ID   AF131205; SV 1; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 179252 BP.
AC   AF131205;
DT   29-SEP-1999 (Rel. 61, Created)
DT   15-APR-2005 (Rel. 83, Last updated, Version 4)
DE   Mus musculus Serf1 protein (Serf1), survival of motor neuron protein (Smn),
DE   neuronal apoptosis inhibitory protein-rs6 (Naip-rs6), and neuronal
DE   apoptosis inhibitory protein-rs3 (Naip-rs3) genes, complete cds.
KW   .
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Sciurognathi; Muroidea;
OC   Muridae; Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-179252
RX   DOI; 10.1006/geno.1999.5910.
RX   PUBMED; 10486205.
RA   Endrizzi M., Huang S., Scharf J.M., Kelter A.R., Wirth B., Kunkel L.M.,
RA   Miller W., Dietrich W.F.;
RT   "Comparative sequence analysis of the mouse and human Lgn1/SMA interval";
RL   Genomics 60(2):137-151(1999).
RN   [2]
RP   1-179252
RA   Dietrich W.F., Endrizzi M., Huang S., Scharf J., Kunkel L.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (26-FEB-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Genetics, HHMI/Harvard Medical School, 200 Longwood Avenue, Boston, MA
RL   02115, USA
DR   MD5; 22596ca37e5352cf5e18e812337479d5.
DR   ENA-CON; JH584305.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000021643; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000021645; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000078945; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000022145; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000022147; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000067975; mus_musculus.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC310929; 10958634.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC310933; 10958627.
DR   RFAM; RF01942; mir-1937.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..179252
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /map="chromosome 13"
FT                   /strain="129/Sv"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone="BAC 149m19"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   repeat_region   40..256
FT                   /rpt_family="B3A"
FT   misc_feature    441..28947
FT                   /note="similar to Tfnr"
FT   repeat_region   complement(825..972)
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(1176..1286)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-F"
FT   repeat_region   complement(1488..1595)
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   repeat_region   1668..1812
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-MM"
FT   repeat_region   1954..2097
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-MM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(3213..3314)
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   3921..3979
FT                   /rpt_family="ID5"
FT   repeat_region   3980..4002
FT                   /rpt_family="BC1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(4044..4305)
FT                   /rpt_family="HSMAR1"
FT   repeat_region   4359..4420
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D7"
FT   repeat_region   complement(4421..4752)
FT                   /rpt_family="HSMAR1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(4825..4867)
FT                   /rpt_family="HSMAR1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(4937..5088)
FT                   /rpt_family="HSMAR1"
FT   repeat_region   5102..5137
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   5138..5480
FT                   /rpt_family="MTD"
FT   repeat_region   5496..5655
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(5660..5852)
FT                   /rpt_family="HSMAR1"
FT   repeat_region   5854..6021
FT                   /rpt_family="L1ME3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(6279..6380)
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   6759..6950
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   7295..7424
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-F"
FT   repeat_region   7459..7671
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   7686..7825
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-F"
FT   repeat_region   8430..8553
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   repeat_region   8719..8795
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-F"
FT   repeat_region   8834..8937
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D10"
FT   repeat_region   9298..9508
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   9517..9689
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   9788..9843
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   10004..10103
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(10605..11220)
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER19"
FT   repeat_region   complement(11260..11310)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D10"
FT   repeat_region   complement(11345..11484)
FT                   /rpt_family="B4A"
FT   repeat_region   complement(11519..11615)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D10"
FT   repeat_region   11674..11750
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D7"
FT   repeat_region   complement(11947..12084)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-F"
FT   repeat_region   complement(12131..12211)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1"
FT   repeat_region   12586..12770
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   12778..12995
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   13342..13471
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   15062..15543
FT                   /rpt_family="LX6"
FT   repeat_region   15559..15750
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(17531..17655)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-F"
FT   repeat_region   17883..17959
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(18795..18951)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   19001..19197
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(19397..19528)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D10"
FT   repeat_region   19808..19972
FT                   /rpt_family="MTA"
FT   repeat_region   19973..20114
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   20126..20345
FT                   /rpt_family="MTA"
FT   repeat_region   20596..20695
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-F"
FT   repeat_region   20751..20871
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(21077..21419)
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER15"
FT   repeat_region   21427..21562
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-F"
FT   repeat_region   complement(21582..21670)
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER15"
FT   repeat_region   complement(21831..21974)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   22038..22184
FT                   /rpt_family="B4A"
FT   repeat_region   24337..24444
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D7"
FT   repeat_region   24451..24604
FT                   /rpt_family="B3A"
FT   repeat_region   24847..24967
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   25032..25232
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   25253..25384
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-F"
FT   repeat_region   25533..25698
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   25701..25847
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   25947..26042
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   26052..26249
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   26254..26395
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MA5"
FT   repeat_region   26421..26611
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   26903..27038
FT                   /rpt_family="B4A"
FT   repeat_region   26982..27038
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D7"
FT   repeat_region   27134..27220
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D10"
FT   repeat_region   complement(27704..27806)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D9"
FT   repeat_region   28122..28126
FT                   /rpt_family="BC1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   28127..28186
FT                   /rpt_family="ID4"
FT   repeat_region   28187..28205
FT                   /rpt_family="BC1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(29256..29398)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(29399..29452)
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   complement(29421..29504)
FT                   /rpt_family="ID4"
FT   repeat_region   29569..29672
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D10"
FT   repeat_region   complement(29741..29862)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D10"
FT   repeat_region   complement(29923..30025)
FT                   /rpt_family="B3A"
FT   repeat_region   30532..30550
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   30551..30645
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D7"
FT   repeat_region   30646..30658
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   complement(30922..31123)
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   31235..31360
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(31464..31555)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-F"
FT   repeat_region   31728..32200
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   mRNA            join(32990..33130,33924..34032,38871..39139)
FT                   /gene="Serf1"
FT                   /product="4f5"
FT   CDS             join(33124..33130,33924..34032,38871..38943)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="Serf1"
FT                   /product="Serf1 protein"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:O88892"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007513"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:1337114"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:O88892"
FT                   /inference="non-experimental evidence, no additional
FT                   details recorded"
FT                   /protein_id="AAD56758.1"
FT                   QKQKIANEKKSMQTTEK"
FT   repeat_region   complement(33571..33715)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-F"
FT   repeat_region   34537..34576
FT                   /rpt_family="ID5"
FT   repeat_region   34655..34746
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D10"
FT   repeat_region   complement(34778..34931)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(36296..36443)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(36695..36840)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(36969..37251)
FT                   /rpt_family="B4A"
FT   repeat_region   complement(38023..38169)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-F"
FT   repeat_region   38386..38446
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D10"
FT   repeat_region   38536..38645
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-F"
FT   repeat_region   complement(39641..39745)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D7"
FT   repeat_region   complement(39796..39897)
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(40058..40193)
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   40439..40541
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D7"
FT   repeat_region   40544..40719
FT                   /rpt_family="B3A"
FT   repeat_region   complement(40991..41175)
FT                   /rpt_family="RLTR12"
FT   repeat_region   41231..41532
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1A3"
FT   repeat_region   41537..41560
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1A-INT"
FT   repeat_region   complement(41561..41681)
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1A2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(41681..41770)
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1A3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(41771..42308)
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1A-INT"
FT   repeat_region   complement(42310..42373)
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1A-INT"
FT   repeat_region   42431..42532
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D7"
FT   repeat_region   complement(42649..48139)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(48078..48619)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1F"
FT   repeat_region   complement(48997..49086)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-F"
FT   repeat_region   49488..49565
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D10"
FT   mRNA            join(49783..49872,51493..51564,51776..51895,52711..52911,
FT                   53121..53267,55986..56081,57262..57372,60595..60645,
FT                   62286..62599)
FT                   /gene="Smn"
FT                   /product="Smn"
FT   CDS             join(49801..49872,51493..51564,51776..51895,52711..52911,
FT                   53121..53267,55986..56081,57262..57372,60595..60642)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="Smn"
FT                   /product="survival of motor neuron protein"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q549F9"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002999"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR010304"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:109257"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q549F9"
FT                   /inference="non-experimental evidence, no additional
FT                   details recorded"
FT                   /protein_id="AAD56757.1"
FT                   GKCSHTN"
FT   repeat_region   50297..50376
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D10"
FT   repeat_region   complement(50874..50982)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-F"
FT   repeat_region   complement(51025..51104)
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   53503..53557
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(53886..54103)
FT                   /rpt_family="B4A"
FT   repeat_region   54189..54272
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D9"
FT   repeat_region   54312..54448
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   repeat_region   54450..54841
FT                   /rpt_family="MTA"
FT   repeat_region   54950..55141
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   55152..55295
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(55493..55615)
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(55858..55891)
FT                   /rpt_family="B3A"
FT   repeat_region   complement(56472..56610)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-F"
FT   repeat_region   complement(56894..57088)
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(57614..57759)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(57988..58110)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(58170..58237)
FT                   /rpt_family="ID3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(59060..59140)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1ME"
FT   repeat_region   59166..59258
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(59831..59920)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-F"
FT   repeat_region   complement(60039..60106)
FT                   /rpt_family="ID3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(60125..60230)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(60304..60379)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D9"
FT   repeat_region   complement(60759..60939)
FT                   /rpt_family="B3A"
FT   repeat_region   complement(61134..61230)
FT                   /rpt_family="B4A"
FT   repeat_region   complement(61157..61230)
FT                   /rpt_family="ID4"
FT   repeat_region   complement(61268..61447)
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(61502..61612)
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1B"
FT   repeat_region   complement(61910..62057)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   62109..62227
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(62844..63003)
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(63006..63089)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D7"
FT   repeat_region   63885..63960
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1"
FT   repeat_region   64032..64105
FT                   /rpt_family="B4A"
FT   repeat_region   64423..64817
FT                   /rpt_family="MTA"
FT   repeat_region   64997..65144
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-F"
FT   repeat_region   complement(65397..65506)
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(65852..65941)
