ID   AJ851868; SV 3; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 1593281 BP.
AC   AJ851868; AJ851869-AJ851885; AJ972403-AJ972404; AM041147; AM084333;
DT   01-APR-2005 (Rel. 83, Created)
DT   26-JUL-2007 (Rel. 92, Last updated, Version 9)
DE   Mus musculus immunoglobulin heavy chain locus constant region and partial
DE   variable region, strain 129S1
KW   constant region; immunoglobulin heavy chain; variable region.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Sciurognathi; Muroidea;
OC   Muridae; Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RC   revised by [3]
RA   Retter I.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (20-OCT-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Retter I., Experimental Immunology, German Research Centre for
RL   Biotechnology, Mascheroder Weg 1, 38124 Braunschweig, 38124, GERMANY.
RN   [2]
RX   PUBMED; 17675503.
RA   Retter I., Chevillard C., Scharfe M., Conrad C., Hafner M., Im T.H.,
RA   Ludewig M., Nordsiek G., Severitt S., Thies S., Mauhar A., Bloecker H.,
RA   Mueller W., Riblet R.;
RT   "Sequence and characterization of the Ig heavy chain constant and partial
RT   variable region of the mouse strain 129S1";
RL   J. Immunol. 179(4):2419-2427(2007).
RN   [3]
RC   revised by [4]
RP   225436-1593281
RA   Retter I.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (01-JUL-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Retter I., Experimental Immunology, German Research Centre for
RL   Biotechnology, Mascheroder Weg 1, 38124 Braunschweig, 38124, GERMANY.
RN   [4]
RP   1-1593281
RA   Retter I.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (23-JAN-2007) to the INSDC.
RL   Retter I., Experimental Immunology, German Research Centre for
RL   Biotechnology, Mascheroder Weg 1, 38124 Braunschweig, 38124, GERMANY.
DR   MD5; 6a2eb98463d16c1e88c0262516fe05de.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456017.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC2771210; 17675503.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC4010897; 24752300.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC4182348; 25268771.
DR   IMGT/LIGM; AJ851868.
DR   RFAM; RF00026; U6.
DR   RFAM; RF00106; RNAI.
DR   RFAM; RF01417; RSV_RNA.
DR   RFAM; RF01942; mir-1937.
CC   The sequence was assembled from the following BACs and INSDC entries:
CC   363D14   AJ851868
CC   34H6     AJ851869
CC   62G14    AJ851870
CC   75M10    AJ851871
CC   189G9    AJ851872
CC   197B5    AJ851873
CC   197K2    AJ851874
CC   260D2    AJ851875
CC   355E24   AJ851876
CC   356C12   AJ851877
CC   363P17   AJ851878
CC   396L2    AJ851879
CC   436C3    AJ851880
CC   459E6    AJ851881
CC   473A9    AJ851882
CC   511O23   AJ851883
CC   150M14   AJ851884
CC   167C1    AJ851885
CC   4K8      AJ972403
CC   148M16   AJ972404
CC   407I12   AM041147
CC   433I4    AM084333
CC   The sequence is provided with manual annotation. V genes were assigned
CC   to a V gene family according to the MGI V gene family nomenclature
CC   (http://www.informatics.jax.org).
CC   PLEASE NOTE: Additional information on single V genes is available at
CC   http://www.vbase2.org by the respective VBASE2-ID.
CC   The VBASE2-ID of each V gene is given as /note="musIGHV000" in the feature
CC   table. VBASE2 supplies detailed information about V gene names,
CC   rearrangements and database cross references.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..1593281
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="12"
FT                   /strain="129S1"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /germline
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   gap             2996..3095
FT                   /estimated_length=unknown
FT   V_segment       join(5656..5701,5803..6113)
FT                   /gene="VHJ606.a7.128#"
FT                   /note="provisional gene nomenclature indicated by '#'"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV115"
FT   misc_signal     6114..6152
FT                   /gene="VHJ606.a7.128#"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT                   /note="provisional gene nomenclature indicated by '#'"
FT   V_segment       join(21571..21616,21717..22027)
FT                   /gene="VHJ606.a6.127#"
FT                   /note="provisional gene nomenclature indicated by '#'"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV114"
FT   misc_signal     22028..22066
FT                   /gene="VHJ606.a6.127#"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT                   /note="provisional gene nomenclature indicated by '#'"
FT   gap             34403..34502
FT                   /estimated_length=unknown
FT   gap             36308..36407
FT                   /estimated_length=unknown
FT   V_segment       join(38842..38887,38989..39299)
FT                   /gene="VHJ606.a5psi.126#"
FT                   /note="provisional gene nomenclature indicated by '#'"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV121"
FT   misc_signal     39300..39338
FT                   /gene="VHJ606.a5psi.126#"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT                   /note="provisional gene nomenclature indicated by '#'"
FT   gap             43943..44042
FT                   /estimated_length=unknown
FT   V_segment       join(48518..48563,48675..48985)
FT                   /gene="VHJ606.a4.125#"
FT                   /note="provisional gene nomenclature indicated by '#'"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV129"
FT   misc_signal     48986..49024
FT                   /gene="VHJ606.a4.125#"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT                   /note="provisional gene nomenclature indicated by '#'"
FT   V_segment       join(64357..64402,64505..64814)
FT                   /gene="VHJ606.a3.124#"
FT                   /note="provisional gene nomenclature indicated by '#'"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV130"
FT   misc_signal     64815..64853
FT                   /gene="VHJ606.a3.124#"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT                   /note="provisional gene nomenclature indicated by '#'"
FT   gap             67897..67996
FT                   /estimated_length=unknown
FT   gap             81543..81642
FT                   /estimated_length=unknown
FT   gap             83076..83175
FT                   /estimated_length=unknown
FT   gap             85229..85328
FT                   /estimated_length=unknown
FT   gap             87308..87407
FT                   /estimated_length=unknown
FT   V_segment       join(87577..87619,87701..88011)
FT                   /gene="VH36-60.a10.123#"
FT                   /note="provisional gene nomenclature indicated by '#'"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV117"
FT   misc_signal     88012..88050
FT                   /gene="VH36-60.a10.123#"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT                   /note="provisional gene nomenclature indicated by '#'"
FT   gap             93999..94098
FT                   /estimated_length=unknown
FT   V_segment       join(99389..99433,99532..99833)
FT                   /gene="VHJ606.a2psi.122#"
FT                   /note="provisional gene nomenclature indicated by '#'"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV400"
FT   misc_signal     99834..99873
FT                   /gene="VHJ606.a2psi.122#"
FT                   /note="abnormal recombination signal sequence"
FT                   /note="provisional gene nomenclature indicated by '#'"
FT   V_segment       join(102757..102799,102881..103184)
FT                   /gene="VH36-60.a9.121#"
FT                   /note="provisional gene nomenclature indicated by '#'"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV128"
FT   misc_signal     103185..103223
FT                   /gene="VH36-60.a9.121#"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT                   /note="provisional gene nomenclature indicated by '#'"
FT   gap             107468..107567
FT                   /estimated_length=unknown
FT   V_segment       join(109279..109324,109426..109736)
FT                   /gene="VH3609N.a3.120"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV116"
FT   misc_signal     109737..109775
FT                   /gene="VH3609N.a3.120"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       115511..115829
FT                   /gene="VHJ558.a1psi.119"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV399"
FT   misc_signal     115830..115853
FT                   /gene="VHJ558.a1psi.119"
FT                   /note="abnormal recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(130862..130902,131005..131306)
FT                   /gene="VHJ606.a1psi.118"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV400"
FT   misc_signal     131307..131346
FT                   /gene="VHJ606.a1psi.118"
FT                   /note="abnormal recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(134235..134277,134359..134662)
FT                   /gene="VH36-60.a8.117"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV128"
FT   misc_signal     134663..134701
FT                   /gene="VH36-60.a8.117"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(141726..141768,141854..142160)
FT                   /gene="VH36-60.a7psi.116"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV119"
FT   misc_signal     142161..142199
FT                   /gene="VH36-60.a7psi.116"
FT                   /note="abnormal recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(155953..155998,156077..156381)
FT                   /gene="VHVGAM3.8.a6.115"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV118"
FT   misc_signal     156382..156419
FT                   /gene="VHVGAM3.8.a6.115"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(167763..167805,167887..168193)
FT                   /gene="VH36-60.a6.114"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV120"
FT   misc_signal     168194..168232
FT                   /gene="VH36-60.a6.114"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(184336..184381,184485..184799)
FT                   /gene="VH3609N.a2psi.113"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV438"
FT   misc_signal     184800..184838
FT                   /gene="VH3609N.a2psi.113"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(189361..189403,189488..189797)
FT                   /gene="VH36-60.a5.112"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV437"
FT   misc_signal     189798..189836
FT                   /gene="VH36-60.a5.112"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(198384..198426,198509..198818)
FT                   /gene="VH36-60.a4.111"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV436"
FT   misc_signal     198819..198857
FT                   /gene="VH36-60.a4.111"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(214591..214636,214741..215057)
FT                   /gene="VHS107.a4.110"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV064"
FT   misc_signal     215058..215096
FT                   /gene="VHS107.a4.110"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(238257..238299,238384..238690)
FT                   /gene="VH36-60.a3psi.109"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV143"
FT   misc_signal     238691..238729
FT                   /gene="VH36-60.a3psi.109"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(276021..276066,276146..276450)
FT                   /gene="VHSM7.a4.108"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV154"
FT   misc_signal     276451..276488
FT                   /gene="VHSM7.a4.108"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       293855..294159
FT                   /gene="VH15.a1psi.107"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV403"
FT   V_segment       join(298543..298588,298693..299007)
FT                   /gene="VHS107.a3.106"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV158"
FT   misc_signal     299008..299046
FT                   /gene="VHS107.a3.106"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(317936..317981,318062..318366)
FT                   /gene="VHVGAM3.8.a5.105"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV157"
FT   misc_signal     318367..318404
FT                   /gene="VHVGAM3.8.a5.105"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(319686..319735,319814..320129)
FT                   /gene="VH12.a5psi.104"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV404"
FT   misc_signal     320130..320168
FT                   /gene="VH12.a5psi.104"
FT                   /note="abnormal recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(335062..335107,335198..335513)
FT                   /gene="VH12.a4psi.103"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV401"
FT   misc_signal     335514..335552
FT                   /gene="VH12.a4psi.103"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(347448..347493,347573..347877)
FT                   /gene="VHVGAM3.8.a4.102"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV156"
FT   misc_signal     347878..347915
FT                   /gene="VHVGAM3.8.a4.102"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(361009..361054,361145..361460)
FT                   /gene="VH12.a3.101"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV402"
FT   misc_signal     361461..361499
FT                   /gene="VH12.a3.101"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(371904..371949,372029..372333)
FT                   /gene="VHVGAM3.8.a3.100"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV155"
FT   misc_signal     372334..372371
FT                   /gene="VHVGAM3.8.a3.100"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(391773..391817,391908..392230)
FT                   /gene="VH12.a2psi.99"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV406"
FT   misc_signal     392231..392268
FT                   /gene="VH12.a2psi.99"
FT                   /note="abnormal recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(409937..409982,410063..410367)
FT                   /gene="VHVGAM3.8.a2.98"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV152"
FT   misc_signal     410368..410405
FT                   /gene="VHVGAM3.8.a2.98"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(414782..414827,414918..415231)
FT                   /gene="VH12.a1psi.97"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV405"
FT   misc_signal     415232..415272
FT                   /gene="VH12.a1psi.97"
FT                   /note="abnormal recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(427194..427239,427319..427623)
FT                   /gene="VHVGAM3.8.a1.96"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV151"
FT   misc_signal     427624..427661
FT                   /gene="VHVGAM3.8.a1.96"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       431838..432139
FT                   /gene="VH3609N.a1psi.95"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV407"
FT   V_segment       449491..449779
FT                   /gene="VHrelic.a7psi.94"
FT   V_segment       join(451300..451345,451425..451729)
FT                   /gene="VHSM7.a3.93"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV125"
FT   misc_signal     451730..451767
FT                   /gene="VHSM7.a3.93"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(463440..463485,463597..463903)
FT                   /gene="VH11.a2.92"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV153"
FT   misc_signal     463904..463942
FT                   /gene="VH11.a2.92"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       474208..474515
FT                   /gene="VHrelic.a6psi.91"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV409"
FT   misc_signal     474516..474554
FT                   /gene="VHrelic.a6psi.91"
FT                   /note="abnormal recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(478257..478299,478382..478686)
FT                   /gene="VH36-60.a2.90"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV126"
FT   misc_signal     478687..478725
FT                   /gene="VH36-60.a2.90"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(497852..497894,497996..498302)
FT                   /gene="VHX24.a2.89"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV149"
FT   misc_signal     498303..498341
FT                   /gene="VHX24.a2.89"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(513941..513986,514066..514370)
FT                   /gene="VHSM7.a2psi.88"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV150"
FT   misc_signal     514371..514408
FT                   /gene="VHSM7.a2psi.88"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(526218..526263,526376..526682)
FT                   /gene="VH11.a1.87"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV127"
FT   misc_signal     526683..526721
FT                   /gene="VH11.a1.87"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       539001..539308
FT                   /gene="VHrelic.a5psi.86"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV423"
FT   misc_signal     539309..539347
FT                   /gene="VHrelic.a5psi.86"
FT                   /note="abnormal recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(543055..543097,543180..543484)
FT                   /gene="VH36-60.a1.85"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV138"
FT   misc_signal     543485..543523
FT                   /gene="VH36-60.a1.85"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(562983..563025,563127..563433)
FT                   /gene="VHX24.a1.84"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV142"
FT   misc_signal     563434..563472
FT                   /gene="VHX24.a1.84"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(584829..584874,584954..585258)
FT                   /gene="VHSM7.a1.83"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV141"
FT   misc_signal     585259..585296
FT                   /gene="VHSM7.a1.83"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(600773..600812,600915..601235)
FT                   /gene="VHS107.a2psi.82"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV140"
FT   misc_signal     601236..601266
FT                   /gene="VHS107.a2psi.82"
FT                   /note="abnormal recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(616468..616513,616670..616986)
FT                   /gene="VHS107.a1.81"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV168"
FT   misc_signal     616987..617025
FT                   /gene="VHS107.a1.81"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(628091..628130,628353..628657)
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a49psi.80"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV424"
FT   misc_signal     628658..628696
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a49psi.80"
FT                   /note="abnormal recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(633622..633667,633752..634055)
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a27.79"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV171"
FT   misc_signal     634056..634094
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a27.79"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       635491..635792
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a26psi.78"
FT   V_segment       join(636913..636959,637078..637384)
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a48psi.77"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV169"
FT   V_segment       join(658988..659033,659151..659455)
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a47.76"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV139"
FT   misc_signal     659456..659494
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a47.76"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(683775..683820,683939..684245)
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a46.75"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV166"
FT   V_segment       join(703202..703247,703332..703477)
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a25psi.74"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV695"
FT                   /note="VHQ52.a.25psi.74 part 1: gene interrupted by LTR
FT                   sequence"
FT   misc_feature    703478..710717
FT                   /note="region containing LTR"
FT   V_segment       710718..710881
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a25psi.74"
FT                   /note="VHQ52.a.25psi.74 part 2: gene interrupted by LTR
FT                   sequence"
FT   misc_signal     710882..710921
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a25psi.74"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       715302..715614
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a45psi.73"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV410"
FT   V_segment       join(722507..722552,722633..722936)
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a24.72"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV134"
FT   misc_signal     722937..722975
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a24.72"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(724626..724671,724716..725020)
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a44psi.71"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV411"
FT   V_segment       join(742760..742805,742913..743217)
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a43psi.70"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV167"
FT   misc_signal     743218..743256
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a43psi.70"
FT                   /note="abnormal recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(750903..750951,751155..751449)
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a42psi.69"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV412"
FT   V_segment       join(762628..762673,762758..763061)
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a23.68"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV133"
FT   misc_signal     763062..763100
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a23.68"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(779208..779253,779338..779641)
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a22.67"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV174"
FT   misc_signal     779642..779680
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a22.67"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(781327..781372,781417..781721)
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a41psi.66"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV413"
FT   V_segment       join(787173..787218,787343..787648)
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a40psi.65"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV172"
FT   misc_signal     787649..787691
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a40psi.65"
FT                   /note="abnormal recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(790206..790251,790376..790660)
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a39psi.64"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV414"
FT   V_segment       join(791894..791939,792024..792327)
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a21.63"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV173"
FT   misc_signal     792328..792366
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a21.63"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(797756..797801,797886..798184)
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a20psi.62"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV415"
FT   misc_signal     798185..798223
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a20psi.62"
FT                   /note="abnormal recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(813744..813789,813874..814177)
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a19.61"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV175"
FT   misc_signal     814178..814216
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a19.61"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(815948..815993,816117..816422)
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a38psi.60"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV416"
FT   V_segment       join(821998..822043,822149..822452)
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a37.59"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV176"
FT   misc_signal     822453..822491
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a37.59"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(838029..838074,838197..838501)
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a36psi.58"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV417"
FT   V_segment       join(844896..844941,845049..845355)
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a35.57"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV177"
FT   misc_signal     845356..845394
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a35.57"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(861778..861823,861947..862252)
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a34psi.56"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV418"
FT   V_segment       join(870783..870828,870934..871240)
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a33.55"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV178"
FT   misc_signal     871241..871279
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a33.55"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(881486..881534,881738..882031)
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a32psi.54"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV419"
FT   misc_signal     882032..882069
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a32psi.54"
FT                   /note="abnormal recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(892978..893023,893142..893446)
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a31psi.53"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV420"
FT   V_segment       join(899348..899393,899478..899778)
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a18.52"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV164"
FT   misc_signal     899779..899817
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a18.52"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       901776..902083
FT                   /gene="VHrelic.a4psi.51"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV421"
FT   V_segment       join(906088..906133,906241..906547)
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a30.50"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV165"
FT   misc_signal     906548..906586
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a30.50"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(915020..915065,915189..915493)
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a29psi.49"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV422"
FT   gap             923736..923835
FT                   /estimated_length=unknown
FT   V_segment       join(925795..925840,925948..926254)
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a28.48"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV160"
FT   misc_signal     926255..926293
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a28.48"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(940746..940791,940905..941191)
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a27psi.47"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV202"
FT   V_segment       join(942510..942555,942640..942943)
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a17.46"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV159"
FT   misc_signal     942944..942982
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a17.46"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       945675..945976
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a16psi.45"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV200"
FT   misc_signal     945977..946018
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a16psi.45"
FT                   /note="abnormal recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(958293..958338,958461..958765)
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a26psi.44"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV199"
FT   V_segment       join(966216..966261,966369..966675)
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a25.43"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV161"
FT   misc_signal     966676..966714
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a25.43"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(974975..975020,975105..975408)
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a15.42"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV162"
FT   misc_signal     975409..975447
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a15.42"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       977443..977750
FT                   /gene="VHrelic.a3psi.41"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV425"
FT   V_segment       join(983093..983138,983246..983552)
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a24.40"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV163"
FT   misc_signal     983553..983591
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a24.40"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(989724..989769,989883..990169)
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a23psi.39"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV426"
FT   V_segment       join(991418..991463,991548..991851)
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a14psi.38"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV136"
FT   misc_signal     991852..991885
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a14psi.38"
FT                   /note="abnormal recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(997235..997280,997365..997668)
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a13.37"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV137"
FT   misc_signal     997669..997707
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a13.37"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(999254..999299,999427..999732)
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a22psi.36"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV427"
FT   V_segment       join(1005322..1005367,1005475..1005781)
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a21.35"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV122"
FT   misc_signal     1005782..1005820
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a21.35"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(1011565..1011610,1011736..1012020)
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a20psi.34"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV123"
FT   V_segment       join(1013605..1013650,1013735..1014038)
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a12.33"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV124"
FT   misc_signal     1014039..1014077
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a12.33"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(1018764..1018808,1018892..1019194)
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a11psi.32"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV431"
FT   misc_signal     1019195..1019231
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a11psi.32"
FT                   /note="abnormal recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(1030836..1030881,1030989..1031295)
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a19.31"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV135"
FT   misc_signal     1031296..1031334
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a19.31"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(1045760..1045805,1045930..1046214)
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a18psi.30"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV428"
FT   V_segment       join(1047484..1047529,1047614..1047917)
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a10psi.29"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV144"
FT   misc_signal     1047918..1047956
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a10psi.29"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(1063256..1063301,1063425..1063730)
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a17psi.28"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV429"
FT   V_segment       join(1071160..1071205,1071313..1071619)
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a16.27"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV145"
FT   misc_signal     1071620..1071658
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a16.27"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(1079920..1079965,1080050..1080353)
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a9.26"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV146"
FT   misc_signal     1080354..1080392
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a9.26"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       1082385..1082692
FT                   /gene="VHrelic.a2psi.25"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV430"
FT   V_segment       join(1088038..1088083,1088191..1088497)
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a15.24"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV147"
FT   misc_signal     1088498..1088536
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a15.24"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(1099353..1099401,1099667..1099963)
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a14psi.23"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV432"
FT   misc_signal     1099964..1100002
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a14psi.23"
FT                   /note="abnormal recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(1110658..1110703,1110788..1111091)
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a8.22"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV132"
FT   misc_signal     1111092..1111130
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a8.22"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       1113123..1113430
FT                   /gene="VHrelic.a1psi.21"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV395"
FT   V_segment       join(1125185..1125230,1125333..1125639)
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a13.20"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV148"
FT   misc_signal     1125640..1125678
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a13.20"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(1141536..1141581,1141695..1141981)
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a12psi.19"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV202"
FT   V_segment       join(1143306..1143351,1143436..1143739)
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a7.18"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV201"
FT   misc_signal     1143740..1143778
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a7.18"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       1146479..1146782
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a6psi.17"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV200"
FT   misc_signal     1146783..1146823
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a6psi.17"
FT                   /note="abnormal recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(1159097..1159142,1159265..1159569)
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a11psi.16"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV199"
FT   V_segment       join(1167024..1167069,1167177..1167483)
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a10.15"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV131"
FT   misc_signal     1167484..1167522
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a10.15"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(1173769..1173814,1173939..1174223)
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a9psi.14"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV197"
FT   V_segment       join(1175513..1175558,1175643..1175946)
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a5.13"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV179"
FT   misc_signal     1175947..1175985
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a5.13"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(1181338..1181383,1181467..1181770)
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a4psi.12"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV194"
FT   misc_signal     1181771..1181807
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a4psi.12"
FT                   /note="abnormal recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(1194063..1194108,1194231..1194535)
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a8psi.11"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV193"
FT   V_segment       join(1203268..1203313,1203412..1203718)
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a7.10"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV192"
FT   misc_signal     1203719..1203757
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a7.10"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(1215808..1215853,1215979..1216258)
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a6psi.9"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV180"
FT   V_segment       join(1217595..1217640,1217725..1218028)
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a3.8"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV190"
FT   misc_signal     1218029..1218067
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a3.8"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(1225287..1225332,1225451..1225755)
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a5psi.7"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV189"
FT   V_segment       join(1231311..1231356,1231464..1231770)
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a4.6"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV181"
FT   misc_signal     1231771..1231809
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a4.6"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(1238845..1238890,1239004..1239290)
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a3psi.5"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV187"
FT   V_segment       join(1240556..1240601,1240686..1240989)
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a2.4"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV183"
FT   misc_signal     1240990..1241028
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a2.4"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(1250268..1250313,1250448..1250754)
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a2.3"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV185"
FT   misc_signal     1250755..1250793
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a2.3"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   V_segment       join(1254578..1254623,1254708..1255014)
FT                   /gene="VHQ52.a1psi.2"
FT   V_segment       join(1255858..1255903,1256020..1256326)
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a1psi.1"
FT                   /note="VBASE2:musIGHV182"
FT   misc_signal     1256327..1256365
FT                   /gene="VH7183.a1psi.1"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   misc_signal     1300324..1300351
FT                   /gene="DFL16.3"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:J00434.1"
FT   D_segment       1300352..1300374
FT                   /gene="DFL16.3"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:J00434.1"
FT   misc_signal     1300375..1300402
FT                   /gene="DFL16.3"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:J00434.1"
FT   misc_signal     1301585..1301591
FT                   /gene="DMB1"
FT                   /note="abnormal recombination signal sequence"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:AY841982.1"
FT   D_segment       1301592..1301601
FT                   /gene="DMB1"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:AY841982.1"
FT   misc_signal     1301602..1301608
FT                   /gene="DMB1"
FT                   /note="abnormal recombination signal sequence"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:AY841982.1"
FT   misc_signal     1303024..1303050
FT                   /gene="DST4.2"
FT                   /note="abnormal recombination signal sequence"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:AC073553.5"
FT   D_segment       1303051..1303067
FT                   /gene="DST4.2"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:AC073553.5"
FT   misc_signal     1303068..1303095
FT                   /gene="DST4.2"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:AC073553.5"
FT   misc_signal     1352537..1352564
FT                   /gene="DFL16.1"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:J00434.1"
FT   D_segment       1352565..1352587
FT                   /gene="DFL16.1"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:J00434.1"
FT   misc_signal     1352588..1352615
FT                   /gene="DFL16.1"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:J00434.1"
FT   misc_signal     1359310..1359337
FT                   /gene="DSP2.9"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:D13199.1"
FT   D_segment       1359338..1359354
FT                   /gene="DSP2.9"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:D13199.1"
FT   misc_signal     1359355..1359382
FT                   /gene="DSP2.9"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:D13199.1"
FT   misc_signal     1359626..1359632
FT                   /gene="DMB2"
FT                   /note="abnormal recombination signal sequence"
FT   D_segment       1359633..1359642
FT                   /gene="DMB2"
FT   misc_signal     1359643..1359649
FT                   /gene="DMB2"
FT                   /note="abnormal recombination signal sequence"
FT   misc_signal     1363629..1363656
FT                   /gene="DSP2.3"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:J00435.1"
FT   D_segment       1363657..1363673
FT                   /gene="DSP2.3"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:J00435.1"
FT   misc_signal     1363674..1363701
FT                   /gene="DSP2.3"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:J00435.1"
FT   misc_signal     1364919..1364925
FT                   /gene="DMB3"
FT                   /note="abnormal recombination signal sequence"
FT   D_segment       1364926..1364935
FT                   /gene="DMB3"
FT   misc_signal     1364936..1364942
FT                   /gene="DMB3"
FT                   /note="abnormal recombination signal sequence"
FT   misc_signal     1366173..1366199
FT                   /gene="DST4.3"
FT                   /note="abnormal recombination signal sequence"
FT   D_segment       1366200..1366216
FT                   /gene="DST4.3"
FT   misc_signal     1366217..1366244
FT                   /gene="DST4.3"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   misc_signal     1367729..1367756
FT                   /gene="DFL16.2"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:J00436.1"
FT   D_segment       1367757..1367773
FT                   /gene="DFL16.2"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:J00436.1"
FT   misc_signal     1367774..1367801
FT                   /gene="DFL16.2"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:J00436.1"
FT   misc_signal     1372362..1372389
FT                   /gene="DSP2.5"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:J00432.1"
FT   D_segment       1372390..1372406
FT                   /gene="DSP2.5"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:J00432.1"
FT   misc_signal     1372407..1372434
FT                   /gene="DSP2.5"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:J00432.1"
FT   misc_signal     1377010..1377037
FT                   /gene="DSP2.2a"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:J00431.1"
FT   D_segment       1377038..1377054
FT                   /gene="DSP2.2a"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:J00431.1"
FT   misc_signal     1377055..1377082
FT                   /gene="DSP2.2a"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:J00431.1"
FT   misc_signal     1381688..1381715
FT                   /gene="DSP2.11"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   D_segment       1381716..1381732
FT                   /gene="DSP2.11"
FT   misc_signal     1381733..1381760
FT                   /gene="DSP2.11"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT   misc_signal     1386680..1386707
FT                   /gene="DSP2.2b"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:J00431.1"
FT   D_segment       1386708..1386724
FT                   /gene="DSP2.2b"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:J00431.1"
FT   misc_signal     1386725..1386752
FT                   /gene="DSP2.2b"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:J00431.1"
FT   misc_signal     1391340..1391367
FT                   /gene="DSP2.8"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:J00439.1"
FT   D_segment       1391368..1391384
FT                   /gene="DSP2.8"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:J00439.1"
FT   misc_signal     1391385..1391412
FT                   /gene="DSP2.8"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:J00439.1"
FT   misc_signal     1396801..1396828
FT                   /gene="DSP2.7"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:J00438.1"
FT   D_segment       1396829..1396845
FT                   /gene="DSP2.7"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:J00438.1"
FT   misc_signal     1396846..1396873
FT                   /gene="DSP2.7"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:J00438.1"
FT   misc_signal     1399477..1399503
FT                   /gene="DST4"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:M23243.1"
FT   D_segment       1399504..1399519
FT                   /gene="DST4"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:M23243.1"
FT   misc_signal     1399520..1399547
FT                   /gene="DST4"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:M23243.1"
FT   misc_signal     1414004..1414031
FT                   /gene="DQ52"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:J00440.1"
FT   D_segment       1414032..1414042
FT                   /gene="DQ52"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:J00440.1"
FT   misc_signal     1414043..1414070
FT                   /gene="DQ52"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:J00440.1"
FT   misc_signal     1414698..1414736
FT                   /gene="JH1"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:V00770.1"
FT   J_segment       1414737..1414789
FT                   /gene="JH1"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:V00770.1"
FT   misc_signal     1415016..1415054
FT                   /gene="JH2"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:V00770.1"
FT   J_segment       1415055..1415102
FT                   /gene="JH2"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:V00770.1"
FT   misc_signal     1415399..1415437
FT                   /gene="JH3"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:V00770.1"
FT   J_segment       1415438..1415485
FT                   /gene="JH3"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:V00770.1"
FT   misc_signal     1415966..1416003
FT                   /gene="JH4"
FT                   /note="recombination signal sequence"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:V00770.1"
FT   J_segment       1416004..1416057
FT                   /gene="JH4"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:V00770.1"
FT   misc_signal     1416975..1417287
FT                   /note="Ig enhancer region"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:J00440.1"
FT   exon            1417364..1417817
FT                   /gene="C mu"
FT                   /number=1
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:V00771.1"
FT   exon            1423542..1423856
FT                   /gene="C mu"
FT                   /number=2
FT                   /note="CH1"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:V00818.1"
FT   exon            1423967..1424305
FT                   /gene="C mu"
FT                   /number=3
FT                   /note="CH2"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:V00818.1"
FT   exon            1424585..1424902
FT                   /gene="C mu"
FT                   /number=4
FT                   /note="CH3"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:V00818.1"
FT   exon            1425010..1425401
FT                   /gene="C mu"
FT                   /number=5
FT                   /note="CH4-S"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:V00818.1"
FT   exon            1425010..1425342
FT                   /gene="C mu"
FT                   /number=6
FT                   /note="CH4-M"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:V00818.1"
FT   exon            1427207..1427322
FT                   /gene="C mu"
FT                   /number=7
FT                   /note="M1"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:J00444.1"
FT   exon            1427341..1427446
FT                   /gene="C mu"
FT                   /number=8
FT                   /note="M2"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:J00444.1"
FT   exon            1429991..1430272
FT                   /gene="C delta"
FT                   /number=1
FT                   /note="CH1"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:V00786.1"
FT   exon            1430649..1430753
FT                   /gene="C delta"
FT                   /number=2
FT                   /note="hinge"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:V00787.1"
FT   exon            1431757..1432077
FT                   /gene="C delta"
FT                   /number=3
FT                   /note="CH3"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:V00788.1"
FT   exon            1436617..1436681
FT                   /gene="C delta"
FT                   /number=4
FT                   /note="CH-S"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:J00450.1"
FT   exon            1438339..1438496
FT                   /gene="C delta"
FT                   /number=5
FT                   /note="CH-M1"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:J00450.1"
FT   exon            1438717..1438722
FT                   /gene="C delta"
FT                   /number=6
FT                   /note="CH-M2"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:J00450.1"
FT   exon            complement(1474191..1474230)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="C psi gamma 0"
FT                   /note="M1"
FT   exon            complement(1475607..1475650)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="C psi gamma 0"
FT                   /note="CH3"
FT   exon            complement(1475882..1475912)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="C psi gamma 0"
FT                   /note="CH2"
FT   exon            1479960..1480443
FT                   /gene="C gamma 3"
FT                   /number=1
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:D78343.1"
FT   exon            1485362..1485652
FT                   /gene="C gamma 3"
FT                   /number=2
FT                   /note="CH1"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:D78343.1"
FT   exon            1486018..1486065
FT                   /gene="C gamma 3"
FT                   /number=3
FT                   /note="hinge"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:D78343.1"
FT   exon            1486165..1486494
FT                   /gene="C gamma 3"
FT                   /number=4
FT                   /note="CH2"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:D78343.1"
FT   exon            1486607..1486926
FT                   /gene="C gamma 3"
FT                   /number=5
FT                   /note="CH3-S"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:D78343.1"
FT   exon            1486607..1486921
FT                   /gene="C gamma 3"
FT                   /number=6
FT                   /note="CH3-M"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:D78343.1"
FT   exon            1488374..1488504
FT                   /gene="C gamma 3"
FT                   /number=7
FT                   /note="CH-M1"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:D78343.1"
FT   exon            1489052..1489132
FT                   /gene="C gamma 3"
FT                   /number=8
FT                   /note="CH-M2"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:D78343.1"
FT   exon            1507516..1508030
FT                   /gene="C gamma 1"
FT                   /number=1
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:D78344.1"
FT   exon            1521802..1522092
FT                   /gene="C gamma 1"
FT                   /number=2
FT                   /note="CH1"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:D78344.1"
FT   exon            1522445..1522483
FT                   /gene="C gamma 1"
FT                   /number=3
FT                   /note="hinge"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:D78344.1"
FT   exon            1522587..1522907
FT                   /gene="C gamma 1"
FT                   /number=4
FT                   /note="CH2"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:D78344.1"
FT   exon            1523029..1523348
FT                   /gene="C gamma 1"
FT                   /number=5
FT                   /note="CH3-S"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:J00453.1"
FT   exon            1523029..1523343
FT                   /gene="C gamma 1"
FT                   /number=6
FT                   /note="CH3-M"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:J00453.1"
FT   exon            1524765..1524895
FT                   /gene="C gamma 1"
FT                   /number=7
FT                   /note="CH-M1"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:J00454.1"
FT   exon            1525692..1525772
FT                   /gene="C gamma 1"
FT                   /number=8
FT                   /note="CH-M2"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:J00455.1"
FT   exon            complement(1535208..1535331)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="C psi gamma 1"
FT                   /note="M1"
FT   exon            complement(1536489..1536516)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="C psi gamma 1"
FT                   /note="CH1"
FT   exon            1537414..1537847
FT                   /gene="C gamma 2b"
FT                   /number=1
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:L08600.1"
FT   exon            1543032..1543322
FT                   /gene="C gamma 2b"
FT                   /number=2
FT                   /note="CH1"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:L08600.1"
FT   exon            1543639..1543704
FT                   /gene="C gamma 2b"
FT                   /number=3
FT                   /note="hinge"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:D78344.1"
FT   exon            1543812..1544141
FT                   /gene="C gamma 2b"
FT                   /number=4
FT                   /note="CH2"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:D78344.1"
FT   exon            1544254..1544573
FT                   /gene="C gamma 2b"
FT                   /number=5
FT                   /note="CH3-S"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:V00763.1"
FT   exon            1544254..1544568
FT                   /gene="C gamma 2b"
FT                   /number=6
FT                   /note="CH3-M"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:D78344.1"
FT   exon            1545923..1546053
FT                   /gene="C gamma 2b"
FT                   /number=7
FT                   /note="CH-M1"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:J00462.1"
FT   exon            1546565..1546645
FT                   /gene="C gamma 2b"
FT                   /number=8
FT                   /note="CH-M2"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:J00462.1"
FT   exon            1551597..1551873
FT                   /gene="C psi gamma 2"
FT                   /note="-CH1"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:D78344.1"
FT   exon            1552731..1553166
FT                   /gene="C gamma 2a"
FT                   /number=1
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:L08600.1"
FT   exon            1559498..1559788
FT                   /gene="C gamma 2a"
FT                   /number=2
FT                   /note="CH1"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:V00798.1"
FT   exon            1560099..1560146
FT                   /gene="C gamma 2a"
FT                   /number=3
FT                   /note="hinge"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:V00798.1"
FT   exon            1560256..1560585
FT                   /gene="C gamma 2a"
FT                   /number=4
FT                   /note="CH2"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:V00798.1"
FT   exon            1560698..1561017
FT                   /gene="C gamma 2a"
FT                   /number=5
FT                   /note="CH3-S"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:V00798.1"
FT   exon            1560698..1561012
FT                   /gene="C gamma 2a"
FT                   /number=6
FT                   /note="CH3-M"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:V00798.1"
FT   exon            1562380..1562510
FT                   /gene="C gamma 2a"
FT                   /number=7
FT                   /note="CH-M1"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:J00471.1"
FT   exon            1563019..1563099
FT                   /gene="C gamma 2a"
FT                   /number=8
FT                   /note="CH-M2"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:J00471.1"
FT   gap             1564297..1564396
FT                   /estimated_length=unknown
FT   exon            1570671..1571016
FT                   /gene="C epsilon"
FT                   /number=1
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:M31133.1"
FT   exon            1575198..1575470
FT                   /gene="C epsilon"
FT                   /number=2
FT                   /note="CH1"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:X01857.1"
FT   exon            1576012..1576332
FT                   /gene="C epsilon"
FT                   /number=3
FT                   /note="CH2"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:X01857.1"
FT   exon            1576415..1576735
FT                   /gene="C epsilon"
FT                   /number=4
FT                   /note="CH3"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:X01857.1"
FT   exon            1576820..1577146
FT                   /gene="C epsilon"
FT                   /number=5
FT                   /note="CH4-M"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:X01857.1"
FT   exon            1576820..1577169
FT                   /gene="C epsilon"
FT                   /number=6
FT                   /note="CH4-S"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:X01857.1"
FT   exon            1578846..1578979
FT                   /gene="C epsilon"
FT                   /number=7
FT                   /note="CH-M1"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:X03624.1"
FT   exon            1579062..1579142
FT                   /gene="C epsilon"
FT                   /number=8
FT                   /note="CH-M2"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:X03624.1"
FT   exon            1583195..1583651
FT                   /gene="C alpha"
FT                   /number=1
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:M29011.1"
FT   exon            1583258..1583651
FT                   /gene="C alpha"
FT                   /note="alternative I exon"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:M29011.1"
FT   exon            1588695..1588997
FT                   /gene="C alpha"
FT                   /number=2
FT                   /note="CH1"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:J00475.1"
FT   exon            1589227..1589562
FT                   /gene="C alpha"
FT                   /number=3
FT                   /note="CH2"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:J00475.1"
FT   exon            1589769..1590100
FT                   /gene="C alpha"
FT                   /number=4
FT                   /note="CH3-M"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:J00475.1"
FT   exon            1589769..1590160
FT                   /gene="C alpha"
FT                   /number=5
FT                   /note="CH3-S"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:J00475.1"
FT   exon            1592522..1592715
FT                   /gene="C alpha"
FT                   /number=6
FT                   /note="CH-M"
FT                   /inference="similar to DNA sequence:INSDC:K00691.1"
SQ   Sequence 1593281 BP; 483049 A; 322147 C; 329870 G; 456875 T; 1340 other;
     ttggtaaccc ccagtttgtt taggggttta acccaaccat ttagccccca tggaaaaact        60
     taggatttaa ttaggagcgt tacttttccc attaagaaag gatttcaggg ggaaagcacc       120
     cctttagaaa attttccggg accaaaatcc cttaacgggg aatttttgtt tccatgaagc       180
     ttcaaacccc cttaaaaaag aatcaaggga ttttctagag atcctttttt tctgcggtaa       240
     ttatccggtt tccaaacaaa aaaacccccc gtacccagcg gtggtttgtt tgccggatca       300
     agagttacca actctttttc cgaagttaac tggcttcagc agagcgcaga taccaaatac       360
     tgttctttta gtgtagccgt agttaggcca ccacttcaag aactctgtag caccgcctac       420
     atacctcgct ctgctaatcc tgttaccagt ggctgctgcc agtggcgata agtcgtgtct       480
     taccgggttg gactcaagac gatagttacc ggataaggcg cagcggtcgg gctgaacggg       540
     gggttcgtgc acacagccca gcttggagcg aacgacctac accgaactga gatacctaca       600
     gcgtgagcta tgagaaagcg ccacgcttcc cgaagggaga aaggcggaca ggtatccggt       660
     aagcggcagg gtcggaacag gagagcgcac gagggagctt ccagggggaa acgcctggta       720
     tctttatagt cctgtcgggt ttcgccacct ctgacttgag cgtcgatttt tgtgatgctc       780
     gtcagggggg cggagcctat ggaaaaacgc cagcaacgcg gcctttttac ggttcctggc       840
     cttttgctgg ccttttgctc acatgttctt tcctgcgtta tcccctgatt ctgtggataa       900
     ccgtattacc gcctttgagt gagctgatac cgctcgccgc agccgaacga ccgagcgcag       960
     cgagtcagtg agcgaggaag cggaagagcg cccaatacgc aaaccgcctc tccccgcgcg      1020
     ttggccgatt cattaatgca gctggcacga caggtttccc gactggaaag cgggcagtga      1080
     gcgcaacgca attaatgtga gttagctcac tcattaggca ccccaggctt tacacttatg      1140
     ctcccggctc gtatgttgtg tggaattgtg agcggataac aatttcacac aggaaccagc      1200
     tatgacatga ttacgaattt aatacgactc actataggga attcgagctc ggtacccgaa      1260
     caaaacaccc atggaaggag ttacagagac aaagtttgga gcagagacaa aaggatggac      1320
     catctagaga ctgccatatc cagggatcca tcccataatc agcctccaaa cgctgacacc      1380
     atttcataca ctagcaagat tttgctgaaa agaccctgat atagctctct cttgtgagac      1440
     tatgtcaggg cctagcaaac acagaagtag atgctcacag tcagctattg gatggatcac      1500
     agggccccca atggaggagc tagagaaagt acccaaggag ctaaagggat ctgtaacccc      1560
     ataggtggag caacaatatg aactaatcag taccccagag ctcttgactc tagctgcata      1620
     tgtatcaaaa gatggcctag tcagccaggg gatcctctag agtcgacctg caggcatgca      1680
     agcttggcac tggccgtcgt tttacaacgt cgtgactggg aaaaccctgg cgttacccaa      1740
     cttaaatcgc cttgcagcac atcccccttt cgccagctgg cgtaataacc aaaaggcccg      1800
     caacgatcgc ccttcccaac aggtgcgcaa cctgaatggg gaatgggaat tgtaagcgtt      1860
     tataattttg tttaaaatcc gcgttaaatt tttggtaaag tcagctcatt ttttaaccaa      1920
     taggccgaaa tcggcaaaat cccttataaa tcaaaagaat agaccgagat agggttgagt      1980
     gttgttccag tttggaacaa gagtccacta ttaaagaacg tggactccaa cgtcaaaggg      2040
     cgaaaaaccg tctatcaggg cgatggccca ctacgtgaac catcacccta atcaagtttt      2100
     ttggggtcga ggtgccgtaa agcactaaat cggaacccta aagggagccc ccgatttaga      2160
     gcttgacggg gaaagccggc gaacgtggcg agaaaggaag ggaagaaagc gaaaggagcg      2220
     ggcgctaggg cgctggcaag tgtagcggtc acgctgcgcg taaccaccac acccgccgcg      2280
     cttaatgcgc cgctacaggg cgcgtcaggt ggcacttttc ggggaaatgt gcgcggaacc      2340
     cctatttgtt tatttttcta aatacattca aatatgtatc cgctcatgag acaataaccc      2400
     tgataaatgc ttcaataata ttgaaaaagg aagagtatga gtattcaaca tttccgtgtc      2460
     gcccttattc ccttttttgc ggcattttgc cttcctgttt ttgctcaccc agaaacgctg      2520
     gtgaaagtaa aagatgctga agatcagttg ggtgcacgag tgggttacat cgaactggat      2580
     ctcaacagcg gtaagatcct tgagagtttt cgccccgaag aacgttttcc aatgatgagc      2640
     acttttaaag ttctgctatg tggcgcggta ttatcccgta ttgacgccgg gcaagagcaa      2700
     ctcggtcgcc gcatacacta ttctcagaat gacttggttg agtactcacc agtcacagaa      2760
     aagcatctta cggatggcat gacagtaaga gaattatgca gtgctgccat aaccatgagt      2820
     gataacactg cgggcaactt acttctgaca acgatcggag gaccgaagga gctaaccgct      2880
     tttttggccc aacagggggg atcatgttaa tcgccttgat cgttgggaaa cggaactgga      2940
     tgaagccatt acaaacgaag aacggggaaa ccaccaattc ctgggtacaa agggannnnn      3000
     nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn      3060
     nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnaagct tttaacttac acatgtcctg      3120
     aactaagagg accctagact tgaaaaaggt agacagggag agagcaagct gtgtaaggaa      3180
     acctatcatc tatccattaa tgccattgtt caaagagatc tcctaccagg ttttcatata      3240
     attttaaaat ttaactagtt ttttttttaa agatattttc tttatttaca ttttaaagtt      3300
     tatctccttt cctggtttcc cctctgaaac cccccccatc acctcctgct ccccctactc      3360
     acaaacccac ccactcccat gtgctagacc tggcattccc ctatcctggg acattgagca      3420
     ttcacagggc caagggcttc tcctcccaat gataaataaa gccattctct gctacatttg      3480
     cagctggagc catgggtcgc tccatgcata ctttttggtt ggtgttttag accctgggag      3540
     ctatggggga atgctggttg tttcatattg ttgttcctcc taaggggctg caaacccctt      3600
     cagctccttg ggaccttctt tagctcctcc attggtgact ctgttttcaa tccaatagtt      3660
     gactgagagc atctacctct atgattgtca ggcactgaca gagcctctca ggagacaggt      3720
     atatcaggct cctgtcagga agcacttgtt tggcatccac aatagtgtct gggtttggtg      3780
     actctatgtg gaatggatcc ccaggtatgg cagtatctgg attttctttt cttcagtctc      3840
     ttcttcactc tttgtatctt ctcccatggg tattttgttc ccttttctaa gaaggaccaa      3900
     aggacccaca ctttggtctt ccttcttctt gaaaaagatg taaaataagt catagttcag      3960
     aatgtcccta atgatgaaac atgaagagac caaaccccaa aagttagaga cagaaggaca      4020
     ctggttgtag caatccactc agctttgtta ccaatgtgtc aagcaggtgt gctggcttca      4080
     tgactcttgc tgttagcagt gggtatggct gtgccaattt gcattcttct cagtctcagt      4140
     accatggcct acagtctcat gccttcatag aacatggact tagactgata cagcatcagg      4200
     tcttagagtc cattgggttc ctggtcatca ctcttctttt atgtaatatt tgtttttgga      4260
     aaagaggcgg aataacaacg agcatagatg tctctgtttc tgcataatct caagggctta      4320
     attcagaagc aagtcccttt agctcagaac actagaatag catgattctg attagaagcc      4380
     cctccccatg taaattagtg tcttgtgctt catatagatg ccagattata agaaatgcct      4440
     gtggcaggca taaatactct aagtcaaatc tgtgttagag gttagaaaaa cagttttatt      4500
     taaatttaaa ttactgtttg aaataccagt gactttgtaa atcactgtgg tcccctccaa      4560
     atgggaaaca ggaactgacc agaatggagg ggaggagaat cttttactct gaattatgaa      4620
     tgggatggga tattctagtg aactcagaag gcatttctaa gatatgagac aagttaagaa      4680
     gaattgataa ggaatatttc ttggaagtct gacagattca atagtgacac tctctgttcc      4740
     ttggcttttc attaaggtga ttttttttaa agaacagcat caatttcatt taaagtcatc      4800
     tctttccatt atttctacct taaggactta attttggtag ataatataat agtaaatggg      4860
     ttttttttgt tcagtttatc tagctttgct agagtgtaaa ttttcatagt gatttagaat      4920
     cttaatgtac aataaaattc atatctacat tatgaagttc tatgattaaa ttttgatctt      4980
     tatgcatgct gtgctgtaac actgagctat ggcttcagct atgttttgct acttcaacca      5040
     catgtacaca gtccttattg agtggagctt ttaaaactct ccctaaatta taacatttaa      5100
     gttctgtctt gtctaacttt cttatgacct tgttttatgt ttctgacaac acagcacaag      5160
     acttcacatt tacaaagcac aataatgtga gggtgcaaat ttatattgct atatttacct      5220
     agatatacat actaaataca atttatttta ttttctattt acttgttttg ttttttgaga      5280
     cacatttagt gtagcacatg cataactcaa atatgattct ctgtgcccac cgcttctctg      5340
     tgcaaacagt gctgggaaga aacacacgat tcaggcatcc acaaaatcaa atggggctca      5400
     agccaaggac agtaaatgat gttttgatgc tatgatgcca cttcatcctt tatgacttct      5460
     caaacatctc tgttagtatt tgagatctct aaggtttcta cccctgacct cctgaaatag      5520
     cagagcaaca tgcaaataat cttccccctg ctcatgaaaa ccagccctga ccataaagct      5580
     ctgacataga ggcacctaac tctggactca caagtctttc ccttcagtga ccaaaagtga      5640
     cacagatcat tcatcatgta cttgggactg agctgtgtat tcattgtttt tctcttaaaa      5700
     ggtaattcat agataataag agatactgca tgagagtgaa ggggagtgag agggccactg      5760
     tatattttga ctgattactg acaagattct ctgtgttttc aggtgtccag tgtgaggtga      5820
     agctggatga gactggagga ggcttggtgc aacctgggag gcccatgaaa ctctcctgtg      5880
     ttgcctctgg attcactttt agtgactact ggatgaactg ggtccgccag tctccagaga      5940
     aaggactgga gtgggtagca caaattagaa acaaacctta taattatgaa acatattatt      6000
     cagattctgt gaaaggcaga ttcaccatct caagagatga ttccaaaagt agtgtctacc      6060
     tgcaaatgaa caacttaaga gctgaagaca tgggtatcta ttactgtaca tggcacagtg      6120
     agaagtcttc attgtgatcc tagacacaaa ccttcctgca ggagctctca taaccagcag      6180
     ggggagcaga gtggacatgt aacccatgga caggagcttt ataaggatga gggggcgggg      6240
     ggaggtgaga ccactttatc atgagcccac tttctctggt gaccattttt atgatctagt      6300
     gtaggctcca tgtacctgag ccagtcagca tttgagaaaa gaattggctg tttctgtgtc      6360
     aagccgatga atcccatcca ttccagtaca aatcatactg gctgattata atgtgctcct      6420
     ttcagttttt gatagtggac tcttagaaca aagtgagcat ctccttattc tagattcata      6480
     cttggttatt tctagtgtcc tgaaaacctt ttttccccct gggtctggct gatccatctt      6540
     actctataac aggggagggg aaaggaagaa caagtaaggt tctcattaaa atagcgactt      6600
     tgtaaatact taaccaggca aatcatctct aacaaaggct ttattgttta ttccttattt      6660
     aaaaaataat gatcaaattc tgaggcttca gaaatggcac acatagcaag caggaaagag      6720
     acacctaagc ttcctttaaa ccagatctta ccgaacctag tgcgaacaac tgaaggcaac      6780
     acaattccag agtgagaaaa ggtcaacggg gctgagatga ggtctccgca gttaaaaatg      6840
     attgtacctc ttgtagaagc cctgaatttg attatctgtg cccatggtca acacttcacc      6900
     tgtatcttca acttgagaaa aacaagagcc ctcttctaga ctctcggaac ctacacaaat      6960
     atacacacac acactcacag gcacactcaa ataccacatc cacattcaca cataaagatg      7020
     agaatggaaa attgaatata tattgcatgt aataaattgc atacaattta gttatatgca      7080
     attttcaata gagataatgg taaacccagc tgaaacagac atgctagagt ttatgactga      7140
     aaattttctg gaataaacag agtgatcact ccaccagtgg gggattgggg gatagagggc      7200
     acatttttaa ttatttcatt gtggcaaatg ttttattttg gaatagtttt aagattacat      7260
     aaaggtttaa caaatagtac agagcatttc tatatatcat gctccctcca ttttcctttt      7320
     tgtcggcaac tttaactatt gtagtgaaat ttcagccaga gaagtgatag cacactcctt      7380
     tgacagaggc aagcagatat tgttgaactt tagatctgca tggtctatag agtgaattct      7440
     agatctatca aaatcacaga gagaaaccct gtcatgaaaa atcattctat cacttaatgc      7500
     atcaactgat ataatatttt aaattgtata tgttttgata ttataacatt ataacataca      7560
     ttaaatatgt cactgcattt ccttttttcc ctcaaaccat ctcagatata tttccttgtt      7620
     ctatttcaaa ttcatgacct cttattctat aactgctgtt acatatatat ttctgtctta      7680
     gataagtttt ttttcctaca aaaacgcagc ataatgaagg caacacttat aaagtgatac      7740
     atgtgattga tcatggctta aagtttcaat ctttctgtct attagcataa tagagggaag      7800
     catggcagca ttcagacatt cacggtattt tagaaggaga tgagcattat acatcttgat      7860
     ctaaaagcca caaggagaca tctgtctctt ctgcacctgt agaaacttga gcaataggag      7920
     cccccaaagc ctgcctgcac agtgacacac ttcctctaac aaggccacac ttattccaac      7980
     aaggcaacgt ctcctaatag tgtcacttcc catgggccaa gtatattcaa aataaaacaa      8040
     ttgctaagta attacaaaaa ccagatcagt cagtcattct gtaaaatgtt acttgtgtga      8100
     atgattttag ggcttacctg tatatactgg ataatcaaat ggtgtcattt ttcatgggat      8160
     ggggctagct atttcactta cacttagaat ctgtctgttg cttgtgattg ccttctagtt      8220
     ctttgtagtg ttggagcatg gctgacttcc cctcacctac tatgtattgt ctgttgttgt      8280
     tgtctttgtt tgggtagtat tggtgagtct gtatatgcac attatagctg aactacattt      8340
     gaattaagta aaatcccaac caacaagcat acccaagaaa taagttttct tagttacctt      8400
     gtttgggatg ggaagatcca ccatactcct gggccacacc aattggttgc tgctgaacaa      8460
     atgatttctg cctccataaa ggacacacat gtagggaagt ttcgcttttg cctgcttatt      8520
     ctcattatcc ctgggaagtt catatatcta cttaagaact attgcttagg tggtattata      8580
     gtctagttat tctctattca gatatgtact gaagaccggc catgacatct tgcctgataa      8640
     ataaaacaac tattgaatta ttgatctttt cttctagaga cagccattat ggactagctt      8700
     gagaccgtct gatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata      8760
     tatattctta ccctaactta aatgcatctt caaatcgcaa tatgcaacat atttctacca      8820
     gtacctgtac tttgaagtta tataatgtat gtgtatgaat ataaacatat agaatatgtg      8880
     tctcaattct attcctctgg agaactcaat taatataaaa gtatttggtg tatcattata      8940
     gtgaaatgat acaccccatt gaacacttgc gccttatgta agttgaagaa gaaatttcta      9000
     gcagaattca tgaaagcctc aggagagcct gagttttgtc caactctgcc agaatgtgca      9060
     gtgtactgtt aatgacaggg ttcataaact catctacagg gatataatta gagatcctgt      9120
     tataaagaat atggtcttat gtaacactaa gagtcattgt aaggggatat aggtgcctgg      9180
     cactcaattc ccaactcctt ctctgagctt agaggcagta gggtccagtc agaagatttc      9240
     tttaattttg attgtataat aactttaata tgtttaaata agataatttc ttttctattc      9300
     tacgtttaaa atatatatcc aatcacacaa ccttattata caaaggcaca atgtcctgta      9360
     tggatgtaaa aatgactatt ccattgatcc atggtcatat tttgacaatt ttatttcaaa      9420
     acaacaacaa aaaacacaat ggaaatctct tgttcatgca atcatttgga ctcataccaa      9480
     agaaaataag ctgagtaaac aggacccaat gactagaaaa cccaatgtag ggtgaaaata      9540
     caaagagaac gtcataatac aaatttgatc ctgagcaggg ggccaaagga aaagcactct      9600
     tcccctatct tgaatccatc ctcaaatcag aatttgcagc acatttctac aagtccctgt      9660
     attttgaata tagataagag agttcttcaa ttccaggcta ttctggaatc aaccccaaga      9720
     aattctatat aaatcctgcc tttagctcat tttcctgctg ctttgtaccc aagctgaggt      9780
     agccacaccc ttgtgtccac cttcccctga aaatgtcttt cataatttct cttctgcact      9840
     ttttatttgt agtaaatctt ttgcaaaaga agtgctgtaa tactttacct gaagaaactt      9900
     ctttcagact ctatcagagt cctgctgtta cacttgcact aggaaacctt accccattgc      9960
     taggacagag ctgaaatact tctggatgaa aagaatttct ctctaaagct gcaacatgta     10020
     cacaaattgt ttctcattgg acctaaatct tctcactagt gtgagatcct cacactgaga     10080
     actgattgag gtgcctttct aaatactggt acgtttattt ttcctaaggg atgtattctc     10140
     atagtccatc attatccttc cttatcctcc ggaccttttc cagtagatca catgacactt     10200
     aggaagggag tcttcactag taaagttcaa tagaaaattt ttatccctct aggtctacca     10260
     cattcctcta tgaaatgcat agtatatcaa cactatcatg gattctcctt ttcaaatata     10320
     aactacagag tcagggtaga aaaaaaaaga gggattcttt tacctctgaa tttaagagaa     10380
     tctaaaaaag aaagactatg attagtatga aagttgagtt gttgttacat ttgaattttc     10440
     tgaccacatg tcagtttcat ggtattatta caaagtggac agcctgaact tcacaaggag     10500
     agtgaaaact tctgtccttt atagatccct tcttatctct gctccaataa attagcataa     10560
     cacaagattg atatgccaat atttctggac tgtaagttat ttcttaggta atagaatttt     10620
     gcctaccaaa tattttagtg ctacatcaac ataggggtaa gataaggaaa atgaaaccat     10680
     gaatcagctt gataaacact gaatgtagaa caatttttac tgagaagata tatgattcct     10740
     atggcaattg ataaatgtct gttgacatga gccatcttaa agtaaatatt taaataaatg     10800
     agctgtgtgt atcctgagta atgtgctcag ttatggtcca acaatggtgt ttcctaactc     10860
     taccagagtt ttaaaatctt aattaaccac agaaaagccc caggagacca atgcctatgt     10920
     taaaaccctt gccttgagat atacaaaatc tgacaaagat cttggcaatt atttgctaaa     10980
     ttccatgtta gtgtcccata aagctaaaga aagagaaatg acacaatcca aaggctttct     11040
     cggttaccat gaagacagtt tttctcagag ttgaatgaat tcctcaattc aaacatagga     11100
     tctgaccatc tttactcatt gagagaatat tttaaggctt ttcctgctga atctcaccca     11160
     caataaatat agaagtgcca tgttctaggt aggtcaggat tggaaaggtg tatagatgcc     11220
     acggcatgtc acagaatgga agcttaggtt tgtctccatc tttcagtatt cacagacatg     11280
     ttcctttatt cctttgaaag tgtatacagt actgacctgc cacactgaac ctccacatta     11340
     aatatgccta acaccagatg aataaataaa acagactcaa tagttcaatt attttcaagt     11400
     tatttacaga aaaataatac catatagaac ttacatatgt ttacttttaa aaactggata     11460
     tcgccaagtt cttttgtatg aataatcact aagctatatt tataaaagaa atttctatta     11520
     attaatattt agatttaaca tttataaaat tttaatcctt ttaaaactat caaattttat     11580
     gttgatgctt tctgtaaatt aaataaagca gagagatgaa tatggacaaa aacaatttaa     11640
     aataagattt tgaattttat taaaaataca taaattacat taaaacacaa aatagtttgt     11700
     gctatattta ttttatggat tctcggtgtt gtctcttgct aaccattcat atctctaaga     11760
     cttcatacca tagaactagt tatagtgaag gaggggaatc aaaagagtct cctttttttt     11820
     catagaaacc agcacaggca tgcctctgca gatgtgacag aggaaaccag tcctggtttc     11880
     ccaggtcttc ccatttaatg atcagtcagt gtgttattta atgcacacat ctcttttcag     11940
     ttgtggtgtg attaagacat agcaagtacc tttaatccaa tagctttctc tttattgtat     12000
     acaggtttaa ataaagtcaa ccatagatca agagttggag caaacagtta atagggagtg     12060
     aacatagggc aaaatcatga agagtaactg gaatatttat agagaggtgc acgtgaagta     12120
     gaagggaggg acattgagac tggagggttt tttggcatgg agaagaagtt tattttgtga     12180
     ttttggatgc agagaaagtt cacctggttg ctttctcttt ctctatgacc tagcttgctt     12240
     ccaaattgaa tattcaagac aaaagaaacc tggagttgaa gctgagctga attgttcatg     12300
     ttaatctttt aaaaggtaat ttgtgtgagc acgagatcct gaatgttagt tgatatgagt     12360
     tacagaacat atacatatat gtcatagctt tctaaccatg tattttattt atctgtctgg     12420
     cagagtcttg gttaaatcta gaaggtccct gatgctttcc tatgcagcct ttggattaac     12480
     attctgtatc aaatgagtga aatatatatg gcaagacaca gagaactgaa gatgattgga     12540
     gatcaaatca caactttgat agcaaactat gtgctatcca taaagtatct gtccaccacc     12600
     tccatagcta attccaagaa cagccttatc tgaaacttga gaggtgagga cacactcata     12660
     tattactgta caaaattcac aatgaggaaa cttcagagcc tcaggactag ggggcttctc     12720
     agcacataca gagttcagaa ccagaactga gtgcttgtct ctggtgtcag atctgcatct     12780
     gtccttcaga ttttccttga aatcctgtct atatatgtgg tctgtaggtt ataaggatat     12840
     ctgcagtttt gctacaatat aattttgcta aaaaataagc catcctgaca taaatgaaca     12900
     gaaaattggt tatatcagaa gcttctccaa attgttcaaa gaatcacatt ctgagaaagt     12960
     tcatagatat ttgtaagtct gtgtcacaga ttccaggcta agtctcggta tgacaaaatt     13020
     attgtataat tagtaatata agtttggtat tcaaggcatc aacaaaataa agtataccag     13080
     gctcagtaat ctataagatc tatctatcta tcttatttca aagcctgatt ctgcctctga     13140
     ggactgtgca tcacactcta atgtgaccca gttgcaattt agaatgctca ttttattcaa     13200
     ccatgatttt aatttcatgt ctcttattct tcctttcaag caaaaaaaaa aaaaatggca     13260
     tctgaacctc aagttctaaa cccagagctg ggatatctaa ttcaaatcca gctatgtgtg     13320
     aatctctaac tctttctgag gacttggaaa tagtactaag agttggtcat gacacatttg     13380
     ccacaaatct tctagatttc ttggagaatc agttgggtaa attaaggaga catgaatatg     13440
     atcagaagac taatgagtag aactgagatg tgaatgtgga tgtaccttgt tcttcataat     13500
     accttctggc attacttccc tggtgcagca aagtccctca ctccaccaag aggctgtcac     13560
     agaagatcca atgtaccatc ctttccataa ctgtgattct tcttttatat atgcccgcac     13620
     attaaccttg tatgattttt ttgttttaaa agcacatgac taagtgccac ttctgtggga     13680
     aaatgagttt accttggctt ctcgcttgag agggggagtt gtaaatggaa aataaggcat     13740
     gccagcagag ggcaggagaa gaaaaaatga agatcatttc tcatgataca gaagtctaag     13800
     ggtgcaaact ggaagttggg gagactataa attgcaaacc cagtgatgta cttaatccag     13860
     caagtctcca tgccctagaa gtttcaaaac ttccccaaac aacactacca accagggtcc     13920
     aagttttcag atatgagtcc actgtgcaca gttctcatta aaaccatggt atttgattat     13980
     tcctgtgaaa atataagaat ctcttgtttt ctgttcactg tatcgttatg tgtaaagaac     14040
     attttttaag aaattttatg tatcagaatt aatcatataa tctcttgttg ctattaatgg     14100
     atatatgtgt gtctttgatt acatgagaaa aaatagctac cagtgagtct ctcttccctt     14160
     gaatccttcc cagaggttca ctgactgaac agatggggcc atgttactct acataggtaa     14220
     tgagaagata gggacaattt caaagtagga agaaacacat ttagagaatt gtgctaattt     14280
     tgcagttcaa atcttttatt taaaataccc acctgatgaa aacacataac ctttgtaaaa     14340
     caaagtacta cccaaatgaa tatattttca ctggtatgtg aacatagtat ttcctctgtt     14400
     tttaatttac aagtttactg tgcactgccc ttattatgcc atatattata ttgtgtaaga     14460
     aaaaacgttg tcacagaaga aaaatacatg ttgtcactga ttgaagcatg gatgcctttg     14520
     gtttgattac caagatcaga agttcctggg accttagtaa attttgcagt gatcctctga     14580
     acagaatctt ctgtcacacc cctgaacaaa ggcagtctga aagtctcatt agatacctat     14640
     gggcctctgc tagggcccag actcaagaca ggatcagggt tctcaactgg aagcagggat     14700
     atctggaagg tacatagtaa atatacacag agtccttttt ggggtaatag ctgacataca     14760
     aattttcaag tttttttggg gggtgggtgg gtgggttttt ttgtttgttt ggttcgtttt     14820
     tggttttttt ggtttgtttg tttgtttttg ttttttattt gttgtgtttt tttccagaca     14880
     gggtttcttt gtatagccca ggctgtcctg gaacttactt tgtagaccag gctggtctca     14940
     cactccaagt gctgggatta aaggcatgca tcaccactgc cctgcaattt ttcaaggttt     15000
     aaagtttctt tcacttctct ctcattttct ctctcagtct cggctctctt tctctctagc     15060
     ttgcttgaac attgagacta cacacactct gcattctcct ctgtactctg cttttcttga     15120
     actcccacat gcatacacac ttatgttaat tcccctttca cacttttcac acactcttca     15180
     cacacatctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc atacacacac     15240
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac tacatgcacc ctactttcat tcacactcac     15300
     actctctata tacaactcat actctctctt cactcactct tcacattctc tcctctcatt     15360
     cttcatatgc acttctcatg ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct     15420
     ctctctctct ctctaactct tcatttgctt tccacattca cctcacatac tcttcacttg     15480
     ctctctatat gctctctagc ctttttcttg ccccagtctt ttattgatac tccaaaatca     15540
     agtagaaaca agacattgta tattaattgc caaatcaagt tcaaagaaca aacatgtccc     15600
     acaaagaacc aagaattatg attgtccccg aaaatttcaa gcttccctat ttaggcctat     15660
     acccaaagta ataataattg caaaattatc attatttaaa ctttaatttt gacttatgat     15720
     actcagagct ttgaggccat tttcttgtga agctctaatt aaaaatgaca ttggaaatgc     15780
     tgccaggcat tggccagaaa gaatcaagtt aacccttaac tcaatagttc cactaggttt     15840
     ctgcttctgc acattgcaca caatgactct cctaagaatc ccactatttt aacttaattt     15900
     tactagtata aaattttaca taatctatag ttgcttaccc aggaaccact ctcaaatatt     15960
     gtgcaaagct tatttcatac cttcaatatt tttttctttt ctggggtccc aatgttggct     16020
     ctatttaatt ttctaataat ttttcaagct ttctttgcaa atcaagcatt aatctggaac     16080
     aacctttgtt cagttattac attatttcca agatgagaac acacagctgc acctgggcca     16140
     ttaggattgt gctgtgctgt accccatgcc ttaattttta attgtttaaa aatcattata     16200
     tcagggacca tctagttttg cagaattcgc cagagcagaa ggagaaagaa gtaagaaagt     16260
     cagatataat agaataatta tgcacaccaa ggtcaactga aaagcagtca tgcatcaatg     16320
     aaatctatat agccattgtc cagggcgaag gttaggagaa atgggaataa caccagacag     16380
     agcccagaca gtctcatgaa agagtggagg agagaactga gcaggaattc agcaaaaatt     16440
     gagtgaagca cactataaga aatacagaat caaataaagt ggacccatgt aggctcacag     16500
     agactgttct gccaaccaaa aaccatgcag ctgttggatc tagtacccct acacatttgt     16560
     agcatacata catttttatc ttcaagtgtt tctcctaacg aatggagtgg tgactgtgct     16620
     gtctgacatt ggctctcctt gtcctaactg gaacatcctt atttcatttc aaaaagagag     16680
     gatgtgtcgc aactggatgt cctaaggtgg gatgatacct aaggagaact tccctttctt     16740
     tgaggaaagg ggagttcgaa ttgggaagag aaactcatta tggtggaatt gggagggagg     16800
     gagggaaggt ctgctgtgtt cttttgagac ataaagtgaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa     16860
     gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagagaga gagagaagga gggagggagg gaaggagtga     16920
     gggaggtagg gagggaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa     16980
     ggaacagatc taaacagaga attcttaaca gtagatccaa aagggatgtg aaagaaatgg     17040
     cttagataaa aaacattaga atggctaaga taaaaaacac atgtgacagc tcatgttggc     17100
     cagtggaacc ctccctcatt gcattgctga tcagactata aatttggaca gcccctacgg     17160
     aaagcaaaaa tattctttct cagaaaagtg ggaatcctta agtccaatct ataccacatc     17220
     tgaatatata cccaaaagga tgctgctcca ctgtgacaca agaaaacttg ttctaccata     17280
     actaggattc cagcaatgga gtaaaaggaa cctgaatctt ccaagtcctc taatcaggca     17340
     tgtggtgaga ctggaatacc accgagccca taaaattttg acctaccttt tgtcttgcct     17400
     gcaatatgtg ctgggacaaa gcttgcagag aacttgcagg agtggtcaac cagtgattgc     17460
     tcctgcctta gatgtatgca acaaaaagga gacttatcac cctgacactg cctggtgttc     17520
     cagggcccag aggctggata accctaagaa ctggggtaca aaattattcc taatgatatc     17580
     ctgctatact gttggatttg tgcaaagccc aatgtcatca gagaaggttc atccagcaat     17640
     tgatggaaac agatgcagaa acccacagtc aaccatgatg aggagttaaa ggaatcttgg     17700
     ggaagaaggg aaggataagt gcaggagaca gagttattaa ggacaacaaa agcacacaca     17760
     gagaatcatc caccctgtgc tcatagggtc tcacagagac tgagctagca agcagggact     17820
     tttcatgggt ctgaactatg ccttctctac atgttatctc cacaaatgtt agttgtacaa     17880
     cttgattttc atatgggaca cagaatagtg ccagcaggag ttgtttctct gttgtctctc     17940
     tttggaacag gttcctcata atgggttatc tttgtctctc cttaatagag gaaatattaa     18000
     tttcactgca agttgattgc agtggctggt tgatatcaaa gggaggcctg cacttttctg     18060
     aaatgaaatg gagaaggaat aaatggtggg gagtggggag aaagagttga gttattgata     18120
     agagtcttgg aggaaaggac agaggaaaaa ttgcagtcat atgtatatgt atgtagacac     18180
     atatataata catacataca tatgcctata atatactccc acacagatgc atatatttat     18240
     ataatataca cacattatat atatatatat atatatatat gagagacagg gagagacaga     18300
     gacacagaga gacagagaca gagggagtat ttctgtgttt ctttctcacc aagcataata     18360
     aagaatctga tttattaagt aaactctgaa acttataatc actatataat taacattgga     18420
     gataattaaa tttgattagt cattttggag gaggaagaac ctgttgtatt ggctatttat     18480
     gttcctttgt gcactaagac ttatattctg aaactttact gtatttataa tgtctgaaag     18540
     tttgtttcaa ttcagtcgtg ttctctaagt aaagcatcat gttttgtgaa agtagaggta     18600
     ctttggcacc ttcccattct attcttgttg ctttctctct tcttttctaa gtgctgtatg     18660
     taagacaaca tacactatat tggataagga aatagaaagt gtatttcttt gttttgttca     18720
     tgactttata gtaaatgctt tcattttgtc ttcatttaat agacttttgg ctataatcct     18780
     gttccacata ggcttgagta ttttgaggct cattacaccc attaatgaag atcacacacc     18840
     tttatttttt tgtaaaggca tgtagaaatt tgccaagtgt cctttaagca taaatggaaa     18900
     tacttatgta atttatgtct ttgcatttac ctgatgtatt ttattgattg ataaatgtat     18960
     attgagcaat acttgccttt ctacagtcaa ctaggatata atgtgccatc tccttaatgt     19020
     gtttctgatg ttgaatggca agcaattggt tagaaatttt tgtattcaac aaatacattt     19080
     aattatagat ttccttcatt attggttatt ttatttactt acattttaaa tgttgtctcc     19140
     cttaacagtt agtccaccat aaaccctgat ccatttccac tcccttttac ctctatgaag     19200
     gtgctccacc cacctaccca ctcactcctg cctcactgct ttagcatcct cttaagctgg     19260
     ggcatcaaac ctccacaggt ccaatgttct cccctcccat tgatatcaga taaggtatat     19320
     ctctgctact tatatagata tagctatgag tccctccatg tgtattcttt agttattgct     19380
     tttgtctctg ggagctctgg gtggtctggt taattgatag tgttgttctt tacatggggt     19440
     tacaaacctc ttcatctctt tcagttcttc tcctaactcc tcagttgtgg tcctcaagcc     19500
     caccctgatg aatgcctcgt agcatctgca tctgtattgg tcaggtgctg gcagagcctc     19560
     tcaggaggca gctatatcag tctgctgata gcaggtgctt ctttgcattt gaaatcatgt     19620
     cagagtttgg tgtatgtaaa tggaatagat ccctaggtgg gactgtctcc ctttggactt     19680
     tccttcaata tcttctttta atatcttttg tgtcaagata cagaagtgat agaaagaatt     19740
     tgacagtaat ccatcatttc cttagacctg ggaaaagtta taaagaattg ataaggaatt     19800
     ttttttgtaa gtctgacaca ttcaacagtg acattctctg ttcctaggct tttggttaag     19860
     gtgctgcttt taagaacaac atgaatttca tttaaaattc atgtttttcc attatttaca     19920
     ccttaaggac ttaattctag tagataatat aatattagag attttctttt gtccagttta     19980
     tctagcattg ttagagtgta agtttttata ttaatttaca attttaattt agagtgtgtg     20040
     tatactgttc agatgaagaa tgagtcaagc aaatgtgact attattatca tttgtagaac     20100
     tattatccag gattactgtg tatatgacca gataccattc aagtgtcagg acaccaattg     20160
     attacccatt tataccttga tgtcttgtga gtctcttcaa gttttgtagc cttaccttga     20220
     acaaggcttc agtggatgaa cttggaatga tcagagtcag gaggcacaaa gcctgtgaga     20280
     taagaggtgg gaaaggcaac ttatagcatt aaaggtgcaa gcacattcag tggtatgggg     20340
     gggggaatac tggcaaagcc aggaagtctg tcagcacttg gatacaagag tctagaggag     20400
     tgcttgtcct atgaggtgag agcaatgtgt acttaatagc tcagaaaagc aagccaatgg     20460
     agaatagtgc taatgatgag gggaggagaa aggcaacatg agagagaaga gaaggagatt     20520
     acaggaagaa attaagctgt gggagaggaa ggggctggac taccagacat gcaggatagg     20580
     caagtttcaa tgtgaccaga tgggtccttt ttgtgagaaa aagcagacct agatgttgat     20640
     gagagaaagg caagtccttg gtgattatca gaacacaaac atatagcatg caaaattatc     20700
     tttacctggt gcttagggag gtcacaaatg agctggacat gcatttggag tagagaggag     20760
     gtagtctata tggtggatga gaagttcagc actggaggaa ctaagtgata cacgcagacc     20820
     cccagtgtat attcactttt taaatcaaga aataatgtca agtataatcc atatctattt     20880
     tatgaagttc tatgattaaa ttttaagctt tatgcatgct atgctgtaac actgagctaa     20940
     tgcctcagat aacttttgct acttcaattt tatgtaggca gtcgttaatc agtaaagatt     21000
     tgaaaaatct tcctaaatta taatatttaa gttctttctt gttcagcatc cctatgacct     21060
     tgtttcatgt ttctgcgaac acagtacaag agtttgcatg tacaaaggat aataaagtaa     21120
     ggaggcaaac ttatattggt atatataact ggaaatatat attgaatata aataatttat     21180
     ttttctattt acttgttttc tctttggagc acatacataa ttcaaacatg attatgccct     21240
     tcccactact aacttattcc cacatagtgc tgggaataaa tacagaactc aggcatacac     21300
     aaagtcaact gagctgtaaa cacagaagag taagtgatga tttcattcta taatgccact     21360
     tcagttttta ttatttctca gacatctgca ctagtattgg aatcctctaa gacttccacc     21420
     cctgaactca tgatatagca caaagacatg caaataatat ttccctatgc tcataaaaac     21480
     cagccctgac catgaagctc tgacagacgc acaaccctgg actcacaagt ctttctcttc     21540
     agtgacaaac acagaaatag aacattcacc atgtacttgg gactgaactg tgtattcata     21600
     gtttttctct taaaaggtaa ttcatagata atagggatac tccatgtgat tagaggggag     21660
     tgagagtaac actgaatgtt ttaactcctt actgacaaga ttctctgtgt tttcaggtgt     21720
     ccagagtgaa gtgaagcttg aggagtctgg aggaggcttg gtgcaacctg gaggatccat     21780
     gaaactctcc tgtgttgcct ctggattcac tttcagtaac tactggatga actgggtccg     21840
     ccagtctcca gagaaggggc ttgagtgggt tgctgaaatt agattgaaat ctaataatta     21900
     tgcaacacat tatgcggagt ctgtgaaagg gaggttcacc atctcaagag atgattccaa     21960
     aagtagtgtc tacctgcaaa tgaacaactt aagagctgaa gacactggca tttattactg     22020
     taccaggcac agtgagaagc ctttattatg aacctatcca caaaccttgc tgcaggtttt     22080
     ctgaggccca ttagggggag cacagtggct aagtaaacca ggaacaggag ctactgttta     22140
     tagagatcag gggaggcaaa accactttct cgtgatacca tttctactat caagtgtggg     22200
     ctctatgtac ctgagccagt cagcatctta ggacaaaaat ggctgtttct gtctttgccg     22260
     attcatttca ttcattctaa tgcaaatcgt actgtttgat tttaatgagc tgctttcact     22320
     tgtagttagt ggactcttag accaaagtga gcaattcagt attccagact catacatgat     22380
     tatttcgagt gtcctgaaaa caattttgtc tggggctgtt tgaaccttct gactattaca     22440
     ggggatgcaa aagggtgtag agttaaggat atctttaaca tagcatcttt gtaatgagtt     22500
     accaaagaaa tcattaaggc tttattgttt attccttggt ataaaaaaat tcgccgtggg     22560
     cacaataatc aaactctgag gcttcaggaa attgcacaaa tagaaaacag gaaaaagact     22620
     cccaagcttt cccaaaacca gtgcttacaa aacctactag aaataactga aggcagccaa     22680
     ttctagagtg agaaattttc aatagctcag agatgatgtc tcagcatcaa gttaagactg     22740
     attgtaagtt aatcagaggc tctgagtttg attctttttt tttcttggat attttcttta     22800
     tttacgtttc aattttttcc ccttgccaaa tttccctttc agaaatcccc tgctcctatg     22860
     agggtatacc ccagcccacc cagtcccatt cgtctgccct ggcattccct tacactgggg     22920
     cagtgaacac catcaggcct ttcctcccac tgagattcat caaggccatc atctgccaca     22980
     tatgcagcca gcaccatggg tcactccaca tgtactttta gtcggtggtc cagtccccgg     23040
     aagcttctag ggggtctgac cagttgttac tgtagctccc tctaaggggc aacaaccccc     23100
     acagcttctt cagtcccttc tccatctggc atcggggacc acagagctga ttccaatggt     23160
     tggctgtgag cttcctcctc tgtatttgtc agactctggt aagcctctca ggggaaagcc     23220
     atatcagact tctctcagca agcacttccc agcatccaca ataacatcca ggattggtgc     23280
     ttgtatatgg gcttgattat ccaggagggc agtctctgga tggactttcc ttcagtctct     23340
     gctccacact ttgtttccat attttctcca gtgaatattt atgcccttgt tgaagagctc     23400
     acctgtacct tcaacttgag aagaagaaaa gtcctttcct agactctgtg cacttacaca     23460
     gacacctaca gaaacacaag ttcagactca gatgcagata cacacacaca cacacacaca     23520
     cacacacaca cacacacagc atttgtctgg tgtctgttac tggcttatag ttcttcatag     23580
     tgttagaccc ttcttgactt ctccccatcc cctgtgtatt gtctattgtt gtgtttgttt     23640
     gggtagtatt tgtgagattg tatatgcata ttatacctca actgcatcct gaattaacta     23700
     aaatcccaat gaataaggca cacctaagta actttttctt agttacattg tttggggatg     23760
     gaatatacac cctagatctg ggcaacagca tctggaaggc gctaaaccac tgattgctgc     23820
     ctccatgaag gacacaaatg taggaaactt gcttttttcc tgcttgctct cattatccaa     23880
     gggaagttca tgtatctcct tctgaaatat ttcttttttt attttttttt gtcttttgtt     23940
     ttttgttttt gttttgtttt tgattttgtt ttttgagaca gggtttctct gtatagccct     24000
     ggctgtcctg gaactcactc tgtagaccag gctggccttg aactcagaaa tacccctgcc     24060
     tctgcctccc gagtgctggg attaaaggcg tgtgccacca tgcccggctt ctgaactata     24120
     tcttaggtgg tattataacc tagttattca gtattcagat atgtaataaa gaccatcctg     24180
     catcatggat taaacatcta tttgattatt gatcattcct tctagagata gctatttatt     24240
     aaatagcttg agacagtctg gcatgtgtgt gtatgtgtgt gtacatacat atatgtatat     24300
     gtgtatgcat atatattatc tatatttata tatacaaaca tataggatat gtgtctcaat     24360
     tttgttcttc tggcaaagtc aaattatata atagtattcg gtgtatcata gggaaagata     24420
     caccccatta tagactggca ccatatctaa gcaagatcaa gaagaaattt cttgcagaat     24480
     tcatgaaggc atcagcaaag cctgagctct ctccaaccct gccaggatgt acagggttca     24540
     gttaaggact aaattcttta actaacctct agtaaaataa ttacagaccc tgtcagccca     24600
     gaatatagcc ttatgtaaga gtaagacatt gtcacaggat ataggtttgc tgccttcaat     24660
     ttcaaaagtt ttctctgagt ttagcatcaa ccagggtcac tcaggattgc tctttaattt     24720
     tgattctatg atcagcttaa tgtgtataaa taagatagtt tcaggcttga tgcttgagca     24780
     taggggaatg atggggtagg gaggtgggag tgggtgaatc tgtggagtag catcctcata     24840
     gaagcacggg tggggcaggg gtatattaca ggggaaactg ggaaggggca taacattgga     24900
     aatgaaaata aatgaaataa ccaattaaat ttcatttaaa aatatgatag tttgtatttg     24960
     ggtctgtatt taaaaaatat gaacgcataa tcatagtcta caaaggcaaa atgttctgta     25020
     tcattgacaa cgtaacagct ccatggaccc attgccatat ttggactatt ttgttttaaa     25080
     aaacaaaaca aaactacaag cacaaagtaa ttatcagttt taagcagtca atttagctaa     25140
     ggtaaaactt accaaactgt gtaaacaaga cccagagaat agaaaatata atttgtaggg     25200
     taaagatgcc aagagaagaa cttcctaaga caggcatgtt cttgagcaga gggctaaaga     25260
     aaaaagaata aaacaccctt ttgctaactt gaacctatta caaaatcaga atctgtaaca     25320
     ttttttcttt accaagcccg tcaatgatac aatgaacttt ggaattattt caaagagtcc     25380
     ttctaattcc aagttatctt ggaacccatc ccaggaaact atataaatcc tgccttctgc     25440
     tcagttctgt gctatttctc acacaagcag atgcagccag cccttgtata cctgttgccc     25500
     tgaaaatctc ttatgtgaag tctcttgtgc agtgtgaaat tatcccgtct tgcgggattc     25560
     agttattcgt gggtgcgagg gggaccacaa acctggaagg agatgggagg aagagaaaga     25620
     agaggggaga ctaagaatgt gcctatcaag gtctcgttta ttaggctgag gtgccttctt     25680
     tttaaagcat acatcatggg gaatatggga gggttggagg gagaattata caaagaacaa     25740
     agaagtgggc atctgatgac attgaggccg aagtcaggcg ccaggcagcg ggcactctgg     25800
     atcttatctc tggaacatca tcctccttga cagccttgag ggtcaggctg ggccaggcgt     25860
     aactaatgtc cttggatggc atgggaactc aggaagagat agggaagagg ggactataat     25920
     tcagctttta cggccttagg agccaagaaa ggaataggga ggaagggggg tgatagccag     25980
     ctcttagtac aaggccattt ggtctgttag ggagattgtg aagggctcac tttctcacgg     26040
     gatggtctct gacatgaaat tgtggtattt cttagctctt aattgccaga gtaacatcca     26100
     tctgtgacct aacacccttg caggatcaga gctgtaatac ttctgcagag gaaacctcct     26160
     cttgccagag ttcagcagta acacttgcat tgggttccct tctcccattg ctggagaaga     26220
     gctgtaagat ttctctaggt acagactttc ttttctggct acaccatgta tataatgttt     26280
     ctcattgtac ctaaaacttc tcacaagtgc gtctacctca aacagctggt gagaactgat     26340
     tggggtgtct ctacacatac tagtacattt attttccccg tggatgtatt ctcaaatcca     26400
     tcattaccct tccaaatcgt ctgagtcttt tccagcagat tccatgacac tcaggaagag     26460
     attcttcacc aggtaaattt gggcagactt tttttttcct ctggagtcca ataacttctg     26520
     tgaaatgtag agtatgttaa ctgtatcatg gattctcctt ttcaaatata aactgcaggg     26580
     tcagggtagg aaaaaaacaa aaaacaaaaa caaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa caacaacaac     26640
     aacaacaaca aaaccaaacc agagtaattc ctttccttgt gaatttaggg gaatcagcaa     26700
     aagaaagacc atgattagta taaacattga gttgtactta ggtttgaatt gtctgcacaa     26760
     attacagttt catggtgtca ttacagatga gaaagcctga atctctcaag gagagtgaaa     26820
     gcttctgtct tccacagaat tccatgtaat gtttgccctg gtcaatctgt ataacataag     26880
     attgctatga aaaacatcat agcatactcg tgagggacta aaatattccc aacaaaatat     26940
     tttaatgcta aatctatgta cgaatgcgat atagaaaatg aagccatgca tcagattagt     27000
     aaacagagtg tggaaaaatt tcaactgcaa agttatatta ttcctatggc aattggtcaa     27060
     taatttttga tatgtgacac caaaaaatat ctaagtaaat gaactgtgca tatactgaga     27120
     gatgggttca gttagggggt agcaaatgtc tttactcaca ctacagagtt tggtcatctt     27180
     atttaaccac acaaaagtcc caggaaacca ctcatgtcaa tttgatgctc atatgtcaat     27240
     tagaggcatt acttggaata cacaagaact gacagagatc actccaatta ttttgctaaa     27300
     atccatttta gtgtcccata aagctacaga aagacaaatg acagagtaaa aaggctttcc     27360
     cagctaccag gaagacagtg tgtctcagaa ttgaatgaat tacaaaattg aaacctagga     27420
     cctggccatc tttactcttt gaaagagaat ttcaagcact ttcatgctgc atctcactca     27480
     caatcagtat ggaagttcca tgttctgggt atgtcagaac tggagagaca gatggatgtc     27540
     ccaacatgcc tcagagtgga ggaggcgtag gtttagctct atcttgtaac tcacagacat     27600
     attccttcat tcctttgaaa gtgtatagaa tagtgatgta ctattagtga tgtttcctca     27660
     tgcatctacc cctcctgcct cccccccccc cccagcatac ctctacactg ggacattgag     27720
     ccatcataga acaaaggaac tctcctccca ttattttctg acaatgccac cctctgctac     27780
     atatgctgct agatccatga gtccctcaat gtatactctt tggttggtgt tttagaccct     27840
     gggatctctg aggggttctg attggttgat attgttgtcc tttctatggg attacaaacc     27900
     ccttcagctc cttcagtcct ttctctaagt cttgcactgg ggaccccatg ttcagtccaa     27960
     tggctaggtg caagattctc ctgtatttgt cagattctgg cacagactct caggagacaa     28020
     ctttattggc ctcctgtcat catgcagttt ttggaatcca caatagtgtt tgcatttggt     28080
     gactgtataa gggataaatc ctcaggtgat acagtctcca aatgtccttt ccttcggtct     28140
     ctgctccaca ctttgtttct gtatccttct gtgactgggt atcacacagg agttctattg     28200
     cagaaatcac cactaagcta cattttcaaa aggaatttct atcattttat atctggatta     28260
     aacattcata aactttgctc atcttttcaa actatcaaat tgtatcttaa tgatttctgt     28320
     atatccatta aggcagcaga gggataaaaa taaataagat tttgaatttt tattaaaaat     28380
     acataaactt tattaaaaat acataggagt ttgttctata actctccttg gattcttagt     28440
     gttgtcccta tctaggcatt catatctcta agaattctac cacagaactt gctttactta     28500
     aagaggcaag caaatgagcc tccttgtttt catagaaacc agaacagcca tctccctgca     28560
     gttgtggtag aggagccctg tcctggattc ccatgtcttc ccatttagtg atcagtgttg     28620
     aacacagtct gctgcatgac attttatcac aagtaaccac tatgagtgtg ttatttactg     28680
     aaaacgaact gttttcagtt gtggtgtggt gtggttatgc cataacaaac aactgtaatc     28740
     caatagcttt ctctttattg tatacaagat taaataatgt caaccacagg taaacatgtg     28800
     gcacaaacaa tgagttacca gggagttaac acggacaata tggataataa gtggaggatt     28860
     gatagagagg tgcagagaaa gttgaaggga aggacattgt gattgaaggg attttgggct     28920
     ttgaggataa gttccttttg ggatgttggc tacagtaggg tcagctgggt gctttctctt     28980
     tctgatctag caggctttca ctacagcatc tggttactga gtctttattg gcaaattgaa     29040
     tatttgagat aaaaatccac ctggatttga agctgaactg aatttattat cttcctgctt     29100
     ataaaggtaa tttgtgggag gatgggatac tgagtgtata agttgacatg tgttatagaa     29160
     gactgacatg tgcaatagtt ttctaaccaa gatttttttt ttatttacag gtatatagct     29220
     aggtgtgtct ggatgaacct tggggacacc tggaagttcc ctcaggcttt tgaatgtagc     29280
     ctgtggatta acattctgta tcaactgaat gaaagatata tggcaggacc cagagactga     29340
     agtagattgg agaaagtaac cacaattttg gtagcaaact atgtgtcata gttaatgtat     29400
     ctatttacca cctccataga tcattccaaa aactgtctta tctgaaagtg agaagtctga     29460
     gaggcaagga cactctccaa tactatggca caaaatacac aatgaagaaa cttcatagca     29520
     ttgacacaaa tcttccttcc ataacctcag aacctgggga ctgctcagca tatacagagc     29580
     tcaggagaag aagtgagtgc tggtctctgg ggttagattt gcatctctct ttgagtttct     29640
     ccttgacatc ctgtatgtat atatagtctg tagtttatat ggacatctga atttttgcta     29700
     caacatattt ttgcaaaaaa ataaaaaaat aaatataatc aaccacacag acttacatga     29760
     acataacata gaacattggt tatatcagaa acttcctgaa attgtttaaa ggatcacatt     29820
     cttggaaagt acaaatgttt tagcaagtct gtgctacaga ctctgggctg actgctagtg     29880
     tgataaaatt attgctttac tattaaaaaa ggcattggta ttcaggtagt gaacaaaatt     29940
     aagtgatttt tgctcaataa cctatcagcc ctatctcatt tcaaagcttc cttctgtctt     30000
     tgtgaactgt gcttcacact acaatatgac tcagtttcaa tgtagaaaga ttgttttatc     30060
     aatctaatct ctcatttcct gtctcttact cttatactcc agaaaataat gtggcatctg     30120
     gcccccctag tctaaaccca gagctgggat atctcctaca agcccagctg tgtgcgaatc     30180
     tctacctctt tcagataacg tgaaaatact agtaacagtt gatcatgaca cattccccac     30240
     aaattttcca catatctcga agcagtagtt gtggaaacta agtacacata aatgtgaaca     30300
     caggactgtt gtgtggaact gagatgttga agtgtgatgt accatgctct tccttaatat     30360
     cttctggcat gatgctcagt gcagcaaaac ttttcactgc accaagtgac tgtcaaaaaa     30420
     gccccaatgt actgtcctat ccacaacact gagattcttt tatatatgcc catatattaa     30480
     ctttgttttg ttgtttttat gtataacaaa agaatgtgtc taaatcctgc ttcagtgaga     30540
     aaatgagtat accttggctt ctggtaccag agggagagct caaaatggaa aggaaggcat     30600
     gacagctgag agcaggagag ggaaaacgaa gatcactttt catgacagag gagtctaaac     30660
     tagcaaactg gaagttggga agaatgtaaa ttgcaacccc agtgatgtac ttaatccagt     30720
     gatgctccaa gccctataag tttcataact tccccaaaca acatttccca ccgtggaaca     30780
     agttttcaga tataggagtc cactggagat atttcttatt aaagccagaa tacttgagtt     30840
     attcatctaa aaaaatccct tattttctgt tcattgtatc attatgtgta aagaacaatt     30900
     atttttatgt gtaaagaaca attattttta tcaaataata atatatgtga gaatcatact     30960
     cataaaatat atatttaaga tgttagcatt tcttcatgga gaattcttgg gagaaacaag     31020
     agaccatgct tttataaatg agatatatct atatagcagt aaatctcttg ttgttattaa     31080
     cctatatgtg tgagtcttct atttcataag aaaaatggct acaagtgaaa ctctgctctc     31140
     ttattcacat tgcactacac aggtaaagag aacacagggc aaatttaagc aggaaagacc     31200
     caattcatat tttctgctag ttttgttatc caaatctttt atttacaata tccccctgac     31260
     aaaaacacaa aaactgtacc aaatacaagt attacaaaaa tgaatatatt ttcactggtg     31320
     tgtgtacata gtatctcctc tctttttaat ttactggttt agtgtgcatt acccttatta     31380
     tgatatatat tatgttgtgt aagtgaacac tttcttacag gaataaagtg aattttgtca     31440
     ctgatgagag gaaggatgct tctggtttaa tcatcaagat cagaagttcc tgagacttta     31500
     gtgaattctg cagtgatttt cagaacagaa ccctctatga cacttcttaa caaagcaagc     31560
     atgagagtct catgagatac ctattggctt ctacatacaa ggcctgtgac tagtacaaag     31620
     aagaggcttg tatctttgtc ctccttgtca ggtaatgtgt ataatgagag attgaatcaa     31680
     atattcacat ttcctgtgaa tccagttacc ttccacatac ttcattcata ttctacttcc     31740
     tcttcctctt cctgttccac cttcatttct ccttgtcctt caccttctct accatgacct     31800
     gcagagataa tcagtatgga cctaggacag gggagagaac aagggaggaa caagaaacaa     31860
     gaagaatgag agcaagacaa ttggactgat caagctctga aaaattttat tctaggatgt     31920
     caatactaga aagaaagagg aggctccaat ggagggggaa agagacaggg gctctctgat     31980
     ggtcaggtgg caatcttcag ctcctggaac caatggtcac agtgtcctct ctacccacaa     32040
     acattataac tgtgatgacc acgaatgttc tctcaggata gtttgtgtaa tctagaaatt     32100
     ttccacaagg ccatggctga ggccatggct cacggcactt ctcttcctcc tcctcctttt     32160
     taaataagct aacttattct ttcttcttac tcacagtgga gcttaggtat tgttcagttt     32220
     tgtatgtgga gaccactgca acagccacat tatctgctcc atccccgctg cctaaggcct     32280
     ctgtgtaata atgggatgaa aatgatcagg aagagctttg taatatatgg gatggaaaat     32340
     ggcatgaaca tagaacttta tttcctatat ttgaactgac ctaatcacct ttatgacaag     32400
     tcaattttgt gtgatctaca ggttggatgc actatgaaac tgtgacatat gagaatactg     32460
     tccaggaaaa tgtgatgtga tgtgatgtga tgtgatgtgt gtatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     32520
     atgatatatg atatatatgt atatatatga tatagatata tagatctaga tattgtggat     32580
     tcacatgaag ctgaatcatg ttggagtgtt tgcctgatag atatagagat ttctcatctt     32640
     tctattactg gattcctctt acttctccac cctactccct atagatgata gaaatagttc     32700
     acttttcatg ggtcccgcca ttagagacct gttctcagag gagtgttttc actcctgggc     32760
     tcggagttga gataaccatt ttctctccaa taactatctg gagctggggg atgaagagca     32820
     catggggcac aagaacagtg gagcagctgg tacaggatcc ttccagtcac catctgcacc     32880
     cagagcttga gctgctccag atctctctgt ataccaggag ttctgccagg agttagctgg     32940
     gttccgcata gtgctgacat aggcttacag acccacagga ggaacaacct ccactcagag     33000
     acagcaagaa catcctacac cagagataac cagatggcaa aaggcaaatt aaagaatctt     33060
     accaatagaa accaagatta cttggcacca tcagaaccca gctctgccac cacagaaagt     33120
     cctggattcc ccaacacacc ggaaaagcaa gatatgtagt taaaatcata gctcatgata     33180
     tggatagagg attttaagaa ggacataaat acctccctaa aagaagtaca ggaaaacaca     33240
     tgtaaaatgg tagaaacatt taaagaggaa acacaaaaat cccttaaaga attacaggaa     33300
     aatacaaaca aacaggtgaa ggaatagaac aaaactatcc aggatataaa aatggaagta     33360
     gaaacagtaa agaaatcata aagagataca actctggaga tagaaaacct aggaaagaga     33420
     acaggagaca tagaatcaag catcactaac agaatacaag aaataaaata gaaaacctca     33480
     ggttataaga tgctgtagaa aacattgaca caatcaaaga aaacacaaaa tgcaaaatga     33540
     tcctagctca aaacatctag gaattctagg acacaatgag aagaccaaat ctaaggatag     33600
     taagaataga agagagcaaa gagtcccaac ttaaagggac actaaatatc ttcaacaaaa     33660
     taatagagga aaaaaatctc taacctaaag aaagagatgc tcattaacat acaggaagcc     33720
     tatagaacac caaatagatt agatcagaaa agaaattcct ccaatcatat aataatcaaa     33780
     acaccaaatg cacaaaacaa agaataacta ttaaaagcag taagtggatt aagtcatgta     33840
     acatattgag gcagacctat taccattcca caatacttct tgctagaacc agtgaaagcc     33900
     agaagatcct agtagacatc atacagatgc caaaataaga caaatgccaa ccctggttac     33960
     tatgcccatc aaaactctca ataaacatag gtgggaaaac caggatattc cataacaaaa     34020
     acaaatttgc acaatatctc tctacaaatc aaacccttca aaggaaaact ccaacacaag     34080
     gagggaaact ataccctaga aaaagtaaga aaatagtctt cttttcacaa atcaaaaagg     34140
     agataaccac aaaaaatata attccaccat taacaacaaa aataacaggc agcaataatc     34200
     tttttcctta atatatctta ataacaatgg aatcaattcc ccaataaaaa gccataggta     34260
     acatactgga taggtaagca ggactcaaaa ttttgctgca tagaggaaac ccacctcagt     34320
     gaaaaagaca gacactactt cagaggaaaa gactagaaaa caattcttca agcaaatgat     34380
     ctcaagaaat caactggagt agnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn     34440
     nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn     34500
     nncagacact acttcagagg aaaagactag anaacaattc ttcaagcaaa tgatctcaag     34560
     aaatcaactg gagtagccat tctaacatca aatacagtca actttcaacc taaagttatt     34620
     taaaaagata agaaaggaca cttcatactc atcaaaggta aaaatctacc aagaagaact     34680
     ctctattctg aatatcaatg ctcctaatgc aagggaaccc acattcttaa agaaacttgg     34740
     ctaaatatca aagtacacgt tacatcacat gcaaaaggtg tgggagattt caacatccca     34800
     ctctcagcaa tggacacatc atggaaacag aaactaaaca gagacatagt gaaactaaca     34860
     aatgttatga atgaaatggt tttaatagat acctatagaa cagtttatcc taaaacagaa     34920
     gaacatacct catggtacct tctccaaaac tgaccacata ctctgtcaca aaacaagtct     34980
     aaaaagatag aaaaagattg aaataacccc atgatcctat cagatccaca tggtccaagt     35040
     gaccttaata ctatggtctt caataaaaac ataaacaata aaaatcccac atacatgagg     35100
     aagctgaaaa acattttact aacaacttgg tcgagaaaga actaaagagg gaaattaaag     35160
     acgttttaag agtttaatgt aaatgaaaaa aacaacataa gcaaacttat agcatacact     35220
     taaagcagcc ctagtaggaa aattcatagc tatgagtgcc tacaaaaaga aactggacag     35280
     agcatacact agcagtttga cagcacattt aaaaactcta gaacaacaac aacaactaca     35340
     acaacaacaa cagcaaattc acccaagaaa ggtagaggta aggaagtaat caaactcagg     35400
     gctaaaatca actaagtgga aacaaaaaga actatacaaa gaattaacca aaccaggagc     35460
     tggttctttg agaaaatcaa caagatagat aaacccttag ccagactaac aagagggttg     35520
     agacacagta tcttaactaa caaaactgaa aagaaaatgg tggcatagga acagaaaaca     35580
     aggaaatttt taaaaaatca tcaaacccta ctatataata ctatagtcaa caaaactgga     35640
     aaatctggat gacatgtaca atgttctaga caaataccag gtaccaaagt taaatcagga     35700
     atagatgaat gatctcaaca atcccatgtc tgctaaagaa ataaaacaat catcaatagt     35760
     ctcccatcca agaaaagcgc aggaccagat gggtttagtg tagagttctc tcagtccttc     35820
     aaagaagaac taatgccaac actcttcaat ctattccgga aagtagaaat agatggtact     35880
     ctacccaatt caatccatga agacacaata actctgacac ctaaaccatg caaagactca     35940
     gtgatgaaag agaatttcag accaatttgc cttatgaata tctatgctaa aatactcaat     36000
     aaaattctca caaactgaat ctaagaacac ctcaaaacaa ccatacatca tgaccaagta     36060
     tgcttcatcc agtgatgcaa ggatggttca atatatggaa atacatcaat gtatcaactg     36120
     tataagcaat ctcaaaggac aaaaccatat gatcatccca ttaaatgcca agaaactatt     36180
     tgacgtaatc caacagccct tcatgataaa agtataggaa agattgggaa ttcaagccca     36240
     taccaaacat agtaaaacta atataaagca aaccaaaagc caatattaaa ctaagtgaag     36300
     agaaactnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn     36360
     nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnntgc tggcttaact     36420
     cacagttagc atgtagaaga atgcaagtgt gtctatccat tctgagttca ttgtacaaag     36480
     ctcaagtcca agaggatcaa gcatctccac ataaaactgg atacactgaa actaatagag     36540
     aagatagtgt gggagaccct tgagctcatg agcgcagaga aaattttcct gagcagaatg     36600
     ccagtagttt atggtctaat atcaaaggat tgaaaaatgg gacctcataa aattgaaaag     36660
     cttctgtaag gcaaaggtca ctgtcaatag gacaaaatgg taaccaacag attgggataa     36720
     aacctttacc aatagtacaa catgtagaat tttaatatcc attatataca aagaactcaa     36780
     gaagttatta tccagaaaac aatataaccc tcttaaaaaa tgaggtacaa agctaaacaa     36840
     agaattctga actgaggaac actgaatggc tgagaagcac ctaaagcaat ggtcaacgtt     36900
     cttagttatc tggcaaatgc aaatcaaaac aaccccgaga ttccacatca caccagtaag     36960
     aatgactaag attaaaaaaa gaggaatatt cctctattgc tggtggaatt acaagctggt     37020
     acaaccactc tggaaatcag ttttggagtt cctcagaaaa ttgcaggcag tactacctga     37080
     ggactcatta atactactac tggctatata cccagaatat gctccaacat gtaataagga     37140
     cacatgctcc actatgttca taaaagattt atttataaga tccagaagtt ggaaataacc     37200
     cagatgtcct tcagcagagg aatggataca gaaaatctag tacatttaca caatgaagta     37260
     ctacacaact attaaaaact atgaactcat gaaattccca tgaatctgga ggatatcact     37320
     ctgagtgagg taacccaata acaatagaac acacaggata tgcactcact gatatgtgga     37380
     tatcagccca gaagctggta aaacccaaga tataattcat aaactacatg aacctcaaga     37440
     agaaggaaga tcaaggtgtg gatacttcaa tccttcttag aaggtagaat gaaataccca     37500
     tggaaggagt tacagagaca aagtgtgaag cagagactga aggaataaac atccagagac     37560
     tgcccctcct ggagatccat ataaatatac aatcaccaaa ccgagaccct attgaggatg     37620
     ccaataagtg cttgcttgca gtggcttgat ataactctat cctgagagga tctgctagtg     37680
     tctgacaaat acataaatgg aggctcacag acaaacattg gacttatcac agggtcccat     37740
     atgaaggagc tagagaatgt acccaaggag ctgaaggggt ttgcagcgcc ttaggaggta     37800
     caacaatgta aactaaccag taccctcgga gctccaaggg actaaaccac caaccaaagt     37860
     gtacagatta tgggactcct ggaactagat gcatatgtag cagaggatgg cctagttcat     37920
     caacgggagg agaagacctt ggtcctgtca aggacttttg gcccagtgta ggggaattcc     37980
     aggaacagga attgagtgtg gttggattgg tgagcaggga gagaggagag aggatamggg     38040
     gttttctgag gggaaaacag gaaacgggat aacatttgaa atgtaaataa agaaaatatc     38100
     taatagaaaa tctctcccta atttataaat cataacattt aagttctttc atgtctgact     38160
     tccttgtgaa ttaactgtac atttctgtta acacatcaaa agcatttgca ttcattaatc     38220
     acaaaagagt gaggctgcaa atttatatta ctatatataa atggaaattc atcttaaata     38280
     aaattgcttt tatttttcta cctccttctt ttcttctttt gagacacaat tcaaatagcc     38340
     caaacctaac tcatacatta ttatccwmyg tcatgccagt ctggaacaca ggtataggca     38400
     tgcaaaaagt tcttggtcaa ctgaggtgat taaatgatga tttgatgcta tgctgccact     38460
     tcagccttta ttacttctca aacatctgtg ttagtatttg agccattgsa catgcaaact     38520
     gtatatgccc cagtacaggt gaaggccagg gccaaaacaa aaaaaaatgg gaatgagtgg     38580
     gtagggaagt ggggtggagg gtatggggga cttttgggat agcattggaa atgtaattga     38640
     ggaaaatatg taataaaaaa aagtatttga gccttataag gctcccaccc ctgagctcat     38700
     gatacagcac agagacatgc aaataatgtt cccctctgct catgaatacc agtatgaagc     38760
     ataaagctct gacagagatg cagatatctg gactcacaag tctttctctt cagtgacaaa     38820
     cacggacaca gaacattcac catggacttg gaactgagct gtgttttcat tgttgtcctc     38880
     ttaaaaggca attcatagat aataagagat actgcatgag agtggagggg agtgagaggg     38940
     acactgaata ttttgactgc ttactgacat gtttgtttgt gttttcaggt gtccagagtg     39000
     aagtgaaaat tgaggagtca ggaggaggct tggtccaacc tggaggatcc atgaaactct     39060
     cttgtgcagc ctctggattc actttcagtg attacaggat ggactgggtc caccactcta     39120
     cagagaatgg gttggagtgg gttgctgaaa ttagaaacaa agctagtaat tatgcaacat     39180
     attatgcgga gtctgtgaaa gggaggttca ccatctcaag agatgattcc aaaagtagtg     39240
     tctacctgca aatgaacagc ttaagagctg aagatactgg catttattac tgtaaaaggc     39300
     acagtgagaa gccttcattg tgaatctttc cacaaatctt gttgtaggtg ttctgaggtc     39360
     cactagtggg agcgcagtgg ccatgtaaaa cagggacagg agctactgtt tatagagatc     39420
     tggggaggtg acaccactat ctattgatac catttcttct atcttgtctg ttctccatga     39480
     acctgagtca gttagcatct tagaacagac atggatgttt ctgtgtcaaa ctaattcatc     39540
     tcatccattc taatacaaat catactgttc gattataata tgctgttttc acttgtttat     39600
     agtagactct tagaccaaag tgccaactcc ttattttgga ttcaaacatg gttatttctt     39660
     gtgtcctgac aactatttga ggggcaaact gacccctctg actctataac aggggagggg     39720
     aaagggagta cagctaaggc tatttttaac atagtatctt tgtaaagatt taccaaagaa     39780
     ataatttcta acaaaggttc tattgcttat tccttggtat ataaaatgtg tagtgggcac     39840
     aataatcaaa ctcttatact tcaggaaatg gcacaaatag taagaagaaa atagacagcc     39900
     aaactttcct aaagtcatca cataaaatct actagtataa aaactgaagg cagccaaatc     39960
     cagagtgaga aaatttcaat agggcagaga tgatatctta taagttaaca ctgatggaaa     40020
     cactacactg ttgtcttcca tcattttgag tttcatgtgg gcttgaatgg aatcttgggt     40080
     attctgaatt tctggactca tagaccctta tcaatgtgtt catattacgt gcaagtttat     40140
     atgtcggtcc ttcttatata gaagatcaaa atatccattg gaggagatcc agagacaaag     40200
     tttggaacag aaagtgaagg aaatgttatc cagtgactgt cccatctgag gatccatccc     40260
     acatgcagtt accaaaccca gacactattg tggatgccaa caagcgctta ctgacaggaa     40320
     cctgatataa ctgtcttctg agaggatata tctgtgcctg aaaaatacag aagtgtaggt     40380
     tcacaggcat tcattggact gaacacatca tcaccaatga aagagataaa gaaaggactc     40440
     aaagagctga agaggtttgc agctccacag gaggaacaac actatgaaca accagtatcc     40500
     acagagctcc cagttactaa accacctacc aaagagtaca aaaggaggga ctcaaggctt     40560
     cataagcata tagtagcaga atttgcactt gttgaacatc agttagagga gaggctctcg     40620
     tgcctgaaga tgttcagtgc cccagtgtag ggtactgccg ggacagggaa ggtgtagtag     40680
     ttgggtaagt gaggagggga cttggagtgg aaatgaggaa aggggatata atttgaaatg     40740
     taattaaaga aaatatctat ctttaaggag gggggaagac tgatttcaac taactcaaag     40800
     gttctaaatt tgattctttt tttcttcatg gatattttct ttatatacat ttcaaatgtc     40860
     ttcccctttc caggtctccc cttcagagac cccctatcac atcctccctc ccctgcctct     40920
     atgagagtgc tccccaaccc actcattccc atccgtcttc cctggcagtc ccctacactg     40980
     gggcactgaa catcttcagg cccgagagcc tctcctctca ctgatgttca acaagtgcat     41040
     cttctgccat acatatggcc agcgtcatgg gtccctccat gtgtattctt tggttggtgg     41100
     tccagtacct gagagctcta aggtatctgg cctattgaca ctttgctccc tccattgagc     41160
     tgcaacctcg ctcagctcct tcagtccctt tttgatatcc tccatcatgg acctccaagt     41220
     taagtccaat gtttgactgt gagcttcctt tgctgtattt gtcatgttct gttaagcctt     41280
     cctgagatgg tcatatcagg cttctatttt tggcatccac aaaaatgtcc agtgctgggg     41340
     actgtatatg tgctggatac caatgtgggc tggtctctgg attgccttta atttaatctc     41400
     tgctccatac tttgtctcca tatttcttac tgtgatattt atgcccttgg tgaagaactc     41460
     acctctacct tcaacctgag aggaacaaaa tctctcttct agactctgta cacctgcaca     41520
     gacacctaca aagacacaga tgcagactca gaggcagaaa cacacacaca cacacacaca     41580
     cacacataca cacacacaca tattcatcaa gttaggtttt tggaatatgc agcagagata     41640
     acaagaaacc ctgctgaaac agacatccta gtgtttaggg ctgtggtatt tctggaataa     41700
     aaagttatta ctcaaaaaaa cagagataga gagcctattt ttaatttttt tcattctggc     41760
     aaattatttt ggaatagtgt ttgcattaca taaaggtttg acaaaatgta tgcagcattt     41820
     ccatacttca tgctctgttg tacttattgt tgacaaattt gaatactgta gtaaaattct     41880
     agccagggca gtggtggcac atatccttaa taccagcaac agggaatcag gcgaaggaag     41940
     atatttgtga gttttaggcc atccaggttg acagagtgat ttctggatac ttcaaaatta     42000
     cacagagaaa ccctttcatg aaaaaccatt tcatttttat ttaatgaatc aactgatagt     42060
     gtattttaag tttgtatata ttttgagatt ataatattga aatatgtcat atatcattgc     42120
     tccctttcct ttcctccctc aaaacatctc atataactct ttgtcctgtt ttaaattatt     42180
     gacttcttat tctaaaatta ttgttacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca caggcatgca     42240
     cccatgtacg tgtgtgcaca tgcacacata cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     42300
     cacacacaca cacaagtata tattcctgtc ttactaaaga ttttttttcc atttggtatg     42360
     aacagttaca atgatgaagg taacatttta taggagaaca tttgattagg catggcttac     42420
     tgtttcagag gttctatcca ttatcatcat agagaaaagc ctggcagcat tcacacagac     42480
     atggtgctgc agaaggagct gagagttcta cccatagatc tgaaagccac taagagaaat     42540
     ttgtatcttc tgtactggta gaaacttgag cactaggaga tctcaacacc tgtctataca     42600
     gtgacatact tctcccagca aggccatagt tattccatca agacacctac tcctaatagt     42660
     gtcacttccc atggggcaag catattcaat ctgctacatt tcataagtac tttcaaataa     42720
     ccttctcagc ctctcagtca ttataaagtt acttgtgtga ataattttag ggctgaccaa     42780
     ttgatactga ataatccaat ggtatgctgt ttcatggtgt gggcaatttc tcacactcag     42840
     catttgtctg tggcctgtta ctggatacta gttctttgta gtgtttgagc cttgttgact     42900
     tctcctcatc cactgtgtat tgtctattgt tgtctttgtt tggttagtat tggtgagact     42960
     ctatatgcgt attaaaactg gactacatct tgaattaact aaaatcccaa tgaacaaggc     43020
     acatctaaga aagaattttt cttacttaca ttgtttgggg aggaaacatt catcctagat     43080
     atgggcaaca actgtttgat ggtgctgatc atcttagtgc tgccttcata aaggacatgg     43140
     aggtaggaaa cttgcttttt gcccgcttag tttcattaac cctgaaagtt catgtatcta     43200
     cttctgaagt attccttagg ttttaataca gactagttat tcagtattca tgtatatact     43260
     gaagaccatc taaaacaact tgccacttga atcaaacaac tattggataa ttgctcattc     43320
     cttctaggga cagccattta tgaagtagct tgagacagtc tgatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     43380
     gtgtgtttag gtgtacatac atacatgtat atgtgtatga atatatatat tatatatata     43440
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatacaaaca tatagaatat gtatctcaat     43500
     tctgttcctc ttgagaagta aaattatgta atagtatttt gtgtatcaga gagagattaa     43560
     acacaccacc atagactagc accatatgta aggaagttca aaaagaaatt tctagtagaa     43620
     ttcatgaagc aatcaccagg gtctgaactc tgtcaaactc tgctaggatg tacagggtat     43680
     tgttaaggat tgggttttta aactaatctc tagtgaaata attacagaca ctgtcagcac     43740
     agaatacaaa cttgtataag agtatgacat tgagacagga tataggtgtg ctgccttcaa     43800
     ttctacttct ttagggaaag aacttctctt cagagctgca atatgtacac aatctgtttc     43860
     tcactggacc tagatcatct ctcaagtgtg agaacctcac actgagaact gattagagtg     43920
     tctttaaaca tacatgtaca ttnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn     43980
     nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn     44040
     nntcaggaag ggagtcttca ccaggaaaag ttggatactt tttttttttt tttgtcctct     44100
     aaggtccaat ccattcctct gtgaaatgta tagtatgtca acatcaccat ggattctcat     44160
     tttccaatat aaaccacagc atcagagtag aatttaagag aattccttta cctgtaaatt     44220
     tgggggaact gacaaaagaa agactttgct tagtataaat gttgagttgt tagatttgaa     44280
     ttgtctggac aaatgccagt ttcatggtat cattttagat gagaaaacat agatttctca     44340
     aggatattga aaatttatgt ccttcacaga attctacctt atgtcttccc tggtgaatca     44400
     gtattcacaa gagttataca caatatttca tgcatacaag ttattcctga gtgactatag     44460
     tattgcctac caaacatttt cgtgccgcat catcatagga gtgagttaaa gaaaatgaag     44520
     tcatgtatca gcttggtaaa aacaaaaggt agaacaattt ctactgggat attatgccta     44580
     tgacaattca taaatagctg ttgacacgac caacctgaaa ggaaatattt aaataaatta     44640
     gctgtgctta tcctgagtaa caggttctgt taggggccaa caaggatggt ttctaactcc     44700
     attagagttt ggtcatccta gttaactaca aaaagtctca ggagaccatc tactatgcca     44760
     gatagaaccc ttgccttgaa atatacaaga catgacagac atcaaagcaa ttatttgcta     44820
     aattccatgt ttgtgtccct taaagctaca gaaataaaaa tcacaaagaa acaaaaatgc     44880
     tcagttacca taaacccatc ttgtctcaga tttgaatgga ttcctcaatt gaaatctaga     44940
     acttgaccat cttttgtcat tgagagagaa tttcaaggct attcctggtg aatctcaccg     45000
     acaatcatta tggaagtgca atgctctggg ttggtgagga ctggagagat agatggatgt     45060
     cacagcatgc cacagattgg aacctgtggt ttatttccat cttttggtat ttacaaacat     45120
     ttacatttat tcattgaaag tgtataaaat actgacctgc catacagaac caaaatggct     45180
     atcaccagat gaataaataa aacagacaaa aatgttcaat tattttcaaa agttatttac     45240
     agaaaaaaat tctatagaat ttacatgtct gtatttttaa aactgtatat cacccaacaa     45300
     tacttttgca tgaataatca ctaagctata tatatagtag taatttctat caattaatat     45360
     ctggaatcaa cattcataaa ctttattaat acatgtaaaa ctatcaaatt gtatgttaat     45420
     gctttctgta aatcaaatat tgcagagcaa tacatatggg caaaaacaaa ctaaaatcag     45480
     atttttaatt ttattacaaa cagataaagt acattaaata tacataatag tttgtgctat     45540
     atttattttt tattctgagt gttatctctt tctagagatt cataactcta agacttttaa     45600
     tacagaatga tctatattgg aggagggcaa gcaaatgagc ctccttgttt tcagagaaac     45660
     cagcatagcc ctgtcacttc agctgtggaa gtggagcaca gctccagatt cccaggtctt     45720
     cccttttagc gatcagtgct gaagactgtc tacttaatgg tattttatca cacagtgact     45780
     cctataaatg tgtcacttac tgcaaaactc tgttttcagt tgtggtgtga ttaagccaga     45840
     gcaaacatct ttaatccaag agttttctgt ttacagtata caaggctata taaagacaac     45900
     catagatcaa gcagtggagc aaacaatgag taaacaagga gttcacatag tgaaaaattg     45960
     agagtaagtg gacaactgac agagaggcaa acaggaatta gaagggaagg acattgagat     46020
     caaaggcttt ttggcatgga ggagaagttc catttgagag ttttgctaca gagaaatatc     46080
     agctgcttgc tttctttttc tctatgactc agcacacttt cactagagca tctggttcct     46140
     gaggctttat tgatcaattg aatttttgag acaaagacaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa     46200
     agcaaaacaa aaacaaagaa caaaaaccct ggactagaag ctgatctaaa tttttcatat     46260
     tgcattttta aaacatattt tttgggaata tgaggtactg aatatgttag ttgatatgta     46320
     gtttagatgg aagacaacat atcatagctt cctaaccaag tttttttttt tttttttttt     46380
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt atgtaggtgt atacctagtt gtgtctggca     46440
     cagtcttggt taaaccgaga aggtccctgt gcatctcttc tgctgtcttt ggattaacat     46500
     tcagcatcaa ctaaatgaaa tagatatgga ggatccagaa aatgaacggg actgatgaaa     46560
     gtcgccacaa ctttggtagc aaactttatg ccatccataa agaacctatt ctccacctcc     46620
     atagacaatt tcaagaaaag actcatcgga aagtgagaag tctgagaggt agtgctaatc     46680
     aaagaattct caactgtgga atattgaatg ggtgagaagc acctaaagaa atggtcaaca     46740
     tcttttttca tcagggaatg caaatcaaac aaccctgaga tttcacatca caccagtaag     46800
     agcagctaaa ataaaaaact caggtgacag cagatgctga caaggttgtg gagagaggaa     46860
     aactcctcca ttgctggtgg gattgcaagc tggtagacca actgtggata tcagtttggc     46920
     agttcctcag aaaattacag atagtactac ctgaggatac ttcaatacca cttctgggat     46980
     atgcccagaa ggtgcttcaa catgtaataa ggacacatgc tcaactatgt tcattgaagc     47040
     cttatttata ataggcagga gctggaaaga acccagatgt ccctcaacag attaatggat     47100
     acagaaaata ttgtacattt acacaaggga gtatgactct gctattaaaa acaatgaatt     47160
     tatgaaattc ttaggcaagt ggatggagct ggaagatatc atccttagga aggtaaccaa     47220
     ataacaaaag aacacatgta atatgcactc actgttaagt ggatattagc ccaaaagctc     47280
     agaataccca aaatacaatt cacaaaccac atgaaactca agaaggaaga tcaaggtgtg     47340
     tatatttcaa tgattcttag aagggggaac aaaatacaga tggagggagt tacagagaaa     47400
     aattatggaa cagacactga aggaattacc atccagagac tgtcccaatg tggatccatc     47460
     ccatcaacaa ccaccaaaac cagactattg tggatgccaa caagagcttg ctgacagaag     47520
     cctaatatag ctgtatcctg aaagtctctg ccagtacctg acaaatacat aagtggatgc     47580
     tcacagccat ccactggact gagcacaggg tccccaaatg aagagctaga gaaagtaccc     47640
     aaggagttga aggggtctgt agctccttta ggaggaacaa caatatgaac taaccagtac     47700
     cctcagagat ctcagggaat aaaacaccaa ccaaagagtt cacatggtgg gactcatgga     47760
     tctagctgca tacgtagcag aggatggctt agttggtcat cagtgggaag agaggccctt     47820
     ggtcctgtga aggctcaatg ccccagtgga ggggaatacc aggggcatga tttgtatgtg     47880
     ggggtgttgg tgatcaggag aagggtagag gcaatcaggg gcttttagaa gggaaaccaa     47940
     gaaatgtaaa taaaaatatc taataaaaag ctctccctaa tttattaatc ataatattta     48000
     agttctttca tatctgactt tcttgtgaat taactttgct tctgccaata cagcaaaagt     48060
     atttgtatgt ataaagcaaa aaagagtgag ggtgcaaatc tgtattatta tatataaatg     48120
     gaaatgcatc ttaaataaaa tttattttat atttccatct acttctttcc tttttgagac     48180
     acagttcaaa tggcccatga ataactcaaa tgtggttatc ctgtgtccat gcaagcctgg     48240
     gacacagggt gcaggcatgc aaaattggtc aactgaggtg attaaatgat gatttgatgc     48300
     tatgacgcca cttcagcctt tattacttct cattgttagt attttagtcc tctaaggctc     48360
     ccttccctga gctcatgata tagcacaaag gtatgcaaat aattttcccc tctgctcatg     48420
     aaaaccagtc ctgaccatag agctctgaca gagatgcaca aatctggact cacaagtctt     48480
     tctcttcagt gacaaacagg gacacagaac attcaccatg tacttggaaa tgagctgtgt     48540
     tttcattgtt gttctcttaa aaggtaattc atagataata agagatactg catgggagtg     48600
     gaaaggagtg agagggatac tgcatgtttt gactgcttac tgaggagttt gtctgttttt     48660
     tttttttttt tcaggtgtcc agagtgatgt gaacctggaa gtgtctggag gaggcttagt     48720
     taaacctgga ggatccatgc aacgctcttg tgtagactct ggatttactt ttgtagatgg     48780
     ctggatggac tgggtctgcc agtctccaga gaagggtctt gagtgggttg ctgaaattgc     48840
     aaacaaagct aataattacg caacatatta tcccgagtct gtgaaaggca gattcaccat     48900
     ctcaagagat gatttcaaaa gtcgtgtcta cctgcaaaag aacagcttaa gagctgaaga     48960
     tacaggcatt tattactgta caaggcacag taagaagcct tcattgtgaa tctatccacc     49020
     aaccatgctg caggtgttct gaggtccatt agggggagca cagtggccat gtaacctaga     49080
     gactggagct actgtttata gagatatggg gaggtgagat cactttcttt ggataccatt     49140
     tctactatct agtgtgggct ccaagcacct gagccagtca gcctcttaga acagaaatgg     49200
     ctgtttctgt gtaaagctga ttcatgtcat ccattcttgt acaactcttt gattataata     49260
     tgcagctttt atttgtttat agtagattct tagaccaaag cgccaactcc ttattctgga     49320
     ttcaaacctg attatttcta gtgtcttgac aaccattatt ttctctggcc atctgagccc     49380
     tctgacttta taataggtga ggaaaaaggg agtacagcta aggtatctgt aatagagcat     49440
     ctttgtaaac agttactaca gaagtaatat ctgaaaaagg ctctcctgtc tattccttgg     49500
     tatatgaatt gtgcagtggg caagataatc aaactctgat ttttcaggaa atggcacaaa     49560
     catcaagcag gaaatataag cacaagcttc cctgaaacca gcacttacaa gacctggaag     49620
     aaacaactga atgcagccaa ttccagagtg agaaagttac aatagggcag agaagatgtc     49680
     tcagcagttg agacttcttc caactttaac tgtggtcttc cttcttcttg agcttcatgt     49740
     agtctgtaaa ttgtatcttg ggtattccgg attgttgggc taatatcccc tcatcagtaa     49800
     gtgcacacca tgcgtgttct tttgtgactg ggttacctca ctcaggttga tattttctag     49860
     ttccatccat ttgcctaagt ctttcatgaa ttaatcattt ttagtagctg aataatattc     49920
     cattgtgcaa atgtaccaca tttactgtat ccattcctct attgaagtac atttgagctc     49980
     ttttgagctt ctggctggtt ggtataaatg aggctgctat gaacatagta gagcatgtgt     50040
     ccttattaca tgttggagca taatttgggt ataagttcag gagtggtata gctgggtata     50100
     aaggtagtac tatgtccaat tttctgagga actgccagac tgattaacag agtggttgta     50160
     ccagcttcca attccaccat gaatggaaga gagttcctct ttctccacat cattgccagc     50220
     atcttctgtc acatgaattt ttggtcttag tcattttgcc ttttctgagg tggaatctaa     50280
     ggattgtttt gattataatt ttcctgatga ctcttgtata taattgttga atttttaggt     50340
     gcttctcagc catccagtat tccacagttg agagttctgt tttaagtctg tatgtcatct     50400
     ttaataggga tatgcaccaa tggcctatgc tctaatataa agaatggaca aatttgaatg     50460
     cataaaattg caaagctttt ctaaggcaaa ggacactatt aatgggacag aagggaaagc     50520
     accatattag aaaaagatct ttaccaaccc cacaactgtt agagggcaaa tatccattat     50580
     atacaaagaa ctcaaaaaat tacatttcac agaagatcac tttttatgac caaggaagat     50640
     aagagagtaa actgaaagtt gggaagaata taaagtgcaa atattttgat gttcttaatc     50700
     cagtgaggct ccattcacaa aaagtttcat aacccccaga aacaacatta ccaataagct     50760
     atcaaatttt caaatatatg actgtgctgg ggacattact cattaaaact agaatatttg     50820
