ID   AJ131112; SV 2; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MAM; 154782 BP.
AC   AJ131112;
DT   02-AUG-1999 (Rel. 60, Created)
DT   23-OCT-2008 (Rel. 97, Last updated, Version 10)
DE   Sus scrofa MHC class I SLA genes, haplotype H01, clone BAC 490B10
KW   major histocompatibility complex; MHC class I antigen; microsatellite;
KW   repetitive DNA; SLA-11 gene; SLA-2 gene; SLA-2/1 protein; SLA-2/2 protein;
KW   SLA-3 gene; SLA-3/1 protein; SLA-3/2 protein; SLA-4 gene; SLA-5 gene;
KW   SLA-5/1 protein; SLA-5/2 protein; SLA-9 gene; swine leucocyte antigen.
OS   Sus scrofa (pig)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Laurasiatheria; Cetartiodactyla; Suina; Suidae; Sus.
RN   [1]
RC   revised by [4]
RA   Renard C.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (18-DEC-1998) to the INSDC.
RL   Renard C., Genoscope - Centre National de Sequencage, 2, Rue Gaston
RL   Cremieux, Evry 91000, France.
RN   [3]
RX   DOI; 10.1007/s002510100348.
RX   PUBMED; 11685460.
RA   Renard C., Vaiman M., Chianilculchial N., Cattolico L., Robert C.,
RA   Chardon P.;
RT   "Sequence of the pig major histocompatibility region containing the
RT   classical class I genes";
RL   Immunogenetics 53(6):490-500(2001).
RN   [4]
RP   1-154782
RA   Renard C.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (17-SEP-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Renard C., Genoscope - Centre National de Sequencage, 2, Rue Gaston
RL   Cremieux, Evry 91000, France.
DR   MD5; ab0631ee74e7f86c52ef84a054b15e25.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC1444929; 16504160.
DR   RFAM; RF00001; 5S_rRNA.
CC   This sequence contains partial genomic sequences with accession numbers
CC   from Z97381 to Z97390 and from Z97396 to Z97398. Sequence quality
CC   assessment: This entry has been annotated with sequence assembled by the
CC   Phrap program. Each base, with quality above 20 as determined by the
CC   base-calling Phred program, has been confirmed either by two chemistry
CC   coverage on one strand, or at least 3 sequences determined on both strands.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..154782
FT                   /organism="Sus scrofa"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="BAC_library"
FT                   /clone="490B10"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9823"
FT   repeat_region   1799..2174
FT                   /rpt_family="LINE-L1"
FT   repeat_region   3892..4122
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE"
FT   repeat_region   complement(5678..5897)
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE"
FT   repeat_region   6719..6950
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE"
FT   repeat_region   6954..7440
FT                   /rpt_family="LINE-L1"
FT   repeat_region   9859..9892
FT                   /rpt_family="dinucleotide(CA)x17"
FT                   /rpt_type=DIRECT
FT   repeat_region   11886..12117
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE"
FT   repeat_region   complement(14241..14472)
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE"
FT   repeat_region   14894..15129
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE"
FT   repeat_region   complement(15669..15901)
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE"
FT   CDS             join(19794..19857,20179..20448,20670..20945,21559..21834,
FT                   21954..22064,22498..22530,22661..22711,22870..22874)
FT                   /gene="SLA-5"
FT                   /standard_name="MHC class I antigen"
FT                   /product="swine leucocyte antigen 5/1 (SLA-5/1)"
FT                   /note="putative CDS by alignment with SLA sequence
FT                   PIGMHCTA; alternative splice product form 1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q9TSW6"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001039"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003006"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003597"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR010579"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011161"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011162"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027648"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q9TSW6"
FT                   /protein_id="CAB51868.1"
FT   exon            19794..19857
FT                   /gene="SLA-5"
FT                   /number=1
FT   CDS             join(19794..19857,20179..20448,20670..20945,21559..21834,
FT                   21954..22064,22498..22530,22661..22711,22964..23073)
FT                   /gene="SLA-5"
FT                   /standard_name="MHC class I antigen"
FT                   /product="swine leucocyte antigen 5/2 (SLA-5/2)"
FT                   /note="putative CDS by alignment with SLA sequence
FT                   PIGMHCTA; alternative splice protein form 2"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q9TSW5"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001039"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003006"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003597"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR010579"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011161"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011162"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027648"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q9TSW5"
FT                   /protein_id="CAB51869.1"
FT   intron          19858..20178
FT                   /gene="SLA-5"
FT                   /number=1
FT   exon            20179..20448
FT                   /gene="SLA-5"
FT                   /number=2
FT   intron          20449..20669
FT                   /gene="SLA-5"
FT                   /number=2
FT   exon            20670..20945
FT                   /gene="SLA-5"
FT                   /number=3
FT   intron          20946..21558
FT                   /gene="SLA-5"
FT                   /number=3
FT   exon            21559..21834
FT                   /gene="SLA-5"
FT                   /number=4
FT   intron          21835..21953
FT                   /gene="SLA-5"
FT                   /number=4
FT   exon            21954..22064
FT                   /gene="SLA-5"
FT                   /number=5
FT   intron          22065..22497
FT                   /gene="SLA-5"
FT                   /number=5
FT   exon            22498..22530
FT                   /gene="SLA-5"
FT                   /number=6
FT   intron          22531..22660
FT                   /gene="SLA-5"
FT                   /number=6
FT   exon            22661..22711
FT                   /gene="SLA-5"
FT                   /number=7
FT   intron          22711..22963
FT                   /gene="SLA-5"
FT                   /number=7
FT   exon            22870..22874
FT                   /gene="SLA-5"
FT                   /number=8
FT   exon            22964..23073
FT                   /gene="SLA-5"
FT                   /number=8
FT                   /note="alternative"
FT   regulatory      23190..23196
FT                   /gene="SLA-5"
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   regulatory      23282..23288
FT                   /gene="SLA-5"
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   CDS             join(36064..36127,36454..36723,36916..37191,37823..38098,
FT                   38217..38327,38759..38791,38922..38972,39224..39285)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="SLA-9"
FT                   /note="non-sense mutation at 36941"
FT   exon            36064..36127
FT                   /gene="SLA-9"
FT                   /number=1
FT   intron          36128..36453
FT                   /gene="SLA-9"
FT                   /number=1
FT   exon            36454..36723
FT                   /gene="SLA-9"
FT                   /number=2
FT   intron          36724..36915
FT                   /gene="SLA-9"
FT                   /number=2
FT   exon            36916..37191
FT                   /gene="SLA-9"
FT                   /number=3
FT   intron          37192..37822
FT                   /gene="SLA-9"
FT                   /number=3
FT   exon            37823..38098
FT                   /gene="SLA-9"
FT                   /number=3
FT   intron          38099..38216
FT                   /gene="SLA-9"
FT                   /number=4
FT   exon            38217..38327
FT                   /gene="SLA-9"
FT                   /number=4
FT   intron          38328..38758
FT                   /gene="SLA-9"
FT                   /number=5
FT   exon            38759..38791
FT                   /gene="SLA-9"
FT                   /number=5
FT   intron          38792..38921
FT                   /gene="SLA-9"
FT                   /number=6
FT   exon            38922..38972
FT                   /gene="SLA-9"
FT                   /number=6
FT   intron          38973..39223
FT                   /gene="SLA-9"
FT                   /number=7
FT   exon            39224..39285
FT                   /gene="SLA-9"
FT                   /number=7
FT   repeat_region   complement(40591..40785)
FT                   /rpt_family="TIGGER"
FT   repeat_region   41448..41678
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE"
FT   repeat_region   41910..42133
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE"
FT   repeat_region   42671..45070
FT                   /rpt_family="LINE-L1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(44138..44296)
FT                   /rpt_family="TIGGER"
FT   repeat_region   complement(44467..44646)
FT                   /rpt_family="TIGGER"
FT   repeat_region   49534..49698
FT                   /rpt_family="LINE-L1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(52772..53001)
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE"
FT   repeat_region   55270..55494
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE"
FT   repeat_region   complement(55813..56044)
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE"
FT   repeat_region   complement(56084..56302)
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE"
FT   CDS             join(57676..57739,58057..58326,58552..58827,59422..59697,
FT                   59816..59926,60358..60390,60521..60571,60732..60736)
FT                   /gene="SLA-3"
FT                   /standard_name="MHC class I antigen"
FT                   /product="swine leucocyte antigen 3/1 (SLA-3/1)"
FT                   /note="putative CDS by alignment with SLA sequence
FT                   PIGMHCTA; alternative splice product form 1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q9TSW4"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001039"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003006"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003597"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR010579"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011161"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011162"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027648"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q9TSW4"
FT                   /protein_id="CAB51871.1"
FT   exon            57676..57739
FT                   /gene="SLA-3"
FT                   /number=1
FT   CDS             join(57676..57739,58057..58326,58552..58827,59422..59697,
FT                   59816..59926,60358..60390,60521..60571,60824..60936)
FT                   /gene="SLA-3"
FT                   /standard_name="MHC class I antigen"
FT                   /product="swine leucocyte antigen 3/2 (SLA-3/2)"
FT                   /note="putative CDS by alignment with SLA sequence
FT                   PIGMHCTA; alternative splice product form 2"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q9TSW3"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001039"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003006"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003597"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR010579"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011161"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011162"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027648"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q9TSW3"
FT                   /protein_id="CAB51872.1"
FT   intron          57740..58056
FT                   /gene="SLA-3"
FT                   /number=1
FT   exon            58057..58326
FT                   /gene="SLA-3"
FT                   /number=2
FT   intron          58327..58551
FT                   /gene="SLA-3"
FT                   /number=2
FT   exon            58552..58827
FT                   /gene="SLA-3"
FT                   /number=3
FT   intron          58828..59421
FT                   /gene="SLA-3"
FT                   /number=3
FT   exon            59422..59697
FT                   /gene="SLA-3"
FT                   /number=4
FT   intron          59698..59815
FT                   /gene="SLA-3"
FT                   /number=4
FT   exon            59816..59926
FT                   /gene="SLA-3"
FT                   /number=5
FT   intron          59927..60357
FT                   /gene="SLA-3"
FT                   /number=5
FT   exon            60358..60390
FT                   /gene="SLA-3"
FT                   /number=6
FT   intron          60391..60520
FT                   /gene="SLA-3"
FT                   /number=6
FT   exon            60521..60571
FT                   /gene="SLA-3"
FT                   /number=7
FT   intron          60572..60823
FT                   /gene="SLA-3"
FT                   /number=7
FT   intron          60572..60731
FT                   /gene="SLA-3"
FT                   /number=7
FT                   /note="alternative"
FT   exon            60732..60736
FT                   /gene="SLA-3"
FT                   /number=8
FT   exon            60824..60936
FT                   /gene="SLA-3"
FT                   /number=8
FT                   /note="alternative"
FT   repeat_region   66437..66673
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE"
FT   repeat_region   complement(72239..72468)
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE"
FT   repeat_region   73640..73870
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE"
FT   repeat_region   complement(74490..74734)
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE"
FT   CDS             join(75532..75604,75785..76054,76281..76556,77154..77429,
FT                   77549..77659,78075..78107,78238..78288,78449..78453)
FT                   /gene="SLA-2"
FT                   /standard_name="MHC class I antigen"
FT                   /product="swine leucocyte antigen 2/1(SLA-2/1)"
FT                   /note="putative CDS by alignment with SLA sequence
FT                   PIGMHCTA; alternative splice product form 1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q9TSW2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001039"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003006"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003597"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR010579"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011161"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011162"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027648"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q9TSW2"
FT                   /protein_id="CAB51873.1"
FT   exon            75532..75604
FT                   /gene="SLA-2"
FT                   /number=1
FT   CDS             join(75532..75604,75785..76054,76281..76556,77154..77429,
FT                   77549..77659,78075..78107,78238..78288,78543..78652)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="SLA-2"
FT                   /standard_name="MHC class I antigen"
FT                   /product="swine leucocyte antigen 2/2(SLA-2/2)"
FT                   /note="putative CDS by alignment with SLA sequence
FT                   PIGMHCTA; alternative splice product form 2"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q9TSW1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001039"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003006"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003597"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR010579"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011161"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011162"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027648"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q9TSW1"
FT                   /protein_id="CAB51874.1"
FT                   "
FT   intron          75605..75784
FT                   /gene="SLA-2"
FT                   /number=1
FT   exon            75785..76054
FT                   /gene="SLA-2"
FT                   /number=2
FT   intron          76055..76280
FT                   /gene="SLA-2"
FT                   /number=2
FT   exon            76281..76556
FT                   /gene="SLA-2"
FT                   /number=3
FT   intron          76557..77153
FT                   /gene="SLA-2"
FT                   /number=3
FT   exon            77154..77429
FT                   /gene="SLA-2"
FT                   /number=4
FT   intron          77430..77548
FT                   /gene="SLA-2"
FT                   /number=4
FT   exon            77549..77659
FT                   /gene="SLA-2"
FT                   /number=5
FT   intron          77660..78074
FT                   /gene="SLA-2"
FT                   /number=5
FT   exon            78075..78107
FT                   /gene="SLA-2"
FT                   /number=6
FT   intron          78108..78237
FT                   /gene="SLA-2"
FT                   /number=6
FT   exon            78238..78288
FT                   /gene="SLA-2"
FT                   /number=7
FT   intron          78289..78448
FT                   /gene="SLA-2"
FT                   /number=7
FT   exon            78449..78453
FT                   /gene="SLA-2"
FT                   /number=8
FT   exon            78543..78652
FT                   /gene="SLA-2"
FT                   /number=8
FT                   /note="alternative"
FT   regulatory      78719..78725
FT                   /gene="SLA-2"
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   regulatory      78807..78813
FT                   /gene="SLA-2"
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   regulatory      78842..78848
FT                   /gene="SLA-2"
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   repeat_region   83380..83615
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE"
FT   repeat_region   85315..85548
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE"
FT   repeat_region   complement(92967..93196)
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE"
FT   CDS             join(93836..93872,94173..94442,94669..94944,95722..95819)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="SLA-4"
FT                   /db_xref="PSEUDO:CAB51875.1"
FT   exon            93836..93872
FT                   /gene="SLA-4"
FT                   /number=1
FT   intron          93873..94172
FT                   /gene="SLA-4"
FT                   /number=1
FT   exon            94173..94442
FT                   /gene="SLA-4"
FT                   /number=2
FT   intron          94443..94670
FT                   /gene="SLA-4"
FT                   /number=2
FT   exon            94669..94944
FT                   /gene="SLA-4"
FT                   /number=3
FT   intron          94945..95721
FT                   /gene="SLA-4"
FT                   /number=3
FT   exon            95722..95819
FT                   /gene="SLA-4"
FT                   /number=4
FT   repeat_region   99603..99833
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE"
FT   repeat_region   100421..100651
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE"
FT   repeat_region   complement(101525..104047)
FT                   /rpt_family="LINE-L1"
FT   repeat_region   101572..101604
FT                   /rpt_family="trinucleotide(TTG)x11"
FT                   /rpt_type=DIRECT
FT   repeat_region   complement(101614..101847)
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE"
FT   repeat_region   102137..102156
FT                   /rpt_family="dinucleotide(TG)x10"
FT                   /rpt_type=DIRECT
FT   repeat_region   102369..102584
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE"
FT   repeat_region   104562..104597
FT                   /rpt_family="dinucleotide(TG)x18"
FT                   /rpt_type=DIRECT
FT   repeat_region   complement(105377..105606)
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE"
FT   repeat_region   complement(107968..108189)
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE"
FT   repeat_region   complement(110185..110414)
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE"
FT   repeat_region   112260..112273
FT                   /rpt_family="dinucleotide(TA)x7"
FT                   /rpt_type=DIRECT
FT   repeat_region   complement(112375..112597)
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE"
FT   repeat_region   112816..113016
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE"
FT   repeat_region   complement(118098..118837)
FT                   /rpt_family="LINE-L1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(118966..120532)
FT                   /rpt_family="LINE-L1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(122310..122540)
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE"
FT   CDS             complement(join(124841..124845,125005..125055,
FT                   125185..125217,125656..125766,125885..126160,
FT                   127059..127334,129887..>130183))
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /gene="SLA-11"
FT                   /note="putative CDS by alignment with SLA sequence
FT                   PIGMHCTA"
FT                   /db_xref="PSEUDO:CAB51876.1"
FT   exon            complement(124841..124845)
FT                   /gene="SLA-11"
FT                   /number=8
FT   intron          complement(124846..125004)
FT                   /gene="SLA-11"
FT                   /number=8
FT   exon            complement(125005..125055)
FT                   /gene="SLA-11"
FT                   /number=7
FT   intron          complement(125056..125184)
FT                   /gene="SLA-11"
FT                   /number=7
FT   exon            complement(125185..125217)
FT                   /gene="SLA-11"
FT                   /number=6
FT   intron          complement(125218..125655)
FT                   /gene="SLA-11"
FT                   /number=6
FT   exon            complement(125656..125766)
FT                   /gene="SLA-11"
FT                   /number=5
FT   intron          complement(125767..125884)
FT                   /gene="SLA-11"
FT                   /number=5
FT   exon            complement(125885..126160)
FT                   /gene="SLA-11"
FT                   /number=4
FT   intron          complement(126161..127058)
FT                   /gene="SLA-11"
FT                   /number=4
FT   exon            complement(127059..127334)
FT                   /gene="SLA-11"
FT                   /number=3
FT   intron          complement(127335..129886)
FT                   /gene="SLA-11"
FT                   /number=3
FT   repeat_region   complement(127560..127789)
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE"
FT   exon            complement(129887..130183)
FT                   /gene="SLA-11"
FT                   /number=2
FT   repeat_region   133192..133422
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE"
FT   repeat_region   133532..133563
FT                   /rpt_family="dinucleotide(GT)x16"
FT                   /rpt_type=DIRECT
FT   repeat_region   133564..133581
FT                   /rpt_family="dinucleotide(GA)x9"
FT                   /rpt_type=DIRECT
FT   repeat_region   136537..136732
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE"
FT   repeat_region   137673..137903
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE"
FT   repeat_region   141482..141712
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE"
FT   repeat_region   143371..143601
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE"
FT   repeat_region   144658..144888
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE"
FT   repeat_region   complement(146203..146426)
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE"
FT   repeat_region   150248..150287
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_range=150248..150249
FT                   /note="locus S0654"
FT                   /note="forward primer: CCTGTGTTTCTATGGCTGTGC"
FT                   /note="reverse primer: CAGGGAAGGAACCCACATC"
FT                   /satellite="microsatellite"
FT   repeat_region   153525..153755
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE"
SQ   Sequence 154782 BP; 39554 A; 38075 C; 36486 G; 40667 T; 0 other;
     tcctcttacg gggggagggg tctcagcctc ccaccaacac cctcaagttt gagcttgtcc        60
     tcctctggga agaggatacg gcttcttggg tggagggcga gggaaggaag agaaaggaag       120
     gacacatggc gatgttggga gcagtgcccc agcccagacc ctgacctggc acatcacagg       180
     cactggggtt tggagggatg aaggaaggac tcagaaatga caccgtccgc ttctgcgatg       240
     ttctgccccg gggtccagct tctgtctcct ccagtttaca ctccggacaa gcagagcgca       300
     tttttgatag atgacataat tctccaaaat gtcttcttcc ggcctttgtc tctgtgtaaa       360
     tcttcatgcg attcatctat acatgaatat atacagacac gtgaatactt agatacacac       420
     accgacattt tacgttaagt tttatatttc tttggacact cccgtccttc ttgggaaagt       480
     tcccatattt accagtttcc ctgggacccc cacaaaagcc cttaaaatcc cccgtttaga       540
     caccaaagtg ctcaatctca ggtccaggag aagctaatca tccaactggt ttagaagact       600
     caaggacgtg atttttttga tttactcatt tatttatttt gctttttagg gctgaactcg       660
     aggcatatgg agattcccag gctagggatc aaatcagagc tacagctgcc tgcctactcc       720
     agagccacag caacacagga tctgagacgc gtctctgacc tacacgttgc agtgccacga       780
     agtgaggcca gggatctaac ccacaacctc atggttcata gtcggatttg tttctgctgc       840
     accaaaatgg gaacgctgtc aatgacatgc tgtcctctct ttcttggcaa tgacccctct       900
     gggtcaagat aaagtagagg ttgacttgct cactctctct tacaatgtct gtctgtttct       960
     catttcacaa acattccaca aaccagcaga gagatcaagt accattggtt taggtggact      1020
     tggattctag cacaaaccct ggcgccagat aaacagcagg agtttaaaaa atgagccctg      1080
     gggattctat ttccagtagc atggtaggcc ttgctttaaa gctgcctctt caagtgaaaa      1140
     caaataaaaa gaatagagta aaggggtgcc cttgtggccc agtgggttaa agatccagca      1200
     ctgtcactgc tctgtctgtg gttacttctg tggcgcgggt tccatccctg gcctgggtac      1260
     tccagcatgc ctctggggtt gggcaaaaaa aatgatcaaa tatggaaact tcaggagttc      1320
     ccatcatggc tcagcagtta acgaatccga ttagcatcca tgaggacatg gtttcaatcc      1380
     ctggcctcgt tcagtgggtt aaggatccgg ggttgtcgtg agctctggtg taggttgcag      1440
     acatggctca gatcggctgt ggtgtaggct ggtggctata gctccaattc agcccctatc      1500
     ttgggaacct ccatgtgcag ggagtgtgga cctaaaaagc caaaaaaaga aaaacaataa      1560
     taaagaaagc ttgcttccat aagtacagta gcaaggaagc aattcttcag gtcaaaatat      1620
     caatgtgggc agtaagccag aggaaaagtt ctttttattc tcaggctatt ggtcaaatct      1680
     ggaaaaacct tccctttggg tttctcaagc ttatgaattg tactagaaaa tgtaacccag      1740
     aactgacatg cggaggataa gagacactgg ctccctgata atctggggaa ccaaggttca      1800
     cgtcctcaga gaggatgtgg agatcctgga accatgtcat ccgcgggggg gcgtatagaa      1860
     cggtgccgcc actttgggac agtctggaag ttgctcagag ttgaacacag tgctcccggg      1920
     tgactgactc gacagtgaca ttcctcgttg tttacacagg agacatgaca acatcggtcc      1980
     acacaaaacc ctgtgcatga tactcataac accgttgtcc atagtagcca aacgataaga      2040
     acaactccac tgtccatcac tggatgaatg aataaataaa ggtgtacacg tgagcccaag      2100
     aaccttactt ggaactaaaa caagaatgga gaccagaggc ctaacacagc atggatgaac      2160
     cttgaagaca ccatgttcca ccaaagaaca gacaccaccg ctcatgttgg tgatttaatt      2220
     gtgtttacag gattcataag caaatccctt taggcagaaa gcagattact ggttgtctag      2280
     agatgagggg agcgggggag ggaaatgggg gctgaccgca gaggaataac ggggtacagg      2340
     ggatgacgat ggtctcaaag gctttggggt gatgggcttc ttcccagatg actgtggttc      2400
     tggtctcacc tctctatgaa catgcgaaaa ccaatcctct ccaacgggtg aattacattt      2460
     gtgaattgta tctgaatcgg tggttcttac aaaaatgatg acccacctta aatgaagcac      2520
     agatgccagg accaccacgg ccactgcaca gaaagacaag gaaaggcgca gagaagtggg      2580
     cgagcagcca caaaagaaaa ccggaccaaa ccccttcctt cgactatttc ccgaaggaag      2640
     ccatcggccc agaaggatga gcataagcca gagcagtgcc ctcactgcgc ctgtcccttg      2700
     gcggcagggc tgactctagg aaagagtatg accgcagcaa tggtcagaag agggtcccag      2760
     aaggccagag aaactgaggc catcctccca ccatcctcca gcaaaagacg ggcgcccagc      2820
     tctccgacca caaggacccg ctcagtcgga ctccctaaga acccttttct ttttgaggac      2880
     agacatgctg ctctctcttt actggcataa gtgtcacggt ccctttctct cctagttgtt      2940
     ttcctctcac tctcgccatg aagccccaga agggagcagc aggcagcagg gaggaagtgc      3000
     tgctgagcag ggctgtggcc agacccctcc tctggtgtca ctttggagag cagacgttcc      3060
     caggacgtca gctggagcag agctgtcaga ccacagggat gcaaaggaca gagtgatccc      3120
     cccgtgactc tcaggtccac ggggggctgt gtttcgggct gtgaagtgac ccaggggtga      3180
     gtaaacgctg ctcggcccct gctgctcttc acccacagca tctggaaagc ccagctcact      3240
     ccccagatgg aaagaccttt gatgccctgc agccagctgt gacccaccct gcctgccacc      3300