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(66443..66649)
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(66666..66707)
FT                   /rpt_family="ID4"
FT   repeat_region   complement(66743..66844)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(67270..67597)
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1A3"
FT   repeat_region   67764..67891
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER2"
FT   repeat_region   67902..68090
FT                   /rpt_family="URR1B"
FT   repeat_region   complement(68955..69140)
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(68968..69628,73617..73781,76979..77065,
FT                   77403..77555,79760..79927,85037..87280,87757..87814,
FT                   91460..91541,104712..104811,105814..105933,109335..109386,
FT                   110187..110268,113817..113916,115255..115826,
FT                   123491..123532,128426..128492))
FT                   /gene="Naip-rs6"
FT                   /product="neuronal apoptosis inhibitory protein-rs6"
FT   CDS             complement(join(69264..69628,73617..73781,76979..77065,
FT                   77403..77555,79760..79927,85037..87280,87757..87814,
FT                   91460..91541,104712..104811,105814..105933,109335..109386,
FT                   110187..110268,113817..113916,115255..115822))
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="Naip-rs6"
FT                   /product="neuronal apoptosis inhibitory protein-rs6"
FT                   /note="rs6"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q9QUK4"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001370"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007111"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027417"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:1298226"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q9QUK4"
FT                   /inference="non-experimental evidence, no additional
FT                   details recorded"
FT                   /protein_id="AAD56759.1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(69734..69862)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   70842..70919
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D7"
FT   repeat_region   complement(71029..71081)
FT                   /rpt_family="B3A"
FT   repeat_region   complement(71104..71258)
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   repeat_region   71440..71528
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-F"
FT   repeat_region   71621..71690
FT                   /rpt_family="B4A"
FT   repeat_region   71641..71774
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D10"
FT   repeat_region   complement(71952..72015)
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   complement(72360..72469)
FT                   /rpt_family="B4A"
FT   repeat_region   complement(72697..72775)
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   complement(72776..72825)
FT                   /rpt_family="ID3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(72826..72828)
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   73338..73392
FT                   /rpt_family="ID4"
FT   repeat_region   complement(74280..74404)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MC4"
FT   repeat_region   complement(75095..75192)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D10"
FT   repeat_region   complement(75563..75737)
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(75925..76001)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MC4"
FT   repeat_region   complement(76581..76814)
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(77942..78105)
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   repeat_region   78617..78727
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   80157..80357
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M4"
FT   repeat_region   complement(80740..80812)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D7"
FT   repeat_region   80853..81114
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M3"
FT   repeat_region   81716..81851
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   81863..82033
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M3"
FT   repeat_region   82525..82675
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   repeat_region   82731..83398
FT                   /rpt_family="ETNERV"
FT   repeat_region   83676..84017
FT                   /rpt_family="RLTR9B"
FT   repeat_region   84300..84661
FT                   /rpt_family="MTD"
FT   repeat_region   88462..90190
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx5"
FT   repeat_region   complement(90298..90550)
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(90579..90691)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D10"
FT   repeat_region   90957..91092
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   92034..92235
FT                   /rpt_family="B4A"
FT   repeat_region   92306..92487
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx8"
FT   repeat_region   92490..92636
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-F"
FT   repeat_region   92638..94733
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx8"
FT   repeat_region   94997..95194
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx8"
FT   repeat_region   95202..96005
FT                   /rpt_family="L1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   96032..98079
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx8"
FT   repeat_region   98600..98716
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx8"
FT   repeat_region   98782..98913
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D10"
FT   repeat_region   98951..99035
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D7"
FT   repeat_region   complement(99064..99123)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   99623..100490
FT                   /rpt_family="RLTR13A"
FT   repeat_region   100776..100982
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   100994..101096
FT                   /rpt_family="RLTR13A"
FT   repeat_region   101108..101912
FT                   /rpt_family="RLTR13A"
FT   repeat_region   102198..102404
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   102416..102518
FT                   /rpt_family="RLTR13A"
FT   repeat_region   102530..103334
FT                   /rpt_family="RLTR13A"
FT   repeat_region   104368..104501
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-F"
FT   repeat_region   104924..105024
FT                   /rpt_family="RLTR13A"
FT   repeat_region   105597..105803
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(106945..107043)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(107009..107148)
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   complement(107539..107712)
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(107730..107816)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D10"
FT   repeat_region   complement(107774..107833)
FT                   /rpt_family="B4A"
FT   repeat_region   108248..108312
FT                   /rpt_family="ID4"
FT   repeat_region   108533..108667
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(108695..108906)
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   108982..109172
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   110551..110937
FT                   /rpt_family="MTD"
FT   repeat_region   complement(111000..111062)
FT                   /rpt_family="AluG_3"
FT   repeat_region   112138..112740
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER12"
FT   repeat_region   113182..113246
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER12"
FT   repeat_region   complement(114628..114707)
FT                   /rpt_family="BC1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   115032..115155
FT                   /rpt_family="B3A"
FT   repeat_region   115898..116024
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(116080..116176)
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   117195..119149
FT                   /rpt_family="L1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   119135..119551
FT                   /rpt_family="L1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(119888..120086)
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(120107..120260)
FT                   /rpt_family="B3A"
FT   repeat_region   complement(120815..120886)
FT                   /rpt_family="ID3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(120948..121018)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(121019..121361)
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1A1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(121362..121406)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(121627..121766)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-F"
FT   repeat_region   complement(122918..122993)
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(123042..123231)
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   124387..124792
FT                   /rpt_family="MTC"
FT   repeat_region   125080..125161
FT                   /rpt_family="MTD"
FT   repeat_region   125162..125651
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx9"
FT   repeat_region   complement(125662..125705)
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx9"
FT   repeat_region   125984..127197
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   127195..127439
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx9"
FT   repeat_region   complement(127780..127877)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D7"
FT   repeat_region   complement(128355..128525)
FT                   /rpt_family="MTE"
FT   repeat_region   129002..129342
FT                   /rpt_family="MT2A"
FT   repeat_region   129604..129656
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT2A"
FT   repeat_region   129723..130059
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx8"
FT   repeat_region   130456..130622
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx8"
FT   repeat_region   complement(130623..130661)
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT2A"
FT   repeat_region   complement(130713..131126)
FT                   /rpt_family="MT2A"
FT   repeat_region   131135..131550
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx8"
FT   repeat_region   complement(132052..132163)
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(132196..132530)
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1B"
FT   repeat_region   complement(132541..132823)
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1D"
FT   repeat_region   complement(132881..133100)
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   133172..133523
FT                   /rpt_family="MYSERV"
FT   repeat_region   complement(133528..134834)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   134863..135049
FT                   /rpt_family="MYSERV"
FT   repeat_region   complement(135382..135632)
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1B"
FT   repeat_region   complement(135861..135986)
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx9"
FT   repeat_region   complement(136110..136213)
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx9"
FT   repeat_region   136224..136533
FT                   /rpt_family="RLTR14"
FT   repeat_region   136620..136931
FT                   /rpt_family="IALPTR1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(136956..137321)
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx9"
FT   repeat_region   complement(137388..137436)
FT                   /rpt_family="ID_RN"
FT   repeat_region   complement(137469..137519)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D9"
FT   repeat_region   complement(138995..139209)
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1B"
FT   repeat_region   complement(139266..139447)
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1C"
FT   repeat_region   complement(139493..139682)
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(139507..140729,142413..142577,
FT                   144854..144940,145245..145397,147482..147649,
FT                   149268..151379,155440..155497,156347..156428,
FT                   157445..157544,158556..158675,161231..161282,
FT                   162389..162470,164698..164797,165240..165931,
FT                   166856..166930))
FT                   /gene="Naip-rs3"
FT                   /product="neuronal apoptosis inhibitory protein-rs3"
FT   repeat_region   140171..140308
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   CDS             complement(join(140365..140729,142413..142577,
FT                   144854..144940,145245..145397,147482..147649,
FT                   149268..151379,155440..155497,156347..156428,
FT                   157445..157544,158556..158675,161231..161282,
FT                   162389..162470,164698..164797,165240..165807))
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="Naip-rs3"
FT                   /product="neuronal apoptosis inhibitory protein-rs3"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q9R016"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001370"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007111"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027417"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:1298220"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q9R016"
FT                   /inference="non-experimental evidence, no additional
FT                   details recorded"
FT                   /protein_id="AAD56760.1"
FT                   E"
FT   repeat_region   143200..143242
FT                   /rpt_family="BC1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   143210..143254
FT                   /rpt_family="ID3"
FT   repeat_region   143485..143643
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(143989..144045)
FT                   /rpt_family="B3A"
FT   repeat_region   complement(144038..144202)
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(144236..144359)
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2"
FT   repeat_region   144370..144736
FT                   /rpt_family="MTD"
FT   repeat_region   144582..145628
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   145659..145864
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx9"
FT   repeat_region   147185..147323
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   147866..148092
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M4"
FT   repeat_region   148110..148294
FT                   /rpt_family="MT2A"
FT   repeat_region   148489..148617
FT                   /rpt_family="MT2B"
FT   repeat_region   150936..150989
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4D"
FT   repeat_region   151794..151942
FT                   /rpt_family="RLTR1"
FT   repeat_region   152153..154344
FT                   /rpt_family="MMVL30"
FT   repeat_region   154378..154998
FT                   /rpt_family="MMVL30"
FT   repeat_region   154999..155136
FT                   /rpt_family="RLTR1"
FT   repeat_region   155185..155359
FT                   /rpt_family="RLTR1"
FT   repeat_region   155901..156012
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-F"
FT   repeat_region   156645..157207
FT                   /rpt_family="L1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   159098..159728
FT                   /rpt_family="L1VL2"
FT   repeat_region   159724..160263
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx2"
FT   repeat_region   160477..160546
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(160713..160980)
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER3"
FT   repeat_region   160822..161161
FT                   /rpt_family="BGLII"
FT   repeat_region   complement(161442..161597)
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   162136..162326
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(162599..163682)
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER1A"
FT   repeat_region   164155..164282
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   164378..164559
FT                   /rpt_family="B3A"
FT   repeat_region   complement(165860..166040)
FT                   /rpt_family="MTC"
FT   repeat_region   complement(166059..166203)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-F"
FT   repeat_region   complement(166194..166265)
FT                   /rpt_family="MTC"
FT   repeat_region   complement(166327..166370)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D9"
FT   repeat_region   complement(166785..166951)
FT                   /rpt_family="MTE"
FT   repeat_region   complement(167035..169769)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(169792..169861)
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1C"