     agctattcgt atggaaaaat aagaatccat tattttctat tcactttatc attctgtgta     50880
     aagaacaatt atttttctta aataatgata tgtatgagaa tctctctcat aaaatatata     50940
     tttatgatgc taggactcct tcatggagaa ttcttgggag aaataagaga ccttgttcat     51000
     atgggataaa tcaatatatg agtaaacctc tcattgctat taattgatat gtgcctgtct     51060
     tcgattacct gagaaaaaat tctaccactg agtccctgct ttcatatttg agtccttcca     51120
     gaggtttgct ttagaacctc ctgactgctc aggtggagcc acattagact gcacagttaa     51180
     tgggaacatg gaaaatttaa aagcaggaag aaaaaaactc agtgatttgg gataattctt     51240
     ttgttcatat atttttattt aaattatcct gctgaagaaa acacataacc tgtgtaatac     51300
     acaactattg ccaaagtgaa tatattttca ctggtgtttg cacatcttat ctcactggag     51360
     catacacata gtacctcctc tctttgtact ttacaagttt actgtgttac ccttatgatg     51420
     ccatgtacta tattctgtac aagaacacat tctcacggga acaaagacag tttttcactg     51480
     ataggaacaa gaatgcctat ggtttgaccc ccaaggtcag aagttcccgg gaccttagtg     51540
     aattttgcaa tgatcctcag aacagaatcc tctgtgacac ccatgaaaaa aatgcagcct     51600
     aaaaaaagtc ttatgacatg ccaatgatcc tcaacataca aggcctgtga cgaggaagag     51660
     tcaagaggct tggctcattt acaaccttca ggatactgaa aactattctc taccataaaa     51720
     aacgtctggc agaatcacca tccctgacct caagctgtat tacagagcaa tagtgataaa     51780
     aaactgcatg gtttttcata taatgacagg caggtagatc aacagaatac aagtgaagac     51840
     ccagaaatgg acccacacat ctatggtcat tatatatttg acaaaggaga taaagtcacc     51900
     cactggaaaa aagaggtgca gcatttaaaa caaatggtga atattcaact ggaggtaagc     51960
     atgtagaaga ataaaattcg atccatgatc cattcttatc tcctggtaca aatctccaat     52020
     ccaagtgtat cagggacctc tgtataaaaa tggatacact gaaactaata gaagagaaag     52080
     tggggaagag cctcaagcac atggacacag tggaaaatta cctgaaaaaa caaacaatca     52140
     aaacaacata aacaacaaca acaaaaaaaa aacaccaatg gcttatactt taatatcaag     52200
     tactgaaaac tagaatgaaa actagaacat taggtgtaat gttagagcaa ggaaaataaa     52260
     aattgtttac tgtttctatg ttgccacaga ataggattct ccagttttga tgcatgggag     52320
     actgtctgta gagtgtttgt cgaataattt cagtaaaatt gtaacttagt cttagtcatt     52380
     tcattgttta tacatgctct gcacaattac actttatctt cataataaag agatatttgc     52440
     acaattgttt ttgattgaag agaatgagta agtcatggac taatcaatag gatgggaaac     52500
     tcgacattga gatcttcttt agtactgagg attcttgtct gcttccaaaa tttagagttc     52560
     tccattagag tcccatgtat atccctctcc ttccatcaga acaatgggga aatttttagt     52620
     cattcatgaa atttgtgtca tgtcatgcat tccagatcag agactgagaa attgaaagtc     52680
     actgctagga atgttctcaa aatattctat aagatgcctt cctcccatga atttcaagag     52740
     cagggttcct agtttttaat aagtaataac ttgcctcttt tagtcagccc tcattaggcc     52800
     tgagacccag acagtagcaa aacagcctat ctgctggtgc aagtgtgagc ataatttaga     52860
     aacattacta acataacctc ataaacaaat acagcaaaaa taagtgtttg acataaaata     52920
     tttgggtttt gtatttccca gtcatagacg ctgcaccagt gtgtttctat atcagtggat     52980
     gaatgccaag acccctgaca tgatgtactt cagccaaaag caaacctgtc tatctaaatt     53040
     gcttaataat ttcaacattc ccagaaattt gttctgatgg cagcaggaga acacagataa     53100
     ggtaaagtcc cttataatca cttctggtga agcttgggta ggaatcacag acacctctgt     53160
     ggacagaata tcttttgggt ttctctattt tgaaataact aggatccttt gtgaaggaat     53220
     cacaacatag tatatggaaa acagacaaat accatgatac atggactcga ataccattca     53280
     caaaggattt gggtcctctc tggaaggtca ggttatggaa agttacgctg ttgactagtg     53340
     acccagcatg aagaaatgac ctcacctgtc actttccaat ctaaacaata ctggagattt     53400
     gtgatttcaa caattttttg accacataca ttctctttga ccagattaat taagattgtt     53460
     atatgtcatt tgtcaccaag attcaggttt ttatgtgaat gtagtttgag gatagtggat     53520
     gcacaaaggt gtcctgttcc ttctcttcct tggctttaaa tagcaccaaa tagatttcta     53580
     aaaattaaaa acatggaaaa gaaacaataa atatacaagg atatcttatg tgagtataaa     53640
     ccattttttt cctgaaaact tcctttcagg cagaatgttc attggttggg tgtgaggcag     53700
     ggtggggtta tgccagtgtt tgggaggttt gtgaaccaca caccatttta catagggcat     53760
     ggaattttat gaaccatgga ttagcatgtg acaagaaggg aggttgttga ccaaggttca     53820
     gcatgcacat gagtagatga ggaaacccac agaaaggaaa aactaagtat cagaaaaaaa     53880
     attcaaaatt caagtccatg aaaaagtttt atttgattca cgttgactct agaaatgaag     53940
     caaatttcta taaattttat gttcattttc ggggacattt ttagacttga aataatatct     54000
     ttggcaaata gatattattt aacttttatt actatatttg aatccctgga agacagatat     54060
     actgacatga atggggtaaa actttcaatc aaaagtcaat gaaaaaaagg ctgcacattt     54120
     taaacagagg acagagtgta tatggaatgg ttatgaggaa gcaaaatgaa tggaggaaga     54180
     gatataatta tattacaatc tttaaaaagg taaatacgca tttattcctt tagctgtata     54240
     cacagtattc tagggatgac tactttatga aataaattat aatttttttg aggctgtagg     54300
     ctttccccat cctcttattt tcccattctt cttgaatctg catgatagac agcacacatc     54360
     tcacttgtcc tcccttctgt tctcttatgg agtagctttc cagatttaaa ggcccttttt     54420
     gagtgtgtta tatttggtgt gtaatcatga ggtttctaag gtgagaagat ttagagccta     54480
     ctttgaaatt ctgggcagat cctggagaaa gaaagcaggt agttaagaag aaatgagcaa     54540
     gcccattagg tatttaggtg gaagatactg tgttagtcat acatttggca tcatggtgag     54600
     atgagatatt acacgaggtg ggaggactag agagtatatc agagtgatgg ctacccagta     54660
     actcagagag gcaaggcaac agaaacgctg gctaggaagg agcagagaca aactgatgtg     54720
     aggaaaagga ggctatagag aaaatagaag tttcttaagt atagagtagc agagcctacc     54780
     aggttgtgag aaaaaggtaa gtcccaagtt acttgtgctg acatttattg ggtacaaaaa     54840
     ttaagaacct aactggtggc tcagggaagt cacttcaggg ccaagtaggc atgtgagtct     54900
     ggaagtaaga catgtaactg gttctgtggg acagggagtt cttatacagc tgggcacacc     54960
     ttaaggggaa aggagcaggc ctgcacagtg ctatctgtga gataatgtta acaggagcaa     55020
     ttggaaaaca cagatttaca actgtaattt tttggtcaat agtaatccca actagtatta     55080
     tttgtgattc ttttacttta gttatagttt agttatcgtt tcatattttt agtccaattc     55140
     atgatacatt gaagtgttga gttgtatatt ttgataggtg aatgtagctt ttcaatattc     55200
     attgatattt gtactgtttc ccctaaaagt atcatttaca ttttcatgtt atgattttct     55260
     ataaatttac ctaataattt ttcttaagag cagaaaactg tacatgtaca aaaaataaaa     55320
     catgaagggt gctaaattta tatcactatg ttgatacatg aagccataat atgtttgttt     55380
     tgttttgttt tatttttatt atattatttt gttttgtttt gtttaccatt cttatagcca     55440
     taaattacac aaaaaataat agtgcaactc caatcaagca agtgaatggt ctgtaagaca     55500
     agaatttcaa gtctttgaag aaagaaaatg gagaatatat ttgaagattg aaaggtattc     55560
     catgctcatt catcagtacg attaacatag taaaaatgat tttcacatag caatctacag     55620
     atataataca atccctacaa tattctaaca caatttctta cagaccttga agggataaac     55680
     aaaaagctca ggatatttaa aacaataata tataataaaa caccatccag aagtatcacc     55740
     ctccctgatt tcaagctgta ctacagagaa atagtaatca aactgaatga tattggtaca     55800
     aaaagaaaaa attgaacatt ggaatcaaac tgaagatcca gaattaatat atacaaaatt     55860
     aaacaatgga aaaagaaaga aaagatattt gtctaactgg atatcaatat atgttacccc     55920
     tactccagtg aagtctgctt gacaggacaa gaagcctgga agcagtcctg ggacaaagag     55980
     ttaaaaggaa actcagcctc ctggaaactt gacattccca tagccctcat tagtctgatg     56040
     tatggatctg tgtgctttct tgtattatag gtgcttcaaa gaaatgattt tacaagtact     56100
     taatctggtt aaattttatt ccctggtttt catcaatgtc ccagacagcc cttgagctga     56160
     ctttgggctt agaattccac aggaaagtca tccattcaga cgaaatgcct cagtggtgac     56220
     agttagtaat aggcatctca gtttgccaaa tagaaatctc aagtcaagct taacaaaata     56280
     tacttagaat cttcattaca gccaggtata gcagactaca ttgcatagta gaagcaagtt     56340
     ggtgatttct tctgacaaat ggagatttcc cacagatcct taaaggaaca accaagttac     56400
     actcatatgc aaaaatatat caaggaaata gggtagctat gctattgaat tattcatgag     56460
     aaggtctgct agagcagaac ccactggtgc tagctttcac aaggctcaaa ggagtaccac     56520
     atattgtgac tagggtataa aatccttacc tgtcattagc tgactctagg cagggctgtt     56580
     ttatctttac tgtaaatatt acctggttcc tgtaagtcct ttgaagtcat tcctttgtgt     56640
     tgtgtcaggt aacttcaatg tactttgcct gctgtgacat cctacccctt tgttttctgt     56700
     attatataag actggtgttc ccctcctcca ttgttggtgg gattgcaggc ttgtacaacc     56760
     actctggaaa tcagtctggc ggttcctcag aaaactggat atagtactac cagaggatcc     56820
     agcaatacct ctcctgggca tatatccaga agatgcccca actggtaaga aggacacatg     56880
     ctccactatg ttcatagcag ccttatttat aatagccaga agctggaagg aacccagatg     56940
     cccctcaaca gaggaatgga tacagaaaat gtggtacatc tacacaatgg agtaatactc     57000
     agctattaaa aagaatgaat ttatgaaatt cctagccaaa tggatggacc tggagggcat     57060
     catcctgagt gaggtaacac attcacaaag gaactcacac aatatgtact cactgataag     57120
     tggatattag cccaaaacct aagataccca agatataaga tacaatttcc taaagactta     57180
     aaactcaaga aaaatgaaga ctgaagtgtg gacactatgc ccctccttag aagtgggaac     57240
     aaaacaccct tggaaggagt tacagagaca aagtttggag ctgagataaa aggatggacc     57300
     atgtagagac tgccatatcc ggggatccat cccataatca gcttccaaat gctgacacca     57360
     ttgcatacac tagcaagatt atgctgaaag gaccctgata tagctgtctc ttgtcagagt     57420
     atgcctgggc ctagcaaaca tagaagtgga tgctcacagt cgtctattgg atggatcaca     57480
     tggcgcccaa tgaaggagct agagaaagta cccaagaagc taaagggatc tgcaacccta     57540
     taggtggaac aacattatga actaactagt accccggagc tcttgactct agctgcatat     57600
     gtatcaaaag atggcctagt cggccatcac tggaaagaga ggcccattgg acactcaaac     57660
     tttatatgcc ccagtacagg ggaatgccag ggccataaaa gggaagtggg tgggtaaggg     57720
     agtgggggtg ggtggctatg gggaactttt ggtatagcat tggaaatgta aatgagctaa     57780
     atacctaata aaaatggaaa aaaaaaaaag actggtgttc cctttgtgac attacactca     57840
     gattcaacac attctctttt gtcctgtctg tcacccactt tctcagactc cttttcccac     57900
     ctgcaaccaa aagcccattc tgcacagata ggagacccaa aaacacaggt ccgtctgtgg     57960
     caaaaatata gaagaaggca aatagattca tagatatcac tctggaaatc attcaaatcc     58020
     aagtggatga aaaccttgat atacaaccat gtacaatgaa ttggatgtaa gagaaagtag     58080
     aaaaataacc ttgaatgtat ttacaaagag acaattttgt taacagaaca atgaattatg     58140
     caggcagtaa tttagcaatt aataactggg accttaagaa actgtgaagt ttctctaaga     58200
     caaagaacac tgtcaataag acaaaattgc agattttaaa atgggaaaga tcttcacatt     58260
     ttcacatttg acagaagact aatatccaaa atatataaag cttccaagaa catagatgtc     58320
     aacaagctaa atactccaat taaaaatggg ctatagttct atcaatttgc ctgaaaattt     58380
     cattatgtcg ttgtttttag tagctgaaaa ttattccatt ttgtagacat accacttatt     58440
     cctttttcca ttcttcagtt gaggaacata aaaacggttt ccaggttttt gctactacat     58500
     ataatgctac tataaaatta gctgtgccag tgtctttgtg gtatagtgga gcatcatttg     58560
     caaatgtgcc cagaagttct aaagctggga cctaagagaa gtaactcaca tccagaaaga     58620
     cacacatgct atatactgaa ttataagaag acagtagaca tgaaataaag gatgaccaca     58680
     ataaattcca caatcccaaa gaaaccaagt catgaggaga gtctaagaaa gatgcatggc     58740
     tatcatacag aagggaaaac aaaatagtcg ttggaggtga attagggagc caagtttttg     58800
     tgagaaggtg tgaaaagggg aatagggata aggatccagt gtatattttg ggtgaagagt     58860
     tcttgggttg agaccagaaa atggtggaaa gcatctctgg gattagctgg aaccttagga     58920
     tatggaaatc aaagaagtct atgaggtgac cctagcagtt catagtagct gaggtcctga     58980
     gattcctagc agctgggaat ataaactgaa ctggccacca ccactagcca gatggagttg     59040
     ccaggagaag taggatatcc tccaactcac aaaaactttc agtgtgcaat tttttctgca     59100
     gacaagatgt gtagggtaaa gatgaagcag agaataaggt ggatgctcat agtcatctat     59160
     aggatggaac acagggaccc caatgtagga acttgaggaa gtacccaagg aagtgaaggg     59220
     gtctgcaacc ctataggtgg aacaacaata tgaactaact agtagctcaa gacctcatgt     59280
     ctctagctgc atctgtagca gaagatgaca tagtcggcca tcattgggga gagaggcctc     59340
     ttggtattac acacttgata tgccctagta caggggaata ccagggccaa gaagtgggag     59400
     tgggtgggta agggagcagg gcggcaggag ggtatagggg actttcagga tagcatttga     59460
     attgtaaatg aagaaaatat ctaataaaaa atagaaaaaa aagcagagaa tatgggaatc     59520
     accaaacaat gacagctcca atttgagaac tatcacatga tagagaagaa actcctgcca     59580
     ctgttaatga tactctgctg atcttccagg cagaagcctg gcacaactgt ttcctgtgag     59640
     acttcctcaa ggagctgatt taatcagatg tagaaacaca catttaaaca ccaggcccaa     59700
     cccagggtgt cttttggaag agtgagtgac tgaattaatc aagccagggg agtgaagaac     59760
     accataagaa gaactacaga atcgaataac ctgggccagt gtgagctcac agagacagtt     59820
     ccagcaactg aaaactatgc agttgctgga tctaggacac ctagattata gcagacatgt     59880
     agcttgatct tgaagaggat ctcctaacaa atggagtgga gtctctctga ctatgttgtc     59940
     tgtcattggc ttcccttgtc ctaagtggac agccttattt catttcagta tgagaggatg     60000
     tgtggcaact ggatgtccca gggtcgggtg atacacacag aggtcttcct cttctctggg     60060
     gaaagtagaa ggtcccaatg ggaggaagga ctcataaggg ttcgattggg tgacagggag     60120
     aggcacctgt atactgttga ataaatacat aaatgtataa aaaatatggg tgcagatcta     60180
     aaagaagatt ctaaacagtg aagcccaaat gaatgaaaaa gaggttgaac aaccctagcc     60240
     atcaggaaaa tccaaatcaa agctactctg agttttgatt gcatattacc cctattggaa     60300
     cggctaagat ctaaaacaaa tgtaacaaat tataccgacc agaggaatat tcctccattg     60360
     cagatcagac tataattttt tttttaatat tcacaatgga aatcaaaatg atgctttctc     60420
     agaaaagtag gaatccttaa gagtaatcta taccatactt tagcatatat ccaaagattg     60480
     ctcttccata atcaagaaca catgctcaac tatgtccata gcaacttcat ttgtaataga     60540
     cagacactga atgcaaccta catggccctc agctaatgaa tagataaata aaatgtggta     60600
     atttacacat ttgcattcaa atgggatggg gctagaaaat atcatgggtg agataaccca     60660
     gacacagaac agcaagcatg gtactgtggg accatgaaag gtagccattt tcttattgag     60720
     ctgaggctca aacccaggtg accttgtaga tgctttgtgt ggttcatggg cactattccc     60780
     tgttatagca gcagctcccc atagatttga ggccttcagt catgtaaggg caacacccca     60840
     aacccctcta catgtagagt atgttactag tggtcattta ggcttaagac agatctccat     60900
     tttaatgagg tacccaaagg cctggaggac tgattcaata aactctactt cctagacact     60960
     cctctctaca aaatatattt aacctcagtc ctgccatgag aagtggggta tggcctcttt     61020
     acaagcccag agattcctga gccagctcta cctgttccac aactctgatt gtgcttcttc     61080
     acccaaggag ttgtgtcctg gctcttccat ttgacctaag accagctcag taacagtgtg     61140
     tggtaaccac agtcactgcc ctcattcttt tccctgagct tccaacccct gtaccagagc     61200
     agatgcagaa tccccataac cctacatggg acttgctaat tcataagtaa ataatatcca     61260
     tgaaatatag gacaaccatg ctatcatcca cctacccaga gaatcttatc catatggaga     61320
     actctcactg tgaaattgaa atagaatagg tattgcagat agacataggg aagggtttga     61380
     aaggtggtat gggagaggga acaggaggga ttaggtgtgg tggggtgggg gaggacagac     61440
     tatgggacta ctggagagac aactagaatc atgggaatct ctgtaatgag ttataaaact     61500
     agagcaatgg aaatgcacag gattctttga gagtgactct aagattccca gttatggggt     61560
     aaaaggatcc tgaatcatcc atttcttgta atcaggtgag acttcccatt tttaccttct     61620
     tacatgttat tccttctcgc tgagaataat caagtgaccc tgggttggta agtaagctat     61680
     ggaacttatg ttcagtatgc gattatcaat ggagatcatt attatttgat tagtaatttt     61740
     agaatagaga gatcttgttg tcttgtaact tatgttacat ttgtttgtgc actaacactt     61800
     gtattcttaa cctttactgc atttattagg taaaaggttt ttgtggttca ctttgcatcg     61860
     tgctctatga aaagagggga agtgtgactt ctcatccttt tatttttact tcaattctct     61920
     tttgtgtcca ccagctgtat ctaattcatc aaacactgta tttaataagg aaatagaaag     61980
     tgtatgtctt tgtttcattc ctgattttag aggatatgtt ttcaggttct ttatttaata     62040
     tacttttagt cacaatcatg ttctaaatag gcttgaatat ttgtggttca ttacacccat     62100
     ttctaaagac tccagataat ttttcattaa gctgtgttga aattttccaa ctgttttttc     62160
     tccataaatt gaaaaattat gtgatacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaat     62220
     aaagcttgcc tttctacaaa aaagccaacc tggacatagt atgccatctc tttaatgggt     62280
     tcctgaagtt gaattgcaaa caatttgtta cgaattttcg tatctatatt catcaaatca     62340
     ctcaaaatgt agttttcttc tttgtagtgt gttttcctag ctttggtatc tagataatac     62400
     agaagtcatg gaaagaattt ggaagtaatc tgttagctcc tatgatacgg aataaattaa     62460
     gaagaattaa tagagaatct tccttggaag tctgacagat tcaatagtga catcctatgt     62520
     tcctttgctt ttaagaacag catcaatttc ctttaaaatt cctctctttc cattatattt     62580
     accttgagga ttaattttgg tgggtaatat atttgaagtt ctttctattt ccagtttatg     62640
     tagcttttca gagtgtaagt tttcatagca atttgcaatg atattctcaa ttttatagga     62700
     atcaggtgta attaaaattt tggtcagaga gtcacacatt taaaatggtt tgtttagttt     62760
     ctcctattta aatcattttt gttctgtatg tgtaaatgtg taaccagttc atgtgatgac     62820
     taagtcatgc aagcatgact attttgttta gtggaactgt taaccagtat tgcggtttac     62880
     ataagcacac accttccaaa atccaaacac taattgcttg tcattttaca cctttctgtc     62940
     ttgtgtgtct cttcaaattt ggtagaacta ttttgagtac agcctcactg gatgtatttg     63000
     tggcactgac caaagtcaga aaacacaagt tctatgagta aagaggtaga gaagacccct     63060
     tatagcttgg aagatgcaag catatttaaa ggtatataga tgaaagatac tggcacctcc     63120
     aaagtctgtc agcacttaga agcaatagtc tagaggagtt gtcctaaggg gaaagggaga     63180
     gcaatgtgtc taagcaatag tttagagaat aaagcccata tagataagtg ctttagatgt     63240
     caggaggagc aaaggcaaca gaaaaggagg gtgaaggagg tcacaggaag gttgtaggct     63300
     gtgggagagg aaggaggctg gactacctga tagcacagga aaggcaaatt tctaagcagt     63360
     catgtaggtt ctttctatga gaaagtgcag acgtagttgt tcctgagaga aagacaagtc     63420
     cttgaggatc atcagaacag aagtatatgg cacttgcaaa aatagcctta cctaatgcat     63480
     tagggaggtc acaaaagaac tagatgtgct tttgggatgg aaaagcagtg gcttgtatgg     63540
     tggatgggaa gctcagcact ggaggaacta aggaatatac acaaactttc agtgtgtgtg     63600
     cagattttga atcaagactc aatctcaagt aaaattcaca tttattttat gaaggtctat     63660
     gattaaattt tgagctttat acatgctgtg ctgtaacatt taggtatgac ttctgccacg     63720
     tttggctact tcaatttaat gtagccagac attattcagt gacactttta aaacttttcc     63780
     taaattatag catttaagta ttttcttgtc taacctccct atgaacttgt tttatgtttt     63840
     taccaagaca gtaagagttt gaatttacaa agcacaataa agtgagagtg caaatttata     63900
     ttattatata taaatagaaa tacatactaa gtaaaagtta ttttaatttt ctatctacta     63960
     attttctttt ttgaaacaca gttcatatag cacatgcatt actcaaatat gatattcttc     64020
     tgtctaccgc ttacgtattc atgaaattgc tgcaaataaa cacagggctt gggcatacac     64080
     aaaatcacct gtggtaaaat cccaggttag taaatgatat actgatgttg taatgccact     64140
     tttcctttac tatttctcag atatctatct gtattattat ttgagtcttc taaggctccc     64200
     accctgagct catgatatag cacacagaaa tgcaaatcat atttcccttt gattatgaat     64260
     accagccctg agactctaaa gctctgacag aggcacctaa ctgtggactc acaagtcttt     64320
     cccttcagtg accaacatgg acacagaaca ttcaccatgg acttgagact gagctgtgct     64380
     tttattattg ttcttttaaa aggtaattca tagataataa gagatattga gtgtgtgagt     64440
     ggatgggagt gagggaacac tgaatatttt gacggcttac tgagagggtt ctctgtgttt     64500
     gcaggggtcc agagtgaagt gaagcttgag gagtctggag gaggcttggt gcaacctgga     64560
     ggatccatga aactctcctg tgttgcctct ggattcactt tcagtaacta ctggatgtcc     64620
     tgggtccgcc agtctccaga gaaggggctt gagtgggttg ctcaaataag attgaaatct     64680
     gataattatg caacacatta tgcggagtct gtgaaaggga ggttcaccat atcaagagat     64740
     gattccaaaa gtagtgtcta cctgcaaatg aacaacttaa gggctgaaga cactggaatt     64800
     tattactgca caggcacagt gagaagtctt cattgtgagt ctagacacaa acttacccga     64860
     aggagctctc agtaccagca gggggatcac agtggcaatc gaatccataa atgggctatt     64920
     gtttacaggg atctgggcag gtgagaccac tttctcagta gtccctttcc ttcctccacc     64980
     atctggagtg gcatcatgta attgaacaag tcagcatctg agaaaagaaa gggttgtttc     65040
     tgtctcaagc tcatccattc taatacaaat cacttagtcg attttaatgg gcttctttca     65100
     tgtgtttcta gtagactctg agaacaaagt gagaaattcc ttattctcta ctcatacatg     65160
     gttatttcta ctattcagaa aaccttttat atttctgtgt ctgtttgagg cctttgactc     65220
     tgtaacaggg aagggcacca gcctaactgg gaattcatcc catatataac caccaaaccc     65280
     agacactatt gtggatgtca acaagagctt tctcacagga gcctgatata gctctctcct     65340
     gagaggagct gccagtacct gacaaataca tcagtggatg ctcacagcca tccattggac     65400
     atatctcaga attcccaatt aaagagctag agaaagtaca caaggacttg aagggttttg     65460
     cagcctccta ggaagaacaa caatatgaac taaccagtat ccacagaaca cccagggact     65520
     aacacaccaa ccaaagaaag cacatggttg gactcatggc tttagctgcc tatgtagcag     65580
     aggatgagct agtcagggac aatgggagga gaggcccttg gtcctgtgaa ggttctatgc     65640
     cccagtatag tggaatgcca aggccaggaa gcaggagtgg ttgggttggt gagcaggggt     65700
     ggtagggagg ttatagtata gagcaggtgt ttttcagagg ggaaactaag aaaggggata     65760
     acatttgaaa tgtaaatata gaaaatatgt aattttttaa aaaagaaaca gttaaggata     65820
     ttataaatag aacatctttg aattcaggta ccacacaaaa catttctaac aaggcttcta     65880
     ttttttccat tgtttaaaaa atgtacacct ggcagaataa tcaactttga tgctctagga     65940
     aagggcacaa atagcaagca ggaaagagac acccaagctt ccctaaaacc agcgcttaca     66000
     aaatttagta catcagctga atgcagctca attctagagg gagaaaaggt taataaggct     66060
     gagatttcat ctcagctgtt aaaaatgctt gccccttttg tagaggccct gagtttgatt     66120
     aaataggaca tgttcgacag ctcacctcta tcttcaactt gagatcaaca gaggccctct     66180
     tctagactct ttgcacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacag agagagaggg     66240
     gcacaaatgg aaagcaattt ccaatagaca taatgagaca taatgaaaaa ccctgctgaa     66300
     acagaaatac agacatgcta aatgttagga ctgacaaaat tatgtgatgg aaagagtaat     66360
     cacattacca ctggagatag ggcatatttt taattatttc attttggaaa atttttaact     66420
     tggactagtt ttaggattat ataaagcttt aacaaatagt agagatgatt tctatacatc     66480
     atgcacaatt tttcttatta ttgacaactt taaatattgt agttaaattc catccaggga     66540
     agtggtggca cataccttta atgccagcac tagagaggca gaggcatgca gatatttgtg     66600
     agttttatat cagtctggtc aacagagtga ttactggatc catcaaaact acactgggaa     66660
     atcctgttat aaaaacctgt tttttcactt aatgaatcaa ctgatatgat attttaaaat     66720
     tttatttttt gagattgcat tataacatgt aatttatcat tgctctcttt cttttcctcc     66780
     ctcaaacaat ctaatataac tcttcatttt ctgtttcaaa ttcatgacct cttattcttt     66840
     aattgttaca tatatatttc tgtgttactt aaggattttg tggatgctaa caagagcttg     66900
     ttgacaggag cctgatatag ctgtctcttt agagtctctg ctagtgcttg acaaatgcag     66960
     aagtggatgc tcacagacat ccattggact agcacaggtt ccccaaagaa ggagctagag     67020
     aaagtcctca agaagttgaa ggggattgca gccacatagg aggaacaaca aaatgaacta     67080
     accagtacat ctagagcacc ctaagactaa accaataacc aaagaaaaga catggtggta     67140
     ctcatggctc tagctgcata tgtagcagag ggtggactag tcaggcatta atggcaggag     67200
     aggcccttgg tcctgtgaag gttatatgcc ctattataag ggaatgctag ggccaggtag     67260
     gcggagtggg tgggtttatg atcatgggaa ggggaggaga ggataagggg tttttgaagg     67320
     ggaaaatagg aaagggcata acatttgaaa tgtaaacgaa gaaaatacct aataaaaata     67380
     agtcttgaaa acaggaaaag taaaggattt tttttctata aagagaaacc tgatgaaggt     67440
     aacttttata aagtgcaatg taagattgtg cctgacttag tgtttcagag gttcagtcca     67500
     ttatcatcat ggagggaaga tttgcagcat tcaggcagtc aaggtgctct aggaagagct     67560
     gagagttcta tatcttcatc tgaaggccac tagaagaaaa cagtcacttc tggattgata     67620
     ggaaattgag aactaggagc cctcaaagcc tgcctgcaca gttgactcac tatttttagc     67680
     aaggccaaac ttattccaaa aaggcaacaa ttcctaatag tgcctcttca catgggccaa     67740
     gtatattcaa accaacacat ttatttacat agaacctttt gagtctgtca gtctgtatac     67800
     tgttacttgt gtgaatgcgt ttaaggctga ccagttgata tttgataatc aaatggtgtt     67860
     ctttacctgt ggcaaggtag tttttcatac tcagtannnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn     67920
     nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn     67980
     nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnngggt ggcaaggtag tttttcatac tcagtatttg tctgttacct     68040
     gctacttctg tccagttctt tgtagatttg gagtcttata gacttttcct taactactgt     68100
     gtattgtcta ttgctgttgt ctttgtttgg gtagtattgg tgagattgta tatgaaaatt     68160
     atacatgaac tacatctttt attaagaaag aacctaagaa aggaagatcc acccaacatc     68220
     tgggccacac cagttggatg gtactgatcc tctcactgct gccttcataa aggacatgga     68280
     tgcatgaaac attgcttttg gactgcctgc actcgttatc cctgggaagt tcttatatct     68340
     aattctgaac tattgccaag gtggtattat agcctaattg ttcagtaata agatatatac     68400
     tgaagaccag ctaaggcacc ttgcctggtg aatcaaatga ctattgggtg attgatctct     68460
     ccttctcgag acagctattt atggactatc ttgagacagt ctgtttactg tgtgtgtgtg     68520
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tataatatat ggataagtgc     68580
     atgcatatat atatacatac atatacatat atgaatacaa atatatagaa catttgtctc     68640
     aagtctgttc ctctggaaaa gtcggattcc atagaattat ttggtgtatc ataggaaaat     68700
     ggcacacccc attacacact ggaaccttat ataataagtt cacgaagaaa tttctagcag     68760
     aattcaggga agacttggga aagcctgagc tctgtccaac cttgccagga tgcacagagt     68820
     ataggtaatg acagggttct tacacttctc ttcctgaatg aagttacaga ccctgtcagc     68880
     acagaatcca gcctcattta aaagtaagag tcaacaaaag acccatggaa ggagttacag     68940
     agacaaagtt tggagctgag acgaaaggat ggaccatgta gagactgcca tatccaggga     69000
     tccaccccat aattagtttc caaacgctga caccattgca tacactagca agattttatc     69060
     gaaaggaccc agatgtagct gtctcttgtg agactatgcc ggggcctagc aaacacagaa     69120
     gtggatgctc acagtcagct attggatgga tcacagggcc cccaatggag gagctagaga     69180
     aagtacccaa ggagctaaag ggatctgcaa ccctataggt ggaacaacat tatgaactaa     69240
     ccagtacccc ggagctcttg tctctagctg catatgtatc aaaagatggc ctagtcggcc     69300
     atcactggaa agagaggccc attggacttg caacgtgtat atgccccagt acagtggaac     69360
     gccagggcca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaatggga atgagtgggt agggaagtgg ggggggggag     69420
     ggtatggggg gcttttggga taacattaga aatgtaattg aggaaaatat gtaataaata     69480
     aataaaaaag taagagtcat tgtaagggga taaaggtgtg tggcgctcaa ttcgcaaact     69540
     tttctcacag cttagagaca acagagacca gtcagaacat cttggttatt acaatattct     69600
     cttacaggca agttaaagaa acaggatgag tgcatggtct taattcttaa gtggtcacaa     69660
     agtgcattat gcactctaac tatgtggtac agcaaaagga tcagtctcct agattgaaag     69720
     agaaattttc attctcttag aatgtaagag tcattttcat cagaaagtac ttccacatta     69780
     gtataattca tataagttgt tttaaagtac tattattatt tttttgcaga aatcacatag     69840
     tgacaaagtg catgtacatc taaactgaag taggttctga gattatgttt tattctctgt     69900
     ttgttcccta catagtacca gtaccctggt ccacagtctc aggttttaca gtacaaggtt     69960
     ttattaacag tctattagtg gtcacattta ctatattgaa cacttgattg tggatgaata     70020
     ttgtggtact tggtaatctc aagggtttga tgtaaatgag aagtctctct agttcagaat     70080
     attaattttg cataatcttt aacacaatgg ttctcaatgt tcctaacttt gtaatccttt     70140
     tatacagttc cacatgttgt agtcaccctg aaccatgaca ttatttttat tgcttttcca     70200
     tagctatatt tttctatctt tatgagtcgt gatgtaaata tctggtgttt tcctgagggt     70260
     ccctgtagcc cccaatgaat gattttttga cacctgaaaa gagtcatgat ctacgggtta     70320
     agaactgctg ctctagcaaa catttcttcc ccatgagaaa tatgactacc atgaatatgg     70380
     atatcattat ataaggaatg tgttgtggca gaaatgaaac ctatagttaa attctttgtt     70440
     agagaatatg aaaatctatg ttaaatttaa aatattgttt taaagaccat tgactttatg     70500
     aagttccttc ctgtttcctc ctgaaaaact agaaatcaga gtctcaccag aaggcagtag     70560
     aaacttcaac ttccaatttc taaattgttc caaacactct agtgtactca aaagacatct     70620
     ttaaattgtc tgtaacacct tgattaagga tttgtctggt acctgttgaa taggacattt     70680
     tgaaatttcc agatacctca ttctgcatac aggacaaact tttcaaaggg ttctgtatgt     70740
     ctgaattaat ccttcaggaa atcccagaaa cagagatgta ttgctgaaat gattctttca     70800
     aatcacaggt tgttctttcc cttattccca gatcagtaaa gagttaattt ccctgtaatt     70860
     tcctttgaga gctaattttg catagttact gcaaatggtt tgtatatcag aatattttct     70920
     aaaactataa ctgaaatact tcattatagg gattcaaaga atgaatcata attgtcacgt     70980
     tctgttaatt ttcatcaaca atgttatgtt attatgcatt ggaagaatct tcttttcagt     71040
     ttttatttgg gtggatgtgg ttattagtgg atttgtgcca tattatgctt gagtatgatc     71100
     aagatggggt cctcatcact gaaaggagaa ataggcagaa ggtaccatct ctaacacaga     71160
     agctatatcc agtccataac tactctcacg aaaaaaaaaa caaaaaaacc ctcaaataga     71220
     gtttcactga ctaaacaaga tttgtttcca ttcccagcag tagatggtca acacaataaa     71280
     tttagtggta ttttttgaag cttatttatc tcataatgct ttgtcagaac atttttcatt     71340
     ccttacagaa gttttgcttc taagttatga tttatagctt tatgttttta tgggaatttt     71400
     ctgtgtgttc taacatgtat gtttctgaat ctgtatatat ttattgtgtt ttggaggggg     71460
     ttattttctg ttttgtcctg ctcatactta actgatttta ttatatatta cattgtttta     71520
     ttattaggct ttaggtgcct gtttatattc taatgacagc ccaagaaaga gtgtgaattt     71580
     atgtggaagg agatgttggg gtggggttgg gagatctggg aagagttggc ataggggaaa     71640
     tggtaatcag catacattgt atgaatgaaa tttattttta aaaaagattt aaaaaagaaa     71700
     ttatacctgc ccaggtaaat tagtgtagta agttctgtat cctctccagt gtcaggtact     71760
     tggttagtct tattgtacca gatatcattt ctctcctact gaatggagct gaagtccagt     71820
     tagagagcag aactccaaag ataaaagcac cactactgta tgttgggtac gtatagcagg     71880
     accagctctt ttactccaca gtcttaatag ctttatgggt ctgttgattg attttctctc     71940
     ctagcagttt atatatcacc ttttagtgct aggatgcttg gctccaagtg aagaggcctc     72000
     caggactgta tcagccagtt acttccaagt ccctttgtcc acagggcaca gtgtctttac     72060
     cttcaagttc tggaaagcat caaagaatgt agccactttc ttgtcttcct tggtcacttc     72120
     aggttttata ctgaagtcta gacatttgga gatggaagac aaaaataaat aataactcat     72180
     ggtgtttaat ttttgtgcct tgtttacctc attcagtata atatttacca atttcaaact     72240
     tttacctgca aaatgtacta gtttattttt ccttacaaat ttatcgaatt gtactgcata     72300
     tgtgtacgtt tttattctcc attcttcaat ataaacatag tttgtctcat ttgttagctg     72360
     ttatacatgg ccagaaaatg aaaagacaaa gtaactttct ttatagtata atggaatatt     72420
     ttgtatatat ttcaaggagc atacctgggt cctgtgataa ttaattttca actttttgag     72480
     aattatccat actactttca caaagtaaat ttgatccttg attttttttt accccatatt     72540
     ctctatctca tgtagacata taagaatatg acaacaatcc tggctaaaat gctttatttt     72600
     cttaaataca atcaccattt ataaaacata cataaggaaa cttcttcttc caggctataa     72660
     cttgcttcaa ggtttctaat tgtttactta tgtcagtaga ccacacaagt aggtttgtac     72720
     tatgatcatg gaaaccagcc aagcctctaa cccagagctg tcttaagacg tcagccctag     72780
     attctcaaga cttccaattt aatgatcagc attgatggta aacatcaata agtgagacaa     72840
     tggacaatta tgatgttttc ctcaccatga tctcattatt ttcaagtttc tagtgttagt     72900
     taaactgaca gagacttggg aacagttggt gaagactagg gtttcctgag acgctcctgt     72960
     gcagcatctt aatacgtgct cagatattaa tatattattt gggtcctata gaacttagat     73020
     aaggatcttg agggccctga ttttcttaga aataaagctt gggtctcact acaaaatata     73080
     ctgtctcaca aaagggagat taatcttttc aagagaaatc caaaaagaaa tgcctaccca     73140
     aagttgaaca gcatgaggac atatcctcct actctggtaa gtatttgata ggacatcatg     73200
     tgaggttgaa tacaagcttt cctgaagggt gttcaggaca attttgtggg tctcagcaca     73260
     caaggggttt taagtcaaca caacagcagg tataacataa ttgatatgtc tttctgagct     73320
     gcctctccat cttcagattt caagcatctt atccatattt aaggttatag aaacctgtgt     73380
     tatcatgaaa gtgattcctc ttggacataa ggttttagta ctctaatata attcacaaga     73440
     acaaaacaca gaagtccctg gtgagggcaa aaatgactct gtctggacac caagatcaaa     73500
     tgccacaaaa gactgtgaaa gttggtgaga cttttccatc ttgagactca ggacatatca     73560
     taagtgattc tctctgatta ggagagtatt ttaaattcag aagctaccta gagggaggca     73620
     tgaccagtgt caatgtctta taatacctac taggtttaaa tttctctctt ctacctaagg     73680
     agtattcaca tcaggctcag atcaaagtca actctatggt ttacatagtt ttatttctta     73740
     gtcattgagc ttgatccctt atttttagtt tttttctgtt taaacaggaa atgcaaactt     73800
     tgaccttggg cctaaacttg gtatttgggc tgcttctcta tttctggatt ctcagagatc     73860
     ctctttacat ttattatctc tagtagtctc tgatgtttcc aagagttttt attggggaaa     73920
     agttttagct tttctaaaaa tttaagatga agtctcacat atacaaaata ataaatttca     73980
     tctattgggg aaaattgtct ctgccttggc catagaatac caaggatgag gaagtaataa     74040
     aaactagtga acctgcttct tgtagagtta gaacaatgcc ttgatttgat ttgttgatta     74100
     gaacagaatt tgaggctccc tgcaaccagg atggaggtga ggccagcagg ctcatttacc     74160
     tataatactg tgaggtctca aacctcaact tctttaaagg accatgaaca tgaggctgag     74220
     atctgacaca gtgttatatt tgaagttatt catcttttac tctactattt atatcatcaa     74280
     tcagaatgta cactttctat acctcaaatt cagagtcaag gtttcaaaca cttaccctga     74340
     actgaggttt ggctgcagat gtggcctctg ttggacctta gagaaagtgt tgggaagtga     74400
     gtaaaggtcc caggaagaag tcacccttga ctgtattctg caaaactgat tcactggaaa     74460
     gaacttcaat tatcatggat acattaaagt gtttcaggtc cagagcctca ttagtttgac     74520
     ctcttaggtt aaattttacc tcattattag atattccttc caaaactttt gtttaatcta     74580
     gcattccatt tctaactgat acaactgcct ttaaaatgta ttaatttaac agaaccctag     74640
     tttccaaaga tgctaaatac cttcatacag catctaaagc ttgtagctga gctattccta     74700
     ctctgattta ataaatttcc ttgtttccac caatgtattt gaaaacgttt ttaatttgta     74760
     atgctgtttc atcagtgact gtaaaatatt tatctaaatg catatcatgt ttaattgtgt     74820
     aatttatgga aaattaaatc tttatttaca acctaacatt tggcttcaga ataaactact     74880
     tcataaaatt ataaactgca ttttaatttt tgtctcattc tttaaatctc aacagcaact     74940
     gtattttcct ctcccttcac tcctcccaaa attccccatt acaactttgc tccaaaaatc     75000
     actgttcctc catttcccta cagataaaaa caggtctctc aggtatatca accaaatata     75060
     gcttaataaa ttccaataaa agtaggtata aatcctcata taaaggctag ataagaaacc     75120
     cagtagtagg aaaagagttc caagaacagg ctaaatagtc agaaacacct ccaactgtca     75180
     ggagtcccac aagaacccca agctatatac aacagttaac atatattcag agtacctttc     75240
     tgagactcag cagataccca gaataaacta ctacttcatc tatttgagga aagacttgtg     75300
     ttttctcact gacagtgatg ggctcattcc cattgcacca ggccatttct gttgcatact     75360
     atctatgcaa tcatcctctt aggaatattc tcagtctata tataagactg acaagtcaaa     75420
     ttgtaacatg ggcatagtag acttagtatt tgcctacctt tgttgattct gccatgaggt     75480
     cacattcata accagggttt tgataatatt agcatatatt tcagaaactc ttggaaactc     75540
     tgtctaggtc tgattgaaaa atttccctgt agttccatat tctcactctc aaaatataac     75600
     tgaatcctac agcacaaaga ttcttccttg atggctatat gtctcaagga ccctgagtca     75660
     cacatatctt ttttaaaaat aagaaactac ttctacccgg gcatggtggc acatgccttt     75720
     aatcccagca cttgggaggt agaggcaagt agatttctga gttcaaggcc agcctggtct     75780
     acaaagtgag ttccaggaca gccaaggctt cacagagaaa ccctgtctca gaaaacaaaa     75840
     agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa     75900
     aggaaggaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag aaagaaagaa     75960
     agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaggaaag agagagagaa     76020
     aagaaactac ttctatcctt tgaatgatat caaaatacag atcccatatg aatggaaatg     76080
     aatctaaaaa tatttcttct aaaattatgg gctgttttat gaacttaagg gttcagaaac     76140
     atatgctagt gaagagacac aggaggttca ttatttaaaa acatggctat ggtgctgcct     76200
     aaatgacagt aacttagctg taccaaagct tgtgacagat tgcctatgct ctgaaccaga     76260
     atgctacacg taataatcat attatattat ccagaattaa tatgatagga atcaaggagt     76320
     ggtaacaata gtagttaatc tctacaacac cctgagaacc caatcagtca atgatttgct     76380
     tccacatttt gtgaccccat gctcaatgga tctacaagac ttgtttagga tatgtaaata     76440
     tgtctaccag aatacataaa aaaaaagttg aactggagct agttaagacg ttttcttggc     76500
     cagtatggaa tccttatagc atggaatgaa caaattaaga aaggatgaca tctgtgacta     76560
     ctctcatgct ctacactgtg ctccttgttt acattatcct aatactgttg atattattaa     76620
     gtctctactc acagataatg catgattatc ttgcactcaa tggctattat tgacactcag     76680
     gctgaaatgg tgcactgtaa agtgtatttc tatgtcatag ctcaaaacca tgaaaagttc     76740
     agagtactgt gctgtgtaaa gatcagccag tattgtaggg agagttaggg gttgatggtg     76800
     ggtgatgtct tcaagtggaa caggtatctc tgtactttac actcctagac aaatacttga     76860
     ttcactgcta ttttccagaa ggaatattag cattaacagc caactggtgc ctcttataag     76920
     gtcaataaaa actgaagcaa cttgtatgaa gggtaaaatt tgatacactt acttactgtg     76980
     aatagagata accactctgt cctcagacca acccagtatg cacatttcac ccttgaatgt     77040
     caaggccctg tgagtctaac tgaacaagag agagctgaga tctcagagag actatattgc     77100
     aacctattcc catggaaagt caaggtggaa cctacaactc actcatatat ttacttatag     77160
     gaacatcccg cattcaaatt cataggactg ccaccagaag caaaacatct gcttaaattc     77220
     agagccttta cactttagaa aatattttgt gagaggcagt gaattcatcc cccaaacatg     77280
     aaatactgtg tatccttgtt ttcctgctga aggttaccag ttgtgagttc cttagggaca     77340
     caatggaaac cctaggtgtg ctgcttttga gctcctgact cactgcagtt ccttgtcctc     77400
     aggtgccctg tcccaaatgc agctggacga gagtcagggc ctggtctgct aaagcccttt     77460
     cagtcactgt cttagggttt ctattcctgc acaaacatca tgaccaagaa gtacgtgggg     77520
     aggaaaggtt ttattcagct tactcttcca cattgctgtt caccaccaaa ggaagtcagg     77580
     actggaaccc aaacaggtca ggaagcagga gttgatgcag aggccataga gagatgttct     77640
     ttactggctt tcctcccctt gcttgctcag ccttctctct tatagaacca agactactag     77700
     cccagagatg gcaccaccca caaggggacc tccccccttg atcactaatt gagaacatgc     77760
     cttaaagctg gatctcatgg aggtatttcc tcaactgaag ctcctttctt tgtgaaaact     77820
     ccagcctgtg tcaagttgac acacaaaact agccagtaca gtcaccatcc ttcatcttca     77880
     atgtcaccag ttcctctatt agctgttgtt actggtgagg ttggattcat cagcaactac     77940
     aaaaaggact gcagtggatg gataaaactt attatataag aaccttcctg ccatccaatc     78000
     ccaaaaagcc taataaatat gaaagtaggt atataaaaga atcagtttcc tttgaggttg     78060
     agctctgtga tcattgagca attggctgca cattactgtg caagaagcat agtaatggga     78120
     tttcagtggg agcccaaaca tagacattac tgcagggtat agaaatgcct gtgttgcagg     78180
     aggtgccata tatgtatcca gttctgtatc tcagcaaaga cgtacatgca gtacagaagg     78240
     agcacccact gtctttgggc tgacatgctt tcttttcttt ctttctttct tttttttttt     78300
     tttttttggt cccagtaatg tttcagatgt tcgctaggga cattgcttca tctgccttgt     78360
     gattctactt tcacatatcc tcaaatggca gcaaagagtg taaatgctct gaaataaagt     78420
     cattcattca taggttggat gtggttagtc agtaggaaat ttatcctcat cagttttcat     78480
     ttggatgcct tttccttcct gagaaacagg atataccagg gatatttaag cacctctccc     78540
     tcaaagtata aaataaattg tgtatgtcta tatcaaacat aggaaatatt aactgactgt     78600
     gtagtcccct ttagagtgtg gcttgttatg atataattta agataaagtg ctttaaaggc     78660
     acttttaagc caacaaaata tatttctttt cttatgggag aaggaaaata tataaacatt     78720
     gaggtttctt cctatgtctt tttctctgtc ttcctatatt tttcatccta tttccagatc     78780
     tacatcctca catacaaaat atcattcaaa gctgagaccc attttccatt tgatcattgc     78840
     atagtggtga gactaggtgt cattgaaagc catgcaggca ttgctgctag acttcaaggc     78900
     ctgtatatgt tgagaaactt tctgatcttt acactatcca ggctgtgaaa actgagatgg     78960
     aatctaggtg gattaaaatc ataagtctga gtttcattta attaattatt ttatttattt     79020
     atatccaaaa tgttttaccc tcccaattct ccctcccaga tttcttcacc ccatcactat     79080
     ttcccttcaa ttctgagtgg gtgctcccct gcatggggca tccccctacc ttgggacata     79140
     aaatcactac aggattagat atatcctatt ccactgaggc ctgacaaaac tgtcctctgc     79200
     tacattatat gccctgggcc tcagtctatt ctgcctatgc cctttggttg atggtttagt     79260
     acctgggatc tcccaagggt ctgagttagt tggcactgat catcttccta tggggttgcc     79320
     ttcctgttca gtaccttcaa tccttcctct aactcttcca taggaattcc tgacctcagt     79380
     tcaatggttg gctaaaagta tctgtgtgtg tcttagtcgg gcactggtat agcctcttag     79440
     aggacagcca tgctaggctc cggtttgaaa gcacaatata gcatcagtaa taatgtcagg     79500
     gtttggtgcc tacccctggg gtggatttca tgttggtttg gtcactggat ggcctttcct     79560
     tgtgtgtctg ctccatacct gcctttcttt tagacaggaa caattatgtg ttgaaatttt     79620
     gttgttgagt tggtgtactg atccatccac tgggggttct gcctgactac aggaggtagc     79680
     ctcttcaggt gccatgtccc tactcttggc catcttggct atggttacct gaattgactc     79740
     ctgtttgctt cacctattcc aggactctgg gacttgctag agaatttcct ctcaactcaa     79800
     atctccacag ctgcagattt ccgtttgttc ccctggcgtt ctgagactct cttctctctt     79860
     gcctcataac tgctcctgct tctccattcc actcttccac tgatttacca ccctccctgt     79920
     aactcctata actattttga ttcctattct tagtgtgatt caagcattct tcctagggcc     79980
     ttccttttgg tgggtgtgtt gtatcatgag tattttttac tttatggcta atatccaatt     80040
     attagtgagt atatacacta tgcatgtaca cttgggtctg ggatatctcc ctaaagatga     80100
     tattttctaa ttccatccat ttgtctgcaa aattaatgat gccctttttt aaaattagat     80160
     attttcttta tttacatttc aaatgctatc ccgaaagttc cctatacact ctccccaccc     80220
     tgctccccta cccacacact cccacttctt ggccctggca ttcccaggta ctggggcata     80280
     taaagtttgc aacaccaagg gacctctctt cacaatgata gccagacaca agctctgggg     80340
     gtactggtta gttcatattt ttgttccacc tatagggttg cagacccctt cagctccttg     80400
     ggtactttct ctagctcctc cactgggggc cctgagttcc atccaataga tgactaaaag     80460
     cattcacttc tgtattttcc aggcactggc atagcctcaa aagagagaac tatatcaggt     80520
     attttgtcag caaaattttt ctagcaaatg caatagtgtc tggttgtata tgggatagat     80580
     tcccaggtgg ggcagtctct gggtggtctt tccttctgtc ttagctctga actttgtctt     80640
     tgtaactcct tccatgtgta ttttgttccc cattctaaag aggagcaaag tatccacact     80700
     ttggttttcc ttcattttga gtttcatgta tctttcaaat tgtaccttgg atattcgaaa     80760
     tttctgggct actatatgct tatcagtgag tgcataccat gtatgctctt ttctgattgg     80820
     gttacctcac tcaggatgac atcctccaga tacatccatt tgcctaagaa tttcatgaat     80880
     tcaatgtttt taattgctga gtagtgaaaa agtgttcaac atccttaatc atcagggaaa     80940
     tgaaaatcaa aacaatcctg agattctacc tcacaccagt cagaatggct aagatcaaaa     81000
     attcaggtga cagcagaagc tggcaatgat gtggagaaag agcgacactc cttcattgtt     81060
     ggtgggattg caagctggca caactactct ggaaatcagt ctggcagttc ctcagaaaat     81120
     tggacatagt actacctgaa gatccagcca tacctatcct gggcatatac ccagtaaatg     81180
     ttccaacttg taataaggac acatgttcca ctttgttcat aacagcttta tttataatag     81240
     ccagaagctg gaaagaaccc agatgtccct caatagagga atggatacag aaaatgttgt     81300
     acatttacac aatggagtcc tactcaacaa ttaaaaacaa tgaatttatg aaagtcttca     81360
     gatttctatc ttggttgctt ggtttgcctt gatgatgtac agcaacctgg aagataaaat     81420
     aagtatttac ttccttgaga tgctttgatc acagtgtttg tcacagtaac agaaactaaa     81480
     aaaaagaaga aaatgtaatg gtttatctaa tatcaatgac tcagaatgct acctagcata     81540
     gannnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn     81600
     nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nngaaggaag gaaggaaggg     81660
     gactcaataa tgagaataag cctccttgct gattgaatat tattctattg tagatcaccc     81720
     cgtttgggat cttgctatat cgctgcagcc aattatgcaa gttttgggtt taactatgac     81780
     atttcctata aatgtattta ctttactttg aacccttggt ttcccactca cttatcatct     81840
     gttggtctgc tcttaaaaca tccaatttat ctcacaagtg actcagatgt gttctgtttc     81900
     agaagcacat catacatatc aacatttgtg gtacagtcta tgagactgcc tcacaccata     81960
     atacttcata ttctctaagt tcatcccttt tctgtaaata ccatgattcc ttttgtttca     82020
     tgatgaaaaa ttcatgtata tatgggtgtg ttaatatcat tattcattag tgttactttt     82080
     tatgtccctc taaaaattac ttgtcatgac catgaatgat tggactcact aatctcagag     82140
     tagctggtgc tttactttat cacacgtagg aggaaggatc acatatccat gtgtgtgaaa     82200
     tacaatggaa gacaattgtg gtgcacactg aattgaatac atttgtattt atcaaaatta     82260
     ctctaaatta ccatagttgc acaagaaaaa gattatcaac tgtgactgag taggaggcaa     82320
     ggaggcagaa aggatgcatg gcagaaaata caaagaaatc atcctggtga atgaagtatc     82380
     tgtggcttcg tagcagctaa gggttaaaca agattccaag tgtgccaagg gctgtggagc     82440
     atacactgag aagacacccc atgtagcagg tgctcagggt agctgaagac agattccttg     82500
     tgtgtgtgac ttatttcttc ttgtaatatt tcttgtataa acatttatag agttacagtc     82560
     tatattatat ttcagaaaaa attaatagca tgattcccac ctttgtttct atttttgtat     82620
     aaagagaagg aataactttg atttcagatc attctacacc acactagatt tttggttata     82680
     ggagtgaacc atcacacagg ctatatttgc tgtgggaaca tttcttctcc agggttttgt     82740
     gcatgctagg aaatcacact gtctaccaag ccaccttgta ggcagtttga agtatattta     82800
     aaaggttttt tcattgtcat tttaattttt tgagattata ttatagttac atcacttttc     82860
     attttttttt cctcacaaat ccttcattat agactcctgt actcttgtaa attcattact     82920
     tcttattgtt ttaatttaat ttatgttgaa aagtgtttct tggatgaatg cagataaatt     82980
     catctatggg tagaactaaa ggataaatat ttagatggaa ttagagatta tgctatttat     83040
     aaaagtggta gttatagctt catatccaaa atctgnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn     83100
     nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn     83160
     nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnatctg tgacttacgt aacccagtgg agttgtatag gtttagaatt     83220
     gcaggcaaga ttcccttcct cttaataagg ctttaagtgt aaatagtcat ttcacaccat     83280
     ctcctttttt ttttaaatgc aaacaccatt ttatatattt tctttttttt taattagata     83340
     ttttctttat ttgcatttca agtgttatcc cctttctggt ttcccctgaa aatcccctat     83400
     ccaaccctac caccctctgc tcatcaacct acctactccc ccatggaaag aagtgttata     83460
     gagtacaggc atgcttggtg ctagataagg gcctcagagt tctaaatctt gatctacagg     83520
     cagccaggga ctgagctaca gtggtgtctc ttgagcacgg aagtcaaagc ttgcatccac     83580
     aatgacacac ctcctccaag tagaccaaac atcataatag tgacactccc tatgggtcaa     83640
     gcactcaaac acatgagtat atagggggca tgtctattca aaccaccaca tttccctccc     83700
     tggtactcat aggcttatag ccataaaata atttaaaatg catttattcc aacctcaaaa     83760
     gtcctgagtt tctatcacag tcttaatgtt taaaagtcct aagttcaatg tctcttttga     83820
     aatttatgca attgcttaac tgtattcatt ataaaatcaa agttaaaact tagattgcat     83880
     acttcaaaca aataatagga caggatatat ataatcaccc caaaatgaaa gaattggagg     83940
     atatagagga aatactgaac tgaagcagca tcaaacacta gcagggttaa tgcttcatat     84000
     ccatgtcaaa tgtcaataat gttcttcagc tctccaaatc attttgtttt gacttttttt     84060
     ttattgcaac aacacaaaca acactttctc ttggacttgt ttcactccct attagcagct     84120
     ctctctggag gtttcccatg gctgttccat cgccaacatt ttgatgtctc tgagagtatc     84180
     taggcttcac cttcacagct tcatacaatg gccaggctga cctttcttgc agggacaccc     84240
     ttaccacata cctggcctca tcagctttaa ttacttgtag tgggagattc tgtaacctat     84300
     ttcttctata cttgactcta atgacagaac tatgtgtcta atgcaggttg cttaggctgg     84360
     aacatggcct accttttcaa ttaagtcttc accagttttc tgttttcagt ggtatacttc     84420
     actccccaag gttatctgcc tgcaacttgc tctgcatatc agtctgactt ttaactcaga     84480
     gatatacatg cttttgtctt ctaagtgctg agattaaagt tttgtactac catgcctgga     84540
     cctaaactgt tctttaattc cttttcacaa aatgaaaatt cagttgtgtg ggaatctgcc     84600
     ttgaggtcaa tagtcacttt attccattta atatctttaa tctctttatt tacttgaata     84660
     cagaatttat ctccatttta ctttctggtg cccaacttct ccttgaaaca tacataattt     84720
     tattttcctt cctgacctct ccttctcatg aaaatgcttt ttataagagg gaatattagt     84780
     ggtcacatga catcatctct gctaggatct tttgagattt catttgccaa agcaattaat     84840
     tcagaacttt caacttgtat tcagacaaat attctggaca aaggcaaaaa gcagtcatat     84900
     tcttagccaa actgtaaaaa gaagaatcac tagtacacat attgaaattc ttctcctctg     84960
     aaaccatttg agcactcata gctcaatcac tctctacagc attgtctccc atgtttctac     85020
     tagactgctc tattaaacca taattaaagc acttgtttat taatttaatg ttccagagtc     85080
     cacatttctc caaataagag cttggtcata actatcataa taatactcca tatatggtat     85140
     caacttctat ctaagttaca gtttatttgc tatgaagaac caccatgaac ctagcaactc     85200
     tttaaaagga aaacattcaa ttgaggcann nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn     85260
     nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn     85320
     nnnnnnnntc tttaagagga aaacattcaa ttgaggcaca cataaagttc taaggtttat     85380
     tccattatca tcatggccag aagcatggca gtgtacatgc agatattgta ttggagtggt     85440
     agctgagagt tctacaaatt tatctacaag cagcttaagg ggagtgcttg ccattcttaa     85500
     tgtagcttga atatagaatc tcaaaacttg ctgccacaat gatgcacatc ctcaaaggct     85560
     ataactactc taaaaagctg acaccccctt agtgacatac cctatgggtc aaacattcaa     85620
     aaagataagt tgatgggggc catacctatt caaaacagca cattcttgcc atttatctgt     85680
     cacatacctg ttaccatgat attgtaattt gtctgccttg agtgaccggt gagacaggcc     85740
     agtgtgtgaa gaatgaatgg tgtcctttaa aaagttagaa cattatgtta aaggctcatc     85800
     agctggttct ctcagtgtgt tcttagtctg tgttctgtag acagcagaag aagaaagagg     85860
     caggtgttaa ccctatataa aaacatgaga gtgcacaaat ttttagaaaa gttggaaaca     85920
     tgtctcactt agggaagagc aatataatca ggagcagcat gttcttacta atcagaaaga     85980
     tgaaactcca gaacctaagt ggcagaagcc atgtaggaca tgttatggca agcaaattag     86040
     ttttctggag atggctcacc attttgcctg gccacttttc tctgaaaaat ctctgtggca     86100
     tgtgccacag agatatcatc tcaggattgc ttctcagagt tgatattcct ttcctgccac     86160
     tataacataa cttaataatt ccatggcatc acctcaccct gtggggcaaa tttcctatag     86220
     atcaacatga agatgtatct ttctaaaata atgtgtttaa ttgtattaaa tacctatata     86280
     attcctgatt tgattcaaat aattttagga agaaagatta aggagatggt ttagttgttt     86340
     ttcagaagga catgaaaaag ttagaatcaa gagtagaatg tgctccctcc ttgtagaata     86400
     gtaagtaaag gctgcataat tatgaatcca atgagctctc ctaaattgca ttaagaagaa     86460
     aaatatctga ggacacattt ttaatcaaag gaaaatattc attctaaacc aagtccaaga     86520
     atcaggaaac agatgtgtgc tatgatgaaa aaggctgtgt gaaattgttg gtttgaactt     86580
     agaaggttga gagtttgctg agttaaagag taaagaaccc acataattat gtttcttttc     86640
     ctaattctct actggtatca gtaggagtca attggcagaa accatctgct tctagacccc     86700
     agaagagtaa aagaaattta atgggcagag gtcataagtc tcttgtctgc ttatctgtgt     86760
     cacacctcag tacctgattg ttggggcaga gccccggcac ccaggtgtga aaagaatgtt     86820
     gtcactaatc tcaaattttt aaaatatgga ggcagaaaaa tatgggtgag tacttgcagg     86880
     caaccatctg actgagcaca gggacctcaa tggaggagtt aggagaagga ctgaaggaat     86940
     tgaaggggtt tgcaacccca tatgaagaac aacaacatca accaaccaga catcccagag     87000
     ctcccaggag ctaaaccacc aaccaaagag tacacatgga gggatccatg gctctatctg     87060
     tatatgtagc agatggtggt cttatctggc atcaatggaa gagaatgccc tggccctgtt     87120
     aaggctcaat gttccaggat aggagaatgc taagatggtg aggctggagt ggaggggggg     87180
     ggactttcat agaagcatgt ggagggggaa tagaataggg tgtttgtgga ggggaagcca     87240
     agaaattggt taacatatga aatgtaaata aataaaatca tcaataaaaa taataaatgc     87300
     attttacnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn     87360
     nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnagg gtttcaccct     87420
     cactatccac tcaccccatc tattgagaaa agccttgttc cccacatgca aatgcatggt     87480
     ctacctctaa gttaaatccc atcctgggct gtggcagctc acatctctct cacacgggac     87540
     actgaactct gaggagaagg gtgtgaagct tagaagatga gagtgctggg atttttgtgc     87600
     ctggtgacag tccttcctgg tgagttgtgc catttcatac atgtgtccat gaggggttgt     87660
     gacaatatgt gattgacaga attgactcta ttgtcttaag gtagcctgtc tcagatgcag     87720
     cttcaggagt caggacctgg cctggtgaaa ccctcacagt cactcttcct cgcctgctct     87780
     attactggtt tccccatcac cagtggttac tactggatct ggatccgtca gtcacctggg     87840
     aaacccctag aatggatggg gtacatcact catagtgggg aaactttcta caacccatcc     87900
     ctccagagcc ccatctccat tactagagaa acatccaaga accagttctt tctgcaattg     87960
     aactctgtga ccacagagga cacagccatg tattactgtg caggagacag acacaatgag     88020
     aagattccaa tgtcaaccca cacacaaacc tcactgcaga ggggatttca accagcaggt     88080
     ggtgctgttc gatgttaatg atcagtaatt tcaaacatct gtaaaagaaa aagagaatgt     88140
     ttttggccag ggctaagtct tctctgtata tgattatagg aacaccagtt gttcatgaag     88200
     atcttttgga gaactaaatg actatagtgt ttcaattacc gagagcaaga tgaacacagg     88260
     tcagcaaata gcacagtgtg aaggtgaaaa ccaaaggatc ctttgtctgt cacctaacac     88320
     gagtgtgagg atcagtccac atgtatatca gagatattca aagaccacag tgaatctaca     88380
     gattatttac aatatggaca ccaagaatat gtgaagtaac attttcatat cccccaggta     88440
     tattgatgaa atgatatgaa tgtatgagaa gtattcaatg aatgggaaat gattttgttc     88500
     ttctcttgag caaacaagac tgtaacaact atgtgagtcc agttgataaa aacaatttaa     88560
     gtaccaatac ttatgtacta aggcaggctt acctgattat ggtccattca aaatgaatct     88620
     tgtcttttgg tggttagctt cttgagttct ttatatattt tgtatattag ctctattgga     88680
     tgtctcctta gtgaagaaat tttcccaatc tgtaggttgc agatctgtct taatggccat     88740
     ttcttttgcc ttacagaaac gttccagttt catgaggtca cattcatcaa ttcttgatct     88800
     tagagcatga gccactggat ttctgtttag aaaatttccc cctgtgtcaa tgtgttcaag     88860
     gatccttttc aatttctctt ttactcagat tctattagtt ttaggtttaa ggccttgatc     88920
     cactaggact taagttttgt gcaaggtgac aaatatgggt ctatactcat ttttctacat     88980
     attgacagtc agttagacca gcaacatttg ttgaaaatga tttctttttt ccattgtata     89040
     tatttggctt atttgtcaaa gatcaagcat ctatcagtgt gtggttttgt ttctgggtct     89100
     tcaattctat tccattgatc aatgtgcctg tctctatatc aataccatag agtttttatc     89160
     actatttctc tgtagtaaaa attgagatca gggatggtta tgcccccagc cattctttta     89220
     ttgttaattg ttgttttcac tattctgaga ttttgccttt ccagatgaat ttgagaatcg     89280
     ctctttccat gtctttgaag aattttgttg agattttgat ggggattgca ttgaatctgt     89340
     agattatctt tggcaaccca atttaaaaat ggggtattaa ctaaaccaag aattcacaac     89400
     agagaaattt tgaatggctg taaaaatcct aaagaaatgg tcagagtcct tagtgatcag     89460
     agaaatgcaa atcaaaacaa ccctgagatt acacctaaca cctatctgaa tggctaagat     89520
     taaaacatca ggtgatagaa catgttggtt aggatgtgga gaaagagaaa ctctcctcta     89580
     ttgctggtag gattgcaaac tggtacaacc actctataaa tcaatttgga gattcctcag     89640
     aaaattgaaa atagacctac ctgaaggcct agcaatacta ctcttggtaa tttacccaaa     89700
     agatacacca ccctgccaca ggggcacatg ttcccctttg ttcatagcag ccttatttgt     89760
     gatagctaaa aaccagaaat aacctagatt tcccaagaca gaagaaggga tacagaaaat     89820
     atggttcatt tacacagtag aatactactc agcaagaaag agtaaggaca tcctgagttc     89880
     tgcaggcaaa ttgatggagc tagaaaatat catcctgaat gaggaaactc agaccccaaa     89940
     ggacatgcat ggtatgtact cactaatatg tggatattag caaaaagaaa aaaatcgctg     90000
     gatacccaag atacagtcca aagaactcaa aaaggtcaac aagctgaggg gctcaagtga     90060
     gcatgcatca atcccaccta ggagggagaa gaaagcaacc acatggagtg gggaggaacc     90120
     tgggaggaaa aggggttgca gggtggagag gggagcataa ttgaatattg ggagtgggga     90180
     aaggactgaa atccatgagg accagcagaa agaagtggaa catgcaactt tgggaggtag     90240
     atagtgggaa caaccctcca aatgtatcag agacctggga ggtgagagct tctaaggaat     90300
     caaagagggg gaccttaaat gaaatgccct acattggcga gagggagctt ggagagccca     90360
     cctccagcag aaatccagga catcaagtga ggcatagggt cgacatccta cagtaaaaac     90420
     tataattttt gttgtctgaa agaacagcag gaatggaaat ggagaagtag attctgatca     90480
     ctgtttcctt tgataacttc tttatgatcc tttcttcttc actacacact caactctaca     90540
     aatttttttt ctctatataa aaaacttcaa atagacagaa aatgatgttt tcatagtttg     90600
     cttttaattt ttttaattag atattttatt tatttatatt tcaaatgtta tccccttttc     90660
     tagtttccct tccaaaaaaa ccatatccac ttcccctcac tgggctcacc aacccatcca     90720
     ctcctacttc ctggccatgg catttgttta ttctggggca tagaactttc acaggaccaa     90780
     gggcctccca tcccattgat gactgactag accatcctct gtgccatatg cagctagagc     90840
     catgagtccc accatgtgct ttcttttcaa ctggtggtta gcatgtaaaa gaatgtgaat     90900
     caatccattt ttatctccta gtacaaagtt caactccaag tggaaaatga tttttgtaaa     90960
     tgaagcacta agagcataca cacatataca aacacaagaa aaacaacaac cagaaaagat     91020
     gatatgtatg taaaagtcta ttaataacca aattgcacaa aacaaattaa taatatgagg     91080
     aaaaaactag aaaaataatg atgtatttat ttttgatggc catctactct ttaaaaggca     91140
     ggttaccatt aaatgaagtg aatatccaat aaaaatcatt gcagataact atttttctct     91200
     ctgcaagcag ctgtaaatta cagattactg ggctaagggt tacgttgcct tcaaactctg     91260
     tgaccccatc tgactttatc ccagttaaaa cgtgtgtatg ctgtcccagt ctctataagt     91320
     tcatatgtgg aacggtctgg gtgagtttgg tccttaaaat cattacccat ctatactggc     91380
     taattttgtg tcaacttgac acagctggag ttatcacaaa aaaaggagct tcagttgagg     91440
     aaatgcctcc atgagatcca gctgtaaggc attttctcaa ttagtgatca agagtttcag     91500
     gccccttgtg ggtggtacca tctctggact ggtagttttg gagactgcca tatccggaga     91560
     tccatcccat aatcaacttc caaacaccat tgcatacact agcaagattt tgctgaaagg     91620
     accctgatat agctctctct tgtgagacta tgccgggcct agcaaacaca gaagtggatg     91680
     ctcacagtca gctattggat ggatcatagg gcccccaatg gaggggctag agaaagtacc     91740
     caaggagcta aagggatctg caaccctata ggtggaacaa cattatgaac taaccagtac     91800
     cctggagctc ttgactctag atgcatatgt atcaaaagat ggcctagtgg ccatcactgg     91860
     aaagagaggc ccatgggact tgcaaacttt atatgcccaa gtacagggga atgccagggt     91920
     caaaaagtgg gagtgggtgg gtctgggagt gggggtgggg gtatgggaga cttttgggat     91980
     agcattggaa atgtaaatga ggaaaatatc taattaaaaa tatttaaaaa aaaaaagaga     92040
     gagcaggctg agcaagccag taaggaatgt ccctccattg cctctgcatc agctcttgct     92100
     tcctgacctg cttgagttcc aatcctgaca tccttggtga taaacatcaa tgtggaagtg     92160
     taagcccaat aaaccctttc ctccccaact tatttcttgg tcatgatgtt tgtgaaggaa     92220
     ttgaaaccct gaataagaca aattggtacc agcatagtgg ggtattcctg tgacaacttg     92280
     accatgtttt gcagaggact gtggaaggac tttggaactt taggctagaa gatccatttg     92340
     gtgttaagat ctctgtcgga tgttgtgtag gagcttggaa gataatgttg agaacagtgc     92400
     agaagatgga ggcctggctt gtgaaatttc agagggaaaa ttaaagactc ttttcagggc     92460
     cattgttact ttggttgtga agattcagtg gttctggttt gctggggctg aagaatcagc     92520
     tgtggttaac aagataccaa aactagtaaa ataaaacctt tgtattactg ggactattga     92580
     tgctggttag ctggagctaa gaaatttgtg gtgattaaga agagaccagg atcaggttct     92640
     cagattccgc caagactagt ctgcacaggt gagagtgtgg aatacagaaa gtaacagctt     92700
     ctgggacaag ccctgtttca ggccttcatc ttaggccagg aggcaggtcc agacgccagt     92760
     tatatgtgta cctttcatgc aagaggagag ctttcctgca gagagtactc taaccactga     92820
     aactcaagag agacctactc tcccaggtct tctgatagag gctaacagaa tcatgagagg     92880
     aacaagttct aactagagac aactataaca actaaatcca gagattacca gatggcaaaa     92940
     ggcaaacgta agaatcttac taacagaaac caagaccact caccatcacc agaacccagc     93000
     attcccacct caaccagtcc tgggcacccc aacacaccca aaaagctaga cctggattta     93060
     acaggtgatg gaaatgaaca aaaccatact agacctaaaa agggaagtag acaaaataaa     93120
     gaaaacccaa agcaatgcaa cgctgtagat agaaacccta ggaaagaaat ctggaaccat     93180
     agatactagc attagcaaca gaatacaaga gatggaagag agaatctcag gtgcacaaga     93240
     ttccatagag aacatctgca caacaatcaa agaaaatgca agaagatcct aactcaaaac     93300
     atccaggaaa tttaggacac aatgagaaga ccaaacctac ggatattagg agtagatgaa     93360
     aatgaagatt ttcaacttaa agggccagca aatatcttca acaaaattat agaagaaaac     93420
     ttcccaaacc taatgaaaga gatgcccatg atcatctaag aagcctacag aacaccggat     93480
     agactggacc acaaaagata ttcctcatga cacataataa tcagaaaaaa caaatgcact     93540
     aaattaagat aaattattga aagaagtaaa ggaaaaaggt caagtaatat ataaaggcag     93600
     gcctatcaga attacacatt tttcaccaga gactatgaaa gccagaagat cctggacagg     93660
     tgttatacag acactaagag aacacaaatg ccagcccagg ctactatacc cagccaaact     93720
     ttcaattacc atagatgaag aaactaaagt attccatgac aaaaccaaat tcacatatta     93780
     tctttccatg aatccagccc ttcaaaggat actaacagaa aaaaaacaaa acaaaaccaa     93840
     acaaaaaacc aatacaagga tggaaaccac gtcctagaaa aagcaagaaa gtaatccttc     93900
     agcaaaccta aatgatgaca gccacaagaa cagaatgcca actctaaaaa caaaaataat     93960
     aggaagcaac aactactttt ccttctgtta acataaatnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn     94020
     nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn     94080
     nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnntc cccctgctcc tttgtccata cgacctccca cttttctcat     94140
     gcttccctcc cattccaatc agagagtggt tcacccactc accaatccac tcccccttac     94200
     caccctagga ttttcctaag ctgcgcatgg agactccaca taaccaaggg cctcccctcc     94260
     cattgtttcc aaataaggca gttcttttct atatatgcag gtggagccat gggtccctcg     94320
     atgtgtgctc attggttgat tgtttagtct ctgagagttc ttggtggttt ggttgttttc     94380
     tgttattctt cttatggggt tgcaaacccc ttcagctgct tcagttcttt gcctaattcg     94440
     ttcattagtg tcccaatgct cagtgagatg tttggctgtg agcatccata tctatattgg     94500
     tcaggctctg gcagagcctt tcagataaca gctataccag gtcatgtcaa caagctcttg     94560
     ttggcataag caaaagtgtc tgggtttagt gactgcagat gagatggatc cctaggtgag     94620
     gcagtttctg gatgacttta aaaaactaaa tattttcttt attttcattt caaatgttat     94680
     gcctgctcct tgtttcccac caaaaacact attccatttc tcctcccact gcttatcaac     94740
     ccacccactc ccacttacct gtcctggcat tcccctacac tgaggcatcg agccttcaca     94800
     gggacaaggg cccctcctct cattgctgtc caacaaggtc attctctgct acatatatgg     94860
     ctggaggcat ggttccctcc atgtgtacta cttcattggt ggtttagtct ctgggagctt     94920
     tgggggtact ggttggttca tattgttatt cctcccatgg ggctgcaaac cccttcagca     94980
     ccttatgtcc tttctctagt tcccacattg gggaccctgt gttcagtcca atgactggct     95040
     gagagcatca acctctgtat ttgtcaggca ctggtagagc cttacaggag acaactatat     95100
     cagattcatg tcagcaacaa cttactggaa tccacaaaag agtctgggat tggtaaatgt     95160
     atatgggatg gatgcctagg tggggcagtc tctgaatggc cttaccttca gtctccgctc     95220
     cacactttgt ttatgtatct ccttccatgg gaattttgtt cccccttcta agaaggacca     95280
     aagtatccac actttgatct tcctgctttt tgagatgcat gtgacctgtg aattgtatct     95340
     tgggtattcc gggcttttgg gttaatatac acttatcact aagtgtataa aaatgtgtgt     95400
     tcttttgtga ttgagttagc acaatctgga tgatattttc tagtccccta tttgcctaag     95460
     aattataaat attcattgtt ttaaataact gtgtaggatt gaagttctta tcagaagatc     95520
     cagctatacc actcttaggc atacacccag aagatacaca tacatacaca tggaaactga     95580
     acaacacttt gctcaatgat aacttggtca gggaagaaat atagaaagaa attaaagaca     95640
     tctcgtaatt taatgaaaat gttgacacat caaacccaaa cttatgggat gaaatgaaaa     95700
     cagtgctcaa aggaaaactc aaagcactga atgcctccaa aaagaaacta aataaagcag     95760
     cttgacagca cacatgaatg ttctagaaca aaaagaagga aatacaacct agaggaatag     95820
     attgcaggaa taatcaaatt caggtctgaa ctcaaccaag tagaaacaga aagaactata     95880
     aaaaaaatca acaaaaccag tagctggttc ttggtaaaaa tcaaaaagat aggcaaacct     95940
     ttagttaaac taaccataag acacagagtc agtattttaa acaaatgttg ctggctcagg     96000
     tggcactgag catatagtaa aatgcaaaat gatccatact tatctgcttg tacaaagttc     96060
     aagtccaaga agatcaagga ccaacacata aaaccagata cactgaaact aataggaaag     96120
     aaagttggga agatcatagt tcacatgggc acaggggaaa atctccagaa ctgaatacca     96180
     atagcttaca ctctaagatc aagaacagaa aaaaaatgag acctcataat attgcaactc     96240
     tcctgtaagg caaatgacac tgtcaatagg acaaaagggc aaccaacaga ttgggaaaag     96300
     atcttgacca atcctatatt caatagagga ctaatatata atatatacaa ataactgaag     96360
     aagttggaca ccagagaacc aaataaccct attaaaaatg gggtacattg tctgggttac     96420
     tttcttgctt tttctagggc atggtttctg tccttgtatt ggtttttttc tgttattatc     96480
     ctttgaaggg ctggattcgt ggaaagataa tgtgtggctt tggttttgtc gtggaatact     96540
     agaaacacat gaaactcaag aagaacgaag accaaagtgt ggacactttg ccccttctta     96600
     gaattgggaa caaaacaccc atggaaggag ttacagagac aaagtttgga gcagagacaa     96660
     aaggatggac catctagaga ctgccatatc cagggatcca tcccataatc agcctccaaa     96720
     cgctgacacc atttcataca ctagcaagat tttgctgaaa agaccctgat atagctctct     96780
     cttgtgagac tatgtcaggg cctagcaaac acagaagtag atgctcacag tcagctattg     96840
     gatggatcac agggccccca atggaggagc tagagaaagt acccaaggag ctaaagggat     96900
     ctgtaacccc ataggtggag caacaatatg aactaatcag taccccagag ctcttgactc     96960
     tagctgcata tgtatcaaaa gatggcctag tcagccatca gtggaaagag aggcccattg     97020
     gtcacgcaaa ctttatatac ctcagtacag gggaatgtca gggccaaaaa gtaggaatgg     97080
     gtgtgtaggg gagtgggggg gagggtatgg gggacttttg ggatagcatt ggaaatgtaa     97140
     atgaggaaaa tacctaataa aaatattttt taaaatgggg tacagtgcta aacaaagaat     97200
     tctcaacgga ggaatattga atgggtgaca agtacttgaa gaaatgttca acatcctttg     97260
     tcatcaggga aatgcatatc aaaacaaccc tgagatgcca cctgacacca ggcagtatgg     97320
     ttaagctaaa aaacatagca gatgctggag aagatgtaga gaaagggaaa tactactaca     97380
     atgctggtgg gattgcagtt ggtacaacta ctctggaaac cagtttggca gttcctcaga     97440
     aaattggaca tagtactacc tgaggaccca gttacaccac tcctgggcat atacccagaa     97500
     catgttccaa catgtaataa ggaaacatgc tccaatacat tcatagaagc ctttcttata     97560
     atagtcagaa acttgagaca acccagatgt ccctcaacag aggaatgtat acaatgtggt     97620
     acatttacac aatgaagtaa tcctcagcta ttttttaaat ttttttcaat acaatttgct     97680
     ttgtttttca ttagattttt ttctttattt gcctttcaaa tcttatccac tttcctagtt     97740
     ccctctccaa aaatccccta ttgttcaccc ttcccctggc tctccaaccc acccactcct     97800
     gcttcctggc cctgacattc ccctatactg gtgcatagaa ccttcacagg accaagagcc     97860
     tctcccctca ttgatgaccg acgaagccat cctcagctac atatgtagct agagccatga     97920
     gtcccaccat gtgtactttt tgatcggtgg tttagtccca gggagctctg ggattactgg     97980
     ttagttcatg ttgtttctcc taggggactg caaacccctt cagctcattg ggtactttct     98040
     ctagctcatt cattggggac cctgttctcc atccaatgga tgattgtgag catccacttc     98100
     tgtattagtc aggcactggc agagcctctc aggatacagc tttatcaggc tcctgtcaga     98160
     aagcttttgg gcatctgcaa tagtgtctgg gtttggtggt tgcttatgca attggatcac     98220
     catgtggggg tagtttcagg agggtaattc cttcaatctc tactctgaac tttgtctctg     98280
     taactccttc catgggtatt ttgtttccct ttcaaagaag catcaatgcg tccacacttt     98340
     ggtcttcctt cttcttgagt ttcgtgtgct ttgaaaattg tatcttgggt attctgagct     98400
     tctgggctaa tatccactta tcagtgagtt catatcatgt gagttatttt gtgattgggt     98460
     taccccacct agaatgatat cctccagatc catccattcg tctaagaatt tcatgaattt     98520
     ttgtttttta atagcttagt agtactccat tgtgtaaatt accacatttt ctgtatccat     98580
     tcctctgttg agcgacatct gggttttttc taactactgg ctattataaa taaagcaact     98640
     atgaacatag tggaacattt gtccttatta caatttggag catcttctga gtatgttccc     98700
     aggagtggta ttgctggatc ttccattaga actatttcaa attctctgag gaaccaccaa     98760
     actgatttcc agtgtggttg tgccaacttg cagtcccacc agcaatggag gaaggagtat     98820
     tcctctttct ccacatcctt gccagtatct gctgtcacct gaatttttga tcctagcgat     98880
     tctgtctggt gtgaggtgga atctcagggt tattctgatt tgcatttccc tgatgattaa     98940
     ggatgttgaa cattttttca agtgcttctc agccctttgt tattcttcag ttgagaattc     99000
     tttgtttagc tctgtgcccc attttttaat ggggttattt gaatttctgg agtcctgctt     99060
     cttgagctct ttgtatatac tggatagtag tcccctatca gatttaggat tgttaaaagt     99120
     tctttcccaa tctgttggtg gcctttttgt cttatggaca gtttcttttc ccctacagaa     99180
     gtcttccttg catcttttct gtgcactgtc ttctcacaga tttccatccc agagcttact     99240
     atacaggaac aggtaatgaa aatagaggct tctgctcctc atcaaaccca gccctgggct     99300
     tagactcacc tgtggcagag gggctgagcc ctggattttg gccaggtctt ccccctaagt     99360
     gagtagcact gaaaataaac tactcaccat ggattggggc ttagattggg tttccttgtt     99420
     actcttttaa aaggaaatgc acagagtaga aactctgttt aagaagatat gcataagaga     99480
     gactgtagat atatggagtg gttttctgac tattattatc ttggttttca ggcttagagg     99540
     atgaggttta gcttctagaa tctggaggtt ctttgatata gcctggagga tcctttaaac     99600
     tctcttctaa agttgctgga ttcaccttca atgattactg gatgtgctgg ttttgataag     99660
     gcccagggaa tcggctagag tggtttgcag ataaaaaata tgtgaaaagt ttaaaaaaac     99720
     atgcaaagtc tgtgaagggc agatttgcca ctacagagac aattctaaaa acttatttta     99780
     tctacaaatg aacagtctga gaaatgagga cattgcccct tattactcta tgacagagtg     99840
     aggaacatga actgtgaact cagacacaaa actgcacgtg gccagcagag gtcactggca     99900
     cacaaggatc tccagatcaa cagaattgga gtagaattgt gaatggcaaa aatgctctga     99960
     atggtttcaa ataaatatgt ctttaattct gggggacata tttaaataca ggatgcaatc    100020
     tgttcagaac aaaatgtaga gcattagcag ggcagaagtg acccatctgt gggcaccagg    100080
     acctcatcct gaggaagaat gaaactgaga aatagcatta aagcaaatag agttggggtg    100140
     aagggttatt atatttctct ggttattgaa acccctgcca tggattccag aaacacttgg    100200
     aagtatccaa gacttggtat attatgaaaa tatcagtaaa ggggtgaaaa atacattcca    100260
     gggtacaata tgctaacatt atttgtttgt aaatagtatt actgaatata gtttaactca    100320
     tgttaaattc cactatcagc tcatttcctt tctgacagag atatgtcagc tgtgcaagag    100380
     ggagatactc ccatgtagga cttaaagctg cagcacatcc tatagtgata gggagttgtc    100440
     tttgtcaagg atgtacattc ttctttgcaa tgactaatga gccgttctta caatgggttt    100500
     aaataggaga gatttgttct cacaaactgg tgctgcatga aacagcacaa cttctcaggc    100560
     ttcagggaat ttatctttca ctcttgattc atggcattcc tttagttatg tgattaaaca    100620
     ggtgttcaca ttgcacagtt ctagcataac caaggagtaa atgaaggaat aataaagtag    100680
     aaaaaaatag aaaacatgag tatcaagtgt tgttagaaaa gtgtgtgaaa gctgatggtt    100740
     aaaatgttgc ctttgtagct gaaatttagg aaacaacaac aaataccagg aatgtccctt    100800
     tggacataga taaaaaagct gtcactttcc tcacagtttc attagtacct ttgattgcct    100860
     ttattttcta tgaagtatca tgcacacatt agtaaaaaag atcatgaagg agttcttcag    100920
     aataaaacta atttatggtg ttaattacac accagtagtt aggcttattg tttcttgcac    100980
     tattcattat ggacaaggat aggaactttc atccatagga agccagagaa gtgtgaagtt    101040
     ggggatttcc tgtgagtgct ggtgtctccc tcctgcagtt aaacttattt ctccatgctt    101100
     atcttaacag tcagtcattt ctggtgtggt agggaggagc catacacact gtgataaatg    101160
     ttagaagtgt atgtaggggt ataaaagtct gttagggaag gccatttata attacaccga    101220
     tgatcacaga tagtatcctt atgcaatgta gagactgtcc aatgctgtaa atcacaggag    101280
     gctcattaaa cactttctac tccaaaatta aacaccttgg cagaattcta ctgacctagc    101340
     attttaaagg agcacacaat gacctggaag attccacaat cacccacacc acacagtcat    101400
     ggtgatattc ctaaatccga ttctgtgctg tgctgaacct cagaaagcag acagagcatt    101460
     gcaaaaggct gcagagaaaa tcacgagctg aaaggactct aatggatcag tcatagagag    101520
     tattccatac atgatataga gtgggattag atacaaaaaa aagaacggtg agttattcac    101580
     tcatttgtct gcacataatt ctgacaacca acataattct acgctcacgt ttgaaaagcc    101640
     aagaatgaat tgactcaaca ggcagataac agagatactt actttcattg tatgatggaa    101700
     aaagagcata aacaaatgaa tactaaatat ttttcaaatt ttcaacatgt tgatctatca    101760
     ggaaaatata agttaataag gaagtttgag atttcattta gctgggcagt ggtggtgcac    101820
     gcctttaatc ccagcacttg ggaggcagag gtaggcgggt ttatgaggcc agcctggtct    101880
     acagagtgag ttcgaggata gcaaaggcta cacacagaaa ccctgcctca gaagagaggg    101940
     agggagagag ggagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagac    102000
     agagacagag acagagacag agacagagac agagacagac agagacagac agagacagag    102060
     acagattgac tgatttcatc taatccaagc aacagtgacg tttattaaag aaacaaatga    102120
     caaaaaactc tgatgagtaa gtggtgaaag tgggaacaga atgcttggtg ggtttaacct    102180
     gttgtggcta ctatgtaaaa atacaaatgt aatgtgattg acatacatta ctactgcact    102240
     atagctaagg actctctagt ggaaatatag catatcattt gtgcaacaat aagacagtgt    102300
     aaaaagattt agaaaatgtg ataacacatt aagtgggaag agagaagaaa actaggaaga    102360
     gcatggactt attgaaaaga aagcaataag tcctggaccc aagtatgaaa ggaagcttgg    102420
     cactcacttg agcctttaaa atcacaggag ctgaaaagtg tctgtgaaga ggttgatctc    102480
     agtgggaggg tgggatcata tatagatgta gtcctggtga cttctaaggt attagtgtta    102540
     tctcattcca gactcattag gaagctggag agaattatgg tctattttaa taaccaaatt    102600
     aagtcatatc tgccctctcc aattatgaag gtaaagctgt ctcccagcat gcaaatacat    102660
     cttctacctc taagttaaat ctcctccttg tctatggcag ttcctatctc tctcactgga    102720
     ggctgatttt tgaagaaagg ggttgtagcc taaaagatga tggtgttaag tcttctgtac    102780
     ctgttgacag cccttccggg tgagtgtttc catttcatac atgtgccatg aggatttttc    102840
     aaaatgtgtg attgacagaa ttgattcttt ttgtctaaag gtatcctgtc agaggtgcag    102900
     cttcaggagt caggacctag cctcgtgaaa ccttctcaga ctctgtccct cacctgttct    102960
     gtcactggcg actccatcac cagtggttac tggaactgga tccggaaatt cccagggaat    103020
     aaacttgagt acatggggta cataagctac agtggtagca cttactacaa tccatctctc    103080
     aaaagtcgaa tctccatcac tcgagacaca tccaagaacc agtactacct gcagttgaat    103140
     tctgtgacta ctgaggacac agccacatat tactgtgcaa gatacacagt gtggagtctt    103200
     cagtgtaggc ccagacataa acctccttgt agagcagctc tgcaccaaca gggggcatgc    103260
     agcatacacc aagtttagga aatttccctt ttgagtaagg gaaatcaatt cttgcccaaa    103320
     attgtggcat gtgactcctg ctgtacagga agacacacta gtgctaaggt ctccagttaa    103380
     tacaatgccc agagcccact aatactcttt aaattatacc cagaattctt caatgacacc    103440
     catcctagag gctcaacatt gcatcccaaa gcatcagaag aagacttttc ctctccagaa    103500
     gggcaaacca attctagaaa ccccagacac caaaccaaat ccttgaagca acattgatat    103560
     ccagtatccc agtgaccatt gcagttcaca gaacagcaga aactcaaagg caactggaaa    103620
     actccaaaag tcactcaagc caaaaaaacc ccagtggagt caccctactg gtggtgaaga    103680
     ccctctggcc actagaagaa caggacactc aggcaagaag accaaagcag aaatagaaac    103740
     caaaagaaaa ctattcatcc aatcaaagat aaactcaaaa acttgaacct gaacctaaac    103800
     taatcctata gccagatgac cagatgtcag tataagatca aaatttaaaa caattggggc    103860
     aatattacca tcttacacca aagctcagct atccaactta agcaagtcct ggatatacta    103920
     atacagcaga aggacaaaaa ctgaccttaa atacaactgt atgatgatga tagcatcagt    103980
     taaagaggga ataagtaaag tccttacaga aatgcagtaa aagacaaaca tgcaggggac    104040
     aaagttgccc agtccaagtt ctcaaattgt ctctcccctc tcccttactc tctccctccc    104100
     cttcccctct catcttcctc ccccctcccc ctccagtaca aggtccattc ctgagtaata    104160
     agctgtcatc ttcttatcac aggagacatt ttcagagtat gatttctaag gttgctactg    104220
     tgtgggtgta tatgtattac attaattctt tccaccaaga atatcctttc ttgtccaggg    104280
     gatattgttt atatcatata tttcatataa atttctaaaa tagctatata atactgactc    104340
     aaaagtggta gtaggacaaa agtttttttt ttattatttt tttataaaca aagtagtttt    104400
     agttaacaat gacatggcac agaataaatt tatcatcacc agagcaacaa aatttaagat    104460
     cagaaagaga tattacctca tatggggatg tgtttaggat aaaatatctg ttcatatctg    104520
     tgtctatgtt gatagttact caaggttcca catgtatgga tgtttaacat gtgattctat    104580
     aattgtacag acatatgatg tgaactttat ttgcttcaaa tatgtattct tattttcatg    104640
     aactaaaatg aaacaaaatc aaaatttttt ctcagcacat tgatgggggt atttgcactt    104700
     catcagacaa gtctgaatct gaacaagtgt tgactcagac agaagttgta cacagcatgg    104760
     aaaagcacaa atccatacac cagtaagctt catttggtaa catgctgctg tgtgatgcta    104820
     ttttaatttc atattttaaa aaggcatgac ataacttcat acaattgtca taatgtaaat    104880
     gaccaaaatg acccttgtgg cttatctgag cactgatttc tcacacagat ccaccccaga    104940
     gatgctatat aggaaatgga tatgcaaata aggacactgg ctactcagaa aaaccagccc    105000
     agggctgagc ttcatctgtg gcagaggacc tcagccctgg atgccagcca ggtcttccca    105060
     tttagtgatt ggcactcaac aaagatgaag ctggggatta aatgggtttc tttgttgctc    105120
     ttataaaagg taatgcacag aaaaaaagac tatgcatagg aaagacagtg gatatatgta    105180
     attgttttct gactatgatt ctctctgttt tcaggcatac agggtgaggt gaggctggtg    105240
     gaatctggag gcagcttgat agagcatgaa gggtacattc aactcttttg tcaagcttct    105300
     ggattcaccc tcagtggtta ctggatgcac aggatttgcc aagccccagg gaaggggcca    105360
     gagtggttag caaatataaa atttgatgag agtgaagggt ttatgggtta tcccagatga    105420
     ttaaaaccta tgctatgtac tacaaaaaca gctgtgagaa tctaggccta ggtgcattgt    105480
     ggggacatga gaaatacatc ccagggatta atatacgcag aatatttttt ggattttctt    105540
     gttgtagtca gtaatggaag gtaggtagac tgtcatgttc ctggtatgga aatcctctga    105600
     tgggtatctc tgaaatatat ggtactgtac ttacagttct gtatggttta ggagcctcag    105660
     gtccaatgaa gttgtacact gagcaggcag gaagagtgag ctaactccct cagcttggct    105720
     tgtctcagag ggttcacaga atatggaaga tggattaaag aaaggaagtt agtggttttc    105780
     tctttctgtc tcatctctgg ggtatcagac actgctcaga gaggcaaaac acagaggcac    105840
     tagcctacag tccagttttg cattggattg ccaagttcct tggaagtgga catctgccca    105900
     gagaagacac aatgtagcct aagatagagg tctcagcctt ggcttcttca gtttcaaata    105960
     ggtgcctact gagaccaaga atctggttct caagtttctg ggcacagaga cactactggg    106020
     aaccacaaag acttggggac agggttctgc aggcctgaga tgtgcttaga gtaggagatg    106080
     ggtctggggt gggggaaggt tttgcttttc taagggtgag tgccagaagt ataaaggagc    106140
     cttcaacagg agaaataggc actgcttggt ttgatgaaat ctttctccta aaagatcctg    106200
     acagagagta aaaaattact taagcctcta gacctatgtc caaaatagcc ccattggtcc    106260
     aggatgccag gtgtttgcag tttttgcctt tctatagccc aatgccagtt gtttgcggtt    106320
     tttgtgtctt tataaacccc ttaccccttg agttcgtcat cgactcctct acccctgctt    106380
     gggttatgag tcgtccccag tgcaatggtc gttccggaat aaacctcttg ctgtttgcat    106440
     caagaccatt tcttgtgagt gattttcagg agtgtcatct ctcctgagtc cgaacatggg    106500
     gtagtcctca cgttgtgggt ctttccctcc ttgaagaaac cagtccttgt gtgttcataa    106560
     tgtttattca tgccaaaata aggggagggg gatggatatg acatactcag gttggatgag    106620
     aaattaaata ccttttggag gaagggatgt aatgagtgga agcttattgg ctaaaccttt    106680
     ggggcccacc gagacagctc attagcatgg ataactctag gctttttgtt acatggcctt    106740
     gtttctctta gtggggtgtc atggtcatgc tccctaggac aaaaatctgg tctgaagcat    106800
     attcaaacat cttcttatgc aattgtgagg attgctggaa ttccttattg cgctgattgt    106860
     gccagtccag tttttctgtc tgatgacaca gtcccatttg cctcacagaa gtttgttagt    106920
     atggttcagg tttctgataa aggtggagga gtgatggtag gggaggggat gaccacctgg    106980
     tagagcaggc ttctcactgc aggttggctt ggcccagagg gctcagctag caggtaacat    107040
     ggtcaggaga atggaactta acctatatgt atcaggtcca atgggggtga gaaaacacat    107100
     ggtaggagaa tggaggttcc cttgaaatag atagcaggtt actcaagtca gctatgcttg    107160
     gcctactggg ctcaaagaac atggaagatg ggtggcagaa ggaagcttac ttatatggtt    107220
     caggagtctg ataaaggtgg aggagaggtg gcaggagagt ggaggtaccc tgggatagca    107280
     ggttactcag ggacctttat taacactttc ttttaaagga gcctcttgtg gtcaatttta    107340
     ttattattat atttacattc caaggttgtc cttcctcttg ggtccccttc ccacaatttg    107400
     tcatcccatt tctcctcccc cttgcctctg agagggtgct tgaaactcca ccagttctcc    107460
     tccttccnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn    107520
     nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnata tatttggtca    107580
     caaaacaggc ctcaacagat acaaaaatat tgaaatcacc ccatgcatcc tatcagatca    107640
     ccatggacta agactgatct tcaataacaa cataaataat agaaatccaa aattcacgtg    107700
     gaaactgaac aacactcttc tcaatgatac cttggtcaag gaaggaataa agaaagaaat    107760
     taaagacttt ttagagttta atgaaaatga atccacaaca tacccaaact tatgggacac    107820
     aatgaaagca tttctaagag gaaaactcat agctctgagt gcctccaaaa ataaactaga    107880
     gagagcacac actagcatat tggcaacaca cctaaaagct ctagaataaa aggaaacata    107940
     ttcacccaag aggagtagac ggcaggaaat aatcaaactc aggggcaaaa tcaaccaagt    108000
     ggaacaaaga agaactattc aaagaatcaa ccaaacaagg agctggttct ttgagaaaat    108060
     caagaagata gataaaccct tagccagact caccaaaggg caaagggaca gcatcctaat    108120
     taacaaaatc agaaatgaaa agggagatag aacaacaggt cctgaagaaa tccaaaacac    108180
     cattagatcc ttctacaaaa ggctatactc aacaaaactg gaaaacctgg atgaagtgga    108240
     caaatttcta gacagatacc aggtaccaaa gttatatcag gattagttta atgatataaa    108300
     cagtcctata tcccctaaag aaatagaagt agtcattaat agtctcccaa ccaaaaaagc    108360
     ccaggaccag atgggtttag tgcagagttc tatcagatct tcaaagaaga tctaattcca    108420
     gttcttcaca aactattaca caaaatagaa gcagaacgta ctctacccaa ttcattctat    108480
     gaagccacaa ttactctgat acctaaacca cagatagatc caacaaagat agagaacttc    108540
     agaccaactt cccttatgaa tatcgatgca aaattcctca atataattct cccaaagtga    108600
     atccaagaac acatcaaaac aatcatccat cctgaccaag taggtttcat tctagggatg    108660
     cagtgattgt ttaatatatg gaaatacatc aatgtaatcc attatataaa caaagtcaca    108720
     gacaaaaacc acatgatcat cttgttatat gtggaaaaag catttgacaa aatcgaacac    108780
     ccattcatga taaaagtctt ggaaagatca gggattcaag gcacgtacct atacatgata    108840
     aaagcaatct acagcaacca gtagccaaca tcaaagtaaa tggaagcaat cctactacaa    108900
     tcagggacta gacaaggctg ctcactttct ccctaccttt tcaacattgt acttgaagtc    108960
     cttgaaataa caacaacaaa aataagaaaa ccaaaaacca aacatttctc tacaacctag    109020
     ctgtgtcctg ggacatttgg ccatactttg atgctacaaa tgctacttca gcccttattt    109080
     cttcttacac attgacaata atcattgtta tctctagggc tcccatatct caggtttcaa    109140
     tatagcagga agacatgcaa attatactcc cctctgttca tgaaaatcag tcctgactac    109200
     agttttaaca gagacatcca aatgtggatt tacaggtctt cccattcagt gatcaagtct    109260
     caacacaaaa tatccagcat ggagttggga ctgagctggg tatttcttgt ggctcttttg    109320
     aatggtaatt aattcttaag aagatatatg aagggtgtga gtgggtgtga cagggatagt    109380
     gaacaatttg tgacagttta ttaactagat tctgtgtttt tgcaggtgtc cagtgtcagg    109440
     tgcagcttgt agagaccggg ggaggcttgg tgaggcctgg aaattctctg aaactctcct    109500
     gtgttacctc gggattcact ttcagtaact accggatgca ctggcttcgc cagcctccag    109560
     ggaagaggct ggagtggatt gctgtaatta cagtcaaatc tgataattat ggagcaaatt    109620
     atgcagagtc tgtgaaaggc agattcacta tttcaagaga tgattcaaaa agcagtgtct    109680
     acctgcagat gaacagatta agagaggaag acactgccac ttattattgt agtagacaca    109740
     ctgtggggcc atcaatgaga acccatacac aaacctctct gcaggttcgt tcatgaccat    109800
     cagggggcac agaacacaca tgtagaacta gtactttgtg ggaatggatg cagagataat    109860
     tcattgtgag tttctaggct ttcagctaca tgtaataatt tcccagaatg ccctaaaact    109920
     taaaaatctg tacatgtgtg tggcatctgg gaaaacatag ttgtttttct ccaatctaaa    109980
     aactgtatgc caaccagtcc aacaggacct aagtgcagaa aatcacctct gactgcagaa    110040
     atgactctgc tatggccacc aggatcaaat gcttaggagt gttcacggtg ttgctaaggc    110100
     atttccatca tgtgattcaa ggcaaagcct cagtgttgtt ctgattaaga ctgtgtttgg    110160
     aagaggggga ccactagaga ggtgaggcca cactcagtga ctcatacact ctaacaaatc    110220
     tccaaccttt ctgatttccc tgagaacttt gcccatcagg catagatctg acacatttta    110280
     tttatagctg attccattcc ttaatttata actttcttca tcatatctca cactacattt    110340
     tattcttcta gataactcct gatttttttt tctaaacata gacaagatcc acttacctta    110400
     gactcagcta aattcaagct cttggagaga cccagggaac gatgttataa aattaccagt    110460
     accaatttct ccaactcctt ctgtcttcat ttatagactc ttaaatactg taccaggacc    110520
     tggtaaatgt gtgcatctgt cttctaaata aatttattct gtagatgaaa gacttatcat    110580
     gttcagttct accatgttgt gctacattgg ggagactgac agatgggcct cctatagagc    110640
     agtgagctct agggcacaga atccaggtat ctgtgagaca tgctgtccct cttcctgatc    110700
     attatctgct tgcagctgag tccggcttca ggaaagtttt gctctagatg gctctctatt    110760
     caagagctcc ccacattaac cttatcgtca cagcaaatga gaaaatagtt tctgtgttcc    110820
     cttcatcacc attatcaata gaaaacaatc attttcatgg aacaatgatt tatgtgagga    110880
     caacgttatc tcataaaatg tatgtttacc atatacattc ttcatgcatg ataattgtgg    110940
     actaaaagga taaccattaa ttaaatgtac atatctgtta ttcgggaaat ctttgcttag    111000
     cttatgaaaa gttaaacttt tcctcattta cattaataaa agactagaaa tgagtgattc    111060
     tctgttctat ttgatatatt ctgcagacat ttttgcatcc ataatatagg aattaaagcc    111120
     acatcctatt tgtttgttgg tgtcaaggat ggtaccagaa caataggaat cagccttacc    111180
     cttagagagc tatgtgatag atttcttctt catagaaatc tatattaaaa tgtattactg    111240
     gtgtgacaga gtggattgaa tctgaacatg cataaaatca ccttattaca tatggaaaaa    111300
     tgcatagggc atcaacatac aatagaagag gaaaagtctg ggagactagc acccttccaa    111360
     atttctaagt tcttttattc aacatccatt tcagtctact ctcaccaacc ctatcctcat    111420
     tgttgatctc tgttatactc tttaatcaag aagtatctcc tgcaaggttt taggggtatc    111480
     caagtagacc atgtggtcat gaagggtcag ggcccaggag aatataaatg tttcctaaag    111540
     ggaattgata tgctcactta ggattgagga atttgcaagt atttcttctg aggcagccaa    111600
     gagtctacaa tttctcctgc atgtagtgat aaaagcaaga tgagcagatt gctaaagaca    111660
     ccatggaacc atagttattt ccaagggaca tgatttccta aagaagcttg gggtccccat    111720
     agagatcaag tagattacct agacactgat gtcatgtcac cagatgagcc tatggatagc    111780
     atcatcaaga tcacctgagt atgagttact cttctttatg cagaggtggt cttcatggta    111840
     ccacgagcag gtatgaagac ttaacatgtc tgtccttagc cttaaataca cactaaagtc    111900
     ccatttagtc acattttcag tccctatctg aagcctgtat tattcccttt gggtcttctc    111960
     tattaacagg cttgtttcct atcatagata catatcacag gcatatgaga gacattgaag    112020
     gagatattgg gaaagcctac tgtaaaggcc agtctctgaa gaaaatatct cttttgttgc    112080
     agttgtttga gtcatccaaa ggccacatta aactcatgct gtttcaagta tataatgttc    112140
     acttcttaaa ctccacaaaa tggtcagtga gctgacgtgg tgagaaagtt gatcccattc    112200
     ttgatttggc tctttcctgg atgtttcaat attgcagact cttaggcctt ttagaaaaag    112260
     ttgtgccatt ttagatccta tatcatagac aagggacaga atactctaaa gatgggggga    112320
     tgcatcctta aatatgtccc agactggcat cctacacact ggtgagttgt aatagccaaa    112380
     cacccaacgc caaatgagtg ccaacttatt ttactgaaaa gtctctgggg attgatcctc    112440
     tgctaaggtg ttaaatctga atatgttggc aagttgaaat atggagctgg tgtaactcgc    112500
     cctacccatt ggggcaccaa gttgtctgca gatatacaac acaacttaga aacaggtgac    112560
     ctactataag attacaacgg ttctatttga aaattttaca gggatttcag gtgctagaca    112620
     aacagtgaga ccaactttga accacttcca aagtccgtat ctctatggct tctccactga    112680
     cagaactaaa tgtgggaact caaggcactg acatgaagca ttaaatgaag taaacatcca    112740
     ggtgttctgc tccttggctc tttattattg gcttgctcag catgttttct tatatactcc    112800
     agaaccacct acccaggtgt agtttcatac atgatacact tagatccaac atatccatca    112860
     ttaatcagta aaatattata caagcttgac tatagacatg tcttaaacgt acactttcaa    112920
     aattgaaatg ttttttctct ctctcagatg attctagatt gttttcattt gacaaatact    112980
     acaatgaggt gtgacttctc actttttgaa tccccttttt tcttttgttc cttcattctt    113040
     tccttctttt cttctttcct tccttcattc attccatctt gtactctaca ctaagaagca    113100
     tgcagagacc ctaatattta ataaaccatt acatttggtt atgtttctag tttagattct    113160
     gagacactga caaacactgt aagacgacag acgacagcct ggttcttggt tcagcacagg    113220
     ctgaaaatcc cagtgaccct gagggatggc aagcattttg ctatgttgct ggacactagg    113280
     ctccaaaaat gaggccacag ccctctataa aattgtgtcc ttcagtcaca taaaggcaat    113340
     gccccaagac cctccacagg cagatgatgt gaccacaggt cttgtggcct caacacagat    113400
     ctccatttta atgaggtacc taaaggcctg gagacttggt caattaagct ttccctccca    113460
     gacactcctc cctgagaaag gtatttgacc tcagaggtgg ccatctggtt ctcaggccca    113520
     ccccttagaa gtggggtatg tttttactca tctactttcc aacatgacaa taaatgtctt    113580
     aaaacaatga actgcttctt ttcatcaaga tctgctgtgg ggagccatgg agaaggcctt    113640
     tgtccaaaga gctggtcatc taatcttcca tggaaggtct ctgagttctc ccagccacta    113700
     ttaccaagcc aagccagcca catggcaaca agccaaggac tgctccccac gggacccttt    113760
     cccctttggc cagggcctag atccagcctg tgagctccga ctccattctc agctcttcca    113820
     tggctcacag cagcgtctgg gtgcccaaga gcctgagaac cagatggccc ttgcctccct    113880
     gcaagactgg ggacccccaa gccagctcta gctgtccctg gcacctcagg atgcattctt    113940
     ccacactcaa agcaatgtcc tgaggcttcc cattgcccaa cacctacata gtaatgaaaa    114000
     cttcccacat cctgcttccc agagtgtgaa aagccccatg gacatgtgaa ctttaaccgt    114060
     acaaaacacc atgaccaaaa gcattgtaag ggagaaaaaa attgttttgt tttgtttttt    114120
     catctttcaa gttataatca aaagaatcga aggaactcat gcaggaatct gaagacattg    114180
     aatgaagcaa ggacaatgaa agaacactga ttactggctt actcatatgg ctttataata    114240
     tagcctagat cccttacata gggatggaaa tagccacact ggaatggata cttttacatt    114300
     aattccactt gagaattgcc tcacatagcc agaggccaat actgttgaga caattattca    114360
     attgaggttc catttaccta gatgttttaa tttgtctgcc aacattagct atcatagcca    114420
     gaaggtagga tttcacttgc atgtatataa cttaaaccta caagtttgga gggcagaaat    114480
     tcattctcta gtggcaagag tcagaatatt catagagacc ctgttcctac tgtttagata    114540
     ttgagccctg gtctcaatca tactgactat aatgaatttg aggtcaggta ttgatgaatc    114600
     agagttttgg accagtgtat caggatccat atatatggat gatgaatcat gggtaaaagt    114660
     ataagcttat gatacagaag tattatactt catggggaat gaaaaacaac tgcactaaaa    114720
     cacagttata gccaaggtat tgagaaactg agtttatcaa aaggctcttt tggttcctgt    114780
     tgtctctggg taagaaacac aagaatgggc catttaccag gtgtctatgg ggaaaacgaa    114840
     ggtacatcta tgttcacaac cttgagattt gtactagaga actatctcag gaatatccat    114900
     gtaatatcag agctgtcaga tggctcctgc tggtcaatga tggttagaca acagtttcca    114960
     gtaatatttg ctcatgactc acgtggacaa taggaactca atatatttac catactttac    115020
     cacaaccaca gacacctttt gtacctcaag gaaagtcatg gaccactcaa taatgctcat    115080
     tatgaaaact gtggctatgg agacctaaat ctccatggga agatgttagt gtgcacagag    115140
     atcagggaaa gggtctgaga tgcatttcct catacagggt taggacttgg aaatcagtat    115200
     atcattgact catagtcatc tacctctgtc ttaagctgtc ttgataagaa caactttctg    115260
     tataatgagt atgcaaataa gctgtatctg attggataaa tacaatgttg ctcatatgac    115320
     acaggaacac agggacacat tactactctc atctacacag tccctgggtt cacatcctca    115380
     ccatggcctg gaactagaat atattcttcc ttctggcagc agttacaggt aagaagctct    115440
     ccaggcccag acctaaggat ggtctagata ttcaggtaac aataacattc aatttgcctt    115500
     ctctccacag gtatccattt ccaaatccaa ctgcaacagt ctggggctga cctgattaaa    115560
     cctggatcct caatgaaggt gtcttgcaag gttcctggct acagtttcac tagctactat    115620
     atgacctggg taaaagagag tcctggacag ggtctagaat agattagaga aaccacccta    115680
     atagttgcag tataagttat gcacagaagt ttcaaggaca catctccata actagggaca    115740
     tatcctccag catggcctac atggagctca gcaggctgac ctctgaggac atttctgttt    115800
     attgctgttt attgttattt attgtatgtc acatcctcac tgtgacataa atcctgaagg    115860
     agcaggaagc tttgttggat cagatatgac agggagtatt aggctgataa cttgctaaga    115920
     aaatgtgatt aaatcattaa ggaaaggaat aaaaacacta tgaactcatt ctattttaat    115980
     tggtaatttt cccaatcgct cttcatgcaa gatgtagagt gaagggccct ctcagttagt    116040
     aaagcttttg caaacaccct catgttgctg ttaatgtgaa tatgtgtttc tatcattatt    116100
     aaatgaatta gtgagaagta tatgattaca tattgctcaa aatgtaaaac ccatgagaac    116160
     tccaagattg cttgtgatgt acaatataaa ttagaactag gctttccatt tatattctgg    116220
     agaactgaag aatactttca gggattcata atgattctct aaacctgtat tcacagtctt    116280
     cccgattcaa atatcatccc aagaatcaaa gcctctatag actataatag ttctaattat    116340
     caatctaaat ccaaatgagg atttgtgaat attaggttga cctggcaaga actttattga    116400
     ttgtgttaat tgatgttaga agacctgtta gaaaacagca gaaccattaa ctgagctgga    116460
     tgtctgtaga tgtgcagaca aagactgagc aaaagtaagt attcatatat tctgtctgtc    116520
     tgtctgtctg tctgtctgtc tgtctgtctg tcggtcggtc ggtctgtctt tctgactgac    116580
     tgactgtgtg gtatcgctct gtctctcttt gtgtgtctgt ctatctgtat ctctatttct    116640
     ctctctgtct gtctataaaa atgaatatga caaggtgctt catgtacact gcattgactt    116700
     ccatgagttc cttcactgtt catggaaaca taaagcaaat ttccatatct atgtttcttg    116760
     ttgtcatttt attagtttac aacagcagaa aagaagctag aatacacaat gtctatttac    116820
     actgacacat aatcatatct aatagcctat gggttacagt cttacatcta atttggacat    116880
     tagaaaggga tattggttgc ttcaactctg taaagttagc attcaaatgc acatgattta    116940
     gaccagtcat gtagaatacc atgtctctaa gttcatttct agttaatttt cagtatgaac    117000
     atatgtctag ttagctatcc agattaatgg aaaaggtcta gtataacttc tcagggcaaa    117060
     gatccagtgt caggaagtga gtagagaaca tgtctctcat gttacctctc agaaaatcaa    117120
     agttctcatc agtagcacta cctctcaggt acttcgatag acagtaagaa aatattcaga    117180
     gtgcagttat gggaggttag accagggaca cttgatcttt ccacagagtt ggagcactgc    117240
     taccactttg agaggtttca tatcagactc tataatgaag gaaatcagag ctcatctttc    117300
     tatgtcctta aatgccagga attttaagga acaagtgata gtttattcaa atagagtcag    117360
     gttcttgcct atacatccag agttcaccca gttctcacca ttcttgtaac tgaatctgaa    117420
     cattttcttt tgtcctctct aattatttgt ttcatggcaa gaataatgga gagagttatg    117480
     ggagttgtac aaaagtggtt ttacacattc ctgtttcctc actgacattg aactgaatag    117540
     agctggacat tcatttcagt ggaaagagag gcccattggt catgcaaact ttatatgcct    117600
     cagtacaggg gaacaccagg gccaagaagt gggagtgggt gggtgaggta ctgggtatgg    117660
     gagcgtgggg gggacttttg ggatagcatt ggaaatgtaa atgaaataaa tacctaatta    117720
     aaaaaataat tttcaattgt tcaatttgtc atttttgttt aatttacagg aaaagtttga    117780
     taattaaatt tcccctgata catttttcta gagatcacta aattgatata attttttagt    117840
     gtatctcatt tccaagtaac atgtctgaaa cttttataaa tatgtatgta catttgtcta    117900
     aaaacatatt ctcatggcag tctagtccaa accagaagga atgattaatt ggtattatga    117960
     tcatactaca tgaacatttg taccaaattg attttagcaa tagctattag gagaaaagac    118020
     atatgctgtc ctattaccat gtgttttgag gtttaaagct aaagagaagc atcaaagagt    118080
     aagtttgagg tgcatgtctt tcatgagcac cattcagcag ccagactata gagtgaagta    118140
     ttagatgagg aggcctgctg caggaggaat gttggtcaca gcacacacca ggtagagaat    118200
     tgaagagaag gtgcagagag gttccagcaa gaaagtttcc taacttcatt aggatttcct    118260
     cctctcacct acatgaaatc cagtaatcca aatgaactgt catgttttcc ctgaatgaac    118320
     caagacagaa ttgataacaa cagataacta tattttactt attgaaccta agagaatttc    118380
     acagaaacaa aagcaggaat gctacaaaac agaggactat ttattcacaa agaagacagt    118440
     tgatttcact atggaataag ctcaactgtt gcaaaattag gaagcaaaaa tctgtttata    118500
     agacagggta ggcaaatatg ttaactgtat taatattgaa atttaacaca taacaacatt    118560
     ggatgtctta tattctcagt tacactggaa actggtggaa aatggctacc cactctgctg    118620
     tattataaac aatgaggaca cttcagtgtg agtctgacta aatttccctg atgtatgctc    118680
     aatatcttca gggtggactc agtactcaca gaaagcaagg gtaacccaca aggtggtgca    118740
     gggatctttg tgttccactt ttggtatagg gatcagattc ccaattgggg aatccctata    118800
     gatcccctgc agatttttca gaccatctga tgtatattgt cactgatcat aaagggtcgt    118860
     tgtttgactg aaatttttgc ttaaatttgg ctatttgaca caagagcaaa tagcataaaa    118920
     acaatctact cactgggcag aggtgacaca cgcctttaat cccagcactt gcaagtcaga    118980
     agcagatgga tttctgattt gagggccagc ctgatataca gggtgagttc ctggatagcc    119040
     agggctacac agagaaaccc tgtctcaaaa aaccaatagt aataataata ataataataa    119100
     taataataat aataataata acctacacac acatttaagt acagaaaaat gtatttcatg    119160
     gatattgaga ttagttctga ataaacagag ggatcttaga cagaatattt ctttatgaga    119220
     catggggaag tgacctactg ggggttttct ataagtatag tgtttgttat tgttatagta    119280
     catagcagag gagacaggac aagaggaaga tgactaggga caggtgatcc atagtaggtc    119340
     taaaaattga gttattctat gcagactctg cataaaagaa tgagttatca atcaaggata    119400
     attttattaa ttcatcttca tatctctaac tttttgctgt ttaaccagaa aaatgtaacc    119460
     tgtgttctct tgtctcatcc taaagttcag caatttgagc ttgccattgc ttgggtttta    119520
     tcttctgcca tgtcctggga aagacctgat atagtcaaag tgcccatctc ccagattctg    119580
     cagctttccc ttgtgaatgg actcttggtt aatggaaatg tacatgggta atttaggata    119640
     aaggataaca gttccattat taggcattga ggatgcattt ttactgtgtt aactctgtcc    119700
     taaagtcacc tccaccatgt gtactactga ggtgtcatgc agctaagaca ccttcctata    119760
     catttagcct ctttacagag gtcagctctg taagctgtga ccttgtaagc ctgtaaatga    119820
     taggaccatt gtccgtttga actgtattct gcagcaaaag ttatctttct ggtgccttca    119880
     ctcccacaga tacgtgtcta cagatctata ccctgttccc taccctttct tgtataggaa    119940
     aaataatccc ttgttttcat ctcttcccct cactataaat aaaatataaa tattttcagt    120000
     gaatgctaat ttgaagaaaa ccacattacc tttcaatgta tatatgaaaa tgtatgttct    120060
     ttcatgggtg gttattgttt caaaccatta atgtgaccaa cctatatcca ctactaagaa    120120
     attgcctggt tgttactcac tgatgtttcc aaaatattag ccacatatgg gcctcagctt    120180
     cattctttag ggaacttggc agttcaggtt aggagccaca gtgtcacgat ataaagccat    120240
     attgtgcagc ataagttata acagaaagat cactccatag caaacaggac actaaatcat    120300
     ctatggtttc atgttagcct tttctcattt acagaatttt aaattaaaaa tagaccacaa    120360
     ggttgaagca aatgtgacat ataaaatgca gaccaaagtg gtaaatgagt taatatgtgt    120420
     tcatgttcta attttcagtc aatagtttat tactattaaa acaaaaggac tatctttttg    120480
     cacagtaggt ctcactaata cattctgtcc ctagccaaaa tactatcaat gagttttttt    120540
     atgttcgagt gtttcttatc gttaaatatt acatttcttt ggctttaaca tgccatcagg    120600
     acataattga atatatgttt ctattttgtt gcctctggga accaacttat aaatcctgat    120660
     ttttcactca tggatgctgt atgacataac tgttcaaatc actgttactg tggacaatgc    120720
     tgtagtgagt atgggtgttc acacatctct agataacaaa tttctcacat tgatcatatg    120780
     tacccaggag tgagacagct acttatggaa ttattgttca ctttttaaga acttctgtta    120840
     tttatctatt aagggctgaa ctagctaaca ttcctacaac aatgaatgag ggttctatgc    120900
     cattcatgtt ctgcaagaga ctttctttac agtcctttgg ataataccca tataaaattt    120960
     gaggtgacat ctcaacaggg tttcactctc atgtctctga tgatgtatga tgaggaatat    121020
     ttatcatgtc ccttttagca tttttctgac acatgcctac ttctttggtc tatgacctga    121080
     ttattatctt actactgctt attaaactac atgtatatcc cctgttttaa tccattatca    121140
     ggctgggatt tctagatcta gtctcccagt tgtaggttgt ttctatactt tgttaattta    121200
     ttttcttaca cagaataatg tttataatgt aaacctgaga aatttggccc aatttccttt    121260
     gttttcgtgt tttcatttgt aaaactaagc ccaatatcat gccatatttc ctcaattgtt    121320
     ggtgatcata gctttcagtg acaatgtact acaaaatgat ttttttgttt ggtttttgtt    121380
     ttcatgacag ggtttctttg tatagccttg gctgtcctgg aactcactct gtagatcagg    121440
     ctggcctcga actcagaaat gattttgcat atatagaaaa agtatagaaa gtttaattct    121500
     gctgaatggg gataatattt ttgaaactcg catataaaat taacacttct tcaaattgcc    121560
     atattagaat attttaagac tatttattgc catgtcaaaa taatttaaaa cttcaatatg    121620
     tcagaataat tttagaatct agtctgttgc atttttcctg tgatcattta atttgattct    121680
     atgttgtgtg gcttactctg tggcatattt ttgtgtctgt ttatacaatg ctccatacat    121740
     cattacttta ttccagattg actctttcta tactggctat tttccaaatt caagaggttt    121800
     atcaacacta tattaactat tctgatacaa atcccacttg tccatttgtc ctttattgag    121860
     aacacttcca aaagtgaatg aggtttcttt gtcttacaca tcccaatcac aaattacatt    121920
     atcattgagg aaagactaaa ctaaagacta aaggagaaac taaaggcagg agactgaaag    121980
     gtagaactga tgaagagggc atggagcaat gttcctttct ggaatgttct ctgtagttca    122040
     ctcaactctt tattatacaa cccagaactc cttcttacag tggcaatatg cacaatactc    122100
     ttgtcccttc tacttcagtt ttaatcaata aagtgtccaa tatacttgtc ttagtggccc    122160
     tatttgatgg aggaattttc ttaattgata ttcactctcc caagacaact agggcttatt    122220
     aataaaaata tgatgaacat gtcaccatgt ttacatagca tctaaagtta aaaatattgt    122280
     ctaacttctt aacaaagtat ttccttctag cattgcatat tttaattctt ttcacaaaat    122340
     tttataaatt ttactctctg ttttccaggt taatttgaat tctcatattt aattttcttt    122400
     tactaatttt ttcatcttgg gctgatttta tggttttttt aatgaaaaca aattgttctt    122460
     tcatatcaaa catctcaaac acaatttcct ttctcttcca tactctaccc cctccactct    122520
     acaacatatc cactactcat ccattttcct tcaaataaaa gcaggccaac aagagcacaa    122580
     tttattattt tattttctaa caactgaaaa tagcaattat ttcttgattt attttagcat    122640
     aattaatatt ccctcataga aatataggta taattataat tgttatggaa tcattgtgcg    122700
     gttacagtct atacattcat gtcatcttca gtggtaaaat ttgtttcagt ttttactttc    122760
     ttaattattc taaatggaag ctttcacaca ttgttgtgtg ataaaaagat attcaagctt    122820
     tatccttatt gccagactcc ccatcacatt tccagttcag gacatgtcct ctctgagctc    122880
     caccctcaga agttgctatt tagcaagaag agatgcaaat aagatctctc tcttctcaga    122940
     aaagacagcc atgccctgac cctgaagctc aagcaagcag ataagccctg gatttccagg    123000
     tcttcatatt cagtgatcag cactaaatac agaccacagc aggaatttca gagccatttt    123060
     ggtttctttg ttgctgctta taaaggtaat ttatgaaaaa tcagagaaac taggtatata    123120
     ggcagacatg aacaagacac atagtgagct tctacgtgag tttgctgata ggattctctg    123180
     tgtttgaaag tttcctttat gtgttgcagt ttgtagaact gaggttagtc tggtgaggca    123240
     taaacactct cagagactct tatgtacagc tcctggtttc acttttagga gctattgctg    123300
     ggcatgctcc gtagcagagg ttagagtagg ttggagaatc aagatgttgg taccacaaac    123360
     tacacactga atagctccac tccctgggtt aagcatattc aaaccataac actggtgaag    123420
     ctgttgtttt aggatttgga attattactg ggacagaagg tcagattata tgcaaatttg    123480
     tattcaattg tctccttcat ttctatagag agaatgccac tatgcttact gtatcaccat    123540
     atattcaggg tgccaaagcc caaggaaacc aacatagagg aagctcaaag tctgtatgtg    123600
     gataagaaat atttaacaac cagactctgg agttgtatat tagaagaaga gctccagaga    123660
     agagtagccc tcctgcaaga agaataaagg tcagtaggtg gtgtgcacag cacactcaca    123720
     caaacagaga tttgaagagc aggttcagac ttatccacca agggaggttc cagactccat    123780
     taggatttcc tcctcttact atacaggatg caacctagtt aacggaatga aaccctcaag    123840
     ggaacatttc ttaatgaggt ataatgtttt ccctgaaaga ccctaagcag atgtgactat    123900
     ggatttctat tgttctactc ttgaacttaa gtcactctcc tgggaatgcc tcaatctatg    123960
     actgttttgt taccacaaac acagctgctc tcgtgatgga ataaattcct caactgaaaa    124020
     actaagaagc aacaatcatc tcttagggaa gcttgggcag atatttctac tgttttggta    124080
     taaaaattaa ctcacaacca ctatggacat ctcatatcct caggtggact ggagaatgaa    124140
     gggaaagtgc ataataacat ctacctagat tcaggctgaa gactcctcca aacccctgtg    124200
     atcatacaca aagtatgatt gcttccttgg aggacattac atagtaactc aattcttacg    124260
     gttcgatgtt accttgttac ctcaaacaca tcccataaaa aagacatatc atatatctct    124320
     cccatacata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtata    124380
     catatatgtg tgtgtatagt gtatatacac atatatatgc atatgtgtat agacatatag    124440
     tgaatgtatc atatatcata tattgcatat caatattgca tatatctcat atctatagca    124500
     catagcacat atcatattat cacccatatt aatcatatat catacatcat atataacacg    124560
     taataattgt tcattgtata tcatatataa tacatatgac atgaaatgta ttatgcaatc    124620
     atatatatgc attcatggat ttataaattg atttactatt aataaaatgt agctacataa    124680
     ttattttaat gaaatataag actagtatgc tacacagtgg aatataacct caaacaaatc    124740
     atcaatatat ccatttaata tcatttagat ttctattaaa tctccaaaat ctataaacat    124800
     agcatgattt tctttgaagc aagtaaggta agcagaaagg gactatggac caaaatcaga    124860
     aagaattcat acaaaatttc actaaaaagt tattttaatg ttctcattgt gctgactcct    124920
     tcattttatc tttgctatct gcactagtga ttcctccctt taaagcttcc attcctgaac    124980
     tcatttaaca gaatgtcact caagtaattt tttatttact acatgataag caaaagaacg    125040
     ttgatcctct aatctggcag atcactcaac atggaattgg aatttccttg ttgcttttta    125100
     ataagaagat aagataagag gtgtgtgaga agacatgagt gaaagtaaag ttgcagaggt    125160
     gtgacagttt cctaaccttt tgttctttct ctttttcttt gttccctcct tccttccttc    125220
     cttccttcct cccttccttc cttccttcct tcctcccttc cttcttccat ccttccctcc    125280
     tyyttccttt ctttctgtct gtctgtcttt ttctttgttc cctccttctt tccttccttc    125340
     cttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct tccttcctcc    125400
     cttccttctt ccatacctcc tttctttgtc ttccttcttc catccttccc tcctttgtct    125460
     gtctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctttcc ttccttcctt    125520
     ccttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttcctatcac tatcattctc cccctgctcc    125580
     ctctgtccca taggccctcc cacatctctc atgcttccct cccattccaa tcagagagtg    125640
     gttcacccac tcaccaatcc actccccctt accaccctag gattttccta agctggggca    125700
     tggagactcc acataaccaa gggcctcccc tcccattgtt tccaaataag gcagttcttt    125760
     tctatatatg caggtggagc catgggtccc tcgatgtgtg ctcattggtt gattgtttag    125820
     tctctgagag ttcttggtgg tttggttgtt ttctgttatt cttcttatgg ggttgcaaac    125880
     cccttcagct gcttcagttc tttgcctaat tcgttcatta gtgtcccaat gctcagtgag    125940
     atgtttggct gtgagcatcc atatctatat tggtcaggct ctggcagagc ctttcagata    126000
     acagctatac caggtcatgt caacaagctc ttgttggcat aagcaaaagt gtctgggttt    126060
     agtgactgca gatgagatgg atccctaggt gaggcagttt ctggatgact ttaaaaaact    126120
     aaatattttc tttattttca tttcaaatgt tatgcctgct ccttgtttcc caccaaaaac    126180
     actattccat ttctcctccc actgcttatc aacccaccca ctcccactta cctgtcctgg    126240
     cattccccta cactgaggca tcgagccttc acagggacaa gggcccctcc tctcattgct    126300
     gtccaacaag gtcattctct gctacatata tggctggagg catggttccc tccatgtgta    126360
     ctacttcatt ggtggtttag tctctgggag ctttgggggt actggttggt tcatattgtt    126420
     attcctccca tggggctgca aaccccttca gcaccttatg tcctttctct agttcccaca    126480
     ttggggaccc tgtgttcagt ccaatgactg gctgagagca tcaacctctg tatttgtcag    126540
     gcactggtag agccttacag gagacaacta tatcagattc atgtcagcaa caacttactg    126600
     gaatccacaa aagagtctgg gattggtaaa tgtatatggg atggatgcct aggtggggca    126660
     gtctctgaat ggccttacct tcagtctccg ctccacactt tgtttatgta tctccttcca    126720
     tgggaatttt gttccccctt ctaagaagga ccaaagtatc cacactttga tcttcctgct    126780
     ttttgagatg catgtgacct gtgaattgta tcttgggtat tccgggcttt tgggttaata    126840
     tacacttatc actaagtgta taaaaatgtg tgttcttttg tgattgagtt agcacaatct    126900
     ggatgatatt ttctagtccc ctatttgcct aagaattata aatattcatt gttttaaata    126960
     actgtgtagg attgaagttc ttatcagaag atccagctat accactctta ggcatacacc    127020
     cagaagatac acatacatac acatggaaac tgaacaacac tttgctcaat gataacttgg    127080
     tcagggaaga aatatagaaa gaaattaaag acatctcgta atttaatgaa aatgttgaca    127140
     catcaaaccc aaacttatgg gatgaaatga aaacagtgct caaaggaaaa ctcaaagcac    127200
     tgaatgcctc caaaaagaaa ctaaataaag cagcttgaca gcacacatga atgttctaga    127260
     acaaaaagaa ggaaatacaa cctagaggaa tagattgcag gaataatcaa attcaggtct    127320
     gaactcaacc aagtagaaac agaaagaact ataaaaaaaa tcaacaaaac cagtagctgg    127380
     ttcttggtaa aaatcaaaaa gataggcaaa cctttagtta aactaaccat aagacacaga    127440
     gtcagtattt taaacaaatg ttgctggctc aggtggcact gagcatatag taaaatgcaa    127500
     aatgatccat acttatctgc ttgtacaaag ttcaagtcca agaagatcaa ggaccaacac    127560
     ataaaaccag atacactgaa actaatagga aagaaagttg ggaagatcat agttcacatg    127620
     ggcacagggg aaaatctcca gaactgaata ccaatagctt acactctaag atcaagaaca    127680
     gaaaaaaaat gagacctcat aatattgcaa ctctcctgta aggcaaatga cactgtcaat    127740
     aggacaaaag ggcaaccaac agattgggaa aagatcttga ccaatcctat attcaataga    127800
     ggactaatat ataatatata caaataactg aagaagttgg acaccagaga accaaataac    127860
     cctattaaaa atggggtaca ttgtctgggt tactttcttg ctttttctag ggcatggttt    127920
     ctgtccttgt attggttttt ttctgttatt atcctttgaa gggctggatt cgtggaaaga    127980
     taatgtgtgg ctttggtttt gtcgtggaat actagaaaca catgaaactc aagaagaacg    128040
     aagaccaaag tgtggacact ttgccccttc ttagaattgg gaacaaaaca cccatggaag    128100
     gagttacaga gacaaagttt ggagcagaga caaaaggatg gaccatctag agactgccat    128160
     atccagggat ccatcccata atcagcctcc aaacgctgac accatttcat acactagcaa    128220
     gattttgctg aaaagaccct gatatagctc tctcttgtga gactatgtca gggcctagca    128280
     aacacagaag tagatgctca cagtcagcta ttggatggat cacagggccc ccaatggagg    128340
     agctagagaa agtacccaag gagctaaagg gatctgtaac cccataggtg gagcaacaat    128400
     atgaactaat cagtacccca gagctcttga ctctagctgc atatgtatca aaagatggcc    128460
     tagtcagcca tcagtggaaa gagaggccca ttggtcacgc aaactttata tacctcagta    128520
     caggggaatg tcagggccaa aaagtaggaa tgggtgtgta ggggagtggg ggggagggta    128580
     tgggggactt ttgggatagc attggaaatg taaatgagga aaatacctaa taaaaatatt    128640
     ttttaaaatg gggtacagtg ctaaacaaag aattctcaac ggaggaatat tgaatgggtg    128700
     acaagtactt gaagaaatgt tcaacatcct ttgtcatcag ggaaatgcat atcaaaacaa    128760
     ccctgagatg ccacctgaca ccaggcagta tggttaagct aaaaaacata gcagatgctg    128820
     gagaagatgt agagaaaggg aaatactact acaatgctgg tgggattgca gttggtacaa    128880
     ctactctgga aaccagtttg gcagttcctc agaaaattgg acatagtact acctgaggac    128940
     ccagttacac cactcctggg catataccca gaacatgttc caacatgtaa taaggaaaca    129000
     tgctccaata cattcataga agcctttctt ataatagtca gaaacttgag acaacccaga    129060
     tgtccctcaa cagaggaatg tatacaatgt ggtacattta cacaatgaag taatcctcag    129120
     ctatttttta aatttttttc aatacaattt gctttgtttt tcattagatt tttttcttta    129180
     tttgcctttc aaatcttatc cactttccta gttccctctc caaaaatccc ctattgttca    129240
     cccttcccct ggctctccaa cccacccact cctgcttcct ggccctgaca ttcccctata    129300
     ctggtgcata gaaccttcac aggaccaaga gcctctcccc tcattgatga ccgacgaagc    129360
     catcctcagc tacatatgta gctagagcca tgagtcccac catgtgtact ttttgatcgg    129420
     tggtttagtc ccagggagct ctgggattac tggttagttc atgttgtttc tcctagggga    129480
     ctgcaaaccc cttcagctca ttgggtactt tctctagctc attcattggg gaccctgttc    129540
     tccatccaat ggatgattgt gagcatccac ttctgtatta gtcaggcact ggcagagcct    129600
     ctcaggatac agctttatca ggctcctgtc agaaagcttt tgggcatctg caatagtgtc    129660
     tgggtttggt ggttgcttat gcaattggat caccatgtgg gggtagtttc aggagggtaa    129720
     ttccttcaat ctctactctg aactttgtct ctgtaactcc ttccatgggt attttgtttc    129780
     cctttcaaag aagcatcaat gcgtccacac tttggtcttc cttcttcttg agtttcgtgt    129840
     gctttgaaaa ttgtatcttg ggtattctga gcttctgggc taatatccac ttatcagtga    129900
     gttcatatca tgtgagttat tttgtgattg ggttacccca cctagaatga tatcctccag    129960
     atccatccat tcgtctaaga atttcatgaa tttttgtttt ttaatagctt agtagtactc    130020
     cattgtgtaa attaccacat tttctgtatc cattcctctg ttgagcgaca tctgggtttt    130080
     ttctaactac tggctattat aaataaagca actatgaaca tagtggaaca tttgtcctta    130140
     ttacaatttg gagcatcttc tgagtatgtt cccaggagtg gtattgctgg atcttccatt    130200
     agaactattt caaattctct gaggaaccac caaactgatt tccagtgtgg ttgtgccaac    130260
     ttgcagtccc accagcaatg gaggaaggag tattcctctt tctccacatc cttgccagta    130320
     tctgctgtca cctgaatttt tgatcctagc gattctgtct ggtgtgaggt ggaatctcag    130380
     ggttattctg atttgcattt ccctgatgat taaggatgtt gaacattttt tcaagtgctt    130440
     ctcagccctt tgttattctt cagttgagaa ttctttgttt agctctgtgc cccatttttt    130500
     aatggggtta tttgaatttc tggagtcctg cttcttgagc tctttgtata tactggatag    130560
     tagtccccta tcagatttag gattgttaaa agttctttcc caatctgttg gtggcctttt    130620
     tgtcttatgg acagtttctt ttcccctaca gaagtcttcc ttgcatcttt tctgtgcact    130680
     gtcttctcac agatttccat cccagagctt actatacagg aacaggtaat gaaaatagag    130740
     gcttctgctc ctcatcaaac ccagccctgg gcttagactc acctgtggca gaggggctga    130800
     gccctggatt ttggccaggt cttcccccta agtgagtagc actgaaaata aactactcac    130860
     catggattgg ggcttagatt gggtttcctt gttactcttt taaaaggaaa tgcacagagt    130920
     agaaactctg tttaagaaga tatgcataag agagactgta gatatatgga gtggttttct    130980
     gactattatt atcttggttt tcaggcttag aggatgaggt ttagcttcta gaatctggag    131040
     gttctttgat atagcctgga ggatccttta aactctcttc taaagttgct ggattcacct    131100
     tcaatgatta ctggatgtgc tggttttgat aaggcccagg gaatcggcta gagtggtttg    131160
     cagataaaaa atatgtgaaa agtttaaaaa aacatgcaaa gtctgtgaag ggcagatttg    131220
     ccactacaga gacaattcta aaaacttatt ttatctacaa atgaacagtc tgagaaatga    131280
     ggacattgcc ccttattact ctatgacaga gtgaggaaca tgaactgtga actcagacac    131340
     aaaactgcac gtggccagca gaggtcactg gcacacaagg atctccagat caacagaatt    131400
     ggagtagaat tgtgaatggc aaaaatgctc tgaatggttt caaataaata tgtctttaat    131460
     tctgggggac atatttaaat acaggatgca atctgttcag aacaaaatgt agagcattag    131520
     cagggcagaa gtgacccatc tgtgggcacc aggacctcat cctgaggaag aatgaaactg    131580
     agaaatagca ttaaagcaaa tagagttggg gtgaagggtt attatatttc tctggttatt    131640
     gaaacccctg ccatggattc cagaaacact tggaagtatc caagacttgg tatattatga    131700
     aaatatcagt aaaggggtga aaaatacatt ccagggtaca atatgctaac attatttgtt    131760
     tgtaaatagt attactgaat atagtttaac tcatgttaaa ttccactatc agctcatttc    131820
     ctttctgaca gagatatgtc agctgtgcaa gagggagata ctcccatgta ggacttaaag    131880
     ctgcagcaca tcctatagtg atagggagtt gtctttgtca aggatgtaca ttcttctttg    131940
     caatgactaa tgagccgttc ttacaatggg tttaaatagg agagatttgt tctcacaaac    132000
     tggtgctgca tgaaacagca caacttctca ggcttcaggg aatttatctt tcactcttga    132060
     ttcatggcat tcctttagtt atgtgattaa acaggtgttc acattgcaca gttctagcat    132120
     aaccaaggag taaatgaagg aataataaag tagaaaaaaa tagaaaacat gagtatcaag    132180
     tgttgttaga aaagtgtgtg aaagctgatg gttaaaatgt tgcctttgta gctgaaattt    132240
     aggaaacaac aacaaatacc aggaatgtcc ctttggacat agataaaaaa gctgtcactt    132300
     tcctcacagt ttcattagta cctttgattg cctttatttt ctatgaagta tcatgcacac    132360
     attagtaaaa aagatcatga aggagttctt cagaataaaa ctaatttatg gtgttaatta    132420
     cacaccagta gttaggctta ttgtttcttg cactattcat tatggacaag gataggaact    132480
     ttcatccata ggaagccaga gaagtgtgaa gttggggatt tcctgtgagt gctggtgtct    132540
     ccctcctgca gttaaactta tttctccatg cttatcttaa cagtcagtca tttctggtgt    132600
     ggtagggagg agccatacac actgtgataa atgttagaag tgtatgtagg ggtataaaag    132660
     tctgttaggg aaggccattt ataattacac cgatgatcac agatagtatc cttatgcaat    132720
     gtagagactg tccaatgctg taaatcacag gaggctcatt aaacactttc tactccaaaa    132780
     ttaaacacct tggcagaatt ctactgacct agcattttaa aggagcacac aatgacctgg    132840
     aagattccac aatcacccac accacacagt catggtgata ttcctaaatc cgattctgtg    132900
     ctgtgctgaa cctcagaaag cagacagagc attgcaaaag gctgcagaga aaatcacgag    132960
     ctgaaaggac tctaatggat cagtcataga gagtattcca tacatgatat agagtgggat    133020
     tagatacaaa aaaaagaacg gtgagttatt cactcatttg tctgcacata attctgacaa    133080
     ccaacataat tctacgctca cgtttgaaaa gccaagaatg aattgactca acaggcagat    133140
     aacagagata cttactttca ttgtatgatg gaaaaagagc ataaacaaat gaatactaaa    133200
     tatttttcaa attttcaaca tgttgatcta tcaggaaaat ataagttaat aaggaagttt    133260
     gagatttcat ttagctgggc agtggtggtg cacgccttta atcccagcac ttgggaggca    133320
     gaggtaggcg ggtttatgag gccagcctgg tctacagagt gagttcgagg atagcaaagg    133380
     ctacactaca cacagaaacc ctgcctcaga agagagggag ggagagaggg agagagagag    133440
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagacag agacagagac agagacagag    133500
     acagagacag agacagacag agacagacag agacagagac agattgactg atttcatcta    133560
     atccaagcaa cagtgacgtt tattaaagaa acaaatgaca aaaaactctg atgagtaagt    133620
     ggtgaaagtg ggaacagaat gcttggtggg tttaacctgt tgtggctact atgtaaaaat    133680
     acaaatgtaa tgtgattgac atacattact actgcactat agctaaggac tctctagtgg    133740
     aaatatagca tatcatttgt gcaacaataa gacagtgtaa aaagatttag aaaatgtgat    133800
     aacacattaa gtgggaagag agaagaaaac taggaagagc atggacttat tgaaaagaaa    133860
     gcaataagtc ctggacccaa gtatgaaagg aagcttggca ctcacttgag cctttaaaat    133920
     cacaggagct gaaaagtgtc tgtgaagagg ttgatctcag tgggagggtg ggatcatata    133980
     tagatgtagt cctggtgact tctaaggtat tagtgttatc tcattccaga ctcattagga    134040
     agctggagag aattatggtc tattttaata accaaattaa gtcatatctg ccctctccaa    134100
     ttatgaaggt aaagctgtct cccagcatgc aaatacatct tctacctcta agttaaatct    134160
     cctccttgtc tatggcagtt cctatctctc tcactggagg ctgatttttg aagaaagggg    134220
     ttgtagccta aaagatgatg gtgttaagtc ttctgtacct gttgacagcc cttccgggtg    134280
     agtgtttcca tttcatacat gtgccatgag gatttttcaa aatgtgtgat tgacagaatt    134340
     gattcttttt gtctaaaggt atcctgtcag aggtgcagct tcaggagtca ggacctagcc    134400
     tcgtgaaacc ttctcagact ctgtccctca cctgttctgt cactggcgac tccatcacca    134460
     gtggttactg gaactggatc cggaaattcc cagggaataa acttgagtac atggggtaca    134520
     taagctacag tggtagcact tactacaatc catctctcaa aagtcgaatc tccatcactc    134580
     gagacacatc caagaaccag tactacctgc agttgaattc tgtgactact gaggacacag    134640
     ccacatatta ctgtgcaaga tacacagtgt ggagtcttca gtgtaggccc agacataaac    134700
     ctccttgtag agcagctctg caccaacagg gggcatgcag catacaccaa gtttaggaaa    134760
     tttccctttt gagtaaggga aatcaattct tgcccaaaat tgtggcatgt gactcctgct    134820
     gtacaggaag acacactagt gctaaggtct ccagttaata caatgcccag agcccactaa    134880
     tactctttaa attataccca gaattcttca atgacaccca tcctagaggc tcaacattgc    134940
     atcccaaagc atcagaagaa gacttttcct ctccagaagg gcaaaccaat tctagaaacc    135000
     ccagacacca aaccaaatcc ttgaagcaac attgatatcc agtatcccag tgaccattgc    135060
     agttcacaga acagcagaaa ctcaaaggca actggaaaac tccaaaagtc actcaagcca    135120
     aaaaaacccc agtggagtca ccctactggt ggtgaagacc ctctggccac tagaagaaca    135180
     ggacactcag gcaagaagac caaagcagaa atagaaacca aaagaaaact attcatccaa    135240
     tcaaagataa actcaaaaac ttgaacctga acctaaacta atcctatagc cagatgacca    135300
     gatgtcagta taagatcaaa atttaaaaca attggggcaa tattaccatc ttacaccaaa    135360
     gctcagctat ccaacttaag caagtcctgg atatactaat acagcagaag gacaaaaact    135420
     gaccttaaat acaactgtat gatgatgata gcatcagtta aagagggaat aagtaaagtc    135480
     cttacagaaa tgcagtaaaa gacaaacatg caggggacaa agttgcccag tccaagttct    135540
     caaattgtct ctcccctctc ccttactctc tccctcccct tcccctctca tcttcctccc    135600
     ccctccccct ccagtacaag gtccattcct gagtaataag ctgtcatctt cttatcacag    135660
     gagacatttt cagagtatga tttctaaggt tgctactgtg tgggtgtata tgtattacat    135720
     taattctttc caccaagaat atcctttctt gtccagggga tattgtttat atcatatatt    135780
     tcatataaat ttctaaaata gctatataat actgactcaa aagtggtagt aggacaaaag    135840
     tttttttttt attatttttt tataaacaaa gtagttttag ttaacaatga catggcacag    135900
     aataaattta tcatcaccag agcaacaaaa tttaagatca gaaagagata ttacctcata    135960
     tggggatgtg tttaggataa aatatctgtt catatctgtg tctatgttga tagttactca    136020
     aggttccaca tgtatggatg tttaacatgt gattctataa ttgtacagac atatgatgtg    136080
     aactttattt gcttcaaata tgtattctta ttttcatgaa ctaaaatgaa acaaaatcaa    136140
     aattttttct cagcacattg atgggggtat ttgcacttca tcagacaagt ctgaatctga    136200
     acaagtgttg actcagacag aagttgtaca cagcatggaa aagcacaaat ccatacacca    136260
     gtaagcttca tttggtaaca tgctgctgtg tgatgctatt ttaatttcat attttaaaaa    136320
     ggcatgacat aacttcatac aattgtcata atgtaaatga ccaaaatgac ccttgtggct    136380
     tatctgagca ctgatttctc acacagatcc accccagaga tgctatatag gaaatggata    136440
     tgcaaataag gacactggct actcagaaaa accagcccag ggctgagctt catctgtggc    136500
     agaggacctc agccctggat gccagccagg tcttcccatt tagtgattgg cactcaacaa    136560
     agatgaagct ggggattaaa tgggtttctt tgttgctctt ataaaaggta atgcacagaa    136620
     aaaaagacta tgcataggaa agacagtgga tatatgtaat tgttttctga ctatgattct    136680
     ctctgttttc aggcatacag ggtgaggtga ggctggtgga atctggaggc agcttgatag    136740
     agcatgaagg gtacattcaa ctcttttgtc aagcttctgg attcaccctc agtggttact    136800
     ggatgcacag gatttgccaa gccccaggga aggggccaga gtggttagca aatataaaat    136860
     ttgatgagag tgaagggttt atgggttatc ccagatgatt aaaacctatg ctatgtacta    136920
     caaaaacagc tgtgagaatc taggcctagg tgcattgtgg ggacatgaga aatacatccc    136980
     agggattaat atacgcagaa tattttttgg attttcttgt tgtagtcagt aatggaaggt    137040
     aggtagactg tcatgttcct ggtatggaaa tcctctgatg ggtatctctg aaatatatgg    137100
     tactgtactt acagttctgt atggtttagg agcctcaggt ccaatgaagt tgtacactga    137160
     gcaggcagga agagtgagct aactccctca gcttggcttg tctcagaggg ttcacagaat    137220
     atggaagatg gattaaagaa aggaagttag tggttttctc tttctgtctc atctctgggg    137280
     tatcagacac tgctcagaga ggcaaaacac agaggcacta gcctacagtc cagttttgca    137340
     ttggattgcc aagttccttg gaagtggaca tctgcccaga gaagacacaa tgtagcctaa    137400
     gatagaggtc tcagccttgg cttcttcagt ttcaaatagg tgcctactga gaccaagaat    137460
     ctggttctca agtttctggg cacagagaca ctactgggaa ccacaaagac ttggggacag    137520
     ggttctgcag gcctgagatg tgcttagagt aggagatggg tctggggtgg gggaaggttt    137580
     tgcttttcta agggtgagtg ccagaagtat aaaggagcct tcaacaggag aaataggcac    137640
     tgcttggttt gatgaaatct ttctcctaaa agatcctgac agagagtaaa aaattactta    137700
     agcctctaga cctatgtcca aaatagcccc attggtccag gatgccaggt gtttgcagtt    137760
     tttgcctttc tatagcccaa tgccagttgt ttgcggtttt tgtgtcttta taaacccctt    137820
     accccttgag ttcgtcatcg actcctctac ccctgcttgg gttatgagtc gtccccagtg    137880
     caatggtcgt tccggaataa acctcttgct gtttgcatca agaccatttc ttgtgagtga    137940
     ttttcaggag tgtcatctct cctgagtccg aacatggggt agtcctcacg ttgtgggtct    138000
     ttccctcctt gaagaaacca gtccttgtgt gttcataatg tttattcatg ccaaaataag    138060
     gggaggggga tggatatgac atactcaggt tggatgagaa attaaatacc ttttggagga    138120
     agggatgtaa tgagtggaag cttattggct aaacctttgg ggcccaccga gacagctcat    138180
     tagcatggat aactctaggc tttttgttac atggccttgt ttctcttagt ggggtgtcat    138240
     ggtcatgctc cctaggacaa aaatctggtc tgaagcatat tcaaacatct tcttatgcaa    138300
     ttgtgaggat tgctggaatt ccttattgcg ctgattgtgc cagtccagtt tttctgtctg    138360
     atgacacagt cccatttgcc tcacagaagt ttgttagtat ggttcaggtt tctgataaag    138420
     gtggaggagt gatggtaggg gaggggatga ccacctggta gagcaggctt ctcactgcag    138480
     gttggcttgg cccagagggc tcagctagca ggtaacatgg tcaggagaat ggaacttaac    138540
     ctatatgtat caggtccaat gggggtgaga aaacacatgg taggagaatg gaggttccct    138600
     tgaaatagat agcaggttac tcaagtcagc tatgcttggc ctactgggct caaagaacat    138660
     ggaagatggg tggcagaagg aagcttactt atatggttca ggagtctgat aaaggtggag    138720
     gagaggtggc aggagagtgg aggtaccctg ggatagcagg ttactcaggg acctttatta    138780
     acactttctt ttaaaggagc ctcttgtggt caattttatt attattatat ttacattcca    138840
     aggttgtcct tcctcttggg tccccttccc acaatttgtc atcccatttc tcctccccct    138900
     tgcctctgag agggtgcttg aaactccacc agttctcctc cttccctgag acctcaagtc    138960
     tcttcagaat taagctcact gtctctcact gaaacctgaa taggaagacc tctcctatat    139020
     ttgtgccagg gtccaggact ggactgtcta tgctcctggt tggtgtccca gtctctggga    139080
     actccctggg ttctgggtta gttgacactg ctggtcttcc tatagggttg ttctcctgta    139140
     aggcttcttc aacccttgcc ctaattcaac cataggagtc cctgacttca gtccagtggt    139200
     agagtataag ttatctgctg ctgtctgtca tctgctggta gggcctctca gaggacagac    139260
     atgccaggct cctgtctata accatcatag catcagtaac agtaccagac catggtgtcc    139320
     atcccccatg agatggatcc taattgggac agtcattgga ctgcctttcc tttagtctct    139380
     tctccatttt tgtccctgca gttcttttag acaggaataa ttctgggtca gaattttgac    139440
     tgtagtttag taacattgtc cctccacttg aggccctgtc tatccactgg aagtggaccc    139500
     tttgaatgcc ctctcttaaa tgttagccaa tttgaataaa ttcacttcca ttgagtcctt    139560
     agaatctctc atcttcctgg tttctattac tttgtagagg gtcccccgac ctcccatttc    139620
     ctgaagatac ttgtcttcat tcattctctt ggccctctgg gctactatct gtcttctcac    139680
     cacattcctg acctttttgg ccctttcccc tcttttaaca cttaaatgga catttataga    139740
     gacataaaga cagctggata tttggtaatt tcttctggca gcaggtgtga attaaataaa    139800
     ggattaattg gtagaattcc tttccctttt tcccatttgc cttgcccctt gctgcccaga    139860
     tgagagtaag gcttggattt tattaacttc ttgtcaccca gaaaaagaaa ttcattctca    139920
     gagaaagaaa aacttatgca caagcagtta tgcatataca cacaaacaca tacatgcaca    139980
     ctttcattct taaaggaccc agcattcttg cacataaaat tatatgattg aatacacata    140040
     aacacacaac taaacatatg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    140100
     tgtttgtgtg tgtgtgtgtt tctgtgtttg gtggatggag caaaagcccc catgagcaga    140160
     tttcattgag caagcactag gacagtactc tctcattctg gatgaaaaat atacctagct    140220
     tttattgctc agagaaagaa aaccttctac cttcctattg ctgaatgaat aaaaccctaa    140280
     tctatatgaa aaatggaatg tcccggtcag taagaagcct gttgttaaga aaaatacctg    140340
     tctaataatg agaaaatgcc tttcatctcc tctgctcttg tctactcact gtcatcatac    140400
     ctagttctta tactttttca ggatacatga tcacatggta ttccaagcat cgtttttcaa    140460
     aagttcacaa caagtttaaa taaaaaattg aagaagtaat tacagcagat atatttactt    140520
     ctatttcatt aagactacac ccaaccaatg gtctgaagtt gaggatgcct gtggttgaat    140580
     ttgggaaagg cttaaagaat ccgaggagga aggcaacccc atagaatacc agaagtctca    140640
     agtatcctgg actcctaaga tctctcataa actgagccat gaaacaggca gcatgcatta    140700
     gttggtacaa ggtccccgac acatttcatg tcagtgataa gtgaatagta cccaaaggct    140760
     tggaataccc aaggtgcaat tcacagatca catgaagatc aaaaagaagg aagactgaaa    140820
     tgtgtttgtt tcagtccctc tttgaagacg gcagaaatta ctcaatagag aaaatgtgga    140880
     gacaatctgt ggagtagaga ctgaaggaaa ggccatccag agactgctcc acctggtaaa    140940
     tccatcccat atacagacac aaatctcaga ccctaatgga gatgccaaga agtgcttgct    141000
     gacaggagcc tgacaaacct gtctcttaag aggcttttgc cagagcctta taaatacaga    141060
     gcctggtgct cacatccaac cattggactg agtgcaaggt ccccaatgga ggagttagag    141120
     aaaggcctga aagagctgaa ggggtttgaa acccacataa agcacaataa tatcaaccaa    141180
     ccagaatccc cagaacttcc agagaccaac caaccaacca tacttctgtg caacaacaag    141240
     aagagagggt accaagtttt tgtaaagatg gaaacacatt ctgggtgggg aaagagaaga    141300
     aaactaagaa tagtgtggac ttgataataa gaaagtaaga agtcaggacc ccaagtacat    141360
     aagcaagatt ggcactgact tcagtcctta aaaaaacagg agaatcagag ggagtgtcgg    141420
     gaggttggta tagaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaggtgggat catgtctaga ggtgtttctt    141480
     ttgatttcta cagttctcag gctcttttaa ttccagacac atgctatagg aagcaagaga    141540
     cactgatgat cttatttata acccagtgca gtcagttttc acactcccaa gttatgacga    141600
     caaggctgga tcctggcatg caaatgctta tactagttct aagttaaata ccttcctgga    141660
     ctgtgggaac tcatatatct ctcactgaaa gttgatctct gaagcaaggg ggtatagcct    141720
     aaaagatgag agtgttgagt cttgtgtacc tgttgatagg tgttcctggc aagtgatgat    141780
     actatttcat acatgtgccc attagtggtt ttaaaaatgt gtggttgaca gaattgactc    141840
     ttcttctctg aaggtatcct atccgaggta cagctccagg agtcgggacc tgacctggtg    141900
     aaaacttctc agtcactgtc cttcacctgc tctgtcactg gctactccat caccagtggt    141960
     tatgactgga actgtatctg gcagtttcca ggaaacaaac tgtagtgtat gaggtacata    142020
     cacaagagtg gtagcactaa ctacaaccca tctctcaaaa gtcaagtctc catcactgga    142080
     gacacttcca agaaccagtt ctacctgcag ttgaattctg tgactactga ggacacagcc    142140
     atatattact gtgcaaatga cacaaggtgg tgtcttcagt gtgagcccag aaataaacct    142200
     cattgtagag cagctctaca ccaacagggg gttgaagcat acaccaagca caggaaattt    142260
     actttagagc aggttaaaaa taattctggt aaaaaggaag acacattagt gctaaggtct    142320
     tcagtaaata caatatgcag agaacattaa aactccttaa attataccca gaagccatca    142380
     atgatatacc ctttaggagg ttgcaagttc taggcctctc taaaccaaaa ttattccttt    142440
     ctaaaagtac tggagggaca aaaataaaga agagtacaag gaaaaggagt tccagtgaca    142500
     gtcccagctt gtaatccatc tcaaggggag gctccaaggc ctaacacttt taatgatgct    142560
     agagtattct caaagacaaa agcctagcat gtctactctt tgagaagccc aacaagcagc    142620
     taagacagat gcagatattt ccactccatc aatggacaga tcatggagac acctgtggct    142680
     gaactaggga aaaacaggag gaagctgagg agtagggcaa ccccaaacga aagactagaa    142740
     gtctcaacta gcctggcacc cgagatctct cagacacttg agcaggaacc aggtagcata    142800
     caccatctga tatgaggtct ctctctacac atgtatagca aaggatggtc tggtctgaca    142860
     cctaaccctc taaagacttg acccaggaag tgggtaggtc tggttggatg tggtgaagga    142920
     ggtggataca ccctttagag gtgagagaag aacatatgag ataaggaact gtactggcta    142980
     gttttgtgtc aacttgacac agctggagtt atcacagaga aaggagcttc agttgaggaa    143040
     atgcctctat gagatcctac tgtaaggtat tttctcaatt agtgatcaag ggggaaaggc    143100
     cccttttggg tggaaccatc tctgggctgg tagtcttggt tctataagaa agcaggctga    143160
     actagccagg ggaagcagga agcaagccag taaagaacat ccctacatgg cctctgcatc    143220
     agctcctgct ttctaacctg cttgagatcc agtcctgact tcctttggtg atgagcagca    143280
     gtatggaagt ataagccaaa taaacacttt cctccccaac ttgcttcttg gtcatgatgt    143340
     tttgtccagg aatagaaacc caaactaaga caaattggta ccagaagtgg ggtattcctg    143400
     tgacaacctg accatgtatt ggggaggact gtggaaggac tttggaactt tggactagaa    143460
     gatccattca ttcttaagag ctctgtcgaa tgttgtgtag gagtttagaa gataatgttg    143520
     agaacagtgc agaagatgga tttctggctt gtgaaatttt agagggaaaa ttaaaaactc    143580
     ttttcagggc cattgctgtt ttgattgtga agattctgta gttctggtta gctggggctg    143640
     aagaatccac tgtgattaac aagataccag aactactaaa gcaaaaactt cgtattactg    143700
     ggactactga tgctggttag ctggagttaa gaaattaaaa gtgattaaga agagagcagc    143760
     atcattgagg tgacatcttc tgggaagtgt tttcagaaag cacaaagagg ctgtgttcca    143820
     gagatagcca aggttgtatt cctgctgcag caggacttgg taatgtgtaa gcatcaccca    143880
     gatggtactg gttttgaagg catgaagggg tcacacagag cagctgaggc tatgcactgt    143940
     gagagaccag ggaaggccat tggtgaaggt acagcctcag ttgccattga cagcccagga    144000
     atgaaggggt catgcagtgt tttggagatg ccagtaccat gagatgacca ccaagaacag    144060
     cagcagcagt ggagtacagg catctggagc ctagaggacg acacatgtgc tacaaagggc    144120
     atggctggag aagtgaccca agcccttggc ggagcccaga agattgtgag ttggatccca    144180
     gacattggac agttggagat tgatttttgg ttttgattgt gactgtgcca tgatattttc    144240
     cctcttgaag gaagaaactg ttttattaga gcccacagtt aagagacttt taattgtaaa    144300
     aagactttgg attttaaaag ggatggatat tttaaagaga ttgaactttt aataatatgt    144360
     gggatgttta aagttattta gaccttgggg atgaataagt atgtgaaggt tgaggcttac    144420
     taatgatgtg tttgtgtgtc aagttgacaa ggggttaatt gtactggcta gtttagtgtc    144480
     aacttgacac aactggagtt atcacagaga gaggagattc agttgaggaa atgcctccat    144540
     gagatcctac tgtaaggcat tttctcaatt agtgttcaag gggaatggcc ccttgtgggt    144600
     gggaccatct ctgggctggt agtcttggtt ctataagaga tcaggctgag caagccaggg    144660
     gaagcaagcc agtaaagaac atccctccat gacctctgca tcagctcctg ctttctgacc    144720
     tgcttgagtt ccagtcccga cttcctttgg tgatgaacag caatatggaa gtataagcca    144780
     aataaaccct tttctcccca acttgcttct tggtcatgat gttttgtcca ggaatagaaa    144840
     ccctgactaa gacagaaact tttaaagagc agaccaggaa ggggataaca actgaacact    144900
     aaaaacaaaa taaagagtag taattttttt tcaaattaaa aaaacaaata aagaagaata    144960
     tatgtggtct ggaagataaa tctgtcattt gttatgtgcc ctgcttaacc cagtatcaca    145020
     ctataacctt taatgacttc tgcaatgtga attcatagaa aaagcttgtc ttaattactt    145080
     acacccagat tcttctccac tatgcccagc ccttttctct gctttcctta ctgaaacaca    145140
     ggtgaatgtc tccaggtggt ctccacatat ggagctacag aatggaatct actaatcagg    145200
     gtggcacaat gctcaccaac cttaaaactc cttttcagct ttccatcagc tatctatggg    145260
     atgaacattg gcagactgga gttatggata aactttatcc caatggctat gccaaatacc    145320
     cagttgctga cctgcacatc tcctgtgagc ttgttcctgc ctccaaatca gcctttaccc    145380
     attctaatat tatccaacag gaatatcagt ctcagaagga gctgcgagct accctttcct    145440
     ggctacagta catccaatac acaactgact tacttctctt aacaacccac cccaactcct    145500
     cccaatactc tttacatgct tttctctctc aaacattatt agcagttgtt cccattaaca    145560
     ttctccttca tgacttccat ggaaccatgc ccatgaggaa agcacagaac attcctcttt    145620
     tttacctagc ctcctctttg ccttgtagga ccctcctcaa aaccccatct tacatgtgtc    145680
     catgacatca ccaacaccaa atgagtatgt gttaaacctc ctgccctcct ctggtgcaaa    145740
     ggcactacag gtgcctatat taacccccct ttacaaggct cctgtactcc tgtgataatt    145800
     gtccctcagg tttatctcta caaacctgaa gaactcacct tgcagatggg agaaagccaa    145860
     aagaagggag agatcttcat ccctctgctc attggcttag gccttgctgt ctcaatgggt    145920
     gcaacaggaa ctgctagagc aattttcgtc caaacacaac atctggccaa tgactttcat    145980
     gacaagtttg accaggcaat ggctaccact acagacagcc ttgagtctct tcaataccag    146040
     aaaacctcct cagcaggagt ttctctctaa aaccggagag cccaggattt actgactgct    146100
     gaacagggag ggacttgtgt tttgctgggg gagaaatatt ttatgtcaag gaatctgggc    146160
     tggtagaaca agatatacaa atgtttaaag aactccaggg gaacctctgg gcattctgta    146220
     ttcccaacac tcctacccct tggtactcta acccctgggt agcctgggtt cttcatcccc    146280
     ttggccccat actagccatg ggagccttgc ttctcttggc accctgtctc attcagtttc    146340
     taaagcagca gatgagtagc attgcaaaaa tcactaccaa tcaggtcttg gttcagtatc    146400
     aaactgttac caacttagga gatagttatt ctggtgacac ccctccctca taaaaagaaa    146460
     agtgggatct gtggggcaat ctgctgcata caaacagcct aatttccagt caagcatagg    146520
     tcttgaaccc tggtgggacc ctatgggtgg tgatttccac ctacatggga cagaagatgt    146580
     tctatcatgt ctcctggacc cctggctcct gtcaaagtta ctgtccccac agctcccaaa    146640
     ggagagttgt gtggctatga gtcatgtagg agtatcacca agccttccca catgcaaata    146700
     aggttttctc caaactctca gtccaagcca atgagagcta cctgctgttg aacagaatca    146760
     cccccaaaat tatatataaa tcctatccag ggaattaaag gtgcacatga actacctctt    146820
     catctgagtc ttttgttcca agagctgtaa cactttggaa gagatctcac ccaaagagcc    146880
     acctgaggtc ctactgtcct cctcaccgaa tagtcggctt ctcctctatg aatgaaggac    146940
     tcgttgtgtt cggttccacg atctcaattc acttgaggaa agtaacagat ggttttcctg    147000
     ctgaggaatg aactctatgg ctcactaccc aggtctcttt agtcattttg tacttcctcc    147060
     tgattattaa ctttaatcaa ctgagtcttg cttccagaca gtcctgccct agttggaact    147120
     ctacaaagag cactaacatt aactctaacc tgactgcaaa ggagcaaata attttttgtt    147180
     tttcccccat aacctcatta ttggtagaaa agagttattt tcattaaaaa agaatttatg    147240
