ID   AF186192; SV 5; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 145247 BP.
AC   AF186192; AF191068;
DT   27-SEP-1999 (Rel. 61, Created)
DT   14-NOV-2006 (Rel. 89, Last updated, Version 7)
DE   Homo sapiens chromosome 8 clone XX-P7B3, RP4-698E23 map qtel, complete
DE   sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-145247
RA   Schudy A., Schilhabel M., Baumgart C., Menzel U., Weber J., Schattevoy R.,
RA   Rosenthal A.;
RT   ;
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-145247
RA   Schudy A., Blechschmidt K., Koczan D., Thiessen H.-J.,
RA   Merck-Rousseau M.-F., Schilhabel M., Schattevoy R., Baumgart C., Menzel U.,
RA   Rosenthal A.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (10-SEP-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Analysis, Institute of Molecular Biotechnology, Beutenbergstrasse
RL   11, Jena 07745, Germany
RN   [3]
RP   1-145247
RA   Lagemann D., Platzer M.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (03-APR-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Analysis, Institute of Molecular Biotechnology, Beutenberstr. 11,
RL   Jena, Thuringia 07745, Germany
RN   [4]
RP   1-145247
RA   Lagemann D., Platzer M.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (18-JUL-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Analysis, Institute of Molecular Biotechnology, Beutenbergstrasse
RL   11, Jena 07745, Germany
DR   MD5; 242f02fe306453b0e54081fc2b24fda9.
DR   ENA-CON; KI270815.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000067.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000198169; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000278062; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AF186192.4.1.145243:1-145243; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AF186192.5:1-145247; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000292562; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000612318; homo_sapiens.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC2865497; 20346131.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:13045; ZNF251.
DR   InterPro; IPR001909; KRAB.
DR   InterPro; IPR013087; Znf_C2H2_type.
DR   InterPro; IPR036051; KRAB_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR036236; Znf_C2H2_sf.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q9BRH9; ZN251_HUMAN.
CC   On Jul 18, 2003 this sequence version replaced gi:19909374.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC        Center: Insitute of Molecular Biotechnology
CC        Center code: IMB
CC        Web site: http://genome.imb-jena.de/
CC        Contact: gscj-submit@genome.imb-jena.de
CC   -------------- Project Information
CC        Center project name: H225-H216
CC        Center clone name: XX-P7B3, RP4-698E23
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC        Sequencing vector: pUC18; 100% of reads
CC        Chemistry: Dye-terminator Big Dye; 100% of reads
CC        Assembly program: Phrap; version 0.990329
CC        Consensus quality: 145017 bases at least Q40
CC        Consensus quality: 145183 bases at least Q30
CC        Consensus quality: 145247 bases at least Q20
CC        Quality coverage: 24.02x
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all
CC   regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by at least
CC   one plasmid subclone or more than one M13 subclone; and the
CC   assembly was confirmed by restriction digest.
CC   --------------
CC   Neighboring sequence information:
CC   This sequence is overlapped by RP4-659B21, RP4-686B16.
CC   --------------
CC   Sequence Quality Assessment:
CC    This entry has been annotated with sequence quality
CC    estimates computed by the Phrap assembly program.
CC    All manually edited bases have been reduced to quality zero.
CC    Quality levels above 40 are expected to have less than
CC    1 error in 10,000 bp.
CC    Base-by-base quality values are not generally visible from the
CC    GenBank flat file format but are available as part
CC    of this entry's ASN.1 file.
CC   ----------------------.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..145247
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="8"
FT                   /map="qtel"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone="XX-P7B3, RP4-698E23"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   source          1..135002
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone="XX-P7B3"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   source          24874..145247
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone="RP4-698E23"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   source          84523..145247
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone="RP4-659B21"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   source          95592..145247
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone="RP4-686B16"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   misc_feature    complement(1..16)
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    complement(17..87)
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    58
FT                   /note="low quality region"
FT   misc_feature    complement(88..153)
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    complement(154..227)
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    471
FT                   /note="low quality region"
FT   misc_feature    490
FT                   /note="low quality region"
FT   misc_feature    complement(520..539)
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    complement(520..521)
FT                   /note="low quality region"
FT   misc_feature    522
FT                   /note="low quality region"
FT   misc_feature    complement(540..609)
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    554
FT                   /note="low quality region"
FT   misc_feature    complement(563..569)
FT                   /note="low quality region"
FT   misc_feature    570
FT                   /note="low quality region"
FT   misc_feature    604..618
FT                   /note="low quality region"
FT   misc_feature    complement(610..664)
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    649..664
FT                   /note="low quality region"
FT   misc_feature    712
FT                   /note="low quality region"
FT   misc_feature    1382
FT                   /note="low quality region"
FT   misc_feature    complement(1388..1395)
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    complement(1396..1477)
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    1400
FT                   /note="low quality region"
FT   unsure          1400
FT   misc_feature    complement(12287..12296)
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    complement(12297..12372)
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    13586
FT                   /note="low quality region"
FT   misc_feature    16032
FT                   /note="low quality region"
FT   misc_feature    16033
FT                   /note="low quality region"
FT   misc_feature    16061
FT                   /note="low quality region"
FT   misc_feature    complement(16096..16098)
FT                   /note="low quality region"
FT   misc_feature    complement(16122..16139)
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    16122
FT                   /note="low quality region"
FT   misc_feature    16123
FT                   /note="low quality region"
FT   misc_feature    16175
FT                   /note="low quality region"
FT   misc_feature    16215
FT                   /note="low quality region"
FT   misc_feature    complement(21419..21541)
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   variation       41984
FT                   /replace="c"
FT                   /note="T substituted in clone: XX-P7B3"
FT   variation       43434
FT                   /replace="t"
FT                   /note="C substituted in clone: RP4-698E23"
FT   variation       44155
FT                   /replace="a"
FT                   /note="G substituted in clone: RP4-698E23"
FT   variation       51656
FT                   /replace="c"
FT                   /note="A substituted in clone: RP4-698E23"
FT   variation       56993
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: RP4-698E23"
FT   variation       60624
FT                   /replace="g"
FT                   /note="A substituted in clone: XX-P7B3"
FT   variation       65178
FT                   /replace="a"
FT                   /note="C substituted in clone: RP4-698E23"
FT   variation       66524
FT                   /replace="c"
FT                   /note="A substituted in clone: RP4-698E23"
FT   misc_feature    67951
FT                   /note="low quality region"
FT   variation       69967
FT                   /replace="a"
FT                   /note="G substituted in clone: XX-P7B3"
FT   misc_feature    complement(70812..70845)
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    70846..70847
FT                   /note="single clone coverage , low quality region"
FT   unsure          70846..70847
FT   misc_feature    70859..70867
FT                   /note="low quality region"
FT   misc_feature    74813
FT                   /note="low quality region"
FT   unsure          74813
FT   unsure          74833
FT   unsure          74920
FT   variation       74966
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: RP4-698E23"
FT   variation       74980
FT                   /replace="a"
FT                   /note="G substituted in clone: RP4-698E23"
FT   misc_feature    74991
FT                   /note="low quality region"
FT   unsure          74991
FT   variation       75120
FT                   /replace="a"
FT                   /note="G substituted in clone: RP4-698E23"
FT   variation       76733
FT                   /replace="g"
FT                   /note="A substituted in clone: RP4-698E23"
FT   variation       76914
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: RP4-698E23"
FT   variation       80545
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: RP4-698E23"
FT   variation       81227
FT                   /replace="c"
FT                   /note="T substituted in clone: RP4-698E23"
FT   variation       86817
FT                   /replace="a"
FT                   /note="G substituted in clone: RP4-698E23 , XX-P7B3"
FT   variation       88733
FT                   /replace="c"
FT                   /note="A substituted in clone: XX-P7B3 , RP4-659B21"
FT   variation       91956
FT                   /replace="t"
FT                   /note="c substituted in clone: RP4-698E23"
FT   variation       95165..95169
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: RP4-659B21 , XX-P7B3"
FT   variation       95787
FT                   /replace="c"
FT                   /note="G substituted in clone: RP4-686B16 , RP4-698E23"
FT   variation       102602
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: RP4-659B21 , RP4-686B16 , XX-P7B3"
FT   variation       108138
FT                   /replace="c"
FT                   /note="T substituted in clone: XX-P7B3 , RP4-659B21"
FT   variation       111775
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: RP4-686B16 , RP4-659B21"
FT   variation       111778
FT                   /replace="t"
FT                   /note="A substituted in clone: RP4-659B21 , RP4-686B16"
FT   variation       112777
FT                   /replace="a"
FT                   /note="G substituted in clone: RP4-659B21 , XX-P7B3"
FT   variation       113681
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: RP4-698E23 , XX-P7B3"
FT   variation       116827
FT                   /replace="a"
FT                   /note="T substituted in clone: RP4-698E23 , RP4-686B16"
FT   variation       116833..116838
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: LL0XNC01-11M1"
FT   variation       117644
FT                   /replace="g"
FT                   /note="A substituted in clone: XX-P7B3 , RP4-659B21"
FT   variation       120025..120026
FT                   /replace="ta"
FT                   /note="CG substituted in clone: RP4-686B16 , RP4-698E23"
FT   variation       120080
FT                   /replace="t"
FT                   /note="C substituted in clone: RP4-659B21 , XX-P7B3"
FT   variation       120101
FT                   /replace="g"
FT                   /note="A substituted in clone: RP4-659B21 , XX-P7B3"
FT   variation       120109
FT                   /replace="t"
FT                   /note="C substituted in clone: RP4-659B21 , XX-P7B3"
FT   variation       120298..120299
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: RP4-698E23 , RP4-686B16"
FT   variation       122886
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: RP4-698E23 , XX-P7B3 , RP4-686B16"
FT   variation       123361
FT                   /replace="c"
FT                   /note="T substituted in clone: XX-P7B3 , RP4-659B21"
FT   variation       123697
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: XX-P7B3 , RP4-659B21"
FT   variation       124055
FT                   /replace="a"
FT                   /note="G substituted in clone: RP4-686B16 , RP4-698E23"
FT   variation       130618
FT                   /replace="c"
FT                   /note="G substituted in clone: RP4-659B21 , XX-P7B3"
FT   variation       131496
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: RP4-698E23"
FT   variation       131516
FT                   /replace="g"
FT                   /note="T substituted in clone: RP4-659B21 , RP4-686B16"
FT   variation       131518
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: RP4-686B16"
FT   variation       133497
FT                   /replace="t"
FT                   /note="C substituted in clone: RP4-659B21 , XX-P7B3"
FT   variation       133518
FT                   /replace="a"
FT                   /note="C substituted in clone: RP4-659B21 , XX-P7B3"
FT   variation       133767
FT                   /replace="t"
FT                   /note="C substituted in clone: RP4-686B16 , RP4-698E23"
FT   variation       134771
FT                   /replace="c"
FT                   /note="T substituted in clone: XX-P7B3 , RP4-659B21"
FT   variation       135051
FT                   /replace="t"
FT                   /note="C substituted in clone: RP4-698E23 , RP4-686B16"
FT   variation       135161
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: RP4-698E23"
FT   variation       135162
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: RP4-659B21"
FT   variation       135502
FT                   /replace="g"
FT                   /note="C substituted in clone: RP4-698E23"
FT   variation       136297
FT                   /replace="t"
FT                   /note="C substituted in clone: RP4-686B16 , RP4-698E23"
FT   variation       137371
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: RP4-698E23"
FT   variation       138122
FT                   /replace="c"
FT                   /note="T substituted in clone: RP4-659B21"
FT   variation       138404
FT                   /replace="c"
FT                   /note="T substituted in clone: RP4-659B21"
FT   variation       138886
FT                   /replace="c"
FT                   /note="T substituted in clone: RP4-698E23 , RP4-686B16"
FT   variation       139832
FT                   /replace="c"
FT                   /note="T substituted in clone: RP4-659B21"
FT   variation       140761
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: RP4-659B21 , RP4-686B16"
FT   variation       143448
FT                   /replace="c"
FT                   /note="G substituted in clone: RP4-686B16 , RP4-698E23"
FT   variation       144280
FT                   /replace="t"
FT                   /note="G substituted in clone: RP4-698E23 , RP4-686B16"
FT   variation       144731
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: RP4-698E23 , RP4-686B16"
SQ   Sequence 145247 BP; 37855 A; 37225 C; 35190 G; 34977 T; 0 other;
     gatcccttga ggccaggagt tcaagaccag cctgggcaac atagcgagac cctgtctcta        60
     taaaaaaatt agccagacat ggtggggtgc acttgtattc ccagctactc gggaagacga       120
     ggcaggagaa tcgcctgaat ctgggaggtg gaggttgcag tgggccgaga ttgcaccatt       180
     gtactccaac ctgggtgaca agagcaaaac tccatgtaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaggagg       240
     atgaggccag aggattcctt gaacccaaga ggtcaaagtt gcagtgagcc acggctgcac       300
     cactgcactc cagacagggc aacagagtga agtgagccac ggctgcgccg ctgcactcca       360
     gccagggcga cagagtgagg tgagccacgg ctgcgccgct gcactccagc cagggcgaca       420
     gagtgaggtg agccacggct gcgccgctgc acaccagcca gggcgacaga gtgaggtgag       480
     ccacggctgc gccgctgcac tccagccagg gcgacagagt gaggtgagcc acggctgcgc       540
     cgctgcactc cagccagggc gacagagtga ggtgagccac ggctgcgccg ctgcacacca       600
     gccagggcga cagagtgagg tgagccacgg ctgcgccgct gcactccagc cagggcgaca       660
     gagtgaggtg agccacggct gcgccgctgc actccagcca gggcgacaga gtgaggtgag       720
     ccacggctgc gccgctgcac tccagccagg gcgacagagt gaggtgagcc acggctgcgc       780
     cgctgcacac cagccagggc gacagagtga ggtgagccac ggctgcgccg ctgcactcca       840
     gccagggcga cagagtgagg tgagccacgg ctgcgccgct gcactccagc cagggcgaca       900
     gagtgaggtg agccacggct gcgccgctgc actccagcca gggcgacaga gtgaggtgag       960
     ccacggctgc gccgctgcac tccagccagg gcgacagagt gaggtgagcc acggctgcgc      1020
     cgctgcacac cagccagggc gacagagtga ggtgagccac ggctgcgccg ctgcactcca      1080
     gccagggcga cagagtgagg tgagccacgg ctgcgccgct gcactccagc cagggcgaca      1140
     gagtgaggtg agccacggct gcgccgctgc actccagcca gggcgacaga gtgaggtgag      1200
     ccacggctgc gccgctgcac tccagccagg gggatagagt gaagtgagcc acggctgcac      1260
     cactgcactc cagccggggc aacagagtga gatcctgtct caaaaaaaaa ggtttatttt      1320
     agcccacata tatgtgagta ttgatttttt atgcaatctg accatcttgc tgtgtgttac      1380
     cagttctatc cgttctcttc tcctcttttc tgccttcttt ggattaagta ttttatgtgg      1440
     gtcaacttta tctccactgt tcacttatca gctgtaattt gttgctttgc tattttagta      1500
     aatgcttttg ggtttataac atacatcttt actttgtcat actctgcctt caacggctat      1560
     tctaccactt caaatatatg catttaccat tttcttctct cctggccttt tatttttgcc      1620
     atttttgtca aatattttat ttctgtatat gttataaatt cctctctgtt acacagttac      1680
     tattcttaaa caattacatt ttagagagat ttaaatatca tgtatttacc catgtagtta      1740
     ccatttccag tactcttcaa ttttctgtat agatccagac ttccacatgg ttttgttttc      1800
     cttcagccta aagcatctgt aacatttctt tcagtgaagg tctgctggta atgaactagt      1860
     tcagctgttg tgtgtttgga aacatcttta tgtcaccttc acttaaaaga tatttaggta      1920
     tagaattctt ggtggacagt tttttttttt ttccctttca gcatcttaaa cacactacac      1980
     cattgtcttc gcacttgcat tgtttctcat gagaaatctg ctgtcatctg tgtctttgtt      2040
     ccttcataca caaaaggcct tgcttttttt ttttctggct gcttttgaga tttatctctt      2100
     tgtaactggt tttgagtaac tcgatgatga tgtgccttgt gtgattttct tcatttcttg      2160
     tgctcagggg tccttaagat ggtcagatca tgtgacatga atccattggt caacaaagaa      2220
     aaaagaaaga tggtcagatc taggcttata gtttccatca aactgggaag cttttcagct      2280
     atcatgtcct caaacaattc ttctgtccct cccttcccac ttagggactc caatcacata      2340
     attgttaggc ctctgaaagt tgtcctacag ctcaatgatg ctcttgtttg ttttaaagta      2400
     tttcttttcc ttgtttcagt ttggagagtg tctactgctt catctttaag ttcactaatc      2460
     ttcatctgca atctctgatc taccattaat cccatccagc atattttgta cttggacatt      2520
     ttcgtttcaa ctctaatttg gatcttttaa aatacttcca tgtctctact taatgtgttc      2580
     agtctttcct gttgctcttt gaacatatgg aatacagtta taataattac tttaataacc      2640
     tgtctgctaa ccctaacatc tatgtcagtt ttgatggatt tttcactcca gtatgggttc      2700
     tattttcctg tttctttcca cacctgataa tctttggttg gatgccagac attatgaatg      2760
     ttacctcttg gaaagctgca tattttttgt gttcctgtta ctattttttt tttttttttg      2820
     agacggagtc tcgctctgcc acccaggctg gagtgcaacg gcacaatccc ggttcactgc      2880
     aacctccgcc tcccgggttc aagtgattcc cctgcctcag cctcccaagt agctgggatt      2940
     acaggtgcat gccaccacgc ccagctaatt tttgtatttt cagtagagat ggggtttaac      3000
     catgttggcc aggctggtct tgaactcctg gcctcaggtg atccgcccac cttggcctcc      3060
     acaagtgctg ggattacagg tgtgagccac cgtgcctggc ccgttactat tcttgagctt      3120
     tgttttggat ccagatactt ggaaactgaa aatgttgact cttgcttctg agattgtcac      3180
     acagcagcag agcagcattt attctagggc taactgttct ccactgggta cgctaccaca      3240
     tgccctgtga gttatgaggt ttctcagtca gcctgctggc aacaggcact cttcttagtg      3300
     ttttgagagc tctgagtact tactgttccc tctaatcctt ccaggtgttc ccttactgtt      3360
     ccctctaatc cttcctgttc tctggtagtt tccttatatg aacacaatga tcagtatgat      3420
     gttgaaaaac taagaggaat cctcagccca tcctttcatt ccccatttca ccccttacga      3480
     gtctggatca tgggggcaga ggctcacgcc tataatccca gcactttggg agaccaaggt      3540
     aggaggactg cttgagctca ggagttcgag accagctggg caagatggca aaacctcacc      3600
     tctaccaaaa aatacaatga ttagctgggc gtggtggcac acgcctgtgg tcccagctac      3660
     ttgaaaggct aaggtgagag gatcgctgac cccagaaggt cgatgctaca gtgagctatg      3720
     actgtggcac tgcgctctag cctgggcaac aaagtgagac ccccttctct aaaaattaga      3780
     aaaaaaaaaa caagtctgta tcttacagaa aagtgaagca cgtgggcctt ctgcctcatc      3840
     ttgccagatg tctgcctata ctcagctccc cgagacacaa ccccattctt ttaaaatact      3900
     catcaatgct atctccaaaa atccattctt gttaaacaaa aacccagcct gctggagacc      3960
     tgatatggct gtcactgctt cccgtctggc cgacaccctc ctttgccatg gctattcctt      4020
     aggcccattg tggattaaat cttgttccct atttttcatt ctctttgttc actgcagtga      4080
     gtttcaagaa ggaaagcaga ataaatgagt ctttactcag ctgtcatttc cagaaggccc      4140
     aagttccact ctcaatgctg tttttagttt tcccggttct gaacaatgaa cccagtctca      4200
     tgctctgaaa gctcggctgt gagctggaga cacaaggccc cattctcccc gcccagtgcc      4260
     tgggccaggc tgggcaaaga cacgacccca gtgagcagga caggcacgtc cggcatttgc      4320
     cgccccttca gcaggtgtgc tcaccaaagc cgcctgctcc aggacaggcc aggttgaggg      4380
     gtttagagct gtgacccagc ccatcagcaa gccatggaat ggacttggga ggtcagggcc      4440
     ggcttcttca cctttctggg agggggaaag gagggggtca ggcacacccc acacggaaag      4500
     gacggtgctg gttggagcca cctggatgcg cagaaaaaga atttcttact gtggtgtggc      4560
     tgctgcaaca tttgcaaagc tgctgcttgg ccctggggct ggcattacac ctggctccgt      4620
     ctgtgtgaca agttcctgag agaggcagtc tggaggggcc tctgtgcctt taggacgcat      4680
     ggacctgcct ggcagcacag ccccttcctg gatcctctgt gtccatggtc aaaagagaga      4740
     cctggtctgt gacctgggac aggcccccca cgaaagggtc ctggcttgtt cataaattct      4800
     gaatgagtgt ggctgtgggt tgcccctggc tttaagagag aaatgagaaa acccatggaa      4860
     gggctttgta aatgcaggaa acagaggctc aggcactaca agggtcagac ccctcctcgg      4920
     agcctgcttg tgtcctagga ggccgcctgg tcaaagggtg ctcagctact cctttgaccc      4980
     cctccaagct gagcccccca agccaacctc cagggtaaga gatgaggctg agtgttgctg      5040
     actctgagcc actgcctcac cccaggccgc cctaggcagc agccaggagg tggggagggc      5100
     agggggggcc caagggccat aggggcagca tccaggtgcg gcacagtggc ctcaggcagc      5160
     aggacgggtg caggaggacc tgggtcccac gaaggacggc gagtgccagt ggcatcctgt      5220
     ggtgcagggt atttttctta ttactcaaac ctctttaaaa aatgattgtt taaaatctgg      5280
     taaataaaaa tgtcttctgc tcactaccat atatgcccaa tgcccagtga atcaatgttg      5340
     cccagtgaat caacaaacac tattttaaaa caaaacaatg ctgggagcag tggctcacac      5400
     ctggaattgc agcactttgg gagtccaaag caggagaatc acttgaggtc aggagtttga      5460
     gaccagcctg gccaacattt ttagtctcta ctaaaaatac aaaaattaac tgggaatgat      5520
     ggcacatggc ctgtagtccc agctactcgg gaggctgagg caggagaatc acttgaacta      5580
     gggaggcgga ggttgcagtg agcagagatt gtgccactgt actctggcct gggcgacaga      5640
     gcgagactct gtgtaaaaaa aaaaaaacac caaaaaaaca aaaaacacaa ttgggtgatt      5700
     tcagaagtcc ttctgaataa aggtgatggt acgagggcct ggcacctcac gtctcaaagg      5760
     gcttctcacc tgtcactgac tttggcaggc gggacaagcg gcgcagcacc agcaagagcc      5820
     aggagacctg agcacccagc accgcaaacc aggagacctg agcacccagc gccacaaacc      5880
     aggagacctg agcacccagc gccgcaaacc aggagacctg agcacccagc gccgcaaacc      5940
     aggagacccc tccagctcag ctgggcatcc tgggaacaca gccttcaggc tgagagccca      6000
     gccttggccc caggagataa gaaactgaaa agacaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa ggcaggagca      6060
     gctgaactct gccagccgca cccgctctag tctggttttg tgatctaaag tgaggttttt      6120
     gttcttttaa tcatggaatc ttgcctctca cctggctttg ttggttgcct ttctgtatag      6180
     ttttatgttt tgctttcgtc ttctgcattg attttaaaaa ttctatttgt tcttcctctg      6240
     ccttttttga ggcagggtct tgctctgtcg cccaggctga actgcagtgg tacaatcagg      6300
     ggtcactgta gtctcaacct cccgggctca aatgatgctc cagcctcagt ctcctgagaa      6360
     gccgggacca caggtgcgag ccaccacgcc cagctaattt ttgtattttt tctagagatg      6420
     gggtctctct atgctgccca ggctggcctt gaacttcctg gctcaaggga tctgcctgcc      6480
     tcggcctccc aaagtgctgg gattccaggt atgagccacc acgcctggcc taaaattcta      6540
     ttttcaatgg aatagaatat tttaattttt attaggtggt tactgtaaca tttctcaaaa      6600
     aatcctgagc tccacccttt caagaacccc tcgcctgcct gcatggcaaa gcccacccga      6660
     gcccagtgcc ccttgtcccc gccctctccc agactggggt cctggtgtgg ggctggggcc      6720
     acatggggtc ctgaaagggc agggctggtg ctgaggggtc tgtcatgatc acgtcccgcc      6780
     tcttcttttc tgctcagtaa tctcacatga gctttttaaa aagaatccac ttcacagttt      6840
     actgatgtgg aatttttgtt tttgcctgtg ttcgtgggta gtttaatagg tgacgggaga      6900
     ggaagcttct ggaggtcacc gtggactcta tcctgaggct gtccaccaga atgctgtacc      6960
     cagagacctg cctgaggtgg gggttgctgc ctgcagaggt tgtggtgggc gcgagcaggc      7020
     aggcagagcc ccgaggacgc gcctcagcca tgcgccctcc atccccaggc ccagggccag      7080
     cctcagccac ctccccctct gctggggctg ccgcctgctc agctgggagg gaggtccctg      7140
     aagaggccgg gcgcaggaag cggctccctg caacgtggta cccggttctc gcatgggagg      7200
     cgcagtgctg ggcttcctgg gagcaagtcc tgctggggcc tccccagccc ccggcactgc      7260
     ctacctcctc ccgaggccct gtggcgtggc gtgagcagga ccgcgggcgc acagccaccg      7320
     tggcgggcac agttgcgcac tggtgacagc ggcctcgtct ggttcttccc acaaccctat      7380
     gaggcaggtg tgctccgtcc tcatcctcgt cctgcagacg tggggccccc agggcctgtg      7440
     gtggtctcca tagcagtcaa ggccacagcc cagcctggtc cacagtggac acagggagca      7500
     ggacaggccc agagagcagg acaggcccag gccccaggca cgtcacaagg gcttcccacc      7560
     cccacctcac attgccggaa agttccagtc atgagtgggc aacaggcgct tgcttccaac      7620
     gtcccacgcc gaatctggaa cagaggatgc tctgtgccag ctccagacag ggtctgctgg      7680
     gaaagcaagc gcggaaacag catctgcctg ggctggcgac gcccgccata gaccagggtg      7740
     ccagaggccc ctcgctccga gaagcgcggg tccccatccc cgctccaggg ccggcacgca      7800
     gcatgcatgt gggcctgtgt gtcccagagg gagagtgtgt gcccgtgtgc gtgtgcgccc      7860
