaataaatta ttgaagaaaa     49800
     gtttcaagat acaaaggata gagttaaaca ttaatatatg tctaaacttt accaggaaaa     49860
     gagagacaaa ggcaataact aaggaaataa tagagaatgt ttttagtact gattgaagac     49920
     agatataagc agatttaagc aggtcaacaa attctgagtg gagtaagaaa agtacagtga     49980
     agaaaacaaa agacaaagcc aaaattctgt aaagcaacct gaaaataagg cttattacca     50040
     ttaaataaca acatttcagt ctatagaaac ttacatccta ggagagggaa tactttaaat     50100
     aaaaaagtaa tggatgaaag gagaaaaatt ccatcaagtg ggataactgt gatccataaa     50160
     gaagtagcag gtgagatggg gagtaaaaaa acaaacatat ataaatcctc ttattttata     50220
     tattatagct caattttatt cccatctttg ataatccaaa aattatacac tgatcaatat     50280
     atctgttcta aatgttaaga ttccaacagg tagatcatgt ctctcaaaat gtgttgcaca     50340
     ttgcctcaac tggaggttca tgatgcatat taaaataaga aaggcttaga gaattcttac     50400
     agcaaggaaa acaatgtaag tttatttaat ttagtgtttt agctacatat ttaataatta     50460
     ttttaggtag gcagttgttt aaagacaata gaaattactt ggaatttaaa gcaagcaaaa     50520
     atgaatgtgt tggaaaagca caacgcagct cttagaattg aaaaaaaagt aggtgaacca     50580
     ggctcaggca ggaatcagag agcaagtcag aaccaatatc agaaaaagga agttctgctt     50640
     ttcatgtggc tattgtcctg tcagtcatga ccgctggcca ctgccagcaa agcatgcaca     50700
     ggcattttct ggaatgctgc tgggctctgc tttagcttgt cacttcccac tttaccattg     50760
     gattccaaaa atctatccat ccgacaggaa taatttcaga ctctctgcct acttcttacc     50820
     ttgcaaggtt aaaaatgcaa ggaatgagtg gctattcttg ggtctctggt ttacatttta     50880
     gcctccaggt ggtgggaaga gaaaaatcta ctcacaaaca gcttcaaaac ggaaaggtcc     50940
     tatattggca ttcctacata aaagaaagta ctggggggct tgacaaatgg acatttgcct     51000
     tcaaagaaca catattctcc tttagacaaa gtttgcactt atatagcaca attaacctac     51060
     ttcttatcaa tcaataaaat gaagagacaa ttacagaaca ggataaggtg tttgcaaact     51120
     atgtattcaa caaggtttaa tatccagaat atataaggaa ctcaaaaaac tcaatagcaa     51180
     aagaaaaagt tgattaaaaa atggacaaaa gaagacatac aaatggccaa aaaatatata     51240
     aagaaatgct caacatcatt aagcctcaga aaaatgcaaa acaaacccac aatgagctat     51300
     taccttaccc cagtttaaat gatggatatt atcaagaaga caaaatataa caaatggaaa     51360
     cgataatgtg gagaaagagg aaagttatac actgttggtg ggaatataaa atagtatagc     51420
     tgttatgaaa agcagcatgg agtttccaca aaaaataaaa aagagaacta ttatattacc     51480
     cagcaatccc actactgcgt acgtaataaa aaaaaaatga aattagtatg acaaagagac     51540
     atctgcaccc agggatattg aagcatcatt caaaatagcc gtgatatgga atctgcctaa     51600
     atactcatct aacaacaaat ggataaagaa aatgtggtgt ataaatgtat atctatctat     51660
     ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atcatctgtc tatttatcat ctatctatcc     51720
     acccctccag aacaatattc agccataaaa tgctgttatt tttagcaatg tggatgaagt     51780
     tggaggacat tttgttaagt gaaataagcc aggcacagaa agacaagcac tgcatgatca     51840
     aattcatatc tggagtttta aggatatgga gaaagatgtt aggatttttc cttgtgtgga     51900
     caatatttaa aattattata tttggagaga taactagaat actcctgcca acttaactat     51960
     ggcccattga attgctctga attataaatc agatactctg aattagcact tcactaccat     52020
     ttttaaatct acagcattta tgtaaattaa taactgctgt agagcatact actcatggct     52080
     gaaaaaagtg acctgatgat tagagctatc taagactcac ctgatgtcta acagcactaa     52140
     ggatcaagct atcacctctc ccttaacaca tctttcacac cagtgtgcta gagcagatag     52200
     ctgaaaagtt ttccctaagc cagagatcat tctgacaagg catatggaac aatagagatg     52260
     tcaacatgct ttcaagacaa gtaacagtaa tcctggctct taacttgctt taataataat     52320
     gaattctttt atcaagtcct gaggaatgag ggcttccagg tgccatattt ccaggtgctt     52380
     atcagaattt ttctttgctg ataagaacaa ttgttgcagc atgctttgct attcatatac     52440
     agaaagacaa gaaatttata ttctaataat agaacacaag tccatctctt gcatctgatt     52500
     tagccagatt aagtcacctt tccaccaata tcaatctgga agtgatatca tgaactaaat     52560
     ggtgtcaacc tggggtttct attatatctc gacaaaggaa aagaagttgc catcattggc     52620
     aaggtacata caggatacat ctctgtttcg ggagatggga tgagatttcc ctgattctcc     52680
     tacactgcag agggtagagg gaggtattta tataatacac gggattttaa ttgaagaagc     52740
     aaagaggaat ggattattgg gattaatagt gtttatccaa tacaagatga aaaacaacat     52800
     attattgttt gtattgtgat ggttctagaa taaaacacat catttctcta attttggtta     52860
     gatctttgct gaaagaaaaa gataaataaa atatcctaca gtttatccat atccatgttc     52920
     ctctacacta aatattcatc tttgattagt tatttttaac tatatttgat ttctttataa     52980
     attacctttt gaaactttaa acacataaag acattgtttc cccttaaagg atttttcttt     53040
     tgctttcttt tgtttttttt tttatctaaa actttctttc aaaaacaatg actttcataa     53100
     acttgcaact tgttaaatat agtattttta ttaacattct agtttgtaac acaaggcaaa     53160
     acctaaacac ttaccattta taaataatgg gtaatactgt ttcaacttaa ccttgagaat     53220
     gtagaaaaaa aattgagtcc agtctgatag cagccaaaag atctcagaaa cagtaatctt     53280
     agtgctagcc tggcagacac aatctgcaca gaacttaatc aaaataagat taaaagtcca     53340
     tagcaatttc cttgagtggc cagtcagata tcccccacta cagtcaccaa ccagcctgcc     53400
     cctggggcct atttcagaaa taaattggtt tgtagatgag ctgatgcaga agaaggaaaa     53460
     aaaaatgttt tcttgagact gtacctaaat cttatcaagt aatacaagga agcttcaaag     53520
     tctttttatt ctgaaatgtt attttattct gctttatatc atcttaaatt tattagtatt     53580
     atattaaata ttagtttatg taagcttatt atttgactct gtataggata taatagatgg     53640
     cattgaatat ttaataagat agcaacagca ataacacctg ggaaattgtt cagggaagga     53700
     ttctattcag ttattaaaag atttgcatac ttatttcact aatattactc agcaatcaca     53760
     aacattgggt aatgctagac aaatctgcaa gaggtactgt tattccagca ccttaaaaac     53820
     atttttcaat ctgaaagata cttctagatg tttttttcca taacagagca gatgatttct     53880
     aagtgtttat atcactgaaa cttcacagta ttagtggaat atgttatcct ttataccaaa     53940
     agtaatcaga ttattttata aagcaattat caattaaata tagattacta agaacatact     54000
     gtataaaatg ccttatgggc tattaattct gcatgcattg ccacatttga ttatctcaaa     54060
     aaacctcctg aaatatgtat tcttaacaca cttttattga gattatgagt aataaaagtt     54120
     aaaagatttt cccaaagacg tacaagtaaa acaggtcctc aaataaagtt gttttgttca     54180
     atgatgtttc gctataatgt agatgagaat aaatattgat tcctggacag ggctaccatc     54240
     tgtgtagggt ctgcatgttc tccccatgcc tgcatgggtt ttctccagga actcctgctt     54300
     cctctcacat ccccaagatg tgcatgtctg gttaattggc atttccccac tgtgtgtccc     54360
     catgtgagtg aatgtggttg tgccctgcca tggaatagca tcctgtgcag ggtttattcc     54420
     tgcattgcat gttgagtaag aataggctct tgctacccga gactctgaac tggaataatt     54480
     gggtaaataa tcatcttact tgtttttatt aatcttttta aaaatgtatg tatacctcac     54540
     acttatttca gtgttgaatg ttttaagtgt tttagtcttc atttagaagt acagtgataa     54600
     tattgtgacc agaaatatgc agtaggaact tatatattgt tttatcaatt ggcctatggt     54660
     aaaatttgtt tcattgttca ccattttgct gatagttgca gtttccaata atctactgat     54720
     attaaatgtg gacttactat gtaaacaata gcaaggatcc taaatcctag gttacatcta     54780
     agtttaaatg gcttgacacc atgtcagaat tgccttatca ccatgctctt ataagtgttt     54840
     cattttttaa aacagtgcaa actgaatttt gcatgagaat tatcattaaa aaattttttg     54900
     ttacagatag gatcttgcta tgttgcccag gttgaccttg aagttctggg ttcaaatgat     54960
     ccttttgcct cagcatccag tgtacctggg actacaactg tgtgccacca tacccagggc     55020
     tgcaggaaaa gttgttacgt aaagcagtga tttatgaaaa taagacttta tttgggcaac     55080
     atagaaaatg taaacaaaaa gagttgctca acataaaact tactcaagtc acaatttacc     55140
     tctgacatga catatttcca tccacttcag aaaaaaaatg tgtatacctt tttatttctt     55200
     tttttctttt ctttccgttt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttagacgggc tggagtgcag     55260
     tcacagctca ctgcaccttt gagctcctgg gctaaagtaa tcttcctttc tcagcctctt     55320
     gagtagttag aactaagaca tgcaccacca tgtctggcta atttttaaca ttttttttgt     55380
     ggagatggag tctcgctatg ttgcccaggc tggtcttgaa cttctggcca catgctatcc     55440
     tctcacctcg accccccaaa gcacttggat tattggctca agtacttaga tgtattaacc     55500
     aggatcacag agagcttgat tttgtaagtt tgagttagca tgtaataact gcagttgatt     55560
     ttgatgcatg tatttaatga gaatcattgc tttagactat atgatatttg aaacaaaaga     55620
     gcaataggac tgcacggcac aatataaagt ctgttatgac atagtgactt taatatattc     55680
     taattaaaat tataatagta aaagctaaaa atgacaagac aattgttaga aatcatatca     55740
     cgacagcata atcatgtatc cagaagtgat tgatacaata acatgaactg acattttgct     55800
     acaatattaa tcagttaata caggttttga ggtttcagtt aactggttaa tcataaaata     55860
     ttatataaaa tattatcaaa ttgttgtgta agtcatctca ctgtattcta aaatttatgt     55920
     tattttatat ttctaatctg tgttttgcag agatcatgaa aattttaact gggtaactga     55980
     agaagaattg tcccaaggac ttgaataaat gttaatgttc ataacagtat gttctaaaaa     56040
     gaaatttaag taaaaaagga aaaaacatat ttcattttaa aaatatctac ccatgcacat     56100
     cattcatcta aaaaacccat ttactataat catctagtta tgtaaagata tacccaatag     56160
     ctacttaaaa tagaaatatt ctatttcatt attagaaatt attattttaa aaggttgtta     56220
     aaacatcaaa aatatgctta tttctagtaa ccagagaaca cagcagggtt atgaaacttt     56280
     ggattcctgt ttggtttggc aggtaactag attaacaaaa atacgaggtt ttgagtttca     56340
     aaacacaata gcatatttaa aaaatacttg gtgggggtct ggcaattgag agaccttagt     56400
     agcataatca ttggtcttca caatcactgc caggtactct ttcaaactag cttgaataac     56460
     tgcaaaacac atcatcaacc cagctttttt ttgctggacc tgggcatata taaactgatt     56520
     agatttaaaa ataaaaaaat tagagttttt tctgttgtgt ttgaagaggt gaacccttgg     56580
     actcaaaatc tctcaaaagt cctgtctttc acttcagaat ctgggctaat ttgcacagga     56640
     atatacttct gtgttttaat aaacacatgt aatttttctg ttttcatctt gcaagtaatg     56700
     acagctttgt tctcaaacca attttgtttt ttatagattt taccctgata tataatgaag     56760
     agacaattac atgatctgtg tagaaattct tcctctaaac taaattatac taccttagaa     56820
     atctgacatg aaagtaccaa aactatgtaa attcacttca ccaagaaaat tattacataa     56880
     aacagtgatt catggaaata agacttgatt tgggcaacat agaaagtatt aaaactaaaa     56940
     aggagttgct tgagataaag tttacccaag tgacaatttt acctgtgaca aacatatttc     57000
     catccactgc agtaacaaat gtgtttagtt tattaaagta tatgtttaac agcaaaaaat     57060
     aaatagaata aatttattat ccctatccag tgataaacac aattttaaaa taaaaataaa     57120
     aacatcctgc ttatatttgc tatactattt catgcgttag gctaagatat atggttattt     57180
     ccatgctttc aggatgtgtt taacaaatct cttatacatt ttcctattgt tattttaata     57240
     tcttgaatat aatattaaat aaacatttct acaaataatt tgaacctcaa agtttcataa     57300
     gcatctatcc ttcaatattt aggcctaaaa agtaatctcc attatctatc aaattctaaa     57360
     tttgaactta ttatggttta ctcctacttt ttaattatta ctttggttaa agatacttca     57420
     tgatattatt aagttcctta gtaataatgt atatggttgt attacattca tttatccatc     57480
     aagactaact ttgagctact atgaaatata attcaaatca ttcatataat atctaatgaa     57540
     tgattattat aatacaaagc actatactag gtttcataag tgatacaaaa acaagtgcaa     57600
     ccgcctcagt aaccaacaca tttgcagtct aatagaggaa aacaagccct gttataagaa     57660
     taattatagt aaaagactat ataaaataca atccattttg acacacacct tcaactctat     57720
     ttgctaattc taattttcac tcttcagttt atttttagat taaatagtta ttttcacaaa     57780
     tcagtctgag gacagagttt tttgttttgt tttgttttgt tttgttttgt ttttgtgagt     57840
     catcagcact atgcaattgc atatacctgt cgtgtttggt ctacagaggc taaacatcat     57900
     gtaatagttt ttatgcattt tgttcatagg ttactgggtg ctttaaggca aaactgaatg     57960
     agtttccaat agtccaaaac tacaagaaat acagacacaa agtgcctggg gttatcctca     58020
     aatgaagtta gatttgaatt gcattcaata acctttttta caatgtgtag atgctcaaag     58080
     caaatacaat agtttctctt tgcctctgtg acttgagttc atagtgttgt gtttaaatat     58140
     aacttttgta atgtctactt cactgaagaa acttttaaaa aatttgactt ataatggttt     58200
     tctgtaacaa cctatggtgc ttggtttgta aagtaaaaca ggaactcaat ttagtaccta     58260
     ctgaataata acatttttta actgagattc cactcataaa gcacctaaat gtttaaagtt     58320
     aaagcatatt atgttgatat taaatttaaa aagaacaagt tagagaagaa ataaagaaaa     58380
     aaaacttcgg agaataaact gcttccaagt atacaagtac taaacaggct atacactggt     58440
     atgctcatta taaataaaaa cattcattca tgtcatttta tctcattact acatatttaa     58500
     aataatctct tatcattata gtaggccatc attttccaaa tagcatcaag aatccttatt     58560
     ttgaaatagt aatcagatca tgtagttctc ctgatcagat ctcttcacac tctagaataa     58620
     tatgcatacc ttcattttag cttttagact tttttctgat ctagctctag attattgttt     58680
     gatctcattt ttactattct tctcattgct cattcaattc aatttcaagc ataatgattt     58740
     tttgctcttt ttggaataca ctagcttttt gatttcatta gagcctgtac acttccctct     58800
     tcctgaaatg ttcttcccca aatttatgta tagcttattc tctctttgtt cagggctcag     58860
     tgtaattgta gattgttctc taccttgaat atgtcttacc cctcatttga ctggttttcc     58920
     ttcataccaa ttatttgtat tctaaaatat tttatatttt tccgttgact tgttcactga     58980
     gttccttcct ctaaaatgta gcttcatgag ggcagatatt ttgttaaaat tgtatgctac     59040
     tgtatcacta gaactgagaa caatgcctga acagagtagc tactcatgac tcattggcta     59100
     aaacaagtta atgaatgaga acaggcaggt agaaagccag gaaggaaagg aggctattat     59160
     attaagttga atgagggatt aaatgaatat aaatcagctg aaagtagcat aggttatgca     59220
     atatgcttaa taaagtatgt ttgtctattt tcgttatgta atccaaaacc tggccaacca     59280
     caaaactttt tactgacttt ctctttcttc cctgtttagt gcagcataaa attagttatt     59340
     gattttatct cttaacgctc cgcctctatt agtgaaagga tcttctctta tcatatttcc     59400
     agtccaaagt tcagtggaaa ctttttacac tcttacagtc tatttgaaat ccttatatca     59460
     taaacatacc agcacttatc acagcactat tcacagtagc aaagatactg aatcaaccta     59520
     agtgtccacc aatagatgat ttgataaaga aaatgtgaga tggtaccatc tcactccagt     59580
     tagaatggag atcactaaaa agtcagaaaa caacagatac tggagagaat gtggagcaat     59640
     aggcatgctt ttacactgtt ggtgggagtg taaattagtt taaccattgt ggaagacagt     59700
     gtggcgattc ttcagggatc tagaactaga aatacatttt gacccagcaa tcccattact     59760
     gggtatatac ccaaaggatt ataaatcatc ctactctgaa gacacatgca cacatatgtt     59820
     tattgcagca ctgttcacaa tagcaaagac ttggaaccaa cccaaatgcc caccaatgat     59880
     agactggata aagaaaatgt ggcacatata catcatggaa tactatgcag ccataaaaaa     59940
     tgatgagttc atgtcctttg cagggacatg aatgaaattg gcaaacatca ttctcagcaa     60000
     gctaacacaa gaacagaaaa ccaaacactg catgctctca ctcataagtg ggagttgaac     60060
     aatgagaata catggacaca aggaggggaa catcacactc cacagcctgt cagagggtga     60120
     ggggctaggg gagggatagc atttagagaa agacttaatg tagatgacag gttgatgagt     60180
     gcagcaaacc actatggcac gtgtatacct acataacaaa cctgcaagtt ctgcacatgt     60240
     accccagaac ttaaagtata ataaaaaaga tttccaccta aagataagaa aatatgatga     60300
     tatacacaat ggaatacaat tcagccttta aaaataatat acttatgaaa catgtatttt     60360
     ggagcagttt ggatggaact ggaggacatt atcttagatg aaagtcagac acagaaagac     60420
     agatactgcg tgttctcatt tataaatggg aggtaattaa tatgttcaca tggacataga     60480
     gtgtgcaatg atagagactt ggacatgaag acttggaaga gttgggggag agtgagaggg     60540
     gagtaaatga taagaaatta tttaatgagt acaaggtatg cttttcaggt gatgaatatg     60600
     ctgaacatcc tgacttcact atgcaaccta tggatgtaac aaaattacag ttgcactcca     60660
     taaatttata gaaataaaat aaaataaatt acattttaat agagacacta tcagagaaat     60720
     acaccaaaat gactggactg aattggaaat ggaaaaggta gaaatctcat tttctcttca     60780
     gagactattg caaatttgta tgtatgtaat acactaatca catcagatgc cagttttaag     60840
     tacatatttt cctccactgt gtagatttgt ttcaataagg aaacatttca gaacatacat     60900
     aatcaataca aagccattct cagtaattta ttttcattcc atgccatgtt acttaggttt     60960
     acatttacta ccttagaaaa cattatgtac aaaaactttt ctttcttata gtgaattaaa     61020
     tctccaactg tttttgtttc tattttaaga aagtaaatat tatgacataa atgtttgcaa     61080
     tgtttttgtt taaataaagt atttctagat ttctcttaat tcatagttac gttggtttct     61140
     ttattgatgt tcaaacacag acttttaaaa attcatattt ttttaaaatg tgtgactatt     61200
     tactttctag ttcaatttaa aaagcattta ccataaaaat ggcagtatct ttttgtacag     61260
     atgccacctc tgaatcaaag cctttcagca actggcaaca ggaagctcta atgcacttta     61320
     tccctaatag ttataaaata cgcaatcatc tgaaatcaca tattgatttc atattgattt     61380
     ccacttcttt tctaactacg gttatacgta aatatttcac tttcaaaaat agatctttgc     61440
     ctttttattt agtttttttt ttccttggct tagaaatagt ttttatgaaa tattcaaata     61500
     taaaaatagt ctgtaaaagc aaagtatggt tctttttcag ccaaaacact ttcccctaag     61560
     catttcatta gttatataag tgataaatgt ttttctgaat gggaatttac ctaaagtgtt     61620
     tcaaaattag gtgaccattt gtgctttcca aaccatacag aactttatat ttattcctgg     61680
     gtaaatcacc catttccttg ttcatcaaga tcaggtgaaa tgatatccat atgagataat     61740
     taattcctct gctatctatt ttattatact tagttatcca ttgaaaataa atatctacta     61800
     taacaagtaa aatatataat agtgtagaag acaaaagagt atgtgtttgc agtatgtgta     61860
     atagagttaa atatatctaa atatagtatg tctgtattaa ggcaatgaac atcaatttta     61920
     gctaatcacc ctcattaaag caaagggcac taccatatgt gacatagtta tcattgacag     61980
     tctgataaat cttgtagctg aggtaacgga cagggaagag tttgtgatag tgaaatatgt     62040
     agaactaaga tcaaattacc aaatacatag gcattattaa acaaattctc accaattact     62100
     tcaaaaatat tgtaacttct atttaatatt tcttgttttt aatcttaaaa actctaaatt     62160
     gagtagaatt tgaaatagca gtaaatttca ggttaatgga aataaaatca cacttgttat     62220
     tattgttcaa ttttttttat taagtctgaa gaaatattta attgaatatg acatctaaga     62280
     atgatggaca aaagcttttt ttctttccac tcctttttct gaaagctttg atacaaaaat     62340
     catttgacac aaatgatttt tttgtgtgtg acaggatctt actatgttgc ccaggctgaa     62400
     gtgcagtgtg ctcatgcaat cctcccatct cagcctcctg agtagctggg actacaggca     62460
     catgccgcca tgcccagcta atttttgtat ctttagtaga aacaagattt tgccacattg     62520
     cccaggctgg tctccaactc gtgggctgaa gtgatctgcc caccttggcc tcccagtgtt     62580
     ctgggattac aggagtgagc cactgtaccc ggctgatgca aatgatttct attattaata     62640
     tcttgcagtt attcttccat cagataacca tcaatgtcaa aataaagatt attaattact     62700
     gaaggactga aaaatcaaaa atcaacttca tgagatgctt tacaaacaag tgatctcttt     62760
     taatatttga ctcagtaaaa ttttttaaga aaagttaagt ttgtgttttt atttgtgtat     62820
     actctctagt gcttaaatgt atcaggatag aacttttcta aactaggtca gtcttttttc     62880
     tatatctatg gttgaatact tcagttaaat aaagcaatgg tagatagcaa actatgttat     62940
     aattggcatt ttgggcactt gctgcaatta attgccaaaa aaagcatgtc tcaccacaat     63000
     tgatctctca tttttccact ctcatttatt tcccttcact ttcttcttgg cttctgcaaa     63060
     agcatttgtt tttccttttt ctttcttctt taaaaaaata tatttgaaga gatttactct     63120
     aagccaaata tgagtcacca tggccagtga cacagcattc aggaggtcct gagaacatgt     63180
     gcccaaggtg gttgggaggc agcttgcttt tatacatttt agagaggcat gagacatcaa     63240
     gtaactacac ttgagaaata catcagtttg atccagaaag gtgggacaac tcaaagcaga     63300
     gggagtgggg gtgggagggg ttgggggtgg caggggggtt gggggatggg agggtattgg     63360
     ggtttggggg ttggttccag gctataggtg aatttaaaca ttttctggtt gataattggt     63420
     tgagtttgtt tcaagacctg ggattgatag aaagggaatg ttcaggttaa gataaaagat     63480
     tgtggagacc aaggttcttt tgaagtcata acagtggctg ccgttagaga caataaatga     63540
     caactgtttc ctattcagat ctttaaaagg tactagactt ttagttaatc tctttaggac     63600
     tgggagggcc gtttttacat attataattt atctccttca tgtctgtaac aaagatagga     63660
     atcgctataa agtgtcttcc cagtttctgc ctaaccacat ccctggattt cctggcccct     63720
     ggcttggcat atgtttgggg ttagccttct cccactgcta atttgtatgc cataagatgg     63780
     ttgttttgtt cctcagtata tttatgtcag atataattgt tactgtagta aacaactatt     63840
     gtgtaaaaca atgataagtg agtgtgaaag taaaaaaaca aatcagaaaa tgaagcagaa     63900
     tgtaaataat tgataaagac aagttctgaa aaaatgtcaa attggattta ggagtcagac     63960
     acctgtaaga ggtttatttg aggggctaag cgtgctggta tttacacaca tattacttct     64020
     tgtgtctctt caatttattg gttcatttaa aaaaaccaaa gctaaaaatc ataaaatatg     64080
     cattatgtaa aaaaaaagaa tgttcaatga atccatacat acataccgaa gacctttgtc     64140
     ggatagttga caagtatatt tgcatatatg ttttccaagg taaaagaaaa tttgtggctg     64200
     ggcacggcaa ctcatgcctg caatcccagc atttcaggag gccaaggccg gtggatcagc     64260
     tgaagtcagg catccaagac cagcctggcc aacacggtga aaccccatct ctactaaaaa     64320
     tacaaaaaaa tagctgggcg tggtggctgg cacctgtaat cccagctact tgggaggccg     64380
     aagcaagaga attgcttgaa cccgggaggc agagtttgca gtaagctgag atcaagccac     64440
     tgcactacag cctgggcaac aagagtgaaa ctctgtctca aaaaaaaaaa aaaagaaaga     64500
     aaaagaaaaa gaaaaaagaa aatttgtagg atatggataa gtaattcatt ttagaagaat     64560
     ttttttttgt agaatgattt gtgctaaagc aatacatctc tttctatcat atactgatat     64620
     cttgaaaatt ttataacgtt tcttgtcaca ttcagtattt taaaaatagg attgattcta     64680
     agttttgagt ttatggtgca tttgaatatt agagatatta tctcatacat ttcaaagctt     64740
     tgctgcattc taaactcagt cctgccttag ccttagtaat ggcaatgaag tgcggggata     64800
     gaatgttcac tattttttta tgtgctgtta aaatttcata cctcctgttc tatcttgaag     64860
     tcttacagtt ttggaatggt gagtggggga aacaagcata aaactattac ataattcatg     64920
     tagttttcac tgggcaacag tatctatcct ctgaatggtg aaatggctac ttttcattta     64980
     tttatttttt tctttcctgg ggtaaaatgc ttgaaaactg caccactggg aaattgcagc     65040
     tatagtccat gtttcaacat agtccatgct tctttgagtt ggccacttaa tgtttactct     65100
     catctcctta ggtttagcag taaagaccag taagatttct tctgttagga tcatctagcc     65160
     attccaagca tttctcttag atttgattct ttcaagacaa atcaacccaa taaaaagctc     65220
     ataaataaca gtgatctagc taccacattt gatgttctca tctgaccaaa ccaaatttta     65280
     tgtatacatt caattctcaa tccaacctag tctgtttgcc taaaccattc cagacaaact     65340
     tccacttcga aggttttaaa tgcataagtc agatagcaat ccttcagttg ccccagaggc     65400
     acatcacgtt ctttgaatgc ttcattatag tcctcttcat ttagcaatca gtgaggcaat     65460
     acactggcat catgatccct ttttttagga actctgtaca aaattccctt tgaaaatata     65520
     aattttggaa atgagtgatg agcaaagggg tttcattaac attatcacaa tctcttgata     65580
     tatctgcttg ataatgtagc acctattatt tggggccatt aggaccttgg ctgaaattct     65640
