ID   AF450245; SV 1; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 124254 BP.
AC   AF450245;
DT   29-AUG-2002 (Rel. 72, Created)
DT   14-NOV-2006 (Rel. 89, Last updated, Version 5)
DE   Mus musculus clone BAC199M11, complete sequence.
KW   .
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Sciurognathi; Muroidea;
OC   Muridae; Murinae; Mus; Mus.
OG   Plasmid pBeloBAC11
RN   [1]
RP   1-124254
RX   DOI; 10.1073/pnas.212392399.
RX   PUBMED; 12370427.
RA   Zhou J., Ashouian N., Delepine M., Matsuda F., Chevillard C., Riblet R.,
RA   Schildkraut C.L., Birshtein B.K.;
RT   "The origin of a developmentally regulated Igh replicon is located near the
RT   border of regulatory domains for Igh replication and expression";
RL   Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 99(21):13693-13698(2002).
RN   [2]
RP   1-124254
RA   Birshtein B.K., Ashouian N., Matsuda F., Riblet R.;
RT   "Direction of replication fork progression changes within a 3 kb segment
RT   that lies downstream of the Igh 3' regulatory region";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-124254
RA   Birshtein B.K., Ashouian N., Matsuda F., Riblet R., Chevillard C.,
RA   Delepine M.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (23-NOV-2001) to the INSDC.
RL   Cell Biology, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, 1300 Morris Park Avenue,
RL   Bronx, NY 10461, USA
DR   MD5; c0a9a40fca80e06ffba03863658c0040.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456017.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456018.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000006356; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000006360; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000021144; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000006523; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000009099; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000084882; mus_musculus.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC129745; 12370427.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC2547000; 18644860.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC2724394; 17475858.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC2806585; 19951913.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC3149305; 21673112.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC3190736; 21685395.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC3197901; 21949022.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC3430471; 22345664.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC3499808; 23162572.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC548023; 15684400.
DR   RFAM; RF00026; U6.
CC   Repetitive DNA sequences were identified by Repeat Masker and by
CC   individual searches of DNA segments. A higher density of repetitive
CC   sequences is apparent closer to the Igh gene cluster and a
CC   relatively lower density towards the downstream end of the BAC.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..124254
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /plasmid="pBeloBAC11"
FT                   /chromosome="12"
FT                   /lab_host="HS996 (modified DH10B)"
FT                   /strain="129S1/Sv"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="Research Genetics CitbCJ7 mouse BAC library"
FT                   /clone="BAC199M11"
FT                   /cell_line="CJ7"
FT                   /cell_type="embryonic stem cell"
FT                   /note="clone identified by Roy Riblet and Christophe
FT                   Chevillard"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="telomeric end of the chromosome segment"
FT   regulatory      1081..2150
FT                   /note="hs3A; 3' Igh enhancer; similar to GenBank Accession
FT                   Number U65625"
FT                   /regulatory_class="enhancer"
FT   repeat_region   2892..4053
FT                   /rpt_family="LINE/L1"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   4126..4150
FT   repeat_region   6860..7098
FT                   /rpt_family="LINE/L1"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   7131..7280
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE/ALU"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   7610..7772
FT                   /rpt_family="LINE/L1"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   7774..7868
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE/B2"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   7943..8085
FT   repeat_region   8049..8223
FT   repeat_region   8134..8234
FT   repeat_region   8237..8325
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE/B2"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   8366..8434
FT   repeat_region   10539..10613
FT   repeat_region   10763..10876
FT   repeat_region   10960..11112
FT   regulatory      11222..12588
FT                   /note="hs1,2; 3' Igh enhancer; similar to GenBank Accession
FT                   Number X62778"
FT                   /regulatory_class="enhancer"
FT   repeat_region   12597..12710
FT   repeat_region   12753..12929
FT   repeat_region   12942..13118
FT   repeat_region   13552..13650
FT   repeat_region   13655..13750
FT   repeat_region   14126..14276
FT   LTR             16195..16584
FT                   /note="retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   16818..16852
FT   repeat_region   16893..16981
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE/B2"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   16989..17077
FT   repeat_region   17121..17273
FT   repeat_region   17537..17662
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE/B2"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   17664..17830
FT                   /rpt_family="LINE/L1"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   18130..18155
FT   repeat_region   18198..18345
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE/ALU"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   18381..18617
FT                   /rpt_family="LINE/L1"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   19958..19994
FT   repeat_region   20035..20124
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE/B2"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   20132..20219
FT   repeat_region   20263..20409
FT   repeat_region   20678..20803
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE/B2"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   20805..20962
FT                   /rpt_family="LINE/L1"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   21464..21611
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE/ALU"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   21647..21883
FT                   /rpt_family="LINE/L1"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   23298..23474
FT   repeat_region   23575..23769
FT   repeat_region   23807..23857
FT   regulatory      24023..25205
FT                   /note="hs3B; 3' Igh enhancer; similar to GenBank Accession
FT                   Number S74164"
FT                   /regulatory_class="enhancer"
FT   repeat_region   25465..25524
FT   repeat_region   25716..25846
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE/ALU"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   26010..26108
FT                   /note="similar to 5S ribosomal RNA"
FT   repeat_region   26412..26629
FT   unsure          26424..26473
FT                   /note="<500 nt simple sequence repeat-rich region that is
FT                   difficult to sequence"
FT   repeat_region   26680..26727
FT   repeat_region   27073..27163
FT   repeat_region   27288..27323
FT   regulatory      27325..28115
FT                   /note="hs4; 3' Igh enhancer; similar to GenBank Accession
FT                   Number L39932"
FT                   /regulatory_class="enhancer"
FT   repeat_region   28476..28657
FT   repeat_region   28566..28747
FT   repeat_region   28698..28885
FT   repeat_region   28812..28979
FT   repeat_region   29512..29553
FT   repeat_region   30921..30952
FT   repeat_region   30960..31111
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE/B2"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   31112..31137
FT   repeat_region   31137..31186
FT   repeat_region   31138..31250
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE/B2"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   33660..33858
FT                   /rpt_family="DNA/MER1"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   34009..34036
FT   repeat_region   34495..34642
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE/B2"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   34643..34681
FT   repeat_region   34682..34700
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE/B2"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   34758..34802
FT   repeat_region   36429..36464
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE/B2"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   36776..36923
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE/ALU"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   LTR             36937..37040
FT                   /note="retroviral"
FT   LTR             37184..37577
FT                   /note="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   38443..38665
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE/B4"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   38916..39052
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE/ALU"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   38958..39063
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE/B4"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   40967..41070
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE/MIR"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   41514..41611
FT                   /note="similar to U6 snRNA"
FT   repeat_region   41617..41666
FT   repeat_region   41712..41760
FT   repeat_region   42673..42707
FT   repeat_region   42750..42824
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE/ALU"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   LTR             43472..44164
FT                   /note="retroviral"
FT   LTR             45057..45215
FT                   /note="retroviral"
FT   LTR             45334..45469
FT                   /note="retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   45655..45689
FT   repeat_region   45959..46113
FT                   /note="MMB2"
FT   repeat_region   46115..46162
FT   repeat_region   47437..47614
FT                   /note="MMB2"
FT   repeat_region   47592..47628
FT   repeat_region   48937..48989
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE/MIR"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   49068..49088
FT   LTR             50167..50245
FT                   /note="retroviral"
FT   LTR             50246..50775
FT                   /note="retroviral"
FT   LTR             50769..52378
FT                   /note="retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   52379..52432
FT                   /note="Ricksha DNA"
FT   LTR             52739..52817
FT                   /note="retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   53618..53661
FT   repeat_region   55864..55926
FT   repeat_region   56310..56333
FT   repeat_region   57162..57239
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE/ALU"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   59186..59357
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE/ALU"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   60923..61175
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE/ALU"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   misc_feature    61050..61534
FT                   /note="EST region 1; 5' end sequence of IMAGE clone 1021178
FT                   found in dbEST AA646361; 3' sequence not determined"
FT   misc_feature    62132..67482
FT                   /note="EST region 2; mainly covered by GenBank Accession
FT                   number AK010454; contains full length mRNA sequence that
FT                   encodes a gene"
FT   misc_feature    64230..65753
FT                   /note="CpG island"
FT   repeat_region   64255..64285
FT   repeat_region   67066..67087
FT   misc_feature    67320..67589
FT                   /note="CpG island"
FT   repeat_region   67330..67375
FT   repeat_region   67470..67576
FT   LTR             68798..68932
FT                   /note="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   69782..69942
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE/ALU"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   69944..69987
FT   repeat_region   70593..70645
FT                   /rpt_family="DNA/MER1"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   71071..71144
FT   repeat_region   71481..71514
FT   unsure          71629..71678
FT                   /note="<500 nt simple sequence repeat-rich region that is
FT                   difficult to sequence"
FT   repeat_region   71714..71734
FT   repeat_region   72071..72197
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE/ALU"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   72206..72523
FT                   /rpt_family="LINE/L1"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   72527..72614
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE/ALU"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   72669..72721
FT   repeat_region   73024..73267
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE/ALU"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   73306..73465
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE/ALU"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   74353..74445
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE/ALU"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   74549..74576
FT   repeat_region   74668..75137
FT                   /note="L1MD"
FT   repeat_region   75953..76134
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE/ALU"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   rep_origin      76100..79100
FT                   /note="500kb region 5' of this origin replicates in single
FT                   direction towards 5' end; sequences 3' of this region
FT                   replicate in both directions"
FT   misc_feature    77553..81442
FT                   /note="EST region 3; similar to IMAGE clone 641181 with 5'
FT                   sequence in dbEST AI605834, and 3' sequence in dbEST
FT                   AI450404; also similar to apparently identical IMAGE clone
FT                   341832 with 5' sequence in dbEST BE848059, and 3' sequence
FT                   in dbEST BE853477"
FT   repeat_region   77585..77767
FT                   /rpt_family="LINE/L1"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   77798..77839
FT   repeat_region   79033..79135
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE/ALU"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   79461..79525
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE/ALU"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   79658..79710
FT   gene            79687..80554
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="Surf-3"
FT                   /note="L7a"
FT   repeat_region   80983..81046
FT   repeat_region   81692..81780
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE/ALU"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   82537..82683
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE/ALU"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   83327..83422
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE/ALU"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   83669..83698
FT   repeat_region   83938..84053
FT   repeat_region   84147..84209
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE/MIR"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   85409..85566
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE/ALU"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   87116..87157
FT   repeat_region   87208..87354
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE/ALU"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   87817..87859
FT   repeat_region   87864..88019
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   misc_feature    88021..96974
FT                   /note="EST region 4; contains several ESTs, including
FT                   GenBank Accession number BC022617 which contains an
FT                   mRNA-gene with partial coding sequence and a minimum of
FT                   five exons"
FT   repeat_region   88703..88765
FT   repeat_region   94434..94467
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE/B2"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   94478..94511
FT   repeat_region   94512..94646
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE/ALU"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   94647..94824
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE/B2"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   misc_feature    96821..97460
FT                   /note="CpG island"
FT   misc_feature    97482..98437
FT                   /note="EST region 5; similar to IMAGE clone 3370299 with 5'
FT                   sequence dbEST BE624876 and 3' sequence dbEST BE629214"
FT   repeat_region   98075..98145
FT   repeat_region   98862..98889
FT   gene            complement(99586..101396)
FT                   /gene="Crip"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(99586..99688,99799..99845,99951..100008,
FT                   100088..100182,101296..101396))
FT                   /gene="Crip"
FT                   /product="cysteine-rich intestinal protein"
FT   exon            complement(99586..99688)
FT                   /gene="Crip"
FT                   /number=5
FT                   /inference="non-experimental evidence, no additional
FT                   details recorded"
FT   exon            complement(99799..99845)
FT                   /gene="Crip"
FT                   /number=4
FT                   /inference="non-experimental evidence, no additional
FT                   details recorded"
FT   CDS             complement(join(99805..99845,99951..100008,100088..100182,
FT                   101296..101335))
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="Crip"
FT                   /product="cysteine-rich intestinal protein"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:P63254"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001781"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:88501"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:P63254"
FT                   /protein_id="AAM97585.1"
FT   exon            complement(99951..100008)
FT                   /gene="Crip"
FT                   /number=3
FT                   /inference="non-experimental evidence, no additional
FT                   details recorded"
FT   exon            complement(100088..100182)
FT                   /gene="Crip"
FT                   /number=2
FT                   /inference="non-experimental evidence, no additional
FT                   details recorded"
FT   repeat_region   100385..100408
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE/B4"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   100409..100555
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE/ALU"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   exon            complement(101296..101396)
FT                   /gene="Crip"
FT                   /number=1
FT                   /inference="non-experimental evidence, no additional
FT                   details recorded"
FT   repeat_region   103363..103408
FT   repeat_region   103559..103586
FT   repeat_region   103591..103714
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE/ALU"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   104139..104185
FT   repeat_region   105215..105243
FT   repeat_region   107865..107912
FT   gene            complement(107926..112914)
FT                   /gene="Crp2"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(107926..108467,108563..108620,
FT                   108937..109031,109133..109201,109275..109415,
FT                   109819..109971,112816..112914))
FT                   /gene="Crp2"
FT                   /product="cysteine-rich protein 2"
FT   exon            complement(107926..108467)
FT                   /gene="Crp2"
FT                   /number=7
FT                   /inference="non-experimental evidence, no additional
FT                   details recorded"
FT   CDS             complement(join(108400..108467,108563..108620,
FT                   108937..109031,109133..109201,109275..109415,
FT                   109819..109971,112816..112858))
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="Crp2"
FT                   /product="cysteine-rich protein 2"
FT                   /note="LIM/double zinc-finger protein"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q9DCT8"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001781"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:1915587"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q9DCT8"
FT                   /protein_id="AAM97586.1"
FT   exon            complement(108563..108620)
FT                   /gene="Crp2"
FT                   /number=6
FT                   /inference="non-experimental evidence, no additional
FT                   details recorded"
FT   exon            complement(108937..109031)
FT                   /gene="Crp2"
FT                   /number=5
FT                   /inference="non-experimental evidence, no additional
FT                   details recorded"
FT   exon            complement(109133..109201)
FT                   /gene="Crp2"
FT                   /number=4
FT                   /inference="non-experimental evidence, no additional
FT                   details recorded"
FT   exon            complement(109275..109415)
FT                   /gene="Crp2"
FT                   /number=3
FT                   /inference="non-experimental evidence, no additional
FT                   details recorded"
FT   repeat_region   109641..109663
FT   repeat_region   109664..109798
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE/ALU"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   exon            complement(109819..109971)
FT                   /gene="Crp2"
FT                   /number=2
FT   misc_feature    112428..113329
FT                   /note="CpG island"
FT   exon            complement(112816..112914)
FT                   /gene="Crp2"
FT                   /number=1
FT   repeat_region   112908..112940
FT   repeat_region   113206..113249
FT   repeat_region   116390..116411
FT   gene            complement(<116762..>124254)
FT                   /gene="Mta1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<116762..116912,116998..117149,
FT                   117602..117633,119854..119889,120093..120245,
FT                   121453..121542,121668..121857,121963..122114,
FT                   122430..122545,122838..122896,123236..>123310))
FT                   /gene="Mta1"
FT                   /product="metastasis-associated protein"
FT   CDS             complement(join(116762..116912,116998..117149,
FT                   117602..117633,119854..119889,120093..120245,
FT                   121453..121542,121668..121857,121963..122114,
FT                   122430..122545,122838..122896,123236..>123310))
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="Mta1"
FT                   /product="metastasis-associated protein"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q8K4B0"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000679"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000949"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001005"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001025"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009057"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017884"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:2150037"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q8K4B0"
FT                   /protein_id="AAM97587.1"
FT                   ED"
FT   exon            complement(116762..116912)
FT                   /gene="Mta1"
FT                   /number=21
FT                   /experiment="experimental evidence, no additional details
FT                   recorded"
FT   exon            complement(116998..117149)
FT                   /gene="Mta1"