     gtgtgcgtga gcccgtgtgt ccctgagaca gcaggtatgc tcgtgtgcgc gtgagctcgt      7920
     gtgtccctga gagaccgttt gtgtgagcct ctgtgtccct gagaaagcgt gtgtgcctgt      7980
     gtgcacgtga gcctgtgtcc gagacagcgt gagtacccgt gtgtgtgtga gactgtgtgt      8040
     ccctgagaga gcgtgcatgt ccgtgtgtga gcctgtgtgt ccaagagcgt gtgtccgtgc      8100
     atgagcctgt gtacctgaga gcacgtatgc ctgtgtgcat gagagcttgt gtgtccctga      8160
     aaaagcatat gtgtctgtgt gcgtgtgagc ctgtgtgtac ctcagtgtgt gcccgtgtgt      8220
     gtgagcctgt gtccgagaga gcgcgtgccc gtgtgtgtga gcttgtgtcc ctgagagtgt      8280
     gtgtgcccat gtgcgagctt gtgtgtccga gagagcgtga gcccgtgtga gtgagcctgt      8340
     acatccctga gagagcgtgt gtgcccgtgt gcgtgtgagc ctgtgtccct gagagcatgt      8400
     gtgcctgtgt gcgtgtgagc ctgtgcatct gagagcgtgt gtgcccatgt gtgagcctgt      8460
     gcgtccctga cagtgtgtgc cggtgtttgt gtgcctgtgc gtccctgaga gcgtgtctgt      8520
     gtgtgcccga gtgtgcgttg agcctgtgtg tccctgagca tgtgtgcccg tgtgcgtgtg      8580
     agcctgtgtg tccctgagag cgtgtgccca tgtgagcttg tgtgtccctg agagagcgtg      8640
     tgtgcccgtg tgtgagcctg tgtccctgag aaagtgtgtg tgcccgtgtc tgttagcctg      8700
     tgtgtccaag ggagcgtgtg tgcccgtgtc tgttagcctg tgtgtccaag ggagcgtgtg      8760
     tgcccgtgtc tgttagcctg tgtgtccaag ggagcgtgtg tgcccgtgtc tgttagcctg      8820
     tgtgtccaag ggagcgtgtg tgcccgtgtc tgttagcctg tgtgtccaag ggagcgtgtg      8880
     tgcccgtgtc tgttagcctg tgtgtccaag ggagcgtgtg tgcccgtgtc tgttagcctg      8940
     tgtgtccaag ggagcacgtg tgcccgtgtg agcctgtgtc cctgagagca tatatgcccg      9000
     tgtgcgtgag cttgtgtgtc catgagagca tgtgtgccca cgtgcgtgtg agtacgtgtg      9060
     tgtgagtgca tgcccactgc tcaagcagcc ctgccatctg ccgagtttgc atcccttgca      9120
     agagtgatgg ctccaaaccc aattcaggtc cagaccgccc tctctgaccc ctgacccagt      9180
     gggctgccct gagcaccgcc tgtgcccatc cacctgcgtc tccaggacag gcgcctacgt      9240
     gtgagaagat gctgggacag gcagggactg tgagtacaga agaggggccg tgaggaccgg      9300
     caggaatccc tggggccaag ctcctgaggt ggccactgtg ccctcgaggt gaaggtgccg      9360
     ggaaggaact gggaaactga acagcaactg gaaaacgcca ggcacagacc cgtcccttgg      9420
     cagccccgct gtcaccagcc tgtgaaggcc tgctttgcag gaggcacatg gttggagggg      9480
     gccagactca ccacccagag ccccagttgg cagctgtgct ggtgctgtcc tagcccccat      9540
     cacagggtgg cccaagcccc agcctgcagc tgcctgccct gttagcatga catcacataa      9600
     actctgagca gtccctgcct tcagcctgga ctctgcaggc caaccagtgc cctctcagaa      9660
     gttgtgcaaa ggggcagcag gccaggccag cacaagctgc atcctgccag gtctccctga      9720
     tgagggctct gggctctaga acagaaaccg cccacttccc aagttttcca cggcccccag      9780
     ggcttccagg ccaacagagg ccctcaaacg cagcttgcca gttcccaggg gtgggaaaac      9840
     cacaaacccc aggaagagac agtcccatgg cttcatatca acacgacagg gtccggagtc      9900
     aaggtgccac ccagagaaga ggttctgagg caagaggcgg gaagggctgg ggggcagggc      9960
     ctggcaggtg ggaggaagac agtggtgaat gtaattgacc actggttaaa agctcatgtt     10020
     gttgggaggc tgaggcaggc agattgcttc agcccagaag ttcaagacca gcctgcgaaa     10080
     catagtgaaa ccccatctct acgaaaaaat acaaaaatta gcagggcgtg gtggtgcaca     10140
     tccatagtcc cagctactca ggaggctgag gtgggaggat ggcttgaggc cctgaggtag     10200
     aggctgcagt gagccaagat atcgccactg cactctgcag cctgggcgac aggagtgaga     10260
     ccctgtctca gaaataaaat aaaacaaaag ctcatgctca tgttctccta agggataaaa     10320
     ctacagtttc aggcaaacaa gatgtggtcg gctcagtgcg ggccgcacac gctcaggtac     10380
     tcctcagaag agctgagtga ctgcgacttg ggtaggaaga ctcagaatgc acaatgttaa     10440
     gggtgacaaa gaaaataatc aaatcaactg gaaaaacaca aaggaggaga aactttcatt     10500
     taccccacag aaagcaggaa agaaaaagag gaaagggaca gacacagaaa acacacacaa     10560
     gactgagccc cccacggcct tgtgccagca gcgggacaca ggcagaccgc ctctgcctcg     10620
     atggggtctg cacaggccca aggtgagggg tcccgggcaa agcgtggggg ccttggggca     10680
     ccagaggagc ggaggctgag tggccaaggc tgaggtgagc tgcctctggg aggaatcact     10740
     tccagtttct taacgtaggt tccagaaaaa cttcagcaat gtcctcacac ccccatggcc     10800
     atgtcagcag ccccacccgc cacaggcttc cttctgtgaa gcctccagcc aagtccaagg     10860
     ctaaaccaca acaagcagca gaaggcatgg cacctcccag atactccggg ctctgccaca     10920
     atgacccgag ggccagagcg gctgtgcccg gagccgccct cccaggagag gaggcccagt     10980
     tctggtggga gaaaaacact ccagcctcag gtgcgagccc agcccacagc accgacagga     11040
     gtcaatgtat tcagagtgga cacttgcgtt ctgtcagagt aaactatgca gctttgacca     11100
     gacctttaat gaacaaacaa gcattactac caggtaagat atatttttaa aaactttaaa     11160
     aatctatcac tgggttggca agaacgttca gaaccttaga gaacaaaacc taagtaaaag     11220
     caggaacctg gaaaaaggaa ggccccgcgc aggagggccc tggccggcag ctggcctgcg     11280
     cccgctcctt tcacagcttt gcagaagtca ggggagagag gctgggccag gcctggttgc     11340
     tgatccagtt actgccgggg gacgccccaa ggctgagact gggagggttt aggtgaacaa     11400
     ggaagaaagc caccatccag ccctagggga agctcttatc acagtcctgg ccccactcgg     11460
     tcaggaccca cagaaacaca atatgctgca tgcaggctgc aacggggagg gcaagtcctg     11520
     tgtggacgga gtgctcagaa taaaatgttc ctggatcttt gaatcgtttg gaggagggca     11580
     aaaatactaa ttttagactt caacaaatta attctgcatg ttagaacatc cgaggcaacc     11640
     actatgaagc caagtgagca aattccaacc cagtagagaa gaaaaagaaa caaaaataat     11700
     ccaaaagaag tcaagaaacg aaaaagcaac tggtcctcaa atgacagagt acaaggaaag     11760
     atggtggaaa taaatttaaa tataataatt acagtaatgt aaatggacca atagtctagt     11820
     taagacaaag actgtcagca agattttaaa gatcttggta aagatctata ccaaacacat     11880
     ctaaagtata agggcaggaa attctaaaag tcaagaatgg aagagacaga gctgatgcgg     11940
     ctccatcgag gctggctctg tggatacaag gcttccgcga ctggcgaggc gacccagacc     12000
     tgacaggcgg cctcgcggca cagacacaaa gcaggcagac gtgttccagg aggcacccga     12060
     cgtctgcagc gacagaggag atggtacaag aagccttgct ttaccttgca ggtgtgcaga     12120
     acgccgaccc aagaaacgga aaacacagat tcaccatcca gggagtgtct ctgaaactga     12180
     ccacagagca gggcatgaag caacgtctgg gcaaatgtca gaggccgcag cacccaggca     12240
     ggcctctgtc aaatgcaccg cccagaatca gggatgagag aggccactgg gcaagtaagc     12300
     acacagagca gacaaaaagc ctcccagaga aggactagca gtgagtgagg agctttgcgc     12360
     ccgcatccct cacttgttgg ggtgacaaca gcacaccaac tgcaaaggcc catgaccatg     12420
     cttggcatca gcagcagcct tgggcgtccc agctaagacc tggagagctg acggagcagc     12480
     ctcgtgctgc aaacaagcag gaccctccac ccatcagaaa gagcccagac ctcaccagca     12540
     cgcaggcctc ccgaagagaa gcttccttac gctcgtgcta aatcagccag gagccatacg     12600
     aggtcggccc tgtaagccac acccacctgc acctgtgcct gccatgttag ccccagtgac     12660
     ttggccgtgc cgacagccat gacgagcgcc ctttgcacta agtgtaaagc gtacagtata     12720
     ggatacactt ttgggcttgg acaaaacaat gaatcattaa atatataaaa taatcatcgt     12780
     ctcaagaaat aattttatat gaataaagag gaaagaagag gaagcatgaa atccacaact     12840
     cactgggcct gagaatgaac tagaacacat catttctctc tgatcaatca caccccaatc     12900
     tccttctgaa gaccagtgaa gactcgcctg tgtggcaagg ctgcctctaa cccgcacatc     12960
     tgcaccgaca cggctgcacg aacagcaaaa ccgcagcatc ccccgtcccg gcggcccggt     13020
     tcacggagca ctcactgcac actgcggcag cccctgtccc ggcggcccgg ttcacggagc     13080
     actcactgca cactgcggca gcccctgtcc cggcggcccg gttcacggag cactcactgc     13140
     acactgcggc agcccctgtc ccggcggccc cgttcacgga gcacccactg cacactgcgg     13200
     cagcccctgt cccggcggcc cggttcacgg agcacccact gcacactgcg gcagcccctg     13260
     tccccgcggc cccgttcacg gagcactcac tgcacactgc ggcagcccct gtcccggcgg     13320
     ccccgttcac ggagcactca ctgcacactg cggcagcccc tgtcccggcg gccccgttca     13380
     cggagcaccc actgcacact gcggcagccc ctgtcccggc ggccccgttc acggagcact     13440
     cactgcacac tgcggcagcc cctgtcccgg cggcccggtt cacggagcac ccactgcaca     13500
     ctgcggcatc ccctgtcccg gcggcccggt tcacggagca ctcactgcac actgcggcag     13560
     cccctgtccc cgcggccccg ttcacggagc actcactgca cactgcggca gcccctgtcc     13620
     cggcggcccc gttcacggag cactcactgc acactgcggc agcccctgtc ccggcggccc     13680
     ggttcacgga gcacccactg cacactgcgg catcccctgt cccggcggcc cggttcacgg     13740
     agcactcact gcacactgcg gcagcccctg tccccgcggc cccgttcacg gagcactcac     13800
     tgcacactgc ggcagcccct gtcccggcgg ccccgttcac ggagcaccca ctgcacactg     13860
     cggcagcccc tgtcccggcg gccccgttca cggagcaccc actgcacact gcggcatccc     13920
     ctgtcccggc ggccccgttc acggagcacc cactgcacac tgcggcagcc cctgtccccg     13980
     cggccccgtt cacggagcac tcactgcaca ctgcggcagc ccctgtcccg gcggccccgt     14040
     tcacggagca cccactgcac actgcggcag cccctgtccc ggcggccccg ttcacggagc     14100
     acccactgca ctgcagcagg cccagcaaaa gccctgccaa caccaccagc atctcttcct     14160
     gagtcctgac ctccccacgt acaaggtgga cccccacggc ccgtctccaa gaccaaggtc     14220
     tgccctccta ccggggacac gcccgcggct ctgctgggca gcttccctcc cctcccctcc     14280
     tcggctagag acccctctct ctgcagttcc ccctcctgac acttgagtgg ggctccccag     14340
     atgtctggcc ccaagaaagg cacagcatgg aggcagcagc actgaggtgg gacaacagcc     14400
     cccacaagac atccctgaaa ctcctgctgg gataaggttc gtggcttgca gctgtcgggg     14460
     ccatgtttgt cccccctggg gagaggatcc ccccgcaaaa acaccaggga gcagaaatga     14520
     aaaacaagaa aaagaagaca gaccacctgg cacctggatc cagctgtcct ggaacccagc     14580
     ccctcacaaa ggagccaggc caaggctgca gctgcctctg ctgtttggat ccgaccgcca     14640
     tcccagtgtc tgcagctgcc agggacaggc gggggacaca ggagggggct ctggtgtcac     14700
     ccttcatttt cagctggttg accttccagg ccacaatgca agaaaggggg tccactggcc     14760
     gggcgccgtg gctcatgcct gtaatcccag cattttggga ggccgaggca ggtggatcac     14820
     gaggtcagat cgagaccatc ctggctaaca cggtgaaacc ccgtctctac taaaaataca     14880
     agaaaaaatc agctgggtgt ggtggtgggc acctgtattc ccacctactc aggaggctga     14940
     ggcaggagaa tggcttgaac ctgggaggcg gagcttgcag tgagctgaga tcgcaccact     15000
     gcactccagc ctgggagaca gagtgagact ccatctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa     15060
     aggaaggagg ttcacaatga tctcaaacag ctgctgccaa ctgggcacgg gacacacgcc     15120
     ttggtcccag cactttggga ggctgaggtg ggaggatcac ttgagcccag gaggttgagg     15180
     ctacagtgag ccgaaatggt gccactgcac ttcagcctgg gcaacagagc aagaccctgt     15240
     ctcaaaaaaa caaaacaaaa caaaacaaag cagctgctga cttcatcagc catgaggcag     15300
     gttggttcat ggagacttcc ctgcaccctg gaccccttgc cctcccagtc acagcagtgc     15360
     tctgccaggc actccgactg ctggctctgg agtcagcagc atgggagcct tgcccctgcc     15420
     tcggagccag tggggggccc gccgcaactc agactctggc ccagctgcat gcagaccaat     15480
     gcagtgggct gggggccgtg ttccccagga ggctggcact gccagtcctg cacctgcggg     15540
     agagccatgg ctggcatcgg gcacagcagc ctctcaggct ctcactcagg gtattttgac     15600
     acaaactgca ggtggctgat gttggcccca cacagagaca gcgtcctcag agaggggtgg     15660
     cgtggggtac catggtggtc accatgcagg gcaggggcca ggtgccacct gtggacagaa     15720
     gacatcaccc gctgctctcc ccagcccttt gagcatagca tggtgtgggc tgtcagtgaa     15780
     catttgccag gtaaaagcaa cccagtcatt caagcagggg acactcatga gagctacagc     15840
     aggaaaaata gccaggagaa cacacacaga gagggctggt ccagcaaccc tcgtgccaga     15900
     tgagaggcag cagcacagag ggcattccgg agtggcatgc caagtcaaac ggcaatcctg     15960
     aatgtacgtg gcatcatcca gctttaggtt tacaaagcaa atgctggcag aactgaaagg     16020
     aaaaacagac aaacccacaa ccacagtggg agatttaaaa ccgtctctct cgataactga     16080
     cagggtgggc agacaacaaa acaagatcac cgatctagaa gaacacagat tcccaacagt     16140
     caatgaacca accaggctgg cctgactcca accaacaggg aacccaccct ctaaataacc     16200
     catgggccaa agaactaccc caggctgctg aattccttgt gtctgtccta agctcagccc     16260
     accaccagtt tgtaggaatt ccatgcccca catcctggtc cagcttctca ctgccccacc     16320
     ctgtcaccgc tgtgcctggg cgggactcat gcgattcttg tgatggcagg cgtgtctccc     16380
     accaccgaaa tccagcttcg cattgccgca ccccatcact tttgcgcccg ggaggacgcg     16440
     tgcgattctt gtgatggcgg atgcatctcc caccaccaaa gtccagcacc tgccacgcgc     16500
     ttcccattag tgcctccctc ccccaaaggt gttggctcac accctccgtc cactccttta     16560
     ctggatctta ctaacttgga aacgttttct gtaggttcac aaagtgcaca gaatgagtgt     16620
     cttcagctac atgagttgca aactctaggt ttgaggccac attgctcttc tcggtatctt     16680
     ctgtaacgga aggtttttcc cttttcccag tcaccactca ccctgctgcc tgattagggg     16740
     cagcctcagc ctaaggcgga gctgcaccaa tggcgacacc tcaagagcag acccgcaggc     16800
     tctagcgggc cgaaggcaga gcacggccgt gagacctcca gggctccaag agcagacccg     16860
     caggctccag cggggctgag gcggagcacg gctgtgagac ctccagggct tggctgcatg     16920
     ggccctggca gatgttagag ctgcagcagg ctggggaagg ccagcaggag tggggctggg     16980
     gacagccaag tgtgaggggc tcatcctgca tgagctaccc aaaagcaagt gtggtttcag     17040
     aagtctgagc tttggagaca aacctgaaag acatcagcaa acagattcaa ccctgtgaaa     17100
     ttgtattttt cttgatcaac aaaagtagca gctttgtgtg gtacaccggg tgatggcatt     17160
     gacagcaatg agcgcctctg cccaggggcc tggggccaga cctgtgctgg cagagggtgg     17220
     agaggacgag actcgggtgg ggctgcgaca ggaagaggag gagggcgctg ggtggtggcc     17280
     gggggacttt aagctgcaat agtgttggtg tgtgcagaga ggacggccct gtgggaagtg     17340
     ttgggggact tgctgggggc acatcctgag ggatggcaaa ggcggcacct cccaactgtg     17400
     agtccaggtg cagcacaacg caggggcagg ggacactgtg gggggccctg ggggctgatt     17460
     ctagccccaa ccaccacaag ggcaacttct tattgagaga caggcaaggc tgaaccccag     17520
     ccccaacagg cccctggcaa tggtgtggga cgagcccaga tgccaacacc aggcatccca     17580
     gcaacatgct tgaggcccag agcacacgag ccgaacagga accggcaggc ctggtcaaca     17640
     gcagtggcct ggtgccccag ccccagctag gcccccaccc ggcactgtcc agttcctcct     17700
     cactgcccca ccacaactca tgtgctcgcc caggcacagg tgccctttcc tgaaaaatgt     17760
     tagatgggag gtaaagtttt gaaaccatgc ctgtctggaa atgtcttcat tctaccttga     17820
     caacagatga actattcggc ttcatcaggg tcattctgtc acaattttga aagtgcttcc     17880
     tggttctcca gccctacggt ggctaagaag cgccccagcc ctggccccca gcttctgcag     17940
     cctcctaagg gtctggtctc acccactgtg ctgagcacac aagcccgacg tgcctggtga     18000
     catgcatggt gtcccctctg tcctttttct agaactccag tgaccgagac actgagcttc     18060
     ctagactctc ctcttcattt cctatttgct gtggtgtgaa tgaatgtccc ccgccaaatg     18120
     cagatgctag acccagaacc ccatgtgaca gtgttaagag gtggcaccac taaccccacc     18180
     ccagggggtg atcacgtcct gagggcctgg cctttccctc tctttcgcta ggtgagaggt     18240
     gccagtgagg agctggccct cctcagacgc caaccggcca gggccttgct cacggacttc     18300
     ccagcctcca gaactgtgag aagtaagttt ctgttgtcta taaattaccc atctgtaata     18360
     ggccattctt gcattgctat aaagcaatac ctgagactgt aatttataaa gaaaagaggt     18420
     ttagttgcct cacggttctg caggctgtac aggtagcatg gcaccaacat cccttggctt     18480
     ccggggaggc ctcaggtagc tctgactcat ggcggaaggc cagcaggagc aggtgcctca     18540
     catggccaaa gcaggggcaa gagggggcag ctgctgccca cgtttaaatg accagatcca     18600
     tctcgcatga gccagagcca gagctcactc atcgccaagg gggtgggcca agccattcat     18660
     gagggatcca cccccatgat ccaaacacct cccgccagac cccacctcca acaccgggga     18720
     ttatatttca acatgagatt tgggcaaata tccaaccatc ccaccagtcc agggcactta     18780
     gctgcagcag caggaacgga cgaggcccca tttcttgcct gtccttctgc ccttctttct     18840
     ggaaagctgc accctcgtca ctcatcttcc aaccctcgag ttctcattcc cgccatcaca     18900
     cctttaacag ccaagcattt tttctgttct ctgaatatcc ctttctttac gccatctgcc     18960
     ccgtttcacg ggtgtgatat cctctcgttc ctgaggataa tcacactatc tgatgctctt     19020
     ctctgtgaag agtctctatc ttctgcaagt tgaagttggt ctgtgtcatt cctgttggaa     19080
     gcttgactct gaacctgtcg aggtggatgg ggccaagtca gtgcagtgca gctgggccat     19140
     ctgtcggggt ccctggtgta agcacctctg ggtctccctt ggcagttgga tcccccaaag     19200
     aaacctgtgc agagggaaag gcctggccgc catcccattc tgggcaggga acttccagct     19260
     tcacctcggc cagagcccca gtaccaacat ctcctgtttt cttgtaacct ttttccagag     19320
     aaagggcctc cacaccgggc agggcaactg tcagtgtcaa gaactgagag caagagtcta     19380
     ggacccaact gcttttcaaa cagccggtga ctgggcctcc gtatctcagc tgccacctct     19440
     cagaaagcta gggccatgat tctgagccct caggtgaagc cagtgcaacg tgcactggtt     19500
     ctcaccctgt gagccccctt gccaccgccc tgccctcctg ggtctgccag gaccatcact     19560
     gcccctcctg gagcttctga cctccaaagt gctgattctg ctttcttttt tccatgcaag     19620
     tcacatcctg gtgaactttt ttctaaaaca gtttcactgc agtataagtt gcacacctta     19680
     agatccatgc actgtgagta cacaattcag tgactgctat aagttcacag aacaggcacc     19740
     gtcaccctcc aggaaagccg tggagcccac ctcccgtcac ttgtccagag caccgtcatc     19800
     ctccaggaga gctgcagagc ccacctcccg tcacttgtcc agagcctgca gcccctcttc     19860
     cagccgcact ggagcagcct gtgaccgatc aacctcaaag catgtcgaca aaccctcact     19920
     gcctctgcct ggtggcctca gcgtgcacga ggactgtgtg tcaatgagtg gtgggcttgc     19980
     ctggtggaac tggcgaatcg aggggtacag tgggctgcac cacagggcag agccgggtct     20040
     gggcctgggc cgtcagtccc ctgccccagg ggttctggtg ggctcatggg cagttgcctc     20100
     acccagacag ggcagcagga ttgccaccaa ctggccaaac acactctcca aagcgccatc     20160
     tccccaggca gcgctgcaca tcaggtgatg gccccacaac cgcccagaca attgccctga     20220
     gcctgaggct gggcagggac tcggcacatt tctcacagac ccaaacccta atttctcaca     20280
     aacccaaact ccaaaaatgc tgtcaaagag aaaatactcc aacaatcatg tttcacaatc     20340
     aagatatatt ttacttattt ttcatttaag aggtgaatta tgaatccagc tcaagaaatc     20400
     ttccgggcca tgctcagtag gccaagacct gcctaagcaa catagtgaga ccccatctct     20460
     ataaatttct ttttttaatt agccaagcaa ggtggcttgt gcctgtaatc ccagcttcct     20520
     gggaggctga ggcaggagga tcacctgagc ctggggaggt ggaggctgca gtgagctgag     20580
     atccgccact gcactccagc ctgggtgaca cagcaagacc ctgttttttt ttgtttgttt     20640
     gtttgtttgt ttttaaaaga aaggccaggc gcagtggctc acgcctataa tcccagcact     20700
     tcgggaagcc gaggcaggtg gatcatgagg tcaggagatt gggaccatcc tggccaacat     20760
     ggtgaaaccc cgtctctact aaaaacacag aaaaattagc tgggtgtggt ggcatgtacc     20820
     tgtaatccca gctacttggg aggctgaggc aggagaatcg cttgaacctg ggaggcagag     20880
     attgcagtga gctgagatca tgccactgca ctccagcctg gtgacagagt gagactccgt     20940
     ctcaaaaaaa agaagaaaaa gaaaagaaaa gaaaaattgg aatgtccagt cggcaaaaaa     21000
     agaaaagaaa tcttccataa tgcccaaaat ttcaaagccc agctactaat tcaaagctaa     21060
     atgctttgta gttaactatg aatttcatgg agtttacttt caagtcacac tacattttct     21120
     taaagtggtc cttcataaca tggaccatga gaacaaaaaa atttgaaatt tgggccccac     21180
     tgaattttaa tagatagagt cttgctctgt cacccaggct ggagcgcagt ggtgattgca     21240
     gatcctgcag cctccacctc cagggctcac tcctatctca gcccccagag cagccaggac     21300
     tacagcgcgt accaccatgc ctggtgaacc tatatttgag tcttaaattt aatccataat     21360
     cagcacacaa caggaaaagc tgcctctcca catgagattt aaaaagatac atgaatacta     21420
     gttctgcagt cagttgtaac aaactgcaga gaggaaaaca aaacttctta cccaattaac     21480
     gggaaagaca aaccaaatat aaagatgtca tcagactgaa agaagccctc tgtgcccatg     21540
     aaggcaatct aatcagtgcc tttcagtccc tgagccactg ggctcccggg aactccaggc     21600
     ctctgctggc gcattctcca ctccagtcta gaactccagg cctctgcagg cgcagtctcc     21660
     actcctgtct ggaactccag gcctctgcag gcgcagtctc cactcctgtc tggaactcca     21720
     ggcctctgca ggcgcagtct ccactcctgt ctggaactcc aggcctctgc aggcgcagtc     21780
     tccactcctg tctggaactc caggcctctg caggcgcagt ctccactcct gtctggaact     21840
     ccaggcctct gcaggcgcag tctccactcc tgtctggaac tccaggcctc tgcaggcgca     21900
     gtctccactc ctgtctggaa ctccaggcct ctgcaggcgc agtctccact cctgtctgga     21960
     actccaggcc tctgcaggcg cagtctccac tcctgtctgg aactccaggc ctctgcaggc     22020
     gcagtctcca ctcctgtctg gaactccagg cctctgcagg cgcagtctcc actcctgtct     22080
     ggaactccag gcctctgcag gcgcagtctc cactcctgtc tggaactcca ggcctctgca     22140
     ggcgcagtct ccactcctgt ctggaactcc aggcctctgc aggcgcagtc tccactcctg     22200
     tctggaactc caggcctctg caggcgcagt ctccactcct gtctggaact ccaggcctct     22260
     gcaggcgcag tctccactcc tgtctggaac tccaggcctc tgcaggcgca gtctccactc     22320
     ctgtctggaa ctccaggcct ctgcaggcgc agtctccact cggctcccgg gaactccagg     22380
     ccctgtgcgg gtgtagtctc cactcctgtc tggaacactt ccctgcacat tctggccttg     22440
     ggtaacttct gtctctcctt caggactaag ctcacacatt cacttctcag ggaaacattc     22500
     tcgaatccct aatctaggtg ttcccacaaa ggattctggt gatactgtaa aatgtgtgct     22560
     tggtcttcat cccaccctgg cacgcagctc ctaaaatgct tagaatctcc atggttatgt     22620
     tgttttgtac attagtgagt tgactcaggg ctgcagcccc taggtggctt gaggatgggg     22680
     taggtcacca gaaagaccaa cgcacgatta gaggggtgga attttcagct gcactcccca     22740
     tggggggagg cgaaagaggc tgaaggttaa gttggtcacc aacggtttaa gcaatcatgc     22800
     ctatgtaatg acgcttccat aaaaccccaa aaggacagcg ttcaagaagc ttccagagag     22860
     ctgaacacat ggggggaggt ttctggagaa cagtgcacct agggagggca tggaagttcc     22920
     aggccctttc cccacacctc accctacgct tctcttcatc tgtatccttt gtaatatcct     22980
     ccatgataaa catcaatgta agcttcccaa aattctatga gtcactcttg aaaatcagtc     23040
     agacccaagg agggggtgtg ggaaccccga tttgtacctg gttggtcaga gctcgggtga     23100
     attatccctg ggcttgtgat gggcactgga agtgggggtg gtcttgggga gctgagcgct     23160
     tacccggtgg gatctgagtc tcccgctagg tagacagtgt ggagactgaa ttagaggggg     23220
     gctgaggcta ccgccaggta gacagtgtga ggactgactt acagggtggc tgaacactca     23280
     cccagtagga tctgaggcta ccgccaggta gacagtgtgg ggactgaatt agaggggggc     23340
     tgaggctacc gccaggtaga cagtgtgggg actgaattag aggggggctg aggctaccgc     23400
     caggtagaca gtgtggggac tgaattagag gggggctgag gctaccgcca ggtagacagt     23460
     gtggggactg aattagaggg gggctgaggc taccgccagg tagacagtgt ggggactgaa     23520
     ttagaggggg ctgagcactt acccggtggg atctgaggct accaccaggc agacagtgtg     23580
     aggactgaat tagagggggg ctgaatctcc tgccaggtaa gacagtgtgg ggaccgactt     23640
     agaggacacc cagctggtgt ctgctgtggg actgatttgt ggctggtatg gagaaaccct     23700
     tcttggtgac cacaggtaga taattcttct gtgttgattc ttacggggtg agtgcagaag     23760
     aaaaacttct taaaactcaa tactcagcta atgttagtgg aggattagca attaagagtg     23820
     ggaaaggggt aggaaaatgt aaactcacaa ttgaactgcc tgggttagtt tgttttgttt     23880
     ttactgaggg actaggggga ggagtacaga aggaacagaa aagatgacaa aaggaagaaa     23940
     ctatggggtc tgcaggaacc ctacacacca ggccaagctc ccgacagccc caatcctccc     24000
     tgcgatgcag gcgatgtgaa gatgcccagg agggcgggac gcctggtaca tcagagcaga     24060
     tgctaacaca gacacagcat taccaaaccc cattttcact tctgcaggat aaagtatgca     24120
     tgacatctgc tagctctgca cacttgcatc tttaaccaaa ctagccttgt acatgtttaa     24180
     aggaccaagg tggttcccag ccttggagca tcgccggggt gacactcccg caccccaggc     24240
     tcagcaccct ccatttacca ccttgttttg gtaaggaaca tttcagtcac ttccagaaaa     24300
     aagatgcctg aggcctttga tagtttcaaa gggtaaagaa tactacaaag gaaatcactt     24360
     tccatcagaa ttttgaactt actgcttcac agacttccaa actccagaac tgctattaag     24420
     aagtccaaag ttattctgac cctcaatcct ggaatgcaat ctgtgtcttt ctggaagctt     24480
     tccgaatctt caatctgttc tcagggtcta ggatttccag acgccgtgtc tttgtgtctt     24540
     tgtaccagtc tgttttcaca cagtgtgtgg gtgtctggtg gactctggga cattttgttc     24600
     agtgactttc tctcattgat gtttcttcca tctcattcct aaaactttta ctatccaggt     24660
     actggactct ctagactggt ccttgaatat tcttttctcc tattctccaa ctccaaattt     24720
     ttgctctatt ttctgagaga ttctcaactt tatcttgcaa cccatgcttc tgtttagtct     24780
     tttttttctt ttgaacccta caaagattat ttcattgctg ggcgcagtgg ctcacgcctg     24840
     taatcccagc actttgggag gctgaggtga gcggatcatg aggtcaagag attgagatta     24900
     tcctggccaa catggtgaaa cccggtctct actaaaaata caaaaattag ctgggcatgg     24960
     tggcgggtgc ctgtaatccc agctactcag gaggttgagg caggaaaatc gcttcaaccc     25020
     gggaggcaga ggttgcagtg agccaaggtc acgccactgc acttcagcct ggcaacagag     25080
     cgagactctg tctcaaaaaa caaacaaaca aaaaacaatt atttcatgca atgtttatag     25140
     acttagagat gtgtttacgt tttgctaacc atttcttttt gcatctctct ctctctcttt     25200
     tttttttaga cggtcttgct cggttgccca ggctggagtg cagtggcacc atcatgcctc     25260
     acagcaacct caaactcctg ggctcaagtg accctcctga gtagctggga ccataggtgt     25320
     gtgccaccca cacatggata tttttctttc tttttttttt ttttagagag gggtcttgct     25380
     atgttgctta ggctggtctt gaactcctgg cctcaagtaa tcctccttcc tcagcctctc     25440
     aaagtgctgc gataacaggc atgacccacc acgcccagct cattctttcc ttttaaaaca     25500
     tttttccttc ttcctgaatc ctgtctttta gaagcatctt taatgatggt ctgttggtag     25560
     taaactctgt tttatctgaa aatgtcattt cacctttgat gttaaaagat aattttgttg     25620
     gatactcaat aggttccttc tctcaatatt gaagatgaac accacagtct tctggctttc     25680
     tctgctgctg agaaggcagc cggccgtctg tactgctggc actgccctgg atgacttctc     25740
     tcctacctct gattgctttt aaaatcttct cttggtcttt ggtgttttgg agctttccta     25800
     tgatgtgtct ccacatggat ttctttcatt taacctgttt aaaatatact gcgtttccat     25860
     tacctaggga ctcaaatctt tcatcagtta caaaatatcc ttcagccaac ggctcttcaa     25920
     atactgcctc ttctccattc tattttcccc ttctggggct gaaatcaaat gtatcttaaa     25980
     cttttgcatt ctatcctctg tgtctcaatc aacctctctg tcactttccc cgtcttgtta     26040
     actcttggct gcattcttaa aaaatgtctt ccagttcaca aagtttctct caactgtaca     26100
     taatctgaca tttaacctat tgattggtct ctttcaaatc ttcctgatca ctcctgctga     26160
     tctcttgttt tctgctcatc ttcatgttct ttttcacttt ttaagtccct agtacctcaa     26220
     ttttcgagac ttttgagtgt tctgtagcac aaacaggatg aatccttagc ttccctcact     26280
     gccgacatgg aatctggctt tctcggatct gctcagtaaa tgatcactca cccatctgct     26340
     tcccagcttc cagaacttca ctactgtctt ctctcccact tcacccattc cctgtgagtc     26400
     tgacttttta aaacatcact ttgctgttca cttagcaaag gcttgggaaa gagtgacact     26460
     gcatttgttt tcactctgcc acccttacct ggaagccagt atgctttttt taaaaattac     26520
     cttcggcacg ggccaggagc ggtggctcac gcctgtaatc ccgacacttt gggaggccga     26580
     ggcaggtaga tcacttgagg tcaggagttt gagaccagtc tgaccaacat ggtgaaactc     26640
     cacctctact aaaaatacaa aaattagccg ggcatggtgg tacatgcctg agtccccgct     26700
     acttgggagg ctgaggcagg agaatcactt gagcccggga ggtggaggtt gcagtgagct     26760
     gagatcgcac cactgcactc cagcctgggt gacagagcga gatgctgtct caaaaaaaaa     26820
     aaaaaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa aagaaatatt tttgaattaa tttaaatttc     26880
     atttctatca caaaaactat ttcaaaatat aaaaaaagaa cttcttaaat catcatctgt     26940
     taacattaac catattacag gcacaccgca cagatgtctt cctggtcaac atttcttggt     27000
     agagcatctt tttatttttg acagtttata agttcacaaa ccatatgatt cttccaatac     27060
     gtattcctgt caatggttgc cacggtaaat tttgtattta catcaagaaa caaaaccaac     27120
     attttaacaa aatgaagtgc aggggagaaa aaaaaaatcc tcaagttgca tttcagatac     27180
     aagtagaaga cgccacaatc acacacgtgg atgtgagcag agcacgtgct gcgtggatga     27240
     tgctgacaca aacaggcctc tcaatgtcac cctgggaaaa gcaacagtga aagcttcacc     27300
     tcggctgtcc agtgtcagga agccgcattt aaaacattaa catcctcaca caatagcctg     27360
     tttcttgtat aaagggtgtt tgttacacgg atgctttgtc ttaggaaact ggttgcactg     27420
     acacaataat ttactggctt ttcctattta acatgaaaaa gacagcattt tcatgcaaga     27480