FT   repeat_region   complement(170012..170415)
FT                   /rpt_family="MTC"
FT   repeat_region   complement(170434..170555)
FT                   /rpt_family="RS1NE1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(170854..170937)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D7"
FT   repeat_region   complement(171548..171647)
FT                   /rpt_family="RLTRETN_MM"
FT   repeat_region   172678..173325
FT                   /rpt_family="L1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(173568..174502)
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER17B"
FT   repeat_region   174527..174766
FT                   /rpt_family="L1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(174836..175115)
FT                   /rpt_family="MT2A"
FT   repeat_region   complement(175523..176334)
FT                   /rpt_family="RLTR13A"
FT   repeat_region   complement(176342..176539)
FT                   /rpt_family="B4A"
FT   repeat_region   176810..176930
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   176884..176993
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-F"
FT   repeat_region   177033..177329
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER12"
FT   repeat_region   178294..178875
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx5"
FT   repeat_region   178861..179252
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
SQ   Sequence 179252 BP; 53017 A; 37767 C; 38074 G; 50393 T; 1 other;
     aacataatac acaatgattg aaaaaagaaa attaaccaag aggctagaca aacagctagg        60
     cagttaggag tgcatactgc tcttgcagag gtgtcctgtt cagttcatag tacccatatc       120
     aggtagtcac aatcacctat aatttcagtc cagaggaatt cagtgcctct gtgggcccct       180
     gcactgatgt gcacatatcc aaagacatac acacacgcac aaataattaa aaaataaaaa       240
     taaatcttta aaaaaaaaca accaagacac aataatccca gtcatttaag accgtaacaa       300
     aaaaggtgtg aaaacaaata aatgaatgaa acaaagcaaa cagaaaaata agtgtaaacc       360
     cactatgaca gtgggagact tcaataatcc tctcaggaac ccaaggaaga tgcaaatgaa       420
     gccaggaaag aggttcctac catgtggaag ggatggggtc cattctcatc tcggtctctt       480
     cactgggtgc taaacctgca atgtcatcta tgttctgtgt caaggatggt atctgttctt       540
     tattgcattc actttcattt tcctcagaag gacatgtatc taggaatata aaatacacgt       600
     tattccaaaa aagtagcaaa gatatttaca ttttaaagcc taaggaattt ccatgtacta       660
     tttgtctttt cctacaaaat attaatctac ttatcattcg agatttagtc ttgagttttt       720
     tcctatgaca ttttgctgct gtttgttgct gttggtatga gacttagcct ttaatgatta       780
     agccacctct tacttctgaa gttttattgc atttatcagt atcatgtgtg cacgcgtgtt       840
     ctatcacatg cacatggagc tcagaagtca gctctgtggg gctggttctc tccttttacc       900
     tttccaagtc tgggggggaa aaactcaagg tgtcagagtt gtaaggcatg tctttcccct       960
     gctgaccatc tcaagaatgc aaacagatgc aaaataaaga catgtaataa aaagcattac      1020
     tattaatcct gtaataaaga agaaccatct gagttcaaca tctcaactga gtccccaata      1080
     cttaagatgg taaagagcta gaactgacag ttaagctctt ctgctttcta tgtaagctct      1140
     gtctttcttt tggttgagca ggggctaatg taataggctg ccctcaaact cactaggtag      1200
     ccaaggatca tcttgaactt ctgaatctac ctacctatct ctaataccta aatggtgggg      1260
     ttacaggcag ctgccacttt acccagtagt ctttggtact ctcttttaaa acatactttt      1320
     cacttattta ttattcattt actctgtgag tgagtgagtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg      1380
     tgtgagaaag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagtgtg tgtatcttag      1440
     agagagtgag agagagaaag agagagagag agagagagag agagttttac cacagtgccc      1500
     atgtgaaggg aactaacagg agttggtttt ctcctttgtg ggtccctggg atcaaactta      1560
     agtaccctta cccactgagt tatctcacgg gcctctacat atagcatttc ttgtaatggt      1620
     aaacaagagt atattatcct aatgcttaca aatcagagaa ttgtcaactg ggtgttatgg      1680
     cgcatgcttt aatcccatcc ctcagaaggc agagacaaga gatctctgaa cttgaggcca      1740
     gcctggtcta cagagcaagt tccagaccaa ccagggctac acagagaaac tctgtctcaa      1800
     aaaatccaaa aattaatgat aaaataaaaa ataaaagggc atgaagctga gagaaaggta      1860
     tgttggggag gttctgggag gagctagagg ggggttgaag gttggatatg atcaaactac      1920
     attctacaca tggataaaaa tagcattttt taagccgggc gtggtggcac gcgcctttaa      1980
     ccccagcact cgggaggcag aggcaggcgg atttctgagt tcgaggccag cctggtctac      2040
     aaagtgagtt ccaggacagc cagggctaca cagagaaatc ctgtctcaaa aaaaaaacca      2100
     aaaagaaaaa aaaaaaaata aagcattttt taaaaagaaa aaattatatt cgtaaaaggg      2160
     aactagataa atcaaggaaa ggtttgctct gtcttttctt gactatctgg cttttgggga      2220
     gaaggagggc aggccgagta aacctaggcg gtaagccaag ggatctgcag tgctaagtga      2280
     tgttctacca ctgagcaggg tcgccaaact tagtatctgc taagaattcc tcaatcaagc      2340
     tcttaagaag gacccaagtc ccctctgaag tttggtcttc ctctccaaac actcaaattt      2400
     cagtatgtct gcatactaag agaacaagaa gaaaaaaatg caaattctgt tagctctttt      2460
     caaaattaaa tggcctactc taggcttaca gaggtgtccc ataaaggtag accataagaa      2520
     tctaagcttc agtgagagac acagtgacta cccaagtctg ttaatgggaa tcaagggaaa      2580
     tgatgcatct taggcacaac ctaaacaaaa aagtaaatgg caacttgtaa catagcactg      2640
     agcacacaac caggtaatag gcatctgcta tcatccacag gatagcatag ctctgccata      2700
     ctcattacta tgctggtctt ttcaagtaaa acacaggctc caaggatgag cttgaaactt      2760
     actcttgtgt atttctgctg caggagggct cgaatgaaca agaaccctct ctaaaagatt      2820
     tgttgcttcc tgtttattag cttcaccttg gttcctcctc ctctttttct cttgattttg      2880
     gtcttgctct aacatagctt gttctaagtg ctgtcctgat gaactcggtg attcctcttc      2940
     attgactgtc tcagcatcat tttgagatct ttctggatct gaaatgttac tatttacaga      3000
     ctcatctgga tcgtcattaa cttcttcact ggttactgtt tttgctaaaa acaagagaaa      3060
     ctattataac tacatgaacc acttacagaa aacttactga aaaggaagat gatactcaaa      3120
     agtatatttt accatgttac ttttgtgcaa aaagctaaaa acacactaaa atggggaatg      3180
     aggaaatcag ttataacagt tataacattc acataggcag ctgtaagcca caccaacagg      3240
     ggtgctggga actgaattcc agtcagatgt aagagtaaca aagcattctt aacctctgag      3300
     tcatctgtcc agccacttca ggcctctctg cagagcacta aacacacgca cactcataca      3360
     tataacacac aaacaaaaat ataaatcatt aaaagggagc tgctgctttg ccccagataa      3420
     ctggcaaagc aattgcaatt attattatga tgatgtaata acttgttatg attattgatg      3480
     ccctcctact gtacactcaa gtagatgtcc accacctgat gtgcactcag gccgatgtcc      3540
     actacctaag taacacttga attctcaatt cctaagaggc aatcagtacc ttttaagttt      3600
     ttccgtggtt tggaggcctt ttcctttaaa ctctgacatt tagtagattt ttgttttctt      3660
     ttttcttctt cagcaagaac tttctgaagc aaatgagcaa aaaaatcgaa gtcaaaaggg      3720
     cgtttttcct ctgtttaaag aaagggggga aatgttaagt ttcttatttt ttaaaaaata      3780
     gccttctcta gtttttaaag tattacaaca tccagagcac atggacttat ttattagaca      3840
     gagtatagat aaacaaatat ataacattat caaataataa aagaaaaagg caatcaacta      3900
     ataaaggcta agtctgtaaa agctctgagt cagagcactt gtatagcatg ccctgggttc      3960
     aagccctagc atcaaaaaaa ccaaaaatca aaaaaaacaa aaccttatta gcttggtcca      4020
     aaatgacctg ctgctttatg tcatagtttc aaatacatct ttcttaatca agataaaaac      4080
     cattctaagc aacacaattt ttgctaatta agaataaggt attttgtttt gttttgatta      4140
     ctgcagtata aaccccatgc ttgggactca atgaactgtg gaaagcattt tctgcttctt      4200
     tctggtgtag cacattttcc ttattaaaaa caatgttgag aaggggtagt caactggcaa      4260
     cgggtcaggt gaacatggta gataaagcag tactctgtat cccgagccag gagcaatagc      4320
     acacatcttt gatgtaagtt taaggctacc caggcctgca cagcaagctc cagatcagcc      4380
     agagttctac agtgagaccc tgactccaaa caacaacaaa tttatagcct aattcattca      4440
     gaacttctaa agtatcagtt gtgtgatata aggttgggta ttgtggagaa tcagaccctg      4500
     tctgttgacc aatgctgact gcatagctca caggtttatt aggaaaatct ctcagatcta      4560
     atatttccat tagatttcag aaagttgtgg attagaccac caggtagtaa tcgggaccct      4620
     cacctttttg gggaggctca aatttggctt tggaaagtgg gtgctttgaa gcttcacctc      4680
     agtccagcat tgtgctggtc actgctagtt gtcttacact attcacattt tattatacct      4740
     cacaacacca tccatttctc actgcatgcc acaaccccaa taaagaaatg gtatactcag      4800
     tgacaattca agatgatgac ttttttattg agatttctca tgttcccaat ttccttcaaa      4860
     tgccaaatac ccacaatgaa ttctacagca acatttaaat tgtaaaaaag atcagattca      4920
     taaattgctc agtttgctac attcctcacc ttcaaggctc ctcttcttta cacacctttt      4980
     tgaaccatta ttgcaatggc atattcctta acagttccta gaccaaatgc attgttattg      5040
     ttgcaatttc tctgtataca tgacccattt tgaattcaag taagaaaaca cttaagagtc      5100
     aggagagctg gctcagcagt taagagcact ggctgcttgt gctggctagt tttgcatcaa      5160
     cttgacacaa gctatggtca tccgaaagga gagatactca actaataaat tgactccaca      5220
     agatcaggct gtaggcaagc ctatgggccc aggccactgt gggtggggac acccatgggc      5280
     tggtggttca gggttctata agaaaacagg ctgagcaaac catgaagagc aagccagtaa      5340
     gctgcactcc tccaagatgt ctgcatcagc tcctgcttcc aggttcctgc cctacgagta      5400
     ccatcctgac ttccttcagt gatgaacagt aatatggtag gtttggtcat ggtgttctat      5460
     cacaacaaca gacaccctaa gtcactaatc tttgaaggtt aattcccagc atccacagag      5520
     tagctcacaa ccaaatgtaa ctccggttcc aaggaatctg acatccactt ctgttctctg      5580
     tagaaactgc atatttagac tgcacagata tgcattcagg aatgtaaaaa taagatctta      5640
     aaaaaattta aaagagtatc ttgaatttgc tttttgtcta atgtgatttt cattataaac      5700
     agttaataag tcattagtac aagaccaaaa agtgagaaat gtgcatagct ttatttaaga      5760
     atgtaatcaa aatatcattt ttattttcta caatgcaaaa ttttttaatt tctacaatgc      5820
     aaaaagctaa aattactttt gaaccaatct aataaatgga ttaaactatt aatatagcaa      5880
     taaaatgaag aaattgtaaa aataaaagta agaaaagaaa ccagacacca agcattacat      5940
     tattcactca gtgaattaga tgatttaaaa catgctaaac tagtctatgg taactcaaat      6000
     ggaaatagca gtctccttag gctttcaaag gaaggaacaa agggacttct caattgaaga      6060
     aaacagtgta tgcataactt agggtgctgg ttattacggt atattcacat tacactttgc      6120
     actttgtgta tcaattacat tacgtgtggc aaggataggg ccagaggtaa ctcagtaaca      6180
     gagcacatgc acaagaacct gggtcccatt tcagcctcaa acataactga ggaaaactaa      6240
     cacatcctcc aaatgcctta taattataac cacttcaaca ttatagatgc tgtgagccac      6300
     catgtggttg ctgggaattg aactcaggac ctctggaaga ccaaacagtg ctcttaactg      6360
     ctgagccagc tctccaaccc tacaaataca cttcattgtg tattcttcta agtatcaata      6420
     aaataggaag taaatataaa atgtaaaata gttaaatgaa gttagaaata ctgccactgt      6480
     caactgtatg acattagaga gaacaattag taaaccaacc agtaacaaat ctacagagta      6540
     attaatcctt ccttaaatat tgaaactctg gtgaatgtgc ggaaagatga caaaaatggc      6600
     tcagaaagag gtacatataa aatactaatc tgttccaact ctatgcaatg ataaactagt      6660
     actcaaagaa ccaataaaca atctttctgt ggttctagag aactaaaaat atagaaccct      6720
     ctcaaaagag gaaaaaaaaa aaaaagccat gagggaacct ggagagatgg ctcagaggtt      6780
     tagagtatct gtgctcttac agagaggatg caggttcaat tcccagcacc caaaggtggg      6840
     tcacaaccat ccataactcc agttccaaag aatgtaatgc tcacttctga catctgagaa      6900
     tacatgtatg tagtgaatat acatgtatgc acacattcat acacagaaat cttttttaaa      6960
     aagccaccaa agctttaatt ctttaatttc ctacttcaaa tgataaacaa aactatgaga      7020
     tctataaatt attaaaccca gtggaaagtt tctccatttt taagatttaa aagttcctct      7080
     atctataata ttccagatct ttcaggaact tggaacactt tccctgaaga cacaacgcaa      7140
     cactgggcat cagacccata ctcatctacc acagtgtcta cttagaaaat aaacccaggt      7200
     gctacacagt ggatagtttc tgaaccacac atgaattagt tcccccctaa tatcagccct      7260
     gtggctaagt ttaattaagg aattttattt tggcctggat gtggggctgt acacctttaa      7320
     ccccagaact caggaggcag aagcaaatga atctctgtga gtttgaggcc agcctagtct      7380
     acatactgcg ttccaagcaa gccagcacca cataaagagg ctctacaggg gatagagagg      7440
     tggggaaaat tttattttgg agctgaaaaa aatcacttgg cagttaagag tacttactgc      7500
     ccttggtgag ggatgggtta aagtcccaga acctacatag cagctcaaaa ccgcccatta      7560
     actacagttc cagaggaaca ctcttctgtc ctctgtggta ccaggaacat acatggcaca      7620
     cacacttata tgcaggcact caacatatac acacaaacaa tcttttaaaa agttctttta      7680
     gacaagcatg gtgatgtgca cctttaaccc cagaatttga gaggcagaag caggtggatt      7740
     tctatgaatc tgagtccagc ctggtctatg tagagtgttc caggacagcc agggctaaac      7800
     agtgagaccc tacctccaaa agaaatttat attaaatttt atttagaaat aaaaacaatt      7860
     agcacttcag ctactttcat gactaaataa acagatacat taattatgaa aagctgatat      7920
     ttgttcataa aaaccttata tttgttcata aaaaccttcc aaaaccaaaa aatgatttta      7980
     agctatttta aataaatttt gtttttattt acagatcttt ttttctttct gtggacttac      8040
     aaaataatta attttaatga aagtattatt tagaagctag aagttaccta ctgttctttt      8100
     aaatcagacc taaattaaaa tgttacttgt tcataaagaa cttcactata agcaatgagg      8160
     cccaattcct ttttcttctt cctaagaact caatcactac ctaaaatttg cttatcagta      8220
     tccctcaccc atttgaattc agggctgttc aagcaggttc tcagctgctg tattcaccaa      8280
     cacatcttca agagcaggca gagcacatag gtaagagatg ctgctgactc aatgacgggc      8340
     tggctgtcta caaaaggaat cagctatggc aatctatttc ccataagcta tctcttgaac      8400
     agagttcctt cccaataaaa ataaccactc ggggccagtg agatggctcc gttcataaaa      8460
     acacttccta gcaagcctgg caccctaaat ttagccaaga cccacatgag agaaaaaggc      8520
     caacttctac aagttgtact ctgacccaca cacttatgca catgcataca tgaatggaca      8580
     caaaatataa ttttgaaatt actgtaaaaa tccatgagct taccagcttc tgggtatttg      8640
     ggctaattct ttgcttaaat atttgtagca actaccaagt tcatactgtt aaataaaaga      8700
     ctcagataca aacctgtggt ttgaggccag cctgttctac atagttctag aacagcagag      8760
     ctacatagtg agaccctgtc tcaaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa acaaacaaaa      8820
     accctcagac acagtggtgc acacgtgtaa tgcttgcact tgagggctgg gcaaaaagct      8880
     caacagctcc tgactggcct gaaatacata gcaagacctt atcttaaaaa agcaaaatgg      8940
     aaaaggctcc catccttatt tttaaggaca atatgagaat gaatctaaaa cacacgagag      9000
     ccaaagacaa agtattggtc atgtttcaat ctctatgaat catacttgtg aaggaatgct      9060
     ttaatactta cggaatgctt tgtctattct ccatccattt gttttttctt cacgtttaaa      9120
     tttattctgt taacaacaaa aagatctata gtaatgttct gccattaaac aaggattatt      9180
     tctatttagt aagcattaat gtgaaactat aaaacatcct attccctatt aagtggtata      9240
     tcctaggcaa caggctaagt ttcttaaagc ttcagttact taaaaatgag gactaaaggt      9300
     cagagaaatg gctcaatggg taagagcact ggctgctctt ccaaggacct atattcagta      9360
     tctagcagcc acttagtagc tcacgaccat ctataactcc aaatcagaga attaatgccc      9420
     tcctctggac tcctcaggta ctgcacacac gtgacacaaa tacatagaca cagacaaaag      9480
     acatatatat aaaataattt tttaaaaatt aatgaggggg ctggcgagat ggctcagcag      9540
     gtaagagcac tgactgctct tcagtaggtc ctgatttcaa atcccagata ccacatggtg      9600
     tctcacaacc acccgtaatg agctctgaca ccctcttctg gtgcgtctga agacagctac      9660
     agtgtattta tgtataataa taaataaatc tttgggccgg agcgagcagg gactgagaga      9720
     gcggagcaga cctgagagag cggagcagac ctgagagagc tgggccgact ggagtgacca      9780
     gagcaagcag aggtcctaaa attcaattcc caacaaccac gagaaggctt acaaccatct      9840
     gtacagctac aacatactca cataaagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga      9900
     tagacagaca gacagacaga cagacagatc tttaagaaaa ttgaatgtgg actgaggagc      9960
     tagtgaatct ggctcagcag gtaaaggacg gccttcatgt ggtcctggaa cccacatggc     10020
     agaaggagga actaacatac ccagaagctg tcttctgatc ttcaaatgaa catgtgcaca     10080
     acccccacgt acatacagac tcaaagacag gcacatacac atactctaaa tattatcaac     10140
     ttttttgtaa taaagattaa agattcatgt aacttttcct gatattatct ttactatcaa     10200
     caacagaaat aaaacaatga agcgagattt atggcacata gaaagtcacc atgggccaag     10260
     cctgccagct tcatgtcact agccagaact gatataaagg tgaaaggaac caagtgccat     10320
     gagtgagcac ttgcacatac tcacaggagt aagtgggacg atacacctac tcaaaaacac     10380
     atgcacacgt gctcaatgga ttctcattaa aaacaacagt cgactaccac acaaagataa     10440
     atctatagtc aattaagcta acattaactt atccaaccta aaatactcct aacattgaac     10500
     attttcacta ttattccaaa atggtttttt agtgtaatag aggagtctac aattaggcaa     10560
     aagtttgaac ccaagtttat ctcatctata tatagtccca aatataaagc agaaatttct     10620
     ggtttctttg gagactcagt tgtgtcatgt gatatttttc aggaagatga cacatgggag     10680
     gatgttttgc tgaaggaaac actggagagg atgttttcct aaagcagact cagagaggac     10740
     attttgctgc agcaggcggt tgaaagggtg catgatgttt ggaaagagtg taagtagaac     10800
     ccaacagtga accatgcact ggcacacctc gaaatgcttt cttcgcttgt tgtgacttca     10860
     tagagagaaa tgcgcccaag atcttcctgt ggtattctgg atcttcctgt ggtattctgg     10920
     ctgtctcttg cccttttggc caagtctcac agattgctct ggatcaagcc actgttaatg     10980
     attcgtgttt agtgtctgct aattggacta gactattgct actgattcat atttgatatt     11040
     ttagactgca ctactagtat tctgacaaca aagattggaa tggccccaaa gaactacttc     11100
     taaacaggtt tgcatcgcct tattcctatt aaccatcttt ctctccttag gggcgagaac     11160
     agaggttggg gcattaatga tctctaatta aatgaagttt aaaaaaaatc taagcctgca     11220