     ggtaaatgta aagaaaccac atttaacatc cagttaattt aatttttgtt tgtttgtttg     65700
     ttttgttttt gtttttgttt ttgagacgtt gtcttactat gtcacccagg ctagagtgca     65760
     gtggtgtgat ctcgactcac tgcaacctcc acctccacct tctgggttca agcaattatc     65820
     ttcctcagcc tgggattaca ggaacccacc accatgccca cctaattttg tatttttagt     65880
     aaagacgggg tttcactatc ttggtcaggc tagtcttgaa ggcctgacct cgtgatccac     65940
     ctgcctcgac ctcccaaagt gctggaatta caggcatgag ccaccttgcc tggcctcaat     66000
     attgttttta ataatttctg ctttacttgc agttaatcct atcaggcctt ctaccatacc     66060
     cagttgtgtc agcaagatct gtacaatgat aagtaacaca tggctcccag ggctaaacat     66120
     attcctaaca cttatataaa cactttttca gaaatttgac aatattttat aattaaacaa     66180
     tatcttattt tacaagaaaa gatatggtat cacaatactc tgagcaaaga gttaatttgc     66240
     ttctcaaatt tcctagataa tgaagtagtc ctaaaatatt taactcagta ttggtaatag     66300
     tttcaatttg aggaagtgtt ctgaatagcc tttttaatgc tgatgtcata agattgtgtt     66360
     acaaacacac tttcatttaa agacacttta tttttaattt tgttctaaaa aataaaatta     66420
     tatataaata cacatgcatc ctaaactata tatgtataat atacatatat gtatatatat     66480
     acacacagag agagagagag agaaggagag agaaacagag acaaagagag ccataaatcc     66540
     tgaatttgtt gttgtcagtg gtgtttgata gcatcacttt gtaactcaat aggatgtatc     66600
     tgcacaaagc taaaattaat ttatttttgc catacaaggc aagtgtatct tgttgatgtc     66660
     tatagagaaa ataaatcacc ctctaaagaa cggtttataa ataaataatt gatatctgaa     66720
     aattcagaaa aaaataccac tatcatttta cttaccatat tgcattgaaa ttatatgttt     66780
     atgcttctct tgcttctacc tctctgtgaa ttcaaggtta gaaaaggaga aatttttatc     66840
     ttagcattcc caggaccaat cacaatatct aatacttaga gcatgcaata aatgttggtt     66900
     gaactaaaat aaatctgata taaaaacaaa taatgcttta gggaagtgat ttttcatttg     66960
     agattatttt ctcagaaaaa ttaacatgac caggttgtca tcctatgcaa acattagtat     67020
     gccttattga tttttcacta agttatatag cttatattat aagacttttt tatgggtgtc     67080
     tctacctata gattccaggc actaacaaac atgtagaaac tcataaattt aatgcatttt     67140
     atcaagttga ttaatatagc atgaacattt ttcaactggc ttcacaaatc atttattttt     67200
     aaatgtcatt cttatacctg tattagagag aaaaaagcca gaggtggcaa ggtgatatac     67260
     agatcaactg gaaatccaca agttttggtt tggaactctt tggaaaattg aataaagagt     67320
     cacaccttgc tcaaaactga atcagtaaaa gtgatgtaca tatcaataaa caaacttctc     67380
     taataaaaaa gcattaaaaa tatagtcagc atatattttt tggaatataa aattgaggaa     67440
     ctagaataat tcaacttgaa taagtgtaac taattcattt tctgcaaaat attacccaga     67500
     gattgagtat ttttctattt attctattgg aaaaaaatga tataccactg tactggaaat     67560
     attcagaaaa gtttgtctat tttttaaaat tgtacttatt atacctttat aaccgtgaga     67620
     taatatattt attatttgaa tgagaataaa tgtttatgat ttatacaaaa atgcctgaca     67680
     cagactacta tgcccacaaa agttgaatgg ttgtttttag cttatatata cctatacagg     67740
     ttaatagata tatctttact tcttttttct ttttttttga gacagagtct cactctgcag     67800
     cccaggttgg agtgcagtga catgatctcg gctcactgca actccgcctc ccaagttcac     67860
     gctatcctcc tacctcagcc tcctgaatag ctgggactac aggtgcccgc caccacgccc     67920
     gtcttatttt ttgtattttt agtagcgatg gggtttcacc gtgttagcca ggatggtctc     67980
     aatctcctga cattgtgatc cgcctgcctc agcctcccaa agtgctggga ttataggcgc     68040
     gagccaccgc acccggccaa tatatcttta cttcttataa gaaatgagta actttattaa     68100
     ttctaccaac agataacatt cttcctctca gagagtaata tgcaatcatt tcctaacctt     68160
     attttattgc gctatatttt aaatataata aacgtgtcaa aaatgtggtt tcgtactttt     68220
     tataaattga tatatttacc taattacact aaatctagaa aatactattg tgcttattca     68280
     aacttctctt ctcttcttca gaggcaaacc tgtataattt ctttggtttg tttgttttaa     68340
     gacgtagtct tactctgtta cccaggctag agtgcagtgg tacaatgtga ggtcactgca     68400
     acctccgcct cccgggttca agcgattctc cggcttcagc atcccaatta actcggatta     68460
     aacccttata atttctatca tgattgatta attttgttca tcttcaaatt ccaataatta     68520
     gaattcctac aggatgtgtg tgtgagtgtg tatctggttt attttcttta gcataaataa     68580
     atatttgaga tttagccaaa tatttgtgcg tatcatttgt ttatttttcc tcatatttct     68640
     gagttgccta tgtatttgtc agagtttgct tattcattag tctgttagtg aatattcaga     68700
     ttgctttcag aattagcttt tacaaataaa ggacttaggt acattctcaa acaggttttt     68760
     gtgtaaatat atgcttttat ttttgttgga taaatttcta gaattgaaat tgctgtgcta     68820
     tagggtagat atatgttggc cttatttaga agcgaattat ttttcaaagc ggttgttccg     68880
     cttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttttttga gacacagtct cgcgctgtcg     68940
     cccgggctgg agtgcactgg cgtgatctgg gctcaccgca agctccactt ctcaggttca     69000
     cgccattctc ctgcctcagc ttcctgatta gttgggacta caggcgcccg ccaccacacc     69060
     cgtctaattt tttttttttt tttgtatttt tagtagagac ggggtttcac catgttagcc     69120
     aggatagtct cgatctcatg accccgtgat ccacccgcct cggcccccca aagtgctgtg     69180
     attacaggca tgagccaccg cgcccagccg gttgttctat tttacactct cacaagaaat     69240
     agacatgact tctagtttcc ccacatattt gccaatatta gtattatcat tttaaatggt     69300
     agtctttcca gtttcaatgc attttggttg catttcccct tatctaataa tattgagcat     69360
     cttttcacat tcctataagc cacttgtatc tcttgttttg tgaaatacct gttcaagatt     69420
     cttataacta tttagtggat ctcaggagta ctctgtgcgt tttgaacacg caattttttt     69480
     ctcatacata tatggaataa tttatcacag tctatggctt aaaattatat tttcttacat     69540
     tttgcagttt tattaggata catttttaat taatatctac aatttatcaa tttttactct     69600
     tatgatagtg ctttctctgt tcagaaatat ttttcctatt ataatagctc acagatattg     69660
     tttaattttt ttcttttaaa agctttctga attttgcttt ttcattttta tgcctacatt     69720
     aaaaatatcg gattagtttt gtgtatacaa aggactgatg catgtatttt tttaatatga     69780
     gaatgcattt atttcaaaag cctttgttaa agacttactt tccccactga attatctaca     69840
     tgcccttata aacatttaat ttactgcata ggtggaggtc taattttgaa cccatcttta     69900
     tccttattat ttttgtgtta tgatgctttg atactgcagc tttcttagat gtctgaaaat     69960
     tggctctatt tttttctcaa aattctaggt cctatgaatt ttccaaacaa attttggaaa     70020
     cagcttgtga atttctctca aaatgtttgc cacaatttac tacagagttg tagtaaatag     70080
     atatagaatt cattgtagtc aataaattac aaactataga ttgcattgat gctttttttt     70140
     tttttttgag acagaatctc accttgtcac ccaggttgga gtgcagtggc acaatctcgg     70200
     ctcactgcaa cctcagcctc ccagattcaa gcaattatcc tgcctcagcc tcctgagtag     70260
     ctgggactac aggcccgtgc caccatgcct ggctaatttt tttgtatttt tttttagtag     70320
     agacagggtt ttatcatgtt agccagtata gtcttgatgt cctgaccttg tgatccaccc     70380
     accttggcct cccaaagtgc tgggattaca ggcatgagca accgcgccca gcccctactg     70440
     cattgattct aaagattaac ttccagagaa ttcacatcaa acaatgttgc atcttcaaat     70500
     ctatgaatat ggtagttctt tacatttatt taggtcttct gtaatgtttc tctacaagaa     70560
     attttaaaaa gttttagtgt gaaagatttt taaaggtttc acttaaatta ttcttaacta     70620
     tttttatacc attaaaattt tacttttaaa tgtattctca attgtttatt tctagtattt     70680
     agaaattcca ttaattttac atattgtatt ttatgtattg accttgcatt ctacacattc     70740
     tgcaccatta ttgaatttga ttcttattat tcacagcttt ttaaataaat gtattaggat     70800
     tttcttcata cacaatatac atacataagt tctgtgaata aaaatatttt ttcttttcac     70860
     ttttcaattt ttatgctttt catttcttga ccccatgcaa atctgaaatc cagaggggca     70920
     gccaaatctt aaagctccaa aatgatctcc tttgactcca tgtctcacat cctgatcatg     70980
     cagatgcaag aggtgggttc ccatggtatt gggcagctct gcccctgtgg ctttgcggga     71040
     tatagcctgc cttctggctg cttttgtggg ctggtgttga gtgtctgtgg ctttcccagg     71100
     cacatggtgt tgttggtgga tctaacattc tgaggtctgg aggatggtgg ccctcttccc     71160
     acaggtccac caggcggtgc cccagtaggg actctgtgtg ggggctccca cccaacattt     71220
     cccttcctca ctgccctagc agaggttgtc aatgagggcc ccatccctgc agcaaacttt     71280
     tgcatgggca tccaggtgtt tccatatatc ttctgaaatc taagcagatg ttcccaaacc     71340
     tcaattcttg atttctgtgc atccacaggc tcaacaccac atggaagctg ccaaggcttg     71400
     gggcttccac cctatgaagc aacagctcaa gctgtacttt ggtccctttt agtcacagct     71460
     ggagtggctg ggatgcaggg caccaacacc ctacactgca cacagcatgg ggaccctggg     71520
     cccagcaaaa ccattttcct ctaggcctct gagactgtga tgggaagggc tgctgtgaag     71580
     acttctaaca tgccaggaga cattttcacc attgtcttgg ggattgacat tcagttcctt     71640
     gttacttatg caaatttctg cagccagctt aaatttctcc tcagaaaatg ggtttttctc     71700
     ttctatcaca ttgtcaggct gcaaattttc tgaactttta tgctctgctt gccttataaa     71760
     ctgaatgcct ttaaaagcac ccaagtcact tcttcaatgc tttgctgttt agaaatttct     71820
     tctgtcagat accctaattc atctgtcaag ttctaagttt cactaatctt tagggcatgg     71880
     gcaaaatgct gtcagtctct ttgctaaaac ataacaagag tcaactttgc tctagtttct     71940
     aacaagttcc tcaactccat ctgagaccac atcagcctgg atctcattgt tcacatcatt     72000
     atcagcgttt tggtcaaagc cattcaaaac gtctctagga agttccaaac tttcctgcat     72060
     tttcctgtct tctgctgagc ccttcaaact gttccaaccc ccgcctgtta cgcagttcca     72120
     aaattgcttc tgcattttca ggtatctttt cagcagcatc ccactctact gataccagtt     72180
     tactgtatta gtctgtttta atgctgctga taaagacata cccaagactg ggcaattgac     72240
     aaaagaaaaa aggtttaatt ggacttacag tttcatgtag ctggggaagc ctcacaatca     72300
     tggtggaaag caaagaggag caagtcataa cttacatgga tggcagcagg caaagagagc     72360
     ttgtgcagga aaactccccc ttataataac catcagacct catgagactt actcactatc     72420
     aggaaaacag cacaggaaaa gcctacctcc atgattcaat tacctcccac caggttcctc     72480
     ccaaaaggta tgggaattca agatgagatt tgggtgggga cacagccaaa ccacatcaat     72540
     gaagctctct gttgtatatg ttaatgctga taatgttttt ttgttttgtt tttgaggaga     72600
     tcttagagac gaaaaagggg aagctccatt aaaattggta aaggaagaaa cataatatga     72660
     aaggagggaa ataatgaggt aaaagatgca gagactgctt tccagacaaa gtaagaatga     72720
     acttcacttt ggaataacaa agcagtgctt gcttggcaag gtgagtctta gaatctgact     72780
     aacatcaaca gggcagagtc tcaggtaatt aacaaaacca ggaaggaaca gggagcagca     72840
     atgctaaaac acaagaaacc aggttacttt gtcctacttc atagttgtta ttttcctaat     72900
     cattggagat aagctatgat taacagaaaa actacccatg taaaatattg tcacccaact     72960
     tttaagaaaa acaagaaaga agatacaaaa cttagcaaac agaataagta atttcagaga     73020
     atcagaatta agacaagaaa caaatgtaat tacagtaagt gtaattcata tcttcagaaa     73080
     catgcaagaa gaggttgcat tttagaaaat actgataata gctcttggat taaaaactca     73140
     acagatgttc tgaagagaac aatagacata gttaaatata gatctagcaa gtttgaagtt     73200
     taaaagttga ataattttct ctgaatccaa tggctaggat aaaatgaaga aaggtaaagg     73260
     gaggtaaagt gaagataaag aattgttgac gtaaagttgt ttaaaatgct agaaaaaaaa     73320
     ggaaagtaaa cataaagatg gaaataatta aagaactaat ttaaatattt tttagaacta     73380
     gaaatactgt agacttgaga tttaaagttt tcatagaagt atgaacttat attaatggag     73440
     aaattctact gatagacatc tcttgaagaa gcaatgggat actaacgatt aggacagaat     73500
     cataaagact tccagagtag gaggatagaa aggtaatttt caatggaata agaagtagat     73560
     agaaaagaaa atttattctt aaacatgtag atgttgttaa taactgggac aagaccatca     73620
     atgtctgaag aaattccaaa aataaaataa taaaattaac aaacagattt ttagaattac     73680
     atctggcagt catagagcac aatagcatac ttgaaaataa ggaaaatatg gccattttaa     73740
     tgatattgat tcttcctatc catgagcata gaatgttttt tcatttgttt catcctctct     73800
     gatatctttg gtgtttttag ttcttacaga gatctttcac ctcactagtt agctgtattc     73860
     ctaggtattt gattcttttt gcagcaattg tgaatcagat tgcattcctg atttggctct     73920
     ccgcttgact cttgttggtg tatgggaatg cgagtaattt ttgtatgttc tttttgtatc     73980
     ctgagactct gccaaaggtg tttttcatct taaggagctt tcgggcctta agcttttggg     74040
     cctataaagt tttctacata taggatcatg taatctacag acaaggatag tttgacgtcc     74100
     tttcttccta tttgggtacc tttatttctt tctcttgcct aactgttttg gcaaggactt     74160
     ccaatactat gttgaacagg agtggtgaga gagggcatcc ttgtcttgtg cacaaaatac     74220
     actaaaataa aattgcttaa aactagtgat aaagaaaaat tctcaaagca gccaatgaca     74280
     aaaacacggt ttgcacagag gaacaaaaaa tgccagcaaa cattttattg gaaacaaaga     74340
     aaattagaag ataatgaagc aacatcttta aagtactgga agataaacat tgtcagctgg     74400
     aaattgtaga ctcagagaaa ctatctttca agatgtaggt gaaataaaga ttttgttctg     74460
     gcacttagaa cctgaaataa atcatcacca gtaaaacagc actataaaaa atgttaaaga     74520
     aaatgtttca ggcagacgta aaataatatc aaaaggaaat ttggatctac atagaagaat     74580
     gaaaagcact ggaaatggta tcaacatggt taaatatata agatcctttt atttctgttt     74640
     gaattcaatt gattgtttaa acaaggggtc agcaagctat agcttcatgg gtggactgcc     74700
     tgtttatgtg aacaaatttt tactgagata cattcatgct catttgttta tgtattatca     74760
     atgggtgcta tagaattaca aaagcagaat taagtagttg taacagagcc taatggcaca     74820
     caagcctaaa atatttagct tttaaggaaa gcatgtccgg ttctggtggc tcatgcctgt     74880
     aatcccagca ttttgggagg ccgagatgtg cggatcacga ggtcaggaaa ttgagaccat     74940
     cctgggcaac atgatgaaac cctgtgtcta ctaaaaatac aaacattagc tgggtgtggt     75000
     ggcatgtgcc tgtaatccca gctactcggg aggctgaggc aggacaatct cttgaacccg     75060
     ggaggcagag gttgcagtga gctgagatgg cactactgca ctgcagcctg gtacaaagct     75120
     agactctgtc tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaga gagagagaag aaaacaacat     75180
     tattaacctc taatttaaac aagaataata acaatttata atgagtttaa aacatatata     75240
     aaaataaatc acatgacaat aacagaacaa cagttaggat aaaataatga aaatgttgtt     75300
     attcatgata ctgtatgtaa agtagtatat tataatttga aggtagaatg tgatgagtta     75360
     aacatgtata ctacaaactc aaaagcaacc attaaaatta acaatataga gagttttaat     75420
     tctcaagtaa aaaaggagat aagatgaaac cgtaaaatat atttaattca tagaaaagaa     75480
     ggcaaacaag agggaaaata agcaaaaaac agatgggatg gtaggggaag caaaatttta     75540
     ttaccatctt cttagttttt tttttttcct ctgctaagcc tgagaattaa attgatataa     75600
     gacagatcaa caggaaaatg catacaaatt tatttaatac atgcattatg tggcatgaga     75660
     gattctttaa ggaaggaaga ctccatgaca taatcactta tgttctgaag tagacacaga     75720
     gtagtaaatt gtgaaatatg acaagacaaa ggagctggaa ctagtgtagt taattgggtg     75780
     aagaggtgat taacaggata agggttggtt taacaaggta tgtttgtaca ggtttccctt     75840
     gcctcaactt ctcatcctgg gtgatgagac tgttactttc cttcttgtat aaagagggca     75900
     actttcatgt agaaatttta cctcctactt ttaagaaaaa ggaaaatcag agtgctttaa     75960
     aggaaaatca gagtgcctta aaggaaaatc agagtgcttt aaaggaaagt cagagtgctt     76020
     taaaggaaaa tcagagtgct tttcttgcat ctgctatttt tcaagtgtct ttaactcaaa     76080
     aaaatcaata tgccaaagtg gcacgtttcg gggtatctgg ttctgaattc cttcaggaaa     76140
     gatagaaagc aaaagcaaaa taataggttt aaaactaaaa atatccaggt gcggtggctc     76200
     acgcctataa tcccagcact ttgggagact gaggtgggca gatcatgaag tcaggagttc     76260
     gagaccagcc tggccaacat agtgaaaccc tgtctctact aaaaatacaa aaaattagcc     76320
     aggcatggtg gtgggcacct gtaatgccag ctactcagaa ggctgaggca ggagaatggc     76380
     ttgaacccag gaggcagagg ttgcagtgag ccaagatcat cgcattgcac tccagcctgg     76440
     gcaacagagc cagactctgt ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagaaaaa aatatatata     76500
     tgcacacata accacattac atataaatgg tctaaatata ccaatttaaa agcagattgg     76560
     atcaataaaa caagatctaa gttattactg tctagaagaa attcaagaat atcctaataa     76620
     aagatatcta tgtaaaaaca atagctggca tcatacttaa tgaagaaaaa tcagtttatt     76680
     tccccctatt tcaggaacaa gatgagtcca ttaactctta gcactttgtt ttaacattcc     76740
     actagacgtt ctaccaagta aaatagacaa aaaacataaa caaaagaatt acagatggga     76800
     aaggaaaatg tagattggtt ttatttatag acggcatgtc tatgtagaaa gtccactgaa     76860
     atctacaaaa acactgctgg ctataataag tgagttagca acataaaaaa gaaaaaaagc     76920
     aacatattaa actaatattt ccatatacca gcaatgaaca ataaaaaatt aaaataaaag     76980
     tactattaat aatatcatga aaaatgtaga agaattagga attaatctat caaatgatgt     77040
     gagtctggta cactaaaact caaaacactg cagaaagtta aagaagactt aaataaatgg     77100
     aaagatgtaa tatgaatatg ggttagaaaa ttcacatggt aaaatgtgat tatccctaaa     77160
     tatagattca atacaatccc aattaaaata ttattaggca ttgtttatag gaatttacac     77220
     actaatttta aaacttcagt agaaatgcaa agagtctaaa atagccaaaa taattcttaa     77280
     aaataagaat atttttgaag gattagcaca atctaatgcc aaagcttata aggctacagt     77340
     aatgaaaata gtgtgatatt ggcataaaga tagacagaaa tgtcattgga agataataga     77400
     aaattcagaa atatatgtac agaattttgg taaattggtg ttctccaaag atacaaaggt     77460
     aattcagtaa ataaaagata gcccttcaac aaattctgct ggaacaatta gatgctcata     77520
     tgcaaaaagt agaactttaa cacgtaactc atgatacaaa aattaattta gtacagatca     77580
     tatgcctaaa tgtaaaatgt aaaaacaaag tgaaaaaaag gaagaaaaat tacgtatagg     77640
     agaaaatata gaaaagtctt tgacctcaat actacttaga catgacacaa acaccaggtt     77700
     tcatcaaagt agaaattgac aactcgagtt catcaaaatg taaaacatat gttcctcagg     77760
     aaacactgta aaacaaatag aaatataaga cactactgag aacaatattt gcaaaatata     77820
     tgtctggcaa aaaagttgtg tccagaaaat ataagaactc tcaaaacttg ataataaatg     77880
     tagtaactct aataaaagta ggcaaatggc ttaaatgaat acttcttccc taaagaacat     77940
     atgtagatag aaagtaaaca catggaaaga tcctcaatat cattagtcat tagggaattg     78000
     atctgtgtct gtcaaaaatg ggttgggtac agttgctcaa gcatgtaatc ccagcacttt     78060
     ggaaggtcaa ggcagcaggg tttcttgacc ccaggagtta gagagcagcc tgggcaacgt     78120
     agtgagatcc tgtctctaca aaaaagaaaa agacatggca tggtgtctct atttagctag     78180
     gcatggtgac acatgcctgt agtaccggct actcggaagc tgaggtggga gaatcacttg     78240
     agcccaggag gtggagcctg cagtgaacta tggttgtgcc aatgcactcc agcctgcgtg     78300
     acagagcaag aacccatctc aaaaaagaaa aaaagaggcc aggcacagtg gctcacacct     78360
     gtaatcacag cactctggga ggtcaaggtg ggtggatcac ctgaggtcaa gagatcgaga     78420
     ccagcctgac caacatgggg aaaccccatc tctactaaaa atacaaaaat tagctgggca     78480
     tggtgatgtg cgcctatatc ccagctactt gggaggctga ggcaggagaa ctgtttgaac     78540
     ccaggaggtg tagattgcag tgagccgaga ttgtgccatt gcacattgca ctccagcctg     78600
     ggcaacaaga gtgaaacttc atctcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa     78660
     aaagaatggc taaagttaaa aaggctggcc atgccaagtg ttggcaaaac tatagaggac     78720
     aaccaacata catgcactgc taatggtaaa ggaaattagt acaatgactc tggaaaaagc     78780
     cttgtcagtt tttaaaatat tttgacgtat gcacctatca tatgactgcc aatcaatttg     78840
     tagggaaatg aaagtatatg tacataaaaa acttgtacca aaacattcac agcacttttt     78900
     tatgggagag aggggctaat agtgaagagc atgtaacaat caaatattca ttaacagata     78960
     aatgaataag caagctttga tatatccata ttttgaaata ctacaagcaa taaaagaaat     79020
     gaaactttca tccatactat aaaatagatt aatctcaata aatatgctaa ttaatagaag     79080
     ccagatcaaa agagaacagt atgatatcat ttatataaaa agaggcatta gagcctagta     79140
     gttaagagtg cagcttctgg aagcaaaatc cttagtatga ttttggctca ttgtctgcag     79200
     catttatttt atgtgcgctc ttgaggtttt tacagaaaca atatgcctca gtttactcat     79260
     ctatataatg actatatcga tagtcatcta ctttataaaa tatagtattt tataatgtaa     79320
     tactttataa tatatatttg atatatattt taaaatgtct ttattatatt ttataaagta     79380
     taaataatat aaaataatgt ctatagttgt tgacttataa aaataaagat taaataaaca     79440
     aaaatatgtg aagcactagt ttactaccta gaaaatggta cattttaaat attttcatga     79500
     ttgtaataaa taaatgtatc cttataatgt tattttatta ataataaaca aaaatttatt     79560
     tttagaataa tgaatattat aattattttt atttttagaa taaataataa tgaataatat     79620
     tattataata atattattat tcattcttat atacctttga aaaatcatag ggtaagatga     79680
     ttgaaattct gtgtatagca tctcagcaga tgagatatat aagaaagaac cattgcaccc     79740
     ccatttactt aaatcagtta tagtttaagt tgtttgaaaa aagtcattta ttggaatcac     79800
     cacatgacat caatcaagag caaagtgtgt agaatactgt caagtttttc tccaagaatt     79860
     tatttctgtt ttcaatttgc aactcactga agcattgaac attttatgag ctctacaact     79920
     aacaatgcct gggaatttaa atattttcca tggaatctgt ttacttcaaa tgaaaaaaaa     79980
     ggagcagata tgataatgaa taatttacca tgcgtatatg gtacaaagta gaatctttaa     80040
     aaataaagac acaaacagca acaaccacaa aaacctcaat tgtttctgct tttgttctat     80100
     ttttagtgaa cttaaaattt taagagaaac tctttctcct tgtttttaac acgtgtagag     80160
     agaggtgtgg aatattgtaa agctttttat ctgattcggc ctgagtctca atagatgaag     80220
     attcatcgag tttagtaggc cgaatagttt tttctaaaag atatgtgacg cgttaatcct     80280
     tggaatcttt gaatataatg acacgttaaa cagtgaatat taccttatac ggcaatgctt     80340
     gtgattaagt taaggacttt aagggaaggg gcttattctg aaatatactc acgggtctct     80400
     aattcaatga caaatgttct tttttttttt gagatggagt cttgtacttt cgcccaggct     80460
     ggaggggtgc agtggtgcga tctctgctca ctgccacctc tgcctcccgg gttcaagcaa     80520
     ttctcctgcc tcagcctcct gaggagtggg attacaagcg cctgccatca tgcccagata     80580
     atttttgtac ttttattcaa ggaagggttt caccatgtta gccaggctgg tctcaaactc     80640
     ctgacctcaa gttattcgcc ctcctcggcc tcccaaattg ctgggattac aggcatgagc     80700
     cactgtgcct ggcctgacaa atgttttttt aagagtgagt cagagggaga cttgacacac     80760
     agaagaggag gcaatgtgac cagggagcag agattggagt ggcgcagccc ccagaagctg     80820
     gggaaaagga atgctggcat gagtaaagga atgctggcag cccccagaag ctggaagatc     80880
     cacagaatgg attctctcta gggacctcag agcgagtgtg gccccactgt atttaggact     80940
     tctagcctct agaactgttt tagaatacat tgctgttgtt gaagtcattt agtttgtgtc     81000
     aatttgttgt gatagcctag ggaactaata taatgaagca tggagagaga gagagagaga     81060
     gagagaggat aaaaggtgaa aatcatgtgc caaaactaaa gaaaagagat gctgacattt     81120
     gtgattaaat agaataattg cactatttaa gattaatcac ttgagcctgg gaggtggagg     81180
     ctgtagtgag tcatcatggt gccactgcat tccagcctgc atgacagaga gagactctgt     81240
     cttaggaaaa aaaaaaaatt aaggtggtcc agaatgcacc caaggataaa atgcaaagat     81300
     gatcttgccc catgtatgtt ttagcatact acttaggtac tatttatttt ttaattatct     81360
     cctttttaca ttttgacaat tttatcccag tggtcaagcc ttgtattaga aaagacagaa     81420
     agaaggaaaa gaaagaaggc aggaaggaag gcaaggggaa ggaaaggaag tggaagggaa     81480
     ggggaagaga aggggaagag aaggggaggg gaaggggagg ggaggggaaa cgttgctttg     81540
