EBI Dbfetch

ID   AF250324; SV 1; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 245708 BP.
AC   AF250324;
DT   28-AUG-2000 (Rel. 64, Created)
DT   28-AUG-2000 (Rel. 64, Last updated, Version 1)
DE   Homo sapiens chromosome 4q35 BAC clones RPCI-11-463J17 and
DE   RPCI-6-92G13RCB2, complete sequence.
KW   .
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-245708
RA   van Geel M., Beck A.F., Frants R.R., de Jong P.J.;
RT   "Sequence analysis of the FSHD region on chromosome 4q35";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-245708
RA   van Geel M., Beck A.F., Frants R.R., de Jong P.J.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (28-MAR-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Cancer Genetics, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Elm & Carlton Streets,
RL   Buffalo, NY 14263, USA
DR   MD5; 4bd6c5f66cf5f12fd6d2a235ff1afe8e.
DR   ENA-CON; KI270896.
DR   ENA-CON; KI270925.
DR   ENA-CON; KI270786.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000046.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AF250324.1:1-245708; homo_sapiens.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC419983; 11731935.
DR   RFAM; RF00003; U1.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..245708
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="4"
FT                   /map="4q35"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone="RPCI-11-463J17; RPCI-6-92G13RCB2"
FT                   /note="RARE-cleavage subclone from PAC clone RPCI-6-92G13"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   repeat_region   complement(1113..1602)
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT2B2"
FT   repeat_region   7168..7454
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(12306..12972)
FT                   /rpt_family="LTR12"
FT   repeat_region   complement(13718..13922)
FT                   /rpt_family="MER34"
FT   repeat_region   complement(16949..17173)
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(17386..17649)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   17991..18271
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   22740..23006
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2"
FT   repeat_region   25526..26094
FT                   /rpt_family="LTR12"
FT   repeat_region   complement(26984..27395)
FT                   /rpt_family="LOR1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(28215..29156)
FT                   /rpt_family="LTR12"
FT   repeat_region   complement(32303..32611)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   37026..37336
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(41687..42020)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   44275..44524
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   51221..51315
FT                   /rpt_family="THE1"
FT   repeat_region   52274..52612
FT                   /rpt_family="LTR2"
FT   repeat_region   55053..55220
FT                   /rpt_family="MER20"
FT   repeat_region   56475..58578
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   57379..57627
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(58958..59229)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   62994..63256
FT                   /rpt_family="MER33"
FT   repeat_region   66141..66406
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   70629..70991
FT                   /rpt_family="THE1"
FT   repeat_region   75201..77436
FT                   /rpt_family="MER25"
FT   repeat_region   77242..77744
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   78000..78284
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   78826..79129
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   79163..82530
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(82709..82824)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(83433..83890)
FT                   /rpt_family="MER42"
FT   repeat_region   complement(84023..84143)
FT                   /rpt_family="MER42"
FT   repeat_region   complement(84158..84516)
FT                   /rpt_family="THE1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(84608..84868)
FT                   /rpt_family="MER42"
FT   repeat_region   complement(84945..85258)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   85834..86184
FT                   /rpt_family="THE1"
FT   repeat_region   86187..87736
FT                   /rpt_family="MSTAR"
FT   repeat_region   87756..88046
FT                   /rpt_family="THE1"
FT   repeat_region   88133..88259
FT                   /rpt_family="MER20"
FT   repeat_region   89192..89310
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   89370..89522
FT                   /rpt_family="MER42"
FT   repeat_region   91301..91569
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(97856..98129)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(100890..100965)
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   complement(106516..106736)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(108944..109080)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(109998..110262)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   110510..110608
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(111040..111214)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(112029..112319)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   112368..112482
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(122240..122296)
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4"
FT   repeat_region   complement(125148..125353)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   127963..128237
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(130541..131673)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   131691..132828
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   133321..133616
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   139652..139858
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(139879..140553)
FT                   /rpt_family="LTR12"
FT   repeat_region   141004..141057
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   146275..146436
FT                   /rpt_family="MER30"
FT   repeat_region   147006..147167
FT                   /rpt_family="MER42"
FT   repeat_region   complement(152044..152330)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(153080..153350)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   158796..159089
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   163530..163615
FT                   /rpt_family="MER42"
FT   repeat_region   163766..163985
FT                   /rpt_family="MER42"
FT   repeat_region   172268..172347
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   174121..174780
FT                   /rpt_family="LTR8"
FT   repeat_region   complement(176518..176791)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   177920..178013
FT                   /rpt_family="MER45"
FT   repeat_region   178232..178537
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    180956..181107
FT                   /standard_name="D4S139"
FT                   /note="VNTR"
FT   repeat_region   complement(184575..185449)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(185996..186221)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   188627..188901
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(191259..191320)
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT1"
FT   repeat_region   193616..193738
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   194124..194422
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(196342..196625)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   201172..201565
FT                   /rpt_family="MER39"
FT   repeat_region   202002..202291
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(203656..203930)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   205068..205568
FT                   /rpt_family="MER21"
FT   repeat_region   205574..208140
FT                   /rpt_family="Tigger1"
FT   repeat_region   207565..207844
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   208844..209079
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   211057..212685
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   218795..218924
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   219419..219716
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(220910..221245)
FT                   /rpt_family="THE1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(221246..222755)
FT                   /rpt_family="MSTAR"
FT   repeat_region   complement(222778..223142)
FT                   /rpt_family="THE1"
FT   repeat_region   223434..223553
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT2B2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(225475..225759)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   227281..227364
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(227977..228263)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   230769..230980
FT                   /rpt_family="MER30"
FT   repeat_region   236750..236815
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT1"
FT   repeat_region   238215..238490
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   238563..238746
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(240259..240430)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(240522..240794)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    240621..245708
FT                   /note="Overlap with accession number AF146191"
FT   repeat_region   complement(240893..243149)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
SQ   Sequence 245708 BP; 74966 A; 53108 C; 49067 G; 68567 T; 0 other;
     gaattcctga actgttaaaa ataataactc ttgtttgtgt cattctccaa agttttaaaa        60
     taaaattaga tcattgtgcc caaaccaaaa agttctgaag tcattgaagt gatggaatca       120
     taggatgcac tgcaggggct gaaattccaa accttgtagg gacaggaagg taacgtgaat       180
     gtatgaatcg gactaaatgt ggatagcggg gaagagtggg ttctgtggaa aactagaaag       240
     aatatgcttc taaggatgtt caaatttgga tttagaaaac aaataccaag cctgcaaaac       300
     aggagacctg gaataaatta tcagctttga aaaaatcaga gtttgaaaaa atatattaat       360
     tcttatttca gagacatcca tgtaattcag tgtctttcac aaggcagaca aaaagatctt       420
     aggagagaga gacaaaggaa aatagaaaca aagaaaaggt gttaagtttc taaaaaacag       480
     acactgtgtt gggctttgaa catatagaat agcatgaatt ctcaccatga ctacctgcag       540
     tagccagtat tattcccact tcatggatga aagattcaat cttagagagt ttaggtaact       600
     tgtaacagta gaaaagcaag aatttaatta caaatcctat gttctcttct ctatactaaa       660
     tgtatgaact caagcaagtt atttatcctc tttattcttc atgttttaat gggcataata       720
     atggtttatt cactagaata ttttaagaat taaagttaat aattgtaaaa attctcacag       780
     aatttttttt atgtttgttg aatatgaaag tatgataatt acttttgttg agcaactatc       840
     agcatagcag atgtttgaac tgtttctgca gagggatttg ggcaagacac cttttattct       900
     tatacctggg ttttattgtg aagttatatc cagttaagct tgtgagaatt tggagtgcag       960
     cctgcagttg tatgatggct gaggaataca ggaacattgt ggttactgta aacatgagag      1020
     taataactgc aaactaagga ataacagtat attaatcagg atcctccaaa gaaacagaag      1080
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtagagaga gattatttgt agggaattgg      1140
     ctgccacagt tatagaggct gagaagtcct gtgatctcta gttggcaagc tgaagtctgg      1200
     agaccttgca gagctgatgg tatagttcca gcctgtctga aggcctgaga acctggaggg      1260
     ctgatggtgt gatttacagt tcaaaagcca gtgcgctcaa gacccagaag atctaatgtt      1320
     tccatttgag tcagaagcca ggaaaagact ggtgatgttc cagctcaagc agccgggcag      1380
     aaggagttcc cttgttccac aagagggcca gactttttgt tttattcagg ccttcagttg      1440
     gttggataag attcacctac attaggagga caactggctt tactctatca atttaaatgt      1500
     tagtctcctc ctgaaactct cacagccctc acagacatac caagaataat gtttggctta      1560
     atatctgggc accctgtagc ccagtcaagt tgacacataa aagtaatcat gacatatggt      1620
     aatgtgtaat aggataagct gtaatgagtt aggaaatggt ctgatgttaa caaaataata      1680
     aagaaagcaa atgtgttgaa tgcctgtggg aacttgtaac gagatagtca tgcacatggt      1740
     gaagaaattt gttagctgaa gaagttcaat acactggctc ctccaagata actttcccac      1800
     aggaaacttt gggagctact caggtattgc atcctctggg agtaattaac tgttcactaa      1860
     caggaggttt gcgtgtaacc agcaacagca ggtaaaattt caggtgcttc tatcaaagaa      1920
     ctagagagat agctcagcca ctgctggatc ctgtgcgagg atccctgggg aatgcacctt      1980
     ccctgaggta tgatgtgaca cttacaatat acactgatgt atagtgtata cgttttattg      2040
     agttggagcc agatggggtc tatttactcc cagttgattt tcagaatcat catttttata      2100
     tattctcaac aaacctgtcc ctttctctcc tcgtggtaac cacctggcac aactctatcc      2160
     cttgtaaatc cagctctcca cagagctgag tgtggctgga gaagcccaca gtgacgctga      2220
     ttgctcttcc cttacattcg tgatcactaa ccggggctgg ctgcctgatt tgcagggccc      2280
     agggcaaaat gaaagtgtgg ggctgttcgt tcaaaagaca tttttaaaaa gcctcattaa      2340
     atgcactaaa atctaaggtg ttttcatttt caaaataatt tgtgacttat aaaccataaa      2400
     gcaggcaaca gtgacacacg agaaataaca taaacttaca aattgcaaaa attatgtgtg      2460
     actccacagt cacacacatt aagccaccaa tgcagctggc cctgtcgcta accgctagta      2520
     ggctcctagc acacctgcca ttctaatgcc ttccctcgct cattcatgtt tctgggaggc      2580
     tccttcagat tctctctcct cttaagcctc taatgttttc tctcccatcc tcactctcag      2640
     ttaatgactt tggggtatat gtcactgaaa gaaaaacaaa tttaagccaa aaccagaata      2700
     agatgagagc ttctgcaaac tgctacttcc tcatcacccc ccacctggat ctatgtccaa      2760
     acactgtctt cctttttgtt acccataagt taaactggag cactaaatcc caatgtctct      2820
     ctcgaattcc agcaattctc cttctacctc ccacaatgtc gacttttctg tctctactgg      2880
     agtgttccta tcaacatgca cagttgaatt ttcccatctg gcactacctg tcctgatctt      2940
     atgttccttt caaactactg cactatttct gctttcttca gagtggaatt ctttggaagg      3000
     gttttcatat ttaccatctc caatttctgt cttcattttt cctctcagat ccactaggtc      3060
     tgacagtttc ctctgtcctt tcacagaaat tgctcatttc aaaatgtgaa tatcttccat      3120
     gttgttatag cccatgatca attcttaacc ctcttctcac ttagccatga atagcatttg      3180
     cacagctggt tgttgcctga ccctcaaaca ctttctcact tggctccatg acaccccaga      3240
     cttcttggtt tccttccttc atcgttggcc tcatttctcc ctctgctttg cggttcctgc      3300
     tgttcaccct gtgctttaca cgctgcaaca gcttaggggc tagtcctctg acatcttctc      3360
     tacccgcatg tactccctta gggatttcaa acagtctcat agctttaagc accatccata      3420
     cactgacgac tcccagattc aaaggtttag tccagacctt acccttgaac tccaaatggg      3480
     tatacccacg tacctaggag ataatcctta cactcccttc tttctccact atgcttaatt      3540
     taatctgtca gaacgtctgt gattctacct tccaaataga tccataacct gacccctctt      3600
     caccactcat cttgctactc ctggtccaag tcacctccac cttgcacttg gattatggca      3660
     atagtctctt aactgttctc cctcttccac tggttcttct tagtcttcta ttcattacgt      3720
     agggatcctg ttaaaagaca ggtctggtaa tatcagtcct ttgtaaacat gtccaatggc      3780
     ttctcaccac aatcagtaaa aaccaaaaac cctccatctg gtggccccca gccccttcct      3840
     tctccacctc acatgtgctt cctttgctca ccctctcttg actgcttcct gctcttcaaa      3900
     cgtgttaggt tatgctcctt cctctgggcc tctgtctgca acatcctttc tccaacatct      3960
     ttgtgggtgg ctctctcact tctacaggtc tcgctcatgg gccttctggc gagcccttcc      4020
     ctgatcacgg tgcttgcatg gcaggctggc actctgtctg ccctgtttag ttttcttcac      4080
     gagatcagaa agtcctgttt gtcttgttta ctgctttatg accagggcct agaagcactt      4140
     ggcacaacta ggcattcagt acagatttat taattgaatg agtaaatagc agttgtgaat      4200
     cagaacacaa tggaatctat gtctccaaaa ctttgtgatg aataaaactg gctaaaatat      4260
     gagaatttta tgtaccttag tcacatatca taagattttc taagtagaat tcatacttgg      4320
     ttgcatgtcc taagatcttt ttagggaggt ttcctctttc taaggggatt caaagatatc      4380
     agtgaaacct gaaaattgtc ttgggttaag tagtgcattg tggagtacca aatggcatga      4440
     aagaacaaaa ctgctgtcac tgtgactgcc atagtcaatg tcaatgttgg atatgactgc      4500
     atgagctgac agcccctgga gcatgtgaaa tatatgaaat gcacactgga cataacagag      4560
     catttttgca gggagctgga ccaactcttt tatgtgacta agatgctatt tgcaatttat      4620
     ataaaggaaa aaagcaaata tgctccatgc agtgcctaaa agagccctag tggcttcagg      4680
     gtagaaagcc atcccacttc tcttcagcag agcatgaaat caacctacta ccttttatca      4740
     ggttacttac ataaaggaat tgtgcctatt aataaaacat catgcatctt gtttctccaa      4800
     gagcaatgat aaccaaactc tcctttcccg ttccctcttc cttccttctc tggggtcaat      4860
     ttttgctgcc ctgtgttctg ttcagcatgc attagccatg aggatcagat tgttagtcca      4920
     gatgactttg aagtagtttt tcttatggta aggttttctc ctaagtctgt agcatagaat      4980
     ccttgttttg gggttgatcc atgcctaacc tgaagatgat agaatgcaaa ttctgcttta      5040
     catttgtgta tataaatatt gcatcagtca catgtccatt ttggtggcaa catcgtctgt      5100
     ggttttctta gctgccctgg gatcagattt gcttaatcat gttccctttt ctttcaggtt      5160
     gtgcttggct tcttgctgcc cacacctact ccatgatttc gtgctaattt ctgcccttct      5220
     tctcagttag tgaaagcttc cccgcactca ttatcagcac acttgaatgt ccacttagtg      5280
     tcagacgtac aatttttaaa gtgagaattt catccaggac ttttacaaag cctctcatgt      5340
     ggccacagac tgcagttaaa aaactagcct gttagaatgg tcaccttgac atcatagtcc      5400
     agaagtgtcc caataatgga tgtgcaaaaa aggagttaaa aaatgagaac accagcccac      5460
     aaagaatggt accacccaag catttggacc aagtccacag tttttatgtt tttgtgccac      5520
     atagcataga cagcctaata tatttaaagt aacacttaaa atgtacttta gggattcaaa      5580
     ttttagctcc ttgtttctgt ttgctaatac agaacataaa ttttgaaaaa ataaactttt      5640
     aattgaaaat tttacaaaaa gtaaaataaa aaactgctta tatttccatc caagggaaag      5700
     aagatacaca tagtaaatac tttaaaagta tgtatattct ttcacccgct tttaggattt      5760
     atcctaagta taactagctg ttttataaag atgttcatca tcattattta cagtaagaaa      5820
     aaatgaacct aaatgttgac agaattcacg gagtgagcta tggtgcctgc acacagtggg      5880
     gaattacgca ggactgaaca ctatgtttaa aagcactttt aatggcatgt caaacactta      5940
     ctctaatatg gaaaatacag tgatttcgtg gatatacaaa aacatcctca tttttgtgta      6000
     atcgtgtatc atatatgatc ctaagtacgt aatactaaac atgagaaaaa atgcttgcta      6060
     aaaacagacc aaaatgtaga gggctgccac tgtgtggtgt gatcgggtga ctttttgcct      6120
     tttaatttat atttttgttg gcacagaaca ttgttctcat gtgcccgaag agatttaaag      6180
     atgatcttga gacaattagc ctcctctcag agtcctgccg gggtaggtaa cagggaagat      6240
     tggggcaggt cagaggtgac tccgggacgt ttgtgcttgg tgccctgctg cgagggacag      6300
     cggctccgca gctccagccc actgttcgtc acaggtcctt ggtgactgtc ttaccagtta      6360
     ttttcaaatt caagataaaa cggaaataca gactttcaca taaaactgtc tacatttaac      6420
     taccagcaat tacatttttt gtcgtaaaac aaagggtaag tcaaacaaaa cgtctaagag      6480
     taaatctgtc tacagtgtgt tcaggaaatg aacacaggtc aggtttatgt ggaagatatc      6540
     cagggcgtag cacatctgct ggaagcattt cagtcatgag cacagctggg tattggccgt      6600
     gaacctggtg tgcactgaat acacaccccg tggcccctac agtgcattcc ctgtggatag      6660
     tttattaggt ttcctttatt cccttcatct attcttccct ttcctttctt ccttcctctt      6720
     tttttgcctc cctctctctc ttcctgtctt tattaaatat atgggatgca gatttgatga      6780
     atatgtcaat caaagatcac caagaagtct taaacaggta aaccacagaa aacagtcagg      6840
     atcagaataa gaacactgtt tagtggttct caagcttttt gttctcagaa cttctttata      6900
     atctaaaatg tgttgcaccc cctgaaaagc tttcactttt atgggataaa aataaatatt      6960
     tataaaatat atagtaaaaa atataaatat ataaataaat ttatgatttg tttatataaa      7020
     tatgtatata aaaccatatt tatcatacta agatttgaaa tggacaaata tttaaaatat      7080
     ttattagtta attttaaata attaccaacc tttcaaataa ataacatttt aatgaaaatt      7140
     aaaaaaaatt aaattccgcc tggcgcagtg gctcatgcct gtaatcccag cactttgaga      7200
     ggccgaggcg ggcggatcat ttgagttcag gagttcgaga ccagcccgac caaccttgtg      7260
     ataccccatc tctgctaaaa atccaaaaaa attagctggg tgtggtggcg gacacctgta      7320
     gtcccagcta ctcgggaggc tgaggcagga gaattgcttg aacctgggag gcagaggttg      7380
     cagtgtgcca agatggtgcc actgcactcc agcctgggag acagagcaag actctgtctc      7440
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaattaaat tccaatttaa tttttatttt aatttattta gttctaaaat      7500
     tatatttaat tttgtaattt attttaatcg tatattaatc acatttattt taaaaccaaa      7560
     taaatgtgtt gagaagagag aaattgtttt acatttttgc aaatctcctt aatgtgtagc      7620
     ttaataaaag ataactctac tattctgttt ctgcatttaa tctgttatga agtcacctat      7680
     catgaatctt ctggaaaatt tcatgtatat ttgtgagaga atgagggtaa aaatggcgaa      7740
     taacatctta gtattattat aaaagtcatt ttggcctcct gttgccactg aaaaagtctc      7800
     aggatgtccc aggggacttt ggcccacact ttgagaatca atgttcaggc tcctttctga      7860
     gctgattatg tagctgagca cgctgaacgt catgtgattg agaacctgcc ccttccagcc      7920
     ttcatctctt ccattagctt ccctaaacca ttcatttttt agggcattat tttctatcaa      7980
     atacaaacac cagtggaaga cagaacacat gaagccatta gtagtttaat gccttaatgt      8040
     gaataaattt aattcatttc aatttgagag tccatggggt cacaaaggag atgaaagaga      8100
     aagtacaaga gccagacata aggttggaaa gaaccctgtc cccagtgaaa ggccaatttt      8160
     ttctttcaca gcatcgtctt ggaacaacct gctttctgga ttcttagctc acaagtttga      8220
     aaaggagcca ttccctgatc tattttaatt gcttatcttc aaaaactgtc tgaactacgg      8280
     taccctgtgg ctactacctt ccaatttagg actcaggttt ccaggaaaag aaaagagtta      8340
     caactactaa taaaagtcag tcaaagtaac tgctcctctt tgaaagtttc agctcttatt      8400
     ttagatatgg gggttcacat gcaggtgtgt tacatgggtg tattacaccc agctagtgag      8460
     tatcgtaccc ctggctagtt tttcaatgca tgcccctccc ttctttgccc cgcgcagtcc      8520
     acagcgcctg ttgttcccat gtgtacgtcc atgtgtgctc aatgcatagc ttggagctcc      8580
     cacctataac tgagaacatg cagtgtgtaa accccactaa tttctatgaa aaagtatttc      8640
     tgttgataac cctgcaggaa gctctttatt aatgtcttca tcctttaaac ctacttagcc      8700
     ctatgctgct ttagtcacct gtactttttt taaaaactgt ttttttctct cattctgact      8760
     tacttatcct tacatacatt gctatttctt cattcctaag gaagtacgca ttcgatttaa      8820
     gcatctgtgc tgagataaaa ttaaattcta gtctttttta atggggcaaa atggaaatat      8880
     aatctcaggt aatgctttcc agttcagctt actgctggtt tttgcagatg gaattataaa      8940
     catacttaat cagagggaaa ttccaataca ctttagccac aggatattcg tgcctttgca      9000
     tgggaagaat tgatctctcc tcaagctagc tgcaacctgc gtcttctgag ggaagagctg      9060
     tcttcacctg cgtgggatga atttgaggga tcactggcct tgccgtctga gagtgcggtc      9120
     cctgagctgg gaggattctg ctgagattag gtcatgcgat cagcctgagg ttgcgaccat      9180
     gggggtgagc tcaaattata gttttggtac catgcctgag tttagtcggc aaaagtaatt      9240
     cacaccagag ggggaatgtg caagaggtca ataacagaat gagaaatcag gggcagggaa      9300
     aatgcaggtt gtgaaagacg atgaagtgat gattagaggc aggctagggt ggcctaccag      9360
     tggtgaagtc ctgggagtga agaagacgtt tgcttcataa ataaagaaag tcttctgtgc      9420
     tgcaggagaa tcaactgttg agaggggtga acggatgcag agtagtttcc ctgttaccac      9480
     gtccaaacag acgtttattt gctggtaact gccatttcaa aaataccacc ggaatactca      9540
     ctatttaaat gtttttatta caccacaact ttggaaaaca tctctaagcc aggcatataa      9600
     gccaaggtta catagtatgt caggaaaggt ataaccatta aattatttaa ctgtgttttg      9660
     tctatgattt ttaagaaaaa aatctatatt ttctgcgagt agtgagcaat acttatcaat      9720
     tggttagtca cttgtgtctg cgagtttcat caccagcatg atcggaaagg tatctcccct      9780
     cagcttcatt tgcagagagg cctgagtcgc tctcagcctc ccccatttct gcgctgcagc      9840
     ttctggggag cccctgacac cacagacccc agagcagccc ctgccgacag cgtgcctgct      9900
     ccggacaatc ccgagctaag gatctgttag tattaaccgg gattttctgt ctcgtataac      9960
     gcatggagca gtgtttctta aagaatgaat ttgtgaagaa aatgcacagc tgccccaaac     10020
     actgtaggca ctgaacgagc actcatggct tctccctttg cagaaatctc tgtggactct     10080
     cctgttcgtg ggaggagtgc ctttttctgg ggtgcagtgg cttcctctcc atgctcacct     10140
     cgcacactcc cggctctgcc tctgccctcg ggccaccggt cccccagtcg tgccacgtcc     10200
     ctgctgcctg aggggatgct tgcacggctc cctctgccgg gactttccac ctagatgctc     10260
     ggccttgacc cctcactcac ataccctttt ctgcacaact ctttcctgag tctcgacacc     10320
     atcctacact cacagagtac tgcacgcctt tctgacatag ccgtgtgtcg gtgtgctgtg     10380
     tgaagtgttt ttgtgtatat gactacttgc atgttacagc agtgtgtcag tgtgctgtgt     10440
     gaagtgtttt cgtgtatcta tctacgtgta atagcgtgtc agtgtgctgt gtgaagtgtt     10500
     tttgtgtata tatttgttat agcagcgtgt cagtgtgctg tgtgaagtgt tttcacgtgt     10560
     atatgactat ttgcgtgtta tagccatgtg tcgctgtgct gtgtgaagtg ttttcatgtg     10620
     tatatgacta tttgcatgtt atagcagggt gtcagggtgc tgtgtgaagt gttttcatgt     10680
     gtatatgact atttgcatgt tatagcaggg tgtcagggtg ctgtgtgaag tattttcatg     10740
     tgtatatgac tatttgcatg ttacagcagt gtgtcagtgt gctgtgtgaa gtgttttcgt     10800
     gtatctatct acgtgtaata gcgtgtcagt gtgctgtgtg aagtgttttt gtgtatatga     10860
     ctatttgtta tagcagcgtg tcagtgtgct gtgtgttttc atgtgtatat gactatttgc     10920
     gtgttaaagc catgtgtcgc tgtgctgtgt gaagtgtttt catgtgtata tgactatttg     10980
     catgttatag cagggtgtca gggtgctgtg tgaagtgttt tcatgtgtat atgactattt     11040
     gcatgttaca gcagtgtgtc agtctgctgt gtgaagtgtt ttatgtgact atttgcatgt     11100
     tacagcagtg tctgtgttgt gtgaagtgtt ttggtgtata tgactatttg catgttttct     11160
     gcacactaga tggagtgcag agtgtgttgc ctgtttttct ccaccgctcc atcctcagtg     11220
     cctgctacgg tgttggacac acagtagagg ttcagtaaat gctaatgaac agtcgattaa     11280
     atgagcaaaa acctttattg aatacctacc atgttccaga catggctaac tgatgagaat     11340
     ttaccaatta catgcttgct gccttcaggg aactcgacct cacaagacag actgtcacgt     11400
     agagacaact gctacacaac atgggaagaa ctgctataga gatgtaaaga tgtaaagacc     11460
     caaaatgaag aagccagaac acatgaacac gaaaccagcc aaccaacaaa cacaagcagc     11520
     atggagcata gagtctgggg accaactgca gggtgctgag gaatgcaggt ggaggcagag     11580
     tggaaatcac ctgagtttcc atcaggcaga gttgcgcttg aatttgagtt ctggcatttg     11640
     ctgagcctct ctgattctgt cttctgtaaa ataggagtaa taatatttat ttatatctac     11700
     cgtacaggca attgtgagat ttacttaaga catactttgt ccatttttct gttgcttata     11760
     acagaatacc tgaaactagg tgacttattt ttaaaaagct aatttcttag agttatgaag     11820
     gctcagaaat ccaaggatgg gggtctgcag ctggtgaggg ccttctcgct gatgggaaat     11880
     cagaaaagcc ctaaggtggt tcagagaacc acatggcaag ggggccgaga atgctagcgt     11940
     gttagctcag atctctcttc ttcttataag gccaccagtt cctctcccat gataacccat     12000
     ttatccatta acccattagt tctttaatcc atgagtagat tgattcataa ggggataacc     12060
     cctgtgatcc aatcaccact taaaggatgc ccctctcaat actcccatat cggggacagt     12120
     tgcaacacaa acaaattaag atggcctatt agacacccta aatcttacat cttaaggtgt     12180
     tctgtgatgt tgcagttcaa ccccctctca ttcctctcta ctcttttagc agttacaaac     12240
     aaacaaactc actcaccaaa gaaaacacca aacaaacata catccaatag tattgtgtcc     12300
     ggaattggtg ggttcttggt ctaactgact tcaagaatga agccacggac ccttgcggtg     12360
     agtgttacag ttcctaaaga tggtgtgtcc agagtttgtt cattcagatg ttcagatggg     12420
     tccagagttt cttccttctg gtgggtttgt ggtctaactg gcttcaggaa tgaaggtgca     12480
     gaccttcacg gtgttacagc tcataaagat agcgcagacc caaagagtga gcagcagccg     12540
     ccaaagacgg tgcagaccca aagagtgagc agcagcagga tttattgcca aaggcaaaag     12600
     aacaaatctt ccacaatctg gaagaggacc ctagccggtt gccactgcta gctcgggcag     12660
     cctgctttta ttcccttatc tggccccacc cacatcctac tcattggctc attttagaga     12720
     gagctgattg gtccatttta cagaaagctg attgggccgt tttacagata gctgattggt     12780
     ccattttgac agagcgctga ttggtgcatt tacaaacctt tcgctagaca cagagcgctg     12840
     attggtgcat ttacaatcct ttagctagac aggaaagttc tccaagtccc caccagatta     12900
     gctagacacg gagcgctgat tgatgcggtt acaaacctct agctaaacag aaaagttctc     12960
     caagtcccca cccgacacag aagcccagct ggcttcacct ctcaatgaca cttgccctga     13020
     ggctttgcgg cacctagcct gggtactcca gcagcccaga gggggcagcc cagtaggcac     13080
     cggccggcca caccgagtgt gggctcctga gcctgcaccc acccggaacc agcactggcc     13140
     cgcgagcatg cacagccccg ctcccacctg tgcctctccc tccacacctg gtggggagca     13200
     gagggagccg ccgggcctcc gccagcccca gagaagggcc cccacagcac agcggtgggc     13260
     tgaagggctc ctggagcacc gccagagcag ttgctgagag ccagtgaggg ctgctagcac     13320
     gttgtcacct ctcagtatta acaatacaaa tacttttttg tcttatttgt cctttgactt     13380
     atttataacc aacagaatgt agagaaagtg atgctgatgt tgaatgactc tggaggctag     13440
     accagaaaat gttgaagagt atcagaatat acaaccctaa tatatgttac ttttgcataa     13500
     attttatttt ttaaattttt aatttttatt ttaagctgaa ggcaattgag aaaaagaaga     13560
     tgcgagaaga gctgtttacc cttcctctat ctgcttaaaa gcaaggaata aatttccatt     13620
     ataaaggtgt ccccttgttc tcataccaag aagaggagac agcatcaaga ttactctaca     13680
     taaagaaacc taactaaata acccttttct ataatagttt ctcccatgta tttaccttcc     13740
     tacaatttaa tgcccctaga agcccaagcc ccttttcttt ggttgcttcc ccacaattta     13800
     tcgtactttg ttaaaatggt aggtaagctc ctaagtgtaa ccacttcttt ggattttttt     13860
     agttctttct ctgcagttcc catgcatata aaaatattaa caacaaataa aatttgtatg     13920
     ctcttcattc attggtcctt cttttgtcag tttaattcac aaattaagct gcagaaccta     13980
     agaggatgga ggaaaagttt tcctttctta caagatcatg tggcatctgc ttcacttact     14040
     gaggagcccc gagccaccat gtataaaatc tgaatacccg aagacccccg tactgtgagg     14100
     aagcccgacc acatggagag gccacatgaa ggttctcaaa tcagaacccc acctgaggtc     14160
     ccagcctaca accagtatca accaccagac atgtgagtaa tgatgtttcc agttgattcc     14220
     aaccaacagc ctttgggtca cctccagcct ttggatcttt gcatctgaaa tgccacacat     14280
     gacagagcgg atacaagcat ttctgctgtg tcctgtccaa gtctctgact gatagaatct     14340
     gggcttgttc taggcacctg agtcttgagg ttgtttgtta cacagcctca gtaacttgaa     14400
     caacagttat gcaacacttg agctagacct tgaaagatga atagggattt ttgtctagca     14460
     aaactgtttg gaaaaggctt aatattttag gagaaaagtt aaaaggtaag tgtggttaac     14520
     acatgggttg tgggagagaa tcaggagatg agatgaaaaa agttgatgta agaaagtgtg     14580
     ctgtatggtt tagtgaaaat tatatatttg ttcattagca taggcaattt tcttccagac     14640
     cgctggcttt gaaatgatgt atttttaaaa ttgcaaagtt tataccatag aatttctgga     14700
     ggcttctgaa atttcaattg gagataaaac aggacttcaa aatgtaactt ctcctaaatt     14760
     atgagctatg gtttaactga tgagtaattt ttagttttat tgttggttaa aaacacactg     14820
     ttattcccat gagtgctcac atccagtttt agcatgtgtg tgtgtgtttc ttttattttt     14880
     tgttttgttt tgttttgttt tgttttgttt tgttttgttt gcggtgggcg ggttggtatc     14940
     agagttatga atgagaagca ttcttatcag aatatactgg atactaatac attttgcgtg     15000
     taattttcta cagaggtatt gattttaatc aactttcaag atgaagcacc acatttgtca     15060
     aggcagaaga cccaaatgtg caattttttc ttaggggaaa actggctata atgaatgtgc     15120
     tgaaatatat tagttatcta ttaacctcaa cacgcaagaa agcactagat cattagtttg     15180
     cctggtaagg gaaaaaacag gggctgcagc ctgcccagct acagaagaaa gtggaatcag     15240
     cagaacaagt ggcctgtgaa gatgccagct tgtgagaaat gcctggctga ctgtgaacag     15300
     ggatattatt aaatggatgc atatgatgca tagcgtaatt ataccactta tggcagaaaa     15360
     acatcaccat tttatcaaat gctccactgt gtacatcaaa gatcatggta tcatctatct     15420
     ctgggatgcc atgtgagctt tgcagttctg gaagggcttc gagtcaagtt ttgattaatt     15480
     cttgatggtt ttatttgatt atagaagtag agcttgaacg tgtgtgtgcg ttttcccttt     15540
     ttcttgtaag aactgacaat cttgattaaa tttccctttt aggagtggga agcaagaagc     15600
     aaagtaattg tcaccacttc ttggagaaga atggcttata gtgttttgaa catatcgtct     15660
     caaaataacc tcttcggaag attagtggaa agaagcaaaa ctgtgaagac cttggttcac     15720
     agtagctgtt gatgtttctt tttttcattt tggtattgat tataatcgct tcttcataaa     15780
     gctcagatgc agggtttatt tccagttctt tcaccgtgct tcttacctca gagtcaaacc     15840
     attgctatac tctccacata gttggtttcc agtgtttaaa ttgcatgcgt gaggtgctca     15900
     ggtttgtgac attgctttac atatattact gtaaaaaaaa aacataaccc caaatctaga     15960
     gtatataagg ctttgtgcta agcaagcatg gaaaagagtt acttatggct tatatccatg     16020
     tgtggactat gattgataga atttcccttg caattgccaa agagaagtct acatggtctt     16080
     tgaagaaaca aattacctat gaccccatgt atttgcattt gtgctcttcc taactatata     16140
     gtagtctgaa tttagtcccc caacgtaggg ggatgtttta atggacaagc acttaattca     16200
     tttcaaggtt ttgaggattt atcttataag cacttactaa gcagtggtta tgtcccaagg     16260
     ccagggctgc accctggaga ctcagggagg cacaatactt gatttcatgg atctcataat     16320
     ctagtgctat ggaaacatta aaatattaaa accacagtgg agaagagcag tggataggtc     16380
     ttagggaaga agacttgtat gaaaggtgat gcctgaaatc atacttagtc atctttacat     16440
     aggacgattt ttatggaaga atgaaatctt caggattgaa tgatattttc attttagcaa     16500
     actggccatc tcttttcttt gagcttataa acatggttga atgtgtcaag tagcgagaca     16560
     agaaaaaaat acctttgagt gaccttgctt tattatgtga aaaatgacaa actggcaggc     16620
     aggaaagata catggcttac catgtatctt tcaatttttg ggatgtacta aaaaattcaa     16680
     tgcagttacc acatagaagc aagagctaga gaagttctga gagaattttt aatctttagg     16740
     tcagacagca aggatgtgag gcggtgaagt taaattacac tgagtcacat tgacgttgac     16800
     tagtctgata gatacagaaa cacacaatta ccttcactca cagagtttcc tagggctgca     16860
     ggaacaaagc gccataagct cggtggctca aaacatttgg aaatggttct ctcacagagt     16920
     cacagccacg gaagctccaa gtctgaactc aaggtgttgg cagggctgtg ttccctctgg     16980
     aggccctacg gaggcccctt cctcgtctcc agcttctggt ggcttcaagt gtcccgtagt     17040
     ttgtgacagc aacactccaa tctctgcctc tgtcttcaca tggccttctc tgtgcatctg     17100
     tgtgtgtcaa atctttgtct gtctttgtct tataaggaca cttattggat ttagggacca     17160
     catggataat ccaagataac ctcatttcaa aacccttaat tttataacat tggcaagact     17220
     ttgtttgttt gtttgtttgt tttgcaaata aggccatagt cacaggttcc ggatggatat     17280
     atcatttgag gggagacaat tcaactcact atatacacaa acacatgtgt gtatctatat     17340
     agctgtataa ttgacaccat gaaatcatta ataaaaacac tgcccttttt tgagacagag     17400
     tctcgctctg tcgcccaggc tggagtgcag tggcgcgatc tcggctcact gcaacctcca     17460
     cctcccggat tcaagcaatt ctcctgcctc agcctcccaa gtagctggga ttacaagcgc     17520
     ccgccaccac gcctggctaa tttttgtatt tttagtagag acggggtttc accatgttgg     17580
     ccaggctggt ctcaatctct tgacctggtg atccacctgc cttggcctcc caaagtgctg     17640
     ggattacaga tgtaagctac ccctcccata taaaacactg ccctttctat agaaaaactg     17700
     gtcaagtact ggacagttta ctacaaaaga aacagtaagt agataaaaaa tgaaacctag     17760
     gttcaaaagc atgaataatg aatcttgatt ttaatgatgg tttcatcagt gtatgcatat     17820
     gtccaaactt atcaaattgt acactaaata tgtgtagttt tttatattga ttttacctca     17880
     acaaagctat tataaataca aataataaaa agtgcaaata aattgacaag atacaaatat     17940
     atttaaatat caaaatgata gagattaaaa aactgtgctg ctggccaggt gcggtggctc     18000
     acacctgtaa ttccagcact ttgggaggcc aaagcgggtg gatcacctga ggtcaggagt     18060
     ttgagaccag cctggccaac atggtgaaac cacatctcta ctaaaaatac aaaaattagc     18120
     tgggcatgat ggtgcacgcc tgtgatccca actacctggg aggctgaggc aggagaatcg     18180
     cttgaacctg ggaggcagaa gttgcagtga gctgagatca ggccgctgta ctccagcctg     18240
     ggcaacagaa tgaggctcca tctcaaaaaa acgacagaca aacaaaaaac agtgctgttg     18300
     agtgtgcatt gagacaggca ttttccaaca ctgcctttct ggaagcaggg aggagaggca     18360
     cagaaatttc agcaagggta aagtcttcat cctgcaacca tatttctagg agtctagata     18420
     attcgatata caggtaaagt cacagcattt atttaatcat gttaattagt tatgtaacat     18480
     ataataaaat aatattgtat gttaatacat aatataaata tattatgcta atacattgat     18540
     atatacacac ttagtccttc tatctgttac taaagggagc tcacgtggca ccaacaagga     18600
     aacacacact tagtccttct atctgttact aaagcgagct cacgtgacat caacaaggaa     18660
     acacacttag tccttctatc tgttactaaa gggagttcac gtgacatcag caaggaaaca     18720
     cagtcttatc tgttactaaa gcgagctcac gcgacatcaa caaggaaaca cagttagtcc     18780
     ttctatctgt tactaaaggg agctcacgag acatcaacaa ggaaacacag ttagtccttc     18840
     tatctgttac taaagggagc tcacgtgaca tcaacaagga aacacactta gtccttccat     18900
     ctgttactac agggagctca cgtgacatca gcaaggaaac acagtactat ctgttactaa     18960
     agggagctca cgtgacatca aaaacgaaac acacttagtc cttctatctg ttactaaagg     19020
     gagctcacgc gacatcaaca aggaaacaca gtccttctat ctgttactaa agggagctca     19080
     cgtgacatca acaaggaaac aaacttagtc cttctatccg ttactaaagt gagctcatgt     19140
     gacatcaaca aggaaacaca gttagtcctt ctatctgtta ctaaagcaag ctcacctgac     19200
     aacaacaaga aaatacacac ttagtccttt gtatctgtta ctcaagcgag ctcatgacat     19260
     caacaaggaa acacacactt actccttctg ttactaaagg gagctcatgt gacatcaaca     19320
     aggaaacaca cagttagtcc ttctatctgt tgctaaaggg agctcatgtg acatcaacaa     19380
     ggaaacacag tttgtccttc tatctgttat taaagggagc ccacgcgaca tcaacaagga     19440
     aacacaatca gtccttctat ctgttactaa agggagctca cgtgacatca gccaggaaac     19500
     acacttagtc cttctatctg ttactaaagg gagttcacat gacatcagca aggaaacaca     19560
     gcccttctat ctgttactaa agggagctca cgcgacatca acaaggaaac acagtccttc     19620
     tatctgttac taaagcgagc tcacatgaca tcaacaagga aacacagtta gtccctctct     19680
     ctgttactaa agcgagctca cgtgacatca acaaggaaac acacttagtc cttctatctg     19740
     ttactaaagg gagttcacgt gacatcagca aggaaacaca gttagtcctt ctatctgtta     19800
     ctaaagggag ctcacgagac atcaacaagg aaacacagtt agtccttcta tctgttacta     19860
     aagcgagctc acgcgacatc aacagggaaa cacagttagt ccttgtatct gttactaaag     19920
     cgagctcatg cgacatcgac aaggaaacac agtcttatct gttactaaag ggagctcacg     19980
     tggcatcaac aaggaaacac agttagtcct tctatctttt actaaagcga gctcacgtga     20040
     catcaacaag gaaacacact tagaccttct atctgttact aaagcgagct cacgtgacat     20100
     caacaaggaa acacacttag tccttctatc tgttactaaa tcgagctcac gcaacatcaa     20160
     caaggaaaca cagtccttct tcctgttact aaagggggct cacgtgacat caacaaggaa     20220
     acacacttag accttctatc tgttactaaa gcgagctcat gtgacatcaa caaggaaaca     20280
     cacttagtcc ttctatctgt tactaaagtg agctcacgcg acatcaacaa ggaaacacag     20340
     tccttctatc tgttactaaa gggggctcac gtgacatcaa caaggataca cacttagtcc     20400
     ttctatctgt tactaaagcg agctcatgcg acatcaacaa ggaaacacag tccttctatc     20460
     tgttactaac gcgaactcac gtgatatcaa caaggaaaca cacttagtcc ttctatctgt     20520
     tactaaagcg agctcacgcg acatcagcaa ggaaacacag tccttctatc tgttactaaa     20580
     gggggctcat gtgacatcaa caaggaaaca cacttagttc ttctatctgt tactaaagcg     20640
     agctcatgtg acatcaacaa ggaaacacac ttagtccttc tatctgttac taatgcgagc     20700
     tcacgcgaca tcaacaagga aacacagtcc ttctatctgt tactaaaggg ggctcacgtg     20760
     acatgaacaa ggaaacacac ttagtcctgc tatctgttac taaagcgagc tcatgcgaca     20820
     tcaacaagga aacacagtcc ttctatctgt tactaaagcg agctcacgtg acatcaacaa     20880
     ggaaacacac ttagtccttc tatctgttac taaagtgagc tcatgtgaca tcaacaagga     20940
     aacacagtcc ttctatctgt tactaaaggg ggctcatgtg acatcaacaa ggaaacacac     21000
     ttagtcctat ctgttactaa agcgagctca tgtgacatca acaaggaaac acacttagtc     21060
     cttctatctg ttactaaagg gagttcacgt gacctcagca aggaaacaca gtcttatctg     21120
     ttactaaagt gagctcacgt gacatcaaca aggaaataga cttagtcctt ctatctgtta     21180
     ctaaaggggg ctcacgtgac ttcaacaagg aaacacagtt agtccttcta tctgttacta     21240
     aagcaagctc acatgacatc aacaaggaaa cagagtcctt ctatctgtta ctaaaggggg     21300
     ctcacgtggc atcaacaagg aaacacactt agtccttcta tctgttacta aagggagctc     21360
     acgtggcatc aacaaggaaa cacagttagt ccttctatct gttactaaag cgagctcacg     21420
     cgacatcaac aaggaaacac acttagtcct tctatctgtt actaaagcga gctcacgcga     21480
     catcaacagg gaaacacagt tagtccttgt atctgttact aaagcgagct catgcgacat     21540
     cgacaaggaa acacagtctt atctgttact aaagggagct cacgtggcat aaacaaggaa     21600
     acacagttag tccttctatc ttttactaaa gcgagctcac gtgacatcaa caaggaatca     21660
     cacttagtcc ttctatctgt tactaaagcg agctcacatg acatcaacaa ggaaacacac     21720
     ttagaccttc tatctgttac taaagcgagc tcgcgtgaca tcaacaagga aacacactta     21780
     gtccttctat ctgttactaa atcgagctca cgcgacatca acaaggaaac acagtccttc     21840
     tttctgttac taaagggggc tcacgtgaca tcaacaagga aacacactta gtccttctat     21900
     ctgttactaa agcgagctca tgtgacatca acaaggaaac acacttagtc cttctatctg     21960
     ttactaaagt gagctcacgc gacatcaaca aggaaacaca gtccttctat ctgttactaa     22020
     agggggctca cgtgacatca acaaggatac acacttagtc cttctgttac taaagcgagc     22080
     tcatgcgaca tcaacaagga aacacagtcc ttctatctgt tactaacgcg aactcacgtg     22140
     atatcaacaa ggaaacacac ttagtccttc tatctgttac taaagcgagc tcacgtgaca     22200
     tcagcaagga aacacagtcc ttctatctgt tactaaaggg ggctcatgtg acatcaacaa     22260
     ggaaacacac ttagtcctat ctgttactaa agcgagctca tgtgacatca acaaggaaac     22320
     acacttagtc cttctatctg ttactaaagc gagctcacgc gatatcaaca aggaaacaca     22380
     gtccttctat ctgttactaa agggggctca cgtgacatca acaaggaaac acacttagtc     22440
     cttctatctg ttactaaagg gagctcacgt gacatcagca agaaaacaca gtccttctat     22500
     ctgttactaa aggtagctca cgtgacatca gcaaggaaac acagtccttc tatctgttac     22560
     taaagggagc tcacgtgaca tcagcaagga aacacagtcc ttctgtctgt tactaaaggg     22620
     agctcacgcg acatcaacaa ggaaacacag accttctatc tgttactaaa gcgaggtcac     22680
     gtgacatcaa caaggaaaca tacagttagt cctttgtatc tgtgatttgt gcatgtgctg     22740
     attcaagcag ccacgagtca aaaatatttg caaaaaaagc cctttaaact gtattgaaca     22800
     tatacaaagt ttttcttttt attattctct aaatgacaca gtgtaacaac gatttgcata     22860
     gcatttacat tgtagtaggt gttaccagta atctagagat gatttaaagt atagggagaa     22920
     tgtgcatagt ctacgctgaa tactacacaa ctgcatatca gggacttgag cgtctaggga     22980
     ttctggtatc tgggggaggt cctggatcca atttctcatg aatatcgaca gatgactgta     23040
     tgttgtatct tgatgcaatg aataaacaaa gcagataaca gtaactgaca tggggtagaa     23100
     ggtgagggga aatgaagggg ttgctattta tatgtttaca tgggatgaac agggcagacc     23160
     ccacagaggg gatatttaac agaagctaaa cgtacgagaa gcagtcctga gaactgtaga     23220
     ccaagagagc tcgtggtggc cctgggaagg ggcttgtcaa atctcgtggc ccctaggggc     23280
     tggtgactgt tagcggctgg ccaacagcca gctgccgccc tgaaatctac cactgtcagc     23340
     cggtaaccca ccatggtgga gtataaaggc aggcctgctg cgaggagatg aaagactcct     23400
     ctgctgggca gcctgggctg gagggttcta ctaccagcct tgccaaaagt ttctcagaat     23460
     tgcactgcat tttaagactt tgcctgccca gccccctgca gccccttctc attttcctcc     23520
     acatgcactt ctcccaaata atctcttgag tggcaaatac cattccggtg tttgctgctc     23580
     caagagccca gatgtacaca gtgttccaag agaggctgca caaatacagt ggccccgagg     23640
     agcttggcat tttcgaggag catcaaggag gccagcgtgg cgttcatgga aaggacagag     23700
     ggagagtggg agatgaggtc agaaatgtac ttgaagtcct tgccgaagaa aaatcgttga     23760
     cttgcttatt ataaaaccct ttttgttaag gaagaaataa aaactgttaa ccaatggcat     23820
     ctgtatccat tacagaattt aaaggcaggg tatcatacag ccagtacctt acagtcttcc     23880
     cattagcagc attcaacaca tctgtccagg tagtaaacct aagtggccca gctctgggcc     23940
     attaaatttt gatgtaaccc attaaggaaa cttacggcct tagttcaaag ggctgttgcc     24000
     attgtgtctg tgagagcggt gctgcagagt gcattttatg caaatctcat agattttaat     24060
     gagtgatcct gcttaataag ctagttagac catttgggca tttacttgag agtgaccaca     24120
     aatgcctttt tctgaaacca ttttacagtg ctaacatttc actgaaatag cacttaacac     24180
     ggagccaggc acacagtgag cactaagagt gttacatgac tgatgacagg gatgaagaac     24240
     aggagtctta ccaggtgtgt cagtctcgat gctcctgaat gacccagaca aaaagggact     24300
     agaaactttc ttttcaggag tttgtggctt agatccctgt ttcaccacaa agcatgagct     24360
     tgacacagcc tggacttgac agcactttcc acagggcact taaaaatact tgtacctcct     24420