     cccagcaaac gcaatccatc agccagtgta gaaccaactc tcctgtcact tccgaccctg      3360
     gggactcgcc tgtagggact gagcgatgca gtgggttccc ggccactccc agagctggga      3420
     agtgctcaga acagtgcctg gctctgtaac ctcaagtgag ttactttccc tctgggcacc      3480
     tgtttcctca tctactaaat gggtgacgca tgagggctgc ggtgaggact ggctgccctg      3540
     atacaagcaa aggcctcgga acagtgcctg gcatgtacct gaggctcaac ccatctttgc      3600
     tctggtggct ggaggctgat gacggagccc cgccccaaga gccctccttg cctgctgtca      3660
     taaccagaag cgaaggcgag cttccattcg cagaaaggcc cctctgcccg catgtggaga      3720
     agggactggg gaggataaga atgcacgtga ggggaccagt taggaggccc agcttgaggc      3780
     ctagattact cctctccacc ccaacaactc ctcctcccac tgcaattctt gttcacgttc      3840
     ctaactgcat cctgctcctg tcccagagtc aatattaaga aggaattgct tggagatccc      3900
     gttgtggctc agtggttaag gaaaccagat agtatccatg gggacacggg aacaatccct      3960
     gcccttgatc agcaggttaa ggatccggag ttgccctgag ctgtgctgta gattgcagac      4020
     acagcttgaa tcccgcattg ctgtgcctgt ggtgtaggcc ggcagctgta gctccgattc      4080
     cacacctagt ctgggaacct ccacatgggg cagttgagac cctaaaattt taaaaaagaa      4140
     aaagacaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagga attgcttggc tggagagaag gagagaacct      4200
     gcgttttgtg aaggaggaaa cttggtgaaa ctacagtgaa atctagagta aaaagcaagc      4260
     tggtcccaga tgtcctgtgg cctgtaaaat cagggtgtca tttgttttgg ttcatgttca      4320
     atgattttaa tcactggaat gcacacattt ttaatatgca aatcaaaggt ttacaacttg      4380
     aggaaaagaa aagaagggat tgctgagcaa gcctgggatg gcagtcaggg tatcaggccc      4440
     actgctggga acctcctgga acacgtgacc tcagggtctg ctgggagctc ctgaaggacc      4500
     cagtgagcat ctcctgtggt cccagctctt gccaggcctg catccccaag agctgtgtca      4560
     ctttcaggcc cagggaggaa gccctgtgct gtccaatctg caagagaaca tttcaagggg      4620
     gaccctcggg cccaggtggt ttctggccag tttggtcccc agctgcctag cactggagcc      4680
     caggggtggg aatccaacac agaaagtttg gttctgtgag ctgcacaagg aaagggcctt      4740
     tcttctgtca ccgaaaggac cagcaattcc cgtgtatgct ttccaaagac ctcctagagc      4800
     acaactgcca ctcggcgcta cagagggagg aagatgctgg gtcttgggag gtaggtagac      4860
     ccttttcctg tcttgtctaa atgaggtaca agccttgggg tgactggccc tatccctggc      4920
     ttttgctcaa gggcagaaaa atatacggcc atcttctaaa taggattcta agtgcaccaa      4980
     taattgcttt ttcaatccta gcttctcttg gtaaaactct ctgccaatgc ataccatttc      5040
     cttcgaagta acccagcaac agaaggcttc gcagcttctc tacattcggc atacacaaac      5100
     ctgggtgctg ctttgaaatg tctcacaccc tccagaatcc ccttcagttt tctgggggtg      5160
     aagcaaacat gattgaccat gaagctgtgc aagcaaaaag gctctagata aacagagctt      5220
     tgccttcagg ttcgctctac tatttgggca aatcgaaaca tgttattgct ggaaaagtga      5280
     aaccaggtgg cattgatccg ttccattttg gttggaagtg gcagaaattc aactcaggct      5340
     tctcaaagga ggagtccttg tcttattgaa ccaactaagg agaagctggg gtgaccctca      5400
     ggtgtaactg gaaccagggg catgagtaca gctgagactc ctcacctctt tccccctctt      5460
     gtctccgtat tggcaccctt ttcaggccag ttacctggac aagctgcagc ctcaaccatg      5520
     tctgggttca aacctcttat cttgccaaca tagaaagact cagaattacc ctccctggtc      5580
     ctgacccgtc acaatttagg aaagattttt ctttttcttc tccttctcct tcttctgttc      5640
     tctctttttt gcttcttagg gatgcaccca cagatgacac atggaagctt ccagactagg      5700
     ggttaaattg gagctacagc tcctggccta caccacagcc acagcaacgt gggatctgtg      5760
     ccatgtcttc gacctacacc acaactcagg gcaatgcctg atccccaacc cactgatcga      5820
     ggccagggat tgaaactgca tcctcatgga tcctagttgg gtctgtccac aactgagcca      5880
     tgaagggaac tcctggaaag gattctgaat cagtggcctg aatcctggct gatctgtact      5940
     gggcagagct gagagactgg ctgaagagtg agctcgcagt gagctttagg gccagaggcc      6000
     agtgtaggat caagtcctag tgtatccgtg taacgcgaca gaccaggtta tgaggagtaa      6060
     ccgagacctc ccacacgcca gtggcctaaa gaaaaagatt tctgtcctgt acagagctct      6120
     aaaatacacg gagtactacg caatagaaca aatgaggaaa taaaattatt tcctttatat      6180
     ttatatgtca gttaccttta cggaccgatt gttgtataga tcaataatag aaatggtaaa      6240
     caaaaagcaa gtaagggtag agaggactta aacccaacct aacccgacta accggcatgt      6300
     attgaccatc acatccacca agaacagaag agacggtctt tctccagtgc acctggaaca      6360
     gagcctaaga gagacaatat tctgacccta aacaagtctc aggaagttta aagtgactgg      6420
     aagtgtaggt ggagttcccg ctgtggtaca gtgggttaag catctaactg gagcagcttg      6480
     ggtctctgtg gaggtgcagg ttcgatcccc aacctggcac agtgggttaa aggatccaga      6540
     ggcagagatc acagctgcag cctggatttc atccacggca ggggacatcc atgtgccata      6600
     ggtacagcca ttaaaaataa gaaaaagaag gaaggaaggg aagaaagaaa gaaaagagaa      6660
     aaaaagaaag ggagggaggg aagagtatag accacaattc tattaactca gaaatggggg      6720
     gagttcctgt cgtggcttag tggttaatga atcagactac gaacgatgag gtttcaggtt      6780
     ggatccctgg ccttgctcag tgggttcagg atcgggcatt gctgtgagct gtggtgtagg      6840
     tggcagacac ggctcataac tggcgttgct gtggctctgg tgtaggcctg tggctacagc      6900
     tctgattaga cccctagcct gggaacctcc atgtgccaac ggagcggcac tagaaaaggc      6960
     aaaaagacca aagaaaagaa aaaagaaatg tgtaaatgaa gacatctgga aaatccacac      7020
     atatttagaa gttaactaac acacttcaat tatcacaact ttgtaaatca actatacttc      7080
     gataaaactt aaaaaaaaag agtattctaa agattaattt ttaaaaactg tgggattcat      7140
     caaaagtagt ttcagaagga aagagactat tacaaacaac ttaagcaaat acatttgata      7200
     actagtatca agtaaatcag tttctttaaa gacaccattt accaaactga attaagaaga      7260
     aacaggaaag ttaatgactt cttatgaatt gaagaaactg aattcataat ttaaaaaaga      7320
     ctccaggcag aaaattccag gcttggatgg cttcattggt gaattctatc aaacatttaa      7380
     ctattaaagg tagcacgtca caaactcttg gagaaaatac aaggggaaga caatctacct      7440
     ccgtggccac cagctgggcg gctctttttc tgaagctctg tggccagtct ttgtgccaca      7500
     gtgctccccg ctgtctgagc tcccaatgag ccagggtccc agtagcccag ggctgtgtgc      7560
     tgaggacagg ctgtcccttg actgtccctg tccccagcat catgtgtgtg ggagatgcag      7620
     tggggacagg ggtggggtgt ttcactggag gagggggatt ccttgaatcg cctccccact      7680
     ctcctgtctg ctctgccctt ccttccgggt gggtctgagt tatgacagtc ctgtaaggac      7740
     agaaaaaggc ctcacactga agcagcgttt accagcccag cccagagcga aggcctgtgt      7800
     gattatcatc caggggaaaa gcagagcctc ttcccagcgc ccaggccaga agcccctgtg      7860
     ccgcttccca cacacacccc gccctccctg cacacatgtc ccctgtgctg acccgccccc      7920
     ggccctgctc tctggtcctt ccctcccctc tcctgtgcct ccatccccga ctgtcaccgt      7980
     ttcctctctc ttcactttcc caggagactc cccatcttct taggcctttc ccctgggccc      8040
     tcctcctcgt cctgctcccc ctacaccctt cctggaagga gagtccaggg ttgactccct      8100
     ggaggagact gtccctagaa gcagcattga aaacaagggt caggggattg ggcttcaagg      8160
     gtcttcccag gagaccatga cacccactat ggttgtaggc tccaccttta ccctgggaac      8220
     cagctgttag gcccttgagg gctggtcctc cctaaggcca aatcccttgc tcatccagtg      8280
     aggatacaaa cttctgtgtc agcatgcatt cgggggaatc aattcagatt ttgaacgtga      8340
     cactggttca aaccctgaca cctggtgtgc acagcactga ccccactgct gggagcccaa      8400
     ggagaccctg ggcaggtagg tgcctggtaa ggaggtcaaa agggagctca gctctcctgt      8460
     catcagccct gtggccacac ggggaggcca ctgctctgtt cactcctttc agcccagccg      8520
     ggggagaaga tgccctgtgg tctgaggcag agagatgctg ccctggaggc tgggcaacag      8580
     tgggggatga agatgccttc tgggtagctc tggggtcagg ctctgggatg ggacagggtt      8640
     tggaggagag gagagccctg gagccctgcc ctatgcctga aggttccatc ttttctccct      8700
     attactcctg tcttcatcct ttggtgaaaa caccctggaa aactcaatgt agaacattga      8760
     ttttttggtc gcagacccgg ctcccaacct ggcattgctg tggctgtgct gtcggccagc      8820
     agctacagtt ccgattccac ccctagcctg ggaactccca tatgctgcgg gtgctgccct      8880
     aaaaagacga aaaagaaaaa aaaaaaaaag aaaatggatg tttccactcc ctgttccttt      8940
     ctgggggaca tgaatctttt tcaacgtcag cgtagtttgg gattcaccaa aaagtagccc      9000
     agttagtaga gagttaccgt ctgtcccaca ctcggtttct ctgggccgac atctcatgtc      9060
     accatcatgc atttgtcaca gcccataaaa caatattgac acagtcttac caaactccaa      9120
     aatttctttg actgtcactg gtttttcatt tttttcctga tccaggatcc tatcgacgac      9180
     acattatatt aagtcccgat cgtgtctcct tccggcccct ctggctatga cagtctctca      9240
     gcctttcctc gactttgatg accttggtgt tttccagtcc tgctcaggga tatggcacaa      9300
     tgtctgttag agggtctggg ggaagaggac acggagatga agggaccatc tccccacatc      9360
     aagggtgttt accctccact tgagaaggac ccatacgctc acctggcacc tggctaaggt      9420
     gtgttcccag gtctctccgt gtgaactttc attcttactt cccccttccc acacgccagt      9480
     ccttagacag aagtccctaa gtgcagccca cgcttaaggg cctctctgct ctcaccgttt      9540
     gtgcgcaggg ttctgtgcaa atacgtcttc agaggagctg gagaaggacc cgtgcgctca      9600
     gcaggctggg tgctgagtcc ctgtgcagct tcccgagaac ctgctgactg tcacccagtg      9660
     gctgtgctgc ttcgtattcc tgccccgggg atgaggggtt ctgctgcttc acatcctgct      9720
     cagcacctgg taccacccat ttgtttttgc tttggttttg gttttttttt tgttttttta      9780
     cttttttgat ttaattttat aaaaaattgt gacaatattc agtcaatttc tgctggaaag      9840
     caaagtgacc cagtcataca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca catattcttt      9900
     ttctcatatt atcctccatc gtgttctatc acaagtgact ggatatggtt ccctgtgcta      9960
     cagagcagga gctcatggct tagtcgctct aaatggaatg gtttgcatcc actcagccca     10020
     acctccccgt ccatcccact ccctccccgt cggcaacctg aggtctgttc tctgcaggtg     10080
     gatatcacca gttcttggat tccagctctt ctaatgggtg tgtgatggtt catcagtgtt     10140
     ttaattttca tttcttaaga acttcagatg ttgagtcgct tgcgtatgca tttccattga     10200
     tagatcttgt taaagagatg tctgttcagc tcttcttcat ttgtaaatta tttgttttca     10260
     ttttgtggag ttgaagggtc ctgtgtatat tgacttacta gtcctttatt ggatagggga     10320
     attggcctag aatttctgcc agtctgtggc ctgagctctt ttactgacct aacagtgtgt     10380
     gttaatgaat agagagagtt ttctggggag aaaaatgcag aattactaat tgccatggtt     10440
     tctgagtaga gcacttgggc gaagggggat gaggcagaga atatgaattc gttatttgtg     10500
     tatgttccag agtatctttt cagttctctt gcatgcaggt aaatggcact ttcagatttt     10560
     tttttttttt ttttgtcttt ttgtcttttt agggccacat ccacagcatg tggagattcc     10620
     caggctaggg gtctaatcgg agctgtagct cctggcctac accacagctc acagcaacgc     10680
     ctgatcctta acccacaggt agaggccagg gatcgaatcc accacctcat ggttcctagt     10740
     tggattcgtt tccgctgcgc cacaacggga agtcccactt tcagataatg acattaaaat     10800
     ctctgacatc aaaaaagaaa gaaagctccc tttgtggctc agcagtaccg agcccgacta     10860
     gtatccatga ggaggagggt tctatccctg gcctcgctca gtgggttaag ggtccagcat     10920
     tgccatgagc tgtggtgtag gtcacagacg gctcagacgc catgttgctc tggctgtggc     10980
     tcccattcaa cccctagcct gggaacctcc atatgtcaca ggtgaggccc aataaagaac     11040
     taaaatcccc gacacatatg aacacgtgcc agactgtctt cagatcacaa gtgaggaagc     11100
     acatgctgat cctttactcc aggacccacc actttgggag tgagctactc tgccacagaa     11160
     attccactac tggaaaagac gggctggagt ctatggacga ggctgcccac ggaaaatagc     11220
     taaaaatgcg atgtaaacac aacaacagcc ttaagagcaa caaagaggtg acgaggtggt     11280
     aaaaaatgag ttgtggtcag gagttcccgt tgtggctcag caggttaagg actagacatc     11340
     tctgtgagga tacggagaca atgcctgacc tcgctcaatg ggtggaggat ccagccttgc     11400
     cacagctgcc cagcagagca caggtgttgc tgtgaccgca gggtaggcct cggtgcagct     11460
     ccagttcaac ccctagctct ggaattccca gatgccagag gtgtggctgt aaaacaaatg     11520
     aatggaaaga tcctgcttgg cctccgcaga aaacatggtc ccaagaagag gctgtgtgat     11580
     tccctgccca gagcccaggc atggagccca gcacgtccag ctctgtgccc ccagctcttg     11640
     gcttcttcta cccacctgcc ttccttttaa aacatgcaaa caaagctttt tatttccaat     11700
     tatgaggtat atgcttaatg tgtaatacac ggataatgta tattcgctgt aaaacaagct     11760
     gtaaagtgtt gaatgtgata aatgacaacg tcaaaagaat gtggctaaaa ctagcccgcc     11820
     taatcctcgg ggcagagcct gcctgcatct ctcacaagca tcctctccta agaaatcgat     11880
     tccttgggag ttcccgttgt ggctcagtgg ttaacgaacc cgactagcat ccacgaggac     11940
     tcaggttcca tccctggcct cgctcagtgg gttgaggatc caacgttgcc gtgagctgtg     12000
     gtgtaggaga cagacacggc tcggatctgg tgttgctgtg gctgtggcgc aggccagcgg     12060
     cggcagatcc aattagaccc ctagcctggg accctccatg tgccttggtt gtgggccgaa     12120
     aagaaagaaa aagaaaagaa agaaaaagaa aagaaaagat atctatttcc ttccaatcag     12180
     aaaaaaaaaa aagtcaaaag aatagaaacc tcacactgga gatagttgca tgcgtttact     12240
     ttcagttgct tatacatcct gctgcccact tgctacaact ttctctaagg tgctgagcac     12300
     agacctcagg gccccagcct gcactctcca gaagccattt cctgagtcag ttcccctcac     12360
     atgcccccca ctctggggca ggtcctctgc cctcctccct cctaatcctc tccactccct     12420
     ccccacgccc tgttcttgat gggagcttct ttcttttgtc actcaggaaa aaagagactc     12480
     agatgagaat tacatcctcc gcctgcccca ctctgccacc tgcacctgca ccctcacctt     12540
     cccaccagca atgatgggca gccccctcct gtctgaggtt gcccctcggc atgggcacag     12600
     gatccggccc ctctctcact ctctacttgc tcctgcctgc ctccaaacac acttaattcc     12660
     tcccattaaa attaatccaa cacacgaaat aaatcaccga gtttggggtt ggtagatgca     12720
     gactgctgca tttggagtgg ataagaaatg agatcctgct ctgtagcact tgtgatgaag     12780
     caggatggag gatgaagcga gaaaaagaat gtgcataaat gcataactgg gccactttgc     12840
     tgcacagtag aatcggacag aacactgtaa attgactgta ataaaaatgt gaaaaatgga     12900
     gttcgcgtca tggctcagca gttaacgaat ccaactagga accatgaggt tgcgggttcg     12960
     atccctggcc tcggtcagtg ggttgatgat ccggcatggc tgtgagctgt ggtgtaggtg     13020
     gcagatgcgg ctcggatctg gcattgctgt ggctctggct ccgattagac tccatatgcc     13080
     aagggagtgg ccctagaaaa cgcaaaaggc aaaaaaagaa aaaaaaaaga aaaaactaaa     13140
     agaaactaaa taaatcaaaa tacaaccgtc ccgtaaacat cactactcta tgtactttga     13200
     ccttccaact tctgctctgt ttctatgact cttggtccag aacaagcctt ggtccatgct     13260
     ctttcacctg cctattgtct ttcatgtttc gccaatggcc agaggcaggt aggctgaaaa     13320
     agtaaaatac tttacaagac tcgctgtcag gatggctgcc ccatcatctt cctgcccccg     13380
     tctcttgaat ctccgagatg agctgttttc aatctttcag ctgacgcttt gttttgtttt     13440
     tctatgcctt taaaaccatg cctatacgac cctttctctg tctctcacag cacttgactc     13500
     agttttgatt tactcctatt catttttgtt ttcttgtttt gggttttttg ttttcttgtt     13560
     ttgtcttttt agggccacac ccatggcata tggaagttcc caagttatgg gtccaatcgg     13620
     agccatagct gctggcctac aagtagcatc gatgaggaca tggttccacc cctggcctcg     13680
     atcagtgggt tggggatcca gcattgccgt gagctgtgat gtaggtctca gacgggactc     13740
     ggatcccgag ttgttgtttt tttggtttgc ctggggcatg tggaaattcc agggccaagg     13800
     actaacctgc gccatagcag tccctgagca gctgcaatga aaggccagat ccttaaaagg     13860
     ctgggccacc agggcactcc gatttactct tatcatcttt gtctcaccac agggcctgtc     13920
     acatcaccag ggtcctgact gctgttcttc atttcatcac cagtgtctcc agatctggag     13980
     tcaaggggac cttgaaatag ccactcctta aacctggagt ctcccttccc ctgtctgcac     14040
     gagggatcac atgtcctgtg cctcatgtgt tggctttgag gaatacattc gaccactgtg     14100
     tcaattacat ggcatgatgc ctggaacaca aagtgttccc ctgttcatag ttactaacat     14160
     tagagtgatg aaatcatttt tattatttcc attcttttac ttatttttat ttttattttt     14220
     ttgtcttttt gccatttctt gggccactcc cgaggcatat ggaggttccc gggctagggt     14280
     tggaatcaga gctgtagcca ctggcctacg ccagagccac agcaatgcgg gatctgagcc     14340
     acatctgcaa cctacatcac agctcacggc aacgccggat ctctaaccct ctaagcaagg     14400
     ccagggatcg aacctgcaac ctcatggttc ctagttggat tcgttaacca ctgcgccatg     14460
     atgggaactc catttattat ttccattctt tgtaaaccgc cattaaaaaa aatccttgaa     14520
     tatatatttt tgagaacacg aatgattatc ataggatgag gttttagaag acatttctgt     14580
     gtcaaaatgt aaacataata aagttattga gaaatgttgc aaaagtgacc tttaaatttt     14640
     ttgtaccagt tcttaatccc acaaccttat aacattatca tcttcctaaa ttcctgtcaa     14700
     tactctcctc atttacttcc atctttggca agatgacaaa tgttaattcc tttccatttc     14760
     ttatttcaca ttttcatttt tttacattaa ttattactat tatatttgtt taacacttgc     14820
     acttcttctt ttcaaatatg ttttccagta ttctctattg ggcggtggaa tgtagttact     14880
     tcaaaatact gaattcaggg ggttcttatt gtagctcagt aggtcacaaa catgactagt     14940
     atccatgcag atgcaggttt gattcctgga cttgttcagt tggttaagga tcctgcattg     15000
     ccatgacctg tggtgcaggc cacagacccc atttgggtct cctgttactg tggttgtggc     15060
     ataggccaga ggctgcagct cagattccac ccctagcctg ggaacttcca tataccgcag     15120
     gtgaggccct aacagctaaa gtacataaac aaaataaaat aaaataaaat attgagttca     15180
     agagggacaa agcagccctg gacatcagga actgctctga cacctccagg aggcctcagc     15240
     ggtgtcagaa gctgggcagg tgctcaccac gcggtcgggt tgttctcctg ttggacagaa     15300
     gtcacgtcac agaacatcag catcagacca ggacactgac cttgacacag tgaaacaaaa     15360
     caagaccacg acatcattct aaggccagat caagcaaggt ggccctgtga cctcacagtg     15420
     tgccaaactc ctccctttgc aatcacaact ggaccctggc tctagtctgc cctccctaca     15480
     ggtgagggtc actgagatgc ccggtcagac acttgccccc accgactgac accaacaccc     15540
     gatctagact gagcccctct tccatccacc ctcctcgaaa tcacccacca aaagcccaaa     15600
     tcctatatat gttcttcttc ttcttcttct tctttttttt tttttttttt tggtcttttt     15660
     gtctttttag ggctgcaccc acggcatatg gaagttccca ggcgaggggt ctaatcggag     15720
     ctatagccac tggtctacac cagagccaca gcaacaccag atccgagctg tgtctgccac     15780
     ctataccaga gctcacggca acaccagatc cttgacccat tgagcaaggc cagggatcga     15840
     acacacaacc tcatgattcc cagtcatgct tgtttctgct gcgccacgac gggaactccc     15900
     aaatcctgta tatgttctaa caccttcaca ctaagacgcc ctctgctccc tgaggcagtg     15960
     tgttctccct cgctgcatcc agacatacac ccaacctctt tgcccgcata gttgctcctg     16020
     gtggctgcag aaccttgaga catgttactt ttcatttgtc aattttgtta catgtctttg     16080
     agttgacatg agggcatggg tttatattgc tgtctgtgtc tggttgacac agaaaagatt     16140
     tgtggctttt tatgggtttt catctttggg tgacccttag agacgtcttc attccatgtg     16200
     taaaacattt catcaggaga gaggggtcca ctggtgaagg gaagcagcat tgactgaatt     16260
     cgagggaggg gaccggagta gccgtcagta acactactgg gtattctaag gtggtggatt     16320
     ctgaggtcac atcttctgtt ttataatttg acaaccatgt acaggtccta caagatattt     16380
     gataaatgcc gtgttcaaca aacactttct gtggggctaa gtgaatgaag acttctgtgt     16440
     ctatgcgatg tcttccgctt acatttatca ggttaaagaa aacgacacca agagcccaag     16500
     gtaatataga caagcgttag ctccagtgat gggcagattt gagcagttat gaccttcaag     16560
     ggataagtca tggtttggag cagaacctcc ttgcctgccc gcttgcatct ctcacaagtg     16620
     tccaacttaa taaatgtttc ttgcctatca aaaaaaaaaa gtcatggttt ggttaatgtc     16680
     tgtacaccct aaatagatat gtaaataaat actataaatg ctttctaaat actgttatct     16740
     tttttttttt ctttctttca tttttttttt ttttagagcc acacccgtgg cataaggagg     16800
     ttcccaggct aggggtcaac ttggagctac agctgctggc ctgcaccaca gccacagcaa     16860
     cctgggatcc aagctgcttc tgcgacctac accacagctc atggtaacac aggatccttg     16920
     acccactgag ccaggccagg gatcaaacct gaaacctcat ggtgcctagg tggatttgtt     16980
     tctgctgtgc ctgagtggga actcctactc taaatattct caaaataaat attaattaaa     17040
     ctttcttgga catactgcac tttaaggata tatccaagac tcagacaaat ccaaatgact     17100
     tccatatgaa cattatgtca atatgcagca atctatgaat cagaccttat ctttgggggg     17160
     aagagcctga aaattaagaa cattctcgat atccactgtc ccatatgata gctacaggcc     17220
     acatatggct actttaatta aattaaagaa acttaaacat actcagcaca aaagccactt     17280
     ctgaggtgct aaatagccac atgtagccag tgactagctg atgacacaga cagatatgac     17340
     cagttccttc aacagaacgt gctgttggac aggactgctc ttcccgcttt gtgggcctca     17400
     cgtcagatac attagaccca ggagagagga ttcctctcag agactctgtc acagattcct     17460
     gtctgggacg tgaatgcata tgaagctgag gtggaactaa accaaggcgg tgatgcgtgg     17520
     gtctggcacc ttcagacata ggctgttccc aggtccagtg gggaaacacc tgtcccccca     17580
     cctcccttcc cagatggagg actctctctg gcatcacttt ccaggggctg agtcctttcc     17640
     tggaggagcc caggggcagg gccctcagct gaagctgggg aggcagggag tccagggcag     17700
     ggagagggat tctggggaat gaagaggagg ccaaggcaaa ggacagtttg aagacttttc     17760
     caggtgtatt cagaacagca gttctcagag tgtggtctgt ggaacccttg aagtcacaga     17820
     gacactttca tgagatccct gaggtgaaaa ctacattcat agcattacta ggatagcatt     17880
     tgacttttca ctatgttgac atttgctttg aggtacaact tagcaataat ggggactagg     17940
     gtagccaact gtaatagtaa ttattttcac cacaacttac acgtagaaaa aaataataat     18000
     aagcaggttt ggtgtttccg tcatggcaca gtggaaacga acccgactag gaaccatgag     18060
     gatgcatgtt caatccctgg ccttgcttgc tcagtgggtt aaggatctgg cgttgtgacg     18120
     agctatgtct gtgatgtagg ccggtggcta cagctccaat tcaaccccta gcctgggaac     18180
     ctccatatgc cacaggtgag gccctaaaaa cacaaaagac aaaagacaaa aaaaaaaaaa     18240
     aagcaggctt gttataaaac gtcctggtcg atgcaataaa aattcttatc ttacatttat     18300
     aaaccataat ggagaagaat agacatagac acatatgtgt acaatcgaag gacttcactg     18360
     tccagcagaa atgaacacat cgcaaatcag ctatttgaaa taaaataaaa tttttgaaat     18420
     aaagaaatca aaatgtttgt cttccgtaaa tcatcttttt ttttttgtct ttgtagggcc     18480
     gacccattgt atatgcagat ccccaggtta ggggttgaag aggttgcatc agagctgtac     18540
     atgctgtcct ataccacagc cacaacacca ccagatccga acctcgtctg agacctacac     18600
     cacagctcat gccatcatag catccttaac atactgatca aggccaggga tcgaacctgc     18660
     ttcctcacag atgctactca gatgtgtttc cactgaacca ggacaggaac tcctacatca     18720
     tccttctaaa tccatgtttt aatagtatct tctctgatgt cgggggaagt acatatcaaa     18780
     cactctggca cattccaaag tatcatgtcc caaggaaaat cattctgtga gctgacccac     18840
     cctctttttc ctggaataca acctttacta gaaagactga atgacaatgg aagatctatg     18900
     taacttagtg aaacaatgta ttatttttaa aaaatcttac attagtacaa gaggcagtca     18960
     atgtgcaaaa caggcttatg gagttaatgc aacagaatag aaaacattga atgatgttgt     19020
     ttcaggtcca cttggaaaat atttgagaaa ttaccataat gatagcatcc aaaattatct     19080
     gaaaaggtta tttaaaatac acatctacat ttcatagatg tcagtcacaa aaaggactca     19140
     gtgcagaagc agacataaac aaccagtgct cttctcatga gccagacagc agagagactt     19200
     gccatagagt aaaatgcaaa aagctccact ttgggcacta cggcgtttct tatgggcaat     19260
     aattgttttc atatgaaatg catggatggt tcacattcct ctaaaaaaat aaattcaaat     19320
     gttaactatt atttctagta tggaaaataa tgattgaagt aacacataaa atacatatcc     19380
     ctgaggacct aattcgtaaa atgtataaat attcctacta aaatagtttg aaatcgccga     19440
     gtacacattc cttgggccag gtgactcaac ggaaacaatg tgacaaagag ctttctgagc     19500
     agaaggagca ggagcaggag cagggcctgg ctctcggggt cgcaggctcc agggcagtat     19560
     cagggtgggc aagctccatg ttggagtccc cgtgtcccca gtttcacttc gccatctccc     19620
     aacctgtgtg gggccctcct gtccggacac ttgtggcgcg gccccacttc tctctcctat     19680
     tgagtgtctg gtttctggag acgccaatcg gcgccaccgc ggttcccggt tctaaactct     19740
     gcacgtaccc tcggctcgac tccgcttctc cccagactcc gcggctgagg atcatggggc     19800
     cccgaggcct cttcctgctg ctctcggggg ccctggccct gaccgggact cgggcaggtg     19860
     agtgcgaggt cgggggacac ggccactgcg gggaggagag aggacaccgc cccgggggtc     19920
     ggggtcgggg tggcggcagg acccacgggg aaggtgcgac tcagcggtcc aggcccagac     19980
     cccacccccc aacctcgccc cgtctggtcc cgtccctccc ttgcttcctg cgcctctgct     20040
     cgcccccgac taaacccggg gactttctcc gacctccagc cctttcgcgc ctcccgagcc     20100
     ccgagctccc tgcccggtcc ctcgcacccg gggccccgcg ctggaagaag ggtcgtgtct     20160
     caccctcccc gccgccaggt ccccactccc tgagctatct cttcacctcg gtgtcccggc     20220
     ctggccgcgg ggagccccgc ttcatcgccg tcggctgcgt ggacgacacg ccgttggtgc     20280
     ggttcgacag cgacgcccgg aagcccagga aggagccgcg ggcatggtgg atagagcagg     20340
     aggggccgga gtattgggac gaggagacgc ggatcagcaa ggacaacgca cagactctcc     20400
     gagggaacct gaacaccctg cgtggctact acaaccagag cgaggccagt gagcgacgcg     20460
     ggcccgggtc cagctcacga cccccatccc cagggaccgg ccggggtccc cccgacctcc     20520
     gggtccgagg gtcaccccgg catttcggga cccgccaggc cccccgacca ggctgagccg     20580
     gcgaggactt tcccccggtt tcagcttcag tttaggttta acccctggtt ggtcgcggca     20640
     ggggcgtggc tgactcgggg cggggtcagg gtctcacacc atccagagct tgtttggctg     20700
     cgacgtggga ccagaccggc tcctcctccg ccggtacaga caggacgcct acgacggcgc     20760
     ggattacctc gccctgaacg aggacctgcg ctcctggacc gcggcggaca ctgcggccca     20820
     gatcaccaag cgcaagtggg agacggccaa tgtggcggag caggagagga gctacctgca     20880
     gggcctgtgt gtggaggggc tccagaaata cctggagatg ggggaggaca cgctgcagcg     20940
     cgcaggtatc aggggccgcg gggcctccac catctcccct cgggagggag ctgccttccc     21000
     acagggagag gaaaaggggg tccctgcggg aaagcccccc actgcctgtc ctgagaggga     21060
     ggagtccacc taggttccca gcttctcgac cagacaggga ctccccaggg ccccacttct     21120
     ctacaggaca attatgaatc ctgtctcttt gggggtgaag agaggagacc atccctgaaa     21180
     gaactgctca gcggtgccct ttgaccctgg ccgccatcct gtgaaccacg actttctcaa     21240
     gcctgttctg agcctgagaa cagctctgca tccttgacac caccttgcct gagtcattcc     21300
     gcctccacca aagtcaggaa catgactata ttctccccct taaagtcctg gagcctcctg     21360
     cctggactat caccctgagt ctagaacttt ctaaggacta ggagctattc ccagataccc     21420
     aagtccaggc tgacctcttg gttttgtgct tcttttcaaa cccattaacc tggcccttcc     21480
     cccattggtc acatgaggct gcttcagggg cccaggcagg ggacccacag ggtgaatttt     21540
     ctgattcttc tccctcagag cctccaaaga cacatgtgac ccgccacccc agctctgacc     21600
     tgggggtcac cttgaggtgc tgggccctgg gcttctaccc taaggagatc tccctgacct     21660
     ggcagcggga gggccaggac cagagccagg acatggagct ggtggagacc aggccctcag     21720
     gggatgggac cttccagaag tgggcggccc tggtggtgcc tcctggagag gagcagagct     21780
     acacctgcca tgtgcagcac gagggcctgc aggagcccct caccctgaga tggggtaagg     21840
     agggccctgg gggcggagcc tcttctcaga cacagcagca gcccttctgg agaccttcag     21900
     caaggtcagg actccagcct gaggagggcc ctcaccttgc cctttgttcc cagaccctgc     21960
     tcagaccccc gtccccatgg tgggcatcat tgttggcctg gttctcgtcc tggtcgctgg     22020
     agccatggtg gctggagttg tgatctggag gttgaagcgc tcaggtaggg aagggaggtg     22080
     ggaatatgag ggggtttttt tttgtctcag gtgtttcaag ttcaggtgaa atttacctgc     22140
     gtctttattg gacgtccgct ccacacacat gtgctgagtc tggggctgag tgttaccacg     22200
     tacccttttg tgaagcacat gtggaaatga aagacaaatg tgtcccctgg attcttccag     22260
     ttggggacca ggttctcagc ccttggaggt ggaggggagg cccccactga ggagaggcct     22320
     cctggagggc actcggtcca gtctccccca catctccttc cttcacagtc ctgacctggc     22380
     ctggattttt gggcaaagtt ctggaaaggt ctctgtgctc caggactagg gtttcctcta     22440
     agatcgcatg gctcagattt cttcttggcc tctcacataa atgttatctt cccacaggtg     22500
     aaaaaggagg gagctacact caggctgcag gtcagtgtgg agggttgtga tgcctgaggc     22560
     cctggtggtg cagacaggag gccgtggggg gagctcaccc accttctgtc atcttctctc     22620
     ttgggggtac tgaccccatc ctgcttttgc tgtcccccag gcagtgacag tgcccagggc     22680
     tctgatgtgt ttcttccaat ggatcctaga ggtgagaccc tggagggcct agatggggag     22740
     ggggttgggg cagagggggt gccctgggtg acgggctctt tgagagggac gtttgagtat     22800
     gtggggctgt taagcatgtc agcccttcct tgactaacct gcctgtttcc tggtgatttt     22860
     ctttcccagt gtgagacagc tgcctgtggg gactgaggga cacaagattt gttcacatcc     22920
     cactttgtga ctccagatcc cctgactcct atttctgcag cagcatctga aagtgtctgt     22980
     gttcctatga gcatcatgag aagaggtggg gaccctggcc cagtcctgcc ccccacgtcc     23040
     cctcctcacc ctgacctgtg ttctcttccc tgatcctctg tcctgctcct gcaggtgggg     23100
     gtgaggagga ggggcggcca gcacgggacc atctccatcc ttacttaact tcactgccct     23160
     gggtaatgac ttcctatttt ctcattggaa ataaaacctc tattgaattt gctttttcta     23220
     atcggaggca tgaggagttg tggggatgat aaatgagaga tttcctaagc ttgtgagaag     23280
     aaataaatgg aaggactgag aaccttccag aatccacatg tgtgctgtgc tgtgtcagtt     23340
     ccggatggga tgtgaggaga taaacttgga cggggcctgt gcccggtgag agctcagggc     23400
     atcatgggct tcggtgtgga cactcccagg ctgggtcacc ttttcccctg tccctttgtc     23460
     cttgtccctt caggagaact ttcttccacc aggccctgtg atctcaggga ctgagaagtc     23520
     ccctgggcct tgtcctgtat tcaggagctt ggttagcaag ggcctcctgt caccaggtag     23580
     cctacactcc agcctgggtc ccatccttcg tcccttttgt gtgtgtttat atttgactta     23640
     tttaggtttc tttattatta ttattctaat aatgactatt ctttctcatg tgtaaagttc     23700
     agattcatcc tgctctggat gtcccccatc atgggcagag gcaggaggca tttgcttgcc     23760
     attgtcccca cacatccaag gggtccctgc tcacaggatc tcagtggtat caagagatcc     23820
     attttcagcc tcatccagct ctcgccctcc ttccagagat gtttcctgca tgcgtctttc     23880
     tgtctcttcc ctggcttttg tatggaagca ggttctggaa gtagcaatga ggagggaccc     23940
     agtggttttc catcttgacc tcactcttgc tggatctgga tcttctctgc agcccgcccc     24000
     ctcctccgcc ctgagctctc ctcagcccag tgccggctcc aatccaagcc catgcatttc     24060
     gaaagcagag tctgatagac tcacagcagc gggaatctag ggccagaagc gcaggagcat     24120
     ctttcctgag gagagaaaga gcgctgcgtg tggtgagcag actgactagt gtggcaggga     24180
     ggggacatca gcccttgtga ggaaaggaca ggcggccctg atgtcaccgg gaatggacat     24240
     tgtgctggag ctgccaccag acagcacgtg gcccgaggtc acacgagtga aggtactgtc     24300
     cctagaagag ggaggggctg tgcactgatc cgtcattcaa ctctgttgaa cggatatttg     24360
     ttgtgggcca gacacaggac acacgctttc ggcatctggg agacctcagg gacgttgcca     24420
     gagaccaaac ttgtcggccg tgtggagtct ctgtcctggg ggaggggcag agtggatact     24480
     atatgcctcg tcagggaggg atgtgtcaca tcggaggtgg gaggggcctt ggggaaggtg     24540
     accccgagta gaagtgtgtg gggacagggt cggggggtga gtgtgggcct tcctgggagg     24600
     gtgacctttg agtccagatg ggaaggaccc aaaggaaatg cccgcgaggc tgtgtgggga     24660
     cgttctctac aggcagggga ccctccaggg caaaggcacg aggacaggag ggggtgtgtg     24720
     ttcagggagg agccaggagg ccagcgaggc tgcaggaggg aggcgctggg atgagaccca     24780
     ctgtccggcc agatcgtgtg gcctccccat gtgagaaggg ttttgatttt gtctcagatg     24840
     tggcgtttgt aagatggttt gaccgaagat caggctggag tgagtgctct ctagaagcat     24900
     gggtctggct gctgcacaga ctcaggaggg gaaggcgagc gacaccgtcg aggaaggaaa     24960
     cagagcagcg tccaggctgg aggagatgct gctagtgggg gtgagagcag ggaacggacg     25020