FT                   /number=20
FT                   /experiment="experimental evidence, no additional details
FT                   recorded"
FT   exon            complement(117602..117633)
FT                   /gene="Mta1"
FT                   /number=19
FT                   /experiment="experimental evidence, no additional details
FT                   recorded"
FT   repeat_region   118348..118434
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE/ALU"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   exon            complement(119854..119889)
FT                   /gene="Mta1"
FT                   /number=18
FT                   /experiment="experimental evidence, no additional details
FT                   recorded"
FT   exon            complement(120093..120245)
FT                   /gene="Mta1"
FT                   /number=17
FT                   /experiment="experimental evidence, no additional details
FT                   recorded"
FT   repeat_region   121097..121248
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE/B4"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   repeat_region   121115..121248
FT                   /rpt_family="SINE/ALU"
FT                   /rpt_type=DISPERSED
FT   exon            complement(121453..121542)
FT                   /gene="Mta1"
FT                   /number=16
FT                   /experiment="experimental evidence, no additional details
FT                   recorded"
FT   exon            complement(121668..121857)
FT                   /gene="Mta1"
FT                   /number=15
FT                   /experiment="experimental evidence, no additional details
FT                   recorded"
FT   exon            complement(121963..122114)
FT                   /gene="Mta1"
FT                   /number=14
FT                   /experiment="experimental evidence, no additional details
FT                   recorded"
FT   exon            complement(122430..122545)
FT                   /gene="Mta1"
FT                   /number=13
FT                   /experiment="experimental evidence, no additional details
FT                   recorded"
FT   exon            complement(122838..122896)
FT                   /gene="Mta1"
FT                   /number=12
FT                   /experiment="experimental evidence, no additional details
FT                   recorded"
FT   exon            complement(123236..123310)
FT                   /gene="Mta1"
FT                   /number=11
FT                   /experiment="experimental evidence, no additional details
FT                   recorded"
FT   tRNA            123947..124016
FT                   /product="tRNA-Ala"
SQ   Sequence 124254 BP; 31542 A; 32235 C; 31217 G; 29151 T; 109 other;
     aagcttgata tctggacctg atttctaaac atttggcctc tgtgagcacc ctttgcaaat        60
     actgaacagc aaaccctggt cctggctgtg aaccttggtc ctgatcactg agccctatat       120
     tggtaactga accgtgatcc tgatctctga cctcagtcat ggtcatgagg ccctggtcct       180
     ggccactcat tctaataact ggtccctagt cctgagccct gaaccttggt ccaggtcact       240
     gaatcctagt catgatcact gggtttgatc ctcattactg agcctagtct tgatcaccga       300
     tgactggttt tgatcatagc aactaacctg atcactagtc cccgttcctc atcactgggc       360
     catgatactg gtcactgggt cctgatcctg atcactaaat cctgtttcta aacaatgtgt       420
     agtggaatgt atagtgaagc ctttgtgtct ggctctgggt gaaatgtctc agcagagcct       480
     ttgctaggtt tgggttaatc agttggggct gagaaatgtt tttgaggctg tttgaacctc       540
     aaaagaagaa atgtctccct ggacaatctg cacatttgca gctgcgcaaa ccttcatcct       600
     aaaacttaac tcctggcaaa cttagaattc ttacttttaa aaatggctag ccatggttga       660
     aagggactga gatgtctgtg ggtgggtgga acctttccca gctccaagaa actctgtata       720
     atgtttgaat aaagtaactg aagtgagcta gctggggtca atcttctttc caaggagaat       780
     aaagccctcc gctcctccag aaaatgaagg cttagctcct gggttagctt ctctctctac       840
     tgcggcacct acaaccaact cagcagtcct aggttcctgt caccagatcc agtcctgata       900
     gctaagtgtc aatcctcgtc actaaggcct gatccttagc aatatgcctg gggtctgata       960
     atcagactga cattctgata actggaccca gattcttatc actgggtctt tgtcctggtc      1020
     atgggcattt gaccctagtc tacagcactg agttctgggc atggaccctg ggtcccagtt      1080
     ctagatactg agttctggtt ctaataactg gctcctgtac tgatcgatgg gtcctgacct      1140
     agtcattggg ccctgatcct caacattgac ttcaaaacct gaactctagc cccatgcctc      1200
     attcacatta ggatgatccc tacaggggat tcctgcagaa gattccagaa tccccacaac      1260
     actgttcaca cactgggctg caactgggac agtgacccct ttgctcatag gacttgccca      1320
     ggctcagagg cacagaatgg agacaaagca agcccaggcc ctgggagatg gagcctctgg      1380
     cctggggtct acagatgtgg ggtcagcatc gtagggaggt ttgcagggca ggtgtggggc      1440
     agggcagagg tagtcatgct tatagatact atttttctct cctctggagc ctcctttggc      1500
     tatcacctgc tgtcctggga tctctatctg gggtcaacaa tgtttgcagt acaggtgtgg      1560
     gggtagggca gggatgctca cattagcaac ttgtttttct ctcttctgaa gtctctgttg      1620
     tctatcacct gctgaaacat tcaaagcagc tctcagctga gggcagctga gtcatcctga      1680
     gcctgtctca gcacaggtgc cccaaaccag agctactgtt ctgagaatca catcacactg      1740
     gaccaggcca ggtgggcctg ggacatggat gaggggtggg agccagggga gcctgccagg      1800
     ggctgaggag gccccaaccc ccatcaccca gggccatcca cactcgtgcc ttagtgaggc      1860
     catgttctgt cccaatgaga acaagtccaa ttaagattaa gtatggtctt cccaggatca      1920
     tccagagtca tggggtgtca gccagggaca acccagacca gcctgaggtc agccagcatc      1980
     acccaaggcc acacagctat tctggcagag gactagaata gtcagctcat cgaggccctg      2040
     gagatgcaga atggagagtt tatccctgcc agacagggct catcagaaag gcaggtatct      2100
     cactacacat gacctccctg aatatttccc agagtccagt tggttctaga ctatcacaat      2160
     agtcttctgt attcctgata agcatgcaga aagctaacag gatgacaaga aattttatgc      2220
     agaaaacaga agcatctaca ggatagaaca gaagagaata gatactggaa gtctgctgga      2280
     gaccccagtg gagtctcttt gtagagtcaa gctgtaagat caaacctgca ctgagcctca      2340
     agattgagtc aagtacagag gcaaccttca ggaccctaaa gaccttacag gcaatggaca      2400
     ggatggagtc caggcagaca agtaaacggg cagtcatatg taacataatg aaccatgtca      2460
     acagagggta ctaagccaag gaaggctctg ggacactcgt ggataatctg ccactggatc      2520
     tcttgatgta tataccaggt gatcagatga cagtttagtg gcgccatcgc cgttacagtg      2580
     ttaggtgttg tcctcgtcat gggttcacgt gagaatgtga caccttttta gttggatgtg      2640
     tacagtaagc tctcaggcct ggtgttccta gtatgatttt aatgatccat gtgttcctat      2700
     gtctttaata agtttttagg gtgacattaa gcttggggat aagttgttta tcaggctgtg      2760
     cctttagaag ttgatgtgca ggtgttattg tttacatatc caccaagatg cccagtcttc      2820
     ctccagcttc caaacggagt caaaggccat ttgaaaatgt gaaacctctc agggcaaggt      2880
     acaatctttt tttttttaat tttttttcca ttttttatta ggtatttagc tcatttacat      2940
     ttccaatgct ataccaaaag tcccccatac ccacccaccc ccaaatccct acccacccac      3000
     tccccctttt tggccctggc gttcccctgt actggggcat ataaagtttg tgtgtccaat      3060
     gggcctctct ttccagtgat ggccgactag gccatctttt gatacatatg cagctagagt      3120
     caagagctcc gggatactgg ctagttcata atgttgttcc gcctataggg ttgcagatcc      3180
     ctttagctcc ttggctactt tctctagctc ctccattggg agccctgtga tccatccatt      3240
     agctgactgt gagcatccac ttctgtattt gctaggcccc ggcatagtct cacaagagac      3300
     agctacatct gggtcctttc gataaaatgt tgctagtgta tgcaatggtg tcagcgtttg      3360
     gatgctgatt atggggtgga tccctggata tggaagtctc taaatggacc atcctttcat      3420
     ctcagctcca aactttgtct ctgtaactcc ttccaagggt gttttgttcc cacttctaag      3480
     gaggggcata gtgtccacac ttcagtcttc atttttcttg agtttcatgt gtttaggaaa      3540
     ttgtatctta tatcatgggt atcctaggtt ttgggctaat atccacttat caagtgagta      3600
     catattgtgt gagttccttt gtgaatgtgt tacctcactc aggatgatgc cctccaggtc      3660
     catccatttg cctaggaatt tcataaattc attcttttta atagctgagt agtactccat      3720
     tgtgtagatg taccacattt tctgtatcca ttcctctgtt gaggggcatc tgggttcttt      3780
     ccagcttctg gctattataa ataaggctgc tatgaacata gtggagcatg tgtccttctt      3840
     accagttggg gcatcttctg gatatatgcc caggagaggt attgctggat cctccggtag      3900
     tactatgtcc aatttcctga ggaaccgcca gactgatttc cagagtggtt gtacaagcct      3960
     gcaatcccac caacaatgga ggagtgttcc tctttctcca catccttgcc agcatctgct      4020
     gtcacctgaa tttttgatct tagccattct gacaatcttt ttttttttaa agccactatc      4080
     tcacacaaca tggggtaatt taaagcaggg tacagcttga tcaaaacaca cacacacacg      4140
     catacacaca atgtaagata ccgagaaggg gatcaaggga cacagaagta gagagagaat      4200
     gagacggttc agggatgtag agatgagagg taactagagg aaaagagaaa cacaaggact      4260
     ggagggtaaa gagccaggga cagaaagatc catgcaagca agacagacag acacaggaag      4320
     ggaaaggtgg gaagagacag acagacaagg tgtagcaatg tagcccacct gagacttcca      4380
     tgaaagtctg gcacccactc tcagatgaaa gccaagtacc tacagacacg tacccacagc      4440
     acccacacag agcacctgcc tgcctaactc aagcccacct acccattgcc tctcctccag      4500
     gcctctgtcc tcaggaggca tgctgagggt aactcagtct ggacacttct atgttccatg      4560
     ccatgcttcg ggggggggga ttcactgaat gcatgaacca tagtctgggg tcaacatgta      4620
     ctaagggata ggatcctatc aggatttgtc caaataaggt ccaaacaaag tgaagaaggt      4680
     gataggcgag aacagctggc agctgagaga acgctggtca gttctcaggc cagagctcag      4740
     ggacaatttc cagacctagc cttccatctc aactctaggt catgggtaac ttcccaggtc      4800
     tctattttgt tcctggtaac tatgcatgct ggtacaagtc taagaaactc ggtgagacac      4860
     agaaccagta agatgaaagc atccgtggat aaggaagaaa agagaagagt agaagggaca      4920
     catgagattc ccacacccag gaactgctca tccagcccga aaaagggtgt acccctagca      4980
     cacagaaaga aaacagtacc acaggtctaa aagagtagag tcggtggaaa agggtactac      5040
     tagggcgcct cctgcctggt ccaggagcag aggctgggaa ggggcactaa acagggggaa      5100
     gcatggagac agggagatga aggagccttt gggactgcat ggtgggaact agactgtgct      5160
     ctgactgagc ctgtgtgtgt ggcagctgcc tgagagggaa gacacccaga ggccaggcag      5220
     aggaaaagag taatcagggc tgaggggact ggggtggggg tctgaggaag tcaaggtagc      5280
     tatggcccat ttgtcagggc catgacatgc acttcatggg cacatatcta aaaccagacc      5340
     tggccctcac ctacactcag acaatgtccc ttatgtgggt ttagggattt cagtacttca      5400
     tcccacggcc tctcacactg gaagatccat ctgaaaggct gatgttgtgg tatcagggcc      5460
     caggactaga gaatgggaca ctgagtggca gaggtgcaca ggacacatac acgcactcag      5520
     atgaaagcca tgcacaagaa gacagaggca tgtgtgaaca ctcctcagac tcagacccac      5580
     agcactcaca cccagctccc cacagacaca catacagttc ctgcctgccg gttccaaacc      5640
     tcaaacccat ctacccactc cctctcctgc aggcctttgt cctcagaaca gcacactgaa      5700
     ggtagctcag cctggacact tcccttggga cctggtgaac agcaggagcc tctggtccac      5760
     actccccatc tctccttagc cctgtaatct gtgtgatatt gtctgagagc agggtacatg      5820
     gcctctgtct ggtacagtct gaggtgcagg cttcaggtga ggcccaagtg tgaagaatgc      5880
     agaagacagt gggcagagct gagagagtgc tagccagttt tgttcaaagg actgtggtgg      5940
     ctgctccagg ctactgaaca tcccaggtct gcttcctacc ctcctccaag ctgctgaaac      6000
     acaaccaacc ctcaacacaa tccattgtag ttgcctctag cagggcatgc ctctgcacac      6060
     cagggagtca cacagagcca catgagactc tagacctggg gactgcagag gggaaggcat      6120
     gtccaagagg gcctcctcct tgggacactg ggattccagg cctcagaata accactgaac      6180
     aacatatact gagtcatgtt ccccaggatc ctgatggaca ccaggaggtc aaagagctag      6240
     aggcgaggaa ggctagagcc tgtgggcagg gggactatat tcattcttcc tgtgcttgcc      6300
     caggagcagg tgctgggcag gggcacagga cagagtgagg cagggagaca ggggcatgaa      6360
     ggggcctctg ggaccacaag gtgggaacta ggctgtgcct gactgagcct gtgtgtgtgt      6420
     gtgacagctg attcatgggg aagacaccca gagaccaggc agaggaaaag agtaatcagg      6480
     gctgagggga ctgggggttg ggggggtctg aggaggtaga ggcagctatg tcccatttgt      6540
     cagggtatgg ggacttgtac ttcatagaca cagatctaag aaccaggtgt ggttcccacc      6600
     tacccccaga cagtgtccct catatgggct tagggatttc agtacttcat cccatggcct      6660
     cacaccttgg aagatccacc tcaaaggctg atgttgtggt gtgggggtcc aggactgggg      6720
     ccagggacac tggttggcag aggtgcccag gacatagagt gctcagagtg tagttgggga      6780
     catgctgagc actgttcctc tgtgagggga caggctgaga cagggactga agtccatcca      6840
     taggctcagc acataccagg ctctggatgg gaacactgag ctctgccacc ctccaacagc      6900
     tggcacagca gcctcctgtg ccagggaagc taatcagcag ggacagagtt cctgcgcggg      6960
     ctggatggag tcttctctgc tctgcatcca aaataagtgc atcttcagca ataaggtcca      7020
     gtcatggtgg accggccaag gaacaaaggc aataaacagc ctggtttgtg tttggttatc      7080
     tacagtctct ctcactaaag catcgagact tcttttaatg aatttagaag ttgttttctt      7140
     ttgaaacaca gtctctctat gtagtcctgg ggtcctggaa ctccctgtgt agaagaccag      7200
     gctgtcttca aacttaagga gatcctcctg tctctgcttc ctgaatgctg ggattaaaag      7260
     catgtgccac cacacccaac ctaacccttt cttctgagag caacatgcat acaatttccc      7320
     ctcttatttc cccagatttt caatcctttt atccacactt atatctttaa tgctaaaatc      7380
     tccctccctc catttccaag ctgcatgtgt tctactattc cctcaaatta tttttccttg      7440
     tgtgcgggtt ttagatttga atgcaggaag tcttcactct ggcaaagcct ccccccaccc      7500
     aggctttccc atccccacgc ctcctaacac gtgatttagc ccacgtcccc tcatgtgcat      7560
     ggtgtttccc ttcagtctga ggtattaccc ccagtgtccc cttacagctg tctatggtca      7620
     caaatacctt tcatctgttt ttgctgtgga aagcttttat ttccccttga attttaatag      7680
     ctttctgggt atactactct gggttgagag tttagatttt tcagatcttg gaatatgtct      7740
     ttctagacat ctagccttaa atgtttctac tgtggggcta cagaaatggc ttggtggttg      7800
     acaacacatg atgttcttgc agaggagtgg gttttgtttc ctagtacccc atatcagcta      7860
     agagccatgg aagacacaaa tggaagaggg gactctgaga ttctgagaaa agccacatgg      7920
     ttaagggtac actgagatac tgagagagaa agacagagac actgagaaag acagaagcac      7980
     agaccactaa aagagacagg gaaacactta gagagagaca gtgatgagat gcggggacag      8040
     agcaacccag agagacagac agagacatag acactgatag agacacgaag aagagagggg      8100
     tcgtggaagt tttgagagca actggtagga ggtgagagag acacagagcc aatacagaca      8160
     cagaaagaca gagactccag agagacagag actgagagag acagagactg ggagagacaa      8220
     agatactgag acagtcagag acaccaatgg gtgcttttcc aggggatcca gattcaattc      8280
     ccagcaccca catggcagct ctctactgta atcccagttc cagggtgccc tgaaaaatcc      8340
     ttcatgcatg tgaagcttag aagctcacac acaaacacac agacagacag acagacagac      8400
     agacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acactctagt gaagagtgtg gttctctttc      8460
     tctctctctg atgaaagcca tgcaccagaa gacagagcca tgtgtgaaca ctcctcagac      8520
     tcagacccac agtactcaca cacagcccct gcctgcctgc ctgttccaaa actcaaaccc      8580
     atctacccac tccctctcct gcaggccttt gtcctcagag tggcacactg aaggtagctc      8640
     agcctgaaca cttcccatgg gacctggtga acagcaggag cctctggtcc acactcccca      8700
     cctcttgtta gccctgtagt ctatgtgatg ctgttgagag cagggtacat ggcctctgcc      8760
     tggtacagtc tggggtgcag gcttcagggg aggcccaagt gtgaagaatg cagaagacag      8820
     tgggcagagc tgagagagtg ctagccagtt ttgttcaaag gactgtgatg gctgctccag      8880
     gctactgaac atcccaggtc tgcttcctac cctcctcaaa gctgttggag cacaaccaac      8940
     catctttgta attgcccagt tgattgttat tgcctatagc agggcatgcc tctgcacacc      9000
     agggagtcac acatagccac atgagactct agacctgggg actgcagagg gaaaggcatg      9060
     tccaagaggg cctcctcctt gggacactgg gattccaggc ctcaggataa ccactgaaca      9120
     acatctgctg agtcctgttc cccaggatcc tgatggaccc caggaggtca cagagctaga      9180
     ggccaggagg gctagagcct ttgggaaggg ggaatgttag ggtttctccc atcctggtcc      9240
     aggagctgct cacctgacag tgatacagga cagggtaagg cagagacagg gggatgaagg      9300
     aaactttggg agcacatggt gggagtgtag gttgagcttt tgcttagcct gtgtatatag      9360
     cagctgtatc attgggaaga cactcagagg ccaggcagag gaagagtaat caaggctgag      9420
     gggacagcag tgtctaagga agtggaggca gctatggtcc atttgtcata gtattgggac      9480
     atgtacttca tgaacactga tctatggacc aagcctcgtt gtcatctgcc ctcagtcagt      9540
     gtccctcatg tgggtttagg aatttcagta cttcatccca caggccagtc acattggaac      9600
     ataaatgaaa tgctgatgct gtggtgttgg ggcccaggag tgcggggttg gtatactggg      9660
     tgacagaggg tgtccagtaa ataggttgct tagagtgtag gtgaagacaa gctgtgcagt      9720
     gttcctccat gaggggaaag actggtacag gctttgacat ctctttggta tccataggcc      9780
     ctgccatact gcccttgtcc atggtccctg tggggtcaca tacttagtgt caagtgaacc      9840
     ataccacaaa ctggaagggt ctacactatc cttgaaggtt ctacactctc catgacttct      9900
     cccaactcac acagactgtt ccagtacact actctcttca gtgggcaatc atgccatgaa      9960
     cagagagtgg agggttatgg ttgccctata ttctgacaca tccaacagtc ttgtgcattt     10020
     gactctcatg tgtacaaacg tgctcaggcc tgctgtagtc ccctcgagac agtgatgcct     10080
     tccttgggag ccgattctca ctgtcagcat ctcctcagac caaagatgtc agcatcccta     10140
     tagacccagc ctctttgagg agctaatgta gtcagtcaca gggcttgatg ttggtggcta     10200
     tagctgctgt ccccatggct gccagagatg cttgaccacc ataatcccag acttgagcat     10260
     aggaataacc tggaatcaac agcatccaga cactgtaggg actggccaga gatgtgcata     10320
     gaccctatgt catgtgacca agacctcttt ttctagtatc ttatttcatg aaagtcttca     10380
     aaatacgatc ttctattcct tttattcctc tttgcctgct aacatggaac cttctagaaa     10440
     gagggtcccc tctctgtcta ctgactgtga agatagatcc tgtaggtgtg atcacagagt     10500
     aatgtttcat ttcttggcca gtctcaagcc aggggactca gggagagaga caggagaagg     10560
     agagatgggg agagagacag aaagacagaa aaacaaagca agggagagac agaagcaggc     10620
     agacctggag actgggtgct taggaaagag ataaatgtgg atacagggag tgaaagatag     10680
     ggaattgaag acagaggtgg agataaagac cagaatatgg gagtcagaga cagacaagag     10740
     atatagagat cgatataggc aaacagagac tgagaaagac agtgatgaga cagagagaca     10800
     tggagacaga caaggagaca gacaaggaga cagacatgga gacagacaag gagacagaga     10860
     tagaaatagg gagagaaaat aatacataat tagtggttga ttaaggaaga gataatgaat     10920
     ggcaagaaga gacagaggca gggagagaca tatacaggta gagaaaaaga tgaagacaga     10980
     cagagagaga ctgaaagagg gagaaagata cagagagaag agagactatg aaacaggcag     11040
     agatataaag acagtgagag aaaaacagag agacagagat ggaagagaga cagagagaca     11100
     gggagataga gaaatgggaa gacaggagga ccaagagaag agacacatgg cgaggcaaga     11160
     tgtagtagag agacctctga tggaattggc ataggtggag gcaaacatag atagactctc     11220
     tccaactgca gttgacaaac tgagcagaga gaataccatt cagagacaaa cagaggctaa     11280
     ggctaggaaa ggcaagagta gccagagggg acagagttga gcctgtggga caggaccaga     11340
     cgccatcttg gaagaggcag tgacaagcca gggaggtgac aggctggtac agtttctatc     11400
     ccacagtcca caggctggtg tcacaggcct gtctccacgt ggccacagtc tatccctgcc     11460
     tgccaagcct gtctgtggag ggatggggga ggggggctgg gctgaggcag gccaggactt     11520
     ttccagtgga gtggccaggc actgggctga gggcatgatc cctgcccacc atcccagtgg     11580
     gtctgggtaa tggatggcct tgattatttt ccttcgtgtt tagggtggaa cctgcttaga     11640
     ggcagctagg gctctccatg atggcctagc gtggtgagtt aatagacccc taagggtagt     11700
     tcttccacat gggctagggt tacaatctgg gggttggggg ctcagatatc agtaccagaa     11760
     acaaggctta ctcccaacat gtcacactcg cacacacaca gctgccgagt tactcattct     11820
     gtgcagagtt ggctcacaag ggcacatgca aatggatgtt tgtttcatac agaaaaacat     11880
     gtttctcact ttctgaggtt gtttccagaa atagcatcag tgactccccc acctgcagct     11940
     gcaggttcac cccaacctgg ccaggctgac cagccttggg gatgggggac tcccagcata     12000
     ggccactggg actgggggtc catgacccct attgatgatg ttgaattccg tgtttcccag     12060
     ttatcaccac tgctggaatc tgacccacca agaggacatg acaggagatg ggcaaggatg     12120
     ggtggctcaa caccccaggg aagtgagaga ggcaggaagg ctgtaggtgt gctccaaatc     12180
     ctgggtctac ccagaaccat gggaatggtg ggcagtgatc atgccctcag cccagtccct     12240
     ggccactcca ctggaaaagt cttggcctgc ctcagcccag accccctccc ccaccccttc     12300
     tcagacagac ttggcagaca gggagctagc ctgtggccac atggagacag gcctgtgact     12360
     ccaacctgtg gactgtggga tagaaactgt accagcctgt cacctccctg cttgtcactg     12420
     gctctttcaa gatggtgtct gaccctggct ccatctctgg ccaaccctgc ctttcccagc     12480
     cttagcctct gcctctttct ctctctctca gtgtgattct tgctcagtct gtccctcagt     12540
     tactgtctct ccatctctaa caaaacataa gagctgtctc tattaacacc ttgtctctcc     12600
     tctttcttct tctccttctc cttctccttc tccttctcct tctccttctc cttcttcttc     12660
     ttcctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc atctcggctg     12720
     gtgccccctt tctctaggtg cacatctcct acctctgtct atctgtgtct cttccttctg     12780
     tcatctcctc tctatcattc tttcagtcct tctctatgtc tctttctgtt gatgcctgtc     12840
     tctgtatgtc tctctctcca tcccattcct tttatgactc tggctcccct tatctctctg     12900
     tatttctgcc ccacttctcc tgtcttccta tctttttgtc ttttctctgt ttctgatttt     12960
     tctctccatg tctttctctc cacttttctc tctccctttc tgagtcttcc tgcatctgtc     13020
     tcattgcttc tccatctcgc tctctctttc tctgttttct gtctctgttc ttgtatctct     13080
     gtgtgcctct ccatgtctct ctgctgtctc tttttctcca tacagcaatt tactaaaaga     13140
     acaaacatca aggcaggaaa gtatatatat ttcaaataaa agttcttcaa attgctatgt     13200
     cctatactcc aagaagcatt tccaaagtat agattaattt aaccctttta aatgaaaaga     13260
     tacattttta acttctaaag tgtctccaca aagaaatgaa tgtttttaat taagaaatgt     13320
     tgtaatttag tgttgggctc ctgtcttata atgtacactt ccttataaat ctagccatgt     13380
     ggcttatatc catttggtat gctcagagct ttatgtaata aacgtcttcc caataggtgc     13440
     aaggattggt gttttgtact gcttactaca tacatgcttt taatcattcc agggcatacc     13500
     gtccctctgc tgctgcttct caccatcttt gcctttctct caccttgtcc atctttctct     13560
     ctccccatct ttctgtttct gtcccttcct gtttcagtct ctctccaatc tccctgtgtt     13620
     tctgtctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc ctgatgtctc tttctctgtg ggcttgtctc     13680
     cccatctgtc ctcttcgttt ctgtatttct ccttatcttt ctatctctgt ccatgactct     13740
     gtctctttct gcctcgttca tcccctgccc ccctgaaggc acaatgacac ttttatcagg     13800
     gtttaatagg aaagtttcag ggcaggaaag ttgtaagact caagcagctg ccccgaggag     13860
     gccagtgggg gagattggta aaaagccatg acatctaatc tgacatggag gtcaggcaca     13920
     tgtcccacaa gcagccacat ggcgagaagg gggcagttag agaacaagta agaaagccca     13980
     gcatgttggg gaggaagcca aggtgttaag gaaaacttgc tcagagggag acagaaagaa     14040
     ggaagctaca attctgtgaa ttcagaaagg aatctgactt acagccccac atggctatag     14100
     cccctaagct tctggccctt cctcttctgt ctctaccctg ttctctgtca cccctgtttc     14160
     tccctattct ctgtcacacc tgtctctgtg ctcccattaa tctctctctg tctctacaca     14220
     tctccacctc tgcctccttc atctctgtct tttccggaac gctgtctgtc tctgtcaggc     14280
     ttctccttgt ctccccctgc agacttgcag tttctccctt cgtcttcctc tgtcttacct     14340
     ttattatgtc tccctgtctt tcctaccttc ctgactttct gtctcttacc ctgagtcccc     14400
     tggcctgaaa ctggccaaga aggaaaacat cactctgtga tcactcctac agggtctgtc     14460
     tccatagcca gcagagaggg gaccctcttt ctagaaggtt ccctgttcgc aggcaatgaa     14520
     gaataaaagg aatagaagat cccgttgcat taaggtttca tgagataaca tactaggaaa     14580
     agagaccttg gtctacgtag aagtctggtc agtccctgaa gtgtctagac gcacttgatc     14640
     cctaggccat cactatgtct gaggtgatgg tggtcaagca tctctggcag tcacagtgaa     14700
     agcagctgtg gtcaccaaca tcaagccctg tgactacaat agctcctcaa agaggctggg     14760
     tctgtggggt tttgttttga gggtcagcta gaaatgggag tgagtccaag gaagactcac     14820
     tgccccccga gagatagggg aatgagcatg cttgcacacg tggacatgaa aggcacaaga     14880
     gtgttgtatg tgacagtttg aggtgaccac attctgccct ctctgtgcct gtcatggtta     14940
     caactgagga cagtggtgga tttgggcaga gtctgtgtga gctgggagaa gctgtggaga     15000
     gttgcaagca tggcatgtag atatcagaag ccctggtctt ccagcagtcc tcatggtgat     15060
     ggttcagtag gacactggat gtgtggccca tgctagggtc atgggcaagg ctggtatggg     15120
     ttgactctat ggctggacaa agagctttaa cctcgtcagc ttccgcaata tggaggaaca     15180
     ctgcacagct tgcccccacc tgcactctga gcactctgta cactggacat gctctactac     15240
     ccagtgtctc agactccagt cctgggcccc agccccatag cacaaccatg tttataatcc     15300
     ctccagtgtg agaggccatg aaatgttgtg gagctcagtc tgaaggcagg tgggagacag     15360
     gcatgctttt ggatccgtgt ccatgaagta tatgtccaca ttccatgaca aaggagccga     15420
     agccacctct attttctcaa ggaccccctc agtcctcatt actcttcctc tgcctggcat     15480
     ctggatgtct tccccatgaa tcagctgtca caaacacagg ctcagtcaga gcacagccta     15540
     gttcccacct tgtggtccca aaggctcttt cacgccagtg tctccctgcc ttaccctgtc     15600
     atgcacctct ggccagccag ctgctcctgg gcaaggacga gaagaaccca agtagttcct     15660
     cttctcacag tctctagtcc tgctggcctc taactctgta accttctggt gtccatcagg     15720
     atcctggggt cacatcactc tgagtgtgtt tatcaccggc aatcctgagg gctaagattt     15780
     cagattctaa aggaggaggc ccccttggac atgccttccc tctgcagtcc ccaggtctag     15840
     agtctcatgt ggctctgtgt gactccctgc tgtacagagg catgccctgc tacaggcaat     15900
     tacaatggat tgggtagagg gttggttgtg ctccaacagc ttggaggagg gtaggaagca     15960
     gacctgggat gttcagtagc ctggagcagc catcactgcc ctttgaacaa aactggccag     16020
     cactctctca gctctgccac tatcttctgc actcttcata cttgggcctc acctgaagcc     16080