     ctcttttacc tccataaacc atgacaggtc tttgctcagc ctctgataag caaaagatta     24480
     gaaaatccct ttaaacttca gaaacagagc aatgctcagt caggcgataa aagctgcaga     24540
     aattggtctt gaatattatc actgtgtatc aactgaagtc agatgaagag ctccacattc     24600
     atccaaagtt cttttcatac taattagatg ctcttcaaag gtgtaattac catttaaaaa     24660
     tgactttgga gtgcaggata cacaatagat ttttaatgtc ttttaattta tttcgatgtt     24720
     tctcatattt cattagtacg ttcttatttt accaatgagt cacaggactt tcaaggactt     24780
     ttccctctcc cacagttaaa atgctaagca gaagctaagc tcacgtgaaa aacttgtctc     24840
     aataaccaga gaaagactat actaattaca atttggattg tgtggattat caatttgtcc     24900
     gatactccgt ttgcctccac cttgaggaga gaactatttc cagccccaga gtcaagctgc     24960
     ctcattgcac ggaagaggga gtaaaataag aagcctggtg atgtgcttat tgtcacaatt     25020
     tgtggtacag ctgacactta gactacatct gcccttgaag ctcaacttct ttgccctact     25080
     cctgtggtgt ttcttggcat ctggtatcat ttcaaaagga taagaatggc atagagaagg     25140
     tttctcattg ctaagcatgg agtaggaata ttttagtgaa atgtgtaagt tttggggcgg     25200
     aagtaaaaac accccatctg ctcttccaca cttggagaga gctgcacaca aagcagcaac     25260
     ttggctctgg gcggcagctg gctgaggtct catggtctgg aggacagccc ctggctttca     25320
     catcgtccgt gtcttgccat ttctctttgg ataaggcaca aatgtctgaa gatatcctcc     25380
     aggcccgagg acctgctcct attctatcca gtctcgtctt tcatgagcca ctgtgcttca     25440
     gccactgctt ttccttccac ccctttgtct ttcctttttc ccaggtataa ggcctttgca     25500
     ctttctaaac cctctcctgc gtctagtggg gacttggaga atctttgtgt ctccctaagg     25560
     gattgtggat gtaccaatca gcaacctgtg tctagctcaa ggtttgtaaa tgcaccaatc     25620
     agtgctttgt gtctagctaa cctagtgggg acttggagaa cttttgtgtc tagctcaggg     25680
     attgcaaatg caccaatcag caccctgtca aaatggacca atcagctctc tgtaaaatag     25740
     acaaatcagc tctctgtaaa atggaccaat cagcaaggtg taggtggggc cagataaggg     25800
     aataaaagta ggctgcctga gccagcagtg gtaacctgct agggtcccct tctgcactgt     25860
     ggaagctttg ttgttttgct ctttgcaata aatcttgttt ctgctcactc tttgggtcca     25920
     cattgccttt atgagctcta acactcatcg cgaaggtcta cagcttcatt cctgagccag     25980
     ccagaccacg aacccaccag gaggaatgag caactccaga caagaggaag gagcaaactc     26040
     cggacacacc gcctttaaga actgtaacgc tcactgcgag ggtccgtggc ttcattcttg     26100
     gagtcagtga gaccaagaac tcaccaattc ctgacacaaa gagaggccta agaaaccatc     26160
     taggccaatg ctatggtttt ggagttcagg acattgtggc ttagagacaa taatggatct     26220
     gcctaaaatc acaacacaaa ctagtaccag ttcttgaatg aaaatgtagg tcttctgatt     26280
     cctagccaaa tgctttttat aagaatgaaa attttgtgtc cttggaaggc ctaaggcatt     26340
     ttcccagagt aacttagaag agtcgggctc catgaataat ttagtaatat agaaataaga     26400
     ttttttaaaa tgtctaaaat tgactgcatg accctggata taaagtataa aagcagaaga     26460
     cagatgtgat gtgaggctgg caacaagtcg tgccatgctc tatgtaccca cactaaaaga     26520
     caatatcctt tccaccttac atactttatg gcagtataag catgttaagt atgcaaatcc     26580
     tacaatgctg gcaacatttc aagactagtt gtgtcacggt gttcataagc ctgggagctc     26640
     actaagctac agagctctta aaacgtagaa gtagaagagg tagaaaaaaa aaaggaatca     26700
     cactccttat tactgtaaac caaagaaaaa atatttacat tttcagcatt ctgttgggta     26760
     ggaaaaaagc ttttcctatc ccatcttaca tgttgtgctg gagcctgtga attaaattga     26820
     aaaaacaaca gcaacaaaaa ttaacaagag gcaaaagcac acacatgtaa ttgatgtttt     26880
     catgttacat gcgtgctggc tacacataag ataagtgaaa aactcaaaac actggttaga     26940
     ctcaggggct tataaacgat gtgtgtaatt ctggaataat cctactgacc ttgaagcagg     27000
     cccaatactc ccacagcgtg ttcttttgta taaacataga cattgactct tccgctctta     27060
     aagcttgaaa cttgtatttg tttcatctga gttctttcct caggaaagga ccttcaggcc     27120
     tctccaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agcattaaag aactgaaact caccagatga gacctccttg     27180
     ttcctcccta gttcgtgttt cctacacatt gttacatttc ttgcctgttg tataaaaccc     27240
     catttttagt cagtcagggc gatggatttg aggctgagct cccatctcct cagctgcagc     27300
     accagatgaa agcttcttcc ctggaaacac tcaccatctc agtgattggc tttctgtgca     27360
     gtgagcagca ggacttagac caaacccatg gtgttttggt aacaacctca ccaaaataga     27420
     tgggcacaca cacaagcctt taaagataca aagttaaacg gatagtatgg atcattcagt     27480
     atagaggaaa cagcatagca aatgtataga gacggaaaat tactagatat gttccaggag     27540
     caacatgcaa attccactgc cagttttggc tgtgaggtca aacagatctg atctgaatgt     27600
     ttgcattcct ccaaaattca tacattgaaa cctaattccc aatgcaataa cattaagagg     27660
     tggggtctct aggaggtgac caggtcataa gggtggaccc ttcatgaatg ggtttagtac     27720
     ccttataaaa atgtctgaga gagcttgctt gtttcttctg ccatatgagg acatagagaa     27780
     aactccatct atgatgaatg ggccctcagc aggcaccgag tccactgctg ccatatgagg     27840
     acatacagaa gactccatcc atgatgcatg ggccctcagc aggcaccaat tctactgccg     27900
     ccatatgagg acatacagaa gactccatcc atgaattggc tctcagcagg caccgagtct     27960
     actgctgcca tatgaggaca tacagaagaa tccatccatg atgcatgggc cctcagcagg     28020
     caccgattct actgctgcct tgagcttgga cctctggcct ccagaactac tagcaataca     28080
     tttctgttgt tttataaatt acctagtcta aggtacattg cagcagaaat ggactgagag     28140
     agacatcttt cagagaatta cctctgtttg tttgtctgtt tctgttttgt aaaactggaa     28200
     gaagaataga acttacagtt ctgtggtata agattgtgtc cagaattggt gggttcttgg     28260
     tctcactgac ttcaagaatg aagctacaga ccctcaaggt gagtgttaca gttcttaaag     28320
     gcggcgtgtc tggagtctgt tccttctgat gttcagatgt gttgggagtt tcttccttct     28380
     ggtgggtttg tggtcttgct ggctcaggag tgaagctgca gaccttcgcg gtgagtgtta     28440
     cagctcttgg ggcagtgtgt ctagagttgt tcgttcctcc tggtgggctc ctggtatcgc     28500
     tggcttcagg agtgaagctg cagaccttca cggtgagtgt tacagctcat aaaggtagtg     28560
     tggacccaaa gagtgagcag tagcaagctt tattgcaaag agcaaaagaa caaagcttcc     28620
     acagtgtgga aggggacccc agcagattga agcttctggc tcgggtagcc tgcttttatt     28680
     ctcttatctg gccccaccca catcctgctg attggtccat tttacagaga gccgattggt     28740
     ctgtttcaca aagagctgat tggtcagttt tgacagggtg ctgattggtt cgtttacaat     28800
     ccctgagcta gacacaaaag ttctccacat ccccactaga ttagctagat agagtgtcga     28860
     ttggtgtatt tacaaaccct gagctagaca gagtgctgat tggtgcattt acaaaccttg     28920
     agctagatac agcgtgtcaa ttgttgcatt cacaatccct tagctagaca taaaggttct     28980
     ccaagtcctc accagattaa ctagatacag agtgctgatt ggtgcattca caaaccctga     29040
     gctagacgca gggtgctgat tggtgtgttt acaaaccttg agctagatac agagtgctga     29100
     ttggtgtatt tacaatcact tagctagaca taaagattct ccaagtcccc accagactca     29160
     ggagcacagc tggcttcacc cagtggatcc tgcaccaggg ccgcaggtgg agctgcccgc     29220
     cacttccgca ctatgagccc gcactcctca gcccttgggc ggtcgatggg actaggcaca     29280
     gccctggagc agggagcgcc ccttgtcggg gaggctcggg ctgcacagga gcccatgtgg     29340
     gggtgcggcg ggggaggcag gctcaggcat ggtgggctgc aggtcccaag ccctgccctg     29400
     ccggaggcag ctaaggccca gcaagaagtc gagcacagca gctggtggcc caggtgctaa     29460
     gcccactgcc cggggcttgt gggcaggctg gtggctctga gtgcggggct cgccgagccc     29520
     acgcccaccg ggaactcgtg ctggccctca agcaccgtga acagccccgg ttcccgcctg     29580
     tgtctgtccc tccacacctc cctgcaagct gagggagccg gctccagcct tggccagccc     29640
     agaaagaagc tcccacagtg cagtggcggg ctgaagggct cctcaagcat ggccagagtg     29700
     ggcgccaagg ctgaggaggc acagagagcg agccagggct gcgagggctg ccagcacgct     29760
     gtcacctctc aagataaaat gaaataaatg gatatgaagt tctcagcaca gtgcctagaa     29820
     aacaataaga tcagcaaatg ttagcaacca taataataat tatcattagt tgctgcagta     29880
     gagagtttat gtagaaaact agaaggatgt aggctagtaa atggtcaggt cctatcagaa     29940
     aaccatccat tataatgtgt gatatcaaat ctactgtatc tcaagtataa gttcaaaaaa     30000
     tgttcagaag tcaagctctt tcaagaaagg tcaataacac ctatcattgg ctcatcatca     30060
     tggtccttca atcagctctc tcctcattag gaaatttgct atctgtgaga aaaggagtct     30120
     ccttaatggg aaaacgtgct ttggatttcc gcttgatggg aggcactgaa tactagtgaa     30180
     ttttgctttg tggcaattaa attgaaaggt caaaatatgc tagtttggat tcatttctaa     30240
     cgtggcagat aactaccaaa attgcaacta tcactaaagc actttgatgt acatatgcaa     30300
     caaaggcaga aaactgctct gaatgtctcc taaatcaaat atgtctcttg tgtatcttac     30360
     aagtaaaaat atcgttttaa gcgtttcttt aatgtggaaa attttgctaa gaaacaagag     30420
     atgcccacta gtttgatttg cagttacatc cactttcatc agctgttatg gttactgata     30480
     attcttggca agagtgttta actcatatga tgtaatattc agctttttag taaagttatt     30540
     ctttatatgc cttatcccaa atcccagcat acactctctt cagaggccat gttttgtgtt     30600
     tgtctccatg ccaaaagtag tcataatgga attcaatgca catagacgaa agctggttga     30660
     ataaattgca cctataacca agaagatcaa acatgcttcc tagtctacag ggtattttgc     30720
     acgtaatatt ggaagagaga ctgtggagta tctgacacat tgatataacc tccagttgct     30780
     agatgcctag taactccgtg cacgaaaaga gtgtttcaag agattctttc ataaacagaa     30840
     gttgcacaaa atgaccacag gtcgctcgaa accctaaata tctatgatat tctaccaatg     30900
     ctatattcac aaacgtgtct taacggttct caccggattc tattttactc acttttgaaa     30960
     ggtcacctaa ttttttaaag tgagctaatt actgtagtga gtaaaatagt cttgaatgat     31020
     tgcaggtggc aatactatcc tattaccctt ctaaaggcta aggtgacacc aattaaatta     31080
     agggtgactg ataattcttt tttattacta cacctgtatt catatttata tacttttcat     31140
     taatgctcct ggagtcagtt aaaagataaa ggggaactaa actcagctca ttaataaaat     31200
     ttaaaagttg gtttccagac tctatatgct gattactctc tgccaccacg aaggcatttt     31260
     aaagcagcac agatgagcac ataagcaacg aaaacagact ttccacaaat aaaccttgaa     31320
     aaagaaaaaa aaaggcaaga taaacaagat cagcaggcca gcagtcttgt caattcttca     31380
     ctgtcccagt ggtactttca actcattaat gttggctgct gtgttctcag gtgacttgct     31440
     ggtataaatg cctcattgtc tggtaaccaa agggaacagc attttattgc cagtaacctg     31500
     ataaagaatt ttgaaaacaa gagacacagc agataatgag cgttttgcat gggccctcta     31560
     cactctataa ccattcaagc tttccgagca gaaagacatg accttttcag tccttgtgcc     31620
     ttctacgctg tgcagtgcta gtcggtgccg ggatgaagct gacagaatcc tcccaagtgg     31680
     ctccaagcac aaatgaggtc atcacaatgg aaagcactaa tccgactcat tgtacttact     31740
     ctaaacacat gagcactaac aagtttcctc tacttaaatg ttgcttttgt gtgtatgtgt     31800
     ctgtgtttgt ctgtcattta aaggtatgac cagatgctac cttgcagcct tttcctggta     31860
     aactcttggt cattttcaac attttcctga cattccagct gaatagttat catcacttca     31920
     atttttaata caataattta aagcattcta tgattccagt tttcaaaagg tacaacacac     31980
     ataagtactt cccttaagat gctgataact agtgaaaaca ctatagtgat aattctctac     32040
     taaacagcaa aataaaggct aaaatgttat tgatgctttc gcattctgta gagaaagtga     32100
     tttttcatag cgttattgac tgcatttcat ctgttttgca tattgttaat gaaccttgtt     32160
     ctctttaaaa caaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa catctttctt taaaaaaaag aactcactta     32220
     tttccttgac accaacatac actatgactt ccaaattatg ccacctctgg ggaacagttt     32280
     ttcatatcct ctcaagtact tttttttttt tttttttttt gagatggagt ctctctctgt     32340
     tgcccaggct ggagtacagt ggtgcaatgt cggctcactg caacctctgc ctcccaggtt     32400
     caagtgattc tcctgcctca gcctcctgag tagctgggat tataggcgcc cgccaccatg     32460
     ctcggctaat ttttttgtat ttttagtaga gacagggttt caccatgttg gtcagactgg     32520
     tctcgaactc ctgacctgct gatccacctg cctcggcctc ccaaagggct gcgattacag     32580
     gcatgagcca ctgtgcccgg ccagtaattt tactctgtgt gttacttggc attttccact     32640
     tttctgttct cttttgtgca tttgtattct attttatatt agtccatggt tgtggcacat     32700
     attaaagatg tttgtaaatt cttgtcaagt aaaatgaata aacgatctga tgccagttgt     32760
     tcttaaaatt atgttccctc tcaatctcag agggacttaa tactcttcac actttttacc     32820
     gactgaatgc aggaaaatcc caggtcatcc atgaagcctg tgattctgtt ggttccatcg     32880
     tccaacgtgt cccagctatc attcaagagt ggacataatg ctctgctccc agaccacgtc     32940
     aaagtgtcca ctctgggtgc cccacgacaa cctactggcc agcactgact accagaccct     33000
     gttgaagtgt ccactctggg tgctccacga caacttacta gccaacactg actacagggc     33060
     tctaaactaa aggagagaac tgttgggtgg ttatgcttgc aattagaccc tccagggtgt     33120
     ctactaccac tgatggaagc aggggaaaat aaatattata cattcagagt ttggctactc     33180
     caaaagagta ggagtccccc aaacactggg gactcctact gaagcatcat atatgagaca     33240
     tatgaagagt agaaaatgta ggaaacattg acaaacatgt attaagtcac ttcaatataa     33300
     gccttggaaa agtctaggag ctctattaga gatgcatgaa tagaatacaa tcaggggaca     33360
     tggtatgacc agagttgaat aaacagcatt gctcactact cttcctgaaa ataatactaa     33420
     aaacagcaag aatatatttt aaaatacaat ttcattttaa gttgaactag gagtaaatag     33480
     aaatggacca tagactcaaa agtacatata gagactctaa acagctgaaa tcaagcaagc     33540
     catggaagac caaaggaaga aaagcacagt gatggcttaa aggcacagtg gtggctgatt     33600
     tcagaaaggg ctgaaggcca gggactctga aatataaaag ttgtattctt tgtttgtaat     33660
     aatggattca gaacctctat ggaccgaggt catcgaagac tttctggacc cagtttcact     33720
     cagagaaggt gatgctctac aaagagccga tgacttaggt gtatctgcag aagccactga     33780
     attctatggc agtgaaggag aagactgttg ggttgttaag ctcttagccg tatctgcaga     33840
     agccaccaaa tcctatgatg gtgaaggaga agacttagcc atatctgcag aagccaccta     33900
     attctatggt ggtgaaggag aagatttagc cgtatctgca gaagcctcca aattctacgg     33960
     tggtgaagga gaagatttag ccatatctgc agaagcctcc taattctatg gtggtgaagg     34020
     agaagactta gccatatctg cagaagccac ctaattctat ggtggtgaag gagaagactt     34080
     agccatatct gcagaagcca cctaattcta tggtggtgaa agagacttag ctgtatctgc     34140
     agaagccatc taattctacg gtagtgaagg agaagattta gccgtatctg cagaagccat     34200
     ctaattctat ggtggtgaag gagaagattt agccatatct gcagaagcct ccaaattcta     34260
     cggtggtgaa ggagaagatt tagccatatc tgcagaagcc tcctaattct atggtggtga     34320
     aggagaagac ttagccatat ctgcagaagc cacctaattc tatggtggtg aaggagaaga     34380
     cttagccata tctgcagaag ccacctaatt ctatggtggt gaaagagact tagctgtatc     34440
     tgcagaagcc atctaattct acggtggtga aggagaagat ttagccgtat ctgcagaagc     34500
     catctaattc tatggtggtg aaggagaaga tttagccgta tctgcagaag cctcctaatt     34560
     ctacggtggt gaaggagaag acttagctgt atctgcagaa gccatctaat tctatggtgg     34620
     tgaaggagaa gatttagcca tatctgcaga agccatctaa ctctatggtg gtgaaggaga     34680
     agattgttgg gttgctaagt ttgcaagaca actttgcctc ctcctttctt cttcatagaa     34740
     acttttcaca aattattggt tcaaaacatt tcaattaatt cagtaattaa taattattga     34800
     tttatgtaaa gacactataa gaaaaaacta tggggaaaaa tgcaaactta tcaatggaga     34860
     aagatcacac aacaaaaatc aatgccaaaa gcaagatgaa aatgttaccc aaatattttg     34920
     ccatgaaatg aaaacttaat ggagctgtca gatcaaaaat ggaagaccat gaagcagaaa     34980
     tataagaact cagagaaaga agcggtgaaa cgttagaata aaaaaaatgt gctgacaaaa     35040
     accagcaaac atgaagaaaa accaagatct tcatagaaac gaaggtgaac ctagaagaag     35100
     tagagaaatt aaaacagact ttagaaaact cagtaaggaa catagaaaat ataaataaaa     35160
     aagtaaaagt aaatacagta aaattaaagg gaaaatctaa aaattattag agggaaaaca     35220
     gtggctatag aagataagca gagacaatct aaaatatatc aaaaaaggaa ggtatggaaa     35280
     gaaaaaaaaa aagacagcat tgaaagagca tgaatccctt taagaactga ttcaacaaaa     35340
     cttttccaga ataaaattag gttccacaga aaaggaaaca ctaagaacac cctacaaagt     35400
     tttaaagaaa cattaaggaa aagatccttt aatcaagccg ctcttaaaaa agagaatgta     35460
     acaggctagt ctcatatttt ttcctagcaa aatttaatgc caagatacag tggcccatta     35520
     cttacaagat attcaaaaag tggaatgaaa accaaaggtt ttatacctag tcaggctaca     35580
     tttcaaagta tacttcaggc agttttaaat acacacaaac tcagggaata ttttcctact     35640
     tgggaaaagt cccagagaac aaactttagc caacaaagag ataactaagg aaaaactatg     35700
     gtgaaatatt ataattgtga attgtgttga ctaaaactaa aataaacatg agaaccaggg     35760
     taataaaatg catataaatg ccatatgccc tggaaataaa ccaatatcga aactaacaaa     35820
     aagtggaaga agaaggagga aagaatggaa gacatagggt agatcaaggc tgctgcatac     35880
     gatgtttgta cagttttcaa ctttgagggg tcttgtttgc tgagaccctg acatcatctg     35940
     cagctccaga gctgagagac acgatgtgca cacacacagg tgggggtctg aggaggagga     36000
     cttggtcaac tcagctgtaa cagccaggac tcaaagtgga tcattcaaag cagtaaatca     36060
     aatgttagaa atagaagcgt atgtaatagc aaaataacaa atactaaata acatgccacg     36120
     gatactctca ttgaccgaat tctagtagtg agaggcctgg aagggagtag aaagagaaaa     36180
     cacctagttt taacacagcg gaaaatagag aagtaatcac tcctgggtaa atgaagagat     36240
     cataaaaata ctgcataaag ctgtcattta aaaaattacc actgagcaag ttcccagacg     36300
     aagctaccag aaaaaagttt ttctcaagca aataaatcag atcacataga aaacaacttt     36360
     taaaatttat gaacacataa gatgctatca tatacgcatg aaacaccaag cataactgtt     36420
     atatcaataa atataaatgt aaatatgata tacacatata taattaacca ttactgaagg     36480
     acttgaaaaa gaatttgatc agatttccag aggagaggag cttgggatac tcttttcccc     36540
     gcagtgaaac aaccgtttaa ctggtaaaaa ttataaaaca cacttaaagt ctctggaaat     36600
     tgacctaagg gcagatgcaa attaataagc atttattcaa gaaaatctcc taaatgttga     36660
     taaaacagtg gaagtctgtg ccctctgagc cagagctagt tcctattccc tcctccagct     36720
     ccatgtcaca ggagatctcc acatcacatg atcacacgtc acatgaccag gaacatggga     36780
     actccttttc agccccactc ccagtcaaag acgtatgatt acaccccagg tgatctcatc     36840
     cccagacacc acccctctaa gtaaaggaaa ttaggatgcc atctcacatc aaggggacag     36900
     atgagatgtt tcaacaatgt tgatgtttgg acaactagga agatatatga aaaaataaag     36960
     ttagattcat ttcccacatc acataccaaa ataaattcca aataagacaa aaactttaat     37020
     gtgaataaaa ataaaactag gccgggcgcg gtggctcacg cctgtaatcc cagcactttg     37080
     ggaggccgag gcgggtggat catgaggtca ggagatcgag accatcctgg ctaacaaggt     37140
     gaaaccccgt ctctactaaa aatacaaaaa aaattagccg ggcgcagtgg cgggcgcctg     37200
     tagtcccagc tactcgggag gctgaggcag gagaatggcg tgaacccggg aggcggagct     37260
     tgcagtgagc cgagattgcg ccactgcagt ccgcagtccg gcctgggcga cagagcgaga     37320
     ctccgtctca aaaaaataaa taaataaata aaataaaata aaataaaata aaataaaata     37380
     aaaccataca aaaacataaa ataacattaa agaatttctt taaaacctgg aagtgaggat     37440
     gaccttttta tttctgaaaa tccagaatcc ataaagtatt aacattttat cacatacaaa     37500
     ttaaaaattt ctacatggca aaaaataagg tatttggatc taaagacata taacaaattg     37560
     gagggcagac atttgtaatc atatcacaga taacgggtga atctctctgt ataggaactt     37620
     ttagaaatga agaaggaaaa gataaacaac agaaaaggat tcaaagatta atagttctca     37680
     gaaaaattca aataattttt tgatagatgt caacctcagt tataaaacga gaaaagcatt     37740
     taaattacca tgaaatacca tttttcacgt ttagattggc aagaactaaa agttttataa     37800
     tatatatcat cagtaaggct gtggagtgta agcttttact acctctatcg agggcaatta     37860
     gtatctatca aagttgcaaa tacctgtaat atttgacaga gcattcccac tttggggttt     37920
     atacaacata cttgaacatg tgtaaaataa tgtatgcata agtgtactca tcaaagctat     37980
     taactattaa caaaagattc aaaataattt tattcttcaa tcttggacta gttaagtaaa     38040
     ttattgtcta agttcagtgg aacgctatgt cttcatttta aaaatacata aagtctacat     38100
     actgacttat atgaaatatt atttagagaa aaaataaggt ttaaaacagt gtgtttaata     38160
     aactgtcctt gctgtaaaaa gagaaaacat aaaggtatac atttattgtt gcttgcatat     38220
     gccaacagaa accctagaag aacgcaaaag aaactaatga catcagtagc ctcatgatgt     38280
     ggccatgggg actgaaacga agacaatcac gagattagga ggaagacttt tcaatgtata     38340
     cttttacact ttttagatat tcagccatgt gcattgattt cctacttcaa aaaacaccca     38400
     aattttaaaa taaaagatat aaaattcaag ataatataga tcaaataatc cattcaccct     38460
     ggcccagtca ccactccttc ctctacagaa atacgcacct acagagaatt tttgaaatcc     38520
     tctagagaaa tacacaccta cagagaagtt ttgcaaaaat aaaaataaaa aagcaagagg     38580
     cgaagcagtg tttattacta gctgagatgc ttttgccccg ttaaccccca caggctgaac     38640
     cacttggaga aattgtccag ccttgcatag acacagaaat gggctcctct cttgaaagca     38700
     attctgaacc tcagtgttac accgggccca gaacacaaac acggggaagc agggagagaa     38760
     gaggaataac aatgcctcca aagactgggg ttaacctagg ccttcccaag ctggagaagt     38820
     agatgagcac caggctgcca cagctagtag ggtgcaggca ctggcccctg aaattctcat     38880
     tctgttcctc ccaagaaatg tctgaaggga ggtcaatgtc tgctcaatga tcttgccctt     38940
     gcgctcagaa taagaagctt ctgattttta ccccttcgag gccccacctg taaacaatgt     39000
     aaaccaatca ggtatcacaa aacctgaatg ctacgcctta ttttggggaa atgaacttta     39060
     ttgctcttgg tctacactca gctcttgtag acaagtggga gcgtgggaga cacaaaaggg     39120
     tagagaaaga gccctgtgct taccagggag gctactgtgg tgttttggag gctaagttca     39180
     ggagtttatc cagcatagaa ggcaggggtt taatgcctct tatcaataaa tatttacaca     39240
     tataacctac atgcattgaa tctataatgt gcatacattt cttgtacctg aaaatatcta     39300
     atattaaacc aaggagaaat ataattatag ataatataat acacatagtt atagcataca     39360
     ttttagatga agcatttttg catgctaggg tagacaatac acacagttac agcatacatc     39420
     gtagatgaag catttttgta tgctagggta aacacaaaac ctgtttgcta tgaaggccct     39480
     ggcagtctgt acatctagcc aatcatttgc atactattaa ataacacgtt tgcagtaaaa     39540
     ctagaaggca ataaagctgt atccatgtgt tctctaacct atttgatcaa tgctgccata     39600
     agagcttcag agattgaata tttgtgtggc tctcaatttt gctcacaatt tacgtaaatt     39660
     agaagcttaa atgtaggata ttggtaataa tttatgtgat ctaacaaaca actctctaaa     39720
     gtctttggaa tataaggtct ctggatagcc aaaacttcta attaattgag gattacaact     39780
     ttaatcaaca ataatttttt ttaataattt aaatattttg ggtgaaaatc ttttcaaaca     39840
     attttcaaag cctaaaagct ttgaatttgg ttgataattt ctaagtcaac actatgaaca     39900
     ctggattaca tataatagat ataatctatg tcatacaaac atgtacacaa tagatatgat     39960
     gaggtctgtt aaactatgtg gggttatttg cattggtcta tttttccact tactttgtga     40020
     gtttttctct ccctttcctt gctgtcagtg tcctcatgta gcagcttttc tccttatttc     40080
     taattttctc attttacatc tactacaggc tttgaaattg catactgaag cttctttaag     40140
     tactatgtaa cctaagatta ggccttgaaa taagggcaaa agagatcact ttcaagccac     40200
     atgtgtgaga tttgaatgca ggcccttgag atgatacttt ggctgtatac aggtttgttg     40260
     cttcctgctt taggctacat ctaaagcaga gttttctctg ataagagttt gggttagatt     40320
     caacataacc ttagaagaaa tggctaccct attttattta tgctttgctt tttttacaaa     40380
     aaagaaattt tattaaaatg tatagaaaat catgtgataa aatatttttt aaaaaaagaa     40440
     aagaaaaaag tgaggtcttt gaaatgtaag gcaaaaggca agagcagaca gagccaggta     40500
     taagactcat cacacaacac aagccaacaa ccctccatct ttgccagaga tgaggaacaa     40560
     agttggtttt atgctttgta gtccatccaa aaagctaaca aaactcatat tgttacttag     40620
     tgtaaacaaa acaatcgctt cagtaaagtg caagtttttc agacagtgag tccagaaaac     40680
     aattacttct tacttcctcc tcaagaaatc actgtgaaat gcaaaaataa cgttctcggc     40740
     aatgacgtta caagaaaccc aaagatgagt tttaatagca taattcaatg aaaaataatt     40800
     ctatgggaaa agaaaagatt acagctcacc agaaacacaa aattgcgtat tccaaagcac     40860
     aaccactgat ggtctgtggc tgctcctggt ggctcaatgg cactatctgt gactgtgttg     40920
     gatgcacaca ggtggtcatc tcccagtaca gtgtgagtca ttcagcacct caagtcactg     40980
     aagagtgcct gacagaccct aggccctcct agccccacat ctcagtcttg gttcctcaat     41040
     acagcagcta agtcttgatt taagcaaatg aaaacacagc agggagctct gctattactc     41100
     caaatatgat tactcactat aggctttaga acaaaggaaa tagagacaaa ttaatcaaaa     41160
     gaagcaaaat atctagtaaa gacattactg tcagtggttg gcggttaatg agtgagtgac     41220
     ctggataagg actacttatt gctaaaggca tcctccaata cacagagtgg ggaaagtgaa     41280
     agaaaattaa acacacaaaa acagcactat tcttttttgc ctgtgacagc aagccaaaat     41340
     gtcaacacca actccttaac tttactttcc atgtaagcaa gcagcattag catttctcta     41400
     gaggaaagga caaaaaaata gttcataaca aggtaagatt tggaattaaa aacataaact     41460
     ggtgtggttc aacaaagcca gatttttcag tgcaaacaat gtatcaactg tcagttgagt     41520
     gaaaagataa cccagtctcc agtgcctagg ggcctggaat tatacactgc aaggtattgt     41580
     gcatcaattt cccatgtgtc agagaaagga acagtttagc cttgacacca agaggtctgc     41640
     acacacaaat acctaaaagt aacctaaaag tctattcatg tccttagccc actttttgat     41700
     gggattattt gtttcttgct aatttgtttg agtccattgt agattctgga tatcagtcct     41760
     ttgtcagatg tatagattgt gaagattttc tcccactctg tgtgttgtct gtttactctg     41820
     ctgactgttc cttttgctgt gcaaaagctc tttagtttga ttaggtccca gctatttatt     41880
     tttgttctta ttgcgtttgc ttatgggttc ttgttcgtga aatccttgcc taagccaatg     41940
     tctagaagag tttttccaat gttgtctttt agaattttta tagtttcttg tcttggattt     42000
     aagtccttca tccatcttga gtaccacttg ttccccaata acctatggaa atacaaatat     42060
     taaaaaatac aaaataaaag ttacttagca ctcaattgca gtatgtctga acctcttgga     42120
     aagatggatg cctttcaact attaaaatta ttttttaact atatatctga aaagcattat     42180
     taataaagat tcgtgaactt agcagttata gttccagaga aagagtgcca ggtgtacagc     42240
     tcttagaatg taagctatta agatgcagag attgtatctg tgcaaatcac tttgttcaac     42300
     accagcgaga agtgaaatat ttacaaatat ttttttgatg acaatgacaa ggaatcagga     42360
     cccttgatta gaagagatgg atatccaagt caaaccagct atcttagaaa agaaattggg     42420
     agctcccctt accaaatgtt gagaagagca gaagtagagc tgggcctcaa gctagtgcca     42480
     acatctgaaa aggggctgtt gggaagagca gaagcaggac tgggcctcaa gctagtgcca     42540
     gcatctgagc atctgaaaag gggccaggac tccctgtctc taagtctttc attcccactt     42600
     tcttggtatc ttggctttat ctccaaacca aaatcctttt cttccctaga ggaggaaata     42660
     gaactccagt agctctctgc tagcatcaag ctaagctgag gtgtaaaaac tctcttctac     42720
     ttagttctgt gcatggacag aatcatctgc ctactcacaa accaatcctg tattgggggt     42780
     gtggcattct gatctcccag gttgggtcat gtgcctaccc ttagggtggg aggcagagat     42840
     ttatgagttg ggtgaggaaa gagaagtagt tcctgcagag gaaaggaaca tgcactgaac     42900
     tacagaaatg gggagaagca atgaatatta aaagaagtag actgatgtta ggagaaaatg     42960
     gcaaaactag ggtaagattc ccatatatct cagctggagt actacagagc cccatgtgtt     43020
     aatacacaag aatacatttt atagaagatg ttattattat ttgtatgaaa ctggatactc     43080
     agttgaattc gtacatgaat gcataatgcc atcgctcact accaaaaatt ttgcagtaga     43140
     gcttcccaca tttggggcaa ttccagggat cagcatgccc ctataatgga tccagagtgg     43200
     aatggataag ccttgccctg ggaaaactgc ctttaagatc atggtatctg ccctgccagg     43260
     taagtatgaa actggatctt tctaaggcac attggaacaa acctcatttt tagccacaag     43320
     ttatgggtat tttgaaaagc ccttattgca aaacacatag aaacagcagg taaaatacag     43380
     tcaacatgga cttaatgcat ggttgttctt ccaagagggt aaggaaaccc ccggggaaat     43440
     ggcaaagcag aaaacctgaa tgggggggaa acggcaaagc agaaaacctg aatggccaat     43500
     gaatgcaaaa ccatggctgc tccggaaaca tttcccaacc tcaagaatct agagacttga     43560
     atctgaaggc tgagcagggt ggcagaagac aaggctttta ggtcactgcc aggtagagac     43620
     ctctgcatac attcagaact cattaatcag gaattaaaag cttctaacaa aagtaaagag     43680
     ataaaaaagg agcttgttca tctcatgttc attgcagcat tattcataat agccaagagg     43740
     taaaagcaac ctaaatatct gtcaagagat gaatggattt taaaaagtgg tatatacaca     43800
     ataaattatt attcagcctt aaaaaagaaa gaaatcgtgt catatgtcat aacatagata     43860
     aaccttgggg atactatact aagtgaaata aaccagtcac aaaaatacaa acacagtgct     43920
     gcatgatcct tcttatatga ggtttttaaa gtagtcaaac tcttagaaac agagacgtaa     43980
     aatgacaggt gccagggact agcggagggg gaaaagagga cttgttcagt gggtatagag     44040
     ttttatagtg aatcccacac ttaatcctac tcaagctggt atagaggata gaaacaaaga     44100
     taagactata gatttatgaa caataaaaag tgtaaaccaa gcattctata cctagccaaa     44160
     ctgtcattca catatggaga tgaaaagaga aaaagagttt caaacatgca ggaatgtagg     44220
     acaatcattt gtacaacctt actgaaaaat tgttctctga attaacataa atgtggccgg     44280
     gcatagtggc tcacgcctgt aatcccagca ctttcggagg ccaaggtgga tggatcgctt     44340
     gaggccaaga gttcaaggcc atcctgggta acatggtgaa atcccatctc tagtaaaaac     44400
     tcaaaaatta gttgggccat ggtggcgggc tcctgcaatc ccagctgagg caggagaatc     44460
     acttgaacct gggaggcaga ggttgcagtg agcacagcac tgcactccag cctgagtgac     44520
     agagggaaac tatgcctccg agaaaaacca agcagacaga caaatacatt ttacactggc     44580
     aaagatcaaa ttatttgtga ttatagtgct catcatttac tgagcatata atccctagca     44640
     gtagtttcac tagatacttt ataaatgcca tttctgtctg tccttcaaca agcctctaaa     44700
     ttagatgttc tatccacttt atggatatga gaaatctaag agaacttact aacccactct     44760
     tagatttctc atctatgaag ttgacaaaat agctcattta caggctttgt aatttctaaa     44820
     atatcatata gctaggattg taaattgatc ctggtacttt ttgatttttt gagttaaagt     44880
     tcatgctgaa gcgtgttggg ttgacaggca ttctgagatt cagcacaggg cataagcaaa     44940
     atggcagctt ttcctactgg ggtaaaggag tcagaccacc aaaataatcg gttctttaaa     45000
     cctcctttct gatgactcac atcctcaaaa ctttatgaac tcttaacatg atatcgtgta     45060
     cactggaaaa atgcaatgta tatttttaat aaaaatggag tgggttttag gagatctaga     45120
     gcagtcacag ctgacatcca aactgttcta tttcactcgc agaggtttcc atcttccacc     45180
     accacgacct ccaccttcct gctcttcact cctccttact ttactaatct agttactgtt     45240
     tttctctctt ccaattcaga ctcaaagtga caggacggga cagaatgagg cagaaatcac     45300
     agggtttgta aggcctggag aatggggttc acacaaacct ttggaccact ttttctcagg     45360
     ggtagacttc atgctcagat gctgatgttc tgtgctggac ctgtttgggt tcctcctcct     45420
     cattcactct tgctcctgag catcacctgc tctgacttgt aaacgttctt ctaacatccc     45480
     ctaacacaaa ggagttaact gaagctctga gaggcctgga ggtcagtcat ggaccttcac     45540
     attatttgac tttaaacaaa tcttgaaaga ttcatccccc tcaacatggc acttgtgtgc     45600
     atgtagaggc attcatctca caccactaca aaagaagcag cagtgtttgc cagaaatcat     45660
     gggattcctc ttttttctcc gggctccggg tctgaattgc caggccggct ttgtcaggag     45720
     tgataaatgt aagagtcatg gctgggtggg gctggattgt gctatgtgtg gcacataagg     45780
     gatgaaagtg agagatattt cctaattaca aatgtatgtt ctttattctt caaagtttgg     45840
     attcacacct ctctattcca tttttctgca caaaatctca ctgtatcatt aatggatttg     45900
     tccagtgcat tgataatatc ataatctatc cactctaacc tgattaagca tgcacttgtc     45960
     attttaaaaa atgaggaaac tggcatacat gtttcagcaa agaatttgcc acacctgcat     46020
     tgtgtatgca gctggtttaa ttacagacat aatgtattta gcatagtatg tacgaagctg     46080
     catcacacct gaacatccca tttgatgtat ttcctgagac ctatttgcca ctgttctttc     46140
     ctttgtgact gtccttacag aattaatatt ttgataacta ttatataatt aattatcctt     46200
     caggacctca ttgaaactgc gatcttattc catcacattt ggaaatgagt gtacgcttat     46260
     agctcctttt gaagataatg aggcatcaca gaaggagcca tgatctacat ttccttgaac     46320
     atccagaaag cagaaattac gatactgtga ctggccctgg ctgtgttttg atgagattgt     46380
     cttggtcatc actttctcag tttcttagca ccaagttctt gggtgaccag ttgcacagaa     46440
     caccacttgc attactgaat acaaactgac ttggggtcta tagggtgacg gtggttgagg     46500
     gttgacagca gtgctgtagg aacaagactt gaatcacaga gggagtctac atggagcaat     46560
     gtggtgatat atttccaagc acacaatttc tacaacaggt caactgcaat tcccacacag     46620
     ctgacccagc cctaaagtga acattgagta aaagcaatca tatctttatt ccaaaccatc     46680
     tgaatttgct gatttttata aatatgttat tttattctat caaataaatt ctactcctgg     46740
     attccttaaa acaactcctg cattactttg taggtaaaac tatcaaaaaa tttgcataat     46800
     tacttcattt gaagttatta aactgctaag gcagcaaaat tcattaagct acattttact     46860
     aaactctaat cattaagtga aacaatattt ttccctcaaa aaaggtaata gtttcctgga     46920
     aatattcttc atggctttat ttcctctgct aattgatccg ggtcatttaa ttcaataatt     46980
     tttataaagg taaaattata ggaatttaat tgacttttgc ttagcttcca attatgtcta     47040
     atttgtttct attcagtctc attagatcca gttatggttg gactaatagt aattactccc     47100
     aatagttaat gtactttaaa ataaggactc tgtcttctgt tattttcaag taatttttca     47160
     tcagggttag gcagggcttc ttaatcatat taatacaaat ggtttcctat gtacatgagt     47220
     aagtttgcat ttagtacgca ggcaatccca tgtaacttag caaagctagc aagtccctag     47280
     acacggcgca gccactgtag aggtggcctc tcactagcat cgttaatatc aattgtaatt     47340
     ggtaggcaat cacttagttt cacatttcat tacccgagtt atacaaatgt gtaaaaaaaa     47400
     tacagtttta ataaaaggga gtaaaggata atatgagtaa tattcacaat ctctagttgg     47460
     aagaggtagt gttttctcag aaatgatgca ttcctggagc aaggtcattt tgtgtttggt     47520
     ttgttaaata tctatttcca ttttgacaaa ccattggaaa agcccagctt cacaaggact     47580
     ctccatgaaa gcgatcacaa aaaagaacac ccataacaca aaatcaaaac aagggtggtc     47640
     tgggcttcaa ttaaagactc attaccaagt tttcttagaa gagataagga acacaaagtt     47700
     acttttatgt gatggaaaac agagagaaag agtaaatgga acaataaccg ttaggaaaca     47760
     gcagtgagaa acaagctgtg gaaaaaaatg aatggaatta tgttttgttt gctattgatt     47820
     tcctatcctg atatcagaaa atatgggaaa gaacaaagca cattttttga gacaaataga     47880
     acatagaata aattagcatt aaagattatt ttgcagtgct aacaaaaata tctgtgactt     47940
     gtttcttccc ttcaaaaata cgattttgta caattacatt tatatgaatt atagaaataa     48000
     aattgtaaag atggagaaca gactatgggg ttgccaaggg gaagggatgg aggaaaatgt     48060
     gtcagagtgt ccacaaagat tgcaagttgg agcctggcgg tgaggctaca gttctgtatc     48120
     ttgactgtcg aggttgtagt tacagagatc tacacgagat aaaaatgcac agaacacatg     48180
     cacacaaata cacacacaca tacatacaaa aacaaatgtg tacaaaatgg ttgtgatctg     48240
     agcaagcttt ctgaattgta cctatgtcag tttccaggtt ttgatatgct ctatggctat     48300
     gcgagatgtc accgttggga gaattagtga agagtaccta agacatccct gtaccttttg     48360
     caacttcctg tgaatctata attatttcaa aagaaacttg aaagtcgagt atagcaagga     48420
     ctaaatccat cacttcaaag aggaaaaaac tgaagatgaa tgaaattgtt gaagaacatc     48480
     aaatactcaa cagtccgtat gagagctgta ttctgtccac tcgaagctca gctgtcgttt     48540
     agccttttcc tgacgtgccc tggaggactt gagctcccct tggattgcca aggcctataa     48600
     tgtttatttg ttactaactt tgtgctggac ccaaaaaaaa atgaaaagtg atcgaataat     48660
     catttataat aacaactagt acttttactt ataaagagac aatagtggta atgaatttaa     48720
     atatttgggg taaagaatag gatcttggta agacaatatt ggcaaaatat aaaacagaaa     48780
     aaataaggaa tcagaaacat aagtagttca gtactgtgaa aaaattctgg atctgagaag     48840
     caaaagaaca gagattgtat tgcatttctg ctccaaacct gctgaatcac cttaggcaat     48900
     gcatgccctt tccctgaatc tgttttcttt tctacaaaat aaagtgagct agatcatctc     48960
     caaatattca catttttcga ctctacatgg acttcagttg aattgctaat ttcagtttgg     49020
     ataatacatg tgtgctgcac cacaagtggt gtgtctaaac cctcatgttg gtcctaaaaa     49080
     ataattaaat ctagcatttg gcagctggaa gccattgcaa tcttttaagt attcctgaag     49140
     cttattttat cagtgtatca agataaaatg ctaataacgt ggtagatata aagtctgtta     49200
     gcaactatca gtgctgtgtt atctcagaag actttgttag gataatgata agaagtggat     49260
     caagtaaaac agcctgaatt gacccccaag atccactaaa atgattaact attccattca     49320
     tgaaaattca ctacagtcaa actatctaaa cttgctgttc ctgagctgac gttattccag     49380
     ttctacatgg cagtattaat tgcacctcca tttggctaag catcatgaat aacagcagtc     49440
     ttaacaatgt atcgccactt ccttatatac ctgtttacac ttgtgatcat aataatgtca     49500
     actttaatac tctcaccaaa aaaatgttga aaaaaatacc ccttttacaa cgtaaagcta     49560
     aagatctagg cttgcataaa tgatcaaaag ctaaaaggta gcaccagtaa tctctgttag     49620
     tactgcaaaa agacatcaag ttcagtatca acttaataaa aaagacagtt attaaccagc     49680
     aactgaactt taaggttatc atgttgcttg caactgaaat acgagcctat tcacgaacac     49740
     agacgatatt cacatgaaca tccctgctaa actctacctg agctcaccat gagagtaaac     49800
     cgggaggagg ggtagagatg atagctctcc atatataatg cttgaatctc caggaggcaa     49860
     cagaacagga tcattgcccc accatggctc cttcccatct gttttgatca tccaggcaga     49920
     cctatagtga aacaaaatga aagcactaac agtttcctgg gctgtatttt tcttagtatc     49980
     ctacagagaa acacctagtc acactgccac tgactgcact cctaaccctg gattttgcat     50040
     tctcacactg tgggttacaa gaggcaaaca gcaatgcaga tccatcacta tcatcggata     50100
     taatgcaaat aagacacttg ctgtggatgg ctgatcataa caataacatg atctgggggc     50160
     atcagaagtc ctgcttgact cttattttct aacatttttg caggctgctg gctgacctcc     50220
     accccacttc aggaacaaca ggatagacta cagctgggcc gatccataaa ctcaccagta     50280
     gcccaggaga tggcctgaca tgaaaagttc tgcacaagca ggagcaaaat gagccaatag     50340
     ctccacttgc attctgttgg tatcctgcat gttattttca cagagcaata caagtttctg     50400
     ctgtactgca cacacatatt actcactttc tttgccgcca tgatgcttaa gtatttcaac     50460
     tgcattttta agtaatatat ctttcaaaac ttcgcttaaa aattgcatga tctccagttg     50520
     tagcttcagt agtctgttga aaagtttgtc taagacagta ggctttaaac attgaaataa     50580
     ctccttggtc cactagctgg acgattaaag ttgtatttgt tagtaaaaag cggcttttta     50640
     acatcttcat ggaggtatcc aaatgaataa aggtgacctg gacacttatc caacagtgat     50700
     ggtgctttaa aagttaaatt atgtgagttt atgactggag gacaagtagt ttacacaact     50760
     acacaccttg atatctgtct aaactaaatt catacagacg cacaggtaca cagcgacaaa     50820
     taaccagcac actttcacag agacagcatg attgctcact gatcatcatg cttgtccatt     50880
     aaatacttac taatttttgt actaaaaacc agcatcaaaa tttgtactga atgaaattac     50940
     acatagttaa tacactgtgg aaagtgaaat ttgcactgtg tccatgaagg aattatatat     51000
     gttatctaac caaagcacag taacaaaaat tcctgcatat aagaaccacg aaaagccagg     51060
     actgctgtaa gatttttata ttacttggga gatgatataa tagtacttaa gaataaactg     51120
     tgataagtta acaatataca cggtaaacgc ttgagcaata actttgaaca aaaatacata     51180
     gtgcacctat tgagccaata gttgcaataa aatataatac tgatatggtt tggctgtgtc     51240
     cctaatcaaa tctcatcttg aattgtagtt cccataatcc ccatgtgtcc tgggagggac     51300
     ctggcagaag gtaatgatac ttattgagca tctactatat caggtgcagc cagtgtagct     51360
     cttgaacaag acagacaaaa ttctcatacc tctaccaggg tcatatttga tcttcattta     51420
     tctaccattt ataacatttt atttgtcttt tattggaaac ccttcaaatc ctttctgaag     51480
     tagatatagt tgaaataaag atataagttg agactgagat catatactgc attatttccc     51540
     ttgcaaattc atattaatta cagtgaatat ctcattttgt ttttcttttt gtttggaggg     51600
     aaggagtagt tcctgtcttg ctacttttct ttctaaccgt gccatgattt aagttccttc     51660
     attcatcgtg ttggctctct tgaagaaaaa tccagacacc tgccttacac tggaagcagc     51720
     aagggctttt cctcgccggc tcccgtgcag ctctcaggca ggcgtgtgac cagaccatgg     51780
     ctgtcagtcg ctctccctcc aggcttggac tcttgatccg tgatgagaga acagcagagg     51840
     cacatgatat ttatcgcagc accagtgcgc tgagcgaacc cttcctgccc agagacgaat     51900
     gcagggtcct tgcttcccca gtccctttga tttctatttt caagcctagt ttctcagctt     51960
     ccagtttatt ctttgagcct tgctctcatt gctaccacca acatttttca ggaaattccc     52020
     ctttcttttc atgttatttt cagatggttg caactaaaga gcactaagca acactctcca     52080
     aactcaactg ggccctgcta ttcccagtgt tgccaatgag aaagaataca tggagcccca     52140
     cagaaggagg agtcagagtc cttagctaag ggaggagacc actactcata tcgtcttatg     52200
     cgcaatttct gcctccaaag aaataagaag taaaaactaa aaggcagaaa tgaaatccac     52260
     aggcagacag cccagtgcca caccctgggc ctggtagtta aagatcgacc cctgacctaa     52320
     tcggtcaggt taactataga ttacagatat tgtatggaaa agcactgtga aaatccctgt     52380
     cctgttcttc tccgttctaa ctaccagtgc atgcagcccc cagtcatgaa ccctcagctt     52440
     gctcagtcga tcacgatcct ctcacgcgga cccccttaga gttgtgagcc cttaaaaggg     52500
     acaggaattg ctcatttggg gaggtcggtt gttggagacg tgagtcttgc tgaagctccc     52560
     agccgaataa agccctttct tctacaactc ggtgtctgag gggttttgtc tgcagcttgt     52620
     cctgccacaa gccagcactg gacactcaaa gtctcttgtg caataagcac tcaataaata     52680
     gtggtgaaag gaaaagggtg gaaaggagga gggaagagaa gaaaggacaa agaaagagag     52740
     gaaaagaagg aaaggagggt gggagggagg aagaaagaga gggagggagc aagaagggag     52800
     ggagggaaaa atgtagggtg ggtgggcagg aggaagggag agagaaaaag ataaagggag     52860
     ggaagggagg gaaaggggag ggggagggaa aaacacaagg gcgtgggaat aaatcccaaa     52920
     tgaccatttc tggcaaaaaa tgctgagtta aaaaaatcac gggagaacac ccctttgttt     52980
     aggtacttgc tatctcttaa aagaacacag aaattatagt ttatatattt tacatgaata     53040
     ttgaggaaaa taaggatctg aaggatatgc agagaaatac atgaaaatac aaaattaggt     53100
     gtctaaattc agaaaagctg gtaaatatta atgaagtaaa atagcaggca aagacatgtg     53160
     ggaggggagt gtgacttaga atgtagacct gaataagaaa attaaaagtt attttaaagt     53220
     tagttgaagg actaagggtg gaaatccata ggattcctgc tttttttctg tctatgctac     53280
     tttggcaagt atagtgcata aaagacataa ggaagattga gaaaatcatg gatgatcttt     53340
     ctacttaaat gaaattgtat ccaaaaccaa aaaacaaaaa caagagtgag agacagaact     53400
     ttttctatgg gtttcccact gtggaaatct ccctacagac acctcatgtg ttctttgatt     53460
     atttggctgg ttggattatt ttctctctct tctggctgtt tgctaactga ggttttcatt     53520
     acagaggccg tctatcaccc gggtaccaat tcctgattaa tggaaagata ccatctctcg     53580
     acatggtacc ctccaggttt gattgacgct gcttcgagct ttgagcacgc atcggttatg     53640
     tgaccccggg cctcttgttt gctcatctgt tttcattttg tggtatagaa actttacatg     53700
     tccagccact actaagcaga aacacaaaga agcaattatc tattcaattg atgtttccca     53760
     gatgcaagtt atttaatgct tttattaacc cttagagtgg catgttattc agtctccaca     53820
     ccaggtgaat attcggtagg aaacgcagct cctatacaca cactattgtc atttaaaatt     53880
     aaagggaaaa attaaaatgt ctctccagcc aaactagccc tttttcagca tttttacata     53940
     ttatgaaata aatctaaggc aacttttagg ttgtttacag agaataaaaa gttatcttta     54000
     aatctagggc ttaaaatgaa taattagagg taaatctagt tggcttaatc aaaataactg     54060
     ctataggaat tacatacaat tagcgtccaa ataaaatcct tagcctactc tatacaggaa     54120
     agtaatataa atattagata ggaaaatatc aattctctct ctcatgtctt ctcaagatca     54180
     catttaaacc cttgatcctt cttgtcattt caagcacaag ccaaaataca agccaaaaca     54240
     caagcaaatc atgaggataa ggctgaattt taaatcttga ttccaaaagc cactctccta     54300
     ttctggttag aaaaataaca aagctatgtt ctgtctttta tcactgcaca tttaggccac     54360
     aatcattcaa gtgttttgcc aacaatgagc acagcacaag gtaccagggg gcaatgggta     54420
     gacaaccttt cgacagctta ttccagcaca gactgatgca aaacaaaatg ctgccagagc     54480
     caagtcccct ttcggcttct tcctggcttt ctacaatctt attcctcact taatttctcc     54540
     atcctgttcc cttctctctg cccctagtag cccgtgactc acataagcct ttctcaggcc     54600
     agcaggcaca tgggagcctc acccggcctg gggccagcag atgaaccagg agtgtgaccc     54660
     aggtcccagc aataaccaga ggtgacaggg caagggctac agcttaagca ctttgaagat     54720
     gagacttctg accacatgga gagaaaataa gcaccaacct atacccgttg cacagggtac     54780
     agtagagcca ccaaattgca gtcaggagcc aggacctctt cgctggatgc tgtcctcgcc     54840
     catatcaccc cacaccgggt catcgcggtc tgtgttcatc actttccacc tctttccttt     54900
     atctttgtcc tattccacca ttgcttctgc ttccttcccc aagactgatc atgtatgtcc     54960
     caactgaaaa acaaaaatct cttttctgaa ccctgcaaca gtctctacca gcggtcctca     55020
     cacagggcaa tgcccttccc acccccacca gaggacattt agcaacatct agagaccttt     55080
     atgtttgtca ccgctagggg aggggttgcc actgtcatgg ggtgtccagg ccagggatgc     55140
     tgccaaacct cctacaaggc acaggacagc cttctctccc caacaacaaa gaattgtgtg     55200
     gcccaaactg cccatagtgc tgagggagca actctgcttt ggacaccact cgctaaactt     55260
     cccaaatgaa ctccctgcgt gttgtctaca cttagtggtt tgcgctttct ccctcccaac     55320
     tcacactgaa ccgcaaggat tggttggctg cctgctctgc tgcacacaca cagctcttgc     55380
     aaatggcaca cccaattcta cagaaaaacg cagcggatag tgcagaggag aaacgcaggt     55440
     tctttcctct cttctttgct tttacacaaa gataatcttc tcaccaaaac tgtgctctca     55500
     gtgtgacatc agagagaaac cagaatggga cttcactgac atcactcacc accacagaaa     55560
     ttcaactagc agctctccac aggcaagaat accatcgtgc atgtcccaga attcaggact     55620
     aaggctgaga cacactcctg gaccccagag ctaagaaaag ctgttgcaat ggtaaaaagt     55680
     ggagagagat gttgagcgca cactcctccc caacctggca gagcctcaca tgcagagatt     55740
     cctctggatc cgcagttgca cggtgagaaa gtgagttgga ggcagaagtt ctgcttcccc     55800
     accattctgg gcccctttgc aggagctcac gcctgtcttg tcccacagga aacgcttccc     55860
     cacgattctg ggcccctttg caggagctca cgcctgtctt gtcccacggg aaacgctccc     55920
     ccgccattct gggccccatt gcaggagctc acgcctgtct tgtcccacgg gaaacgcttc     55980
     cccgccattc tgggcccctt tgcaggagct cacgcctgtc ttgtcccaca ggaaacgctt     56040