     agtcagtgac tggagtctcg acacgttctc aggatggatt tgcagcattt cctcctggat     25080
     caaatctggg ttgtgagcag gggagtcaag aaaacacccc aagttagaag ctgtgagtag     25140
     gcacccggtg gagcaccttc agaggaaatg aggaggaatc tggaaggagc acatctgagc     25200
     aggcggcagc acctgcactc agacagggaa gtcatgacca tggaaaaggt cagggtttgg     25260
     agctagtaaa gaccttaaaa atcatccaat caggtacaga gatgagggca aagtcatcca     25320
     tcaaggccac gcaggttggc agcggcagaa ggtggatgca aggccgggac acccgactcc     25380
     catccagtgt gcttcccatc ccgcctggag gaaggacaca gcctggagag cccaggagaa     25440
     gggctggacc cctctcctcc tgctgcttct cctcctgcag cttctcctcc tgctgcatat     25500
     cctcccgcac gatgcaggcc ccagtggagc cgaagagtca ggccgctgca ggctgcactt     25560
     tgtctcagat gtgttttatt ccttggccag tgctgagtgt aagctatttg gtcataaagc     25620
     ctcaggcgat gggtgacagt accactaaga aatgggagcc aagtaccagg gtttatgtct     25680
     atattcccac tccaggccac tgcacaaaag gttattgaga gggaaatgaa gaatcaagat     25740
     tcactctcaa ataggatttc ccattgtggt gcagcggaaa tgaatccccc tgggaaccat     25800
     gaggtttcgg gttcgatccc tggcctggct cagtaggtca aagatctggc cttgccatga     25860
     gttgtggtgt gggtcacaga cgtggctcgg atctgacatg gctgtggctg tggtgtaggc     25920
     cagtgaccgc agctctgatt tgccccctag cctgggaata tccatatgcc ccagatacgg     25980
     gctgtacaaa cctggaaaaa agaaggaaag aagaggagag gagaggaggg gaggggaggg     26040
     gaggggaggg ggggagggga gcaagattca acatcgggta tattccaatc ttggagtccc     26100
     cactgtggct cagcgggtta agagtacaac acattgtccg tgaggaggcg ggtttgatcc     26160
     ctagtgttgc tcagtgggtt aaggatctgg cattgccctg agtatcgggt tagggccctg     26220
     atgaggcttg gatcctgtgt ggctgtggct gtggtgtggt cagcccagaa cttccatatg     26280
     ccatgggcgc agccataaga aaccttttta aaaaggtgtc cagtcttgaa gagttctaca     26340
     taccctaagt cctgaaatga acagtgtgtt cccagaacac tggggtgacc atcaggagag     26400
     tccaccgtga gagcaggagc gcatgtgctg gagaaggccg cccaggcggg gccggtgtac     26460
     acaaagctaa gagccctacc gaggactcac ggtcagtgca aacagccctg tttgcttcct     26520
     ggtggcttct gtaccagatc aatgcttatt tgtaagtaaa accccgaaag actctccagg     26580
     gtctgtgttg ggggagtaac tgtgcttcaa gcagcagaca ggggaaagcc tgagagtctc     26640
     cactggagga aataacaact cagacttaag acttttttct ttctttcttt tttttttttt     26700
     ttttttgtct ttttctaggg ccacacctgc gacatatgga ggtccccagg ctatgggtcc     26760
     agttggagct gtagccatcg gcctacacca cagctcacag caatgccaga tcctgaaccc     26820
     actgagcgag gccagggatc ccgcaacctc atggttccta gttggagtca ttaaccactg     26880
     cgccacgacg ggaaccccca agcagactta aaactttaga aagtcctgat gagtttctat     26940
     ttcttggatg ggcgtggccg tcaccccaga gctggatcaa agcataatag atctttgtga     27000
     acctcaggct gaggcaccct catcactcag caatggcttc tgcagcagcc accactgaaa     27060
     ggtgacaggc aagactaaag cccaaagaca tctagaaggt cccctcttcc cctgtggaga     27120
     aggcaggaaa caggaaaagt aggtcaaccc ccagtggtcc ccttggagct gctcttctgt     27180
     ctcaggtgcc aagtgacagg acacaggcca cctcaccttc ctgagactcg actttgtgcc     27240
     cttaaagaag aagtaacatc ttctctttgc tacttggagc tgtcaggagc cttcagtgtg     27300
     cactttggaa aatgtaagaa cacggatgtt taagctgttt ccatcatatc accaataata     27360
     ataccgacct ctctcatctc gtgcaggagg aaactaaggg atctgccctg agtctagtga     27420
     cgggtagaat ctgaatctcc tttttcttct tccttttcat gtttcttttt tcttttctgt     27480
     ctttcttttt tgcttgtttt tggctgcatc cccagtatgc agaggtttcc aagccacgac     27540
     tgaacccaca ccgcaacagt ggctatgtca aatccttaac ccatggagcc accagggaac     27600
     tcctgggtct cctatcttta tctagtggag ccctgaccct cagtctcttt ctctagcagt     27660
     gggagtggtc ctggacaagg acccttctca ctcacagcta gtgggactga gagtggggaa     27720
     cagctgactc taaggggctc acatctgggg ccgcctgctc atcctaagag accaacccct     27780
     atgtgctggg tctggacggc tgctcccctg ggacctgctg ctgcatggtg gcccctccta     27840
     ctgcagagcc tgtgccctgg ggatggttcc agagtcacct ggaagagcgg gaaggatctt     27900
     ccactgccag gagcagggga tctgggcagt agggtcacca ggggacggga ctgagctctc     27960
     acacccccaa aaccaaaggg attcgggatg aaaattccca gatggtagag gtggccatta     28020
     aatatcagga agcggtattg cattttgttg ctgggagatg tcatttttat tattaatgat     28080
     attattgaaa cagtatattg tctaacactg agcagaggtg cccagtctct gccctgccct     28140
     ctgatgactt cctccctgcc tgtgtgttca tatggttttc acacccgaac caatatctca     28200
     aggagatcat tgtttcctct gctgttcatg agacatgttc tgaagatcga cacgcagcag     28260
     aagaagactc ggcattttca atactgggaa atgagtccca gacctcagtt gagatcccag     28320
     cctgggccag ctgtcctggg gggtggggag gaagtctgac tgatgggaag cagctgtctg     28380
     tcctccaagc tcctcctggg gcaggtcttt ctcttcttta gacccactgg ccactggagt     28440
     catagtcatt caagaacttt tcccggaaat gattttttgt gttggtttgc ttgctttttg     28500
     ggaccacact cttggcacat ggaagttccc aggctagggg tcaaatcaga gctacagcgg     28560
     ccagcccgca tcacagccac agtgacagcg tatacaagtc acctctgcaa tctacaccac     28620
     agctcagggc aacgccagat gcttaacccg ttgaccgagg ccagggatca aacctgcatt     28680
     ctcatgaatg ttagtcaggt tccttaccac cgagctacaa cgggaactcc caaatgatac     28740
     tttaaaagag gcacagggag tttcctttgt gtcccagggg aaacaaatcc aactagcttc     28800
     catgattatg cggatacatt cctgccctgg atcagtgggt aagggatccg gtgatgccgt     28860
     gagctgcagg gcagttccca gaaggggctc ccatctggcg ttgctagtgg ctctggctct     28920
     gatttcaacc cctggcctgg gaacttcatt atcccaaagg tgaggcccaa aaaaaggggg     28980
     gaaaaaaaaa gaggcacgtg accactctag agggggctgt ccctcctccc ttgggttacc     29040
     tgtcctggcc caggaagaac aggtccatgg agagaggggc caaggtttgt gccacaatca     29100
     cacacagatc tgcccacaga ccacagccgg ggaagtacag cctcttgcct gagtcaccac     29160
     tgcctctgtc atccagcctg agtgtcttgt ttggtcctag gttcctccaa aagctatacg     29220
     taactagttc ccctgcacgg actttcccca gctgtaccct gggcattggc agggtagggg     29280
     gccgcctacc tatagattaa atgaaattca acctgaatct taaaggccaa taaaaatgct     29340
     agaggttttg ttttgatttg tttttttaat cattgagctg attctccaat ccaagtgcaa     29400
     aggcaaaaga tttgaagagt caaaataatt gtgtgaaaag aggaagcatc ttgggggaag     29460
     cccactacct gatttcaagt cttgcagtga agctccagga cccagcacaa agtggtgtca     29520
     gataagggtg atcggctcaa tggaagagaa gaaagtgtgt gtaatcagaa ctcaccgaat     29580
     tggctcagga aaaagaagtc aaggtcattg agcagggaaa gaataatctt ttccaccaat     29640
     gatgttgaca caaatagaca caagcaagag aatgaaacca tcggtgcagt ggttcccact     29700
     gtctcagaaa atagagaccg tgtccaagca gcccagggct gtgagctgag gatggactca     29760
     gatgaggccg tgacgtcctg gtgcacagag tgggacctgg agacctggga agcaggccca     29820
     gggctgtgtc ctccagggct gcacaagcct ggctctccct ccctgattct ccctgcaccc     29880
     cagcttttgt tgggcggtaa ggggaggagg gggagctctt attggagaaa agaggaattt     29940
     ctcccctccc ctcctctctc tcctttatgg ttttgccctt tcttctgtgg gtgtgtgtgt     30000
     gagttataca gaagagtacc ccaaactgaa gcagagttta ttggacagtc atagcgggaa     30060
     cacctgtatg catccagcag aaaaatagag cccccagacc aggagcccca gtgcccaccc     30120
     agaccccatc cctccctgca caggtggccc ctacgctgac ccctccccct cccctctggc     30180
     ttccttcccc tcccctccgc tccaccttcc ctaatgtcac tgttccctcc ttttcctcac     30240
     atctccagag tctccccatc tccataagcc atcaccctga ggggggggga agccctccgg     30300
     ctccttctcc cccacttcca ccccatccta ggatggagac tccagagtgg attccctgga     30360
     ggaagagcct cctgccctgg aagcagcggc aggaacatgt gaaccttggg gtttaaggct     30420
     gcattccagg agactgcagg cccccagtat gtgtgtgggc tccaccctgg acctgggaac     30480
     cagctgttag ggctggagat ctgctcttcc ctgaggccaa agtcctgggt catttaaccg     30540
     ggaggaaaac gtctgtgtca gcgtgtgttt ggggaaataa ttcaggctct gaacttgaca     30600
     ctgcttgggg ctcccccttg ggggcacagc cctgtccctc tgctgggagc acaaggagac     30660
     tctgggcagg tccctggtac ggaggtcaaa ggggagctca ggtctcctgt catcagccct     30720
     ctggccacac gagggcgcca cggctctgct ctctcctact ctgcgcgggg aagggagagg     30780
     atgggctgag gtctgagtcc cacggagatg gctgccctgg aggctgggca gcagtggggg     30840
     agtgaaggtg cttgctgagc agctctaggg ggtggggcag ggattggagg agaggagcgc     30900
     tctggagccc gggcctgtct ccgaaggttc cctctttgct ccccgcacct ccccactcca     30960
     gctcctttat gcaaacaccc tgggaaacta aagccagata atccttttct caacaccctg     31020
     ttcctttctc agggacattt ttaaataaca ctttttaaaa tgagagtagt gtgagattta     31080
     caaaaccatt gcaaagttgt tacagggctt ctctctaggc catattcagt tccccgtggt     31140
     agacaactta tatgaccatc aggcattttt cacaactaat gaggccatat tggtacatta     31200
     ttactgaact ccgttcttta tttggacttc attcgtttcc tttttcttct ttatcttttt     31260
     atttctgtat gttttttgct tttgagggct gtacctgtgg catatggtgg ttcccaggtt     31320
     agaggtggaa tggcagctgc agctcccagc ctacaccaca gccacagcaa cgacagagct     31380
     gagctgcatc ttctacccac accacatcca aggcatctcc tgatccttaa cccacgcagt     31440
     gaggccatgg acactagttg gctttggaac ctgctgagcc accacgggca ctccagtttt     31500
     tcctttctct gatcaaggat ctcacccgag acaccacatt acattaagtc ccaatcgtgt     31560
     ccccttcggg ctcctctggc tgggacagcc tctcagacgc ccctcctttg ttgatgacct     31620
     tgatgttcgg aggagtcctg ctcccggata ttgtagaatg tctctcaatg tgagttggtc     31680
     gacggggcca gagggtctgg gggaagagga cacggagatg aagggaccat ctccccacat     31740
     caagggtgtt taccttcccc tttagaagga cccatacgct cacctggcac ctggctaagg     31800
     tgtgttccca ggtctctccg tgtgaacttt cattcttact ttccacactc cagtccttag     31860
     aaggaagtcc ctaagtgcag cccacactta agggccgctc tgctctcacc gtttgtgcac     31920
     agggttctgt gcaaatatgt cttcagagga gctggaggag gacccgtgtg cacaccaggc     31980
     tgggtgctga gtccctgtgc agcttcctga gaacctgctg accgtcaccc agtggctgtg     32040
     ctgcttcgta ttcctgcccc ggggatgagg ggttctgctg ctccacatcc tgctcagcac     32100
     ctgctcaact gtccccagtt cttggactct agctcttcta acaggtgggt gatggggcat     32160
     cactgttgtg atttgcattt ccgaagaaca taagatggca tgtgtctttc atacccattc     32220
     ccattgaccg atcttattaa ggagatttct gggagcttcc attgtggctc agagggttca     32280
     gaaccaactg ggatccagga ggatctaggt ttgatccctg gccttcctaa gcgggttaag     32340
     gatcccgtgt tgctctgggc tgtggtgtag gttgcagaag aggcttggat ctggcatggc     32400
     tgtgactgtg acgcaagccg gcagctgcag ctccgattcg acccctagcc tgggaacctc     32460
     cgcatgcccc gcatggggcc ctaagtagaa aaaaaaaaaa aatcaaacgg aactaaataa     32520
     atcaaaataa aatcctccca taaacatcca ccaggctaag tccagtatcc ttcccactcc     32580
     cgctccgttt ctatgactct tgttcctgag tccattctct cacctccctg ttgtctttta     32640
     tgttcagcta atggacaaag gcacagagtc tgaaaactac aataccttta cgagactcac     32700
     tatcacgagg ggtgtcccca tctcccatcc ccccatctct tgaatctccg agatgaactc     32760
     ttttggttct ttcagctgat tctctaattg cttctctgag cctttaaaac caagcctata     32820
     atgctctttc tcggtttctt agttccatgt cacgtctttg cttcacaggt tcttcttcca     32880
     cacacgactc tcatccgaat ataattataa tttataatta tcactcttca atgtagtgat     32940
     tctcattagc tccatgtgca atgtttgaat tcttaggagg atggaaatgc aagtctcaac     33000
     tgagtgttta gcagactatg gtttcttttt caaatggatt tctcaatttt cccggaaata     33060
     cacagcatct tagcattgtt gtgaaaccag tcccaaactt tccccgagtc tcgtcttgct     33120
     gagtatcttc aagcacatct gatcttccag caacgtcatc tccctgcata gcctctccca     33180
     cggccctcag tgctgccaca cgggacggac gggtccccgc acacctgggg cagggctgac     33240
     ggcccgggtc tccttcgcct cgtcctgggc agccctctgc ctcccttgtt ctggctccac     33300
     cgtggcctgc atcccacgtc tccctgtcgg tggttttctc catcatttcc ccccactttg     33360
     ccaacagtct cctgaagaaa gggatcagcg caagtaaaac ccgggaactc tgccatcctt     33420
     aggccaccct aggacttcca cggtgacacc tacagagctc tgtgttggaa acacctattt     33480
     ctgcactggg attcaaaacc atcgcttcca tgtcttctag cctccaggac catggatttt     33540
     gcctcttgaa gttcacaagg tcgcttccac tgtctttctg agatttcact gccatgtgtc     33600
     tggctggggg tctgtcttca tctcctgcag taagaatttg gtcaggccat tcaggatgta     33660
     aatttttgtc tgtaaatctg acaagttgtc ttgaaattga acttttcatc atttcctcct     33720
     tcccattagt tttgaaactt gtattgccaa atggttggaa tctcttgagt gacagacgga     33780
     tatttttatc agtcttctct ccttcttgtg atgactttgc cttgcctatg actgagagca     33840
     tgcccgtaac cttccaatcc atctattgga ttactccttt ctatgacatc atttctaagt     33900
     tccaatagct ttctcttgtt ctatgtttgt atatgattgt atagaattct ctttttgttt     33960
     catttgctat gtatcttttc tgtctttcag atattagtga taagagtggt aggaaacgtt     34020
     atctactctc atgatatcat gaattttttt cccatagcac taggctctgt tttgacttac     34080
     acttagcatt tttttttttt ttttttggcc cttcctgagc aaagttccca ggccaaggat     34140
     tgaacccgtg ccacagcaat ggcctgagca actgcaatga aaggccagat ccttaaaagg     34200
     ctgggccacc agggcactcc gagttaccct tacccttgtc atctttgtct ccccacaggg     34260
     cctgtctcac atcaccaggg tcctgactgc tgttcttcat ttcatcacca gtgtctccag     34320
     atctggagtc aaggggacct ggaaatatcc actccttaaa ccttgagtct cccttccctt     34380
     gtctgcccaa gggatcacgt gttccgtgcc tcatgggttt gctctgagga atatatttga     34440
     ccacgatgtc aattacatgg catgattgcc tggaacacaa agtgttcccc tgttcatact     34500
     tattaacatc atagtgatga aatcattttg attatttcca ttctttataa acccccatta     34560
     aaaaaacatc cttgaatata tatatttttg tctttttagg gctgcaccca tggcatatgg     34620
     aggttcccag gctaggggtc gaattggggc tgtcgctgcc agcctacacc acagtcacag     34680
     caactcagga tccgagccac atctttgacc tacaccacag ctcatgacaa tgctggatcc     34740
     ttaacccacg gagcaagccc taggatcaaa cctccgtctc atggatgcta gtcagattca     34800
     tttcctctga gccatggcgg gaactccttg aatatatatt tttgagacca ggtttaactg     34860
     tcttcttggc atgaatttct aaaagaaatt tatgtgtcaa tatgtaaata tattgaaata     34920
     attgatacat gttgcaaaag tcccctttaa atgttttgta ccagttttca atcccatcac     34980
     agtttatgcc cctatattct ccctagattc ctgtcaatgc tctcctcttt actttcaact     35040
     ttgtcaggat gatacatttt aattcatttc catttctgat tccacatttt catttttgtt     35100
     tacatgtatt cttacaaatg tatttgtttg acactttcgt ttcttctttt ccaatttgtt     35160
     ttctaaaatt cttttttgtt gttgttgttt tctaaggcca cacctgtggc atatagaggt     35220
     tcccaggcta gaggtcaaat tggagctgta gctgccagcc tacaccacag ccacagcaac     35280
     ataggatccg agcctcgtct gcgacctgca ccacagctca gggcaacact ggatccttaa     35340
     cccactgagc aaggccaggg atggaacccg ccacctcata gatgtcagtc acaaaacgga     35400
     ctcagtgcag agcagacata aacaaccagt gctcttctca tgagccagac agcagagaga     35460
     cttgccatag agtaaaatgt aaaaagctcc actttgggca ctacggcatt tcttatgggc     35520
     aataattgtt ttcatatgaa atgcatggat ggttcatatt cctctaaaaa ataaattcaa     35580
     atgttaacta ttatttctag tatggaaaat atcaattgaa gtaacgacat aaacatatcc     35640
     ttgaggtcct cactaattaa taaaatgtat aaatatgaag gctaaaaggt ttggaaatcg     35700
     ctgggtacac agcctctggg ccaggtgact cacggagaca ctgtgaccaa gagctttctg     35760
     agcagaagga gcaggagcag ggcagagtcc cagggcccca gcagggcgtg gctcttgggg     35820
     tctcaggctc cagggcggcg gcgcgcggtg gtggggagtc cccgtgtcca cagtttcact     35880
     tctccgtctc ccaacctgtg tggggccgtc ctgcccggac actcgtgatg cggccccact     35940
     tatctctcct actgcgtgtc aggtttccag cgaagccaat cggcaccacc gcggttcccg     36000
     gttctaaact ctccaaccac tagcctcgac tccgcttctc cccagacaaa gaggctgagg     36060
     atcatggggc ctggagccct tttcctgctg ctgtccgggg ccctggccct gaccgggacc     36120
     tgggcgggtg agtgcgaggt caggggacaa ggcctctaca gagaggagcg agggcacagc     36180
     cccgggggtc ggggtcgggg tcggggtggc ggcaggaccc acggggaagg tgcgactcag     36240
     ctgtcccggc ccagaccccc cacctcaccc cgtcccttcc tgtccctcct ttgcttcctg     36300
     cgcctctgct cgctcccccc ccccccccaa acccggaggc cttctccgac ctccacccct     36360
     tttccgtctc tcccgcccgg tccggacccc accacctcgc tcccgggcct cacgccgaga     36420
     ggagggtcgt gtctcacccc tccccgcccc caggtcccca ctccccgagc tatttcttca     36480
     ccgccgtgtc ccggcccgac cgcggggagc cccgtttcat tgccatcggc tacgtgaacg     36540
     acacgcagtt cgtgcggttc gacagcgacg ccccgaatcc gcggatggag ccgcgggcgc     36600
     cgtcgatgga gcaggagggg caggagtttt gggatcagca gacgcggaat gtcaaggaag     36660
     aggcacagat ttaccgaggg aacctgcgcg ccgctctcgg ctactacaac cagagcgagg     36720
     ccggtgagcg acgcgggccc gggtccagct cacgaccccc atccccatcc ccagggacag     36780
     gccggggcca cccggaccgg ccgggccccc gacccggaag gagccggcgg ggactttccc     36840
     tcggtttcgt tttcagttta ggttgaaccc ctggttggtc gcggcggggg cgtggctgac     36900
     tcggggcggg gtcagggtct cacaccctcc agaccaagta gggctgccaa gtgggaccag     36960
     acgggctcct cctccgcggg tacagacagg acgcctacaa cggcgccgat tacctcgccc     37020
     tgaacgagga cctgcgctcc tggaccgcgg cggacacggc ggctcagatc accaagcgca     37080
     agtgggaggc ggccaatgtg gcggagcagg agaggagcta cctgcagggc cggtgtgtgg     37140
     agtggctccg cagatccgtg gagatggcaa aggacacgtt gcagcacgca ggtatcaggg     37200
     gccgcggggc ctccaccatc tcccctcggg agggagctgc cttcccacag ggagaggaaa     37260
     agggggtccc tgcgggaaag ccccccactg cctgtcctga gagggaggag tccccctagg     37320
     ttcccagctt ctccacaaga cagggactcc ccagggggtc tgacttctct acaggacaat     37380
     tatgaatcct gtctctttgg gggtgaagag agaagaccat ccctgaaagg actgctcagc     37440
     cgtgcccttt gaccctggcc gccatcgtgt gaaccatgac tttctcaggc ctgatctcag     37500
     cccgcagaga gctttgcctc ctggacacca ccttgcctga gtcattcagc ctccaccaac     37560
     atcaggaaca tgactctgta ttctccctcc tacctttcag ctctcaaagt gactctagaa     37620
     ctagaatcag cattcatcca gactctacaa ttttccaaga actaggagct gttcccagat     37680
     acccaagtcc aggctggtgt ctggcttttg tgcttccttt caaacccatt gtcctggccc     37740
     ttcccccact ggtcacatga ggctgcttca ggggcccagg caggggcccc acagggtgaa     37800
     ttttctgatt cttcttcctc agagcctcca aagacacatg cgacccgcca ccccagctct     37860
     gacctggggg tcaccttgag gtgctgggcc ctgggcttct accctaagga gatctccctg     37920
     acctggcagc gcgagggcca ggaccagagc caggacatgg agctcgtgga gaccaggccc     37980
     tcaggggatg ggaccttcca gaagtgggcg gccctggtgg tgcctcctgg agaggagcag     38040
     agctacacct gccatgtgca gcacgagggc ctgcaggagc ccctcaccct gagatggggt     38100
     aaggaaggcc ctgggggcag agcctcttct cagacacagc agaagctctt ctggagactt     38160
     cagcaaggtc aggactccag cctgaggagg gccctcctct tgccctttgt tcccagaccc     38220
     tgctcagccc cccgtcccca tcgtgggcat cattgttggc ctggtactgg tcctggtcgc     38280
     tggagccatg atggctggag ttgtgatctg gaggaagaag cgcccaggta gggaagggag     38340
     cagggatctg agtctccttg tgtcacgggg gtttcaagcc caggtggaaa tttgttgtgc     38400
     cttgttcctg ggacgtcccc tccacacaca tgtgctgagt ctggggctga gtgccaacac     38460
     gtaccctttt gtgaagcaca tgtggaaatg aaagacaacg gtttccccag gataattcca     38520
     gttggcatct agtttctcag catttgacgg tcagagggga aggaccccac tgaggagagg     38580
     cctccaggag ggcagttgat ccaaactccc caacatttcc ttcctgctta ttcctcatcc     38640
     tttctggatt ttttgtcaaa gttctggaac cttcttttca atccagaatt agggtttcca     38700
     ctggcatctc atgactcaca ctactccccc ggcctctcac atgatgtctc ttcccacagt     38760
     gaaagaggag ggagctacac tcaggctgca ggtcagtgtg gagggttgtg atgcctgagg     38820
     ccctggtggt gcagacagga ggccgttggg ggagctcacc caccttctct cgtcttctct     38880
     cttgggggtc ctgaccctgt cctgcttttg ctctccccca ggcagtgaca gtgctcaggg     38940
     ctctgatgtg tttcttccaa tggatcctag aggtgagacc ctggagggcc tagatgggga     39000
     gggggttggg gcagaggggg tgccctgggt gatggggatc tttgaggggg aggtttgagc     39060
     atgtggggct gttgagcatg tcagcccttc cttgactgac ctgcctgttt cctggtgatt     39120
     ttccttccca gtgtgagaca gctgccttgt ggggactgac tgacacaaga tttgttcacg     39180
     tcccactttg tgacttcaga tcccctgact cctatttctg cagctgcctc tgaaagagtc     39240
     tgtgtttcta tgagcatcat gaagggggtg gggaccctgg cctagccctg ccccccatgt     39300
     ccccttctca ccctgacctg tgttctcttc cctgatccac ttttcagctc cagcaggtgg     39360
     gggctggaag atctaagttg acccccactg tcccctcctc tggtccccaa gcccctgtgt     39420
     aatcctgact tttggggcat ccgctggccc tagtgactcg ctgggaacaa acacataggg     39480
     gatgtttgga aaagtctgtc ttgggatctc cgggcgggga tgggggagga gatacgaggg     39540
     acctggggtc agtcgtctca gggcggatag tccaggccag gctggggagc agagattcct     39600
     gaagggtccc cgtgacaggt gacactgcag ccctttccta cccgaggggt tcctcctcta     39660
     ggtctcagcc tccacagccc ctgccgtcgg acaggaggag gaggagagac cagcagcaga     39720
     gactcccatc ctgcctgaaa tatccgggga accgtgggta gaaaggacgg gaagggaagg     39780
     ggagagtccc ggtgacccca acactccgag ggaagcccca gggctggaaa gaagaggaag     39840
     gtgacaggtt ccaggctccc tgtgccgccc cctctggccc agctctcttt ctcaactcac     39900
     actaaggtcc cggagcccac agtggtgacc ctataaatac ctctgggccc atctccagaa     39960
     cagcccaccc tggccgcaca tcctgggaaa tcctgtcctc cctgcatgtg tgaactcaga     40020
     ggctgcagca gaaacccgca taccactggt ctcccaggac ggaagctggt gtgtgtccca     40080
     tggcagtgag gcaggcagct ccagggctgc tggggtggct ctgcaccgca agatagtcca     40140
     ggcatccagg tccctgtgac cgtccctccc tgctgtctct ggggtggtgc ccttattagg     40200
     atgacccaag gttcccaagg ccatgttcat ggaccatgag caaccaggca gagcagggga     40260
     ggaggcaaag tcacgtggca tgcgcttggg tggccaaatg catcatcaat aagcaggagt     40320
     attttgtttg tttgctcatt tttagggccc cacgcatggc atatggaggt tcccaggcta     40380
     tgggtcaaat tggagctgta gctgctggcc ttctccacac cacagcaatg ccagatccga     40440
     gccacatttg caacctatac cacagctcat ggcaacacca gatccttaac ccactgagca     40500
     aggccaggga tggaacccac aacctcatgg ttcctagtcg gattcgtttc tgctgtgcca     40560
     cgatgggaac tcctaagcag tcatatcttg aaaggaactt ttcttctgcg cagtagttct     40620
     caacagtggg catcacatat acagtccacc gtgttgtaaa cagatgtgct gtcatctagg     40680
     ctttgttgtt ccatttctaa agcataggca gggcggctat aatatccatc ttaacggccc     40740
     tagggttttc tgaatggcaa atgagcattg gcttcgattt caggtgctag ttgcctaaaa     40800
     ggagcttccc atagttaaac ttgtggtttc aaaacatgct gggaaatgtt cgctgatggt     40860
     tccgttgtga aagaacgttt tgttgcaaac aatgtggcca agcactacaa gattcccgta     40920
     tcctccatct gtatctgtca ataccagcag atacacgctg atttcggacg ttgtctgttc     40980
     agatcctcat tgaggcaggg acagagcaat tggcagccag cttttccttt ctttctcttt     41040
     tgtttctttt ctgtggccac acctgtgaca tatggaagtt cccatgccag gagtggaatt     41100
     agagctgcag ctgaggccta tgccacagcc atagcaactc tggatcccag ccacatctgc     41160
     cacctctgct ccagcttgca gccatgttgg agccttaacc caatgagcaa agccagggat     41220
     ttaacccaca acatcacgga gacaaccttg gctctttaac ccgctgatcc acaatgggaa     41280
     cgccgcagcc agatcttttc taggtggtga gggcccaaag gttttgacta atatgttcta     41340
     ttacagttca ggccacattt gactcatggg accgaaggga atgagttttg tgggttaagg     41400
     atatagatag aggatgttcc aacagtttta gttagaaata gacatgagta gttcccgtcg     41460
     tggcgcagtg gttaacgaat ccgactagga accatgaggt tgcgggttcg atccctgccc     41520
     ttgctcagtg ggttaaggat ccggcgttgc cgtgagctgt ggtgtaggtt gcagacgcgg     41580
     ctcggatccc gcgttgctgt ggctctggcg taggccggtg gctacagctc cgattcaacc     41640
     cctagcctgg gaacctccat atgccgccgg agcggcccaa gaaatagcaa aaacaacaac     41700
     aacaacaaaa aaagacaaaa aaaaaaaaat agacatgaaa tgaaatgcag attcttacta     41760
     aagaacaagg tcagaattta ggaagataat ggtggaaccc ctcctcttta gaatattttt     41820
     tcagtcaacg attaatgtta gggaaataca ttaccaagtg ggtaggcaga tgactagaca     41880
     aacaaatcag aaaaaaagaa attatgcttg gggtttccgt cgtggcccag tggttaacga     41940
     atctgcctag gaaccatgag gttgcaggtt ggatccctgg ccttgtgcag tgggttaagg     42000
     atctggcgtt gccgtgagct gtggtgtagc tcgcagatgt ggcccggatc ctgagatgcc     42060
     gtggctgtgg cataggctgg cagctacagc tccgattagg cccctagcct gggaacctcc     42120
     gtatgccgag ggaagcggcc ctaggaaagg caaaaagaca aaaaaggcag aaattatgtt     42180
     cgatgctgca accacagtca ccagtagatc tgagtcaatt gcctatttca aaagtgccaa     42240
     cactccagtc ttcaaaaaat atatcaaaag gccgtgtgct cctgttgtat gtatttggtg     42300
     aagactttcg gtcttatatt ggcttgtacg ggttccctgc agaaaaaaaa taaatgtttt     42360
     tgctgtgtac atttctcatt gagcaaagac tttctccttt gcaacagaag ctggaacggg     42420
     tgtgccagtg aacctaacac tgacgtgatc attaccaagg caatgggtgc gtttccattg     42480
     tttgtgtgac aataataaaa gtttacatga acctttcatc atgatgttta cctgtcacac     42540
     ctgaaaatgt tgagccattt tctgtcaaac tcatagtagc aggtcaattt ctggccttgt     42600
     cgaaaccatt taaagcttaa gaaataccat tctgttttgt tttctgattt caagtgtgca     42660
     ggattcgttg gagaatgaag acacaacaca cccaaactta tggatgccat gaaaccagca     42720
     ctaagaggga aactgagagc tgtgagggct tctgctaaaa agaagaggta ggagttccct     42780
     ggtggcctac cagttaagaa cttggtgttg tccctgctgt ggcttgggtt ctattcctgg     42840
     cccaggaact tccacaggct aaaacttttt gaaaagaaat atcttaaatt aaccacctaa     42900
     ttttcaatga cttaagcagt tagaaaaaga tgagcaaagt atacctcaag ctgggaaaac     42960
     aaatgaaata ataaagatta gagcagagag aaatagagac tagaaaagca ctagagaaaa     43020
     cagtgacacc aaaagagctg ctttgaaatg acgactgatg aaaatgatga acttatagct     43080
     acagtggcta agaacaaatg agagcagact cacataacta aaatctgaga agaggggaca     43140
     tcacgtgtga ttcagagaaa tgaaaaggat tgtaagagaa tatgtgaaca cttgtatgcc     43200
     agcaacctag agaaaagtga taaacgccta gaaacacaca acttgatgaa gactgaatca     43260
     cgaagaaaga gaaaatctga accaatccct aacaaaatta ttaagaagat aaaataaaaa     43320
     aaaaaagaag ataaaatcag tatttaaaaa cctcacaaaa agaaaacact agtagtagat     43380
     gacttcccca gtgaattcta ttcaatattc aagaattcta ttcaatattc aagaattagc     43440
     cccaatcctc ctcaaattct tgcaagaaat ctgagaggag agaattcttc cccactgagt     43500
     ctacgaggcc agccttacct tgaaaccaaa gccagacagt acaggaaaag aaaaccatag     43560
     acaatactct tcatgaatat tgatgcaaaa atcttcaaca agatactagc aaacaattca     43620
     acatcacctt caaaagatta tgcaccacga tgaagttgga tttactcctg caacagaagg     43680
     gaatttctcc aaggatggtt cagcagacag aaaccaaccg cattaacaga atagcaacaa     43740
     caacaaaacc cccgtgttca tctccattga tacaaaaaag cacttgagaa actgaacacc     43800
     ctttcaggat aaaaacacct aactcgcagg tcccgtggtg gctcagccat aaggaacccg     43860
     actaggagcc atgaggatgc ggttcagctc ttggccccac tcattgtgtt gaggatccag     43920
     ctttgtcatg agctgcggtg caggtagcag gcggggctcg gatctcccac tgctgtggct     43980
     gtggcgtagg ctggaagctg aggtttgatt tcaccttccc tatgccacac atgcagccct     44040
     aaaacacaaa caagcaaaca gacaaactaa ctaactagga ataaagggaa cgtcaacata     44100
     ataaaagcca tttatgaaga gcccgcagct aactgaaagg catactttga agatactgca     44160
     ggtttggctc cagaccacag ccatgaagca agtattgcaa taaagagagt caaaccacat     44220
     ttttggtttc ccagggcatg cataagtcat gtttccatga taccgcagtc tattgggtgt     44280
     gcgatagcat caggtcatgt acatacacta agacacaatg ggcaaacact aattagaaga     44340
     agacccaatg gataaaaagt gctgaccatc aagtgagtct tcagcgaggt gtaatgtctt     44400
     tgcaatagtt acatccaaga ttgttgatca cagacagacc cccataacag gtctagtcat     44460
     agtgacaaaa gtgggaatca ttatgagaag caccaacatg tgacacagag acatgcaggg     44520
     aggagatgct cttagagaaa cagtgcccac agccttgctg aatgtagggt tgccacaaac     44580
     cctcaattca gaaaatactc catatctgcc aagggcatta acgcgaagca aaatacaacg     44640
     aggcatcaag taagtctctt gatggtgaga gactgaaagc ttttcctcta agatcaggga     44700
     caagacaaag atgcccactg tccctagctt gttgaacaca gaactgggag tcttagtagt     44760
     gagaccagca aaggaaataa aaggcatcca aaatagaaag gaaaaagtaa aattatttct     44820
     ctgcataagc gacatgatct tatttgtcga aaaccctaaa gagctcccat gcacaaaaaa     44880
     cgctcttaca actgataaat gaattaagca aatggcagga caccaaatca acacacaaaa     44940
     atccatctga tttctatacc ctcaacaatg aacagtcgga acatgaaatt aaaaatatca     45000
     gtgatgatat catccaaaat aataaaatcc ttagtaatac acttacccat ggagataatg     45060
     aaaactacaa aacgtggttg aaagaaatag aggacacgcg tcgtctccag ccttgccacc     45120
     tcgaacgcac ccaatctcat ctgaggtcgg aagctaagca gggtccggcc tggttagtcc     45180
     gcagatggga gaaattacaa gtaaatggaa aggtattctg tgttcataga ttcgaagact     45240
     tgatattgtt cagaaaacag cactacccac ggcagtcgac atatttaatg caatctctgt     45300
     cgatactcca tcagcatttg tttgcagaaa tcgcaaaatc catcctcaaa ttcatatggg     45360
     ttattgacgg actcagaatg gctgaaaacg attttgaaaa agaagatcaa aattgaaatt     45420
     tgtgatttca gaacttaata tgaagctaca gtcatcaaag tggtgtggta ctagcggaaa     45480
     aacagacata atatttacat aagttaatgg gaacagcacg gagagcccaa aagtaactct     45540
     tgcacgtgtg ggcaaatgat tttggacaag ggtgccaaga ctattccgtg tggaaaggac     45600
     agcctttcca caaatggtat gaaaaactgg gtatccacat aaacaagaag gaagttggag     45660
     tgctgcctta caccattaca tgcacattaa ctccaaatgg gccgaagacc taaacgtaag     45720
     aacttcactt gtaaagctct taggagaaaa cggaagagga atattcatga tatggaacct     45780
     gacaataatt tcatggatat gacaccaagc acacaggcaa caacaagcaa aggaggtaag     45840
     tcagactaca ttaacgttta aagcttcagt gcctcaaagg acacagtgtg gaaaggcagc     45900
     ctctggaatg agagaaaata tttacaaatc gtctatctga tgatgctgaa aaaatgcaca     45960
     acttaggagt tcctgctgtg gcccagtggg ttttaaggat cctgagctgc cacagcggtg     46020
     gcacaggtta cagctgtggt tgggatggat ccctggccct ggaacttcca tgtgccgtgg     46080
     gtgcggtcaa aaaagaaaac acaaatgcac atcctaaaag ttgaaaatta tgacttacta     46140
     gattgtctat gttgctttta taaactagaa ttcaatgaac atattttgaa gaacatacat     46200
     gattaatagt cttaggatga atttctacaa gagagacatc tttgtgtcaa aatgtcaacc     46260
     catttaaact gctgagacat ttgcaaaact gccctttcaa aagtttgtgc tggttttcaa     46320
     tttcatcaac cctgtgatca tatattttcc ctaccctatg gccagtgatc acccccccac     46380
     acaccatgac agtgaccaga gccacagagt gacaaaggca gatccttaac ccactgagcc     46440
     accagggaac tcctacatat atatttttac ttttgtatat tatgactttt gacagctttg     46500
     aaaaccttcc tagctgagga gagactgctt tcccagggct agagcccagc caggagcatg     46560
     cctttgatat gcaaactaac cagtggaggc cctacctcct ctgtgtggtc tgagtatctg     46620
     aggcaatatt ctgccttaag gatcccagag ctaggtacca gacaccttaa gagcaccccc     46680
     atagccccaa acctgctgaa actatccaca ccagccagtc ttcatctgtg taccctgccc     46740