     tgagatttta tctcacaaaa tttgatcaaa tggacatttg ctccttcaat attcttataa    147300
     acaataagaa aaaccattca ctaatggtac atgtctctta gggagtaact ccttgtgcaa    147360
     catgaaaaga tgtaatttaa ctcattcaaa gtagtaaatt ttttaaagta ttaacaattt    147420
     taaaggactg gacatttaaa aaagagatgt tataaaagta aatttaattt atctggcaaa    147480
     aatatgtaaa aatctcacat ggtaacattt acaaacagca caccaaggaa ttcatttgtg    147540
     tgccataaag gaaatagggc acagagcaca gagtaaaaca tctctcattt tacttttaaa    147600
     ttttgtgaat agaaagaatt atgtccataa tgacctccac tatagtctgt ctttccacta    147660
     cccctcctac caaatgtttc tctttctttg ccattcttcc tcctacttcc atgcctttct    147720
     tctctgtaag tagtcccaac ctgtgagtac tcaccattgt ggtataattg ttatatctct    147780
     aaggcagcac ctcttagaac ttgtctctat attctggctc ttacaactta ttcacctatc    147840
     atccataatg tttcataatc aatggaaaag ggggctatca atatttcata tagtccttag    147900
     cactccaaag tcaactattc taaacacttc agcttgttgt gagtcactga attcatcatc    147960
     cctggtagaa agtaaaacaa aaagaactgt gaatatatat caaatgctta gatgggagtt    148020
     ttaacccatc tctaatcggc aaaatctctt ctgactctta ccaagggcct attacctgca    148080
     gccataggct tttaacaaat ttaataatac caggcactca agactagtgg ttgctacttg    148140
     acaaattcat gctaagcctc tattgtttgt ttgctttttg attgttttat ttatttacat    148200
     tccaaatttt gcccccattc acagtacccc ctttcaagag ttcttcaacc catttccatt    148260
     ctcctttgcc tctgtgaggg tgtgccccca aacacccacc ccatcaccta cccacaactc    148320
     taaccccctc ctcaatctcc aaactcccac cctgcatacc acttccctgg ggcatcgagt    148380
     ctctacagga tttgcaacat cctcttccaa tgaggccaga caaggcattc cgctgagggt    148440
     cattaaccag gacgagtata tcctttggtt gttgacttag tctctggtag ctacaagggg    148500
     tccaggtaag ttgataattt tgaggttacc atcctatggg gttaccatct cctccaggac    148560
     ttccaatcct tcccctatct cttccacagg ggtccttgac ctcatccaat gattggctgt    148620
     aaatatttgc atctttctta gtcaggtgct ggtagagctt ctcagagggc aaccatgttg    148680
     gctcctatat gcaatcacaa cattgtgtca gtcatagttt cagggtttgg aacacacaca    148740
     tgggatggat cccaagttgt tccagtcact ggatgtcctt tccttcagtc tctgctacat    148800
     tttggccctt gtatttcttt tagacagtaa caattctggg tcaaataatt tgaagatatt    148860
     ttggtgtcca catcccttca ctggggccct ctctatccac tagaggtggt cttttcaggt    148920
     tccatctccc cagtgttggg catttctgct aatatcatcc caattgagac ctgagatctt    148980
     ctcacatccc agatctctgg gtctttctag aggttccccc tgtcctccac ccacaagagc    149040
     tgcatatttc cattcatcct tctggcactc tgagcttctc tcctgtcttc ccccatacct    149100
     gatcctgtct cccttttact ttctccttct cctctttcac ccaggttact tccttcctct    149160
     aaagccctgg attatttggt tcaaccttct aagtgggatt gaaacatgtt cactttggtc    149220
     atccttcttt ttaaacttct tactgtttgt ggatcttagc atgggtttac tgtccttggc    149280
     taatgtccac ttatcagtac atacatacta tgaatgtcat ttggagtctg ggttacctga    149340
     cttgggatga taatttctag atcaattaat ttgcatacaa aacacatgtt gtcctctttt    149400
     ttaaaattta attttatttg taattcattt tttacactcc atattccatt ctgcgccact    149460
     ccccatctac tctttgactg ttccacattc cacatctatt ccccatccca ccctgtcacc    149520
     acctgaatgc cccccttccg cactacacct gacctctaaa ctccctgggg cctccagtgt    149580
     cgtgaaggtt aggtacatca tctctgaata aagagagacc tggaagtcct ctactgtttg    149640
     tgtgttgggg gcatcatatt agctggtgta tgctgtctgt ttggtggtct agtgtttgaa    149700
     agatcacaga gatccagatt aattgagact gattgtcctc ctacagagtt gccaacattc    149760
     taagagttgc cctcctccta agcttctttc atccttctct aattcaacat caggggtcag    149820
     ctgcttcagt acattggttg gatgcaaact tctgaatctg actctttcag cagcttgttg    149880
     tgcctttcag agggcagtca tgataggtcc atttttgtga gctcttcata gggatggaaa    149940
     tggcgaggag cctgagaaaa tgaaggtcca ggaacaggcc taaagtaaga tccagatcaa    150000
     ggggaggtct caaggtctga cactgttttc ctcattttta atagttgagt agtatttcat    150060
     tatgtaaatg aacgtcaact tttgtatcca ctcttcagtt aagtggcatg tgtgttgttt    150120
     ccaccttttg gctattagga ataatgttac tatgaacatt atagggcaag cgtccttata    150180
     gtatggtaga atatctattg catatataat ggactattct agtgaccaac cttatatatc    150240
     taactgaact cagagaagca gagttggtgc ttcctagagt gttcaacact agtgcctggt    150300
     attcatagta cttaaaagta acctggggct ggtgagatgg ctcagcgggt aagaacactg    150360
     actgctcttc caaaggtcct gagttcaaat cccagcaacc acatggtggc tcaaaaccat    150420
     ccgtaaagag atctgaagcc ctcttctgga gtgtctgaag acagctacag tgtacttaca    150480
     tataataaat aaataaataa ataaataaat aaataaataa ataaatctta aaaaaataaa    150540
     taaaggtaat ctgcatgata ccagaagata aagttaaaca ctaacccagc taaattactt    150600
     caatttttaa gtctggactc ccaaggaggg tcacattgcc catccccaca atggcatacc    150660
     tcctcctata aggccacacc tatgccaaaa aggccacacc tcctaatagt gtcacatgct    150720
     gggccaacca tattcaaaac accacaggaa gcaatatgag attccatgtg ttcagcatcc    150780
     ctgtccaaag taaaagagtt catcacatat tcacatcctt gttctctaga tcttataatc    150840
     tttatgtgac caattccaga attttctata tataacttaa gtgtaagatt tgtattaaag    150900
     atgtatcaac tctagttggg catcccagag tcacttgttc tctacatggt tccctgatat    150960
     gcacttctgc gatagtccca tctccaactg aaaaacaaaa gctccattga taagggcatt    151020
     tggaattttt atctggggct ataaagataa ggttttagag tacagtgaga aattatatgt    151080
     ttgcaggggt agcaacatag taggacaaag tgttttatgc tgggctgctg tttatttttc    151140
     tgctttgtta atatgtgcag tacctttgcg ttgagtatct aatcaacctg agccttgttt    151200
     ctagttgagt ctagatgttg aaccctggga cccagtggtg ataattcacc tacatgggac    151260
     agaaggagtt ctttcatgtc tcctggaact ctggctcctg tcaaagctac caccccctca    151320
     gcccccacaa gagaagaatg gctcttagtc atgtaggcaa tgtcccaggc ttctgacctt    151380
     caggctaaac tcctccctag ttacctagca acagtaaaga taacagcata ccataagatg    151440
     ggctgctttg ccccatctca atctcttact cctcttaccc cccttactct cctctctctt    151500
     cctcttactc tctagccttt cttttctcta tctgtctctc tctgtctctc tctgtgtgtt    151560
     tctctctgtc tctctgtctc tctgtctctc tgtctctctc tgtctctctc tgtctctctc    151620
     agtctctctc tgtctctgtc tctctctctg tctgtctctc tgtctctctc tctctctcct    151680
     ttcctccttc cctccttctt ggccatgatc atcctctctc tccctctttt accttttctc    151740
     tttccccctg actttctata ataaagctct aaaaccatag actgtatctg ttcatcaagg    151800
     cctgctgtgt ttgtagaatg ggataggctt tcctctaatg agccattttt aatcttccat    151860
     gggaaggtca tccttggctc caggcaagtc ctgctgcact tactctcacc tgtgtgggaa    151920
     cctctctccc tcaggcctca ctcaaatagc cccaggccac agggtatcac tctggggacc    151980
     ctggatttgg gggctgctcc ttgtccaacc cccagttgaa tggggtcagt ggattagatg    152040
     cccacccatg accaagtgta aagtgtcagg cagacctcct tcatctgcct gcccagagca    152100
     taagaggaac tctggccaga catgggctct ctttcctccc ctttcttccc cagccccctt    152160
     ttagttcata tatatacata tatgtataca tattcaaata cacatatatt gctcacatga    152220
     tcagggataa gccccctttt tcagaagatg gagacaaaca cattgaatca gtgaatcata    152280
     actggaaaat attctgaaag tgagaaacct cggagaactc aattctaaat gggttatctc    152340
     cataaattcc ctcccctcag ggctcataga atccagcaaa ggttgagaca gagaggcagg    152400
     aagagtcaca agagctccag tataacaagg ggaaaaaagc acatctacac aaataaggac    152460
     aaatgaggtg taaggcacat aagaccacaa agactgtgac aacatgcaca aggccaggta    152520
     agattctaga gccaagagta gaagtgaaca caaccactgt ccctcaacca gaattatctc    152580
     caactgacaa ccaaagggat gtaaaattaa tttttccaac acaatcttcc tggttatcca    152640
     aactgttttt acctggacat aatactagat agactgaatc taatataaga gaaagaggga    152700
     aaaaacctag aacacattga gacaggggaa attttcccga tgggaacact gatggcttag    152760
     cctctaggaa tgtcaagaga ctgccatatc tagggatcca ccccgtaatc agcttccaaa    152820
     tgctgacacc attgcataca ctagcaagtt tttgctgaaa ggacccagat atagctgtct    152880
     cttgtgagac taggctgggg cctagcaaac acagaagtgg atgctcacag tcagctattg    152940
     gatggatcac agggccccca atggaggagc tagagaaagt atccaaggag caaaagagat    153000
     ctgcaatcct gtaggtgcaa caacattatg agctaaccag taccccgagc tcttgactct    153060
     agctacatat gtatcaaaag atggcctagt cggccatcac tgtaaagaga ggcccattgg    153120
     acacacaaac gttatatgcc ccagtacagg ggaatgccag agccaaaaaa atgggaatgg    153180
     atgggaaggg aagtgggggg ggagggtatg ggggactttt gggatagcat tggaaatgta    153240
     attgaggaaa atacgtaata aattttaaaa aaaaagaaaa aaaagcttct gttaggcaag    153300
     gacacactaa ataggaagaa aagtagccta taagttagga aaagttcttt actaactcga    153360
     cattctattt ttgataggaa taatgtccaa aatatataaa taactcaagt tgttagactc    153420
     tgaaatacaa aaacaaacaa acaaacaaac aaacaaacta aaaaaaaaaa aaaaacccaa    153480
     cctaactaaa taatggatta cagagctaaa ctgagaattc tcgataaaga agtctgtatt    153540
     agcccttaaa aatgttcaac attccttagt aatcattgaa atgcaattca aagaaaaccc    153600
     tcagattcca tcttacacta atgagaatgg ctaaaatgaa aaactcaaga gagagtatgt    153660
     tgtggcaagg atatgaagag aagtgaataa tcctccctag ctagtaggat ttcacactgg    153720
     cagaaccatt ctcaaaatca atctggagtt tcttcagaaa attggaaatg ctactaactg    153780
     aaaactcatc tataccactc cacattatca caagaataaa tgttccacta tgttctcagc    153840
     agccgtattc ataatagaca gaaactgaaa gcaacttaga agaatgggca gaaaaaaaat    153900
     gtatttcctt tacactgtgg aatactattc agctattaaa aatgaagaca tcattaattt    153960
     cgctgtcaaa tgtatggaat tagaaaatac atcctgagtt aggcaaccca aacctaaaat    154020
     taatttaatg gtatgtagta actgaaatat ggatataagc caaaaagcag gccttctcca    154080
     cagcatcagt atctggcaaa gattacacgt aaatatttct agcagccttg ctcttttgtt    154140
     tgccacaaga agccacctat gattgtggca tccaagtacc aataccagaa aaaaggaaga    154200
     catgattttg atgtatgatc taaaagttat cagaaaatta taattctgca atttcctctc    154260
     ccccaagtac aaatcatggg gtacctttaa gacagggact ttatgcctga taaggaatgt    154320
     gccaagaggc taataagatg cactgacaat aatggaagga gctttgtcat gctacagggg    154380
     cacattcata cagcaggggg tgccaaattt ccatggttca tttatatcat tgagcaaggt    154440
     tcacagaagg ccagaaagca cttcctctca ggcttggcct tcctcttcct tcccagtatg    154500
     cagaacaaac tgcaaatgta actagcaatt attgacttca tttgtcaaac ggtatctatg    154560
     ctatccgaac atgagtagtg cagtgaagaa gtctgtcctc acctcacagc acagttgaac    154620
     tcatttcttt cattgtttct ctcatttcca ttgtatttgt tctgcttcct ccctgcattg    154680
     tatctgtcta tccttagttg acactatcaa cacagaatgg agcctacctt aaaaacacgg    154740
     tatcacttta actcaacaac aggacacctt ggtgatcacc cttgttcata attctacttc    154800
     tgatgaccat atgttacttt cagtctgtac tgttggtttt tctgtctcat ttggagcact    154860
     gattggaaag tattaaacac agaaagtaag tagaattaga tccctctcat gactggtagt    154920
     cttattaagt ttggagtata aaggagcaga aataatatta aaattagaaa gggtcttcct    154980
     taggatttct aaatatctag ctctgtgatt cagtttcttc atattaaagc attaagactt    155040
     cagtttcaaa actacatgaa ataaatgcag agtttcttag tatgtgattt ttcacatatg    155100
     ctgatttact attaaactgt tctttctctt caaattctta ttttaattat gtatctgtgt    155160
     gacatctcaa tagaggtctt agaggacagc acaatcagtg tgaagtcata aacagtagat    155220
     actataaggc ataggctcag ctacctaggg tcaggtatct gtgtaggaac atcctcatag    155280
     atgcagagag agggaaatca gatatggggt atcagggagt agggggacca gtaaatggga    155340
     tgacatttga atgtaagtaa agaaatctga tttggaaaag aaatttattt taattctaca    155400
     tatttcatca tgaaaggtca ctcactggta tgggagtgca gaggaccata agagtttagg    155460
     aacagaatcc attttgactc tgtaggcaag gaagtactga tgctatggtc tcagtatgca    155520
     gagggctgta tccactggag aggatgaagt cactgagttg gaaaacagaa caggacaggc    155580
     acctaacaag tggttgctat agcccactgt taccctttta catgtataag gctcaggaat    155640
     aagcagtgat actgtgaggt ttatgtgtga gaacatcaca gtataaacac atctcaatag    155700
     aggtcttaga gatcagcaca attagtgaga agtcataaac agtagatact ataaggcata    155760
     ggctcagcta cctagggtca ggtatctgtg taaatctgat tgtgtatcag gtttagatca    155820
     atatgactta gggaggcgag tcatatgcaa atctaagaag actttagaga agaaatctga    155880
     ggctcacctc acataacagc aagagagtgt ccggttagtc tcaaggaaga ctgagacaca    155940
     gtcttagata tcatggaatg gctgtggaac ttgctatttc tcatggcagc agctcaaagt    156000
     aagacatcag aaaaaatgct ccaatgggaa ccaaggcagt tccatgaata ttcaccttcc    156060
     tgtgttcttt tcacaggtat ccaagcacag atccagttgg tgcagtctgg acctgagctg    156120
     aagaagcctg gagagacagt caggatctcc tgcaaggctt ctgggtatac cttcacaact    156180
     gctggaatgc agtgggtgca aaagatgcca ggaaagggtt tgaagtggat tggctggata    156240
     aacacccact ctggagtgcc aaaatatgca gaagacttca agggacggtt tgccttctct    156300
     ttggaaacct ctgccagcac tgcatattta cagataagca acctcaaaaa tgaggacacg    156360
     gctacgtatt tctgtgcgag acacagtgtg aaaaccacat cctgagggtg tcagaaacca    156420
     tgagggaagg tggttcagct aagcccagac aaaaagtgag aaaacattct ctccttcatt    156480
     atggaccaca aatatgagct tactgacaat agatagaaaa ttcacatatg gtgagccaga    156540
     atgttctcag tgggttgtga cagactacct taatgaaagg agaagggagt ttagggatca    156600
     ggtgggaagg gggatggggg cattcacgta gatatgggtt gagatgggga gaatgtgtgg    156660
     gatgtggaac agtcagaagg tgaatgggaa ggtcaaggaa tggaatgtgg agtgtaaaaa    156720
     ataaattaaa aataaaatta aattaaaaaa aagaaagggc gagggaccat ttcacggtat    156780
     ctttaattgt atatataaac tgataatatg acaaatatca atatacatat actaacctgt    156840
     caacaaacaa ttctgaaaac tctacctaag aaacagtaac atcagactct atcattctgt    156900
     cagagaagat gaaaaatcca tgcttctatt ggcttataac acagggtgaa aagacaaaga    156960
     acaaagctgt ggttggaaaa gttgcccaag aatatgctac tgtagacaac agatgtccac    157020
     agacacccat aactgcagta gtgccctggg agggagtgtt ttgattactt atattaatct    157080
     tagaagacta aactgggtat caccatttac tgagcttgag gtcctggact gtgtcattat    157140
     aggtagggtc ttatcaaatg taaacttgta tgtgtttatt ttctctcatt ctttaccctt    157200
     gactgaggat atgactaggt gattcattta ctatcctgag ttttcccatg ctcatggtgg    157260
     agccaggaat aatatgccaa atctattcgg gtcctttttg tcatcaccta ttatcacaac    157320
     gggaatgaaa ttaagcaaac agaatgtgta gcttaagaga cacataatca tgaccttcag    157380
     tccttgggat atgtgattgc atccaacttt gaaattggga agagagacac ccgcttcctc    157440
     tgatgtggac ctggcatctg aattctagag cagcgaggac agaagtgaca agaaatcatg    157500
     ttggaatctg caaatgaact atggtgttcc ttgaaacact ctctgttcct attgtctagt    157560
     ttcattcaca aaggctcatg caaatccatc gtatatcttg aggaatttta ctctgacttg    157620
     gttgatgttc attctgtata tcaaaacatt aaaatggcaa caggaactgg agggcacact    157680
     tcaatatctg tgagataagg ttagttagtc ctaagcactt tcttcccatt agctatcaga    157740
     ctatcccagt tttcatcagt agaatcgcct ctttgatgct ctaacagata ggagataaaa    157800
     tactttaaaa agcagtaggt agctgtgaca aaagttacat gcaagctgta tgtagaggtt    157860
     ccctgtgacc ataaactgat agttaagtat tcagacccca tgaccagtag aatcacagct    157920
     cctcttgcta tagcctttaa tgataggagt tttcaggaag agatagcaat ttctattcaa    157980
     ggtagttact tttttatata ttatgagttc acctagatct tagtatttca tagcataaac    158040
     tgaatatttc tttggattgt tttcatgttt gattcacagc aagagtcttg tacatgaaat    158100
     ggaaagagtg atgtgtgtgg cagagatgtg atacacatac tgttgtaatt ttctttatga    158160
     ctttgaactg aatcaaggtg tatattcatt ttataatttt tgattgattt tgtcaccttt    158220
     ttttcattaa gaggaaagtg tgataagtta gtttttccac aaattccttt tggttacagt    158280
     ttattaaatt gttataattt cagtgtatca cattaccaag tatttccatt gaaataacta    158340
     ttaaattcaa ttataatttt aggtgaaaat agtctcagcc cagtctatta catatgtaag    158400
     ggaattgcta actgggggag aaggtcagac tacatcccta catccacttt gttgtcaaat    158460
     gtcttccatt gaattctctt gagagatcta atatatatgg tttcagggtt ctagcactca    158520
     agtgaaccaa caaagaggaa gctcaaaggc tatatcattg atgtgcatga gcaatattta    158580
     acagtcagat tctggagatt caaagtataa ctataggcta gacaagatta acccttctgc    158640
     atgaggaatg cagttcagca gatgaggctt acagcagaaa caggcacata tttgaagagc    158700
     agttgcatat agattcagca agggtggaca gacttcatca gtaattcttc ctctcactga    158760
     accagatgca acacagttga caaaatcaaa ctctcaagag accattccct aatgagttgt    158820
     aatatttttc ataatagacc caaaggaggt gtgactacag atacatattg ttatactctt    158880
     gaatctaagc tatactcctg gaaatatcag agaaatagaa atgtcacaat ctatgggaca    158940
     attctgtcac aaatacagtt gatatcatag tggaataagt tcctcaaatg agtcacaaca    159000
     aggtgtttta tataatttgt gactattgtg aagggtacca tttccctcgt ttcttctcag    159060
     cctgtttatc cttcaaatag aggaaggcca ctgagttgtt ggagttaatt ttatatccat    159120
     ctactttgga gaagttgttt atcaggatta ggagttctct ggtggaattt tgggggccac    159180
     ttaagtatag tatcatatca tctgcaaata gtgatatttt gacttcttcc tttccaattt    159240
     gtatcccttt gatctccttt tgttgtctaa ttgctctggc taggacttga agtactatat    159300
     tgaataggta gagagagagt gggcagcatc atctactccc tgattttagt gggattgctt    159360
     cagttttctc tccatttagc ttgatgttgg ctactggttt gctgtatatt gcttttacta    159420
     tgcttagtta tgggcattga gttcctgatc ttgccaagtc ttttatcatg aaggggtgtt    159480
     agattttgtc aaatgctttc tcagcatcta atgagatgat catatggtgg gttttttttt    159540
     tccttagatt ttgtttatat agtagattac gttgatggat ttccttataa tgaaccatcc    159600
     ctccatgact gggatgaatc ctacttggtt atggtggatg attgttttga tgtgttctta    159660
     gatttggtta gcaagaattt tattgagtat ttttgcattc atattcataa gggaatttag    159720
     tctgaagttc tctttcagtg tctttatatg ctttaggtat cagaggaatt gtggcttcat    159780
     agaatgaatt tggttgagta ccttctgttt ctagtttgtg gaatattttg aggagtattg    159840
     gtattaggtc ttctttgaag gtctgataga acgctgtgtt aaacccatct gatcctgggg    159900
     cttttttttg ggaaaggggg gctgggagat tattaatgac tgtttctggt tttttagagg    159960
     atatgagact gtttacatca tttatttaat cctgatttaa ttttgttacc tagtatctac    160020
     ctagaaaata ttccatttca ttcagatttt ccagttttct tgaatatagg attttgtact    160080
     aggatttgat gactttttgg atttcttcag tttctgttat tatgtctcac ttttcatttc    160140
     tgattttcat aatgaggaca ctgtctctgt tagtctgggt aaggggttat ctattttgtt    160200
     gattttctca aataaccagc tcctggtttg tttgattctt tgtatagttc attttgtttc    160260
     cacttggttg actgaaagcc ctgagtttga atagttcctg ctgtctactt atcttgggtg    160320
     aatttgcttc tttttgttct agtgcatcca gatgtgctgt caagctgcta gtgcatgttt    160380
     tttggttttt tttgtttttt tgttttcctt ttcctcagag ctatgagatt tcctcttagg    160440
     actgctttca ttgtgtctca tatgtttggg tatgttgtgg ctccattttc attgaactct    160500
     aaaaaatatt taatttattt ccttcatttt tcttgaccaa gttatcatta agtagagtat    160560
     tgttcagctt ccacatttat atgggctttc tatttttatg ttgttattga agcccagcct    160620
     tggaacatgg tgatctgatt ggatgcatgg agttatttca gttttctttt atctgttgag    160680
     gcttgcagaa tacagaaaca atgtgtagag caggggctga aggaaaggcc atgcagagac    160740
     tgccccacct gggaattcat cctgtatact gtcaccaaac ccagacacta ttgtggatgc    160800
     caagaagtgc ttgctgaaag gaacctaata tagctctctc ctgagaggat ctggcagaac    160860
     cttacaaata gagaggcaaa atcttgcagc caatttttgg actgagcatg gggaaccctt    160920
     cctaatggaa gagttagaga aaggactgaa ggagctgaaa gggttagcaa cccataggaa    160980
     gaacaacaat atcaacccac cagaccccca gagctcccag ggactaagcc accaaccaag    161040
     gagaacacat ggaaagaccc atggctccat ccacatatgg agcagaggat ggccttgtca    161100
     ggcaacaacg ggaggaaaat ttattgatcc tatgaaagct agataggtgc ccaagtatag    161160
     gggaatttgt gggtgggaag gcaggagggt ggggtggagg aaaacactca tagaagaagg    161220
     ggtgatcgtg atcgtatagg gtgtttctgg gatggaggta aactaggaaa ggagataaag    161280
     ttatccaaat ggaatcattt tctaaatcat tttctttgat aatttgtgaa accttcatga    161340
     aaaatagctc aagaggtaaa gctaacattc catttaatca tacataatat atgtatgagt    161400
     tcctacaaag aataggtcat taaacacaga tttttgatac acatcctaaa ggcttacaat    161460
     aataatttgg tgtgaggcat ggaacagccc tatcatccag actctgatgg ttctgatgca    161520
     ggtgtgcctt tgttctctga aagtctcaga gtaaaagcca ccaaggaata tcatgcataa    161580
     caaggtggca gtttaagaaa ttcctagggt atatggacca caactcaggt gatgaaaagg    161640
     agagatatag ctggatagtc ctggaaatgg cccttatttg gcaaaaccta ctagttaagc    161700
     aggttatttg atggctagga tctggtcatg aaaacagctt caagaagcag atctgggctc    161760
     aggaatatga catcgaccac taaattattt ccagcatccc tataaaaaca aatgctctac    161820
     ttttggtttt atgttttctc aaatccaaga aaaagcatac ctctctgggc acagaaagtc    161880
     tagggacaac atgaagtaat acgtatcaaa atatatatga gaattctcct tattccagtt    161940
     aatcttcaga atttattttc aaatgttctt gtgttgggtg aactcacatc tccatctcac    162000
     tgctgacata attctatctc taaataataa catatatagc ctggaagaaa aatctgtcat    162060
     attttatatg ttctgtttaa cccatggata caatataatt gttaatgatt tcttccatgt    162120
     gaattcacag aaaaccatgt catagttatt tttttgttgt ttttgtaaaa cactatgacc    162180
     aaggcaacat ttcaattaaa atatgtaatt gggtttagag cttgagagtg ctttaacatg    162240
     acagaacagc atggcagcaa gcagaaatta tgttagatgg ggcaattaat atatcaaaaa    162300
     tgatcaataa gaaagaagta gagttaggga actctgaaaa ttgtgtaaat catttgaagt    162360
     ctcaagcctt ccttcagtga catactttat ccatcagaga cacactgctt aatacttcat    162420
     gtatagtttc accactacct tcagctccta tctttcttgc tcaggagcat cctccatgca    162480
     aaaaaaaaaa aggaccctat agtacatggt cctgtcctgc ctaagaaact gttatcttct    162540
     tctcaacaga gactgcttca gaatatgtgt gttctgggac tgctttgttg cttttgctct    162600
     ctgtgggact gtgaaaggca gcccattttc tggttgagct aaggtttgaa accctggtga    162660
     ccacacaggt gaccctgcac gggataaacc tgcaagggat agtaggcatt ctgccatgct    162720
     tctgtatacc aggttcctga cacaaggcct ccactatcca tatttctgtg gccattagtc    162780
     acataagggc aaagccccaa ggccctccac aggtagagga tgtgaccaca gatcatgtaa    162840
     acctcaagac agatcttcat tttaatgagg cacctaaggc ctgaaggctt agccaataaa    162900
     ctctccttcc cagacactcc tcactgcaaa aggtacttaa ccacaggtcc tccctgagaa    162960
     agtgggttga ggctttactc atcaccactc tccccatgac aatatatgcc ttaaaaccag    163020
     ggactgtctt ttttcatctg gatcctctgt ggggagcaat gaaacaggcc ttcctctaaa    163080
     gagtcctgtc taatctccca tagaaggcat cacagtgtac ccagccctga cctacaacaa    163140
     gccaagccac ccaccagact agcgaaggac tctcctccct gagggatcca gctggagatc    163200
     ctctcttttc tcctttggtc ccgggctaga tcctgcctgt tggcccccac cctgttctca    163260
     gcatttccac tgcatccagc cgtgtcttgg gtgcccagga gtctgataac ctggttgtcc    163320
     caggttctac acaggcctag agaccactga gccagctctg tgagtccctg ggaaacttag    163380
     actgcacttg tccacccctg gagctggatc cagctgcttc acatacccca acaacagcct    163440
     gatactggca tggggaaagt gctctcaaaa ctcttgcatc ctgccttcac aagtgtcact    163500
     agccctatgg tagaccagag gtaggacgac acacaacccc acagatccct tctgtgagtg    163560
     tctcagagat gttacattga agattacaaa atatcaggtg gtgcagttcc tctgggtccc    163620
     tgtgtctggg tggaacgggt ctctggggca ggtgggcaaa gcgtcggatg aattgacaga    163680
     cagatgcaca caggagaggt tgtgttgaat ctgaatgtaa tgtcaggttg agcatcagac    163740
     tttttaatag tacagagaat acaaggggtt tggaagtcac atcaggcaag gtacattgaa    163800
     gtttaccaga tacaaaggaa tgacttcgaa aggaattgca ggaatcaaga aaatgtttac    163860
     aataaagata agcagccctg cctaggatca gcctaatgac aggcaagaat taacacttta    163920
     gtgttaatag caccaggggg ttctgctctt ggcaggtctc aagaataatg caatgtcaca    163980
     gacccctaaa ttcctaggcc atgctaattc ttatcatctg gagaatctct atttgtcagg    164040
     agagtatacc aacttgcttt tggtttgcaa tgtagcctgt actaaagatt tctatctcag    164100
     tgagattccc tggctctttc tgcagaccag ttgagccact ggctccgtct attgtaatgc    164160
     ttaattagtt actgaataac ttccttgctg ccttctcaca ggattctaaa ctcagtggct    164220
     tctgggattt tggaacactg ggaaaactaa ctttacagaa ttaatcttaa gaggcattta    164280
     taatagggta atactaaaag agagcacgtg gatacataca ctagactaac tcgggaatgg    164340
     aaaattaatg tatgggttag agagaacgcc agactccagg agtgagtttc catgaaactc    164400
     ttgccttgtg agtagcttgc aagcctcagc ctgtcaagct gactcgacca gagagcgtgg    164460
     caatcaggca ctagatgtta aataataatt gactatgggg ctgaaaattt agttcagtgt    164520
     ttaagagcat tgaacattaa agatttacta acttgctcct ggaaatatgc cactagcctt    164580
     gggcaacagt ccccactgaa taatactttt ataattgtta cattttgatg gtttataatg    164640
     ttacttgctc tgcttgtgat tcactgaata catagtttca gagttgtaat gcttgggtga    164700
     ttttttgtgc tttactgtgc caaatgattt ttgttggtat ctgtgattgt ttcactggat    164760
     atagtttcta agagatggaa tgtttgtttt tttaatgtat aaaatcccct atttaataac    164820
     tacagattat actcagattc aaactgcctg tttgtttctg tttgtcaccg atgaatcctt    164880
     acacacctag cttcaaggac cctcattcca gggaccccaa tacccaactg gggtgatcca    164940
     tggcaaagaa gagtctgaga aataagcata ctgccatgta ttactgtgtg agagatacag    165000
     tgaggaaagt aaattgggag cgcagactaa aaagctctat aaattgctca tggtcagcag    165060
     ggggcactgg cacacaggga gctccaggtc aacagaaatg gagaaagatt atgaattgtt    165120
     aaaatactct gaatggtttc aagttataat aaaaacctct atagagatca attatttaaa    165180
     taaatacatc tttagttctg gaggacaaat ttaaatatag gatacatttt gtttagaaca    165240
     aaatgcaaag gattaacaag gcagatgtga ctccctggta ggcaccaaga tctcatcctg    165300
     aggaagcata aaatcaacaa gtagatttaa aaccactcta gtttggaaga agggattatt    165360
     gaatttctct gatgattgaa aatcatgcca tggattccag aaacacctgg cataatccag    165420
     gcttaggtgc attatgagac cttcagtata gcactgagaa atacatccca gcatattata    165480
     tactcagaat attggcttgt aaattgtatt actgaatata gcataacata ttaaattcca    165540
     caataagctc agctaccttc ctctgtgcca gagatctgtc aactgtgcaa gagggagata    165600
     ataatgatgt agtcattaaa gctacaggac atcatatatt aaaagggggt tgtcctcaag    165660
     gatttacact ttcttctctg caatgactaa aggtcagtat taaccatgga tttaagtaga    165720
     agagacctgt ttttctgaca tcctggtgct gcaaggaaca gcttacctca tcagactgca    165780
     gggaatgtat ccttcactcc tcaaacacat ggttttggca ctcctctagt aaaatgatta    165840
     aacagatgtt cccactatac cagtctagca taaccaagga gtaactgaag gtatataaaa    165900
     gaagaaacag tatanggcaa ggtatgtccc aagtgttgtt aagaatataa gtgcatattt    165960
     agaagtaggt gaaagctgaa ttttaaaatg ttgcctttgc tgctgaaatt aaggaaataa    166020
     ccacaaatgc caagatcatt cctttgaaca ttgataaata aaactgtcac ttccctcaca    166080
     gattcattgg cacctttgat tatcttcatt ttctataaag actcatgtag acattaggga    166140
     aaagttcatc aaaggagttc tttgggataa aacttactta ggatgtttaa tgacagatca    166200
     gtagatagtc tcactgtttc ataaactgga catacctccc actgtggaca aggataggaa    166260
     ctctcatcct tagtgagtca gaacagtgtg aaaatgggtg atttcctgtg agtgttggta    166320
     tctccctcct gcagtaaatc ctacttctcc ttagttttaa cattcagtaa tgtctctttt    166380
     ggtagagagg cgattatata taccatgata aatgattgaa gtgtaggtaa ggagattata    166440
     aaatctattg gtgcaggctc tttataacta gaactatcat acagagacaa tatttctgct    166500
     gttatagcaa tataaagaca gtattttgat ataaattata ggaacttttg agagcctact    166560
     cattcttaat tagaatttta ctgacctcgt attttaaagg aacacactat tatcaaggag    166620
     atcacaaccc ttctcacacc tcaccatcat tgccatgttc ctacctctgt ttttatgcta    166680
     ttcaaacact gagaaagatg acagagcatt gcaactgtct ctagcagaca atcatgtact    166740
     gaaaggacta tattctttca cacagagagc attccacaaa tgatatacag tgagattagg    166800
     tggaaaaaat gtctagtggg ttattcactg atttctctgc atgacccaca gaactctacc    166860
     ctcagccatt gaaaggcaca gaatgaattg attcaacagg aggatagcag tcatactttg    166920
     aaaattttta tagtttcttt gtgtattgaa aaagtacgcc tgaaacaaat gaatagtaaa    166980
     tactttttca ggttttcaac atcatgatct atcaagaaaa tgtaaattaa agttaatttg    167040
     tgatatcatc taatccaaac aaaatatata tttattaaag acacaaatga caacaaatgc    167100
     tgataagaaa tttttgaaag gggaaagaaa atgcatggtc agtttaacct gttgtaggtc    167160
     ccatggaatt ctgtatgaaa gttatcccaa aaggaaaaag aaagtcatgt aacctaccta    167220
     agttactgca atgcatatag ctcatgactc tttactggta agataagata tcatctgtga    167280
     aacaacaaaa agaatatgta tgaagtttta ggaaagatgg acacatatat tgtgggtggg    167340
     gaaagagaag aaaacgaaac agtgtagact tactagtaag aaagcaggaa atcaggaatg    167400
     caagtgtgaa aggaaagttg gcactgactt gagactttaa acacaggatc tgaagagggt    167460
     tatatggagg ttggtctagg attggaaggt aggatcatgt ctagatgtgt ttcctgtgat    167520
     ttctaaagtc ttattgctct cttattggag actcacacta taggaagcca gagaccatga    167580
     tggtcttact ttaataacca agggcattca ttatttacct tccccaatta tgaaggctgg    167640
     gctgtctccc tgcatgcaaa tgcttcttct aactctaagt taaatcccct cttggggtgt    167700
     gaaagctcac atctctctca ttagaggttg atctttgagg aaaacagggt gttgcctaaa    167760
     ggatgaaagt gttgagtctg ttgtacctgt tgacagccat tcctggtgag tgttgatatt    167820
     tcatacatgt accatgaggg tttttcaaaa cgtgtgattg acaaaaatgg cccttctttt    167880
     ctgaaggtat cctgtctgat gtacagcttc aggagtcagg acctggcctc gtgaaacctt    167940
     ctcagtctct gtctctcacc tgctctgtca ctggctactc catcaccagt ggttattact    168000
     ggaactggat ccggcagttt ccaggaaaca aactggaatg gatgggctac ataagctacg    168060
     acggtagcaa taactacaac ccatctctca aaaatcgaat ctccatcact cgtgacacat    168120
     ctaagaacca gtttttcctg aagttgaatt ctgtgactac tgaggacaca gctacatatt    168180
     actgtgcaag agacacagtg tggagtcttc actgtgagcc cagacataaa cctcccgtag    168240
     agcagctctg taccaacagg gggcttgtca catacactta gcacaggaaa tctattttag    168300
     ggtatgttaa acacaattct tgcccaaaac tctggcagga gactcctgct gaaaagggag    168360
     acacattagt gataaggtct ttagttagta cattgcccac agcccactaa aactccttaa    168420
     attttgtcat tacctcctgg tgtctcaaca tgccagccca atctgaccca gaactattcc    168480
     tttctaaaag aacttgaggg acaaagcctg agaaagcctg aggggaaaga ggtccagtaa    168540
     taggccaagc ttgagatcca tctcaagagg aagctcaaag gcctgacact attactgatt    168600
     ctatggtgtg ctcatagaca agaccctagg atggtaaccc tcggagaagc ccaaaaagca    168660
     actgaatgag acagatgcag atacttataa ctaaccaaag cacagaaact ggggacccct    168720
     ggggatgaat tggggaaaca ttggaggaat ctgaggacta gggcaacccc ataggaagaa    168780
     tacaagtttc atctaacctt cctccccacc cccaagatct gtcagacaca tggccagcag    168840
     ccaagcagca tataacagct gatatgatac acctatacat atatagagca gaggactttg    168900
     ttgtagtctc ccccagcctt gagtagactg gctttgacct tgctgccact gagaatgaga    168960
     tcacctgggg aggagccttc tgacttagat gactctattg ttctgtcacc tgccactgct    169020
     cttctccaag acactgctac ctgctgagag gcccttgaga tattccagag acacaaccag    169080
     gcagatcacc tacaggctgg ggacaggcac caagaatgga ttggaggggg atgggcctcc    169140
     cctctttata aacacagact cttagtaaac ttgtgggctt tgatcagaga aaaatttgtc    169200
     ttggcctctt tcttttctcc ctgtctagtc tctttcagcc ccagcctacc ttttagaagt    169260
     acccagttca cgtggccgtg ggcggccaca ccttgtagtc tggcctcaat gagaaaagat    169320
     gcatataccc ttccagagac ttgaggcatt ggggaatgga gaggtatggt gggatggggt    169380
     gggggaggtt agtacaacct ctatgagatg ggagggagga ggtatgggat gagaaacagt    169440
     caaagagaag actagaagag aaaaaacaac tggacagtaa aaaataaaag attaaagaat    169500
     aataatgaaa tataatttcc aattcataaa ggaagaatat atgtggtctg gaagataaat    169560
     ctgtcatatg tcgtatgccc tgcttaactc agtgagacaa tataatcatt aaagattcct    169620
     gccatgtgaa ctcacaaaaa aatcttgtct taattacttt ctagttgcta taaaatggta    169680
     tgtccaaggc aacttatgac gcaaaacatt taatttggtt tatagttcta catggttata    169740
     acatgataat tcagcatggc agcaagcaga aatcatgtta gtcagggcaa gtgaagatta    169800
     tgaagttatc aaccagtaag aagtagagtt tgggaactct gagaatggga taaatcattt    169860
     caagtctcaa gcctcccttc actgatgtat tttgtccaac agagacaatc tccctattcc    169920
     ttcccaaata gtttcaccac tgtctccaaa tccactcttt attcctcagg agcatcctcc    169980
     atgcaaaaat aacccacagt acaagtctga aggccaaatc ctgactaaca agctatctat    170040
     cataggagcc tccttcaggg catgtgtatc ctgggctgct cctgtgcttt gtgtctgctc    170100
     tctgctgtgg ttgtgagtgt ctcagagaca atccagggat cttctagctc cctagcacta    170160
     atttggaatc tcaaaggcat ccaatggtat gaagtcagca ggttccaggt tctctgcatt    170220
     tctggttggc atccagtggg cagatagcca taggatataa aataaaattt tatatctgtg    170280
     ttgatatata tgaattgtat tgactccacc aagagtatcc ttcctcatcc aggggataat    170340
     atctaaatca tataattgat aaaaactgct agataatact gatccaaatg cagttgaaag    170400
     aacaaaggtt atttttataa aaacatagat gtaaatgtta aaaaggcatg acacaggata    170460
     aatgtctctc atcaccaatg caacaaaatt agtcagaaga tttatcctta catactgtgg    170520
     atacattcag tataaaatat gttttaaaat ctgtgactat gtcgataatt acaccagatt    170580
     tcatgtatat caatgcttag aatttgagat tgtaaatggg cagtcgtttg atgtcaaata    170640
     catttgcttc aaacaaaata tgtattcatg ttttcatgaa ctaaaatgaa caaaatcaat    170700
     agctttccca ttacatttag ggaaatttta gaactttatc agacaagtct aattcttacc    170760
     aagtgttgtc tcagagagaa tctgtataca gcacagataa gtacacacac agagactggg    170820
     gataatacac cagacctgag cctgaccggg aaatataaga atatatgatg cagtttaaat    170880
     ttctcatttt aaaaaaggca tgacataact ctatataatt gtcacaattc tcagtgtcca    170940
     caaagaccct tgcatctttt ctgaacaatg cgttatcaca cagttccacc cagagcttgc    171000
     tatataagaa gaggagatgc tgtcttatca cacagttcca cacagagctt gctatctagc    171060
     aagaggagat gcacatgggg acttctggca ctcaacatag ctagcccagt ctgagctcca    171120
     cctttggcag aggagctcag cactggattc tagccaagtc tcccccttgt tgattagcac    171180
     tgaaagcagg ctactcacca tgtagttggg gcttagatgg gttttccttg ttgctctttt    171240
     aaaagataat gcacagaaaa gagactctgt ataaaagggc atacataaga ggaacagtgg    171300
     atgtatgtga cagttttctg actctgactc tctgttttca ggcatacaag gtgaggtgca    171360
     gctggtagaa tccggaggca gcttgattca gctggggggt gtgtgtcgat taatctctct    171420
     tgtgaagctt ctggattcac cttcagtaat tactggattt gacaagcctc aaggaagggg    171480
     ttagagttgt tagcaaaatc aagaggaatt ctattgtcac agcattctgg tgttgccctg    171540
     cacacaaagg agagagataa agaccccacg aagcctgatt gttgagtttt tatacagttt    171600
     tcagagcagc acccattagt aacaatgtta ttggtagaac agtgtgactt tcaaactgat    171660
     tggtctttag gaaatgaggg gacaaagact tcccttgtct gtaggtagtc aaggaatgtg    171720
     tctaagttct ctagacatcc tacacacaaa agtggccaat ggttggtccc cccaaaccct    171780
     gtggactgag gaatgtaatt atcctctgcc ttctggaggg gatgggtgcc tatgttctct    171840
     gtgacatttc tcctatagga aggggtggtt ctgttggaat tttccaaagt tcctgggctg    171900
     acatcttcat tccccccttt tctatgtgca tacttcaatt ctgaagctat tgctggtatt    171960
     ctgatagctc atattcctgg tcttctgtat ctagctcttt atatctctgc tttaaggtca    172020
     ttagctgtac tgtacctatg tgttccttaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agaccaagca    172080
     tttcaaaatg caggggccaa aggtcaacac tagaacaaaa ttaggagtcc taacagagtg    172140
     gatatgagca ggtctgctgt tgaagggtct tagaggatca atttcttctc aggtctggat    172200
     ctctcctgcc atgtttcctt gttcctgaag gccatggttg gtcactcaga gaaacataga    172260
     ataactaact tgactttctt tactactact gacaaatttt ctcttctagt ggttaactat    172320
     gaagtttaat gggatagatt ctatctgtcc gatgtccaaa aaatgttgtc agtctatgtc    172380
     caagaacaca gaaagagata caaacagaca caaagaaaaa caatcagcac acagacagct    172440
     tgattctgtc actggcaggc gtcctggtcc aagaatcaca gagaaaaaca atcaacacac    172500
     agttcacccc ttccatgggc ctagttacat atagtacctc ccttccactg atacataata    172560
     gagaaaaaaa ggaaaccatg gttctctgtt tcttcctcaa cactagggta tcagacagtg    172620
     ttcagagtga caaaacacag aggcactagg ctacaatcct ttattgacct tgaggtacca    172680
     agttccttgg aagtagacac ctatccaggg aagatgaaat gtagcctaag aaagaggtcc    172740
     cagcctgata tagctgtctc ttgtgaggct atgccagtgt ctggcaaaca gagaagtgaa    172800
     tgctcatagt cagctattgg atggaacaca gggcccccaa tggaggagct agagaaagta    172860
     ctcaaggagc tgaaggggtc tacaacccta taggtggaac agcaatatga actaaccagt    172920
     accccagagc tcgtgtctct ccctgcatat gtagcagaag atggcctagt tggacatcat    172980
     tgggaagaga ggcttcttgc acttacaaat tttatatgcc ccagtacaag ggaaacacca    173040
     gggccaagaa gtgggagtgt gggagtggga tgttagggga gcgggggctg ggggaatggt    173100
     ataggggaca ttcaggatag catttgaaat gtaaatgaag taaataccta ataaaaaagt    173160
     gggaaaaaag tcccagggtg tttttctcca ggttcaaaat ggtgactact gggaccaagg    173220
     ctctggttct caagctcctg ggcacacaga cactgctgga aatctcagag ttgggtacat    173280
     ggttctgcag gcctgagatg tgcttggagt aagagattgg gagggggatc ttgcttattt    173340
     aagggtgagt gccagaagta taaagaggca tttagcagga gaaataggca ttgaaaggtg    173400
     tggtgaaaac ttactttgga gaaagaaaca gtccatatgt atcaataatg tttattaatg    173460
     ctgaaaaggg gatgcatatg acccatttag agtggacaag agattaaata ccttttgcag    173520
     gaatggatgt aatgacggga aacttattgg ctaaaccttt gaggcccata taggtagctc    173580
     attagcatgg attactctag gctatattct atgtgactgg ttgtcatggt cctcttagtg    173640
     gggtgtcatg gtcattttct ctgggacagg aatctgatct ggagcagact caaataccta    173700
     ctgtatgcaa ttatgacaac tgctggtgtt ccttaatgtg atgactctgc cagtccagtt    173760
     tttttctgtc tggtgacaca gatctatttg ccccacagta gcttaatttt atggttcaga    173820
     taaaaatgga ggagaagtgg taggagagag aatagcaggt gcctccatat aggtttgctt    173880
     gatccagaag gctcagctag cagggaatat gggggaatgg aagctaatct gtatggttta    173940
     ggagtctcag gtccaatgag ggtcaaaaag acatcacaag aaaagggagg tttccttagg    174000
     atagctggct actcaggtaa atctatgctt ggtccacagc actaagagaa caggaaagat    174060
     gggtgggggg aggaaagatt acttatatgg ttcaggagtc tgatgaaggt ggaggagaca    174120
     tagcatgaga gttgagatac cctggaatag caggttgctc aggaccctct tttaactctt    174180
     tcttttaaat ggagcctctt gtgatcaatt tcattattat tattacattt accttccaat    174240
     gtcatcctcc ctcttggttt ccctcccata gttcatcatc ccaccccacc cccttgcctc    174300
     tgtgaaggtg ctcagaaccc caccagttct cctcctttcc tgagacctca agtttcttca    174360
     ggattaagct cactgtctct cactgaagat tgactaggaa gacctctgct ttatttgtgc    174420
     caggggttgg aactgatctg tctatgctcc aggttgctgt ctcagtctct gggagctccc    174480
     ggtattctgg gttagttgat actactggtc ttcatatgag gttgctctcc tgtttggctt    174540
     cttcaaacct tgtcctaatt caaccatagg tgtaactgac ttcagtacaa tggttgggtg    174600
     taaagtatct acttctgctt cagtcagatg ctggtagggc ctctcagata acagccatgc    174660
     ctggctcaaa cctacaatca ttatagcatc agtaacagca tcaggccttg gtgcccatcc    174720
     cccatgagat ggattccaag ttggaccagt cattggacca ccattccttt agtctcttct    174780
     ccatttttgt ccctgcattt cttttagaca ggaacaattc tgggtcagaa tttttgactg    174840
     tgggttagta accttgtccc tttactggag ccctgtgtat ctgactcttc ctagtttttt    174900
     ctccccaatt ttggccattt tggcaaaggt cactcccatt gagtccttag agtatcacat    174960
     cccccgggtc tctagtgctt tctagagggt cagccacctc ccacctcctg aatctactta    175020
     tcttcattca ttctcttggc cctataggct tctctcctgt cttcccaacc catacctgat    175080
     cctgttctct tttttcccct ctttaattct taaatggaca tttataaaga catatagaca    175140
     gctggacatt tgacaattat tttcttctgg cagcaggggg tggggcaatt aaaaaaggat    175200
     taattggttg aatttctttc tcttttgccc aagtgccttg cctcttgctg cccagataag    175260
     aagaagtctt ggattttatt gacccctggt cacccagaaa aagaagttca tgctcacaga    175320
     aagaaaaatg tatacacaag caattatgta cacatacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    175380
     cacacacaca cacacacaca tgtatgtgtg tgtatttggt ggctggagca aaagcctcca    175440
     tgagcaggtt tcattgagca tgcacaagaa cagtcagtac tcacttattc ttgatgagaa    175500
     ataaactcca gccttgattg atcagataaa gaaaacattc taccttctta atgctgaata    175560
     aatgaaacac taatctatat gaaaaatggc atgtcctgct cagtaagaag cctgttctca    175620
     agaaaaaata cctgtctaat aatgagcaaa tgcctgtcag ctcctctgct cttgtctact    175680
     cactgtcatc atacctagtt cttacacttt ttcaggatac atgatcacat ggtattccaa    175740
     gcatcttttg tcaaaagttt acaacaggtt taaaataatt aaataataaa ttacagcaga    175800
     tatgtttatt tctgtttcca ttaagactat acccttaatc ccagcacttg ggatgcagag    175860
     gcaggaggat ttctgagttt gaggccagct tggtctacag agtgagttcc aggacaggca    175920
     gggctacaca gagaaaccct gtctcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    175980
     gactatagcc aaacaattgt ctgaagtcag agacccctgt ggttaaattg gggaaaggct    176040
     agaagaagct gaggaggaga gcaaccccat aggaagacac agtttcaact aatctgggcc    176100
     cctgaaatct ctcataaact gagccacaaa ctaggcagta tatactagct gcaacaaggc    176160
     ctccaacaca tatacagctg tggactgcct agtttggcct cagtgagtaa aggtgtgcat    176220
     aaccatcaag aaacttgagg cactagggaa gaggaagtgt cagagggctg actgacaggg    176280
     gaataattaa tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatgat taaagataat    176340
     taacaacaaa taaataagaa aaagaaagca aatggtactg ctctgattgg aggtctgcat    176400
     ggagaagaat gcaaatacat tcatatttat caacctgcat agaactcaag tccgagtaga    176460
     tcaaggacct caatgtaaaa ctgatagact aaatcccatc gaactgaaaa tggtaaatag    176520
     ccttgaatgc attggtacag gatacaattt gtcagacagg gcaccaatgg cccaggctct    176580
     aagatcaaaa attgattgat gggaccccct gaaactgaaa atattttgta agggaaaggc    176640
     caatgtcagt agaacaaagt agcagcctac agattagtta aagaccttca ctaaatctac    176700
     gtccaattct taatatccaa aatatataaa gaactcaaga aggtagattc caaaaaagca    176760
     agtaacccaa ttaaaaatag gatacatggg taaataaaga attttcgaca gagtaatcaa    176820
     gaatggccaa aaagcactta aagaaatgtt taatatcctt agttatcagg gaaattaaaa    176880
     tgaaaatgag attccttcca gcttccacaa atcagaatgg atatgatcaa tatttcaagt    176940
     gacagaacat gttagtgagg atgtaggtca agaaaagcat tcctccattg cttgtcagat    177000
     tgcaaatatg tagaaccact ctgtatttca atctggctgt ttctcagaaa attggaaata    177060
     cttcttcctg aagacccagc tctactgctc ctgggtatat tcataaaaga ttcatcaaaa    177120
     gaccaaaagg acacatgctc cattatgttc atagcaactt tactcatagt agccagaaaa    177180
     ggaaaaaaac accgatgcct ctcaattgaa aaatgcgtag aataaatgtg attcatttgc    177240
     acagtggaaa attattcagc ttttaaaaat aaggacacca taaaatttgt gagcaaatga    177300
     gtgtaactag aaaatttcat ccagagcttt atatctgaac cccaaaagga actgcatggt    177360
     atgcactcac tgataagtgg atattagccg taaggttcca gatacccatg atatatcaga    177420
     cagacataga gaaggtaaac aagaaggaag gcttaagtaa gaatgcttaa atctctttta    177480
     gaaaaggaaa taaatactca tagtaggcaa tgtaatgacg attattgtat ggaagagggt    177540
     ttgggaggga tatggtgtgt caagatccag tgtggaaagt ctcatgatag aggaacagaa    177600
     ggccagggga atgaatggaa atctccagct tcctagagtc atggagatga ggggaatatc    177660
     ttgaaagtca cagtgaactg ggatgtggga tactctcagg attcaatttt ggttacctta    177720
     gctgagatgg ataacagtgg gaatatggaa ctggaaaagg ccacctccta taggtaagca    177780
     gggcccccag tagagggcta aggacatcaa ccatccacaa aatgatgaac ccaaaacttg    177840
     tcctgtctaa aagaaatgtc aagacaaaaa tgtagcagaa actgaaggaa tatccaatta    177900
     aaaactgtcc caactagaga actatcctat atacaagcac caattcctga cactattaat    177960
     gatactctat tatgcttgca gaaagagcct tgcataactg tcctgtaaaa tgctctaccc    178020
     agaatgaaac agatgcatat aaccacaagc aaacactgga aggatgctgg gattattaat    178080
     gaaaagttgg aaggaggaaa gattttaagc cctaaagtcc caggagtaat tatacaggaa    178140
     taacagcaga gtcaactaat cttaaataat gagaactgtc agacactgaa ccacttacca    178200
     aagaacagac atcaactgaa gtccctggtt cctatatatg tatatatctc agcagtgtag    178260
     ctcaatctct aagtgggtct tccaactgct ggagttgggg ttgtccctaa agctgaagcc    178320
     taccaatggg atcaattcct taatagtgta gctttttctg acttcaatgg gacaggatgt    178380
     gtctaatctt acagaaattt gatatgacag ttgtggagaa atgatgtggg gaaggactct    178440
     atggtggaac taagggggta gtaattggta tttaaataat taaaagagtt taaatcttct    178500
     ggaagacctg ataaaaatgc acaatatatt tttgatttgt aatttgtgaa aataaatctc    178560
     tctaaaatat ttcagagcaa tccctatatg cgacttacat gaatcaaatg gaggctatgt    178620
     tcagtcaaac taaacacact tggacacagt ttattatttt atattgcaac ttcaattgac    178680
     atcattttcg tgttaccagt tgcattaaaa taccttctcc atgagcaaaa agaaaaacca    178740
     aaatgaattt gtcatgcaga accagtgaag caggtgcaga gggtccatca acgatgtttc    178800
     ctgactctgc ttaaattttg ctctcattta ccatttacca gacccaggag accatgtcct    178860
     ttggtagtta gaaacctcct gtgagaataa acaagatctg acataggaaa atatagttgg    178920
     ttcttatact ttatatcact ctcctgggaa tgttacaggt agagaagtga tacaattcta    178980
     agaccctcta aatcaccatg aaaacagttt gtatcatagt tgaataaatt cctatattga    179040
     aaaaccagga acttacaata tagtctcatg gagaagcaat ttcaaggctt ttgatgctaa    179100
     gggtcatgac caatcaatac agaatgtcat gtactgaaga gagaacaaga ctaatgagaa    179160
     ggaaggatat cagagaaggg tcctagagat aagagtctaa atatctcttc accttctggt    179220
     atacagagtt atggttcttc tattgattga aaatgtttca aattagtgtt ctgatataca    179280
     taaaacacat gagatattgt atggaacaga acacaaaaga cctataacaa ataaaataaa    179340
     ataattcaaa tttctagaag ttatttccaa aaaggtaata ttgtatcaaa tatatgttat    179400
     tgattttcaa tattgggaat cacacaccag tcattttcca tgaatcaaca ctaagctaca    179460
     aatgtaaaaa caatttcttc aggttaatat ctagactcag cactcataaa cattcctttt    179520
     tttaattttt tttattaggt attttcctcg tttacatttt caatgctatc ccaaaggtcc    179580
     cccataccca cccccccaat cccctaccca cccactcccc ctttttggcc ctggcgttcc    179640
     cctgtactgg ggcatataaa gtttgcaagt ccaatgggcc tctctttgca gtgatggccg    179700
     actagtccat cttttgatac atatgcagct agagtcaaga gctctggggt actggttagt    179760
     tcataatgtt gttccaccta tagggttgca gttcccttta gctccttggt tactttctct    179820
     agctcctcca ttgggggccc tgtgatccat ccaatacctg actgtgatca tccacttctg    179880
     tgtttgctag gccccggcat agtctcacaa gagagagcta tatctgggtc ctttcagcga    179940
     aatcttgcta gtgtatgcaa tggtgtcagc atttggaagc tgattatggg atggatccct    180000
     gcatatggca atcactagat ggtccatcct ttcgtcacag ctccaaattt tgtctctgta    180060
     actccttcta tgggtgtttt gttcccattt ctaagaaatg gtaaagtgtc cacactttgg    180120
     tcttcgttct tcttgaattt catgcgtttg gcaagttgta tcttatatct tgggtatcct    180180
     aagtttctgg gctaatatcc acttgtcagt gagtacatat tgtgcgagtt cctttgtgat    180240
     tgggttacat tcctagtcat tctaaaatta tcaaagttgt attataatgc tctttgtgga    180300
     gaaaataaga aatagatgac tctgtgttta aaaaaataag actcaattat atcactgcta    180360
     tgtactaatt ttagataatt ctttgatttt ctattactca gcttttcctc tttcattggc    180420
     cttaggcatt cataagccta gtgctttcaa aacacatctc aacatatagc agaagaaaat    180480
     gtaaatactg cctccctttg ctcatgaaaa tctgtcaaac actaactctg ttaagtctgt    180540
     ctgaggaacc aagccctgga ctctcagttc ttgctactca ttgatagtgc taaaaataat    180600
     acattttcca aggagctgtg ttggaaaggc gattaccttg ttgctattat tttattaatt    180660
     agaatatctt ttggatattt cttaacctga ttaatgtgca cctcaatata atcatgcaaa    180720
     ttcttccatt attcatctct tattcacttg gacgttcatg actttttcaa aaagtattat    180780
     ttttatcagg tgtatgacta tatttggtat gtaatatact gtacacatat tgaatatata    180840
     tatataaata tatatatata tatatataca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    180900
     cacacacata tatatatata tgggggggta tgaagggctg tatgtttagg gcagttaact    180960
     tagaagtaaa taacccatag gggagtttgt cctgaagaaa actgattgtc tatctctcag    181020
     cagccattga ttgcccatag ttatgtattt gcaggtagag gtataagagg ttttccctat    181080
     aatgtgatgt ataatttaag cattaatagt gtagagattt tatgggtgta tcatccctct    181140
     tttgtctcaa gatgccatct catctggcat cttcatcctg taacatttca gtctttcttc    181200
     ctcatccttc ataattttcc ctgtgcttag gtgtaggatt tgcattgaag atgcacctac    181260
     tgtagctgga catcactgag tcacttcttt gcatgtttat ataatgtgga actctgtgat    181320
     agtcctcatc tgcaattaaa aaaaacagct tttgttggtg agggagttgg atcttctatc    181380
     taagagtaca agggtatgtt ttgaggatac acttagaaaa tatatctgtg tcttgcaagc    181440
     agatcaacat tgaagtgaag taccaatggg tttttgttta cctttttgct ttagaactgt    181500
     gcatagtaac ttttgatagc caaattagcc aataactgat tgtatttcag gactatacca    181560
     tgagattgta cccattcttg aaattgctca ggtggacaag gaactgtgac tacatagcct    181620
     tggggcttaa ggaaaaacca aatattggtg ttatattaaa gaagacatgg gaatgaaaga    181680
     ttctgaaaaa cttaggcagt ctagtggcac ttagaaacaa gaaccttgag gagtggacag    181740
     actctgtact actaggagca agtctacccc gaagttcaat aaactaagac catggtgagg    181800
     agtacctaag ttatgggaga tcttacacgc gttcgcgacc agccaggaaa gacgcagcaa    181860
     accggaatct tctgcggcaa aactttattg cttacatctt caggagcaag agtgcaagag    181920
     cgagaaaagc gaaaccctgt ccctattaag gagaattatc cttcgcctag gacgtgtcac    181980
     tccctgattg gctgcagccc attggccgag ttgtcgtcac ggggaaggca gagcacatgg    182040
     agtggagaac tacccttggc acatgcgcag attatttgtt taccacttag aacacaggat    182100
     gtcagcgcca tcttgcaacg gcaaatgtgg ggacggcttc ccacagggag agagcaaagt    182160
     caccatgaca ggatggagat gaagttcaga ggaagaaaat aggttggtaa agaaaggaga    182220
     tgggccatct agttgcccca ggtcatgcag gaggagcaac aaatcacttc agaactcatg    182280
     gaatatgatc cagtggttag cacatttact atgggtgcac tacagtgagg cagaccccag    182340
     aggactacat gtccagcaga ctacatgtcc tgaggacttc attctgttgt agaggctttc    182400
     tctgcttatt catatccctt ttcatctaaa aattatatga aaaactctaa gggggctttc    182460
     agcccctcac tgaacactat aattagcact cacaataata tcactgtatt tttccaaata    182520
     ttgttgcttg aaaagattaa agaatcaatc atgatccttg aaaggaactt agagaggtag    182580
     atcgtcagca atgatgaaaa ccgttagaaa gcatttggaa aaatcaattg ttagtgaagt    182640
     tagcttaaga tacttttgct agtggctcaa gggtaaaaat aaatcttaga aatcaatttg    182700
     aagttcagaa aaaaccacac tgcatataga tgagctaggt acctgactag cattggctga    182760
     ggtgactcct aaggacactg gactgaggat aatttatgtt ttgtatgcag ttttgccatc    182820
     agcatcctga catgatttca taaaatttgc tggtaagtaa atgtgcattg tgaggattta    182880
     aattagaaac gactgactgt ttttatataa aagtttagat ttgtgatttt taaaagaatt    182940
     ttatagtatc acgttttatg aaaaataata aaataactca tctttttttg tttgtttgtt    183000
     ttggggtttt tttttggttt ttgtttgttt gtttgttttt tgggtttttt ttgtttgttt    183060
     gtttttggtt tttttttgag acagggtttc tctgtatagc cctggctgtc ctggaactca    183120
     ctttgtagac caggctggcc tcaactcaga aatctgcctg cctctgcctc ccaagtgctg    183180
     ggattaaagg cgtgcgccac cacgcctggc tataactcat gtttttttgt gtaaacacag    183240
     attacagcct accagtaaaa gaaactgagg tgactacctt gattgctcac acattggtag    183300
     cttataacag gttgctaagt tatgaatggg tgtggtttcc taggaaactt ctttttatcc    183360
     tgcagtataa aacattattc ataaaattta gtattcagtg taaaaataga atataatcac    183420
     atggtaattt ctatactgct tgaaaatatt tactgggata tataagctgt ggagaaaaag    183480
     tactgacagg gtttgcttat tgcagcttcc tcgttggatc ctgctaaatt tgcttcacct    183540
     attctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    183600
     tctgtgtgtt tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtatt tcaaaactga tactttcaag acaagtcttt    183660
     tctgtacagt actggttgtc ttggaactct cctcttgttc aaagctgctc acaaacacat    183720
     agtgatccac cttcccctag ccacacccag cacacaacat ttcttatata attatatctt    183780
     agtttttctt atcttaattt cctagtattt tatttataac ttatgctaag acggcagaag    183840
     agtttacaag tacaaaacat attaaaggcc aaaaacccat attactaggt atatttacaa    183900
     attcaaaata aataattctt ttcattcctt ctttcttctc cttttctttt ttcaaacagt    183960
     ttcatgtaga caaagcataa cttaaaccta tgattctctg ccttcaacgt cttggctatc    184020
     atgtagtggt ggggaggact acatgtcttt ttggcaagca aaaatactct accaactgat    184080
     ctacatgccc aggaaaataa gtgatacctt catattataa atggcatttt ggtccttatt    184140
     tcttctatga catctgcata attatttgcc ttctctaagg cttctgctcc tgatctcatg    184200
     atatcacagg aagacatgca aataattcat cttcttctta tgaaaacagt cctgacctta    184260
     ttcttctgac agaagtaccc agagctggac tcagaggtcc attcatcgat tagtactaaa    184320
     cacaggacat tcgatatggc attgggactg agttggattt tccttgtttc ccttttaaag    184380
     ggtaatttat agataaaaag catatactga gtgtgtgagt gaatgtgcgt gagaggaacc    184440
     gtgtatattt gtgacccttg attaacaata ttctctgttt gcaggtattc actgtgaggt    184500
     acagctggta gagacaggag gaggcttggt gcagcctgga aactctctaa aactttcctg    184560
     tgccacttcg ggataccctt tttatgacta ctggatggat tgggtccgcc actttccaga    184620
     aaaggggctg gagtgggttg ctcgaattgc aacaaaaact cataattatg caacgtacta    184680
     tgcagagtct ttgaaaggcc gattcatcgt ctcaagagat gattccaaaa gcagtgcata    184740
     catgcagatg aacagcttaa gaaaggaaga cactgccatt tattactggg caagagagac    184800
     acagtgaggg ataaactgtg tgaacccaaa cacaaacctc cctgtaggag cgctcagaac    184860
     cagcagagga cgaaatacat acacaaagaa tggggacaga cttgcaatag gagaaaacac    184920
     aaatgagcac tggtttctgg ggtctcagct gccacttcta ctgatttctc agtatgttaa    184980
     cgacatgtat ggtctctgac atctgtgaaa atggagtcct aattgccgta gttacacaca    185040
     cacacacaca cacacacaga cacacacaga cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    185100
     cacacatgga tatgtggatg tatgtatata gatataaata tagatgatag agctatatag    185160
     atatatctaa gtctaacatg aactacagcc aaaaaaatca cctctgcttg aagaaatgat    185220
     tctactgagg tcaccagatt tgaatcctta ggaaggtgca tagttattga tcatgtttct    185280
     ccctcaggca atttagagaa aactctagta gtatcatggt tagaacagtg ttttcaatta    185340
     gaggaaccac aagaaaggtg tggttatact cattgacaca tacagtataa caaatcacaa    185400
     ggtctttctg atatccttga gcacagtgca tatcaggaaa agatctgacc caactgtatt    185460
     tcttactgat ttagttaagt aacctataac ttttatttta tattttgttc atctaacttt    185520
     ggacacatat tctaaacaca ggcatgagtc ataatgaact gcactgaggc tcagaatgta    185580
     cctccatggc cactaggtga aggttgtcag ggaagaaaac aagcaaatat tttaataaac    185640
     gactggtccc aggtacgttg atggagaaat attattggag atgtgtttga cagcctgacc    185700
     agagacaggg tcatctggga gagggcgcaa tgcatacacg aagaatgggg acagacttgc    185760
     aatacccctg agtagacata cctctgagcc atgtgagagg aaggcagaga gaagagataa    185820
     gggaatgagt aaagcagcca ggatgtcagt ccaaagacaa atgaaaatga ccagataaag    185880
     aaaatagatg gagagtcact gtgatggtgg ccaccatcct gcaattaggt agcagattct    185940
     ctgcatgtct tggggagttt ctgcacctcc tgtgggccca gtggcaagtg catgaggaag    186000
     taccaagggt tgagcttttg ggaaaaactg aggaatcaag cagacctgag gtcagtggat    186060
     gctgggccgg ggtgagtgca actccagatg aatgtgacaa tcccccacct ccaggtcctt    186120
     cctcctgaga gccagaattg cagccaccca gaggtggcca gaccctggct taggcatcat    186180
     gcatgtcacc gtgaagaccc ttaagtagta gaccttcaag ttctatattg atccagagga    186240
     gatggtaaag acattgaaag agaagattga atctgaaaag aggaaagatg cctttctggt    186300
     atactgctct caaagaatat aaaattgatg agaaagcttt gtggtggtta tagtgacaaa    186360
     accaaaagca atgacaacag ccgtgccagc tataacccag caatcaagta ctctcaacaa    186420
     tactagagtc agcccctccc cagcagcagc tgtggcccag gctcctactt ccactcctgc    186480
     ctccactact ccagccttaa ctacagcatc ttatgactgc acctgctgat gtaattcatc    186540
     ctgagaaacc tgcagaaaag ccagcacaga caccaaggct tactacccag caccagctga    186600
     cagtacacca ggaggttctt cctggtcaat tttcaaagat gcaacaagtg cccttgtgac    186660
     aagtcagcct taagagaata tggtaactga aattatgcca ataggctatg aatgggaaca    186720
     agtaattgca gccctgagag ccagtttcaa caaccctgac agagctgtgt aataccttct    186780
     aataagattc cctggagata gagaaagtca ggctgtggtt gatcctccta cctagtaaga    186840
     acattaacaa gggagatgtg actccctggt aggcaccagg atctcatcct gaggaaatat    186900
     aaaatcaaca aatagcttta aaaccactct agtttgggag aagggattat tgaattcccc    186960
     tgatgattga agcccatgtc atggattcca gaaacacctg gcataaacct cttataggtg    187020
     cattatgaga ccttcagcat agtgctgaga atacatttca gaatatgata tgatcagaac    187080
     atttgtttgg aaatggcatt actgaataga gtataacaga ttaaattcca caatcagctc    187140
     agttgtaggc tgccttcctt tgtgccacag attggctagc ttcgcaagag agagattcac    187200
     attttgtatg cattaaagct gcagggcatc atatattaaa aaggggttgt ccttctcaag    187260
     gatttacact ttcctctctg caatgactaa tggtaagttc taactatgga tttcagtgga    187320
     agggacttgc ttttctgaca tcctggtgct gcaaggaaca gcttatttca ccagactgca    187380
     ggaaatgcat tcactcctca aacggatggt tttggcactt tctagttaag tgattaaaca    187440
     ggtgacccca tttcaccagt ctagcataaa caaggagtaa ctgaaagaat ataaaggaat    187500
     atagtccatg tataaaacaa tatagtccat gtatgtccta agtgttgtta aatatataag    187560
     tgcatattta gtaggtgaaa gctgactggt aaaactttgc ctttgctgca gaaattaagg    187620
     aaataaccac aaatatcagg aatgttcttt gaacatagat aaataaaact gtcactttcc    187680
     tcacagattc actggcacct ttgtcttcat tttctataat gactcatgta gaccttagaa    187740
     aaaattcatc aatggaattc ttcaaaataa gttatttagg atgtttaatg acagacaagt    187800
     atatagtctc attgtttcat gaactggaca tacctccact gtggacaagg actcatcctt    187860
     aggaagccag aacagtgtga agatgggaga tttcctgtga gtgttggtgt ctccctcctg    187920
     cagtcaatcc tacttcttct tgctcatttt taacattcat tcatatctct tttgataaga    187980
     ggagattata cataccatga taaatgatag aagtgtatgt agggagatta taaaacctac    188040
     cagtacaggc tctttataac tagatctgtt aagccaatat agagacagtt ttttgatata    188100
     aattatagga acttgtgaga gcctatgggt tctaaaatca gatattttgt cagaattcta    188160
     ttgacctagt attttaaagg aacagacaat tttcaagaaa atcacaaccc ttttcacata    188220
     tcaccaccat cgggacattc ctaattctat ttctatgctg cttagacact gagaaggatg    188280
     acagaacatt tcaaaagact ccagcaggca atcatgtact gaaaggactg taatggatca    188340
     gacagagagt attccacaga tgatatagag tgaaattatg tggaaaacat ttctagtgag    188400
     ttattcactg atttatctgc acaactcaca gacttctatc ctcagccttt gaaaggccaa    188460
     gaatgaattg attcaaaggg gtatagtatt caaactatga aaaatgttat actttctttg    188520
     tgtaatggag aagtatgcat aagacatacg aatagtaaac acatttgtaa gttttgaaca    188580
     tcatgatata ccaaaaatgt aaattaaaag ctaatttgag atgtcatcta atctaaacaa    188640
     aatttatatt tcttaaggaa acaaatgaca ccaaatgctg ataagaaatt tgttaaaggg    188700
     gaaagacaac gcatgttcgg tttaacctat tgtaggtacc atggaattct gtatgaaagt    188760
     tattccaaaa ggaaaaaaaa agtcatgtga tcttcctaca tcactcctgt aaagagagct    188820
     cagtacttgg tcctgcaaaa ataagaaatc atctgtgtaa aacaagaaga atgtgtacca    188880
     agttttatga aagatggaaa cacatattct ggatgggata agagaagaaa cctaggaaca    188940
     gtgtggaata tctaatacaa aagcaagaag tcatgaaccc aattgtgaaa ggaaggttgg    189000
     cactgacatg agactttaaa aatacggtat ctgaagaggg tctgtatgaa ggttggtcta    189060
     ggattggaag gtaggataac atcgagatgt ctttcctgtg atttctacag tcttagcgct    189120
     gccttattgg agactcacac tataggaatc cagagaccct gatggccttt cttttataac    189180
     caaggtcatt cattatttac ttttcccagt tatggaggtg gcgctgtccc cctgcatgca    189240
     aatccttcag caagctctaa gttaaatgcc ctcctggact gtggtagcac atatctgtct    189300
     tactggaggt tgattttttt tttttttttt tttttatgaa aagggggtat agcctaaagg    189360
     atgaaaatgt tcactcttct gtacctgttg acagtcgttc ctggtgagag ttgccatttc    189420
     attcatgtgt cttgagggct tattttttta atgtgtgatt gacaaaaatg acccttcttc    189480
     tctgaaggta tcctgtctga tgtgcagctt caggagtcag gacctggtct ggtgaaacct    189540
     tctcagacag tgtccctcac ctgcactgtc actggcatct ccatcaccac tggaaattac    189600
     agatggagct ggatccggca gtttccagga aacaaactgg agtggatagg gtacatatac    189660
     tacagtggta ccattaccta caatccatct ctcacaagtc gaaccaccat cactagagac    189720
     acttccaaga accaattctt cctggaaatg aactctttga ctgctgaaga cacagccaca    189780
     tactactgtg cacgagacac agtgtggaat cttcagtgtg agcccagatg aaaacctcct    189840
     tgtagagcag ctctgtacca acagggggct tgccccattc acttagcaca ggaaatctat    189900
     tttagggtag gttaaaaaca atcttgtcta aaactctggc aggagactcc tgattaacag    189960
     gaagacacat tagtgataag gtctttagtt aatacaatgc tcactgcata ctaaaactcc    190020
     ttaaatttta cccagaattc ttcaatgaca ctcgctccta gaggctccac atgccagccc    190080
     actctgacca aaaattgttc ctttctaaaa gatcttgagc ttgagcaaca aaacctaaga    190140
     gaatcctggg gaaaaggagg ttcagtgata gttgcagctt gagatccttc tcatggggaa    190200
     gattcaaggc ctgacactat tactgatact attgtgtgct cataaacagg acctgagcat    190260
     ggctaccctc tgagaagccc aaaaagcatg tgaataagac agatgcagat acttacatag    190320
     aatcaatgca cagaaactgg gtatccctca gtctgaatta gggaaaagct ggaggaagct    190380
     gaggagcaga gaaatcctat aggtagacta gcagtctcaa ctaactttcc tccccacact    190440
     tgagatgtct caaacaaatg gccagcaacc tggcagcata caacagctga catgttacca    190500
     ctctctatat atacatcaga gtactatgta gtcttctctc aatgagagaa gatgcaaata    190560
     accctccagg gactttaggc cccagggaag tgtagagtta tggtggggta gggatagggg    190620
     aggttcctgc aacctcaatg agataggtgg aggaggaatg ggaggaggaa cagtcaaatg    190680
     gaagaccagg agaggaataa caactggaca ttaaaagaag attaaaaaat aataactaaa    190740
     ataatttcaa attaataaat tcataaaaga agaatatatg tggtctggaa gctaaatctg    190800
     tcatatgttg tatgctctgc ttaactcagt gagataatat aatcattaat aatttctaca    190860
     atgtgaattc acagaaaaat cttgtctgat ttactttctt gttgctattg taagatacta    190920
     ggtccaagtc aacttatgaa atggaacatt tatttgattt atagttctag atagaaataa    190980
     aatgataagt cagcatggca gcaagcagaa ttcaggttat tcaggacaag tgaaaatcat    191040
     gaagttatca acaagtaaga aatagtgcac tctgagaatg gtgtaaatca tttcaagtct    191100
     caagcttccc ttcattgaca tattttgtcc aacagagaca cactccttaa ttcttctaaa    191160
     agtatttttt tttattttta tactatttct tttcgggaaa tcgtctatac cctgccccca    191220
     atcccctgct ccccaactca cctactcctg cttcctgccc ctgtcattcc cctatattgg    191280
     agaatataat cttcgtaaga ccaagggact ctcctcccat tgatggccaa ctaggccatc    191340
     ctctgctaca tatgcagcta cagacacaag ctccggggcg gggggggggg gggtgctact    191400
     ggttagttca tattgttcct cctatagggc tgcagacccc tttagctcct tgggtacttt    191460
     ctctagattc ttcactgggg accctgtgtt ctatcttata gatgactgtg aacatccact    191520
     tctatttgcc aagcactggc ttagcctcac aggagatagc tacttcaggt tactatcaaa    191580
     aaatcttgtt gacataagca atagtgtctg tgtttggtgg ttgtttatgg gatggatccc    191640
     agggtgggac agtctctgga tggtcattcc ttcagactca gctccagact tttctctgta    191700
     actccttcca tgggtatttt gttcccaatt ctaagaagga acgaagtatc cacatttggt    191760
     cttccttctt gagtttcatg tgttttgcaa tttgtatctt gggtatccta agtttctggg    191820
     tgaatatcct cttataagtg agtgcatatc atgtgtgttc ttttgtgatt gggttacctc    191880
     acacaggatg atatcctcca gatccatcca tttgcctaag aatttcataa atcattgttt    191940
     ttaataggcg tagtactcca ttgtgtaaat ataccacatt ttttgtatcc attcctctgt    192000
     taagggacat ctgggttctt tccagtttct ggctattata aagaagacta ctatgaacat    192060
     agaggagcat atgtccttat tacatgttag agcatcttct gggtatatta ccaggagtgg    192120
     tattgctgga tcttcaggca ttactatgtc caattttctg agaaataacc aaattgattt    192180
     ccagagtggt tgttacagct tgtaatccca caagcaatgg agaagtattc ctctttctcc    192240
     acatcctccc tagcatatgc tgttacctga atttttcttc ttagccattc ttactggtgt    192300
     gagagagctg gaatctctag gttgttttga tatgtattcc cctgctgact gaggatgttg    192360
     aacatttttt taggtgcttc tctgccattc agaattcgtc acttcagaat tctttcttta    192420
     gctctgtact tcatttttaa tagggatttt tcccccctct ggcatccaac ttctcgagtt    192480
     cttgtatata ttggctttta gccctttgtc ggatttagga ttggtaaaga tattttccaa    192540
     tctgttggtt gcttttttgt cttattgaca gtgtcctttg tcttatagaa gctttgcaaa    192600
     tttatgaagt cccatttgtc aaatgttgat cttacagcat aaactattgc tgttctgttc    192660
     aaaaatattt ctcctgtgcc catatcttca aggctctttc ccactttctc ctctttaagt    192720
     ttcagtgtct ctagtattat gtggaggtcc ttgatccact tcaacattaa atttgtacaa    192780
     agaaacaata gtggatcaat ttgcattctt ttatatgcta actgccagtt gagccagcac    192840
     catattttga aaatgctgtc attttttcca ctggatggtt ttagctcctt tgtcaaagat    192900
     caagttatca taggtgtgtg agtttatttt tggttcttca attctattcc attgatctac    192960
     ctgtctggaa atgtatggta aaatgaaatt ttaatcacaa ttgctctgta gtacagattg    193020
     aggtcaggga tggtgattcc atcagaggtt ctttcattat tgagaatagt ttttggtatc    193080
     ctaggttttt tgttgttcca gatgaatttg caaattgccc tttctaattc tgtaatgaat    193140
     tgaattggaa ttttgttgga gattgcattg agtctgtaaa ttcctttaat caagatggcc    193200
     atttttacta tattaatctt accaatccat gaacatagga gatctttcca tcttctgaga    193260
     tcttctttga tttctttctc cagagacttg aagtccttat catacagatc tttcacttgc    193320
     ttagttagac tcacaccaag gtattttata ttattggtga ctattgtgaa agatttcttt    193380
     ctcagcctct ttatcctttg tgtagtgaaa agctactgat ttgtttgagt taatttttta    193440
     tccagctaca tagctgaagt tgtttatcag gttttggagt tctctggtgg aagcagaaat    193500
     ggtggtctta cctgggttca cagatgtgcc agttcttctg ggataccagt tctctcctgg    193560
     tggcatttga ctatggagag ctctggcaca atatcagctc caagctcaga tgaatcctgg    193620
     atgccctaaa ctgttaacaa cagtgtatgt cttcagaaca gttatttgcc tatttatatg    193680
     ttactcctag taatacacct aaaatatgtc tcacatacac agagaggaga gagagagaga    193740
     aaaagagaga gggagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    193800
     gagagagaga tccattatca tctttatcca ttgtcattgt gtcggggcta acagaggcag    193860
     gataagagat agcgaagaca aaggcatggt cctttaagag aacgggatat gggatgcccc    193920
     tggatataca aataacaagg gcatacagta ttttcattgc aataaaagct ggctctattt    193980
     ctcaatcaca tcactgaaga agagctgtca ataacaaggg ctgtggtgga tcagatgcag    194040
     gataccacac aaccctacag ctccctgctt caagtgtcct agagatgttt ctgtgaggtt    194100
     tgaggccttg cattttttag aaatgtgaag gtatcacata tcatgatctc agcagtttta    194160
     agatcctctg catttcttgt tggttgtcag tggtcagatt gtcatggaat ataaaataaa    194220
     attttttatc tgtgttggtt tacatgcatt ttattaattc tttacaccaa gtgtatcttt    194280
     cctaatccag gggataatat ctatatcata tatatcatta aaaagatgaa aagagctaaa    194340
     taatacttat tcaaaagtga caaaaagaca aaagatgttt ctataaacaa aaagactagg    194400
     tcaacaaagg catagcacag aatcaatgcc tctcattacc acagcaatga aaattaaggt    194460
     caaaaagaga tatcacctca tatgtggata tattcaggat aagatatgtg ttcatggctg    194520
     ttgctgtgtt gacagttaca caaggttcca tgagcagact gagaaataag gacactgcca    194580
     tgtgttactg tttgagagat acagtgagga aagtactttg ggagctcagg caaatactct    194640
     gtaaggtgct catggtcaga agggggcact ggaacacagg gagctccagg tcaacagaag    194700
     tggagtagat agtgaattgt taaataatct gaatatgaga ttttcttttc tggtcccatt    194760
     tatttcatgt tttcttgact tcttatagct ttatgtccat accatacttt aggttggtga    194820
     agttttcttc tgtgattttg ttgaaaacat gttcaggtcc tttgatctgg gaatcttaat    194880
     tctcctctat ttcaattatt cttagatttg gtctctttat tgtgtcctga atttcctggg    194940
     tactttgggt taggagtttt ttttttttta tgttttaaat tttctttgac aaatatccca    195000
     atctcttcta ctgtatcttt tacacctgag attctctcta ctatttcttg tattctgttg    195060
     gtaatacttt catctgtaat tcctgacctc tttcctaggt tttccatttg caggtttgcc    195120
     tccatttgtg ttttctttat tgtttctacg tccactttta ggtcatggat tgctttattc    195180
     tatttcttca cctgtttgtc tctggtttcc tgtattgttt tcagtgagtt attgatatcc    195240
     tccttaaagg acactattat ctccatcaga tatgatttta ggacagattc atgatgaaac    195300
     agtcagatgc agatgtttgc atccatccaa tggacagaag cagctgatcc ctgttgtaga    195360
     attatggaag actgaaagaa gctgaggaga agggtgatcc tctagaaaga ccagaagtct    195420
     taattaatct gtacccttga gatctttcaa acactagacc accaaactga tagcttgcac    195480
     cagctgatat gaggcctcca acacagatag agtagagggt ttccaggtct gtgttcattc    195540
     agagatgagg cacctaaccc tcaagaggct ggagtctcca gggagtttag aggtcaggtg    195600
     ggttgggcta tggggacatc cacgtggaga cagggtgggg tggagttgag gtgtgggatg    195660
     tgaaaaactc agagcatgaa tgggggtggg gaagggaata tggagtgtaa aaaaaggaat    195720
     tacaaataaa ataaaattaa ataataatct gaattgtttc aagttataaa gttatcacac    195780
     tttccagaaa aaaacactat agagatcaaa tatttaaata attacatctt tagttctggt    195840
     ggacgaattt aaatatagga tacattctgt ttagaacaaa atgcagagca ctaacaatgc    195900
     agatgtgact ccctagtagg cacaaagatg tcatcatgag gaagcagaaa accaagaagt    195960
     agtttaaaaa taactctggt ttggggaagg gatcattgaa ttcccctgat gtttgaaacc    196020
     catgacatgg attccagtaa cacctaccat aatctaggct tagggtcatg acaaaacctt    196080
     cagtatagca ctgagaaata catcccagca ttggatatac tcagaatatt tgtttggaaa    196140
     tggtattatt gaatatagta taacatataa aattccacaa tcagatcagt tgaattcttc    196200
     cttcctctgt accagagatt tggccgctga gcaagaggga gatagtcctg ctgtatgcat    196260
     taatgttgca gagcgtcata aattaaaagg gggttttcct tctcaaggat gtacattttc    196320
     ttctcttcaa tgactaatgg taagttctaa ccatgcattt aaatgaaaaa aaacttgttt    196380
     ttctgaccta ctggtgttgc aaggaacagc ttaatgtgcc atactgaagg gaatgtatct    196440
     ttcactcccc attcacatga ttttggcact cctctagtca actaaacatg tgttcccatt    196500
     gtaccaatct aaaatatggg aggagtaact gaagtaatac aaaagaagaa acaacatagg    196560
     caatgtgtgc cccaagtgct gttaaaaatt caagcacgta aaaaattata aatacaagca    196620
     cgcatattta gaagtaggta aaagctgact gtcaaaatat tgactttgtt actgaaatta    196680
     acaaaataac caaaaatacc agtaatgttc ctttgagcag agataaataa aactgtcatt    196740
     tgactcacag attcattggc aactttttga ttgtcttcat tttctataat gactcatgta    196800
     gacattagga aaaatttcat caaaagagtt atttggaata aaactcttta aaggtgctta    196860
     atgacagacc agtagatagt ctcattgttt cacaaactgg aaataacatc cgatgtggac    196920
     atggataagt tttggggcct gcctgcagtt ctcatatgcg ggttcgagcc tgggaggcat    196980
     cttggagctg tggtaaagag gagcttatat acaccatgat aaatgatggc agtgtaggta    197040
     gggagattat aaaatctatt ggggcaagtt ctttataact acatctatca cacagagaat    197100
     atcatcctga tgttaaggca atatagagac agtcttttga tataaatttt aggaactttt    197160
     gagagcctac ttataaagtc agatattttg tcagaattct actgacatag tactttaaag    197220
     gaacacatta ttatcaagaa gattacaatc tttttcacag atcaccacca ttgtggtgtt    197280
     cctacttctg tttctatgat gctcagacac tgagaaagat gacagagtat tgcaagtgtc    197340
     tccagcagac aatcatgtac tgaaagaaat gtaatgtatc acacagagaa cattctacaa    197400
     atgatataca gtaagattag gtagaaaaaa ggtctagtgg gttgttcact gatttttctg    197460
     caccacccac agaattctac cctcagcctt tgaaaggcaa agaatgaatt gattcaacag    197520
     gaggatggca gtcatacttt gaaatatttt gtagtttctt tgtgtattgg aaaaatatgc    197580
     ataaaacata tgaatagtaa acactttttc aagttttaac atcatactct atatagaaaa    197640
     tgtaaattaa aagctaattt gagatgtcat ctaatccaaa tatcaattat atttcttaag    197700
     gaaacaagtg acaccagatg ctgatgagaa attggtgaaa agggaaagac aatgaatgct    197760
     tggtttaaac tcttgcatgt cccatggaag tctgtatgaa agtgattcca aaaggaaaaa    197820
     aaaatcatgt gacctaccta caacactcct gtgcaggcaa ctcaggtctc tctactggaa    197880
     agataggagg tcatctgtgc aacaacaaga agagtgtgta ccacgtttta ggaatgatgg    197940
     aaacacatat cctgggtgtg gtaagagaag aaaactaagc agtgtagact tacaagtaag    198000
     aaagaaataa gtcaggaacc caaatatgaa aggaatgttg acactgactt gagactttaa    198060
     aaacacagga tatgaagaga gtttttatga atgatggtct aggattagaa ggtaggatca    198120
     tgtctagatg tattttctgt gatttgtaca gtcttagttc tcccttattg gatactcaca    198180
     ctataggaat ccagagacca tgatggtctt tttttaaata accaagtgca ttcattattt    198240
     accttcccca attatgaaga caaggctgac tccctgcatg caaatgtttc ttctaactct    198300
     aagttaaatc ccctcctgga ctgtggaatc tcatatctct cactggagcg tgatctctga    198360
     aggaaggagg tgtagcctaa aagatgagag tgttgattct tgtgtacctg ttgacagtcc    198420
     ttcctggtaa gtgttgccac tttatacatg tgctcatgag gagtttttaa aatatgagct    198480
     tgacagaaat gactcttctt ttctgaaggt atactgtctg atgtacagct tcaggagtca    198540
     ggacctggcc tggtgaagcc ttctcagaca gtgtccctca cctgcactgt cactggctac    198600
     tctatcacta atggtaatca ctggtggaac tggatccggc aggtttcagg aaacaaactg    198660
     gagtggatgg ggtacataag ctccagtggt agcactgaca gcaatccatc tctcaaaagt    198720
     caaatctcca tcactagaga cacttccaag aaccagttat tcctgcagtt gaactctgtg    198780
     actattgaag atatagccac atattactgt gcaagagaca cagtgttgag tcttcagtgt    198840
     gagcccagac aaaaacctcc ttatagagca tctctacacc aacaggtgga ttgccaggga    198900
     catttagaac aggaaatcta ctttagggag ggttaaaaaa aatcttgcat aaaactttgg    198960
     cagaagatgc ctgctagaca gaaagacaca ttagtaataa ggtcttcagt taatacaatg    199020
     cccactgcca actaaaactc cttaaattat acccagatgc cttcaatggc actccctcct    199080
     ggaggcttca catgccagcc tattctgaca cagaattgtt cctttctaaa gaacatgagg    199140
     gtagaagcat gagagaagcc taagggacag gatgaccaaa aataggccca gctccagatg    199200
     catctcaagg ggaagctcca atgtctgata ctattaatga tgctgtgttg ggttcataga    199260
     caggaggcta gcatggctgt cctctgagaa gcccaaaaag catctgaatg agagggaagt    199320
     agatacatac accaaaccaa tgcacagaaa ctggggagcc atggggctga attaggaaaa    199380
     agctggagga agttgaggag gaggcaacaa cataaaaaga ttaatagtca caactaacct    199440
     ctccctcaag cccgcaagat ctctcagaca cataccagca accaggaggc acacaacagc    199500
     tgatataata cccctctaaa gatagacatc agaggactgt gtagtctggc ctcaatgaga    199560
     gaagatgcaa ataaccctcc agagacttga ggcaccaggg agtggagagt tttggtaggg    199620
     taaggtgagg gaggttgata caacctctaa gagatagggg aatgaggtat tggatgagga    199680
     acagtcaaag ggaaaaccag gagagggata acaactggac agtaaaaaag aaaagattaa    199740
     agaataataa ttaaaaataa tttcaaatta ataaattcat aaaagaagaa tatatgtcat    199800
     ctggaagata aatctatcat atgttgtatg ccctgcttga ctcagtgaga ccatataatc    199860
     attaattatt ccttcaaagt taattcacag aaaaaaatct tgtttaaatt attttcctgt    199920
     tgctgttgta aaatactgtc taaggcaact tataaaacaa aatgtttaat ttggtttata    199980
     gttctagatg gctataacat gataagtcag catggtagca aggagaactc atgctgtcca    200040
     gggcaagtga agaacatgaa gttatcaaca aataagaaat agagttaggc taatatacac    200100
     ttatcaatga gtatatataa tgtgagttct tttgggattg ggttacctca ttcaggatga    200160
     tgccctccag gtccatccat ttgcctagaa atttcataaa ttcattcttt ttaatagctg    200220
     agtagtactc cattgtgtaa atgtaccaca ttttctgtat ccattcctct gttgagcgac    200280
     atttgggttc tttccagctt ctgcctatta taaataaggc tgctatgaac atagtggagc    200340
     atgtgtcctt cttaccagtt ggaacacctt ctggatatat gcccaggaga ggtattgcag    200400
     gattctccca tagtactatg tccaattttc tgaggaacct ccagtctgat ttccagagtg    200460
     gttgtacaag cttgcaatcc caccaacaac ggaggagtgt tcctctttct ccactcctcg    200520
     ccagcatctg ctgtcacctg aatttttgat cttagccatt ctgactagtg taaagtggaa    200580
     tctcagggtt gttttgattt gcatttccct gatgtttaag gatgttgaac atttttttca    200640
     ggtgcttctc agccattcgg tattcctcag gtgagaattc ttcgttcagt tctgagcccc    200700
     attttttttg ttgttgttgt attttgttca ttagtttgtt tgttttgaga tagggtttct    200760
     ctgtatagcc ctggctgtcc tggtactcac tttgtagact aggctggcct cgacctcaga    200820
     aatctgcctg cctctgcctc acaagtgctg ggattaaagg catgtgccac cttgccaagc    200880
     tgagcaccat tttttaatga ggctatttga ttttctggag tccaccgaaa cttagaatac    200940
     ccaagataca agatacaatt tgcaaaacac atgaaactca agaagaatga agaccaaagt    201000
     gtagacactt tgctccttca tagaattggg aacaaaacat ccatggaagg agttacagag    201060
     acaaaatttg gagctgagaa gaaaggatgg accatctaca gactgccata accggggatc    201120
     catcccataa tcagcctcca aacactgaca ccattgcata taccagcaag attttgctga    201180
     aaggaccctg atatagctgt ctcttttgag gctatgccag ggcctggcaa acacagaagt    201240
     ggatgttcac agtcagctat tcgatggaat acaaggtcct caatggagaa gctagagaaa    201300
     gtgcctatag ggttgctgaa ggtatctgca accctatagg tggaacaaca gtatgaacta    201360
     accagtaccc ctggacctct tgactctggt tggacatgta tcagaagatg gcctagtcgg    201420
     ccatcattgg gaagcaaggc tctgtggtct tgcaaaattt atatgcctca atatgggtga    201480
     atgccagggc caagaattgg gaatgggtgg gtagggtagt gggaggggga gggtctggag    201540
     gacttttggg atagcatttg aaatgtaaat taagaaaata cctaatttaa aaataagtta    201600
     aaattaataa taataattat aaaaagaaat aaagttaggg aactctgaga attggataaa    201660
     tcatttcaag tcagaatcct tccttcactg acatattttg cccaacagag acatacttcc    201720
     taatccttct caaagagttt caccactgtc tccaaatcta ctcattcttc ctcaggagcg    201780
     tcctctgtgc aaacaagacc ccacagtaca aggatgaagg ccaagccctg actaacaagc    201840
     tatcatagga gtcttcttca gggcatgtga gtcctgggac tgctcttgtg ctttgtttct    201900
     gctctctgct atgagtgtct cagagacaat ccagggagct tccagctccc tagcattaat    201960
     tttgaaactc aaaggtatcc aatggcatga agtcagcagg ttccaggttc tctccatttc    202020
     tggttggcat ccagtgggca aatagccata ggatataaaa taaaatttta tatcggtgtt    202080
     gatatatatg cattgtattg actccaccaa aaggatcctt ccttgtccat aaaataatat    202140
     ctacatcata tatttgacaa aacatgccag ataatactaa tctaaatgca attgaaagaa    202200
     caaaggttat ttttataaaa cagagatatg tgttttaaaa aggaagaaca ctgaatatat    202260
     gtctctcatc attaatttaa tgaaatttac tgtcaaaagt ttatcctcat tattgaggac    202320
     atattcaagg taaaacatgt gctcacatct gtgactatgt tgatacttac tctaggttcc    202380
     atggatatgg atgcttataa tttgaaattg taaatatgca gtcatctgat gtcaaataca    202440
     tttgcttcaa acaaaatatg tattcatgtt ttcatgaact aaaatgaaca aaatcaataa    202500
     ttttcccttc acatttaggg aaattttata actttaccag acaagtctaa ttctgaacaa    202560
     gtgttttcta atagagaatc tttatacagc aaggataaat acaaacacag aaactgggat    202620
     aatataccaa acctgagtct gatctagcaa tataatatta tgggatgcta tttaaatttc    202680
     ttattttaaa aagaggcatg gcttgcttct gcccagtcct tgttgctagg gcagacccct    202740
     atttcatctg ctcccatgaa gactccatat cccaatgcat cctttttttt cgttttttat    202800
     taggtattta gctaatttac atttccaatg ctatagcaaa agtcccccct acccacccac    202860
     ccccactccc ctacccaccc actccccctt tttggcactg gcattcccct gtactggggc    202920
     atataaattt tgcgtgtcca atgggcctct ctttccagtg atggccgact atgccatctt    202980
     ttgatacata tgcagctaga gtcaagaact ccggggtact gcttagttca taatgttgtc    203040
     ccacctatag ggttgaagat ccctttaggt ccttgggtac tttctctaac tcctccattg    203100
     ggagccctgt gatccatcca ttagctgact gtgagtatcc acttctgtgt ttgctaggcc    203160
     ccgccatagt ctcacaagag acagctatat ctgggtcctt tcgataaaat cttgctagtg    203220
     tatgcaatgg tgtcagcgtt tggatgctga ttatggggtg gatccctgga tatggcagtc    203280
     tctacatggt ccatcctttc gtttcagctc cagactttgt ctctgtatct ccttccatgg    203340
     gtgttttgtt cccatttata ggaaggggta aagtgtccac actttggtct tccttcttct    203400
     tggatttcat gcgtttagca agttgtatct tatatcttgg gtgttctagg ttttgggcta    203460
     atatctactt atcagtgagt acatattgtg tgagttcctt tgtgaatgtg ttacctcact    203520
     caggatgatg ctctccaggt ccatccattt ggctaggaat ttcataaatt cattcttttt    203580
     aatagctgag tagtactcca ttgtgtagat gtaccacatt ttctgtatcc attcctctgt    203640
     tgaggggcat ctgggttctt tccagcttct ggctattata aataaggctg ctatgaacat    203700
     agttgagaat gtgtccttct taccagttgg ggcatcttct ggatatatgc ccaggagagg    203760
     tattgcggga tcctccggta gtactatgtc caattttctg aggaaccgcc agactgattt    203820
     ccagagtgtt tgtacaagcc tgcaatccca ccaacaatgg aggagtgttc ctctttctcc    203880
     acatccacgc cagcatctgc tgtcacctga atttttgatc ttagccattc tgattggtgt    203940
     gaggtggaat ctcagggttg ttttgatttg catttccctg atgattaagg atgttgaaca    204000
     tttttttcag gtgcttctca gccattcggt attcctcagg tgagaattct ttgtttagtt    204060
     ctgagcccca ttatttaatg gggtcatttg attttctgaa gtccaccttc ttgagttctt    204120
     tatatatgtt gtgtattagt cccctatcta atttaggata ggtaaagacc atttcccaat    204180
     ctgttggtgg aatttttgtc ttattgactg tgtcttttgc cttgcagaaa ctttggagtt    204240
     tcattatgtc ccatttgtca attcttgatc ttacagcaca agccattgct gttctgttca    204300
     gaaatttttc ccctgtgccc atatcttcaa ggcttttccc cactttctcc tctataagtt    204360
     tcagtgtctc tggttttatg tgaagttcct tgatccactt agatttgacc ttagtacaag    204420
     gagataagta tggatcgatt cgcattatgc tacatgataa caaccagttg cgccagcacc    204480
     aattgttgaa aatgctgtct ttcttccact ggatggtttt agctcccttg tctaagatca    204540
     agtgaccata gatgtgtggg ttcatttctg ggtcttcaat tctattccat tggtctactt    204600
     gtctgtctct ataccagtac catacagttt ttatcacaat tgctctgtag taaagcttta    204660
     ggacaggcat ggtgattcca ccagaggttc ttttatcctt gagaagagtt tttgtgatcc    204720
     taggtttttt gttattccag atgaatttgc aaattgctcc ttctaattcg ttgaagaatt    204780
     gagttggaat tttgataggg attgcattga atctgtagat tgcttttggc aagatagcca    204840
     tttttacaat gttgatcctg ccaatccatg agcatgggag atctttccat cttctgagat    204900
     cttctttaat ttctttcttc agagacttga agtttttatc atacagatct ttcacttcct    204960
     tagttagagt cacaccgaga tattttatat tatttgtgac tattgagaag ggtgttgttt    205020
     ccctaatttc tttctcagcc tgtttatcct ttgtgtacag aaaggccatt gacttgtttg    205080
     agttaatttt atatccagct acttcaccga agctgtttat caggtttagg agttctctgg    205140
     tggaattttt agggtcactt atatatacta tcatatcatc tgcaaaaaat gatatttttg    205200
     acttcctatt ttccaatttg tatccccttg atctccttat gttgtcgaat tgctctggct    205260
     aatacttcaa gtactatgtt gaaaaggtag ggagaaagtg ggcagccttg tctagtcttt    205320
     gattttagtg ggattgcttc cagcttctct ccatttactt tgatgttggc tactggtttg    205380
     ctgtagattg cttttatcat gtttaggtat gggccttgaa tcctgatctt tccaagactt    205440
     ttatcatgaa tgggtgttgg atcttgtcaa atgctttttc tgcatctaac gagatgatca    205500
     tgtggttttt gtctttgagt ttgtttatat aatggattac attgatgaat tttcatatat    205560
     taaaccatcc ctgaatccct ggaataaaac ctacttggtc agaatggatg attgttttaa    205620
     tgtgttcttg gattcagtta gcaagaattt tactgagtat ttttgcatca atattcataa    205680
     gggaaattgg tctgaagttc tctgtctttg ttgtatcttt ctttggttta ggtatcagag    205740
     taattgtggc ttcataaaat gagttgggta gagtaccttc tacttctatt ttgtgaaata    205800
     gtttgtgccg aactagaatt agatcttcct tgaaggtctg atagaaatct gcattagact    205860
     gacccggtcc tgggcttttt tcttttttgg ctgggagact attaatgact gcttctattt    205920
     tttaggggat atgggactgt ttagatcgtt aacttgatcc tgacttaact ttggtacctg    205980
     gtatctgtct agaaatttgt ccatttcatc caggttttcc agttttgttg agtatagcct    206040
     tttgttgaag gatctgatgg tgttttagat ttctatagga tctgttgtta tgtctccctt    206100
     ttcatttctg attttggtaa ttaggatgct gtccctttgc cctctagtta gtctagccaa    206160
     aagtttatct atcttgctga ttttctcaaa gaaccaactc ctcgtttggt taattctttg    206220
     aatagttctt cttctttcaa cttggttgat ttcacccctg agtttgatta tttcctgcag    206280
     tctactcctc tttggtgaat ttgcttcctt ttttctagat cttttaggtg tgttgtcaag    206340
     ttgctagagt gtgctatctc tagtttcttt ttagaggcac tcagagctat gagattccct    206400
     cttagaaatg ctttcattgt gtcccataag tttgggtatg ttgtggcttc attttcatta    206460
     aactgtaaaa agtctttaac ttctttcttt attccttcct tgaccaaggt atcattgaga    206520
     agagtgttgt tcagtttcca catgaatgtt ggctttccat tatttatgtt gttgttgaag    206580
     atcagtctta ggccatggtg gtctgatcgg atacatggga caattttaat atttttgtat    206640
     ctgttgaggc ctgttttgtg acctattata tggtcaattt tggagtaggt cccgtgaggt    206700
     gctgagaaga aggtatatcc ttttgtttta ggataaaatg ttctgtagat atctgtcaga    206760
     tccatttgtt tcataacttc tgttagtttc actgtgtccc tgtttagttt ctgtttccac    206820
     gatctgtcca ttgatgaaag tggtgtgttg aagtctccca ctattattgt gtgaggtgca    206880
     atgtgtgctt tgagctttac taaagtgtct ttaatgaatg tggctgccct tgcatttgga    206940
     gcgtagatat tcagaataga gagttcctct tggagggttt tacctttgat gagtaagaag    207000
     tgtctctcct tgtctttttt tttgataact ttgtgttgga agtccatttt attcgatatt    207060
     agaatggcta ctccatcttg tttcttcaga ccagttgctt ggaaaattgt tttccagcct    207120
     ttcattctga ggtagtgtct gtctttttcc ctgagatggg tttcctgtaa gcagcagaat    207180
     gttgggtcct atttgtgtag ccagtctgtt agtctatgtc tttttattgg ggaattgagt    207240
     ctattgatat taagagatat taaggaaaag taattgttgc tttcttttat ttttgttgtt    207300
     agagttggga ttctgttctt gtggctgtct tctttttggt ttattgaggg attactttct    207360
     tgctttttct agggcgtgat ttctgtcctt ctattggttt ttttctgtta ttatcctttg    207420
     aagggctgga tttgtggaaa gataatgtgt gagtttagtt ttgtcgtgga atactttggt    207480
     ttctccatct atggtaattg agagtttggc tgggtatagt agcctgggct ggcatttgtg    207540
     ttctcttagt gtctgtataa catctgtcca ggctcttctg gctttcatag tctctggtga    207600
     aatgtctggt gttattctga taggccttcc tttatatgtt acttgacctt tctcccttac    207660
     tgcttttaat attctctcct tatttagtgc atttgttgtt ctgattatta tgtgtcagga    207720
     tgaatttctt ttctggtcca gtctatctgg agttttgtag gcttcttgta tgttcatggg    207780
     catgtcattc tttaggtttg ggaagttttc ttctataatt ttgttgaaaa tatttgctgg    207840
     cccttaagtt gaaaatcttc attctcatct actcctatta tccgtaggtt tggtcttctc    207900
     aacgtgtcct gaatttactg aatcttttga gttaggatct ttttgcgttt tgtattttct    207960
     ttgattgttg tgccgatgtt ctctatggaa tcttctgcac ctgagattct ctcttccatc    208020
     tcttgtattc tgttgctgat actcgcatct atggttccag atttctttcc tagggtttct    208080
     atctccagcg ttgcttcact ttgagttttc tttattgtgt ctacttccct ttttaggtct    208140
     tggatggttt tattcaattc catcaactct ttggtcgtgt tttccttcaa ttctttcagg    208200
     gatttttgtg tttcctcttt aaggtcttct acctatttag ctgttttctc ctgtatttgt    208260
     ttaagtgagt tattaaagtc cttcttgatg tcctctacca tcatcatgag atatcctttt    208320
     gaatccaggt ctagcctttt ggttgtgttg gggttcccag gactaggtgg ggtgggagtg    208380
     ctgtgttctg gtgatgatga gtggtcttgg tttctgttag gattcttatg tttgcctttt    208440
     gccatctggt aatctctgga gctagttgtt atagttgttt ctggttagag cttcctggca    208500
     gaagttgtgt tccactcacc agaggtctta agatcctgtg aagggtcatg tgggggtcct    208560
     tgcaggtgtc cagagacttc acatgcaagg cacccaggtg ctggcatgga ctggaaagga    208620
     cttgtgaccc tgatcaggct gggttttctg cttcactaat taatgcagtc tcaggtccag    208680
     tgtgcttgga ttggagcaga ggctgtgttc cactcaccag aggtcttcag accccgtggg    208740
     gggtcctgtg gagaccttgc aggtgtccag agaccctgcg ggcaaggaac cctggtgctg    208800
     gcatggacca gaagggaatc tagtatttta aaggagctca caatgatcag gacgattcaa    208860
     accttttcca aaacacagag tcatgttgat gttcctaatt ctgcttctat gattctccaa    208920
     ccctcagaag ttgacagagc atttcaaatt gatccagcag gcaatcatga gctgatagag    208980
     agaacattcc atacatgaat gatattagat acaaggatgg cattgggata tccactgatt    209040
     tgtctgaaca ccctgaagta ttttaccctc atccttttaa atgccaagaa tgaattgatt    209100
     caacaggcag agagcagata ctttgaaaat ttttagtttc tttgtgtaat ggaaacataa    209160
     ccctaaaaca tatgaatact aaacacttat tcaggttttc agcatcttga cttatcaaga    209220
     aaatggaaat taaaaagtta gtttgagatt tcacttgtta ctccatcagc aataattagt    209280
     actgaagctg gatcctgaag ttctctggaa ataatttgga gtggataggt tatataactc    209340
     attatggtaa cgctggctac aaaccatctc ttgaaagtca aatatccatc actagaaata    209400
     ctttcaagaa ccagttcttc ctgaaggtgt aaatgaaaat gtaaattaaa aagttagttt    209460
     gagatttcat tcagtccaag caataggaat atttattaag gaaacaaaca acaccaagtg    209520
     ctgatgagaa tttgttgaaa ggggatacaa aatggatggt tggattaacc tgttgtagtt    209580
     cctatagaat tttgtctgga tagtctatta aagggtaaat atataagtaa tctgatcaat    209640
     ctgtatcacc cctgtgcata cagataagga ctctgtatta gaaagatacc aggtcagccg    209700
     tgtaacaata gaagaaaggg taccaagtta ttggaaaggt ggaaacacat attctgtgta    209760
     tagaaagaga agaaaactag gaaaagtgtg gactgctgaa taaaaaagca agaaaactgt    209820
     aatccaagtg tgaaaagacg gttgacactg aattgagact ttaagaaccc aagagcagca    209880
     gagggtcagt ggggtggatg gtcaaggaat ggaaggaggg atcatgccta gatgtgtttc    209940
     cagtgattta cacagtgctt atgctctctt tttgagactc acactgtaag aaaccagaga    210000
     ctgtgatggt ttcattttaa taaccaagtg tatttagtat tcaccctact caattatgaa    210060
     ggcaaaactc agacactgtc cctcacctgc actgtcactg ggtactccat cagcagcaat    210120
     aactactgga aatggatcag gaattcccta gaaataatct ggagtggatg gggtatataa    210180
     gttattatga tagcactggc tacaaaccat cacttcaaag tcaaatttcc atcactagag    210240
     ataattccaa aaaccagctc ttccttaaga taaactctgt gactattgag gacacagcca    210300
     cttattacta cacaagagac actctgtggg gtcttcagta tgaacccaga cataaaccct    210360
     cttgtagaac agatctctac caagaggggg acacatagca tacagcaagc ataggaacag    210420
     gaaactgctg gggaagtgag atgatggaga agagaaacaa gaagaattga acaaagcttg    210480
     tggttgagta ttgaggaaag gaacaacatc actaagcatt aattgtcatt gcataatttt    210540
     tttacactca ccctgtaagg aatgttcaga gaacaggatg ttttacatga gtaaaattaa    210600
     cccatatata gtctgtgttg ataataatga gagcacatat gtctacaata tttaagtcag    210660
     tgtcttggag tagaaatgta gaaaccataa gaaatcaatg tctagttcct gggagatgat    210720
     caaaattgct gatggaccca ttaaattcca atgagttgcc aaaacacatt tctaatttcc    210780
     tccaattgca aagtgggtat tgatagtcag gtagataaat tttgaactta ttaccataga    210840
     ggttaatgag ggcagttgtc gacataactg catgactgta gctcaaaaga tattcagatg    210900
     tctgctttag attccactag aaaagctctg aaatcgtatt ctctatgtaa gagccccgag    210960
     gcttctgggc tgattattaa ctatagagtt tatatgaaga aagttgtgaa aagcaaagag    211020
     acctgagatt accaatatgg acttatcaag ataacagagt tgagggcttg actctgttaa    211080
     tggttaagag cacagctgcc cttccagagg accaggattg aatttgcggc acccacattg    211140
     cagatcacaa tgtctgtaat tccactttca agagatctga ttctgtcaca cagacctaaa    211200
     tataaataaa acataaattg atttttatag ataagagttc atatcaactc cattgttctt    211260
     gtccatttga caacatggtc ttcccaaaaa ctctgatttc taatcaggaa taaatcaact    211320
     gtagtgatat caagttattt cttcacatgc agaatctatt agatgaaatt tcaatttcat    211380
     cttctacaat ctaatgactc tcagaggcaa ataatttctt attaagttct ggaaaataga    211440
     gtgtcattgt acactggact ccaattttct gaagccaaaa actttcttaa gaaatgcatt    211500
     taattctaat aataatttta tattttcaca taaagtttat catatactta aaagctggtg    211560
     acttctattt actttcagag gcttgtcatt gatatgactt tgtcaccagg tagggtagtt    211620
     tgaatgaaaa taacccttta taacctcgta tccagtgcca gaattaggag atgtaacatt    211680
     gatggggtgg gtgtggcctt attggagtaa gtatatcacc agtgtcggat gtatgatgtc    211740
     agatactcaa gtgaagccca gtgtcacttt ctgttgctga tatcttctaa cccagatata    211800
     taactctagc tacctctcta gcaccatgtt tgctgtcagg ctatcatgtt tcttgccatg    211860
     aaaataaaat aaatgtctga actgtagtca gatccaatta aatgttttgc tttgtaagaa    211920
     ttgttattgt catggtgtct ctttacattt atagaacatc aactaacaca ctgagtttca    211980
     tattcatttg cgctaaatag cataggctta catttaataa accatcagag ccactctcct    212040
     tgacttgtcc agtatggctc ttgtgtgaat agtaatycca aacactgatg cattttccta    212100
     gagaatgtgc ttcatggttt gtccataaca tcgatcagta gtatcttgca gcgaggagat    212160
     ttcagaaatc tcaagaggct tgtccaagtg ttcttaccat tgaaatacct aaccactgag    212220
     aaattcatga tgtatctatc tgtatgatgt ataaatctgt gaaagaattg actaatgtga    212280
     cctcataaaa ttgaaacgct tctgtaaggc aaaggagact gtcaataaga caaaactgca    212340
     atgtacaaat tggaaatgga tctttaccaa ccctgcatcc tatacaaggc taatatgtaa    212400
     aatatccaaa gaactcaaga agtaagatgc ccatgaatca aataaccaca ttaaaaatgg    212460
     tgtacataac taaacaattt tcaacagagg aatctagaat ggctaagaag cactagaaca    212520
     atattcaaca tctgtggtca tcaaggaaat acaaatcgaa acatccgtga gattccatac    212580
     catgcaaatc agaatggcta agatcaaaac tcaggcaaca gtagataatg ttgaggatgt    212640
     agagaaagag gaaaactctt cactggtgat gggatttcag cctggaaaaa acactttggg    212700
     aaacactctg gtggttccac agaacattga aaatagttct acctgatgtc ctatctaccc    212760
     cactacttgg catataccca aaagatgctc caacatataa ctaggaaaca tgcttgacta    212820
     tgttcatagc agcctcattt ataatagtca gaaaatggaa aaaagcaggt gtttctcaac    212880
     agaacagata cagaaaatgt gatacattta cactatggag tattacatat caatgacttc    212940
     atgaaattca caggcaaatg catggaacaa gaaaatatca tcctaagtga ggtagccaag    213000
     acacaaaaga acactcatgc tatgtactga ttgtttagtg gttattatcc ctaaagctca    213060
     gaatatccat gatacaacac acaaatcata caaagcttaa caagaagatg accaaagtgt    213120
     ggatgcttca atcatactta ggaaggggtt caatatattc acgggaggta gaggaaagga    213180
     ggggtctgtg aggggaaaag gagaataagg gtaaaaggaa gggcaggatc aagaaagaga    213240
     aagacgttca gagagtctgg aaaaatgatt agaaatatgt agcagtggag ggtgaggaac    213300
     tgatggaagc cacaagagag tcccagactc cagggaagca acccaacagg gattacatta    213360
     tccaaacctc caaacacagg ggagagagaa cctgtagtga tcatctccaa tagataagca    213420
     tggaccccag gtaaaggatg gggctagcta accagctcag ttttttattt atttacattt    213480
     aaatgctgct cctcatccca gtccttcctt aaccctcatc cctcatcccc ttctcctttg    213540
     aggggatggt cccctctggg tctttcccca cactgaaaca aaaataatgt ttcccagttc    213600
     taccaaatgt ccttatagtt gcctatgttt ttctttactg acaaatgcaa ttgcagtgtg    213660
     aatatttgtc acatctcttt tatatattca gtaggtcata gacatctaag atgatactag    213720
     tccaaaatta gtatgagtta ttattaaatt ttccacatta aatttgagtt ctttgagaag    213780
     tcatcacaat gatttcctta atacttttac taattaacct aacaccatca gcattcaaat    213840
     attgtagttt acaaacattg gcagcataca aaagacattt taatatacat tattcatttt    213900
     aatggtccag atgaaattta aaagtagaat tagtttggct tttcttaata gctagtgaaa    213960
     tttgatatat ttagtggtta ttaataagag gagaaaaatc tttctccagt atatttttga    214020
     ataatattcg tagatagaat ctacactaag ctaaaacatt aacccaaata acaaaaccaa    214080
     cagagagaag aattaaacac agatggttct ctgaaaagaa aacatgaatg tacaacacat    214140
     atatgaacca gtgttaaata ttcttagaaa tcagaaagac gaaaccaaag gtggcattac    214200
     tccatctcat ttcagtaaga atgctttcat taataaaata atcatcattt ctgatgtaga    214260
     cacaaagcaa aggaattcct gcataacgct ggtaggaagg tgaaatggct aagtcaaaat    214320
     attgaagttt tatcacagac acataacaaa caatattgta aaagtgctcc tgctacagat    214380
     ccatttcatt agtgtattct gtaataactg catatcccac agcttcaacc catgagctga    214440
     agttatagca ggaagacatg caaattggaa cccaccccct tctcataaaa tcctgtgaag    214500
     actctcgctg tatcatatga agtgagtctt gatttcccca gccttcagtt cccagattca    214560
     gtgatcagcc ttgaacacag acctgtcacc atgaagttgt ggctgaactg gattctactt    214620
     gtagcacttt taaatggtaa tttatgggga acaagggatg ctgagtacgt gagtgtgtgt    214680
     aagtaagagg gacagtggat ctgtgtgaca ttttcctgaa caaattattt actattgcag    214740
     gtatccagtg tgaggtgaag ctgatggagt ctggaggagg cttggtacag cctggggctt    214800
     ctctgagact ctcctgtgaa gcttctggat tcaccttcac tgattactac atgagctggg    214860
     tccgccagcc tccagggaag tcacctgagt ggttggcttt gattagaaac aaagctaatg    214920
     gctatacaac agagtatagt gcatctgtta agggtcggtt caccatctcc agagataatt    214980
     ctcaaaacat cctctatctt caaatgaaca ccctgagagc tgaggccagt gccacttatt    215040
     actgtgcaaa agatgtacac agtgagggta cttcagtgtg agcctagaca caaacctcct    215100
     tgcaggggtg ctcaggacca acagggggca cacatgaaga aatgtttgca tttgaaagtg    215160
     acaactgaac agaattgcta atttatgaga aactatatgt gggtgcaaat ttcttttgaa    215220
     aagaaggaaa ttttgaagac acaaacacag atatgttttg tttctaatta taggttgcct    215280
     ttgcgactcc ttgtgcatca atttaatgtg ttgaattttt accataaatg acacctccag    215340
     attaccttta aaaatagatt actgtcttac tctgcaccaa gattttggag cttggtaaaa    215400
     ttattggaaa attattacag caatgcactt gtcatacttg tatttgaacg tattaaatta    215460
     aataaaatat aacatgctaa gtatgtgttc atgaaaaata ttttctgtag tttgataaaa    215520
     atcctattta tattatacat attatattac agtatttttt ttaaattgag ttttatgata    215580
     aactttttga gaaacactga ccaaatacag aactctccca aatcttgaca taattcatta    215640
     acagagtatt cgttaaatgg tagtcttatt tttttaataa tggcattagc tcaatgccct    215700
     tactttacga atataataca atcaggtctt tctatataat tctcttctta atttgttttg    215760
     tgaagaaaag taatgtttaa tgatcagtga gatatctttg taaaccagat aataaacact    215820
     aaggatagta ttaggttttc caaatggctt ttcttttgca gttaaaagca aacattatat    215880
     atttttattt ttgtaccaat aaatcttaga ttatagtaag tcaatgtcgt actgtatttt    215940
     aaatgaatct gacaaaaata tcctgaagaa ttgctaataa ataattaaaa gcttatgatc    216000
     tctaagttaa tgtatagaat aattaataac tacataaatt ttcctgtaat ttgtgtttta    216060
     aaaaatgcat aggatcctcc tcttgtgcac ttctcaacaa acaggcctac atatggggca    216120
     accttgatgg agctactgat caaatacacc ccattttagt tcatgtcacc aacaatcttc    216180
     taaagaaaga tcactgacta gagatagtgc ttaccaccca aacagaaaga gactacataa    216240
     ggatagatga taatccttgt aaagaaaact ttaccgtaga aaactctaat tccctccacc    216300
     tccccaatct tctctaattc tcagggccac tgttatactt cataatctct actttgactt    216360
     tccaatggaa tcatttgggt tgaactgcgc cttctataaa gggacaaact ttaagacctc    216420
     acacaactag taaaagagca gcttctacta caacacatca tcacctatta cagtcaatgg    216480
     gacacctttg tgttcactat aaaataaaag ctcaaggggc tggagactaa tacaaaattt    216540
     aacgccaatt aataaaacca tatgagtctg gggttctccc ccaaaagggt gctgccatga    216600
     ctcagccatc ctagccaatg tccacctatt ggaaatagat attaaaaact gcctttttct    216660
     atccctctcc acccttgaga tggtgaacac gttgtgttat aaatagccac ccactcccct    216720
     ttaacaaatc tcatccagtc ttaccacata aatgaaccat tctccctcga ggaatatcta    216780
     actgcccaag cctttaccaa gaggctttgg ccactgcatt aaaaacctta ttagtaaaag    216840
     ggcacagtat atatcactat atggataata tcttactatg ggtagattct tccacttctc    216900
     ctcccaactc caagatcact taattccttc actatcttct ctagaaatca aagtatcacc    216960
     tcacgatatg aaacttattc tacccattgc atttttaggc tataaaccag aactttttgg    217020
     ctaaccttaa ttggctaaaa tcctaagttt ctcttcccat aagcaccctt caacatcttg    217080
     tcaaactctt aaaatgagat aaaaggctct catcccatag aattctgtcc cctgaagcaa    217140
     tccaagttct aaattctgtc aatatatcct taaaagacat ggctcttggc agatatgaca    217200
     aaacagtgac catacacctc cttatcttta atttcttccc tacacttgtg ggaagattaa    217260
     aagtggcagg tatggagcac tacaacattt aggaaaagaa ccagacattc ttgtcatccc    217320
     ccttttcctc tatgatgctc aataggtaat caaatatcac ccatcagttt aatggggttt    217380
     ccaggacata ttgacattat catgatgaaa aatagaactc tgccctccct ctgttgtaat    217440
     ggatgcccct caaaatattt tgtaaaaggc catatttgga gccccctcaa tatttactga    217500
     tggaagaaag agggaggctg cagctgtaat tcctactccc ctgtggatga accccttatt    217560
     cttaaattca gagagcttcc ccatcactct tcctaatata aataattgta tatgctatct    217620
     atctagccct aaaggaagtc aaggtgctcc tcagctttta cagacagtgc atatgttgtc    217680
     aatttgctcc cctggctgtc aagatccttt gtcaaactag atgtcagctg actttcccct    217740
     ctattcacac tgggttcttg caggaatgag cctccccatc tatatccagc atgcccgatc    217800
     tcatagtccc ctgccaggcc catatccaaa ggaaatgccc tcactgacca aaccacttca    217860
     acaggaacat gcataagctc caatgagcag gcagaccaat tccattaaca cacacacaca    217920
     cacaaatata aaggggcttt atacttgctc tctccacatt accttgttca actctaaagg    217980
     ataataacct gttcctcttg tgcatccctt attatcaccc tagctttata aatgatggac    218040
     accaattgct gaggcctcaa attcaatggt ttatggaaaa ataaatgtaa tccatacatc    218100
     ccaattcagt agacgaaagg ttttcattac caaagacaca tactcacatt ttatgtgggc    218160
     tacagcccca aagagtgaaa actcaaaagg ttcattcatc atctgttctc cacctttacc    218220
     atcatgggca ttcctcagca gacaaagact gataatgact ttgccttcac tcaatgtaac    218280
     aactgtacac aaggggaaat tagtcactat accatcagag ccaagaaata gtggaaagaa    218340
     cacttcaaac ctgaaaagcc caacttctag aacaaaagac aaccatctaa tccctaatgt    218400
     ataattaaaa attgttctga ctatgctata ctgtcatcta caaaaatacc aaacacctcc    218460
     tatctccctc cattgtcata caccaaaatt aatgctccct accctagtat gatagcatga    218520
     tcctttggat ggaaattgga aggtaccaga tcccctcctt acaacctgga gaggttttgt    218580
     ttatgttgac ctacaggatc agcctaagtt tatctggatt cccacaaaaa aatttctgat    218640
     atcacctttc ataccaagaa gatggcctgt ctcttgctgg cagatcaagg ccagaggagg    218700
     aggaagagaa agaggtagca accacttaat tgagagcgat cacagtgcaa gcaaccaagg    218760
     tttattgcca tattctaatt gatggtctcc tgagagatct ctgcttgagt gtctgttagc    218820
     agaacacata gtattgcaca ttcctccagc tcttaggtta gtaggactat ttcctatgtg    218880
     aggactatag taaaatgttt ttttctttgg ggtagcagga ttttttccta aatgataatc    218940
     catgctggtt gataatggtt ttctctgtta atgccatctt gaattgaagt atgaattctg    219000
     atgtcttttt agtctgaatt ttcactgtat aagtttttag tactttattc ttcctgttta    219060
     cacttaaaag gaattatatt ttgacaaaca cttactttgc atttcatatt tttcatataa    219120
     ctaatttgaa aaatcattcc taccttgtgt tttgtgccat ttccagaaac cttaactgtg    219180
     ataaacttgc attaaaatca agaataaaaa tgtgtgtttc ttcttccatc tttttttcta    219240
     ttaagacctg ctttaattta ggcagctata atgcatatgt ttgttgaatt atccaattga    219300
     tccttcctta tcaatttttc ttattcactt gatatttttg aatgttattg tgttatttta    219360
     ttccatgtta actgctttca tgtattcaag aactctgtat cctaccttac tccccattta    219420
     atttcattac agtataaaat tattgttgtt tctgctttat acattagtta cattttcaac    219480
     cttttgttcg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgagtgtgtg tatgtactca tatggtttgg    219540
     taatgagaga taaacatttt gggagtcacc ctttcctgaa gcaaggtatt tgtttatcct    219600
     gatgtactat ttacaccagt cttaggtgct tagcatttgc ttttacctga tacagcattt    219660
     tagtttctta aaagtagtta tactttaaga gaattacaaa ggtattttgc cacatcctct    219720
     tctacatagt tctttgtaca cttgagcttc tgatcagatc cagcatgcca tggtcacctt    219780
     tatacagcat atgatgagga atgtgtgttc tgatccaaaa tatctcaatg tctgaatttc    219840
     tgagaaggga ctgttcaagg ataattaact ttattcaatg tgctgaggct atgctatatg    219900
     atcctgtcat ctgttggttg ttaatcacac tcttgattcc agtgaaaatt attctgtctt    219960
     ttgttaagag tatattattt tttttacatt aggagaactt tgggttgatg tccttctgaa    220020
     ttttaatgga agtgtgtaga attgagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    220080
     agtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tggtgtattt gtggtttgta acctgctttg    220140
     cttcttctta aattcttgag tgtaaggtta gatgattatc atcagttaga ttctttttca    220200
     gatacctgtg catgaaatgt ctcatgattt tctcatttat attctggata ttcctgcatc    220260
     aataaggcca ttcctcttaa taatctcact accaatggtc taagcatatt caaaccacta    220320
     caccctgttt cgttatttgt ttgtttgtta gtttgtttca gttccaatgg agagtcttgg    220380
     gcagatttct caatagcact tacttgtatt tgttggaaaa tccacagtga gatggggatg    220440
     aatggttcat aaaccttaat aagtcttaaa cctccactct tctccctgag gactgtgcac    220500
     atcacatttc agatatgatc ccctcttctt ttgggtactt cagtttgtta ctccatgacc    220560
     ttcatcattg ttcactgtag gattttatat aaatttatgt atctggtaaa gtctgtgtct    220620
     atatgtaaac agaccttttg aacatggctc ttgttttcta caggacatga agatggaatt    220680
     acacatttag aaaagtattg aacatatgca tctgagaaca tgctgtattt catgagaagt    220740
     gaaacctact ctcctagaaa atctctcaca cacaattagc cattttctct aaatccatca    220800
     tgtataacat ggatatcagt tataacctta acaatgataa agccagctca ttttttcaag    220860
     aaccactaaa attccagctt tattttttta agaattacct tcactgcaaa aaaaaaaaaa    220920
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaggtg agaatgtttc tcttagttat ttcctagatg acagaaagaa    220980
     catgaaactg cataaaaaat tctgagaaaa gttaggggag aagaaaaagt taattaagtt    221040
     gaatcaaaaa gtaaaaaaaa aagcaacatg cacatgtgtg aatcatacaa atatgatgaa    221100
     ttcagtaatt atgttcatta tgtatcattt tgaaatgaaa tcatgagaaa atccagtata    221160
     tatattaaca acatacttcc atataatcat gagtgacagt tgctgattac aattcataaa    221220
     ctggtaaatt agtaatttta gattaataat ttataacctg tttaatttat aaatacattg    221280
     tgaaaacaga ggggtaggca attaacattc tgacttacat aaaattttct ggcacaaata    221340
     ttaaatatat agtgagtaaa caattttcaa atgtaaaact gtcttcacag tctgtcctgt    221400
     tcagctggga tttacacatt tcctctgtca cctctcttcc tctctgcatc cactgggaat    221460
     cgtgagcaca atgctctcca ttccaggatt ttctccattt catgtcccat ttaactcagc    221520
     tcaggcagca tttgtcttca tgtatctgaa atttcttact tagtacaaat gagtcagggt    221580
     caaccctgtt ctatcacagg acagcttgtt cttcatctca agaccacatc acagtatttc    221640
     actaaattct cattttcttt atccattcct tcttctataa gcaatgtgat ttttcttgat    221700
     aatttttgtt gcacctttag catttagtaa tgtgttttga tcatactcac ctgtaattcc    221760
     ccttagtaag tcctgaattt ccacaatcag caaaccactt ttaacttgat aataatatac    221820
     cttcctttca tatctctgcc cctattaaaa attcctcaac tgttgcgcct ctcattgaca    221880
     cacgtcactg tagtttattc atagtgtagt cgttgattag gagaagttat gatgttacta    221940
     tttttttggt tgaacagtac acaccaattt gtctacactc aaatcagcaa aatgtccaga    222000
     tctgtgcatt gtcttcagca ttttttcttt ttctctttcc gcgacattat tctaagtacg    222060
     caatggacat cccagcatgt gtttaatttt cattgcagtg atgaaatttc tttacatact    222120
     tatgaacatg aacatgagtt gttcataaac atatatgtaa tatatttgac tctttatttg    222180
     aattttattt tcctgtgact gatttgattt aactgcatat atgtacataa gctcataatc    222240
     atatttatgc tgtgtaaatg ttttcaaatg ctgctaccaa gtgttcagtg ctgaaatcct    222300
     gtaaatgaag ccctgaacaa acaaagcagt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    222360
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt aaatatctaa tagaaagggg aaggccagca gagtttggaa    222420
     gtgagaaatg taggtggtat gatatttgtt ttgttttctt ctttcttgat ttatttttaa    222480
     tataactagt attgtttata gaaatatacc tatggtgtat ctcactattg ttctttgttt    222540
     actgcttctg tttttgggaa gtgtctgaat gtctgattgt tttcagtata taaattcata    222600
     tcatctggac tattaagttt gtcctaggca ggcttgatgt gtgacagtag aacgcaagag    222660
     cactgaggag gatgtgggtg attggcttgt ggagctccct cataaaggca aagggagggg    222720
     agaggggggg atgagatatg gggtgtgtgg aagagtaacc tgagaggggt gctccagtcg    222780
     catatgtagc acatgatggc cttgtgggac atcaatgaga ggagagactc ttggtccttt    222840
     gaaggataga tgccccattg taggggaatg gcaggctgag gaagcaggag tgggtagatg    222900
     tgtagaggaa caccctctta gaagcatggg ggggggggag atgtgatagg ggagttggag    222960
     ggaaaaccag gaaaggggat aaaacctgaa atgtaaatat agaaaatatc taaaaaaaac    223020
     ccaatctgtc cataaataaa atgaataata aaatagaaag taatttgtat aatataaagc    223080
     tattactata aattaaacgt atgataggat ttattttaca gtatgggcca ccttgaaggt    223140
     acataactaa agtgcatgaa atatggctca tatagtactg tagtggctat tcctggttgt    223200
     caacttgaca atatttggaa tgaactacaa tccggaattg gaaggctcac cagtgaccct    223260
     tatctggagg cttggagatc cttatctgga tcttggtttg aagatcttga gccatagtgg    223320
     ctattgattc cagtagattg aatctccgag tttaaggaac acacctttaa tctgggctac    223380
     gcctttcatc tgggtttaaa ggtgtggtgg aacacacctt taatctgggc aacaccttct    223440
     gctggagaca atataaggac attggaagaa gggagtctag ctcttgttct tgctccttcg    223500
     cctgcttgct gcgtgagact gagtaactgc tagatccttg gacttccatt cacagttgcg    223560
     actgaaccat tgttgggaat tgagctgccg actgtaagtc atcaataaat tcctttacta    223620
     tctagagact gtccataagt tctgtgactc tagagaaccc taactaatac aagtacttta    223680
     ttaacatttt cagtaattgt gcattaaatt agccattggc cattgaagct atagatctcc    223740
     tcgttgaata ttataatttc cataccaaat gcacttttta aaattatctc taatcatttt    223800
     ttacagtcca gtcgttattc ccctccaagt ctatcctctg acagttcctc atcccattct    223860
     tcctccccca tgtccacgag gctatcccca acccccaccc tggaaggcct ccccactccc    223920
     tagagcctca agtcttttgt gggttagatg catcttctct cagatccatc agtcctttgc    223980
     tctatatgtg acagaggcct tggaccaact agtgcataag gcctggattg tggctcagtg    224040
     tgtgagagac ctagggggca gccatgctag gctcctgtct gtaaacacat cacagtagta    224100
     gtaatagtgt cagaccttgc aggctcacct cgagatgaat cttaatttgt gacaacacag    224160
     gatttttcct tcagtatctt ctccattttt gtctctgcag ttctttcagg caggaacaat    224220
     tctggatcag agtttttgac tgtgggacgg caacaccatt cctccacttg ataccctgtc    224280
     tttctactag aggggtagtc tataatatcc ctctcctcac tattggggat ttcatttaag    224340
     gttcctccct tcgagtgctc agagtctctc acccttcagg tattttgtac attctacagg    224400
     gtcccacaca cacacctttt acctccccag gttgcctgtt tccattcttt ctgctggcct    224460
     tcagggcttc agtcctgtac cccaaatacc tgatcatgtt ctcctttccc cctcactgtc    224520
     ctctcttcca ctcaggtccc tctctccctc tgtatcccat gattgttttc ttcacccaag    224580
     tgggactgag gcatctgcac ttggaacctt ctgcttgata accttcttga gttctgtaaa    224640
     atttatcctg ggtattctgt acatttcctg acaaatatcc actcattagt gagtacatac    224700
     cgtgcatgtc cttttgagtc tgaggtacct cactcaggat gatattttcc agttccatcc    224760
     atttacctgc aaaactcatg atttactcat tatcagtagc taaataatat tctattttgt    224820
     aaatgaacca catttttgta tcaattcttc cattgtggga catctgaatt gttttcagct    224880
     tctggctatc tcaaataagg ccactaagaa catgatatgt atttgcccct gtgacatagt    224940
     ggagcacaag ctatgccaaa gagtggtata tctgggttta aaagtagatc tatttccaat    225000
     tttctgaaga gcctccagat ttatctccag agtggttgta ccactttgct atagcaccat    225060
     caatggagga gtattccttt ttccagacat cctcaccaac aagtgctgtc acctgagata    225120
     ttgttcttag cccttctgat ttgtgtgagg tagaatctct gtgacatttt gatttgtatt    225180
     tccctgatca ctaaggattt tgaacatttc ttcaatgctt ctctgtcatt agatattcct    225240
     ctgttgtaaa ttctctattt agatctatac tccatttttt ttttttattg gatggtttgg    225300
     aattttggag gttagcttct tgaagtcttt ttaaattttg gatactagcc ctgtttcaat    225360
     gggaggttgc tgaagatttt ttttcccaat ctgtgggttg ctgatttgtc ctattgacta    225420
     tccattgctt tacagaagct ttttagtttc atgagattcc acttatcaat tcctgctctt    225480
     agagcctaag ccattagggt tctgtttatg gaatcccacc cattgtcact gagttcgagg    225540
     cactttccca atttatcttt tattagattc agtgtatctg cttttatgtt gaggtccttg    225600
     atgaacttgg atttgagctt tttgcaaggt gaaaaatatg gatctatttt catttttcta    225660
     cataccaact gccagttaga ccaacagtat ttattgtata tgttttcttt gttccattgt    225720
     aaatttttgg cttcatagtc agaaatcaag tgtctataag tgtgctgttt tatttctgca    225780
     tcttcagttc tattccattg atccacctgt ctgtctctgt accagtatta tgacattttt    225840
     atccctattt ctctctagta tagcttgatc aggacagaga ttctctcaga aattatttta    225900
     ttcttaagaa ctctttttgc tctcttggct ttttggtttt ctgtatgaaa ttgacaattg    225960
     ttctttttat gtatttaaag cattgtgttg gaattttgat tggaattgca ttgaatctgt    226020
     agattgattt tggtaggatg gtcatttgta ctatgttaat cataccaatt cattaacatg    226080
     ggagatcaag ccatctcact gcccttattt acagctgatc ttaacacccc catttccctc    226140
     cccatctctt ctccctccaa atttacttca tccatatgcc ttttataact attttattac    226200
     catttctaag tgaagttcaa acttcctcac ttgtgccttc cttctttttt ggattccttc    226260
     cttctgtgga gtataacatg gtacctgtat tttatggcta atatccactt ataagtgagt    226320
     aaattaaaaa tcataacctt ttggatctgg gctacctcac tcagaatgat attttctagt    226380
     tccatctatt tgcctgcaaa attcatgatg cctttgtgtt tattgtctga atagtgttcc    226440
     cctgtgcaaa tggaactatt ttatgtgttt aatcttcagt tgaggggcat atgtattgtt    226500
     tccaatctct ggatattaca aataaaactg ctctgaatat agttgagcat gtgcctttat    226560
     tgtgtggtgg agcatctgtt gggtatatgt ccaagagcag tactgctggg tcttcaagta    226620
     gaatcgttct gaaatttctg agaaattatg cgactgattt gtagagtgct tgtaaaatgt    226680
     gatattcttc caagaaattt attagcattc ccagtgctcc atatcttaat cagcatgtgc    226740
     tatcacttta gaacttgacc atagccattc tgagtagtgt atgatgaagt ataaggatca    226800
     ttataatttt catttccctc ataactaagg actttgaaca tttctttaaa tgctttttgg    226860
     ccattcaaga ttcctctact gatatttctc tttttggttc tgtacctcat tttttattgg    226920
     gttatctagt ttattggtct aacttcttga gttcttcata aattttagat gtttggttct    226980
     gtcagatata gagttggtga atatattttt ccaatattta ggcgaccatt ttgccctatt    227040
     gacagtgacc tttgccttac agaggctttt caatttcatg aagtctcatt tattaagtgt    227100
     tgatctttat accagagccg ttgatgtcct gttcaggatg ttgtcttctg aaacaatcac    227160
     ttcaaggcta tttaccactt actgttctat tagatttgta tgtcgagttt tatgttgagg    227220
     tctttgatcc acatggtctt gagttttgta cagggtgata aacatggatc tatttgcatt    227280
     cctgtacaag catagaaatt agactagcac catttgttga agatgactct tttttttcct    227340
     ttggatggtt ttgggttctt tatcaaaatg gagtttatat aaatgtgcag atttatgtct    227400
     atgtctttga ttcaattcca ttgatcaacc tttcagtttc tattctaaca ccatgcagtt    227460
     tttattacca ttgctctgta gtatgactta aaatcaggaa cagtgatacc tccagaagtt    227520
     cttttatttt aaaggattgt tttagctatc ctgtgatttc tttccatgtg tagttgagaa    227580
     ttgttctttc aaggtctttt gccagagtcc agcctcaaca aaagtcagaa gtagtcaagg    227640
     actatggata ccttgtaagc aaaaaagaaa acacaattga gatataatgc tgacaggctg    227700
     gtgtattagc atgtgagccc ttgaactagg gagtaagatt gctcaatcac atttgactca    227760
     gactcagtct tttattgaaa tcataaaagg aaattgggtt gcaaaattct taggggtgtg    227820
     agtaaatgct tctctatttt cctgtgccaa cattttcttg tgacacagaa taatacagat    227880
     ttagaacaga aaaaggaaac tatccaatat cagacataaa cattttacag caaacacaat    227940
     attttttgta tctcccaacc accaatcttt gctaaggtca ggggcaggaa tattgcagtt    228000
     acaaagtcag tatcttttag acatatgtga gatgctatga gtttataaaa gggaaaacat    228060
     aaggttgtac tgctgacact gcagtctcta acctgtatag tgaattccta aggggctgca    228120
     gccaccatca tacctaagcc caaggaaccc attgctaatt ttctagaata tatatatata    228180
     tatacacaca caatgaaact acaaatgatt gtggcaaaag tattaaaata actagaaaga    228240
     aatgcttcac ttagatgttt ctctgtctct gcctctgcct ctttctgtct ctctctcaca    228300
     aacacaccac acacacacat gcaggcacac acacacacac acagagagag agagagagag    228360
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag atgcactaac accatgaaaa taacagaacc    228420
     taacattcat tggtcatgat tatttctcaa catcagtttt cacaattaac caataaaaat    228480
     gacacaggct aacagagtgg atgcataaag gatatacttc attctgtcgc atataagaaa    228540
     catacctcag taactatgat aatacttcag aataaaggtt tttttctctc ttagggagaa    228600
     gaactaggaa actgttctct taccaagtga aggtcatcac tgatcaaaga cattaaaaat    228660
     atagttgtgg aataatgtca gtggtgacat tgggtgagaa ggtagaggtg aggtcatgcc    228720
     aagatttgtt ccctctgatc ccaacagtcc tcaatttctc ttgttccaga cttacactat    228780
     aggaagccaa agaccaggat gcctacattg taataactaa atgaagtaac tatccaactt    228840
     ccccaggttt taaggcaagg gaatctcccc atatggatat gcatctcaag aaacatccac    228900
     aaatgagttc ctcctgcctc tgaattctgt aaccactgag ggcactgtca tgtattactg    228960
     tgtcggacac acagtaagaa aacttcattg tgatcccaga gacagagatc ccagtagagg    229020
     agctctggac cctaggaggc actgagcttg cacctagccc aggaatgcta cttcagatca    229080
     cagaaagata attgattttg ttgtttgttt tggctttgtt ttgactgtgc ttctcatctt    229140
     actattggca gcgaggtttc aggtgatttc tctatctgtt catgaaatac tgtgttttgc    229200
     taaattccat tatgtttatt tttcactatg tctctcaaga ttgttcgttt gattgtgaac    229260
     taaaatatta gcagcctaac catctctctg gttttgaaaa aaaaaaatat taatgaattc    229320
     ttgaaactca gttgaccttg gcatggcagt attagtcaca ctaaaatatt aatccaacat    229380
     ttgattgctc atatccttca cccttagata cataagtatg ttggagcaca ttctatacgg    229440
     cttacacaaa gcacttgatg tgatgattag aaaagggaca attatgtgag attccatata    229500
     tcatgaaatt tttatttcta ccatacagta cacaacaagg gattccctgg ggttaggtgt    229560
     ttatggatga tgcacatggt ctctatggtt agtgattact gcctccaaaa taaggaatgt    229620
     tttgttcaaa caaatatatc attttatatt aaattaaaac atatttaata aatactaaag    229680
     tgtatatggt gatagctact gtttttaaaa gcgccagaga aaaatctacc tctgtcataa    229740
     aagagaatta aattttttgt atataaatat acatttatct gcaccatttg aaggtggtct    229800
     gtgttttgtg ttatcttcct aagagtgtaa ctggaataac ccaaatgcag atcctgaaac    229860
     acagtcccat accctagtat tcagtgtaaa agcagcaaag taagtggtta tatagtatat    229920
     aagtgtaaca tgagtcacat tcaattcttt gatatttttg ccaaattttg tctgaccatt    229980
     tgagacaact ggaaggagga aatttgagac aaaacaaaga gtagatttaa tgtctgaaat    230040
     aaacttatgg tatactaaac aaggaggcac cacatacaaa gtgatgagag ccccttagaa    230100
     cctgcactgg acacctgact ctcctctgct gagacctgta tccaccactg atacccacag    230160
     ctcaaagatc aggcataaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagaaacaa ggactcaaga aatgtacatc    230220
     caaccagtca ggaaatacat acagattata gtcagtatta aggatgcctc tgattcaata    230280
     gggcaaaatg aacttgggaa gaagacatag tgtagtaaat gaacaaagaa agggacatat    230340
     tcatcttcat agagaaatgt ctatgtggac tgatatatat catttcttat ttttctggga    230400
     gtagttggtc aaggtaggga tgaagaaatt attcatgagg tctgtgtctc tagttcctct    230460
     agacaactca aagtaaactg ctccgtcaag gtaggacaat tcgcctgtga tctgctttca    230520
     ttttatatcc tctagatccc cacttactca gagtaagacc cagtctcagg ctgaaagcca    230580
     ggtcctggcc aatgaacatt agtctccttt tcacctgagc ctccatcaaa tgatgtatgt    230640
     ccttgtactt ttcatgcctg gtggcttttc tctgaagtga gggtcacggg gtttatggaa    230700
     tgggaaatga gcatgtgact tatagtgtgt gtgacatgat aattttcatt attctcatat    230760
     ttcctgtccc ctggtatagc tgaacgagtt acgtatgtct cagtaaaact ctcacaggtc    230820
     ctgtccctca aatgtactct ctctctctca ctgtagattc tctgtaacaa attatcatat    230880
     tatcttagtc taccagcatt aaagaaagaa atggaatatg gtagcattat aatactgatt    230940
     attagaggca catctaattg gaatatcaaa tccagagtca gtattaatgg agatatttcc    231000
     aacagacaat catttaaatc tgaactgcat tccatctctt attgtgccag agacatggga    231060
     agaagacatt tatgttaact cagaagcgct caggaccaac ttaagaactg atgaggcttc    231120
     tcagaactgt tagatgctac tcaaatttta gaaggttaag aactgcccca catgcttcct    231180
     aacatacaag cttatgggag attaagtgtt agaatatgtg gctttccttt cctgctcaag    231240
     gaatccttta gagacccttt gccttgtcat attctatgat gtattctttt cctgtaagta    231300
     tacccactta atttagtcat gccataagat acatatatac tcttaaattg cattattgct    231360
     tacacagaaa gtttcttgat atgaatagag ttttcttata atcattaatt gtagttgatc    231420
     tttgtacaga ctatctcttc tccattttca aatagcacat catgtttgaa cctttgtttt    231480
     tccagtatct gtatcccttg gttgggttat gttttgtgaa ggtgtttttg tattttcact    231540
     tatttatcag cataatggca aagagatcac tggatcttgg tattttcatt cctatatctc    231600
     ttcgcaggcc tcatgttagc attcaccata ttcacttggt tatcttaatg aagatctacc    231660
     agacaatgtc taggcagtaa ggggaagacg aaatttccag gctaagaggg tctctgggag    231720
     aagaaatcag tagtaggtga tttgctacag gggcatggag gttgaggata tgaagatcag    231780
     aaaagaggta gagctggcca catggcagga tgtaatgtca gtactggcct aattaattta    231840
     gatgagctgt tgtggaggta gaagaagcta aagggcaaac tataataaat attaataagt    231900
     ttctgtgcca ttatttaatt ggtagccttc ttcttatgta tgtatgcttt attcttattt    231960
     ttcttaaaga ggaaatataa aattacaata attgctgaac attcaattat ttcaatgttg    232020
     ctaattgaaa cataattgca caggctccaa gagtcctcta ccattgtact cttcattttt    232080
     gaatgtataa gatattttca tttttaagct gaaactctct tctttcttta gagactttaa    232140
     cttatttaac ttaatattta ttcttatgat ggtctattaa caaattcttt tacttttcac    232200
     tatggaaaaa aatttcaaac ctatattccc aaatcagagg ctgatgtgtg ctgacttcta    232260
     gggatcagct tcctagacat ggtttctttt ctcagccaca tgagctgcac agtcctatcg    232320
     tccaatttga ggctcatggt tatgtgatgt tttcttccat cactgcgggc ctcactttcc    232380
     actaagttat gggactcagt aacatctggc ttgtaaagca gcctgctcag ctgaatctca    232440
     gtcactcagc tgtttttgcc acttgctcat tgctctggct gctcttaggg ccccctcgag    232500
     ccccaaggaa tttgtccttg gtgcacatgt tttgagacag tctgtattct catgtttaca    232560
     gaagggcatc tagattttgg agatcataaa tggcaacaaa tatctgacag tactagaaac    232620
     atatataatg aactacctga ccccaaaagt tagcatggtc tgaggctggg aaatactcac    232680
     aaaagttcta aactgttttg ttgttgttgt tgttgttgtt gttgttgttg ttgttgttgt    232740
     tgttgttgtt gctgctgctg ctgttctgtt ctgttctgtt ttgttattta tttgataaat    232800
     tcattactta catttcaaat gttatctatc cactttccag gtctctcctc atgaaacccc    232860
     ctatcccatc ctccttcccc tgcttctatg agggtacttc cccactcact tacccacagc    232920
     tcctccccac cctggcattc acctacactg gagcatcaag ccttcccaga aacaagggtt    232980
     gctcctccca tttatgtcca acaaggacat cttctgccac ataagtggtc atagccattt    233040
     ggttggttgt acagtcccca ggatctctag agggtctggt cagttgacac ttttgctctc    233100
     cccatggggt tatatacctc ctcagctctt tctgtccctt ctcccatact tctatctggg    233160
     acccagagct cattctaatg gttccctgca agcatccacc tctgtgtttg tagggctctg    233220
     gcagagctct taaggaatca gccatttcag gctactgtca tcaagtactt cccagcaccc    233280
     acaatagaat ccaggttggg caactgaata tgggatgttt tcccaggtgg ggcagcctct    233340
     ggaaggcttt tccttctgtc tgtgctccac actttatctc catatttctt tctgtgagac    233400
     tttcccccac tttctcttct attagattca gtatatctgg ttttatgtgg aggtccttga    233460
     tcctcgtgaa cctgagtttt gtacaggaag ataagattgg atcaatttgc attcttcaac    233520
     atgttgactg acagttgaac cagcatcttt gttgaagatg ctatcttttt accactggat    233580
     ggttttagtt cctttcttaa agatcaagtg atcataggtc catttctgcc tctttaattg    233640
     tattccatta atctacatgc agtatgatat gatagtatac ttaagtaacc caaaaaaatt    233700
     ccaccagaat ttattcctaa acctaataaa caacttcagc aaagtgactg gatataaaat    233760
     actcaaacaa atcagtaact taatctgcac tgtaccaata ccatgcagat tgtatcacta    233820
     tttacctata gtacagcttg aggtcagtgt aggtgattcc cacactagtt ctatttttat    233880
     tgagaatagt tttcattatc ctaggttttt ttttgatatt ccagctgaat ttgagaacct    233940
     ctttcaaact ctgtaaagaa ctgaattgga attttggtgg ggattgaatt gaatctatag    234000
     attgctttca gcaagatggc catttttact atattaatcc tgccagtcct tgagcatggg    234060
     agatcttttc atcgtgtgag gccttctttg atatatttct tcaaagtctt aatgtttttg    234120
     tcttacacat ctttcattta tttggtaagg ttcatgccaa tatatattat atattttgta    234180
     actattgtga agggtgttgt ttccctaatt tctttctcag cctacttatt ctttgagtat    234240
     aggaaagtta cttattggtt tgagtatatt ttatatccag ccacttagct gaaattgttt    234300
     attaggttta ggaataaatt ctggtggaat ttttgggtta cttaagtata ctatcatatc    234360
     atctatcaca tcatcttaag tatactatca tatcatctac aaatagtggt gtttttactt    234420
     cttcctttcc aacttatatc catttgaact ctttctactg tcttattttt ctaactagaa    234480
     attcaagtac tccattgaat agatagggag agagtgaaca gccttgtcta gttattggta    234540
     ggtggtacac agcccaaact caagaaccac atctccatca ttaaaggcac attcaaagcc    234600
     caattcttaa cacaactgaa ctatatcacc acaaaggaca cagccatgca ttactgcaaa    234660
     agagagagtg aaaggacttc tgtgtgggcc tagttacaaa cctccttgca gagaaacaaa    234720
     agctcactgt gggggtggtc agcacacatg aagcccagag acttaacttt gtggtttggg    234780
     tgtcaagaga ctgaagtgtg tctctaactt tcacatagct gcttcacata gccaggcact    234840
     agcctgatgc tggcatgggg aaagtgtagt caaaactctt acattctgcc tccacaagtg    234900
     tcactagccc tgtgatggac cagaggcagg acaccacaca atcccacagc tccctgctgt    234960
     gagtgtctta gagatgtttc tgggaggttt gagccttagc acatatttgg aaacttgaag    235020
     atatcacata tcatgaactc agcgcattca ggtcctctgc atttcttgtt ggttgtcagt    235080
     ggtattgtca tgggatgtaa aataaaattt tatatctgtt ttagtttata tgcattgtat    235140
     taattctttg caccaattgt atccttccta atctagggga taatgtccat accatatata    235200
     tcataaaaag actaaaagag ctagacaata ctaattcaaa cgcgacagaa agacaaaaat    235260
     aattttataa aaaaataaaa gattcattca acaaatgctt aacccagaat caatgtctct    235320
     tattaccaga gcaatgaaaa ctaaggtcag aaagatatat cacctcatat gtggatgtat    235380
     tcaggataag atacgtgttc atggctgtgg ctatgttggc agttacacaa ggttccagga    235440
     acagactgat aaataaggac actaccatgt atttctgtgt gagagataca gtaaggaaag    235500
     taaattggga gctcagacaa aataaccact ctaaggtgct catggtcagc agggggcgct    235560
     ggaacataag gagctccagg tcaaaagaaa tggagaagga ttgtgaattg taaaattact    235620
     ctaaatggtt tcaaattata attcacacat tccagaaata aaacactaca gatcaaatat    235680
     ttaaataaat acatctttag ttccgatgga caaatttaaa tataggatac atactgttta    235740
     gaagaaaatg cagagcatta acaaggccca tgtgactccc tggtcagcat caagatctca    235800
     ccctgaggaa gaataaaacc aagaagcggt tttaaaacaa ctctagtttg agggaaggta    235860
     ttattgaatt tccctgatga ttgaaaccag tgctatggat tccagaaata cctggcataa    235920
     tgcaggtgta ggtgcattat gataccttca gtattgaggt gataaatata ttccatcata    235980
     tgatatgatc aaaatatttg tttgntaaat ggtattattg aaaatagtat aacatactat    236040
     attccacaat cagctcagtt atattctgcc ttcctttgtg ccagagattt gtcagctgtg    236100
     caaggggaag atacttatac tgtatgcctt aaaactgcag agcatcatat attaaaagga    236160
     ggttgtcctc aagtgtgcac actttcttcc ctgcaatgac taatggtcag tcctaatcaa    236220
     tggaagcgac ttgcttttct gacatactgg taatgcaagg aacagtttac ctcaccagac    236280
     tgcaggaaat gcatctttca cccctcaaac agatggtttt ggcacttctg tagttgagtg    236340
     attaaacagg tattccaatt gaaccagtat aacataacca aggagtaact gaaggaaaat    236400
     aaaagaagaa acaatatagt ccatgtatgt tccaagtgtt tttaagaata taagtgcata    236460
     tttagaagta ggtgaaagct aactgttaaa acgttgcatc tgctgctgaa actaaggaaa    236520
     taaccaaata tatataccag gaatgttccc ttgaacatag acaaataaaa ctgtcatttt    236580
     cctcacagat tcatttgccc atttgtcttc attttctata aagactcatg tagacattag    236640
     gaaaagtcca tcaaagagtt cttcagtata aaagtttttt agggtgttta atgacagacc    236700
     agtagattat ttcattgttt catgaatggt acatagctcc cactatggac aaggatagga    236760
     acactcatcc ttggggaacc agaacagcgt gaagacgggt gatttcctgt gagtattggt    236820
     gtctccctca ttcactcaat cctacttcac ttattctttt taacattcag ctatatctct    236880
     tttggtagac aggagcttat acacaccatg ataaaagatg gaagtgtagg tagggagatt    236940
     ataaaatcta ttggtgcaag ctctttatga ctagacctag cacacagaga ctatctttct    237000
     gctgttaagg caatatagag acagtctttt aatgtaaatg acaggaactt ttgagagtct    237060
     atccattcta aaatcagata ccttgtcaga attctaccaa ccttgtattt taaagaaaca    237120
     cacaattatc acacctcact gtcactgtgg tgttcctaat tctgtctcta tgcttctcag    237180
     acactgagaa agatgacaga gcattgcaac tgtttccagc agacaatcat gtactgaaag    237240
     gattgtaatg gatcagacag ggagcagtcc actaatgcta tcccgtgaga ttaggtggaa    237300
     aaattgtcta gtgggttatt cactgatttc tctgcaccac ccacagaatt ccaccctcag    237360
     cctttgaaaa accaagaatg aattgaggat agcagacaaa ttttgaaaat ttttatagtt    237420
     tctttatgta atgaaaataa tatccataaa gcatatgagt agtaagcact ttttcaagtt    237480
     ttcaacatca tgatatatca agaaaatgta aattaaaaag ctagtttgaa atgtcatcta    237540
     attgaagcaa caatgatatt tattaaggaa ataaatgaca ccagatgctg acgagaaaat    237600
     gattaaaggg gaaagacaat gtgtggttgt tttaacctgt ggtaaatccc atggaattct    237660
     gtatgaaagt tatctcaaaa ggagaaaaaa aaatcatgtg acctaactgc atcactcctg    237720
     tgcagacagc tcaggtctct ctattggaaa aacaggagat catctgtgca acaacaagaa    237780
     taatgtgtac aaagttttat gaaagatcga aacacatatt ccggatggga taagagaaca    237840
     aaactaggaa cagtgtagac ttgctaataa gaaagcaaca attcatgaac ctaaatatga    237900
     aaggatgttt gtcactgact tgacatttta aaaacacagt gtctgaaggg ggtttgaacg    237960
     aagggtggtc taggtttgga aggtaggatc atgtctagct gtgattccta agatttctag    238020
     ggtcttaatg ctcccttatt ggagactcac acaataggaa gccagaaacc atgatggtct    238080
     tactttaata atcaaggaca tgcattattt accttcccca attaagaagg cagggttgtc    238140
     tccctgcatg caaatgcttg ttcaagttct aagttaagtc ccctactggg ctgtgaaagc    238200
     tcatatcttt ctcactggag gttgatttct gaagaaaaga gggtgtagcc taaaggatga    238260
     gaatgttgag tgttctgtac ctgttgtcag cccttcctgg ttagtgttgc catttcatac    238320
     atgtgtcttg agggttattt ttttcatgtg caaatgaaaa aaaatgactc tttttttctg    238380
     aaggtatcct gtctgatgtg cagcttctgg agtcaggacc tagcctggtg agaccttctc    238440
     agacactctc ccttacctgc actgttactg gcttctccat caacagtgat tgttactgga    238500
     tctgaatccg gcagtttcca ggaaacaaac tggagtacat cgggaacaca ttctacagtg    238560
     gtatcactta ctacaaccca tctctcgaaa gtcgaacgta cataacgcgt gacacatcta    238620
     agaaccagtt ctcactgaag ttgagttctg tgactactga ggacacagcc acttactact    238680
     gtgcgagaga cacagtgtgg agtcttcagt gtgagcccag acataaacct ccttctaaag    238740
     cagctctgta tcaccagggg ccttgcccca tacacgtagc acaggaaatc tactttaggg    238800
     tatgttaaaa agaattcttg cccaaaactc tggcagaaga cctgctaaac aggaagacac    238860
     atcactgata atgtctttag ttaatacaat gcccacagcc cactaaaatt ctttaaatta    238920
     tatccagaaa tcttcaatgg catgcttcct agaggctcca ggttccggcc cactctgacc    238980
     aagaactgtt ccttttgaaa agaatttgag ggacaaaacc tgagagaaga ctgagcaaaa    239040
     ggagttccag tgataggccc atcttgagat ccatctcaag agaaagctcc aaggcctgac    239100
     actattactg atgctactat gtgctcatag acaggaccct agcatggcta cccactggga    239160
     agcccaaaaa gcatatgaag gagacagatg cagatactta cacccaacca atgcacagaa    239220
     actggggata cctggacctg agtgagagaa aacctggaag aggctgagga gcagggaaat    239280
     cccataggaa gactagcaat ctcaactaac cttcctcccc acccctgaga tctctcagac    239340
     acatggccat caaccaggca gaacacaaca gctgatataa tagccctcta catgtacaca    239400
     gcagaggact gtgtagtctg gcctcaacga gagaagatgc atatatgcct ccagagactt    239460
     gaggccacag ggagtggaga ggtatggtgg catgtggagg aggttgctaa aacctcaatg    239520
     agatggggtg aggaggtatg ggatgagaga cagtcaaagt gaagacctgg agaggaatta    239580
     caactggaca attaaaaaag gttaaagaat aataattaaa ataatttcaa attaataaat    239640
     tcataaaaga agaatatatg tggtctggaa gacaaatctg tcatatgttg tgtaccctgc    239700
     ctaactcaga taatataatc attaatgatt gctgaaatgt gaattcacag aaaaaaaatc    239760
     tgtcctaatt aatttcctgt tattgttgta caacactatg tccaaggaaa cttatgaaac    239820
     aaaatgttta atttggttta tagttctaga tggctataac atgataagtc agcatggcag    239880
     caagcagaaa tcatgttagc cagggcaagt gaagatcatg aagttatcaa caagtaagaa    239940
     atagagttag ggaattctga gaatgggata aatcatttca agtcataagc catacttaac    240000
     tgacatattt tgcccaacag agagaaactt cctaatcctt ctcaaataga ttcgccactg    240060
     tctccagatc tactcattct tcctcaggag catcctctat gcaaaaaaga actcacagta    240120
     caaggctgaa ggccaagtcc tgactaacaa gctatcacag gagccttctt cagggcatgc    240180
     atgtcctggg gctgctgctg tgctttgggt ctgctccctg ctgtggctgt gagtgtctca    240240
     aagacaatcc agggagtttc cagctcccta gcactaattt gaagtctcaa aggcatccaa    240300
     tggcatgaag tcagcaggta ccaggttctc tgcatttctg gttggcatcc agtgggcaga    240360
     tagacataga atataaagta aaattttata tttgtgttgc tatatatgaa ttatattgac    240420
     tccaccaagg atatccttcc ttgtccaggg gataatatat acatcataca aatgactaaa    240480
     atttctgggt aatactgatc caaaaatcgt tgaaagaaaa aaagttattt tcataaaaac    240540
     agagatataa atgttagaaa gtcataacac aggataaatg tctctcatca ccaatgcaac    240600
     aaatttaagg tcagaagatt tatcctcatg tgctctggat atattcaaga taaaatatgt    240660
     gctcacatct gtgactatgt tggtacatac accgggtttt atggatatgg gtgcttagaa    240720
     ttttagattg taaatatgca gtcttcttat gtcaagtaca tttgcttcaa acaaaatatg    240780
     tattcatgtt tttatgagct aaaatgaaca aaatcaatag ctttctcatc acacttaggg    240840
     aaaatttaga actttagcag acaagtctaa ttctgactaa gtgttgtctc agagagaatc    240900
     tgtacacagc acggataagt acaaacacag agacggggat aatacaccag acctaagtct    240960
     gattgggaaa tataagagta tgtgatgcaa tttaaatttt attttaaaaa atgcaggaca    241020
     ttactgtgta taattgtcat aatctccagt gtcctaaaat acccttgcat cctctctgag    241080
     cactgtcttc tcacacagtt ccacccagag cttgctatct agcaagggag atgcaaatag    241140
     ggacttcttc tgccactcaa caaagccagc ccagtgctga gttccacctg tcacagggga    241200
     gctcaacact ggattctagc caggtctccc cattcattga ttagcgctga aagcaggcta    241260
     ttcaccatgg atttggagct tagatgggtt ttccttgttg ctcttttatt tttatttttt    241320
     aaaagcttta cagtgagagg aggtgtgtat ttatgtgagg gctcactctt ttgtatcatt    241380
     caacaggagg agaatttgga agtgatgtgc cccatattca ttacacagct aatacatgtt    241440
     gcaaattgaa gttgactctt tactgttttc tcaggactat tcttattttt tttttttact    241500
     ttacctacct ctttcacttt tatttatttt attagatatt ttctttaaat acatttcaaa    241560
     tgttatccca aaagtttcct ataccctccc tctgccctgc tcccctaccc acctgtagtc    241620
     tcccctcccc cagcctgaaa cctgcttgct caggggtgga gcttcccgct catcgctctg    241680
     ccacgcccac tgctggaacc tgcggagcca cacgtgcacc tttctactgg accagagatt    241740
     attcggcggg aatcgggtcc cctccccctt ccttcataac tagtgtccca acaataaaat    241800
     ttgagctttg atcagaatga atttgtcttg gctccgtttc ttctttcgcc ccgtctagat    241860
     tcctctctta cagctcgagt ggccttctca gtcgaaccgt tcacgttgcg agctgctggc    241920
     ggccgcaaca ttttggcgcc agaactggga cctgaagaat ggcagagaga tgctaagaga    241980
     aacgctgctt tggagctcca caggaaagga tcttcgtatc ggacatcgga gcaacggaca    242040
     ggtacacatg ctagcgctag cttaaaattt cagttttgta aagtgttgct gaggatgtgg    242100
     taggatacga attaagcttg aatcagtgct aacccaatgc tggttctgct tgggtcagca    242160
     gcgtgttaat cggaactaga aacggaaaca ggcaggttag ccgcagcttt ttaggaagct    242220
     gcttaggtgg aagaagaaag ggtttaaagt catggatcag gcggttgccc atagttttca    242280
     ggagttgttt caggccagag gagtaaggct tgaagtacaa ttagtaaaaa attttttagg    242340
     taagatagat agctgttgcc catggttcaa ggaagaagaa acactagatt gtggaacctg    242400
     ggagaaagtt ggtgaggcct taaaaatcac tcaggcagat aattttaccc taggcctctg    242460
     ggcactcata aatgatgcaa taaaagatgc cacttcccca gggctaagtt gcccccaggc    242520
     ggagcttgtg gtatctcagg aggagtgcct gtcagagagg gcctcctcag aaaaagatcc    242580
     tcttaactca aaaattgata aatgtggaaa ctcagatgaa aaactgattt ttaacaaaaa    242640
     tcactcagat agaggagctg cccattacct taatgagaat tggtcctctt gtgaatctcc    242700
     tgctccacct gtagtcccca cttcgggagg tgccactcat agggacacac gactaagcga    242760
     gttagagttt gagattaagc ttcagaggct gactaatgag cttcgggaac taaaaaagat    242820
     gtcagaagcg gagaagagta actcttctgt agttcaccag gtgccgctag aaaaggttgt    242880
     gagtcaggct catgggaaag gacagaatat gtctaatacg ctagcctttc ctgtggttga    242940
     ggtagttgat cagcaagata ctaggggcag acattaccag accttagatt tcaagttgat    243000
     aaaagagtta aaggcggctg ttgtgcaata tggcccttca gccccattca ctcaagcatt    243060
     actggacaca gttgtggagt cacacttaac ccctttagat tggaagactc tttctaaggc    243120
     taccctgtca ggaggagatt ttttgctttg ggattctgaa tggcgagacg ccagtaagaa    243180
     aactgctgct tctaacactc aggctggtaa ttcagactgg gatagcaaca tgcttttagg    243240
     agagggccct tatgagggac agacaaatca gattgatttt cccgttgcag tgtacgcgca    243300
     aattgcgacg gccgcacgcc gtgcttgggg aaggttgcca gtcaaaggag agattggtgg    243360
     aagtttagct agcattcggc agagttctga tgaaccatat caggattttg tggacaggct    243420
     attgatttca gctagtagaa tccttggaaa tccggacacg ggaagtcctt tcgttatgca    243480
     attggcttat gagaatgcta acgcaatttg ccgagctgcg attcaaccgc ataagggaac    243540
     gacagatttg gcgggatatg tccgtctttg cgcagacatc gggccttcct gcgagacctt    243600
     gcagggaacc cacacgcagg caatgttctc taggaaacga gggaatagtg catgctttaa    243660