     tgcaccccag actggtacca agggcagaga ccatgtaccc tgctctcata tgatgtttca     16140
     tacagattac agagctaaca agaggtgtgg tgtgtggacc agaggctcat gctgtgtagt     16200
     cacccatggt ctgctgaaaa gcaggctggg gctaaaaaga gaatagagta tgagacacac     16260
     caagacaaat gctgatcaaa gcccaatgtt tactaaaaat ctgtgctcat atagggggaa     16320
     agcccgatct cctgcagatc cactcttgat gtctgttgat agcctgtaag caatttgtct     16380
     gacaacacta gtttgacaag aaggtgtcaa tcactgctgt ctctggaatc tctcagcctc     16440
     tcagcaggta gcagtgtctt ggagaagaag agcagaggtg acagaacaat agaatcatct     16500
     aggtgggaag gctctacccc aggtggtctc attctcagtg gcagcaaggt ctgagccagc     16560
     ctgctcaagg ctggggaggc tacaatgcta ttcaccaggt cccatgggaa gtgtccaggc     16620
     tgagctactc agtgtgccac tctgagaaca aaggcctgca ggagagggaa tgggtagata     16680
     catgggattg aggtttggaa caggcaggca ggggctgtgt gtgtgtctgt gtggagctgg     16740
     gtgttagtgc tgtgggtctg agtctgagga gtgttcacac atggctctgt cttctggtgc     16800
     atggcttcca tctgagggtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgagcttcta     16860
     agcttcgcat gcatgaatga tccttcagag caccctggaa ctgggattac agaggtgagc     16920
     tgccatgtgg ctgctgggaa ttgaatctgg atcccctgga aatcagccag tgctcttaat     16980
     cctttttgtg tctctgcctg tctcagtatc tctgtctctc tcagtctctg tctctctgga     17040
     gtctctgtct ttctatgtct gtactgcctc tgtgtctccc acacctccta ccagttgctc     17100
     tcaaaacttc catgtccccc ctcttctctg agtttctatc agtgtctgtg tctctgtctg     17160
     tctctctgtg tctccctgtc cctgcatctc atgactgttt ctctctaagt gtttccctgt     17220
     ctctttcaat ggcctgtgct tctgtctttc tcagtgtctc tgtctttctc tctcagaatc     17280
     tcagagtccc ctcttccatt tgtgtccctt cttgggctca ttcactctgc cttcagtgtc     17340
     atcacttgtg agaccagaac ctactatgag tccagaggac tgtccttcat agtctgtgac     17400
     cagctgtgat ctggggaaca ctggggaagg catgaacagg gagggacctg cctgtctgtg     17460
     gagccctgcc tgtccgcatg aactccccat tctgcaccac cagagccctg ctgagctgac     17520
     tattccacac aacactccag aaaggggcat tgaatcctgt ggaaccgatg gctcttagct     17580
     gatatggggt actaggaaac aaaacccact cctctgcaag aacatcatgt gttgtcaacc     17640
     accaagccat ttctgtagcc ccacagtaga aacatttaag gctagatgtc tagaaagaca     17700
     tattccaaga cctgaaaaaa atctaaactc tcaacccagg gtagtacacc cagaaagcta     17760
     ttaaatttca ggagaaaata aaaaagcttt ccagagcaaa aacagatgaa aggtatttgt     17820
     gaccatagac agctgtaagg ggacactggg ggtaagacct cagactgaag ggaaacacca     17880
     tacacatgag gggacgtggg ctaaatcacg tgttaggagg cgtggggatg ggaaaggctg     17940
     ggtgggggag gctttgccag agtgaagact tcctgcattc aaatctacaa acctccacac     18000
     aaggaaaaat aatttgaggg aatagtagaa cacatgcagc ttggaaatgg agggagggag     18060
     attttagcat taaagatata agtgtggata aaaggattgg aaatctgggg aaataagagg     18120
     ggaaattgta aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagaggg aaattgtatg catgttgctc     18180
     tcagaagaaa gggttaggtt gggtgtggtg gcacatgctt ttaatcccag cattcaggaa     18240
     gcagagacag gaggatctcc ttaagtttga agacagcctg gtcttctaaa cagggagttc     18300
     caggaccccc aggactacat agagagaccg tgtttcaaaa gaaaacagct tctaaattta     18360
     ttaaaagaag tcttgatgct ttagtgaggg agactgtaga taaccaaaca caaaccaggc     18420
     tgtttactgc ctttgttcct ggccgtccac catgactgga ccttattgct gaagatgcac     18480
     ttattttgga tgcagagcag agaagactcc atccagccag gacaggaact ctgtccctgc     18540
     tgactagctt ccctggcacg ggaggctgct gtgccagctg ttggagggtg gcagagctca     18600
     gtgttcccat ccagagcctg gtatgtgctg agcctatgga tggacttcag tccctgtctc     18660
     agcctgtccc ctcacagagg aacagtgctc agcatgtccc caactacact ctgagcactc     18720
     tatgtcctgg gcacctctgc caaccagtgt ccctggcccc agtcctggac ccccacacca     18780
     caacatcagc ctttgaggtg gatcttccaa ggtgggaggc cgtgggatga agtattaaaa     18840
     tccctaagcc catatgaggg acactgtctg ggggtaggtg ggaaccacgc ctggttctta     18900
     gatctgtgtc tatgaagtac atgtccccat accctgacaa atgggacata gctgcctcta     18960
     cttcctcaga tcccccaacc cccagtcccc tcagccctga ttactctttt cctctgcctg     19020
     gtctctggga gtcttcccca tgaatcagct gtcacacaca cacaggctca gtcaggcaca     19080
     gcctagtccc caccttgtgg tcccaaaggc cccttcatgc ccctgtctcc ctgcctcacc     19140
     ctgtcctgtg cccctgccca gcacctgctc ctgggcaagc acaggaagaa tgaatatagt     19200
     ccccctgccc acaggctcta gccctcctgg cctctagccc tgtgacctgg tgtccatcag     19260
     catcctgggg aacaggactc agcatatgtt gttcagtggt tatcctgagg cctgaaaacc     19320
     tagggtaaca aggaggaggc cctcttggac atgccttccc ctctgcagtc cccaggtcta     19380
     gagtctcatg tggctctgtg tgactccctg ctgtacagag gcatgccctg ctataggcaa     19440
     ctacaatgga ttatgttgag ggttggttgt gttccagcag ctttgaggag ggtaggaagc     19500
     agacctggga tgttcagtag cctggagcag ccatcacagt cctttgaaca aaactagcca     19560
     gcactctctc agctctgccc actgtcttct gcactcttca cacttgggcc tcccctgaag     19620
     cctgcacccc agactgtacc aggcagaggc catgtaccct gctctcaaca gcatcacatg     19680
     gactacaggg ctaacaagag gtggggagtg tggaccagag gctcctgctg ttcaccaggt     19740
     cccaagggaa gtgtccaggc tgagctacct tcagtgtgcc actctgagaa caaaggcctg     19800
     caggagaggg agtgggtaga tgggtttgag gtttggaaca ggcaggcagg caggggctgt     19860
     gtgtgtctgt ggggagctgg gtatgagtgc tgtgggtctg agtctgagga gtgttcacac     19920
     atggctctgt cttctggtgc atggcttcca tctgagggtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     19980
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgagcttc taagcttcgc atgcatgaat gatccttcag agcaccctgg     20040
     aactgggatt acagaggtga gctgccatgt ggctgctggg aattgaatct ggatcccctg     20100
     gaaaagcagc cagtgctctt aatccttttt gtgtctctgc ctgtctcagt atctctgtct     20160
     ctctagtctc tatctctctg gagtctctgt ctttctatgt ctgtactgcc tctgtgtctc     20220
     ccacacctcc taccagttgc tctcaaaact tccacgtccc ccctcttctc tgagtttcta     20280
     tcagtgtctg tgtctctgtc tgtctctctg tgtctccctg tccctgcatc tcatgactgt     20340
     ttctctctaa gtgtttccct gtctctttca atggcctgtg cttctgtctt tctcagtgtc     20400
     tctgtctttc tacttcagaa tctcagagtc ccctcttcca tttgtgtccc ttcttgggct     20460
     cattcactct gccttcagtg tcatcacttg tgagaccaga acctactatg agtccagagg     20520
     actgtccttc atagtctgtg accagctgtg atctggggaa cactggggaa ggcatgaaca     20580
     gggagggacc tgcctgtctg tggagccctg cctgtccgca tgaactcccc attctgcacc     20640
     accagggccc tgctgagctg actattccac accacctcca gaaaaaggca ttgaatcctg     20700
     tggaaccaat ggctcttagc tgatatgggg tactaggaat caaaacccac tcctctgcaa     20760
     gaacatcatg tgttgtcaac caccgagcca tttctgtagc cccacagaag aaacatttaa     20820
     ggcgagatgt ctagaaagac atattccaag atctgaaaaa cctaaactcc aaacccaggg     20880
     tagtataccc agaaagctat taaaattcaa caggaaataa aagctttcca cagcaaaaac     20940
     agataaaagg tatttgcgac cataggcagc tgtaagagga cactgggggt aatacctcag     21000
     actgaagaga aacaccatac acatgagggg acgtgggcta aatcacgtgt taggaggcat     21060
     ggggatggga aaggctgggt gggggaggct ttgccagagt gaagacttcc tgcactcaaa     21120
     tctaaaaccc gcacacaagg aaaaataatt tgagggaata gtagaacaca tgcagcttgg     21180
     aaatggaggg agggattttt attttggtca actgtacatt tcccctctcc tctcaacaga     21240
     cccccaatct ccttctccac acttaaatct tctatgctaa aaactcctga taacaggatt     21300
     ggggcctggg gagaggagag aggaaatgtt cacttggccg aagtcaagga tacaagaagc     21360
     agcctttttg gaaattctct actttgtaag ctaacaaata taaatgaaca tgaactcagt     21420
     gcatgcatga gtgaagaacg ctgctctctg aaaaacaggt taggttgggt gtggtgacac     21480
     atgcttttaa tcccagcatt caggaagcag agacaggagg atctccttaa gtttgaagac     21540
     agcctggtct tctacacagg gagttccagg acccccagga ctacatagag agagcctgtt     21600
     tcaaaagaaa acagcttcta aatttattaa aagaagcctt gatgctttag tgaaagagac     21660
     tgtagataac caaacacaaa ccaggctgtt tattgccttt gttcctggcc gtccaccatg     21720
     actggacctt attgctgaag atgcacttat tttggatgca gagcagagaa gattccatcc     21780
     atcccagaca gaaactctgt ccctgctgac tatcttccct ggcacaggag gctgctgtgc     21840
     cagctgttgg agggtggcag agctcaatgt tcccatccag agcctggtat gtgctgagcc     21900
     tatggatgga cttcagtccc tgtctcagcc tgtcccctca cagaggaaca gtgctcagca     21960
     tgtccccaac tgcactctga gcactctatg tcctgggcac ctctgccaac cagtgtccct     22020
     ggccccagtc ctggaccccc acaccacaac atcagccttt gtggtggatc ttccaaggtg     22080
     ggaggccgtg ggatgaagta ctgaaatccc taagcccata tgagggacac tgtctggggg     22140
     taggtgggaa ccacgcctgg ttcttagatc tgtgtctatg aagtacatgt ccccataccc     22200
     tgacaaatgg gacatagctg cctctacctc ctcagacccc ccaaccccca gtcacctcag     22260
     ccctgattac tcttttcctc tgcctggtct ctgggtgtct tccccatgaa tcagctgtca     22320
     cacacacaca ggctcagtca ggcacagcct agttcccacc ttgtggtccc agaggcccct     22380
     tcatgcccct gtctccctgc ctcaccctgt cctgtgcccc tgcccagcac ctgctcctgg     22440
     gcaagcacag gaagaatgaa tatagtcccc ctgcccacag gctctagcct tcctggcctc     22500
     tagccctgtg acctgttgtc catcagcatc ctgcacaaca ggactcagca tgtgttgttc     22560
     agtggttatc ctgagacctg gaatcccagt gtcccaagga ggaggccctc ttggacatgc     22620
     ctttccctct gcagtcccca ggtctagagt ctcatgtggc tatgtgtgac tccctgctgt     22680
     acagaggcat gccctgctac aggcaactac attggattgt gttgagggtt ggttgtgctc     22740
     cagcatcttt gaggagggta ggaagcagac ctgggatgtt cagtagcctg gagcagccat     22800
     cactgtcctt tgaacaaaac tctccagcac tctctcagct ctgcccactg tcttctgtac     22860
     tcttcacact tgggcctcac ctgaagcctg aaccctagac tgtaccaggc agaggccatg     22920
     taccctgctc tcagacaata tcacacagat tacagggcta agaagaggtg gggagtgtgg     22980
     accagaggct cctgctgttc accaggtccc atgggaagtg tccaggctga gctaccttca     23040
     gtgtgccact ctaaggacaa aggcctgcag gagagggagt gggtagatgg gtttgaggtt     23100
     tggaacaggc aggcaggggc tgtgtgtgtc tgtggggttc tgggtgtgag tgctgtgggt     23160
     ctgagtctga ggggtgttca cacatggctc tggtgcatgg ctttcatctg tgtgtgtgtg     23220
     tgccacaggc tccatttgag tgcccggtgg gctccattgc tgtacctctg tctcccttgt     23280
     tttctatatg tctgtcctcc ctgtctgtct gtctctcctt tcctgtgcct cctcctcata     23340
     tccatgtctg catctctttc tatcagtctc tatccctgtg acccctggtt tccatttctg     23400
     tctttctgca tatctttcca tctttctctc tgtgtgtctg tcctcatctc ttccagtgtc     23460
     cgtgtttctg tttccctttg ttcccatgcg gaggtatgtt ctcacaatcc ttaagttccc     23520
     tggtcccctg tcccccattt cttgtcatat tgttcccatc agtgtctctg tgcctctctg     23580
     tctgtgtctc tgtgttgtct ctgtgtgtgt ctctcagtat ctctctctct cagtatctgt     23640
     atttcttttc gtatctttgc tatcttttta agtatctctg tctttcttca tctctgtctc     23700
     tcttgaggtc tctgtctttc tgcatgtcta atgtttctgt atctctctca cctcatctct     23760
     gcctctctca atattcagta gatccatgcc cctttattct ttgtgcctct gtctctgttt     23820
     gtctctttct ctgtctctct gtctttctct ctctctcaga atctatgtcc ctcatgttat     23880
     ttctcaaaat gcctccctaa ctctttcaat aacagtttct gcctcttctt tctgggcctg     23940
     gctcaatctt ccttcttgga cctcagtttc attggttgtg agaccatacc ctgctatgag     24000
     tccagaggac tgtcctccat agtctagaac cacatgcgat ctaagggata ttggggcaat     24060
     acatgtgtag tgagatacct gcctttctga tgagccctgt ctggcaggga taaactctcc     24120
     tttctgcatc tccagggcct cgatgagctg actattctag tcctctgcca gaatagctgt     24180
     gtggccttgg gtgatgctgg ctgacctcag gctggtctgg gttgtctctg gctgacaccc     24240
     cttgactctg gatgaccctg ggaagaccat acttaatctt aattggactt gttctcattg     24300
     ggacagaaca tggcctcact aaggcacgag tgtggatggc cttgggtgat gggggttggg     24360
     gcctcctcag cccctggcag gcttccctgg ctcccacccc tcatccaggt cccaggccca     24420
     cctggcctgg tccagtgtgg tgtgattctc agaacagtag ctctggtttg gggcacctgt     24480
     gctgagaaag gctcaggatg actcagctgc cctcagctca gagctgcttt gaatgtttca     24540
     gcaggtgata gacaacagag acttcagaag agagaaaaac aagttgctaa tgtgaacatc     24600
     cctgccctac ccccacacct gtactgcaaa tctccccaca ctgttgaccc cagatagaga     24660
     tcccaggaca gcaggtgata gacaaaggag gctccagagg agagaaaaat agtatctaca     24720
     agcatgacta cctctgccct gccccacacc tgccctgcaa agctccccag gatgctgacc     24780
     ccacatctgt agaccccagg ccagaggctc catctcccag ggcctgggct tgctttgtct     24840
     ccattctgcg cctctgagcc tgggcaaggc caatgagcaa aggggtcact gtcccagttg     24900
     cagcccagtg tgtgaacagt gttgtgggga ttctggaatc ttctgcagga atcccctgta     24960
     gggatcctcc taatgtgaat gaggcttgga atagcaaagg gacgtcttgt aaaataccac     25020
     tgattccttg ggcctcagac aatggatgtg agatgaggac caaggtccag ggccagtgtt     25080
     ggtaagcaga atttggggct agagttcagg cttagaagtc aatgatgagg gccagggccc     25140
     aatgactagg tcagggccca ttgatcagta caggacccag ttgttagagc cggagctcaa     25200
     tgatctggac caagtcacaa ggccaaatga tcaggatcag tagccagtta ccaggaccga     25260
     gatccaggtt tcacagtcaa agccaggtta cctcaaccag agaccattca tcggaatatg     25320
     ggtctgttga tcggagccca agcacgctgc tgtaaaccag agctgctcta aaccagaact     25380
     cagtgctgag caccanagat aagtgatgag tncaggattc agtgattaag gaaacaaaac     25440
     caaaggtcaa taggatatta tgtggagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     25500
     gagagaggac agagagagaa agagcggtag gttaggacta agtctcagtg aggagggtca     25560
     ggagtcagtg gtttgaaccc agacacactg ctcaggtcca cagttcaacg gtgagagcca     25620
     ggggtcagct attagancca ggtccagtaa ctacaaccaa aaaccagtga ccccaaccaa     25680
     aaaccagtta ctaaaactga atagaataga aactagccag gcagtgatag ctttaatccc     25740
     aatactcagg agtcagaggc aggtggatct ctgagttcaa ggtcagcttg gtctacacaa     25800
     tgagttctaa gacagccagg gaaaccctgt ctggaaaaca agcaaaagcc cagaaaccgt     25860
     ggactcagtg gtcagtggca gttcttggtg actaagacca tggtcaagag gtcaagcagg     25920
     actcagcggt tagaatcagg gcatgggtga tgacagcctg ttccagggat cagaaccagg     25980
     tctaagggca aaggccatga ctgagtcatc aaacagtgtc tcttcataag tcctagccag     26040
     gcccaaccag gcctagggtg tcagatcagg caagactgat gcggtatgtg tgcggtggta     26100
     tgacaataca tcttctcagt atctctggga ccccaccacc atcttccctg ccttggtcca     26160
     ctcacaaatc tctgactctc tcactgtctt tgtctcattc ttgtctagct ttctaccgtg     26220
     tcccctctcc ccacatttgt ctctcccagt atctgtctct ctgaaagtct ctgtgtctcc     26280
     ttggactatc tcagtgctta tgttccctgc cccttgatca tttgagaggg ggatggtaag     26340
     tacagaatta tggaacagtg aatgtgtgtc tctatatgtg tgtgtgtgtc tgtggggctg     26400
     gcagtgggta cgtgtgagta tgtnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn     26460
     nnnnnnnnnn nnngtatgng tgcgtgcgcc ngtgtgggnn cagagtgtnt gtgtgngtgt     26520
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt ggagggtggt agtgtatata tgtgagtgtg     26580
     tgtgtctgtg tgtgtgagtg tgtgtgtctg tgtgtgtgag tgtgtgtgtc tatggggtga     26640
     cagtatgtat gtatgagtgc atgtatctgt ggggcagcag tgtgtatggt gagtgtgtgt     26700
     gtgagtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgcct gccacttccc taatatgttc tcttccagct     26760
     atggcttctg cttcatcctt cactcaaggc cagacctcac tggccagtcc acagcataat     26820
     accagccatg cctctaccca ataattgtat gtgtcaggga gccaagagga tggacaggga     26880
     tcttgttctt ggggtgagaa tgtgagaact ttttgggagc ccttccacac acccatgcag     26940
     tagtagacac ctctgcaaag ctatgcacat cctcacacta gcacactgca caaccatgca     27000
     ctctctgcag actcactgtt caccatgaac ccagctagtc agattcatat gtgaaactca     27060
     tatcagcctc tgcacacaca tacacacaca tacacacata ttacacccat gcacacacat     27120
     gtacacatac atacacatgt acacatacat gtgtacacac acatatagag aaggcattgg     27180
     tggggaaaac attaggccat ggctacagta cagggcacaa ggatggtggt acagaatgag     27240
     gtcaggctgg gtcagcataa caagaacact tggacaaagt gagggtagtg tgtgtgtgtg     27300
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtacacgtt gaaagtcttc agtagactgg tatcactagc     27360
     cctgatatgg gcaacacagc aagcctgggt cacactcaag ctgagtatca gggtagccag     27420
     ggccttctaa ccaagggtag atgcagcctg tgttccgttt actgaccagt gagaagccat     27480
     gagctgaacc agaccagaag acccttactg ttcccaccca acccccaccc agtttagtct     27540
     cagcaagacc ctgtactgtg ggccacagct cttcccccac accccacctg tagcacaaac     27600
     actatttgca aacatttcta aaaatgatga gaacaggaac cacagagcag agggggggac     27660
     tggcgtggaa agccccattc acccatggga ctgaaactca gggaaccaga accgtaagga     27720
     gatttgcatg gtgctggggg aggttggccc tggatcagtg agcccagaga gttactggtt     27780
     tctcacttcc atcatgtcaa cctcctcaac ccccaaaaat ggccaggcct aggctatgga     27840
     tgagtttcaa tgaccaggcc ctaaggacga gtcacagagg acttcctggt gggctcaggc     27900
     agcagacctg ctcagatgga ttgcagagcc agagggagcc atggccagga aggccagacg     27960
     ccttaggggt gtgctgtctc tgcatccttt gccctctctg ctcctcacag tccatctgcc     28020
     atctcacaat ccctgctgtc gctctggggc ccagacctgg ccagtctggg tacctgtgga     28080
     atacacccaa agaagcaatc cccagcctca ggatccacaa ctacttcccc tacagacatg     28140
     agtgatctca gcccacatgt ctgggggcca cagaagcccc taagacccta ctctgctaat     28200
     aggccctcct cccaccagcc aagacaatac acaggcaagg tgatgtggat gagagtcact     28260
     ccatgggtac ctgtgtctga gatacaccct gtgggtatcc tggccagaat ctggtgacca     28320
     acccaacctg tgtccctaga ggagtactcc gtgcctgcac tcacctaccc acctaactcc     28380
     aagcttggta tgatgcagag cccctgtgta gacctcaaag tcagccatag gacagggtca     28440
     agaatgactc ttcctacaca taaagtcttc tactaagaca gtaaggtaga tacacaaaca     28500
     tacccaaatg cagagacaca caggcatgca gagaaggcat gtagacacaa acgcatgcat     28560
     aaacgcacaa acatacagat atatgctgac aaatatacac agcaacttac aagtacacag     28620
     acacacaaac agacaaacat gcacagacag aaacacacag agctcaaaat caagtataca     28680
     cagacaaatt tacacagaga cttacagata cacagatata tgagacacac ccaaacagac     28740
     acacacatgg gggcacagaa aaacatacaa gcagacacat gcagacttaa agacccacaa     28800
     gacatggaga gatacaaaaa cacacaacac agacacagag atatagagac acacagaccc     28860
     acaaatatga acagacacag agacacccag aaacaaaaac acactcaggc attccactcc     28920
     caatgggcgc acacatgggc atacacagcc cagtcacaca gacaaacata acacatacag     28980
     aagtgcaggc atacatatca cacaatacac gctggtattc acacacaggt gtgctcacaa     29040
     accccacaca ctcacacata aaagttgaca ctggcactcc cactccgagg cacatgctta     29100
     gccacagccg gctgacactg cacaccccac acacgttcca gagactccca cagaactgga     29160
     agctcaccca ggcccaccca ggctctcagg ccacacacat gggacatctc agagacatgt     29220
     gggatacagt tgctcacagg tttcatgagg actcacaggc ctgtccttga acattcccct     29280
     gagcaggggc tcccttctta aagcacaggg accccactct ttacagataa gcacccagac     29340
     agaggcacta ctaggcccag accacattag acacacacag ctctgcattg tcccacactc     29400
     aaacacagct ctgtcacctg agctcatgcc agtcacacag aacacagaca tgggcccgtg     29460
     tgctagagag acataagcca tggtagccaa ggtgcgtaca tcatgccatt tacacacaca     29520
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca caccctgtga acaggcctgc agtcctgact     29580
     gaagccctgc tctacccaat ttagtgagtc ctgtgcctga accctcttac cctcacagcc     29640
     cctgacctct ccctgtgtgc tgctcagcta tggccccttc ccattcctaa cgtgccaccc     29700
     taagatgtcg gttccatgca tcaccgcaca catgctcttg ggataaggcc ctagaaggct     29760
     ctgtaccatc tgcagctcat gccactgtct gccctggtaa ccctctcctg catacaaggg     29820
     ctgcaagggt caatgatatg aatccatcca tgctctgacc ccagcttggc ccagggcagc     29880
     catggtggga ggacaacccc tgaccccagc ctaagatagt tgttgcacag agcagtccct     29940
     taacgcagga taactgttgg aggtaggcag cacttgaccc ctgcccaagc tagatgatgg     30000
     gagagggtag gtccagccat tgacagctgc tgtaacaagg caggccctgg tcccaggtta     30060
     gcctgactct agttccagaa gtctgctggg ggtgtatcct ctggctacag gagctgaaca     30120
     aatatccctc ttttccctca ccacagagac ctctggatcc cactcctagg gcccactggt     30180
     cccaaaccct cacaggtcag caacatcttg aggccaggag cctatagaag taaggagcct     30240
     atagaagtaa ggagcctata gaagtaagga gcctatagaa gtaaggagcc tatagaagta     30300
     aggagcctat agaagtaagg agcctataga agtaaggagc ctatagaagt aaggagccta     30360
     taagtaagga gcctatagaa gtaaggagcc tatagaagta aggagcctat agaagtaagg     30420
     gccagctgtg cctccttgat gtggggctcc aaagaatgca agaaccaatc tccacccggc     30480
     cacaagcacc ggctgccatg gagtctcaac agcacacaca cctctcctgt gaacctagtc     30540
     agggaaaaaa caaaggggct ggggtgagca gcaaccctgg agcagccaat ctcactggag     30600
     gccccagacc ccaggagtcc aggcaccaag cctggcagag aactccagct ctgacttgtg     30660
     tgccctcacc cagcaatctc cacacgtggt ttggggctgt tgtaattatg ccttgtgttt     30720
     ttatctgttt aaaaaaaaaa cttaatttct aataacactt taatgcacag aatgtggcaa     30780
     acacatgctc tctgaggcat gtttgctaaa gcaaaagttg ggactgggga cacagctcag     30840
     tgctataaag cacgcttgcc ttctgggcta gaacatggct gctcacagga ggtcctgggt     30900
     ttcccctgcg tgtgtgcgcg cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca catatcagag     30960
     gggctggaga gataactcaa gggttaagag cactggctgc ttttccaaag aatccagatt     31020
     caattcccag cacccacatg gcagttcact actgcaattc cagttccagg atgccctgaa     31080
     ggattctcca tacatgtgaa acatataagc tcacacacac acacacacac acacacagag     31140
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagaggctc atgagaatat     31200
     aagataaata aattacaggt ctaaaatgaa aaccttaaaa gagagagaga gagactggca     31260
     gaaacaaagg ttgttagact ctaacacaca ttggagcaag gtgtaaaggg ctgagtgtcc     31320
     cagggtccgg gaaacagccc ttgccccacc atcctgtcct gaaagcagac ggctggggtg     31380
     ctcaggggct ccctctagag gactgggtgg aagttgacgt gtaccggcaa tggaaggaga     31440
     ggctgcacag agagggtaat gaactaggag atcaggggtg ttgatgaaca tgccggtgac     31500
     ctcacattgc gcaggccagg agcagcccct aacagactct ctgcagctta tctcgctcag     31560
     gtttgctgtc tggacagtga aaaccctcca gctctgtgcc cctcctgaac ccctcatgtc     31620
     catgtttgac accagctgtc ctgagccctc atagcccctc agggagcaca gaatcacaca     31680
     tcagcttgac aaggtcccag gtggttagaa tgcaggaatt tccatcgagg gcactaaact     31740
     ccatatggct ccatggccat cagacatggg taagattccc cagccctagg caggatcttg     31800
     ccacacaccc tggctcccat tatagaagct ggaatgaccc atctgattgg aagggtgaca     31860
     gcagtccttt agtcccatcg ttcttgctac acacttgttc cagagaaagg gtgaagagtt     31920
     ggcccacatt tccagtggct ctttaggaga gcgtcccagg gtctgccccc gagctggctc     31980
     tatcagagcc actttggtct tagccttgcc ttggctatct tacttccatg cagctacatg     32040
     gagaccctct ctacagaaat gtcatgggtt cagagctagg gacaccaagt ccgtggagga     32100
     aagcactgta gagttgagtc tgaagataca cgcgcagctg ctggcttgcc tctggcttgc     32160
     ctgtggcctg ttttataacc ttgggcagca taagacatag ctcataagtg gacctgtgca     32220
     ggaggcgtag ttgggaatag ctgcgaacag atggagtgtg gccttagggt tgtcagaagg     32280
     aatctcgggg ctgtaggcat gtgtgcctct ctagaggaac aaacagaaac atagccagat     32340
     gggacaggca gcctactgca ttcaccttgc tgatctccaa gctcagatgg ggatcatata     32400
     gcatgtctct gaaggctccc acagacctga gcacctcgaa cctgtgtcct tatctcacta     32460
     agagcctgac cctcccagcc agactgctta ctgaatgccc atgtagcctg caaaccaggc     32520
     tcccctccca gggcaacaac tgaggcagct ctgtttcccg ccaccctctc agaccccaca     32580
     gagctgccca agccaggcaa gtaggtaagg ggactcccca tgccttgtct caacacctca     32640
     cttggtgtcc tgtccgagca ctaaactcag tggggtgcta gctacaagcc taagttcagc     32700
     cctgcacagc tcagagcaaa ggtacagctt ttgcccagtc cagcaaaagt ggaaaaggcc     32760
     tgccctggtc tccatagtga gcactatagt caggttacat ctgcctcagc agctcagagc     32820
     tggcactgag caagcaaact ctgctgcccc cgtgtgagca tagccagcgt tgcacacaca     32880
     ccacgcagac gctctcccta gggatgatgg ggggaaggag ggtttgtcag ggtgtgaagg     32940
     gcggcctgcc ccgtgtagct atggactaaa gggatgtatt cctatctagt tattttagat     33000
     ggaagcacac accccaccta tttagggtgg gtagggacat gtgccttatt ataagtctgt     33060
     attgagagtg cagacttaaa ctcctgaccc aggagcacac ctcctgaccc ctgtgtaatt     33120
     gtcccagcat cctctgtgct attggcttcc tggggtctgt tgggaccccc gcccccaccc     33180
     ctgccaatca agactggcac acaggggatg tgatcaggtc tagccctggg gctggtcaag     33240
     gcacagatgg accagtgatg cctcaactcc aggcgtgcct gctggggctc cagagtggtg     33300
     taatacaggg ctcgtgcgcc ccctggtgac catgtgtgtc actgcacacg gaaggccgga     33360
     ttcagatact tggctctacc caaccaggtg tactttcagt aacaaaacag acccagagta     33420
     tgtacacacg caaatgtcca tgtgtgtgtc cccatgttta cacatctgtg tcccagggag     33480
     ttcatgtatc acccatgata aatgtagaca ctggtggaaa tagtatgaca ggggaacagg     33540
     aactgcgact ggagaaggtg cccccaggag cagatctctg ctgccaccat gtggccattg     33600
     gtggtattat ctttgcagcc cacaggaagc tcctcttacg caggcgcaga gggactaagg     33660
     cactggttct caacctgtgt gtcaggatcc ccgctaaggg gtccgatgtc ttttccacac     33720
     tagttgaaag tcagatgatt tgaaacagta aacaaattac agttatgagg tagcaaaaaa     33780
     aataatttta cgggttggga tgacaacata aagagctgta ttaaaaggtc acaacgtaag     33840
     gaagattgag aaccactgag ctaaagcgac caggagtaca tgcctgggtt ttgatgatca     33900
     agttgagagt tcaggcttgt actgcagttt gggagagaag gcttatattc tcctcgtggt     33960