     tgccttgacc ttcccaggga gacctggtca aaatcgcaga tttgtttgtg gttgtttttt     46800
     ttgttttttg tttttttttt tttccttttt ttggccatgt ggaagtttcc tgggccaggg     46860
     gttgaatccc agccagagct gagacctaag ccacagttgc acctggctgg gaatggaacc     46920
     tacagtgctg atcctgctgg gccacagcgg gaactcctaa agttgtagcc tttattttcc     46980
     tttcatcttt gccaagctga tagattttaa ttttttgttc tatttcttct tccaacattc     47040
     tcacttttgt tcccagtctt cattagtcat atatttgata tgtgcatttc ttcttttcca     47100
     aaccattttc taatagtctt tcattatttt ccaattgagg tgtaggaatt ttaatatatt     47160
     gaatttaaga aagaagaaaa atcagcctcc cgccccccag cgaacaggtg ggaaacttgc     47220
     agctggacct cagtgttgtt tcaggctgtc cttttgctca cagctcggcc atgttattct     47280
     cccctttgaa ataacccatc tcacaaaaca ccaatatcag acagggacac gctgagacca     47340
     tgatgacggg acacatagca agaccatggc atcattttgt tgacgcccag agcaagacag     47400
     ggcactgtgc tactcacaag gcagtgagca tctccctgtc ctgggtcaca tgctggctgc     47460
     gactttaccg attgctgctt tatcctggct ctagcctgtc ctccttataa ataaggttga     47520
     taaggacacc cagtcatcta cttgactgtg cttcctggca gtactctgtt ttcttactca     47580
     tcccccaaat tatccggcca aagcccaatt cctataatag attctttcta actccctcat     47640
     tctaagatgc cctgtggttc ctcgtggtgg gcactctccc tgctgcatca accagtcaat     47700
     acagtgtgtt cagctaagtg ggttcctgct ggtctttggg tgaagaatat tgacacctgc     47760
     ccacctttgc ctgacacgtg tttttaggtg tccttgagtt tgactatgga catgggtgtg     47820
     catgcttgtg agtttgtggt tgccacagat aacttctatt tttttcttta gggtttttcg     47880
     tctttgggtc atgtagaaaa ttctctatcc tacaactgtg aaagtttcat gtatcttttc     47940
     ctctagatac agatgatgag gggagtgggt caaagagtga aagggagcag agaaacctga     48000
     attgggggga tggactgcgg aggatcgcaa ggtaaggaat tctgtggtgg tggattacat     48060
     ctgctgcttt atcatttcat aattatgtag ggcttacaag gtattttata ttcggggtat     48120
     tcaacaaatg ctttcttgtg ggctaagcaa aggctcctgt gcttgcttct gttaccaaat     48180
     gaatgaaaag gacaccacgc atctcaaggt aatatagtca agaattagcc ccagtgatgg     48240
     gtgttttgga ataccgttga ccatgagacg gtaaatcatg ttttggataa tgtctgtaca     48300
     ctctagacct taaaatacat attaactcaa ttttcttggg catgctgtat tttcaggata     48360
     tgtcttaaga cccaccatag acaaatccgt gacttctatg tgaagataat ttttttttct     48420
     tttctggctg ccccaaggca tgtggagttc ccaggccagg gatcagatgt gggccacagc     48480
     tgcgaccaac accagatcct ttaacccact gtgccagcca gggatggacc tgtgtcccat     48540
     cgtgtcacag tgggaactcc tgaggttaat tttatgaatc acacagtatc ttcctgaggt     48600
     ttgagaatga aaactaaaac accctagata tgctacatca aatatggtag ctgagccaca     48660
     tatggctatt taagttaaaa ttgaaattaa aattcaactg ctcagtgccg ctagtcttat     48720
     tttaagagct cagtaaccac aggtagtagc acctgcaatg aggacagtgc aaatatggaa     48780
     taattttttc attgcagaaa attctgttga acagcactat tattgatgtt tggggcctca     48840
     cataaggtgc attagaccca ttgaaaacca aagagcagga gttttcattg aggcttagca     48900
     ggtgaacttg actggtatcc ctgaggtttc aggtttaatc cctagccttg ctcagggtta     48960
     aggatctgac attgctgtga gttatggtgt aggttgcaga cttggcttgg atcacacgtt     49020
     gctgtggctg tggagaaggc tggcaggtgc agctccagtt caacccctga cctggaaact     49080
     gctatatgcc gtggcagtgg gctcttccct catgtcgtgg actccctgag tcacgagggg     49140
     atgggaatgt ggggatctag gtacctctgc catgtcctgt gtggtcaggt tctctggctc     49200
     tattgctctg agtggggggt tggggggccg aagtcagggg catctcagaa gctggtgggc     49260
     tggggtccca ggacccactt ctggggctgc ctagtgacct ggggccctgg gcacccctgc     49320
     cgctggaagg ctggttccta tgtctcctcc aggtactagt gggtgttctg gggcttccag     49380
     ctccgtggcc acagctggag aacagggtcg caggctctgg ctctgctcct cactcagtgc     49440
     tgtctcctct gcatcgccca gtccagtcac cttttcctgc atcctggtgc cttgggcagg     49500
     gcacctttgc ttcgtggtgg gtgttaagtg gttggacact gcagcagaca gtcaaagcag     49560
     cttgcacccc atgtgtggct gacgtggctg ctcctggaca caggcttctg tccaggatct     49620
     gctgattctg tgcagctgga gctgaggctg agctgcagcc tgtggggccc taggctgcct     49680
     cccctgaccc gtgaccccaa actctgcctc gccctgatgg ccagaggtga gtttggggtc     49740
     caagaccaca ggtcctagac tttcaagatt ggaggtggag ggagcaggcc tggaggatcc     49800
     agacagcagg gccctgccta cgaggaggac aaaggggaag aagaggcagg acgctgggtc     49860
     ttgagttcca ggacctggga ggcggggagg gcactctcca ggcttcaaca gctgggggtg     49920
     ggaggcctgg acagagggtc cagctgtgtg tccttgggga cagtgttggg atcatgggtc     49980
     ctgtaggtct gggaggggga ctgttgggtt cgactctcag ggaaatgtga ggggcaccac     50040
     tgggcccaga ggcagggtgg atctccttgt ccccactgtg gtctccaggc tccactcaac     50100
     gtcctgtcct cttttctcca ggaaccacct ccgtggccac cagctgggcg cctctttttc     50160
     tgaagctctg tggccaatca ttgtggcacg tggtccccgc tgtctgagct cctaaaggga     50220
     cagtgtccca gtagcccagg gctgtgtgct gaggacaggc tgtcccttga ctgttcctgt     50280
     cccctgcatc atgtgtgtgg gagatgcagt ggggtcggag gtggggtgtt tcactggaag     50340
     aggggaattc ctctaatccc ttccccccac cccatctttc tttcccttcg ggtctgagtt     50400
     ataacagtcc tgtaaagaca gaaaaaggcc tcacactgaa gcagcgttta ccagcccagc     50460
     ccagagcgaa ggcctgtgtg attatcatcc agagggaaag cagagccttt tcccagcgcc     50520
     caggccagaa gcccctgtgc ctctccccac acacacccct ccctccctgc aggcatgtcc     50580
     cctgcgctga ccctcccctg gccctgctct ctggtccttc cctcccctct cccatgcctc     50640
     catccccgac tgtttcctcc ctctcctcac tttcccagga gactccccat cttcttaggc     50700
     ctttcccctg gggacctcct cctgctgctc ctcctccttc tctgtctcct agggatggag     50760
     agtccagagt tgactccctg gaggaaaagc ctacatcact gtcagcagca acaagaaaaa     50820
     gctataggga cttggggttc aaggtcccat cccaggagtc cgagggcacc catggtgttt     50880
     gcagagtcca cctggacctg ggaactagct gtcagggcct tgagctctca tcctccctga     50940
     ggccaaattc cttgatcctt taggggaaat gaaaatgtct gtgtcaggtt gcatttgggg     51000
     aaatcaattc agactctgaa cttgacacta gctggggcgc cacctggtgt gcacagcact     51060
     gaccccgctg ctgggagccc aaagagaccc taggcaggtg cctggtaagg aggtgaaaag     51120
     ggagctcagc tctcctgtca tcagccctat ggccacacgg aggcgccaca gctctacttt     51180
     cctctattca gcacagcccg gggaaaggat gccctgtggt ctgaggcaga gagatgctga     51240
     cctggaggct gggcaacagt gggggatgaa gatgccttct gagtagctct gggatcaggc     51300
     ccttggggtg tggcagggat cagggaagag gagagccctg gagccctgcc atgtgcctga     51360
     gggttccagc tttttgcact attattcctt tcttcatccc atgatcaaaa caccctggaa     51420
     aactcaaata aatgtttctc ccactccctg tttgcttctg gtggttatta aactttagtg     51480
     tagtatatgt tctcacctac cgcaggagga atttggatag gccactcagt atgtaaattt     51540
     ttgtccttag gtctgagaag ttcttctcaa atttttttta atcattccct agtctgcatc     51600
     atttttgaaa cctgtatgat taacttgttg gactctcttg attgatagac taacattctt     51660
     atagctgctt tctcctcctt gcttttactc ttccttttct actgattatt gggagtatgt     51720
     cttgtatctt gtaattactc tattgaatga ttcgtttttc tgatcacata tttaatttgt     51780
     aagagttttt tttttttcct gcacccacag catatggaag ttcatgggca agcagttgaa     51840
     tccctggggc agctgtgacc aattccacag ctggggtagt aacaccagac ctttaacctg     51900
     ctgtgccaca gccggaactc ctccatggct ctttcttatt ctaggattgt atataatttt     51960
     atagaattcc ggttttgttt catatgctac atatttttca gatattactg acactagagg     52020
     aaggacacct gtcaggtctc ctgatgatct gctttcatgg tgtcatgagc tgactcctca     52080
     cagcacttag ctcagtagtg attcacactc atccttgtca ctgtgtccac ctccacacag     52140
     cacagcctgg ctcacatcag cagggtctta ttttgctcac attgtatcac ccgtgtctca     52200
     tctcattcaa ggcggccttg aaccatatgc cccttcacct ctctgagtct cccttcctct     52260
     gtctgcacaa agggactaca ggttcagtgg ctcatggctt tgcctggagg aatccattac     52320
     acccactgtg tcaatcacgt ggctctagga cctgagacgt gtcaagtgtt cctctagtca     52380
     tggttccaat cattgcagtg actgtagcac tgagatggtt tccattcttt gttttataaa     52440
     ccacaattca agaaagatcc ttacatatat attcttgaaa acagatgtgc ctatcttttt     52500
     aggacaaagt tgaaagagaa atttctgtgt ccaaatgtga agatattgaa agtgttgatg     52560
     catctgcaaa actgtcctgc agaaattgtg cacaagtttt caaatgctgt cagtatttat     52620
     gaaagcacat tttgcctaaa ttttaatcaa taatctcatc actaattttc atctttgcca     52680
     aaataggaga tttaatttat tccctatttc tttttttttt ttttttttgt ctttgttgct     52740
     gttgttgttg ttgttattgt tgctatttcc tgggccgctc cctcggcata tggaggttcc     52800
     caggctaggg gttgaatcag agctgtagcc accggcctac gccagagcca cagcaacgcg     52860
     ggatccgagc cgcgtctgca acctacacca cagctcacgg caacgccgga tccttaaccc     52920
     actgagcaag ggcagggatc gaacccgcaa cctcatggtt cccagtcgga ttcgtcaacc     52980
     actgcgccac gacgggaact cctattccct atttcttctg tcacactttc cttttggttt     53040
     acatgtagtt attggtgata tatttgacat gtgcctttca ttcttttcaa gtagttttct     53100
     aatatttttt attgtttggg tgtagttact taaaacatgg aattcaagaa ggacaaacag     53160
     ccgctgacat caggaactgc tctgacacct ccaggaggcc tcagcggtgt cagaagctgg     53220
     gcgggtgctc accacacagc tgggctgttc tcctgttgga cagaagtcac ctcacagaac     53280
     atcagcatca gaccaggaca ctgaccttga cacagtgaga caaaacaaga ccacgacatc     53340
     cttctgtcta agcccagacc aaatgaggcc acgctgcgct ctcacaatgt gccaaacctc     53400
     tccctgtgct gatacaagtg gccgctgctt ctttgcaatc acagctggac cctggctcta     53460
     gtctgccctc cctatgggtg agggtcactg agatgcccgg tcagagacct gcccccactg     53520
     cctgacacca acacccgatc tagactgagc ccctcttcca tccaccctcc tcgaaatcac     53580
     cccgcaaagc cccaacactg tcatcctaag atgctctatg gtccccaatg gactgtgttc     53640
     tccctcgagc tgcctccagt cagaaatctc tcttgctgcc ccacatatct gctcccagga     53700
     ggctttggct gaagaacact gaaggatgtc acacgtttgt ctgtcagatt tttttcgtgt     53760
     gtctttgagt ttgaacatgg acctgtgttt gtattgtcac gcctgtccag gtgataccaa     53820
     gatgtataac tttttatatg ttttcaactt tgggtgatac tttgagaagt cgtccttcca     53880
     ctactgttaa cgtttcatgt ctatttccat ctaggagtga ggggtccaag ggtgaaggga     53940
     gacggaatgg attgaatttg tggggcaaag tacagcagga gcagacagca aagaattcta     54000
     agctggtggg ttccaaggtt acaccttctg ctttatgatt ttacacgtag gtacaggtcc     54060
     tacacggtat ttgatacatg ttatgttcaa gaaacactgt cccttgggct cagtgagtga     54120
     agccgtctgt gtctgcttcc gttgaccagg tgaaggcaaa caacaccaag agcccaagga     54180
     aacagagaca aagagtagta tcagcgctgg acggtcttga atatttatgg ccttaaggtg     54240
     atcaatcatg gtttggttaa tgtctgcaca ctctaactac gaaaatacac attaattaat     54300
     ctttcttgga cctgctgcat tctaagggta tatcgaagac tcccacagaa agacccaaat     54360
     gacttccatg tgaagattat tttaacatgt atcaatctat gaatctcaga gtatcttttg     54420
     gggaagagct tgaaaattaa gaacatgctt gatatgcact gtcccatatg ctagctacag     54480
     accacatatg gctactttaa ctaaattaaa gaaacttaaa catactcggc acaaaagcca     54540
     cttctgaggt gctaaatagc cacatgtagc cagtgactag ctgatgacac agacagatat     54600
     gaaccgttct tttatataga acttgctgtt ggacaggact gctcttcccg ctttgtgggc     54660
     ctcacgtcag atacattaga cccaagagag aggattcctc tcagagactc tgtcacagat     54720
     tcctgtctgg gacgtgaatg catatgaagc tgacgcgaaa caaaaccaag gaggtgacgc     54780
     gtgggtctgg cgccttcaga cacagactat tcccaggtcc agtggggaaa cacctgtccc     54840
     cccacctccc ttcccagatg gaggactctt tctggcatca ctttccaggg gctgagtcct     54900
     ttcctggagg agcccaggga cagggccctc agctgaggct ggggaggcag ggagtccagg     54960
     ccagggagag ggattctggg gaatgaagag gaagccaagg ccaggatcaa tgaggagact     55020
     tttccaggtg tattcagaac agcagatctc agagtgtggt ctgtggaacc cttgaagtta     55080
     tggagatcct gtcatgagat ccctgagtga aaactacatt catagcattc ctaagatagc     55140
     atttaacttt tcactatgtt gacatttgct ttgaagtaca acttagcaat aatggggact     55200
     agggtagtaa actacaatag taattatttt caccacaact tacttgtagg aaaaaaagaa     55260
     aaaaaaaagc agggagttcc tgtcgtggtg tagtggtgaa tgaatccaac taggaatcat     55320
     gaggttgcgg atttgatccc tggccttgct cagtgggtta acgattcggc gttgccatga     55380
     gctgtggtgt aggttgcaga cgtggctcgg atcctgcgtt gctgtggctg tggtgtaggc     55440
     tggcggctac agctccgatt taacccctag cctgggaacc tccatatgcc gcaggagcgg     55500
     cccaagaaat ggcaaaaaga caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac agcacgtttg ctataaagcg     55560
     tcctaattga tgcaataaaa atgcttgtct cacctttaca aaccatcatg gaagagaata     55620
     tggaaaagaa tatacatata tgtataacta aaggactttg ctgtgcggca gaaattaaca     55680
     cagcattgta aatcatctat actaaaaaaa tttttgaaat aaatacaaaa tcttatcttc     55740
     ctaaattatc attcttaaat ccatactttt ttttttcttt tttttttttt ttttgtcttt     55800
     ttgctatttc ttgggccgct ccggcggcat atggaggttc ccaggctagg ggttgaatca     55860
     gagctgtagc cgccggccta caccagagcc acagcaacac gggatccgag ccgcgtctgc     55920
     aacctacacc acagctcacg gcaacgccgg atcgttaacc cactgagcaa gggcaggaac     55980
     cgaacccgca acctcatggt tcctagtcgg attcgttaac cactgcgcca cgacgggaac     56040
     tccttttttt ttttcttttt gccatttctt gggccgctcc ggagcagcat atggaggttc     56100
     ccaggctagg ggtggaatcg gagctatagc cgccagtcta caccacagcc acagcaacac     56160
     aggatccgag ccacttctgc aacctacaca acagctcatg gcaacgccgg atcgttaacc     56220
     cactgagcaa gggcagggac cgaacctgca acctcatggt tcctagttgg attcgttcac     56280
     cactgcgcca cgacgggaat tcctaaatcc atactttaat agtatcttct atgaggacgt     56340
     aggaagtaca tatgaaacac tcctgctacc ttccaaagta ctgtgtccca aggaaaatct     56400
     ttctgtgagc tgcactagcc cctttttcat ggaatacaac ctttactgga aagaatgaat     56460
     gacactggaa gatccatata acttagtgaa acaatgtatt cggtcttaaa aatcttacat     56520
     tagtataagc aacagtcagt gtgcaaaaca ggcttttaat ttaacagaat aggaaatatg     56580
     gagtgacact gatgcaggtg cacgttcaaa ataacctttg agaaattacc ataatgatag     56640
     catccaaaat tatctgaaag ggttattaaa aatacacgtc ctacatgtgt gcggggcttt     56700
     tacatttcat agacgtcagc caccaaaagg actcagcgca gaagcagaca gaaacctcca     56760
     gtggttttcc catgagccca cagcaaagag acttgtgata gagtaaaacg taaaaagctc     56820
     tactcttcac actacagtgt ttcttatgcg aaataattat tttcatagta aatgcataga     56880
     ttatttatat cttctaaaaa attgatgaaa tttttttttg tgtgtctttt ttgctatttc     56940
     ttgggccgct accgcggcat atggaggttc ccaggctagg ggtcgaatcg gagctgtagc     57000
     tgccagccta caccagagcc acagcaacgc gggaccgagc cgcgtctgca acctacacca     57060
     cagctcacgg caacgccgga tccttaaccc actgagcaag cgcagggacc gaaccagcaa     57120
     cctcgtggtt cctagtcgga ttcgttaacc actgcgccac gatgggaact cctgatgaaa     57180
     tttttaacta ttatttctaa tatggacaat atccactgaa gtatcaacac aaacatatcc     57240
     ttgcggtctt cactaatttg taaaactgta ggaatattct gactaaaagg tttggaaatc     57300
     gctgggtaca cagccactgg gccaggtgag gcacggagac actgtgacca agagctttct     57360
     gagcagaagg agcaggagca gggcagagtc ccagggcccc agcagggcgt ggatctcggg     57420
     gtctcaggct ccagggcggc gtctgggcgg ggaggcgccg tggtggggag tccccgtgtc     57480
     cccagtttca cttctccgtc tcgcaacctg tgtggggccg tcctgcctgg acactcgtga     57540
     cgcggcccca cttctctctc ctattgtgtg tcgggtttct ggagaagcca atcagcgcca     57600
     ccgcggttcg cggttctaaa ctctccatcc attcgcctcg actccgcttc tctccagact     57660
     ccgaggctga ggatcatggg gccccgagcc ctcttcttgc tgctgtcggg gaccctggcc     57720
     ctgactggta cccgggaggg tgagtgcggg atccgggcac aaggccgctg cggggaggag     57780
     cgagggcacc gcctgggagt cgggtggggg caggacccac ggggaaggtg cgactcagct     57840
     gttccggccc agacccgcca cttcaccccg tccggtcctg tccctccctt gtttcctgcc     57900
     cctctgctcg ccgcccccta acccggggcc cttctccgac ctccacccct ttcccgcctc     57960
     cccagccccg agctccctgc ccggtcccgg ccccaccacc tcccactcgg agccccgcgc     58020
     cgagaggagg gtcgtgtctc accctcccgc ccccaggtcc ccactccctg aggtatttcg     58080
     acaccgccgt gtcccggccc gaccgcggga agccccgttt catctccgtc ggctacgtgg     58140
     acgacacgca gttcgtgcgg ttcgacagcg acgccccgaa tccgcggatg gagccgcggg     58200
     cgccgtggat agagcaggag gggcaggagt attgggatga ggagacgcgg aacgccatgg     58260
     gcagcgcaca gactttccga gtgaacctga acaacctgcg cggctactac aaccagagcg     58320
     aggccggtga gcgaggcggg cccgggtcca gctcacgacc cccatcccca tccccaggga     58380
     cggaccgggg tcaccccgac ctccgggtcc aagggtcacc ccggcatttc ggacccgccc     58440
     ggcccccgac ccggaaggac cggcggggac tttcccccgg tttcgttttc agtttaggtt     58500
     gaaccccggg ttggtcgtgg cgggggcgtg gctgactcgg ggcggggtca gggtctcaca     58560
     ccttccagag catgtacggc tgcgacgtgg ggccagacgg gctcctcctc cgcgggtaca     58620
     gtcagtttgg ctacgacggc gccgattaca tcgccctgaa cgaggacctg cgctcctgga     58680
     ccgcggcgga cacggcggct cagatcacca agcgcaagag ggaggcggcc gatgcggcgg     58740
     agcaaatgag aagctacctg gagggcgcgt gtgtggtgtg gctccagaaa tacctggaga     58800
     tggggaataa cacgctgcag cgcgcaggta tcaggggccg cggggcctcc accatctccc     58860
     ctcaggaggg agctgccttc ccacaaggag aggaaaaggg ggtccctgcg ggaaagcccc     58920
     ccactgcctg tcctgagagg gaggagtcca cctaggttcc cagcttctcc acaagacagg     58980
     gactccccag ggggtctgac ttctccacag gacagttaag gaagcctgtc tcttttgggg     59040
     tgaagggggg agaccatccg tgaaaggact gctcagcggt gccctttgac cctggccgcc     59100
     atcttgggaa ccatgacttt ctcaggcctg gtctcagcct gcgaacagct ttgcatcctg     59160
     gacaccacct tgcctgagtc attcagcctc caccaacgtc aggaacagga ctctgtattc     59220
     ttccccttaa gtcctggagc ctcctacctc aatctcaccc tgattctaga ctcttccaag     59280
     gactaggagc tgttcccaga tacccaagtc caggctggtg tctgggtttt gtgcttcctt     59340
     tcaaacccat tgtcctggcc cttcacccag tggcccaggc aggggaccca cagggtgaat     59400
     tttctgattc ttcttcctca gagcctccaa agacacatgt gacccgccac cccagctctg     59460
     acctgggggt caccctgagg tgctgggccc tgggcttcta ccctaaggag atctccctga     59520
     cctggcagcg cgagggccag gaccagagcc aagacatgga gctggtggag accaggccct     59580
     caggggatgg gaccttccag aagtgggcgg ccctggtggt gcctcctgga gaggagcaga     59640
     gctacacctg ccatgtgcag cacgagggcc tgcaggagcc cctcaccctg agatggggta     59700
     aggagggccc tgggggcgga gcctcttctc agacacagca gaagcccttc tggagacttc     59760
     cacaaggtca gggctcaagc ctgaggaggg cactcacctc gccctttgtt cccagaccct     59820
     cctcagcccc ccgtccccat cgtgggcatc actgttggcc tggttctcgt cctggttgct     59880
     ggagccgtgg tggctggagt tgtgatctgg aggaagaagc gctcaggtag ggaagggagt     59940
     ggggatctga gtctccttgt ctcactgggg tttcaagccc aggtggaagt tgacctgcct     60000
     tattcctggg acatcccctc cacacacatg tgctgagtct ggggctgagc gctgccacgt     60060
     acccttctgt gaagcacatg tgatagtcaa agactaatta ttccccagga taattccagt     60120
     tggcgtctag tttctcagca cttgaaggtc agaggtgaag gaccccactg aggagaggcg     60180
     tccaggaggg cagttggtcc agtctccccc acatctcctt gctgtatact cctgatcctg     60240
     tcctggattt ttgttgaaag ttctacactg gttgtgagat ccaggactag gtttcttgta     60300
     ggatcttatg gctcagtttt ctttttggcc tctcacataa atgttatctt cccccaggtg     60360
     aaaaaggagg gagctacact caggctgcag gtcagtgtgg agggttgtga tgcctgaggc     60420
     cctggtggtg cagacaggag gccgtggggg gagctcaccc accttctgtc atcttctttc     60480
     ttgggggtac tgaccccatc ctgcttttgc tgtcccccag gcagtgacag tgcccagggc     60540
     tctgatgtgt ccctcaccaa ggatcctaga ggtgagaccc tggagggcct agatgggagg     60600
     ggggttgggg cagagggggt gccctgggtg accgggatct ttgaggggga cgtttggagc     60660
     atgtggggat attgagcatg tcagcccttc cttgactgac ctgcctgttt cctgatgatt     60720
     ttctttccca gtgtgagaca gctgccttgt ggggactaag ggacacaaga tttgttcacg     60780
     tcccactttg tgacttcaga ccccctgact cctatttctg cagctgcctc tgaaagggtc     60840
     tgtgttccta tgagcatcct gagaggaggt ggggaccctg gcccagccct gccccccatg     60900
     tcccctcttc accctgacct gtgttctctt tcctgatcca ctttccagct ccaacaggtt     60960
     ggggggaggc aggcggcaat ggaccatctc catccttatg ctaagttcat tgccctgact     61020
     ggtgactgcg gggagccgag gaaacacagg aggccaagga agggaactag cctgacggca     61080
     cagttccaaa ggcagggttc ctaaccaagg gaaaagagcc tacccaccgg cgcagttcca     61140
     agggtaggtt tagaaatagg gaaaggggct tacccagtgg cacagttcca agggcaagtt     61200
     ataaaaataa tgaggctcac ctgctaaccc gactacaacg gcaacaataa caaaacgaag     61260
     gttttgcaca atagtgcaag aataaaaatt gcttcttgga aaattcagtc tttcctgttg     61320
     tttacttatt actcagcctt ttctgttatt tgtttgttat tctttgttat ttttctatat     61380
     tgttttgtga ttcagtaaaa ttggaacaac aaaaattgga atgagtttca ccttggtgaa     61440
     attcccccta ttcagatcta atacaagcaa aaacaaagtg ttcactggtt tgttacaagt     61500
     aaaaataggt tttagagtta ggtatttgtg gagtgtacaa taggttagaa taggttagac     61560
     atacatcatt cttgatggaa aatataatct tgcttttaat aagttttgta gggagctttt     61620
     aagttttatg aaattaagtt gctttgatat ataaaatatt ttctcatact gtcccctgac     61680
     tgtaatacct tgaagttagt accttaagct ttaatctaaa aaatgagttt ttgtaaatgt     61740
     taaattcttg tacttgtgac ctttctagtt gttaaagatt agcttaaaac aataacgggt     61800
     ggtgcttgct aaaagtaacc acaagccgtt ttatactgaa ttgccttatt tttatataat     61860
     gatttttcag cataatgttt tgtacccatt ataattttac atgatgcatt gtatccatta     61920
     gttttaacta aaattcttag agcacaatgt gtatctactg taccacatag tctaaaattt     61980
     aacctttgaa agtatgatgt aaacattgtg atgtaagtta cagttaagct gtctatataa     62040
     actgttacct atactaataa aatttgagca gtccagcgcc ttgagagaag ggacaaagag     62100
     gctgtttcca tgtacttcgc cgacactgtc catccctggg gggacaccct ggctactgga     62160
     gctggactcc ggcaggtgac ttcctatttt cccatagaaa atatagtata tattaatttt     62220
     gctttttcta attggtgcca tggggaattc atgggataat aaatgagaga tttcctaaag     62280
     cttgaaagag aaaatgaatg gaagcactga gaaattccag aatccacctg tagcttagtt     62340
     tggcccagaa cttccatatg ccacgggcgc agccataaga aaccttttta aaaaggtgtc     62400
     cagtcttgaa gagttctgca taccctaagt cctgaaatga acagtgtgtt cccgtaacaa     62460
     tggggtgacc gtcaggagag tccaccccga gagcaggagc acatgtgctg gagaaggccg     62520
     cccaggcagg gcccgtgggc acaaagctaa gagccctacc gaggacccat ggtcagtgca     62580
     aacagccctg tttgcttcct ggtggcttct gtaccagatc aatgcatatt tgtaaataaa     62640
     atcctgaaag actctccaga gtcagtgttt gggaagcaac tctgcttaaa gcaggagaca     62700
     gaggaaagtc tgagattctg cactggagga aataacaatt cagacctatg actttcgaaa     62760
     gtcctgatga gtttctattt cttggagggg ccgtggacat caccccagag ctggatcgaa     62820
     gcataaatag atctttgtga accgcaggcc aaggcatcct cgtcactcag caatggcttc     62880
     tgcagcagcc accactgaaa ggggacacac aagactaaag cccaaagaca tctagaaggt     62940
     cccctttctt cctgtggaga agcaggaaac aggaaaagta ggtcaacccc cagtggtccc     63000
     cttggagctg ctcttctgtc aaggtgccaa gtgacaggac acaggcacca cctcaccttc     63060
     ctgagactca accttgtgca cttaaaggag aagtaacatc ttttctttcc ttctttttct     63120
     tttctttctt tctttctttc attggccaca cccccagtat gcaggagttt ccaggccagg     63180
     gattgaaccc acaccacagt ggtgacaatg tcagctcctt ggcccactta gctaccagag     63240
     tactcctggg tctcctattt ttatctcgtg gaaccctgac cttcagtctc tttctctagc     63300
     agcgggggtg gtcctggacc aggaccctgc tcactcacag ctagtgggac tgagggtggg     63360
     gaacggctgg ctctgagggg ctcacatctg gggccgcctg ctcatcctaa gagaccaacc     63420
     cctatgtgct gggtctggac ggctgctccc ctgggacctg ctgctgcatg gtggcccctc     63480
     ctactgcaga gcctgtgccc tggggatggt tccagagtca cctggaagag cgggaaggat     63540
     cttccactgc caggagcagg ggatctgggc ggtagggtca ccaggggacg ggactgagct     63600
     ctcacacccc caaaaccaaa gggactcggg atgaaaattc ccagatggta gaggtggcca     63660
     ttaaatatca ggaagcggta ctgcagtttg ttactgggag acgtcatttt tattattaat     63720
     gatattattg aaacagtata ttgtctaaca ctgagcagag gtgcccagtc tgccctgccc     63780
     tctgatgact tcctccctgc ctgtgtgttc atatggtttt cacacccgaa ccaatatctc     63840
     aaggagatca tttgtttcct atgctgccct tcatgagata tcttctgaag atcgacacgc     63900
     agcagaagag gactcggcat tttcaatact gggaaatgag tcccagacct cagtagagat     63960
     cccagcctgg gccagttgtc ctggggggcg ggcaggaagt ctaactgatg ggaagcagct     64020
     gtctgtcctc cacgctcctc ctggagcagg tccttctctc cattagaccc actggccact     64080
     ggagtcatag tcattcatga actttttttt ttttgtcttt ttgtcttttt gtcttttcag     64140
     gaccgcattc atggcatatg gaggttccca ggctaggggt caaattggag ctatagcttc     64200
     tggcctacac cacagccaca gtaacacccc atccttaagc cactgagcaa ggccagagat     64260
     cgaacccaca acctcgtggt tcctagtcgg attcatttcc gctgcaccac aatgggaact     64320
     cctcattcat gaactcttgg tgaaaatgat tttttttctt ttttcctttt ctttttcttt     64380
     tcggttttag ggccacactc tcggcatatg gaaattccca ggttaggggt caaatcggag     64440
     ctacagctgc cggcctgcac cacagccaca gcaacgccag atccaagtca catctgtgat     64500
     ctacaccaca gctcagaggg atgccagatc cttaacccac tgagggaggc ctcggatcga     64560
     acccgcattc tcatggatac tagtcaggtt ccttaccact gcaccgcaat gggaactccc     64620
     aaatgatatt tcaaaagagg cactgggagt tccctttgtg tcccagggga aacaaatccg     64680
     actagcatcc atgattatgc ggataccttc ctgccctgga tcagtgggta agggatccgg     64740
     tgatgccgtg agctgcaggg cagttcggag aaggggctcc catctggcgt tgctagtggc     64800
     tctggctctg atttcaaccc ctggcctggg aacttcatta tcccaaaggt gaggccctaa     64860
     aagaggggga aaaaaaaaga ggcacgtgac cactctagag ggggctgtcc ctcctccctt     64920
     gggttacctg tcctggccca ggaagaacag gtccatggag agaggggcca aggtttgtgc     64980
     cacaatcaca cacagatctg cccacagacc acagccgggg aagtacagcc tcttgcctga     65040
     gtcaccactg cctctgtcat ccagcctgag tgtcttgttt ggtcctaggt tcctccaaaa     65100
     gctatacgta actagttccc ctgcacggac tttccccagc tgtaccctgg gtattggcag     65160
     ggtagggggg tgcctaccta tagattaact gaaattcaac ctgaatctta aagcccaatc     65220
     aaaatcctag aggttttttt tgttttgttt tttgttttaa ttgttgagct tattctacac     65280
     tccatgtgca aaagcaaaag atttgaacag gcaaaataat tctgcgaaaa gaggaagcat     65340
     cttgggggaa gcccgatacc tgctttcaag cacaaagtgg tgtcagataa gagtggtcca     65400
     gctctatgga acagaagaaa gtgtgtgtga tcagaacttc aaatataggc tcagaaaaaa     65460
     gaagtcaagg tcattcagtg ggaacaaata atcttttcca tcaatgatga tgacagaaat     65520
     agacacaaac aagagaatga aaccacattc aaagactaat ttgaaggaag cgtagaccta     65580
     aacctaagag ctgcaaccaa accagtctct cccgcacaag gtcctgaacc ataaactgag     65640
     ccacatttgt aatattatat tttctagcag ccatgtttaa aaaatgtttt aattggatga     65700
     aaataattct aacatttact ttaacccaaa acattcaata atttccttgc agaaccaaaa     65760
     caaggatagg tgatgggcta ttttataccc tttttctcat ttgttacctt tcttgcaatt     65820
     gttgctttga gcctccaggg gtttagaaat tctctcattt tataccctgc cacgtggtgc     65880
     cttcccccca gatcttggaa ttctggaatt attgaagcca aaacccactt ccatctcaca     65940
     ctggatgcag gagaggatga gctcagagat aaagtggggg caggacaccc acccccagct     66000
     ccctcctctc cccaacttcc tttcttcttc ttccagtctg aggaactcag gaattccaca     66060
     gcacaaatgg gggagccggt tgtaaacgct acaaacccag atccatcctc atattcctct     66120
     gcaggaagtc cttcctgaag tctgcccact ccccttcctg ctgcagcctc agcggctccc     66180
     caggtctgtg cagagggcga taccagaact ctcttcctcc caacccctca gcgctcactc     66240
     cctggcctcc ctcaggactc agctcaaatg gcatctctca ggaaagccgc ccctgaggat     66300
     actatttaaa atgaccacca gctccccgcg tccctccctt gttctttttc tcgaaatcag     66360
     tctttgcttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tccccagtct ttgctttttg acaccctgat     66420
     ctttgacttc aagagccttg tgggagttcc cgtcgtggcg cagtggttaa cgaatccgac     66480
     taggaaccat gaggttgcgg gttcggtccc tgcccttgct cagtgggtta acgatccggc     66540
     gttgccgtga gctgtggtgt aggttgcaga cgcggctcgg atcccgcgtt gctgtggctc     66600
     tggcgtaggc cggtggctac agctccgatt caacccctag cctggaaacc tccatatgcc     66660
     gcgggagcgg cccaagaaat agcaacaaca acaacaacaa caaaaagaca aaagacaaaa     66720
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagagc cttgtggttt atcggcagct cttccatccg cgcgtgcgca     66780
     cacagggcgg ggactcgggc ttagttggtc tgaaacatcc ccaaagggct agaatcttgc     66840
     ctggcctata gctggcgctc aaacatatct gtcgccgaat gaataagtct agggaccaga     66900
     actccttaaa ggtgagactg gggcggcaca gggagaaggt ccctggtaag agatggggag     66960
     ggggcggggc ctcgccccag tttgccccag gcccgcggcc cagcgcccag gcagcctcac     67020
     gagaccgtcc gcactttgaa tgtggccaca agcacaggag acagactcaa ccagaccccc     67080
     agctgcctcc acagactctt gccctcctgc ggggcgtccg gctcaggtgg tggggttcct     67140
     aggcggggac gtcctccagg tcccagtctt aggtccagaa tcctgggttt ctgcgcagct     67200
     ggtggcgggg ctcagcctca gcctgggagg ccctgggact gggaccccaa acctgcaggg     67260
     ccagaaattg gagaccagga ttgtggggct ttcagttctt tgtttggagg tggagggagc     67320
     agacctgggg gaggcagcct gcaggtctgg gtctctcagg tgctcaaagg ggaagaagag     67380
     gcgggatgct gggctccttc ctgtggttgt gaagtggggc ccccccccca cccccggcct     67440
     aggcaccaaa gcgtcgacag tctggcgcct gggcagaagc atccaccctt ggcgaccttg     67500
     ggcgtccagg tcctgagccc tgggtcctgg gaacctgagg gggaacaagg gctgcattgg     67560
     gcttcctggg aaaatatcag gccaagtccg gggctgagac tcacacagat ctcctggagt     67620
     cactgtggtc ccaggctgca gcctccatcc cactctctgt gccccaggaa tgactctgtg     67680
     gcatcagctg ggcagctctg tttctgcagc cccagggcca ctcttgttgc tgcggtggtt     67740
     cccacagtcc tagaaaatag agaccatgtc caggcagccc agggctgtga gctgaggatg     67800
     gactcagatg aggccgtgac gtcctggtgc acagagtggg acctggagac ctgggaagca     67860
     ggcccagggc tgtgtcctca agggctgcac aggactggct ctcccttcct gattctccct     67920
     gcaccccggc ttttgtagga gggggttaag gtaggagggg gagctctcat tgtagaaaga     67980
     aggaattcct ttatccccct cctctctctc ctttatggtt ttgccctttc ttctctgtgt     68040
     gtgtgtgtga gttataccag acctgtatat acagaacaat gctgccaaac tgaagcagag     68100
     tttatcagcc agtcatagca cgaacacctg ttatgcaccc agcagaaaaa cagaaccccc     68160
     agaccaggag cccgagtgcc cacccagacc ccatccctcc ctgcacaggt ggcccctacg     68220
     tcgacccccc cccccggttc ctcctcctcc cctcctctat gccttcgcta ataccactgt     68280
     tccctccttt tcctcacatc tccagagtct ccccatctcc ataagctatc accctgcggg     68340
     gctcctgctt cctctccccc acttccaccc catcctagga tggagactcc agagtggatt     68400