     atgtggaagt ttagatcatt ttagaattga ttgtcctcag aacaagggcg ccgaggttag    243720
     acaaacaggc cgtgccccgg gaatatgtcc ccgatgtgga aagggccgcc actgggcgaa    243780
     agattgcaag cataaaacga gggttttgag ccgcccggtg ccgggaaact aggaaagggg    243840
     tcagccccag gccccgagtt actcaaagaa gacagcttat ggggctctaa atctgctgcc    243900
     cagccaacaa gatcagttct tgagcttgtc aggtcaaacc caggaaacgc aagactggac    243960
     ctctgttcca ctgtccatgc agcattaacc ccagaagtgg gagtccaaac tctgcctacc    244020
     ggagtctttg gaccactacc tgtaggaacc tgtggttttc tcttaggacg aagcagttct    244080
     attgtagaag gcctgcagat ttatccaggt gttataagta atgattatga gggagaaatt    244140
     aaaatcatag ccgcttgccc tcgtggtgct ataactatac ccgctaatca gaaaattgct    244200
     caacttacct tgatcccctt gcgctggtca ctatctaaat tctttaaaaa tgaagaagga    244260
     cagattaact ttgactcctc tggcgtaaat tgggtgaaat ctatcactaa tcagagacct    244320
     aaccttaaat tgattcttga tggaaaaagc tttgaaggat taatagatac cggggccgat    244380
     gtaaccatta ttagagggca ggactggccc tcaaactggc ccctgtctgt ttccttgact    244440
     caccttcaag gaattggtta tgccagtaac ccaaaacgta gttccaaatt gctaacctgg    244500
     agagatgagg atggaaaatc aggaaatatt cagccgtatg ttatgccaaa tttgcctgta    244560
     accctgtggg gaagagatct gttgtcacag atgggcgtta tcctgtgcag ttctaaggaa    244620
     atggtgactg aacagacgtt caggcaggga cccctgcctg atcgtggact aataaagaag    244680
     ggacagaaaa ttaagacttt tgaagatctt aaaccccact ctaacgtgag aggtttaaag    244740
     tattttcagt agcggccgct gtcttgcctg catcccacgc cgaaaaaatt caatggcgta    244800
     atgatattcc ggtgtgggta gatcagtggt ctttacctaa agagaaaata gaggccgctt    244860
     ctttgctagt gcaggagcag ttagaagcag gacatttggt ggagtctcat tctccctgga    244920
     atacacccat tttcattatc aggaagaaat cgggaaaatg gagactgttg caagacttaa    244980
     gaaaggttaa tgaaaccatg gtacttatgg gaactttaca accggggctc ccctccccag    245040
     tagccattcc taagggatac tataagattg ttatagattt gaaagattgt ttctttacca    245100
     tccctttgca tccaaaggat tgtgagagat ttgcttttag tgttccttct gtaaatttca    245160
     aggaacccat gaaaagatat caatggacag ttctcccgca ggggatggct aatagtccca    245220
     ccttatgtca aaggtttgtg gcaaaggcaa ttcagcctgt tagacaacaa tggccaaata    245280
     tttacatcat tcattttaca gatgatgttt tgatggcggg aaaggacccc caagatttgc    245340
     ttttgtgtta tggagactta cgaaaggccc tggctgataa gggattacaa attgcttctg    245400
     aaaagataca aactcaggat ccttataatt atttgggttt tagactcact gaccaagctg    245460
     tttttcccca gaaaattgtt attcgtagag ataacttaag gaccttaaat gattttcaaa    245520
     aattgttagg tgatataaac tggcttcgcc cctatctaaa gcttactaca ggggagttga    245580
     aacctttatt tgatattctt aaagggagtt ctgatcctac ttcccctaga tccctaacct    245640
     cagaaggttt actggcctta cagctagtgg aaaaggctat tgaagaacag tttgtcactt    245700
     acatagatta ctccctgccg ctgcacctgt taatttttaa cacgactcat gtgcctacgg    245760
     gattgctatg gcaaaaattt cctataatgt ggatacattc aaggatttct cccaaacgta    245820
     atattttgcc atatcatgaa gcagtggctc agatgattat cactggaaga aggcaggcat    245880
     tgacttattt tggaaaggag ccagatatca ttgtccagcc ttacagcgtg agtcaggaca    245940
     cttggctgaa acagcatagt acagactggt tgcttgcaca attagggttt gaaggaacta    246000
     tagatagcca ctacccccaa gataggttga taaaattctt aaatgtacat gatatgatat    246060
     ttcctaagat gacttcctta cagcctttaa ataatgctct attgattttt actgatggct    246120
     cctctaaagg gcgagctgga tatcttatta gtaatcaaca ggttatcgta gagactcctg    246180
     gtctctcggc tcagctcgcc gaactaacag cagtactgaa ggtttttcag tctgtacagg    246240
     aggcttttaa tatttttact gacagtttat atgttgctca gtcagtaccc ttattggaaa    246300
     cctgtggtac gtttaacttc aatacgccgt caggatcttt attttcagaa ttacaaaaca    246360
     tcattctcgc ccggaaaaat ccgttttata ttggccacat acggtctcac tctggtcttc    246420
     ctggacctct ggcagagggt aataattgca ttgacagagc tctaatagga gaagccttag    246480
     tttcagatcg ggttgctttg gcccaacgtg atcacgaaag gtttcatctc tctagccata    246540
     ccctaaggct ccgacataag atcaccaagg agcaagccag aatgattgta aaacaatgtc    246600
     ctaaatgtat tactttatct ccagtgccgc atctaggagt taatcctaga ggccttatgc    246660
     ctaatcatat ttggcaaatg gatataaccc attatgcaga atttggaaaa ctaaaatata    246720
     tacatgtttg cattgatact tgttcaggat ttctctttgc ttctctgcat acaggagaag    246780
     cttcaaaaaa cgtaattgat cattgcctac aagcatttaa tgccatggga ttacctaaac    246840
     ttattaagac agacaatggg ccatcttatt ccagtaaaaa ctttatttca ttctgtaaag    246900
     aattcggtat taaacataaa actggaattc cttacaaccc catgggacaa ggaatagttg    246960
     aacgtgctca tcgcacctta aagaattggc tctttaagac aaaagagggg cagctatatc    247020
     ccccaaggtc tccaaaggcc caccttgcct tcaccttatt tgtcctaaat ttcttgcaca    247080
     ccgatatcaa gggccagtct gcagcagatc gccactggca tccagttact tctaattctt    247140
     atgcattggt aaaatggaag gaccccctga ctaatgaatg gaagggtcca gatccagttc    247200
     taatttgggg tagaggctca gtttgtgttt tttcacgaga tgaagatgga gcgcggtggc    247260
     tgccagagag attaattcgt cagacgaaca cagattctga ctcttctggt aagtatcatt    247320
     ctaaagacta aaattccttt tgtgcttaaa attcagctga gagcaacagc tctcaaagct    247380
     gttctccagc tactctctga gccagctccc gacaggaggc cggagactag cctcagcttt    247440
     acaatttgca tttaaataaa gtacctagac ttccccgaaa aaagttctgt tttcctactt    247500
     tctcactgtc tttcaagatt ttgtctttca agcaggtaaa tcaacattct cgaggcggac    247560
     cagcggatgt gcatccccgc ccccctagag cactcaggtg gcagctgtta ttcccagtct    247620
     caggacattc cagcatgtgg ccttcagtct gagttaaaaa ttaggtttac ccagaggact    247680
     agaaaagtag atatttctat attaataaag attggttttt attttgatag acaggcttag    247740
     ccccttagct gacctctggc ttttcaccct tgctgttatt gcaaggtgtc tttagctcaa    247800
     taaggctgtg gaaaaaaaca gggatgagga ggaacgactc ccagctccta ttttagccac    247860
     aaatcgtggt gttactaacg acataattct tgcttaggct ttgctaaatc tgaggttgat    247920
     aattctcctt taggagctgc acagcgctca gaactgtgca tactggtttg tgatggtaca    247980
     aattcagtat gggcatcgct tggtgcagat ggaggtactg caaggaaagg tcccagcttg    248040
     acaatttctg agtttcctgt gagataaacc cggtttgaaa gaggttggta ccaaattata    248100
     tatccctcgg ctctgcctcg cctccccaaa aggtacgaga gccacaggtg tggattttaa    248160
     cagaatccac gggaggaatc gggtccatgt ccacccaagc caaggttaaa agcccactca    248220
     tctacggatg agaaaatcat ttgatcacct cagttaagcg ctgccttatt ttaacttaat    248280
     taataggggg gagagagatt ggagacgtac tattgaaagg gcaagccctt cactgcctcc    248340
     cacccaaata aaaaagccaa ttggccttgt actacagagc tggccggacc ccttatccct    248400
     gttacccacc aatcatccaa aaatgcggag gaatatcaac ttagtgttat tcttattata    248460
     gtgtatttca cacttgttca gtcaaactta gccagagttc caacgcccta cttaaaattc    248520
     aactagaaag ttacctacca agtactaatt agcattataa agtcagagcc tacagctcca    248580
     ggcttttcag ttagttgttt actaagataa gaaaggacag tcttagccag atacagttta    248640
     ccataataaa agttaaagaa tcccagggaa gcaagttttt tcttttagcc ctagattcca    248700
     ggcagaacta ttgagcatag ataatttttc cccctcaggc cagctttttc ttttttttaa    248760
     attttgttaa taaaagggag gagatgtagt ctcccctccc ccagcctgaa acctgcttgc    248820
     tcaggggtgg agcttcccgc tcatcgctct gccacgccca ctgctggaac ctgcggagcc    248880
     acacgtgcac ctttctactg gaccagagat tattcggcgg gaatcgggtc ccctccccct    248940
     tccttcataa ctagtgtccc aacaataaaa tttgagcttt gatcagaatg aatttgtctt    249000
     ggctccgttt cttctttcgc cccgtctaga ttcctctctt acagctcgag tggccttctc    249060
     agtcgaaccg ttcacgttgc gagctgctgg cggccgcaac acccacccac tcccacttct    249120
     tggccctggc attccactgt actggggcat ataaagtttg caataccaag gggcctctct    249180
     tccctgtgat tgccaactag gccattttct gctacaaatg cagctagaga tatgagctct    249240
     gggggtactg gttagttcat attgtcattc cacctataca gtggcagacc ccttcagctc    249300
     attgggtgct ttctctagct tctccactcg ggatcctgtg ttccatctta tagatgaatg    249360
     tgagcatcca cttgtgtatt tgccaggagc tggcatagcc tcatatgaga cagctataac    249420
     agggtccctt cagcaaaatc tttctggcat atgcaatagt gtctgggttt ggtggctgat    249480
     tatgggatgg atccccaggt ggggtagtat ctggatagtc catcattttg tcttagctct    249540
     aaactttatc tctgtaactc ctttcatggg tattttgttc cctattctaa tgaggaatta    249600
     agtatccacc cattggtctt ccctcttctt gattttcttg tggtttgcaa attgaatctt    249660
     gggtattcta agtttctgag ctaatatcca cttatcactg agtgcatatc aagtgacttc    249720
     ttttgtgatt tagttacctc actcaggatg aaatcctcca gatacatcca ttttcctagg    249780
     aatttcataa attcattgtt ttcaatagct gagtagtact ccattgtgta aacataccac    249840
     attttctgta aatataaata aggctgctat gaacatagtg gagcatgtgt ccttattacc    249900
     agttgaacat cttctgggta tatgcccagg agaggtattg ctggatcttc aggcagtact    249960
     atgtccgatt ttctgaggaa ccaccaaact gatttccaga gtggttgtac aagctttcaa    250020
     tcccaccagc aatggaggag tgtttctctt tctccacatc cttgccagca tctgctgtca    250080
     cctgattttt tgatattagc cattctgact ggtgtgaggt ggaatctcat ggttgttttg    250140
     atttgcattt ctctgatggt taaggatgtt gaacattttt tcaagtgctt ctcagccctt    250200
     cggtattcct cagttgagaa tcctttgttt agctctgtac cccattttta atggggttat    250260
     ttgaatttct ggtgtccatc ttcttgaact ctttgtatag attggatatt atgttcctgg    250320
     ctgcctgccc ttgtgtctca actagatcca gcagtcaaag gtgtttgttg aaataatgat    250380
     ttcctatctt agttacagcc tccactccca ccagatgctt aaagattgcc ctgatttcac    250440
     aaggggaatt gaggcacatg tctggttagc atcctcacta tgtctttagt tagcagtaaa    250500
     cagatatgct tgaggaagtg ggcagtcctt ctagtgtacc aaagtgtgag gatttcattt    250560
     tatttcttct tttaagtaaa tctttatttg gaatcttgct ccagttctgg agaggaactc    250620
     ttttctcagg gtggggtaaa ggcaaatgat actccagagc ccagttctta ctggcagaga    250680
     gctagtttaa gagtgcctct tccctggtaa tagctgtttg caaaacaccc aggtgaagcc    250740
     ctgactcagg ctgcctagct gtctctttaa atgccctggt ctgtgtggga gaggaagagg    250800
     acaaggacaa ctctggagtt catggaattc tcaggctcag agctcatccc tacacatctc    250860
     ctcttgcatg caacttaccg agggaggggg aagcaaagca ttctcctctc aagtacccac    250920
     cagcgcctcc agacacacag gaccggtttt ttgcacctcc agcttctccc cttcttctgt    250980
     gccacttcct cccagagaga aaaagagaga agaaggactg gtgagatggc tcagtgggta    251040
     agagcacccg actgctcttc cgaaggtcca gagttcaaat cccagcaacc acatggtggc    251100
     tcacaaccat ctgtaatgaa atctgacacc ctcttctgat gtgtctgaag atagctacag    251160
     tgtacttaca tgtagtaaat aataaaaaaa tagacatctt taaaaaaaaa agagagagag    251220
     aagaaggaaa agcgatcaga aagattctgc gatttgaatc tttccaagga agaaacaccc    251280
     agcaaactca gttgattaaa caacaaattg atagatccca actcttcagt tgaacccaga    251340
     ggtaagattc tggggtgaaa ggcaggcaag caggaggcaa agggactcca ggttttctag    251400
     gaagaaagtt ctgggaagag gttgcacctg aggagagggt aaaaaatttc tgttgtcaga    251460
     ggacacccta catttttttt ttcaatttgc agaccgaaac tgactgagat gggttttctt    251520
     tttttttctt aatattttat taagtatttt cctcatttac atttccaatg ctattccaaa    251580
     agtcccccat acctcccccc aatcccctac ccaccaactt ccaattcttg gccctgttgt    251640
     tcccctgtac tggggcatat aaagtttgcc tgaccaatgg gcatctcttt ctagtaatgg    251700
     cctactaggc catcttttga tacatatgca gctagagtca agagctccgg ggtactggtt    251760
     agttcatatt gttgtttcac ctatagggtt gcagttctct ttagcgcctt gggtactttc    251820
     tctagcttct ccattggggg ccctgtgatc catccaatag ctgactgtga tcatccactt    251880
     ctgtgtttgc taggctccgg cataatctca caagagacag ctacatcagg gtcctttcag    251940
     caaaatcttg ctagtgtatg caatggtgcc agcgtttggc ggctgattat gggatggatt    252000
     catggatatg gcagtctcta gatggtccat ccttttgtct cagctccaaa ctttctctct    252060
     gaaactcctt ccatgggtgt tttgttccca attctaagaa ggggcaaagt gtccacactt    252120
     tagtcttcgt tcttcttgag tttcatgtgt ttagcaaatt gtatcttata tcttgggtat    252180
     tctaagtttc tgggctaata tccttttatc agtgagaaca tatcatttga gttctattgt    252240
     gattgggtta cctcactcag gatgatgccc tccaggtcca tccatttgcc taggaatttc    252300
     ataaattcac tctttttaat agctgagtag ctccattgtg taaatgtacc acattttttg    252360
     tatagattcc tctgttgggg ggcatctgga ttctttccag cttctggcta ttataaataa    252420
     ggctgctatg aacatagtgg accatgtgtc cttcttaccg gttgggacat cttatggata    252480
     tatgcccagg agaggtattg ctggatcctc cagtagtact atgtccaatt ttctgaggaa    252540
     tcaccagact gatttccaga gtggattaca agcttgcaat cccacaaaga atggaggagt    252600
     ggtcctcttt ctccacatct tcgccagcat ctgctgtcac ctgaattttt ttatcttagc    252660
     cattctgact ggtgtgagat ggaatctcag ggttgttttg atttgcattt ccctgatgat    252720
     taaggatgct gaacattttt tcaggtgctt ctcagccatt tggtattcct caggtgagaa    252780
     ttcttttttt acctctgagc ctcatttttt aatggggtta tttgcttttc tggagtccac    252840
     ctccttgagt tttatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    252900
     tatatatata tatattggat attagtcccc tatctgattt aggataggta aagatccttt    252960
     cccaattgtt ggtggccttt ttttcttatt gatggtatct tttgtcttac agaagctttg    253020
     cagttttatg aggtcccatt tgtcaattct tgatatagca gcacaagcca ttgctgtact    253080
     attcaggaat gtttcccctg tgtccatatc ttgattccct tagatttgac cttagtacaa    253140
     ggagatagga atgcatcaat tcacattctt ctacaggata accaccagtt gtgccagcac    253200
     catttgttga aaatgctgtc ttttatccac tggatggttt tagttccttg tcaaagatca    253260
     agtgaccata ggtgtgtggg ttcatttctg tgtcttcaat tctattccat tggtctacat    253320
     gtctgttgct ataccagtac catgcagttt ttatcacaat tgctctgtag tacaaattta    253380
     ggtcaggcat ggtgagtcca ccagaggttc ttttatcctt gagaagagtt tttgctatcc    253440
     tatgtttttt gttattccag aagaatttgc agattgctct ttctaattcg ttgaagaatt    253500
     gagttggaat tttgatggga ttgcattgaa tctgtagatt gcctttggca agatagccat    253560
     ttttacaatg ttgatcctgc caatccatga gcatgggaga tctttccatc ttctgaggtc    253620
     ttctttaatt tctttcttca gatacttgaa gttcttatac agatctttca cttccttaga    253680
     ggcacgccaa ggtattttat attatttgtg actattgaaa agggtgttgt ttccctaatt    253740
     tctttctcag cctctttagg ctttgtgtag agaaaggcca ttgacttgtt tgagttaata    253800
     ttatatccag ctacttcact aaagctgttt atcagattta ggagttctct ggtggaattt    253860
     ttaaggtcac ttatatatac tatcatatca tctgcaaaaa gtgatatttt gacttcttcc    253920
     tttccaattt gtatcccctg gatctccttt tgttgtcgat tggctctggc taggacttca    253980
     agtacaatgt tgaataggta gggagaaggt gggcagcctt gtctagtccc tgattttagt    254040
     gggattgctt ccagcttctc accatttact ttgatgttgg ctactggttt gctgtagatt    254100
     gcttttataa tgtttaggta tgggccttga attcctgagc tttccaagac ttttatcata    254160
     aatgggtgtt ggaattttgt caaatgcttt ctcgaaggag atgatcatgt ggtttttgtc    254220
     tttgagtttg tttatataat ggattacgtt gttggatttc tgtatattaa accatccctg    254280
     catccctgga ataaaaccta cttggtcagg atggatgatt gttttaatgt gttcttggat    254340
     tcggttagtg agaattttat tatttttgta tcgatattca taagggaaat tggtctgaag    254400
     ttctctatct ttgttggatc tttctgtggt ttaggtatca gagtaattgt ggcttcatag    254460
     aatgagttgg gtaaagtacc ttctacttct attttgtgga atagtttgtg aagaactgga    254520
     attagatctt ctttgaaggt ctgatagaac tctgcactaa acccatctgg tcctgggctt    254580
     tttttttgtt tgtttgtttg ggagactatt aatgactgct tctatttctt tagggcatat    254640
     gggactgttt agatcgttaa cttgatcctg atttaagttt ggtacctggt atctgtctag    254700
     aaatttgtcc atttcataag atggattttc aaatcgtcct ttttaacttc tatttctcct    254760
     gaaacttgtg ttatttcgct cgtggtgtta gtgaggtcag aaaatgtttt atatttatct    254820
     ttttctctca attaattgtt tttttaagac tttctcctat ttgattgtgt tattaatcca    254880
     aaatgacatg tgcctatctc ttcatgtatc tttaatcctt ttttatcttc cttgacagtt    254940
     tgaaggaact ttctctcttt ttctggaaaa gggactttga gaatcacaca aatgcaaaat    255000
     aggatagaca taaggatttt ctcttagctc ttaagaaatt gagatgtgta ggggtgggag    255060
     aaggggagga agtagggtgg tcagagagtg ttgagtattc tgagtgtaca tgctatcctg    255120
     ccttgtaagt tataggggat ccatgatgca aggagcccat gactgcatcc tgacagcctg    255180
     gatttgtggt gctgataagc tcttctaggc tattagctct tgattcttaa ggaggaatgt    255240
     atagacctac acactgtgtt taggttttgt tctcagaggc tggttagaga tactaatagt    255300
     gtcaaatatg tgtgaaagtc ttctaccagt cttctctgct ctaccctagt gttggatttg    255360
     aatgatccaa agtgggagtt ggatgacctt gaatgtatgt tagagattaa tagtcctaaa    255420
     taggggtgga agatgagtta gagatcctag acaagggtac atctctttgt ttggaggagg    255480
     gtatattggc tgtttttgtt gttgtttatt ttgtttgttt gttttttgtt tgtttgtttt    255540
     tttttttttt tttttgtcaa cttgacacaa gatggactta tgacagagaa aggagcctct    255600
     cttagggaat gcctccatga gatccttctg taaggcattt ttttcaatta gtgatcaagt    255660
     gtgggagtgc ccattgtggg tgataccatc actctgctgg aagtcttgca gtctataaga    255720
     aagaaagctg agcaagtcag gggaagcaac attcctccat ggcctttgca tctgctcctg    255780
     ctcctgacct gcttgaattc cagttctaaa ttcctttggc aatgaacagc aatgtggaag    255840
     tgtaagctga ataaatcctt tcttcaccaa cttccttctt ggtcatgatg ttttgtgcac    255900
     cagtagaaag cctgactaag acaaattggt accagcatag tggggtattc ctgtgacagc    255960
     ctgaccatgt tttgggaagg tctgtggaag gactttagaa ctttaggcta gagagccatt    256020
     gggtgctaag agatctgtga gatgatctgt aggagcttag acagtaatga tgagaacaga    256080
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagagg cttgacttgt ctggcttgtg taatttcaga gggaagatta    256140
     aagactctta tcagtgtact tgctattttg attgtgaagt ttttgtggtt ttggttagct    256200
     ggagctgaag aattagctgt gattaacaag atagcagaaa tacaatacta aaggaaacct    256260
     ttgcattact gggactattg atgctagtta gctggagtta agaaattagt gatgattaag    256320
     aaaagaccag caacacttag gtgaaatttt ctggaaagtg ttttctgaga gcacaaatag    256380
     tctgttccag agaaagccaa ggttgtacct tgtgattcag ctttacttgg taatgtgtat    256440
     gagtcatcct ggtggtattg attctgaaag catgaagggg tcatgaatag cagctgaaga    256500
     catggaaagc cattgggaaa ggtgcagccc tagttgcaat ttgtggacca ggactgaagg    256560
     ggtcatacaa aggagttgag gcttggcagt ctgaagagat cctataagag gctatttgta    256620
     acgttggttg cagcagagga acccatactc tgggtatgaa gcaagttggc tctcatggga    256680
     ggtcactaag gtgtttatcc aggttgactt cagggccagc agaacccaag atcccatact    256740
     cagtacatgg acatgacagc atgagaaggt gtaacacagt taggttttcc tccacagtag    256800
     atatgataag gacagttaat gtctgtggca tgcctgtgtg ttctgttaaa cattacctaa    256860
     tctagtgtct cctctctctc tttctctctc tcccctcctt tccccctctc tctccctccc    256920
     tccttccctc tcctttcctt tacttctttc tctttctctc tccttgtctt ccccctttct    256980
     ctgcccttct ctttttctca tctctagaat atctaaacag cttcactaca tttcccaagg    257040
     ctgctcacct gctagctgga gataactgga atataggtat tctggcccct cccacctcaa    257100
     gaccactcct tctgtgtgaa ctcattccct tgctttgtta gcaaaaagac cttattcaaa    257160
     ccataggtgg gaggatccac aggtagtgtt ctttttccgg cttttgcagg taggtaattt    257220
     tgtctcctgg gagtcttgat gagccctgaa gactgttgct ctgtttttca gatggaaggg    257280
     atccaagctg ctgtgaacta gggaggagct tgatacatta tgcaggagtg acttgtttcc    257340
     ctggaataaa tgccatagac ttttgtacca gcaacaagtc aatgccagct gttttgaaac    257400
     taaagtggag ccctggaagg tagagaagga cagagaagat aagggagagt tgatggctcc    257460
     tggtgttgaa cagtctctgt caaagctggt gtagtgggtg tatttccaaa gcagttggct    257520
     gcctgctggt agtgtaaggt tccttgttgg ctcatctggc ttggggtaac ctcaaacagc    257580
     acagtagcaa gtgttgctag gaaagaagac tgctttgatc ttgaactatt aatagagatc    257640
     ctaagagaaa tgcattatgt tgtaatacga gtggtcccct taattggagg gaaccattag    257700
     ataagtttgt aaccatggag gtgcttgagt gactgcaggg gctatgaatg tccaacttaa    257760
     gttaggggca gagggaacca tggacacaga attgtgtgtc tcaggaaaac caatattttt    257820
     cacatcaggg tctcagactt gcctgagaat gtgtatgagt cctacttcag aggtcctgaa    257880
     tattatactc agcaacctga gttttaaaag actttctctg tacctccagg ggattttctt    257940
     ccctggaacc ataggctttc taatccaact gagagctgag tttataagtg aaacattatg    258000
     ctctgctaag ttcagatttt tagtttgctc aacaaaactt aaaatccaag agcatttttg    258060
     ggtaattatt aatgaataga tcagccccat taaaagtgta gaatatagtg atttcttagt    258120
     ttttgtggat catatgtagt tacatgattg gaatattatg tgtgtccctt cttggtgaat    258180
     gccaaatcca ccatagtgta ctcctttaca ttatgttaaa ctttgtagag agcctgagga    258240
     attccaccac catatagtag gttgaagtct ctattctacc agggttgatt taaaaccttt    258300
     caaactcctt aacattgcga ctttggtaca gtttggcttt ttttccagtt catcctttca    258360
     tttagcaaac acttatatgg tatctgggca ttgcttttag tatctacagc acagtgtact    258420
     gaagtgattt ggtcaaaagc ttaccttctc aaaatgtttc ctttagtgtg ctggctttct    258480
     cttgcactgg cagaatatct gatataaaca gttcaaagga agaaatagtt ttagtccgtc    258540
     tttcagcccg gttttaccca ggtttgtttg gatttgtttg gacttgtctt ggcatactat    258600
     attatattgg tggcagaagg tggaggaagg ctgtctattt caagagagaa tgggtaagag    258660
     tcagaagccc cagtgttcct tcctgggaag ggccttgtct tccttcatgg gaaggtctct    258720
     tccactgctg taacattctt ccactaacta ggctctacat cctaaaaggt tcccacctcc    258780
     aatagcaaca cacaggctgg caaccaagcc tttagcatag agggccaatg agggatatga    258840
     tacagctaaa ccataagatt ggaagggttt tctagaatgt ttactgtctt gttttaacat    258900
     gactgtttgg tgctatttta cctaaactcc agtttttatg ctttctaagg ctctgatatt    258960
     gccaatcatt aaggcctttc agaaatttag cttctgatta taaaaaagat tatttgatgt    259020
     ttatttattc agccataatt gaaaagcttt actgtacaat acactattat catagagttc    259080
     catgattttc ttagaattaa aatcatggta ctgattttaa tcttttttcc tatccagtgt    259140
     tggtagccat ggcagcagag gcaattgtaa cttcttttaa tcccttcaca gaggaggcag    259200
     agacaggtag atctgagttt gaggccaccc tggtctacac tatgagttcc acctcaacaa    259260
     aggccacaga gacaccttgt cttgaaaaga acaagtaaac aaaataaatt atagtattac    259320
     ataatttctc ccttcccctt cctccttcca acccatctca tatatgtcat tgctattatg    259380
     atttgggttg gtgttatagt tccgagttca cagctgggtt agaccattat tgcctttatc    259440
     ccatagcagc atgcatagta ccacatggca ttataagacc cagccagtac aaaggaatcc    259500
     tctatcacag acgggaagtc atgtagcctg ggctggcctc caacttgctt agcagggatg    259560
     atcttaaatc agcatgggtc ttggctgctt cttatttact agaattacag atgcttacca    259620
     ttatacccaa atattttctc aattttaatg caagctttta atgccctggc ttgtgaaaat    259680
     ggtcaggtga gcactagacc tttggaactg gattatttat tgtctggacg accagctttt    259740
     cctacatcct atgttaacaa acttaccttt gaagtatcag aataatatcc aactgttttt    259800
     gttctggaac agtatgcttt tgtaagaaag actaataagg gccaaataca catcttcact    259860
     aaataaacat cattgtcttc tactagaggg ttggagagat gagagagagt gcctccaggc    259920
     atactagaat ctcctctgtg cctgatacta ggccaaatga taaacactct gcctcttcca    259980
     caagggaggt agcaaactgt ttaacccgaa actttggtgc tgggcaatgc acctgttgaa    260040
     gaggggaggg gtgaagaaca cttgttgctc ttctatagaa tctgagttta atttctagca    260100
     cccacatggg atggctcaca cctacctcta actccagttc cacaggttct aatatcctat    260160
     tctggtctcc atgttgacat atatacatat gccatatatt tgcacaggca catacccatg    260220
     aacaaagcat gcaatgctgt ggtatgggtg ataaggttta ttgatctcag gaatgcccag    260280
     atgcacctac ctttggggcc tttattttta aataaaaaaa cttacttcat tagaaacaaa    260340
     caaacaaaaa aatgaaacac aagtacttca gtggagtttc ctttgactaa atctgttagt    260400
     ggtttgcttc ttggactttt gactatcaaa tgtacttgca gaaagcttgt tagtatttcc    260460
     taaatttcca gtatggtaac tctaagattt agccttgggt aattaggagg gtatatagta    260520
     agggctactg acatgtatta tgtgtaatct ggttttggga aatgacaaag ttggtagttt    260580
     tatgtgaatg ggttgatggt aatatgatgc tcatggttaa atttttcatt tttaggacaa    260640
     acagaccgaa tttcacagag gcatggattg ggttcagttt tcttcacagg aagaacttca    260700
     gaatgcacta caagaacatc ttattattga tggaataaaa gtgagtattt ctgctgtgtg    260760
     ttccgtgtcc cttttaagag tagttgctgt cctctaaggt taaaaaggga agtccctgaa    260820
     gacccctctg tagtttgagt gctagggatt gagtgcataa tgctaaatac atgcctttct    260880
     gagttacatc tccacatgga aaaccctttg atggcttatc aacgtaaatt taacaccgaa    260940
     gagtgtaaac agcagtgtag acaaaagggc tgaaacttta tcattcccac tgtcttaaga    261000
     tgtttccgtt gatggatacc gggaagacaa cggccacttg attccctcgg tatgattctc    261060
     taatcttata aattggtaaa ttctgctaat aatgtttctt taaaaaaaag ttaccttctc    261120
     tgacgatggt acatccccca ccccagatcc aagtataatt tcaaaaccaa agatattgca    261180
     ctagactcaa acatctgatg aagagaaaga tttctgagat gatcggtgta ctgtttatgt    261240
     ttttatttga aatgagctac actaagcaag accttagttt cttctctgca cagtagaaga    261300
     gcacaacagg gcaaatgtat ctgctagcat aattctagtg tgtgaacatt atcccattta    261360
     ccatttgggg tgatgttatt cagaaagaga acattttacc tctggattga ttagtaatag    261420
     ccatacaaga ggaagtagtc tcatttctgt gtggggtggt gttttctgta agttctgcaa    261480
     gattggagaa ccacaaacac tctttaaaaa gaaactactc tgaaatacaa tactcaatgc    261540
     ccctatctcc aggaataaaa aggagtactg ggataactca aatatgcttt ggtttttttt    261600
     ttctttgttg ttgttgttgt tattgttttg tttatttata tttaggtttt gtttgtttgc    261660
     ttattttaag tttcttcttt taattaatgt atttattact atcttttatc ttatttttta    261720
     cactccagtc attatcccct tcccagtcat ccctccaaaa gtttcgcatc ctgttcctcc    261780
     tcctccatgt ctccaatagg atgtcccctt cccattcact ccctggcgtc tcaagtctct    261840
     tgagggttag ttgcatctcc tctaactaag gccagaccag gcagtcctct gctctatata    261900
     tcatatctga cttttatcct gatcatttac aatgggtttc tcaatactta cattcagggg    261960
     tggtgaactg tgagaggaaa tctggtaaga tggagctaaa tgctagaagc ctcagatacc    262020
     ctgaaggaac agtaggagct tcacctgctc ccagcgtcat ggccctgaca tatcctcaga    262080
     ctcccagaga gatttgtggc catcagtcac aaaggggcaa agtttcaagc cccatgtaca    262140
     tgaggcatca ttcctaacat ctcagaccaa gacaatagga aaggagacat gaccacagtc    262200
     atgtccaaaa cagttctcca tgctaatgag gttcctagag tccttcgggg gttaaccaat    262260
     aagcttctgt tcccagacat tcctccctac aaaaggtatt taacctcagg cccaccctga    262320
     gaagtggggt agggttttac acatccagat tcttccctga ccccccccaa aaaatacaaa    262380
     caaacaaaca aaaaaacttg tttagaacca aggaatgtct cttttctcca gggtccacca    262440
     tggagagtca tgaagaaggc cttcccttat ggagccaaag ccaaaagaca gattctctgt    262500
     gcttccagcc acatccacca ctgagcctgc atccaacaag ttaaggacaa tcatctctgc    262560
     caggacaagc cagtgcccgc cttgtaccct gcccctgcct gggctggatg ttgtcctcag    262620
     cccgcaggca cacaactcca atctctgctc ttccaggact tcagagggac ctggccgcct    262680
     tcttctgaag ctgctcctgc tctgcctgct tcacacactg ctgtgctgcg gctctgcctc    262740
     tcgatgcttt aggttgagta tcttggctct attgggattc tcagctctca gcttctcctg    262800
     atgacccagg gcttctcagg tactcgtctc catcacttct gctaagacct ggaactcctt    262860
     atgcagctcc agctgcttca gctcctcaaa cctctttagg tgcattagac ccttctgctg    262920
     tttaccatac acacacatca ttgtccctct gggcctgagg taaactgatg tgggctcaca    262980
     gatgcaaaaa cattcagcaa actgtaatag accagcctcc caatcagcaa tggaaagtgc    263040
     ttcagccagt ttgtcaaatt tctcacttat atgaaccatg tgaatttctc acttatatga    263100
     accatgtctt tcatcagaag ccagctgtct atccagtgga attgtataac ccttcaagtt    263160
     cttccatttg gatgtacata gcaggatctt gcatgcctgc tgttctttta cagtcttttt    263220
     ctgaagagga gagtgcttta ctggtacagg aggagatggt agtctctggg gtctttgctt    263280
     attttgaatc ttggaggttc cattatgtct ttctactttc tacaatccga acaaccctgt    263340
     gtttagctcc caaattgaat gttcctcctt gctgagatgg catatagtga atatactgag    263400
     cagagggcag cttctcggct ggatgaacag gcttggctga agtaatcttc cttgctatct    263460
     tctccacagc ccttcttgtc ctttcagtta ttttgttgtc tcaaaatccg atctttgcag    263520
     ttctgtttca tttggataga taatttcctt tgggtcaatg tcttcagctt caaagtggtc    263580
     ctgagatagc tgaataggca cagatataga gttaggaaat caaagtcaga ttttatttat    263640
     cacaattcag ctatgatgtt catttactcg gcacatagat ttttcaatga ttgatagaag    263700
     tattcagtat ttattacatt ctaatgtgtg gaaaggaaaa aaatttctcg gggacaaaca    263760
     gtaaagaccc catgactatg ccaatgttaa atgcttgtcc agactgaaaa acctaacagg    263820
     tattttttta cacagctgac aagctgcata ttactttgtt tttctatact ttatacagaa    263880
     gtcaacctcc aacatacagt gtcctaagaa ttcttcctag ttttcttttg ccaaggtcta    263940
     attagttggc caaggctggt attgaactta ccatcctctt cctaatttcc atgaccaaaa    264000
     tattgttagg attcatacta ttacaaacca gcaaaagtat gagcagtgaa ttaagcaggc    264060
     acaaggcaag atcctaaaat gaataccttt acagcttctt taaaatcaga cttttccagg    264120
     agaatttgca tggaaagttt tcccacttgg aacagctaat agttacatca catttttgaa    264180
     atctcccatt ttgtatcttt ttatttaaag gctgcaagca cgagcacttt ttcgtggaac    264240
     ccagggaaaa cccaggtatc agtgcttgtt gctgatcatc ttcagctcct ccttttctag    264300
     ctgtttcttg gtttccgagt ccagtcatgt gcagcaggct cttggataac ttagtcttgc    264360
     actgtgatgt catgttggtc acacttttcc agactacaac ttcggactcc acaggaagca    264420
     gtgtggtctg catcatcctc tgatgctctt gagtaggctg tccagacttt agagtagcag    264480
     ggcatgttaa gggaagccca actgcccaca cagctgatcc acaagttctt gcaacagtgc    264540
     tgattctact cccagagaaa tgaagaagag aaagtctgaa gtccttatga gccagcaggc    264600
     aagaagggac aggaggagag cagcagcctg gcatgcagcc aagggaaggg ctgcagcagt    264660
     tcctgcttga agagaaaagc tggcctggtt aggggcagaa tgaagggggc agcatgcaag    264720
     tatgaaagga gacacctgca gggctgcaga aacttctaca aaaaggacct tcttggccac    264780
     ttccgctgtg tcaatgccat tgaattctcc aacaatgggg gctagtggct ggtctcaggg    264840
     gaagatgatt tccaatttct gttatggcac atggaacaag ctatctgctc cagggtcaaa    264900
     cccagactgc tgaaggggga tcaccattcc aacattttct gcctggcttt aaacagtgga    264960
     aacactaaag tattctctgg aggaaatgat gagcaagtta tcctcaataa tgttgaaagc    265020
     agtgagaccc tgccacagcc gcctgacccc tccagtccct ccctgtgcag ggtgaaccgg    265080
     aggaggcttc tttaaccagc cctggcagat ggagcaaggt gtacaggtca gaggactcac    265140
     caacaacttc cttaaagcaa atccctcaca tctgtatatt ttacaggagg taggttctct    265200
     gagtttacca taagaccctt acttcaacat gtctccaggt gagacacaga ttgacgaaaa    265260
     agcaagaggt ctgagctgga gagatgattc actggtctga gctggagaga tgattcactg    265320
     gttaagagcg ctgattgctc tcctgaagat cctgagttca aaaatcagca accacatggt    265380
     ggctcaacag tcatccttaa agagatctga caccctcttc tggtgtgtct gaagtcagct    265440
     acagtgtact tagatataat aataaataaa tctttagacc tgagtgagta gaattcaaat    265500
     cccagcaaca acatgatggc ttacaaccat cattacagct acggtgtacc catacacata    265560
     aaataaataa atcctaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagaggttt attttcctat    265620
     atgaggggtt tgaccttcaa ttaatttcaa gaagagttac tagaaggtga catcaaatgg    265680
     ctattacaag cagtttttat acattttagg ggcacaggtt acatcagcaa gaatacataa    265740
     atattgcagt tgtggcacat gcctttaatc tcagaggcaa ataactgtga gttcaaggcc    265800
     agtctggtct acagagctag ttctaggatg gccaaggcta cacaaagaaa cctacctgga    265860
     aaaaacaaaa accaactatc ttagttaggg tttctattac tctgaagaga taccatgacc    265920
     aaagcaactt ttattttaat tttccaaatc tgttactgag agtgatttga attatgcaga    265980
     ctagacaaaa agtattcagt agagaacttc aattatatgt cctagagact gtttttatag    266040
     tattttggtg aagaacatgg ttgctttttt accttgtctg aagagttggc ctgaggctaa    266100
     ggtttagaga ctcagattaa ttacattgac aaaggtagtc tcagaaatgc ccatcataga    266160
     ctatgttctc tgcttaagtc acatgaatac tagtaatgtg ttagaaaagt tgctagagtc    266220
     tgaacacagc aacccagacc aaaacagtac catgtaagaa gtttcttggg aggaagaggg    266280
     gtaaggaaag tggtgacaga aagagaagaa ggaagagaaa aggagagaga aagagagaaa    266340
     agagagacag agacagagag acagagagga gacagagaaa cagagagacg tttttcttgt    266400
     gtttatggat ggtgacttga tcacaggtaa aggtgggagg tgagcccaat ggattctggg    266460
     aatatggtgg tcattgtctt ggcaacagat gtgtaggctg tgctatgcct atgtgatggc    266520
     acaggtttca gagatcctga tgctaacaac agcgatggtc acactagttg aatcttgggt    266580
     gcatatccca aatctctgtc tcttcttgta gttacctgcc cctcccccac tcctcacccc    266640
     cttacagttg cagatatcca ttcattttca tgaccttcta aatatctccc ttgtccttct    266700
     ccatacatta tcctaaatgt cccgatccaa tccccattct ccttctctcc cagttccctc    266760
     tctccatttg tcttttatga ctatttaatt cccatttcta agtaatattc aagagcttcc    266820
     tcccttaagc cttccttcta gtttagcctc tttctgtctg tcaagtgtaa catgatactt    266880
     gtattttatg gcttatatgc atattatgca agtccatttg gacatcaatc aggttgatac    266940
     tctcatgttc ttaccatgta tctgcaaatt tcatgatgtc ttcgttttta atagctgagt    267000
     catattccat tttgtagatg tactaacttt tctttgccca ttcttcaatt gagggacatc    267060
     tagtgtgttt ctatttacta tttattacaa atatagctgc tgggaacaaa gttgaccaag    267120
     tatctttgtg caatgttgga gtatatttta ggtacactcc caggaatcat atagttgggt    267180
     cttgaggtag aactatgccc agtattctga gaaaccacca aattagtttc aaaagtggtt    267240
     gtagaggtat gcactcccat tagaaatgaa gaaatgttct ccttattcca catccttgtg    267300
     ggcatatgct atctcttgag gttttttttt tttttttttt ggatcttaat aattctgata    267360
     actgtaagat ataacttcaa gatgttttga attgcatttc cctgataatt aaggacattg    267420
     aacattcttc agtgctcctt gcccacttga gattcttatc ttgagaatcc tttagttctg    267480
     tatcctattt ttaattgtgt tatttggaat ggtgttgact aagttcttga attcttttca    267540
     aagtttacat attagccctc tgtcagattt aggactagtg aagatccttt cctgatctct    267600
     cagctaccaa tttgtcctat tgtcagtgtc ctttgcctta caaaagcttt acagtttcat    267660
     gaggtcccac ttatcaattt ttgatcttag accctgagcc actggtattc tcttgaggaa    267720
     attgtctcct gtacccataa gttcaagggt atttcccaat ttctcttgta gagatatcat    267780
     atgtgtggtt tatgttgtag tccttgatcc acctgaattt cagtttcgtt cagggtgata    267840
     agtactgatc tacattcttc tacatataga caaccaatta gtccagtacc atttgttgaa    267900
     gatgctttca tttttccatt gtatgttttt ggcttcacat tcaaacattc acaaacattc    267960
     attctttatc aaagattatt tccaatattt tgtaggtttg gttttgggtc ttcgatcaga    268020
     ttccattgat caatgtttct gtttctacac tagtttcatg caatttttat ctccatagct    268080
     ctgtagtaca gcttgaggtg aggaatgatg atacttttat ttatttattt atttatttat    268140
     ttatttattt attcatcatt attttggctt ttctggggtt tctgtttttc catatgaatc    268200
     tgagaattgt tctttcaagg tctgtaaaaa ctattgtgtt aaaattttgt tgaggagtac    268260
     attgaatctg ttcattgctt ttggtaagat ggacatttcc attacgttaa tcctgttgat    268320
     ccagaagcag gggagaactt ttcattttct gatatcttgt taactttttt tgttagcgtc    268380
     ttgacattct tgtcatagag gtctttcagt tgcttggtta ttttatatga gtttttgcta    268440
     ttttaaaggg acttgttgac ataatttatt ttctaggcca attagttcat tttcatcagc    268500
     actaagctac atacttagaa caaatttctt taatttaata tctgcattca acattcacaa    268560
     tgtttgttac ttctcgtaaa attatcaaca gtgtatgtag caggactctg gctatgttat    268620
     gggttcttat ttctttttcc ttttctgtcc ctcttttttt tcacctttca attcccataa    268680
     gactagatag gatagaatat aggttagagg caagagaggg caatgttata tttagactac    268740
     ttcctgctaa attgggatgt tgagttcctt tgggcaagtt tgatctttat tctaaagaga    268800
     tttaatttct tctttgtcta ttaattctta gtaaaccaca aaaccacagc aatgaaccaa    268860
     ccagcccccc accccccaaa aaatgaccaa cattgaccaa tctcatcttt cagggatcta    268920
     gcatgtatat accctctgaa aagttcccat aattctaaac aaatgtcaca caaatgcaga    268980
     aactgtctgc ccctggcaaa accatgcctc ttctagagga caggcaaacc atggatagca    269040
     ctaggggaca atctgacgca atcttgtatc ccacaatgga gattaaaaca aaagcatatt    269100
     cttatagtaa taattatgta ttttataaag aaactaaaat tctcaataaa agcatattat    269160
     aatattcact gtggagcaca gaaagcagaa agaagtatat caatggtcaa aaaatagtaa    269220
     agtaagaaag tgaattatac cacaaatgta caataaatac tacatatttc tctaattctt    269280
     taacaattct tagtatattt attcaactga tttatatatt catatgacta acgatttcaa    269340
     ttcagaggtt acaatgatgc agaagtggaa aatgcaaaca aggcctccca atgttcatga    269400
     aaactagacc agccctggtc tgacaactct gacagagaac acaagtcatg gattcccagg    269460
     ccttcccatt cagtatacta ctgaacacag accactcagc atagtgttcg atctgaggtt    269520
     agatttactt catgataatt ataattttca attaaaaagt ttttgaaatt ttcttacctg    269580
     aatactgtac acatcaatat ctccactgaa atccctcttt tatctattga tcacttactc    269640
     tcaaatcaag acctcctcaa attttttcca ttaacttatt tatttgttca ttttactccc    269700
     agattgctgt ttcactgaat aagttctcac ccccaccccg aagactttcc cccatggacc    269760
     ctcctcttca cttctgagag ggtgaatccc acaaatgcca gactaaagaa caggttccac    269820
     agaaaagcaa cagctttagt gacggcccct gctcaggttc attgagtcac aaggtagttc    269880
     aaggaattcc tagttatagg acaaaaagct tatgaataag tatagttttt ctgtcattat    269940
     tcaggaactg gggcaagcag agaaaggccc tgggtcacac aagaataacc ctgctgcagg    270000
     aggaatgcaa gttagcaggt ggtactgact gtacacccag ataaaaactt gaagagcaca    270060
     tttagacaag tgagcttcca gactccttca ggatttcctc ccctcactga accacaagta    270120
     acacaattta ccagtgaagc cctcaagaga ctatgctcta ataagttgta atgtttttat    270180
     cctgaaagac ccaaaccaga tgtgactaca gatcactaac tttttacagt tgaaactaaa    270240
     tcactctcct gggactgtca cagaaataga atggcacaat ctacaggccc agcttgataa    270300
     caaaaacaca ttttctctca caatggaata aattcctcaa ttgaaaaact aagaagcaac    270360
     attgtttctt tcaaggagaa atgggcagat atttcaacaa ctgaatctta aacttaaatg    270420
     acagctacta tggaagtatt gtgtcctcag gtagaatatg gggaaattgc attgtaacat    270480
     ggtctgagat tcatgatgaa gacgtctctc caaacctttt tgatcataca tatggtgcct    270540
     ttgcttactt ttaggacaca aaatagtgac ttgactccta aggttgttaa tttcgaatat    270600
     accctacaaa atatgtttag acaatagata tatagatata gatgatatag atagagatag    270660
     aaatacacac acactcacac acacagatat atatatatat gtatatgtat atatgtatat    270720
     atatacatat agagagagaa tttctaggct atttattaat attaaaatat atttaaaata    270780
     ttaattctac cattactcag gattaatttc aagtagtata ccatggtaca ctactgggtt    270840
     ataacattaa atattaattt atatatacat ttaacataat tttcccttat gtgacttctc    270900
     taaaaatcta tgaatatttt attagtgtct tgaagcagga aagtcaagaa gaggggtact    270960
     atggacaaaa aggcagggtt tttttaatat tgtatccaat taaatgatat tttaatactg    271020
     taattgcccc aaattccttc aatttacatc tggtatctgc actaataact ggtatcttta    271080
     aagttttcac tccagaactc cttattgagt aggaagtctg gcaaataaag tcttcctgaa    271140
     cttacaaaaa gcaaaccaac cctgatcttg cagctctggc agagaatctc agatgtggat    271200
     tctcgggcct agctattcac tgatcagcac tggacacaga ctgtttacct tggagttggt    271260
     gttcagcttg agtttcctta ttgttctttt aaagaagaat aagagataat gagtgtggga    271320
     gaggacatga gtgaaaggga gtttggacta cagggtctga tcctcattta caaagcaaag    271380
     attttaataa attgataata agttcatcat agagtgaccc ccccccatct tgtatgggag    271440
     cttccttctc aactggagat tcccagagat ccttcccaga tatttcagtc tgttagacct    271500
     atgatttcat tgtttacata aaggattctg gttttggtat tgatctaaat aaattgatat    271560
     ttaccacagg accaaatttc ataaaatcac ctacttgcac agaaagtgca agtgcagtgg    271620
     acagaaatgt gccactggaa ttagatgtga agaaacacaa gtatcctgga gagacatttc    271680
     tgtgaggagg ctcatgtgaa cttcctgact agtacagtgt tcatcattgg ggctggagaa    271740
     aggtggagga gagaaatgga acttgtctta ttttaggtcc tgttcctatg gtaaatagca    271800
     caatcaaaaa cagcatagtt ttgcttgcct tacctgtccc tatcacatat cccattcctg    271860
     cagtgtaaag tcaaggctgg gactaaaggc aggaacctca aggcatgaac taatgcagag    271920
     atcagagagg aattctggtt actggcttgt tctgcatggt tcactcagcc tgctttttaa    271980
     tataaaccag gaccattttt tcgcctatgg aagtgtccac agtgtgctag tccctaaaac    272040
     atcaactgat aataaaaaca aattaacaat cttaacaatt aacccaatca tccttttgag    272100
     ctgcttagaa aatttttaga aaagcagtca tatttctaaa ttggagtgac actgggtata    272160
     ccaactacac ttcagagaag ggccctatga tcaggaaaag tttgacaaca agccatggac    272220
     ttcatagtat atttttgtat ttgtgttgtt tctgtttctg tctttctttc aagtgtgaga    272280
     aagaatatga aagtgaaagt atgtttgtag gaagatggta aaacatctgg gatgaattag    272340
     gaaaaaacgg atttttagtt aaattcattt aaaaattaaa aaaacacaaa ctaatgtgtg    272400
     taagtcacca atatgataaa ttcactaatt atattcatgt attatactga agtaaaattg    272460
     tgagaagata tagtagaaat cagcaatgta tttccacact atcaccatta tttgatattc    272520
     aatttcaaac atcatacatt ggcaaataac aatgttgtat atcaaagtca ttatcttatt    272580
     tttaatttat gaacatagta tggaaaccga aaaacaagca attaacattc tgattttttt    272640
     tggttcaaat atttaacata tatttattaa atagggggag ctggcagaag ggctggaaga    272700
     gctgaggggg atttcaacct cattggaaaa acaacatagt atggtctgac cactcagttc    272760
     tctcagagcc tagaccccca accaaggtgt gtatctagag ggatccatgg ctccagatat    272820
     atatgtaaca gaagatggtc ttatctgacc actacaggag gggaggccct tggtcccagg    272880
     aggtttgatg ctcctgagta gggggatgct ggagcagtgt ggcaggagaa tgtagttcag    272940
     taggggagca ctctcataga gacaaaaggg ggcggtggca gagaggtata ccatagaagt    273000
     ggtataacat gggatgaggg atggtggagg gggtgactag gaagtgggat attatttgag    273060
     atgtaaacaa atggaataat taataaaaat aattttaaaa tgtaaaaccc acctgtatag    273120
     tctgtgctgt aaatcgggga cttgctcttt cgcaattacc tcccctttcc aactcagcct    273180
     ctgataatct gaacaacctc tccattcctg gaattccagc tttccatact acagtaacgc    273240
     gtgcagttca gatagcattt ttcttcatgt acctgggttt ttctcaataa gggtaaggta    273300
     ctcagggcca tccatattct cccacaggac accattttct tcactgcaag accatgtaac    273360
     agtatgttga caaatattca ttttttatag atttttcttc caaaaatact gtgatttgct    273420
     tctcaacctt attattgcac ccttgatcat tatatatgtg tacacagtgt atttttttag    273480
     acttatttat tttatgtata tgagtacaca ttgtagctgt acagagagtt ttgagccttt    273540
     atatggttgt tgggaataga atttaggatc tctgctcact ctggtcaacc cagctcactc    273600
     agtccctgct cgctctggcc catagattta tttattatta taaataagta cactgtagct    273660
     gtcttcagaa acaccagaag agggcttcag atctcattat gggtggttgt gagccaccat    273720
     gtggttgcta ggatttgaac tcagaacctt tggaggagca gtcagtgctc ttacccattg    273780
     agccatctca ccagccccag tgtgtgtgcg tgtgcgtgtg catgtgcgtg tgtgtgtgtg    273840
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgttatcata ttcaaaagtt acacttttga    273900
     atctcactaa cttctggagt cccacaaccc aacttcataa tgaggtaaat ttcttatttt    273960
     atatcctgtg aataatcttt caatggttat gcctggtggt gtagacatct cactgacaca    274020
     tattgctgac tcttaaatat agcccagtgg ttgtattgga gatgatatgg tgatgctaat    274080
     gttgtttgtt gtagaatttg cacaacaatg tgatcattct tatctatact caaccaacaa    274140
     attttcctta tattaacaaa attatcacct cttaacatct ttttctgacc acttagagag    274200
     agacttgtaa taaacgtatc tttggggttt aatatatatt ttgggcatga tttaagaatt    274260
     ggaattttat ttaaatatct ttgagaatac agaagcattg ttttaaaatt ttatcttttt    274320
     gttttgtttt tttcttctcc tgtgactgag ttgtgttccc tatatatttg aatgtagact    274380
     cataatcata tttatgctat aaacatgttc aaatatctaa tatcaagtgc taagcccaat    274440
     agtcaagtac atgaaacact aagcagatat gtctatgcat atatgtgtat gcatatatat    274500
     atatccatat gtgtagtaat cataaatatg gaaaaagaag atcagacaat ttggtgggag    274560
     aaattttagt catgaaagga aactgcaagg gataagaaaa atatttttaa gaacaaaact    274620
     aagaacttta tatatgttta gaatttttat ttaaaaagta tattgtacac tggacatatt    274680
     ttctccatta catcaacata tcctttcttt atccatatca ttcccatttg gccatttatt    274740
     tcaagttgac agtttaactt ccattttatt tcatatttac atacataact gtttctagct    274800
     gtacaatatc taaggtccac aagtgagcaa atcatacaat attggtgttt ctataaagct    274860
     cttaatttac tttaagaaat ttgagatcta tagagctccc tgggactaaa ccaattaaag    274920
     aaaacacatg gtgggacttg tgtctctagc tgcatctgta agagaggatt tcctagttgg    274980
     ctattaatag gaggagaggc ccttagtctt gtgacaattc tatgccacag tataggggaa    275040
     tgccagggac aggaagtcgg agtgggtggg ttggagagca gggttaggga gggggggata    275100
     agggattttc agagaggaaa ttaggaaagg ggatagcatt tgaaatgtaa atgaagaaaa    275160
     tatctaataa aaatatatat atataaaaga aagttgagat ccctattctt tataaaagaa    275220
     cacattctgc tttattgtat gtattgcata tttagtttat tcaatcattt gttcacagac    275280
     atgttgtttg gttcagaagt ttagttctta tagaaaatgc tgaatgaata accatttgca    275340
     tgcacatatt tctgaggcct gttcaattga tctcacttgt gtaatatttt agtatgcaac    275400
     cttgtggaaa gaccactatt aatttcaaga atatgaaaaa aaatgtcaaa aaaagtatgc    275460
     tgggcagtgg tggcccatgc ctttagtccc atcaattggg aggcagaggc aggcaaattt    275520
     ctgagttcaa ggccattctg gtctacagag tgagttccag aacagcaatg gctacacaga    275580
     gaatccttgt ctcaaaaaac aaacaaaaaa taaaaataaa aagattgcaa actctcataa    275640
     ataagttttt aaaatttcca gtaaccatta tcctcattgc gactaccact aaaacatttt    275700
     gtcaccaaga caagtattat gtctcaggct aggattcgat tttaaaattg tgagattggc    275760
     tttgatgtta tctaagaggt gtgtacatct ctcagggaaa gttgctcaga cagaattagg    275820
     atttggaccc cagaatcctg ttgactgacc catgtacact ctacttcatt cttcttcagc    275880
     tagaacatcc ttatgtaaga aagatcctgc cacatgaata tgcaaatcat gagtctgtga    275940
     ttataaatac gtgcatatcc acaccaaaca acatatgaac actgttttct ctacagtcac    276000
     tgaatctcaa ggtccttaca atgaaatgca gctgggtcat cttcttcctg atggcagtgg    276060
     ttataggtaa ggggctccca agtcccaaac ttgaggggcc acacactctg tgacagtggc    276120
     aatcactttg tctttctttc tacaggaatc aattcagagg ttcagctgca gcagtctggg    276180
     gcagagcttg tgaggtcagg ggcctcagtc aagttgtcct gcacagcttc tggcttcaac    276240
     attaaagact actatatgca ctgggtgaag cagaggcctg aacagggcct ggagtggatt    276300
     ggatggattg atcctgagaa tggtgatact gaatatgccc cgaagttcca gggcaaggcc    276360
     actatgactg cagacacatc ctccaacaca gcctacctgc agctcagcag cctgacatct    276420
     gaggacactg ccgtctatta ctgtaatgca cacagtgttg caaccacatc ctgagagtgt    276480
     cagaaaccat aaagtgcagg aagctgcctg gaactgagat gacagactat actaccctga    276540
     agaaatagcc attttgagtg tcccaatttc tgcctcctcc tcagttatat atggtatttg    276600
     tcaacttttc aagtgtgtct ccaaataaaa tgaggctgat ctgagattcc cctagagtac    276660
     actatatttt gaccagttct ttagtagtga acatcttcac tggtgtgtta ttaattaata    276720
     aaagataaag gatatacttt tgcaatatat tatgttaata tatatccctt gttaattgtt    276780
     gttgaactag acacaaataa aatatgttat gaataaggca agtaaaaccc atatcaacaa    276840
     catgtgggca aacaaaaacc tctatcatag tcttttgatg tgtctgaaac aagaaaaggc    276900
     aggtttttga atagtgtcgc aatagatttg ggggtagcta ctttacttct atagaatctt    276960
     atgttatacc tttaactaaa ggtattaata tatatctgaa tataaactgt gcttggtagt    277020
     agtcaaatct cttactattt ctggattagg gatgcagctg catgacatgt ggtggagaac    277080
     tgagtgtatg gagtctgctg ctctgggaac aactggcctc ctgtttagat aacactgggc    277140
     cagagcaatg ggatacttag ctgggaatga aagaggtctg atctgctgat cagcagccct    277200
     gggtgtgcta tcccctttct tggaactgaa ttatgtgttt taccaatact agctcaacat    277260
     tgacttgaac agttaaaaaa aaatcacatt ttacaggtat attagaggaa agtttactgt    277320
     aataagaagg aatggcacat tttaatatat gttgttttca aatatggcct ttttcctcta    277380
     caacggaatc atataggaag acacatgaat attggcataa ctgagcctca tgtttcacaa    277440
     tttcgaatgg ttttatcaac tcatcaataa tattagaagt attaccaacc atacaataat    277500
     tttttacagt taaacttgaa ttttctttag ctgatgaaat gggacaaggt ggaaacaggt    277560
     ttgatttttc tattttccta aatacaactt cttactgatt gtcttggtca gggtttctat    277620
     tcctgcacga acataatgac caagaagcca gttggggagt aaagggttta ttcagcttac    277680
     tcttccatac tgctgttcat caccaaagaa agtcaagacc ggaactcaaa caggtcagga    277740
     agcaggagct gacgcagaag ccatggagga atgttatttt ttttaatgta aaataagtaa    277800
     tatgtttatt tattttcttt cttttaagaa atggtgaaat atattatata tttttatata    277860
     tttttattag gtgtttattt cctttacatt cccaatgcta tcccaaaagt cccccacatg    277920
     ctcccccacc cactcctcca cccacccact cccacttctt agccctggtg ttcccctgtg    277980
     ctgaggcata taaagtttgc atgaccaatg ggtctctctt tccactgatg gctgactagg    278040
     ccatcttgtg atacatatgc agctagagac acaagctcaa gggggcactg gttagttcat    278100
     attgttgttc cacttatagg tccctttagc tccttttact ttctctagtt cctccattgg    278160
     ggaccctgtg atccatccaa tagctgactg tgagcatcca cttttgtgtt tgctaggccc    278220
     cagcatagtc tcacaagaga caggtatatc tgggtccttt cagcaaaatc ttgctagtgt    278280
     atgcaatggt atcagcgttt ggatgctgat tatgggatgg atcccggata tggcagtctc    278340
     tagatggttc atcctttcat ctcagctcca aattttgtct ctgtaaatcc ttccatgggt    278400
     gttttgttcc caattctaag aaggggaaaa gtgtccacac tttggtgttc gttcttcttg    278460
     agtttcatgt gtttagcaaa ttgtatctta tagcttgggt attctaagtt tctgggctaa    278520
     tatccactta ttagtgagta catattgtgt gagttctttt gtgattgggt tacctcactc    278580
     aggatgatgc cctccaggtc catccacttg cctaggaatt tcataaattc attcttttta    278640
     atagctgagt agtactccat tgtgtaaatg taccacattt tctgtatcca ttcctctgtt    278700
     gaggggcatc taggttcttt ccagcttctg gctattataa ataaggctgc tattcttgga    278760
     aagattagga atccaaggcc catacctaaa catgataaaa gcaatctaca gcaaaccagt    278820
     agccaacatc aaagtaaatg gtgagaagct ggaagcaatc ccactaaaat cagggactag    278880
     aaaaggctgc cactttctcc ctacctattc aacatagtag ttgaagtcct agccagagca    278940
     attcgacaac aaaaggagaa caaggggata aaaattggaa aggaagaagt caaaatgtca    279000
     ctttttgcag atggtatgat agtatatata agtgacccta aaattccacc agagaactcc    279060
     taaacctgat aaacagcttc agtgaagtag ctggatgtaa aattaactca aacaagtcaa    279120
     tggcctttct ctgcacaaag gataaacagg ctgagaaagt aattagggaa acttttactc    279180
     tgaaggactg tatatctttg tcagtgaggt acatttccta tgtgtagtga agtgctgggt    279240
     tctgtttgct tatctaatct tatcatatgt cttcttattg aggaaatgat tccactgatg    279300
     ctaagagata ctgaagaata gtgattgtta cttgctgcta tttttgtttc ttggttttta    279360
     tgtcttggtt tctgttgctt ttgttcttat gcttgcctcc tgccctctga atatctctag    279420
     tgctacctgt cctcactatc tgactggagc ctgtcctccc tgtaatcctg gttatgtcag    279480
     aactcctcat agtccagcac tttctgtcat cctgtgattt ttggcttcct gtgatctgag    279540
     attctggctg tgacaaagtt cctgggagtc aatctgcctc tgggaccctg agatccttgt    279600
     gtgaccaaga tccttgcatc ctgggatcct gggatcctgg ctgtgttaga gtgcctggga    279660
     tttgagctcc tctgggtgct gtgggactgg ctgcagggtt catgcacaag gtaaacccat    279720
     gcagaccata aagatcctga gtcattggtc aagtgtgatt catgcatccc tgggtcctgc    279780
     tggtcccagt tacttccagt ggtgttggag cagatgtatc atactcaccc agatcctaaa    279840
     atcctgggtg tgctggaatg cctgggtgtg gagcctcctc tagaatctgt gggagtggct    279900
     tgatcaacaa agtcttaaag aactccggag ttttttgtct gatgctcaga aagaaaccta    279960
     agagagaatt aacatgaaga actttattgc aaggacatgt aaaagatttg atattaacta    280020
     gtttggagca gggaagttgt ttgaactctg gaaatttctg tagatgatag actgatgata    280080
     agtaatgttg ggggaggggc tgttcatgcc tttggttacc agtgtcagtg ggcagccact    280140
     catctattcc ttactgaagc cacaaactaa tcttatgggt ggtgagaatt gttttctaat    280200
     ggtttgttag tcaaagggtt tcatttctta tatagttgcc ataatgtcta ttattcctgt    280260
     agtgggatgg ctctcaatcc cattctctat taacacgttt ttgagataat tatctataat    280320
     aaaggagggc ttcatgagca ggattttgtt atacttcact aatgactgca aatattgctg    280380
     cataaaaagt tttttttaag tattttgatg gatgtgtatc gcatgatcca ttaacattgg    280440
     tcagtgaatc attcagaata catgcaagag attcaatagc aagacagatt tctgatcttt    280500
     tcttttcttt aattgagtgt atcactagct caaccttatt ccagggtatt taaggattta    280560
     gtataattgg tcttataacc agaacactca ttcattaact tttgcccaag atcttgaatg    280620
     atatccattg tcagggcacc atggatattt cttggtaata atcaagagtt gatgagttta    280680
     tcctaattgc actttggctc caattcattt aagtaacttt tgtttcttcg gtgcaggtac    280740
     agaaacgtca ggaaaagaag aattcctcag aatgagagca atttagagca aaattgagaa    280800
     gttactttca tattatttaa ccaaaggcaa gctcagattt gaattctcta gtctctgtct    280860
     tattctccct gtatcttttt agcctatcag tctcttgtat gagtttgagt ctctggagtc    280920
     tctgtctctt catctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctgtgtgtg    280980
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgctcacg tgagtgaatt acccttaaca aagaactgca    281040
     cctgtatgca ttgaataaca aacatagaaa atatcccatg gaaaagaaat aagagaaatt    281100
     tatagatatc tttaacaaag atttataagg tttttgaaac ctatattttg tgttttcagt    281160
     aaatgattat aataacacaa atacttatgt attagtcaaa ttgggagcat tgtagaacac    281220
     ataacttcag agttgtgtat ttttttgctc acaaaagttg attattttgg aatctcagac    281280
     aaagtaaggt tgtgcatcat aaaagatgtt aagtattagt atttgctatt cacaaaaaga    281340
     taaactcagc tattttctgt ttgtctgaag cacttttgaa ctgcaaaaac ctttgatacc    281400
     agaagttccc tgagaggaga cattctttag attctttaaa ttggaggtat agggctgata    281460
     ataaaaataa aatctgttca gtttctattt cgtaattgtg actgaactta tatccctgga    281520
     catataatga aagattaaac atgtgatcta tatttcttag atactcatca gtctgttttt    281580
     gttctatgaa acctggagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    281640
     agagagagag agagataaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaggaaaaa agaaagaaag    281700
     aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg    281760
     aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa gagacgaagg    281820
     aagagagaaa agagaaagga aaaaagaagc atcttgttgc cagtcagtca gagctacaga    281880
     aggaatctga ctgttagaac tataagattc cctttgacac aattgaaata ctcactcctg    281940
     cctcccctcc ccaattcctc atctgctctg gggggcacct tgatagcaaa gaccatctgt    282000
     ccctcttcta tggaagaact ctgggattta attcattaac agggacccac agaggtaggt    282060
     ctactttgag tgagaaaaag acttcagtga agtgcttggc aagatccctg ggtaagaaaa    282120
     agaccaggta gagaaggatg aaaggggtag aactataaac aagtcacggg ccataaataa    282180
     tctatagaaa aagagcttta ctacacatag taaaagctac ttaaagaaaa ggacaattaa    282240
     aatcagcact tctcaattga attttactct cttaaaattt gtgtaggaat gtaataatac    282300
     tggttttaca aaccaagtga gtttggatat agaaacctgg aacagaatag gaaaggatat    282360
     tcatgtttgg tataagaaga gtgtacctag taatatgcct gttgtggttt cttttattgg    282420
     agtattttta ggaaaattta acatactgcc aagcctcaag acaaagacaa attttccatc    282480
     cattagcagg aaatgatcac agagaagata ctgcatcatt tgatcataaa cctaaaatca    282540
     aatcctccat tacactttct gtttcttctg aggcttttca tattgggaat gataaagatc    282600
     atgatgaagt tgccagactc cagtggatgt ataggtttct tagtcggggt tgctattcct    282660
     gcacaaacat catgaccaag aaccaagttg gggaggaaag ggtttattca gctgacacat    282720
     ccatactgct cttcatcatc aaggaagtca ggactgaaac tcaagcaggt ctgaaagcag    282780
     gagctgatgc agaagccatg gagggatgtt ctttattgcc tggctttcct ggcttgttca    282840
     gcctgctctc ttatagaacc caagactacc agcccagaga tagcaccacc cacaaggggc    282900
     acttccctcc ttgatcacta attgagaaaa tgccttacag ttggatctca tggaggcatt    282960
     tccccaactg aagctccttt ctctgtgata actccagctg tgtcaagttg acacaaaact    283020
     agccagtaca attgacccct tgtcaacttg acacacaaac acatcactag taagcctcaa    283080
     cccttacatt cttattcatc cccaagatct aaataacttt aaaagttcca aagtctttac    283140
     atgttaaaag ttcaatccct ttaaaatatc cagtatcttt taaaatacaa agtactttaa    283200
     aattcaaagt cttttaactg tgggatccac taaaatattt tcttacttca acagggaaaa    283260
     aatatcaggg catagtctca atcaaaagca aaatttaaac tccaactctc caatgtctgg    283320
     gatccaactc acgatcttct gggctcctcc aagggcttgg gtcacttctc cacccattcc    283380
     ctttgtagca cataccttgt cttctaggct ccagctgact gtactctact gctgctgctg    283440
     ttcttggtgg tcatctcatg gtactagcat ctccaaaatg ctgctgtctt ccactgtaag    283500
     ttggttttaa caatagcctc tcaaagattc tcttcatgtt gctaagcctc aactcctttg    283560
     catgacccct tcagtcctag gccatcaatt gcaactgagg ctgcaccttc accaatggcc    283620
     ttccatggcc tctcacactg ccaagcctca gctgctctgc atgacccctt catgcctttg    283680
     aaaccagtac cacctgggtg actcttacac attaccaagt cccactgtag cataaggtac    283740
     aaccttggtt atctctggaa cgcagcctct gtgctctcaa aaaacacttc ccagaagatg    283800
     tcacctcagt gattctggtc tctttttaat caccaccaat ttcttagcgc cagctaacca    283860
     gcatcaatag tcccagtaat gcaaagtttc tgcttttgtc gttttggtat cttgttaatc    283920
     acagctggtt attcagcccc agctaaccag aaccacagaa tcttcacaat caaaaatagc    283980
     aatggctctg aaaagagtct ttaatcttcc ctctgaaatt cacaagccat gcctccatct    284040
     tctgcactgt tctcaacatt atcttccaag ctcctacata acattcagca gagctcttaa    284100
     caccaaatgg atcttctggc ccaaagttcc aaagtccttc cacagtcctc cccaaaacat    284160
     ggtcaggctg tcacaggaat accccactat gctggtacca atttgtctta ttcagggttt    284220
     ctattcctgc acaaacatca tgaccaagaa gcaagttgga gaggaaagaa tttattcagc    284280
     ttatacttcc atactgctgt tcatcaccaa ggaagtcaga actagaactg aaggaggtct    284340
     gaaagcagga gctgatacag aagccatgaa gggatgttct ttactggctt gcttccctgg    284400
     cttgctcagc ctgttctctt atagaaccca agactactag cccagagatg acaccaacca    284460
     caagggggct ttcccccgtt gatcactaat ggagaaaatg ccttacagct ggatctcatg    284520
     gaggcatttc cccaactgaa gctcctttct ctatgataac tccacctgtg tcagtttgac    284580
     acaaaactag ccagtacaga tgggggtgcc caacccacct caaatttttg acccagaaac    284640
     attcctgtgt aaaagaaaag cagggacaaa aatggagcag ggactgaagg aaaaacaatc    284700
     cagtgagagg cccaacttgg catcaatcct gtgggcaggc accaaaaccg gtcagtatta    284760
     ctgatgctat gttgtgcttg cagacaggca ccttgcacgg ctgtcgtctc agaggaacta    284820
     caagcagctg agtgagacag atgtcaatat ttacagccaa ccattgaagt gaggtcaggg    284880
     acctctatgg aagaatttgg gataggaatg aaggagctga aagggatagc cacttgatag    284940
     aaagaccaac caggaccctt ggtagtcctg gagactaaac ctccaaacgc tcaatcattt    285000
     ctactttaaa tccttagaat gaacacctac ccatgagtaa attttagtta gtcatatcaa    285060
     gaaaattagg gcaaaaatgg gtataagaaa ttaattatca ccagtctagc ctctgtaaga    285120
     gttatgacag gcaatgctgg ttaggctgca aatattctgt tctctgaact caaaacctcc    285180
     tagctcaact aataaaagtg tacctttctc atcttcaaat agttactaaa taagagccac    285240
     tagaaaaata tcattattta acttcagtaa taattatttt tttccaaatg ctttccaaga    285300
     ttcatgctcc ttgctgagaa actaaatttc tatgttcttc tctagagtga tgattaaatc    285360
     attaatctgc tccagcttca tgcgtgaaaa agcacaaacg caattatgat tgcaaattat    285420
     acagcctagt gaggagctgg aaacaccctt agagttttca tacaattctt agcttaagag    285480
     ggatgtggag gcaataagag agcaacattc cacaacaaca tgaagtcctg aggactcaga    285540
     gtcatcaggg ctctgcctct ccaaggcata ctcattgtga ttgtgctaaa ggtaggtttt    285600
     atgctgtgag ttctgaagac attcctcttg aacaggccta aacacatata cagttatttc    285660
     agtggaactt ttgataaaca gtcagatgat gagtgtaatc aggttgttgt catgtttgac    285720
     tggggtgaaa catacccctt tgggtagttg gatatgagga attatcaaaa aaggataaaa    285780
     aaaatcttgt aaaaagttgg taggacagga actaggttga ctatggatat tttaatggga    285840
     actggagact ggattcgtgc taaagaccaa ctgactctta ggaaggaggt tcttactcag    285900
     tgctcagtta tctctgagac accatggaga tagatcatcc ctttgatgtt aagacaaaag    285960
     gattaatgaa tattagagaa gaggaccttt tgaagctttc ttaacccaac tgatagaagc    286020
     cttgaataaa atggttcttc aagtggaagc tgcactaata attattgaac aacttgcttt    286080
     tgaaaatgca aactctgact ataataaata aggctgctat gaacatatta gagcatatgt    286140
     ccttataaca agttggaaca ttttctgggt atatgcccag gagagttatt gctggatctt    286200
     ccggtagtac tatatccaat tttctgagga actgccagac tgattttgag agtggctgta    286260
     ccagcctgta atcccactaa aaatggagga ttgttccttt ttctccacat cctcaccagc    286320
     ttctgctgtc acctgaattt ttgatcttat ccgttctgac ttatgtgagg tggaatctca    286380
     gggctgtttt gatttgcatt tacctgatga ttaaggatgt tgaacaattt tttcaggtgc    286440
     ttctcagcca ttcggtattc ctcagttgag aattctttgt ttagctctgt accccatttt    286500
     taatagggtt cccagatgtc tctcaacaga ggaattgata cagaaactgt ggtacattga    286560
     tacaatggag tactactcag caattaacaa aaattaattt atgaagttct taggcaaatg    286620
     gatggatctt gaggatatca ttctgagtga ggtaacacaa tcacaaaaga acacacatta    286680
     tatgcactca ctgataagtg gatattaacc cagaaactta gaataccaaa aatacaattt    286740
     gcaaaacaca tgaaattcaa gaagaaggaa gactaaagtg tgaatacttt gttccttctt    286800
     agagtgggga acaaaatacc caagaaagga gttacagaga caaagttcgg agctgagatg    286860
     gaagaaagga tcatccagag actgcccctc ccagggatcc atcccatata caaccaccaa    286920
     acccagacac tattgcatat gccagcaaga ttttgctgac aggaccctgg tataactatc    286980
     tcttgtgagg ttatgccaat gcctggcaaa tacagaagtg gatgctcaca gtcatctatt    287040
     agatagaaca caggacccct aaagatgtag ccagagaaag tacccaagca gctaaagggg    287100
     tcagcaaccc tataggagga tcaaaaatat gaactaacca gtaccccaca gaactgtgac    287160
     tctagttgca catgtagcag agaatggcct agttggccat cagtgggagg agaggccctt    287220
     ggtcttggga agatgcggcc caccagcatc cctcattcct ggaggcatca agtttccaca    287280
     ggattaaacg caccctctcc cactgatacc atacaatgtg gctgctgcta cacatgtacc    287340
     cagggccatg aaccagccca tgcatgttcc ttactttttg acttagtctc tgggaactct    287400
     gaagtatcca ggttagttaa cactattgtt ctttctatag agtagcaaac cccttcacct    287460
     ccttcaatcc tccttctaac tcttccacag gggttcccag actcactcca atggtgggct    287520
     gtaaatatgt tcattggtct cagtcagttg ctggtggagc ctctcagaga actgccatgt    287580
     caggctcctg tatatggcct cagtaatagt gtcatgattt tctatgcaag catgagatgg    287640
     atcctttgtt gggctggtca cagggtggcc tgtctttcaa tctgtgctcc attattgtcc    287700
     ctgcatttcc tttagacagg acaattctgg gttaaaattc tgaagatgta tgggtgggcc    287760
     tggcctcaac tgtgcaccat gcctatcttt tggaggtgtt ctcttctggg tccatctccc    287820
     cattgttagg cattttggct aatgtcattt gttcttttgt acttctgagt cttctctata    287880
     ttgttttttt ttataggaca gtttataaat gttgatacag aaacattgca tttcatcttc    287940
     aaaatcatta ttcttacaga tcttaattta tggaaatgta ttagttataa ggtagattat    288000
     ctgaggggaa ttatttctca aagatgaaca tatgtactac aataaagaat atcttttgca    288060
     aaacattcag tatgaagtat gatttctgct aatcactagg gttctttaaa tgcattgttt    288120
     cttttaatga atttaaaata ctttaattgt gaataaaatt gttgagttga tataagaggt    288180
     tgtcactgat aaatagtccc catagcagct tgtccctgca acatggccct ctagagacct    288240
     ttttaaaatt ctcatatatg attcatgctt ctcaatgtta ttcatcaatg ggagaagctt    288300
     gtgtcatatg tggtcttgta aaagctcatc cttttctaag aagaagggat gacgggaggc    288360
     tatttcagca atggtatgaa agaaacacca tgcagacaaa aacatctaca atgcacaaaa    288420
     tatattgtgc aagtttagtt aactgcaaca atctctcatt tatccagcct gagtacttat    288480
     agtaagcaaa gaacttcaca aataaatatg taaagtcaaa tatttcaaga cacttaaaac    288540
     taatgacatt tatagttcta ggaattctag aattttgatt tctttgaaaa acacagaaat    288600
     ataactgcct tcattttaat cacaggtata tgggtgtagt gctgcccaga ctgtgcctag    288660
     aagctgatag tgatttgact ctggctctag cagaagtgtg gttttgctca ggtgcagata    288720
     atttctgtga ttgtgtgatg tttgaaattc tgagaacttt ctgaggctgt ataaatgcta    288780
     gaatctgaga ggcatggttg gtcattcttc agagaggttg attgcagtat gttagtagtc    288840
     aaacctagca ggttccctga gctcttttgt tacaaaacag ctgccattca ctaagctcat    288900
     aacaaattca ctaaagcccc tgaaaatctt cagcagccat gacatgccct gaaaatagag    288960
     gagacagact gccacaatta gattcataca gagaagagag ctgcctgagg tgacagccag    289020
     catcttaatc cagaaagatc catgacaaag taacaaccat ccacattaag atctccatgc    289080
     aaatatacta tctgttcatg atagaatttt tcagttagca aatacattga atcatagtca    289140
     aatttgcctt aaattctggt tacttctcaa ctgtggaagt aatttataga ggtataaact    289200
     gatttgtaag taccatattt tgatttgtac tattccagat tgtgtgagtg ttctgttcta    289260
     agtgctactg caggagttgg ggggtaatct agtttaacag acactgtctg ccgttgtact    289320
     gtgtctggat acttactcca ttatcagtag ttactcatat tgctagatgc atgaacacat    289380
     agagaaaaat ccatagattt atgtagacag ggaaaacaga gattatcacc catcattaaa    289440
     aagtcctgtc agtattgcca ggttgacaat gaagagcata atttctttac aattgaggtc    289500
     attgaaggtt attactggac aaacaacata tgtaggaact atgtgtgaaa ccatagacat    289560
     acttacataa tgagattctc atgaccagta ggaggcacta tagatccact tatttccaag    289620
     aagtaaagga catcataaga agaaaattaa ctgtgcgtga ggaaattcca aaagccttta    289680
     aggacttcaa gtttagcatc attatcttca tagtacctga tgtaattgtt atgtgagttt    289740
     ccaatgttaa aacactggag atatattttt tgttatgtag aatcaatata tgatgtcact    289800
     gaaagtcaaa ttatatcctt attaacactt gacaataata aaaaatacta tgtcagttat    289860
     tactatatta taattatttt tgggcctcgg tacattgggc ccaaatattt taagaaaaaa    289920
     aaaatgtacc aggagttcct aggtggtatc ataggagaaa atacctttat taatcactgt    289980
     tgtgggttgg acaatgtgta ccatgttcta tcctagggtc tgattcactg tcatagaaca    290040
     tcctgatgga ggcaaggtgg gtcttgtcct tgtaacgttt caccagaaaa acacactcgg    290100
     acaaccgggt ccttctaagg caaagctttt tattgcttac ttctcaggaa gaccccgaac    290160
     tcagaaaatg gagctgctta aatacccctc cgtgtgacat gtcagctcct gattagctgc    290220
     tcactcatca ccccactgct acaccccgag atgggcagtg acttggcatg aatttactcc    290280
     agcacctgtg cacattgctt gtttaccagt caggcactgt gaaagccagc accatcttgt    290340
     aatggcaatt gttcacggct ctccacattt cccccttttt attttattaa aaattgaggc    290400
     tggtctaggc ctctgcagtt atgtccatct gctgtggctc ctgtcttagg ttgttcctcc    290460
     aatgtcacag cctttcctgt catagggtag ccctatcgcc accgggtccc ttgtcttagg    290520
     ttggtctgta catggggaaa gttgcctgtc tctggatatc tcaatactgt gtgacagtaa    290580
     ctgctagatg acctagggtg aactctacaa aagaggccag ccaaaaaacg aattagtaaa    290640
     cctcagcgaa gtacaagtgc tgagcaatga gcgttgagtc tcttacatcc cagtgcaatg    290700
     aatccacaaa tccgtgggat gcaatagcag agaactcaga tgccatttag gtcttaagca    290760
     tggacagcca aatttcaggg gaggcccctt gttcaatggc agcaagtacc tgagcaataa    290820
     cgaccttgtc acggttttgt tgggttctga gtttgcaaac taaccagagc ataaacaaaa    290880
     gtccacagca gataacagca gcaaacaaaa gtacccccac ccacttctta aaataagata    290940
     atgcagatga aatccaggag gagaggccct ctgtcaaaga caggtccatt ctcgtcgagt    291000
     tgatcctgag aacagccgct cttatggcct caagggtctc attgaatctt tcagaccaat    291060
     ttcttgcaag atacaaagaa agctgcctag acagattagc tacacgagta aatttttcat    291120
     attggacact ggtgatgcac agagcaccca attttctttc acagcccaac tgggccaact    291180
     ggtatagaac acttatttgt tcctcaacca gatcgaggcg ctgattcaat atcatcatcc    291240
     ctcccttcat ctgggagcta gcagaagttt gaacattgat ggcgtcagtg agtttgactg    291300
     aaagttgatc taattttgtg cctgcttaaa ccaatctaac catagcgtac cctgcagctg    291360
     tagcagcacc tgcactggct gagattgcta ggatgacagc agcagaaatg ccaaaatctc    291420
     ttttttgtct aaacaaggat aaggtgaaag gtgtttccac tggaatgggg atccagcgtg    291480
     ggatccgtgc caccattgca caggtgtctt ttgttacatc ccaacattga gaaatccaac    291540
     aagaatcatt gaaacagact tcaaatgagt catttgaaag aataaacaag aaaggggggt    291600
     aaacacaaac tggggtaggt ggataattat tctgatttac taaagtttta ttgaccccag    291660
     tgatctctac actgatatta gtatatccat aagagcccac ggaggcagca agtgcactcc    291720
     agtactgagt catttttgag atgccagtaa aagaagcttt tccaactgct catccctgga    291780
     taaagatcaa aggattgagt tctgtacaac tgccattgac tccacaaagc atccacttgt    291840
     gaaaaggatg cattctaagg tcctgtatga aaagtccctt tttcataaca tattcttcct    291900
     ctgggtcagc catcatgttg ggagaaaagg aaaaggtttt actctgatct gcccaacgag    291960
     tgatggagga ttgacaatca gaccaaggca ggatcagctc ttcatcttcc acactccaat    292020
     ggggggctat tcttggttgg tggggatgtt ctttgtttga aaagttaggt ggtagaaatg    292080
     tactattaac ccaaattgcc tccttccaga aggtccgatc tgtaatggtt atatctacgt    292140
     tggaagtatc ttggattact ctcaatgaac ctccttgggt gcctattaaa cattcccaat    292200
     actcgggctg tgaggttgat acattttcct ggtccattaa tttgaaaaca taaagaaccc    292260
     tgttctagta aagagcaatt ttctcctaat ggtgctcggg tgggatcata gggtagatat    292320
     ggtaaatcta ctgttttatt agtagtaaag aattttggaa aaactacagc atcatgacga    292380
     actggcatta gtttagggaa aatggagaga atggcccatc tctgttcgcc cattatacta    292440
     ggtacctgat acaagttcag cattgtcagg atcagaaaca gtcctcagtg tgtcagcatc    292500
     ttccacacca tcctcgatga atatcttgag ggtgagtcat tctggcagcc aaaacgggtt    292560
     gtcttcattc tgtggaaaaa cacagatagc tcccctggat cttattaata taggatccgg    292620
     gcctttccac agaccagtta aaatatcctt ccatttgacc atttcttttg gtctatcagg    292680
     gtctgagcta tgtctatcag ctgcagaatg tccttgctcc ttgagattca aaaaattgag    292740
     tgtgaaaagt gccatggaaa caactattct tggcactgag ggcagagtct catcaactcg    292800
     cccttttgct ttataaaata agacttgccc gggaaatgga gctgcttaaa tatccctcca    292860
     tgtgacgtgt cagctcctga ttagctgttc actcatcacc ccactgctac accctgagat    292920
     ggacagtgat ttggcacgaa tttactccag gacctgcgca cattgcttgt ttaccagtca    292980
     ggcactgcga aagtcagctc catcttgtaa tggtgattgt tcacggctct ccacaggtgg    293040
     ggatcactgt acctgatcag catcacctat atggatgatg tgggaagcca catgtgcctt    293100
     tgcagggtgg cgctggctac tgttggccac catgcataca taggcagtaa agttttctgc    293160
     caagatgagg ttttgagaat taaccaatca aatgagagac aagttagcca atcagatgag    293220
     acaagttaac caatcagatg taggcatgca aatgagttgg taagcataac ccatgcataa    293280
     ccaatccggg tgtgaggcac gcctctccta ggcctatata agcagcacca gttctgggct    293340
     tgggggtctc ttcacctctg caatcaagct ctcccaataa atgcatgcag aaggatcctg    293400
     ttgcagtgtt gttcttgctg gcgagttggg tgcgcgcaag aggttgactc ttagaaagtt    293460
     cacatctcct gtaaacaact gttaattgca ttaacaaaga ggacatggtg actagaattt    293520
     cagtaggaaa ttatgcacag ataccagagt agaacacata aggcacttct tcagacaggt    293580
     ttatgactca gacctctcaa tctctgcctg atccaaaaaa cctcaacctg ccttggttca    293640
     aattgtactt ggtcttaata ttagagaaac cttgcctcat gaatatgtaa atgacagtga    293700
     gtagtagtaa tcacagggat ccccagagtc cctgagaacc aagcttctca caatgcactg    293760
     tcgctagatc atctacctct tggcacgact caaagaatag gtcactagtc ccaggattga    293820
     gaagaataca gaaactaaag taacattggc atcttttcta cacatgctca ctccattgtt    293880
     tagctgcagc agtctgaagc tgcactgagg actcttggag cttcagaata ggtgcccttc    293940
     aaatgctgtg atatgggtag ctttcctttt tcctttagga attgcatgac atagaaccct    294000
     gaatgtaatg gaaacataga cccaagcatg agaagtacac tctatggaca gaattaacag    294060
     ggcagagtca caatggatgc agacaaaatg tccaaaactg cctacatgta ggtcaataat    294120
     ctgacagctg aggactcttc tatcactgca gaaggaagaa cgtcagaatc tctaaaggag    294180
     caggaaactg ccagggagtg agaaaatgga gaagaaaaac aagaattgta caaatcttgt    294240
     ggttaagatt gtagaaagga acaacatgat tgagaattaa ttttcattgc atgagaattc    294300
     tttgtactca ccctgtaagg aatatttgga gaaaagaaag ttttaaatga gtaaaattaa    294360
     cccctatatt tccatgttga taataatgtg aacacacatg tctacaatat ttatgtcagt    294420
     gttttggagg agaaatgtag ataccatatg aaaccaatgt ctagttcctg ggagatgatc    294480
     aaaattactg aggaacccac aaaattccag cgagttgtca aaacaccttt gtatcttcct    294540
     ccaattgcaa agtgtttatt aataatcagg tagataaatt ttgaacttat taccatagag    294600
     gttaatgagg gcagttgttg acatagctgc atgactgtac ctcaaaagat attcagatgt    294660
     ctgctttaga ttccactaga agagctctga catcttattc tctaggcaag aggcccgagg    294720
     ctgattatta actgtagagt ttatatgaag aatgttgtga agagcaaaga gacctgagat    294780
     taccaatatg gacttatcaa gataacagag ttcaggcctg gactctgtta atggttaaga    294840
     gcataagctg cccttccaga ggaccaggat tgaattggca gcacccacat tgaagatcac    294900
     aatgtctgta actccagttt caggggatct gattttctca cacaggccta aatataggta    294960
     aaacaaacat tgatttttaa agataagagt tcatatcaac tccattgttc ttgtccattt    295020
     gacaacatgg tcttccccaa aactctgatt tctaatcagg aataaatcac ctgtagtggt    295080
     atcaagttat ttcttcacat gctgaatcta ttagatgaaa tttcaatttt atcttctaca    295140
     atctaccgac tctcagaggc aaagagtttc tccttaagtt ttgtacaatt agagtgtcac    295200
     tatactctgg actccaattt tctgaagcca aaaattttct taagaaatgc atttaatttt    295260
     aacagtttct catccaaatg ctagcacttt cacataaagt tcatcacata cttaaaagct    295320
     ggtgacttct attgactttc agaggcttgt cattgatatg actttgtcac taggtagggt    295380
     agtttgaatg aaaataaccc attataacct ggtatccagt gccagtatta ggagatgtga    295440
     cattgatggg gtaggtgtgg ccttattgga gtaagtatgt cactgagtgt gggatgtact    295500
     gtgccagata ctcaagccca gtgtcactct ctgttgctga tgccttctga cccagacata    295560
     gagctcttga tacctctcta gcaccatgtc tgctgtcagg ccaacatggt tcttgccatg    295620
     aaaataataa agtaaatgtc tgaactgtaa gttagctcca attaaggctt tgatttgtta    295680
     gaattgctat tgtcatggtg tctctttaca tttttagaac atgggctaac atactaggtt    295740
     tcatatttat ttcagctaaa cagcatgggc ttaaatctaa tacccatcag agccactctc    295800
     cttgacttgt ccagtctggc tcttgtgtga ataaattcca aacgcttatg cattttccta    295860
     gagaatgtgc ttcatggttt gtccataaca tccaccagta gtaacttgaa gagaggagac    295920
     ttctgaaatc tccagaggca tatccaaaag ttcttcttag tgttgaaata tctgacaact    295980
     gaaaagttca tgaggtatca atctgtgaat tcaactgagg aatctggaat ggctgagaag    296040
     cacctaaaaa atattcaacc tccttagtca tcagggaact gcaaatcaaa acaaccatga    296100
     gaattaacat cacacaaatc agaatggcta agatcaaata ctcaggccag agcagatact    296160
     gtcgaggatg tagagaaaga ggaacactct tcattgctgg tgggatttca acctggtaaa    296220
     atcactttgg aaaacaatct ggtggttcct cagaaaattg gaaatagttc tacctgaaga    296280
     ccaagctaca tcactacagg acatatatac aaaatatact gcaacatata actaggacac    296340
     atgctccatt atgttcatag cagcctcatt tataatagcc agaatctgga aaaaaaaaca    296400
     aaacaaaaca tgtgttcctc aatagaggaa tggatacaga aactgtggta catttacact    296460
     atggagtatt acatatctat taaaaacatt gacttcatga aattcacagg caaatgcatg    296520
     gaactagaaa tatcatcctg agtgaggtaa ccaagacaca aaagaacact catgttatgt    296580
     actcactgtt aagttgttat tatcctcaaa gttcagaata tccatgatac aacccagaaa    296640
     ccatataaag attaacaaga aaacgaccaa agtgtggatg cttcaatcct acttagaaag    296700
     gaattcaaaa taatcacagg aggtagaagg atggagggat ctaggacgaa aaaatgagga    296760
     gggtcaaaag aggagcagga gcaggtaagg gaagagacag taaagatttt cagagggtct    296820
     ggaaaaatga ttagaaatat gtagcagtgt gtgggggggt ggaactgagg agagccacaa    296880
     gaaagtccca gactccaggg aagtgacaca atagggagta cattagccaa aactctcaac    296940
     aaagggtaga gagaacctgt agtgatcacc tccaatagat aatcatggtc cccagttgaa    297000
     ggatggggcc acccacctag ctcaatttta tttatttatc tatgttcaac tgttgctccc    297060
     tctcccagtt tttccattag cccctgtact gactagcttt gtgtcaactt gacacagctg    297120
     gagttatcat ggagaaagga gcttcagttg aggaaatgcc tccatgagat ccactgtaag    297180
     gcattttctc aattaatgat caagggggaa aggccccttg tgggtgggac catctctggg    297240
     ctggtagtct tggttctata agagagcagg ctgagcaagc caggtgaggc aagccagtaa    297300
     agaacacccc tccatggcct ctgcatcaac tcctgcttcc tgacctgctt gagttccagt    297360
     cctgacttcc ttggtgatga acagcagtat ggaagtgtaa gccgaataaa ctctttcctc    297420
     cccaacttgc ttcttggtca tgatgtttgt gcaggaatag aaaccctgac tcagacagcc    297480
     cccattgcct ctccccttct ccactgagag ggtaggttcc ccctgagtat ttccccatcc    297540
     tgaaacaaaa atgtttccca gttctaccaa atatcctgat agttgattac tgttttctgt    297600
     actgacaaat gcaattgcag tgtgcatatt tatctcatca ctttcataca ttcagtagct    297660
     catggatatc caagatgatt ctggtccaaa actagtaaga gttcttatta aattttccac    297720
     attaaatttg agttctttga gaagtcatca cactgatttc cttaatactt atcctaatta    297780
     accctaatac caacactatt taaagatcgc ccgttacaca cactggcagc atatacatgt    297840
     catttttaac atacattatt caattttaat gatccagatg aaatttaaaa ttaaaattag    297900
     ttcggcttta cttgattact agtgaaatta gatatattta gtgtttacta aaaaacagga    297960
     gaaaaatctt tccccagtat attttgaata atattagtag acacaatata cagaaagcta    298020
     aaacattaac ctacataaca atactaacag acagaagaat taaacacaga tggttctctg    298080
     aaaagaaaac atgaatgtac aacacatata tgaaccagtg ttcaatattg taacatcaga    298140
     gagaagaaag caaaggtgat actactccat ctcacttcag taaaaatggt taccaatgag    298200
     aaaataatct catatatgat gtagacacaa ggacagggta ttcttaaata ttgctagtag    298260
     caaggtgaac tggctaaatc aaaaagttga aatgttatca aagacgcaga accaacaata    298320
     ttgtaacagt gctcctccta atgaactcat ccatttcact cgtgtattct acagtttcaa    298380
     cccatgagct gaagttatag caggaagaca tgcaaattgg aactcacccc cttcttataa    298440
     aatcttgtca agactctcac tgtagcgtat gaacctagcc ctgatttccc cagccttcag    298500
     ttcccagatt cagtgatcag ccttgaacac agacctgtca ccatgaagtt gtggctgaac    298560
     tggattttcc ttgtaacact tttaaatggt aatttatggt gaacaaggga tgctgagtat    298620
     ctgagtgtgt gtaagtaaga gggacagtgg atctgtgtga cattttcctg atcaaattct    298680
     ttactattgc aggtatccag tgtgaggtga agctggtgga gtctggagga ggcttggtac    298740
     agcctggggg ttctctgaga ctctcctgtg caacttctgg gttcaccttc actgattact    298800
     acatgagctg ggtccgccag cctccaggaa aggcacttga gtggttgggt tttattagaa    298860
     acaaagctaa tggttacaca acagagtaca gtgcatctgt gaagggtcgg ttcaccatct    298920
     ccagagataa ttcccaaagc atcctctatc ttcaaatgaa caccctgaga gctgaggaca    298980
     gtgccactta ttactgtgca agagatacac agtgagggta cttcagtgtg agcctagaca    299040
     caaacctcct tgcaaaggtg ctcaggacca acagggggcg cacatgacca gagaaaaaaa    299100
     gtgcattgcc tctccttgta ttacttaaca tctgaaaatt tctctggaac ttaccaggct    299160
     ttatctccaa agaaatgttt gcattggaca gtggcaactg tacagaattg caaatttatg    299220
     agaaactata tgtgggtgca aatttctatt gtaaagaggg acattttgaa gacacaaaaa    299280
     cagatatgtt ttgtttctaa tcattaattg tctttagaca tattgctttg tgactgcatt    299340
     tgtatcaatt taaatttaat gtgttgaact tctaccataa gtgtcacctc caggctccct    299400
     ttaaaaatag attatagtct tactctacac caaaattttg gagcttgtaa aattattgga    299460
     aaattattac agtaatgcac atgtcatact tcatatttat tcatatgata tgaaaatatt    299520
     actctaaata aaatgaaaga tggtatttgt ttagaaagta tgtgttcatg aacagaattt    299580
     ttctatattt tgataaaaat cttaattata ttacacatat ttcattgaac taattttata    299640
     gttcagtttt atgatgggct gaccaaatac agaactctgc cacatcatga cataattcat    299700
     taacagagta ttcattaaat gttagtctta ataattttaa ataatgacat tagctaaatg    299760
     gccttacttt actaatagaa tataatcaat acttctatct aattccattc ttaatttgtt    299820
     tgttttttaa gaaaaataaa gtttaaaatc agtgagatat ttttgaaaac caggtaataa    299880
     acactaagga tagtattagg atttccaaaa ggcttttctt ttgcagttaa aagcaaatgt    299940
     tatgcattgt tacctttgta ctgatagatc ttaatagatc ataataaatc aatgccatac    300000
     tgtattttaa atgaatctga ccaaaaaaaa aaaatcccac atcattgcta ataaataatt    300060
     aaaagcttat gatctctaag ttgatgtata aaataattaa catctaaatc atttttctgt    300120
     gatttgtgtt ttagaaattg ataggatcct cctctcctgc acttgacaaa aaaacagcgt    300180
     ggacaacctt gatggagcta ctgataaaat acaccccctt tttcctcatg tcaccaccag    300240
     tcttctaagg aaagatatct gactagaggt agtgtttacc acccgaacag aaagagatta    300300
     catcaggata gatgaaaata cctaaaataa aaactacacc aaagaagact ctaatccccc    300360
     cttatcttct ctaattttca gggccactgt tatacttaat acttcttctc ttgattggct    300420
     ttacaatgga tcatttgggt tgaactgtga actctataaa gggacaagct ggaagacctc    300480
     acacaactag taaaagagca gcttctatga caacacatca tcacctatta cagtcaatgg    300540
     gacacctctg tgttcacaat taaataagag ctcaaaggac tggagactaa taaaaatgca    300600
     agggcaatta ataacaatat atgagtcttg gattctaccc caaagggtgg tgccatgact    300660
     tagacaccct ggccaatgtc cccatattgg aaacagatat cagaacctgc catctttcta    300720
     tccctctcca ccactgagac tgtgaacaca ttgtgttatc agtacacacc cattcccaac    300780
     cccccattta caactcaggg ccagtctcac aacatgagta gacatttctc cctggggagg    300840
     atgtctaaca gtccaacctt ttgccaaaaa ggctgtggcc actgcattaa agccttattt    300900
     gaaaaagggc acagtatata tcactatata gataatatct tactatgggt agattcttcc    300960
     acctctcctc ccaatgccaa gatcacttaa ttccttccct attgtctcta ggaatcaaag    301020
     tatcaccctc acaaaataaa acttattcta cccattgcat ttttaggaac agaaatgtcc    301080
     cacattccaa tatactctat caagcccacc ctttcctttc ttcaaaactt aactcttacc    301140
     tctctccaga tcattttggg taaccttaac tgattttgtc catggttccc ccttcccaca    301200
     gcactctaca accactattt aacttcttaa aaggaaatta gagacaccca gccaccttcc    301260
     tggtgagaac acgggggtct gcccggcctg agaggtttgt ggcacaggcg ccggcaggag    301320
     ccttcttggc tccgggactc cgcggagggc aggctgcaca ggtgaccgtg tggaatacag    301380
     agtgccagcc gtttctggga cgggcgagag tcgcagagct tctggggcgg cgccatcttc    301440
     agctccagac acccggccac cttcctggtg agaacacggg ggtctgcccg gcctgagagg    301500
     tttgtggcac aggcgccggc aggagccttc ttggctccgg gactccgcgg agggcaggct    301560
     gcacgggtga ccgtgtggaa tacagagtgc cagccgtttc tgggacgggc gagagtcgca    301620
     gagcttctgg ggcggcgcca tcttcagctc cagacacccg gccaccttcc tggtgagaac    301680
     acgggggtct gcccggcctg agaggtttgt ggcacaggcg ccggcaggag ccttcttggc    301740
     tccgggactc cgcggagggc aggctgcacg ggtgaccgtg tggaatacag agtgccagcc    301800
     gtttctggga cgggcgagag tcgcagagct tctggggcgg cgccatcttc agctccagac    301860
     aaccagccac cttcctggca agagccacag agcttctgag gcagcgccat cctcagctcc    301920
     agacggccgg cctccttcct gacaagagcc acagagcttc tgaggtggca ccatcttcag    301980
     ctccagacgg ccggccactt tcctggcgag agccacagag cttctgaggc ggcgacatct    302040
     tcgactccag acaactggcc accttcctgg ccaaagcaac actgcttctg ggaaagatcc    302100
     tgttttgggc cttcaccttc agccaggagg aggtccaaac accagataac cgtacacctt    302160
     ccctgaaaga ggagagcttg cctacagaga ctgctctgac cactgaaact cagagaagag    302220
     accttgtctc ccacgcctgc tgatagaggg taacaaaatc aacagaggaa caatctctta    302280
     acaaagacaa ctataacaac taactccaga gattaccaga tggcgaaagg taaacgtaag    302340
     aatcctacta acagaagcca ggaccactca ccatcatcag aacccagaac gcccacttcg    302400
     cccaatccag gacaccctaa cacacctgaa aaggtagacc tggatttaaa agcatatctc    302460
     atgatgatgg tagaggacat aaagaaggaa ttcaataact cacttaaaga aatacaggag    302520
     aacactgcta aagagttaca agtccttaaa gaaaaacagg aaaacactgc taaagagtta    302580
     caagtcctta aagaaaaaca ggaaaacaca accaaacagg tagaagtcct tatagaaaaa    302640
     caggaaaaca catccaaaca ggtgatggaa atgaacaaaa ccatactaga cctaaaaagg    302700
     gaagtagaca caataaagaa aacacaaagt gaggcgacgc tggagataga aaccctagga    302760
     aagaaatctg gaaccataga tgccagcatc agcaacagaa tacaagagat ggaagagaga    302820
     atctcaggtg cagaagactc catagagaac atcggcacaa caatcaaaga aaatggaaaa    302880
     tgcaaaaaga tcctaactca aaacatccag gaaatccagg acacaatgag aagaccaaac    302940
     ctacggataa taggagtgga tgagaatgaa gattttcaac tcaaaggacc agcaaacatc    303000
     ttcaacaaaa ttattgaaga aaacttccca aatctaaaga aagagatgcc catgaacata    303060
     caagaagcct acagaactcc aaatagactg gaccagaaaa gaaattcctc ccgacacata    303120
     ataatcagaa caccaaatgc actaaataaa gatagaatac taaaagcagt aagggaaaaa    303180
     ggtcaagtaa catataaagg caagcctatc agaattacac cagatttttc accagagact    303240
     atgaaagcca gaagagcctg gacagatgtt atacagacac taagagaaca caaatgccag    303300
     cccaggctac tatacccagc caaactctca attaccatag atggagaaac caaagtattc    303360
     cacgacaaaa ctaaattcac ccattatctc tccacgaatc cagcccttca aaggataata    303420
     acagaaaaaa accaatacaa ggacgggaac cacgccctag aaaaaacaag aaaataatcc    303480
     ctcaacaaag ccaaaagaag acagccacaa gaacagaatg ccaactttaa caacaaaaat    303540
     aacaggaagc aacaattacc tttctttaat atctcttaat atcaatggac tcaattcccc    303600
     aataaaaaga catagactaa cagactggct acgcaaacag gacccaacat tctgctgctt    303660
     tcaggaaacc catctcaggg aaaaagacag acacaacctc agagtgaaag gctggaaaac    303720
     aattttccaa gcaaatggtc tgaagaaaca ggctggagta gccattctaa tatcggataa    303780
     aatcgacttc caacccaaag ttatcaaaaa agacaaggag ggacacttca tactcatcaa    303840
     aggtaaaatc ctccaagagg aactctcaat tctgaatatc tatgctccaa atgcaagggc    303900
     agccacattc attaaagaca ctttagtaaa gctcaaagca cacatttcac ctcacacaat    303960
     aatagtggga gacttcaaca caccactttc atcaatggac agatcgtgga aacagaaact    304020
     aaacagggac acagtgaaac taacagaagt tatgaaacaa atggacctga cagatatcta    304080
     cagaatattt tatcctaaaa caaaaggata taccttcttc tcagcacctc acgggacctt    304140
     ctccaaaatt gaccatataa ttggtcacaa aataggcctc aacagataca aaaatattga    304200
     aattgtccca tgtatcctat cagaccacca tggcctaaga ctgatcttca ataacaacat    304260
     taataatgga aagccaacat tcacgtggaa actgaacaac actcttctca atgatacctt    304320
     ggtcaaggaa ggaataaaga aagaaattaa agacttttta gagtttaatg aaaatgaagc    304380
     cacaacgtac ccaaaccttt gggacacaat gaaagcattt ctaagaggga aactcatagc    304440
     tctgagtgcc tccaagaaga aacgggagag agcacatact agcagcttga caacacatct    304500
     aaaagctcta gaaaaaaagg aagcaaattc acccaagagg agtagacggc aggaaataat    304560
     caaactcagg ggtgaaatta accaagtgga aacaagaaga actattcaaa gaattaacca    304620
     aacgaggagt tggttctttg agaaaatcaa caagatagat aaacccttag ctagactcac    304680
     tagagggcaa agggacaaaa tcctaatcaa caaaatcaga aatgaaaagg gagacataac    304740
     aacagatcct gaagaaatcc aaaacaccat cagatccttc tacaaaagct tatactcaac    304800
     aaaactggaa aacctggacg aaatggacaa atttctggac agataccagg taccaaagtt    304860
     gaatcaggat caagttgacc ttctaaacag tcccatatcc cctaaagaaa tagaagcagt    304920
     tattaatagt ctcccagcca aaaaaagccc aggaccagat gggtttagtg cagagttcta    304980
     tcagaccttc aaagaagatc taattccagt tctgcacaaa ctatttcaca agatagaagt    305040
     agaaggtact ctacccaact cattttatga agccactatt actctgatac ctaaaccaca    305100
     aaaagatcca acaaagatag agaacttcag accaatttct cttatgaata tcgatgcaaa    305160
     aatccttaat aaaattctcg ctaaccgaat ccaagaacac attaaagcaa tcatccatcc    305220
     tgatcaagta ggttttattc cagggatgca gggatggttt aatatacgaa aatccatcaa    305280
     tgtaatccat tatataaaca aactcaaaga caaaaaccac atgatcatct cgttagatgc    305340
     agaaaaagca tttgacaaga tccaacaccc attcatgata aaagttttgg aaagatcagg    305400
     aattcaaggc ccatacctaa acataataaa agcaatctac agcaaaccag tagccaacat    305460
     caaagaaaat ggagagaagc tggaagcaat cccactaaaa tcagggacta gacaaggttg    305520
     cccactttct ccctaccttt tcaacatagt acttgaagta ttagccagag caattcgaca    305580
     acaaaaggag atcaagggga tacaaattgg aaaagaggaa gtcaaaatat cactttttgc    305640
     agatgatatg atagtatata taagtgaccc taaaaattcc accagagaac tcctaaacct    305700
     gataaacagc ttcggtgaag tagctggata taaaattaac tcaaacaagt caatggcctt    305760
     cctctacaca aagaataaac aggctgagaa agaaattagg gaaacaacac ccttctcaat    305820
     agtcacaaat aatataaaat atctcggcgt gactctaact aaggaagtga aagatctgta    305880
     tgataaaaac ttcaagtctc tgaagaaaga aattaaagaa gatctcagaa gatggaaaga    305940
     tctcccatgc tcatggattg gcaggatcaa cattgtaaaa atggctatct tgccaaaagc    306000
     aatctacaga ttcaatgcaa tccccatcaa aattccaact caattcttca acgaattaga    306060
     aggagcaatt tgcaaattca tctggaataa caaaaaacct aggatagcaa aactcttctc    306120
     aaggataaaa gaacctctgg tggaatcacc atgcctgacc taaagcttta ctacagggca    306180
     attgtgataa aaactgcatg gtactggtat agagacagac aagtagacca atggaataga    306240
     attgaagacc cagaaatgaa cccacacacc tatggtcact tgatcttcga caagggagct    306300
     aaaaccatcc agtggaagaa agacagcatt ttcaacaatt ggtgttggca caactggttg    306360
     ttatcatgta gaagaatgcg aatcgatcca tacttatctc cttgtactaa ggtcaaatct    306420
     aagtggatca aggaacttca cataaaacca gagacactga aacttataga ggagaaagtg    306480
     gggaaaagcc ttgaagatat gggtacaggg gaaaaattcc tgaacagaac agcaatggct    306540
     tgttctgtaa gatcgagaat tgacaaatgg gacctaatga aactccaaag tttctgcaag    306600
     gcaaaagaca ccgtcaataa gacaaaaaga ccaccaacag attgggaaag gatctttacc    306660
     tatcctaaat cagatagggg actaatatcc aacatatata aagaactcaa gaaggtggac    306720
     ttcagaaaat caaataaccc cattaaaaaa tggggctcag aactgaacaa agaattctca    306780
     cctgaggaat accgaatggc agagaagcac ctgaaaaaat gttcaacatc cttaatcatc    306840
     agggaaatgc aaatcaaaac aaccctgaga ttccacctca caccagtcag aatggctaag    306900
     ataaaaaatt caggtgacag cagatgctgg cgtggatgtg gagaaagagg aacactcctc    306960
     cattgttggt gggattgcag gcttgtacaa ccactctgga aatcagtctg gcgattcctc    307020
     agaaaactgg atatagtact accggaggat ccagcaatac ctctcctggg catatatcca    307080
     gaaggtgccc caactggcaa gaaggacaca tgctccacta tgttcatagc agccttattt    307140
     ataatagcca gaagctggaa ggaacccaga tgcccctcaa cagaggaatg gatacagaaa    307200
     atgtggtaca tctacacaat ggagtactac tcagctatta aaaagaatga atttgtgaaa    307260
     ttcctagcca aatggatgga ccttgagggc atcatcctga gtgaggtaac acattcacaa    307320
     aggaactcaa acaatatgta ctcactgata agtggatatt agcccaaaac ctaagatacc    307380
     caagatataa gatacagttt cctaaacaca tgaaacccaa gaaaaatgaa gactgaagtg    307440
     tgaacactat gcccctcctt agaagtggga acaaaacacc cttggaagga gttacagaga    307500
     caaagtttgg agctgagata aaaggatgga ccatgtaaac actaccatat ccggggatcc    307560
     atcccataat cagcttccaa atgctgacac cattgcatac actagcaaga ttatgctgaa    307620
     aggaccctga tatagctgtc tcttgtcagg gtatgcttgg gcctagcaaa catagaagtg    307680
     gatgctcaca gtcggctatt ggatggatca catggccccc aatgaaggag ctagagaaag    307740
     taccaaagaa gctaaaggga tctgcaaccc tataggtgga acaacattat gaactaacca    307800
     gtaccccgga gctcttgact ctagctgcat atgcatcaaa agatggccta gtcggccatc    307860
     actggaaaga gaggcccatt ggacacgcaa actttatatg ccccagtaaa ggggaatgcc    307920
     agggccataa aaggggagtg ggtgggtagg ggagtggggg tgggtggcta tgggggactt    307980
     ttggtatagc attgcaaatg taaatgagct aaatacctaa taaaaaatgg aaaaaaaaaa    308040
     agaaatataa atgacttaga agacaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa caaaaggaaa    308100
     ttaaaacctt cctccctaca aactctctgc tgagtcaacc caagatctaa aaattctgtc    308160
     aaagtggccc aaaaagtcac ggctctccct acatatgacc caacaatgtc cttttagctc    308220
     ctcccctata cttgtggaag cactttatca gacccagaag gtgccccctg tacattgcca    308280
     ctatttacag actctgtggc cctgacagat atggaagggg tctggtggcc taccttgtcc    308340
     tggattccac ttggagaccc ataactcttc ggttgctctg gccctcaggt ccccatcaac    308400
     attacccagt atttagacag ttgggtccct gatgtggggc aagaacagct aactgatatc    308460
     caggagaatt caatgtgaac ctctgattcc attggaatgg tgagctgctc ccccacccct    308520
     gactccaacc cccagatgag caaccagtcc tttttgtgct gtgcctttga ttagctcttt    308580
     agtatagatt tggacaagct aaagggacaa ctgatatttt ttgaccagag ctaccctctg    308640
     gtgtgggctc aatgtccctt tagcccagtc tgaaacccaa cagcccttaa tgggtgttga    308700
     caaagacttt ttatttaact tatctttaga tcaaaaacag ttaacctcat aatgcagcag    308760
     ccactggaaa gcaatgaaac atctgacaat tcttaaatct gcagaaaggc tcagcatttt    308820
     ttaacttggt ggaatgcctc atagccaata ggccaaaaga tcattcccac tggacaaggc    308880
     attccttctc ctttctgtca tgaacaattt gtcatcacat taacaaacaa acaaacaaac    308940
     aaacaaaaat gcctcaggac aggtagatat gttccctatt aaaatcccac agaataaaga    309000
     tctccaaaaa gcaagcttcc ttgttttgga gtaaagctct tcagatagta ccatgcatga    309060
     ccaatggcaa tatttagtcc tgattcatgg acctgagtag ctattcgcac acaaagcagg    309120
     gacacccaag atggaaaacc ccttcccatg aattttttcc aatcttagat gcaattcagc    309180
     aatatataag accctctaaa ataggccatg cagaagcaaa gtcctaaaag acaccctatt    309240
     tcagactcac agcccttacc caattaatac aggaaataaa atccgtcttc ccaccactac    309300
     ccccttaaaa ccctaaagga atccctcggt tccacctgtc tctcctgctc tcacagaatg    309360
     atggggattc atttgaaaaa caaatgaaga cttcccaaag atagacaaaa acccatataa    309420
     ctccataact ccctatatac aaccatctac caggcaacag ctttataatt tttgtgattc    309480
     tgttccaaaa gcaaactgct tgcaccttgt actgtcctcc agagtcatat atatatagat    309540
     ccagaatccc caaatgccat agcattcctg gctaaaacta acccccactc aaacttaacc    309600
     actcaactgt tatctattct aagcctcaga tttaaaagaa ctcagggagg cagtgaagga    309660
     gaatagcatt catgcaacct ggacaaaatg ctttttaaag agcctttttg ccaacctaaa    309720
     catgccgcag gattagagat atatttgcca ttcctccatg cctgttatgg tatttttaca    309780
     acaaaggccc tatttctaga gaaacacctt taacaattca ggcaaaatgt agaccaagag    309840
     gatttaatga acttttggga caggaagaat tttctacttt agcctctgtg caacccaagc    309900
     atggggcaac tccaccctgc cctcaggctt agaagaccct gatttctccc ctactatttc    309960
     tctgtgggat ggtgaactgt gcacagacag cctggttccc agtggagcac agacctggaa    310020
     ccccggagac ttggtgggtg gtgacatctg ctttaatgag tcagtagtag ttcggccttg    310080
     cctcctgggc ccctgactca tgttgtagct acagcctgcc acagccccct gcagagaagt    310140
     gtatggtcat cattcttgta ggtattgccc caaactcctg gtattctgat tggaatccac    310200
     ctccacagtt acctagcaac agccaggatg gcccagccca ctataaaagg ggctgcttat    310260
     cccttcatca ctatcttact ctcttgcttc tctcttgcac tcttgctccc cttctcccca    310320
     ctcccttccc ccctctctcc acatagccat ggccaccctt tgattctcta ctctctctgc    310380
     ctttctacac taaacacctt aaaaccaggg attgcctctt ctcatcagga tccatccggg    310440
     caatggagca ggtttgcctc taacaagctt tgcatctaat ctccctgata agcctccctg    310500
     tgctccagcc cctgctgcca caaacccaag ccacccactg aacatgcctc ctgaactagc    310560
     cagactctct agcccctgca gtaacctgct agagctctcc tctctgccct tttccctttg    310620
     gtctccagat aagagtctgc tcaatggtcc ccaattcatt ctcagctctt ctgagacatg    310680
     cagtggcatc tgggctatcg gagagcgaaa acctatcttc cctggtgccc atgcagccca    310740
     gggaccccag aactggctct tctgtgctgt ccagttgtct gtggtgcctg agagtttaat    310800
     cctgacactt gcagttctgt gaggactaca gaatgtgcat tttcccaacc cccagaacag    310860
     gatcctgagg ctttgcacag tccaatgccc gctcagttgt tcagtggggt cctcggcacg    310920
     gtcagacttc ctgcatccaa ccccaaccag tggccctggc actgagcaga catgggacca    310980
     cactttttgt cccacagttc tctgtcaaaa gcagagagaa tcctttcctg attttattct    311040
     cagaactaca acaagcctaa aaagagaaat tcccaatccc acagttagag aattccttct    311100
     taaaaacatc atctgagaag gcatgacttc tgagtctagg ttagcttacc agggtctcat    311160
     ggaagaacat gatgacaggt gaattgtatc aactgaggat ataggatcaa tgtcacaaca    311220
     gattatatcc gtggttaagg aatcattgtc agcaataaaa agagaaatat gctttaaatg    311280
     tgaagagaca agacattgga gaaatgaatg cacacaaaac tcccttctta taaaagttcc    311340
     taatgatatt aagacaatct gtccccaata tcacaaaagg ttccactgta acaaagattg    311400
     tacctcccat atgtcaagga tggtaagcca tttggagctt ttaaacttag gcgggacagc    311460
     cctcagccct gagagtaaga ggaacaacta ctcctataga aaccttacgg gtgtccagcc    311520
     aaaattaacc attaaagtgc cttattgatc ctggataatt ttgagacaac ttgaaatacc    311580
     acataactgg caacagatcc ctgggcccca gcttctagac attaagtgtt cctctcatgc    311640
     atttatcacc aaacatgcct acaggtagga ggacccttat ggagctactg gccttataca    311700
     ctgcctgata gctcaagtag ccagatatat tctagggaca gatatctgac aagccctcca    311760
     agtagtgatt aacacaatga gaaagagatt acatcaaaat agatgacaat acctataaag    311820
     aaatacccaa cggccccctg taaactcttc tataaatcac ccacaattct atgggccaat    311880
     tgttagattt gatactctct gctatgatga agctctttga cttccacagt ggcctctttc    311940
     catggagaag cttaaagccc tcacacaact ggtagaatat cagcttctat taaaacttat    312000
     ctgcccctcc cacaatccat ggaacacact tatattactt ataaaaaata gctcaggggg    312060
     atggagatta atataatatt tatggacaat taacaaaacc atgggagtct tggacactct    312120
     ccaaaggaga ctgtcccaca tctcagccat caattccaat gtttgttggg aactaaaaaa    312180
     gggggccccg gggaagaagg tggggaaacc cacaccctgc cagagtttta cctattctct    312240
     ggtctgccaa gagtgggagg gctgctatct accttccact catccctggg tggcattcaa    312300
     tcctgtgacc cactcttcag ggggtggcca aggggcagcc ctacctggga acccaggagc    312360
     tactttgcta aggcaacggg gttatgggag agagggataa gggaagaggt ttccaacacc    312420
     tgatgagaat gagcacagcc ttgatgaaca gagactgtct atggttttag agctctattt    312480
     tggaaaggca gggagaaaga gaagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    312540
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagga gggagagaga gattaagaga ggttgaggag    312600
     aggtgagaag agaggagatg tgaggagggg aggggggagg aggggagggg ggaggagagg    312660
     aggggagaag agaggagagg acagcagaga ggaggggagg agaggagagg ggaggggagg    312720
     ggaggagagg agaggagagg agaggagagg agaggagagg agaggagagg agaggagagg    312780
     agaggagagg agaggagagg agaggagagg agagggagca gatccaaatg aagactgttt    312840
     atgtcattgt agaatgagat gctcatttgg aaaactaaga aattagagaa ctttctcatg    312900
     aagacacagt tccaagcctt atcatgctgt gtctattcaa aaatctttat tattgtcatg    312960
     tttctgtgca atgtttgtta aatgtctatg agttatttgt tgtctatatg acattaaatt    313020
     tccatgtttc tgaatctgta gattgtagca atgtcatttt aaaatttaca acttatatcc    313080
     acttacaagt aaatatatat gtgaaaacat atctatcagg gtctggattt tattttctag    313140
     ttctctctgt ttgatttttg tttttgctgt tgttttgttt tgttttacca actagatgat    313200
     gtaatcttaa aaggtgaata atgctttttt gtgcaaatga actacctttt tttaaaccca    313260
     tttttcactt caggtacatc gaggtcattt ccaatgtata gctattattg ttaaaactta    313320
     tatgaatata gttgagcgaa tgttctttct gtagaatgga gagtccaggt atatgccttg    313380
     gagtggtata tcttggtctt ttataagaaa ccaccacatt atttttcaaa ctggctccac    313440
     aaatttgcac tcccacaagg aaaaccagag tggctgagta tcaaagaagg cttaaataag    313500
     aacataagaa ttctcttcgg agggggaaat ttactagatt tcataagtgg agaggggttg    313560
     ggattagaaa taggagggaa tggggaaaat actgagagga aggactacaa ttggtgctat    313620
     ttcaggggca atctagaaac atagtacaat taaaactcca tgtaatgtac aggagtgagc    313680
     ctagaaaaga ctcctagtgg tggaagacag ggagactata ctggtcaact cctagaacca    313740
     ggcaaggcct caagtggaga gattgacata aactcagaca caaaaccttc agtctggagt    313800
     ttgtcctgct tgcagtattt gttgtgatca aagcctagta aaactgtcat cgaagggacc    313860
     atacagacat caggtgctac taatggaaac agataaagaa cctaacactc aaaccttagt    313920
     tagtccacag gcaattctac aaaagacagc aggtagaggt ccagaggagt cagacacacc    313980
     ataagaacat gagtcacaga atcaatgggc taccagaaat cagggaacct atagggtttt    314040
     aacatgggtc cctgcttaaa tgttatagct gactagctta ctgttcttat gggattccta    314100
     acagtaaaca tgagatgttt attgattctt ttgtttgttt gttgcaccat atttttcctg    314160
     ttggttcacc atatccagcc ttgatgtcat tgtatttgcc tggtcttata ctagtttgtc    314220
     atgcagtgtt cggttgatgt cctagccatg cttgctcttt tctgaggaga gatgagaggt    314280
     gatcctggga caaagggaaa gtgggggaga tacacatgaa gggaagagat gggaaacttc    314340
     aatcaggatg gaacacattg cagaacaaat tttaaaactt taatgaacct ctgtttcact    314400
     tttctcccag atgaactgtg aatcagtgag agcaggattt tgaattcaca gccactgcct    314460
     tgggatcagt ctgtgccatt attgttaggt agacatctct ttagtgcacc atttgattat    314520
     acatacacag acataccgac aaacacacag aaacacacac acatataata taataaatac    314580
     aaaataatat aataatatat atgtatatgt gtatatgaat gtgtatgtaa tgttgttggg    314640
     gtctctcacc tgctcaccac aggatgccac aagtttgacc aagcttacct caagctgtag    314700
     ccaggtgggt gttgagccat agaacagcac tgggacccca cccaggcctg gaaaatcaca    314760
     gtctgaggct caggacagcc aatgctggct cgggggtcgc cagacctaaa aaaggcaaag    314820
     ccatttgcct ctcagattct tgggcatcga gaggtcactg gaagacatgg aagagatgag    314880
     gatatatgca tatacaatta ttcacttttt cacacattgc ttagtgaata tgaagcaatc    314940
     ttcttcattg cctctaacga tttcaggact gacatcaatt ctattacata ttataatacc    315000
     aaaacttatt tgtcccttat ttccataggc tggataaact accaacaaaa gagtacatat    315060
     ggtgggattc atggctctag ctgcataggt agcagaggat ggcctagtca gtcatcaatg    315120
     ggaggagagg tacttggttc tatgaagatt ctatacccca gtatagggga atgacagggc    315180
     caggaagcaa gagagggtgt gttggtgagc aggggaagaa ggaggaggga ggggaatttt    315240
     ggagaggaaa ccaggaaagg gcacaacagt taaaatgtaa ataaagtaaa tatttaataa    315300
     aaaataaata aaaagaactc aagaatttag actccaaaag acaaaataac caaattaaaa    315360
     agtggagtac agagctaatc agagtaatct caacaaaaat atctgtaatg gccaagaagc    315420
     acttaaagaa atgtttgaaa tcccttaatc accagtgaaa tgcaaatcca atcaaccctc    315480
     agattccacc ttacactaat cagaaggtct aagttaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    315540
     ctcaagtgac agcatattcc tataaggatg tgaagcaagg caaccagtct ttcatagtta    315600
     gtgaaaatac ccactggtac gaccactcaa aatcaacctg gtggttcatc agaaaattgg    315660
     aaatagttct atttgaaaac tcagctatac cactccacaa tatcacaaga acccgtattt    315720
     cactatgtcc ataggggact tcttcataat agccagaaac tggaaacaac ctaaatctat    315780
     ctcagttgaa gactgggcag agaaaatgta tttccttcat gctgtagagt aatcctcacc    315840
     tattaaagag taggacatta tgtattttgc tggcaaatga tggtactaga aaatctatcc    315900
     tgattgaggt aacccaaacc caaaagaaag tgaatggtat gtcgtcaatg aaacatggat    315960
     atcagccaaa aagcatgcct gccacacaac atcaatttct ggcaaaggct acacttaact    316020
     atttctagta gaacagctct ttggtttgcc aaaaagaatc acctatagta gcatctacgc    316080
     acaaaaagga gaaaaaaatc acaaagaaat gatttagaag cataataaaa attatcagaa    316140
     aattatgagt tttgcgattg atttcatctt tctccaagtt gaaatcatag agtggcttta    316200
     acacagtgac aaggaatgtg catgatgcaa ttatggtgct ctgcctaaaa tggttggagc    316260
     cttgtcatgc tacaaagaat ctgtcataca gcagggggtg ccaaatttct atattttttt    316320
     aaatatcatt gagcaggtgc acagaagagc agaaagcact ttctatcagg ctggccttcc    316380
     tcttcctttc cagtatgaag cacaaactgc caatgaaact agcaattgtt aaattccttt    316440
     ttcaaacagt atttgtgcta tcagaacata gtgcattcaa aagtctagcc tgagagcaca    316500
     acccagtttt attcattcct cctactacct ttctcattcc cactgtttct gttctccctc    316560
     ccattttaat tgtctatcta gtccaaacta agcacactat gcagtccaca ttaaacaaca    316620
     cgttttcact ttaagtcaaa tacaagacac ctttaatatc agccctcgtc cataatcgtg    316680
     cttctagtga cttaatgtac atgtcacact gtactgttgg gttttgtgtc tcatcatgaa    316740
     cagtgttggg aaagtattaa atagagagta agcagaatta gattcctcta atgatgcaca    316800
     cccacacgaa gagcagaaat aatattaaaa atagaaaaag agttttacat gagatttcaa    316860
     atacccgtga ctgagctgca gtttcttcaa gttacagcat cgaggttgtc agttacacta    316920
     ttacaggaaa catatgcaga gttttttttt tagtatatta gttttcacat atgtggaatt    316980
     actattaaac tattctttct tttcaaatgc ttaccattgt aaatgagttt gtgactttgt    317040
     gtaggtgagt gcacatgact ctggatgcct aagaggactg aagaagttgg agttataggt    317100
     agttttattc tacctgactg ttcagtgcta aaaatacaac tgaggtcctt tgaacttctt    317160
     aattgatata tctcatgaga tccctaaact atttttatta tcaaacgttt caccattttc    317220
     actgtaatga tttttatgtt ttatattaat gtaactatat gacacttccc aaaactcccc    317280
     atcttcacaa ttgaactgtt tcaaagtttt accttgactt atgggaaatg aaaacccaca    317340
     ttttataatt ttaaaatgaa atgtttattt tctatttctg caaatttcac aaggaaagat    317400
     tagtcactgg tgtgggagag cagaggacca taagagttca ggaatagaat ccattataat    317460
     tctggagtca aggaagtact gatgccaagg tttcattata agagcaatat ccactggaaa    317520
     ggataaagtc actacatctg agcacagagc aggacagcta cctaatgagt ggtcactaat    317580
     gggccactgt tacactgtta tatgtataag gctcaggaat gagcactgag gctgtgaggt    317640
     gtatgggtga ggacatcagg atgtaaaccc agctcaggta gaggactcag aggacagcac    317700
     aatcagcatg aactaataaa catcagataa gataaggcac aagctcagct atatagggtc    317760
     agggatcttt gtaaatctga ttgtgtatcc agtctagttc aatgtgtctt aggaagccca    317820
     gtcatatgca aatctagaga agactttaga gtagaaatct gaggctcacc tcacatacca    317880
     gcaagggagt gaccagttag tcttaaggca ccactgagcc caagtcttag acatcatggc    317940
     ttgggtgtgg accttgctat tcctgatggc agctgcccaa agtaagacat cagaaaaaaa    318000
     gagttccaag ggaaattgaa gcagttccat gaatactcac cttcctgtgt tcttttcaca    318060
     ggtatccaag cacagatcca gttggtgcag tctggacctg agctgaagaa gcctggagag    318120
     acagtcaaga tctcctgcaa ggcttctggt tataccttca cagactattc aatgcactgg    318180
     gtgaagcagg ctccaggaaa gggtttaaag tggatgggct ggataaacac tgagactggt    318240
     gagccaacat atgcagatga cttcaaggga cggtttgcct tctctttgga aacctctgcc    318300
     agcactgcct atttgcagat caacaacctc aaaaatgagg acacggctac atatttctgt    318360
     gctagacaca gtgggaaaac cacatcctga gggtgtcaaa aaccatgagg agatgttttt    318420
     tcagctgtgt ccagaagcaa ccagaggaaa cattctctcc ttgatgtttg gccacaatta    318480
     tgagattact gacagcacat ataatagtca tatatggtca gccacagaac gttctcagtg    318540
     ggattgtgac agaccagact gatgaaaggg agagggacca tttcatagca tctttaattt    318600
     ggtatataaa tactgttaat atgacaaata tcagtttaaa tatactaaat tgtcaaacaa    318660
     ttctgaatat catatatgat aaacagtaac atcagagtct attataatct cagagaagat    318720
     gtaaaatcca cggttctatg ggcttataac agaaggtgga aagatagaga ccacaggcat    318780
     ggtgggaaaa gttggctact gtagacagca gatgtccaca aacaaacctg cctgcagtag    318840
     attcgtttac ttgcctcaca acaaatataa ttattttcag acaaataaca cacacttcaa    318900
     aaaagtgtat acttgcaggt gatcactggt attttatggt tggagaagaa caatgttgac    318960
     agggcagacc acccagtatg ccctggacta gatcaccttc cagggagagt gcaatgagag    319020
     atccgtggct ccagttaaat atgtagcaga acatggtctt gtctgacatc agagggaggg    319080
     gaggctcttg tacctgtgca gatttgatga ctcagtcagt gtaagggggt gctggaatgg    319140
     tagggtgaga ttagtgtggg tgggtggagg gaacaccctc atataggcaa atgggggagg    319200
     gcagatgtgg tatgcatggt ttgtgaagga taaccaggaa cttggagatc atttgagatt    319260
     caaataaata aaatgatgaa ttaaaaaaga gtatttgtat aaattatcac tgaataaata    319320
     acagtaattt tctttgtttt taaaagtaca ttgtatgatt tttcattaga tattttcttt    319380
     atatttattt aaatgttatc tcctttccta gttttacctc gtttcctggc cctggaattc    319440
     tcctatactg gggcatagaa ccttcatatg accaagggcc tctcctcaca ttgattactg    319500
     actaggccac catctgctac gcataataat tttttaagac atagttatga tttaagaaga    319560
     cagacatgca atagcaaaag ctaattttca gtctagattc agaattttca gatcttgcag    319620
     gtcagacatg gctttcatta tccaagttct caggactcag ccaaggcttc ttatataata    319680
     agtgtatgtt cacttataat tttagtgatt actatttttt agttttcata tccaggtgag    319740
     ttcattaaac ttcacactta ggttctttgg gggcttatga cttaaagtaa ctgacagaaa    319800
     actctgtttt caggtgttct gtccaagatt tagcttaaga agtcaggatc tgctctcatc    319860
     aagccatcac agccactgtc tctcacctgc acagtctctg gattctccat tacaagtagt    319920
     agttattgct ggcactggat ccgccagtcc ccaggaaagt ggttagaatg gatggggcac    319980
     atatgttatg aaggttgact aaactatagt ccatccctca aaagacgcag caccatctcc    320040
     agagacacat ctctgaacaa attctttatc cagctgagct ctgtgactga tgaggacaca    320100
     gccatgtact actgttccag ggaaaaccac atagtgaggg aactttgtgt gaccccagac    320160
     ataaacttcc tgcagcagtg ctgaagatca gtaggggact cacagtatga aataagtata    320220
     ggtttatctc catgagcagg cactgagaga agcttaacat tctgaagcta ttgttttata    320280
     tcctggtatc tcagcccctc acactttcat agaaagttta acagactttc tttttgtctt    320340
     aaaacttaaa agatctctgt attgaggtta aacatggctg atttctgatg tcagattaag    320400
     agtcaccggg atattgatct gtgtttccaa taaggttcac taaatcatgc tatttcttgt    320460
     caagtaataa gcctgctttt tactgaaggt ttgaaaacag ctttccttgt catgattaag    320520
     aaaggtgtta ttctagtgaa aactatttta gaaactgtcg acagggacaa atatttgcca    320580
     attatactag tccctcaata gttcactttt caaacataaa tgccattgga aatgagaatt    320640
     aaaaaaaaaa aacagttgca caatgaaaaa ctctggttgt aatctgtaga tatgaatgcc    320700
     ctcagaatga atttctggaa catgcatgtt ctacaagcaa acactcagta atgtatttca    320760
     aatcacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacactc    320820
     actcactcca tgacaaaaag acgttcaaaa gaactgtttt taattagctg tttctttttt    320880
     tttttttttt ccatttttta ttaggtattt agctcattta catttccaat gctataccaa    320940
     aagtccccca tacccaccca cccccactcc cctacccacc cactccccct tttcggccct    321000
     ggcgttcccc tgtactgggg catataaagt ttgcgtgtcc aatgggcctc tctttccagt    321060
     gatggccgac taggccatct tttgatacat atgcagctag agtcaagagc tcaggggtac    321120
     tggttagttc ataatgttgt tccacctata gggttgaaga tccctttagc tccttgggta    321180
     ctttctctag ctcctccatt gggagccctg tgatccatcc attagctgac tgtgagcatc    321240
     cacttctgtg tttgctaggc cccggcatag tctcacaaga gacagctaca tctgggtcct    321300
     ttcagtaaaa tcttgctagt gtgtgcaatg gtgtcagcat ttggatgctg attatggggt    321360
     ggatccctgg atatggcagt ctctatatgg tccatccttt catctcagct ccaaactttg    321420
     tttctgtaac tcctccatgg gtgttttgtt cccacttcta aggagggggc atagtgtcca    321480
     cacttcagtc ttcatttttc ttgagtttca tgtgtttagg aaattgtatc ttatatcgtg    321540
     ggtatcctag gttttgggct actatccact tatcagtgag tacatattgt gtgagttcct    321600
     ttgtgaatgt gttacctcac tcaggatgat gctctccagg tccatccatt tggctaggaa    321660
     tttcataaat tcattctttt taatagctga gtagtactcc attgtgtaga tgtaccacat    321720
     tttctgtatc cattcctctg ttgaggggca tctgggttct ttccagtttc tggctattat    321780
     aaataaggct gctatgaaca tagtggagca tgtgtccttc ttaccagttg gggcttcttc    321840
     tggatatatg cccaggagag gtattgctgg atcctccggt agtactatgt ccaattttct    321900
     gaggaaccgc cagactgatt tccagagtgg ttgtacaagc ctgcaatccc accaacaatg    321960
     gagaagtgtt cctctttctc cacatccacg ccagcatctg ctgtcacctg aatttttgat    322020
     cttagccatt ctcactggag tgaggtggaa tctcagggtt gttttgattt gcatttccct    322080
     gatgattaaa gatgttgaac attttttcag gtgcttctct gccattcggt attcctcagg    322140
     tgagaattct ttgttcagtt ctgagcccca ttttttaagg gggttatttg attttctgag    322200
     gtccaccttc ttgagttctt tatatatgtt ggatattagt cccctatctg atttaggata    322260
     ggtaaagatc ctttcccagt ccgttggtgg tctttttgtc ttattgacag tgtcttttgc    322320
     cttgcagaaa ctttggagtt tcattaggtc ccatttgtca attctcgatc ttacagcaca    322380
     ggccattgct gttctgttca ggaatttttc ccctgtgccc atatcttcaa ggcttttccc    322440
     cactttctcc tctataagtt tcagtgtctc tggttttatg tggagttcct tgatccactt    322500
     agatttgacc ttagtacaag gagataagta tggatcgatt cgcattcttc tacatgataa    322560
     caaccagttg tgccagcacc aattgttgaa aatgctgtct ttcttccact ggatggtttt    322620
     ggctcccttg tcaaagatca agtgaccata ggtgtgtggg ttcatttctg ggtcttcaat    322680
     tctattccat tggtccactt gtctgtctct ataccagtac catgcagttt ttatcacaat    322740
     tgctctgtag taaagcttta ggtcaggcat ggtgattcca ccagaggttc ttttatcctt    322800
     gagaagagtt tttgctatcc tcggtttttt gttattccag atgaatttgc aaattgctcc    322860
     ttctaattcg ttgaagaatt gagttggaat tttgatgggg attgcattga atctgtagat    322920
     tgcttttggc aagatagcca tttttacaat gttgatcctg ccaatccatg agcatgggag    322980
     atctttccat cttctgagat cttctttaat ttctttcttc agggacttga agtttttatc    323040
     atacagatct ttcacttcct tcgttagagt cacgccaaga tattttatat tatttgtggc    323100
     tattgagaag ggtgttgttt ccctaatttc tttctcagcg tgtttattct ttgtgtagag    323160
     aaaggccatt gacttgtttg agttaaattt atatccagct acttcaccga agctgtttat    323220
     caggtttagg agttctctgg tggaattttt agggtcactt atatatacta tcatatcatc    323280
     tgcaaaaagt gatattttga cttcctcttt tccaatttgt atccccttga tctccttttg    323340
     ttgtcgaatt gctctggcta atacttcaag tactatgttg aaaaggtagg gagaaagtgg    323400
     gcagccttgt ctagtccctg attttagtgg gattgcttcc agcttctctc catttacttt    323460
     gatgttggct actggtttgc tgtagattgc ttttatcatg tttaggtatt ggccttgaat    323520
     tcctgatctt tccagaactt ttatcatgaa tgggtgttgg atcttgtcaa atgctttttc    323580
     tgcatctaac gagatgatca tgtggttttt gtctttgagt ttgtttatat aatggattac    323640
     attgatggat tttcgtatat taaaccatcc ctgcatccct ggaataaaac ctacttggtc    323700
     aggatggatg attgctttaa tgtgttcttg gattcggtta gcgagaattt tattaaggat    323760
     ttttgcatcg atgttcataa gagaaattgg tctgaagttt tctatctttg ttggatcttt    323820
     ctgtggttta ggtatcagag taatagtggc ttcataaaat gagttgggta gagtaccttc    323880
     tacttctatc ttgtgaaaaa gtttgtgcag aactggagtt agatcttctt tgaaggtctg    323940
     gtagaactct gcactaaacc cgtctggtcc tgggcttttt ttggctggga gactattaat    324000
     aactgcttct atttctttag gggatatggg actgtttaga aggtcaactt gatcctgatt    324060
     caactttggt acctggtatc tgtccagaaa tttgtccatt tcgtccaggt tttccagttt    324120
     tgttgagtat agccttttgt agaaggatct gatggtgttt tggatttctt caggatctgt    324180
     tgttatgtct cccttttcat ttctgatttt gttaattagg attttgtccc tgtgccctct    324240
     agtgagtcta gctaagggtt tatctatctt gttgattttc tcaaagaacc aactcctcgt    324300
     ttggttaatt ctttgaatag ttcttcttgt ttccacttgg ttgatttcac ccctgagttt    324360
     gattatttcc tgccgtctac tcctcttggg tgaatttgct tccttttttt ctagagcttt    324420
     tagatgtgtt gtcaagctgc tagtatgtgc tctctcccgt tttttcttgg aggcactcag    324480
     agctatgagt ttccctctta gaaatgcttt cattgtgtcc caaaggtttg ggtacgttgt    324540
     ggcttcattt tcattaaact ctaaaaagtc tttaatttct ttctttattc cttccttgac    324600
     caaggtatca ttgagaagag tgttgttcag tttccacgtg aatgttggct ttctgttatt    324660
     tattttgtta ttgaagatca gccttagtgc atggtgatct gataggatac atgggacaat    324720
     ttcaatattt ttgaatctgt tgaggtctga tttgtgacct attatgtggt caattttgga    324780
     gaaggtacca tgaggtgctg agaagaaggt atatcctttt gttttaggat aaaatgttct    324840
     gtagatatct gtcagatcca tttgtttcat cacttctgtt agtttcagtg tgtccctgtt    324900
     tagtttctgt ttccatgatc tgtccattgg tgaaagtggt gtgttgaagt ctcccactat    324960
     tattgtgtga ggtgcaatgt gtgctttgag ctttactaaa gtttctttag tgaatgtggc    325020
     tgctcttgta tttggagcat agatattcag aattgagagt tcctcttgga ggattttacc    325080
     tttgatgaga atgaagtgtc cctccttgtc ttttttgatg actttgggtt ggaagtcaat    325140
     cttatccgat attaggatgg ctactcctgc ttgtttcttc ataccatttg cttggaaaat    325200
     tgttttccag cctttcattc tgaggtagtg tctatctttt tctctgagat gagtttcctg    325260
     taagcagcaa aatgttgggt cttgtttgtg tagccagttt gttagtctat gtctttttat    325320
     tggcgagttg agaccattga tgttaagaga tattaaggaa aagtaattgt tgcttcctgt    325380
     tatttttgtt gttaaagttg gcattctgtt cttgtggctg tcttctttta ggtttgttga    325440
     gggattacct tcttgttttt tctagggcgt tgttcccgtt cttgtattgg tttttttctg    325500
     ttattatcct ttgaagggct ggattcgtgg acagataatg tgtgaatttg gttttgtcgt    325560
     ggaatacttt ggtttctcca tctatgataa ttgagagttt ggctgggtat agtagcctgg    325620
     gctgcagttt gtgttctctt agtgtctgta taacatctgt ccaggctctt ctggctttca    325680
     tagtctctgg tgaaaaatct ggtgtaattc tgataggctt gcctttatat gttacttgac    325740
     ctttttccct tactgctttt agtattctat ctttatttag tgcatttgat gttctgatta    325800
     ttatgtgtcg ggaggaattt cttttctggt ccagtctatt tggagttctg taggcttctt    325860
     gtatattcat agacatctca ttctttagat ttgggaagtt ttcttcaata attttgttga    325920
     agatgtttgc tggacctttg agttgaaaat cttcattctc atccactcct attatccgta    325980
     agtttggtct tcttattgtg tcctggattt cctggatatt ttgcgttagg atctttttgc    326040
     attttccatt ttctttgatt gttgtgccga tgttctctat ggaatcttct gcacctgaga    326100
     ttctctcttc catctcttgt attctgttgc tgatgctcaa atctatggtt ccagatttct    326160
     ttcctaggga ttctatctct agtgttgctt cgctttgagt tttctttatt gtgtctactt    326220
     ccctttttag gtctagtatg gttttgttca tttccatcac ctgtttgtat gttttttcct    326280
     ctttttctgt aaggacttct acctgtttga ttgtgttttc ctgtttttct ttaaggactt    326340
     gtaactcttt agcagtgttc tcctgtattt ctttaagtga tttattaaag tccttcttga    326400
     tgtcttctac catcatcatg agatatgctt ttaaatctag gtctaggttc tcaggtgtgt    326460
     tggggttccc tggactgggc gaagtgggtg tgctgggttc tgatgatggt gagtggtctt    326520
     ggttcctgtt agtaagattc cttcgtttac ctttcgccat ctggtaatct ctggagttag    326580
     tagttatagt tgactctgtt tagagattgt tcttctggtg attctgttac cgtctatcag    326640
     cagtcctggg agccagattc tcttctctga gcttcagtgc tctgagctct ctctgctggc    326700
     aagctctctt acagggaagg tgcgcagata tcttgtattt ggacctcctc ctggccgaag    326760
     aagcaggccc aaaacaggac ctttctcaga cactgtgttg ctttggcagt tcccagaagc    326820
     tgtcaccttc tgtggtacag actctcacct aagcagacta atttcctaag ttcggcgggt    326880
     cccggaccag gatggcgacc actgctgctg tggcttaggg cgcttcccca gccgggcagg    326940
     cacctgtcct ccggtccgga ctgtggccag ctgtcccctg cccacaaagg gtgctgcctc    327000
     agcggctttg tgcttctgtc tcttccagaa gctgtcaggt tctctggcgc accctctcac    327060
     ctgttcagac taatttccta agttcggcgg gtcccggaca aagatggcga ccgctgctgc    327120
     tgtggcttag ggcgcttccc cagccaggcg ggcacctgac ctccggtccg gactgtggcc    327180
     agctgtcccc tgcccacaaa gggtgctgcc tcagcggctt tgtgcttctg cctcttccag    327240
     aagctgtcag gttctctggc gcaccctctc acctgttcag actaatttcc taagttcggc    327300
     gggtcccgga caaagatggc gaccgctgct gctgtggctt agggcgcttc cccagccggg    327360
     cgggcacctg acctccggtc cggactgtgg ccagctgtcc cctgcccaca aagggtgctg    327420
     cctcagcggc tttgtgcttc tgcctcttcc agaagctgtc aggttctctg gcgcaccctc    327480
     tcacctgttc agactaattt cctaagttcg gcgggtcccg gacaaagatg gcgaccgctg    327540
     ctgctgtggc ctaattagct gtttcattgc ttatgaatag tagagacatg gcatgtccga    327600
     agaaaggata ggatgctctt gaaaatatta acaaatggag tggcagacaa ggtaattagg    327660
     tctgtggagc ctaaatatca gctctatttt tggcatcatg acaatttttg acaagctctg    327720
     tccagaacta agcttactca catcatactc tgaaagaatt cagggcatta ggtggcccga    327780
     agcacatgga tacaagtaaa agaagccttg attgactccc tgagtttcag ctaatttgac    327840
     acagaattcc taagggtcac ataatcagac actatttcct aagggtcaca taatcagaca    327900
     ctatttgcac acttgatcag acctgacagc tatatatatt gatgttgcac tctgttcaag    327960
     gataaattcc agcttatgca aaaaagaaat ataaatttta caaaaatcta gttttagaaa    328020
     tatttgtgac aattaaagta tgtgctcaca catagatttc tgtaacattg attctgtaaa    328080
     ttaactcaat gatggaacac tgaagtagtg aattttctaa tagctgtgtc ctctgtctct    328140
     ccttaatgct tcacagttca gtagatatat ataagaacac attttgtatc taaaccttca    328200
     aaattctacc ctgagactaa accaccagtc atagaaaaca catgatggca ctcgtgtctc    328260
     tagctgcata tgtagcagag gatggtctag tcagtaatca atgggaggaa aggcccttag    328320
     tcctgtgaag gttctatgcc ccagtataag ggaatgctag cactaggatg tcgaagtgct    328380
     tgggttagta aacaggggga tagcagaagg tatggggggg ttggagggga aacaaggaaa    328440
     ggggtaagca tttgaaatgt aaataaagaa aatatctaat aaaaaagaca tctttaagca    328500
     gtgatattct tgttttaaat ttctcatctc tttttcttcc tgccatatat gactcgatgt    328560
     atctttacaa taaattaaaa gatatattta atttatactt tgtaatattt attacttttt    328620
     gtatcagaga tataactgaa aaaaaacaga gttttttcca atcgcataac tttaaatttt    328680
     atctttgtct cattgatcgc aatcattaaa tttgtattgg caaataccct caggtaattt    328740
     cgttctgaca aaatgcggac attttatttg attgacacta agcctcacat cacccatttt    328800
     tataaaactg tctttgcttt gaataaagtt gattatgctc aaattctatt tgtttactta    328860
     tattgaaata tagaaacttt aaattgtgat acagtatatt aatatatttt atataatgtt    328920
     gtattttata ttatgtggtt tgtttgtaat ttagactata gtaacaacag tttagatgcc    328980
     acacctatca gacacatagg tcagcagatt ataattttga tattttcttt tgaaagagta    329040
     tttaaggtaa cagagatgat gtggagtgaa aaatccacat gaatagtgaa tatatgtatt    329100
     caaacattta ctataggttt atactagaga cctttaaatg tatctgatac tagtttgata    329160
     cataatttat atatatgtta cataacctga agttactccc caaaattaca ggatgctttg    329220
     acttcttcca ataaaatata tctgcacaat gtcactccta tttcactgcc atctcttcaa    329280
     actttctaat ttctagtgag ggggaaacaa ggaaaggggt taacatttga aatgtaaata    329340
     aagaaaatat ctaataaaaa tacatcttta agcagtgaca ttcttgtttt aaatttctca    329400
     tctctttttc ttcctgccat atatgacttg atgcatcaaa aaaattagca gatatattta    329460
     aaatcatatt ttgtattatg tattattttt tatgtcagag gtaatctgaa aaaaaacaga    329520
     gttttttcca aaagcatagc tttatattta tctttgtctc attggtagca atcattaaat    329580
     ttgtattggc aaataccctc atctaatttc tttctgacaa aatgcggact ttttagtgga    329640
     ttgacactaa gcctcacatc atccactttt agaaaactgt ctttgctttg aataaagttg    329700
     attatgctca aattctattt gtttacttat attgatatat ggaaacttta aatgataata    329760
     taatttatat tattttatat aatgttgtat tttatattat gtggtttgta tgtaatttgg    329820
     actatattaa aaacagttta gatgccacac ctatcagaca cataggtcag caatttataa    329880
     ttttgatata catatgcact tattttcaaa ttgttttacc acagacacta gaaagtaatt    329940
     agaaaactgg gtgcaggggc acataccttt agtcctagaa ctcaggaggc agatacagga    330000
     ggatcaaatg aatctgttgg gaaaccctgt tactcaaggt ctaccatgtt tggaaaactc    330060
     ctcaaagctc gattgaaatg caggactcca ttttttccat caaggtttcc ccttctgtca    330120
     ccttttctca ggagcataac ccccatatcc tctacctgac aaagttcatg cagaccttgg    330180
     aaacatatga gttcaatttc tcattttcaa atcaaaaccc aaggagcaat aaaaaaggta    330240
     ttcctagact gactctccat acaaatgagg catctatagt aattttttat ttgaataaat    330300
     aactaattat tcaccacttt atgtcatgca cacagctccc tgaccctctt cttgcacagt    330360
     ctctcttcca ttcttccttt tctgtgagaa gggagaggcc acgttgctct tcaaaacacc    330420
     ttggcacatc aagcttttac aatattatgc atgtcctctc ccactgaggc cagacaagat    330480
     ggctctgtta aaagaacaga acacacacag aggcaacaga gtcaggacag ctcttgaccc    330540
     agttggtggg tactcacatg aaaaccaagt ttaacatctg ttacaattgt gagggaggat    330600
     ttcctgtccc ctgcttgaca tttggttggt gggtcaatct ctgggaacac aaattgccca    330660
     ggttacttga ctatgttggt cttcttgtgt agtggtaatc acccttggat ccctcgatct    330720
     ttccctcaac tcttccacaa aaattgctgg gcattgtttg actgaggttc tctatctctt    330780
     cccatcagtt tctggctgga gtctttcaaa agcaagtaat gcatgtttcc tgttttcaag    330840
     cacagcttag tataattaat agtgtcagga attcgatctg acccatggag tgggtctcaa    330900
     atttggccgt taatatttgg actttccctc agtctctgat ccacattttc ctgtgcatat    330960
     cttgtaggaa gaacacattt ctggtggaag gtgttttggg aaggttgatg tctttatctc    331020
     ctcactggat gcctgtctgg ctaaaagaag tagcactgca tgttccataa cgcccaatgc    331080
     taagaggtcc acctaaagtc accaccatca agttcttcta gcttctcctc tcttgagtct    331140
     ctgacacatc ctcctccaca atccctacat gtgattcccc ctgcaccatt cccctcccca    331200
     tcctctctcg caccctactg cctcatccaa aatatataaa taactcaaga accaacacac    331260
     caaataatcc tactaaaagt gggctaccga tctaaacaga actcaccaca gaggaatatc    331320
     taataactga aatacatgtt caacaccact agtcataagc aaaatgccaa ttaaaatgaa    331380
     tcttatatta catcttacat gcatcagaat gattaagaaa aattaatcaa agacagaaca    331440
     taatgaaagg gatgtagaac aaagcgaata tttccccatt ggttgtgaga atgccaactt    331500
     gtgtgaccag tctggaaaac aattcgcaga atctagaaat taacaatagt tttcccgaag    331560
     acccagatat accacttata ccactcctgg ctatataccc aaaagatgtt ccaccttatc    331620
     acaaggacac ttgattaact atgctagtag tatggttata aaaagaagga ccaagaaagt    331680
     agaaacaaca caaatgtacc tgaacagagg aaaggataaa gtaatgtggt tccttcacac    331740
     aacagtttac tactcagcta ttaaaacaag aataacctaa aatttacaga acacagcata    331800
     aaacaagaaa atatcatcct gaatggagta agtcagatct aaaaggacat gatggtttgt    331860
     atccatttaa agtgaacatt agccataaat tacaggataa caatgctggg atccacagat    331920
     acaaggaagt caaatagtaa tgatgaccca agagaagata catgaatcct actcagaatg    331980
     gaaataacat aaacatcaga ggttaatcca cagcattttg aattctagcc aatgatttac    332040
     atttaccatg acaatgcctc attctccaag gctcacttat agtctttgct cactgtggat    332100
     aaactgtatg tgcacatgct gccttactga aaatcatcta agagagctgg ctcattgagc    332160
     actgtttaaa agagctgtaa cactaaaagc cttggaggat ttttttcaat ccccttccca    332220
     actcagctct cagtccaagc cagacaggga gactacactt tattcttcca ggatggtttg    332280
     tagctatgac tggatacact aagggaataa acaaaaaaca aagaaccaca gctagagacc    332340
     aacaggtaaa taccacaatt ttttttttta ttttgaggtc aggttgtatg tataccacaa    332400
     aatctctgag gtcaggttgt ttaccagatc aggttcatag acaccaaaga gctatacaga    332460
     ctgtttttgc ataataaata aaatcaaata aataactgca cccagaagtt gttatcagaa    332520
     tgtcagtcca tttgctgcta tagaattgac ctaggtgttc aaaattatgt gaaaaagcct    332580
     ttggaagcat caaataaaaa ttgcaaattt tggatagaaa ttgcttgaac actctaagca    332640
     aagataatga tgggaaactg gaggaataga ataccactaa taaatgaaga gataatttac    332700
     ttttcctttt aaggttcaag catctttcct ttgacgatcc ttcttattta gcttctttga    332760
     gcctgtgggc atatcatgga catcctatgt tttatggata atatccactt attagtgagt    332820
     acataccata catgtccttt tgggtctgga ttacctcact cagcatgtta ttttctattt    332880
     tcaaccaaag gaggcagaag gggaaaggga ataggattgg agaagggatg aagaggggta    332940
     tagaaggggt caggatcagg tgtgggggag aaagggccat gagaaataat ggaagtctac    333000
     agttgacagg ggtgagagtt ttggggaaat ctctagcaaa ttagagagat ctgggatgtg    333060
     ggagactccc agaaggcaat acaggtgact ttatcctaga cacataacag tgtggatata    333120
     gaacctgaag agtccattcc ttgtggccag gcagcactcc cagtaaaggg ataagaacaa    333180
     caacccatcc agaaaaaaat ttggcacaaa atgtgtccta agtaaaagca atgcagcaac    333240
     aaatgtagat cacagactga aggaatgacc aaccaaaaac tgtcccaacc acagatacat    333300
     tcctctggat agtatcaata tctgaaacta ttcattagag tctgccaaaa aacatttgga    333360
     tttcttttct tttcttttct ttctttcttt ttttcttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt    333420
     tttggtaatt tggttagttt gtttgaagta aattgtatgg acagtgactc gataagctgg    333480
     aaataggtct actaaatgac ctaggtatgc tactcttggg catataccaa aaagacttta    333540
     cttcctacca tagagatatc tgttcttcta tagtcatttc tgtgctattc aggaaaacca    333600
     gaaaatagaa atagcacata tgttcatcaa ctgataataa aaaagaaata ttgtatttac    333660
     acaatttaat atttatgcag ctattatgtt tgtcaatctt attaccaaaa catttcccta    333720
     aacaggtttg caacactttc ctaaacttac aatataatat ctccaaccaa taattcaaca    333780
     cttgttgaca ggtcattgta acatgaagtc ttcgaacaaa agcacttgtg cacactagtt    333840
     gtagggtagg attttaccct tgaattgagg aaagggaatg ctttcaccat atgtctaact    333900
     tgagcgttat agagcttatt ctaccaataa tgagggatgt tccaaaagtg gatctctaag    333960
     atgagttgag tttagatcca ggagtcagat atggaaaaca atagtaaaag ttaagatttc    334020
     aatgtgattg atgaccacat atttgattca cattgtcctc tggggaatgg aacactgcac    334080
     actgattaca cttgatgcta ccaaagtctg aaaattgttg aaggaaaaca caagactggc    334140
     aaaagattat ttcatcttgg acagatatgg tgtagacata ttttggatct ctagattctg    334200
     agattacagg gaagtcccta cataaaaatt taacaaattc ccaggggaca tacgtcactt    334260
     tgaaggacag gaaaaaagaa gttatatcag tagcagttct ggaattagtc ctcagatcag    334320
     gggcatgatc cagagcttga gcaggtcaga gaagattgta ctgagtatag acataataga    334380
     agggacttca aggaacagct ggctcaggaa tgacatttgc ctttacatga tcagaaaatg    334440
     tcattgtctt cattataaga taagtctttt tttattctgt agaaagaaat ctctagaaca    334500
     cattgacacc actaaatatt agtttgatcc aatttatcct taaatccagc tgtcatccaa    334560
     acttgaagtt cagaagtaat acaagattca atggcctggg tgttgcaaag ctaccactgg    334620
     ggagagggga ggactctcag aaacaagttt aagaaaagga gagggaaaaa gtctgaactt    334680
     ggaaatgtct ttctgcattt gtctggttct ttgcaaaaat cataaaagac ctcaaaagaa    334740
     gattttggac ttctcaatgt gtttcttatc agaataaacc acagttcaaa catttaattc    334800
     tgggttttgt ttatgtgatg ggcagcacat gtccagctct taacatttat aggaggacaa    334860
     gagcagacat aactcacaag gtacagaagg acaatgggca gcctgccctc agtctttctc    334920
     taagtatttg aaaagaatat tctccatgca aattactctt catgctctag atttaaatat    334980
     cactctttcc tgtggtagct cataaatctc tgcccagaaa agactggtat ctctggggaa    335040
     ggcagcgttg ttatctagaa gatgagactc ctagggtttc tcctgtgctt ggcagcagcg    335100
     ctgaaaagtg agtgtcagta actaggtctc ctgagtcaca cataggttct ttgggggctt    335160
     atgacttcag gtaactgaca gacaaatctg ttttcaggta ttctgtccca gattcagctt    335220
     aaggagtcag gacctgctgt catcaagcca tcacagtcac tgtctctcac ctgcacagtc    335280
     tctgaattct ccatcacaag tagtggtttt tgctggcaca ggatatgcca gcccccagga    335340
     aaggggttag agtggatggg gcgcatatgt tatgaaggtt ccatatatta tagtccatcc    335400
     ctcaaaagtc gcagcaccat ctccatagac acatcactga ataaaatctt tatccagctg    335460
     agctctgtaa ctgatgagga cacagacatg tactactatt ccagggaaaa ccacacagtg    335520
     agggaaattc agtgtgaccc cagacataaa catcctgcaa cagtgctgaa gaccagtagg    335580
     ggactcacag tgtgcactaa gtataggctc atctccatga gcaaggataa attccagctt    335640
     atgcaaaaga agaaatataa atatgacaaa aaagtagttt tagatgccat gctggattta    335700
     tatctcagac agtctatagg tcgtacatat aagatagatt agatatataa tctcattctt    335760
     tatatattca aaagttatga tttaagataa tattttagta ttcttgaaaa ttgtgcatgt    335820
     ataattcttt cctcttagtg tcctcagtta ctacttgttt ccacataagg gtataaacac    335880
     ttgaggactt atatttaata aattgctgca aataatactc ttatttctag ttaataaata    335940
     aataaatgaa taaataaata atgcacatgt gactattaat aacctttcaa gctttctagt    336000
     tacaaccgct cgttaagaga aaaaaaaaaa aaacactcat ggaaggagtt acagagacaa    336060
     agtttggagc cgagacaaaa ggatggacca tctagagact gccatatcca gggatccatc    336120
     ccataatcag ccttcaaaca ctgacaccat tgcatacact agcaagattt tgctgaaagg    336180
     accctgatat agctgtctct tgtgagacta tgccagggtc tagcaaacac agaagtggat    336240
     gctcacagtc agctattgga tggatcacag ggcctccaat ggaggagcta gagaaagtac    336300
     ccaaggagct aaagggatct gcaacccttg gaaaagcatt atgaactaac cagtacccca    336360
     gagctcttga ctctagctgc atatgtatca aaagatggcc tagtcggcca tcactggaaa    336420
     gagaggccca ttggacttgc aagctttata tgccacagta taggggaacg ccagggccaa    336480
     aaagtgggag tgagtggtta ggggaatggg ggggagtgta tgggggactt ttgggatagc    336540
     attggaaatg taaatgagga aaatacctaa taaataaaaa aaagagagaa acaattgaaa    336600
     gtgcaattag tcactgccca tgttacatga atactgacga tattagtcaa gtatttgata    336660
     tgttttgtta acaagttgtt aattctaagg ataagatatt gtgaaacttt aaaactttaa    336720
     cttcctaaaa gacaaagaag ggggaaatta tatccccgtg catattattt agtgcactac    336780
     cgtgcacact atttaaatca tacttttatt ttagaatttt gaaatttgga tgtcaaagaa    336840
     tttaatatat gccttatagt atcttaaaag gatctactta ttagcatatg gcttcatcct    336900
     aaacatctac cttattaggg aagggaaaac ttaggtcctc tccacagaat gctgcagaag    336960
     catgatggtt aattcgtgtg acaagcaggc aggtgagttg gctcagtgac ctgactgaag    337020
     tgaaaaggaa gctaaattgg gtacatgttt ttgacccgtc ctaatatccc aatattagag    337080
     aatcctattg cagatagcta aaaatattaa ttacccagca aagttaactc agagcacatc    337140
     ctccactccc agagaagctg cagtcttcct gcaattctca aagccagccc ccccgccccc    337200
     aaaataggcc agagactgag cttgaatctt gctaatttgt tactgaataa agtacctgga    337260
     atttcccaaa agaagctttg tactgttacc tttcactgtc tggattttgt ttttcaagca    337320
     ggtcaatcaa caccttcagc cttactgcag caggcatgca tccctgcccc caagagcatg    337380
     caggtggcag ctactaattt tcattctaaa gcattccatc acataatgtg gcttttggtc    337440
     tgttttggaa ttaaggtttg ctatgagggc tagaaaggca gaaatttcag atattagaaa    337500
     aagttgtttt tattctgata agatgtgctt agtctcttat ctggtcttca gttttccacc    337560
     cttgctgcta atgcaaggtc cccttggttc ctcaggctgt ggcgatatta gggatgagga    337620
     gggtgacctc cagctcctaa attagcctaa gagccaaaaa ctgtggtgtt acaagtggca    337680
     taattgttgt agaggccttg ctgaatctga ggttgacaat tctcccttag gagatgcaca    337740
     gtactcagaa ctgtgcatgc tggttcatga taatatgaat ccagtatggg caccgccatg    337800
     ggtatgaggc taagcactac aggggaaggt ctgacttgaa catttctgag ttccctgagt    337860
     gacaaaccca gtttggatgg aggttggtat caagttccag ttacatccaa aatccaaaag    337920
     aatctttcta aggctctgcc tcccctcccc aaatgatacc aagagccatg attgtgggtc    337980
     atgacagcac ccacgggagg aatccggtca atgctccccc agccatggtt aatgccagct    338040
     catccaagga tgagaagatc atttgatcac ctcagttaag tgtggcctta ttaaattcaa    338100
     aggcaggaga ggttggagat caaacagtga taaggcaagc ccttcacagc ctcccatcct    338160
     aataagccca atggccttgt actaaggagc cagtcgtcat cccctccttc ccgttccctg    338220
     cctgtcaccc aaggctgtta aggaggatcc atgtgctctc ctttagtgtt atctcattat    338280
     agtgcctttt aagattgaat tctgatatag ttaagtcttt gccagtgttc caaagtcata    338340
     gaaagacaat gaaactgaga acctggaatt cagtaggaat tcagcaagga agttacctat    338400
     tcagtaactg tttagcatta cagaaagaca gaggcaagag ctcagggcta gtctacaaaa    338460
     tgtttactag gacagaaagg acagttataa ccaaataagg gtttactatg agaaaagtta    338520
     gggaatacca ctgagacagg tttcttcatt agaccctaag aattcaggca gaactataca    338580
     gcataaataa atgttattcc tcagcccaga ctttcttttt tatattaaca acagggaaag    338640
     cccaaaatca ggctgaacag gcttgactat tatcaccagg ggatcatcag gggtggagcc    338700
     tgccacccta tttttctgcc actcccactg ctactacatg ccacctagct gttccagagt    338760
     atacacgtgg tcacctgcag ctgaactccg aagatgattt ggcggcaatg ggcccatccc    338820
     ccttctttat aagccggagt ttctgaatat taatattgag ctttgatcag aatcttgtct    338880
     tagctcaata ctttctcgct ccacctagat ttcctcttag agattccaag atgccttcca    338940
     ggctcaaacc aggaatgagc caccggcaag cctcaacaca aaatgacact tttatttcac    339000
     tgccacctct tcaagctttc tagcatttag tgagaactaa ttcacatgtc ctctgagaga    339060
     ttgcagtttt tgttataaat aagtgaaatc atgtgatatt tctagtgtga aaatttttaa    339120
     gccagaatgg atatcacaat ccatggtttc ctcttctgga acgaaaaacc tactgaagat    339180
     ccttcccatg acatgactgg gttatggatc ccatgttggt tcaggtacat ggatgcttgg    339240
     ggaagcaagt ttcatggagt ttgactgcat ttatcccata cttcctggta aatgttgggt    339300
     tgtagggaag aaccaaggca ccacacagtg gtgggaaagc atagtctggg acttgggaat    339360
     gctggagatg gctcaggggt ccctgggcca actacaagac tgaactatgg gtttcttagg    339420
     ctcttggaat ccacatgact ctgagagttg gggaagagct gagaacacag tgagagtcta    339480
     tggacaggat ctagcttata gcctaggata aaaatgggag ctcttgctgg ttccatgatg    339540
     attgtccttg gcttgatgga tagtaggcat ggtcataatt gtagatggga gtacaaagat    339600
     ggacttctcg tggcattgtg ggcaaaggcc tgctccatat ctcccacagc agatcctgat    339660
     gaaaacagac agtccattgt agtgaattct ttactgtcat ggtcgagggt ggatgaataa    339720
     aaccatatcc tacttttcag ggtggacctg agattaagtg atatctgcaa gggggaatgt    339780
     cagtgaaaag aatcttattt gcaacacact acaggcctct aggtcaccca gtagaatgaa    339840
     catcagtctc tggagcctat gtgaccatag gtcatttctc ttttttattg cattggtctg    339900
     ggaagttagg gatgacacat ctacatgtag aaggttttgc agctgagcct ttatatgact    339960
     gatggccaaa aattctatga gggctgtggc tatgtgacag gggcctggtg tgcaggatca    340020
     ggcaaaattc ctttagggtc acctgggctt caaagctttt atcttagaca aggaccaggc    340080
     taccttgcag ggtccacagc ccctcacatc aacactgaag aaaatattga tttgcttcct    340140