     gacagaataa atgggtaagg gtttctattt taattagatt aagattaatt agattaaacc     81600
     tctgaggaag tcttacttga gctgagaaac taaatatgag agggaggagt accactgcat     81660
     tggttataga tggggtagaa gtctacaaaa gagttcattg aggaatagag tagtaaataa     81720
     gtgacttaat gagtttgtgg ctgggcgcag tggctcaaac gtgtaatccc agcactttgg     81780
     aaggccgagg cgggcggatc acgaggtcag gggatcaaga ccatcctggc taacacggtg     81840
     aaaccccgtc tctactaaac aaaatacaag aaattagccg ggcatggtgg cgggagcctg     81900
     cagtcccagc tactcgggag gctgaggcag gagaatggcg tgaacccggg aggcggaggt     81960
     tgcagtgagc caagatcacg gcactgcact ccagcctggg ggatagagcg agactctgtc     82020
     tccaaaaaaa ataaaataaa ataaaataat aaaataataa taataataat gagtttgtat     82080
     tgttcttatt ttgcaaaaga atgcaagatc tgggtagaga aagggcaaga gggaggactt     82140
     cccagactga atcaataata ttaacagtat caatctgcca ctaataatta tttaagaaaa     82200
     gtatttttct gctttcagtt ttatttatta aatagtttct gctagcctaa tgttaaagtc     82260
     tgccaactag ttccttcaag ttaatcacat tcacttttgg ttccctctta acacattaag     82320
     atattttata actctgtgag tttaaaatct gatgcaaatt cattgtggtc aggcaagatg     82380
     caagaccagt cgggcaaata cacttccctt attttttatg ggtctgaaat atcttttgtc     82440
     ttgggagatg tattattata caaaagatct atttggcaat ttatagtttg ctttttatct     82500
     attcaattgt tccctggtat tcttagaaca gaaaagcgaa ccttttaaga ataataacat     82560
     gcaaattacc tttaattact ctctagctct ttcagttaaa caaaaaaaaa cctctcattt     82620
     taggttcagt ttgtaactga atagaacatt ttatatctaa acccttaatg gaaaggcttt     82680
     cctatttccc acaattttct tttctattta atgtattctc taaatttaac acattattta     82740
     aaatgccatc catatacctg atcaacttga aaagatggag aaacacacaa gtaaagctta     82800
     ttatctgttc acattttatt ctatgtttcc attttcataa tcaaataaat gtagactgta     82860
     aaatacttat ttacaaatct gtctgattta tataataaac tctgaggaaa ctggaatgaa     82920
     gtagtgctac aagcaaggga cagaataaag ttttgtgtat taattacctg atttatactt     82980
     tagtcccttt aagtaaaaga atgtaacaaa tagaaggata gttattaata tatttggagg     83040
     agaaagaagg ataaaatgaa agatacaatg ttcttaaaaa cggagagttt tatctttttt     83100
     cagaagttta aaaaatattt aaacatttcc ctttatgtta gcgcatattt atgttataca     83160
     tttcatttac aagtaattgt atggtaaata gttacaaaaa caacaaggaa aagctttgag     83220
     ttaaggagct catgattttc agtgtaaaat acatgttatt tgagtaattt gggaaactga     83280
     cagaagcttt cttgcagtca agaatgctgc tcaaaaatta attttaaaat aaaaataaaa     83340
     gaaaaaaaat cctgaaagct tatgtagcaa aacaagtatt gtagtccatt acaaaaatta     83400
     gccttttctg aaatcatgtt aaaaagcaaa aagatcttag agcagaattt catgtacagt     83460
     tcattttggg attgatctta cttccttgat aggtggtctt acttcatcct gttggagccc     83520
     atcatggaga gctgttttac aaatattctt agctctacta ctcacataaa aattcaacct     83580
     atgactcctg tttctgataa agtagctatt taaattcatt aagaatgttt catcatttta     83640
     gtatgcaaaa tgcattgtta gattatgtaa gtgacacata ctatcttaaa agttaataaa     83700
     tctcccagaa gaaattagac tcagatgcta tatttattat ggagaattaa gaaataccta     83760
     aggttactgt gatcatcact taggagtttt gaatcaatta tatgagaaac taaagaagaa     83820
     gctttgactg gaaaaaaaat gaaccaaaaa gaaaaaaatt atataaagtc attttattgg     83880
     acacacatgc taaaaattag aaaaaccata cattttactc tatcgatctg ttaggaaaaa     83940
     ctatagaata tgatagtgat tgcattgatt ctacttagca aattaaatgc aaaactaaga     84000
     tattcaccaa atataaaata tagttatttt ctaagaaata aaactcacac attctggtgg     84060
     caactgccat ttttagcaga aaccaaaact atttcctgtt aacatgaagg aaaaaccatc     84120
     attgaacact caagtaataa tcaggggact aggatggact ttcagtaaga taccactgga     84180
     atatacctgg actaaatcta ttctgacaaa attaagtata ccaaccgaat agttttgtgt     84240
     gtgcatttgt ttttactata tacttttata atctcaaaag tacctaaaag gaggcaaaac     84300
     aagaaaggat ttgtctacag aaagtaaaaa taagaatgat tataaaatat tgttaaagaa     84360
     aagacactgc acagaatagt catggagatt tctgtactaa tcaccttgat cataatgaat     84420
     aatcactgaa tttcactggc ctattttcct ccacaagatt ctatgttagg taagcaactt     84480
     tgggtaattc aataatagga aagatgtttc ttttataaca tatctgattt gtacaactat     84540
     ttgaaataca ttttatgcta taaaataaaa atggtaactc ttatttacac agctatttat     84600
     tgtgaatttg tataaagaca gctcatcctt agaacttaat agactaggat tcttggtaaa     84660
     gtatatattg tatatctgaa aaatgtaaca gtgacaatat taaagtattg ccacttagtg     84720
     ctgtgttacc taaagaaatt gtcactttct gtcagtctta tcactgacat ttaaatttca     84780
     gatataggtg aattcaatat tgaagtgaat agagctaccg atatttgctt tcctaatatt     84840
     catggaagtt gttgttgacc tctcatagat aaataagcaa ataatatctt caaaaatata     84900
     tctaacttga ctcaaatact tctaagtatt ttgtcatttg aagggatatg agcaagttga     84960
     gaagaagaaa tgtggagaga gaaatattca tgaaaactaa atttataaca ttaaactatt     85020
     gctcaattct tagaaattta atcactactt atattttaaa gcaaaatatt tttgaactta     85080
     tttagaaaaa tatgacttca tctctcatat gtccattcaa agttttaaac aaagtataaa     85140
     aggaaattaa acagtggagg aaatgagaaa ggtcataggc attcaagagg tttcaacaaa     85200
     tttctggagg aatgaaaggt aattgaagga tgtgttaaaa taatttctat tattatcttt     85260
     atagatttag tgtccagtaa acattttata aacaatccaa cttgctgttt tgtgttcttg     85320
     aactttattt aaactgaatt atattgtaca tatccttttg tgacttaatc ataccactgc     85380
     atattacgtt tgtgagagta agccacatta acatatctaa ataaagttat ctatgttttt     85440
     ctaaagtgta gtattccact gtatgaatct accacattct actgttgttt aacttttaca     85500
     ttgcttatag tacttaactg agcctgtaaa tattttggat cacatttctt aatggccaac     85560
     cacgtacata caaaataagg agtgaaagcc aattgctgat tagaatatat ggtcatcttc     85620
     aatattactg ggtaatacaa gcctcttttt aaaacggata taatttccat ttccaggaaa     85680
     gcatatgaaa ttattattgc tctatatgtt tgccagaagt ctttcttgtc agactgtttt     85740
     tggtcaatct gttgtataag taataatgta catataaaac attttcattt gcatttttgt     85800
     gttaaaaata agttaaagtg attctaaata tgtatggtgg acacttatat tttacatttt     85860
     ataaagcaca tgtgcaagcc attttctttg ttttactgtc gggttttctg taatttttac     85920
     ctgggtttac atttaaatat tgatcaccaa ggaattgatt gttacatatt atataaggta     85980
     aagaatctct ttaattattt tccatatgta tagccagttt tctcactctc atttattggc     86040
     aaatttattt ttcaccactg atctataata ctagctttct tacatatcat gggttcttat     86100
     attttcctta ctgtagtcta cctattccat ttcattgatt atttattact ttgttaatac     86160
     cacattgcat taattaagtc ttataatatt tcctgtaata tattcttcct tcctcaataa     86220
     attattaact gaattttaat atttttagag tttacataaa ttctagaatt agcttgtcaa     86280
     tatctaaatc aaaccttact gggttttact ttggatgcac tagttacaaa gattaatttt     86340
     ggggagaagt gatttcatta aagtctttca attcaagaat atatttatgt caatgttatg     86400
     tctatgttta tttgaacttt atttaaactg agttatactg tacatattct tttgtgactt     86460
     aatcatacca ctaaatatta tgtttgtgag agtaagccac attgacacat ctaaataaag     86520
     ttctctactt atatgaaatg catttcaata ttgcataata cgtttgtgtc aaagcatctt     86580
     gctaaaagct catattcatt agtataatgt atcttacaat cattttgaat tgtctgtgta     86640
     cttagtgtca tcggtaacat agtaatctgt tttctctttc ataattctta tttttttaat     86700
     atttacaatc ctatcccagt gtctaagacc tgcaaaagga taaataaaat tgcttgtacc     86760
     atctatgttt attttgttcc caatcacaaa ggaaatattt taacattcca ttgttaagtg     86820
     ttataatttc aatagaactt ttgaaaacaa atgttattag ttaaactaga ttctctttta     86880
     attttgggtt gttaaaatgt atgacttttt aagaaaataa aattaaatat gcttataata     86940
     ttgttaagtt atttgttgtg gtgtatcata ttaattgata cctttacatg aggccattat     87000
     tgcttcccag ggtttcttag aataaacatt ggctgtgatg tcttacattt taatgcattg     87060
     cttatttctg cgtggaactt ttttaagttt tccttcatta ttttcataaa ttacattggt     87120
     gtttaattta ctttcccttt actatccttg tcaggttata atatcagagt cataatagca     87180
     taataaaatg aaatagagta tgttctttcc tgtttcatgc tcagaaagaa ttgtatgtaa     87240
     gactggaatt attgttttgt ttcatctttg aaacaacttg ccagtaaagt catcatggct     87300
     tgaaattatc tttatgatat gatttctgac tactgattac atgcatttgt tgtagcacaa     87360
     ttcagatttt tcttttcact ttaggttact tttggaaaaa tgcttgtttc aagtaattgc     87420
     acacatttta catatatttc caaatttatt gaaggttttc atactacact aatttacctt     87480
     cttgatattt gtattattta taacaaaact caataaactg tggcaaataa gccagacagt     87540
     atttataaat aaagtattac tggaacactg tcatgctcat tcattgacat actgtcaatt     87600
     tatgccacaa caatagaatt gattagttgc aacaaaccat atagcccaaa aacctaaaat     87660
     atttaccacc tgatcctttc caaaaaacaa aaaaaattct tgacatctga tgtataatta     87720
     tttcctattt tgattcctga gattgcatac ttgtttcttc tcttaatttt atcaagccat     87780
     ttctccagag ttttgttatt gtatggctcc tacaacaact aacaaacttt tggccatatt     87840
     tcttgacttt tctttccctg tattcttaat cactatgcat gtatttttta tttcctttta     87900
     tttctgttga tatttctaac ttcttccaat aaattcagaa cattttaaat attaatttgt     87960
     tgtcctcata aaataagaat ttaaggttct acattttcct ctaaaatgac acattttata     88020
     atgtagtata cattttttaa ttaaaaatat tttataattt ccattatgat ttgctcttgg     88080
     gtgttgagtt actaagaagt atatttctga ggtttttctt caatatgact gactatagat     88140
     attcgaatct agttattctc agaaagagaa agcaaagtta tggataaata atcattaatt     88200
     ccaatatcta tattgacggg agtgctagag caccacaaga agaaacttga acacagaaaa     88260
     ataaggaagc aaaaatccag cagagattat actctgaggg acttgatgtt ccatggaaaa     88320
     gcataggtgg gggtgtcttt tgctcctctc acccctgtgg cagactgctt gtttctgaac     88380
     tgttggagag ccctccattc tcacaagccc aagcactggt gtgggctgca atcttggaac     88440
     aacttgagga cagagaacaa ggctactatt tcctgcagtg ccacttgccc ttcacccagc     88500
     cccaagatga ggtggtgggc accatactag atatgcctct gtggtggacc tctatactgc     88560
     ctttgagtga gagagaggct tgccccatcc cgttgacagc ttccttctcc atccctgcgt     88620
     cgagctatgg ctagatttct ccatgagggc agagggcgag aggcgtgaga agcatcttct     88680
     ggaaggtctg cgggcaccct cctgcgggtg gacaataagc gcctgggagg ccgttgtcct     88740
     tggttgggga gcggtcgtct ggatctagcc tagcaaagag gctgctccgg atggggaggg     88800
     aatgaaagcc cctgcggctc ccacgcagat gcccacgttg cccaggcctt cacagacccc     88860
     caaaccggaa ccgccgggaa aacgattgcc aaccggccac aacacccagg cagggacgcg     88920
     gggagaggct gaccagaaga aaggccgacg tgcaagaaac ccagcctccg gcgcacaggg     88980
     aacatgtgtc ccaaggcgca cgcacacaca gacggacaga gacagaaaga gagggcgacg     89040
     gaaagagcga gaagggagag agagagagag agagacttaa gagagagaca gtagtgggca     89100
     cacagacacg cacttgcgcg cgcgcgcaca cacacagaca cacagacgcg cacacacacc     89160
     cccataacgc acacagatat acagcaggta acacccaccc ccaggcagcc cctgaagctg     89220
     ccgggttctg ctctccgcga ctacgagcca ccggtgagac agcagcccac gggcacacag     89280
     cgagacctgt cctcgacatc acaaggccgc cacttttggg gagactcacc cgcacaccgt     89340
     ccgcgcacgc ctgaggctgg gatcccgcgc tgcctccccg gcgatctgtc tgaggtttct     89400
     tcctcctggg gtttcttcct gctggtggac cctccgcgaa tcccggcctc cggagaccgt     89460
     cccggtaact gccctggccg gggctggtct cagccccgac tctgacgcac gatcacacag     89520
     ggctcccact tcgccaagtc tcagggaccc atcccttggc aacggtggcg gtcactgtga     89580
     ccgaagcggc ggctcgggcc tcgcgcatga gcgctggcga ggccgactca cccgccccac     89640
     ccccccttac tcggcagtca ggctgcggac cctttaaaaa atggcggcga cgccgcggct     89700
     gcggggactg gggtggcggt gctggagctt gcggcggcgg ctgcggtgca gccccaggcg     89760
     gtgggtggga agaggactac cagaggggcc tgcgggagac ccagggtcgg acccatagga     89820
     gtcctgtcgt caggacctcc ttgatcggtc ttctgcttgg gttcccggtg aaggaggagc     89880
     ttcggggtgc cggctgggct gcgcggactc ctcttgggat ccgatgatgg atcccacccg     89940
     gtgatcggga atggggttac aatgcagtga ggcggaaagg cgctcgccag ggcgcagaaa     90000
     gatccccagg gccgcaaggc gtgctgtcgg ctgcaaaggc actgacccac gagcccactg     90060
     cctccctcct tcctgggtgg agcaggggcc tgccttcatc tccaaggccc gggggttccg     90120
     gcatctcgac gcggcttccg gcgacacggg caaagagaga cagagggtag tccgagccgg     90180
     agccagtgtg accacacgtg gccctgacgt cccccaagag cacatgcagt gagcccgtgt     90240
     ctctgaggcc gtagtgggcg acgacgagac ggacagtgat gtccaggcct gcgcccgggg     90300
     gccactggag acctgcccct caaagcggag gaaactgcca agcgcacctg aaaacctgcg     90360
     agacagggcc tgtgcgcgag tccagtactc ctacttcgcc aagtctcagg gacccatccc     90420
     ccagcaacgg tggcggcaca gagaggtgca cggcgccggc gcaggttcag agagatagga     90480
     ggctgatggg gggaagttga ggcacctggg gcagagaaga aaatgcatcg ccaagcggtt     90540
     tctgggtcat acacggacga aaatgtcttc ccatcagccc ttgcgctggt ccccagggac     90600
     cctggcatcc gtcgttggcg cccagggttc gcgtcgggcc actaggggta ccccaactcg     90660
     gacagaaggc ccatgagttg aatttgaagt ttgtgggaat agaggtgagg caccaggggc     90720
     agaaaaaaaa acaggagacc tcgcctcaga caagcggggc ctgggtcccc catggatgaa     90780
     agtgccttcc cattatgcca tacgctgggc agagtggaca gtgacgacct tagttcaagc     90840
     ccatggtgcg cttcgggacc gcttgcggta ccagaaagcg aacaaatggt ccatgagcgg     90900
     aaggtgggca cctgaggcag agaaagtaaa gaaacgcgct gccgagaagc agtgcctggg     90960
     tccctcacgg aggaaattgt cttctcgtca gcccgttcgc tgggcactga catccctggc     91020
     gtctctggtt tgatcccagg gtacgcctcg ggccactagt gttaccccaa ggtgggcaga     91080
     aagcccataa ggggaaggtg aggcacctgg ggcagagaaa aaaaaaactt cgccgcagag     91140
     aagcgcggcc tgattcccca cggacgaaag tgtcttctca tcagtccctg cactgggacc     91200
     tggggaccct ggtgtccctg gttcgagctc agtgtgagcc tcagccgcta agtgcacccc     91260
     aaggggagct ttgggagcac aaagcccatg agggaaggtg agttttgagg gaggagtggt     91320
     gaggcacctg tcacagaaaa agaaaaaaaa aacaatccgc gccacggaga agcagggcct     91380
     gggtccccca cgatgaaaat gccttcccat cagctcctgc tctgggccct gtggaccctg     91440
     gagaccctgg ttcgagccac gggtgggcct cgggcccgct aggaataccc cccgtgcgcc     91500
     tctctgcgcc tgcgcaggcg ccgcgtgcct ttgcgagggc ggagctgcct tctcctcagc     91560
     acagacccgg agagcattgc cagggcggag gtgagttctc ctctgcacag acttcggaga     91620
     tacagcaaag cggatcatgt gctcctcagc acagacccgg gcgggcgggc caggggcacc     91680
     gcgagggcgg agctgcgttc tgctcagcac acacccgggg gacaccgcga aggcagagca     91740
     gcgttctcag cacagacctt gggggcactg cctcgctttg ggactactca gagccgcatc     91800
     gatggtgaat aaaatccttc ctgtttgcag ccctgaataa tcagggtcag agaccagtta     91860
     gaagggttca gtgtggaaaa cgggaaagca aaagcccctc tgaatcctac ccaccgaggt     91920
     tctccccagc caaggcgagg cggccgcagt gcgagatcca caccacagcc tcggaagaca     91980
     agcgagcaga aatcccatga ggggcagttg aggtttgagg aaggcgaggt gaggcacctg     92040
     tggcagaaaa aaaaaaaacc gcaccacgga gaagcagagc ctgggtcccc aacggacaaa     92100
     agtgtcttcc cattagccct tgcgctgggc ccaggtgacc ctggcattcc tggttcgaga     92160
     ccagggtgcg cttcaggccg ctaggggtac ccaaaagcgg gcagaaggcc catgaggtga     92220
     aggtgatgca cctggggcag agaaaaaaaa aaaacaaccg cgccgcgtat aagcggggcc     92280
     tggctccccc acagaagaaa ctgtcctcac atcagcgctt gcgttgcgcc ccagggaccc     92340
     tggtatccct ggctcgagcc cagcgtgcgc ctcggcctgc taggggtacc ccaaggcaga     92400
     cagaaggccc atgagggaaa ggtgagacac ctggggcaga gaaaaaaata aaaaaactgc     92460
     gccgcccaga agtggggcct gggtccccca cagacgaacg tccctaccca tcagccctga     92520
     actgggcccc ggagacccta gcgtccctgg ctcgaaacca gggtgcgctt tggacccgct     92580
     agtggtacct caaggcgggc agaaagccca tgaggggaag gtgaggcacc tggggaaaag     92640
     cgaaaaaaac aaaaacaaaa acaaaaacgt cgcagagaag cagagcctgg gtccccgagg     92700
     aagaaagtgt cttcgcatca gcccttgcgc tgggccccgg ggaccctggt gtcccagttt     92760
     cgaacccagg gtgtgcgtct ggccactagg tgtaccccaa ggcagacaga aggcccatga     92820
     ggggaaggtg aggtttgagg gaggagcggt gaggcacctg tggcagaaaa aaaaaaaacg     92880
     cgccacggag aagcagggca tgggtccccc acggacgaaa gtgccttccc atcaggccct     92940
     gcgctgagcc ccgtggaccc tggcgacctt ggctcaaacc cagggtgcgc ctcgggcggt     93000
     taggggtacc ccaaggcggg cagaaagccc atgaggggaa gttgaggttt gagggaggag     93060
     aggtgaggca cctgtggcag gaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaccgc accgcggaga agcggggctt     93120
     gggtccggca cggacgaaag tgtcttccca tcagcccttg cgctgcgccc cggggaccct     93180
     gacgaccctg attcgagccg agggtgcgcc tcggtccact aggggtaccc caaagcaggc     93240
     agatggctca tgaggggaag gtgaggtacc tggggaagcc aaaagaaaaa aaaaactgcg     93300
     ccgcggagaa gcggtgcctg ggtcccccac ggacgaaagt gtcttcctat cagcccttgc     93360
     actgggcccc gggaaccctg gcgtccctgg ttcgacctca tggttcgcct tgggccgcta     93420
     ggggtacccc aaggcgggca gaaggcccat gaggcaaagg tgaggtttga gggaggagag     93480
     gtgaggcacc tgtggcagaa aaaaaaaacg cgccacggag aaggggggcc tgggtccccc     93540
     attgacgaaa gtgctttacc attagcccct gcgcttggcc ccgtgcaccc tggcgaccct     93600
     ggttcgaacc cagtgtgcgc ctcgggccgc tagccgtacc ccaaagtggg cagaagccca     93660
     tgaggggaag gtgaggcacc tggggcggag aaaaaaggaa aaaacctcgc cacggagaag     93720
     ggaggcctgg gttccccacg aaagaaagtg ccttcccatc agacccggtg ctaggcccca     93780
     gggaccctgg catccctggt tcgagcccag ggtgcgcctc gggccgctgg gggtacccca     93840
     aggcggacag aaagcccatg aggggaaggt gaggcacctg tggcagaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     93900
     ccgcgccgca gtgaagctgg gcctgggtcc cccacttacg aaagtgcctt cccatcaggc     93960
     cttgcgctgg acctcgcgga cactggtgac cctggttcga gcccagggtg cgccttgggc     94020
     ccgctagggg tacccagaag cgggcagaag gcccatgagg ggtaggtgag gcacctgagg     94080
     cagagaaaaa aaaaactatg ccgcggagaa gcggggcctg ggtcccccac ggaagaaagt     94140
     gtcttcccat cagcccctga gctgggccca cgggaccctg gcatccctgg ttcaaaccag     94200
     ggtgcgcttc gggcctcttg gggtacccca tggtgggcag aaagcctata aggggaaggt     94260
     gaggtttgag ggaggagagg tatggcacct gtggcataaa agaaaaaaaa aaaaaccgcg     94320
     ccacagagaa gcagggcctg ggtcccccaa ggacgaaagt gccttctcat ctgcccttgt     94380
     gctgggcccc ggggaccctg tcgtccctgg ctcgaatcca gggtgcgcct ctggcctgct     94440
     aggggtaacc caaagcgggc agaaggcgca tgaggggaag gtgagtcacc tggggcagag     94500
     aaaaaaaaaa aacacacagc actgcggaga agcggggcct gggtccccca cgggtgaaag     94560
     tgtctcccca tcagcccttg cgctgtgccc tggggaccct ggcatccctg gttcgagccc     94620
     agggtgcgcc tctggccgcc ggggtaccac aaggtggaca gaaggcccat gagggaaagg     94680
     tgaggcacct ggggcagaga aaaaaaactg tgccacggag aagcggggac tgggtccccc     94740
     acggacgaaa gtgtattccc atgaaccctt gcgttgagcc ccagggaccc tggcgtccct     94800
     ggttcgagtc cagtgtgcac ctaaggcggc taggggtacc ccaagtcgaa cagaaggccc     94860
     atgaggggaa gtgaggtttc agggagtaga ggtgaggcac ctgtggcagg tgtccatctg     94920
     taaactactt atccatgtga gccctgatgt ccaccagggg ctggatgtcc ccctggggct     94980
     agatgttcgc ctggagcctg gtgcccacct ggggcctgat atccaggaga ggcttagtta     95040
     tccacctatg gccatctgga gccagatgcc cacctgaggt ctggtgtaca cctaaggccc     95100
     gatctctacc tggggcttgg gtgttcatgt ggggcctgat gtccacctaa gaccatgtgt     95160
     tcacctggag cctgggtgac catctgggtt atgatgttca gctggggccc agagttcagc     95220
     tagggactgg gtcaaccttc tgcttgttgc acacctgggg actaggtacc cacctgggct     95280
     ccagtgttca ctggggcctt gtatttacct aggaccagtc catccatctg gggtctgagt     95340
     gccctcatgg agcctggagt tttcctgggg actggggtct gccttaggct taagtgtaca     95400
     tctgtggcct catgtccacc ttgggacaga tgtccacctg gggacggata ttcagtaggg     95460
     gcctgagtgt ccacctggtt tttgatgtct acctggggcc tggtgttcat ctgaggtgtg     95520
     atatccacct ggggcctgga catttgcctg gaacctgatg tacagctggt gcctgaagtt     95580
     cgtctatgcc tggtgtctcc ctggggccag gtagtcaaac acagggcctg aataccttct     95640
     agagttcagt gttcacctgg ggtccgaagt ccacttaggg cttgggtgtc caaatagggc     95700
     ctggtgtcag cttgagattt gtgtatttac ctagggcctg gttgtccact tggggcttga     95760
     tttttcactt ggtttttgtg ttaatcaggg gtctagtgtc cacgtggggc ctgggtatcc     95820
     acctagggac tattgtccag ctggagacta atgactaact atggcctggt aatcacctaa     95880
     ggctttgttt cacttaggta cttggtgcca aactgttgcc tgctgttcac ctggggtatg     95940
     gtgtccacct ggggtctgga tgtcagcctg gggcttgttg tatacatgta tcttagatat     96000
     ccagataagg gtctgttttc tgcttaggtg cagcagtcca tctggtgctt gagtgtcaac     96060
     ctaaggcctg atgtctatgt tggaccttgg gttcacctga ggcctgatat ccacctgggg     96120
     cctcaatgtc caaatggggc ctgatgccca tctgggtcct gggtgtccac ctgcagcatg     96180
     gatgtccact ggtactttat gtccaccagg ggcctaatgt ccacctaaga cctggtgttc     96240
     acctggggtc tgatgttcag ctgaagacag gatgtccacc tggagctgag gaatccaccc     96300
     agggactggt gttgaactgg ggcctgatga ccacccgggg acaaggtaca catcaggctt     96360
     gttgtccacc tgtcaccaga tgtccacctg agtcctgatg tccatcttga tcctgtttgt     96420
     ccacattagg cctgatgtcc agctggggcc taggtaccca ctgggggctt cctgttaacc     96480
     tggggactgg tgtcattctg gggcctaatg accacctggg ttgtattatt cacctagggc     96540
     ctggtgtcca tttggggctt gagtgtaacc ttggacctgg cacccacata ggattgggta     96600
     tcaaactggc cccttggtgt ccagttaaga catcatgtga acctggcgcc tgagtgtcca     96660
     catgggtcca aatgactact gggggcctga atgtcaacct agaatctgag gtttactagg     96720
     ggcctaggta tccacctggg gcccaatgtc cacctgagcc tgggtgtcaa cctggggcct     96780
     gatgtaaacc tctagttcac tatccacctt gggcttaatg tcaacctgga gcccgatgtc     96840
     cacctgagta ctgatgttca cctttgacct gatgtccacc tgtggactgt ttatccaccc     96900
     atggcctgat gttcacctgg ggctgaatgt ccaactgtga cctgttgtgc acctggaacc     96960
     taggcatcca cctgcagcct gatgttcagc tgggctggga cctggagttc acctgaggca     97020
     tgatgtccac ctgaagcttg atgttcacct gggggctggg tgtccacttg gggcccaata     97080
     tccacctgga gactaggtac ccacctggga tctggtgttc actcaagatt ggtgttcagc     97140
     tgtggcctaa tgaccacctg ggtcacggtg tctaccttgg actgggtgct cacctggagc     97200
     cagtgttcac tgggggccta gtgtgcacct gagactgggg gatgcacctg gggcctggtg     97260
     tctacctggt gcctaggtat ccacttgggg cctaatgttc atctggaatc tgatatccac     97320
     ctggggcctt gtaattacct gggttctggg catccaccta gggcttgagt atcctcctgg     97380