     ccctggagga agagcctccc accctggaag cagcaccagg aacaagtgaa ccttggggtt     68460
     taaggctgca ttccaggaga ctgcagccca cagtatgtct gtgggctcca ccctggaccc     68520
     aggaaccagc tgttaaggct ggagatctgc tcttccctga ggccaaagtc ctgggtcatt     68580
     taacggggag gaaaacgtct gtgtcagtgt gtgtttgggg aaacagttca ggctctgaac     68640
     ttgacactgc ttggggctcc cccttggggg cacagcccta tccctctgct gggagcccaa     68700
     ggagaccctg ggcaggtccc tggtaaaaag gtcaaagggg agctcaggtc tcctgtcatc     68760
     tgccctgtgg ccacacgggg gcgccagggc tctgctctct cctactctgc gcggggaagg     68820
     gagcggatgg gctgaggtct gagtcccacg gagatggctg ccctggaggc tgggcagcag     68880
     tgggggagtg aaggtgcttg ctgagcagct ctagggggtg gggcagagat tggaggagag     68940
     gagcgctctg gagaccgggc ctgtctccga aggttccctc tttgctcccc aaacctcccc     69000
     actccagctc ctttatgcaa acaccctggg aaactaaaac cagaaaattg tttcttccaa     69060
     cccctattcc ttctgaagaa catcttttaa ataatacttt ttaaaattag actagtgtga     69120
     gatttacaag acagctgcaa acgtgtaaca gggcttcctc ttactctgta ttcagtttcc     69180
     ccgtggtgaa catcttatat gaacggcagg catcttttca cagctaatgc agcaatgttg     69240
     gtacattatt actgaactgc atactttatt tgcacttcat aagtttttct ttctgttctt     69300
     tttttgttta catttttatt tttatttatt tatttatttt tttttttttt ttgcttttta     69360
     ggcccgcacc gcggcatatg gagaatccaa agctaggggt cgaattggag ctgtagccac     69420
     tggcctacac cacagccaca gcaacgccat atccaagctg agtctgtgat ctacaccaca     69480
     gctcacggca atgacggatc cttaacccac tgagcaaagc cagggatcaa acctgcaact     69540
     tcacagttcc tagtcagatt tgcttcttct gagccacaac gggaactctt ctaattgttt     69600
     ttctatgcct ttaaaaccat gcctatgata ctcttcctct gtttcttagt ttatgtctca     69660
     tctttgctta atttttgttt gtcctcccaa tataattata atttactatt ttcaatctct     69720
     gaatagtata attctagtta gctcaatgtt caatgtttga attattagga ggatggaaat     69780
     gcaagtctca actgagtgtt tagtagacta tggtttcttt tttaaatgga tttttcaatt     69840
     ttcccagaaa tacacagcat cttagcattg ttgtactcag gtgaaaccag tcccaaactt     69900
     tccccgagtc tcgtcttgct gagtatcttc tagcacgtct gatcttccag caacgtcatc     69960
     tccctgcaca gccctcagtg ctgccacacg ggacgggtcc ccacgcaact ggggcagggc     70020
     tgacagcccc agtctccttc gcctcgtcct gggcagccct ctgcctccct tgttctggct     70080
     ccaccgcagc ctgcatccca tgtctcccta ttagtggttt tccccatcat ttccccccac     70140
     tttgctaaca gtctcaagaa atggaacagc tagagttccc atcgtggctc agcggttaac     70200
     gaacatgact agcatccttg aggatgcagg ttcgaacctg gcctcactca gcgggttaag     70260
     gatccagcgt ggcactgagc tgtggtatag gtcaataagc tggctcccat cccctgttgc     70320
     tagtggttat ggtgtaggct ggcagctaca gctcctgttt aacccctagc ctgggaacct     70380
     ccatatgcca ctggtgcagc cctaaaaaga caaagaaaaa aagggaacag cacaagtaaa     70440
     actctgtaac tctgacatga cttaggcaac cctaggacta acatggtaac tagatataga     70500
     gctctgtgtt ggaaacactt atttttgcct tgggattcag aaaccatcac ttcaatgtct     70560
     tctaatctcc aggaccatgg tttttgcaag gtttgcctct tgaagttaac aaggttgctt     70620
     ccactgtctt tctgatattt cactgccatg tgtctggctg ggggtctgtc ttcatctcct     70680
     gcggtaagaa tttggtcagg ccattcagga tgtaaatttt tgtctgtaaa tctgacaagt     70740
     tttcctcaaa ttgaaatttt catcatttcc tactctccat tagttttgaa attagtatta     70800
     ttcacttgga atctcttgat tgacagatga atatttttat cagtcttctc tccttcttgc     70860
     gatgacttcg cctttcccat ggctgagagt atgaccgtaa ccttccaatc catctattgg     70920
     attattcatt tctatgacat tatttctaag ttccaatagc tctttcttgt tccatgtttg     70980
     tatatgattg tatggaattc tatctttgtt tcataagcta tatatctctt acctctttag     71040
     atattagtga taacagtggt aggaaactgt caggtctccg ggttatctgc tctcatgaca     71100
     tgaatgtttt ctcacagcac ttgactcagt tttgatttac ccttaatcat ttttgttttc     71160
     ttgttttggg ttttttgttt tcttgttttg tctttttagg gccacaccca tggcatatgg     71220
     aagttcccag gttacgggtc caatcggaat catagctgct ggcctacaag tagcatcgat     71280
     gaggacacgg ttccatccct ggcctcgatc aatgggttgg ggatccggca ttgccgtgag     71340
     ctgtgatgta ggttgcagat ggggcttgga tcccgagttg ctgttttctg ggggtgtttt     71400
     ttgcctggcc tggggcatgt ggaaattcta gggccaagga ctgaaactgc accacagcag     71460
     tgacttgagc agctgcagtg aaaggccaga tccttaaaag gctgggccac cagggcactc     71520
     cgatttaccc ttatccttgt catctttgtc tcaccacaga gcctgtctca catcaccagg     71580
     gtcctgactg ctgttcttca tttcaccacc agtgtctcca gatctggagt caaggggacc     71640
     ttgaaatatc cactccttaa acctggagtc tcccttcccc tgtctgcacg agggatcaca     71700
     tgtcctgtgc ctcatgtgtt tgctttgagg aatatattca accactgtgt caattacatg     71760
     gcatgattgc ctggaacaca aagtgttccc ctgttcatag ttactaacat tagagtgatg     71820
     aaatcatttt gattaattcc attctttgta aaccaccatt aaaaaatcct tgaatatata     71880
     tttttgagaa cacgaatgat tatcttagga taaagtttta gatgaaattt ctgtgtcaaa     71940
     atgtaaacat agtgaagtca ttgagaaatg ttgcaaaagt gacctttaac ttttttgtgg     72000
     caaacctctc cctgtgctga tgtgagcaac caatgcttct ttgtaatcac agctggaccc     72060
     tggctctagt ctgccctccc tacaggtgag ggtcactgag atgcccggtc agagaccttt     72120
     cccaccgcct gacagcaaca cccgatctag actgagcccc tcttccatcc accctccttg     72180
     aaatcaccca ccaaagccta aatcctatat atgttctttt tttttttttg tctttttaga     72240
     gctgcactca cagcacatgg aggttcccag gctaggggtc caatcagagc tatagccgct     72300
     gacctactcc acagccacag caacaccaga tccgagccac atctgggacc tacaccacag     72360
     ctcacggcaa tgccagatcc ttgacccact gagccaggcc agggaatcaa acctgaaacc     72420
     tcatggtgcc tagttggatt catttctgct gtgccttaac gggaactcct actctaaata     72480
     ctcttaaaat aaatattaat taaactttct tggacatgct gcattttaag gatatatcca     72540
     agactcagac aaatccaaat gacttccata tgaacattac gttaatatgc atcaatctat     72600
     gaatcacact ttctctttgg ggagaagagc ctgaaaatta agaacatgct cgatatccac     72660
     tgtcccatat gatagctata ggccacatgt ggctacttta attaaattaa agaaatttaa     72720
     gggtgctcag cacaatagtc tcttttgagg tgctgaatag ccacatgtag ccagtgacta     72780
     gctgatgaca cagacagata tgaatagttc cttcaaacag aacgggctgt tggacaggac     72840
     tgctcttccc actttgtggg cctcacgtca gatacattag acccaagaga gaggattcct     72900
     ctcagagact ctgtcacaga ttcctgtctg ggatgtgaat gcacatgaag ctgactggga     72960
     acaaaaccac ggaggtgatg cgtgggtctg gcgccttcag gcacaggctg ttcccaggtc     73020
     caatggggag atgcctgtcc ccccacctcc cttcccagat ggaggactct ctctggcatc     73080
     actttccagg ggctgagtcc tttcctggag gagcccaggg gcagggccct cagctgaggc     73140
     tggggaggca gggagtccag ggcagggaga gggattctgg ggaatgaaga ggaggccaag     73200
     gcaaaggtca gttaggagac ttttccaggt gtattcagaa cagccgttct cagagtgtgg     73260
     tctgtggaac ccttgaaagt cagggagacc ctttcacatg agatgaacac aacattcata     73320
     gcattactaa gatagtattt gacttttcac tatgttgaca tttgctttga ggtacaactt     73380
     agcaagaatg gaaactaggg aagcaaactg taatagtaat tatatcacta tgacttactt     73440
     gcagaaaaaa aaaaaggttt gctgtaaaac atcctggttg acattaaaaa ttcttatctt     73500
     tccttaataa atcataatgg aagaaaatat gaaagagagt ataatatgta tgtgtgtaac     73560
     tgaagcattc tgttgtacac caattaacac aacattgtaa atcaaccgta ttaaataaat     73620
     gttttgaaat taataaatag gagttcccgt cgtggctcag tggttaacga atccgactag     73680
     gaaccatgag gttgcgggtt cggtccctgc ccttgctcag tgggttaagg atctggcgtt     73740
     gccgtgagct gtgctgtagg tcacagacac ggctcggatc ccgcgttgct gtggctctgg     73800
     cgtaggcggg tggctacagc tctgattcga cccctagcct gggaacctcc atatgccacg     73860
     ggagtggccc tagaaaaggc aaaaggacaa gggaaaaaaa agaaattaat aaataaaaat     73920
     tcttatcttt cgtaaatcat catccttttt tttggggggg ggcgcttttt gcctgttcta     73980
     ggatccttaa cccactgagc aaggtcaggg atcaaacctg caacctcaca attcctagtc     74040
     cgattcatta accactgagc cacaacagga actcctaaat catcatcctt aaactcacat     74100
     ttttttctcc tttttttttt tttcttaaac tcacatttta atagaatctt ctatgatgac     74160
     ctgggaagta cataccaaac actcctgcta tattccaaag tactatgtca caaggaaaat     74220
     catctgtgtg agcagaacta actgcttttt tacagaatac aatcttactt caaagaataa     74280
     aggacactga aagatctgta taacagtgaa acaatgtatt acttttttta ataatcttac     74340
     attagtacaa gggatagtca atgtgcaaaa taggcttatg gattttaatg taataaaata     74400
     gaaaacattg aatgataatg actcaggtcc actttgaaaa taactttttt tttttttttt     74460
     tttttttttt gtctttttgc tatttctttg ggccgctccc gcagcatatg gaggttccca     74520
     ggctaggggt cgaatcagag ctgtcgccac ccgcctacgc cagagacaca gcaacgcggg     74580
     atccgagccg tgtctgcagc ctacaccaca gctcacggca acgccggatc gttaacccac     74640
     tgagcaaggg cagggattga acccgcaacc tcatggttcc tagttggatt cgttcaccac     74700
     tgcgcctcga cgggaactcc ctgaagataa cttttaacaa actaccattt gtgtagtttt     74760
     agctttgtat caaagatgag catccataat tatctgaaaa ggttattaaa aatactcttg     74820
     ctacatatgt gtggggtttt tatcttcata gacatcagtc aaaatagtgg atttaatgca     74880
     gaagcaaaca taaaaatcca gtggtcttct aatgacacag acaagaaaga ggcttgcaat     74940
     catggacaat gtaaaaagct ccacttttca cactaccgtg attactatgg gaagtaatta     75000
     ttttcacatg aaatgcatgg gttattcata ttcctctaaa aaataaattt aaaatgttta     75060
     ttatttcaag tatggaaaat atctattgaa gtaacaaaac acatatccct gaggacctca     75120
     ctaatttgta aaactgtata aatactctga gtaaaatgtt tggaaatcgc tgagctcaca     75180
     gcccctggcc cagaactcag agagacaggg tgacaaagag ctttctgagc agaagaagca     75240
     aaaccagggc agagtcccag ggccccggca gggtgtggct ctggggtctc aggctccagg     75300
     gcggcgtctg ggcggggagg cgccgtggtg gggagtcccc gtgtccccag tttcacttct     75360
     ccgtctccca acctgtatgg ggccgtcctg cccggacact cgtgatgcgg ccccacttct     75420
     ctctcctatt gcgtgtccgg tttctggaga agccaatcag cgccaccgcg gttcccggtt     75480
     ataaactctc cacgcacccg cctcgacaca gaatctccgc agattccaaa gatgcgggtc     75540
     aggggccctc aagccatcct cattctgctg tcgggggccc tggccctgac cgggacctgg     75600
     gcgggtgagt gcggggtcgg gggacaaggc cgctgccggg aggagcaagg gaaccgcccg     75660
     ggggtcggat gggggcagga cccacaggga agatgagact ctccctgccc ggtccgggcc     75720
     ccaccacctc gcactcgggg ccccgcgccg agaggagggt cgtgtctcac cctcccgccc     75780
     ccaggtcccc actccctgag ctatttctcc accgccgtgt cccggcccga ccgcggggag     75840
     ccccgcttca tcgccgtcgg ctacgtggac gacacgcagt tcgtgcggtt cgacagcgac     75900
     gcccccaatc cgcggatgga gccgcgggcg ccgtggatac agcaggaggg gcaggactat     75960
     tgggatcggg agacgcggaa cgtcatgggc agcgcacaga ctgaccgagt gaacctgaag     76020
     accctgcgcg gctactacaa ccagagcgag gccggtgagc gaggcgggcc cgggtccagc     76080
     tcacgacccc catccccatc cccatggacg ggccgacgtc accccgacct ccgggtccga     76140
     gggtcacccc ggcatttcgg acccgcccgg cccccgaccc ggaaggagcc ggcggggact     76200
     gtcccccggt ttcgttttca gtttgggttg aaccccgggt tggtcgcggc gggggcgtgg     76260
     ctgactcggg gcggggtcag ggtctcacac catccagagc atgtacggct gcgacgtggg     76320
     gccagacggg ctcctcctcc gcgggtacag tcaggacgcc tacgacggcg ccgattacat     76380
     cgccctgaac gaggacctgc gctcctggac cgcggcggac acggcggctc agatcaccaa     76440
     gcgcaagtgg gaggcggcca atgtggcgga gcgcatgagg agctacctgc agggcctgtg     76500
     tgtggagggg ctccagaaat acctgcagat ggggaaggac acgctgcagc gcgcaggtat     76560
     caggggccgc ggggcctcca ccatctcccc tcgggaggga gctgccttcc cacagggaga     76620
     ggaaaagggg gtccctgcgg gaaagacccc cactgcctgt cctgaaaggg aggagtccac     76680
     ctaggtttcc atcttctcca caagacaggg actccccagg ggcccctctt ctctaaagga     76740
     cagttaagga agactttctc tttgggggtg aaggggggag accatccctg aaagaactgc     76800
     tcagcggtgc cctttgaccc tggccgccat tttgtgaacc atgactttct cgggcctggt     76860
     ctcaggctga gaacagcttt ggatttgact ccaggttttc cgaaggattc aggctccacc     76920
     aacgtcagga atatgactat attctccccc ttaaagtcct ggaacctcct acttcgactc     76980
     tcaccctgat tctagactct tccaaggact aggagctatt cccagatacc caagtccagg     77040
     ctggggtctg gcttttgtgc ttctccttcc aaaccattgt cctctccatt ctcccagtgg     77100
     tcacatgagg ctgcttcagg ggtccagtga attttctgat tcttcttcct cagagcctcc     77160
     aaagacacat gtgacccgcc accccagctc tgacctgggg gtcaccttga ggtgctgggc     77220
     cctgggcttc taccctaagg agatctccct gacctggcag cgcgagggcc aggaccagag     77280
     ccaggacatg gagctggtgg agaccaggcc ctcaggggat gggaccttcc agaagtgggc     77340
     ggccctggtg gtgcctcctg gagaggagca gagctacacc tgccatgtgc agcacgaggg     77400
     cctgcaggag cccctcaccc tgagatgggg taaggagggc gctgggggca gagcctcttc     77460
     tcagacacag cagaagccct tctggagacc ttcagcaagg tcagggctca agcctgagga     77520
     ggggcctccc cttgcccttt gttcccagac cctcctcagc cccccatccc catcgtgggc     77580
     atcattgttg gcctggttct cgtcctggtc gctggagcca tggtggctgg agttgtgatc     77640
     tggaggaaga agcgctcagg tagggaaggg agcagggatc tgagtctcct tgtctcacgg     77700
     ggggtttcaa gcccaggtgg aaatttgttc tgccttgttc ctgggacgtc ccctccacac     77760
     acatgtgctg agtctggggc tgagtgctac cacgtaccct tttgtgaagc acatgtggaa     77820
     atgaacaaca attttttccc ctggattctt ccagttgggg accagtttct cagcccttgg     77880
     agggagggga ggcctccggg agagcagttg atccagtctc tcccacatct ccttcctatg     77940
     ttatactcct gatcctgtcc tggattattg gacaaagttc tggaacgttc tctgtggtcc     78000
     aggactaggg tttcctgtat gatctcatga ctccatcatc ttcctggtct ctcacatgat     78060
     gtctcttccc tcaggtgaaa aaggagggag ctacactcag gctgcaggtc agtgtggagg     78120
     gttgtgatgc ctgaggccct ggtggtgcag acaggaggcc gtggggggag ctcactcacc     78180
     ttctcccgtc ttctctcttg ggggtactga ccccatcctg cttttgctct ccctcaggca     78240
     gtgacagtgc ccagggctcc gatgtgtccc ttaccaagga tcctagaggt gagaccctgg     78300
     agggcctaga tgggaggggg gttggggcag agggggtgcc ctgggtgaca gggacctttg     78360
     agggggatgt ttggagcatg tggggctgtt gagcatgtca gcccttcctt gactgacctg     78420
     cctgtttcct ggtaattttc tttcccagtg tgagacagct gccttgtggg gactgagtga     78480
     cacagatttg ttcacgtccc actttgtgac ttcagatccc ctgactcctg tttctgcagc     78540
     agcatttgaa tgtgtctgtg tccctatgag catcctgaga ggaggtgggg accctggccc     78600
     agtcctgccc cccacgtccc ctcctcaccc tgacctgtgt tctcttccct gatcctcttt     78660
     ccagttccag caggtggggg ggctgggcca tcttcatccc tgtcctaact ctgtgttgca     78720
     ctggtaatgt cttaattttc ctgttggaaa taaaatccaa tatgaatttg ttttttctca     78780
     tttgtgccat gaggagcaga tggaataata aaagtgaggc tgcctaaagt ttgagagaga     78840
     aaataaatga aagcactgag aactttctag aagccacatg cttgctgtgc tgagtccatt     78900
     acaggagatc cagtcggagg ctgtggggag ccaggcatgg actgggcctg ggcgcagtct     78960
     gtgctcagtg cctcatgggc tgtgacaggg tccctcctgg gctggtcatt gtctcagccc     79020
     ctttgtcctt gttccttcag tagaaccttg tgccaccaag acctgtgatc acagggactc     79080
     agacatcacc ttggccttgt tctgtctcca ggactgtggg cagtgagggc ttcctgtgac     79140
     caggtcagcc tagactcaag ccttggtctt accctcatcc cccatctggt gtgtgcttat     79200
     attttacttt ttcaggtttt tagaatacaa ctcgtctttt tcatgtgtag agttttggtc     79260
     tcattcagct ctgggtgtcc cccatctctg aaagcagcag agtgattttg gccaggcatt     79320
     gtccccacag gttcaagagg tccttgcaca caggattctc agtggtatta aaagataaat     79380
     tttcagactc gtgcagttct tgccctcctt ctagggctgc tttctgaatt attctttcca     79440
     tcctttccac atatttttta aggaaccaga ttctgagatt agcaaagagg agggacctga     79500
     tagtttcctg tgttgattta attcacactg ggtttctata ttccctgcag cccaccctct     79560
     cgctctgccc ttagacctag taatcctagt gctgactcca attttgcttt tctcaagctt     79620
     atgagctggg ataggaaatg gaacccacaa tctaatttat gtgggaagca taagagacat     79680
     caactccctg aaaatctagg aaaccaagat tcatgtcttc agagaggccg tggagatact     79740
     ggaacgcttg aaggctactg gtgggaatat aaagcagtgc tgcccccttg aaacacagtc     79800
     tggcagtgcc tcaagtttga acacagtgtt actatgtgac tcaccatgcc atgcctagtg     79860
     tttacacagg agaaatgaaa acaaaggtgc acacgagaac ttgcaagtga cagtcatagc     79920
     agcattattc atgatagtca aacagtagaa acaagtcaaa tttccccaac ctaaaaagta     79980
     gcgtaaggag ttcccattgt ggcgcagcag aaacttatcc gactagtatc catgaggata     80040
     caggttcgat ctctggcttc actcagtggg tcaaggatcc cacgttgctg tgtctatggt     80100
     gtaggctggc agatgcagct ccaattcgac ccctagcctg ggaacttcta tatgctgcag     80160
     ggcagcccta aaaaaaataa acaaaaaaca aaaaaaaaaa attcatgtgg aaaattattt     80220
     ggtaataaaa aagaatggag tacagatgca tagtaaagca tggatgaacc ttgactgtat     80280
     tatgttccac aagaaaacag aagcaaaaga tcaaatttgt ttgattttac ttatatgaaa     80340
     tgtccataag caaatatatt tagatagaaa gtagatgagt gttttcctag gcgtgagggg     80400
     agtgtcgaag gaaaatagag actgattgcc caggaataaa tgggtacagg ggatgatgat     80460
     gttctaaaaa tgctttgggg agttccctct tggcctagcg ttggatccag cattggcact     80520
     gcagtggcgc aggttcgatc cctggcctag gaacttcccc atgccatggg tatagtcaaa     80580
     aaataataaa ataacaaaat aaaaattaaa atgctttggg gtgaataaat tgttccaaaa     80640
     ttgattgtgg ctatctatgg tcacagcact ctgtggatat gccaaaaacc aattcatttc     80700
     aatggctgaa taatatgtgt gaattatatc taaattctaa ctaaaaaaag ttgtggctca     80760
     cattaaatgc gttaatgcca gaactgccat ggcaattgca cagaaagaca tgaaaaagct     80820
     cagagaagtg ggcatgctgg tataaaagaa aagtggacca gagttcccgt cgtggcgcag     80880
     tggaaacgaa tctaagaacc atgaggttgc aggatcgatc cctgacctca ctcagtaggt     80940
     taaggatctg gcgttgccgt ggactgtggt gtagttcgaa gacgcggttt ggatctggca     81000
     ttgctgtggc tgtggcgtag gccgtcagca acagctctga ttaaacctct agcctgggaa     81060
     cctccatatg cctcaggtgt ggccctgaaa ggacaaaacc caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     81120
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaggaag ggaggaaggg agagagggag agagagaaag aaagaaaaag     81180
     aaagaaagga cggaaaggaa ggaaggaaga aaagtggacc aaacccaggt gactgtttcc     81240
     cagaggaagc tacttatctg gccagaagga tgagcaagtg agcagagtac taacctcact     81300
     gtgtccgtcc ttcgtgggct ggggctgact ctaggagata atattacagg agcaaaggag     81360
     atagtaggat cccagaaagc cagaggacag gtaacagcaa agcagaaaag agggctgaat     81420
     tcccaaatta tccagcaatg tcagaatgga aggaagaagt tttgactgca aggcgtttat     81480
     ggaaatgctt ccaagatcat ggtgttatca gaggcaaggt agatggacaa ccaacaagaa     81540
     cattgcttaa tagttgccca gtggctcaat gagttgggga tctggcgttg tcactgttat     81600
     ggtatggact ggattgggaa cttccacatg ccaccagcac agccaaaaaa aaaatggagt     81660
     tcctgttttg gcacagcaga aacaattccg gctagtatcc atgaggattc gggttcaatt     81720
     cctggcctct ctcagtgggt cagtgatcca gagttgctgt gagctgtggt gtaggccagt     81780
     ggctacagct tggcttcaac ccctagcctg ggaacttcca tgagctgcag gtgcagccct     81840
     aaaaataaaa aatgtaggat ttcccgtcat ggctcagtgg ttaaggaatc cgactaggaa     81900
     catgaggttg cgggttcgat ccctggcctc attcagtggg ttacagatct tgcattgcca     81960
     tgagctgtgg tgtaggtcac agacatgagc tgtggtgtag gtcacagatg cagctcagat     82020
     cccatgttgc tgtgactgtg gtgtaggcct gcagctacaa gctccgattt gacccctagc     82080
     ctgggaacct ccatatgcca cgggtatggc cttagaaaaa ggcaaaaaga caaaaaaaaa     82140
     aaattttttt taaagaatgt ttcaggagtt cccactgtgg cacagtggca tttcattgtc     82200
     tctgcagcag cttgggccac tacagcgggg gcatgttcaa tccccagctt gacacagtgg     82260
     gttgaggatc ccacattgcc tcagctgtgg cataggtcac agatgtggct tggattggat     82320
     cccaggccca ggaaatacaa tatgctgtga gatgggaaaa aaaaagaaag aagaaaagtc     82380
     gcttgatatg gtaattaata gattaccaat aattgaatta gaggatgtga ttatttacct     82440
     aatagaaagc taccatccct tacctagttt ccaaacccga gccaattctc ggaactcatg     82500
     gttgaagaga gcctaggtcc ccgaggaaat atccagcaaa agcaaaaccg tggcaactgt     82560
     gtgcagtagg aattccccac aggctcccag gaaggtaccc atggccattt actccaattt     82620
     ccattctctg acaaaaagga aaatctagat ccttttaggt ctcctggaaa cacagtccaa     82680
     tttgacaatg atacctgggg aaacaaagta caatcatcaa ctcccgttag aggagaggca     82740
     tgtggggaaa aggaaataat tcgaggagag gcatgtgggg aaaaggaaat aattcgaatc     82800
     ctgtcttagg tccacccacc cagatctctg tgagttctca gtatctacac atccattggg     82860
     tggtaatttc cccaagttcc aaatgtaaca ttggagtgga catatttaga atcagcaaga     82920
     acctcatatt tgttatttga cccgaggagt aaaagctttt agctagaaac gccaagtaga     82980
     agctcagcca aggcagaatt ataaaaacaa tattggggtg ttcctgctgt ggcacagggg     83040
     ggttaagaac cgcactgcag cagcttgggt cgctgcagag gcgcaggttc aatccctggc     83100
     ttggcacagt gggttaaagg atccagccac tgtggtgtag gtcacagctg ctgctcagat     83160
     tcaatccctg gccaggaaac ttccttatgc ctcgggggtg gctataattt tttttttcaa     83220
     tttaaaaaat aaaaacaata ttttatcttg ggggtaatga aagaagttaa tttcatccca     83280
     gaagacttaa gggacccagg ggtggtcata taaccatttg atccaccgct gtggttcttg     83340
     cagaaactgg aagcatcatt gtcaatgata ccaagaaaat tcttggagtt cccgtcatgg     83400
     tgcagtggtt aacgaatcag actaggaacc atgaggttgc gggttcggtc cctgcccttg     83460
     ctcagtgagt taaggatccg gcgttgccgt gagctgtggt gtaggttgca gacgcggctc     83520
     ggatcccgcg ttgctgtggc tctggcgtgg gccggtggct acagctccga ttggacccct     83580
     agcctgggaa tctccaaacg ctgcgggagc ggcccaagac caagaaatag caaaaagacc     83640
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa aaaaagaaaa ctcttaactc tgagcactgc tacctttctt     83700
     ttcatttcct acctttagat ttttttatat tattttatgt tatttttttg tctctcgtcc     83760
     ttttagggcc atacccttgg cataaggagg ttcccaggct agtggtcgaa ttggagctgt     83820
     agctgttggc ctacacaaca gccccagcaa cacaggatct gagctgcatc tgcaacctac     83880
     accacagctc acggcaacac cagatcttta atccactgag tgaggccagg aatccaacct     83940
     gcgtcctcat ggatactagt cgggttcatt aactaaccac tgagccacga tgagaactcc     84000
     tcatttccta ccttcatagt tgcaccaacc aagttctctc ttttaattcc aaatttcctg     84060
     gaacaccgag ccatttgtac aggatcacaa ttttgatctg gatggctatg gaggaagcac     84120
     caaaacgttg acttgaactc ttcacttgtt ctagtctctg cattcctagc ctcatccctg     84180
     tgagatgcca tgcagtcaga tggttcccaa agtcaccctg tggttggccc ccagtgtccc     84240
     ctcctctagt accatgccct tgccattcta acttctggaa catcagctgg acttgtagca     84300
     aacagaatag gagaactaat gaaagcatat tttggtaatt gcagggcggg ggttggggca     84360
     gcgatatgaa aacctggatc attttcctca agattagctg tccaggcctg gacaagcagg     84420
     ttagctggac aagcagatat tttcgatgga tcccaatgac aggtgacgct gcagcccttt     84480
     cccacctgag gggtttctcc tctaggtctc agcctccaca gcccctgcca tcagacagga     84540
     ggaggagaga ccaggagaag agattcccgc tctggctgga atatcaaggg aaccattgtc     84600
     agctctgcag tggggagtga ctgcatttgg ttccaggata tattggaaaa gccttggatg     84660
     gagacttaca gacttgagtt ttgccaagaa ctgggtcgtt tgggcaggtt attcaaccac     84720
     cggttttctc tatttatctt ctgtaaatgg agggtgtgat catgacctca cgggtctctt     84780
     ctgcaccagc tgtctcagat tctgtgtgcg agttcctgga agcagagtca cacagcccag     84840
     cattcatgta agagggtgca ctatgcccag tgcagtttcc taagaggtgc tgtgatacaa     84900
     acaacttaac actaacgagc accaaacttc agctgagaaa aggcctgaat gaagtttaga     84960
     atcaaatgca aataattctg ggattgcccc agactgacca ccaccctctc caggactccc     85020
     gctatctccc gcacaagctc ctagtccaac ccttacacgc tctatcagct tctttctgtc     85080
     ccgtcccttg tctcacactg tgacccctta gaaggagggg actctgctgg gacctctaac     85140
     acaccatcca gcgagccttt gctgaattca cattcctgta agaatcaact gataaaagct     85200
     gagcagcccc attattcaga tttaattgta cctcctactg gtgtatgccc tgattcagca     85260
     tttcaggcca ttcacacact gtttcaatag agctaaaccc tcaagagata ttaattaggg     85320
     agttcccttc gtggctcagt gtttaacaaa tctgactatg aaccatgagg atgcaggttt     85380
     gatccttggc ctcgctcagt gggttaagga tccggtgttg ctgtgagctg tagtgtaggt     85440
     tgcagacatg gctcagatcc caagttgctg tggctgtggt gtagtctggt agctacagct     85500
     ccgattagac ccctagcctg ggaaccttca tatgccgctg gtgcagcctt aaaaaataca     85560
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaagagaga gagagagaga tattaattag aaattaatta actacaatct     85620
     atcccctgac tcatgcccag tttcacccca tatcttgcca ctcactaaat tctgagatct     85680
     tacaaaatct tttttctttt tacggtcaca cccatggcac atggaagctc ccaggctagg     85740
     ggtcaaatca gagctgcagc tgccggcctg tgtcacagcc aggacaacac tggatctgag     85800
     ccatatctgc aatctacact gcagcctgcg gcaacgccaa accctcaacc cactgaacga     85860
     ggccagggag cgaacctgca ccctcacaga caccatgttg gccactgaac cacaacagga     85920
     actccttaga acaacttttt ttcttcttct ttttgtcctt ttagggccac acccacaact     85980
     tatggaggtt cacaggctag ggatctaatc agagctatag ctgctggcct acaccacagc     86040
     tcacagcaat gccggatcct taacccactg agcaaggcca gggattgaac ccgcaacttc     86100
     atggttccta gtcggattcg tttcctctgc gccacgatgg gaactccaga acatcttttc     86160
     aaaaaaattt ttccagagtt cccattgtgg ctcagtgggt taagaagctg acatagtgcc     86220
     catgaggatg caggttcaag ttcaatccct gaccttgctc agtggtttga ggattccatg     86280
     ttgctacaag ctgtggcata gactgcatat ggggctcaga cccggtgttg ttgtggctat     86340
     ggtatctgca gctgcagctc tgattttacc cctagccagg gaacttccat atgccacagg     86400
     tggggcccta aaaataaaaa ataaacattt tttcacttca tccatccaaa tcatacacat     86460
     gcatgtaggt ctgtccagag ttctgcttca ctcatgaaac tctccctaac cactaaggtg     86520
     tctcacctat gcacttcaat aaaccatgtc tctgctgttc ctctgacatt gaaggaggtt     86580
     ctggtttgac ctgagtatgc atcaaagtgt caatcaggag tccctaaaag taaggccact     86640
     gccccatgtt aactgcaagc tcttcggggg ccaagactag gttagaacat tctggttccc     86700
     cacctccagt acctctgaat tatgttagac acatatccat gacccagtga aacctcctca     86760
     tacccctgat cccaaacctc taatgtcact atttcctcca tctccttact tctccaggat     86820
     tccccatctt ccaaggccct ccccctgggg atctcctctt cctccccctc ctcctccacc     86880
     catcctaggg agggagattc cagagctgat cccctggagg aggagccttc attaccagaa     86940
     gcagcagcag gaacaagtac agggacttgg agttcaaggt cttatcccag gaaactgagg     87000
     gcacccagca tgtttggggg ggtccactct ggacctgaga accagctatt atgccctgga     87060
     gattggttcc tccctaaggc caaagtccgt ggtcatttag tgggaaggaa aacgtcagca     87120
     tgcattttgg gaaacaattc agactgaatc tgacactgaa tgtggatgct ctcttgtgtg     87180
     cactgctctg aactgtggcc aagaacattg ggagaccaac aaggagcagg ccaataggga     87240
     atctccaata ggaaatgcgg aagttcctgg gatggaatcc aagcacctac cgcccctagc     87300
     tgtggcaatc gggaatcctc agtcgcctgg cctcagtcct atggccacac gggggcgcca     87360
     cctctctgct ctgtcctacg gagcacagcc tggggagagg gcgggcagtg gtttgagtcc     87420
     gagatggctg accaggaggc agaacatcag tgggggaaga agtgtcttac cagcagccca     87480
     ggcagaggcc agcctgtctg tcttcttaga agcatcagaa aggcgacaag aggagttccc     87540
     gtcgtggctc agtggttaac gaatccgact aggaaccatg agggtttgat ccctggcctt     87600
     gctcagtggg ttaaggatcc ggtgttgcca tgagctgtgg tgtaggttgc agatgccgct     87660
     ctaacctcgc gttgctgtgg ctctgaaata ggctggtggc tatagctccg attggacccc     87720
     tagcctggga acctccatat gctgcggaaa cggctcaaga aatcaaaaaa aaaaaagaaa     87780
     gaaagaaaga aaggtgacaa gatattaata aatgaccatt cctccccaaa gaagagaaag     87840
     atcctgtgtg gcctccgcag agaacagggt cctgaggaaa ggctgtgtga gttcactgcc     87900
     cagagcccag gcacgaagtc cagcacgtcc agctctgtgc ccccagctct tgactcttcc     87960
     catctgcctt tctttttaga aattcagaga ttttatatcc tgtgattatg agatatatgc     88020
     accatgtact atatgatata atgtatattc actggagaaa aattataaaa tgttaaaaat     88080
     gaaaaagaac tttcatcctc acagttggag ctattttact gggtcttctc tattattata     88140
     cacccttctg ctgctgccca agtgctggaa ctttctctct ctaaattgat gggcccagga     88200
     gttcccgctg tggcatagtg ggttaatgat cctacttgtc tctgtggcta agcttcttgg     88260
     atcccggcat ggtaggctgg cacaatgggt taaggatcca acccttaacc tgtgggtggt     88320
     aggtggctca gattcaatcc caggaacttc cacatgctgc aggtgccacc caaaaagaaa     88380
     aaaataaaat agtgaaaaat aaaataatat ttttataaca ataaaaaaat aaaataataa     88440
     taactgatga gcacagacct cagtggcccc accacgcact ctccagatgc cacttcctca     88500
     gtcagctcac tctcacacat catttcctcc ttcctcctca ctcccctcca ctctcccctc     88560
     gccccactct aaagtgagga gcttatttct tttttcagtc agaggaagga aggactgaat     88620
     ctcagccccg cacactccac aactgcacct gtatcctcac ctttccacca gatgtgacaa     88680
     cagaaggtcc cctcctgtct aaggccaccc ttcagctggg cacaggattg gactcctgtc     88740
     tccctgcacc atcaatttcc ctttctccac tgctgcataa gttcctgcat acaagcaggc     88800
     tgtaattatt tcccattttt aaaaaatgaa ataggagctc ccactgtggc gctgttggat     88860
     tggcgcttct tgggagtgct gagacgcagg ttatatgcac atagtttcaa aagtccaata     88920
     cttctacaag gctcattatg aaacagatgt ccccccaccc cacccccact atttcttgaa     88980
     tctaagagac cagcagtttt cactcttttg gctgaatctc tagttgttac tgccaaggct     89040
     ctaaacagaa cttacaatac tccttgtttt taagttttag tgaactggtt cttctttcgc     89100
     actcccccat tctcctaata taattacttt atcagtttga ttagttcaat gtgcagtaat     89160
     tgcattatga tgatcgtgta aatgctggtc acaccggaga ctttagtaac tatgattttc     89220
     tctttcttga atcaaccttt tattttccct gaagttaata tctaatttct ctgagttccc     89280
     gttgtggctc agtggaaact aatccaacta gtatccatga ggacgcaggt tcgatccctg     89340
     gcctcactca gtgtgtaagg atccagtgtt ggcgtggctg tggtgtaggc ctgcagctac     89400
     agctccgatt caacccctag cctgggaatt tccatatgct gcgggtgcgg ccctaaaaag     89460
     atcaaaaaaa agaaaaaatc taatttcttc atttgcttag tttctgttgt atccattatg     89520
     aaatctttcc caaactctcc cccagggtct aaatatgtgt ttatgtgagc gcatctggat     89580
     tctcccagct tcatcttttc aaacacacct accccacagc cctcaagcct gcctcgcgtg     89640
     gactggtttc ttgcacatct ggggcagggc tgatgtgcca tatctccttc gcctcatcct     89700
     gggcacctca tcttttgttc tgcttcccct gttgcctgaa tcccatggtg tcctcttttt     89760
     tggctttctc catccttttc cccactttgg caaggaagga aacatgggaa gtaaaacact     89820
     ggaactctga acattgcaat gtcttagata ccctcccact tactcacatc ttgaactgat     89880
     attgaactct gtgatggaaa tagtttttcc ttggaattcg gaagatatgg cttcagtatc     89940
     ttctagtcta caggcccatg tttgtcgcct cttgaagttt tcaaggcctc ttctatcctc     90000