     taccccaaga ctctatacat atcttgtgca caatgtacca gcaacaggaa aaataaaaaa     34020
     ttacataaat aaataagccc cagtctgggc tcctgggcag tctacagtcc catattccac     34080
     acagatccat ggacacgcca ggaaacaaag agaattaata actgaggtgg gtggggagag     34140
     ggctaagtgt caacagaatt agggggtacc caggaccacc agctccagcc gccccgcccc     34200
     cgacctgcac tgtccctaat acgttcctag ggcctaacga tactttgcaa tctggtgtct     34260
     ggcactgagg aagcacggtt aggccagtcg tgagactggt cagggctgtc acactagctg     34320
     gttgcctaag cacctgagat acacctgtgg cgtctccaca atgaccacag cgtagtgctc     34380
     aggtgccccc tggtggacag atgcaccact gcatgctgtg ccaagccaag ttcaaaaact     34440
     ggcacctaca gaaaactact acgatagaag cttcttaaaa tatatacata tgggggttaa     34500
     gaacactgac tgctcttcca aagatcctga gttcaaatcc tagcaaccac atggtggctc     34560
     acagccatct gtaatgagat ctgactccct cttctggagt gtcagaagac agctacagtg     34620
     tacttacata taataagtaa atacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     34680
     atatgtgaaa gaaatctaaa tggagtcgcc aaataacaga agagacgaag gcccaactag     34740
     acatctctga ccctccagtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     34800
     tggtttagac acttatgtct ctaatcctcc tccccgctga ggctccagca ctgttcacat     34860
     cacaaatgag tcgggcgtgg agagaaaaca acattggtag aaatccagag gtcatgtgat     34920
     ggtgttaaag tctcactgtt gaccgggact ctctgactga ccaaattgca gtcaccagga     34980
     ggggctctga gctcagagct ccacggaatc tactatgact acaaagttcc tcccagccct     35040
     gttctaacca gcatgggcct gaggcctgca agagcaagac tctactggcc tcatgtggcc     35100
     actggtagaa ttgcacttat tgcctactcg aaactctcct tagagctctt agagcaggtt     35160
     ggggaagggc tgttttctca aggcaggtgg ggtcagtagc tcttcctcta gtgtgggaga     35220
     cagcgcatgc tctgactagt catacagtta cgatggggaa gggcatgtgt cccatgtgtc     35280
     taaggctgca cttggtagtg aaggtagggg tgcaggctta cccacccagg ctcatgtcca     35340
     cctcatggta atgcccaggc tctgtgcatg ccatgtgtgt gcacagttac tggcagcagg     35400
     ttccaaggcc caagccaggc tcctcagcag cctagactcc acatcccatg tggacacaca     35460
     gccacacccc acactaagag aatttatgac tgaagtgaag agatgttcgt gaaatttgac     35520
     agaattaagg aattctgagg gccagtgtct ccagccaacc ccacctacac ttccctgtgg     35580
     gctttgagtt tctaaggcat ggtgggatac ccactgtctg acactgaggg agtgtggtca     35640
     gtccctgccc tggaacagtg gagtcagatc acattggcag gtcaactaag gaccacaatg     35700
     cacagtgcag agctcatgtg ccccctggtg gctagatgca ccactgcaac ctctgctaag     35760
     ccaagttcaa agaattggcc ccacccagcc aggtagactc tcaggcacaa gtgacaaaca     35820
     cgtactcaga gagcatgtat atatgcctct gtgtgtgtaa gaggccaaca ctggtagaaa     35880
     tagagattgt gtgatggtgt tacagtctcg ctattgtcca gggttctctg gtgccacacc     35940
     acccccagtt ggatctgtgt gacaagttcc acagactgtg gcgatcgacc tcaaaagggg     36000
     aagacttcct ggaaccaact atggaactct ttgccggaga aaaattattg agccatagtt     36060
     ctcatggcaa tctatctgtt ttgttttctc ttattccttt tcttatttac atgttcctgg     36120
     tagcctaggc caagatctta agagagaata atgggcaaga aaccatccct agagatgggg     36180
     ccactaacat gaccttctcc ccagggaaac caacacttta ctttctaaat catttacaat     36240
     actattatga taaaaaaact ttcccaacaa taaaatttca tatggttaca cgtgtgtcat     36300
     tggaggtggg gtttggtata tagtaaagaa agccttaatt agaaagaatt aaaatggttt     36360
     aaatttatgc attgaagatt tatttaaaaa atcagacact agatgttaaa taataattga     36420
     caataagtgg ctggagagtt agctcagcag ttaagagcac tgaccataaa ggtttattaa     36480
     cctgctcttg gaaatatacc actagccttg gacgactgcc ccactaaata cattctttta     36540
     gaattgttgt tatattttga tgatttatat taataatgat gttacctact ctgtttgtga     36600
     ttcactgaat acatagtttc agagttgtga tgcttggatg atttttgtgc tttactgtgc     36660
     cacatgattt ttgtgggtat ttgtgattgt ttcactggat acagtttcta agagatgtga     36720
     tgtttggaag agatgtgatg tttggttttt ttaatgtata aaatcccctg cttgagcccg     36780
     gcggtggtgg tgcacgcctt taatcccagc actcgggagg cagaggcagg cagatttctg     36840
     agttcgaagc cagcctggtc tataaagtga gttccaggac agccaggact acacagagaa     36900
     accctgtctt ggaaaaaaaa aaaatcccct gcttgagatc tgcaaaatac actcagattc     36960
     aaactgcctc tgtgtttgtt tctgtttgtc accaccgaat ccttacccac ctagcttcga     37020
     ggaccctcat tccagggacc cccatacccg actggggtgg tccatggcac tctggttgac     37080
     cagactgtag tcagtctgag agagggtcgc cactgaggtg tgtcgggcct gggacgctaa     37140
     gagttgagtc cggaccagat gagaactgac cctagttggg ggttgtctta gtcagggttt     37200
     ctattcctgc acaaacatca tgaccaagaa gcaagttggg ggggaaaggg tttattcagc     37260
     ttacacttcc atactgctgt tcatcaccaa ggaagtcagg cctggaactc aagtaggtca     37320
     ggaggcagga gctgatgcag aagccatgga gggatgttct ttactggctt gcttcccctg     37380
     gcttgctcag cctgctctcc tataggaccc aagactacca gcccagagat ggtcccaccc     37440
     acaaggaccc ttcccccttg atcactaatt gagaaaatgc cttacagctg gatctcatgg     37500
     aggcacttcc ccaactgaag ctcctttctc tgtgataact ccacctgtgt caagttgaca     37560
     caaaactagc cagtacaggg gtagagtgga gcatgtgttg ggctccacag cctccacttg     37620
     ccctcccaag actaaccagc aactccaagc aggttgctag tcagtgtcca caggaacaga     37680
     gctctgctgc caccgtgtgg tcagtagagc acactacatc ctgccgctcg cagaaggttc     37740
     tcgtcaaagt gggtgagaag ggactgtgag aaaggaagtg tggacgtgcc taccctgtct     37800
     ggttgaggca ggagtgcaca cagccctcct gatgatcaag tcggggttgc agacttacac     37860
     tacatttggg tagatcagcc cataactcat gtttccctca tggcaattac ctggctgtgt     37920
     gcatggcatg tgtcccatct atccaaggag gtacatgggt ttataagttc aggtttatac     37980
     caaggtttca ggggtagcct gaggctcatg taccttcttg tggtagcccc caggttctgt     38040
     gcatggtact gctcagttac tggcatggct tctgggaagg ctgggctccc acgtcccctg     38100
     tggacacatg gttacgccaa gaacagaact acaaagttag gagttaccat tcccacctgc     38160
     acctgtatct ccagtacctg ggtttctaag acgtagtgag tcctcttgcc aaccagggtc     38220
     tgccacaatg gtcaggcaca gctgtgggcc ggtcagcccc atcaggtcac accagcaggt     38280
     cccaggagca cagagcttaa atgcccccta gtgtccaatt gcaacactgc atgctccacc     38340
     agaccaggag gaatctggag accagggaag gcaagcctag gtccttcagc ccttcagaag     38400
     cctcagaaga aggcacacac atgacacagg cacctgtgga tgtcaggtgt caatcctcac     38460
     cttgccctgg ttcgagacaa ggtctctttg ttattcatgg ctgcatacac caggctatct     38520
     gggatgcacg tttccaggga tcctgtcttt acctcccatc ttaccttagg agcagagctg     38580
     ttacagactc aggctgccac acacagctgt tcaggctctg agaattcaca ctcaggtctt     38640
     cacacttgct gggcaaatgc ttcactcccc tgtgtctttg tttttaattg taggctttca     38700
     ttataaactc agtgtggggt agggtggttc taacttctgt gcatgaatct cttctgagtg     38760
     gtcagcttaa gccgtggcag cttgctgtca ttacagtctt gagttttggc tctctctttg     38820
     tgcgtatttt catggcattt tctctttcct tcctgtgttc atcctgcttc ctggtgataa     38880
     attaaatttt cttcttctgt tttctttttt cttgatttta ttttcaaaac tgggttcccc     38940
     cgtgtagccc tggctctcct ggaacccacc atgtagacca ggttggcctc agactcgtag     39000
     gtctccctgc ctctgcctcc tgagtgctgg gaataaaggc gtgagccaac atccatcttc     39060
     ctttggagtc aaacactcta cttgtcactt tgtggtgatt gctttgaggg ccattcaatt     39120
     catttattga atttatttat cctaatatcc ttccaataag acatatactt cagcctaatg     39180
     tgtctcctct aatcatagcc ccctccccct aaccacgagg gtggtctctg ggttatggtt     39240
     atgagtcctg tgtattatgt tcgcctgcat gtcctttctg caacaagagg ctggtcagtt     39300
     ggcttcttgc aactcttaca gcaggctgct gggcctctgt ctaggacaat gtccttagac     39360
     tattcctaat ggggtctctg gatgaaaatt cctgtaagct cctctgccta aaatgtcttc     39420
     gttgtgcccc tgaaagggag caagcaactc cacaccacca gcttagatga gcgtcaggat     39480
     ttggttaaaa tatcagccca gccctgggac ggccaaggtt tgctcaactt tagggtcatc     39540
     agtgtcatgg cagtgtccag tcaacactgg caggcacgtc tgcctcaggc tctgcagcag     39600
     ctgctccgcc ttcaggggcc aaattatagt gcttgtgcac cccctggtgg cctctccgca     39660
     tcactgcatt ctccgccagt cccacccagc cagacccaag ctcatctgtc cattcagtgg     39720
     aacacacctc cctgctgtcc cctgagtgat tcatcaccca actcttactt gacttctgtc     39780
     tcccatcagg gacatagctg ctactcctag gactcatctg tgcgagctcc tgacactcat     39840
     ccctagtatt gggaagaaag cacatagcct atatagccct gtgaccacag agatctctat     39900
     gacactctgc ccctccccta gtctctcccc ttgcccctgt ccctgagata ctataacact     39960
     ggctgattcc cagaaggcct ctctcctaca gccagagtcc agacagtgca gagggcatct     40020
     ctcaatgctg ctaagccact aagccattcc tcttgatctt gattgtaaat ggcaaataaa     40080
     atcctttcca cgtccattct cagcaatgaa actgaattca cacagtgctc acccacagca     40140
     aagggtgacc tcccggtttc cacagccatt acgactgtcg gttttattaa cttcacctca     40200
     tcaaaatgtt tgcagcgtcg gttgtaccaa gaggctgagg ttcccatgcc aaggtctggg     40260
     cagcacaaga gcttccaagt gcagtttgtt gactgacaaa atgtttattc ttttatctgt     40320
     aacactccct tcattgaata agactgaagt cgtattaaac ttgttgaact taataaactt     40380
     attgagtcag tcttgctgat cgtggcggta caagcctaca gtaagctgca gaaaaaggat     40440
     cccaagtttg agcctgggct acacagtgag accctgtgga cacaaacggg ctctggaaaa     40500
     tgcacttttt tttttgagac ttgcactcag ccattgtgat ggtttgaata tgtttggccc     40560
     atgggaaatg gcattattaa gaggtgtggc cttactggag gggaggagtt tagccttttt     40620
     agaggaagtg tgtcactgtg cgattgggta ttgaggtctc ctcctaggct caagcccagt     40680
     gtggaataaa acactccttc tggctgcctt ccgatcaaga tgaagaagtc tccgctcctg     40740
     cagcaccaaa gtctgcctgg acgcttccat gcttctcacc atgacaacaa tggactgaac     40800
     ccctgaagct gtaagccagc cccagttcaa tgctttcact gataagagtc gcttggtcat     40860
     gggacaataa aactttaaaa cagttaaaca cattcactca ccattgttct cccaccaaat     40920
     cccaagacag agcccgacac caacaacaga tgcctctcag gcccctccca cgaggttgct     40980
     actgcattca atgcccccca actttcagat gaagaagccg aggcatgggg cgattcggtc     41040
     acaccgtaag gatatcacag ccaaaatgtg agcccaagga agtgcctgtg accgataact     41100
     aaaactagca aggtccagaa gaaaagggaa agggactctg caaccaagat ctggaaccac     41160
     tcatggggtc ctggtaagtt caagcctaac gataagacag cagccggcgg gcaaggggtg     41220
     gaacacaagg cggcctggtt cccattgcag cgcagggagg ctcagaaccc ggaggccgcg     41280
     tgcaggtgca gagattgaag cagcagagca gccgcgtgaa ggtgctgtga ctggaacaga     41340
     gggtgaggga ccaagaaaca gcagaaaacc agaggtcacc gtaccctgtc tatgtcgagt     41400
     gtccctttcc catataatta cctattcatt tatttatagc ctttgggttt tcatgatatg     41460
     cttcaagaat ttgcaaattt atttattcat ttatttatgg catgtgggtt ttcatggtac     41520
     gcttcaagaa cttgaatgtc atctttgccc agaggccatg ttaatctcag tactgttcca     41580
     gttttagtat atgtgctgcc gaagtgagca cacgtgtggg cgctttatgc gtgtgcgtgt     41640
     tcacgtatgt gtctgtgtgt gtgtgtaggt cagaggttaa tgctgtatgt cttcctcaat     41700
     aatctttcat cttattttta aaatgttttt taattctttt tttaaattca tttatttatt     41760
     gtgtataagt aaactgtagc tgtcttcaga cacaccagaa gagggcatca gatctcatta     41820
     cagatggtgg ctcaccacca tgtggttgct gggatttgaa ctcaggacta aaatgttttt     41880
     ttaattcttt ctctagtaca ttggtgtttt gcctgcattt gcgtgtgtga gagcattgga     41940
     tatcccagaa gtagagctat agacagtcag gaactgccat atgggtgctg aaaaatgaac     42000
     tccagtcctc tggaagagcg gcagtgctct taaccatgga gccatctctc cagcccctaa     42060
     ttattctttg aaactttcct acagaaatac aatggatttt gccccatctg tctgccctca     42120
     cttcccccca aattcctcca atgctcctca tgtcccctct tttatcatta ttattaataa     42180
     ctaagtccaa ttagtggtgc ccacatgcac aagagtatgg tggcaacata caagaggcca     42240
     tgtcctcaaa ggaaagtagc attccctccc atgcagccag caactgctaa tagctcctac     42300
     accaaagatg ggtctcaaag gctcctcccc aacaccggct ggaattttga ctaacttgat     42360
     cttgcttcag tccagccctg gatgagacca ctgaagtccc tcccaccctt caacagctgg     42420
     cacagcagcc tccagtgcta gggaagctag ccagcaggga aagcagggaa agggttcctg     42480
     gccgagcaag atggaatttt cactgctctg catccaaaat aagtggctct tcagcagtaa     42540
     ggtcttacca tctagtcatg gtggacggcc aggaacaaag gcaataaaca ccctggcttg     42600
     tcttggattc ttctggagtc ttccaactaa taacttgtag gcgattaaga tttcatttag     42660
     taacccatgt ctttttgttg ttgttttgtt ttgttttgtt ttgttttaag acagggtctt     42720
     tctgtgaatt ctggttgtcc ctgaataatc tatatagacc aggtggggct cgaacttaga     42780
     gatcctcctg cctctgcttc ctgagtgctg ggatttaaag cgtgtgttgt tgtagcttat     42840
     caaaagaccc tcactcacac aaagattcca cagagaccgc catcgttgca aaaacgagtg     42900
     aggattttac ttatctaaca tgtcggggaa ccccctctca gcacgaaggc cagaggagag     42960
     acccagaaca aagagagatc acacttttta tacttttgta agggccggat ataggcacca     43020
     gggtagtttg gcttaattta attggtgtag ccaataacct ttttagacat tggttggttt     43080
     gtatacggtg actctctttt tgtctgtcct tgtggttttt agtgtgcggc ggggcagggg     43140
     aattgttaat cttgttttgg aagcttagta agcttaacca ttaaaactat gtttctatct     43200
     ttgtttagtc agccagcttc ctgatctggc tctgcacttg gcctgctagt acaatttgga     43260
     aagtcctttt gaagggggaa ggtactgggt agtcttgaat ttaatttgga tattacattc     43320
     ccccctttct ctttggtaca tttcaatcct gaaaatgatg tcttactttg tgcagctact     43380
     gatattattg tctgaacatc aaaacttgta gtgtacttaa gcaattaagg atgaatgggc     43440
     caaaggttaa gaacagaaaa caggataaga aggggtagtg agtagggcta ggtggggacc     43500
     cttccatcga tgctcaaggg tctgagcgtg atccaggtgc acgaagatta gatctccaac     43560
     tggaactggt gaaatgtctt tggggtaccc ggctcattcg ctgtcaccag ttggatcaga     43620
     cttctttttg tatcacctgt aagtctttta acttagcata cagagcatta ctataacaac     43680
     atgtgggttt aattatatta tttaaacagt ggtggacatg ggagccccat aaaggatctc     43740
     aaaaaaaaaa agtgagactg aattaagagg aagtattttt agttttaaac agggcaaggg     43800
     gaagcactat ctggtctgta gccatgggta attttgtcaa ggtctctttt agggttctat     43860
     gaatcctttc tacctgtcct gagctctgag gtctgtatac acagtgtaat ttttatttga     43920
     cctctaaata cttggccacg ccctgactta cctggacaac aaaggcaggg ccattaattg     43980
     gccttattgc ttttggcact ctaaaccttg gaaaattttt ttcaataatc tttttgatga     44040
     ctatctgagc agtcttattt ttacagggga aagcttttat ctattttaag aatgtttaca     44100
     aaagccagaa ggtatttata tcttatctgt tttcagtaaa gtctacttcc cagtagactc     44160
     caggtctgtc ttcctggtat ctcttctctg gatccaccat ggtgtggcag acattgactt     44220
     tttggcaggg cacacacttt tgcaccacct actctataag gtgttttaaa cctggtacat     44280
     gatacttagt tttggaaaat gtctggatga gcttgctgac ccctacgtaa gtccactgga     44340
     gcatctgttt gatcatagcc tctgattgtc tttgtggcag gaattttctt tccctggagg     44400
     tgtaccacag tctcttattt ttgttgaact ggtggctgga atctttggaa atgaaggcta     44460
     agtcttttgc tatgtaggca aactcgggct ccattgccag gagcacccgc agggccatgg     44520
     ctgtaactgt tcgtgcctct cagtctgtca cgttgttgtc ccttgttatc acgggttctc     44580
     tcttctggtg actaggacat tggacgatgt ttaccttggc agagccgtgg agggcctcag     44640
     tagatccagt actacttctt tgttcttaat tccttttcct cccgacgtca gtagactcct     44700
     ctgttgatat atggcctcat ggacgtggtc tgtggcaaaa gcgtacctgc tatccatgta     44760
     gatgttgagt ctttttcttt tttttttttt ttatttcaag gccttagtga gggcgatcag     44820
     ttctgccttt tgagccgatg tgttctctgg cagggcctgt gtccagctac cacagctgct     44880
     ggtctgtcag atcttcacac cagtcttgtc tgggagcagg gtagctaagt tcagacttgc     44940
     ggggggcaaa agtgactcta ccagagttga gcaacagaat ctggtaatga gacatgcgag     45000
     cattagtcag ccatcgatcg gggctgatcc acacttttta gggcatgcac taagttctgt     45060
     cccagagtca atttatctgc ttccttgacc agtaacgtta cagcaaacaa gccggccatc     45120
     ctgcagccac agggtctaat tttttagata agtatgccac aggtcttttc tagagcctca     45180
     gtctctgagt aagaactcct ttttggcaat atctttgttc tcagtcacat ctgggaggcc     45240
     taaagctgga gccaacatta gggcagtctt aatggcatca aaggcctgtt gtttttttat     45300
     ttttttttca tatgaagggc tgtttatctc tttaatttag caaattctgg aatccatagt     45360
     ctgtaaaggc cggcagtgcc caggaatttt ctaacttgtc ttgaattggt tagtgggtaa     45420
     atatgaaaca cagtccctgt tttagtttta gagagccacc attgtccctt ttcttctttt     45480
     tgttggagca gtctctcacc cagtgtcttt tttttcttta cagtaaacat tgatctttag     45540
     ccaaaggctc tctgcagctg ctgcccaggt actatctatc ttactagcct ctctagcttt     45600
     gctgactatt gtggccaata atttatctta tcccttttta atttcttggc ttctttgttg     45660
     ttgttgttgt tgttgttgtt gttgttgttt atcattttta agtgctagca ttatcagcat     45720
     gtgccacttt gctaggctct cgtccttgtt atgtgtttca ttacaagcat gctagggcac     45780
     tacatattat ttctcataac agacaatctt gaagcaacat gaaaaagcag gttacagaca     45840
     aacaaaactt cattattcac atgttacaca catatcatta aaatgttcat aacactgtat     45900
     ttgtgggtaa agaaccatag gtaaatagcc tggtgtaaat taaaaacaca atagtctggg     45960
     ggttggtgag atggctcagt gggtaagagc actggactgc tcttctgaag gtccggagtt     46020
     caaatcccag caaccacatg gtggctcaca accatccata acgagatctg actccctctt     46080
     ctggagtgtc tgaagacagc tacagtgtac ttacatataa taaataaata aatctttttt     46140
     aaaaaataaa ataaaataaa aacacaatag tctgtaactc cttggaatgt ttgtgaagag     46200
     ccatcatcgt attttctgac atgacccaca tttacagcaa gggatgacca agtggaagga     46260
     aaaagaaact gtagtctcag gggaacatac gaattaaata atctcttgat agaacacaaa     46320
     ctgtgatgcc taaatatcaa gtcaccagag gacttgctca tcactcacca tactcttagt     46380
     tccataaatg ccttttgaac aacaccaaac ctacacacat ttaacataag caagctatac     46440
     agtgtcacct cacccagcct aacacatttc ttcagagagc aacattgttc acccgtggat     46500
     atactttgtt caaattgctt tataaatgtt agcttacaga gtagccgact ttatagggct     46560
     tcttcacgtg tccttgctct tggctaaccc aacttaaccc tctcctctcc ccagtcctcc     46620
     aagcccctga ttcccactga aatctgaaat ccccctccct ccattttcaa gctgcctgtg     46680
     ttctgcatcc gcctcagaat tttttttttc ttgtgtgcgg gtttgtagat tggagtgcag     46740
     gaagtcttca ctctggcaaa gcctcccccc aacccagcct ttcccatccc cacgcctcct     46800
     aacacgtgat ttagcccacg tcccctcatg tgcatggtgt ttctcttcag tctgaggtat     46860
     taccccccgt gtcctctgta gagcggccta tggtcacaaa tacctttcat ctgtttttgc     46920
     tggggaaagc ttttatttcc ccttgaattt taatagtttc ctggttgaga attttggtct     46980
     ttcagaactt ggaatgtctt tccacacgtc tggccttaaa tttttctact gtgtggctgc     47040
     agagatggct cagtagagga cttggatttg gttcctagta cccacggggc agccaagaac     47100
     catctgtaac tccagtcaca caggatttga ttcccttttc tggcctctgc acactgtatg     47160
     tatgtggtat acaaacacac atacaggcaa aaagacccat acacataaaa taaatatgtg     47220
     taaaatgtct cttgagtaat taagtgttat cataagtcag gtgagtctgc ctttataaat     47280
     aactgaacct ttctcttttg cagcctttaa tatccattct ttgttttctg tttttaatgt     47340
     ttataaaatg tcgtggtcct gtctttttgg ggggtttctg ggggtttctg tgtctacatg     47400
     ggcacctcct tctctaggtt tagaaaattt tcttcagggc tggtgagatg gctcagtggg     47460
     taagagcacc cgactgctct tccgaaggtc tggagttcaa atcccagcaa ccacgtggtg     47520
     gctcacaacc atctgtaaca agatctgacg ccctcttctg gagtgtctga agacagctac     47580
     agtgtactta catataataa ataaataaat ctttaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga aagaaatttt     47640
     tcttctatga ctttctatgc cttcggcatg gtattctttt ccttctatgc ttataatttg     47700
     aaagttggcc ctttttgcat catgcccatc ggggttttgt tttgttttca gtcattgacc     47760
     tttactgagt aagccagttc ctctgcttcg tcatgcagcc ctgatatgct cgctgctttc     47820
     tttccccgtg agtcgtcctg ttggtgagtc tcctgaatga ggctttcact tggcttactg     47880
     actttttcac ttccagcatc actatagctt gggttttcat cagcaatgct acctcctcac     47940
     ttaattctat tttcacatct tgaattgatg tctccactcc attctgctgt ttgatgtttt     48000
     cctcttggag tattttaata ccttctttga atggtttgaa catagttata ttcattcttt     48060
     ggaaattctt cgttggggcg accttccagg tcattctgac tatggaataa gcagttcgag     48120
     gggtacccat gtcatagctt ttcgtgttat ttttgttcct tctctgggac ttcaacatct     48180
     aaagtggttt gggattgaat ctgtcttttt gttcaaatcg ccctcttcct ctgtgagact     48240
     tactgaaaac tgcgattcta tccctagttt tcatttgagg gttgtcttct gtctgtgctg     48300
     acagtctcta tcagaaggtc agcacaccct tcctggtcct ctcctcgaca cttggaggaa     48360
     cagctctcca aacctacaca cccttgggtc aaccgtggtt gtgggcttga actctcaggg     48420
     aagccaggta tgaggccgga aggcctgtcg ggtgggaagg agtggagcta cctggtgcat     48480
     cagagaagca acattcagga agcctgtgtg gtggggagat gtggcttcac cttatttggt     48540
     aaggcaaggt ctcatactga tcctggagct tactactagt ctaaacttgt tagccaacaa     48600
     gccccgggca atctcgcatc tccacattcc cacccagtgc tagggttaca agaaacacgt     48660
     gctctggatt tcatattgcc agaagatgct atgcaggctg ctggggggtg ctggggggaa     48720
     tacaccaatt attttttttc cagcaccaga ctctgcatgc ttcaatcttg acctgtccag     48780
     taagatgtgc ccactggtgc aacagtacaa agactattat gggatggatg gttattctat     48840
     gtctggattt gaggcctgct ccataggaga gagttcatgt gtggttctat agtactgttt     48900
     taaaaaaaaa atagctgagg gctgggggga tgactcagtg ggtaagagca ctgactgccc     48960
     ttcataaggc cctgagttca aatcccagca accacatggt ggctaccacc acccgtaatg     49020
     agatctgatg ccctcttctg gtgcatctga agataaccac agtgtactta tatataataa     49080
     taaataaacc tttgggccgg agagagcagg aactgagcaa gtggggccga ccagagcgag     49140
     cggggttgac cagagcgagc agaggaccat aggctggagc ctgctatggc tgttttgcaa     49200
     gatggtcatg ctgtaactaa ctacttttgt gcccgtgggc ccggggctgc tctcaagcgt     49260
     ggcccccttt tgcagagggc agcagtgagt ggggagacac gtgcctggtc agggtgctga     49320
     gatgaatgaa tgcccaaccc tgaacaagac atctgcagaa acacacccat catcaaggct     49380
     cagggtgcat taggggagag gagacagaaa gaatgcaaaa gccagaagat gggaggagaa     49440
     catggaatgc tttcttctag acatgacacg ccactgcatt ggtgaagtca cagcaaccgc     49500
     cattacctgt gcaatgtcaa gcctgccagt gtcccagcac aggacgggta caggactccc     49560
     aggccctgtc tcacactaag gagctattgg ccttgctaga gggaccatta tttttgagaa     49620
     tgttgctacc attagactcc agtgttctgc tggatggccc tatacccatg cacatatgag     49680
     cagcactaag gatttagtaa gctatcaaaa aaatgtttta agaatataaa tatgggaggg     49740
     aaggggcata ctgagtgggt tatgggctgt ggggaagtta taaggggaaa atgtgggtta     49800
     tataattgta gtggttattc ctggttgtca acttgactat atttggaatg actacaatcc     49860
     ggaattggaa ggctcaccag tgacccttat ctggaggctt ggagatcctt acctggatct     49920
     tggtttgaag atcttaagcc atagtggcta tggattccag aagattgaat ctccgagttt     49980
     aaggaacaca cctttaatct gggctacacc ttctgctgga gacaatataa ggacattgga     50040
     agaagggagt ctagctcttg ctcttgctcc ttcgcctgct tgctgcgtga gactgagtaa     50100
     ctgctagatc cttggacttc cattcacagc tgcgactgaa caattgttgg gaattgagct     50160
     gccgactgta agtcatcaat aaattccttt attatctaga gactatccat acgttctgtg     50220
     actctagaga accctgacta atacagaagt tggtaccagg agtggttcta gagtaacaga     50280
     agtacaagga tgaatctttt aaaatactgg aattggcttt ttgatccacc agcactttca     50340
     actattgaaa cctctccaga ctctctccct cctgggagct cagagaattt tgaagaccca     50400
     tggttgaaac tatattccga acttaaagaa gctaatgacc ttgattttct taatgaatta     50460
     ggtgattcag tgcacaaagc tttctacaag atggggaaaa aatcggaaaa tgattttact     50520
     ggctggctgc tcttagtatc tgtggaaaaa atgatgaatg aaaggaagga gttgtgtgat     50580
     aaaatcgaaa gtctccagac acaagtaaac gatctaaaag ttgctaagtg tgtccttgag     50640
     gagaatcttc tctcttgtag caatagagct caagttgcag aaaatcaaac agaaactctc     50700
     attgtaaggt tggctgaact acagcgaaaa ttcaagtctc agcctcagag tgtgtcgaca     50760
     gttaaagtag ggacttggaa agatcacaat tggaaaattg gtgagaaaga catctgggga     50820
     agaagtatgt ggatagatct ctccaaatgg gcaaaggatg tgaagatatt tgtgtcccat     50880
     gtaaatgctc accaaaaggt gacttcagcc gaggaggaat tcaataatca agtggataag     50940
     atgacccgtt ctgtggacaa tcagcctctc tccccagcca tccctgtcat tgctcaatgg     51000
     gcacatgaac aaagtggtca tggtggtcga gatggaggtt atgcttgggc tcagcaacac     51060
     gggcttccac tcaccaaggc tgacctggct acagctgctg ctgattgcca gatctgccaa     51120
     cagcagaaac caacactgag ccccagatat ggcaccattc ctcgaggtga ccaaccagca     51180
     acctggtggc aggttgacta cattggacca cttccttcgt ggaaaggaca gcattttgtt     51240
     cttactggag tagatactta ttctggttat ggatttgcct ttcctgcacg taatgcctct     51300
     gctaaaacca ccattcacgg actgacagaa tgccttatct atcgtcatgg tattccacac     51360
     agtattgctt ctgaccaagg aactcacttc acagccagag aagtacgaca gtgggcccac     51420
     gatcatggaa ttcactggtc ttaccacatt ccccatcatc ctgaagcagc tggtctgata     51480
     gaaagatgga atggcctttt gaagacgcag ttacagcgcc aattaggtgg taacagcttg     51540
     gaaggctggg gtagagttct tcagaaggca gtatatgctt tgaatcagcg ctcgatatat     51600
     ggtacagttt cacccatagc caggattcat gggtccagga atcaaggggt ggaaaaggga     51660
     atagttccac ttactatcac tccttgtgac cctctaggaa aatttttgct tcctgtcccc     51720
     ataactctag gttctgctgg cctagaagtt ttggctccag agaggggaat gctcctacca     51780
     ggagctacaa caaacattcc attgaactgg aagctcagac ttccccctgg tcattttggg     51840
     cttctaatgc ccttaaacca ccaggctaat aaaggaataa cagtgttagg aggggtgata     51900
     gatccagatt accatgggga aattggatta cctcttcaca atggtggtaa gcaagattat     51960
     gtctggagtg taggagatcc cttagggcgt ctcttagtac taccatgtcc tgtgattaaa     52020