     aacctaacat atattcccgt atttatatca tttggaattt gtacaagcac tacatgaata    340200
     taatgtgttt ctactccttc taattcctct cccatctact catcaagatt tcctcccaac    340260
     tctatgtgtg tttctttttt ttcttttatt atgttttttt ttttcgtttt taagaacgac    340320
     tgagtttaat ctatgatgac agtttgaatg ggggcataga actatgccct ggaggatagt    340380
     tagtttctca atgcccacat cactaaagaa tactgacatt tctcagcagt atcaataacc    340440
     aatagttctt caagtaggga taggacttca tgcccaccac cttacgttat gatgcaatat    340500
     tgcctggctt aactctttca aggtctgtgt ttactgtcaa cttccctgtt acatacagaa    340560
     aaccctggtt tcctatagtt attcactgtc tctcgttctt ccagtgtttc ttgctctctt    340620
     ccagtatgat tcttaagcct cagcagaaga taatattgca taatcaccac acaaatgtac    340680
     tgtgatcatc acagtatttc ctaaaaatat atttgtagga atttatattg ggaattcaag    340740
     gaagaaagat aagttgtatt ttcttgtttg cttttaagca aaaaccagct gtgtcttgtt    340800
     ttttttatca tgagcttaga acttctgact ctggattttc caagttatag aagataggat    340860
     acactgttgg aaagtgaagt cattaggaaa tcacagaaca aaaagcatca tatacacctc    340920
     cacaaattca gagaatgtca aattttccct gaggtttaca tctttgatag cacagttact    340980
     ataaagttac tatatagtta tatatggact atatagttag agacacagtg aagagacata    341040
     agtgttgtca aacaaccacc attacacaca cacactttct tctgttcata gattcagcaa    341100
     ggcaacttac aaactgtatt gatttttcgt tctgacataa cattacattg tctaaatcta    341160
     atattttctg cctatgtgtg ctggtatatt tatttgttta gttactaaga aaacatatat    341220
     ctaggcttta caaaggcata atttcacttt ccaaaaatag aaatgactct gccattgata    341280
     gcatggtttt agttgataaa tttctctcac acagtgggat gctgtaattt aaacacagtt    341340
     ttagcacaga tcaaactagc aagttgtata aaagttccaa tgactagaaa acctattggt    341400
     ttcccatctg acctggatcc tcttatatct gagaggacca tagactgaga gctgattggg    341460
     gtgttggtgt ttctgtcagt aagtatattt tcatcctgta ttgtcattcc ttgttctttg    341520
     gcctcttcca aggagatcac atgatgccca agaatggtat accctttagg taaaggtgga    341580
     aagaaatttc ttgagctctt gggtccactg tccttatgat gttctctgtg caatatacac    341640
     aatgtcaaca ctattaggta cttcaaagat aaaccacaaa attgggatag agttaaagtg    341700
     agactccttt attttagaat atggagggaa atcaacagaa agaatgagca tggtatgagt    341760
     attctgttgt tattagattt taactgtaca ggctaatgta tgtatcatag ggtgatttag    341820
     ggatgaacag gcttgatttc tcaaagaaaa ccaaagcttc tctcttccac ataattcaaa    341880
     tttatgtctt ctcttaaata tcacagtaaa acagaatttt taggacaaaa tttttgactc    341940
     aaaagatacg gataaatccc tataatcctg tctagtaacc aattcagaaa acccctaagt    342000
     gtggatgaga ttaaccacat tgagatacat ttcatcaggt aaaacaggaa ggaaagtgtg    342060
     ctactgtata ctatgattta caaatgacat gtctgcataa tcaataggtt ttgaattttc    342120
     tttttgaatt gcaacagtaa aaaggaaaag ccaaaataaa tcatagttgt gcaaagactg    342180
     agaagcaggt gcagagtgga attatcatgt gtgtttcttg actgtaccca gaatttattc    342240
     ttctcgttta accacataaa agtcctggga caccaggtac tatatcagaa cccttgcatt    342300
     gaaggacaca agagctgaca gtggcaatta cagttatttt ctactatctc ttggaagtta    342360
     cagaaagaga aatgatacaa ttcaaaatct ttctcaatcc aaatgaagac tgtttacgtc    342420
     attgtagaat gagatgctca tttggaaaac tagacattag agaactttct catgaagaca    342480
     cagttccaag ccttatcgtg ctgtgtctct tcaaaaatct ttaatattgt catctttacg    342540
     tgcaatgttt gttagatgtc tgtgagttat gtgatgtcta taagacatta aatttccctt    342600
     atatatgtga atatatatct ttcagggcct gggttacttg tctcaagatt atattttcta    342660
     gttctatctg tttgattttt gtttttgctg ttgttctgtt ttgttttaca aactggataa    342720
     tgtaatctta aaagctgaat aatgcttttt gtgcaattgt actacttttt taaagcaaaa    342780
     ttttcagttc aggtacatct agtttatttc caatatatag ctattattat taaaactgat    342840
     atgaatgtag ttgagcgaat gttcttgctg tagaatggag agtctgggta tatgccaagg    342900
     agtggtaaat ctgggtcttt tctaagaaac caccatatta ttttccaaag tggtccacaa    342960
     atgtgcactc ccacaagaaa aaacagaatg gcaaagtatc aaagaaggct taaataagaa    343020
     cataaggatt ctcttgggag ggggaaatat actagatttt ataagtggag aggggttggg    343080
     attagaaata ggaggaaatg gggaaaaaca ttgagaggaa ggactacaac tggagctatt    343140
     tcatgggcaa tctagaaaca tagtacaatt aaaacttcat gtaatgtaaa ggtgtgagcc    343200
     tagaaaagac tcctagtggt ggaagacagg gagcctatac tggtcaactc ctcgaaccag    343260
     gcaaggtctc aagtggagag attgacataa actcagacat aaaaccttca gtctagagtt    343320
     tgtccttctt acagtatttg ttgggatcaa agcctagcaa aactgtcatc gaacagatca    343380
     tacagacatt gtgtgctact aatgagaaca gataaagaac ctcacactcc aaccttagtt    343440
     aatccacaat tctacagaag aacagaaggt agagttccag aagagttaga aacaccataa    343500
     gaacatgagt cacagaatca atgggctacc agaaatcagg gaacctatag ggtttaacct    343560
     gggtctcttc ttaaatgtta tagctgacta gctaactgta tttatgggat tcctaaaagt    343620
     aaacatgaga tgtttcttga ttcttttgtt tatttgtgtc accatttttt tgctattggt    343680
     tcaccatgtc cagccttgat gccattgtat ttgcctggtc ttatactagt ttgtcatcca    343740
     gtgttcagtt gatgtcctag atatgcttgt tcttttctga ggagagatga gaggtgatac    343800
     tgggacaaag ggaaagtggg ggaagacaca cacgaagggc agagttggga aacttcaagc    343860
     gatggaacat attgcagaac aaattttaaa actttaatga acctctgttt catttttctc    343920
     ccagatgtac tgtgaatcag tgagagcagg attttgaatt cacagccact gccttgggat    343980
     cagtctgtgc cattactgtt aggtagacac ctatttagtg caccatttga ttatacacac    344040
     acggacatac cgacataaac acatataata taatagatat aatataatat aatttataat    344100
     ataatataat aatatatatg tgtatttgta tatgtatgtg tatgtaatgt tgttggggtc    344160
     tctcatctgc ctaccacagg atgccacaag tttgaccaag cttacctcaa gctgtagcca    344220
     ggtgggtgtt gggccacaga acatgactgg gaccccacac aggcctagaa aatcacagtc    344280
     tgagacccag gacagaaaaa gctggctctg gggtccccag acctaaagaa ggcacaggca    344340
     tttgcttctc agattcttgg gcatccagat gccactggaa gacatggaag agatgagaat    344400
     atatgcatat acaagtattc actttttcca cacgtgcctt aatgaatatg aagcaatctc    344460
     cttcattgcc tctaacgatt ttaggactca catcaattct attatacatt ataataccaa    344520
     agcttatttg tcccttagtt ccataggctg gataaactac caacaaaaga gtacatatgg    344580
     tgggattcat ggctctagct gcatatgtag cagaggatgg cctagtcagt catcaatggg    344640
     aggagaggta cttggtccta tgaagattct ataccccagt ataggggaat gagagggcca    344700
     ggaagcaaga gagggtgggt tggtgagcag ggggaggggg aggagggagg ggacttttgg    344760
     agaggaaacc aggaaaggga acaacagttg aaatgtaaat aaagtaaata tctaatagaa    344820
     aataaaataa aaagacctca agaatttaga ctccaaaagt caaaataacc aaattaaata    344880
     gaggagtaca gagctaatcg aagtaatctc aacaaaaata tctgtaatgg ccaagaagca    344940
     cttaaagaaa tgttttaaat cccttaatga ccaagggaat gcaaatccaa tcaaccctca    345000
     gattcaacct tacactaatc agaaggtcta agaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaacccaagt    345060
     gacagcatat tcctgtaagg atgtgaagca aggcaaccat tctttcatag ttgatgagaa    345120
     aacatactgg tagaaccact caaaaccaac cgggtggttc atcagaaaat tggaaatagt    345180
     tctatgtgaa aactcaacta taccactcca caatatcaca aggacccata tttcactatg    345240
     ttcgtagggg acttcttcat aatatccaga aactgaaaac aacctaaata tctctcagtt    345300
     gaagaatggg cagagaaaat atatttcctt tatgctgtag agtaatactc acctaataaa    345360
     gagtataata ttatgtattt tgctggcaaa tgatggtact agaaaatcta ttctgattga    345420
     ggtaacccaa acccaaaaga aagtgaatgg tatgcggtca ataaaacatg gatatcagcc    345480
     aaaaagcatg cctgccacac aacatcaatt tctggaaaac gctacactta attatttcta    345540
     gtagaacagc tctttggttt gccaaaaaga atcacctata gtggcatcta agcacaaaaa    345600
     ggagaaaaaa atcacaaaga aatgattgag aggcataata aaaattatca aaaaattatg    345660
     agttttacga tttcatcttt ttccaagttg aaatcatagg gtggctttaa cacagtgaca    345720
     aggaatgtgc atgctgccat tatggtgctc tgcctaaaat ggttggagcc ttgtcatgct    345780
     acagagaaac tgtcatacag cagggggtgc caaatttcca tattttttta tatcattgag    345840
     caggtgcaca gaagaccaga aagcactttc tatcaggctg gccttcctct tcctttccag    345900
     tatgaagcaa aaactgccaa tgaaactagc aattgttaaa ttcctttttc aaacagtatt    345960
     tgtgctatca gaacatagtg cattcaaaag tctagcctga gagaacaacc cagttttatt    346020
     cattcctcct actacctctc tcattcccac tgtttgtgtt ctccctccca ttttaattgt    346080
     ctatctagtc caaactaagc acacgatcca gtccacatta aacaacatgt tttcacttta    346140
     agtcaaatac aagacacctt taatatcagc ccttgttcat aatcgtgctt ctagtgactt    346200
     aatgtacatg tcacactgta ctgttgggtt ttgtgtctca tcatgaacaa tgttgtgaag    346260
     gtattaagtg gagagtaagc agaattagat tcctctaatg atgcacaccc acactaagag    346320
     cagaaataat attaaaaata gaaaaaaaag ttttacatga gatttcaaat acccaggtat    346380
     gagctgcagt ttcttcaagt taaagcatcg aggttgtcag ttacactatt acaggaaaca    346440
     tatgcagagt ttttatttta gtatattagt tttcacatat gtggaattac tattaaacta    346500
     ttctttcttt tcaaatgctt accattgtaa atgagtttgt gactttgtgt aggtgagtgc    346560
     acatgactct ggatgcctaa gaggactgaa gaagttggag ttataggtag ttttattcta    346620
     cttgactgtt cagtgctaaa aatacaactg aggtccttta aactgctgtt catgaacttc    346680
     ttaattgata tatctcatga gatctctaaa ctatttttat tatgacacgt ttcaccattt    346740
     tcactgtaac gatttttatg ttttatatta atgtaactat atgacacttc ccaaaatccc    346800
     catattcaca attgaactgt ttcaaagttt taccttgact tatgggaaat gaaaacccac    346860
     attttataat tttaaaatga aatgtttatt ttatatttct gcaaatttca caaggaaaga    346920
     ttagtcactg gtgtgtgaga gcagaggagc ataagagttc aggaatagaa tccattatga    346980
     ttctggaggc aaggaagaac tgatgccaag gtttcagtat aagagcagta tccactggaa    347040
     aggataaagt cactacatct gagcacagag caggacatct acataatgag tggtcactaa    347100
     tgggccactg ttacactgtt atatgtataa ggctcaagaa tgagcactga ggctgtaagg    347160
     tgtatgggtg aggacatcag gatgtaaacc cagctcaggt agaggactca gaggacagca    347220
     cagtcagcat gaactaataa acatcagata agataaggca caagctcagc tatatagggt    347280
     aagggatctt tgtaaatctg attgtgtatc cagtctagtt caatgtgact taggaagccc    347340
     agtcatatgc aaatctagag aagactttag agtagaaatc tgaggctcac ctcacatacc    347400
     agcaagcgag tgaccagtta gtcttaaggc accacttctt agacatcatg gcttgggtgt    347460
     ggaccttgct attcctgatg gcagctgccc aaagtaagac atcagaaaaa agagttccaa    347520
     ggggaattga agcagttcca tgaatactca ccttcctgtg ttcttttcac aggtgcccaa    347580
     gcacagatcc agttggtgca gtctggacct gagctgaaga agcctggaga gacagtcaag    347640
     atctcctgca aggcttctgg gtataccttc acaaactatg gaatgaactg ggtgaagcag    347700
     gctccaggaa agggtttaaa gtggatgggc tggataaaca cctacactgg agagccaaca    347760
     tatgctgatg acttcaaggg acggtttgcc ttctctttgg aaacctctgc cagcactgcc    347820
     tatttgcaga tcaacaacct caaaaatgag gacacggcta catatttctg tgcaagacac    347880
     agtgtgaaaa ccacatcctg agggtgtcaa aaaccatgag gagaaggtgg ttcagctgtg    347940
     tccagaagca accagaggaa acattctctc cttgatgttc ggccacaatt atgagattac    348000
     tgacaacaca tataatagtc atatatggtc agccacagaa tgttctcagt gggattgtga    348060
     cagaccagat tgatgaaagg aactgggacc atttcatagc atctttaata tggtatataa    348120
     atactgttaa tatgacaaat atcagtttaa atatactaaa ctgtcacaca attctgaata    348180
     tcatgtatga gatagtaaca tcagagtcta ttataatctc agagaagatg aaaaacccag    348240
     ggttctacag acttacaaca gaagttggaa agatagagac cacaggcatg gtgggaaaag    348300
     ttggcctaca agcaattact atagacagca gatatccaca aacaacccta cctgcagtac    348360
     tttcgtttac ttgcctcaca acaaatataa ttatatgcag acaaataaca cacatttcaa    348420
     agaagtgtat acttgcaggt tatcactggt attttacagt tgaaagaaga acaatattgg    348480
     cagaccagac tacccagtgt gccctggact agatcaccat ccaaggagag tacaatgaga    348540
     gatccagtta tatatgtatc agaacatggt cttgtctgac atcagaagaa ggggaggctc    348600
     ttgttcctgt gcagatttga cgactcagtg taagggggtg ctggaatggt ggggtgagat    348660
     aagggtgggt gggtggtggg aacaccctca tataggcata tagatgtggg atgggtggtt    348720
     tgtgaaggat aaccaggaac ttggagatag tttgagattt caaacaaatg gaatgatgga    348780
     ttaaaaaaag ggtatttgta gaaattatcc ctgaataatt aacagtaata ttctttcttt    348840
     tttaaaatag cattcccccc tccaattata gtgagagtct tttaaatcaa tttaaaatat    348900
     accgaagttg aaaccaaatt gccatgaagt tgaaataaaa ggttgaagct gataataaga    348960
     ctgcagaggt actagagcct gcaccaagcc cttccagaca tttatttttg ttcccaataa    349020
     aggttcaagc tactcaatgt tctgtgacag tgcagactga tccttatggt cttgtaacac    349080
     tgagtttctc tagagagaat ggatggcagg agactatagc caccatactt ggaagagaaa    349140
     tcatgtaaac aaaatcatct ataatataca aatattttgt gcctgctaac ttgattttaa    349200
     caatgccttt ttagcatacc ttgagtatat gtggtagtta aagaagttca catacagata    349260
     tgtacataaa gtattgggac atttgaaatt ttcaaatcaa agacaatctt tttcaggagt    349320
     aaaatgtatt tttttcatta tcctgagttt tatatcaaaa tgaatgcatc tacacactga    349380
     tatgcagcat atatttgggg attaacatgt ttgtgtaaaa gtcatatgtt agtacacaca    349440
     gcaaccccaa atgtactctc tgagcttcta ttctcttgtt ctactataca agtgtcattc    349500
     actaagctta tagcaaatat atctctttat cactcatggc atgtcatgca ataaaaggag    349560
     cctgaatttg gttaaatcgg atccagaaag ataagactgc ttcgtgaaga cacagctata    349620
     aatttctatg tagaaggatc catgggaaag ggagcaatcc attgttttta taatttacat    349680
     gaatatatcc aattttccta gatataaaag ctgatttaca aaacagatta aatcacagcc    349740
     ccaaatttcc taagtcctca ttctttctca ttaggaaatt aaattataga tgtgagaact    349800
     aatttataaa tcatacactt taattcttca tttcaccagt tatgtgagtg ttctatccca    349860
     actgcatcta caaaagtagg gaaaagatct gcgagaatac acacagatat tctatcaatt    349920
     gttctatatt tggttactta ctccatcacc agcagaggtg gtatgaactg gagaagaaga    349980
     cgttcaaaca taaactagtg ttgagaaata gatacatgat gaattatgtc aaaatttaac    350040
     agttatatga acatggtact gaaatctagg ctattgcaat gtaagtaaag atttaagtat    350100
     agaggatata aaatgcatgt tgcattgaga aaactgaagg atggatacta tgagcaaagg    350160
     aaacttggat ctgaacctgg tagtagatgc ccatggatat aaatgatact gtccttttat    350220
     tttgtggttt cctctctggc aaagaactac taacctgtac ctcctgaccc aagtagagga    350280
     tgatctatgt atgttgagaa cctgtgtgct catggactgt ggacaactct cattgggtat    350340
     gcagaaatcc ttctatttgc tactaataca tacttccatt tataatttta tgagacacgg    350400
     aatgtcttaa atcaagacgt gatcgagatt tagacagaga aggtataata tttctaggtt    350460
     aggcagcagg atggtgagat ttgacactta aagttgtgtg aagaaatgta ttctttgttc    350520
     catcctggca actgtgcata aaggttttat tcccagtgaa aatccattta ccacatccag    350580
     ctttgttgat gtgaaccata cttcagtggt tcatgatcca tgtgaacctc cttagagtca    350640
     gttatacatg ttatgctgag caggaacatt gagcccatcc tgttccccag atggcagtga    350700
     agatcattca gtatggcctg tagcctgagc agagcccata tacataaaca tggcttcaga    350760
     aagcagcaca gacaattgac atatgcatgg catcttgtgg aaacactggc tatagacatc    350820
     aacatggact gcacttgtag tgataccatg ggtccagatg taccagcaca gacccaaaca    350880
     tcagcatgga cacagtggtc aacatagccc acctacatca atatggctcc tggtggcagc    350940
     atggcaccca gacataaaaa tagcttctct cagtcacaaa ctgcaaacat ccacatagat    351000
     cttgagtttc ttcatgttct gaagagtaga atggaccaca gtccccaata tggccttcag    351060
     caacaacatg gacaataaat gatggtcctt caagaatatc taatccaaaa cgggaatttt    351120
     tcctcatttt gggcgtcatt gattgcccag agccaatgaa attccacagc tgtgcagcat    351180
     gttcaatggc tgtctgtcta cacaagtccc aggcttctac acactacctc ctgaacctcc    351240
     tggacaaata catgtttcac aggatctcat ccttctctca tacctggcac agtcatcctg    351300
     tttctagatt tgctactccc caaaacacat gcacagctcc atttttctct cattccttct    351360
     tctccatcaa atatttgttc aacatagcta gtttctgctg ccgacctggt gagaataggt    351420
     ttatagtata atatgaagac ttttatgtat ataataatga gcatatgtgg ttcttttgac    351480
     aataaattta aaacttttgg gaattatcta taatattttc ataaaattga ttctcttatt    351540
     tctggctaat tgataaataa agggatatgc catcaatcat agctaaaatg ctcaattttc    351600
     ttaaaagaaa ccactgtcta taaatcatta acaagagaaa ttctttaccc tgactattac    351660
     tcaactcaag gtttctactt ccttgtcagt ctatagatgc aggatgcaca gatagggcta    351720
     tactatgcat attaaattca gtttaaggtt ataggaacct atgtttttgt tgaaagataa    351780
     cattcttgga tgtaaattat tacgtaagaa caagatgagt aaatttgcag gtgagtagag    351840
     aaatagctct tcaggagcat cagatgccaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaacat gaaactgatg    351900
     tagaccttta cattataaaa ctcaggacac agcctaagtc tcctgtgaac ctgagattct    351960
     gggtttgtca gagttcttgg gaatcaagct tcctctgaga ccctgagatc ctcatgcgac    352020
     caagcacctg gtatcctggt atactgaaat cctaagatcc tgggaatgtt acagcacctg    352080
     gaagtggcgt cccctctggg gactgtgggg actctctgct gtgttccaaa cccaggtata    352140
     ccattattgc ccagttggaa cctgaacagc tggtcaacag tgcccctgtg tttttgctcc    352200
     tgctggcaca ggcccatcaa gtttggtttg gaacagatgt tgcatttcac ataccagtga    352260
     tcctaagatt ctgagcatgc taaggttcct acagcatgga gagtcctctg gggaccatgg    352320
     gaccatctac tgagttcaca agaaggttgc ctggagttgg aacgtggttt gtgagaaatt    352380
     tattcagtat tattgtataa aattcataaa gtaacttagt ctgaagttgt ctttctttgt    352440
     agattttggt gtagtttagg tatcagagta actgtggatt ctagaatgaa ttgggttggg    352500
     ctccttctat ttctattttg tggaataatt taaagagaat tcattttagg tcttctttga    352560
     agatctgatt gaattctgta ctaaactcat tctacccaag actgccaatc accaatcttt    352620
     ccataattcc caaacattac tgaactactc ttatccacat aaatctaaat aagtttgaac    352680
     aactttaaat attttagagc aactgcttat tctccaataa aaaaaaaaga ttttacattg    352740
     accttagaaa acaaggtcct tttaatactg taccttatat acctgctaat cggtcaccca    352800
     ttgaaaacat aaacttccag ggtttgggta gtacaaggat gtacttgtca aaagacagaa    352860
     atgcttgctg aactattctt atctacataa atctaaataa gtttgaacaa ctttaaatat    352920
     tttagagcaa tttcttattc tacaataaaa aaattttaca ttgaccttag aaaacaaggt    352980
     ccttttaata ccgtacctta tatacctgct aatcggtcac ccattgaaaa catgaactcc    353040
     cagggtatgg gttgcacaag gatgtacttg tctaaagaca gaaatgcttg catgttgctg    353100
     tcatgagtta ctatacctct ctgctgaaat agtttcaaat ttgaacatta atcatttcaa    353160
     aaataataga tatgcattac tagtagaaga gtttgtattc aggaataaca caaagaagac    353220
     cagcagaaac taaactggca aaaatatgat atttaataca caataacatt ggaggaatga    353280
     gacattgcat aacatttgtt tacaaaaatg acgaataatc ttgattaaaa tatgaaaaga    353340
     catcacatta ttcagcctct gacggcatgg gaacagatga cccttgagtt tcagattgtc    353400
     taagtaaacg tggatatctt atgcctcctg aaaaaccaga aagtaacaac agaacttgtt    353460
     ccttggaaac atgaactatg tcatggttga aaagcaggga aactctgaaa tcagctctgt    353520
     gaaggccgaa ctgagatcct gattgacaaa ggaggacttt gttgtttctt cagaggaaaa    353580
     gagatgattg ggaaggtgta acagaaaaaa ccaatatgga agcactttag acagcgtcct    353640
     cattgagggc acagtgatgg aactttacac accttcctta aggggatttc attaacacca    353700
     gggggcgctc aaatcacacc aatctgaagc atgcaccatt agaacaagta agagactttc    353760
     tttggtgtct gttccctgtg gaaactgtat caggctcttt ataggaagaa atggacgagc    353820
     acatagtttc ttttgttctt gattaaatgg tgatttccct tctctccaag tgtgctgttt    353880
     cagaggcagc ttcaggagtc aggtcctgga cagatgaagc ttcagagaca ctatatttca    353940
     cctactggtt actccatcac caacaactat gtctgtacct ggatatatca aagccataga    354000
     aaggtcctat agtagatgag atacataaat atgggaggag tgcacagtac aaactcaaga    354060
     accaaatatc catcactaga ggcatgttca aaaggcctat acttaagaca gctgaactac    354120
     atcacctctt agtacacagc catatattac cggatatgag acagagttaa gggactttca    354180
     tgtggtccca gacacaaacc tccttgaaaa gaaacctaag cccagcttgg gtgtggtcaa    354240
     cacatgagaa gaccagaggg ttaactttgt ggtttgggta taaatgagca tgtctctgat    354300
     cttcattcta acctctcttg gcagaataag aaactacagt gatatttttc tctgaggaga    354360
     ttagaaaaat gaggcatttc tgtgaagtaa agtgtgaatg ctctcccaga tgggataggc    354420
     tatattttca cctcttaata aagattagtg atgaaatgaa tccagttttc attgtgctaa    354480
     agaaaactga tcctctgaaa attttcactt ctctcagata ttcagcttta ccctgaaatc    354540
     ccatacttga tccagcactg tttacaatat ctaccatatt gaatcaccac agtccttcag    354600
     cagttgatgg agagagaata tatgagtttt caggttctga gaacttggag aagactacat    354660
     gacattttgt tagatgaaca atagtcatct tttgaggttc tattcggtcc aagtttgctt    354720
     tcgtttgctg tgataaatac caagaacatt agcaacatgt aaaggaacag gtttattgaa    354780
     actttccctt tccagtaatt gttcatcact gagtgaagtc tagtcttgtg tcagaatcct    354840
     tagagatatg atgcatacta ttttcttgcc tttttttttt tcagcttagg ctcactttac    354900
     ccagggatag gatattttca ctcattctgg aataattact tctaattatc agttaccaaa    354960
     tgaggcaatg acccctacat gtgcccacag gccagcctga cctatgaagt ttatctctga    355020
     gtttatgtta attataacaa caaaggtaca aaattgtcta cagcttcatt cttcatgcaa    355080
     attttttgct gctgtgacaa ttatatcctt cattcatttt gaatgttaga attcattacc    355140
     agaaccacat tgactgaatt tatgtgattg ttatgagacc atttattctt tttttatcat    355200
     tacatgcaac tattcaagca gttaccacac tttccttcct tactggcatt tttagggaat    355260
     actataatag ttagtagcaa aatacttctt ggaagtccta ggtaggattt ttgcctatat    355320
     aaaaatttac aggtcatttt acacatttaa ttttggaaat cttggttgga ttacagggat    355380
     tttctactta gaatcatgaa ggaaagaacc tttgagattg gtctgagtaa ttacagtgat    355440
     taagctaatg aattggaaag acttccctaa aattacatag cagcttactc tgtggtggac    355500
     ctggactgca aaaaatgaag aattctaggc aaacaccaac attcttctct ccttgcttcc    355560
     ttgcatttat gaatttgaac atttgcttca gtatcctgcc accatggctt ctccaccatg    355620
     attaacttta tttaatctgt agttgaaata aacctttcct tctttatgta cttattttca    355680
     aattgtttta ccacagacac tagaaagtaa ctagaaaact gggtgcaggg gcacatacct    355740
     ttagtcctag aactcaggag gcagatacag gaggatcaaa tgaatctgtt gggaaaccct    355800
     gttactcaag gtcaaagtct accatgtttg gagaactcct caaagctcga ttgaaatgta    355860
     ggactccatt tttccatcaa ggtttcccct tctgtcacct tgtctcagga gcataacccc    355920
     catatcctct acctgacaaa gttcatgcaa accttggaaa catatgagtt caatttctcc    355980
     cttgtaaatc aaaacccaag gagcaataaa aaggtattcc tagactgact ctccatacaa    356040
     atgaggcatc tatattaatt tttcttttat ttgattaatt aattaattga ttaattaatc    356100
     atgactacat gtcatgcaca tagctccctg accctcttct tgcacagtct ctcttccatt    356160
     cttccttttc tgtgagaagg gagaggccac gttgctcttc aaaacacctt ggcacatcaa    356220
     gcttttacaa tattaagcat gtcttctccc actgaggcca gaaagtcagg acagctcttg    356280
     ccccagttgg tgggtactca catgaaaacc aaggataaca tctgttacaa ttgtgagaga    356340
     tgatttcctg tcccctgctt gatatttggt tggtgggtga atctctggca acaaaaattg    356400
     cccaagttac ttgactatgt tggtcttctt gtgtagtggt aatcaccctt ggatccctca    356460
     atctttccct caactcttcc acaaaaatag ctggccattg tttggctgag ggtctctatc    356520
     tcttcccatc agtttctggc tgaagtcttt caaaagcaag taatgcaagt ttcctgtttt    356580
     caagcacagc ttaatataat taatagtgtc aggaattcga tctgacccat ggtgtgggtc    356640
     tcaaatttgt ccattaatat ttggactttg cgtcagtctc ggatccacat ttgcatgtgc    356700
     atatcttgta ggaagaacac atttggggtg gaaagtcttc tgggtaggtt gatgtcttta    356760
     tctcctcact ggatgcctgt ctggctaaaa gaagtagcac tgcaggttcc ataactccca    356820
     atgctaagag gctccgctaa agtcaccana tcaaagttct tctagcttct cctctcttgc    356880
     gtctctgaca catcctcctc cacaatcctc tacatgtnga ttccctctgc ctcatccccc    356940
     cccatcctct ctcccaccct actccctcat ccaaaatata taaataactc aagaaccaac    357000
     aaaccaaata atcctactaa aagtgggcta ccgatctaaa cagaactcac cacagaggaa    357060
     tatctaatac ctgaaataca tgttcaacac cactagtcat aagcaaaatg ccaatcaaaa    357120
     tgaatcttat attacatctt aaatgtatca gaatgactaa gaaaaattaa tcaaaaaaag    357180
     aacgtgatga aagggatgta gaacaaagag aatatttccc cattggctgt gagaatgtca    357240
     acttgtgtga ccagtctgga aaacaattgg cagaatctca gaaaactaac aatagtttta    357300
     ccccaagacc cagatataaa acttatacca ctcctgggca tatacccaaa agatgtttcg    357360
     ccatatgaca aggacacttg attaactatg ctaatagcat ctttacaaaa agaaggaccc    357420
     agaaagtaga aacaacccaa atgtccttca acagaggaat ggataaagca aatatggttc    357480
     ctttacaaaa tagtttaata ctcggctatt aaaaataaga atatcctaaa ttcaaagaat    357540
     agagcataaa acaagaaata tcatcctgaa tggagtaagt cagaccaaaa aaggacatga    357600
     tggtttgtat ccatttaaag tgaacattaa ccataaatta caggataaca atgctgggat    357660
     ccacagatac aaggaagtca aatagtaatg atgacccaag agaagataca tgaatcttac    357720
     tcagaatgga aataacataa acatcagagg ttaatccata gcattttgaa ttctagccaa    357780
     tgatttacat ttaccatgac aattcctcat tctccaaggc tcacttatag tctttgctca    357840
     ctgtggctaa actgtatgtg cacatgctgc cttactgaaa atcatctaag agagctggct    357900
     cattgagcac tgtttaaaag agctgtaaca ctggaaagag aggcccattg gacacgcaaa    357960
     ctttttatgc cccagtacag gggaatgcca gggccaaaaa aggggagtgg gtgggtaggg    358020
     gagtgggggt gggtgactat gggggacttt tggtatagca ttggaaatgt aaatgagcta    358080
     aatacctaat aaaaaatgga aaaaaaaaaa gatctgtaac actataagcc ttgaaggatt    358140
     tttctcactc cccttcccac ctcagctctc agtccaagcc agacaggcag actacacttt    358200
     attcttccag gctagttttt agatatgact gaatacccta agggaataaa caaaggacaa    358260
     agaaccacag ctggagccca acatgtaaac accaaaaagt ttcttcattt gacttcagat    358320
     tgtatgtata ccacaaactc tctaaggtca ggttgtttct aagagtgagt tcatagaaac    358380
     caagagctat acagactgtt ttttgcataa taaataaaaa taaataagta actgcaccca    358440
     gaagttgata tcagaaagtc agtccattgg ctgctataga attgacccag gtgttcaaaa    358500
     ttctgtgaaa aagcctttgg aagcattaac taaaaattgt aaattttgga tagaaattgc    358560
     ttgaacactc taagcaaaga taatgatggg aaactggagg actagaatac cgttaataaa    358620
     ggaagagaga attcatttac ttttcctttt aaggttcatg catctttcct tggacaaccc    358680
     ttcttattta gcttctttga acctgtgggg catatcacgg ataacatatg ctttatgcat    358740
     aatatccact tattagtgaa tacataccat gcatgtaatt ttgggtctgg attacttcac    358800
     tcagcatgtt attttctatt tccaaccaca ggaggcagaa ggagaaaggg agtatgatga    358860
     gaggtgatga agaagggtat aggagatatc agcaccagtt gtggggagaa acaaggccat    358920
     gagaaataat gggagtctac agttgatagg ggtgagagat ttggggaaat ccctagcaaa    358980
     ttccagagac ctgggatggg ggaaactccc agaaggcaat acaagtaact ttatcctaga    359040
     cacatagtgt ggatatagaa cctgaagagg ccactccttg tggccaggca gcactcccag    359100
     taaagggata agaacaccaa ccaatctaga aaaaaaaatt ggcacaaaat gtgtcctaat    359160
     gaaaagcaat gcatcaacaa atgtagatca gagactgaaa aaaactaacc aaaaactggc    359220
     cctacctcag atatatccct ctggatagca tcaatatctg acactattaa ttagagtctg    359280
     ctaaccaaaa tttggacttt cttattcttt ttcttttctt ttcttttctt tttttctttt    359340
     ctttctttct ttttttcttt tttctttttt tggtaattag gttacttagt ttgtttgttt    359400
     gaagggaatg gtgtggaaag tgactgaaaa agctggaaat aggtctacta catgacctag    359460
     gtatgctact cttggacata taccaaagag attttatgtc cttccataaa gatatctgtt    359520
     cttttatagt caattctgtg ctctacagta aaaccagaaa atagaaacgg cacttatgtt    359580
     catcaactga tcaataaaaa gaaatattgt atttaaacaa tttaatattt atccagctat    359640
     tatgtttgtc aatcttatta acaaaacatt tgcctaaaca tatttgcaac actttccctt    359700
     tacttaggat ataatatctc cacccaggag tccaacactt gttgacagat cattgtaaca    359760
     tggagtcttc gaacaaaagc tcttgtgcac acaagctgta gaataaaatt atacccctgg    359820
     tttgagggaa ggcaatgcat ctaccatatg tctaagttga gtgttttaga gtttattcta    359880
     ccaataatgt gggactttcc aaaagtggat ctctaaaatg agttgagttt agatccagga    359940
     gtcacatatg gaaaacaaga gtaaaagtta agatttctat gtgatgacca catatctgat    360000
     gcacattgtc ctctgggaaa tagaacactg cacataggtt acacttgttc ctcccaaagg    360060
     ctgaaaattg ttgaagcaaa acatgagaca ggaaacagat tttttcatgt tggacagata    360120
     cagtgtacac gtattttgga tctctagatt ctgagagtac agggaaatcc atacataaca    360180
     aatttaacaa attcccaggg aacatacatc acttcccagg ataggacaaa aagaagatat    360240
     atcaggagca gttctggaat cagccctcag atcaggggca tgatccagag cctgagcagg    360300
     tcagagaaga ttgtactgag taaagacata atagaaggga cttcaaggaa cagctggctc    360360
     aggaatggaa tgtgcctctt actgataagg aattgtctta gtcattagta taatacaagt    360420
     ctttatttat tctgtagaaa gaaatctgta gaacacattg acaccaacaa atgctaattt    360480
     gatccaattt atccttaaat ccatctgtca tacaaacttg aagttcagaa gaaatacaag    360540
     attcaatggc ctaggtatta caaaaccacc atttgggaga gaggaggact ctcagaaaca    360600
     agttcaagaa aaggagagga aataatctga acttggaaat gtctttctgc atttgttctg    360660
     attctttaca aaaatcataa gaaaattcct caaaagaata ttttggactt cccaatgtgt    360720
     ttcctattgg aataaaccat agttcaaaca tttaaatctg ggttttgttt atgtgttgtc    360780
     cagctcttga catttatagg aggacaagag cagacatgcc tcacatggta cagaaggata    360840
     aagggcagcc taccctcagt ctttctctaa gtatttgaaa agaatattct ccatgcaaat    360900
     tactcttcag gctctagatt taaatatcac tctttcctgt ggtagctcat aagtctctgc    360960
     ccagacaaga ctggtgtctc tggggaaggc agcattgtta tctagaagat gagactacta    361020
     gggtttctcc tgtgcttggc agcagctcta aaaagtgagt gtcagtaact gggtctcctg    361080
     ggtcagacat aggttctttg cgggcttatg acttaaggta aatgacagac aaatctgttt    361140
     tcaggtgttc tgtcccagat tcagcttaag gagtctggac ctgctgtcat caagccatca    361200
     cagtcactgt ctctcacctg catagtctct ggattctcca tcacaagtag tagttattgc    361260
     tggcactgga tccgccagcc cccaggaaag gggttagagt ggatggggcg catatgttat    361320
     gaaggttcaa tatactatag tccatccatc aaaagccgca gcaccatctc cagagacaca    361380
     tctctgaaca aattctttat ccagctgagc tctgtgacaa atgaggacac agccatgtac    361440
     tactgttcca gggaaaacca cacagtgagg gaacttcatt gtgaccccag acataaactt    361500
     tctgcagtag tgctgaagac cagtagggga ctcacagtat gcactaagta taggctcatc    361560
     tccatgagca aggataaatt ccagcttatg caaaaaaaga aatataaata tgacaaatat    361620
     gtagttttaa atgccatgct ggatttatgt ctcatacact ctataggtcg tacataaaag    361680
     atagattaga tatataagct ctttctttat gtatccaaaa gttatgattt aagataatat    361740
     ttcaatattc ttaaaaattg tgcatgtata attctttcct cttagtgttc tcagttacta    361800
     cttgttacca ctaagggtgt aaatacttga ggacttatat ttaataaatt gctgcaaata    361860
     atactcttat ttctagttaa taaataaata aattatgcac atgtgactat taataacctt    361920
     tcaagctttc tagttacaac cactccttaa gagaaacaaa acacccatgg aaggagttac    361980
     agagacaaag tttggagccg agacaaaagg atggaccatc tagagactgc catatccagg    362040
     gatccatccc ataatcagcc tccaaacact gacaccattg catacagtag caagattttg    362100
     ctgaaaggac cctgatatag ctgtctcttg tgagactatg ccggggccta gcaaacacag    362160
     aagtggatgc tcacagtcag ctattggatg gatcacaggg cccccaatgg aggagctaga    362220
     gaaagtaccc aaggagttaa agggatctgc aacactatag gtggaacaac attatgaact    362280
     aacaagtacc ccggagctct tgactctagc tgcatatgta tcaaaagatg gcctagtcgg    362340
     ccatcactgg aaagaaaggc ccattggact tgcaagcttt atatgccaca gtatagggga    362400
     acgacagggc aaaaaagtgg gagtgggtgg ttaggggaat gggggggagt atatggggga    362460
     ctttttggga tagcattgga aatgtaaatg aggaaaatac ctaataaata aaaaaaaaga    362520
     gagaaacaat tgaaagtgca attagtcact gcccatgtta catgaatact gattatatca    362580
     gtcaagtatg ttttgtcaac aagttgttaa ttctaaggat aagatattgt gaaactttaa    362640
     aactttaact tcctaaaaga caaagaaggg ggaaaatata tccccgtgca tattatttag    362700
     tgcactaccg tgcacactat taaaattata cttttatttt agaattttga aatttagatg    362760
     tcaaagaatt taatatatgc cttatagtat cttaaaagga tctacttatt ggcatatggc    362820
     ttgatcctaa acagctacct tatttgggaa gggaaaatat cggtcctctc cacagaacac    362880
     tgcagaagca tgatggttaa ttcttgtgac aagctggcag gtgagttggc tcagtgacct    362940
     gactgaagtg acaaggaagc taaattgggt acatgttttt gacccatcct aatatcccaa    363000
     tattagagaa tcctgttgca gatagctaaa aattttaatt acccagcaaa gttaactaag    363060
     agcacatcat ccactcccag agaagctgca gtcttcctgc aattctcaaa gccagccccc    363120
     caacccccca agaaggccag agactgagct tgaaccttgc taatttgcaa ctgaataaag    363180
     tacctggact ttcccaaaag aagctttgta ctgttacctt tcactgtctg gattttgttt    363240
     ttcaatcagg tcaatcaaca ccttcagcct tactgcagca ggcatgcatc cctgtcccca    363300
     agagcatgca ggtggcagct actaattttc attctaaaag cattccatca cataatgtga    363360
     cttttggtct gttttgggat taaggtttgc tatgaggact agaaaggcag aaatttcaga    363420
     tattagaaaa agttgttttt attctgataa gatgggctta gtctcttatc tggtcttcag    363480
     ttttccaccc ttgctgataa tgcaaggtcc ccttggttcc tcaggctgtg gagatattag    363540
     ggatgaggag ggtgacctcc agctcctaaa ttagcctaag agccaaaatc tgtggtgtta    363600
     caagtggcat aattgttgta gaggcctttc tgaatctgag gttgacaatt ctcccttagg    363660
     agatgcacag tactcagaac tgtgcatgct ggttcaagat aatatgaatc cagtatgggc    363720
     accgccatgg gtacgaggct aagcactaca ggggaaggtc taacttgacc atttctgagt    363780
     tccctgagag acacacccaa tttcgatgga ggttggtatc aagttccagt tacaaccaaa    363840
     agaatctttc taaggctctg cctcccctcc ccaaatgtta tcaagagcca tgattgtggg    363900
     tcatgacagc acccacggaa ggaatccggt caatgctccc acaaccatgg ttaatgccag    363960
     ctcatccaag gatgagaaga tcatttgatc acctcagtta agtgtggcct tatcaaattc    364020
     aaaggcagga gaggttggag atcaaacagt gataaggcaa gcccttcaca gcctcccatc    364080
     cttataagcc aaatggcctt gttctaagga tccagttgta accccctcct tcctgttccc    364140
     tgcctgtcac ccaaggctgt taagaaggat ccatgtactc tcctttagtg ttatcttatt    364200
     atagtgcctt ttaagattga attctgatat agttaagtct ttgccagtgt tccaaagaca    364260
     tagaaagaca atgaagctga gaactttgaa ttcagtaaga attcagcaag agagttacct    364320
     attcagtaac tgtttagaat taaaaaacac ggagccaaga gctcaaggct agtctacaaa    364380
     atgattacta ggacagaaag gacaggcata actaaataag ggtttacttt gagaaaagtt    364440
     agggaatacc actgagacag gtttcttcat tagaccctaa gaattcaggc agaactatac    364500
     agcataaata aatgttattc ttcagcccag actttctttt ttatattaac aacagggaaa    364560
     gcccaatatc aggctgaaca ggcttgacta ttatcaccag gggatcatca ggggtggagc    364620
     ctgccaccct attgttctgc cactcccact gctactacct gccacctagc tgttccagag    364680
     tatacatgtg gtcacctatg ctgaactccg aagatgattt ggcaggaatg ggctcgtccc    364740
     ccttctttat aagccggagt ttctgaatat taaaattgag ctttgatcag aatcttgtct    364800
     tagctcaatc ctttcttgct ccgcctagat tccctctttt cttccatata ccaagatgtc    364860
     ttccaggctc aaacccggac atatgagctg ccggccagcc tcaacacaca atgatacttt    364920
     tatttcactg ccacctcttc aagctttcta gtatttagtg aaaactaatt cacatgtcct    364980
     ctgagtgatt gcagttttgt tataaataag agaaatcatg tgatatttct agtgtgaaaa    365040
     atttttaagg cagaattgat atcacaatcc atggtttcct cttccggatg aaaaacctac    365100
     tgaagatcct tcccatgaca tgggtgggta atggatcaca tgtcggttca ggtacatgga    365160
     tgcttgggga agcaagtttc atggagtttg actgcattta ttcccatact tcctggtaaa    365220
     tgttgggttg tagggaagca ccaaggcacc acacagtggt gggaaagcac agtctgattc    365280
     ttgggaatgc tggagatggc tcaggggtcc ctgggccagc aacaagactg aactatgggt    365340
     tttttaggct cttggaatcc acatgactct gagagttggg gaagagctga gaacacagtg    365400
     agagtctatg gacaggatct agcttagagc ctaggataaa aatgggagct cttgctggtt    365460
     ccatgatgat tgtccttggc ttgatgggta gcaggcatgg tcataattgt agatgggagt    365520
     acaaagatgg acttctagtg gcattgtggt caaaggcctg ctccatttct cccacagcag    365580
     atcctgatga aaacagacag tccattgtag tgaattcttt actgtcatgg tcgagatttg    365640
     atgcataaaa ccatatccta cttttcaggg ttgacctgag attaagtgat atctgcaagg    365700
     gggaatgtca gtgaaaagaa tcttatttgc aacacactac aggcctgtag gtcacccatt    365760
     agaatgaaca tcattctctg gagcctatgt gaccatagat catttctctt tttcattaca    365820
     ttggtctggg aagttaggga tgacacatct acatgtagaa ggtcttgcag ctgagctttt    365880
     atatgactta tggccaaaaa tctatgaggg ctgtggctat gtgacagggg cctcgtgtgc    365940
     aggatcaggc aaaattcctt tagggtaacc taggcttcaa agcctttatt ttagacaagg    366000
     accaggctac ctcgcagggt tcacagcccc acacatcatc gctgaaaaaa aatattgatt    366060
     tgcttcctaa cctaaacata tattcctgta tttatatcat ttggaatttg tacaagcact    366120
     acatgaatat aatgtgtttc tactccttcc aattcctctc ccatctactc atcaagattt    366180
     cctcccaact ctatgtgtgc ttcttttttt tcttttatta tgtttttttt tttaaataac    366240
     tgactttaat ctatgatgac agtgtgaatg tgggcataca actatatcct ggaggatggt    366300
     tagtttttca atgcccacat cactaaagaa tactaacttt tctcagcagt atcaaaaccc    366360
     aatcgttctt caagtatgga taagacttca tgtccaccac cttacattat gatgcaatat    366420
     tgcctggcgt aactctttct aggtctgtgc ttattgtcaa cttccctgtt acatacagaa    366480
     aaccctgttt tactatagtt atccattgtc tctcattctt ccagtgtttc ttgctctctt    366540
     tcaggatgtt tcttaagcct cagcagaaga taatattgca taatgacaac acaaatttac    366600
     tgtgatcatc acagtatttc ctaaaaatat atttgtatga atgtatattg gagattcaag    366660
     gaagaaagat cagttgtatt ttcttgtttg cttttaagca aaaaccagct gtgtcttgtt    366720
     tttctatcat gagcttagaa cttctgactc tggattttcc aagctacaga agataggata    366780
     cactgttgga aagtgcagtc attgggaaat cacagaacaa aaagcatcat atacacctcc    366840
     agaaattcag agaatgtcaa gttttccctg aggtttacat ctttgatggc acaggtacta    366900
     tatagttact atatagttag agacacagtg aagagacatc agtgttgtca aacagccacc    366960
     attacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacactttct tctgttcata gattcagcaa    367020
     ggcaacttaa gaaatgtctt gatttttggt tctgatataa cattacattg tctaaatcta    367080
     atattttctg ctatgtgtgt tggtattttt atctgtttag ttactaagaa aagatatatc    367140
     taggctttac aaaggcagaa tttcactttc caaaaataga aatgactctg ccattgatag    367200
     catggttata gttgataaat ttcactcaca cagtgggatg ctgtaattta aacatggttt    367260
     tggcacagat caaactagca agttgtataa aggttccaat gactagaaaa cttattggtt    367320
     tcccatctga cctggctcct ctcatatctg agaggaccat aggctgagag ctgattgggg    367380
     tatttgtgtt tctgtcagta aagatatttt catcctgtat tttcattcct tgttctctgg    367440
     ccttttccca ggagatcaca tgatgcccaa gaagggtata cccattaggt aaatgttgtg    367500
     agaaatttct taagctcttg tgtccactgt ccttctgatg ttctctgtgc aatatacaca    367560
     atatcaacac tattaggtac ttcaaatata aaccgcaaat tgggatagag taaaagtgag    367620
     actcctttat ttgcgaatat tgagggaaat caacagaaag aatgagcatg atatgagtgt    367680
     tctgttgttt ttagatttta actgtacagg ctaatgtatg tatcataggg tgatttcagg    367740
     tcgaacaggc ttgatttctc aaggaaaact aaagcttctg tcttccacat aattcaaatt    367800
     taagttttct cttaaatatc acagtaacac agatgtttta ggacaaaatt tttgactcaa    367860
     aagatatgaa taaatcccta taatcctgtc tagtaatcaa tttagaaaac ccctaagtgt    367920
     ggatgagatt aaccacattg agttacattt catcaggtaa accaagaagg acagtgtgct    367980
     actgtatact atgatttaca aatgacatgt ctgcataatc aataggtttt ctattttctt    368040
     tttgaattgc aacaggtaaa aaggaaaagc caaaataaat catagttgtg caaagacgga    368100
     ggagcaggtg cagagtggaa ttatcatgtg tgtttcttga ctgtacccag aatttattct    368160
     tctcatttaa ccacataaaa gtcctgggac accagatgct ctatcagaac ccttgcattg    368220
     aaggacacaa gagctgactg gcatttacag ttattttcta ctatctcttg gaagttacat    368280
     aaagagaaat gatacaattc aaaatctttc tcaatcgaaa tgaatactgt ttatgtcgtt    368340
     gtaaaatgag atgctcattt ggaaaactag acattagaga actttctcat gaagacacag    368400
     ttccaagcct taccatgctg tgtctcttca aaaatcttta atattgtcat ctttaggtgc    368460
     aatgtttgtt agatgtctgt gagttatgtg atgtctataa gacattaaat ttctcttata    368520
     tatgtgaata tatatatttc agggccttgg ttacttgtct caagattata ttttctagtt    368580
     ctatctgttt gatttttgtt tttgctgttg ttctgttttg ttttacaaac tagataatgt    368640
     aatcttaaat gctgaataat gctttttgtg caattgtact actttttttt taaacaaaat    368700
     tttcagttca ggtacatcta ggttatttcc aatatatagc tattattgtt aaaactgata    368760
     tgaatgtagt tgagcgaatg ttcttgctgt agaacggaga gcccgggtat atgacaagga    368820
     gtggtatatc tgggtctttt ctaataaact accacattat tttccaaagt ggtccacaaa    368880
     tttgcactcc cacaagaaaa accagaattg cggagtatca aagaaggctt aaataagaac    368940
     ataaagattc tcttgggagg gggaaatata ctagatttta taagtggaga ggggttgggt    369000
     ttagaaatag gaggaaatgg ggaaaaatac tgagaggaag gacttcaact ggagctattt    369060
     catgggcaat ctagaaacat agtacaatta aaacttcatg taatgtaaag gtgtgagcct    369120
     agaaaagact cctagtggtg gaagacaggg agcctatact ggtcaactcc tagaaccagg    369180
     caaggtctca agtggagaga ttgacataaa ctcagacata aaaccttcag tctagaattt    369240
     gtccttctta cagtatttgt tgggatcaaa gcctagcaaa actgtcatcg aagagatcat    369300
     acagacattg tgtgcttcta atgagaacag ataaagaacc tcacactcca accttagtta    369360
     atccacagac aattctacag aagacagaag gtagagttcc agaagagtta gagacaccat    369420
     aagaacatga gtcacagaat caatgggcta tcagaaatca gggaacctat agggtttaac    369480
     ctgggtctct gcttaaatgt tatagcagac tagctaactg ttcttctggg attcctaaaa    369540
     gtaagcatga gatgtttctt gattcttttg tttatttgtg tcaccatttt tttgctattg    369600
     gttcaccatg tccagccttg atgccattgt atttgcctgg tcttatacta gtttgtcatc    369660
     cagtgttcag ttgatgtcct agatatgctt gttcttttct gaggagagat gagaggtgat    369720
     cctgagacaa agggaaagtg ggggaagaca cacaagaagg gcagagttgg gaaacttcaa    369780
     gcgatggaag atattgcaga acaaatttta aaactttatt gaacccctgt ttcatttttc    369840
     tcccagatga aatgtgaatc agtgagagca ggattttaaa ttcacagcca ctgcctttgg    369900
     atcagtctgt gccattattg ttaggtagac acctatttag tgcaccattt gattatacac    369960
     acacagacat accgacatac acacatataa tataatagat ataatataat ataatataat    370020
     ataatataat ataattaata taatataata taataatata tatgtgtatt tgtatatgta    370080
     tgtgtatgta atgttgttgg ggtctctcat ctgctcacca caggatgcca caagtttgac    370140
     caagcttacc tcaagctgta gccaggtggg tgttgagtca tagaacagca ctgggacccc    370200
     acccaggcct ggaaaatcac agtctgaggc tcagaacagc caaagctggc tcggggtccc    370260
     cagaccaaaa aaaggcacag ccatttgctt ctcagattct tgggcatcca gatgccactg    370320
     gaagacatgg aagatatgag aatatatgca tatacaagta ttcacttttt ccacacgttg    370380
     cttaatgaat atgaagcaat ctccttcatt gcctctaacg attttaggac tgacatcaat    370440
     tctattacac attataatac caaagcttat ttgtccctta gttccaaagg ctggataaac    370500
     taccaacaaa agagtacata tggtgggatt catggctcta gctgcatatg tagcagagga    370560
     tggcctagtc agtcatcaat gggaggagag gtacttggtc ctatgaagat tctatacccc    370620
     agtatagggg aatgagaggg ccaggaagca agagagggtg ggttggtgag cagggggagg    370680
     gggaggaggg aggggacttt tggagaggaa accaggaaag ggaacaacag ttgaaatgta    370740
     aataaagtaa atatctaata gaaaataaaa taaaaagacc tcaagaattt agactccaaa    370800
     agtcaaaata accaaattaa atagaggagt acagagctaa tcgaagtaat ctcaacaaaa    370860
     atatctgtaa tggccaagaa gcacttaaag aaatgtttta aatcccttaa tgaccaaggg    370920
     aatgcaaatc caatcaaccc tcagattcaa ccttacacta atcagaaggt ctaagaaaaa    370980
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaccca agtgacagca tattcctgta aggatgtgaa gcaaggcaac    371040
     cattctttca tagttgatga gaaaacatac tggtagaacc actcaaaacc aaccgggtgg    371100
     ttcatcagaa aattggaaat agttctatgt gaaaactcaa ctataccact ccacaatatc    371160
     acaaggaccc atatttcact atgttcgtag gggacttcat aatatccaga aactgaaaac    371220
     aacctaaata tctctcagtt gaagaatggg cagagaaaat tgaactgttt caaagtttta    371280
     ccttgactta tggaaaatga aaacccacat tttataattt taaaatgaaa tgtttatttt    371340
     ctatttctga aaatttcaca aggaaggatt agtcactggt gtgggaaggc agaggaccat    371400
     aagagttcag gaatagaatt cattatgatt ctggagtcaa ggaagtactg atgccaaggt    371460
     ttcagtataa gagcagtatt cactggaaag gatagtcact acatctgagc acagagcagg    371520
     acagctacat aatgagtggt cactaatggg ccactgctcc ccttttatat gtataaggct    371580
     taggaatgag cactgaggct gtgaggtgta tgggtgagga catcagaatg caaacccagc    371640
     tcaggtagag gactcagagg acagcacaat cagcatgagc taataaacat cagataagat    371700
     aaggcacaag ctcagctata tagggtcagg gaactttgta aatctgattg tgtatccagt    371760
     ctagttcaat gtgacttaag gaagcccagt catatgcaaa tctagagaag actttagagt    371820
     agaaatctga ggctcacctc acataccagc aagggagtga ccagttagtc ttaaggcacc    371880
     attgagccca agtcttagac atcatggatt ggctgtggaa cttgctattc ctgatggcag    371940
     ctgcccaaag taagacatca gaaaaaagag ttccaagggg aattgaagca gttccatgaa    372000
     tactcacctt cctgtgttct tttcacaggt atccaagcac agatccagtt ggtgcagtct    372060
     ggacctgagc tgaagaagcc tggagagaca gtcaagatct cctgcaaggc ttctgggtat    372120
     accttcacaa actatggaat gaactgggtg aagcaggctc caggaaaggg tttaaagtgg    372180
     atgggctgga taaacaccaa cactggagag ccaacatatg ctgaagagtt caagggacgg    372240
     tttgccttct ctttggaaac ctctgccagc actgcctatt tgcagatcaa caacctcaaa    372300
     aatgaggaca cggctacata tttctgtgca agacacagtg tgaaaaccac atcctgaggg    372360
     tgtcagaaac catgaggaga aggtggttca gctgtgtcca gaagcaacca gaggaagcat    372420
     tctctccttg atgtttggcc acaattatga gattactgac aacacatata atagtcatat    372480
     atggtcagcc acagaacgtt ctcagtggga ttgtgacaga ccagactgat gaaagggaga    372540
     ggggccattt catagcatct ttaatttggt atataaatac tgttaatatg acaatatcag    372600
     tttaaatata ctaaattatc aaacaattct gaatatcata tatgagaaac agtaacatca    372660
     gagtctatta taatctcaga gaagatgaaa aatccatggt tctacaggct tataacagag    372720
     ggtgaaatga tacagaccac aggcatggtg gggaaatttt gcctataagc aactactata    372780
     gacagcagat ttccacaaac aaccctgcct gcagtagttt catttacttg cctcacaaca    372840
     aatataatta tttgtagata aataacacat atttcaaaga agtgaatact tgccaatgat    372900
     cactggtatt ttacagttga aagaagaaca atgtctacag ggcagaccac ccagtgtgcc    372960
     ctggactaga tcaccatcca aggagagtac aattagtttt tcatggctcc agatacatat    373020
     gtaacagacc atggcattgt ctgacattag agggagggga ggctcttatt cctgtgcaga    373080
     tttgatgact cactgtaagg gggtgctgta atggtggggt aagattaggg tgtgtgggtg    373140
     aagggaagac cttcatatag gcaaatgggg gaagggcaga tgtgggatgg gttgtttgtg    373200
     gatgataacc aggaacttgg agatcatttg agattcaaga aatggaatga tgaattaaaa    373260
     aagggtattt gtagaaatca tccctgaata aataacagta attttctttc ttttaaaaaa    373320
     tacattgtat gatttttcat tagatatttt ctgtatattc atttcaaatg ttatctcttt    373380
     tcctagtttc acttagtttc ctggccctgg atttccccta tactggggca tagaaccttc    373440
     ctacgaccaa aggcctctcc tcactttgat taccaactag gccaccatct gctacacaca    373500
     ataatttttt aagacataga tatgattcaa gaagacagac ctgcaatagc taaagctaat    373560
     tttcagtcta gaatcagaat tttcagatct tgcaggtcag acatggcttt catgatccaa    373620
     gtcctcagga ctcagccaga gcttcttata taataagtgg atgttcactt gcaatcttag    373680
     tgattattaa tttttttagt tttcatgtcc aggtgcgttt attaaacttc aaaattccat    373740
     ctagaatttc tgttattaat tgttaattgt tattaatctt ttagcttcaa gtatccaagt    373800
     tacaaatttc atatttgtct ccagaaaatc ctttttctgt tttgaaattt tacaaaacca    373860
     agactcatta attctttgtc tattttcact gttctagaga cttttacttc gttatagaaa    373920
     acttctgaga tattgacaca gagacgttcc attccatttt caatagcctc ccacagtgtg    373980
     tctacattgt aatctgtgga aatgttgtga tacatactgc ttcctcagtc atttaggtag    374040
     cagatttgtt atctaagaac acttatttct ccaaagggaa aatttcgacc aaaagtgata    374100
     tcattgtttt tgcaaaacat tcagtatgta tcttgatggc caatgatcat tatagcattc    374160
     ttcccccccc ccccattata gtgagagtct tttaaagtaa tttaaaatat gcccaagttg    374220
     aaaccaaatt gccatgaaat tcaaataaga gtttgaagct gataataaga ctgcagaggt    374280
     cctagagact gcaccaagcc cttccagcca tttatttttg ttcccaataa aggctcaacc    374340
     tactcaacgt tctgtgacaa gtggagactg atacttatgg tcttgtaaca ctgggtttct    374400
     ctagggagaa tgaatggcag gagactatag cccccatact tggaagagaa atcatgtaaa    374460
     caaaatcatc taaaatatac aaaatatttt gtgcctgcta acttgatttt aacaatgcct    374520
     ttttgtagca cacattgagt atatgcggta gttaaagaag ttcacataca gatatgtaat    374580
     taaaatactg gaacatttga aaatttcaaa tcaaagacga tctttttgga ggagtgaaat    374640
     gtattttctt tttatttcac agaggtttac attaaaagga atgaatctac aacctgatat    374700
     gcagcatata tttggggatt aacatgtttg cttaaaagtc atttgttact atacacagca    374760
     accccaaatg tactctcgga gcttctattc tcttgttcta ctccacaact gtcattcact    374820
     aagcttatag caaatacatc tctttattac tcattgcatg tcatgcaata aaaggaggct    374880
     gaatttggtt aagtcagatc cagaaagaca agagtgcttc gtgaagacac agctataaat    374940
     ttccatgcag aaggatccat gggaatggga ggaatccatt gtgtttatac tttacgtgaa    375000
     tatatccatt ttttcccaga tataaaaggt gatttaccaa acagattaaa tcacagcccc    375060
     atacctccta tgtcctcatt ctttctcaac taggaaaata tattatagat gtgagaactg    375120
     atttataaat gatacacact aattcttcat ttcaccaggg atgtgagtgt tctgttccaa    375180
     gtgcatatac aaaagtcgag aaaatatctg caagagtact cacagacact ctctatcaat    375240
     tgttctatat ttggttactt ataccatcag gaacagaggt ggtatgtact ggagataaag    375300
     aggttcaaac ataaattagt gttgagaaat tgatacatga tggattatgt aaaaatttaa    375360
     cagaaatatg tacatgttac tgaaatctag gcaattgaaa tgtaagtaaa ggtataagta    375420
     tagaagatat aaaacgcatg cggcattgag aaaactgcag gagggaatct atgagaaaag    375480
     gaaacgtgga tctgaatctg atagtagatg tccatggaaa taaatgatac tgtcccatta    375540
     atttgtggtt tcctctctgg caaagaacta ctaacctgta cctcctgacc caaatagagg    375600
     atgatctatg tatattgaga acctgtgtgc tcatggactg tggacaactc tcattgggaa    375660
     tgcagacatc cttctattta ctactactac atacttccat ttatattttc atgagacaca    375720
     gaatgtctta aatcaagact tgattgagat ttagacagaa aagatataat atttctaggt    375780
     taggcagcag gatggtgaga tttgatactt aaagttgtgt gaagaaatgt attctgtgtt    375840
     ctatcctgga aactgtgcat aaaggtttta ttcccagtga aaatccattt accacattgt    375900
     tgggactggc ctgtgattct catgtccggg ttctagtctg gaaggcatct tggaactgga    375960
     agagaagagg gaatctaggc gggtagagaa ataatggaac caagactgct agtctgctca    376020
     aaattcaaat ttttaatagc aggcacactt tataaaggaa aggggaaagc ccattcctgc    376080
     caaataattt ttggagccca gctgcaggtg accacttgta gtctcaggaa tagctaggcc    376140
     aactcccagc aggtagcagc agtggcagtg gctgaacagt aggctgatcc agggaggctg    376200
     gctccaccct acgtgatctc cttagtggta aggaatgtca aggtctggtt cagcctgctt    376260
     aaggcttgtg ggaggataca tctcctccct gttattaata taaaaaagaa aggctggatt    376320
     gatgcaaaaa atttatttat gccccatagt tctgcctgat ttccttaagc cttgtgaaga    376380
     aacctgtctc agtgggattc actaactttt gtcattgtaa acccttcttt ggttaagact    376440
     gtccttacta ttctagtaaa cagtctacag actagccctg agcggttggc tccatctttt    376500
     gtaatgctta attagttact gagtaggtaa cttccttact gaattcctac tgaattccta    376560
     gttgtaggct tctaggtctt tctaggaagt tggaacactg gcaaaggctt aactatatca    376620
     gaattcaatc ttaaaaggca cttataataa gataatatga aaggagagca tgtggatcca    376680
     tacaccacac taatgcgggg atagggtaag aatgtatggg ttatgagaat gccaaagttc    376740
     cagcaggtga gttttcacga aactcttttc ctcatgagtg ctctcacgcc tcttggcctg    376800
     ccaagcaaac ttcactggat tatgtgtagc attctctctc atttttatat ttctgctgaa    376860
     cttcctgaat atcccgcctc atcacagcta tagatcttag gagtgctcta aagataagtg    376920
     gaaacatgac catttagtaa taaaatagtg ccaataataa tagcaagtag gaaaatatat    376980
     tgaacccagt ctaggggatt tagtgcactt aggttatctt ttaaatctct ggccaattca    377040
     acaatgttcc aagtgtccaa gtgactattg ctaatatctg aaatttctgc atttctagcc    377100
     ctcatagcaa accttaatcc caaatcagac caaaagccac aatatgtact ggaatgcttc    377160
     ttgaatgaag attagtaact gccacctgca cgctgttgga ggtggggatg catgcctgct    377220
     gcagtcaggc tgaagggcat tgactggtct gcttgaaaaa caaagtccag acagtgaaag    377280
     gcaacagtac aaaagcttct tttggggaag tccaggtact ccattcaatt gcaaattagc    377340
     aaagatcagg cttagactta gagctccagg tgtgggagag gtgaccttga gaatcacaga    377400
     aaggctgtag tctttctggg caaggaggcc atgttctaat ttaaatctgt taagtaatta    377460
     agaatatttt gctatcttcc ttgggatact cttatactgg agttattact agaccagtcc    377520
     aagattgagt tagagtaact ggtcacatga gagaaagaga agaatcacta atccttctaa    377580
     gtcagattac acagtctttg atgctctttt taccgtaagg ttaaaagttt gaagcaaggc    377640
     agcttcactt gtccaaactg gaaaaatggc aagcagggat gggttgaaaa catgtaccca    377700
     attcagcttc ctagacacta cagttaacta cagtcagggc actgagcgaa ctcacctgcc    377760
     agcttgtcat acgaataagc catgatgctt ctgtagcatt ctgtggggag aacctatgct    377820
     tttccctttc ctaatgaggt agctgttcag gatcaagcca tatgccaata agcagatcct    377880
     tttaagatac tataaggcat ttattaaatt ctttgacatt caaatttcaa aattctaaga    377940
     taaaagtatg atttaaataa tgtgcacagg aatgcactaa ataatatgta cgaggatata    378000
     atttccccct tctttgtttt ttaagaaggt atagttttaa agttccacaa taccttgtct    378060
     ttgagaatta ataatatgtt gacaaaacat ctcaaatact tgacagttat agtcagtatt    378120
     aatgtaacat gggcagtgac taattgcact ttcaattgtt tctcttaaag agcagtttta    378180
     actagaaagc ttgaaaagtt attgatagtc acatgtttat aatttattta tttattaact    378240
     cagaaataag agcatttatt tgcagcaatt tattaagtat aactcctcaa gaattaacac    378300
     tactatgtgg aaacaagcaa taactgagta cactaagcac aaaggagttg acatgcacaa    378360
     tttctaagaa tactaaaata ttatcttaaa ccataactat tttgaatata tagagaatga    378420
     gattatatat ccaatctatc ttaaatgtag gacctataga ctatctgaga tataaatcca    378480
     gcatagcatt gctttaacat gtccaggcaa tctagaacaa tttattaaat gtccaaaaca    378540
     acagcctttt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttttggtt tttcgagaca gggtttcact    378600
     gtatagccct ggctgtcctg gaactcactc tgtagagcag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa    378660
     tacgcctgcc tctgcctccc aagtgctggg attaaaggca tgtgccacca tgcccggcca    378720
     aaaacagcct tcttaaaagg acaacattta ttcttatgag ttgtatatgt ataagcaatt    378780
     gtaaatttga gaattaatag catctgaggg acaaacaatc ttaagcaatt gtgagctctg    378840
     agatataata ttgactatta atatacaaat taaggtttga ttgctcagca atttaaaaca    378900
     ccaactacag cacacaactt gattatctgt gctgaagcag ggggaagctc aaaagaataa    378960
     gcatgtgatc caattcacat ctacttattt cccatagaga ggctgttttt aaacacagta    379020
     tctgggattc atgcatgcat gaatttatag aatatacaaa agcatgcata aaaacagttt    379080
     ttaacttatc tttgggatat agattgccaa ttttatttaa aatgatggta tgtaatagat    379140
     caattataaa tattctgtaa taaccaaatt aattgctgtt tggaacaagg aacagacact    379200
     tagggtttta agacacgatt ctagttagct ttttgataac agctcactag atgcaaaact    379260
     ctttacaatt atcagaatgc aaaggaaaaa acaaaccttt aaatctataa taactttata    379320
     tgaagtaagc aagccagatt gtaatgcctt taaaattcta cagcccaatt gactttttat    379380
     aaattctgaa tttaagcatt atttcaaaca tctggataga tctgcaacaa tgttttatta    379440
     gttaaaggga atttaccctg aaggcaggga gggggaggtt ctcagaactt cactagtcac    379500
     ctttttgtga aacaaagatt tcgcaccaac atctctgagg ctgctctgaa cttgcattat    379560
     ctcgaacata caagaaaatt ttcctttctt tccaagaaaa atagtatgta atgttcaatg    379620
     aagctacttt aatgagtatt ttcaatatca agtttgtcat aaaattttac ccacaagtat    379680
     acagctatca ttttacatga tattaaaact ccttgtaaga taatatatgt ttcctaatgt    379740
     ttctgataac tgagccataa ttatactatt acaataaacc ataattctga aaatataatt    379800
     tcacactttt gttcataaac atctccatct ctcctttgtc aatttctttt ttttttcatt    379860
     tttttaattg ggtatttatt tcatttacat ttccaatgct attccaaaag tcccccacac    379920
     gctcccccac ccactcccct acccacccac tcccctaccc acccactccc acttcttggc    379980
     cctggcgttt ccttgtactg aggcatataa agtttgcaca accaatgggc ctgtctttcc    380040
     actgatggct gactaggcca tcttctgatt catatgcagc tagagacaca agatccaggg    380100
     gtgggggtat tggttagttc atattgttgt tccacctata ggattgcaga tcccttcagc    380160
     tccttgggta ctgaggtaac ccaatcaaaa aagaactcac acaatatgta ctcactgata    380220
     agtggatatt agcccagaaa cttagaatac ccaagatata agatacaatt tgttaaacgc    380280
     atgaaactca agaagaatga agaccaaagt gtggatactt tgacccttct tagaactggg    380340
     aacaaaacac ccatggaagg agttacagag acaaagtttg gagctgagac gaaaggatgg    380400
     accatctaga gactgccata ttcagggatc catcccataa tcaacttcca aacgctgaca    380460
     cccttgcata aactagcaag attttgctga aaggacccag atatggctgt ctcttgtgac    380520
     ctgcaaaaca cagagcctgg caatcacaga agtggatgct cacaggcagc tattggatag    380580
     atcacatggt ccccaatgga agagaaaatt ttctaaccca agcaatttgg tcctcctgta    380640
     ataaggacag attttagaac tactaaattt catatgcaat attagaccat aactacaact    380700
     ttgggaaaac aaaacccaat ttcaaaacaa tttatcacct taagaatcaa cattaaaact    380760
     tcactactac attgtgagat ttggctgcca atttatacct atgaacacat gacagtgcaa    380820
     gctttaatgc ttcattaaag agacattgtt ttaaatctta tcataatctt actttctggg    380880
     ataagaataa cattaaatat tatctcagct agaagtgtct taggaggccc agttttttgg    380940
     cccacttatg ccacgtgttt gaaaagactc ctgagttgcc aatttaaggc taaccttctg    381000
     ttaccaatgt aacaattatt taatcttaac caataattta tgagctgatt gtgaagacac    381060
     ccagagcaca ttaccagtta aaaaaaaaca aataaacaaa acaaacaaac aaaaaatcca    381120
     aatgatgcag ctacacttag accaatcaga gaatattaat ttttctagct ataattataa    381180
     aataaaaagc actttgtcat tagctaaatg caataatcac gattgcagat tattttctta    381240
     ggaaaaaaac atctatcagc cttttagccc caataccatg aggctgcaga ctcctaaaaa    381300
     aacaaaaaca aaaacaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagtttt tccagcaggg gaaaagctga    381360
     tcatgtggcc actctcttgt taacccagca gataaagttt tagctgcctt tattttctaa    381420
     cgtgaaaaca cagaacattc agtcattcag acgactacac aggaacatac aggaattgaa    381480
     catgtgaaca gactggtgta ccagacatta gacaagactt tagacaaaaa cacaaagagg    381540
     gcagagaact tctgcggtag ggcccagaga gaacaaagca gggcacccct aaaatttctc    381600
     tctgcttctg ggacatttac ctctcacctg atgcagttcc tgactgtggc caatctgcct    381660
     gattataaaa tccaaacact tttatttctc tcgcctgaaa aagcagcttc tggaagctgc    381720
     agcagactgc ctgcctgttg agttcctagt tcccaataac tcactgctga acctaagtga    381780
     atccagtgcg caggtttagc actgttctaa cttagcctgt aaaacacctt ctctgataca    381840
     aattttcttt cttttcttct tccatggagc tccatagcag cagtgcttct tccaaatgtc    381900
     ctctgcattt cattcgtcac tcattggttc gacaaattgt tggagcctgc ctgcagctct    381960
     catgtcccag atcgaacctg gaaggcatat tggaactgga agagaagagg gaatctaggc    382020
     gggtagagaa atagtggaac caagacagct agtctgctca aggttcaaat tttttaatgg    382080
     cagacttgct taaaaggaga agggaaagcc cattcctgcc aaattatcct tggagcccag    382140
     ctgcaggtga ccacatgtac tctccagaat agctaggccg actcccagca ggtagcaaca    382200
     gcagcagtgg ctgaacaata gactgatcca gggaggctgg ccctacccta ggtgatatcc    382260
     ttagtggtaa gtaatgtcaa ggtctggctc agtctacttc aggcttaggg aagctacatc    382320
     acatccaggc ttgttaatgt gaaccatact tcagtggttc atgatccaca tgaacctcct    382380
     tagagtcagt tatatatgtt atgctgagca ggaatattga gcccatcctg ttccccagat    382440
     ggcagtgaag atcattcagt gtggcctgtg gcctgagcag agcctatgta cataaatatg    382500
     acttcagaaa gcagcacaga caattgatat atgcatggtg tcttgtggaa acactggcta    382560
     tggacatcaa catagactgc atttgtagta gcaccatggg tccagatgta ccagcacaga    382620
     cccaaacatc agcatggaca cagtaggcaa catagcccac ctacatcaat atggctcctg    382680
     gtgacagcat ggcacccaga cataaaaata gcttctctca gtcacaaact gcaaacatcc    382740
     acatagatct tgagtttctt catggtctga agagcagcat ggaccacagt ccccaatatg    382800
     acctccagca acaacatggc gaataaatga tggtccttca agagtgtcca atccaaaatg    382860
     ggaatttttc ctcattttgg gcatcacttc ttgcctagag ccagtgaaat tccacaactg    382920
     agcagcatgt tcaatgactg tctgtctata caagttagag gcttctacac actacctcct    382980
     gaaactactg gacaaataca tgtttcacag gatctcaacc ctctctcata cctggaacag    383040
     tcattctgtt tctagatttg ctactctccc cagcatatgc acagctccat ttttctctca    383100
     ttccttcttc tccatcaaat attttttcat cagtacacag cctaagtctc ctgtgaacct    383160
     gagattctgg gagtgtcaga gtttttggca atcaagcatc ttttgagacc ctgagatact    383220
     catgtgacca agctccgggt atcctggtat cctgaaatcc taagatcctg ggaatgttac    383280
     agagcctgga agtggtgtcc cctctgggga ctgtgggggc tctctgctgt gttccaaacc    383340
     aaggtatacc agtactgccc agaagcaacc ggaacagctg gtcagacact gctcctgtga    383400
     ttttgctcct gctggcacag gcccatcacg attcgtttga aacaaatgct gcatttcacg    383460
     caccagtgat cctaagattc taggcatgct agggttccta cagcatggag agtcctctgg    383520
     gaaccattgg accatctcct gagttcgcaa agaaggtggc ctgaattgga acgcggtttg    383580
     tgagaaattt attcagtatt attatataaa attcatgaag caaattagtc tgaagttgtc    383640
     tttctttgtg ggtttcagtg taggttaggt atcagagtaa ctgtggattc tagaatgaat    383700
     taggttgggc tccttctatt tctattttgt ggaatagttt aaagagaatt aatattaggt    383760
     cttctttgaa gatctgaatg aattctgtac taaactcatt ctacccaaga ttgccaatta    383820
     acaatctttc cataattccc aaacattact gaattatcct tatctacata aaactaagta    383880
     agttggaaca actttaaata tttttgagca attgctgatt ctccaataaa aatttttcat    383940
     agaccttaga aaactagtcc ttttaatact gtaccttata tacctgctaa tcggtcaccc    384000
     attgaaaaca tgaactccca gggtatgggt tgtacaagga tgtacttgtc aaaagacaga    384060
     aatgtttgca tgttgctgcc atgagttact atacctctct gctgatatag tttcaaattt    384120
     gaatattagt tatttcaaat ataataggta tgcattacta gtagaagagc ttgcattcag    384180
     gaataacaca aagaagacca gcagaaacta aactggcaaa aatatgatat ttaatacaca    384240
     ttaaccttgt agaaatgaga cattgcataa catttattaa taaaaatatg taataatctt    384300
     gagtaaaata tgaaaagaca tcacattatt cagcctgtga tggcatcaga acagatgacc    384360
     cttgagtttc agattatcta agtaaatgtg gatatcatat gtgtcctgaa aaaaacagaa    384420
     agtaacaaca gagcatgttc ccttggaaac atgaactatg tcatggttga aaaagtaggg    384480
     aaactctgaa atcagatctg agaaggccaa actgaaatcc tgattgacta aggaggactt    384540
     tgttgtttct tcagaggaaa agggatgata taggaaggca tagcagaagt caccaacaag    384600
     gaagcacttt ggacagcttc ctcattgagg acacagtgat ggaactttac aaaccttcct    384660
     tgaggggaat tcactaacac cagggtgcac tgaaaccaca ccaatcagca gcattcatca    384720
     ttagagcaag taagcacctc tctctggtgt ctgttccctg tggaaactgt atcaggccct    384780
     ttagaggaag aaatggatga acatgttgtt tctttttttc ttgactaatt ggtgatggcc    384840
     cttctctcca agtgtgctgt ttcaggtgca gcttcaggag tcaggtcctt acagatgaag    384900
     cttcagagtc actatatttc acctacacaa ttactggtta ctccatcacc aataactatg    384960
     cctgtacttg gatccatcaa agccatagaa aggtcctgtg gttgatgaga tacatgaata    385020
     tgggaggtag tacacagtac agactctaga accaaatatc catcactaga ggcatgttta    385080
     aaaggcctct tcttaacact actgagctac atcacctctt agtgcacagc catatattac    385140
     tgtataagat acagagttaa gggactttca tgtggttcca gacagaaaac ctccttgcaa    385200
     agaaacacaa gcccagcttg ggggtggtca acacatgagg agaccagagg ctcagctttg    385260
     tggtttgggt gtaaaagaga cttaagcatg actctgatct tcattctaac ctctcttggc    385320
     agaatgagaa acttcagtga tattttactc tgacaagatt agaaaaatga ggcatttgtg    385380
     tgaagtaaac tgtgaatgct ctcccagatg ggacaggttg tattttcacc tctttatgga    385440
     gactagtgat gaaatgaatc caggtttcat tgtgctaaag aatagtgatc ctttgaaatt    385500
     tttcacttct ctcagatatt caatgttacc ctgaaatccc atactggatg caggactgtt    385560
     tacaatagct agcatattta atcaccacag tccttcagca gttgatgggg aacatataag    385620
     ttttcagttt ctgagaattt ggagaagact acatgatatt ttgttagatg aaaagtagtc    385680
     atcttttgag gttctattca gtccaacttt gctttcgttt gctgtgataa ataccaagaa    385740
     cattagcaac atgtgaaggt atgggtttat taaaactttc cctttctggt aattgttcat    385800
     cactcagtga agtctagtca tgtgtcagga tccttagaga aatgatgcat actattttct    385860
     tccctttttt ttttttttca gcttaggctc acttttccca cggataggat agtatcactc    385920
     attctggaat gattactact aattgtcagt taccaaataa agaaatgacc cctacatttg    385980
     cccacaggcc agcctgacct atgaagttct tctctgagtt tatgtaaatt ataacaacaa    386040
     aggtacaaat atatctatgg cttaattctt catgcacatt ttttcctgct gtgacaatta    386100
     tatccttcat tcattgtgaa tgttaacatt tgttaccaga accacactga ctgaatttat    386160
     gtgattgttg tgaagccatt tattcctttt tattgttaca tacaactatt caagaaatta    386220
     ccacattttc cttccttact ggcaaattta aggcatatta taatagttat agcaaaattc    386280
     ttcttggaat tcctaggtag gatttttgca tatataaaag tttacaggtc attttacaca    386340
     tatatttttg ggaatctttg ttgggttaca gtgattttca accgaggatc atgaaggaat    386400
     gaacctctga gattgctctg agaaattaca atgattaggc taatgaagtt gaaagacttc    386460
     cctaaaagta catagcagct tactttgtgg tggacctgga ctgcaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    386520
     aaaaaaaaaa aagaagaatg ctaggcaaac accaacattc ttctctcctt gtttccttgc    386580
     atttatgaat ttgaacaatt gcttcagtac cctgccacca tggcttctcc accatgatta    386640
     actgtattta atctgtagtt gaaataaacc tttccttcta tatgtactta ttttcaaatt    386700
     gttttaccac agacactaga aagtgactag aaaactgggt acaggagcac atacctttag    386760
     tcctagaact cagaaggcag atgcaggagg atcaaatgaa tctgttggga aaccctgtta    386820
     ctcaagatca aagtctacca tatttggaga actcctcaaa gcttgattga aatgaaggac    386880
     tccatttttc catcaaggtt ttcccttctg tcaccttgtc tcaggatcat aacccccata    386940
     tcctctacct gacaaagttc atgcagacct tggaaacata taagttcaat ttctcctttc    387000
     ccaatcaaaa cccaaggagc aatacaaagg tattcctgga atgactctcc atacaaatga    387060
     ggcatccata gtaatttttc tcttacttga ataattaatt aattaattac aactttatgc    387120
     catacacaca gctctgtgac cctcttcttg cactgtctct cttccattcc tcctcttttg    387180
     tggagggaga ggccaccttg ctcttcaccc caccttggca cgtcaagctt ttacagtatg    387240
     aagcatacct tctcccactg atgccagaag agatggcttt gttaaaagaa caaaatccac    387300
     acacaggcaa cagagtcagc acagctcttg ccccagttag tgggtactca cttgaatacc    387360
     aagttaaaca tctgatacat ttgtgagggg tgatgtcctg cccctgcttg atatttggtt    387420
     ggtgggtcaa tctctgggaa ctcaaattgc ccaggttact tgactatgtt attcttcttg    387480
     tgtagtggta atcacccttg ggtccctcaa tctttccctc aactcttcca caaaaatcgc    387540
     tgagcattgt ttaactgagg gtgtctctct cttcccacca gtttctggct ggagtctttc    387600
     aaaagtaagt aatgctagtt acctcttttc aagcacggct tagtataatt aatactgcca    387660
     ggagttcatt ctgacccatg gagtggccat tcatatttgg actttccctt ggtctctgat    387720
     ccacatttgc ctatgcatat cttgtaggaa aaacacattt ggtgtcgaag gtcttgtttg    387780
     taggttgatg tctttatctc ctcactggat gcctgtcagg ttccataact cccaattcta    387840
     agggtctcag caaaagtcac caccatcatg tactttgagc ttctcctctc ttgagtctct    387900
     gacacatcct cttccacaat ccctacatat gattccctct gccccattcc cctaacatcc    387960
     tctcttccac cctattccct tatccaaaat atataaataa ctcaagaacc gacaaaccaa    388020
     gtaatcctac taaaagtggg ctacagatct aaacaacaac tcaccgcaga ggaatatcta    388080
     ataactgaaa tacatcagca aaatcactag tcataagaaa aatgacaatc aaaatgattc    388140
     tgatatttca ttttatatgt gtcagaatga ttaagaatga tgaatcaaag acagaacatg    388200
     aagaatggga tggagaacac agagaatatt tccccattgg ttgtgagaat tacaacttgt    388260
     gtgaccagtc tggaaaacaa ttggcagaat ctcagaaaat taacaatagt tttaccccaa    388320
     gacccagata tacaacttat gccactcctg ggcatatacc caacagatgt tccaacatat    388380
     cacaaggaca tttgtttaac tatgctaata gcttctttat aaacagaagg acccagaaag    388440
     tagaaacaac ccgaatatcc ttcaagagag gaatggataa agaaaatgtg gttcctttac    388500
     acaatagttt actcctcaac tattacaaac aagaatatcc taaaatttac aaactagagc    388560
     ataaaacaag aacatatcat cctgaatgga gtaagtcaga tcaaatagga catgatggtt    388620
     tgtatccatt taaagtgaac attagccata aattacagga taacaatgct gggatccaca    388680
     gatataagga agtcaaatag taatgatgac ccaagagaag atacatgaat cttactcaga    388740
     atggaaataa cataaacatc agaggtcaat ccacagcatt ttgaattcta gccaatgatt    388800
     tacatttacc atgacaatgt ctcattctcc aaggctcact tatagtcttt gttcactgtg    388860
     gataaactgt atgtgcacat gctgccttac tgaaaatcat ctaagagagc tggctcattg    388920
     agcactgtct aaaagagctg taacactaaa agccttgaag gatttttctc actctccttc    388980
     ccacctcagc tctcactccc agccagacag gcagactaca ctttattctt ccaggatgtt    389040
     ttgtacctat gactggatac cctaagggaa taaacaaagg acaaagaacc acagctggag    389100
     ctcaacatgt aaacaccaca aagtctctta gtatgtatac cacaaaatct ctgaggtcag    389160
     gttgtttccc agagtgagtt cataaaaacc aagagctata cagactaact gtttttgctt    389220
     aataaataaa aataaataaa taactgcact gagaaggtga tatcagaatg tcagtccatt    389280
     tgctgctata gaattgacct aggtgtttaa aattctgtga aaaaaccttt ggaagcatta    389340
     actgaaaatt gtaaattttg gatagaaatt gcttgaacac tatgcaaaga taatgatggg    389400
     aaactgggag accagaatac cattaataaa tgaagagata attcatttac ttttcatttt    389460
     aaggttcaag catctttcct tggatcatcc ttcttattta gcttctttga acttgtgggg    389520
     tgtatcatgg atatcctatg ctttatggtt actatccact tattagtgag tacataccat    389580
     gcatgtcctt ttgggtctgg attaactcac tcagcatgtt attttctatt accaactata    389640
     ggaggcagaa ggagaaattg aataggattg gagaggaggt gaataggggt ataggagggg    389700
     tcaggatcag gtgtggggtg agacagggcc atgagaaata atggaagtct acagttgaca    389760
     ggggtgagag ttttggggaa atcactagca aattccagag acctgggatg ggggagactc    389820
     ccagaaggca atacaagtga ctttatctta gacacataac attgtggata tagaagctaa    389880
     agaggccacc ccttgtggcc aggcagcact cccagtaaag ggataagaac accaacctgt    389940
     ccagaaaaaa attggcacag aatgtgtcct aagtaaaagc aatgcagcaa caaatgtaga    390000
     tcacagactg aaggaaacca accaaaaaca ggccctacat cagatacatc cctctggtta    390060
     gcatcaaggt ccaacactat taattagagt ctgccatcca aaattttgat tttttttttt    390120
     tttttttttt tttttttgta atttggttag tttgtttgtt tgaagggaat ggtgtggaaa    390180
     gtgactcaaa aagctggaaa caggtctact acatgaccta catatgctac tcttggacat    390240
     ataccaaaaa gattttatat ccttccataa ggatatctgt tgttttatag taatttctgt    390300
     gctcttcatt aaaaccagaa aatagaaaca gcacatatgt tcatcaactg agcaataaaa    390360
     aagaaatatt gtatgtaaac aatttaatat ttatccagct attatgtttg tcaatcttat    390420
     taacaaaaca tttgcctaaa cagatttgca acacgttccc tgtacttagg atataatatc    390480
     tccacccagg agtccaaaac ttattgacag atcattgtaa catggagtct tcgaacaaaa    390540
     gctcttgtgc acacaagctg taggataaca ttgtacccct ggtttgaggg aaggcaatgc    390600
     atccaccata tatctaagtt gagtgtttta gagtttattc taccaataat gagggacttt    390660
     ccaaaagtgg atctctaaga tgagttgagt ttagatccag gagtcagata tggaaaacaa    390720
     gagtaaaagt taagatttct atgtgatgac cacatatctg atgcacattg tcctctggga    390780
     aatagaacac tgcacatagg ttacacttgt tcctctcaaa ggctgaaaat tgttgaagca    390840
     aaacatgaga caggcaacag attttttcat gttgaacaga tacagtgtac acatatttcg    390900
     gatctctaga ttctgagagt atagggaaat ccatacataa tgaaactgac aaattcccag    390960
     gggacataca tcacttccaa gacaggaaaa taaaaagaat atatatcaat ggcagttctg    391020
     gaatcagccc tcagatcagg ggcatgatcc agagcctgag caggtcagag aagattgtac    391080
     tgagtaaaga cataatagaa gggacttcaa ggaacagctg gctcaggaat ggaatctgcc    391140
     tcttaatgat aaggaattgt catagtcttt agtatgagag tagtctttat ttattctgta    391200
     gaaagaaatc tctagaacac attgactcca ataaatgcta attcgatcca atttatcctt    391260
     aaatccatct gtcatacaaa cttgaagttc agaagaaata caagattcaa tggcctgggt    391320
     gttacaaaac catcattggg gagagaggag gactctcaga aacaagttca agaaaaggag    391380
     aggaaataat ctgaacttgg aaatgtcttt ctgcatttgt tctggttctt tacaaaaatc    391440
     atgagaaaag accttgaaag aatattttgg acttcccaat gtgtttccta ttggaatata    391500
     tcatagttca aacatttaaa tctgggtttt gtttatgtgt tgtccagctc ttgatattta    391560
     caggaggaca agagcagaca tgcctcacaa ggtacagaag gacaaagggc agcctaccct    391620
     cagtctttct ctaagtattt gaaaagaata ttctccatgc aaattactct tcaggctcta    391680
     gatttaaatg tcactctttc ctgtggtagc tcataagtct ctgcccataa aagactggtg    391740
     tgtctgggga aggcagcgtt gttatctaga agatgagact actagggtta ctcctgtgct    391800
     tggcagcagc tctgaaagtg agtgtcagta actggttctc ctgggttaca cataggttct    391860
     ttgggggctt atgatttaaa ggaactgaca gacaaatctg tttttaggtg ttctgtccta    391920
     gattcagctt aaggagtcag gacctgctgt catcaagcca tcacagccac tgtctctcac    391980
     ctgcacagtc tctggattct ctatcacaag tagtagttat tgagttattg ctggcactgg    392040
     atccgccagc cttcagtaaa ggggttagag tggatgggat gcatatgtta tgaagttcaa    392100
     tatacaatag tccatccttc aaaacccaca gcaccatctc cagagacaca tctctgaaca    392160
     aattctttat ccagctgagc tctgtgactg atgaggacac agccatgtac tactgttcca    392220
     gggaaaacca cacagagagg gacctttgtt tgagcccaga cataaacttc ctgcagcaga    392280
     gctgaagacc agtaggggac tcacagtatg cactaagtat aggtttatct ccacgagcag    392340
     gcacagagct taacattctg aagctattgt tttatatcct ggtatctcag cccctcacac    392400
     ttcattttta ctgaatgttt gaagacagct ttccttgtca tgattcagaa aggtgttatt    392460
     ctagtgagaa ctattttaga aactgtcgac aggggacaaa tatttgtcaa ttatactagt    392520
     ccctcaatag ttcacttttc aatcataaat gccattggaa atgagaatta aaaaaaaaaa    392580
     aaaacagttg cacaatggaa aactctggtt gtaatctgta gttttgaatg ccctcggaat    392640
     gaatttctgg aacatgcatg ttctacaatc aaacactcag taatctgttt aaaatcacac    392700
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acttactcac    392760
     tcacacccca acaaaaatac attcaaaaga actgttcttc aattagctgt ttcattgctt    392820
     ctgaatagta gaaacatggc atgtccaaag aaatgatagg atgctcttga aaatattaaa    392880
     aaggggagag gccgacaagg taattaggtc tgtggaacct aaatatcagc tctatttctg    392940
     gaatcatggc cattttagac aagctctgtc cagaactaag ctcactcaca tcatactctg    393000
     aaagaattca gagcattaaa tggccccagc actcagatac aagcaaaaga agccttgatt    393060
     gactccctga gtttcagaat atttaacaca gaattcctaa gggtcacata atcagacact    393120
     atttgcacac ttgatcagac ctgacagata tatgtattga tgttgcaatc tgttcaagga    393180
     taaattccag cttatgcaaa aaagaaatat aaatttcaca aaaatctagt tttagaaata    393240
     tttgtgacaa ttaaaatatg tgttcacata tagatttctg taacattgat tctgtaaatt    393300
     aactcaatga tggaacactg aagtagtgaa ttttctaata gctactggcc tctgtctctc    393360
     cctaatgctt cacagttcag taggtatata agaacacatt ttatatctaa accttcaaaa    393420
     ttctaccctg gaactaaacc accagtcata gaaaacatat gatggcactc gtgtctctag    393480
     ctgcatatgt agcagaggat ggtctagtca ggaatcaatg ggaggaaagg cccttggtcc    393540
     tgtgaaggtt ctatgcccca gcatagggca atgccagggc taggaagtca gagtgtgtgg    393600
     gttggtgaac agggggagag cagaaggtat gggggggttt tggaggaaaa ataaggaaag    393660
     gggttaacat ttgaaatgta aataaagaaa atatctaata aaaaagacat ctttaagcag    393720
     tgacattctt gttttaaatt tctcatctct ttttcttcct gccatatatg acttgatgca    393780
     tctataaaat aaattagcag atatatttaa attatatttt gtattattta ttacttttta    393840
     tatcagaggt aatctgacaa aacagagttt attccaatag cataacttta aattttatcc    393900
     ttttctcatt gattgcaatc attaaatttg tattggcaaa tatcctcatc taatttcttt    393960
     ctgacaaaat gcagatattt taattgattg acactaagcc tcacatcatc catttttaga    394020
     aaactgtctt tgctttgaat aaagttgatt atgctcaaat tctatttgtt tgcttatatt    394080
     gatatatgga aactaaatta taatataatt tatattattt tatataatgt tatattttat    394140
     attatgtggt ttgtatgtaa tttggactat attaacaaag gtttagatgc cacgcctatc    394200
     agacacatag gtcggcaatt tataattttg aaatattcat ttgaaagatt atttaaggta    394260
     acacagataa tgtggagtga aaaaatcaac atgaatagtg gatatatgca ttcagacatt    394320
     tactataggt tgatactaga gacctttaaa tgtatctgat actagtttga aacataattt    394380
     atatacatat tacataacct aaagttaccc cctgaattac aggatgcttt gacttcttcc    394440
     aataaaatat atctgcacaa tgccactcct atttcactgc catctcttca acctttctag    394500
     tgtctagtgg gaactaattc acatgtcctc tgagatattg cagtttttgt tgttataaat    394560
     aagtgaaatc atgtatttct attgtgaaaa attttaaggc agaattggta tcaaaatctg    394620
     tggtttcctc ttcctgaatg aaaaagctac cgaagatcct tcccatggca ttgatgggtt    394680
     gtggatcaca tgtcagttca gctactggac atggatgctt ggggaggcta gactcatgga    394740
     gtttgactgc atttatccca cacttcctgg taaatgttgg gttgtaggga agcaccaagg    394800
     caccacacag tggtgggaaa gcacagtttg agacttggga atgctggaga tggcttagag    394860
     gtccctagac ctgcaacagg actgaagcta tttggttctc aggctcttgg aatccacatg    394920
     actctgagag ttgtgcaaga cctgagaaca gagtgggagt ctatggactg gactagctta    394980
     gagcctagat aaaaatgaga gctctttctg gttaaatgag gatcgtcctt ggcttgatgg    395040
     gtagcaggaa cggtcataat tgtagatggg agtacagaga tggacttcta gtggcattgt    395100
     aggcaaaggt ctgctccatt tctcccacat cagatcctga tgaaagagac agtagtgaat    395160
     cattgtagtg aatcatttat tgtcatggtg aagagtggat gcataaaacc ataaccaact    395220
     tctcagggtg gtcctgagat taagtgctat ctgcaagggg gaatgtctgt gaaagaatct    395280
     tatttgcaac acactacagg cctctaagta ccccattagc atgaagatca ctctcttgag    395340
     cctatgtgat cttaggtcat ttatcttttt tattgtattg gtatggaatg ttagggatga    395400
     ctcatctaca tttggaaggt cttgcagatg agcctttata tgactgatgg ccaaaactct    395460
     atgagggctc tggctatgtg acaggggcct ggtgtgcagg attaggggaa attcctttaa    395520
     ggtctcctgg tcttcaaagc ctttatttca gccaatgacc aggctaactc tcagggtcca    395580
     cagcaccaca catcatcact gaaaaaatat agatttgctt ccaaacctaa acacatattc    395640
     ccatatttat atcatttgga atttgtacaa gcactacatg aatataatgt gtttctactc    395700
     cttccaactc ctctctcatc tactcatcaa gatttcctcc caactctgtg tgcttctttt    395760
     ttttctttta ttattttttt tttttaagaa ccactgagtt taatctatga tgacagtgtg    395820
     aacgggggca tagaactatg tcctggagga tagatagttt ctcaatgccc ataacactaa    395880
     agaatactga cttttttttt ttagcagtat caaaaatcaa tagttcttca agtaggggta    395940
     ggacttcatg atcagcacct tacattatga tgcaatattg cctggcttaa atttttccag    396000
     gtctgtgctt actgtcacag ctactatagg ttcacatgta caacttccct gttacataga    396060
     gaaaaacctt ttttcctaga gttatccact gtctctcatt cttccaatgt ttctttgctc    396120
     tctcccagga tacctaagcc tcagcagaag ctaatattgc atactcacca cccagaggta    396180
     ctgtgatcat cacagtattt cctaaaaata tatttgtagg aatttatatt ggggattcaa    396240
     ggaaggaaga taagttgtat tttcttgttt gcttttaagc aataaccagc tgtgtctttt    396300
     tttttttttt ttatcatgag cttagaactt ctgactctgg aatttccaag tcatagaaga    396360
     taggatacac tgctggaaag tgaagtcatt gggaaatcac aaaacaaaag gcatcatata    396420
     cacctccaga aattcagaga atgtcaagtt ttccctgagg tttacatctg tgatggctca    396480
     ggtactatat agttaatata tagttatata tgtactatat agttagagac acagtagaga    396540
     gacatcagtg ttgtcaaaca accaccacta gacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    396600
     cacacacata cacacacaca cacactttat tctgttcata gattcagcaa ggcaacttag    396660
     gaactgtctt gatttttggt tctgatataa cattacattg tctaaatctt atattttctg    396720
     cctttgtgtg ctggtatttt tatttgtttc gttactaaga aaacatatat ctaggcttta    396780
     caaagacaga atttcacttt cctaaaatag aaatgactct gcctttggta gcatagttat    396840
     agttgatcaa tttctctcac acaatgggag gctgtaattt aaacacagtt ttggcacaga    396900
     tcaaactagc aagttgtata aaagttccaa tgactagaaa acctattggt ttcccatctg    396960
     tcctggctcc tcttacatct gcaaagacca taggctgcga gctgattggg gtgtttgtgt    397020
     ttctgtcagt aaatttattt tcatcctgta ttgtcattcc ttgttctctg gctttttccc    397080
     aggaaatcac atgatgccca agaaggggac acactttagg taaaggtaga cagaaatttc    397140
     ttaagctctt gggtccactg tccttctgat gtcctctgta cagtatacac aatgtcaaaa    397200
     ctattatgca tgcacttcaa atttaaatta ggctagaaaa aaagttagac tcatttattt    397260
     gtgaatttgg agggaaaatt aacagaaaga gtgagcatga tatgagtgtt ctgttgatgt    397320
     gagattttaa ctgtaaaagc taatgtacat atcatagggt gacttcaggt caaacaggct    397380
     tgatttctca gggaaaacca aagcttcctt cttccacata attcaaattt atgtcttctc    397440
     ttatatatca cagtaaacag aattgttagg gcaacagctt tgacttagaa ggtatggata    397500
     aatcactata atcctgtcta ttaatcaatt tagaacaacc cctaagtgtg gatgagatta    397560
     atcacattga gattacattt catcaggtaa accaagaaaa agagtgtgct atgtatacta    397620
     tgatttacaa atgacatgtc tgtataatca ataggtttgc taatttcttc ttgaattgca    397680
     acagtaaaaa ggaaaagcca aaataaatca tagttgtgca aagactgagg agcaggtgca    397740
     gagtgaaatt atcatgtgtg tttttttgac tgtacccaga tattttcctt ctcatttaac    397800
     cacatgaaag tcctgggaca ccaggtgcta tatcagaacc cttgcattga aggacacaag    397860
     agctgagagt ggcatttaca gttattttct actatctctt ggaagtttca gaaagagaaa    397920
     agatacaatt caaaatcttt ctcaaaccaa ttgaagactg tttatgtctt cataaacact    397980
     ctgctggtaa tctttacacc aagatatttt gtattatctg tggctattat aaatgggtgg    398040
     tatttcccta atttcttttt cagcctgttt atcagtagta taaaagaagg ctactgattt    398100
     gtttgagtta attatatacc ctgataatta gctggagtag tatgtcagtt gttgaaattt    398160
     tccagtaggt ttttttgggg gggtcatgga tgtatacaat catatcatct gcaaaggggt    398220
     atgccttgat ttatgttcca atttgattct cctccataca acagggacaa ctgctctgca    398280
     atgttcagag gagttttgtt tgtaatagcc agaagctgga aaaacccaga tgtccctcaa    398340
     aggaaaatgg atacagaaaa tgagggtcat tttcacaata gaatattata caactattaa    398400
     taatgaggac atcatgagtt tcacaggcaa atggatggaa ctaggaaata tcatcctgtg    398460
     agaaaaacca gacccaaagg gtcattcata gtatatgctc tgaatatttt ccaaaaagta    398520
     cagaatacct cgtatactcc ccacagaatt taagaagttt atcaaataga actgccaaga    398580
     aatgatgctt tattcccact tagtagggtg aagaacataa taacaggagg tagagtaaga    398640
     gaaaactttt ggagggagag gggaggggag aaaggagaac agggtcagga atggtggagg    398700
     gaaaggagag aagcccagag ggccaacaga atgaatggaa atatgcagtc tttgaatgtg    398760
     ggagacagca agacactctt gttagtacca gagacctggg aggtgagaga ctctcaggat    398820
     gcaataggag ttaccttaga tgaaatgccc aacagttgtg aaagggatct caaagagtct    398880
     gcctcaagag gagggctggt ggtgttacca acccacagtc ataatatctg accccaaact    398940
     gttcctgtgt aaaagaactg cagacacaaa aattgagaag agactgaggg aaaaggtggt    399000
     ttagtgagtt gcccaaaaga tcttcttcat ggggcaagac caaggtctga cattattact    399060
     gaagctatga tgtgcttaca gacaggaaca tagcactgct gtcctgagag gcccaactgg    399120
     cagtggacag agtcatatgc agatacatcc atccagatga ctgaagttgt ggtgcctagt    399180
     gttgaattag gagtaggatg aacgaggcca tagaggagag caaccccata gttgttggga    399240
     cccagaaagt ccctggaatc ttgcccctgg gctataacct aacactcttt tgcttcttcc    399300
     actatcttgc ttccattcca taattgactt gggacatttt acaatgaggg cattcctttc    399360
     cagacctttt tacaatgggg acattccttt gaggttaatg tgttacctag caccacagat    399420
     ttggcctgtg tacctgagca aataccattt gtggttttca tctttaaaag ccctccattt    399480
     cccaagaata aatgaggctt gaacatgact tttgtctcac ttccttgctt gatgtcttct    399540
     ttttttttat agtacttaat ttcttttttt taattaggta tttagctcat ttacatttcc    399600
     aatgctatac caaaagtccc ccatacccac ccacccccac tcccctgccc acccactccc    399660
     cctttttggc cctggtgttc ccctgtactg gggcatataa agtttgcaag tccaatgggc    399720
     ctctctttcc agtgatggcc gactaggcca tcttttgata tatatgcagc tagagtcaag    399780
     agctccgggg tactggttag ttcataatgt tgttccacct atagggttgc agatcccttt    399840
     agctccttgg ctactttctc tagctcctcc attgggagcc ctgtgatcca tccattagct    399900
     gactgtgagc ttccacttct gtgtttgcta ggccccggca tagtctcaca agagacagct    399960
     acatctgggt cctttcaata aaatcttgct agtgtatgca atggtgtcag cgtttggatg    400020
     ctgattatgg ggtggatccc tggatatggc agtctctaca tggtccatcc tttcatctca    400080
     gctccaaact ttgtctctgt aactccttcc atgggtgttt tgttcccaat tctaaggagg    400140
     ggcttgatgt cttctgatcg caaaatttgt cattgtagct cccttcccat gagaaccctg    400200
     ttgttaaagt cctgcaggtc ggggcacata ggaacaccag tagtctcaac taatcctagg    400260
     cctctgggag ctctcagaga cttagccacc aactttacag cattcagttt tggtctctgg    400320
     cccctgacac atatatagca gaggcaggcc tggtctagcc tcagtgggag aagattcacc    400380
     taatacgcaa gagacttgag gcccaagaag gagggaggtc tgatggagaa ggagcatcct    400440
     ctcaagtgag acacatgtga ggaggaatag gtagaagaac tgttggatat gacaccagga    400500
     gatgagagaa ccactggact gaggacaggg tgcccaaatg gggtcctcaa tggaggagtt    400560
     agataaagga agaaaggagc tgaagaggtt ttcaacccca tagggaaaac aataatacca    400620
     accatccaga ccctccagag ctcccaagga taaaaccaca aatcagggag tacatatgta    400680
     gtgacccttt gctccagctg catctgtagc agaggatggg cttgtagagc atcaattgga    400740
     ggagagtccc ctggtcctgt gaatgttgaa tgccccagtg taggggaatt agagtgcagg    400800
     gagatgggaa tcagtaggta ggtggggaaa caccctcata gaagcaaggg agggggcatg    400860
     ggatagggta tttctggggg taaccagaaa aaggaataac ttttgaaata tccaataaaa    400920
     aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag    400980
     gaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaaaaagtta tttggaattt tgtgactaga tgaggagtcc    401040
     aaagatgtgt ggagtaagga agtcaagcaa aatgagtcat taaaatgcca caatatttta    401100
     tttttataaa atttgaaatt ttataaaatt tctctagcta ctctatttag acaagccaaa    401160
     attaatatag agaaataaaa caatgaatac atacaaactc acagaatcac gaaaataggt    401220
     agaattcttg tcaagctgtt attttccttt atatttaagt aaaaggaatt tggaactcta    401280
     tgtacatgag aatgcaaaag tctcttcttt gaatcattga agttttctga gtacaatttt    401340
     tgctagacaa tcaaaaatga tgagaattat aggaatatga attaaactaa aatcaagttt    401400
     aattttttca tattattatt attatttata ttaggtattt attccattta catttccaat    401460
     gctatcccaa aagtccccca cacattcccc cacccactcc cccacctaac cactgccact    401520
     tcttagcccc ggcattcccc agttctgaga cataaaaagt ttgcacaacc aatgggtctc    401580
     tctttccact gatggctgac taggacatct tctgatacat atgtacctaa ggacacaagc    401640
     tccagggggt actagttagt tcatattgtt gttccacctg tagggttgta gatcccttta    401700
     gctccttggt taattcctct agctcctcta ttgggggcct tgtgatccat ccaatagctg    401760
     actgtgagca tccacttctg tgtttgctag gccctggcat agtctcacaa gagacagcta    401820
     tatctgggtc ctttcagaaa aatcttgcta gtgtgcacaa tggtgtcaac gtttggaagc    401880
     tgattatggg atggatcccc tggatatggc agtctctaga tggtccattc ttttgtctca    401940
     gctccaaact ttgtctctgt aactccttcc catgggtgtt ttgttcccaa ttctaagaag    402000
     gggcaaagta gtgttcgttc ttcttgagtt tcatgtgttt tgcaagttgt atcttttatc    402060
     ttgtgtattc taagtttctg gactaatatt cacttatcag tgagtacata ttgtgtgagt    402120
     tcttttgtga atgggttacc tcactcagga tgatgccctc catttgccta ggaatttcat    402180
     aaattcattc tttttaatag ctgagtagta ctccattgtg gaaacatacc aaattttctg    402240
     tgtccattcc tctgttgggg ggcatctggg ttctttcctg cttctggcta ttataaataa    402300
     gtctgttatg aatatagtgg agcatttgtc cttcttcttc tggatatatg cccaggagag    402360
     gtattgctgg atcctccggt agtactatgt ccaattttct gaggaactgc cagactgatt    402420
     tccagagtgg ttgtacaagc ttgcaatccc accaagagtg gaggagtgtt cctctttctc    402480
     cacatccttg ccagcatctg ctgtcacctg aatttttgat cttagccatc ctgattggtg    402540
     tgaggtggaa tctcagggtt gttttgactt gcatttccct gatgattaag gatgttgaac    402600
     attttttcag gtgcttctca gccatttggt attcctcagg tgagaattct ttgtttagct    402660
     ctgtgcccca tttttaatgg gtttatttga ttttttggag tccaccttct tgagttattt    402720
     atttatattg gatattagtc ccctatctga tttaggatag gtaaagatcc tttcccaatc    402780
     tgttggtgat ctttttttct tattgacggt gtcttttgcc ttgcagaagc tttccaattt    402840
     tatgaggtcc catttgttga ttctcgatct tacagcacaa gccattgctg ttctattcag    402900
     gaatttttcc cctgtaacca tatctttgag acttttccct actttctcct ctataagttt    402960
     cagtgtctct ggttaataat ttaaatatgc ctcctctata actttctgat aaattttaaa    403020
     taaatagtaa tagagagaaa aagcaaatga taccataagt atgattatga tatcagataa    403080
     aggatatttc caagaatttt tccaaaaata taagaaaaag tctgtacaaa atgtgtttat    403140
     gaaagaatat attttaaaat ctgatgtttc cttttgaaat ccaatctgat gtttgagata    403200
     caacctggca gtttgatttc taataaatct ttctgaacat gaaaaaatat ggagaaaata    403260
     aagaatttcg tacatgagta caatatatct attccacttt atcttatcct aggccacaca    403320
     ggtttgccct gaaccctacc ctaacataaa taaagaaaga aagaaagaaa taaacaaata    403380
     aacaaataaa caaataaata aagttaaaac atacaaacaa aaaaagaaga aatgaaaagt    403440
     attgtcaata ccagtgaaga cacaaagaat aggaactctt acatatttat tgttaggaag    403500
     gcgaacttgt taaatcacaa taaaatattg aagtgttatc atatacacat aataaacaat    403560
     tttgtaagat gtattgatag ctaattcatt cactgtatct cttcattttg taataacttc    403620
     actctccaca gcttcaaccc tagggctgat gatataacag aaagacatgc aaattaggcc    403680
     atcttcagga catgaaaacc agccaaagct gactctagct atttgttctc tgccaacttc    403740
     aaaatttatg tctatttgta ctcaactggt ctagtacttt accacagagg ccaagatgtt    403800
     gtgcccgcaa gcacttaagc aagttaatgt tcaaacaaag ttgctcccaa caagattcta    403860
     gtggcaagag tagaagtaaa tacaacccag tgtcccataa ccagaattat ttccaactga    403920
     caaccaaagg aaagggaaat tgattttttt acaacatgat gtacttagtt ttaggaacca    403980
     tatttacctg aacataaaac catatgcatt taatctaata taagagaaag tgggaaatat    404040
     cctagaacaa attggcacat gggaaatttt cctgaagaga acaccaatgg atctgtcaca    404100
     aagactgaca agttataaat gggaccaaat gaaactgaaa agcttctgta aggcaaagga    404160
     cactgtcaat agggacaaat gcaaaatgaa aattggagaa agatattcac taactctaca    404220
     tttgataggg ttaatattga aaataaataa agaactcttt gatgattggg ctacctcacc    404280
     aaggatgata tcttccagat ccatccattt gcctgagaat ttcataaatt cattgttttt    404340
     aatagctgtg tagtactcca ttgtgtaaat ttacctcatt ttctgtatcc actctcatct    404400
     attgatggac atctggattc tttccagtgt ctggctacta taaataaggc tgctatgaac    404460
     atagtgaaac atgtgtcatt attacatgtt ggaggaactt ctgggtaaat gcccaagaat    404520
     ggtattgctg gattctctga tagtactatg tgcaattttc tgaggaacca tcaaactgat    404580
     tttctgagtt gttgtatcag cttgcaatcc caccagcaat ggaggaatgt tcccctttct    404640
     ccacatcctt gccagcatct gcagtctagc gaatttttga tcttagccat tctgactaat    404700
     gtgaggtggg atctcagagt tgttttgatt tgcatttccc tgacgactaa tgatgttgaa    404760
     cattttttaa ggggattcac agccatttgg cattaatcac ttgagaattc tttgtttagc    404820
     gccatatcac atttttaaat agagttattt gattctctgg agtataactt tttgaattct    404880
     ttgtgtatat tggatattaa ccttctatca gatttaggat tggtaaagat cttttcccaa    404940
     tctgttagat gcatttttgt gttattgaca gtgtccttca gcttaaaaaa gcttctcaat    405000
     ctcataactt ccctttggca attcttgatc ttacagcaca agccattgtt gttctgttca    405060
     ggaattttta ccctttgccc atatattcag ggctcttcca cactttctcc tctataagtt    405120
     tcagtgtctc tggttttatg tagaggtcct tggtcctctt ggacttgagc tttgtacaag    405180
     gagataagaa tggattgact tgcattcttc tgcacgctaa ttgctagttg agccagcatc    405240
     atgatatgca ctcactgata agtggatatt aggccagaag ctaagaatac acaagatgca    405300
     attcacaaaa cacgtgaaac tcacgaagaa ggaaaagacc aaactgtgga tactgtgatc    405360
     cttcttagaa gggagaacaa aatacccctg gaaggattta cagagataaa gtgtggagca    405420
     gagactgaag gaaaaacctt ccagacactg ccctaccaag gatctgttcc atttaaaacc    405480
     accaaaccca gactatagtg tggatgccaa taagagtttt tttttttttt tttttttgac    405540
     aggataggag tttgctgaca ggagtctcct atgaggctct gtcagtgcct gacaaatgta    405600
     gaagtagatg ctcacagcca tccatttgat ggagcacagg gtccccaata aaggagctag    405660
     agaaagtact caaggagctg aagttcttac aaccccatag gaggaacagc agtatgaact    405720
     aaatagtaac cccagagcca actgcgacta aaccaccaac aaaagagtaa atatggtggg    405780
     actcatggct ctagctgcat atgtagcaga ggatggcata gtcagtcatc aatgggagga    405840
     gaggaacttg gttttgtgaa ggttctatac cccagtatag gggaatgaca aggctaggaa    405900
     gcaggagtgt ctgagttgtt gagcaggggg aggtggaagg gggagagaat ttttggaggg    405960
     gaaaccagga aaggggacag cagttaaaat gtaaataaag aaaatatcta ataaaaaata    406020
     aaataaaaag aactcaagaa tttagactcc aaaagacaaa ataaccaaat taaaaagtag    406080
     aatacagtgc taaacagaga aatctcaact aaagtatctc taatggccaa gaagcactta    406140
     aagaaatgtt tgaaatccct taatcaccag tggaatgcaa atccaatcaa ccttcagatt    406200
     ccaccataca ctacacagaa ggactaagta aaaaaaaaaa agaaagaaaa cctcaagtga    406260
     cagcatattc tggtaaggat gtgaagcaag gtaatcagtc tttcataatt ggtgggaata    406320
     cccactggta cgaccactca aaatcaacct ggtggttcat cagaaaactg gaaatagtct    406380
     tatctgaaaa ctcagttata ccactccaca atatcacaag gacccatgtt tcactaagtt    406440
     ctttgaggaa ttcttcataa tagccagaaa ctggaagcaa cctaaatatc tctcagttta    406500
     tgaatgggca gagaaaatgt atttccttta tgctgtagag taattttcac ctgttaaaga    406560
     gcaagacatc atggattttc tagcaactga tggtactaga aaatccatcc tgattgaggt    406620
     aacccaaaac caaaagaaag tgaatggtat ttggtcaatg aaacatggat aaaaccatac    406680
     ctgccataca acatcaattt ctggcaaaag ctacacttaa gtatttctag tagatcagct    406740
     cattgttttg ccacaaagga atcacctatg gttgtggcat ctaagcacca gcagggggtg    406800
     ccacatttcc atagttttta tatcactgag caggttcaca ggagaccaga aagtactttc    406860
     tgtcaggctg gccttcctct tcctttccag tatgaagcac aaactgccaa tgtaactacc    406920
     aatttttaac ttcctttttc aaacagtatt tgtgctatca gaacatagtg cattcaaaag    406980
     tctagcctga cagcacagcc cagttttaat cattctttgt attacctctc ttattgccac    407040
     tgtttttgtt ctccctccca ttttaattgt ctatccatag tcaaaattat aagcacacaa    407100
     tgcagtccac attaaacaac attttttcac tttaagtcaa atacaacaca cctttattat    407160
     cagccctgtt cataatcctg cttctagtga ctgaatgtta ctgccacact gtactgttgg    407220
     gttttgtgtc tcatcatgag cactgatggg aaagtattaa atgtggagag taagctgaat    407280
     tagattcctc taatgatgca caccttcact aagagcagaa ataatatcaa aatgggaaaa    407340
     aaagttttac ttgagatttc aaaatacctg tctctgagct aaagtttctt caagttaaaa    407400
     catcgaggtt gtcacttaca ctatttcagg aaacaaatgc agagttttta ttttagtata    407460
     tgagttttca catatgtgga tttactatta aattattctt tcttttcaaa tgcttactat    407520
     tgtaaatgag tttgtgtctt tgtgtaggtg agtgcacatg aatctaggtg cctatgaaga    407580
     ttgaagaagt tggagttata ggtagtttta tgctacctga ctgttcagtg ctaaaaataa    407640
     aactgaggtc tttgaactgc agtacatgaa cttctttgtt gatatatctc atgagatctc    407700
     tagacaattt ttattatatc acatgcttca ccaatttcac tgtaatgatt tttaagtttt    407760
     ttttcccatt ttttattagg tatttagctc atttacattt ccaatgctat accaaaagtc    407820
     ttccataccc acccaccccc actcccctac ccacccactc cccctttttg gccctggcgt    407880
     tcccctgtac tggggcatat aaagtttgca agtccaatgg gactctcttt ccagtgatgg    407940
     ccaactaggc catcttttga tacatatgca gctagactca agagctccgg ggtactggtt    408000
     agttcataat gttgttccac ctatagggtt gcagatccct ttagctcctt ggctactttc    408060
     tctagctcct ccattgggag ccctgtgatc catccattag ctgactgtga gcatccactt    408120
     ctgtgtttgc agggcccctg catagtctca caagagacag ctacatctgg gtcctttcga    408180
     taaaatcttg ctagtgtatg caatagtgtc agcgtttgga tgctgattat ggggtggatc    408240
     cctggatatg gcagtctcta catggtctat cctttcatct cagctccaaa ctttgtctct    408300
     gtaactcctt ccatgggtgt tttgttccca attctaagga ggggcatagt gtccacactt    408360
     cagtcttcat tcttcttgag tttcatgtgt ttaagcaaat tgtatcttat atcttgggaa    408420
     tcctaggttt ggggctaata tccacttatc agtgagtaca tattgtgtgg gtttctttgt    408480
     gaatgtgtta cctcactcag gatgatgccc tccaggtcca tccatttggc taggaatttc    408540
     ataaattcat tcattttaat agctgagtag tactccattg tgtagatgta ccacattttc    408600
     tgtatccatt cctctgttga ggggcatctg ggttctttcc agcttctagc tattataaat    408660
     aaggctgcta tgaacatagt ggagcatgtg tccttcttac cagttggggc atcttctgga    408720
     tatatgccca ggagaggtat tgctggatcc tccggtagta ctatgtccaa ttttctgagg    408780
     aacggccaga ctgatttcca gagtggttga acaagcctgc aatcccacca acaatggagg    408840
     agtgttcctt tttctccaca tccacgccag cttctgctgt cacctgaatt tttgatctta    408900
     gccattctga ctggtgtgag gtggaatctc agggttgttt tgatttgcat ttccctgatg    408960
     attaaggatg ttgaacattt tttcaggtgc ttctctgcca ttcggtattc ctcaggtgag    409020
     aattctttgt tcagttctga gccccatttt ttaatggggt taatcgattt tctgaagtcc    409080
     atcttcttga gttctttata tatgttggat attagtcccc tatctgattt aggataggta    409140
     aagatccttt cccaatctgt tggtggtctt tttgtcttat tgacgttgtc ttttgccttg    409200
     cagaaacttt ggagtttcat taggtcccat ttgtcaattc tcgatcttac agcacaatat    409260
     tacatttccc aaacctcctc atattcccaa tttttatttt gaaagtttta ccttgactta    409320
     tgtaaaataa aaacacacat ttcataattt taaaatgaaa tttttttttt ttatttctgc    409380
     aaatttcacc aggaaagatt agtcactggt atgggagagc agaggatcat aagagttcag    409440
     gaatagaatc cattttgttt ctggaggcaa ggaagtactg atgcaaaggt ttcagtataa    409500
     agagcagtat ccactgaaaa tgatgaagcc actacatctg agcacagagc aggatagcta    409560
     cctaatgagt ggtcactaat gggccactgc taccctgtta tctgtataag gcttaggaat    409620
     aagcactgag gctgtgaggt gtatgggtga ggacatcagg atgtaaactc agctcaagta    409680
     gaggactcag aggacagaac aatcagcatg aactaataaa catcagataa gataaggcac    409740
     aggctcagct atataggcta agggatcttt gtaaatctga ttgtgtatcc agtctagttc    409800
     aatgtgactt aaagaagccc actcatatgc aaatctagag aagattttag agtagaaatc    409860
     tgaggctcac ttcacatacc agcaagggag tgaccagtta gtcttaaagc accactgagc    409920
     ccaagtctta cacatcatgg attgggtgtg gaccttgcta ttcctgatgg cagctgccca    409980
     aagtaagaca tcagaaaaaa agagttccaa ggggaattga agcagttcca tgaatacgca    410040
     actccctgtg ttcttttcac aggtgcccaa gcacagatcc agttggtgca gtctggacct    410100
     gagctgaaga agcctggaga gacagtcaag atctcctgca aggcttctgg ctataccttc    410160
     acaaactatg caatgcactg ggtgaagcag gctccaggaa agggtttaaa gtggatgggc    410220
     tggaaataca ccaacactgg agagccaaca tatggtgatg acttcaaggg acggtttgcc    410280
     ttctctttgg aaacctctgc cagcactgcc tatttgcaga tcaacaacct caaaaatgag    410340
     gacatggcta catatttctg tgcaagacac agtgtgaaaa ccacatcctg agggtgtcag    410400
     aaaccatgag gagaaggtgg ttaagctgtg tccagaagca accagaggaa gcattctctc    410460
     cttgatgttt ggccacaatt atgagattac tgacaacaca tataatagtc atatatggtc    410520
     agtcacagaa cgttgtcagt gggattgtga cagacccgat tgatgaaagg gagagggacc    410580
     atttcatagc atctttaatt tggtatataa atactgttaa tatgataaat accagtataa    410640
     acatactaaa ctatcaaaca attctgaata tcatttatga aatattcatc atatatgaga    410700
     tagtaacatc agagtctatt ataatctcat agaagatgta aaacccaggg ttctacagac    410760
     ttataacaga aggtggaaag atagagaaca caggcatggt gggaaaagtt ggcctacaag    410820
     aaattactat agacagcaga tgtccacaaa caaccctacc tgcagtagtt ttgtttactt    410880
     gcctcacaac aaatataatt atatgcagac aaataacaca catttcaaag aagtgtatac    410940
     ttgcaggtta tcgctggtat tttacagttg aaagaagaac aatgttggca ggccagacta    411000
     tccagtgtgc cctggagtag atcaccatcc aaggagagta caatgagaga tccatggctg    411060
     cagttatata tgtagcagaa catggtcttg tctgacatca gagggagggg aggctcttgt    411120
     acctgtgcag agttgatgac tcagtgtaag gaggtgctgg aatggtgggg tgagattagg    411180
     gtgggtaggt ggagggaaca ccctcatata ggcatataga tgtgggatgg gtggtttgtg    411240
     atggataacc agaaacttgg agatagtttg cgattcaaac aaatggaatg atgaattaaa    411300
     aaagggtatt tgtagaaatt atccctgaat aattaacagt aatattattt ttttaaatac    411360
     tttagatatt ttcttcatat tcacttcaaa tgttatctcc tttcctagtt tcacctagtt    411420
     tcctggccct ggaatttccc tatactggga catagaacct tcaaatgacc aagggcctct    411480
     cctcacattg attaccgact aggtcaccaa ctgccatgca caataatttt taagacatag    411540
     ttattattca agaagacaga cctgcaatag caaaagctaa ttttcagcct agaatcagaa    411600
     ttttcagatc ttgcaggtca ggcatggctt tcatgatcca agttccttta caaaatagtt    411660
     taatactcag ctattaaaaa taagaatatc ctaaaattta aagaatagag cataaaacaa    411720
     gaaatatcat actgaatgga gtaagtcaga tcaaaaagta catgatggtt tgtatccatt    411780
     taaagtgaat attagccata aattacatga taacaatgct gggatccaca gatacaagga    411840
     agtcaaatag taatgatgac ccaagagaag atacatgaat cttactcaga atggaaataa    411900
     cataaacatc agaggttaat ccacagcatt ttgaattcta gacaatgatt tacatttacc    411960
     atgacaatgc ctctttctcc aaggctcact tatagtcttt gctcactgtg gataaactgt    412020
     atgtgcacat gctgccttac tgaaaatcat ctaagagagc tggctcattg agcactgttt    412080
     aaaagagctg taacactaaa agccttgaag gatttttctc actctccttc ccacctcagc    412140
     tctcagtcca agccagacag gcagactaca ctttattctt ccaggatggt ttgtagctat    412200
     gactggatac actaagggaa taaacaaaag acaaagaacc acagctagag accaacaggt    412260
     aaataccaca attttttttt ttttttttta gtttgaggtc aggttgtatg tataccacaa    412320
     aatctctgag gtcaggttgt ttgccagatc aggttcatag acaccaaaga gctatacaga    412380
     ctgtttttgc ataataaata aaatcaaata aataactgca cccagaagtt gttatcagaa    412440
     tgtcagtcca tttgctgcta tagaattgac ctaggtgttc aaaattatgt gaaaaagcct    412500
     ttggaagcat caactaaaaa ttgcaaattt tggatagaaa ttgcttgaac actctaagca    412560
     aagataatga tgggaaactg gaggaccaga ataccactaa taaatgaaga gataattaat    412620
     ttacttttcc ttttaaggtt caagcatctt tccttggacc atccttctta tttagcttct    412680
     ttgagcctgt gggcatatca tggatatcct atgctttatg gataatatcc acttattact    412740
     gagtacatac catacatgtc ctattgggtc tggattacct cactcagcat gttattttct    412800
     attttcaacc aaaggatgca gaagaggaaa gggaatagga ttggagaggg gatgaagagg    412860
     ggtatagaag gggttaggat caggtgtggg ggagaaaggg ccatgagaaa taatggaagt    412920
     ctacagttga caggcctgag agttttgggg aaatctctag caaattagag acatctggga    412980
     tgtgggagac tcccagaagg caatacaggt gactttatcc tagacacata acagtgtgga    413040
     tatagaacct gaagaggcca tcccttgtgg ccaggcagca ctcccagtaa agtgataaga    413100
     acaccaaccc atccagaaaa aaattttggc acaaaatgtg tcctaagtaa aagcaatgca    413160
     gcaacaaatg tagatcacag actgaaggaa tgaccaacca aaaactgtcc caaccacaga    413220
     tacattcctc tggatagtat caatatctga aactattcat tagagtctgc catccaacat    413280
     ttggattttt tttcttttat tttatttttt ctgttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt    413340
     tggtaatttg gttagtttgt ttgtttgaag gaaatggtat gcacagtgac tcgataagct    413400
     ggaaataggt ctattaaatg acctaggtat gctactcttg ggcatatacc aaaaagactt    413460
     tacttcctac catagagata cctgttcttc tatagtcatt tttgtgctat tcaggaaaac    413520
     cagaaaatag aaatagtaca tatgttcatc aactgataat aaaaaagaaa tattgtattt    413580
     acacaattta atatttatgc agctattatg tttgtcaatc ttattaccaa aacatttccc    413640
     taaacaggtt tgcaacactt tcctatactt acaatataat atctccaacc aatagtccaa    413700
     tacttgttga caggtaattg taacatgaag tcttcgaaca aaagcacttg tgcacactag    413760
     ttgtagggta ggattttacc cttgaattga ggaaagggaa tgctttcacc atatgtctaa    413820
     cttgttgaaa attgttgaag caaaacacaa gactgacaaa agattatttc atcttggaca    413880
     gatatggtgt agacatattt tggatctcta gattctgaga gtacagggaa gtccctacat    413940
     aaaaatttaa caaattccca ggggacatac atcactttga aggacaggaa aaaaagaagt    414000
     tatatcagga gcagttctgg aattagtcct cagatcaggg gcatgatcca gagcttgagc    414060
     aggtcagaga agattatact gagtatagac ataatagaag ggacttcaag gaacagctgg    414120
     ctcaggaatg acatctgcct ttacatgatc agaaaatgtc attgtcttca ttataagata    414180
     agtctttttt attctgtaga aagaaatctc tagaacacat tgacaccaat aaatgttagt    414240
     ttgatccaat ttatccttaa atccagctgt catccaaact tgaagttcag aagaaataca    414300
     agattcaatg gcctgggtgt tgcaaagcca ccattgggga gaggggagga ctctcagaaa    414360
     caagttcaag aaaaggagag ggaaaaagtc tgaacttgga aatgtctttc tgcatttgtc    414420
     tggttctttg caaaaatcat aagaaaagac ctcaaaagaa gattttggac ttctcaatgt    414480
     gtttcttatc agaataaacc acagttcaaa catttaattc tgggttttgt ttatgtgatg    414540
     ggcagcacat gtccagctct taacatttat aggaggacaa gagcagacat acctcacaag    414600
     gtacagaagg acaatgggca gcctgccctc agtctttctc taagtatttg aaaagaatat    414660
     tctccatgca aattactctt caggctctag atttaaatat cactctttcc tgtggtagct    414720
     cataaatctc tgcccagaaa agactggtat ctcttgggaa ggcagcgttg ttatctagaa    414780
     gatgagacta ctagggtttc tcctgtgctt ggcagcagct ctgaaaagtg agtgtcacta    414840
     attaggtctc ctgggtcaca cataggttct ttgggggctt atgacttcag gtaactgaca    414900
     gacaaatctg ttttcaggta ttctgtccca gattcagctt aaggaatcag gacctgctgt    414960
     catcaagcca tcatagtcac tatcactcac ctgcacagta tctggattct ccatcactag    415020
     tagtggtttt tgctggcact ggatatgcca gcccccagga aaggggttag aggggatggg    415080
     gcgcatatgt tatgaaggtt ccatatatta tagtccatcc ctcaaaagtc ccagcaccat    415140
     ctccagagat acatcactga ataaattctt tatccagctg agcactgtac ctgatgagga    415200
     cacagacatg tactactatc ccagggaaaa ccacaccgtg agggaaattc agtgtgaccc    415260
     cagacataaa cttcctgcag cagtgctgaa gaccagtagg ggaatcacag tatgcattaa    415320
     gtataggctc atctccatga gcaaggataa attcaagatt atgcaaaaga agaaatacaa    415380
     atatgacaaa aatgtagttt tagatgccat gctggattta tatctcagac cgtctatagg    415440
     tcgtacatat aagatagatt agatatataa tctcattctt tatatattca aaagttatga    415500
     tttaagataa tattttagta ttcttgaaaa ttgtgcatgt ataattcttt cctcttagtg    415560
     tcctcagtta ctacttgttt ctacatcagg gtgtaaatac ttgaggactt atatttaata    415620
     aattgctgca aataatactc ttatttctag ctaataaata aataaataaa taaataaatt    415680
     atgcacatgt gactattaat aacctttcaa gctttctagt tacaactgct ccttaagaga    415740
     aacaaaacac tcatggaagg agttacagag acaaagtttg gagccgagac aaaaggatgg    415800
     accatctaga gactgccata tccagggatc catcccataa tcagcctcca aacactgaca    415860
     ccattgcata cactagcaag attgtgctga aaggaccctg atatagctgt ctcttgtgag    415920
     actatgccgg ggcctagcaa acacagaagt ggatgctcac agtcagctat tggatggatc    415980
     gcaaggcccc caatggagga gctagagaaa gtacccaagg agttaaaggg aactgcaacc    416040
     ctataggtgg aacaacatta tgaaataacc agtaccccgg agctcttgac tctagctgca    416100
     tatgtatcaa aagatggcct agtcggccat cactggaaag agaggcccat tggacttgca    416160
     agctttatat gccacagtat aggggaacga cagggcaaaa aagtgggagt gggtggttag    416220
     gggaatgggg ggagtgtatg ggggactttt ggggtagcat tggaaatgta aatgaggaaa    416280
     atacctaata aataaaaaaa agagagaaac cattgaaagt gcaattagtc actgcccatg    416340
     ttgcatgaat actgactata tcagtcgaat atttgatatg ttttgtcaac aagttgttaa    416400
     ttctaaggat aagatattgt gaaactttaa aactttaact tcctaaaaga caaagaaggg    416460
     agaaattata tctccgtgca tattatttag tgcactacca tgcacactat ttaaatcata    416520
     cttttatttt agaattttga aatttggatg tcaaagaatt ttatatatgc cttatagtat    416580
     cttaaaagga tctacttatt ggcatatggc ttgatcctaa acagctacct tattagggaa    416640
     gggaaaacat aggtcctctc cacagaacgc tgcagaagca tgatggttaa ttcgtgtgac    416700
     aagctggcag gtgagttggc tcagtgacct gactgaagtg acaaggaagc taaattgggt    416760
     acaagttttt gacctgtcct aatatcccaa tattagagaa tcctattgca gatagctaaa    416820
     aattttaatt acccagcaaa gttaactcag agcacatcct ccactcccag agaagctgca    416880
     gtcttcctgc aattctcaaa gccagccccc ccacccccca aggaggccag agactgagct    416940
     tgaaccttgc taatttgcaa ctgaataaag tacctggact ttcccaaaag aagctttgta    417000
     ctgttacctt tcactgtctg gattttgttt ttcaagcagg tcaatcaaca ccttcagcct    417060
     tactgcagta tgcatgcatc cctgccccca agagcatgca ggtggcagct actaattttc    417120
     attctaaaag cattccatca cataatgtga cttttggtct gttttgggat taaggtttgc    417180
     tatgagggct agaaaggcag aaatttcaga tattagaaaa agttgttttt attctgataa    417240
     gatgggctta gtctcttatc tggtcttcag ttttccaccc ttgctgataa tgcaaggtcc    417300
     ccttgtttcc tcaggctgtg gagatattag ggatgaggag ggtgacctcc agctcctaaa    417360
     ttagcctaag agccaaaaac tgtggtgtta caagtggcat aattgttgta gaggccttgc    417420
     tgtatttgag gttgacaatt ctcccttagg agatgcacag tactcagaac tgtgcatgct    417480
     ggttcagtat gggcaccgcc atgggtacaa ggctaagcac tacaggggaa ggtctaactt    417540
     gaacatttct gagttccctg agagacacac ccagtttgga tggaggttgg tatcaagttc    417600
     cagttacaac caaaagaatc tttctaaggc tctgcctccc ctccccaaat gttatcaaga    417660
     gccatgattg tgggtcatga cagcacccac gggaggaatc cggtcaatgc tcccacagcc    417720
     gtggtcaatg ccagctcatc caaggatgag aagatcattt gatcaccaca gttaagtgtg    417780
     gcattatcaa attcaaaggc aggagaggtt ggagatcaaa cagtgataag gcaagccctt    417840
     cacagtctcc catcctaata agctaaatgg ccttgaacta aggagccagt tgtaaccccc    417900
     tccttcctgt tccctgcctg tcacccaagg ctgttaagga gtatccatgt actctccttt    417960
     agtgttatct tattatagtg ccttttaaga ttgaattctg atatagttaa gtctttgcca    418020
     gtgttccaaa gtcatagaaa gacaatgaag ctgagaacct ggaattcagt aggaattcag    418080
     caaggaagtt acctattcag taactgttta gcattacaga aagacggtgc caacagctca    418140
     gggctagtct acaaaatgtt tactaggaca gaaaggacag tcataaccaa ataagggttt    418200
     actatgagaa agttagggaa taccactgag acaggtttct tcattagata gaacctaaga    418260
     attcaggcag aactatacag cataaataaa tgttattcct cagcccagac tttctttttt    418320
     tatattaaca acagggaaag cccaaaatca ggctgaacag acttgactat tatcaccagg    418380
     ggatcatcag gggtggagcc tgccacccta ttgttctgcc acacccactg ctactaccta    418440
     tcacttagct gttccagagt atacatgtgg tcacctgcag ctggactctg aagatgattt    418500
     ggcgagaatg ggcacgtccc ccttctttat aagccggagg ttctgaatat taaaattgag    418560
     ctttggtcag aatcttgtct tagctcaatc ctttctcgct ccgcctagat tccctctttt    418620
     cttcctgatt ccaagatgtc ttccaggctc aaacccggac atatgagctg ccggccaccc    418680
     tcaacacaca atgatacttt tatttcaatg ccacctcttc aagttttcta gtatttagtg    418740
     agaattaatt cacatgtcct ctgagtaatt gcagtttttg ttataaataa gtgaaatcat    418800
     gtgatatttc tagtgtgaaa aaaattttaa ggcagaattg atatcacaat ccgtggtttc    418860
     ctcttccaga atgaaaaacc tactgaagat ccttcccatg acatggctgg gttatggatc    418920
     acatgtcggt tcaggtacat ggatgcttgg ggaagcaagt ttcatggagt ttgactgcat    418980
     ttatcccata cttcctggta aatgttgggt tgtagggaat caccaagaca ccacacagtg    419040
     gtgggaaagc acagtctgag acttgggaat gctggagatg gctcaggggt ccctggccag    419100
     caataagact gaactatggg tttcttaggt tcttggaatc cacatgactc tgagagttgg    419160
     ggaagagctg agaaaacagt gagagtctat ggacaggatc tagcttacag cctaggataa    419220
     aaatgggagc tcttgctggt tccatgatga ttgtccttgg cttgatgggt agcaggaatg    419280
     gtcataattg tagatgggag tgcaaagatg gacttctagt ggcattgtgg gcaaaggcct    419340
     gctccatttc tcccacagca gatcctgatg aaaacagtcc attgtagtga attctttact    419400
     gtcatggtcg agagtggatg cataaaacca taccctactt ttcagggtgg acctgagatt    419460
     aagtgatatc tgcaagggag aatgtcagtg aaaagaatct tatttgcaac acactacagg    419520
     cctctaggtc acccagtaga atgaacatca ttctctggag cctatgtgac catagatcat    419580
     ttgtcttttt tattacattg ttctgggaat ttagggatga cacatctaca tgtagaaggt    419640
     cttgcagctg agcctttata tgactaatgg ccaaaaatct atgagtgctg tggctatgtg    419700
     acaggggcct cgtgtgcagg atcaggcaaa attcctttcg ggtcacctgg gcttcaaagc    419760
     ctttatctta gacaagtacc aggctacctc gcagggttca cagccccaca catcattgct    419820
     gaaaaaaata ttgattttct tcctaaccta aacatatatt cctgtattta tatcatttga    419880
     aatttgtaca agcactacat gaatataatg tgtttcttct acttccaatt cctttcccat    419940
     ctactcatca agatttcctc ccaactctat gtgtgtttct ttatttcttt ttttatgttt    420000
     cttcttttaa aaaaataact gactttaatt tatgatgaca gtgtgaatgt gggcatacaa    420060
     ctatatcctg gaggatggtt agtttttcaa tgcccacatc actaaagaat actaactttt    420120
     ctcagcagta tcaaaaccca atagttcctc aagtagggat aagacttcat gcccaccacc    420180
     ttacattatg atgcaatatt gcctggcgta actttttcta ggtctgttct tactgtcaac    420240
     ttccctgtta catacagaaa accctgtttt actagagtta tccactgtct ctcattcttc    420300
     cagtgtttct tgctctcttc caggatgttt cttaagcctc agcagaagat aatattgcat    420360
     aatgacaacc caaatttact gtgatcatca cagtatttcc taaaaatcta tttgtaggaa    420420
     tttatattgc ggattcaagg aagaaagatc agttgtattt ccttgtttgc ttttaagcaa    420480
     aaaccagctg tgtcttgttt ttctatcatg agcttagaac atctgactct ggattttcca    420540
     agctacagaa gataggatac actgctggaa agtgtagtca ttgggaaatc acagaacaaa    420600
     aagcatcata tacacctcca caaattcaga gaatgtcaag ttttccctga tgtttacatc    420660
     tttggtggta caggtactat atagttacta tatagttaca tatgtactat atggttagag    420720
     acacagtgaa gagacatcag tgttgtcaaa cagccaccat tacacacaca cacacacaca    420780
     cacacacaca cacacacaca tacacacttt cttctgttca tagattcagc aaggcaactt    420840
     aggaaatgtc ttgatttttg gttctgatat aacattacat tgtctaaatc taatattttc    420900
     tgctctgtgt gctggtattt ttatctgttt agttactaag aaaagatata tctaggcttt    420960
     acaaaggcag aatttcactt tccaaaaatg aaatgactgc cattgatagc atggttatag    421020
     ttgataaatt tcgttcacac agtgggatgc tgtaatttaa acatggtttt ggcacagatc    421080
     aaactagcaa gttgtataaa agttccaatg actagaaaac ctattggttt cccatctgac    421140
     ctggctcctc atatatctga gaggaccata ggatgagagc tgattggggt gtttgtgttt    421200
     ctgtcagtaa agatattttc atcctgtatt gtcattcctt gttctctggc cttttcccag    421260
     gacatcacat gatgcccaag aagggtatac ccactaggta aaggttgtca gaaatttctt    421320
     aagctcttgt gtccactgtc cttctgatgt tctctgtgca atatacacaa tgtcagcact    421380
     attaggtact tcaaatataa accgcaaatt gggatagaat aaaagtgaga ctactttatt    421440
     tgtgaatatt gagggaaatt aacagaaaga atgagcatga tatgagtgtt ctgttgttgt    421500
     tagattttaa ctgtacaggc taatgtatgt atcatagggt gatttcagtt cgaacaggct    421560
     tgatttctca aggaaaacta aagcttctgt cttccacata attcaaattt atgtcttctc    421620
     ttaaatatca cattaacaca gatgttttag gacaaaattt ttgactcaaa agatatgaat    421680
     aaatgactat aatcctgtct agtaatcaat ttagaaaacc cctaagtgtg gatgagaata    421740
     accacattga gatacatttc atcaggtaaa ccaagaagga cagtgtgcta ctgtatacta    421800
     tgatttacaa atgacatgtc tgcataatca ataggttttc tatttttttt ttgaattgca    421860
     acagtaaaaa ggaaaagcca aaataaatca tagttgtgca aagactgagg agcaggtgca    421920
     gagtggaatt atcatgtgtg tttcttgact gtacccagaa tttattcttc tcatttaacc    421980
     tcataaatgt cctgggacac caggtgctct atcagaaccc ttgcattgaa ggacacaaga    422040
     gctgacagtg gcatttacag ttattttcta ctatctcttg gaagttacag aaagagaaat    422100
     gatacaattc aaaatcgttc tcaatccaaa tgaagactgt ttacgtcatt gtagaatgag    422160
     atgctcattt ggaaaactag acattagaga actttctcat gaagacacag ttccaagcct    422220
     tatcatgctg tgtcacttca aaaatcttta atattgtcat ctttacgtgc aatgtttgtt    422280
     agatgtctgt gagttatgtg atgtctataa gacattaaat ttcccttata tatgtgaata    422340
     tatatctttc agggcctggg ttacttgtct caagattata ttttctagtt ctatctgttt    422400
     gatttttgtt tttgctgttg ttctattttg ttttacaaac tagataatgt aatcttaaaa    422460
     gctgaataat gctttttgtg caattgtact actttttttt tttaaacaaa aatttcagtt    422520
     caggtacatc taggttattt ccaatatgta gctattattg ctaaaactga tatgaatgta    422580
     gttgagcgaa tgttcttgct gtagaatgga gattccgggt atatgccaag gagtggtata    422640
     tctgggtctt ttctaagaaa ccaccatatt attttccaaa gtggtccaca aatttgcact    422700
     cccacaagaa aaaccagaat ggtggagtat caaagaaggc ttaaataaga acataaggat    422760
     tctcttggga gggggaaata tactagattt tacaagtgga gaggggttgg gtttagaaat    422820
     aggaggaaat ggggaaaaat actgagagga aggactacaa ctggagctat ttcatgggca    422880
     atctagaaac atagtacaat taaaacttca tgtaatgtaa aggtgtgagc ctagaaaaga    422940
     ctcctagtgg ggaagacagg gagcctatac tggtcaactc ctagaaccag gcaaggtctc    423000
     aagtggagag attgacataa actcagacat aaaaccttca gtctagagtt tgttcttctt    423060
     acagtatttg ttgggatcaa agcctagcaa aactgtcatc gaacagatca taccgacatt    423120
     gtgtgctact aatgagaaca gataaagaac ctcacactcc aaccttagtt aatccacaga    423180
     caattctaca gaagacagaa ggtagagttc cagaagagtt agagacacca taagaacatg    423240
     agtcacagaa tcaatgggct accagaaatc agggaaccta tagggtttta acctgggtct    423300
     ctgcttaaat gttatagctg actagctaac tgttcttctg ggattcctaa aagtaagcat    423360
     gagatgtttc ttgattcttt tgtttatttg tggcaccatt tttttttcta ttggttcacc    423420
     atgtccagcc ttgatgccat tgtagttgcc tggtcttata cttgtttgtc atccagtgtt    423480
     cagttgatgt cctagatatg cttgttcttt tctgaggaga gatgagaggt gatcctggga    423540
     caaagggaaa gtgggggaag acacacacga agggcataat tgggaaactt caagcgatgg    423600
     aacatattgc agaacaaatt ataaaatttt aatgaacctc tgtttcattt ttctcccaga    423660
     tgaactgtga atcagtgaga gcaggatttt taattcacag ccactgcctt gggatcagtc    423720
     tatgccatta ttgttaggta gacacctatt tagtgcacca tttgattata cacacacaga    423780
     cataccgaca tacacacata taatataata gatataatat aatataatat aattaatata    423840
     atataatata taatatatat gtgtatttgt atatgtatgt gtatgtaatg ttgttggggt    423900
     ctctcgtctg ctcaccacag gatgccacaa gtttgaccaa gcttacctca agttgtagcc    423960
     aggtgggtgt tgagtcatag aacagcactg ggaccccacc caggcctgga aaatcacagt    424020
     ctgaggctca ggacagccaa agctggctcg gggtccccag acctaaaaaa ggcacagcca    424080
     tttgcttctc agattcttgg gcatccagat gccactggaa ggcatggaag atatgagaat    424140
     atatgcatat acaagtattc accctttcca cacgttgctt aatgaatatg aagcaatctc    424200
     cttcattgcc tctaacgatt ttaggactga catcaattct attacacatt ataataccaa    424260
     agcttatttg tcccttagtt ccaaaggctg gataaactac caacaaaaga gtacatatgg    424320
     tgggattcat ggctctagct gcatatgtag cagaggatgg cctagtcagt catcaatggg    424380
     aggagaggta cttggtccta tgaagattct ataccccagt ataggggaat gagagggcca    424440
     ggaagcaagg gagggtgggt tggtgagcag ggggaggggg aggagggagg ggacttttgg    424500
     agaggaaacc aggaaaggga acaacatttg aaatgtaaat aaagtaaata tctaatagaa    424560
     aataaaataa aaagaactca agaatttaga ctccaaaagt caaaataacc aaattaaata    424620
     gtggagtaca gagctaatca aagtaatctc aacaaaaata tctgtaatgg ccaagaagca    424680
     cttaaagata tgtttgaaat caattaatga ccagtgaaat gcaaatccaa tcaaccctca    424740
     gattcaacct tacactaatc agaagatcta agaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac ctaagtgtca    424800
     gcacattcct gtaaggatgt gaagcaaggc aaccagtctt tcatagttgg tgagaaaacc    424860
     tactggtaga accactcaaa accaacctgg tggttcagca gaaaattgga aatagttcta    424920
     ctgtgaaaac tcaactatac cactccacaa tatcacaagg acccatattt cactatgttc    424980
     gtaggggact tcttcataat atccagaaac tgaaaacaac ctaaatatct ctcagttgaa    425040
     gaatgggcag agaaaatata tttcctttat gctgtagagt aatactcacc tattaaagag    425100
     tataacatta tgtattttgc tggcaaatga tggtactaga aaatctattc tgattggggt    425160
     aacccaaacc caaaagaaag tgaatggtat gtagtcaatg aaacaaggat atcagccaaa    425220
     aagcatgcct gccacacaac atcaatttct ggcaaaggct acacttaact atttctaaga    425280
     gaacagctct ttgttttgcc aaaaagaacc acctatcgtg gcatctaagc acaaaaagga    425340
     gaaaaaaaat cacaaagaaa tgatttagag gcataataaa aattatcaga aaattatgag    425400
     ttttgcgatt gatttcatct ttctccaagt tgaaatcata gggtggcttt aacacagtga    425460
     caaggaatgt gcatgatgcc aatagggtgc tctgcctaaa gtggttggag ccttgtcatg    425520
     ctatagagaa actgtcatac agcagggggt gccaaatttc catatttttt tatatcattg    425580
     agcaggtgca cagaagacca gaaagcactt tctatcaggc tggccttcct cttcctttcc    425640
     agtatgaagc acaaactgcc aatgaaacta gcaattgtta aattcctttt tcaaacagta    425700
     tttgtgttat cagaacatag tgcattcaaa agtctagcct gacagcacaa cccagtttta    425760
     ttcattcctc ctactacctt tctcattccc actgtttctc ttctccctcc cattttaatt    425820
     gtctatctag tccaaactaa gcacacaatt cagtccacat taaaacaaca ctttttcaat    425880
     tcaagtaaaa tacaagacat ctttaatatc agcccttgtt cataatcgtg cttctagtga    425940
     cttaatgtac atgtcacact gtactgttgg gttttgtgtc tcatcatgaa caatgttgga    426000
     gaggtattaa atggagagta agcagaatta gattcctcta atgatgcaca cccacactaa    426060
     gagcagaaat aatattaaaa acagaaaaaa agttttacat gagatttcaa atacccaggt    426120
     atgagctgca ggttcttcaa gttaaagcat tgaggttgtc agttacacta ttacaggaaa    426180
     catatgcaga gttgttattt tagtatatta cctttcacat atgtggaatt actattaaac    426240
     tattctttct tttcaaatgc ttaccattgt aaatgagttt gtgactttgt gtaggtgagt    426300
     gcacatgact ctggatgcct aagaggactg aagaagttgg agttataggt agttttaagc    426360
     tacctgactg ttcagtgcta aaaatacaac tgagatcctt tgaactgcag ttcatgaact    426420
     tcttaattga tacatctcat gagatctcta aactattttt attatgacac atttcaccat    426480
     tttcactgta acgattttta tgttttatat taatataact atatgacact tcccaaaact    426540
     ccccatcttc acaattgaac tgtttcaaag ttttaccttg acttatggaa aatgaaaacc    426600
     cacattttat aattttaaaa tgaaatgttt attttcaatt tctccaaatt tcacaaggaa    426660
     agattagtca ctggtatggg agagcagagg accataagag ttcaggaata gaatccatta    426720
     tgattctgga gtcaaggaag tactgatgcc aaggtttcag tataagagca gtatccactg    426780
     gaaaggataa agtcactaca actgagcaca gagcaggaca gctacctaat gagtggtcac    426840
     taatgggcca ctgttacact gttatacggc ttaggaatga gcactgaggc tgtgaggtgt    426900
     atgggtaagg acatcaggat gtaaacccag ctcaggtaga ggactcagag cacagcacaa    426960
     tcagcacgaa ctaataaaca tcagataaga taaggcacaa gctcagctat ataggatcag    427020
     ggatctttgt aaatctgact gtgtattcag tctagttcaa tgtgacttag gaagcccagt    427080
     catatgcaaa tctagagaag actttagagt agaaatctga ggctcacctc acataccagc    427140
     aagggagtga ccagtttgtc ttaaggcacc actgagccca agtcttagac atcatggatt    427200
     ggctgtggaa cttgctattc ctgatggcag ctgcccaaag taagacatca gaaaaaagag    427260
     ttccaaggga aattgaagca gttccattaa tactcaactc cctgttttct tttcacaggt    427320
     gcccaagcac agatccagtt ggtgcagtct ggacctgagc tgaagaagcc tggagagaca    427380
     gtcaagatct cctgcaaggc ttctgggtat accttcacaa actatggaat gaactgggtg    427440
     aagcaggctc caggaaaggg tttaaagtgg atgggctgga taaacaccta cactggagag    427500
     ccaacatatg ctgatgactt caagggacgg tttgccttct ctttggaaac ctctgccagc    427560
     actgcctatt tgcagatcaa caacctcaaa aatgaggaca tggctacata tttctgtgca    427620
     agacacagtg tgaaaaccac atcctgaggg tgtcagaaac catgaggaga aagtggttca    427680
     gctgtgtccg caagcaacca gaggaaacat tctctccttg atgtttggcc acaattatga    427740
     gattactgac aacacatata atagtcatat atggtcagtc acagaacgtt ctcagtggga    427800
     ttgtgacaga ccagactgat gaaagggaga ggggccattt cacagcatct ttaatttggt    427860
     gtataaatac tgttaatatg acaaatatca gtttaaatat actaaactgt cacacaattc    427920
     tgaatatcat atatgagaaa cagtaacatc agagtctatt ataatctcag agaagatgaa    427980
     aaacccaggg ttctacagac ttataacaga aggtggaaag ataaagacca caggcatggt    428040
     gggaaaagtt ggcctacaag caattactat agagagcaga tgtccacaaa cagccctacc    428100
     tgcagtagtt tcgtttactt gcctcacagc aaatataatt atatgcagac aaataacaca    428160
     catttcaaag aagtatatac ttgcaggtta tcactggtat tttacagttg aaagaagaac    428220
     aatattggca gaccagacta cccagtgtgc cctggactag atcaccatcc aaggagagta    428280
     caatgagaga tccagttata tatgtagcag aacatggtct tgtctgacat cagaggtagg    428340
     ggaggctctt gtttctgtgc agatttgatg actcagtgta aggggatgct ggaatggtgg    428400
     ggtgagatta gggtgggtgg gtggagggaa caccctcata taggcatata gatgtgggat    428460
     gggtggtttg tgaaggataa ccagaaactt ggagatagtt tgcaattcaa acaaatggaa    428520
     tgatgaattt aaaaaagggt atttgtagaa attatcgctg aataattaac agtaatatcc    428580
     tttcttttta aaaatatcat tcccccctgc aattatagtg agagtctttt aaattaattt    428640
     aaagtattcc gaagttgaaa ccaaattgcc atgaagttga aataaaaggt tgaagctgat    428700
     aataagactg cagaggtcct agagcctgca ccaagccctt ccagatattt atttttgttc    428760
     ccaataaagg ttcaagctac tcaatgttct gtgacagtgg agactgatcc ttatggtctt    428820
     gtaacactgg gtttctctag agagaatgga tggtaggaga ctatagcacc catacttgga    428880
     agagaaatca tgtaaacaaa atcatctata atgtgcaaaa tattttgtgc ctgctaactt    428940
     gattttaaca atgccttttt agcacacctt aagtatatgt ggtagttaaa gaagttcaca    429000
     tacagatatg tacataaagt attgggacat ttgaaatttt caaatcaaaa acaatctttt    429060
     tcgggggtga aatgtatttt tctattatcc tgagttttat atcaaaatga atgcatctac    429120
     acactgatat gcagcatata tttggggatt aacatgtttg tgtaaaagtc atatgctagt    429180
     acacacagca accccaaatg tactctctga gcttctattc tcttgttcta ctccacaact    429240
     gtcattcact aagcttatag caaatacatc tctttatcac tcatggcatg tcatgcaata    429300
     aaaggagccc gaatttggtt aaatcggatc cagaaataca agagtgcttc gtgaagacac    429360
     agctataaat ttctatgtag aaggatccat gggaatggga gcaatccatt gtgtttataa    429420
     tttacatgaa tatatccaat tttcctagat ataaaagctg atttacaaaa cagattaaat    429480
     cacagcccca aatttcctaa gtcctcattt tttctcaaaa ggaaattata ttatagatgt    429540
     gagaactaat ttataaatca tacactttaa ttcttcattt caccagtgat gtgagtgttc    429600
     tgtcccaact gcatctacaa aagtagggaa aagatctgcg agaatacaca cagatactct    429660
     atcaattgtt ctatatttgg ttacttactc catcaccagc agagttggta tgtactagag    429720
     acaaagacgt tcaaacataa tctactgttg agaaatagat acatgatgaa ttatgtcaaa    429780
     atttaatagt tatatgaaca tggtactgaa atctaggcta ttgcaatgta agtaaagatt    429840
     taagtataga ggatataaaa tgcatgttgc attgagaaaa ctgaaggatg gatactatga    429900
     gcaaaggaaa cttggatctg aacctggtag tagatgccca tggatataaa tgatactgtc    429960
     cttttatttt gtggtttccc ctcaggcaaa gaactactaa cctgtacctc ctgacccaag    430020
     tagagtataa tctatgtatg ttgagaacct gtgtgctcat gggctgtgga caactctcat    430080
     ttggtatgca gacatccttc tatttactac gaatacatat ttccatttat aatttcatga    430140
     aacacggaat gtcttaaatc aagacatgat caagatttag acagagaagg tataatattt    430200
     ctaggttagg cagcaggatg gtgagatttg acacttaaag ttgtgtgacg aaatatattc    430260
     tgtgttccat cctggcaact ttgcataaag gttttattcc cagtgaaaat ccatttacca    430320
     caccaatctt tcttaatgtg aaccatactt cagtggttca tgatccacat gaacgacctt    430380
     agagtcagtt atttatgtta tgctgagcag gaatattgag cccatcctgt tccccagatg    430440
     gcagtgaaga tcattcagta tggcctgtag cctgagcaga gcccatgtac ataaacaggg    430500
     cttcagaaag cagcacagac aattgacata tgcatggcat cttgtggaaa cactggctat    430560
     agacatcaac atggactgca cttgtagttg taccatgggt ccagatgtac cagcacagac    430620
     ccaaacatca gcatggacac agtgggcaac atagcccacc tacatcaata tggatcctgg    430680
     tggcagcatg gcacccagac ataaatatag cttctatcag tcacaaactt caaacatcca    430740
     catagatctt gactttcatc atggcctaaa gcagcagcat tgaccacagt cccctatatg    430800
     gcctccagcc atatcatgaa caatgatggt cccttcaaga atatctaatc caaaatggga    430860
     atttttcttc attttgggca tcactttttg cccagaacca ggaaaattcc acagctgggt    430920
     agcatgttca atggctgtct gtctacacaa gctccaagct tctacatact acctcctata    430980
     tctactgggc aaatacatgt ctcacaggat ctcaaccctc tctcatacct ggcacagaca    431040
     tcctgtttct agttttgctt ctctccacag ctcatgcaaa actccatatt tctctcattc    431100
     cttcttctcc atcaaatatt tgttcatcat agcttgtttc tgctacctac ttggcaagtg    431160
     gatgaagaca tagaattctc agctcctcct gcgccatgcc tgcctggata ctgccatgct    431220
     cccctcttga tgataatgga ctgaacctct taacctgtaa gccagcccca attaaaattt    431280
     gttttttata agacttgctt tggtcatggt gtctgttcac agcagtaaaa ccctaactaa    431340
     gacagcaagc taggttgagt agctttgttt atagtataat atgaagactt ttatgtatat    431400
     aataaggaat atatgtggtt cctttgacaa tgaattcaaa actcttggga attatctatt    431460
     atattatcat aaaattgatt ctcttattct ctggctaatt gataaaaaag ggatatgcca    431520
     tcaacaatag ctaaaatgtt catttttctt aaaagaattc actgtctata aatcattaac    431580
     aagacaaatt ctttaccctg actattactc acctcaaggt ttctacttgc ttgtcagtct    431640
     atagcatcag gatacacaaa tagggctaga ctatgactat taaatccagt ttaaccctga    431700
     ccctgtagct ctggcagaag agtccaaatt tagattccca tgttcccatt ctgtgattat    431760
     cactggcagt agttatcatt aggaggatca gtgcacatct ctttgagtac ctagaccaga    431820
     attatatgta tttataggtg tatattatga gttgcagctt atggagtctt ggggaagctt    431880
     gttaaagctc cagggttctg taagacattc ttgtgcagcc gctggattca ctttcagaga    431940
     atactatatc agatgggtcc tgtagatttt agaaaaagat cttgactcct tgatttaatt    432000
     acaaacacag ctggggggtg attacagagt atgcttccta tgtgagaagg gcacttccca    432060
     tttcaagaga tcatacaaaa aaataaaaat tcatgcctcc aaataaacag attggagact    432120
     tcttttttcc ctgagaagaa atggagaagg caactgggga gggatcaata agggcttgag    432180
     taggagtaga gaagggattg agatataatg tgagtaaaaa aaataaaata agggagaaaa    432240
     tgagatacag actatactat ccaacttctg aacaacaggg aaactgatgt catttcattc    432300
     tgagcctgga gtcaaacttc catgaaggat tctcaggaac attgtgtggt ttctcagttc    432360
     agacagggtt cttggtcaac caaaaaccaa ataaaagcat aatagacatg gttttagctt    432420
     ctctgggctg cttctccatc tgaaaatttc ctttggatca tttccacatt taaggttgta    432480
     ggatcctatg ttatcttgaa agattatatt cttggatgta agttattaca taataataag    432540
     atgagtaaat ttgctggtga gtgcagaaat aactgtccag gagcatcaga tgccaaaaga    432600
     gctcatgaaa ctgatgtaga cctttccatt atgaaactca ggacagagcc taagtggtat    432660
     tctctgaaag gacagtgttc tggattcaga gagtaccaag agggaggtgt ggtcagggtc    432720
     attgtcctat aaaaccaaac aggtctcaaa tttcaatctt ctctttaagt actaatcata    432780
     taaggctcag gtcagaatca actgttcttt gtagatatat tttcttaatg atttcaatca    432840
     ttctttcaca agtttccctt tgttaaaaca gtacattcat tctctgactt tgtggtatat    432900
     gtgtatggtt cagacattaa ccaggttacc acttatttgc tcagctttgt ctttgacatt    432960
     ggcttgggga agtcttgtag aatgtactca gtttgtattt cctaattgta tttcagtttg    433020
     tatgtggatt cttctgctgt tatttctgtt ggtatttttt tcaagagaaa tcgggtagaa    433080
     acgagcaatc tgggagtaag aatgtcatat tattctatgg atagtggaca gtatttgctc    433140
     tgccatgtct ggactgacgt cacctttatg atgtataatt ttggagagat ctatgaatag    433200
     tatattctgt tgtgctctga gttctagagt actgtaccta attctctgtt atcattgtgt    433260
     agttactcat gactcatgtc aacttggacc agaatattgt gtcagtgagg cctatccagg    433320
     aaggactttg tcctacagca ctttgtcctt tacagacgat cacttttgct ctttaataat    433380
     taacccttct ttcatgtaaa gtaagaataa ttcttaactt gtcctacatc ttttggttgc    433440
     tttattctga gtagattata agactttttt tttaaatcgt gacttatgtg agaattgcct    433500
     tcctactcaa agttcataca aagctgtttt tttcctacat aggaaatttc aactaggtaa    433560
     actttccatc agctctgcaa aaatactttc tttagggcct gtctgattga tactgagtta    433620
     gaaaggtgcc tgcttttata gcactaatgg tcagccatgt gtagggttct tgtttgttct    433680
     ttggatcctc tgtgagcttt gtttcagaac cacatgatta aggaatatag tgtggatcat    433740
     gatatatggg aacaggaatg atcacttcat agtcggaagg gcacctcatc catcaggcat    433800
     ctctggtatt tctggttgtg ttgttaaaaa tagctacaga atgaaaggtt gtcttgggta    433860
     tatacgacat agatgtaata gaagcacata tgccattcac agtgtgcaca gttaaaatct    433920
     gatcacagac ccagagcaca aatagtcaaa aacatcagtg aatagatatc aagagtaggt    433980
     gtagacatag ctggaccctg gtcccttgtc ttcttttcct tttcttggat tctcagaaat    434040
     cttatttaca ttaaatatat ctagtaattt gtgatatctc caaaaagttt tgcaagtttt    434100
     cggactttta aatttttgtg atgaagtttc acaaaccaaa ttaaatgttt caacttttgg    434160
     gagaaatata ttgcctcact gacagaagca cagcggtgag aatgttcatt agagctaatg    434220
     gttcttttgg gggactcaat ccaaagactt ggtttcagac tcaatccaaa gacttggttt    434280
     aattacctgt tttgcccagg gtttgaggat caatgcgatc ataatggagt tgagaccagc    434340
     aggctcagtt acctataatc actctgtgtt cttaagtctc cccttcgcca taggatatga    434400
     gcctcatgac ctgacagaat gttatatttt aattcatctt ttcactctac agcattcgtc    434460
     attgaccaga atgtacactt tctaaccctg caattctgaa tctaggattg aagccgttgt    434520
     ctagcattcc agtgtggatg cagctgtgac ctctgtagag tcttgcaggt gggtattggg    434580
     agacaaataa agctcctagg gagaagtttc ccttgactac taaatccttc aaaactgatt    434640
     tcagtgattg tggaggcagt tgaaggattt agttctggag cctaattaac aatttatctt    434700
     agatgacctt ttatcccatt attagacatt ctttgacaaa ctatgtctaa tctaaaattc    434760
     tatgactaac agaaagttat gatttttgaa ttagttcatg aaagcactag tttaagtgtc    434820
     cttttgccca tgggatgggt ttcaggttag gccagccatt gtttgaccat taccgcagtc    434880
     tctgctccat ttaagttctt gtacttcttg aagtcaggac aaatttttta ttgaaggttt    434940
     aagggtgttt gattccattt ccgccacttt tagggctctt atctaaactc acccactcag    435000
     acactgacac tactaattat acagttatat gttcaaacta gagcctagca taactgtcct    435060
     ctgagagact ccaccaatca gctgaccaaa acagatgcat aaacccacac aaaaacatta    435120
     gacagagttt gagaggtctt atgtaagagt tgcaggaaag attttggaaa caggacagag    435180
     actccacaag aagaccaaaa gtgtcaacta acatggacct tcaagagatc actaagcccc    435240
     ctgaatgtgt gtgtgtatgt gtgtctgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtattcagca gatgtgcagc    435300
     ttggctttat gtggaccccc caaattctgg attaggggtt taatgtgact cttttgcctg    435360
     actgtgaata aggtttccct agttagtcta gcctgtctgg cctcagtggg agaggatgtt    435420
     actattcctg aagttccttg aggaaccagg ttgggtaagt actcaggcct accctcccaa    435480
     ttctgacagg aagaggtctc tgtcagaggg actgagagga aaagagaagc tgcattctgg    435540
     gtataaagtg aataaacaag caaaaatata gataaataaa tgcataaata aataaatgga    435600
     gaaaaaaatt aaatgatctt gaaaaatatc caaggcctac agctgagatc ttcccacctt    435660
     gtttttgaaa ataccttgtt tacatcatcg tgtttgaaaa aattcttcaa tttgtatttc    435720
     atctggaaat gtaaaataat catttaactg tgaccatgtt gaaacatgga ttgtaaggaa    435780
     aattaaatct gtatttagat gtgacatgcc caatatttga cttcagaata aactacatct    435840
     taatctcttt gaggaaagtc ctgtacttat ttattgataa ggtacttatt tattgataag    435900
     gatgtattca atcccagtga tattttcaaa tctgtgtata agactgataa gttaaatttt    435960
     aacaagtaca tataattcac ctatatctgt tcataatatg atgatgtcac atccatcaac    436020
     tatggttttg agagttgagt acatatgcca ggagctcttg gggatactgc ctggtatgat    436080
     tgacatattt tctttggctc tacactacca cactcaaata gaaatgaatc ctattgtaca    436140
     aaatttctgc ccacagtata catctgtcct aaagcacctg ggtcaggctt tgagtttctt    436200
     gctacccata ttaattcatt tctaagaatc atcttttatg ctttgactca aatgaacata    436260
     tagaacaaat gtgaatgtaa aaataaattt tctaaaatga tgggatgttc tgtgaactta    436320
     ttgagcaaca attgtatatg tagagataca agtgattctt cgtttaaaga catggttatg    436380
     gggtctacta actgacagca gtgcagagag caaagttctg taaaaggcag tttttgctct    436440
     taactaaatt ctaatccatg ttaattgtac ttttatccag tattcatcct ctaggaatca    436500