     tttctgaaag gtcacgatga tgtgttttgc aatgggtcca tttcatcttt tggagtaaga     90060
     atttggttag gccattaaaa acgtaaattt ctgtctgtaa actcagagaa atgttcttga     90120
     aaaaatgttt taccgtttcc tacttgtcat tcttgatgaa actggtacga ttaatttgct     90180
     ggaatgtctt gactgacaga ctagcaggtc ttctctcctg ctggtcatta ctttccattt     90240
     ataccactta gtgggggtat gatttcatat ttcaattaat tattaaatta ttcatttcta     90300
     tgatcatatt tttattttcc aagaggtctt tcttcctcta tgattgtaca catttttaat     90360
     aattctggtt tagtttcata caccttatat tttttacata tgtttacacg tcttagatat     90420
     tattgatgat agtggtaggg gacctgtcag ggctcctggt tttctgcttt catgatttca     90480
     tgaatttttc ctcacagcac ttagctcagt actggttcac attaatctct gtcatttctt     90540
     tctttttttt ttttttcttt tttcttttta cagccacatc tgaaacacat aaaagttcct     90600
     gggccagggg tcaaatcaga gctgcagctt cagcctaagc catagccaca gcgacatctg     90660
     atccctaagc cactggacaa ggtcagggat ggaaccccca tcctcacaaa gtcaggtcct     90720
     taacccactg agccacaacg ggaactccta gctctgtcat ttctgctgag tgtccatctc     90780
     cctcacaaga gtgtcagggt tttttttggg ggggagcgca cctatggcat atgttaattc     90840
     ccaggctagg ggtctaatcg gagctacagc tgccagccta caccacagcc acagcaacac     90900
     cgaatccctg acccactgag agagggcagg gatcgaaccc acatcctcat ggatactagc     90960
     tggatttgtt tccatttcgc cacaatggga actccctatc aaggtctgct tttgttcttc     91020
     attgtctcta ccagatcttg attcaaagat gcactaaaat atatgcactt taatctccct     91080
     gaatctccct ttccctgtca ttaaaaggga tcataaattg ggtgcctcgt aggttttctt     91140
     cgaggaataa atgtgattcg ctatgtaaaa tctatggcac tgttgagaca tatttggtgt     91200
     cccacagttc atagtcatta tagtgattat agcacttaga caagattcca ttcttctgct     91260
     tttataaacc aaaattcaag aaatttcttg aacctgtatt ttagggaata tgtgtgatta     91320
     gctaattagg ataacttcct aaaggtgaaa tttctaggtc aaaatgtgag cacattgaaa     91380
     ttattaagat gtttagcaaa ggggcccatt agaaattttg tatcagtgtt caatcccatc     91440
     agcctttatg acagcatatt ccccctaccc tctgctcagt tatctcatcg cttgctttca     91500
     tctttgccaa actgatagat cttaatttta ttctcatttc tcctttcaca ttcttgcttt     91560
     tgtttacatt tatttataac taatatattt gacatttgca tttctttttt tctttttttt     91620
     ttcttttttt ttttttttgt ctttttgcct tttctagggc cactcctcag catatggagg     91680
     ttcccaggct aggggtctaa tcggagctgt agtcacgagc ctacaccaga gccacagcaa     91740
     caccagatcc aagccctgtc tgccacccac accacagccc atggcaacac tggatcctta     91800
     atccactgag caaggccagg gatcaaaccc ccaacctcat ggttcctact tggattcgtt     91860
     aaccactgag ccacgacggg aactcctgtg aatctttggt tgccttagaa aagttttatg     91920
     tttttcttga ttgtttttca cctttgggtc atgcttagag aactcgtcag tctacaattg     91980
     aaaaatgtca tgtgtgtttt catttgggta cagacaataa ggacagagga gtctgggatg     92040
     aaaggaaata aaattgtttg aatttggggg gaaagtatgg ggaggcgcaa taggtaaaga     92100
     attctaaaaa aaataaataa ataaagtatc catttataaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaggag     92160
     ttcccgtcgt ggcgcagtgg ttaacgaatc cgactaggaa ccatgaggtc cctgcccttg     92220
     ctcagtgggt taacgatccg gcgttgccgt gacctgtggt gaaggttgca gacgcggctc     92280
     ggatcccgtg ttgctgtggc tctggcgtag gccggtggct acagctccga ttggacccct     92340
     agcctgggaa cctccatatg ccgcgggagc ggcccaagaa gtagcaacaa aaacaacaac     92400
     aacaacaaca aaaagacaaa agacaaaaaa aataaataaa aaaaaaaata aagtatccat     92460
     ttataaaaaa aaaaaaaaga aaagaaaaga gtttgattcc ctgcccagga acttccatat     92520
     gccacaggcc ccagggggaa aaaaaaatca actgacgctt aacaagtaac aatacttgtt     92580
     tccttgattc aaacgttgat ttactgaaat ctacagtgga agacctataa cttagtgaaa     92640
     ccatacatta ctttaaaaac tcatgcatta gttaaagatc catttcaata tcaagatagg     92700
     cctatgtatt ttaatgtgac aagacaggaa gtattcagtg tttcaggttc cacttggtca     92760
     aaaaacaaaa ctgagaaact accacttgca taattttaat ttagtaacaa agatgattag     92820
     caaaaattat ctgaaaatgt tagttaaaac actactctca tgcatttgta aggctgcata     92880
     ttttttcata tacttcaatc aaaataacag tgggttgttt tggtatttat ttgtttttgt     92940
     ttttgttttg tctttttgcc tttctaggcc tgctcccacg gcatatggag gatcccaggc     93000
     taggggtcca attggagctt cagccgcagg cctatgccac agccatagcc acaccagatc     93060
     tgagcttcgt ctgcgaccta cagcacagct cacggcaagg ccagatcctt aacccactga     93120
     gcaaggccag ggatggaacc tgcaacctca tggttcctag tcggattcct taaccactgc     93180
     gccacgaagg gaattcctcc agcggtcttc taatgcgaga cgagagttgc aaaaaatgta     93240
     aaaaatacac tcttctgaga cttgtggttg cctgatggga gggggaggga gggggaggga     93300
     gtgggaggga tcgggagctt gggcttatca gacacaactt agaatagatt tacaaggaga     93360
     tcctgctgaa tagcattgag aactatgtct agatactcat gttgcaacag aagaaagggt     93420
     gggggaaaaa ctgtaattgc aatgtataca tgtaaggata acctgacccc cttgctgtac     93480
     agtgggaaaa taaaaataaa taaataaata agtaaataca ctcttctcac tattctgctt     93540
     atctaggaaa atagttattt ctcataaaaa catatgattt ctgttaacat gtaaaaggtt     93600
     attaatacta tcaccctgcc cggattataa aatatcggac cctccccgca tggattttcc     93660
     tgacgcggcc ccaagtcccc acttctcact cccattgcgg gtcgggtttc tggagaagcc     93720
     aatcaaagcc accgcggtcc cgggttacaa aatctccact cacccgcctc cactcagctt     93780
     cttcccagac cccaaggata cgggtcaggg ggtctcgagc cctcctcctg cttctctggg     93840
     ggggggcctg gccctgaccc ggacccgggc gggtgagtgc ggggttgggg aggaacggcc     93900
     tctgcgggga ggaacgaggg caccgcctgg ctggggagcc ggaccccagg agaagatgcg     93960
     cctccgccgc ctccgcccca gattccccac ctcggtcctg ccgggccctg tacctccccc     94020
     gcctcccacc ccttccgaac tccagtgccc tctccgaccc accacccctt tcccttctca     94080
     ccagccccac gcctcctccc cggtcccacg cctcgcaccc ggggccccgc gccgggagga     94140
     gggtcgtgtc tccccctcct ccccaccccc aggctaccac tccctgaggg atgtctacac     94200
     cgccgtgtcc cggcccggcc gcagggagac ccgctccatt gccgtcggct acgtggacga     94260
     cacgcaactc atgaggttcg acagcgacgc cccgaatccg agggtggagc tgcggccgtc     94320
     gtggatggag cagcaggggc cagagtattg ggatctgaac acgcggggcg tcaaggacac     94380
     cgcacaaact cccgcagtga acctgaacac cctgcgccgc tacttcaacc agagtgaggc     94440
     cggtgagcga ctcgggcccg ggtccagggc acgaccacca tccccaggac cggctggggt     94500
     cgccccaaga tttctggacc cgcagggccc cttcatctgg gaaggggcgg caggactttc     94560
     acccagtttc actttcagtt aggtttaacc tctggtcggt cggggcgggg ggcggggctg     94620
     acttccggcg gggctacggg cccggatcag ttatcgggtc accgctagga tctcacactc     94680
     tccagtggac ttacggctgc gacgcagagc cagacggccg cctcctccgc aggtacgaac     94740
     agttcgccta cgacggggag gatttcatcg ccctgaacga ggacctgcgt tcctggaccg     94800
     cggcggacac ggcggctcag atcaccaagc gcaagtggga ggcttcaggt gaggcggagc     94860
     gcgataggaa ctacctgccg ggaacgtgcg tggagtggct cagcagacac ctggagatgg     94920
     ggaaggacac gctgcagcgc agaggtatca ggggccgcgg ggcctccaca atctcccctc     94980
     gggagggagc tggcttctta aaaggagagg aaaatggaat cagtctaaga atatatagcc     95040
     tttctggtgt aggtcgcaga cgcggctcag atcctgagtg actgtggtgt agcccggcag     95100
     ctacatctcc aattcgaccc ctagcctggg aacttccctc catatgctgc ggatgcagcc     95160
     ctcaaaagac aaaaaacaaa caaacaaaaa aacaccgcca ttctttctgg acgggagaaa     95220
     gaggttctta tatcctgtac tagagagtga cttgctcaga agccagactt tctctaaagg     95280
     gcaattaaag aatttagtct cagggaaatg gaaagggaga ccatccctga tgtaactgat     95340
     cagcagttcc ctgtgactct gacagcaatg ttgtgaacca tgactttctc tctaaaggtc     95400
     tttttctcca cctgagaaca tctttggagg cctgactcca gcttttctga gtcagtcacc     95460
     ctccacccag aataggacca gagactgtct tcttcctctg agacctgaag acttttaccc     95520
     tagtctctaa ttatagaaat ttccaaggaa taggagatat ttccagaccc ccacccccat     95580
     ccccaggcca ggctggtgtc tgtggtttgt gcttctcctt ccaaaccatt gtcctctcca     95640
     ttctcccagt ggtcacatga ggctgcttca gtggcccctt gtgagtaatc cgaagtgaat     95700
     tttctgattc ttcttcctca gaccctccaa agacacatgt gacccgccac cccagctctg     95760
     acctcggggt caccttgagg tgctgggccc tgggcttcta cctaaggaga tctccctgac     95820
     ctggcagcgg gagggccagg accagagcca ggacatggag ctggtggaga ccaggccctc     95880
     aggggatggg accttccaga agtgggcggc cctggtggtg cctcctggag aggagcagag     95940
     ctacacctgc catgtgcagc acgagggcct gcaggagccc ctcaccctga gatggggtaa     96000
     ggagggccct gggggcggag cctcttctca gacacagcag aagcccttct gaagaccttc     96060
     cgcaaggtcg ggactcaagc ctgaggaggg ccctcccctc gccctttgtt cccagaccct     96120
     cctcagcccc cctgccctgt ccccatcata ggcatcattg ttggcctggt tctcgttgct     96180
     gaagtggtgg tggctggaat tgtgatctgg tggaagaagc gctcaggtag ggaagggagc     96240
     ggggatctga gtctccttgt ctcagtgggg gtttcaagcc caggtggaag ttgacctgcc     96300
     ttattcctgg gatgacccct ccacacacat gtgctgagtc tggggctgag tgctaccacg     96360
     taccctctgt aaagcaggtg tggaaatgaa agacaaaata ctcacctgga tacttctggt     96420
     gatccgggcc tgatttccag cagtcagaga ttagagggga aggtccctgc tgaggacaca     96480
     cttctaggag ggcggttggt tcaggccctg cgcatctctt cttcatgttt cctgaccctg     96540
     cccagagtct tcagtcacag ttctagaaac ctccctgtgg tccaggacta ggggcttcct     96600
     ctaggatctc atgaccctgc ctcctccctg gcctgtcatg tgatgttttc tgcctaaaga     96660
     cagaaaagat agcagctatg ctcagactgc tagtaagttt gggtcgattg gagggttatg     96720
     cctgaaatcg ttggaatagt gtaaatggga gcctatgggg aggaatctca tccatcccat     96780
     aattcctcct ttagtctcat ctcctatgga ctttgatcag atcctgtttc gttttatccc     96840
     agcaagtgac agtgcccaag gctgtgatat catctttcac cagtcctaaa ggtgagaccc     96900
     tgaagggcct gatgctcagc cctggggacc tcttcccccc cgggccacct tctcctcagt     96960
     caccaacaga tcagtgaagc ccaggctggg ctgagtccac ggcaccagca cctcaggtac     97020
     cgaccccacg aaaggtccct gcggctgtca ctgtgtctcc atcttttcaa agatccgaat     97080
     tctcaaaagg tacaaggact aaaccctgga agtcccagtg ctaagtaacc tgatcagacc     97140
     acacacctga gccggcacat ttctggcact gtgtctagac agcacagaga cctgggagtc     97200
     ctaaacttta ctgcatagga atcatcagga cattttgtta aaattcagag gtctgcagta     97260
     gagcgtggag ttctgtgttg taacaaggtt ggtgctgatg atgctggtct ccggttcaca     97320
     cttttttttt ggcggggggg ggagcaacct cagcatatgg aagttcccag gctaggggtc     97380
     gaatcagagc tacagctgcc ggcctgcacc acaaccacag caacatggga tctaagtctc     97440
     acagcaatgc cagatcctta acccactgag ccgggccaaa gattgaaccc acatcctcgt     97500
     gtatactagt tgggtttgtt actactgagc cacaactggg aagtcccaat ccagatcaca     97560
     ctttgagtag caagactgga gaccaggatt cccacgtggc tgtgcatcag gctcacctgt     97620
     caggcttgtg gaataaggaa ttcttgggct ccgtgcccaa cattctgggt ctgggaagag     97680
     acctgagtat cttgcagcag tccctacaag cagtcctggg cggggctcag ccagattggg     97740
     aaccaatgag gtcagtgatc agagagcgcc cagggtgggg aggggtcttc aatccgcaat     97800
     tacgtgttgt gtgttcctgg gaagaaaagg gcaagacatc tgctggggca tagctgttgt     97860
     ttctctacct ggggtgtgta gccaggcgga agacttgggg acgtgcttat cagcccagcg     97920
     taatgaaaat caatgcatcc ttgctctctg aaactactcc ctaggtggat ttctcactca     97980
     ttccttggta caaacaatgg aatccaaatt tttctagttg taacataaat gaaaagtgtg     98040
     tctgtctgtc tgtgtctgcc tgtgtctgtc tgtgtgtgcg tgtggactgg gactctgttc     98100
     ctttcaggga aagccacaga acaagcttga ggctacatag ccgagaacaa aatccacaat     98160
     ccacccgagg gtaccacaca ggaacccccg cccctgcagc tgagcgtaga tgtcactgct     98220
     cacaccactg acacctcact gggctgggac tgctgtagtt gcttctcttg gcagctggat     98280
     gtcactactg cctctcatgc cacctttgcc aaatgcatgc agcactgtcc tggcttcttt     98340
     atgtcaccac accctgagtc agagtcagta tgcggtcacc tgactggtgg acttatgccg     98400
     tgtccacctg caagaatgtt gaggaaacaa gttttgctgt catgtggagg gagatggtct     98460
     ctgtctccta gtaagacact tgaagtgggg atccccctaa ggcaggaaga gggtacaggt     98520
     gccgggagtg aagaatgggg tgagagatgg aaaaagaatg acaaatatta attttcctgg     98580
     ctgcatttga acattgctct ggactagtga ctcttttttt tttttttttt tttgcttctt     98640
     tttattgctt ttttttcggg gggccgcact cgcggcatat ggaggttccc aggctagggg     98700
     gtgaatcaga gctacagctg ccagtctatg ccacagccat agcaacacca gatctgagcc     98760
     gtgtctgtga cctacaccac agctctcagc aacactggat ccttagccca ctgagcaagg     98820
     ccagggatca aacccacaac ctcatggttc ctagtcagat tcgtttccgc agcgccacga     98880
     caggaactcc cagactagtg actctatgcc tcccctttct ccccttttac atgtgtctga     98940
     aggttgtaca aggtcccacc gttgtgtatt aggtctgtgg aggcagataa ctcatctcct     99000
     tacttcacag gccttcagcc catgagaaac tgtgattgaa gggcttcact taacataaat     99060
     acactccagg agcctcatcc acactggggc tggatttgga tgatgatctt ctgggttttg     99120
     tactgattct gtaatgagat gttggggacc ttggatgcga gggagtttat cctgcgtgtg     99180
     gaaggcctgc aaataatgag tgtccagaag gcggaccata gtggttttca aatgtccata     99240
     tactgttcaa tacttgagag gcagaggcag gatcttccgt agtggctgtg ccttccttcc     99300
     agcaaggagt caatgttcct gccctggtct gaatgtttgc gtgccctcaa agttcatatg     99360
     ttgaaatcct agtgcccagt gtgatggtac tagttggggg gggggggggg ctgtgggagg     99420
     tgcttacgtc gtaagagaga gtggagccct aatgagtggg atgagtacct acgttcctgc     99480
     tcccaggtct caaggtgggt attttccaca ccaccaagca cttctctgac accagctagg     99540
     aggcctacag ttcaactgtt ctgacaccat ttagctagag atcacatcag atcacacagg     99600
     ttggagttcc catcatggct cagctgttaa ctaacccgac tagtatccat gaggatgagg     99660
     gtttgatccc tggccttgct caataggtta aggatatggc attgtcgtga gctgtggtgt     99720
     aggtcgaaga cgaggctcag attctgcttt gctgtggttg tggcataagc cggcagctgc     99780
     aactctgatt cgacccttag cctgggaatc tccatatgct gcaggtgcag cactaaaaag     99840
     gcaaaaaaag aaaaaagaaa aaagagaaga tcacacaggt taagggttca gtctcccaag     99900
     actattcctc tcaattgcaa atcctacaca tctgactggt tcaatggttc ccagaacccc     99960
     tcctgattaa tttactagag aagctcacag aactcaggaa aatagtttcc ttactgttta    100020
     ccagtttatt ataaaaggat atgatgaaga gtacagacga gtacccggat gggagagatg    100080
     cgtggggtga tgtatgtggc aggggccacc aagcttccat gccctctgtg ggggcaccac    100140
     tctcccagca cctccacttg ttcaccaacc tgaagactcc aaaccccatc cttttgggtt    100200
     tttatggaag cttcattaaa taggcataat cgattaattc attagcagtt gattcagtct    100260
     ccagccccca cttacctcca cagaggtcat gggggtgggg ctgaaaattc cagtcctcta    100320
     atcacttggt agcttcctct ggtgccccac aaccctcatc cttaggttag ctgaagagct    100380
     ttccaaaagt cacctcatta acgtaacaaa agatatcttc ggagttccca gagtggctca    100440
     gtggttagcg aacccgacta ggaaccatga ggttgtgggt ttgatccctg gcctcactca    100500
     gtgggttgag gatccagtgt tgccgtgagc tgtggtgtgg gtcacagatt cggttcggat    100560
     cccacgttgc tgtggtggtg gtttaggccg gcagctgcag ctgcgaatgg acccctagct    100620
     tgggaacctc catatgccgc gggtgtggcc ctaaaaagac aaaagacaaa aataaataaa    100680
     taaataaata aacaaaagat accttcatcg ctctcatact tatgaaattg aaaagttttt    100740
     gtagctctgt gccaggaaaa gagaggagaa ccaaatatat atttattaca aatcacgaca    100800
     ttacagtgcc tcatgcaaga ggcttcaggg aggtccctag tgctttccgc tctgtgaggt    100860
     cacagccaca aggtggcagc tgtgagccag gaagagggtc cttacccagc cttgctagtg    100920
     tggtgatcat ggacagccca gcctgcagaa cactgagcag taactttctc ttgttcataa    100980
     actacccagt tggtgctgtt ttgttacaac ggtcctaaca gaccacatcc tcatgatact    101040
     tgttatcaca agtttttttt tttaatttct atatttacat ttatatatgt ttacttacct    101100
     actttttaat tactcagtga attttattat atttatagtc atacattgat cattacaacc    101160
     caattttata gcatttccat cccaaacccc cagcccatcc cccaccccca acctgtctca    101220
     tttagaaacc ataagttttt caaaatctgt gagtcaggat ctgttctgca aagaagttcc    101280
     cacctccttt ttttagattc cacatgtaag tggtagcgta tgatgttggt gactcactgt    101340
     ctgactaact tcacttatga tgatgatttc taggtccatc catgttgctg caaatgccgt    101400
     accagtttgt attttaacta ttccaataga cgtgtaatag catactattt ttgtaatttg    101460
     cattttccta atgacatgat attgggcatc ttttccagta tactttatca tgtataccat    101520
     ctgtatattg tctttggtga aatgtctgtt cagattttgc ccattttttt tttgttgttg    101580
     ttgttgttgt tgttgttgtt gttgctattt cttgggccgc tcccgcggca tatggaggtt    101640
     cccaggcttg gggtccaatc ggagctgtag ccaccggcct acgccagagc cacagcaacg    101700
     cgggatccga gccgcgtctg caacctacac cacagctcac ggcaacgccg gatcgccaac    101760
     ccactgagca agggcaggga ctgaacccac aacctcatgg ttcctagtcg gattcgttaa    101820
     ccactgcgcc acagcgggaa ctccaagatt ttgcccattt ttaattgggt tatctgcttt    101880
     cttattgtta tgttttaagt gttctttata tattaactct tttgtcagag aggtgatttg    101940
     caagagtttt ctcctggtct gtggcctgtg ctcttttact gacataatta acacacacta    102000
     gtgaccttat ataagcatgg gtttttattt tacaaaaaag accagtattt ttctggaaag    102060
     agaaatgaga aattgttaac tgtggtttct gggcagatga cctgggtgcc tgggggatgg    102120
     gaaatgtgac gttatatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtcta tctctatcta tgtctatatc    102180
     aatatatccc tcaggatctt tttgaatttt cttatgtgta catcaaagaa tactttcaaa    102240
     actaagtgac attaaaatcc tttaaacttg taaaacacct gacagatcat gtccaaatca    102300
     tgtgttgaaa ctcacatttt gatcctctat tctgggactg atttttttta agactatttt    102360
     ttaaggagtt ccttcatggc gcagtagaaa caaatccgac aagaaaccat gaggttgcag    102420
     gttcgatccc tggcctcact cagtgggtta aggatcctgc attgccatga gctgtggtgt    102480
     acgtcccaga cgcagctcag atctgacgtg gctgtggctg tggtgtaggc cggtggctac    102540
     agctccaatg agacccctag cctgggaacc tccgtatgcc acggtgcggt ccttaaaagc    102600
     aaaaaaaaag aaaaaagact atttttttag atcagtgtta gcttcacaac aaaattgaaa    102660
     gtacagagat tccccatatg ctccctgtcc cctcctccaa tgcataacct cccgtcatca    102720
     acatccccca cagggcggtc catttgttag aattgatgaa cctgcatcac gctcactcaa    102780
     attcagtggt ttatcttgtt tacctccagg tttactcctt tacgttttat tgaagtataa    102840
     ttgatttaca aggttgtgat aacttctcct atatagagtt cactcttgat ggtgcacatt    102900
     ctgtgggttt gaacaaatgt gtgatgcatg tatatccatc attataatac ttggagcatt    102960
     tttactgccc ttaaaatcct ctctgctcct tctattcatt tctcccctct ccctaacctc    103020
     tggcaaaaac tgaactctct actgtctcca tggttttgcc ttttccagca tgtcatatag    103080
     ttgaaatcgt acaggatatc atcttttgag atagcttctt ttacttaata atatgcattt    103140
     aaggttcctc atgttttttc aaggcttgat agctcatttc tttcttagtg ctgaaagtat    103200
     tccattgtgt aatataccac agtttattca cccacctact gaaggacatc ttgactgctt    103260
     ccagatttgg actttttttt tttttttttt attattatta ttattatttt tttgcttttt    103320
     tagagcttca cctgtagcat gtggaagttc ccaggctagg ggtcaaatca gagcatcaga    103380
     gttgcagcca ccagcctata tcacagccac agccacacca gatctgagct gctcctgcga    103440
     cctacctatt gcagcttgct gcagtgccag attcttaatc cattgagcaa ggccagggac    103500
     cgaacacgga cactgtgttg ggttcttaac cagctgagcc acagcagaaa ctctgggttt    103560
     tcacctcctt tggggaaata ccaaagaggg tgtatggtaa gtttggtaag ttttgtgaca    103620
     aaccaccaaa ctcttccaaa atagcggtac cattctgcat tcaagccagc aatgaataag    103680
     aattcgggtc agtccacacc ctcattgtca cttggtgtca gttttctgaa tttttgccat    103740
     tctaataagt gtgtagtggt atctcattgt tttaattttc atttccctga tgacttattt    103800
     tttgagcatc tgttcatgtg ctcgtttgcc atctctgtat gtcttctttg gtgatgtgac    103860
     tgttaaggtc tttgcccaat ttttaatggt tgtttgtctt gttgttgagc tttaggagtt    103920
     ctttgtgtat tttggataac agtgccttac tagatgtgct ttttgcaaac atattctcct    103980
     actatgtggc ttgacttcca attctcctga cattgtcttt cacagagcag aagttattgt    104040
     tattattatt gaggtaaaat taacatatta ttttcaagtg cacgacgtaa tgatttaata    104100
     ttgtgtatat tgcaaaatga tcaccacagt gcgtcaacgt taatcatcat acgtagttat    104160
     aaaactcttt ccttgtgaga agaactcaga tttattctct tagcaacttt caaatatgca    104220
     atacagtatt aactatagtt gccatttgta cactacatct ctggaactta tttattttat    104280
     agctggaagt ttgtaccttt tgattccccc catccatcca ttttgcccat tcctccaccc    104340
     ctgcaccttt gataatcact aatccgttct ctctattgtt gatcttggga gcttttcttg    104400
     caggggaggg ctctggttat attccacata taagtgaagt catatgatat gatatttgct    104460
     tttctctgtc tgatgtatat cactcagcat aatgccctca agatccatcc atgtcacaaa    104520
     tggcaagatt tcattccttt tatagctgaa taatattcct ctgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    104580
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgagt acacgacgtc ttctttaccc atttaaccat cctcgggcac    104640
     tttgccccca tatcttggcc attgtaaata atgctgcagt gaacatgagg atgcaaatat    104700
     ctttttgagt cagtgtcatt ttctccagat aaatacccag aagtagaact gctaaatcat    104760
     atggtggttc tattttaatt ttttgaggaa cttccataat gttttccatg gtagctgcac    104820
     caatttacac tcctgccaac agttctcaag ggttcctttt cccccacatc ctcgcccaca    104880
     ctcgcagaag attttaataa gtccagctta tcacttattt ctttcctgga ttgtgccttt    104940
     gttgtatcta agaagtcatc gccatcccct aagtcatcaa agttctctcc tatgctatct    105000
     tttgggtgtt ttatagtttt accttgtttt ctttttttaa ttttttatta tagtcgattt    105060
     acagtgttct gtcaatttct gctgtacaac aaagtgactg gatatagttc cctgtgctgt    105120
     acagcaggac ctcgttgctt atccattcta aatataatag tttgcatcta cgaaccccaa    105180
     acacagtttt acttacatct aggtctatcc tccatttgag ttaatttttg tgaagggtgt    105240
     aaagtctgtg acgagactga tgtttgttag catgaatgtc cagtggttct agcaccattt    105300
     gatgaagagg ttatctttgc tccattgtat gcctttgctt gttttgtttt tgtttgttgg    105360
     tctttttgtc tttttagggc cgcacccatg gcatgtggag attcccaggc taggggtcca    105420
     atcagagctg tagctgccag cctatgccag aggcacagca acaccagatc cgagctgcgt    105480
     ctgtgaccta caccacagct tatagcaaca ccagatcctt aacccactga gcagggccag    105540
     ggatcaaacc cgagtcctca tggatgctag tggagttcgc taaccgctga gcggagacgg    105600
     gaactccgag cctttgcttg ttttgtcaaa gattagttga tgacatttat gtttggctat    105660
     ttctaggctc ttcatttcta ttcaattgat caacattgtc cctcagcatc cacagagaat    105720
     tgacttcagg actccccaga aaggtaccaa aatctgtaaa tgctcaagtc ctctttgtaa    105780
     aatggcatag tatttgcata taaccaacac acatcctcct gtgtactttt gatcatgtct    105840
     aggttaactt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttttggtc ttttagggcc acacctgcgg    105900
     catatggaag ttcctgggta ggggttgaat gggaactgtg gctgccagtc ttcaccacag    105960
     ctacagtgac tccagatgca aactgcgtct gcaacctgca ctgcagtttg tggcaacgct    106020
     ggatccttaa cccactgatc gaggccaggg atcgaacctg cctcctcatg aatgctagtc    106080
     ggtttgtaac cactgagcca tgatgggaac tccatctcta gattacttct aatacagtgt    106140
     aattgcaatg taggtggttg taaatacaat gtaaatgcta tgtaaatagt accgggtgta    106200
     gcgaactcaa attttgcttt gggaaacttt ttgaaaaaat tttttaaatc ttaagggcaa    106260
     tgtttcgccc tgtttccttc ttctctttta taaatcttag aactattttt gatttttcag    106320
     tctgttcagg tttttacaca gtttaagaac agagaggtga tttccaagct gcttatatgt    106380
     agaacccaaa ctgggaactc cccaaagatc tttttgctga actattttgc tgtaaatttt    106440
     tcatttctag agaagatggg catagtatag tagataaatc ctttcactga aaatagatac    106500
     aaatgtcatg taaaattcaa aaaccttctt ctttttttgt ctttttaggg ccacacccat    106560
     ggcatatgga ggttttcagg ctaggggcga atcagagcta cagctgctgg cctacaccac    106620
     agccccagca acgccagatc cgagcttcgt cttcgaccta cacctcagct catggagaca    106680
     ctggatcctt agcctactga gaggagccag ggatcgaacc cgcgtcctcc tggatactag    106740
     tcaggttcat tcaccactga gccacaatgg gaactcccac tatttttctt ttataaacca    106800
     caattcaaga aacatccttg aatacgtctt ttgagaacat gtgtgattat cttcttagga    106860
     tacatttttt taggaactta gttatctctg cctcaaaatg taagcacatg taaattgttg    106920
     atatgatttg caaatgtacc ctttataaat tttgtactgt ttagctttat ttcaaagcta    106980
     aaaaaaaaat ggcttaggac aaaatgggtt cttttatggc aggaaagcca tttgtggttc    107040
     tttctccagg gatctccaac ctgtttgctt atggttctac tattaagatt tttttttcct    107100
     ctacagcaac tgtaggccaa agtttatgta tctaatgtta tttcaaacta tttaaatggg    107160
     caaatgaatg tgtaaagtat atagtctatc caaacgggag gttactgagg aactgaccag    107220
     agtgacattt cttgactagg cagaggcata atgaaatagg aacttcaagt agaggtcttc    107280
     agagtttaaa caaacaaaca aaaaaacata gaaacaaaaa cattactgga gttccccctg    107340
     tggcatagag ggttaaggat ctgactgcag gggcttgggt ccttgcattg ccacagctgc    107400
     ggcataggtc tcagctatgg gctcggattc agtctctggg ccagaaactt ccatatgcta    107460
     taagtgagac cattaaaaat aaaacaaaat ttaaaaataa aaataaattt ttatggagtt    107520
     cccaatgtgg cacagcggaa ataaatccaa ctagtaccca tgaaggtagg ggttcgatcc    107580
     ctggcctcac tcaatgggtc gggaatccag ctttgccatg agccatggtg taggtcgcag    107640
     acacagttca gatcccacgt tgctgtggct gtggtgtagt ctggtagcta cagcgccgat    107700
     tcgatcccta gcctgggaac ttccctatgc cgtgggtatg gccctaaaag caaaaaaata    107760
     aaataaaata aaattttaaa gcctaacaac ttgttaaaat ttaatgcatc ctttaattct    107820
     attattttcc ccaaaaagtg tatactttag gatagagatg agcaaaaaac tggactttga    107880
     gtggttaaga aagtgggctt catgcttggc acactttaaa aaaataattt tatattgtac    107940
     atattttttt gctttttagg gctgcacccc gcagcatatg gagattccca ggctagggat    108000
     ccaatcagaa ttacagctgc cagcctactc cacagccaca gctactccag atccaagaca    108060
     cgtctgcgac ctacagcaca gctcacagca acgccggatc cttaacccac tgagcgaggc    108120
     cagggatcga acccgcaacc tcatggttcc tagtcagatt cgttaaccac tgagccacga    108180
     caggaactcc taagcctgaa aattctgatg gaaacaggta atagaccatt gtactcccag    108240
     ggacctacca gagtgctgct taatattttt accaatagat gaagaatgaa taagctgaag    108300
     gctgagatta atgtccccaa aaggaagttt tgattcttta ctggtttctg gacctgagct    108360
     agatctcaga cccacagatt aaaggagatg ccaggtcctc tgttgcggga cccagcaaca    108420
     tcacggcaag cgtatagttt cgtagtccca gaggtccttc gctaaaggaa tcaatggtca    108480
     tttattcata tactgaagaa agaaaatacc cagatctttg ctaggtccct tagacacgaa    108540
     ttaatttgac actaattctt ggggaaccaa agcaccatca tggattccca ttagaggaga    108600
     ggcatatggg gaccaggaaa tgtgtgtcct gtctcaggtc cacccgtatc ttagtaggtt    108660
     ctctgtgtcc acacatccat ttggtggtca tttccctggt tcccaaatat gtaattagaa    108720
     tggacatgtt taacaatgac ccgaacccag gggaggggga aggaggggga tggatggact    108780
     gggaatttgg ggctaatgga tgcaaactgt tgccttggga atggataagc aatgagatcc    108840
     tgtgtatagc actgggaact agtcacttat gatggagcat ggtaatgtga gaaaaaggat    108900
     gtatacatgt atgtatgact gggtcacctt gctgtacagt agaatattga cagaacacta    108960
     taaacaaact atgatggaaa aattaaaaat aattaaaaaa aaaaatacca gaaccctcac    109020
     agaacttctt tgacctgtag agtaaaagcg tgatagtaag agaggccaag tggaagccca    109080
     tgaaatagcc tttgaatctc agtcaaagac agaaaattac aatagtggtg taccttgagg    109140
     gtagtgaaag agattgatac cactctcaaa tacgtaaagc atgcaggagt tcccatagtg    109200
     gctcagtgga aatgaatctg actagcatcc atgaggatgc aggttcaatc cctggcctca    109260
     ctaagggggt taaggatctg ccattgctgt gaattgtggt gtaggtcgca gatgtggctc    109320
     ggatctggca ttgctgtggc tgtggtaaag gccagtggct acagctcaga tttgacccct    109380
     agcctgggaa cctccatatg ccaggggtgc agccctaaaa agacaaataa tgataataaa    109440
     atgaaggatg caatagtgga gggcaatccc aacacactaa gagttaattt gccaatctgg    109500
     ttcttgcaaa aactggatgg atccatggta gatgattgtg gagtgctaga aatttaactc    109560
     aagtttaact aattgcagca gaggtgctga aggtgatatg tttcatagag cagattttta    109620
     gtttccggta catggtataa ggctatcgaa tacttaaaaa ctattcttga attcaatata    109680
     tttgcataaa caaatgactc agacgttgtc ttttcctcaa ttctcaccta tgacctaatg    109740
     ggaagttcct atgaccagct gacgtaaaag ggaaaacctg agcttggtta aacaaatgtg    109800
     acagctcagt atgttggtgt gaccccaaag tggcctgctg tcctgctgta ccatagccca    109860
     ctcagggaag accaaagaca gcgccaaggg accctccttc caatgggcag aacttcatgt    109920
     ggtgctccta cccacccatt ttgtgtagag acaaaagtgg cctgaggtaa gaatatgcac    109980
     aaactcaggc aatggcagtg gctgagctgg gagggacctg ggaggagcaa gactggaaga    110040
     tcaggacaag gacatctggg aagaggcgta tcgtattagg ataaattgta tcacgtgttt    110100
     tgtggctttt gggttttttg ttggtttttt tgggttttgg gttttttggt gggtgtttgt    110160
     tttttttttt ttttttgctt tttagggccc cacccgtggc atatggaggt tcccaggcta    110220
     ggggtcgcat cagagctgta gttgctggcc tacgccagag ccacagcaac gtgggatcca    110280
     agcaatgtct gctactcaca ccacagctcg tggcaacgcc ggatccttaa cccactaagc    110340
     aaggccaggg atcgaacctg cgtcctcatg gatgccagtc agattcgtta acctctgagc    110400
     cacgacgaga acacctgtag cacaggttaa tgcccaccac gaattatcct ctatgcaaga    110460
     gatactaaac aaccaaatga acagtatgat tcgggcagta gacatgagcc agccttggtc    110520
     cttagccact ccggtgcttg aacaacaagc tatgaaagga gtctccctgg tgcaaggggc    110580
     atgggtttaa cagcatggac tcccctttgc caaggctggt gtagttcctg ccactgctga    110640
     acatctgatc ttccaacaaa taaactccat tgtgggacca ttgcttgaga aggaatatat    110700
     cggggattga tcttgactga cttgtattcc aggtaggatt ttgtccttcc ttcccacaga    110760
     gcctcactca taactactat ccaagggctc aagtagtaat gtaagtatcc caggctacat    110820
     ttctagtcat tgcagcggag tgatggagag aacatataaa ttctgctgag ccttccttaa    110880
     aaactaacaa tgttagggag ttcccatcat ggctcagtgg ttaatgaatc tgactaggaa    110940
     ccctgaggtt gtgggttcga tccctggcct tgctcgttgg gttaaggatc cgacggtgct    111000
     gtggctgtgg tgtaggctgg tggctacagc tcctattgga cccctagcct aggaacctcc    111060
     atatgcctca ggtgcggccc taaaaataca aaagacaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    111120
     aaacctaaca atgttattgt ggcaggactc tttcagtcac aagttaacag ttttagcaaa    111180
     acttgcagca tgtggaaatt cccagccaag gatctaactc gagccatagc agtgaccaga    111240
     gccattgcca tggcaatgct agatccttaa cccactgaac caccagggaa ctcatgaaca    111300
     tgttgattta cctgagggta gggtgaggct gacttgagag agaatttgat ccgaggactc    111360
     aaaacttgtc atcacatctc tctttgttcc tagggaaggt agccaagatc agctctaacc    111420
     gccttcatgt tatcccacat taacaactta agcagaaaga taaaacatct ttctcacaga    111480
     gtccacacat aaaatagcag agaatcttac ccttggacca attcgtattg ttagacaggt    111540
     gttgtactcc ttggtacacg ctgattggcc aggtctggat catgtgattc cctcatcccc    111600