     ggccttgagt tttactaggg actcgtgtct gccttggacc tgggtgtata tctgttgcct     97440
     aatgtacacc ttgagagtga tgtcaacctg gggacagatg tcctcttggg gtctgagtgt     97500
     acacctggtg tctgatgtct gcctggggac ttgtgttcac cttagacctg atattcacct     97560
     ggggactggg cgtccacgag gggctgatgt tcagctggac actggatatc cacctggggc     97620
     ttggggatcc atccagaaac tgatgtcaaa ctggggcctg atgtctacct gcggactagg     97680
     tatccatgtg aggcttgatg ttcatccacg gccagacgtc catctgatgc ttgatgtcca     97740
     ccttactcct gggtgtctac tagagacctc atgtccaact agaatttagg aacctactgg     97800
     gggcctcgtg taaacctggg gactggtatg aagctgggtc ctaatgatcc cctgggtcat     97860
     attattcacc tagggcctca tgtccacttg gggcttcagt gtcaaactta ggtcttgtgt     97920
     tcatctttga cctggtgtac acctgggaca cctacggact tgttgtccaa ttgaggtgtc     97980
     atgaccacct ggggactgaa tgtcaatctg gggtctgatg taaacctcta gttcagtatc     98040
     cacctgggcc tggtcttcgc ttggggcctg ctgtctacct gggccttgct gtcaacctag     98100
     ggcctgatgt aaacctctag ttcagtatcc acctggggtc agatgtcttc ctagagactt     98160
     atattcactt ttgacctgat gtccacctgg ggacttgcta tccatccatg gtctgatatt     98220
     cacctggaga cagatgttca actgtggtca gaagtgctcc tggggtctgg gcttccacct     98280
     ggagcctgat gtttagctgg ggctagagtt cacatggaga atgatgtcca cctgaagttt     98340
     gatgtttacc tggggcctga tacctacctg gtgcccaagt attctcatgt gcctaacatc     98400
     cactagttgg cctgatgttc atctgagggc ttggtgtcaa ccagtggctt tatgtacacc     98460
     tggattctag tgtcctcctg gggtcttatg cctaccagga gtctggtgta cccctggggt     98520
     ctagtatcca cctgcagtct gggcgtccac ctggagccta atgttgaggt tagactgagt     98580
     gtcagcctga ggcctgatgt ctactagggc atagatattc acctggggct tgttgtttac     98640
     ctggggacta atgtcaacct tgagcctagg tatccacctg gggaatagtg tccagttgca     98700
     gccagatgtc cacctatggc ctgaagcatg gttgttatcc taagtccttg tattagtcca     98760
     ttttcacact gttataaaaa actacctgat attgggcaac ttatgaggaa aagaggttta     98820
     actgacccac agttcttcag gcttaacagg gagcatgact gggcgggctc aggacactta     98880
     caatcatgat gtaaagccct ttttaccatg tgggaggagg agggagacag aagggggatg     98940
     tgctacacac tttcaaataa ccaggtctcg taagaactct atcacgagaa caccaagtgg     99000
     gaagtctgcc cccatgattc aatcaccatt caccaggctc attcttcaac ccatggggat     99060
     tacaattcaa catgagattt gggtggagac atagagccaa tatcaggcct gatgcccgcc     99120
     tggagtcatg tctacctgag gcctaatgta gacatgaggc ctgggcattc acctaggacc     99180
     tcatgttaag ataggtgctg gagttctttt ggtgcctagt gtatacctgg ggcccagatg     99240
     tataactaga acctgatgtt tcagatggaa acctgggccc caggtgctca tcagatccca     99300
     cgtgaaaact caggcttcag gtgcacatca gactccaagt ggacacatag gccctaggtt     99360
     gataccaaga tttcaggtag actctgggtc ccagaaaaac accccgccct aggtggacag     99420
     ctgaacctga gtagacatca ggccccggat tgacatctgg cctcaggtag attcctaggc     99480
     ccaaggtgaa tactcagtct cctgccctag gggaattcag tcttaggtga ttaaggactg     99540
     gtgttcctct ggggcctcat gtctacctgg gccctgggag tgcacatgga gccagatgtc     99600
     tataaagggc ctgagtgtcc actagggcct gaggttcacc aggagcatag acatccacct     99660
     aggacctcgt gtccacctaa aacctggtgt tcacctgggg cctgggtgac aacctgggat     99720
     ctgatgttca cctgaggccc agagttcagc tggtgcctat gtcagcctgg cacctgatac     99780
     acacgagacg actaggtgcc cacctgagga ctggtgttca tggggaactg gtgttcagct     99840
     gtggcttgat gagcaactgg gtcctggtgt cctcctggca actgatgtcc acctgggact     99900
     tcatgcttac ctagggcctg gtgttcccct ggggcctggt gtgcccctga gatctggggt     99960
     ccacctgggc ctagtatcca cttggggcct catatccatc tggaacatca tgtccacttg    100020
     gggccttgta gttacctagg gactgggtgt ccttctggca cttgggtgtc ctcctggggc    100080
     ctggggttct cctggggcct gggtgtacat ctctggcctg atgtccacct tgggtggatg    100140
     tccacctggg gacagatgtt cacttgtggc ttgagtgtcc atctcgtgtc taatgtctac    100200
     ctggggcctg gtgtttgcct gaggccttat atccacctgg ggcctgggca tccatttgag    100260
     gcctgatgtc tacctaagac ctggtgttta actggggcac agacttcttc ctggagcctg    100320
     acgttcatct ggagcctgaa gttcacctgt gcttgttgtc tacctgaggc ctatgtgtca    100380
     acctagtgcc tgatgaccac cctgagttca gtgttcacct ggggcctgac atctgtctgg    100440
     agtctgggtg tccacatagg gcctgatgtt ggcttgggac caaagtattt acctagggcc    100500
     tgggtgtcta cttacagcct gacttctaca tggttcattg tgtcaacctg gggcctgatg    100560
     tccacttagg tcctaggtaa gctccttatg actaaagtcc acatgggggc tgaaaccatc    100620
     tcagaccttg aacctagggc ttagtgtcga cctgagacct ggtgaccccc tggggtcaag    100680
     gtatccacct tgggcctgat gaccaactgg ggtttaagga tctacctaga gactggtgtc    100740
     aacctggaac ctgatgtcca cttggggtct ggtgtacacc ttgggcctga tgcccacctt    100800
     ggcacaggtg tacactttgg gcctagtgtg cacctgaagc ctggctgtca acctgggtct    100860
     tgatgcacac ctttagtcaa gtgttaaact ggggcctgat gaaatactgg agcctgattt    100920
     acacctgtgt actgggtctc cacctggggc ctgatgtcca cctgcagcca gatatccacc    100980
     tggcaccaga tgtctttgag gaatctgggt gtccaccttg aaaatgatgt attccaagag    101040
     actaggcatg cacattgggc ctggggtgca cctaggtcct gatgtctacc tgaggctggt    101100
     attgagctgg ggcctgtgtg ttcacttgga gcctgatgtt catttggaac ctggtgttca    101160
     cctaggacat gggtatccac atggatcctg attttcaggt ggggagtgga tatagatctg    101220
     ggacctgatg gccacctatg ctataagtaa cccaaccacc tgaggcctga tgttcacctg    101280
     cagcctgata tccacctggt acctgtgtgt caatctagtg cctggtgtcc agttgaggac    101340
     taggcagaca cctggggctt ggcgttcacc aggggcctgg tgttcatctt gcacccagtg    101400
     tccacctgga ccctgtgtat caacctgtgg cctaggtggc cactgtagct ttatgtgcac    101460
     ctggggcctg agagtttcct aggatctgat gaccactggg gcccaggtat ccacctggga    101520
     tatcaggctt caagtgtaca cccaggctcc atgtggacac caggccagga gaatgccagc    101580
     ccttatctga acatcaggtc ctagatagac gcccaggctc catatgtaca tcaggcccca    101640
     ggtatacact ggactccagg tggacaccac actcaattgg atacacacac ttaaggtgga    101700
     taccaggccc cacgtgaatt cctatactcc aggtgaacat caggtcccaa gtggatacct    101760
     ggaccccaga tgaataccag tctctaaatt aataccaggc ctcagatggt ccttaggaac    101820
     catgtgggca ttagtcatca ggaagttacc taggcccaaa gtggacatca ggccccatgt    101880
     tgacacaaga tctagttgga agtcaggcac caggtggaca cccaggccct aggtaaatac    101940
     ttaggtccca agttgacagc aggccctatg tgaacactca gaactcaggt ggacatcagg    102000
     cctcaggtgg acatctgagt tcatctggaa cctcatgtta caggccccat gtaaacacca    102060
     ggccttagat ggatacccaa tctctaggta gacatcagag ctcagattga cacaaagact    102120
     ccactagaca taatgtacca atgaatatcc aggcgcccgg taaataccca ggccccagat    102180
     tgacaccatg gtctatgtgg acacacaggc cccgggtagt aaacaggccc aaggtggaca    102240
     ctggactgga catcaggtcc taggttgaca accgtgctcc aagttgacac caggccccaa    102300
     gtgaacatct ggtcccagct ggacactagt cccctggtga atacctgggc tcaaggttga    102360
     catcagaccc tatgtgaaca ctagacccca gataaacact tatgccctaa gtggacatca    102420
     ggcctcaggt ggttacccag tcccaaggtg aacatcagga ccccgatggg caccagttat    102480
     caagtggatt cctaggcccc aggtgaatat caagccctag gtggataccg agccccaggt    102540
     ggatacctgg atcctggtag acatcaggtc ccaagaggac actagaaccc aggagtacat    102600
     taggccacag gttaacacga aggccccaga tgaataccag gccaacttgt ggacatcagg    102660
     cctgagaagg gtccttgggc tccaggggga tatcaggccc caggtgaaca tccagcactc    102720
     agatgaacat taagcttcag gtaggcatca tgcctcaggt gaactccagg ccccagctga    102780
     acatcaggtc ccacgtggat gcccagaatc ctggtgcaca tctggtcaca gttggacatt    102840
     caaccccagg tgaccatcag gccatgggtg aatacacggt ttccaggtag acatcagatc    102900
     aaaggggaac atcagtcccc cagtggacat caggcccaag gtggacactc aactagaggt    102960
     ttacatcagg ccacatgttg acacctagtc ccaggtggac atcaggcccc aggtggatac    103020
     ctaggcttcc agtgaatttc agacaccagg ttgacattca ggcccccagt ggtcatctgg    103080
     cctcatgcga acactcagac cccaggtgca aatgatgtct caactggata ccaaacccct    103140
     agtttgatac ccaaggccca ggtggacacc aggtccaagg ctgacactca agccctaagt    103200
     gaataccaaa ctctaggtga ataattcaac ccaggtggtc attaggaccc agctggatac    103260
     cagtccccag gttaacagaa ggcccccgct gggcacctag gcaccagctg gacatcaggc    103320
     cctatgtaaa cacccaggtc tcaggtgaac accatgtccc aggtggacat caggccctag    103380
     gtggacacgg ggccacaggt ggacatctag cccctgggca acatccagcc ccaggtggac    103440
     ataaccattt ccatggataa accattccca ggtggatagc aggcctcaag aggatggcag    103500
     tcaccaggta gacatcaggc ctcagataga caccaaggtc ccagatgtac agcaggcccc    103560
     aaccgaaccc cagactcatg tggacatcag gccacaggta gacaccaagc cttaggtaga    103620
     tacctaactt caggtagaca tcagacccaa ggtggacacc cagtccccag gtggacagtc    103680
     aggccccagg cacacatcag gccttaagtg gtcacccagg ccccaggtta atatccagtt    103740
     cccaggtgat caccaagccc caggtagaca ccaggccgta ggtgagcaac aggatgcagt    103800
     aggtcatcag gccacagctg gataccagtc cctggtgaac acaaggcccc agtgggacac    103860
     agatctaagg cagacattag gccccaggtg gatctgggtg gaattcaccc tgagggggac    103920
     attcggcccc aggtacgcat caggcctcag ctgaataacc agtccccagg tggacattaa    103980
     cccacaggtc aaccacagtc cccaggttga tacctggtcc ccaggtggct actcaatctg    104040
     cagggtaaca ttaggcccct gtaggatccc aggccccaag tggattccta agcccctggt    104100
     gaacatcagg tgcaggtgtc caagtaggcc ctgggtggac ataactgtgt acaggtaagg    104160
     agttgaccta tggggaggat gagcagtcag aagcccactg gggtcctgcg taggtcttct    104220
     ggaaggggga ggctgagggg atggaacctt aaagaagcaa cctcacttct ttggcaacag    104280
     accctaacag aacttagaat tctggtaacc aggccaggca cggtggctca cacctgtaat    104340
     cccagcactt tgggaggctg aggcaggagg atcatgaaac caggagatcg agaccagcct    104400
     gaacaacatg gtaaaaccac atgtctacta aaaatacaaa aagcaaacaa ggtcaggaga    104460
     tcaagaccat cctggctaac acagtgaaac cccgtctcta ctaaaaatac aaaaattagc    104520
     cgggcgtagt ggtgggcgcc tatagtccca gctactcggg gggctgaggc aggagaaagg    104580
     catgaaccca ggacacggag cttgcagtga cccagatcac gccactgcac tccatccagc    104640
     ctgggtgaca gagcgagact ctgtctcaaa acagacaaac aaacaaacaa aaaacaaaca    104700
     caaaaaaact agccaggtgt tgtggtgcat gtcttgggcc tgtaatccca gctactcagg    104760
     agactgaggc aggagaattg attgaaccca ataggcggaa gttgcagtga gccgagatca    104820
     tgccactgca ctccaccctg gccaacagaa tgagacaatg tctcaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    104880
     agaatcccga taaccaggca cccacatcct agagttagcc ctgtagccag ctcacttggt    104940
     gggagatgct caagagagca agacgttctt gtgctgcatc cccacatctc aaggctcctg    105000
     cttcaggaat ggcaggagtg agagcctttc ttttccaacg atgcccttgt aagctcatcg    105060
     ctcactccag atgcctctgg ccatttgaca gaaggtcccc ccaggtacca caggacagga    105120
     gtcaccaggt agacatcagg ccccagatgg agctaccagg ccaggcctca ccagtgatcc    105180
     caccagggcc acatctgcac attgtccttg tccagctgga gcctctggag ctcattgaga    105240
     cacaggcaca tggtgaggtc acctgcagtc tggaagtctt tccagggaca atgttttcag    105300
     gctgaaattc ctttaaattc agtgaggttg ttttcatgtt tggaaattcc agtggaaagt    105360
     gagtgatatt ggtgacctct ctccttttgc agctcctgct tcaggtgcag aaacacagct    105420
     atttccagtg ccagctgttg agccagtgcc agcaccaggg gcagagcccc ttccagggac    105480
     agcgctggag ctagaggaag ctccagagcc ctcctgccgc tgccctggga ctgcacagga    105540
     ccagcctagt gagaagctgc ctgacttcat ggcacctcct gtagagccac tggcctcagc    105600
     cctggagctg aaagtgtggc tggagctaga ggtggcagag agggggtgac cagcacagct    105660
     ccagccagca gctcccacac tgctcccagt cctgggcaca gtggaagcta tggaggcaga    105720
     gaccagggtg tgcaacctgg gctcctctgc ctcactggag agggacttct ctcattcagc    105780
     agagcagcag ccctgctgct gaaggccctg ccgctactgc tgctggaggt gtttgcctgc    105840
     ctgcaggagg tgctggagag caagaaaagg agcctgtgag caggggttcc agcaggtcct    105900
     cctgctccca gaggcgacct cctcctccag gaatggaggt ttgccctcag ctgggcatct    105960
     gggccatttg cctctaatgt gctgcccagg atggcctctt cttgacaggt ggacaggggt    106020
     tgagggggcc agggggcatc tccaaaggaa gctcttaaac tcagcagcag cactccagaa    106080
     tctccatgcc tgcacctgcc caaggattta ttcatagctt aactaagaat ttcaaatttc    106140
     taccataaca ctgaaataaa gtttgacttt ttgaaacttc catgacttct ttcactccct    106200
     aatattgtag atggtgtttt tgaggtgacg ttgaaaacct ctgatagttg tgtattttgt    106260
     tgtggttctt tgggtgatta aattaccatc tgatcaagtg atattgaaaa cccttcaggt    106320
     atggctttta gaagactttg acctattttt gcttgtgttg actctccctc cagctttgtg    106380
     gaaagaggga tcatgtaggt tcatttctca ggcagatcag tcaccttttg ctatcaaagt    106440
     tttagcatcc atttcgaaaa tttgatgtac aagttgatat tttggtgttt ttagctaatc    106500
     tggggtcaaa acagaatgcc atagatgagg aagcttataa acaaatttgt ttctctctgt    106560
     tctggagatg gcaaaattca aggtcaagtg gttagcagat tccatgtctg gtgtgggctt    106620
     gctttgtggt tcatagacag ccatgtttct accatgtcct cacatgacag aagggatgag    106680
     ggagctttct atggtgcctt caataggggc tactaatccc actcctgtgg tccctgcctt    106740
     catgatctaa tcattcccca aggccctacc tccaaatatc atcacatagg gaattagatt    106800
     tcagcacttg aatttgaggg ggacaataac atttggtctg tagcatcagg ttacccagag    106860
     ccttatgcat tcggaggaaa tccaaaatct tctataagtg tttgctggtc ccctccgggc    106920
     ttaggggaat ctttaattgc agctcttgat tcagcttggt ccaagccgaa attctacgtt    106980
     tgcctgagta acttgttcat gggacagagg gaagtataga ggcaactgac catttggagt    107040
     ttaggacaat tgatggaaga gggcttggca tctggatgag aagtggaggg agaatagaac    107100
     aaaggcacag aaggagagag cacaatgaga aaggggaaga gggacatctg gacataaggg    107160
     ccaactggag ggcagggaag gtaattttcc ttgcatttta gactcagacc acatatcaca    107220
     tcagaatcac ctgagggaga cgttttcaat gcatattcct gggtttcttc tcttggaaat    107280
     ttgtattaaa tcttgagttg tgctgattta tccatattta tcataagaat tttggataat    107340
     tcttactttg agaggcccag gcagtggatc acttgaggtc aggaattcaa aaccagcctg    107400
     gccaacatgg tgaaacctca tctctactaa aaatacaaaa attagccagg catggtggta    107460
     catgcctgta gtcccagcta cttgggaggc tgaggcagga gaatcacttg aatcagggag    107520
     gcagagatga cagtgagctg agatcacacc actgcactcc agcctgggca acagtaagac    107580
     tccatctcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaat tgtggataat tctgatgcaa ttagaaaaca    107640
     aagcagagct tgacaaccac tgggttggga tgtatatcag gaagacattt gattatgtaa    107700
     aataactgca aagcaaactg aaggggaaat attttaaact gcttgaatat aattagataa    107760
     ttcaactctt cctatgtatg tagtttgacc acgtatttga tgtctgctat actaagattg    107820
     gaaatgtgta gaagtgtttt taaaaatcag gtagaagcac agaaaaaagg agttggagag    107880
     aaaagaaaac tagctattgt ctggtaacaa gagaagagaa gggaaacgaa gtagcatatt    107940
     tttgttcatt gtttgatggc atctaaatta taatcccaaa tatttttttc taagaaatcc    108000
     aataatacaa gtattcagag tggagtacca acactgattt actgggaaag agaagtgtaa    108060
     tctgttttgc tgcataatgt tgagggagaa ggaaaggaaa attagttgag taaacaagta    108120
     agagactggt cctcagggaa gctgtctgcc tgaaaaatca caactactgc acctacagat    108180
     aagccctgaa cagataagca tgcagggtcc agcaccgatg ccttctgttc tttgtgtaat    108240
     tggcaagctc ccaggtaaaa ttttcctccc cttttcaggc atatacatgg cggcctctgt    108300
     gggaacttgc acagggagga ggggggctta cctaaaacaa acccacagtt atacaaacag    108360
     gagaagccca ctttgtgctt gactagagac atacccacag ctggatatat aaagggaatt    108420
     gtgcagacag ttttatatat agctgagagg agtttcttat aaaagctttt tgattcaact    108480
     gtaaaaacgg caatccactt ggacgccctt gtctgctgca gagagcttcc tccttttgct    108540
     tattaaactt tcactcccac ctcacccgtg tgtccccgtt ccttaatcat cttggtggtg    108600
     agatgaagaa ctcaaggtga tacctcacaa gagagactgc tacattgtgt tgcattggtg    108660
     agactgcaac tttaagaagt gtgactttta ttgctgctga attattttat ctcctaccca    108720
     gttgaaaata aaggatataa agtgcttagg ttgaacacaa agtcctctgc tctaggtaac    108780
     atcttcagca gccacattag cagaggcatg ggtggtaatg gtggaataga tgtctctttg    108840
     cttctgacag ggtgtctgct tatgtgttaa acaaaatagt atggtatata tttcattaag    108900
     aaatctgcta aaaaatgaag taaaagaggt tcatgttctt aagaggcaca ggatttgcta    108960
     cggcagcaag accaaaaggc ttaagtaaca aaaatgtgca tagtagttac aaacattttc    109020
     atctaaacaa aacaatgtga gcatctgcat atgacaataa ctcatgcaaa aatattttta    109080
     actgagattg aaatcatttt atacataacg tgttatcact gtattctcag gtaatatatt    109140
     gtttgtatat agatgttata aataataact tatttaagtt attcatcatt tatacaacaa    109200
     ataattcttt ggaatctaca aaatgctggt tttgttctag tcactgaatg tacaaattga    109260
     tttaaaatat gtgttcttag agtgtggtag attaaaaaat acaaaatagg ccgggcacag    109320
     tggctcacac ctgtaatccc agcactttgg gaggccaagg caggtggatc acctgaggtc    109380
     aggagttcga gaccagcctg accaacatgg tgaaacccca tctctactaa aaatacaaaa    109440
     ttagccaagg gtggtggcac aagcctgtag tcacagctac tcgggaggca gaggcaggac    109500
     aatcgcttga acctgagagg tggagatggc agtgagccga gattgcacca ttgcactcca    109560
     acctgggcaa caagagcaaa attctgccta atatatatac atatattgtg tatatacaca    109620
     catatgcata tattgtgtat atacacacat atgcatatat ggtgtatata cacacatatg    109680
     catatatggt gtatatacac acatatgcat atatggtgta tatacacaca tgcatatatg    109740
     gtgtatatac acaatatatg catatatgtg tatatacaca catatgcata tatgtgtata    109800
     tacacagata tgcatatatt gtgtatatac acagatatgc atgtgtgtat atacaccata    109860
     tatgcatatg tgtgtatata catatatgca tatgtgtgta tatattacat atatgcatat    109920
     gtgtgtatat attacatata tacgtgtgtg tatattacat ataggcatgt gtgtatatat    109980
     tacatatata cgtgtgtgta tgtatattac atatatacat gtgtatgtat atacatatat    110040
     acataatata taatgtatgc atatgtataa tatacatata tatctgtcca atatatatac    110100
     ataaatacat atattaaata tatatacaca tatatattgg aagttgtact gctgaaaaca    110160
     agagctacca acaaaaaaat ttcaggaaac ctagtgtgat tatttttaat agaaatcaat    110220
     attttaatac aggtctcttg ttttttcttg tggaaataaa tgacaagatg gaatttctgg    110280
     gtgtttggtg tctgaatatt taagtatagc aggtatggtc agtttttcaa agacatttta    110340
     ccatcttact tgtccatcgg caactcataa gatatgtgga acaacgtcct ctccaacaac    110400
     ctctagtatc agtctttgta aagtttgtca attaaatggg tgttttttag tttttgtttt    110460
     tgtttttctt tttcaaaccg tctcaccctg tgacccaggc tgtagtgctg tggcgtgatc    110520
     ttagctcact gcagtctttg ccttccaggt tcaagtgatt ctcctgcctt ggcctctcaa    110580
     gtagctggga ctacaggtgc cccccaccac acccagctaa tttttgtatg tttagtaaag    110640
     acagggtttc accatgttgg ccaggctgtt ctcaatcctg acctcagatg gtccacctgt    110700
     ctcagcctcc taaagcgctg ggattacagt catgagccac cgcacttggc tggattttct    110760
     ttctctctca ctctctctct ctctctctct cctttaagtt ctgggataaa tgtgcagaac    110820
     atgcagtttt gttacacagg tatacatgtg tcatggtggt ttgctgcaac atgggtgtag    110880
     gttttgcagg taattattat attattaaaa gataacagaa tacctagcta aaaaaaaaat    110940
     gcaaggaggc attgatgggc acatgtttac tgagcacatc ctgactccag aattaaaaat    111000
     ccaatttatg tctctgtagt ccaataaaat ttttccttaa gaatccaggg atcagacttt    111060
     catctcagca accactccaa tatggtttct cacctactca ttccaacgag ctgctcatat    111120
     caaaatataa gtgctatcca tattgttaaa ttataaattg aaccataact tctcggcctt    111180
     catcttaatt tatatatcag cagcatttca cacagttgat ctccaccttc tctttgtaaa    111240
     acttttttat agaattccag aacacttaac ttactttccc cccactacgt ttttgataat    111300
     tacccctagt ccttttttgc aggtttcatc tttactattt tttaaatgtt agaggaccat    111360
     taggctcagg actttgactt cttatctttc ttatctttgc tttcttacta atttttgtgt    111420
     cattaatttc ctgatatttc atattacacc taaacactgg acactacacc caacactccc    111480
     tgacttttcc acgtggatgt cagttaagaa tctcaaaatt aatatgtctg tatggagcca    111540
     ctgaaactcc caaaatttgc tcttccccat tctgtttaat ggcaactccc attttatagt    111600
     ttctcagctc aatattcttg gtgtcccctt ttaattctgt ctctgtagct ctgtcactct    111660
     cttcctgtat ctgtctgatt ctctccctct ctctcctctc tctcttgctc actctcactc    111720
     ttgctctctt tccctgcttc acacgcacac aaacacacac agacagacac acacacacac    111780
     acacacattt tcagatctga tgtgtatgga attcctgcca gctttacctt taaagtgtag    111840
     taattccaaa tgttgttgaa aattcacctt cccaccccca ccacttggta actatagcgc    111900
     tttccacaca aggccaagtg cacagatttc ttggggaaat aatgagaact attatacact    111960
     cttatttcaa ggacccttaa aattatagga ttgccatatt tgatactaat ttaagcttct    112020
     gtcattgccc ctttttcaat ccagtctcca cacagctacc acagtgtgca agtagaagtc    112080
     tcagccatat caccaaactc ctgctttaat gtccctactc cattgcttct tttctccttc    112140
     agaagagttt aagcttaatg aagctgggca actttacata tttttccatg agctggagat    112200
     cacttggtgt aaggtaaaaa tgaccagtaa atattttcaa ataacagaat ctacgaataa    112260
     tagtcttgtt tctttgagag tacattgact tttaaaaatc aagaaaatag attggtcaag    112320
     agaattctgc ttgttttgat tttgttatcc ctcgattaga ttaactgtgt tagtataaaa    112380
     gtcagtgtgg aaagctataa gcaattccta aactttaaaa tgaaaggcat ggaatttaaa    112440
     tatctgttcc ttttattcaa gcaaccaaaa aacataactt tttaaatata ttttatgtat    112500
     gtatgaaatc taaatttatt tttctctctt tatccctgaa tactttttaa agttattcat    112560
     gtcctcatta ttttttaatc cacttcagtc acattttaaa atatattttc gacttcatta    112620
     agaatatctt tgtgttccac tgaatagctt gccaaataat aaaacattag cagtataatt    112680
     tcctcataaa ctttatttaa tttgcttggt taaacataga tttcctactc tcaactcata    112740
     atttcattca agtataatat attctacttg acatttgcag ggttttcata ccatgcattt    112800
     gtcattgaaa ttggtttttg atatttgaac cactagttta taattgtctt gttggttaga    112860
     ctggtctgta gaatctttct ttgttttgat tctgtggttt attcattatg gaatagctgt    112920
     gctactgtaa attttgaggt caaaagctta aaacatttta tgtattttaa aacaaagtgg    112980
     atggcattta aatatctatt ccttaaaatt tggaagaaag gttaacacca tataaaccca    113040
     gagcctgttt tttagattag tagcatgtag acattttcaa tttcttctaa agttgaaaaa    113100
     aataaacatt ttatattcat agaatgcttg atgaaggtaa atatttaatt ttcacttaaa    113160
     agaaatttgg ttacattgaa aggaaatttg gctaatataa gtgagataca tatctaatta    113220
     aaacaataat ttaagataaa taatgctcaa agaacagtgg tcgttgcatt tattccagag    113280