     aagagagggg atggtagtag tactattcac cagcacacca agtatcataa tagccacaga    436560
     tttgcttcca tttctatgac cctatgcttg ctggccctaa ttcttgcttt aatgggagag    436620
     aactgtttat ctggaagaat gaaaactatt tcactggcct agagttatga cattgacttg    436680
     ctcactgtgg ggtttgatgc tcttgattca tcaaattaag aaaggatttt atatgtgaga    436740
     tctgaattgc aatatatata tatatacata tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtt cctgatttac    436800
     aacaatctcc tacaacttat ctgactgagt ctctatttac atctaatgtc tacttctcct    436860
     ctatttcata aaaagcattc tatttatagc caggttacaa tacctcactg taaaggctat    436920
     aagcatgtag aagtcaggtg aatatgaaac ttaagatgac aatgtgtagg tcatcctctg    436980
     taaagaggac tatggtctga tattgttaaa tgtctccagc tttgtagtga gttatgtaat    437040
     gagcagaatt ggagtagata tttctgtatt gtgcacttca ggatgatggc tcagttcatt    437100
     gctattttcc aatatagaaa atggcattaa gagccaaact gctgctgcgc atgcaatcac    437160
     tcattagaca atatgggtaa tcttatggga ggagagaaat ttgatatgtg catttattat    437220
     gtttgtatat aaccactatg gcctttgaac atctcactat gaacatttac cccctgcatg    437280
     tcaagagcct gagtgcataa ctgaataaga gacttctgag ctctcagata gactagattg    437340
     aattcttctc ccatggggag ttaatctggg ccctccagat tgctcttata tgcttactta    437400
     taggaatatt ccacatgcaa attagtagca atataaccag gagctaagta catgagagaa    437460
     gagtcctgag gatctggtat aaaagagttc agaaatggag tattgactat gtccaggaaa    437520
     tctttcaacc aaaacaaatt cacaggggac catcctccaa tgtgttgaat attccctgta    437580
     gcacactaac taaaatttac agattatatt tataattagt gatataactc aaaaccatac    437640
     aaacacacac atgtacacac acccaaacag acatacacaa acatacatgt agaaatccct    437700
     gaaatgtttt ttttagattt tctagtttaa tgaataggtt ttttatttac taattgtttt    437760
     atttatttat atcaaaatat tactccccct ttgctttcaa tcctttaaga gttctttttc    437820
     tccttcatct cctctgagag ggtgcccctt ggtatacctc caagctaggg catctagtct    437880
     ctttacagga ttaggcattt cctttcccac ttacatcaga caatgcagcc ctgtgttata    437940
     tatattcctg ggacctcaca tcatccagtg aatactcttt ggtgggtggt tcagtctctg    438000
     agagatccaa ggggtccatt tagttgacac tgttggtctt cctatggggt tacctttccc    438060
     ttcagttcct tcagtccttc ccctaactct tccatagtgg tccctatcct ttgtacaatt    438120
     tttgtttctg agtatctaca tctgtttcag tcatcatctg gtagagcctc tcagaaaaca    438180
     tccatgctag actcttgact agaagtacaa catagtatca gtaatagtgt cagagattcc    438240
     tgcccaccca tgatagtttc caatttgagc tagtcactgg tcagccattc cttcagtccc    438300
     tgctctattt ttgctactgc atttctatta gatagggaaa attggagtca aaagttctgt    438360
     atgtgagttg gagtccccat ccctccactg ggggtcctgt ctggaaactg gagatgatct    438420
     cctcaggttc catatcccca ctgctgttca ttttgattaa ggtcactcac attgagtctt    438480
     ggaagtttcc ccaatgaata aaagtttgta aagtgtgtcc ttaattattt ttgaatccca    438540
     ttgacagttt taatgtctcc actttgatct ctaattatat taatttgtgc tttctgtctc    438600
     ttttggtgat cttttcttcc tatttgtcaa tcttgtttat ctttcaaaaa acccatacgt    438660
     attttcattg attctttgta ttaactgttc atgggtccca ttttagtaat ttcagccatg    438720
     atttttatta tagcttccca tctactgttt aggattttgg tttctttttg tttcccaaag    438780
     gcttaagatg agcaatcttt agttattaca atattagtgg tatataattt actattaata    438840
     ttaaatatgt aattaaaata aattaatttt atatatgtac ttggcactat gctataatgt    438900
     gactttattt tattctgttc tagaaatttg caaatattct tcttgattta tttctgcaca    438960
     cagttgtcat ttaccagtgt gttgttaatc tctatgagtt tatgaatttt ctgtaggtac    439020
     tttttcttga tatgcagctt tattccattg aagttgaata aaatgctgga tgttatttca    439080
     atttttctat atgttttgaa acttgtggta tgacttaaga tggttagtta ggttttgaat    439140
     gatgtgacaa actattatga ccaaaacata ttgcattaga aagaattaat ttcacctcat    439200
     aatactaagt aacattctgt cactgatgga agtcagacca tgaacctgga catggaaact    439260
     gatgcatcag ctctggcaat ttctctttgt tgacctcttc ccatggcttc ttcagcctgc    439320
     tttcacgtac catccaagac cacccaagta ttgtagcacc acctgctaca agatgagacc    439380
     acaattgtgc tctttaagag catgaagtac atctttccag tcctagctgt cctcaaatga    439440
     gttttgttat actttcaggt gtcatgctga tgaacctgcc tgtataagtg acttgacctc    439500
     ccttctagct ttcaatattc tttatttgtg tctttattaa tttggggata atacataatg    439560
     tagagggttt tttcctgttt atatttggtg tattttcact ctcttgtacc ttgatgggtt    439620
     tggtaaattt tctaactata gttttggaac ttccattaat ttattgaaaa tattctctgt    439680
     gtcttgacat gatattttat tctttatcct ctgctgtaac tcaaagactg gctgggtctt    439740
     ttcatagcat ctccaagcat tgtgatgtca tattcgtaca tatttaaatt ttttctcatt    439800
     gaacttgagt gactaaatac ctgtaattga tctgcagcta tgaagctgag atgtttttca    439860
     tggttcagtc tattgataag acttcctact gaggggttgt tatttttaga tttattaaga    439920
     ttttaaatat tggcataatt ttagttagtc cttatttgac atattaaatt ttcatagttt    439980
     gaatttcttc ctttatattc agttcttttt taatttcttg ccattgatga tgttgttatc    440040
     ttagagttct ttttcattat catttattag atatttcctc aatttacatt tcaatttttc    440100
     caatttttgt taggtattta cttcatttac atttcaaatg ctatcccaaa agtcccctat    440160
     accaccccct gctcccctac ccacccactc ccacttcttg gtcctggtgg ttcccctgta    440220
     ctggggcata taaagtttgc aatatcaagg ggcctctctt cccaatgatg gccgactatg    440280
     ccatcttcta ctaaatatgc agctagagac acgagctcta ggggtactga ttagttcaaa    440340
     ttgttgttcc acctatgggt ttgcagaccc tatcagctcc ttgggtactt tctgggggcc    440400
     ctgtgttcca tccaatagct gactctgagc atccacttct gcgtttgcca ggcactggcc    440460
     tagcctcaca agagacagct atatcagggt cctttcagta aaatcttgct ggcatctgcc    440520
     atagtgtctg ggtttggtgg ctgattatgg gatggactcc tgggtggagc agtctctgga    440580
     tggtccatcc ttttgtctca gctgcaaact ttgtctctgt aactccttcc atgggtgttt    440640
     tgttcccaat tctaagaagg ggcgaagtat cctcacttca gtcttcattc tttttgagtt    440700
     tcatatgttt tgcaaattgt gtcttgggta ttctaagttt ctgggctaat atccacttat    440760
     ccgtgagtgc atatcatatg tgttcttttg tgattgggtc acgtcactca ggatgatgcc    440820
     ctccaggtac atccatttgc ctagggattt cataaattca ttgtttttaa cagctgaata    440880
     gtactccatc gttgtaaatg taccacattt tctgtatcca ttcctctgtt gaggaacatc    440940
     tgggttcttt ccaacttctg gctattataa ataaggctgc tatgaacata gtggagcatg    441000
     tgttcatatt acaagttgga acatcttctg gatatgtgcc cagaagaggt agtgctggat    441060
     cctccggtag tactattatg tcctttcctc atatcccctc tgaaacacct ctatcccatc    441120
     caccctcatc cttctcacta aatcacccac tcctgcttcc ctatcctggt attcccctac    441180
     actgagaaat tgagctttca caagaccaag tgtctctcct ttctttgatg tctgacaagg    441240
     ccatcctctg ctacatatat gtctgaagcc tttattccct ccttgtatac tctttggttg    441300
     gtggtttagc ccctgagagc tctaggggta ctggttggtt tatattgatg ttccttctat    441360
     ggagctgtaa accccttcag ctagttgggg cctttctcta gctcctcaat tggggacctt    441420
     gtgctcagtc caatgaaagg ctgtgagcat ccacttgtgt atttgtcaga cactggcaga    441480
     acctctcagg agacagctat gtcaggctcc tgtcagcaag cacttgttgg catccataat    441540
     agtgtctggg tttggtaact gtgtatgggt gttattctca agtgggacag tcaatggatg    441600
     gcctttcctt cagtttctgc tccaaatttt atctctatat ctcctaccat gtgtgttttg    441660
     atccctcttc taagatggtc ggaagtatta actctgtggt cttccttctt cttgagtttc    441720
     atgtgttctg tgaatgaata gtttgtgttg tttgaccata gttcattcac tctttcaaat    441780
     tctttgtttg caaaatcatt catattatta tcattggagt tcattactat aagattaata    441840
     attctggaat tagaaaggca tgttgtcttg gctttgtatg ttacatttgt ttgtaaagta    441900
     gcaatttatc cttaaatttt attgtatttt ttataggttt gagaacaatc tctacaaata    441960
     gagagtgtct gccttcatta attcttattc tcatacattt tattcctatg ttttataagt    442020
     gtaatataca aattataaat gctataaata taagagaaat gaaggtttat attctttatc    442080
     tttattattt ataaaaatgt tttccatttg cctctatttt atatatattt gcctataagt    442140
     ttgttatatg tagcctttat tagtttgaga cacatctttt actaaactct actagtcttt    442200
     ttcttgaagg tatgctgcct ttgcataagt gcctttttag taccaattaa aataaatacg    442260
     tatttatcca tgcggtgtat catattgatt gataaatgca tgttgaacca accttatatt    442320
     tctaggaaga agtccacttt gttataatgt ataatcttat atatatgtac atatatatat    442380
     atgtacatat atatatatat tgcataatct taatatgatc ctgtttgatt tgtagtcatt    442440
     ttgttaagaa tttttcatgt atatttatta aaagaattga actatagttt tactttttgt    442500
     agagttttca acttatttgg gaatcatgac aatacttaat atgtaagaag ttaagatgga    442560
     gagacattgc ttggggccag actcagcagt gattaggttc ccaataggat gtaaggatat    442620
     gattagacaa tgtgaattag agtcagacac caagacagag atgcttggca acactgactt    442680
     actagacatc agaaattttc tttatttata caaattttaa aaatttatga gttcaaggga    442740
     aaaggataat attattttat gtcaagcaca catttctagt atgcttgggc ttaaaagtta    442800
     agtacagata gaatagatct tattatcatc aatgctatgt ccttttttcc cctcattttt    442860
     caaggcaggt tttcactata tagccttggc tgtcctgaaa ctcactctgt agaccagtct    442920
     ggccttgaac tcagaaatct gcctgcctct gcctcccaaa tgctgggatt aaaggcgtgt    442980
     gcatatgcaa atacagacta cagtctgatt tgaacaactt gcagaatatt agatagggca    443040
     gatgtgattc atctgtcaac actaggaact catcctaagt tagaatggat ccaacaggaa    443100
     gattttaaac cagtgaagaa gttggggtta ggggttattg aatatccctg atgattgaac    443160
     ccatgccatg tatttcagaa acacctgaga gaatccacac ctaggtacaa ggtgagatct    443220
     gagtaatagg atattatctt agtcagggtt tctattcctg cacaaacatc atgaccaaga    443280
     agcaagttgg ggaggaaagg gtttattcag cttaatactc tccacactgc tgttatcacc    443340
     aaagaaagtc cggactggaa ctcaagcagg tcaggaagca ggagctgatg cagaggccat    443400
     ggaaaggtat atcttactgg ctttcgtccc ctggcttact cggcttgatt tctcatagaa    443460
     cccaaggcta ccagcccaga gatggtacca cccacaaggg gccctcctcc cttgatcact    443520
     aactgagaaa atgccccaca gctggatctc atggaggcac ttccccaact gaagctcctt    443580
     tctctgtgat acctccagcc tgtgtcaagt tgacacacaa aaccagccag tacagatgta    443640
     aaatgcaatg cagggtatga tatactcaga atatttttca tttttctttt ggaaatagta    443700
     tcataaggta gattgtaacc aatgttaaat tctagaatta gtacagttat attcttcctg    443760
     cctttctttg tgccagagtt tcttcagctg tggaagaagc agatatttac cccatattca    443820
     ttaaatttgc agagcatcct atagtgatac ggggtagccc tcctcaagaa tggatacctt    443880
     ctcttcaatg actaatgctc agatttagtt atggttataa aaagaataca cttgtactgc    443940
     atataacagc ttatgtcctc aagctgcagg ggatgtatct tttactcctg agtctcagga    444000
     gtttgtcact cctttagtga agtgattaaa caagtgttcc cattgaataa ttctacccta    444060
     agcaaggagt gactgaagga atacaaacat agaataaatt taggcaatct gtgtctcaag    444120
     tgttgttgat agctctgtgg ctcttgtaat ttgatgctaa ttccattctc cttggaggag    444180
     ttgtgaacta ggaatgagtc agcactctgg tgatttcctg taaacctgct tcccacctta    444240
     atttgtaaaa taaaggctag agcctgtgat tgggaagaga aagggaagaa ggagctgaaa    444300
     gttgggagag agaagaagga ggtgtgagac agagagagga tgatggagga ggaggaggag    444360
     gaggaggagg aggaggagga ggaggaggag gaggaggagg aggaggagga ggaggaggag    444420
     gaagaaaagc agaacagaag catctggcct ggagaaaccg gaagttataa ggggtctcat    444480
     agatggggaa ggtggtaatg ttgtggtatt tctgcccaat ctaggcacac agctggtatt    444540
     cattttaatt gagttgtgtt ttcattactg gagcatgttt gggttggaaa attacaatgc    444600
     tcaagtgtta gaaatatcag ttgaattttt agaagtatgt ggaagcccat agataaaatg    444660
     gggcttttgt tgctgaatta aggaaataat gaaaaacata ggaaagttct ttgaacatag    444720
     gtaaataaaa ctgtcacttg tctcacaaat ttgttagtgc ctttgattgt ctccattttc    444780
     cataaatcct catgcacaca ttagagcaaa gttcatgaaa gaattcttca gaaaaaaaaa    444840
     tctaatttat aaagtttaat gacacaccag taattggtct cattgtttca tgaactggac    444900
     atacctccac tgtgggcaag aataggcact ctcatcctca gggagccaga gtgtgaagat    444960
     gggtgacttc ctgtgagtgt tgtgtctccc tcctgttgtt actcatactt ctccttgctc    445020
     attttaaagt tcaatcattt cagttttggt agagaagagc tcatatacac catgataaat    445080
     gatggaagtg tatgcaagag catatgaaat ctatggtgca ggctctttat aactagactc    445140
     ataacccaga gattatattt ctgctgttaa tgcaatgtag tgacagtcct ttgatatcaa    445200
     tcataggcac tctgtgagac tatccattcc aaaatcagac attttgtccg aattagactg    445260
     gcctggtatt ttatttttta ttcattggtt cagttattta catttcaaat gttatcccct    445320
     ttccttgctt cctctctgca aactccttcc ccattattgt atgagggtgc tcctccacct    445380
     attcctgcct cactacccta gcattctcct atactgcagc atcaagtatt cacaggacca    445440
     agggcctccc ctcccattta tgccaggtaa gtccattctc tgctacataa gaagctgaag    445500
     ccatgggtcc ctctatatgt acgttttgat tgttggttta gtttttggga gctataggag    445560
     gggttggttg atttttcttg ttgttcttcc tatggagttg gagactccat cagctccttc    445620
     aatccttccc gtaactcccc cattctggtc tccatgctca gttcaatggt tggttgtgaa    445680
     catccacatc tgtattgatc aggatcaggc ccagtctctc aggagacagc tgtatcagga    445740
     tcctgtcagc aagcactcct tggcatgagc agtagagtct gggtttggtg tttgcatgtt    445800
     ggatgaatac ctaagtgggc agtctctgaa tgggctctca gctccactcc ttgtccatgt    445860
     atttccttta gacaggtgca attctgggtt aaaactttgg agataggtgg gtggccccat    445920
     ccctcaacag ggggccctgc cttacctttg gatggggtct ctccacattc tttccctcct    445980
     ttgttgcata tttcagctaa tgtcttccca gctgggtcct ggaagcctct tatttccctg    446040
     gcatctggga ctttctcctg gctaccccca ggtagccatc ccccactgct acacaactct    446100
     gttcagtttc ctgattctct gtacagtacc ccttcttccc ccatacctga tcctgaaccc    446160
     catttcccac ctttctcctt ttctcctccc aattaactcc tactttcaac ctcatatgat    446220
     tactttgttc cctcatttaa gtaggactga ataattcaca ctttggtctt ccttcttctt    446280
     tagcttcaga tggcttgtaa gttgtattat gggtattctg agctttttgt ctagtatcca    446340
     cttatcagtg agttcatacc atgtgtgttc ttttgtgaca tggttacctc actcagggtg    446400
     gtattttcta gtacactcca tttgccttta aatgtcattg ttttttagag ttgagtagta    446460
     ctccattgta taaaagtatc acatttcctg tatccattcc tttgttgagg gacatctggg    446520
     ttgttttcag cttctgggta ttataaataa ggttgctatg aacatagtag agcatgtgtc    446580
     cttgttctat attggagcat cttttaggaa tgtgaccaga agtagtatag cttagaacaa    446640
     aaagaagcaa atccacccta tatgagttga agccaggaaa taaacaaatt cagggctaaa    446700
     atcaaccctg aaatcaagga gaaacaagga gaactataaa acaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa    446760
     acaaaacaac acaaaacgag gagttggata tttgagaaaa tcaataagat aaacccttag    446820
     ctagacaaac cacaggacag agaaaccata ctccaattaa caaaaacaga aatgaaaagg    446880
     gagacatggt ctgcactggg agctgatcct gtgtcacagc actacacacc caaattcctc    446940
     tgggagagaa atagtctccc aggagtactg acactcagtc ttgcaggagg aacaaaccac    447000
     aatcagaaag agtcagcaag accagttaac accagagata accagatggt taaaatgttt    447060
     ttgagatttt cttacctgaa tgctgtacgc atgatatccc cattgaaatc cctcttttat    447120
     tcattgccct cttcctctca aattcaggaa ctcttcacct ttattccatg aatttattaa    447180
     ttatttattt aacatcccaa ttgctgttcc cttgtacaac tcccctgcat agagtctctc    447240
     cttctggaag ggtggttccc accaagggta tcctaccacc caggctcatc aagtctctgc    447300
     aagttttcca cacttgggga tccattccat atacagtccc caaacccaga tactattgtt    447360
     catgctgaca ggagcctgat ataggtatct tctgagaggc tctgctagag cctgacaaat    447420
     acagggttgg atgctggcag ccaaccattg gactgagcac aggatcccca atggaggagt    447480
     tagagaaagt actgaaggac ctgaaagtat ttgcaacccc acaggaagaa caacgatatc    447540
     aaccacctca gagctccact aagcaaagaa tacacatgaa gggacccatg attccatcca    447600
     cctatgtagc agaggatggc cttgtgggac atcaatggta ggagaagccc ttggtacata    447660
     aaggatcgat gcctcactgt agcagaatgc cagggcaggg agacatgagg ggataggtag    447720
     atgggggaac accctcatag aatgaggggg agggaatggt atagggatgt ctggagtggg    447780
     gggaacggtg aaaaggtgta taatttgaaa tgtaaataaa gaaactatcc tatggtggaa    447840
     aaaagtctct gcaatgttaa gtggattgta tcccacagag gccacacagt caagtgaaca    447900
     gattacacag aaaagcaaga gctttagtga tagtgcctcc tcaggttaac tgagttacaa    447960
     actagttgaa gcaattccta gttataaggc caaagcatat ggataaatat agtctttctg    448020
     ttattcagga actggggcag gcagaggaag tctttgagtc acacaaccct gctgcaggaa    448080
     gaatgcaggt cactaggtgg tgctcactac acacctggat aaaaacttga agagcaggtg    448140
     tagacagcaa gtgagcttcc agattccatc aggatttcct ccactcactg aaccacatgt    448200
     aacacaattt accagtgaag ccctcaagag accatgccct aatgagttgt aatttttttt    448260
     ttcctcaaag acccaaacca gatgtaacta cagaccatta gctttatact cttgaattta    448320
     aatcactctc ctgggactct cacagaaata gaaatgccac aatctacagg accattttaa    448380
     gaccaaaaac acatttactc tcattgtgga ctaaatacct caattgaaaa acgaagaagc    448440
     aacattgttt cttttaagga gaaatgggaa gatatttcaa caaacttaat cttaaaactt    448500
     aactcacagc taccatggaa gtgttgtatc ctcaggtaga gtatggggaa tgtgtgctgt    448560
     aacatggcct aagattcacc atgaagacac ctctccaaat ttttgtgatc atacatatga    448620
     ttcctttgct tacatttagg acacaaaata gtgacatgac tccagatgtt gttaactcaa    448680
     ataaattcaa gaaagtgtgt ttatatatag atatatagat atagatgata tagatataga    448740
     gagatagaaa tgtataatat atatacattt actacacaca catatgtata tgtatatata    448800
     tatatataca tatatatatg agtgagactt tcaaggttat tttattaata gaaaatatat    448860
     ttataatatt aattctccca ttcatttcaa ttgacttcaa gtagtgtacc atgctacact    448920
     actgggctat gacatcaaat cttgatttat atatacattt tacataattt tccttttgtg    448980
     aatcctctaa aatctatgaa tattttatta cagtccttga accaggcaag gcaagcagag    449040
     gattactatg ggtgaaaagg cagaaataat tttaatattt tattcaaata aatgatattt    449100
     taatgttgtg ttgccgcaaa ttccttcatt taacgtctgg catctgtact agtaactggt    449160
     atctttaaaa ctttcactca agaactcctt atttagcagg aggttaagca aataaagtct    449220
     tcctcagctt atgaaaagca aaccagccct gatcttgcag ttctagcaga gaatctcaga    449280
     tgtggatcct caggcctgac tattcactga tcagcactgg acacagaccg tttaccatgg    449340
     agttggtgct cagcttgaat ttccttgttg cttttttaaa gaagaaaagg agataatgag    449400
     tgtgggaggg gacataagtg aaagggagtt tggacatgtg tgacagtttc ctaaccagaa    449460
     ttctatgtgt ttgcatgtgt tcaccgtgag ctttcagctg gtgaagtatg taggtgtttt    449520
     atagatgtct gcaggatcca tgagactcac ttgtgagtct tctgcatcct catcaagtag    449580
     ctttgacagg cactgatcaa ggataatcaa gggagggacc tgcagagaga cttggggact    449640
     actaatggca atagtgagta ctaacagatt ctttcaatgg ctgactcgcc atctgcaaag    449700
     atgaagaaca ttgtgtgtct gcaagtgaga aatctgagaa ctgagggcat tgctgtccac    449760
     tactgtgcaa gacgtccagg gaagagactt cattgtgaga ccataaaata accttattct    449820
     gtgtgctcaa aaactacagg gtatggtcct catttacaaa gcaaacattt taacaaagtg    449880
     ataataaatt catcatagag tgacccccat ctggtatggg agctgccttc tcaactggag    449940
     attcccagat attccagtct gttaaaccta tgatttcact gtaacataaa ggattcttgt    450000
     tttcattatg atctaaatta taaattgagg tttaccacag ggccaaatat tagaaaatca    450060
     tgtattggca cctctaagaa cagaaatgta catgtcatgg ccactggaag tagatatgaa    450120
     gaaacacaac tatcctggaa aaattttttc tgtgaggagg ttcaatggga cttcctgacg    450180
     agcacagtgt ttgttatatt agtgttgtgt ataataatat ataatatata tgttattata    450240
     cacaacacta aatacaataa cattttatgt atatgtctat ccatatatgt gtaaataaca    450300
     atatgtataa taataccaaa taagaaatag aagatcagac attttggaga gagaaattct    450360
     agtcaagaat gaaaattgca agggacaata tttttaaaaa taaaactcag aactttataa    450420
     agctttagaa tttatattaa aatgcacatt gtacactggt catatttcct ccattacacc    450480
     atatccttcc cttgttccta ttcttcccat ttgaccattt atttgaagga gacaatttca    450540
     cttccatttc attacatata taattttctc tcactataaa atatctaagg tccacaatga    450600
     gaaacttaaa tagtatctgt gattctgaaa aggtctaaat tgcttaagaa aattttcgtt    450660
     attcaataca gaagaacaaa ttctgttgtg ttatacatac agcataattt ttttattcat    450720
     ttgttgacag acatgcttga ttcaataatt tagttcttaa ataaaatgct gaatgaacat    450780
     ttgaatacac atattgctga gacatgttct cttgctgtca tttgtgtaat attttagtat    450840
     gcaacctttt ggaaaggcca ttattattta aatatatatg agagaagatt gctaactctc    450900
     ataaatgtat tggttttttt tttaaatttc cagtaagcgt tatcctcatt gctactacca    450960
     ccaatcaatt ttttcactaa gacaagtgag tgtctcaggt taggattcta ttttaagatt    451020
     gagatattag gctttgatac tacatctaaa tggtctgtac atgtctcgaa gaaagttctt    451080
     cagacagagt taggacttgg atccaggagt taggacttgg actgactcag gaggactcta    451140
     gtttcttctt ctccagctgg aatgtcctta tgtaagaaaa gccttgcctc atgagtatgc    451200
     aaatcatgtg cgactgtgat gattaatata gggatatcca caccaaacat catatgagcc    451260
     ctatcttctc tacagacact gaatctcaag gtccttacaa tgaaatgcag ctgggttatc    451320
     ttcttcctga tggcagtggt tacaggtaag gggctcccaa gtcccaaact tgagggtcca    451380
     taaactctgt gacagtggca atcactttgc ctttctttct acaggggtca attcagaggt    451440
     tcagctgcag cagtctgggg cagagcttgt gaagccaggg gcctcagtca agttgtcctg    451500
     cacagcttct ggcttcaaca ttaaagacac ctatatgcac tgggtgaagc agaggcctga    451560
     acagggcctg gagtggattg gaaggattga tcctgcgaat ggtaatacta aatatgaccc    451620
     gaagttccag ggcaaggcca ctataacagc agacacatcc tccaacacag cctacctgca    451680
     gctcagcagc ctgacatctg aggacactgc cgtctattac tgtgctagac acagtgttgc    451740
     aaccacatcc tgagcgtgtc agaaaccata gaactgcagg aagctgcctg agactgagat    451800
     gacagacaat attattgtgt agctttttgc tcagaaatag tcattctgag tgtccctacg    451860
     tctgcttcct cctcctcaga gttctatatg gtatttgtca actttgcaaa agggcatctc    451920
     caaatgatgc tgacttggga tgcccctaaa gtagattaga gtagactata gtttgaccag    451980
     ttcttcactg acatgttatt gtttaataaa agaaaaagga tatactgttg caatatatta    452040
     tgaaatgata tccttcaagt ctaagaaatt ttaattgttg ctgaactaga cacaaataaa    452100
     ctatattatg aatatagcaa gtaaagccca aatcaacaac atgtgggcaa agaaaaacct    452160
     ctttcataat ccattgatgt gtctgaaata agaaaaagca gttttttgaa taggatcact    452220
     gtagatttgg acatactgaa tttacttctc ctgtagaatc ttattttata cctttaacta    452280
     aaggtattaa tacatctaaa tgtaaatcgc ttttgttagt agtagtcaaa tctttcatta    452340
     ttttgggatt aaggatgaac ctgcatgcca tgctgtggag ccctctgtgt acagagtctg    452400
     ctgctctggg aacaactggc ctcctgctca ggtaacattg aggccagagc aatgggattc    452460
     ttagctggac atgtaagagg tctgatcttg tcttcagcag ccctgggtgc tctatctctt    452520
     ctttcttgag actgaattca tttttatcaa tattgtgtta acattgactg gaacagtaaa    452580
     aagtcttctc atatttttca ggtatattag aggaaaattt actataatga ggatgattag    452640
     caggttttaa tatatattat tttttagata tagccttttc cctccacact gggaccatag    452700
     aggaagacac aagaatatta gcataaatga gccttatgct ccaaaatttt gcatgatttt    452760
     atcatagcat tattagtatg agtagtgtta acaactacag aatgactttt tcaattaaaa    452820
     cttgcatttt taatagctga tgaaagtgac aaggtagaaa cagcgtcaat attttctttt    452880
     cctaaataca aattcttgaa gatgctcaac aaaatcctaa agagttctgt agatttgtgt    452940
     ctgatactgg gaaagaagcc taaaggagga tctttattcc aatacttata agagattttg    453000
     tattaaccag ttgagaggag taaattgttt gaactctgct tggaggtttt catggatgat    453060
     ggactgttga taaggaattt tgagggaggg gtgtgttcct tcctttggtt atgagcatca    453120
     gtgagcaggc attcatctat tactaaagcc agattaaact tatgggtggt gagaattatt    453180
     tcataatagc ttgctagtca aagtgtctca tttcatacat agttttcata gtgtctacta    453240
     tttttgtagt gagatgactg tcaatcccat tctctataat acttttttga gatcatcatc    453300
     tgtggccaat gaggacttca tgggcaggat tttgtcatat ttcacaaatg agttaaaata    453360
     ttgctccctg aaaagtttct taaaagtatt ttaacccaca cttcccacag gagtctccac    453420
     tcccaagtgc tctagcacac ccaggatctt aggatcacag tgagtaaagc acgtctgttc    453480
     caacaccact gggaatgatt ggaaacagca gaatccagga agcagtaacc ctgccaacca    453540
     gtggctctgg ttccttcaag tcagcaccac tctaaattgg gctcaaactc tgtggacagt    453600
     cccatggtcc ccataggagt cttcactctc aggtgctcta tcactcagga tccaaagatc    453660
     ccaggtgttt ggtcacacca ggatttcagg gactcagagg cagcatgaca cccagaaatt    453720
     ctgatacacc caagggcagg gagcacttgc aataatctga tggcaggagt ccagcaaaaa    453780
     aaaaaaaaaa aaacagaagc aacagaaacc aaggtgacat ggcaacatta gaacccaatt    453840
     ctcccaccat agcaagccct ggatacacca tcacaccaga aaagcaagat atggatctaa    453900
     agtcacttct catgacaaag atggaggact ttaagaagta aataaaaaac tctcttacag    453960
     aaagaaatac aggagaacac aggtaatcag gtagaagccc ttaaagagga aacacaaaat    454020
     tccctgaaag aattgcagaa aaacacaacc aaacagctga aggaatggac taaaaccatc    454080
     caggatctaa aaatggaagt agaaacaata aagaaatcac aaagggaaac aactctggag    454140
     atagaaaacc taggaaaaag tcaggagcca tagatgcaag catcaccaac agaatacaag    454200
     ggtaaaagac tggaaaacaa ttttccaagc aaatggtccc aagaaacaag atggaatacc    454260
     attctaatat caaataaaat caactttcaa cttaaagtta ttaacaaaag ataagaaggg    454320
     ttacttcata cacatcaaag ataaaatcta ccaagatgaa ctctcaattc cgaacatcta    454380
     tgatccaaat gcaagggcat ccacactcat gaaagaaact ttactgaagc tcaaagcaca    454440
     cattgcactg cacacaataa tagtggaaga cttccaaaac aaactctcat caatacacag    454500
     atcatggaaa caaaagctaa acagagacac agtgaaacta acagaagtta tgaaacaaat    454560
     ggatttagca aatacctata taacatttaa ttctaaaaaa aaaggatata ccttcttctc    454620
     agcacctcat ggtaccttct gcaaaactga caatatattt ggccacaaaa caggcctcaa    454680
     cagatacaag aagattcaaa caatcccatg catcctatca ggtcaccaca gactacagct    454740
     gatcttcaat aacaacataa ataatagaaa gcacacatat acctgcaagc tgaacaatac    454800
     tctatccaac gataacttgg tcaagtaaga aagacatttt agagtttaat gaaaatgaaa    454860
     ccacaacata tccaaactta taggacacaa tgaaagcatt cctaagagga atagtcatag    454920
     ctctgtgtgc cagcaaaaag aaactggaga gacaatacac taacagcttg acagcacacc    454980
     tgaaatctct agaacaaaca gaagcaaatt cacctaagag gactagaaaa taaggaacaa    455040
     tcaaacagag ggctgaaatc aaacaagtgg aaacaaaaag aactataaaa ataattaacc    455100
     aaaccgggaa ctagttcttt gagaaaatca acaagataaa taaaccctta gccagactaa    455160
     ctagagggca cagagatagt atcctaatta acaaaatcaa caatgaaaag gtagacatac    455220
     aatagagatt gaagaaataa aaaaaaaaat cagatcctaa aataaaagct atactcaaca    455280
     aaactgataa actgggatga aatcccatat cccctaatga tatattaact gtcattcaga    455340
     atctcccaac aaaaaaaaag cataggacga aatgtgttta gtacaaagtt ctataaaaat    455400
     ttcaaagacc taataacaat acccctcgaa cctttctaca aaatagaagc aaaagggacc    455460
     ttacccaatt catcctatga tgccacaatt actcttatac ctaaaccaca caaagaccca    455520
     acaatgaaac aaaacttcag accaatttcc cttaagaata tcgaggcaaa aatacttaat    455580
     caaatccttg ctacccgaat ccaagaacac attatgacga tcatctatca tgatcaagta    455640
     gacctcatcc cagggatgca ggaatggctc aatatatgga aatccatcaa cataatacac    455700
     tatataaaca aacttaaaaa aataaaagta tataatcatc tcattagatg ctgagaaagc    455760
     atttgtcaaa atcaaacacc tcttcatgat agaagacttg gagagttcag gaattcaagg    455820
     cccatacctg aacataataa aagcaatata cagcaaacca gtagccaaga tcaaactaaa    455880
     tagagagaaa cttgaagcaa tcccactaag accagggact agacaaggct gcgcactatc    455940
     accctaccta ttcaatatag tgcttcaagt cctaaccaga gcaactagac aacaaaagga    456000
     gatcaaaggg atacaaattg taaaggatga agtcaaacta cctctattga aagatcatat    456060
     gttagtacac ataagtgacc gcaaaaattc caccagacaa atactacacc tgataagcaa    456120
     cttcagtaaa gtatctggac ataagattaa ctcaaacaat tcagtggctt tcctctacac    456180
     aggataaaca ggctgagaaa gaaaataggg aaacaacacc ctttacatta gtcacagata    456240
     atataaaaca ccttggtgtg actctaacta aggaagtaaa agatctgcat gataagaact    456300
     tcaagtctct gaagaaagaa attgaagatt tcagaagatg ggaagatctc ccatgctcat    456360
     ggattggcag gattaatata ttttcaaaaa atgtctatct tgctgaaagc aatctacata    456420
     ttcaatgcaa ttcccatcaa aattccaact caattcttca tatatttaga aagagtaatt    456480
     tccaaattca tctagaataa caaaaaccct aggatagcaa aaactattct caacagtaaa    456540
     actactgttg gaatcacctt ccctgacctc aagctgtact aaagagcaat tgtaataata    456600
     atttaaaaaa aagcatggta gtggtatagc aacagacagg tagataaata gaatagaact    456660
     gaagacccag aaatgaaccc acacacctat ggtcacttga actttgaaaa aggtgctaaa    456720
     accatccagt ggaaaaaaag acagcacatt caacaaatgg tgctggctca actggcagtt    456780
     agcatgtaga agaatgggaa ttgatctatt atctccttgt acaaagctca agcacaaatg    456840
     gatcaaggaa ctccacataa aaccagaaac acagaaactg acagaggaga aaatggggaa    456900
     gaccttcaaa cttatgggca cagaggaaaa attgctgaat agaacaccaa tggcctgtgc    456960
     tataagatca agaatcaaca aatggaacct cataaaattg caaagattat gtaaaggcca    457020
     aggacactgt gaataagaca aaaattgcaa acaacagatt gggaaaagtt ctttatcaat    457080
     cctatatcta atagagggct aatatcctat acatacaaag aaccaaaaaa aaaatagact    457140
     ccagagaaag caataaccct atttaaaaat tgggtacaga gctaaacaaa gaattcttaa    457200
     ctccagaata ctgaatggct gagaagacct aaaaaaaaaa atgttcaaca ttcttagtca    457260
     tcatggaaat tcaaatcaga acaaccctga gattctacct cacaacagtc agaatggtta    457320
     agatcaaaaa ctcaggtgac agcagatgct ggtgaggatg tggagaaaga cgaacattcc    457380
     tccattactg gtgggatttc aagctagtac aaccatggtg gaaatcagtt tggcagtttc    457440
     tcagaaaatt ggacatagta ctacctgagg acccagcaat accactcctg ggcatatacc    457500
     aagaagatgc tctaacatgt aataaggata catgctccac tatattaata gcagccttat    457560
     ttattatagc tagaagctgg aaataaccca catgtccctc acagaggaat ggatacagaa    457620
     aatgtggtac atttacacag tgaagtacta cactgcttta aaaacaatga atttatgaaa    457680
     ttcttaggta aacataaaga tcgggaggct atcatcctga gtgaggaaac tctaccccaa    457740
     cagaacacac ataatatgca ctaactgata agtggatatt atcccagaag ctctgaatac    457800
     ccaaaataca attcataaac cccatgaaac tcaagaagaa ggaaaaccaa agtgtggata    457860
     cttcaatcct tcttagaagg gggaacaaag tacccatgga aggaattaca gagacaaact    457920
     gtggagcaga gactgaagga atgaccatcc agagagtgcc caggctgggt aatcatccca    457980
     tatacactta ccaaacccag acactattgt ggatgccaac aagagcttgc tgacaggagc    458040
     ctgatatagc tgtctcctaa ggggctctac cggtgcctga caaatacaga agtggatgct    458100
     cacagccatc cattctactg agcacagagt tgccaaggaa ggagctagag aaagaatcca    458160
     aggagttgaa ggggtttgca gcctcatagg aggaacttca atgtgaacta accagtaccc    458220
     ccagagctcc cagggactta accaccaatc aaagagtaca catggtggga ctcatgactc    458280
     cagctgcata aatagcagag gatggcttag taagtcatca atgggaggag agacccttgg    458340
     tcctgtgaag gctctatgcc ccagtagaga gggatgccaa agccagaaag tgggagtggg    458400
     tgggttggtg agaaggggga ggggaaaagg tttaagggta ggggattttc agagggggaa    458460
     tcaggaaagg ggataacatt tgaaatataa ataaagaaaa tatctaataa aaaagtattt    458520
     gaatgaatgt ggttcacata atgcattaaa attcttcagt gaatcatgta gactagatgt    458580
     aaaagattca atagaaagac agatttctgg taatttcttt ctcttattaa ggctgtatgg    458640
     ctagttcaac ctgatcccag agtagtcaat gaattagtaa aactgctctc attaaccagg    458700
     tcattaatca ttaaattttg tgcaagctcc tgaatgagtc ccatgctctg gacaccaagg    458760
     acatttcttg gtgataatca agagtggatg ggtttttctt cattactctt tgactccaat    458820
     tcatttacat aactctagtt ccttctgtgc aggaacagaa acttcagaaa tgggtgaatt    458880
     ccccacagtg aaagcgattt agagtcaaaa tgagaagtca ctttgtatca tttaacaaag    458940
     ggcaagctca gatttgaatt ctctatttca ttctccctgt gtcttttttt ccaattagta    459000
     tcttgcacgt atttgagtct cttgtctctt tctctccctc accccctctg ctatctctgt    459060
     gtatgtgtat tccccttaac aaagaacttt actctgcatg cattggacaa catagtaaat    459120
     accctggaaa aatactttat aggtatcctt agcttagttt tataagggtg attccttgtt    459180
     actcatccaa ctgacccaag taataaaaat tactacaatc atcattattt atcaaacaat    459240
     acctatatgg tgttttcaac aatttttggt atttgtttca taaggttttt gaatcctatt    459300
     ttttctcttt ttatcaagtg attatcataa aacaaataca tatgcattca ttaatcagga    459360
     gcatggaaga gaaaataact tcaattagag ttgtgtgttt tctaagctta taaaagttga    459420
     ttattttgga atctcagaca aagtaaggtt gggtatagca aaagaagtta agtgttaata    459480
     ttttctattc atgaagaaat gaattcagat atctgctgat tatctggagt gctttcaaac    459540
     tgcaagattt ccagcctaga agaaggtgcc ataaaataaa tctttgcttg tgaggaaaca    459600
     ttctttagaa cctttaaatt ggaagtgtag ggatgataat aaaaaataaa tctgttctga    459660
     tttttttttt ctgtaactga acatacaacc ctggacatat aactcaggat ctctcctgag    459720
     agatctctgt ttgagtatct gttagctgaa cacactgtat tgtgtattcc tccagcatta    459780
     gtgtgctcag actatttcct gtgggaggac tatagtaaaa agttttattc ttttggggag    459840
     caggctttta tatcctaaat aataacctgt gctagttgat aatggtttcc tctgatattg    459900
     ccatcttgaa ctgaaatcag tataaatact aaagtctttt tgtctgcatt ttcactgtgt    459960
     atgtttttta gtactttatt cctcctgttt acacttaaat ggaattttag agcaaatgct    460020
     tactttacat tttatatttt tcattgaatt aatttgacaa aagattccta cctgatgttt    460080
     tgtggcatat ccagaaacct taactgtgat aaactcattg aaatcaagaa ttaaaatgct    460140
     tgtttccact tcgattcttt tttgttgttg ttgttttact aacacctatt atagtttaga    460200
     ccgctataat gcatgtgctt gatgaattat ttcattaatc cttctttatc aattttattg    460260
     attcacttga tgtttctgaa tgttattatg ctattatatt ccatgttaac tgttttcatg    460320
     tatcccagaa ctgtgtatca gatcttcttc ctcgttttat ctcattacag aataaaatta    460380
     ttgttgtttc tgctttctac agtagtacta gtttcaatat tttgttcatt attgtgtgca    460440
     gtgtgtgttg tgcatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    460500
     tgtgtgtgtg tatgtgtgtg cagtgggtgt gtgtgtgcac atctgcatgg tttgacaata    460560
     agagaaaaac atttcaggaa ttcccccttt actgtagcag gatatatctt tgtttctcct    460620
     gatgtgctat ttattacaga cttagatgac tgatgagttt gttgtcaacc ttcctgtcta    460680
     acccttccct ctctgccttg gcatgctggg attgtacata cttgacacca caagatacat    460740
     ttttacctgg gtttctggac tgaatttagg ttgtcataaa tccttagcat ttgttttttc    460800
     ttgctacagt attttagctt cttgaaagaa gttttacttt acaagaatta taaagacatt    460860
     taaagaactt ccacttctcc atagttctct gtaggcttga gtgtctgatc agatccagca    460920
     catcatggtc accttcgtac agcatatgct gaggaataca tgttctgatc ctaaatttct    460980
     caatgtctga acctaaaatg ggattaaatt tatccaacct gctgaggata tgctataaac    461040
     tcctgtcatc tgctcatttt ttgatcacac tcttgattcc tttgaaaatt ctccagtctt    461100
     ttgttaagac tacattatct ctctacatta ggaaatgttc aggggtgagt tcctttgcaa    461160
     ttttaatgga atataggctc tctgtgcata gagttttgtg gagtctgtgt gtgtgtatgt    461220
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtatgtga gtatgtgtgt acatgctttg gttcttctta    461280
     aattcttgag tgtaaggtta gatgtatatc aacagataga ttctttttca gatatttgtg    461340
     actaaaatgt ccatataccc catgtttttc atttatattc tgggattttt aacaaaataa    461400
     ctttgacctc caatcttgcc ttcctaccct catacatcat ctggtctttt tccatttttt    461460
     gtggaattat atactgaaat atattgtttt ctacttgcca ttacagatga ccttaggtta    461520
     atggagagga atttgcctgt gttgctataa tctttcttac atgttcattt gactctttta    461580
     gcacacttgg tttccaccag gttcattgtc tttatgctgt gcagtatcta ctgaattcct    461640
     aaataaattt atttatttat ttatttattt atttatttat atatttattt atattagata    461700
     ttttcttcat ttacatttta aatgctatcc tgaaagtccc ctacaccctc ccacctctct    461760
     gctccccaac ctacccactc ctgcttcctg accctggcgt tcccctgtac tggggcatat    461820
     aatcttcata agaccaaggg cctctcatcc cattggtggc agactaggcc aacctctgct    461880
     acatatgcaa ctaaagacac aagctctggg ggtactggtt agttcatatt gttccaccta    461940
     tagggttgca gataccctta gctccttggg tactttctct agctccttca ttgggtgccc    462000
     tgtgttccat ccaatagatg actgtgagta tccacttctg tatttgccag gcactggcat    462060
     agcctcacaa gtgatagcta tatcagggtg ctgtcacaaa aaattcttcc tggtgtatgc    462120
     aatagagtct gggtttggtg gttgtttatg gagtggattc ttgggtggag cagtctctgg    462180
     atggtccttc cttccatctc agctccgaac tttgtctctg taactccttc catgggtata    462240
     gccaaagctt ccatactcca ctgtcccttc tcagtctttt cttccttttg cataatcaaa    462300
     agaacagatc ttcaatatta tcttctttgc tctttttcct aaataataag atgaacactg    462360
     ttctcagatg ctatcccaaa gctcagttgg ttatctacag tgcaggaaac tgaatctcat    462420
     tcaaacctga atcacttcat taaattagga taaaacattt tgttcaattt ttcagtcaga    462480
     atatcagtca ccattaaagc agagaagcaa aacagagcaa accttggtca aataatgaat    462540
     ctttttaggc gagaaatcaa acagacatcc atcctgtatg tctatctcta tggcctctag    462600
     aaagtgagaa ccacattaag gaactcaaat tcagattagg gctgttaact gcctgcaatg    462660
     tagcataaat aaactgtgta agaagtaaat tcaaggggag gtgtgttggt agtaaggcca    462720
     ttctttttgg aacccagggc atgcacacat tgagaatata gaagtgcaat tatgacgtgt    462780
     gtactgaaat tcagcttaac actcaatcca tatttcttgt gaacatatag gaaatatgca    462840
     gggaaagaat aacaaaaata cttaataaac aaagattttc acagactcct gggtacatgc    462900
     tggtcttaac aacattttac agtttcttat ttgaacattg gaatgcagac ctatcacatg    462960
     acttccatac agaaagtgag ttctgaacct caggaaacag ctgcaggcag acctggagct    463020
     gacccaagga gcagcatatt catcagtgaa taggcacatg gaccaaaatc ttaaagaaat    463080
     gagcatttta caaaccaatg tcacactctt ttgcaaccca ggaaatgaaa aaaatggagt    463140
     tgaactaaca caacttttat gtgcaagtat aaaagaaatt agatgataat taatcagttt    463200
     ttctcaagga aaatgatgaa atataataat cacttttcca acattaacat cataatctga    463260
     cttatccagc acatttacaa acttctcacc tcttggctcc cactatatat catgctgtgt    463320
     agcaggaaga catgcaaata gggcctcttt ctcctcatga aacgcagacc aacctatcct    463380
     tgcagttcag acataggagc ttggctctgg ttcccaagac ctctcactca cttctcaaca    463440
     tggagtggga actgagctta attttcattt ttgctctttt aaaaggtaaa aaaaaaattt    463500
     gaagagcaat agatgctgaa tatgtgagtt gacatgaata tgaggaacaa ggggcacgtt    463560
     tggcaattta ttgaacagca ttttctgtgc ttacagatgt ccagtgtgaa gtgcagctgt    463620
     tggagactgg aggaggcttg gtgcaacctg gggggtcacg gggactctct tgtgaaggct    463680
     cagggtttac ttttagtggc ttctggatga gctgggttcg acagacacct gggaagaccc    463740
     tggagtggat tggagacatt aattctgatg gcagtgcaat aaactacgca ccatccataa    463800
     aggatcgatt cactatcttc agagacaatg acaagagcac cctgtacctg cagatgagca    463860
     atgtgcgatc tgaggacaca gccacgtatt tctgtatgag atacacaatg aatggacttc    463920
     cctgtgaaac tagacataaa cctcactgtt aggccactct gaaccaccag ggggagccca    463980
     gtacacgcag aacaatggtt cagacagcgt taaaaacaca taatagggcg cgcttttcag    464040
     gtttctcgag tgcctttcac catagtttcc cagaaaatct ttataaatgt ttgttttgaa    464100
     ggaaattgat atgcttaaaa catttcctgt atttctgctg taataaaaaa aagaaaaaaa    464160
     aaaaagaggc agcgtctcaa atgaagaaaa tgcgaaatga caaccgtgag gtcatcaatg    464220
     cttcagtctt catcactgaa atcccaagag gaagctcatg gatatccctg tgttgtagtt    464280
     agggtttcac cccttcgata aggcaccgcc atcaggacaa ctcttataaa ttaaaacatt    464340
     tacacaggtc tagatttcag tttcactggt tcattctagt gtcatcatga taagaagcat    464400
     gacaacttgc agaccgacat ggtgctggaa gaactgaagt tctacatctt gaactgaagt    464460
     cttgcagaag gagactgttt tctgcaggca acctggagag gagtctcttc catacagtta    464520
     gggcttgagc atcagagggg aacacacaag cactccacca cagtgacaca cttactgcct    464580
     cagtaaggcc acattcttaa taatctcact tccaaatgtt caagcatata caacctacca    464640
     cacccttttt gtttgtttgt ttgtctgttt gtttgtttgt ttgtttgaca ttcaaggtag    464700
     agtcttggtc agatttcttg gtagcattta tatttgatgg aaaatccagg gggagatggg    464760
     gaatgaatgg atcatcaatc ctagaatgtc ctaaacctct actcttctcc ctgaggacag    464820
     tacacatcac atttcagaga tgatcccctc ttcttttgga taattcaggt tgatactcca    464880
     tgacctttat cattgttcat tgtagggttt tatataactt tatgtaagaa tattagtgta    464940
     ttataataaa aatagtaaat ggaaaaagtt agtgtgtaaa atattgaaat aatttttata    465000
     atttgtataa cttaaacgat ttatttattt atttatttat ttatttattt atttatttat    465060
     ttatttattt ggtgtttcaa gacagggttt ctctgtatag ccctggctgt cctggaactc    465120
     actctgtaga ccgggctggt ctcaaactca gaaatctgcc tgcctctgcc tcctgagtgc    465180
     tgggattaaa ggtgtgtgcc accacgccca gccgatttat tttgattaaa ctgaagatac    465240
     tagacataga gaaacataac taaattgcat ggaatatggc tcatgtacta ctttattaac    465300
     attttcaata attgtgtgtt acgttagcca ttggacatag aagcaacaga tcttctcttt    465360
     gaatattata attttcatat caaatatact ttttaaaatt atctttaatt attttttaca    465420
     gtccattcat tattccccgc caagtctacc ctctgacatt tcctcatccc attcctcctc    465480
     ccccatgtcc aaaaggatgt cccccaacat gcaaggactc cccactcctt ggggcctcaa    465540
     gtctcttgtg ggttagatgc atcttctctc attttggcca gacctgtaag tcctttgctc    465600
     tgtatgtgtc agggcacttg gaccagctag tgtatgccgc ctgatttgtg gctcagtgtc    465660
     tgagagacct acgggccaac catgctaggc tcctgtctgt aaatcacagc accagcagta    465720
     gaagtgtcag actttgtagc ctgaccttga gatgaatccc agtttgtgcc tgtcactggg    465780
     ggcttttttc ttcagtcttt tctccatttt tgcctctgca tttctttttg gcagggacaa    465840
     ttctgggtca gagattttga ctgtaggatg gcaaaaccat tcctacactt gatgacctgt    465900
     ctttctacta gggcactcgt cactattggg gatttcatct aaggtacctc cttttgagaa    465960
     ctgagagtct ctcacccttc agatattttg tacattctat agggtccctc taccttatac    466020
     ctccccaggt tgcctgtttc cattgtttct gctggccctc agggcttcag ttctgcaccc    466080
     caaatacctg atcatgtttt ccttttcccc taactgtccc ctcttccact caggttcctc    466140
     tttccctctg tatgtcatga taagtttcgt ctccctacta agtgggattg aggcatcttc    466200
     atttggaacc ttcatcttgc ttaccttctt gagttctgtg aactgtatcc tgggtattct    466260
     gtacattttt tggctaatat tcacctatta gtgaatatat accatgcatg tccttttgag    466320
     tctgaggtac ctcactcagg atgatacttt ccagttccat ccctttacct gcaaaactca    466380
     tgatacactc attcccaatt gctaaagagt tataaataaa ctacgttatt gtatcaattc    466440
     ttccattgtg ggacatctga aatgttcagc ttctcactat ctcaaataag gccattatga    466500
     acatagcaca catgtgccct tgtgatatgg tggaacatca gctatgctta agagtggtgt    466560
     agctgagcca ggcagtggtg gcacacgcct tttatcccag cacttgggag acagaggcag    466620
     gtggatttct gagttcgagg ccagcctggt ctacagagtg agttccagga cagccagggc    466680
     tacacagaga aaccctgtct caaaaacaaa aacaacaaca aaaaacaaaa caaaacaaca    466740
     acaacaacaa caacaaaaca aaaataaagc aagtggtacg agtggacgag tggtatagct    466800
     gggttttcag gtagatctat ttgaaatttt ctgaagagcc tccagatcaa tttccagagt    466860
     ggttgaatca gtttgccata gcaccatcaa tggaagagcg tttctctttc aagacatcct    466920
     cgccaacaag tgctgtcacc tgaggttttg ttcttagcca ttctgatttt tgtaaggtag    466980
     aatctcagtg tcattttgat ttgcatttct ctgatctcta agaactttga acatttcttc    467040
     aatgcttctc tgtcattaga tattcctctc ttgtaaattc tctgttaagt tctatacccc    467100
     attttttttt attgaattgt ttggaatttt ggaggttagc ttcttgaggt cttttaaatt    467160
     ttggatattg gccctttatc tgatgggagg ttgctgaaga tttttttccc aatctgtagg    467220
     ttgctgattt gtcctattga ctatccaatg ttgtacagaa tctttccagt ttcatgagat    467280
     tccatttgtc aattcttggt cttcgggcct gagtcagtag agttctgttt atgaaattcc    467340
     ctcaattgtc catgagttcg aggtgcttgc ccaaattcat ttttattaga ttcggtgtat    467400
     ctgctttatg ttgaagtcct tgatcaactt ggatttgagc tttgtgcaat tgacaaacgt    467460
     ggatctattt tcatttttct acatgctgac tgccagttag accaacagta tttattgtag    467520
     atgctttcta tgttccattg tacatttttg gcttcgttgt cagagactag tgccaataag    467580
     tgtgtggctt tatttctggg tcttcaattc tattccattg atcaacctgt ctgtctctgt    467640
     ccagtactgt gaagttctta tccctattgc tctctcatag agcttgatca aggatagagt    467700
     ttacctcaga aattatttta tttttaagaa ctgtttttgc tattttggct ttttggtttt    467760
     ctgtaagaaa ttgagaattg ctgttttcat gtctttgaag agttgtgttg gaatctgtag    467820
     attgcttttg gtagggtggc catttgtact atgataatca taccaaccca ttagcaaggg    467880
     agatcaagcc ttctcactgg ccttccccag agctgatcct gaccccccct cattcccctc    467940
     cccatctcct ctccctccaa gtttactcca tccatatgcc acttatgatt attttattcc    468000
     catttctaat tgatgttcaa gcttcctcac ttggactttc cttcttgttt agcttcatta    468060
     gttctgtgga atataccatg acatgtgtat tttatggcta acatctaatt ataagtgagt    468120
     aaattaaaag cataacattt tgggtctggg ctacctcact cagaatgata ttttctagtt    468180
     cagtctattt gcctgcaaat tttgcaatgc catgtttttg atatctgagt agtattccat    468240
     tttgcaaatg aaacacattt tttgtattca atcttcagtt gaggggcatg tgtattggtt    468300
     tcaatttctg ggtattatga ataaaactgc tatgaaaata aatggtcttg tgctcaactt    468360
     gtgttgtatt gtggagcatc tgttgggttt atgcttggac ttcaggtaga attattccca    468420
     attttctgag aaattgtgag actgatttgt agagtggttg taaaaactct aatacaagga    468480
     atgtcactat acttaagaaa acacaagaaa tcaataattt cacagcaaaa tccaaaataa    468540
     gagaatttct ctgtttctgc ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct    468600
     ctctctctct ctcacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacaagca tactcaggga    468660
     gagacacaca tgcaaacaca caataacact tccaacatga aaataacagg aactagctat    468720
     catttgtcat gaatatctct caacatcaat tttcacaatt aagcaataaa acgacacagg    468780
     ctaacagaat agatgcataa agaatatcct tcattttgct gcatataaga aacatacatc    468840
     agtaactaca ataaacaata attcagagta aagggatttt tttttctctg agtggaacag    468900
     aactggaaac ctgctctctt accaggagaa ggttgtcact gatcagagac attaaaaaga    468960
     cacttgtgcc accccataat cagcttccaa atcctgacac cactgcattc actagcaaga    469020
     ttttgctgaa aggacccaga tatagctgtc tcttgtgaga ctaggcaggg gcctagcaaa    469080
     cacataagtg gatgctcaca gtcagctatt ggatggatca cagggccccc aatggaggag    469140
     ctagagaaag tatccaagga gctaaaaaga tctgcaaccc tgtaggtgca acaacattat    469200
     gaactaacca gtacccctga gctcttgact ctagctacat atgtatcaaa agatggccta    469260
     gtcggccatc actggaaaga gaggcccatc ggaaacacaa actttatatg ccccagtaca    469320
     ggggaacgcc agggccaaaa aaatgagaat gggtggtagg gaaggggcgg ggagagtatg    469380
     ggggactttt gggatagcat tggaaatgtc attgaggaaa atacgtaata aaaaattaaa    469440
     ctaagaattg tggaaaaaaa atacagttgt ggaagaatgt cagtagtgac attggacaaa    469500
     aggtagagat aaggtcatgc caagatgtgt tccctgtgat gcccactgtc ctcatgttct    469560
     cttattccag aatcacacta taggaagaca aagacaagaa tgcctacact gtaataacta    469620
     aagggagtca ctacccacct tcctcatgta ttaagacaag cgaagctccc cacatggatc    469680
     tacatctcaa gaaacatcca caaatgagtt cgtcctgcct cacctgaatt cactctgaat    469740
     tgcaccctga ctgcaatgat acttaagaac aaggaaagaa aagaggtgtt ttttgttagc    469800
     ttgtttgttt gattgattga ctttgttatt atttatttat ttttggtttt gttttgactg    469860
     tgcttctcat cttactaata gaagcgaggc ttagggtgat cttactctct gatcatgaaa    469920
     taatgttttg atcaattcca ttatgtttat ttttcactat gtctctcaag attgtccttt    469980
     tgattgtgaa ctaatatatt agcagatgaa ccatctctct tgtgttaaga atatatatat    470040
     atacacacat atcattttga aacttagctg accttggcat ggcagtatta gacacactaa    470100
     aatattaatt ccgcatttga ttgctcatac ccttctccct tatagactta tgtttgttgg    470160
     agcacattct agactgctta cataaagcac ttgttatgat gtctaggaaa tgagacagag    470220
     taatttaaaa gtctatgcct gatgaaaact ttccttctac tctacaacac agcaagggat    470280
     ttcctggagt caggtgtgta tggctgatgt acaagttctc tacggttaat ggttattgcc    470340
     ttcaaaataa ggaatatttt gtgcaagcaa atacatcatt tggtatttga attaaaaaca    470400
     tatttaataa atctgtaagt tttcatagtg ataactacat tttttaaagt tccacataaa    470460
     aatatacctc tgtcatagaa gagaagtgat ttttttatat aacacacctg gccctgcacc    470520
     attagattgt ggtctgtgtt ttgtgatatt ttccagtaat atcacaaatc ctgtaatatc    470580
     ctatagtgtc agggggataa ctcaaataca gatcctgaaa cacaatgcat cacccaagta    470640
     ttcagtctaa aatcagcaaa gcaagtggtc ttatagtata taagtgtcac attcaattct    470700
     gtaatatttt ggcaaagttt tatatgatca ttaggaaatc tgagtcaaaa caaagaggag    470760
     atacaaggtc tgaaataaac tcatggtata ctatacaaag aggcaccaca cacacaaagt    470820
     gatgagagtc cctcagaacc tgcactggac acctgactct cctctgctga gacctatatt    470880
     caccaatgat acccatagcc caaagatcag gcataagaat taaacaagat ctcaagtaat    470940
     ggacatccaa tcagtcagga aatacccaca gattgtaatc agctttaagg attcactaaa    471000
     gacagccatg cctctgaatc aacagggcaa aatgaacatg ggaagatggc atagtgtggt    471060
     aaatgaacaa agaagcaata tttacagagc aatgtctatg ttgactgaca tgtgtcattt    471120
     cttatttttc ttgggcaagg tagggatgaa gaaattatcc ttgaggcctg tgtctctagt    471180
     acctctaggc aacttaaagt aaattgctct gtcaaatagt aataattggc ctgtgatctg    471240
     cttttctttt atatacccat ggaccatctc tactcatcag gaaccactgt gctggagcaa    471300
     tggagcatgt ttccctctaa agtcctgtgc atctagcctc ccaacaggag ccctctctgc    471360
     actccagcca cagcctccag ccaaaccaag taccctgatg agttagctgc ttactgagca    471420
     agccagactc tctcctccct gtggtaacct gccagagctc tctcctcgta cccctttcct    471480
     ctgggccgtg ggacagagtt tgccctatgg tcaccaccca tcctcaggtt tacatacagc    471540
     agtgtctggg atagtcgaga gcaagaacct gttgtccttg atctttgagc aacccaggaa    471600
     ccccagaacc agctcttccg tggtgcccag catcatctgt ggtgcctgag agtcagagcc    471660
     agactctgac agttccatgg agatgtcaga ctgtgcctcc ctcacccacg gagttgaatc    471720
     ccctggcttc tcatagtcca atgcccgact ggtggttccg tggggttgca tgcaaactcc    471780
     cccacctcca cctctcccag catgccgagc cccaagcaga cagaggaccc acatctccca    471840
     accttaaact aatatttggt gtgaagcatg agagagtcta tttatccagt tttgttggtt    471900
     ctgatgcagg tgtggcttgg gtatctggat gtcttagatt acaagccacc catgaatatc    471960
     atgctttcca tgaaaatgga agagatagat ggacagtcct ggaaacagtc ctgaagaggc    472020
     aagaactagt gcttgagcag ttcatttggt tactagattc tgatcactaa aacagcttca    472080
     ataagtgtgt atgtgtttag gaatatggca taaactgcta acaggctcac agcatccctg    472140
     taaaatcaac tcctcttctt ttgtctttat gtttccttaa attcaaggaa aagaatacct    472200
     cttagggcat agaaagtcta gggaaagcat gaagtaatac ccaccacaag tatattaaga    472260
     gaattcttct tatgccagtt aaactccaaa atttgtttat aaggaggtta cttcttgatt    472320
     ctctacatat tttgaattta tagccttttt tttttctgta ggttagtgat ttgtcctatt    472380
     gattattacc ttttcactac agatgatttt cagtttcata aagttccatt tataaattct    472440
     cgctcttaaa gcctgctctg ttggaggtct gtttaggaaa tttcccttcc cctcccttct    472500
     cctcccctca cccacattgc accaatgatt tccagactct tccacatttt ctattctatt    472560
     agattctgta tatacggttt tatgtggagg ttcttgatac acttggactt gagcttggtg    472620
     caagatgaca aatatggatc tattttaatt tttctccata cacacgatca gttagacaag    472680
     ccccattatt gaagatgctt tctctttcaa ctatgtattt tggcttcttt gtcaaagatc    472740
     tagtgttcac aggtgtgtag ttttatttct tggtcttcaa ttctattcca ttgatcaagc    472800
     tttctgtcta tgtaccaata ccatgcattt tttatcacta tagttctata ttatagtgtg    472860
     aggtcaggga tggtgatttc accatgatta gatctcaaga atgttaacaa gcaaaagggc    472920
     ccaagtgagg atgcctcaat catacttggg agggagaaga aaacaatcat ggtggcagag    472980
     tgagggagag aacagggagg ggaaagtcga tacatgatca ggtattgggg tgaacaggag    473040
     tgaagccttg agggcaagaa gaaagaatga aaacaggcaa cctcagtagg taggaggtga    473100
     gcggtaccca cttgaatgta ccgaagacct gggaggaaaa ttaagtaaaa ttttatatct    473160
     gtgttgatgt atatgcatta tattgactct ttcaaccaat actagtatcc ttcttagtcc    473220
     agggaataag gtctacatca tataaattac taaaactgct agatactgct gattcaaaag    473280
     cagttgaaag aacaaaagct atttatataa aaagatgtga ctccaacaaa agcatagcac    473340
     agaatcaatg tcttcatcac cagagcaatt atatttaaga tcataaggat atttaacgtc    473400
     atgtattgtg gatatgttca ggataaaata tgtgactatg ttatagttat acactcttcc    473460
     atgtgtatgg atgcttagaa tgtgagatta taaatgagca gtctgatatc aggactattt    473520
     gctacaaata aaatatgtat tcatgttttc atgaactgaa atgaaccata atcaaaagct    473580
     ttctgaacat attgagggga attttagaac ttcctcagac aagtctgact ctgaccaagt    473640
     gttgtctcag ggagaagctt tacaaagcat ggagaagcac aaatccagac actggggatg    473700
     atactccaga cctgagcttg atctggaaat atgacagtat gtgatgctat ttaagtttca    473760
     tatttttaaa aaaagacatg acctaactac atataattgt cataatcatc aatggctaaa    473820
     atgatccttg catcttctct gcccactgtc ttctcataga tttctaccct ggggcttact    473880
     agtgatgtaa ataggggctt ctgttactta tcaaaaccag cacagtgctg agtctcacct    473940
     gtggcaaaaa agctgagccc tggattccag ccagatcttc ctttttagtg actatcactg    474000
     aaaatattct actcaccatg gagttgggga ttattattat tatttattat tattattatt    474060
     attattatta ttattattat tattaattat gttttacttg ttgcttttta aaagttaatg    474120
     aacagaaaag agactctgtt tgtgtaagag gacatgcata agatggacag tgaatatatg    474180
     caacaatttt ctgactatga ttctctctgt tttcagccat accatatgag ataccacttg    474240
     tagaatctga aggcagcttg ttatagcctg gagtgttcat taaattctct tctgaagcca    474300
     ctggatccac cttcagtgat tactggattc gccaagcccc agggaagggg ctagagtggg    474360
     tcagcagata taaaataata ctgaagtgtg aaaactatgc agagtctgtg aaggatagat    474420
     ttgccatcta caggaacaat tctaagagct tattgtatct acaaataaac aaatctaaga    474480
     agtgaggaca ctgccatgtg ttactgtgtg agagatacag tgaggaaagt aaattgtgag    474540
     ctctgacaca acactctcca aaatgtgctc atggccagca gaggacatgg gctcacaagg    474600
     aggttcaggt caacagaagt agagtaggat tgggaagggt aaaaatattc tgcctgattg    474660
     gtttcaaata aattcgtctt taattctgat ggacatgttt aaatacagga tatattctgt    474720
     tcagaaaaaa aaaaaactca tagcattaac aaggcagatg atactcccct gtgggcacca    474780
     ggatctcatg atgaggctgc atgagatgaa caattatttg taaaaacaaa tgaagttgga    474840
     gggaggtgtt cccaaatttc tctgatgatt gaaactcatg ctagggattc cagaaacact    474900
     tggaataatc caggtcaagg gtcattatga ggccttcagt aaagggctga aaaatatatc    474960
     ccaaggtaca atatgctaag aatatttgtt tggaaatagt attgttgaat atagtataac    475020
     taatgttaaa ttccacaaac aattcagttg tattctgcct tcctctgtga ctgagatttg    475080
     tcagctgtgc aagagggaga tactcaccct gtatgcattg aacctacagt gcatcctata    475140
     aggatagggc attgttcttg ccacaggtgt acactttctc ctctgcagtg tctaatggtc    475200
     agttcttact ctgggtttaa ataggagaga tttgttctca attacatgtg ctgcacgcca    475260
     cagcttaact gctcaggctg aagggaatgt atctttcact cctgactcac atgcttttgg    475320
     catcccttca gttatgtgat taaacaggtc ttcccattgc accattctag cataaatagg    475380
     gagtaactga cggaatacaa aagtagaaaa aatttaggca acgtgtgtct caaatgttgt    475440
     taggaatatg tgtatattta gaaatatgtg aaagctgact gttaaaatgt tgcctttgct    475500
     gctgaaatta aggaaacaat tataaattcc agaaacacta ctttgaacgt agatgaataa    475560
     agctctcact ttcttcacag atctgctaat acctttgatt gccttcattt tctataaaga    475620
     cccatacaca cattaagaaa atgtccatca aaggagtttt tcagaataaa ataaatttag    475680
     gatgtttaat gacacactag taggtagtct cattgatgag ctagatgtac ttcctacagt    475740
     ggacaaggat aggagctctc atctttcagg agacaaagca gtgtgaaggt gggagattac    475800
     ctgtgtgtgc tgctgtttcc ctcctatatt taattctact tctccttgct cattttaata    475860
     gtctgtcatt tctcttttgg tagggtggat ctcatgcaca ctatgataaa tgacagaggt    475920
     gcaagtgggg gattataaaa tctattggct cgggtatttt ataactagac aaagacccag    475980
     agattatcat tctgttgtta aggtaatata gagacagtcc attgctgtaa accatgggag    476040
     cttcatcata cagtatcctt tcctaaatga gatatcttgt cagaattcta ctgagctgtg    476100
     atttttaaag aagcacatta taatcaggaa gattccaacc cttcccatac tacacagtca    476160
     ttgcaatgtt cctaaatctc tgcttatgtt gctctgaccc tcagaaaaat tgatagagca    476220
     ttgcaaaatg ctccagcaga tagtcggagc tgacggactg taataaatca gagagagaga    476280
     gaacattcca tccttgatat aaagtaagat tagattaaaa aaaggcacaa tgtgatattg    476340
     actgatttgt ctgcataacc cactgaatta tacacttgtc ctttgaaatg ccaatcgtgg    476400
     attgattcaa tgggcagata gcagagatat tttgaaaact tgcagtttct ttgtaaaatg    476460
     taaaagagct taaaaaagaa taccaaatat attttcatgt tttcaaaatg ttgatctatc    476520
     atgaaaatgt aaattaagag agtagtttga aatttcatct aatccaagcc aatgacattt    476580
     attaaggaac caaatgacac aaaatgctaa tgagtaattg gtgaaagcag aaacataatg    476640
     catgattggt ttaacctgtg gtagtacttt tggatttttg tctggatggt ctcccaaaag    476700
     gtaaaattac aagtgtaatc tgaattgtca ggactctcta ctggaaatat actaccagat    476760
     catctgtgca acaacaataa gacagtgtat cacgatttag gaaagatggg aatgcatatt    476820
     atgagtggga agagaaaaga aaactagtaa cagagtggac ttactaataa gaaagcaaga    476880
     aaaagttttg tgagcattct atagcctcag taatagtgtg gggccttggg accttccctt    476940
     gagctggatc ccacttgggg cctattgctg gaccttcttt tccttaggat cctctccatt    477000
     tccatccctg taattttttt cagacaggaa caattatgga tcagagatat gactgtggga    477060
     tggcagcccc atccctgact tgatgcactg tcttcctact gaaggtggtt tctataagtt    477120
     cactctccct tctgtgggac atttcatcaa aggtccctcc ctatgattcc ttggaaaatc    477180
     tcacctccca ggtctctggt gcattctgtg ggggagggtc accccaattt tctatttcct    477240
     gagactgcct gtttatattc tttctgctgg ccttcagggc ttcagtcatt ttccctcacc    477300
     caatatcaga ccaggttccg ctctaaccct tactgccccc cgaccccatt cacactatta    477360
     ctgaggctat ggaatgctca caaaaacgga tctataatga ctgcactcca aaagacccaa    477420
     caagcagctg aaagaatcag atgcagttat tttcacccaa gcaatggaca gaagcagctg    477480
     acccctggtg ttgaattagg gaaagcagaa aggagctgag gagaagggag attctgaagg    477540
     agagcatgca gtcctaatta atctgaactc ctgagatctt tcaaacactg gaacaccaaa    477600
     cagacagcat aaccagctga tatgaggccc ccaacacaca tactgcagaa aaccttcagg    477660
     tttgtgttca ttcagagatg attcacctaa ccctcaagag actggaggcc ccagggagtt    477720
     tagaggtcag gtggggtggg ggtgggggca tccacgtgga gactgggtgg ggctgggagg    477780
     agatgtggga tgtggagcaa tcagagggtg gatgtggagg ggtgggaatg gaatatagag    477840
     tgtaaaaaat ggattacaaa taaaattaaa tttaaaaaaa taaagcaaga aaacaggaat    477900
     ccaagtgtta aaaaaaagtt ggcactgacc taagacatta aaagcacagg accaaaaaag    477960
     tgtctgtgag gaggttggtc taggatgaga tggcaggatc atatctagat gtgtttccta    478020
     taattgctat tatcctcatt ctttcttatg ccatactata ggaaaacagg gatagtgatg    478080
     atctaattta ataaccaagt gcagtcagta gccacctcgc caattatgaa ggcaaggctg    478140
     gttcctacat gcaaatgcat cttctagctc tatgttaaat cccctccttg gatgtagggg    478200
     tcacatcgct ctcactggag gctgatctct gaagataagg aggtgtagcc taaaagatga    478260
     gagtgctgat tcttttgtgg ctgttcacag cctttcctgg tgagtgttaa catttcatac    478320
     atgtgtccat gatgtgtttt ttaaatgtgt gattaacaga attgaatctt cttctctgaa    478380
     ggtatcctgt ctgatgtgca gcttcaggag tcgggacctg gcctggtgaa accttctcag    478440
     tctctgtccc tcacctgcac tgtcactggc tactcaatca ccagtgatta tgcctggaac    478500
     tggatccggc agtttccagg aaacaaactg gagtggatgg gctacataag ctacagtggt    478560
     agcactagct acaacccatc tctcaaaagt cgaatctcta tcactcgaga cacatccaag    478620
     aaccagttct tcctgcagtt gaattctgtg actactgagg acacagccac atattactgt    478680
     gcaagacaca gtgtgaggtc tttagtgtga gcccagacat aaacctcctt gcagagcagc    478740
     actgcaccaa cagggggcgt ggagcataca ccaataatgg gaaatctact ctaaagtagg    478800
     taaaaaaaaa attgttgccc aaaactctgg caccagacta caggtataca gtaagacaca    478860
     ttggtgctaa taatttcagt caatataatg tgcacagccc aataaaactc cttatgttat    478920
     acccagaatt cttcaatggg agcaccttcc agagcctcca aatcccagct caaaactcag    478980
     ctgaagtctg atggcctcat ggaggacaaa tcattactag aacccccaaa aaccaaacca    479040
     gaacccctga aggcacattg gtatccagaa ccccagagac caaggcattt ttctgaatcc    479100
     cagaaaccct gagggaactt gagagcccag aggtcactcg agccacaaaa cccccaaatc    479160
     cttattagat ctgaagatac tctggccact agaaaacagg cagctcaaaa acactaaagc    479220
     agaaagagaa accttaaaaa aaaaaaaaac tcatttgtca aagaaaaaaa tcagaaactt    479280
     gcacctaaac ttctaaaatt atcccatagc caaatgacta gaggcaagta taagaacaac    479340
     attaaaaaca atcagggcaa tatggtaaca ctggagccca gctatccaac tatagcatat    479400
     tccaacacag ctgaagtaca agcaaatttt tttaaatgca acattatgaa ggtaataaaa    479460
     tccactaagg actatctaca aaatgccttt atagaaacct agaaaaagac aaatgtacac    479520
     ggagcctgcc cagcacaagt tctctctttc tctctcttga aggcagcaac tgaagaaaca    479580
     ttggtgatat ggcatcatgc aaatagcaga gaggcccagt gataggaatg ggtgatttgg    479640
     ggggtcaata ctactgacag aacaaagatt aattatccag accttagcaa gaatgcccag    479700
     ggagaaactc caaacttttt ttaaattatt tttattgttc cctattccat ctgccactca    479760
     tcctgcttct ataagggtgt tcccccacac cctcttctgc cttaccacct tagcgtttcc    479820
     ctacggagag gaattgagcc ttcacaggat caagggttgg ccctctcatt cgtgccagtt    479880
     aagtccatcc tctgctacat atgcagatgg aatcatgggt ccccttcatg tgtactcttt    479940
     tgtggtggtt tagtacttgg aaattctagg ggccctggtt ggttgatatt gttcttcctg    480000
     tggggtataa accccttcaa ctccttcagc cctttcccta atttcctata ttgggttccc    480060
     ttgatcggtc tgatggttga cttcaagcat ccacatctga tttggtcagg ctctggcaga    480120
     gtcttccagg agacagccat ccccgtctcc tgtctacaag agcttcttga catcagcaat    480180
     actgtgtggg tttgctaaat gcatatgaga tggatcccca agtgggatag tttctgtatg    480240
     tcatttcctt aaatctctgt tccacacttt atttccttta gacatgccta acctctgaat    480300
     atggtttcta caggttctct ctctttgttg actatttcag ctgacaccat ccccattaga    480360
     tcctgggaga ctcttgcttt cctggaatct gtgacatcct gatggctacc cccagtttgc    480420
     catttcccac tgctacacac ctttgttcaa ttttctgacc ttctgtactt ctcccctatc    480480
     accttccaca ctggttcctt ttagcctccc ccagccttga agcaggctga ttcagacctt    480540
     gctgccactg tgaatgagac cacctggagt ggagccttct gacctagatg gttctattgt    480600
     tctgtcactt gctgctgctc ttctccaaga tgtcactacc tctgagaggc tgaacctgac    480660
     tacctgagat atccctgaga tagctgacaa cctgtggaat tggcgaccga atgctaacag    480720
     ctctgacaga ctagtgctaa caacttagca aggaagcatc aagaagcctg gtgtggctga    480780
     agatgggctt ccccatttta taagcccaga ctgctagtaa acatcgggcc atgatcagaa    480840
     atttgtcttg gtctctttcc ttctctcgct gttccctcct ttacagctcc agcctcccat    480900
     tcagtaaccc agttcatgtg gcctcagacg gctacagatc ctgccccctt tcccttcccc    480960
     tttctttctc cctctcaaat ccctcacttc ctctacctcc tctgattatt ttcccctttc    481020
     tgagtaggag tgaagcatac acacttaggt cttccttcac ttgagcttca taaggtttgt    481080
     gaggattatg gttggtttac caagctgtta tcctaatatc catttattat tgagtacata    481140
     ccatgtgtgt tcttttgtga ctggggtaag tcactctgga tgatattttc tagttccctc    481200
     catttgcttg tgaatttcat gaagtcattg tttcttttta aaaaaaaatt attagatatt    481260
     ttcttcattt gcatttcaaa tgctaccctg aaagtcccct aatagcttag tagtactcca    481320
     ttgtgtaaat gttccacatt ttttatatgc attcctttgt tgaggggcat cttagttatt    481380
     tccaggttct ggctatcata gataaggcag ctactaatat agtgaagtat gtgtccttga    481440
     tttatgttga aaaatcttct gggtatatgc ttagaagtag tatacctggc tcctcagtta    481500
     ttattatgta caatttcctt aggagctgcc agactgaatt ccagcatggt tatatcagct    481560
     tgcaatccca ccagcaatgg aggaatgttt ctctttctct acatctttgc cagcatctga    481620
     tgtcatttga gtttttgatc ttagccattc tgactggtgt gagatggaat caaagggttg    481680
     ttttgacttg gatctttctt taggtgcttt tcgggcactg gagaatcctc agttgagaat    481740
     tctttttagc tctgcacccc attttgaata gggtcatttg gttctctgga gtatactttt    481800
     ttttataaaa aaaaacttta ttagatattt tcttcatttg catttcaaat actatcccag    481860
     aagtccccta taccctaccc tctacctcct ccccaaccca cccactccca cttcctagtc    481920
     ctggcattcc cctgtactgg gacatataat cttcgcaaga ccaagggcct ctcctcccat    481980
     tgatagccta ctaagccatt ctctgctaca tatgcaacta gagacacaag atcaggaatg    482040
     tactgtttag ttcatattgt tgttcctcct atagggttac agacactttc agctccttgg    482100
     gtactttctc tagcttcttc aataggggct ctgggttaca tccaatagat aactgtgagc    482160
     atccacttct gtatttgcag gcactggcat agcctcacaa gagacagtta tattagtgtc    482220
     ctgtcagcaa aatcttgctg gcgcatgcaa tagtgtctgg gtttggtggt tgtttatggg    482280
     atggatccct gggtggggca gtctctggat ggtcctttct ttcctctcag ctctaaactt    482340
     tgtctctgta actccttcca tgggtatttt gttccccatt ctaagaagga tataagtatc    482400
     cacactttgg tcataattct tcttgagttt catgtgcttt gaaaattgta tcttgggtat    482460
     tctaaggttc tggactaata ttcacttatc agtgagtaca tatcatgtga gttcttttgt    482520
     gattgggtta gctcactcat gatgatatcc tccaaatcca tgcatttgcc taagaactca    482580
     taaattcttt gtttttaata gttccatagt actccattgt gtaaatgtac caaaattcct    482640
     gtatccatta ctctgttgag ggatatctgg gttctttcaa tcttctggct attataaata    482700
     gggcagctat gaacaaagta gagcaagtgc ccttattaca tattctgggt atatgcccag    482760
     gggaggtatt cctggatctt tggtagaact atgtccaatt ttctgaggaa ccaccacgct    482820
     gattccagag tggttgaacc agcttgcaat cccaccagca atagaggagt gttcctcttt    482880
     ttccacatct caccagcatc tgctgtcacc tgaatttttg accttagcaa ttctgactgg    482940
     tgtgaggtgg aatctcaggg ttgttttgat ttgcatttcc ctgatgatta cggatgttga    483000
     acattttttc atgtgcttct tagctattag gtattcctca gttgaaaatt ctttgtttag    483060
     ctctgcaccc cactttcaat ggggttattt gattttctgg tgtccagctt cttgagttct    483120
     tcatatatat tggatattat tccctatcag atttaggatt ggtaaagatc ctttcataat    483180
     ctgttggtgg tctttttgtc ttactgacag tgtctttttc cttacagagc tttgcagttt    483240
     tatgaggtcc acaagtcgat tctcaatctt acaacataag ccattgatat tctgtctagg    483300
     aatttttcac ctgtgcacat atcttcgagg cttttcctca ctttctcctc tataagttcc    483360
     agtgtctctg gttttatgcg gagttctgtg atccactctc ttgagctttg tacaagaaga    483420
     taagaatgga tcaatttgca ttcttctcca tgctaactac cagttgtgcc agcaccattt    483480
     gttgaaaatg ctgtcttttt tccactgaat ggttttagct cctttgtcaa agatcaagtg    483540
     accataggcg tgtggtttcg tttctgggtg ttcaattcta ttccactgat caacctgtct    483600
     atctctatac cagtacaatg cagtttttat cacaactgct ctgtagtaca gcttgaggtc    483660
     tggcatggtg attccaccag aggttctttt attgttgaga atagcttttg gtataatagg    483720
     gtttttgtta tttccgatga atttgcaaat tgtcctttct accttgatga agaattgagt    483780
     tggaattttg acggggattt ttttgaatct gtacatttcg ttcagcaagt tagccatttt    483840
     gactatatca gtcctgccga tccaagagca tgggagatct ttcaatcttc tgagatcttc    483900
     agggaattga agttcttatc atacagatct tttacttcct tagagtcata ccaagctatt    483960
     taatattatt tgtgactatt gtaaagggtg ttgtttccct aattgctttc tcaccctgtt    484020
     tatcctttgt gtagagaaag gccaccgatt tgtttgagtt acttttataa ccagctactg    484080
     cactgaagct gtttatcagg tttaggagtt ctttggtgcc attttagggt cactcatata    484140
     tgctatcata ttaactagaa atagtgattt tttgacttct ttgtttccta tgtgtatcac    484200
     cttgatctct ttttattatc ttattgctct ggctagaatt tcaagtatta tattgcatag    484260
     gtagagagaa agtgggcagc cttgtctagt ccctgatttt agtgggattg cttcaagttt    484320
     ctctccattc agcttgatgt tggctactgt tttgctgtat aatgcttttt tatgttgagg    484380
     tatgggcctt gaattcctga tcattccaag atttttatca tgaatgggta ttggattttg    484440
     tcaaatgctt tgtaagcatc taatgagatg attatgtagt ttttgtcttt gagtttgttt    484500
     atatagagaa ttgtgttgat ggatttctgc atattaaacc atacctgtat ccctgggatg    484560
     aagcctactt ggtcatgatg gatgatcgtt ttgatgtgtt cttggattag gtttgtgaga    484620
     attttattga ctatttttgc atcgatattc ataagcaaaa ttggtcggaa gtactctttc    484680
     tttgttgggt ctttatttgg attaagtatc agagtaattg tggctttata gaatgaattg    484740
     gatagagtac cttctgtttc cattttgggg aatagtttgt gctgaactgg aattagatct    484800
     tctttgaagg tcgactagaa ctctgaacta aacccatctg gtcctaggct tttttgttgt    484860
     tgtaaggaga ctattaatga ctgcttctat atctttaggg atatgggatt gtttagatca    484920
     ttaatctgat cctgatttaa ctttggtact ggcatcagtc tagaaaattg tccatttcat    484980
     ccatgttttc cagttttgtt gagtatagac tattgtagca ggatctgatg gcgttttgga    485040
     tttcctcatg ttatgttgtt atgtctccct tttcatttct gattttgtta attaggatgc    485100
     tgtccctgtg tcttctagct agtctgtcta acagtttatc tatcttcttt tattttctcc    485160
     aaaacacagc tcctggtttg gttgattctt tgaatagttc tttttgtttc cacttgtttg    485220
     atttcatccc tgagtttgat tatttcctgt tgtctactta tcttgggtga atttgcttcc    485280
     atttgttcta gagcttttat ctttaggtgt gctgtcaaac tgctagtgtg tggtctctct    485340
     agtttctttt gccagcactc agagatatga gttttcctct tagaaatgct ttcattgtgt    485400
     cccataagtt tgggtatgtt gtggcttcaa ttacattact ctctaaaaag tctttaatct    485460
     cttcctttat ttctttcttg accaaggtat cattcagtag agtgtttttc agtttccatg    485520
     tgaatgttgg ctttttatta tttatgtttc tatcgaatat cagcctttgt ccattgtgat    485580
     ctggtaggga taatttcaat atttttgtat ctgttgaggc ctgtttgtga ccaattatgt    485640
     ggccattttg gagaagatgc catgaggtgc agagaagaag gtatatccta tttttttttt    485700
     ttttttttta ggaaaaaaat gttctgtaga tatctgttag atccatttgt ttcataactt    485760
     ctgttagttt cactgtgtca ctgtttaatt tctgattcta ggatctgtcc agtgatgaga    485820
     atggagtggt gaagtctctg actattactg tgtgaggtgc aatgtgtgct tcactatagt    485880
     ctccttaatt aatgtggatg tccttgcact gggagcatat tcaaaattga gagtttatct    485940
     tggaagattt tagctttgct gagtatgaag tgtcccttct tgtctttctt gataactttg    486000
     gggtggaagt cgattttttc ccatattaga atagctagtc cagcttgttt ctttggacca    486060
     tatccttaga aaatagtttt ccaaactttt actctaaggt aatatctgtc gtcttccctg    486120
     aggtgggttt acagtacgca gcaaaatgtt gggtcctgtt tatgtagcca ttttgttagt    486180
     ctatgtcttt ttaatgggga attgagttca ttgatattaa gagataataa ggaaaagtaa    486240
     ttgttgcttc ctgttacttt ttttttttca gagttcagat tctgttctgg aggctatctt    486300
     cttttaggtt tgttgaagga ttattttctt gctttttcta gagcttaatt ttcctccttg    486360
     tgttggagtt ttccctttat tatcgtttga agttctggaa ttgtggaaag atattgtgtg    486420
     aatttggttt tgtcattgaa tactttggtt tctccatcta tggtaattga gagttttgct    486480
     gggtataata gcctgggaag acatttgtgt tctcttaggg tctgtatgac atctgtccag    486540
     gatcttctgg ctttcatcgt ctctggtcag aagtctggtg taattctaat aggtctgcct    486600
     tcatgttatt tgaccctttt ccctttgctg cttttaatat tctatcttta tttagtgcat    486660
     ttgttgttct gattattatg tgtcaggagg aatttctttt ctggtccagt ctatttggag    486720
     ttctataggc ttcttgtatg ttcatgggca tctctttctt taggtttggg aagttttctt    486780
     ctataatttt gttgaagata tttagtggcc ctttaagttg aaaatcttcg ttctcatcta    486840
     ctcctattat ccgtaggttt ggtcttctca ttgtgtcctg gatttcctgg atgttttgag    486900
     ttaaaatctt tttgcatttt tcattttctt tgattgttgt ttccatgttc tctatgaact    486960
     cttctgcacc tgagattctc tcttctatct cttgtattct gttgctgatg cttgcatcta    487020
     tgattcctga tttctgtcct aggatttcta tctccagagt tatctccctt tggattttct    487080
     ttatagtttc tacttccatt tttagatctt ggatggtttt gcttaattcc atgacctgtt    487140
     tggttgtgtt tttctgtaat tctttaaagg atttttatgc ttcctcttta aggacttctg    487200
     cctgtttttc agtgttctcc tgtatttctt taagtgagtt attaatgccc ttcttaaaat    487260
     cctctaccag catcatgaga tataatttta aatcagaatc ttgcttttca ggtgtgtatc    487320
     caggactcgc tgtgttgggt gttctgagtt ctgatgatac ccagtggtct tggtttctgt    487380
     tattaagatt cttacatttg ccttttgtca tctggtaatc tctggtatta gatgttctag    487440
     ttgtctctgg ctggagcttg ttcctcctgt gattctgtta gcttctgtca gcacttctgg    487500
     tagtctaact cttttctgag tcccagtggt cagagcactc tcagcaggca agctctcctc    487560
     ttgcaggtaa ggtgcacaga gctctgaggg tcagctatgc cttctggctg aagatgaagg    487620
     cccaaaagga ccctgtccaa gaagctctgt tgagtctgtg gcccacgagc tctgctgtgt    487680
     tgactggtct ctgataggcc ctggatacaa ggtggcactc tcatctgagc cctagggtca    487740
     gagccctctc tggaggcaga ctctcctctg gctgggaagg tgtgcagcat caaaaacaat    487800
     ttaaaaacag aaattacaac tctaactaag ttgccatcat tcaaatgcca ggcaacaatt    487860
     ctattttttt ggtttctaag aagcttcatc ttcatcttta acccagacca gtgaccctag    487920
     gatccttggt gtgttagaga gctcgcctga agcggagaga gtcctctgga gaccttcaga    487980
     ccttctgcgg attttgtgcc catggtgccc tggggctggc gcagaccaga atgaatccca    488040
     actgctggag tataacttct ttaattcttt gtatatgtgg aatattagcc ctctatcgct    488100
     tgtaggattg gcaaacatct tttcccaatg ttgaggttgc cattttgtcc tgattgcagt    488160
     gccctttgcc ttacagaaga ttttcattta tataagaatc catttgtcta cagtggatct    488220
     taaagccttg gccattggtg ttctgttcag gaaattgtcc cctgtgccaa tgagttcgag    488280
     gttctttcct actttctctt ctattagatt ctgtatattt ggttttaagt gaaagtcttt    488340
     gatccacttg gacttgagat ttgaacaagt agataggatt ggatacattt tcattcttct    488400
     acatgctgaa tcccacttaa accagcgcca tttgttgaat atgctgtctt tttttttttt    488460
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tacactggat agttttagct    488520
     atttggtaag atattgagtg accatatgtg tatgggttca tttctaagtc ttcaattcta    488580
     ttccactgac cttcctgtct gtctctgtac caataaaata cagtatttat cactattgtt    488640
     ctgtaataca gcttgagatc aggaatggtc atttttccct cagaagttct tatattgttg    488700
     agaataattt tcactatcct aagttgtagg ttaggaatgt ctccaagttt cccctcagac    488760
     caagcaaata aatgagcagt atgacaggga caaacatgaa gaagcatata agaagccatc    488820
     ctgggatgaa ttctctgagg tcattccaca atagaatgta tctatcacag ctcagtagga    488880
     gagtgagtca tctccaagga gctcatttac ccactgtagc tcttcctgca taatgtatgc    488940
     tagctcacca agtgcatgac ccacctgaaa gctatgacat tgaatgactg ctgaaaaaaa    489000
     ttgaatcctt tctttctgtg acctcctgga gattacctat gtactagtgg atgactccca    489060
     tacccatatg cattatatta cattaatttg actcaatgac ttactcattc ataaaacaaa    489120
     ataaatcaga atattggcag tgagacctgt tctattgtga ggttctaagc agagatgggg    489180
     gaagtagaag gttaatatat gttcataata tattgcatca tgaatgaaaa tttgaaggaa    489240
     tttaaattat ttaaaaataa aaataacact tttacgtatg tttagaattt cttacagatc    489300
     tatattgtaa atagtgtatt ttccctgtgg aatttacata tccttaaact gcttctacta    489360
     ctccaagtag tccatttctt tccagtagag agtttcattt ctatttcatt acatgcttcc    489420
     atacaaaact gtatatcact atgttatatg aaaggactac aaatggaaca ttacataata    489480
     catgtatttc taagaaagtc ttaacttacc ggttaaaatc attacaaatt atatccattt    489540
     tttaaacagt aatgtaagca ccttattcct tacatttata aaattttgct gtgttataca    489600
     cacatcaatt tattttttaa tcactaattt gtttacagaa atgtaatctg attctataat    489660
     gttgttatta aaaaatgtaa cagtaatgat ttctgctcac atatagaaac aggattcatt    489720
     tattgatgat gctttgcaag ttgaaatata tagcttttgg aaatggcctt tctcccacat    489780
     ttaaaacatt acacaacagc acatctctgt ctttctgctc ctcctcctat tactcctgtc    489840
     tctttctctc tccctctttt tgtatgtgtg tgtgatataa acattattgt ttatctagta    489900
     atatctgctg tcttcaatga ctctaggtat tcattttata atgtttattc aaacttgcat    489960
     catttatttc agcaaagcat tgtcataaag attataaaaa cacatatgca atattctgga    490020
     atcaggaaca tcaaaaagtc ataagtaagg attctgagca ttagcataca ttgtaaaagt    490080
     taattgcatg ggaaagccaa aacaattgtg tatggttgct tgaatattct cttaaagcta    490140
     ccttaaagac agaggataac aaagtacagc aattttagtt ataaattgtc tcaaagtgtt    490200
     atattcactc tggatgataa gacgctgaag gtttagcttc ttagagtaat atgtatatat    490260
     atatatatat atctaattgt gtactttaag taaatataat tcccttaagt cagataaatc    490320
     gtctaaacag tagaaatagc tagaatagta gaaatccccc aacaggggat tcatcccata    490380
     aacaactacc aaacccagac actattgcat atgacagcaa gattgtgctg acagggccct    490440
     gatataacta tctcttgtga ggttatgcca gtgcctgaca aatacagaag tggatactca    490500
     ctgccattta ttggatggaa cacagggtcc ccaatgaagg aattagagaa agtacccaag    490560
     gagctgaagg ggtctgcaac tctataggag gaacaacaat atgaactaac cattatccca    490620
     caagagcttg tgtctctagt tgcatatgtg gcagaggatg gcctagaagc catcaatggg    490680
     aggagaggcc cctgatcttt cgaagattat atgccccagt acaggggaat gccaggacca    490740
     ggaagcagga gtgggtgggt tgaggagcag ggagggggag ggtatgggag actttttttt    490800
     tttatctttt actatacttt ttaattttag cacatattct ttctagctac attttttttc    490860
     cattttaatc tttttttaaa atttttttat taggtattta gctcatttac atttccaatg    490920
     ctataccaaa agtcccccat acccacccac ctccactccc ctacccctgg aatgccagga    490980
     ccaggaagca ggagtgggtg ggttggggag cagggagggg gagggtatgg gagacttttg    491040
     gagaggaaat taggaaatgg gatagcattt gaaatgtaaa taaagaaaac atctaataaa    491100
     aaaaaaagag aaatagcagc agtcattaaa agtttcaaca acaacaaaaa aaaaagcaag    491160
     cccaggtttt agtgcagagt tctctctgac tttagagaag acccatcacc aataatcttc    491220
     aaattattcc acaaaataga aacagaaggg acactaccca gtttgtttta tgaagccaca    491280
     attatgttca tacttaaacc acaaagaccc aacaaagaaa gagaacttca gactaatttc    491340
     ccttatcaat atctatgcaa tttattttac agatccatca ataagtcata tttagcagga    491400
     agaaaaagac atgagaaatt taaaacaaat gtcactactg aatgatgtct taaatgtcag    491460
     atttgtaggt atcagtgcaa aatgtgttct tatgggtgta ctgaactttg aagcattcct    491520
     gagagaccta taccatacaa agacccaaca aagaaagtga actttagatt aattttcctt    491580
     atgaaaatgg atgcaaaaat acaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaact cttcaaaaac gaatccaaga    491640
     acacatgaaa atgatcattc accaggatca agtatcttta tcccacgcaa gccgagatgg    491700
     ttcaatatct agaaatccat caacataatc gactactagg aaactcaaag gaaaaaaccc    491760
     acaagatctt ttcattagat gctaaaaaag catttgacaa cactcaacaa ccctgcatgg    491820
     taaaagtctt aaaagatgaa gaattcaagg ccatacccaa acatactaaa agcaatatac    491880
     agtaaacctg tagctagcat caaactaaat ggagagaaac ttgaagcaat cttactaaaa    491940
     gagatactgc agaacgctgt tcactgtccc cctatgtatt caatattata caggaagtcc    492000
     tagccagacc aattcgacaa caaaaggatg tgaaagggtt gcaaattagg aaagaagaaa    492060
     taaaaatttg caaattatat gatggtataa ttaagtgaac ccaaaaattc caccaaagca    492120
     ctcctaaacc ggataaacaa cctcatcaaa gtggccagat ataaaataaa ctcaaactaa    492180
     tcagtagtct tcctctactc taaagaaaaa caggctcaga aagaaattag ggaaataaca    492240
     cactttataa aagtcacaaa taataaaaaa aaataccttg cttagtctga cgattataaa    492300
     gcaactgaaa gatctgtatg acaagaactt caagtctcta aagaaagaaa tcaaagagct    492360
     cagaaaatgg aaagatcacc catgctcaag gattggcagg attaatgtag taaaaatggt    492420
     catcttgcta aaagcaattt accgatttaa tgcaattccc ctcaaaattc caattcaatt    492480
     ctttatatag ttagaaatag caatttgcaa attcacttgc aataaccaaa aatccagtat    492540
     agcaaaaaac tattctcaac agtaaaagaa tatctgaggt aatcaccatt gctgactcca    492600
     agctgtacta cagagcaatt gtgataaaaa taactgcatg gtattggcac agagacaggc    492660
     aggtagatca atagaacaga actgaagatc cagaaatgaa cccacacacc tatggtcatt    492720
     tgatctttga caaaggaact aaaaccatta gtggaaaaaa aaaagcatgt ttaacaaatg    492780
     gtccaggttc aattggtggt tgacatgtag aataatgcaa atcattctat tcttatgtcc    492840
     atgtacaaag ctcaagtcca agtgcatcaa gtacttctac atgaaaccag atacgctgaa    492900
     actgatagaa gagaaagtgg agaagggcct ccaatacaag gccacagggg aaattttcct    492960
     aaacagaaca ccaatgacta gtgctctaag atcaagaatc aacaaatggg acctcataaa    493020
     agtgcaaagc ttctgtaagg caaaggacac agtcaatagg acaaaacagc aaccaaaaga    493080
     ttgggaaaac atctttacaa atcctacatc tgatagaagg taatatccaa tacatacaaa    493140
     gaactcaaga acttagactt cagaggacca aagagctcta ttaaaaattt gtgtacagag    493200
     ataaagaatt ctcaactgag gaatacacaa tggctgagaa gcaccaaaaa aatgttcaac    493260
     atcctttgtc attagggaaa ggaaaatcaa aacaaccctg agattccacc tcacaccagt    493320
     cagaatggct aagataaaaa actcagttga aaacagatac aggtcaggat atagagtaac    493380
     actcctctat tgctggtggc attgcaagct gatacaacca ctccagaaat cagtctggta    493440
     gttcctcaga aaaaaaatgg acatactact atgtcagggc cagctatacc atttctgggc    493500
     atatacccaa gggatattcc aacatataac aaggacactt gctccaatat attcatagca    493560
     gccttattta taatagccag aagctggaaa gaacccagat gtcctccaac agagaaatgg    493620
     atacagaaat tatggtacat taacacaatg gagtactact cagtaattaa aaaacttgac    493680
     ttcattaaat tcttaggcaa atggatggaa ttagaaaata ttatcctgag tgaggtaacc    493740
     cagttactaa aggacagaca tggtatgcac tcactgataa gaggatatta gcccagattc    493800
     tcagaattcc caagatacaa ttcacatact acatgaagct caagaaagta taccaaagtg    493860
     tggatgcttc agtagtttta gaagggggaa caaaatactt aaggtaggaa atatggagac    493920
     aaactgtgga gcctagactg aaggaaatgg catctagaaa ctgccacaaa tgaggatcca    493980
     tcccatatac tgacaccaaa cccagacact attgtggatg ccaagaagtg ctggctgaca    494040
     ggaacctgat atatctgtct cctgagagtc tctgacagag cctgatgaat acagacgtgg    494100
     ttgcttgcag ccaaccattg gactgagcac tgggtcccca atggaggagt tagagaaaga    494160
     gctgaaggag ctacagaagt ttgcaagcca taggtagaac aaggttatca accaaccaga    494220
     ccctccttct agagctccca gggtctaaat gacaaccaaa gattataata catggagcga    494280
     ataatggctc cagccacata tgtagcagag gatggtcttg ttgggcatca atgggaggag    494340
     aggcccttct tcctgggaag gctcgataat ccagtgtagt ggaatgtcag ggtggggatg    494400
     cgggagtggg tggatgggtg ggggagcacc ctcatagaag catgggaggg aggatgggag    494460
     agagattttc aggagggaaa aatgggaaag agataacact tgaaatgtaa acaaataaaa    494520
     tatccaataa aaataaataa aacattaaaa aatcagtcat ttctatttta aatcctcata    494580
     atgcaggtct actcaatatt tttaataaat catatcagga agacaatggg aaatataggt    494640
     ataagaaatt attcataacc ttgatcttgc tttagcaaga tggcagctag gactggtcag    494700
     gctgccattg ttccttttcc ctgaccttaa aaaaaatccc tatttctact attaaggttt    494760
     tctgagcttc aaattgttcc ctaacatttc ctacatcaaa accactaata aaacccatct    494820
     taacctagct tcactaacaa tctatttttc caaatgcttt ctaagcatgg aggtcattgc    494880
     tgacaatcta catttctaag ttcgttccta aggttggtac tgaatcatta ataagctcca    494940
     gcagcaatgc ttgaaagaga gcaagcacta ctattgtgaa tgtcaatgat actatctagt    495000
     gaggggctag aagcccattc agagtactca tactagattc aaagggacat aatggcaaca    495060
     agcagtggaa acctccacaa tttctctggc tcttcttctc tgactgagtc acaccaattt    495120
     tggttgtgct aaccagtgca gttctttagt tctaaagctg tttgttcata tagggccttt    495180
     ggtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    495240
     tttaagagag atgggggaga gagaggaaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    495300
     gagagagaga tagagagaga gagagagatt cctgagtctg agtttagggg cttacaggtt    495360
     gattcatttt catattgttg atataatatc catatgctcc tgcttttcat ttacattttg    495420
     ggtccagcaa ttttcagctt cactgttgct ctctgacttc acagctctca gttttcttgc    495480
     ttgcttgctt gcttgctttc ttgctttctt ttcttgcttt cttgctctct tgctctcttt    495540
     ctctcttttc ttctctcact ctcttccttc cttccttcct tccttccttc ctttcttgtt    495600
     ttcttttgga actactggtt gaactacctt gacttttctg cttgtcataa gaaatgacct    495660
     agggttaatg gtgatcaaag ctctcctccc gccccccatg tagaaggaca tgttctggct    495720
     cttcccttgg actttctatc ccaacagtta ttgtttccat aaggctcagt tactctatgt    495780
     tgtccgtttg taccatgatc ctgagtttct gaattttcta aacagaagtt ttgcaatttc    495840
     actgttcctc ttcagattct tcactgtgca gaattttaat gagttgatct acagtctgat    495900
     aaaatttgct cttgatgcag aagattgaca ccaacactgt tctcttgtaa tactccaata    495960
     ctaagcaggt ttatccacaa tgctggaaac tgaagcaaac tcaattttga attagcacat    496020
     taacagataa aaacatttgg tttaaattgt cctgtcagca tattagtcac cattaaaaca    496080
     gtgaaagctg gacagataga aacctgtgtc actcatgatg aattgtgata catggaaagt    496140
     caaactcaag tctatcctat atgccaaatt ccataacctc ttgcaagtga aaaacaaact    496200
     ttgggagtcc aactaagata aggactggta actgttaatg catgaaagaa ggtgattagg    496260
     aaagaaaact caagaagaat attgggagtg aaagcatcct tctgcaaggc ctgggctaac    496320
     acacatggat gatatgtact agatgatgta tacacatgtg gatgatatgt acaagattat    496380
     gtaaacacac atggatgata catacaggat gatgtataca cacatggatg atatgtacga    496440
     gatggtacgt acacacatgg atgatatgta ccaaatgatg tatatacacg gggatgatat    496500
     gtacgagatg atgtatacac acgtggatga tatgtaggag atatgtacac acatggatga    496560
     tatgtacgag atgatgtgta cacacatgga tgatatgtac gagatgatgt gtacacacat    496620
     ggatgatatg tacgagatga tgtgtacaca catggatgat atgtacgaga tgatgtgtac    496680
     acacatggat gatatgtacg agatgatgtg tacacacatg gatgatatgt acgagatgat    496740
     gtgtacacac atggatgata tgtacgagat gatgtgtaca cacatggatg atatgtacga    496800
     gatgatgtgt acacacatgg atgatatgta cgagatgatg tgtacacaca tggatgatat    496860
     gtacgagatg atgtgtacac acatggatga tatgtacaag atgatgtata cacacgtgga    496920
     tgatatgtac gagatggtac gtacactcat ggatgatatg tatgagatga tatgtacaca    496980
     catggatgat atgtatgaga tgatgtgtac acacatggat gatatatacg agatgatgtg    497040
     tacacaaatg gatgatatgt acgagatgat gtgtacacac atggataata tgtatgaaat    497100
     gatacctaca cacatggata tgtacgagat gatgtgtaca cacatggatg atatctatga    497160
     gataaatgct gagctacagg ctgattgatg ttcagctcgt cagtctctcc ttgttctagt    497220
     gaacaaacaa gttagtgtgt aggggaatgg gaactgaaat aaatcataac acaagaaatt    497280
     cacgctcctg catacacaca ggtctgtaga aggcttagcc aaactcagga atgtagtcat    497340
     gtcacatgac tttaacacag aaatcggatc tccaacctca aaaggcagca gcacacaggg    497400
     ctggatctga ttcagaaagt gttgtatcca tcaaggttga aaccctcatc ataggcctgg    497460
     ctcatataga aaacagctcc agagcaggta acaaactgat gcccactgcc acccttaatt    497520
     ctgcccatgt aaacataaca ctaaaattca tttttgattt aaaaaaataa attaaataga    497580
     taataattag tgtttacaaa aaatcttagt atgatattaa aaattacaac catttttgtt    497640
     actgccagag tccttgagta catttaaaaa cctcagagga tttgtcatct ctaggcctgc    497700
     tcagtagagc ttgctatata gcagggaaac atgcaaataa ggcctctctc ttctcatgaa    497760
     aacgaggact gaactaacct tgaatctgaa gcaaagggga tcagcccgag attctcattc    497820
     agtgatcaac actgaacaca catcccttac catggatttt gggctgattt tttttattgt    497880
     tgctctttta aaaggtaatt catggaaaag agatactgag tgtgttactg gtcatgagca    497940
     agatagatgg tgagactgta tggcagtttg ctgacagaat tctctgtgtt ttcaggggtc    498000
     cagtgtgagg tgaagcttct cgagtctgga ggtggcctgg tgcagcctgg aggatccctg    498060
     aatctctcct gtgcagcctc aggattcgat tttagtagat actggatgag ttgggctcgg    498120
     caggctccag ggaaagggca ggaatggatt ggagaaatta atccaggaag cagtacgata    498180
     aactatacgc catctctaaa ggataaattc atcatctcca gagacaacgc caaaaatacg    498240
     ctgtacctgc aaatgagcaa agtgagatct gaggacacag ccctttatta ctgtgcaaga    498300
     ctcacagtga ggaaatctca gtttgtaccc agacatgaac ctcactgtga ggccgctcac    498360
     aaccgccagg gggcgatgaa aaccagacac agaacacagg atcatcccag gaaatgagac    498420
     acaaggaagc attcctctca tgtatctggg cagccttttt tcttcgtgtc taggaattct    498480
     ttctaaagga atatttaaat gtatccaatg ctctcaaaac atagcatgct ttgcttgtat    498540
     tattttaaaa acataagaca cattctccca tgaataaaat gctaggtgat agctatgaca    498600
     taaaggaccc tgactcaatc acatgatcag gaagctttgt atgtttaagt gcaaacaaag    498660
     agggaggctg gagagttggc ccagcggtta agagcactga ctgctcttcc agaggttctg    498720
     agttcaattt gcagcaaaca catggtggct cacaatcatc tgtaatggaa tcagatgccc    498780
     tcttcttgtg tatctgaaga gagctacagt gtgcttataa ataaaacaaa tatttttaaa    498840
     attaaaaaag aaaacaaaga ggaatgtcaa gatcattaga tctaaaccaa gcaggtgtca    498900
     aacctctcct ctccctgagg attgtgcaca tcatgttcgg atatgaacta gcattgcttt    498960
     tagctaatta ttattctagc aacttcatca ttaccccatt aagggatttt gtacaatttg    499020
     aatccttcag gaaatcctgt gtttgcttag tcatacacat ttcaaactca tattgtcttc    499080
     ttctagtctg gaaaatgaaa ttgcatccct tgtctattca tgacttttat catgaaactg    499140
     tgttgtttgt ctaagacctt ctattgagat gatcatggga tttttttctt acatgtggta    499200
     gattgcattt atcaatttat taggttgacc caccactgaa tttctggatg aatccttctt    499260
     ggtcatagtg gattaacatc ttgatgtgtt tcttggttag ggttttaagc aaattaccga    499320
     gaattgttgc aactatgttt gtaggggaaa ttgagctgta attttctttt taggcgtcaa    499380
     ggtatcagct ttaggtatta ggttatatta ggcctcacaa aaaaagatta ggcaatattt    499440
     ttcagttaat attttgcaga aaatattgag gagtggtgac attaattctt taaataattg    499500
     agcacaaatt ttataccgac tctatgtgat ccaagaatgt cttctattta gtggtggagg    499560
     gaacctttta attattaatt ctgtttcact agatgttata agtctattta tattgtatac    499620
     atgatcatga tttaattttg gaaggatata tatgtcaaaa aatgtatcca tttcttttag    499680
     gttttcaaat ttgttggggt accaattttt aaagtacatc cttctgattc tatggatttc    499740
     cttggtgtta gttgtgatgt tctgttttca tctctaattt tactaatttc aaacttacta    499800
     ctgcactttt atataatttg gttaagtgtt cattaatatc attacttttc tcaaagacca    499860
     acaattattt taactgattc tttctattat tgttttcatg tgcttctagt ttgtggagtt    499920
     tagaattgat gttgattatt tcttgccatc taaccctttg ggtgttattt ttctttttga    499980
     tctgagctta caggttcact aagttgctaa tatgtgatat gtacaagtgt gtgtgtgtgt    500040
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtctgtgt gtgtgtaggt tcttagtact ataaacttgc    500100
     ctcttaattg agccttcatt gtgtcacatg ggtatatatt ttgctttcat tttccatcaa    500160
     ttttgaaaag ttttttttta ttttcttttt aatttatata tttttgtttt ccgaagtgag    500220
     ttcttcagtt ttcataagtt tgcagacttc ctgttctgac tattctcgcc caggagaagg    500280
     agattggcat taagtcctta tgaatttgaa gtttattgag ctcacagatc tctctgtgga    500340
     cacacacttt gttggataca agtctataga ggcatttata aagacaacca acaaaaggtt    500400
     agcaatttcc atttacacag gggcataaat gttggcaata gtgacaggat aataatattt    500460
     tacaaaatcg cgacacaact ggattgtctt gtgagtacta taggatcaag ggggagggga    500520
     ggagaatgcc ttgcagttgc agaaacagaa aaacagtagg aagtactatg catgcctaag    500580
     gcacaggttg accctcaggt caggaaattg ctaacagggt tttttttttc cacttcattc    500640
     cctgcctgcc ttgggcattc tagtacatct gagctagcat tcctcttcta tttcttgatt    500700
     atttcagttg cagtatttat aagtgagcat ttggtttgca taaaacagca acacagagaa    500760
     aaataaacca ggagaaagaa accttcaaag ataggcagtg gggggcaggg gtgaagctta    500820
     aattgttgac ttgtctgaca gcccttatct ataatctggt ctttgacagc tgaatccaag    500880
     gaattacttt ctgaaactca catgactttc ccaaaattta ctaaacagat aagattttca    500940
     tatataacat gattgcattg aagtataaac tgtaggaaaa ccaattaaga agtttctgta    501000
     aatagctaaa atagactcat gcccttgaac tatagagaaa ttttggagcc ctaaaaatga    501060
     ttcaaacgtc tgaatatctt tctactgtcc aaagggcttg atgattacat aggttaaaca    501120
     gaattttttt agcctgatgg gaagcatttt taagtttaga cttagaagac aaccaaatga    501180
     aatttaaaaa tttgagtctg tgaccataat aataactagt actttaccaa gactaaaata    501240
     gtaacttatc agaactgatt aatatgttaa aactctaaac ttttgaagtc ttaatattat    501300
     atatcattga gataacagtg gttgattact gagagcattc attgaatagc aagttccttt    501360
     aaataaagga atagcaaaaa gtaaatgttt agtgagtaat aacagcagga tagctttagg    501420
     gttgtttggg tttttttttt tttttggttg ttatttttat ttttcaatga aacctattta    501480
     cctttataat gtaaagtctg acagcaagat aaagattatt gtgagtttat tacctttctc    501540
     accagaagac ctagtagttc tatagactta tgaaatggac tgaccaggta tctctcgata    501600
     aactgaaaga gctacagtta acaatcaaca ctgccagagg tctgaagagg acaagataaa    501660
     gcatgaagaa taatctcaag ggcctcaata tcaaatatag agacttacct attacctaaa    501720
     tacttattct ggttttctcc atgtagatct tatggttaaa ctggggccac agttccaaga    501780
     gcagtgccag ggcaatgtca attttggcca tcacacaggg caacattaat gctgtgattg    501840
     ccacactggg aagcaagtga cttttggctg ccagacttag aaaatctaag agactttcct    501900
     gtgggagagc gatttctgat actggcctac tttgatgagg caaagggatg cattcaattc    501960
     tccaggattc tatttgtaca tacttatgac agggtcatgt tagttcctca ggttcataga    502020
     ggtagtgttt gtcaatggtt agtgccgtgg accagcccca gtcgacctcc ctccatctgc    502080
     agaagaaatc gggagttcta gttataggtg ggcaaggagt tggttcagat gacaaacaaa    502140
     tacagacaca agggagtgtg gtatctgagt gtaatttgtc tcaaagtgag caccagtctt    502200
     ataagtgact tttacacaaa acagaggaat gcatacaaaa agctaacagg aaccaactgg    502260
     gataaaaatt aatgtaaacc actaggatca aaagcagccc cacctaaggt cagcttaatc    502320
     ttaaaagcca ggggcaaggg cttcacgccc ttgccatagt tccaattcta gtctattgca    502380
     tagtctacat ccccctaggc cattgtaaat tcctgtgtat gggtgttact cagctatctg    502440
     tggtatctac tctggttcct ccatagacca caggcttcct tcttcctaga taattgtaaa    502500
     ttcctgtgta gggaagtgac tctgctatcc atgcccagag tcagctgaag gactgcctag    502560
     gactggtgaa gaatctaatt tagctatatg tcaaaatcaa tccttaaagt aatctttagg    502620
     gaaagcacac agatccattt tccgactaaa gcaaggacag atttggagca tttgttatta    502680
     caggatgcca cggttccagg agactaagtt tctgtgaact tttcccctag ggacagagtc    502740
     caggtttcta ggccttctag gtttctttct gtcatacatg tcactactgg agtggatgta    502800
     gtggatgaag aaggagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aggaggagga ggaggaggag    502860
     gaggaggagg aggaggagga ggaggaggag gaggaggagg aggaggagga ggagaacaat    502920
     aacaacaaca gcaacttagg ctttccacaa gatcagacat ttttatctag catgggaaag    502980
     tgggaaggtt ttttttttca ttaaacattt taaatgccat atttggtagt catatgaaaa    503040
     gttttgaggt ccatctactg attggtacaa acaaagtttt acatgtttta gtgatttctt    503100
     ttaagtgtag ccttaaaaat acataaagaa agcttttctg ttaaatttaa accatgaaat    503160
     ttgagttgaa gattcaattg aaaatcttta gcgttaaaaa tataaatgta aatcatgagt    503220
     gattctttga gagactggag agttcttttt taatattttt tacagttcct cattatggaa    503280
     tattagagtg gtatatttgt ttttgtctgt ctgtctgtct gtttgtctgt ttgtttgttt    503340
     gtttgtttgt ttgcttgctt gcttgcttgg tggtggtggt gaatgattaa gtttattgag    503400
     acacctcaca cttaacaagt gaggacttgt caggctgacc taccatggta aagctaaggg    503460
     aggcattcag ttctgcaatg tactgttcat acatagtcat gtcagggtca tggtggtttc    503520
     tcagttcagt ttctattggt ctgaatagac tttattgact gtaggaattt atagacttat    503580
     ttattaaaca tatattattt aaaagcccta ttctcagtaa atctagatca tattttctcc    503640
     tctattgcat tttcattctt agaacaatgc aaatcaaaac aaccctgaga ttccacctta    503700
     caccagtcag aatggctaag ataaaaaatt caggtgacag cagatgctgg ccagaatgtg    503760
     gagaaagagg aacactcctt cctccattac tggtgggatt gcaagcttgt acaaccactc    503820
     tggaaatcag tctggcagtt cctcagaaaa ttggacatag tactaccaga agatccagca    503880
     attcctctcc tgggcatata ctcagaagat gttccaactg gtaataagga cacatgctct    503940
     agtatgttca tggcagcctt atttataatg gccagaagct agaaagaaac cagatgtccc    504000
     tcaacagagg aacggataca caaaatgcgg tacatttaca caatggagta ctactcagct    504060
     attaaaaaca atgaatttat gaaattcttg ggcaaatgga tgggtctgaa ggatatcatc    504120
     ctgagtgagg tacacactca caaaagaact caaatgatat gtactcactg ataaatggat    504180
     atttgcacag aaacttagaa tactcaagat acaatttgca aaacacatga aactcaagaa    504240
     gaaggaagac caaagtgtga atacttcgtt cctccttaga atggggaaca aaatacccat    504300
     ggaaggagtt ccagagaaaa agtttggagc taagacgaaa gtatggacga tccagagact    504360
     accccatccg gtgatccatc ccataatcag gcaccaaatg ctgacaccat tgcatatgcc    504420
     accaagaatt tgctgaaagg accctgatat agctgcctct tgttaggctt tgctagtacc    504480
     tggcaaatac agaagtggat gctcacaatc atctattgga tggagcacag ggcccccaat    504540
     gtaggagcta cagaaagtac ccacggagct gaaggggtct gcaaacctat aggtggaaca    504600
     acaatatgaa ctaaccagta cctccagagc tcatgtattt agcagtttat gtagtagaag    504660
     atggtctatt tggccatcat tgggaagaga ggccccttgg tcttgcaaac tttatatgcc    504720
     ccagtacagg ggaacaccag ggccaagaag tggatgtgtg tgggtacgga agcagggtga    504780
     tgggagggta tagtggactt tcaggatacg atttgaaata taaatgaaga aatatctcat    504840
     aaaattatga aaaaaattaa aaagacattc acatcaaagt tggaaaagag aaaccaacaa    504900
     aaataaaaga acccaatgag aagacaaaag aatcagagat atactagtcc atataccctg    504960
     gattcccata aaaatactga acttaaagct ataatatata cacagtggtc ttagtataga    505020
     catgtgtagg ccatgtattt gctgagagtt tacaaaagct atgcttggtt attttagagg    505080
     ccattattct ccttttttct tcaagacact cttttacttc atctcctgct ggaattcctg    505140
     agctctgaga ggtgtgattt gattaacaca taccatttat agctgagtgt tccaaggtgt    505200
     ctctctcatt ctgtctctgt ctctctgtct ctctgtctct ctctctgtct ctctcattct    505260
     gtctctgtct ctgtctctga ctctctctct ctctgtctct ctctctgtct ctctctctgt    505320
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctatctcttt    505380
     ctctttcttg ctttatctcc ctctctcagc ataatgcctg gctgtgggtt ctgcatttgg    505440
     attatacatt aataactgct tatgctacaa gctctggctt gttctctgac tagctcataa    505500
     cttattaacc tacccaaatt attctgtcaa tgaagttagt aacctctcct tcagtttcaa    505560
     gtgtttaatt ttctcacagt tcatggagaa tctctccctt gtcccactct gtcacagaat    505620
     tcctctctct ccctgttgaa tgtctcttct tctagtcgta tctcagctca ttgtcaatag    505680
     ttgttgttat tgacaggagt tgcttctata aagcatacaa gacatttaat cccccctctc    505740
     tatttcaaag ttgtctttac agtatctcta tttcatgatt atattttgta ggtaagaaag    505800
     cattgtagat ttgttcttgg gttgaggttt atatttctct ttttctttct tttttttttt    505860
     ttttttcttt ttttggtttt tcgagacagg gtttctctgt gtagccctgg ctgtcgtgga    505920
     actccctttg taggacaggc ttgcctcgaa ctcagaaatc tgcctgcctc tgcctcctga    505980
     gtgctgagat taaaggcgtg tgctgccacc acatccagta tttttttatt atatctcatt    506040
     ttcaatataa ttgttcatag atgttgaaag aataattctc agattctcag attcctatgg    506100
     aataaacaaa cagaatcctc aatagctaaa acagagcaga gcagcaaata aactacttga    506160
     gatctcacat ttccctattt taagttgttc aaaaatacgc attggaaaat agacagcatc    506220
     atcaataatg agttgtactc aaactgtatg gttgcatgta gaaaaaccca aactgaccca    506280
     tactaatcac cctgaaaaaa aattctactc caaatgaatc aaaaaattca gacttttggg    506340
     gggctagaga gatggttcag ttgttaagag cacttgctgc tcttctagag ttcctgagtt    506400
     caattcccag caaccccttg gttggtcaca accatctgta atgggaacca atgccctttt    506460
     caggtgtgtc tgaagacagc aactgtgtac tcatacataa aataaataat tgtttaaaag    506520
     agagagagag ttttttctac ttctatcatg attaatattc caaacagatt ttaaaaactg    506580
     gttgagtgca tattactttt agcttcagaa gacctcatgt atatttacta gacatttaac    506640
     tattataaat tattttaata actgaaaaat gtcaataatg agttttatat tctaaaataa    506700
     ttgtattagt ttaatttgaa aaaggaaaaa aaaagaaata aatcagagaa atactcagca    506760
     tttcatgttg cagtgagagg cctgactcaa agtgcccaag tgactaagtt tcctttcttt    506820
     agctccggct atcatcaaga cttaattccc agaaaccaac cattttttgc cccataataa    506880
     caagagggag ttaaatggcc agaaattatc agtttctatc ccttgaatag aaagagagtt    506940
     aaattactag aagtcattag gttttggtgc ctgcagatac accactcaga gtaccaaatg    507000
     tcaggctggg accctggcaa tgcttgatta aatttttggg gttgatttaa ctgatcttca    507060
     ctattacaga acaaatgtca cattaacatt tgttagtgaa gactttgttt tcagtgaggt    507120
     ttctttggag tctgatactc aacaagttta taaacattca gcagtttaca ttcttcttat    507180
     atgggtcaat tcaaatcctt gtcctaatct ctgtaacatt gtgtatactg atattttgtc    507240
     cacaatcaag caaaattgtc ttcccttctc tctaatgcct ccaagattgt tgactgtgtt    507300
     tttattgaag attgtctcca ttctattacg tacaaactgg catgtagagt cagagaccat    507360
     cgacggcaac aaatatctga caatactagc aaagtacata aatagcttct tggccccaga    507420
     agttaagagg gcctgaatct ggcaagtact gacaaaatac aaaagttata tgccttcaga    507480
     atggatattt gctcatttat gttatcccta gtaatctaga tgaaatatca cacacacaca    507540
     caggaacaca catcatcatt atcatcatca tccaggacca ttaggatgga gcttcccaga    507600
     ggcagtataa tacttagcaa agaaaaaaga atagtctttg agaagaataa ggtgtgtgat    507660
     cctgctgggt cgctgcttat attgcaaatg ctaatcacac tcccctaaaa ctgtgtggac    507720
     aagagtgcaa ggaatcttct gggaagttac caccacttga ttctgttggg taaataaaga    507780
     tgctggcagc cattaattgg acaggacaaa cagagatggg actttcatga ttcttgggct    507840
     tgagactgag ggaaaaagag agggagatcc accatgcctg agaagagtgg aggacaggga    507900
     caggaaacat atcccacatg agatggagcc agaagagtgt ggtccagttg ggcagccgtc    507960
     ttggtccaga gcagctagtt aggacatata atttaataac tctggattat tgacaggaag    508020
     tggattaacc acacgaatct tagaaagtgg tccatccatt aagcagattg aagcatatca    508080
     aaatataaag actgattatg tgacttttat ttaggaacaa aaattactga ggagggtagc    508140
     aggattaata ttagaaaatc acctattcgc atctatctaa atggatacaa atgtgtctat    508200
     catggtcact ggaaggaaac ataagcaaca ggtatcctgg acagactttt ctgtggaaag    508260
     gcttattggc acttcctgag tagcacagtg cttgttattg ggggtggaga aagaaggagg    508320
     agagaaatgc cacttgtcct attttacttc ctattgctat gataaataac aaaaacaaac    508380
     gcagcacaat tttgtttgcc ttacctgtcc ctctcacatg tcccattcca tcagtgtgga    508440
     aagccacagc caggactaat ggcaggatcc tcgaggcatg aactaatgca gacaccagag    508500
     aggaagtctg gttactggct tgttctgcat ggtttgccca gcctgctttt gaatataatc    508560
     caggaccatt ctttttttct ttttttttac caatgggaga gtccatagtg tgctagtccc    508620
     tcaaacatca gttgacactc aataaaaaca atgaaattgc ttgcctgaaa catctaagct    508680
     gagtcttcct cttttcagaa aacaatctta cgttaatttg acaaaaatct aaacagtaca    508740
     ctattgaatt tttgttttga cggattgtct gatggtggta gagacatatg agcaatattt    508800
     ctatttctga gctctaaatg aagcatttct ttctaactat tttaatatct ttgccataat    508860
     catttatagt ttcattgtat atatattttg ccccttttat tctcaaattt tatttcattt    508920
     ttataacgat tgaaattaga acgtttcttg ttttatttta atatgaagaa tattgattta    508980
     taaaaataaa ttagagagta aatcaccatc tttcttagtt ggtttatggg ttgtattgtc    509040
     tactgaatag ttaaatacgt tcaacatata tgtttaagta atttgcagtg gtaaattggc    509100
     tgttgttttt ccatttgaat ggtttttact tctttttggt gaattatcta gtttggaatg    509160
     ttaataacta tatttattaa tatcagttta gtaggtacat ttatgtatcc cagattgaag    509220
     aaagttagtc agtaatcagt gttcagttgt tttccagcat gtggtcattt ataacttgaa    509280
     aatctctaac ttcatccatt tccctacaat taagatgatt tcattttcca tcgctgaaaa    509340
     ttctgaagta tatatagcta tttgtatatc attaaccatt agtgttgatt ttgtgttcca    509400
     ttaccaaatt tactgacatg aaggcaagaa catcagactc actaggactt agagaatctg    509460
     aggcttcagt ccaacacttt taaaaaggag cagctctcat caagatgtct gaaatgcaat    509520
     gcaaggaatt ggtcatgcac attgaatttc atactatctt aaattgtaaa taattaacct    509580
     actataaact actaagatca cacattaaaa agcctgtgca ctgtctatga ttggcagaag    509640
     aaagggaggc agacaggagg tatcacagga gatccaaaga agcatacaga tgaatgcagt    509700
     ctccatggct ccttagctgc taaaggttga acaaggttcc cagtttgtca agtgctgtgg    509760
     agctacactg agaaggcagc ctgtgcagca ggtgaagagg aaagctaaaa gctgatttcc    509820
     tgtgtgcgga aagtgtctat ctggaatatt tcatgtccac acatctcaag agttatgttt    509880
     tgagctcttg gtcctgtgaa ggttctatgc cccagtatag gggacttcca gggccaggaa    509940
     gctggaattt atgggttggt gagcaggggg agagggaggg gataggggag gggaaaccag    510000
     gataggggat aatatttgaa atgtaaataa agaaaatatc taataaaaaa agagttgtgt    510060
     tttgtattta atttggaaga aaaagagcaa cactagtccc aggcttgcct cggagatgtt    510120
     gcaaagggaa ggcttatctt tgacatcaga tcattgtgca tcatccagtc aattagttat    510180
     gggggtataa gtattcactg tcatgaggca tttatttgct gtggcaaaat aaatgagggt    510240
     ttatctaaca aactatatcc cgaatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    510300
     tatatatata tatatatagt gtattatctt aatatctatt ttttagtata aacagaaatt    510360
     gtggtttcca ttgtaatttt ttgatattat aatgcaattg catgtttttc ttccatttct    510420
     attccacaaa gattttttgt tatcttctct atttcaaatt tatatactct caaatataat    510480
     atatacatgc acatataaag gttaaatatg gaagatttac ctatatatta aatgtaataa    510540
     aaatacaagc tgctcattca tataatatta catgtcattt tattgtcttg gcttttaggt    510600
     actggaaaac ctcttagtgt actcttctcc ctaggagact attctataag caaattatat    510660
     atttatatgt atatatttat tatatattat agatatacca ttaatataaa tatatattct    510720
     aaaataaatt atataaatac agtaaagaag cttccagctc ttatgttgcc agcaatcctt    510780
     caactagggc ttagaattaa caatcctgca ttttgatatg ttatggctta cagtaatggt    510840
     tgtaaggtat tgtagttaga agtttcctct ctgattggag ataacaacat atatctgtga    510900
     gtagtgatgt tctgagtgat ctctgcctga ctgattctta tctgtgaaca ctgcagattc    510960
     cccaaaggtc ttagagtagt tgaattattt cttgtttaga aacgttgtaa gaagctttat    511020
     tctttcagat gcagtttctt catcttatgt agtaatccct ttcagttgat cattgttttt    511080
     cccactgatg gcatctttac ctgaaattac taagaacact aaaatctctg aagagtctcc    511140
     atttttgtaa tacttaactc ttcttgtttg tatttaaatg gtattttatt tggaatacta    511200
     catattggac tttttatatt tttcatccag gtgatttgac aaactctttc tacctattgt    511260
     ttagcattgc ttccagaaaa ttaaactgtg aaaaactagc aataaaatga agcttcttag    511320
     tgtgcatttc cattttattg tttttatttc tttttctgcc aaaacttaga ctgctatcat    511380
     acatcttctt taatgaatta tttaatgatt ctttatttat ccctttcact gattgacttt    511440
     atatttacaa agcattttta aggtacctga ttctaccata actgctctca tgccttccaa    511500
     tatagtgcat tcattacaga tgtgtagaag agcccctacc ccttatttac ctattcacct    511560
     ttgcctggca taaagtttat gatgtggtta tttcttgagt tcctgagtta gagattactt    511620
     gctgaacacc aagttgactt ctttttgaat atgagttgtt gaaatattca catactagtg    511680
     tttttctcag acgtcagctt tcaattttag cagttttgaa ttccagtgtt gcttctcttc    511740
     tcacacatat tcacaccctg cctccatgtt tcaccaattg catattgaac catcttaact    511800
     ttgatgcttg ttattacagt taaacttgag ctgatggtga gaaaatgttg ccctgtgtgg    511860
     gttgaattta ataaaaatta agcttctgat gtaaatgcca ttgttcatat tctgtttctt    511920
     cctgtgtata aatagtgggc agaccttcag ctttatcagc tttgtcattc aaagaacact    511980
     gatctctgat gacattgtaa agatcatctg atttgtctac actgctggaa cctggagctc    512040
     attcagtttg agggttgaga ctacaggaaa ggtggcccat taactggcca aatttgggat    512100
     ccatctcaag gcaagggttc aaggcctgac actatcattg ctgctatggt gtgctttaaa    512160
     gacaagagcc tagcatggct gtcctctgag aggtccaaca agcagctgac tgatacagag    512220
     acaaatactt acacccaacc attgcacaaa agtcagaaac ctaagtgttt taattagtaa    512280
     aagatcggaa aagctctgga ggaggatcac cccgcaggaa gaacagcaat atcagcacac    512340
     ctggacccct gagatctctc agaaactggg ataccaacca agcagcatac gtgagcaggt    512400
     ctgaggcgtt ttctatatcc attccctctt ccacaaatac tgtgattaat ttctcaacct    512460
     tttcattgca tctttgatca ttttatactt gtgtataatg tggtattttt ataacattca    512520
     aagttttact tttcctggat tcctacaagc aaacttcata ctgagataag ttccttatct    512580
     tgaatcctgt gaatacccta tcaatggtgt gcctggttgt gtagacatct cactgaccat    512640
     gctgctgtct cctaaacata gcccaccaat tgttttggag ctgatatgat gatgctaatt    512700
     ttgtttgttg tagtgtaggc gcaacaatgg catcactcaa ccaagaaatt gtccttacct    512760
     ttacatcttc accacatcca aacatctcct ttctctgact atttagctaa agatttgtga    512820
     tgaataaacc cttggttgct taatatacat ttttgggatg atttaaaatt ggaatttagt    512880
     taaatttctt taaaaataca gaagtatttt taaaaaatct gtgtatttgt ttagtttttg    512940
     ttttcttgtg aatgagttga gttgcctgta tatttgtatg taggctcata atctcatgaa    513000
     aggaaattac aagggacaag caaatatatt ttttaaaaac aaaactaaga attttataaa    513060
     tgtttagaat tttttaaaaa agtatattgt acactggaca tattttcttc attatatttc    513120
     cttgactcta ttattcccat ttggccatta atttcaagta gacagtttga tttcaatttt    513180
     attacatatt tgcattcata attgttggta gctgtacaat atccacaaat gaggggctca    513240
     tatacaatat ctctgttttc ataaaggtct taatttacct aagaaagttg agttccttaa    513300
     tcattacaga agaatacatt ctgctgtgtt ataagaatag catatttagt ttatacaatc    513360
     atttgttcac agaagtgttg tttagctcag taatttagtt attacagaaa atgctgaata    513420
     aataaacatt tgaatgcaca tatttctgag gcatgttcaa ttgttttcac ttgtgtaata    513480
     ttttagtatg caaccttctg gaaaggccac tattaatttt aagtgtatga aaaaatattg    513540
     caaattctca taaatacgtt tttaaatttc cagtaaccat tttctctgat tggttctaac    513600
     accaataaat tttatcacca agtcaagtga gtgtctcagg ttaggattct attttttaaa    513660
     atgaaagatt aggctttgat attgtatcta agtggtctgc acatgtctca gcgaaatttc    513720
     ctcagacaga agtaggattt ggtccctagc atcctgttga ctgacccagg tgcactcaac    513780
     ttccttcttc tccagccaga atgttcttat gtaagaaaga gcctgcctca tgagtatgca    513840
     aatcatgtga gactgtgatg attaatatat agggatatcc acaccaaaca tcatatgagc    513900
     cctgtcttct ctacagccac tgaatctcaa ggtccttaca atgaaatgca gctgggtcat    513960
     cttcttcctg atggcagtgg ttacaggtaa ggggctcgca agtcccaaac ttgaagggcc    514020
     atacactctg tgacagtggt aatcattttg tttttctttc tccaggggtc aattcatagg    514080
     ttaagctgca gcagtctggg gcagagcttg tgaagccagg ggcctcagtc aagttgtcct    514140
     gcaaagcttc tggcttcaac attaaagact actatatgca ctgagtgaag cagaggcctg    514200
     aacagggcct ggagtggatt ggaaggattg atcctgagga tggtgaaact aaatatgccc    514260
     cgaagttcca gggcaaggcc actataacag cagacacatc ctccaacaca gcctacctgc    514320
     agctcagcag cctgacatct gaggacactg ccgtctatta ctgtgctaga cacagtgttg    514380
     caaccacatc ctgagtgtgt cagaaaccat agaaccgcag gaagctgcct gagactaaga    514440
     tgacagacaa cattattgtg tagatttgct cagaaatagt tattctgagt gtccctatgt    514500
     ctgcttcctc ctcctcagag ttctatatgg tatttgtcaa atttgcaaaa gggcatctcc    514560
     aaatgatgct gatttgggat ctccctaaag tagattagag taagctatat tttgcccagc    514620
     tcttcactga catgttattg tttaataaaa gaaaaaagat atactgttga gatatataat    514680
     gaaatggata tccttcaagt ctaagaaatt ttaattgttg ctgaactaga tacaaataaa    514740
     ctatattatg aatatagcaa ataaagccca aatcaacaac atgtgggcaa agaaaaacct    514800
     ctttcataat ccattgatgt gtctgaaata agaaaacgca ggtttttgaa taggatcact    514860
     gtagatttgg gcatagttaa tttacttctc ctgtagaatc ttattttata actttaacta    514920
     aaggtattaa tacatctaaa tgtaaattgc tttgggtagt agtagtcaaa tcttttatta    514980
     ttttgggatt agggatgaaa ttgcatgcca tgctatggag ccctctgtgt acagagtctg    515040
     ctgcgctgag aacaactggc attctgctca ggtaacattg aggacagagc aatgggattc    515100
     ttagttggac atgtaagagg tctgatcttg gcttcagcag ccctacgtac tctatctctt    515160
     ctttcttgag actgaattaa tttttatcaa tattgtgtta acattgactg gaacagtaaa    515220
     aagtcttttc atattttcag ctatattaga ggaaaattta ttataatgcg gatgattagc    515280
     aggttttaat ttatattatt ttttagatat agccttttgc ctccacactg ggaccataga    515340
     ggaagacaca agaatattag cctagctgag ccttatgctc caaaattttg catgatttta    515400
     tcatagcatt attagtatga gtagtattaa caacttttta aatagcttat gaaagtgaca    515460
     acaaggtaga aacagcttca atattttttt cctaaataca aattcttgaa gatgatcaac    515520
     aaaatcctaa agagttctgt atatttgtgt cggatattag gaaataagcc taaaggagga    515580
     tctttattcc aatacttata agagttttgt attaaccagt tgagaggggt aaattgtttg    515640
     aactctgttt gaaaattttc atggatgata gactattgat aagtaattct gagggagggg    515700
     cgtgttcctt cctttggtta tgagcatcag tgagcaggca ttcatctatt actaaagcca    515760
     cagattaaac ttatgggtgg tgagaattat ttcataatag cttgctagtc gaagggtttc    515820
     atttcacaca tagttgtcat agtgtctact attcttgtaa tgagatggct gtcaatccaa    515880
     ttctgtataa tacttttttg agattatcat ctgtggccaa tgaggacttc atgggcagga    515940
     ttttgtcata tttcacaaat gactgaaaat attgctccct gaaaagtttc ttaagtgtat    516000
     tttaacccac actccccaca ggagcctcca ctcccaagtg ctctagcaca cccaggatct    516060
     taggatcaca gtgagtaaag catgtctgtt ccaacaccac tgggagtgac tggaaacagc    516120
     aggatccaga gaagcagtaa ccctgcccaa ccagtggctc tggttccttc aagtcagcac    516180
     cactctaaat tggactcaaa ctctggggac agtcccacgg tccccatagg agtctcaact    516240
     ctcaggtgct ctatcaccca ggatccaaag atctcaggtg tttggtcaca ccaggatctc    516300
     agggactcag aggcagcatg acacccagga attctgatac acccaaaggc agggagcact    516360
     tgcaataatc cgatggcagg agtcaagcaa aagaacagaa gcaacagaaa ccaaggtgac    516420
     ttggcaacat cagaattttc caagcaaatg gtcccaagaa acaagatgga ataccattct    516480
     aatatcaaat aaaatcaact ttcaacttaa aattattaac aaaagataag aagggatact    516540
     tcatacacac caaagataaa aatctaccaa gatgaactct caattccgaa catctatgat    516600
     ccaaatgcaa gggcatccac actcatgaaa gaaactttac taaagctcaa agcacacatt    516660
     gcactgcaca caataatagt ggaagacttc caaaccaaat tctcatcaat agacagatca    516720
     tggaaacaaa agctaaacag agacacagtg aaactaacag aagttatgaa acaaatggat    516780
     ttagcaatta tctatataac attttattct aaaaaaaaaa aggatatacc ttcttcatag    516840
     cacctcatgg taccttctgc aaaactgacc atatatttgg ccacaaaaca ggcctcaaca    516900
     gatacaagaa gattcaaaca atcccatgca tcctatcagg tcaccacaga ctacagctga    516960
     tcttcaataa caacataaat aatagaaagc acacatatac ctgcaagctg aacaatactc    517020
     tatccaacga taacttggtc aagtaagaaa gacattttag agtttaatga aaatgaaacc    517080
     acaacatatc caaacttata ggacacaatg aaagcattcc taagaggaat agtcatagct    517140
     ctgtgtgcca gcaaaaagaa actggagaga caatacacta acagcttgac agcacacctg    517200
     aaatctctag aacaaacaga agcaaattca cctaagagga ctagaaaata aggaacaatc    517260
     aaacagaggg ctgaaatcaa acaagtggaa acaaaaagaa ctataaaaat aattaaccaa    517320
     accgggaact agttctttga gaaaatcaac aagataaata aacccttagc cagactaact    517380
     agagggcaca gagatagtat cctaattaac aaaatcaaca atgaaaaggt agacatacaa    517440
     tagagattga agaaataaaa aaaaaaatca gatcctaaaa taaaagctat actcaacaaa    517500
     actgataaac tgggatgaaa tcccatatcc cctaatgata tattaactgt cattcagaat    517560
     ctcccaacaa aaaaaaagca taggacgaaa tgtgtttagt acaaagttct ataaaaattt    517620
     caaagaccta ataacaatac ccctcgaacc tttctacaaa atagaagcaa aagggacctt    517680
     acccaattca tcctatgatg ccacaattac tcttatacct aaaccacaca aagacccaac    517740
     aatgaaacaa aacttcagac caatttccct taagaatatc gaggcaaaaa tacttaatca    517800
     aatccttgct acccgaatcc aagaacacat tatgacgatc atctatcatg atcaagtaga    517860
     cctcatccca gggatgcagg aatggctcaa tatatggaaa tccatcaaca taatacacta    517920
     tataaacaaa cttaaaaaaa taaaagtata taatcatctc attagatgct gagaaagcat    517980
     ttgtcaaaat caaacacctc ttcatgatag aagacttgga gagttcagga attcaaggcc    518040
     catacctgaa cataataaaa gcaatataca gcaaaccagt agccaagatc aaactaaata    518100
     gagagaaact tgaagcaatc ccactaagac cagggactag acaaggctgc gcactatcac    518160
     cctacctatt caatatagtg cttcaagtcc taaccagagc aactagacaa caaaaggaga    518220
     tcaaagggat acaaattgta aaggatgaag tcaaactacc tctattgaaa gatcatatgt    518280
     tagtacacat aagtgaccgc aaaaattcca ccagacaaat actacacctg ataagcaact    518340
     tcagtaaagt atctggacat aagattaact caaacaattc agtggctttc ctctacacag    518400
     gataaacagg ctgagaaaga aaatagggaa acaacaccct ttacattagt cacagataat    518460
     ataaaacacc ttggtgtgac tctaactaag gaagtaaaag atctgcatga taagaacttc    518520
     aagtctctga agaaagaaat tgaagatttc agaagatggg aagatctccc atgctcatgg    518580
     attggcagga ttaatatatt ttcaaaaaat gtctatcttg ctgaaagcaa tctacatatt    518640
     caatgcaatt cccatcaaaa ttccaactca attcttcata tatttagaaa gagtaatttc    518700
     caaattcatc tagaataaca aaaaccctag gatagcaaaa actattctca acagtaaaac    518760
     tactgttgga atcaccttcc ctgacctcaa gctgtactaa agagcaattg taataataat    518820
     ttaaaaaaaa gcatggtagt ggtatagcaa cagacaggta gataaataga atagaattga    518880
     agacccagaa atgaacccac acacctatgg tcacttgatc tttgacaaag gagctaaaac    518940
     catccagtgg aaaaaaagac agcattttca acaaatggtg ctggttcaac tggcagttat    519000
     catgtagaag aatgggaatt ggtccattct tatctccttg tacaaagctc aagcacaaat    519060
     ggatcaagga actccacata aaaccagaga cactaaaact tacagagtag aaaatgcgga    519120
     agactttcaa acttatggac acagaggaaa aattgctgaa tagagcacca atggcctgtg    519180
     ctataagatc aagaatcaac aaatggaacc tcataaaatt gcaaagattc tgtaaggcca    519240
     aggacactgt cagtaagaca aaaattgaaa acaacagatt gggaaaagat ctttactaat    519300
     cctatatctg atagagggct aatatcctat atatacaaag aaccaaagaa attagactcc    519360
     agagaaagca ataaccctat ttaaaaattg ggtacagagc taaacaaaga attctctact    519420
     gtggaatact gaatggctct gaagacctta aaaaaaatgt tcaaccttct tagtcatcat    519480
     agacattcaa atcagaacaa ccctgagatt ctacctcaca ccagtcagaa tggttaagat    519540
     caaaaactca ggtgacagca gatgctgtcg agaatgtgga gaaagagaaa cattcctcca    519600
     ttactggtgg gatttcaaga tagtacaacc actgtggaaa tcagtttggc agttcctcag    519660
     aaaattggac atagtactac ctgagaaccc agcaagacca ctcctgggca tataccaaga    519720
     agatgctcta acatgtaata aggatacatg ccccactata ttaatagcag ccttaattat    519780
     tatagttaga agctggaaat aacccacatg tccctcacag aggaatggat acagaaaatg    519840
     tggtacattt acatagtgta gtactacact gctttaaaaa caatgaattt atgaaattct    519900
     taggtaaata tatagatcgg gaggatatca tcctgagtga gggaactcta ccccaacaga    519960
     acacacataa tatgcactaa ctgataagtg gatattatcc cagaagctct gaatacccaa    520020
     aatacaattc ataaacccca tgaaactcaa gaagaaggaa aaccaaagtg tgaatacttc    520080
     aatccttctt agaaggggga acaaaatacc catgggagga gttacaaaga caaactgtgg    520140
     agcagagact gaaggaatga ccatccagag agtgccaagg ctgggtaatc atcccatata    520200
     cacttaccaa acccagatac tattgtggat gccaacaaga gcttgctgac aggagcctga    520260
     tatagctgtc tcctaagggg ctctaccggt gcctgacaaa tacagaagtg gatgctcaca    520320
     gccatccatt ggattgagca cagagttgcc aaggaaggag ctagagaaag gatccaagga    520380
     tttgaagggg tttgcagcct cataggagga acttcaatgt gaactaacca gtacccccag    520440
     agctcccagg gacttaacca ccaatcaaag agtacacatg gtgggactca tgactccagc    520500
     tgcataaata gcagaggatg gcttagtaag tcatcaatgg taggagagac ccttggtcct    520560
     gtgaaggctc tatgccccag tatagaggga tgccaaggcc agaaagtggg agtgggtggt    520620
     ttggtgagaa gggggagggg aaaaggtgta agggtagggg attttcagag ggggaatcag    520680
     gaaaggggat aacatttgaa atataaataa agaaaatatc taataaaaaa gtatttgaat    520740
     gaatgtggtt cacataatgc attaaaattc gtcagtgaat catgtagact agatgtaaaa    520800
     gattcaatag aaagacagat ttctggtaat ttctttctct tattaaggct gtatggctag    520860
     ttcaacctga tcccagagta gtcaatgatt tagtaaaact gctctcatta accaggtcat    520920
     taatcattaa cttttgtgca agatcctgaa tgagtcccat gctctggacg ccaaggacat    520980
     ttcttggtaa taatcaagag tggatagggt tatcttcatt actctttgac tccaattcat    521040
     ttacataact ctagttcctt ctgtgcaggt acagaaactt cagagatggg tgaattcccc    521100
     acagtgaaag cgatttagag tcaaaacaag aagtcacttt gtatcattta acaaagggca    521160
     agctcagatt tgaattctct atttcattct ccctgtgtct ttttttccaa ttactatctt    521220
     gcacgtattt gagtctcttg tctctttctc tccctcaccc cctctgctat ctctgtgtat    521280
     gtgtattccc cttaacaaag aactttactc tgtatgcatt ggacaacata gtaaataccc    521340
     tggaaaaata ctttataggt atcgttagct tagttttata agggtgattc cttgttactc    521400
     atccaactga cccaagtaat aaaaaatact acaaacacat tatttatcaa ccaataccca    521460
     tatggtattt tcaacaattt tttgttattt gtttcataag gttttttaat cctatttttt    521520
     ctttttagca agtgattatc atagaacaaa tacatatgca ttcattaatc aggagcatgg    521580
     aagagaaaat aacttcaatt agagttgtgc gttttctaag cttataaaag ttgattattt    521640
     cggaatctca gacaaagtaa ggttgggtat agtaaaagaa gttaagtgtt aatattttct    521700
     attcatgaag aaatgaattc agatatctgc tgattctctg gagtgctttc aaactgcaaa    521760
     tcttccagcc tagacgaagg tgccataaaa taaatctttg cttgtgagga aatattcttt    521820
     agattcttta aattggaggt gtagggatga taataaaaaa taaatctgtt ctgatgtttt    521880
     ttctgtaact gaacatacaa ccctgggcat ataattcagg atatctcctg agagatctct    521940
     gtttgagtgt ctgttagctg aacacactat attttgtttt cctccagctc ttagtgtggt    522000
     cagactattt cctgtgtgag gactatagta aaaagtttta ttcttttggg tagcaggctt    522060
     ttatatccta aataataacc tatgctagtt gataatggtt tcctctgata ttgccatctt    522120
     gaactgaaat cagtataaat actaaagtct ttttgtctgc attttcactg tgtaagtttt    522180
     ttagtacttt attcctcctg tttacactta aatggaattt taattagagc aaatgcttac    522240
     tttacatttt atatttttca ttgaattaat ttgacaaaag attcctgcct gatgttttgt    522300
     ggcatgtcca gaaaccttaa ctgtgataaa ctcattgaaa tcaagaatga aatgcttgtt    522360
     tccactttga ttcttttttt gttgttttac taatacctat tttagtttaa gccgctataa    522420
     agcatgtgtt tgatgaatta tttaattaat attcctttat caattttatt gattcacttg    522480
     atgtttctga atgttattat gctattatat ttcatgttaa ctgttttcat gtatcccaga    522540
     actgtgtatc agatcttcct ccttgtttta tctcattata gtataaaatt attgttgttt    522600
     ctgctttcta cagtagtaag agtttcaata ttttgttcat ttttgtgtgc agtgtgtgtg    522660
     tatgtgcatg tgtgtgtgtt tatgtgtgtg tgtgtatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgcagtgt    522720
     gtgtgtgtgt ttatgtgtgt gtgtgtatgt gtgtgtgtgt gcagtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    522780
     tttatgtgtg tgtgtatgtg tgtgtgtgtg cagtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgcag    522840
     tgtgtgtgtg tatgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgca gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtttat gtgtgtgtgt    522900
     atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgcag tgtgtgtgtg tgtttatgtg tgtgtgtgta tgtgtgtgcg    522960
     tgtgtgtgtg cagtgtgtgt gtgtgtgcag tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtttatg tgtgtgtgta    523020
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgcagt gtgtgtgtgt gtttatgtgt gtgtgtgtat gtgtgtgcgt    523080
     gtgtgtgtgc agtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg cagtgtgtgt gtgtgtatgt gtgtgtgtgt    523140
     gtgtgcagtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgcagtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gcagtgtgtg    523200
     tgtgtgtgta tgtgtgtgtg tgtatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    523260
     tgcagtgtgt gtgtgcacat ctgcatggtt tgacaataag agaaaaacat ttcaggaatc    523320
     cccctttact gtagcaggat atatctttgt ttctcctgat gtgctactta taacagactt    523380
     agatgactga tgcgtttgtt gtcaatcttc ctgtctaacc cttccctctc tgccttggca    523440
     tgctgggatt gtacatactt gacaccacaa gatacatttt tacctgggtt tctggactga    523500
     agttaggttg tcataaatgt agcacatttg cttttatttg ctacagtatt ttagcttctt    523560
     gaaagaagtt atactttaca agaattataa agacatttaa agaacttcca cttctccata    523620
     gctctctgta ggcttgagca tctgatcgga tctagcacat catggtcacc ttcgtacagc    523680
     acatgctgag gaatacctgt tctgatccta aatttctcaa tgtctgaacc tgaaatggga    523740
     ttaaatttat ccaaacatgc tgaggaaatg ctataagctc ctgtcatctg ctcatttttt    523800
     gatcacattc ttgattcctt tgaaaattct ccagtctttt gttaagacac cattatctct    523860
     ctacattagg aaatgttcag gggtgagttc ctttgcaatt ttaatggaat ataggctctc    523920
     tgtgcataga gttttgtgga gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    523980
     gtgtgtgtga gagagagaga gagagagtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtctgtctgt gttttgtgag    524040
     tatgtaacat gctttggttc ttcttaaatt cttgagtgta aggttagatg tatatcaaca    524100
     gatagattct ttttcagata tttgtgacta aaatgtccat atacaccatg tttttcattt    524160
     atattctggg atttttaaca aaataacttt gacctccaat atcttgcctt cctaccctca    524220
     tacatcatct ggtctttttc catttttgtg gaattatata ctgaaatata ttgttttcta    524280
     cttgttatta cagatgacct taggttaatg gagaggaatt tgcctgtgtt gctataatct    524340
     ttcttacatg ttcatttgac tcttttagca cacttggttt ccatcaggtt cattgtcttt    524400
     atgctgtgca gtatctactg aattcctaaa tttatttatt tatctatcta tctatctatc    524460
     tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctattta tttatttata ttaggtattt tcttcattta    524520
     cattttaaat gctatcccat agtcccctat acccttttac ctctctgctc cccaacccac    524580
     ctactcctgc ttcctgtccc tggcgttccc ctgtcctggg gcatataatc ttcacaagac    524640
     caagggcctc tcatcccatt gattccagac taggccatcc tctgctacat atgcaactaa    524700
     agacacaagc tctggggttt actggttagt tcatattgtc ccacctatag ggttgcagat    524760
     acccttagct ccttgggtgc tttctctagc tccttcattg ggtgccctgt gttccatcca    524820
     atagatgact gtgagcatcc acttctgtat ttgccaggca ctggcatagc ctcacaagtg    524880
     atagttatat cagggtgctg tcacaaaaaa atcttcctgg tgtatgcaat agagtctggg    524940
     tttggtggtt gtttatggga tggattcttg ggtggaacag tctctggatg gtccttcctt    525000
     ccatctcagc tttgtctctg taactccttc catactccac tgtccgttct cagtcttttc    525060
     ttccttttgc ataatcaaaa gaacagatct tcaatattat cttctttgct ctttttccta    525120
     aataataaga tgaacactgt tctcagatgc tatcccaaag ctcagttggt tatctacagt    525180
     gcaggaaact gaatctcatt caaacctgaa tcacttcatt aaattaggat aaaacatttt    525240
     gttcaatttt tcagtcagaa tatcagtcac cattaaagca gagaagcaaa acagagcaaa    525300
     ccttggtcaa ataatgaatc tttttaggcg agaaatcaaa cagatatcca tcctgtatgt    525360
     ctatctctat ggcctctaga aagtgagaac cacattaagg aactcaaatt cagattaggg    525420
     ctgttaactg cctgcaatgt agcataaata aactgtgtaa gaagtaaatt caaggggagg    525480
     tgtgttggta gtaaggccat tctttttgga acccagggca tgcacacatt gagaatatag    525540
     aagtgcaatt atgacgtgtg tactgaaatt cagcttaaca ctcaatccat atttcttgtg    525600
     aacatatagg aaatattcag ggaaagaata acaaaaatac ataataaaca aagattttca    525660
     cagactcctg ggtacatgct ggtcttaaca acattttaca gtttcttatt tgaacattgg    525720
     aatgcagacc tatcacatga cttccataca gaaagtgagt tctgaacctc aggaaacagc    525780
     tgcaggcaga cctggagctg acccaaggag cagcatattc atcagtgaat aggcacacgg    525840
     atcaaaatct taaagaaatg agcattttac aaaccaatgt cacactcttt tgcaacccag    525900
     gaaatgaaaa aaactgagtt gaactaacac aacttttatg tgcaagtata aaagaaatta    525960
     gatgataatt aatcagtttt ctcaaggaaa atgatgaaat ataataataa cttttccaac    526020
     attaacatca taatctgact tatccagcac atttacaaac ttctcacctc gtggctccca    526080
     ctatatatcg tgctgtgtag caggaagaca tgcaaatagg gcctctttct actcatgaaa    526140
     cgcagaccaa ccaatccttg cagttcagac ataggagctt ggctctggtt cccaagacct    526200
     ctcactcact tctcaacatg gagtgggaac tgggcttaat tttcattttt gctcttttaa    526260
     aaggtaaaaa aaaaaaattg aagagcaata gatgctgaat atgtgagttg acatgaatat    526320
     gaggaacaag gggcacgttt ggcaatttat tgagcagcat tttctgtgct tacagatgtc    526380
     cagtgtgaag tgcagctgtt ggagactgga ggaggcttgg tgcaacctgg ggggtcacgg    526440
     ggactctctt gtgaaggctc agggttcact tttagtggct tctggatgag ctgggttcga    526500
     cagacacctg ggaagaccgt ggagtggatt ggagacatta attctgatgg cagtgcaata    526560
     aactacgcac catccataaa ggatcgattc actatcttca gagacaatga caagagcacc    526620
     ctgtacctgc agatgagcaa tgtgcgatct gaggacccag ccacgtattt ctgtatgaga    526680
     tacacaatga atggacttcc ctgtgaaact agacataaac ctcactgtta ggccactctg    526740
     aaccaccagg gggtgcacag tccatgcaga acactggttc agaccgcgtt ataaacacat    526800
     aatagggcgc gcttctcagg tttctcgagt gcctttcacc atagtttccc agaaaatctt    526860
     gataaatttt tgttttggag gaaactgatg tgcttaaaac atttcctgta tttctgctgt    526920
     aattaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagaggcag cgtctcaaat gaagaaaatg    526980
     cgaaatgaca accgtgaggt catcaatgct tcagtcttca tcactgaaat cccaagagga    527040
     agctcatgga tatccctgtg ttgtagttag ggtttcaccc cttcgataag gcaccgccat    527100
     caggacaact cttataaatt aaaacattta cacaggtcta gatggcagtt tcactggttc    527160
     attctagtgt catcatgatt agaagcatga caacttgcag acagacatgg tgctggaaga    527220
     agtgaagttc tacatcttga actgaagact tgcagaagga gactgttttc tgcaggcaac    527280
     ctggagagga gcctcttcca tacagttagg gcttgagcat cagaggggaa cacacaaaca    527340
     ctccaccaca gtgacacact tactgcctca gtaaggccac actcttaata atatcacttc    527400
     caaatgttca agcatgtaca acctaccaca ccctttttgt ttgtttgtct gtctgtctgt    527460
     ttgtttgttt gtttgaaatt caaggtagag tcttggtcag atttcttggt agcatttata    527520
     tttgatggaa aatccagagg gagatgggga atgaatggat catcaatcct agtatgtcct    527580
     aaacctccct gaggactgtg cacatcacat ttcagagagg atcccctctt cttttggata    527640
     attcaggttg atactccatg acctttatca tttttcattg tagggtttta tataacttta    527700
     tgtaagaata ttagtgtatt ataataaaaa tagtaaatgg aaaaagttag tgtgtaaaat    527760
     attgaaataa tttttataat ttgtataact taaacgattt atttatttat ttatttattt    527820
     atttatttat ttatttattt atttatttat ttggtgtttc aagacagggt ttctctgtat    527880
     agacctggct gtcctggaac tcactctgta gaccgggctg gtctcaaact cagaaatctg    527940
     cctgcctctg cctcctgagt gctgggatta aaggtgtgtg ccaccacgcc cagccgattt    528000
     attttgatta aactgaagat actagacata gagaaacata actaaattgc atggaatatg    528060
     gctcatgtac tactttatta acattttcaa taattgtgtg ttacattagc cattggacat    528120
     agaagcaaca gatcttctct ttgaatatta taattttcat atcaaatata cttttaaaaa    528180
     ttatctttaa ttatttttta cagtccattc attattcccc gccaagtcta ccctctgaca    528240
     tttcctcatc ccattcctcc tcccccatgt ccaaaaggat gtcccccaac atgcaaggac    528300
     tccccactcc ttggggcctc aagtctcttg tgggttagat gcatcttctc tcattttggc    528360
     cagacctgta agtcctttgc tctgtatgtg tcagggcact tggaccagct agtatatgca    528420
     gcctgatttg tggctcagtg tctgagagac ctacgggcca accatgctag gctcctgtct    528480
     gtaaatcaca gcaccagcag tagaagtgtc agactttgta gcctgacctt gagatgaatc    528540
     ccagtttgtg cctgtcactg ggggcttttt tcttcagtct tttctccatt tttgcctctg    528600
     catttctttt tggcagggac aattctgggt cagagatttt gactttagga tggcaaaact    528660
     attcctacac ttgatgacct gtttttctac tagggcactc gtcactattg gggatttcat    528720
     ctaaggtacc tccttttgag aactgagagt ctctcaccct tcagatattt tgtacattct    528780
     atagggtccc tctaccttat acctccccag gttgcctgtt tcctttgttt ctgctggccc    528840
     tcagggcttc agttctgcac cccaaatacc tgatcatgtt ttccttttcc cctaactgtc    528900
     ccctcttcca ctcaggttcc tctttccctc tgtatgtcat gataagtttc gtctccctac    528960
     taagtgggat tgaggcatct tcatttggaa ccttcatctt gcttaccttc ttgagttctg    529020
     tgaactgtat cctgcgtatt ctgtacattt tttggctaat attcacctat tagtgaatat    529080
     ataccatgca tgtccttttg agtctgaggt acctcactca ggatgatact ttccagttcc    529140
     atccctttac ctgcaaaact catgatacac tcattcccaa ttgctaaaga gttataaata    529200
     aactacgtta ttgtatcaat tcttccattg tgggacatct gaaatgtcca gcttctcact    529260
     atctcaaata aggccattat gaacatagca cacatgtgcc cttgtgatat ggtggaacat    529320
     cagctatgct taagagtggt gtagctgagc caggcagtgg tggcacacac cttttatccc    529380
     agcacttggg agacagaggc aggtggattt ctgagtttga ggccagcctg gtctacagag    529440
     tgagttccag tacagccagg gctacacaga gaaaccctgt ctcaaaaaca aaaacaacaa    529500
     caaaaaacaa aacaacaaca acaacaacaa caaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa aaaaagcaag    529560
     tggtacgagt ggtatagctg ggttttcagg tagatctatt tcaaattttc tgaagagcct    529620
     ccagatcaat ttccagagtg gttgaatcag attgccatag caccatcaat ggaagagtgt    529680
     ttctctttca agacatcctc accaacaagt gctgtcacct gaggttttgt tcttagccat    529740
     tctgattttt gtaaggtaga atctcagtgt cattttgatt tgcatttctc tgatctctaa    529800
     gaactttgaa catttcttca atgcttctct gtcaatagac attcctctct tgtaaattct    529860
     ctgttaagtt ctatacccca ttttttttta ttgaattgtt tggaattttg gaggttagct    529920
     tcttgaggtc ttttaaattt tggatattgg ccctttatct gatgggaggt tgctgaagat    529980
     ttttttccca atctgtaggt tgctgatttg tcctattgac tatccaatgt tgtacagaat    530040
     ctttttagtt tcatgagatt ccattcgtca attcttggtc ttagggcctc agtcagtaga    530100
     gttctgttta ttaaattccc tcaattgtcc atgagttcga ggtgtttgtc caaattcatt    530160
     tttattagat tcggtgtatc tgctttatgt tgaagtcctt gatcaacttg gatttgaact    530220
     ttgtgcaatt gacaaatatg gatctatttt catttttcta catactgact gccagttaga    530280
     ccaacagtat ttattgaaga tgctttctat gttccattgt acatttttgg cttcgttgtc    530340
     agagacttaa gtgccaataa gtgtgtggct ttatttctgg gtcttcaatt ctattccatt    530400
     gatcaacctg tctgtctctg taccagtact gtgaagttct tgtccctatc tattgttctc    530460
     tcatggagct tgatcaggga tagagattac ctcagaaatt attttatttt taagaactgt    530520
     ttttgctatt ttggcttttt ggttttctgt aagaaattga gaattgctct tttcatgtct    530580
     ttgaagagtt gtgttggaat tttgattggg attgcattga atctgtagat tgcttttggt    530640
     agggtggcca tttgtactat gataatcata ccaacccatt agcaagggag atcaagcctt    530700
     ctcactggcc ttccccagag ctgatcctga acccccctca ttcccctccc catctcctct    530760
     ccctccatgt ttactccatc catatgccac ttatgattat tttattccaa tttctaattg    530820
     atgttcaagc ttcctcactt gggctttcct tcttttttaa cttcattagt tctgtggaat    530880
     ataccatgac atgtgtattt tatggctaac atctacttat aagtgagcaa attaaaagca    530940
     taacgttttg gctctgggct acctcactca gaatattttc tagttcaatc tatttgcctg    531000
     caaaatttgc aatgccacgc ttttaatatc tgagtagtat tccattttgc aaatgaaaca    531060
     cattttatat attcagtctt cagttgaggg gcatgtgtat tggtttcagt ttctgggtat    531120
     tatgaataaa actgctatga acatagatgg tcttgtgctc aacttgtgtt gtgtggtgga    531180
     gcatctgttg ggttatgctt ggacttcacg tagaattatt cccaattttc tgagaaattg    531240
     tgcgactgat ttgtagagtg gttgtaaaat gtggcattcc acaaaggatg ctagaagaaa    531300
     aactctaaca caagtaaggt cactatactt aagaaaacac aagaaatcaa taatttcaca    531360
     gcaaaattaa aaataagaga atttttctgc ctctgcctct ttctctctct ctctctctct    531420
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctgtctct ctcacacaca cacacacaca    531480
     cacacacaca caaaagcata atcagagaga gagagacaca cacacaaaca cacactaaca    531540
     cctccaacat gaaaataaca ggaactagct atcattggtc atgaatatct ctcaacatca    531600
     aatttcacaa ttaaccaata aaacgacaca ggctaacaga atagatgcat aaagaatatc    531660
     cttcattttg ctgcatataa gaaacatacc tcagtaacta caataaacag tacttcagag    531720
     taaagggatt tttttctctg agtggaccag aactggaaac ctgctctctt accaggagaa    531780
     ggttgtcact gatcagagac attaaaaata ttcttgtgga agaatgtcag tggtaacatc    531840
     ggactagaag gtagaggtaa ggtcatgcca agatgtgttc cctgtgatgc ccactgtcct    531900
     catgttctct tattccagaa tcacactata ggaagacaaa gacaagaatg cctacactgt    531960
     aataactaaa gggagtcagt acccatcttc ctcatgtatt aagacaaacg aagctcccca    532020
     catggatcta catctcaaga aacatccaca aatgagttcc tcctgcctca cctgaattca    532080
     ctctgaattg caccctgact gcaatgatac ttaagaacaa ggaaagaaaa gaggtggttt    532140
     tgtttgcttg tttgtttgat cgattgactt tggtattatt tatttatctt tggttttgtt    532200
     ttgactgtgc ttctcatctt actaatagaa gcaaggctta gggtgatctc actctctgat    532260
     catgaaataa tgagttttga tcaattccat tatgtttatt tttcactatg tctctcaaga    532320
     ttgtcctttt tgattgtaaa ctaatatatt agcagatgaa ccatctctct ggtgttaaga    532380
     atatatatag catttttaaa cttagctgac cttggcatgg cagcattaga cacactaaac    532440
     tattaattcc acatttgatt gctcataccc ttctccctta tagacttatg tttgttggag    532500
     cacattctag actgcttaca taaagcactt gttatgatct ctaggaaatg agacagagta    532560
     atataagagt ctatgcctca tgaaaactgt ccttctactc tacaatacag taagggattt    532620