     gtcaatggga aactacaaca gcctaatcca agcaggatga caaaggatgc agacccatca     52080
     ggaatgaagg tatgggtcaa tcctccagga aaagagccaa gacctgctga ggtgctggct     52140
     gaaggagaag gaaatacaga atgggtagta gaggaaggta gttataaata ccaattaagg     52200
     ccacgtaacc agttgcagaa acgaggatta taaagtaata tgaatgccca ttgtaaattt     52260
     acaaatgcgt ttgcgattgt acgaggaata gttatatcat gttaggcgta tttacaacct     52320
     tgttattgtt tcatgtgaac atgagatatt atttgtgtca agttgacaag gggtggattg     52380
     tagtggttat tcctggttgt caacttgact atatttggaa tgactacaat ccggaattgg     52440
     aaggctcacc agtgaccctt atctggaggc ttggagatcc ttacctggat cttggtttga     52500
     agatcttaag ccatagtggc tatggattcc agaagattga atctccgagt ttaaggaaca     52560
     cacctttaat ctgggctaca ccttctgctg gagacaatat aaggacattg gaagaaggga     52620
     gtctagctct tgctcttgct ccttcgcctg cttgctgcgt gagactgagt aactgctaga     52680
     tccttggact tccattcaca gctgcgactg aacaattgtt gggaattgag ctgtcgactg     52740
     taagtcatca ataaattcct ttattatcta gagactatcc atacgttctg tgactctaga     52800
     gaaccctgac taatacaata atcatatttc attgtagaca tgtctgacat tttcagaaat     52860
     aaaagaacat tctagaagga agaaaagggt tgtgttgcca gatgcccttc accttggaga     52920
     aggactttca tccacagacc aacttcactt tcatccccat gtcgggatta tcacaaagct     52980
     caccagagct gggatttacg tagggagtca ggggaagcca ctgggactgc ttacagcacc     53040
     tgccacaaag tggcagtaca gactaaggca agaaagacat ttaatgccag acaaggccat     53100
     cttctgctac ataagcagtt ggagtcatgg gtccctccat ggttggtggt gtagtccctg     53160
     ggagttctgg gagctctgat tggttgatat tgttcttcct gtggggttac aaaccccttc     53220
     agctccttca atccttcctt ccttccccta actcctccat tggagtcccg tgctcagtcc     53280
     aatggttggc tgagagcatc tgcatctgta ttagtcaggt tctggcaaag cctctcaggg     53340
     gacatccata gcaggctctt gtcagcaagt gcttcttggc atcagcaaca gtgtctgggt     53400
     ttggtgtctg cagatgggat ggatccctgc cttatctgga atcaatagga cgggaggccc     53460
     gtggtcctgt ggcgactcaa ttccccaatg taaggggaat gctagggcgg tgaggtggga     53520
     gtgggtggga ggagctccct catagaagca gggggaagag gggatcgaag agggggttgt     53580
     ggaggggaaa ctgggaaggg agagaacatt tggaatgtaa atagataaaa taacgaataa     53640
     ataaataaat aaataaataa aagatattgg aaaaagaaga ctaagcaagt ccttcccaca     53700
     agctctcagg ccccagttgg gattaagcct gacgttccta aagaacagtg actgcacagg     53760
     gccatgtcca gcctccgtct tgtcacaagc cagaagaggg gctccccatc cttctgcgcg     53820
     ttgggtgcag acgtgcagga agaagtatga aatctcacag cagcaaacta aagctaacac     53880
     gggcttttct cccggagaaa caacagccta agggtcagtg ggtctactaa gcagtttcct     53940
     ccacgaggta ccagaatcct agggctgtgg ttgatggatg agatggtata ggtgctgtag     54000
     cctgaacgtg cctccaggac aaggaaaaca gcctggggca agcctgggga ggagggcagt     54060
     gttcagatca tgggcccact gcagagctga gagttatgcc acgtggcttg tccacgcctc     54120
     gtgccctgtg gagctgcagt gtgcgaggcc tcggcttcac atgaacctca gccctggact     54180
     gtgagtctca gaactgcgac ctggcactgt aaattctcag gatctgtaat tacctgcaca     54240
     aagccggtcc aaaactgagc ccatcaacat cctgtcacga agggttggga gctcgggagg     54300
     cctcactcct tcctgagttt ctacaggcca tgacctctgg gaaggaaggg acatttgtgg     54360
     agatgtcgct atctgtaaag tgcgcgcatg cgcacactct ctggtaccca tgcctcgctg     54420
     gttctcccgt aaacagcgcc aatgaaactc attaggtcat acccccacgc ccccaaaaag     54480
     tcatgaagag tagaagaggg gttaactgag aaaaggaagg tgaccagtgg gggtgaggag     54540
     aggacaagag gggataatgg agacgaatat catcaaagga cattatatta aaaaaaatgt     54600
     aatgaagccc attgttacac atatagttaa tatatgcaaa taaaaaactt cctaaaaaaa     54660
     aagcaaaatt gtcgtcctca aaaaattcaa tggtgacaaa ggaatttttt ttttccaaaa     54720
     taaaactgca tttctcaaac tgacactgaa tgtaccctgg gaaaggcccc caaccaatag     54780
     ccagagagag agaggtagac gggaggacaa atggagagag aacaaaatcc gaggtaaaaa     54840
     taggctccgc tacatcagaa ctcacagtaa gtgaatgcga attaagtttt tcttttcagc     54900
     acagctttcc agggggaatt taaatagcaa gctcacatcc gaatcaagcc acacagtgtc     54960
     ctctgctcgg gtgaagtagt ggacgttcgc tgtcacagtt ctgaaggctg gaagcccgag     55020
     gtctgactgc tctacccagg gttgactggt gagcagttcc ctggctgacc cctgtgtccc     55080
     cacattgccg agggaagaac tcttaccatg ccttatctaa ccctcattag ctggtcccca     55140
     ccccccaaac acagcagggc aggatcaggg ctggccttca gtgaagggac actgaactag     55200
     aatgctcaaa caggactatt tactctgaaa aatatatata tagaaatgat ataaatggaa     55260
     ttgaaaagta tttaccagat gatgtgttag ggggttggct tagagtcctg gttagatttt     55320
     tttttttttt tttttgtcaa cgagacaaaa gtagaattat ctagagaaag tggaacttca     55380
     attgagaaac tatctctgta agattccttg tagacaaatc tagtgggcat ttttttgatt     55440
     aatgatggag gtgagatgtc ccagctcttt gtaaatggtg ccaccccccg gggaaagtga     55500
     ccctgggtac tacaggaaag caaagtgagc aaagccaaga gaagcaagtg agccagcagc     55560
     cctccactct ggtttctgtg tagttcctgc ctccaggttc ctgccctgac atccctcatt     55620
     gatggagtgt ggtctgagag ctgtaagaca aactaagccc ttcttcctca agtttgctca     55680
     tggtatttta ttacctgttt gaaggaagca ggtctgagag gtggagccta tttggatgaa     55740
     gtagaaaccc ttgatttggc tcatgttggt ttggaacagg gtcttactgg atagcccaga     55800
     gttggaattg taagcagatg ccattatcct gaccaaggtg atagactttg gttggttggt     55860
     tagttggttg gttggttggt tgcttgcttg cttgcttgct tgcttgcttg cttgcttgct     55920
     tgcttgagtt aagatctcat tatgtagccc tggctagagt ggaattcacc atgtagagtg     55980
     ggctggcctc aatccacaca gatcctcctg cctctgcctc ctgcgtgttt caattgcagg     56040
     cttgtgccgc caccacactg gcacgtgata gatttttaat tggtgctcag aataaaataa     56100
     acaaaatgcc acaatgtgga gactcttaat aagatacatg gcaaaaagta aaactaaaaa     56160
     aatagacatt tcgtaaatac atatagattt aataaaagta gccaagcatt gtggcacatg     56220
     tctgaagtct tactgcagga ggtagatgta gaaggactgc ggcaagtttg agtccaacca     56280
     aaaaggtgaa gtgagactca gtctccccca aaaaaaaatt aaattaaaaa ttagtaagta     56340
     aaattgtata gaaagaaaac ctaaaacaaa aaaacacaac agtaggactc gggatactca     56400
     atgggtgcag tgggaggggc ctgctcacac agtgagtgca gtgggaaggg ccagctcaca     56460
     cagtgagtgc agtgggaggg gcctgttcac acagtgagtg cagtgggagg ggcctgctca     56520
     cacagtgaat gcagtgggag gggtctgctc acacagtgag tgcagtggga ggagcctgtt     56580
     cacacagtga gtgcagtggg aggggcctgc tcacacagtg agtgcagtgg gagggacctg     56640
     ctcacacagt gagtgcagtg ggaggggcct gctcacacag tgagtgcagt gggaggggcc     56700
     tgctcacaca gtgagtgcag tgggaggggc ctgctcacac agtgagtgca gtgggagggg     56760
     ccggctcaca cagtgagtgc agtgggaggg gccggctcac acagtgagtg cagtgggagg     56820
     ggccggctca cacagtgtgt gcagtgggag gggcctgctc acacaggctc aactcttgtt     56880
     ttgtttgggg agagtgcaag tgcctgttac attataaaaa gcagcacatg aaatatgtaa     56940
     agcaacctgc ctaccagtcc caaggataac ggtgcttcta gtcctttgtg tgtaagatcc     57000
     atttaagtaa taagtggtgg caaaatctgt aactccaggt caagggctgc cggggatgaa     57060
     tagcatgatc ctgtcttaaa acaacaagca tgtggaggag agcggggaca gaactctcga     57120
     ggcagggggt gggagacaca gggaagaggg gatggggtca ccacaccttt aatcccacca     57180
     ctccagagac agagacaaac acatctctga gttcgaggcc agcctggcct acagagtgag     57240
     ttccaggaca gtcaaagcta cacagagaaa ccctgtctgg aaaaaacaaa agcaaacaaa     57300
     aacagcaaca aatccattta aagacaacaa aattatggcc agaatacggg cagggttcct     57360
     taaaatccct accctaaccc caaaaaaatg gagtaagaaa atggatttgg aaaggacaga     57420
     agagggacat tccccaaaat aagcgaacac tcagcctaca aaatggtcag ggcgaggctg     57480
     atgaatccag actgcagagc ctggctggca gccactgcta cgactctgcc aaggccaggc     57540
     atgggtgaag agccaaacgc tggatgtcca ctgacaacac aagacaaggt gaggctgaga     57600
     agaccaagtc agtctgtttc cagaggctag ccaatgaccc taggatggcc cctttctctg     57660
     ccacacctgg ttataaggca cccaaaagga aagggttttc cctgcttgta gcatgtatct     57720
     aaattctgga ccacagaggt atcatgtttt gaatctgaac tatcctgcaa acattcatgt     57780
     ggaaaagttt ggttggcttt gggaagtgcc tgagtcctga gagctccgac ctcatagatg     57840
     aagattttat aattcaatta aattgttaga agtggtagat gctgggaggc ggagcctatt     57900
     tgaaagaagt aggtctggga ggcggagcct atttgaagga agtaggtctg ggaggtggag     57960
     cctattcgaa ggaagtaggt ctgggaggtg gagcctattc gaaggaagta ggtctgggag     58020
     gtggagccta ttcgaaggaa gtaggtctgg gaggcggagc ctatttgaag gaagtaggtc     58080
     tgggaggtgg agcctattcg aaggaagtaa gtctgggagg cggagcctat ttgaaggaag     58140
     taggtcttga aggggtctca cacaaacaca cttttctgac ttgcgtgaag tgagtagcca     58200
     cctccacagc acactcttgc catcataacg ccgtcttccc tcaggtccaa aacaatggag     58260
     ctagccatag tctaaaagct ctgaacctct gaggcaaaat gaatctcttc tactttaagc     58320
     tgtttctctc tgagatttat ctgtaaagaa aacctgccta acacaggaga gtgagtgtgt     58380
     gtgtaaagcc aggatccaag catcccccac cgcatcccct ccccacaaag aaatcctacc     58440
     agggcccttt tcgacctatt cagccctctc tctggctttg acctaaggga gcagctgcag     58500
     tttcaatcgc agaactcaca ccaaagaaaa tgagatcgga gagacttggg ttccatcagc     58560
     tggggaagtg gcagcctgga ccacttacac tggcagattt acagagaaga gaaacgaagt     58620
     ccacacgggc tgcacatatt ccgcacatat tctccccatg tctgtgctgc agtcacaaca     58680
     tgctgcaagc tgggaaactg atcagcaaca aaaatttacc tctcatgttt ccaaaagctg     58740
     gaggtccaag gtcacgttgg cagcaggttg tgcacagtga gcgttgctct ctgctgccaa     58800
     gacgatgccc gcttcatcct cctactgggt catcaaagga gagcaatggc aggctcccca     58860
     cattaaagcc cttttaaagg gcacagcctt caactaggtt gctttgggtt taaagggtca     58920
     acacagattt tagaaggaca cagactgtca agccatagag ctagcttgag ttttatatcc     58980
     tagtgagaag ttatatgtgc cttggctggc tcgaccatgc caaacccagc ttaagtaaaa     59040
     cagagagccc ataagtcaac ctgacaccag ggagttctca gtgacagact ggagtctctt     59100
     cacctggaga gggaggctct gggcccattc gctggctaat tttatgtcaa ctgaaacagg     59160
     ggaacctcaa tttaaaaatg tctccagctg ggcgtggtgg cgcacgcctt taatcccagc     59220
     actcgggagg cagaggcagg cggatttctg agttcgaggc cagcctggtc tacagagtga     59280
     gatccaggac agccagggct acacagagaa atcctgtttc caaaaactga aggaaaaaaa     59340
     ggaaaaagaa aagaaaatgt ctctataaga ttgggctgta tgcaagactc ttaaggaatt     59400
     tttttttaat tactgattga tgggagagag ctcagcccat tgtgggtggt gccatccctg     59460
     ggctggtggt cctgtgctct ataagaaagc aggctgagca agccatgagg agcaagccag     59520
     caaggagcac cgtccatggc ctctgcaaca gctcctgccc ccaggttcct accctgatgt     59580
     gagttcctgt caggaattcc ttaagtgatg aacagtgagg aggaagtgtg agcctttcct     59640
     ccttctcaag tcgctttagt cacagtgttt atcacagcaa tggttaccct gtctaagaca     59700
     gccctatagg tcactcctga ccaggcctcc tcagggtcct agactctacc tcctgcagtt     59760
     cagtcctgcc agcagagaac tcccacatat ctatatgtgg cacacacctg ccccacccac     59820
     accaagccgc agaggtgaca gttcttcttg cccacctctg gttgaggagc cctttgcatt     59880
     tacttctgat cttgtctcac aagtgaagtt actcacggct taccatgagg gtagtccccc     59940
     accccttgct tcatcctggg caattagcaa aggagttcct aagagggagg gtgactcatc     60000
     taaaagacaa cagaatagac agctttgctg agggccattg gttggtgtct ctcacagttt     60060
     ctttgctcag agcaatcaga tgacaggaag gtaagtgggt ctgattttaa tgaattcagg     60120
     tttctttctt ttgcagccat tttccacagc aaatgtgagt ttgttttcaa gtggaaggtg     60180
     aatggccaca agtccagact ttcccctgtg atgggatcag actggcaaag gctgtctgac     60240
     cctggtccaa caacatcact tcaacataag tacagataga acgggcatcc ctaagtgtcc     60300
     ctccctcctc agaagcccta gcttggaacc caagacctca tccagctcct agcacagcct     60360
     cttcttgtgg ggctcccatg cttggccatg tctgttgtga gagcctgcca cagtgccaag     60420
     gtgccaggga aaatactgac tcctgggccc aagatgcagt atttcctggc ccagcaagca     60480
     gcacattgta gcctgagcgt gttgcttcct cttgcccaca ggcccagcct aaaggagacg     60540
     gtgagggcca acaaggggct gcccaacgca actcaccaga gcccacttcc tcagactgta     60600
     gatagtggag catcagtgct gagatattgg tggtctgccc agggcatggc acaccacagc     60660
     agacagcagt ccttgctacc atcacccctt accaaagccc gaccagagga agatggagca     60720
     aagggcccta atgcatgcag ccctctcacc tgcaccagaa aagggctgag attggggtta     60780
     atctatgacg gctttgccta aaggagaaaa caccagccta cctttaaggg cggggctgaa     60840
     gatgtagatc agttggccca gtgcttgcct accatgcatg aagcctgggt ttcagacagt     60900
     actgcttttt taaaagggtg gtgggcacag tgttcatgcc tataatccca gctctgggaa     60960
     tggaggggcc atcatcctca gccactcagt gcattcaagg acagcctagg gtacatgaga     61020
     ccccagctca ataaacaatc aaacagacaa actgcccaag tcaggaaggt ggcacctata     61080
     ttctcagcta ctcaggcagc tggggcaggg acaacacttg agcccaggac tttggagcca     61140
     atctatacga caatatgaga ccctcatctc aaaaactaac agttgagaaa gctgagggag     61200
     tttagtgcag gccccaggag agttcctaac atttggtttg tgggtcttga tcaccatgag     61260
     gctaggctcc aagtccacag acctgtccgg actctggtta agatctcaga tcttggcaaa     61320
     gtcaagctcc cgacagtaat ggggctatct acctagacag agaaagtcaa gcacacagta     61380
     ggtcccactc tgggacatgg gcataggagc ttctctgatc cttccccgag ccttgacaca     61440
     taagctggaa acatgtggcg ttgcactgga ggagaagctg gagagggtgg ctatgctcct     61500
     gatgacacca gaggtgagtt gactccttgg aggggcatcg cacatggggt agccctggcc     61560
     cccagccttg ctgtccactt ctctccctcc actccccact gactccccaa ggagctgact     61620
     gcctatgctg tctttacatt ctgactcttt tgcccaagtc tcaggaagca cttctctccc     61680
     tggcccacac aggcgcctcc agcccatgcc ctccatgcca agccacagct cccacccctt     61740
     cttgggcctc cttggcccca cccatcttgg ccccacccat cttggcccca cccatctaaa     61800
     gcactctggg ggtttagcct tggatgcttc atgtcttatg ctgtgtacaa tctcagaatc     61860
     ctcttctgaa gcagacacag aagccatttc agaatcctca cagcgagcat gccttgacag     61920
     gccattcttc taaaacccac gtgagggcta gagcccagga agaattctcc ataccaattt     61980
     acctcacagg gagtgtcccc accccatccc ccatccccga gtctgctcac cattcacctc     62040
     cctgcccatt ggcagtcatc tgacttaccc aacacttcac ctgaggtatt cactgaggtc     62100
     cctgtgatca caactatccc ccagcctcac acagtaacct ttcttgatgt tagccagaac     62160
     ccaccactca tggccctggg atgcttgctg ttggagggcc caaatccaat ttctttccat     62220
     gtcccaagga ccagctctgc ccagtgctgg ttccagatgc tcataagacc cagacctctt     62280
     aaggacttta gatcacagtc agcagcctag caccaggatt tatgaagcag gagtgaatta     62340
     tggggacaag ggacccctag ctcccttctc tactatatct ggacaaacat gccacctcaa     62400
     gaagttaggg aagagatggc taggtgcagc tagataaaga tgacccttct caaatgggac     62460
     cacagagaca agagaccagc aaggtaggat ggccctggct taagcaagag aaggccacag     62520
     gcaacagccc agcactgcaa actaaacctc atcccttggg cctcaactac tgtgctcccc     62580
     acccaacact gcacagagcc tgggtctgcc tattagctga ggaatacccg gagccacccc     62640
     ccatgtgtac ttcacagggt ttctgccctg tataccatag gcctccactc tctaaggcct     62700
     gtcggtggat tgcggtgtcg tgggagtgtg ggacccaaag ccaaggtttt caggatgctc     62760
     atcaggcact gtgatcagtg gcggagataa agttcagtag ggcaggcaga gaggcactgc     62820
     cgtactccac cgggtcaggg gtgtagccat gagtggcccc tgtacccgtg gagagaatga     62880
     tctccaagga cagctgcctg caaaacaggt gactccaagt ccagactcag cgaagcagct     62940
     ccctgggtag agaagggagc agccggtgca tccagaagtg ggcacaggaa cggagctacc     63000
     ctactgtata caactgggtc tggtctacac ccctctacaa ccagtgacag actggacagc     63060
     aaaacccttg ctccatccgg atcgcagggc gtggatcctc gcttcagggg aggtgaatgt     63120
     aagggaccgg gcaatgcagt gaacgcaggc ctggcagacc ataggtctac atggcactgc     63180
     agatgccggg tcaggaatct atgtgaccct cacctctcac aggtaaggct ccccaaacag     63240
     cctcatgaag gttcctcccc cagatgccac agagaaacac tccaaggtct ggtgaattca     63300
     gtcaccacag atgcagggta gaggtcaggg agaccacctg cagacagact tcagggcctc     63360
     tgccgctggg ccagagcact gcgggactgg tcagtgtctg gggcagggcc aggctgggtg     63420
     acataaggcc agattgttct ggctgaggct gcaggcagca ccaacttggg aacaaggctg     63480
     gcacctgatc ccatgggaca ctgacagtca tgagtcaagg cccccacagg cagagcaagt     63540
     ctgcacagga agggggtgga ggtgcaggac ttttctgagc ctgagttgga caggggtggg     63600
     aggcctggga ggctgtggag aggtggaatg ggaggagaag gaggaagtca aggtaccata     63660
     gcaaaagcag attctgtggg gacagtcaca gtgaggtggg aaaagagagg gtgtctctga     63720
     cacgggacca caatggacta cctggagaag agaccccaca aatacctgtt tgctccagaa     63780
     gtacctgact gccccatggc caccagcact caccagtcct tgctactctg gccagctgtt     63840
     aggcagggga ctcatgagac aggaataata gccaggcttt gggtacaaaa ctgtaaacac     63900
     aagtctttaa aatgacagag gcctctttgg ccccaaactc tgagccagaa gcccctacca     63960
     taggtccaga tctcctggaa cactgcccgc cctcccatcc cggcagcccc gcatcaggca     64020
     ggggttgagc catctccact caagaccagg cctcaccagc tgcctttgca tcgaggcgag     64080
     ctagtggagt ggaggctgag agtccgtggt ccgagagatt cctgagatga agaagcagac     64140
     atggccccag gcaccgcagg cactgcacag gtatgcattc acaacacctg tccctaaggg     64200
     gagcctgccc catcccatcc catgcaaacc gcgcgcagtt agtccagcgt ctgtgcggcc     64260
     cgcgcggggg gggggggggg ggggctgtca cgtgtccagc gcatcccgcg tgggtgaggg     64320
     cccgtggggg cgcactgccg ggccatgcag tggtggagga ggcggcaccg agttgcgctg     64380
     ggaaggcggt ggttgcagct caagtgcaag cgcaggtggt ggaaaatcgc gaacctggcg     64440
     acggtactcg aggaacgtgc aggccttggt ggccagtgcc accacgttct tgcctacgaa     64500
     gatggccgag actcggctat cgcggaagag tgccatattg gcggcacgag ccagcacagc     64560
     caccacattg acagtggcga ggctgagcac cgggtacagc atcatcttct gcggtgcgat     64620
     gtgctcccct tgcatgctga cctcgctgag cgctacgcag ggcagcacca acagcagcat     64680
     atagcaatag aaaaaggtga ggccttcggc ccacagtggc aacccagtgc gtggcggctc     64740
     ccagaggttg gcctgcatgt ccagcagatc cagcagatcc aaagccaccc agaagaggcg     64800
     gccccgcagg tcctcgcgct ttcggaaggt gcgcacatat tccatgcggt ctagtgccac     64860
     aagcaacagg aacaggcctg gcacgcacac agacagtagc agtgtcaacg ccttgcgagc     64920
     cactgggtcg gccgctccgc gccgcgcagc cttgtagttc tgaaagatga aatagagctt     64980
     gatctccagc acgaagatgt agaggaacca gaggatcata gcgtaaccac gcttggccgt     65040
     gcgaacctca gcccccaccc acacggccac atagcgcagc accagcagga agcacacatc     65100
     gcctaccaac acaattatgc acacgccaat cttgcgcggg ccctggttct gctccaccag     65160
     gtatgcgtcc atgacggcca tactgcccat gatcaccagc gtggtcaggc acacgtggcg     65220
     ccggtctgga ggaggcagca ccatggtcag cggcccgggc tccgccctgg cgcgcgcagt     65280
     cccaaggcgc caagggacga ggtcctgctg tgtcccaaag agcagcgggc cccaaagctc     65340
     agccctccgg catggcgcag cgcagcgggg cgcggggctt gtccacttgc ccggagagcg     65400
     ctgctgctcc cggccggcga gctcggaacc tgggaaagac caaagacaag tctgattgtg     65460
     ggggccagtg gcaccgaggt tgggactggt agggcgcacg gcaaccttcc caagcctagc     65520
     tgtttcctgc gcatggtgct gtccccctgc cgggtgcggg aggcctcctt ggacgcacgc     65580
     acgcgccgct gctagcaccg gagacctgga aaccctgaac tgggcctcca gagggcgctg     65640
     cggccccacc tgagggaccg atctcattcc cgccaccgcc tggaaggaaa cggaacggaa     65700
     gtggtttctc cccgccgcca ctcgcattct aaatgccctg gtgatttgtc gcggctggac     65760
     ccacacctcc ctctctccta gctctggcag cctaaaccac aatgccccgg ctggcggctt     65820
     taggccgctt ctttagagct tcagggcatc ttctggagat gcgctgaaat agccgcacaa     65880
     gaagaactga agacccaggt cccaccctgg ggacaaggca ctgagcaagt tttctgatcc     65940
     tagatggacg gtcattcaaa tcctgagata tccatcctac aagtccctca tgcctatgac     66000
     tttttttttt ttgcaccacc agcaccccct ttttcttgta tccacagtca atcgctcccc     66060
     ttccttaggc taaggcaaaa cagactattc tcttccctga cccaccattg ctagccatct     66120
     ccccagaagt gttttcctcc tgaccacacc tcctgctata ccctctctgg cctagcacac     66180
     ttgcacctcc agctcctctg atcgcagggc caacctcagg aaagccatca gtgggattta     66240
     gtctctccct atgttcctgg caccggctgt catgtctgtg gtactcagat gtaatgatgg     66300
     ccagattgtg cgtcctgata tcggagcttg ttcacaccac ccaacccaaa gccacttcca     66360
     atcaaggcct ctcctccgaa gcacctggca caagggctct gtttactgtc ctgtctagac     66420
     aaagacataa aatttagtgt cacccatgac agcgatgcat tcaacctgct cctggtgaca     66480
     ccacagtaac cctcaaactc catctcagct tctgcctctt ccattcaccc ctggggttct     66540
     cagtgtgctt ctataaggtg tttaggagtc atctgcccac agcagggctc ctccttgtca     66600
     ggtacaccca ctctcactct cactggtagg tactcctctc ccaggacgca caggctggac     66660
     ccacccctgc ccacctggaa ctccattggc tacagccaaa acctgagaat ttccttctct     66720
     tagcaattgt ccaggccgaa tagcctgctg ctggccaacc cattccatca tctgcacacc     66780
     attgctccct tgctcaatgc actgtcaaat accaaatgtc acgagccaat tggtaatggg     66840
     acagacccca accgctaaga gaggagtgcc cggccttcag aaagccagaa cccaagcctt     66900
     acgacccctc ccccacactc tgccctagcc atgtttccag agacccagcc caggtccacc     66960
     tggcctgagt ctcccacgcc aggcccaaat gccctagcaa ccctgccccc tgttcaagcc     67020
     tcacaccaga gagagattca gggcctccaa gccctaaaat gcctgtctct ctctctctct     67080
     ctctctcacg ctttgcaaga taccctctta gcatctccaa aggagaggct gaggcgaagg     67140
     agggtcctct cctcctcaac cccgttgagg tgggtctaat ggctcccagc aggttgcgtt     67200
     tcagtttgtc tttttccact aaaggtttcc ccagtggggc ttgggcctgg tcccgccgcc     67260
     atgcagctgc ccctgcccag cccacggcct gcagcctggg ggcgggaata gtataggccc     67320
     gctggcagtc gctaccgctg ccgctgccgc taccgctgcc gttgccgccg ccgcctaccg     67380
     cccagctctg ccgacccgct tggctcagcc acccgcctcc tgctgtcccg ccgttcgcat     67440
     cccgcgctta cccggccggc cagatgcagc gcgccggccg gccccgccga gcctccgcgc     67500
     cgggcccagg cgctccgtgc tgcgctccgc ccctccgccg cgggcaccgc ctccggccga     67560
     ggctccgccc cgcgccccct ggacgcccgg accccagcca agagaggacc caggtcctaa     67620
     ggctgttgcg tagttcaggt tgccatggcg acaactctgc gcgctcagga caggtggcac     67680
     taggtgacag acaacctagc atccacccca gaccctgtgg tcagtccact cggcctcaca     67740
     cacagcaaaa aaatcgtcaa agagtcctcc tcacaccatg aaatggctct gtatgtagct     67800
     ctccaagctc agaccctaac agccaataaa gcgactctgc tttcctgctt caggaagacc     67860
     tctggactgg gacccgcgga ggtggctgga caaaggggtg ggactaagtg ccccgctagc     67920
     tagccgcagt tatacctcct ggccagacct cagcagtggc tcacagggac acacacgtta     67980
     gggcctagat cccaccactg gagtgttata ctctatgggg gaaacccagc tgtgaggctt     68040
     tcagtcagta caagaagggc caaatgggag tgcatggagg ctccaggtta agactcctct     68100
     ccaggtcctg ccttcactga gtgacccatt ccttacctga caacccaata gcagggctgc     68160
     cctgcccaga ggacaacagg aagctaactg gttgcctacg cttcttccca gagctgcagc     68220
     ttcgctctgc aagcactgag ggcaagagag ctgaaggaac ttgaaggggg gaactcctgt     68280
     cagcagccta aatgatattg ggtacacttg gcagccagct ctgagtgatg cattctgttc     68340
     tggtgaccct gggaagctag aatatcaggc catactgagt caccctccta gtagggggtg     68400
     gttccaagat gcccatcgtc gggagagaag gctaaggaat agccctgtag tacacagtat     68460
     gagccccaac caaccagctc tctccccaga agtgcaacaa gaccccgaag ctctcgtgta     68520
     cccaggaaga ggccctgcat ctagcaagga aaggttcgat ctcctcacct agagaccagg     68580
     gcctggggga gacacccctg acagagtcaa gcaagagtga gagcggctgg agagaaggac     68640
     aggtggcagg tggcagccct gtctgctctg tttcttcctt ccttctccta cttcctctca     68700
     gccacggtta acccaaccct cacctaaaac ctgccagctt gcctcagtgc tctctctgta     68760
     tcccatgcca gcatcctcga acctgtgggc aaacacaggg aaaggggacg ctccagctct     68820
     gctcatagtc aggaccacaa aaggagacat cacccaggaa ccatatgggt gggtggtcca     68880
     gagtctttac gaaggtcctt acaagagaaa ggctagaggg tcaggtcaga gggtgaggag     68940
     gctgcaccac cagaaagaag gggccagggg tcaggggcat ggacttctgt agaatctgat     69000
     tcagtcagca tatggattct acagggcccc agaaagaagc agccttgata cgagcctact     69060
     ggggcttagg cctgtaccat cacacaagca aattgtgctg cttcaagcgc ttgctacagc     69120
     cacagtgaga aaccaatgca atttctgacc tgaagcaact ccacacaact atatccgaaa     69180
     agatttgagg tgccatccat acataaaagg cagtggagat cagcgctgtg gccacacctg     69240
     tagttccggc tctcaggact gtcatgaggg ggtaacgagc ccaggaccta agaccagtat     69300
     cttaaagcat gacaatatag tacctaaaaa atacataagt cagagacctg tagtctcggg     69360
     tctagagggg gctgacacgg tcacattggc gcagggtagc ccatacaaag tagatccaga     69420
     ggaccttttc aggttaccca attacaagcc cactctgacc cacacagcct cttgactcgc     69480
     catcctagcc cagccatggc tgtactccgt tagatctctg ggtgggattc agccgtccag     69540
     cctcagagca caacctggaa atgtgcaggg cacagtcaca aactatgctt ctttgttcag     69600
     agaacgaaga gaatcaaaat caacagggcc cagggcagaa caacactgaa actttcaact     69660
     acacaggagc agacagtcaa gcaatacaga aataaacaaa tataggtcag acaggggatg     69720
     cagggctggc tcagaatgtg gaaaataaat gatgtgatct acttactatg ctaacaggaa     69780
     tcaaaaaact acagggctta atgcacgcct ttaatcccag cacttgagag ggagagaaag     69840
     ggggttctct gagagtctgt gtcagcctga tctacatatc aagttccagt ccagccaagg     69900
     ctatatagtg agaccttgtc tcaagcaaaa caaaaacaaa aaaaaaaaca aaatcagaaa     69960
     caaaaacaac aaacaacaaa aacaaaacaa catgtgctca aatcaaatga tccagcaaaa     70020
     gtctgcagcc atcaacgaac cagaacagaa aaaatatgcc tgatatcacc taagtctatt     70080
     acagggagcc tacaataatc aatagcaaaa ctacaactat catgatgttt aagagtggcc     70140