     cgtctggttt tcaggaatgg gttacggatg caagaactac ccttgctctc tgtagaatat     27540
     attacaggcg acatgcagaa aatatggaaa accatttctg ccaaaagcca gatcgagtaa     27600
     tctatgctat tttagaagct ccatgacacc agggattggc taaacacaaa cacgttcaaa     27660
     caagcaccca cctgtttttg gactctcgcg tggctcagtt gcacacgggg gactgacagg     27720
     gacagttttc atggcacatg atgtggtttg gctctgtgtc cccacccaaa tctcattttg     27780
     tagctcccat aattcccaca tgttggggga gcgacctggt gggagataat tgaatcatag     27840
     gggtgggtct ttcccatgct gttttcgtga tagtgaatga gtctcacgag atctgatggt     27900
     tttaaaaatg ggagtctccc tgcacaagct ctcctctttg cctgctgcca tccaggtaag     27960
     acgtgacttg ctcctccttg ccttgcacca tgattgtgag gcctccccag ccatgtggaa     28020
     ctgtgtaagt ccattaaacc ctttttcctg tataaattac ccagtctcag gtatgttttt     28080
     atcagcagct tgaaaacaga ctaatacagc acacttacaa agcaacactt caatgtagat     28140
     ttagcagaaa caacaaaaaa tgtcacaaca ctgcagtaaa gaagtgtttt cccgataaat     28200
     acccattagg tattagataa gcatcccata aaacattgtt gaaaacgaag ccgagttttc     28260
     gattcacaca gttgtctgtt ttaacctctc taaatcccga taaatagcca ttaggtatta     28320
     gataagcgtc ccacgaaaca ttgttgaaaa cgaagccacg ttttccgatt cacacagtta     28380
     gttgtctgtt ttaacctcgc taaatgctct gttctagttg ctttcatttc atcagaccct     28440
     agtacataga aatcaacatt gtgagggtcc cactcttcat ctatatagac attactctat     28500
     ttcttatttc ctacaataat aaaatgtaca ctcaactaga tatttttatt tctcatctgc     28560
     ctgggcccat cccagcacca gttcttgcag aggtgttcca ggaggtgaca tctgaaagct     28620
     ttcatccacc atccacctgt tctgccacag gatcacgggg ggaaagacca caccggcttc     28680
     tggttctcag gttctagtct atgacatctg ggaccctggg gcaccggtct ctggccctca     28740
     aggcaccaga ggacgggaaa ggagaggcag acgctattaa attctttatg gaatgaaaat     28800
     taactcttta tgttgtataa ctggctgcta caatctgtca agcagaaatg agacaacatg     28860
     gagatgcaga cgcaggcaga tgatgggctg gtaaagcgaa gctgaccacc aagaccccac     28920
     catgctcaca tcgaggagga atgcagtggc gcccaggtgg ccaactcccg aggcaggagc     28980
     tcaggcaggg ccctggcagc accacctgac ctgtctcctg gcatcccctc agctctcctg     29040
     cgttctgccc atcactcacc ccaggactcc atcctcccac acccctcaac ttccagctta     29100
     gactcagcct ctgtcggcct ccgccaaaag cagagcctga gacgaggatg tggcttcatg     29160
     ggctctattt aggaggggag ctcgggaaga agaaacgcag acccaggatg cacccaagct     29220
     cctgccacag tctgagctgg ccccacaggt acccaagagt gtcctctgaa gccagtgcat     29280
     ttacccatca tgcaaggaga gggggacatc ccatcacagt gcagccacga ggaggagggg     29340
     tacctgccac aagctccggg tgggccactg cagccaccca ctacctcatc cttggcccct     29400
     cggcataccc acctgcaaat ccaaacctgg agagacaaaa ctctcagaac cacacccagg     29460
     ctacatagat ctgtgagcaa cagatgtatg ttgctttaag aggttaaatc tgtggtggtt     29520
     tgttatggca gcaatagaat actaacacag atgtggctta cacctctgat ctcagcactt     29580
     tgggatgctg aggcgggctg attgcttgag tgcacaagtt caagaccagc ctcagcaaca     29640
     tgagacctcg tctctattaa aaatcaaaac aaacaaagat aaaaagtggg ctgggtgcag     29700
     tggctcaggc ctgttaatcc cagcaatttg ggaggcagag gtgggtggat gacctgagac     29760
     cagcagttca agattagcct ggccaacatg gtgaaaccct gactctacta aaaatacaaa     29820
     atattagcca ggcatggtgg cgggcgcctg tagtcccagc tactcaggag gctgaggcag     29880
     gagaattgct tgagcctggg aggcggaggc tgcagtgagc tgacatcatg ctaccacact     29940
     ccagcctggg tgacagagtg agactccgtc ttaggggaaa aaaaatagat aaaaattaaa     30000
     aaaaaaaaaa ttagccaggt gatacagttt ggctctgtgt ccccacccaa atctcacctt     30060
     gaattgcaat aatcaccacg tgtcatgaga gggacctagt gggaggtaac tgaatcatgg     30120
     ggacgggtct ttcctgagct gttctcatga ctgtgaataa gtgtcatgag atccgatggt     30180
     tttataagag ggcagttccc ctgtacacac tctcttgctt cccctttgcc ttctgccacg     30240
     atggtgaggc ctccccaact gtgttgaact gtgagtcaac taaacctctt tcctttataa     30300
     attacccagt ctcgggtatg tctttattag cagcacgata acagactaat acatcaggtg     30360
     tgatggctca tgcctgtgat ctcagctact tgggaggctg aggcaggagg atcccttgag     30420
     cacaggagat tgaggctgcc gtgagccgac atcacaccac tccactccag tctgggcaac     30480
     agagcaagac cctgtttcaa acaagcaaac aaaacaacaa caatagaaaa ttaacaccaa     30540
     ggtcttcctc ctcctcagga agcttctgct gtcaatgatc ccttgtctct tctgtagagt     30600
     agccctcccc ctccccacca gccttcctgc cagtatttaa catgttctta tctccaccgt     30660
     attaagagat ggtgtggtgg ctcacgtttg taattgtagc actttgggag gctgaggtga     30720
     gtggactgct tgaactcagg tgcttgagac cagcctgggc aacatggcaa aaccctgtct     30780
     ctacaaaaaa attgccaggc atggtggtgc acacctgcat tctcagctac ttgggaggcc     30840
     gagtgggagg actgcttgag cccgggaggc agaggttgca gtgagctgtg atcatgccac     30900
     tgtacttcag cctaggcgac agagccagac ccaatctcaa aaagaaaaac aaaagaaaaa     30960
     aataatcaca cagagagact ggtgcccagc tctctgcccc tccagccacc actttggttc     31020
     tcaccccgca tgtccccaca gttcctttga cgaagtggcc tccatctcct caccttcccc     31080
     tgggacctca actctgatac tctggtctat gcctccactc gactgaaatc tccagtgact     31140
     tccaagacac taaactgaat ccagaggatt gtactcaatg ttactaaagg accaagactt     31200
     cttagactca acaaccaaag gacgtgtgat agaagaaaaa caaagtactg ggattacatg     31260
     cgtaaccacc atgcctagct tgtcttttca tcttcttaat ggtgtatttt gaagcacaaa     31320
     ggttatgaat tttgatagaa agtctatttt gctattgttt ttcacccaat aggatggcta     31380
     gggaaaaaaa gaaaggcaat gttttaaaag ggagaaaaaa aataagtcac acaaaagtgt     31440
     tggcaagaat gtggagaaac aagagccctc gtacactgca agtaagaact cactttggaa     31500
     aacagtttgg caaaaatcta ccacgtgacc cagcaattcc actcccagga atctagtcgg     31560
     gagacatgaa gtcacaaatg cacagtgaga cccggacacg cacattcccg gcagcaccat     31620
     tcacaggagc caaacacagc acagccccac gttcaccacc agacgatggg ggagaaaaga     31680
     cggtggaccc actcaatgcg atgcttcagc catagagagg gattggctct aaggctaaaa     31740
     gagccctcca gaaaccctgg agaaagtgtt ttaaaaaaca aaagaaagca ggcaacaaag     31800
     tcagacacaa aagatgacat attgtaggat tccatgtcca tgaagtgacc aggagcggca     31860
     gatcggcaga gatggaggcg gctatgaggc ggggctgggc acaaagcagc agcatcttct     31920
     aggtgatgga aatgctcaac aggaggtgat ggctgcacga ctctacaaat ttactaaaaa     31980
     ccatgggatt atatacttga aatgagtgaa ttttttatat ataaattata cctccataat     32040
     tgaaacactg ccaaatgcac gccggctcgt ggcggcaccc cttccggctt ccaccatgca     32100
     tttctgagct ctgagtcact tgaagcggca tccgaggcct tctctcacta caggcccttg     32160
     ggagcagtgc agtctgcagg acttcatcat caacccaggc caaaccacgt ccctgtccgt     32220
     gacttcgcac ctggcctttc agcaccaggt gtctgcacag ctcttggctg cacctgcact     32280
     ctgagtcatt gcaggcacca aacccaagcc ctgtaccttc accctacacc tgagcccctt     32340
     cctcaggagc tgtgctgcct cctcagaact caatttcatc tcatcagact ctgcccctag     32400
     caggtcctct gctccgtgct gccacaccct gcccagtgcg cccattcagg acagaagtca     32460
     gtcctcgcag gcttgtccct gggtggcagg tgacaggcgc tgggccacgg cagagagcac     32520
     atgtcaaccg cagtccccgt gttatccagg aggaagcgaa gaaaacactg ggcaggtcca     32580
     cagttaaact gcaactctct aacaagaagt gggtcctaag cctggctctg cacagctcca     32640
     aaaccccatc cctctcatac tcagagctgc agatgccagt gcaaccatgt ggagaagaag     32700
     ctggatgaag tcacagccgt gaaactcagg ctggaagctc tgggacacta catgaactga     32760
     aggcacgaga agtccaggtg tcaaggagag gttggccatg aggtcagatg cccagctggg     32820
     aaccagccct gggacaccac gctctcaatg atgggctcca tgagggcagg gcctccctgc     32880
     ctcactgtgg tctctcccgg cagagtcact gatggactcc gtcagggcag agcctccccg     32940
     cctcactctg gtctctcccg gcagagtcac tgatggtctc cgtcagggca gagcctcccc     33000
     gcctcactct ggtctctcct ggcagagtca ctgaagggct ccatgagggc agggcctccc     33060
     tgcctcactc tggtctctcc cggcacagag tcccatgaat gtcatcatcc cagacgtgtt     33120
     aggaatgaaa gacatgacat gtaaagtgca aacatgaggg attcttatcc tctagaaaaa     33180
     accatcccca aacccagacg tgctctcagg aagcagagcg atacaccttg gatggcagag     33240
     gtttattttg tgtggaatcc caacactaag gaaagtcata accaaagggg ctgcctgagc     33300
     gaggccaggg ctgcaggggg agctgggggc agcagggagg acagagacac ctgcagatgc     33360
     tcccggatgg agctggcctt gcctgggtgc tggtgcaagg tatgcggcag caacaccatc     33420
     tttaggatgt cactgtgtaa caacagggta acacccagat ggcccagctg gctctgtggc     33480
     cgaggcagga tagctagaga aggtaaccac attgaacaca ccaccacctg accagcaacc     33540
     acctgctggg cgtcccccgg agctgcactg gtcacccctc cccaccggtg gcaccaaatg     33600
     tccgccagca aggacggaca catcgcaagc ttggagcctg ctggaggaag ggcacaggcc     33660
     accggagggg atgtggatgt tctctctgtg cagacagggc aacaaccgca aacgtgttca     33720
     acagggaaga gcacgtatgg accaggccaa cagggggccc caaacaggag tgagaacaag     33780
     ggcgcctgtg ttgtttcatc ggcaataaaa gtggtactgg gagttggcag gaacagagag     33840
     cgggagggga gggagtgaaa cttcgtagca catgccttct tggcttctgt ttgtttttaa     33900
     tcctgtgaaa gtatcgatag ccaaaaaact aaattttaaa aaatcaccaa aaaaagtgtg     33960
     gagaaaatag aaagaaatga ggaatagcag ggacaccaaa agacaggagg cgaatcggct     34020
     gcctctgaga acaactgggg tgggcacagg ctggcgggca tggaagcctc gtcctttctg     34080
     caccaccgca caatgttaga gctctgcgcc tgggctacct tcattaaaag tgaagttcct     34140
     tctcagaaac ctacctgaaa gccttgattc tcagaaaaca acgcctctct gagccaaggg     34200
     catgggaacc tgcaggagac agcctggtcc tggtgagacc ctcgctgggc ccagagtcca     34260
     agcgggccat ggccctggca ctgcacgtga ggaaacaagg ccttgggttt ttctccacca     34320
     cacttgctgc agacgagggt ccgggaccag acacgcccag agggccccag tgccctgtgg     34380
     ttggggtggt gtttccttct gtctctctcc ctgatggggc acagctggag gcatctgctc     34440
     tgctctgacc attttttttt tttttttttt tttgagacag agtctcgctt tatagccagg     34500
     ctggagtaca acgacaccat ctcggctcac tgcaagctcc gcctcctggg ttcacaccat     34560
     tctcctgcct cagcctcccg agtagctggg actacagcca cccgccacca tgcccggcta     34620
     atttttgtat ttttcgtaga gacggggttt caccatgtta gccaggatgg tcttgatctc     34680
     ttgacctcat gatccgcgtg cctcagcctc ccaaactgct gggattacag ccgtgagcca     34740
     ctgcgcccgg cctgctctga cccttcttaa agctcgagca tgtggcccca gtaagagcag     34800
     ggaagggacg aacagcccat cctcacatga aacccgcaga ctgctgtgtc aaggtggcat     34860
     ccctgttctc accctcactg tgcagagtcc ctgagacttc cccacaggca ccatgggctt     34920
     gagtcctgtg ctcacaatgt ccatggcccc agaacattcc cacaaggaaa ggctatcggc     34980
     agcctgcagc cgcccaccct gctgcccaca ctgccctgtg cactgctgtc agccacgcct     35040
     gaacagagac tctcattctt cctgaggaaa tgaaaacaaa acagcaatga aaacgacttt     35100
     acaccagatc aggtcaggac ctttggtggg tgagggaagg aatgaccaat ccaagacaag     35160
     aaatgctcgg gagctggggg acagtcctgg agaccaatgc agaatgcaga gaaagcaaga     35220
     cgccgtgcca ggggagggca gctggaagcc atgcatgcgt ccacggggac cccaagagag     35280
     ggaaccagag ggaacaatgg agaacagtgt ttccaagcaa aagtgcaccc atgtgccaag     35340
     tactgtacat aaaataagtc catatccaga ctcattgccc tgaaggacta aaagctacca     35400
     gagacaaaag actggagggc tgaaaacatg tataaattcc tggtacaatt tctacaaaat     35460
     ggtggagagt ctaattctcc ttcctctagc ataggtggcc ctaaaaactc actcctggca     35520
     cacacaatgg gggacctgtg acctcagagg ttgggctgga aaaggggata gagccttcag     35580
     agccctgagc tgccctaccc tgaggacacc atgctataac atccacaaga tggcaccagc     35640
     tgctccacgg ccccagctgc tcctccaggg ccccagctgc tctgatttcc ccagcagaag     35700
     ccccagacat gccagtaaga tggctcatcc atagctcctg tcttgactgt agtctcagga     35760
     gaccccatgc caagctgctc ctgaatttct gttccacaga aaccaggaga gaggatcata     35820
     tacaactatt ttaggcccct acattttggg gtaatttgtt atccagcaaa agtaactgga     35880
     gcaatctccc acaaggaaac aagagctgaa gttgtatcca attgcagcac tcacagaccc     35940
     tcactacaga actactgaag ggctcgttcc agaaagaaaa cagcctagga ggaaaccata     36000
     ctgagcaagg gcgatatcag atattggaaa ctcaatttct ggctgtttaa aagcttttta     36060
     ttccgaaagg tagagcaagt tccactcaac aagaacaaca actgccaagg agggctgctc     36120
     agccagtgcc actgtagaga cgaggcaaat gcagagccag ctcaacccta gcttcccaat     36180
     gaatctcttg aggaactttt aaaaactcat tttttaaagc tagctgagct gaatgacttt     36240
     ggggcaaata atgaaattac ggcagaaatc aagaagttcc ttgaaactaa tgagaacaat     36300
     gatgcagcat accagaatct ctgggacaca gctaaagcag tgttaagagg gaaattcata     36360
     gcactaaatg cccacatcag aaagttagac agacctcaaa ttaacaacct aacatcacaa     36420
     ccgaaagaat cagagggcaa gagcaaatca atcccaaagc taaaaaaaga caaaaaaata     36480
     accaaaatca aaactgacct gaaggaaatc gagacacaaa aatccattca aaagatcaat     36540
     gagcaggagt tggcttcttg gaaaaattaa taagatagat aggccactag ctagactaat     36600
     aaagaagaaa agagagaaga tccaaataaa cacaattaga aatgacaggc caggtgcggt     36660
     ggctcacgcc tataatccca gcactttggg aggctgaggt gggcagatca ccggtcaggg     36720
     gatcaagacc atcctggcta acacagtgaa accccatctc tactaaaaat acaaaaaaaa     36780
     aaccaattag ccaggtgtgg tggcgggcgc ctgtagtccc agctacttgg gaggctgagg     36840
     caggagaatg gcgtgaaccc aggaggcaga acttgcagtg agctgagatc gcgccactgc     36900
     actccagcct gggtgacaga gcgagactcc gtctcaaaaa ataataataa taaataatag     36960
     aaatgacaaa cgtggccagg cgctgtggct cacatctgta atcccagcac tttgggaggc     37020
     caaggcagat ggatcacttt aggtcaggag ttcaagaaca gcttggtcaa tgtggtaaaa     37080
     ccccgtctcc actaaaaata caaaaattag ctgggtgtgg tggcacacgc ctgtaattct     37140
     agctactcgg gaggctgaag ttgcagtgag ctgagattgc accactgcac tccaacttgg     37200
     gtgacaaaat gagaccaact caaaaaataa aaaataaata aaaagcaatg atgaagggaa     37260
     tgttatcact gaccccacag aaataaaaat aaccatcaga aactactatg aacacctcta     37320
     tgcacacaaa ctagaaagcc tagaagagac ggataaattc ttggacatgc ctgtaatccc     37380
     agcactttgg aaagccaagg taggcggatc acaaggtcag gagttcgaga ccagcctggc     37440
     caacatggtg aaaccctgtt tctactaaaa atacaaaaac cagccgggca tggtggtgca     37500
     cgcctgtaat cccagctact tggaaggcta agacaggaga atttcttgaa cccaggaggt     37560
     ggaggttgca gtgagctgag attgtggcac tgcactgcag cctgggcaat agagcaagac     37620
     tctgtcttgg aaaaaaaaag aaaaaaaaaa ttcctggaca catacaccct cccaagactg     37680
     aaccaggaag aaactgattc cctaaacaga caattaacaa gctccgagat ggaatcagta     37740
     ataaatagct taccatccaa aaaaagccta ggacctgatg gattcacagc caaattctac     37800
     ccgatgtaca aagaagagct gataccattc ctactgaaac tattccaaaa aattgaggag     37860
     gagggattcc ttctcaactc attcaatgat gccagcatca tcctgatacc aaaacctggc     37920
     agaggcacaa caacaaaaaa tatatatatt caggccaaca tccttgatgc acattgatgc     37980
     aaaaatcctc aaaaaaatac ttgcaaactg aatccagcag cacatcagaa aactaatcca     38040
     ccacaatcaa gcagacttca tccccgggat ataaggttgg ttcaacatat gcaaatcaat     38100
     aaatgtgatt catcaaataa ataggactaa agacaaaaac cacatgatta tctcaataga     38160
     tgcagaaaag ggcttcaata aaatccacaa ctgctcatgt taaaaactct caataaacca     38220
     agtattgaag gaacatacct caaaataata agggccatct gtgacaaacc cacagctaca     38280
     tcatactgaa tggtaaaagc tggaagcatt ccccttgaaa accagcacaa ggatgccctc     38340
     tctcaccact cctattaaac ataatattgg aagtcctagc cagagcaatc gggcaagata     38400
     aggaaataaa gggcatccaa atagggagag aggaggtcaa actatccctg tttgcagatg     38460
     acatgattgt atatctagaa aaccccatcg tctcagccca aaagctcttt catcaaatga     38520
     agctgataac ttcatcaaag tttcaggata caaaaatcaa tgtccaaaaa atcactagca     38580
     ttcctataca ccaacaacag ccaagtcgag agtcaaatca ggaaggcaat cccattcaca     38640
     aatgccacaa aaagaataaa atacctagga atacagctaa ccagggaggt aaaagatctc     38700
     taaaatgaga attacaaaac actgctcaaa gaaatcagag aaaacacaaa caaacagaaa     38760
     aacatcccat actcatggat aggaagaatc ggtatcatta aaatggccat aatgtacaaa     38820
     gaaatttaca aattcaatgc tattcctaac aaactaccaa cgacattctt cacaaaacta     38880
     gaaaaataat ttttaaattc atatgcagcc gggcacagtg gctcacgcct gtaatcctag     38940
     catgttggga ggctgaggtg agtgaatcac ctgaggtcgg gagtttgtga ctagcctggc     39000
     caacatggtg aaaccccatc tctaccaaaa actcaaaaat tagctgggca tggtagcaca     39060
     cacctgtaat ctcagctact tgggaggctg agtgaggcag gagaatcact tgaacctagg     39120
     aggaggaggt tgcagtgatc tgagatcaca tcactgcact ccagcctgga tgatagagag     39180
     actctgtctc aaaaaaaaat taaaaataaa tacatacatt catatgggac cacaaaagag     39240
     tccaaataga taaggcaatc ctaagcaaaa agaagctgga ggcatcatgt tacctgactt     39300
     caaattatac tacagtgcta cagtatccaa aacagaatgg tactggtaca aaaacaggca     39360
     ccaacggaac gaatggcaaa cccttacacc atatacaaaa atcaactcaa gatggattaa     39420
     agacttaaat gtaaaaccca aaactataaa aaccctggaa gacaacctag gcaataccat     39480
     cctagacaca ggaataggaa aagatttcat aacacagata caaaaagcaa tggcaacaaa     39540
     agcaaaagtt gataaatgag atcaataaat gagcttctgc acagcaaatg aaactatcaa     39600
     cagagtaaac aggcaaccta tagaatggga gaaaatattt gcaagctatg catctgacaa     39660
     agatctagca ctccagcctg ggcgacagtg caagaccccg tctcaaaaat aaataaataa     39720
     ataaataata aaaataaaaa agtaaaaaaa taacagatgc tagtgaggtt gtggagaaaa     39780
     gtgaacactt aacactgttg gtgggaatgt aaatcagttc aaccattgtg gaaagcagta     39840
     ttcctcaaaa agctaaaagc agaactatca tttgcccagc aattccatta ttgggtatac     39900
     acccagagaa atataaatca ttctaccata aagatacatg cacatgaatg ttcactgcag     39960
     cactattcac aatagcaaag atatggaatc aatctacacg tccatcaatg atagattgga     40020
     tttttaaaat gtggtacata aacaccatag aatactatgc agccataaaa aagaataaga     40080
     ccatgtcctt tgcaggaaca tggatggagc tggaggctat tctccttagc aaactaacac     40140
     aggaacaaaa aaccaaatac cacatgttct cacttgtaag tgggagataa atgatgagaa     40200
     ctcatgaaca caaaggaaac cagcggacac tagggtctac ctgagggtgg agggtgggga     40260
     ggagggaggg agaggagcat aaaggataac tactgggtac tgggcttaat acttgggtga     40320
     tgaaataatc tgtacaacaa acccccgtga catgagttca cctatgtaac aaaccttcac     40380
     atgtaccccc ccgaatctaa aataaaagtt aaaaaaaaaa gtagccaagg aaaagtccaa     40440
     tttatcaggt tctcaacgtg attttaatgt gcagccaagg ttgaaaatta ttgaaatatg     40500
     aggccgggcg cagtggctca cgcttgtaat cccagcactt tgggaggctg aggcgggcag     40560
     atcacctgag gtcaggagtt tgacgccagc ctgatcaaca tggtgaaacc cagtcttgac     40620
     taaaaataca aaatagctgg gcgtggtggc atgtgcctgt aatcccagct actcaggaga     40680
     ctgaggcagg aatccacaat cgcttgaacc cgggaagtgg aggttgcagt gagccaagat     40740
     cgtgccactg tactacagcc tgggcaacaa gagtgaaatt ctgtctcaga aaaataaata     40800
     aaagaaaatt attgaaatat gaaatagaaa ctcaggcaaa acacactaat aggaaatcac     40860
     agaaactaca aacagtaaaa ggaacagtcc atcaagttat aaacacgcac aacaccatgc     40920
     ctggcgtcta cctgcctggg agctgctgaa atgatggaaa aaagaggccc cttcaatgga     40980
     agcacaagct cctccacctt cccgtcagga acctgcttgc acggagaacc cccacaaaca     41040
     ctggccatca gagactctga aacacccatg cctcaccctc tcggtctcat caaacctgca     41100
     gttaagactc ccatgcagaa aactgatcta gaaaaatcga aggaccttcc ttatggtgga     41160
     gagggagcca cagctcgggt catgacaggg actggacttg tcctcctgtt ggaataacta     41220
     gaaattgtaa taactatcag gtcatgacag ggactggact tgtcctcctg ttggaataac     41280
     tagaaattgt aataactatc gggtcatgac agggactgga cttgtcctcc tgttggaata     41340
     actagaaatt gtaataacta gaatgtgaaa gaactggcgc cgaaaaggga aacaaacaag     41400
     gtgaaacccg ctcccagccc ggctctgtgc aggcactttc cagaccacgc ggacagagcc     41460
     gcgccgtctg cacgtgagca cggctgtctg gactgccgga cacgagcact gaaaggagga     41520
     gacagtagtg aacccgaagg tggcaaatgg aattatccaa actaaagccc agtggaagat     41580
     gaacactgac ctacaggaca acatgaagca ccccaacata tatataactg gaacccttta     41640
     cccaaaataa agggagaaga cagtaaaagt agttgaaaaa ataatggtca aaatttttcc     41700
     aaatgtgagg ccaggcacag tggctcacac ttgtaatctc agcacttttg gaggctgagg     41760
     caagtggact gcttgagccc aggagtgtgg gaccagcctg ggcaacatgg cgaaacccca     41820
     tctctgcaaa acatacaaaa attacctggg catggtggca ggtgcttgga gtcccagtta     41880
     ctcgggagct gaggtgggag gatcaattga ccctgggagg tggaggctgc agtgatctgt     41940
     gatcacacta ctgcattcca gcctggatga cagaacaaga ccctgtcaaa aaaacttttt     42000
     ccaaatttga tgaaaactgt tgctggcagc ggccagtcaa gacggcctgc tgctgccatc     42060
     acgctggctg cagcagggag gcgtggccag ggctgcacac tccatggagc tggcaggagc     42120
     cggggacaag caggagcccc gccccttctg agttggggca gaagctcccc ctcatgctgc     42180
     tgtagctgcc caagctgctg ctgcagaccc agggcccttg ctccatggag caggaggaag     42240
     cccagccctc ctgggtggtg ctgcagccac ccaagttgtg gctgcagatc tgagcctccc     42300
     tgtgttcttg ggtggctggg agcaggcagg agccctgtcc tcccaggtgc tgctgcaacc     42360
     gcccaaacca tggctgcaga cccagcctcc tgctccacgg agcaggcagg agccccaccc     42420
     caatgggcac agctgcagcc acccaaacat ccctgcactc ttgggggccc aggaaggccc     42480
     ctcacccttg cagactcaga agtgctcagt cccactgcct ggcttctccc tgctgtcagc     42540
     tcccactcca gtcttggagc aaagttgggt ctgagcccag gtgccatgaa cagcagcagg     42600
     aagcagacag attcctgagt ggaagggggc aggtccccgg tgaggcccca cctcaggcaa     42660
     gagatggcct gaaggctggg ggctgggctg ccagtcccat ggactggagt gggaagttgt     42720
     ggtgcctttt ccagacccac ccatggccac ccatcagcat gcaattcctc ccctctgagg     42780
     cccataaaag ccccgggatc agccagagct gagcagaaaa caggacaacc agctgaagag     42840
     aggagctacc ctctctactg aaagcttcag agacctgcag agacaccagg actactggct     42900
     acaaagagga gcagcccaat ccagggcttc ttctctgcta ggagctgggc agatgttggg     42960
     atggccagct gcagagagga gctacccact ccagggcctc ctctctgctg agagctgaat     43020
     gcttatcagg atgacctgcc agcagagagg agccacccac tccaggcctc ctctctgctg     43080
     aaaactgcag agacgacagg acgacctgcc tacagagagg agtcacccac tgcaggtctc     43140
     ctctgagctg ttctaacact cagtaaggct tctcttcatc ttgctcaccc tccacttgtc     43200
     tgcatacctc attcttcctg gatgcaggac aagaacttgg gcaaaggcgc cactagccac     43260
     cgaggtttct ggccagagaa gcgacacccc aaagaccccg taacactatg gatgtgacaa     43320
     acttgatgaa tgccaagcag gaaaacacca gaccaaagtt cagtcttatc caattgctac     43380
     aaaccagaaa gagaaaacct catcaaaagc aatgcacaaa agaagaaagg gaacagcata     43440
     tctaacatgc taaatcaaac aaaacgatca atctagaatc ccatgcccag ttaaactatt     43500
     cttaaagaat aaaaccaaaa acaaagattc ttttcttcct gacaaacata agagaattag     43560
     ttgccaacag atacatacta aaagaaatat taaatgaact tattcaggca aaaagataat     43620
     actggataaa aacttgaata tgtaaaatgt aataaagagc actagacata gcaaataagg     43680
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaggcc aggtgtagtg gctcatgcct gtaatcccaa tactttgaga     43740
     gactgaggta ggagaatcgc ttgagcccag gagttcaaaa ccaccctgct caacatagcg     43800
     agaccccatc tctacaaaat ttaaaaaaat aaaaaacaaa tgttttctca ttttaaaatg     43860
     tatgtgatta agagggtcaa ttcatcaaga ttatgtaaca atcctaaatg cgtatgccta     43920
     gtttaataac acagcttcaa aacacatgga aaaaaaaagt atggaacttc aacaagtaag     43980
     ggacaaattc aaaagttagt ctaaggggcc aggcacggtg attcacatct gtaatcctag     44040
     cactctggga ggctgtggtg ggcggatcac ccacttgagg tcaggaattt aagaccagcc     44100
     tggccaacat ggcaaaaccc tgtctctact aaaaatacaa aaaattagtc aggcgtggtg     44160
     gcacacacct gtaatcccag ctacttggga ggctgagata ggagaatcac ttgaacccag     44220
     gaggcagagg ttgcagtgag ctgagatggt gccactgcac tccagcctgg atgacagagc     44280
     aagactccat ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagt gagtctaagc gtatataaga     44340
     ctggatctct atcaaaccac tttaaccaac atttataaaa tgagttaatt agacgaaatg     44400
     gataaattcc ttgaacaaca caaactacca aaaatcactc acgaagaaat agataacttg     44460
     atagccaatg tatctattta ataaattgaa tttgtaggtt aagaccttcc cacaaagaaa     44520
     accccaggcc aaggtgactg cactggtgaa catttaagaa caataattaa aattaaacat     44580
     ttaagaaaaa taattttggc ctagcatggt ggctcatgcc tgtaattcca gcacttttgc     44640
     aggccaaggt gggtagattg tttgaaccca aaagttcaag accagtctct gaaaaaaata     44700
     aataaaataa aataacaaaa taaaacaata ttaataaaag acaaaaaagg aaatgaaaaa     44760
     gaaaaagaaa acagaaaaga ggaaagaaag aaaaaattag ctgggcatgg tggtatgtgc     44820
     ctgtggtccc agcaactcag gaggctgagg caggaggata gcttgagccc aaaaggttga     44880
     ggctgcagcc aactctgatc atgctactgc actccaggct gggcaacaga gtgagaccct     44940
     gtctggaaga tgcatttctc aactcattta taaagccaat agtacaaact atatgctgat     45000
     ctcaaaacca gacaaaggca ttacaaagaa aactacagac caatatccct atgaccacag     45060
     atacaaacat ccttaaaatt taaaaacttt agcaaattga atccagcaat aaaggataac     45120
     acaatcatat ccaagtggag tttatctcag gattgcaaga ttagtttaac atttaaaaaa     45180
     tcaatcagtg taattcacca tattaacaga ctaaaataga aaaacatata agcttcgcaa     45240
     aacaggcaaa agaagcagtt cacaaaatcc accatttatt ctaaataaaa actcaaagca     45300
     aattgaaaat agacagaaac ttcctcaact tgataaaagg tgcatgtcta aaacctatag     45360
     ctacagtcag ccctccacat ccatgggttg aaccaactgg ggattgaaaa tatttttaaa     45420
     ataaaaataa aaaaacaaca atataacaat aaaagataat acaaattttt taatatggca     45480
     taacagctat ttacatagca ttaacactgc actggatatt aaaattaatc tagggatgat     45540
     ttaaagtaca caggatgata tatataggtt atatatcaat cctacagcat ttctttcttt     45600
     cttctttctt tcgagacaag gttttgctct ttttgcccag gctggagtga aatggcgcga     45660
     tcttggctca ctgtaacctc cgcctcccag gttcaggtga ttctcctgcc tcagcctccc     45720
     aagtagctgg aattacaggt gtccaccacc acacccggct aatttttttt tttttttgag     45780
     acagagcttt gctcttgttg ccctggctgc agtgcaatgg tgcgatcttg gctcaccaca     45840
     acctccacct cctgggttca agcaattctc ctgcctcagc ctcccaagta gctgggatta     45900
     caggcatgtg ccaccatgcc cagctaattt tgtatttttt agtagagatg ggatttctcc     45960
     atgttggtca ggctggtctc tagctcctga cctcaggtga tctgctcgcc tcggcctccc     46020
     aaagtgctgg gattataggt gtgagctact gcgcctggcc actacagcat tttttaatca     46080
     gggacctgat catccttgaa ttttggtatc cacagggtgt cctaaaacca ttccccatgg     46140
     acactgaggg atgactgtgt atcataacaa acagcgaaag actgactgct ttcccctcac     46200
     tactctaaca tgacacatta ccggaggtcc tagccagtgc aataaggcag gaaaaagaaa     46260
     aggtagaagg attaggaaag aagaaataaa actatattca tagacaaaat gattatatat     46320
     gtaaaaaaat taaaacatta aatattaatg tttaatattg gggtaaatat taaatttaac     46380
     caatattaga aataagtttg gcaaaataca tgcactgagt agtacaaagt actgatgaaa     46440
     gacatttaag aggacctgaa tcatggggag gtgtaccagg ttcatggatg tggcagccca     46500
     acagggttag ggtgtaatag ccccattgtc tttctgtcca atcctattct gttcactcac     46560
     tccacaggtg ctaatcccaa aagcattcct cagtaaactt cctaaagaca aatcaactca     46620
     gagtccactt cccagggaac tcgacacaaa cagcaattaa taatatacac tgtaaaggac     46680
     ataattactg taatcaaaat gacaggcagc tagataacca gcaacatgct gaccagagcc     46740
     attagcctac caccagccta accacacatt cacaccctga aggcttggag gaaacacctg     46800
     gtaactccca acacgtgctg ggaagctgct catttgaaga atgcttctta acacaattag     46860
     atatgatcaa acgatgttgc ctttttcaat cgtttttgac ctacaaaaaa ctaaagtttc     46920
     acgtgttcaa ctttctgttt ccattgagtc ctgtcttaac catgacaaaa cgtctctgag     46980
     gccaatgagt gcccactttt caatcacacc agccctctga tctaagagtg gagagacaag     47040
     tgttatttct aagtcaatgt tccaagttca agcttaattg gaggacattt tctagactat     47100
     ttcatgggac ctaaacaaag caatcagaga atcccaaaca attttttgca aaatcttccg     47160