     ctggcgcctt ataatacttc ctaagctatt taaggtcttg ctgattgtta aaccatgtaa    111660
     ctattaaaca aaaagacctt tggaattctt tggtccatga gaaaaatgag aaagaacata    111720
     actactagca aagctggctt tcttttcatt tctttacctt tctgttttta gctaacaaaa    111780
     ttgactcttt gaatcacaaa attactggaa agtctgggcc actttctggg atcaaaattt    111840
     taatcacagg agttcctgtt gtggcctcat gaaaatgaat ctgactagta tccaagagga    111900
     cacaggttcg atccctggcc ttgctcagtg ggttaaggat ccagcactgc cgtgaactgt    111960
     ggtgtaggtc gcagttgtgg ctcggatccc tcattgctgt ggctgtggca taggccacca    112020
     gctacagctc caattcaacc tctagcctgg gaacttcctt atgccacagg tgtgacccta    112080
     aaaagacaaa aataaaattt ttttttatta aaaaaaattt tttttgatca cagagttcaa    112140
     acagtggccc agtggttaag gatctggagt tgtccactgt ggtggctctg gtcactgctg    112200
     gggctcaggc tcaatccctg gcctgggaac ttccgcatgt tacagatgag gccaaaaaat    112260
     atatatatat atatttttaa atcatattcc tgtgaggtga gtgccatccc tttaaccttg    112320
     ccctttcttc ttcttctttt tttttttttt ctttttgtct tttctagggc tgcttcctgt    112380
     ggcatatgga gggtcccagg ctaggggtct aatcggagct atagccgcca gcctatgcca    112440
     gagccacaac aacatgggat ccgatccgca tctgcgacct acaccacagc tcacagcaac    112500
     gccggatcct taacccattg agcaaagcca gggatcgaac ccacaacctc agggttccta    112560
     gtcagattca ttaaccactg cgccacaaca ggaactccaa ccttgccctt tctttcttct    112620
     agtctctgcg tccctagtta gagcactgtg ggcagccatg tgttcaggtg gttcccacgg    112680
     tcaccctgta gtaaacagac tctaagatac tcagaacgat ctttatctcc tgccatccaa    112740
     gcccttgtat aatccttacc cttagaggat aagctggagc tagtgactca ctggtagcaa    112800
     atagaacaca cttaaggagt tcccattgtg gcacagtgga aacaaatccc actagtatct    112860
     atgagggttt gggttcaatc cctggccttt ttcactgggt taaggatcct acgttgctgt    112920
     gagctgtggt gtaggtcgaa gaggcggctt ggatcccgag ttgctgtggc cgtggggtag    112980
     gccagcagct gtagctacaa ttcgacccct agcctgcctg ggtcacacgc ctcaggtgtg    113040
     gccctaaaat gcaaaacaac accaccacca ccaccagtaa agtgagtgat gaaatacata    113100
     tcttgagtca ccagaggaca ggatgtgagg gaactgagat caattgtctc aattccactg    113160
     tccaagccag gctgcagaag cagagactct gagtgaaacc cagtgaccaa tgacactgcg    113220
     gccctttccc acctgagggg ttccctcttt aaggctcagc ctccacagcc cctgccatca    113280
     gacaggagga ggaggagaga ccaccagcag agattctgat gctggctagg actgttgtat    113340
     attggtttga agtgatttca aatccacctg tttaaaactt aggtggagtt attttaatcc    113400
     gcttgtttac aacaaagaca aaacaaaatt tgttctttaa agtttttttt ggggggggcc    113460
     acacccacag catttgaagt tcccaggcta gggatcgaat cagagctaca gctgccggcc    113520
     tacgccacag ccacagtaac gtgggattca agccacatct gtactacagc tcacgacagc    113580
     gccagatcct taacccgctg attggagcct gggattgaac ccttattgat actagtcagg    113640
     ttcattacca ctgagccaca atgggaactc ccaaagtaaa gttgttttga tataaaaatg    113700
     aagtaagatg tgtggggaag ttgtcatgtc atctgctgtc aaatgataag cgctcagcag    113760
     cccagctgct gacagatccc gctggggact ttatcagtaa caacatgtgg agaagcaacc    113820
     atgacaaagg gacatttgga gcattaaaaa acaaaacaaa aaacaaggaa gttcccattg    113880
     tggcgcagag gaaacaaatt tgactagtaa ccatgagatt gcaggttcga tccctggcat    113940
     ctctcagtgg gttaaggatc cagcattgcc atgagctgtg gtctaggtca cagatgcagc    114000
     tcagatcctg tgatcctggg ttgctgtggc tgtggtgtag accagcagct gtagctccaa    114060
     ttcaacccct agcctgggaa cttccacatg ccatggtcac aagccctaaa aagcaaagca    114120
     aaacaaaaca aaaaacagaa aggagaatag agaagaatat ctgagagtgt tggtcagggc    114180
     aaagttaccc tttgccaatc tagctctcag aaatcttgag atacttgctt ctgccctggc    114240
     caaggcaaca ctttggttgg cagtggtgtt caatgccgca gcagtctcag gaaggggagg    114300
     gatttgttcc tgctttaccc aggccctctt ggtaggcagt gataggagcc atgccatggt    114360
     ccccagagtg ataccctcag agcagcctag cctgcccacc cacacgggat ccaacattcc    114420
     tcataacatg ctctagcaaa ggcctctctc ctgagaaacc aacccccaat caaagatgca    114480
     cttcaaagta catttacttt gtactgaatc taccatttgt ctggagtatg ttctttcttt    114540
     tttaaattgg atatagttga cttaagtatg ctatttctct attagcttat aaagagaccc    114600
     taccctgtac gctattggct gatgaaatta taattcccac agtgaacctg tgttaaataa    114660
     actattggca aagacaatgt cagtctctgt gcacagtttt ctgcaccccc caaacaaatc    114720
     ataaaatgaa caaggaatct gatctgtaat gaaaaaagaa agtgaagaaa caaagatttc    114780
     caaacctagg acctgatgag ccccatggct ggaaagatga ggaagctaac agtctcctgt    114840
     ctccctgtgc tgggctgggg accctgctcc tcttttttta tttttatggc cgcacgccgc    114900
     gtatggaagt tcccaggcca gggactgaat cagagccgca gcagcccacc tatgccatag    114960
     ttatggcaat gccagatcct ttaacccact gctgggctgg ggatggaacc catacctggg    115020
     cagcgaccca agctgctgca gattcttaac ccattgcacc actgcaggaa ctcctccact    115080
     tactttagct cagaataatg tcccacgagc ccacagtgct gacactgtaa atatatctct    115140
     gcgcatctcc aggacaaccc acccggactc atatcctggg aaattctgtt ctcccaaaat    115200
     gtatgaattc agtgtgtgca gcagaaaccc acataccact ggtctcccaa gaaggaagct    115260
     catggtgtcc catgactgta aggcaggcag ctccagggct gctggcgagg ctccacacca    115320
     cgaggtggtc caggcatcca ggtccctgtg acctcccgtc cctgctgtct ctggggttat    115380
     gcccctatta ggatgaccta cgtttcccaa ggccatgttc atggtccatg agcaaccagg    115440
     cagagccggg gaggaggaga agggcaatgc tttaaagcaa aacctaaaac ttagcctctg    115500
     gatcatcata ttggccgtaa ttttgtcaca cagacacagc tagattcaag aaaggccgga    115560
     aaatgaatcg ttcttaatct gggtgacttg gtgcccgtat aaaactaata ctatgcgaca    115620
     aggatgattt ttgctatact tagtacattt gtaaaaatca ggaatgtcag cgttgtcatt    115680
     atcttaaatt gagccaggtt tgtgtgtaag aaatggacta gtctcgggat atattgttaa    115740
     ttgaaaacaa aggtacaggt agtgtgtgta gtaaaatact acctgataaa aagggaaatc    115800
     tccctctgta atactgtaga aactagtaac agtggttggg tccagggagg aaatttgaaa    115860
     aaactataga tggatggagg agaaaattta ctttccactg tatacgcttt taattgtttg    115920
     agtttttaaa accttgtgca tgtacatcac gactttatta aatcgctgtt tgttaagtgg    115980
     agttcaggtg ttgcatagtg aaccagttca aagaagacag caagagaagg tgaagtagga    116040
     gttcccattg tggcagagca gaaacggatc caaccaggaa ccatgaggtt tcgggtttga    116100
     tccctggctt cactcagtgg gttaaggatc cagcgttgtt gtgagctgtg gtgtaggtct    116160
     cagatgcagc ttggatctgg cattgctgtg gcataagctg gcggctacag ctacgattag    116220
     acccctaccc tgggaacctc catatgctgc aggtgcagcc ctaaaaaaga caagagacca    116280
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagaaaa gaaaagaaaa gaaaaaatag caaaggagat agaagatgaa    116340
     ataggagttt attatccaca ggttctggag gaagcataca gcatggctcg ggccatacag    116400
     caaggtggtg gggtataggc agagcaacag acaggacctg gagtctatac ctttattagg    116460
     gtccgggtgg taaagtcatt ttgggtttcc aggctaagtc cagattagtc agttcaattc    116520
     agaaccagca gggttttggt aaggtcccga taagcacaca gggaaaggct tggaaggcgg    116580
     aggagactgt tgctcccaag ggctggtggg gaagtcatat caggaactca catttgcttg    116640
     agactttgca tgctgtttag ggcatgcagt tgagggaggg gccgggttag ttcaagcccc    116700
     ctgcaggccc cttggccccc caaaatggat accagggcaa caatatcatg aagtcgttta    116760
     gctaaactct cgacaatgga ttggctagtt gaaataaatt ttgaattacc aaaggaaaac    116820
     tcacattttt tttttagggc agcacctgca gcatatggag gtttccagtc ttggggtcga    116880
     atcagagctg tagctgccgg cctaccacag ctcacagcaa caccagatcc ttaacacact    116940
     gagcaaggcc agggatcgaa ccttcatctt catgaatgct agccagattc attaaccact    117000
     gagccaggac aggaactccc tggaaaattc acatttttta gcaaacaatt attaggtagt    117060
     tattatccat taggttttct gcaagagcct caataagtca aacagtaagg aattcacagt    117120
     gggtctgaat aagctggtaa atgcagcata taatgcatga tataatagtg ctgggaaacc    117180
     gcttttggag gaagcaatgt ttaaactgac ctctggaact cacagatata gacagtaggc    117240
     ttgtggttac aggggtgggg ttgggggaag gattgggagt ttgggattag caaatgtaaa    117300
     ctattatata tagaggatgg gtaaacaagg tcctactgtt tagcacagga aacggtgctg    117360
     atatcctgtg ataaaacata atgggaagga atatgaaaaa gaatacatat gtataacttt    117420
     gctatacagc agaaattaat acaacattgt aaattagcta cacttcaata acattaaaaa    117480
     aaaataaact aagatctgga ggagaaggcc aggtaaatgg gcaaggaaat atttggggga    117540
     atcagcatca ctaacaagtc tcagaaaggg caagtgcaga gtatggagga acttgagcag    117600
     ttctgggtgg acatcagtga gaaaagagca ccagggcaaa aagcagcact ggagaggagg    117660
     gcgtgctccc gatcaaaggc tgctcagcct gcattgggct gaggaatgtt ccccctaaac    117720
     ccagtttact gagtagtttt atcatgaaag catgttgtgt ttcatcgaat gatttctctt    117780
     gatctactga gataatcatc tgatttttgt cttcagttct gtttttgttg ttgctgtttt    117840
     ttgtttgttt ttgcttttta gggccacacc tgtggcatat ggaggttccc aggctagggg    117900
     tccaatcaga gctacagctg ccggcctgct ccgcagccac agcaactcag gatccgagcc    117960
     atgtccgtga cctaccccca gagctcatgg caatgccaga tctttaaccc agtgagtgag    118020
     gccaggaatc aaacccacgt cctcttggat cctggtcagg ttcattaccg ctgagccatg    118080
     acaggaactc ccttccattc tattgatgtg gtgtattcca tcagctcagc tgcctgtgtt    118140
     aaaccatccc ttgcatttcc agggatgagc ccaatgatca tgttgcatga tctttttaat    118200
     atgctgttaa atttcttttg ctaatatttt tctttttcag ccgtacctgt ggcacatgga    118260
     agttcctggg ccagggataa aatccgtgcc aaaggattct atggcctatg ccatggctac    118320
     aacaatgcca gatccttaac ccattgtgcc acagtgagaa cttctgtttt gctaatattt    118380
     tcttgggcat ttttgcatct tattcatcag ggctataggt ctataatttt tttcttatca    118440
     tgttcttatc tggccttgat atcaggacag tgttgacctt ctaaaatgag tttggtggag    118500
     ttcccatcgt ggctcagtga ttaatgaatc caactgggaa tgatgaggtt gtggattcga    118560
     tccgtggcct cactgagtgg gttaaggatc cggtgttgct gtggctgtgg tgttggccgg    118620
     cggccacagc tctgattaga cccctagcct gggaacctcc atatgccgtg ggtgtggccc    118680
     tagaaaagac caaaaaaata aaataaataa ataaaatgag tttggaagtg tcccctcctc    118740
     ctctattttt tggaagaatt tgacaattgg cagtaattct tcaagtgttt gctagaattc    118800
     accagtgaaa caacctgatc ctgggctttt ctgtgttggg aggtttgcag cagggcggcg    118860
     gggggtgggg tgggggagga cggttcttaa tggaagtata gttgatttga aatatttaat    118920
     tagtttacgt gtacagcaaa gtgagtcagt tatatatatc tttacccttt catgtcgatg    118980
     ggcacttggg ttgttccata tcttggctgc tataaatatt gctgctatga acactgaggt    119040
     gcattttagt gcaaattagt gttttcattt tttctgtatg tacacccagg agaggaattg    119100
     ctggaccatt atggtagttc tatttttatg tttttttgag gaagctccat acttttttcc    119160
     acagtgggtg caccagttta ctttctcacc aacacaataa gaggaccctt tctctacatc    119220
     ctctccagca tttgttattt gtaagacctt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt    119280
     ttttttaagg ccacacctga agtatatgga aattcccagg ctagtggtcg agttggagct    119340
     gtagctgatg gcctatagca acaccagatc cttaacccac tacgtgagga cagggatcaa    119400
     accagcgtca tcatggatcc tagttgggtt tattactgct gagccacaac aggaactcct    119460
     gtagactttt cgatgatggc tcttctgatt gatgtgagat gacatctaat tgctgttttg    119520
     atttgcattt ctctaataat tactgatgtc gagaatcttt ttatttgccc attggccata    119580
     tatatgtctt ctttagagaa atgtctattt aggtctgctg tgcatttttc aatttggttg    119640
     ttttttgttt ttttgttttc tttttagggc tgcacctttg gcatacagaa gttcccaggc    119700
     taggggctga attagagctg tagctgccag cctatgccac agccatagca atgccagatc    119760
     caagccgcat ctgtgaccta taccgcaact ttcagcaatg ctaaatactt aacccactga    119820
     gcaaggccag agatcaaacc caaatcctca tggatactag tcaggttcta acacactgag    119880
     ccacaacagg aactccagtt gtttgttttt cttctgttga attgtgtgag ttgtttgtat    119940
     gttttggaga ttaaaccttt gtcagttgca ttgcatgcaa cttttttttt tatggttttc    120000
     tttgctgtgc aaaagtttga ttaggttcca tttgttaagt tttgttttta tttttattgc    120060
     cttgggaggc tgacctaaga aaacatttgt atggttgatg tcagagaatg ttttgcctat    120120
     gttctctcct aggagttttg tggtatcaag cctttttaag atatgtttaa gcctttttat    120180
     ttaaacaatg aattttatta catttatagt ttaacaatga tcatcattat atttaaggct    120240
     ttaagtcatt ttgagtttat tttgtgcatg atgtgagggt gtgttctagt ttcattgact    120300
     tacatgcagt ggtccagttt tcccagcacc acctgctaaa gagactgtct ttttcccatt    120360
     ttattttctt gccttttttg tcaaagatta attgactgta ggcatccggc tttatttctg    120420
     ggctctctat tctgttccat tggttggtat ttctgttttg gtaccactac cacactgtct    120480
     tgatgactgt agctttgtaa tattgtctga agtctgtgag agttatgcct ccaaacatgc    120540
     aagtagacac aggttccttc agtcaaatga ccacatgctg aatcctgact caggagatga    120600
     tgacacagag atgctgggtg tgtgcacaat gcattccggc aaaggtagtg agcagcagta    120660
     gggacatcca cttgccaaga gccacactga tagcagtcct ggccacagga cccagtgtcc    120720
     agcatcgagg gtattggtgg taaaaacatt agcaactgtg cccagcagca aagaagtgct    120780
     cctgtaagaa aactaattta aaatgacatt attggctgtc acttcatgca ctctccacaa    120840
     taaaatgaga tcccaagtgt acgtgtgtat gtgtgtacat ttcaattaga aaaacttgga    120900
     ttccattgac tgcaccaaga agtgggtgag aactcaatgc agggagtagt ttcagagagc    120960
     aaggatgcat tgattttcat tatgctgggc tgataagcac atctccagtc ttccacctgg    121020
     ctacacaccc cagatagaga aacaacagct atgtcccagc agatgtcttg ccttttcttc    121080
     ccaggaacac acaacacgta attgcggatt gaagacccct ccccaccctg ggcgctctct    121140
     gatcactgac ctcattggtt cccaatctgg ctgagccccg cccaggactg cttgtaggga    121200
     ctgctgcaag atattcaggt ctctccccag acccagaatg ttgggcacag agcccaagaa    121260
     ttccttattc cacaagacct acacagctat gtgggaatcc tggtctatgt tcttgctact    121320
     aaacgtgtga tctggagacc agatctgaac cttgtaggtt cagattctca cactctactc    121380
     cagactccac tggatcttca taagatgtcc aggtaatgct catgcacagg taagtatggg    121440
     actccctggt ccccgggcca cctagactcg gtgacagaac cctgtactct gctcagttga    121500
     gtggtctgac tagactgcat agcgctgggg ggttctcagt gcttgttcct tcctcctcta    121560
     gtcatcattc ctttggtgac ctcaactgtg ctcaggttat aaacagcact tatatggtgt    121620
     tagttatagg atctatttct ctgctcaaga catctcactt gcatttctaa cagacatcca    121680
     gattcagcat ttcctaaacc gactacctat aatgtggctt cacacaggct ccttccaggg    121740
     ttctccctgt ttcctctcta catgcctgct cgcacagtct caaagtctgg gtgtcctcct    121800
     tgattccttt ctcaccaccc tgattaaatc cattaggaaa tgctgtaaag tccctcttta    121860
     aatatatcca gttacaatca ctccctatta ttttccctgc tcacacctag ataccgacca    121920
     tttctagcct ggacactgca ctgcttccta cagtttcctc tacggtgttg cttgcccatc    121980
     atgttttttt gtttatttat ttttttgctt tctagggctg tacccatagc atatggaagt    122040
     gcccaggcta ggggtcaaat cagagctgca gctgcgggcc tataccacag ccatggcaac    122100
     gcaggatcca agctgtgcct gcaacctaca tcacagctca tggaaacgcc agatcccaaa    122160
     cccactgagt cagaccaggg atcaaacctg catcctcatg gatattagtt ggattctttt    122220
     cctctaagtc acaacgggag ctcctccctt cacttcttga ttctgttctt tttttttttt    122280
     ttttttttgt ctttttgccg tttcttgaac tgctccagtg gcatatggaa gttctcaggc    122340
     taggggtcaa atcggagctg tagccactgg cctacgccag agccacagca acaccagatc    122400
     cgagccgcgt ctgcaattta taccgcagct cagggcaacg ccagatcctt agcccactga    122460
     gcaagggcag ggatcgaacc tgcaacctca tggttcctag tcggatttgc taaccactga    122520
     gccacgacgg gaactccttg attctgttct tgcatcaggt agccagactg atgcttctaa    122580
     aaagaggttg caccggatcc ctcttcttcc caaactgtct tggagcgcta cgtcttcctc    122640
     agagaaaagt caacccagta ttcccaaagc ctaggtgatc tgggtgtaca gagacctcac    122700
     ctgaattact ccctgctcca accacacctg gctcccccct gaacacacac accctcctgt    122760
     cctcgtgcct tcgcactgga gggtcccctg cctgcagaga atgtccccac acagcctcgc    122820
     gggcatttcc ttcgggtcct tcccatctgg actcagaggt caccctccca ggaggcccac    122880
     actcaccccc caccctgccc cacacacttc tactcggggt caccttcccc aaggcccctc    122940
     ccaccgccaa tgtgacacgt ccctccctga cgaggcatat agtgtccact ctgccccttc    123000
     cccaggacag agactccaca cggccgacaa gtttggtctc tggcaacgtc cctgaggtct    123060
     cccagatgcc gaaagcgtgt gtcctgtgtc tggcgcacaa cagatatccg ttcaacagag    123120
     ttgaatgacg gatcggtgca cagcccctcc ctcttctagg gacagtactt tcactcgtat    123180
     gacctcgggc cacatgctgt ctggtggcag ctccagcaca acgtccattc ccagtgacat    123240
     cagggccgcc tgtcctttcc tcacaagggc tgatgtcccc tccctgccac actagtcagt    123300
     ctgctcaccc cacgcagcgc tctttctctc ctcaggaaag atgctcctgc gcttctggcc    123360
     ctagattccc gctgctgtga gtctatcaga ctctgctttc gaaatgcatg ggcttggagt    123420
     ggagccagca ctgggctgag gagagctcag ggcagaggag ggggcaggct gcagagaaga    123480
     tccagatcca gcaagagtga ggtcaagatg gaaaaccact gggtccctcc tcgttgctac    123540
     ttccagaatc tcgttcccac aaaaggatgg ggaaaagtta ggaagaagca tccaggagtt    123600
     cccatggtgg cacagcgtaa acgaacccga ctaggaacca tgaggtggta ggttcgatcc    123660
     ctggccacgc tcagcgggtt aaggatccgg tgttgccgtg agctgtggtg tagtttatag    123720
     atgcggctcg gatctcccat tcctatgaat gtggtgtagg ccagcagttg tagctctgat    123780
     tagaccccta gcctgggaac ctccatatgc cctgggtgtg gccctgaaaa gacccaaaaa    123840
     aaaaaaagaa agaaagaagc atccagcaaa catctctgga aggagggcaa gagctggatg    123900
     aggctgaaaa tggatctctt tgataccact gagatcctgt gagagggccc ccctggacat    123960
     gtggggacaa tgacaggcaa atgacttttg tggctgtcgc agaggagaga cacacagagc    124020
     aaaatgagac cgtaatttta cacattaaaa gaacagtccg tattttttaa aaatctcaat    124080
     aggccaaata caaatgcagg ataaagggat taatgatgca accaaggctg gagcgtaggc    124140
     tacctggtga caggaggccc ttgctaacca agctcctgaa tacaggacaa ggcccagggg    124200
     acttctcagt ccctgagatc acagggcctg gtggaagaaa gttctcctga aaggacaaag    124260
     acaaagggac agaaaaggtg acccagcctg ggagtgtcca cactgaagcc catgatgccc    124320
     tgagctctca ctgggcacag gccccgtcca tgtttctctg ctcacatccc acctggaaca    124380
     gaggcagcac agcacacatg tggattctgg aaggtccttc cacttatttc cctctttcaa    124440
     acttaggaaa tctctcattt atcatcccct caactcctca tggcactgat tagaaaaagc    124500
     aaattcaaca gagattttac ttcctacagg aagacattaa ttactcaggg cagtgaagtt    124560
     aagataagga tggagatggt ccagtggcca acccgccacc cccccccccc ggttcccact    124620
     tgcgagaact ggaaagagga tcagggaaga gaacacaggt cagggtgagg aggggacgtg    124680
     gggggcaggg ctgggccagg gtccccacct cctctcatga tgctcatagg gacacagaca    124740
     cactcaaatg ctgctgcaga aacaggagtc aggggatctg aagtcacaaa gtgggatgtg    124800
     aacgaatctc gtaacacttg gtccccacaa ggcagctgtc tcacactgtg aaagaaaatc    124860
     atcaggaaac aggcaggtca gtcaaggaag ggctgacatg ctcaacagcc ccacatgctc    124920
     aaacgtcccc ctcaaaggtc cccatcaccc agggcacccc ctctgcccca acccccctcc    124980
     catctaggcc ctccagggtc tcacctctag gatccttgat gagggacaca ccagagctct    125040
     gggcactgtc cctgcctggg ggagagcaaa agcaggacgg ggtcaggatc cccaagagag    125100
     aagagagaga aagtgggtga gctcccccca cagcctcctg tctgcaccac cagggcctca    125160
     gggatcacaa ccctccacac tgacctgcag cctgagtgta gctccctcct ttttcagctg    125220
     tgggaagaag acaccacgtg tgagaccagg gagatgatga agtcatgaga tcctagaaga    125280
     aaccctagtc ctgggagact ttccagagaa ctttccagaa ctttgaccaa aatccaggac    125340
     aggatcagga atgtgaagga aggagatatg ggggagactg gaccaagtgc cttcctggag    125400
     gcctctcctc agtgggggcc tccccctcaa cctccaaggg ctgggaactt ggtccccaac    125460
     tggaagaata caggtgacac atttgtcttt catttccaca tgtgcttcac agaagggtac    125520
     atggtagcac tcagccccag actcagcaca tgtgtgtgga ggggacgtcc caggaacaag    125580
     gcagaacaaa tttccaccga ggcttgaaac ccccccgtga gacaaggaga ctcagatccc    125640
     tgctcccttc cttacctgag cgcttcttcc tccagatcac aactccagcc accatggctc    125700
     cagcgaccag gacgagaacc aggccaacaa agatgcccac gatggggacg gggggctgtg    125760
     gaggttctgg gaacaaaggg caaggggagg gccctcctca ggctggagtc ctgaccttgc    125820
     tgaagtctcc agaagggctt ctgctgtgtc tgagaagagg ctctgccccc agggccctcc    125880
     ttaccccatc tcagggtgag gggctcctgc aggccctcgt gctgcacatg gcaggtgtag    125940
     ctctgctcct ctccaggagg caccaccagg gccgcccact tctggaaggt cccatcccct    126000
     gagggcctgg tctccaccag ctccatgtcc tggctctggt cctggccctc gcgctgccag    126060
     ttcagggaga tctccttagg gtagaagccc agggcccagc acctcaaggt gaccccgagg    126120
     tcagagctgg ggtggcgggt cacatgtgtc tttggagggt ctgtggtaaa caaagaaagg    126180
     aggctcaggc cagggtttgc tgaggagcat ctactccaaa ggccaagatg ctgtaactcc    126240
     tgatggtttg gctgccaccc agaaggagac agggatcttc ctccaccttc cagtacaggg    126300
     acccaagctg agctgcattc aaaacaagag cacgggaact caatctaaca ttctcctcca    126360
     gggtaaaacc ctcttcagag acccgccact cttttatcaa gtcgctagtc agtgtttcta    126420
     aatacaggtg tgtatctagt gggaacgtgc caaagggtga aaaacctcca agcttctatg    126480
     aagtagctct gtgccctctg gagagtaagt tgtttcctag gcctaataac aagtgagtaa    126540
     ggggagttcc cgtcgtggct cagcagttaa cgaatctgac tagaatccat gaggatgcag    126600
     gttcgaaccc tggccttgct cagtgggtta aggatccagt gttgccatga gctgcagtgc    126660
     aggtcaaaga cacggcacgg atcctacgtt gctgtggctg ctatggctgt ggtgtaggcc    126720
     ggcagctaca gcttggattc aacccctagc ctgaaacctc catatgctgt gggtgaggcc    126780
     ctaataaagc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gaagaagaag aagaagaagt    126840
     gggtcagatg gcaccaccca caagatgcag gagacccaga tgggaagctc ccaggtccac    126900
     aactctggct tgtagggaag tcatcatccc accctaaata tgctaccccc tgtgctgggt    126960
     cagctctgga ggagaccccc tcacccatgc tctggagaga gaagggccca ggccagggat    127020
     ggggaaaggg ctgattgggt ggggggagaa gtcattacca gtgcggttca agctctcccc    127080
     tgcaaactcc aagtatctcc gcagccagac aatgcactct ttctccaagt agttcttgtc    127140
     tctctctatg aagttcctat cggcctccca tttttgcttg gtatattgag caatgaatgt    127200
     ggccgctgtg tactgcagag gatccagatg caagctcagg tagtcggcac catcatagcc    127260
     atactgccag tgccctgagg tccggccatc ctgctggagc tcacagccgt agttgaactg    127320
     gagggtgtgg ggacctgccc aaccccaaga ccaagcagtg tcagtcaggt agagtctgcc    127380
     ttcaagtcct ctccatccat ggttctggct cccccacacc ctaccacctc acctcttatc    127440
     atctccttag aggacattcc ccttctgcag accaactaga tttgtcctca tactgatctc    127500
     tttaactcgc tgtcagctct tttttttttt ttttttttgg tctttttttg ctatttcttg    127560
     ggccgctccc gcggcatgtg gagattccca ggctaggggt ccaatcggag ctgtagccac    127620
     cggcctacac tggagccaca gcaactcggg atccgagcca cgtctgcaac ctacaccaca    127680
     gctcacggca acgccggatc gttaacccac tgagcaaggg cagggatcga acccgcaacc    127740
     tcatggttcc tagtcggatt cgttaaccac tgcgccacga cgggaactcc gctgtcagct    127800
     cttttgtggg gagtggccta tggttggtcc caggaggtat tgaaacagcc ttggatggat    127860
     gggaagttac agatttgggc tttgccatga actgtgtgat ttgatcaaat tattcaagct    127920
     ccacagttct acatgtatct tgtgtaaatt gagggttaga ctatgacctt acaggcctct    127980
     tctgtgctaa gagtctcaag attctggaat tcccgttgtg gtgcagggga aacgaatccg    128040
     actaggaaca tgaggttgtg ggttcaatcc ctggccttgc tcagtgggtt aaggatccag    128100
     cgttgctgtg agctgtgtgc aggccacaga cacagcttgg gtcctgcgtt gttgtggctg    128160
     tggcataggc cagcagctgt agctccaatt agacccctag cctgggaatc tccgtatgcc    128220
     tcaggtgtgg ccctaaaaat aaaaaaaaat ttaaaaaaaa agtctcagat tctaagtgca    128280
     agttcctaaa aacagaatca cactacacag aattaataaa agggggcata aagtgctgag    128340
     tacagttttc cttgagtgct atggaccgaa ttctatccat ccagtattca tatgctgagg    128400
     ccctaacaat ccttgtattt gtggagataa agttaaataa ggtcatgaga gtggagccct    128460
     aatcccacag ggactaggga gacagggagc tctctcattc agtccacatc cacacagcaa    128520
     ggaaagcaag aatgtggtca aatgcaagcc aggcagggcg ccctcaccac aaggtgcgct    128580
     ctgctgaact tgatcttggg ctttgcagcc tctagaactg taagaaaata cacttctgtt    128640
     gcttaaatca tgcagtttat gtatggtatt ttgttatggc agccagagca gacaaataca    128700
     cgaggtacta gagaatgtga ataacattaa caagcccaaa ctgctgaaaa atggctcaca    128760
     tgaacttcaa agtcaaatat aaataacgct aagatcactc cagcctggat tccccacacc    128820
     ctcctctagg ctcccacagg ctcctggctc aagctcctag tcccacactt aacacactct    128880
     cacttcagag gtgcatcatc accctcttct tttttttttt tttttttttg gtctttttgc    128940
     tctttctagg gccgctctca cggcatgtgg aggttcccca tcaccctctt attacactgt    129000
     gaaccttaca aagcagggac caagtcggag cctgtagtgt aactacctga taaacctttg    129060
     ttgaacacat gctcctggaa ggatcaacta ctaaaagctg agcagcctca gtattccgct    129120
     tcaattgtac ctctcactgg tttatgcctt gacttggtct tcaaggccct tcacaaactt    129180
     gtttcaatag cgctaaatgc tcaagagcca ttaactagaa aggattaaac ttcagtttat    129240
     cccctgaact cactacactg aatcccaccc cacgccttgc tactgctcag aacacctaat    129300
     tttttttaat ttattccttt ttttttttgc tttttagggc atagaacacc ttttattttc    129360
     ttcagacacc taagtaatgc acatccatca ggctccacag ccagttccac ttcattcatg    129420
     aagctgcgac cacttgggtg tctcatccat gaacctcata aactatttat ctgcttctca    129480
     tttggcattt aaggaggctc cggtctttga catttctggg tctgcaccaa agggtcaata    129540
     aagttttcac agaagtgtga gtctgctcat catacgaacc gtaagaattg taagctcttt    129600
     gaaaacaaac accaggtcgt acttttctgg atccctgccc gcagcaccca aaagatacat    129660
     acgtccatga cccaaactgc ttaattaatc tatttattag ttattaattc atgtcaaaca    129720
     gaccctaccc catagtgacc agactaggtc ttctctcact ctcaagtgat accttgcaca    129780
     cgttctccag cgccagtctg attctacagg aacacttgtt gagagagcct ttctcccctg    129840
     aggatcggtg cgactcagtg agcaccgctt cccctcaggc ccctacctgt ttgcttgtgc    129900
     tccagggctt tgttcagccc attctccatg gtttggttgt aatatcgctg cacgttcctc    129960
     agatttaagc ggaagatctt catccgactg gtgaagatct tggtctcatc attgaagtaa    130020
     cttggctcct ccctcaacca ctgaacacaa gattttgcct tcatctcctc attgtcatag    130080
     cgaatgaagg gctggtcgtc tatgactccg aaagcagtaa atgcagggac acctggtgca    130140
     gcctcagaca tggccaagta gaaatattgc agagaatgtg ttcctgaggt aaggacaaga    130200
     gcagcaagat ccagcattta ctgactgcag atctagggaa tgaatgtgtg tgcatgagtg    130260
     tctaatagga gagacagggc ccgtaacaga aaacaatgag atgacaatta ccaccctctt    130320
     caaaggtgaa tatgaactga gagaatttga agaaataaat atatacacac atacatacac    130380
     atatatatac atgcatatat acttatatac atatggagta acagattgac ttactttaag    130440
     gaattagccc atgcaatttt gtttgggttt gttttttggt tttgtctttt gtgttttgtt    130500
     tgctttttag ggcctcatct gaggcatttg gaggttccca ggctaggggt ccaatcagag    130560
     ctagagctac cggcctacgc catagccaca gccatgcagg atcccagccg cgtctgcaac    130620
     ctacactagg ctcacggcaa caccggatcc ttgacccact gagcaagacc agggatcaaa    130680
     cccgccacct tgtgattcct agtcggattc gtttctgctg agctacaatg ggaactccaa    130740
     cccatgcaat tttggagggg tggcaaaacc aaaatctgca gggcagacct tcatgctgga    130800
     tacctggaga agactccgtg ttacagcttg tgttcaaagg cagtctggaa gcagaattcc    130860
     ctcttcctca gaacacctga atcctgaact gactggataa ggcccaccca cattattaac    130920
     cagggtaatc tactttaccc aaagtctact gacttaaacg ttaatctcaa ctaaaaaata    130980
     acttcttagt ggagttcccg tagtggctca gtagtaagga aactgactag gatccatgag    131040
     gatgcaggtt cagtccccag cctcactcag tgggttaact atccggggtt gccatgagct    131100
     atggtgtgtc acagatgcag ctcaggtccc atgttgctgt ggccagcagc tacagctcca    131160
     attcgacccc tgacctggga acttccatat gccatgggtg tagccctaaa aagatctaaa    131220
     aaaagcaatg ttttaaaatt atttatttat ttatttttgt ctttttgcct tttctagggc    131280
     tgcacctgag gcatatagag gttcccaggc taggggtcta atcggagtag tagccgccgg    131340
     cctacaccac agccacagca acaccagatc cttaacccac tgagcaaggc cagggatcga    131400
     acccaaaacc tcatggtccc tagttggatt cgttaaccac tgagccatga cgggaactcc    131460
     aaaaaaattt tttaattaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa acttcatagc tgacctaacc    131520
     aagtttacac agaagattaa ccatcacaag tacttagcac aagagtctcc ttgtggctca    131580
     gtaagttaag gatccagcac tgtgactgct gtggcatggg ttggatccct gtcctggaaa    131640
     cttctgcatg ccatgggtgc aaccaaacaa aaaagcaacc aaaaaaccaa tgctgttaaa    131700
     agcatgttaa ttaggagctt cagcggctca ggtcactgca gaggcagggg ttcaatcccc    131760
     agtccggcac agtgggttaa aggacctagt gttgccacag ctgtcacagc tggtgacttg    131820
     gattcaatcc ctggcccagg aacttccata tgcttcggtg tggccattaa aaatcacccc    131880
     acattggagc tccctggtga cctagttatt aagaatctgg catgccactg ctatggcctg    131940
     tgttcagtcc ttggcctagg aacctctgca tgcaacaggt gcagtttcct gtctgtccct    132000
     caccaagaaa aacaggtata taacataaat atataatcta caggacatat acaactgtat    132060
     atataaatat atatgatatg tatatatata cacactatgt acatgagaga cagccataag    132120
     caagcaagcc ttatttatac cttacaaagg tactaggaac gtaaattcat gcagatatat    132180
     aatataggaa gtacaaatgc cccataataa catctaagag agaaccattg ttacctattc    132240
     gttctatatt tccccctttt cctctttgga aatttgaaat aaatgtcact cccaattcag    132300
     atttttctcc aacttttata tatttttaat tattattact ttttaatggc atacaaaagt    132360
     tcctaggcca gggattgaat ccaagccgaa gctgcaacct atgtagcagc tgcagcaaca    132420
     ctggatcctt taacccactg tggattgact ccacatccta atggatacta gttggcctct    132480
     taacctactg agccacaatg cgaactccct agactataac ttttttttta aatcacaggt    132540
     gtagtatttc actgtatgtg tacagcttat tttatttaat gtccagtact tttttcccca    132600
     attattcact aatatacata atgcctcatg tatatttgta cttatttgtt tgtatactaa    132660
     atacaaactc cctttttctc taaggctcag tccggcaacc ataccctgga tgacttctgg    132720
     tccattcaga taggaaatgc acaaatatgg aaatgttcac accaccctcc cattacaccc    132780
     tcaccagacc aattaggttt gcaagaaata atttcctaaa aataagcatt gtgttggagc    132840
     atctcctcta tagtctgatt ttatttcttt aattgtctta atagctatat gatgtagaca    132900
     tttaaactcc atgttagagg tgagaaaact gaagcttagt aaagctttca atacaaccca    132960
     tctctttctc tcttgctcat aaataggaga gaattaaaaa aaaaaaaatc cagaaacatt    133020
     ttattcagca attaagtcag gagcttggcc tctcatcagg ctttccccat gtacctctag    133080
     actctggagt tggacaacag cttctgtaca accttgctag gggaccatga ggctgtggac    133140
     caccgtttct caatagtttg cataagggga aatacaaaaa tagtgggtgg aggagttcct    133200
     gtcgtggctc agtggttaac gaattcgact gggaaccatg aggttgcggg ttcgaaccct    133260