     ccccgccatt ctgggcccct ttgcaggagc tcacgcctgt cttgtcccat gggaaacaca     56100
     tccccaccat tctgggccac tttgcaggag ctcacacctg tcttgtccca cgggaaacat     56160
     tgggagtgcc cacagggcca gttagaaaca aaaacaggtg gggctcacag caaacagggc     56220
     acagatcggg cctggcccat ggaggtgcca catcagagaa actagccaga ggcaccacgc     56280
     cacaggaagc acccccacag gtgctccagg ctcagccccc agcgtgcttc aacgcccttc     56340
     gtaatagcaa accctcgcaa atccagcata gagggagctg cctcagcaca ggagagacgc     56400
     ccatgccaca cccatagcta acgtcattct caatggtgga aagtcgaaag cgtttctcct     56460
     aggatcaggg agaaggatgc ccactctcac cactcctact caacatagca ctagaagtct     56520
     tagcaagaga aagaaacaaa aggcattcta attgagggaa gaagtgaaat gtctctattt     56580
     gcggacaaat tgatctttta tatagaacac cctaatggct ccacaaaaaa actgttagga     56640
     catataaaca aattaaggtt tcaggatata aaatcaacgt acaaaaatca atagcgttct     56700
     atatactaat aacaaatatt taaaaagtaa atttcaaaaa aaaatcccat ttacaatagc     56760
     aacaaaataa ataaatactt aggtattaat ttaacccagg acgtaaaaga cctgcatact     56820
     gaaaactata aaatgctgat gaaagaaaat gatgaaaaca caaataaata gaaatatttt     56880
     ccatgtttat gggtagaaga aataatgttg tgaaaatgta caaactaccc aatgttctat     56940
     agattcagtc cagcccttat caaatattca atgtcatttt ttacagaaat agaaaacaca     57000
     atccttaaat tcacatggaa ctacaaaaga ccttaaatag ccaaaacaat catgaaggaa     57060
     aagaacacag ctggaggcat cacactccct cattttaaac tcttttagca gttgcaatta     57120
     gtacacccta gaactggcat aaaaaacaga caaatcaatc aatggaacag aatggaacac     57180
     acagaaataa tcccccacat ttatggtcaa ctgatttttg atgagggtgc caagaacaca     57240
     caatggggaa aggagagtct ctccaacaaa tgatgttgga aaaactgcat atccacatgt     57300
     gaaataatga aattagaccc ttatcttatg acatacacaa aaatccactt aaaatggata     57360
     aaagatttgg cctggcatgg tggctcatgc ctgtaatccc agcactttgg aaggctgaga     57420
     caggtacatc acctgaggtc aggagtttga gaccagcctg ggcaacatgg tgaaacccca     57480
     tctctactaa aaatacaaaa cttagccagg ctggtggcag gtgcttataa tccgagctac     57540
     tcaggaggct gagccacgag aatcacttga acccaggagg cggaggttgc agtgagccaa     57600
     gatcacacca ctgcactcca gcctgggtgg cagagtgaga ccctgtctct aaataaataa     57660
     ataaaattta aaaaatggat aaaagactta aatataaaaa ctgaaattct aaaatgacta     57720
     gaagaaaaca taagggaaag ttctataacg ttggtgtgga caataatttt ttttggataa     57780
     gaccctgaaa gcacaggcaa taaaagcaaa aacacacaaa taaaatggca tcaaactcaa     57840
     aagcttctgc acagcaatgg aaacaatcag cagagagaag agacagccca caaaatggag     57900
     taaaatattt gcaaatcata catcaagtaa gcagctaatg tccaaaatat aaaagaaact     57960
     caacccaata gcaagaaaac aaataattag atgatgttaa aatgggcaaa ggacccaaag     58020
     tcctcaaaag aagatttaca agtagctagt tggtacatga aaaaatgctc agcatctcta     58080
     attattagag aaatgcaaat aaaaaccaca atgagttatc acctcacccc tgttggaatg     58140
     gctatcatcg aaaagatgaa aaataaatgt tggagaggat gcagaggaaa gggaactctt     58200
     atgcgtaatg gaaatgtaaa ttactacagc cattgtggaa aatgacatgg aggttcctca     58260
     aaaaactgaa tatagaacca gtaaatgatg cagtaatctc acttctgggt gtgtatccaa     58320
     aggaactgaa ggtaggtcca agagacgtct gcacatccat agttattgca gccctattca     58380
     taacagccaa gatgtggaat caacctaagt gtccatccgt ggatgaatgg ataaatgtgg     58440
     tatatataca atggcatact attcagcctt tcaaaagaag gaaatcctgt catttgtgac     58500
     aacatggatg aatctggagg actttatgct gagagaaata aggtaggcgc agaaagacaa     58560
     ataccccatg atctcactgg catgtgaaat ctaataaggt tgaactcata gaaacaggaa     58620
     gtagaatgat ggttaccaga ggctgacagg tgcggggtgt gggaagacag ggagtgagga     58680
     gttgatgatc aaagagaaca aagtttcaga tagacagagg gttggtgatc cattgcatag     58740
     caaggtactg tagtcagtaa tgatgtgtca tatatttcag aataactgag agcataaatt     58800
     tcaattgtct caccatgaaa gagaacaggt aagcaaggcg atgaatatgt tagcttgatc     58860
     taattatttc atcttgtata caattatcaa aatatcacat tgtaccccac aaatgtatac     58920
     agttatgatt tgtcaatcaa aacaaatgtt aataatattt tttgttctga gacagtctca     58980
     ctctgttgcc caggcaggga tggggtggtg caatcatggc tcactgcagt ctcaatctct     59040
     caggctcaag cgatcctctt gcctcagcct cctgagcagc tggaactaca gccacatgca     59100
     accacactgg actaattttt taaattttgt gtagagatgg gattttgcta tgttgctcag     59160
     gctggtcttg aactcctgga ctcaagctat cctccatcct tggcctccca aattgctaag     59220
     cttacaggca ggagccgcta tattcaggca acttttttaa aaaaactatg ttctctgctg     59280
     gtttctgtga cctcgtcaca tcattgtcgt ggtcattgat tcctgaagtg tgaactctaa     59340
     atgcctttgt ctggctccta ggacccttgt ctacatgccc caccattgaa tctcataggt     59400
     cctcccctca caccttgctt ttcggttgtg caaaccactt atcaattccc aaagaggctg     59460
     agcacactct aatctttcct tttctgccca gattcctccc cgctaatgct gattaaccct     59520
     tttccacctt tcgaaattca agacaaatgt ctcctcctct gtgacagaat tctgggccac     59580
     cgtcagtgcc ttcctcttgc ctgacaaata tcttgtcaca cttcagtttc tacacttgct     59640
     atacctgtgt gttcatatgt ctattacaac ctcctctcca tgcaaatgga aggccctgga     59700
     tctgggttct ctgtactttt gtacaccgag agcccagtac agtgtctggc aattagttgg     59760
     tactaaataa caaaatatgg caaaacaaat aaataaaata catgatttaa aagcagacaa     59820
     tgtaattgtc atttgaacaa gttctccaac tttattctat tacctttaaa ttctctcttt     59880
     ttcctttctt ccccatcctt gcaaatgaaa agatccatgt actatcaacc ttcctctcaa     59940
     ggcttggggt tttaatgagt caatgtaata aatttacgtg ttttggagac gaaagagctg     60000
     agacagagag gctaagtaac ttacccgagt aggagctgcg acctaaagtc tgtatttctg     60060
     acactgcact gatcctaacc caggcagtga aggtccaggg aagtgaaata agacacactg     60120
     gaccatgacg atacatggga gggaaatctg tgaaagacag agaaacagag cttagtgccc     60180
     agggtgggat cttaggctat tctgggtgat ggtgagtggg caggccagca gcattaaagc     60240
     agcagtagga ggcagggatg ggaccctcgt cataacccgc ctctaaggga actcactgca     60300
     gggtgagcat ggcccatcag tgacccgtca ggcaggtgta gcagatattt tgcatgactc     60360
     tgatgcactg cttccatttt ttaagggagt ggttgactca cagtcggtat accgggggtg     60420
     acccaggctc tggtctgccg cagtaacact ggtcacatgc tccccggagc gcaatggtag     60480
     ctggttgagc atcctcacca agtatggtta cctgcttctc attctcacgg acacaggctt     60540
     ctaacaactt ttccgattgc acaagatcat ttttgaggct tcattccctc ccccacagta     60600
     aagaacagac cccaaatcct cagcttggtc taaaaaaagt attctaaaat atgtacattg     60660
     attttttcaa ctgaatgttt tcaactaaat catctcaatg gaaagtgaaa agggaatttt     60720
     tgtttgttca atagtttgcc caaaggattg tatcatttct ttaaagtaaa ttttagtcaa     60780
     aaagtagatt tatataaaat tctaacaaaa ttgctttctt ctggaataaa caagtcctgt     60840
     aaaatactgt gtatttatat ataaaataac agataatata cactatatat atatcacacc     60900
     ctataatatg tactatatgt atataaatat tttataagga gaattttatt cctatgacgt     60960
     aatggtgtta taattttgaa aaccagaagt agggcctaac aatgtgttaa aaatatttgc     61020
     actaactgtt aattgatgcg ttaatgtcat tttcatcttc ccccaacaaa tatttaacat     61080
     tcaatactta tacatatccc ctggtaaatg aactttctta tttgccagca aaggttctta     61140
     gaaaaataga ctgaaaagaa ataacttcta tctaaagatg tttcaaaagc ttcacacaac     61200
     ttacagaatg gataaaaatg tcgcataact tacaagggta aattagcatg tgaagggtaa     61260
     atatcatttt actttaatgt ctctcaaaaa tcaaaatctt accttaccat aattcttaac     61320
     ctaaaaagca attaataagc agtgttttat aatgttgctg tatcttgggt gtgcctgggg     61380
     aactatttgt gttcttctta actgagctgt ataagcaagt aacaagctgc tctgagaaat     61440
     cattcggctt ttgaaaccaa aatgattatt agattaggtc agagagatcc acagccaaat     61500
     ttatcatgct catatgtctc tttttatctg ccaaatataa ttgcttgtta tttgtctttt     61560
     taaaatataa aataaagttc agtgcgcaaa taaaaattca atgcagctca atacatgaaa     61620
     gttgttttta cagagattca aatcaaagcc atcctgtcca atcccgctct catttagaaa     61680
     ggtttccatt ggagcagaaa ggtggtaatg gctgacagcc aatctgcagt ggaaaaaatg     61740
     caagcctgtg acctagaagg cactggtgtt caaagcccta attactcaga tgtcagaagt     61800
     acaagattac aggcttttat aatgtcaaga taattaagat agtttgcaaa attgcacctg     61860
     gtaaattcta aattcaagtg accccagtgg tctgcaaaag aatataaaga tgtccttggt     61920
     agccttctgc ctgtatctca gtggtactct cttcctgcct ttatctcagt ggcactctct     61980
     ttctgtccct aataatgcac actgtgatcc caaacctgta cctgtgagtc gagacgaaca     62040
     agatggtgca ccagctcttg ggcttctgag aagaaaagga aaacaggagc ctgtccccat     62100
     cccacactgt gctggagact ttcttagaca ctgaaccaca cttccaccca ttgtgttgaa     62160
     gacaagaata cggggagcca gagacgctga ggaaacgtgc ccaagccggc ggcaaagctg     62220
     agatttgcag cagccccatt agtctagtag actctgactg acatcagctg aggccagatt     62280
     taaagagatg agcattcatg ggagcatctg ttattttgtc acaccctccc taactcggtt     62340
     ttaaataaac aacgcaagtg aaaaggggca atattatgtg aataactatc atattacatt     62400
     atttgtattg gaagacgctt ttcttttcct catatattct tgatgtcaca agacttcagg     62460
     cctttatgca aaatgtacaa ctgccactgt taaagtacgt gctgaaatta taacgacaac     62520
     cctctcacat cgacccccac ccatatgggc tggcccaccc tataagatgc attgtcatta     62580
     gttataaatt gaacactcat tagagctgac aaaatgttga acagcaaagt atcaagcatt     62640
     ccctgtcatg atttgaggtt aaattgtcca aagtgactca gcacaaggga gaataggtgt     62700
     atttctggga cactttttgt atttcagact caaaattctc ttgaaagaaa tacaactcga     62760
     acttagctca tcatatcaaa agccagatca cataatcctt ctcactgaat aaaatcagat     62820
     gggtctgaca atgaggttgg aagctttgcc aagagctttt gctgtatgtt tctcgaggag     62880
     tgagagagag agagaaagag gatgcaacct gaagttcagc agcagctatc accacacagt     62940
     cagctactcc tgaatcccag cacctcaagg attagagggt cctgttcaac acagtagcca     63000
     ctaggcacct gtgggtattg gccacgtgaa atgggctggt tccaactgag gtcagctgca     63060
     agtgcaaact atgtcctgga tttcacagat ttagagtgga aaagaatgca aactctctta     63120
     ttacgtgttt aattgatgat ttgttgacgt gagatttgga tatatcgaag taagtaaaac     63180
     gtattattaa aattaattcc acctgtttgc tttttacttt tttaatgagg ccactaaaga     63240
     caacttaccc atatgttcca aataattgaa agtaggatct tgaagaggca ttttcatgtc     63300
     catgttcaca gcagcattgt tcacaaaagc cagattttca atagctaaat ggataagcaa     63360
     aataaggtct atctgcataa tgaaacctca ttcagccata aaagataatg aagtactaat     63420
     acatcctaca acatgcttga accttaataa catcgtggta ggtgaaagac gtcagtcaca     63480
     aaagaccaca tactctatga ttccgttcat atgaaaatcc agaatggagg ggtccacaca     63540
     gacagaaagg aggtaaatgg tttcttagcc atgggggtga gaagatgggg ccatttggaa     63600
     agagttctag gtttcttttt gaggtgataa aaatgttcta aaattgactg tggtgatgtt     63660
     tgtacctact tgtgaatata ttgaaaacca ttgagtcata cagttgaagt gggtgagttg     63720
     tatggaatgt gaattatatc tcaacaaagt tgtttttttt taaaaaaaaa aaaaagaaaa     63780
     ctctcaagaa actgatggaa agttgggaga ggagaatttc aggcagagag agtggcactt     63840
     gcaaatagga tctgctgtga aggaacagat ttgttctctc cccttggatg gtgctccgtg     63900
     tctctgtcct taattaatac ccaggccagg ctttcactgg gccccatggc actggcatgg     63960
     gacaaagctc tccaggcctg tcttgcccaa aacactgctc gtacaaccct ttattgtgca     64020
     tgcatgcagc ctcactgaag cttctactgg aagaaacaga aaaactacca cataacagga     64080
     agacagggta aaaaaaaaag tgctcctggt ggaatacatt aagttgctag tgataattaa     64140
     ccttgttatt aaaagccaca gtaattatta cacaaaaata atgtaaccat gcaaagtaac     64200
     aaatcaaatg gacatgtttg taaaaatgag gattgaggaa gattttttct tactgaactg     64260
     cataaaagat gttgcatttg aagcatcaga aagtgtttct ccaccaacag catctccaaa     64320
     aagtcagaaa tctgacgaat accattccct taaagaacga gacactttgc atgattgcct     64380
     tttacagccc tcactgaggc tggagacttc cacaactgaa tcaaaagaga tggctcaact     64440
     gtgccaggga aagggaactt ttgccctctg attcacttaa aaggcagaat gacggacaag     64500
     ccgacctgct cagcctgcag gtgagggagg gaatccgagc cgctggcaca gagaggaaaa     64560
     ccacactgtt aggtgtcccg tttacttcat gtgctcgcac cagggtgagg acagcaggcc     64620
     tcaccccaaa acgcagaaat gctggcatac tgttccccta aaaaggagct gaagaggaca     64680
     tgatacaaac agcacctgcc acgtaaccct caaaaacatg aggaaaatta catgacactt     64740
     gtcagtcctt tttgttgatt caaatatctg tggattgatt actaaatttg ttgactaatc     64800
     cctcaggtag taaacaagtc atgaaaacct gaaggctatt atacagcctt tcccacattt     64860
     tcaaatgtgt cctgacctcg accaggaata ttctagggtc cgaaagggtg atttatgtga     64920
     ttctataaag tgacataatg agactggcta ttagcatatg ttcaaatacg ttcaaagcca     64980
     gaacctggac atgcgatgta gtgtttaggg cctaacgaag tagacccgat tgatctttca     65040
     cactttcgag aagcaggcag gcggctcagg gcaggtaagc agctccgctg catgaagtca     65100
     tctggggctc tgataccctt gacattgcac tggctttcct cgggatgttc taatcatcca     65160
     tgccgtcgat actgactccc caccacaccc atgcttaatc ctatgagaag agaaaccgag     65220
     ccccaaatcc ctccttttaa gggcctttca ctgctggggg acttagatac atggtccagc     65280
     tttttcactg gggaagctgg gatatgcagt ctccagcagg cagccatatg cccaaccaaa     65340
     gctcaggaga atggggcttc tgagtttaag acagacagag ggaaggggca gcagaggaca     65400
     gttaatgttg ccatgcctgc cttagcaaag cagttgtgtg tttctcctta gcacagaagg     65460
     ctatgtgctt tgaaatgatt ggattttcaa agtcatttga ccatttacta actcctctcc     65520
     atcacttcct gtgcattcta taatttctca ccctatccca ttttcccaaa ctcttcctct     65580
     gcatcctgct cgtatatatc agctccctaa atcctctctt gcatactgta gttcctcttt     65640
     aaaaattctc ttcaccccta gctatcagcg agcatgactt tcccagcctc cttctccacg     65700
     ggaatgtttt tcctcccata ttgcacataa gccatggcct gcaggtgggg caagcacgcc     65760
     cttactccca ctgctgtatt cacacggtat ctcctccttt ctcctccaaa agcctccagc     65820
     tcctttggag cacacgccat ctgactagac cacctgcgtt tccctgccat cttcagaccc     65880
     cccacgttct ttccttcatc caccacggac ttcagcggct ggctccatct tcatctctac     65940
     ctacccttgt taccattttc agtgacttca gcttgcgcgt agataatcca ctgagcagtg     66000
     agctctcaga tccttagctt tctctcccac gacactcttt cctccaccat cccatgagac     66060
     ccagccccac gaccacacct tagcccttgc catataacaa taaatgcccc accccataag     66120
     actgatactg gctgggtgca gtggctcaca ctgtaatcca agcccctagg gtgggtggat     66180
     tgtctgagct caggagtcag agaccagcct gggcaacatg gcaaaacccc atctgtaccc     66240
     gaaatacaaa aaattaccca ggcgtggtgg caggtgcctg tggtcccagc tactcgggag     66300
     gctgaggtag gagaattgct tgagcctggg aagcagaggt tgcagtgagc tgagattgtg     66360
     tccctgcact ccagcctgga tgacagagtg agactctgtc tcaaaataat aataataata     66420
     ttaaaaagac tgatgttaac atctcattct cctactaagc cttatctttc cagctcactt     66480
     actctgtgct gcctactcca accattttca acattgtaaa ccacaaatcc attgacctta     66540
     aaatgttttt attatctatc atcccctcct ggtcttactt tgaactttcc cactttgggg     66600
     tccagggccc atcattataa tcacgttatt caatttgata aactataacc acaaactttg     66660
     tttccattga attcacacag caaagcaata acctattcag accaactatt cacctactca     66720
     gcgctgttaa taaaagatca tgaaatctgc agaggaaaaa ggaagagctt tgttgtctat     66780
     aaaacagtta aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaacaactcc cgcagacatt tcttcagaag     66840
     cacaaatgaa agtgtgtgca ccgaagaaca aaggaagggt ttatggctca aataggaaaa     66900
     gttttctccc aggttctctg tcacgtctgt ttatgcaaat gtaggattca cgtgtgttca     66960
     gttcttattg gttgagatag ccaagccttg actgggtggc ttcccatccc aacattaaaa     67020
     gtgtctttgt caggtgtttt cttttaaaat ggccaatggg gtggagatga ggagtctagc     67080
     cactgttttt cttggctctg gtcacagaaa gcacatgaag tacgatgttt gtgaagagat     67140
     ggttctcctc tcactgcccc ttatggccac ttgaatctgt tatctaaatt tgggtgtctc     67200
     cattagtcac cgagagccga tttcctccgg agagcttgag gtcccattta caattctatt     67260
     tcactgcacc atcagccagc agctgaagaa aatcacaaag ccatagtgac tgtccacact     67320
     ctaaactcaa ggtcacaaat ctgaaacaca tacttatcac cgtccagagg ttgtgctaca     67380
     cttcccttgt aaacaaaact ccagtattca agacatccaa gtatttcaca ctttctttat     67440
     gctcctgaag cctccaatat ttcttcttct tccttctcta tcgagaagag atagaggaac     67500
     tccatctccc ctccaccaac tccaaccttc caggaggatg gaagcaacgt caaggtgttc     67560
     ccattcctgt ctcaaggcaa cacctccccc agcactcggg acctcaccag ctctcaaggt     67620
     gcacaggctt tgcttcagct gttttccgct ctctcctctg caccatcata atgtcatcca     67680
     cacaagagaa ttctcaccaa cacactaacc aactccaaga tatccttccc tctgaaaccc     67740
     tgccctgagc cagtgtcttt ctagctcttt tcctcatttc cactcccttg aatttcattc     67800
     tcttccttcc attcttgtca gtgtccttcc ccaccactcc cataaagctc cttttatcat     67860
     cgccaccagt ggccttcatg tttccgaata tggtgattca ttttctttct ttctgccaaa     67920
     tatggtgatt cgttttcttt cagcagcatc cggcagacct gagaatgctt gttgaggcat     67980
     ttccttctat cagcttccct gccaccttct ccagtcaatc cccttgcttc tctggctact     68040
     cctcggtctt ctctgagggc tttggcttct ctgccagact tctaaaccct gatgtttgtc     68100
     ctgggccttc tcccttctct atctatcctc cctatctcca cttaagctaa gttgggtcac     68160
     gctttcaaat actatcatcc ctaagtgtat gacttccaaa tttatatttt ctagtcctga     68220
     ctagccatag attcctaata agcctctgaa acttaacaca tccaaaacat tcaatccaag     68280
     aaaatagaac tatccaccca gttgcttcag ccaaaagtct agaagtccca ttctttcccc     68340
     ctcacttccc acaatcagct caccagctga atctgccctc ttctctctca caccattgca     68400
     ccacccagtc caactcatga accatttcct caagtactgt aatgacttct taactgtttc     68460
     tgttcttgcc cacttataat cccttttcca cagaggaaac acaataatct attttaggta     68520
     taaataaaag catgtcattc tttggttaag ccttccagta gcttcccatt cctcttggat     68580
     aaaattcaaa ctccttacta tgttccacag agccctgtat tatctggctc ttgtttatct     68640
     ttctattttt atctcctgcc acactctgcc tggcttaccg catctgcgtc acattgacct     68700
     tctgtgagta tttcaaatgc tctttattcc tcaccacact ccaagctctt ctctttgcct     68760
     gttcctcacc acactccaag cttctctcca agcctgttcc tcaccacact ccaagcttct     68820
     ctccttgcct gttcctcacc acactccaag ctcctctcct tgcctgttcc tcaccacact     68880
     ccaagcttct ctccttgcct gttcctcgcc acactccaag ctcctctcct tgcctgttcc     68940
     tcaccacact ccaagcttct ctccttgcct gttcctcacc acactccaag cttctctcct     69000
     gcctgttcct caccacactc caagcttctc tcctgcctgt tcctcaccac actccaagct     69060
     tctctcctgc ctgttcctca ccacactcca agcttctctc ctgcctgttc ctcaccacac     69120
     tccaagcttc tctcctgcct gttcctcacc acactccaag ctcctctcca agcctgttcc     69180
     tcaccacact ccaagcttct ctcctccctg ttcctcacca cactccaagt ttctctcctg     69240
     cctgttcctc accacactcc aagcttctct cctgcctgtt cctcaccaca ctccaagctt     69300
     ctctccaagc ctgttcctca ccacactcca agctcctctc cttgcctgtt cctcaccaca     69360
     ctccaagctc ctctccttgc ctgttcctca ccacactcca agcttctctc caagcctgtt     69420
     cctcaccaca ctccaagctt ctctcctgcc tgttcctcac cacactccaa gctcctctcc     69480
     ttgcctgttc ctcaccacac tccaagctcc tctccttgcc tgttcctcac cacactccaa     69540
     gcttccctcc ttgcctgttc ctcaccacac tccaagcttc cctccttgcc tgttcctcac     69600
     cacactccaa gcttctctcc aagcctgttc ctcaccacac tccaagcttc tctccaagcc     69660
     tgttcctcac cacactccaa gcttctctcc aagcctgttc ctcaccacac tccaagcttc     69720
     tctccaagcc tgttcctcac cacactccaa gcttctctcc aagcctgttc ctcaccacac     69780
     tccaagcttc tctccaagcc tgttcctcac cacactccaa gctcctctcc ttgcctgttc     69840
     ctcaccacac tccaagcttc tctcctgcct gttcctcacc acactccaag ctcctctcca     69900
     agcctgttcc tcaccacact ccaagctcct ctccttgcct gttcctccat ctgaaatgct     69960
     gttcccctag acctttatat ctgtctcctc catgtttaac aattttatgg atttttattt     70020
     ggaattcaca ttaatattga tgacattaaa gtacatataa attcatatcc atattgtatt     70080
     tagatcaatg atgggtttat ataaatgtaa attttagttc caacaatttg ggtcatccgt     70140
     gaatacaagt atgtttaata taaaatgtat tttaatataa aaaagctatt gataatgtca     70200
     tatagattgg aaattttaaa ctctattgat gaacattgag tctcttttca cttaaatgtt     70260
     atattgcata aatcaaacac tttgtcaaaa caaagcaata aatgaacaga caggtaggtg     70320
     ataatttctg gcaatgacaa agctatgtaa aaatctaaca gtgtaaagtg atgtggcagg     70380
     tatgcgaagg cgtctaattt aagtaaaatc agcaaggagg atctcagaag agatggcgct     70440
     ggagtcatgt tctcaagtag agatgagcat gttttgaaat gatatggtca gagcctcacg     70500
     tgatttgaat actatttctt acatatctac tggtgagttt cagaggcaaa caagaacttg     70560
     aatgagagta cattagaaaa ctaattatat ttcaagaata ttttacaaat ggtttgaggt     70620
     aggcttagtg atatggtttg gctgtgttcc cacccaattc tcaccttgaa ttgtaataat     70680
     ccctgcacat tagccacctg gcggggccag gtggagataa ttgaatcatg gaggccgttt     70740
     cctcccatac tgttcccgtg gtagtgaata agtctcatga gatctgttgg ttttatagag     70800
     gggaatttcc ctgcacaagc tctctgttgc ctgctgccat gtaagatgtg tccttcttcc     70860
     tcttcacttt ctgccatgat tgtgaggcct ccccagccat gtggaactgt gagccaatta     70920
     aacctccttc ctttgtaaat tacccagtcc caggtatgtc tttattagca gcacgagaac     70980
     agactaatac acttagctta cgtacaaatt ataataatta taataacttg tacctaagct     71040
     aagcctgcct caaaccattc ttgaaatatg attgtccact ttccaattca aaaagtacca     71100
     aatttcttag attaatacat ttttaaaatg cctaaataag gaagggtttt caaacagaag     71160
     gcttcccatt taggtttctg ctgcttcttg tcctatagta tttaaacacc accatccagg     71220
     acatccaaga aacggtggtt ccttcttaag acaaaggacc attcatcttt atctttctat     71280
     agtattgcac acctctggca tataataagc attcaaaaac catttgatca accaatcaat     71340
     caatctttta tcctccaatg tcaagctaag tcagtttcta acatgtagaa aacactaaat     71400
     caatgtgttt gttgagttag catgttatga atacatcatt catctaaatc cctgagtttt     71460
     ggaggcagga aaatcagaag gatgctggca ttggagatgg gcaagtctgg agtcaaggga     71520
     gccccagccc cactctgcag tatctatttg gacttaaaca agtccagtaa cctttctgca     71580
     tttcagacac ttcatctgtt acaaaaggat tatagctttc aaggtgccgc gaggggttga     71640
     aagacaatgt gtggagctcc caacaaagtg tgtggcccag ggtaagccca agaatcataa     71700
     aagtcgatgt gatgatggtg ttattattaa gtgccttgta catgtttatg ccttgggtgc     71760
     ccacgaatac aattagtaat gactattttc atcattgtgg gcaccaagag gctttctgag     71820
     gtttttttcc aagcagaaca gaaccaagaa ctaattatta tactccaaac ccttattctt     71880
     agtctcaaga ctaagcagca catgccatga gagttagagt cctccctcca gctaggagcc     71940
     tctgctagga agcaggccag tgagctatcc ataaaagcac aacctctgct agagaacagt     72000
     aagctgcaga caggttttat atgtggctat tcttctcaga ccagaagaga cattctgttg     72060
     gcattttcat ctaacagtat aaagttacaa tacaaatata agggtagttg ttattggata     72120
     acactttaac agcattttct ttttaaatct ctgtatagag aggatttcta ttaacatata     72180
     acaggccaaa aacctgagca tcatcctgag catcattctt tctctcacgc cctgcctcca     72240
     atccctcaga aaatgtgatt gtcctacttt caagatctac ccaaatctgg cttttctcac     72300
     cacctccaat gctacaacct ggttggagtc accatcatct ttcactggga ggttgcacaa     72360
     gcctctcaca gactccactg tttctacccc tgacccctgc agtctactct gagcacagca     72420
     gtcagaagca ttcttttgag acttcctttt agacacactt ctgcccagca ccctgcaatc     72480
     gctttccact tctgagctgg tgggctctga ggccatccgt ggtctggacc caataccagt     72540
     ccaacctccc ctctgaaagc tccaccctcc ctcactgctg cagccatgcc agactccatg     72600
     ctcatccatg gatgcaagag gcaagcacct gtctcatgat ccttgctcta tctgctctcc     72660
     atttggaagt ctcttctctc agatagccat gatctatttc tttatctttt tcaaattttg     72720
     gctcaagctt cttcttttca gggggtctac ccactgctct gatcaccccg cttaaccctg     72780
     aaacctccct cacccagaca cacacagcac agcactctgc actctcatca ctctgtccta     72840
     ctgttctcca taattctgtt cacttttacc actctgtact gcccacttta ttgtgtttat     72900
     tgttgactac ctgcccctcc ctgtgaaaaa caagcacctt gaggatggag atctttgtct     72960
     cttttgttca ctgatttgct gaagcacaga aaacttatga gcagtgcttg gctcatagca     73020
     ggtactcagg aaatactgaa tcagtgaata taaactaaga agacaatgat gccttaccat     73080
     gagtggaaag atgcccatca tgtgggaagc aagcaaatct ttatgtgtgc aaaatcaggg     73140
     ctttgccacc tgtttagagc aaccatttct tcctctgctt agaggcatca acaggatatg     73200
     agcaggtgtt tagtagagaa tataatcagt ttagtttttc agagcagatg atacaaaaat     73260
     attcttctca cacagattat gagatattga gcctaacggt tttgaaattt aggaaaagtt     73320
     aatatgaatg agagaaaaat aaccaaaaag aaatagcaat tattccttac taatgttatt     73380
     tttctgtctg caaagtaaac atagtaaaag aaatttttca ctttaagtta tgaaagttga     73440
     cactattatc tataattttt acatgtgcct ctattatatg tcctctagcc tttcactaaa     73500
     ctagacccat tgtaatctgc tattatttgt acttatttta cctataattt ggaaataagg     73560
     tgattagcat atttttcctt aaattttatt cctggtctca aagacttttt cgacatagtc     73620
     attaactcta agactaaaca aaagtgaata gctaaagaaa aggttatact gggctggaaa     73680
     gctacaggtt gaaggccagt ttggcccaca tttttttttt ttttataaag atgattgaaa     73740
     cagccatgcc cattcacctg cctcttgtcc atggctgctt tctaactggc agagttgagt     73800
     atttgtgaca gagaccatat ggccacagag ccaaaaatat ttactctctg tccctttaca     73860
     gaaaacgttt gctgaccttt atgaggcagt cgatcttcct cctactggct tttcacatgt     73920
     tgctgtgtgt ctgtgtgagg tcatttattg agcaccaaat gtgccaaata tgcatcatga     73980
     ctatgcgtct agcacaagac ggtgacgatc gcaaacatgt catgatagtt gccgaaggtg     74040
     ctgtggacaa acatcactcc cttccctcca cgttagagac aagatgggaa agagaagtgg     74100
     ggagaaattg ttcatatcca caaaaagacg tccttcacta aagagcactg gctcagccct     74160
     tgaatgctga gaaactaaaa acagagaaag gttaaggaca caggaaacag ggatgacgaa     74220
     tagctcctta cattttctaa taactcaggg tattgcaggt ggccagagcc aacccaaatc     74280
     atcacatcca aacatgggac aaggcaaaac ctgaaactgt taagagacat gcagcgtcag     74340
     tttgattccc gctgcggacg aggggcagcc tgcacatgct gaggatggac cccgaccctc     74400
     ctgttgctag caggctgagg gcaatgccat ctctatgcta ccttgtgtca ggtcaccaca     74460
     gtgtccccag catctgaatg ctgagtgcaa ccaaggcttt agttcagcaa cgtgaaacac     74520
     cagctgcact ccacaccccg gcacccccac gctgcatccc acaccccggc acccccacgc     74580
     tgcactccac accccggcac tcacacgccg cactccacac cccggcaccc ccacgctgca     74640
     ctccacaccc cgcctctcac acgctgcatc ccacaccccg gcacccccac gctgcactcc     74700
     acaccccggc actcccacgc tgcatcccac cctaggaaag cacaaggaaa tcatgtgagc     74760
     accacagggg ccaatttgtg ctgcatcttc tccagcattc cagtcaacag acactgagca     74820
     gtagacagga aagaattcct caagctgagt tcaacaggaa tcccttcctt gagaatatgt     74880
     accagaccac aggattattt tagaaagcat taatcctagg aacatgtact tggggtgatt     74940
     cctaacagac taggagttat aaatagagca cagacatatt tggtctataa ataaaattct     75000
     tttaactgat gttttattgt ggtaagatat acatgactaa aatgtgccat tttaatgatt     75060
     ttcaaatgta caactcagtg gcattaaatt cattcccatt gttgtgcagc catcaccaat     75120
     atccactcca gcacttttca tcatcccaca ctgaaacgct gtacctttca ggtaggagag     75180
     aaaaaacacc agagaggaga caggactaac gtgcagctcc catttagaca aacagatcag     75240
     cgtctggaga ttcacattgt gaacttctgt tccaagaacc agtgtaggga catactaggg     75300
     agactgaaag aattcacaga ccctttgaaa gaagtggctt gccactgcaa atgctgcaag     75360
     acagctgaaa aactgtgagt tcccaaagtg tgagaggcga aaaagtctgc ctctgaacac     75420
     acatccccac tggggaacct gaaaattcag atcacaggag aaggctttaa tcttacctag     75480
     agctgaaatg gatttaggaa gccgagcaaa atataaaagt agaagaagca gtgggaagag     75540
     ccctgtaggc actcccagtc cccagcgaag cccagggaag ccattcctgg ccttatgtca     75600
     cagtccttgg ggaagggagg ggagccagtg aaattgcaga ggggccacag ggtgacagaa     75660
     gctcctagct gaactttgta ataattttga ctgagcacaa actttcctga gtagaatgga     75720
     gatggtgggt tgtgggagtg ggtggcaaat gggaagcaca atagagcaca gaagcttgca     75780
     gccaaaggtg tgagcaggca gagaggtgaa gcctgagagc cctgcttgct ttctcagtgg     75840
     aatggcttgt agcctggggc aagatctcag ccctgctcac tggctgccag gatataaact     75900
     cagtgcagtt tgggtggcat acaggagact ggccccactg gctgcatgag agctgggtga     75960
     ggcctgtcac tggcagcttt cccccacctt ccctggcaac cagaatgatg cagcaaaggc     76020
     tccattggcc tgagaaccac cccataatcc cccatagtgg ctgaagcaag ccctgcccaa     76080
     ggagagtctg agcttagaca tgcctagccc tgtcttcagc tgatggtttt tctctacctg     76140
     ccctggtagc tgaagacaaa agacataaac tcttgggagc tctatgtccc tgcccatcac     76200
     ctgagaaacc cgagtactta tcctggccaa catagggcaa gatggtagcc cccttctaca     76260
     actgtagctt gtgctctctt gagagtgcca cctcctggct ggaggccaac caactgaagc     76320
     cattacagca actcataaga gaacaaccct gctccataga aggagaaaac aacagctaat     76380
     tccacggtct gcaacatcct ggctaaccag aggtcctgag tctgtccatg tgaaaatttc     76440
     actgctagca taaccagcat ttgagaaaac catcacatta caacaaccaa aaaatcccag     76500
     agttcacttc actcccctgc cacctccacc agagcagggg ctgttatcca gaattgggag     76560
     acctgaagac aaatcacagc acaggacttt ttgcagacat tctgcagcac cggcctggag     76620
     cccagtagcc ccactgggtg tctagaccca gaagggcatt agcaatcact gcaatctggc     76680
     tctcaagaag ccctatccct agaggaaggg ggagggcaca catcaagaga gcaccaccac     76740
     gtgggacaag agaatctgaa tagcagccct tgagttccag atctttccac tgaaacagtc     76800
     tacccaaatg aaaagaaacc aaaaaagtaa ttctggtaat atgacaaaac aagttgtata     76860
     gtaccgccaa aagatcacac tagctctcca gctgtggatc caaaccaaga agaaatctct     76920
     gaattgccaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaattgg gaggttggtt     76980
     attaagctat tcaaggaggc accagaataa ggtgaaaacc aacttcaaga aatgttgaaa     77040
     acaatacagt atatggatga aaaagtctcc agagaaacag gtatcataaa gcaaagacaa     77100
     tcacaatttc tggaaatgaa agacacactt agaaaaatat aaaatacact gaaaagtttc     77160
     aacaatagaa taaaacaagt agaataaaga acttcagagc tcaatgacaa ggctttcaaa     77220
     ttaactgaaa aaaagagaca aagaaaaaag aattttaaaa aattaacaga ctccaagaaa     77280
     tttggggttt tgttaaataa ccaagcataa gaataattgg cattcctgag gaagaaaaga     77340
     aatctaaatg tttggaaaac ttatttgagg gaatactcag ggaaaacttc cctggccttg     77400
     ctagagatct agacatccaa atacaagaag ctcaaagaac acctgggaaa ttcatcacaa     77460
     aaagatcatc acctatgcac atagtcatca ggttatctaa agttaagatg aaagaaataa     77520
     tcttaagagc tgtgaggcaa aagcagcagg taacctataa agaaaaagct atcagattga     77580
     caacagattc ctcagcagaa accctacagg acagaaggga tggggtccta tatttagcct     77640
     ccttaaacaa aacaataaca gtcaagaatt ttatatctag tgaaactaag cttcataaat     77700
     gaaggagaga taaagtattt ttcaaacaaa caaatgttga gagaatttgt tactaccaag     77760
     ccagcactac aaaaaatgct aaaaggagtc ttaaatcttg aaatgaaacc taaaatacac     77820
     caaaatagaa cctctttaaa gcataaatct cacaggatct ataaaacaat aacacaatta     77880
     aaaaaacaac atattgagac tacaactagc atgatgaata gaacagtacc tcacatctca     77940
     atattaatgt tgaacataaa tggattaaat gcttcactta agagatacag ggctgggaac     78000
     ggtggcttac acctgtaatc ccagcacttt ggaaggcaga ggtgggcaga tcatgaggtc     78060
     aagagatcta gaccatcctg gccaacattg tgaaaccccg tctctactaa aaacacaaaa     78120
     attagctaag cgaggtggta caagccatta gtcccagcta ctcgggacac tgaggcagga     78180
     gaatcacttg aactcgggag gtggaggttg cagtgagcca agatcagacc actgcactcc     78240
     agcctggtga ccgagcgaga ctccatctca aaaaaaaaaa aaaagataca gaatgacaga     78300
     atgaataaaa atccaccaat caagtatctg ctgtctttaa gaggtgcatc taacacataa     78360
     ggcctcacct gaacctaagg taaccaagtg gaaaaagata ttccacacaa atggatacca     78420
     aaagtgagta gaagtatcca ttcttgtatc agacagaaaa gactttaaat cagcaacagt     78480
     taaatagtga tcaaaaacta gtccaacagg agaaaaatca cagtcctaaa tacatatgca     78540
     cctaacactg gagctccaaa atttatagaa caattatcat gagacctaag aaattagata     78600
     gacagcaaca ctataatagt gggcacttca gtactccact gaccactaga aaggccataa     78660
     atacaggtca acaaagaaac aatggaaaac tacaccctag aacaaatgga cttaacagat     78720
     gtttatagaa cattctatcc gacaactgct gaatatacgt tcttctcctc agcacatgga     78780
     acattctcca aaatagacta tatgataggc cactaaatgt gtctcggccg ggtgtggtgg     78840
     ctcacacctg taatcccagc actttgggag gccaaggcag acatatcacc tgaggtcaag     78900
     agtttgagac cagcctggcc aacatggcaa aaccctgtct ctactaaaaa tacaaaaaca     78960
     attagctggg catagtggca tgcacctgta gtcccagcta ctagggaagg tgaggcagaa     79020
     gaatcacttg aacctgggag gaggaagttt cagtgagctg agatcatgcc actgcactcc     79080
     agcctgggca acaagagtga gactccatct aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac catgtctcaa     79140
     ttaatttaag aaaattgaaa ttatgtaaaa tactctctct cagaccacag tggaataaaa     79200
     ttacaaatta actgtcaaag gagccatcaa aactatacaa atacatggaa actaaataat     79260
     ctgttccaga atgatccttg ggttaaataa aataaagatg gaaattaaaa aatatatttg     79320
     aactgaacaa aaatagtgac acagccaatc aaaatctctg ggacacagca aaagcggtgc     79380
     taagaggaga gttcatagca ttgaatgcct acatcaaaga gtctgaaaga gcacaaataa     79440
     acaacccaag gtcacacctc aaggaactag agaagcaaga acagaccaaa cccaaatcca     79500
     gcagaaaaaa agaaataacc aggatcacag tagaactaaa taaaattgaa acaagcaaac     79560
     aaaaacaata caaaagataa atgaagcaaa aagctggttc tttttgcata aacaaaagtg     79620
     agatactatt agcaagatta atcaagagaa aaagagagga gatccaagta aactcaatta     79680
     gaaatgaaat gggagatgtt aaactaatac cacagaaata caaaagatca ttcaaggcta     79740
     ctatgaacac ctttatgtcc acaaactaga aaacctaaaa gatttggata aattattgga     79800
     aatatataat cctcctagat taaaccagaa aaaaatagaa actctgaaca gaccaataac     79860
     aagtagcaag attaaaacag caataaaaaa actgccagca acaacaagtc caggagcagc     79920
     tggattctat cagacattca aagaagaatt ggtaccaatc ctactgaaac tattccaaaa     79980
     gatagagaaa gagggaatcc tccctaaatc attctatgaa gccagaatta ccctaatacc     80040
     aaaaccagga aaagatataa caaaaaaaag aaaactacaa accaatatcc ctgatgaaca     80100
     tagatgtgaa aatcctccac aaaatactat ctaactcaat tcaacagcat atcaaaaaga     80160
     taatccacca tgatcaagtg tgtttgataa cagggataca gggatggttt aacatatgca     80220
     agtcaataaa tgtgatacag cacataaaca gaagtaaaat caaaagtcat atgatcacct     80280
     caatagatgc agaaaaagca tttgatgaaa tccagcatcc ctttatgatt aaaaccctca     80340
     gcaaaacagc atagagggac ataccttaag gtaataaaag ccatttatga caaatccaca     80400
     gccaacatca tactgaatgg gaaaagctca aagaattttc tctaatcagt ggaacaaaac     80460
     aaggatgccc actttcacca cttgtattca acatagtact gaaagtctta gccagagcaa     80520
     ttagacaaga gaggtaaata aaaggcatcc aaatcagtaa tgagaaagtc aaactgttgc     80580
     taatgccact gacatgacgg tatacttaga aaaccctaaa gactcatccc aaaagctcat     80640
     agatctaata aacgaattca gtaaagtttc aggtacaaaa ttaatgtaca caaatcagta     80700
     gcactgctat acaccaacaa tgaccaagct tagaatcaaa taaagaattc aatgtctttt     80760
     acaacagcta caaagaagta aaatacttaa gaatataccc aaccaaaaat gtgaaaaatc     80820
     tctacaagga aaactacaaa acactgctga aagaaatcac agacaacaca aacaaatgga     80880
     aacacatcct atgctcatgg atgggtagaa tcaatattgt gaaaaggata attctgctga     80940
     aagcaattta taaattcaat gcaattccca tcaaaatacc atcatcattt ttcacagaac     81000
     tagaaaaaac aatcctaaaa ttcatatgga accaaaaaag agcccatatg gccaaagcaa     81060
     gattaaataa gcaaaaagaa cgaatctgga ggcatcacat tctctcactt caagctatac     81120
     tacaaggcta tagctaccaa aacagcatag aactgatgaa aaaataagca catagaccaa     81180
     taaaacagaa tagagaactc agaaataaag ccaaatactt atgatcaact gatcttccac     81240
     aaagcaaaca aaacataaaa tggagaaagg atcccctatt aacacatgct gctgggataa     81300
     ttggcaagcc acatgtacag gaatgaaact aaatcctcat ctctcacctt atacaaaatc     81360
     aactcaaaat ggatcaaaga cttaaatcta agacctgaaa ccataaaaat tctagaagat     81420
     aacactggaa aaactcttct agacattggc ctaggcaaaa agttaatgat caagaactca     81480
     aaagcaaatg caataaaaac aaagataaac cgatgagact taattaaagt aaaaacattc     81540
     tgcaaatcaa aagaaataat catcatagta aacagtcaat gcacagagtg ggagaaaaga     81600
     ttcgcaaact acaaactatg tatccaatag aggactaata ttcataatct acaagaaact     81660
     caaacaaatc aacaagataa aaacaaacac atcaaaaagt gagctaaggc catgaacaga     81720
     caattctcaa aagaagatat actaatggcc atcaaacata taaagaaatg cacaacatca     81780
     ctaattatca tggaaatgca aatcaaaacc acaatgcaat accacctttc tcctgcaaaa     81840
     atggccataa ttttaaaaat caaaaaatta tagacgttgg tatggatgtt gtgaaaaggg     81900
     aacactttta cactgcttgt agaaacgtaa actagtataa ctactatgaa aaacagtatg     81960
     gaaattcctt aaagaactaa aagtagaact tccgtttgat ccagcaatcc cacttgtgag     82020
     tatctaccca gacgaaaaga agtcattcta tgaaaaagac acttgcacac acatttatag     82080
     cagcacagtt taacagttgc aaaaataagg aaccagccca aatgcccatc aatcaatagt     82140
     ggataaagaa aatgtggtgt atatatatac catggaatat tactcagcca taaaaatgaa     82200
     tgaaataatg gtatttgcag caaccttgat ggagttggag atcactattc taactgatgt     82260
     aaatcaggaa tggaaaacca aacatcgtat gttctgactt ataagtggaa gctatgctat     82320
     ggggacgcaa aggcgtaaga atgacataat ggactctggg acttgaggag aagtgggtga     82380
     taagggacaa aaggctatac attgggtaca gtgtacactg cttgggtgat gggtgcacca     82440
     aaatctcata atcaccactc aagaacttat ccatgtaacg aaacaccacc tgctttctca     82500
     aaactattga aataataata attaaaaaaa aaaacctctg tacctttcaa acaataactc     82560
     tccattctgc cttcccccag cccctggcaa ccatcattct gctttctgtc cccatgaatc     82620
     ttactaagta tattgtatga ggggaatcac agaatatttg tcattttgtg actgacttat     82680
     ttcacttagc ataacatctt caaggtttat ccatgttgta gtatgtctca gaatttcatt     82740
     gcctcttaat gctgattaat atttcattgt atgtatgtag cacattttgc ttatctattc     82800
     ttccactgat ggatctttgg gttgcttcca cgttttagct gttgcaagta atgctgctat     82860
     ggacatgggt atacacacat ttgtttaggt ccctactttc aattcttttg gatatatccc     82920
     cagaagtgaa aatgctgaat gacaagatat atctattttc aatttcttga agaacctcca     82980
     aactgttttc cattgctact gtaccatttt acattcccac cagcagtgtc aagggttcaa     83040
     atatctgttt ttgtttttgt tttctagtag tagccaaact aatggctaga aagtggtaca     83100
     ttgttgcagt tttgatatgc atccctatta attagtgata ttgggcacag gcacattttt     83160
     aaaaacatac aatcaataaa attgttaggt catggggatt gaaagtggtc agtttttctg     83220
     ggtaatattt attgctcttc aaagtgattt gcatttacaa gaattgttaa cacataacaa     83280
     gcatcctaga tttgttttaa gaaacaaggg actttacaat ttttcacttt tagttaactt     83340
     tgaaatacta agatttatag aaaagttgta aggatagtat aaagtgttcc aggaagcctt     83400
     ccacccagtc tcccctaatt gtagcgtgtt atataaccat gacacattta tcaaaactaa     83460
     gaaatcaaca ttgctacact attgactaaa ctatggactt tatttgtctt tttgccagtt     83520
     tttccaataa tacccttttc ctattcaagg atccaatcca gaataccacg ttgcattcat     83580
     ctgttatgtc ttcttagtct ctgccaatcc gtgacagcgt cgctgtcttc ccttgttact     83640
     catgaacttg acacttttga agagtattag tcaggtattt tgtagaatgc tcctcagttg     83700
     ctgatgtttt ctcatgattg gactggcatt ctggatttgg gggtaaggta acacagtggt     83760
     gacgtccttc tcgttgcatc atttccgggg atgcttgaca tcaacactac ttatcattgg     83820
     tgatgctcac ctccatcact tggataaggc caaatctttc agattttttc gctgtagggt     83880
     cactattttt acttttccaa aactctattt attacaagca aggcactaaa tccagcttac     83940
     tttcataagg agggaaatta aactccacct gctggaggaa aaagtatgaa agaatttgtg     84000
     gatatatgtt aaattcagta cagtaattaa taaatctttg ggcacagata tttgaggtta     84060
     tgcaaatatc ctgtttcttc cttatgtttc agacactaat ttcagcagtc ttccatgaat     84120
     cttccctatg gcgactatta ctgtggtatt ctagtggtgt attagtccat tcttacactg     84180
     ctaataaaga catatgggag actgggtaat ttataaagaa aaagatgttt aatggactca     84240
     cagttccaca ggactgggga ggcctcacaa tcatggcgga aggcaaagat agagcaaagg     84300
     cacatcttgt atggtggtaa gcaagagagc atgtggaggg gaactgccct ttataaacca     84360
     tcagatctca tgagatttat tcactatcac cagaacagca tgggaaaaaa tcagagccat     84420
     tattcaatta cctcccactg ggtacctccc aggtcaggtg gggattatgg gagctacaat     84480
     tcaagacaag atttgagtgg ggacacagcc aaaccacatc aagtggtgtc ttccatttcc     84540
     ctcatttctt ttatgtttac tatttggaaa tcttccacaa ggaagatttt tttcacttct     84600
     ccttcaatta tttatgtatg taaccattta tttttatcag tataaactca ctgatattta     84660
     cttttttctt tgggttataa ctcagtagta tttttattaa ttttgttgtt caaagttttc     84720
     cagctttggc cactgggagc tctttcaggt tggctgcatg ttgctttgtc aggcctgttc     84780
     cctgacccct tactttctgg caacacaagg tcctccaggt tcatcatgca ttttcccttc     84840
     cctagccctt gagtcaggca gttctccagg gagtcctagt tcaacaggga caacttttca     84900
     aatcaacttc catgtgttgc tatgtataat tttcagatta tttcttttct tttttttttt     84960
     ttgagatgga gtctcgctct ttcgcccagg ccagagtgca gtggcacgat ctccgctcac     85020
     tgcaagctct gcctactagg ttcatgccat tctcctgtct cagcctcctg agtagctggg     85080
     actacaggca cccgccacca cgcctggcta attttttttt tttttttttt ttgtattttt     85140
     agtagagacg gggtttcact gtgttagcca ggatggtctc catctcctga ccttgtgatc     85200
     cgcccgtctt ggcctcccaa agtgctggga ttacaggcat gagccaccac gcccggccaa     85260
     ttttcagatt atctctatgc tataattaat gctataatta actatagatt ttccataatt     85320
     aagtcatatg tattacagca ctcagactaa caggctgcag taagaaggaa catgaaccta     85380
     tcaccaatgc tttacccttc tttctctagc actcacctgg taatctctgt gggcccaact     85440
     ggctctaaga ttctatgatt ctataatgaa aagacaaaag gcaaaagatg ttcccataag     85500
     ggacatttct ttgaatcaga aaattgtttc attttgccaa aaataaattt aagccctagt     85560
     tgacctccat tttgcctttt ctatccttcc tgtagtttaa tcctattcct tccattttat     85620
     tatcaatttt gaaatgaaaa tttaaatttg ttttgcttga tcaaattatg atataaataa     85680
     agtaataaaa atacaaaaca ataaattata cttacttata aagtctacag cttcttgaaa     85740
     ttaacatatt ataatctact gctgctgaaa tctttagtca tcaaacagtt taaacactag     85800
     agtagtggtt cttgacagag gggactttgc cccgatatgg attggctgtg cccccatgca     85860
     aatcttatct tgaattgtag cttccacaat tcccacatgt tgtgggaggg atcaagtagg     85920
     aggtaattga atcacgggga aaggcttttc ccatgctctt ctcatgataa ctaataagtc     85980
     tcatgagaca taatggtttt gtaagggaga acccttttca cttagttccc attctctctt     86040
     gctgctgcca tgtaagaagt acttttcgcc ttccaccatg attgtgaggc ctccctagcc     86100
     acatggaact gtgagtttat taaacctatt ttctctccag tctcaggtat gtctttatca     86160
     gcagtgtgaa aatgaactaa tacagtaaat tggtaccagt ggactggggc attgctgaaa     86220
     agatacccaa aaatgtgaaa gcaactttgg aactggctaa caggcatagg ttgaaactgt     86280
     ttggagggct cagaagaaga cagaaaatat aggaatattt ggaactccct agtaaagact     86340
     tttaaatggc tttgagcaaa atgctgataa tgatatgggc aatgaaatcc gggctgaggt     86400
     ggtctcagat ggagaggagg aatttgttgg gaactggagc aaaggtgact cttgctatat     86460
     tttagcaaag atactggcag cattttgccc ctgacctaga gatttgtgga actttgaact     86520
     tgagagagat gatttagggt atttggcaga agaaatttct aaacagcaaa gcattcaagg     86580
     tgtgacttgg gtgctgttaa aagtgttcag ttttaaaagg gaaacagagc ataaaagttt     86640
     gacaaatttg cagcctgaca atgtgataga aattaaaatc ccattttcta aggagaaatt     86700
     caagttggct gcataaattt tcataattaa tgaggagctg aatgttaatc accaagacaa     86760
     tgggggaaat gtctccaggg catgtcagag acctttgtgg tagctcctcc caccacaggc     86820
     ccagaggcct aggaggaaaa aatggtttca ttggccggga ccagagtctc tctgctgtgt     86880
     gcagtctaag gactgtgttc cagttgctcc atccatgact aaaaggagtc aaggtacagc     86940
     ttgggccatg gcttcagaaa gtgcaagttc caagccttgg cagcttccat gtggtgttga     87000
     gcctgcaggt gcaaaggagt caagaattga ggtttgggaa cctctgccta gttttcagaa     87060
     gatattatgg aaacatctgg atgtccaggc agaagtttgt tgcagcagtg gggccctcat     87120
     ggagaacctc tgccagggca gtgaagaaga gaaatgtagg gtggggaccc ccacagactc     87180
     cccactagtg tgctgcctag tgaagctgta agaagagagc caccatcctc cagaccccag     87240
     aatggtagat ccactgacag cttgcacaat gcacctggaa aagccacaga cactcaatac     87300
     cagcccatga aagcagctgg gagggaggca gtatcctcca aagccacagg ggcagagctg     87360
     cctgagatca cgggaaccca tctcttgcat cagcatgacc cagatgtgag acatggaatc     87420
     aaaagacatc atttcggagc tttaaaattt gactgccctg ctgcattttg gacttgcatg     87480
     gggcctgtag ccccttggtt ttggccaatt tctcccattt gtaacagctg tatttaccca     87540
     atacatgtac ctacattgta tctagaaagt aattaacttg cttttgattt tatgggctca     87600
     taggcagagg ggacttgcct tgtctcagat gagacattgg actgtaagct tttgaattaa     87660