     gccttggctt attcgctggt tctgatgctc tgccacccct tcacagctca ctgacacatg     47220
     ctctctgcag agctaagcta acaattgctt ctctcatccc cattctctgg ctgtcttgag     47280
     gggtccactt attcaagccc cactctaact gtgggacgcc ccaagatgca tttccctcta     47340
     catgctaccc tttgaactcc tcattctgtt cccccagtct ccgttataat ccctctgtag     47400
     ctaagtccca attctctacc caaccacctc tctcccaaat gccaggttca cctcagttta     47460
     caaatgccag atggacattc cttgggtggt gttccctcac ctgaatcaca atgctcctcc     47520
     tccccagatc actcttccca accaccacat gcacttgcat tgtgcatctc tttctgtcca     47580
     cagcacatgc cactctgccc ccgacccctg ggtcaaaggt gtggaatgct cccgtgtctc     47640
     ctcctcctgg accctaggtc tccaccactg tccatcccat ccagggcacc ttggcgtcag     47700
     ctctgcagca cctattccca caagcctgaa tggtctctca caaattcaag actgaattcc     47760
     ctcttgctgg cctctggtta aataatataa gattattcat gctttcagcc tttcctcccc     47820
     taaccccatc tcacccctac taccatatta aagaatctcc aaaaaagcca gccaaggtca     47880
     catcactttc atcgtgataa gcattcactg gtgcctctaa aataaaggga caatccttgc     47940
     atgagcacat tccttggaac tgcactgtgc aacacactag tcacttgtca ctatgcttaa     48000
     agtaaagttg agtaatattt aatactcagt cttgcaagcc atgattccgt gctcagcagc     48060
     cacacatagg acagcaggct ctagaaaaca cttctctcag gatcttggcc cagactgact     48120
     tcctacttct gctctgttcc aataaaaacc atctctaaat aaataaatga ataatttttt     48180
     aaaaggctgg gtgggtggct cacccctata atcccagcac tttgggaggc cgaggcaggc     48240
     agatcacttg aggtcaggag tttgagacca gtctggccaa catggtgaaa tcctgtctct     48300
     actaaaaata caaaaaaaac ttagctgaga gtggtggtgt ccatctgtag tcccagctac     48360
     tcgggacgct gaggcaggag aattgcttga acctgggagg tggaggtttg cagtgagctg     48420
     agattgtgcc atcgcactcc agcctgggtg acagaatgag actccatctc aaaaaaaaaa     48480
     taggcatggt ggcacacgac tctgtagtcc cagctgctca ggagactgag gcaggaggat     48540
     cacctgtgcc caggagatgg aggctgcagt ccagtctggc tgcagacggc cctctcagca     48600
     ccgccgtgaa aacacatgca gtcctacaca gggtcccagc agcttcaccc actccgggac     48660
     caccatggcc ccttcacaca caggcagtgt ggagcagagg aggccattcc actctacaca     48720
     caggaggagg ccattccact ctacacacac aaggctccca aagctctgtg agcaacatct     48780
     cagcctctcc ccggctcctc tttgcgcatt cgcgcgtgac actcctgcag aggtgggctc     48840
     cacacaccag ccacctggcc tcggtctctt tccttctaac aggaacagca ccctcactcc     48900
     tgtgatagtc tcaactctct tgggcccatg cttacctggc aaacacctgt ggttaaccca     48960
     gcactcccca tccacacctg ccgctaaaca cattcagagg aaaacagcct ctaaccagcc     49020
     ttcccctttc tcccctccca atcctcacac cagcccaagg cctgaggcca tctggccacc     49080
     aggctggtct cgaactcctg ccctcaactg atctgcccgc ctcagcctcc cacaatactg     49140
     agactatagg tgggagccac catacaaatg aatgaatgaa cgagacgggg tttgctgtgt     49200
     tgcccaggct ggagtgcagt ggtgtgatca cagctcactg cagccttggg ccactacccg     49260
     cctctccatt atccaccttg gacccctcct gtgtctctat tatccacctt gaactgttcc     49320
     ctcctcccca ttatccacct cgaactgctc cctctcccca ctattcacct tggacaaccc     49380
     cccaccccgc ccccctttcc gcatctccat tatccacctt ggacagcttc ctcttccccg     49440
     ttatccactt tggactgctc accctcccca ttatccacct tgggcctctt ccctcatccc     49500
     cattatccac cttggaccgt tccccacatc ccattatctg ccttggacca ctccccactc     49560
     cccattatct gccttggctt gctccccttc cccattatcc aacttggacc gctcaccttc     49620
     cccattttcc accctgggtc actttctctc cccattatcc accttggatc actccaccct     49680
     ccccattatc cgccttggac cgctcccccg tcagcattat ccaccttgaa cccctccttc     49740
     ctccccatta tccaccttgg accattcccc gactccccgt ttatccacct tggaccactc     49800
     cccctcccta ctatccgcct tagagcgatt cccctctccc cgttatccac cttggaccac     49860
     gttccactcc ccattattat ccagcttgga cagctctccc ctccccatca tccaccttgg     49920
     gccgctaccc gcctccccat tatccacctt gggtcactcc tcccctcccc attatccacc     49980
     ttggactgct ccccgtcagc attatccacc ttgaacccct ccttcctcca cattatccac     50040
     cttggaccgc tccccctccc acttatccac cttggaccac tctccctccc gattatccac     50100
     cttgggccgc tccccactcc ccattatcca ccttggatca ctcctcctcc ccattatccg     50160
     ctttggactg ctccccactc cctattatcc accttgggcc attacccgcc tccccattat     50220
     ccaccttggc cagctccctc ctccccatta tccaccttgg actgtttccc cctccccctt     50280
     atccaccttg ggccactccc cccatcccca ttagccacct taaaccgctc accactcccc     50340
     attatccacc ttgaaccact ccccactccc cattatccac ctcgggccta tcccccaccc     50400
     ccattatcca ccttggactg ctccccacac cccattactc accttgggtc actcccttct     50460
     ccccattatt caccttggac cagtcctccc cattttccac tttgggccgc tcctcacctc     50520
     cccattatcc atcttgggtc actccccacc ccccattatc catcttggac tgctccctcc     50580
     tccccattat cccccttggc ccactccccc ctccctatta tccaccttgg accactctct     50640
     cctccctggt taaccttcct cacttggcct cttggtcact aaagcccctg tttgtgctgc     50700
     tataaaggaa tacctgaatc taggtaattt attttttaaa aaaaaggttt atttggctca     50760
     cagttctgca ggctgtacag gaagcacagc accagcgtct gcttctggtg aggcctcagg     50820
     aaccttccat tcctggcaga caggaatgag agctggcatg tggagatcac acaatgagag     50880
     atggagcaag agagagacag ctctcaaggg aactgagtga gaagtccctc ctgagagaac     50940
     ggaccaagcc actcatgagg gagccacccc atgtctccaa cgcctctcac caggccccac     51000
     ctccaacact ggggattaaa cttcaacaca agacctggcg ggactgaaca aaccacagcc     51060
     aaccacagca gcctccttcc tgctcctagg cctcacgtgg caggaggctc cacgctcagc     51120
     cccaggtacc ctctccagct acacccattc cccgggaggc ctcccctagg ctcaggcagg     51180
     cccttcatct ctatgctcag gactccccaa ccgacactcc acgaacaact tctgaccacc     51240
     atctccaata cttcaggctc ataaatgcag catgtccaaa ctgaactcct gggcttctac     51300
     caggaaactt tattggttaa cttcaagata ggtgcagaaa actcaataaa caagattaaa     51360
     acaaatgagg agccaggtgc agtggctcat gcctgtaatc ccagcacgct gggtggctga     51420
     gacaggcgga tcacttgagg ccaggagttc aagaccagct tgggcaacat ggtgaaagcc     51480
     tgtcgctacg aaaaatacaa caattagccg ggcatagtgg tgtgcacctg tagtcccagc     51540
     tacttgggag gctgaggtgg gagaattgct tgaacccagg aggcggaggc tgcagtgagc     51600
     tgagatcatg ccactataat ccagactggg tgacagagtg agactctgtc cccccaaaaa     51660
     aaagaaaaaa aatgaggaca aaaataaaaa ctatttccag attccaacag cctatcccct     51720
     ccacctctgc cacctgagta gagcctgggt tgctgcggtc agctcctaac tggtctcctc     51780
     ttccctccct ccacatggca gccagcagga tccttttaaa acagacaagg cagcagtttt     51840
     ccccagcttt gggtgatggc cactacccaa cttcagcttc cattctgtga agggcaaggc     51900
     cacgtaaaca gtggccccag gactctgcca cttcctgcct cagcacctgg ctgctagccc     51960
     cagagacagg ccatccaatg tgtggtaatg ggagatggag ctgcaggact cagccatggt     52020
     tatgtggttt ggctgtgtcc ccacccaaat ctcaacttgt actcccagaa ttcccacatg     52080
     ttgtgggagg gacccaggag gaggtaattg aatcacgggg gctggtcttt cctgtgttat     52140
     tctcgcgata gtgaataagt ctcacgagat ctgatgggtt tatcagaggc ttccactttt     52200
     gcttcttcct tattttttct tgccaccacc atgtaagaag tgcctttcac cacccaccat     52260
     gattctgagg gttccccaac catgtggaac tgtaagtcca attaaacttc tttttgttcc     52320
     cagtctggca gcatgaaaat ggactaatac agtaaattgg tacttgagtg gggtgttgct     52380
     gaaaagatac ctgaaaatgt ggaaacgact ttggaaatgg gtaacaggca gaggttggaa     52440
     cagtttggag ggttcaaaag aagacaggaa aatgtgggaa agtctggaac ctcctagaga     52500
     cttgttgaac ggttgacaaa aatgccgata gtgatacgaa taaggtccag gctgaggtgg     52560
     tctcagatgg agataacaaa cttgttgaga actggagcaa agatgactct cttgttatgt     52620
     tttagcaaag agactggcag cattttgccc ctgccctaga gatctgtgga actttgaact     52680
     tgagagagac gacttagggt atctggcaga agaaatctct aagcagcaaa gtgttcaaaa     52740
     ggtgacttgg gtgctgttaa aagcattcca ctttaaaagg gaaacagagc atagaagttc     52800
     agaaaatttg cagcctgatg atgcagtaga aaagaaaaac ccattttctg aggagaaatt     52860
     caagccagca gcacaaattt gcataagtag caaggagctg aatgtcaatc cccaagacca     52920
     cggggaaaat gtcgccaggc catgtcagag accttcatgg cagcccctgc caccataggt     52980
     gcagaggccc aggaggaaaa agtagttttg tgggccaggc ccagggtccc tgtgctatgt     53040
     gcagcctagg gacttggtgc cctctgtccc agcctctcca atcgtggctg aaagagacca     53100
     acataaagct caggctgcgg cttcagaggg tggaagctcc aggccttggc agctcccatg     53160
     tggtgttgag cctacaggtg cacagaagtc aagaattgag gtttgggaac ctccacctag     53220
     atttcagaag atgtatggaa acgcctggat gcccaggcag aagtttgctg cagggatgga     53280
     gccctcatgg aaaacctctg ctagggcagt gcagaaggga aatgtggggt tggagtccct     53340
     actggggcat ggcctagtgg atctgtgaga agagggccac catcctcctg accccagaat     53400
     ggtagatcca ccaacagctt gcaccgtgtg cctggaaaag ctgcagacac taaacgtcag     53460
     cctgtgaaag cagccaggag ggaggctata ccctgcaaag ccacagaggt ggagctgtcc     53520
     aaccatggga acccaccttt tgaatcagca tgacctggat gtgaaacctg gggtcaaagg     53580
     agatcacttt gagctttaaa atttgactgc cctgctggat tttgaacttg caaggggcct     53640
     gtaacccctt tcttttggcc aatttctccc atttggaact gctgtattta cctaaaacct     53700
     gtacccccat tgtatcttgg aattaactcg cttgcttttg attttacagg ctcacaggca     53760
     gaaaagactt cccttgtctc aaatgagact ttggactgtg gacttctggg ttaatgctga     53820
     aatgagctaa gactttgggg ggctgttggg aaggcatgat tggttttgaa atgtgaggac     53880
     atgagttttg gaggggccag gggtggaatg atatggtttg gctgtgtccc cacctaaatc     53940
     tcaatgtgaa ttgtatctcc cagaattccc atgtgttgta ggagggaccc agggggaggt     54000
     actcgaatca tgggatctgg tctttcctgt gctattctcg tgatagtgaa taagtctcac     54060
     gagatctaat gggtttatgg ggggcttctg cctttgcttc tttctcattt tctcttgctg     54120
     ccgccatgta agatgtgacc ttcacctccc gctatgattc tgagggctcc ccagccatgt     54180
     ggaacggtaa gtccaattaa acttcttttt ctccccagtc ttgggtatgt ctttatcagc     54240
     agcttgaaaa tggactaata cacatggcta aaggcgatca gtgctggaca acacccggag     54300
     tgctccagtt ctcacagcaa agccccaata cagtgttcaa agcgacccaa acaggcctct     54360
     gcccacctcc cgtgaaaaag aggaagataa aatgcctgct gtgggaaatg tccaagcccc     54420
     tcctccttgg tcctgtccct ttgaaccttt gtaaactttg ctcaaaaaat ggtagaacct     54480
     ttgcacgcaa ggccaagttt ctgctacaga ttaatttttc cataaaacca tttcgaacca     54540
     atcaatttta atgttttgtt tattctaaat ataagagttc agactcacat tctattaaaa     54600
     tttatcccca aagtgaaaaa gaaagagaca aggcagatgc agcaccctga tgctccaagc     54660
     ccacccgcac ccccattgcc tgtccccagg cagcctggat gccctcctgc tcccacctca     54720
     caggctgccc tccagcactg caggctcact ctgaccctcc ctccagcctc tgcactgggc     54780
     attccctctg cctgcactcc ttcccccaca agtggtttac ttccttcacc tgcccaaatg     54840
     aagtgtcttt gtgactgagg cccacctgac cccaccccct tcccaatctc caggccctcc     54900
     ctcatcctgt ctctgcagca ctgacaccta ccaactactg cagatgtcac atgtcacgtg     54960
     tctgcttttc cctgccctgg gagaacataa gctccaagag agcaggggct tggcctgtcc     55020
     tcctccctgg gatgtcccgg cacctgggac atcttctgtg tacactaagt ctcaataaac     55080
     aaactgttta caccctaagg tcacggagat gacaggacag gagaagaagt gtgactgtgg     55140
     taagagggaa agttcaggag tcatggcacc tggacttgaa tcctggctcc gcctactagt     55200
     tgtgtgaccc tggtgggtca cagccctctc caaccttggt ttcctcatct atgaaacagg     55260
     accaagagca cccactgcat gcattgttct gaggtataaa ttatataaaa acacagaatg     55320
     tgttcagagc ataagcatca gattacagta acaatgccaa cagcaatgaa aatgggcaac     55380
     atttatcttc aaaacatttt tcctagactt tatggagagt gacggcttct tctgacaaag     55440
     caatgttcaa accattgggc gagctgaaaa tgccagtatg tgcttcatgg aattgtgttc     55500
     acagcctttt ttttttttaa cctccattca ggactcaaaa aagctagtga attcttggtc     55560
     ccctaaaaac tggcacacta gaggatggaa tagaagttat atatatattt gtttcctccc     55620
     cattttttca gaaaggaaat tttaaggcca ggtgcagtgg cttacacctg tagtcccagc     55680
     acttcgggag gccaaggcag aaggactgct tgagcccagg agtttgagac ctgcctggac     55740
     aacatggcaa aatcctgtct ctacaaaaat acaaaaatta gctgagcaca gtggcatgca     55800
     cctgtagttc cagctactca ggaggctgag gtgggaggag agcttgagcc caggaggttg     55860
     aggctgcagt gagtcaaaat cgcgccactg cactccatca tgggtggtga cagagtgaga     55920
     ctgtctcaaa acaaaacata acaaaaaata aaaaccaata cttagcagga agaggaagta     55980
     ttttttagaa gactcattgg caatgaaaaa ctctgaaaat aaggttaaga aaacaattcc     56040
     atttagaata acatcagaag gagtaaaata tttaggaatc aatttaacaa aagaaatgca     56100
     cttatatact gaaaactaca aaacattgtt gaaagaaatt aaagaagtcc taaataaatg     56160
     gtaagacatt ccatgttcat gaaatgaaag acaacattag taagatggca gaacactcca     56220
     cactgatcaa cagaatttaa tagatcctta tcaaagtcaa gcttgctgaa aaaaaacaat     56280
     gagcttgctt ttttgaggaa actgacaggc tgaagttcat atggaaattc aagggatcca     56340
     ccaggatagc caaaacaatc ttgaaaaaga acaaaatggg atacaccttc tgacttgaaa     56400
     cttctcacaa agctaccata attaagacag cgtggcacgg gcatgaggac agatacacag     56460
     gacaacagca cagagttgag ttcagaaata aaccctcaaa tttatgatca agtaattttt     56520
     gacaaaggtg ccaagacatt tcaatgacag aaagaaagaa caatctctcc aacacatggt     56580
     gccaagcaac tgtgttaaaa aagcaaagca ggaccttacc tcacacatga acaaaattaa     56640
     ctcaaaatgg atcaaacacc taaatgtata tcaaaatgat ataaagcaat gtataaaaaa     56700
     tagaaatgta agccaggcac agtggctcat gctgataatc ccaacacttt gggaggccga     56760
     ggcgggtgga tcacgaggtc aggagatttt agaccatcct ggctaacaca gtgaaacccc     56820
     atctctacta aaaatacaga aaattagctg ggcgtggtgg cgggcgcctg tagtcccagc     56880
     tattcaggag gctgaggcag gagaatagcg tgaacccagg agatggaact tgcagtgagc     56940
     caagatcaca ccactgcact ccagcctgga tgatagggcg agactcggtc tcaaaaaaaa     57000
     aaaaaaaaaa aaagataaaa attccaaggc cttatgtact gcaaaaaata aagaaaaaaa     57060
     gaaaaaataa cccacagaat ggaagaacac atttgtaaat tgtatatatc tgatccggca     57120
     cttgtataca gaatatataa aaaacacata actcagtcat aaaggataag tagcccattt     57180
     gaaaaatggg acaggatatg aatagacatt tctgcaaaga tgatggacaa atggtcaaca     57240
     aacacaagaa aagatgctca acatcattag ccattgggga aatacaaata aaaatcactg     57300
     agatgtcact tcacatccac tgagatggct ttaatcagaa ggatgaacaa tcacaagtat     57360
     tgtcaaggat gtggaaacat tggaacctta tgtatcgctg tggaaacgta ggacggggca     57420
     gctgctttgg aaaacagttt ggcatttcct caaaagtaaa catagaatta ccatatgacc     57480
     cagcaactac acaaatattc ataatagtca aatatggaaa caactcaaaa tgcccagcaa     57540
     tggatgaaag tctaaaggaa acggggttga cctgtacaac ggaacgtccc tcagcaataa     57600
     aaagcaacag agctcggatg catgctagag cgtaccggga agcaggatca gggcctggga     57660
     ccaggcggct gtaaaaagca acagagctcg gacgcatgct agagcgtacc gggaagctgg     57720
     atgagggcct gggaccaggc ggctgtaaaa agcaacagag ctcggacgcg tgctagagtg     57780
     taccgggaag caggatcagc acctgggacc aggaggctgt gcccgggttc accacactgc     57840
     tccatcaccc tcctcaccgg gccatcgagc ctctgaatcc cacacctctg ccatctcccc     57900
     tcagcctcag ccccactgtc attcacctaa accacaggtg gctcaaccat ttctgtattt     57960
     cctgtcagtc tccttgatgt gctccggaca taaaagcctg ggcaaggctt caagaagact     58020
     attttgggtg ggctcttggt gcagtctggc tggctgcctc acttgtcctg cctcccgccc     58080
     tgctccaggc tccctgggct cctgccatcc ggtcctgcta accccagggc tgccacatga     58140
     gctgatcccc accatcttct cctgcaggcc ccagactcaa tctccctcct ggaggcttgc     58200
     cctgagctcc tcatctaaat gaagcatgct agatttgctg tcacagcctc atccccgtcc     58260
     ttcagaccac acaccgcagc tgccaactgt gtgtatctgt ttcctgcact agactctgag     58320
     cttcaagaga caaacgcttt acccctgcac tgccagcccc gagcaccact gaccggcact     58380
     cagttatcca tggaatggat gaccagaaag gcacgaccac ctaatccagc tctgatgacg     58440
     ctgcctggtg ctgctccctc ctcccacacc agagaccccc accacacaca tgtgctcaca     58500
     ctcaggacac acagtgctgc caagcctcag ggccgccaag cttctcccga aacccaacca     58560
     gggcccttca cataccaagc acatgctaat taattccagt ttgtaaatcc taatgtcagt     58620
     tctctctgtg gaatgaggcc tatgttgggt gtctcaccca tgccaggctc tgcgggtcac     58680
     tgacaagagt ctctgccctg cagcatctcc cagccagggg cacagggtca ccaacaggca     58740
     gattctgcaa atgacttacc atttaaaata catcagaatg ggtcaagggt ggataataac     58800
     ttcacgtaag ttctgatgtt ttccgcaaaa gaaatgaacg aataaagctg gagttagaaa     58860
     gaagctattg ccaacccttt cactcttcct aactgcatgc tgactcggaa ggtggggctc     58920
     aagctgagaa gtgctcccct tcaggagaca gtgtcactct acacgctgca aacaccaccc     58980
     tcccacctgc tccctgaccc ccagatgcct gctcacctgg gctctcgcca acactccagt     59040
     cacagagctg ccggctccgg ccacacatcc ctcccgcctg aggctctttc tgtgcctggt     59100
     gaatagccca aggctcagct gctgatactc ctcctttcca gacaagacac cccttctcca     59160
     gaaagcctac ctgaactcca cgcccctccc ggccagccac cctagggttc tccctacgac     59220
     cccaggcaca cggccacctc tgctgtccac aggatgttag cacaactcac tcccgtgtcc     59280
     cccaccagag gcctggtctg tctcctccct gtcgggggta tctgactggc aagtggctgg     59340
     cacatacagg caacagtaaa gacaggggcg agatgagtgt gggtgggcct ggcaaacaca     59400
     agaccaggtg tgagagccct gccagagcaa tggagacagg ctccgcccaa gtgaggctca     59460
     tcctgggccc cagtggcctt gggcagaaag ccccacactg ttcctggacg ccgtctgtga     59520
     ttccggcaca tgctgtaaac gagggtctca gggacgtcac agcactaccc cctcccacat     59580
     gtgggaattt ccacagcacg cctgaattct gaatagaaaa taaaaggtca acacagccgc     59640
     aattaaatag aaacagcacc tagagtttca gaagctgctc ccctttatca gccacacatg     59700
     cagcaggcag tcagattccg gggaaactta cactgcagag gcttcagcac agctctgagt     59760
     ggcaggagga acatgctggc cacctctgtg atcccaggga atgcttgaag ggaccgtaac     59820
     agaaaaccac taggagtatc tcaaggctaa cagtaaactc aacccatgaa ggaagcatca     59880
     gccactctgt caggatagtg ttggggcctc tagtagttta aagtaataat caagagaaaa     59940
     ggcaggaaag atgaaaggag catggcaaga aaggaaaata gactcaaaca ctgttggcca     60000
     gacaaggggt tctggaccct gtgtccagca ccctggctgc caggagctgg ggagacagca     60060
     gtgctcccac gcctcacatc tgtctacacc accatcaact gtgctctgtg tgcgcctaga     60120
     ccagcctgca agaggctggt tcatcagcct cttagtgttg atattaattt ttaaaactcc     60180
     tattatacac aaataacagt aatttacaga acccactgag actcagccat tcttcagctt     60240
     cacaacaacc ttgaacaaat aagcaggaca agcatcttat ctgcagataa gagctcgagt     60300
     gcttaactga cttatctgtg ctcaatcaca caggcagcga ttaagtcaat gtttaactca     60360
     agtcttctgc acggagacca gtgtagcatc gctaccacct gaaatttgac gctgatcagg     60420
     ggccaggcac agtggttcat gcctgtaatc ccagcacttt gggaggcaga agcgggagga     60480
     tcacttgagc ccaagagttc aaaaccagtc tgggtaacag ggtgaaatcc tgcctctaca     60540
     aaaattacaa aaattagctg ggcatggtga catgcaccta ttgttccagc tacttgggag     60600
     gctgaggcag gaggatcgct tgaacccagg aggtcaaaga tacagtgagc agatatcatg     60660
     ccactgcccc ctagcctggg tgatagattg agaacctgtc tcaaaaaaaa aaagaggaag     60720
     aaagaaaaga aactgatcag ggactcatcg ccttgccaca gcccccaaga acacacccgc     60780
     accaaggccc tctgcgggca tgcagccttc tgactctcac cttggaatgt tctcttctga     60840
     aaaatcctag tcactcctgt ttttaacagc ttcattgaga tagaattcac attacataca     60900
     attcacccaa ttaaagtata tgattttagg ttatttttag tatattcaca gatatgtgca     60960
     accttcacca cagtcaattt tagaatattt tcattatgct aaaagaaatt ccatacctct     61020
     tggctgtcat cccctagccc ttggcaacca ctaatctact ttctatctct acagattcac     61080
     ttcttctgga cacttcacat aaacggaatt gtcatgagat ccttggggtg tcgcttcacc     61140
     agccagaaac cgctgtggcc agtggtgcct tctgcctgag tattgctcat gcccactggg     61200
     attgttccgc ccactcaggc cggcagactg ctctcagctc acactaccgg cccagatccc     61260
     acacctgcca agtgcaagcc aggtgcaaag tggcaagggg tgtgtgggca agcaagcgca     61320
     gggtcaggcc accgtgcata gccaggcatg ccagctgcag cggggcaggc tgctccaggt     61380
     gccagctctg tgcgaggctg cggcttgacc agatgtactg catgtggctt ccactgtggg     61440
     cacctgcatc tggatgaggg gaatgcagtg gcatccagaa gcttggagat gccaggaacc     61500
     acagaacccc aaagagggtg tcacagccct ggctcgagga gaccctaggt ctgggctccc     61560
     caaagtgctg cagctcttct ctccttttca ttacctgcaa cgtggtgagt ggtggggggc     61620
     ggtggtcggg gggagtgtgt gtttcagccc tgtttgtgtt gcagctcatt tagtcccgcc     61680
     attcagcagg tcccaagttc ctgtcacatg tccaggtaga atgaggtacg tgaacaactg     61740
     gagagtgagc gaggtggaga ggagcttcac tgtgcgacag aacagctctt gggagaccca     61800
     cagtgggtag ctcctttccg catacgggtt gtcttgacga ctgttcaggt ctcagcagag     61860
     aggagactcg gactggttag ctcctatcct atctgcaggc aggctgtcct gttgtttgcc     61920
     tgagtctggc tgagtccagg gtttttatgg gcttcagagg ggagaaagta tgtgctgaat     61980
     ggttcacggg tggccatggg caggcccaga aaaagcacca taaactctta ctctggtcca     62040
     tggaactggc agcccagccc ccaggcttca ggctgtccct gacttgaaca tggggcttca     62100
     tcagggacct gccccttttc acccaggagc ctgtctgcct cctgctacca tcaacctgcc     62160
     gtccatggtg cccaggctat ttgtgctgag gggctcctgc aggcctgcac caagctgccc     62220
     tcagcccctc ctcgggctcc ctcctgtgct cgctcgtcgg cacccaaagt ccgaaggcgg     62280
     ccgagaaggc agggggctgg catgtcagtt ttgccccaag tgcatgtaca cctggccagg     62340
     ttgcaacagt gcctgggctc agcctcaact ttgttccaaa attgacgtgg ggaccaggag     62400
     cagggagagg ccaggtagcg ggaggaggct ggcctgcttc tgagtctgca ggggaagggg     62460
     ggcttcctga gtccccgaga gagcagggat gtctgggtcc atagccacag ctaggcagct     62520
     gcagctgtgc ccaggagggc caggctccca cccctccaac ttggaagggg gtgcagctcc     62580
     tgcctgttcc cagttcccac cagctccatg gaccatgcag ccccaagcct ccccagctgc     62640
     aaccagcgtc atggcagcag ccactccaga caagccacca atgccattag aatcatacag     62700
     tatgtctcca gcttctttca cttagcattt tttttttgag acagagtctt actctgtcac     62760
     caggctacag agcagtggca tgatctcggc taactgcaac ctctgcctcc cggtacgcca     62820
     ctgtgtccag aattggtggg ttcttggtct tgctgacttc aagaacgaag ccgcggaccc     62880
     tcgcggtgag tgttacagct cttaaagatg gtgtgtccgg agtttgttcc ttctggtggg     62940
     ctcgtggtct tgctgacttc aggagtgaaa ctgcagacct tcgtggttag tgttacagct     63000
     cttaaagatg gtgcgtctgg agttgttcat tccttccggt gggtttgtgg tctcgctggc     63060
     ctcaggagtg aagctgcaga cctttgtggt tagtgttaca gctcttaaag gcagtgcatc     63120
     tggagttgtt cgttcctgcc ggtgggttcg tggtcttcct ggcttcagga gtgaaactgc     63180
     agaccttcgt ggttagtgtt acagctctta aagacggtgc gtctggagtt gttcattcct     63240
     tccggtgggt tcgtggtctc gctggcctca ggagtgaagc tgcagacctt cgtggttagt     63300
     attacagttc ttaaaggcag tgcatctgga gttgttcgtt ccctccggtg ggttcgtggt     63360
     cttcctggct tcaggagtga agctgcagac cttcgcggtg agtgttacgg ttcatgaaga     63420
     tagcatgtcc agagttgttc cttcctcccg tcaggagttg ttcttccctc ccagtgggtt     63480
     catggtctcg ctggcttcag gagtgaagct gcagaccttc tcggtgagtg tcacagctca     63540
     taaaggcggc gcggacccaa agagtgagca ccagcaagat ttagtgcgaa gagcaaaaga     63600
     acaaagcttc cacagcatgg aaggggaccc cagcgtgttg ccgctgctgg cttgggtggc     63660
     ctgcttttat tcccttatct ggctccaccc acctcccacc gattggtcca ttttacacag     63720
     agctgattgg tccgttttga cagggtgctg attagtatgt ttacaaacct tcagctaaac     63780
     acagagtgct gattggtgca tttacaatac tttagctaga cacaaaagtt ctccaagtcc     63840
     ccactagatt agctagacac agagcactga ttggtgcgtt tacaaacctt gagctagaca     63900
     cgggtgctgc tgactggtgc gtttacaaac cttgagctag acacacgtgc tgctgactgg     63960
     tgcgtttaca aaccttgagc tagacacaca gtgctgattg gtgcgtttac aaacctttag     64020
     ctagacacag actgctgatt ggtgtgttta caaaccttta gctagacaga aaagttctcc     64080
     aagtccccac ccgacccaga agcccagccg gcttcacctc tcaatggtgg gacttcacgg     64140
     cacctagccc gggcactccg gcagcccaga ggaagctcgt cccagatcaa gcccagcagg     64200
     cgccagccac agcaccggct cccgcccacg cctctccctc cacacctctc tgcgagcaga     64260
     gggagccggc tctggcctcg gccagcccca gagagaggcc cccacagcgc agcagctggc     64320
     tgaagggctc ctccagcgtg gccagagcgg acgccgagga ggcgccgaga gcaagcgagg     64380
     gctgccagca cgttgtcacc tctcacctcc acgcccagct aatttttgta cttttagtat     64440
     agacagggtt tcaccatgtt ggtcaggatg gtcttgatct cttgacctca tgatccgccc     64500
     gcctgggcct cccaaagtgc tgggattaga ggcctgagcc accgtgcctg gcctgcatat     64560
     ttttaaggtt cacacacgtt ataacatgaa tcagtaactc acttcctttt attgccaaat     64620
     aatattccat tgcaggaatg gaccacattg tgtttatccg ttcatccgct gatggacatt     64680
     taggttgtct ccactttctg gctgttgtga acactcatgg acaagcttct gcgtggacgt     64740
     gtatatttcc agtcactcaa ccaaaagaac acacaaaagg tgaaccagtt tccaactgag     64800
     acattcattt aatttgacct actatattat ttaaaatata gagagatgag ataattagga     64860
     gaaataaatg accaaaggaa gtgcagaaat aaagacacta agagacaaga gcaaaccctg     64920
     atgtgacgga ataaacggtg attgaagaaa gagatgctat ttctaggatg ggtcctacag     64980
     gtacatttgc aaaacactgt gcctatagcc ttgctggtaa cagcatgaaa attccacagc     65040
     acctccatac agccaaatac agtgcggcca tggaaagaat gtaccggaaa atgtactgat     65100
     atggaaagat ctctcaaaca tagttgaaaa aggcaaggtt cagaaacttt ttaaaaagaa     65160
     aagggtaagg aaaaaaacag aatacataca cttgtttgct tgcaaagtta caaagtatct     65220
     ctagaaggat acacaagaag ctggtccagc aaagcttcca ggggaaccag gttccagggt     65280
     agagactagg aggcttcact gagctccctt tgtacttttg aaccacgtat attatctgct     65340
     caaaaatgtt aaacaaaatt gaaactttct aggaagcaaa aatagagaat ctgtgagaat     65400
     caagacattt acacttagga aagcaagtta caagagaggc ccaggaagat ggaagcagcc     65460
     gacgtgggaa atgtgtcaac gagtccctcc ccctgctgcg ccagccattc tctgagggca     65520
     actccccatc ctaaacccaa tcatctttac tgaagccagt gctcaaagaa aatgttgcaa     65580
     tctgcagcaa gacattcaga acacaaacag ccaagtgcca tggctcatgt ctacaatcct     65640
     ggcactttcg gaggccgagg tgggaggatc acttgagccc aggagatgga ggctgcactg     65700
     agctgtgatc ataccactgc actccagcct ggacaaccca ccctgactct ctctctaaaa     65760
     aaaaaaaaag aaaatacaaa tgtatctgct gccctcaagg acttcccagt ctagagggga     65820
     gaaaatatta tgtgattgtg cagtgaccaa aagcaccacc tagagcacta cgagaggggg     65880
     tggagcacct gaggacaagg cagcgatcca ggaggcgctc ccacagacat tacctgagtc     65940
     tgagtcaaag ggctgaagga accagtgagc ttggcttagt tttggaagga gggacgccaa     66000
     gaaagacttg gcccatgacc acatggcagt ttttctggag agcagagtag gttggggtca     66060
     cgcagcgctg tggagcatgg tccaggaggc actggggagc cagggaggag agccaggcag     66120
     cagagtcact cgcctagacg ctctgagcct ggcgccatcc tgtgcactgt aggatttcaa     66180
     cagcatcccc agcctccaca aatccttggc catcccctcc tagttgggac aaccaaaaat     66240
     gtctccaaat attgccaaat gtggcaggag ggcggggagt ggtgtcagaa tcacccctgg     66300
     ggagatcact gccctgttta tatcatctga gcagctatgt ggcagagaca ggggagtggc     66360
     tcaaggctgg ggcaggagag ccccaggagg tacagcgtag tgcaggaggg acatggtgca     66420
     ggtcccactc aggcaggggt tctgatcact gttcaggggg aactggcaag aggacctgga     66480
     gccgtaccac atggcagctg agagggggac ccagcacgcc aaaattctag gtggtgacca     66540
     agcaggtgaa ggtcccaaag ccccaaaggg ttgaggccag aagtgaatgt gggtgctgag     66600
     tctgagccgc ctcaggggct ctcgcgcatg gtggccggct ccagcgtcca gcatctgcgg     66660
     ctgaggggag acatccagct gcaccttcag tcatggtgag atggcccaga cagcaggtac     66720
     gggctcctca gctctgctca gcacagcgtc cgagcagggg ctcaccttcc ccataggagg     66780
     ctgtacgtca caccctgctt tggtccgtgg accctgagat gccagtccag gatggtgccg     66840