     cctggattca ggtgtatatg gctgatgtac aaggtctctg tggttagtgg ttattgcctt    532680
     caaaataaag aatatttttt gcaagcaaat acatcatttg atatttgaat taaaaacata    532740
     tttaataaat ctgtaagtgt tcttagtgat aactacattt tttaaaactg ccacagaaaa    532800
     atatacctat gtcatagaag agaagtgatt tctttgtata taacacacct ggccctgcac    532860
     cattagattg tggtctgtgt tttgtgatat tttccagtaa tatcacaaat cctgtaatat    532920
     cctgtagtgt cagtgggata actcaaatac agatcctgaa acacaatgca tcacccaagt    532980
     attcagtcta aaatcagcaa agcaagtggt cttatagtat ataagtgtca cattcaattc    533040
     tgtaatattt tggcaaagtt ttatatgatc attaggaaat ctgagtcaaa acaaagagga    533100
     gatacaacat ctgaaataaa ctcatggtat actatacaag gaggcatcac acacacaaag    533160
     tgatgagagt cactcagaac ctgcactgga cacctgactc tcctctgctg agactatatt    533220
     caccaatgat actcatagcc caaagatcag gcataaaaat gatacaagat ctcaagtaat    533280
     ggacatccaa tcagtcagga aatacccaca gattgtaatc agctttaagg attctctaaa    533340
     gacagccatg cctctgaatc aacagggcaa aatgaacatg ggaagatggc atagtgtggt    533400
     aaatgaacaa agaagcaata tttacagagc aatgtctatg ttgactgaca tgtgtcattt    533460
     cttatttttc ttggaataga tgggcaaggt agggatgaag aaattatcct tgaggcctgt    533520
     gtctctagta cctctaggca acttaaagta aattgctctg tcaaatagta ataattggcc    533580
     tgtgatctgc ttttttatat acccatggac catctctact cattaggaat cactgtgccg    533640
     aagcaatgga gcaggtttcc ctctaaagtc ctgtgcatct agcctcccaa caggagccct    533700
     ctctgcactc cagccacagc ttccagccaa accaagtacc ccgatgagtt agctgcttac    533760
     tgagcaagcc agactctctc ctccctgtgg taacctgcca gagctctctc ctcctacccc    533820
     tttcctctgg gccgtgggac agagtttgcc ctatggtccc cacccttcct cgggtcttac    533880
     atacagcagt gtctgggata gtcgagagca agaacctgtt gtccctgacc tctgagcaac    533940
     ccaggaaccc cagaaccagc tcttccgtgg tgcccagcat catctgtgtt gcctgagagt    534000
     cagagccaga ctctgacagt tccatggaga tgccagattg tgcctccctc acccacggag    534060
     ttgaatcccc tggcttctca tagtccaatg cccgactggt ggttccgtgg ggttgcatgc    534120
     aaactccccc acctccacct ctcccagcat gccgagcccc aagcagatgg aggacccaca    534180
     tgtcccaacc ttaaactaat atttggtgtg aagcatgaga gagtctattt atccagtttt    534240
     gttggttctg atgcaggtgt ggcttgggta tctggatgtc ttagattaca agccgcccat    534300
     gaatatcatg ctttccatga aaatggaaga gatagatgga cagtcctgga aacagccctg    534360
     aagaggcaag aactagtgct tgagcagttc atttggttac tagattctga tcactaaaac    534420
     agcttcaata agtgtgtatg tgtttaggaa tatggcataa actgctgaca ggctcccagc    534480
     atccctgtaa aatcaactcc tcttcttttg tctttatgtt tccttaaatt ctaggaaaag    534540
     aatacctctt agggcataga aagtctaggg aaagcatgaa gtaataccta ccacaagtat    534600
     attaagagaa ttcttcttat aatagttaaa ctccaaaatt tgtttataag gaggttactt    534660
     cttgattctc tacatatttt gaatttatag cctttttttc tgtaggttag tgatttgtcc    534720
     tattgactat taccttttca ctacagatga ttttcagttt cataaagttc catttataaa    534780
     ttctcgctct taaagcctgc tctgttggag gtctgtttag gaaatttccc ctaccctctc    534840
     ttctctgccc ctcacccaca ttgcaccaat gatttccaga ctcttccaca ttttctcttc    534900
     tattagattc agtatatatg gttttatgtg gaggttcttg atacacttgg acttgagctt    534960
     ggtgcaagat gacaaatatg gatctatttt aatttttctc catacacacg atcagttaga    535020
     caagccccac ttattcaaga tgctttcttt ttcaactatg tattttggct tctttgtcaa    535080
     agatctagtg ttcacaagtg tgtagtttta ttttttggtc ttcaattcta ttccattgat    535140
     caagctttct gtctatgtac caataccatg cagtttttat cactatagtt ctatattata    535200
     gtgtgaggtc agggatggtg atttctccat ggttagatct caagaatgtt aactagcaaa    535260
     agggcccaag tgaggatgcc tcaatcatac ttgggaggga gaagaaaaca atcatggtgg    535320
     cagagtgagg gagagatctg catgggagag ggaacaggga ggggaaagtc gatacatgat    535380
     caggtattgg ggtgaacagg agtgaagcgt tgagggcaag aagaaagaat gaaaacaggc    535440
     aacctcagta ggtaggaggt gagcggtacc cacttgaatg tatcaaagac ctgggaggtt    535500
     aaagaagctt gaggctcaaa ggtagggaac ttagataaaa tgccctatag ttggaagagg    535560
     gaacttgtag agtctatctc cagtaaaaag acagaacata aaatggaggc atgaggtttt    535620
     catcccacaa tcagaagatc tgacccaaat ttgttcttgt ataaaagaaa tgcaggttaa    535680
     aaatgagaaa ggtgagaaag gtggcccagt gactggtcaa aattggaatc cagctcaaca    535740
     ggaggctcca agatctgaca ctatcactga ttctatggtg tacttactga caggagccta    535800
     gcatggctgc ccagtaagaa gctcaaagag tcagatacag atacttacca atggacagaa    535860
     gcctagggcc actgtggttg aattatgaaa aggctgggag aagctgagga gaagagtaac    535920
     cccccaaaat gaccagcagt atcaactaac ctagaccctc cctagatatc acagacactg    535980
     acacagcaac caggcagcaa acactggctg atacgagagt cagatacata tacagcagag    536040
     gactacctgg tctggagtca atgtgggaaa gtgtacttaa accttaagag acttgagacc    536100
     ctagggagtt gggaggtctg gtgagaggtg aggtgagagt ggggactttt tktttagcat    536160
     ttaggggaga aaaaatggga tgaggaaata tcagagggct gactggaatt agaataatac    536220
     ctggactata aatcaatgat gaagacattg attctgtgct atgtttttgt tggagtcaca    536280
     tctttttata taaatacctt ttgttctttc aactgctttt gaatcagcag tatctagcag    536340
     ttttagtaat ttatatgatg tagaccttat tccctgagac taggaaggat actattattg    536400
     gttgaaagag tcaatataat gcatatacat caacacagat ataaaatttt attttatttt    536460
     ccatggctct gtgcccactg aatgtcaacc agaaattcag aggacctgat agctgctgag    536520
     ctcatgatat tggatgcctt tgagattcca aataagtgat aggttctgga agctccctgg    536580
     gatatcttca tgagtctcac agcatggaga agacgcaaag caaagaagca gctccaggac    536640
     acatatgcac agaaaaaaaa ctactgtggg aagtacatgg cagcttctta gtcagcactg    536700
     gtccttcagc cttgtcctgg ggagtcattt ttgcatggaa gatgctcctg agcaagaaag    536760
     agagagctga ggcccgaggg agtgatgatg tcttttgtgg tggggtagta gggtacattc    536820
     tcttggatat gagagggagg aagtatgggg ttaaggaaca gttgaagaac tgaccaggag    536880
     gagggaaatg actcgacagt aaaaaagatt aaagaataat aattaaaata attcaaatta    536940
     aattaaaaaa caaaaccaaa aagtaatatg ctgaagacca gcctcagtcg ggcccccctc    537000
     aatccacggg agtactcaga gttgcggaca ggtgggcaat ggaattggcg agaagggggt    537060
     gacagagaga catgacacag agagtgtggt atctgaatgt aatgtctcaa agagagcacc    537120
     agtcttataa gtgacttttt cacaaaacag aggagtgcat acaaaaagtt aacatgaacc    537180
     aactgggaaa aaatcaatgt taacaactgg gatcaaaagt agccccacct aaggtcagct    537240
     tattcttaga agccaaggga aagggcttca tgcccttgcc atagttccaa ttctagtcta    537300
     ttgcatagtc taccttcccc ctaggccatt gtaaattctt gtgtatgggt gtaactcagc    537360
     tatctatagt atctactctg gttcctcctt agaccacaac cttccttctt cctaggtaat    537420
     gataaattcc tgcatatggg agaacttggc tattattcta agtgattgtg tggggggact    537480
     ttcttctaat aagtaatgta gtctgccata cctgactgta atgaagattc taagtatact    537540
     ttgctaagct tgccctgaga tttctaactc caggtagtag atagtaatgc ctgatttctt    537600
     tcactatctc tcttacaata ctagaggcaa atctgaatgt cactgaatag gcatcattct    537660
     tacaatgctg caaaatgatg caaaatgact ccccagtaca aggctgaagg accaatgctg    537720
     actaagaagc tgccatgttc ttcccacagg agccttcttc tgtgcatatg tgtcctggac    537780
     ctatgctttg tgtcttcttc atgctgtgag actcatagag atatcccagg gagcttccag    537840
     cacctatcac ttatttggaa tctcaaaggc atccaatatt atgagctcag cagctatcag    537900
     gtcctctgaa tttctggttg gcatccagtg ggcacagagc catggaaaat aaaataaaat    537960
     tttatatctg tgttgatgta tatgcattat attgattctt tccaccaaga gtatacttcc    538020
     tagtccaggg aataaggtct acatcctata aattactaaa actgctagat actactgatt    538080
     caaaagcagt tgaaagaaca aaagttattt atataaaaag atgtgactcc aatgaaagca    538140
     tagcacagaa tcaatgtctt catcaccaga gcaattaaat ttaagatcat aaggatattt    538200
     aacctcatgt attgtggatg tgttcaggat aaaacatgtg actatgttaa tagttataca    538260
     ctgttccatg tgtatggatg cttagaatgt gagattataa atgtgtagtc tgatgtcagg    538320
     aatatttgct acaaataaaa tatgtattca tgttttcatg aaccgaaatg aaccataatc    538380
     aaaagatttc ccatcatatt gagggggatt ttagaacttc ctcagacaaa tctgactctg    538440
     accaagtgtt gtctcaggga gaagctttac aaagcatgga gaagcacaaa tccagacact    538500
     ggggatgata ctccagacct gagcttgatc tggaaatatg acagtatgtg atgctattta    538560
     agtttcatat tttttaaaaa agacatgacc taactacata tagttgtcat aatcatcaat    538620
     ggctaaaatg atccttgcat cttctctgcc cactgtcttc tcatagattt ctaccctggg    538680
     gcttactagt gatgtaaata ggggcttctg ttacttatca aaaccagcac agtgctgagt    538740
     ctcacctgtg gcaaaaaagc tgagccctgg attccagcca gatcttcctt tttagtgact    538800
     atcactgaaa atagtctact caccttggag ttggggatta tttattatta tcattattat    538860
     tattaattat tatttattat tatgttttac ttgttgcttt ttaaaagtta atgaacagaa    538920
     aagagactct gtttgtctaa gaggacatgc ataagatgga cagtgaatat atgcaacaat    538980
     tttctgacta tgattctctc tgttttcagc cataccatat gagataccac ttgtagaatc    539040
     tgaaggcagc ttgttatagc ctggagtgtt cattaaattc tcttctgaag ccactggatc    539100
     caccttcagt gattacagga ttcgccaagc cccagggaag gggctagagt gggtcagcag    539160
     atataaaata atactgaagt gtgaaaacta aggagaatct gtgaagtata gatttgccat    539220
     ctacaggaac aattctaaga gcttattgta tctacaaata aacaaatcta agaagtgagg    539280
     acagtgccat gtgttactgt gtgagagata cagtgaggaa agtaaattgt gagctctgac    539340
     acaacactct ccaaaatgtg ctcatggcca gcagaggaca tgggctcaca aggaggttca    539400
     ggtcaacaga agtagagtag gattgggaag ggtaaaaata ttttgcctga ttggtttcaa    539460
     ataaattcgt ctttaattct gatggacatg tttaaataca ggatatattc tgttcagaaa    539520
     aaaaaaactc atagcattaa caaggcagat gagactcccc tgtgggcacc aggatctcat    539580
     gatgaggctg catgagatga acaattattt gtaaaaacaa atgatgttgc agggaggtgt    539640
     tcccaaattt ctctgatgat tgaaactcat gccagggatt ccagaaacac ttggaataat    539700
     ccaggtcagg ggtcattatg aggccttcag taaagggctg aaaaatacat cccaaggtat    539760
     aatatgctaa gaatatttgt ttggaaatag tattgtttaa tacaatataa ctaatgttaa    539820
     attccacaaa caattcagtt gtattctgcc ttcctctgtg actgagattt gtcatctgtg    539880
     aaagagggag atactcactc tgtatgcatt gaacctacag tgcatcctat aaggatagga    539940
     tattgttctt gtcatgggag tccactttct cctctgcaat gtctaatggt caggtcttac    540000
     tctgggttta aataggagag actcgttctc aattacatgt gctgcacgcc acagcttaac    540060
     tgctcaggct gaagggaatg catctttcac tcctgacaca catgcttttg gcattccttt    540120
     agttatgtga ttaaacagac attcctattg caccattcta gcataaatag ggagtaactg    540180
     aaggaataca aaagtagaaa aaatttaggc aatgtgtgtc tcaaatgttg ttaggaatat    540240
     gtgtatattt agaaatatgt gaaagcttac tgttaaaatg ctgcctttgc tgctgaaatt    540300
     aaggaaacaa ttacaaattc cagaaacact actctgaacg ttgatgaata aagctctcac    540360
     tttcttcaca gatctgctaa tacctttgat tgccttcatt ttctataaag acccatacac    540420
     acattaagaa aatgtccatc aaaggagttt ttcagaataa aataaattta ggatgtttaa    540480
     tgacacacta gtaggtagtc tcattgatga gctagatgta cttcctacag tggacaagga    540540
     taggagctct catctttcag gagacaaagc agtgtgaagg tgggagatta cctgtgtgtg    540600
     ctgctgtttc cctcctaaat ttaattctac ttctccttgc tcattttaat agtctgtcat    540660
     ttctcttttg gtagggtgga tctcatgcac actatgataa atgacagagg tgcaagtagg    540720
     ggggttatta aatctattgg ctcgggtatt ttataactag acaaagaccc agagattatc    540780
     attctgttgt taaggtaata tagagacagt ccattgctgt aaaccatggg agcttcatca    540840
     tacagtatcc tttcctaaat gagatatctt gtcagaattc tactgagctg ggatttttaa    540900
     agaagcacat tataatcagg aagatgccaa cccttcccat actacacagt cattgcaatg    540960
     ttcctaaatc tgtgcttatg ttgctctgac cctcagaaaa attgatagag cattgcaaaa    541020
     tgctccagca gatagtcgga gctgacggac tgtaataaat cagagagaga gagaacattc    541080
     catccttgat ataaagtaag attagataaa aaaggcacaa tgtgatattg actgatttgt    541140
     ctgcataacc cactgaatta tacactcgtc ctttgaaatg ccaatcgtgg attgattcaa    541200
     tgggcagata gcagagatat tttgaaaaat tgcagtttct ttgtaaaatg taaaagagct    541260
     taaaaaagaa taccaaacat attttcgtgt tttcaaaatg ttgatctatc atgaaaatgt    541320
     aaattaagag agtagtttga aatttcatct aatccaagcc aatgacattt attaaggaaa    541380
     caaatgacac aaaatgctaa tgagtaattg gtgaaagcag aaacataatg catgattggt    541440
     ttaacctgtg gtagtacttt tggatttttg tctggatggt ctcccaaaag gtaaaattac    541500
     aagtgtaatc tgaattgtca ggactctcta ctggaaatat actaccagat catctgtgca    541560
     acaacaataa gacagtgtat cacgatttag gaaagatggg aatgcatatt atgagtggga    541620
     agagagaaga aaactagtaa cagagtggac ttactaataa gaaagcaaga aaaagttttg    541680
     tgagcattct atagtctcag taatagtgtg gggccttggg accttccctt gagctggatc    541740
     tcactttggg cctattgctg gaccttcttt tccttaggat cctctccatt tccatccctg    541800
     taattttttt cagacaggaa catttatgga tcagagatat gactgtggga tggcagcccc    541860
     atctctgact tgatgccctg tcttcctact ggaggtggtt tctataagtt cactctccct    541920
     tctgtgggac atttcatcaa aggtccctcc ctatgattcc ttggaaaatc tcacctccca    541980
     ggtctctggt gcattctggg ggggagggtc accccaattt tctatttcct gagactgcct    542040
     gtttatattc tttctgctgg ccttcagggc ttcagtcatt ttccctcacc caatatcaga    542100
     ccaggttctg ctctaatcct tactgccccc cgaccccatt cacactatta ctgaggctat    542160
     ggaatgctca caaaaaggga tctatcatga ctgcactcca aaagacccaa caagcagctg    542220
     aaagaatcag atgcagttat tttcacccaa gcaatggaca gaagcagctg acccctggtg    542280
     ttgaattagg gaaagcagaa aggagctgag gagaagggag attctgaagg agagcatgca    542340
     gtcctaatta atctgaaccc ctgagatctt tcaaacactg gaccaccaaa cagacagcat    542400
     aaccagctga tacgaggccc ccagcacaca tactgcagaa aaccttcagg tttgtgttca    542460
     ttcagagatg attcacctaa ccctcaagag actggaggcc ccagggagtt tagaggtcag    542520
     gtggggtggg ggtgggggca tccacgtgga gacagggtgg ggctggtagg agatgtggga    542580
     tgtggagcaa tcagagggtg gatgtggagg ggtgggaatg gaatatagag tgtaaaaaat    542640
     ggattacaaa taaaattaaa tttaaaaaaa ataaagtaag aaaacaggaa tccaagtatg    542700
     aaaaaaaaag ttggcactga cctaagacat taaaaacaca ggaccaaaaa agtgtctgtg    542760
     aggaggttgg gctaggatga gatggcagga tcatatctag atgtgtttcc tataattgct    542820
     attatcctca ttctttctta tgccatactc tcactatagg aaaacaggga tagtgatgat    542880
     ctaatttaat aaccaagtgc agtcagtagc cacctcgcca attatgaagg caaggctggt    542940
     tcctacatgc aaatgcatct tctagatcta tgttaaatcc cctccttgga tgtaggggtc    543000
     acattgctct cactggaggc tgatctctga agataaggag gtgttgccta aaagatgaga    543060
     gtgctgattc ttttgtgcct gttcacagcc tttcctggtg agtgttgaca tttcatacat    543120
     gtgtccatga tgtgtttttt aaatgtgtga ttaacagaat tgaatcttct tctctgaagg    543180
     tatcctgtct gatgtgcagc ttcaggagtc aggacctgac ctggtgaaac cttctcagtc    543240
     actttcactc acctgcactg tcactggcta ctccatcacc agtggttata gctggcactg    543300
     gatccggcag tttccaggaa acaaactgga atggatgggc tacatacact acagtggtag    543360
     cactaactac aacccatctc tcaaaagtcg aatctctatc actcgagaca catccaagaa    543420
     ccagttcttc ctgcagttga attctgtgac tactgaggac acagccacat attactgtgc    543480
     aagacacagt gtgaggtctt tagtgtgagc ccagacataa acctccttgc agagcagcac    543540
     tgcaccaaca gggggcgtgg agcatacacc aataatggga aatctactct aaagtaggta    543600
     aaaaaaaaat tgttgcccaa aactctggca ccagactcca ggtatacagt aagacacatt    543660
     ggtgctaata atttcagtca atataatgtg cacagcccaa taaaactcct tatgttatac    543720
     ccagaattct tcaatgggag caccttccag agcctccaaa tcccagctca aaacccagct    543780
     gaagtctgat ggcctcatgg aggacaaatc attactagaa accccaaaaa ccaaaccaga    543840
     acccctgaag gcacattggt atccagaacc ccagtgacca tggcattttt ctgaatccca    543900
     gaaaccctga gggaacttga gagcccagag gtcactcgag ccacaaaacc cccaaatcct    543960
     tattagatct gaagatactc tggccactag aaaacaggca gctcaaaaac actaaagcag    544020
     aaagagaaac cttaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa ctcatttgtc aaagaaaaaa atcagaaact    544080
     tgcacctaaa cttctaaaat tatcccatag ccaaatgact agaggcaagt ataagaacaa    544140
     cattaaaaac agtcagggca atatggtaac actggagccc agccatccaa ctatagcata    544200
     ttccaacaca gctgaagtac aagcaaattt ttttaaatgc aacattatga aggtgataaa    544260
     atccactaag gactatctac aaaatgcctt tatagaaacc tagaaaaaga caaatgtaca    544320
     gggagcctgc ccagcacaag ttctctcttt ctctctcttg aaggcagcag ctgatgaaag    544380
     cattggtgat atggcatcat gcaaatagca gagaggccca gtgataggaa tgggtgattt    544440
     ggggggtcaa tactactgac agaacaaaga ttaattatcc agaccttagc aagaatgccc    544500
     agggagaaac tccaaacttt tttttaaatt atttttattg ttccctattc catctgccac    544560
     tcatcctgct tctataaggg tgttccccca cacccttctt taagggtgtt ccctctcctg    544620
     cctcaccacc ttagtgtttc cctatggaga ggaactgagc cttcacagga cctagggtcg    544680
     gccctctcat tagtgccaga taagtccatc ctctgataca tatgcagatg gagtcatggg    544740
     tccccttcat gtgtactctt tggtggtggt ttagtacttg gaaattctag gggccctggt    544800
     tggttgatat tgtttttcct gtggggtata aaccccttca actccttcag ccctttccct    544860
     aatttcctat attgggttcc cttgatctgt ctgatggttg acttcaagca tccacatctg    544920
     atttggtcag gctctggcag agtcttccag gagacagcca tccccgtctc ctgtctacaa    544980
     gagcttcttg acatcagcaa tactgtgtgg gtttgctaaa tgcatatgag atggatcccc    545040
     aagtgggata gtttctgtat gtcatttcct taaatctctg ttccacactt tatttccttt    545100
     agacatgcct aacctctgga tatggtttct acaggttctc tctctttgtt gactatttca    545160
     ggtgacacca tccccattag atcctgggag actcttgctt tcctggaatc tgtgacatcc    545220
     tgatggctac ccccagtttg ccatttccca ctgctacaca cctttgttca attttctgac    545280
     cttatgtact tctcccctat caccttccac actggttcct tttagcctcc cccagccttg    545340
     aagcaggctg attcagacct tgctgccact gtgaatgaga ccacctgggg tggagctttc    545400
     tgacctagat ggttctattg ttctgtcact tgctgctgct cttctccaag atgtcactac    545460
     ctctgagagg ctgaacctga ctacctgaga tatccctgag atagctgaca acctgtggaa    545520
     ttggcgacct aatgctaaca gctctgacag actagtgcta acaacttagc aaggaagcat    545580
     caagaagcct ggtgtggctg aagatgggct tccccatttt ataagcgcag actgctagta    545640
     aacatcaggc catgatcaga aatttgtctt ggtctctttc cttctcttgc tgttccctcc    545700
     tttacagctc cagcctccca ttcaggaacc cagttcatgt ggcctcagac ggctacagat    545760
     cctgccccat tttccttccc ctttctttct ccctctcaaa tccctcactt cctctaccac    545820
     ctctgattat tttccccttc tgagtaggag tgaagcatac acacttaggt cttccttcac    545880
     ttgagcttca taaggtttgt gaggattatg gttggtttac caagctgtta tcctaatatc    545940
     cacttatcat tgagtacata ccatgtgtgt tcttttgtga ctggggtacc tcactctgga    546000
     tgatattttc tagttccatc catttgcttg tgaatttcat gaagtcattg tttcttttta    546060
     aaaaaaaatt attagatatt ttcttcattt gcatttcaaa tgctaccctg aaagtcccct    546120
     aatagcttag tagtactcca ttgtgtaaat gttccacatt ttttatatgc attcctttgt    546180
     tgaggggcat cttagttatt tccaggttct ggctattata gataaggcag ctactaatat    546240
     agtgaagtat gtgtccttga tttatgttga aaaatcttct gggtatatgc ttagaagtag    546300
     tatacctggc tcctcagtta ttattatgta caatttcctt aggagctgcc agactgaatt    546360
     ccagcatggt tatatcagct tgcaatccca ccagcaatgg aggaatgttt ctctttctct    546420
     acatctttgc cagcatctga tgtcatttga gtttttgatc ttagccattc tgactggtgt    546480
     gagatggaat caaagggttg ttttgacttg gatctttctt taggtgcttt tcgggcactg    546540
     gagaatcctc agttgagaat tctttttagc tctgcacccc attttgaata gggtcatttg    546600
     gttctctgga gtatactttt ttttataaaa aaaactttat tagatatttt cttcatttgc    546660
     atttcaaata ctatcccaga agtcccctat accctaccct ctacctcctc cccaacccac    546720
     ccactcccac ttcctagtcc tggcattccc ctgtactggg acatataatc ttcgcaagac    546780
     caagggcctc tcctcccatt gatagcctac taagccattc tctgctacat atgcaactag    546840
     agacacaaga tcaggaatgt actgtttagt tcatattgtt gttcctccta tagggttaca    546900
     gacactttca gctccttggg tactttctct agcttcttca ataggggctc tgggttacat    546960
     ccaatagata actgtgagca tccacttctg tatttgcagg cactggcata gcctcacaag    547020
     agacagttat attagtgtcc tgtcagcaaa atcttgctgg cgcatgcaat agtgtctggg    547080
     tttggtggtt gtttatggga tggatccctg ggtggggcag tctctggatg gtcctttctt    547140
     tcctctcagc tctaaacttt gtctctgtaa ctccttccat gggtattttg ttcctcattc    547200
     taagaaggat ataagtatcc acactttggt cataattctt cttgagtttc atgtgcttta    547260
     aaaattgtat cttgggtatt ctaaggttct ggactaatat tcacttatca gtgagtacat    547320
     atcatgtgag ttcttttgtg attgggttag ctcactcatg atgatatcct ccaaatccat    547380
     gcatttgcct aagaactcat aaattcattg tttttaatag ttccatagta ctccattgtg    547440
     taaatgtacc aaaattcctg tatccattac tctgttgagg gatatctggg ttctttcaat    547500
     cttctggcta ttataaatag ggcagctatg aacaaagtag agcaagtgcc cttattacat    547560
     attctgggta tatgcccagg ggaggtattc ctggatcttt ggtagaacta tgtccaattt    547620
     tctgaggaac caccacgctg attccagagt tgttgaacaa gcttgcaatc ccaccagcaa    547680
     tagaggagtg ttcctctttt tccacatctc accagcatct gctgtcacct gaatttttga    547740
     ccttagcaat tctgactggt gtgaggtgga atctcagggt tgttttgatt tgcatttccc    547800
     tgatgattac ggatgttgaa cattttttca tgtgcttctt agctattagg tattcctcag    547860
     ttgaaaattc tttgtttagc tctgcacccc actttcaatg gggttatttg attttctggt    547920
     gtccagcttc ttgagttctt catatatatt ggatattatt ccctatcaga tttaggattg    547980
     gtaaagatcc tttcataatc tgttggtggt ctttttgtct tattgacagt gtctttttcc    548040
     ttacagagct ttgcagtttt atgaggtcct caagtcgatt ctcaatctta caacataagc    548100
     cattgatatt ctgtctagga atttttcacc tgtgcacata tcttcgaggc ttttcctcac    548160
     tttctcctct ataagttcca gtgtctctgg ttttatgcgg agttctgtga tccactcact    548220
     tgagatttgt acaagaagat aagaatggat caatttgcat tcttctccat gctaactacc    548280
     agttgagcct gcaccatttg ttgaaaatgc tgtctttttt ccactgaatg gttttagctc    548340
     ctttgtcaaa gatcaagtga ccataggtgt gtggtttcag ttctgggtgt tcaattctat    548400
     tccactgatc tacctgtcta tctctatacc agtacaatgc agtttttatc acaactgctc    548460
     tgtagtacag cttgaggtcc ggcatggtga ttccaccaga ggttctttta ttgttgagaa    548520
     tagcttttgg tataataggg tttttgttat ttccgatgaa tttgcaaatt gtcctttcta    548580
     ccttgatgaa gaattgagtt ggaattttta cagggatttt tttgaatctg tacatttcgt    548640
     tcagcaagat agccattttg actatatcag tcctgccgat ccaagagcat gggagatctt    548700
     tcaatcttct gagatcttca gggaattgaa gttcttatca tacagatctt ttacttcctt    548760
     agagtcatac caagctattt aatattattt gtgactattg taaaggatgt tgtttcccta    548820
     attgctttct caccctgttt atcctttgtg tagagaaagg ccaccgattt gtttgagtta    548880
     cttttataac cagctactgc actgaagctg tttatcaggt ttaggagttc tttggtgcca    548940
     ttttagggtc acttaattat gctatcatat taactagaaa tagtgatatt ttgacttctt    549000
     tgtttcctgt gtgtatcacc ttgatctctt tttattgtct tattgctctg gctagaattt    549060
     caagtattat attgcgtagg tagagagaaa gtgggcagcc ttgtctagtc cctgatttta    549120
     gtgggattgc ttcaagtttc tctccattca gcttgatgtt ggctactgtt ttgctgtata    549180
     atgctttttt atgttgaggt atgggccttg aattcctgat cattccaaga ttttcatcat    549240
     gaatgggtat tggattttgt caaatgcttt gtaagcatct aatgagatga ttatgtagtt    549300
     tttgtctttg agtttgttta tatagaggat tgtgttgatg gattagtgca gattaaacca    549360
     tacctatatc cctgggatga agcctacttg gtcatgatgg atgatcgttt tgatgtgttc    549420
     ttggattagg tttgtgagaa ttttattgac tatttttgca tcgatattca taagcaaaat    549480
     tggtcggaag tactctttct ttgttgggtc tttatttgga ttaagtatca gagtaattgt    549540
     ggctttatag aatgaattgg atagagtacc ttctgtttcc attttgggga atagtttgtg    549600
     ctgaactgga attagatctt ctttgaaggt cgactagaac tctgaactaa acccatctgg    549660
     tcctaggctt ttttgttgtt gtaaggagac tattaatgac tgcttctata tctttaggga    549720
     tatgggattg tttagatcat taatctgatc ctgatttaac tttggtactg gcatcagtct    549780
     agaaaattgt ccatttcatc catgttttcc agttttgttg agtatagact attgtagcag    549840
     gatctgatgg cgttttggat ttcctcatgt tatgttgtta tgtctccctt ttcatttctg    549900
     attttgttaa ttaggatgct gtccctgtgt cttctagcta gtctgtctaa cagtttatct    549960
     atcttctttt attttctcca aaacacagct cctggtttgg ttgattcttt gaatagttct    550020
     ttttgtttcc acttgtttga tttcatccct gagtttgatt atttcctgtt gtctacttat    550080
     cttgggtgaa tttgcttcca tttgttctag agcttttatc tttaggtgtg ctgtcaaact    550140
     gctagtgtgt ggtctctcta gtttcttttg ccagcactca gagatatgag ttttcctctt    550200
     agaaatgctt tcattgtgtc ccataagttt gggtatgttg tggcttcaat tacattactc    550260
     tctaaaaagt ctttaatctc ttcctttatt tctttcttga ccaaggtatc attcagtaga    550320
     gtgttgttca gtttccatgt gaatgttggc tttttattat ttatgtttct atcgaatatc    550380
     agcctttgtc cattgtgatc tggtagggat aatttcaata tttttgtatc tgttgaggcc    550440
     tgtttgtgac caattatgtg gtcattttgg agaagatgcc atgaggtgca gagaagaagg    550500
     tatatcctat tttttttttt ttaggaaaaa aatgttctgt agatatctgt tagatccatt    550560
     tgtttcataa cttctgttag tttcactgtg tcactgttta atttctgatt ctaggatctg    550620
     tccagtgatg agaatggagt ggtgaagtct ctgactatca ctgtgtgagg tgcaatgtgt    550680
     gcttcactat agtctcctta attaatgtgg atgtccttgc actgggagca tattcaaaat    550740
     tgagagttta tcttggaaga ttttagcttt gctgagtatg aagtgtccct tcttgtcttt    550800
     cttgataact ttggggtgga agtcgatttt tttcccatat tagaatagct actccagctt    550860
     gtttctttgg accatatcct tagaaaatag ttttccaaac ttttactcta aggtaatatc    550920
     tgtcttcttc cctgaggtgg gtttacagta cgcagcaaaa tgttgggtcc tatttatgta    550980
     gccattttgt tagtctatgt ctttttaatg gggaattgag ttcattgata ttaagagata    551040
     ttaaggaaaa gtaattgttg cttcctgttc cttttttttt ttttttcaga gttcagattc    551100
     tgttctggag gctatcttct tttaggtttg ttgaaggatt attttcttgc tttttctaga    551160
     gcataatttt cctccttgtg ttggagtttt ccctttatta tcctttgaag ttctggaatt    551220
     gtggaaagat attgtgtgaa tttggttttg tcattgaata ctttggtttc tccatctatg    551280
     gtaattgaga gttttgctgg gtataatagc ctgggaagac atttgtgttc tcttagggtc    551340
     tgtatgacat ctgtccagga tcttctggct ttcattgtct ctggtcagaa gtctggtgta    551400
     attctaatag gtctgccttc atgttatttg acccttttcc ctttgctgct tttaatattc    551460
     tatctttatt tagtgcattt gttgttctga ttattatgtg tcaggaggaa tttcttttct    551520
     ggtccagtct atttggagtt ctataggctt cttgtatgtt catgggcatc tctttcttta    551580
     ggtttgggaa gttttcttct ataattttgt tgaagatatt tagtggccct ttaagttgaa    551640
     aatcttcatt ctcatctact cctattatcc gtaggtttgg tcttttcatt gtgtcctgga    551700
     tttcctggat gttttgagtt aaaatctttt tgcattttgc attttctttg attgttgttt    551760
     ccatgttctc tatgaactct tctgcacctg agattctctc ttccatctct tgtattctgt    551820
     tgctgatgct tgcatctatg attcctgatt tctgtcctag gatttctatc tccagagtta    551880
     tctccctttg gattttcttt atagtttcta cttccatttt tagatcttgg atggttttgc    551940
     ttaattccat gacctgtttg gttgtgtttt tctgtaattc tttaaaggtt ttttatgctt    552000
     cctctttaag gacttctgcc tgtttatcag tgttctcctg tattccttta agtgagttat    552060
     taatgccctt cttaaaatcc tctaccagca tcatgagata taattttaaa tcagaatctt    552120
     gcttttcagg tgtgtatcca ggactcgctg tgttgggtgt tctgagttct gatgataccc    552180
     agtggtcttg gtttctgtta ttaagattct tacatttgcc ttttgtcatc tggtaatctc    552240
     tggtattaga tgttctagtt gtctctggct ggagcttgtt cctcctgtga ttctgttagc    552300
     ttctttcagc acttctggta gtctaactct tttctgagtc ccagtggtca gagcactctc    552360
     agcaggcaag ctctcctctt gcaggtaagg tgcacagagc tctgagggtc agctctgcct    552420
     tctggctgaa gatgaaggcc caaaaggacc ctgtccaaga agctctgttg agtctgtggc    552480
     ccacgagctc tgctgtgttg actggtctct gataggccct ggatacaagg tggcactctc    552540
     atctgagccc tagggtcaga gccctctctg gaggcagact ctcctctggc tgggaaggtg    552600
     tgcagcatca aaaacaattt aaaaacagaa attacaactc taactaagtt gccatcattc    552660
     aaatgacagg caacaattct attttttttg gtttctaaga agcttcatct ttaacccaga    552720
     ccagtgaccc taggatcctt ggtgtgttag agagctcgcc tgaagcgtag agagtcctct    552780
     ggagaccttc agaccttctg cggagtttgt gcccatggtg ccctggggct ggcgcagacc    552840
     agaatgaatc ccaactgctg gagtataact tctttaattc attgtatatg tggaatatta    552900
     gccctctatc gcttttagga ttggcaaaca tcttttccca atgttgaggt tgccattttg    552960
     tcctgattgc agtgcccttt gccttacaga agattttcat ttatataaga atccatttgt    553020
     ctacagtgga tcttaaagcc ttggccattg gtgttctgtt caggaaattg tcccctgtgc    553080
     caatgagttc taggttcttt cctactttct cttctattag attctgtata tttggtttta    553140
     agtgaaagtc tttgatccac ttggacttga gatttgaaca agtagatagg attggataca    553200
     ttttcattct tctacatgct gaatcccact taaaccagcg ccatttgttg aatatgctgt    553260
     cttttttttt tttttttttt ttgacactgg atagttttaa ctatttggta agatattgag    553320
     tgaccatatg tgtatgtgta tgggttcatt tctaagtctt caattctatt ccactgacct    553380
     tcctgtctgt ctctgtacca ataaaataca gtatttatca ctattgttct gtaatacagc    553440
     ttgagatcag gaatggtcat ttttccctca gaagttctta tattgttgag aataattttc    553500
     actatcctaa gttgtaggtt aggaatgtct ccaagtttca cctcagacca agcaaataaa    553560
     tgagcagtat gacagggaca aacatgtaga agtatataag aagccatcct gggatgaatt    553620
     ctctgaggtc attccacaat agaatgtatc tatcacagct cagtaggaga gtgagtcatc    553680
     tccaaggagc tcatttaccc actgtagctc ttcctgcata atgtatgcta gctcaccaag    553740
     tgcatgaccc acctgaaagc tatgacattg aatgactgct gaaaaaaatt gaatcctttc    553800
     tttctgtgac ctcttggaga ttacctatgt actagtggat gactccccta cccatatgta    553860
     ttatattaca ttaatttgac tcaatgactt actcattcat aaaacaaaat aaatcagaat    553920
     attggcagtg agacctgttc tattgtgagg ttctaagcag agatggggga agtagaaggt    553980
     taatatatgt tcataatata ttgcatcatg aatgaaaatt tgaaggaatt taaattattt    554040
     aaaaataaaa ataacacttt tacgtatgtt tagaatttct tacagatcta tattgtaaat    554100
     agtgtatttt ccctgtggaa tttacatatc cttaaactgc ttctactact ccaagtagtc    554160
     catttctttc cagtagagag tttcatttct atttcattac atgcttccat acaaaactgt    554220
     atatcactat gttatatgaa aggactacaa atggaacatt acataataca tgtatttcta    554280
     agaaagtctt aacttaccgg ttaaaatcat tacaaattat atccattttt taaacagtaa    554340
     tgtaagtacc ttattcctta catttataaa attctgctgt gttatacaca tatcaattta    554400
     ttttttaatc actgatttgt ttacagaaat gtaatctgat tctataatgt tgttattaaa    554460
     aatgtaacag taatgatttc tgctcacata tagaaacagg attcatttat tgatgatgct    554520
     ttgcaagttg aaatatatag cttttggaaa tggcctttct cccacattta aaacattaca    554580
     caacaacaca tctctgtcct tctgctcctc ctcctattac tcctgtctct ttctctctcc    554640
     ctctttttgt atgtgtgtgt gttacaaaca ttattgttta tctagtaata tctgctgtct    554700
     tcaatgactc taggtattca ttttataatg tttattcaaa cttgcatcat ttatttcagc    554760
     aaagcattgt cataaagatt ataaaaacac atatgcaata ttttggaatc aggaatatca    554820
     aaaagtcata agtaaggatt ctgagcatta gcatacattg taaaagttaa ttgcatggga    554880
     aagccaaaac aattgtgtat ggttgcttga atattctctt aaagctacct taaagacaga    554940
     ggataacaaa gtacagcaat tttagttata aattgtctca aagtgttata ttcactctgg    555000
     atgataaggc gctgaaggtt tagcttctta gagtaatatg tatatatata tatatctaat    555060
     tgtgtacttt aagtaaatat aattccctta agtcagataa atcgtctaaa cagtagaaat    555120
     agctagaata gtagaaatcc cccaacaggg gattcatccc ataaacaact accaaaccca    555180
     gacactattg catatgacag caagattgtg ctgacagggc cctgatataa ctatctcttg    555240
     tgaggttatg ccagtgcctg acaaatacag aagtggatac tcactgacat ttattggatg    555300
     gaacacaggg tccccaatga aggaactaga gaaagtaccc aaggagctga aggggtctgc    555360
     aactctatag gaggaacaac aatatgaact aaccattatc ccccaagagc ttgtgtctct    555420
     agttgcatat gtggcagagg atggcctaga agccatcaat gggaggagag gcccctgatc    555480
     tttcgaagat tatatgcccc agtacagggg aatgccagga ccaggaagca ggagtgggtg    555540
     ggttgaggag cagggagggg gagggtatgg gagacttttt tttttatcat ttactatact    555600
     ttttaatttt agcacatatt ctttctagct acattttttt ccattttaat ctttttttta    555660
     atttttttta ttaggtattt agctcattta catttccaat gctataccaa aagtccccca    555720
     tacccaccca cctccactcc cctacccctg gaatgccagg accaggaagc aggagtgggt    555780
     gggttgggga gcagggaggg ggagggtatg ggagactttt ggagaggaaa ttaggaaatg    555840
     ggatagcatt tgaaatgtaa ataaagaaaa catctaataa aaaaaagaga aatagcagca    555900
     gtcattaaaa gtttcaacaa caacaaaaaa aagcaagccc aggttttagt gcagagttct    555960
     ctctgacttt agagaagacc catcaccaat aatcttcaaa ttattccaca aaatagaaac    556020
     agaagggaca ctacccagtt tgttttatga agccacaatt atgttcatac ttaaaccaca    556080
     aagacccaac aaagaaagag aacttcagac taatttccct tatcaatatc tatgcaattt    556140
     attttacaga tccatcaata agtcatattt agcaggaaga aaaagacatg agaaatgtaa    556200
     aacaaatgtc actactgaat gatgtcttaa atgtcagatt tgtaggtatc agtgcaaaat    556260
     gtgttcttat gggtgtactg aactttgaag cattcctgag agacctatac catacaaaga    556320
     cccaacaaag aaagtgaact ttagattaat tttccttatg aaaatggatg caaaaataca    556380
     aaaaaaaaaa aaactcttca aaaacgaatc caagaacaca tgaaaatgat cattcaccag    556440
     gatcaagtat ctttatccca cgcaagccga gatggttcaa tatctagaaa tccatcaaca    556500
     taatcgacta cataggaaac tcaaaggaaa aaacccacaa gatcatttca ttagatgcta    556560
     aaaaagcatt tgacaacact caacaaccct gcatggtaaa agtcttaaaa gatgaagaat    556620
     tcaaggccat acccaaacat actaaaagca atatacagta aacctgtagc tagcatcaaa    556680
     ctaaatggag agaaacttga agcaatctta gtaaaagaga tactgcagaa cgctgttcac    556740
     tgtcccccta tgtattcaat ataatacagg aagtcctagc cagaccaatt cgacaacaaa    556800
     aggatgtgaa agggttacaa attaggaaag aagaaataaa aatttgcaaa ttatatgatg    556860
     gtataattaa gtgaacccaa aaattccacc aaagcactcc taaaccggat aaacaacctc    556920
     atcaaagtgg ccagatataa aataaactca aactaatcag tagtcttcct ctactctaaa    556980
     gaaaaacagg ctcagaaaga aattagggaa ataacacact ttataaaagt cacaaataat    557040
     aaaaaaatac cttgcttagt ctgacgatta caaagcaagt gaaagatctg tatgacaaga    557100
     acttcaagtc tctaaagaaa gaaatcaaag atctcagaaa atggaaagat cacccacgct    557160
     caaggattgg caggattaat gtagtaaaaa tggtcatctt gctaaaagca atttaccgat    557220
     ttaatgcaat tcccctcaca attccaattc aattctttat atagttagaa atagcaattt    557280
     gcaaattcac ttgcaataac caaaaatcca gtatagcaaa aaactattct caacagtaaa    557340
     agaatatctg aggtaatcac cattgctgac tccaagctgt actacagagg aattgtgata    557400
     aaaataactg catggtattg gcacagagac aggcaggtag aacaatagaa cagaactgaa    557460
     gatccagaaa tgaacccaca cacctatggt catttgatct ttgacaaagg aactaaaacc    557520
     attagtggaa aaaagacagc atgtttaaca aatggtacag gttcaactgg tggttgacat    557580
     gtagaataat acaaatcatt ctattcttat gtccatgtac aaagctcaag tcaaagtgga    557640
     tcaagtactt ctacataaaa ccagatacgc tgaaactaat agaagagaat gtggagaagg    557700
     gcctccaata caaggccaca ggggaaattt tcctaaacag aacaccaatg actagtgctc    557760
     taagatcaag aatcaacaaa tgggacctca taaaagtgca aagcttctgt aaggcaaagg    557820
     acacagtcaa taggacaaaa cagcaaccaa aagattggga aaacatcttt acaaatccta    557880
     catctgatag aaggtaatat ccaatacata caaagaactc aagaacttag acttcagagg    557940
     accaaagagc tctattaaaa atttgtgtac agagataaag aattctcaac tgaggaataa    558000
     acaatggctg agaagcacca aaaaatgttc aacatccttt gtcattaggg aaaggaaaat    558060
     caaaacaacc ctgagattcc acctcacacc agtcagaatg gctaagataa aaaactcagt    558120
     tgaaaacaga tacaggtcag gatatagagc aacactcctc tattgctggt ggcattgcaa    558180
     gctgatacaa ccactccaga aatcagtctg gtagttcctc agaaaaaaaa atggacatac    558240
     tactatgtca ggaccagctc taccatttct gggcatatac ccaagggata ttccaacata    558300
     taacaaggac acttgctcca atatattcat agcagcctta tttataatag ccagaagctg    558360
     gaaagaaccc agatgtcctc caacagagaa atggatacag aaattatggt acattaacac    558420
     aatggagtac tactcagtaa ttaaaaaact tgacttcatt aaattcttag gcaaatggat    558480
     ggaattagaa aatattatcc tgagtgaggt aacccagtta ctaaaggaca gacatggtat    558540
     gcactcactg ataagaggat attagcccag attctcagaa ttcccaagat acaattcata    558600
     tactacatga agctcaagaa agtataccaa agtgtggatg cttcagtagt tttagaaggg    558660
     ggaacaaaat acttaaggta ggaaatatgg agataaactg tggagcctag actgaaggaa    558720
     atggcatcta gaaactgcca caaatgagga tccatcccat atactgacac caaacccaga    558780
     cactattgtg gatgccaaga agtgctggct gacaggaacc tgatatatct gtctcctgag    558840
     agtctctgac agagcctgat gaatacagac gtggttgctt gcagccaacc attggactga    558900
     gcactgggtc cccaatggag gagttagaga aagagctgaa ggagctacag aagtttgcaa    558960
     gccataggta gaacaaggtt atcaaccaac cagaccctcc ttctagagct cccagggtct    559020
     aaatgacaac caaagattat aatacatgga gcgaataatg gctccagcca catatgtagc    559080
     agaggatggt cttgttgggc atcaatggga ggagaggccc ttcttcctgg gaaggctcga    559140
     taatccagtg tagtggaatg tcagggtggg gatgcgggag tgggtggatg ggtgggggag    559200
     caccctcata gaagcatggg agggaggatg ggagagagat tttcaggagg gaaaaatggg    559260
     aaagagataa cacttgaaat gtaaacaaat aaaatatcca ataaaaataa ataaaacatt    559320
     aaaaaatcag tcatttctat tttaaatcct cataatgcag gtctactcaa tatttttaat    559380
     aaatcatatc aggaagacaa tgggaaatat aggtataaga aattattcat aaccttgatc    559440
     ttgctttagc aagatggcag ctaggactgg tcaggctgcc attgttcctt ttccctgacc    559500
     ttaaaaaaaa atccctattt ctactattaa ggttttctga gcttcaaatt gttccctaac    559560
     atttcctaca tcaaaaccac taataaaacc catcttaacc tagcttcact aacaatctat    559620
     ttttccaaat gctttctaag catggaggtc attgctgaca atctacattt ctaagttcgt    559680
     tcctaaggtt ggtactgaat cattaataag ctccagcagc aatgcttgaa agagagcaag    559740
     cactactatt gtgaatgtca atgatactat ctagtgaggg gctagaagcc cattcagagt    559800
     actcatacta gattcaaagg gacataatgg caacaagcag tggaaacctc cacaatttct    559860
     ctggctcttc ttctctgact gagtcacacc aattttggtt gtgctaacca gtgcagttct    559920
     tgagttctaa agctgtttgt tcatataggg cctttggtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    559980
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtttaaga gagatggggg ggagagagag agagagagag    560040
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agattcctga gtctgagttt aggggcttac    560100
     aggttgattc cttttcatat tgttgatata atatccatat gctcctgctt ttcatttaca    560160
     ttttgggtcc agcaattttc agcttcactg ttgctctctg acttcacagc tctcagtttt    560220
     cttgcttgct tgcttgcttg ctttcttgct ttcttttctt gctttcttgc tctcttgctc    560280
     tctttctctc tcttcttctc tcactctctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc    560340
     ttccttcctt ccttcctttc tttcttgttt tcttttggaa ctactggttg aactaccttg    560400
     acttttctgc ttgtcataag agatgaccta gggttaatgg tgatcaaagc tctcctcctg    560460
     ccccccatgt agaaggacat gttctggctc ttcccttgga ctttctatcc caacagttat    560520
     tgtttccata aggctcggtt actctatgtt gtccgtttgt accatgatcc tgagtttctg    560580
     aattttctaa acagaagttt tgcaatttca ctgttcctct tcagattctt cactgtgcag    560640
     aattttaatg agttgatcta cagtctgata aaatttgctc ttgatgcaga agattgacac    560700
     caacactgtt ctcttgtaat actccaatac taagcaggtt tatccacaat gctggaaact    560760
     gaaacaaact caattttgaa ttagcacatt aacagataaa aacatttggt ttaaattgtc    560820
     ctgtcagcat attagtcacc attaaaacag tgaaagctgg acagatagaa acctgtgtca    560880
     ctcatgatga attgtgatac atggaaagtc aaactcaagt ctatcctata tgccaaattc    560940
     cataacctct tgcaagtgaa aaacaaactt tgggagtcca actaagataa ggactggtaa    561000
     ctgttaatgc atgaaagaag gtgattagga aagaaaactc aagaagaata ttgggagtga    561060
     aagcatcctt ctgcaaggcc tgggctaaca cacatggatg atatgtacta gatgatgtat    561120
     acacatgtgg atgatatgta caagattatg taaacacaca tggatgatac atacatgaag    561180
     atgtatacac acatagatga tatgtacgag atggtacgta cacacatgga tgatatgtac    561240
     caaatgatgt atatacacgg ggatgatatg tacgagatga tgtatacaca cgtggatgat    561300
     atgtaggaga tatgtacaca catggatgat atgtacgaga tgatgtgtac acacatggat    561360
     gatatataca agatgatgta tacacacgtg gatgatatgt atgagatggt acatacactc    561420
     atggatgata tgtacgagat gatatgtaca cacatggatg atatgtacga gatgatgtga    561480
     acacacatgg atgatatgta cgagatgatg tgtaaacaca tggatgatat gtatgagatg    561540
     atgtgtacac acatggatga tatgtacgag atgatgtgta cacacatgga tgatatgtac    561600
     gagatgatgt gtacacaaat ggatgataag tacgagatga tgtgtacaca catggatgat    561660
     atgtacgaaa tgatacctac acacatggat gatatgtacg agaggatgtg tacacacttg    561720
     gatgttatgt acaagatgat gtatacacac gtggatgata tgtacgagat ggtacgtaca    561780
     ctcatggatg atatgtatga gatgatatgt acacacatgg atgatatgta tgagatgatg    561840
     tgtacacaca tggatgatat atacgagatg atgtgtacac acatggatga tatgtacgag    561900
     atgatgtgta cacaaatgga tgataagtac gagatgatgt gtacacacat ggatgatatg    561960
     tacgaaatga tacctacaca catggatgat atgtacgaga ggatgtgtac acacttggat    562020
     gttatgtaca agatgatgta tacacacgtg gatgatatgt acgagatggt acgtacactc    562080
     atggatgata tgtatgagat gatatgtaca cacatggatg atatgtatga gatgatgtgt    562140
     acacacatgg atgatatata cgagatgatg tgtacacaca tggatgatat gtacgagatg    562200
     atgtgtacac acatggatga tatgtatgaa atgataccta cacacatgga tatgtacgag    562260
     atgatgtgta cacacatgga tgatatctat gagataaatg ctgagctaca ggctgattga    562320
     tgttcagctc gtcagtctct ccttgttcta gtgaacaaac aagttagtgt gtaggggaat    562380
     gggaactgaa ataaatcata acacaagaaa ttcaggctcc tgcatacaca caggtctgta    562440
     gaaggcttag ccaaactcag gaatgtagtc atgtcacatg actttaacac agaaatcgga    562500
     tctccaacct caaaaggcag cagcacacag ggctggatct gattcagaaa gtgttgtatc    562560
     catcaaggtt gaaaccctca tcataggcct ggctcatata gaaaacagct ccagagcagg    562620
     taacaaactg atgcccactg ccacccttaa ttctgcccat gtaaacataa cactaaaatt    562680
     catttttgat ttaaaaaata aattaaatag ataataatta gtgtttacaa aaaatcttag    562740
     tatgatatta aaaattacaa ccatttttgt tactgccaga atccttgagt acatttaaaa    562800
     acctcagagg atttgtcatc tctaggcctg ctcagtagag gttgctatat agcagggaaa    562860
     catgcaaata aggcctctct cttctcatga aaacgagtcc tgaactaacc ttgaatctga    562920
     agcaaagggg atcagcccga gattctcatt cagtgatcaa cactgaacac acatccctta    562980
     ccatggattt tgggctgatt ttttttattg ttgctctttt aaaaggtaat tcatggaaaa    563040
     gagatactga gtgtgttact ggtcatgagc aagatagatg gtgagcctgt atggcagttt    563100
     gctgacagaa ttctctgtgt tttcaggggt ccagtgtgag gtgaagcttc tcgagtctgg    563160
     aggtggcctg gtgcagcctg gaggatccct gaaactctcc tgtgcagcct caggattcga    563220
     ttttagtaga tactggatga gttgggtccg gcaggctcca gggaaagggc tagaatggat    563280
     tggagaaatt aatccagata gcagtacgat aaactatacg ccatctctaa aggataaatt    563340
     catcatctcc agagacaacg ccaaaaatac gctgtacctg caaatgagca aagtgagatc    563400
     tgaggacaca gccctttatt actgtgcaag acccacagtg aggaaatctc agtttgtacc    563460
     cagacatgaa cctcactgtg aggccgctca caaccaccag ggggcgatga aaaccagaca    563520
     cagaacacag gatcgcccca ggaaatgaga aacaaggaag cattcctctc atgtatctgg    563580
     gcagcctttt tttcttagtt tctaggaatt ctttctaaag gaatatttaa atgtatacaa    563640
     tgctctcaaa acatagcatg ctttgcttgt attattttaa aaacataaga cacattctcc    563700
     catgaataaa atgctaggtg atagctatga cccacatgat caggaatctt tgtatgttta    563760
     agtgcaaaca aagagggagg ctagagagtt ggcccagcgg ttaagagcac tgactgctct    563820
     tccagaggtt ctgagttcaa tttgcagcaa acacatggtg gcttacaacc atctgtaatg    563880
     gaatcagatg ccctcttctg gagtatctga agagagctac agtgtgctta taaataaaat    563940
     aaatatttaa aaaattaaaa aagaaaacaa agaggaatgt caagatcatt agatcataaa    564000
     ccaagcaggt ctcaaacctc tcctctccct gaggattgtg tacatcatgt tcggttatga    564060
     actagcattg cttttagcta attattattc tagcaacttc atcattaccc cattaaggga    564120
     ttttgtacaa tttgagtcct tcaggaaatc ctgtgtttgc ttagtcatac acatttcaaa    564180
     ctcatattgt cttcttcaag tctggaaaat gaaattgcat cccttgtcta ttcatgactt    564240
     ttatcatgaa actgttgttt gtctaagacc ttttctactt ctattgagat gatcatggga    564300
     tttttttcgt acatgtggta gattgcattt atcaatttat taggttgacc caccactgaa    564360
     tttctggatg aatccttctt ggtcatagtg gattaacatc ttgatgtgtt tcttggttag    564420
     ggttttaagc aaattaccga gaactgttgc aactatgttt gtaggggaaa ttgaactgtc    564480
     attttctttt taggtgtcaa ggtatcagct ttaggtatta ggttatatta ggcctcacaa    564540
     aaaaaaagat taggcaataa ttttcagtta atattttgca gaaaattttg aggagtggtg    564600
     acattaattc tttaaataat tgagcacaaa ttttatacca acactctgtg atccaagaat    564660
     gtcttctatt tagtggtgga gggaaccttt taattatgga ttctgtttca ctagatgcta    564720
     taagtctatt tatattgtat acatgatcat gatttaattt tggaaggata tatatgtcaa    564780
     aaaatttatc catgtctttt aggttttcaa atttgttgcg gtaccgattt ttaaagtaca    564840
     tccttaaaat tctatggatt tccttggtgt cagtgtgatg ttctgttttc atctctaatt    564900
     ttactaatat caaacttacc actgcacttt ttatataatt tggctaagta ttcattaata    564960
     tcattacttt tctcaaagac cagcaattct tttaactgat tctttctatt attgttttca    565020
     tgtgcttcta gtttgtagag tttagaattg aggttgatta tttcttgcca tctaaccctt    565080
     tgggtgttat ttttcttttt gatctagagc ttacaggttc actaagttgc taatatgtat    565140
     tatgtacaag tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    565200
     ttcttagtac tataaacttg cctcttaatt gagccttcat tgtgtcacat gggtatatat    565260
     tttgctttca ttttccatca attctgaaaa gtctcttttt attttctttt taatttatat    565320
     atttttgttt tctgtagtga gttcttcagt tttcataagt ttgtagactt cccgttgttt    565380
     taaatatttt agtagtcaga actatgttct gactattctc acccaggaga aggagattgg    565440
     cattaagtcc ttatgaattt gaagtttatt gagctcacag atccctctgt ggacacacac    565500
     tttgttggat acaagcctat agaggcattt ataaagacaa ccaacaaaag gttagcaatt    565560
     tccatttaca caggggcata catgttggca atagtgacat gatattaata ttttacaaaa    565620
     tcgcaacaca attgtattgt cttgtgagta ctataggatc aaggcggagg gtaggagaat    565680
     gccttgcagt tgcagaaaca gaacaacagc aggaagtact atgcatgcct aaggcacagg    565740
     ttgaccctca ggtcaggaaa ttgctaacag ggtttttatt ttccacctca ttccctgcct    565800
     gccttgggca ttctagtaca tctgagctag cattcctctt ctatttcttg attatttcag    565860
     ttccagtatt tataagtgag catttgggtt gcataaaaca gcaagacaga aaaaaataaa    565920
     ccaggagaaa gaaaccttca aagataggca gtggggggca ggggggaagc ttaaattgtt    565980
     gacttgtctg acagccctta tctataatct ggtctttgac agctgaatcc aaggaatgac    566040
     tttctgaaac tcacatgact ttcccaaaat ttacaaaaca gataagattt tcatatataa    566100
     catgattgca ttgaagtatt cactgtagga aaaccaatta agaagtttct gtaaatagct    566160
     aaaatagact catgcccttg aactatagag aaattttgga gccctaaaaa tgattcaaat    566220
     gtctgaatat ccttccactg tccaaagggc ttgatgatta cataggttaa acagaaatcg    566280
     ttttagcctg atgggaagca tttttaagtt tagtcttaga agacaaccaa atgaaattta    566340
     aaaatttgag tctgtgacca taatattaac tagtacttta ccaagactaa aatagtaact    566400
     tatcagaact tattaatatg ttaaaactct aaacttttga agtcttaata ttatatatca    566460
     ttgagataac agtggttgat tactgagagc attcattgaa aagcaagttc ctttaaataa    566520
     aggaatagca aaaagtaaat gtttagtgag taataacagc aggatagctc gagcgttgtt    566580
     tggttttttt tttttggttt ttatttttat ttttcaatga aacctattta cctttataat    566640
     gtgaagtctg acagcaagat aaagattatt gtgagtttat tacctttctc accagaagac    566700
     ctagtagttc tataaacata tgaaatggac tgaccaggta tctctcgata aactgaaaga    566760
     gctacagtta acaatcaaca ctgccagagg tctgaggagg acaagataaa gcatgaagaa    566820
     taatctcaag ggcctcaata tcaaatatag agacttacct attacctaga tacttattct    566880
     ggttttctcc ctgtagatct tatggtttca ctggggccac agttccaaga gcagtgccag    566940
     ggcaatgtca attttggcca tcacacaggg caacattaat gctgtgattg ccacacagca    567000
     gcagtgactt ttggctgcca gacttagaaa atctaagaga ctttcctgtg ggaaagcgac    567060
     ttgtgatact ggcctacttt gatgaggcaa agggatgcat tcaattctcc aggattctat    567120
     ttgtacatag ttatgacagg gtcatggtag ttcctcaggt tcatagaggt agtgtttgtc    567180
     aatggttagt gccgtggacc tccccagtcg gcctccctcc atgtgcagaa gaaatcgggg    567240
     gttctagtta aaggtgggca aggagttggc acagatgaca aacaaatacg gacacaaggg    567300
     agtgtggtat ctgagtgtaa tttgtctcaa agtgagcacc agtcttataa gtgactttta    567360
     cacaaaacag aggaatgcat acaaaaagct aacaggaacc aactgggata aaaatcaatg    567420
     ttaaccacta ggatcaaaag cagccccacc taagatcagc ttaatcttaa aagccagggg    567480
     caagggcttc acgcccttgc catagttcca attctagtct attgcatagt ctacatcccc    567540
     taggccattg taaattcctg tgtatgggtg ttactcagct atctgtggta tctactctgg    567600
     ttcctcctta gaccacagcc ttccttcttc ctagataatt gtaaattcct gtgtagggca    567660
     gtggctcagc tatccatgcc cagagtcagc tgaaagactg cctaggactg gtgaagaatc    567720
     taatttagct atatgtcaaa atcaatcctt aatctttagg gaaagcacac agatccattt    567780
     tccgactaaa gcaaggacag atttggagca tttgttatta caggatgcca cggttccagg    567840
     agactaattt tctgtgaact tttcccctag ggacagagtc caggtttcta ggcctgtcat    567900
     acatgtcact actggagtgg atgtagcagg ctagcattac tgtaatccag gaagtttcat    567960
     gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa    568020
     gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa aaagaagaag aagaagagga agaagaagaa    568080
     gaggaagaag aggaggagga ggtgaaggag gaggaggagg aggaggacga ggacgaggac    568140
     gaggacgagg acgaggacga ggaggacgag gaggacaata acaacaacaa caatttaggc    568200
     tttccactag atcagacatt tttatctagc atgggaaagt tggaagtttt tttttttttt    568260
     cattaaatac tttaaatgcc atatttggta gtcatatgaa aagttttgaa gtccatctac    568320
     tcattggtgc aaacaaagtt ttacatgttt tagtgatttc ttttaagtgt agacttaaaa    568380
     atacataaag aaagcttatc tgttaaattt aaaccatgaa atttgagttg aagatttaat    568440
     tgaaaatctt tagcgttaaa aatataaatt taaatcatag agtgattctt tgagagacaa    568500
     gaggattttt tttaatattt tttttacagt gcctcattat ggaatattag agtggtgtat    568560
     ttgtttttgt ctgtctgctt gtttgtctgt ttgtttgttt gcttggtggt ggtggtgaat    568620
     gattaagttt attgagacac ctcacactta acaagtgagg acttgtcagg ctgaccttcc    568680
     atggtaaagc taagggaggc attcagttct gcaatgttct gtttgtacat agtcatgtca    568740
     gggtcatggt ggtttctcag ttcagtttct attggtctga ataggcttaa tcgactgtag    568800
     gaatttatag acttatttat taaacatata ttatttaaaa gccctattct caataaatct    568860
     agttcatatt ttctcctcta ttgcattttc ttttttcttt tttttttttt atttattcct    568920
     tttctttttt tggggggggg cttttatttt ttattttttt ttccattttt attaggtatt    568980
     tagctcattt acatttccag tgctatacca aaagtccccc atacccaccc acccccactc    569040
     ccctacccac ccactccccc ttttcagccc tggcgttccc ctgtactggg gcatataaag    569100
     gttgcgtgtc cagtgggcct ctctttccag tgatggccga ctaggccatc ttttgataca    569160
     tatgcagcta gagtcaagag ctcaggggta ctggttagtt cataatgttg ttccacctat    569220
     agggttgaag atccctttag ctccttgggt actttctcta gctcctccat tgggagccct    569280
     gtgatccatc cattagctga ctgtgagcat ccacttctgt gtttgctagg ccccggcata    569340
     gtctcacaag agacagctac atctgggtcc tttcagtaaa atcttgctag tgtatgcaat    569400
     ggtgtcagca tttggatgct gattatgggg tggatccctg gatatggcag tctctatatg    569460
     gtccatcctt tcatctcagc tccaaacttt gtttctgtaa ctccttccat gggtgttttg    569520
     ttcccacttc taaggagggg catagtgtcc acacttcagt cttcattttt cttgagtttc    569580
     atgtgtttag gaaattgtat cttatatcgt gggtatccta ggttttgggc taatatccac    569640
     ttatcagtga gtacatattg tgtgagttcc tttgtgaatg tgttacctca ctcaggatga    569700
     tgctctccag gtccatccat ttggctagga atttcataaa ttcattcttt ttaatagctg    569760
     agtagtactc cattgtgtag atgtgccaca ttttctgtat ccattcctct gttgaggggc    569820
     atctgggttc tttccagttt ctggctatta taaataaggc tgctatgaac atagtggagc    569880
     atgtgtcctt cttaccagtt ggggcttctt ctggatatat gcccaggccc ggtattgctg    569940
     gatcctctgg tagtactatg tccaattttc tgaggaaccg ccagactgat ttccagagtg    570000
     gttgtacaag cctgcaatcc caccaacaat ggaggagtgt tcctctttct ccacatccac    570060
     gccagcatct gctgtcacct gaatttttga tcttagccat tctcactggt gtgaggtgga    570120
     atctcagggt tgttttgatt tgcatttccc tgatgattaa agatgttgaa cattttttca    570180
     ggtgcttctc tgccattcgg tattcctcag gtgagaattc tttgttaagt tctgagcccc    570240
     attttttaag ggggttattt gattttctga ggtccgcctt cttgagttct ttatatatgt    570300
     tggatattag tcccctatct gatttaggat aggtaaagat cctttcccag tctgttggtg    570360
     gtctttttgt cttattgaca gtgtcttttg ccttgcagaa actttggagt ttcattaggt    570420
     cccatttgtc aattctcgat cttacagcac aagccattgc tgttcttttc aggaattttt    570480
     cccctgtgcc catatcttca aggcttttcc ccactttctc ctctataagt ttcagtgtct    570540
     ctggttttat gtgaagttcc ttgatccact tagatttgac cttagtacaa ggagataagt    570600
     atggatcgat tcgcattctt ctacatgata acaaccagtt gtgccagcac caattgttga    570660
     aaatgctgtc tttcttccac tggatggttt tggctccctt gtcgaagatc aagtgaccat    570720
     aggtgtgtgg gttcatttct gggtcttcaa ttctattcca ttggtccact tgtctgtctc    570780
     tataccagta ccatgcagtt tttatcacaa ttgctctgta gtaaagcttt aggtcaggca    570840
     tggtgattcc accagaggtt cttttatcct tgagaagagt ttttgctatc ctcggttttt    570900
     tgttattcca gatgaatttg caaattgctc cttctaattc gttgaagaat tgagttggaa    570960
     ttttgatggg gattgcattg aatctgtaga ttgcttttgg caagatagcc atttttacaa    571020
     tgttgatcct gccaatccat gaacatggga gatctttcca tcttctgaga tcttctttaa    571080
     tttctttctt cagggacttg aagtttttat catacagatc tttcacttcc ttcgttagag    571140
     tcacgccaag atattttata ttatttgtgg ctattgagaa gggtgttgtt tccctaattt    571200
     ctttctcagc ctgtttattc tttgtgtaga gaaaggccat tgacttgttt gagttaattt    571260
     tatatccagc tacttcaccg aagctgttta tcaggtttag gagttctctg gtggaatttt    571320
     tagggtcact tatatatact atcatatcat ctgcaaaaag tgatattttg acttcctctt    571380
     ttccaatttg tatccccttg atctcctttt gttgtcgaat tgctctcgct aatacttcaa    571440
     gtactatgtt gaaaaggtag ggagaaagtg ggcagccttg tctagtccct gattttagtg    571500
     ggattgcttc cagcttctct ccatttactt tgatgttggc tactggtttg ctgtagattg    571560
     cttttatcat gtttaggtat tggccttgaa ttcctgatct ttccagaact tttatcatga    571620
     atgggtgttg gatcttgtca aatgcttttt ctgcatctaa cgagatgatc atgtggtttt    571680
     tgtctttgag tttgtttata taatggatta cattgatgga ttttcgtata ttaaaccatc    571740
     cctgcatccc tggaataaaa cctacttggt caggatggat gattgcttta atgtgttctt    571800
     ggattcggtt agcgagaatt ttattaagga tttttgcatc gatgttcata agagaaattg    571860
     gtctgaagtt ttctatcttt gttggatctt tctgtggttt aggtatcaga gtaatagtgg    571920
     cttcataaaa tgagttgggt agagtacctt ctacttctat cttgtgaaaa agtttgtgca    571980
     gaactggagt tagatcttct ttgaaggtct ggtagaactc tgcactaaac ccgtctggtc    572040
     ctgggctttt tttggctggg agactattaa taactgcttc tatttcttta ggggatatgg    572100
     gactgtttag aaggtcaact tgatcctgat tcaactttgg tacctggtat ctgtccagaa    572160
     atttgtccat ttcgtccagg ttttccagtt ttgttgagta tagccttttg tagaaggatc    572220
     tgatggagtt ttagatttct tcaggatctg ttgttatgtc tcccttttca tttctgattt    572280
     tgttaattag gattttgtcc ctgtgctctc tagtgagtct agctaagggt ttatctatct    572340
     tgttgatttt ctcaaagaac caactcctcg tttggttaat tctttgaaaa gtttttcttg    572400
     tttccacttg gttgatttca cccctgagtt tgattatttc ctgccgtcta ctcctcttgg    572460
     gtgaatttgc ttcctttttt tctagagctt ttagatgtgt tgtcaagctg ctagtatgtg    572520
     ctctctcccg ttttttcttg gaggcactca gagctatgag tttccctctt agaaatgctt    572580
     tcattgtgtc ccaaaggttt gggtacgttg tggcttcatt ttcattaaac tctaaaaagt    572640
     ctttaatttc tttctttatt ccttccttga ccaaggtatc attgagaaga gtgttgttct    572700
     gtttccacgt gaatgttgac tttctgttat ttattttgtt attgaagatc agccttagtg    572760
     catggtgatc tgataggata catgggacaa tttcaatatt tttgaatctg ttgaggcctg    572820
     attcgtgacc tattatgtgg tcaattttgg agaaggtacc atgaggtgct gagaagaagg    572880
     tatatccttt tgttttagga taaaatgttc tgtagatatc tgtcagatcc atttgtttca    572940
     tcacttctgt tagtttgagt gtgtccctgt ttagtttctg tttccatgat ctgtccattg    573000
     gtgaaagtgg tgtgttgaag tctcccacta ttattgtgtg aggtgcagtg tgtgctttga    573060
     gctttactaa agtttcttta gtgaatgtgg ctgctcttgt atttggagca tagatattca    573120
     gaattgagag ttcctcttgg aggattttac ttttgatgag aatgaagtgt ccctccttgt    573180
     cttttttgat gactttgggt tggaagtcaa tcttatcaga tattaggatg gctactcctg    573240
     cttgtttctt cataccattt gcttggaaaa ttgttttcca gcctttcatt ctgaggtagt    573300
     gtctatcttt ttctctgaga tgagtttcct gtaagcagca aaatgttggg tcttgtttgt    573360
     gtagccagtt tgttagtcta tgtcttttta ttggcgagtt gagaccattg atgttaagag    573420
     atattaagga aaagtaattg ttgctccctg ttatttttgt tgttaaagtt ggcattctgt    573480
     tcttgtggct gtcttctttt aggtttgttg agggattacc tttttttttt ttctagggcg    573540
     ttgttcccgt tcttgtattg gtctttttct gttattatcc tttgaagggc tggattcgtg    573600
     gagagataat gtgtgaattt ggtttttcgt ggaatacttt ggtttctcca tctatgataa    573660
     ttgagagttt ggctgggtat agtagcctgg gctgcagttt gtgttctctt agtgtctgta    573720
     taacatctgt ccaggatctt ctggctttca tagtctctgg tgaaaaatct ggtgtaattc    573780
     tgataggctt gcctttatat gttacttgac ctttttccct tactgctttt agtattctat    573840
     ctttatttag tgcatttgat gttctgatta ttatgtgtcg ggaggaattt cttttctggt    573900
     ccagtctatt tggagttctg taggcttctt gtatgttcat aggcatctca ttctttagat    573960
     ttgggaagtt ttcttcaata attttgttga agatgtttgc tggacctttg agttgaaaat    574020
     cttcattctc atccactcct attatccgta agtttggtct tcttattgtg tcctggattt    574080
     cctggatatt ttgagttagg atgtttttgc attttccatt ttctttgatt gttgtgccga    574140
     tgttctctat ggaatcttct gcacctgaga ttctctcttc catctcttgt attctgttgc    574200
     tgatgctcaa atctatggtt ccagatttct ttcctagggt ttctatctct agtgttgcct    574260
     cgctttgagt tttctttatt gtgtctactt ccctttttag gtctagtatg gttttgttca    574320
     tttccatcac ctgtttgtat gttttttcct ctttttctgt aaggacttct acctgtttga    574380
     ttgtgttttc ctgtttttct ttaaggactt gtaactcttt agcagtgttc tcctgtattt    574440
     ctttaagtga tttattaaag tccttcttga tgtcctctac catcatcatg agatatgctt    574500
     ttaaatcttg gtctaggttc tcaagtgtgt tggggttccc tggactgggc gaagtgggtg    574560
     tgctgggttc tgatgatggt gagtggtctt ggttcctgtt agtaagattc ctacgtttac    574620
     ctttcgccat cttagaacaa tgcaaatcaa aacaaccctg agattccaac tcacaccagt    574680
     cagaatggct aagatcaaaa attcaggtga cagcagatgc tggccagaat gtggagaaag    574740
     aggaacactg tttcctccat tactggtgga attgcaagct tgtacaacca ctctggaaat    574800
     cagtctggca gttcctcaga aaattggaca tagtactacc agaagatcca acaattcctc    574860
     tcctgggcat atactcagaa tatgttccaa ctggtaataa ggacacatgc tttactatgt    574920
     tcatggcagc cttatttata atggccagaa gctagaaaga aactagatgt ccctcaacag    574980
     aggaatggat acacaaattg tggtacattt acacaatgga gtactactca gctattaaaa    575040
     acaatgaatt tatgaaattc ttgggcaaat ggatgggtct ggaggatatc atcctgagtg    575100
     aggtaacaca atcacaaaag aactcaaatg atatgtactc actgataagt ggatatttgc    575160
     ccagaaactt agaatactca agatacaatt ttcaaaacac atgaaactca agaagaagga    575220
     agaccaaagt gtggatactt cgttcctcct tagaatgggg aaccaaatac ccatggaagg    575280
     agttacagag gcaaagtttg gagctaagaa gaaagtatgg acgatccaga gactacccca    575340
     tgcagtgatc catcccataa tcaggcacca aatgctgaca ccattgcata tgccaccaag    575400
     aatttgctga aaggaccctg atatagctgc ctcttgttag gctatactag tacctggcaa    575460
     atacagaagt ggatgctcac aatcatctat tggatggaac acagggcccc caatgtagga    575520
     gctacagaaa gtacccacgg agctgaaggt gtctgcaacc ctataggtgg aacaacaata    575580
     tgaactaacc agtacctcca gagctcatgt atttagcagt atatgtagta gaagatggcc    575640
     tagttgggaa gagaggccca ttggtcttgc aaactttata tgccccagta caggggaaca    575700
     ccagggccaa gaagtgggtg tgtgtgggta gggaagcagg gtgaggggag ggtatagtgg    575760
     actttcagga tagcatttga aatataaatg aagaaatatc tcataaaatt atgaaaaaaa    575820
     ttaaaaagac attcacatca aagttggaaa agagaaacca acaaaaataa aagaacccaa    575880
     tgagaagaca aaagaatcag agatatacta gtccatatac cctggattcc cataaaaata    575940
     ctgaacttaa agctataata tatacacagt ggtcttagta tagacatgtg taggccatgt    576000
     atttgctgag agtttacata agctttgctt ggttatttta gaggccatta ttctcctttt    576060
     ttcttcaaga cactctttga cttcatcttc tgctggaatt cctgatctct gagaggtgtg    576120
     atttgattaa cacataccat ttatagctga gtgttccaag gtgtctctct cattctgtct    576180
     ctgtctctgt ctctgactct ctcgactctc tctctctctg tctctctctc cctctctctc    576240
     cctctctccc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctttctc    576300
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tatctctttc tctttcttgc    576360
     tttatctccc tctctcagca taatgcctgg ctgtgggttc tgcatttgga ttatacatta    576420
     ataactgctt atgctacaag ctctggcttg ttctctaacc agctcataac ttattaacct    576480
     acccaaatta ttctgtcaat ggagttagta acctctcctt tagtttcaag tgtttaattt    576540
     tctcacagtt catggagaat ctctcccttg tcacactctg tcacagaatt cctctctctc    576600
     cctgttaaat gtctcttctt ctagtcgtat ctcagctcat tgtcaatagt tgttattgac    576660
     aggagttgct tctataaagc atacaagaca tttaatcccc ccctctctat ttcaaagttt    576720
     tctttacagt atctctattt catgattata ttttgtaggt aagacagcat tgtagatttg    576780
     ttcttgggtt gaggtttata tttctcattt tctttctttc tttttttttt tttttttctt    576840
     tttttggttt ttcgagacag ggtttctctg tgtagccctg gctgtcgtgg aactcacttt    576900
     gtaggacagg ctggccttga actcagaaat ctgcctgcct ctgcctcctg agtgctgaga    576960
     ttaaaggcgt gtgccaccac atccagtatt ttttttatta tttctcattt tcaatataat    577020
     tgttcataga tgttgaaaga ataattctca gattcctatg gaataaacaa acagaatcct    577080
     caatagctaa aacagagcag agcagcaaat aaactacttg agatctcaca tttctctatt    577140
     tcaagttgtt ctaaaataca cattggaatt gtgtatcaca catcaataat gagttgtact    577200
     caaactatat ggttgcatgt agaaaaaccc aaactgaccc atactaatca ccctgaaaaa    577260
     aaaattctac tccaaatgaa tcaaaaaatt cagacttttg gggggctaga gagatggctc    577320
     agttgttaag agcacttgct gctcttctag agttcctgag ttcaattccc agcaacccct    577380
     tggttggtca caaccatctg taatgggaac caatgccctt ttctggtgtg tctgaagaca    577440
     gcaactgtgt actcatacat aaaataaata attgtttaaa agagagagag aattttttct    577500
     acttctatca tgattaatat tccaaacaga ttttaaaaac aggttgagtg catattactt    577560
     ttagcttcag aagacctcat gtatatttac tagacattta actattataa attattttaa    577620
     taacttaaaa atgtcaatga tgagttgtat attttaaaat aattgtatta gtttaatttg    577680
     aaaaaggaaa aaaaaagaaa taaatcagag aaatactcag catctcatgt tgccagtgag    577740
     aggcctgact caaagtgccc aagtgactaa gtttcctttc tttagctccg gctatcatca    577800
     agacttaatt cccagaaacc aaccattttt tgccgcttaa taacaagagg gagttaaatg    577860
     gccagaaatt atcagcttct atcccttgaa tagaaagaga gttaaattac tagaagtcat    577920
     tagcttttgg tgcctgcaca tacaccactc agagtaccaa atgtcagtct ggaaccctgg    577980
     caatgcttga ttgaattgtg ggggttgatt taactgatct tcactattac agaacaaatg    578040
     tcacattaac atttgctagt gaagactttg ttttcagtga ggtttctttg gagtctgata    578100
     ctcaacaagt ttataaacat tcagcagttt acattcttct tatatgggtc actttaaatc    578160
     cttgtcctaa tctctgtaac attgtgtata ctgatatttt gtccacactc aagcaaaatt    578220
     gccttccttt ctctctactg cctccaagat tgttgaccgt gtttttattg aaaattgtct    578280
     ccattctatt acatacaaac tggcatgtag agttggagac catcgatggc aacaaatatc    578340
     tgacaatact agcaaagtac ataaatagct tcttggcccc agaagttaag agggcctgca    578400
     tctggcaagt actgacaaaa tacaaaagtt atgtgccttc agaatgggta tttgcttatt    578460
     tatgttatcc ctagtaatct agctgaaata tcacacacac acaggaacac acatcatcat    578520
     catccaggac cattaggatg gagcttccca gaggcagtat aatacatagc aaagacaaaa    578580
     gaatagtcct tgagaagaat aaggtgtgtg atcccgctgt gtagctgctt atattgcaaa    578640
     tgctaatcac actcccctaa aactgtgtgg acaagagtgc aaggaatctt ctgggaagct    578700
     accaccattt gattctgtta ggtaaataaa gatgctggca gccattaact gggtaggaca    578760
     aacagagatg ggactttcat gattcttggg cttgagactg agggaaaaag agagggagat    578820
     ccaccatgcc tgagaagagt ggaggacagg gtcaggaaac atatcccaca tgagatggag    578880
     ccaggagatt gtggtccatt tgggcagccc tcttggtcca gagccgctag ttaggatata    578940
     taatttaata actctggatt attgacagga agtggattaa ccacacgaat cttagaaagt    579000
     ggtccatcca ttaagcagat taaagcttat caaaatatga agactgatta tgtgactttt    579060
     attcaggaac aaaaattact gaggagggta gcaggattaa tattagaaaa tcacctattt    579120
     acatctatct atatggatag aaatgtgcct atcatggtca ctggaaggaa acatgaataa    579180
     acacaagtat cctggacaga cttttctgtg cagaggctta ttgggacttc ctgactagca    579240
     cagtgtttgt tattgggggt ggagaaagaa ggaggagaga aatgccactt gtcctatttt    579300
     acttcctatt gctatgataa ataacaaaaa caaacgcagc acagttttgt ttgccttacc    579360
     tgtccctctc acatgtccca ttccatcagt gtggaaagcc acagccagga ctaatggcag    579420
     gatcctcgag gcatgaacta atgcagacac cagagaggaa gtctggttac aggattgttc    579480
     tgcatggttt gcccagcctg cttttgaata taatccagga ccattctttt tttttttttt    579540
     tttttttttt tttttttggg gttttcgaga caggatttct ctgtatagcc ctggctgtcc    579600
     tggaactcac tctgtagacc agggtggcct cgaactcaga aatccgcctg cctctgcctc    579660
     ccaagtgctg ggattaaagg catgtaccac cacgcccggg ttttttcttt tttttttttt    579720
     acccatggga tagtccacag tgttctagtc cctcaaacat cagttgacac tcaataaaaa    579780
     caatgaaatt gcttgcctga aacatctaag ctgagtctcc ctcttttcag aaaacaatct    579840
     tatgttaatt tgacaaaaac ctaaccagta cactattgaa tttttgtttt gacggattgt    579900
     ctgatggtgg tatagacata tgagcaatat ttctatttct gagctctaaa tgaagcattc    579960
     ctttctagct attttaatat ctttgccaca atcatttata gtttcattgt atacatattt    580020
     tgcccctttt attctcaaat tttatttcat ttttataacg attgaaatta gaacatttct    580080
     tgttttattt taatatgaag aatattgatt tataaaaata aattagagag taaatcacca    580140
     tctttcttag ttggtttatg ggttgtattg tctactgaat agttaaatac gttcaacata    580200
     tatgtttaag tcatttgcag tggtaaattg gctgttgttt ttccatttga atggttttta    580260
     cttctttttg gtgaattatc tggtttggaa tgttaataac tatatttatt aatatcagtt    580320
     tagtaggtac atttatgtat cccagattga agaaagttat tcattaatca gtgttcaatt    580380
     gttttccagc atgtggtcat ttataacttg aaaatctcta acttcatcca tttccctaca    580440
     attaagatga tttcattttc cattgctgaa aattctgaag tatatatggc tatttgtata    580500
     tcattaacca ctagtgttga ttttgtgttc cattaccaaa tttactgaca cgaaagcaag    580560
     aaacatcaga ctcactagga cttagagaat ctgaggcttc agtccaacac tgttaaaaag    580620
     gagcagctct catcaagacg tgtgaaatgc aatgcaagga aattgtcatg cacattgaat    580680
     ttcatactat cttaaattgt aaataattaa cctactataa actaccaaaa atcacacatt    580740
     aaaaagccta tgcactggct atgattggca gaagaaaggg aggcagacag gaggtatcac    580800
     aggagatcca aagaagcata cagatgaatg cagtctccat ggctccttag ctgctaaagg    580860
     ttgaacaagg ttccaagttt gttgagtgct gtggagctac actgagaagg cagcctgtgc    580920
     agcaggtgca gaggaaagct aaaagctgat ttcctgtttg cagaaagtgt ctatctggaa    580980
     tatttcatgt ccacacatct caagagttat gttttgagct cttggtcctg tgaaggttct    581040
     atgccccagt ataggggact tccagggcca ggaagttgga atggatggtt tggtaagcag    581100
     ggggagaggg aagggatagg ggaggggaaa ccaggaaagg ggataatatt tgaaatgtaa    581160
     ataaagaaaa tatctaataa aaaaagagtt gtgttttgta tttaatttgg aagaaaaaga    581220
     gcaacactag tcccaggctt gcctcagaga tgttataaag agaaagatta tctttgacat    581280
     ctgatccttg tgtatcatcc agtcgatgag ttctgggggt ataagcatgc actgtcatga    581340
     ggcatttatt tgctgtggca aaataaatga aggtttatct aacaaactat acaccgaaca    581400
     tatatatata tatggtgagc atattatctt aatacctatg ttagagaata aacagaaatt    581460
     gtggtttcca ttgtaatttt ttaatattat aatgcaattg catgtttttc ttccatttct    581520
     attccacaaa gatttttttg ttatcttctc tatttcaatt tcatatacac tcaaatataa    581580
     tatatacatg cacatataaa ggttaaatat ggaagattta catatatatt aaatgtaaaa    581640
     ataaaaatac aagctgctca ttcatatgat attacatgtc attttattgt ctgggctttc    581700
     aggtactgga aaacttattg gtgtactctt ctctttagga gactattcta taatcaaatt    581760
     atatatttat atttacatat ttattatata ttatagatat accattaata taaatatata    581820
     ttctaaaata aatcatataa atgcagtaaa gaagcttcca gctcttatgt tgccggcaat    581880
     ccttcaacta gggcttagaa ttaacaatcc tgcattttga tgtgttatgg cttacagtaa    581940
     tggttgtaag gtattgtagt tagaagtttt ctctatgatt ggagataaca acatatatcg    582000
     gcgagtaatg atgttctgag cgatctctgc ctgaccgatt cttatctgtg aacactgcag    582060
     attccccaaa gatcttagag tagttgaatt atttcttggt tagaaccgtt gtaagaagct    582120
     ttattctttc agatgcagtt tcttcatctt atgttgtaat ccctttcagt tgatcatttt    582180
     tttccccagt aatggcatct ttacctgaaa ttactaagaa cactaaaatc tctgacgagt    582240
     ctgcattttt gtaatactta actcttcttg tttgtattta aatggtattt tattagtaat    582300
     atcacatatt ggacctttta tatttttcat ccagatgatt taacaaactc tttctactta    582360
     ttgtttaaga ttgcttccag gaacctgaac tgtgaaaaac ttggaataaa atgaagcata    582420
     ttagtgtgta tttccatttt attgttttta tttctttttc tgaaaaaact tagagtgcta    582480
     taatacatct tctttaatga attatttaat gattctttat ttattctttt cacctattga    582540
     ctttatattc ataaagtgtt ttttaagcta tctgattcta ccttaactgt tctcatgcct    582600
     tccaatatag tgtattgatt acagatgtgt ggaagagccc ccaccactca cttacctatt    582660
     cacttttgca tggcataaag tttatgatga ggttatttct tgagttcctg agttagagat    582720
     taattgctga acaccaagtt gacttctttt tgaatattag ttgatgaaat atttagatac    582780
     tcctgttttt ctcagacatc agatttcaat tttagcagtt ttgaattcca gtgttgcttc    582840
     tcttctcaca catatgcaca ccctgactcc atggcctctg atgacatcgt aaagatcatc    582900
     tgatttatct acactgctgg aacctggagt tcattctgtc tgagggttga gactactgga    582960
     aaggtcgctc attaactggc caaattttgg gtccatctca agggaagggt tcaaggactg    583020
     acactattat tgctgctatg gtgtgcttac agacaagagc ctagcatggc tgtgctctga    583080
     gaggtccaac aagcagctga ctgatacaga ggcaaatact tacacccaac cattgcacac    583140
     aaaagtcaga aacctaagtg ttttaattag aaaaagatgg agaaagctgt ggagaaggac    583200
     cacccctcag gaagaacagc aatgtcagca cacttggacc cctgagatct ctcagaaacc    583260
     gggataccaa ccaagcagca tacatgagct tttctttatc catcgcctct tccacaaata    583320
     ctgtgattaa tttctcaaac tttttattgc atctttgatc attgtatact tggatataat    583380
     gtggtgtttt tatcatattc aaaagttaga cttttcctgg attcctacaa aaaaaaaaaa    583440
     aaaacttcat actgatgtaa attccttatc ttgaatcctg tgaataactt atcagtggtg    583500
     tgcctggtgg tgtagacatc tcactgaccc tgctgctgtc tcttgaacat agcccaccaa    583560
     ttgttttgga gctgatatga tgatgctagt tttgtttgtt gtagtgtatg cacaacaatg    583620
     gcatcattca accaagaaat tgtccttacc tttacatctt caccacatcc taacatctcc    583680
     tttttctgac tatttagcta aagatctgtg atgaacaaac ccttggttgc ttaacataca    583740
     tttttggaat gatttaaaat tggaatttag ttaaatttct ttgaaaatac agaagccttt    583800
     ttaaaaaaat ctgtctattt ggttttttct tgtgaatgag ttgagttgcc tgtatatttg    583860
     tatgtaggct cataatctca tgaaaggaaa ttgtaaggga caagcaaaaa tattttttaa    583920
     aaacaaaact aagaatttta tatatgttta gaattttttt aaaaaagtgt attgtacact    583980
     ggacatatgt ccttcattat atttccttga ctttattagt cccatttggc cattaatttc    584040
     aagtagacag tttgatttcc attttattac atatttgcat tcataattgt tggtagctgt    584100
     acaatatcta aggtccacaa atgagcgact catatacaat atctctgttt ccataaaagg    584160
     tcttaattta cctaagaaag ttgagttcct tattcattgc agaagaatag attctactgg    584220
     gttgtaagaa tagcatattt agtttataca atcatttgtt ggcagacgtg ttgtttagct    584280
     cagtaattta gttattacag aaaatgctga gtaaataaac atttgaatgc acatatttct    584340
     gaggcatgtt caattgctgt cacttgtgta atattttagt atgcaacctt ctggaaaggc    584400
     cactattaat ttcaagtgta tgaaaaaaga ttgcaaattc tcataaatat gtttttaaag    584460
     ttccagtaac cattttctct cattgcttct aacaccaata aatttgtcac caagtaaagt    584520
     gagtgtctca ggttaggatt ctatttttga aaaatgaaag attaggcttt gatattgtat    584580
     ctaagtggtc tgcacatgtc tcagggaaag ttcctaagac agaattagga tttggtcccc    584640
     agcatcctgt tgactgaccc aggtgcactc aacttccttc ttctccagcc agaatgttct    584700
     tatgtaagaa agatcctgcc tcatgaatat gcaaacatga gtctgtgatt ataaatacag    584760
     agatatccat accaaacaac ttatgagcac tgttttctct acagtcactg aatctcaagg    584820
     tccttacaat gaaatgcagc tgggtcatct tcttcctgat ggcagtggtt acaggtaagg    584880
     agctcccaag tcccaaactt gaggggccat acactctgtg acagtggcag tcactttgcc    584940
     tttctttcta caggggtcaa ttcagaggtt cagctgcagc agtctggggc tgagcttgtg    585000
     aggccagggg ccttagtcaa gttgtcctgc aaagcttctg gcttcaacat taaagactac    585060
     tatatgcact gggtgaagca gaggcctgaa cagggcctgg agtggattgg atggattgat    585120
     cctgagaatg gtaatactat atatgacccg aagttccagg gcaaggccag tataacagca    585180
     gacacatcct ccaacacagc ctacctgcag ctcagcagcc tgacatctga ggacactgcc    585240
     gtctattact gtgctagaca cagtgttgca accacatcct gagtgtgtca gaaaccatag    585300
     aaccgcagga agctgcctga gactgagatg acagacaata ttatcctgaa gattttctca    585360
     gaaatagcca ttttgtgagc ctgcctcatc ctcacagttt taaatgctat ttgtcaactt    585420
     ttcaaataga catctccaaa taaaatgagg ctgatctgag atccccttaa agtacactat    585480
     attttgaaca gttctttact agtgaacatt ttcattggca tgttattgtt taataaaaga    585540
     taaatgacat gcctttgcaa tattttataa taatatatta acccttgtta attgttgctg    585600
     aactagacag aaataaacta tattatgaat atggcaagta aaacccaaat caacaacatg    585660
     tgggcaaaca aaaacctcat tcatagttct ttgatgtgtc tgaaacaaga aaaggcagat    585720
     ttttaatagg ttcatcatag atttgagtgt agctacttta cttctataga atcataattt    585780
     ataactttac ctaaaattat taatatatct aaatataaat tgcttttggt agtaatagtc    585840
     aaatctctta ctatttctgg attagggatg cagctgcagg acatgtggtg gagaactgag    585900
     tgtatggaat ctcctgctct gggaacaact gggttcctgt tcagataaca ctgggccagg    585960
     gcaatgagat acttagctgg gaatgaaaga ggtctgatct tgtgatcagc agccctggtg    586020
     tgtatcccct ttcttggaac tgaatgatct gttttaacaa tacaagatca acattgactt    586080
     gaacagtaac aattattttc atattttaca gatatattag aggattattt actctaataa    586140
     gaatgaatag taagttttaa tatatatcgt tttcaaatat ggccttttcc ttccacattt    586200
     gaatcatata ggaaaacatg agaatcctgg cataactgag ccttatgttt cacagttgtt    586260
     catggtttta tcaaatcatc aataatatga gaattattac ctactatgga atgatttttt    586320
     tttacaatta aacttgaact ttctttaggt gatgaaagag acaagatgga aaaagctttg    586380
     gtatttctat tttattaaat acaatttctt actgatgatc agcaaagtat aaagagttgt    586440
     gtagattttt atctgataat gggacagaag cctaggggag taatattatg agaaacttta    586500
     ttccaagtac gtatagcagc tttggagcca gcaagttgtt tgaactcctt ttagaatatt    586560
     tggggatgat aagtaatgtt ggggaagggg ggtgttcctg cctttggttg tgagcatccg    586620
     tgggcagtca ttcatctatt ccttactgca gacacagact aatcttatgg gtagtgagaa    586680
     ttgttcagaa tggcttgcca gtcaaagggt ttaatttcat acatagttgc cataatgcct    586740
     attattcctg tagtgggatg gctctcaatc ccattttcta taacaatttt ttgagatcat    586800
     tatctataat aaacgagagc ttcatgggga ggatcttggc atagttcact aatgactgca    586860
     aatattaccg cattaaaact ttttaaaaac tattttgatg gatgtgtatc acaaaatcta    586920
     tcaccatggg tcagtgaatc atgtaaaata gatgcaagag actcaataga aagaaagatt    586980
     tctggtattt ccttttcttt tattgagagt gtattgctag ctcaacctta ttccagggta    587040
     tttaaggatt tagtataact ggtctcacag acctgaacaa cactcattca ttaacatttg    587100
     cccaagatcc ggaatgagat ccatgctcag gacacgatgg atatttcttg atactaatca    587160
     agagtggatg agcttatcct aattacactt tggctccatt tcatttaagt aacttttgtt    587220
     tcttctgggc aagcacagaa acttcagaaa agaagagagt tcccctcagt gagagcaatc    587280
     tagagccaaa ttgtgcagtc attttgtatt atttatccaa aggcaagcta agacttgaat    587340
     tctctagtct gcatttaatt ctccctgtgt cttttcatcc tatcagtctc ttgtaagagt    587400
     ttgagtctct ggagcctctg tctctccatc ctttctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct    587460
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctcttctt aacaaagaat gtatacattg aatagcacag    587520
     aaagtatccc ttgtaaagga aatatgggat actttacaaa tatcattagc acagttttat    587580
     aagggtgagc acattttact gactcctatt ggcccaaata ataaaaatca ctacaaacat    587640
     cattgcttat cagacaatac atatatggtg ttttcaacaa gttttgttat tcattttata    587700
     aggtttactg aaacctatat tttatgtatt cagcaaatga ttatcatagc acaaatacat    587760
     atgcattagt caaatcgaga gcacagagga gcatataact tcagggctgt gcattttctt    587820
     agcttataaa agattatttt ggaatctcag acaaagtaag gttgggtata gtaaaagaag    587880
     ttaagtgtta atattttcta ttcataaaga gatgaactca aatagttgca gtttgtctgg    587940
     agtgctttaa aactgcaaaa acttccagcc tagaagcagg tgccataaaa taaatgtttg    588000
     cttgggagga aacatacttt agatttgtta aattggaggt atggggctga taatagaaat    588060
     taaatctgtt ctgtttgtat tttctaattg tgactaaaca tataaacctg gacatataat    588120
     taaatatcaa acatgtaatt tatacttctt agataattat cagcctattt ttgttctatg    588180
     aaacatggag agagagggga gggagaaggc accatttttc tggtctgtca gagcttcaga    588240
     aggaatatga ttgttagaac agtaagaatc ccttggacac tattgtaata ctcactccta    588300
     cctcccttcc ccaattcctc atctgttatg aggggttctt tgtcagcaaa gaccctctga    588360
     ccctctacca ttgaaggtcc ctggcatctc attcatgaac agggacccac agaggtatgt    588420
     ctacatgggg taagaataag aattcagtga attgtttggc aagcctcctg tataagaaat    588480
     tgatgggata gagaaggatg aaaggacaag aactataaac aagtcactgg tcataagtat    588540
     tctatagaat aagggcttta gtgcagagaa tacaatctgc tttataaaat aggggaatca    588600
     aagtcagcac ttctcaattg gctgctctct taaattttgt gcatcaaagt aataattggt    588660
     ttccagacca agggagtttg gatttagaaa cctggaccgg atgagaaaag gatatccatg    588720
     tttgatatta gaagagcata cctaatacta tgcctattaa ggtttctttt gttggagtgt    588780
     ttttaggaaa gcttgacata ctgtcaagcc tcatgagaaa gacacttttc cctgctctta    588840
     gcaggaagag atcatggaga agatactccg tcattagatc ataagcctaa aaataaataa    588900
     atacaccatt atattttcta tttttcttga ggctttaaat actgagaatg ataaagatca    588960
     tgatgatggt gccagactcc agtggatgga tggagttccc aaaccacttt caactttttt    589020
     ttaacccaga atcattcctg tgtaaaagaa aatcaggaac aaaaatggag tagagactga    589080
     atgaaagacc atccagtgac aggcccaact tggcatccat cacatcagca ggtaccaaac    589140
     cctctcagtg ttactgaagc tatgttgtgc ttgcagacat gccacagacc ctctgggtcc    589200
     ctggtgtgtg tggaatggga tttcttaggc agataggcaa aaagagtcgg atgtgacaga    589260
     cagacaaaca cgtgagagtg gtgttgaatc tgaatgtaat gttctggttg agcttcagac    589320
     ttatattaca acgaattatc agaagataca aatcacaaga agacaagata cactgagatt    589380
     caccagttac agcagaaagg aatttgcagg aactaattaa atgtttacag tagggataac    589440
     aagccctgcc taggatcagc ctaatgccag gcaagaattt cacactttag ggttaatagc    589500
     atcagggggt tgttaactct tgacaggcct taagagtaat gtaatgtcac tgaccctgaa    589560
     attctctagg ccttgttaat acttatcagt ttggaaaatt tccattatca ggatagtata    589620
     tcaacttgct ctggtgtgga atgtagtttg tagtaaatat ttctacctca gtgagacttt    589680
     tagtctcttt ctgcagacag ctgagttaat ggctagtgct ttattgttct atgttagtgc    589740
     ttaattagtt actgaatggg ttaagctcct tgctgctatc tggaatctaa gaacactggg    589800
     aaaaggcttt agctatgtta gaatacaatc ttaaaaggca tttactataa ggtaatacta    589860
     tatagagtac acgtggatcc atacactaga ctaatgtgga tttggaaaat taattttatg    589920
     ggttagggaa aaaacgccat aactccggga ggggaatttg catggaactc ttatcctcgt    589980
     aaaacagctt ccaggctttt cacctgtcaa actgagccaa actggagagc tgactttcct    590040
     cagacatcca ggaggagagt cctagaaatt catttctcat gagcagcttt ttggcatttc    590100
     ttcctcacaa gctgactcca ccagagtgcc ctggcacaga catgtgccta gcatagctgt    590160
     tctctgagag gatctaccag cagctgactg agacagatgc aaatatttac agtcaaccat    590220
     tgaactgagg tcagagacaa ctatggaaga gttggggata ggaatgaagg agctgaaggg    590280
     gatacccact tgatagggag accaaaagtg tcacttactt tggatctctg agagctcctg    590340
     gagatgaaaa cttcaaacaa tcaattattt ctactttaaa tcctctgaat gcacacctac    590400
     tcatcagcaa atttgagaag gtgagggcaa aaatgtgtac aagaaattaa tcatcaccag    590460
     tccaaactca gtaagagtca tgtcagataa tgctggttag gctgcaaata tcatggttcc    590520
     ctaaactcaa aaactcccat ctcaagtaat aagagtgtgc ctttctcaac atcaaattgt    590580
     ttctatataa gagccactaa aaaaatacca ttacttaatt ttagtaataa ttaacttttt    590640
     ccgaatgctt tccaagactc gtgattgatg aaatcttctg ggaagtgttt tctcagagta    590700
     caaagaatct gtgttccaga gatagtcaac gttgtacctc ctgctgcagc aggaatagga    590760
     aatgtgtaag aatcacccag agggtactgg ttttgaaggt atgaaggggc cattgagagc    590820
     agcacaggct tggtactgtg agaggccagg aagagcgaat gaggaaggtt cagcctgcat    590880
     tgaaaatcta aatgtctaca ttcttttcta gagtggtgat taaatcatta atctgttcca    590940
     gcttcataat tgaaaacgat caaacactat tttgtgattg caagtgatac agtctagtga    591000
     ggaggtagag acacctttag agatttcata aaattcttag atgaagagtg atgtgaaggc    591060
     aacagcaaga gcaaagttcc acaactgcat gaagtcctga ggacctatag tcctcagggc    591120
     tctgtgtctc caagccatac ccatgtgatt gtgctaacag ataggggaca tgctgtgtgt    591180
     tcagaaaaca tttgttggtc ctcttgaaca ggcctagaga cacatacaat aatttcagtg    591240
     gaaagtctga ctaacaggtg gatgattcct gtgtattcag gttgctgtca tatttgactg    591300
     ggctgaaaca tactgctttg ggcagttgag tatgaggaat tataaaaaag tatagagtct    591360
     cataaaaagt tggaaggaga gcaactagga tgactatgga tattttaatg ggaactggag    591420
     actggattct agctaaagac cagctacatc ttaggaagga ggttctcact cagtgctcag    591480
     ttatctctgt agcaccatgg agaaagatca ttcctctgat gttaagacaa caggattaat    591540
     ggttattaga gagaaggact tttgaagctt tcttatccta gctgatggaa accttgaatg    591600
     gtgattcaag aggaaactgc tctgattttt attgaacagc ttagcttgct tttgaaaatg    591660
     caaagtctcc ttgccagact gctaaaacca agagaaaaat cagaaggtat taatgaattc    591720
     gttagagtat catttaaggt caccccttcc tatttataag gaataactat tgtagcacct    591780
     cccagggaca gaccaccatt caatttggat gcaataaaga tggtttttca tgtgatcaac    591840
     taggacattt tagtagggtt caagtattta aagggcaccg gaaagtagaa agtagaaggg    591900
     agctgaatct tatgttctag gagataaact gattaaggga gtgataatct tgaagcaagt    591960
     taaggcaagg tgtttcatac ctttaatccc aggagacaaa gtcaagcaga tctctgaatt    592020
     caaggccatc tgggaaagaa catattctag gtggagaaaa gcttaaatcc atatgtgatg    592080
     gtacacacct tttaatctca gcatttagca gacagaacca tggagaacta tgagttcatg    592140
     gtcaatctac agaacaagta ttaggacaga gaagcttagg cagtgaagga gctggaaaac    592200
     aaaaatcttg tggtaattta atacaaaaaa gtgtctatgt tccagctata gcaagaagca    592260
     aaactctaaa gttttgacca tgtggaactg gctttacagt ctagaataga agggtcttct    592320
     gtgacaattg atgctggtta gctgaaatta agaagttagt ggtgattaag acctcagcat    592380
     tacctagatg aaatcttctg ggaagtgatt tctgaaagta caaagaatct gtgttccaga    592440
     gatagtcaat gttgtacctc ctgctgcagc agaacttggc aatgtgtaag aatcacccag    592500
     aagttactgg ttttgaaggt atgaaggggc cattgagagc agctgaggtt tggtactgtg    592560
     agaggccaag aaaagccaat ggagaaggtt cagcctgcag ttgatggccc aggattgaag    592620
     aactgaagaa gctgaggtat gtcacaatga agagagccta tgagaggcta ttggcataat    592680
     gtagttgcag tgtattaaag gtactagaat cataggatga tgaccaagaa gagaagcaag    592740
     agtgtagtgg tgttactcag agcctagaga ggtagagagg acagagctat atatgtgatc    592800
     caagccctct tttttaaagt tgttttatta gatattttct ttatttgcat ttcaaatgtc    592860
     atctgctttc ctggtttctc ctccaaaacc ctcgtatcca atccccactc ctcctgttca    592920
     ccaacctacc cattcccact tccccaacct ggcattcatt ttcaccgggg cattgagcca    592980
     tcacaggagc aaggacctct cctctcattg atgtccaaca aggccattct ctattacata    593040
     tgcagctgga gccatgggtt cctccatgag tactcattgg ttgttgttta gtccgtggga    593100
     gctctggggg ttctgggtga ttcgtattgt tgttcgtcct atggggttgc aaaccccttc    593160
     agctctttca gtcccttctc tagcttctcc attgggccca tagtgctcag tccaatagtt    593220
     ggcatagaac atccacctct gtgtttgtta ggcactggca gagcttctca ggagacagct    593280
     atatcaggct cctgtcagca agcacttgtt ggcatccaaa atcgtgtctg ggtttggtgt    593340
     atgaacatgg gatggatctc caagtggggc agtttctgga tggcctctcc ttcagtctct    593400
     gctccacact ttttctctgt atcactaaca catgggtatt ttgcttccca ctgtaagaag    593460
     gacccaagta tccacccttt ggtcttcctt cttcttgtgc ttcatgtggt ctgtgaattg    593520
     tatcttggat attctgagct tttgggctaa tatccactta tcagtgagtg catcccatgt    593580
     aataaggaca catacacaac tatgttcata gcagccatat ttatattagc cagaagctgg    593640
     aaacaccaca gatgtccctc aacagaagca cagatacaga aaatgtgata catttacaca    593700
     gtgaagtact tcccagctat taaaaacaat gacttcatga aactcttagc caagtggatg    593760
     gaactagaaa aaatggatgg atattcaccc aaacgtttgt aatacctaag ccctcttgag    593820
     aaacccagaa gatcatgagt gcatcccaga cattggaaca agaagctgta agttagagtt    593880
     gccttggaaa caccaagatg ttaatgatgt aagagctggg gtataactgc tgaggaaagc    593940
     ttctaacagg gagtggaaca agcccaagag aatgaagttt gttgctgctg aatgccaagt    594000
     ctgtcaacaa cagtcaacaa ggatgaaaga agtcagagat atgaagacta ttttgacata    594060
     agacatggag aggtggagtt tggactttgc ctagctggca ttctgtctta ctttggtaca    594120
     gatttttttt ttactttgta tgggattaca gttataagac tccatgaatt tcagaagtta    594180
     ctttcccccc cccccccttt gatttttaac attgttgagt atgctataaa ctatggggac    594240
     tttggaaatt ctattaaatg tattttgcct tgtgctttgg ctaggtatgg cccccataga    594300
     ctcatgagtt tgaacaagcc tatgtgggct aggaaataga atatttgtgg tttgtatatc    594360
     gtggcaagtt taggaggtgt ggtcctgttg aagtagatgt ggccttgttg gaggatgtgt    594420
     gtcactgttg gtgtgggctc caagtacctc ctcctagctg cctagaagct acacatttcc    594480
     tgtttgcctt cagagcaaga tactttactc tcagattttc ctatgccagg cctgcatgtg    594540
     tgctgctctt ctcctgattt aatgataatg gactgaacct ctcaacctgt aaggcagacc    594600
     cagttaaatt ttgcccttat aagatttacc ttggtcatga catctgttta cagcagttaa    594660
     accctaacta agatgcctgt ctttatataa attgattgga gttggacctg ggaactgaaa    594720
     gaggttaaaa ggtggcagca tatgtggagc gtctgagttg ttaaatggtc ctgcttgaga    594780
     ggctggttct ttttctatta ccaagaacta gtcatgtgct tccttaaaga gctgacttga    594840
     attactctct aaatgtgtgg aatgatttct cactatgaag acatattaat tccaaaacat    594900
     tagtacccaa gtcacctagg ttaacattcc aaccaataac ttaggaaata acatggaaag    594960
     gggaacagaa agaacacaag agccaacaaa caggaatgct gtgaattgtg acttgtcatg    595020
     acacaaaatc tgtacacttg atcccactgg aactgtggtt tcttgcccat caagcttgtt    595080
     aaagtttcca cataggatag gagaaatggt tctgaggatt tacccttggc agatgaccta    595140
     gtgatagatg gttgctgcta aaggcgatca ctcttatttg tgggtatatt atttgatctg    595200
     ttttccttgt tctaggggat cgtcccacac acatgcacac attatagcac taattggatt    595260
     ctgtgatagg tcgttaattg aaaagaacac ttacttgaga gggagagatg ttgggtattt    595320
     ctagaatgtt gctgcaagtg gttttcatta aaatattaaa tacttacata atattttcaa    595380
     aatattgctt acattgtcta tgagaaattc atgaaggtgc ttcctgttaa taattctttt    595440
     aacctatatc agttcattat aatgcttctc accctaccct ctaccctaaa tctgcccaac    595500
     ctaagtgctg ttttaatgcc ccttcaccca gtttcttatc cctataatat atagctcttt    595560
     tggctttgtg gtaatgtggt tatcttgctt atcttcctta tccagatcac ccattagccc    595620
     tctctccttt cctccctttc ttctctttct ctctttttct gatattctct ctctcctctc    595680
     aggaccaagt ctattctgcc agccatgcta agtctagaca acattttcag aaagctttaa    595740
     gtttatatat atatatatgt taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa acaagacttt gtatatgtaa    595800
     cctattttcc aggcttgtta gaatttgatt ttttttctca ttacccttaa gtttattcaa    595860
     gggcagataa cccaagaata tacctagaat aatggcataa tctaattatg tgcttttctg    595920
     tgcttagtaa tgtatagggc aaagggagac ttcaaaatag tggccaaatt aagttaattt    595980
     tatgattttt cttaaaaaga agactcatat ttttctcata aaagcacata aaatctatca    596040
     taatgcagaa agtccccaaa tatgaaacac acagaggcca taacctaaaa gttagagata    596100
     aaatgacagt ggttgcagca atccactcag ctttgctgga actgtgtcaa gcagctctgc    596160
     tggcttcgtg actctcatca ttcccagtgg atatgactgt gccacacaga tatccatttc    596220
     ttctcatgaa ctgttgcatc aaaccacact gcagtggcat attagtttct tttctattgt    596280
     tgatataaaa cacaatggac aaaagtgact tacagaatca agcgcttatt ctgatttaga    596340
     agtcatatct gagtcactat ttaataggca tacccatgct gggtcacttt aagtggtaag    596400
     tggttattta gtctgcatga agaacaacaa tgtcaaccaa ccagaaaccc cccacacaca    596460
     cacacacaaa gctcacaagg actaagtcac caaccaaaga gtacacatgg tggattgatg    596520
     gctccaactg aatatgtagt aaaggattgc cttattgggc atctctggga gaggagcccc    596580
     tcgttcctat ggaggcttga tgacccaggg taggggttcc tgagtcagct gtgggtagac    596640
     aggtggggta gaaccctcat ggagacaagg ggaaagagtg ggaataggag gcttgtgaag    596700
     gagaaactgg gaaggcgaat aacatttgaa atgtaaataa ataaaataac ctataaaaaa    596760
     agaaaagaaa gaaaatgttt tatgaagatg agggttcata cagattatac caatggatgg    596820
     atagagtata gtaaagagga caaaatgact aaaataaaca ctcatactgc atagcgaaaa    596880
     tgatgaggaa taataaagga agttaggtat tagtatttgt tactcataaa aagacctgtt    596940
     cagaaatttt ctgtttgtct caagagcttt aaaacagcca acatcacccc acgtaaaatc    597000
     tggttgatag aaattagatg tgtttgcttt ggacgtgaca ttctttagaa tctttaaatt    597060
     ggagtatgag cctgataaaa ataataatct attctgtttc cattttctaa ctgtgactga    597120
     acttgtaacc cttgacatgt aatgaaaggt caagcataaa ttaataacca catgaataac    597180
     cattagtctc tctctgctgt gaaacgtata aataaagaag cacctggatg ccactgagca    597240
     acaagaaatg gtctgagtgc tagaaagtca gaatcacagt agtagcaagg ctgctagcaa    597300
     gtcagctatt agactgtcct gaacattgct actggatgag tctttcccct tgccaatgcc    597360
     tccactgtgg ggtgccttgt cagcaaagat tctcagactc tgtgttccat gctgggaacg    597420
     acctccaaga aggtccccag ttttagtcag aaccagaagt ttctccatca gtctgcatct    597480
     ctctctgttt tcctatgagc agttcattct tcaatttttc ctcctgctaa ccatcaaatt    597540
     ctttatatga atttaatttg tgtttttctc tgactccaca ttgctttcac atcaagcctc    597600
     actctatgat gtctttttgt gacatttata tataaatttg atataatctc ctttctattg    597660
     tataaaggtg tctgatacag tgtattttat aaaaggtata gacatatgta tctccacaat    597720
     tttgaggttt aggcgcccat atcagtgttg acgccactga aggtaacatg atacatggta    597780
     atttgtcagt actacaagct aaccagaaca ccacaagaaa gatatttatt ctttctgagt    597840
     atcatatgga tcattaacta gtcactgttt tctgtgccta acaagaccct aacactacca    597900
     ccatgaggac caatcttcca acaaagcatt cttattggat tcagtcaaag catagacaaa    597960
     ccaaaacctt gtatatctga tgtagagatc attcccccat ttcatgatgc aagtatattc    598020
     gttgtttctc aatagcctta gttttgcctg agtgtcactc aaatgttcaa attataagtt    598080
     ttgttttcac ctccatacaa acctctgtgt tctcctctta aaacaacaat ttataaaccc    598140
     aggctcataa ctgcatttat acttttttct tttttaaaac ttttctaaat tattttattt    598200
     atttatattt taaaagttgt cctcctcttt ctggtacccc attcccaaat tcttctctca    598260
     tctctccctc tgaaggggtg ctcctgcaca cacctactca cccttctcac tgccaccacc    598320
     atcactctta cctggggcat caaatttcca cagaattaaa cttatcctct cccactgagg    598380
     ccagacaagg cagtcctcta ctacacatgg atccagggcc atgtaccagc ccatgtatgt    598440
     tccttggttt ttggtttagt cttgggaatt ctgaagtaac ctggttagtt gacactcttg    598500
     ctctttctat ggggttgaaa tcttctttac ttccttcagt ccttcctcta aatctttcat    598560
     agggggcccc agactcactc caatggtgga ctgaaagtat ctgcatttgt ttcagacagt    598620
     tgctggtaga gcttttcaaa gaacagccat gtcaggctcc tgtatgcagg gacaagatgg    598680
     cctcagtaat agtgtcagga tttggtatga aagcttaaaa tgcatcctaa gttgggctgg    598740
     tcatggggtg gcctgtcttt cagtctctgt tccattattg tccctgcatt tcctttagac    598800
     aggaacattt ctgggttaag catttcaaag atggttggat gggtcctgcc tcaactgggg    598860
     gccatgccta cctactggac atggtctctt ctagttccac ctctgtacta ttgagcattt    598920
     tggctaatgt catctggtct tttgtacttt tcagtcttct ctatattgtt ttatttttga    598980
     taggaatgtt tagaaatgtt gacacagaaa catgccattt cttcttcaaa tttcttattc    599040
     ttacccactg tatttggtgg aaatgtgtta gataactctt tctaggtgtg taagttatat    599100
     aaggccaatt atctgaggga acttatttct caaagatgaa catatgaact agactaaaga    599160
     atagctattg taaaacattc agtatgaaac atgattgttg ctaatcatta tggttctttg    599220
     aatgcagtat atgtctttta aagaatttaa aattgttaag ttgatacaag agaatatcac    599280
     tgataatcat cagtccccat agcaccttgt gcctgcacca aggccctcta gacaccgttt    599340
     tttaattccc ataatttatg cttctcattg tcattcatca gtgttagaag cctttgccat    599400
     atgtggtctt gtagatgctc atcctttcaa ggaaaaaggg atgacaggtg ccaatttcag    599460
     caatgatagg aaaaagacac catgcaaaca aaagcattga caatgtacaa aatatattgt    599520
     gcaagttgag ttaactgcaa caatctctcc tttatccagg cttgattata tgtagtaagc    599580
     aaagaaattc acaaacagat atgtaaagtc aaatactgtg aaacacttga aactaatgac    599640
     atcgatagtt ctaggaattc tagaatgttg atttctttga aaaaacacag aaatataact    599700
     gccttcattt taatcacagg tatagggggt agtgaggcca gactgtgcct agcagctgaa    599760
     aatgacttgc ctcatgctct agcagaagtg tggttttggc agatgcagat aatttttatg    599820
     attgtatgat gtttaaaatt ctgagaactt tctgaatata taaatgctag agcctgagag    599880
     gcatggttgg tcattcttca gagaggttga ttgcagtttg ttagttttca aacacagcag    599940
     aaaaaaacat gctttctgag ctcaagtttg tttatgctat tgaacaggtg ccatttacta    600000
     agctcataac aagttcacta aagcccctga aaatcttcag cagccatgac atgtccctaa    600060
     aatagaggag actgactgcc acaattagat ttatacagag aagagagcgg cctgaggtga    600120
     tagccagcat cttcacccag aaacatccat ggcaaagtga gaaaccatcc acattaagac    600180
     tttccatgca aatgcactat ctgttcatga tacaattgca aagttagcaa atacattgaa    600240
     tcgtagtcaa atttgcctta aatttgattc cttctcaact gtgaaagtaa tttacagagg    600300
     tgtgaactta tttgtaagta ccatattttg atttgtacta ttccagattg tgtgagtgtt    600360
     ctgttctaag tgcagctgca ggagttggaa gataatctgg ttttacaaac actggctgcc    600420
     attgtactgt gtctggatac ttactccatc atcagtcatc actcatattg agaaaatcca    600480
     cagatttatg tagacaagga aaacagagat tatcaccctg ttaaaaggtc ctgtcagtat    600540
     tgccaggttg acaatgaaga ccatcagttc tctacaattg gaatcattga aatttattac    600600
     tggccaaaca acataggtag ggaccatgtg tgaaaccata gacacactta cataatgaga    600660
     ttcccatgac tggtaggaag cagtatagat ccacttattt ccaagacaga aagacatcag    600720
     aaggagacaa gtagctgtgc atgaggcaat tccaaaagcc tttacagact tcatgtttaa    600780
     catcattatc ttcacagtaa cacctttaaa tggtaatttg tggtgaaaat gggatgcaga    600840
     gtatgtgagt gtgcaagtca gagggacagt agatctgtgt gacattttcc tgcaccagtt    600900
     ctctaatact gcaggtatcc agtgtgaggt gaagctggtg gagtctggag gaggcttggt    600960
     acagcctggg gcttctctga gactctcctg tgcatcttct gggttcacct tcactgatta    601020
     ctacatgaac tgggtccacc agcctccagg gaaggcactt gagtagttgg ctttgattag    601080
     aaacaaagct aatggttaca taacagagta cagtgcatct atgaagggtc ggttcaccat    601140
     ctccagagat aattcccaaa gcatcctcta tcttcaaatg aacacactga gcgcacactg    601200
     aggacagtgc cacttattac tgtgcaagag atacacacag tgagggtgtg agccttgaaa    601260
     caaacctcac tgcagggctg ctcaggacca acagggggcg tacatgaccg cagaaaaaga    601320
     gtgcattgtc tctcttcgta cttattcatc tggaaataat catgcttcat ctccaaagaa    601380
     gtgtttgcat tgggaagtaa caactgcaca gaattgctaa tctatgagaa actgtatgtg    601440
     ggtgcaaatt tctattgtaa agagggaaat tttgaagaca caaacacaga tatgttttgt    601500
     ttcattttat aggttgcctt tagacttgtg attccttgtg tatcaattga atatgttgaa    601560
     cttctaccat aaatggcact tccaagttcc ctttaaaaat atattacagt cttactctac    601620
     accaaaattt tggggcttgg taaaattatt ggaaatttat tacagcaatg tacttgtcat    601680
     acatcatact tatttatttg atatgaaagt attactctaa ttaaatgaaa gatgggattt    601740
     gtttataaac tgtgtgttaa tgaaaaagat tattctatat tttgataaaa tattatttct    601800
     attatacata ttacattgaa ctaatttttc cccacaggca taatttttat tagatatttt    601860
     cttcatttac aattcaaatg ctatccccaa agtccctctc tccaccctgc tctccaagcc    601920
     accaactccc ccttcctggc cctggtatat acctgtattg ggacatataa tctttgcaag    601980
     acaaagggcc tctcctccca atgaggccct attaggccat cttctgctgc atatgcagct    602040
     agagacacaa gctcagaggg tactggagag ttcgtattgc tgttccccct atagggttac    602100
     agaccccttt acctccttgg gtactttctc tagcttccat ccaatagatg actgagcatc    602160
     cacttctgta tttgccaggc actggcatag cctcacaaga gtaagctata tcagggtcct    602220
     gtcagcaaaa tctttctggc atatgcaata gtgtctgggt ttggtggttg tatatgggat    602280
     ggattcccag gtggggtagt ctctgcatgg tcgttccttc catctcagct ccaaactttg    602340
     tctctgtaac tcattcattg ggtattttgt tccccattct aagaaggaac gaagtaccca    602400
     cactttggtc ttagttcttc ttgagcttca tgtgttttgc aaattgtatc ttgggtattc    602460
     taattttcta ggctaatatc cacttaacag tgagtgcata tcataggagt ttttttgtaa    602520
     ttgagttacc cactcaggat gatatcctcc agatacatcc atttgcctaa gaatttcata    602580
     aatgcattgg ttttaatagc tgagtagtac tccattgtgt aaatgtacca cattttcttt    602640
     acccattctt ctgttgaggg acatctgggt tctttccaga ttctggctat tataaataag    602700
     gctgctatga acatagtgga gcatgtgtcc ttcttaatgg ttggaccatc ttctggatat    602760
     atgcccagga gaggtattgc gggatcctca ggtagtatta tgtccaattt tctaatgaac    602820
     tgccagactg atttccagag tggttgtacc agcttgcaat ccctccaaca atggaggagt    602880
     gcccttcttt ctccacatcc acgccagcat ctgctgtcac ttgaattttt gatctagcca    602940
     ttctaactgg tgtgaggtgg aatctcaggg ttgttttgat ttgcatttcc ctgataatta    603000
     aggaggtaga acattttttc aggtgcttct catccattca gtattcctca gttgagaatt    603060
     ctttgtttag ctctgcaccc cattttttaa tagggttatt tgattttctg gtatccatct    603120
     tcttgggtcc tttatatatg ttggatatta gtcccctatc tgatttagga ttggtaaaga    603180
     ttctttccca atctgttggt ggcctttttt tcttattgac agtgtcttct gacttacata    603240
     agctttgcaa ttttatgagg tcccatttgt caattctcaa tcttacagca caagccattg    603300
     ctgttctgtt caggaatttc ccccctgtgc ccatattttc aaggcttttc cccactttct    603360
     cctctataag tttcagtgtc tctggtttta tgtggagttc cttgatcgaa ttagacttga    603420
     gctttgtagc aaggagataa gaatgaatca attagcattc ttctacatga taactgccag    603480
     tggtctcaac accagagaag aaggtatatc cttttctttt aggataaaat gttctgtaga    603540
     tatctgttaa attcatttgt ttcatagctt ctgttagttt cactgtgtct ctgtttaatt    603600
     tctgtttcca ggtcttgtcc attaatgaga ttggggtgat gaagtctccc actattattg    603660
     tgtgaggtgc aatgtgtgct ttgagcttta ctatagtttc tttgatgaat gtggattccc    603720
     ttgcattggg agcatagata tttagaattg agagttcatt ctggaagatt ttgcctttga    603780
     tgagcatgaa gtgcccctcc tgcctttttt gataactttg gggtggaagt ctactttatt    603840
     cgatattata atggctactc cagcttcttt tttcagacta tttgcttgga aaattgtttt    603900
     ctagcctttt attatgaggt agtgtctgtc tttttccctg aggtgagttt cctgtaagca    603960
     gcaaaatgtt ggatcctgtt tatccagcct gttaatctat gtcttcttat tggggaattg    604020
     agtccattta tattaagaga tatcaaggaa aagtaattgt tgcttcctgt tatttttgct    604080
     gttagagttg ggattctctt cttgtggctg tcttctttta ggtttgttga aggattactt    604140
     tcttgttttt ctagagggta atttccatcc ttgtattgga gtgttccctc tattatcctt    604200
     tgaagggctg gattcatgga aaggtattgt gtgactttgg ttttgtcatg gaatactttg    604260
     gtttctccat ctatggtaat tgagagtttg tgggtatagt agcctggaca ggcatttgtg    604320
     ttcccctagg gtctgtataa catctgtcca ggatattctg gttttcctag tctctggtga    604380
     gaagtctggt gtaattctga taggtctgcc tttatatgtt acttgacctt tttcccttac    604440
     tgcttttaat attctatctt tatttagtgc atttttgttc tgatttttat gtgttgggag    604500
     gaatttcttt tctggtccag actatttgaa gttctgtaag cttcttgtat gttcatgggc    604560
     atctctttct ttaggttagg aaagttttct tctataattc tgttgaagat atttcctgac    604620
     cctttaagtt gaaaatcttc attctcatct atacctatta tccataggtt tggtcttctc    604680
     attgtgtcct ggatttcctg gatgtttttt ggttaggatc tttttgcatt ttgcaacttc    604740
     tttgattgtt gtgtccatgt tctctatgga atcttctgca cctgagattc tctcttccat    604800
     ctcttatatt ctattgctga tgctcacatc tatggtccct gatttctttc ctaggatttc    604860
     tatctccaga gttgtttccc ttttggtttt ctttgtttct acttccattt ttagatcttg    604920
     gaaggttttg ttcatttctg tcacctgttt gattgtgatt ttcgataatt ctttaaggga    604980
     tttttgtgct tcctcgttaa gggtttctac ctgtttagca gtgttctcct gtattccttt    605040
     aagtgaatat tattaatatc tgtcttaaaa tactttgtca tcatcatgag atattatcct    605100
     aaatctgaat cttgtttttc aggtgtactg gggtatccag gactggctgt ggtgggagtg    605160
     ctggtttctg atgatgctga ctggtcctgg tttctgttcg tgagattctt acgtttgcct    605220
     tttgccatct ggaaatctct gttgctaatt attatagctg tctctgactg gagcttgttc    605280
     ctcctgtgat tctgttagcc ttagtcagca cttctgggag tccaactccc tcctgagtct    605340
     tagtggtcag aacactctct gcaggcaagc tctcctcttg catggaaggt gcacagaggt    605400
     ctggagctca gctttttctc ctagctgaag ggaccctgtt taagaaacta tgtttctatt    605460
     gcagcccatg tgttctcctg cacagacttg tctctgaggg acccgagata caagatctgc    605520
     cctcttatat tatctaggct tttttccttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttgtgga    605580
     attacctaca ggatcaaact aagttttcta cttgttttca cagatgatct tggactaatg    605640
     gagaggaaca tttatttgtg ttgatgtaat ctctcttcca cttttacttg tctcttttag    605700
     cagtcttggt ttccaccagg tttaatcact ttatggtgtg caatttctac tgtaattcag    605760
     agtttcataa ttttttgaat gaaagcttcc atactccact gtccctcctc agttttttct    605820
     tccttttgcc taatctagtg agaggatttt caatttgatc ttctccactc tttttcctaa    605880
     ataatgagat gaacactgtt ctcagatgct atccctaagc tcagttggtt atccgcagtg    605940
     caggaaactg aagcccattc agacctgagt cacttcatta aattaggata aaccctttgt    606000
     tcaatttttc agtcagaata tcagtcacca ttaaagcaga aaagcaacac agagccagtt    606060
     tctgtcaaat aatgaatctt tttcagtgag aagtcaaaca aaatttgact tcgtccgttc    606120
     tgtatgtcta tccctgttga ttcttgaaaa taagaaccaa acttagcaac tttaatcatg    606180
     attagtactg gtaacttcct ttggtgtggc ataaaataaa ctatgggaag taaatgtaag    606240
     gagaagtgtg ttggaagtga agtcattctt tttggagccc agaattgaga atatatagaa    606300
     gtacaattat gacctgcata ctgaaattca gcttagcagt cactccatat ttcttgtgaa    606360
     caaataagaa atatgcagtg agagaagaac taaaatacat aataacaaaa gaaatccaca    606420
     gactcctggg tacacatggg tcttgaaaac atttcacact ttcttagttg aacattgaaa    606480
     tgcaagcatg tcacatgact tcagttcaga cagggctttt cccaacctca ggaagcaact    606540
     gcactcagac ctggagctga ttcagggaat tggatgttta tcagtgaaca ggcatatgga    606600
     gctaaatgtt acaggaacga gcatattaca aaccaatgac actccctttt acaacccagg    606660
     aaatgaaaaa ttgagttgaa taaacaccat aatgtaacct ttgtgtgcaa gtataaaaga    606720
     aattagatga taattattca gtttttctca aggaaaatga taaaatatga taccaagttt    606780
     tccaacatta acatagtaac ctgacttgtc cagtccattt acaaataata tagtgttggg    606840
     tactaaggga ggtgtggggg aaggaagagg gaggaaaaaa gcccacatct ggccagagtt    606900
     cctcctatgc tctgggcagg tggttcagga agaaagccag atgctttcca ctaggtccct    606960
     ggtgtgcatc tttgtgaccc tactctatgg ggggtggaca agggacagcc cccagtacta    607020
     ggggtccagg gcaacaccct tggccccagg gttatgggag agagggcaga gggagagagg    607080
     ttcccaagca ggtgagagtt cttagtccaa tccttgactg gagcacagga tggccttctg    607140
     atggaacagc tcattgggag aaagcctatc cctctgtcca agcactccca aggaatttgt    607200
     ccttgctgca catgttttga gacagtctgt attctcctgt ttacagaagg gcatctagat    607260
     tttggagatc ataaatagca acaaatatct gacagtacta gaaaattata taattaacta    607320
     cctgacccca aaagttatca tgccctgagg ctgggaaata ctgagaaaaa gacataaact    607380
     gttttgttta tttgtttgtt ttgttttgtt atgttttatt ggatgtctcc attatttaca    607440
     tttcaaatgt tatccccttt ccatgtctcc cctccagaaa ctcctatccc atccttctcc    607500
     cctgcttcta taagggtgct ccccaacttg cccacccacg gctcatcccc accctggcac    607560
     tcaactatac tgggtcattg agccttcaca ggacgaaggg ctgttcctcc cacttatgtc    607620
     taacaaggcc atcttctacc acatatatga acagagccat gggtagctac atgtgaaata    607680
     tttggttggt ggtccagtcc ccaggagctc caggagatct ggccagttga catttttgct    607740
     cccccccatg gggcagcaaa accgctaagc tctttcagtc ccttctccct aacttcgatc    607800
     tggaacccaa gctcagtcca gtggttccct gaaagcatcc aactgtttgt cagattctgg    607860
     cagagactct agaaagagcc atttcagcca actgtcagca agcacattcc aacacccaca    607920
     atagcaccca agttgggcaa ctaaatatgg gatgtttccc caggtgggga agtctctgga    607980
     aggcctttcc ttctgtcttt gctcccacac tttaactcca tatttcttcc tgtgattatt    608040
     ttattgcccc ttctaagaag cactgaagcc tccacacttt gttcttcctt cttcttgagc    608100
     ttcatgtgtt gtgtaaggtg tatcgtgggt attccaaggg ttttttttcc ctaataactg    608160
     cttatcagtg agtgcatgcc acatgtgttc tattgtgact ggattacctc actgagcatg    608220
     gtattttcaa gttccataaa tttgcctgtg aatttcatta agtcattttt aatagctgag    608280
     tagtactcca gtgtgtaaat gtatcatatt ttctgtattc attcctctgt taagggactt    608340
     ctgggttgtt tccagcttct ggctaataaa gttaaggctg ctatgaacat agcagagcat    608400
     gtgtctttat tacatgttgg agcatcttct ggttgtatgc ccagtagtgg tataacaatg    608460
     tacccaggta gtactatgtc caattttctg aggaactgcc agactgattt tcaaagtgtg    608520
     aggtggaatc tcaggatcat ttggagtttt atttccctga taactaagga cattgaatat    608580
     ttctttaggt ggttcttagc tattcatgtt tcctcagttg agatttctca gtttagctct    608640
     gctccccatt tctaataggg ttatttggtt ctctggactc taaatactga agttctttgt    608700
     atacatcgga tattagccct ctattgactc tagcattggt aaagatcttt tcccaatcag    608760
     ttggttacca ttttgtctta ttgaaagttt cctttgcctt acagaagctc tgtcatttca    608820
     tgaggtccca tttgtgtatt cttgatctta gagcctaggt cattggagct ctgttcaaga    608880
     aacttcccct tgtgcccaca tgttcaaggc ttttccacac tttttttttc tattaggttc    608940
     agtttatttg gttttatgtg gaggtccttg atccatttgg acttgagcct tatacaagga    609000
     gacaagagtg gatcaatttg cattctccta caagctgaca gacagttgaa ccagtaccaa    609060
     ttattgaaaa tgctgtcttt tttcccactg gactgtttaa gttcctttgt caaagatcaa    609120
     gtaaccatag gtgtgtaggt tcatttctgt gtcgttaatt ctattccatt aatctgcctg    609180
     cctgtcacta taccaatacc atgcagctct tatcactatt gctacagttt gtggtcaggg    609240
     atggtgacac ccaaagaagc tcttttattg ttgagaatag ttttcactat cctagctgtt    609300
     ttgatatttc aggtgaattt gagaattgct ctttttaagt ctatgaagaa ctgagttgga    609360
     attttgatgg ggattgcatt aaatctgtag atcgcgatca gcaagaaggc catttttact    609420
     atgttaatgc tgacaatcca tgagcattgg agatcttttc atctcctggg gccttctgcg    609480
     atttatttct taagagactt gaagttcttg tcatacagat ctttcacttg attgggtagg    609540
     gtcatgccaa tatattatat attgtttttt aactattgtg aagggtgtca tttccctaat    609600
     ttctttctca gcccgtttat catttgagta taggaaggct attgatttgt ttgagttaat    609660
     tttttatcca ggcattttcc ttaaattgtt tagcaggttt aggtgttctc tgatgaaatt    609720
     tttggagtca cttaattata ctatcatatc atctgttaag ttgaaaatct tcattctcat    609780
     ctactcctat tatccataag tttggtcttc tcattgtgtc ctggattttg tggatatttt    609840
     gagttaggat ctttttgcat ttgcattttc tttgattgtt gtatccatgt tctctatgga    609900
     atcttctgca cctgagattc tctcttccat ctcttgtagt ctgttgctga tgctcgcatc    609960
     tatagttcca gatttctttc ttagattttc tatctccagt gttgtctatt gtcagcattt    610020
     aggtcttgta tggttttgtt caattccatc acctatttgg ttgtgttttc ctgtttttct    610080
     ttaaggactt ctacctgttt ggttgtgttt ttctgttttt ctttaaggac ttctacttct    610140
     ttagcagtgt tctcctgtat ttcttttttt cccatttttt attaggtatt tagctcattt    610200
     acatttccaa tgctatacca aaagtccccc atacccaccc acccgcactc ccctacccac    610260
     ccactccccc tttttgaccc tggcgttccc ctgtactggg gcatataaag tttgcatgac    610320
     caatgggcct ctaagtgagt tattaaagtc cttcttgatg tcctctacca tcatcatgag    610380
     atatgctttt aaatctgggt atagcttttc aggtgtgttg gggtatccag gactggctga    610440
     ggtgggagtg ctgggttctg atgatggtga gtggtcttgg tttctgttag taagattctt    610500
     acatttgcct ttcaccatct ggtaatctct ggacttagtt gttatagttg tctctggttg    610560
     gagcttgttc ctcccgtgat tctgttggcc tctatcagca gacttgggag actagctctc    610620
     tcctgagttt cagtggtcag agtactctct gcaggcaagc tctcctcttg cagggaaggt    610680
     acccagatat ctggcattca gacctgcctc ctggcagaag acaaaggcct gaaacagggc    610740
     ctgtcccaga agctgtgtag cttctgtagt ccacactctc acctgtgcag acaagtctct    610800
     gagggacccg tgaaccatga acagactctt aatcttagtt ctttttctgt ggatgcaagc    610860
     accataaaat tgatggcatt tcacctggat tagttctttt ggagatctaa acacccatca    610920
     ccaaagaaga gatttccaag tcagttccac cttgatgcac ctgtgtcttg tatccagatt    610980
     gtataacttc ccaagcaaca atattttaca tatagacatg gtgaataaca cagagcaatg    611040
     gcagcagcct gtattacttt gggagctctg agactatgat tataacatta acaacaaccg    611100
     cagcccaatg gattccattt tcttattgat ttgcataaga ttccaagcac tgcactcgta    611160
     caatatcaaa tttctatcaa gaaaagtcca cactgtgagt agtggttata gtgacagtgg    611220
     atgactttct ggttgtattt gaggcctgtc ctgaaggaag gacttcatgc ttaagattgt    611280
     aacccctatt gaaaaaaatc taatgccttt ggaggctgtt ggtaggccct ggggatggag    611340
     aaaatattct tctaattttg tcaaatagcc atactgtcaa actgccttct ctatacttat    611400
     gtttacacac ttaggtttgt gctgctgtca accttgatga gagaacgttt ttctcccatg    611460
     tatctgggat acatgataat attataacag gtcaaggctc tgaggatatg cgatgttgtg    611520
     cactcagcaa tgatacagga gtatcatgaa ataataaaat tcatactatg aggaatttgg    611580
     attttttctt ttttaattga tattttcatt tactttacaa atgttatcca ctttcttggt    611640
     ttcccctcca aaaacaccct ctcccatccc ctcccccatc tccctgttca acaacccacc    611700
     cactcctgct ttctggccct ggcatttccc tatagtggta ttgccggatc ttccagtagt    611760
     actatgttca attttctgag gaaccaccaa actgatttcc agagtggttg taccattttg    611820
     caattccact agcaatggag gagcattcct ctttgtccaa attctcacca gcatgtactg    611880
     tcacctgagt ttttgatcat aactattctg attggtgagg gtgggatttt agggtcattt    611940
     tgagttacat ttctctgatc tctaagaact ttgaacattt ttaagtgctt ctctgtcact    612000
     caggatttct ctgttgtgaa ttctctgttt agctttgaac actacttttt tttaagttct    612060
     tcacattttt attctttgtg cacagagatg tacactactt tttaattgtg ttatttgagg    612120
     ttttggaagt tagcttcttg tgttctttat attttttgaa tattagccct ctatcagatg    612180
     tggagttagt gaaaaatttt tcccatttta taggttatca gtttgtttta ttgactgtga    612240
     cttttacttt acagaagctt ttcagtttca tgaggtccca tttatcaatt gttgatttta    612300
     gggcctgagc ctttggagtt ctgtttagga aggttccccc tgtaccaatt agtttgagac    612360
     tccttcccac tttgtcttct ctcctattct atgtatctgg ttttatgtaa aggtacatga    612420
     tccacaggga cttgagtttt atgcaaaatt ataactgcca gttagagcaa caccatttat    612480
     tgaagatgct ttctttttcc attgcccatt tttggcttct ttttaaaaat tcaaatgccc    612540
     ataagtgtgt gggagtattt ctgtgtcttc agtttgttcc actgttcaac ctccctgtct    612600
     ctgtgcaaat accctgagac ttttattact actgctctgt agtacagctt cagatcaggg    612660
     agagtgattc ccctagaagt aattttattg ttaaggactg ttttcactat cctgggattt    612720
     ttgtttttcc atatgaaatt gagaatttct ctttccattt ctgcgaagaa cagtgttatg    612780
     atattgatag agattgcgtt gaatatgggg actgcttttg gtaagatgac caacttttac    612840
     tatgttaatc ctaccaatcc atgagcatgg aagatctttc tctcttctga ggtcttcttc    612900
     caattctttt attagggatt tgaacttctt gtcatacaga tttttcattt gcttggtaat    612960
     agttacatca aggaatttta tactatttgt ggctattgta aagagtattg tttccttaat    613020
     ttcttattca gactttttaa tcaaaactat agaagaaggc tactgatttg tttaatataa    613080
     ttttatgtat tgccactttg ctaaagttgt ctctcagctg tagaaattct ccagtagata    613140
     tttttggggg tcatggatat atactatcat atcatctgca agtagtggtg ccttgacttc    613200
     tgttccaatt tgattctctc ccataccaca ggaacaagtg ctctgtgatg ttcaccgcag    613260
     ccttatctgt aatagccaga agctggaaac aacccagatg tccctcaaag gaagaatgga    613320
     tacagaaaat gtggaacaca atgttatact atccagctat tgacaataag gacatcatta    613380
     gttttacagg caaatggatg gaaataagaa atatcagctt ccaaacactg acaccattgc    613440
     atacactagc aatattttgc tgaaaggacc cagatatggc tgtctcttgt gagactatgc    613500
     cggggcctgg caaacacaga agtggatgct cacagtcagc tattggatgg atcacagggc    613560
     ccccaatgga ggagctagag aaagtaccca aggagctgaa tgggtctgca accctatagg    613620
     tggagcaaca atatgaacta accagtaccc ccatccccca gagctcgtgt ctctaactgc    613680
     atatgaatca gatgatggcc tagtcggaca tcagtggaaa gagaggccca ttggtcgtgc    613740
     aaactttata tgcctcagta caggggaatg ccagggacaa gaagtgggag tgggtggggg    613800
     agcatgtggg agacttttgg gatagcattg gaaatgtaaa tgaaataaat acccaattaa    613860
     aaaaatccta tgtgagaaat tcgtgactca aaaggacata cttggtatgt actcactttg    613920
     aatattatcc aaaaagtaca gaataactcg ggtactactc acaaaattta agaagtttaa    613980
     caaatagaaa ctccaagaaa ggattcttta ttctcactca gtagggggaa gaaaataata    614040
     acaggaggca gagtgaggca aaagttttgc agcaagagag gaggggagag aggagaacag    614100
     ggtcaggaat ggtggggaga aagagagaag cccagagggc caacaaaatg aatggaaatg    614160
     tgaagtctct gaaggtgaga cagggagacc ctctagaaag taccagagac ctgggaggtg    614220
     agagactctc aggaatcaat aagagttacc ttagatgaaa tgcccaacag ttggaagagg    614280
     gaactcaaag agtctgcctc aagaggaggg ctggtgttat catcccacag tcataatttc    614340
     tgaccctgaa gtgttcctgt ctaaaagatc tgcagggaca aaaacggaga agaaactgag    614400
     ggaaagtggt ccagtgactg gcccaactgg ggatccactt catgggaaga caccaaggcc    614460
     tgacgttcat actgatgcta tgctatggta accgacagga gcctagcata tctgtccttc    614520
     agaggcccac ctgacagctg actgagacag atgaagatac ttacatccat acacatgact    614580
     gaagttgagt agccctaatg ttaattaggg gtaggatgga agaagcagaa caggagagca    614640
     agctcataag aagattagga gtctcaatta acccagacct ctgggagctc ccagagactt    614700
     tgccatcaac ttggcaacat acaggagcta gtatgtggcc tctgatacat atatagcaga    614760
     cgaaggtctg atctagcctc agtgagagaa gattcaccta atcctcaaga gacttgaggc    614820
     ccagaaagga gaaaggtctg atggtgaggt aatatcctct cagagacaca agggaggagg    614880
     aatgggagga aaaactttag aatggggcac cagaaggagg gagaacccct agactgagca    614940
     cagtgtatcc agtggactcc ccaatgtgtt cccaaatggg gttaccaatg ggttccccaa    615000
     tggacaagtt agagaaagga ataaaggagc tgaagggatt tgcaacccca taggaggttg    615060
     aacaatatca aacaaccaga ccaccccaga gctcccagga attaaaccac caaccaagga    615120
     gtacacatgg tgcaaccata tatagaagaa gaagggcttg tcatgcatca atgggaggaa    615180
     aagcccttgg ttctgtgaag gttcaatgcc ccagtgtagg gggaatttga gaacagggag    615240
     gcaggaatgg gtaggtgggt aggggaacac ccttatagaa ataggggagg gagcaagaga    615300
     taggaggttt ccaggggtaa ctgggaaagg gaataacatt tccgttatcc aattttaaaa    615360
     aaaggaaaga aaaataaagt tatttaaagt catggactag atgaggagtc caaagatgtg    615420
     tggggtaagg aagtcaagca aaatgaatca ataaaatgtc caatattttc ttttataaaa    615480
     tttgaaattt tatgggagtt ttatttttag acaagccaaa gttgatagag aaaattaaaa    615540
     cagtgatcat atacaaactc ccagaagaat ttttggcaag ctgttatttt cctttgtagt    615600
     taagtaaaac gaatttggac ctgtatgtgc ataaggctgc aaaagtctct tctatgaatc    615660
     attgaagttt tctgagcaca attgttacga gataatcaaa aagtgctgag ggtcatagga    615720
     atatgaatta aactaaaatc aagtttaatt cttaataatt aaaataaggc tttcttctat    615780
     aactttcaga taaattttaa ataaacagta atagaacacg cacatggatc cacatgtatg    615840
     attttaatgt cagataaaga atatttccaa gaattatccc caaaatataa gtataaatat    615900
     gtgcaaaact tgtttattaa cttatttatc ttaaaatctg gtgcttcatg tttaaatcca    615960
     atctattgtc tgaaagacat cctggcagtt taatatccag taaatctttc atgtacctac    616020
     aaaaaatata aaaaaataaa gaatttccta catgagtaca ccctccccaa acacaaataa    616080
     atgagtaatt tagtgaaaaa ttagaaaaaa aaagaaaaga aatgtcaata ccagtgaaga    616140
     catgaagaat aggcagcctt agatattgtt agttggaagg tgaacttgtt aaatcacaat    616200
     aaaatattga agtgttatca catacacata ctaaacaatt ttctaacatt gttactgata    616260
     gctgattcat tcactatatc cctgcatttt gtaataataa cttcactctc tacaacttca    616320
     atcctagagc taatgatata gcagaaagac atgcaaatta ggccaccctc atcacatgaa    616380
     aaccagccca gagtgactct agcagtggga tcctgtcctg agttccccaa tcttcacatt    616440
     cagaaatcag cactcagtcc tgtcactatg aagttgtggt taaactgggt ttttctttta    616500
     acacttttac atggtaattt atgggcaaaa agagttcctc tgtgtgtgtg tgtatgtgtg    616560
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgcatatg tgtgtaacag    616620
     ggatagaaga ttagtagatg tgtatgacca gctttctcta ctattgcagg tatccagtgt    616680
     gaggtgaagc tggtggaatc tggaggaggc ttggtacagc ctgggggttc tctgagactc    616740
     tcctgtgcaa cttctgggtt caccttcagt gatttctaca tggagtgggt ccgccagcct    616800
     ccagggaaga gactggagtg gattgctgca agtagaaaca aagctaatga ttatacaaca    616860
     gagtacagtg catctgtgaa gggtcggttc atcgtctcca gagacacttc ccaaagcatc    616920
     ctctaccttc agatgaatgc cctgagagct gaggacactg ccatttatta ctgtgcaaga    616980
     gatgcacaca gtgagaggac gtcattgtga gcccagacac aaacctccat tgcaggggtg    617040
     ttctggacca acagagggcg cacatgacta tggaaaaaga ctgtatgacc tcttcatgta    617100
     tcacttttta tctggaaagt tctctggaac ttatattgct ttatctacca cagaagtctt    617160
     tgcagtggga agtggcaact gagtaaaatg tctgaactat gacaaactgt aatgtgggtg    617220
     caaatttctc tttggccaga gggaaatttt ggagacacaa tattaaggag taaaaacaca    617280
     gatttttttt ccattatata tttgctttag acatatttct ctggaacatt ttgtgtaaca    617340
     atttaaaagt tgaactttta ccatagattg tgtgtccaag tttcctttga gaaatacatc    617400
     acagccttac tgtagaccaa gaattagtga tttagaaaaa gattatttca gtatggtcat    617460
     tcttatactt taaacgttta tttgtatgct ataaagctaa tacattaaat atcatgtaag    617520
     atgaggttta cttgtacaat gtgagtcatt gttgataaga gaattttcta gctgttgtta    617580
     aaaatccact tttgttattt atggtacaaa ataattttaa agctcaattt tatgataggc    617640
     tttcttacag aaatactgac aaaatataaa actctgcctc attttttaca taaatcaata    617700
     accatgttta ttaaaaataa tgctttgtcg tttattagtt ttaaatcatg agctatcctt    617760
     actttaataa tttaactcaa ataatatttc tccaaactga ttttcataaa ggttgaattt    617820
     atttttgtca ccacatgtgt aagggcttct atctctcatg accatctgca acattttcag    617880
     attggctgag agtggccatt tttaatgagg tgagttaata tctcaaactg gtttttaatt    617940
     taaattagta tgatatctaa gaatattgaa ccctcttttc ctttgatttc tttataaagc    618000
     cttgcttccc ttgtgtcctc caaattttgt gacacttaca ctcttcctgc ctcttcttct    618060
     gcagagatcc caggtaggac agactgttcc aaggtgtctc agtttctgca cattgtcttt    618120
     tcatggctct ctgacactga tgtacatcta gtgaagaaaa cacttctctg atgagacctg    618180
     agcaaacaac tcaactatga gtgaagcaga atgtttcaat gtgtgtcctt ttatgccaat    618240
     accgtgcttt ttctttgcca tacttctgta gtaaaatttg atctcagtgt cgatgatgat    618300
     acattcagca tttttatatt atttaggttt gcattagata ttctgaggct tttgttgatg    618360
     ttttcttatg aaaatcataa ttgtcctttc gatttttttc tattgattcc ctttcttttt    618420
     ttatattttt attacatatt ttcctcaatt acatttccaa tgctatccca aaagtacccc    618480
     ataccctccc cccactcccc tgcctaccca ttcccacttt ttggccctgg cattcccctg    618540
     tactggggca tataaagttt gcgtgtccag tgggcctctc tttccagtga tggccgatta    618600
     ggccatcttt tgatacatat gtagctagag tcaagagctc cggggtactg gttggttcat    618660
     aatgttgttc cacctatagg gttgcagatc tctttagctc cttggtactt tctctagctc    618720
     ctccattggg ggccctgtca tccatccaat agctggctgt gagcacccac ttatgtgttt    618780
     gctaggaccc agcctagtct cacaagagac aactatatca aggtcctttc agcaaacgct    618840
     tgctggtgta tgcaatggtg tcatcgtttg gaggctaatt atgggatgga tccctggaaa    618900
     tggcagtctc tagatggtcc atccttttgt ctcagctcca aactttgtct ctgtaactcc    618960
     ttccatgggt gattgtttcc aattttaaga aggggcaaaa tgtccacact ttagtcttca    619020
     tacttcttca gtttcatgtg ttttaaaaat tgtctcttat atctctggta tactaagttt    619080
     ctgggctaat atccacttat cagtgagtac ttatcacttg agttcttttg tgattgtgtt    619140
     acctcactca ggatgatgcc ctccaggtcc aaccatttgc ctaggtattt cataaattca    619200
     ttctttttaa tagctgagta gtactccatt gtgtaaatat accacatttt ttgtatccat    619260
     tcctctgttg aggcacatct gggttctttc aagcttctgg ctattataaa tgaggctgca    619320
     atgaacatag tggagcatgt gtccttctta ccggttggaa catcttctgg atatatgccc    619380
     aggagaggta ttgcgggatc ctccagtagt actatgtcca attttctgag gaactgccag    619440
     actgatttcc agagtggttg cacaagcttg caatcccacc aacaatgaag gagtattcct    619500
     ctttctccac atcctcgaca gcatctgctg tcacctgaat ttttgatttt agtcgttctg    619560
     actggtgtga gatggaatct cagggttgtt ttgatttgca tttctctgat gaataaggat    619620
     gctgagcatt gtttcaggtg catttcagtc attcgatatt cctcaggtga gaattcttgg    619680
     tttagatctg gggcccattt tttaatgggg ttatttgatt ttgtggattc taccttcttg    619740
     aggtctttct atatattgga tattagtccc ctatctgatt taggataggt aaagatcctt    619800
     tcccaatctg ttggtggcct ttttgtctta ttgatggtgt cttttgcctt gcagaagctt    619860
     tgcagtttca tgaggtctca tttgtcaatt ctccatctta aagcacaagc cattgctgtt    619920
     ctattcagga attttcccct gcgcccatat cttcgaggct tttccccact ttctcctcta    619980
     taactttcag tgtctctggt tttatgtgga gttccttgat ccacttacat ttgaccttag    620040
     tacaaggaga taggaatgga tcaattcaca ttcttctaca tgataacaac cagttgtgcc    620100
     agaaccattt gttgaaaatg ctgtctttct tccactggat ggttttagct cccttgtcaa    620160
     agatcaagtg accataggtg tgtgggttca tttctgggtc ttcaattcta ttccattggt    620220
     ctacttgtct gtcactgtac cagtaccatg cagtttttat cacaattgct ctgtagtgaa    620280
     gctttaggtc aggcatggtt attccaccag aggttctttt atccttgaga agagtttttg    620340
     ctatcctagg ttttttgtta ttccagatga atctgccgat tgccctttct aattcattga    620400
     agaattgagt tggaattttg atggagattg cattgaatct gtagattgca tatggcaaga    620460
     tagccatttt taacatattg atcatgccaa tccatgagca tggagatctt tccatcttct    620520
     gagatcttct ataatttctt tcttcagaga cttgaagttc ttatcataca gatctttcac    620580
     ttccttagtt agagtcaagc caagataatt tatattattt gtgactattg tgaaggacgt    620640
     tgtttcccta atttctttct cagcctgttt agtctttgtg tagaaaaagg ccattgactt    620700
     gtttgagtta attttatatc cagctacttc acccaagctt tttttcaggt ttagaagttc    620760
     tctggtggaa tttttagggt cacttatata tactatcata tcatctgcaa aaagtgatat    620820
     tttgacttca tcttttccaa tttgcatccc cttgatctcc ttttgttctc gaattgctct    620880
     gggaaggaat tcaagtacta tgttgaagag gtagggggaa agtgggcagc cttatctact    620940
     cccctgattt tagtgggatt gcttcaagct tctcaccatt tactttgatg ttggctactg    621000
     gtttgctgta gattgctttt atcatgttta ggtatgagcc ttgaattcct gatatttcca    621060
     agacttttat catgaatggg tgttggatct tgtcaaatgc cttctccaca tctaatgaga    621120
     ttatcatgta gtttttgtct ttgagtttgt ttatataatg gattacgttg atgaatttcc    621180
     atatattaaa ccatccctgc atcgctggaa taaaatctac ttggtcagga cagatgattg    621240
     ctttaatttg ttcttggatt cgattaccga gaattttatt gagtagtttt gcatcaatat    621300
     tcataaggta aattggtctg aagttctcta tctttgttgg atctttttat ggtttaggta    621360
     ttagagtaat tgtggcttca tagaatgagt tgggtagagg accttctact tatattttgt    621420
     ggaatagttt gtgcagaact ggaattagtt cttctttgaa ggtctggtag aactctgcac    621480
     taaacccatc tagtcctggg atttttatgg ctgggagact attaatgact gcttctattt    621540
     ctttagggga tatgggactg tttagatcct taacttgatc ctgatttaac tttggtacct    621600
     ggtatctgtc tagaaatttt tccatttcgt ccagattttc cagttttgtt gagaatagcc    621660
     ttttgtagaa ggatctgatg gtgttttaga tttcttcggg acttgttaag tctccctttt    621720
     catttatgat tttgttaatt aggatgctgt ccctgtgccc tctagtgagt ctagctaagg    621780
     gtttatctat cctgttgatt ttctcaaaga accaactcct agtttttgtt aattccttcg    621840
     aatagttctt cttgtttcca gttggttgat ttcacccctg agtttgatta tttcctgctg    621900
     tctactcctc ttgggtgaat ttgcttccgt ttttctagag catttagatg tgttgtcaag    621960
     ctgctagtgt gtgatctctc tattttcttt ttggaggcac tcagagctat gagtttccct    622020
     cttagaaatg ctttcactgt gtcccatagg tttgggtatg ttgtggcttc attttcatta    622080
     aactctaaaa agtctttaat ttctttcttt attccttcct tgaccaaggt atcattgaga    622140
     agagtgttgt tcagtttcca cgtgaatgtt ggcattacat tgtttacgtt gttattgaag    622200
     atcagcctta gtccatggtg gtctcttagg atgcatggga caatttcaat atttttgtat    622260
     ctgttgaggc ctgttttgtg accaattata tggtcaattt tggagaaggt cccatgaagt    622320
     gctgagaaga aggtatattc ttttgtttta ggataaaatg ttctgtagat atctgttaat    622380
     tccatttgtt tcataacttc tgttagtttc actgtgtccc tgtttagttt ctgtttccat    622440
     gatctgtcca ttgatgaaag tggtgtgctg aagtctccca ctattattgt gtgaggtgca    622500
     atgtgtgctt tgagttttac taaagtgtct ttaatgaatg tggctgccct tgcgtttgga    622560
     gcatagatat tcagaattga gagttcctct tggaggattt taactttgat gagtatgaag    622620
     tgtccctcct tgtctttttt gataactttg ggttggaagt cgattttatt cgatatcaga    622680
     atggctactc cagcttgttt cttcagacca tttgcttgga aaattgtttt ccagccttta    622740
     tctctcaggt agtgtctgtc tttttccctg agatgggttt cctgtaaaca gcagaatgtt    622800
     ggcttctgct tgtgtagcca gtctgttact ctatgtcttt tattggggaa ttgagtccat    622860
     tgatattaag agatattaag gaaaagtaat tgttgcttcc ttttattttt gttgttaaaa    622920
     ttggcattct gttcttgtgg ctgtcttctt tttggtttgt tgagggatta ctttcttgct    622980
     tgttctaggg cgtgatttct gtccatgtat tttttttctg ttattatcct ttgaagggct    623040
     ggattcctag aaagacaatg tgtgaatttg tttttgttgt ggaatacttt agtttctcca    623100
     tctatggtaa ttgagagttt ggccaggaat agtagcctgg gctggcattt gtgttttctt    623160
     agtgtctgta taaaatctgt ccaggctctt ctggctttca tagtcactgg tgaaaagtct    623220
     ggtgtaattc tgacaggcct gcctttatat gttacttgac ctttctccct tactgcttta    623280
     aatattcttt ctttatttag tgcatttgtt gttctgatta ttatgtgtcg ggaggaattt    623340
     gttttctggt ccagtctatt tggagttctg taggcttctt gtatgttcat gggcatgtca    623400
     ttctttaggt ttgggaagtt ttcttctata attttgttga agatatttgc tggcccttta    623460
     aattgaaaat cttcattctc atcaactcct attacccata ggtttggtct tctcattgtg    623520
     tcctggattt cctggatgtt ttgagttagg atctttttgt gttttgtatt ttctttgatt    623580
     gttgtgtgat gttctctatg gaatcttctg cacctgagat tctctcttcc atctcttgta    623640
     ttctgttact gatgctcgaa tctatggttc catatatctt tcctacggtt tctatctcca    623700
     gtgttgcctc actttgggtt ttctttattg tatctacttc cctttttatg tcttggatgg    623760
     ttttattcaa atctatcacc tgtttggtcg tatttttctg caattcttta aggatatttt    623820
     gtgtttcctc tttgaggtct tctacctgtt taactaagtt ctcctttatt tctttaagtg    623880
     agttattaaa gtccttcttg atgtcctcta ccatcatcat gagatatgtt tttaaatcct    623940
     ggtcttgctt ttagtgtgtt ggggtgccca ggactaggtg gggtgggagt gctgtattct    624000
     gatgatggtg agtgtcttga tttgttagta ggattcttac atttgccttt caccatctgg    624060
     taatctctga agctagttgt tatagttgtc tctggttaga gcttgttcct caggtgactc    624120
     tgttcacctc tatcagcaga cctgggagac tagatctctc cttagcttca gtggtcagaa    624180
     tattccctgc aggcaagctc tctttttgca tggaaggtgc ccagatatct ggtgttcgaa    624240
     cctgcctcct ggttccactc accagaggtc ttaggatccc gtgggggatc ctgtgtgggt    624300
     ccttgcgggt gtccggagac tccgtgggca aggcaccctg gtactggagt ggaccggaag    624360
     ggtcctgtgt ttaattctaa agaggcttaa agaaaaagga gacaaaggta acatgaatgc    624420
     agaatcatca cacataacac ctcacctaaa taattaaagt cacaccaatg atagtaagag    624480
     ttttatattt aaaattattc tcttatacat cctgactgca ggttcatctc cctatactac    624540
     tcacagtttt ttccatattt ttcctctcca ccagatataa aagtaagtgt ttttataaca    624600
     tgtatcatga taacacatta caagagtgat atgatttcat ctgatgttct ttatgtagtt    624660
     atgtataacc atgaagcaat attatgttag tacagacagt caacaagata actataatta    624720
     gatatttttc aaatcatgta taggtttctt tttttactgt atttaataca aatattgaag    624780
     gaacaatcca gttctctatt gattgtaaag gtggtttcag atagagtggc tgatcctgat    624840
     ttagtcacag atgtaaaaat gaacttcaaa agtgcctctc agcctcaaat atattatgct    624900
     tttcttctaa tttattacac ttcttactgt gttaggttgt ttgtgtgatt tagagagtat    624960
     aaattatata tgtatatggt taaaaaaata aaaatattaa gaccgctaaa gtaatgagaa    625020
     gtaatgagaa ggactctaaa aagttagtta gtcatagatt tgggttataa tttaaaaact    625080
     aacatcttgg agatttcctg aggcagcctt ccctttttct gagcagaagg gaagagtaga    625140
     ggatatgagt gtgggactgg gatgagagga ggaaaaagct gcaatcagga ttcaaagtga    625200
     ataaatgaat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    625260
     atatatatcc ctctttagct ctttgtgaac tcttgctggc taattcatct gtttctttta    625320
     aaactcctct ctgagctaat tgattcaaac ttgttcctct tggcttctga ctgaattgct    625380
     ctgcttggcc tcaaactagg tctagaaata tgttataatt ttctggttcc ttctcattct    625440
     ctgggtcatt ctgacttcac ctatgtctag attgctttct ctgcaaccag tctctctata    625500
     gctgtgccaa aaaattctac ctttgaagtc catgaactga actcccacaa actcaactcc    625560
     aacatattgt ctctcaactg gccaaactca actccactca actaaactaa ctgctttcac    625620
     tgaactttcc tccttcctga ttgttcttgg gagagttgga tatatcttat atctgactca    625680
     ttctgtcaaa tctttctctg acttaccatt ttgtctggcc tctttgccct tcactttcaa    625740
     acatagctgc ttcttttgca agactaaccg taacgtcatt atttctatta aagatgttta    625800
     ctaagtgtgt atttgttatc cagccacagg gattaaagat gtgtcatttc agccagatca    625860
     tacacaccta gaagttattt gggtgtgagc tcttgacaga ccagacatat ggctagatta    625920
     aaattactct attctacaaa aatggtacta gaatccaatc atataaactg agataatgga    625980
     ttttagctga catttatcta gaaaccttga ttgagaaata tgtgtgtgaa gactaccagg    626040
     gaggttctga taattggata cctcttctcc ctctaaattt taaataacat tcttacaata    626100
     tttatactga aatgatgtta aaactgatgg tattttttct gccaaatatg atgttctcaa    626160
     atccatgacc agcttgttga agtgaacaca gttattgttt gaggagataa atcataaaat    626220
     ctactcatca tgcatggaga acataataca ttgttattgg ttgtggccaa cacccatata    626280
     acttatttgg attaattctg agcaaatagc tgatgtctaa ttgcactcta cactatcaaa    626340
     gccatagtca ccctgtcttt acttttactt tatctgagat cagtattttt agtttccacg    626400
     tgataagtag tcatttgttt ccttgttctc tggctgttat tgaaagaaaa ccctccaggt    626460
     gaaagaacct agtggggaaa cccccactca gctcccaatt cggcgtgcac ccaagaatca    626520
     cgaatagaac acgacacctt gatgtaacaa catgaggtat tttaatggcg gagctccagg    626580
     tcgaaacgta tctcacacag gagacagtgg attcgaccat gaggcttgga ggctaggggt    626640
     ttttatagaa aaggagtggg gctgggggag gaattggcac ggtttcacat gattggtcca    626700
     tttaaacatc agcagcctgt aacatttaac ttaggtcaga ggggtaggag atagggaggc    626760
     gatgggcctg cccgggcatg tcctggtctg ttctgctatg ttctcagccc caggtttcaa    626820
     agctcacaaa caactctttg ggctatttga catacattac atgaatcaca gttttatttc    626880
     ctttcacagg ttcatccagc tcgatgggat atttaaacca ttgtgaacac aactgtgtca    626940
     agcattagag aaaatgtaat gactgctcat ttaggtgctg gagagggagc tcagtgttac    627000
     agaaagcata tcattcttga aagggaccca ggatcagttg ctggtaccaa cagaaggcta    627060
     tcatattcac ttataagcat agaaggctga gcgatggctt ttggcttcct ttagaactag    627120
     actactgagg gggatgtggt agggagagaa tgatgataag tggatgatag gtagataggt    627180
     aggtagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatat ttttactcct    627240
     catcaagtgc tgggagttac tgcatctgga aagtttttgt gcaaatttgt ataactgctt    627300
     tgaaaataaa tttggcagtt tctcagaaaa ttagaactac ttctaaccca atagccagat    627360
     atattactct tgggcatata cccaacagat gtctcactat atcacaagga cacttgctca    627420
     acaatgttca tagcaacttt atttatagta gccagatact ggaaacaacc cagatgtcac    627480
     taactgaaaa aatggataaa gaaaatgttc ctccatacaa agcaacatta ttcatctatt    627540
     aaaaccaaag acatcataaa atttgcaatc aaatggatag aattagaaaa tattctgagt    627600
     gaggtaaccc agactcaaaa agacatactt ggtatgtaca cacttatgag tggatattag    627660
     ccataaagta caggatacca atgcaataat tcatggaccc aaggaaccta aataataagg    627720
     agtgcccaag ggagatgctt gaatctcact tagaagggaa aataaaatag tcagtggagg    627780
     tggatggatg gagcgaagtg ggtgagagag tgcaggggag tgggaagaat tagagggatc    627840
     aaatgtaggt agaaggaagg agagaaggag agagggcctg gagagtttta gcctccccca    627900
     gcctgaagcg ggctggtaca aatcttgttg ccactgaggt ggggccaact gcggtgcagc    627960
     tttccaactt ggctggctcc tttttgaagt gacaactgcc ctgctcttct gctacctgcc    628020
     tagaggctga acctgtcttc ctgagacatt cctgaataag caaccaacct ggctactgag    628080
     tgctgacaga atggctccag gcaccaagag tggactggct ggggtggggg tggggggatg    628140
     gggggggaat gggccttccc ccttataagc acggtctctt agtaaactcg cgggccttga    628200
     acagaaacct gtcttggtct ccattaattt ctctcccagt ctaagtctct tttagcccca    628260
     gcctgcctcc caggtgtgcc ggctcatgta ggccttgcct gggccgcata caacagagag    628320
     tgcatgtaaa tcacaggaag gcatctctaa aatgttggag atatccagtg tgaggtgcag    628380
     ctggtggggt ccaggagagt cttaatgcag actagaaaaa ccttgaaact cccctctgca    628440
     gcacatggaa tcaccttcag caactgacat ggtactccag gctccaggga aggggctgga    628500
     gtgggataca ttcattaata gtgagggtag ttacatcaac tatgccaaag ctataaaaga    628560
     acaattcact atctccagag acaataccaa gaacactttg tacctggaaa ttagcagttt    628620
     gaagtctgaa aacacagtca tttattactg tacaacacac ataataagta aatgttactg    628680
     atagctcagg aagaaacctc cattcagggg gctcatgatc agcagaagct ctaagtaacg    628740
     gacagagctc tgagttacac ctgttactga tgtgtttaca aaaagataaa gagaggaggt    628800
     gatatatttt tgtggatgtg tggtgagatg tgggggaaaa aggtgcctcc acaagcccat    628860
     gctgaggcaa cccttccccc tgaaagacca gccaaatgat ggtttagcat agaatagagt    628920
     ttatttaggg tatgcagaag ggagttaaga gggtagtaga agtggataaa agcagagaga    628980
     gagactggcc atgagcacat gggggggggg aggacagaac aggagaagga aagaaagaga    629040
     aagagagagg ggaggggaca aaaagcccct tttatagtga gtcagtcata cctggctatt    629100