     tgctgaaatg ggttaacaat ttggggttct actgggaagg catgattggt tttgaaatgt     87720
     gaggacatga gatttgcgag gggccaggga tagaatgata tggtttggct gtgttcccac     87780
     acaaatctca tcttgaattg tagctcccac aattccaaca tgttgtggga gggacccagt     87840
     ggggggtaac tgaatcatgg gggcacgtat ttcctgtgct gctcttgtga cagtaagtct     87900
     tacaagatat gatggtttta taaggggaaa cccctttcag tcagttctca ttctctcttg     87960
     ctgctgccat gtaagaagtg cctgtttcct tctgccatga ttgtgaggcc tcccaagcca     88020
     cgtggaattg ggagtccatt aaacctattt ttcttcccaa tctcaggtat atctttatca     88080
     gcagtgtgaa aatggaccaa tagagccccc aagggacact tgtcaatctc tagagacatt     88140
     tatggttgtg gcatcctgga gggatactac tggcatctag cagggacagt cctgaaatgc     88200
     tgctaagcgt cttataatat atcagagccc accacaccaa agaattatcc agcccaaaag     88260
     ccagtagtct caagactggt aaattatggt ctaaagggac ttttaatttt ctaattggct     88320
     agctggctaa gtaacagata ttttcctcca aaacgcttaa ggaaaatgat tagcaaattc     88380
     caaggactac tgccactaaa atgttgagta caataaagaa ttgcctggaa gaatcagatg     88440
     atagaatact taggatccac tgtagctata cagtgccaag aaagcaaaga cgcagttaga     88500
     ctcatgttac atcttaactt attccatttt gaataagtga cttatctgac acagcaaggg     88560
     tcaaatgcat ctgaaaaata cactgttaaa tgcatgaatt atcagtaagt tagcacttta     88620
     aacaaacaca ctgatggtct gttggctaac atgatatggt tctagtgtga tgtaggtaag     88680
     tgaatttggg gccaggagat agaatctagg agtgtagtca tggctccatc tcttgctgac     88740
     tgagtgactc tagctaggtc atatggctta cctgggcttc agtttctgca tctgataaac     88800
     gtgaacgctt atatatgtct gttttatcta cctcactggt cattgtgaga attctttttt     88860
     taagtacact ttctctttat ttgagtattg atatattctc atattttttt atactcctca     88920
     tatatggttt tggaaataac aatgtatttg gaagaccaag gaaaagtaga ttcctccagg     88980
     gaggaggctt cacaccccca tgtagagaca tgattgggct cctataatta actaacttct     89040
     ctcctctcat atgtctcatt agagtgtaaa aatagatttt taaaagtatc atagacaagc     89100
     cacagacttg tagaaaatat tttcaaaatg catatctgat aaaaaatgtg tatctaaaat     89160
     gtacaaagaa ctcttaaaat tcaacaataa gaaaacaagc aacccagtta aataatgtaa     89220
     aaaaacctga acagacccct caccaaagaa ggtaaacaga tgccaaataa ggatatgaaa     89280
     aaatgctcaa tattgtttgt caacagagaa ttgcaactta aaatgacaac aaagtaccac     89340
     tacataacta ttgtaatttt tgaactggaa caatttgagc aataaaataa atagaataat     89400
     atataatttt aactcaaagt accaaataaa tatccatgag tccatactgt tactaataga     89460
     taattgaata aatatttaaa tgggggatat gagacaaatt atgcataaga attctaaata     89520
     atttgtctgg atactccacc ctcaggaggt ggagcaaaac ttctcactca ttaagtgtgg     89580
     gctgcacaaa gtggcctcct tctaaagagt gcactatgga aagagaaaac ctaacaaaca     89640
     ccaccttggc caaggtgaac aaggtcacca taaatagtga ttagtcatgt tgacagtatg     89700
     tacccttcag acgatgtgat gatgatggca ccttacctct gtggttctcc tccccaaaag     89760
     ccatgacccc agtctaatca tgagaataac aacataaaga tttcagtacg gggcatccta     89820
     ctgtacccct gatcagtgct cttccaaacc tgcaaggtca tacaaagcag aaaatgtccc     89880
     agcaactgcc tcagccagag gaacctcagg agacttgaca gctaaatgtt tcttgggatc     89940
     ttgaatgaga tcccagaaca gaaaaggaca ctcagtgaaa accacataaa tgtaagtaaa     90000
     atataggctt taagtaataa aaatatatca atattggtac atgaataata ataaatgcac     90060
     taatataata tatataatat tgtaagacgt taatgataaa cacagccgag ggtggacgtg     90120
     aactctgtgt actctaagtt cacaatattt ctgtagatat gcaaatctcc taaaacaaag     90180
     tttattttaa aaacaatatt attataatga ttgatgaaaa acattgtgag agagcagtcg     90240
     tggtttaaac tgttattgca ctttgtgagc atttggtttt tctaacagaa gatggaacta     90300
     gaagacacac ctttagattt gctcagtagt ttaccctggg gcagctggta ccacccctct     90360
     gtcattagcc atttaggaaa gctaggagaa aagtgtcatt gtttaattac atgtcagagg     90420
     acaatgagcg tcacagagtg catgtggagt atgttggaaa atgtttcctt ccacacagtg     90480
     agcctgatat atctctctaa taaagggcaa atggagaagg acttccatcc ctgtcactga     90540
     gtatgtacca ccagggctgt cagctgtgga ccatccccat cactgagtat aggccactag     90600
     tgttgtcagc tgtggaccat ccctgtcact gagtatgggc caccaggttt tgtcagctgt     90660
     ggaccatccc tgtcactgag tatgggccac caggtttgtc agctgtggac cattcctgtc     90720
     actgagtatg ggccaccagg gttgtcatct gtgaatggaa accattcatc tctccaggac     90780
     gctggagccc tagtgaagtg aatgtgctca tatgaagact cacacaagta taaaatgttt     90840
     aggcttcttg gggatgaggc tggctatggc cactggctgg aaaacagggt gtgttttcct     90900
     accatccttc cctctttctc tattccattc atatcagcct cagactttct gaaaaaaaaa     90960
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaacccac aataaaatta gttcttcatg tagagcccag agcagtttgg     91020
     ttttgtatcc aggattcctg taaagataat atatttctcc cctaagtttc accttagaat     91080
     gtctcttctc gaaccatagc aatttccctc tcagctaaac agaagatttt cccaactagg     91140
     aaatcaccag acatgctgtt tccaggatga cttactttga atgctcagtg catttgaaac     91200
     tgaactccca tggataggaa aggggtatgg agccgtcatt acatagcaaa tcttgaaaac     91260
     gtcaagatca ttgaactaaa aaacttcaag gctgggtgca gtggctcatg cctgtaatcc     91320
     tagtactcgg ccaatgcggg tggatccctt aagctcagga gttcgagatc ggcctatgca     91380
     acatagtgag aacccatctc tataaaagat acaaaaatta gcttggtgtg gtggcgtgca     91440
     cctgtagtcc cagctgcaca agaagctgag gtgggaagat ggcttgagcc taggaggtgg     91500
     aagttgcagt gagccgagat cgcaccactg cactccagcc tgggcaacag agccaggcct     91560
     gtctcaaaat cattaataaa taaatacata aataaataaa tgaatgaata actaattcta     91620
     ttctttcttt tccccatccc cacagatagc tacattaata caaatgacag attataacca     91680
     tatataaata tcccaattaa aacaaacaaa tgactaaaac aggtggcagt gttaattgcc     91740
     gatctctctg tggtccacat tctgtttcat tcctttagaa cgtcactacc tacccctcga     91800
     tctgcaatgc tagtaaaagg actttcatgt ctgtgcactt taagcgtttt ggggatggca     91860
     tcacaggagc agaagaggcc atgggaaaag aaactttgaa tgcagggagc atactgaggt     91920
     agtcagtgtg ttctgctgct tgatcctgac atcgggctat tgaaattgaa gatggaaaac     91980
     ccgtattgag tcatttggct ctttcccttg agggcagtag attatgctgg acagtatttt     92040
     atttagcacc ctgtccattt ctattttaac ttgctcttcc ttggaggcct attaactcaa     92100
     acccagcaag gattttatta caaatggaag gcattctact agttggtcat ttcttccaca     92160
     aaacacacat tctcctgctg agatattaaa aaacaaaatt taccaaacaa catgaaaaca     92220
     gtgctggatt gtagaaggag caataagcgg attgtcgcaa agtggctcca gacgctcact     92280
     ctgacttgcc tgaaacacat gctcactgag aatcctcaac actgggtccc tggaaatagg     92340
     gaccatgtga cactaagcga cctgtagcac tgatatcctc atagcccctt ttccccacag     92400
     gtcccacgat acccaggttc tgggcagtta gtgttcccag gcaattctca taaacagcta     92460
     caccacatgc agactgcttg gtactgagga aatctcattc aacatcgaca agtttgcttt     92520
     caggcttgcc ctttgtaaaa gtcagagtgg ccccagtgga atgcaagtcc atgctactgg     92580
     tcagaaaaat atcttggtcc tcgtgttttc tctatggcaa agatgagagg atgagggaca     92640
     ctgggctttt ctcctcccgg gttctgtaag cttctgcctt cctaaaaagg ctgattccct     92700
     aactcatgcc attctccaac ctggtgcatg aaagacagtg tcccagatgg catcttcctt     92760
     gaacaacgaa gaacgaggac ttctggagcc aaaagctggg ttaaatatgt gctctgatgt     92820
     tcattcgcta caggagcctc gggttccgca tctgtcaact agaaataaca cccttgcctt     92880
     aggcaggggc tgtggtaacg tgctgtgggt acatagtgac ggtcagaaca gtaaagaaat     92940
     gcaatcagtg gtagctacta ctgttggcat aattacgaac agcaggagga tgaacagaca     93000
     ccccctgaaa acttaggaac attattttta aatcacatgt agtgtgaaaa gtacacagtt     93060
     tggtttgtta tacagaaaca agaggtttaa atccatggag tagaagataa cgataatgca     93120
     ctgattgctg gttatgaaag tcaggaagaa aataaccaag ttcagtgctc atcttgatct     93180
     aagaccattc atggcctgac ctctctaatg cgcagaggat aaaacacggg agtgcatgat     93240
     gctcaccaag gatcagtcag aatttctcca aggatcagct cccaaatcaa ccaaaacttc     93300
     tccaaggttc agctcccaaa tcaaccagaa cttctctaag gatcagctcc caaatcaacc     93360
     agaacttctc caaggttcag ctcccaaatc aaccagaact tctccaggga tcagctccca     93420
     aatcaaccag aaattttcca aggatcagct cccaaattag ccagaacttc tccagggatc     93480
     agcccccaaa tcaaccaaaa cttctccaag gatcagcccc aaatcaacca aaatttctcc     93540
     aaggatcagc tcccgaatca accaaaactt ctccaaggat cagccaccaa atcaaccaga     93600
     acttctccaa ggttcagctc ccaaatcaac cagaacttct ccaaggatca gcccccaaat     93660
     cagccagaac ttctccaggg atcagccccc aaatcagtca gaacttctcc aaggatcagc     93720
     ttccaaatca accagaactt ctccaaggat cagctcccaa atcaaccaga acttctccaa     93780
     ggttcagctt ccaaatcaac cagaacttct ccaaggatca gcccccaaat cagccagaac     93840
     ttctccaggg atcagccccc aaatcaccca gaacttctcc aaggatcagc tcccaaatta     93900
     gtcagaactt ctccaaggat cagcttccaa atcaaccaca acttcttcag ggatcagccc     93960
     ccaaatcagc cagaacttct ccaaggatca gctaccaaat cagtcagaac ttctccaggg     94020
     atcagctccc aaatcagcca gaacttctcc aaggatcagc tcccaaatca accagaactt     94080
     ctccaaggat cagctcccaa atcaaccaga acttctccat gcatcggctc ccaaattaat     94140
     cagaacttct ccaaggatca gcccccaaat caaccagaac ttctccaggg atcagccccc     94200
     aaatcagcca gcacttctcc agggatcagc tcccaaatca accagaactt ctccaaggat     94260
     tagctcccaa atcaaccaga acttctccaa gattcagctc ccaaatcagt cagaacttct     94320
     ccgagaatca gctcccaaat caaccagaac ttctccaaga ttcagctccc aaatcagtca     94380
     gaacttctcc aaggatcagc tcccaaatca gtcagaactt ctccaaggat gagcccccaa     94440
     atcaaccaga acttctccaa ggttcagctc ccacatcagt cagaacttct ccaaggttca     94500
     gcccccaagt cacccggaac ttctccaagt ttcagctccc aaatcagtca gaacttctcc     94560
     aaggatcagc ccccaaatca accagaactt ctccaagttt cagctcccaa atcagtcaga     94620
     acttctccaa ggatcagccc ccaaatcaac cagaacttct ccaaggatca gctcccaaat     94680
     caaccagaac ttctccaagt ttcagctccc aaatcagtca gaacttctcc aaggatcagc     94740
     ccccaaatca cctggaactt ctccaaggat cagcccccaa atcaaccaga acttctccaa     94800
     ggttcagctc ccaaatcagc cagaacttcc ccaaggttca gcccccaatt cacccagaac     94860
     ttctccaatg atcagccccc aaatcaacca gaacttctcc aaggttcagc tcccaaatca     94920
     accagaactt ctccaaggtt cagctcccac atcagtcaga acttctccaa ggttcagccc     94980
     ccaagtcacc cggaacttct ccaaggatca gcccccaaat caaccagaac ttctccaagt     95040
     ttcagctccc aaatcagtca gaacttctcc aaggatcagc ccccaaatca cccggaactt     95100
     ctccaaggat cagcccccaa gtcaaccaga acttctccaa ggttcagctc ccaaatcagc     95160
     cagaacttcc ccaaggttca gcccccaaat cacccagaac ttctccaatg atcagccccc     95220
     aaatcaacca gaacttctcc aagtttcagc tcccaaatca accagaactt ctccaaggat     95280
     cagctcccaa atcaaccaga acttctccaa ggatcagctc gcaaatcagc cagaacttct     95340
     ccaaggatca gctcccaagt cagccagaac ttctccaagg atcagccccc aaatcagcca     95400
     gaacttctcc aaggttcagc tcccaaatca ttcagaactt ctccaaggat cagctcccaa     95460
     atcaaccaga ccttctccag ggatcagttc ccaaatcagc cagaaattct ccagggatca     95520
     gctcccaaat cagccagaac ttctcccagg gtgggagatc ttttgatctc atgcagtccc     95580
     ttcatagtgc tcagcatttt acccagaaaa gcatcagtca cccgtaaagg ctaagtttta     95640
     aacactgtaa aaccagaaaa tgttatatac acgactgtgt gaggcgtgaa cgtggggaag     95700
     tgagtgtgaa agtgcatgaa tgtgagcatt caagaaggca tgagtgtgcg agggaacccc     95760
     accaacaaag caagcaagag gacctggcct ctttctattt gcgacaaccc ttaatggggc     95820
     tcagagattt cccactgcgt tccttaccct cttagtgctg cacaccggcc tctacaaagc     95880
     cataagcaag gaaaagaaat agaggatcgt gagtttaaac agttcagaat aaattggtat     95940
     tgggtgttaa gggcttaaat tccactatct atgtttaccg tatcttaagt tgaatcaaaa     96000
     caaaatccaa caacacaatg ttacaagatg ttgctgccta gaaacaaccg aaagctggat     96060
     tagagggtca taaattaagg attgggtaca ttgtaactaa ttaaatacat acaaaagaaa     96120
     agcagatttg gtaatatcat ttcaggctat gtagtattta aagtctctta ttgagttaaa     96180
     agagcatcgt attattttaa attggtaagc taataataaa gatatgacat gaataaactt     96240
     taatatacca aataaaaaag cccaaaagta tatatatata aaacaaaaaa cagacagacg     96300
     tatggctgca gctgataaat ttttaactca ccattatcaa catacagcag ataccatatt     96360
     caaaaatgaa acaaaataag aactgaaaaa aataagtaat aaaattaatg tggtggaact     96420
     aatagaatat gccaaacttt ttatctgaaa gttagaaatc tcatcctctt tcataccttc     96480
     tgtccatata caatcaccaa ctgtgaaaac aaaattatca tcctatttcc agaaattatt     96540
     aagacaaaaa gctgataaaa atatttagcc aaacgaagca ttagaatacc aaattatagg     96600
     gatgtgcgtg atgacttaac tgtttcttgc acgttttgct gggcgctgta attcagatag     96660
     tttgtgtttt aacttttaca atcttctagt ctgcaataat aattttatag tttgctgtgg     96720
     aactgcacca aatccataaa atctgcaaaa gtcctcaaaa ttccacatat gtgggttgtc     96780
     attggcccta ataattgtgc tccaagtttt gcactaaatt cttccacaaa ttagaaatga     96840
     aaacaccatg tgtttcagag gaatgaatga aaaacaccta ccaggacacg gctgagctaa     96900
     cactcagcac cttccaaaat tctgcacttg agtcttttgt aaacaaccct gcctttcagt     96960
     tcctcagtca acacattaaa tacacatcct tttcagaaat tattgtctat atagcttatg     97020
     aatctaaaac cagaaccatt tcaccaggtt ggtggggatc ttttccatgt ttgctgtgaa     97080
     tggcaaaacc acataactca atggaaccac agatgtgcaa atctgggtgg acagcaggga     97140
     tggcagccac cctcagtatg cagatagaga ccatgaaact aatgtggctg ttaacttgtc     97200
     ccagaaagca aactcaaggg gttagcagct gtttttgttt cctctctttc tctctcttct     97260
     tttgttgctg acatttgaaa catatatctc accattgctg acaccatccc cctcaccccc     97320
     accagtagga gtcagttcat tgcatggact gagagagaga catcttgcca ccggtttctt     97380
     ctctatccag atgtgatttt tgcagagtag cagagcaccg gaagctggct tcaccataaa     97440
     ggctactctg cagactatta tcttccagca tacatgaggg atagcatatg gtatgagggt     97500
     gggcgttcta atgagacaaa tcaaagacac caatggttca cagacttctc taggagcaaa     97560
     gtattgccct ataggacaca aaggaattga tttaagaaac ccttcagaaa actggtattg     97620
     cttttatttt cactacaaaa taaatattga agtaaataca aaaagatgtt ctccataatg     97680
     atgtatgaga acctgcatga agtcaagcct gcattctgtg gccaccacaa attcaaggca     97740
     agcaggacgc cacaaacttc accctcccac tcccaagttt ctgccaaatt aagccccaaa     97800
     gtttagggac agaaagcaaa atatcctaga ttcctgtaac tcctggtttg tttttttttt     97860
     tttttttttt tttgagacgg agtcttgctc tcttgctctc tcaccaggct ggagtgcagt     97920
     cgcgtgacag caacctccac ctcccaggtt caagctattc tcccgcctca gcctcctgag     97980
     tagctgggac tacaggcatg tgccaccatg cctggctaat ttttgtattt ttagtagaga     98040
     cagggtttca ccatgttggc caggatggtc tcaatgtctt gacctcatga tccacccacc     98100
     ttggcctccc aaagtgctgg gattacaggt gtgaaccact gtgcccagcc cctttaactc     98160
     attttgaaat gattctcaca taacatattc acatcaatat tttcataacc taagaaattt     98220
     ccattgacct agtttcctta attaacttgt gagaaaaatt cttatcattg gatttctttt     98280
     aattttcaaa atatataaat tgatgtgcag atcgatacaa aataacaatt tatgcttgtt     98340
     ataaacccat ctctgctcag agtcctggaa aggacatcac agtggaaggc caagtgggct     98400
     gcaggtggca gacacagttc ctcagcctgg acgtcacagt ggaaggccaa gtgggctgca     98460
     ggcagtggac agagttcctc agcctggtca gttgctcctg ggatggtggg tgagtcagaa     98520
     catgtgtctt tatttgtcaa gtgggggtta agccaggcat tgtctaaggt gcctcacaga     98580
     gttaatattc tttgctgtga acttgctgcc aaatagttca taggacagtt tttatgttca     98640
     gccaatgggt agaaatgtag cccaaagacc tacaacatgg ggcagggaat cagggcaggg     98700
     gaccagggca gggatccagg gcagggaacc tgctctccct tgctgatggt cttcactgtc     98760
     ctcctctcct tcctcccacg tgtcgggatc agtgatgaag tggaggcacc tttcagagaa     98820
     tgtatccagg atctccttct cctctccttc aaaaaacaga aagctcgatg ttgtctttta     98880
     tcacatctgg tatttgaaaa tttatgttct gatgaggcac tgtgcgcaga agcagaaccc     98940
     gctgcatcca atggtatgct gctatgctga cctcgaagtc actcgccttg gacacaggcc     99000
     gttaacttga catggtgatt tattcgccaa taagcacatc tcccatatca cagatcagcg     99060
     agtggagtgt gctgcaaatg gtgtggtggc cttgaacccc tgagatatcc tagagacatg     99120
     atggatgggc tggcctggcc tgttgtgact gtggtgaagg caagggaggc aggggtctgc     99180
     acctgcccct ggtacaacct gctgccccac aagcacccaa agcctgctgc cggcatcgtc     99240
     ttcctttgct ctgaatctta gttgttaagc tttcccccag agtaacagga gagttgcagc     99300
     ctgcgggaaa aggacaagat gtgaattctg tttcaggaat ttggccttaa aaacaatgat     99360
     gcttatttgt gtagcccaag agaggagctc attgaacata agtcagatgc cagggctgat     99420
     gtggcctcag atagtaattc ttacctcact gctgtttcag gcagccagtt cttacatttg     99480
     catccattag tgggaagagc gtctcatctt tcatagaaaa ggtcgagtga cagcacacag     99540
     tcaaccaggc attgcctcaa gagctgtgag acggtgctct aggggcactg agcctcggtg     99600
     acctgcctgg gagcctcatg tagtcctgga aaatcaccag ctctgcaaat ctcaacccaa     99660
     acaggaaact ctctgccccg aagtagcaca gacataactc tcgatacata cgtcgattta     99720
     tctccacatt attattatta tttaattttt tgtaatacag ccttgttttg acttacaact     99780
     cccagagaca tcctttcaag gtaatataat tctagcttta ttgcagttca gatgaacatt     99840
     cttttttaaa gctaaaataa tgtaagttgt atcaagtact aacaccattc ttagggctga     99900
     catgaataat cagattttca ttttgtccta caatttcata catccctagt ccatgcaaac     99960
     actttaaagc aaccattttc tagacataaa tgtgctgcta tatgatgatg agactctgca    100020
     tgatttctgt cttattcttt atgcttttct gtattttccc agttttctaa aatattaaca    100080
     aaatttgttg ttaaaattgt aacaaccttt tgaaagaaca tgcatttaaa aacaaaatta    100140
     taaatgggac atttataatt atgtggtaca ttgtgataaa gatggtaggc tcagctggcc    100200
     ctgtgtttct atgttgtaca ttcgaagcac tcacaaggtg cccagagcgt cgcaagggct    100260
     ctgaggcccc tcagacagca gccaagtaag aaagtttaat tcactaatta cagtaggaaa    100320
     agctgaatta cagaacaagt gatgatctgc ctgagatgct catgtaataa cctagaacat    100380
     tcctggggaa agctgggcct gactcccact attctgctct ctccacacat tcctccaaga    100440
     ccttctacag accctttgag agcgtggaag tttggagtgt gaagccacgc tgaagacgcc    100500
     ttaacgtccc aacagttttg cttcttaata aattgaagac ttacttcaac ataatcatgc    100560
     aaccaactga aagactttta aaaagttttt tacaaaaaga attactacat ttatcctcga    100620
     gacaccaaac aagagcctaa ctaacatttt cattgaattg gcgattggct tgagttgttt    100680
     ccaaattgac tttatttgtc ctttggaatc acatagacac aaccttaatc taaaagtcat    100740
     tagcaactaa atttaagatt attgacttag ctgcatagaa aaccaaaaac ttgacatcct    100800
     gatggaaaag ttgcattcaa ttttataaga agagctaata tttaaggaga acttagtata    100860
     tgccagtggt attccaagca ccatacccgt attaacttaa ttcctgtaac aaccctagga    100920
     agaaggctac attattattc taatcttaaa gaggaataaa ctgagatacc gagccattga    100980
     ataacagtga ataagtaaag aagcaaagga ttgatcagag gtaatctcac ctggatcctc    101040
     ttacccactg agctaggact gcattctcac cccacaaatg gtgatgtggt cagggctaca    101100
     tagtggagtg atctagacca caggcctggt gtcaaacaca ctcaggtttt catgctcagc    101160
     ctgccactta ctagctgagt atacttaggc aaagcacttt attaaatata tcattttgcc    101220
     tcagttttct taatctagtc cctaacttgc atgattgtca taaggcttaa attagagaat    101280
     gtttacaagt tggttagcta gtgtcataac atactaaggc tcctttaaat ggtacctact    101340
     aggattatat caactttcta acatctattt tatcctccac aatagtagga tgcatttaga    101400
     atgtttgcag tcacatgaga aatttataag gaggaaggca gacagcctta tttcagaact    101460
     gaacaagact cagaagccaa cgtttagctg tgtttagaaa gttttgcaga tctcaagtga    101520
     gtagcacttt catctagtga ttcttttatt caagatcata ggaaatatcc atttggagcc    101580
     tttaaaactc ttttatgccg cgaaaatgca gacacacaaa caacgcacta tgggtaatcc    101640
     tggcctcaag agatctgtga acaaaataaa gcaacaaaga actggcacag agcactgtgc    101700
     tggctccgtt catttccaca ctgctcttgg agctgggagt ggaaaggagc aggtaatttc    101760
     ttccatggga gcagccaatg catattattc tggtgaaagt acttaaatac acagaataga    101820
     gacagaatat gaaaaagagc aaactgcttt aaggaaaaaa attcactcct aagggaaaag    101880
     aatcatctag ttttgtttta tacctgcaga acagagatca atgctgagac ctcggtgtct    101940
     agcacacagc ccagtatgta acaggtaaga aagtcaatta acatttccta gatgattgat    102000
     agaaaaacac ctgaaaactt tctacccaac aaccaaaacc atcttccagg aaagacacct    102060
     atttgcctgg attcagtcct gaacatatgt accacccaac tgtagtcaca aagaggaatt    102120
     ctgtttatag aaaactattg ttaatatttt taaaccattt gctacattac tatattttaa    102180
     aagcttaaaa tttcacagag aaaaataatt ttaccttttg gaattactac attttggaat    102240
     tacaaaattt tgccgaaaaa ttcttaagac agctgagtct gcagggttga aagaccagcg    102300
     gagatgatgg ttacaaagta tgccagatgg cttttgtccc ataacacacc atcttaaact    102360
     tggtcgttgc aaggggcgat tttgtgccaa cttggctagg ccatgaaccc agatattagg    102420
     tcaaacactc agtgtaaata ttgctgtgaa ggtatttgtt agatgagatt aacattgaaa    102480
     tcagtggata tttagtgaag agggttaccc ccataatgtg agtggacttc acctaaatgg    102540
     ttgaaggcct taagagaaag aaagacagag gtcccggagg gaaagggaat cctgcctcca    102600
     ggtggtctct gggctccaga ttcagcatca tctcttctct tttcttcatc tcttctctgg    102660
     ctctccagcc tgcagcctgc cagtccccac aatcgtgtgg gccaattcat tataatacat    102720
     ctctccctct catgtatcgt atcttacttc tttctccgga gaaccccgac gaccataatg    102780
     gcttatacaa caacctttat ttcacttaca atttccgggc tcgcagtttg agctgtcttc    102840
     actggggcag gcctgatctt ctgggccgga ctcagctgat ctggactggg ctcatttgtg    102900
     caatttgagc tggcttcatt ggggcaggcc tgatcttctg ggccagactc agctgatctg    102960
     gactgggctc attcacacat ctgtaactgt catttgttag tcaaacattt aaacgatttg    103020
     caaaaatgtg aaacaatttc ccttttctca ccaatttttg aggggtttgg aaaatataat    103080
     tatttttcat aaaatgttat ttacattaaa atgtgttggt cttaatatta ttttaaatga    103140
     gttgataaat atttttttac atttcccatt ttggtattca ataaagtaaa tatagataga    103200
     catgacccat gtgaataaaa gctgttaagt gtcctcaata atttgaactg tgtaaagggg    103260
     tcctaagaat gaaaagtttg tgaatcactg ctcaatacat gtcatctgga agcagctagt    103320
     gtaggatcca gcctaaatct ccacggcgtg aggaaagcca tggccatccg ggcctccttt    103380
     agcagtgatc aatgtcatcc attacgtaaa acctattgag ggtttgctat gtgccagaaa    103440
     ggcgaggttt gctgtgtatg caggagccag gtcatgggaa gatttgcaaa cttcactagg    103500
     gcttcagctt cacttagaaa gaaaaaaaag tgactgaagt attttaacga agagaatgat    103560
     gtgtctcgat ttatatttta ggaaggtgat tacgaggctg tgtctttgat ggaatgaagc    103620
     caataaggct gcagccaaga agatcagttg gagcttttag ctgaaatcca ggtgagaaga    103680
     gattaaggcc tcctaaatta aggcaggaac agaaggaaaa gaaagaagag cttccaggag    103740
     cgataaatga gatagatcta ctacactggg tgactaaatg ggcacaaaaa aatgaacggc    103800
     atttcctttc tccaaaggca attttcctca aattattgac attatccgaa agacataaac    103860
     aggtattttt caaaggaaga tatacaaata atcaatgaac atactaaaat gtgttcagaa    103920
     atcactagaa taaaaaaatg caagtataag caataaaata aattgtcttt aaccaaatgg    103980
     cagttttttt tttagcaaca cctgttttca aagataggaa aagagatatg caaacatgtt    104040
     tgacagaaaa ctgaatcagt acaaccattc tgaaaagcat tttagaagaa tgtttcagga    104100
     ctcttctagg aatttatctt aagagaacac agttcatgtc atttaccacg ttctaatata    104160
     ctatctaacg ggcttctcta tgtttactgt aagtctcacc tactggaata taaatactgc    104220
     aagaacaaag atggaatccc aagcacatag aagagtgcac aacacgctgt aagtgcttcc    104280
     taaccccact gtaagtgctt cctaacccca ctgtaagtgc ttcctaaacc ccactgtaag    104340
     cgtttcctaa ccgcttccta aataaataaa agatgtaagt acttcctaac ccctttctaa    104400
     ataaataaaa gatgtccact aggatttact taccaaagtg gtcactatag cattacttac    104460
     aatggctaaa ctggataaat ctaaatgttc atcaacggga tactggttaa caaaataatg    104520
     atgccactgc cataggaggc aaaatcacat aatcattaga aagcaagtca ttaaggatgt    104580
     ttaaggctat gagaaaacat tcccaattta ttaattgggt agagaagaat taaaaagtgt    104640
     atatagagta acatagtaac cgtattcaga aatagtaata acactaaaat gttaaccatg    104700
     attacctctg gctagtgtgt ttatagtcat ttttattttc ttttctatgc tttccatatt    104760
     ttctataacc aggtaaataa aattttgaac catccccata tgccacaaaa ctccctgagt    104820
     atattttatc acacagcatg gtgtaataat aatgtttaca ataataacat acagttattt    104880
     taaaaatatt acattgtatt caatatcctc aatttataaa gaaggaaaat ctctgtggtg    104940
     gaaacatggg tttgattaat ctctattttt ccgtgttctt atttctaaat tcaggaagtg    105000
     ggcaatgaac tctttaatgc tttccatcct ggcaagttaa aattttaaaa tgttgaagtt    105060
     ctctaaaggt aaccttcaat tacttgtaaa agtcatgttt atgaaatacc taggtctcca    105120
     atattgctgg ttaaatgaaa cattattgca catattacag aggaaaaggt atttgtttga    105180
     cctttcgcag tttcaacact gcaatttaat attgtatttc acataccatt ccagctgatc    105240
     atatattttt aaaaatcgca gtattttgaa aagtctatcc tgcattagta tccatttatt    105300
     gcatcaatta gcatcaatgc attatacgca atacctgaaa gttttataaa tattttaata    105360
     gtcttacaac agggttccaa aatacattat gagagaaaga ggctgggagt ttgcatggct    105420
     ggctcaggct tgcataaggg agcatgccca cactgacaca tccaatgaaa gaaaccgcag    105480
     tgccaaaacc acaaggcagg ctcataacgg tctgactgca tgctgaacta cgtgtttctt    105540
     catcaataca ctctgctgac tagctttttg ttaagttcat gagaagtgac aacatttaat    105600
     cctaccattt cgaggaagag aagccatgtc tacccgttga tcttttagtt gtcatgaagg    105660
     aaattgaact tcagagcttc catcttgcct tcatcatggc tcttaccaca cagatgcacc    105720
     tgtgtgagat gtcttgagcc gcagagacca agacatgctc agaattcagc cagaagctga    105780
     cattataaac ggcagtagac tcagtcgctt gatacagttg ttaaattcag attttgacca    105840
     tctggttctt ttattttacc agtctgcgtg tgcttaagat attattctac tattaaattg    105900
     aaggaatacc aggttcacaa taaataatcc aaataaattt gtccataatg tgtatatttg    105960
     gctctgtctg ctgagcatag tactttggcc ccgctgatgc atcatccagg catgtttttt    106020
     gaatgtattt tctccccgtt ttcccaggca tcatgttgtt cgctagctca aggtgcatac    106080
     cttattcttt tggtaagata attacaaaga accagtccta actcctattt ctgcatgtat    106140
     gatgacctac ataggcagat tgaaagtaaa ggtagacatg gaataccatg tttttaaatc    106200
     tttcaaaaat gcattgatac tctggcaaga aagtaagaaa tattaagaat tatgaatcta    106260
     aatcaagcca gaaacctgaa aaggtaagca gagcactaaa cctatttgtc atcattgggc    106320
     atgtgggaac ttgaggagtt tcagcaacaa cttttgtggt ctgatgggtg ggtggtgaca    106380
     aacaaagaca aaagctcagg ccagcccatt agcccaccca gctcttcaaa aagtgggaag    106440
     cctgaggtca gagcaaagat taatcattgt tttctttctt ttttaaaaaa agtttagagt    106500
     cagggtcacc ctgttgccca ggctggagtg cagtggtgcg atcacatctt actgcagcct    106560
     caaactcctg ggatcaagcg atcctactgc ctcagcctcc tgagtatctg ggactacggg    106620
     cacacaccac aactgcctat ttttatgtat ttagataagg ggtctcaaac tcctggcctc    106680
     aagcaattct tcgatcttag ccccctgaat agctggcatt acaggcatga gccaccaggc    106740
     ccagccatcc aaaaaaaaag gtacccacat ttgctattta gaacattcca gaggccaaat    106800
     gaaaggagac atctcaactc tgctcccagg aagctagggc agaggcttga ccaatcagag    106860
     ctctggccag ctgtagaacc ttggccaatc agagcactgg ccagctctag gatcttggac    106920
     aatcagagct ctggccagct ctaggatctt ggccaatcag agctctggcc agctctagga    106980
     tcttggccaa tcagtgctct ggccagctgt aggatcttgg ccaatcagag ctctggccag    107040
     ctctaggatc ttggccaatc agtgctctgg ccagctctag gatcttggcc aatcagagct    107100
     ctggccagct ctaggatctt ggccaatcag agctctcgcc agctctaggc tctttgccaa    107160
     tcagagctct agccagttct aggatcttga gaaagcaatg ccaagctctg aggaaagtag    107220
     cgactgtgta aagtccatgc agcagtggag ttaaagcaca gcaggatcag gccagcgatt    107280
     gtccactagc agtggtgcta accatgcgtt ctcagctgcc taatttcact tagtttccac    107340
     acattttttg agtatggatc tccagacgcg tgattgattc ttccaaatat agttctaata    107400
     aatattgctt cttctgaatt tcttacttaa attagccaga ctttatttct gttgtttgca    107460
     actgagcacc tcgctgatac agtcttcccc caaactctga aatcttccat aaccaagcca    107520
     aagaattcca tcgggggaga cgtcacccag ggaagcttaa atctaaataa aagataataa    107580
     tctggaagaa agctttctca caattacagc tgttatgcac cagggaccta tccagggtcc    107640
     tgaccttcct tacaactcat ggtctcgaaa gccttgtgct cctccacctc ctgtcacgta    107700
     tcttcttaaa tcctcatcca cacgactgtg actcatgacc actgcaataa ctcatcttaa    107760
     accttcatgg tccactcata ccctgagtaa ttcacaccag gaagaattat catgctcatt    107820
     ttccaaatca taaagccaaa attactttag tgggttgaca gttgacaatg aagaatgcat    107880
     cctaggagtt cacaattaac tttgtgaaac tggtaatttg tttcactttt ttgtcatagt    107940
     agtatcctca ttctttttta aaataaatat atattaagca cgtacagtga tcccagcaca    108000
     ttgctaggtg ctctaattgg cctgaagaag tggtccttgc atcaggcggt tctgtagtag    108060
     aacaaaggtc ttaatttgag atctaattga tccagttaat atgtgtgagt tcagacaact    108120
     cccttaatgc tttaaggctc agcttcctca tctataaatt agcgtgatac tcatcttccc    108180
     tgtctgccta agggttgttg taaagatcaa ataatgattg ttgccagtaa aatcataaaa    108240
     tgttcttcca agcacttgga aggaagaaac ttaagattac tcttgaataa ttagattgtg    108300
     aaatcaagac ataaagactc agaaccaagc taggtaatgt ctccttaaga aaacagaatg    108360
     aattgcaccc agatcagcaa aaatgaacaa taatctcatt aatcacatga aaagacctaa    108420
     taattggatg tgccaatagt aaaatggatt gtcaaaaagt aaaaataaaa aagtcagaaa    108480
     tgcaaacatt ggaagaattc tagagagctt tagctgaatg gcttcaatag aatggtgacc    108540
     ttagtaaggc catctgcatt acagagatga aaacttagta atgtttttag ccttatcttt    108600
     gcaaagcaat cacctagaaa tttttagact tctaaaaagt tctgtctaca gtgtgatgtt    108660
     caaatggaaa ttttgccaat gtgagcattg tgggttcaca ctggaaaatc tgtaatttaa    108720
     aattagtctt gtaagctcag cttctttgag cccaatactg agaatgattt tttaacaaaa    108780
     tcagatttct gagcctacga gattgagagg aagacttagg agaggaagac ttaggcaagg    108840
     aagacttagg aaaagaagcc aacactctaa gtctgacatt tcagggccaa ctaattcctt    108900
     atgtgacaac tcttttcttt tgcacactga acctaaactt gacttttttt tcttttgaga    108960
     cagggtccca ctctgtcatc caggctggag gtcactgggg tggggcaatc acagctcact    109020
     gcagccttga tctcccaggc tcaagtgatc atcccatctc agcctcctga gtagctggga    109080
     caatagctga gcttgacttt taagagtagt taatatttgg ataaaaggag aacatgataa    109140
     gtgcaaagtt atgtcattgg taagcaaatg gagataagaa tctgctcaat gcatacaaga    109200
     ttcaaagaac agacaactct ggcttttgca aaggagtcaa aatgatggaa ctagaaagtc    109260
     agggtgagac caagttctgg aacaccttaa atagcaagag aaggtgtttg aagttaattc    109320
     agtaggtaat aaaagtgact gaaagtttta agcaaagaat atcgtaatgt aatgggtctg    109380
     gagaggttat taatatggca ctgatgggca ggagatgaga ataactcaag gacaaaaggc    109440
     cagtgaagac attactggaa aaaatccagc tgcaaactta cttaggattt gactgggcgt    109500
     gtttgttatt tctgaccagt gccccatttt tcctatggga agaatgcttt cctttatgtg    109560
     gacactgctt cttctcactc tccaactgca tctccaaccc catccctagc ttctgctcat    109620
     tggtcaaaga ttagactcat gatctccacc aatgccatca aagtcctcca gtgagatttt    109680
     tccattgatt cctgtctaaa agtgaagcca gtcaccttct agtcatactt gaatggtgca    109740
     gcttaattgt atggaaaact tattccaata ctattgcaaa atgctagtcg cctactttag    109800
     gagctgttgt tgctccacta gctgcttcgt tctgcacatc atcctacaat ttccttctct    109860
     tctcctcatc ccaatccaag gactcccaat tatttccaat tctcaactag caggtcacaa    109920
     cttgcaactt tttatccatg ctcatttgag acattttagt tcaaaacatt gtttttcaat    109980
     tttattgttt ttcagatgga gtcttgttct gttgcccagc ctggagtgca gtggtgcgat    110040
     ctcgactcac tgcagcctcg gcttcccggg ttcaagtgat tctcctgcct cagcctcctg    110100
     agtagctggg actacagccg cccaccacca cacctagcta atttttgtat ttttagtaga    110160
     gatggggttt caccatgttg gccaggctgg tctcgaactc ctgagctcgt gatccacctg    110220
     tctcagcctc ccaaagtgct ggaattacaa gcatgagcca ccatgcctgg cctgtttttg    110280
     aattttaatt aagtctgata caaattaata ttctattcta aaatctcatc agtggcaaaa    110340
     tagtctaatt actataccaa aggaaagtga tgaattagaa taagcttgtt attaatgcct    110400
     tcaaattcct tccttttaat tttcatattt cttacttatt ccctgctgca cctgcagtca    110460
     cagccatctt ccttaatgtt tgttttatgt aataatagaa agctgttttc agctactggg    110520
     gaggcagagg ccaggagatc gcctgagccc aggagtttga gactgcagtg agctacaatc    110580
     acaccactgc attcctgcct gggcgacaaa gcaagatcct gtctctaaaa agaattataa    110640
     ataaataaat aaatgtgaga aagctgtttt agcaaaactt ctctctccaa ctacatttgg    110700
     agaagtacgt gcatagaggt attcccagga cttcaatatt ctcaatgcca gcattctcca    110760
     caggcaattc ttgaatgcct gacaaattac aatgaggaag gaatctattc accacctaga    110820
     tcagtggctg ccaaatactt gactctcagg accccattag gctcaaaaag tatcctggac    110880
     ttcaaaaagt tttgttgatt tgatttatat ttatacttat taatatttat catagaaaaa    110940
     acacaaacta acaatctaaa aatatttagt gatttatttt aaaatagtaa taataaacct    111000
     attacatgtt aattaaataa catttttatt taaaatctat tttttttttt ttttcagatg    111060
     gagttttgct cttgttgccc aggctggagt gcaatggccc gatctcagct cacctcaacc    111120
     tccgcctccc gggttcaagc gattctcctg ccttagcctc ccgagtagct gggattacag    111180
     gcatccgccc agctaatttt tgtattttta gtagtagcta gtctccaaat gtgatctgga    111240
     gaataagacc acatttggag actggttaac ctacaatatg tgtagacaac acaatcccaa    111300
     attcttaagt ggatacaatt ttctcactta tttctattct tttcttttgc tcttaaaatg    111360
     cctagtgccc agggtcttca ttcccccttc cggttgtgca aaaccctttc cccaccgtga    111420
     caccagtgtg ggactgacct gtccgtagtg ccaccctttc cccgccatga caccagagtg    111480
     gggccgacct gtccgtagtg tcacttgttc tcagtgtgct aatttctgta agtcaaaata    111540
     tatctatttt ctgatggtcc cctgaggatc caaataagta acatgctagt ttaatgaact    111600
     tggctgttaa ttggtgataa tcatttaatg gctcctccat tcttcataca atattgtatt    111660
     taaacaaatc ttcagtgtct ccacccagac aaattactta tatgtaaatg tacccagtga    111720
     gaggactttc gtgtcacttt ccccagatga catctcttct ctctgtgcag agtcctgacc    111780
     ctatgcacaa gtgtgcaatg aatatcgtca tgtataatgc atatataaga catttgaata    111840
     aatgcttaga ttattttgga ttccttagta aatgccagtt ttgatcatga aaagtagaca    111900
     gaacctagac aaaaaaaaaa aaatactggc agaaaaacca aacagcaaca atactacaaa    111960
     ctcagatgca ctgacatctg agtaacaatg atagcctcag ttccttaaaa cctcaatata    112020
     ggcttaactt ttttttttga gacagagttt tgctttgttg tccacgctgg gatgcagtgg    112080
     cgcaaatttg gctcattgca acctctgcct tccaggttca agcaattctt gtgcctcagc    112140
     ctcctgagta gctggattac aggcactcac caccatgccc agctgatttt ttgtgtttta    112200
     gtggagacgg ggtttcatca tcttgcccag gctggtctcg aactcctgag ctcagggaat    112260
     ccacctgtct cggcctccca gagtgttagg attacaggca tgagccacca tgcccggcca    112320
     acttttttta ataatcgaaa attaatagca ttttttggct gggcacagtg gctcacacct    112380
     gtaatcccag cactttggga ggccgaggca ggcagatcac ttgagctcag gagttcaaga    112440
     ccagcctgga caacatagcc cccatctcaa aaaataaaat taatggcatt taaaaaatat    112500
     ttacaataga agagctttta aaactataag cagattctgg gcattggttg tgagcatctt    112560
     gtccatccaa aaagagcaga aaatggatct gggttgactt cactgagtcg cttgaaactc    112620
     acagaaagat gacatggagc tactgagcca tggtgttaat gagcatcact ttccacagtt    112680
     gcctctagac aatgaggcca gatgctcgtg gtgcaggatg ggtaattaat gcctccagtt    112740
     gtcccgtgtt tcctgaggaa acaatgttta agaactgcca caaactgcgc ctcacagatt    112800
     ggagtagcta aggaagaaaa cctcagaaga ttttacgtca cttttttttt ttgaaaagac    112860
     acagaccaat ctatttagaa aaatattttt attatatggg aagcaaaata tttttttttc    112920
     taaagcacca aatgtacagc atccactcaa ggggaacaaa aggtctccca aactctccag    112980
     cctcacactg gggctcagct ctccggtaac ttgatccatt tgtaactcca ggctctttcc    113040
     acgagttgtc ctctaattct ataaaatcca gttgtacagc cagaggaaaa ctcagaacag    113100
     gcacacaaat ttttgtactt tggttactga aagggatttt gtcttgttaa tcttgaagga    113160
     ttggcagagc aattttatca cattttctga aaaaaatcta tacagattta aggtcgcatt    113220
     ctggatttaa ttgaagtaac cttttgtaca atctagcttt aatgaagtgc aatgaagtta    113280
     aactccgtgg gggccattaa tctgaaacac tccatttaag aactacaagg ggagttttta    113340
     ataaacagtg tgaactaatg cccatgtgga aaggtaattg agagggagct ggtgtctggg    113400
     ccagattgtt attaaaccct tatcacaggt aaagctgaaa ccccaatggc aagctgctct    113460
     gtgatttatc gtgcccttct catcctaact ttaaagaaaa ggctacgttt aataatgaaa    113520
     aaatcctgtg actaagctat aaaataactg agcaattact tagaataatt tatacagtgc    113580
     aatacattga ccttgcttta agcataaaat ctacaaaata actttggcca taaaactgtg    113640
     aactactaaa agtactaaag gttttaacca tttttattgg gtggtgcctg gggggaccat    113700
     aaatacgtgt tacactctaa tcacagggct taagaaaatt cataattttt tatcttaaaa    113760
     tggctttttg agaaaagttt tctcaatttg gccaattgca aatcacgaag tctaatgccg    113820
     ttactttaaa aggattatat ataacgtcca caatattatt tccccatgtg tgagttctgc    113880
     ctcactctct cttttgactc ccagccatgg ctgatgaagg aaaaatggca ataacttttc    113940
     tgtattacct atttaaatat ttactctttt gaaaaaagaa ggcagtggga tctgttgcaa    114000
     cagaaaggat tgatactatc tcccagccca ctgagacaag gatgcgtcta tttctgggta    114060
     agtaaataca ttcctcccct cagcaacgca cagtcaatgt ttccactttc cacagtggct    114120
     ttcaacagca aagttcagcc tttactccaa actggcatca gagcaggaca taaccaagca    114180
     taacatatga ctctcattgc cttcaatttt tcaatcactg cagctgagca aacacgtttt    114240
     ccctgaaggc tttgaatcat ggaattatcc ccacagatcg tcttccagtt gactttaatt    114300
     ccactaaatc cagtcgattt ctgcaagatt ggaatatcag cacattgaca ccctgtggaa    114360
     acaaattttc aaggcagcaa cttttgacac aaaactattt attcctaagg tttatcttgc    114420
     ttcacccctg ataaaatgag ccagtttagc tcccaaagga aaacaaagcc acaggatgtt    114480
     gtccctgggt tggctaaaca gagatacttg cgggaaacct cacagacaaa aatactgcct    114540
     gaatatacca tctttgttac tcgtagagct acaggcatca gaaagttact gcatggaagc    114600
     aaaaaggttt tatggtataa tgcagtaatc catgattaaa tctcttaaat atatcatctg    114660
     aaggttcatt aaaagactgg ggcacaggat gggacatagg agatgatctg ggagttccag    114720
     tcccggtgat gcccttcaga aaatgagccc cagggacctc agggaggtgt ggcctccatt    114780
     caggttatct gagctaggga ctggctagag ttgcatgcgg tcacagaaat ggaggatagt    114840
     gtactgcaaa aaggaaaaga cagcaccatt gttcagaaca tggccctgtt gctgggtctc    114900
     cagaaggcaa aatgagcttc agaggaacaa cacagccatg aataaaagcc tgatttttca    114960
     ccagcccaca gaccagccaa tctccagctg gagcccaatt catacaggag aaagcagcct    115020
     ttctggtgag ggaccatgta gctgtcttct tctaggaatg gggaattgcc ttaggaaaga    115080
     gactaaaatt tcaacattta gctctacaca ccctcacaga actccactaa cacaccataa    115140
     aagtaatttt tttaggtcct agacctgtaa ggatatggag aaagatcaaa gaaaccataa    115200
     ttagaaggca gaaaggcagg tggtaactga cttggtggac caaagaaaga tgactcctca    115260
     ctcaaccagc agtaaggaag ccagtggcca gttggatttg agccatgaga ttcccagagg    115320
     ttcagcaggg aaccctgagg tgctggaagt agaatgaagg tgaaggacgg cttggtagcc    115380
     actttaaaaa cagatagact tccagatcca cactctagca agaaaatgga aggctagtca    115440
     tttgagaaga taaatgtaaa tgttcaagat gtcgtcagag atggttatgt tgaaaaggga    115500
     agatgaagtg aaactggatc ctggatgctg aggccctcct tcgaccccag caatcttctt    115560
     ccctttagtt cccagatcat tgctagacgt tcaccctctg cagaagattg taaggttttc    115620
     tctgaggact ctgttccgcc caagagaaga gacaaaagtc actaacatca aggattcccc    115680
     agtacaacca gtataaccag tataaccatc aaggattccc cagtacaatg gctcaaccag    115740
     atcatcctac atcagagccc atatagcaac ccacaaatgt gctcagggct tccaatcagc    115800
     ttcttcatct tctactttta aatacgacca gagatacaag gaaatctaac catctgaaaa    115860
     aaacatcact gacctgaagg aaagaaaaaa taaacacaaa agcatgctaa acacattttg    115920
     gaggatacta tagaaaaact atttagagag aatacaatgt ttccctcaaa aagattatta    115980
     ctatgctcag aaaagtaaga ggaaatagtg caatcatgaa acaagaacaa gatgttatta    116040
     aaaatgaaca ttgagaggac tgaagcaagc tcttggaaat gtaaaatacg atagtaaaat    116100
     gttgcctccc cacaagaaac tatagaagtt tagaaaaaag aactgaataa acctcacagg    116160
     aaatagggca aaatttctaa attatataaa ataaagaaga aaaggccatc agtgcaggat    116220
     gatcattgtc tggtaggagt tccaaaatga gcaaaatgag aaaattcccg caagaccaat    116280
     gtgggttgat tgctaccttc aaatatattt ttgtctgcag atcccagtaa ctgcttcctt    116340
     cccatgaccc caaacctagg tatggaaaaa gacttttgct cgtactggcc ccaagtttct    116400
     tcagccttcc acatctttgt aaaccatccc tttattaaat gcttcttgaa gtttcttact    116460
     agagcttgcc ctctgaatcc tgacagatag agtcccatgc attctgtacc agcaagctcc    116520
     tggaggaggt gcatccccaa aacaaggagg tattcgaaat cagaggaagg ctcaagcaag    116580
     gaaacagagg agcaaagtga gaagggaatc cctacagtga tggtggaggg aaagtccagg    116640
     aacatacagc tgagcgtggg gcctgaaagc aagaaccctg cattgaatca ggcccaaagt    116700
     ttctggaaaa ggtttactca agaagacaga agtctcagaa cacctaatgt ctgggaaatt    116760
     tgagaaagga gatttggaca actagcaggg agtttggagt taaattagta atcaaaacat    116820
     acagacataa acaatgaaaa aaacagctat tagtccagaa aagacaaaaa gtcatatagg    116880
     aaaggaaaag caatcataat ttgccacagg ctcagcactg agtgacagtt acaaaagtca    116940
     aaataaatga aaacaatgaa tattgatcta accaaaagtg taaccaatgg ggaggatgct    117000
     tgtggcagag ggaggaggaa agaaaggaaa gccctcgctt ccataaataa tgcctgaaat    117060
     tgaaaatttc ttgaaaagta gcaataaaag cacgctattt taaaatatag aggcaaacac    117120
     caaaaaaaag aaaaaaaagg cagtaaagtt taaagctatt atatttcctc tggaaaagat    117180
     gtaatggaag aggaggatag cagattacta ttctgcacaa cagaccctat ggaattattt    117240
     aattcttcac actatacata tgcaacttta aaaaaaaaaa gaattaaaac taaatggagg    117300
     tcagaagaaa aagggtaagg aagagaagaa agggagagaa ggaggaagaa gatagggagg    117360
     gagacttagt tgaaaaaaaa ttaaactggc tcaaataaaa atggtagggc acagacagca    117420
     gaatgtggag ccacctcagc ttccagagcc cgcctcgctg cagcttccag agcccgcctc    117480
     cctgcagctt ccagagtccg cctcactgct ccctggccct ctctcctgct ggctggccac    117540
     atgcaccaaa acttgctgtt caacgggata tgctcatagc tatggtttcc agcagtctct    117600
     cctgccctca gctaagcctg gtcctggcaa ctccccacca caccccactg tgcccgactg    117660
     caattcttgg gcactaaatc ctccctgtct cctgaaaaca ctcatctgtt ctccaacaag    117720
     gagcacacag cacctggaac tttgtggaga ttctccctga atttcatacc acagttctcc    117780
     accttcaacc ttccctcctc taggacccgt ggttggtttt ttaacactta tgggggtgtc    117840
     tgttttatgc aagttacttc cactgagctt agattttgca tattcagaaa tagacgttta    117900
     aaaatgaaaa taaacaaaaa taacttctaa aaaatatgtg ctaattgctt agcttgtgca    117960
     attgaactac tgaacttacc actgacatgc actgtggaga aagaaccatc ctctcggcat    118020
     tgagcatcag cttatccaag ccagcaacga acccacacag ctgtgcccac cttgttctgt    118080
     tatacaagat ccccacaatg ggagttacct ttcacatttc atccagtatt ttcatcctca    118140
     gctggatttg caatcataga tatcagctca tttgaccttc tggcagaatc tcttttctac    118200
     ctctcaagat ctaagttgac attgaatcaa atatcttatt aacatatgca gacaaaacta    118260
     tgggcccaac tgaaataatt tctcatttgc catgctataa gttcacttgt gcacctaaca    118320
     gagagagtct acattagaca ggatgccagg tgtggtatct gcagaacaat tggaccttaa    118380
     tctccccatt gtcagactga ctgattgcat catatccagg tcccatcaca tagttactgg    118440
     gctcaccaat accactattg atagtcaaat ctccctcctg tagtcaacct gagaaaaatc    118500
     tattaagtga gacacaggaa aatccctaga cacaccttac aaggactaag agtcctcata    118560
     gcatgagctg ataaatgagg aagcctagga aagttctagc aagtggggaa tccaatgaga    118620
     ctgtacagct aaggagtgtg acctacctgc cttggaaaat cagaaaagat tgcctcagaa    118680
     aagtccttta gctttccata gacttaaata tcaaggttat caaggttatg ttgtaaaaag    118740
     cagaaattac tgcctaccct gcagaaggga gtgtaaagat tgggtgctaa tgacactgaa    118800
     aggaggagtg acctctgggc tgagtctcca ggaaggaccc ccagcaaccc tgcagagcca    118860
     tccagaggga tggcccagtc aggaaggcag gaatccagag acaactgcct tctataccca    118920
     cccaagctgg tggccagaca ctgcacaggg ctacagaaag accctccttc cccaccgcag    118980
     agcctgccag caggaggaca cctccttctc tgttctgact tgcagtccgt acctaagaga    119040
     atctgattgg tgaggccaat ttgcatccag aaactcaggc agaagggtat ctgggaaacg    119100
     tagttttcgg ctctgcagcc gctacagtcc aggaagatgc aaccaaagga ggaaacaggt    119160
     gctcagcctt catctaccac agattaggta attaatctaa tgcacctgat ttaccacaca    119220
     ggcctcaaag cacggctttc ccaacagcct ctacctgtag tcatatttcg ggaagacttc    119280