     gaaaagacac taggtttctg ccactctctt gccataaaaa cagcatgtgc cacataaggc     66900
     ctggtcctgg atctggaaat gaagactctt ggaaaagagt cacaagcaaa cgaaacgcgg     66960
     gcaggaatca gcctctgctg ctgtgagcgc tgcagtgctg gggttgctac tgcaactcgc     67020
     tctggagaaa gctgtccagt aaactcctgg atttggattt cttccttcac caacccatcc     67080
     tacagaacat tgccaattaa atctccctaa accattaatc aggacatccc ctgctcacaa     67140
     agctgcctgc ggtggctccc ggttagctag aaaattaaaa tctaggccgg gcgcagtgtc     67200
     tcacgcctgt aatcccagca ctttgggagg ccaaggcggg cggatcacga ggtcaggaga     67260
     tcgagaccat cctggctaac acagtgaaac cccgtgtcta ctaaaaacac aaaaaattag     67320
     ccgggcatgg tggtaggcac ctgtagtccc agttacttgg gaggctgagg caggagaatg     67380
     gcgtgaaccc aggatgcgga gcttgcagtg agtcgagatc gcgccgccgc actccagcct     67440
     ggacgacaga gcaagactcc atctcaaaaa caaaaagaaa attaaaatct aaagccttta     67500
     actggaattc aaagaccttc tcattatgac ccttatctcc cattattcct tacacaacct     67560
     ttaaaccgct agaaaccaca cataaccaac cttctcacct ttgctcccaa aatgtgaaaa     67620
     tacttctgtc tgcagtgcta tgtccctact cttccctctt catatcccac tgagtacggt     67680
     tcagctagaa gaccacctcg tcttgaagcc tcccttcact gctgcagccc cctgcaatta     67740
     tctccccttt aaacttctaa agcaaacttt tctgtaaatg gcccagataa caaatggttt     67800
     aggctttgcg ggccgcacag cctctgcaca aggagtcagt tcagccagag cggccatgga     67860
     caatacagaa aacacagaaa taagcaggcg cagctgttga ataaaacctc atttacaaaa     67920
     acacgcaaag gagtctgcca gggggctgca ctgtactgac ccctggtctg gagtacgggt     67980
     taggccttta atcacagaag gactcatatc cgtagcagat tttttctttt taagttcccc     68040
     gaaagcatgt ctgtggcact acaatgtacg tacaactgag cataaattag atgttcgatt     68100
     ttaaaactac aaaacaatac ttggaaaaca cttgcataca aaattgaaaa aaaaattatt     68160
     aatgctaaat attatggttt tcccacagaa atccaaaaac tcaaaagaaa aggaggggaa     68220
     agccacacta aatgttgcac caagaaaaat tccacccaat ggatcataat agcggccact     68280
     aatctctttt cacaatacac gaactatgtc aaagactggt acgagtttca taacaagatt     68340
     atcaatggag gggggtgcta tttcatgtta acaaaactca gatatatgat aataaaatta     68400
     ctttgtcacc atcacatttc agggggttag caggatggca ggcaccagtg accaacacga     68460
     gttttaggga agactacccc tgcaaaatcc tggtctcagg tgtcttgata ccaaacacag     68520
     cagaagtggc agaggagttg gcgtgcagac cagctgagga ggaggatcac agcaggtgga     68580
     aacagtgtgg ccagggtatg gaagtcaggg tcagactcaa cctcagggca cagcaaagac     68640
     ttgtcagata aacttgggaa caagtctaag tggcagatga aagacacaac gaggcaagca     68700
     cagtggcagc agagacagcc agtgtcagag ggtaaggatt tcacttgttg aagcaagaaa     68760
     ggtaacgaga agggacagga gacaggccag gcagggtagt ccagctctgc gagggagtct     68820
     gtccagctct gcgagggagt ctgctccaca ggctgaacac cagagtctac tcttttgagc     68880
     catgccttgt ggtgtcttta caggacacct gcaaagctaa ctgtgagacg gatcgcataa     68940
     ggtctatgac gcaggacctt gagtcaacga agaggcacag cagaggggct ttgctagtag     69000
     aagtaggtgt ttcaatataa gagcgtattt catggacttt ttttcaacag caccaaagaa     69060
     gccagtacaa gcctaccagg aggctgcatt ctctgaacta ctattgataa attgttcaag     69120
     gacatgccaa ctctccatgt agcatgtagc ttccacagcc catcccagca gagaggtagg     69180
     agacaaaact gggatgggca tttaaaaatc tatcttaggc tatttgtgtt accactatct     69240
     aaacattaaa tattctcact ttaaaggtca caaatctcaa aacactctac taaaggtgga     69300
     agggttttcc ctaatctttg tgtcacacaa tatgaaggtg atgagatgcg attttctaag     69360
     gtaaagctaa gatacagagg gaagaggtga ccagacttga ggaggaccat ctccttgaga     69420
     aatatgggga atctttccac tatgttctga aacaagttaa atcttacttc tcggccgggt     69480
     gcggtggcac acgcctgtaa tccaagcact ttgggaggcc gaggcgggca gatcacgagg     69540
     tcaggagatc gagaccatcc tggctaacac ggtgaaaccc cgtctctact aaaaatacaa     69600
     aaaaattagc cgggcgtggt ggcgggaggc tgaggcagga gaatggcgtg aacttgggag     69660
     gcggagctta cagcaagccg agatctcgcc actgcactgc agcctgggtg acagagcaag     69720
     actctatctc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaggccggg cgcggtggct cactcctgta     69780
     atcccagcac tttgggaggc tgaggcgggt ggatcacgag gtcaggagat cgagaccatc     69840
     ttggctaaca tggtgaaacc ctgtttctac taaaaataca aaaaattagc caggcgtggt     69900
     ggcaggtgcc tgtagtccca gctactcggg aggctgaggc aggagaatgg tgtgaaccca     69960
     ggaggcggag cttgcagtga gccgagatca cgccactgca ctccagcctg ggcaacagag     70020
     caagactctg tctcaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaattct tacttctcac aacagcttag     70080
     caggcagaat gttacactgc tggtgattcc accttctcac tttctgttat gtcctccctg     70140
     tcacttaacg tttattttaa taaatcaccg tttctgttgc aaggataata ctgagaagta     70200
     taacaacaat ggcaggctgg gcacagtgac tcatgcctgt aatcccaata ctttgggaag     70260
     ccaaggcaag tggatcactt gagctcagga gtttgagacc aatctgggtg acatggcaaa     70320
     acacatctct acaaacaaaa ccgaacaaaa aaattagcca ggtgtggtga cacacacctg     70380
     tagtcccagc tacttgggag gctaaggtgg gaggatgcct tgagcacagg aggtcaaggc     70440
     tgcagtgagc catgatcgca ccactgcact ccagcctggc cagcagagtg agaccctgtc     70500
     tcaaaaacaa gcaaaaactg gctgggcgcg gtggctcaca cctgtaatcc cagcactttg     70560
     ggaggccgag gcgggcggat catgaggtca ggagatcgag actatcctgg ctaacacagt     70620
     aaaaccccgt ctctactaaa aatacaaaaa attagccagg cgtggtgaca ggagcctgta     70680
     gtcccagcta ctcgggaggc tgaggcagga gaatggcatg aacccaggag gcagagcttg     70740
     cagtgagcca agatagtgcc actgcactct agcctgggcg acagagcgag actctgtctc     70800
     aaaaattaaa aataaaaata aaataaaata aaatattctt tttttttttt tgagacagag     70860
     tctcgctctg tcacccaggc tggagtgcag tggcacaatc ttggctcact gcaagctccg     70920
     cctcctgggt tcaagcgatt ctctgtctca gcctccccag tagctaggac tacaggcgtg     70980
     agccaccaca cccagctaat ttttgtattt ttagtagaga cggggtttca ccatgttggt     71040
     taggctgatc ttgaactcct gacctcaagc gatctgctcg ccccagcttc ccaaagtgct     71100
     ggcattacag gtgtgagcca ccgcacctgg ccatttttct ctaagaacgt cttaaaacaa     71160
     tcttatataa taattcatct aagtatgtga ggcttgtctc tcttttacct ttataaacat     71220
     gtgttcatcc aaatatgacc tcagctttct tgtgtgagaa accagcgcca cagacttcca     71280
     gcttaatgta aacttccagt ttacattaca ttggcagtgc tggagaaact gaagacccac     71340
     tgacccagca catgcacccc ggaagcacca gatcttggca gtaataacca ttcctaactt     71400
     tctaaaacac agtgtgccac gaacaaagtg tttcacaagt cttaatttac tgagtcctca     71460
     caacaaccct atgaggccaa tattattagt gttcccattt tacagatgag aagccaaagg     71520
     cacagagacc ttgccgaaga ccacaaagcc agtaaacaga agagtcgcga ctcagaggcg     71580
     ggcagcctgg ctccagaacc cgccctcctg tccactctgc tcccctgcct ctcaggaaga     71640
     cagctggcta caccaagtgc agggagcgag gcgccacccc cattcattca ctccaagcat     71700
     ttatggctac agagcctgcg cccagggcgg tttatggaat gagtctcctc gatttacagc     71760
     cacacctcct atcaaatcgc ctttccctcc cccggcgcga gaatcgcacc ttgctccttg     71820
     tggatcgggc gccgccgacg gaaccacctg ctgtctatag agggcaccta ggacgcagcg     71880
     tccaattccc ctcactggct tcaaaagaca aatctccgta ttgttgtacc aggaggcacg     71940
     agaagcctca ccactgtagg tttttcagca gaggtcactg gaggtctggt taaacccgta     72000
     cagcactgag ggggaggggg cccggctgcg tttccgaagc tgcgcagcgc ccacagcagc     72060
     tgctggtggg aagcggctcg gaacacaccc acagctgcca aggagccggc tgcacgtttt     72120
     aaaataaaaa acgtcctggg ccccaaaatg cacagcccgc ctctctcgcc gccctgggca     72180
     cggaacgccg cctccaccca cagcactcca gcaactggga agcaaccggg aagcaaccga     72240
     gggaattcca gctcgggggg caaccgggag gggaaggctc cgagcgccgg agccccagcc     72300
     cgcgcctgcc gcagaggcga ggccgcagag cccacccgca ggcggccatg accccacctg     72360
     gagacgccca tgtccgctcc ctgcgccccg gggacaaagc ccgaggctgc accgcagcgc     72420
     accgcagccc tgcacccggg ccgcccttca ggacgcgggc accagacccg accggcgggc     72480
     atccaccttg tccccactcc gacggcgccc gggaatgcgg ccggtgcccc gagctcaggc     72540
     tgggcacacg tgcacccaca cccaccacgg gcggggtccc ctcacacccc cctcgggcag     72600
     gggcacactc acacccatct agggccgggc acactcacac ctccctcggg caggagcaca     72660
     ctcacacccc cctggggccg gacacaccca cactcccctc gggccgggca cactcatacc     72720
     caccgtggac aggggcacac tcacactcac tctggacagg ggcacaccca cacccacatt     72780
     ggggccgggc acactcacac ccacctaggg cagggacaca actcactctg gacagggtac     72840
     agtcacaccc acttcgggcc gggcacacgc gaactcaccc accctcacac tcccagcccg     72900
     gcccgtcggc gcgcacccgg gccccgcgcg gcctcggccc ctcgagcctc cgcgcccccc     72960
     gcccggccgg gccccgcaca cccacgcccc ctccctccac ggcccagtca cagcccctcc     73020
     cgccgctgca gtcgccgcgg gcctggattc cttgcgctgc cgggcctgga gcctccgccg     73080
     aggctgggcc aggaccacgg ggaccgcagc gccggcccct ccgccatctt cttggcccgc     73140
     gccgcccacc gcccgttgcc cgcgctctca ccggccggct gcgcgcgggc cgcgccgcca     73200
     cagtccctca tcccggcccg cgcgacgcgc gtgagccagc cgccgctccc cggcctctct     73260
     gctgctccgc cgctgctgcc gcggcagccc gtgctgtcgg cgtcctccgc cgccgccgcc     73320
     ggcccagtgc gcggcggccg cgcgtcctcc cgtcaccaag cgcaaccccc cgcctccggc     73380
     tccgcccccg cggcggtcac tacccgccgc cagggggcac tgcctcgcga ggccgcatca     73440
     cgcatgcgct ggcgcgcggc atgccgggag ccggagtccc gcggagggcg cgcgcggcat     73500
     gctgggagcc gcctggcccc gccccgtcgc cgcgccagag gcctcccgcg cggacctacc     73560
     ctgtgagtta gcggtgtctt cccgtctctt tcggtgcaga gcagttacca tctgacacgt     73620
     ctcggtgtgg tttggtgtaa ttttgccctc tcaaaccacg ttgggcttcc cgagtctgag     73680
     atttcacttt tcttcgactc tagaaataca gccattcttc tcaaaacgtg ggctgccctg     73740
     ttcctcagtc cttcttgtgg cgggctcgtg tctcttcacc tcctgttatt ctcacctttt     73800
     tagtcctgtc acttttactc ggtaattcac tcagctgcag ctcgactagt gctctattcg     73860
     gcgttttcta atctgcgttc agcctggttt tctagattct cttagtgcca ggtgcgtttc     73920
     tggaaattga atctgactgg catttctgga gaaacggagg ctaaacagcc tgaagcttcg     73980
     atagtagaag acaggggcgc acacccttca gtcctggaca ttccctgggt cctcaactgt     74040
     gagaagccgc aaagggctga aaggcccccg tcaaaagtca tccgtggagc tccacctcct     74100
     gccctgcagc tcagtcgcct tgcagggact ctcccgcctc aggagatctc ccgtcgggct     74160
     gtctcgccgc ccgcgcttcc ctgttgggcc gtcgtcacac ttcactcttc actcttatac     74220
     acagggctct gctttttcgc ctcccgctcc ctctccactg tattcactta gaaaacccaa     74280
     ctgggcgagc ccaacccttc tcctccatga ctgctgaaga aaatcacaca tccaggctga     74340
     ctgccttcac cttaaacttg tgacaacaca ctggcggcga gcacttccca cccccgtgac     74400
     cacacactgg cggcgaccat ttcccacccc tgtgaccacg cactggcggc gagcacttcc     74460
     cacccccgtg accacacact ggcggcgacc atttcccacc cccgtgacca cgcactggcg     74520
     gcgagcactt cccacccccg tgaccacgca ctggcggcga gcacttccca ccccgtgacc     74580
     acacactggc ggcgaccatt tcccaccccc gtgaccacgc actggcggcg agcatttccc     74640
     acccccgtga ccacacactg gcggcgagca cttcccaccc ccgtgaccac acactggcgg     74700
     cgaccatttc ccacccccgt gaccacacac tggcggtgag cacttcccac cccgtgacca     74760
     cgcactggcg gcgagcactt cccaccccgt gaccacgcac tggcggcgag cacttcccac     74820
     ccctgtgacc acgcactggc ggcgagcatt tcccacccct gtgaccacgc actggcggcg     74880
     agcacttccc accccgtgac cacacactgg cggtgagcat ttcccacccc gtgaccacac     74940
     actggcggtg agcacttccc acccctgtga ccacacactg gcggtgagca cttcccaccc     75000
     cgtgaccaca cactggcggt gagcacttcc caccccgtga ccacacactg gcggtgagca     75060
     gttcccaccc cgtgaccaca cactggcggt gagcacttcc caccccgtga ccacacactg     75120
     gcggtgagca cttcccaccc ccgtgaccac acactagcag tgagcacttc ccaccccgtg     75180
     accacacact agcggtgagc acttcccacc ccgtgaccac acatttacag tgagcacttc     75240
     ccacccctgt gaccacacac tggcggtgag cacttcccac cccgtgacca cacactggcg     75300
     gtgagcactt cccacccccg tgaccacaca ctagcagtga gcacttccca ccccgtgacc     75360
     acacatttac agtgaacact tcccaccccg tgaccacaca ctggcggtga gcacttccca     75420
     ccccgtgacc acacatttac agtgagcact tcccaacccc gtgaccacat actagcggtg     75480
     agcacttccc acccccatga ccacacattt acagtgagca tttcccaccc tggtgaccac     75540
     acacttaact aattaaaaat atacaaaata tttatagagg acatttaact cttttttttt     75600
     tttttttgag atggagtctt gctgtgtcac ctaggctgga gtacagtggc gccatcttgg     75660
     ctcattgcaa cctctgcctt ctgggttcaa gcaattctcc tgcctcaacc tcttgagtag     75720
     ttgggattac aggtgcccac cacaactcct ggctaatttt ttgtattttt agtagaaata     75780
     gggtttcacc gtgttggcca ggctcctctc aaactcctga cctcaagtga ttcacccacc     75840
     tcagcctccc aaagtgttgg gattacaggc gtgagccacc acacctggcc aaggacactt     75900
     aactctttaa ggacttaaaa agaaaatcta aagtccccac taatggaggg ggacctgtgt     75960
     ggtggctcac agctgtaatc ccatcgtttt tccaggctaa ggtggaggaa cgcttgagat     76020
     caggaattcg agaccagcct gggctgcata aggcaacccc gtgtctacaa aaagaaattt     76080
     taaattagcc aggcgtagtc aagaggctga ggtgtgagga tcacttgagc ctgggaaggt     76140
     cgaggctgtg gtgagctgtg atcacaccac tgccctccag cctgggcaac agagcgagac     76200
     cctgtctcag aaagtaaaac aataataaat aaatggagga acatagcacg ctcgtggacc     76260
     aggtggtata acatagtaaa gatgtcgagt cttcctaaag ttatatagaa atccaaaatg     76320
     ttaataatct taattccagc aagatttttt gaggactgta acaacatatt ttaaaaattg     76380
     cacaaaataa tatagatcta aaaatagcac gtccaattgt gaaggaggac atgaaggggg     76440
     acggaccctg ccagagatta aggtctgctc ctgagccggg gtgtttcaca ggcccagaaa     76500
     cacgcaaggg aatggagcaa agagtttaat cacatccaca catcaaaacc aacgagaaaa     76560
     ggtctattgt ttaatagagc ctctgtttgt gagctacagg gagaaaaaca aagttggatc     76620
     cctgggccac cccggggtat ttacacatcc gtgttcctct cctagggagg tgcccagggc     76680
     tcgcctggcg catcacaggg tgcctgcaag tttgactttt ttttttttac aaatatttaa     76740
     ctagaagtaa gtttgacttt ttaagaagcc atcacaccac tcccagcagc tctcgcgagt     76800
     tacagcttct ctgcgttctc actaacacct gctgtggcca gtcttctggt tttctttttg     76860
     ttttttgttt gtatttaaaa tacataacat aaaatttacc atcttaacca tctttttttt     76920
     tttttttttt tttttttttt gaaaaggagt ctcactctgc cgcccaggct ggagtgaagt     76980
     ggcgtgatct tggctcactg caacttctgc ctcccaggtt caagcgattc tcctgcctca     77040
     gcctcccgag tagctgggag tacagatgcc caccaccaca cccggctaat ttttgtattt     77100
     ttagtaacat ggggtttcac catgttggtt ggccaggctg atcttgagcc cctgacttca     77160
     aatgatctgc ccacctcggc ctcccaaagt gctgggatta cagttgtgag ccaccacacc     77220
     tgactaattt tttttttttt ttttttgtga cagagttttt tgctcttgtc acccaggcta     77280
     gagtgcaatg gcgtgatctc agctcaccgc aacttccgcc tcctgggttc aagcaattct     77340
     cctgcctcag cctcccgagt agctgggatt acaggcatgt gccaccatgc ccagctaatt     77400
     ttttgtattt ttagtaggga tggcgtgtca ccacgttggc cagtctggtc tcaaacgccc     77460
     gacctcaggt gatctgcctg cctcagcctc ccaaagtgct gggattacag gcgtgagcca     77520
     ccgcaccagg cctattttta attttttgag aaaccaccga actctttttc acagcaattg     77580
     taccattttg ttatttattt atttttaaga tggagtttca ctcttgttgc ccaggctaga     77640
     gtgcaatggc atgatctcag ctcactgcag cctctgcctc cccagtagct aagattcaag     77700
     cgattctcct gcctcagcct ccccagaagc tgagattaca ggtgcctgcc accatgccca     77760
     gataattttt gtatttttag tagaggcggg ttttcaccat gttggccaag ctggtcttga     77820
     actcctgacc tcccacccac gttggcctcc caaagtgttg ggattacagg cgtgagccac     77880
     tgcaaaattg taccatttta cattcccacc gacagtgcat aagggctcca atttctccat     77940
     atcttctcca acacttgtta atttctgttt tttttttaca gtagtcatcc taatggatgt     78000
     gaggcgatat ctaattgtga ttttgatttc cattacccta atgattagcg atgttgaaca     78060
     acttttcatg tacttatttg ctctacttat attttctttt ataatgtgtc tgttcacatc     78120
     ttttgcctgc cttttttttt tttcccttga gacagggtct tgctctgttg cccaggctgg     78180
     agtgcaatgg tataatctca gctcactaca gcctggacct ccttggctct ggtgatcctc     78240
     ctgcctcagc ctcccaagta gctggaacta caggcacaca ccaccacacc cagctgattt     78300
     tttttttttt ttttttgtag ttttgtagag acggggtttc gtcatgttgc ctaagctggt     78360
     cttgaactcc tgggctcaag tgatatgcct gcctcagcct cccaaagtgc tgggattaca     78420
     ggcatgagcc accttgccca gcccttttgt ccatttaaaa aaattgagtt tctgggctgg     78480
     gcgctttggg gctcctcaaa gcagactgag ccactctgct gggatggcac tggagacaca     78540
     gcacctgcca ctcggcttct ttcttggcag ctcttctccc cgagtctcac ctccttgctc     78600
     cccaggtgac catccagtgt gcagaccttg gctcaggaca cttcctcaac tagtgactgt     78660
     gtctggggaa acaggattga tttgcaggca cagctggctc aggaagcccc acagacagct     78720
     gcttggagcc ctttcctcaa gtggatccag gagagagctg gctttgaggg cctggtggat     78780
     catccatgat gtctgccctg tgtctgctgg aacccagcag gatgtcctgc ttggacatct     78840
     gcacctaaaa tgccaatgtc tttggtctgg aatcatctga ttgcaagtgt gagaaacaaa     78900
     ctcacccgtc caaacccaaa gaatggactt agagaccaag agaacagcga aagtgagact     78960
     tttaatgatg gccttgcaag gtcgggtgtc tagtaggcag gcacacccag cacagtcaca     79020
     acaagcaatt tatcccctag tgtgcaggtc cctcccccag ttcctcatag gctgagtact     79080
     agggggtcac agtcttccca gatgtcacct attgattgtt atgcagaggc tgtaggtgtt     79140
     ttttttaggg ttgtcttgct acattttgtt gcagcccaca atgcattgca atcctagtca     79200
     gctcgggggc tctttaagaa tttgatttat gacctaagta gctgggaagg ctgataagaa     79260
     cagacaaagc aagctattct gcaggctagt aaactttcat ctcagactaa acttctttgg     79320
     atcgggtgag ggccattaag cggcggggtg gcggggaggg gacaagaagc cggcattgac     79380
     tacgcaagca ggggcctagt ttatcctgtt tcttctgtag tttgctgtcc taaaccgatt     79440
     caaggcactt tgtcttggaa atggaccacc gtatacatta tttccttcac aagtagaagc     79500
     tacacaggct cctaaaactg aagaggactc actggaagcc atgggagctt cttacaagca     79560
     gatggcatga ggctgacaaa gggcctggaa agggctggca ctgttctctc cccacagcct     79620
     ttggcttccc tgctgtctct ccccaccact tccctctttc tctctctgtc tctttccccc     79680
     tccctctctc tgtctccttc cctccctccc tgccctcatc tggctattct gctttccatg     79740
     caggggctcc ccaatgcccc gccccagctc tgtggggtct cttggcacca accctggcac     79800
     taaatgggat gtgtgttact agcctaagga ggagtggggg tgggatctgt ctctgctgga     79860
     gacagacatc agcccctcag ctgtgcaccc acaatcatct ggtccagtca gcatggcctg     79920
     gggcagccgc aggaaagcac atggaccaaa gcaggtctca cagtgaagcg attacttgct     79980
     taactataaa tcctcctcaa agacattccc agttgctgct cctagacatg acatcagcga     80040
     ccactgaaaa aggtgctcaa tgggggctgt ggaccggctt gctcttcata cagggactgt     80100
     gtggctcagg gttgggcctg caatccgccg caccactaat gctccacttg gcccccataa     80160
     gccatggatg gcttggacta gctaaaccat cataaaaaca ctaggaagag aagaaaatgt     80220
     gtattgtaaa attctttttt tttttttttt tttttttttg gtgagacgga gatttactct     80280
     tgtcccccag gctgcagtgc aatggtgtga tctcggctca ccacatcctc tgcctcccag     80340
     gttcaagcga ttctcctact tcagcctccc gagtagctgg gattacaggc atgtgccagc     80400
     atgcctggct aattttgtat ttttggtaga gatggggttt cactgtgttt cccaggctga     80460
     tctcaaactc ctgacctcag gtgatccgcc tgcctcagcc tcccaaagtg ctgggattac     80520
     aggcgtgagc cactgcgccc ggcctttttt tttttttttt tttttattga gacagagcct     80580
     tgctctgtca cccaggctgg agagcaatgg cactgtctcg gctcactgca acctccgcct     80640
     cccgggttca agcgattctc ctgcctcagc ctcccaagta gctgggatta caggcatgtg     80700
     ccaccatgcc cagctgattt ttgtattttt aatagaggtg aggtttcgcc atgttggcca     80760
     ggctggtctc gaactcctga ccttgtgatc ctcccacctc ggcctcccaa agtgctggga     80820
     ttacaggcgt gagccaccgc gcccggcagt aaaattcttt tttgtttgtt tgtttttgag     80880
     acggagtctt gctctgtcgc ccaggctgga gtgcagtggc gcgatctcgg ctcactgcaa     80940
     gctccgcctc ccgggttcat gccattctcc tgcctcagcc tccctagtag ctgggactac     81000
     aggcgcccgc tgccacccct ggctaatttt ttatattgtt agtagagacg gggtttcacc     81060
     gtgttagcca ggatcgtctg gatctcctga cctcgtgatc cacccgcctc ggcctcccag     81120
     agtgctggga ttacaggcgt gagccaccgc gcccagccgc ctggccgtaa aattctttga     81180
     gagatttgtt tcccaatgaa agcaggtttt gttctggtgt tagttattaa acaaatactg     81240
     atcacacact ggtttaggca tcaggggtac agcactaaat ggaaaaggaa tgtccctgcc     81300
     ctccaggagt ttacatttag aaagtttgtg ggaaagacaa ataactaagc ctgtcacaca     81360
     gtgctgccat atggagccaa gtgcagtggg gacaagtcag gcaaaggggg gagggagacg     81420
     gggaggctgc agagaggagg tctttgtaga caacagaaga gagggaaggg ctgagccaag     81480
     caaatagcga gggcaaagga gaaaggcagt acaaaggccc tgaggcagga atgtgaccgg     81540
     aggcctacca agaggagaaa gagcagactc cacgttcaga gagaaggaag gggatggcga     81600
     gggtctgggg acctgagtga gtggatgggt ggggtgatgg gacttgtgtt ttaaaggaaa     81660
     tattctggtt gttgtgagga ataggctgca tggggcaggg gccaggtggt ggcaggcttg     81720
     ggggagcagc aagagctgga gccaaaagga ggccagcctt ggtggtgcag cagtgtaggt     81780
     ggcggggagt ggggtctgca gggtcaccaa gaggttgggt aatgaacgtt cactgtttcc     81840
     attttccctg ctgcatgtgc atccctgggc cctagcctat gcactggctc ccgtttctgt     81900
     ggatgtccca gagtggaacg gctcagccca aggacaggtg catttgtgaa tttcagaaat     81960
     gctcctagat ttctttataa agtgcctgtg aaaatgtacc ttgccaccag ctgtgtgtgt     82020
     taacgccgtt cccccactac atgagtcagc tttcgctgag ttgtgcggta gtaacaactc     82080
     ccagatctct ggcttttaac attggagttt caggcctttg tgttatgcac ctgctcttta     82140
     acgatcttca tgctggtgtc agcgccatag agtatctgtc ctggacaagc tgttttcatg     82200
     gcagtgcggc aaaagccatg ctggaatctt atgataacat ttcaggctgc tgaaaggtgg     82260
     cagctgtttc actgatcaaa gcaacatcat cagtacaggg gggccttctc cttccataag     82320
     gagggacact gcaagtctca tgggtgggca gggatgtcgt aggcaggagt tattgcaaca     82380
     gagtacaatc gatcagcacc aagtgctatt gctttttaca tttttgccaa tgtcatgagt     82440
     gagaagtgat tgttcacaca tgagttttaa gttgcccatt gattagtgag gttgagcatc     82500
     tttttcatgt ttattggcca tttggattgt accatctatc aatctatcat ccattctttt     82560
     atttatttat ttatttttga gctggagtct ccctctgtgg cccaggctga agtgcagttg     82620
     cgctatctca gcttactgca agctccgcct cccgagttca cgccattctc ctgcctcagc     82680
     ctcccgagta gctgggacta caggtgcgtg ccaacacgcc cggctaattt tttgcatttt     82740
     aagtagagac ggggtttcac cgtgttagcc aggttggttg cgaactcctg atctcatgat     82800
     ctgcccgcct cggcctccca aagtgctggg attacaggtg tgaaccactg cgcctggcca     82860
     ttctaagcac tttctataca ccattaattc atttgatcct caccacgacc ctgtttcatt     82920
     gacaaggaca ccgaggccca gggactgtct cttctaggtg acttctgaaa atgtgacagg     82980
     agagccagac actgcatgta ctgttgtact tgagcgagtt agagaaaacg ccacactttg     83040
     agacgaatta agagtctgtt tatttagcca gcggccaaga gacggctagc gctcaaagtt     83100
     ctctcggcct tgaagaaggg gctagatttt cctttatact ttggtttaga aaggggaggg     83160
     gggtctagtt aaaacaattt tacagaaata aagtaggcaa aaaagttaaa aggataaatg     83220
     gttacaggaa agtaaacagt tctaggtgca ggggcttaaa gacgattaca aggtgataga     83280
     cgcgggtcgt tgggcgttat caatgggaca aattcttggg aactgcggat attgctcgcc     83340
     acagtatctt atcaattaat tgcattcttg gatgtgctgg gagtcagctt gcacaagtta     83400
     aatccttgag gaaggggctg ccagtgaaag agccgagatg gagtctgtct ggctcttagc     83460
     taagggagag tcaattcagg tggaaccaag gctaggtgat taaaggaaag agggagagtc     83520
     taaaaacagg gttagtgaaa acaagcttgg ggattacagt actaagcact gggccacacg     83580
     ctgcctccac tttgctctgc cgcatgtctt catacttttc ttgccccagt taaatttttt     83640
     ttttaagaca gtcttgctct gtcacccagg ctggagtgca gtggcacaat ctcagctgac     83700
     tgcaacctcc gcctcctggg ttcaagcgat tctcatgcct tagcctcctg agtcgttagg     83760
     atgacaagta cgtacgacca cacttggtta atttttgtat gtttagtaga gacggggttt     83820
     cgccacgttg cccaggctgg tcttgaactc ctgacctcaa gtgatccacc cgccttggcc     83880
     tcccaaagtg ctgggattac agggtgagcc accgcacctg gccgtgcccc agttaaaatt     83940
     tgtctatcaa tttcatttaa gggatctttt gtcatacaag tctttttcat tttattaaat     84000
     aaatatgcct aatctgtttt ttatagcttc tgagttgccc gtcacggtta caaaggattc     84060
     cgctgatcta tcttgcacat atgatgtcct aaattttcac taagattttt attgctctga     84120
     gttttaaaaa aattttattg tggtaaaatt catataacat aaaatttacc atcttaacct     84180
     attttaagtg tacagttcag tgatattcaa tacattcaca atgttgtgca cttatcacca     84240
     tcatccatct ccagaactct ttaactgtgt aaaactaaaa ctgtccccat taaacactaa     84300
     ctccccattc tcccctcccc tcagtcccta gtaaccaaca ttctttctgt ctgtatggat     84360
     ttgaatgctc taggtactgc acataagcag aattatacag aatttgtcgt gactggctta     84420
     tttattgctc tgtttttaat taaggcttta aatacctcta gaaatatttt catatatgtt     84480
     atgagacaga ggacaacttt aatttcttct aaatatatta atgatcctgg tcgggcgcgg     84540
     tggctcatgc ctgtaatccc agcactttgg gaggccgagg caggcggatc acttgaagtc     84600
     aggagtttga gacctgcctg accaacatag tgaaacccca tctctactaa aaatacaaga     84660
     aaattagcca ggcatgatgg catgcgcctg tagttccagc tactcgggag gctgaggcag     84720
     gaggatcgct taaacccagg acctggagga ggttgcagta agctgacatc gtggcttggg     84780
     tgacagagca agatccctct caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag taatagcttt agcatatcgt     84840
     tctataaatg atgcttgttc ttggagttta tggttaataa tttttaccat atttaaatca     84900
     ttttcattta ttcctatttt ctttgaaatt ttactcagaa tggctctaga attgtattca     84960
     atgttattat ttagcatatg tggatggaat gctgtttttt ctttttcttt ttcttttttt     85020
     ttgagaagga gtttcactct tgttgcccag gctggagtgc aatggcgtga tctcagctca     85080
     ctgaaacctc cacctcccga gttcaggcaa tcctcctgcc tcagcctccc atgcccagct     85140
     aatttttttg tatttttagt agagacaggg tttcaccatg ttggccaggc tggtctcgaa     85200
     ctcctgacct caggtgatct gcctgcctcg gcctcccaat gtgctgggat tacaggtgtg     85260
     ggccactgca cccggcctgt tttttctctt ttaatttgtt gagctaatga attgcaatgg     85320
     tatgtaggta tccttgtatt cctgaaataa accatacttg gccatggcat attatttttt     85380
     tgatatgctg cttgattcta tttgctactg tcttatttat aatttgtttt tcaatattaa     85440
     acatagagat ctgggtctat agattctttg agctctatca ttttggcgtg ttaagcttcg     85500
     ctatggtttg ggtgtttgtc ctcctaaacc tcatgctgag atttgatccc caatgttgga     85560
     ggtggtactt ggtaggaggt gtttggatta tgggggtgga tccctcatga atgcgtggtg     85620
     ccctcttcat ggtaataagg gagttctagt tctatgaatt cccccaaaag ctggttgttt     85680
     aaacaagcct ggcctctacc cactctcttt cttgcctttt ctcttgctgt gtgatctctg     85740
     cacaccagct ccccttcatc ttccaccata agtgaaagca gcctgaggcc tcaccagtag     85800
     atactggtgc catgcttcct gcacagcctg cagaactgtg agccaaataa acctcctttc     85860
     tttatattac ccagtctcag gtattccctt tatagcaaca tagacttaga caagcttaca     85920
     gacagaaggc ttcgtaaagt gaattgaggt ttttaatctt tttctgtggc ttggaagatt     85980
     gtaattaact ttcaaattat ctgatctcta aaggttggtg agagctcagc tgtgatctgg     86040
     agccatctag agctttctta atggtagctt tttaatcacc tctctaatct gttttttttt     86100
     tggcaattag ttaattcaag ttttctactt tggctcagct ttagtatttt gctaggaacc     86160
     tatctgttcc atccatattt tcttggcttt tcctggcctg cctggcacag tctgtactga     86220
     gaggacgaag gccttttcca tgagtgtcct tggccatgag tgggtcaggg catctccttg     86280
     ttggcttggg tatcagtggg gagtggaatg aggacacagc ttcacctcta aggactcaga     86340
     agccttcttg caaagacaag gccacccctc ccttgggggg gttggggggt ccaagatgtg     86400
     aataaacatg gagtgttcac accatcccac ggcctgcaac cccagtgaga aggccccagc     86460