     aaaggcacgc atagtagtgc acgccttaat tcccgtgtgg ggagtgagga catgagaatc     70200
     tggagctcag ggccaccctc agtgacattc tgagcttggg gccagtctgg gctgcatgta     70260
     actatctcag gacaaaagtc tgaatgcttt gcaccatggt caagaacaag gtaaagacat     70320
     ccaccccatc cctccctctt caacccgact ctcagtcctg gccaaagggg aaaagcctac     70380
     aaagtaagaa aaggacacac actctaaact cagtttacac gctaggctca gttcaaaggg     70440
     ggttcttaac ctgtgggtca tgaccccttt ggggaggtca caaatgagag accttgcact     70500
     tcagatattt acactacaaa tttataacag aagaaaatta cagttatgaa gtagcaccaa     70560
     aataatttat ggttgggagt caccataaca aaaagagctg tattaaaagg tcacagcatt     70620
     aggaaggctg agaaccactg gtttagaaag gaaaaatatg tcactctccc tgctgataga     70680
     caacatgaaa gtctatagaa atcccaagtt tcctccccaa cagtgtttat aagtggagtg     70740
     tttataagca agcttagcaa ggtggaagga caccaggctg aagcaaaact ccagttctat     70800
     agagtcacag gccctgtagc tcaggcccgt aattcatgct gctctttatg cacaggccag     70860
     tcctaggccg cctacacata ggtagcagat gtccagcatg gtctccatgt gggtcctcta     70920
     acaagcagag cggggctgac tctgactctg ttgcctccct tccctagtgg gctaccttgt     70980
     ctggcctcag tctcctgcta caacttaatg tgccagggct ggttggtacc catggggcgg     71040
     gggtggggtg gtgggcttcc cttctcagag gagaaggggg aaaggagagt gggggaaggg     71100
     atgagaggga tgtgatggtg ggactgggag gagaggaggg aggggctgca gttaggatat     71160
     aaagtgaaca cataaataag ttaaggggaa aaaaaccaca aaaatgcaga gagagagaat     71220
     tcatgctgtt cttgaagcaa gggatctcta tgacttcaag gtcagcctgg tctacccagc     71280
     aagttctagg ccagccacag ttatattgtg agaccatcta aaacaaaaca aacaaaacca     71340
     tgctcctttt tcagtgtaac tcaggacagg accagagtct gggcctcatc acccacagag     71400
     gatagctcac tgtaactctc gctttaggag atctgatacc ctcttctgat ctccacaggc     71460
     acccacaggt acccacactc cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacacg cacatgttgg     71520
     catgcagaca cacatagatc aaaacaaaaa ttatctgaaa aatgtcatta gcagtgagtg     71580
     attaaaagcc atcttttttt ttttttcgag acagggtttc tctctatann nnnnnnnnnn     71640
     nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnca gggctacaca gctacacaga     71700
     gaaaccctat cttaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaccagaa atatattgac ggaagaaatc     71760
     aacagtgcct caacgtgtgg gacattccaa acccatgagc accaaaggtc accccagctc     71820
     tgcccacagt gacctgtaga tcaaacacag ctccaggcaa cagccctgac atttaataga     71880
     tacaagtaag ctgagtaaaa ttttgtatgt aagcatagag ccacaaccca aacaatgctt     71940
     atagagaaag caaaaagaca aaagagtcta gacagtcagg taaagggcta aagactgaac     72000
     ctacatggcc tcaagcaagc taagcaggca ttttgccatg aagacacacc tcccagccca     72060
     cattaacaga tttttttttt tgagacatga tctccttgag tatccctaga tagaccaggc     72120
     tggccatgaa ctcacagaga tcgcctgcct ctgcctccta agtgctagaa ataaagacat     72180
     gcaccaccat gcccagctct tggtggattt taaaacttca tgtaaacctg agtggacagg     72240
     acagtgtata taggcagaag gagaaacaca gaggactgtg ggacaaggaa gagataagct     72300
     cttccgaatg tggccagtga ctttcgaaga gccttactga ctagctcaca agccacacgg     72360
     gccaccatgc agttcagtgg gtcttggcat attcataggc aaaaaataaa aaataaatct     72420
     actttgccaa aaattaaccc aaattgttac acaggcccta aattaaatgc aaagttagaa     72480
     aacttacaaa caaagaaaaa aagtcaaaag aaaatctgta acccatcatg atggcgcaca     72540
     ccttaaaatc ccagcactca gaagacagag gcagatctct gtgagttcca ttccagcctg     72600
     gtctatatag tgaattccat gacaaccaca gctacatagt gaaacccttt ctcagaagag     72660
     atagtgtggg gggaggggga gagaaggagg gagagaggga gaaagtatag ggaaaagaaa     72720
     atccttacaa cctgaaataa taaatagatt cttagatacg acactaaagc gccatccctg     72780
     aaaggtaaac tgtgatttgg gtataactca ggcagagata gcccagcacc tgcaaggccc     72840
     tgggctcatc ctctaataca cagagaaaaa gactagataa actgataaat gaacttcata     72900
     aaaatctaca accttctgct tgaattggaa gtgtgtatgg ctcagtgata gtgactttag     72960
     cattaatgta gtcccctgtc aaccaccaga accaaaacga gggtggggag atattgtccc     73020
     taagtcacta ttaagacaat aagttactgg gaggtggtgg tgacacacat ctttaatccc     73080
     agtgctcggg aggcagaggc agctagatct cagttcgagg ccagcctggt ctacaaagca     73140
     agtccaggac agtcagggtt acacagagga acaccccacc ccctcaaaaa atcaaagtca     73200
     agagtggcgg ggcacgccta cagcctcagc ggagcgggac gcataggaag ctccgttgga     73260
     ggccaggttg agctccacag caagaccctt ataaaagagc agtacagccg ggcatggtgg     73320
     cgcacgcctt taatcccagc acccgggaag cagaggcagg tggatttctg agttcgaggc     73380
     cagcctggtc tacagagtga gttccagaac agccgggcta tacagagaaa ccctgtgaaa     73440
     aacaaaaaaa caaaaaacaa aaaaacaaaa caaaagagcg gcagagacgc tgaaaggcaa     73500
     aagacttctt tgagaaaaat gagtacccat gatcatttga cttacagctt ctttttcagc     73560
     tttacggtgt tgggaaagtg atacatgttc aataggagcc atacttcagg tggctataat     73620
     aaccctgcct catgctggac agcttgaact gcaatcactg cgggccttag ggtcagggcg     73680
     gggtctgccg tgcgcagtgc tgctggctgc ggcatttgta cagcagcaca tagttttaaa     73740
     cgtttggtgc atttatcgcg catccagatt tgacctcttt gaaaatagac gatcatcttt     73800
     ataggataca ggaaggtttg aagggaggaa aggagggggg aatgatgtaa ttataatctc     73860
     aaaattttat gtatacatat acatctcagc agcaggaagc aagacacagg gatgccacct     73920
     tcagcccagg cacttgggag gcagagccac gtgaatttct gtgagctcaa caccaacttg     73980
     gttggcagcg agttccatgt cacccaaggc tacacagtga ggccccttct aaagataaat     74040
     aaacaagcaa ataaaatgac aaacaaccca acttaaaaca gccaggcact acagatgtgg     74100
     cttggcagag cgtttaccca gcgtgtggga ggccctgggt tcaatcctgg taccctctac     74160
     cccccaccac agaagtcaag agactaaaaa gacttttcac caaaaaggat gtatgaatgg     74220
     tatatcctga gaagtacact gttagggaaa tacacatctg aattgcggaa aatgtaaaag     74280
     aaacatgctt gtctttttcc atcaaaaggt taagtaagac aaaacttcat ttttaaaata     74340
     taaagaacag ctagctgggt gtggtggcgc acaccttcat cccagcactc aggaggcaga     74400
     ggcgggtgga tctctgtgag ttcaagacta gcctggtcta catagagttc caggacagtt     74460
     agggctccat aatagcgagt tcctgtctca aggggggagg ggggctgctt ggcagaaatt     74520
     caaattcctc aagggtcaga acttcttctt tttatatata tatatttttt taattaggta     74580
     tttccctcat ttacatttcc aatgctatcc caaaagtccc ccataccctc ccccctcccc     74640
     tactcaccaa ctcccacttt ttggccctgg cgttcccctg tactggggca tataaagttt     74700
     gcatgtccaa tgggcctctc tttccagtaa tggccgacta ggccatcttt tgatacatat     74760
     gcagctagag tcaagagctc aggggtactg gttagttcag aatgttgttg cacctacagg     74820
     gttgcagatc cctttagctc cttgggtact ttctctagct cctccattgg gtaccctgtg     74880
     atccatccaa tagctgactg tgagcatcca cttctgtgtt tgctaggccc cagcatagtc     74940
     tcacaagaga cagctatatc agggtccttt cagcaaaatc ttgcttgtgt atgcaatggt     75000
     gtccttgttt ggaggctgat tatgggatgg atccctggat atggcagtct ctagatggtc     75060
     catccttttg tcacagctcc aaactttgtc tctgtaactc cttccatggg tgttttgttc     75120
     ccaattctaa gaaggggtca gaacttcttg aaatcaaact atgtgctctg tgctcaaagt     75180
     tgtaggtgat gctcaaaggt gcattcttat cagctgagtc actttaaatt tgcccagtca     75240
     tgtaaatgca aggctgagct ctgccgcctt tcattaataa acccagcagg aaccacatcc     75300
     agtgtactgg cctgcttggt ccacaaactt ctcaccttgc tgaaatgctc tataatcatt     75360
     ttcttcggac ccagacctat ttctaacata aaggatgatt catggcttag acacctccta     75420
     gggtaaactg gaagagcctc agctggaaaa ctacccagat tagattggcc tgtgtgcatg     75480
     agtgtgagag acagcctggt ttgatgatta acacggaagg gcccagccca ctgtgggcgg     75540
     tgctctccct acgcaggtgg gcctaagctg ctagtgaagg aatccaagca cgatccagtg     75600
     agctagcaaa cagagttccg cccatggttt ctgactcaag ttctgctgga acttccctca     75660
     ttggtggact ctagcctgga agtacaagct gaaatcaact ttttgttcag tgttttatca     75720
     cagcaatgga atgaaagtag tacagccgct ttggcacacc tctcaaagtg gcttcgagtt     75780
     gaggctatag cttggatcta gaacgttgcc cgcatgggcc cacgttaagg gcttgtttcc     75840
     tagagtggtg tgatttgaaa aagtacagtt ggtcttctcg tcactaaggg tgtacttctg     75900
     aggaggagag aggaactcca gcccttcttg ctcttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt     75960
     tttttttttt ttttttagtt tttcgagaca gggtttctct gtgtaaccct ggctgtcctg     76020
     aactcacttt gtagaccagg ctggcctgga actcagaaat ctgcctgcct ctgcctcccg     76080
     agtgctggga ttaaaggcgt gtgccaccac gcccggctgc ttcttgctct ttttcacatc     76140
     cccaccacaa gatgaacaga tagatatgtc ccgatgtatc ttcccacagc taaagtgatg     76200
     aggtatggac caaaacctaa aaccttgtgg ggcaaaataa gccttcctca ccctaagctg     76260
     atgatctcct cagttagcca tttcaataac atggggtcac agaccaattg acaattctgg     76320
     aggttatagg tagctgggac ttacatcagt cagccaatta caaacagact gaaagaggca     76380
     aatcgattct ctttctacga ctcacattta aaaagacgta ggcagacaag ttgacatcaa     76440
     gggaacagac aagatggtct cctgaaaacg ggggctaaaa gaaagctcag gtccccaaac     76500
     ttctgagaac gatggccaag aagttgtgtc ctatatcctc ctgcacccag tattggacac     76560
     aaatagaatt tcagagtgta aagtgccagc aggggctcag aggcacacct gtcaggagca     76620
     attccactga acattgtcac agcagggtag gcagcactgg ggagaaaaat gggagtcact     76680
     cgtggtccga gtctacccag agtacgtgtc cctcctgggg aagtagcagg aaatagtagt     76740
     agtagtacca cagtggcatg aaggtcaggg aagacagaat agctctgaga cagaatgaag     76800
     gtcactacag agggtggcag actccacaca aacacatctg caaaactggg actaagcagg     76860
     ggatttgggc gcagtctaca gattacacag gagcacggga tctgtagtat ttccctaaca     76920
     ctgaacgtca cggcgtgttt gcaggttggc aagtgctttg acttcaagac tatcctctta     76980
     gaccgtcagg gtattgagct tcatgcctgc agcataattt tttacattgg ttttatttat     77040
     ctacatgggt gtgtgaggct gcatgagttt acatgcacca tgtatgccta tggaagtcag     77100
     aaggtgtcag actccctgga attggagtta ttagatggtt atgggctgcc agatgtggat     77160
     gcttggaact gaaccgggtc cttcacaagt gcagtgaatg ctcctaaccg ctgagccatc     77220
     tctccagccc cgagctttag tctttgttaa agtatgagat gcacggaatc tggctattac     77280
     tgatgatctc aaactccttg gcaccatctc aaactgccca gtaactggga caagttttaa     77340
     gtaccaaacc tggctctgca agccgttctc taatggcgca gcagtatcta cacaaactac     77400
     gtataagcag gtttgtatca cacacgcttt attcatgttg tgtatgtgta tatacacaca     77460
     tggtgtgggg ccagaaggaa tactaaaggg aaatgtccaa tactggataa gtgtttatga     77520
     gagtcattca aacaacttct gcagattttt ttatttgaag ttatattttg cgttagctgt     77580
     ttctagaaac ccacaaatgt aattctttac attaacaagc tcaagggaaa aatatgatca     77640
     tgtcagtaga tgcagaaaag acattaatag aatctcattg ctgcacatga cttgcaagag     77700
     aggaactccc aggagaatgg aagagaatga tctttaacca acagaattca tctgcaaaaa     77760
     ccctacacaa gcagcaagcg cagcgattaa tggttggaaa tattcttttt tttaaaaaaa     77820
     tatttaattt tttatttatg aatacactac agctgtcttt agacacacca gaagagagcc     77880
     ttacagatgg ttgtgagtca ccatgtggtt gctgggaatt gaactcagga cctctgaaag     77940
     agcagtcggt gctcttaact gctgagccat ctctccagcc ctggaaacat tctttttgag     78000
     ccagaagtag atagatgccc acagctactg atctgctcgt tgttgtactg gggacaccag     78060
     aaaccaggaa agaacatgtt atgagtaaga agtagacatt ttaggaatat acaggagtgt     78120
     ggctggagag atgactcaat ggctaagcgc atttgctgtt cttacagatg actttgggtc     78180
     tggtttccag ttcctacact gactgtagtt cacaataatc cataactcca gttcgagggg     78240
     aatccgatgt cctctcctgg cctctctggg caccaggtat gcatattgtg cacatacatg     78300
     cttgcagaaa gagaaactat ttacacatat aaaagttaat ctgaagcagc agcaacaatc     78360
     aggattggaa cggcggctca gtggttaagg gcactgctgc tcgtccagag gatccaggtt     78420
     cagtgcctag atggtgacta acaaccacgt aactccagtt ccaggggatc tgatgccctg     78480
     gcctccacaa atagggaata catgtggtac acaggcatat attcaagcag aacccccaaa     78540
     cacgttaaaa tacttcattt tagagttgga actcattaat ttttttcagg tggtctaatt     78600
     gtgctcgtga caattttaag ataactagag ataagttcct agaataagtg attctagcag     78660
     gcagaaatca gttatgcttc tgcagccttt agcaaatgta gtattaatct tcaacagaga     78720
     ttaatgctac atttgctaaa cagagagggg gagagagtta atagaactta ctcaaatact     78780
     gataaagaaa accaaacaag ataaactctc tacccaagga tccatgagac aacaatagag     78840
     tgttcagaag ctggaagaat caaaattatc aaaacatgga ttctcttaaa actgcaaata     78900
     caaatttttt ggtggggtgg gtgtttgctt agttatttag tttggggggc ggggagtggc     78960
     agatgtgttg ttttttatgt tgttgttatt actgctgttg ctaccgagcc atagccttgg     79020
     ctgttctgga actcactctg tagaccaggc tggccttgaa ctcacagaga tccgcctgcc     79080
     tctgcctcca cctcccaagt gctggaatca aagtcatgag ccatcatgcc cagccaacct     79140
     ttttctaaag tttgccactc actctacaat gtctgaggga atgttgtcag gaaagagatc     79200
     agccctgaaa cagcacagag aacattgccc tccccacgtg acaggttatc taaggcaggg     79260
     taagaaatcc ataaaaggat ttgcaggacg agcacaaatg agaatcagga actcagcagc     79320
     aggccgccat ggagggacag gcttggaatc ccagcagccc aagccgccat ggaggaacag     79380
     gcctggaatc ccagcatcag ctcacaacca atccacactg ccctgtccag aaccaacaca     79440
     caagagtccc agtgtagcat cccacaccta tagccccaga acttgggaga tggaggcaga     79500
     tgggtcaaga gttcaaggcc atgcttatgg gggaaggttc acgacaccag gcatggttaa     79560
     ctggtttctt ccccagaatc cacatggtgg gaggagggaa ctgactcctg cctgcctgtt     79620
     gtcccctgac ctccacacac ttgatgtgat gcgtatgcac ccatacacac acacacacac     79680
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac taaacaaata aagtgtattt taaaaactca     79740
     aggctagaca agtccctttt ctttctctct cctccagcag agcaagatgc ccaaaggaca     79800
     gaaggccaag gggaagaagg tggccccagc ccaggccatt cgtgagaaaa caggagtcaa     79860
     aagaggtggt catttttttt gtttgtttgt ttgagaaaaa ggcccaagaa cttcagcact     79920
     ggacaggaca tccagcccaa atgtgatctt acacgcttcg tcaaacggcc ctgctacatc     79980
     aggctgcagc ggcaaagggc cagtctctat aagcagctta aagtgcctcc tgccattaac     80040
     ccgttccccc aggccctgga cagacaaaca gctaccaagc tgctacagct tgcccacaag     80100
     tacaggccag aggcaaagca ggaaaagaag caaagactac tggcacgtgc tgaaaagaaa     80160
     gttgctggca aaggggatgt cccaactaag agaagtcctg tcctctgagc aggggtcagt     80220
     atagtcacca ccttgatgga gaacaagaag gctcagctgg gggtgattgt ccatgatgta     80280
     gaccccattg tgctggtggt tttcctgcct gtgttgaaag atggggggtt agggagggtg     80340
     ccctactgca tcatcaaggg aaaggccagg ctaggactcc tgctccacag gaagacatgc     80400
     accacagttg ccttcacaca ggttaacttc ttcacacaga agacaagggt gctctggcta     80460
     tgctagtgga agctattaag accaattaca acagatagga caagatccat agccactgaa     80520
     ggggccacgt cctgggtcct aagtctgtgg ctcacactgc caagctggaa aaggcagagg     80580
     ctaaagaact tgccgctaaa cggggctaaa tgtacactgc taagttttct gtacataaat     80640
     ataactacaa aattaaaaat aaacaaaact tgggggttgg agagatggct cagtggttaa     80700
     gagcactgag tgctcttcca caagtcctga gttcaattcc cagcaaccac atggtggctc     80760
     acaaccatct ataatgggat ctgatgccct cttctggggt gtgtgaagac agctacagtg     80820
     aactcatgta aataaagtta aaaaaaaaat tcaaggctag gggccaggtt agagagagat     80880
     ggctcagtgg ctacagatac cttctgccaa tcctgatggc ctaagttgga ttccctagca     80940
     cccatatggt ggaaggacag agccaagttt atcccctatc taattgttgt tgttcttgtt     81000
     cttgttttgt tattattatt attattatta ttattattat tactatatgg gaaaatataa     81060
     gaaaaatgaa agcaaggcca gcctctgcta catagagtct gaagccagcc taggctattt     81120
     gaaacactgt cttaaagaac aaacaaataa agcaaactca gaaactaagg gcctgaccag     81180
     ctcttcagaa cagtggcaca ggtggcacat ccataaatga taataagaaa tttccatatt     81240
     ggaaaaaaaa tagtcaaagc tcaaagaacc aggggctgga actggctcag cgcgtaaagc     81300
     aagtgtgcat acttaatgct ggacacagtg ccatgtgtct gtaacctagg gagctaggga     81360
     gggctcacag ccagccagca tagccaaaac agctagctcc agttgcaaag accctatctc     81420
     aaaaaacaga gtagaggggc tgaggagatg gtgtggcagt taagaggaaa ttaagagcac     81480
     tagctgctct tccagaggtc ttgagttcaa ttcccagcac tcacatgggg ctctgtaact     81540
     gtagtctcag ggaatctgat accctcttct ggtatacaga tatacttgta gacaaaacac     81600
     ccatacacat aaaataagta agcctttaat taaaaaaaaa gtagaaagtg atgaagatct     81660
     ggcctccgcg tgtatgcttg tgcgcaggca cgcaccattg cacacatctt taatgccagc     81720
     attagggagg cagaggtagg cagatctgtg agttcaaagc cagcctggtt tacagagcga     81780
     gttccgggac agcacagaga aacctgtttc aaaaaaagaa agaaagaaaa agatacaact     81840
     agtcatttac agaagaaata aacagggcta cagagattgc tcagtgaatg aggtgtttgt     81900
     agtgcacgaa ggtcagggtg gcctgcctgt agtcccagca cagggaatga ggacagagga     81960
     agcctagagc agctgtctag cccaaataac tacaagtgca aactctgggt tcggcaagag     82020
     accgttcgac cgttcctcag catgtaagat gaacgtgagc gggaaaggca ctcaacatgg     82080
     acgaatgtgc atgcacctac ctgtgcatgt gtgccacccc atgcacacgt gtgcctacat     82140
     acaaacatgc aaacatacat gttccacaca catatgtgca cattcatcaa ataagaccag     82200
     aaaactaagt aagtgcatgt actagacttc agcaatcaaa acagtcacat gggacagaat     82260
     gaccacttaa cgtccaatca acagtctata gaagctgaag cttgttaaag ggtgtcaggg     82320
     accctagcag gagcttgcag gcactgggtt gcaactgtca ccctgaccag acagccaagt     82380
     cattgctccg gagcaggctt cagagaacca gagataacgt gctgttgaac tgtgggaaat     82440
     ggacggagat gggtacacag acctcaccgg acatggcata gtgtgcttgg gttagaacaa     82500
     tactcccagt gtgagtcctt tatttttatt tatttatttt ttttttttgg tttttcaaga     82560
     cagggtttct ctgtgtagct ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tttgtagacc aggctggcct     82620
     cgaactcaga aatctgtctg cctctgcctc ccaagtgctg ggattaaagg catgcactac     82680
     caccacccaa cccagtgtgg gtcttttaag acatgtcagt acagagtggg aaaacacaaa     82740
     gatgggtatt agctggagct aggttcctga agtgtgtgct aaggcatccc aggatgccac     82800
     tgtgaattct catggaacgc tgcaaggtac tgggggagtg gggcatattt tttgagacca     82860
     agctgacttg agctcagaga ctcacatgcc tctacctcct gagttctggg attggaggtg     82920
     tgtgccgtta cacttggtta tttcagtttt gagggaagct cacatagtga ttgatataca     82980
     gcccatcaga tacctcctga gcagcttgag agagctgagg gtttcaacac tgggcacaca     83040
     cccctttgat tatttcctta acaaactggg ttgacagcca ctgccgtgat aagaaagcaa     83100
     attccaggca aaagccaaag caaatcagga tgcccagctg atcccacctg atcccataaa     83160
     agcttgaaag tgtagcccca cgatcctctc atcacacaag cacagctgtt taagaactaa     83220
     accaaggctt tttggattgg tttgcccaca catacacacc catttatgtg tcttttacat     83280
     tttttttcga gacaaggtct tgtgcagccc aaattggctt caacctgctc tgtagcccaa     83340
     ggtcaatctt caacttctga ttttcttgcc tctaccttct aagggctggg attacaggct     83400
     ccggccacta catgcagctt atcagatgct ggggacagaa ctcagacttt cacacatgct     83460
     aggcaagaat tctaccagct tagttactta gttctcagct ccataattaa cttcctagga     83520
     cgggacaaaa actcctgtgc tatctgaccc acccaagtcc acacaactgc taggccttcc     83580
     ttttgttggt ctgtgtgtgt ctgcgagcac atgcacacat gtataggaca gagatcgaca     83640
     ccacgtctat tccagtatgg ttttatactt gttttttgta ttgtttgttt gtttgtttag     83700
     attggtttct gtttattttg aggtttttaa aaaagatttt acgtatatga gtatactgtc     83760
     actgtctcca gacacaccag aagagggcat cggatcccat tacagaatgt tgtgagccac     83820
     tatgtggctg ctgggaattg aactcaggac ctctggaaga gcagccactg ctcttaactc     83880
     ctgaactacc acctctccag ctctattttt ggctttttga gacagggttt ctctgtgtat     83940
     aattatatat atatatttta tatatcattc taaaagcata tataattaaa taaattttat     84000
     atataaaatt gttgtagaat catatattat gtaaatataa tattcattta taagttaaca     84060
     tatatgagtg cactgtctct gtcttcagac acaccagaag agggtgtcag atcccatgac     84120
     agatggttgt gatccaccat gtggttgctg ggaattgaac tcaggtcctc cggaagagca     84180
     gtccgagctc ttaaccactg agccatcctc tctagccctc atctccacct tattttttgt     84240
     aacagggtct ctcaatgaac ctggagctca ccaatgaact agactgtctg gccagcacat     84300
     gctttggacc ccctcatctc ttcttgccag tacccacatt acaggcgcgt aactccaaac     84360
     ccaacttttt acataggtgc tgaggatcca aactcaggtg tttgtgcctg catatcaagc     84420
     gattcaccca ctgagccatc tctctaaagg atgtaaggaa actactgaga cacagacaat     84480
     atcgtaaaca gagaaagctc agagaccacc aggcctgcaa cggaacagca aggagccaga     84540
     agggccagct ccgagtcact gtgccctgca ggtgtgtggg ggcgggagca acagtgtctc     84600
     atccggtccc aggctcccca gcttacatcc cagggcttga ggcctgacag gtgtccctac     84660
     cacatgtgtt gtctctatta ccacatcctc acggtcccta gggtataatg gagtggttca     84720
     gggaaagctc tggtccacaa agaggaagct gggttacaga cagacagacc gcacaggaag     84780
     agcctgccct acaccccctg caatcaataa gctctccctt gactgccagg cactgtggtg     84840
     ctcgcagctt gcaggtcctt tctcttagca tgggtacaaa ggtacctggt ctaacagtca     84900
     cttcctgctt gtacaacctc aggggacacc cctgcatgtc acagtatgag ggtaccacca     84960
     ccccgtgctg tcctggtcta acagtcacgt cctgcttgta caacctcggg tggcaccaat     85020
     gcctgtggct ctgacttcat tttcatagct gctgcttgca ggaggcccag gcctcagatt     85080
     tgcatcttgg ctccatggct tccagtgtgg tcacacccac accaaagttc tcaccggagt     85140
     tctcacctat tctctagccc cagcttcagt ttgtgaagtg ttaggcgccc cacaaactga     85200
     tgccatagct agagatacat ggtgaaagct gggctccatg gatgactaag ctctaagact     85260
     aggacagttc gtgaccagga caccagacct tgtgcctaca gcaactggac ccctgtagct     85320
     ccccaggcag gcctcacctc ccttctgcta gactccagaa tttctctcaa gccagaatag     85380
     gccatccaaa atgaagatca gacctagggc cgggcgtggt ggcgcacgcc tttaatccca     85440
     gcactcggga ggcagaggct ggcggatttc tgagttggag gccagcctgg tctacaaagt     85500
     gcgtgccagg acagccaggg ctacacagag aaaccctgtc tcgaaaaacc aaaaaaaaaa     85560
     aaaaaatcag atctaggccc tgctgtattc cgccctacct cccatcatct tccctttaca     85620
     cacgaaactt agtccaacca aaggctgttg tactccctca ccccaccacg ccagcccact     85680
     agctccactg catggatttg cttagtgtcc cttctctccg atttaagcca tgggtgctca     85740
     actctggtcc cactccatcc ctacctcatc aaagagtacc ttgtgggttt ttgttattgt     85800
     ctgccaaatg ggtaaggaaa gagacaaaca tgaacagaga atgagagagg aggaccaggg     85860
     caggaggaaa agatggtcac cagagcactc ataccctcag gattggcgac agctccaagc     85920
     ccagagctcc tgcaggacaa agtgtcagag gcacctgttg gggcatggtg ggacaaggca     85980
     tgagacctca cgaccataca ggtggacaga gactgtgggc ccgagggaat ggcaacagta     86040
     ggacagactg acagaagcaa gtcccgaggg cactgaggca ggaccagaca ctgctgagca     86100
     tggttaaaag ctgatgagcg tccattttgt gttgaactgt aaacacccaa cattttgttt     86160
     tgtgcagatg agcaaaatag cagcaggtgt aggccacagg cctttgagtg gcaggaagac     86220
     ccttcctgga gggctggcag cctcaagcag ggtcctgtct gccaggcagt cctttctctc     86280
     aaagctggtg gcactgctct caaagtagct ggctgtttta gacacttcac tgggaatatg     86340
     ccacccgtaa ctggacacct aacccaagag gccttgcctg agtccccgct actctacagg     86400
     acgaccccgg cagtcttgaa aggcaccatc ccaggtagga ccctcaaact ctttctcact     86460
     ttctcaggag tgtgaagagg gctacctcct cagtacctca gcaagaagcc agtgctgaga     86520
     gaaatgggag ctgggcccat ttgtgtaaac agaatcctcc attaacaaac atgtcgtaca     86580
     cccgtacatc ccctcctggc tatacaacca ggctgctcag ctttctccag tcaactggga     86640
     gacgtcggag atgccccagg tgctgcactc ggcccagtgg cagcagtgaa gatgacagag     86700
     tggaggtgga aagtgatggg ggagagactg caggccagcg ctaggtcttg gaattacaga     86760
     ggatgctctc agtgtctaca caagtatgca ggagggctgc aggctgaccc gttacccggg     86820
     gcttacccac ccacccaccc atggtatatg aagggcaaag cttcttacag catcttcatg     86880
     gctgatgctg tctggagctg tgattctcct aaaggttgat atacccagaa tcaggtgtag     86940
     tatgcatgtt atgactctat aaagccaatg tgcaacatgc cctcagccga gacctttcca     87000
     gcacccacac ctacccttgt tctagcacat tccacgaatg agattattgt gccagtcttc     87060
     ttctggccaa tctacgtgag ttctctttcg gcgctaggtg caccctctgc actgctttat     87120
     tataataaat aaacaaactg ttataattta ttattatggc ctcgttaaat gtcatactgc     87180
     ttttttaaag ctgttttttg attttgcttt ttgttttaag acagggttcc tctgtgcaac     87240
     tgccttggct gtcctagaac tcactttgta gacctgcctg cctcttctgc ctcctaagtg     87300
     ctggaactaa aggtgtgcgc cacctcaccc agattcaaga ttactgaatt tttacactca     87360
     ggactgcagc attctttggc gtctcttaac atcgtgggca tttctggttt ctgtagttat     87420
     atagctcccg ggcagtccct tccaggcctg tgcatgtacc actaattctc tgggataggc     87480
     ctagaagtgg ttctccccat ccactgcgtt ggttccttcc cccacccaaa gccgcgtctc     87540
     agcacacctt ccggcctgta actggggccc ccttcccatt caaccggcag ccatgaagat     87600
     gactacttac cgatctcagt tcctgccttg cacagcaacc cttccatgac tgatgtcctg     87660
     ttgcacacca aaccatttgt aaacgtaact gacactccca gcccaaactg tttccaccgc     87720
     caccaccacc tcaaaccaag atggagatga aatccaattt cacataagac actcaagcgt     87780
     tccgccactg agacacatct tttttttttt ttaaagattt atttatttat ttatttattt     87840
     atttatttat ttatttatta tatgtaagta cactgtagct gtcctcagac actccagaag     87900
     agggagtcag atctcattat ggatggttgt gagccaccat gtggttgttg ggatttgaac     87960
     tcctgacctt cggaagagca gtcgggtgct cttacccact gagccatctc accagccccc     88020
     gagacacatc ttattaatgt caacttttaa acagaagttt ctagttttga caagagttgg     88080
     aattactaaa cttcccttcc agtcagcaca ttccggggtc aggaatccac ctctggtatt     88140