     ctcacctctg tcagctgaga catggaactg cacccacagc tgttggtgca ataaatacaa    119340
     tagctgaaac tactgtgtgt ttgcttttac actactgtgt gcccacttta aagtttaaga    119400
     agctgaggaa cagagaggta aaatagcatg cccaagggca cagtcacaag tggttggaga    119460
     aaactggctc cgtaatttct gatcttactc tctaaactat ataaacgaaa accatataaa    119520
     aatttacagt ccagactatc tagcctgaga gatgtaggag gcaggcctcg ggcttttacc    119580
     aatggccctg tgccatctaa cttcaatgat ctgatatctc actgagccca tatcttaatc    119640
     tcctgcctgg ggggacctag atggaaagag gaaaagggct tgctgccact gtcctctctc    119700
     cttgttccca gaaagcatta gaccgcagaa ggtggaatgc taaagagaga ggcaactgca    119760
     ggatcagctc ccgaggagcc gcagtttcac aagcggtgtg gtcatcccca cagacaatga    119820
     ataatgcacc ataaataaag acttggacac tcccacaaga tctagagttg tgcctttttc    119880
     tatgcctggc cctttcaaaa gtcccatctc agaaatagag gggtggagga agacgtgagc    119940
     tccccacagt aacagggcag caggagctcc tgttcccaca agggagcctc agacctccac    120000
     acccagagct tgactccaag ctccaccagg ctcaacctct acccattgct ccgcaaaaac    120060
     tctggtccca tagacctccg tccagaaatc ctgcctatcc agactcatgc tgactagatc    120120
     ctgcctttgc ccgaccccac cctgacacca gtgtatttaa ttcaatctgt gttcacactg    120180
     ttgcccttcc aaacctgcca cagcccctca agaacaggat gtgggaacgt acaacagaat    120240
     ttctctcccc tctcaattct cagtgttcaa ttcttgcagc ttctataact gcaaagatag    120300
     gcgtgcagac cctttagtga gcaaagaaat acagttccca agaagaaatt gatcttaaag    120360
     tgtttgagtt agttttcctc aacaaatgta atgttaaaat ttcagaaaaa actttaagac    120420
     ttttcaaagg ctcattggac atcaaatagt tctcacataa ctggctacag tgtaaattaa    120480
     tcaaaattac atacctttaa tgtcccttaa aatgcagtat ttcatatttt ttaggggtcc    120540
     attgaacctt cagaataaat ctggggaggg agaactaaga aaggacaaat taaggggata    120600
     gagatttggg gaagagtgaa gacggcaatt atggggagaa cataatacag ggagagaacg    120660
     gaagaacttg aatagtgaga agagggaatg gaagcagaga gtaaggatgt gtaaggagag    120720
     taaggagagt aaggcaggag gcagtgagaa aggaatggac aacaaaagac acttgctcac    120780
     caccgatccc caacacacac acactcacac actcccacac tcacacactc acacacactc    120840
     acacactcac acgcactcac acactcccac agactcacac actcacactc tcacacactc    120900
     cacacacaca cacccacaca cgctcacgca tacactcaca cactcacatg cacacttgct    120960
     tgcacacact tacacgcaca cacaattaca cacacttgca aacacacaca tgctcgcacg    121020
     tgcacacaca cacacgcaca atctcacttt gcctgtttcc aaacttaacg ttttccagcc    121080
     agtgggtcct caccggttaa gttaatgtgg aaaagactat tctgtcatcc agagaaccca    121140
     cagctcagtg cctgttctga ggacacaggc atgtgacttt cagcaagttg ctgacaattt    121200
     catcatctca tctctatgta atcagggtga taggtttcca gacatgagag tactgggact    121260
     ccatgaacaa agagaagaag acactgaggc agaaaataag aaccaaagta caagaagtga    121320
     agattaaagt tcatctcgct cattcagaat cctggcctcg agagaactgc agatggagtc    121380
     caaggggctc caccactaga gtaagagtta acgtttctgt ttccattagg aacggcaggc    121440
     tgatgcccgg gcagatcatt ctgaggagaa cactcgctac tctcctccaa aagaagccgc    121500
     ccaaaaaaag ggggaggcag gaggctgacg aggtcctggg tgtcttcctc tcccccaagt    121560
     cttctgaact gctttcaccc gtgcccagcg gcctcttctt ctggtctccc ctccaggtcc    121620
     taactgttgc tagcaatccc ctgctatgat ggtgaactca aaaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa    121680
     caaaaacaat gtctgagacg ggtgtgaatc catttagagg cttactttgc caaggttgag    121740
     gacgtgcctg gggaaaagag acacaagtca caactggtct gtggccagca ctttttttca    121800
     aagaggattt tgagggcttc agtatttaaa gggataaagt aggcaggcgg caaagaaggg    121860
     aaaaaaagag agggaaggta tagtcacatt ttttgaggct tcgattagca gtcagtgaac    121920
     ctacatgtca cacgtgacaa ggaggaggta gaggaacaat cgattatgta ttcacctcgt    121980
     gctgagtaaa tctgcacttt atgtgagata aaataaacac ggagtagagg aagaagacaa    122040
     atatgcattc atctcaggtg ggcggaggga ctgtgcctcg tctcctcttg tccagtacca    122100
     tgaagataag ctgttagttt actttgtcaa ggtgagggag gccccctggg gagacacgtg    122160
     gccttctttc tctagctgtc tgtttaggaa caaaaggaaa ggcggggttt ttttttacat    122220
     gactcagttt ccaagttcaa cttttccctt cagcatagtg agtttagggt cctgagattt    122280
     tcttttcttt tcacaataga ggtcatcata ggtgatcctc ggtgatgatg aggatgatac    122340
     aatgatggcg atgacaaccc aaaactgtaa taactaggag agaaaagaga aaaggggaca    122400
     gaaaagagaa gggagaaaag aaggaagaat aaggaggagc aggaaagaag atgctacgcc    122460
     ccactagcag tgctggctgc ttcgtttctt cttctttccc aaatatttgt gtcatgcctg    122520
     ccttccactt agcttcttga cagtggggtc aaggccaaca tgacgcgccc ccccacccag    122580
     ggagtttaca gagtaggaag gattccaaca cctcctgatg caccgtggca ggtgccgtga    122640
     taaaaacgca gttacacaga tacacccggc cagggatggt ggtcagggac ctcaccacat    122700
     ttgtgtgcta caactatgag tggatcagag gggaatgagg ttgtggaggc aggatgacca    122760
     tgaacagatt atcataagaa acaaggcgag aatgttggtg gcccgggctg gggcagaaaa    122820
     ggtgaggagt tggtgctgta ctgatggaat ttcgtggtta aagaggtgtg gagggcacag    122880
     cggaggagga agtcaaggac aaactccaag tgtgtggatt ggcctgccgg gtggatggtg    122940
     atttcattta ctaactttca gggcacacaa gaaatggtac gtgctgagga tgagttcaac    123000
     tttggacaga tgagttttaa atacataggt gtcaactgat tgtaaacaac caacgggtaa    123060
     gtgagcatat aaggctgctg ttgtgaatgg aaagagatgc tatcaaggaa acaggatttc    123120
     tgtgcagcct ggagggctca ggtgcagtcg gagatcataa tagtggctcc agtcttcaca    123180
     atggcctaca ttgtctcttc tgattctttt tcaatgctgg gtggtatgta tctttatcct    123240
     cgttattaag aggagaaaag gctcagaaag cttaagtagt gtgcttcaat tctcacagct    123300
     tgtctagacc ggactcaaat gcagatccgt cacagcctaa agctgaggtt ccagccacca    123360
     caccgagctg tcttcagtca agagttaact catctctccc cagagccatt gtcctgaaga    123420
     tgcgaatata atgatgatga aatgtgtccc tctccttcaa gaaaatcaga gtctagtgga    123480
     cagggaagga catataagta gctactaact tgtgatgtgc tgaaaataaa atagcgtcat    123540
     tataaataaa caaaatcctc aacactacag cggagtggag tccagggagc agagagaaaa    123600
     ctgagctggg atggattatt tgaattgaac ttaaagaatg aacgggcctc gcatataacc    123660
     tggatgataa ttattttttt cacatttaca aatgaggtga aaaggctaaa ccaaaaaccc    123720
     ctgccaacca acacatgtct ttccataaag tccccaactg ctggcttcaa gagcagcccc    123780
     actggaagct tatttcggga cgtaacccac ggtcactggt gctttgcttc tttggggcaa    123840
     caccacgtgg atggtcacaa gccagctgac tcggtgaagt cacaccatct gaggcttgct    123900
     gtgcacaacc ttcccgggtg aaggtgcctt ctgcaaacct agtgagacca tttgtacatc    123960
     gaagggatgc tcccctgaac attcaccatc atcctgttgg aataaccatc tcttgcttca    124020
     aactgaggtt ctcccatatt ccatataggt ctattcatta cttgttaatg gttgtcattt    124080
     attaccccct tgtttattac tgaaattatg attcattaag taataaaaat ctgcttggaa    124140
     catgcaaaag gaataagctc ctcattgttt caaagcgtct ttgcggattt tattgtgctc    124200
     ttttaggaat aatttttttc tcttctattg aaaaagaacc atctctatga aaccatgtgg    124260
     accaataaat tattcatgta tatccatcat tttaggttaa aaaatagctg atttagaagc    124320
     atttgtattg tcaaattcta ttgctttgca gttctgttca gtttccgtca cccccggcaa    124380
     ctcacactgc atcacagcca agctcatcac ctggaacact gcctttgtgc cgtgctcctc    124440
     ctcacacggc tccctgttgc tgccacatct catccaggct cctccctgat taccttgatg    124500
     gcaacaccca tcagctgcca cacactcact tctgctactc tccacaccaa ctcccttctc    124560
     cagtcagcag gatttcttac caagccacat ctcctctcca ccctacacct acaggcaaat    124620
     gccaggctca tctccagcac ttggcctctg ctcctttact cagccagtat ttactgcctt    124680
     gcgactattg cccaggcccg gtgaaggctg ttcacatatg taagacaggc tccctgcttc    124740
     tcaatagctt attcctctaa caggcaagac aggataccca ggtaaataat ttccagagta    124800
     tgacaggtgt tccaacaggc ataggcaagc tctacttcag cgtccaagga gaactctagc    124860
     ctgagtaata cgccatctta ccccttctta ggactttcac gtgggctggc atcatctccc    124920
     cattacattg cacaattcaa gggcaaggac tctgtctccc agtttctttg tttacctcgc    124980
     tatacctagc atgctaggaa atgattagac atgtatattg tatctaaact tgtagtataa    125040
     tacacccatt ttataaagat ttgagttcag ttttctctct gtcttctttt tctggagaca    125100
     gggtctcact ctgttgccca agatacagag cagtcctgca accatgactc actgcagcct    125160
     cgtcctcctg tgctcaagcc atcctcctgc ctcagcctcc cctgtaggtg agactccagg    125220
     catgtgccac catgcctgga aaatttgtaa agttttttct agagaggctt tctcactgtt    125280
     tcccaggctg gtctcgaata tcttgcctca agtgattctt ccacctctgc ctcccaaaat    125340
     gttgggatta cagacatgag tcaccatacc cacataattt cttaaagagt agtacaaata    125400
     ataaatagaa taaaatacat tttttaataa aaatttcagt ttttaatggg aaaatatgga    125460
     ttatatgtat ctaataaaaa taatcttcag ttgatacggt cctaattttt aaaacatgac    125520
     tatgtgcttc attcattcat tcattcatgc tctcaacaat cgtatactga agactcacta    125580
     tgatctaagt gctggcactt tctctacaag gacaacaaaa tggccaactc tgaggagctt    125640
     ctgttctgag aactctccaa gaggaacaca attctgaacc ttgacctcca agggctttct    125700
     gatgtcccag agccactgca tcactaagtt ggggccacca tgcacagcag gttattccaa    125760
     gcatttccaa gctatggata tatattttgt ccattgtatt tttttctccc tttacttaaa    125820
     aaaaaatttg atgtggtctg caatgtgact gcccactggt cagctccagc acggaccaca    125880
     aacagcaggg ggcttagagc acaaactaaa tggggtccac cacaccctgc tttcatctcc    125940
     caatattttt catgactttt cccaaagaga tataagcatt agtggttctg aactactatg    126000
     cccatagcat tttattacag tttgcccata taaagagttt ttgtggcccg tataaagcag    126060
     caacctcttt gataagtgac atacagcatt tccatccacc cagatccagg gctgacctag    126120
     aacacaaaga gaattcacca aaggctttca ccaaaattct ctatttttct ttctgccttt    126180
     cgagaactaa tttctcttaa aagaaagaaa attatccgtg gtttccactt aagccaaacg    126240
     gccagacagc tcccaggaaa aatctagaga gaggaggatg attggagagg cggaaagaga    126300
     ggacatatac ctccttcctt cttatcaagt cccaatactc tgctgctcaa gggaatatgg    126360
     aatctcagaa gtacttgata tgaaaatgac aaaattcatt tattgacagt tgggtaaaat    126420
     tgtatcctaa cacaatcaca gagagtgctg tcgttacttg aacaaaataa agcaacacaa    126480
     aaacatttgg ccaatgaggt tcacaggacg caagagacta caagctggtg agtgacaggc    126540
     atacgttcaa gccttgcact gtcacggtat ggggtcagat cttcagagaa gttttgacaa    126600
     aggatttcac tgccctcaca atacatttta tgcctctcct aagaaacgct taatgtctgc    126660
     aattatgtgt cagccaccca agagcctcag aacgctatgc aaccgcagca tgcaaaagca    126720
     aacgtgtcag aaaggaaaac tgggacgcta ctgccctctg ctggacacac aggcgaaggg    126780
     cgattcctgc accgtcttta ccgcacctgg gaggagttct gggcatagct gcgtgcagct    126840
     ggcgacactt tactcaatac aagaggtctt gagtgcgcaa ggcctcatct gggtcatgga    126900
     ccctgcatga ctcttgtgac tgcttagata aactacatct caccaaggat gactcaaagc    126960
     aaggagtgat attgaaatat tttaattgtt ctttttcagt agctgttata tattgaagaa    127020
     aacgcttttg tcaatgtgaa aaatgcctat taacgtttat tcataacagt aaacaattac    127080
     cactgcggta tgtcaaaaga gatggggatg ccagtatgaa caggaaagag ctgtcctatc    127140
     tcacaggtca gcgacgttac acagtccagt gaggacacgt atgtatgtct cttgtgtgta    127200
     gatttgtttt gtttttgaaa ccaatacctt cttcaaatgt tgccttgaag tacacattgc    127260
     aatggggttg acttagtttg aaaatcactt tgtatttggc aaatgcccag tcagggaccg    127320
     cagcctagac acacagaatg cagccatgtg aaggccatcc aagttcaaac acaaacgaaa    127380
     aaattagtgt gtccagtttc cagtcgtaat aactttacct tacagacaag ccgctgattc    127440
     tcgggaagtc tgcttccctc caaatccagc tcatttggaa gggaggaaaa caacatttaa    127500
     tgagcccctc tctgtcctac gcgtcagccc atgcagcctc acaactgcac cttggggtac    127560
     ccaggattac ggacatttta caggtgagat cacgctcaga acgcacgtgc agaagaggca    127620
     actggcagtc acacatggcc caccatgtct tagacttgga gacataatct cacctgcaca    127680
     tcagactctc tcgacaagac ccttctaagc taggtggaaa gaggtaagtc aaggagagaa    127740
     cacccagagt cttagccctg atgctgcact gacatatcca cggtcgggga cacatcctaa    127800
     tgcttccatg cctcagcagc tacatctgta caaggggaca ctcagtctca aacttgcctc    127860
     acttcatcgt cagtcaaatg actctttttt acccttgggt tcttggtact gagaagtatt    127920
     taaattagtc tttttttaaa gtggttgcgt gagccaggtg cagtggctca cacctgtaat    127980
     cccagcactt tgggaggctg aggcaggtga atcacctgac gtcaggagtt caagaccagg    128040
     ctggccaaca tggtgaaacc ccatctctac taaaaataca agttagccag gtgtggtggc    128100
     aggcccctct aatcccagct acttgggagg ctgaggcagg agaatcacta aaacccggga    128160
     ggcggaggct gcagtgagct gagattgagt cactgcactc cagcctgggt gactgagaga    128220
     gactccgtct ccaaaaataa ttataataaa gcagttgtgt agaccagagt gaagagctct    128280
     gactctagaa gtccacaagg ctgggtgcaa atccaggcac tgccactcac cagctccaca    128340
     acctgtgaaa ctccaagccc aagttccctg ccatcaccca caagagtaac cggcctcctg    128400
     cagtgttgtt ctacgaatcc cagtagcctg ccccatggcc aatgctcaac aaatgctcat    128460
     tcatttctct ccccagttac cttcaaatgt gatgagttct ttatgtaact tgagaattta    128520
     aatccatctg gggaaagaaa ctagatgatt ctcagggccc ttccagtcct gtacttctta    128580
     aagtattact atgcaaagtt tttctaagta cttctgtaat cctcgcatga ttacagaagc    128640
     cagaagcagc ttaaaaggta cccagttctg ttctcttact ttagaaataa attttgacct    128700
     aatgggctca cccaagaaga aaccaagact agaatgtagc ccagtgggct ccaaaagaca    128760
     tgataatgct gctttaacct acccctaacc agaatgttct agagcacaca cggctgcacc    128820
     ctctgagcta tgtggggttg gtagggtgag cctcacctca aatcccaaaa ggcaggatgg    128880
     aaagcaggta gcgcgcctga ttagagagct cctgcaaacc agcatcatga gagggacttt    128940
     ttaataatct gggtagaaat aagcctatag tcttaaacac atttttaaaa atatgcagga    129000
     tttatcttgt gttgggaatg tgaatagatt agcaaaagct tcagctgagc acagtaatgt    129060
     aaaaccagcc aactaaataa aaccagaagg tctgaaggaa agggaattac ctgggcagag    129120
     ctgggaattg gaagatgttt aaccacagac atgccccacc ccttggcttc ctgtgctctg    129180
     caacccccac ctttggggga catttgaggc agtgctcatc cagtcatagc gtaggccttt    129240
     tgcctcattt cattccttcc tgaattcatt atggtgttaa acaggcctgc ctgtgacctc    129300
     gaaagcggtg tgaccacagc ttggtccttg cccacatcca gcatcctcag catcccgtct    129360
     cctggaatat atcacaaaga tacttcactc tcaacttagt ttgtctttca gaaatgaata    129420
     caaatagcac cttgtttgat gtaattagac tgggccggag cttgggtctg tctcccaggt    129480
     ttaacaacag atgacctgtt atgtgtcact tctgtggccc ttcccagcag ggacccccac    129540
     ccaccaggtc taatttcaca ggcttcctaa ttacttcttt gtggtgtgtt tgtttccttg    129600
     ggtgattagt tttgcagaat ccctgcctga agaatgattg tggatgtgct agcactgatg    129660
     tattcacttg ccaatgctcc cacagcagta ccaggcattt gcattcacaa gcagaagtta    129720
     ttacaatttt gtctttggtg tcatgcatgc acatacatat aattatgaat gaagataaat    129780
     agccttttaa aaaatctctg acaatatttt tgtagcactt gcgttcatgt gctgtctgaa    129840
     caaatattaa tataacgcat gactcttttt ggagtattga cttgtcaata tagcactgca    129900
     caaatccaga attttaaata ctaaccaaac aaatgttaag aagaaatatt ctaccacaga    129960
     gaatcatata taaatacaaa tctcagcttt ccttttatct acctgactta acatatatat    130020
     actaggcata tcgtctctta atttgtaaaa ccagaagtca attctactgg agaagttcat    130080
     aaacacacag gcaaccttcc tgcatgacat atagcttaat ggcatatgca tttgcgtatt    130140
     tatctgcatt agacaaagat taactttcaa gtctccatta atgcctagaa gcagaaaaat    130200
     atagatgtgt caacccaaga cttttataca aagaggctca tagtgccttg ctagtctcaa    130260
     aatctattcg aaagaccacc ttagagagga ggccccttta ataaaacagt cactcagccc    130320
     tttggatggg ctcccaggga aggtctctca agcctcacat ttcacagcat agcaaacttg    130380
     ctaaattgga atacatttac atctgtatct tctcttggta agatggaaag cctgggaaat    130440
     ggtctttgga ctagcctcca gtaggaagaa agctagcttt tctccttcac ttatttttaa    130500
     gcctattaaa cctcaatgtg ttgtagaaat atggaaatag tccatcttga attaattttt    130560
     gtataaggtg taaggaaggg atccagtttc agctttctac atatggctag ccagttttcc    130620
     cagcaccatt tattaaatag ggaatccttt acccattgct tgtttttgtc aggtttatca    130680
     aagatcagat ggttgtagat atgcggcatt attcctgagt tctctgttct gttcaattgg    130740
     tctatatctc tgttttggta ccagtaccat gctgttttgg ttactgtagc cttgtagtat    130800
     agtttgaagt caggtagcat gatgcctcca gctttgttct tttggcttag gattgacttg    130860
     gtgatgcggg ttcttttttg gttccatatg aactttaaag tatttttttc caattctgtg    130920
     aagaaactcg ttggtagctt gatggggatg gcattgaatc tataaattac cttgggcagt    130980
     atggccattt tcacgatatt gattcttcct acccatgagc atggaatgtt cttccatttc    131040
     tttgtatcct cttttatttc attgagcagt ggtttgtagt tctccttgaa gaggtccttc    131100
     acatcccttg taagttggat tcctaggtat tttattctct ttgaagcaat tgtgaatggg    131160
     agttcatgca tgatttggct ctctgtttgt tacggtgtat aagaatgctt gtgatttttg    131220
     cacattgatt ttgtatcctg agactttgct gaagttgctt atcagcttaa ggagattttg    131280
     ggctgagatg atggggtttt ctagatatac aatcatgtca tctgcaaaca gggacaattt    131340
     ggcttcctct tttcctaatt gaatgctctt tatttccttc tcctgcctga ttgccctggc    131400
     cagaacttcc aacactatgt tgaataggag tggtgagaga gggcatccct gtcttgtgcc    131460
     agttttcaaa gggaatgctt ccagtttttg tccattcagt atgatattgg ctgtgggttt    131520
     gtcatagata gctcttatta ttttgagata catcccatca atacctaatt tattgagagt    131580
     ttttagcatg aagggttgtt gaattttgtc aaaggccttt tctgcatcta ttgagataat    131640
     catgtggttt ttgtctttgg ttctgtttat atgttggatt gcgttacatg ttagacctaa    131700
     aaccataaaa accctagaag aaaacctagg caataccatt caggacatag gcatgggtaa    131760
     ggacttcatg tctaaaacac caaaagcaat ggcaacaaaa gccaaaattg acaaatggga    131820
     tctaattaaa ctaaagagct tccgcacagc aaaagaaacc accatcagag tgaacaggca    131880
     acctacagaa tgggagaaaa tttttgcaac ctactcatct gacaaagggc taatatccag    131940
     aatctacaat gaactcaaac aaatttacaa gaaaaaaaca aacaacccca tcaaaaagtg    132000
     ggcaaaggat atgaacagac acttctcaaa agaagacatt tatgcagcca aaaaacacat    132060
     gaaaaaatgc tcatcatcac tggccatcag agaaatgcaa atcaaaacca caatgagata    132120
     ccatctcaca ccagttagaa tggtgatcat taaaaagtca ggaaacaaca ggtgctggag    132180
     aggatgtgga gaaagaggaa cacttttaca ctgttggtgg gactgtaaac tagttcaacc    132240
     attgtggaag tcagtgtggt gattcctcag ggatctagaa ctagaaatac catttgaccc    132300
     agccatccca ttactgggta tatacccaaa ggattataaa tcatgctgct ataaagacac    132360
     atgcacacgt atgtttattg cggtactatt cacaatagca aagacttgga accaacccaa    132420
     atgtccaaca atgatagact ggattaagaa aatgtggcac atatacacca tggaatacta    132480
     tgcagccata aaaatgatga gttcatgtcc tttgtaggga catggatgaa gctggaaacc    132540
     ataattctca gcaaactatc acaaggacaa aaaaccaaac actgcatgtt ctcactcata    132600
     ggtgggaatt gaacaatgag aacacatgga cacaggaagg ggaacatcac acactgggga    132660
     ctgttgtggg gtggggggga ggggagaggg atagcattag gagatacacc taatgctaaa    132720
     cgacgagtta gtgagtgcag cacaccaaca tggcacatgt atacatatgt aacaaacctg    132780
     cacgttgtgc acatgtaccc taaaacttaa agtataataa taataaaatt aaaaaaaata    132840
     aataaataaa attcaaaatt caaatattaa tgttatcaaa ggtttccgcc atctataatt    132900
     caaaactatt aatactaaac ttttagtata tttgtcttct tttacttaaa gaaataaaag    132960
     gtgtcagaga aaaaaaagaa atatgataac agtctggaaa ataaattata agaagcagaa    133020
     ctgatgaatc atttcaacat acttacctga agagtatgaa ttttgtcaca tttaaaaata    133080
     gattggatgg gccaggcaca gtggctcaca tccccaaata tcatggggag ttaatttgct    133140
     ctcacaagaa aacatggctt ttcatggctt aagacaataa agatggattt ctccctcaat    133200
     cggtcgggtc agtaggggtt cggctccacc tggttattca ggatcccaag tgatggacac    133260
     tgacctctca gcaagcggcc ccattgccaa ggcgggggaa cagcagaagt gcagaacttc    133320
     gccgggcgcg ggggctcacg cctggaatcg cagcactttg ggaggccgag gcgggcggat    133380
     cacgaggtca ggagatcgag accatcctgg ctaacacggt gaaaccccgt ctctactgaa    133440
     aatacaaaaa aattagctgt gcttggtggc gaagcctgta cttccagcta ctggggaggc    133500
     tgaggcggga gaatgccgtg aacccgggag gcggagcttg cagtgagccg agatcgcgcg    133560
     gctgaactcc agcctgggcg acagtgagac tccgtcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaacag    133620
     tgcagaactt ccagccactg ttctatgctt taccccagag ctcccacaaa tcacacattc    133680
     cccctcagcc cctacaaatg gctcctgtct gactagacac aagctgtggc atgtgggtga    133740
     gcacacgggt attcagagag cattaaatgt ctctgaaaca tctggaatcc tttttcggaa    133800
     ggtcagaaat gctcacactg cactcactca aagtccggct ccagttttag agagaagacg    133860
     taccctaaga accttgctcc tcctacctac ttcctggctt tagaattgaa agccattcat    133920
     caaatgttct tgtttttaaa gaaaaataga aggtaatatt tgatttctca ttaaagagac    133980
     attgatgaga atagaaagag ctcttgcttt agaataaaca gaacgatctg actctagctc    134040
     taacctttat tgcccatgat actgaacatt tctgtatttt gggatttttt ttacatatta    134100
     atgaaaaatc agcttgttag gaaaattttc ctaactaaat tataatctcc ttgaaagcag    134160
     aatcctcagc ctaatgcatc tcaagacctc ctgaaacacc tagcatggcc tccttcatga    134220
     gccgagctga gttacagctg cgtcaggagt cctttctcct gctgggtgta gcatgtattt    134280
     gttctcatca gggaaaagag acagcatctg tctggtgctg attcatatca aactgcaggt    134340
     tgtaatcata gttttcgaca tttgagcttt agtatttctg attctgtcaa gtggcttctg    134400
     gatcaaacaa actcttacct agattagggc atgaggcttt cattattagc atgttggtct    134460
     gaaagctctc ccacattaac actctcagag gatcactttg actggtgtat ttgatcttcg    134520
     gcttcttaaa aaggagataa aatgttccgt tcattgtact tcacacatta tctctgaaaa    134580
     tgtaaaccaa gtcttatttt cttatccaat cacacccaac tttcttcact tggctttgag    134640
     acattattta atctgtcctt tccttatttc tctatctcca tgtggtccaa agcttgcaaa    134700
     gacctgtatg aaggggtaac atggtttgga ttaaacatgc ttgtcctctc aaggaaataa    134760
     taacttttag aagtttttgc aacactgccc acattgccct aacatgtatt gtcatttttt    134820
     ccatcgggag gtggggtctg ttccgccacc acgaccatcc tgcgaaactt gactctggaa    134880
     aggattgtga ctgcttagac ccatgcatgt ggcagatgtg gcctgggtga ctcccaagct    134940
     gggtcataaa agaggatctg acttttgctt gtaccctgga acattcatgc ttggtgtcat    135000
     aagccgccat acaggaaaga caattgctcc aaagacacca agctgtgagg aaaccaagcc    135060
     acatggaaag gccacatgta ggccctcctg gcagcagacc tagtctttgc atcattccag    135120
     cccagacctg ggagtaagtg agaccattct atccaactat caggtctttc cagctaatga    135180
     cccagatatc atggattaga gataagccat catccctgtg tcccttctga atgctacact    135240
     tacggaatca atgaagataa caaaatgatt gttctacacc ttgaagtttt agggacattt    135300
     attgcaaagc aaagtaactg gaacagaaat ccatgcctgt aggccctgta ttgatttgct    135360
     ggggctactg tggaaaagta ctacaactgg gcagcttaca caacacgaat atactgtctc    135420
     acaggtctga ggccagaagt ccaaaatcga ggtgtcgaca gggttggtgc cttccaagtg    135480
     ctgtaaagaa aagacctgtt tcaggcctct ctcctcagct cactggtgtc tgtcttctcc    135540
     ctgtgtgttt acatcaccct tgctctgtat ccgcctgcat ctacattttt tccttatttc    135600
     tctgtctcca aatgcagtca cattctgagc tactggaggt taagatttca agatgtgaat    135660
     tattggagag cacaattcaa cttgaacagg tcccaaagca actttcatat ggtgtggtgt    135720
     ctctggtacc atgaaagaaa ttgtttaaaa tgattgcatg attttggggc caagttctat    135780
     ctttcgagtg tacacagata cgtatatgta tttccgacat atgtctatat acatgtacgt    135840
     gtgtgtgtat accttgaaga ttttgtgact attcttctcc taggagcagt gatgcaaaag    135900
     aatcaccctg gatctagggc ggatgagttc actgtgggct actctccaca gatttgggaa    135960
     cagggacagt cagagctaag gaacctagat tcaagggtgc ctaacaccga gctagcccct    136020
     attctgcagc cattttggag ggggtttggc ccctgttccc ttgcaatgga gagtcaaatt    136080
     ctgtaatact cagaccacct catgagaggc tgtgaaagta agatttagga aagtgtcaga    136140
     ctcagctgag cagaatcaga cccagaagac ttaatgataa agcaaaattt tctcctcagg    136200
     aagaaaaacg aggaagaatg aagagatccc tgcagaaatt ccatcagtca gcaccccccc    136260
     ttgaagcagc agctgggaac agcactctgc aggctggtgg tcatgacaga gaagccctct    136320
     cagatgtagc caagtagaca tctgttatca acgcatttgc aggattttag gggctataaa    136380
     tttcaagagg caccttccat aggatgatga gagcaaaatg ggcccctggg gccaagaaac    136440
     tgtgtggact ggggagtggg ctgactgtaa caggaacagc aagacttgtg agaaaggaac    136500
     ttgtactaga accctgagtg gatgacgcaa gaacgagact cctgaccaca ccttctgcca    136560
     gagctggtct ggtttccccg cacagttgtg gcaacctgac ctccccacag gctcatcccc    136620
     agtctggtct ttcctagact taatgctgac cttagataga aagtactgaa ggcggctttg    136680
     gccaatatcc ttgggttggg cagcactgcc tcctattgtc cagcacagat atggcaccgt    136740
     aggtttcaca tctgggctta tgcttcattc ccaagattta ttattaagct ttcacatcac    136800
     ttgtgttacc cagaatccaa gtctctcatt tggaaacatg tctctctcct ctaggctgag    136860
     gtcctgtctc tcagaacttg ggtaccagcc cctgacttcc ctgggtgcca aaaccttgag    136920
     tctctcattc ggaaacatgt ctctctcctt tagcctgagg tcctgtctct cagagcttgg    136980
     gtaccaaccc ctgaccaccc tgggtgccaa aaccctgaga agcgctgcaa gcccccggcc    137040
     tggacgtatt tctcaacaga gcccttgctg ggcttcaatc ctcctccacg tcacctccat    137100
     tactctggca aaacaccttc ccctcagcca cctcccacct aactcactgt tcttgctcct    137160
     tgtcttccag acactgagtt cctcctgtca gcccagactc tcgatatgaa catgtaacca    137220
     gtatctgccc cgtccttgta aggggatttg tctctgtttt aacagactct ggatgtgaac    137280
     atagaaccag tatctgcccc gtccttgtaa ggggatttgt ctctgtttta acagactctg    137340
     gatgtgaaca tagaaccagt atctgccccg tccttgtaac cggatttgtc tctgttttaa    137400
     cagactctgg atgtgaacat ataacgagta tctgccctgt tcttgtaagg ggatttgtct    137460
     gttttaaaat gtaggcttta tgattattca gatgtggtga ggccagcagg tcagaagaca    137520
     atacgactga aaagatggtt tgttactcac aggtcgcagg acaagtgggc tctgcacacc    137580
     agaggcccac atggaaaagc actggggtca ctcaggaggc agagggagtg agagaaagac    137640
     acaggcaaga gtcttcatta cagttcccac aggaaggtac atgaggcagg ataagcaggt    137700
     ttaggattgg ctagtttgaa taaccttgat ggcccctggg gctgttccta gttgtccagg    137760
     acctggcctt gagcaatcag ggcagcagaa cagtggccct gagtctgaga gctcctaaag    137820
     aagtgggttg ggggtatggc tctgggttgg ttggtttgca tttgaaagac acacttgaag    137880
     gtgaaccctt tactatctct aggaattggc taactctggg agcggcaggc aagatcgcag    137940
     atatcaaagc atcggaaaga aagacctggt taataaagcc tccaaaagtc tgagccacat    138000
     cctgccatgg tgaactaggt ataccctgac ccatcccaag aaattgttcc ttctgtctta    138060
     tctggaataa aggcactagt gcacctctgc aaggaagggc accagcaagt ctatgtatgg    138120
     ccctgatgag gcaggtctga tattggccta aaagcccagg tgagggttta ggcaccaaac    138180
     catcaaaagt gtgcatttgt tgcctgtgtt ttgccgctgg agttatacta attcctgtcg    138240
     ctttcagtcg ctgctctagc taggctggtc tccatgtgcc acaaaactat cataatcact    138300
     gctaaatcca ggcacttcac ttctactttt tcctcttcta gagttctttc ctgtcttctc    138360
     tctgcctatg caaaagctac cattttttat aattggggtt tcagaagaaa aaacaaaaat    138420
     taaattctaa tggctcatat cccttctata agctgagaac tatatgaagg tcttcatata    138480
     ttatttcctt tagttccgtt ggcaagcctg aaggtcgaac atcatcggca ctttatccac    138540
     taggacacag aggtgtgaag ccatttaact gacatgctac accaggcaag aggcaaagct    138600
     gggagctggc atctgcccag tctgacagca aagcccccgc cctttgcatt cagcaatgca    138660
     gactccaagc ctcacctcct cctggcagtt gacctcagtc gtcactccct tcctggaaat    138720
     cattcaactg ttcttggcag gtcacacatt ttagatttta actatgggtt tactagaaac    138780
     tatttgccat ttagaccaca agctcttggg aagtaggcat aatgtccaac atgacttctg    138840
     tttcccacaa agtatcttag cggttcttcc tagatgccta aatgattgac ttttacatct    138900
     gggacagttc agttacaata gtcgcactat tttccttcca ttaaatgggc aaattgaaga    138960
     ccataaatta agagataaaa acaaactaac cgttccgact tccgatctgt gatgttgaga    139020
     tctagaaaat gcattgctcc gggatcaact agagctgagg aggagaaaca ctcatgaagg    139080
     tcacgcctct gtgaaccaag gacggaggtg gagaccgagg ctgggtcaga acagcagagg    139140
     atgtgtccag cacggttccc tgcactaaca agcttccagc gtgagcagca aggtgccacg    139200
     gagcactgcg gggagcaagg tgcaacactg ctgggagcaa ggtgccgcgg gcactgagga    139260
     gcgagctata agagaccggc gctctccacc gcacagcaca gagggaaggc ccaaagctga    139320
     gagtggagca gactttgaga aacactttgg ggaactgtcc ccacatcaaa tacacaggat    139380
     tgctagagga atctgaagac tgtggatcat ggaggataat tataggaact acaaatctca    139440
     aacccttccc aactcctcac tagatgaaca caaatgccca cactaaaggc ctcgcagatc    139500
     acccacttcc acacacaaaa actatctagc tttgtctcta ctgtcctgaa caagatgtct    139560
     gactttccaa caaaaaatta caaggcatgt gaaaagacag aaaaaaaaca atgcgctgcc    139620
     aagagacaaa gaaatctgca gccaggtgcc atggctcatg cctgtaatcc cagcactttg    139680
     ggaggctgag gcgggtggat cacctgaggt caggagtttg ggaacaccct ggccaacatg    139740
     gtgaaacccc gtctctacta aaaatacaac aaaattagct aggcgtggtg gtgcatgcct    139800
     gtaatcccag caacttggga ggctgaggca ggagaatcgc ttgaacccag gaggcggaag    139860
     ttgcactgtg cccggaattg gtgggttctt ggtctcgctg acttcaagaa tgaagctgcg    139920
     gacccgtgga ccctggcggt ggaccctcgc ggtgagtgtt acagttcctg aagatggtgt    139980
     gtccggagtt tgttccttca gatgttcaga tgggtccaga gtttcttcct gctggtgggt    140040
     tcatggtctg gctgacttca ggagtgaagc tgcagacctt tgcggtgact gttacagctc    140100
     aaaaaggcag catggaccca aagagtgagc agcaccaaga tttactgcga acagcggaag    140160
     aacaaaactt ccacagcctg gaaagggacc agagcgggtt gccactggtg gccccaccca    140220
     catcctactg attggtccat tttacagaga gctgattggt ccattttata gagagctgat    140280
     tggtccattt tacagagagc tgattggccc attttgacaa agcgctgatt ggtgctttta    140340
     caaaacttta gctagacgta aaagttctcc aagtccccac cagatgagct agacacagag    140400
     tgctgatcag tgtgtttaca aacctctagc tagacagagt gctgactggt gtgtttataa    140460
     acctctagct agacacagag tgttgattgg tgcatttaca aagctctagc tggacacaga    140520
     gtgctgattg gtgtgtttac aatcctttag ctaaacagaa aatttctccg agttcccacc    140580
     ctacccggaa gcccagctgg cttcacctct caatggcact ggccatggga cttttcggca    140640
     cccagcccgg gcactctggc agcccagagg gagctcgtcc ccgtatcaag cccggtcaag    140700
     cccagcaggt gccggccggc ctcgcggagt gcggggcctg cagagccgcg cccacctgga    140760
     acccgcgccc cgcgccggcc cgccagcaat gcgtgcagcc cgggctcggc ctgcgcctct    140820
     ccctccacac ctccccgcga acagagggag ccggctccag cctcagccag ccccagagag    140880
     gggtccccac agcgcagcgg ccggctgaag ggctcctgga gcgcggccag agaggacact    140940
     gaggccgagg aggcgcccag agcgagcaag ggctgctagc acgttgtcac ctctcagcac    141000
     cattgcactc cagcctggga gacagggcga aactccatct cgaaaaaaaa aataaaaggg    141060
     aatctgcata actagactca ggtgcgacac agatgttgga gctatctgat aaagagctta    141120
     aaataattat gattaataag ttaaagcctt caataaagag gtggatgatg tttaagatca    141180
     gacagattat ttcagcatag agatggaaac tgtaacaaat aatgtagttc aaatcccaga    141240
     aataacagac agtaatagag atgaaagcat cttctacagc cccattggaa gacttaaccg    141300
     agaaaataat cagtaaactt aaagacaggt ccatagaaag tacctaggct aagacacaaa    141360
     taaaaaagac tgtacagcag cagacacgga ataatgcacc caagcaccgt gagagactat    141420
     caaatgatct aacacacgta tacgtggaat ctctaaagag agagaggagg agaataggac    141480
     aaaagaaata atagccaaga gtgtcacaaa cagacaacaa tgacagacaa caaatctctg    141540
     agccaaatag ctcacaatac catacaggag taagtaccaa cacacacaca cacacacaca    141600
     cacacacaca cacacataca tacacacaca cacagacaca cacagagaca catgcatact    141660
     cacaagacac acagagacaa acacacatac acacatacat acacacacac acacaagcgc    141720
     atgcgcatgc atgaacgcct atatattttg tattcaaact gaaaacaaaa cacaaacagg    141780
     taatcctgaa gtcagccaat gaaacacaca tttctgttgg gagccagctt tccacagctc    141840
     tctcctgttc ccgaacatct tacaaagtgt gtcactgatt gctcgttgtc atttgtttgt    141900
     tgtctcctgt cttctaccag cttctatgaa actacagcag gctaaatttt tagcttaaaa    141960
     gtagaataaa agttcagacg ctttatagct cttacaaatt gtataacaag gagcacagaa    142020
     aaattacagt agatctcaca tcagaaatca cgcaatacag aatgcaatgg ggtgacatct    142080
     tgaaagcgct gaaagaaaaa aaaatatcaa ctcagtgttt tattccctgt gagaaaatga    142140
     aggagaaata aagactttct cagacaaata aaaacggaga gaaatcattg ccaacagacc    142200
     tacatgtaag aaatgttaaa gggagttctc tgggaggaag acatatgaca ccagacagca    142260
     acttggattt atacaaagca atgaacagtg ttagaaacag aataaatgaa tattggatct    142320
     ctaggtcatc aatacctgtc ccaaccatcc ctaaatttgg tcacttgata gccagccccc    142380
     caagtggtat tgagaagaga ggaacagtcc taccaccagg atgaggaacc aagacagtgc    142440
     attaatagta ttgaggccaa ctgcatcata cagttttaaa tgccttgaca ataaatagca    142500
     caaagaatat tcagagttga agtaattcaa atgcagacat gtttctgagg gcatcaattc    142560
     ttggggctac tgctactgca aaagttatcc agactctacc tagagaggtg agcaacattc    142620
     ctttggctga aatgaatgga ataagagaaa attggaaaaa tggaaaagaa aattctatga    142680
     aagggacaat ttatttaggg aaacttcaac actctataga aatgagaaat cacaatggga    142740
     ggtgttttgc tttgttagtt tgtataggtg gcagcagact tagggttttt ttctgttcac    142800
     ttggagcaca gaccatttgg actatgccgg tttctgggaa gcatgattgg acaacatgcc    142860
     attaccagtg ttcagcaata tccagctctc ttcttctttc tgggcagatg ggagactatg    142920
     cttcccagac gcttgcagtt aggcagagcc atataacaac ttctggccca ggaaacggga    142980
     gcagaagcaa tatgtgtcac tttcaggcca aagccgcgaa aagtctctcc acagcatctg    143040
     agcttctcat tctctttgtc aaagaaccag gtctggtgtg gagttggtag agcaacaggc    143100
     taaagctgta tgaattgctg gatcattgca tggaggacag ctgccctgga gagctgcctg    143160
     gacccacaga ggattcctat acattttttt cacattaagc cactgaagaa aaaaaatacc    143220
     acaggaaatt aacaattttc aaaactgttc ttttacctaa agctcttttc atatcttcag    143280
     aatattttct tagacacaac agaaaagaaa attaggaggc aagaataaaa aaaaacttca    143340
     agacggaaaa tatttttaaa attttcattc agattttttt tttactttta atatatcggc    143400
     aagcataagg ctatctttgg tttccatgca actggcattg atcatgttcg tgaatatagc    143460
     taggatacca gggccaaacc gtgtgtgctc acttgttttc ctgtctcaga acaacatgat    143520
     actgaaaagc ggagtccctc gtgtgatgaa aacgtctcca gttcgcaatc agttgaaaat    143580
     gcagtgggcc cacagccaga aagcattcct gtgccggatc tttttttcag caccctaaat    143640
     taaccagctg gaattccctt ttaagtgcca acctactcag tttttcagaa tgcagaactt    143700
     ttcttttaat gggatctgtc tctcatcata aaggtggaac cgtgcattct tgatgtctct    143760
     caaaagcagt cttttttata cagtaagctc agggagggta aacacagacg ccagagcact    143820
     ggtttgagac ggggatgtag ccgctgtgca gagactcggg tagggcaccg gctatcgcgg    143880
     agtgaaaccc tcagcacagt atccaggact gccttgtgca gaacaggtca agataaaaga    143940
     ggctattgta aataaatatt taaattaatt aaatctattg atgaggaaga gctccatgat    144000
     gtaggagcag aagaactgat gcaatatttc aaaactgagg ctgggcgtat tcccgcagtg    144060
     ttccaggctg aggctgggcg tgttcccgcg gtgtcccggg ctgaggccgg gcgtgttctt    144120
     ccggtgttct tccggtgttc cgagctgagg ccgggcgtgt tcccgcggtg tcccgggctg    144180
     aggccgggcg tgttcccgcg gtgtcccggg ctgaggccgg gcgtgttccc gcggtgtccc    144240
     gggctgaggc cgggcgtgtt cttcaggtgt tccgggctga ggccgggcgt gttcccgcgg    144300
     tgtcccgggc tgaggccggg cgtgttcccg cggtgtcccg ggctgaggcc gggcgtgttc    144360
     ttccggtgtt ccgggctgag gccgggcgtg ttcccgcggt gtcccgggct gaggccgggc    144420
     gtgttcccgc ggtgtcccgg gctgaggccg ggcgtgttct tccggtgttc cgggctgagg    144480
     ccgggcgtgt tcttccggtg ttccaggctg aggccgggct tattcttccg gtgtcccagg    144540
     ctgaggccgg gcgtattccc gcggtgtttc gggctgaggc tgggcgtatt cttccggtgt    144600
     ttctcacatt cttgtttggg aaactataac gcgctgctca aagatcatct taattctgaa    144660
     atacccaaaa tcaaaacgca agatagtgaa ggctataaaa ctctcaccgt ataaagatta    144720
     actgatgtaa tagaggcttt ccatttatct attcaaaaca gattacttgc acatctgtta    144780
     gatgccaggt catggactca cctacctcat ttatgcagtg catggtatct tgagatacta    144840
     atactttgtc ctccctggat tttttcttct ccccagtgta gcagagtggg gcatgggcta    144900
     tggagtcagc ccgctatggc atgttctacc actataccct ctccagctat ttcacctgaa    144960
     tgttacttaa tctcttcctg cttgaatttc ctcatctata aaatgaaaat catatcagtg    145020
     agcattaaag acttaagaca tagaaagcat ttagaaaagt gacatcacag acctcagtgc    145080
     gactcattat gatttgctat tattattctc ttcttagccc tgattcaaac tgatagcact    145140
     ttcttgtctt ggagaaagtg tatgacagag gagaaagcgg aagtgtttag gaaagtcact    145200
     ctgaggtaag gggatcatgc acaccagtgg aaggctctga gaacatagct tgccagtggc    145260
     tctgaaccct cccagaagcc gcctcctgcc acagccctgt ccttgaccag gaagggaact    145320
     cttgctaaat acctcatagg ccctgggttt cctcagcctg ctctcagggg tcttccctca    145380
     aaagcacagc ttgttattca tgctatctct tccccaggca accagaacca gggccctgtc    145440
     ctgctctccc ttggatcagg ccccctaggc caccaggtgc ttgactcagc cttagacagc    145500
     ctcagctagt tctggtgcag agcaggtctt tgacctgttc cataaagtcc accgctttgc    145560
     ataaagtcat tctctgtgat cctacactca tttcccttcc cgttacagga cacgtcctca    145620
     cctgtcagga gtaagctaga gctggcttgc actggctagg gaagttgact atactaatgc    145680
     cttctaaact ctgctcagta atgagatgct gatagcttaa aactggccat ggagggagta    145740
     tttacacctc agaaatgcaa cagatgtaca ttagaacttt tttacccagc taccactctg    145800
     cctcagacct agaggcatag aattccccca ccctcactat ctctggaccc cttggtgtag    145860
     accagaatcc tgggcctttt gcttagttgg aaagaaaggt ggataatatt ctccttaaat    145920
     ggtctcccat gtaattccaa tttcttctcc acactgttgc caaagttttc tttataaaac    145980
     acatactcta atatgcacag tttaaacttt aacatgatat tcacagtcct tctaatctgg    146040
     ccctaacctt tctttttact gcttttatct taacacatat ttatacattc tcttcttgat    146100
     cccagtgatc acttgctatt ccccaaagat tacctgcact ttcaggcctc catgccttta    146160
     cctacccatg ggatgcccag cctttaccta cccatgggat gcccagtctt tacctatcca    146220
     tgggatgctc agcctttacc tatccatggg atgcccagcc ttttagcctt cttaggccac    146280
     attggaagaa aaataattat cttgggccac acataaaata taccaacact agtgatagca    146340
     gataagctaa aagaaaaaga aatcacacac aaagaaatct cataatgttt taagaaactt    146400
     taccaatttg tattggactg cattcaaagc catcctaggc cccatgtggc ctgggggcta    146460
     cgggctagaa cagcttgacc aatactgttt ccttgtccta gaaggtgccc tgtttgaaac    146520
     tgacctctga ggccatcttc ctgcctgtgg agaacagccc tggtacattc cttcttcatc    146580
     ccttcagtag aacattagca acacctaatt ttagatggct gtgctcatgt ttcctcttcc    146640
     ctgctaagtt ttctgctccc aaatgggcat ctgtatctta cctttatatc tactagacca    146700
     agatagacct cagtaaaata tccatgctca aaacaacatt tgtgactaaa ttaatgaagg    146760
     actggaaaag ccattgaaag aaaacaatgg aaacaaaaat tcttctttct cttcccttcc    146820
     tgaacaattc attccaaagg ccattgagtg ggtttgggca ggaaagacaa ctatgccacc    146880
     tatgagcaga tggggacaga atgaggtgac ccccagcaca gtggcagagc ctgggtggga    146940
     aaggagggca accaagaggg ggccaggcag gaaagatgcc ggtgtcagag cccaagcagg    147000
     gtaagaaggg cacccacaca gaactatgtc aaaagatacc aagccacctg aaagaggctc    147060
     ccatagcaaa agccagaaaa caaaatcacc attaaataag taatggtaac aggataaaat    147120
     ttattgaata aaatagaaaa ccacaaatcg tcatgatgta aataaatata tgaatcaatt    147180
     ggagtttgat gaggaacctc atgtttttat agtctcaaca tacttcccac caagtatgtg    147240
     ctaattgcaa aggaaaataa ataactttaa tgaataactt taactttagt atattacata    147300
     ctagacaatg tttgtgcaat agtttatgaa cacaaagtac tattattatg gcagcactaa    147360
     atactccatc tgcctgtgga gtacactggt agatattatt ttaatcaagt gatccaacta    147420
     cacattatca gtaatgggac atatcaaagt tgggcacctc ctcttatgat gcagtgagag    147480
     aagaaagcaa agtgtctctt tttcacggtg tttccaccat gtttttagtg gcatttctac    147540
     cagcgatgcg tatcttgtat ataatcatga ggaaacatca aacaaatcca aattaatggg    147600
     cattccacag gcattggcct gtccttttca aagttgtcaa gataatgaag gtcaaggaga    147660
     aaatgaggca cttttccaga gtgaaggaaa tgagaaggct gcggtactcc cttgacatgt    147720
     ggggattaca atttgagatg agattcgggt ggggacacag agccagacca caccaacatt    147780
     taagtgcaac aggggattct gaacttgata cgtttgctat gaagaataat attgttagga    147840
     caattagcaa atttgaattg actctgcaaa ttaaatagta gaaacatatc aatattaatt    147900
     atctaatgtt gatgattata ttgagtacat gtaggaatat tcttgcttat aggaaacaca    147960
     gcacagaata gaacgatggc gtattagatc agtaatttgt tctcaaaagg atgacgaaaa    148020
     atcattattt tcattgtgct tataactttt agaataaaaa ctataaaaat tgtgttaatg    148080
     tataaattat ttctagtaac tgataattag tcttttctgg agaaccaact atactgattc    148140
     tctgtgtaaa ctacttttac taagtattag caataagacc ttttgatttt ctttcttttt    148200
     ctcttggcat atttggtgca tgtttttaat tgtaaaaaat caaatatatg tttacttcat    148260
     aaatattgta tttttttaaa cttctgagta tgagtataga atttttatgc taagaaaaat    148320
     aattgcgttt tggtttggtt tcagtgcttt ttttaaaaaa atactagtag taatagcaaa    148380
     aattaatttc tttaacaatc tcttttccta gatccacatt tggttttcgg atgtttgtga    148440
     atggataaaa gtagtttggt ccctgttgcc tcagggtgtt ttaaaaccga aatggaatat    148500
     atcaaagcag tcaaccacaa acacatacac ctgtgccctc agaagaggca catggagcta    148560
     agtgatgacc ctacgccatg caggtacaaa cctgacctcc cagctccttt gtccagccca    148620
     tcatcttcct gggaagcaac atgactactt gggtttcagt tgccctcttt tccttgattc    148680
     tgagatttta tgtcttcata ttttaacatt tctgaaataa agagtaattt taaaatctat    148740
     gttcaaagaa atatgattgc ccgtacatgt atgagcatag ctaaatatgt tggaataggt    148800
     gacaaaattt ttagagcaag gggaggtaaa cccatgaaga accataagac aggctcaaaa    148860
     atactatcta tcaacagcat caagcagttg acctctcaga gatccatgag tcaaacaagg    148920
     aaggcatgaa acaacaagtg cagacacagc tttttcgatg tgcatggaaa gcatagaagc    148980
     cagtcactgt cctagtgctg aggaggcctg agcaggaaca tgggttgtaa gatgcagaag    149040
     tcattgcaat attgccatca tggcagatac tagaaaatga ttcaggaaaa accttagacg    149100
     taggacatga caaaggttta gactcaaact tcagaacata gcataaattg gcataagtaa    149160
     acaaatgcta tggtcagcat taaaatttgt ctacatttca tgcattttta atgcataaaa    149220
     gctgtatatc ttaaaaatga gggtgtcata tattttttaa aaaaacacca attccataga    149280
     gttttcactg acacaatgac taaaatggcc aatcattctt ccttttcaaa agctaacgat    149340
     aacatgaaca aggatggaga aatatgggat ttgaattcct aattccttaa tgtcttgaat    149400
     taggacttaa atctccataa ggaaagggta gctgaagcat tttctcaagg caatgagcct    149460
     gggaaaacat ggcactgtgc aaatagcatg atgtcatcat cagatggctt cattcttcag    149520
     tttacgactt ctctttcact tcctaattat tctcttctgt gtgtgccagt ggaagactag    149580
     gtagggtttt ctaataatgt tgttattaga tctaattatt agatctaata atgttggcat    149640
     agagtcggcc ctcaataaat atttgctgag ggccaactaa atagctgcta aataaatatt    149700
     tgtttattca tactgactat ttgaataaag caattgattg agtagaatta gttcaaccac    149760
     acagaaaaga gtgttactat cccctctgcc ctacacggct tctaacatgg aaaatgttct    149820
     gagctccatt ttcattctgt ttatgagaac tttaagtgtc ttactgtggg actgctgaag    149880
     ttctgtgaaa aaaatacatc ttacagatca tattcaacta caaaagaaac ttgtcagaga    149940
     gttttattct taaaaatgcc aaaacacctg ttttgaaagc taacctataa accttttcct    150000
     ttgtagatta tatttcatta tgctgttttg attagaactc tgttttacta caccctaggg    150060
     tgtcagcatg aagagtgagg ctgagataaa attctgattc atggactaat gaaagtcttg    150120
     atacttcact tccaagatga cctttatctt cactctggag ctctcactca aagagctaaa    150180
     aggtcttgct gggctcaggc attctatatt gtctctttct tccacagtct agatgccaac    150240
     gtttgtaatt gtgcagcaga tggatatcaa aaacatacaa attagataca aatggggtca    150300
     tatttggcct ctccaacttg gcctattctt ttttcatcaa cagcaaaggt gccccgtttc    150360
     agcatacact tcccatttgt cagtcactgg cttctctggt tttggtgtcc tctttaataa    150420
     ggggggacaa gcaatcgaat ccgataagaa aggttttggc ccttattttc tcctgctgat    150480
     gaaatttcca caaatattaa aagaaatatt ttggctgtgt ggacacaaca caaaaatgca    150540
     gacttctttt tttttttttt ttttttgaag gactgtatct ggtcaaagtc cacaggattg    150600
     ttttaaccta gtccttggat tagagaaatc ataaaactca tacaggactc ttaggtgttt    150660
     acttcatagt atcatttgaa atcagtaagc attaagtcag aaacgatggg cgaggtaagg    150720
     tattatatta aattaagtgg taaaaacagc acagaatgtg gaattcgaag atctgttctt    150780
     gattttcaag cactgtccat cagttaaaat taattagatg tgtgactttt tcagaaattt    150840
     ggcctcttca tccttaaaac tgagaatatg tatttatacc taataatatc gagaacaaca    150900