     cgcgtttctc tttggagtgg cccatccata gcattctgcc taaaaaagca gggtcctgga     86520
     gttccagggc ttctcactgc acagggcgtg ggacacacct cttgtctctt gggaggtacc     86580
     cggagcccag cctctcaggc gctgggcgat gcagggggtg gggactgtaa gccctgggag     86640
     atggggcagt gaggggcgct gtgaggcagg gtggtgtggg aactgaaggt gggggcgcta     86700
     tggaggatgc ggggtggtgt gttgtagggg agggcggtgt aggggatggg tggggcaggg     86760
     cagtggggcg gggccttggg gcgggcgctg tggggcgggg tggtgtgggg ggctatggga     86820
     aggggcactc tggggagctg tggggtgggg tgctgtgggg caccttgggg cgggccggtg     86880
     tgggggtgct gtgggtgggg caatgtggag ggtcataggt tggggccttg aggcgggggt     86940
     gggaggctgt ggggtattgt ggggtggggc ctggcgctgt caggggcggt ggggctgagg     87000
     gacccgaggt cgaggcctcg tgaggcgctg tggggcaagg tgctgtggga ggcttagggg     87060
     gctggtgggc tgggggcacg gaggggaggc tgtgtgggcg ctcggcggca gggcggggcg     87120
     gggtgctggt gggctacggg acgggagggt gggacagtct gcggaccatg cggggctggg     87180
     tgggctggat cagtgcccaa gttgacttcg cgtcaccaac tggcatgagg tttgggtagg     87240
     aaagcgggct tctcacaaga ataaaatcca tcaaggtcct ctgtctccac tggagccccc     87300
     agtcacagcg ccttcctccg ggctagaacc tgtcgggggc ccccagcctg tccagggccg     87360
     ctgtcttcca ggaaagagag agctgtgccc agagaggaga cagaactctt tctccgtgaa     87420
     tcgcatcctt ttctgtgcgg gatgatttac attctgggaa caaacggggc cgtatctcac     87480
     agtgctgcag gatgccagtg gtgcaaacag tcggcgaccc ggccatttcc cgagggtctc     87540
     aggcgtccca cccaacggcc gctccccgtt ccctgtccgt cacctcctcg ttctcctacg     87600
     aaggcgcgaa cgttccagac tctcgccggt cctcgacagc actcattcag tctcccccct     87660
     ggagatccca ggctgtactc tgggacagaa aagaaggcgg gtacgaccgc ggtgtcgggt     87720
     cctaccttag ccgctccttc tcctgaggga gccaggcggg agagagggga accaccgagg     87780
     cctcggtctt cccgcgtccc agagcggccg ggcgagtctc acttccggcc tgtgacccgc     87840
     tgacctgtcc ttgtcccacc agtcgggcgg tgaattggac tgactggtga cccctggcac     87900
     caggcttccc catgggcacc ggagcaggcg gacaggggtg gggtcccgcg agcgacacgg     87960
     aagggtcagt gtggcggagc ggaccctgtg gaggcggggt cactgtgctc ctgagaaggg     88020
     tcctcggggg tggagtctat caaggttgcg ggggcgtggt cacggagcgg agccaataaa     88080
     agcggggcgt gcacggccgc gggccagtgc ctatgaaggg cgaggggtgt ggtcacaggg     88140
     cgggatctac gaaggatgca ggggcgaggc cgggtctctg caggatgtgc ggtcgcgggt     88200
     cggagtctat aaaggcaagg ggcggggtcc ctgggttggg tgaggggtgt ggtcatgggg     88260
     ggcaggtctg tgtagggtga ggagcttgtt ccccgaatga gggtctgtga agggtgaggg     88320
     gcatgttcct ggggtggggg tgtttgtgaa ggatgaggag agtttttccg gcatgagggg     88380
     ctgtgaaggg tgagagccat gttgccggtg gtgcgggtct gtgaagggtg aggggagtgt     88440
     tcctggagca ggatatgtga agggtgaatg acgtggtttc ggggtgaggt tagtgcagga     88500
     tgaagggagt tgtctaggag ctgtgtcctc taaggtgagg ggcgtggtct ctgggcgggg     88560
     tccgccattt tgtctggtga aagttgggaa gggacaagcg agactcccac ctctggcctc     88620
     atcctcagcc ctgcgttttc cccacttgta ctgccagaaa gctgagtggt ggcaatcact     88680
     tttggagtct tcctgagaca atccaccaat atgaagtaaa ctcgaggaag tgagaggaaa     88740
     tcattcgttc attcattgat tccactcaag gatcacccag ggctcctctc tcagctcttc     88800
     ttctcacgtc caatgcccta caagatatct agaagctgcc ctgctgtccc tgcacggctc     88860
     ttgggccgga agcgtgctgg gggtggtggg ggccagggaa tagcataaag agggaaatgt     88920
     ggagcagagc ctggctctgt ctgtgcagga ctctcctctc aagcatgaat ggccatggga     88980
     tggtgatgac aggtggtacc tctgacttag caaacgtgga gcactgagat aggaaagggc     89040
     cactggaccc caacctgtgc cctggaccac aggtttcctc ccgtgtcctc tcctgcctcc     89100
     agactgccct ctgcaagaag ccagagtgat gtcttccatt gctgcttgtt agaaataaat     89160
     gctcattccc tggtgtcgca aggaagaggc agcatttaga caaaaagtac tctcagcaag     89220
     gcaactttac tttctgcaga aatggtactg cttgccagca gtcttgccaa gagagtacac     89280
     cgaacaaagg gagacaggaa tatgtatccc taacgcatga ggtccctact gctgtgtcct     89340
     atctccgttg gctgagttgg acctcacatt ctaggctgaa cttaattggt taacaattta     89400
     aaactttcta aataggtaaa gacaatgagg aacaaaggaa aagaggaagt tgcttacgaa     89460
     aggactttag aacagtaata acatttctga ataaggaagg ggcataggct gcaagctggg     89520
     acatgtctgg gcacgtccag cacgaatatt tcggttaagg tacaaggaca cagaatgtac     89580
     tacatgtctg tgaaaatgtc taacacaaat actgaagtca gagtatacag gcatacggta     89640
     tgcttattct gttacatttg ctatataagg cataacagag ttatcactat aaaataacaa     89700
     gcttgaatag aactagctct gagagaaaat accaataaca tttctgattt aaagaagaaa     89760
     ctttgaagag gaacttttta ctttccacac tgctcttaat tttgagaatg ttcaaatcca     89820
     cagaaaagta ttatgaacac cataaactct tcatttagat tctatagttg ttgacatttt     89880
     gccacactgg ctgtatcttt gaatatattt actttttgct gctgaaaagt aatttgaaaa     89940
     taccgttgac ccttgaataa taaaggggtt ggggcagtga cccctgtgca gttgaaaatc     90000
     aaagcataac ttttaactcc cctaaaattt aactactaat agcctactgt tgactggaag     90060
     ccttacgcat aacatagtca attaacacat tttttatgtt atatgtatta tatactctat     90120
     tctttagata agctagagaa aagaaaatgg tgttcagaaa atcataagga agacataata     90180
     tatttaatat tcattaagtg aaagtggatc atcataaaag tcttcatcct cattgtcttc     90240
     acattgagta gtctgaggaa gaggaggaag aggaggattg gtcttgcaat ctcaggggtg     90300
     actgagttgg aagaaaatcc aattataact gacccttgca gttcaaacct gtgttgtttc     90360
     agggtcagct gtaatttgta gacatcatga cactttccct taggtacctc agcctatttc     90420
     ctagagatga ggacattttc ttacatgata gcaatacttt atttcacctg agaaaattaa     90480
     caattatccc gtggtccccg ggcacggtgg ctcatgcctg taatcttagc actttgggag     90540
     gctgaggtgg gtggatcacg aggtcaagag atcgagacca tcctggccaa catggtgaaa     90600
     ccccatctct actaaaaata caaaaattag ctgggtgtgt tggcatgcac ctgtagtccc     90660
     agctacttgg gaggctgagg caggaaaatc acttgaactc aggaggcaga ggtggtggtg     90720
     agccaagatc gtgccactgc actccagcct ggcgacagag tgagactccg tctcaaaaaa     90780
     acaaacaaaa gcaaaaatcc tgtggtcaca taacttattt ctccaattgt ctctaaaatg     90840
     tctgcatagc tgggtttttc ccctctaatt cagaagctaa tcaagattgc atgttgcatt     90900
     taattgtgtc tcttcaggct gttttttttt tttttttttt tgagacagag tctcgctctg     90960
     tcgcccaggc tggagtgcag tggcgtgatc tcggctcacc gcaagctcct tctcctgggt     91020
     tcaagccatt ctcctgcctc agcctcccga gtagctggga ctacaggcgc ctgccaccat     91080
     gcccagctaa ttttttgtat ttttagtaga gacggggttt caccgtgtta gccaggacgc     91140
     tcgatctcct gacctcgtga tctgcctgcc ttggcctccc caagtgctgg gattacaggc     91200
     gtgagcccgg cctttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt ggaaacaagg tctcactctg     91260
     tccccaaggc tggagtgcag tggcgccatc atggctcatt gcatcctcat cctcccaggc     91320
     ttaggtgatc ctcccacctc agcctcccga gtagctggaa ctacaggaat gtgccaccac     91380
     gcctggctaa ttttttgtat ttttttatag agaccaagtc ttaccatgtt acccaggcta     91440
     gtctcaaact cctggactca aaggatctgc ctgccttggc ctcccaaagt gctaggatta     91500
     caggcctaag ccaccgcacc tcgctggctg ttttaatctg gaatagcttc cctgcttttt     91560
     gtttctcttt aggacactga cttgtgacca tgtgtggcca tctatctgtg ttatacccca     91620
     tgttctaggt gtaacatgga gcccacacag attaacactc cctgcccttc atgccccagt     91680
     gggtggagtc gtggtctctg ctgtccatga ggcagaggtg gttgaggtga catgcagcca     91740
     attatggctt gcccccaacc ccctgggccc agctgctggg gagagacccc tgctgaccac     91800
     ctttccaggg tccagctcag gccgtgcccc tccacctgca accatgatgc catggtggct     91860
     tcttttgtgg tggcctcttt cgagggggtg cagggaggct gcagagctga ggcctcaaga     91920
     tggacagggc tgtgggccag aggcctggtg aggaagccag tttacaaacc ccagtcagag     91980
     cgggctgagc caggggccgg cagagactga gagaccaagg accagggtag tgattggggg     92040
     agggaggcgc cctggcctca ggcaggggtg ggggcggctg gggaggaggg gagcaggtgg     92100
     aggggtgagc cctcaccccc tgccattccc agcctggggc ctgctgccag ctctaccaaa     92160
     agggttttct ccaggcccaa actataggtc ctcctgcagg aaactctgag gatgcacacc     92220
     cctccagcat gactccagcc cctcttgaac atgcctcgcc cccacaaggc attgatttga     92280
     ggtgctctag ggaggagggc aagctggaga cccgagggag cccacagtgg acccaaactc     92340
     cgggggtggg agagggtacc agtgggaggt gttgccaggc agggtcaggg tcaggtcaca     92400
     tcctccagac tccaagcagc agaggcacag catcaccctt gaacctgaat tcaagggctc     92460
     tgcagcagca ctaagcccag gtgagaaggt cttgggcaca ggtgcccttc atgctgaagg     92520
     aaatgcaggg tcaccagctc ctaagacagc ttgttacctg gggccgctgc agcagtcagg     92580
     tctgcggggc atgggcttgc ccttttgtgt cttccttttg acaccctgcc tctatccttc     92640
     ccaggaggag cccagcgatg gtggctgagc cccaggtgag ctggcctttg gggaacagtt     92700
     gctgcccaag gcctctcccc ctcagcctgg agccccttgc ccagcagacc cttggggccc     92760
     tgagaacaga atctccctcc tcagatccag gcccacccca ctagctgccc cttccacaga     92820
     gctgagcagg atgcagggcc ctaaggggag agcccagttt tgagagctct gtgtttccat     92880
     agtcacacct tccctgccca acctacccct agctcttttc ctaaacatct gcctggaagg     92940
     tagggagatg cacgtagagc ctcttgctag aaactcagtc caagctgcaa ggtgcatttg     93000
     cccttgggca ggggtgaggc tctctgggca gtgagcacct gtgattccag ggcacagtga     93060
     tgtttgagga ggtggccatg tacctcacac aggaggaggg gcagcacctg ggaccccctc     93120
     agagagcact ctaccaggat gtgatgctcg agaaccactg caccctacca gctctggata     93180
     agcatcacat ggtgggcttc aggtccctgc tccccatccc caggtgactg gtcccctggg     93240
     ctctcttgac tcatagacca aatatcccca gtccatgctg gggtgctcgt gtcccagcag     93300
     ggagtgccca gtgatctcat cacccattct ttcttctcga gacctcctct ggatccccct     93360
     cctcttgcag cctctgtggc cctcagccag gggcagctca gatattctag cactgaccat     93420
     tatcttcttg atagacaggt ttttcagtgt ccacactcag ggttatctcc cagcaggagc     93480
     aggggaaaat gccatgggtc attgctctgc cagggcctcc ctgcacaggt gagtgaggag     93540
     gtgggtatct caggggaact gtgatgtgtt gtgcatgtga gctgtgagag tggtgagggg     93600
     ggagttcaaa tggccagctg agagacccct gattgtctat tctggctccc gtcctggccc     93660
     caccttccct ctgaggggaa gtgcaagtcc actgtgcagc tactcaggtg ggacagccat     93720
     tttctagtgg tgaccagcct tccgatgagc tgatttgcac ttacatgtca aagtacaaac     93780
     aaaactccac attgtggtca cacgggagca tgcccccagc accctctcct atttccacag     93840
     tttgcatgct gcttgcatgc aggcattctt ctaggtgctg gggttaagta taagcaaaac     93900
     caagtccttg tcttcaggga gtgtacattt tggtttgtgg agaacatcgt agtttgtgga     93960
     agaattattt atcctgcctg atgtcctatc acattgtcgg tctccacatt agaaagttaa     94020
     gggacagggg acttcattca ttcaccaatt ccctggtacc tcaagcagtg ccaggcaccc     94080
     aggaggcacc tggcaaacac tgctggaatg aatccctcgt tctttagttg tcagttcctg     94140
     ctttgtgcac tgcgccatta aggtgccgca agtacttgtg tgagaaggca tttgccctca     94200
     gaatttcagt ccagtcagag tgagatggac acacacaact aagcatgata caagacaaaa     94260
     tggaataaag tgattaacag aagggaaaat aaaactcaac tcaggctgag acatatgagc     94320
     tgcacggaaa tttgctttgg ctcaatcaat tccttctttc acagggaaac ttttaatttc     94380
     cattctttgt ttcagattcc taggtcaaaa caaagcataa acaatcaacg ccaacagaaa     94440
     aatcttccga agaacaatta caagaagtaa ctcaggaaat tttcccaaga ggcaatccag     94500
     aagagtttga gtttcgatca gcttgtagga ctgagacagg agcagaacat tgctggaaga     94560
     aattcacaat acagaccagg atgaagttat ttccccaaaa gagaggttcg aggcaagtgg     94620
     tcagctcccc gttgaaaatc attgtagcag acaaataccg ggaatgtaat aaattggaga     94680
     aaagtttgtc tctgggcaca aagcctgttg tacctctgag ggacaggcca ggaaagagag     94740
     ccagtggatg gaggatgggt ggctgaggct ttccatgtga gtcatatctg agtggacatc     94800
     gggcagttac cagtgggaca aagccccatg gatgccatgt gtatgggaag tctttcagca     94860
     agaactcaca ccttacttgg catcagataa ttcatactac agagaagccc tgtgtatgta     94920
     ttgaatgtgg ggaaaaaaac acaactcaag ccttatacat catcagaaaa ttcaccatgg     94980
     atggtgaaac cctatctcta ctaaaaacac aaaaattatc tgggtgtggt ggtgtatgct     95040
     ggtaatcctg gctactcagg aggctgaggc agaagaattg cttgaaccag ggaggcggag     95100
     gttgcattga gctgagattg cggcactgca ctccagcctg ggcgacagag tgagactcca     95160
     tctcaaaaga aaagaaaaga aaagaaaatt catggtggag aaaaaccctg tgtgtgtagt     95220
     gaatgtggta agggctttag ggagacatca aagcttgtta aacatcagag aattcatact     95280
     ggagaaaagc cctataggtg ggatgaatgt gacaaagcct ttagtgggaa ttcaaacctt     95340
     attaaacacc aactgataca tactggagag aagccctata aatgtattga gtgcgggaaa     95400
     gcctttaatc cgaaagcaaa tcccatgcaa tatcagagaa ttcatacagg agagaaactt     95460
     tttgaatgtc aagagtgtgg aaaaagcttc agtcagccat cacacgtgat tcataatcaa     95520
     aggaagcatg cttgagagaa gccctacaaa tgcagtgagt gtggaagggg cttcaaacat     95580
     cacacctgat tgatcatcaa agaatacaca ctggagagaa aacttatgtg tgtgtcatgt     95640
     gggagaggct ttattcagat gtcacacttg attcattgcc acagaacaca ttctgtagag     95700
     aagccacatg catgtagtgt atgtgggaaa tgcttcagcc agagctcaac ccttattaga     95760
     cattaggttg ttcacattat ggataggaag tataagttaa aggaatgtgg gcaggctttc     95820
     agtgtgagct agcttctcag tcactatctc acaaattcta ctggagagga acccctcaat     95880
     tcatacagga gagaagagca tccaagaatg caacaaaggt gggaagactt tcattgtagc     95940
     tcattatata atgtcagaga gttcctgttg gagagaaccc ctatggatgt aatgaatgtt     96000
     gaaaaagcat ttatttggaa ctcacatatt atttacaatg agataattca tagaggatat     96060
     aatggatatg agaggctttg gtgtactgtg ggaagtaggt ggaaatgtgg gttcctgcta     96120
     ttgccagctg ctcccttttg aataaactgc cctagcaggt gcttgcccca gggtggccat     96180
     gctctgtagg gaatcttgct ttagactggg attgtaagat ggagacaaag acagccttat     96240
     tcctggctgg gaatgccact ggaaatgcta ggggaggcca gtggtccatg gcgtggcctg     96300
     atctcaaata tgcagaaacc agaagcagag accagaccca gagagaggca gataaatgca     96360
     acccccaaag tggatgcaca ggaaaatgga aaactactag agttagtgtt gggtctccag     96420
     agctgccttt ttatcctgaa caatgatgag caatgactcc aggtcttcgt gaaaccaaac     96480
     agaatagctg aggcagcttc ctacacctct gcactaagtt ttttaaatct gaaagcatgt     96540
     agaatgagtg tcagccgcac caacatgtag gatctgtctt ttaatcagaa ggcaatccgt     96600
     tgtggctact ggctatactg aaaacataac attattttaa cataatcctt cagcagctta     96660
     ggataaaatc cttgacttta gaatgaagtt ttcactatga aatgaaatca aggctgggca     96720
     cagtggctta tgcttgtaat cccagcactc tgagagacca agatggatca ctcgaggcca     96780
     ggacttttga gaccagcctg gcaacatggt gagaccccat ctctacaaat aaataaaatt     96840
     agctaggcat ggtgggagga tcatttgaac ccaggaggtt gaggctggag tgagccatga     96900
     tttcactact gtactctgtc ctgggcaaca gagcgagcct ctgtcctaaa aatatgtgtg     96960
     ttaaagatta cttatatcta gttcatacct cctaaaggta atttgaattg aaatagtgat     97020
     gcatacaata aggtcattaa agtagaaaca gaaaataaag gattataaag ccattgatgg     97080
     taagagcaat tgattttgtg aactacaaat catagattta actgaatagt ttgttgttta     97140
     tacaaaatag ctgttgaaaa gtttctgact gactgggtgc agtggcttat gcctataatc     97200
     ccagcacttt tggaggccaa ggcaggtgga tcacttgaga acagcctggc caacatggag     97260
     aaactctgtt tctactaaaa atacaaaaat tagccaggca tggtggtgca cgcctgtaat     97320
     cccagctact ccagtgagtc aagagaattg gttgaaccca ggaggcagag gttgcagtga     97380
     gctgagatca caccactgca ctccagcctg ggtgacggag tgaaactctt gtctcaaaaa     97440
     aaaaaaaaag tttctggtta gatttttcct ctaggcgcaa tctgaggaga aaggaggaaa     97500
     gcttggagag gaacacagct atgaaatgca tccatctgcc cctccttcgt catcaggcaa     97560
     tggcacaatc tgagccagga atgaccctct gtcttccaag gcctgaggtg cagagaagag     97620
     caaccaagcc cacataatct tccagggttc caaccccagt cctgggtata agaagcaagc     97680
     tgttgcctta tatgtgttaa aaagaagaga ggggctgggt gcagtggctt acgcctgtaa     97740
     tcccaacact ttgggaggct gaggcaggag gatcacttga ggccaggagt tcaagactag     97800
     actacaaagt gagaccctgt ctctacaaaa aaaaaaagaa aaattacaaa ttagtcaggt     97860
     gtggtggcct gcacatgtag ttccagatac ttgggaggct gaggcaggag gatcgcttga     97920
     ggccagaagt ttgagactac agtgagccgt gactgcccca ctgaactcca gtctgggtga     97980
     tagagaccac ctggtcgcta attaaaaatt gttttcaaaa gggaggggag ggtagactct     98040
     tgagtcttgt ctacaattct gtactccttt cagggaaaac ggaccttaca ttcataaaag     98100
     gggagccaca gcagctgttg tcaccaacag gtgcttttgt gcatcactga tttgtgtctg     98160
     gctcactcac ttccacttgt cctgttgtgc acaccgttgg atgccaggtg acacttgcca     98220
     aggtcgtaag tgccacagga cttgcagtga agggaagggt tgattgggga agagggatga     98280
     ggaaggtttg gatgaaggga tagaactggg ccttgaagga ttgacaagat gatggcagaa     98340
     ggaacacaga tgagctggga agaggctgat actctcagat gccgtggagt tgggagtgtg     98400
     aggacccggg aaggactggg atcctgcaga gcctggcctt gcaggccctg ctggggagtg     98460
     tgttcagtcc tggagacatg ggagctgtag gatattttga accaggaggg tttcagaatt     98520
     cctcttcaag gccatctggg tacgtggact gcaaagcacc tggcagctcc ctgtgcccac     98580
     gaagttactg tgctccatgt tgtgcatggc tcttctcctc acctgtcatc caggggtgtc     98640
     ataggtatgc tgccctgttc ctcagactgt aaactggctt cttgattacc ctcatggctc     98700
     cttttccttc acatgagatt ttatggttta aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaac ccacacagtt     98760
     tgtggctgaa tgctgtggtc aaggacctgg gccatagcgc acttgtactg gggagatcag     98820
     cagggagatt actgagaggc aaactcacct gcccagagtc tggactgtgg ctctgcaggc     98880
     tctgatacct gattcttccc tcatactgag atgatcccta cactccagga agtggacata     98940
     gaagaccaga aagtcagggc acagattgag ccctgctaga ggctagattc ttaacatctg     99000
     cccgaaagtt gttagcaacc ctggtgttgc cactgggatt gtacctccgt ttgtgcatag     99060
     gtcttgaggg aagctggagg aacagaaacc agaacatggg gagtggacag tgcctggaca     99120
     gtatctgtac atttctggct ctttgtcttt ccattttctt tcctctaagg cttagagtcc     99180
     aagctgaatg ttagtttcct ctgtgtttct ctaatgaatg attaggtttc tgctcatgaa     99240
     attaaaatct cattctatgc cctttgggac aataaattta gacttgatgg aagtttagaa     99300
     cgactcccaa attattcagt aacacattta aagacagtct cttgtctgtc cctatgatgg     99360
     ccagccacat cgaatgtgag agcctggggg gagtaaaaag agggttttgg agtgggacag     99420
     atggatctgg atcatagaca atttgttcaa cctcagcttt cttacctgtg aaatggtgat     99480
     gtcaatcctt acctggcaca cgcagagcac ttggcaccac ctggcacata gcaggtgctc     99540
     catgaatggc agctactgtt actgtgtctg gagttggttc cttccagttg gttcgtggtc     99600
     tcactgactt caaaaatgga gccaccaacc ttcacagtga gtgttacagc tcttaaagat     99660
     ggcacggacc cagagtgagt agcagcaaca tttattgtga agcgcgaaag aacaaagctt     99720
     ccacagcatg gaagaagatc cgaacgggtt gtccctgctg gctggagggt ggtcagcttt     99780
     tattccctta tttgtccctg ctcatgtcct gctgattggt ccattttaca gagtgctgat     99840
     tggtccattt tacaaacctc tagctagctc tacagagcac tgactggtgc attttacaaa     99900
     cctctagcta gctacagagt gctgattagt gcattttaca atctccttgt aagacagaaa     99960
     cgttctctga gtccccactc gacccaggaa gtccagctgg cttcacctct cattaccacc    100020
     acagtggact ttagtaggct aatggtcaaa ggcaacttta tctttgtgac caggagataa    100080
     ctttttcccc aaatgggtga aaagactaag gttctgacat gttgcttccg ggctcctgct    100140
     gtggatatca tcaaccacag ccacctggaa acattcccga gatacctatt tttcctacag    100200
     agaagtcaag ttatttttcc taccttcggt ccttagttct cattctccaa ggaactcaac    100260
     agtcctgagc aacactgagg tctcaggggc ctagttccat gagggactct gtggcaactg    100320
     gcccctgggt ccctcccctc ccatccaggg ccgccccagc ggtctccatg cccagggcgc    100380
     ctcttccctc ttcaacagcc ccaggggcac cagggccgct tctcactcaa cactgtctct    100440
     gggcgacctc gcgagctcag tggcatcact gaccatcaag acgccccaat ttgcatctac    100500
     atcacagcag catctgccgg ctttaggtcc tgtcttcacc aggatgtccc acagtcgctt    100560
     cacactaaga gcccaactgg ccccttcctt gcccggaccc ggagctcctg tcggggaccg    100620
     ttgaaccacc gagtgggcgg tcatccgggt gtctcagagc agaccgagag caggtgcgca    100680
     gacctctgtg gacggctact tccggtgcgc tcccaacagg tttccgcccg gggtcaccgg    100740
     ccgcagtgct cctttcggct ccagggaagc gcggactcgc ccctgctgcc cgcccggcgt    100800
     tgcctcagca catccctgac cgtcggagga gcccctagaa gtggcagtgg gcgcaatggt    100860
     ggcggcgtgt ggcggggccg tgcccagaag cgctcgcagt cccggagcgg tgggggaggg    100920
     ccgctgcacc ccgcgcccga gtctgggcgt ccgcattgcc gcgtggccgg cgaattgcgc    100980
     ccgagggggt ggttaagaca aaagcgtggg gaggggccac gtccccgctg ccccagccag    101040
     gcgtttcctt gcctcgctga tcgttcctct acggcgggaa cgcgaggcgc ccaccgggga    101100
     tgtcgctaat gagtccgcgg ggcgacgccg agagtggctt gtgaggggtc cccgccggag    101160
     cccctggcgc gcgcctcttc cagtgctttc cacctcattt ctggccgagt gcctcgagag    101220
     ggtagagggc gagaaatcct ttgcctcaaa catcccctaa atgggtcgga aagatcaaag    101280
     agaaacgttt ctgagggaaa acctggcgtc atcgcgtcag ccacgttttc agagcgtgcg    101340
     ttttccgcgg ggtgggagct gccgtctgac cataggtttc ttgcggccct agattcttcg    101400
     gcgccttaaa cctggggttc cggaagctgt agcccccgtt tcaaaatccg ccggaagcgc    101460
     ctgaccccca gaagtcgcgc tctgccctga cctgccggag agcgggggcc gcgcggagtt    101520
     tccgcgggac ttcctgctgt ggaggttaaa gcacggtttg tcaaaacgcc ttagaacttg    101580
     caatgccggc cattcgcgtc ggggtggggt ccccagaagc agaccctgag gtgaggcttc    101640
     ctgtattctt ggcttattgg gaggcgcagg ctcggccagt gaggactggg aagaagagga    101700
     ggccagcccg ggtgagcgtc gtgcagaggc cgcggggtga ccgggtccag tcctgcaggg    101760
     gggtctggaa catgttcgga tcggacctca gcgcggatcc ctcccgtcgg ggtggaggga    101820
     gctgggcctt ttctgcctca gcggctttag gactgttcca ggaagaggtg agcagcggcg    101880
     gccctcgacc cagagaagca ggggccacaa ggaactgggt gcaggaaggt ggtgaagggc    101940
     ccaaaggacg cgtgcgtggc ctcaggaagt gccggaagaa agcctgagtc tgaatctgag    102000
     aatttctcca ggtttacctt cttgaggggt cgccaaactg ttttccaaag cagctgcctc    102060
     attgtacctt cccattctgt atctgttcat ccatacagcc atacatgaca gtttctccac    102120
     atccttatca acacttgtta ttggcctttt tttaaaaaat catagtcata gctggtgggt    102180
     gtgaagtggt gtcgctttgt ggttttgatt tgtatttcct tgataagtaa tgatgttaag    102240
     catcacctca catgcttaat ggccatttgt gtatctttga agaaatatct attcaaatct    102300
     tttgcccatt taaaaactac ttgtcttttt attgagttgt aagagttgtt tctctgttct    102360
     ggatacaagt tctttagcag atagatggtt tgcagatatt ttcacctacc gtgggttgtc    102420
     tttttcagtt gtttgttttt tgagacggag tctcactctg tcgcccaggc tggagtgcaa    102480
     tggcgcgcca tctgcgctca ctgcaagctc cgcctcccgg gttcactcca ttcgcctgcc    102540
     tcagcctccc gagtggctgg gattacagac gtgcgccacc gtgcctggat ggtttttgta    102600
     cttttttttt tttttttttt ttttgtgaga cggagcctcg ctctgtcgtc caggctggag    102660
     tggaatggtg cgatctcggc tcaccacaac ctccgcctcc tgggttcaag cgattctcct    102720
     gcctcagcct cccgagtagc tgggattaca ggcactcgcc accacaccag ctaatttttg    102780
     tatttttagt agagacaggg tttcaccatg ttggccaggc tggtctcaaa ctcctgactt    102840
     cgtgatccgt ccacctcggc ctctcaaagt gctgggatta caggcgtaag ccagtgagcc    102900
     cggccagttt ttgtactttt agtagagatg gggtttcagc atgttgggca ggctggtctc    102960
     gaactcctga cctaaaatga tccacccgcc tcagcctccc caagtgctgg gattacaggc    103020
     gtgagccacc acgcctggct gtcgtttcac tttctttttt tttttgagtc ggagtctggc    103080
     tctgttgccc aggctggagt gcaatggcat gacctcggct cactgcaact tccgccttct    103140
     gggttcaagc aaatctgcct tggcctcctg agtagcaggg attacaggcg cccaccacca    103200
     cacctggcta atttttgtat ttttagtaga gacaaggttt caccacattg gccaggctgg    103260
     tcttgaactc ctgacctcgt gatctgcccg ccttggcctc ccaaagtgct gggattacag    103320
     gtgtgagcca ccatgcccag ctcactttct tgatggtatc atttgcagca caaaagttct    103380
     taattttgat gaggtcaata tttctctttt tattttgtca tttgtgcttt tggtatctct    103440
     ttcaaataac ctgcttttgg ttttcttcat tgactttatt gtttcctttt ttaaaatgtt    103500
     cattttccca ttactacttc tttctttagg tttactctaa tattctttgt ctaacttctt    103560
     aagttgaaca tttaacttct tagtatatta attttttttt ttttttttaa gaggcagggt    103620
     cttgcatagt cacccaggca ggagtgcagt ggtgccatca tagctcactg cagcctcaga    103680
     cttctgggct caagtaatcc tctcacctca gtcttcaagt agctgggacc acaagctcaa    103740
     gccaccatga ctggctaact tttgtgtttt ttgtagggac agagtctcac tatgttgccg    103800
     agactggtct caaactctgg cttcaagcaa tcctcctgcc tcagcttccc aaagtgctgg    103860
     gattgtaagc cactatgccc agactaattt ttgatttata attatgaaag tacaatagat    103920
     tacttgacaa aagtttataa attaatgaag actggactta gtaataggct gattcttttt    103980
     aagctctaag taatagaagt tgaaggacag tatttttagt agcgatgggg ttttgccatg    104040
     ttggccaggc tggtcttgaa ctcctgacct caggtgatcc gcccccctca gcctcccaaa    104100
     gtgctgagtt tacaggcgtg agccaccatg cctggcctta agctttctta aagtttttat    104160
     ttaattatga acctgacaaa agaagtatat atttatcatg gacatgtttt gaaatatgtg    104220
     tacattgtga aatggctaaa tggagctaaa tagcatatgc atcctcacat acttttttgt    104280
     ggtgagaaaa aagctactct aggcagtttt gaagagtaca atacattgtt aataacgata    104340
     gtcaccatgt tgtacagtag atttcttgaa cttattcttc ctatttactt cctccaaagg    104400
     acacaaagga aatttggtac cctttgatca acatctccct gagctttttt tttttttttt    104460
     tgagacggag tctcgctctg tcgcccaggc tgcagtacgg tggcgcgatc tcggctcact    104520
     gcaagctccg cctcccgggt tcacgccatt ctcctgcctc agcctcccga gtagctggga    104580
     ctacaggcgc ccaccaccat gcccagctaa ttttttgtat ttttagtaga gacggggttt    104640
     catcatgtta gccaggatgg tctcgatctc ctgacctcat catccacccg ccttggcctc    104700
     ccaaagtgct gggattacag gcatgagcca ccacgcccgg cctccctgag ctttttattt    104760
     tgaaataatt ttaaacttga agagttgcaa taatgcagag aactcccaaa taaccttaac    104820
     tcagactcac cagttcttaa ccgttgccat attatttctc tttcactttt ttctgaacca    104880
     tttagaagta ggcttgaaag agtcattttg tctataattt cctatgttcc atatcttcct    104940
     gtatttcttc ctgtttcttt ttgggggtac agaatatagg atgagacact ttttagtttt    105000
     aaaatatctg attctagatg tttttagtat ctccagatgc ttgcttgagt atatttactt    105060
     ctgttgtgtt agttttcttc tgctcctttg acttctagtc accttggact cccaggactc    105120
     cagctccatc tccatctcct aaacttgtag agactgccca gcatctcctt atgcgcaggt    105180
     ggattttttt cctagtctgt ctttatacag ggggttcaac cctttggggt tccagcttta    105240
     gacaggggcc caggttccaa ccatcaccct caagccaccc aggcctgtct tcatgggggc    105300
     tgtaaacgag ccccagagct gtcctagcat cagtttccag gtgggaagct ctgactttca    105360
     tttcggtctt catttttacc cctgaggtgt tcccttgctc tcttggtgct taaccatgca    105420
     ttgtcctact aacatcctca gtcccagggt ccacagcaag tacgtgtcac aacagccctt    105480
     agagccaccc acaagccctc ccatgccccg gtgcttcctt ccattctacg taaatgtgag    105540
     gcctgtgggc ctcttaaggg aggcatcatt gtgggacctt tccagtagat cagaaggaga    105600
     aaacaatttt aatgtaccca gtgtgctcat ggacagagca gaagcagaac acaaggttca    105660
     catttacgca aagcacattc ttggcactgt ttcctttctc tgcctccttc acctctcttc    105720
     cttccttccc aagtacatcc taagcacctg ttctgtatcg tgtgctggag ataaaaaggt    105780
     gcataagaca acatctctga cagcagagag ttctccgtat aatgtagggt aacgaggtag    105840
     aaaggaaaat gtaagttgaa atggtgggga tatgaatgtt gtgctgtggg atacaagggt    105900
     aaaagagtta ttttttagac gtgggggagg tgtttttttc ccccatttta gagctggaga    105960
     aaaagagacc caagaagatt cagtgttttc cctgaggtca gagtgaatcc atttcagagg    106020
     gagacaggac cctccaggtg agcctgtgct atccactccc tcttttgtgt ggaccattcc    106080