     ggcctcaccc agtgcgttaa ggatctggcg ttgccatgag ctgtggtgta ggtcgcagac    133320
     aaagctcaga tctggcgtgg ctatggctgt ggcgtaggcc ggcggctaca gctccaattg    133380
     gacccctaac ctgggaacct ccatatgcca cgagtgcagc cctagaaaag acaaaaagac    133440
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaatttg tgggtgggaa tgggaggact ttagggaagg aattttcctg    133500
     gatatgagta tatgagtgag tgagtgagtg agtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    133560
     tgtgagagag agagagagag atctcagctc catcatcaac caaggaccaa aatgaactca    133620
     acttagaacc agactatcaa ataactgtat cacaaatttt taaaacataa ttttcaaaaa    133680
     taattaagtc taattggtca cattactctc agtggaatat tataattaat tttgtaaggg    133740
     caaaaatatt tttgtatttt gtatttgtat aaataaagaa gttatttaaa atattttatc    133800
     ccatcttttt ggattactgt ctttgtaact atttcataat atgcctaatg tattagtaca    133860
     atggaccatc tatagtcttt ataaataaat gtacattata tattgtaaag aaagatgatt    133920
     tttttctctc tttttttttg gtgtttttgc catttcttgg gctgtgggag cggtccatga    133980
     aggttcccag gctaggggtc gaatcggaga tgtcgcagca acgcgggatc cgagaggcgt    134040
     ctgcgaccca cacctcacgg caacgccaga tccttcaccc actgagcgag ggcaggcatc    134100
     gaaccctcaa cctcatggtt cctagtcgga ttcgttaacc actgcgccac gacgggaact    134160
     ccagcctctc ttttctaaac aacatttaaa aaccggaacc atctcgttgt ttcccttgtg    134220
     gctcagcaat gaagaatcag acaagtatct aggaggatgt ggttagatcc ctggcctcgc    134280
     tcagtgggtg aaggatcctg tgttgccagg agctgtgtgt agctcagacc gcgcgttgct    134340
     gtggctgtgc aagaggcggg cagctgctgc tccgattaga cccctagcct gggaacctcc    134400
     atatgccgcg ggtgcggctc tgaaaaccaa aggaaaaaga aagaaaggga gagagggaga    134460
     gagggagaga gggagggaga gagggaggga gagagggagg gagggaggga aggaaaaaca    134520
     ccggaaacat ctattttgag gaagagtggg tagttcataa ctgcctccgt cggagctcct    134580
     ctagcttcct tcttgtttgc cctacatacc cttctttgac agagtccgcg ccaagttttt    134640
     ggaaagtcac ccttaaactt cgagttccat tttggaatct tcctcggcgg gtttacgctt    134700
     cccctacaac tcttcccagc ccgccactcc cagttcccca ctcacgggct cgggtctcct    134760
     gcagagagct caggaaggag tgtaagagga cgggagccca ccacatcgcc tcagctgctg    134820
     tgactgggtc ccaaccttcc cgggcataac cgggcggctg agggacacag cgaggagaga    134880
     gctggttctg ctgcagctcc ccagcggggt ggtgccttag aagaaccgaa actcgttgct    134940
     ggaacaggaa gggtggggga ggggagggga aacaggggcg ccctccagtc tgagacaagc    135000
     gtaaacaagg gccagaggaa atcgcactgg cgtggatttt ggacaaaaat aaaagtccgg    135060
     gtgaagagat acacgctccc gatcccacaa agccaactcc gcaccaagtc accagtagcc    135120
     cagggctggt ctagacagac ccactccttt attggtactg atccggagcg ggtctctcag    135180
     tttaggagcc ttggtttctt ccttatctta atgcgaataa tgtttgatat acacattgac    135240
     aaccgcagag cagttaaaag ggtgtttagc aacttgggga aacttaaact gtatatttat    135300
     gtaataaacg tataattaaa aatgaattgg cagccttgtc caaaaaatta catatttagg    135360
     ggggaataca caaaaatgag ggtctatttt ggtttctgtt ttccctccag ttttacagaa    135420
     tgcactgcct tccgtttaaa gtatccaatc atcagtcaca ttgttatgtt ctacacctta    135480
     aactaatata agggtacatg ccaattttat ctgaaaaact gggggaaaaa cataaaatgt    135540
     ccaattaaaa aaaactgtgg ctcgagtctg atcccttgcc cggggaactc tgaatgcctc    135600
     agggcggtgg tcaaaaaagg aagagaaacg ttcacagaag tgctgtttga gggaaactag    135660
     aatgaggagt aactaccggg gtactgagga gaagtgagac tttcgttagg tcggagtcga    135720
     gctgggggat ggcactgaag aaactcttct ccctggttgg cgttcaaggg gaccaggttc    135780
     agacctgtac cgtgggttgt tggggatggc ggagtctgcg caatttgaga ggaggaagtg    135840
     gagccaagag acacattaaa aaaatagaaa caaaggacag cccctttcca tctcccccag    135900
     gtttctcttt tgctcactct gggcggttga aagcacacga gagccaggag ggaccaaaag    135960
     tcaagacttc ctttccccca ccttctattt ctctattctc caggaacacc gcctcctcca    136020
     attcttcaca cctcgaccct agccgatccc aaaggtcatt attcactggc aagaatggtc    136080
     ttgggaaatc cctggagcaa tagcaccagc agtagaccct tcatgactcc aattctgaat    136140
     atcaagtgca agatttttca gggagaccca gtacaacata acttgcagct tgtagctaaa    136200
     gccagaggag cagcaagaac aaagatatgg gatactcctc agcagtaagc aaatattgag    136260
     gctgagggtt gagcaaccaa ctgttcctgt gctctcatac tatcttgatg actttggctt    136320
     tgtggtaaaa ttttaaacca gtaagctccc tggtggccta agctgttaat gacttggtgt    136380
     tgtcattgat atggtttatg tttgaccccc gactgggaaa cttcagcctg tggtggctgt    136440
     ggggggaaaa aagtaaacca ggaagtatga gtcttctgat tttgttcaag attattttgc    136500
     gtccatgtgg cacagcagca atgaatttga ctaggaacca tgaaccatga ggttgtgggt    136560
     tcaatccctg gccttgctca gtgggttaag gatctggcat tgccgtgagc tgtggtgtag    136620
     ctcacagatg cagctcggat ctggcattgc tgtggctgta gtgtaggcag gcagcaacag    136680
     ctctgattag acccctagcc tgggaacccc catatgctgt gggtgcggcc ctaaaaagac    136740
     aaaaaaagat tattttggct tttctggttc tcttccattt ccatattaaa ttttactttt    136800
     tgctttttta gggccacagt tgcagcatat ggaagttcca ggctaggggt caaactggag    136860
     ctaaagctgc tggcttacac cacagctcag agcaatgcca gatccttaac ccactgagta    136920
     atgccaggga tcaaacccac atcctcatgg gtttgttacc gctaagccac aataggattc    136980
     ctccatatta agttttagaa ttagcttgtt gatttctgca aataaattac tgggatttta    137040
     taaggattac attaaatcag tagctcgact tggataaaat ttccatctta atattaggtc    137100
     ttctgatcca tgaacatgat aaatctgtcc atttatttag atctccttta tttcaacatt    137160
     ttttcatttc agagtataaa cttgttatac tactcctatt ttatttcttt tgatgctatc    137220
     attaatggaa gtgtgtttat tttgggtttg tttgttcctt gtctttttag ggctgcatcc    137280
     acggcatatg gagagtccca ggttaggggt ctaattggag ctgtagctgc tgccaggcta    137340
     tgctacagcc ggaaagtgtg tttattttga attgctcatt gctactatat agaaataaaa    137400
     ctgatttttg tatattgatc tttgtatgtg atcttttctt tacgttttta aaatggctgt    137460
     tcctgggcca aggatttaat ccaagccaca gctgcaacct acaacacagc tgtagcaaca    137520
     ctggatcctt taatccattg caccaggctg gggatcaaac ccaaacctct gcagtgactg    137580
     gattctctcc atcagctgga ttcttaaccc actgcaccac agcgggaact ccagtgtgct    137640
     tttttttttt ttttttttaa gtatattgtt ccggagttcc cgtcgtggtg cagtggttaa    137700
     cgaatccgac tagaaaccat gaggttgcgg gttcgatccc tgcccttgct cagtgggtta    137760
     acgatccggc gttgccgtga gctgtggtgt aggtcgcaga cgcggctcag atcccgcgtt    137820
     gctgtggctc tggtgtaggc tggcagctac agctccaatt agacccctag cctgggaaac    137880
     tccatatgcc gtgggagcgg cccaagaaat ggcaaaaaga ccaaaaaaaa taaaataaaa    137940
     aataaagcat attgttccac aatattgtgt tagtctcagg tgtagagcac agtgattcag    138000
     tatttttgca gattatactc aatagattta ttacaagaca atggatttag tttcctctgc    138060
     tgtacaataa acacttgttg cttatctact ttatatatag tagtttatat ctgttaatcc    138120
     catacccctt atttgtccct cccctctttc atcttctctt tggtaatcac aaattttatt    138180
     tgtgagtctg tttctgcatc agaacctctt catataaata aatcaaggtg tggatgaagt    138240
     cccatggatg tacttccttc ctacccatca atttctaaaa ataaattatc tgcctcatat    138300
     acctcaactt taaacggtag gacaggcata gggtaacaga ggcaaacatc cccatctccc    138360
     aacggggtgg gggtgggggt tatggagata caaaggaatc actctttcct agcaattccg    138420
     gtatccagct ggatgaatgt tgtatgaaat ggtcctgagt aagtttcaag acctggtaat    138480
     aattctcagg gctattggct ctgtcctgcg caacttttat tccactgatt tgtcctccct    138540
     ttttcatgaa aggcagcact tacttgtacc tgagttgttt tatcagctgg ctaccgacca    138600
     gtagaagtgg ggggagtggg agtgcctgac agcacccttt ccttattctc tatgctcttc    138660
     atccttttta gcccaaactg gcagtgattt tattgactaa ccttcttaaa aaacattgtt    138720
     ggccttccat ggatttcact catattcaca attaggcaaa aaccacaacc agagatcttt    138780
     tctttttctt ttttatttta tttgcttttt agggctgcac attcagcata tggaggttcc    138840
     caggctaggg gtccaatcgg agctacagct gctggcctac accacagcca cagcaatgcc    138900
     agatccgagc cgcatctatg acctagacca cagctcacgg caatgctggt tcgaacccac    138960
     aacctcatgg ttcgtagtct gattcgtttc tgctgagcca caactcccag agatcttttc    139020
     aagataaaca ctttctacct tgggctcttg ctaagatgac tgaaggacaa gatttttaag    139080
     cttcctagaa gtcctatggt ttgactgaga ggttccctga ggttcatagg gatttttttt    139140
     ttggtctttt tagggccgca cccacaccat atggaggttc ccaggctagg ggtggaatgg    139200
     aagctgtagc cgctggccta catcacaggc acagcaacga cagatctgag tcaagtctgc    139260
     gacctacacc acagctcaca gaaacgctgg atccttaatc cactgagcaa ggctagggat    139320
     caaacccgaa acctcatggt tcatggttcc tagtcggatt tgtttccatt gcaccacaac    139380
     aggaactcca catttagtat tttattttat tgtctttttg ccatttcttg agccgctccc    139440
     acagcatatg gaggaaggct gcatccgcaa cctacaccac agctcacagc aacgccggat    139500
     ccttaaccca ctgagcaggc cagggatcga acccaaaacc tcatggttcc tagtcggatt    139560
     ctctaaccac tgagccacga caagaactcc caacacttag tatttttaaa agacctgttg    139620
     tgtgactaaa gtttactgga tgctttggtc tttaaaattg tatagtcaca ccttcagctt    139680
     tttctttttg ccatgccttc ctgatagtgc tgaaaattca tttcctacta ttaatgcttt    139740
     ttgtcatcta gacaggctga gttttcaaaa taatcaaacc ctggttcctt tatactcttc    139800
     tttcctcaat ttatgtctcc tcttatatgc tattataaac agaaagaaac caagcagcac    139860
     cttcaacact ttgctcagaa atctccttag cgatatataa acaggttcat tgcttaaact    139920
     gaagacaact gaagataatt tagctacata actgaagata atttagctaa gctttcctat    139980
     ttaacaagaa ttttctactt ctatttaact actttttaac tactacttaa caagattttt    140040
     caactactat ttagcaagaa ttttccttcc tttagtttcc agtaagatat tcttcatttc    140100
     cttctgagcc cactagcaga gttactaaag cccaggtttc tttttttttt tctgtctttt    140160
     tgccatttct tgggctgctc tcgaggcata tggaggttcc ctggctaggg gtctaatggg    140220
     agccgtagcc acagcaacgc gggatccaag ccaagtctgc gacctacacc acagctcacg    140280
     gcaacgccgg atccttaacc cactgagcaa gggcagggat cgaacctgca acctcatggt    140340
     tcctagttgg attcgttaac cactgcgcca cgacgggaac tccaaagccc aggtttctac    140400
     taagactgtt cccggaaatg taggctttct ccaccatgct tcttaaaatc ctactgcctc    140460
     agacttccgg ctctggctca gtgggctaag aaaccgacta cagccgttca ggtcgcttca    140520
     gagtcttggg ttcaaaccct gactgggcac agtgggttaa aggatccagc cttgacgcag    140580
     ctgcagctca gattcaatcc ctggcccagg aactttaatg tgccacagat gcagccaaaa    140640
     aaaaaaatta aaaaataaaa taaaaatctc ctgctctagc agctacctgg ttccaaagcg    140700
     actactccta caaaggtctt tgttacagca acacccactt tcaggtacta aaatatatat    140760
     attacatgcc tattaaggca taaacaatgt taccatcact tcgctgacta aaacaataaa    140820
     tatttattat cttgcaggct ttatgaggca ggaatctggg cacagcttag tgggtcctct    140880
     tagggtctca caagcctgca atcaaggtgt tggccatctc agagttcccg tcgtggctag    140940
     catccataag gacatgggtt cgatccctgg cctcactcag tgggttaagg atccggcgtt    141000
     gccatgagct gtgggatcaa agacacagct gggatcccat gttactgtgg ctgtggctgt    141060
     ggcataggtt ggcagctgca gctctggttc gacccctagt ctgggaacct ccctatgcca    141120
     cagttgtggc cctaaaaaga caaaaagacc aaaagaaaaa aaaaaaagtg ttggccatct    141180
     caagccttga ctagagaagg atctgttctc aagctcccaa actgccagca gaattcaatt    141240
     ccacatggtt acaggactaa ggacttcagc ttattgctga ctgttgacca atggccacct    141300
     tcagctccaa gcagcagacc taaattgctt tccatgttcc ttccaacatg gctgcttttt    141360
     tcattaaaac cataagagaa gcacgcctct tcctaagaca gaagtgacaa cctgatgtaa    141420
     tgtagtcact taagggatat cccataaccc ttgccatagt tatggtcaag acttataacc    141480
     aggagttccc gtcgtggcgc agtagttaac gaatccgact aggaaccatg aggtcgcagg    141540
     ttcggtccct gcccttgctc agtgggttaa cgatccggcg ttgccgtgag ctgtggtgta    141600
     ggttgcagac gcagctcaga tcccgagttg ctgtggctct ggcggaggcc ggtggctaca    141660
     gctccgattc aacccctagc ctgggaacct ccacatgccg cgggagtggc ccaagaaata    141720
     acaacaacaa caacaacaaa agaccaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagac ttataaccat    141780
     aacttatagt cttggacaag agcctcaagt gcagcttatc acagaaatga ttaaacagga    141840
     ggcaggggcg acaggggctg tacaggtaca atgtgtatat aatacagtag gtattgtact    141900
     gtatacttgg ctgaactaat ttatttgttc caataatctg tgtatggggg agggtacctt    141960
     aggattctca aatgtaggat catatcattt tcaaagatag ctttattatt attatttgtc    142020
     tttctagggc tgcacctgca gtatatggaa gttcccaggc taggggtcaa atcagagcta    142080
     cagtgccagc ctacgacaca gccacagcaa tgccagaacc aagccgtgtc tgcaacctac    142140
     accaagctca cagcaacacc ggatccttaa cccactgagg ccagagatcg aacccacaac    142200
     ctcatggttc ctagtcggat tcgtttctgc tgcaccacgg gaaccccaag acagctttat    142260
     ttcttctttt ccaatgcaga tgtctttttt tccccctaat tgcactagct atcatctcta    142320
     gtacaatgtt gaacagaaat ggtgagaaca gagacatact taccttctgc tgagccgcca    142380
     gggaactcct tgctcccaat cttggaggaa ggcagtcatt ctttcaccat taagatgtta    142440
     tttataggtt tttcataaat gctctttatt gggctaagca agttcccttc tgtggcagaa    142500
     aaaataagat gacccccaat aatcctcatc ttctaatatt tatatgtcct tttatgaccc    142560
     ccctcccctt gactgtctct gggacttttg acctgtttct aaccaataga atatggcaaa    142620
     tgatgggatg tcatgcctgc aattacattg ttacaaagtc tgtcttctag tacatttttc    142680
     tttttttttt tttctttttt atggccacac ctgcagcata tggaagttca caggctaggg    142740
     gtccaatcag acctgcaact gccagcctac accacagttt gaagcaacag cgtatcctta    142800
     acccactgaa caaggccagg gatcaaaacg gagttctcat ggatactggt cgggtttgtt    142860
     accactgagc cacaagggga actcctagaa ttccttgaga cactcaccag tgctggcctt    142920
     gaagaagcaa gcagccatgt tgagttccgt gtaacaggga gctgagggca acctccagcc    142980
     aacaaccagc aagaagttca gtcctatagc cacaaagaat tgaattctac tgacatcctt    143040
     agtgtgtaag tggaccttac agtcagtcct ccaaataaga acacaaatga cactttgata    143100
     cagccttgcc gagaacccag ctgaggtatg cctggagtcc tgacccacat acattgtgag    143160
     ataatatgtg tgtggaattc ccttggtgga gcagagggtt aagggtccag cgttgttgct    143220
     gcagtagctt ggattgcagc tgtgccatgg gttctatccc tggcccagga acttctgcat    143280
     accgtaggtg cagccaaata aataaataag ggttgatttg aatgctaggt ttgtgatcat    143340
     ttattatgca gcacagaaga ccatgtgttt ggagttcccg tcgtggcgca gtggttaacg    143400
     aatccgacta ggaaccatga ggttgcaggt tcggtccctg cccttgctca gtgggttaag    143460
     gatctggcgt tgccgtgagc tgtggtgtag gtcgcagacg tggcccggat cctgagatgc    143520
     tgtggctgtg gcgtaggccg gtggctacag cttcaatttg acccctagcc tgggaacctc    143580
     catatgccgt gggagcggcc caagaaatag ccaaaagaca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    143640
     aaaaagaaaa agaaaaagaa aaccatgtgt ttaatccatt tgcatttaat gctttttttt    143700
     ttggccatag ccacagcatg tggaggttcc agggccaggg atccaaacca agccactgca    143760
     aggacaatac tggatcctta acctgctgca ccaccaagga actcccaatg ttatttttta    143820
     tctgagtgga catatttatt accacttttc attttttata taccccatgt ttttccctat    143880
     tctttcctta ttgtcttctt ttctattaag taggtatttt gttatgagcc atataaatta    143940
     ctttactgta taattttgaa ttattttata gtggtttctc taggaattac aatatccacc    144000
     ttaacatatc acaatacact tcagatacta attcaggacc agcaagcaca ggaactttgc    144060
     tctaacatag ctctgctgtc tcctctcctt tgcattattg tcacctatat tacatctcca    144120
     tataaaccta acaaaaacat aatattgact tacataattt tgtcttttaa agaagttaag    144180
     aaaagagaaa aaccatatat gagcctttca ttttatttta tttttgtctt tttctagggc    144240
     cgctcccttg gcacatggaa gttcccaggc taggggtcta atggagctgt agccgtcggc    144300
     ctgcgccaga gccacagcaa caccgaatgt gagccacatc tgcgacctac accacagctc    144360
     atggtaacaa gggatcctta acctgctagg caaggccagg gattgaaccc acaacctcac    144420
     ggttcctagt cagattcgtt aaccactgag ccacgacagt gaactagaag cctttcattt    144480
     taaactttgt atttagcatt tccagttctc ttcatttctt cttgtggctt caatctacta    144540
     tttttgatat ttcctactcc aaaacagttc cattccctct tccatccttt gtccaattat    144600
     ttacacataa tacaattttt attgcctatg taatttaagt cagataagaa aaaattagga    144660
     gttcctgtcg tggcgcagtg gttaacgaat ccgactagga accatgaggt tgtggattcg    144720
     atccctgccc ttgctcagtg gattaaggat ccggcgttgc cttgagctgt ggtgtaggtc    144780
     acagatgcgg ctcggatcct gcgttgctgt ggctctggtg taggccagcg gctccagctc    144840
     tgattagacc cctcgcctgg gaacctccat atgccacggg agcggcccaa gaattggcaa    144900
     aaagacaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aatttaaaag ttaagaaaaa attaaaaata catttataat    144960
     gtttttcata attgcctcca tattactttt cctggtactg cttttttttt ttcatgtgga    145020
     ttggggttat tgtctgctat cattcctttt cagcctacag aacttgtttt agtatttctt    145080
     gtaagaaatt tatccgctag caataaatcc cctcagtgtc tttatctggg aatgtctttg    145140
     tcttcagttt caaatcataa ttttgctgaa aacaggattc ttggtcaaca ggtttggtga    145200
     catggcctcc attgtttctg atgagaagtt agttattaac ttagtgtatg tgtgggatac    145260
     aatgagctct ttttttctta ctgctttcaa atttttcttt ttgtctttgg ttcacattct    145320
     tctgaccata atttgcctta gtgtggatct ctttgtgttt atattactta gagttttgtt    145380
     aagtctctta ggtatataga ttaacgtttc tcatcaaatt tagaagtttc attactgctg    145440
     agccacgcat gagaactcca taaaaaattg atttcaactt ttatcaattt ctaattaaaa    145500
     tttttctttt cttttttttt tctttttttt tgtcttttta gggccgaatc cacagcatat    145560
     ggaagttccc aggctaggag ttgaatcaaa gctgcaactg cagtctacac cagagccaca    145620
     gcaatgcaga agcagagcat ctgcaatcaa caccagagct ctcagcaatg ccagatactt    145680
     gactcaatga gtgaggccag ggatcgaact cacatcctca tgggtactag tcaggctcat    145740
     tactgctgag ccacaacagg aactccataa aaaatttatt tcaactttta ttcatttcca    145800
     tcaattttaa tttcattaaa attttaattt aaatttcttt tttaacagct ttcttgagat    145860
     ataattcaca taccacacaa ttcacccatt aaaagtgtac aattcaggag tttctattgt    145920
     ggctcattgg gttaaggacc ctatattgtc tctgtgagga tacaggttta atcactggcc    145980
     ttgctcagtg ggttaaggat ctggcgctgc cacaagctgc agcataggct gcagaggcaa    146040
     ctcagattca gtgttgccat aggcctgcag cgcagctctg actgacctgt gggggaggaa    146100
     aaaaaaaaag tgtaaaattc aatggttttt agtaaattta cagttgttca accattacca    146160
     caaccaattt tttttttttt tttttttgtc tttttaccat ttcttcggct gcatatggag    146220
     gttcccagac taggggtcca atagaagctg gagccgacgg cctacaccag agccacagca    146280
     acgcgggatc cgagccgcat ctgtgaccta caccacagct cacagcaacg ccggatcctt    146340
     aacccactga gcaagggcag ggatcgaatc cgcaacctcg tggttcctag tcagattcgt    146400
     taaccactgc gccacgacgg gaactccggt ttttttgtgt gtgtgtcttt ttgccaattt    146460
     tttttttagc tgccttccct ccccccaccc accccccgga aatagaagtt cccagggtag    146520
     aaatcaaatc caaaccagag ctgtgaccta caccacagct acagcaacac tagatcctta    146580
     acccactgca tcaggcctga gactgaactg gcacctccac agagacaagc cgaatcatta    146640
     acccactgtc ccacagcagg aactccaatt tttgaagatt ttcatcactc ccaaaagaaa    146700
     tcccttatct atgagtttcc ccccaaaaaa atccctccac catcacttcc tcccaacacc    146760
     ctccaatcct ctggcaacta ctcatctatt ttctatcttc atggatttgc ctattctgga    146820
     catttcatag aaatgaaatc atttgtagcc ttttgtgtct ggtttctttt acttagtata    146880
     ttttcaagat tcatctatgt tgtgacatgt atcagtactt ttcttatcaa atgatattct    146940
     attgtatgaa tataccaagt gatgaaataa aatttatatt ttaaggcagg ataggaaaat    147000
     tagattctca gtttgggcct cctccctttc tccctcacca cattctgtgt gaaagaactt    147060
     ccttcttctc taataacatg ttttctaagt atgaaataac ttttaaggat aatgataaac    147120
     ctcacctttg cactcagcac ttaataacat cttgctgcag attacaacat aaccatcaat    147180
     acccagtcca cttcatctta ctcagactat cgacctttgt tcattcagct gaaaagaagc    147240
     aggaaaaaga caggccacca ccctttgctc tcactcctca aggcaagaat cctgcctccc    147300
     aaggctcctt attactataa tttctaaatg tgccccacct gatgcccaaa cctagcctac    147360
     tcaatactta aacattcagt ctcatgttca tatagccctc tacggtattc tgttccacgc    147420
     gggttttcag ctagtatgca ctagtaagtc atgccgattg tttaaaagag cagctgatac    147480
     acagtaaaat taataagtac tataaatcct catggatact agtcagattt gtttctgctg    147540
     agccacaaca ggaactcccc tataaatcct aaaatatact caatagcaat gtctaggcta    147600
     ccataacgac tatcagtgga tgagttcctg tcattgcagg agacacactt gtggtactta    147660
     ccagttcagt cacatcatga caagttttgt ggctggggtg aatattcttc atcctgacat    147720
     ttacaaaaat tatcactttg tcaaatcccc atactgccaa aacttttttt tttttttgtc    147780
     tttttagggc ccctctcgcg gcacagggaa gttcccgggc tagggtgaat ttggagctgc    147840
     agctgccggc ctatgtcata gcagattcaa gctgaaactc gaggcaacgc cagattcttt    147900
     aagccactga gcaaggccag ggatcgaacc tatgtcctca cagatgctag tcagatttgt    147960
     ttctgctgag ccatgatggg aactccacta gtcggattct taacccactg agccacaacg    148020
     gggaatgggg aacccctaaa acttctaaat agtatatttg tttggctttt cctgttttta    148080
     ttgttagtgt gctgttattc ttgtggcaat aatagttgtg cagtgttctg atatctataa    148140
     atgcaagaac ttagaatatg aagaataaac agaatgaagt aaggaagttt ggatacatct    148200
     ctaacattgc ttttaaatat taacattaat ctcgggagtt cccattgtgg cgcagtggaa    148260
     acaaatccaa ctagtatcca caaggattcg ggttcgattc ttggccttgc tcagtggttt    148320
     ggggatctgg cattgctgtg acctatggtg taggtcacag atgaggctca gaccccacct    148380
     tgctgtggct gtggcatagg ctggcagcta tagccgcgat ttgaccccta gcctgggaat    148440
     ttccatatgc tgcaagtgcg gccctaaaaa gaccaaaaag aaaaaaaaaa tctcttagat    148500
     ctgagagaga acaaggaagc aatgacataa atagtgaatc acagaaacgt atgacattgt    148560
     accagaacta tgacaagtag taatgccttt aacactgtat gagattcagt tcaaagtaca    148620
     taatttgttt tcctaagact taaaaaaacc tgataatttt gacagaactc actgatggct    148680
     tataattgct agcaatgtga atactggtgg tttagaagct gtgtaaaagt ttaaagtact    148740
     cagcacagga gttcccgtca tggttcagtg gctaacgaat caaactagga accatgaagt    148800
     tgtgggtttg atccctggcc tcgctcaatg ggttaaggat tgccgggagc tgtggtgtag    148860
     gtcacacaca cagcttggat ctggtgttgc tatggctgtg gcttaggccg gtggctccag    148920
     ctctgattag acccctagcc tgggaacctc catatgccgt ggaagcggcc ctataaaagg    148980
     caaaaagaca aaaaaataaa atactcagca cactgtcagt gcccagaatt caaagaaaat    149040
     gattagcaat gataaagaat gtttgtgttt tgtttttcct cttttggctg cacccacagc    149100
     atacggaaat ccctaagcca gggagcaaat ctgagccaga gttgtgacct ttgccacaca    149160
     gctgcagcaa tgccagggat tcacacagtg caccaggcca gggatcgaac tgacactgac    149220
     acagagaaaa tgctggatcc tcacccaatg tacaacatcg ggaaatccta ccttgctgtt    149280
     tgtaacaaat gccgtgtttt ttcttgaaca agtaggatga tactttcttt aacaacacat    149340
     caaattttgt tcccttccca cctcccccac caaaaaaaaa aaagatgagt tcccatcaca    149400
     gctcagtgga aacgaaattt ggctagtagt atccatgaag atgcaggttt gattcctggc    149460
     ctcattcagt cggttaagga cccagcattg ctgtgggttg tggtgtaggt cacagacata    149520
     gctcagatta ggagttgctg tggctgtggc tgtggcgtgg gctggcggct acagctccga    149580
     ttcaacccct agccagggaa cctccatatg ctgtgggtac agccctaaaa agacaaaaag    149640
     accaaaaaaa aaaaaatttt tttttgttcc cttccaaaac ccagtacaac caaaattaag    149700
     ggattatttg aaaacttaac tcacaaggtc agggaaaaac agttaaggac acaccaacaa    149760
     cattttggac ctaaaaagta gatgaatgct attttcttgg caaacttgaa aaacaaatcc    149820
     ccagagagct gttaaaagcc aagagccaat ctgactctat aacttcagaa aaagaagaac    149880
     attatagatt gttataaata acaaactacc tgaaataata aaactcctga agtaaatttt    149940
     atcataaaaa ttttatcata acaaaacatt gaaaaagtgc catcagaagt cagtactaga    150000
     ggagttcccg tcatggctta gtggttaatg actgactagc atccatgagg atgcgggttt    150060
     gacccctggc ctggctcagt gggttatgga tccggcgttg ccgtgagctg tggtgtgggt    150120
     cacagatgca gctcagatcc tgtgtttcta tggctgtgcc ataggccagc agctacagct    150180
     ccatgatgtg actaacctct agcctgggaa cttccatatg ccgtgagtgc agttctaaaa    150240
     aagcaaacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacaaaa ggcagtacta    150300
     gaggagttcc cattgtggct cagcagatta agaacccaaa tagtatccat gaggatgtgg    150360
     gttccttccc tggtttcgtt cagtaggtta aggatctggt gttgtgatca gcctaagctg    150420
     tggcacaggc tgcaactgtg gctcagatct gacccctggc ccaggaactc catatgcaag    150480
     tcagccaaaa aaaggcagta ctatctaatg tatagttaag tagagcattt tacacactaa    150540
     ctagagggtt tttaaaagac tgttaagtag tgtatatcat tgcaatctta ataatggttc    150600
     tgctggttgc aaaaccatat ataactacca taatgagacg ttttagaaaa cttagaaatc    150660
     taaacactaa atcattacca ataaagcttc aactaggtca caaaaatgtg ttttgatgaa    150720
     ttacttaaat actgagttta agacttgtaa attgatgtgg ttttgttgat ttgagggact    150780
     ccaaaaataa taggagttcc tgctgcggca cagtgggtta atgatccagc ttatctccat    150840
     ggaagcacca gttcaatccc cagcctaata cagggcactg aggactgaca ttgctgcaac    150900
     tgtggcatag gttacagctg cagctcagat tcaatccctg gcctgggaac ttccatatgt    150960
     cacatatgtg gccaaaaaag aaaacaaaaa aagtattcct cagtgttcaa gaaaaatggt    151020
     tcaatgtgaa agagttacac aatggtagag aggatgccag tcacaccaca cagaaagtac    151080
     agggtcttag ccaaactttt agaagccttc tggatgattt aatttggaac tatatcatca    151140
     ctgtattcag tgatttcagg acatgcagta aaatgcctaa ataactttaa atatttgcct    151200
     caacaaactt tttattcact accatacatt ttttttaaat gagagaaaaa taaatgatat    151260
     gtctgaggaa gttagaattg gaatcattat gaaactggga aaacccgagc ccactgtagt    151320
     gctaggacgg caaaagcact aggacatttt gtcaaacttt atatattcac tttcttggga    151380
     taaggaatga tggaaatgta taccttattt tctgcacact cttcatgttt gaactcagtc    151440
     ttcataatgg acgctctggg gtggcacacc agaacatgct ctgctctaag gaggtctgca    151500
     tgggcttctc cattccctaa gcaactccaa cagggcagaa gcattggcag agggtggaga    151560
     gatttcctgg gtgactgact tactgctggg ctgactccat aagtcattac acagaactag    151620
     ttaggaaagg aatcatttcc tcattgcctg tgaggaaaaa gaaacttatt ttaggtggaa    151680
     cagtctgaat gggcttcaac acaagaaacg aaagtgaagg cagagtgttc tcctgaaggg    151740
     gaggagaggg cactttgcat tcccacacag agctccccta aagcaccttc agggggctcc    151800
     tgcctcccag aattcactcc acatcctgct ggccccaccc tgcttgcaag aggtcaggag    151860
     gatggtcagg aaggaagtca aataggctga ggacaggagg gtgtgccctc tccgacctgg    151920
     tcctaggagt cacagttaat gcaggtcaac accaattact tatctgaacc cttctctaaa    151980
     ctctcggaag ggagggctga aatggaagcg tgtctatttc tctgttctgt aacctctcct    152040
     tgtggagcac tagaggatct caggctattt ttcccatcct cccttccttc tttatcacgt    152100
     gttgtgttca ggatgaattc tcttggtatt gacttttgaa gggaaaaggg cagacaggac    152160
     tgactgggaa ctcacatgcc tacgcatagt acctgaggag acggagacgg aagatgaaca    152220
     aaggggaggg aaacaattta cgctgctcag tgggcttaag aagagaaaca aaactatttc    152280
     catgcatttt tctcttaccc aaatacacct ttcagacttt ctgctgtggc acaatgggat    152340
     cggtggcatc ttgggagcaa tgggacacac gatcatgggc ctggcacaga gggtcaagga    152400
     tccagcttgc tgaagctgca gctaaggtca caactgcagc tcagatctga tccctggcct    152460
     aggaactcca tatgccatgg gatggccaaa aagatagaac aaatatacct ttcacttcag    152520
     tttttcccac aacatttttt tccctttttc tccacggcat atggacttct ggggtcgggg    152580
     atcagattca aggtgcagcc ccagccccag ctgcagcaac agcaacggca gaccctttaa    152640
     cccactgtgc caggccaggg atagaacctg catcgtgaca cactgagggt ggcaaaaagt    152700
     tcaaggaact ggtggggctt cccatgctct taactaaaat ggtttcccat gttggtacca    152760
     aagtcactct tggttacact agaagagaga aaaaataatt aagtagggtt gcaagtagtt    152820
     attttccttt tctcttttaa aaatcctttt attgttgttg gtataatgat gtgcaactta    152880
     aaaaaaatta aagatggaaa aatagttgca tgggttttca taatgcaaag gaaaaagcat    152940
     ttaaaaaaac atgaagattt acatgtatta ttcaatataa tctactcata attctgtgaa    153000
     atcatcagat atcatcatac cagattatct taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagtcagg    153060
     aatgagactc aaaagcaccc agagcagagt tcccctgtgg tgcagcaggt taaggttcca    153120
     gtgctgttac tcagtgactc agtcctagcc tgggaatttc catgtgccag ggacgcagcc    153180
     aaaacaaaaa acaaaaaact gcccaaagca agatcacaca gtttgtggaa cccaggtcct    153240
     ctgacaccca gcccactgct ccatttacta tggcaagtta aatgaggaag ggaccttaga    153300
     aatcaggtga ctgaccctct cagcatgtca cacttctcta tacaaaatca agagtggctg    153360
     aatctcttta atgatggaaa accacttaat caaggaagct cattcctatg tgtttgattt    153420
     ttctccaaat ctttatgcca agctgaatac tgtctcacag aagcttgtac gaaaatgacc    153480
     aggagttccc tttgtgactc ggcaggttaa gaaccccact agtaggaatt gtctttgtgg    153540
     ctcagccctt aatgaacccc tctaggatcc atgaggatgt agattcaatt cctgggctca    153600
     ctcagtgggt taaggatctg gcattgcagt gagctgtggt gtaggttgca gatgcagctc    153660
     agatcctgca ttgctgtggc tgtggtatag gctggcagct gtaactctga ttcaaaccct    153720
     agcctgggaa cttccatatg ttgcaggtgt ggccctaaaa agtatttaaa aaaaaaaaaa    153780
     aaaaagaacc caactagtat ccatgaagac gtggattcga accctggcct tggtcagtga    153840
     tttaaggatc cagcacagct cagacccaca ttgctgtggc tgtgatgtgg gctagcagct    153900
     gcagctccaa ttcagcccct aacctgggaa cttccatatg ctgtaggtac ggtcctaaaa    153960
     agaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaacctg accaatttct gacctctatg gtctaaaaga    154020
     ataggtacag ttcttcatac aatagccctt caaatatctg aaatctctgt agtcataaat    154080
     aaggtatatt gcatcaaaat aaatggctgt tctcagtagg ctgggtagtc caaatgtcct    154140
     agcctgccat taccagaaac gggacgttct ccttaactaa actttgagga ggcttattaa    154200
     ttaactcaaa tgatatttat ttgggcttga tatctactag acactgggga tgcattaatg    154260
     agaaaataga atatgtcctg tgtgtgagca gctcagaaca ccctccccga ggaggtgata    154320
     tctgaaatga gccctgagga tgaacaagag ttgagagggc aggtgaggtc cagatagagg    154380
     gaaaccactg gtgacaagtc ctgtatgtac tatggacaat gtggcggatt cgcaggactg    154440
     accaaatccc agaatgaggc acctgaagcc tggcactgga gtatgaggtg ccttccacct    154500
     gtacagcctg gacccgagta tttccttccc cacccacttg gctgtgtgac ctcaggtgag    154560
     ttactttccc tctgggcacc tttttcctca tctactaaat gggtgacgca tgagggctgc    154620
     ggtgaggact ggctgccctg atacaagcaa aggcctcgga acagtgcttg gcatgtacct    154680
     gaggctcaac ccatctttgc tctggtggct ggaggctgat gacagagccc cgccccgaga    154740
     gccctccttg cctgctgtcg taaccaggag cgaaggcaag ct                       154782