     ctgatctatc tatatatatt atataagaca gaagtttggt tttttttttg agacaaggac     11280
     taatgtactc tagtgtggcc tcaagttccc tactcaactc aaaaataacc atgcattcct     11340
     actaatcttt ctgtctctat ctctttagtt ttggggttac aggcatgtat ccccatggcc     11400
     cccattctac atggatgctc aggattcaaa ctcagactcc catgcttgta agacatgggc     11460
     tttacagcta agtcatggcc ccagacacgt tttgtaagtt ttgtttgttt atttgtggtc     11520
     ttttagggca ggatcttatg cacccaaagc aggtcttaaa ctcactattc tcctgcctcc     11580
     tcttgaatac cagaatgata ggcacgcact agcacatcta ccttattaca aaggatagtc     11640
     ttaaaattat aagcccttag agaaggatta tcagctaagc aaggaggatc aactttagaa     11700
     gccaacctga gttacaaaat gaaactctgt ctcaaaaccc caaacaaaaa caaatttaaa     11760
     gtagataaga tagatcagtg gcagaggaaa tagaaaagaa atcaaagagt gttatcacta     11820
     caaatcctac aaatgttata tgacaacagt aaaagttttt atagatatga tctctccaac     11880
     ttagtattaa aattatcaca agaatacctt ccctatcccc tagcccctcc ccccccaaaa     11940
     aaaccccatg gtttctctat gtaacggccc tagctgtcct agtcccactg taactccaca     12000
     gaccaggcca gcctcaactc ggagattccc ctgcctctgc ttcccaagtg ctgggattaa     12060
     aggtgtgcac catcattgcc cagcaacaca ggaatcaata tctgtggagg aaaacgggtt     12120
     tgtgtagggt ctgtgttgtt cagcctggct taaattctta ggccgcagtg atgctcgagc     12180
     ctcagcctcc tcagaaacag ggactgcagg cttaactaaa actaaaatac tgaacacctc     12240
     tgtatggatg aaaaaattta atttataata taaacacttt caccatttaa aaaataataa     12300
     aaaaatcaga ttcttgcttc acaggaaagt cccatcacac taaaggggaa acggtgctga     12360
     tctgaatgtg ttccagaact agcaagaggt ccatgcccct ccctgctcat ctcagcaacc     12420
     accaccaaac agccaagaac tctgaaagac aattacaggg atcagggcta tagcttagtg     12480
     atgaacacaa attcagtacc agcactcaaa aaaagaaaaa agaaaaatgc aaaccaatat     12540
     gcctcatgaa tgaaatggta aatattcctt aaaaaatata atatggaggc tgggaaaatg     12600
     gagaaagaat taacagcact ggctactctt ccaggaacct ggattcaatt tccaccaccc     12660
     acatggtggc tcttaactcc agtcctaggt gacttgatac cctcttctgg tttccacaga     12720
     cactaggcac acaggcatac tacaagcaaa cacccacaca cataaaataa ttttgaaggc     12780
     tggaaagatg gctcagagtt aagagcacgg agtactcttt cagatgtcct cagttcaatt     12840
     cccagcaacc acatggtggt tcataaccac ctataatggt tttcgatacc ctcttctggt     12900
     gtgtctgaag acagtgacag tgtacccaca tacataacac aaataagtct ttaaaattat     12960
     aataattttt aaaggttttt taaaaaggaa aaaagtgtag caaatctctg cgatatataa     13020
     gtggaatata gtatagccac atggaattgg ttctatggct ataaggttcg ttcgctatgc     13080
     aggaatcaac aagatgtact tcactaatcc tagaaacaga gcattttcac ttttctacac     13140
     tttacccaga cctgttggaa ttatactaaa ctttaaggga agaacctaaa tgttttctga     13200
     aagaagtcag tgacaaacac tattaattaa tcagattacc agagagctct acctctaatc     13260
     aaattttagc cttcataaaa ctttaattta gtgatcattt taaccaagat caacattaga     13320
     acataaagaa tacaagcagg agccaggcct agtggagcac accttcaatc ccagcactca     13380
     gaagcaggcc aatctctgag tctgaagaca gcctgatcga cgacaagacc agcttgaaga     13440
     cagccagagt gacagggaaa ttctgtctca atacatacat acatacatgc atgcatgcat     13500
     acatacatac atacatacat acaaacaaac aaacaagcag gctcctcacc tcttgcagaa     13560
     atccagtgag gctatgacac cacactacag gaaggcagta cataatgttc ctgggcaatc     13620
     aagtctagtc tactttaagg acacccaaat tcttatcttc ctgattggtt gttttcacta     13680
     atgtggcaaa catgctgaga tggagaacta agggaaagac atacggttgg gagactctct     13740
     catggttaac taggaataca ctatggcaac acagcatgag ggaacccaaa cacactccta     13800
     cccagaaagc acagtacagt ttctcagcac caccaccaag ctcatcctct caggcacagt     13860
     ccgtccatgc tgacatcact tcactgctca caatgttagt ggttattcac aaagttaagg     13920
     gggactcaga cagcaacact cagtccagcg acatatactc agcactttcc gtatcatccc     13980
     agaaaatctt agatactttc taatcataaa gctacactaa ctctaagtac tctgatacat     14040
     cttccttcta ttttcattaa ctcttaattt tagtatcttt atcaatagtt ctcaaataca     14100
     tattaaaagt catataaaaa gctcaagaga tataactata ctaaaattga gaaattatac     14160
     aaaaatcagt gtcacacaca aacacaaaca taatagagaa caaatgtgaa ttaaattaaa     14220
     agaaaaaacc ttagtaattt ttttcaccct ttctaaccaa taaatgttat aggcatactt     14280
     taccttaatt tctatccttg ctctgtgagg aaaaagttgt ccaatcatag aaaagtcagt     14340
     tcctaccatg ctgatggcta aaaaaaacat atcggtttct gtaaaaataa aagattaact     14400
     gaaaattaat tttccgttca gacaaaataa cccaaattag ttatatacaa ctatatataa     14460
     aaactttata tataaaaact taattaaaat aagttaaaga gtacttaatt tcattgaaaa     14520
     gaaactcaaa tacaataaaa cacaactatc tccctaggta actgtggggt acatgtcaca     14580
     tcccagaact caggaggcct tggtaacaag aactgctaag aggtccagaa cttctgaccg     14640
     gtgtggtacg agtttctagc tctgagatct gcctcaatca tgaaatgagt gagccacagt     14700
     ctgtaagccc acctgacaag accagatttc ctgtagtgcc tcacaccacg tagcacatcc     14760
     aatgtagtct ggactgatca tgcctgaatc tgctctgtac ctcacaggga tgactaagaa     14820
     agtcaagtag gtggcccagg agacaactaa aaagtttgca ctcccattcc aaaggggccc     14880
     cacaagcttg atcatcacat gtacctgctg ggacagaagg ccacccaatc agatattaaa     14940
     ccaaacaaga caaagaggtc tctgaaaata aagaggttta tggaaccatg taaatgccag     15000
     ccagaaatga aaaaccagtc ctgggagaac gtcccacagc taccaacagc acaatgaaaa     15060
     aggagtaacc aagcaatacc tgatccgact taagtcccac cccaaaagag ggagtccata     15120
     tctggcactg cttgtgtgac catgaatctg agactagata gcccagggac ctagggcaaa     15180
     atcaaatact gttctaaaag gaaaaataaa tgtagtactc aaatgatttc tagtgatatt     15240
     ctactatact catagatcat ttgcttgctc tgccagcagc agcagcagat aggaataaat     15300
     acagagactc acagccagac actcctcaga gtcagagacc tcggaacact cagccctaaa     15360
     agggaggtct ccttcaaatc tcccctcagg gcaccaggtc ctctgcactt agagctttga     15420
     ggctagtgat tttatgggat tcttgggtct ctgactcttg tggccactct tggtctcttt     15480
     tccttctgtt ggactgtctt gtccaacttt gatgcgaaag ttttgctttt tcctattata     15540
     tttaaaaaaa aaaaatgagg ggctggtgag atggctcagt agttaagagc accgtctact     15600
     cttccaaagg tcctgtgttc aaatcccagc aaccacatgg tggctcacaa ccatccgaaa     15660
     caagatctga ctccctcttc tggagtgtct gaagacagac acagtgtact tacatattat     15720
     aaataaataa ataaatcttt ttttaaaaaa tgaatcaatg taaacatagc tacttgggta     15780
     aaggttaaca acagaactgt catttattct tgctaggaga aggaaagtca gttttctcca     15840
     ctggaatgac actgggccaa ccattccagg cagatctcag gaatggaccc cacactttgt     15900
     atgtatgtgc gcttttactt ggttgcactt tggtaggttt tggcaggttt ctttctttct     15960
     ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ggataatgtt gtattttgct     16020
     ttgtaggttt tgagagtttt ggtgtattgg atttgtttct ttttttaaaa aaagaacgtg     16080
     agagttgggt aagtagggag gtggagatct gtacaaattt gggggaagga aagaatatga     16140
     tcaaaatata tgtaaactta tagttgtttt aaatattaag gcaaatttta aaactgaaaa     16200
     tactagatgc tggatcttac tactagcaag caaatatata gaaatatgaa gaattatttt     16260
     ggaatattgg atttctataa gctagcaaaa ctaaaagatt attgacaaaa ctgtaagaaa     16320
     attaacacta tagacaattg gtaagatatg aattaatgag gcatttgtgt taggatacct     16380
     ataagaaata aataaaatac tcagtgagta gcagaaagaa tgagagaagg agaaagagag     16440
     aaagagacag acatacagac aagcacttgg aaaaatgttt actggactaa aggggccctg     16500
     gtatttataa cactgggaaa gggaaggagg aagtgaggga aaatgtaaca agcccgacag     16560
     aatttacctt aaaaaaaaaa aaacaagttg ttaatagtca gaggagggag aaagtacaaa     16620
     aaatttcctt ttgccctata tgctaccata cttaaaaacc attcttaaag taaaaagcag     16680
     taaggaaaac catgaaatgt gcctgtgtgc tctgttgctg tcgtgttgtg ctgtctgttg     16740
     ctggactcac actccctggc cgccctgcct aagcccctca gtctgtgtta caggcaggca     16800
     ccgtgactgc tgcgggaaca gcatctgcaa ggcgagtact gctatgatta aatcctacaa     16860
     aaacaatgac ccaccggcac aaaggttagt gctcacacag aaacactgcc aactattcac     16920
     ttaaatggag gttctctgta cagtctgaaa cagattccag gcaaaatgat caaaagtcaa     16980
     agatatagta ggggaagggg aggggaacca ataaatctga gtggaaacca acgtggcagg     17040
     ttccatttta tttacaagaa gtcagaagct taaataaaag ttcattttat tccaaaagac     17100
     ctttgatgaa cattagttac ctttattgga ccatggcttt gagtagtagt tcttcctgaa     17160
     gctggagtaa gtagtagtgg agccgcgctc aaatatagga tcattctctt caacgacgca     17220
     ggggcctttt gttctcaaaa cttctacagt taaactgaaa gaagacattc tcaatacagt     17280
     cacactaaaa acccaagtat gaaaaacagt agatgagatt taattactgc tttctaagat     17340
     ttacacagca cttagtacag aaaatataaa atatatttga aaaaggataa taaatttgaa     17400
     atatatattt ttccaaatgt gattttaagg tacagaaata aatgccaacc tgttttccgg     17460
     ttacagcatt ttcaaaatac ctttggacta aaggtaaata aactgctcta ttgtcctttt     17520
     tgtctgtctg tctttcagac caggctttgt gttgtccagg ctcgcctgga acttgctgtc     17580
     tagctgagaa cagttttgaa ttactatctc cacttcccaa gtgctaagac tgcaggcata     17640
     tgtcgtcaca cctggttttg gtttgtggat ttctaaatgg ctcctgagcc aatatctctt     17700
     taactattat tgacatataa aatcaccatc acatagaaat acttatcagt attgcattta     17760
     tattatagtc aaatttatac ttatatacat tgttactaac taaacggcaa aagcctttca     17820
     tttctctttg ttacctgatc ccgtataaaa tacacacttt agagctggaa agactggtca     17880
     gcagttcaag gccaacctgt ctacaaagca agtctcaggc cagccaaggc tacacagtga     17940
     gagtctcaaa aaacaaaaat aataaaaaca aagaaaaatc aaacaaggta aaattaatga     18000
     ataatacgaa aagtttaaat accaacttca aactgaatca atcctagaaa tcgatcctca     18060
     gtgggtaaca gcacacagct gctcagcagc tggcctggct tagcagcagg gtgatgagta     18120
     aacaaagttg ggttgacaga caagaggaga gcgatagcat ctcatccaaa catgctaaaa     18180
     ttgcacatta atttagtcca tttacctgct taaaatagtc atgctgtcca tctatccagt     18240
     ggcggttagt taaacgttct gttgacagat ggagaaatag catctctctg ttctttaccc     18300
     ctacctcctc cctccttcct gcaccatctc cttaactcac ctttcttcat ctaaaataat     18360
     agaaccatct tctgccactt ttactcgagg aaccagaagt ggcccatcat ccacctcctc     18420
     ttccacgtct tcattatcat tagcatcttg agtgctctga ttttcttgcc tactaaaatg     18480
     gaaacattgt taccttagca acaaaacagt atttcctgaa tagtatgaac tcaaaacaag     18540
     ttactaaaga aaaccaacat gcagccattt taaactttct ctataactca actaaaaata     18600
     ccacatgaca cagttaccct gccaggcata atgaaataca aggtaatctt ggctctaagg     18660
     agaccaatga agcaaagaac caagagttct aggtcactat gaactttacc ttaagactct     18720
     gactcaaaat aaataaatgg atggatggat ggatacattg gagaggtgaa gaggataaga     18780
     tattatttgg taactttttt tttagacagg aattcactat tgtagccctg gctgtcctgg     18840
     aactctttct gtaaaccagg ctggcctcaa actcacagag accttcctgc cttcctcctg     18900
     tctctgcatc ttgggtgctg agattaaagg aatgcactac caccacctgg ctaatttggt     18960
     aacatataat aaggaatctt tagacataac aataagagca gctagtgaga gggctcagta     19020
     gttaagagca ctgactgctc taaaggtcct gagttcaaaa acccagcaac cacatggtgg     19080
     ctcatatcca tccataatga gatctgacac tctcttctga tatgtctaaa gacaactaca     19140
     gtgtacttac atataataat aagtaaatct taaaaaaaat tagaaaacaa taagaaatgt     19200
     ttactctctt ttaaaataaa ccagtggtac cagccaagta actcagtggt ttacagtata     19260
     ctttaggttt gaggccaata ataaaaataa ataaataaat aaacaaatgt taccttttta     19320
     ccccacttct ggtacctact ttttctagct ttctgaaata tgtatactag tatatctttt     19380
     tttagtttgg ttttattttc ttagatctat gaggcaggct cttgctatga agctcaaaat     19440
     agttgggtgc tcattctgta ggctcatgct agcctcaaat tcagcctttc aattgctggg     19500
     attacacaga tgcacaccta cgtccagccc tcaggtagtc agccaactgt gcaaaagtcc     19560
     atcagaacct cttgctccca tccaattata actattaaaa aaatattcca aatctttctt     19620
     tctactatac tggctgttaa tatcttattg aagcacacat acattataaa tctgaaatgc     19680
     tatatctaaa aattggtgag caggtgagat ggctcttgcc acaaagtcta acaagctgaa     19740
     tgcacagcag tagcagtgtg caacctccag aatgcacact gactgccaca aactgtctct     19800
     tcacctctgt actggctagt tttgtatcaa cttgaaacag ctggagttat cacagaaaaa     19860
     ggagcttcag ttgaggaaat gcctccatga gatccaactg tacggcattt tctcaattag     19920
     tgatcaaggg gctttctctg ggctggtagt cttgggttct ataagagaac aggctaggtg     19980
     tggtggcgta cgcctttaac acctttggga ggcagaggca ggcgaatttc taagttcgag     20040
     gccagcctgg tctacagagt gagttccagg acagccaggg ctatacagag aaaatcctgt     20100
     atctaaaaac aaaacaaaaa ccaaaataag agagcaggct gagcaagcca ggggaagcaa     20160
     gccaataaag aacatccctc cattgcctct gctcagctcc tgcttcctga cctgcttgag     20220
     ttccagtcct gacttccttt ggtgaagaac agcagtgtgg aagtgtaagc tgaataaacc     20280
     ctttcctccc caacttgctt cttggtcatg atgtttgtgt aggaacagaa accttgacta     20340
     agacaacctc catactctca tcatggcatg catgtgccca cacaaataca cactgcatat     20400
     gcacaatgta acttaaaaat tgttttaact ggtaacattt gttttttttt gggggggggg     20460
     gtagaaacca cagactttta aaccacaaag aaacaaaggt ggaaagactt ttttcaatat     20520
     tccctttgtt ccttttaatt ttttttaacc actcaaagct actgtttttg acaacaaacg     20580
     cctcctaaat tagaagtgca agcttttact cctaacccta agagccagag gagactgatc     20640
     tctgtaagct caaggcccag aatgagctac atggcaagtc ctagactagc caaggattgt     20700
     ctcaaaatca aacaaaacct caatatgaac atctttaatt taaaactcat gaggccagtg     20760
     agatggctca gcgggtcaag aaaggcctga tacctgtgtt caatacatgg aacccacatg     20820
     ttggaagaga actgactctc aggctgtgtg tcctatgacc accccacaag ctatgacact     20880
     ctcatgtact cccaggcatg gaatataagt acaaatgtaa atggaaggca tagtattagt     20940
     caattacata tattatacaa atattataga cctctcattc tgaaaagatc taactgtgtg     21000
     tgtgtgtctg tgtatacatg catacatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tttctgagac agattctccc     21060
     tatatagctt ttgtgtggca gtttcctcaa aatataacct ctctgaatga gaagcttaag     21120
     atattggata ttcctacaga gaaatctgca aagctcagcc aacaactcaa aggcttcagg     21180
     aagtcccgga aactgaccag ataaatgaaa tcttcccacc ccacgcagta aagactactg     21240
     aaagacactc tccagcctgc cgaattgctt ctatgtttaa agaatgttag gttcccagct     21300
     ttcatgagcc attgtccatg ctgggtaggc tttgatgata cagctgtctt tgagataatt     21360
     tatgatctta taagtaaccc ttctctcata ttgatgataa ttaaaactca ctgcttcact     21420
     ggatagtggt ggcacatgcc tttaatccca gtaatcagga ggcagaggca ggtcaatcct     21480
     aagagctcaa tgctagccta gtcctagcaa gagccaggac aaccagagcc agacagaaaa     21540
     accctgccat aaaactaaaa aataaaaaaa ccctaaaagg tccaagttgg actttggtgg     21600
     tatctttcct ggtgatctgt caccagtccc ctctctgggg tgagtagatt tattcatctc     21660
     tctccaagaa tgatgctaca cctcagtagt aaagactcag cttctcaggc gccgagctta     21720
     gacgcatgag ctaccacgcc cagccggggc ttctcttcct tttagaacac atggttgtgg     21780
     gttttttatg tagccccgac tgtttttgtt ttggtttggt ttggtttttt tttttttcgg     21840
     tttttcaaga cacggtttct gtgtagccct ggctgtcctg gaacttactc tgtagaccag     21900
     gctggcctcg aactcagaaa tccacctgcc tctgcctccc aagtgcttaa aggcatgcgc     21960
     cacccctgcc cggctaagtg gttctatttt taagaagcaa tcaaatgtac agaagctcca     22020
     tttgcaggtt ggcggtagga gggtgttcag tggataaagt actcacccac caagtgtgac     22080
     gaatggagtt tggatcctta aaacccatat aaaagctagg taggcttagc agccagcact     22140
     caaaaagcat agacaaggga tttcagaagc aagctgacta gacaaaatca acaagaaacc     22200
     ttgcattact acataaagtg aagcacaact aaagaacaca acacacgccc atataagaca     22260
     cacatgcaca ccaaacacat gcacaccaaa cacatgcaca ccaaacacat gcacaaagca     22320
     caggccagaa cagaaagaaa aggaaaatca aagaagcctt agatttcact ttcagtgtgt     22380
     ccaaggctgg gctaagtcag tggtgggcac ctgcggtgca cagcaacagg aagcatacac     22440
     taaacagaac gataagatgc tcactctctc gttggggtgg gagccaagga tttctcaggt     22500
     ttcttttctt gttccactga agaactgtta agtacaaata aaagcatact ttttaacaaa     22560
     ttaatatttt agcaattttc tttatagcca gaaaaaaatt ctcttagcct ccatttttca     22620
     tacaatatac tacagcactt cattaggaat gttcaacaat cttttttttt tttttcagtc     22680
     atgcctagcc agtgagaatt agatccgtga aggctgagaa cggattgatt cccagcacac     22740
     accagccaaa aacaaacaat aggaagaatt ttttagttaa aaactcatca agaaccaata     22800
     acctgctggg ccctaaataa gaaatacttt tcccccacta actccttagt gaagagagat     22860
     tggcagcctt gggaaatgaa gcaagctagg tggctcatct ccagaccttc ttcaacatgg     22920
     ccaaagacct ggcgaatgca aaagaggcct atcctgaaga ctatgctaag gccacctacg     22980
     acaccaccaa aaacagattt atgatgtctg ccttccacct caggctaaca ttaaagaatt     23040
     aaagctttgt tcatgaagca cttgtgatcc aaactacacc attaccaatg aaatagggca     23100
     taaaaactat attcctttat atcacattat aacacataag aaatagaaat tacactactg     23160
     cccaataact aaaacaagaa gcctctttag ctctaggaga taaagaggga caccattatc     23220
     atcctagaga gcagttactt gcataggctt agacccaaat gtatccatac ttattttgtt     23280
     agaaacttta tctttaagag ataatacaaa tgttataaat tattcaacaa gcttctgaac     23340
     atgaaactgt actctaaaag tggcatgtca ttacataccc aatgaaacaa agcataaatg     23400
     aattttactt acgtcattgg attgttatct ggaaggtaat atatgaagtc tctcatagtc     23460
     atttttgaac gatctggtgg cctctggctt tcatttgtag aaaatttgtt tttccattgt     23520
     ttctatatac agagatttta taaacagatt aacttcagat gcactaaact caaatataca     23580