     acatggacca cactaaggct ggcaattccc acacttggaa gaggttctgt gataagaatt    106140
     ttaataataa agtgggggag acagaacctg agcgggggaa taagcgcagc aaatcacaga    106200
     atggatgtta aaccaaatgt agcggtgacc ccaaattccc taagaaaaca gtaaggccag    106260
     gcgccgtggc tcacgcctgt aagacctgca ctttggaagg gcaaggtggg tggatcgctt    106320
     gactccaaga gttcaagacc agcctgggca acatggtgtg acaccatctt tacaaaaaat    106380
     taaaaaatta tctgggtatg gtggtgtgtg cctgtagtcc cagctacttg ggagctgagg    106440
     tcggagggtt gcttgagccc aggaagtcaa ggctgcagtg acctgtgatc gcttcactgc    106500
     actccagcct gggtgataag agtgagacac tgtctcaaaa gaaaaaaaga aaacaaagat    106560
     ggaatgagag attaactaag gtaggctcct tgaagggggg aaatatttca gttagacctg    106620
     gagggaatga aaggtagatt tgaaaaaaga ttcttggccg ggcacggtgg ttcatgcctg    106680
     taatcccagc actttgggag gccgaggcgg gcggataacg aggtcaggag attgagacca    106740
     tcctggctaa cacagtgaaa ccccgtctct actaaaaaat acaaaaaatt agctgggcgt    106800
     ggtggcgggc gcctgtagtc ccagctactt gggaggctga ggcaggagaa tggtgtgaac    106860
     ccaggaggtg gagcttgcag cgagtagaga ttgcgccatt gcactccagc ctgggcgaca    106920
     gaatgagact ccgtctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa gaaaagaaaa gaaaagaaaa aagattcttg    106980
     caggtagagt ctcagaattg aaaatcagag gccgggcgtg gtggctcaca cctgtaatcc    107040
     tagcactttg ggaggctgag gagggcggat tatggggtca ggagtttgag accaccctgg    107100
     ccaacatggt gaaaccccgt ctctaagaaa aatacaaaaa ttagctgggc gtggtggcac    107160
     gcgtctgtag tcccagctac tcgggaggct gaggcagaag aatcgcttga acctgggagg    107220
     cggaggttgc agtgagttga gatcgtgcca ctgcactcca gcctgggtga caacgcgaga    107280
     ctttgtttca gaaaaaagga gaaaaaaaaa aagaattgaa gatcagaatt tcacaggtga    107340
     tcacactctg agaaactact acagtgttat tcaaacttcc caatgaaact ctttaaatag    107400
     atgcttactg atcaaaccat ggtcaatagg agaatgcaaa ttaaaaccat ggataccact    107460
     acatctccac taaaatagct agaatattaa aaaatggaca atactgctgg gcacgttggc    107520
     ttatgcctgt aatcccagcg ctttgggagg ctgaggtggg tggatcacct gaggtcggga    107580
     gttggagacc agcctgacca acatagagaa accccgtctc tactaaaaat acaaaattag    107640
     ccgggcgtgg tggtgcatgc ctctaatccc agcttctcag gaggctgagg caggagaacc    107700
     gtttgaattg aacccgggag gcggaggttg tggtgagccg tgatcgcgcc attgcactcc    107760
     agcctgggca acaagagcaa aactccgcct cggaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaggacaat    107820
     accaagatct ggtgaggatt caaagcaact aaactcacac atcatcagtg gggatataca    107880
     actgactttg taaaagtttg gcagtttctt aaaatgttaa acataagctt accatatgac    107940
     ccagcaatcc cactcctatt tacccaagat aactgaaaag ttagattcac aaaacagcct    108000
     gtagttgata cacagtgatg gcagctttaa tcatagttgc ccatactgaa aatgcccaaa    108060
     taccctgcca tgggtgaacg gataaacaaa tggctccatc catacaatgg aatgctactc    108120
     ggtgcaaaaa agcactctac acaggcaata tggatgactc caatgcatca tgttcagtaa    108180
     aagcagccac gtgcaaacag ctgcacacta tttctggaaa tggtgaggtg atggatagag    108240
     gatagaaaac aaaccagtgg tttccacgga ctggggttga ggaggggtta accacaagag    108300
     agcacaaagg aattctgggt ggtggtgaag atgttcaatg tctggaatgt ggtagtggca    108360
     caattgtatg tttttgtcaa agcccaaaga actatacact aaaaagagta aattttattg    108420
     tttataaatt atgcttcaat aaacctgcct ttaaaaaatt ttttatcagt aattacaatt    108480
     ttcaaaagtg gagatacttg gtaggcccct gctttcttgg cccctaaggt ccctctctct    108540
     gttaaactgt agagctcctt agaaccaaaa ccaaaccacc tttcatttta atgaaaatga    108600
     aatgcaaaaa ctggggctcc aagcaaggaa gaaacgtcta cctgcagttc atctgggggt    108660
     tggtgggaga ggtggtggag agagtaaggc taagcgcccc cagcaggccc aagttctctg    108720
     taccacactt ggaggcaggt atatgggact gaaagtggat gttctcagcc acaagcctgg    108780
     gcctggatag gaaacaaagg ataagactgg aaggatgtca ggtagggtag acccagagca    108840
     ccagctgggc tcacttttca cgccctccat ccattcgtca tgagtatccg gatacagcac    108900
     cacacggttc aactcctgag cacagcagta acctttacac agacagcctg atttcccaga    108960
     atgaattctc gtgtttactt ccagatttaa tgactttgac tttagtagtc atctgaacta    109020
     tttattttac tttgccagta atatttagac cttatatatc tttcattatg ccatcttatc    109080
     ttctaatgtc aagtgaacag ttgctaaact gtcttctgca tttatcacat taaaaatgtc    109140
     tttcttggaa aatcttcttg atatgaataa agtatctttt agagccatca tttaaagcag    109200
     gtttctctcc aacacgagtc tgctgaggtg gtgtgagctg tgaactctgg ctgaaggctt    109260
     tcccatacac actgcaatga catggtttct gaccagtgtg agttacctga tgttgaataa    109320
     gggttgactt tccactgaag gcgtttccac attcttgaca tttatagggc ttttccccag    109380
     catgcattat ctgatcttca gtgggtcgtg aggtgggact gaaagctttt ccatattcat    109440
     tacatccaaa ggatttctca ccagtgtgaa ctgtccagcg cagaatgaga tttgcaccat    109500
     ggttaaaggc tctgccgtgc ttctctccag tgggaatctg tccatctgct gtgaggctgg    109560
     agccatgaac aaaggctgga ccatgttttc tgcacttacg agtctctccg ctgtgaactt    109620
     tctgatgctg aatgagggtt gacctccggc tgaaggcctt cccacagtca ccacagtcat    109680
     agggcttctc tccagtgtga actcgctgat gtagggtgag ctgggagctc tggctgaaag    109740
     ctttcccaca ttcaacgcac tggtagggct tctccccagt gtgaactctt cgatgctgaa    109800
     caagagtgga actccgacga aaggctttgc cgcactcatt acaaacatag ggtttttctc    109860
     ctgtgtgaat ccttacgtgt tcagtaagat gagagttaaa accaaaggct ctgccgcatt    109920
     cattacatac atagggtttc tctccagtat gaacccgatg atggaggaaa aggcttgagc    109980
     tctgactgaa ggccttccca cactgattgc atttatgggg cttctctcca gtgtgaattc    110040
     tctcatgctg aataaggctg gagcttcgac tgaaggcctt cccacagtga ctgcattcat    110100
     gcggcttctc tccagtgtga attctctgat gctgagttaa ctgggggctc tggctaaagc    110160
     ctcttccaca ttcattacac ttgtagggtt tctctcctgt gtgaatgatc cgatgttgaa    110220
     taagagttga gcttcgactg aaagccttcc cacactcacc acagccaaag ggtttttctc    110280
     cagtgtgaat tctccgatga agacggaggt gagaattgag tccaaaagtt ttcccacatt    110340
     catcacattt aaatggttta tttccagtgt gaatgtgatg gtgcagaaca agatttgagc    110400
     tgtgagtaaa ggctcgccca caccggccac attcgtacgg cttctcccca gtgtgacttc    110460
     tctggtgtct acttaggtct gaattatatt tgaaggtttt gctgcatata tcacatttaa    110520
     agaccctctc tcctgtttta tttctttgaa gtctaacaac attttggtcc agattcaagt    110580
     ttctatcaaa tgcactacac tcttgggttc tttctcccaa agatctttcc ctgcccacgg    110640
     tagcttctgt taaaactctc ttgtgaatat tgggtttgtt caaactctgc ccggcagaat    110700
     ttcccacgcg ctctttgagt ttgccctcac ggccccatgc ttcccgaaac tcagcggcct    110760
     gtgcattatc ccttaagagt cttcttgata caaattctgg ggtttttact tcttcggaaa    110820
     atttttggtt taaaatagat agttccttct tggtcccaac ctcagaatct gttaaagaaa    110880
     aatataaatg agttactaga gaaaaccttc catcaggcat aatgtccata atgtggtaga    110940
     agctcctata aaccatcatg cagaaggcag atgctccaat aggaaaagat gtgaaaggca    111000
     gaattcagaa gtaaagatgg gatggccaat caacaggata aaaatattca agttcattag    111060
     ttatcaaagt agtcaaatca aaacaaatta cgatttttca cctatcaaat tggcaaatta    111120
     ttcaacaaat atttagaagg ccaggcgtgt tctaggtaag gaatatacag gaaggtaaat    111180
     atagtctctg atctcatgaa gcttatgttc tactcaatta gatagcaagt aagttcttaa    111240
     aaataatgat acaccatgtg acagaaactg tgtaaatgtg ttattggccc caacctagtc    111300
     tacatggtca gagaaaatgc caggagtgag attcaagctg aaacctgaca aaagaagtaa    111360
     gttagcagtg acagacagga aggcctgggc ctggctgtga tgcacaaaaa tatccaccga    111420
     gttcctgatg taaagaatct gggccagggc caggcgcggt ggctcacgcc cgtaatccca    111480
     gcactttggg aggccgaggt gggcggatca cgaggtcagg agatcgagac catcctgggt    111540
     aacacggtga aaccccgtct ctactaaaaa tacaaaaaaa ttagccagtc gaggtggcag    111600
     gcgcccgtag tcccagctac tcaggaggct gaggcaggag aatggcgtga acccaggagg    111660
     cggagcgaac ccgggaggca gagcttgcag tgagctgaga tcgcgccact gcactccagc    111720
     ccgggcaaca gagcaagact ccgtctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagaattaaa    111780
     gcaacaatca tgccgtgtac tgttggtggg actgtaaata aatgaccttt ttttgagata    111840
     gtgtcttgct ctgtttccca ggctggagtg ccacggtgca accacagttc acagcagcct    111900
     tgacctctca ggctcaagca atcttcctgc ctcagcctcc caagtagctg ggactacagg    111960
     tgcaggccac tgtgcctagc caaaatataa cttttttaaa aagctgacaa tatgtagcca    112020
     aaaaattgat atctcacaca ccctttgtcc cccaaactac tcccctagga tccatcctaa    112080
     gtggactgcc atatgtacgt tgaaatgact acaatgatgc tcgctgcatt ttgtaattgg    112140
     ggggaaacaa ggaagaaccc aaatgtccaa aaacggggct gtttaaaccc agtaaaaact    112200
     attcacataa tggaatacaa ttctaccatt attataatag aaagatatat aattaaatga    112260
     aaagctcata ttacaaagag aagaatcagg ttctaaaatt atatgcacag cataaaccaa    112320
     cttttattga acatagatat atatgtaaga tagttgctat ttcttcctta actgtttagt    112380
     acaagtcggt gaagccatct gggcttggca ttttttctga ggaagggttt taaattatga    112440
     gtcaatttat ttagcactca aacaattatg tatccaccac cacctttttt ctttctttct    112500
     tgtttttttt ttctttgaga cagagtttca ctcttgttgc ccagactgga gtgcaatggc    112560
     acgatctcgg ctcaccacaa cctccacctc ctgggttcaa gcgattctcc tgcctcagcc    112620
     tcccgagtag ctgcgactac agatgctcac cactatgctc ggctaatttt ttgtaatttt    112680
     aatagagacg gggtttcacc gtgttgccta ggctggttgc aaactcctga gctcaggcaa    112740
     tccgtccgcc tcggcctccc aaagtgctgg gattacgggc gtgagccatc gcacccggcc    112800
     tcttttttta aaagacaggg gcttggagta cagtgttgtg atcacagctc actgcagcct    112860
     tgaactcttg ggatcaagtg ctcctcccac ttcaggctcc cgagtagctg ggactacagg    112920
     tgtgcaccac ctgtagtctg gctaattcct tatttttttg tagagacagg gtctcactgt    112980
     gttgccaggc ttgtctccaa ctcctgacct caagcaatcc tcctgcttca gcctcccaaa    113040
     gtgctgggat tacaggtgtg agccactgca ctcagcccaa tatatctttt tatgatagtc    113100
     tgaaatatct aggtggtgcc tcctttttca tttcggttat ttgttcattc tgttttattc    113160
     ttcatcagtt acatccagaa aacagagaca tgctacatgc tccaacagtg tatgtgaggt    113220
     taattcatct ttgataccaa aatttgacaa cagtacgaga aaacaaaact gaaggctgat    113280
     ctcattcaca atgacggatg taaaatccct aaacaaaatt ttcagaagcc aaatcctgtc    113340
     atatatgtaa caaggataac acatcatcaa caagtgggtt tatttcaaga atgcagtgtt    113400
     aggctggcgt ggtggctcac acctataatc ccagcacttt gggaggccca ggagggtgga    113460
     tcacttgagg ccaggagttt gagaccaacc tggccaacat ggtgaaaccc catttctatc    113520
     aaaaatacaa aaattagctg ggtgtgatga tcctcacctg tagtcctagc tactcgggag    113580
     tctgagacag gagaattgcc tgaacccagg aggcagaggt tgcagtgagc tgagattgtg    113640
     ccactgcact ccagcctggg cgacagcgag actctgtctc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    113700
     aaaaagaatg caaagttagt atagtattag aaaatcaggc tgggcacaat ggctcacatc    113760
     tgttatccca gcactttggg aggcagaggt gggcagatca cttgaggcta ggagttcaag    113820
     accagcctgg ccaacatggc aaaaccccgt ctctactaag aaatatgtaa aaattagcca    113880
     ggtgtggtgg cgcatacctg tagtcccagc tactcgggag gctgaggcag gagaattgct    113940
     tgaaccagga gatggaggtt gcagtgagcc aagattgtgt cattgtactc cagcctgggt    114000
     gacagagtga gactctgtct caaaataata ataataataa aaataaagac tattagaaaa    114060
     cttagccagg cataggttgg gcgcggtggc tcacgcctgt aatcccagca ccttgggagg    114120
     ccgaggcggg tggatcacaa ggtcaggaga tcgagaccat cctggctaac acggtgaaac    114180
     accgtctcta ctaaaaatac aaaaaattag ccaggcgcgg tggcaggtgc ctgtagtccc    114240
     agctactcga gaggctgagg caggagaatg gcgtgaaccc gggaggcgga gcttgcagtg    114300
     agccgagatc gcgccactgc actccagcct gggcaacaga gcaagattct gtctccaaaa    114360
     aagaaaaaaa agaaaagaaa aaaagaaaac ttagctgggc atggtggtgc acacctgtag    114420
     tcccatctac tcaggaggct gaggtgggaa gaccacttga gcccaggagt ttgacattag    114480
     tcagttatga tggtgccact gcactccagt atgggcaaca gagggacgcc ctgtctctga    114540
     aaaaaaattt tttttagtga aagaacccaa acattgaaga gtgtatgctg taaaattcca    114600
     tttataaaaa gttcaaaacc aagcaaaact cagtgattat ccctggggca gtagtgcctg    114660
     gcagggacac cactaggctt ctgtagagct gataatgctt tgtttcctaa tctgtgccgg    114720
     ttccatggct gggtctgatt tgtaaacatt caataaacaa tacaatttgt gtacatagtc    114780
     cctaacaaga gaggcagcct gtcctttgaa gctttgaagc caggcattgc cttctctcta    114840
     gctatgggag tcctagatgg catcttcttg caatagaagg ctgttttgtc tacactgaaa    114900
     atctattatt cagtgtagcc accttcatca atcatcttag ctaggtcttc tggacaacgt    114960
     gctgcagctt ctccatcagc agtggctgct tcaccttgtg cttttgttat ggagactacg    115020
     tctttcctta accctcatga accaacctct gccagcttca aggttttctt ctgcagcttc    115080
     cttacccctc tcagctttcg cataattgaa gagagttggg gccttgctct tgaggcgaag    115140
     ctttggctta agggaatgtg tctggtttga tcttctatcc agacagtttg agggggactg    115200
     aaactgtctc catatcagca ataaggctgc tgtaccttct tgtcattcat atgttcacca    115260
     gaatagcact cccaatttcc ttcaagaact ttacttttta ctgttatttt ctttttgaga    115320
     cagggtctca ctctgtcacc caggctggag tgcagtggtg tgatcatagc tcactgcagc    115380
     ctcaaactcc tgggctcaag cgatcctcct gtctcagcct cctgagaagc tgggactaca    115440
     ggcttgatcc accacgcctg aagaagtttt gctttgcatt cacaacttag ctaacagacg    115500
     caaaaggcct ggctttggcc tgtctcagtt ttcaccgcac cttccttact aaacttggtc    115560
     atttctaaca tttgcaataa agcgagaggt gtgtgactct tcctttcatt tgaacactta    115620
     taggccattc cagggttatt aattggccta gtttcgatat tgctgagtct cagggaatat    115680
     ggaggcccta ggagagagag agggaggtag ggaatggctg atcagtgggt caggacagcc    115740
     aacactcatc gattaagctc accgtctcat acaggcagag ttcatggtgc ccttgaaaca    115800
     attacaatag caacattaaa gatcgcagat cacagagcac cataacagat ataaaaaaaa    115860
     ggtttgaggc caggcgcagt agctcatgcc tgcaatccca gcaccttggg aggccgagac    115920
     gggcggatca cgaggtcagg agatcgagac catcctggct aacatggtga aacctcatct    115980
     ctactaaaaa tacaaaaaat tagccgggcg tggtggtggg cgcctgtagt cccagctacc    116040
     cgggaggctg aggcaggaga atagcatgaa cccgggaggc ggagcttgca gtgagccgag    116100
     atcgcgccac tgcactccag tctgggcgac agagcaaggc tccgtctcaa aaaaaaaaaa    116160
     aaaaaggttt gaaatactgc aagaattacc aaaatgtgac acaaagaagt gagcacgtgc    116220
     tgttgaaaat ggcactgaca gacttgctca acacaaggtc gtcacaaacc ttcaatttgt    116280
     aaaaaaaaat gttcgccagg cgcagtggct cgcacttgta atcccaacag tttggaggcc    116340
     caggggggca gatcacctga ggtcagaagt ttgagaccat cctggccaac atggtgaaac    116400
     cctgtctcta ctaaaaatac aaaattagcc aggcatggtg gcgcgcgcct gtaatcccag    116460
     ctacttggga ggctgaggca ggagaatcac tagaacctgg gaggcggagg ttgcagtgag    116520
     ctgagatcgc gccattgcac tccagcctgg gcgacgagca agactccatc tatggaaaaa    116580
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaagcagca gtatctgcaa agccacaaca aagtgaagtg gaataaaatg    116640
     aagtgtgcct gacctatatt catgttaaaa tttaaaaata cgagtttact cctaaagctc    116700
     ctggttataa aagtcaaaag aaaaattggg ataaaaacga aaacaaaatt ttatgtcatt    116760
     ttctccatgc gtagtgccct tttagcaagc atataagatt ccttttattt atttattttt    116820
     attttttttt ttttttttgt gagatagagt cttgctctgt cgcccaggct ggagtgcagt    116880
     ggcgcaatct cggctcactg caagctccgc ctcccgggtt cacgccattc tcctgcctca    116940
     gcctcccgag tagctgggac tacaggcgcc cgccaccacg cccggctaat tttttgtatt    117000
     tttagtagag acggggtttc actgtgttaa ccaggatggt ctcgatctcc tgacctcgcc    117060
     atccacccgc ctcggcctcc caaagtgctg ggatcacagg cgtgagctac cgcacccggc    117120
     ctaagattcc ttttaaatgc cagggtcctc cctgatgtct catatcaacg taactgcccg    117180
     cttaaaaata gatctcttgg gatgggcatg gtggctcgcg cctgtgatcc ccgcactttg    117240
     ggaggctgaa atgagaggag agcttgagcc cacgaggtgg aggctgcagt gagctgagac    117300
     cgcacctccg cactccagcc tgggcagcag agtgagaccc tgtctctgaa gaaccaaaac    117360
     caaaacagat ctctcatcag gctatcaaca ggttacatgt gttttttgtg actactcaga    117420
     taaagatgtt caattgtaac agtttctcaa cattgcaggc agggctgagc ccacccaggg    117480
     ctggcgttgt tcccaggagc gggtgccctc acccaccaac tcgaggccgc tcactcactg    117540
     tgcagctgta tggcaggccc agcagtgcct ctcccttcgt acatcaccag agtcggctga    117600
     aaagtgccaa aagagaactc aggaaccaaa cagggaagtg gagagccatg ttttatccac    117660
     cgggcctaaa gcccctccag gcgcggggcc cagagcgcca atccctggac tgaaagagca    117720
     gcaagggtgg gctctgctgc cgcccagagg ccttccgtgg taagacagcc acggaaagca    117780
     cagcgcgtgc cgctgcgacg gggcgtcccg ggggtgacac tggcatgtga cgctgcgacg    117840
     gggcgtcccg ggggtgacac tggcatgtga cgctgcgacg gggcgtcccg ggggtgacac    117900
     tggcatgtga cgctgcgacg gggcgtcccg ggggtgacac tggcatgtga cgctgcgacg    117960
     gggcgtcccg ggggtgacac tggcatgtga cgctgcgacg gggcgtcccg ggggtgacac    118020
     tggcatgtga cgctgcgacg gggcgtcccg ggggtgacac tggcatgtga cgctgcgacg    118080
     gggcgtcccg gggcagggcc ctgccaaggg acccccaaca aacacgactg aaactcagcc    118140
     tggatacaaa gtccacatgg aggcactgcc agagacgcct gccgggccag gtcagacatg    118200
     gcggtagggc aggacaggac ggagcctgtg gctctccggg gtgcccatca ctaacctcct    118260
     tcttggacac ccccgaaaca cactcgaaac ttctaatgca gggcacctgt gctcaccact    118320
     gccccttcaa aggcgaacaa acaaaaacag aatcatcttt ccccagttgg ctgacaagat    118380
     cttactcaag atctcatgcc attcagacac ccagtgacgg tcgtgggaac cgcccccctc    118440
     agaggagaca gcagcacctt gggcactgtg tcgcgcagac acatgggatt aagactgaag    118500
     acggactctc ctccaactgc cccaacagga cttaaatgct tccagatgat ggctcccccg    118560
     gaggaccgag gaagccccat gatgttaggg ttcactacac tgacgtcatc cacgggatgc    118620
     ctgggccatg agctaaggcc accttgcttc ctggtctaag tctggcacaa accacacaca    118680
     ggagccttgc tcccctgcaa gtttagaata tctcaatcaa cactttagtc aaaatgacca    118740
     caaacagtgg ctatcagaac catagtttca cgaaactatg cagttcttcg tcttcctcca    118800
     gctccaaaag tgtgtgtttc ctcaatggta tactgtgtac cgatggaact ttctgggcaa    118860
     caataacatt atatatcttg atagaggttt ggtttacaca agtgtgtcta tttgttaaaa    118920
     ctcagcaaat tcacacttaa gatttgtgca tttcatttat ataattttca cctcaaaaga    118980
     aaaaactgta aacaaacact gatctccaat taatgacaca tatgtattta aaggaagcgt    119040
     cctgttagtg ctgcttcttt gttattttat gtatgttatc tatgcatttt gagacagagt    119100
     cttgctctat tgcccaggct ggagtgcagt ggcacgattt ctgctcacgg caacctctgc    119160
     ctcccaggtt caagcaactc tcctgcctca gcctcctgag gagctgggat tacaggcgtg    119220
     agccaccacg ccctgctgat tttttgtatt ttcagtagag acagggtttc accatgctgg    119280
     ccaggcaggt ctcgaactcc tgactccagg tgatccgccc acctcggcct cccaaagtgc    119340
     tgggattaca gacatgagtc accatgcccg gcccaataat tttaaaagta aaaataaaat    119400
     taaattcaat aaaggacatg tcctgacagc tgcatttttt ttttttaaga cagagtcttt    119460
     ctccgtcacc caggctggag tgcaatgatg cgatctcaac tcactgcaac ctctgcctct    119520
     caggttcaag tgattctcat gcctcagcct ccggagtagc tgggactaca ggcatgtgcc    119580
     accacgcctg gctaattttt ttattttttt gtaaagacgg agtttaccat gttggccagg    119640
     cttgtgtcaa actcctggcc tcaagtgatc cgcccacctc agcctcccaa agtgttggga    119700
     ttacaggtgt gagccactgt gcccagcctt gcaatttact ttaaaaacaa aaacaaagta    119760
     catgatgggt ctggtagagg gatagtggga tagggaaaca tgatttccaa gcatgataaa    119820
     tgttaacaca gaaccttggt ggtgggtgta tgggtcttca ctataaagct cttccaaatt    119880
     tgatgtatgt ctgaaatctt ccataacatg ctgggggaaa aagtgctgta catcaattct    119940
     agataattca aaacctatgc acgattgaca ggtcatggta aaaagacgag ttggccaatt    120000
     acattagact gagccaagcc gggcgcggtg gctcacgcct gtaatcccag cacttgggga    120060
     ggccaaggcg ggggaatcac gaggtcagga gatggagacc atcctggcca acacggtgaa    120120
     accccgtctc tactaaaaat acaaaaaatt agctgggtgt ggtggcaggc acttatagtc    120180
     ccagctactt gggaggctga ggcaggagaa tggcgtgaac ccgggaggcg gagcttgcag    120240
     tgagccaaga tcgcaccact gcactccagc ctgggcgaca gagcgagact ccgtctcaaa    120300
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaataca ttggacagcc ttagaaccta tcagacctca aaaaacaaac    120360
     cacagtaggt aacttaatac tagcagcagt aataatttgc ttgtatgtaa taaattgttg    120420
     ataaaggcca ggcggggtgg ctcacacctg taatcccagc actttgggag gctgaggcgg    120480
     gtggatcatc tgaggtcagg agttcgagag cagcctggcc aacatggaga aaccctgtct    120540
     ccactaaaaa tacaaaaatt agccaggcgt ggtggcatat gcctgtagtc ccaggtacac    120600
     gggaagctga ggcagaattg cttgaacccg ggaggcagag gttgtaatga gccgagatca    120660
     taccactgca ctccagcctg ggcaacagag ggagactccg tctcaaaaca aaacaaaaca    120720
     aaaatgttga taaaatatta cttaagttgg gtgtggtggc tcacgcctgt aatcctagca    120780
     ctttgagagg ctgaggtggg aggatcactt gaggccaaaa gtttgagacc tgcctgggca    120840
     agatgttgag accccacctc taaagcagac cacagtgcag cacgcctgtt tctgagctgc    120900
     ctccgcatgt gctatgctct ttgacatgag ctccggctgc catgaggcct ccggcagcgg    120960
     cctgagttcc caacccctcc ctcttggtcc ctgtgggtca gaggccaccg ctacaacccc    121020
     acctacacac agctgcttga ctggacgcaa aacctggact gataatggag caggagccct    121080
     ccttggacgt gtttgcttca aacccttgca cccctcttct ccatctgggc ttccacccat    121140
     accctggaac ccaggaaggc agatgcccca gatcctcgcc ctccatcctc tctcctcgcg    121200
     ccgacctcca tgtggccttc aggcgtgccg tgtaccccca agacatatac gtaagcaaat    121260
     ctttattttc catcttgtgt ctgatcactg aagaggtttt ctcaagagaa acaaaaggaa    121320
     aaaagaaaaa aagaaaaaac cctggaacag ctaacaccgt tgctgggagg gagcgcaccc    121380
     atgcttagca tgagatgctt cagctgcgcc tggctgacta aaatcaccgc cagtggggac    121440
     aactacatct gggaagacag agatgccgct aggtctgttc cgcagccggc agaatcttag    121500
     gctgcacgtg ccagatgcct aaactgtgca gcctgaatga ctgttgggca ggtaagcgtg    121560
     gctctgtgtt tccgaaatcc tgacccagga ggcgcccact cagaccacag tccctctgtt    121620
     gggaccttcc catgccacac ctgcctggtg ttttcctttg tcccagcgct gagccgagcg    121680
     gagctcctgg ctgtaaggac acctcccgtg gcgttcacag gtatccaggt ctactgcaga    121740
     ccccagacca tgggcaatcc ctgcagggct ggtcatgacc ccttgcaaat atccatgctt    121800
     tgtccctgtg gctgtcggcc ctgtccccca actccagcgg gtgtcacggg tctaatccct    121860
     ggcacaaacc ggctacgatt ggtgggcaaa agcaaatgcc ctgagcaccc ggttcctgcc    121920
     ccaccggacg ctggaggcct ccacctggct ctgagatgag tgtaaggctc acagcaacgg    121980
     catgaactct acttggtgcc gctggccctg tggtcctggg gcctgggggc caaccctgac    122040
     accagaaaat gacggcgctg gtgggtgctg accctgggtc agtgacctcc cacagaggtc    122100
     actgggacac cctgaagagg gaggcgctgc ctgaaaggta gggacacaca gaggtcaccc    122160
     tcagattctt ctggtaataa tctcaaaggt caaaatcaca ggagacgggc gaattagaac    122220
     tggagaccaa aattcctctg tggtagaaaa ttcaaatttg tcttaaggga ttttgcaggc    122280
     cgggcgtggt agctcacgcc tgtaatccca gcactttggg aggccgaggt gggtagatca    122340
     cctgaggtca ggagtttgag accagcctga ccaacacaga gaaaccccgt ctctactaaa    122400
     aatacaaaaa ttagccagac gtggtggtgc atgcctgtga tcccagctac ttgggaggct    122460
     gaggcaggag aatcacttga accagggagg cagaggttgc agtgagccaa gatcgcacca    122520
     ctgcactcca gccaggggac aaagcaagac tccgtctcaa aaaaataaaa aaaaaagaga    122580
     ttttacattg gctgggcatg gtggctcacg cctgtaatcc caacactttg ggaggctgag    122640
     gagggtagat catctgaagt caggagttcg agaccatcct agccaacatg gtaaaacccc    122700
     atctctactt aaaatacaaa aattagctgg ccagtagtgg agtgcacctg taatcccagc    122760
     tacttgggag gctgaggtgg gagaattgct tgaacccagg aggcagaggt tgcagtgagc    122820
     tgagatcacc ccattgcagc ctgggcaaca gagcaagact ccgtctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa    122880
     aaaaaagaga ttttgtattt ttgtattgcc agagtgaaaa gggggctggc cagctactca    122940
     gggcatgtag taccaggtca gagttagcgc tcactcccac agaaatgtgt actaaattcc    123000
     tccaggacac tggcccacat cccccacatc tgtccctcaa tgtggccaat cccatgccca    123060
     caaatcagaa aaagcactga cgaggtcacg gaagcctcac cgggtgggaa ggacgggcgc    123120
     actcggagcc tccgtgccgt ggatactcaa ggtgtggccc agactcaacc gcccaccata    123180
     gtgacaacag ccagagctca ctgtagagtg gccctggaga ccacacccac ctcctgctaa    123240
     gtgatggcag acagcaagag gggtctgttg tctctttgaa tgccactgcc ggggtaccat    123300
     gggactatct ccagtcctga agaggctcct ctcagtcaca cggcagctct ggacaagact    123360
     tgtgcaaagg tgagacatgg gcagctgctt cctggtgctc ggcagtcgcc tgctgagggc    123420
     ccccagccgg acctcaactg accctggccc cccacagcgg gacccaggcc tcaccattat    123480
     tttccctgag cacctggaaa cccttcccca aatccctgga ctaagaaccg gaccctcatg    123540
     ggcccccacg ctgggcggct gtgcccaacg ccctcatcat gggacaacca gaaaacaagc    123600
     tggtggccgt caaacacctg ggctcacgca gccgcatttc tgaaggctga ggaccctcga    123660
     cagcctgttc tcacagaaca ctaataccct ccctcctttc ccgacttgag agaatggcag    123720
     cctcctcatc ccttagcctg gggacttggt ggtcctccag ggactatccc actctgaggg    123780
     gacaattacc cttttactac tctattaatt gggacaagaa aaactttcag tactttataa    123840
     gggggcccaa gtcacagtag ttcctgagga gcctacaaaa gggaaagctt ttaaaataaa    123900
     gggaatcacg aacaaaccct cgggagttca ccttccttta ttttatttat ttatttattt    123960
     atttatttat ttatttattt atttatttat ttttgagaca gagtttcgct cttgttgccc    124020
     aggctagagt gcaatggcat gatcttggct caccgcaact tccacctcct gggttcaagt    124080
     gattctcctg cctcagcctc ccaagtagct gggattacag gcaggcgcca ccacgcccag    124140
     ctaattttta tatttttagt agagttgggg tttctccaag ttggtcaggc tggtcttgaa    124200
     ctcccgacct caggtgatcc atctgccttg gcctcccaaa gtgatgggat tacaggcgtg    124260
     agccaccgtg cccggcctac tttattattg ttaatttttg agatggaggt tttttttggt    124320
     tcttgttgcc cagtttgaag tgcaatggcg tggtctcggc tcactgcaac ctccggctcc    124380
     cgagttcaag caattctcct gactcagcct cccaagtagc tgggattaca ggcgcccacc    124440
     accatgcctg ctaatttttt tgtattttta gtagagatgg ggtttcacca tgttggccag    124500
     gctggtcttg aattcctgac ctccgatgat ccgcctgcct tagcttccca aagtgctggg    124560
     attacaggcg tgagccacgg cacccggcct attttatttt gcttaagaca gtcttgctct    124620
     gttgcccagg ctggagtaca gtggatgatc tcagctcatg gcagtcttga ccttccaggc    124680
     tcaagcaatc ctcccacctc agcctcccga gtagctagga ttacaggtgc tcactaccac    124740
     acccagttaa tttttgtatt tttagtagag atggggtttt actatgttgg ccaggctggt    124800
     cttgaactcc tggtctcaag tgatctgccc gctttggcct tttaaagtgc tgggattaca    124860
     ggcatgagcc acctgggagc tactcgggag gctgaggcag gagaatggtg tgaacccggg    124920
     aggtggagct tgcagtcaga gtgcagatct cgccactgca ctccagcctg ggtgacagag    124980
     cgagattccg tcgcaaaaac aaacaaacaa acaaacaaaa aaccagctac gaggctgggc    125040
     gcagtggctc acacctgtaa tcccagcact ttggttggga ggccaaggcg ggtggatcac    125100
     aaggtcagga gatcgagacc atcctggcta acacggtgaa accccgtctc tactaaaaat    125160
     agaagaaatt agccaggcgt ggtggcaggc gcctgtagtc ccagctactt gggaggctga    125220
     ggcaggagaa tggcgtgaac ccgggaggca gagcttgcag tgagccgaga tcgagatcgc    125280
     accactgcac tccagcctgg gcaacagagc gagactctgt ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    125340
     aaaaaaaagg gttatgctat caccccacat aaaatacagg ggccggtgcc ttcagtaaaa    125400
     ttcttgggca ctgtctggtc agggtgcagc agatcctatt aatcgttaaa cataaactgc    125460
     tgacactgtt accacccaca ggtctttgac ggacacattt atttggattc ttcatgtttt    125520
     ggagacaaga gtttccatat cttactctaa tacccagacc cttttctgcc ataacctata    125580