     gacaagtaac tgtggagcag agcatacctg gctgttacaa ggtaactctg tggtggatct    629160
     tagacaaatt gctcacagtt acaacctgtt cagaggctca gtgagggctg aactctgtgg    629220
     tatctgggat gcttatcagt gttacactca gggattcact ctacaagtat agtgtgtagt    629280
     attttttgaa gcatccaagt tcttattgaa atacctattt tctattgtgg tatgtgtttt    629340
     catatttatt ttttatactg tttcttacca tctcccttct ttacttctct ctctctctct    629400
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct cctctctccc tctctcttcc ctctcttcct    629460
     ctgtgttttt atatgtatgc attagtgtac atgctgacat gtgatacctt cctgacataa    629520
     gccataggct agaaaagcct atgaaaagct aatgagtttt ctggagatac ccaccctcca    629580
     ttttttatgg ctacagtggg tgcactctga gtggcatgtg ccccatagac ttattcccag    629640
     cattgcttct cacacatgat atgccttttc agccaccatg atacagccta atgaattctg    629700
     tgcatcagtt cactatattg agcaaatttc ttgcagatca atatgaagac ttctttcata    629760
     taataatgtt gcttagatac attagtgacc atagaattct ggatttgatt caaataattt    629820
     taagaagaaa gtttaaggtg atagttttag tggttttgcc agaataatgc aataaagagt    629880
     caaaaataga tgtgcccctc atcatagaat agtatgtaaa gactgcataa taaggaatat    629940
     aatgagcttg cataaattgc actaataaag aaaaaaggct tgggaaaaat ttgtgaacaa    630000
     ggaaaaccat taaatctagg tcaggtctaa ggatgaggca tggtgaaaaa gcaaggccat    630060
     gcagaacttt tgctttgaac ttataatgag cttatcaaat gatacattgc tttgaacata    630120
     caattgagat acttcagtgc tttgcttttg tataacattt tgtctatgag gtaattttac    630180
     cttacataaa tagctttttg tctaaaaagc tataaaaagc tgaaatcaaa aataaagatg    630240
     cagtatggcc cttttctgct tcatctaatg tgcgtgtgtg gggggggttc tgacatcctc    630300
     tcttctcttc tcttctcttc tcttctcttc tcttctcttc tcttctcttc tcttctcttc    630360
     tcttctcttc ttttcgctca taaaaagtta acaagctcag agccttttgc ctggccagca    630420
     agaggctctt gagtcaaaga aaaaagagcc cagttaacta agcatgtttt cttaacccct    630480
     gttgtgatca gcaagactta gtttccagaa gccatcaggt tttgccctcc cagaagagaa    630540
     agagtgaaat atttcataca tcatataatt atttttaaaa gtgaaaatgc attggcaatc    630600
     tttttttaaa tcactcattg tcaatatgaa tgaatgctga gaggtcaatc ccttaaatgt    630660
     ccataaaaca ctgtaggctg tataactggg taagtttgga gaggggaagg atctgggaat    630720
     gaataagaag agaaagaata atggtaagaa tacattgcat taaaaatatg tttaaattat    630780
     ttaattaact aatttaaatt ttattttatt ttcataatta atattttaaa aatctcctgt    630840
     atgtgatggt caggaatagt ggggcgtact tttaatttag tcactaggca gaaagtggca    630900
     ggacaatcag tgtttgatag tttaataccg acttggtcta tatagtgagt ccagcccaac    630960
     aaaagtaacc ctgacaaaag acaggatttt agaaagacag cctttctgcc tatgaatata    631020
     tatttttgtc tgtgaacgtg atcctgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    631080
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtatgtggt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtttat tggaatgtgt gtctgtatct    631140
     gtaaatgtga ctgtgtgtat cactgtggtt gtagttgtag agatactgtc atatccccta    631200
     cacctattct ttcatcagaa gaattttaac tgtcctagtt tgttatttgt tgatgtaatg    631260
     aagatgagga ccaaaagcaa catgggaagg aaagtctttc tgccaccata actcttacac    631320
     aacatcacag aggaaaatca ggacatgaaa ttaaggcaag aacttgaagg tagaacctac    631380
     atcagaaacc atgaaaaact catctgacca actgtctctc catgggggtt ctgcatggtt    631440
     ttctaatata acctaggaac acaggcccat ggatgacatc aaccacatct tcctgagaca    631500
     tcacatattg tcatattaaa aaaatacacc cgcaattttc ctgcagacca atctaatggt    631560
     gcacttttcc caagtattgc tgttccctga tgaccatagt ttgttaaaat cctagccacc    631620
     acacaaatgg acaggctggt attgtcatag caataggacc cattaagtga gtatctgtgt    631680
     gtccactaca tataagtaga caaatgactg aagaaagaca ttaataagga cctgcctctg    631740
     aaatagaaga taattatata taatgtgtgg atatatcatg aatgcatgct ccttactaat    631800
     gactttttcc tagtaacttc attctagaga gatttatgga aaagcagcat tatgcaacag    631860
     aataggaaca cagattatct ctaaagtaat caaagtcaaa atgacttgaa taagtggact    631920
     tataccatgg tccccaatat agtatagaaa tgtgcattca aattttgtga tactcctttc    631980
     caaatttttg caaccacaat gaaaaaaata tcagacaaac caaagatgac gcctactgag    632040
     aataatgtct gaaaaatatt ctaatagccc ttagaatatc atgaacaaga caaaggcagc    632100
     actaatactg ttaatgagca ttaaaaatgc acaggatggt tttctcccta atgttgtgac    632160
     ttgtctgtac tatagcttct cacagtacaa ggattatgca caaagaaata agaaaaacaa    632220
     aatgtgtgga ctccaatgcc aagtaataga tccatagtct ctgagtccca gcaagcagat    632280
     tgttacagct ctttacttct cttccctggt gtttccattt ccaaggcatg gggagaagat    632340
     gtgcagtctc taactctcta tggtgatcaa cacctcaagg cacaaggttc ctcatgttca    632400
     tgtctgccct ctactccact ttgtgtcatc acatatttta cttcaatgaa cataacaatt    632460
     cacctggtgt catgctgctg atttttacga attgttatta acaactaacc ctccctttac    632520
     tctccagtgt ataatcatgt tcagaaacac attttttaat gtgctacaag ctgaaacaag    632580
     agacaagcag agagatataa aaggacattg acacagagaa actcacataa tcaagaggta    632640
     taaagactgt tcccaacttc agtgtcccta aataggaagg tgaagacact cagcctagtc    632700
     ccttggatct atgctcaaaa aaacctttgc aaccaaattg gataaatgct tgtgagctgc    632760
     ttccttacaa gttatttctt gagaagtgac aagactaagg tgacttcaca gaaagtgctt    632820
     tttaaaaaaa agttgattcc tcatgtataa aaatcgtata aatatatagt cggaaaaaat    632880
     tagtgactat ttgcaaagta ataactatac agattttctg cacataactg aataattatt    632940
     acttctatat tcttgtatac taaaacaaat tcaaataata tgttctcatc ctactattat    633000
     ttatggttgt aaatttgtgt gtagataact tgaaaatcaa ttgcaatgca aagctattta    633060
     ctgtgtgtag ttttgcatct ttattctcaa accacatggt gaaggaggaa ccactaatga    633120
     tattctgaag ggaattatta aatataaaag taaaaaaaaa tacaaaagaa ttcgagagaa    633180
     aaattttctg tttaaaaaaa aaaaaaagat tccaaattgc atcctacaac ctctagtgca    633240
     attgacgatg atatacaaca gcactgaaga taatgtaacc tgttctactt gtattgcatg    633300
     attaaggatt cacttactgc aaacctccct accccagttt ttggcttccg aggcctgcac    633360
     aatgtgacta atattttctt ttgtttattt tggaattgga aatccagaca ttaccaagta    633420
     aaagttcctg agttttcagc tccattttct ctaagcacag aggtaatctc aggcacatgg    633480
     agaagaaact ggaaattctg ctctgcactt gcttttatca tcttaggaac accccccaat    633540
     gcaaagtagt cctttggctc agaataaaag ccaaggccta gctgaggtgc ctcatctcct    633600
     cactagagcc cccatcagag catggctgtc ctggtgctgt tcctctgcct ggttgcattt    633660
     ccaagctgta agtatttcag agtttcagga gagagatttg ggcatttaat ctataggatg    633720
     actgactgct gatgatattg cttgtcccca ggtgtcctgt cccaggtgca gctgaaggag    633780
     tcaggacctg gcctggtggc gccctcacag agcctgtcca tcacttgcac tgtctctggg    633840
     ttttcattaa ccagctatgg tgtacactgg gttcgccagc ctccaggaaa gggtctggag    633900
     tggctgggag taatatgggc tggtggaagc acaaattata attcggctct catgtccaga    633960
     ctgagcatca gcaaagacaa ctccaagagc caagttttct taaaaatgaa cagtctgcaa    634020
     actgatgaca cagccatgta ctactgtgcc agagacacag tgagggaagt ccagtgtgaa    634080
     cttgcacaaa aacctcccta caaggatgtt caggaccagc agggggcgct gagaaccaac    634140
     aagttcttcc caggatcact tcagaatcca ggaagttctg gcctatgcta tgtgagcctg    634200
     tgtttaaatg ttaaagatgt tgactcttct tccagtcatg gaagttttct agaacttgct    634260
     attcagtgtc atagtttaca aaatttcttg tttcttcaca caatagactt agtaagtgct    634320
     tctataatct aatagtataa aataagaaca aattattaag ttgatacttg tgaagaaaac    634380
     tatgtgggtg aggagaacca gggagatttg gtaatgtatt gtttctctca caactgctgt    634440
     tttagtagca tttctcatgt ttacttaaat gatgtttgaa gataattgta ttcatcttcc    634500
     ctaaggtaaa gttttcaaat acatttccac aatttaatga tggcacaatt aacattttga    634560
     gtgctatctt atagcatctt ctctccatat ataaagaata tagtacattg ttattaacta    634620
     tggccaacat ccatacattt tattattgaa ataatccttt ccctctaact gactagtctt    634680
     ctcattttac actgtctatg ctatgatctg ctgcatggtg gtggtcggtg aaagaaatcc    634740
     tggtagtgct gagctaaggt tagaatcccc agagacccta aagggacagt aggagctttg    634800
     cctgctcctg gcaccaggcc cttgtcactt agctacagct ttccacagcc tcctgtagag    634860
     agatttgtgg tcatcagtca cttaggggca acatctccaa gcccttccac atgtagatga    634920
     tacatcacta acttctcaga ccaagctaag aggaagcaag tgtcagaccc catcccaccc    634980
     caaaactgta tataaagacc ctttacagaa gaaataaaga tgtgtgagaa ttacttcctc    635040
     ttcaaagagc ttctgtcata agagctgtaa cattaccacc agagaagaga acgtcattcc    635100
     caaaatgctg ccaggagctc ccctgcatac tggtggccag tgtagcatct cagagttaca    635160
     gtgggagtgg caacagcagt agcatggtcc tcaaaagcaa gtccccctcc ctgctcatga    635220
     catttcccct tcacttgaac cctcctatct ggtctggcct ggcatctcca tggaaagcct    635280
     ccagtaaaca ttcccacaat cagcctgctg taattttact ttaccacaga tcagtttggg    635340
     ggttccattt ggcaagatgt gttttgtttg cttggacctc ctctacttgg taatgtttcc    635400
     aggctgtaag ggtttcaggc tttcaggaga gggaaacagg tttgacatct atgacatgta    635460
     tgactgatga tgatgttgtt tgtccccaag taccctgtag aggtacaact gaagtagtca    635520
     tgaccttaac ttctgcaatc ctcacagtct gtctctcatc tgcactgtct ctggcttctc    635580
     attaaccatc tatggtgtaa actgggtcct ccagccacta ggaaggggat tgcagaggat    635640
     accagcaata tggagaggtg aaagcacaga gcagaattca gatctcaaat cctgaatcag    635700
     catcagtagg gacacatcca agagtcaact tttcttaaaa ctgaacagaa ttcaaactga    635760
     ggacatagcc atctatggcc ctgtcagaga aacactgaga aaacttcagt ctgagcctaa    635820
     acaaacaaat aaataaaaaa atttctctat ggaaaatagt atgccaaaca acataataaa    635880
     ggtttgaaaa gaaaaacact acctgtttct gtcatatgca gaatcttcat tggatgtcag    635940
     gggctctaac ttctgtcttg tagctttagg agctagaatg ggaaccttag gaaggagaca    636000
     catcttatgt gtgggacaac gaggtccaga ggaaaatgga atattggtca ttggaaagca    636060
     aacatgaggt atggtaagac gaaaaggaaa aggatgacag aaaccagaga agtggttata    636120
     tagggaaaac ttatcctaaa attgtaaata cgccggttgt actaatcatg ttaattaggg    636180
     aaaaggaaaa ccagcctaag acaacataaa tacagtcaca tgttacctgg tgtaaagttg    636240
     caaaaagaaa atggtgggga cttaaaagga ataaatggag aacttcagga tgcaaaacaa    636300
     ccaaatttga ctcaaagagg aatatatctc catggcaaaa tcttaattgc acacaaacag    636360
     ggactggaaa tgactcaggt tcctcagtaa gacctgagga cagcattctt tcatcaataa    636420
     gttaacttca agaacttcct caaagagaat aggttctgct accataacct tcatatctat    636480
     gtccaagtgc catgttaagg aataggcatg agttgctcag agactaggaa agattaagcg    636540
     catatctaga aatactatta catgtggtac tctttaatca cacattgata ctaagtaatc    636600
     aagacagtat agaaatgaag catgttcttt gtgcatccgc aaaagggaac taaatgaaat    636660
     atgttgaatc cttaccacca aaaattgtta atatgaaatt accatacttt gtcaaactct    636720
     ataattgaca actgtgtttt tgatgtttta catctgctat gagcactgtc cttttcccaa    636780
     gtccaactct atgtcaggct atagcagaag acatgcaaat aaggctactc tgtgctcaag    636840
     aggctctgac agaggagccc agccctggat tctaaggtct tcctactcat tgatcatcac    636900
     ggaccactca ccatgtactt caggcacagc ttggattttt cttgccctta ttttaaaagg    636960
     taactcatac agatgagatt ctgtctcttg tgtgcacatg agaaatagaa aagttgtatt    637020
     gtttgcttgt ttggttttgt tactgacagt tttctgaaaa gtgttctctg ttttcaggtg    637080
     tccagtgtga gatgtagctg gtggagtcta ggagaggctt aggacaacct ggaagatccc    637140
     tgaactctca tgagtagcct ctggattcac ttttagtaac tatgccatgg cctgggtcca    637200
     acaagctcca gagaaggggc tggagtgggt tgtgtacatt agtagtggca gtagtacctt    637260
     ctattatgca gacacagtta agggcccatt catcatctcc agagacaatg ccaagaacac    637320
     cctgttccag caaatgagca gtctaaggtc tgaggacaga gacaaaaaga taaaaatata    637380
     tggccaccat ctgcacccag cagctaaggc tggtccacag ccctatgtac acaagactaa    637440
     ccaggagaga gctggtctct cgggattgtt ctcactcctg ggctcagagg tgagatcccc    637500
     atcttctctc caataactgt ccaaagcagg agcagccagg ggcacacagg gcacaggaat    637560
     gatggagcag ctgggacagg ttacttctgg tcgtcatcta cacacaggag ctaaggctga    637620
     tccaaagccc tcagtataca ggtcactcca ggtcagaact ggtctcacag gagtgctgac    637680
     atgggcttag agtcccacag gggaacaagc ttcagccaga gacagcaaga taaccagatg    637740
     gcaaaaggca agtgcaagaa ccttaccaac agaaaccaag gctacttgac atcatcagaa    637800
     cccagttctc tcactacatc aagttctgga taccccaata taccagaaaa ggaagattgg    637860
     gatttaaaat cacatctcat gatgcagata gaggacttta agaaagacat agatagctcc    637920
     cttaaagaaa tactggagaa cacaggtaaa catgtagaca cccttaaaga ggaaacacaa    637980
     aaaacccctt aaagaattat aggaaaacac aaacaaagag gtgaaggaat ggaaaaaaaa    638040
     acaatccagg acttaaaaat gaaaatagaa acaataaaga aatcacaaag ggagacatcc    638100
     ttggaaatag aaaacctagg aaagagacca ggcatcatag aagcaaacat caccaacaga    638160
     acacaagaga ttgaagagag aatttcaggt gcattaggta ccatacaaaa cattgacaca    638220
     acagtcaaaa aaatgcaaca tgcaaaacga tcctaaacca aagcatccag gaaatccagg    638280
     acacaatgag ctggcaatat gaaacctgct gattataggt atagataata gtgaagattc    638340
     ccaaattaaa ggtccagtaa atgtcttcaa gaaaattata gaagaaaatt ccctaaccta    638400
     aagaaagaga tgcccatgaa cttataagaa gcctacagaa ctccaaatag attggaccag    638460
     aaaagaaatt cctctagtca aataataatc aaaaccctaa attcacacaa caacaaaaaa    638520
     agtatcaaaa tcagtaaggg aaaaaggtca tgtaacatat acagtagacc tataagaatt    638580
     acaccagact tctctataat tctagcatgg tgtcatacag accctaagag aacacaaatg    638640
     ccagcccagc atactatacc cagcaaaact ctcaattacc atagatggag aaaccaatat    638700
     attccatgac aaaaacaaat ttacacaaca tctttccaca aacccagccc ttcaaaggat    638760
     aataaatgga aaactccaac acaaagaggg aaactacatc ctagaaaaat caagaaaata    638820
     atcttctttt aacaaaccaa aaagaaaata gccacataaa cataattcca cctctaacaa    638880
     caaaaataac aggaagcaac actcactttt ccttaatatc tcataatatg aatggaatca    638940
     attccccaac aaaaggcata gactaacaga cgggatatgt aaacaggacc caacattttg    639000
     ctgcatacag gaatcctacc ccagtgacaa agacagatac tttccagcct tagaataaaa    639060
     ggctggaaaa caaatttcca agtaaatgtt cccaagaaac aaattggagt agcaattcta    639120
     atattgaata agttgaattt caacctaaag ttatcaaaaa atataaggaa agacacttca    639180
     tactcattaa aggaaaaatc tatcaagaat aactctcaat tctgaacatc tatactccaa    639240
     atgcaaaggc acccacattc ataaaagaaa ctttactgaa gttcagagca cccattgcac    639300
     ctcacacaat aatagtggga gacttcaaca cacactctta tcaatggaca gaccatggaa    639360
     acagaaacta aacagagaca caatgaaaca aacagtagct gtgaaccaaa tgaatttaac    639420
     atatatctat agagcatttc atcctaaaac aaaagcatcc accttccttc tcaacacctt    639480
     atgatacctt ctccataaac tgaccatata atcaaacaca aaaatggcca taacagatac    639540
     aagaagcctg aaataatctc atgactccta taaaatcaag ttgaaataag gctggtcttt    639600
     caataacagc aaaagccaaa gaaagcacac acacaatgga agatgaacaa cactctactc    639660
     aatgataact tgttcaggaa gaaaaagaat taaagacatt ttagaattta atgaaaatga    639720
     agccactaca tacccaaaca tatgggacac aataaaagca gtggtaagag aaaaagtcat    639780
     agttctgagt gtctccaaaa agaaattgaa gagaccttag actagcagct tgatagcaca    639840
     cctgagagct gtagaactaa aataagcaaa ttcacccaaa aggagtagaa gacaagaaat    639900
     actcaaactc agggctgaaa tcagccaaat ggaaacaaaa agaatgatac aaacatcaag    639960
     caaccgtgga acttgttctt tgagaaaatc aacaaggcat atataccctt agacagacta    640020
     actagagggc acagagacag tatcctaatt aacaaaatca taaatgaaaa gggagacata    640080
     acaaaagaat atgaggaaat ctaaaaaatt atcagattct acttttgtaa agcctatacg    640140
     caacaaaact ggaaaacctg ggtgaaatgg acaattttct ttcttttttc ttttttatta    640200
     tatattttct tcatttacat ttcaaatgct agattgaaag tcccctataa ccccccaccc    640260
     tgcaccccaa cccacccaca ctcccttcct ggtcctgaca ttcccctgta atgcggcagc    640320
     accaaattta aatctatatc tgattaaaga tctaaatagc cccatggctc ctaaagaaat    640380
     agaaaaagta attaatagtt ttccaacaac aacaacaaat acaagaaaca aaaaataccc    640440
     aggaccagat gggtttagtg tagtgttcta tcagacattc aaagaagacc tactaccaat    640500
     actcttcaaa ctatttcaca aaatatagac agaaggaaca ctatccaatt cgttctatga    640560
     agccacaatt tactctgata cctaaaccac acaaagatcc aacaaagata gagaacctca    640620
     gaccaatttc cctcatgaac atcaatgtaa aagtactcaa taaaattctc aaaaaccgaa    640680
     tccaagaaca catcaaaatg atcattcata atgattgagc aggcttcatc ccaaggatgc    640740
     agggatggtt cattacacag aaatttgtca aagtaatcca ctacattaac aaactcaaag    640800
     ggaaaaagaa aaccacatga tcatctcatt agatgctgag aaagcagttg acaaaaatcc    640860
     aacagtccat catggtaaaa gtcttggaaa tatcatgaat tcaaggccca ttcataaact    640920
     gttaaacaac ttcagcacac tgtcaggata tcaagttcaa tgaaacaaat aagtggcctt    640980
     cctatactca aaggataaat ggctgagata agaaattagg aaaacaacac cctttacaat    641040
     agtcacaaat aatataaaat aacttggtgt gactataact aagcaagtga aagatctgta    641100
     tgaccagaag atcaagtctc tgaagaaaga aattaaagaa gacctcagaa gttggaaaga    641160
     tatcccataa tcatagattg gcaagatgaa tatagtagaa atgggcatct tgctgacagc    641220
     aatcttcaca ttcaatgcaa tcctcatcaa aatttcaaat caattcttca tagacttaga    641280
     aagagaaaat ttcagcttaa actggagtaa taaaaaaccc aagataggta tagaggacat    641340
     caagaaggac tttcataagt cacttaaaga attacaggag agcactgcta aagagttaca    641400
     ggcccttaaa gaaaagcagg aaaacacagc caaacaggta gaagtcatta aagaaaaaca    641460
     ggaaaacaca tccaaacagg taatggaagt gaacaaaacc atactagaac taaaaaggga    641520
     agtagacaca ataaagaaaa cccaaagcga ggcaacgctg gagatagaaa ccctaggaaa    641580
     gagatctgga accatagatg cgagcatcag caacagaata caagaaatgg aagagagaat    641640
     ctcaggtgca gaagattcca tagagaacat cgacacaaca ggtcaaagaa aatacaaaat    641700
     gcaaaaggat cctaactcaa aacatccagg aaatccagga cacaatgaga agaccaaacc    641760
     tacggataat aggaattgat gaaaatgaag attttcaact taaagggcca gctaatatct    641820
     tcaacaaaat aatagaagaa aacttcccaa acataaagaa agagatgccc atgatcatac    641880
     aagaagccta cagaactcca aatagactga accagaaaag aaattcctcc cgacacataa    641940
     taatcagaac aacaaatgca ccaaataaag atagaatatt aaaagcagta agggagaaag    642000
     gtcaagtaac atataaagga aggcctatca gaattacacc agacttttca ccagagacta    642060
     tgaaagccag aagagcctgg aaagatgtta tacagacact aagagaacac aaatgccagc    642120
     ccaggctact atacccgggc aaactctcaa ttaccataga tggagaaacc aaagtattcc    642180
     atgacaaaac caaattcaca caatatcttt ccacgaatcc agcccttcaa aggataataa    642240
     cagaaaagaa gcaatacaag gacggaaatc acgccctaga acaaccaaga aagtaatcat    642300
     tcaacaaacc aaaaagaaga caggcaccag aacagaatgc caagtctaac aacaaaaata    642360
     aaaggaagca acaattactt ttccttaata tctcttaata tcaatggact caattcccca    642420
     ataaaaagac atagactaac agactgtcta cacaaacagg acccaacatt ctgctgctta    642480
     caggaaaccc atctcaggga aaaagacaga cactacctca gagtgaaagg ctggaaaaca    642540
     attttccaag caaatggact gaagaaacaa gctggagtag ccattttaat atcggataaa    642600
     atcgacttcc aacccaaagt tatcaaaaaa gacaaggagg gacacttcat actcatcaaa    642660
     ggtaaaatcc tccaagagga actctcaatt ctgaatatct acgcaccaaa tgcaagggca    642720
     gccacattca ttaaagacac tttagtaaag ctcaaagcat acattgcacc tcacacaata    642780
     atagtgggag acttcaacac accactttct tcaatggaca gatcgtggaa acagaaacta    642840
     aacagggaca cagtgaaact aacagaagtt atgaaacaaa tggacctgac agatatctac    642900
     agaacatttt atcctaaaac aaaaggatat accttcttct catcacctca cggaaccttc    642960
     tccaaaattg accatataat ttggtcacaa aacaggcctc aacagataca aaaatattga    643020
     aattgtccca tgtatcctat cagaccacca tggcctaaga ctgatcttca ataacaacat    643080
     aaacaatgga aaggcaacat tcacgtggaa actgaataac actcttctca atgatacttt    643140
     ggtcaaggaa ggaataaaga aagaaattaa agacttttta gagtttaatg aaaatgaagc    643200
     cacaacgtac ccaaatctat gggacacaat gaaagcattt ctatgaggga aactcatagc    643260
     tctgagtgcc tccaagaaga aacgggagag agcacatact agcagcttga caacacatct    643320
     aaaagcccta gaaaaaaagg aagcaaattc acccaagagg agtagagggc aggaaataat    643380
     caaactcagg ggtgaaatca accaagtgga aacaagaaga actattcaaa gaattaacca    643440
     aacgaggagt tggttctttg agaaaatcaa caagatagat aaacccttag ctagactcac    643500
     taaagggcaa agggacaaaa tcctaattaa caaaatcaga aatgaaaagg gagacataac    643560
     aacagatcct gaagaaatcc aaaacaccat cagatccttc tacaaaaggc tatactcaac    643620
     aaaactggaa aacctggacg aaatggacaa atttctggac agataccagg taccaaagtt    643680
     gaatcaggat caagttgacc atctaaacag tcccatatta cctaaagaaa tagaagcagt    643740
     tattaatagt ctcccaacca aaaaaagccc aggaccagac gggtttagtg cagagttcta    643800
     tcagaccttc aaagaagatc taattccagt tctgcacaaa ctatttcaca aaatagaagt    643860
     agaaggtact ctacccaact cattttatga agccactatt actctgatac ataaaccaca    643920
     gaaagaccca acaaagatag agaacttcag accaatttct cttatgaata tcgatgcaaa    643980
     aattttcaat aaaattctca ctaaccgaat ccaagaacac attaaagcaa tcatccatcc    644040
     tgaccaagta ggttttattc cagggatgca gggatggttt aatatacgaa aatccatcaa    644100
     tgtaacccat tatataaaca aactcaaaga caaaaaccac atgatcatct cgttagattc    644160
     agaaaaagca tgtgacaaga tccaacaccc attcattata aaagttttgg aaagatcagg    644220
     aattcaaggc ccatacctaa acatgataaa agcaatctac agcaaaccaa tagccaacat    644280
     caaagtaaat ggagagaagc tggaagcaat cccactaaaa tcagggacta gacaaggctg    644340
     cccactttct ccctaccttt tcaacatagt acttgaagta ttagccagag caactcgaca    644400
     acaaaaggag accaagggga tacaaattgg aaaagaggaa gtcaaaatat cactttttgc    644460
     agatgatatg atagtatata taagtgaccc taaaaattct accatagaac tcctaaacct    644520
     gataaacagc ttcggtgaag tagctggata taaaataaac tcaaacaagt caatggcctt    644580
     tctctataca aagaataaac aggctgagaa agaaattagg gaaacaacac ccttctcaat    644640
     agtcacaaat aatataaaat atcttggcgg gactctaact aaagaagtga aagatctgta    644700
     tgataaaaac ttcaaatctc tgaagaaaga aattaaagaa gatctcagaa gatggaaaga    644760
     cctcccatgc tcatggattg gcaggatcaa cattgtaaaa atggctatct tgccaaaagc    644820
     aatctataga ttcaatgcaa tccccatcaa aattccaact caattcttca acgaattgta    644880
     aggagcaatt tgcaaattcg tctggaataa caaaaaacct aggatagcaa aaagtcttct    644940
     caaggataaa agaacttctg gtggaatcac catgccagac ctaaagcttt actacagagc    645000
     aattgtgata aaaactgcat ggtactggta tagagacaga caagtagacc aatggaatag    645060
     aattgaagac ccagaaatga acccacacac ctatggtcac ttgatcttcg acaagggagc    645120
     taaaaccatc cagtggaaga aagacagcat tttcaacaat ttttgctggc acaactggtt    645180
     gttatcatgt agaagaatgc gaatcgatcc atacttatct ccttgtacta aggtcaaatc    645240
     taagtggatc aaggaacttc acataaaacc agagacactg aaacttatag aggagaaagt    645300
     ggggaaaagc cttgaagata tgggcacagg ggaaaaattc ctgaacagaa cagcaatggc    645360
     ttgtgctgta agatagagaa ttgacaaatg ggacctaatg aaactccaaa gcttctccaa    645420
     ggcaaaagac accatcaata agacaaaaag accaccaaca gattggaaaa ggatctttac    645480
     ctattctaaa tcagataggg gactaatatc caacatatat aaagaactca agaaggtgga    645540
     cttcagaaaa tcaaataacc ccattaaaaa atggggctca gaactgaaca aagaattctc    645600
     acctgaggaa taccaaatgg cagagaagca cctgaaaaaa aatgttcaac atccttaatc    645660
     atcagggaaa tgcaaatcaa aacaaccctg atattccacc tcacacaagt tagaatggct    645720
     aagatcaaaa attcaggtga cagcagatgc tggcgtggat gtggagaaag aggaacactc    645780
     ctccattgtt ggtgggattg caggcttgta caaccactct ggaaatcagt ctggcggttc    645840
     ctcagaaaat tggacatagt actaccggag gatccagcaa tacctctcct gggcatatat    645900
     ccagaagatg ccccaactgg taagaaggac acatgctcca ctatgttcat agcagcctta    645960
     tttataatag ccagaagctg gaaagaaccc agatgcccct caacagagga atggatacag    646020
     aaaatgtggt acatctacac aatggagtac tactcagcta ttacaaagaa tgaatttatg    646080
     aaattcctag ccaaatggat ggacctggag ggcatcatcc tgagtgaggt aacacattca    646140
     caaaggaact cacacaatat gtactcactg ataagtggat attagcccaa aacctaggat    646200
     acccaagata taaaatacaa tttgttaaac acatgaaact caagaagaat gaagactgaa    646260
     gtgtggacac tatgcccctc cttagatttg ggaacaaaac acccatggaa ggagttacaa    646320
     agacaaagtt tggagatgag atgaaaggat ggaccatgta gagactgcca tatccaggca    646380
     tccaccccat aatcagcatc caaacgctta caccattgca tatactagca agattttatc    646440
     gaaaggaccc agatgtagct gcctcttgtg agactatgcc ggggcctagc aaacacagaa    646500
     gtggatggac acagtcagct aatggatgga tcacagggct cccaatggag gagctagaga    646560
     aagtagccaa ggagctaaag ggatctgcaa ccctataggt ggaacaacat tatgaactaa    646620
     ccagtacccc ggagctcttg actctagctg catatgtatc aaaagatgcc ctagtcggcc    646680
     atcactggaa agagaggccc attggacttg caaactttat atgccccagt acaggggaac    646740
     gccagggcca aaaaggggga gtgggtgggt aggggagtgg gggtgggtgg gtatggggga    646800
     cttttggtat agcattggaa atgtaaatga gctaaatacc taataaaaat ggaaaaaaaa    646860
     aacaagatag ggagaactat tctcaacaat taaagaactc ctggcagaag caccatcact    646920
     gacctcaaga tgaactacag agcaattgtg ataaaaaaac aaaaaaacaa aacaaaactg    646980
     catggtattg gtacagtgac aggtagataa atcaatgtca tgaattgaag acccagaaat    647040
     gaacccacac acctgtggtc acttgatctt taacaaatga gctaaaacga tctagtggaa    647100
     aatgacagca ctttcaataa atggtgctgg ttcaactctc agtcagcata tagaagaatg    647160
     caaatcaagc catccttatc tccttgtgca aagctcaggt tcaagtggat ctaggacctc    647220
     cacataaaac cagatacaca gaaactaata gaaaaaagta gggaagagcc tcgagtacat    647280
     ggggacaggg gaaagtttcc tgaacagaac acaaataact tatgttctaa gatcaagaat    647340
     tgacaaatgg gacctcataa aactgaaaag cttctgtaag gcaaaggacc ctggcaatag    647400
     gacaaaacag caaacaacac attgggaaag atctttacca ttccaacatc ctataggagg    647460
     ctaatatcca atatagataa agcactcaag aagttagact ccagaaaagc aaataaagaa    647520
     ttcttaactg aggagtaaca aatggctgag aagcatctaa agaaaggttc aacatgctta    647580
     gtcttctggg aaatgcaaat caaaacaacc ctgaaattcc acctcacacc agtcagaatg    647640
     gttaagatca aaaattcaga tgatagcaga tgataatgag gatctggaga aagaggaaca    647700
     ctcctccatt gttcagattg cacactggta cagcgactct gaaaatcagt ctggaggttc    647760
     ctcagaaaat tgaacatagt aattaatacc tgagaataca gctatacaac tcctaagcat    647820
     ttacccaaaa ggtgctccaa catataacaa ggacacatgc tccactatgt tcagagaagc    647880
     cttacttata atagctagga gctcaataga atccatatgt ctttcaacag aagaatggat    647940
     acagaaaatg tggtacttct acaaaatgga gtactagtca gctattaaaa atgatgaatt    648000
     catgaaattc ttaggcaaat ggatggaact agaaaatatc atcctgagtg aggtaaccta    648060
     gtaatgaaag aacacacata gtatgcactc actgataaga cgatattagc ccaaaagctt    648120
     ggaataccca agatacaatc cacagtccac atgaatctca agaagaagaa agaccaaagt    648180
     gtgtatgctt cagtccttct tagaaagggg aacaaaatac tcatgggagg aaatacagag    648240
     acaaagtata gagcagggac tgaagaaaag gccatccaga gactgaccca cctggggatc    648300
     cattccatat ataatcacaa atcccagaca ctattgagga taccaacaag tgcttgataa    648360
     acctgtcttg tgagaggctc tgccagagtg tgacaaatat aggggtagat gttcatagcc    648420
     aaacattgga atgagcactg ggtccccaat agaggagtta gagaaaggac gtaaggaact    648480
     gaaggtgctt gcaaccccat aagaagaaca acaatatcaa ccaaccagac ctccccatag    648540
     ctcccaggga ctaaaccatc aaccaaaggg tacaaacggg gtgacccgca gctccagctg    648600
     cgtatgtaac agaggattct catcaaaggg agaagaggcc cttggtcctg tgaagtcttg    648660
     atgccccagt gtacaggaat tgccaaggca tggtggtggg agggagtggt tggatggggg    648720
     gagcaccctc atagaagcat ggggagaggg atggtttagg gggtttctgg aagggaatct    648780
     ctgaaagggg ataacatttg aaatataaat aaacagaata cccccccaaa aaagaaaaaa    648840
     ataacagaga aaaaaagaaa gagatgccaa aatttacata gtaaatatac agaacaccaa    648900
     agagattgga ctgctaaaat aaatcttcaa accacataat aatcaagcca ctaaatatgc    648960
     aaaaaaagaa ataatattaa aacctacaag ggaaaaatcc aagtaatatt taagagcaga    649020
     cctatcagta ttgtacctga attttcaacc aagacactaa aatctacaag ggcctggaca    649080
     gatgttttgc agacactaag agagcacaga tgtcaaacca gactaatata cccataaaac    649140
     tttaaatcac tatagatgga aaaaccaaga tatctatgtc aaactcaaat ttaaacaata    649200
     ttttctacta atacctacac aggatactgg aaggaaaact ccaaccaaat gaggcttact    649260
     tcactcaaga aaacacgaaa aatgaatagt ttcacacaac taaagccaat aaaatagaaa    649320
     tacacacaca cacacacctt acaacagaaa acatgaaaat aataggaatt aatgatcatt    649380
     ggtcattcct atcttccagt accaatggtc tcattccccc aataaaanca cacaggctga    649440
     cataatatat atgtaaacag aatccttcat tctactgtat acaaaataca taccacagca    649500
     acaaagatag atactaccta ggggaaagag ctagaaaagt tttccaaaca aacagaccca    649560
     agaaacaaca ccaaataaaa gtgacattca aaaaattaat caaaagagat gaggaaggac    649620
     acttcatatt catcaagaaa aaaaatccac caagaggaca tctcaattct gaatatctat    649680
     gctccaaatg caagactgat cacatctgta aaagaaatgt tactaaagtc acaagtcaaa    649740
     tgccacacct taatagtggg aaacggcatg cataaacata ataaaagcaa tatacagcaa    649800
     aacaataacc aatatcaaat taaatgggga gaaacttaaa gcaatttcac taaaatcagg    649860
     gacaagacaa ggctgcccac ctctccctat tgattcccta tagtacttga agttctagct    649920
     agaacaataa gacaactaac agagatcaag gggttaaaaa ttagcaagga agaaattata    649980
     gtaaacctat tcctatctga tatgattgga cacagaagta actccgccca aattctaatg    650040
     gatgacttta cttttgatca agaatagaaa caacatgtgt ttgcggttct actactctgt    650100
     actatgaaat catgcatgca tccacactga tgtaagtaaa atattgaaca aatagtacaa    650160
     acaggaatgc tcctctgaag ttaaacagaa ataccaatat tatggagatg cccttgaaag    650220
     tctctccact gggatatgct ctctgattat atttttataa ataactgaag tattcaaaat    650280
     agtagtctct tctcaatatg gactaattat atcacatgtc tgaaatctaa gtctgcagga    650340
     gaaaaaccta gatcaaagca aagataatag agaggtaatg ttcacttgaa caggcatctt    650400
     tctgccctcc atgctatgat tagaatcctt ccttctggtc agtgcatatg gtcagaacac    650460
     tttgcataaa gccaacttct ccaatcacca gggaaataaa aatgaatgat agatgataat    650520
     aaatgataaa ttgctccata accaatggaa tgcgataaat taatgaatat atgaaaaaga    650580
     atgaaaagaa gtgtggtgtg gttggagaga aaggggtacc tgttcccaaa taacatgagc    650640
     atgaccctgt atgccattgt caagtaatgt gcaggatccc atgggactat aaatgaagac    650700
     aacatgaccc agcaatttca tgcctgggta tataacaaag atagggaatg acattttcat    650760
     ttcaaataga ctattccatt tatgtgttca cttctagatc taacacttgc actgtctctc    650820
     tccactgtct tctctgtagg gaggcctgta tcttgacatc atatgaagac accctcactg    650880
     aatggtgctt gtgagtggcc cgtcctcctc ctatgtcata tcaacatgga acttgtcctt    650940
     gagtaaaagt atcaacagaa gtcacctctg tctgattgtt aaaaaaaaaa cagtctattg    651000
     aagtgtagtg gcattcagtg atgtctactt actagcatgt atcatattga gtttgcatgt    651060
     gtgcaaacac aaaccactat actgtaagac cgaaaaacgt ccattgcttt cctgaagttc    651120
     cagtcaatat tccctcacct gatcaggtga gcctttatat ggcataggta ctgacaatgt    651180
     ttattgtcag aaatctggac aggttcttct ggccttttcc cctaaacttg taaagaggtt    651240
     gacttttttt tatttctact gaaagcagac ccttcttgtc tctctgcttt ctaaactgaa    651300
     ggaggattgt ctccagcctt tgctttcaca gggcctgtgt cttcatggtt ttggaatacc    651360
     ctgtatgcaa catctttgta cactactgtc ttgaaactca gcagatactc agcaagttat    651420
     tatacatttt tttttccatt catctctttt tttttttttt attttttttt ccatttttta    651480
     ttaggtattt agctcattta catttccaat gctataccaa aagtccccca tacccaccca    651540
     cccccactcc cctacccacc cactccccct tttcggccct ggcgttcccc tgtactgggg    651600
     catataaagt ttgcgtgtcc aatgggcctc tctttccagt gatggccgac taggccatct    651660
     tttgatacat atgcagctag agtcaagagc tcaggggtac tggttagttc ataatgttgt    651720
     tccacctata gggttgaaga tccctttagc tccttgggta ctttctctag ctcctccatt    651780
     gggagccctg tgatccatcc attagctgac tgtgagcatc cacttctgtg tttgctaggc    651840
     cccagcatag tctcacaaga gacagctaca tctgggtcct atcagtaaaa tcttgctagt    651900
     gtgtgcaatg gtgtcagcat ttggatgctg attatggggt ggatccctgg atatggcagt    651960
     ctctatatgg tccatcctat catctcagct ccaaactttg tttctgtaac tccttccatg    652020
     ggtgttttgt tcccacttct aaggaggggg catagtgtcc acacttcagt cttcattttt    652080
     cttgagtttc atgtgtttag gaaattgtat cttatatcgt gggtatccta ggttttgggc    652140
     taatatccac ttatcagtga gtacatattg tgtgagttcc tttgtgaatg tgttacctca    652200
     ctcaggatga tgctctccag gtccatccat ttggctagga atttcataaa ttcattcttt    652260
     ttaatagctg agtagtactc cattgtgtag atgtaccaca ttttctgtat ccattcctct    652320
     gttgaggggc atctgggttc tttccagttt ctggctatta taaataaggc tgctatgaac    652380
     atagtggagc atgtgtcctt cttaccagtt ggggcttctt ctggatatat gcccaggaga    652440
     ggtattgctg gatcctccgg tagtactatg tccaattttc tgaggaaccg ccagactgat    652500
     ttccagagtg gttgtacaag cctgcaatcc caccaacaat ggaggagtgt tcctctttct    652560
     ccacatccac gccagcatct gctgtcacct gaatttttga tcttagccat tctcactggt    652620
     gtgaggtgga atctcagggt tgttttgatt tgcatttccc tgatgattaa agatgttgaa    652680
     cattttttca ggtgcttctc tgccattcgg tattcctcag gtgagaattc tttgttcagt    652740
     tctgagcccc attttttaag ggggttattt gattttctga ggtccacctt cttgagttct    652800
     ttatatatgt tggatattag tcccctatct gatttaggat aggtaaagat cctttcccag    652860
     tccgttggtg gtctttttgt cttattgaca gtgtcttttg ccttgcagaa actttggagt    652920
     ttcattaggt cccatttgtc aattctcgat cttacagcac aggccattgc tgttctgttc    652980
     aggaattttt cccctgtgcc catatcttca aggcttttcc ccactttctc ctctataagt    653040
     ttcagtgtct ctggttttat gtggagttcc ttgatccact tagatttgac cttagtacaa    653100
     ggagataagt atggatcgat tcgcattttt ctacatgata acaaccagtt gtgccagcac    653160
     caattgttga aaatgctgtc tttcttccac tggatggttt tggctccctt gtcgaagatc    653220
     aagtgaccat aggtgtgtgg gttcatttct gggtcttcaa ttctattcca ttggtccact    653280
     tgtctgtctc tataccagta ccatgcagtt tttatcacaa ttgctctgta gtaaagcttt    653340
     aggtcaggca tggtgattcc accagaggtt cttttatcct tgagaagagt ttttgctatc    653400
     ctcggttttt tgttattcca gatgaatttg caaattgctc cttctaattc gttgaagaat    653460
     tgagttggaa tttttatggg gattgcattg aatctgtaga ttgcttttgg caagatagcc    653520
     atttttacaa tgttgatcct gccaatccat gagcatggga gatctttcca tcttctgaga    653580
     tcttctttaa tttctttctt cagggacttg aagtttttat catacagatc tttcacttcc    653640
     ttcgttagag tcacgccaag atattttata ttatttgtgg ctattgagaa gggtgttgtt    653700
     tccctaattt ctttctcagc ctgtttattc tttgtgtaga gaaaggccat tgacttgttt    653760
     gagttaattt tatatccagc tacttcaccg aagctgttta tcaggtttag gagttctctg    653820
     ttggaatttt tagggtcact tatatatact atcatatcat ctgcaaaaag tgatattttg    653880
     acttcctctt ttccaatttg tatccccttg atctcctttt gttgtcgaat tgctctggct    653940
     aatacttcaa gtactatgtt gaaaaggtag ggagaaagtg ggcagccttg tctagtccct    654000
     gattttagtg ggattgcttc cagcttctct ccatttactt tgatgttggc tactggtttg    654060
     ctgtagattg cttttatcat gtttaggtat tggccttgaa ttcctgatct ttccagaact    654120
     tttatcatga atgggtgttg gatcttgtca aatgcttttt ctgcatctaa cgagatgatc    654180
     atgtggtttt tgtctttgag tttgtttata taatggatta cattgatgga ttttcgtata    654240
     ttaaaccatc cctgcatccc tggaataaaa cctacttggt caggatggat gattgcttta    654300
     atgtgttctt ggattcggtt agcgagaatt ttattaagga tttttgcatc gatgttcata    654360
     agagaaattg gtctgaagtt ttctatcttt gttggatctt tctgtggttt aggtatcaga    654420
     gtaatagtgg cttcataaaa tgagttgggt agagtacctt ctacttctat cttgtgaaaa    654480
     agtttgtgca gaactggagt tagatcttct ttgaaggtct ggtagaactc tgcactaaac    654540
     ccgtctggtc ctgggctttt tttggctggg agactattaa taactgcttc tatttcttta    654600
     ggggatatgg gactgtttag aaggtcaact tgatcctgat tcaactttgg tacctggtat    654660
     ctgtccagaa atttgtccat ttcgtccagg ttttccagtt ttgttgagta tagcctcttg    654720
     tagaaggatc tgatggtgtt ttggatttct tcaggatctg ttgttatgtc tcccttttca    654780
     tttctgattt tgttaattag gattttgtcc ctgtgccctc tagtgagtct agctaagggt    654840
     ttatctatct tgttgatttt ctcaaagaac caactcctcg tttggttaat tctttgaata    654900
     gtttttcttg tttccacttg gttgatttca cccctgagtt tgattatttc ctgccgtcta    654960
     ctcctcttgg gtgaatttgc ttcctttttt tctagagctt ttagatgtgt tgtcaagctg    655020
     ctagtatgtg ctctctcccg ttttttcttg gaggcactca gagctatgag tttccctctt    655080
     agaaatgctt tcattgtgtc ccaaaggttt gggtacattg tggcttcatt ttcattaaac    655140
     tctaaaaagt ctttaatttc tttctttatt ccttccttga ccaaggtatc attgagaaga    655200
     gtgttgttca gtttccacgt gaatgttggc tttctgttat ttattttgtt attgaagatc    655260
     agccttagtg catggtgatc tgataggata catgggacaa tttcaatatt tttgaatctg    655320
     ttgaggcctg atttgtgacc tattatgtgg tcaattttgg agaaggtacc atgaggtact    655380
     gagaagaagg tatatccttt tgttttagga taaaatgttc tgtagatatc tgtcagatcc    655440
     atttgtttca tcacttctgt tagtttcagt gtgtccctgt ttagtttctg tttccatgat    655500
     ctgtccattg gtgaaagtgg tgtgttgaag tctcccacta ttattgtgtg aggtgcaatg    655560
     tgtgctttga gctttactaa agtttcttta gtgaatgtgg ctgctcttgt atttggagca    655620
     tagatattca gaattgagag ttcctcttgg aggattttac ctttgatgag aatgaagtgt    655680
     ccctccttgt cttttttgat gactttgggt tggaagtcaa tcttatcaga tattaggatg    655740
     gctactcctg cttgtttctt cataccattt gcttggaaaa ttgttttcca gcctttcatt    655800
     ctgaggtagt gtctatcttt ttctctgaga tgagtttcct gtaagcagca aaatgttggg    655860
     tcttgtttgt gtagccagtt tgttagtcta tgtcttttta ttggcgagtt gagaccattg    655920
     atgttaagag atattaagga aaagtaattg ttgcttcctg ttatttttgt tgttaaagtt    655980
     ggcattctgt tcttgtggct gtcttctttt aggtttgttg agggattacc ttcttgtttt    656040
     ttctagggcg ttgttcccgt tcttgtattg gtttttttct gttattatcc tttgaagggc    656100
     tggattcgtg gacagataat gtgtgaattt ggttttgtcg tggaatactt tggtttctcc    656160
     atctatgata attgagagtt tggctgggta tagtagcctg ggctgcagtt tgtgttctct    656220
     tagtgtctgt ataacatctg tccaggctct tctggctttc atagtctctg gtgaaaaatc    656280
     tggtgtaatt ctgataggct tgcctttata tgttacttga cctttttccc ttactgcttt    656340
     tagtattcta tctttattta gtgcatttga tgttctgatt attatgtgtc gggaggaatt    656400
     tcttttctgg tccagtctat ttggagttct gtaggcttct tgtatattca tagacatctc    656460
     attctttaga tttgggaagt tttcttcaat aattttgttg aagatgtttg ctggaccttt    656520
     gagttgaaaa tcttcattct catccactcc tattatccgt aagtttggtc ttcttattgt    656580
     gtcctggatt tcctggatat tttgcgttag gatctttttg cattttccat tttctttgat    656640
     tgttgtgccg atgttctcta tggaatcttc tgcacctgag attctctctt ccatctcttg    656700
     tattctgttg ctgatgctca aatctatggt tccagatttc tttcctaggg attctatctc    656760
     tagtgttgct tcgctttgag ttttctttat tgtgtctact tcccttttta ggtctagtat    656820
     ggttttgttc atttccatca cctgtttgta tgttttttcc tctttttctg taaggacttc    656880
     tacctgtttg attgtgtttt cctgtttttc tttaaggact tgtaactctt tagcagtgtt    656940
     ctcctgtatt tctttaagtg agttattaaa gtccttcttg atgtcctcta ccatcatcat    657000
     gagatatgct tttaaatcta ggtctaggtt ctcaggtgtg ttggggttcc ctggactggg    657060
     cgaagtgggt gtgctgggtt ctgatgatgg tgagtggtct tggttcctgt tagtaagatt    657120
     ccttcgttta cctttcgcca tctggtaatc tctggagtta gtagttatag ttgactctgt    657180
     ttagagattg ttcttctggt gattctgtta ccgtctatca gcagtcctgg gagccagatt    657240
     ctcttctctg agcttcagtg ctctgagctc tctctgctgg caagctctct tacagggaag    657300
     gtgcgcagat atcttgtatt tggacctcct cctggccgaa gaagcaggcc caaaacagga    657360
     cctttctcag acactgtgtt gctttggcag ttcccagaag ctgtcacctt ctgtggtaca    657420
     gactctcacc taagcagact aatttcctaa gttcggcggg tcccggacca ggatggctac    657480
     cactgctgct gtggcttagg ccgcctcccc agccgggcgg gcacctgtcc tccggtccgg    657540
     actgtagccg gctgtccccg gcccacaaag ggtgctgcct cagcggcttt gtgcttctgc    657600
     ctcttccaga agctgtcagg ttctctggcg caccctctca cctgttcaga ctaatttcct    657660
     aagttcggcg ggtcccggac aaagatggcg accgctgctg ctgtggctta gggcgcttcc    657720
     ccagccgggc gggcacctgt cctccggtcc ggactgtagg ttattataca tttttaacac    657780
     atacatgaaa atagaaaaaa aaatgtggta gttgtcatcc taccggaatt ttacagtact    657840
     ctgataggca tggaaaactc actcaatacc tcagttcctt tttagaaccc tgacaaataa    657900
     atagggtttc tccaaatcct cacctacttt tcatcaaata tattatattt tgctactgtt    657960
     ccccattcat tcaggacttt ccagatcaca cacacacaaa ttgccaaggg gcctccattt    658020
     ctcccactga gctatcaacc aacatattga ttgaccttgt gttgttagct cccagcattt    658080
     tcttcaaggg atctttaaat cccaatctac aactgccaca atataaagtg cctcttccag    658140
     agaaatggtt aaataggaaa aagttatcct aaattttaat gaaacacctt agttaaacta    658200
     attatgttta ttggggaaaa tgaaaactaa cctaacacac cataaacatg gtctcaagca    658260
     cctggtgtaa agatgcaaaa ataaaatggt ggaggacttc aaggaataaa tggttaattt    658320
     caggatgcca aacaaccaaa tttgctcaaa gagaaatata tctccatagc aaactctgag    658380
     tagtagacag acaaggacct ggaatgtctt aggtgcaagc ctccgtagga gctgaggaca    658440
     gcatgctgcc atgagtaagt caatttccaa aaatccccat gagaaaatga gttctgctac    658500
     cataacattg caagtgtaac catgtccaag agccacatta gaaaaatgtc atgggcagcc    658560
     caggcagtag gaaagaataa gctcatatct agaaacaaaa ttgtgtgggt tacttaatta    658620
     cacacatata ctgggacaca tggcagtatg gaaggaaagc aagttttatt tttatgcaca    658680
     catgctaaga aaaactaaat ggggtatggt aaaattttat ccaaaaaatg tgaatatgaa    658740
     atttccacaa atagtcaagc actgtaacat acaaccgtga ctttgatgtc ttatatctac    658800
     tatgaggacc accttctgcc caactccaac tccagagcat gctatagcag gaagatatgc    658860
     aaataattct tctctgagtt catataaacc agccctgccc cgagtctgta gctctgacag    658920
     aggagccaag ccctggattc ccaggtcctc acattcagtg atcagcactg aacacagacc    658980
     actcaccatg gactccaggc tcaatttagt tttccttgtc cttattttaa aaggtaattt    659040
     gtagagatga gtttctgcct gttgtgtgcc caagggaaat agaaacattg tttgtttcat    659100
     tattttattt tgttagtaac agttttctga ccagcattct ctgtttgcag gtgtccagtg    659160
     tgatgtgcag ctggtggagt ctgggggagg cttagtgcag cctggagggt cccggaaact    659220
     ctcctgtgca gcctctggat tcactttcag tagctttgga atgcactggg ttcgtcaggc    659280
     tccagagaag gggctggagt gggtcgcata cattagtagt ggcagtagta ccatctacta    659340
     tgcagacaca gtgaagggcc gattcaccat ctccagagac aatcccaaga acaccctgtt    659400
     cctgcaaatg accagtctaa ggtctgagga cacggccatg tattactgtg caagacacag    659460
     tgagggaata ttattgtgag ctcaaactaa aacctcctgc agggcacttg ggaccagcag    659520
     ggggcgctga gagaacacaa agcttctagt tactgagact tacagcctat tcagaaagac    659580
     ctggagtgaa gggaaggctg acctcctctg tgtctacatt gcctcgctaa agaaattctc    659640
     tctataaata tagagtgtag tacccattga ctttgatgaa agttttttca aatttctgat    659700
     ttcctgtgta atgcatgttt tgtactcatt tacttattac aatgtttgtc tctgtgttta    659760
     ctttgtctct ctgtctcttt gtcactctgt ttatgtttct ctgtctctga ctgtgctctg    659820
     tctgtctctc tctgtctctc tctctctcac tcagtctcag tgagtgagtg tgaatatctg    659880
     tgtgtaagtg tgagtatgtg tgtctgtctg tatgtccatc agattactta tatcagtcta    659940
     cacaatgaca ttgaaatata gtccatcttg tgcctggatc ttacgctacc aaacccacct    660000
     ccttttgtcg ttgtgtagaa ctaaactcac cctcatgtgg taagaacttg atgcacagag    660060
     tgatataaac agccccatta tagatgaact aactttaaat gtagtataac ctctgactta    660120
     aagacaaaat gcaaagcacc atacagggaa gaagagattc tgtatgcaga ccaggaacag    660180
     aacctgaaga agcaaagaat tcttagaact gtgaaaccct atactcagga cagagactca    660240
     ataagactcc tttgttagag cactatttag gtaggattca agttaaagta ccacagaact    660300
     gatgtgacca gatgatgttc aatctcttca ccatcctcac acaaggccta tgtaacagac    660360
     ctgagtcagc tgtagtgatg gtaaagtgtg tgggaagctc ctccactgag tcatgaggaa    660420
     agtataactt ttaatactaa gcttcaattt gatgtaaaca gcacctaacc cattcaacag    660480
     gtaacatctc ttgtctttct tcctctcttt cttatgcttt agcttgtata gctcccctag    660540
     aatttaatgg gtcaaatgat ttttgtctta atgcattaat gcccattccc tcccccaaga    660600
     ttctaaggac cttatttata ctgctgcctc agaaacataa tgtaaaggat tcttggctca    660660
     ttttgagttg ttactcatca aaaaaaagtc atgtgtagca ctgagaacct aaatatagca    660720
     ttcttcacaa tggcattctg gaaacctatg gatggtgtcc ctatagaaga atgggtacta    660780
     gtaatcaagg gataatgatt gttcaatcaa aaaatatcat catccgggaa actgcctgat    660840
     ttgtcaattt gtcattcatt ttgttgcctg tgatgatgga atagctgtgt ctgtaacaca    660900
     ctattgtgat gtgacttctg aaggaagaga aggtgagggt tctgtactta taggtttgct    660960
     catgagactt atatttggaa gatggtttag gaaccaccac aagtgcatct atgcagcaat    661020
     tatttctttt tcattaatca ttttattcat ttacatttct aatgatatcc cccttcctgg    661080
     ttacccctcc accaacatcc tcccacaccc tcttctattt gcctctatga gggtgctcct    661140
     ccacccattc acccacacct gcctgattct tccatcatac ccctacactg gagcatcaag    661200
     cttccctccc ctccctttga tgtcagataa ggctgtcctc tgtttacagc aatcctacat    661260
     tctctgtctt gctctgccat cattagttcc atccatgtgt gtgaaaatga tgtttcagag    661320
     agacagagag agagagagag aaggcttgag cattttacct actagcttca aaactacaac    661380
     aagacaagtg aataaatagt aactggaaaa gttgtccaga aagtctgagt tctgagactg    661440
     acagtttctc tgatttcatc tcagttttga acagactgtc cttaatggtt tcaatggttt    661500
     ctaaaatttt tggtaattgt tgtcttctgg gagccaaaca gcaaagttct tgtaatttct    661560
     gtaatttgta aagtagatgt gtatatttgc acagcagtgg agaggaagga gacttgggaa    661620
     ccatagagca cgtggtggaa gattgcaaca ctaaaataaa tgaagagaga aatcaaatgt    661680
     atttccatag gagctacagc aacagggctg agttgtctac aatatacaga gcaccacaac    661740
     taccttgaat atattcctca ttcactggcc aatggagtgc tagaacgtgg gacaatcacc    661800
     aatgtttact tcactgctat ttcccagtgg tcacaccagt ccactctggg tcccatttca    661860
     cagaatcgta tttgtataaa ggggaaacat caacatagtg tcatgtcaca agagtctgta    661920
     aaaatatatg cttgaagccg ggcgtggtgg cacatgcctt taatcccagc actctggagg    661980
     caaaggcagg cagatttctg agtttgaggc cagcctggtc tactgagtga gttccaggac    662040
     agccaggtct acacagagaa accctgtctc aaaaaaaaac ctatatatat gtatacttta    662100
     attatgtcct aagtaagcag tgagagattt tgtgatcttg gctttcagat ctgagtgatg    662160
     aactaattat agaatgtgta tattgttctt tcatgttctg tgcacacaca gggatggaca    662220
     gccaaggtta tagacatgta cctgatgagg aaggaggctg ctgcagtggc catactcaga    662280
     gatcatccac ccctaagcga atcagagggc tctaattgtc ttgaaaacac caggttaaat    662340
     atactgtcag ccaaatatgg aaaatttgtg caataactca ggaatacagt gatcaaggac    662400
     taaggggaca tagcactgca gtccagcaca tatgtggaac tgcatgtcca ctttgtaagc    662460
     tgtccctaat gcatcagctc ttgcttctat tatcttgccc tgcttgagtt cctgtcctga    662520
     tttccttttc taatgaactg caacatagag tgttggccaa ataaacaatt tcatcccaag    662580
     ttcctttgtc aaggtgtttt tatcacagca attgtaacct gcattacgcc cctggttctc    662640
     ctgcagacag ggaatgtaga acatttgctg aaatcccaga catgaggcct ttatctgacc    662700
     actttcctgg ttatttcatg tacaccatta aaatgtaatt ctcattttca gtagatttag    662760
     taagttactt ctgaaagaca aaaacaaaaa actataaaaa gaatctatgt gttccataag    662820
     gcaagtacac ttccctggaa aaaaataaaa taaaagacaa aggaagatat tgagtaactg    662880
     gagattgccc gatgcaggga ggccagagaa agaatgtctc tacacttttt gtttcatcat    662940
     cagtgagtta catcaaagtg aggtaggaat ccttgaggta caggtgacac aaagaaccac    663000
     agcctcccta tcctgcttca ctccagtcac aatgctcagc ttaatccttg aataacagtt    663060
     ccaagatgtt cattcagcac acagttatca aggtctcagg attctcatca cagaagaaac    663120
     agaaatgagt ctaagtttag tatgcagtga acaggccctg catcagtgga cctcagttta    663180
     tctgtgcaaa gaaaccagca aggacaaatg aagttaatga tctatgtgtc tgtcactgta    663240
     ccagtaccat gcagttttta tcacaattaa tctgtagtac agcttgagtt caggcatgct    663300
     gattctacca gaggttcttt tttttgccca ctatttttta ctttttagtt atttaatttt    663360
     tattagatat tttctttata tacatttcaa atgctatcct gaaagttccc tatactctcc    663420
     ctccgtcctg ctcccctacc cacccattcc cacttcttgg acctggcatt cccctatact    663480
     ggggcatata taagtttgca ataccaaggg gcctctcttc acagttatgg ccaactaggc    663540
     catcttctgc tacttataca gctagagata tgagctctgg aggtactggt tagttcatat    663600
     tgttgttcca cctatagggt tgcagacctc ttcagctcct tgggtgcttt ctctagtttc    663660
     tccattgagg accctgtgtt ctatcttata gatgactgtg agcatccact tctgtatttg    663720
     ccaggcactg gcatagcctc atacgagaca gctataacag ggtcccttca gcaaaatctt    663780
     tctagcatgt gcaatagtgt ctgggtttgg tggttgatta tgggatggat ccccagatgg    663840
     ggtaatctca ggttagtcca tctattcatt ttatctccaa acttggtctc tgtaactgct    663900
     ttcatggata ttttgttccc tattctaagg aggaatgagg tatccaccca ttggtcttcc    663960
     ctcttcttga ttttcttgtg ttttgcaaat tgtatcttgg gtgttatatg tttcttggtt    664020
     aatatccatt tatcagtgag tgcatgtcta atgacttctt ttgtgattgg gttacctcac    664080
     tcaggatgat atcctccaga tacatccatt tgtccaagaa gttcataaat ctattgtttt    664140
     taatagctga gtagtactcc attgtgcaaa tgtaccacat tttctgtatc cattcttctg    664200
     ttgagagaca tctgggttct ttccagcttc tggctattat aaataaggct actatgaaga    664260
     tagtggagga tgtgttctta ttaccagttg gaacttcttc tgggtatatg ctgggtcttc    664320
     tggtagtact gtgagcaatt ttctgaggaa cctccagact gatgtccaga gtggttgtac    664380
     aagcttgcaa tcccaccagc agtagaggag tgttcctctt tctccacatc ctcgccagca    664440
     tctgctctca cctgaatttt tgatcttagt cattctgact ggtgtgaggt ggaatctcaa    664500
     ggttgttttg atctgcattt ccctgatgat taaggatgtt gaacattttt tcagatgctt    664560
     ctcagccatt tggtattcct cagttgagaa ttctttgttt agctctgaac cccattttaa    664620
     tggagttatt tgaatttctg gagtccagct tcttgagctc tttgtatata ttagatatta    664680
     gtcccctatc agatttggga ttgataaaaa tcctttccca gtctgttggt gcccattttg    664740
     tcttattgac agcatctttt gccttacaga agctttgcaa ttttttgaag tcccatttgt    664800
     caattcttga tcttacagca caagccattg atgttctgtt taggaatttt tcccctgtgc    664860
     ccatatcttt gaggcttttc cctactttct cctgtattaa tttcagtgtc tctgatctaa    664920
     tgtggagatc tttgatccac ttagacttga gctttgacca aggagataag aatgaataaa    664980
     ttcacattct tctacatgat aaccaccagt tgtgccagca ccatttgttg aaaatgctgt    665040
     cttttatcca ctggatggtt ttagctccct tttccaagat gaagtgacca taggtgtgtg    665100
     gatacatttc tgggtcttca attctattcc attgatctac ctgtctgtca ctgtaccagt    665160
     accatgcagt ttttaatcac aatttctctg tagtacagcc taatgtcagg catggtgatt    665220
     ccatcacggg ttcttttatt gttgagaata gtttttgcta tcctaggttt tttgttattc    665280
     cagatgaatt tgcaaatggc cctttctaac tctatgaaga attgatttgg aattttgatg    665340
     gggattgtat tgagcctgta gattgctttc ggcaagttaa ccattttgac tatagtaatc    665400
     ctgccaatcc atgagcatgg gagatctttc catcttctga gatcttcttt gatttttttc    665460
     ttcagacact tgaagatatt atcctacaga tcattcactt acttaggtag agtcacacaa    665520
     aagtatttta tattatttgt gactattgtg aagggagttg ttttcctaat ttctttctca    665580
     gtcggttcat cctttgtgta gagaaaagcc attgatttgt ttgagtaaat tttatatcca    665640
     gctacaacac cgaagttgct tatcaggttt aggagttctc tggtggaatt tttagggtca    665700
     catatatact atcatatcat ctgcaaatag tgatattttg acttcttcct ttccaatttg    665760
     tatccccttg atgtcctttt gttgtctaat tgctctgact aggacttcaa gtactattat    665820
     gaataggtat ggagaacgtg gacacctttg tttagtccct tattttagtg gaattgcttc    665880
     aagtttctca ccacttagtt tgatgttggc tactggtggc tgtatttttt ttctattatg    665940
     tttaggtatg gaccttgaat ttctgatctt tccaatactt ttatcaagaa tgggtgttgg    666000
     ttttgtcaaa tgctactcag catataaaaa gatgatcacg tggtttttaa ctttgagtta    666060
     tttatatagt ggattatgtt gatcaactat ccctgcatga ctgggatgaa gcctacttga    666120
     tcatgaagga tgatcatttt gatgtgttct tgggttcagt tagcgagaat tttattgaat    666180
     actttgcatc gatattcata agggaaatta gtttcaagtt cactttcttt gttgggtctt    666240
     tgtgtggtct agatatcaga gtaattgtgg cttcataaaa tgaattgggt agagtatctt    666300
     ctgtttctat tttgtggaat agtttgagga gaattgaaat taggtcatct ttgaaggtct    666360
     gagagaacta aacccatctt gtcctgggct tttcttcgtt gggagactat taatgactgc    666420
     atctatttct ttaggggaaa tgggaaggtt tagattgtta atctgatcct aatttaactt    666480
     tggtacatgg tatctgtcta ggaagttgtc cattttatcc aggttttcta gttttgtcaa    666540
     gtatagcctt ttgtagtagg atctgatgat gttttggatt tcttcaggtt ctgttgttat    666600
     gtctcctttt tcatttttga ttttgttaat taggatactg tacctgtgcc ctctagttag    666660
     tgtggctaag ggtttatcta tcttgttgat tttctcaaag aaccagctcc tggtttggtt    666720
     gattctttga atagttcttt ttgtttccac ttggttgatt tcagcctgga gtttgattat    666780
     ttcctgctgt ctactcccct tgagtgaatt tgcttccttt tgttctagag cttctagtgt    666840
     gctgtcaagc tgctagtgta tcctctctct agtttctttt tggctccact cagagctatg    666900
     agttttcctc ttaggactac ttccattgtg tcccataatt ttaggtatgt tgtggcttta    666960
     tttttattaa actctaaaaa gtctttaatt tctttcttta ttccttccta gaccaagtta    667020
     ttattgagtg ctgttcagct ttaatgttaa tgttagcttt ctattattta tattgttatt    667080
     gaagatcagc cttagtctgt ggagatctga gaggatgcat gggataattg taatattttt    667140
     gtatctgttg aggcctgttt tgtgaccagt tatagggtca attttgcaga aggaaccatg    667200
     aggtactaag aagaaggtac atccttttgt tttaggataa atgttctgga gatatctgat    667260
     aaatgcattt ggttcatgac ttcctttagt ttcactgtgt ttctgtttag tttctgtttc    667320
     caggatctgt ccattgataa aagtggggtg ttgaagtctc ccactattat tgtgtgaggt    667380
     gcaatgggtg ctttgagctt tactaaagtt tctttaatga atgtggctgc ccttgcattt    667440
     ggagcataga tgttcagaat tgagagttca tcttcttaga ttttaacttt gatgagcatg    667500
     aagtgccctc ctgtcttttt tgatatcttt gggttggaag ttgatttttt ttgttattag    667560
     aatggctact ccaacttgtt tctttggacc atttgcttgg aaaattgttt tccagacttt    667620
     tactctgagg tagtgtctgt ctttgtccct gaggtgggtt tgctgtatgc atcaaaatgc    667680
     tgggtactgc ttatatagcc agtctattaa tctatgtctt tttattgggg aattgagtcc    667740
     attgatatta agagatattt agaaaaagtc attgtgactt cctgttattt ttattgttag    667800
     agttgggatt ctgttctcgt gcctatcttc ttttaagttt gttaaaggat tacttccttg    667860
     ctttttctag ggcatagttt ccctccttgt gttggagttt tacctttatt atcctttgaa    667920
     gacctggatt tgtggaaaga tattgtgtga atttagtttt gtcatggaat actttggttt    667980
     ctccatctat ggtaattgag tgttttgctg ggtataatag cctgggctgg catttgtgtt    668040
     ctcttagagt ctgaatgaca tctgcccaag atcttctggc tttcctagtc tctggtgaga    668100
     attctggtac aattctaata tgtccgcctt tatatgtacc ttgacatttt tcaactgctt    668160
     ttaatattct gtctttattt agtgcatttg ttgttctgat tattatgtgt taggaggaat    668220
     ttcttttctg atccagtcta tttggagttc tgtaggcttc ttgtatgttc atgggcatct    668280
     ctttctgtag gttaaggaaa tttttttcta taattttatt gaagatattt attggccctt    668340
     taaattgaaa atcttcattc tcatctactc ctattatctg taggtttagt cttctcattg    668400
     tgtcctggat ttcctggatg ttttgagtta ggatcttttt gcattttgca agttctttga    668460
     ttgttgtgcc catggtttct atggaatctt ctgcccttgt gattctcact tccatctctt    668520
     gtatgctttt ggtgatgctc ccatctatgg ttcctgattt ctttcctagg atttttatcg    668580
     ccagagctgt ctccctttga gtttccctta ttgtttctac ttccattttt agatcttgga    668640
     tgactttgct caattccttc acctgtttgg ttatattttc ctgtaattct ttaagggatt    668700
     tttatgtttt ctctttaagg acttttatct gtttagcagt gtcttcctgt atttctttag    668760
     gtgagttatt aatgcccttt ttaaaagtcc gctaccagca tcatgagata tgattttaaa    668820
     tccaaatctt gcttttcagg tgtgttgggg tatctagcac tcactgtggt gggagtactg    668880
     tgttctattg atgccaagtg ttcttggttt ctgttagtaa gattcttaag tttccctttc    668940
     gacatctggt aatctctggt gttatatatt ctagctttct ctgggtgaag gttgttcctt    669000
     ctgtgattct tttagcctct gtcagcaatc cttggagtcc aaatctctcc tgagtcccag    669060
     ggatcagagc acttgctgca ggcaagatct cctctgacag gtaaggtaca cagatgtctg    669120
     aggttcagct ctacctcctg gctgaggata aaggtctgaa ggaaccctgt ccaagaagct    669180
     ctgttgcttc tgtggctagt gtgctctcct gcatggactg gtctctgaga gacccaggat    669240
     agaagatggt gatctcacct aagtccctag gtcaatatcc tccctggagg ccagctgtcc    669300
     tctgctgggg aaggtaccca gaggtctgag tctcagctct gtctcctggc tgaggatgaa    669360
     ggcctgaagt tccctgacca agaagctctg ttgcttctgt gtccgatgag ctctcccatg    669420
     aggacttgtc tctgagagac cagggagaga agatcttaaa ttaatttcta ctcaacgtgt    669480
     cagaaaataa tacatggact gaagtctaaa tgtgcatata ataacattat tacatttatg    669540
     gttcaaataa acttcagtgt cactccagtt gagaaaactg ggacttgatg ctgaatggaa    669600
     gaacctaatg tctcacattt gatctagaga agtgttattt ggagaagcag ttttggctat    669660
     gggctccaac ataatggatc atcaaattga gggtgttttg gaaatcagac tgatgtgaat    669720
     attagaatcc tggatctgaa cacacaacac taagttaaac atgtcaggtt ctggcagagg    669780
     ctctaagagg acagctatat caggctccag ttagcaagtg cttattggca tcagcaatag    669840
     tatctgggta ctgtctctgc agatgggatt aatccctagg tggggcagtc actatatagt    669900
     cttcccttct gtctctgctc tacttcatgt ccctgaattt ccttccaaga ttattttctt    669960
     tccccttctg agtatgactg tatcatcaac tctttcatct tcctttttct tgggtttcat    670020
     atggtctgtg tgttgtaatc atgggtattt tgagatttct ggctaatata catttatcag    670080
     tgaatgcatg ccatgtgtgt tcttttgtga ctgggttacc ttaatctgga ttttattttg    670140
     tagttctatc catactttgg ataatagccc tctatcagat gtagggtttg taaagatctt    670200
     ttcctaatct gtaggttgcc attttgtcct atagacagtg tctgatagag gcctaatatc    670260
     caaaatatat aaagaacgta agacgctaac ctcccaaaaa acaaacaact caatcaaaaa    670320
     aaaaatgaag tatagagcta aacagagagt taacaacaga ggaatctcca atggctgaga    670380
     agcacttaaa gaaatattcc aagtccttag tcatcaaaat gcaagtcaaa acaaccttga    670440
     gattgtacct tacaccaaat agaatgtata ggatcagaac ctcaggtgac agcacatgtt    670500
     gtcaaggata tggagaaaga ggaatgcttt gacattcctg gtgacattgc aaactcatac    670560
     aaccactctg gaaatcaacc tggaggttcc tcagcaaatt ggaagtagat ctacctgaag    670620
     atccaactat accactcttg ggcatatacc caaaaaaaaa aagccccacc atatcacagg    670680
     ggaataagct ctactatgtt catatcagac ttgtctgtaa tagtcagaag ctgtaaactt    670740
     cctccgagtc caacaaagga acgatacata tagaaaatgt ggttcattta cacaatagaa    670800
     cactattcag ctcttaagaa caaggacatc atgagtttta caggcaaatg gatggtgcca    670860
     cacccacccc agtagtgacc caaatggcag gctcaaaagc ctggatgcag cccgaggtga    670920
     aaagttcatg gaaacttagt ctcttggaat tgtggcatcc tgtaacaacg aatgatccaa    670980
     atctgccctt gctttagtca ttgaacggat ctgtgtgctt ttcctcaata ttgttttatt    671040
     ataagtgcct ctaaggattg attttgacat atagctaagt tagattaacc tccaccagtg    671100
     ttccaatgtc ctaggcagtc cttaagccga ccctggactt tgaattcagt aagaatgttg    671160
     cctattcagt aacattcata tttacctcta gtattgtgag agagatagtg agagaaatca    671220
     ggcattacta tctactacat aagttagtaa tctcagggca agcttagcaa actaagttta    671280
     gaattcttat tatagttatg tatggcagac tacattactt attagtagaa agtcctcaca    671340
     cacaatcgct tagaataaaa gctgagtcac tctcatatac aggaatttaa aatggtttag    671400
     gaaatagatt gggctgtggt ttaaggagga actagagtat tgcattattc atgagaaggt    671460
     tagctagagc agaactccct aattagaacc atgacttggg catgaaagcc cttgccccag    671520
     gagtgtaaag acttcacacc tggcttctaa gaacatagct gaccttagag ctgatttctt    671580
     ctcagttgtt ttattgccta gttcctgcca ctctttatgt ttgcattcct ctgttttgtg    671640
     taagagtcat taagcatcca gtaacctcat ccttccttgg ctgatgtggc acctaacttc    671700
     cttattttct tctgtattaa aagtctggtg cttgttttga aaaattacat tcagatataa    671760
     ctctctcttt gtgtctgtgt ctgtttgtca cccttttcac caactccctg cccacctgta    671820
     ctgagaccct gatttctccc acagattgac gggggcaact gagtccagtc cggggcagag    671880
     atggaaaata tgaacttgag tgaggtaact cagacccaaa aatatgcatg gtatacactc    671940
     actaataagt ggatattagc taaaaaaaaa aaaaagtaca gaatacctag gatacaatcc    672000
     acagaactca agagattaat gagcaaaagg gccgaagtaa gaatgcttca ataacacttg    672060
     ggatggagaa gaaaccaatc gtgggagtgg gaggaaggac atgggtgaga gaggggatga    672120
     agaggatata aggagtacac ggttgggtat tggggtttgg ggagatagga tagaaatcat    672180
     gagaaccaac agagtgaatg ggaatatgaa acctcaggaa gtggtaagtg gggggaacct    672240
     ttagaaagta ccagagacct gggaggtaag tgactttaaa gactcaaagg gaggaacatt    672300
     tgatgaaatg cccaacagtg gaaagaggga attgtatagt ccacctccag tagaatgata    672360
     aggcatgaag tggaggaatg gggttgccat cccacagtca aaaacctgac ccagaattgt    672420
     tcctgtttaa aagaactgta gggacatcaa tggagaagaa gctgagtgaa aggttatcta    672480
     gtgaccagga tctatctcaa ggcgaggctc caagtcatga cacaatttct gatgctatgg    672540
     tatgcttaca tacagcagcc tagtatggct gttctgtgag agactcaaca agcagctaac    672600
     tgagacatat gcatatactt tcacctaccc attggactgg taaaagtgat ccagacctat    672660
     tggtgcctga gactgacaat tgctctgatt tcatctcagt ttccaatagt ccatttttaa    672720
     tagtttctaa aattttggta atgtacatct tctgagagcc aaacaccaaa gttcttgtaa    672780
     tttctttaat ttgtacagta aatgtgtatt ttgtacagca atacaaagtg aggaggctgg    672840
     aaaagctgat atcctaaata gaagtttgca gcactaaagt gaatgaagag aggattcaat    672900
     tgtcactgaa tccttgtatt ttgaaaagag ttacagtaat agggctgaac tgtctacagt    672960
     atttagggcc tccccactgc ccccatctca ctgtcttaag ggtgtccctt ctaatctaat    673020
     tcactggaca aaggagtgtc agtcagaatg agtgaccatc aaaaatgttt acttcactgc    673080
     tgtttcccag tggtcagttc agttcactct ggatcacttc tcacaatata ttatttgcat    673140
     acagggaaat atcagcacga tatcatgtcg caagagtctg taaaaattta tactaaacta    673200
     agagatctgt gcaagtgttt gtgtttctgg ttttcagata atatccaatg atgaaggagg    673260
     cccctgaggt ggatacactc tgagaccagc tgctgccaaa ttataccaca gagaactaca    673320
     tactccagaa aacaaaaggt tcaatgtatt gtcatccagt tataagtgct gtgtgcaaaa    673380
     agtcagaaat agagaggtct ggaccacggg gatgtagcac tgcagtacaa cccacatttg    673440
     cctcacatct tttcttatgg ttttagtaaa gagcatgcat gtttggaata ccatcgagtt    673500
     tgtatgctga tccttatgca tcaacacctg tcctgcttga gtccctgtcc tgatttcctt    673560
     ttctgataaa cagcaatgta gaagtgttgg ccaaataaac ctgagttgct ttgttatatg    673620
     gtttcatcac agcaatagta gcccacagta aaagcctgat tcacttgcag ttctgaaata    673680
     tagaccattt ggtgaaattc cagacttagc gcctatatgt gaccattctt ctggctggtt    673740
     catgtctacc aacaaaatgt actacttgtt tctgtaattt aataggttac ctgatgcttg    673800
     gattttctga aaggcaaaat aaaacctgta tgaaatgtgt gtcttctgta aaaataaaaa    673860
     aaaaaaatag tatgcatccc tgtaggtaaa tgaaagacag agaggaggac attgggtcat    673920
     ggaatagttg ctgattcata taggtcagag agttgaatat ttctaaggct tgtttgtttg    673980
     ttttttacat taaggtaagg taagaatcct tgaggcacag gttacccaaa gaaccccagc    674040
     ctccctgtcc tggtttgctc cagtctctct gctgagctta attcattgaa tatgaagctc    674100
     caagagttca ttcagcacac agttttcaca gtctcagaac tctcattaca taagccatag    674160
     aaatgaatca gggtctagta ttaaatcaac aggccctgca tccgtggact tcagttcttc    674220
     tgtgctaaga agccatcata gacaaactag gctctcctct gatgattact gtagaaagtg    674280
     gtcttactga tttggcagga tgaaaagtct ggcaaggtga tcagggcact ctccagatgt    674340
     gacaacattt ctgtcacttg ctgaccccat acacagagtg gtcactactt cctcagaatt    674400
     tttaaacttt gtaaaaacac tgtttacaga atctaatatt taccatttga gatttctact    674460
     gtatgttttt catgaagatg aatgtggata aatatgatta tgtactcttt ctatctttga    674520
     aattctcata attgatagaa ttattgtaat ccctatccaa tactctgata ttcatggtaa    674580
     ctttgacagg agccagggtt ccaccatata tgagggaacc cctaccgtcc catgtaggtg    674640
     aattatcacc attcaggttc tactggggtt cagaccccaa ctcgactgga gaccagactg    674700
     tctgtgcata gaccattgcc ccatgacagg gaatgatgat agttgtatca aagcataatc    674760
     aaacctgggg aaattatcta agtttgtcag gatgtcatgg aattgtgttg cctgtattga    674820
     tggcacagct gaggttgcaa catattggtg tcctgtgagt tctgaaaaaa aatggaagga    674880
     gagggttttg tatttgtggg ttcacccatt aggcataaat cttgaggatg tgggtaggaa    674940
     ctatggaacc ttttacatat caattctatt ttgtttcctg ctctgccttt atcaggtcta    675000
     ttcacctgtg taagggcaca gttcctgaaa gggattagag gctttaacat catggcacaa    675060
     aagcttccca gccataactt agattagtga atgacagagc aactggagaa catggtccac    675120
     cagtctgaag cctgggactg acaatgtctc tgatttcatc tcaatttcca gcataccttg    675180
     gtgcatattc agcacacaat tattgtaatc cttggactct catcacagaa gacatagaaa    675240
     tgagtttgtg tcaagttcat agtgaacaga tcctgaatgg gtggacttca tttcagccat    675300
     ggaataaagc aaatatgtgc acatgaggct ttcctctgat gattagggta ggaagtggcc    675360
     tcacttcttt gctgatgatt gggacactct ccatctgtag taatacttca tgactcattg    675420
     ctctcataca gagtcttgac cacctcctaa gattaagcat tgtaaaaagc agtttaaaga    675480
     atcaaaagtc caccatttga gatttctatc atatgtttgt atcacagagg gaaatgggta    675540
     aatctgataa ttcactcact gtgtcttagg aaagtctcct aatcagtaga attattaaat    675600
     ccaatgctct gatattcttg tagttttcct ttgatattcg caacctaaaa acctgtatct    675660
     cacatcagtg ataactacag ttctttcatg ggatccttgc ttcaacaagt caatcaatct    675720
     gtgcttgttt ctttggtgat tttgatgtgt tttatttttc atgtcgatat tgctgtgatt    675780
     ttccagtatt tccaactgta ggaagtctgt ttttggtgta tgtcttgcac ataagccaag    675840
     ttgtctgcag aactttccag gaggaagatt gacaatgata ttggtcatga cttcagagtt    675900
     aatgaatcaa caaacaaaat gatacacttt tttaaaagaa tggggaattt tttcttttct    675960
     tgtagaacct acaaagtgtt ttgtaagcct tttatacatt tataggcatc actttcttaa    676020
     ggttagtgaa attttcttct atggtattgt tggagatgtt ttctgagact ttaagctggg    676080
     aatcttctcc ttttatgcct attattcata ggtttgatct tttcatagtt tcccaagtta    676140
     cctacaaatt tgtggtatca aatttttaga ttttgcattt tttgaccatc gcctcaattt    676200
     cttcctttgt attgtctata ccagagatcc tctcttacat catgtgtatt ctattagtga    676260
     tgcttgtgtc tgtacttctt gctggctttt ttaggtttta catccaggat tgcctcagtt    676320
     tatgatttct ttatagtttc tatttccatt ttcagttctt ggtggcttta ttcatttatt    676380
     tcacatgcta gaatgtactt acctgcattt attcatggga tatattcatt ttctctttaa    676440
     aaagactttc tcatatttat aaaatggggt ttaatgtccc ctttttgtgt tctgactatg    676500
     ttagaatacc cagggcttgc tatagcagga tagctgggct ctggtggtgc tatactgcct    676560
     tggctcctgt taactgtatt cttaaactgt catttagcca tcttgttttc tgtggtgatg    676620
     gctgcattat cctgatgcca gcagaaaacc tgagggagac aggcagaaca atgggctaga    676680
     caatgggggt cagggagcag cacatagttt atctatgata gctatgaccc agaccagact    676740
     taactggcaa atcctgtagg acaggatttc aaactggtta ttcctgcgga ctcccctcaa    676800
     ggcctacata aggaaacagg atccctacca gctcctcaag atggcaggga agagccagag    676860
     ccaggcaatg gggatcaggg gaccatgacc acaaattata gtgctactat gtcccaggca    676920
     gaccagactg aaaaggtatt ggtgaagcag ggttccaata tcattgtttt ttggggccca    676980
     acacaggcct ccacagggaa gcaggatctt cttctggtcc tacaaggctt aaaatgtaac    677040
     cttcattcac cttatataat tgttgtctca gagtcttact gatgaataag atcacaatgg    677100
     ttagatcttt cagaactctg gctacctgct caatccagct atttgggctg aaaagactct    677160
     aagctggctg attcaatatg gcttctctca gcttctcact gaattgacct gcttggcctc    677220
     atgctaacta ggacaatctg ttctcatttt ctggctcctt attttttggc ttaaactgcc    677280
     tatgctgaac ttcactgaac tacatgaact catgaagcaa attaacccca ctggacagta    677340
     cacactgcac ttgagtgagt aatcttctat ctcttctttc agagttcagc atatcctatc    677400
     tctaatgtat tctatcaatt tttttctgtg attatccacc tgttaaggag aagtaaattt    677460
     caaaaatggc tgtttccttc tagaagctaa aattacctac attgtttggg attaaaggtg    677520
     tgtactaagc acatgtctat atcccagctg gatctcacag accaaagtct tagggtgtga    677580
     acccttgtaa gagaagccaa gatgctagat taaaatttct ctacagtctt agtttataat    677640
     ctactgaaat gatcaacatc atgatcaaaa gcaatatggg aagaaaagga tcatttcaac    677700
     ttttacagac ctacattgag gaaaattagg acctgaaatc agaggaagta cctgacagta    677760
     gaaacagaat ccaaaaccat gaatgtaatc tgcttacctg attgctctct agagtcattc    677820
     aacatgcttt gtagtataaa acaggaatac atacacatgg ataccaccat caacatctgc    677880
     ctcagttttt acacatcaag catttatcaa gaaaatgacc ccatactgtg gcttgcaaat    677940
     caatttgata gaggcatttt tttcctaact gaggtccctt ttcccctgat aactgtagtt    678000
     tgtattacgt tgataaaatt ctaaccatca caaaactgaa caggcacagg gacacttgct    678060
     caactatatt catagcagct ttattcataa tagtcagaaa cttgaagtaa catagatgtc    678120
     cctcaactga agagtggata aagaaatgtg ctacatctac aaatggaatg ctattcagct    678180
     gtgggaccat gaatggcagc ctgttttctg gtcaatctag gtttaaacac tgtagaccca    678240
     gcagattaat ctacaagaga cagaaggcca gtttgccatg ctcccagaca tgggctcctg    678300
     acatcaggac ccagctccat aattctgcag ccatcagtcg cataggctat agtcaggtat    678360
     gctcctacca tagttaccct gcaacagcaa gatatcccag ctcactataa aaggagctgc    678420
     ttggcccctc ctctctttct caagctcttg ttctcttact ctcatctcac tgtctccttc    678480
     tccccctccc ttctttctct ctatgtggcc atggccggcc tctacttctc tacctttact    678540
     ctctctgttt cctacaataa agctccaaaa tcatgggctg cctcctttca tctagactgg    678600
     ccatgctgga gcaatggcat aggccttccc ctaatgacca gcgactaata tcccacagga    678660
     aggcctctca gtgtttccag ccactggaca ggaccaatga ctctcacctg tgtgggaacc    678720
     acatagcact ctccccaccc cactttcctc ctttgtctgg gggggggctg actgagttgc    678780
     cccctgggcc cctacttcat tctcagctct tctgctacat acagtggagt ctgggatgtc    678840
     tgagactgag aacccctgag actgcacgta ccccatcccc tttagctggg gtttgacagc    678900
     ctcaaaaggc ccaacccttg tccagcagaa gttttgtggg gtcctgcagc agttctcccc    678960
     cacgtctccc cacccagatt cccagagctc ttgcaggagc tcccccatga cccaccccct    679020
     tatttcccca tgttcagcgc ctgacattcg gctattataa agacatcatg aaatttgcac    679080
     taaactggaa ggtactgttg agttactcat gctgagtgtg gtaacccaga gccaaaaaga    679140
     tacatattac catatgtgtg cacttataag tgtacattag caacaaagtg caagacaacc    679200
     attctacaat ccacaaaccc aaagtaactg aatattaagt agttcacaag gaggatacat    679260
     gaatctcaca aaggaggaag attaaatagt cacctaaatt gggtggagag agggagttgg    679320
     gtaggagagg aggtgagaag gggattgggg atggcagtca ggtgtgggaa ggaagaggct    679380
     agagagatgg ctaagagtga aaatgaaaat ctgctatggt gtaagggtgc atctctcttg    679440
     gatatttggg atggtctaag aggccaactt tgttgagatt cctaccagag gagtatgtag    679500
     agactgaagg ggcctgactg gacttccaga ggaaaacctt caatccaaat tttgtcttgt    679560
     ctacaagatg ttcagggacc agagcaaaac tgactccttg gagactttat ccagcagaag    679620
     atggaggcag atgcacagcc aaacaaaagg ctgagcccag ggagtcttgt caaagagtga    679680
     gggatagagg tgagcaaatt ggaggggtct aaaaccacaa gaagaccaac agagtaaaat    679740
     attatgtgac catggaggct tacatagtct gggctaccaa ccaggggtca tacaggatcc    679800
     agtcctagac cccttataca ttgtagcaaa tgtacagctt gtcccatatg tgggtcccct    679860
     aacaagttca acattggctg tcctggtctc tgttcctcat cattgaatcc gctaattgga    679920
     ctccctgtag accttattgt gagagtttgt gcttagtcct gctgagacta gatgctccag    679980
     ggttgagtgg tacccaagga agggctttcc ttatttaaag agaaggggag aggtaatgtg    680040
     gagagggatt tgtaagaatg agactgggaa gatgagagaa agggggcctg tgattgagat    680100
     ataaattgaa aataaagatt taattaatta attagtgcag ataaggatgc tcttctgaag    680160
     gagaaggaag tacaaatagt atggagacat cctcaaaatt ctctcctctt aaacacgtcc    680220
     tgtgattata tttcatatga aaaattgaag ttcttcaaca gaaccaaatc atttttacca    680280
     cttttctgag atgttactct ccaagataaa acacagatta ggaaaataca taatgttaac    680340
     ttggacagga aactttctac cctttgtcct ctaactgcaa accttccttt tggtcagtac    680400
     atgtggcaga agaggtttaa tatatgcaac atctctaatc tcaacaggaa tggaaattaa    680460
     attctaaatg aaaaattgct gataacaagt gcaatgagag caatttaaga aaaatagaaa    680520
     gagaagaagt gttgtgtggt tgaagaaaaa taggtccctg ttccctatca acatgagcaa    680580
     gctcctgtac aacactgata cctaatatgg aggatcccat taaattaaaa ccacatgacc    680640
     cagcaatctc atgctcgagt atatattgat gacagaaagt aacattttca tttcaagcag    680700
     aatttttaat ttctgtattc acttcctgag ctcacatttt tactgtctct gattgctgtg    680760
     ttgtctattg gaaggcctga attttgaagt cacatgaaga taccctctca gaatggtgct    680820
     tgtagttagc acatatctac ctatggtcct cctatgtact gtcggcatga aaatagtcca    680880
     ccattaaaaa tattttaaag aggtactttg ggcattcaag aatgtctact tcctagtatg    680940
     tgtcatactg cattattaga tggacaaaca ccatgaaacc attatactct gagacagaaa    681000
     tatcatttgt ttccctgaag ttcctataaa tatttcttat atgataatat gagcctgttt    681060
     ggggcttagt aacagacaac acttatgctt tctggatgag ttctcctgat ctattcccta    681120
     accttggaaa gaggttgact gaatgtttca aatgttagta gattctcctt gcctctctgt    681180
     ttctaaactc aagattaatt atctcctaac tttgctttca caaggtctgt gtcttcaagg    681240
     aatggagaca cactgtatga tttttatatc atactgtctt gaaaatcaga agatactcag    681300
     taaattatac ttaaaagttt ttaacatatg catttaaaat taaaaatgtt attgtagctg    681360
     tcatcttccc caccaggaat cctacaacag tcccatagtt atggaagacc cagtcaacac    681420
     ccctgccccc ttcaacacca ttataaatac aggatcctca aatccaaatc caatgtccat    681480
     ccagtatctt atattcctgc tcctggtccc tcttcattcg atactactca gatcgcacag    681540
     agaaactgtc aggaagtccc aggaattgtc ctcttgaccc acttgctact gccccaatat    681600
     tctgtgcatc ttattccatc ccttctctgt caagtgtccc tatggttatg ttttctccag    681660
     ccatgaagcc ttcagtttcc cccatgtagc cagaaagtcc aagaagtgaa tttatacttc    681720
     ctactgttcc ctatcatgat atctaaaaca agtcatgaac aaaacaatta cctcttcccc    681780
     tggttgatct acatatggaa tatgcaatgt ccctctttct aactgaaaga tatccccaga    681840
     tacctaatgc aacccatgca gtagccttgc taattattac tgttttcttg gcacatgcac    681900
     aattactatc taccagctct aggctctgtg cctcttctcc cagactctct atctccacat    681960
     gtctgtgtat gtgcaactgc atggtggatc tattatcatc ataggaagtt gtatcttgaa    682020
     ataaactgta gtaaaaaaaa aagaaaaaac ctctccatta ccattctttt tactgaagat    682080
     tgccttgcct atccattcat atgttttgca gcatatttct taacattttc tttgggggat    682140
     ttagtatctt taaaacattc agtcatttag tagttactac ttttactcca tcttaaggaa    682200
     ttgtatactc tgcatgcata tgattaatat gatcacatct ctaccttatt ttcccctaga    682260
     acttcctcca tatcttctgc aagtcaacct ctctcaactt catgacattt ttacgccaga    682320
     aattcttctg atgtgtgcat gtgtgtggag gcaagggctg cagcatagaa aacctactgg    682380
     gaaccacagt ttcaaaaaga tggattcgta ctctccagga aatatctata tccaacaact    682440
     tctcacaaag atgcatggcc tggaaataac ctattaagtg tatactagac tttacttggc    682500
     ttggtctcag gtaaggactt aacagacatc agcagctatt aatagctcat gaaggccata    682560
     tgaatgtcct gcccacaaga tattatttca catcttcctt cacttctttc attctctcca    682620
     attcctcttg ctcattgttc tctgagccta ggaggaattt aagtggaact gaaatatgtt    682680
     acgtcaaaca gtatgacaac atcttgaaag gacaaacact gcctgcttct gtcatataca    682740
     gaaccttcat tgtgtgtcag gggctctgga ttcttgtttg taggttttgg aactagaata    682800
     ggaaccctag gaaggggaca catcataaag gtgggacaag aaggaccaag ggcaagggaa    682860
     cattagtaat atgaaagcga aagtaagatg tggtgagagg aatatggaaa ccagagaact    682920
     ggctacgtag gaaaaagtca ttctaaaact ttaataaata ccctggttat actaatcatg    682980
     ttaattggga aaaaggaaaa ctagtctaac acaacataaa cccagccaca tgttgccttg    683040
     tgtaaggatg ggacaagggg atagtagagg gtgaacttaa aagaaataaa tggagaactt    683100
     caggatgaaa aaaaaaacaa tttgctgcca atagatatgt atcttcatag caagctctgt    683160
     gtaacaaata gacagggata tggaaggcat cacgtgcctt aataaggtgt gaagatagta    683220
     ttttatcatg aataagttga attcagaaag ttcccaagtg ttcttgtcac agagtatgag    683280
     ttctgctaca accttgtagg tatgaccctg tgtaagaggc acattacaga aaagccatgt    683340
     ccatcccaaa cagtgggaaa tattgagctg ttatctagag gcataattat gtttggtgac    683400
     atttaattac acatttatac taaggaatta tgccattatg gaaacgaagc atgttctatg    683460
     cacatgcaca aaagagaact aaatgaaata tggtggatcc ttaacaaaaa gaaaaatgca    683520
     aatatgaaac taccatactt tgtcaatctc tgtaactgac attggtgtct tttatgtctt    683580
     atacctgcca tgagcactgc cttcagtaca ggtcaaactc aagagcatgt tacagcagga    683640
     agacatgcaa ataaggtttc tctgtgccca tgaaaacagc gctgccctga ccctgcagct    683700
     ctgacagagg agcacagccc aggattccca ggtcctccca ttcagtgacc cgcactcagt    683760
     acagaccagt catcatggac ttcaggctca gcttacttat ttttgtcctt attttaaaag    683820
     gtaatttata gagatgtgat ttttttctgt tgtgtgtaca tgggaaatag aacttttttt    683880
     gttctttgtt ttttgtattg ttagtaacag ttttctgacc agcattctct gtttgcaggt    683940
     gtccagtgtg aggtgaagct ggtggagtct gggggaggct tagtgcagcc tggagggtcc    684000
     cggaaactct cctgtgcagc ctctggattc actttcagtg actacggaat ggcgtgggtt    684060
     cgacaggctc cagggaaggg gcctgagtgg gtagcattca ttagtaattt ggcatatagt    684120
     atctactatg cagacactgt gacgggccga ttcaccatct ctagagagaa tgccaagaac    684180
     accctgtacc tggaaatgag cagtctgagg tctgaggaca cagccatgta ctactgtgca    684240
     agggacacag tgagtgaatg ttactgtgag gacaagcaca aacttcctgc taagcacatt    684300
     gggccagcag ggggcgataa aagcatgcag agatctaagt aacagaatcc caacctgttc    684360
     aaaaagtcct ggagtaaata gaggatcaga ctcctctggg cctgggcttt ctctcagagt    684420
     gttctctcta caagtatact gtgtagtatt ctccgaagtg tacaaatgtt tgttcaactt    684480
     tctgttttcc tgagttatgt gtgatattta tttgtttatc tacttcttat agtctctccc    684540
     tctgtctcta taggtctaca tgtgtttatt tgactctttg tttctttgtc aatctgtttc    684600
     tgtctctata tccctccctg cttctgtccc ttcctttctc acttccagta tgtgagtgac    684660
     tgtgtgtgtg cctcccatct cattgatgtc agataatgca gtcctgggct acttatgtat    684720
     ctggaggaac aagtgcctcc cctctcattg atgtcagata atgcaatcct gggctactta    684780
     tgtatctgga tccatggctc cctccataca taatctttgg ttggtggttt agtccctggg    684840
     agctcagact ggtccagtta gttgatattg ttcttcctgt ggggttgcaa tcccctttat    684900
     ctccttcagt ccttcctcta gttcttccat tggggtcacc atgctcagtc caatggttgg    684960
     ctgtgagtat ctgcatctgt attggttagg tgctggcaga acctctcatg ggacagccat    685020
     accaagcttc tgtcagcaag tgcttcttgg tgtcaacaac agtgtatggg ttttgtgtct    685080
     tcggatggga tggataccta ggtaggctgt actctgggta gatggccttc cttttagtct    685140
     ctgttccatt tttattttta tttttttgtc cctgtctttc ccttggacag gaacatttct    685200
     gatttattta tttatttatt tatttattta tttatttatt tatttatact taagcagtct    685260
     ttaatgaaat cagtgcatga gatgtctcta ctcctgcatc ttctcgatct tttcttcctt    685320
     gtatttgccc ttatctttcc ctacttttca agacttgcct tcctctccag gatcttcttg    685380
     tggtccttgt tcagctttag tgtggtgata atcaccttgc tggggtggat gcccacatac    685440
     atagttgtgt catggaagga ggccttcttt tgctggcctc cttcaatgta gatgacatat    685500
     ttcttcctgt acacttggac caccttgcca attttttggc ctttgtagtg tcctcgaact    685560
     tcatcatcct ttcaaattgg cacagactga acattatatt tctgtctcag ttctttggaa    685620
     agaggggaaa acgatcttcc tgctccaaat gtgagatggt gcattgaaat gccatttgca    685680
     gttcttgctt tggtcagaag tcacgaaggg attgaacttc attttggctt ctcatttcca    685740
     gactttggtg ctctgcattt ttctccccac ttgagcatgg gaacaagagc aggtctccaa    685800
     acacctccca actagtgaga gagataaccg cacagatgat ttgaggctat tatttaatta    685860
     actacatctc cataggtccc cttaggcctt tgagttcatt aatctgtttc ctacccctct    685920
     gggttaaaac ttttgagatg tgtgagtggc atgtaggata aactctaact tgaacacaaa    685980
     atgcagagca tcacacagtg cagaagtgac tatgtatgaa gaccaggacc agaaccttag    686040
     gaagcaaaga gtccttaaga ttgaggaacc tgagactcag ggtagagact cattaaggtt    686100
     ccctctttag agcaccgtgt ggaattcaaa ttataaacaa catggagatc aggcagggcc    686160
     agtgacccat aaagttgatg actttcaatc tccccatcat cctcacacaa accctgtgta    686220
     aaatgtgtgt gagacgccag cactgagaca tgaggccaag gtagctactg gtacttgctg    686280
     agctttagtt agatggaaag aggtcctaac ccactaagtg tgtaacatct tttttctttc    686340
     ttcctttgta ttgttgatgc tttattttgt atatttcccc tagagttaat ttgggcaaat    686400
     gatttttgtt ttaacacatt actcaccttt ccttccccca gttttctaag gatcttattt    686460
     acactgctgt tctagaaaca tgatgttcag gatggttgac tcattcagag tccacatttg    686520
     aagctcagaa gaagtcagct gtggtaccta aaacctggat agaacattct tctcaatgac    686580
     attccggggt catattgatt atggcactat aaaagagtag gtgtgtatta gaagccaagg    686640
     aatgatgact gttcaatcaa agcatgatgc cacttggaaa atgatctaaa ttgctcaaat    686700
     tgtcatggaa ttctgttgcc tgtgttaata gcacagctgt ggcagcaaca cattggtgtc    686760
     atatgagttc tggaaaaaat ggaaagagag ggttctgatt ttcgaggttc acccaaacag    686820
     atcattcaac aaattgattc tactttatat tttctgttct gccatcatca ggtctattca    686880
     catgtgtgag gatcaacatc ctaccataac tatattagtt gatgacaggg taactggaaa    686940
     ctgtgatcca gacaggctga tgcctgagac tgacaatgtc ttgaatttca tctcaatttc    687000
     taacgcatct tgatgtttat tcagcataca attatcccag tcaaatgagt ttcagtcagg    687060
     tttgcagtaa acaggctctg aatgagtaga tttcagttca gccatggaag aaagcaagca    687120
     tggacaaata aggctctcct tcgataatta gtgtaggaag tggcctcaca gcttgcttgg    687180
     atgaatactc tggcatgatg atgtgagctt cctccatctg tgagaacatg tctgtcactt    687240
     gctctcagag agtggataca aggctctcaa attaagcctt gttgaaaaaa aacgactgta    687300
     taaaaatcta tttcccccta tttgagactt ctactgcagg cttgtctcac tgagggaaat    687360
     gggtgaatct gattattcac tctctctgta tgtgaaaatt ttcatatcta gtagaattat    687420
     tttaatacct aatgtaaaac tctgacattc ttgtagtttc cctttggcat tcagaaccta    687480
     aaacctgtgt cccacaactg acataaggcc agttacttcc tgggaccctt gcttggacaa    687540
     ttcacgccat tagtgcatta gtgcattagt tctgtggtgg ttctgatgtg ttctcttgtt    687600
     cctatcaaca ctgctgtgat tttcccgtaa tccccacttt aggaatgtag ttttgctctg    687660
     tgtaagatac ataaaccatg ttgtatacag aacttcccaa gaggaaaact aacgatgata    687720
     ttggtcatga ttttggagtt aatacatcaa caaacaacat gatataccct aaattttttt    687780
     tgaaaatttg ctgttctgag tttgtggtct ctctgtgaag tgttaattgg catctactct    687840
     gagggattaa tctatgaaga aggtttgtat cctgaaatac cagatatgaa atcatgtccc    687900
     ctaaatgcaa catggtggct tgcagaaaat aaggcttaat tccaaggaga ttgatgcctt    687960
     gaaaatccat cacacactga ttctatttgt gaagcatggt tatacataat ttacatttta    688020
     agcagttttt ggaaattaga cagacaaaag ttaaatttta aaataacttc taatcaatgt    688080
     gtcagaaaag aacatgtagg ctgaagttca aatgcacata gaatgacact gttacaataa    688140
     tgttccaaat aaacttcagt agtgcaggtg acatttcact tgaaaacact ctcatcagat    688200
     gccagttgat tatgctgact ggaacaacct tctgtctcac atgtgaacta gcattcgttg    688260
     tcttattcag agaagcaatg ttggctttgg cctccatgtt aatatatcat caacttgagt    688320
     agtcactaaa acttaaaaag gaaaaagtgg gaaagagcct tgaagatatg ggcacaggag    688380
     aaaaattcct gaattaaaca ccaatggctt gtgctgtaag attaagaatc gacaaatggt    688440
     acttcataaa attgcaaagc ttctgtaagg caaaggaaat tgtcaataag acaaaacagc    688500
     aaccaacaga ttaggaaaag atctttacca atcctaaatc tgataggggc ctaatatcat    688560
     atatatactc aagaagttgg tttccagaaa accaaataac cccattcaaa atggggtaca    688620
     gagctaacag agctaaacaa agaattctca actgaggaat accaaatggc tgagaagcac    688680
     ctaaaaaaaa aaatgttcat catccttaat tatcagggaa atgcaaatca aaataaccct    688740
     gagattccac ctcacaccag tcagaatggc taagataaaa aaaaaaaaat taaggggaaa    688800
     gcagaggctg gcaaggagaa aacggagaag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    688860
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agaactatga gaaaaagtct    688920
     tgaagactta taaataggta tattctctta aagaggaaaa ataaacccct taaagaaatg    688980
     tagtgctaag atcaaaaact caggtgacag tagatgctgg caaggatgtt gagaaagaag    689040
     aacactgctc cattgctggt gggattgcag gctggtacaa ccactctgaa aatcagtttg    689100
     gtggttccac acaaaattga acatagttct actggaagat caagcaatac ctctcctggg    689160
     catataccca gaagatgctc caacttgtaa taaggatgca tgctccacta tgttcgtagc    689220
     agccttactt ataatagcca gaatctggaa agaacccaga tgtccctcaa cagaggaatg    689280
     gatatagaaa atgtggtaca tttacacaat ggagtactat tcagctatta aaaacaatga    689340
     attcatgaaa ttcttagaca aaatggtgaa tctggaggat attatcctga gtgaggtaac    689400
     ccaatcacaa aagagcacac atgatatgta ctcactgaga aatggatatt agcccagaag    689460
     cttagcatat ccaagataca atttgcaaaa cacatgaaac tcaagaagaa ggaaaaccaa    689520
     agtgtggaca ctttgttcct tcttagaagg gggaacaaaa tacccatgga aggagttaga    689580
     gacaaacaaa gttcagagca gagcctgaag gcatgacctt ccaaaacctg ccccacctgg    689640
     ggatccatcc cgtaaacaac caccaacaca cataccctat ggcagatgcc aacaagagct    689700
     tgctgacagg agcctagtat agctttctcc tgagaggctc ttccagtgcc tgacaaatac    689760
     aaaagtggat gctcaaagtc atccattaga tggagcacag tgtccccaat gaaggaactg    689820
     cagaaagtac ccaaggagct gaaggggttt acagccccct aggaggaaca acaatatgaa    689880
     ctagccagta accccagagc tccctgggac taaaccacca atcaaagaaa acacaaggag    689940
     agatttgtgg ctatagttgc atatgtacct gaggatggcc tagtcagtca tcaatgagca    690000
     gagaggctct aggtcctgta aaaattttgt gccccagtgt cagagaccat cccgtgagaa    690060
     agcaagccct tcacaatctc cctgacaggc caaatggcct cgtgctagga gctggttatc    690120
     actccctcct ccctattccc ttcctggcac ctgaggctgt aaaagctgaa ttataggccc    690180
     ctcttcccta tctcttcctg aattcccatg acaaccaagg acataagtta cccctgagcc    690240
     cagcctgaca cccaaggctg tcaaggagga tctatgttct ggagataaga tgcagagtgt    690300
     ccgctgcctg gtgcttgact tcggccccta tgtcagcaga tgcccacttc tttgttcttt    690360
     gtataattcc ccctcgaccc ctcccctatt ccccgagatg tatgctttaa aaagaaggca    690420
     cctcagcata ataaacgaga ccttgatagg taccatcttc ttgatctcct gctttgcttc    690480
     cccttcctcc catttccttc caggtttgca gtccccctcg cacccaagaa taattgaatc    690540
     ccgcgggacg ggatactcca gtatagggga atgcatgggc caggaagcag gattgggtgg    690600
     gttggggagc acaagagggg agaggatagg ggattttcag aggggaaact aggaaagggg    690660
     ataacatttg aaatgtaaat aaataaaata aaaaatataa ttaaaaaatc aacatgaaaa    690720
     aatatatttt catttaaaat agatatttgc tgttccgtgt tcacttcctg atctcacagt    690780
     tgtactctca atcactgctc gattctctct ctgaaggtat gaagtcactt gaaacaccct    690840
     cactaaacgg tgcttctagc tctcacatca ctatggtctt tcaactatac attcaaaggt    690900
     accatacctt tgtccctata cttctgcgtg gttgtacaag tttccactct gaccaacaat    690960
     agagaactgt ttcctttact ccacatcctc aacagtgtgt gctgtcactt gagattaata    691020
     tcatagttat ccttatcagt gaaatgagga aattcagagc catttgaatt tacatttgcc    691080
     tgatgactaa ggacactgaa tatttctgta agtgattctc agccatttga gattgctcta    691140
     tggacaattt gagaattctc tgtttatcta ctttctcttc tattagattt agtatataca    691200
     tttttatgct aaggtcttta atccacttaa gcttgaattt tgtgcaaagt aataaatatg    691260
     gatttatttg tattcttcta tgttcagaca tccagttaga ccagaaaaat ttgttggaga    691320
     ttctttcttt tccattgtac ggttttggct ttcttgtcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaatc    691380
     aagtctccat agatgtgttg gattattaca ggaccttcaa tttaactcca ctgctcaaac    691440
     tctctctttc tatattactt tcatgcactt tttattacta ttgctctgta gttcagcttg    691500
     gagccaggaa ttgtgatacc tcaagttgtt cttttattgt acaggaatat tttagctact    691560
     gtgatggttt gtatatcctt ggaccaggga gtggcaccat ctgaatttgt ggccttgttg    691620
     gaataggtgt gacctggttg aaatgggtgt gtcactgtgg gtgtgggcat aagatcctca    691680
     ccctagttgc ctagaagtca gtctttcact agcagccttt ggatgaagat atagaactct    691740
     cagctcctcc tgtgccatgc ctgcctggat actgccatgt tcccaccttg atgataatgg    691800
     actgaacctc tgaacctgta agccagcccc aattaaatgt tgtttttcat aaggcttgcc    691860
     ttggtcatgg tgtctgttca cagcagtaaa accctaacta agacagctac cctgggttgt    691920
     ttatgtttgt ttggtgggtt gggttggttt ggtttggttt tccatgtgaa ggtcagattt    691980
     gctttttcaa tgtaattaaa atattgtatt ggaagtttca tgtgagtggc attgaatatg    692040
     tagattgcta tgggtaagat ggccattttt actatgtcaa tctactaatc catgatcatg    692100
     agcaacattt ctatctttag atatcttctt caaactcttt cttcagagac ttgaatttct    692160
     tgtcatacaa gtcttacact tacttgacta gagttacaat aagttatttc atattgtttt    692220
     tggctatttt gaagggtgtt ctttccctga attcttgatc agatcattta ttgttggtat    692280
     aaaggaggga aactaaattt tagagttaat tttggatcca gccaatttgc caaaggagtt    692340
     tatcagaggt agaaattctc tgatagaggt tttgaagtca tatcatctgg tagtagcaat    692400
     atttaactta ttttccaatt ggtattcatt ggatatcttt aagtgtttta ttgctctggc    692460
     tagaacttga atgactatat tgaataatag gggaaaagtg aacagacttg tcatgtccct    692520
     gattttagtc gaattacttt aaatttattt ccatttaatt tcatgttggc tattacctta    692580
     atgcatgctg tctttaatgt atatatatat atataaaact tgtatgcctg atctctccaa    692640
     catctcatga acagatgttg aattttgaga aagattattt cagtatctag tgagctgatc    692700
     atgtacattg tactgatgga cttttttttt ggatggtgtt tttgatgtga tcttgtatca    692760
     atgttcataa gagaaattgg tctgaaattc tttttcttct tgggtctatg tatgctttag    692820
     gtaacagagt aattgtggcc tcacaaagtg attttgacag tttttttttt ctgtttatat    692880
     tttgtagaat actttggggc gtattggtat ttgaaactct gatataattc tttgctaata    692940
     caatctggcc ctgagctttt tatttggtgg ttgttgttgt tgtcatgaga attttaatga    693000
     tgatttctgc atccttataa attataggac tatttagatt gtttaacaga tattgattta    693060
     actttggtaa atggaatcta ttcagaaaat catccatctc atttagagtt tccaattttg    693120
     tggagtacga gcttttaaaa tggaatataa tgactttgga tttcctcaca gtatgttctt    693180
     atgtccccat tttcatttct aattttgtta aattgaatgt tatttctctg ccttttattt    693240
     agtttggcaa acaatttctc tatattgttg attttctcaa aataccagta ctttgttctt    693300
     cttgagtttc atgtgttttg caaattgtat cttgggaatt ctaagtttct gggctaatat    693360
     ccacctatca gtgagtacat atcatgtgag ttcttttgtg attaggttac ctcactcagg    693420
     atgataccct tcagatctac ccatttgtgt aggaatttca taaattcatt ctttttaata    693480
     gctgagtaat actccattgt gcaaatgtac cacattttct gtatccattc ctctgttgag    693540
     gggcatttgg gttctttcca gcttctggat attataaata aggctgctat gaacatagtg    693600
     gagcatgtgt ccttattacc ggttggaaca tcttctggat agatgcccag aagaggtatt    693660
     gctatatcct ccagtagtac tatgtacaat tttctgagga accaccagac tgatttccag    693720
     agtggctgta taagcttgca atcccaccaa caatggagga gtgttcctct ttctccacat    693780
     actggccagc atctgctctc acctgagttt ttgatcttag ctattctgac tggtgtgagg    693840
     tggaatctca gggttgtttt gatttgcatt tccctgatta ttgaggaggt tgaatatttt    693900
     ttcaggtgct tctcagccat ttggtattcc tcagttgaga attctttgtt tagctctgtg    693960
     ccaccttttt taatggggtt atttgaattt ctggagtcca ccttcttgag ttctttatat    694020
     atattggata ttactcccct atctgattta ggattgggaa agaccatttc ccaatctgtt    694080
     agtgtccttt ttgtcttatt gacagtgtct tttgccttac ataagctttg aaattttatg    694140
     agataccatt tgtcaattct cgatcttaga gcatgaacca ttgctgttct attcaggaat    694200
     ttttgccctg tgaccatatc ttcaaggctt agaataggga accaaacacc catggaagga    694260
     gttacagaga caaagtttgg agctgagatg aaaggatgga caatccaaag agacttcccc    694320
     acctggggat ccatcccata atcagtcacc aaacacataa tcagtcacta ttgtatacgt    694380
     cagcaagatt gtgctgaaag gaccctgata tagctgtctc ttgtgaggct atgccagtgc    694440
     ctgtcaaaca cagaagtgga tgctcagaga cagctgttgg atggaacaca gggcccccaa    694500
     tggaggagct agagaaagta cccaaggagc tgaaggggtc tgcaacccta taggtggaac    694560
     aacaatatga actaaccagt acccccgtag ctcatgtctc tagctgcata tgtatcagaa    694620
     gatggcctag ttggtcaata ttgggaagag aggccccttg gtcttgaaaa ctttatatgt    694680
     cccagtacag gggaacatca gggccaagaa gtgggagtag gtgggtaggg tagcagaggg    694740
     gggtggttat agtggacttt cgggatagca tttgaaatgt aaatgaagaa aatacctaat    694800
     aaaaaattgg aaaaaaatac cagtacttgg ttttgttgaa tcttcaaatt gttctttttt    694860
     ttatgattta tttatttatc caagttggta atttcctgcc aacaactcct cttatgtgag    694920
     ttgcttcttt ttattctaga gcttttgggg gtattgtaaa gtttctaata tggaatctct    694980
     ccagtttctt tatgaagatg cttagtgctg tgagctttcc tcttagcact gctttcactg    695040
     agtcccataa atttgggtat gctgtgcctt cattttcatt gaattctaga aagtatttaa    695100
     tttcattatt tattttagct ttgacctaat gttcattgag tagagagttg ctcagttccc    695160
     aagagtttgt aggctttttg ttgtatcttt tgttgttgaa ctctagcatg aatccacagt    695220
     gatctgataa gatgtaagga gttacgtcac tcatcttgta tctgttgagg cttgttttgt    695280
     gatagagtat atggtcagtt ttggagaaga ttctgtgaga tgctgagaag cagggggtaa    695340
     agtcttttgt gtttttatga aatgttctat agatatctat taggttcctt ttgattcata    695400
     acctctgtta acttcattat ttctctgctt attttctgcc acttaactaa ttgggtccat    695460
     tagcttgaaa aaatattttt catctattta ttctgagtag tgtctaattt tgttgctgag    695520
     gtgtattgct tgtatgcaac aaaatgatgg atcatgttta tacatcaacc cttttaatct    695580
     gtgatgtgga aagagactaa tggccaatgt ttgttaattt ctgttatttt gatgttggtg    695640
     atgatagtgt gtgtgagtga tagtgtgtgt gtggggggtt ggttggttgg ttttactggt    695700
     gtgacattat tttttgcatg ttcctaggta tagttagcct cattgtattt gaattttctt    695760
     ttagtagaca ctatagagct gggttaatga aagggtattt gctgaaattt ggttttgtca    695820
     tgaaatatct tcgtttatca atcaatggtg attgagagtt atagtagtct gggataaaat    695880
     ctaaactctc ttagggtcta ctagacatca ccccaaccct tctggctttg agaatatcta    695940
     atgagaaatc agtattattc tgatagttct gtctttataa gttacttggt atttctttcc    696000
     atgcagcttt taatattcct tcctttttct atacatataa tattttgttt attttgaggc    696060
     aaaagtattt tcttttctgg tacaatctat gtgatggcct gtaaacctct tgtaaactta    696120
     taggcatctc tttctttagg tcaggtgaat ttcttctctg actttgttaa agatgttttc    696180
     tgagccttag agttgtaaat cttctccttc tattccaact attcttggat ttgttttttt    696240
     tttgtagtct cccaaatttc ctggatattt gtgtcatcaa cattttagtt tttgcatttt    696300
     ctttgaccaa tgtatcaatt tcttttcttg tatcttctat gcctgaaatt ctttcctgta    696360
     tcatgtgtat tcagttggtg atgcttgtgt ctataattct tgctatcctt agtagttttt    696420
     ccatctccag gattgactca atttgtgttt actttctttg tagattttat tttcattttc    696480
     acttcttcag cagttatatt cacttcattc acatattgga tgattatatt ttcctatact    696540
     tcacaaagga atttattagt ttcccattta agagcctcta tcatatttat aagatgaagc    696600
     ttaaggtcac cttttttgct ttggctgtgt tagaataccc agggcttgct gtagcaggat    696660
     agctgagatc tagtggtgct atattgccct ggcttttgtt aattgtgttc ctacactgtt    696720
     tcttagtcat cctgttttct atggtaatgg caggataatc ctcatagcag caggacacat    696780
     caggaaggca tagagagcca tgggctagac aatggaggtc agggaggcaa tgtactgctt    696840
     acttattgtg gctatgacct aggtagacct gacaggcaaa ggattgttgg aagaggattt    696900
     caaaactgtt attcttgtgg atacccatgg agacctgcat agaaaaacag gatgatcttg    696960
     gcatcccacc actactaaag atagtaggac aaacccagag gtagacaatg gagatcagga    697020
     gaccatgcac aaaacttact ctgctggcag tgctccagat gtaacagact ggaaaggaat    697080
     tcatgaaaca gagtaccaag atgtttgttt tgtgggacca tgaaagcctg cacagggaag    697140
     caagatgctc ttggagttca acaaggtttt aaacaatacc ttttattcac ctgacataat    697200
     tgttttttca taggcatact gctggataag ctcacacctt ttagttcttt cagaacattc    697260
     attagctgct tcaacttagc tgctcttttt gaaaagactc tttaagatga ctgactcaat    697320
     atggcttctt tcagcttccc aattagttga tcagcttggc cttaagttaa taatgggagt    697380
     ctgctctatt cattaggctg cttcttattc gctgatatca gctgcctgtg ctgaacttca    697440
     ctgaacaaag tgaactcatg aatgaactca actcagctgt gttccattca ctgcactgat    697500
     tctaaactga cgactttctc cttgtactga acttgagcaa gtaatcttcc tgtctcttct    697560
     tgtgagaggt gggcatatgc catctctgac atttctgtaa agttttcctt tgattatctg    697620
     cccccatgga gaattcactt ccaaaaatgg ctgcttcact ctaaaatatt aaattaccta    697680
     cattgtttgg gattgaagat gtgtagtaag ggcatatctg gaatttgtcc agatcacact    697740
     gacctaagtg tgtggacatg aactttcaca agagaagcca tgttgcttca tagaatgtct    697800
     ctataatcat agtttgtaat ctattgatgt gagtaacatc acgatcaaaa gcagcataga    697860
     aaggacaagg ttatcttaac tcttgtattc cctcatcaag gaaaaatcaa gatatgaaat    697920
     cagagcaaga actcaaaggt agagaaagaa ccattaaaga aaccattaaa gaaatcttgc    697980
     ctgcttgctc tctaaagttg ttcaacatgc tttctaatat aaaacaggaa tacatgtgta    698040
     tagatgtcac tgccaacatc tgcctgggat ttcacacaac aaacattaat caagaaaatg    698100
     cccccacata attgcttgca aaccaatttg atgaaggcat ttttttctga ggttccttat    698160
     tcccagacaa cccaagttca tagtgtgttg ataagattct aaccagtaca aaaatgaagt    698220
     ggatagtatt ttcactgcaa tatgacccac taagtcagtg ttcatgtatt cactgcacaa    698280
     aagtaaacaa attactgaac aaacaataag gacaacctca gaaatagaaa ataatgtgta    698340
     gttttagcat gaactcatgc cttttgcaag tgactttttc atggtaactt tattctatgg    698400
     aaatgtatgg aatagagaaa cccaagaagt actgaagtac agcatagaga catagattat    698460
     ctctgaagta accaaaacca gaaatgcttg atttagagga cttagaccaa tctacccaat    698520
     atagtataag aaatgtgcat ttattcctgt ggcactcctt cccaaacttt tgtaaccaca    698580
     atgaaaatat cagacaccac taagattaga catactggga atactatctg aaattttttc    698640
     tcctaacttt cagagtatct tgacaaaggg aaataaagca cttatacagt gggtgacaat    698700
     cacaacatgc acatatgtct ttctccctaa tgttgagtta tccatgcacc actaccactc    698760
     acattataaa agttaagcat ttaaaatgaa atacacaaaa tctaaggaat ccaatgacaa    698820
     ctaataaacc cacattctct gagtcctacc aaatagcctt ttcttgctct ttacttctct    698880
     tctctggtgt ttccattaca aaggcatgag gagaagctct acagtctctt actgtctaca    698940
     gtggccaaca cctgaaggca caaggttccc cacgttcagg tctgccctct gctctacttc    699000
     ctgtcatcag tgatctctgg cttacctttt acttcagtta acataataat caatccgggg    699060
     gtcatgctac tgctttttat gaagagctat gaacagctga cctacatttc actcaccaat    699120
     tcatagtcat atttagaaac atatttttat gtgctacaag ctgaaacaag agacaaatag    699180
     ggatatataa aaagtacttt gatgcagaga gactgacaga aatcaagagg tacagagtag    699240
     ctcccagcta cattgtccct gaataggaaa ggtaagacac tcaacctagt gtatatctta    699300
     tcagtctctt ggatctactc ctaaataaat gtttgaaagg aaatagatga tctgggcagt    699360
     ggtggcacac gcctttaatc ccagcacttg agagtcagag gcaggggtat ttctaaattt    699420
     gaggccaccc tggtctacag agtaagttcc aggacagccc aggttataca gagaaaccct    699480
     gtctcaacca cccattcgac ccccgagtgg aaaaaaaaaa aaagcaaata aactaaatgc    699540
     ctgtgaactg tttgtttctt tgcaagttct tccttgaaaa ctgatgagaa taagatcact    699600
     ccacagaaag tgttttgttt tgttttgttt ttgtttgttt gtttttattt tggttttttt    699660
     tttttgaggt ataggatcaa cttctttttt taaaacattt ttttatactc tccttctgcc    699720
     cttctcccca acccatccaa tcctttttcc tggccctggc ataaccctgt actggagcat    699780
     atgatctttg caagaccaag ggactctcct cccattgatg gctgactagg ccattctctg    699840
     ctacatatgc agctagagac atgagctctg ggggtactag ttagatcata ttgttgttcc    699900
     tcctataggg ttgcagaccc ctttagctcc ttgggtactt tctctagctg cttagttagg    699960
     gaccagtagt tgactgtgag catccactgg catagcctca caagagacag atatagcagg    700020
     gtgctataag gaaaatcttt ctggcatagg caatagagtc tgggtttggt gattgtatat    700080
     aggatggatc cagaacttca agtctctgag gaaagaaata ggagaagatc tcagaagatg    700140
     gaaagatctc ccatgctcat ggattggcag gatcaatata gtaaaaatgg gatcttgcca    700200
     aaagcaatct acagattcaa tgcaatcccc atcaaaattc caactcaatt cttcaccaag    700260
     ttagaaaggg aaatttgcaa attcatctgg aataacaaaa aacctagaat agcaaaaatt    700320
     tattctcaac aataaaagaa cttctggggg aatcaccata cctgacctca agctgtacta    700380
     cagagcaatt gtaaaaactt catggtactg gtacagcaac agacagatag atcaatggaa    700440
     tagaatggaa tatacagaaa tgaacccaca cacctatggt cacttgatct ttgacaaagg    700500
     agctaaaacc atccagtgga aaaaagacag cattttcaac aaatggtgct ggcacaactt    700560
     tcattcatca tgtagaagaa tgagaattga gccattctta tctccatgta aaaagctcaa    700620
     gtttaagtgg atcaaggaac tccacataaa aacagacact gaaacttaaa gaggagaaag    700680
     tgggggaaag cctcgaagat atgagcacag gaggaaaatt cctgaacaga gcatcaatgg    700740
     cttttactgt aagactgaga attgacaaat gggacctcat aaaattacaa agcttctgta    700800
     agacaaaaga cactgtcaat aagagaaaag ggccaccaaa aggttgggaa aggatcttta    700860
     ccaatcctaa atcacgtagg ggacaaatat ccaatataag taaagaactc gagaagatgg    700920
     actccagaaa aatcaaacaa ccctattaaa aatggggctc agagctgaac aaagaattct    700980
     cacctgagga ataccgaatg gctgagaagc acctgaaaaa tgttcaacat cctcaatcat    701040
     cagggaaatg caaatcataa caacgctgag attccatctc attccagtca gaatggctaa    701100
     gataaaaaat tcaggtgaca gcagatgctg tcaaggatgt ggagaaaaag aaacactcct    701160
     ccacttttgg tggaattaca agctggtaca actactctgg aaatcagtct ggcagtttct    701220
     cagaaaattg gacatagtgc tactagaaga tccagcaata tctctcctgg gcatataccc    701280
     agaaaatgtt ccaacttgta gtaaggacac aagctccact atgttcatag cagcgttatt    701340
     tatagaagcc agaagctgta aagaacccag atgtccctca acagaggaat ggatacagga    701400
     aatttggtac atttacacaa tggagtacta ctcagctatt aaaaacaatg aattcatgaa    701460
     attcttaggc aaatgaatgt atctggagga tatcatcctg agtgaggtga cccaatcaca    701520
     aaagaacaca catgatatga actcactgat aagtggatat tagcccagaa gctcagaata    701580
     cccaagatac aatttgcaaa acacatgaat ctcaagaaga aggaagacca aagtgtggat    701640
     attttgttcc tttttagaat ggggaacaaa gtacccatgg aaggagttac agaaacatag    701700
     ttctgagctg agaggaaagt gttttgtttt gtttttttaa tactagttga ttcctcacat    701760
     ataaaactag tataagcaca taaattgaaa ataatttaat gactattcac taagtaatac    701820
     ctatacagtt ttgtgcacat tattgaataa ttattacttc tatatttttg tatattaaaa    701880
     caaggcaaat aatatttatt tatccaaaga caaataatat ttatttatcc aaagataaat    701940
     aatatttatt tatctttgga tgtcaattga tatgtggatg atatgaaaat catttgtatt    702000
     acacggctat ttactgtctg tggttttgct tccatttctc aaactaattg gtgaaggagg    702060
     tgacaataat gcttttctga agggaataat gatgttagta ttttttctaa gttctgcccc    702120
     acagttatct gtaaacagct aggtatttct gactcattat aaaaaggtct gcttgccccc    702180
     ttctcaatct cttaccattc ttactctctt ccctctctga accttctcta ttctaccctt    702240
     ccagcctctc tgtctacatg ttcagggcca gcctctattc ctctattctt tctgtctctg    702300
     tctccgtatc cgtctccctc cccctccccc ctctctctgt ttctaatacc ccctctactt    702360
     ccctacccat gtattaaata aactctactc tatagtatac ccatcttatg gctggtaact    702420
     taggggaaag gaatgcctca gcatggtcct acagaggcag ccccattccc aaccatcata    702480
     tctcactcta ccaaacatat ccctgacgtc ccttctcatt tttataaaac acaacaaatg    702540
     aaatataaaa atccaaaaaa ggaaagaaaa tgaaaaaaag acaataaaat agaaaagaaa    702600
     acaatagaat agaataaaat agaatagaat agaatagagt agagtagaat agaatagaat    702660
     agaatagaat agaatagaat agaatagaat agaatagaat agaatagaaa tagaatagaa    702720
     aacagtaaaa caagaaaaag aatctctgat caaaaaggtt cccacttcca tcttaaatcc    702780
     tcaagtgcaa ttaattggta gtgatacaca attgcattta agataaggta tcctattcta    702840
     catgcactgt atgaataagt attttcttac tgtaaatatc cataacctac cccttattta    702900
     ctttttgctt ccaaggcatg cacagttgga tttgtgttta ttttgaattg gaaatccaaa    702960
     cagtttcagg gaaaacttcc ttaattttca actccatttc ctctaaaaag aaaaacaaca    703020
     caaaacaaaa caaaggcaat caaaggcaca tggagaggaa gctgaaagct gtgaactgtg    703080
     cttcctttta ttccctcagg aaccccctcc ccaccaatgc aaagcagccc tcaggcagag    703140
     gataaaagcc cacacaaaga tgagaagccc catcctcttc tcatagagcc tccatcagag    703200
     catggctgtc ctggggctgc tcctctgcgt ggtgaccttt ccaagctgta agtgtttcag    703260
     agttttagga gagggaccca ggtatggcat tcatggtatg tatgtctgat ggtgatgttg    703320
     tttgtcccca ggtgtcctgt cacaagtgca gatgaaggag tcaggacctg accttgtgca    703380
     gccatcacag actctgtctc tcacctgcac tgtctctggg ttctcattaa gtagctatgg    703440
     tgtacattgg tttcgcaagc ctccgagaaa gggattgtct tgcgcgcgct caactggcca    703500
     ggaagaacga cgctgcaaca ggatccttct gcacacgttt attgggagag cttgattgta    703560
     gaggcaaaaa gacttcgagc ccagaactgg tgctgctttt ataggcctag gaggggcgtg    703620
     tctcacaccc ggattggtta tgcactaagc ctcatttgca tgttcctcat ctgattggct    703680
     actctctctc agtaccttac tgaacctcat tatcatacct catttgcatg tctcacatct    703740
     gattggttat actctcagta ccttacagaa cctcattatc atacctcatt tgcatgtctc    703800
     acatctgatt ggttatactc tcaatacctt acagaacctc attatcatgc ctgggccagg    703860
     cagtgtcttt gcaaaaaact ttactgcata tgtacacatt ggttgtttgt ccaatcttat    703920
     gcgtggtggc cagcagtagt cagtgccact cagcaacggc acatgtggct tcccacatct    703980
     ccccctgttt gttttaataa aatgaggctg gactaggcct gtgcaattat gcccatccgc    704040
     cgtggctcct gttttaggtc gttcctctaa tgtcacagcc ttacccgtca tagggtaacc    704100
     ctattgccac cgggccccat gtcttaggtt ggactgtgca tgaggaaagt tgcccgtctc    704160
     tggataccgc agtgctgtgt gacaataact gctaaatgac ctagggcgaa ctctgcaaaa    704220
     gaggccagcc aaaaaatgaa ttagtgggaa atcatgatca ccctattgat gagcaagggc    704280
     tgatcaatga tcgttgagtc tctctcatct aatctcatgc tgactaattc ttgagcatag    704340
     ataaccaaat ttcaggggag gagccgtttt caatagctaa aagtgcctga gttataatca    704400
     ccttgtcacg tttttgttga gttctgaatt tgcataccaa tcagagcatg aacaccagtc    704460
     cacagcatat ggcagcacca aacaaaatca ctcccaccca ttccttaaag taagaaaaag    704520
     cagaggtaag ccaagaggta aagtctccaa gggtcactgg ttccactctg gtcccattaa    704580
     ggttcaggat ctgcatctgc agcctcgtct gcaacctttc cagctcctgc gaccagttcc    704640
     ccttcaggta attcgatagg tctgtacttt taataaaaga attattaatg tacctattgg    704700
     gagtaatgca cacatgcaaa gtggatgcca tacaactcat ttgtatgaca tccatcatct    704760
     gttccatgtc atgttgtaaa atatccactc tctgattcac taacattaac cctgaggtga    704820
     tatgagaatc caccctttgc agggtaagca atgcctcaga cgttttttct gctatctgac    704880
     ttatagtgtc agcagtatta atttgatatg cccaattaga gataatcttt ttcttaaaaa    704940
     atatacaggg tgtaaaaggt ttatccacat tatgcacaaa gcataatgta taatttaaat    705000
     gaatactagt actcttatac acccatggct cttgaggagt ttgtcgtgca taaggcacat    705060
     ccaaaaaaca ttcctttgca aaaaacaaag gctaggtaga agaattggaa tgtaccagta    705120
     aaggtactgg ccatgatctt actatggccc ataaaggtat acttatcctg gtttcaatca    705180
     tcaggagcag gagaattatc ttggggttca tcttgctctt tcacggtcct tgtcagtcgc    705240
     gtcgggaccc aaagtggatt ttcttcaccc tgtggaaaaa cacaaatagc tccccgggac    705300
     ctgattaaga taggatccgg gccataccat ttattatcaa ggacattttt ccatttgact    705360
     atttcattgg gcgattgagg ccattgtcca tgcctttcag ctggtgatct tccagcatca    705420
     tctaatttta gaaaattaag agtaaatatt gcaagggata gagccatctt tggcgtcata    705480
     gcctctattt cccctttctg tttttgcaaa tattgtttca gagtgcgatg ggctctctca    705540
     atgatgcctt ggccctgtgg attatagggt aatccagtaa tatgtttcac ttgcatttgt    705600
     ttgcaaaatt ggctaaattt agaagaagta tatgcaggac cattatctgt ctttaatact    705660
     aggggcttgc cccatgcagc ccaagcctct aagcagtgag atatgacatg aactgctttt    705720
     tcccctgtca agggagaggc atgtaggaca ccagaactgg tatcgatgga tacatgtaca    705780
     tattgtaatt tcccaaaaga tgggatatgc gtgacgtcca tttgccaaac atctaggggt    705840
     cgcaatccgc gaggattaac acccacggaa ggtgcattaa taaattctac acatttatca    705900
     cactgtagga caatatctcg ggcttctgtt cgtgtgagct taaatttttg tcataatgta    705960
     gaagcaggga catgataaag ctgatgaaaa ttcttagcac tttctataga agtttgtgat    706020
     aggaaaacca tgtctctggt ggctgagtca gcaattgcat ttcccttaac cataggtcca    706080
     ggtaatgatg tatgtgctct aatatgttga atataaaagg gatgctcacg catcaaaata    706140
     caattttgta ttttcctcaa aatttcagat actggactag actgcttaaa atttccggca    706200
     gtctctaatg ctagaaccgc taactacata aacagaatca gagataatat ttatgggcat    706260
     aggaaatctt ttaaaaactt ctaaaaccac caaacattct accaattgag gggctcctgg    706320
     tgtaaattgc aaccttacag ccttttcatt aattacataa cttccaattc ctgttttgga    706380
     tccatctgta taaatatcga tggctccctt tataggggta ttagccgtta cctttggaaa    706440
     tattactgga tgtaataaca taaaatgtaa taacggatgt ttaggataat gattatcaat    706500
     taaaccagaa taactgcatc taagaatggc ccattcatct atagtagcac acaatatttg    706560
     catttgtgtg acagtataag ggacaactat gctatcagct atttttccaa agtgcgtaat    706620
     tgaagttttt atccctttgt gggccatatt tgctaccatg gtgggataat gctctatagt    706680
     cgtattaggg gatatatgtg ggtgtatcca tactaaagga ccatcttgcc ataacacagc    706740
     agttggcaaa ttgatggtgc gtaatatgca taggcacaaa ggttcttgtc atttatacga    706800
     gttaactgtg ctgtttggat cgccttttcc actttcctaa gaacatcaga agcctcaggt    706860
     gttaattgtc tcaatgaggt aatatgtgag tctccttcta aaatttgaaa taaaggtttt    706920
     aattccgaag tagggattct taaataaggt ctaatccaat ttatatctcc taataatttt    706980
     tgaaaatcat ttagtgtctt tagatgatct tttctaatac taatcttttg tggggtgaca    707040
     catcgtaaag taatagtggc tcctaaaaaa tgactaacgt cagactgctg tactttttct    707100
     ggtgcaataa tcaagccatt attttttaaa gtttcattaa gcaagccata agcttgctgt    707160
     atactttctt cttcgggtcc acaaatcact atatcgtcca tataatgaca aatttttaag    707220
     gaggggaaac catccctaac cggttgcaaa gcttttccta catataactg acatattgta    707280
     gggctatttg ccattccttg gggtaatacc cgccattggt accttttatc aggctccata    707340
     tgattaatag aaggcaaggt gaatgcaaat ctaggtttat ctttcttatt taatggaatg    707400
     gaaaagaaac aatccttaat gtctactact ataattctcc aatccttagg tagagctgag    707460
     agtaggggga gtcctctttg tacaggaccc ataacttgca tttgtgcatt aatggctctt    707520
     aggtcatgta acaatctcca tttacctgat ttcttcttta caacgaaaat aggggtgttc    707580
     cagggtgatt gagtgggttc cacatgtccc aggtctaatt gtttttgtac taattcttta    707640
     gctgctttta acttctcaga gggtaaaggc cactgaggca cccacaccgt gtcctccgta    707700
     cgccatggaa tgggcaaagg ctcctcagtg gcccctagaa aaaactcagc cctttcttat    707760
     ctactttttc tgtggcttta actggtgaaa ttctaccttg taagtttttt ccaagaccta    707820
     gtccaggtat atatcccatt cctttcatca tttcattgct tttctgagag taatcattag    707880
     tcaatataaa gttcatggct gacaacacat ctcttcccca taagtttaca ggtaaaggga    707940
     gtacataagg ttgaaaaagc cctgttcttc cttctttatc tttccattgt aaggattttg    708000
     cacttatagt tggggtagcc tcatatccta atccttgtaa gctatgtgac gattgattaa    708060
     caggccaaga agcgggccac caattactgg atataatgct tttatctgct cctgtatcca    708120
     ttataccttg aaaggttttt ccttctattt gtaattgtaa agtgggacga ttatccaaat    708180
     ctaaagatat gtaggccaca ttagttcctg tagaaccgag tcccttatct cctcgggaat    708240
     cctggctact agggaacatg ttatgcaaac taggaagaat cagtaattga gcaatgcgat    708300
     ctccaggaga aatggctaca atacctcggg gtgcagaaca cataatctta acttgtctct    708360
     cataatctga gtctataact ccgggatgta tcatcaatcc tttcaaagca gaagaggacc    708420
     tacccaacag taggcccact gtatcctttg gtaagggacc tctaaagtct gatgaaatag    708480
     gttggcaccc catttgaggt gtaagaatta ctctggaggt ggcacagatg tccaatcctg    708540
     ctgaacccgg agtggctctc ctcagtctct gggtggcctc atggacactg tggtctgaaa    708600
     tgccccatac atttgggggc cctggggacg ggggcccctc accccgtttt ttggctgttg    708660
     cactttaaac tgaggtattg gccttccttt tatatctctg actgatctac attcatttgc    708720
     ccaatgtctt cctttcccac attttgggca agtacctggt tctgtctttt caaacctact    708780
     ctttctaccc tttgtacact gcttttgcat atgacctgtt tgtccacaat tatagcaggt    708840
     tatttctttt gcttgcgcca tcaaaactgc ggcagccagc cctgcatttg aaagaggtcc    708900
     tcctatttct ctacaggctt tcatccatgc ttgtagccct ttccctttcc atggtgtgat    708960
     agcatttcta cattctttgg tacattgctc ataaactaat tgttcaatta atggcattgc    709020
     ggcctcagca tcaccaaata tacgtcctgc cgcttccatc atgcgagcca caaattcaga    709080
     gaatggctca ttagttccct gaataatttt tgtcaagtta ccagatacct ctcctcgatt    709140
     aggcaatgcc ttccaagctt tcactgctgc ctgattaatt tgatcataga cctgcactgg    709200
     gtatcctaat tgattgtttg tccatatacc ctgacctgta agcatttcaa agctccatgc    709260
     ttgttgccct gcagtagcat tagcacgggc ctgactcaaa cacagatcat gccatataga    709320
     cttccaatct agatactgtc ccatcgtaag acatgccttt accacactca tccagtcaaa    709380
     aggagtcatg gcattgtgag ccaatctatc aatttgggac tgagtaaatg aggcattaac    709440
     tccataggtc cttactgact ctgctagctc ttttacttgt ttatgcgata ttggctcata    709500
     atatcgctgt tgagcatgat cctgaaaaac aggaaaagcc tgacatattt tttgcaaccc    709560
     tttaggagtg caaaaagagt gaccattgcc aattgctttc ttatctgcat aaggcagagt    709620
     aggtggggga gcactgaaac tcctccctat tggaccagat ctttctgcct catactccgc    709680
     agcagcctcc ttcaaatctt cctcctctcc tgttgataat tcggaatcct ctgagctaga    709740
     caattctaac gactcagagt cctcgagagg agggtaaatt gacttaattt tctgcttttt    709800
     actatttttt atactatttt ttgtatcttt acattttggg agttgacaat taaagccatg    709860
     atataagatc aaggcaagaa agatagcaac cccagcaaca attatcagat ctatttcgta    709920
     ggagagcatg cctctcacat taatttcttt ctacttacca gtaccgccgt tcctcagctg    709980
     aagagttctg aatccactcc ggatccttct cagcagtctg ttttgcagga acacttcatt    710040
     accaccgttc cccagctgaa gagttctgaa tccacgctgg atccttctca gcagtctgtt    710100
     ttgcgggaac ctttattaac tgctccttcc ccgtgatgca gttctgaatc ctccctgtag    710160
     cagggggtct tcgctcgtgc ctgaagatgt ttcttgtccc gggttttcgg caccacttct    710220
     tgcgcgcgct caactggcca ggaagaacga cgctgcaaca ggatccttct gcacacgttt    710280
     attgggagag cttgattgta gaggcaaaaa gacttcgagc ccagaactgg tgctgctttt    710340
     ataggcctag gaggggcgtg tctcacaccc ggattggtta tgcactaagc ctcatttgca    710400
     tgttcctcat ctgattggct actctctctc agtaccttac tgaacctcat tatcatacct    710460
     catttgcatg tctcacatct gattggttat actctcagta ccttacagaa cctcattatc    710520
     atacctcatt tgcatgtctc acatctgatt ggttatactc tcaatacctt acagaacctc    710580
     attatcatgc ctgggccagg cagtgtcttt gcaaaaaact ttactgcata tgtacacatt    710640
     ggttgtttgt ccaatcttat gcgtggtggc cagcagtagt cagtgccact cagcaacggc    710700
     acatgtggct tcccacagga ttggaatggt tgggaggaat atggtctggt ggaagcatat    710760
     actataatcc agctctcagt tcccgactaa gtgtcagcag ggacatctct aagagccaag    710820
     ttttctttaa aatgagcagt ctgcaaagtg aagacacggc tgtgtaccac tgtgcaagat    710880
     acacagtgaa aaaaagtcca gtgtgaacct gaacaaaaac ttccctacag ggatgtcatg    710940
     accagcaggg tgcgctgagg tacaacaagg acttctcagt atctctttac aaccaatgaa    711000
     gttctggcca atgctgtatg agcatcggtt ttaatgttag aggtgtgaat tcttctttga    711060
     gccatggaaa ttctctagag cctgcttttc agtgtgatat tgtattaaac ttgtttgttc    711120
     atacactaca agaattttta aatggttcta taacagtata tgatgaaaac aaattattga    711180
     gctgatattt atcaagaaat actcagtgga gcattgtgta ggtgaggaca gccaaggaga    711240
     tttggtaatt aattgtgtct ctcatgactg cagtttaagt aacatttctg ctgtatacat    711300
     aattgatgtt tgaaactaat tgtattgatc ttctctaaca tgaagttttc aaacacatgt    711360
     ccacaagtta atgattacac aattaccatt ctgagagcta actcatacaa tctgctgtcc    711420
     atatatgaag aatataatat gctgttattg actgtggcca acatccatac atatcattat    711480
     tgaagtaatc cttcctatct aactcattag tcttattaat ctacatttat caagctatga    711540
     tcaacctgtt ctaattttac tttacctcag atcaggtttt gtgttctact tggcaagatg    711600
     ttcttttgta ctcttccagc ctggttgcca ttggtaactc gtcttccact ttatccagac    711660
     tgatgcagta tttaggctct tatgaacaga ggtgcttcaa aaatgagagg taagtagaac    711720
     actgttactc taagtgctga ataaacagct cagtggttat gggagcatac tgttttagca    711780
     aaggatccag gtttagttct tgacccccac aatgaggatt ccatatgcac ttgtaagtcc    711840
     agaagaacca gtatatttgt cctctatgca tactatactg cccacacagg cacatataca    711900
     cataattaaa aatataatat tttataaaaa ttgctcattc agtgctatga atcagtcaaa    711960
     ggaagggttt ttctgtcata tatatgagta gtagatttga tagttaatat ttcagaaaca    712020
     cagacctcat tttgactaat aaatattgtg cttgagacaa cactactcac taatacatgt    712080
     aaggacattg gctcaccaga tcagtcttat tttcttctca aggacaactc atttctatcc    712140
     cttctctgag ataaaagatt cacaggatag tgcatagatc aagcaacaga gaaatgaaag    712200
     gtgataccct caaggataga catctttctg agttccatcc tctgactgag taccttcatc    712260
     ttggctaatg caagtgggct aaataagttg catagaacta atatttcaaa tttccagaag    712320
     aaaattaaat gaatccaaaa ttctatattg cctgtaaccg atggtatgat aaccattcat    712380
     taaaagaaat atgataacaa gagttataaa tacgaagata aaggtattcc tgttccatgt    712440
     tatggaaaca tagttcagct acaactttgg gaaatagtgt ggaggacaca taaaacaata    712500
     cacatacagg gttgttcatg tggcccagaa atcacaggta agtagacaag aaaaatgcca    712560
     ctttaattta aaatagattt ttgcacttcc atgttcattt tctgacctca ctgttccact    712620
     gtctctcagt aatgggttct ttcttgaggc ttaaattgtt taattcattg tctacaagga    712680
     caccctcatt gaattctgct tctatctctc acatccctat ggtccttcac ctatgtattg    712740
     tcagcctgga cttatccaaa gccccatcta ccacttacca aacattccat gacttttctc    712800
     ccagcctctg tttgtcagca cctctacagt catggtttct tcattcccag gacactccag    712860
     tcaccccatg tggccagaat atccaaatac tgacgtttga cctccttcta ctctctatcc    712920
     tcttgggact ttcaaaattt agccatcagc tttcttttat tctacaccca cctcttcttc    712980
     tggttcatct tcacccccac atgccacaaa tccctgctaa ctacctacaa gataaaagcc    713040
     aacctcccaa gatggctagg agacacgttt agtgacctca tcagacctta ttgttcgctt    713100
     agcacctcca caagtaacat gtaccacctg agatctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct    713160
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctccttga atgtctgtgt tttccctcag    713220
     gacatgtggg ttatgctact atagcactgc agtgtatctt aaaatcgatc atggtaggac    713280
     ctcaacagta tcctttttat tgacagttgc cttgcctatt catttttgtc acatacagaa    713340
     caatctccag taagttccag ctcttacctc ctaagccaag ttacctgata tggccagtgc    713400
     aaaattaatt ttaacatggc cagttggaaa gatctcagac agactgaggc tgagacaagt    713460
     gtattccaaa cagtccctgt ttttatactt ttatcagaaa cagaatataa tggcagttga    713520
     gaggatcaat gcaattgtag gcaacaagat acaatgacat ttacaagcta tacatagtac    713580
     ataagatgaa ggtctaagac caattgtcct ggcaagtttt gtatgctttt ttgacttcta    713640
     gagaacacag aggaacacaa agcaagatga atgcttcatt acctgagaga gttccttgtt    713700
     tcttggaaac taaaaggcaa gagtgctcta ggacacctgt acaaggtaac tacactgagc    713760
     caagtccaga aggccaatct ccattaaaca tttcctttag gaattatttg gatttaaagt    713820
     attcagccaa tttttactag tttttcttca ttttaggaga attttatata tatatattta    713880
     tatttggtta aataatgatt atatatatac cctttcctta acaacttccc catacttttc    713940
     ccaaaataaa cctattacaa tgtcagaact ttctaagctc agttagtgct atgcatatgt    714000
     gcatgtgtgg acccaagaac tgtagcataa gataactacc agtgacaata tcctcagaaa    714060
     agtaagattg tcactcttta gagaatgttc attttgcaat agatcctcag taaaagtcaa    714120
     ggccaagaaa tgatcagctc tatatatacc agggttttgg ttgatttttt ttccttagtt    714180
     atgtttacag agaccacaac atccatgata agttgatgac tgaaataagc atattatgtt    714240
     cagaagatag catctcacag agctgtttcc catgctccac ctcttacatt ctttctactt    714300
     ctcttcctca gtattctctg atccttggag gaacacggat gaaacaagct atctctagca    714360
     gacaacatta tgaagattgg gaaggacgaa cactgtctgt ttctcctata tgcagaacac    714420
     agattctgtg tgtcagagac tgcctttgaa tggtacttag attttgtagg tttggaacct    714480
     agaatgggaa cccatgaaga aaaagaaata tttaatgtga ggccaatggg accaaaggca    714540
     ggattttatt ggtaatgtga aacaaatgat aaaaatccat tggaaaaagc cccttattta    714600
     ttagtgttat tagttcaaga atattaaaac tagcctaaaa caacataagg acagttgcct    714660
     ggtgtaaaaa tagcagaaac catgaaaaaa ttaaaatgta tcaaagaaag aacgtctggt    714720
     tgcaaaataa gagagtttgt tgcaaacaga aagtttgtct tcctctcaaa cactgagcag    714780
     taaacactca gcaggaaatg atgtcatatt tgcaagcctc tatagggtct gaggacagtt    714840
     ttattgcaga aataagaaaa attcagaaaa gtcccaagtg gtcccatcac agcaaacatg    714900
     tttggataac ttctacagtc agattggccc tatagaggtt tgtctatgag cttcatcaga    714960
     aagagactgt gtccatctga gtcagtggag acagtggaaa agactgagct cctatacaga    715020
     aatacaacta tgtgtggtgg ttttttattt cactagggta gggagagaga gagagagaga    715080
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gatcagcatt    715140
     gaacatagac aattcatcat ggacttgagg atcagttttg tttttcatat tgtaatttta    715200
     aaaggcaact gataaatagg aggtgatgag tgtctatatg gacatgagga gacagtgggc    715260
     ttctttgaca gttttctgac cagaattctt tgtgtctgta ggagtccact gcgcagtgca    715320
     gctgggggaa tctggtggac gcttgctgta gcctcaagag tccttataat tcttctgtac    715380
     agcttatgga ttcactttca gtggttatgt cttgcattag ttccacaagg ctccaggaaa    715440
     agccctggag tgggtctcat ccatcagtaa atgtcatatt aacataaact atgctaatgc    715500
     cctgaaggac atattcacca acatattgtc tagagactat aacagaaaaa ccgtgtatct    715560
     tttactgatc agcctgaagg ctgaagacac agtcatgtgt tgctttccaa gagactcagt    715620
     aatgcaaaat tactctgagt tcagacagga acatccctgc tgggctatca ggtgaaagaa    715680
     aaaatatcgt cccagatgcc cctcaacaga ggaatggata cagaaaatgt ggtacattta    715740
     cacaatggaa tactactcag ctattaaaaa aatgaattta tgaaattcct aggcaaatgg    715800
     atggacctgg agggtatcat gctgagtgag gtaacacaat cacaaaggaa ctcgcacaat    715860
     atgtactcac tgataagtgg atattagccc agaaacttag gatacccaag atataagata    715920
     caacttgcca aacgcatgaa attcaagaag aacgaagacc aaagtgtgga cactttaccc    715980
     tttcttagaa atgggaacaa aacacccatg gaaggagtta cagagacaaa atttggagct    716040
     gtgacgaaag gatggaccat ctagtgattg ccatatgcag ggatccattc cacgagcagc    716100
     ttccaaaggc tgacatcatt gcatacacta gcaagatttt gctgaaagga cccagatata    716160
     gctgtatctt gtgagactat gctggggcct agcaaacaca gaagtggatg atcacagtca    716220
     gctattggat gggtcacacg gcccccaatg gaggagctag agaaattacc caaggagcta    716280
     aagggaactg caaccctata agtggaacaa caatatgaac taaccagtac cccggagctc    716340
     ttgtctctag ctgcatatgt atcaaaagat ggcctagtcg gccatcactg caaagagagg    716400
     cccattggac ttgcaaactt tatatgcccc agtacagggg aacaccaggg ccaaaatggg    716460
     ggagtgggtg ggtaggggat tgggggtggg tgggtatggg ggacctttgg gatagcattg    716520
     aaaatgtaaa tgaggaaaat acctaattaa aaaaaaagaa aatgtaaata tgataaataa    716580
     atggtgctat atactaatgg taatataaat acatatattt gacttggctt ttatcaagag    716640
     cctcattgaa gtactgtgtt ctgaagacat ctggagagat gttggcaaag ggtttgtttc    716700
     tctcctgcct acgtttttag aaacacacct acattttatt gtgctaaact gctgatggag    716760
     atgcttgtat tcatcttatt agtgtgatgt tttgaaacac agattcattg ttgaatgccc    716820
     atgcggttct tgctttgagg atatctcata aaaaacatac aggaagaata ttatatgttg    716880
     ttattaactg tactctaatt ccattgtagc tcattatttg gaataatcct tcctatttaa    716940
     ctgattaggg ttctctttac tcaactagga tcacccagcc ttcaaatcac tatccttaag    717000
     accagctttt tcaataagtt ccacttgaca agatgttttt gttctattgg tctctgcttg    717060
     tccttcataa aatgcccttc atgttaattc agcttggtgt gaatttaggc aaatcataaa    717120
     cagagctgag tggaatggtt tgaattgctc accccagtgc tagttccaga gattcagaga    717180
     ttcagaaaat atactgttct tgcatattaa ccaggatcag ttactggtac aaacagggag    717240
     cagctcatat ccaactataa gtatggagaa ccaaggatgc tccatgaata ctacttcact    717300
     acccatacag aaacatattc acataattaa aataatatat ttcattaaaa ataattaacc    717360
     ccagtgctga aagttagcat aataaaagag atcttatgtg gtatatgtga ggccttgact    717420
     caaatgatac catttaatgg aaacactcca caagttgatt ataaaacatt gtatttgaat    717480
     catcactact tactgtcaaa ggtaaggaca caattccatc caggtgattg gtctcatttt    717540
     tcttccacaa aatgactcat ttacatcaca tgccgaaatt ttgaggccac aggatgaaat    717600
     acaaagacat aatatgtgat gtccacattt gcacctatat ttctgcctta tatgatctga    717660
     cacagagata tgcattttca ttcatgttcc agggaccctt cagttgcctc ctatggctgg    717720
     aagttccaag taaggaatct agatttcctc aaggcacctt tccatttctg cttccccaaa    717780
     cctaacatca gctcatttgt caagttgcac atattctcca ggttcatcac catacccaat    717840
     aagaaataaa ccttttcata tactcattta ttaatttatt cacattatat ttcaagcatt    717900
     gccttctact attttctcag tctctccctc acagcataac cctccatccc attctccttt    717960
     tatgctgaga acaggtaggc tcttctctgg gtagaaaccc accaatgcat atgtctctgc    718020
     aggactattc acatcatctt ccacttaggc cagacaaggt agccctgttt gaggaacagg    718080
     atacacaggc aggcagcaga gtcaggcaca acctgtgttc cagtttctgg gggattcgaa    718140
     cgaggatcaa gctgcacatc tgctatataa gtgcaggggt cttaggtcca ggtatactct    718200
     ttagctggtg gttcagtctc tggaagccac caaacattca ggctagttta cactgtttgt    718260
     cttccaggtt tctcaatctt tcccccaaat cttccaaaac acacattggg ctctgtctat    718320
     tgtttgactg tggatctctg catatatttt agtcagctgc agtgtggagc ctcacagagg    718380
     acacttatgc aatctgcata aatataactt gtcctgtatg taagcataac agtgtacctt    718440
     tattagagtc aggagctggt tcttgctcac agaattgttt tgaagttggg gcagtgattg    718500
     gttggccatt cctacagtat ctgcttcatc tttgtccttt ttgcctgggc tgtctttgca    718560
     tatcacaatc agagattctt tctacacata cattttgtag taatccttga taagtccaca    718620
     tattattcaa atttctgatt tccctgtgac atgtgtttat gtgtttattt tctactgtgt    718680
     ttttctctct ttggatgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgttt gtgcgtgaag    718740
     gtatatgtgt acatgtggtg acatacaagg ccttcctaag tcaatcaaca ccacattttt    718800
     caggtgtgtt ctttcactgg gcattaatag ttgagttaga ctggatgacc agtgatcatg    718860
     ttccctctat ttcccagaag taggattaaa ggttggagtc gcacttagct ctatagatat    718920
     ccatgaagat ctaagctaag ccatcactca aacatttttg tttgtcaaga aggttaacca    718980
     cacaggtatc tctatagccc caatatacat acatatttta aatgtagcat ttagccagaa    719040
     attaacaaaa ttcagagtat cacacaggac agaaattact tatttgggga agagtatgat    719100
     atacagaagc aaaggaactt gaagagtggg aaactctgga gacttacagg aaactctaag    719160
     ttctatgttt atggtgctgt gtccaatcaa gttatagcca gagagaaatt caggaagtgt    719220
     cagtgaacca acaataaaat taccttaagt ctcatcatcc ttctcacaca atacatagac    719280
     ctcatatgtc aaagccagta ctgacacagc ttgatcacag attacaggtc accctcatgt    719340
     cctgggagtt atgaagaaat tgtcagatag ggatagtact aaaatgagtg tgagactgca    719400
     ggatcaagac ctcccaaata aaggtaattt taaataatat gtggcttcac catgaactcc    719460
     ttccctttgg aaaaaaaaaa aaggaagtct cttagtgacc tccttcttca gagtttcatg    719520
     agaaaggaaa attcaagtag cataatatta caatatacta cacaaacaat ctctaaggta    719580
     aacagagatc aaactacttg agtaagggtt ctcatgtcaa gttccccaat acccgtgaga    719640
     aatggatatt tattcctttg atcccctttg ccaaatttca taaggacaat gaaaatatca    719700
     gataaaccca aatgggatat actgagaata acccctgaaa aatattcttc taatccaaac    719760
     agaaagagta gagcactcag agagggcaat gactatcttt tagaagttgt acaggatggc    719820
     tgtcttccta ttaagcagac ctgcttctac cactgccact cagagttcag agattatgaa    719880
     taacgaacca agagacacaa accttgactc caatgccaat gagggagaca atcattttct    719940
     ggttgctgga tgaacatatt ttttccagct cttcacttct cttctctggt ggtgtgtatt    720000
     ccaccatgga taaaagcagt actaactctt gttctctatg gtcatcaatt cctcaaggca    720060
     cagggtcccc atgttcattc ctctcctttg ctccactttt agtcatcacc agtttattta    720120
     ttaattcatc aaaataatcc taaagtctgg ttgcatagac cactataacc tgaaataaac    720180
     agcagacctt tcaatcctac accaatacaa aaatatattt aggaacctga gtttctatgt    720240
     gctactatct gaaccgaaac taaaagagat atataaatgt acatagagac tgagagaaat    720300
     caaaggatat aaaaactatt ccccaggtat tgtatccagg agttggccaa tgaaaagtct    720360
     gagtccagca gatatgacag aaatcagttc ttatggtctc cttcaaataa acatatgtaa    720420
     tcacatgtat tgaatgttct aaaggaattt ctcacatgtt atattttcta tatgaatgat    720480
     aacaataaga ctcactgaac tgacaacaac agaaagaatt ttaattagtt ccttaagtag    720540
     gttatcaaaa cataaaagac caaattacat cctaaaccct ctcatggaat ttacacaagt    720600
     acccaaatgt actgagtatc tgtgtggcat tggggatctg ctctatccac tgaatataca    720660
     tctgtctgtc cataaccaaa cacatttact cactcatttt cccccattag caaacttttc    720720
     cctcaaaatt gtaacctctg tgtaacccca taatctcaac tttggcccct gaaattgatg    720780
     atcccaccca cttgccttct tcagtttatg ctgtggtgct agactggctt aagaaaatgg    720840
     atatagacgt gttacaaatc atttctaggt cttctgttca tgttctttat agaaataaat    720900
     gaagcaccct gccagatctc aggaaggcag ttcctgataa agtagctgct cctgtttcag    720960
     tcagagcaga cacaacagtg aaattcaaaa tgaactggta ttctggaaat ggagtgcctt    721020
     ttaagaatat taaataagat tattactatt cttgctattc agttgtttga gagattcata    721080
     gacttatcaa gtgaaaatta aaaatattga gaactctaaa ttattctgaa tcaaaggact    721140
     ctagaaagtt agtaaaatat acattctaat tatagtcgtg taaccacagg aattataata    721200
     gttaaggaag gaatgtattt tataaatttt agaaaagttt aaacataatt aaatagtgtt    721260
     atgcgctaat agtgtaaaat aaaaacataa aattgaagtg acttttatga agaactctca    721320
     ttggagcact gtgttgtgaa aacatccaga gagattttgg taaatggttt gttccttgac    721380
     tgcctacatt tttagtagtc ttcatagtct ttattgtgct taagtgatgt ttaaacaaat    721440
     tgtgttcatc ctgtgaatat gacataatgt gatattttca aatacaggtt cattgtaaat    721500
     gaacatttga ttattgtttc ggagggtatg taattaacta aaaatcatag tgaagaacat    721560
     aatatgctct tattaactgg gttcataatc catagaactt gctgatgagt attcccaacc    721620
     tatactaccc aatcaaggat tacccattcc tcaatatact atttctgagg ccagtttttt    721680
     ttttcttcat taatttccac tggataagag gtccttggtt tctctcggtc cctgcttctg    721740
     atttataaag tgccctcaat gttcatccac tctgggtgat tttaggtgat tgtgaaaaga    721800
     actatttact tatcctgctg ctatctaagg cgttctattt ccataccgat aacataataa    721860
     tcacctgcaa tacaactctt aaaccttctg taccaaacta tatttacact cacaccgttg    721920
     gggtaagagt tgcagccact gatgttctga ggggaataat gaaatatagg aatctaagac    721980
     agagagagag acagagaaag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    722040
     agagagagag agagggaggg agggagggag ggagggaggg agggagggag ggagggaggg    722100
     agggaggaag gaaggaaggg agagaaaaat tttacatagt tccttaagta gttccttaag    722160
     tcggatttct cataaaaaaa aaaccagccc attttccatc tgaaatcgtt gactgcaatt    722220
     tgctatgata tagaattgca ttgaagataa tgtattattt ttcctgttta tttgggattg    722280
     aaaaatatat gcagtaccag gcaaaacttt ctgagatttc acctctattt cttctaagca    722340
     caaaggtgat caaaggaaca caaagaaaag aatagaaagc ttgccctgtg cttcctttta    722400
     tcctctcagg aacctccccc aatgcaaagc agccctcagg cagaggataa aagctcacac    722460
     aaagatgaga agccccatca tcttctcata gagcctccat cagagcatgg ctgtcctggc    722520
     attactcttc tgcctggtaa cattcccaag ctgtaagtgt gtcagggttt cagaagaggg    722580
     actaagacat gtcagctaat gtgtgactaa tggtaatgtc acttgtcacc aggtatcctt    722640
     tcccaggtgc agctgaagga gtcaggacct ggcctggtgg cgccctcaca gagcctgtcc    722700
     atcacatgca ccgtctcagg gttctcatta accggctatg gtgtaaactg ggttcgccag    722760
     cctccaggaa agggtctgga gtggctggga atgatatggg gtgatggaag cacagactat    722820
     aattcagctc tcaaatccag actgagcatc agcaaggaca actccaagag ccaagttttc    722880
     ttaaaaatga acagtctgca aactgatgac acagccaggt actactgtgc cagagacaca    722940
     gtgagggaag tccaatgtga gcctgcacaa atacctctct gcagggatga tcacaaccag    723000
     cagggggcgc tgaggaccca aagggacttc ccaggatctc ttctggaacc tagggagctc    723060
     tggccagtgt ctatcagcat gtgtttcaat gttagagttg tgagttttcc ttacagcaac    723120
     agagatattt tagagcctac ttttcattgt cattctacta aatttgttca cacagtggaa    723180
     agatttgtta agtgattcta taatctaata gggtcaaaca aaaacaaata attgatttca    723240
     tatctacccc cccccccaaa aaaaaatccc tcaaagtgga caactgtgta ggtgaggaaa    723300
     accagaagga tttgggaata gattatttct ctcccgactg tagtgttagt cacctttcag    723360
     ccatttactc tatttaattc atgtttaaag ttatttgtat tcatcttccc taacatgaag    723420
     ttttcaaaca catgtccaca ataatgacac agttatcatt gtgaatgcta actcataaga    723480
     actctctcca tatatgaaac acacaatatt ctgttattag ctatagccaa caaacgtaca    723540
     tatcattatt attattgaaa taattcttcc catctgactg aatagtcttc tcattctaca    723600
     ctgtctatgc tgcgatcagc ctgccctaat tttacctttg ctcagagcac tgctttctgt    723660
     ttcatttgat aagatggtgc ctggttgtca ctggaaatgt gtcctccagt ttcacagtga    723720
     ttaatgtgat attcagtaca ttgagaacag agccacagca aaaatgagat ggaatgtcat    723780
     cattgttact ccaggtgctg cagaaatagc tcagtggtta agagagaata ttggactttg    723840
     aggggtacag gttaaattcc tgatacccac aatgtgcacc tcataaccac atgaacatat    723900
     taaaaactca gtataaatgt ggatctgtga gcactacact gctcccacaa acacagacac    723960
     acataattaa agataaatat tttagaaaaa ttgctaatct aatgttagga agtagtcaaa    724020
     gagagagtta tttgtcatgt acatatgtgt agtagattta aatgtttaaa attcaagaat    724080
     acattccttg atcaatgtta aaaatttgcc atgggtagct cagacactgg caaatactaa    724140
     gcttatatct agtaacacaa ttatgtgtga tgatattaat tatacattta tgccagcaca    724200
     catgacacta tggaaaccaa acatgttcta tacacatgct ctaaggaaaa ctaaatggag    724260
     tgtggtgaaa tcttaaccaa acaaaatgtg tatatgaaac ctccatattt ttcaaactct    724320
     gcaacttaaa atgctgtctt tcatgtctta tatctgctat gaggactttc ttctgcccat    724380
     gaccaactcc agagcatgct acagcaggaa gacatacaaa tattacctct ctgcacccat    724440
     gaaaaccagc tctgtcctga ccctgcagct ctcagaggag cccagacctg gattcccagg    724500
     tcctcacatt gggtaatcag cactgaatac agaccattca ccatggatgt gggctcagct    724560
     tggttttcct tgtcattatt tgaaaaggta tatcataaag ataagtttct gtctgttgta    724620
     cgcacatgag aaacagaaaa attgtattgt ttctctattt tattttgttt tgttttgtca    724680
     gtgacagttt ctgacccata attgcctgtt tgaaggtgcc cagtgtgagg tgaagctggt    724740
     gaagtctaag ggaggtttag tgcagcctgg aaggtccgtg atactctcct gtgcaccctc    724800
     ggattcactg tcagtgacga ctggtttgcc tgggtttgcc aggctccaaa gaaggggctg    724860
     aaggggggag gcataatttt gcatggttgt ggtagcccct cttatgcaga tcccttgaag    724920
     aagtgagttg gacctaacat attcagaatc aatatttaga gtttctaatc cttgaagatg    724980
     tcacttttgg ccaagtatat atgaaatatg ttactgaggt ttgtggtggt ttgagtatgc    725040
     taggtccatg gatagggaaa atattagggg tttttaggag aacctgtggc ttgttgtagg    725100
     aaggacatca ctgtaggggt aggctctgtg gtactatgtt caagctctac ccagtgcaga    725160
     atagagccct ctcctgcctg caagtggaaa gagtttctct tcctggctgc cttcaatcca    725220
     agttgtagaa tatcaactct cctaatacta tgactgcgag catgctgcca tgcttcccac    725280
     cataataata gactgaacct ctgaaacttt aagccagact ctaataactg tattctttaa    725340
     taagactgaa cttggctatg gtgtcttttc acaagagtaa aatagaaaca tagacaaggt    725400
     tctaactctc tgtactagag gaccatctct atgtccttgg tgttgtatgt aaattattga    725460
     acaaatacta tagacaagtt gcatggccaa aaatccaccc cttcaaaatc tactatctgg    725520
     agccatatag attagattcc ttttctgcat tcccttacat gttgagacat tttggggaca    725580
     tgctcagaat ccctgaactt cctgctgaaa aaaaata