     actgaactat cagaaggctg gactatagga aggctgggtc aggaggatgg cttggattgt     23640
     acatagcaag gctgggtcag gaggatggct tggattgtac atagcaaggc tgggtcagga     23700
     ggatggcttg gattgtacat agcaaggctg gtcaggagga tggcttggat tgtacatagg     23760
     aaggctgggt caggaggatg gcttggattg tatatagcaa ggctgggtca ggatggcttg     23820
     aactgtacat agcaaggctg ggtcaggagg atggactgga ctacagttca ctcacttacc     23880
     ttctcctttc tcagttcctc tttcaacatc tccctcagtt ttcgggcctt atagattcgg     23940
     tatctgtctg aacacggctg cttctcttgt agctggagta gggtttggct gtggtgcatc     24000
     gtgatcaact gtagataagg ggcgactctg tgagggggca ctgcagaagg ctgaacaaga     24060
     ctggatgtgc ttgacactcg ctttcttctc tgtgaagaag cagaggacaa tgtgctggac     24120
     tctgcagcat tatttttgtc accagtcttt tcatcactat tggaattaaa aagaaaagag     24180
     acatcatgac tcatctcttt tatatattag ttttaagata gcaaggtctc actgaacaaa     24240
     aagaaaaaca aacataagaa acagtaactt ttcagagtta tgttgattat aacagagttg     24300
     caataaacat ttctttaaaa ccttctcagc tttaaatgat agctcatact tccattccta     24360
     gcactggggc taagggagac cgactgccat gagtaactac aaccagcttg agctacctac     24420
     taggtaagac tgtctcaaaa caaacgaaca gagactagag agctggttct gggcttaggt     24480
     gcacgtctac ttttcagact tcccagctct gacatcaggt ggctcacaaa cacctgtaac     24540
     tctgactcca aagatctgac actttctggc tcctgcacac atgtggtatt cacaaacaca     24600
     catgaatcct gtttttaaaa gaggtaaaca aattatcaat acagtatatg taaattctaa     24660
     ggaaaattgt tattcttttt caaacttagt tcctaagcac aatagaaaac attaacaata     24720
     tgctgaattc tttgaagtac caaaaaaaac caaaaacccc ccaaacacaa aattaagtca     24780
     cagaacaaag cttagtaagc caatttttaa taactagata gaaaattgga ttttgttttg     24840
     ctaagtgtct gtaacctcaa tactcagaag tggaggcaga aggattggaa gttcaagact     24900
     gtcctcagca acacagtgag tctgaagcta acttaagcta catgagaccc tagctcaaac     24960
     aaacaaagca tctaatcact ttaaatcaaa tattggctat agtacagatt agatataaat     25020
     cgctcagaaa tggagctgga gtcatgaact caaggttaag agcactggct gctctaccat     25080
     aaaacttggg ttcaatttcc agtacccaga tagccgctca caactgtcta taactctagt     25140
     tccaggagat ccaaagtctt ctagttacca tgggcaccag gcatatggtg cactgacaca     25200
     cacaaaggca aaacacccat atacataaaa catttagaaa gtgtaagaaa aagcccagca     25260
     cggtgacgca ctcctctagt cacagcactg gggaggcaga tacaggactg agcccagctg     25320
     ctctacaaag agagttccag agccaccaaa gttacacagt gaaaccctgt ctcaaaatag     25380
     aaaaggaaac aaacagacaa gaaaaggaaa agaaagagaa caggaatata gctgactaga     25440
     gttaacattt atttctaata atgcactata ttgtggtagg ataacttggt tgacaacatt     25500
     ttttaacaca agagagttat taaaaagatc taggggctgg caagatggct cagtggttaa     25560
     gagcactgac tgctcatccg aaagtcctga gttcaaatcc cagcaaccac gtggtggctc     25620
     acgacaaccc gtaatgagat ctgactcctt cttctggtgc atttaaagtc agctacaatg     25680
     tacttatgta taataaatca ctgggcagtg gtggcgcacg cctttaatcc cagcactcgg     25740
     gaggcagagg cagggggatt tctgagtttg aggccagcct ggtctacaga gtgagttcca     25800
     agacagccaa ggctacacag agaaacccta tcttgaaaaa ccaaaaatca atcaatcaat     25860
     caatctttgg gccagaacaa gcggggactg agagagcggg gttgaccaga gcaagagggg     25920
     ccaagtgggg tccagagcaa gcagagcaat tcccaacaac cacatgaagg ctcacaacca     25980
     tctgtacagc tacagtgtgc tcacacatgt aaagcaaata aataaatctt tattttaaaa     26040
     aagtctagaa tgagctggag agatgactca gtggttaaga gcactgttct tccagaggtc     26100
     ctgagttcaa ttcccagcaa ccacatggtg gctcacaggc atctgtaatg agatctgatg     26160
     ccctcttctg gagtgtctga agacagcaac agtgtactca tatacataaa atttaaaaaa     26220
     aaaaaaaacc ttaacaaaat atataataat aatgatctaa aatgctcttt acacaaagaa     26280
     ataataaact tttaaagtga taccattaac atgacacatt gtaaatacat attgaaataa     26340
     cacattgtac acattgtact ccataacatg tacaattact ttgtattagt tgaaatttaa     26400
     aatgttaaaa aggaagtata ggggctggag agatgattca gtggttaaga gcaaggctgt     26460
     tcttccagag gggcccaggt tcaattccta aaaccagcag agcagctgtt tgtaattcca     26520
     gttccagggt aaccaatacc ctcacacaga cataaatatg ggaaaaacac caatgcacat     26580
     aaaataacaa caataataga taattttaaa aggaaacaga atgaataatt taagtgtact     26640
     tttatcatat tttattagtt ccatataaaa acagaagctg ctttaacata taacattatc     26700
     tcttttaaac tctctcctta aagctgaaga tagataaaac tcaggctgac atgctcgagg     26760
     ccctgaggtt cggtccctag aactctagtg tagctcttag aatgtaacac atcaatcact     26820
     ggcatcttat atgttaaatg tatactccgt tggtttctac aactagcaaa acgaatgaat     26880
     gctctcatca aataaggaac aaggaccagg gatgtagtta agctggcaca gagcctgaat     26940
     ggcacgcaga gccctggctt tcatactcag cactacatac accaggcatg atggcacata     27000
     tctgtaatct cagcattcag aaggtaaagc aggtggatga gaaacttaaa ggtgtctttt     27060
     catgcatgga gagttctagg tcaacctgag ctagatgaaa ctctacctta aaaacaacaa     27120
     caaaaaactt ggtgggcctg gtggctcatg cttttaatgc cagcactcag gaggtaagag     27180
     acttccagca agtcaaagct acatagttaa atcttgtccc ccccaaacag acaaactata     27240
     tgtgtgtatg tatatacaca ttcacacata tagtttatat gcatagtata tgatgtactc     27300
     taattgtcaa ctaaaatatt ctcaagcatg tctcaggact atggcctatg ggaatttata     27360
     aaatatcaat cattatgcct tcctatatag ttaacaaaat tttccaaatt tggagcagtg     27420
     accaatactg gtatttctat tctaagcaga aaattttcaa acagatccaa gtttaaaaaa     27480
     aaaaatgttg aaatcatggt gcataattgg aatgccaaaa taacacacag cacaaactct     27540
     gattaacaga agaaatgctg ttactatgca aacataaatt gtaccatctc cctgtcactt     27600
     aatgtgatta cttactggct ttttcctctg tatattataa aacactacag tcaccatatt     27660
     aacccgtcac atatttaatt tgtaccatca cctttctcca ctgttttgtt ttttgagacg     27720
     ggttctcact atggggctga ctgtcctaaa gcagggtggc ctctgcctcc ctattgctag     27780
     gactaaagtt gtgacaccat actcggtctc atcacctttt tttgaaagta atcaaatttt     27840
     tttttttagt aaatttgggg gaactattct accatgtggc atgtaaggca gtttatgtaa     27900
     tcctatctga tctcacaata ttgtcctaaa ggaggtacta acttgacacc aggaacaaat     27960
     tttctctgag aacaacctac ttaaacttgc taagctaagt aggagcgtcc taaattcaaa     28020
     tgtggtattt gtcactaaag ccaggcgtct tgattcagga aacgtagtta caataaagaa     28080
     gtatgcactc gaaccaaaat aagtaaccta agcctcttcc ctttgactca ggggcagggc     28140
     gtttacctaa cactccatga ggccttgggt tcaaccgcat caccgcgtgg agggaggaaa     28200
     aaaaatcagc actggtgctc tcctttcaaa aataaatatc cacaaaatga aaatcccaaa     28260
     gtgctttcag tgtaaagtac tccaggacaa ttaattaaat ttccaagtga tggtgcgtct     28320
     acattcttga cttcaaaatc cttaagcctg gattcccatc tctgtaagat aaggcaagac     28380
     actgtctcct cgggaatctt aagatcgtga cagagtcata gtagtcgcac cctcagatca     28440
     cggaataaaa ctacaactag aagtggtttc atccagctca aatcaaaagc ttgttgcagg     28500
     agaggtgctc cgtggtaaaa atccaacagc tcagcttgat agaagacctt acctgctccc     28560
     gggagcctgt tcctggggtt ctgctccccc ggaatccact gcaggcacat ctgtgggctc     28620
     cgctggcttc ggagctgact cggtggcagg ctccggaggc ctgggagcct ctggtccacg     28680
     ctggggattg ggagcggcgg agcccctggt ccctacacca ggcctgacat ttggcttcac     28740
     gctaaggcgt gccctgcgga acatggcgga gccagggggc cgagagcggc ggctccgcgg     28800
     ccgcgctcag cccagagccc cggccgctgc ccgcaggctg acactctcac cctcccacac     28860
     gtccacaacc accagtccag cgctggctac cgcagttttg cgccccctcc gcctcctccg     28920
     ctctcccgcc accgcctcct cttcatgacc ctgccacact aaaagctaag tttctcctcc     28980
     ccgcgtcccg gctcgcgaaa ggcgccggaa gcaatgcgta atcattcggc gccgacgatg     29040
     acgtcagacc ccgggcgccg ggagccatag caactgcaac gctctgtagc ttcggttacc     29100
     tgtaaaccag agattttttt tttttttttt ttttttgatt cgaagacaga tattctttcc     29160
     tttgtaagac cttgggagtt gttgaaaaga gagagcggaa gcagctgaat cctccaggtc     29220
     aaactttttt tttttttttt ttgggggggg ggccgtttcg agacagggtt tctctgtgta     29280
     gccctggctg tcctggaact cactctgtcg accaggctgg cctcgaactc agaaatctgc     29340
     ctacctctgc ctcccaagtg ctgggattaa aagcgtgcgc cacccctgcc tgcccggctc     29400
     aaacttttaa tttctcgcca gtggtgctag ggtttgaacc caggatccct cacaaaccct     29460
     gcattctcgg catgcacact gccatggaac gtccatcccc aacctactta actgaatctt     29520
     ttatgaacta ttaaggagtt ttcgagaaga gtcaaagtgt gcaagaatgc agagcatggt     29580
     ggtgcgtgcc tgcaatccca gcactggaga aaccgaaata aagaggtcac aagttccgag     29640
     ccctggacta tctgacaaga cttacctcaa aattacaata agataaaata gtatgagagt     29700
     agtgccttag caccagtgca tccccagagc atagaacctg tttgttttag ggtttttgag     29760
     acagggcctc ttatagctaa ggctgccctt caactcttga tcctcctgcc tgcacgggct     29820
     caatgttgag attacaggta tgtataggct accataccct gctaggaaaa aaaaaagttt     29880
     taactatgag tatggagaga gcgagtttgc gggagactga aaagttacag gtagttatca     29940
     gactcctgat gctggtgctg ggaaccaaaa ctaggaccta ctggaagagc aggaaatgga     30000
     tctactgagc catctgtcca acccccaacc tccgccaaga aatttttaat tgagtaaaaa     30060
     aaaaggttga aattctgtgt gaggaaatcg caaagagaag ccatgaaaca cttcacagga     30120
     catccactat atgggctttt gtacacttta aaataaaaac tgtcaaaaat gattatactc     30180
     cacattttgc acacgaatgt tgcaaaattt attgcttcca gagatatcaa cggagcaata     30240
     aataagacat tgtatgttac agaggagaaa atacaaaata aatgaacaag atcaacaaga     30300
     atatattaaa tatgatgaga tttcaagggt gatggaagag tctgcggtac tggcagtagg     30360
     gcaacttgac aaggaaaata ggtatcagat tgcaaaccag cctctgctac atgaaacctt     30420
     ttcagaagag agagagagag agagagagag aacaaacaca ggaaacctga agaaggtggg     30480
     agtgcagttt agtactgagc atcaaataga tgtagatgct cacgacatct caaaatgcca     30540
     ggagtaataa tagcacatgc ttgtaatttc atcactccag aggccaaggc tgagacaggg     30600
     gaactacatg agtttgaaaa cagcctgttc taaatagcta gttccaagcc agctaaagtt     30660
     acagatcaag acttcattaa taaataagta tttgagaaat aataccatgc taaagatacc     30720
     tcaaagaatc ttgtagtcac tgctgggaca tacagctttc tacagcaagc tcttatgcaa     30780
     ggccttttca taatcctgtg ttctacctaa aaatccaaga tgtcacaact ttgtagataa     30840
     ggaaatcaaa atgattaaga tttaattccc tactcgtaaa ggcataaagc aaaaaattta     30900
     ttttatgaac attttattgt gttttataga tgtatttatt tttatatgta tgagtaagtt     30960
     tacatgcatg catgtgcacc atgcacgtgc ctggcagtgg gggccttagg acgatgagaa     31020
     gacagcatca gattcccctg tactgatgtt atagatggtt gtgagccact ctgtaggtgc     31080
     tgaataacaa ttgctcctta ctgctgagtc atctctccag ctcttgcaac aaagtaactt     31140
     ttacttttac ttaaatacat cacaagacag gtgttacaca agtttgtgaa gtaagttgtt     31200
     agtgtcacca gtaattttaa aattctacaa tttggaggct ggtgacatgg ttcagcagtt     31260
     aagcacttgc attccatcat gaggaccaga atttgcatcc cagtgaccat ggcagctagt     31320
     tcacaaatgc ctctcagtcc agctccaggg gagccaacac acacacacac acacacacac     31380
     acactaaaaa aaaaaaaaac ccaagcaaac aatagtctag ttttctccag cgtttgccat     31440
     gtccttcagg atctctgaag acagagtcaa gatctcatta agcagccttg gctgtcctgg     31500
     aactctgctt ggtgtgtaga ctaggaattc accaagacct atctgcctct tcctctgaaa     31560
     tgaaaggcac actcctggtc ctctggcaga aactctcaat gtactctgtg tgcatggtgt     31620
     acatccttgt aacttgagaa ctcagaaaac ataatttcag atatacattc agtcaaaaca     31680
     cctatacata taaaatagat tttatacata tattttttta ttttcaattg aagattatat     31740
     tatcttatac ccaatgttcc caaaatttga ctagaaaaaa tatagaaatt ttcagtaatt     31800
     tcagcaaagt gttatgatac ataattgact tacaaagttt accagtctta atacatatga     31860
     gtaacaagca tgctgagaaa gagatcatgg cacgctcctc ttcccagtct ctcaaataaa     31920
     ataaaatatt tagaatatac ataacaaaag agttttaaaa aaaaccctct acaatgaaaa     31980
     ctttaaatgt gtgaagaaag agtttaagaa acatactcga atttgaagac ctcccaagtg     32040
     tataccttgg tagaattaat attttgaaaa aaagaccttt ctaccaaaac aacttacaga     32100
     ttcaatgaaa tcacaatcaa catcctcatc acattcttca cataagtagg aagaaaattc     32160
     tctatttgat atggaacaac aaaagaccca gaatagccaa ttagtcatag ataagtgttt     32220
     gtttctatgc gttctgcccg ttttaagtgc taagtgcatc tgtctatgac cccaactttt     32280
     atacatccgt ttccattagg actgcacttt cagtccagac attccgtctc ttgatgcttt     32340
     ttctctaaac taggtcacgt taacacggac agttggagta caccgtagca tcatctatac     32400
     ttttgtatgt tttaaaaata ttccacaata aaactcttaa aaatacccag gcaaattcgg     32460
     tgtccagact atctcagttt gtaatagtgg acaggcaaga aagtaagtct cagctcaaga     32520
     aatgcaaccc agggaggggg tgggactcag ggtgtccctc aagataggca agcatcccct     32580
     acccccatga gccacacccc tcagccctat gcaagcattc tgacttgttt cagctcttat     32640
     gtagattata aagttattct gggcgacttt ggctcccgtt caaccacaga gcctgagctt     32700
     agagctaaag ttctgtccat ccggagggca ccggaagaaa ggtgcaatga gcaggcttgg     32760
     agcccgcgcg aaatccaccc ttctgtcctt gttaggtctt ttctgccaga tgaggaacgt     32820
     aaagcccacc ttcagggtaa ggctgctaag taaggaggcg agtgcgcgcg cggacgcctc     32880
     gctgacaagg gacgcgcggg gcggtggggc gtggggaccg cgcacgcgca gtggctcacc     32940
     ggccacgccg cggctgttgt gggtcggtgg gcggggcggc tggctggccg agcgaggcgt     33000
     cgccacatcg agggcccttg tggggctcag ccttcttcag cgcccggcgg caacggctga     33060
     gcgtgcaaag ccgccgtttg cttctccagg tcgctgtctt ccagtctccg gccggtggac     33120
     agcatggccc gtgagtctgc gggcggttgg aaagacgcgg aggctcgggg agggacggcg     33180
     ccgagcggcc gggggaggag cgggagctgg ctgggaggag gaagagacgc aaacgccacc     33240
     tcgtgcttgt ggcgggcggg acgcgggctc caggtgggac aggtgcccgc ctcctaggtg     33300
     cgggtgtgcg tgaggaccgc gcccaccggg agcgtgggcg gctgcccagc gggaccagtc     33360
     cgccgagacg tagcgggcgc ctgaggtctg gaagcccagg gtgccctcca gctcttttgt     33420
     cctcgaaggt acctttcctt gagctcagcc tctgctggct ttaacagcca aactggatct     33480
     tcacacacct atcaaagcca gaacttattt ttgagtgagg cctgtgtaca caaccactgg     33540
     gatggagatg gagatatata taatttaatt tttgttttgg ttttcgagaa gggttttgtt     33600
     gtatacccct ggctgtcctg gaactcagtc tgtaaaccag actgacctca aatctcaaat     33660
     tcagagatct tgcctgcttc tgcctcccga gtgctgggcg caaaggcggc gttacttgac     33720
     acctatgctg ttgtggtaat atacttaact tctcgagtgt ttcttcctaa gctaccccct     33780
     ggtcaatctg ggaataacta aagatactct gctttcttgc tgataaaaat aaaactttaa     33840
     ggctcctata acgaaggact ctttactatt aagtattcat attgttgagg gtgggaaaaa     33900
     agcatgcctg tttatcattg taggtggaaa tcaaagagaa attgcccgac agaaaaacat     33960
     gaaaaagacc caggaaatta gcaaagggaa aagaaaagag gacagcttga ctgcctctca     34020
     gagaaagcag aggtgagtag tgctaataga atgtttaagt cagtggccgt ttgactgcgg     34080
     tattttcaga atgagtgaag aacgtgttta aacccttcct ggaactgagc cttgcctaca     34140
     gttcagggtt aacactgtgt gtctgtgtaa gaacactgaa accatgcatt gtagttattg     34200
     tcctatccta tggctgaaga atgccacgcc ctgaaactat catgtctgca gaaacactct     34260
     tacagcaact acaaactgtg agaactttat tgtagaaagt aacaaacatc ctctatatgt     34320
     aaacactgtt gcatgaatgg gatacaatgt ttccaaaact gacagcttgg cccaagcctc     34380
     ttaatgaaag agatgagtgt caaaaatcaa ttatgggctt caggagtcca ttggggatgg     34440
     agaaagtgtt tggacaccag attcttagaa gatgttatgc tactcaggcc agcacaggct     34500
     aaagagacct acagacaaga ccttgtcttt aaaaagtagg gacgtagctc agcaatagag     34560
     aacacttgcc taacatctgt agcacttcag atcatttcct atggcaagta actgccacag     34620
     acacacttta atgccctggg caatgctaat aagttgtcat cctaggactc ggggcagatg     34680
     caagagaatc aggagtttga ggccagcctg cactacgtga caagatactg tctcaaagaa     34740
     agataatcgc tttgactttt tttttttttt tttttggttt ttttttttcg agacagggtt     34800
     tctctgtata gccctggaac tcactctgta gaccagactg gccttgaact cagaaatcca     34860
     cctgcctctg cctctgcctc tgcctcccaa gtgctgggat cttaaaggtg tgtgtgccac     34920
     cagcgcctgg catgctttaa cttttttttt taaattcatt ttgcctgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     34980
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagaggagag agagatgaag     35040
     agagagagaa agagaaagaa agagactgag actgtgtatc tgtgtgtttt cttggcccaa     35100
     gcaaaatctt aaaactctta aatgcggttg cagattatca tgttccaaag gggaacagag     35160
     agcttggagg cagagttcag ggttacatta catgctttgc acactggagc tgccagttca     35220
     atccccagga ccacgcatac acaacagaaa tgtagttcca agttataagt tctatcatga     35280
     catagaataa gaaacctggg aggctgggca tatgcatctc accctcttta caagccccat     35340
     gaggccaagc aggctggaga tgtgtcttag tgtcatgtac ctcacacgcc tgggctcttg     35400
     tctttactcc cctgtgctgg aaaaggttcg agttatcctc aagtttacaa tatacttcac     35460
     gttctgggaa tttaacctag gaccttttaa ccctatcact gaatcacaca tgttctaacg     35520
     tgagattcca ttgttcatac agaacttgga gcttagggat gcttcaatgt agcttagcac     35580
     tggtctcagt cctttacgtg ggcatcacct tggactctga tgactactaa agccagcact     35640
     caattgtttt cagatgagac ttgtcattga agagaagaat acgttaactg cagagagatc     35700
     agaagtccaa ggtcatcctc agttcatatc aagttcaagt ttaaggacaa ccgatttagt     35760
     gagaccttct gtgcttatgg gcgcgtgcta gggctggaag tgaaacttgc catctggtcg     35820
     agcctttgcc taacatatat aaggctccga acttggccct gctctttctc tcctccccta     35880
     caaagcacac gaaataaatc gtaactctcc gtgtatgtta gaccacagtg gagtcctctt     35940