     agaggacaat tatcctgatc tggctgtaat aacgtagtag gtagaactgc tggcgtggac    113340
     acccaagcaa ggaaggaaag ctggtgtctc aaggggtccc actgagatgg aaaggggtca    113400
     gggcccagac tgttgatgtc acctggaccc aaccaccaca tcttggaaga agaaatgacc    113460
     ctcccttcct ggtgttgccc caaacaagga gcttagcagt gttgcacaca ggatagtcct    113520
     tgcaggagac atgtttgaca agctgctgag gtgcctgatg gggccaggct ttttttcatg    113580
     aaatgagttt gcatcctgag gaagcctctt tattggaaac ctggcaggga tccaatttcc    113640
     cctttgcctt aaccccgtag gagcatagta gatagggagg aggtcaccca ggtggctgtt    113700
     cctgcttggc ccccacttcc cagaccattc caggcaggga gagccgctga gatcactcca    113760
     tgggctgctc acatggggtc tggacccagc cgccctcctg tgcctggcag gcagcccctg    113820
     ggccatcaca ggacccactg tgtggtgatc agtggcccac cacctgccct tgtggtgggt    113880
     gcggttcaca ggtgctgccc cagtcctggc acactggcct tcccagcctg gcccaggata    113940
     ggggatgtga atgatccttg cctgtgcccc ttcagaccat gtgaggttgg acactcactg    114000
     cagaagtccc tccaggtccc ttttcaactg agttgtgggg gacttgctta gtcctcatgc    114060
     ccagggtcag gggaggggtg cagagtctgc accctaaatc ccctagggcc tgagggaggt    114120
     ctcccaggtt atctctgtcc tctccagtga catgagtcct cccagatggc ctcagccctc    114180
     tcaggtgact tgcttccatg gtgactctgg ctcttgcagg aggtgggcta ctacagggac    114240
     atgagctgcc taactgccat cctcctcctg tatctgccag aggaagacac cttctgggga    114300
     ctgaatcagc tgatggctga ggagaggcac tccctgcaag gtaggcggac agctaccccc    114360
     agggcctcat gcagccaggc catgggacgg ccaccctggc tgggcgatcc tgacttccag    114420
     acaaggcacc ttccttgctt tccagcttgt taggagcctt caggacatcc ctgctgaggg    114480
     tcccacaggg gcccagagct gaacagggac cctttcactt caaggcagac acctttcatt    114540
     cccaacagca gaggccgctg cagcctcccc ctggccaccc tgtgtgtccc agagccacag    114600
     ccctctagcc ctgagttcat gcaggtgact ctcacttccc caagagtcct cctacctccc    114660
     agctggccac actcccagct gcccccccag cccacagatg ggccgatgaa gtcaagatgg    114720
     cagtgtctgc ccatcccatg tcccctagcc agaccccatg tccaggagat ggccatgtag    114780
     tccctcggca cccacccggt tccctccact ggccactgcc tgccgcagcc ctgcctcaca    114840
     gcctcaaagg caggcctgcc cttctggcac ctttacccag gatgctgctg tgcagtgcct    114900
     ccagctaggg cccacctctc tagagctgag gccacatggt agggtcacct gatggaaggg    114960
     aggaaggcct cagggtccgg ggtcccctgc cactgcccag ctcttccagc tgatggctcc    115020
     acatcttggg agtgggctct gatgcatgat gggtcagggg cttctcaggt ttctacagcc    115080
     caaatactgc ccagctctgg aggcttctat cccaccaggg acaggtataa cacaaatcct    115140
     tcccaaagat catgcggtac ctgctgagtg gatgacaccc tcaactcttt cccagaggcc    115200
     cagggtctca tggggcaggg aaacagggga agatggagct cctcgcaggc ctgacaaagg    115260
     ggctgagtcc caagccaagg cctcacccaa gatgaggatt ctccatgggt ttggagttgg    115320
     gtttcctttt cctgccctgg aggaggagga agaggtacta ggatgggggc tgagctccag    115380
     ctgagcaggg ttaagggaag tgtgtccacc aggcatctgt gcatggggga gttgttgggg    115440
     aagcactggc cagtgttctg ccccagggca gctcaggggg ccctgagcac ctagggtcca    115500
     ggaagtgccg tgcattgagg tttgttgagt tggctcctct ggtgttttgt tgatgtggta    115560
     aggagacaaa tggagacccc aggacaggga ctctcctgtc ccacaagtgc ccagctcccc    115620
     caggaagacc tggctcaccc caagtcagca ggaagcacag gaaagtttct gcatggcaca    115680
     gaagccaggc cctcctcaag agggggcatc acacagcagg ggtcaggatt caggcccgct    115740
     gctatttcca cattattcat tttataaggt gatatggttt ggctgcgttg ccacccaaat    115800
     ctcatcttga actgtaattt ccataatcct catgtgtcct gggagggacc cagtgagagg    115860
     taactgaatc atggcggcag tttccccatg ctgttctcat gatagtaagt gagttctcat    115920
     gtgatctgat ggttttataa gcagctggca tttcccttgc ttgaggtgat gaatgcccca    115980
     tttaccctga tatgtttatt acacattgca tgcctgtgtc aaactatctc atgtacccca    116040
     taaatatata cacctaccat gtactcatat aaattaaaaa taaaaataaa atttttaaaa    116100
     aagtgtgagt tttaaaggtg aggtttgccc tccagcgctg gtgcctgcca ggtgtgacct    116160
     tcacatcatc tttccacatg gtccaggccc ccatctgcag aggccaacag ttcccagagt    116220
     gaccttcctc agaaaacagg gtcttggagg agacagtcag aggagggggc ctcgtcctcc    116280
     ccactgcaca gccccttgtg gggattggaa gtgagggtct ctgcccacaa gttatcagtc    116340
     accctaagct gttttgtggg aggaagcata gggaatatag gtcagtgctg ggacagcgtt    116400
     tcctgatcct gacttggaga aggtgttaaa atcttgacat tcccgacacc tcctttgtga    116460
     gagcccctgt cctgcaggtc tcacagggtt gttgtgaggg tcacctgtgg tgatgggttt    116520
     ggaagtgctt tgtgaatgac acagtgggcc ttcctattcc tgtcattggc ctttcgacct    116580
     tcaatactaa ttgcctgggg atctccaggc ctcaaggtct aatcctggaa gggtatgaga    116640
     tgtccctagt ggaatattct acacctcctg ggaggtctct cacttcaacc ttcacctgac    116700
     ataacccctg ctcctgttcc ctcaacctgg agagcttgcc caggagcaca tggtagtact    116760
     ggactgacct ctttggaaag ggtgattaca tcctgatttc agctctccct cctcctagct    116820
     ttccacgtag aaatccaggg ctccatgcag catttgctgg acatgagggg aaaactttta    116880
     gggcagggat ctgccctggg tggggacaga ggagtatcct ggagtctgag tgtcaggagt    116940
     gtgagacctg cccagctggc cagcccctgt ccccatgctg ctcgatgcat gatgtttcct    117000
     gcacaagctt tctttagagg gaagcttccg gagtgactgc agtgaggtcc atgctgttgg    117060
     gggtgacaga gcagccctgg aggccctctg ctcttaccct ggcaggaggt ggccaaaaag    117120
     aagcaggcag aggaagcttc tccaacacgc ttggaaagaa atttccacat atcactcacg    117180
     tcactcttgc cactagaagg aaaatttcta cagtggagtg gaagaaaatg actatgctgt    117240
     gagagagaat ggatgcatcc agaagagcaa ggcaggaggg aaatgtgccc attgccataa    117300
     ttttgtgtct tttgaagaca tttgccagaa ttctactttt gaaggctgcc ccttttgaca    117360
     gtcacttact gaggaagctg tgggacattt tcaaagcctt ttatatagaa aaaaaaacca    117420
     caaaatatac tgctgtgggt ctgtgttcag agactacgaa gagcacagat gccactgttc    117480
     tgtgtcgcag atgctgtggg aagtgcctta acacacagag gtttgcttca tgcaaccggg    117540
     tgaggaacat ctctaaaaca ttttacagtc aaggaaattc agtgttcagg aggttgaatg    117600
     cgttatccaa gatcacacat atgtcctgac agattcgggg ttcaatgaag aattatgtat    117660
     tttaattaag aattatgtat tttgattaat aattatatat tttaatttca cattttaaat    117720
     ttctgcagtt ttcttccatc acttttcacc atgctttcta cacttggaat tacttttttt    117780
     gacttcttga tcttctttac ttgtatgtta ttgattttct acaagtttta acatatatga    117840
     ttaaagagta tttcttaatg ttttaataat tatcctagaa taaaatatat ttactttgat    117900
     gtatgcattg gatattacag tgtattgtgt acattttcaa acactttgtg ttataccaga    117960
     agcattattc aacagtggtc atttttttac ctgaactatg ttcagaaaat ctttccacca    118020
     cagtacaaaa agatcgactt cattttgtta acagatggat gtgccatagt gcaattaact    118080
     gtttaattat cctgttatcc tgttgtggat atttaagttc aaacaatgca gtaataaata    118140
     tgtaagagtg cttttagaca ttaaacaatg tggctctaaa ttaggaacta gtgcctgtaa    118200
     tcccagcact ttaggaggtc gaggtgggtg gatcacctga ggtcagaagt tttaagacca    118260
     gcctggccaa catggcaaat ccccgtttct acaaaaaata caaaaattag ctgggtatgg    118320
     tgatgcgcac ttgtagcccc tgctactcgg gaggctgagg taggacaatt gcctgaaccc    118380
     acgaggcaga ggttgcagtg agctgagatc ctgtcactgc actccagtct gggggacaga    118440
     gtgagactct gtcccaataa taaataaata aataaataat ctagaagtac aattgcttag    118500
     ccaaatttct tatgcatttt gaatgataag agttactgcc taatttctgt tacaaaggct    118560
     atggtaattt acactcaaaa cacagaatag gttggttgtt gtcacatatg gagtcttact    118620
     gttgccgaga ctggagtgca gtggtgtaat cctagctcgt tgtagcctcc aacgcctagg    118680
     ctcaagcaat cctcccacct cagcctccct cccaattaac taggattaca ggtgcatgcc    118740
     accacacccg gctaatttta ttcttagata tgagatcttg ctatgttgcc caggctggtc    118800
     ttgaaatcct ggcctcaagg tgacctcagc ctccagtgta gctgacatta caggcgtgag    118860
     acactgtacc tggctgaatg agtgcctcta tcctgacact tgtgtcccca cgggatcctg    118920
     cagaattcag gaccctgtcc acacagggga aaactctctg ttgcagtcct gatgactgag    118980
     aagggagctt acccatggct ctcttggtca tttttattta atagtgagca cagaacctca    119040
     cattttctgg aatgttccca tatgattttg tgagagaaaa gagaatagag accccaactc    119100
     caagctcact gtgtcaaagg gaaaattaag cttgggaact gagttacgca atactgcctt    119160
     ccttgttctc aaacacatag ccataacttc acaaccctgt gtcatagcct catccataag    119220
     ccaggttccc acagtgacag aaggccacat gtctcctcag atgtcctccc tcacaatttg    119280
     ctgtgaaccc ctaaatcttt cagaatgcac atcccacctg taaactatcc ctaaaagtga    119340
     gtcggctcaa tttcaccctg acaatctcaa ttaccagctt attttcatag ttctgggaca    119400
     aggtcaggac cagaaatcat ccctctgcct accctgagat gaatgaatca ttgagttttc    119460
     ctctactcca ctccctctat tcacatgctt actttatctt atgtaaaatg gagatttact    119520
     gaatgtgaga tgaacgcata actgtttcct ctgctccctc ctttcctatg taaaatgtag    119580
     atatcctgat gctaatcaga gccacacaag aatgcaagca tttgcttcac tgcctacctt    119640
     cagtctcatg ggagttctct ggatttcttg tatcagcatg tggacctctt tagcaagatt    119700
     gaggacagtt tcctgaatta tatcctcaaa aacatttccc aagttgctca ctttctcttc    119760
     ttctctgtta gaaatgccaa taagtcatcc gggcacagtg gctcatgcca gtaatcccag    119820
     cactttggga ggccaaggtg ggaggatcac ctgaggccag aagtttgaga cctaactggc    119880
     cagcatggcg aaaccccatc tctactaaaa atacaaaaat gagcgaggca tgctggcaca    119940
     cgcctgtaat ctcagatact tgggaggctg aggcacgaga attgcttgaa cccaggaggt    120000
     ggaggtttca gtgagccaag atcatgccac tgcattacag actgggtaac agagtgagat    120060
     tctgtctcaa aaaaagaaaa ttccaataag tcatagattt tgttccttta cctaatccta    120120
     catttctcaa aagtttggtt cattactttt aaattctttt tttatttttg tctgactggg    120180
     ttgattcaaa ggtctggtct ttgagctctt aaattatttc ttctatttgg tctagtctgt    120240
     tgctaaggct gtgaactgtt ttttgaaatt cctatagtaa atttttcaat gcaagaagct    120300
     ctgcttggtt ctttctcaaa atggctatgt tgtcattcaa atccaggatc gttgttatgg    120360
     ggttgttgtt ggatttcaac tttctgttgg attttggtga tttttttttg ccacttatat    120420
     cttgaatact atacctgtca tttcagacgt tccattctgg ttaggactca ttgctagatt    120480
     gctggtgtaa tcctttggag gtgatggaac attctggctt tttgtattgc cagagttctt    120540
     gtgatggttt cttctcatct gagagacttg atgcttcctt tgttgaattt gctatcattt    120600
     ggaaagagtt tttttttttt aatttttcat tctttctttc tcttaagggt atgactgtgg    120660
     tgtatgttgt ataggatcat tttgcttcat ttctgggtac tttcagagga ccaaggctct    120720
     gtacaagttc cttggttgca gataggctcc tgtagtggct tggtgtggtg atgtattttt    120780
     gtttggtggt gtaattcagg cttcagtcca gtagaaggtg cttaagagta acagctggct    120840
     gcagggtctt ctcctctgtg tacttgtcct cgacaggtgc agaagtgacg aagtgccaaa    120900
     agcaccctgt cccagtgtgt actagtcttc agcaggggca gagctgctgg agaaacctaa    120960
     gaagcagcct ctttcagccc acgttccttg ggccccaaca ggatgaccac tgctggatct    121020
     gcagcagtgc actaggaagg ggacagaggg caagagatga ccacctctct aaatctgttc    121080
     ccaggctttg gtgtgcccct ttcagcagct gatatcgtga tcatgtttcc tttgacccaa    121140
     ggggtggctt tggcaagctg tattcctcct tcccttaggg ctggtcctca ccaaagttta    121200
     ggtctcctgg ggaatggggt tcacctccct cttgtttctt ggagctgatg gagtactctc    121260
     tcaactgacc aagggagcag gctgagacac ccagcaatga cacacacaga ccagttccag    121320
     gttgcaaagc tgttcttggc tgcaagtctc accatccttg agaaacctct gctttagcaa    121380
     ctctcttccc actacagtcc tgcaagagga gagagcctaa ttccaacact tactgctggg    121440
     gcactttcca cacttaacac tcaattctgg ctgttgaggc tgctcctctg ctccagagca    121500
     agcactccaa ttcctagccc aagattaaag tgtctgcagt ggccaccatt gccaggcacc    121560
     aaaaaatgat tgactttgta tgagcccaga ttaaaaaggt catccttctc tcagtcccag    121620
     gtctggggaa atgcctgcag cttttctgag tgtctttcct ctttccccat ctctcagcca    121680
     cttttgtgct agctccaagg cttgggagaa acagagtgct ctcccttaat ctggattgca    121740
     cagatcccca gtgaaaatgt gagttgcaga gggagactgg ctgctcttct cttgtactgg    121800
     agtttcactc ccttttatga accaaatgct atcacagagt ctgctttccc acctccccct    121860
     ccacagggtc tggagtgttt ttctgtattc ctgtgaattc ctatttttct tcttgaattg    121920
     aagctcacaa agtttatctt tatgcttatt tttctacttc caagtggctg aggcacactg    121980
     aaagccccta atccatcatt ctaggaaaaa aggatggttt aaataaagga atgttcacat    122040
     aaaatatata ttaattagtg caaacatatt ttatttgaca tgagttaggt gaatctttga    122100
     tacattaatt aattttaaaa ttgttaaata aaattagaaa tatcttcgaa tttgccaagg    122160
     tatgtttctc tcctgggatt actggtcagt tttatttttt ccttggatag acatttgaag    122220
     ccataaatct tgacatagac ctgatgtaga cctccatacc tttcccagat gtgggacgga    122280
     gcaactggga caggtccatc ctagcactaa gggatgatta aacctaactt gtagtctttg    122340
     tacaactata aacatggttg atgctttaag agaaagatct tgatggaaag ggttaaatgt    122400
     aaaaattgat catatgaatt gggtcattct tatcacacca aataaaacca tcaacaagcc    122460
     agggggagga ggcattcagg gcaaaaacac cactccaaaa gcataattct ctgcatgcct    122520
     ggctgctgaa attacctgct ttaagctgaa accagtttta tcaaatggtt actgaaacaa    122580
     cctcttgaac actaagacta gctttaccca ccactgtccc tcacctatca gagcctgcca    122640
     gctctcaaaa accttactgg tgccagtgaa ctttctcaaa gagaaataca taccgttttt    122700
     ctctctgtct ccctttttta taaaacctct aactttctct ttatgttttg gacatactaa    122760
     agacacccat tctgcatgta tgtgtgaaat tgtaatactt gtatctcaaa taaaacattt    122820
     taatttcaga tgtttgtctc tatatttatt tgactttgac aatctgatat tatttagcat    122880
     tatttccagt ctcccaaata atgtcaaaat tttgttatgt tagataggaa tatcttgtta    122940
     ttcaacttga aggtaaactg cttgatcaat gcatgtaatt ccttgacaga ttgtcagcac    123000
     ctctaagaca acatgtagat attgctcatt attaacacat ttcatctttt catgataaat    123060
     tacaaaaatt taattttcat ttttaaaatg caaaccatta tgccttgtat tatggcattc    123120
     ttgcgttact ataaaggaat acctaagcac tacataattt atactgaaaa aaaagattga    123180
     cttggctcac agttctgcag gctgtacagg aagctttgca ttggcagttg cttgacttca    123240
     agaagggtcc tcagggagct tttacacatg gcagaaggtg aagcaaaaga aggtatgtca    123300
     catggccaga gcagcagcaa gcagggagag gtgtcacaca cttttaacag ccagatgtaa    123360
     tgagaactca ctcactcttg caaggacagt gccaagagga tggtgttaaa catgagaaat    123420
     cagccttcat gaccccatca cctcccacca gaccccgact ccaacactgg aaattacaat    123480
     tcgacatgag acttaaaggg tacaacatcc aaactatttc attccatccc tggcccttca    123540
     aatctcatgt tcttctcaca ttgcaaaata caatcatccc ttctcaatag tcccccaaaa    123600
     gtctcaacct gtttcggcat cactcgaaag tgcagtttct tctgagacaa ggcaagtccc    123660
     ttccactgat gagcctgtaa aatcaaaaca agttatttac ttctaagata aaattggggt    123720
     acaggcattg ggtaaacatt cccattacaa aaggagaaat tggccaaaag aaaggggcta    123780
     caggccccac acaagttcaa atcccagcag ggcagtcatt aaaactcgat gttccaaaat    123840
     aatctccttt gaaaccatgt cccacatcct gggaacatag agcgttccca cgatgcatag    123900
     ggtgggctcc caaggccttg ggctgctctg ctcccacagc tcttctacac tgaaggcatg    123960
     agctgctggt ggctctatca ttctgggatc tggagggcag cagcccccct cccacagctc    124020
     cactaggccg cccccccagt caggaccctg agtggggcct ccaaccccac atttccactt    124080
     ggcactgtcc tagaagaggt cctctttgag agctccagcc gtgcatagtc ttctccctgg    124140
     gcatccagcc tttctcatac atcctctgaa atttaggcag agaatgccaa gcctccttca    124200
     ctcttgcact ttgcttacct gcaggcttaa cgccacatgg aagccaccaa ggcttatagt    124260
     ttgcacccac tgaagccatg acctgagctc tatctgcagc cctttgaacc aaggctggag    124320
     ctagaagggc caggatgcaa ggaacaccct cctgggggtg gtacaggaca gtgatgccct    124380
     ggccctggtc caagtggaac aggaattaaa agaaattaaa gaatgtgtaa gcagaaactc    124440
     agttgtatgt gagaaaaccc aattccccct gagaaagaga aagagctgga gccctttaaa    124500
     aattaactgc ctgtttttct gtggctagtg agcttcatct ctccttcttt cccaggcatt    124560
     gtgaagaccc tgtttcccta gctgtgcagc tgcaaggtca ctagacagat aaactcaagt    124620
     cataaaacat gtttttcctt gaaaagtaag aaatgatata atgcatgtct caattaattg    124680
     aataactgtc tttgtttctc gcttctgtaa tatgcttccc cctgcacaga tctccccact    124740
     ccccaccacc ccacaaaatg cttaaaagtt aacttaagtc tttgttcagg actcagtcct    124800
     ttggatgtta atctgactgg gccagtgcac ctaaataata aatatcctcc tcaaccccat    124860
     cagtctctct gattccttaa aaaatcccac tacagcctgg gcatggtggc tcatgcctgt    124920
     aatcccagca ctttgggagg ctgaggcagg cagatcacga ggtcaggaga ttgagactat    124980
     catggctgag acagtgaaaa cccgtctcta ctaaaaatac aaaaaattag ccaggcatgg    125040
     tggcagtcac ctgtagtccc aactacttgg gaggctgaga caggagaatg gcatgtcccg    125100
     gaaggcagag cttgcagtga gctgagattg tgccactgca ctccagcctg ggtgacagag    125160
     tgagactcca tctcaaaata aataaataaa taaataaatt aattaattaa ttaattttta    125220
     aaatcccact acacaagaaa ccattctttc atcctagacc tctaggtctg tgctaggatg    125280
     agctgctaca aagatttctg aaatgccttc aaggcctttt tttaattttc ttggctatca    125340
     gcacctagct ctttttcagt tatgtaaatg tctctaataa gtggttgctc cacagcctgt    125400
     tagattcttc ccctgaaaat gctttatctt cctttgccaa atgggcaggc tgcaaatttt    125460
     ctatacttgt atggtctgct tcccatttaa ttgtaaattc caactttaag tcattttttt    125520
     gctcctgtgt ctgagtgttc aaacttcctc agatccctag tacatgaaca gactgcagcc    125580
     aagttctttg caaaggcata acaggcatga cctttattcc aagtctcagt aagttcctca    125640
     ttttcatctg agaccgcatc agcctatcct tcactgtcca tatcactatc agcattttgg    125700
     tcacaaccat ttaactagtc tctaagaaat tcagaacttt ccttcatctt cctgtattag    125760
     gagcagtcca aactcttcca actcctgccc attacctagt tccaaagtca cttccacact    125820
     ttcaagtatc tttatagcaa tgccccatgt ctcagtacca atttgctgta ttaggccatt    125880
     cttacattgc tgtgaagaaa tacctgagac tgggtaattt ataaagaaaa gagctttgaa    125940
     aagaggtttg tatagctgca ggctgtacaa acatgattct ggcatctgcc tagcttctgg    126000
     tgaggcctca ggaggcttta ttcatggcag aagatgaaga aggagcaggc aggcacatca    126060
     cctggcaagg caggggaagc accacacact tttaaacaaa tagatcttgc aagaattcac    126120
     tcactctcac aaggacagca ccagggacag gatgctagac catttctgag aaatccaccc    126180
     ccatgatcca atcacctcct tccagaccta ccaccaacat tgggggtatc acaattcaac    126240
     atgagattta gagggaacaa catctgaggt atttcatgcc tcatgttgtg acttggtata    126300
     atgtccataa gattacactg actttacaca tcatattgca gtttttgcta gctcttctgt    126360
     agtaagaaaa tggaattcat cagcaatgcc ttctaagtct ggctctgttt tcccatgcag    126420
     acttttccct gagctctgct tgtcagtctt gctagaacct caccctaggc agcaacctcc    126480
     agtctgagat tgcccttgac agtggctgag gtttgcattg ttggaatgga ttagaaaaaa    126540
     caaagggaag acagaccaaa acacatttaa atacggatcc catttgttga agttttaagt    126600
     aattttaaat gtttatttgc accagctgcc cactcccatt gtactctcct cacccaaaaa    126660
     ggtgacttga tattctagta aaaagccaaa ctgtgcttta gagaaaccca cttgttactt    126720
     ctttaaatcc atataatttt gccaaagtga atttttgtta atatgctctg gcagaatcag    126780
     taaactaatt atttacacca gagtcactta acctttcctc ttggtcattt gcatgtaaat    126840
     tatttttata tgtataaaat ttgcttactc aagaaagctc ttgctatata tatatatatt    126900
     tttttttttg tggtatctta acatactcta gtcttgtctt gaattcctta agactttgag    126960
     gtaaagaact ctcttgtaac aagtttccaa atcaaagtgg gaaagaggaa gattaggtta    127020
     agcattaggt catcaggtat gtaggacagc taattccatt atcagaatgg tagtgatagc    127080
     cagtttgcat tttgcatatt agttgtaaca aaaatattca gcatattagt gacaaaacca    127140
     aagttattgt gaatcagttt ataatttatt ttttgagata gggtcttaat ctgtcaccca    127200
     agctcaagtg cagaggtgtg atcttggttc actgaagcct caaccacctg ggctcaagag    127260
     atcctcccag cccagcctcc ttagtacagg tgagtgccac cacacccagc tatttttttc    127320
     tctacttttt gtagagattg ggtctcactt tgttgccaag gctgttctca aaatcctggg    127380
     ctcaagcaat ccttctgcct caacctccca agtggtgctg ggattacagg tttgagccac    127440
     cgcacctggc cagtttataa tgttaatggc ttttggagca ggaaccagtg ggtgctgcct    127500
     cttgtctgca agatgaggag tctcctctcc ccagaagtga ggcatcttct accacaaggg    127560
     aggctttgcc caaacagtca ccgaaaggct gagattggga agggaacaaa acaggagtga    127620
     atatgttcct ggaacctaac tgccccccaa ttcaactcta ctgcagacat tcagaatgaa    127680
     ggggacattc agctgaagaa caggagttaa aagaacagct gttaaaatct cagattgtaa    127740
     aaacaatttt gcttcatttt ccctaaataa tttttaaaca attgttctta ggtgatattc    127800
     taaacttcgg gtaatatctg tgacttagta aatgttcttt aaaagatggg ataatatttt    127860
     tattttgttt aattatatgt gtttttaaac taattttata ggaaaaataa tttctttcct    127920
     tccctgttat accaaataca gcctttagct caagacacaa gtaattccag gaaaactgga    127980
     atgtaagttc aatatgttgc actaagtaca tttgaaagtg catgcatttt tattttaatt    128040
     catcattctc agtcaactat cgcaaggaca aaaaacgaaa caccgcatgt tctcactcat    128100
     agctgggaat tgaacaatga gaacacatgg acacaggaag gggaacatca cactctgggg    128160
     gctgttgtgg gtggggagag gggtgaggga tagcattagg agatatgcct aaggctaaat    128220
     gtcgagttaa tgggttcagc acaccagcat ggcacatgta tacatatgta atgtatacat    128280
     atgttaatgc accaattctg catcaagtca gtgcaatcag agacactgca agaatgactt    128340
     ttggttttct tttcctagtt tttggaagtt tctcaagtct gtcatactgg actctatatt    128400
     acatctcgaa tttttttcac ttactataga tctcctatac gctcaattgt ttagctatta    128460
     ccttaacatt taccctgtga acccatgaca tttgaggctg ccaaagtgat tattacatga    128520
     taaaacatat acttggttaa aggcaatatt taacaattgt aaaaccaata aatcaataat    128580
     taaatctttc tggcttagac ttaaaactgc ttaatttagt catatctcta cccacaacat    128640
     agagattcca acaagggttg aaagtagagt tggcaagcat ttccattctc ttctgggata    128700
     ataattctta ctaccaacac tggttctgac cagtgaaatt caaaatcagt gaaacactac    128760
     ccagagtctg agtgaaccaa aaatagtttc actttaggaa aaagtctata tccttagatg    128820
     tgagtgattc tctgtgaaca ttttattcac tttaatatat ttaaagaaaa tctttctgaa    128880
     ttggtgtgtt ttctttagtt tgtattctga tactttaatg ctaaaagctc ttgattttaa    128940
     gttttcatgg aggggctatc tacataattt ttatacatca ttatatgcat caataattaa    129000
     aaaggagtag aaattttttc actaattgag aaatattata gacctaacaa aatgagggca    129060
     aactataagc aatttgggga aactataagg atgtaattaa atagtcactg tttttagaaa    129120
     ccattaactg catattgaaa tcttaacact tgttgggaaa acgaggtggt aaatcaactt    129180