     aagcaaccac ctctcagtgg ggaggctcca cagccctcac ccggcccagc aggcggccca    125640
     gcacaccatg ccaccatgcc tccaggtccc actcttgcat ggaagctctg gcgacaccca    125700
     ctctgcctcg tggagtctca ggaggaaaca tggtccacct ggttgcccat ggggttctga    125760
     actcaacaag ccccaaagag cagctcaata tgccccgtag aaaggcaaac gctatccgcc    125820
     tattgagctc gattagaaac tgagggtccc acactgagtg gaagcagcac ccctgtggac    125880
     tccaatcccc accatgccac agctcaggac acctcccacc cagcacaggc aggtgcctcc    125940
     ttgctacatg gaaatggcaa ctgcgggacc aggctgacct gacacacagg gtcttcccaa    126000
     actccaggag ggtgtggctt tactcatccc cggccccttc ctcatggtgt tggaggacca    126060
     atcagtcaaa ttggcagcct cgtgatgcaa catgcctgca agtccaaact gccttctgcc    126120
     catagattta gactcagtca ggcaagtgga aacagcacag ttctctcgtt caaggcaacc    126180
     tcgtgggggc acctgtttgt ggaaacagga tggttttctt gttcaaggca acctcgtggg    126240
     ggcacctgtt tgtggaaaca gcacagttct ctcattcaag gcaacctcct gggggcacct    126300
     gtttgtggaa acaggatggt tttcttgttc aaggcaacct catgggggca cctgtttggg    126360
     aagaagttgc ctcctaaggg cttcctcact ttagtctgca agggatcaca ataaatgcag    126420
     ggtgacactt gaaacagcgc cagagatgca cacagcagcc ctcccagggg actacaaggc    126480
     cttcctgacg gggatggcca actggggaca caccattcat ccacctggac agcccccatc    126540
     tcatggggga tgacatcgct ccaacttcaa caccgagaac acagaccctc cctgctgctg    126600
     actcccatca cgactccacc cctccaaact aggatcacaa atcacgactc cactccctga    126660
     aaccaggatc acaaatcaca actccactcc cccaaactag gatcacaaat cacaacccca    126720
     cccccccaaa actaggatca caaatcatga ctccaccccg ccaaactagg atcacaaatc    126780
     acgactccac ctccccaaac taggatcaca aatcatgact ccactcccca aactaggatc    126840
     acaaatcatg actccactcc cccgcctaaa ctaggatcac aaatcacgac tccactcccc    126900
     cgcctaaact aggatcaaaa gggttgcctc tgtccaacta tggacttgca actagactcc    126960
     aacctacagg gctttctaca aaatatagag cccagggatg ccaggaacct tattttgctg    127020
     aaatagccta cgcttgacat atgaactaca tagcaacaaa aatgcccaaa gtgccggaat    127080
     tacaggtgtg accactgtgc ccggaaacct catgtatttt gatgctgtaa tcccagcact    127140
     ttgggaggcc aaggcaggta aattgcttga gcccaggagt tcaaaaccac cctgaccaat    127200
     atggtgaaac cttgtctcta ccaaaaatac aaaaattatc tgggcatggt ggagcgcacc    127260
     tgtagtccca ctcaggaggc tgaggcggga ggatcacttg aacctgggag ggtaaggctg    127320
     cagcgagcca agatggcacc actgcactcc agccttggtg acagagcaag gctctgtttc    127380
     aaaaaaaaaa aaagcatttc attatctggt cccagtggga acaaagttta gctctgaatc    127440
     ttctcatgtc ttcttcagga aaccacaaaa ataacaacag aaaaatacat gccaggtgcc    127500
     atggctcacg cctgtaatcc cagcactttg ggaggccgag gcgggcagat cacctgaggt    127560
     ccggagttcg agaccagcct gaccaacatg gagaaacccc gtctctacta aaaatacaaa    127620
     attagccagg tgtggtggtg catgcctgta atcccatcta ctccggaggc tgaggcagga    127680
     gaatggcttg aacccgggag gtggaggttg ctgtgagccg agatcgcgcc attgcactct    127740
     agcctgggca acaagagtga aactccgtct caaaaataat aacaacagaa aaatacaaac    127800
     aagcaaaatg aagttttgtt gtgttttaac ttcattttca ggctgggcgc agtggctcat    127860
     gcccgtaatc ccagcacttt gggaggccga ggtgggtgga tcacctgagg tcaggagttc    127920
     gagaccaccc tggccaacat ggtgaaaccc tgtctctact aaaaatacaa aattagcagg    127980
     gtatggtggc aagcacctgt aatcccagct acttgggagg ctgaggcagg agaatcactt    128040
     gaacctggga ggcagaagtt gcactgagcc aagatggcac cactgcactc cagcctgggc    128100
     aacaaaacaa gactaaatct caaaaaaaaa taaaaatagg ccaccatggt ggctcacgcc    128160
     tgtaatccca gcactttggg aggctgaggc gggcagattg cctaagctca ggaattcgag    128220
     accagcctga ccaacatggt gaaaccccat ctctactaaa aatacaaaat tagctgggcg    128280
     tggtggcagg tgcctgtaat cccagctact cgggaggctg aggcaggaga atcacttgaa    128340
     cctgggaggc gcaggttgtg atgagctgag atggcgccat cgcactccgg cctgggcaag    128400
     aagagcgaaa ctccgtctca aaaaacaaaa aaaaagaaac aaaaaaaaac ccccaaaaat    128460
     aaataaataa aaataatgaa ataaaactgc attttcaagg acaacaggag gccctggagg    128520
     ctgagttcct cgaagtgctg ccgaaggcaa tgccagaagg gaacagtccc agtagccgga    128580
     aggagccaca gaaaagcagc atcgcaaacg cagacgggcc cgaggtggat ctcaaaagtg    128640
     tccaaaagga gctggcccaa cccaggaaag aacatctgtg agtggggcca atactgacga    128700
     tggcagagcc ctgggacagg ccaacacaca agcctcagaa agctcagtgc ccagggcaca    128760
     gtggtgacag ctcgtggata tgccagcaaa atctaacttg tgaaggtaca tgctggtgac    128820
     cagctgcaca gatgtacaca cacactcata cacacactca cacacactca catgcgtaaa    128880
     catgtacata cacacgatgc agatacacat acacccatac atacagaatc cacagtctcc    128940
     actccaaaat taacaaacac ataaagaacc aagaaaatag agcacgtttt tgtgagaaaa    129000
     ggaaatcaac catctgaccc tgaaatgagt cagatgttga aactaacaga caaggattta    129060
     aaaacaggaa ttataattat cctcagtgaa gtaaaacaaa acaggaaaat ctcagggagt    129120
     gaaaactctc agcagagaca cagaaataat aaaaaggaat aaaacagtca ttctggaact    129180
     gaagaacaca atctctgaaa taaagcatta cttgacagac taacagctga atgggcacaa    129240
     taaaggaaag agtaagtcaa cttgaatcga gatgaacaga aattatctga agaatacaga    129300
     taaaaatatt ttaaaaataa taaacagcct tacaaatctg ttagataatt caaatggtca    129360
     cttataattg gtatctcagg agaccagaga gagaatggta cagaaagaaa tgtgaagaaa    129420
     taatggtcaa aaatttccca aatttgatga aagacagaaa tctacaggat caagatgcta    129480
     tatgaacacc tagcagagta aaaaccaaga ggccggtgct gcagtacatc agagtccacc    129540
     tgctgggaac cgaaacgaca ggcagctcac ctcaaaagca ggagagtgac ccacgacaca    129600
     ccacgagcca gtgatcccat gaatggctga ctcctcatcg aaagtcaagg aggccagaaa    129660
     agagtaaaat agcagcttta aagtgctgaa tgggaaaagg aaaaaaaaaa gcaaaataaa    129720
     ggtactttca tacacgagaa aactaagaac tggggcagca gactcgcacc acgagaaatg    129780
     caaaggtctt tgggctgaag ggaaatggtg ccagctagaa actcagatca tcagaaaggg    129840
     atgaagagca ctagagatgg aaaatctggg gaaacatgag atttttttga aaatacttta    129900
     tttttagagc atttcacagc aatattaagc agaaaacaca gttcctgcat accccacccc    129960
     ccacacacct cccccactac ttacctcccg caacagtgat aacagcgtca caatgaatga    130020
     acccacactg acacatcatg accatctaaa atctcagttt agggctcact cgtggtgccg    130080
     cgtgatctat gggttttgca tccaccactg cagtactgta cagactagtg tcaccgccct    130140
     aaaaatcctc tggcttcacc ctgcttctct actccttggc actgctgatc tttttgctgt    130200
     ctctatagtg ttgcctcatc cagaatgtca catagttgga atcatacagt ataggtgtcc    130260
     gttggtaaac aaaggggatt gggtccgaga cccccacgta tacccaaatc catgcatact    130320
     caagttccac agctggcctt tcagaatcca cttatatgaa gccagccctc tggacatggg    130380
     tttcacatgt gtttggttga aaaaaatcca catataagtg gacctgggaa gttcaaaccc    130440
     atgttgttca aaggccaact gtatcatctt ttcagactaa ctgctttcac ttggtaatgt    130500
     gcacttaagg ttcctctatg tcttttcata gcttcgtagc tcatttattt ttatttattt    130560
     tatttttgag acgcagtttc actgtttcgc ccaggctgga gtgcagtggc accatctggg    130620
     ctcactgcaa actccgcctc ccgggttcaa gtgattctcc tgcctcagcc tcctgagtag    130680
     ctgggattac aggcaccaac caccatgcct ggctgatttt tgtattttta gtagagacag    130740
     agtttcatca tgttggccag gctcgtctcg aactgctgac ctcaagtgat ccacccgcct    130800
     tggcctccca aagtgctggg gttacaggca tgaagcaccg tgcccggcca atcatttcct    130860
     tttagccctg aatatgatcc cattctctgg atgtgccact ggtttattta cccgcttatc    130920
     tactgaggaa cgtctcagtt gcttccgact tttggtaatt atgaaattat gaataaggtt    130980
     tggtaattat gaataaggct gccgtaaata tctgtgtgca ggattttgtg tggacataaa    131040
     ttttcaattc atttgggtaa atacaaaggg acaaaactgc tggatcacat ggtaaaggta    131100
     tgtttagttt tgtaagactg tcgaactgtc ttccagagtg accaccgttt tgcatcccca    131160
     cctgcaatga atcagagttc ctgttccaca tcttggccag cactgggggt tatcagtggt    131220
     gtggattttg gccattctaa taggtgtgca gtggaatctc actgttttaa tgtgcagttc    131280
     cttagagata tgacattgat cttctcacaa tgcccacctg tcatctgggt atctccttcc    131340
     attcggagcc tattcaggcc tttcgcccat tttttaaaat gggctgttca ttttcttact    131400
     gagttttttg tgtattttgg ataatggtca tttatatgtg ccttttacaa atatcttctc    131460
     ccaatctatg gactgtttct cattctctcg ttgtcttttt tttttttttt ttttttggag    131520
     atggagtctc actctgtcac ccaggctgga gtgcagtggc tcagtctcgg ctcactgcaa    131580
     cctctgcctc ccgggttcag gcgattctcc tgcctcagcc tctggagtag ctggaattac    131640
     aggtgccacc acacacccag ctggtttttg tatttttagt agagatgggg tttcaccatg    131700
     ttggccaggc tggtctcgaa ctcctgacct cgggtgatct gcctgcctcg gcctcccaaa    131760
     gttgatgccg tcttttacag agcagaagtt tttcatttta atgaagtcca gcttgtcaat    131820
     tgtttcttcc atggattgtg cctttggtgt tgtacctaaa aactcattgt caaaccaagg    131880
     tcacctcttt ttttcctata ttatcatcta gaagtttcac agttttgtgg tttacattta    131940
     gatgtatgat ccattttgcc atggaatgaa atgtgtcctg ctcaccccaa attcacatgt    132000
     tgaagcctca atgtgatgac gtttggagat ggggtctttg agaggtcatt cgagttagat    132060
     gaggtcatga gggtcgtcat ggcagaatta gtgctcttat aagaagagat accagagaac    132120
     ttgcactttc tctctccacc atgtgaggac acagtgagaa ggcagtcatc tgtaacctag    132180
     aaagagaccc ctcaccagaa actaaccatg ctaacacact gatctcggac gtgtagcctc    132240
     cagaactgta agaaaataag gccgggcgca gtggctcatg tctgtaatcc cagcactttg    132300
     ggaagccgag gcgggcggat cacctgaggt cagcagttcg agaccagcat ggccaacatg    132360
     gcaaaacccc atctctacta aaagtacaaa aaccagctgg gcgtggtggc gggcgcctgt    132420
     aatcccagct actagggagg ctgaggcagg agaatcactt gaacccagga ggtggaggtt    132480
     gcagtgagca gagattgtgc tacagcaccc cagcctgggt gaccagaacg agactccata    132540
     tggaggggga cggggagcgg gaggggaagg ggagcggagg aaagttactg ttttaagcac    132600
     tcagcttgtg gttttaagtc tgagcagaat aagacacatt ttaagttaat tttttgtgat    132660
     gggtgtctag attctttttt tttttttttt tttggcacgt ggatgttcag ttattccagc    132720
     accatttctt gaaaagatca tcctttctac attgaggtgt gtttgttccc ttgtcaaaga    132780
     tcagttgcat atgtttatgc aggtttttat ctgggctctc tgttctgttt cattgatcta    132840
     ttttttctgt tttttgacca ataccacact gccttgatta ctgtggcttt atagtaaaag    132900
     tactgaaatt gggtactatg ggtcctccaa ccttgctctt ctctttcaat attgagttga    132960
     ctattctggg tcttttacct ctccttataa acattacaat cagtttgcta atatccacag    133020
     aataacctgc tgagtttttt tcgtttttta gagacagggt cttgctctgt cagccaggct    133080
     ggaatacagt ggcatgatca taacttactg aaacctcaga ctcctaggct caagcagtcc    133140
     tcccacctca gcctcccaaa tagctgggaa tataggcaca tgccaccagg cctagctaac    133200
     aaaaaaaatt tttttgtaga tatggggtct cactatgttg cctaggctgg tcttaaactc    133260
     ctgggcttaa gcgatcctcc tgccttagcc tcccaaagtg ctggattata ggcataaacc    133320
     accacactta gcccctgaga ctgtgattga gattgtgttg aatctgtaaa tcaagcagag    133380
     gactgacatc atgataatac tgagttttcc tcatgaacag actatctctt catttattta    133440
     gctcttcttt gatatatttt tatcagtctt gtatttttcc tcacagattt tgtacacatt    133500
     ttgttagact tacacctcag tattttatct ttagtggtgc taatgtaaat aatgtgtttt    133560
     taacttcaaa ttccacttct tcgttgccag tataaaggaa aatgtagatt ttctgtagat    133620
     gctctctatc aacttgagga agttcctctc tattcctagt ttgttgaatt tgtaatcatg    133680
     aatcgaggtt ggattttgtc aaatgctttc tccgcatcta ctgatatgac cacatgatct    133740
     ttcttcagcc tgttgatgtg gtacatcaca ttacattaat ttatttccta atgttggacc    133800
     agccttgtaa acctgggaca aatcccactt ggtcatggta tataattctt tttatacatt    133860
     gttggatttg atttgctaat attttgttgg gatttttgca tttatgttca taagaggtgt    133920
     ctgtctgtag tttccttttc ttgtaatgtc tgtttggttt tggcatttgg gtggataaca    133980
     ctgacctcat atgagttagg aagtattccc tctgttttta ttttctggaa gagattatag    134040
     agaactggta taatttcttc cttaaatgtt tggtagaagt cataagtgaa cccatctgag    134100
     cccagtggat tctattttgg aaggtaattg ttgatttgac ttatttaaca gacatagccc    134160
     tattcagatt gtctatttct tcccgtgttt gggagattgt gtacttcaag gaattggttc    134220
     atttatcaaa tttgggcaca gagttgttca tctttttttt tttattaccc tttaaaagtc    134280
     tgtgggacat ctctgtagtg atgttccctc tttcatttga tattagtatt ttgtgtcctc    134340
     tctcttcttt gtcttagtct ggctaaaggt ttactgattt tattgttttt tcaaaccatc    134400
     ttctggtttc gttgattttc tctattgatt tcctgttttc catttcattg atttctgctt    134460
     gaatttttat ttcttttctt ctgcttactt tgtatttaat ttgctcttct ttttctagtt    134520
     tcctagagtg aaagcttaca ttatgatttt agatctttcc cattttctaa tacatgcagt    134580
     caatgctata aatttccctc taagcactgc attcacagca ttccacaaat tttggtaagt    134640
     tttattttca ttttcactta attcaaaata ttctaaaatt tatcttgaga tatcttcttt    134700
     gactcgtgtt atttggaagt gtgttatttg ccaagtactt taggattttc tagctatctt    134760
     tctggtttca tttctagttt catgtcattg tggtctgaga atagacattc tatgttttct    134820
     attcttcaag tatgttaaag tgttttgtgg cccagaatgt ggtctatctt agtgaatgtt    134880
     ccacatgagc ttggcaggaa tgtgcattct gctatcgttg gatgaagcag tctacagatg    134940
     taaattattc ccagctgact gatgtgatgg tgctgttaaa ctcaactgca tcctgctgga    135000
     tctgtccatt tacgatagag ggtgctggat ctccaactgc agacagtgaa ctcatctatt    135060
     tccccttgta gttctatcag ttttcgcatc acatattttg ttgttgttgt tttttgagac    135120
     ggagtctcgc tctgttgccc aggctggagt gcgatggcgc gaatctcggc tgactgcaac    135180
     ctctgcctcc tgggttcaag caattctcct gcctcagcct cccgagtagc tgagattaca    135240
     ggcatgagcc accacgcccg gctaattttg tatttttagt agagatgggg tttctccatg    135300
     ttggtcaggc tggtctcgaa ctcctgacct caggtgatcc acccgcctcg gcctcccaaa    135360
     gtgctgggat tacaggcgtg agccaccgtg tccagctggt tttgtggttt ttagagatag    135420
     tgtctcactc agttgcccag cctggagcgc agtgacgtga tcatagctca ccgcagcttc    135480
     aatgtcctgg gctcaagcga tctgcccttc ctggccttcc agagtgctgg gattacaggc    135540
     atgactacca cacttgacaa cctcactttt tttttttgag atggagtctc actctgtcgc    135600
     ccaggctgca gtgcaatggt gcaatcttgg ctcactgcaa cctccatctc ccaggttcaa    135660
     gtgattctcc tgtcttagtc tcttgagtag gggggattac aggtgcactc caccatgcct    135720
     ggctaatttt tgtgttttta gtagagatgg ggtttcatca tgttggccag gctagtcttg    135780
     aactcctgac ctcaagttat ctgcccgcct cggcctccca gtgctgggat tacaggtgtt    135840
     agccactgtg cctggccaac ctcacatatt ttgatgctgt tgttaggccc atacacctca    135900
     agatctgtta tgttttgtgt ctaaagtagt aagatatttc cgctttcttt ggattactat    135960
     ctttctccat cccttttgtg tttttatgtt taaagtgggc ttcttttctt tttttttgtt    136020
     catggcaaga tcttgtcatg agacagcagg tttctttttt ctttgcaatg gggtcttgct    136080
     ctgttgccca ggctgcagag cagtggtgca atcacagctc actacaacct caacttcctg    136140
     ggctcaagcg atcctaccac atcagcctct tgagtagctg agacttatag gtacacaaca    136200
     ccacaccaag ctaatttttt taactttttg atgagatgat ttctcactat gttgtttagg    136260
     ctggtctcaa actcccaggc tcaagggatc ctcccacctc ggcctcccaa agtgctggaa    136320
     ttacaggagc catcactcct ggccgaagca ggttccttat agaaaacaca gttggggcca    136380
     ggcactgtgg cctgtaatac cagtgcttta ggaggccaaa gcaggaggac tgcttgaggc    136440
     tcaagagttt gagaccaacc tgggcaaaat agtgagacct gatctctaca aaaataaaaa    136500
     aagagctgga tgtggtgaca tgcacctgta gtcccagctg cccgggatgc tgatgtggga    136560
     ggatcgcttg agcccagggg gtcaaggctg ccatgagtca tgatcaagct actgcactct    136620
     agtctgagca atagagtgag accccatctc taaaaatata aataaataac tttttaaaaa    136680
     ggggattatt ggctgggtac agtggctcat tcctgtaatc ccagcacttt gggaggccaa    136740
     ggtgggtgga tgtcttgaga ccaggaggtc aagaccagcc tggacaatat ggtgaaaccc    136800
     tgtctgtaca aaacacaaaa atcagccagg tgtggtagta catgcctgta gtcccagcta    136860
     cttgggaggc tgtggtggga ggatcactcg agcctgggag gtcaaagctt tcaatagact    136920
     gggactgtgc cactgcactc caccctgggg gacagagtga gactgtctca aaaaaataaa    136980
     aaaaaaattt aaaaaggtga ttactgatgt tgctgaatta acatctacca catttgttac    137040
     cattttctac tttttgccct tgttcttcat tcctatttct gttttccata ctcttctacc    137100
     ttttgtgggt ttacctgagc attctattat atgtaattcc attttgtatc cttttttagc    137160
     atatcaacta tacttctttt ttaacttttt aaattggttt gcaatctgca tttacagcta    137220
     atacaagtcc actttcaaat aacaatctct tggaggccgt gtaccatcca ctaacgagcc    137280
     tgtcaaaggc actgttcctt tcggttatgg tgtttttggt ctctagtatt taaaaaattc    137340
     ttaaaatttc tttttctttt cttttttttc tttttttttt ttttttaaga aagatgatct    137400
     cgctatgctg cctaggctgg ccttgaactc ctgggctcaa gcaatcctgc tacactatga    137460
     ggagttgcaa atacaggtat gtgccaccac atccagcttc ttaaaatttt aatctctttt    137520
     gcttacatta tcaatctgtt tttgcatact gtctactttt tcccttaaag ccctcagcac    137580
     gttaatcata gttttaaaaa aatacctggt ctgattactc caacactcct gccacgactg    137640
     actctggttc taatgcttgt tcagtctctt caaactgcat tttctgcctt ttaagtatgc    137700
     tttgtaattt tctgttgata ggtagacatg atacactggg taaaaggaat tgcagtaaac    137760
     agggctttca tcctgttttc aggtgttggg gtgggaaagt gttctatgat actatgagca    137820
     gggctcagtc ttgctgagct tgtgtccctg gactatgaac ttcccaagtg cttttcagct    137880
     tcccccacct gccattaggt gggacagaat atccagaagt agctagtgtt aggtatttcc    137940
     cttcccccag gaaggttaag ttctgataaa aacaccagca ggttaggccc tggtaaaatt    138000
     gtttctcctg agggcaggtc ttgttaagaa cagaatggta tattccaaag tggtcccttt    138060
     tcacttcctc ctgccagaag cacaaggaga tttttctctg atattcactg tcagtaccta    138120
     atagagctcc tggaggtaaa gctcacaaaa gtatggggtc ctcccatgac cgggtccccc    138180
     tggagttttt tttcagagtt gtccacactg agcctctagc aatttgccag ttacatttta    138240
     ggcttaccca tctggccacc ggttccctgg gagattattg ctcacaagat gtggttgtga    138300
     ttctttgtat ctgcctgttt atctctccag agtttttttt ttttcttttt ttttttttag    138360
     agtctcgctc tgtcactcag gctggagtgc agtagtgcaa tcttggctca ctgcaacctt    138420
     tacctcctga gtttcagcga ttctcctgcc tcagcctccc gagtagctgg gattacagga    138480
     acccaccacc acgcccagct aattttgtgt ttttaataga gacagggttt caccatgttg    138540
     gccaggctgg tcttgaactc ctggcctcaa ctgatccacc tgcctcggcc tcccaaagtg    138600
     ctgggattac aggtgtgagc caccgcaccc ggccatacct ctccaatttt gagagcagtg    138660
     atttgtcctc tgacctcaca cctctctgat ggagctaaga tttgttgatt tttcagtttg    138720
     ttcagctttt tacttgttag gacacagtga tgacttctaa agtccttaca tgtcagaaac    138780
     agctaaaata ctatttattt ggcctttttc cttttccttt tttataaact atataactgt    138840
     ttaaaactga aattatcaca ttgtctttct gagtttaaaa tgttatgtag atgtattaca    138900
     cataacaact ataacaaaaa ggatgggagg gatggttaca agatttctgg atttatgtga    138960
     agtagtacac aaatgaactg taagtaaact gtggaaactt atgtatactg taaaccttag    139020
     gaaaatcact gtaaaaaata atgcaaaaag attatgtaaa aagcaaataa taaaatttaa    139080
     atggagttat aaaaagtatt caaataaccc aaataaaggc cggaaagagg aatttaaaaa    139140
     acagaagagg taaatgtaag taaaaaataa aatattatgc acaagtgcat tcctgaacca    139200
     tataaacaat tacattaaac attaacagac taaacactac aattaaaaga caaagattgt    139260
     taggatgaag aaacaagacc caattgtatg atatctgcaa gagattcact ttaagtgtaa    139320
     agacaggttg aaattaaatg gatgaaagaa gatatactat gctaacagta agtataagaa    139380
     ggatggaatt gctacattaa tattagataa aatatatttc aaaacaaaat gtattaccag    139440
     agacaaacag gaattctctt atctctcata atgatagtca taagtgaagt aagtcttata    139500
     atacagcttc aagatacatg aagccaacac tacaaaaatt aaagtgaaga aaagacaatt    139560
     ccacaatcat acttctgtat tttaacaccc ctctctcagc aactgaaaga ataactagac    139620
     caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaatcagcaa ggatacagaa gacctgaaca ataccatcaa    139680
     ccaccttgac ttaactgata tttatctaac ccccaaatgg cagaatacac attctttttc    139740
     agtgcacgtg gtatttgtac tgggagagac cacatttggg gtcataaaac aagaagcaac    139800
     aaatatgaaa ggaatgaaat aatacagagt atgttctctg accacagtgg aattaaatga    139860
     caataacaat aagataacta ggaaaacacc aactatctgg aaattaatgc atgtccaaat    139920
     aatcattggg tcaaagaaga agtcacaaga aaaactagat aacattttga actaaatgtt    139980
     aatgaaaata caacatatta aaattttgtg agatgcaact taagctgcac tttgagaaaa    140040
     cgatataatt ttacaatctt agctcttaca tgtagaaacc aaatgcttta ttcaaccaat    140100
     tttgaatgtg cacaaatatg gggtatattt ttcacgagcc tttctgaata aactagaaga    140160
     caagctccag ccaaccaaga gatggggaaa tttttggtaa aaggaccaga gataaacaat    140220
     tattaataac atacttaact ggagatataa gccagtaaca aagctgcgga tatgagttgt    140280
     aaagtgttat atgttctgac agtgtagaaa caatataacc aacaaaaact gggaaaggaa    140340
     tgaggaggaa aagggagaaa agtagaacaa gcttgttgac tgtctcagta gctggcagtc    140400
     aaagataata cttacagctg acatatcaag tagtagatgt atattcaata gaacaaaggt    140460
     aaacattaaa aaaagccact ggtcaggtgc agtggctcat gcttgtaatc tcagcacttt    140520
     gggaggtcga catggatcac ttgatctcaa gaatttaaga ccagtttggg caacgtggtg    140580
     aaaccttgtc tcaacaaaaa taaaaaaaaa actagccagg tatggtgaca tgtgcctgta    140640
     gtcctagcta cttggaaagc tgaggtggga ggattgcctg agcctggtac gtggaggttg    140700
     cagtgagccg agatcgtgcc actgcactcc agcctggtga cagagtgaga ttctgtctcg    140760
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagacta ctactgacta aacttggcaa atgaaggaga    140820
     gaatggagtg aagaataaaa aggacatggt agggtaccga tatctattgt caaaaggaaa    140880
     taagtgtatt ataaagaagg gaatgaagtt gttatcaagg taaatcacca aaacaaaaat    140940
     atgatcagaa gtagtatata tatattttta aagcaaagaa acagaccagc aagataaaac    141000
     ttctaaagca tgtgcacatg ctcacatttg tagaggggct gtatctgtga gactgcccct    141060
     gggggaggcc attaatatga acgccatgcc ccagctgtcc ctcgcttgga gcctcttaag    141120
     gcaggattgg gaggctgctc ccaggattag catcccatcc attctcacct ttctggcagc    141180
     ttttcaagat atctggttcc tcagctccca gaagattcag gacccaaagt tccttcccct    141240
     gctccagctg ggagatcaac tccggcttag ggacagggaa tcctgttgag gatgaggaca    141300
     ctggtgagct ggcatggccc actgggcctt ccaggccagg tgtggagaga tgggccctgt    141360
     gtgcacgtgt gtacgcctgc acgtgtgttg gtcagggggc ccgtgggctg agactaagta    141420
     ctgaaggaga atccactcat cagctctcct gccactggag ggacaccagt ggggccactg    141480
     gcaacaggga gtgaagtccc tagaactggg gagcaaggca ggcttttccc atgggaaatg    141540
     ttccttctgt agagatcaga ctgatacccg gggacaaggg gcaggaccct cttctttggg    141600
     atccaaagag ccaaagcagc ctcccaagct cctcagaggc ccccactgcg aaccaggcca    141660
     agtgcagaga gcctcaccca gagaggccac gttcccatag ttctccagca tcacatcccg    141720
     gtagagcgcc cgctgctggg ggcccagctg ccgcccctcc gcctgagaga agtacacggc    141780
     cacatcctgg aaggtcagcg gcatctcctg caacaaaaca tcgccgctgc ccaggccatg    141840
     cccacggggc agcagcctgc actaaaaggg ccctgacctg gtggggcccc actacccagg    141900
     gccctgctgt ggtcagtatg aactgtgtat cagcaggtcc ctgatggggc agctgagagc    141960
     gctgaggacc agccaacttc agctacacgg ggacccagct gagctcagag cccctctccc    142020
     tgcaggaggg cgagtctacc tctcagaacc ctttcctcac ggttgctatg agcccctggc    142080
     tggccttacc agttgccggg ctcacggctc cagaggagag tagcttctga ctgggatggg    142140
     gatgaagatg aagaggtggg caggaaggag ggttaactca cctggtgccc tggaagctgg    142200
     aatgtggctg ccattctgtg tgcatgggct gctgtggttt ccaagagaag acaggagact    142260
     gccctggcct gaagtctccc cgaacttacc ttcagtgggg agaactcagg ctcagcccca    142320
     ttcaaccagg ggtgtggaag gatggccagg aggcagaagc tgattgctgc tgtggcctcc    142380
     tgggtcgcgg gaggcaggtc actatgcagc acgggccgac gtgccctact gctcagtgac    142440
     tcctgaaatc ccagaacggc cagagccaga gcccgggggg atccagggac gcccggctaa    142500
     ggggtgaaag ctggcagttc ccgtggtcca gacctgctga aggccctgga aatggggtgc    142560
     agggccgttc tacctgcctg gccaacctgg ggcaaagagc cacgtgaggg tgcagcctca    142620
     ccaaggctga ggacgtgaga aggaggccgc ggggatgctg ccgaaggccc caggctccgg    142680
     ggagaggccg gaagccagct gtggtcctca gtccagcctt ctagggccgc gccgcggtcg    142740
     cctcctcccg gcctctgcag cccgtcggtg gctcccgcgg cacccagaac aggctcctcc    142800
     tggactggcc gccgcctccc cgcgccctcc ccgcgccctc cccgcctgcc tgcccgcttg    142860
     gcgctccttc ctggtccgac actgccccac ctgtttgctc gacccgggga agccaccgag    142920
     gaagcgccga ggagctgcgc agtcgcaccg agcccggaac ggaccctccc acagaaccgg    142980
     gtccagagcc ggggaggggg cgggctagga tgaagagggc gggccgggcc gagctgcgca    143040
     cacgcaggct tccccgcccc ctgcggggcc tcagtacgcc tccgagaacg ccgggaaccg    143100
     gaagccagcc gcggttccgc ccggattctt ccggggccgc tctgggatga ctggaggcct    143160
     gcgccgtcta tggtcgggga gggggagagc ccacggcagc tgagcggagg gtctggcgcg    143220
     gtgacgctgc gcatccgggc cgcgccgcgc tcgccccgac cctaaaccct cacctgaacc    143280
     ctaaccccgc tgggctcccg gctcccccgt cggtcaccat acatcgtgtg tcccgattca    143340
     ccataaccac cagaaagtcg cttatgaaga tgttacaatt atcggggctc agaacacaac    143400
     gccccaaaat gaaggcctgg gaggcagttt ccctctgacc ttcccaggcc tccagtctca    143460
     gttcttttct cccgcgaggc tcctcacaga gtgaatccct tttacccaag gcgagtccca    143520
     gaggccagac ccccaaagcc agccacaaaa cctaaaaaca cgactctgat gttccccccg    143580
     cttttctgtg tgaaaactgg cggtaaaggc cgggcgtggt ggcgggcgtc tgtagtccca    143640
     gctactccgg aggctgaggc gggagaatcg cttgaacccg ggaggcggag gttgcagtga    143700
     gccgagatcg cgccactgca ctccagcctg ggtgacagag cgagactcca tctcaaaaat    143760
     aaataataaa taaataaata atccatttat ttgccttttc tccaaaaatc tgccttttat    143820
     gagttggctt tcagtgaacc ttcagagggc aaagaggaac tttccctttg gcccctacac    143880
     aataaagcat ggttgaaaaa atagcacttg ataaaggtga ggagaccagc ttaggagcag    143940
     ggggagaagg aaaggaaagc caagccatct tgtcacccag aatatagtgt aggccctgta    144000
     cactgtgtta gaatcaaggc agaaatttta tatctgaact tgagacgatc aacgaggatg    144060
     gagaatgtct agaagtctaa agcaccatgc aaagtcacac atgattaaga agatgcctta    144120
     cattattaat atcagtgctg gggagattgt ggagaattac gcactgctat gcttgaggaa    144180
     gcgtgtttag tacaatgttg aaaatgaatt aagctgtaca taaagagcct taaacacttc    144240
     aattaatcta ggaatctatc ctatggaaat aacaaaaatg acaaagagaa gggtgcccat    144300
     tccagagttt gttgtgtgtg tggttttttt taaataatgg ggagaatttg gaaaatagct    144360
     agttattcat agaaggggaa atggaagata attatgcttt ttgcagcaca gaaatagata    144420
     aatctattgt cttctgtaca ctcagttgaa cattatgcag ccattatgtg tggtatttga    144480
     aaaaaaagta ttggcagagg gtaatgctta tgaaatagaa tgtgaaaaat agaatacaaa    144540
     attatattta tgatatgatc tcaattgtat atatgggtgt ttaagttcac aaacttaagg    144600
     tttccagata taaggaccta ggttggtttg ttcactgctc agccaccagc ctggaacata    144660
     gtaagtactc tataaatact tgggaagtgc ttgaaaaacg tatataaaaa gctgaaaata    144720
     aatacatcat tactagttgt aagattgcag aatatttgat ttcctctttt tctttttcac    144780
     atctcctaca gggggcgtgt aatcactctg tgactggtgg ctgcaggctc tcctaatgga    144840
     tatttcctat ttacagggct accaactgcc aagcatccaa gcagtcccta ggcagcaatc    144900
     cagcagctga cagggttacc ggcgtcaact gccacagatg ctaggctggt ttgccatatt    144960
     tacatggatt tgatcagcaa tgagcacaaa agatagagat tgtttctttc tttctttttt    145020
     ttgaggtgga gttttactct tgttgcccac gctggagcgc aatggtgaga tcttggctca    145080
     ctgcaacctc cacctcccag gtacaagtga ttctcctgtc tcagcttcac aagtagctcg    145140
     gattacaggc atgcaggacc atgtccagct aatttttttg tatttcgtag agacggggtt    145200
     tcaccatatt agtcaggctg gtggcaaact cctgacctca agtgatc                  145247