     aatcaatgag atcaagtcct taatgtagga ggtatgcagg tccttgtgct cacagataag     36000
     cactggggaa acgggaatgt taaacacagg gtgtctcgtc gaaggaagag atgtataaat     36060
     cattttccac tcagaggctg tgaatggact gctgaccttt gtgctgtatg tgtggcccgg     36120
     acacagtggc tcccccgccc ccacttatct tgagcttgtt tgtctcagta acattgtagc     36180
     tttatcctct agaccctttt catgagctgg ttcaccttga gccagtttca gtggttaatc     36240
     tatataacct atctttatgg aaaatgccat ttgtactttc ctaaaagggt ttgttttttt     36300
     gtttttttga gacagggttt ctctgtgtag ccctggctgt cctggaactc attttgtaga     36360
     ccaggctggc ctcgaactca gaaatctgcc tgcctctgcc tcccaagtgc tgggattaaa     36420
     ggtgtgcgcc accaccgccc ggctgctaag agttttaatg tagacagctc ttaagctttg     36480
     ttgtgtacat gggactgagt taattatcac caggaaactt ttttccagat ggtgctgact     36540
     taaatatgcc tagatttacc cagttgtaaa ttctcaaagt ttgaactgac actggccttt     36600
     ttatctcaca cagttgttaa ctttgctcgc cttggtagtc acagaaacct ccacacctta     36660
     agtatcactt tcttttcctt tatttattta tttatttatt tatttccagg cagggtttct     36720
     ctgtatagcc cagactgtcc tggaactcac tctgtagacc aggctggcct cgaacttaga     36780
     aatccgcctg cctctgcctc ccaagtgctg ggattaaagg cgtgtgccac cacgcccggc     36840
     tttcctttcc tttatgatag tcattgtgtt tatatgtatg tgtgtgcgtg tgcgtgtgtg     36900
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgcatgcatg catgaatgcg tgcttcaagt aattataagt     36960
     gtacacacgt gtgtgtgagg gaatgtagag gccagaggtt ggtagcaagt gtcttttccc     37020
     ccatcactct ccaccttgta tttttgacag catctctcac taaataagaa gctcatccct     37080
     ctggctagat tggcagactg atctacctgt ctaagccccg cccttccagc actgaggtta     37140
     gatgcagacc accgtgccct gctttttatg tgaattttgt ggaggttcta aactgagagc     37200
     ctggtgcttg cacagcagga actttaataa ctaagacacc tccacagccc cagtgacttt     37260
     actaatacag caaggagctt gccttcagtt tctgttagct cagtgatcct gaaatgagtc     37320
     agacacagtt ctaaatgcag cacctgcctt gaccccacct atctaggtag gaccctgagc     37380
     agccaagccc cactcctcca gtcacctaca ctgcagtggc tgaggcctag aattggtaca     37440
     taggctgctg gttgcagttc aggcccatgc cctgagccag ccacacaggg gcttggagct     37500
     ggactcatgc aagttttcca atagaaaaaa ggtcactcgt aggagacaaa ggaaaacacc     37560
     cagcttggaa acacaaaagc cgctgttttt tggtttgttt gtttgtttgt ttgtttttct     37620
     acagtacgcc cctcatatga ataaaagaac cagaaactac tgcagtgtcc tgaacggaac     37680
     agcagaggga gacaaagaca tggaaaactc caaataatag ggttggaagt tgaaattttg     37740
     gaaagaaata gacacataaa gatgataaaa acaataaaga ctttttggac atgaagtaac     37800
     actattttga acagttgaaa atagttacta cctagaattg gtagtgatct tagcctcccc     37860
     tgtattggaa ccactgggtg aaccaccaca ctcgcctgag gatgctgaat gcgtacctat     37920
     atagtgtatg taaaaatatg gagtcataca cctgtggatg agtccctgga tttgatgtct     37980
     agtgtcatta aatactatgt tttctgtttt gagggtttgt tttttttttt ttttaaagaa     38040
     gaggatgtat gtataagcat tcatctgtcc caggttagcc tggaacttcc tgtgtataga     38100
     gtcagacctg aaacttctga ccctcctgtt tctccctccc gagagcctgg gttatgggac     38160
     tgcaccacct cattcagcaa ccactaaata ttaaaaaaac attaaaaagt atatgtgtaa     38220
     gtatgggtcc cactaactca tggatcatct agctctggtg gtagttcata cttacatgac     38280
     acatgaagat tcaaccaggg agacaaaagg gttaaaaaat ttcttcaaat accacatatt     38340
     ttaagcattg actatttgat ttgaggcttt taaaaactgg atagttataa ttccagcact     38400
     caggaaatgg aggcaagagg atcaagagct ccaagtcttc tgggctgtgt gtcagcttaa     38460
     agaccatccc tggctacaag ccttgtaaca ttgatattgt agtcctaggt gtgtaggaaa     38520
     cttcctacat gcacagaggc aatggcaggt ggattcctct gagttgaatg ccagcatggt     38580
     ctgcatggtg agtgcaaggg cagccagggc tacacagtga gactctcgtt tcaccaaatg     38640
     aaagaacttt gagattattt tcccagggct gtcataacaa tagcatgatt caaaggtctg     38700
     acttgaatgc ttttccagtc tttgcttttc tgtttgtcta catccataaa aatggaaaag     38760
     catgggtgtg tatgtcttct gtgaatgtac caagagggtt atagatagga aacaacaaga     38820
     gcattgagtc agttttcttg tgaaaacttg ataccttttc tttatttcag ggattcagag     38880
     atcatgcaac aaaagcagaa gatagccaat gagaagaaat ctatgcagac aacagaaaaa     38940
     tgatgactgg ctttttggaa aacctgggtg ctattgccag tgggtgcatc atacgctcta     39000
     agattaaaat ttcacagtga ctaatcatta tatgtgttat aacttgtcct tataaaacta     39060
     ttttaaactt tactcttcag cctatcttaa tgtgatgttt taagaccatc aaaaaataaa     39120
     gtactgacct tgcatgtaac attattggtg aatattattt ttattaaaag agaacatgaa     39180
     tgtaatttat taaataggta atataatact tacatttgca ttgctaggac catggtacct     39240
     cacaaggatc agctgaggag gaacaaattg tctcatggtt ttggaggatt tcactccttc     39300
     atagaaagga gaacagaaca gagaggctcg gttcatggtg gtaggagcac accctactct     39360
     tcacatcgaa tcagaaattc atgcctggac aggaacctgg ttaacagtca aagtcctgtc     39420
     cccaatggcc tacttcttcc agtgagcccc atctcctaaa ggtcctatag cctcccaaaa     39480
     caaggccacc agctgaggaa caagcactcg aactatgaac tctgcgagat actggagatg     39540
     taagcaacaa tgagtagtgc gattcaggac tagaatctct catgtgaatc tagaattttg     39600
     gtatatagac ttcgttaagt agtttaattt tgtgtttttg tttttgtttt ctgaaacaat     39660
     ctctttctgt agcccaggct agccttaaac acctaacaat cctcctgcct tgggatgtga     39720
     gttctaagat cataagtgta gccacagtgc tagccttaaa gatctttaac tttctgtttg     39780
     ttatacattt tcttaaactt aggggagtca tcgctcacct tccaccacgt ggctcccagg     39840
     aattgaactc agagcatggt ggcaagtgcc tctgtcaact aagctacctc actgcccacc     39900
     cttaactgtg cacgtgcgtg catgtgtggt gatggcccca gtggaggtca aagggtacac     39960
     gtgaggagtc aagggttcca tgtgaggagt tagttcttac cctctgcctc gtgccgtgtt     40020
     cctgctgctg ctccattgtc ctcccggcag ttctatgtcc acctcccact gcagcacgaa     40080
     agctcagagc acaggtgcgt ggcaccacat caacttctta acgtggcttc tggaagctga     40140
     gctcggatcg tcaagctcct gttttcctct ttaccagctg agcccttatc tccagttttc     40200
     tctgataagg ttggggtata tagcaacttt acattgcttg ccctagttca gtttccaaca     40260
     ccacacacag aagttccatt tatatataag tgttggtttg taaccagctg cttcactcca     40320
     agaatttaca ctagaacaaa ccaggaagat caactaaatg ggtaggcact aaatgaggaa     40380
     tcagcaagag tagaattgaa ctgagaaaat aaattaaata ataatttaaa acaaccgagc     40440
     caggtatagt gtcttacaca tgtaatctca gactcgggag gcctcagcag gatgactgac     40500
     atgagtttgg ggccagagag tgagacactg tttcaaacaa actggggcag gacaggtgac     40560
     tcagcagtta aaagcatgta ttgcacagga tctgagcaca gtttccagct cctggagttc     40620
     tgttcccagc acccatgtca ggcagctcaa actatctgtt aactccaact ccagggtgat     40680
     ctgacacttc cggcctctgt gggcacttgc attcatatgg aagtcagtct ggcttttctc     40740
     tacctgctct agctcccaaa taaggacatg gaagccctat atttattgaa aaacttgtag     40800
     cattatacct gggcagatgc tcatttattg taaccctatt ctaacctgtc tatggctgcc     40860
     tactacccag ccgtgcccca ttacttgcta tcttagtctc cacctggctg cacctcctcc     40920
     atcagtatcc tcatggtgac tccccatcaa actcctctgg tccccaccag agacacgatc     40980
     actgggatca gaaatcctgc ctcctcctct cctacccaac cattggctga ttggctcttt     41040
     attaaataat cggacgtgat ggaaaatttt tgcataacgt tgtaacagaa gatgcttgaa     41100
     aattccagta tctagattgc aaccagatgt ctgggcatgg taatgagcat ctgaatacac     41160
     agtgcacaaa accatccccc aacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     41220
     cacacacgac tgtggtggtt tgaatatgcc tgacccattt ggaggtgtgg ccttgttgaa     41280
     gttggtgtgt cactgtgagc ttaggcttta tgagcctcat cctagctccc tggaagccag     41340
     tcttctcctg tttgtcttca gaataagatg tagaactctc agctcatcct acatcatggc     41400
     tgcctggaca aagacatgct tctgtcttgg taatggactg aacctctgaa tttgtaagcc     41460
     agccccaatt atatgttatc tgtatgagag ttgctttctt catggtgtct gttcatagca     41520
     gtaaaatcct aaaacagaag ttggtaccag ggactggggt tgtcttagtt agggttttac     41580
     tgctgtgaac agacaccatg accggggcaa ctctcataag gccaacattt aatttggatt     41640
     ggcttacagg atcagaggtt cagtccatta tcaaggcagg agtccacacc cacagtgaca     41700
     tatctatttc aataaggcca cacctcctaa tagtgccact ccccaggcca agcatataca     41760
     aaccatcaca ttccactccc tggtccccaa aggccagttc aaatgcatga gtctatgggg     41820
     gccatgccta aacatagcaa aatttaaaag cacatttagt ccaacttcca aagtctccat     41880
     aatttatagc agtctcaaca gtgttaaaag tccaaggttc aaagtctctt ctgagattca     41940
     tccaatcact taacttaaat acccaaagca agacaggaaa ccattgggcc aactccaaac     42000
     tctgaatctc catatctgat gtcaaagccg tcttgagatc tccaactcct ttttcatctt     42060
     tgttgactgt ggtaaagttc tttttcctgg gctggttcca ctccctgtta gctggtttcc     42120
     tcagcaggta tcccatggct ctggcatctt gaatatcttg gggtctccac gtcaacttca     42180
     gcttcacagc ttcttgttcc attgtctggg atctacacgt gatcttctgg gctcctccaa     42240
     atggctggtg tcacttttcc agctttgccc tctgtaacac tctaggctct ggttgactcc     42300
     actccactgg acccccttat tctataacat tatcaccagc tttctgtttt ccaactcctt     42360
     cactgcctaa gctcagctga aataagctta tacatggtag cccatgccta agagccactg     42420
     aaaccaaact tggtagtaaa tgctcccaat cccaggaaaa gctgatgcaa taggatgata     42480
     acaaatttga ggctgggata cgtatcaaaa ccctgtctca agacaacaaa aaccactgaa     42540
     gaagcagaat gacaaacatc ttatattcta tgaaagccta aattgaaaaa ttatttaaaa     42600
     cttcatacag gttttaactt acacgttcat tttttaattt ttattttatt tttatttttt     42660
     ttccattttt attgggtatt tagctcattt acatttgtaa tgctatacca aaagtccccc     42720
     atacccaccc acccctactc ccctacccac ccacgctccc tttttggccc tggcattccc     42780
     ctgtactggg gcatataaag tttgcaaatc caaagggcct ctctttccag tgatggccaa     42840
     ctaggccatc ttttgataca tatgcagcta gagtcaagag ctccggggta ctggttagtt     42900
     cataacattg ttccacctat agggttgcag atccctttag ctccttggct actttctcta     42960
     gctcctccat tgggagccct gtgatccatc cattagctga ctgtgagcat ccacttctgt     43020
     gtttgctagg ccccgggata atctcacaag agacagctac atctgggtcc tttcaataaa     43080
     atcttgctag tgtatgcaat ggtgtcagcg tttggatgct gattatgggg tggatccctg     43140
     gatatggcag tctctacatg gtccatcctt tcatctcagc tccaaacttt gtctctgtaa     43200
     ctccttccat gggtgttttg ttcccaattc taaggagggg catagtgtcc acacttcagt     43260
     cttcattctt cttgagtttc atgtgtttag caaattgtat cttatatctt gggtatccta     43320
     ggtttggggc taatatcccc ttatcagtga gtacatattg tgtgagttcc tttgtgaatg     43380
     tgttacctca ctcaggatga tgccctccag gtccatccat ttggctagga atttcataaa     43440
     ttcattcttt ttaatagctg agtagtactc cattgtgtag atgtaccaca ttttctgtat     43500
     ccattcctct gttgaggggc atctgggttc tttccagctt ctggctatta taaataagac     43560
     tgctatgaac atagtggagc atgtgtcctt cttaccagtt ggggcatctt ctggatatat     43620
     gcccaggaga ggtattgctg gatcctccag tagtactatg tccaattttc tgaggaaccg     43680
     ccagactgat ttccagagtg gttgtacaag cctgcaatcc caccaacaat ggaggagtgt     43740
     tcctctttct ccacatcctc gccagcatct gctgtcacct gaatttttga tcttagccat     43800
     tttgactggt gtgaggtgga atctcagggt tgttttgatt tgcatttccc tgatgattaa     43860
     ggatgttgaa cattttttca ggtgcttctc tgccattcgg tattcctcag gtgagaattc     43920
     tttgttcagt tctgagcccc attttttaat ggggttattt gattttctga agtccacctt     43980
     cttgagttct ttatatatgt tggatattag tcccctatct gatttaggat aggtaaaaat     44040
     cctttcccaa tctgttggtg gtctttttgt cttattgatg gtgtcttttg ccttgcagaa     44100
     actttggagt ttcattaggt cccatttgtc aattctcaat cttacagcac aagccattgc     44160
     tgttctgttc aggaattttt cccctgtgcc catatcttca aggcttttcc ccactttctc     44220
     ctttataagt ttcagtgtct ctggttttat gtgaagttcc ttgatccact tagatttgac     44280
     cttagtacaa ggagataagt atggatcgat tcgcattctt ctacatgata accaccagtt     44340
     gtgccagcac caattgttga aaatgctgtc tttcttccac tggatggttt tagctccctt     44400
     gtcgaagatc aagtgaccat aggtgtgtgg gttcatttct gggtcttcaa ttctattcca     44460
     ttggtctact tgtctgtctc tataccagta ccatgcagtt tttatcataa ttgctctgta     44520
     gcaaaactgt aggtcaggca tggtgattcc accagaggtt cttttatcct tgagaagact     44580
     ttttgctatc ctaggttttt tgttattcca gatgaatttg caaattgctc cttctaattc     44640
     gttgaagaat tgagttggaa ttttgatggg gattgcattg aatctgtaga ttgcttttgg     44700
     caagatagcc atttttacaa tgttgatcct gccaatccat gagcatggga gatctttcca     44760
     tcttctgaga tcttctttaa tttctttctt cagagatttg aagtttttat catacagatc     44820
     tttcacctcc ttagttagag tcacgccaag atattttata ttatttgtga ctattgagaa     44880
     gggtgttgtt tccctaattt ctttctcagc ctgtttattc tttgtataga gaaaggccat     44940
     tgactcgttt gagtttattt tatatccagc tacttcaccg aagctgttta tcaggtttag     45000
     gagttctctg gtggaatttt tagggtcact tatatatact atcatatcat ctgcaaaaag     45060
     tgatattttg acttcctctt ttccaatttg tatccccttg atctcctttt gttgtcgaat     45120
     tgctctggct aatacttcaa gtactatgtt gaaaaggtag ggagaaagtg ggcagccttg     45180
     tctagtccct gattttagtg ggattgcttc cagcttctct ccatttactt tgatgttggc     45240
     tactggtttg ctgtagatta cttttatcat gttaaggtac gggccttgaa ttcctgatct     45300
     ttccaaaact tttatcatga atgggtgttg tcaaatcttg tcaaatgctt tttctgcatc     45360
     taacgagatc atcatgtggt ttttgtcttt gagtttgttt atataatgga ttacattgat     45420
     ggattttcgt atattaaatc atccctgcat ccctggaata aaacctactt ggtcaggatg     45480
     gatgattgct ttaatatgtt cttggattcg gttagcgaga attttattga ggatttttgc     45540
     atcaatattc ataagagaaa ttggtctgaa gttctctatc tttgttgggt ctttctgtgg     45600
     tttaggtatc agagtaatag tggcttcata aaatgagttg ggtagagtac cttctacttc     45660
     tattttgtga aatagtttgt gcagaactgg aattagatct tctttgaagg tctgatagaa     45720
     ctctgcacta aacccgtctg gtcctgggct ttttttggct gggagactat taataactgc     45780
     ttctatttct ttaggtgata tgggactgtg tagatggtca acttgatcct gattcaactt     45840
     tggtacctgg tatctgtcca gaaatttgtc catttcgtcc aggttttcca gttttgttga     45900
     gtatagcctt ttgtagaagg atctgatggt gttttggatt tcttcaggat ctgttgttat     45960
     gtctcccttt tcatttctga ttttgttaat taggattttg tccctgtgcc ctttagtgag     46020
     tctagctaag ggtttatcta tcttgttgat tttctcaaag aaccaactcc tcatttggtt     46080
     aattctttga atagttcttc ttgtttccac ttggttgatt tcacccctga gtttgattat     46140
     ttcctgccat ctactcctct tgggtgaatt tgcttccttt ttttttctag agcttttaga     46200
     tgtgttgtca agctgctatt atgtgctctc tcccgtttct tcttggaggc actcagagct     46260
     atgagtttcc ctcttagaaa tgctttcatt gtgtcccata ggttttgggt acgttgtggc     46320
     ttcattttca ttaaactcta aaaagtcttt aatttctttc tttattcctt ccttgaccaa     46380
     ggtatcattg agaagagtgt tgttcagttt ccacgtgaat gttggctttc cattatttat     46440
     gttgttattg aagatcagtc ttaggccatg gtggtctgat aggatacatg ggacaatttc     46500
     aatatttttg tatctgttga ggcctgtttt gtgaccaatt atatggtcaa atttggagaa     46560
     ggtcccgtga agtgctgaaa aaaaagtata tccttttgtt ttaagataaa atgttctgta     46620
     aatatctgtc aggtccattc gtttcataac ttctgttagt ttcactgtgt ccctgtttag     46680
     tttctgtttc cacgatctgt ccattgatga aagtggtgtg ttgaagtctc ccacctttat     46740
     tgtgtcagat gcaacgtgtg ctttgagctt tactaaagtg tctttaatga atgtggctgc     46800
     ccttgcattt ggagcgtaga tattcagaat tgagagttcc tcttggagga ttttatcttt     46860
     gatgagtatg aagtgtccct ccttgtcctt tttgataact ttgggttgga agtcgatttt     46920
     atcagatatt aaaatggcta ctccagcttg tttcttcaga ccatttgctt ggaaaattgt     46980
     tttccagcct ttcactctga ggtagtgtct gtctttttcc ctgagatggg tttcctgtaa     47040
     gcagcaaaat gttgggtctt gtttgtgtag ccagtctgtt agtctatgtc tttttattgg     47100
     ggagttgaga ccattgatat taagagatat taaggaaaag taattgttgc ttcctgttat     47160
     ttttgttgtt aaagttggtg ttctgttctt gtggctgtct tcttttagtt ttgttgaggg     47220
     attatcttct tgttttttct agggcgtggt tcccgtcctt gtattggttt ttttctgtta     47280
     ttatcctttg aagggctgga ttcgtggaga gataatgggt gaatttagtt ttgtcgtgga     47340
     atactttggt ttctccatct atggtaattg agagtttggc tgggtatagt agtctgggct     47400
     ggaatttgtg ttctcttagt gtctgtataa catctgtcca ggctcttctg gctttcattg     47460
     tctctggtga aaaatctagt gtaattctga tagggttgcc tttatatgtt acttgacctt     47520
     tttcccttac tgcttttagt attctatctt tatttagtgc atttgatgtt ctgattatta     47580
     tgtgtcggga ggaatttctt ttctggtcca gtctatttgg agttctgtag gcttcttgta     47640
     tgttcatggt catctctttc tttagatttg ggaagttttc ttcaataatt ttgttgaaga     47700
     tgtttgctgg tcctttgagt tgaaaatctt cattctcatc cactcctatt atccgtaggt     47760
     ttggtcttct cattgtgtcc tggatttcct ggatgttttg agttaagatc tttttgcatt     47820
     ttccattttc tttgattgtt gtgccgatgt tctctatgga atcttctgca cctgagattc     47880
     tctcttccat ctcttgtatt ctgttgctga tgctggcatc tatggttcca gatttctttc     47940
     ctagggtttc tatcttcagc gttgcctcac tttgggtttt ctttattgtg tctacttccc     48000
     tttttaggtc tagtatggtt ttgttcattt ctatcacctg tttggatgtg ttttccggtt     48060
     tttctataag gacttctacc tgtttggttg tgttttcctg tttttcttta aggacttgta     48120
     actctttagc agtgttctcc tgtatttctt taagtgagtt attaaattcc ttctttatgt     48180
     cctctaccat catcatgtga aatgctttta aatccaggtc taccttttca ggtgtgttag     48240
     gatgccctgg actgggcgaa gtgggagtgc tgggttctga tgatggtgag tggtcttggt     48300
     tcctgttagt aggattctta cgtttacctt tcgccatctg gctatctctg gagttagttg     48360