     ccccactacc tcaagcaagg aggtgtctgc cttgggtggg aacccaagga acaaagtcca     88200
     tgtcctcact ggttcgagag catggcccca ctgtccacct gctggcctca aatgtacccg     88260
     tgggtggcca gagcttcagt tctcgtgaca agtattaaag atgctgcgga ccttaggatc     88320
     aggttgggag tcctggcaga caacgtggtc ttcctcagag gcagggagga tagggttgat     88380
     ggtggtccct aatgcctgat ctgttatgct gcaggaccct ggagcagcac ggtcatcaac     88440
     ctgtgaactt gccccaggac gtcaggatct gccagggaca ctgtggccaa ctgacactac     88500
     attttattcc tacttgactg tgtggctccc aagtatggga gctgaggaca cagagcactg     88560
     agaccacaaa cgtgggctat ttcaagccct tgtgtgtgga aaagctagtt ctgaggtcct     88620
     ccccaggtga caacttgacc aatgatgagt cccatggctg agccccctac ccctacaggc     88680
     tcttgccttc tcatggcctg agacaaacag acacaaacac acacacacac acacacacac     88740
     acacacacac acacacacac acacagagga ttctgacagg aattgcacta actctgcaga     88800
     gcagatggag aagcgagagc tctgaatccg ctttggattt tttaagggtg agttccatag     88860
     gaccactgga agtcctagag cagggcagtt ttcagagaca gcgagcttaa gtagatttgc     88920
     ttatagacca catcacagtc atgaggagcc agacagtcaa gttcccacat gccctggacc     88980
     agagccggaa cccactggtg gaaacagcaa gaagagctga acaagtgttc gcaagcagga     89040
     acaggggctg cgggccagga ggtccagcag aggcccagcg gcaggcaggg ggttccaggg     89100
     actctaggag ctatgtccgt aaaagttagg aaggacctat tagacactgg tcatccagaa     89160
     gtgggctagg aacattcact gtaactaacc agtatggtgt cctgcctcag ggccacaggc     89220
     cacctgtacc cagacatgag ctgtcactcc agcacacacc accagtcaag caagaaaccc     89280
     ccatgaaaga atgttttagt gttcaaggct ccgagtcacg tagtggcttc tggcctagat     89340
     aagcaagaga cagaggctgc ctggtgggtc ctaccggctg tccagtgcct ggtcagtgtt     89400
     tggagctggg gattggaagg aaggtagggc tagagaccat ggaacccgct tgagcctgct     89460
     ggctgggaaa gactgggtta ggacagaact atcccaccag gctgtacgca cgtcccggac     89520
     acaggctgct ttgtgagcgc cgagcttgcc cagcagcctt cagaacaaaa gccttctgtc     89580
     tgcaccgcag cttcctctcc tccggtctcc caggcagagc ccccaggctc ccatccagct     89640
     tcccaccaca cacacacatc aggcgcatcc gtggcccagt acaggaggga gctctgctgc     89700
     aggaggcata gagccagagt ctaagaaaga ggttcaggga aacaaccaga gctgttccac     89760
     tcagggaggc ccaatacttc ctgtactttg gggcatgtgt gattacagca tggtgccaac     89820
     cgtacgctac acacatccca gtgtgccaaa aagaggaaga taaagggaca gtggaagagg     89880
     gcagcagcca ggtatcccca ggaacagctc taccgcgtat atataggtcc cctccaaacc     89940
     tctcaggagg accagactgt tgtaacacca aaaccgtagg cgaaagggct ctggccctgg     90000
     agggaacaca agcctggacc tctctgcttc ttgcctctga gatcctacac agatggctac     90060
     atcctagggc cttcagtgtt caggaggcag aatccaaatc aagccaggca gagcaccagc     90120
     cagcctggct agctcctgct gacattgccg ctgcagttgg tgcaacgcct tcttcagaca     90180
     ggcctccttg gcgctcagtg tcctgatcac ctcggctgcc tgtaggcctt ggggtcttgg     90240
     tgccccatct ttacttctca ccagtcgatg gggtctttgt ggctggccag gggtactgga     90300
     ttgctcccag gacccctgca gggctgccaa ctcctgctgg acagcctcct gcagggcctt     90360
     ccttgagttg ctccattctg gcccctgacc taggcctcca acctgcgtga gagaaggtac     90420
     agatgctctt gagccaaggg cagctctgtt cccagaatcc aggatccagg tgctcccagc     90480
     aaccctgcag ccccgaagct cctaccatag aaagccagcc ccactctccc aggtccagta     90540
     caaaaggcct agctagcccc aaaatgtttc accctcacaa agcaactgaa gtccatgcca     90600
     gcagcaactg gaacacaggg acccaaaccc aggggctcag gatccctaac ctcaacctcc     90660
     agggctccat tctcaagacc tacacctggc tgcaggatag cctggcagtt tctagcctac     90720
     catgctcctt aagacccttc agaactcaga ggaagactct tgaggacagc cgggactccg     90780
     ggactcagtg tagcatctcc catctccctc cactgagccc cttcccaccg ccgtccagga     90840
     gtacatgagt gggagggagc atgtccccct cggggcagac tctatccaga gaccccgtgg     90900
     gcagcaggcc tgggggaagc acatggatga ggtcttccca gcctctaact cacttggaac     90960
     actcagagag ccactctgag acctgggtgc tctgctgggt gggttctgcc cttacttctg     91020
     ggaggggagg agacctctgg ctcaaccaca gcctgagtag tctggggcct cactagggtg     91080
     gatagtgtac aactaccaga ggattcccct gatcatccat tagactacag aagagctaaa     91140
     gggcccacag ctaacattaa aatgctaccc aaaaggagaa gtgataggcc agtggccagt     91200
     gagtgcgcac actcccagaa tggctgggga ggaccactag gcaggcgcat gtgcattcaa     91260
     cagtggggag gggggggtac acaggcaggc agctcagcac ggagttgcct aactctctgg     91320
     gagtccctgg aaaaaaatca ggtgtcagtg aaagacagca gggtcccttc actgtaaccc     91380
     actgctgttg gaatctggtg cccactcact catcaaactg aattcaaata agcagggtaa     91440
     ttcatctaga agctttgtca aatggtcatc cagccctcac ccgagaatag ccagtccaga     91500
     caggaagaga aagcggtagg gttggaaggt gagtcaggaa gagtgggcta gcaaagcaga     91560
     tgcctagctc acccgggctt cccacgcagc ccgccggggc tcagacactt cccgtagctc     91620
     ctcctgcagg gcctgcaact cttgtttaac ggactccagc tcaccaagcc caccttcaga     91680
     gatggcgggc aggaccgttg gctgggatgt cacagcagga gtctcagggg aacaggtatc     91740
     caaaactgta tcctgcagag atcccagtga gatggtcagg cacaagcaaa ggtctcgagt     91800
     ggggcagaag atgcagaggt tcgtggggta gcggtagcat tcccagggcc tcagagcaca     91860
     gggcagctca tacaccctgg ctaccacctc cctggcatgc agagaggcac aaacccaggc     91920
     ctctggaaga cccagaggta aggacatgtg gatgtcctga gcagagcacc ccttagagtc     91980
     ttcttcatct tccaggtggg aagagcttcc aaacgctacc accaatgagc ctgggcaggg     92040
     ccagaacggg caggggaggc agagaaaaac gtcctcacca tccactgcca gaacaccagc     92100
     tcacggcgcc gccattccag agctgcctcc aggcggatgt tctcaccctc cagtgcttgc     92160
     agaagctagg ggaaaaacca cagctgacgc agactgccca ccgacccgct cctgagccac     92220
     tttctagacc aggggccttt gaccagagtg ctctgtccaa tagcccactg actggaagct     92280
     gtcccaaagc ttgcatagat aacaaggagc agggagccca ctgggccatc ccatgtaact     92340
     gtgggaagag tttgcaagtg atgaggactt aggcatagca gaggggcatg cgacagagtt     92400
     cagacatgct tagggggtta ggacagggcc agaagataac ctttgcccac cctcagcagc     92460
     agaaagcttg ctagtcttgc actaacagct gtgcatcagt gacagagcag cacctcttct     92520
     tcttggggta cactccctgc ttagctagag ccagaagctg ctagctcttt atctcccacc     92580
     cttggtcctc tggctggtaa ccccgactta gggaatccct tccgaatgtc gatcatccaa     92640
     cacagctgac ccttctggaa gacagaatgc tcagcaatct gtaaactgag ggtggatgcc     92700
     agggatgccc ataggtgcca ggcctagtca gaggcacaac ctacacaaaa tgtaagtgct     92760
     cccacattta acacctgcac gagggaccca gggagaggac ccttgcagat gacaatacgt     92820
     gccaagccct ctgcacctca gacccccaaa ccagggctct gcagagaagt ttcccatggc     92880
     ctgagaaact ggagagagac cctgaatgct agccaaggcc agtccattgg ggcaaacaca     92940
     agagacagga gatcagagcc accacttagc cacgcgcaga gatgggagag tggtgagaga     93000
     tgtaagcagc cagccagatc agggtgagtg gagcacagag ggtggtccac aggtgtacca     93060
     cccagtacca aagagcaaag accctaccca cagatacaag gcacctagac acaccatcag     93120
     aagggcagat aatacagacc ccaagaatag tccccagggg cacagtgccc ccagaccgtg     93180
     gggtatgggt gtgatagacg agcaaataaa ccccttcgct ttgccatggc tccaccctca     93240
     attctgcagt ctcctgaggc aatctccctg aacctcctcc cagcaggagc aaggacacag     93300
     aggtgcaaac agaaggctgt gggctccact gtgatccagg aaactgacta ccaatgcaac     93360
     aacaggcctg gctgctcaca caccaggcac acaccattcc agaaacttct gggacctgtc     93420
     tgcgggtggg ccagatgcag gttttagcca gctcctctcc aaatacagga aaagaagctg     93480
     acctgaggcc ttggtccact tagcaaccgc tgtccacagt cctccgtctc agcacaggac     93540
     agcttctgag acaagtggtg ccctaaccag cggcctcccc gcaccctgcc cctggagtgg     93600
     ttctgcggga aagtcccagg cagtgcttga ctgagcatgg gaggcctctg ctataaccca     93660
     aagtccagca gtcgagtcac attcaaaagg gggtcagagg caggggtgtg cataaggacc     93720
     cttaagtcta tctcagcact tcaaggtcaa gcgctggccc tacaaggctg gacccagcct     93780
     gggatttatc tagggataca gatccagctg acaccaacag ccaggtacct gacccaggaa     93840
     gcacctttgc ttcagagcat acaaatcacc agagcacaga aggaagccca gatccggaat     93900
     ctgccaacca gccttgtagc aagagcccca gaagatgaca ggaagagtgg gaaccaggaa     93960
     tctagccatc cacccctcac cccatgagcc tctgctttca cccacccagc cataggacgg     94020
     ataggccttt gagagggtag agtctggact ggagagggaa gaagcaaaca agggagttgt     94080
     gcctggaaga aggcagcatc tgagccccag ttcaggtgcg taagaataca agcctaagga     94140
     cggcagaggc agccaaccac tcgggcaggt ttaaatccag ctgaagtgat gcccagtcct     94200
     gaacctgtcc tataaacctc ggagataagc gagcaaaaga gacaccagtg atatagatgg     94260
     gtaggacccg agaaagacag ggaaggaagg acagcacaag gggagcaggg gtggggtggg     94320
     gtggggacca aatatcctgg ggagaaactg ggatggggcc aacactgaca ccttccttgg     94380
     gcctcgtcat ccctggggtc tcatagccta ctgttctgca gggctctgct cgctctctca     94440
     ctctccctct ttataaagat ttgtttattc ttgtttgttt gtttgttttt tgttttgttt     94500
     tgttttgttt ttcgagacag ggtttctctg tgtagcctgg ctgtcctgga actcactccg     94560
     tagaccaggc tggcctcgaa ctcagaaatc cacctgcctc tacctcctga gtgctgggat     94620
     taaagacatg cgccaccacg cccggcagat ttgtttattc ttatttatat gagtacactg     94680
     tagctgtctt ctgacacacc agaagagggc attggatccc attgcagatg gttgtgagcc     94740
     accatgtggt tgcttggaat tgaactcagg acctctgaaa gagcagccag cattctttaa     94800
     cagctgagcc atctctccag ccccggctca gctctcttaa gattcaggtc tatcaggaag     94860
     ctcaggagtc cactgcctag aaaagccacg cttggaaaga agtgaatggc ccctgagcaa     94920
     caaaggagga ttaaggccta caagcatcca ggcctgtacc ctggccttcc tgttaacctc     94980
     cccacgctga ttcctgtgag tctagcccca ggctctgaag gacagccggc ccgctcacac     95040
     tcagcctttc ctacctgcag gtagagccag aggttcatct cagacctgac agcagtgttt     95100
     tcccattcca gtggtcccct tccggaaccc caactgtgac actagccacc cacagtaaca     95160
     aacgacagtg attggctgtc aaagcctaac accagcccgg gtatttcccc aacagaccaa     95220
     acaccctgcc atgaggcagc gcccactgca gcaccctgcc aatcctcacc tgctgaccgc     95280
     tctctggatc tctaagcatc tctgtttcgg caacagaaag atggccaagg ctccgttggc     95340
     tgtggcatcc ctgggtgtac aggtggatct gtaataggta aaatacccag gctggggagt     95400
     agctcccagc aagatctttc agccgaatat gggtaccttt agagaccact tataaccaga     95460
     aaggacagag ctgggctcag gataccccag taatactggg ggcagaggct gcagaagggc     95520
     accagacaac ttcaccaagg gcttccacac cttgctcacc aggacacagg taaagcacgg     95580
     tccgtccctg cttgtaaagg tcagagttgg gataagccca gcagtccagt ggtccaacag     95640
     tggtgacaga gatggacccc agggaaaggc agcctgggca cagggtgaag agccatgtgc     95700
     ctgtattacc ttgctgagga ggataccctg ctcctgctga ctagagatca ggcatcgcca     95760
     cctaaaccgc agccttccca tcagccattc cactagtcgg agatccaccg ggctctttgg     95820
     tttcacaaag ggtgcaggaa gaccaggact ggttggagcc tcacagtaga gagggaacaa     95880
     gagtcagccc tgctatacat cccatatctt gaagaaggac caggacaggg aagctgtact     95940
     actgacgtac atcctcaact tcaaagctgg atgagaacca caccaagggc aaataccaca     96000
     tgagctggga gcctggagaa atccacgggt tctgggcaaa gcagggctct gacaccctca     96060
     attacatact cacctcccac tggggcaact ggtcacccag ctgcacacgg gtctgggcaa     96120
     gcagctgctc aagcaagggt cctcgggcga ggagccaaga cagggccaac agcagttccc     96180
     ggcttccctg agaactgccg tcgggaaatt gtagcagcac agacctgggg tagccttggg     96240
     agcccagtgc tgacttcacc acacaggctt gggcctctgg agtgggaaat gatcagatca     96300
     gggggtgcta acctggagat ttcacctgga tccatctggg gacctgagag caccccctaa     96360
     gcttagaacc tgctaagcgt ggactaagga ggcgagatct gagagtctat gaggaggcaa     96420
     agtgataacc aacgggcagg atttctgtga gtggttggcc agtctcagcg tttcactgga     96480
     gtgataaagc cactactacc caggtaagcg tggtaaaggc tagtgggaac ttatactaat     96540
     ggaagtgggc gcaacagcga gaggagcagg tgcctgcagg aagggaggag acaacagagg     96600
     agttttgatg gggcgggact tggtgggtta agacaaaact acaatagcct tggggagcgg     96660
     ctttctgaga gggcggggct tacctggggc aaggtcggtc caggtattgt ttgcagcaag     96720
     cggtgagagc acgcgcaaga gaagctgcca gagcactgga gcctgaagca aacgaggagt     96780
     ttgtagtcag cgggtatcag gtgtcaccta catcagccca cggcaacgcc tgccccgacc     96840
     ccgaccgcct actcgggtag cctcaccgcc tctggtcgat cgaacttggc gcggcggaag     96900
     acttctgggc tgggcccagc aggcaggcac cgactcagcg cggcgacagc ctcaggcagg     96960
     gcccgggcag ccccttccac ccggctccgc cgccgccgca tacagccagc actagacagc     97020
     ctcggattgc ccgctcggga ccccgaccaa tcacagttcc ggatggggcc cgccttctcc     97080
     cctcaggccc aatgaacgat gactctggcg tttgagtgcc taccagtcta tcccgtaggc     97140
     aggcacttcc ggggtcgggg gcggggattg gaggtgccaa ctccgttgga actcaccaat     97200
     cagcacctcg acttatcaac cgccttagca accccgggct agggaagcgc gaggctggag     97260
     ggcgcgcatg cgcccgaggt gttccctgga ggagcggagg aaggagcaat gtggctccac     97320
     ccagccacga agggagtgtc tctgcgaagc cgccctggaa ggaacccgcc gccaggggtc     97380
     gccaggcctc cgcgagaaac agctgagccc tgcgaagtgg gtggggagtt ccgggggcca     97440
     cgtcgccaga agtctcttcg gaaagccatc ctccctctca tgtacagcca gccccagact     97500
     tccttgtccc catattcatt cttcctccag ccactagaag agcagttttt aaggaaaatt     97560
     ttccacttca gaaaagggtg cggccctctc ttttaaggtt gaacttagtt ttgcactcag     97620
     cccttcagga gcaatcttgg taagctttga gaatcccgca aggattcaca gtagctacat     97680
     gacaatggca gaatgaaccc agagtgcaac ctgatgcgcg gggaaagacg ctgcaccaca     97740
     tgcagtcggc aactatcctc cgcaaccggc atgagcctac tacgtggcta caacctaggt     97800
     gaagccagag cagcctctgt gggaagccgg atgcgaaaga tcacattatg cgcgccagtg     97860
     cgtgtggagg agggccggac aaaggccgga cgctgccaac ggtgatccag agacaagcct     97920
     gtaggcgacg agtggcagga agaattgctg gggcgagacc tgaacgctcg agtggacaca     97980
     aactaagctt tgtgcactcg atgtcgccac cagaaatagt tggagcagcg gacagacagt     98040
     actgcgtgta ctctgcatct caataaagct aggaaagaag aggcaggtgg agagggagag     98100
     ggtgcgttgc ggaaaaggaa agtgaggtga gagggagggg cagagctgtc cctcggcacc     98160
     tgccagttta acagcggtct acaggatggc cacgccctcc ggaagtgcgg agactgcggg     98220
     ctcaccttta ccttgaccct ccctgtgttt tgctgcggac cttcctctgc tcatcgtgat     98280
     accctcagca attctgcctc agggtctcct ccttcctggc cccttgccac gcagcaaatg     98340
     gccacgccca gctagtttct acctgctctt cctgccctcg cttcagagcc gtgctatact     98400
     gcacacctta aacacgaagc gccctgaaaa gcacaaagac ttgagttctt ggctactgtg     98460
     ccaaggaact cctgatacac ccttatggaa ctctctgccg cttaggcttc tttgcaatac     98520
     tatacacttc cctcacctga cctgctcatt cctacaggcc tctcaggttg ctggaggtcc     98580
     aagtctactc cagttgagaa acgtggatct gggttcgagg ggctggaagt atgaggaaga     98640
     caggggcctt aagggtggaa gacaacaggg gaaagtgagt ttctgccctt cacccataca     98700
     tctcttccag gtcctctgca ggtctggttg gacaccaaag ataccctcac ccctcctagt     98760
     aggaaactaa taccgaaggt gggcttcttc tactccatac tgtggtcacc tcaaacacta     98820
     tggcctccac ctattgaaat tccagaatca cccaacaaca cacactacac tatactacac     98880
     tacactgcag accacttact ggactcaccg atagcctatc cggcttgttc ctgcagtgta     98940
     ggtgccaaag atgaacccag gctagaccag gacactgctg agacctttgt gaccttgtta     99000
     agtccaaagg gttttgaatg gccagtagca tagggaaggc aaagctgaga gctgcctggc     99060
     tctacaaggg tttccagaaa gccctttcca ctgtcaccct caaatcccat tagagcactg     99120
     ggtcacccag ggcactcctg ttcagggaaa aggtgtctgg gaccacgctg aacagctaca     99180
     gagctcaccc acaagggtgc acttctgggg acagggtggg gttgcaggaa gtgaaaatgg     99240
     aatagatcag gaatccacag aactccctcc cgaaacagct caaaaaggga accaaagcag     99300
     ctcccactga ttcaccctct gaactgcggc cagccccacc tacgccatgt tcctgctgac     99360
     cccgacagcc aggacctcac cccaggccag aaccactaca gaaccaggcg acaggaactt     99420
     tacggatcct ggagttggat gtaggcctga aactgcaccc ctcaaagggt agtgggcacc     99480
     actgcctgca gcagcaggaa aagcagtgcc ctgcatcagg cctggggttg aggctctcac     99540
     tgcacacccc tctatcacac atcagcagac aaaaacacag gacttccaaa gatcaggttt     99600
     attaaaggca ctgagggttc ccgagagccc tgctgtccag gggtaaggcc tggcatgtgc     99660
     ctgggcgggc agggagagtt tccacaacct gtaagaaaga gagacaaatg tgagcgcaaa     99720
     gttttgttat ttactctatt agggatgact ctgtcctgta aactggtgga ctgggtggga     99780
     ttggagaagg ggctatacct cggtctactt gaaagtgtgg ctctcagctc cacctcgccc     99840
     aaagcctgcc aaagataaaa agaggataag ataaaaaata aggatactga catgttggga     99900
     aaggaggccg gcactgggag gcccgttagg gaagaagtcc agctacatac ctttgggccc     99960
     aaacatggcg gagtagcagg gatgattgca gtagggcttg ccttcatgct acaaggaaaa    100020
     gaacagtagg ggttaccttc accccaactc ctatagctcc tccctctgcc ccctaatggc    100080
     cccttacctc agcatgaccc ccagaggtca gtgtctttcc acatttctca cacttcaggc    100140
     agggacgatg ccagtccttg cctagtgaag tcactcgctc agctgcagaa gcacagatcc    100200
     actgtgagac actggagtcc ctgcaacccc tcttcagctg cacagacacc cacacttcat    100260
     tctttcaatg tggcagccca ccctgtgtcc ccagaggcca ctgtgctcca gagagggtta    100320
     ggggcaacta tggtgctctc aagccaatcc cacctcacaa accagaaggg tcaccttttt    100380
     ggtgggatat tttcttttag gttgtttttt gtttttgttt tgagacaggg ttttcctgtg    100440
     tagccctggc tgtcctggaa ctcactccgt agatcaggct gatcttgaac tcacagagat    100500
     gctcctgtct ctgcctcccc ggactaaagc actgggacta aaggcgtggg ctacctggcc    100560
     acccacccat ccctgctcat tggtgggagc agggatatga cccccgaggg cttgtagagc    100620
     tggagaggag gaggccttca gacttgagag tggaggagaa caagtctgga ggatctaagg    100680
     ttaggtaaac ccagttaaag tcctctgacc tctgcactaa acctgggcac acccttctcc    100740
     tcagcagggg caaggggacc tcttagtcac gcactatctc gtagaagccc tagggcgcgc    100800
     gaacagcaag aaaacgagca cccgagatcg tacccccccg ggcgtggttt tgggcgtctg    100860
     tttctactta gcattgggag gggccaccct agtcccgcgt tccttcctat ccagcaggga    100920
     ccccgcccaa ggcgcacaga cagaaggcgg gagagacagc aggatccaga ggccagggtc    100980
     acagagaagg ggagacccac aagcatggga gtcacagaga cctggagacc cagagacaag    101040
     gaggccagaa gaccgaccca gaaacataag acagcgagta ggcacagatg tcggttctgt    101100
     ttaacaccaa attgtcccac cctcaagccg cgggcaaggt ctatgggttc tatcccaggc    101160
     gatgccctgg actctagaca gccaggtcca cctgaacagc ccaatattgt ccgcctctgg    101220
     accacgcttc cgcgtaccgc ctgcagtacg cccgcgggca tgtggagaga ggttgggata    101280
     cccaagcgtg ctcaccgaaa tacacctcct tgtcgcactt ggggcacttc ggcatggcgg    101340
     tacctggtcc tgcacaagtg gctgcagcta gaaggaagta ggttgcaggc tctggactgg    101400
     gtggcgcccg cctggtccgc gcttttcagg gaccccgtgg ccctgccctt taaggccccg    101460
     cccccgcccc accccctcag tccgggactt ggacccctgg gaacgctgat ccaggccgac    101520
     tggccaagaa tggtcatctg gttcatactc gcctccggca agataaactg gccaagggcc    101580
     atgcaggggt gtggagtctt cccgggaccc tctaagccca gcggctcctg cggacccagg    101640
     ccccgccccc tgcctggggc agggcaagtc tccggtcttg aatagggggc gttgagtcct    101700
     cccctcgaag gaccaagagc tctgtctagc ctagcgtttt tgcacctgcg acggctagct    101760
     ggagcccggg tgagcacagg aaacttctaa agtgcagata aagtgggacg tggtgtgttt    101820
     gcttgtccta ctaaaactgg tgaggccaat ctggtctcta gggtgagacc ctgtttcaaa    101880
     acacacgtgc gcatgtgaac acacacccaa ataaagcgca gagagacaca aattagcatt    101940
     caaggattct gcacatattt tgatgcttct tcggaaagag ttgaggacat tcagagtctc    102000
     agccttgtag cccaactcct tccagccttt cccagatcta acccacgcag acgccaggag    102060
     gtccactctg gctagccgca tgtgaacacc ctgacctttg gcagctgact ggactgcagc    102120
     cacaacttca ccggggaact cagaagaggg gactcccatc cagaaaagcc catcctgcca    102180
     caggaactac agactctaag cttgaggacc taacaacctg aggttggaga ctagaggtca    102240
     aggcaaggaa ttcgggtgag gccatgccca ggctgtttcc ctggtgcctc gaggcacaat    102300
     tgatgagtgt ccttatctct gggagaagtg cccagagctc agcggtccaa gtccactgcc    102360
     cagctaagga ggaggctgag ccgtggttgg taccaggtag agaacagact aagcctacag    102420
     taaatataga gggctgggag gtttctactg gcctgagctt cagagtagtt tgtaggctta    102480
     gtgggggtta gggctcgttg cctagcaagc tgacgatgca gttgctgata gccggacatt    102540
     aagttctcac tgttcagctc tgactgagac tcctgtccat acccacccat ttatctgtct    102600
     ccagacctag ctctgggcaa ggatcagtca ggggtatttc catctccctg gccactgctg    102660
     gggtagggag tcagaactct cagatgggat tagtgttgca ccatgggtca gggactaccc    102720
     acagttgcaa atgcagcccc tctggaacac taccttcctc ctagggaccc taacctgagg    102780
     gtacagctct gtcccaaact ggagctccac aaatgcccag ctctacaaag acattctgaa    102840
     gctcttcact accagctggg ggctccagag caggggtgaa cgtaggccct acaaggatag    102900
     acttccatct tctagcctat cattacctaa gacccaccta gaggcctgga ttggcatccc    102960
     tgagtggttt ctggacttaa ggctgacttt gctcccccat ccacaccccc aggccatttc    103020
     ttgtaatctt tcagtctttc tgttaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagggcatat ttctatagct    103080
     cctgacttag tctacaaagg agaggggagg gggagaagca tcctatgggc agaggttccg    103140
     gaaggggaga tctgagcaaa gcccttggtg atataaggag aggccagaga agcccaggac    103200
     catccggaag ggtggtgtcc ctaccaacac agatccctgg ggcctgacca cacacaaagc    103260
     acactacctc actgtccgtg gaagaagcca actgctgcct gccaggggtg tgcactgggt    103320
     ggaggcacaa ggcacctggc agactgcttc ctctcttctc tggtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    103380
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtag cagaggctga atgctcggat gcacatgcat    103440
     atgctaggac ctgcaggcat acctgtggga tgcatatcct ttggggtggc tcaacctcct    103500
     atgagtggtc tctctcaaag caaatagcta tgtttctacg tatctgcact cagggatctt    103560
     ggtttggttt ggtttggttt tggttttcct gacaggtttc actgtgtagc cctggctgtc    103620
     ttggaactca ctctgtagac caggctggcc tcaaactcag agacctgcct gcctctcatt    103680
     cctaagtgct gggattaaag gtgtatgcca ccactaccta gctaacttcc tacctctcac    103740
     ccaagagaca tgtgctaagt aaggcaggtg ggtcaataac ccggtccacg ttccttccat    103800
     ccattgcccc tcccagagat aggtcctcct cccatcccta agtctagccc caaccccaag    103860
     ccacaggaac cttcttggcc ttccagaatg ttatttcctg ttgccatggt cacgggaggg    103920
     gtgccaaggc aggggccaag ggctgatacc ttctttgttg gtacacagca gtttttttcc    103980
     agacattcca ttcagacgta tccacttaaa gacacaaaga cataatacaa gctgtggcat    104040
     ggcttcatag gcctgtgatg ggctagaacc atgccagaga ctgaggctac aagagcctga    104100
     tctacagagc cagaccttgt caagaaataa agaaaaggaa gaatggaagg aaggaaggaa    104160
     gaatggaagg aaggaagaga gggagagaaa aaagaggaaa agagaaaaaa gtcggggatg    104220
     gtgatgaaga gacggtaaca ccatcttgtt tgcttagctc acagcccttc actccctcaa    104280
     aagtcacatc tgccttggaa acgctcgagc ctgctcttag cctgagagct ctttttcagt    104340
     acttgaggtg gaagcaagaa gattcaaagc taacctgagc tacacagatt atttaaggtc    104400
     agcctgggct aaatgagact gactcaaaaa ataacaagaa caacaacagg gcggcagtcg    104460
     gctggggttg ggggttgggg aagaaactct tccgaagctt ccatagtgcc tgcaaatgcc    104520
     ccgcccgccc gccagcccgc tgctgctact gcgcctctag tcagacctct agccttagcc    104580
     ctctcaggcg aggcacagct ggtgtcaaag cccggccagc cttcctgagg accaacccta    104640
     cactctcacc tgcctctctt gtcccaggct atccctggag gaggacgact gaccaggact    104700
     cctgggctaa gtgaaggcct gctgtgctct gcacaagcac tcaaagggca cacggtgatc    104760
     tctccactgc ttgtgccagg acagcataga gactatgggg gaggggaggc cacagaacca    104820
     tgatctatct gctcaagcct tctctgtaca cacccatgcg ccctccactg gctggggcgc    104880
     cacaccccga ggccagccag agaaggtagg tagggctgag cccgtgggct gatgaccact    104940
     gaggaatctc agaacccact cccactagga aaactcagcc gctcagggaa gggagggcct    105000
     ctgcagtgtt gcaaaaacga cctttatcta ctggctctcc tggtacctgg ctgagggtgt    105060
     ggtcacgtgt ggagatgtcc atctaagggg tgggggtcat ctgagcctgc cctatgtcct    105120
     ctgctctctc tcaggtacat atgctgccag catacacacg ttagagaaca tgctgagccc    105180
     agacacacac agcacaggcc tccttagggc ccaccctcct cctcctcctc cccctcctcc    105240
     cccctcagac cagtggaaga catttacaag ttcccagggc ctattttcag cagcttgtct    105300
     ccagggaccc cccccccccc cccgtctggc acaagatctg gccttagggt aggtctgcag    105360
     ggatggttga ccacagtcag aaggcattga acattgcttc acagacaggt tcctccaccc    105420
     ttcaggcctt atgcctcagg cttaggcaga cagcaattag attcctcctt ttccagaagt    105480
     acacatcata gccaggaagg gagccataga cagtgaaaac agggtcctta gccacccttc    105540
     tctcagtaag actgcactct ctaccgggga cctattatct agtcagatgg ggtaccctgc    105600
     cccctgcctt ccctgaggcc tgccctgtgc ccagtgtctg cttcctggaa ccaaagccca    105660
     ggaagaaccg cctggaattc cagtctctcc aaaccagcag ctgatggcct ggagcccacc    105720
     cccgcagtca gtctggcctg ggaaaaaggg ctgcccacac ctggcaccct gggctccggc    105780
     cagcccgaac tgtacccgct caatagccag agcactagca catggtgatc cttttgatac    105840
     cctgcccaca ggcttcagcc agcagccagt gagcagggcc aaccatgtca gatctagaga    105900
     taaatgggat ctgcttgagg aagactcggg cagaagggtt cccagggccg atgcaggaga    105960
     agcaaggcta ggcaggaagg aggatgctag ggtgttggcc agatgatcaa agataaggta    106020
     tgtggggaga aggagccata ggctgggcac cccataaaga agtccaactg agtatactgg    106080
     taaacagaga ggagatcaga aggcctggtt ggagagtgca gcaaggctag ataggtgggt    106140
     ggtggtcgcg tggaagggcg cgtcagggga actcctgcaa ctaaactgtg tagagcagcc    106200