     gtcagcatga gtactaaata aaacaaaata tggttaagtt cagatagtag ttctgcaatt    129240
     tctgatttta aatgtttctg caaaatagtt tatctgaacg attaaactat tattctgtgt    129300
     tcaccaacca ttaagaaaat ctgctctatg gccaggttaa acctgaaagt ggtacaattc    129360
     aaaacttgat gtaggcaata ggtatgtata atgtatttat tctaatatga gagggtatat    129420
     caaagtaatt ttcttggagc acagtgtcaa aacaaagcaa tgggatttgg ccatggacat    129480
     ttcattatta tcaaagagac ttggacacta ccttagagta ataactttat tatttaacaa    129540
     agatgtttta taaaaagaac aacaaaatga gaggaataga aatcacgcag gtaaaacaga    129600
     taatctgatt ttgtgggtct cagagcagag attagtgtct ttcagtttca gagtaaatga    129660
     cctcactgca tttctctgaa ctgtcatggt tgtcacaaat atactgtgtt ctaacacact    129720
     ccatgattta aggtctacaa agtaacaaag gcaaaataac ctatatgctc taccatattt    129780
     tcctcaattc tagtgttctt caaagagaga atgttttctc taaatctaat tgagagtaat    129840
     tctgtatgga tcggtaaaca tttcttcagg cagttggagt aatatgtgtc tagggctaac    129900
     tcagaggggt cttttatgtc ttttaataga agctaactat actcttgtga tatgataatc    129960
     accatcattg acttacagtt tctaaggttt gaaggtatat tgaacactca aggggctcac    130020
     attcttactg attcatgaat ctcttcaggt ccagggaact tagtattttt caagagtgca    130080
     aaatgcctag agacagctgg gaacaaatga atgtcattcc tgatactgtg ctcatagtta    130140
     cttgagtttc atctcagaaa ataaattgtc tggtgcaata tttcttacaa cttagttcct    130200
     aaatgaactc aacaaactag ttcttttgtt ttattttatt ttattactat tatactttaa    130260
     gttttagggt acatgtgcac aacgtgcagg tttgttacat atgtatacat gtgccatgtt    130320
     ggtgtgctgc acccattaac tcgtcattta acattaggta tatctcctaa tgctatccct    130380
     ccccactccc cccaccccac aaccgtccct ggtgtgtgat gttccccttc ctgtgtccat    130440
     gtgttattgt tcaattccca cctatgagtg agaacatgca gtgtttggtt ttttgtcctt    130500
     gtgatagttt gctaagaatg atggtttcca gcttcatcca tgtccttaca aaggacatga    130560
     actcatcatt ttttatgact gcatagtatt ccatggtgta tatgtgccat attttcttaa    130620
     tccactctat cattgttgga catttggatt ggttccaagt ctttgctatt gtgaatagtg    130680
     ccacaataaa catacatgtg catgtgtctt tatagcagca tgatttataa tcctttgggt    130740
     atatacgcag taatgggata gctgggtcaa aaggtatttc tagctctaga tccctgagga    130800
     attgccacac tgacttccac aatggttgaa ctagtttaca gtcccaccaa cactgtaaaa    130860
     gtgttcctat ttctccacat cctctccagc acctgttgtt tcctgacttt ttaatgattg    130920
     ccattctaac tggtgtgaga tggtatctca ttgtggtttt gatttgcatt tctctgatgg    130980
     ccagtgatga tgagcatttt ttcatgtttt ttggctgcat aaatgtcttc ttttgagaag    131040
     tgtctgttca tatccttcgc ccactttttg atggggttgt ttgttttttt cttgtaaatt    131100
     tgtttgagtt cattgtagat tctggatatt agccctttgt cagatgagta ggttgcaaaa    131160
     attttctccc attttgtagg ttgcctgttc actctgatgg tagtttcttt tgctgtgcag    131220
     aagctcttta gtttaattag atcccatttg tcaattttgt cttttgttgc cattgctttt    131280
     ggtgttttag acatgaagtc cttgcccacg cctatgtcct gaatggtatt gcctaggttt    131340
     tcttctaggg tttttatggc tttaggtcta acatataagt ctggaatcca ttttgaatta    131400
     atttttgtat aaggtgtaag gaagggatcc agtttcagct ttctacatat ggctagccag    131460
     ttttcccagc accatttatt aaatagggaa tcctttcccc atttcttctt tttgtcaggt    131520
     ttgtcaaaga tgagatagtt gtagatatgc ggcattattt ctgagggctc tgttctgttc    131580
     ctttggtcta tatctctgtt ttggtaccag taccatgctg ttttggttac tgtagccttg    131640
     tagtatggtt tgaagtcagg tagtgtgatg cctccagctt tgttcttttg gcttaggatt    131700
     gacttggaaa tgtgggctct tttttggttc catatgaact ttaaagtagt ttttttccaa    131760
     ttctgtgaag aaagtcattg atagcttgat ggggatggaa ttgaatctat caattacctt    131820
     gggcagtatg gccgttttca tgatattgat tcttcctacc catgagcatg gaatgttctt    131880
     ccatttgttt gtatcctctt ttatttcatt gagcaatggt ttgtagttct ccttgaagag    131940
     gtccttcaca tcccttgtaa gttggattcc taggtatttt attctcttta aagcaattgt    132000
     gaatgggagt tccctcatga tttggctctc tgtctgttat tgatgtataa gaatggttgt    132060
     gatttttgca cattgatttt ttatcctgag actttgctga agttgcttat cagcttaagg    132120
     agattttagg ctgagataat gggtttttct agatatacaa tcatgtcatc tgcaaacagg    132180
     gacaatttgg cttcctcttt tcctaattga atgcccttta tttcgttctc ctgcctgatt    132240
     gccctggcca ggacttccaa cactacgttg aatatgagtg gtgagagagg gcatccctgt    132300
     cttgtgccag ttttcaaagg gaatgcttcc agtttttgtc cattcagtat gatattggct    132360
     gtgggtttgt catagatggc tcttattatt ttgagatatg tcccatcgac acctaattta    132420
     ttgagagttt ttagcatgaa gcgttgttga attttgtcaa aggccttttc ttcatctatt    132480
     gagataatca tgtggttttt gtctttggat ctgtttatgt gctgaattat gtttattgat    132540
     tttatgcaag aataatctaa atttctctgg tgaaagaacc taaacatgcc ttttaaaaat    132600
     ttatatatca ttccttttgt aaaacctaat gaaaataaca attttgtcta ttgtaaaagg    132660
     caagtgatcg cagcagatgg aaatcacttt atttcctata tctttgtaaa gataatgact    132720
     gctaataaac aacatgaaga attttcaggt ataattttga taaaaattta acggttttgt    132780
     gcttctaggc caaatctgca atacaatcct tcataagatt gtactttgaa actctcgttg    132840
     tcatctgaca tatgcagata atagagaaat ataatcccct ttctaaatgt ttacattctc    132900
     tccctggtac gaattagctt gctggaaaca tcagtaatca ctgacataaa gatcccacta    132960
     ttaaataaaa ctgatacttt ttaaaaacat gcagcaaata agcaacattt cataaaacaa    133020
     cacaggattt tatatgttcc ccactccatt agaggctatt atgctgaatt ggatcctcat    133080
     tccaacctgt gtccatattt tagggttgaa atagtctaaa acccaacatt tactgttctc    133140
     ctgttgtgat atctatatat ctaatatgtt cacattctct gtattcatct atgttaatat    133200
     atttaaaaag gaaaagaaag ggggctttag gaagaacttt acatcacacg tcagagtaaa    133260
     catcaaatca agttatcaat ttactaataa acccatttaa gaaaaaatat tcagctagag    133320
     agcaattaac cttattgtct ttgtgtctga tccatatttc tccacctgat acatggaaat    133380
     aaccagagag atactataaa atacctcagg tgcattgttg aaagtaattt cctgcttttg    133440
     tgggataact gaaacataaa cgtaaataag atagtttgaa agttcacttt ctcatcaatg    133500
     ctcaaataat ttattctaat aaagcccagc aaaacttagc ttgtaatgcc atcaaggtaa    133560
     atatattcat gaagtactca cttgctaaat ttttaaacac aatacattat ctcatcttta    133620
     atttttagtt gttatttcaa ttatccattg ctgtgtatag cagtcatcaa acttagttgg    133680
     ttaaaacaca aactcacaat ttgttaactt tggttgagct caggaggata atattcggag    133740
     tcttgcctag gtttccttat atgactgaca aggcctacat agtccaaagt gacatcactc    133800
     aaatatctgg cagttcactg gtgctatcag ctgggttctc ctccacttag tctctctagt    133860
     agagtagatc aggttctcat ttggcattgg tgccatttta atttgccaag cctaaattta    133920
     ctatcatttg tcaagtgtct attaagtcag tgtcagagag ggctatataa cgatatggct    133980
     atgaggagac ttaataaatc gagggttctt tgatataaca ggctacccag ttacatttct    134040
     tgttctaaag attttttcag atacaacaaa caatatttta caatttaact tgtagatgaa    134100
     tgagtttcct gggatataat ttaactaagc aaactctttc atactaaaaa tcttatgacc    134160
     tctttaccca tcttaggttt taagattgat atgagaggta ttctggaata gaaatccaaa    134220
     tttaaggcta gagtcaagag tgctgaagat aagactctta tctaaaggaa aatcaagcaa    134280
     ttgctatgtc ttgcaaaggc cagtgagcag acagagggga gagaatgcaa ttgccccaaa    134340
     taaagactca ctttggaact cagtgattat gtgtgtgcat atatgtgtat atatgtatat    134400
     tatacatgtg tatgcatgta tatatgtata ttatacatat atatgcatgt atatatatga    134460
     atatatataa aactgaaaac tgcacacatc ccatatacac catatacatg aaagtgaaca    134520
     cacacacata cataaacata tatattcagt ttcaaacaat tgttagggaa cctgaggaag    134580
     aaactaaatg gaatataatg gttgcatcta tgatagccat ggtactagaa ctagtagtag    134640
     ttctactaag gtgagaattg acatagtaaa agaaataaga tacaaagcag taagagagag    134700
     ctacattttc cttaaggcca ggctgaatat tcactaacaa ggaaatttct acagtcatta    134760
     ttttaatctg attcattctc ttggtgggat attccagagt taccacctac agaaattcca    134820
     cttttcctta ctgaggtttt cttttttttc ttttcagtcc aaatattagt cattttggta    134880
     gagaaggtag aaacaattaa caattgagta attcctcaag aatcatgtta aaaggtttcc    134940
     aaatcatgaa tgtatagtta tattttgttc gctagatttt aacccacata cctcacttgt    135000
     atagaaatta tgcttatttg gatactcagt atatttcttc acataaagac aaaatctata    135060
     aaatgtacac acacacagat gctatggata catgcacaca tgtgcacaca caaatatgta    135120
     tacatggttt accattattt tctagatcat tcagaggtca gtattaatta aaacatcata    135180
     gatctatggc aaattttggg ccacttctcc taagacagga atttaaaaag ccttcaattg    135240
     tcataacaat gggaagaagt ctgagagctg gagtaaggga agttggtgct cagaaatatt    135300
     aactaccatt tatataggat atccttatga gataatctta aagacaaatg aggctaaaat    135360
     agtaatacga gttatttagc caagttttcc agcaggaaga aggaaataag cagtgaacta    135420
     aaaagcatac aagatacaga ggagcaggtt aattgaagcc attgcagcag aaattgagaa    135480
     gaataaacag gagttagaag atgagagcaa gcaattgcaa gtggagtggg ctgagctgga    135540
     attatggtgt agaaaatgac tggttgagaa aaacccaaac aaatatttct ataatgtcat    135600
     gtgcataaga tacctgtaga tgttatcaag gtatatacat aaactacctg tcattagagc    135660
     taatttctta gcaaattatt cataaaagtt tataactttg tgaggcatta cggacaccaa    135720
     aactaatgat ttggcatttc catgggccaa tttgtctaaa gaactatctt ttacacttta    135780
     ctgtttttta ataagcaata cagtgctcaa aaagtctttt ataccaagtc cagtaggttg    135840
     ataacattga gtataactga gcattgcttt gtgtctaccc tcaggcaaat ctggagattt    135900
     tctcaagctt ctttatgaaa atggagaaac ctcacaagag atgctaatgg acagctgacc    135960
     ctgctccctg ctccatcaca ggttgtagag tattaattcc caagttaccc agacatttag    136020
     ttgtgaatgt gcaaaaatgg tttaggttca aatgttttca actactgaca agctcaagaa    136080
     ttcagaggag gtagtactaa gggaaatgta attaatatat aatatcaaaa cttaagcata    136140
     gcaccataac acctaatttt tgatgatgtc aaatacttaa agttctccct ttttattttc    136200
     tggtgaaagg tgcatagtat acaaacctct actaacttct tgggcttctg aataaaggaa    136260
     aggactacct aatgacagta atagcttgac tgctgaagaa ttatgtcaat taacaaaaat    136320
     tgtttcatag gaaaaagatg aattgtctct tcaaagtttt ttttaagcat gggtgaccaa    136380
     aaccatcaca tacttagaag aaaatattgc attgatttat acaagatatg ctgtacacgt    136440
     tacagaagat tcgtgtttaa taatgcatct tgtaaaaatc ttagagagct ataaccttac    136500
     aacatgactt aacccaaata cattgaaaac cccttggatt tagacctaca gggaggtggt    136560
     tttgctttct gtaccatagc acgcatagtt gaagcaaaca tattccttca aacataatac    136620
     tcttacataa tagaaagtgt tctctgtttt ctggatgaaa aggcatgagg tcttttgtat    136680
     tagcaaactg aaattgttaa ctataaaaag tcaaaaatca aaggtgctct cacgtattta    136740
     taaggacctt gaatggctca gattcatcag gaaaaaaaaa aaacattcct gagagtctga    136800
     tctcaagctg atgtttcttt attgaatttg attctaaacc atcattttgt tgaatcctct    136860
     gtgctttcag aatgctgaaa tgtaaaatat ttttaactta tgaaagagat aatttatttt    136920
     tattttctcc tatacatttt tttttctcaa catggtattt atttacattt ttcttttatt    136980
     atactttaag ttttagggta catgtgcaca ttgtgcaggt tagttacata tgtatacatg    137040
     tgccatgctg gtgcgctgca cccactaact cgtcatctag cattaggtat atctcccatt    137100
     gctatccctc ccccctcccc ccaccccacc acagtcccca gagtgtgata ttccccttcc    137160
     tgtgtccatg tgatctcatt gttcagttcc cacctatgag tgagaatatg tggtgtttgg    137220
     ttatttgttc ttgcgatagt ttactgagaa tggtgatttc caatttcatc catgtcccta    137280
     caaaggacat gaactcatca ttttttatgg ctgcatagta ttccatggtg tatatgtgcc    137340
     acattttctt aatccagtct atcattgttg gacacttggg ttggttccaa gtctttgcta    137400
     ttgtgaataa tgccgcaata aacatatgtg tgcatgtgtc tttatagcag catgatttat    137460
     agtcatttgg gtatatacgc agtaatggga tggctgggtc aaatggtatt tctagttcta    137520
     gatccctgag gaatcgccac actgacttcc accatggttg aactagttta cagtcccacc    137580
     aacagtgtaa aagtgttcct atttctccac atcctctcca gcacctgttg tttcctgact    137640
     ttttaatgat tgccattcta actggtgtga tatggtatct cattgtggtt ttgatttgca    137700
     tttctctgat ggccagtgat gatgagcatt ttttcatgtg ttttttggct gcataaatgt    137760
     cttcttttga gaagtgtctg ttcatgtcct tcgcccactt tttgatgggg ttgtttgttt    137820
     ttttcttgta aatttgtttg agttcattgt agattctgga tattagccat ttgtcagatg    137880
     agtaggttgc aaaaattttc tcccattttg taggttgcct gttcactctg atggtagttt    137940
     cttttgctgt gcagaagctc tttagtttaa ttagatccca tttgtcaatt ttgtcttttg    138000
     ttgccattgc ttttggtgtt ttggacatga agtccgtgcc catgcctatg tcctgaacgg    138060
     taatgcctag gttttcttct agggttttta tggttttagg tctaacattt aaatctttaa    138120
     tccatcttga attgattttt gtataaggtg taaggaaggg atccagtttc agctttctac    138180
     atacggctag ccagttttcc cagcaccatt tattaaatag ggaatccttt ccccattgct    138240
     tgtttttctc aggtttgtca aagatcagat agttgtagat atgcggcgtt atttctgagg    138300
     gctctgttct gttccattga tctatatctc tgttttggta ccagtaccat gctgttttgg    138360
     ttactgtagc cttgtcttct atacattttt aagtagtacc ttaaaaacta gacaaatcca    138420
     tacagggtca aaagaactca actgaattct ctatcactgt gaaaatagac ttagttcttc    138480
     attacaaaag cactacaata actacaaaaa ttatatctcc tggagtatat atttacatat    138540
     ccatgcaaaa ggggaataga ttaaaagatg tttatgaatg tctaaaacct taagtcagtt    138600
     taagtttaac gtagtattat aaatcaggtt tgtgggtgat attttgtctg cttctagact    138660
     tgtgagcaag ttattaagtt ttaggttact tatatttaaa attcaaaaag gaaatgattg    138720
     tgattgcatt caaagaaaga gaggatattt tgaagcttct ttttttttac taatatcaaa    138780
     acataatatc acatttgtaa aacacgttga tggcttacaa ccaagtaaaa tacctcaata    138840
     ccccactttt caagatcagt aatattggcc tatgagtatc cctctatagg aattataaaa    138900
     agttgtattt atgccctgag attataccct ataatgtgca aactttatag gatagacaag    138960
     tggatataag gtttctttct aggtttcctt atatactcca aatggtaaaa ctagatggaa    139020
     gattaaaatt ccaaatgttg ttaattttag aaccttcaat gtcagagtta ctttgtatga    139080
     atgaatttac ctaattttcc acactatgca tgtctaatag atattaccat tgcacaggtg    139140
     agaaaactgc atctctgatt attattattc actctagtca cagagataag aaagggcaaa    139200
     atatcataat agaagcccaa ataagtctta ttttaatgga atatttttcc actggacttc    139260
     aactggttta tcttatttat ccgtccatct aagatcagtt gaaaaaagag acttgcagat    139320
     gcaatatttt agccaatata tccaatctcc tatttgaaat ctcctgcata tctaacagaa    139380
     aactcaaatt tagtatgtct gaaatcaagc tgactgctgc acgtgttcac actgaaacaa    139440
     agcaaaacaa aattccttca acagcttttc tcatctcaat aaatggtact acactgtgcc    139500
     tgtatgactc atgcccaaaa cctagaggtc gacctaggtt ctttttttcc ccatgactct    139560
     ccatttccaa gatttccaat tcttccttga acacttctca aagccacacc catctctctg    139620
     tcagaatacc acaatgcatt gcaaatctgc ctccccactt gtcatctcct ccctaaatgc    139680
     tctattttca cagtagtctg agtggctttt ttttttttaa agcacacaag atcttgactc    139740
     ttcattccct actttctgct ttaactcctt gtttggcttt cctctgctaa tataaagaaa    139800
     aatttccaac ttctttttaa tgaccataga tcctggcttg atgttttcta cctacctctc    139860
     caaccacatg tcatacactt cccttctttt cttatcacac ccaaaacatt cttaattatt    139920
     tccacagtct ttgtgtatgc caaccctttt tctgcctcta gaattttgtg cttgtttctc    139980
     tttctttcta aaataagctt tctgtggctt tttgtaaaat tagatcattg ttctttgaaa    140040
     tctcggctaa gaagttttct gaaatacctt aattaaagtt ccttccctgg ttactagcag    140100
     tctcctcact ttgtttattt ttattgtaat ctttaatgat tgttttctat ttgtttgatt    140160
     tcttgatcaa ctcaaatttg tatcctcagc tcttatcaaa atactaggta actacacacc    140220
     tattaaaaca actaaacata aaaatagtga caacaaaagc tggcaatgat gaagaaactg    140280
     tatcattcat acattatttg aattgtaaaa tgttataata ctctggaaat aatttatcag    140340
     tttctttaaa aactaaacat atatttataa taagatccag caattgcaca cctggaaatt    140400
     tatctaagag aaatgaaaac ctatatgcga tctttaatat ctttcatagc acctttaatt    140460
     ctaacagaga aaaactggaa acatccaaga tgttggagag gtgaatggtt gaataaactg    140520
     tggtatatct atatgattaa atactaccca gaaattaaaa agtatatact tttgacacat    140580
     gcaataactt gcattgatct gaagggcatt atgcttagtg aaaaaaagca aatatcaaaa    140640
     ggacacatgg catattattt catgtatata actttaataa aataacatac atatagaaaa    140700
     cagattagtg atttccagag gttagtgatg gtatgggaat gtgagatgaa tatggctata    140760
     aaatgtgagg aagacacttt tagtgatgga agagttctgt aacttaattg taataatggt    140820
     cacattaatc aacacgtgat aaaataggca tagacctatg aattcacatt gtataaatgt    140880
     caatgcctgg tcttgatatt gtactaaatt atacgagatg taactcttga aataaactgt    140940
     gtagaatagt acacgagacc tctctgtatt tgaaactccc tatggatcta tgatcttttc    141000
     aaaataaaaa gctaaaaaat gctaagtgtt caataaataa aatagtaact gtattttatc    141060
     caattcttac catataaaaa tgcttcacat acattaactc atacaattca atctatagca    141120
     ggatcacatt gatgccatta ttagtcctaa tttatagcct agtagcttgt tcaaggtcac    141180
     atagctaata ggaggaaggg ttatgatttt aatccaagca accagctcca gagaatgtgc    141240
     taccaactga cacatcacag catttctcaa aaataattct ggatggaagg aaagaaggga    141300
     gttaaggaag gagagagaga aggaaggaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaggaagga    141360
     aggaagggag ggaggaagga aagaaggaag gaaagaagga aggaaagaag gaaggctgta    141420
     agggagggag ggaggaaaca gggaaagaag gagggaagga aggaaggaag atacaataaa    141480
     ggaaggaagg aaggaagaaa gaaagataca atagccagta tatttactca aagagaagac    141540
     atcataaaac ccttttaaca aacacagcct gacttctcaa attccctctc cattcaactt    141600
     ccttgactgt agagtcctat tcagggtcaa gggaaggaga aatcaaacta aagatcataa    141660
     cgctgcatgt atgtggcatt gtattgccag agttctctga gtaaaccttt ctagagatgc    141720
     acattttgca ctctattgga aaagttatct taattataat gtttctgaag atgcatttgc    141780
     catactgaaa gcaagcagtc acatacaatt tggtagacac cagcacaaat gacaagaaaa    141840
     acttggtaaa gttgaagaga ctgcctttgt tatatctaat attctatcac cccagatcta    141900
     tcttctcaaa tctccacatt acttagccta accctgtttt tctgttttct agaggaaccc    141960
     accacattga tcaggttgat ttattcacat tttcccaaaa atgctaggta gattccttcc    142020
     taaatccatt agtaagttat agtctgtatt ccccatggat gaactgtgtt caccagttat    142080
     gactcttagg aggaacttca tagaagatct tcagtggcat ctattggtac atgttggaca    142140
     ttaactaaaa atgtatagtt ttagcaacca acagattcta ttcttatacc tgttggtcat    142200
     gtccaggcag ttatgtgtaa aataattaca caatgtttca aaatttcaag atgtttgcct    142260
     acctatatag tgtccttcac tctcctcccc agctctccaa ataatatcca taattcaaag    142320
     accagttaaa tcctacaggc atattcacag aataactgcc ctgaaaacat tgcttaaatt    142380
     aatgaagacc atctatggac aatgcatctt caagagctca agatctggtg aaaaaacgga    142440
     aacaaagaag aaatttcaat acaatgtgat gaaaatttta aattatttct ctcttgcaaa    142500
     tttccattgc ttgtttgaac attcaggaga atagtactgc tttcccattg aatgtataaa    142560
     taaatgtaag aatgaaggtt ggccctccct ccaaattcat taaacattaa attttttaag    142620
     taaaagataa gagggctgta tgaaaattaa aattcatgat tacttccaat atagaaaata    142680
     attgaaatag ataaaaacac aaccaaatag aaatggatat tgctaaaaat taccttctta    142740
     attaaattag taaaaaaagt gaaattattg ttctatccat attggtgaca ttgcttctta    142800
     aattattcaa attaaaatat attctactgg tgagttcagg aaaaattgac aataaaggaa    142860
     tagtatcata cacaaagaaa tataactcac tgttttagcc tagcaactag tgtttacaga    142920
     acaagttaca gattattctg caatatgaaa caatcctaaa gtgtttttaa ccttaaatca    142980
     aaattcaaat tagaattaga aatgaaatga tgttctcatt tcagcaatga atacagaagt    143040
     gaaatcactt gatttttctg aagactgtat ttttcagtgt tcatctagat ttaacacttt    143100
     aaagaatacc ttttattcct taaataacat tcagtttgtg aaagtaagca cacctttttc    143160
     agctccgctt attctgcgga aggatccttc catatcaagg attaacacaa tatgcatcgt    143220
     gggttcacaa agttcagttt gcagctatcc ttagcaaatc atggaaccat ctagactgat    143280
     tgatgtggag attgaaagta attgatcctg ccattgagaa gctttttgaa acatgaaatt    143340
     aaacaagatg atattaagca ttctgaagtc cagcagagtg gcacatcaaa tgtgttacta    143400
     gctgttcctt ttcctttgta tttttataaa gacccttggc tggcagaatg gaacagaaat    143460
     agaagctaaa agatctagat attgatgtag tgatcaaagg catacagctg gtttactttg    143520
     ttataataat attttatgtg gtacatgaag actttgatcc cttgacaaat gtcatttgta    143580
     ggtgagcaat tattaatagg attgtaagtc ttaatatgca aggatcacca ttaataaaag    143640
     tagattattg taaagtgaat tagcaataat tttacttatg aataaaaact tatactattt    143700
     caggtcattt tcttattgtt tcttgaaaaa agaagtcctt tataagtcca gttaaatatt    143760
     acctaatttt tgcatcaaat ttcatggtaa acaaggctta ttttcttact ttactgatgt    143820
     ctaaaagcta aatttcactg gtgatatatc atttgtttaa gactaggtaa ctgataacct    143880
     aagctgagac ccaaaatttg ttattttctt tatttacagc acaatatttt ccatcatggt    143940
     atattacatc ttgctaaaga agctatgttt ctttagcaag acaattgaaa agcataaaca    144000
     ttggtttact agaaagattt ttaatattcc atattattta caactgtttg cttatttcca    144060
     tgtataaaat gacattgatt caatagactt cttccacatt tgcatgatat tcagctataa    144120
     cactaactca ggcaatattc atatggctcc agaattaaac tggtatctga cctcccaatt    144180
     gaattagaag ataggcattt tgtgatttga ggaagacatc ctgtgaattt acaaatgtcc    144240
     agaaagttat acaaaagaaa aacaaaatac tttagtctag ttaaaagtag tgctactatt    144300
     tcttgaaatt ctgaaagctg tactaagtat cactcctaaa tctggggata aagtacagaa    144360
     aatggcatct cccaatataa tcttggacat atttgtcatt aagaagcaca atgaaatatg    144420
     acaaattgta cagcaacttt taaaaattgc taataactct ttgtttatct cagtagtaaa    144480
     atttaaatac tgatccaacc tgacacatat gaacataaca tacctattct gaaagacaaa    144540
     gaatatgtat cgatatttat attatattta atacaaatca tggaatatag aattatagaa    144600
     ttgtgcctat ttacctagaa aatattaccc cagttttgtt tttctaagct tcaagagaga    144660
     tttcttggag aaaatgagat tttataagca atgctagcaa aaaaagataa cttaaaagat    144720
     tatggagaaa aaggcgtatt ttagatacaa aacacagatt gagaaacgct taggggcaag    144780
     aagtaatgca tcactggcca gtgtaaatga accgtttagg cagtaaaatg tgtccaagca    144840
     agtggtgagt atatcctgtt ctcttttata tatctagaca agtgatttca aacacccaca    144900
     tggagccctg agaccctggg tgttcaccta atgtaagccc caatatagga gctgaggtca    144960
     agtaattgag ggaatatgtc caacaatcaa tgagcaaatt agaatgagct aactgtcaca    145020
     cattcttacc ctcatccctt tgctgcatta actgagcaaa caactctctc taactatgta    145080