     ttatagttgt ctttgtttag agattgttcc tctgttgatt ttgttaccct ctactagcag     48420
     acgtgggaga ctagctctct cctctgagtt tcagtggtca gagcagtctc tgcaggcaag     48480
     ctctcctctt ttagggaagg tgcacagtta tctggtgttt ggacctcctc ctggctgaag     48540
     atgaaggccc aaaacaggat ctttcccaga agctgtgttg ctttggccag gaaggtggcc     48600
     ggttttctgg agccgaagat gtcaccgcct cctcattttt ttaaattgca ggtttttgtg     48660
     gttttgagac attgtttcag tgttctgttg ggtaaatatc ccctaattta gctaaggcac     48720
     tctgcctttt accagctcag taggatgtgt ttcccagata ctctgtccat gtccgcagct     48780
     gggaacattc tcttaacaaa cgatctacac ccacatcact atcagtgtgc ccctggtcca     48840
     attttatttt gttaaatcct ggaacacaag aacccacaaa tctcactggg cgcttttggg     48900
     atgccctatt gtctatgccc tattccaaga tcccctaaat tgtagaaaac agtgggtttt     48960
     gccaggctgt gcctgccctg ggagagtcca tcatagtttg agacaggggc tcgctgcaaa     49020
     cctctgactg gcctggaact tcgtatgtag accaggctgg ccccaactca tacctgcttg     49080
     cctctggaaa ctccacccta caagcagctt ctgactccat cttgagggag gtgactgaaa     49140
     cctctgggta caccagaaat agcaccatct gccaggactt atctagtttt ttgtttgttt     49200
     tctacaggct gataggtggc ttattcctga gtcaatctgt aaatttattg ggataaatca     49260
     aaactatggt ggcacatggg atatcgaaat tctatcagga aaatcagact caggaattta     49320
     ccagatatgc cagatgaagg aaatggtcga ctccccttac ctcaaccttg ggcccattac     49380
     aaaacagaca cctaacactg caaaaggccc gataccaacc catcgtctaa taattggtgt     49440
     gtgcatcaag aaccagcaaa cacaggatgc ccttattgtg aaggttcatc ccaaactcgg     49500
     gaagctgagg tagcaaaggc cagcctaggc tatatagcga ggctgacttg aaaaatgaaa     49560
     agaaaagggc tggagggagg aaaataaatt ggaagaaaac agagggaaag gttaaaaaaa     49620
     aaaaaaagaa ctagaagaca ggtggagggg agaaagagaa aagacagatg tgggaggagt     49680
     gagttggaag cgtgtaggag gtctctggct gcctccgggc caccgtactc ttccggtccc     49740
     agaagcccca tgacggaagt cgtcattgag tgagcccggc agcgtccgtg gtagcaggcc     49800
     atggcgatgg gcagtggcgg agcgggctcc gagcaggaag atacggtgct gttccggcgt     49860
     ggcaccggcc aggtgaggtc gcggctcggc gctagcactc ggagcgctgc ccgagaccga     49920
     ggcggtgcga gctcgggcca catccgcagg cggctcctgg tgcagctcgg gcgccggcga     49980
     ggctgtgagc cacgctttgg tcctgtgtga ctgtgagggg atgtgcagga acggggacag     50040
     gctggctgaa gcaaggcaac cagataggag ccattggaaa gctccagatt taggtcagga     50100
     tgaagatgtt cacagggact ttagactaaa atgctggttt tctggatcca gttttgtaac     50160
     cggaaagacc aagtgttgca aacaacagtt gataaagttt gagagagagg gataactaaa     50220
     gttgcccgga gtagttgaaa gttgctattg actgcattgc attcaaatgt atacgacagc     50280
     agatccgagg cagggttggt ggtgcacgca taattacatg cacaaacact tgggagatgg     50340
     gggccggagg tcgggagttc aagatcctcg gttacagcgt gaattccgga ccagcctaaa     50400
     ttacagggag actgtagaag taagataaac actggtaagt acgagggcaa atcagagcca     50460
     agttggtgga ctgtgcatgt gatcagtccc agctcctgag gcaggaatgt gaagttgagt     50520
     ctagcctggg aaacaacata ctccatctaa cgaagtttaa aacattagga cctcggtcgt     50580
     cttatggtat ggcaactgat ttctgcttgg ggcttggggt gggagaagag aattctgggc     50640
     agctttgggc agtgctgcat ttccttcttt gggggacagc ccagcaattc ctattctgaa     50700
     taaagctttg ccctttgtcc tcaggggagc cctggcggtc tggttctctc cttaaaacca     50760
     caaggttcct gtgctaattt gtcatcgtgg taacttcttc atgcccaggg tgatgggtca     50820
     tgtttacaat ctcaggggta atcttattga ttgcagcttc tttcttgttg ctgttttgtt     50880
     gttttgagac aggtctcaca gggtagcctt aggagacttg gaactctcca tgtaagccag     50940
     gctggcatca aactcaagga gattgccccg tctcagcccc ccctcccgcc cccatttgaa     51000
     tcagggacac attccataac ctaaattggc ctggaattca atatgctaga ctggcctgga     51060
     gctcttggca accctactgt ctccagctcc gggatattgg gattgtagat tatagatatg     51120
     agccatttta atttgtagtt catggttttg tttttgtttg ttggtgtgct tgtttgtttg     51180
     ttgggataga gttttatgtt gtagtctatg ctgtctggga acccactata gcccagacca     51240
     gttttgcctt ggcagtcctc tgcttctact gagtacattg aggctttctt aggtgctagg     51300
     atctctgtgt tcgtgcgtgg tgactttcta gaaatgtatc tgcctgtaac acacactctg     51360
     agtgtctggg ctgtaggcat tgctgggggt tgatctaggg actttgagct acttccccag     51420
     tacttcctat tatctgtttt ttattaagca catctatcta taacttattt tttatttttt     51480
     ctccctcttc agagtgatga ttctgacatt tgggatgata cagcattgat aaaagcttat     51540
     gataaagctg tggcttcctt taaggtatga aatggttaat catttttttc cttatttcct     51600
     caggtcatac attttgtaaa gaaagagaga gaagaaaaat aaacttgagc acattgaggc     51660
     tttcttaggt ggtgggacct gttatgttag aaagtagtga ctttttaaaa atatatccct     51720
     ccatgacaca tagatcttat ttatttattt atttatttat ttactgtttt catagcatgc     51780
     tctaaagaac ggtgacattt gtgaaactcc agataagcca aaaggcacag ccagaagaaa     51840
     acctgccaag aagaataaaa gccaaaagaa gaatgccaca actcccttga aacaggtgat     51900
     agattgattt aaccagggtc ctgcccggcc tgaggggcgg catgctgctt ctgtttggag     51960
     tgtcccagag ctgtggatga attagcaaac gcacacatac acacacaggc gtgtgcgcac     52020
     acacatgtgc aggctgggca ttaaaaccag agctctctgc attctgagta tgtgctgtgt     52080
     agctgatatg caactcaacc cccccccccc ccccacacac acacacaagt tcaacaatta     52140
     taaaaattac tagggtaact caaaacttgt ggtaactggg tctgctattg aaagcagaag     52200
     acctgggggt atagtgtacc agcaaagtac ctggctggtt acaggcccag cctgtgtgcc     52260
     tgtgtgtccc tgaccagacc cacattgagt cagcacaaaa ccctatagac tagaggtctc     52320
     attctctcct ctcttctttt ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctgagttt     52380
     ttttgtaaag tgaatagttt gatgcctcct tccattcatt atttccaaag ggaaagggtg     52440
     tctacatttg gtgaacactt gcttttcttt gactaagaac actggatttg tcatacacgt     52500
     ttggtctctt ttgttcttaa tgacacgttt cggtggtgga atacattata gccattcatc     52560
     aggccgggaa aaggagatgc aggtgactaa gaacagtgtt tataatgaag tgaatgggag     52620
     gactggaatt acacttggag aactgggtta tggtttgttc ttttcagaag aaggaatgtt     52680
     gcgtgtccat aactttcttt tcttttgtag tggaaagttg gtgacaagtg ttctgctgtt     52740
     tggtcagaag acggctgcat ttacccagct actattacgt ccattgactt taagagagaa     52800
     acctgtgtcg tggtttatac tggatatgga aacagagagg agcaaaactt atctgaccta     52860
     ctttccccga cctgtgaagt agctaatagt acagaacaga acactcagga ggtgaggccc     52920
     cgaaagatgt ccattcctga aagtggacac taagtaagga aaaagcatta gaatcagttg     52980
     tcacgttgac gcacgaaggc gttgaatgac attctcattc tctctggttc tccttttgct     53040
     ggaacgcaag gtcggggcca taggaatgct tgtcggtgcc ctgcctttgc ataatacaat     53100
     gtttcctttt ctttttaaag aatgaaagtc aagtttccac agacgacagt gaacactcct     53160
     ccagatcgct cagaagtaaa gcacacagca agtccaaagc tgctccgtgg acctcatttc     53220
     ttcctccacc acccccaatg ccagggtcag gattaggacc aggaaaggta aatgttctgt     53280
     tgagaaaaat atatatgtag gcaggaatga gtgtggggag cctaactctt cattgagtaa     53340
     tggatagctt tcctgtgaac caggagcttc cgggcctgcg tctggaaaga ggaaacgcac     53400
     agtgaagtaa gaggctccct gcactgccat ggctggctgg catgtaactg gtacactttc     53460
     ctttttacag acttttatga cactatagtg tgtgcatgag gaccacacag aggaaggaaa     53520
     gagctgctct tataagctgg cttctgactt ccacacatcc tcgttcctcc atctataaat     53580
     gatgggggat tacaggaatg tgccagccac cacaccttgt ttatcccaga gcatagtaca     53640
     gggttaaagt gtgaacactt tgtatggctc ttttggttgt aagtagtaga agtcaactta     53700
     agaagaattg tattataagc taggttatgg ctagaagaac cttaactagc ttgttgtgtt     53760
     ttgttgtttg ttttgtacta agtagcagta ttttccctta gagggcatgg tatttagata     53820
     attcgtgcat gtttgtgtgt gtgcgcgtgc atatgtgtgc tgtatgtggg aaggaactag     53880
     tgccagtggc agccagaggt ctacactgag catcttcctc aatcactctc taccttattt     53940
     tctggggcag atcgtgtcag tgaacgtgga gcttgctggt tcagccagcc tggcctgcca     54000
     gagccccagg gatcctgtct ccatctcccc agtgctaggg ctaagaatat gttctgcctt     54060
     gccttgttgc tatgtgggtg ctggggaccc aagctcaggc ctctcttttc acccctagat     54120
     agtaatttgt aaaaattaag tatagcacct cttcaggctt tctctgagaa gtgagtagag     54180
     tagaagtgag cactggagat acggcgagga gaggattact gagtttggga ccagcctggc     54240
     ctccatagag acagttttga aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagac aaaactaaaa cgtaaactga     54300
     aaacaactga tgcaaggtgg tgccgtgggt aaaggcatct gctgccagcc cgccggcctg     54360
     agcgagttcc ctgcagtctc ttggtagaga gagaaaaatg attcccaaag gttgtctctg     54420
     ggttccacat gagcactgtg gtacacactt gtactggcta gttttgtgtc aacttgacac     54480
     agctggagtt atcacagaga aaggagcttc agttgaggaa atgcctccat gagatccagc     54540
     tgtaaggcat tttctcaatt agtgatcaag ggggagagac cccttgtggg tgggaccatt     54600
     cctgggctgg tagtcttgga ttctataaga gagcaggctg agcaagccag ggaaagcaag     54660
     ccagtaagac atccttccat ggcttctaca tcagctcctg cttcctgacc tgcttgagtt     54720
     ccagtcctga cttcctttgg tgatcaacag caatgtggaa gaataagccg aataaaccct     54780
     ttcctcccca actgctcttg gtcatgatgt ttgtgcagga acagaaaccc tgactaagac     54840
     aatgctccat acatgcatgt gcacacaact aaattaatta atgttttaga aaatttaaac     54900
     aaccaaagat tttctgtgat aattttctaa ttaaaggtta cattgtgctg ggtggtgaga     54960
     tggctcagtg gttaagagca ctgactgctc tactgaaggt cccgagttca aatcccagca     55020
     accacatggt ggctcacaac catccgtaaa aagatatgac tccctcttct ggtgtgtctg     55080
     aagacaccta cagtgtactt acatataata agtaaataaa tctttttaaa aaaaaaaaaa     55140
     ggttacattt tgccaggttg tggtggcgca cgcctttaat cccagcactt gggaggcaga     55200
     ggcaggtgga tttctgagtt caaggccagc ctggtctaca gagttccagg atagccagag     55260
     ctatacagag aaaccctgtc tcaaaaaaaa acaaaaaaaa aaaaaacaaa caaaaaaagg     55320
     ttacattgta ttagagtttc ttgaatctgg agtgatcaaa ttctataaaa tatatcttgt     55380
     ctttttggta gtttttacaa tgtactctag catatataag taacagaatc tctaaaactt     55440
     tttctttcct cagtttacac ttatttattt ggggtgggta ctgtatactt aatggaagta     55500
     aaaggacaac gtatgggagt gggttctctt cctttgcgtg ggtcctggga gttgaactca     55560
     ggccgccagt cctgcccaca agtacctttt atctgctgag ccgtcttgtg gacccagtaa     55620
     caggatatct acaaaaatat gtgatagtgg gggaagaatg tattcctgtg attagactat     55680
     cttggtaaat acattgtctc tggtcgactg agtcattaca gatctttact gtgattttac     55740
     tttctaaatg tttatataga aaagcaacgg aaaacaatgt acgatttgcg ttaagatttg     55800
     cttcatttgt agttacgtat atgtgtacat gtctgtgtgt gggctagtac atatgatgca     55860
     gatgccgtta actgctgagc catctctcca gttcttactt ctcttacatt ggttttgaat     55920
     actctttctt tcagtgacgg aagggatttt tccttaagat actaacttgg aaatattctt     55980
     tatagccagg tctaaaattc aacggcccgc cgccgccgcc tccactaccc cctcccccct     56040
     tcctgccgtg ctggatgccc ccgttccctt caggaccacc agtaagtaca caagagctga     56100
     ggttacactt ttatatacag ttagtaattg ttttagaata taggtaattg gagtgcgtta     56160
     ccttaggcca cccctaaggt tggattctaa tgagtaaaaa tgtaaacctc tggttttgtc     56220
     tggaaggccc tctgttaccc agatggtctc tcccagtctc actgccaagc tctgcttggt     56280
     gtggttcccc cctcactggt tggtatccag tttcctgctg ctggtttctg ttagaaagga     56340
     ctgtcctcag tatacagagg cgacagatac tatgtccctt ggagtacttg aatgagagtc     56400
     tccgagcctg tactttctca ggggcttgcc tcttgtcatt gtttgttttc atcctaatgg     56460
     aggtttttgg tttgtttggt tttcaagacc aggtttctct gtggaccagc cctggctgtc     56520
     ctagaacagg ttgggcctta actcacagag atctgcctgc ttctgcctcc ctagtgctgg     56580
     gattaaaggc ctgcgccacc actgcttggc cctaatagaa gttttatagt agttttattt     56640
     ttagatatta acagtagtta aaaggatatt tgggggcaga ctgtatttga gtgggagaca     56700
     ggcagatgtt ctactctaaa tctttcctta tggtgtcctt aaaaatactg tgtgtgtgtg     56760
     tgtgtttgtg tttgtgtttg tggaaagact tgagtctctg ttttgtgtct tatgcatagc     56820
     ttcataatgg aacaaaatag tccattcata ctattaaatg tcaactggtt ttaatttttg     56880
     ttagatttgt tggtcttttc ttattttttc ttctttaaag atttattatt ctacataggt     56940
     agactgtaac tgactttaga ctcaccagat gaggatgtca gatctcatta cacatggttg     57000
     tgagccacca tgtggttgct gggatttgaa ctcaggacct tcggaagagc agtcagtgct     57060
     cttaccggct gagccatctt gccagccctg gccttttctt attatggttg gctttcttcc     57120
     agtgctagat tcaaaaatta aatagaagta tctcattgag tttaggaaaa ggttcagtta     57180
     ataattcatt attctctgtg taaagtgaat ccctgggttt cagtatttcc ctaatcctaa     57240
     gtggattttt tccatttgca gataatcccg ccaccccctc ccatctctcc cgactgtctg     57300
     gatgacactg atgccctggg cagtatgcta atctcttggt acatgagtgg ctaccacact     57360
     ggctactata tggtaaggac tccctgggaa ctgccagaca tgctctttgc agttgtacaa     57420
     cttttggtga tgagtcttgc acctagagcc agctcctaca taactaaaat gtggtttgtt     57480
     ctatagtgct taaaaacgtt aagtcagttt taagaccact ttaacattta aaaatggaca     57540
     atacttcttt catcattcct cctgagtgtg attgcaactc atttcaaatg tctgcttttg     57600
     ttatcttgtc tggtcttttt caagacactg tttctctgtg tagccctggt tgtcctggaa     57660
     ctcactctgt agaccaggct ggtcttgaac tcacagagat ccacctgcct ctgcctccct     57720
     cccaagtgct aggattaaag gcgtgcacca actcccagct catttcaaac tccttgattg     57780
     gcagtaattc tagcactcag aaagctaaaa caggtagatt acaagttcca ggctagcatg     57840
     gatacacagg gagccgctat cccagcagca aaccatgtaa cagtgggaag ggaggcttaa     57900
     tgctgctagg ttattttaat tgtactttaa aatgtaagtg aaacctaaat tagttcctag     57960
     actgtttttc tgctttgggg atgatgattt ttgttttccc attgtgagat tggatcttgc     58020
     tgtattcttc aagctggcct tgaactctgg aatcccctta ccctagcccc ccgaggaaca     58080
     gggactgcat gtgtgcacca tcattcctgg acatacttgc tctgccgtgg atagagtctt     58140
     acactgactc gtttggccag gtttcccagg tgttggagat cgcaccctgg ggcttgggca     58200
     tcctgggcaa gccccaccac tgagctgtat ctcagcctgg ccagtttttg aagtttaatg     58260
     tttcgttggt aagcttgatc tacattcttt ttttattttt tatttttatt tttttttatg     58320
     attcttgact cttttttttt caaaacttat tgtttattgt gggaaaatac acagtatctt     58380
     caggggatgg aatttatgtt gttggaatga aagttgttta tactgaatag attttcttcc     58440
     catagtttca tatggaattg agttgcatgg cagttatggc ctgtagagac ctttaaaatc     58500
     acaaatcaaa gtgccatttt aatcgtggta cttttatggc agcttctgca actcctctgg     58560
     atatgtctag tccaagagga cactttggtt catttcggat gtcttctaca tcatgtaaaa     58620
     cgcccaagcc agcacgtact ctttcagttc cattccatgt agccgtgatg ccattgtcag     58680
     tgcacagtcc tggagggggg gcacaacaac gtgcactgtg ctgcatttgc gatgatttcc     58740
     agtgcttttc gggtgtacaa gtcacttgca acacctccag atacaaccag attacgtatt     58800
     atgtttgtta aggtccaggc ggcagggaca ctacagaagg ggatgctgag taatacaata     58860
     ggaagcggcc aactcccaaa gcatatgtca gccacgtatc acggctgttc attacacgag     58920
     tattggggtt tacctcactg tgggcaactc caacattcat gtttgctcgg ccaccagctc     58980
     ctggcaggtc acaggacaat tcctgcagca gccacagtag gtcctcatgc tcgagcttaa     59040
     tctacattct tgtgtatagt tatcgctctg ttacctccca ttgtatagat atgaaagcat     59100
     tctgtttatc cattctacta ttaatgactg cttatgttgt gatttgggcc agtaaaaatg     59160
     tttctggggt tggagagatg gtatagcagt taagagcaat ggctgttctt ctggaggacc     59220
     caacttccat tcccagttcc catagggctg ctcccaacag cgctcaccct ggccggtact     59280
     tttaactcca gtcctaagaa gctcttgtta ggtagccatg ctccttaaag tagtcacgcc     59340
     aactcagagc taaccagaga agtgcttccc tttaggagca tcatctgtgt gtgtgcgttg     59400
     atggcatttc actagattag tttgcttaac ttaaaatatc aacatatgcc cttaagacgt     59460
     gtgggaagtg tgtgtccttg agtgtgaaga tctgagggtt ttacctttgg aaggagtaga     59520
     caagcttgtc agtcaggctt tccagttgcc cgagacttgt gacgatctca ctgacttcca     59580
     cgagcagttc atagccctta cagagtgtga ccaagccaca gtgtttgcct gcccagtcag     59640
     gatggtggcg gcagcgccat ggtggtcgct gctcacctct gcggttctgt cttgtagaaa     59700
     ttcaagcaga acaagaatga gtaagagtgg tggtgttatt gcaagaacgt aaatgtgctc     59760
     tagctttggt cttcattggt accaagacac cttcagtaca tctctggctg ttgagatgta     59820
     aatgtagatg cactgtgtag cctagggtgg ccttccaatc acagcagtcc tcttgtatta     59880
     gctttctagt tgctgatggt acaagtgtgt gccaccatgc ttgctttgga tcaatcactg     59940
     ttaaagtata ttggaatgct ataaactact ttttaaaata cataaactta ttttcagatg     60000
     aaactaaata aagttagcat gcctcatgaa atacactgtt cggttgttct agtagtgctg     60060
     gagatcaaac ccagggcctt gcgcatgtta ggcaagatct ctagcagcag actgttccca     60120
     ttctcatggt tttctgtgtc aggtcttcct gtcatagctc agcctttctc cagccaggct     60180
     ggccttaaaa tcaaagtcct cttgctttgg tctcctaagc actgggatta ttaggtacat     60240
     atcactaagt tgggcgaaag ggctatttgt ttcgttgtat tctcttttgc ttttttaaaa     60300
     aagagacaag gctagccttg aactcacaga gatcctcttg ccctgatttc caattcctgg     60360
     aattacagac atctgccaca tctcccaaca cgaggcagag tctgctgtgt cccaggcagt     60420
     tttagactca tcatgtatct gaagatgact ttgaactccg ggtcctcctt cctcctcatc     60480
     tcagggctgg actgcccatg catcaccaag cttggcatcc agccgggctt gaattgttca     60540
     ctcacacatt tatttagtat accctgctta gctttttata tgctctcttt acagggtttc     60600
     agacaaaata aaaaagaagg aaagtgctca catacaaatt aagaagtaag tctgtcattt     60660
     taaaagctaa ttttaccttt tgtataattt ttagtttgtg taaaaagagt gttttgaaca     60720