     taatcactat atttacttca caagattatt tagaaattca aagaagataa gatttgtgca    150960
     ataatttatg accacagagt actattatta tggcagcact aactcataaa caagaagcca    151020
     tcacgtttgt tgaccctaca aaagcactgt accttccaat aattctagat acctgggaac    151080
     gtggcatgat ttcagtatcc atgctgcagg atcatacacc agggaatgca tacgatccaa    151140
     gaagacattc tcttcagtag caaattcatc atggtcagag gtaaagccac tgttagaagc    151200
     caacatagtc atgtgtaaca ccataattag attgcttgaa actgacctat gtccagtgcc    151260
     aatatttcct aggttctttt aggattgtcc gtagttgatt gcaaatttga gaatatggaa    151320
     tgaagataat atgtaccgta cacaacttat gggaaatgta aacccacaac atggtacatt    151380
     tgctgtgaag tcggtctgga tcactttcaa ggactcagag gtgggtaagc ctacacaagc    151440
     ctattctgca taagtgaaaa ctaacttcaa ggagcacctg gtgaagtgag gaaggcctag    151500
     ggcttgggag tgtttaaaca gaaactaaat aacccttggt aagaaatgtt acaggagggg    151560
     cttaatcttt tggtaggagg ttgggccacc tttgagggtt tcgagtcagt ctctgtgact    151620
     cagtgacgtt gcgtgtttga tcagtttgtg taactggaca ctgcaactaa tgaagtaaat    151680
     aacacatata aatttaactg aaaatttttc caagattcag atgtcaaatt ttatactgta    151740
     taacttctct tagaccactt ctgttgacat ttctgtaatc taaagacagt atctgcctaa    151800
     atcttcccca aaaacaataa ttctaaagtt tgatatccaa agtttaaaaa gatgtagcaa    151860
     ttattctcat gcactcttaa tattggaggg aaattaggag gcttgaaaaa tgctcattcc    151920
     tttttggctc ggtacctctg gtaattcttc taggaactta ttctaaaaat ggtcaaaaca    151980
     tacacaaagt ttatatataa agatactcaa ttgggagtta tatatactgg ttaaaatgtt    152040
     ttgttttgtt ttgagatgga gtttcactct tgttgcccag actggagtgc aatggcacga    152100
     tcttgattca ctgcaacctc tgcctctgcc tcctgggttc aagctattct cccgcctcag    152160
     cctcccaagt agctgggatt acaggcaccc accaccacac ctggctaatt tttgaatttt    152220
     tagtagagat ggggtttcac catgttggtc aggctggtct caaactcctg acctcaggtg    152280
     atccacccac ctcggcctcc taaaattctg ggattacagg caggagccac tgcacccagc    152340
     ctaaaatttt aaaataacct taatgaccaa aaataaggga ttagttaaat tatgcacatt    152400
     tatataatga aataatctgc agcccattaa aaatcatgtt ttataaaact ttattaacaa    152460
     aaagaaatgc tcatgatata aattttaaga atatgtctaa aagcaatgta tattgtgaga    152520
     tctcattttt gttttatatt tgtataaaaa aatggcattt cctctggctt tttctttgtg    152580
     tacacacaca catacacaca gatacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacagg    152640
     ctagagaaaa tatgccaaaa tattagtagt aattgctatc tctgaatgat agaattaggc    152700
     atgattgttc ttttattcct tatgtttccc agaattttcc aattttctac tatgaacaaa    152760
     tacttttgta atagggaaaa tcataagtgt tatttctctt ttaaagctct tcaaataagt    152820
     tcttctgaat tccatggcta ccatttaatt caataaacac attctgagga ttaagttggg    152880
     ccagtgtttt atcattacta tcaaaataag agagactgat ggagacaaaa aacttcatat    152940
     gatacacttt gatgtgttac ataatatata atatttaaat ataattatat tattaaacat    153000
     aatataatac ttagaataat taaatatata attattgctg agttgctctg ttttattgat    153060
     tgattgattg attgattgat tgagacaggt ctcactctgt tgcccaggct ggagtgcagt    153120
     ggcacagtca tggctcactg cagcctcaat ctccagggct caagtgatcc tccttcctca    153180
     gcctcccacg tagctgggac tgaagccgtg agccatcatg cctggctaat ttttgtacat    153240
     tttgtagaga cagggttttg ccatgttgcc caggctagtc ctgaattcct gggctcaagt    153300
     gatccacctg ccttggcctc ccaaagtgct gggattacag gcatgagcca tgacatcaag    153360
     gggctctgtt taatttatag tcacaattta aagatttata ctatgcgata tgtaataagg    153420
     tacttgtatt gtttcccatc atattctatt ctttgtacat aatcaacgtt caatatttct    153480
     taaggaaaga aaaaaggaag ggaaagagta acgattaaat gtattcctta taaaaatgag    153540
     tatagttccc tactatgcta tttctatgaa aaacttaaat ttgacatcgc tattttagca    153600
     tttgtcctat tttttcagaa tatatcccac agaacaagac cgaaaaaaaa tggtgattct    153660
     ccaaaggcca ccagtgaagc agtgatggaa gtttgtagat atcaccccaa acacacttag    153720
     gctccaggag gccacctcaa caaatcctgt gttcagtttg gagatggaga ctttcttcac    153780
     catcctgact tgctcagtgc gaccttggga aaagagaagg atgcagctga gctgctggtc    153840
     ctgaggtgcc tcaactgcct ggccactgca tgcaaggatg cggctgagct gctggtcctg    153900
     aggtccctca cctgcctggc cactgcatgc aaggatgcgg ctgagctgct ggtcctgagg    153960
     tccctcacct gcctggccac tgcatgcaag gatgcggctg agctgctggt cctgaggtcc    154020
     ctcacctgcc tggccactgc atgcaaggat gcggctgagc tgctggtcct gaggtccctc    154080
     acctgcctgg ccactgcatg caaggatgcg gctgagctgc tggtcctgag gtccctcacc    154140
     tgcctggcca ctgcatgcaa ggatgcggct gagctgctgg tcctgaggtc cctcacctgc    154200
     ctggccactg catgcaagga tgcggctgag ctgctggtcc tgaggtccct cacctgcctg    154260
     gccactgcat tcctcccgct gcctcccttg tctctgtgga cccgtcagac tgctgcctct    154320
     gctgattagt gacacaagac caacagtggt tctggagaga caaactacca aattacacag    154380
     atttagcaca tacgtgtgga aaacaaaaaa ttcagggcag agtttggttt aggcagactt    154440
     ttgttaaaca aatacagtca aatctgtttc ggatgattat ctacagagtt ggacgccatg    154500
     agaaagtcaa tcctttcata aaaaacatga ctcaaaagct cattaactat tttggaaaag    154560
     aaaaactcag taaactcata aactttaatg aaaaaattaa catattaggt ttttttaatt    154620
     taataatata atgtccctga agttccatga tatttctgaa gaaattgcct tgtatgaagt    154680
     cacactgttg gggctcaagc taaaagccat cagccaacct ccatggaaat caaacactgg    154740
     tttgagtggt ggcttgggag aaatacacac caacaatcaa catgtcctgt ctcggtgtga    154800
     tgtacctgag cgtcctgtct cagtatgatg tacctgagtg tttgtctcag tatcatgtac    154860
     ctgagtgtcc tgtctcagta tgatgtacct gagcgtcctg tctcagtctg atgtacctga    154920
     gtgacctgaa tctttaagag gcaagaagca acttagtatg tggttcatgt ttttaaggag    154980
     aagggatggt ttctctccag ggctgacaac agttaacagg ctgaagataa cacagaaaat    155040
     aggaaaagcc gcccttctcc taaatgttcc attaaaagtg aaaagcttca ttgctatatg    155100
     caattggttt tgaaatctcc atgactggaa gtcagaaatg ttagaagtta atacactgtt    155160
     cggggaccaa gtggacttct gatgttcaga ggggatgttt tcaaggtgaa tccaaagcct    155220
     ataaacaaac aaaaaaaaac actccatcag ctatatcaga aactttttcc attatcagaa    155280
     aacttatccg tataaattct tcattgctta aaatgacaga ctgaaagcaa agccacatgt    155340
     tgcttgcttc attgcctgtt gtggcagctt ttaaatccct gccttcctag gaagtgacct    155400
     cataagaaaa tcttataaga ctgtcctgtg gggaaatcct cataacattt gggttaatgc    155460
     gcttacactg caggagaggt caccaggaac atccaatcat cagaaagtcc tacagggacg    155520
     tgatgttacc tgggtcatgg aaggatctct ctcaacacac atctggggtg ttttgtggca    155580
     tattctatag caggccatgt ggcttaatag ttaaaatatg gggctgaaag ttacgagggt    155640
     tgggggatca tatggcagct gagctattgc ctgacacgct gaccctacac aactcatgag    155700
     ttcgtggtac ttcagtcagc ttagctgtaa aattgggcac aaaggccaga ctttaccaaa    155760
     accagatgtt ggactccagc tctgttcctc aactaatatc tttttttaat gtggctgtca    155820
     agtctcaatt tgtgtgtgtg tatgtgtagc aatatatata gaaaggcaaa gggaaactgg    155880
     agcttactct ccgagtaaga ctggcaggga tgagcaaggt ccaagaatgc tggccctgac    155940
     ccattccata tcctagcctc tcccacctgg ccaggctcat gtgtgtcaca gaagttgcag    156000
     cagcttgtgc acattcagag cctactgttt ggagtaagtt aattataact agagtcattt    156060
     ttacgtatcc ctaagagagg cccttaatgg gtatgagtca cggaagagcc acaaatccca    156120
     gcatatagat tcatactgac cctccttagc tcactacttt tctaggctgt gggtccctac    156180
     cacaaaaata gttggtagac atcagtttcc tcctcttgag aacagtagaa actcttttag    156240
     ctgactttct ctgaggccag ctcccccagt tagccaagct cccacttcct ctgcaaagca    156300
     tgctgaataa tgctgcttct gggtcccaag caccccagga tacgtgctcc cctctcccct    156360
     cccaggtgct gtttgggtac catgagtcag taccaagccc atttaggaca gttgccatcg    156420
     taattatcta aagaactatt actgaaactc gagtaagagt gcacaaagaa atttattgtt    156480
     tcctattcat taaaaaaccg aagtgattat tttgaaatag ctcagaaggg tgagttccta    156540
     ttaaaaatag ttacaaaatt acgtaaaact ccataagggt tttgccttca ggacactctg    156600
     caagtatctt taaattctca ctccatttga aagaaatgga taatgcatta gagttgtgct    156660
     ttctggaagg aagacaatta ggattacaat cagccatccc accatgacag aaaaggcctt    156720
     ggctccatgt gaaaagttag caacaatcta ttgtatgttt ctaatgagct ggaagagacg    156780
     acttgagatg ttcctaacac atagaaatga taaatattca aggtggtgga tgctctaaat    156840
     acccagactt gaccattgca cattccatgc atgtagcaaa atgtcccagg tgccccataa    156900
     atacgtacaa atgttacata ttaatttaaa agattggcaa accaatatat gtgtacactt    156960
     ttaaagttca aataatggat gtgtataata ggtatttaca tgcataaata tgtatgccta    157020
     tatttatata tatatacata cacacactag cacctacatt ttacgtatca agtgactgtt    157080
     gattaatcaa caaataatcc taatcttgtc aatcaagata acttttgcac tatttcatta    157140
     ttttcctaat tagtattctc caattactag tgaagaagca agtctgtcgt ttctgacttt    157200
     ctttctttca agtgtctctg tcattggccc atgcagattt cacttgggct gtgaactgag    157260
     gttttcagcc ctcactggag ccagatggca gaaagattgt tggtagggct ctaagccagg    157320
     cagaaggcac cctgctctga ggcacagctt tgtttaatac aacagctccc ctgtgcccaa    157380
     cactcatact gccccaggaa gtcatgccaa agcccaatcc tgccaacatt catgatgcag    157440
     agaaggaagc cacagactaa tccaactgga ccaagcaccc atctctcctt cactgactaa    157500
     agcaaatcaa gggccaactg taacattcaa aaccagacgg tcgacaatcc tgtcaactgg    157560
     aacagcatat tttaatagaa aatatagttg attccaaaat ccaagagcta cccatctgta    157620
     ctctcaatga gaaatataaa taaacaaaag gatcatgcat tttattaatc tttttgaaaa    157680
     ctactgactc ttggctgatg gtgggtaagg actcatattt tgtcagtagt ggccaaaaaa    157740
     tgacaatatt ttaatagtaa aaaactcagc ctgagatgtt gttagggaaa gaaaaagatt    157800
     gtctcccagt tctagtgatc tgtaggatcc cagatctagt gatcctatag gaacgtctaa    157860
     gacagtgaaa catgaagagt taatggtcac tcttcataag aggacacaca aggaagaaat    157920
     tctacagaca acagcaaaaa gaaatgctct tgtggggtga aactacactg tccatggact    157980
     tttaccactg ctttgtggag aattgttgtg aaaatataga ataagtagct gcaggaattc    158040
     tctcatcaga cactattatg ccacctccca agtaacatta gtgtacagtg caaaatttgg    158100
     aactaaagga aaaaaacact tatttgagaa aacattgaca tttacaggta gttacattac    158160
     atttagcagc ttgttgttcc tttgatcatc tatgagctgc ctaaagcagt ttgctgccgt    158220
     atggaaaaat ctagacccag agaaccaaag atattgtaac atgagccaga atgacattat    158280
     cactgagaac gcagcaacat gcaatgagag gagtcggcct gcctgagaaa ctcaagatct    158340
     ccttggaaat gccttctttt tctttagaca tagtcactga ctctttctag cttgtctcaa    158400
     ggtgagactt catcccaggt atttcctgtg aagtaagatt gtttcaccag aacctgaaac    158460
     atttttccat cacacattgc ctcacagtat gtgacaataa aatggacttc agtcatgtta    158520
     tttacatgga agaactgggc ttggcaaatt tgctatgttc tgtatgaaac caagtatacc    158580
     ttttaaactg cctaagagtt tgatctatta caaatataac aggacaaact cttttgaccc    158640
     atggttaaac aagctctcca agactggaat ttaaaaggac atggcataaa ttctgtggtg    158700
     agttgagacc tctaggtatc aagtctcagc aaagtcaggt gtccttctca ttgcctccca    158760
     ggtggagatt caagaatgaa catgttggct gggcacggtg gctcatgcct gtaatcccag    158820
     cactctggga ggctgagatg ggtagatcac ctgaggtcag gagttccaga ccagcctggt    158880
     caacatggtg aaaccccatc tctactaaaa atacaaaaat tcactgagtg tggtgggggc    158940
     agcacctgta atcccagcta cccgggaggc tgagtcagga gaatcacttg aaaccgggag    159000
     gtggaggttg cagtgaacca agattgtgcc attgcactca agcctgggca acaagagtga    159060
     aactctgtct caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaat gaacatgttg agatgacaca    159120
     ttctagcatg gacctcccat tatggtaggt tattcaatcc agcttagcaa cttattttat    159180
     cccaggaaca agggactgaa ttctatgtgg gtcacatttg tacagctaaa accccccgtg    159240
     atcactggat aataatgcag ccttatgttc tgcacggtct agctgtatat agtggggaca    159300
     cgtgatcacc ttctcaggct tggttttttt tctgtctagc caatggactt cagactgtca    159360
     gagagtcttc actttagact gactacaaat cacctgcaga gtttcgtata catacagctg    159420
     cagtaggtct aggatggaga ccagatctcc tgtgttaaag aatcttccag gcggtttgga    159480
     caccaacggg gtgtaaacca cactgttgaa ccagagagag acgatgactt tgaactctga    159540
     aggaccatct cagttctaaa gcatctagca ccagagtcag cccccagcaa attgagaaac    159600
     tagactttgg gctcaggaaa tacctccctg ggtcaaagta aaccaagtta aggtggcaaa    159660
     tttcccccca aagttcttgt tattgtcagc agcatcaata ggaatagggt atttgttcag    159720
     cagccctgtt acattcccaa aggcagattg caaagatcac gtggctgtgt catttaaatt    159780
     tcagaaatac aagagacttg gagccattta tattagagtc agttttgtca aaacaattta    159840
     tggtacatct cacaccctgc atgtttcata aaaccctttc tatagaaagg gagattattg    159900
     tggaccaacc taccacagca ttgcctacta ccagtgactg cattttgtga tatattaagt    159960
     tatcctggtt ggaattctac tgttgattgt ctagtgctat atccagtaac aaatcacatg    160020
     tatgttataa gacatccaga ctgatgtggg ctcagaaggc acctgcataa agtttttcaa    160080
     aagaacagtc ataagtttta ctagatgtga caaaccttat aaaagttaaa taatgtcacg    160140
     ctttataagc atttcattta atacaactga acacatggag ggcattgagg ataatattta    160200
     attttttcca tatgtggatt taataccaca tagaagttct agtcccagat tgctaatttt    160260
     ccaccatgtg gtagccattt agttgtattt tttaaaatac ttaccaaatt acagagtcga    160320
     gtttcagagg cagcagctat gaggaggttt agggtgcatg gtatcccttt ggcttagccc    160380
     tgggtctcat gaggaggcag taaatcgtga cagtattttc atggcagcac tgactgcttt    160440
     tcataagaat gaaggtgagt ttgcaaagcc acatgctaat gcacttctaa aaatagattt    160500
     gatgaatggg actccttcaa attctgacca gttttagcca cctattggaa tgcagaccag    160560
     cacggaagat tcagcttttt cagacgtgtc tatgaattat aaggctttca aaaaaatttt    160620
     tactctggaa aagtgagctg gacccagagt tttaattgct cattcttcaa agtgagactt    160680
     cagatatgtc atttagcctc ttctttgctt gtgtatattt atatctttaa ttgggacaat    160740
     aatattttcc ttcattttca tagcaaagaa aagaacagtc ttagatagtc aggttagagg    160800
     aacagcacct cccaatacca gctacagttt atcttctatg accataaaca gggaattgaa    160860
     tcttctagac aagaaagacc aaacgtctct ctatttattc attttctgtc ttattctaaa    160920
     atagctttga gtagctgaat cagctactca aagaatttga agaaattctt agaaagagac    160980
     aaaaccctat tggcagggtg tttgggtcgg caggtgaagg cacatatcat tcatgcccag    161040
     caccaccatc taatgtgatc aatgcacaag aaggtgccgt gaaactttaa cgctccatcc    161100
     aaatgttagt aattattatt aacccagtga gactgagcag aaacctggaa ccactggtca    161160
     gagccgacat ctggattcga tggtcagaaa taaggacacc acgctgtata cctatttgat    161220
     gattcatgtc tgtctggccc aggataagaa ataccctttc aaaatcatca acccctgggc    161280
     agacatgttt tatctccctg aaccaattac agttaattct cccgggttca catagtttgg    161340
     gaccaagtct atttcacaca aaactgaata ctccagacaa cgtacctggg aaaacttaaa    161400
     aatgcataca tgggactctc cacggagcct cgtaacacag cgtgggcgat gggcataact    161460
     gtatgacttt cgggtttgca aaactagcgg gcgcagccat cagagcccca gagtaggaga    161520
     ctgtccagtg agagagactg cctgccagaa ttctggagtg atctctcggc caaagagtat    161580
     ttaatggaat caaaagtcat acacactttt actcaggcaa agaaaaagtg gcatctcgtt    161640
     ttctatgact aattgaccct ctcacccagc ctcacggggc tggctaccag agggagttgg    161700
     agtgaaaccc tttcaacttt ccatttaatg gtgtctcatt ctcttacact tcaaaaagtc    161760
     tcgtagcaac tggctgtgtc tcttggggta aacattctga ctttcaggta tccacagcaa    161820
     tggcccaggc aacaggcata tgtgatgtga ggaagaggct ttgagtctgc atgggtcctt    161880
     tgagtcttca ctaatttctg ctgcagagcc accagctggc cacgtttcct gggacctgga    161940
     agattctgct aaggcatgcc tggtgaggtt gtctttactt tattttctgg gacagtgcct    162000
     tgtgcggctg tgggcccttt ccccaccacc tcaccccaga tctcttctgt ggccatgtct    162060
     gtctcctgga gggctgtttg tggtgtgacc tttgcagcag gggtcacacc catttaccac    162120
     ggtggcccct gcaagaaagg cctcagctcc cagcagagct ggtgaccggg gacctcccct    162180
     gtgccctcag ggccccagca ggctaaccag gctccctctg ccctgccata gcacattccc    162240
     tctgtgatca cggccccatc ccaccaacgt tcaaaacagt gcacaggaga acaggcctcc    162300
     tgccacgcgc tgtccctcag cctcgcctcc tctgtgagat ttcagccggg agtgggagcc    162360
     acgatgctca tccgctgtct acctgcctct ctctacctta cctgctgcat ctacctgcct    162420
     ctctctccct taccatgctg cgatgcctgg ctgtgtctac ctgcctctct ctcccttacc    162480
     tgctgcgatg cctggctgtg tctacctgcc tctctctccc ttacctgctg catctacctg    162540
     cttctctctc ccttacctgc tgcgatgcct ggctgtgtct acctgccttt ctctccctta    162600
     cccggctgcg atgcttgtct gtgtctacct gtctctctct cccttacctg ctgcaatgcc    162660
     tggccatgat gtaagggttc tccacctcct ctgcagcagg gaaaggactt ccctaagatc    162720
     ggactctggt tccctccatc ctatgactca caatacccct ctgtgatcca ggctggtcac    162780
     agatatgcta ataaagtgaa agaaatttag aaaactcatt tccacctctc tagcccctgg    162840
     cttttcagcc tgaggtagat tccaaagcag gggcacgtca tgcagactca ggaggcagct    162900
     gaaaggtgct cctgcaggcc caatagggga taatttgaac accaaaataa ttaaggacag    162960
     taacaaatta cagaccattt acaagatctt gttaatgagt ccatgccaat aatcaatagg    163020
     taaacaaatc agtgcaggga aaagaaggat ctcactaata gtagaacgct aagcgtcaac    163080
     tgggaaacgt gaagaagcaa ctgtcacttc gcagccacca cggtaaactt cagttcagta    163140
     accaacagag gccaaatcta gggggagatt ttcgtgtgat ttgcatggtc tcccagagat    163200
     taaagtgatt caagttacca tcaacattga agaacagatg gacatcccgt gcccctagag    163260
     aaaaacacac atcacttctg gcccagaatg aggagcctga atctaaccac gcagagccgt    163320
     cggacaaaca caaaccacgc agacccgtcg gacaaacaca aaccacgcag agccgtcgga    163380
     caaacacaaa ccaggcagag ccgtcggaca aacacaaacc acgcagaccc gtcggacaaa    163440
     cacaaaccat gcagagccgt cggacaaaca caaaccaggc agacccgttg gacaaattca    163500
     aaatgagaaa ccgtctctct ttctgaaacg gactgtattc ttcaaagtgt ccacgtcata    163560
     aaaggcaaaa ataggcttct gaaatgttcc aggaggctag aaaaacgcat gacaatctct    163620
     tcctagactg gatcatgtac tggaggaaga aaaaaggctg ggaaggactt tatggggtca    163680
     gttgacaaaa atggaacgct gatggtagtt ggacaggatc actgtagcaa cattaactgt    163740
     tctaaagaga tatccttatt cttcaaaaat acacactgaa gttttagggc catgatgaat    163800
     gcaatttact ctgaaatagt acaggacaaa aatatcaaga aaaaattaaa atatgcataa    163860
     aacatacata aaaatagaga gggcaaaagt aaaaagagag agaaaaaagc aaataagaga    163920
     gaaaaaggaa aataatgcta aaagtagatt aatctgggta atcaggtgtc ctatgtacta    163980
     ttcttatttt agtaattttt ctttaaatgt gaaactattt ccaaatcaaa gttgttgttg    164040
     ttgtttttaa tttctgtctt tcccttacat gtgttgtata atttggtggt tttatcgcaa    164100
     cctgtaattt ctgaaaatat tagagtggtc tatgaataaa taaaataaat tttatgatgc    164160
     tttcaaataa tctttaacaa gaaaaaaata caggtaagga gcaaattaaa catttgaaaa    164220
     ataaactaca gatttacata taaaagcatg atcaccgatt tgatcaggaa aaaagctaaa    164280
     tagaactgtg aaaaatgcaa tatttttgtc agtttaaaat ataaaggaat attttcttta    164340
     gctaaaatta tgcacagagt gagattataa aacatatttt cacatcatat tttttcaaaa    164400
     ttgtgttttt aattcacaga tatttctaga ctgtcaaaat agaacaaaat ttatttctat    164460
     agaggataaa gtttctagcg taaacacaac acacgatttt tttaggcagt gggaatgcta    164520
     ttgttttctc tgaattcata ggcaagttat aataacctcc tcttttcaat tctatgaagt    164580
     tttagagttt tgtttcagga acttaaaact tcttttcaga tttttggtga accttttact    164640
     ttctctcttc agatacctgg tatctttatg tattttcaaa agggaagctg aagatgtact    164700
     gaatttaatg tttaaataaa gaaaatgtct tactattcta aatcttgtgt tctagcagga    164760
     taaacacttt aaagaaatgc aatggaactc tttcaacaga atttccgggt ccaaaaggta    164820
     ggtggtgatt attttgggga gaggtttctt gcaacctgaa attatgccag gtaaagccta    164880
     cccccaattt cttaagggct gtcctgtggt tattgctgtc agacagctga caaataaact    164940
     ggcttaaaag aaaaaaccta aaataaaata tgtcaaaaag ctaaaatata acataaacac    165000
     ataaaatgta aaactaacac aaagcacaag tttataagta gcttttggac aaagcctgca    165060
     tttctttgcc acatgaaata gaacatgaaa gcaggataat tcctgcttaa acaaagatcg    165120
     agtttccttt agatctctgt gacaaaatct cacccactgt cacttccaca agcaacaccg    165180
     ttttctgcgg aactgaggag atgcctccat ctgagcaaca atgtctacct tctgaccttc    165240
     cgcacttgaa cctccctggc gccatgtctc cctgagctgt caacagcaca gcacactccc    165300
     agtcacccac caaaaatgca aaaatctctt ttaaagaaaa ataggaaggc acaagctcac    165360
     tgtgagctgg taaactttag atacatagaa tccttatctg gtgacataac ttgtaacctg    165420
     atttgctcga acaccgagag ccatgaccag tctacaaggg cccttcaggg aatgagaaaa    165480
     ggttctcttt agagagaagc aatcctccag caccttctcc aattctgtgg gttctgctcc    165540
     atgtgatagc atctgaagct gtggttgtct ggggttcaac tgggctgaaa tacgcgaaat    165600
     gcttcactca tgtgattggc attggtgctg gccatcagct gtgagctcat ccagggcatc    165660
     taagggagca tttccattcg cttctacatg gcctctccct gcgtcttgga cttcttacag    165720
     tatggagaca ggttcccaag actgaggatc tcaagagcaa gcattccaag agaaatgaag    165780
     tggctgtcac ttaaggctta ggcttaggag ctccaaatgc catctctgtc acattctatc    165840
     ctaaagcagt cacaaggcca gcttggattc tagtgacggg aaatctgttc tgtcttttga    165900
     caggatgggc aggaagcata tgcggagaga ggtggaatgt tgtggaccgt ctcaggagac    165960
     aagctaccac actgcacagc tgacattggg cagccctgcc cgagcccagc ggccttgctg    166020
     atacccatgt cctcggatga tctgtttttg gttttgcttt tgttattttt gctaggttca    166080
     cagtcaaatc aggataagtc cgaactgtcc caaatcaccc gatcctcaac ctcattgttc    166140
     tggcagtcta aaaagtaatc atggtctgcc tactcacatt taaatacaca ttttaaaaat    166200
     aattctttcc ttaaagccga tctttaaatc aatcatcctt ctgcatttta gctgtctgga    166260
     tgccagtctt atctttcccc tatggtcttc tcatttccca gtcattataa attagtgtgt    166320
     caaaaattca cgttgatgta gcacaacatc atatccataa tataattcat gccttcaatg    166380
     aaagagtttt gcttcaaagg tagacgtcat tagtaagtgg tgaaatttca catgtggtta    166440
     aaacttcttt ttgccggtaa aaataaaaca ctcacaagta atactttaga gccattttta    166500
     acctcttata aaatacaaaa agtaaggcag aaaaggagga aacgatgttt ccaatctctg    166560
     tttaatttat tcccactgcg ggcaaatcac ttttccttag atttacaagt tttcctataa    166620
     atgtgtgaca ctgcctttga gtaattgcta cctaataaat agctctagct tcctccatgt    166680
     tttattactg agagacaaaa ccttcaccaa atagactcat ttctagttgg gagtcatcct    166740
     catggtgtct gtgaggactt tgctgggtgc caggtcagaa atgaatgagc tttggcagag    166800
     actctgcagg tggcctaatc tagtccgcac gatgctccag ggaaagacga aaccctctta    166860
     caaagcaacc gtctgttcca gaaaggggga ctatccccca gggtggccat gccagacacc    166920
     tagtgggctc ggatgctcag agagtaattg gatgtcaact gcctgtttaa gcaccgtctg    166980
     cctctgacca ccagatatga caagctgtaa tatattattc aaaaactgta gagttaagag    167040
     ggtgataagt agagaaacaa ctacaaaagg aatattctta tagacagacc aagttctaag    167100
     aagagtcaca tgggaaaaaa gacatggttg aagttagaag gtgtccgtag aagtgtaatt    167160
     aacacagtcc tgcaataatt tttaacatca gaagtggact atatatgttg tcatgttcct    167220
     tgtcctatag aacgctcata tacttcactc tctttaaagt aagtctgaat ctgtgtatta    167280
     atttcatttt taaagcattt tcatatttcc atgcagccct gagaagacat gaggacagga    167340
     attactactc ccattttaca acgaagaaag ctaaaaccaa aagtcttctt agattctgac    167400
     ctctaacatt agcttctcca aatattccct taaaggacca agtctaagca atttcacaag    167460
     aaaatgagtt tgcacagata ttaaatttgc tttttgactg ttttattaaa tactcaaaac    167520
     agaatggaaa aagacatctt gaaacaaatt aaaatacggt cagccctccc tatgcatggg    167580
     tttctcatcc ttggatagaa actcacagac atggagggtc aactgtacta ttttccatct    167640
     ggcttcaacc acctgcagat ggggagcctg tggacacaga gagctgcctg tatatttgcc    167700
     tcatgtggac actgggaacc agacctcctc ccacgttgaa aggaaattat tccatttaag    167760
     aagaaaacag tgtcttttaa aataaatgta actattgaaa agcacaaggt gtcataatta    167820
     ccagtaacat ccttttatga gataaaatgt cttaacaggc atcaagaacg tagatcaatg    167880
     tccagctctc agtgactgca attatattca gtgacaagat taagtgaagt aactaatcat    167940
     ttactgtatt taaaatgctg gcatcacaat tcggataatg tatttttaaa gggggataat    168000
     gcacttttaa gttctaaatt aatatttgca aagaacttag agacccctgt gatgtgcaag    168060
     ttggatttat acaaatgatc tgaaggacaa cgtccaccca gccaaatgag ggtaacccta    168120
     gggaaggaaa ggggtgcgag atcgtcctac gatacagggc accaaactga ttacttttgc    168180
     ttgattttca ggcaatctga atataccagc aggatccaaa ctgctctgaa atgtggtctc    168240
     actgaaacaa attggttttg ccagcaaggt ggaaatgaat tcatcaagtc tgtgtcacga    168300
     gcagccacac agtgtgaaaa cagccaacac ttctcctgtt gactgacatc acttcgcgga    168360
     tttaacttct gtgcttccaa gcccaacctc ttatatcctc tctccaggca ttttacattt    168420
     cacttgccac tctctactct ctaaaagcag agaagcagct ttgcgagaag tagtaaaatt    168480
     atgagaataa gctggaagaa atgttttgga taaagagctg gtaacattta aggcaaattg    168540
     ctctggtata aattcagtcc tgtactagca ccatctcata gatcacagag tagccggtgg    168600
     gtgaagttga tgggatattg attccagcag gaaaataaag ggctataaaa caaaagatga    168660
     ttaacacgaa atccttgagt aaagcaaagt cttaatagac tgggagctgt taaatcaaag    168720
     agtgggtgag aggactgggc tttcagatca cttacaactg aattcttttc attgtgtatt    168780
     aaaattctcc tgtgtgtttt tactttcctg tatattatca atccatattc ctccagtgaa    168840
     aaacatctga aattgcatgt ggggaaaagg aaccaaatcc gggacacatc atcaatcaga    168900
     aagaaggaaa ctcacaaagc aatggcaatc agggccttaa aaacctataa atactgtcag    168960
     aaaatgaata tttttctatt tctttcattt cattaagtcc cactaatgtt tctctacata    169020
     ccacgtgcac ctctctttta ataaattctg ctgcaatgca cgttacaggt tgatttgttg    169080
     cttaaaatat gcagtactca atgcacagat gtacttctaa aatattcttc tagcaagttt    169140
     ccagagccaa gtagtttttt agtcaaaatt actctacaaa ggaaatgcac ccctgattcc    169200
     ctccaccctc tatcaacaca cacacaccac caccaccaca tcaccaatac cacaagcaca    169260
     cacatcacca ccaccacatc accactgcac tagcacacac accaccatca tcacatcacc    169320
     actgcactag cacacacacc accaccacca catcaccact gcactagtac acacaccacc    169380
     accatcacat caccactgca ctagtacaca caccatcacc atcacatcac cactgcacta    169440
     gtacacacac catcaccaca tcaccactgc accagcacac acaccatcac caacacatca    169500
     ccactgcact agtacacaca ccatcaccac cacatcacca ctgcactagt acacacacca    169560
     tcaccacatc accactgcac tagtacacac accatcacca ccacatcacc actgcaccag    169620
     tacacacacc atcaccacca catcaccact gcactagtac acacaccatc accaccacat    169680
     caccactgca ctagtacaca caccaccatc accacatcac cactgcacta atacacacac    169740
     catcaccaca tcaccactgc actagcacac acaccaccat caccacatca ccactgcact    169800
     agtacacaca ccatcaccat cacatcacca ctgcactagt acacacacca tcaccacatc    169860
     accactgcac cagcacacac accatcacca acacatcacc actgcactag tacacacacc    169920
     atcaccacca catcaccact gcactagtac acacaccatc accacatcac cactgcacta    169980
     gtacacacac catcaccacc acatcaccac tgcactagta cacacaccat caccacatca    170040
     ccactgcact agtacacaca ccatcaccac cacatcacca ctgcaccagt acacacacca    170100
     tcaccaccac atcaccactg cactagtaca cacaccatca ccaccacatc accactgcac    170160
     tagtacacac accaccatca ccacatcacc actgcactaa tacacacacc atcaccacat    170220
     caccactgca ctagcacaca caccaccatc accacatcac cactgcacta gtacacacac    170280
     caccaccacc acatcaccac tgcaccagta cacacaccac caccacatca ccactgcact    170340
     agcacacaca ccatcaccac atcaccactg cactagcaca cacacaccat caccacatca    170400
     ccactgcact agtacacaca ccatcacatc accactgcac tagtacacac accatcacca    170460
     ccacatcacc actgcactag cacacacaca ccatcaccac atcaccactg cactagtaca    170520
     cacaccatca catcaccact gcactagtac acacaccatc accacatcac cactgcacta    170580
     gtacacacac caccaccaca tcaccactgc actagtacac acaccaccat caccacatca    170640
     ccactgcact aatacacaca ccatcaccac atcaccactg cactagcaca cacaccacca    170700
     tcaccacatc accactgcac tagtacacac accaccacca ccacatcacc actgcaccag    170760
     tacacacacc accaccacat caccactgca ctagcacaca caccatcacc accacatcac    170820
     cactgcacta gcacacacac accatcacca catcaccact gcactagtac acacaccatc    170880
     acatcaccac tgcactagta cacacaccat caccaccaca tcaccactgc actagcacac    170940
     acacaccatc accacatcac cactgcacta gtacacacac catcacatca ccactgcact    171000
     agtacacaca ccatcaccac atcaccactg cactagtaca cacaccacca ccaccacatc    171060
     accactgccg ctagcactgc cactacctca atcccactaa atattattac tccggaagct    171120
     cctttaccca ggaaatcagg cattcttcaa gacttcatgg tttcattaca caaggaaaga    171180
     ggcagctttt gtgaaacaga gtcagaacta ttagggaagt aactacagag cttactgtgt    171240
     ccagtcagcc atgcagaact gagagttaaa gggacagcat tacgagtcca tgtgcctgcg    171300
     ttccagagca gaaacgctca tcacaactga aaattgcaag ttcctactga tggaaggact    171360
     tttttccata agacctcaaa ggccctgcag taccctcaga taaaaattaa acatttggaa    171420
     atattaaaac taggtttgca ttgagtctta ccttggggga gcttcagcgg aactattgat    171480
     aaagacaaaa taattcttgc aatgactcta atcgttacca ttctacacaa aatatcaatg    171540
     accgaaaaca ccgtttgaca tgggcaagat tgtatgaaaa gactaattat acaaagcaag    171600
     tcgattcaac tatttacttt cccaatgttt ctcttctacc catttcacgg gagttttccc    171660
     ttgacctctg tggaatatca tgaaacgcca aatccaagtt tcgttctttg gacatacacc    171720
     tctctaattt aatgcagggc tgcccgacac agcaaataaa atcatagaca cctcattaaa    171780
     ttctaatttc aaaaaacaat gaaaaatact ttagtgtaag tatgtcccat gcagtattta    171840
     gtaaatactt acaactttta aaattatgtg ttgtttacct gaaaatcaat ttatctgatg    171900
     ttttgggttt tacctggtaa ctttaatttt actctctgat gatttacatt gtattttaga    171960
     acttgctcca tcattaaaga aaataaaaca gctgtcaggg atagaacagc tggagaaatc    172020
     acaatttgtg aatgagaaaa agtacatgaa ggccctttac agccttatat gtgtaatacc    172080
     agtaattccc aatgggtcat ggcaaaaaag agggagggga gaattagaat cattgaggaa    172140
     cgtttacctg agactaaaac cactgcattg tacaaatatt atgcaggtct ttcccatttt    172200
     tattttcatc ttggagggcg gtggttatag gcaccagctt tggagtgaga ctgacctgtt    172260
     gaaccatggc tctgcctctt cctagctgtt cgatcctaga ccaggcattt aacctcccta    172320
     agcctctact ttttcatatt taaaatgaaa gcggtgatac ccatctcatg tggtaagaga    172380
     aagcactgat agcggtagtc ctctttctaa agcactggaa catgacccgg cttaaggtga    172440
     gccctctcta atcgaatgct gtcattcttg tcatattgtg caaatgtttt caccatgcct    172500
     gttagcaaca gataaagttc cctggcaata atcgtcacat aaaatgttcc acctacttta    172560
     tctaggagtc agctggggtg caaatgagaa gggcaagcag ccacttgtaa cttgcagaat    172620
     atcaggctct acaggagcat ttattctgaa aaaagtcagg actccaggga aagtcaagct    172680
     ccattcacag ccgtttctct cctcatctgt cctcgtgctg actctcttta gaatctctct    172740
     ggatggaatt ccttcccaac tccaatggac agaagcagtg agtccgtcca gtcggtaagt    172800
     caaacagtcc ttcgatgact ccactccagg gtgtgctctg tgtgatcaga acaagtgctt    172860
     cagcctaaca cacctacaca ttcgaaaagg tttcacacag cctcgttctg ctcttagacg    172920
     ccaacactcc ccacacccaa tctaccacaa aatagaacaa cagaatcagc caaacgccct    172980
     ctccacggag gcgaaggaca cagggtcagc caaaccccct ctccaccgag gagaaggaca    173040
     caggatcagc caaaccccct ctccaccgag gagaaggaca caggatcagc caaaccccct    173100
     ctccagcgag gagaaggaca caggatcagc caaaccccct ctccagcgag gagaaggaca    173160
     caggatcagc caaaccccct ctccacagag acaaaggaca cagaatcagc caaactctct    173220
     ctccacggag gcgaaggaca cagaatcagc caaactccct ctccacggag gcgaaggaca    173280
     cagaatcagc caaactccct ctccacagag acaaaggaca cagaatcagc cacatcccct    173340
     ctccgtggag gcgaaggaca cagaatcagc caaactccct ctccgtggag gcgaaggagc    173400
     tgctgcaact gacggaggga ccgtccaatt gcttggaggg tccgttcagc ctgtgtgggc    173460
     caaacctctc taatcattga ccctggaggc ttatattgca ttttcaggca tattacctta    173520
     ttagaggaaa caggacagct gcttccctga aagaaatacg ggcaaagctc aatttgtgaa    173580
     gtgtgtttca tttcaaaggc tgtagcttac aggcaacatg gattttgcag gaccaacttg    173640
     taatgcagtt tcaaacccac ccaaaatctg gagtttctct tgaagatttt tacctttcta    173700
     acatacttaa ggaagtgaag aattactcat aatattcttt gctacctaca gtgccggcag    173760
     gtgccagcac tgttaaaact gctgtaggtg gcgggtgctt tgccccctgt gccccaacac    173820
     cacatgaata ttttccagct gatcactttt aaacttttaa cagacaccta gaattatgcc    173880
     gctgaagagc aaatagataa gtacacaacc tcttgaggtt tcttacagaa agaaaaaatg    173940
     ttttcctagg acttagtagt gaaaacactt ttgcaaaaat tttgacaatg agaggactct    174000
     gacacagaaa cattacgacg caaaacaaat ctgacctaat cgggtccatc ttgcctctag    174060
     cctccaagct gcccttgctc atcctcgagt gtaagccaca ctaactatgg gatcgagtcc    174120
     atcttgcctc tagcctccaa gctgcccttg ctcatccttg agtgtaagcc atgctaactt    174180
     tgggaggaat ttaggtaata gtttaacttt gaaacaaaga tgataacagc cttccctgaa    174240
     acaaccccct ccttgcctgg ggaccagatg acctttggaa aattaacaaa ttagccacaa    174300
     gattagaaat tatggctcag gaatcatgca accggaggcc acaaaatcac ggacctctcc    174360
     agttgttcct gtggataaca ttactattgt aaccctaaga ttggtgttca aggtgttttc    174420
     agacgctgaa ttttgatgga ccagctggca ccacgtagaa gggtaaactg gctcatctgg    174480
     tattgtggcc cccacccagg aaccaactca gcacaagagg gcagcttcaa ctccctgtca    174540
     tttcttctcc aacccagcca atcagcactc cccattccct agctcccacc ccaccaaacc    174600
     agctttcaaa aatcctagcc tctgaatttt cagggaagtt gatctgagtc ataagaaagc    174660
     tccagtctcc cttttagctg gctctacgtg tattagactc tttcccagtt gcaatccccc    174720
     agtcttgaca aatgggctct atcttggcag tgggcaaaaa gaaccccttg ggtggttaca    174780
     gtggtctgtt tgtttcaaag gcactctcat ttccaaactc actagtagag aacacccaca    174840
     catggacaga tgcacaccct ttgttttcat ggcattccta agatgctctt tcagaaacca    174900
     tcctttcccc tggtgtttat gcagagaagg agatgactag atggtagaca tattacacct    174960
     gcaccttagt ggtacccatc cttccatcct ccacattccc ctccagagtg ctcccttcct    175020
     ggtcctctca ctagtcctat attcaataca gaaacaggga gaactaaggg tgatggcaat    175080
     tcttgtcctg tgaattctgc cctctagccc tctgtcaatg tatccagcag caatgctcag    175140
     aatgtctagg ggactaatct atcacccctt caagtgcaca ggttaggagt tggataataa    175200
     tacttgtatc ccttaaaaat tatcaataat tttgattatc ttcaaaattt aaggtcaaga    175260
     atgctaagat cagaaggatc tcccaggccc accactaggc agtggtgcag ggctttaaat    175320
     aacatgatca agatccttgc tcatgaggca caggcactcc atgtataaaa tgtctgaatt    175380
     ttagattttc aaggtgtgta aacatgttaa accacataca ggtatttttt ggtatggtgc    175440
     aattgagatt gtaaaatgcc taatatttgc tgattacttc tttatattta gtgtatcatg    175500
     ccttttagat gaatgctgaa atttaaaaga atacttttga ccagagatgg gcagtgacgc    175560
     atcttaagta gcatagaata tccctgaatt tagaaacaag tagaggtggc ttgtagcaag    175620
     gtcatgtttt aaaaacagtg aggagcaaca gtccttaacc tctctgatca gaaatacagg    175680
     tcttatgtga aaagaaaaaa ggaaaacaaa aggtaaaatc tccagaaaga aggaagacgc    175740
     cgagagcatc tgggactgcc ttgttaacac agccttggga acgctgtgat gtactttatt    175800
     gcagggatgg cacagacatc gaatacatct aactataatc acatagctac tggctcttta    175860
     agttcatagt gggtaatatt aaaaagaaaa aacactcttc caaggaggtc attggctaca    175920
     aagtagatat tttatatcct cctcaaaaat caattctcct tcaaagcaaa tttgtccacc    175980
     caaccctctg atcacgtagt tggctctcct ggcaaccagc cccattctga agctatctag    176040
     ggacccatca agggtcctta ctgtaaactc aggcacggtt gtcagtggtt tattatgaac    176100
     agcaaaagat ggtcctccca ccccgtctcc cagaaaatta caagggctgt gggaactctg    176160
     tgcaaagaac ctgggacaaa ggtcaaacac atatttctta ggatgccgca gatcacacca    176220
     ccgttgagca ctacggcgac tcgaagcaag aagctttcgt ctgagcctac taggaatgaa    176280
     cacaccttgt cacgacattg agattcaggc accatgttta gcctacggtg ggaaacgaga    176340
     aacttgggac ctaaaagatt gggtttcttt ttatcctatc ctaacaacag gcaatcacag    176400
     agtcagtatg ctgggcactg caatggcata acatcaaaca aaactcgcgt actcaaggac    176460
     cctgttctac tctgtggatc aacagttgtg gtaagcagaa gtacaacaaa ttgtaacttt    176520
     ttttttttta gatggagtct cgttcttgtt gcccaggctg gagtgcagcg gtgcaatctc    176580
     ggctcactgc aacctctgcc tccccatttc aatagtgctc ccacctcagc ctcccgagta    176640
     gcgtacacgt caccacacct ggctaatttt tgtattttta gtagagacag ggtttcacca    176700
     tgttggccag gctggtctca aactcctggc ctcaagtgat ccgcccacct cagcctccca    176760
     aagtgctgag attacaagca tcagccaccg cacccagccc aaattttctt gatagatcta    176820
     atctgtcagt cagaaagaga gttgttgaat actgaaccca ccttaaacac tagcagggtg    176880
     gacaactgtg agattcatgt gttcattgct cacatactct gaagtgccta cgctgtgtcg    176940
     cctactaggt ggtgcgttct gaagggtggc aacaaagtct cccctgcagc ctggcaatag    177000
     cttgtagatc ctatacccag ccccagctgc aggaagctgt taaatcctag gcccagccgc    177060
     agctgctgga aggtgtctca ctgcattttt caacatttgg gctgcgtcag ccacctccag    177120
     ccacacaccc accagcactc acatgtgcag tcacctggaa atcagaaaag tattctcact    177180
     cagtccctga aacaatttaa aactgcgtga cttgtctcca gcgtcggcca taatcaaacg    177240
     gctaagttgg cagcgtggtt gtactttgtc atgttttccc ttgtcctcca gcctgacccc    177300
     ctcctacccc acatcactcc tcccaagctg accaccaggg gccctgccag gtgcaactat    177360
     gcccccacct tttaatattg ttttttgaga caggatctca ctctgtcgct cgtgctgact    177420
     ttacattttt taaaactctt tcccttgctc atttcccttc ttccctccac tgcatctgaa    177480
     acctgcccaa ggtaacagct agttaatttc agatgagatt gaggaattct gcttgacttc    177540
     ttcaggtcgt atatttgcat ttgctgaatg cattctcagc aaacaagcct tatgcagttt    177600
     gctttaggtg gtgcctgttc cagcacacac aagccatgag aagttcagaa agcaagtggg    177660
     gtggaggcgg catggtcagc agttaggagc accagctcca gaagcaggtg atttgggtta    177720
     gaatctgccc cacagcttac tagtttagca atttcccctc tctgtgctca gtctctcatc    177780
     tgcaattgag agccataaca cctaactcag aggattgtta caaatattag atgaactgat    177840
     acaggtaaga agcttaaaac agttcctgct aagaacacaa tcaatgtcac ttattatgtt    177900
     actatcagta agacggacga cataatttgc gaggcccagt acaaaatgaa aatgcaaggc    177960
     cccttgttca aacttcgtta agaatttcaa gaccaaagcc acaaaccatt aaatcaggtg    178020
     cagggtcctg ctaagcatag agcacttttg agcgcacggc cacacattca cagcaccaat    178080
     cctgcctccc agctttagaa caaaagcacc ttattgccct aagatccagg gagtcttctg    178140
     ggtgatcatt gagaaaaaaa tcctggaaac gcatcttttg tttgcctctg ggagagtggg    178200
     gactggcagg aaaacatagg tagcactttc caaaaataca aataaaattg gcccagtgca    178260
     gtggcttagg tctgtaatcc catcactttg ggaggccaag gtgggtggat cacctgaggt    178320
     caggagttca agaccagcct ggccaacatg gcgaaacccc gtctctacta aaaatacaaa    178380
     aattagccgg gcgtggtggc gggcatctgt aatcccagct acttgggagg ctgaggcagg    178440
     agaatggcgt gaacccggga ggcggagctt gcagtgagct gagatggcgc cactgcactc    178500
     cagcctgggc gacagagcga gactccgtct caaaataaat aaattaatta atttaattaa    178560
     atgtaaaacc ccccaacccc caaaacatcc cacagtaggt tctgcaagtg gctatctctt    178620
     gcacagcttt ttgatggaag atcaggaaca aaaatcactt cgcatatttc actaaaactg    178680
     ctccttcagt gatgaaatct tacaagaaat ccatgttggt cattcaccat aacctcctgc    178740
     aaacaaaagc ttttactaca taaaaggaat gttgggacaa gaaagtagat ttgtaataag    178800
     tttgcattgc atgtgagatt aaaagaaaag atggctcttt agattaattt attgctaaag    178860
     gcataacctt tactgtttaa tgttgtgttt caattgcctg tcaaactgtc agaaaataga    178920
     gcctgagtcc acagctacat aaaccagttt tactttcacc agcaattaca gttttttaat    178980
     cttttttacc agttcatttt caacctcttt ttattttatc acttgcagtc aaatctcagc    179040
     aatttactaa tacaaatgtg atcaaatgcc ttccatttat cttaaagatc taaattctga    179100
     tgaaataaga ctatgtgatc aatacgaata gcatcctgta tccagtccca gacccttggt    179160
     tgtaaatcat gataggacag tgtcttccca gaggctgaat caccggaacc agttcacatt    179220
     gcttagtacc agatcacaaa atcttcatga gtcatattac tttttccttt tttcttcact    179280
     tcacatctta gtaaaaacac attcattttc caaactcatc atttccagca gcattcattt    179340
     caaccataat ttcctggaca atctattcat tcaggtccct tttttggagt ttgtatttga    179400
     ctacgctgca ctaaagcctg ccttttttta gaactgtgct catcggctac ataacccctg    179460
     agaaaaggtt aatatatccc cttaaacatt cttaagtgcc aaatctctcc tattccatga    179520
     gcttaaaacc atatcaggta atttcagatc acttgaacta tggttccgtg ctgtgtccct    179580
     cggctctctc ccattctcct tgccgtgtct ctcggctctc tcctattctc cgtgccgtgt    179640
     ccctcggctc tctcccattc tccgtgccgt gtccctcggc tctctcccat tctccttgcg    179700
     tgtctctcgg ctctctccca ttctccgtgc cctgtccctc ggctctctcc cattctccgt    179760
     gccgtgtccc tcggctctcg cccattctcc gtgccgtgtc cctcggctct ctcccattct    179820
     ccttgcgtgt ccctcggctc tctcccattc tccgtgccct gtccctcggc tctctcccat    179880
     tctccgtgcc gtgtccctcg gctctctcct attctctgtg ccgtgtccct cggctctctc    179940
     ctattctccg tgccgtgtcc ctcggctctc tcccattctc cgtgccgtgt ccctcggctc    180000
     tctcctattc tccgtgccct gtccctcggc tctctcccat tctctgtgcc ctgtccctcg    180060
     gctctctcct attctccgtg ccctgtccct cggctctctc ccattctccg tgccgtgtcc    180120
     ctcggctctc tcccattctc cgtgccgtgt ccctcggctc tctcctattc tccttgcgtg    180180
     tccctcggct ctctcccatt ctccgtgccg tgtccctcgg ctctctccta ttctctgtgc    180240
     cgtgtccctc ggctctctcc cattctccgt gccctgtccc tcggctctct cctattctct    180300
     gtgccctgtc cctcggctct ctcccattct ccgtgccgtg tccctcggct ctctcccatt    180360
     ctccgtgccc tgtccctcgg ctctctccca ttctccgtgc cctgtccctc ggctctctcc    180420
     cattctctgt gccgtgtccc tcggctctct cctattctct gtgccgtgtc cctcggctct    180480
     ctcccattct ccgtgccctg tccctcggct ctctcccatt ctccgtgccg tgtccctcgg    180540
     ctctctccca ttctccgtgc cgtgtccctc ggctctctcc cattctccgt gccgtgtccc    180600
     tcggctctct cccattctct gtgccgtgtc cctcggctct ctcccattct ccgtgccgtg    180660
     tccctcggct ctctcccatt ctccgtgccg tgtccctcgg ctctctccca ttctctgtgc    180720
     cgtgtccctc ggctctctcc tattctcctt gcatgtccct cggttctctc ctattttcat    180780
     attctccatc ctgtgtccct cagctctttc atgttttcca tgctgtgtcc ctcagctctc    180840
     tcctattttg gttgacaaga atagcattag attaattttc agctttcaaa aaaaagagac    180900
     aaacttaaaa ttttttaata tacctcttat aattctcaaa aactacattt tttaaaaaat    180960
     gtgcctctgg aatcaaatga tttaaaagtc taatttttac acttttagta aataaaacta    181020
     gtaaagaaat gtactcttct gtggtcttta aaactcctct tagcaagcta tttttataaa    181080
     taggctgtcc tgactaatga ttcttgggct ataaggtggc gtgcccacct ccctcccatt    181140
     cagttcttgg gcaccttgtc tctgatgaga agatcaataa taattaggag atgattttta    181200
     agtttactta agtgcactgc aattcctctg gcttctttac ataactgtga atgatggtga    181260
     ccctgagaca ggacgctggg gttcactagg agaagtgaca cctgccgtat agtcacacat    181320
     gcccgcccta ccccagtttc atgcagtgct atcacaatgg ctgtgagggg gtgtatatcc    181380
     ttaattccag accacaacta ctagcaaagc gactgggggt ccacagtcat gcaggggaaa    181440
     gcacaggact tggagaagtg gtggccaaat gactaactca aggctggtgg cccacaaatc    181500
     tgtcttcaaa tccatgacag ggacccttaa ggggaataga aaagacaatt gtcaatgaga    181560
     gttgtatgcc tatcccccag caccctgtgg acttgctgag aacaagggcc ttgttttcct    181620
     cgccctttgt ggctgacacg gtgctggaca cagctgcagc ctataactta gggtgattcg    181680
     atcaacgatc ttgtctagag tgggagatag ctgggagcag tggtgaaata agaacatgaa    181740
     aacgaaggtt ttgttagcag agaaaggtat ggaagacagg ccttaatggg aataacaaca    181800
     ggagattgct gatatctgag ggattgatgg gagtgacaag aaaaaagaag taaacaagcg    181860
     gagtcatggg aaaggcacca aggacaggtt tcttaaaaag agctctgaag ctcaccagta    181920
     gcaacaaaat ggtggcatat taaaagctga gacagtttca accaaggggg tgtttaatca    181980
     tcatatatgg gaagtgctag aatagtttct ggtggggaat ccatttttta gttcaaaatt    182040
     gatgttgacc tctgaacatc tagtcccaat caacaaccct tgaagcttca gcagacacta    182100
     tgtcaaaggc tgcttagaga agacatccag gagacactat gtcagaggct gttcagagga    182160
     gacacccagc agacactatg tcagaggctg ttcagaggag acacccagca gacactatgt    182220
     cagaggctgc tcagagaaga cacccagcag acactacgtc agaggctgct cagaggagac    182280
     acccagcaga cactacgtca gagcctgttc agaggagaca cccagcagac actatgtcag    182340
     aggctgctca gagaagacac ccagcagaca ctatgtcaga ggctgctcag aggagacacc    182400
     cagcagacac tatgtcagag gctgctcaga gaagggaccc agcagacact atgtcagagg    182460
     ctgctcagag aagggaccca gcagacacta tgtcagaggc tgctcagaga agacacccag    182520