     tgggctgcgt ctccttgtga ggttctggac tcggcagaat ttggaatgga gtgagatggt    106260
     ctgttggcat ctagagtcat ctctgagtct agctgtttat ttgggagata gaaaagctca    106320
     gggcactctc ccataagggt ggatgccaga caaaggcttc ttattctctc ctccatcttg    106380
     ggtgcatcgg aagctggtgc cactgacgcg acctggcaat gcagcggaca ccgcctggca    106440
     acaagaccca gacaaacagt cgcagcaccg ccgcgtttcc acgacaactc cttggaaaca    106500
     aacaccaagc aacgtcatct ttctcggcag gaaaagccag atcctgcccc gcccctccga    106560
     tgtacagcaa agctggccgc agggcgggga tggatctgcc ctgggaagac ccctgccctc    106620
     gtggcccaac caggggaatc cccttcttgt cctcaaaggt tccgcccagg atcgaggagg    106680
     gcccgcccct tcgattcctt caggctgagc tggtggaagt ctttctgcta ctagggctga    106740
     caattcaccg tcccctctac tcccacgcgc caccaaccaa gaagagccgg agctgcccag    106800
     ctcaatccaa aatgtgcagc caagaagcgg cgtcttggtg ggaaaggtca taagggggcg    106860
     gagtcccaga gcccaatacc tgctggcgag gacctccctt ggtgagggtg aagagagggg    106920
     cagacaccgg actctgaggc caggacgtga cgttgtgcat atgacagtag ccccggacac    106980
     agttacacca gtgtcagtgg ccaacacggc tggacaagaa atcagggaca aacctgaaaa    107040
     gccttcttgc cccgtggcag tgaccagatc tgggagccac ttgccccaga cgcgctgagt    107100
     cttggattga agggagcagg attagctggg gcagatcaga cgagattccc ccaagaaatt    107160
     gaaatgcagg ggcgccgtct agtgggcatt cgtggagaag caagtgaagg aagaacacgc    107220
     ccactgcgag aagcgggttc tagtcccaga agctgggcca cttgaggaga cagggttcac    107280
     tgcctcactt caaacccaga cccttgccta acagactgtt cacattctgt tactgggcca    107340
     tacactagag acaagtcagg gtggtcaaag gccttgtcct atggacatag tgggaaacag    107400
     ccgtagctga gcatggtcag actggtgtct aacagcaccc ttaatctccc atgaacttct    107460
     ctgccctgta ccaggccgtc ctccacttca ggttccaccc agttctcacc agctccacat    107520
     gctctgccca ggacctttct ggtccctgcc tccaggcctc atttacatgg ctcctgcttt    107580
     tctcaagttg gacttcacac acctgtgagg tgttccggca tgctcatcac aggtatatac    107640
     ctcatttctg tcctccatgg attccatctg tccatcatcc ggaccccttt cttcctctct    107700
     gccagtacag ctctcgctgc tttccacaca cttcaccgtt ggcactgatg cctgtcagcc    107760
     tcccagttca gaaatgtctt tggactacat ccctaccaat actgggccca tggatacaag    107820
     gggatgtctg tggagaaagg ggtaccggtc ttgtgttata tgcaacagac acacacacac    107880
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acgacactgg gtcttgcaat cctcaaacca    107940
     aactatttat tgacagcaaa agtctccata gccatgaacc atgtgagggt aggtagggag    108000
     tagtgtggaa ccagcagagg gctcctcgca agggcgccag ccatcaccct gggaatgctg    108060
     tgagctcacg gccatcaccg gcaagcagag cataaataat actggtgggc aggtgtgggc    108120
     aaagggatat atcataggac agtcaccttg gagagctatc agggacacag gaacacagga    108180
     cccatggggc tacggaggca cacagacagg aagtaaacgg tgggcagcac gggacacgcc    108240
     aaggtgacaa agggggctga agctctggga ctatccaggc tttctcctcc accacttagg    108300
     tcccggattt gcaggcgaga cacgctgagg caggactagg caacaggcca ctttgcctcc    108360
     gggtcaaaca gggggacccc gaggacagca tctgcagatc tagggttgaa ctgtgccttc    108420
     cgggtccttg tcgtagatat agctgcccac agcaccagta ttcactcctg cggagaaaag    108480
     tgcccggcgt ggctgagcgg gaacgaacag ggatctgggg agggaaagag gtcctcacct    108540
     cctccaccgg gactctactc acctttgggt ccaaagagta ttccatagca aggcttgtgg    108600
     cagtagggct ggccatcgtg ctgtgggcag tggagggaga ggagctgagc acagaccccc    108660
     tcccttcctt tacctcccca aacaggccaa gaccttcatg atgtgctagt cagctccctg    108720
     aggactcaga ggcttcaaag gtcatgtaca ggcccactca ctctgacagg aatagcagag    108780
     ccccagggag tatctgcaga atctgccctc tagtggccag aggcagtaca tctagcctag    108840
     ggcaacccca gatcagggag tggcagaatt cccgaatcct tactcctgag tgctcttctt    108900
     ccctgtcccc tcctacgtcc caagtgcacc ccttacctca gcatgcccgc ctggggtcag    108960
     ggtcttggag cagcgctcac agcgcaggca gggccggtgc cagtccttgc ccagagaggt    109020
     caccttctca gctgggaggg aggagaaggg tggttggtgg taaccccaag gcagaggcac    109080
     gatgtccctt ggatgtacgt cccttgagtc agcggggtag ggagtcactt accgaagtac    109140
     actctcttgt tgcatcgagg acacatgttg ggctccccag tgaatgtggt gacactagag    109200
     gctgaagggg tgaaactggg tcagggtgga ccttggttac ccatatccaa ctcccaccca    109260
     gagcccgtcc ccacctttgc tgggaccctt gggggggccg ctggtctttc gctcctcagt    109320
     tctcaccaca gggacctcga tggggccagt gacctgaggg gcctcggtct gaggcttctc    109380
     gtagatgtag gagccagcgc ccccgatgtt cacgcctgta gatgatgggt atgccaggag    109440
     attaatggct agaggccctg accccaccca tctcacacag agcttctccc aaagttgctt    109500
     cttggctttc aggataggaa gggcacaggg aaggaaagag cagaccaagc cccaacatac    109560
     acaggagctg tcccaggtct gaggctccag catacacagg ggctgtccca ggtctgaggc    109620
     ctggctagga ccctgctcac tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg tttttgtttt tcgagacagg    109680
     gcttctctgt gcagccatgg ctgtcctgga actcactctg gccttgaact cagaaatccc    109740
     cctgcctctg cctcccaagt gctgggtggg attaaggagt gctccaccac tgcttggctg    109800
     ggaccctgct tactttacct ttgggtccaa acagcgtggc atagcagggc ttgtggcaga    109860
     agggcttccc atcatgctca gcatggccgc cgggggtcag tgtcttgttg cagcgctcac    109920
     acttgagaca gaacttgtgc cagtccttgc ccagggagct caccttctca gctgtagaga    109980
     ggaagaggag gaggaggtca aagcatcgtg cctgttcctc ctcttcttgc agtccagaag    110040
     gttccaggtc ccacaccctt gcattttaca tcccctggca gacatcaagc tccactccca    110100
     ccccgcccat ggtgactccg agattaggct actgtttaca gagactccct cagccatcct    110160
     ggagcccttt gtccttgctc atcccgaaaa agtggtctca ggctgtgcac ctggtttaac    110220
     ccctcagtgt cttgctctct gcacctattt attatacctt gctcctcaaa acctcaccct    110280
     catggtgcgt ctcctcacac ctctccccct ccccacagag ccaggcagag tccccgaggc    110340
     caagagaaaa gcccttgatt ttcagcacca ggtgagggaa caccagtcct ggctgccgcg    110400
     ggaccaccag gaaagatccc tatttggttt cctcgtccta agccctgaga cctcactcca    110460
     cccaacccac tgcctccagc tgccagtttg gcgccaaagg tttgtgatga gcagctgagg    110520
     gctgtggacc ccaccccgca accgccaggg caatgactgc cgagccacat cccaatggac    110580
     ggaagcctgg gcctccccaa gggagtaagg caggaaaagg gtggagaagt gggcaggaag    110640
     aagggcctga gctgagagca agcagagccg gaattccaaa gggaaggggc caggccagag    110700
     tggcggggga ggagggaggg gtgtttatgc ttgcttggct ctggcactcc actcagagga    110760
     taacagaaac agccagctct ccagccttcc tttctcaaga gcggcccact ggtccctctg    110820
     gggccatgcc tcctctggac aaccttggca aacgccaggg agcacagcct actgtgagag    110880
     acccctcccc ctgctgggaa gtgctgccgc tgggcagcaa gcctggatcc tccatgtggc    110940
     taagtctggc tctccgcagc cctaacttgc tggacacggg caggtgttcc ccaggaaccc    111000
     cccacccgac ccttgtcctg ggacagtact gtttagtttc ctttcctaag acacaggtga    111060
     gccagaacag gcaggagcta cctggatggc aagcaggctt ggctcccatg cctggcattc    111120
     tttcttggga cagtgataag attgttggga tggtcatcag tggctgtggc agctgcagct    111180
     caaggctgcc aaaaccacta tgttctggcc agctctggga tgtgggccat gtatggggca    111240
     gggagctgac cctcagaccc actggttggg tcgatggccc cattacagac ccaaattggg    111300
     aatacagcat tgattaggtc taatagcttg gaagggaatg gtctccctac ttggccatgt    111360
     gttctggaag aaaaatcgga ctcacagcac cctggggtcc cttggaccta gcgtttactc    111420
     agaagtggac tgccagggca cagcctagct gggcagagag ggcattattc tggaccccca    111480
     tcgccttccc acagaacaga agccagccga ctctgaggag cctttgtttt ctgctgagag    111540
     ccagaggcgc ccaagcaggc agagtgcttt ttccgggtgc cctgttggcc aaggccccag    111600
     agagtccaga gctggcctgg tctggagcaa agtcatacag agaggccctg aagaccgtct    111660
     tcactcgggg gcttgttaaa catctctctg taggaaaagg gctgaaatca ggcaatctgt    111720
     cccctccagg aggcaacagg aaacccctgg ctccaggcca cccagagcaa ctccaagcca    111780
     aatccggtcc ctccactctg ggaacaaaca aaagtggcct ctcctctcct cccgtcatct    111840
     gaagttcact gacctggaca ctgctgtttg gggaagagca taagagtccc tgtcctttca    111900
     tgtccctgtc ttcctctatt ctggccctga gtctattttt cagtggcagc tatactgcta    111960
     ctctggcaaa gttgctcagc taggaacaca gccccaggag gttagcagat caggaaccag    112020
     gggatgcttg ataaaggtga ttgccttcag gggctacctt agcaggaacc aattcctgca    112080
     taccatagct tccttcccag atggccttga cctccaagag gccagggtcc tagtcaccca    112140
     gtgcactctc aagctcatgg agaaatacgt gtcaccatgc cccaccccgg gtgaaactgc    112200
     agaggcaaat ggccaagaaa aggagcaagc tggggcatgt aagaggcaga agccaaggtc    112260
     gcccccgctt ggactgaatc cgaaatccca gacctggccc aacggcctgg gcagaggtcg    112320
     aagtgagcac tggggtcact cactactatg ggtcacacta gtgggcccat gtgcaggctg    112380
     ggaagcagcc ataaggtgaa gagatgccgg aaaccagggg atctcaacgg accagtctcg    112440
     ggcgtcggac ctcattggat cccgccccga agagcgtccc tgaagaaggg cgataagctg    112500
     aacatgcggg tggccaggag ggcgctcctg gccccggccg accaggactt tgcgtaccta    112560
     gaccagtgcc taccgagcgc ttcggaaccc acccgacgcc acccgcttct ccagaatccc    112620
     agatggtatc cctcgccccg cgtagcacta ccttcgagcc tcgggccgca cccgcgaaaa    112680
     cagcgtggcg agcttagcta ccgatcggat cgcgcatccc aagacggtgg ctgcgcaccc    112740
     catccgtgta cattccgggg tgtggctctc agccaggaac ctggaggcga aggcggacgg    112800
     cgggtggata ctcaccgaag tatacggtct tgtcacactt gggacacttg gaggccatgg    112860
     tcggtgcgct cggtcggtcc gcgccctcca cccgcgctcg tctctgtgcc gccgcccgcg    112920
     cctgccccgc ccgcccccgg acgtcgattg gctccgagac ctgggcgggg cctctggagc    112980
     ccgcccccta gacgccagca gctgggcgcg ctgcaggcgg ggcgcacctg ccagggtcgg    113040
     aagggcccgg cctagcgccc cctaccccgg agtgaggtgg cgtccacagg gatcgcccga    113100
     ggattccatg gccacatagt gatctctagc tgtagaacgg acttgggatc cccagcttta    113160
     ggtctcgagg tccgggcctg ctcgtggtag aagggggcac gagaagcccg cgggacgcgc    113220
     ccccgcccct cgcgcctccc ggcgccgcct ccctttgttg cctcgtttct atagcaacgg    113280
     tctcgcagca cagaagcacg aagcatcgga ttccgggcgg ggcgccgcgg tcctgtctgt    113340
     ggtgctgaag gaggggcggg cgaggctcac ttgtaagcgc caccacttcc aaaaacagct    113400
     taagaaacca ctgggatgag tgggggcggg gtggcgtcag ccagagcagg ctctgacggg    113460
     gccgcaggtg cacttgcctc taaggcactt ttatccttgg aggaatgggg tacctgcgaa    113520
     tttcctccgc ggcaagtgtt gtgggctaat acccccttct gtgaggttgc tgctgctctt    113580
     cctcagacta agagtctctg actcccacaa tgctggcccc aaagcattct gtagagcagc    113640
     agagccagaa atcctgcttg tcctcagaat agtccccttc cagtttcctt cccactaagg    113700
     gcttgcttgc cgtcccaccc tccttacttt ctgactccca tggacctaca ggcctctctc    113760
     tgagcctctt gacccaacct gagccttggg cctggggaac aaacactcta caagtctcaa    113820
     accctgatga ccctgcccag tatggacagc tgactccaga gaaacccctc ccacactttc    113880
     ctcactgccg tgctggagac ccacatttca tttctgtgtc cagcccatgg actgggagcc    113940
     aagtggtccc aggtaccagg catgttggta atccctggcc tactcttata gctccatgtg    114000
     gtggccttcc tttgtacaca tatcctgcag taactgccat ttccatggtg acaacagccc    114060
     agaaacgtgc caccccctcc aagcctgact gaccagccag accagctccc cctggcacct    114120
     gtggacacat gccagccaag gtgagaggca ggcaaggaag ccttcctgga cagacccttc    114180
     gctcacagcc aggttcctgt tcaggctgaa tgtataggtg tcctgacttc caacccaagc    114240
     atccattact gcgccccctc cagcttccca tttaggagtc ctgtggacct ctaggtacca    114300
     gcctgcttga ccactccacc gctaatatct gccgtgaaag acagggctga ctgggctaag    114360
     cacagctagt cttctaaaaa ggcctcaagg gtgcccggcc acaatgagag tggataggag    114420
     taggccccct cccggggcaa tcctggctgg atgcccaggg cgagaagggg atggagaggg    114480
     ccgggtaaga gttcctaatt gctgcttctg tcctacctcc tctgctgggt ccctggatga    114540
     tgaaggaggg ctatggggct gttgtgagcc tggcaggaag gcacacgggc caatgacaaa    114600
     cagtaacctt gacctccaca cctgaggctg taacaggatc gcatgggcag gcacagaaag    114660
     gcacctctgg acacacacca gccaagggaa gaggtaggta gaggcttcca cagtgccttt    114720
     tgggacaggg tccctccttt ctcagctagg atggactcat ttgtgtcctg gtagatggtg    114780
     tggtgtggag caggtcagca gctctcttct ctagggcccc aacaagataa gaaatacagt    114840
     ggaattctat cttcacgtgt cctgtcatcc agggcagggt cacagatcta ccgtgggaac    114900
     ctatggccag gaatggtaag gcctggaatg gaggctctga gctacgtcca ggtcgtcaag    114960
     tcagcaccag tctctcgggt cactgcctga ccattgtaga atgggtccta cctgtttttc    115020
     tcattaaaag gcttcaggat agtgtagatt actttcctgg gcccatgaac caccagccta    115080
     tgtctaattc ccgttcttca ccttggcttt catgtccaat agtcttggcc ctgtttctat    115140
     agtgggcact ggagcccact taggaatgtc agtaaaaaag agacctgtgt ctgtggaaag    115200
     ctgagggaac taggccagaa ggggcttcgt ctggacctcg atggagccat gctccccaga    115260
     ctcccgatgg gaaaaggact cacaggaggc ccttgaagag agtagtggag gacaaggtag    115320
     aggccagagc aaccgggaga agcccaatga ccctggggac gtgagtaggg tatatgtcac    115380
     agcactgtcc cggacacctg gcctgtcacc ccgataagcc ccatcacaag ctcagggaag    115440
     ctgagatacc ccttatctgt atctcaagtg ggaacataaa tggtttctat tttaatcccc    115500
     actgcgattt ctacacatca caggcgcctg aggagggcaa ggggggccag gaggcagggg    115560
     ccaaaagact ccactgttcc cagaaagggt ctgagcctcc tcttggccag ctgaggctgc    115620
     agcagcctga ggggcgatgg cctgcagagc cagacctcct ctctccctcc cgtagctggc    115680
     caggcccgca cctgtctctg ggcctgcgag gctaagcgca ggcagagata ggatttctga    115740
     gcagaaatat gagcaaattc ttgagaaaag cacacctgcc agggcagcac agcttagcac    115800
     agaaagcccg acagctgggg caagggatct gctgggcaca gggggtgggc cctggacctt    115860
     aagcttctgt gccaagctga cccaggtaga aaaccctggt agaaaaaagt tgtggggcct    115920
     caggtagggt cagctctcag tgtggcacgt gagacactgt ttctgcacaa ggcatcctct    115980
     gtgcccagtc ccccttggaa gggcagcagg cccttgacca aaggcctaca ggaataggtc    116040
     tcagagtgat attctctgcc agcctgagta agacccccag cgctaagctg accctagcta    116100
     tggctactgc ccatctttct gccaagggat gccctgggta ttctgggtat tggagcagcc    116160
     taggttcatg gccctaacta aaccaggaga gggactggga acaaaagacg cagaagggct    116220
     tggtggggtt ttccttttta tgagattttt ttctttgttt ttgtttaata tgaaaattac    116280
     ttgaaaagac aggggaccaa ccctgcaggc agcttggccg ctgctggctg ctgcaccaat    116340
     cctaacatcc aggtgtaagt tacagagctc aagttcatct acaaaaaagt aataaaaata    116400
     aaatttaaaa tggcaccttc aacagaacac aacaaaacct tagagcccac cccgggtgag    116460
     aagccctgca gcacacggcc cagggcgctc ctcagctctg ctccagccag aaagtaaaca    116520
     caaagctaaa aaagactcct cctcggtgtc tcggaataag ttagaccaca cttcttcccc    116580
     acatgtccac cagaggagca gtttctctgc atgtgagggc gggagttggg gcactacgga    116640
     aacagagggt ggggtgggca gcagtctggt gggggaggga ggccgcttgg cctctgcagg    116700
     cctcactgga tactctgggg ctgatggagg ggcccaggca ggccacggtg tgggtgaccg    116760
     cctagtcctc aataacaatg ggctcatcat tgactggtgc aggtgggggt ggccgcagcg    116820
     gcagggcctg gctctggcgc agggcaatgg gtttgtaggg ccggcgggca gcacgcttgg    116880
     tttctgagga tgagagcagc tttcggattt tcctgtggga agaggtaagc cagtacaaat    116940
     cagagggtgg tagctgaaga ctctcatatc ccgtcctttc ccagaaaagg ctccaacctg    117000
     gtctcttcgg tggccatgta aaatacatca tctggggcgt cgatccagtt cattcgccgc    117060
     cgcttgactg gaggcaggga gccaccacgg attaggcgca ctttggtggg gtaggacttc    117120
     ccattgagca ggagattccg acttggtccc tgtggtgaac aagaggtatg gacacaggaa    117180
     gacagtaccc tgaccttacc ttataaccct cagcccgaga ccctaacctc ctgggcagcc    117240
     aggtctcaag gctccacagc taacttacag cccaggtagg gagccctgga gggctgtaga    117300
     gacctgaatg cactgggtct acgctacctg ttagatctgg ccagggctcc cagatgctct    117360
     ctgcatggca catggtgagg agcgagagct acctgggcca cttccccaac accttgaggg    117420
     atgtgtgcga acacagaagc atgtgtgtgc gaacacagaa gcatgtgtgt gcgaacacag    117480
     aagcatgtgt gtgcaaacac agaagcatgt gtgtgcgaac acagaagcat gtgtgtgcgt    117540
     acacagaagc atgtgtgtgc gtacacagaa gcatgccaat tccctagtca cccattctta    117600
     ccatgtgcct ggtctgtcca tggtttgcca gacctgatga aagagaacac aaagtgaggc    117660
     cagagcaggg gagcatgcta tgcatccaca ctgactgcca gtgcttctaa ggccaggcca    117720
     caaaggtgga ggtgggggat ggacctcctg aggcaacccc tccaaccaaa gcccacaccc    117780
     aaggggcctg cctgtaagat gtcctcagct agctcaggtg gtctcactca tagccctgcc    117840
     gaccctgagg gccacctata ccctggccag cagaagattt ggcagtctgg cagtctgggg    117900
     cccgggtctg acgccaggct aaggtgtgcg tcaagtgcac agctgcaggg ccgtgtgtgc    117960
     ctcatcctcc ctatggctgc ttagggcagc aatcgtctgc tgcttgctca gaatgcaaac    118020
     agcagacgct aggtaggaaa cagatctctg atgacaacag catgcttgta ggctgagggc    118080
     ctaaggagaa actgagatgt cactggaatg aggctgagag gcaaagccta ggccctggca    118140
     tcccaccgca gcaggagtgc cagctgtggt ccacagctgg aagcactgca tcacagatct    118200
     gccatgggta agcgcgtgtg ccaaacaggt ctctggatgg cctggcccca agcagggaac    118260
     aagacaggac tcctctacca tgcctggcta gtgccactgg atggacccca tgacaatccg    118320
     ccagttacca aacccttaaa agaaatattt tgagacaggg tctaaacatg tatcccagct    118380
     acctggaacc caagatcctc ccagcttcag tctcccaaat gtggatttac agactagcct    118440
     gtctctacga agcaacagcc tgccccatgc tctctacctg cagtctgccc ttttccagaa    118500
     tcctggatcc agcctttctc tagcagctca tttggctctc ggggacagcc tgctcacagt    118560
     acctactggg accccaacct tgtgcccaca caaagcccta tcacaagagc tacttaccca    118620
     ggtaagtgcc tgccagagtg aggaggcggc agagagagaa gatacacact agagttaaga    118680
     gtgagctgca tgcacgggca gctaagccac agggcagagc agcaggcagt atggggcaag    118740
     ggttagtgag ttaagaacct tgggtgccag gggctagtgc cttgtccaga gtttccacct    118800
     gccctgctta tttatgcaag gcccaggcct gaggcgcacc actaaggtta aggctgtctc    118860
     tagctagcca gcctatggct cctaggctag ttccagtact gaggcctaat tttacaattt    118920
     caggacagcc acttctcttg tggctagacc ctctgacacg ggagctgcct agaccactca    118980
     cagggccaat gagttcccac tacatcctgg ttgggtactc attgcaggac acacctcagg    119040
     tctgcaggat agactttgaa aaaattcagt ggaaatgaat agttctttat agaactattc    119100
     cagaaggtct gggaaggcca tgcctgggcc cctggactga ggtgtagata acatggccag    119160
     tcccatagcc acacaaaagg gatatggctg ctagggtacc tgacagctgg caagcttcca    119220
     aagcaacctt gagagggagt gtcctgaggg aataaggtac agttagacaa tcgctgccca    119280
     ctgctgcctc ctgggctcga gtcttgacag gtggggaggg gcctgagcag ggccatgctg    119340
     gctggctgct gtttcccaca ctgacatcga gacttggtgc tgtccctcac agccagagca    119400
     ggcttgtgcc ccacaaccct taccccatca gcagactcca gctgatcctc agcagacaca    119460
     agggccgtat gtaagctcag ccaccaaccc atccctacag tcccatcagg cagggcacac    119520
     aaaaattgca ggtagcacta gcggccctac aagcaaggct gaaggcatgc gagcagtcac    119580
     agcgcaatag cagtgggggc accaggggcc tcgtgcaagg acagtccatc cacggctcag    119640
     gccaagacag gccatggcca gagacccagg gttcatgggt cctctaccaa gagacaagtc    119700
     tacaggggca cggaagtatg ggctgtggcc tgggtctgtg tggactgccc ctatacgtgc    119760
     cctgaaccgc ccagtctgct agcagacagt acacacaggc atcacgacag gactaggcca    119820
     cagcaccccg ccagcggccg ccccaggcct tacccctact gggcatcaag aggcgcttct    119880
     tcatgttgcc tggcagtgcc caggaacagg agagagaggg agagaaaaca tcaactaaga    119940
     cagccggttg aataagagtc acgtggagct ccagggctag ccctagtccc atggccctca    120000
     ggaggcctgg cttccttcaa gggccagccc tgcagctccc agaaggcctg gcttggcctc    120060
     ttcacagggc cagtccttaa gctcagactc accatctacc ccattgtgct gctcgtagct    120120
     cctcttgccc aggatggtag gggagccgtt gttgatgaca ggggctgact tggcaggggt    120180
     cagactgctg agcacactgg atgaactctt cacggggtcg ggcttaggcg ggcggggatg    120240
     ggtctctgtg gaaatgaaag ggtaagggtg tggttcagaa acgcagtaca ggagggtcca    120300
     tgcagtaaca atacgttcct accctacagc cccattgatt aggccagaag gaagcagccc    120360
     tatgttacca gagctcactg aaaccaggga tcaaagcacc cttagcagga aggctatcta    120420
     ggatatcttc aggaagggcg gcagccaagt agagcctagc ccactgctag gctagctaca    120480
     ggatagctgt gtaagtgcca agagcttaca agatccagac actgcccata aacacacgag    120540
     ttccatcaga cagcctccac atccaggcca ccgggtctga tggcagaaga ctggctactg    120600
     gccagacatt gagcagcctg gctggcccaa gcaaggaccc accccacaga aggcaggccc    120660
     tggcactgac cacaccctcc tgggtgaggc tagtcctggg gcctaggacc cagggagcaa    120720
     agccaggcac ttgtgtctgc aatgaacaca cttagcttat ggttctggaa tgtcctttct    120780
     agaaggactg ttcactccat gctggcagac tgactcaagt ccactcaaac cctacaaaca    120840
     agtgacccca agtgtctgcc acagcctcct atgatgtgtc actcctaaat ggccaggggc    120900
     actgccgaga agtcaacagt ccacaaacaa acacaagcaa ggagctatcc ctgcaaggct    120960
     gccagccaga ccagcacctt gacaacaggg gctcccagaa agcctccaat gctgccttat    121020
     gttagggaga gacccccttg cagcagcagg tgtccactga gcccgggctc tgttggtagg    121080
     gttctgcctg gtataaaccc gagtcagaag tcagtggtgg tgcacgcctt taatcccagc    121140
     gctttggagg aagaggcagg aggatctcgg gtttgaggcc agcctggtct acatagttcc    121200
     aggatagcca gggctaggta caaagaaaga ccctgtctca aacagaaact tttagtcagg    121260
     acacagagta tggcaggaag gttaaagcca gaggctctgg gacccaggac ctggaggaca    121320
     ggacgagcac agctctctgt gggtgctcct gagccgggca cgcccgccta gtgtaagccg    121380
     ggtgaccact cagtgaccct agatggggtg cgaggagcaa agccagaaac ctaagtcagc    121440
     cgttgagctt accaagatac cggagcacgg cctccagggg cttccgtact acctgcttca    121500
     gcaccagtgg gctctgggag gcttcgggca gccgtgctgt gcctgtacaa ggacaggaca    121560
     aggtacggtg aagaaccatg ttccccaaga acctgtaccc caacctggac actctgcctg    121620
     agtgtggctc ctgctaggcc caagaaagag aacaggggaa gactcacatt cagccttgat    121680
     tgctgcgctg ttgatgggca tgtaggggtg gcgggcagca tgccatgggc gtaggatctc    121740
     acggcacaag cgccgggcaa tgcgtgtcaa cttggtagta tgcaggtaga aggcctgcct    121800
     tgtcttcatg gcaaacttgg ggctcccact gctccgagct gggatgccat ggggactctg    121860
     tggaatgggg cacggtgccc caatatagca ctgtgactgg aagccaagga cccgaggctg    121920
     acatgcagca ggtggcagat cagtatggtg tgtcccactt accatgttat tgcggtttgg    121980
     tcccggcctc tctccatcta accgggttgg cattttcaag ccaccatatt tcttccaata    122040
     tgtccaacaa gatgcgcaga ggcgacactg catgttaggg ggaccccaag aataccactg    122100
     gtaagactgt gtggctacgg acaacaaagt tggaaataga cggattctta agcaggacca    122160
     acggtgcaga gagcatccca cagtgtcccc accgccacca cagccacccc aactcctggc    122220
     tcaggaccaa aggaggccaa cctcatactc ctgaggaact cttccaaact accccatccc    122280
     accccccgcc gccaccacca ccaccactgc agccccacta tggtgagtca ttccaggttt    122340
     gggcgcagga gccttcaggg gccacacagt agcatccatt cccgtggccc ctgctgccca    122400
     gggtgggtgc cagccgggac agcacttact gtaacagctc tcgcaggccc gaccggcccc    122460
     ggggctctgg cctggtgtcc ctgtgccatt cactacagtg gccttgacac tgctggcgct    122520
     gatctggttt gggttgggct tgttactgat ggaggagagg gatcagtcac aggtgccctg    122580
     gggtgtctgg atccccacag acatccctgt tcctctgtcc actgtgtttc agctgccata    122640
     gcccaaaatg cttagcacta aacccagatt aactcctgag ccaaaaaagc ttaaatcctg    122700
     atccctcctc cccagtggag caagctcatg agaagggtgg cagaggttct tcagctcaac    122760
     tctggaggct gccaaacctg gagtcctaca cccaccgccc accctgaccc gccccaggaa    122820
     catgaaatag gacttactag ttgggaatat aaacctgctt taacttgctc tcagcttcag    122880
     ctgctttcaa gcgtttcttt aaacaaaaca gagggtgagg gaggtcacca ggctggccag    122940
     ggaagctggg aggccacagg gaggggtcac catttgtttc tccatcactg gcatccttag    123000
     ggaaaacttg catggccctc cctggccaac ctaggcccag gaagtggggg taccaggctg    123060
     gctaagggtg aggaatgtcc cttcctccca gtctgtgagt cctctagtga ccccagctcc    123120
     ttcctctttg ctctagggct taaggggagg ccgctgggaa agtatgaaca aatgtaatgt    123180
     ggctatgtgg ggattggaga ggacggatag cgtggtgcga gagtggatgg tctacctgct    123240
     ggacgtatct gtcggtggtc ttccacatgt agtaatactc aatgatgctg gtgagcgact    123300
     tccatgggag ctgcggggac aaggcaacac gatgggtggc agaacagggc tgctgcccac    123360
     acaggcgaag gagaagagtg gcagaggcag tgctgggtat cacatcaggt ctcccactaa    123420
     cggcaccccg cccccagtgt tcattaaaca cagcaagacc atagcaggta tctggttgac    123480
     cttgctcttc cctgaaaatc caagctaaaa caattaccat tatgcctgga aggagatgac    123540
     cataacttgg ttctgttctt accaagaatc agagatgtat ggacaagatc ggctcaagtc    123600
     cctcaaccag gacttctcag cttccagaac cagagagggg tgaatttgtt ggaatcaccc    123660
     attctcaggg gcttgaatga gaggcctccc cacggcccac attcttaact ccttggctgg    123720
     aacgccaaac ctcccgcttc tctgggttac tgagctccag ggcgactttt ccatgttctt    123780
     tgtccttccc gttatgtgtt tctttccagt gtcaagcacc taaggtttct ctctttcagc    123840
     acacagctac aagcccctaa ccctgtgcct ccttccagtg ctccctgggc caccagctac    123900
     atcactcaag tttcgtcttc tcccctgagt tactgtttgg tcggtctgtt ggcagtggca    123960
     gggatcagaa ccagggtgtc ctacatacaa gggatgcgtt ctcccactga gctacacacc    124020
     aaggctggca acttcagtct ttaaaggctg tgtgctggtt aaatgtcacc tgcaaacatt    124080
     gtctctttag atctttgagc tttatctacg aacaatttcc tgtgagcaga ctcatgaagt    124140
     gttgagtggc atgagctatg caaaggtgag tctgcctgtg ttcggtagag ccctgtttct    124200
     gtgcctggtt cactcgatcc tctcgcccag tcagccttgc tctccggcaa gctt          124254