     ggaaaagtgt tagtactcaa ataaaaaggt aaatttaata atctgcttaa ggctgtatga    145140
     aaaaatgaag caatgtgtat caggtttctt caaatatatg catattgcaa tccaccctta    145200
     taagtagttt taccctcgat tgtaagagct aaaagcaggc cgggcacggt ggctcatgcc    145260
     tataatccca gcactttggg aagctgaggt gggcggatca cgaggtcagg agatcaagac    145320
     catcctgtct aacatggtga accccgtctc tactaaaaat gcaaaaaatt agttgggtgt    145380
     ggtggcgggc gcctgtagtc ccagctactc aggaggctga ggcaggagag tggcgtgaac    145440
     ccgggaggca gaggttgcag tgagccgaga tcacaccact gtactccagc ctgggcgaca    145500
     ggacgagact ctgtctcaag aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagga aacattctgc aaatgttgaa    145560
     tttaaatgca tatttctgct ttcatatagc ttatatgata ataaagctat atgcaccagc    145620
     agatatattg ttttatatta tataacatat tatacatatt ttacactgga taatggataa    145680
     atggtaccta ttatgttggt gaccacaatt ttggcagcct tagaaaaact tcagggccgg    145740
     gcgcggtagc tcacgcctgt aatcccagta ctttgggagg ccgaggcgag cgggtcacga    145800
     ggtcaggaga tcgagaccat cctggcaaac acggtgaaac cccctctcta ctaaaaatac    145860
     agaaaattag ccaggtgtag tggcgggcgc ctgtagtccc agctactcgg gaggccgagg    145920
     caggagaatg gcgtgaacct gggaggcaga gcttgcagtg agccgagatt gcgccaccgc    145980
     aatccagcct gggcgacaga gcgagactct gtctcaaaaa aaaacaaaaa acaaaaaaca    146040
     aaaaaaacac ttcagagcat aagccaaaac aattagaaat agcatggctt taaattaatt    146100
     tttcaaggat cttaaggtga caaatattct gtcatctgtc atgcaaatct agttccacag    146160
     aagggcaaat taggaatcca ttacctggaa taaccattcc tcatgcctag aagaagaatc    146220
     tctacaagca ggattcttgc tttcaacatg cccttataaa ttggagtcag actgaatcat    146280
     tttttcttgg caatggacaa gaaaatcaga ctgtaactac ctttgtcact gagaattggt    146340
     caaccatttc aaaataggta agttttctcc ccctgatgtt tctactgggg cttgaaggat    146400
     tgataaatat gcttatattc tctgtcagaa ttttgaacta agggagagat aagcaaagat    146460
     tcaggcagat ggagatcaag atggcaggtt tatttttaaa ggagctatgg ggaatctttg    146520
     tggtaacaat agattttttc tgttactgtg gacacacata ccttcccagc cacaagtggt    146580
     gctagacaac tgcacacctc tccatcccac ctcccatccc aacagataca taggcatttt    146640
     cttcagatgt tgatgaaaat aattatttta tcactacatc cagataattc caacaagcaa    146700
     tatgcttgtt gaggtgaaat aatttttcta agatacaaac agaaaatata tacgattgaa    146760
     atagacacta ggtgatattt cacatacaca atatgagctc tgtttctttg acaagacaga    146820
     tgcatgaaga attcatgttt gaatgattgg cattagtcta aagtattaaa taatgaaatt    146880
     gtccatattc tctgcccagt atgatctttt aaaatatcat ccacacaaat acaagtgagg    146940
     tcatattttt tacaatgagg catcaaattt aaaggcagca aaaaaataat gaatatacct    147000
     cttaggctaa ttgtttacct tagtggcttt aatgatatgg aaagttgaag tttagagtga    147060
     gaaaagcacc aaaaaagaaa ataatcagtc tcctgacttt catatctggt agtcttagaa    147120
     tgaatgtcag aactgtcaca ggtcaaataa tggcccagta tgttttcaaa taagtgacac    147180
     tgaacaccat gttttagaag tgcatgatta tccttcttga tgttaatctc acaacttaag    147240
     gacatgcttg ccaaacatca taatttctct taataactca tatcagataa atctccagtg    147300
     gagacctatg ctctggactc cagacttatg ccaagtagcc taattactat ctccacttgc    147360
     aggcaaaata ggcatctcaa agtgaacata cctcaaaaag agctcttaat ctccttctac    147420
     tattctcccc acttacccag catcttctcc attctcacct tctctcatca tgttcctcat    147480
     atcaggaggt aatagactcc atccttatag ttatacagtt attaagccac aaaacaccct    147540
     gtttataccc ttggcagccc tatttttttt ttttaattat actttaagtt ctgtgataca    147600
     ggtgcagaac atgcaggttt gttacatagg tatacatgtg tcatggtggt ttgctgcacc    147660
     tatcaacctg tcatctacat taggtatttc tgctaatgct atccctccct taccccccac    147720
     cccctgacag gcccttgtgt gtaatattcc cctccctgta tccatgtgtt cttattgttc    147780
     aactcccact tatgagtgag aatatgcagt gtttggtttt ctgttcctgt gttagtttgc    147840
     tgagaatgat ggtttccagc tttatctatg tccctgcaaa ggacatgaac acattctttt    147900
     ttatggctgc ataatattcc atggtatata tgtgccacat tttctttatc caggctatca    147960
     ttgatgggca tttgggttgg ttccaagtct ttgctattgt gaataatgct gcaggaaaca    148020
     tacatgtgca tgtgccaacc ccatcaaaaa gtggacaaag gatatgagca gacacttctc    148080
     aaaagaagaa atttatgcgg ccaacaaaca tatgaaaaaa agctcatcat cactgtgctg    148140
     ggtccatccc gcagaccctg gctgagcaac agaagaaagg agtactcaga cacaaatata    148200
     cagggtaaga gcaggctagg aggctgcgag cactaggggc agaggagagt tagcagtctc    148260
     agtaagacag agctgcttgt atttattcag tactggtata acgtccaagg cctggagtca    148320
     acacaattgc tgggtaatta acatttttgc tccctcttac agggagcagt ctcatgctca    148380
     gaagttcaaa agtcagtttc ctgatgacat aagtaaacaa gcctatttag ataaacttct    148440
     ttacttttcc ttgcacctac ttctcaccct tagcctcaga gaaagagaat tttcttcctt    148500
     cacctttatt ctctcatgaa gcttttgcaa gaccttccaa cctttcaaga aggcttgcgt    148560
     ctttccttat agcttctccc accaccctga ccgatctccc acatcactgg tcattagaga    148620
     aatgcaaatc aaaaccacag tgagatacca tcccacgcca gttagaatga cgaccactaa    148680
     aaagtcagga aacaatagac actggagagg atatggagaa ataggaatgc ttttacactg    148740
     ttgatgggag tgtaagttag ttcaactatt gtggaaggca gtgtggcgat ttctcaaggt    148800
     tctagaacca gaaataccat ttgacccagc aatcccatta ctaggtttct acccaaagta    148860
     ttataaatca ttctacgttt ttttttgaca tggagtttca ctctcgtcat ccaggttgga    148920
     gtgcaatggc atgatcttgg ctcactgcaa ccaccacctc ctgggttcaa gtgattccct    148980
     tgcctcagct tcctgaggag ctgggattac aggcacccgc caacatgccc ggctaatgtt    149040
     tgtattttta atagagacgg ggtttcacca tgttggccag gctggtttca aactcctgac    149100
     ctcaggtaat ccacccatct cagcctccca aagtgcagtg attacaggac taagctacga    149160
     ctcccagcca ccctcatttt tttatagctc atactatgtt aacaaatttt atcaatagta    149220
     attcaaaaca tcttcagatt ctgttcctgt ctcaccacca tcactaccac cctgattcaa    149280
     accaccatct ctccactctc cagttaggtt tactgctata gccgcctaac tggtcttcct    149340
     acttccctgt agccccttgc cttcagtcta ttctagtttc tgcaattagg gtgattcttt    149400
     aagaatatgt cagacggagc cattcttctg ttaaaaccct ccaatgactt cactctccat    149460
     cccactcaag gtattagttt cctcaggcta ctgtaacaaa ttaccaccaa ctgagtaggt    149520
     taaaattaca gaaatttatc ctctcacagt tctggaggct aggagttgaa agtaaggtgt    149580
     catcagggtc atggtctctg aaggctccag gggaggatcc ttccttgtct tttcttagct    149640
     tctcacagtt gccatcaatc cttggcattc tttggcttgt agttacatga ctccaatctc    149700
     ttccttcatc ttcacatact ttatccacta tgtgtttttc taaatatcca cgttcttaca    149760
     agcacactag tcatttgata agggcccatc tgaatccact taacttgact gactaggcaa    149820
     gattttattt ccaagtaatg tcatatttac aagtactgag agttgggatt tgaacatctt    149880
     tttggggaag acataattca acccacagta ctcacatccc aaagctcctt accatgcaca    149940
     catctccagt cctttggtat tcaaagtgtg atacacagac cagtagcacc agcatcccct    150000
     gaaacttgta agaaatataa actctccaga ccacctgaat cagaatcttt attttaatgt    150060
     gaaacctagg tgatttatat gcaaattaga atctgagaag catacccctc aaaacaacct    150120
     gcctactttt cttattattt catctgctcc tcactccata tcactctgtc attactctgc    150180
     ttgtgtcata ttggcctttt tgatattcct gtagtgcctg gactattcct cccccagata    150240
     tttgcatggg ttatttactc acctgcacca gatataaaga tacagttatt atatatagtg    150300
     atatataatt atacatatat tatcacacat atatataaca cagtgcagtt gttcctggat    150360
     aatctatttt aaatatacat cctatcaacc ccattcttct tccttgcttt ttctaattca    150420
     aacgtattta tttccacaaa tttttatcca cagctaaata ttacagtgac tattccaagc    150480
     atttttctat aaagaaaggt gtagtttaca gatttgttca aagtggaaaa atattttcat    150540
     cagtagtctt tcttccctgg tgttaggttc acccctgaat gttctgaact cttccggaga    150600
     ggcagtcctt catctaaatg tcagcgggtg gcaaaatgtt atattcaaat ctggattatt    150660
     ctgatacagt gtcacttcag aaagtagctt agtttcattt ctggttgatc ccctttgtta    150720
     gaattaggaa ttttttttta aaaaacaatc ttttgtatgt aatgaccttt ataataataa    150780
     taaatcctgc cctgtgtttg tcattggcat taacctctgt ctacaccctc taattctcta    150840
     attatggctc cagtgggtac aaaaggtgaa ttatggttat ttggctcatg cagcaaatta    150900
     attggagaaa ctgatgacaa atagtctgtg aagaactaca aggtcttgcc ccatgctgtc    150960
     ccattttagt taccatttag ttatgtaggc attatacaaa tgcctcaaat taggacatct    151020
     ttgctctctc agtaggtcga gtttatgaaa atttacttta tgcagaaaaa ataaattcta    151080
     atttattggt taccagaatc ttaatgtatg aaggttctaa gtaaatattt gatgaattga    151140
     tggtagcagc gttaattttt aaatgttcca agctcctagt tttttttttt gttttgtttt    151200
     tgcaaaagcc ttaaagtttg gtactaagga aatcaaagaa tcaactccca ccatcatgct    151260
     tcaggaaagg gaaaaatgtc tacctttggg tctaacctgc ctcccaggtg agcctactgg    151320
     tactagaact gtaactgcaa ctatgatggc acagggaaaa tgcatgtatg taatatgctt    151380
     gtcggcttca gcaacaactc atgtatacat acacatttac tatatgtaaa caggtcctgt    151440
     ataatactta aaacacaagt gtttgatcta taaatatttg attcttagta tttaaaatgc    151500
     ttctaatatt ttaaaagaca aaactccacc atgatatcac attgaacatt aaaattattc    151560
     ccacagcaac acttatttca gagaaacaat tgagaagtca gttatcttag tcaccactaa    151620
     aggcacctgg tgagaaaagc tgaactaaat tttaaatatt aaaaaattaa agagacatct    151680
     agtgcagagt tcaaaccttt atgttgaatt gtttgagtcg ttactgattt catgatgctg    151740
     ataagtgttt gagttgaaat gattttttaa aatgcagaga aaatgctaac agaatattat    151800
     atagttcccc taaagatgct tcttctaacc tccaagtatt aaataagact gatctaaatg    151860
     ttaagtacat ataaagtata tatttgctag tcatctataa attttaagta caattccagt    151920
     gatatacctg tatcttttgg aagagaagaa ctaaacctgc cgtttcttag gctaaataga    151980
     tgattcataa ggtccttccc tccccattta ttctgattgc caagcttttg ttcagtaagc    152040
     tcttggcatc tagtgattaa ccagtgacag cagacagtag tgaccaagag agatggagag    152100
     aacgatggtg taagacagta tataaggaca gtaagccact gtatttgtgg aaccactgca    152160
     tgtcaaaact ccttaacact ctaacaaagc atttttggtc ttttaagatt aaggacagtc    152220
     cttacataag ggactcagtt tcaaactaaa gtgcatcaaa aagcaaatta taccccacaa    152280
     acaactttaa agaggtagcc acaaacccag ttgttttaga ttggccttct aaatgaagtc    152340
     agcacatgga tccatgtgtg agtgtcatgg acgtcagtga ttatgtaact gtaactgaaa    152400
     gaaaaaggca cagctctgca gacacccaag agaagctggc atgtttaatg tggatgtaga    152460
     agggataatg tccatggcaa ctgattggaa cacaactgtc agcagcctca acacaggcta    152520
     agactgggtt aagccccagg agatgcagag aacgactgag gaagctgtgc tctaagggga    152580
     cattacagaa ggtagcttgg agtgtgctgt gtttccgaga gccttttaag ttgggtggtt    152640
     gagtaaagga gggtagaggc aggctgttct acttccaatc catggataaa tctcattttc    152700
     tcaatgtaat acagaggctg ttcttctatg attggcaaac actatttgtt cttatcatgg    152760
     aaacagcata ctgctatcaa gaaataggga aaagacagta aaaaaatgtg tggaaagaat    152820
     atggaataaa aaattttatt atgcagccat aaaaaatgat gagttcatgt cctttgtagg    152880
     gacatggatg aagctggaaa ccatcattct cagcaaacta tcgcaaggac aaaaaaccaa    152940
     acgccacatg ttctcactca taggtgggaa ttgaacaatg agaacacttg gacacaggaa    153000
     ggcgaacatc acacaccagg gcctgctgtg tggtgggggg agggatagca ttaggagata    153060
     tacctaatgg aaatgacgaa ttagtgggta cagcaaacca acatggcaca tgtaaacaaa    153120
     tgcaacaaac ctgcacattg tgcacatgta ccctagaact ttaagtataa taaaaaaagt    153180
     gtggaaagaa taatatgggt ttctaactga atgcttgctt ttgaagagcc caaaaacaaa    153240
     caaacaaaaa attctaagag cagcaaacat ctacgcctgt tatgttactg aattattctt    153300
     ttttaaaatc cttatttcat aggagagata tttacaattt tgaattacaa agtttgaaaa    153360
     acgttgaaaa taacctgaaa ggggaaagtt gacctaagcc attttattct cttaaaaaaa    153420
     cccaaacttt tgtataatag taatccctga actgagtatt tttgaaggtt tttcagataa    153480
     tctgatgtgc gaggttagtt tgttttacta ttcagttgtt tggaatagta gagcattata    153540
     tgaggctctt actggaggct taatggtatt aagagattaa aagctttcac attgtttggt    153600
     tttcacatct ataaataaaa caagttatta tcattttgta atatttagct tatatacatt    153660
     tttgtgagag ttttgtggga cttggaaagt gtatggacta gcatcagaca caaattattt    153720
     ttccatattt ctcacttgga gtttcagata gcagcatttt aatcatctct tccattaaac    153780
     caagattaca caaaagcgtt tgaggacact gaggactggc acttctaatt ttgcttcaga    153840
     aaccagtact caaaatgtct ggtttggagg tcagttacac tgctgtcttt gtataatcag    153900
     ccattaaaaa atattttggg gacatttctc agaagtctca tccccatatt tttgttctta    153960
     acacatctca ccacaaactc taccacacct atggtttgca aactttggga aatgtcagta    154020
     tatgccatta tcatggttat tagtactatt atttgttaaa agcactttga aggcaattta    154080
     tgtgacttat atatagttag tattttaatc tggacattct ccagttatat gcaaagatta    154140
     aaactcagca gcttcatttt acagaattgg catcttttat atggctatgg ggactgcttg    154200
     gtgtctataa attataatgt atatttgttg gactgaaatc aaacttaaaa tgttccacat    154260
     ttcaagtgtt tttattctga gcagtactta caaaaaataa tgccatagtt gtgtctaatt    154320
     ctgtatagtt cagcactctc cacaggctgt caatctctga tttgatctac ttttaccaga    154380
     tttaacagat ccttgaattt actttactgt ctacgcttcc tttttgctca cattgggaat    154440
     cacactaaac atgcatctac ttcattgagg aactccagat tgagacatgc tgggattgac    154500
     tccatggtta gggaagatgg ataaaatgga aacaaaacag gaaacatgtg cttggcatct    154560
     aatagcagtt gctgagggtc attctgctct tgtagttgtg cctggatcgt ttgtataaag    154620
     gccactgtta cctgttcttc aaattcattc aggggaggct aaaggtttaa aatttggaca    154680
     atctgctggg tgctgagaga ggcacacagg gagcagatgg cctctgcatc ctcctgggtt    154740
     ttcttcttta attgcaggag ctgggctgct tcgatcagag gttccatggt ctgaactact    154800
     ccactctggt gaaggtttct tccccaaagc cactcctcaa gctgacttat attgtacctg    154860
     agttgcatgc ctgtgctcca agagcagacg tccttccgca ggagcaggtc attaagagtc    154920
     actgcgttga tcatgtagaa gagctgtttg aatacctaca ggatgatctc agggtccaag    154980
     ccctggtcac acatgactgt atgaaaggca ttcatctggc ggatgatagc ttccaggcgg    155040
     tatgagttat cctcatctgc catgctggag gagtgcttct gggagccagt gggcttcaca    155100
     ccagatagac cctgaatgct ctaattttcc aacatggcag aaactatcat cggctgtaac    155160
     acaccctcgg caattttaaa gaggtgctgg tagatctgaa tggaaaggtc gctcagtacc    155220
     tgacggtatt cggtgaggtc aaagttctta aggcagtgtt cgttgtgctt tgcagtattc    155280
     tgagtcatga agccctcatc cccgctgtac cgcttcagac agtgaagaag gtggcaggtg    155340
     ttggataaca agaatgacgt catctcaaag tcatcactgt gcttcttcag gacttcctta    155400
     atgccgttgg tggtggaggt catcagggag tgcaccttga gatcatcatt ggtttggtcc    155460
     gcgagccgga tgcacatgta gaggatgtag gcggggatac agggcactgt gtccaacagc    155520
     atctggggct tcaagtctgt caccaggttg aggatgagga gggcctcgcc ctctttgtgg    155580
     cacttcaaca tgccctggaa atccttttct ttccactgaa ctgtgacctg cctgttgaac    155640
     tcatggcact tcctgtcact ctgggccaac gcctgggcag cttcttcacg taaatcttca    155700
     gttgctttta gagcttcctc tcattctttt cctcttactt tatttttcac cacagaactt    155760
     cctatcaact agtatgttga atattttgct tattaacttt gtttattgtc ttctccctcg    155820
     attagaatat tagctacttg agtacaagga tttgagccta ttacgttcac tgctgaattt    155880
     taggctcctg gaagataccc tgcattcaat agagaccaca caataaatat atgtcaaata    155940
     aatgagtctg taagttcatc aatttatttg cccatatgca ttaacttttg cccatataca    156000
     tccatataca tcccatgcat acatatacat gcccatacat cccatacatc catatacatg    156060
     cccatataca tccataacaa gagttattac tcttgttata tgaaatcaac tgtactattt    156120
     gcttcatgta atagtttaaa aatacacatg tgtgtatata aatatataca gagatcatag    156180
     acctaactcc gtctatatat gtgtgtatgt gatatatata aatatataca cacatatatg    156240
     actgacatat atatataaat atatacacac acacatatat atgactgaca tatatataaa    156300
     tatatacaca cacatagata tgactgctat atatatctat cttgtgtaag tggaatcagg    156360
     cagtattcaa acatactttc aattagtaat gactatagtt taaataagag aaagtttaaa    156420
     gattctgata gtttaaataa gagaaagcaa acatcactac tactagtatt tggggaaaaa    156480
     gattacaaat agagatatta tgataaaagt gtacaatatt ttttatgttt gtgcacttag    156540
     atccatgttc aaactttggc tcacctatac atgtatagca cattggaata tgtgctacag    156600
     tatgccattt ataaagactg aaaataatag tttataaaca ttattattta tttagcaacc    156660
     tcataagctt ggtttcaaaa atacctgaat tacatagcat aatcccagtg ctggagaaca    156720
     gaacagtagc tgccaagggt tagggttggt tggaagatgt gattagtgag ggttaatgtg    156780
     aaaacatgta ctttgtttgt ggtgatagag cagttctgca tccagattat ggtaatggtt    156840
     acataaatcc acacttcata gatctatata cacacatcac acatacattc aaacacatct    156900
     gtacatgtaa aatccttaga aatataaata gggtctgaac ctgagttaat ggtatggaaa    156960
     caatgtccat ttcctgattt tggcaacgta ctaggttaag ttagatataa tcattgggga    157020
     aagttgcctg aaaatagcat ggtcattcat tttacttctt tttttaactt cttatgagtc    157080
     aaattatttt aaaacaaaag gtattaagca aagacaaaaa tttgaaagtt caaaaatcaa    157140
     agcccatatg aatttggaca tatgatttga tttcttttgt agaccttgat ttcttcacct    157200
     gtaaaaatgg aataatagta tgattcctat ctcattattg tcatgcttaa atcataccac    157260
     ttatgtaggt gcctgtatat atatatatgt atatatacat acatatatat gtatgtatat    157320
     atacatatat atgtatgtat atatacatat atatatgtat gtatatatac atatatatgt    157380
     gggtgtgtgt atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatac acacccacac    157440
     atatatctat atatatgact gactttgact gacttaggtc tatgatttaa ggtgcggaaa    157500
     ttggaattta ccagaacatt tgtgaattga tttgttctta tgcttcacca actgtcatgg    157560
     taaaggacac cttagcccca gctcatagta tgaaaacatg taaatgcttc tatgtgccct    157620
     aaatttctct tggttaagct ttatactttt ttttgtttat gacacagaaa tatgatcaca    157680
     aagcacatgt gtaccacgat acaaatttca tgtattttgt ctctgtatta tgttttcttt    157740
     ccatttatgt cttttcaagc taacaattcc tgatctccta atacagtggg cctttcaagc    157800
     acttacttct ttagatagtc atgttctttt aactaggatc tcacagataa agttatcaaa    157860
     gcatggaaaa ggatgaagaa acttgactcc ttcccctctc catcccccac taaattaaat    157920
     tcatcccaac cttgtatttg ttttgttctc ctggaaaaga aaatatagtc atcaccctca    157980
     ataaatatac aatctagtta gagagatatg acttcagaga aggatttctt agttttgatt    158040
     ttgattatct tcctttagat atttggaaag acaaaaatgc tgtatgctta tggactgcaa    158100
     gcagtatgag tggaaaacaa aagtaataaa tgttacttct gactttatta taatgttagg    158160
     attgttaata gttaacaatt acttactgaa ggaagattta aattgaatat ttctaaatgg    158220
     gaaaaattta aaaagcaggt gagtccataa attttaggac ccagaatcta ctgagctaaa    158280
     aactcaatga gagttaattc tctgttggtg atgtagcaat tcttgaggtt atttgtgaag    158340
     actcacatga gagctaaaca ataaaagagg actgagacca tttcaaggga tggagaacac    158400
     cttcctttct tgttcagatg atgctctgag acattgctgt ttattttgac tgcctctttt    158460
     taaacaaact tccacttagg aacttaaaaa ccacctgtaa accaacagcc ataaaaaagt    158520
     ggggaactca gtgtttaagc attattgttc accagacaca gtactgggca cttacataaa    158580
     tggtatggtt taagcatgac aataatgaga tagaaattct actatcattc catttttaca    158640
     ggtgaagaaa tcaaggtcta caaaataaat caaataatat gtttaaattc ataagggctt    158700
     tgattttaga aattttagat tttttgtctt taataccaat tatttttaaa taattttact    158760
     cacaagaagt taaaaaatag taaaaagaat gaccgtctta ttttcagcca actttcccca    158820
     gtaattatat ctaacttaac ctagtacttt gccaaatcag gaaattgaca ttgtttccat    158880
     accattaact ccagttcaga ccctattcat atttccaagg attttacatg tactcttgtg    158940
     taggtgtgtg tgagtgtatg tgtgatgtgt gtgtataggt ctatgaagtg tggatttatg    159000
     taaccatcac cataatctgg atgcagaact gctctatcac cacaaagaaa gtacatgttt    159060
     tcacgttatc cctcactaat cacatcttcc aaccaaccct aacctttggc agccactgat    159120
     ctgttctcca gcactaggat tatgctttgt aaatcaggta tttttgaagc caaagctcat    159180
     gaggttgcta aataaataat aatgttttat aaaatgttat tttcagtctt tataaatggc    159240
     atactgtagc acatatttaa atgtgctata catgtatagg tggcaaagtt tgaacacgga    159300
     tctaagtgca caaatgtaaa aaatattgta cacttttatc acaatatccc tatttgtaat    159360
     attttccccc aaaaactagt agtagtgata tttgctttct cttatttaaa ttatccgaat    159420
     tatagtcatt actaattgaa agtatgtttt aatactgcct gattccactt acgtaagata    159480
     tctacaatag ttaaactccc agaaatagag tagaatactg gttgccaggg tctggaagga    159540
     ggggaaatgg aggttgctgt tcaatgggta taaaattcag ttataacaga tgaataagtt    159600
     ctagaggtct gctgtcaaca gagcacctat agttaacaag attgtattgc acagttaaac    159660
     atttattaag aggatatatc tcatgttaaa catacttact tcattaacag aaaaaaatgg    159720
     aatattttac acataaaatt acatatatgc ctgaatttca catttcgttt cacaaattgt    159780
     actggtgcta aaaaggtatt tttgtattaa aaaacatcta actgaaggaa aagttacaaa    159840
     tgagtgatca ttcataaata aaatataatc ctagggaccg ctgtttttcc attttgaata    159900
     ccctccacaa ttagtcttaa taattatgtt ggctgaatga aaaataatga tttctcaaga    159960
     ggcaatagaa aatagagaat aagtccattc ttgagaaaat ttataattag tgaaagtaat    160020
     tttttcatcc tcttttctta tttaaatctc aagtactctc tgccactctg tgctcttctt    160080
     tctggggtaa aatatgccag ctatccacag tcagggcatt ctctaaccac tcctccttag    160140
     agatgtctac agacttttac tcagctagac tgtcttgttg cctgtcttca tatcaacttc    160200
     gcaagacgtg tggaccattc tcttaggccc ctgcatggca gtgcataata tattccatgc    160260
     taattatcta atgaggttca ctaaattaat cttttattat accacataaa atactcttag    160320
     atctaacagt acaaaaattt ccaattatgg gccggtcgcg gtggttcacg cctgtaatcc    160380
     cggcactttg ggaggccgag atgggcggat cacgaggtca ggagatcgag gccatcctgg    160440
     gtaacatggt gaaaccccgt ctcaaccaaa catacaaaaa attagacagg tgcggtggcg    160500
     ggcgcctgta gtctcagcta ctcacaaggc tgaggcagga gaacggcgtg aacccaggag    160560
     gcggagcttg cggtgcgccc agattgcacc actgcactcc aacctgggcg acagagggaa    160620
     actctgtctc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagaaga aaattccaat tacatcactc    160680
     ctttgcatta catcctaaga ctaatttaaa gagggtatca caaaaataga aatgatagcg    160740
     acagaaaatg gtcccaattt tcactgcact gttgctaaga ccaccttgcc actcatcatt    160800
     atagaatgcc tttcaggtaa cataataaga gccattttta aaatggaacc ttactatacc    160860
     catgtgtgac aggcagaggg actctattat tattcatagt ttacagatga agcagttaga    160920
     tttgccccag gtcactggct tattaaatga caggctaaga cagaaccaag ttttattctc    160980