     cagacactac gtcagaggct gttcagagga gacacccagc agaccctatg tcagaggctg    182580
     ctcagagaag agacctagca gacactatgt cagaggctgc tcagagaaga gacccagaag    182640
     acactatgtc agaggctgct cagagaaggg acccagcaga cgctatgtca gaagctgctc    182700
     agagaagaga cccagaagac actatgtcag aggttgctta gagaagggac ccagcagacg    182760
     ctatgtcaga ggctgttcag aggagacacc cagcagacac catgtcagag gctgtttaga    182820
     gaagacaccc agcagacact atgtcagagg ctgttcagag gagacaccca gcagacacca    182880
     tgtcagaggc tgtttagaga agacacccag cagacactat gtcagaggct gcttaggcaa    182940
     gagacccagc agacactatt tcagaggatg tgtagggaag acacgcagcc agaagggttt    183000
     ggttattgac aagataaaat gaccaacctg tgtttttagg atgcattgta tgaaatcacc    183060
     ttccttagaa atatttgata aaatatgcca tcttttatgc tgagcaaaag atatcagaca    183120
     caaatgaata catattgtgt gattccactt atatgaagtt tgaaaaccag caaaaccaat    183180
     ctatagggac acagagcaat tggtggtttt ctggggctga aaaattactg gtgaagactg    183240
     actgacaagg ggcaagaggg aacttctaga gttacagaaa tgttctacac cttgggtaca    183300
     ccaacacata catttgtcaa aacacactgt acttgatctt taaaatgtag gccttttgtt    183360
     gtatataaat tatatacctc ttaagttgat tttaaaaaaa actgtcttta cttaaattta    183420
     gactttgaaa cccttcagaa agtcctaaaa attctgtaca attagtattg aacactagga    183480
     tacacatggg caaccaatcc tagacagctc agcacaggac aaacagaaag gtcatcctgc    183540
     aacatgcaat ctagatgacg aagaaagata actcaaatga gacacctcag agacctctgt    183600
     tctccagttc tggctctgat tttcatgaat tacaaagtaa ggaagattca gagttaatag    183660
     catagccaca atgtaaaata tatttagttt gttgaatatt aacattttac cataactata    183720
     atgtacattt agtttgttga tcattaatgt ttgtttcctg tatgaaaaaa atgtatgcat    183780
     atataattct cgttctacat ctaggttcat tcattctatc tactaatcct tttatggcct    183840
     tttaaaagct ggttaaggaa tttataagat gactgtctag accagaggaa ctcaactgac    183900
     aatggaagtg atgattctgg cagctaagct gggtagatct tactctttac agactggtgt    183960
     ttcaaaaggt cttgctcctg tcgaggggtg agttacttca cctctagtac aagcccaagg    184020
     tatcctaaac caaacagcac taacagggcc cacccgtctc tgggcagcaa aatatttttg    184080
     tttgttggtg ttgctatttt tgtttataaa tgtgtcgatt ttgtctaatc tgtagaccat    184140
     tctttactga acatgaggaa caaggcatct ttcagatgta gcagagttca gtgcaaaagc    184200
     actgagctga ctaataattt ggagacttgg gttccaatac tggttcatca ttaaccagag    184260
     gcattgcttc aggcaagtca agggacctct ttagatctaa tctataaact aggggaaaaa    184320
     gaataaatga aatataagaa aagattcctt tagctataaa agtttatgat tctatatgtc    184380
     aaaaccacca gaaaatctta gacctcacct ggaactttaa agaccagagt tccctacgaa    184440
     gggattcagg acccttcagg acacatataa actcacaaca atggacctca tatgcctgga    184500
     ggcttaattg acctaggttg ttgcaaacga ccaagcttct ttctcttata aggctgaata    184560
     gaatttcatt gtatgtgtat agaccatgtt ttatttatcc aatcatctga tggtcactta    184620
     agttgatacc gtaacttggc tattgtgaac agagctgcaa tgaacacggg agtgcagaca    184680
     tctctctggc atagatatgg gttttgtgtc aatacacaca agcgggattg ccaggtcata    184740
     tggtaattct atttttagtt ttttgaggaa cctccataca gttttccata aaagttgtac    184800
     taatttacat tcccaagaac agagtacaaa agttctcttt tctccacatt ctcaccaaaa    184860
     ctttttaatc ccttctctct ttttttttaa atagccatgt tgagaggtgt gaggtgctgt    184920
     ctcattgtgg ttttaacttg catttcccta atgattagtg atattgagtt ttttcttttt    184980
     acatatattt gtaggtaatt tgtatatctt ctcctgaaaa atgtttattc aggtcctatg    185040
     cccatttttt aaattagtct tatttgtttt ctagagttgt ttgagttccg catgcatttt    185100
     ggatattagc ttcttatcag atatgtggct tgcaaatatt ttctcctaat ttgtaggttg    185160
     tttctgttgt ttcctttgtt atacagaagc tttcatattt catgaaatcc cattcatctc    185220
     tttttgcttt tgttgcctgt ggttgtagag taaaattgaa aatgtaattg cccaaaccaa    185280
     tttcatgtag ttttctccct atgttttttt ctagtagttt tacagtttca gattttatgc    185340
     ttaagtcttc gacccatttt gagttaattt tttcacatga tatgagaaaa ggtttcaatt    185400
     taattcttct atatatagat atccaatttt ctcaaaaaca tttattaaag atatccattt    185460
     tatattgtgt attcttggca cacttacgat cttttgtaat ttagttttat aattgatcct    185520
     ttgcagaacc tggagaggtg cttgtggttt tgacttggct gattgcctat ttagagtaca    185580
     attcagtatg ttcttccaaa ctctgcttct gctgcaaatt gttaactgaa tccagaggtt    185640
     tatttgacaa gactatacct gctagcatgt tctcccatca ggaatcacat actatctagt    185700
     tgactctatc tcttttatgt tggcagtctt taatgctcaa tgcctagatc aggggtcagt    185760
     aaactccagc cactggccaa attctgacaa tcaactgttt tatttgtcct atgaatgcag    185820
     ccagactcat ttatttaata attatctatg gatgccttat tgaaaatcaa ttgttcatac    185880
     atgtgttggt tcctttcttg gctctctatc ctaatccatt cattgatgtg tctgtttttc    185940
     tttttttgtt tgttttttga tgtgtttatt tttatggcag cactaagctg atgtagtagt    186000
     atagtttgaa atgagtagtg tgatgcttac agctttgttc tttttgccca cgattgcctt    186060
     ggctattcaa ggttttttgc aattccatgt gaattttagt tgtcttttta tttctgtgaa    186120
     aatggcattg aagttttgaa agagattata ttgaatttgc atattgcttt tggtagtatg    186180
     tacattttag caatattaat tcttccaatt cacaagcatg ggatatcttt ttccatctct    186240
     tcacttttag tctatatgtg atatatatat atatttatta tactttaagt tctagagcac    186300
     atgcgcacaa cgtgcaggtt tgttacgcat gcctatatgt gtttttaaaa gtaagatgag    186360
     tatcttgtag gtagcatata actgggtctt gtttttaatc cattcagcca ctctgtcttt    186420
     ttattggagc atttacattc aaggtaatta tgaatgttaa ggacttacta cctccatttt    186480
     gtgaattggt ttctgattgt tttgtagata ctttgtttcc atcttccttt ctttctgtct    186540
     tcttttgtgg cttgatgatt ttctttagtg gtatactttg aattctttct atttttgttt    186600
     tgtgtgtcta ctgtagattt ttgctttgtg attagtatga agcttacata aaacatttta    186660
     caagtgtaac agtctatttt gacagttcat ataattgtta tgctataaca gttgtaggta    186720
     gtcaaagtca cacaactctc cactgttatc tccctgatat tttacgtttt tgatgtacga    186780
     atttacattt tataatatct atcccttgaa aatgtattta gctaagtttt attaataatt    186840
     ttgtctttta acccccatac taggaataaa attgccttac acatcatcat tacagtccta    186900
     gagcattcca catatgattc tttattatgc cattgagttt tgtgcatttg tacattttct    186960
     gttaataatt attggccttt tatttcagct taagaaactc cctttagcaa ttcctgtaag    187020
     gcaggcccag tgatgatgac ctcctttggc tttggtttgt ctgggaaaat ttttatttct    187080
     tcctcatttc acaaagacgg attttctgag taaaatattc ttggttggct atttttattt    187140
     tccttcaaca ttttgaatct atcatcccat tatctcctgg ccttcagggt ttccattgaa    187200
     aaatctggtg agagtctatt gagactattc taggtgctgt gtggcttttt atctcttgcc    187260
     actctcagaa ttttttcttt gtcttttatt tgtgatagtt tattatgtgt cttggtaaac    187320
     tcctctctgg gttgaatttg actggagacc tctgtgcttc ctataccttg atattggtat    187380
     atatcctcat attaggaaaa ttctcagcca ttatttttta aatatgcttt cttacccttt    187440
     tttgtctttc ttctctttct ggaatttata ttatgtgtat attcagtctc ttgagggtgg    187500
     cacatatttc tgcaggcttt cttcattctt aaatttattt tttttaattt ttgctactct    187560
     gattggataa tatcaaatgt tctatcttcc agttcactga ttcttctttt agcttgatca    187620
     aacctgctgt gggagctttc agttgcatct tttcagttca gtcattgtat tcttcaactc    187680
     ttgaatttct gttggttttt aagaattatt tctatttcat cgaagttctc attttgttca    187740
     tgtattgttt tccaaatttc atttaatttt ctatccctat attattgtag ttcatgatct    187800
     tctttaagag gatttttcta aactcattgt ctgtcatttt ataaattgtc ctttccttgg    187860
     ggttcattgt taaatctatt ttagttgatt tttcttttta ggggtgtcat gatttcctga    187920
     gtctttgtta cccttgtaag gacgttatcc ttctatcctt acattagtgt ctgcatattt    187980
     gaggtgatag ccaccttttc cagtttttgc aggtattctt tggcaggaat aattgtcaca    188040
     gtgtagtgta gcctgtggtt ctgaacacat cagctcataa caaccctgaa tatgtagagc    188100
     ttatttgggg gttctttcat tgatggtgtg ctgccttttc tgtgagtttg aatggggcag    188160
     ctggctggga tctgctaccc aagcaagagc tcagcaagac cactaagctg aactctccag    188220
     tgaggatgga ctgctggatg ggcactgcaa tttgcctctg attagactgg gccatgaagt    188280
     gtagtattct ctggccagtt ggtacctcaa tttaaagtca gcagttaaac agggttgcag    188340
     aaagcactct gaggttaggt ggagtcactg actaggatgg atgggaccag ctactatgct    188400
     cggtaaaaat gcacagttga ggtttgccta cctgcttaag tgaggtcttg gggtgggctt    188460
     tgagactagg ctgagcatta tttaaactcc tgggtgtgct aggtcaagtc ctagctcttt    188520
     gctgaaattt gctgcggtgg ttgtcccctt ccttgggtgg gatatgtgtg tgggctttga    188580
     ggccatgcaa agtactattt aaacactcct cggtgtggcc aggcatggtg gctcacccct    188640
     ataatcccag tactttggaa agctgggaca acaagattgc ttgagcccag gagttaaaga    188700
     ccaggctggg caacatagtg ggaccccgtg tttacaaaaa gtttaaaaat tagctaggtg    188760
     tggtggcatg cacctgtagt ccaagctgct tgggaggctg aggctggagg atcacttgag    188820
     cccaggaagt cgaagctaca gtgagctgtg atcacgccac tgcactccag ctgaggtgac    188880
     agagtgagac cctatctcaa atgaaagtga taatagtaat aaactcctga gtgtgacaac    188940
     actagccctg gatctttgcc aaaatttgct gtagtggtta tctccctccc tggacatgtt    189000
     ctcagggtag ggtctgaggc tggtcatcta aggattcaag ccaggtagaa cttcccaccg    189060
     cttctgaggg tgaccagctc agatttgcag gtgggtatgg tgttagctgg tactattgat    189120
     tgggtgctac tgctggcagg tgtgcagagc tacagccagg atctgtctgc ttgtcactgt    189180
     ggactctgcc tcctcgcttt gcttctatct cacccaaggt ggtctagcca tgccatttcc    189240
     cctctgttcc tcctgaggtg agaccagagt gggcttcctg ggaagcatct cagaatgcta    189300
     gggaagcttc atgtctgcct ctgattctcc ttttgctctg taggaactgt agtttctggg    189360
     gaattccatc tgcgaggtgc tgtgctgact taggggagga ggaggagaga catggtcaac    189420
     atgggattgt ttttcttacc ctttaatgta gtgtttattc ctttctggac cacacagctg    189480
     actctggctt attcccacat gttagggttt tcaccaaggt attcttgtct gcaggtgttt    189540
     gctagctgaa ctttctgtgt gtggcaggcg gcaggagatg gtagtgaagc cagggtcctc    189600
     ttattctgcc atcttgctga catcactcca aatcacaatt atcaattttg ctgaatgcaa    189660
     gttacaactg taaaaacatt tccagaattt tgagagcaca taacattatt agaccatcta    189720
     acggatttaa ggaccatcca cagtattcca taagcaatag atcaaaatgt cattttagca    189780
     aagtggcatt tccacgtggg gtcgcctatg tgttttctta ctttcttcaa cactgttgca    189840
     aagtttacct actaaatgag gttagctaga atgagttctt tttttaatgg agtggcaaac    189900
     atagtagctg tttcttccat tatattctct cataactctt tgggccctgg ggccacaatt    189960
     atttgtgaca tgtttggatt tatagaattg tactcttcat aatttaactg tctcagggca    190020
     caagcacaga gaacgcagtc aggaaataaa catagtctaa aagatgaatt tgtgatctgc    190080
     tctgagggtc agtaagctag ccctctgcca aaccaaggca ggtagagaat tccgtgatga    190140
     ggcctgaaga accacatact agaagaaatt ttgtacattg ttacctcgaa gatcccaaat    190200
     gaccctaaat attgcctgta attcagcacg aaatgacaag tttatgctaa ttttttaaag    190260
     aaagcacatg ctttagaata cgtttagtga atgtttctgc tctcttggta taaacagagt    190320
     actgagtttg aacactgaac caacctagtc attaagcatt tcagcagtac ctgctataag    190380
     taaccggtga aataacactg actgtactaa catatgacat ttcaagtgta tttcaaggtg    190440
     tggctctgct tgaatgacgg gtgattgctc ttttaacact gtggcattta ttactaacct    190500
     gtcagaaagc tgcttaaata agaatgattg gagcagcatg tctaacactc tggccttaat    190560
     ataaaaacaa cttgaaaata ggcatttctc tttttgtatc catccttcta attacaagcc    190620
     taaaaaggtg ttttcctttc ttcaaaaata tttatggcat acccacctct gtgctggtag    190680
     ttgggaaaca gagaagagtg aaacaggcac ctcactacct aatggggtta tagtctggca    190740
     gagaagacag acatttcaaa atcatcttac aaacaagtca taatctgtga taaatgctat    190800
     gaaggcaaag aaagtgcaga aacaaaaata aggggcgtag tttagagacg gatgggggaa    190860
     actgttatga aagagatctt cgaggaagtg agatctgata agcagtagtt attcaagcaa    190920
     aactcaggtg agtctcttag gcagagggat cagcatgtac aatactcctg ggtcagacaa    190980
     gagcttgttc aagaaactgt aaaaaggcca gtgaaagcaa tgacagcaac ctgaagctcg    191040
     aaagtagagt ggaaagatga aacagacacc accagcaacg ctaatgatct tttactttat    191100
     actaattata aggggaagtg tatttgctct gcaacatcaa tcagctcgct tccaggcctc    191160
     cctgtgagag cacttgcgtt tccgttccct ctggtctgct gtaccagttt tcttcactag    191220
     ctcattcatt taccagtggg caaccatagc aaaactatca caaactgggt gacttaaaca    191280
     acaggaattt attctgtctc agttctggag gtcagaagtc tggaagcaag atgacagcat    191340
     ggtcgattcc tacttgggga ctcagagaga ggagccgtct cacgctttcc tcccagcttc    191400
     tggtggttgc cgccagtccc tggcatcccc tggcttgtgg cgttgtcaat ccagcctctg    191460
     ccttcacggt cgcatggctt ctcctggagt gcctctgtct ctgtgtacac gtttccctca    191520
     tagaatacca ctgtgggcta gggctcaccc taagtcagta tgagctcatg ttaccttgat    191580
     gatatctgca aaaatcctat ttccaaacaa cgccatagtc aaggtaccag gggttaggat    191640
     ttaaacaagt ctttttgagg gatacaattt aaccaataac agaaggctat tgaaggattt    191700
     ttaccaaggg agtgatatcg aggcaggaaa acagggtctg gaacttaagg ccaatttgtg    191760
     ctgaatcgag gaaaaacacc agggtctggg ggccaattgg tgctgacttc tcaaagctgg    191820
     atcaaaagga ggacacctgg gtctgggggt agggaaccta aggccaatta acacgaactt    191880
     cctaaaacta aaccagaagg ggaaatccca tctccccacg ccgagcagca aaggatcaaa    191940
     tctccctaca gccctcccgc ttccagcaca tctcagatgg aaagagagag tgccctgatt    192000
     ggccaagcat gggccacccc ttcctctgca tagggcacca attcacctca gcctttaatt    192060
     agccaggaac caaatccttc atccagacaa gaggtaactt ataggagcct caaaaggggt    192120
     acttaaaacc cggaaaactg gctccttccc ccgccctgtg gagtgctgtc ttgcttcagt    192180
     gactccagct ttcacacctt gtggagggct gtcttgcttc agtgaattca gctttcgctg    192240
     ctttgttctt gtgtctcgtt cctttgttgc tttgtgggtt ttgtccaatt ctttgttcaa    192300
     aacaccaaag aacctggaca actgacactc aaggccctcc ttccagtaac aatatgatcc    192360
     tattttcact taacatcact ttagctactt gacagaaaac ggatcggaaa gagtcaaaga    192420
     agaagggtga gatggattga gaggctattt tggattccat tttggtagac gtgttctgaa    192480
     aaattttcgt catatttata aatattatat aaataaatat ttctaaatat ttaaaacatt    192540
     tagcaaggca agaaataata ataatataat taactttaaa gggcataaaa atattcacag    192600
     gccaaaaaat aaaaagaaga cttaaacccc gaacggtgag ctatcactgc ggctgtggag    192660
     tgatcaggca gcagcctctg ggcctgaagg cttgcatttt gcatgataca caggacagga    192720
     ggagaggcat gatctcagcc caaagaggaa gttacaaata aggtctccaa ataaagccag    192780
     cgcccacaac attgatgtaa atgtttatat actttctata gattatatag aaagacataa    192840
     aaatatatct ctctatatat atccatccac tggtttaaaa agatgacaaa aggtgaccaa    192900
     aaaatgtcat ccttagtttg gactcaaagt gacaaaaata gatgtttttc atgacaacat    192960
     ctgtacagtt gacacgctct ggagttgggt ttaaaatcat accacgcagt aactccagga    193020
     aagttcaaac cgagaaacta ttttacacaa ccttgagtca ggaatgccca agaaacaaaa    193080
     acacaaattc tctgcggaag gtgcaccctc aacataaacc ttgacagatt cttgcacgta    193140
     aagtccaaac acttaaatgt gagcttaatc caaaatatgt ttttgaaaaa gcaaaataca    193200
     agagttaacg gaaacaacca acagcagaaa aaaccaccaa agactttcaa gtataaaaat    193260
     attggataca aattataaaa taagtatttt taaattatcc aaaaaagaaa ttgaaattat    193320
     gaactagaaa caaaatgcta taccaaagaa aacaggctat ttgaaaaaag aaccaaaaag    193380
     aacctctcaa acagaaaatg taatcactca aattaaaaat tcagtaggta agataaacaa    193440
     aagattaatg tagctaagaa aatgacttat acagaaacta ctagaatgaa gctcagagac    193500
     ataatggaga taatgaaatg caaaatatga aagaaggtga agatacaaaa agatcagccc    193560
     tcaaagacac aacaggttct gaagagtggc cagaaggcga ggattggcca agcgtggtgg    193620
     ctcgcacctg taattccagc agtttgggag gccaaggcaa gtggattgct tgagcccagc    193680
     agttcaagac cagcccaggc aacatagcaa aaccccatct ctataaaatt aaaaattaaa    193740
     aatgaaaaaa ataggaggtg aagataggga aataagagaa accaaacatt tctaagcaga    193800
     ttagatgaaa agaaacccac atctgggcac aaacttcaac ttcgggccac caaaattaaa    193860
     aaaaaaaaag accttaaaaa tagccagagt aaaaagttta ccttcagtga aataaccgtt    193920
     atatgaaaaa caattttttc caacagtatc agtggatcca gaacaaagca ctagcctaaa    193980
     attctgacag aagatagcat ccatctcaag atgtttgctc agcaaactat tgtgtcataa    194040
     ttaggacaaa ataaacacat tttaggcaaa cagaatctat gtttaatata atcagactct    194100
     tgctaaaaga attgctaaag gaaggccggg cgcggtggct cacgcctgta atcccagcac    194160
     tttgggaggc cgaggtgggt ggatcacgag gtcaggagat cgagaccatc ttggctaaca    194220
     cggtgaaacc ccgtctctac caaaaataca aaaatttagc cgggcgcggt ggcgggcgcc    194280
     tgtggtccca gctactcggg aggctgaggc aggagaatgg cgggaacccg ggaggcggag    194340
     cttgcagtga gccgagatcg cgcccctgca ctccagcctg ggcgacagag cgagactccg    194400
     tctcaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gaattgctaa tggaaatact    194460
     tcagatagag taaaatgatt ccataaaaag ggtctgggat gaaaaaagga acaataaacc    194520
     aagaaactgg tataaatgaa ataataaaaa cactgtaaat atgtggaggc agaatctaaa    194580
     taacacacaa aaatacaatg taaagcaggt ggcaattgat gagaattaag atacagcatt    194640
     gctaggaagg agaacagatt cattttggat tttattaaga ttaagagcag ccacagaatg    194700
     atttaaaaaa gggtttatgg cttccaaacc agtagagagg gtaaaaataa ttttaaaatc    194760
     aaaattcagt caaaaaggag agaaagaaag agagaaacag agaaagaaag aaggaaggaa    194820
     ggcaggcagg aagggagaga aagagggaga aagagggaag gagggagaga gggaggagag    194880
     aaagaaagaa agggaaaaag aaagaaaaaa ggaaagaaaa ggacaacata gtaacaggag    194940
     gaaaatgtaa agcacaaaac tagatgatga caataaatcc aactctaaaa gaaatcatac    195000
     aaaatatgtg gatcaaaatc atcaatttaa aaacaaaatt ttagacatag tctttaattc    195060
     agtagtaaat tatatataag tgacatattt gaaacacaca agctccctct ctcttccaaa    195120
     caaactagat tagatgataa gaggcaggaa agagaatgaa cctttgctta taacctactg    195180
     taatgtaccc cctcgtaatt taaattatgt ctcagagtta gattttatta tttccatatt    195240
     acagacaggg gattggggtg cagtgcttaa cggctgtacc cagagtcaca cttggtagta    195300
     atttgcagag caaagatctg caaagactgg ctcttgtgga catcacaaca gtgccatgtg    195360
     aaacaaagtg gctttcagac caggacagtg gtactgagat attcttatga tgcccaagtc    195420
     acaggtgaaa aggaaacaga gctaatctct gctgatggtc ccattaacgg gttctcagtg    195480
     ttttctgttt tcatttcttt ggggcagtga acacccagac cactgaattc agaaatcttt    195540
     atattgtaaa ccactttgtt cattctctac taaattcacc tggtctgtat aatttgaaaa    195600
     gctgcatatt ttattctttt tgatcaattg tttttattca aaatgtttct tattcttttt    195660
     gatcaattgt ttttattcaa aatgttttac gtaaggagtt caacgttttc gtaagaatga    195720
     gctacccatg caggcatcta cctgctcact ggtgggagag tgaacataaa tattgtccag    195780
     ggaaattgag aagaaggcag ctgacatgtt tctgctaaga agaagccatc tctttctttc    195840
     catctctctc tcttcctaag aaaggcagat caggcctaaa gccctagcag gttagccgtg    195900
     tttcttctag aagtcaggcc tacgatggag cggtagaagc caaaggcaag aggaaagaac    195960
     tggaacagag ctgggcgcag ggtggctaag tccacaacgt aaaaagttga ggtcgtgtga    196020
     tgtttttatt tcaatagctg acaccctgca ttttaaataa ggcttaactt tttaggtaca    196080
     aattgttaac ctaatacatt ttaatctttt taagatgatg catagtttga tcttgtacat    196140
     ataaaatttt actttttgcc tgtctctaac tcgctgacta gcggttcttc accctctcca    196200
     tatgtgtgtg tccacgcacc tgtctgtgag tagatacacg gagagaaaca ataagatgtc    196260
     tgacatgacg ttcacctaat ttaataatca gaatttctaa gtagtagatt ttagttggta    196320
     tctgttttca ctttcacttt gttttttttt tttgagccgg agtctcgctg tgtcgcccag    196380
     gctggagtgc agtggtgcca tctcggctca ctgcaagctc cgcctcccgg gttcacgcca    196440
     ttctcctgcc tggagaattc tcctgctggg accacaggtg cacgccactg ccccgggcta    196500
     attttttgta tatttagtag acatggggtt tcatcgtgtt tgccaggatg gtctcaatct    196560
     cctgacctcg tgatccacct gcctcggcct cccaaagtgc tggaattaca ggtgtgagcc    196620
     accgcaccca aatgaaaatg caccttaata aaattttaaa aaataattca tgcttattgt    196680
     agaacattta gaaaatgtta aaaagtataa aagagcaaaa taggtatcac ggctaattct    196740
     atgactgtta acattttagt gagttttcat tacaatcaac ttgaatgttc aatttggact    196800
     cctacttttt ttacataatg tgtttttctg tgtctttaat tatttggagg catggagaat    196860
     gggactatat tccaggagtc cggagagtga ggaatgatgg tgatctggga ctctggttgt    196920
     gggagtagaa atgaaagtca atgaagaaac ttgagaaata tttagagata agattgacag    196980
     aacacagtga tggacttgat gtgtatttga aataacttta cgtgttttat ttccacaaat    197040
     gtaaaggtct cataattttg tcataaatca cgcacaaaga acacaagggc aacaatatct    197100
     tcactggaga cacatgcaaa tttcttacaa agtcagcgtt ttaaattgtg aattcatgtg    197160
     ccaacatatt tacttaaagg gtataaagaa ccatgttatg ggtattatat tttctaataa    197220
     ttttactcaa cactctgaat gtgcatagtc tatcctaaag atcaggtaga aatgacggga    197280
     tctgaaatga tacaggagaa aaagtcttgg ctcttaacca gagactttta tggcatattt    197340
     ctatctttac tacataacag tgaagtctat taaaagtcca aaactgaagc aaattcacct    197400
     ttttataatg cttcaataat tgtgttttga gggtctttgc tacatacttg aaatatattt    197460
     tcaaagctat ctgactgatt tatgaagaaa tacacatgtg ttttgtgctt cacaaaagca    197520
     catttggata ttattaaaca gaaaagataa aatattacat aggtctgaag aattaatttt    197580
     aaaatgtttc tttaagataa acagtgtatc aactatatct taaatgtcat cactttggat    197640
     gaccaactaa gcagatttac agacaaccgc atggctaaac aggaattatt ttggtctctt    197700
     tgtcataaac tattatgtcc aaagacagca gcagcatctc catcgaccct gcagtgggaa    197760
     atctgccctg tcacagtgga atctccacgg gcaacaaggg aaagaatata cttcacacta    197820
     tgcataattc ctcaaaagtt ttctcatttt gagattggct caaaaacgat gtgctaaata    197880
     aaattctagc catcacaggt aaggaagaag gaactgtcag cattccatcc tacgggctgt    197940
     aattcagagc tgctgtacaa gtcacacgct gttcttatca gaaatctgct ttcttagctt    198000
     ttctttacac attccaacct atcttcacat atgctgagat ttctgtgagg aagggagcac    198060
     tctaacataa aattattggt tgctatttta tgacttgtca ggtctatggc attcagaaat    198120
     gcaggcatgc atgctgtgtg tcttacctgg ccaaggccca agtcagccag acatgtgtcc    198180
     ctgggaatgg cccctctgct gattggcatt tgtctgcagg atggatgcag ccaccccaag    198240
     accttctgaa ttctcaaggt tccttgaaga actgcaggga actttgcttc tttgattact    198300
     gaaactggaa gatgcagcaa actcttccca ggacaaagag ctggaataga aaggcaacca    198360
     tggcactcac tggcaacact gtctccccat gtgaaggtca ttggaggtca agctccagta    198420
     aacccatcca ataaacctat ttcatggagg attcattcat tcattaattc tataaatatt    198480
     tcctgaggtt ctactgtgtg ccaagcacta ttccccacat caggacagaa tagccaacga    198540
     aagagtcaaa aacacctttg ctcggagcct acatttccca ttttggaagg cttcttgggc    198600
     caaaagaacc cagagagaag gactccatcc cttctcctgc agcaccagag aagaccctgc    198660
     tgcactctac aatggtcaag tccaggaaag aaaattcaag ctcctggtta taaatgataa    198720
     ctaacaacaa agactacagc aactgagatg ttatgttcct tctgcaaagc tgaatttctc    198780
     tagtcttagt aaacataaag ctgcactttt cttagaaaag ccaaggggaa atcagaggat    198840
     gaataatcgg aacccttgga gtgaagtgta agccatccga tatttggctt atgtttcact    198900
     gtctgtttct taagaggagt taccttgtgt tcattacctt agagaagaga aagacagaca    198960
     gaaaaagaaa actgtcacag atgctgggaa agtaagcact tgtattagta acagaaaacc    199020
     acagtaacgt gaggagtcac tctcagaaag actttaaatc ctctctcact ctccagcaca    199080
     taggaggcct agggatcttt agagaaatca gggagaagga tagataatat ctcagcacca    199140
     tgactctccc aggaacataa gatagaatgt gaggcagggg ccccatcttt caccagtttc    199200
     tactcattgg taagaaaaca aggcttgctt tcttatttaa agaacaaatc ctgtatccac    199260
     catctgaatt attcttggca tctgatgagg gatggagact acagaggcaa atttgaaaga    199320
     agaaatattt tattttacaa gcttgatttg aatataagcc ttaaatttat gttgaccaaa    199380
     tccaagaata agattataca accaaaacat agcaaggggc aggggaagtt ttgagttttt    199440
     ttcctaatta caaagcctac taggagacta ataatgggga aaactttctc atggagctga    199500
     atcctgcaaa acctagtgat aaagaacaag aaaataagaa ttgcagttta tttccattct    199560
     ctttttcttt cgttatttta tctttcttaa cctataatat atatgatttt gcttgttcta    199620
     aaagtgagct cactaaaagt gagccttcgt tttatgacaa ttgtagccca gatatatcta    199680
     ttgggaaatt ttttatatga atgcagtgtc tatatctata taatattcat ttttgtagtc    199740
     tgtagatctg aatgggtgac taaattaatg ttatgaacgg ctcacttgaa ataacaaaga    199800
     gataattcct taatatataa gcacaaaaat taaaatcaat ttgcaatctt gatcaaagat    199860
     atcaatagtc acaaacaagg ctgattaaga aagcaacgtg aacattctgt aacttgatca    199920
     caacccataa tgagtgttgt ccagaggaga gccttttagc aattcacaag gccctgtgtg    199980
     cctaacagtt aattcctgct tagccagatt gtgcagattc attctcaggc acaacatata    200040
     aaatgctggg aaataccccg atttttggct gcagaactgc aattgagcca tgaggaagac    200100
     agtctccgag aagacatagg agggcacagc tctcccatga ggaagacagc ctcagaggag    200160
     acataggagg gcacagctct cccatgagga agacagcctc agagaagaca taggagggca    200220
     cagctctctc atgaggtaga cagcctcaga ggagacatag gagagcacag ctctcccacg    200280
     aggaagacag cctcagagaa gacataggag ggcacagctc tctcatgagg tagacagcct    200340
     cagaggagat ataggagggc acagctctcc catgaggaag acagcctcag aggagacata    200400
     ggagggcaca gctctctcat gaggaagaca gcctccgagg agacatagga gggcacagct    200460
     ctcccatgag gaagacagcc tcagaggaga cataggaggg cacagctctc ccatgaggaa    200520
     gagagcctca gagaagacat aagagggcac agctctccca tgaggaagac agcctcagag    200580
     gagacataag agggcacagc tctcccatga ggaagagagc ctcagagaag acataggagg    200640
     gcacagctct cccatgagga agagagcctc agagaagaca taggagggca cagctctctc    200700
     ataaggaaga cagcctcaga ggaggcgtag gagggcacag ctttcccatg aggaagacag    200760
     cctcagagga gacataggag ggcacagctt tcccatggca aagggctcaa gaagacctgg    200820
     actctgctgt gaagaaggaa attgtcccag aaagtccaga gcaagagtcc tcccaaattc    200880
     tttatcagct catcctaaga gctcactgga tggcttcacg ggggtcatta attcttctcc    200940
     tcactcagga gctctagtcc acaagtatcc agtttcacac acagctgcaa gacactccat    201000
     tctagggcca cagtccagga tgcagtcttc acagattttt tgatcaaatg gatcaagagt    201060
     agagggtctg tccatgaata ataaaacata gggaggaaat aagacacata gaatggaatt    201120
     ctctctttgg gttgagaata tatataccca ataattcttt ttttattcct ttgtagggga    201180
     agaaaggttt cttttcctca cccatcacta ggactatggc cgatgcccct gtaacaaagt    201240
     acagattgag agaaaagtgt acacatgtat ttaaaaagct ttatgtggca caggagtctt    201300
     cataagaaaa tgacccaaag aaacaggaaa tcttgtgtat catagtgctt agttaggttg    201360
     gatgaacagt ggactcaggt attggtacaa ttggacagag tgagtatgct ctcatggaga    201420
     taaactgggg gaacttagca aggcctgtgt gttcaaattc ttctctgtgt ccctgtgtct    201480
     tcagagataa ggatgtttct ttcttctggg tataaggact cttcctctca aatgaggtct    201540
     tatgatctgc tcctgggggg tcagagagtg acctgcctgc atctgcttct tctcaaatgc    201600
     cacttgtgat gcccttcctg ggagacaaag ccatctttga gtatttcagg attccaaaat    201660
     agactccatt ccttggattt accaaaagca ccagcctaaa gggcctgtca ggaagttcac    201720
     cagaaagaga aacctatttc cctgtaaggg aagtggctgg atggtcccgc cccagattct    201780
     ctgatgtgga cctcacttgg gatgcaaccc tggtacagct cctccatctc agtcattaga    201840
     agtaagttca ttgaaaatgg tcttctgata cagtcattgc tgaattgcag tttcaactaa    201900
     ttatacccct cagaatctcc ttgaattcta acaactaagt aactaaatgt ctactaagta    201960
     cctataattg tgctgtcaag agtaataagt gaggccaggc acggtggctc tcgcctgtaa    202020
     tcctggcact ctgggaggcc aaggcgagtg gatcacttga ggtcaggagt ttgagaccag    202080
     cctggccaac atggtgaaac gctgtctcta ctaaaattac aaaaattagc tgggcgtggt    202140
     ggagggtgcc tgtagtccca gctgttaggg aggctgaggc aggagaatca cttgcaccca    202200
     ggaggcggag gttgcagtga gccaagattg cgccattgca ccccagcctg ggcgacagag    202260
     cgagactctg tgtcatttaa aaaaaaaaaa agagtaataa gtgaataata tgcaacatta    202320
     ttctttctac agcttcatat gcgttgcatt tacacatgtt cttatgtttt ttatgagact    202380
     tatatagtgt gcaatgtgta ttttcaacag tgaaactaaa aacttctcat gtgtctttct    202440
     tctttggcct taaaaattat tttttatgct aactaaatca tctacattat tactctgtgc    202500
     taactaacat aaataaacta gtacactatt ctcatttacc caactttttt ataccgttcc    202560
     taccaacagt tccaaatata agctgtattc atcatcagtt agttctaaag agtttaggtg    202620
     ctcccccaat gtgctcctac agcaccctga acctcctgcg tatgagcttt gatcatcctg    202680
     tattgaaatg agaaaatcct gcatttccac tttgtgctaa ccccagcata ccacgtctgc    202740
     agagtagaga ctgtgtgtat cttactcatc cttgaagttg cagtgcctgg gaccccagca    202800
     taccacgtct gcagagtaga gaccgtgtgt atcttactca cccttgtagt cgcagtgcct    202860
     gggaccccag cataacacat ctgcagagta gggactgtgt gtatcttact catttgcagt    202920
     cacagtgcct gggaccccag cataacacat ctgcagagta gggactgtgt gtatcttact    202980
     catctgcagt cgcagtgcct gggaccccag cataacacgt ctgcagagta gggagtgtgt    203040
     atcttactca tccttgcagt cgcagtgcct gggataggtg ctcagttgct gaatggccac    203100
     agcccgtgtg ttctttctgt agtgtgtgtc tcattcagag gctcagctgc agacacaggc    203160
     tgaactttac acaaacttct ttcccaccag tctgtttcaa aggagctcaa ccatgcccca    203220
     acatactttg acccttttca gtatcaattt tcaactgctg ttttctactc cttgaaagca    203280
     taacaaataa aagaactttt ctttttcagt aaattctgaa acataattac cttaccagtc    203340
     atgccaagtg aatctcatta agctcttttg attaagataa tgctaattca taaaagaaag    203400
     tatcctaaat ttaacaaaca ggaaaaatca gggacttgtc taattcaact cacaaaattg    203460
     agccacgttt cttttaccat gaacatggtg aaagggattc aactaactaa ataaaagaaa    203520
     acaaaaggta aggttaagta atagcatatt acatttgggg atgaaggaga gtctctaatg    203580
     ctgtaacaga gggattactt ttgaacttat tttccccgtc tttattactg actttgtaga    203640
     ggagtaaatt gcatattttt tttctttttt tgagacagtc tcattctgtt gcccaggctg    203700
     gagtgcaatg gcacgatctc agctcactgt agcctccgtc tcctgggttc aagagatttt    203760
     cctgcctcag cctcctgagt agctgggact ataggcatgc accaccacac ctggctaatt    203820
     tttgtatttt cagtagagac agtgtgtcac catcttggcc aggctggtct ccaactcctg    203880
     gcctcaagtg atccacctgt ctcagcctcc caaatcgttg agattacagg ggaagctgag    203940
     atagcaaatt tgttaaggct tttggagttg ttgttggatt ctgtaggagt aatatcacaa    204000
     agggtgccca tgtagaagga gcccctttac tcacagcatt tatcatgacc tgggtaacag    204060
     gcctattcag ctggggaata tcccagtcat cataaagtca gccccacacg gctcacatac    204120
     aaagcatatc ggctgggtca tctggggtgc tccgacacac aaagcatatc agctgggtca    204180
     tctggggtgc cccaacatac aaagcatatc agctgggtca tctagggtgc tctgcttggc    204240
     atttataggt ggagttggac catctgctta tcacggaaaa cagaccttcc tgtggctttt    204300
     ctctagtcca ctcgtctggc tgttcctgca tgaataacct cctgtgtgtc tggatcacat    204360
     atacccatct gtggttgttc aatagtgagt gtgggtcctg caccagccca aacaactctt    204420
     ccactctgca gcatttaaaa ccagagacgc tgctcctaaa ttagtcactc tcgatctgtt    204480
     ttagtaaaag ttcctcgaga agttaatgat atcaatgttc aaaatggagc agttccttca    204540
     caggacaccc tctggtttca acagtagttg gattttccct tctcccacat tcactgcctt    204600
     cttggtgacc acagttctga aggtactttc tggtgtccag gcttaatgtt cccctttctg    204660
     ggtggctttg aggctggtgg cctgagttga gacagaccca catctgagtt tattccagcc    204720
     tcaaggcctt acccagcacc gtctttaact ttcattttag ccattataga taacaataac    204780
     caagggactg aatcttttgc ttttttcttg ttagtttgca tttccttatg catccagtga    204840
     actaattcct gggaggttgg atccatctct aaattcggct gataactttt acctttagta    204900
     actgatctca acatagctgc agcttcatac catgagtgac cacgtggcca cctgggaatc    204960
     gaagattctt catcctccca ccctttaatc ctttctcttt tcaaagcaca tgcttccatc    205020
     agtcagggcc atttaagcaa atcccacttc actgacaatt atgtagggaa aaactctctc    205080
     aaaccttgtt ttttttccct ctactctcac accacaaaaa tcatcagcac agaagaagac    205140
     ttctatgacc aaatgtatgg gggtcttttc cccatgcatc aagcgcagac acaagtttgg    205200
     tgtcctcgaa ttcagttctg acactgtcta ccctgagata gcatcaggtc ccatagattg    205260
     ggggctcagt acccaagatt ctccccagac tcccagacac gagttgcaag tctgggcttc    205320
     cagaacatct gactgactgg cttcaggttg aagttcccat gatccccgca ttgagtttga    205380
     ttaatttgct ggaacagctc atagaactca gagaaacacg tttaccagct tatcacaaaa    205440
     gatgctacaa cagatacagg tgaaaagaca cataaggcac ggtatggggg atgtggcatg    205500
     gcacttcctc acctccctgg acactaccct cctctacgaa cctccacgtg ttcagctaac    205560
     cagaagcttt ggtgccattt tcaaatgcca tagcctcact ttgtgtctgt gtcacatttt    205620
     ggtaattcta gcaatatttc aaaatgtatt agtatacttg ttatggtgct ccgtgatcag    205680
     tgacctttga cgttactgct atgttctggg gcaccatgag ctgcaaccat gtacgatggc    205740
     atacttaatt gatacatact gtatggactc tgactgcctc accaacccgc tgttttccca    205800
     tctctcttcc tctccttggg cctccctatt ttctgagact caacaatatg aaaattaggc    205860
     caattaataa tcctacaagc caaataataa tcctacagtg gcctataact gttcgtgtaa    205920
     aaggaagagt ctcatgcatt tctcacttaa aatctaacgc tagaaatgat taagcttagt    205980
     gaggaaggca tgtcaaaaca tgagacgggc tgaaagctag gcctcttgga tgaaacagcc    206040
     aaactgtgaa tgcaaaggca aagttcttga aggatgttaa tccagtgagc acaccatgct    206100
     aagaaagtga aacagcatta ctgttggtat gtggagttta atggtctgga tagaaggccc    206160
     aaccagccag aacattcctt tatgccaaat cctaattcag aggaaggccc tgactctctt    206220
     cggttcctta aaggctgaga gaagtgtgga cgctgcagaa gaaaagtttg aagctagcag    206280
     agattggttc atgaggttta aggaaagaag tgctcttcat agcataacag tgcaaggtga    206340
     agcaagaagt gtgatggaga agctgcagca agttacccag aagatctagc tgagatcact    206400
     gatgaaggta gccacactac acaatagact ttcagtgtag ataaaacagc cttctctact    206460
     ggaggtacat gtcatctagg actttcacag ttagagagaa gaagtcaatg cctggcttca    206520
     aaatttcaaa ggacaggctg agtctcatga cgggttaatg catctggcaa ctttcagtta    206580
     aagccaatgt gcccttacca ttctgaaaat tccagggccc ttaaaactta cgctaaacct    206640
     actctgcctg tgctctacaa atggaacaac aaagcctgaa tgacagcacg tctatttata    206700
     ctatggttta ctcaatattt taagctcact gttgatacct actgctcaga gaaaaagttt    206760
     tctttcaaaa tattagtact ccatgacacc taagagctct gatggggata tacaaggaaa    206820
     tcaactttgt ttccatgcct gctaatacaa gatcattctg aagctcaggg atgaaggagt    206880
     aatttcaact tccaagtctt attctttaag aaatacattt catagggtta tcgctgtcat    206940
     ataattcctc tgatggattt gggcaaagta aactaaaaac cttatggaag gtattcacca    207000
     ttctagatgc cattgagaac attcatgatt catgggaggg gggcaaaata tcaacattga    207060
     caggagtttg taagaagttg attaaaattg tcatggataa ctttaaggaa ttcaagactt    207120
     cagtggaaga aataactgca gatgtggtag aaagagcaag agcaaaagaa ctagaattag    207180
     aagtggagcc tgaagatgtg actgaattcc tgcatctcat gatcaaactt gatgaaatga    207240
     ggacttgctt tttatggatg agcaaaaaga aaagtggtgt tttttttttg ggagggatga    207300
     aatctcctcc tggtgaagat actatgaaca ttgttgaaac agcaataaag gacttggaat    207360
     attcaataaa cttagttgat caagaagcag caggctttga gaggatggac tctaattctg    207420
     aaagaagttt cactgtgggt aaaatgctat taaacagcat cacatgccac agagaaattt    207480
     ttcatcaaag gaagggtcaa ttgatgtagc acacttcact gtcgtcttat tttaagaaat    207540
     tgctggccag gcgccatttc tgatgcctgt aattccacaa ctttaggagg ctgaggctgg    207600
     tggatcacct gaggtcagga gtttgagacc aacctggctg acatggtgaa accccgtctc    207660
     tactagaaat acaaaaatta gccaggcatg gtgttgggtg cctataatcc cagctacttg    207720
     gaaggctgag gcaagagaaa tcacttgaac cctggaggca gaggtttcag tgagccgaga    207780
     tcctgccact gcactccagc ctgggaaaca gactgagact ccatctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa    207840
     aaaagaaatt gtcacaggca ctccaacctt cagtgcccac caccctgatc tgttggcagc    207900
     aatcaacata gaggcaggac ccccatcatc aaaaagatta caacttgctg aaggctcaga    207960
     tgatcaatag catttttatc aataaattat tttaaattaa ggcatgtaca ttggtatttt    208020
     cagacatatt gaaattgtac tcttaataga ctacaatata gtgttcacat gactttcatg    208080
     cattgcaaaa ccaaaaaata tgtgtggctc actttattgc agtgtagtct ggaaccgaac    208140
     tcacaatatt tccaacgtgt gtctgtaaat aggacagaga tacagtgagt cgttaatggt    208200
     caagaaaccc agaaacctga tgagagtaaa ctagcctcaa gactgaggaa aaactttcca    208260
     gaagaatttg ggcctgttat tgtcctcatt catgcatgca atactaacct gcatgcctac    208320
     ttatgccaag aactatttta agagatagag attcagcaat taacaaaaca gtctctgctc    208380
     tcatggagct tgcatagggc aaagtgggag caaccagtga agaaatttga aaatgtgtat    208440
     acaagatagg tcagatgata agaagtgctt taaagaagaa taaagtaaaa taagagaata    208500
     gagagtaaga aggtgccatt ttaagtgaaa tggtcagaaa agattcttct tatgacagag    208560
     taataattaa taattaagca aaggcctgga taagagagga agtaagccat gctgattcct    208620
     gatgagaaag cattccaggc aaaggggacc acacatgcaa aggccctgag gcagaagcac    208680
     atctgcctgg tgtctttgaa gattgcaata atagagggga gactgatggg actagagatc    208740
     agagaagtgt caggggacaa gatggtttaa gacattccta gccatggaag gttttaagca    208800
     gatgaaaata ttatttgcct tatgctttaa aaagacttac tctggatcac ctgaggtcag    208860
     gggttcgaga ccagcctggc caacatggca aaaccccgtc tctattaaaa atacaaaaat    208920
     tagccaggct tggtgatgca tgcctgtagt cccagctact tgggaggctg aggcaggaga    208980
     atcgcttgaa cccaggaggt agaggttgta gtgagcccag attgcaccac tgcactccag    209040
     cctgggtgac agaggagact ctgtctcaaa aaacaaaaat aaatacttac tctggttgct    209100
     cagtgaagaa caaagtgcag ggagaaagag aaagtgggag aggagttagg aggctatttt    209160
     gataatccat gaaagcaatg acgtaaagtg aagcagggtg tacacaatgg gtgtggcaag    209220
     ggaagctcag attctgaata cagttcaaca gtgtatgctg atatgaagtg caagaaacaa    209280
     agaagggtca gggcaagttt tctggcctaa cggctggtat gctggaggtg ctatttactg    209340
     agacggagaa gactgaggag tgttgggccc aggggttgaa ggtggaggat caagaattcc    209400
     cttatggatg tgtgatagtt gtctattagt cttccaagtg gtgataactg gcagataatt    209460
     agatatgagt ctaaatttta gaggagaggt aggagctgga aatatgtatt catggaccgt    209520
     gcacacacac atggaattta atgccattgg gcttcatgag atcacagagg catgagtgca    209580
     cctagaaaaa cggttgagaa ctgagacccg ggatactccc ttgttaaaag gtaaatgttc    209640
     cttttacatt ttgaacttat agaaataatg acacagtagc cagccagttg ctgaaactct    209700
     actcagttca gagtaaaaca aaattcctat tttatcgaat cactgaatgc catttaaaat    209760
     tcagaatact tgcagagatc ccaaatatct taataaagat gaatgcctaa gttcagattg    209820
     gtggcctaga ctctgccttc cctgattgtc tatttaaaaa taacaataat gataataata    209880
     agaagaaaat atttatggat cactagatat gttgaaatac actcaaaggt agattcattt    209940
     cttttctact atacccttgt aactatcagt ctataaaata gttttattag aaagtcacag    210000
     tcaccctcaa gccaatagca gcttataaat acagggcaag gagcctggtg tggggaggct    210060
     gagaaataat tgagagagcc agtagatatg aagctaacaa ataacactgt caaccagaat    210120
     taggcagata agccagaggc agtgcaagtg gcgggtcaag acaagtagac agacagaagc    210180
     caggagtgag agacgggagg tccaaagtgc aataaaacac tcaagaacca gtcaatccat    210240
     gggagcttac agctggaggg gcggctgaag ggaggagcat ccaggtagag gggaaggaat    210300
     ggtggtatga acaggaggca ggagggctca agctatttga tatgtttgag agtgaggtgc    210360
     ttttttgagg ctgagaaaat aactggaagc cagaatctgg aggactgggt agaccatgtt    210420
     aaacagcaag cacttgattc tgcatgtgtt ggaagccagt gcagggcttc taagcaaggc    210480
     agtgacatga tcacatcaca ttttaggaag gttacaaatt aggcatggcc acaggcagga    210540
     agacctgagg gatctcttac agtcagggat aagagtctaa ccaacaaggt ggccatgaac    210600
     attcaaagaa agaagaccga agagacttta gaaggcagcc tccacgggac ctgactgaag    210660
     gggtttggga gactcacagc tttctgctgt gaagtcaagg atatcacaaa ctattggaat    210720
     aaaagaaaca gtcctagggc tgggggtagg taggtgaatg cagttccttt ttgaacggag    210780
     gagaaaattc aggtaattca ttttgattga tcaagcaaaa taatttgaag ctgaacatta    210840
     tagaagcaac aacaattctt atgatgttgg ggtataggaa acaggcccaa gaaagcacag    210900
     tatttcctgt ttctcttctg attcaataaa taataagaat attttctgtt aaagtttttg    210960
     ataacgtgtt gttttaatta atcaaaagga gacaagatac atttgaactt aaaagcataa    211020
     gaaaatcagt tgtcttttta gaaaaggtga gtcagcatgg gtaggaagaa tcaatatcgt    211080
     gaaaatggcc acactaccca aggtaaatta tagattcaat gccatcccca tcaagctacc    211140
     aatgattttc ttcacagaat tggaaaaaac tactttaaag ttcatatgga accaaaaaag    211200
     agcccgcatt gccaagtcaa tcctaagcca aaagaacaaa gctggaggca tcatgctacc    211260
     tgacgtcaaa ctatactaca aggctacagt aagcaaaaca gcatggtact ggtaccaaaa    211320
     cagagatata gaccaatgga acagaacaga gccctcagaa ataatgccgc atatctacaa    211380
     ctatctgatc tttcacaaac tgacaaaaac aagaaatggg gaaaggattc cctatttaat    211440
     aaatggtgct gggaaaactg gctagccata tgtagaaagc tgaaactgga tcccttcctt    211500
     acaccttaca caaaaattaa ttcaagatgg attaaagact tacatgttag acctaaaacc    211560
     ataaaaaccc tagaagaaaa cctaggcaat accattcagg acataggcat ggacaaggac    211620
     ttcatgtcta aaacaccaaa agcaatggca agaaaagaca aaattgacaa atgggatcta    211680
     attaaactaa agagcttctg cacagcaaaa gaaaccacca tcagagtgaa caggcaacct    211740
     acagaatggg agaaaatttt tgcaacctac tcatctgaca aagggctaat atccagaatc    211800
     tacaatgaac tcaaacaaat ttacaagaaa aaaacaaaca accccatcaa aaagtgggca    211860
     aaggatatga acagatactt ctgaaaagaa gacatttatg cagccaaaaa acacatgaaa    211920
     aaatcctcat catcactggc catcagagaa atgcaaatca aaaccacagt gagataccat    211980
     ctcacaccag ttagaatggt gatcattaaa aagtcaggaa acaacaggtg ctggagagga    212040
     tgtggagaaa gaggaacact tttacactgt tggtgggact gtaaactagt tcaaccattg    212100
     tggaagtcag tgtggcaatt cctaagggat ctagaactag aaataccatt ttactcagcc    212160
     atcccattac tgggtatata cccaaaggat tataaatcat gctgctataa agacacatgc    212220
     acacgtatgt ttattgcggc actattcaca atagcaaaga cctggaacca acccaaatgt    212280
     ccaacaatga tagactggat taagaaaatg tggcacatat acaccatgaa atactatgca    212340
     gccataaaaa aggatgagtt gatgtccttt gtagggacat ggatgaagct ggaaactatc    212400
     attctcagca aactatcaca aggacaaaaa accaaacact gcatgttctc actcataggt    212460
     gggaattgaa caatgagaac acatggacac aggaaaggga acatcacact ccggggactg    212520
     ttgtggggtg gggggagggg ggaggatagc attaggagat atacctaatg ctaaatgacc    212580
     agttaatggg tgcagcacac caacatggca catgtataca tatgtaacaa acctgcacgt    212640
     tgtgcacatg taccctaaaa cttaaagtat aataataata aaaaaaagaa aataataaga    212700
     ctaaagtcaa actgtccatt aaaatttata taattcaatt ttgagatttt cttagtatat    212760
     aatttacata catgacatac atgtggatgt ttggaggtat atccacatac attcacccat    212820
     ttattctttt atttattaat ttgtttattt gctcattaaa aaaatactaa gtgattactc    212880
     cagggattgg ggtctaaaca tgtataagcc ttggggcctc tccttaaaat ccactgaggc    212940
     aaagatgggc aaataagtgg ctataatgta tcctgaaaaa aaaaggaaaa ggagagtcag    213000
     tatttcctat ggtctgaaat catctttcaa ataatgggat gtgagacaaa tgagatgcta    213060
     cttatctagc cctttccttg atagattaaa aacgatatca aaatcttact acattgcaaa    213120
     gacagtaatt cactcagttg agaatccaca gtatacaaac atataaatca agggaatttt    213180
     aaaaacaatc attgtgttca aaatgggaag agtatttcaa attttttcta catatttcag    213240
     aataatttca cagttaaaaa ccctgtactt tatgaaatca ttatccagta tttaataaag    213300
     tatatctatg acaatatcaa cgttggaatt taacagttta caaagcactt ttgatacatc    213360
     acatttaaat gaaggcggca acgagttcag tacattcacg cagattagaa aacagttttt    213420
     gaagattgca tttgttcatg taagtcagaa ggtttgaact atttcctacc cctgctatag    213480
     gtttaaacct aagaattgtt attcattacg atttggtctt taaataaatc acgaaggtag    213540
     agggtagagc acaccccttc aatgcactga ggtgccgtaa ggctccaacg ccagaggcgg    213600
     ccggttggaa tttagttcaa tcacgcgttt gttatgaaaa ctctgacaag cttcagctct    213660
     aaagtaagct tggaaacaca aagaaactct gagaaaaata ccaaacacac acacacaaac    213720
     acacacacac acactcactc ctctcttttt agctgggcat agaaaatgta agtgtaccaa    213780
     caagcaacct ccaaagagca aatgacacag aaaattcaaa cgagcgcctg gtaggagttg    213840
     taacttcaac aaagtgcctc tcatatctgc ctcataaacc cgtactcatt tttcacaact    213900
     aactcacata gcacctcctc agtgacacct ttcctgttct gcccaccaga tatacctgcg    213960
     gaccaagcgt agtctctcac ccagaacaca gggcacctta tacagggggc tctgtctaca    214020
     gggggctcta tgctttgaca ggaactgtgg acctatgggc agcggttttt caaatcatgt    214080
     ttgtggctct cattacaatt gtcctgcctc aggcacccag caggcggtaa taaatgctgg    214140
     ttgaacacta aaaccttgga atgctacatc attgttctaa aggatagtca ttttttaaaa    214200
     cattttggaa gttcttttga aactgacttt ttagattatg aaaatatctc agtgataggt    214260
     tttggttttc caagttagac cttattttat tttagaaact gtcaaaagtt atacaaaacc    214320
     aagcatgtat ctctgtgcgt tttgttttct cttctccctt actgctaagg aagggtttct    214380
     tctcttttct aggccaaatg ctccacaaat gaatgtgtta acaaatgaac aaattaataa    214440
     atgacacgaa tgggagctca aactgcataa aagtatattt actcaaaaat gggaggtgac    214500
     gattgctaac atgtcataac cagactctgt catgacctcg gcaagccaca acattgacaa    214560
     taaagaggaa agaggatcaa gtccctaaat acccaggtga actaagacct tcccacgtgc    214620
     ccgaagaaga tacacttgca gaggagaaat gatgatgcag gggcctgctc cgagatgcag    214680
     gaggaagttt aattgcctgt gaatttcact gggaaggaag ggatgaaacg aggtttgaaa    214740
     ggaaatagag attgttaaac tcctgactag gcgataactg ccgtccttct cttctatctg    214800
     cccctgtgac taggcggtaa ctgccgtcct tctctaatat ctgcccctgt gaccaggcga    214860
     taactgccgt ccttctctaa tatctgcccc tgtgactagg cgataactgc cgtccttctc    214920
     ttccatctgc ccctgtgact aggcgataac tgccgtcctt ctcttccatc tgcccctgtg    214980
     actaggcgat aactgccgtc cttctctaat atctgcccct gtgactaggc gataactgcc    215040
     atccttctct tccatctgcc cctgtgacta ggcgataact gccgtccttc tctgctgtct    215100
     gcccctacct tgggccccaa atggctcagc actaaagtgc cttgagcagg ctccagccca    215160
     aaggtggcct ccatggttac cacttcccac tctgctgccc tgcctcgctt tcctcctcgg    215220
     ccttcccgga tggatgaccg atgtcattcc caggttccct aacactcaag cctagcccct    215280
     cagtttctag caagcatcaa gcttcactgt gtgtctagcc tctcaggagt cagacctgag    215340
     aagtatagct tggtggaaat tcagtggcag ggaagaaaga aggaaggaaa gaagactctg    215400
     agctggattc atacacatca tcgcaattca tccacaccac agtcctgtaa ggtatgtgcc    215460
     attgtactca gaaaactgag gctcaaagag attgagcaac ttatctaagc cttcgcaggt    215520
     cctgagagca gagcttggat tttaaacacc tgggagactc tgaaatccat gttagctctt    215580
     ctatacatga gcccaaaacg cagctgtaca ccaagactga cttcctctta cagcttatca    215640
     ctagctctga atacaagagt cctcaaaatg ctttataagc aacagtagca tcatgggaat    215700
     aagttggcaa gttcccagca ttactgcttt agaggcactt gaactttttc tccatgtata    215760
     gagtcaagaa taagaaaaag gatccaaagg agaaggagag aaataaaacg ggactgagcc    215820
     ttatacttct tgacccagaa cagacaatgg tgggattttc cttacttttt ttccaggcaa    215880
     atccaataaa gacgtctgtt tctgttacct aaaaccaact tgaaaagttt gctccctccc    215940
     accttaagtg tctttgaata gagcccacag ttgaacattg gttcctacgg caaagattca    216000
     tttcaaagtg tttatagtat tattcgaagc acgtttgatt tcagcctggg caaccatggc    216060
     agaatgtcag caatgctccc cgtattagct gtcggagaga aaacactgtg aaacccaaac    216120
     accttggtta ttgggccaat gaaacattta tgccctgatc agatggagca aagcttcggc    216180
     agggttagtg agccaccttc caagtgtacc aatgaagctc ttgcctgctg tttcagataa    216240
     atgactttca tttcactgtt ggcttgtgct tgagaaggtt attcaattga ttccagttgt    216300
     ttgcaatgcc ttgaaggcaa gtaatgttgt agcatccact gtcctcataa cacactgttt    216360
     cttttctaag gaaggttgtt gtcataatac cctagatatc cacagaaaat attctacttc    216420
     ttatcatata ttaattttgc tctggaataa gtaaatgtaa ctaccagaat gctaatgagg    216480
     atgttacact gttgtttatt tgtgtgttct aatctgtaga taaacagcaa gatctctttt    216540
     atttcatgat tccaagtctc aggccacagc aggacaagta tcaaaacatc tattctcaat    216600
     tcggagttga gatttctaat aagaattcta ttttctccat aatcataaaa tagcaccagg    216660
     aaaagtcaat atctatctta aaatacagac cattgaaaag tagatctttc tgcccttaac    216720
     ataaacaaac tgtaaaatct gaagttaaaa ttattccttg taccagcctc ctaatttacc    216780
     cagagttaac agaaaagtta tagcagtgca ggaagctctg aggctttgat gggtgtagat    216840
     atagacatac aaacctatca tttcacacta gtcagaatac cagtcataga aatccccgca    216900
     gggaaaaatc tgaaggtatc tggtcttatg gactgtataa ttaaactttc ttatcattgt    216960
     acctaaacca aaatatgctt cctatacaaa gaaggtttct ttcaagagtt aagactgcct    217020
     cctgccatcc tccttaacac acacacacac acatgcacac acacacacac acacacacac    217080
     agagagagag agagagaatt gagagcatta gtccttttct cccttagact gattttttct    217140
     tactgttatt ttcagccact ttgttaacgg tggggttaaa gggcaggata gatgtaacac    217200
     ccatttcaca tacatattgc aacatcagag atgctggttt tcattaaaaa caccagatct    217260
     aaattccttc taaaatatat tttaaaaaat cagtacactt ggcaccttgg aaatgctgaa    217320
     atgttatcat gaatgctcgt tatttgttat gagtcaattg aatattatct tcaatataaa    217380
     ctataattta ctggtctgat agctcttcct atcttacctg tatatactca aagggagcga    217440
     tttctcatgt ttagcaaatt gttctttagg taatttgttc tttaggtttt ttgtacaaaa    217500
     gtacaaaata gttatcacag caaactttcc agtatttgtt attttgaagc tatatggttt    217560
     tttttttttt ttttgccatg tcaggcttga gcaggatagc aaatatataa attgagctct    217620
     ctaattataa tctcaatata tgaattcttg ctaattaaaa tactttgcac cagcaaaaac    217680
     aattttcatg tatgtgttta ggaggtagtt aagtaactct atataaaaat aagtgcactt    217740
     tcccctcctt tcttcagtga ctagaaaacg tccatatttt taaaataatc aaataataat    217800
     tttagagagc aacagccctc aactctttgc tggtgcttat cacactgcct ttcttcactc    217860
     cattcttagc tctgctagtt tcttcttgtc tgtaatgata ataagggaat gtgggtgggt    217920
     cagcacttct gtgtaggtcc cctttccaaa tttaccttcc aaaaagccaa ccaaataaac    217980
     aaccaaaaaa ttgtgcaaca aaacacaaat agcgttccaa tagcaagtga tgcattcacc    218040
     tgagattaag tggttttagg tggtcagtaa caaaatgctg ctttgctgtc atagtagaaa    218100
     ggcaacaaat tcttcaaaga aaccaagaag gttacaacct tgacaaagtc tctcattacc    218160
     ttcctcctct tgtgtctttt ttctccacat tatctgttgc gtatctacta tagaaggctg    218220
     caaaacatac agcagaaagg atggcttgaa ggcaattgat gtttgtaaaa aaatccacaa    218280
     caggatccaa gctgaagagg tgaacacgtc agcctggtgg gacaattctc agcatgtgca    218340
     aacataggta aattctagcc tatgttacat taaaaacaat gtcagtgcat tttttcatgt    218400
     taaagttttt ttcaaagcta aagtgtgttc cttgttgtgc tgaccacaaa cgagttttaa    218460
     gagttttgaa agtctggcaa aaatagaaaa aaaaaaaaag ctgtagtgac attgaactgc    218520
     tcaatgtaag cattgggcat gcacaaattt tcaaaacaaa ggaaggaaat catccctctt    218580
     acaacatggt taggctgatc tttaagaaat aaaatgtaag aaattagaaa agcaaatgtt    218640
     tggcacctac atatccaata tctggcaccg tgcagagtag aagagtgaaa gaaataacga    218700
     agaacaaagt ggttactttg cttcaggagt tcatgatctg tagttagaaa ccaatataaa    218760
     cattgtgagt atatttcaaa gaaagagaaa agcaggccgg gcatggtggc ttgcacctgt    218820
     agtaataacg ctttgggagg ccaaggtggg aaaattgctt gagctcatga gtttgatacc    218880
     agcctgagaa atatagtaaa acctcatctc tataaaaaaa attaattaaa aaaaaggcag    218940
     agcaaaaaca aatatgaaag aaaacattag aaatcagagc ttgggcaaag agttaaatgt    219000
     gagcaaagca tctctgcctt ggggggcctc tggagcatcc cggcttcctg tagaggcccc    219060
     accacatggc cctttcccat cactgggaac tgtcttctgt atcgtgccag gattttcccc    219120
     caaacttctc aacctaattt attcagccaa aacatatata tttcttgaat ccttgctaag    219180
     agcaaggcac tgttctacat aatgaaaata tggcaatgat ataaaacaaa aatatttacc    219240
     ctcaggcaaa ttacattcca gtgagaaaag acagatcatt aataaaataa atatgtaaaa    219300
     tatagaatat gccagaaggt aataagtggt acagagaaaa attaagcatg gaagggagct    219360
     caggaatgct gggagtgggt agatgtgaag gtagttagaa tgctcaagga gggagtaata    219420
     ggcagaagaa tggcctttct acatgtccat atccctatat ggcaaaaagg acttgtggat    219480
     gtgatgaagt tatggatcat gagatgagga gattattctg gattacccag gttggctcaa    219540
     tgtcatcaca agagtactta aaagcaaaag agggaggcag gagagtccga ggcaagaggc    219600
     gtgacagcta gggtcagaat gacgtggtgg ctgcctggaa gggggccagg agccaaggga    219660
     tgcaggcatc ctctcaaagc tgcagaaggt aagaaagtgg tctctctccc ctagagagag    219720
     tgtgtgttct cttagcctac tagaggtgtg ttaatttatt cctgcagtca tagaaaacat    219780
     atagaaggtc tcactgagaa gacaacattt gaacaaagat tccaaggagg cgagggcacc    219840
     agctatgcag atatctgggg aagagcactc gaggaagaaa aggcaggcaa acagcagggt    219900
     gcacacctag cccaggtgca tgaagtagag aacactggga gtcagaaggc taacaggaga    219960
     caagtcagag agagggactg gggtgggtca actcacactc agcctcactg gctactgtaa    220020
     gaacttcaag ttattctgag acactcagta taggagagtc tatgaatatt tatagaaatt    220080
     ctgaatgttt acaagacgaa taaaagtggt atgctagtaa acttattggt tgggtgggga    220140
     gaagcccaga tttgtagcat ttgctgattt ccattgtgta aatatttcta ctgatggttt    220200
     gacaaacact tcataaaatt cctgggtact taattatcag ctccagtaga gcactgcatg    220260
     tatgacatcc catttgccaa ttccacacta gattctgttg gggacaagct gtatgagagt    220320
     caactagcaa cagaaataag gaagtcctca ataaaaatca gcatttactt ttgacagatg    220380
     tgagattctg gaatgtattt ctctttactt gctctgcctg gtgattaaat tatgatttta    220440
     aaagaaatag ttttaattcc ttatcagaat gctgccacca aataaataaa atacgtactt    220500
     taactatatg caatcttgtc tatattatac tgttgtcaac ggaaacatta tcaggggcca    220560
     gcttcatgaa aggagatatg tgatagaagc tggagttgtt ggagtgaaaa aaaaagtcaa    220620
     attttacttt ggattaatca gagggaagaa agcagacaga taggaaagga aaggcaggct    220680
     tagccaagtt gaagaaagag gctgaactca ggaggcagtg ggagaatagg atcatagttt    220740
     gaagagagct gcaaggctgt ttagtccagg tgaggatcat aatcccagaa gacccagtca    220800
     caaacaccat aaccctgaat gttgaaatcc tgaaagatca aaattcctaa ggtctaaatt    220860
     catttctttt tagtagagat ggagtgaatt agttcattct tgtgctccca ataaagacat    220920
     acatgagcct gggtaattta taaaagaaag aggtttaatt gactcacagt ttggcatggc    220980
     tgggaaggct tcagaaaact tacaatcatg gtgaatgcaa acaagaagca aggcactttt    221040
     tcacaaggca gcaggaggtg ctgagcaaaa ggggaaaagc cccttgtaaa accttcaggt    221100
     attgctcact gtcatgagaa cagcatgggg gtaaccaccc ccctgattca attacctccg    221160
     actgggttcc tcccacaaca tgtagggatt atggaaacta aaattcaagg tgagatttgg    221220
     ttggcaacac agccaaacca tatcattctg cccccagccc cttccaaatc tcatgtcctt    221280
     acattttaaa acatgatcat gcctttctaa cagtccccca aagtcttagc tcattccagc    221340
     attaacccaa atgtccaagt ccaaattctt atcttagaca aggcaaggcc cttctgccta    221400
     tgagcctgta aaatcaaaat caagttagtt acttcataga tacaatgagg gtataggcat    221460
     tgggtaaata cacctgttcc agatgggaga aattggccca aaatgaaggg actgcaggcc    221520
     ccatgcaagt ccaaaattca atgggtcagt caaatcttga agctctgaaa tgatttcctt    221580
     tgacttcatg tctcacatcc aggtcacgcc gaagcaagag ttgggctctc atggccttgg    221640
     gcaacagggg tgcctgttga tttgcagggt acagcccttc tcctggctgc tttcacaggc    221700
     tggtgctgag tgtctgtggc ttttccaggc atacggtgca agctgtcagt ggatcaacca    221760
     ttctggagtc tggaggatgg tggccgtctt ctctcagctc cactaggcag tgccccagtg    221820
     gggatggtgt gggggcccac atttcccttc tgcacacatt gccctagcag aggttcccca    221880
     tgagggctct gtccccgtca caaatttgtg cctgaacacc caggcatttc catgcatcct    221940
     ctgaaattta ggcgtagatt ctcaaacctc aattcttgac ttctgtgcac ccacaggccc    222000
     aacacctcgt gtaagctgcc aaggcttggg gcttgtaccc tctgaagcca tggcctgagt    222060
     tgtacattgg ccctttagcc atgattggga cacacggcac caagtcctga gactgcacag    222120
     agcagcaagg ccctgcaccg ggcccatgaa accatttttt cctcctaggc ctcctgtcct    222180
     gtgatgcctt gagctactgt gaaggtctct gacataccct gaagacattt tcccattgtc    222240
     ttggtgatta acattcagct cctcgttact tatgcaaatt tctacagctg gcttgaattt    222300
     ctctccagaa aatgggtttt ccttttctgt ctcatcatca agctgcaaaa ttttttaaac    222360
     ctttatgctc tgcttcctct tgaacacttt gctacttagg aatttcttct gccagatacc    222420
     ctaaatcatc tatctcaagt tcatagttcc acagacttct agggcagggg caaaatgccg    222480
     tcagtctctt tgcatagtaa gagtcacctt tactacagtt cccaaaaagt tcttcatctc    222540
     catatgagac cacctcagcc tggacttcat tgtccatgtc actatcagca ttttcctcaa    222600
     aaccaatctg caaggctcta ggaagttcca aacttcctca catttttctg tcttctttca    222660
     aaccctccaa actgttcaaa ctctgcctgt tacccagttc caaattcact tccacatttt    222720
     taggtatcct tatagcaaca ccccactacc tcagtgccaa tttactgtat cagtccattc    222780
     tcatgctgct aataaagaca tacccaagct gggtaattta taaaggaaag aggtttaact    222840
     gactcacagt tcatcatggc tggggaggcc tcaggaaact tacaagcatg gcagaatgca    222900
     aaggagaagc aagtcacctt cttcacaagg cggcaggaag gagaagtgca agcaaagggg    222960
     gaaaagctcc tcataaaacc atcagatctt gtgagaactc actcactatc atgagaacag    223020
     catgggggta actgcctcca tgattcaatt acctcccact gggtccccat catgatatgt    223080
     gaggattatg ggaactacaa ttcaagatga gatttggttg gggacacagc caaaccatat    223140
     catggggtct cactttattg ccctggctga tttcaaactc ctgggctcaa gtgaccctcc    223200
     tgacttggcc tgccaaagtg ttgggaatac agacatgagc taccatgccc agtcctaaag    223260
     tctaaattct taacatctaa aatccagaaa atcacaatca caggagagtt gtaccacgtt    223320
     agttgcatca tgttaggtac aactcttgct ttgttttctt cttatttgga aattatgtat    223380
     ggtttaaggg ggtccatatg ggtgccaaat ctacaagggg tggacttgca gacttaattt    223440
     caggtgtcaa cttgactgga ttaaggaatc cctggaaagc tgggaaagta ttattttggg    223500
     tatgtctgtg atggttttct cagaagagat cagtgtgtgg gtctgagcgg actaggtggg    223560
     gaagatctgc tgtcaatgtt ttgaatgtct tgaatatcac agaagtgaaa atgaaagtaa    223620
     aaaatgcaca aaatcttgtc tgccaaatta tgtaatcatg taccaagcac ctctacacgt    223680
     agcaccatgc ttgtcttcac aaaatgcctt ttgtcagata ataaaaagag ttcaacaaat    223740
     tcagtggcct tctgaaccag acacctgctg gcacagagct tcctccagtg ctacaagaca    223800
     tattaaatca tgaactattc ttgattaggg atttgactgt caaaaaagat aaacatattt    223860
     atttaccact aagtctaaca taacaaaact ggtgcatttt tcactttggc tgatgaatgg    223920
     cactttcaaa actgtcccca gtgggttttt ataatcaact ttatacagtt tatgccccca    223980
     atgaattaca aaattctata atttaatctt catgtttatg gtttaataac tggaaaaagt    224040
     gaagtacttt ataaaagctt atttgaagat ttggagggct ttgcagaaga aaatagattt    224100
     caatcagatc cccaaattat aatgacaagt ttttaattag gtgtgatcaa ggcttctaaa    224160
     agtgaattgc aagttgttac cagtaaagtt tgtatcttcc attcagccca gttcatttgc    224220
     cagaaaattc aggtgagtgg attggccagg ccatatggca atgatgaaaa ttttagtttt    224280
     aaaatgtgcc atttgtctgt attggcattc cttccacctg ataaaactcc aggagctttt    224340
     gataaattaa aaccacaatt gcctgaagaa gccagaaaaa ttacatacta gtttgaaaat    224400
     aatgatgtgc aaggtgggat aagaagtcat tcaggcaacg gtgttgctgt tcaatcaaga    224460
     gtattgtttc tgccaaatga gtggcctgta tatgagggcc tgcaaaatgg atttccacat    224520
     actcaaaaca atagacaaga atggcataga agattggaaa atataatagg aaatgctcat    224580
     gtcagtgtgt atcaaattat agaatttcaa aaagagcagt gccacataga aaatgaatgt    224640
     gaacatattt tatgaggaga gtcaaatcct aaaaacaaaa aaggcatcat gatgaaagac    224700
     ttcaaaatac agttaatgat aatgagagtc agccagctat tatgaactct gcaattgccc    224760
     ataatctatc catgtaatat actttttata tgtcaatttt cgttttagtt gtttcttttt    224820
     ccattttttc cactatttta aattgtcagc attttttaca acttggtatg ctatgtattt    224880
     catcttagta tcatttccaa tactggaggt ataaattttg caaagacttt tagagagttc    224940
     taatttgttt tatgctttta tttttgcaaa tttgactcca caagagtgca ttatcacaac    225000
     actgactttg tgtgtaagca ttgtacctgt acataaaaac attaaagctt cctcaataaa    225060
     tgagaagata tcctttttgc acatttgtat ttgggaaaga gaaaatttct caagatctca    225120
     gctctttgac tgcatattag atggtgaccc atcccagctt ttgatgaatc tggtcaaaag    225180
     acttaggttg tctgtcacag tattccagat gacctaagtt ataaagctga gtgcacccag    225240
     ttaccaacca tgcttttata cattttgctt tttgacccat ttctttacga gtacaactca    225300
     tctgctcatt actgttatac ccataagacg ctctttagca tacctgagtt ttatgcttgc    225360
     aaatatatgt atgttattat tgcctattga ttgtgtaaag tagcctagga agtgttctgt    225420
     tgtgttttta tacgtttatc aaataaattc catcttaaaa atataaataa atgctttttt    225480
     gttgttttta gacagagtct cactgtgtca cccaggctgg agtgcagtgg tgcgatctca    225540
     gctcactgta acctccacct cctgggttca agtgaatctc ctgcctcagc ctcccaagta    225600
     gctgggacta caggcaccca tcacgatgcc tggctaattt tttgtatttt tagtaaagat    225660
     ggggtttcac cgtgttggcc aggatggtct cgatctcctg actttttgat ccacccgctt    225720
     tggcctccaa aagtgctggg attaaaggtg tgagccacca cgtcctgccc aataaatgct    225780
     ttttaaagaa tgtgttaata atttttttcc agaattgtat tttcagaatt ttgttttttg    225840
     aggattgtaa ttttcaggat tttagactgt acagatttag atcttttggg acttcaacat    225900
     ttgggattat gacgttcagg attgtgtctt cctgggctgt gacccaaacc catgtggtcc    225960
     aacgctattt cacatgagag gaaagcaaac cacgtgcaca gatgcaatga aggcttaaat    226020
     aggcgtcatg tattgattat atccctggaa aacatgatta agatgatacg tagcgacttt    226080
     ttttttcccc agtgaaaaag atccacattc tttttcttgt gtggaactaa acacaatttc    226140
     tgaatcaatg taagtgaatg tgaatcacca tgttcactta gctgatgctc ctttattaac    226200
     ggggatagaa gggacgtgat tcaaagagat ggcggcacag gacccatgac ctaaggaagc    226260
     tgcagtgggt gaaggggaga aacagaggag caggggctgg agaaagagtg gggagtcatc    226320
     aactaccctc cttgctcccg gcatctggtg tttggagccc agaggtcttc tctaaggcct    226380
     cggagaagct tccaagtctg ttcatttctc tttccccacc cctgcttgta tcacaaataa    226440
     agaaattatt gacaactgag ttcctgacta ggtggcagga ttttagggat ccttcacctc    226500
     gtccaaacct catgaaggta gtgggagtcc catgggttag ttagcaatag tccttgagat    226560
     tatttgttca tataaataat cacaatactc atagtcatct tgcttttctc ataatgccca    226620
     gctgggggac ggtgggggca gagaggactg gagtgagaag agatagaaca agagctggct    226680
     ttcatgtatg gggctctcca gagcaatcag gcctaaggac aatcaagagg gatcttgaag    226740
     cagctctggc aagggcagcc tggactcagg ccccagcttg caccaagcac gtcacctgtc    226800
     caactgggaa gcctaagcaa tgtgtttctg tttttgtttt gttttctggt aaagaattca    226860
     atgtcgttag ctacattcac aatgctgtgc aatcatcacc actatccatt tccagaacat    226920
     tctatcatcc cagacaggaa ctctgtgccc attagacact aacctcctgc cagccctgaa    226980
     aacctctatt ctactttctg tctctgttaa tttgcctgtt ccaggttctt catatagatg    227040
     gaatcacgta gtctgtgtct gatgtctcac ttagcataat gtttttaagt tttatctatg    227100
     tggtagcaag tatcagaatt tcctcccttt tcaaagatca ctaatattcc attttatgtc    227160
     tataccacat tttgtttatc catctatccc tcaatagact ttttaggttg tttccacctt    227220
     gtggttgctg taaataaggc tgctgtgatg ctgcaatgaa cacaggtgta gcagccaggt    227280
     gtggtggcat gcgcctgtag ttcctgctac tcaggcttct gaggcaggaa gatcccttga    227340
     gcccaggagt tctgggctgc agtgtgctgt gttgatcaga tgtctgcatg aaattagaca    227400
     ttagtacagt gacctcccgg gataggggac taccaggttg cctaaggagt ggcgaaccgg    227460
     ccaacagggg ggtcgcgccc gtggacagcc ctgcagaggg ggtggggggg aggcggggtt    227520
     gtcgcacccg tggacagccc cgcagcaggg ggctcgtgcc cgtggacagg cctgcagcgc    227580
     ggggcggggg ggcggggctc gcgcccgtgg acagccccgc agcaggggat catgcctata    227640
     aacagcccct gcactccggc ctaggaaaca tagtgagacc ccatctatta aaaaaaaaaa    227700
     gggtacggag agaacacagg tgtacaagta tctatttgag taactgcttt ccattctttt    227760
     gaagataggt ataggtagat atagatacag atatagagat ttacagatat gagtgggatt    227820
     actgaatcat atggtaattc tatgtctaaa tttttgagga accatatgtt ttccacagct    227880
     gatgtactat ttttcatacc caccctcaat gcacaagagt tacaattttt ccacatcctt    227940
     gtcagcactt gttattttct gggtgttttt gctttgtttt gaggccaaat ctccttctgt    228000
     ctgcaggctg gagtgcagtg gcgtgatctc ggctcactgc aacctgtgcc tcccaggttc    228060
     aagcgattct cgtgcctcag cctctcaatt agctgggatt acacatgtgt gccaccatgc    228120
     ccgactaatt gtgtgtgtgt gtgttttgtt ttgttttgtt ttttggtaca gatgaggttt    228180
     caccatgttg gccaggttgc tgtcaaactc ccgacctcag gtgatccacc tgcctaggcc    228240
     tcccaaaggg ctgggattac aggtgtgaac cagcatgccc agcccctgat ttttttgttt    228300
     tttctttttt gatagcagcc atcttaatgg gtgtgcaggt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    228360
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtttta atgtcacatt ggtgattcta atgtgtaacc agcaaagaaa    228420
     agcatggatt ctgggtctca atttttcatc taggtaaacc agagcaaata aaacctatcg    228480
     aagagtcctc ctgatgattg aatgagttcc cccatagaag gcaaaattta caaatgttgg    228540
     ttcctctctt attcccttgg aattctacta aacttcctgc ctcaacatac agagaaactc    228600
     cctgaagcct aaaactatgc agatttgaca tagggctgat tttaacttct gttttgcttt    228660
     taccatatag ctagctgcag aggtcacatg tgtcctccat gacatctaaa tagcactaca    228720
     cctgcaccag ctttcctctc aaattaacta ctcatcagtt ctattattaa ataaacaggg    228780
     agcagctgta atactcaagg agtgtgtggg attgtgcttt aaaattacat ctctgccaac    228840
     actttgtttg cttgttgaat aactacaagt tttccagtta aattaataga atacattata    228900
     cccataaaat cctgacatat ttggcaatac acacaacaaa atatttacaa gtagagaata    228960
     taataaatgt atgacacttt agaaatgcat tgagataagt ttaaacagtg tttactttta    229020
     attggtgtgc tttctttcat ctcacagtaa taagctatgg tttagtttat cggctgaata    229080
     ctcactatgc agtcctttgt aaaattttgg aggtccgcag taatgtgatt attgagcttc    229140
     aacagaatac acagaagatc ccaggaacca cagactaatc catccactat gcagtatcta    229200
     aagtatttgc aaaaataaaa acaaacaaca acaaaaaaac acctgaacaa ttgactcgta    229260
     gcaaaactat caggttagtg caaaagtaat tgtggttttg ccattgaaag taatgaaagt    229320
     aattgaaaga ataggtgttc tagctggaca ttctacaatg catgccacaa ccatggatca    229380
     attgtgtatt gaaaacccaa accaactgag gatcactgct gtgcattatt cccatcgtgt    229440
     cataatgtgg caaactaaaa ctaaggaccc ataacaaggg attttcagag ggaaagcaaa    229500
     catattggtt aaagcaaaca aaactggcaa ttttcaattt gctcaaacta ttcacatagt    229560
     ttgtatgctt ctctacaaaa tacagaattt tgatataatt acccttaggt aaaactctaa    229620
     agtgagcagc ttctgatcaa taggcctcaa ctccttttcc cttctgtatc acagactgtg    229680
     tgggtgaatc caacacatga cctaatacga tttggccagt tgggaaaggt ctctttaaag    229740
     aactaaccct caggctggga tctagagcaa agcaccgtaa acttgaatgt gcataggaac    229800
     cacctgggga ccttgtcaac atgcagattc tgattcattg gatctagggt ggtgcctgag    229860
     ctctagcaag ctcccaggga tgcctatgtg actgccttgg acatcagtta cagtagcaag    229920
     aatataagca gataccagcc aacaaagcag gagtgaacgc atcacggccc aggcagccct    229980
     ggaccaggcc agctcaggga tctgagaaaa gagtaactgg actgaggtct atgagtgctg    230040
     ccatgagagg tgaggctgag aaggtggaca agatctaggt caatgtgtta agttcctact    230100
     aaatgcaagg ctaggctctg cataaacaga aacaaataag gcaaacctac tccttgcatc    230160
     tttagagctt gtggtctagc agaattactt catgggtaga aaatcattaa agatttttaa    230220
     atgaaggaga gacatgatct aattgaaatt tttgatgaac ctctctgggt gtgccataga    230280
     gaaggtattg gagaggcaaa aagttggaaa gaggagtata tgtttgcaga ccaggtgaaa    230340
     catgcggatg acagaagtgg ataattttag cacatatttt gaaggtgaaa taacaggact    230400
     tggttgcaag ttgtgatggt aggggggtgg caggaagaag aaagcatcaa ggatgatgat    230460
     gctttctgga agaagcaaat gggtaaatgg agataatttt tacgaagaat ggtaaggctg    230520
     aagaagaaat aaactaacaa aagggaaatg attgaggaag tggcatagat ttgggggcag    230580
     aactcaagag ttttgaattc tgattttagg aatgcctatg aaaatcccag tggagatttc    230640
     aagatggcag gtgcacataa tgttttggag cttgggagga gagctctgta ggagccatat    230700
     gcatataaac agtatctaaa gccataggaa ttaataaaac cttgtctaga gtctgtgtag    230760
     gcacgggcgt ccaatctttt ggcttccctg ggctgcactg gaagaagaat tgtcttgggc    230820
     cacacataaa atatactaac attaacaata gctgatgagc taaaaaaaaa aacataaaaa    230880
     aatctataat gcttgacgaa tgtttacaaa tttgtgttgg gctgcattca aagctgtcct    230940
     gggccacacg tggcccacag gccacaggtt ggacaagctt agtatggaat aagaacagaa    231000
     gaggacccag gatttaggaa cttcaacatt taaagtttgg gcaaagaggc aggagctgat    231060
     aagaaaatag ttcaagctag aggaagagat caggggtcta ctctactgaa tgtttctgag    231120
     acgccattgg acttatatat tacataatat gtacaatata tgttacttgg gtgatggata    231180
     ccctaatagc tttgaactga ccactatgca cggaacaaaa ctgcacctgt atcccgtaaa    231240
     ttttatataa acaaaagtaa ataaatagaa ggcaggaagg gagaaggaga aggaaggaag    231300
     gaaggatgga aggaaggaaa gaaggaagga agaaaggaag gaaggaaaga aagaaggaag    231360
     ggagagcgag gaaaggaaag gaaagggaag ggaaggaaag aaggaaggga gagtgaggaa    231420
     agggaaggaa agaaggaagg gagagcgagg aaaggaaagg aaagaaagga aaggaaagga    231480
     aaataaatga aagggaggga aggaaggaag gaagaaagga aggaaggaag ggggaagaga    231540
     gagaaagaaa gagagagaaa gaaagaaaga aagagaaagg aaagaaggaa ggaaggaaag    231600
     aaagagaaag aaagaaaaga aagaaaggaa agaaagaaag aaaagaaaag aaagaaagaa    231660
     agaaagaaag aaagagaaag aaaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagagaa agaaagggag    231720
     aaagaggaat agtgttcatg atgtttatga atcaccaatt ctgggggcac tgaattgtgt    231780
     cccccaagat tcctatgttg aagagctgat ccccactgcc tcagagggga ctgatttaga    231840
     gaaggccttc aaagaggtaa gtgaggtcaa atgaagccgt atgggtggac cctaaaccaa    231900
     tatggcaggt gtccatctaa aaagagattg agacacaggc aacacagcct gaggacacag    231960
     caggaaggga gccgtctgca aggcagcagt tctcagaaga aggcaaacct gctgacattc    232020
     catcctggat ttccagtctt cagagctgtg agaagataaa ccactcaatc tgtggcagct    232080
     tgtgatggaa gcccctagca ctcttatatg gtgaccttag cacaagcagt ttaacaggct    232140
     tggtgaaagt gaaagccaaa ctgacctgaa taaagagtga aaggaaaagg agcaaaagga    232200
     gacagtaagt gtggaaaatc cttgaggaaa atttgccaag aaaggaggag atggcttgat    232260
     agctagaaag acatagagag tcaaaggtaa ggtttctcca agatagaaga tttttttaaa    232320
     tgaaaaattt atatttaaat gctgacagaa ggcatcaagg aggagagaga ttgaagatgc    232380
     agttgacaaa tggaaaagca atgaacagaa tccctgaaaa gtcaggaaaa gaagggagat    232440
     tattagaggg atgtcctttt acagtaagaa gaatacttcc tccaccgccc caggatttaa    232500
     aaagcttata aatgacaggt aacattctac ctaattatag agctttacac ttttcaataa    232560
     attttgttgt acatgataca gtcactctgt gaattcagtg agacagacag ttatccacat    232620
     tttacataaa aagaaagaaa aggcagaaaa gaagtgattt gcttgaagtg acacagaaac    232680
     ggctggtaga accatgcact gtgtagatgg cagggctcct gacttctcat ttcacaccac    232740
     aaatgtagac agaattagat ataatgacag ttattatatt tttaaacctt tcaaataaga    232800
     atatccttag attttcattc attaacaaag cacgtgatta gcatctgaaa atgttttatt    232860
     atacgatcac tagacaccaa aagaggtttc cattttcctg tgtatttgaa agagttcaac    232920
     agccctaagt cacacagttg gaggaaactc aaacaagaga aggttcgttt gaagtgatga    232980
     aattagcatg atgaagttta caatacaaag atttttgttt caagactctg aggtttggta    233040
     gggaggaagg ggaaaggcag atgacaccaa ataggactgg ttggagaggg gatgagaagc    233100
     atcaattaga aagctcttca aattcaaatg gactgttcaa accatcctag gactagactc    233160
     caattgggaa agactctgaa gaaaatgatc tcctactccc acgagatggc taacgtgatt    233220
     taggtaaaaa gcttttagtt ttatggctgg ggaggtagca ataaagaaaa tgaacttcct    233280
     gccagtgatt ctttgtcaag ccctgccaat ttctgtgtct ggggaagcta taaagaatgt    233340
     ccagcctcat gtcaaaagaa ttgccacaga tctccagcct gcctgcattc aagcatcgaa    233400
     acatccctaa gcctgttccc aggccagcct ggaattgaga atccaggaga gtcttttctg    233460
     ttctgctgct gcagctacac tatctgcttg ttagcataac cagggccacc agcaatagat    233520
     gctagagaaa tacacagaga aaaaatcaac agctgatgaa aagcagaatc ttttcttttt    233580
     ggcagcaata ccaatagcat gaagcacatc ccttttggag ctttccaaac cacttcaaaa    233640
     gcgagttttc tggtgtggat caagaaagct aggcaaattg cccctgaggg catagccact    233700
     ggccaagata ttgatgagtg taggcagctc aggacccatc ctcggccccg gtgctgtctt    233760
     tctcagagct ctgtttaatt ccatcaggca tgggcagcgt ttggagaaag ctgtgttcat    233820
     ttttgtgatc ttcagccagc acggaggtgg ccagttccct agcctcccag caccgtcctc    233880
     ctcctgccct gccccttcat ggcctgcctg ggctcactgg acccacactt gcctttcacc    233940
     cctgtcaaag cctcacagtc ctgtgtgtct gtttcccttt gaactacaca aactaactaa    234000
     tttggtgaac ccattaagtg aacttcttta tactcatggt ctagagtgca ttgaacgcta    234060
     aagggtttgc tagagattgt caaaatcaat tctgtcttct tccaactgga ccaaggcttc    234120
     tttgagttaa caaaactgag aaatctgagt tgatttttcg tagtacctct ttctattctt    234180
     ttggggtttt tttgtttgtt ttttacttat catggagatt ttccttaatt taacccaaaa    234240
     gatataccca tatgacattt gaactaatat gaaagaggta gtaggacaaa gaatttgaag    234300
     acagcctttc agagccccac aaagtacttg aagtttatca ataaacccct cccagtgttt    234360
     cccaccatgt tccacattcc atctccattt ttagccatgc agcttcaagt ggcatctcct    234420
     cctgtgaaac ctacagtttg gagataaatt attgatgact aatgacttag aagaaccaaa    234480
     gaaaggatcc tctagtggag acacagcata gaaatggtgg tccagggtga gacagaactg    234540
     cttccaatcc cagtgccacc tgtgtggttc cagctgtgtg ctgctcttcc tctaatcttg    234600
     tttactcgtc tccaatacgg gactaataac atatacatca gactattgtg agggttgaat    234660
     gtaacaatat tccaaattgt tgcatgtgtc cagtacttaa cacagtgcca agaacaaagc    234720
     atgtatcagt aagtatgaat ggccttccca gcgcacacct ccaaacagtg gattctggcc    234780
     gatgacaggc aatggttccc cgcggtccta caggccacgg tttaacttac cactagccaa    234840
     tcagtaagtt tgcctcagac cacatcacga ttcttttgca agcctggagc ttggtgaaaa    234900
     acaaggggga aaataatcca tgtccctaag gcagatgctg aaagatttac ctcataacat    234960
     aattctctca ccagacttgt ttcctgaatg tccatttaaa ttttaattct gcaaataaaa    235020
     taaaattggt aataatgaaa gtgattaaga tggtatttgt ccagggaacc aatctcccca    235080
     caagatacct aagaaagaga tatatgtaca gaaaatgaag cacagtaaaa taccacttca    235140
     ttactatctg gagattttcc ccaaacacag agaaagctct acagagctga gcttaaggca    235200
     gaagaactct gttatttact tggtctaatg ccaaaacagg ccagagaccc ctctcactta    235260
     cttctcttta atcccaaacc catgtctcaa tttggtctaa gaaagagccg aacacccagg    235320
     aggcaccagg gtagagaaaa gcagccagcc agagagtgac ctccatgcca ggggagtgtg    235380
     tctgagcttt gttttatttt tcttatttgt ctgtagttgt gtgattggta gaagagagta    235440
     gatatgaagt ctactgacac aggattggtc ttcaggcatg tcttaccaag cataggggtt    235500
     ccacaaataa gagagcaatg atcagacttt cttctaaaag gagcagccac aagctacctt    235560
     aactctccaa cttgcccata aatcttcacc tacagttagg aagatttcac cattagctgt    235620
     ggcccataaa agatccttaa gcttgaccaa ccacagaggt ccatctcctt gaggaggaag    235680
     tgaaaggggt atggacagaa gctgtgagct ttctgtcctc cacaggcccc cagctgtgtc    235740
     ttctacttct tgtacaagat agtctccaaa tgatgttttc tggcagacaa tgccacagaa    235800
     ctgatcctta tctcactatg gaaatgaaag atttcaaaga atttgttgcc tgaaatatgg    235860
     tgccctaatc acatattaat aaagctgcta tccaggaaga aggcagattt caaaagaaag    235920
     gctgttagcc ttctcaggga cctaaaaagt acatattgta gaacaatggt aaatagatct    235980
     tggaatcagg tagactttaa ttcaagcccc agctatgcca gttattaact tatgtgacat    236040
     tgggaaaggc tctcaaattt agttttgcaa aatcagaata atataggtag ccaacaaata    236100
     gggtttaatg gaggtaataa tgaaggtgat taagatgata aaattaaata atgaatataa    236160
     agtgcttagc atgtaataaa ttttattgta tgatttcaaa gcacatgctt tacctacagt    236220
     gctataaagc tgcttgcaat agtcaaagct aatagaagct ctagtcagag ctaatagaag    236280
     ccttgtgtat ataattattt aagaattctg taaatataca taatagggta ggaatgagaa    236340
     aatctttaga ggaaatattc aaatatgctt ggtttctagc aaatccagat agaccgtttt    236400
     ggcaacaacc aagtcataat tttaagtctt gttataggag ctagaatttt attcaagggg    236460
     caactgattt gattagataa gatgctgtgg actgcatgtt tgcatcaaca aatgcacatg    236520
     ttgaaactct aacaatagaa tggcattaga aggaggacct ttgggaagta atttggtttt    236580
     gatgaggatg gagttcccac gatggggtta gcatcctaat aagaagagaa ggagactaga    236640
     gccctcttct ctcagccatg tgaagataca acaagaacac ctgcaaacca gtaagaaggc    236700
     cttcaccaga cactggctct gctggcccag attttaatct ttgatttctc agaactgtga    236760
     gaaacaagta tgtgctgttt aagccactca gtctacagtt gtttgtaaca gcagcctgag    236820
     cagacaaaga catagggttc cttttatttt cagaattcgg tttagctgta atcacctacc    236880
     atcctgaaat gctgtttcct ccttctgccc ttgaaatata agctctggga ctacagcttc    236940
     atggacaaat tctgaagaat ttgtctctgc tcctgtggga tgctaaccta atcaatcaag    237000
     gaatgtttgc tcaatggaat gaaacatctt aatgcagctt gccagccaat atctgcagag    237060
     cacacctcat gggttctggc tggcttggat ttctgagact acttcatcct acccatcaga    237120
     ctgtggactc agattcagcc agaaggcctg attctagcgt cagttttgcc tttgggatat    237180
     aaatgcatgc cctacttcac tgaacatgaa accctgaata tttggccatt actctggcaa    237240
     ttgccctccc tccctgtgcc aattgccagt caacccaact cccaggcagc cttggcagtt    237300
     atgtctgctc ggcctgctgt agcagccaat gacttagtaa aagtcagaac atagatctgc    237360
     tagctcccag tccaggattt ccccttaact catccatgta tatattaaac aactaggctt    237420
     gcttttaaat tctttttcat ttagcctctt cttagaactg atcattttga gaatcctgac    237480
     ctgccaatat tccataatct ttctaaaagt gacacagcaa atacgacgca tgcacagtgc    237540
     taactgcagc tgatttcatt tttccatcat ctataaagca cataaggtaa tttctaaacc    237600
     agcagtaaaa tctatttata aagaatgctg atttgttttc tgcactttcc aacacagagc    237660
     ttcaatttat ttccttacca taaaaaaacc attacttttt aaaacaatca tagttagtat    237720
     attttataaa tgttttaatt tttgtaaagt ccaacttgca aattggagtg taaatagctt    237780
     tcttaaaatg gaaggaaccg tgttagaccc agtatgctga ctgatttcac tgtgcttcaa    237840
     agcagacgat ttcacagtca ttcggtaatg agtttttata aagcaattga tatcactaaa    237900
     aatataatta taataaataa aattatagga aaaaggaaat cttcattcag acaatgccaa    237960
     attttttaac tcattgctaa aagattatgt ttgtacatga aaaattttac acattctttc    238020
     tatgagataa acctgataac accttgaaaa cttaatagtt atggaaaagg aactactgtg    238080
     atatttttta gagaatgtcg tgttcttgat gttcttgagt gagctgtctc atgttattag    238140
     aagggaaaca gcaccacctt gtggggaaac aacaccacct tgtggacaaa caaagaaagt    238200
     gaatgaaatt ttagggccgg gtgcttaatc ccagcacttt tgggagacct gggaggaggg    238260
     taacttgagc ccaagagttc aagaccagcc tgggcaacac aatgacacac ccatctttac    238320
     caaaaatttg aaaaattcgc tgggcttggt ggctcacacc tcaggtccca gctacttgga    238380
     aggctgaggt gggaggatcg cttaagccct ggaggtcaag gctgcagtga gtgtgatcat    238440
     accactgcat tccagcctgg gtgacacggc aagaccctag ctcaaaaaaa ttatgtttat    238500
     gtagcacttc ctacaaggaa tatagtatct tgtttgtatt taaatgacat cgggaccagc    238560
     atggtggctt acagctgtaa tctcagctct tcagaaggca gaaggcagga ggatcacttg    238620
     aggccaggag ttggaagacc agcctgggca gcataatgaa ataataataa tagtaataaa    238680
     aagctaggcg tgctggcaca cacctgcaga cctagctact gtggaggctg agtggcagga    238740
     tcgctttgag accaggagtt tgattgtact gcgtattgtg agctacgatc gagccactcc    238800
     agtccagaca acacggcaag acccagtctc taagcaaaat aaagggacat cagagcattg    238860
     cttacagaga tttataaatg atcccaaaat gtcttcaggg agataaatta tctaaatata    238920
     gctatatgga ctcttcctaa attccaaatt tgggtggaaa aataaatgag atagaagact    238980
     tcttgaaatg tatcaagact cagaaagaca aaacaaaaac tttcattagg cagctaaaga    239040
     ggaaatccca gcgacaagaa gccaaaggaa agggaaaaga aatgacaaca atgaccatac    239100
     tttctacaca tccaacctct tctctaccac cactcagcaa gacctcccac agccaatcac    239160
     tgccttctct tgtggactta ccctctactc tgtgaacaca tgagccagag aaccctgaga    239220
     agtccctggg tcccttccag gggctctgca aggtcaaaac tcttttcata aaaatacaca    239280
     ggttttgttg accttttcca atttcattct ctcacaagta taattggagt ttcccagagg    239340
     ctacctgacg tgggatgtca caagaaatta aatgtagaag cagaaaggag aacgaagttt    239400
     tcttctatta aaccagacat taaagacata cttaaaaata taaaacaatg tcaatgttct    239460
     caccaacttt actgtttaaa aatgataact ttaaataaaa atgtgattta tgtaaacata    239520
     taagtatatt tttttaattt ctcagcttta atgtttaata tgataaatat agatagatat    239580
     aatccaagta aataaaagct ctttggggtc ctcaataact tttaaatgta aagtggtcct    239640
     gaaaccaaaa atttgaggac agatgctcta aagctcatac tctctgatgt agcttccacc    239700
     caggtcattt cttaaatact tgatcaatca tttcccatgt ccctcaccct atccttgttg    239760
     caaaattcca ttttcctact ctagccctcc ctgtcatgag aaagttccca ggttgtagac    239820
     attatttact aaatatttct taacagcttt atgatgataa catgacatat aaaaattgtg    239880
     taaatttaag gtaacttaat gttttgatat tttatacttt ttgaaatgat caccacaatc    239940
     aagcaaatta gcatatttat tatctctaca tatttaccat tgtgtgtgtt gacagtaatt    240000
     aatttatgat ctagtccttt agcagaacac aagaatatga cacagtgttg ttccatgttg    240060
     tacattatat ctccagaaat tattataact tgaactttgt acaatttaac caacatcacc    240120
     ccgtttcccc tccctgagcc cctggcaacc actgtcctat tctctgtttt tatgaatttg    240180
     actgttgtag attcctcatg taagtgagat catgaagtat ttttctctgt gtcttgcatt    240240
     tttgcttggt gcaatatctt ccagctccat ccatgttttc acaaatagaa ggatttcctt    240300
     cttttttaag gtcggataat atttcatttt atatatacat gccacatttt ctttacccat    240360
     tcatctgttc ctctgccaaa ggacatttag gttattttca tattttggtc attgtgtgtc    240420
     atgctgcaat gaacagggga tgacagacac ctctctaaga ctcttatgtc aatttcattg    240480
     gacatatatc cagaagtgaa attattggat tgtggcagtt ctttttttta tttttgaaat    240540
     ggggtctcac tctgtcatcc agggtaaagt ccagtggcaa gatcatagct cactgcagcc    240600
     ttgaactcct gggctcaagg gatcctccta cctcagcctc ccgagtagct gggactacag    240660
     gtgtacaaca ccatgtctgg ctaattgtaa attttttcag agatggggtc ttgctatgtt    240720
     acccaggctg atctggagct cctggactcc tgccttagct tccccaaatc ctggggttac    240780
     aggtgtgagc caccacacca ggccagtgct actttcaatt ttctttggag gaacctcaat    240840
     actgttttct gtgttttact aatttgcatt cccatcaata gtgtataagg gtttcctttt    240900
     ctccacattc tcaccaacac ttatctttgg cctttttgat aatagccatt ttgacaggtg    240960
     tgacctgata tctcattatg gttttgattt gcatttctct gaagtttaga gatgttgagc    241020
     acattttcat atacctgtta gccatttgaa ttccttcttt tgagatatat ttatttagat    241080
     tctttgcctt aaaataaaat taggttattt gtaattttgg aattgatgtg tatgtgtcct    241140
     tattttttga actccttata agagatatgg tttacaaact ttttccccat ttcataggtt    241200
     gccttatcat ttcattagtt gttttctttg ctgtgcagaa gctttttagt ttgatgtaat    241260
     tcatttacct attttgcctt tgttgcctgt gcttttggca tcatatctaa acaaattatt    241320
     gccaagacca atgtcaagaa tgttttatcc tgtcttcttc taggagtttt atggtttcag    241380
     gtattacatt taaatgttta atccattttg agttaatttt tatgtatgat gtgagctagg    241440
     gatccgattt cattgttttg catgtggaca tccagctttc ctaacaccat ttgttcaaga    241500
     gcatatcctc cccctactgt gtctccttgt caccctccag ggtaatcaat tgctgcaaat    241560
     gtgtgggtta tacctaggtt ctctattttg ttccactggt ttatgtgtct gtttttatgc    241620
     cagtaccaca gtgttttcct ttctacagct ttgtaattta atttgaagtc aggaagtgtg    241680
     atacctgtag ctttgttctt gctcaaaatt gctttggcta ctcagggttt tttgtgattc    241740
     tatatgaatt ttaggattat tttttctatt tctgtgagag acaccattgg gattttgata    241800
     tggattacat taaatgtgta gattgctttg agtaatatgg acactttaat aatacagtac    241860
     tcactctttc aatccatggg ttgtctttca atttacttca aatttccatc atcaatcttt    241920
     tgtaatttgt agtgtttaag tctttcactt ctttggttag ttaattccaa agtagtttat    241980
     ttgatattgt tttttaaatt tccctttcag acaattcatt gttagtgttt agaaatagca    242040
     atgattttta tatatctatt gtatatccta caactttaat aaatttatta tatagtcagt    242100
     ccttcatatt catgggttct gcaaccatga actcaaccaa ccatgaacca aacttgtaca    242160
     tattttccat ctgtggtggt ttgaatccac agatgtggac ccatggatac acagggccaa    242220
     ctgtacatga ttttacgtga gggagttgat catcacagat tttgttatct gagggggtcc    242280
     tgaaacaaat ccctggcaga tatgaaagac tgactgtatt atttctaacc aattatttct    242340
     aaccattttc tgtggagtct ttagagtttt caatgtataa taatcatgtc ttctgttaac    242400
     agagataact acatctttcc tttcaatttt gatgcctttt atttctcttg cctgatttct    242460
     ctggctagga cttccagtac tatgttgaat aggagtggtg agagtaggca tccttgtctt    242520
     gttccagata ttaaagaaaa agctttcatt tttccccatt gattattata ttagatacag    242580
     gtttttcata tacagccttt atagtgttga ggtaagtttc ttctatacct attttgttga    242640
     gagttttatc atgaaagtat gttgaatttt gtcaaatgtg ttttctgcat ctattggaat    242700
     gttatttttg tctttcattc tgttaatgtg gtatatcaca ttattaattt ttacacattg    242760
     aaccatcctt gcatcccata gataaattcc aattagtagt ttattgagaa tttttgcatc    242820
     tatattcatt aaggatactg gtctgtaatt attttttctt gtgttgtttt catctagctt    242880
     ttaagtcatg gtaacattgg cctcatgaaa tgagtttggg agtattctct cttctatttt    242940
     ttctaaagag cttaagaagt tttggtgtta gttcttcttt gactgtttgg tagaagttgc    243000
     ccatgaaagc atctgcacct gggcttttct ttgttgggaa attttttatt actgattgaa    243060
     tctctttgct tgcttttggt ctgttctatt tcttttttgt tccaacttgg tagattgcat    243120
     ctttctaaga atttatccat ttcttctagg ttatccaatt tattggcata taattgctta    243180
     attgtccttt ataatcattt gtattcctgt acatttgtta taatgtctcc attttcattt    243240
     ctgattatat ttacttgagt ctctcttttt ttcttaatgt agctaggggt ttgttatttt    243300
     tgtttttatt tccaaaaata caactctagc tttgttgatt tttatattgt tttttatttt    243360
     aaagttattt tatttatatt ctaatcttta ttatttactt cattatgcta actttgggct    243420
     tagttagttc ttctttttct aactgtttat ttgtaaagtt aggttgttca attgagatct    243480
     ttcttatttt ttaatgtagg tgtttatcac tataacattt ccctcttagc acttcttttg    243540
     ctgcatcctg taagttttct tgagttgtat gttcattttt gtttgtctca agatactttt    243600
     aaaattccct tttgatttct ccttttaccc aatggttgtt caagagtgtg ttgtttagtt    243660
     tctgcatttt tgtaaatgtt tctgttttct ttgttattga tttctaattt tattccattg    243720
     tggtctgaga agatacttgg cattatatca aacttcttaa atttgtagga tgccttgtga    243780
     cctaagattt gatctatctc agagaatgtt ctgtgtgcac ttgagaagaa tgtatattct    243840
     gatgctgttg gatggaaagt tctgtatatg tcagtgttta atgtaccatg ttgttcaagt    243900
     cagctgtttc ctcttttttt tctttttttt cctgcctaga tgttctatcc attattgcat    243960
     ttggggtact gaagttagct actattcttt tattgttact gatttctccc cttagctttg    244020
     ttgatattaa ctttatatat ttaggtgttc taatgttgga tggatacata atcttcctgt    244080
     tgaagcgaac ttttatcatt atataatgac cttcttagtc tctagtgaca gtttttgact    244140
     tcaagtctat tttttctgat ctaagtatag atacccttgc tcttttttgg ttaccatttg    244200
     tgtagagtgt ctgttcccat cccttcactt tgagcctcta tgtatcttta tatctaaagt    244260
     gactccctta taaatatgta ctgatgagta tcttttatgc attgtgccac tctatgtctt    244320
     ttaattagat agtttaatcc tttcacattt aaagtcattg ttgataggta aggagtaact    244380
     tgcattttgt taattgtttt tcatatgttt tgcagttctt ttttttttcc tctcttgctg    244440
     tcttcttatg tttggttatt tcttgtagtg gtttggtttc ttttcttttt cttcacattt    244500
     tgtgtatctc ctataagttt ttaatttgtg gttgcaaatt aacatcttct ataaaaagct    244560
     gtcttaatgt tatcagcttt tttggaatca ttttctttct cttccctctt cagacatatt    244620
     tgcaaatagt ctgttttcaa gacacgagta aatagggctc tggttagaaa tttatcaata    244680
     tggaaaaaaa aagatcctct gagtcttttg ataagttaga aaataatgat agactgtggt    244740
     agaatgtcat gtatttcaag tatttcatct gtgttactct gcaatatatt ttctgtgtgt    244800
     atttgtcaat gttatatatt tataaggtaa atccataaag catacattct agaatctcct    244860
     aacttaggtc cttaagagat atgctcctta taaccttctt ggcactcttg aagtgttaaa    244920
     tatttccatt gaagaaggtt gcatatggtt tctgagatga agtctagaca ggttacgatt    244980
     attttttgtt ccttttgccc acacagcacc cactgtcccc tccctttgtt attagccttt    245040
     atctgatacc ctagatgaag ccaccttctg tccttcagtt ttggcggggg ggctgatttc    245100
     acccccagtt tcaggagtaa gcacaggaca gctactaaca agtatgttgt tcactcaagg    245160
     aagaaaccca gctaagggag aaaggggggc tgaaatccgg cctgcatgct cttctccaag    245220
     ccacatgccc cgatacaggg ctgcatctaa ctgcagaaag ggtagccatt ttctaatact    245280
     tgcaaaggca ctgtgtggac agtgcaaact ctgtatgagc tcatgacaca ggcctggcca    245340
     ataaatatac ttctaatcct ggcacagatc agactagaga cggacgtgaa atccaagcgt    245400
     cacacccaaa gtcaatctct agtctcttat tgagactatt agaagtgttt ctgtgtttgc    245460
     tttattctgg ggctgtggaa ctaaggaagt gtaaactgga ggagtgatga tggccacatt    245520
     gcagaacaaa gggaaaactt gtctgagaat aaagtcaatg gggaagaaaa aagcaagaaa    245580
     gctgagaaga gctaagtcct gagtccctac gttcagccat tctgaagcta caccctggat    245640
     ttttccatta tacgagtcca caaattaata tttttttttt tggcttagac cagtttgagt    245700
     ttgaattc                                                             245708