     aaataagacc ataaagaaga ggattgatcc aaatgaatta taaaattttc ttacagcccc    161040
     agtaacaata atagataagc taatgatttc tttaataaaa atctgatatg acaagtagaa    161100
     tgtgacagaa tcaacatgat caattaatca gatttgggta gtagtttggt acctaaatgt    161160
     tggatgctct tggacataaa gatgacagta tttatgacga taaagatgac cattccacag    161220
     tttgagaatt tctacagaga gagagatgaa gaaaatttct ggagttattg aaactatgtg    161280
     aagatgaatt atttggttga tgcactgcta tcattctaaa tggacttcac tttctgaaaa    161340
     aataacgcat aaggatgaaa tatgtattga atgaaaatta tattttgttt ttccattttt    161400
     tacctaataa aaaaatcaga aaaacagatt ttttttaaaa aaaagaaaag atgactgtaa    161460
     tagacaatgg agactagtag aggcagtaga gagggcagcc agggttgaaa aactacaggg    161520
     tactaagctt catatctgca tgatgagatc agtcataccc caaacctcag catggcacaa    161580
     tatacccggg taacaaacct gcctagacat ttgtgtaaaa tgagacgatt gcagggtagt    161640
     tttaaaagtc attcccctta tgaaaatatg gaatgttgtg cacattattt catagacttt    161700
     gtgcttagtt aaaggtctta accaaaaatt ctaaatgatt tctcctatta ataaatagat    161760
     atcaataaca tcattttaat gggctctatg aagaccttat tgagtgattg tatcataatt    161820
     caacaagtgc cctattgttg aacacttaga ttctttctga ttatttccct ttacaaaaaa    161880
     tgctatattg taaattgttg tatgtatttt taagttatga aattgttagg gcaaaaggtg    161940
     aataaatgta aggtctttga taaatagtca gaattctctc catagaggat acgataaagc    162000
     atcttttcat ttgaaggagc aagaataact gctaaatact tctgagactt ccagtacttt    162060
     tttggtttta agttttgttg ttgtttattt ggttttttgg aggttttctg ttttgtttta    162120
     taagtaggtt tcagtattgc taagtattca gtcatggtgg atattcgaag aataatttct    162180
     ctctttggga ttattcctct aacactatga gcaagtatca ctgtgttctt tctctaaagg    162240
     aaaatataaa gcatagacaa attaaatgct gctcagattc taaaactatg aaaatataac    162300
     aatggagaaa caaatagcaa gtctgtagct actcaatgac tttagcattg agtggatcct    162360
     aaaatgccta ttttgcacag aatgaaaaag atacagcagg ttcctttgga agatcaaagt    162420
     gagaaaattg actacagctt taacagcctt aaaataaata cctaatgtaa atgacaagtt    162480
     aatgggtgca gcaaaccaac acagcacatg tatacatatg taacaaacct gcacgttgtg    162540
     cacatgtacc ctagaactta aagtataata aaaataaata aatacataaa ataaaatgaa    162600
     taaaaaataa atacaaacat attaatcata agtaaatgaa acatctgata atctcattat    162660
     gtctggtagt aatgtcacct ctgagtattt aaatattcat ctacatattt ctttgctaaa    162720
     tttcctttta tttctccttt atattaaact tttttttaga gagcacaact ccaaagcatc    162780
     ttttattaat atagaaaggt catatttagc aaaagacaca aggcagggaa gtgtcaggcc    162840
     tgaggcctga gctgtgctga gggacaagga ggctccggac aagtgctggg aagggctgag    162900
     tggtgggggc cacagaaagt tccagtgggc aacactgtcg gcaggtcatg ggtgggactc    162960
     acggggacct cgttgctaac tcttgttgcg ttggcggggt ggggtgggga ggggggtcct    163020
     tagtgctgcc acctggagtg agaaccgccc cttggttcct ggagggcacc catcaaggga    163080
     cacaggatag gaagcccagg atggttagtg caactaggga tgaaggccag ggagaagcag    163140
     gtgctctgga gtccagacac agaggcctag gaacttcctg ttaagtgtgg gcgttccgct    163200
     ctgtctctac caggcactct gactagggat ggatgatacc tctcttcagg cgctccgcag    163260
     cgctcttgct gccagcatag gtgggccgga tcactttgcc catctcccct gtgaccaaca    163320
     gcagttccgt gtaggtactc tgggagccct gggcaccagg tggtttcatg gcctgcacac    163380
     aaccgatggt aggcggtcca aagtctttaa acagcggtct gaaaggggca gtggctcccg    163440
     gccctgagcc cgacggtgac gggacgcttc ctgtagggac cagagtgcct ggcccagggg    163500
     tgctggagcc gggggtgctg ctgggggcag gtgtggtagg tttgtaggac atccccaact    163560
     cctgggcact ggggaagcca gcaggctgct cttcgggggt tggctgcggg accgctcagc    163620
     agcgatctga ttggcaagtg ggctgcacac cccctggtaa atctatatta aactttttaa    163680
     ctgcaatttg tattaatcta aatacagttc aaatattctc catgaaaatt tcacatttga    163740
     gttgagacat cctaaaattt aaaatacaca atggatttca aagatttcat atgaaaaaag    163800
     aacgcaaact atctctaata atttttatat tgattacata ttgacccaat attttgtata    163860
     tatattgggt taaataaaat atacaattta aaaaaattat gctacatttt tgttaaaaaa    163920
     tttaaataaa ctatatatga aattatttct tgggatagaa aaggggacat gattaaatat    163980
     ttacttaaac ttttttcaaa aacatatctt taaaacacat tttcaaacac aacaaaagta    164040
     ttttaatttt gtataggtaa aataaactta ttcctgctga aattcaatca tggcatgatt    164100
     tcctttgtgt gcatttgagg actctgttta taacccagat aaaaacataa aacttttgaa    164160
     actcttctaa gaatgtctaa cacaaattac ctgtataggt atcacggcac agacgatgct    164220
     gaggccggac tgactgaaga agaacaggct gaagatgctg tactcacaca gcagctggcc    164280
     cccaggttac ccgcccttcg tgtacatggc gatggtcacc tggctcacca gcaaagtgaa    164340
     caacaggtcg gtggcagtca gccgcataac tgtgtagaag gtggtctcct tctgctcctt    164400
     gcgcgacttg cacagcacca cgatggccac caggttgccc accaccccga aaatggacgg    164460
     tcccaggctg tccagcagat tgggctccag gccaaggaca cactggcctg ggaaggggtt    164520
     aacatgacag tggctggtgg tacacagccc tggagtgtga agctgagtct ggagatggca    164580
     gaagagagac aaagccacca tgagtgaaat gaccacctgc agggcattag acccgcgccc    164640
     aggaaacggg atgctaacat gacaagggag gaactcaatc ccactctctg gattgcaacc    164700
     acttaccaac ggcagccacc caaatctcta ggctccctct gctcctgcca gcagcacacc    164760
     cttgctgatc ttaatattta taaactgagt ctctcattcc tcttcctccc cccagcctat    164820
     ctcactccac tgacaagacc tatctccagg gaaaggtagc gccctagtat tattcccgac    164880
     agattctgag ttaataaaat gcacattgaa accctggaag acaatttgga aagcgctctc    164940
     tttcctcctt ggctcccctg gcagcgcccc atctccgcac cctttgcccg atggcccaca    165000
     tcccatgtca cgtgtagcgg ccccagtggt ggggcctaag acaatgaaac ctaagactaa    165060
     ttggtgtacc tgaggaagaa gtgaattcta aaagctagga aaacatattt gggggaataa    165120
     tcaaggaaaa cttctgtggc cttgtgagag acctagacat ccaaataaaa gaagcacaaa    165180
     taacacctgg gaaattcatc acaaaaatat cttagcctag gcacattgtc attgggttat    165240
     ccaaagttaa gacaaaagaa agaatcttaa gagctgtgag acagaagcac taggtaacct    165300
     ataaaggaaa acctatcaaa ctaacagcag attttgcagc agaaacctta aaagctagat    165360
     gggattgggg ccctttcttc agcctcctca aacaaaacaa ttatcagcca agaattatgt    165420
     atccagcaaa actaaacatc atatatgaaa gaaagataca gtcattttca gacaaacaaa    165480
     tgctgacaga atttgccatt accaaaccag cactgtaaga actgctaaaa ggagctctaa    165540
     atcatgaaac aaaccctgga aacacatcaa aacagaactt cattaaagca taaatcacac    165600
     aagacctata aaacaaaaat acaagttaaa aagcaaaaac aaaaaacaaa aacaaagtac    165660
     agaggcaaca gagagcatga tgaaagaaat ggtacctcac tttttaatac taatgttggt    165720
     tgtaaatggc ttcaatgctc cacttacaag atacagaacc acagaatgga taataactca    165780
     ccaactaact atctgctgcc ttcaggagac tcacctaaca cataatgacc tacataaact    165840
     taaggaaagt ggcagaaaaa ggcatttcat gcaaactgac acaaaaagca agcagcagta    165900
     gctattctca tatgagacaa aacaaacttt aaagcaacag tagctaaaag agacaaagac    165960
     agacagtata taatggtaaa ggtctcattc aacagaaaaa catgacaatc ctaaacatac    166020
     atgaagctaa cactggagct cccaaattta taaaacaatc actagtaaac ataagaaata    166080
     agatagatag caacacaata atagtgaggg aacttcatta ctccactgac agcacctgtc    166140
     agtcatcaag acagaaagtc aacaaagaaa cactggattt aaactatact ttggaacaaa    166200
     tggacttaac agatatataa gaacatttca tccaacaacc acagaataca cattctattc    166260
     aacagcacat ggaattttct ccaagataga ccatatgata ggccataaaa tgagtctcaa    166320
     taaatttaag aaaattgaaa ttgtatcacg caccctctca gatcacagtg gaataaaact    166380
     gaaaatcaac tccaaaagga atcttcaaaa ccatgcaaat acatggaaat taaataacct    166440
     gctcctgaat gagcactggg taaaaaacaa aatcaagatg gaaatggaaa aaatttcttc    166500
     gaactggatg acacaaccta tcaagacctc tgggatacag gaaaggcagt gctaagagga    166560
     aagtttgtag ccctaaacac ctatgtcaaa aagtgtgaaa gagcacaaac agacaatcta    166620
     agttcacatc tcagggaact ggagaagcag gaacaagcca aacccaatcc cagcaaacaa    166680
     aggaaataac caagattaga gcagaactaa atgaaattga cacagcaaca acaacaacaa    166740
     caaatacaaa acatgaataa aataaaaagt tggttatttg aaaagataaa caaaatcgat    166800
     agaccattat aagattaacc aagaaaagaa gagaggaaat ccaaataacc tcactaagaa    166860
     atgaaacagg ggatattaca actgacacca ctgaaatatt aaagattatt caagggtact    166920
     atgaacacct tttggcacat aaactagaaa acccagaaga gttgcataaa ttcctggaaa    166980
     aatacaaccc tcctagctta aatcaggaag aagtagatac cccaagcaga ccaataaagc    167040
     aagcagcaag attgaaatgg taattttaaa attaccaaca aaaaatgccg aggaccagac    167100
     agattcacag cagaattcta ccagacattc aaagaatatt ttatttcatt caaagaagaa    167160
     atgataccaa tcctttcaca ctattccaca agacagagaa agaagaaaca ctccctgatt    167220
     cattctatga agccagcatc accctaatac caaaaccatg aaaggacata accaaaaaag    167280
     aaaactacag accaatatcc atgatgaaca cagatgccaa aatccttaac aaaatactat    167340
     ctaactgaat ccaacaatat atcaaagaga taatccacca tgatcaagtg ggtttcatac    167400
     cagtgacaca ggaatggttt aacatatgca agtcaataaa tgtgatacac caaataaaca    167460
     gaattaaaaa aaaacacatg attttatcaa cagatgcaga aaaagcattt gacaaaatct    167520
     agcattgctt tatgattaaa gctctcagca aaataggcat acaagggaca taccttaatg    167580
     taataaaagc catctatgac agacccacag ccaacataat actgaatggg gaaaaggtga    167640
     aagcattccc tttgagaact ggaacaagac gaagagccta ctctcaccac tcctcttcaa    167700
     catagtactg gaagtcctag ccagagcaat cagacaaaag aaggaaatag aggaaatcca    167760
     aatcgtaaag aggaagtcaa actgttactg gttgctgacg atatgatctt tcgccttgaa    167820
     aaccctacgg actcctctag aaagctccta gaactgacaa aagaattcag caaagtttcc    167880
     agatacgaga ttaatgtaca caaatcagta gctcttctat acatcaacag ctaccaagct    167940
     gagaatcaca tcaggaactc aacccctttt acaatagctg caaaaaacaa acaaaaaaac    168000
     aaacaaaact taggaatata cctagcaaag taatcaaaag acctctacaa tgaaaattac    168060
     aaaacactgc tgaaagaaat catagatgga gccaagcacg ttggcgcatg cctataatcc    168120
     cagctactcg ggaaactgag gcaggagaat cgcttgaacc cgggaggcag aagttgtagt    168180
     gagccgagat cacaccattg cactcccacc tcagcgacaa gagcgaaact acctctgaaa    168240
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aacaagaaag aaaagaaatc atagatgaca caaacaaatg    168300
     gaaacacatc cccatgctca tggatgggta gaaccaatat tgtgaaaatt accattcttt    168360
     taaaggcaat ctacgaattc aatgcaatcc ccatatgaat accaccatca tccctcacag    168420
     aattacaaaa aaattctaaa attaatatgg aaccaaaaga gtgccatgta gccgaaccaa    168480
     ggctaagcaa aaagaacaaa cctggaggca tcacactact tgatttcaaa ctgtacaata    168540
     aggccatagt taccaaaaca gcatggtact ggtttaaaaa taggcacata gaccaatgga    168600
     acagaagaga gaacccagaa attaacccaa atacttacag ccaactgatc ttcgacaaag    168660
     caaacaaaaa cataaagtgg ggaaaggaca cccttttcaa cacatgacgt tgggataatt    168720
     ggcaagccac atgtagggta ataaaactgg agtctcatct ctcaccttat acaaaaatct    168780
     actcaagatg gattaagaac ttaaacctaa ttcctgaact gtaaaaattc tagaagataa    168840
     cactggataa acccttctag acattggcat aggcaaggat ttcatgacca aaaacccaaa    168900
     tgcaaatgca ataaaaacaa agataaatag ctgggactta aataaactaa agagcttttg    168960
     catggcaaag ggagcagtca gcagagtaaa tagacaaatc gcagagtggg acccctgacc    169020
     ctgacccctg accctgaccc ctaaccctga cccctaactc ctgacccaaa ccctaaccgc    169080
     tatccccaac cctaacccct aaccccaacc ctcaccctaa cccaacccta acccctaatc    169140
     cctaacatct cttaaaccct aactctaaac gttgactcct aacccctaac tctgacccca    169200
     atccctatct ccaaccccta accctaaact taacccctaa cccctaaccc taacaccaac    169260
     cttaacccta ggttcgttac tacgtttgta ttgactatgt caatgttgat tattatgatc    169320
     gctgtctttg gactgcacgg cagcgaggcg attgcggatc ttatattaat atttttgtat    169380
     tgaggcagtg cattagcatt acaggtgctt gttacatgag caatgggggt gtcatacttt    169440
     gggtgtcatg tctgcattag gaatgccgca tttgtcttcc gaggctgcgg tgtggatctc    169500
     gcactgcggc cgcctcggct tggccgggga gaacctcggt gggtaggatt cagaggggct    169560
     tttggtttcc cgttttccac actgaatcct tctaactggt ctctgaccct gattattaag    169620
     ggctgcaaac aggaaggatt ttattcaccg tctatgcggt cccgagtagt cccaaagcga    169680
     ggcagtgccc ccaaggtctg tgctgagaac gctgctctgc cttcgcggtg tcccccgggt    169740
     gtgtgctgag cagaacgcag ctccgccctc gcggtgcccc cggcgcgccc gcccgggtct    169800
     gtgctgagga gaacactgct ccgccttcgc tgtatctccg aagtctgtgc agaggagaac    169860
     tcagctccgc cctcgcgatg ctctcccggt ctgtgctgac gagaaggcac ctctgccctc    169920
     gcaaagggag agcgcccttc gcaaaggcag agcgcccttc gcaaaggcag agaggcgcag    169980
     accgccggcg caggcgcgga gggggcgcag ggcgccggcg caggcgcgga gaggcgcaga    170040
     gcagggcagg tggcaccaac agcgggtccc tcaggcctcg agcgcacgca ttccagtggc    170100
     cacccagacc atgctccgcc gactgggcgc acaagctgca gtcgccctct gtgtgcagca    170160
     gcagctgcct ggcaaccccc gagcccgctc gcgctgccag catcgcagaa ccagggccag    170220
     gtgtcccagt ggctgcggcc aagccaggca ttctggccgg cggcggcggc tgcacaggag    170280
     cgagaactga gaacccgccg ctcaacccca cacgggtgac tgccgagtgc ccataccaac    170340
     ggccccgatc tccctcaggt ggaggactgg gcgggaggca cagcctgggg gccctcaggc    170400
     tgggcgcgct ggcgatcccg aggccgacca ggccatgcac ctccagctcg cctgggcacc    170460
     caagctgcag ccaccttctg tgtgcaggca gcaacctcca ggcaactccc gagtccgccc    170520
     tcacttccca catctcggaa cgagggccag atgtccctgt ggctgcggcc aagccaggcg    170580
     gtctgccctg cagcagctgc acgggggcgg gaaccggccc tcagccctat cccccgtggc    170640
     tgcagagggc ccttggctag aggtgtcgag ctctggcaga ggaggagccg ggcgggggca    170700
     gggtctggcg ggctctcagg ccaggggcac tcgcgatcca gaggccgccc aggccatgct    170760
     ccaccacctg ggcgcccagc tacaggcgcc aggcaactcc caagctggct ggcgcgccca    170820
     gcctcgcaga cctgggcgtg gatgtcgccg tggctgcggc caagccaggc ggtctgcccg    170880
     gcggcggctg caccggggca ggaaccgacc ctcagcccca tccccggtgg ctgcggacgg    170940
     cccctggaga ggccccgacc tctcttcgga ggagaagagg ggcgggagtc aaggacaggc    171000
     aggccctcag gcgggaaggg atgcgtgcct gcgattccgg gacataccgc gccagcccag    171060
     gagaacccgg aagcccgcag cgcctgtttc tctgtgtgat tctgtgagga accaccaaat    171120
     tgttttccac ggcaagtgca tcattttcta ttcctagcag ccagttcata agggctccaa    171180
     tttctccacc tccttagcaa cactgatttt ctgtgtcgtt gttatgaaag ccttactagt    171240
     ggatgcaaag tggcatctca tttgggtttt gtcttgcatt ttattaatga ataacggtgt    171300
     ttagcatctt ttcttgtccg tcttagacat ttgtgtatct tcttcggaga aatgtctatt    171360
     caagtccttt gcctattttt taattgggat gttagaaatt ctgacgttga gttgtgggat    171420
     attaagcttt tatcagatac gcactttgat tttatcagat acatattttc tcacatacta    171480
     tgggttgtct tttaactccc ttgatagtat cctttgatgc ataaaggttt tttattttga    171540
     ttaaatctaa tttacgtgta ttttcttttg ttatctgtgc ttttctgtca tatttcaaaa    171600
     tacacttaaa actcaaaggt cataaaggtt taccttgtgt tttcttctaa gagttacata    171660
     ctttagtcct tacatttaag tcttttatta atttagaatt aatttttgtg tatactgcaa    171720
     ggtaggggtc taacttctct cttgtgcact gacatccagc tgttggagag actgttcttt    171780
     cctcccttga ctagacttgg acagcttgtt gaacagtcat tgaccatata tgtgagcact    171840
     aatttgtagg atctcaaatc tgttctattt tattggtcta aaagtctatt agtcttatgc    171900
     cagtaccaca ctctcttgat tactgtagat ttgtagtagg ctgtgaaact gaaaaatgtg    171960
     agttttctaa tattcttttt caagactgtt ttgtctgtca gatcctttga atttttgtat    172020
     gaattgtaga atgagtttct ttctttctgc agaaatgcct ttgggatttt gatggtactg    172080
     cattgaatct gtagattact ttagatggta ttgtcatctt aacaatattg tcttacaacc    172140
     catgaacaca gaatgtcttt ccagttattt ccactctctt tcgttttttt cagcaaagtt    172200
     ttgtgtatac caccatggtt agatttatgc ctgaataact tattctttga tgctattata    172260
     aatggaattt ttaaaatgtt ttcatagttc tttacaacta tatagaaata tagctcattt    172320
     gcctatgttt gttttgcatc ctgcctcttt tattagttat aatcggtttt gtgttttatt    172380
     tggagcttta tacacataag atcatgtgta tatataattt tacttctgtt tttttatttc    172440
     taatttagat gccttttatt tctttgtctt gcctaattgc tctggctaaa attgccagtg    172500
     gtatgttgaa tacaagtggc aaatgaaccg tgcttgtctt gttctagatg ttaggaaaac    172560
     agctttcagt gtttcatcat tgatcatgat attaactgtt gggtttttgt acatcctatt    172620
     gtcatgttgc agaaaatccc ttctatgcct agtttattga atatttttat tatagaaggg    172680
     tgttgtattt catcaatgtt ttctctgcat caattgaaat aatcacgtgc ttattcattt    172740
     tactgttaga gtatattaca ctgattgatt ttttatatgt tgagccactc ttgcattttg    172800
     gggataaatc tcacagggtg atagtttaca atcctttgat tatacagtat tgctgctagt    172860
     attttgctag tattgctagt attttgctga gatttttgct tatatattca taagggatat    172920
     tgtgctgtag ttctcttttt tgtgctctct ttggctttgg tataaggata atgctgttat    172980
     caaaaaatga attagcaagt attccttctt catatattat gtcggaagag tttgagaaga    173040
     aatggtatta attctttttt aaatgttagg ttgactcacc agttaatgca gctatatggt    173100
     cataaatgtt tctttgttaa tcgctttcga ttactaattc aatatcctag gttataggtc    173160
     tattcatatt ttctctttct tctggagcca ctttcgtagt ttgtatcttt ctagtgattc    173220
     gtctatttca tccagggcag ctaatttgtt gttagacagt tgttcacagt atactcctgt    173280
     aatccttttg tatttctgta aagttggtag taatggctct gctttcattt attattttaa    173340
     taattagtct tccatctttt gctcagtcaa tatagtgaaa ggcttgatct ttcaaataat    173400
     ctatgtttat tcattctact gctctccaaa cttctatttt attgatttat gctctaatta    173460
     tgctctctat tatttctttc atactgctag ctttggattt agtcttcttt tgtcttcttc    173520
     cactgccttt agatatagag tgaggatgtt gatttgagat ttttcttaaa tgtagttgtt    173580
     tatatccata cattttcctt tgaactctac tttcactgca ttcaataagt tttggtatgt    173640
     tttgttttta ttttaattta tctcaagata ttttataatt ttgcttgtga tttatttttt    173700
     tcactcactg gtagttgaag actgtattgt ttaatttcca cattttcatg aattttccag    173760
     ttttcactta tttatctgtt gtttcttcca ttgtggttgt aaattatatt ttgtatgatt    173820
     tcaaactttt aaaaatgatt aggatatatt ttgtggacga agatatggcc catcctagag    173880
     aacttccata tacacttgaa aggaatgtat attctgctgt tgttggatgg actgtgctgt    173940
     atatgcgtat tagctctcag tggcttatac tgttgtttaa ctcttgtatt tctcatgaag    174000
     cttctgtctg gtttttctat ccattaatta aaatgaggta ttgaagtgtc caactgtgac    174060
     tatagaactg tgggtttatc ctttcaatcc tgttaattat ttcagcttta ctgaggtgta    174120
     atagagaaat aaaaattgta catgtgatgc gtttatatgc acattctgaa atgattacca    174180
     aaacgaagtc aatgaacatg ttaattaact cacagaatag ttaccttttt gtgtgcatgt    174240
     gtgggataag aaaacttaac tctatcccct gtgactgcag agtggacatt ccggctgctc    174300
     caggctccag cagaggaaga ctggggcagg tggctccacc agggaggccc tcaggcctgg    174360
     cgcgcacgca ttccagaggc cacccagacc acgctccgcc gcctgggcgc acaagctgca    174420
     gtcaccctcc gtgtgcaggc agcagctgcc tggcaacccc tgagcccgct tgtgctccca    174480
     gtctcgcaga accagggcca ggtatccctg tggctgtggc caagccaggc attctgccca    174540
     gcggtggcgg ctgcacaggg gcgagaactg agaacccgcc gatcaacccc acacggggtg    174600
     actgccgagt gcccatgaca gcggccccga tctctctcag gtggaggagt gggtgggagg    174660
     catggcctgg gggccctcag gctgggcgcg ctggcgatcc cgaggccgac caggccatgc    174720
     acctccagcc cgcctgggct cccaagctgc agccgccttc tgtgtgcaga cagcagcctc    174780
     caggcaactc ctgagcgtgc ccgctctccc cacatctccg aagcagggcc agatgtccct    174840
     gtggctgcgg ccaagccagg cggtctgccc tgcagcagct gcacgggggc gggaagcggc    174900
     cctcagcccc atccccagtg gctgcagagg gcccctggct agaggtcttg agctctggca    174960
     gaggaggagc cgggtagggg cagggtctgg cttgaccatt tggaattaca atacacttca    175020
     ctcatcaacc acagaacata cactggagta tcatctgcgt gcagatgagt atactgctca    175080
     aagcgattta cagattcaat gcttttccta tcaaactact aatgtcattt tgcacaaaat    175140
     agaaaacatc taaaatttat atggaaccta aaaggagtct gaatagccaa gccaaagcaa    175200
     tactaaggct agagacatag gctagagaca tcatagtaca tgacttcaaa ctatactaga    175260
     agactatagt aatcaaaaca acatggtact ggtagaaaaa cagacacata gaccaatgga    175320
     acagactaga gtactagaaa ctaaggccac atgcctgcaa ccatcacatc tttaacaaag    175380
     ttgacaaaag taagcaatgg gaaaaagact ttttatttaa taaataatgt ggggataact    175440
     ggctagtcat atgcagaaga ataaaactcg acctccatat ttcaccaaat acaaaaatta    175500
     gcttaagatg gattaaagag ttaaatgaaa aatctcaagc tataaaacgc ctagaaaaaa    175560
     cctaggaaat actttttttg ataacggcct tgccaagtaa tttatggcta agtcctcaaa    175620
     agcaattgca actaaaacaa aaaatgacaa gtgggattta attaaactga aaaacttttg    175680
     cacaacaaga ggaactatca aggtagtaaa gagataaccc acagaatgaa agaaaatatt    175740
     cacaaactac gcatctaaca gaggtctatt atgcagaacc tataaggaac ttaaacaaat    175800
     caacaagcaa gcagcaagta actccattaa aaagtgggca acaggacatg aacggacact    175860
     tttcaaaaga agacatacac acaagcaccc aacaaacata tgtaaaagtg ctcatcgtca    175920
     ttatttatta gagaaatgca aatcaaaacc aaaatgaaat accatttcac accgttcaga    175980
     atggcttttt ttgaaaagtc aaaagaaaaa cacatattgg tgaagattta gagaatagag    176040
     aacacttata cactttctga aggaatgtaa attagttcag tcactgtgga aagcaggttg    176100
     gggatttctt aaagaactga gaattgatct accattcaat ccagtaaccc cattactggg    176160
     tatatacccg aaagaaaata aatatcctat caaaaagaca catgtagcca tatttttatc    176220
     acagcagtat tcacaatcac aaagacatag gcttaatcca gacatccatc agtggtggtc    176280
     taaagactca tggaatacta tacagccaga aaaaactcaa aattatgcca tttgaagcaa    176340
     catggatgca ttgtttccag caaactaatg caaaagcaaa aaacaaaata ccgcatgttc    176400
     tctttcataa gtaggagcta aatgctgggt acacacggtc ataatacaga ggggtgggag    176460
     gggccgggac ggtggcttac gcctataatc ccaacacttt gggaggccaa ggtgagcgga    176520
     tcacccgagg tcaggagttt gagaccagcc tggccaacgt ggtgaaaccc cgcctctaat    176580
     gaaaacacaa aaattaacgg ggcatggtgg ctggcgcctg taatcccagc tactcggggg    176640
     tctgaggcgg agagtcgctt gaacccgggg ggcggagttt gtagtgagcc aagatcgcgc    176700
     cacatcactc cagcctgggc gacggagcaa aactctgtct caaaaacaaa caaacaaaca    176760
     aaaaacaaag agggaggggg gagggaatac agattgatta aaactaccga ttggttagtg    176820
     tcctctctac cttggtaatg aattc                                          176845