     tttgaaaatt gatgtttatg taaaactata ctaaagacat tgtatttatg tgtagtgtgt     60780
     gtgtgttgag ggtgggggtg cgtggctgac agaagaggac attggatccc gtgagcttga     60840
     gctgcgtgtg gttgtcagct tgtcatggtg ctgggacctg aactcagagt ctagaagaac     60900
     agtgagtgct ttttaaccac tgagccctct ctccagccct gctaaagtct gccaaaaata     60960
     gattaactat tgaattatcc tcacatgatc aaatactcat ggtgtcagaa ggccttgaac     61020
     tccgtgttag cctgcctcgg tctccatagc atgaggatta tagacatgca gctctgtacc     61080
     tggtttaaaa tctggtttag ggtgtgaagt taattgcagt gtcattggcc tggcaggctt     61140
     gagtttttgt gtgggatgtg gtagtaggga ttgaacccag ggccccacac ataaggaagc     61200
     attctgccac tgagccgtat caccagatcc atgggtagtt tttatgttaa acttctgtgt     61260
     gtgtgtgtgt gtggaggttt tgcctacatg tatgtttatg tgccatgtac atgcctgatg     61320
     ctcttgaggc tagaagagga tacgggattt cgtaaaactg gagttatatg taggtggtta     61380
     taagttgccc aaatctacta acaagactag taagtgctat taaccactga gccatctctc     61440
     cagacccatc ccctctttta atacatgatg cagtatgcag tatactgcat tattgtctta     61500
     gtctattgct gtgaagagac accatgacca aggcaactct cataaaagaa agcttgctac     61560
     agtttccgag ggctagtcca tgagcatcat ggcaggaagc agacaggcag gctctggagt     61620
     ggtggctgta tatatggagt ttttattgta actttctgga ggcctaatat tttgagttca     61680
     tttttaactt taaaggcatg taacattcta atccaggtgt ctaatttcta gttctactac     61740
     cccccccccc aaacaaagct ggttatattg ttgcagtcac tttagtgaac taaacattag     61800
     tgaaaagttt aacacatgat ttgataattt gtaatatgtt taaattctaa taggagaggt     61860
     caaatatagt acttcttaat tttttaaatt aatgttcaca tttatttatt ttggtttttt     61920
     tctagacagg gtttctctgt atagccctgg ctgtcctgga acccactttg tagaccaggc     61980
     tggcctccaa ctcagaaatc ctcctgcctc tgacttccaa gtgctgggat taaaggtgtg     62040
     caccaccact gcccagctaa tatattttta ttttttgcat tctatataaa aaatatttgg     62100
     gaactggtaa ggtgcttcag aggccaaagg cctgatgacc tgagtacact ccccagggtg     62160
     gaagaagaga accagttctt actagttgtc tctgacctcc acactcacac acatacatgc     62220
     acacacaatt tttatttatt tattgtcatt ttataactgc ccagagtttt ttctttcaaa     62280
     ttcaggttca gctctgtctc aggagatggg gtgtcggtgt ccctggtcga caagaacaga     62340
     cgtctcctcg tcatcagtgg actcttggct aagtggtgtc gtcatcagca tctccccgct     62400
     gtgggagtcc atccatccta agtcagcagc agagcgtgcc tggggcgtga gcagttggag     62460
     ggaccgacca gtggagtgtg cgtgtcggaa ggcagtctac ccagtcgtga ctgagcacaa     62520
     atgtgcaatt gtcattttct tagcatgtca agatttttat taatgccttt agaattaaat     62580
     aaaagtcctt ttttgaaatc ttgactttat agatattttc ctttgggata tatacagtga     62640
     agttgagttt gtttaaagat acaaaaagaa aactagtcag acttattact tgggtaaaag     62700
     ggcaatttct gaaggtagaa taaattgata ctccaagttt ggggaacaaa agctagctca     62760
     tgtcaccggg gctatactgg ccagtcagga accaaggcgt gttgtggttt tgttttgtat     62820
     gtttgtgtgc cttgctgcat gcatgtgtga gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgttt tgtccatggc     62880
     tcatatgtgg aggtcagaga acaacttggg aagtcatttc tctctttcta tgtaggtttt     62940
     agggattgaa ttcaggtcat ctggtggcag gcgcctttac ctgttgagcc atcttaccag     63000
     cccagttctt catttattga aacagtcttg ttgtcagcct ggcttacttg taatacacag     63060
     tcctcttggc tcagcctccc aaatgctggc ctcaccacag cagcaaatgc aactactacc     63120
     acaccctcac tgtgttctgt ccgttagaag ccatgttgtt ctctttgcac cttcccctgt     63180
     ttgtctttct agtctcctcc tctccccctg atgtccctta cctcatcatg aatactgcct     63240
     acaccaatta cccatgccat tctccgcccc cgcccccgcc cccctccccc acggccttgg     63300
     ccatgtacca tgtagattct tatggtaagg attgatgtct tcagcaccca ggcttctccc     63360
     tggtttattt gcctttgaag gaagaagtaa atgtgatcag ctggagatgg aacccatcga     63420
     tacaccattt gacgacgtgt gcaaggcact ggggtttgat ctccactatt ataaaaacag     63480
     agcatggtca atgctatctt tgcctaagtt ttagctaggt aaactaaatt aattcagttc     63540
     cccatgtgcc tatcatttag ccatcaagta agtactatca aattaatgaa tacctaccta     63600
     gtaagtaact ttgcaaatat gttctcattt gagcttttag aagaaatatt ggctattata     63660
     gattcaacat aacttagtta attttcaggt taaatttaat tattaagaca ctcagttaac     63720
     cttctaacca gacattagtt attaacacta attttaactc tctttagcgc ccaaaacatt     63780
     tatctggact gaggcctttc attccagcaa atactcaaca ttatttcaat gctgggaatt     63840
     gctctcagca aagctagaag ggtgcatcgt atgtcggcat gtaatgtagt cccagctact     63900
     ttgaaagctg aggtagtagg attcatcctt cgagaccagc ctggccaaca taaggaaacc     63960
     acagctaata cagtaataac agagagaggc agtggagatg gctccgtgga tgaaagcatg     64020
     gggaaaggac agaggtgggg atcactgcag gatcactgtg agttgctggc catcagccta     64080
     gcccaaagcc ataggttcca ggttctcaag ggaataatgc aggcagtgac aaagacaccg     64140
     atgaagatct ttgtgcgtgt ggaaacaggc atatgcatac tcatgtgtac tctatcatct     64200
     tacacacaac atggaaaata gcctatgggg agttgttaga aagatttagt ttggctcaca     64260
     gttctggggg ttcagggctg atttatttgg tgcgctgagc ttgaatcagg cataatattc     64320
     caagaggcaa caaaagcatg atttctgcat atcttgtgtg tgtgttcata cttggcctct     64380
     caggaagcca ccaggattca gtgggaactt catcttgatg actgtactgg ctagttttgt     64440
     gtcaacttga cacagctgca gttatcacag agaaaggagc ttcagttgag gaaatacctc     64500
     catgagatcc atctacaagg cattttctca attagtgatc aagggggaaa ggccccttgt     64560
     gggtgggacc atctctgggc tggttgtctt ggttctataa aagagcaggc tgagcaagcc     64620
     agaggaagca agccagtaaa gaacatccct ccatggcttc tacatcagct cctgctttct     64680
     gacctgcttg agttccagtc ctgacttccc ttgctgatga acagcagtat ggaggtgtaa     64740
     gccgaataaa ccctttcctc cccgacttgc ttcttggtca tgatgtttgt gcaggaacag     64800
     aaaccctgac taagacaatg actttatcct aaataccttc taaaggcccc agctgcaaac     64860
     acagtagatt aagtcccact cctagaggct catagtgggg attgcatttt aacatacatt     64920
     atttgggaaa tactcaaacc atggaatgag agaacatagt taaaggaaaa ggctcttgta     64980
     taagaatgtg tgtggagcag ggcaggggtg tcgtacacct ttagtcctag tgctggggag     65040
     gcagagcctg gtggacctct gagttggagg ccagcctggt ctgcagagtg agttccagga     65100
     cagtgggggt tacacagata aacctagact tgaaaaacta agaatatgaa tgaaatattc     65160
     aagaaccagc aaggccagag tgagaggaag tagagatagg agataggaag aagcaggagc     65220
     aagggtcagg tcatatgtag atgatggtga ggttgacagc gttggccttg agctgggagt     65280
     tcagagaaga gggaggcaca ggtagagatg atctgacctc caggaggatc ctctgggtgt     65340
     gactgcatgg tggaaataca ctgatttcac agaagtgggc tggccacgtg ggactgtgta     65400
     ttttgcaagt ggaattgcca ggatttgtca gtagattata tgtggtgtaa gagaagctaa     65460
     ggataactaa ctccaggggt ttcactaagc acctgcaggg gtgaagcggg agtttcgggg     65520
     ggtgaaagtc tacacaaaga gtacctcagt gaagagttag cgttggagat gtggattgcc     65580
     agtgtccatt ggagttctat taacagagtg cagggctaga gctgtagacg gaggagatag     65640
     tgtggacatg gagcttaaag ccatttggca ggatgaggtg gtccaggctg tgtataacac     65700
     agagacaaag ccaggagaac tcagatcctc caggggttag aggagaaaca gcagagggtc     65760
     gagctggagc tctctgcgga aagcaggggt cattgatgct ccaagggctc ctggcaggag     65820
     caggtgcgtc ctggaggcca gggaggagcc ccatctgtag ctcagctgct gctgacagga     65880
     cagatatgat aaagtctgca gcgcagtcat tgactaaacc aatgtggagg tcagaggtca     65940
     ctggtgatgc tacgagccag tgtggaggtc gcagtgatgc taaagcagct attttggtga     66000
     gatggagatg gcaaaagctt gggcgaagag aatgtaagca ggaaagacac ttatcagtga     66060
     tcgtaaggaa ctcttccaac aaaaagttgg tttttttttc cagacttgtt atatttggag     66120
     cttaataaaa tcacatttga tatctatttg tgtgagttta caattatttt tgtcacctgt     66180
     ttcagttatg ctctatgtgc actacgatga aaaattgatt tcttgggttg ttttgttttt     66240
     tttaacttaa aaataaagcg gatgtcctaa gaaggtgcaa actgttctgc ccatttgaca     66300
     gattcaggga gctggaatac ggaggatgtg gtcaggggcc gatgcagctt tggcgttttc     66360
     cttttaagtg ttgaggaaca aacaagacca ctgaattctt tttagaactg tttctttatt     66420
     gaaaaaaaaa agactttaaa agttttcttt tatgggtatg ggcattttgt ctgcatatgc     66480
     gtgtgtacca tgtatttgtc tggtattcag tgagtccaga aaaggacatt gggtcttaga     66540
     accggagtta gagctgtttg taagctacca tgctggtaat ggaaactgtg cctgggtctt     66600
     ctgcaagaat cactacggct tttaaccact gagccatctt tccagcccct ctttcctttt     66660
     catgggcagt gctagtcatc aaacccaggc cctcacacat gctggaccgc cgagcagcct     66720
     gcctccccaa ctcttcctct actttatttt gagaccgtgt ctctctagat tgatcaggct     66780
     ggcctcaact tgtgtttctc ctgcctcagc cttcagagta gctaggttta aacacatgta     66840
     ctactgcata cagcctacct aggttttttt ccacccgcgc tactcaatga gttaagtcag     66900
     ttgccaagtt attgtctcct gtttctaaat tgagtattta tgatgtaaca ggcttcctgt     66960
     tctgaactcc tctccccagt catccctgca tgcacagagg atgctgccga gacactgagg     67020
     gaggtccttg cagcaccagc tctagccaca ggcaccttgt gtcacacgca gtggctggca     67080
     gcactagcat tctgaggtct cttgcagcca aatactgccc agcagctcct agcagcttca     67140
     tggccctagt gagctttgtt gtcatggctt tgtcctgcaa ggcacagctc agattgctca     67200
     gtattgtttg tgttgttatt caatttaatg tttatccttt atatgcccct gcctgtgacc     67260
     ctggaatact gtcttagtta gggttttact gctgcaaaca gacactatga tcaagacaac     67320
     tcttaatatg aacaacattt aattggggct ggcttacagg ttcaggcgtt cagtccagta     67380
     tcattatggt ggaaagcatg gcagcatcca gacaggcatg gtgggggtgg ggagggagct     67440
     taagagttct acatcctgtt ctgaaggcag ttaggagtag actgacttcc aggaatctag     67500
     gaagaatgcc tcaaagccta cccccaccac aacatactcc ttccaacaag gccatacttc     67560
     ctaatagtgt cactccctgg gccaagcata ttcaaactct agttagtgcc agggaaatgt     67620
     tagtgatctg catctccccc ccccccaagg tgtaacctgg gggtgcaggt ctgttggggg     67680
     aataacctgg agatgttggt cctgttaaga gtgtaacctg gagatgctgg tcttgttgag     67740
     gattagccta gagactagag ctaggtttgg gttttgttgg ggagtaattt ggaaactagt     67800
     gctgggtacc aggcctgtta gtttacctga gttcaaactt aggccaggtt ctctaaaatg     67860
     gagtctgaac ttaaaagatg tggcctctca aaaccaccac aaatacaatt tcttatgttg     67920
     tagtaacctc ccaaccatga aattattttt gttgctactt cataagtaat tttgatattg     67980
     ttatgattca taaatattta tgtttttttg aaggtcttaa gtgacccctg tgaaaagatc     68040
     atctgaccct caaaggggtc aagacctaca ggctgagaac cactgctcta tagaaaaaca     68100
     tgtttcgcca catgcaactt gtcttcatga ttgtgtatag cctgaactca gaagaacttt     68160
     tctcaggtag tttttcttaa ctctcagagt ataaactgtc tgatgctctg aataaagctg     68220
     actattgcat gagactttag tctgcctcat ttattggctc tattctccca agtcctactg     68280
     cctctagaga ggtgatagtt atgaaatgac aaataattat cacaatcaag ttaatatacc     68340
     cagaaattct tgcaagatta aatgacatac ccagaacaga gtaaatttcc aacaaaatta     68400
     taaagctatc ttaatatatg aaaaagcctc tggaacaaaa acagttttct ctaagccaat     68460
     tccccccccc cccccaatta gatgagagat ggcataagca agcaaggcca cacaagactg     68520
     gtgtacatgc aaaagccctg caaaaactaa agagcatctc ctggggggag ggtgagctgt     68580
     agccatggta aagtcaactc ctgatcatcc tgtatagagc tgactcaatc cttaaactgg     68640
     ccatttctta cgtatatgaa ttattccttc cacagtgtag tttttacata gagcaatgtt     68700
     cctttcccca ggccctttct gttgaccttg ataatggagg gttctctgta tgaacttgac     68760
     taaagctcta atctttatac aaggactgcc aaggcacagc tcctcatagt tcaatgtaga     68820
     tatgcaggct ctcaaacagt taccagtctg atgcagttca agaatatttt tgtgcatgca     68880
     atagtaaaca atttggtttt gatttgggtc tagagtcaag tcttgttaca taacccaggc     68940
     tggactcaaa actctttttt tttttttaaa agatttattt aatgtatatg agtacactgt     69000
     agccatcttc agacatacca gaagagggca tcagatccca ttacagatgg ttgtgaacca     69060
     ccatgtggtt gctgagaatt gaactcagga cctctagaag atcacggtgc tcttaagcac     69120
     tgggccatct ctccagcccc ggctcaaact cttgatcccc ctgctcaggc tcctaagtac     69180
     taggattgca ccatgcctgt ctagagtgaa atgtactaga aaatcaggtt tttggacctg     69240
     ccagtaatct tccacttcat ccttcacttc tgaatgacag gagagaatgg cactacccac     69300
     ctccagtgaa cagtcaagcg tttggactga gggtgtcttt ccttcacatc attaatcact     69360
     tttatgtcct cttcatccag gagccaactg agcatcccga gcctggtgag gctgggcagt     69420
     cgggacacac actgacccag agccttgaca gtgatggcct gaatttgaat gcattctggg     69480
     atatgcctgg aaatgtccag gtttttcagg tttggcaggt tgtccaggac ttgaaagaaa     69540
     tttctgtatc cttcctctgt aatcttgtga ttcagtgtaa ggtctaagtt ctcaagtttt     69600
     tggaagcctc ccctggttgc tcccttggct ggaaagaaag caaccaaaat attatgaaga     69660
     aaaagccttg agcaaagctt acaaggttat ttgtaagtaa tctcacaccc accaccagtg     69720
     aaagcatgaa ccacaagagc aggtcccact acatagctct ggatagccta caactcactt     69780
     agatagcgga ggctggtcta gaactcacat ctgcctacct gtgccttttg acagttggga     69840
     ttaaaggcag tgtgtcacaa tgtttaactt taaacatgtt ttaaggagtg ttctttgaaa     69900
     gccctaaaca gcagcctcgt tgatagggaa caaggccata ctgcaagggc aaagcagaaa     69960
     ccaggatgtt gagcacagag aatttttgga aacctaccgt ctgggcaacg tgaaattctg     70020
     tacttacagg acatatgcca aggcaggaac aggttacagt acaagaaact gagaaattgt     70080
     gggaacagtg tctttccttt tgcagagaaa gcttgtcctc tcactgtgac tgttttccgg     70140
     tttgcctaaa tagcttcctg gtgacttaga gctctggagg aattgtgggt aagttctgaa     70200
     ctaaagtcca tgacgggaag tggggaccta gaagttttag ttgcaaaact ctgttcccta     70260
     atttgtgcaa atattacatt tgatttcacc aagaatctct gtgagcttgg ctttaaagac     70320
     aaaagtccta agtaagatgt ttcaactgtg tcctaagtag ggctggtcag tgatagtcac     70380
     ttttctgaca aaggaagaaa gaaagaaagg gagggaggga gggagggagg gagggaggga     70440
     gggagggagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggag     70500
     ggaaggaagg aaaatcttaa aagctactaa atagcaggaa aacacacctc accattaagg     70560
     acatcatagc acaagaacag cggatactga caactaaaga aaaaaagtga tgcaggccag     70620
     aaacctaagt gaaagtaact ccaaaataga atgcacagaa gtatcattaa aattcagaaa     70680
     agtcatgact agctaaccca gagtagaaga aatgctacca gagtccttca ggcaggagca     70740
     aaggggacac tggtgagagg aaatgtgggg gttcagaagt agcctcagca gccgccttgt     70800
     ggtgtggatc gatgcattgc agccggcaga aacagtgact gcagcactca gggaaggagc     70860
     tgaaaggtta ctgcaaggtg gtcaccagtt gggctccaca ggagaccttg tctcaaaaac     70920
     agcaacagta acacataaga gaatcaataa atctagcttg taaatgctaa accacagaac     70980
     tgtttgaaat actaatcgaa gggttgaaat ggatgtaaaa actaaaataa tctttatttt     71040
     tacattttgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtat     71100
     gtgtgtgtgt gtatgtatgc ctctatgcca cagcatgttt atggaggtca gaggacaatt     71160
     ttagacagtt aattttcttc tttgaccttg tggggtcaaa cacaagtctt gaggctagac     71220
     gaaaagcccc cttacctgct gagccatctt gacaacccag ataaatagaa attaaatatt     71280
     ccagaggtac ctacctgact cataaagtgg taaaagtatg cattcatata ttagtttatg     71340
     ttttttttct tcaaatttca aaccttatta ttcaagataa cactgaaaga ggaaaacgtg     71400
     gagctggaac tctgtatggc tacgtaagcc ttgatttctg aagcaggagg atggctatgg     71460
     attcaaagcc aacttgactt cacattgtga atttgaagcc aggctgggct acagagtaga     71520
     ccctacctaa ccaccccctg aagaataagg taataaatgt ggaaatcaaa aagcagaggg     71580
     aaaacctcat attgtacaga agaaataaag aaaccaatat caagtaaaaa ttcagagggc     71640
     tgacacaccc ctgtcatctt agttctgggg aagttgaagc aggaggatcc taagatgagg     71700
     accatcaagg actacatagt aagttaaaga agtccagact agactattaa cccacagaca     71760
     ctgtctaaaa gaaacaggta aaaaaaatta actatattaa caatataata cagtaaaata     71820
     atatagtata ttaaatataa ataaaaaatt aatggattgg gtttttattt taaaatttct     71880
     gtgcgtgtgt gagtgtgtct aagtgtgggt gtgaatgtgt gtaagtgtgt gtgtgtggaa     71940
     taccatgcac atgtagatgt gggtgtttgt ggagaccaga ggttaatggt ggatgtcttc     72000
     tcagttggtc tccactgcag agagaacatc ttatgtctgc atggatgtgg cgcctgtcaa     72060
     taataaatct gacagcctat ggtgaaagca ggaaccagga ggtgaaacat cctggcggca     72120
     gaaaggattc tgggatagtg tgaggagatt cacccaggga acacgtgaca agccagacgc     72180
     atagtacttg aaaaacaggt aaccagccac ttggcagaat ataggtcaga ataaatgggt     72240
     tatattaagt tatgatctag tgaaagaaga gcctggtagt acggccaagg tatttgtaaa     72300
     tatattttga atatatggga gcatgggatt ggtaggaaga accaggcata acttctatac     72360
     tccacctaac tttttaagac cagttttcac taaacctgga gctcaaagat tccactattt     72420
     tgtctggtta gtaagtgcca aggattcccc tgccctcagc tctacagtgt ctcctctttt     72480
     ggatgctttt ttcatatcac acctagggct tcattgcaca gtctgggagc actgggcaga     72540
     tgaagccagt tttgcaaccc cagatttgta tcaggtctta cttagatgat tgtgaatttt     72600
     tgttgttgtt gttgttattc tgagacaaga cctcttgtag cacatactgg ccccttgctt     72660
     actacgtggc caagaatgat gacttggatg atgaatatcc tcttgtttct acctcttgag     72720
     ttctgggctt acagatgtgt actcttataa cgactatgcc tgcttgtatg tcatgctagg     72780
     gcttcgtgca tgctaggcaa gcattttacc aactgaactc cttcctagag tcaaccttta     72840
     agcctaacta tgtaattgtg gaagagactc gtcttgaatt ttggtacata gattaaaagg     72900
     caggcaaaag acatgcaaat gatactgggc acctatctta gcatacaaga agtgatcgca     72960
     aggcaagagg tgtcaccaca ggtaaagagc actggcctac cagaaagacc ttacaactct     73020
     gcatgggctg tgtgtctcac ttgaagatgt aaaagcaagt agagctatga ggaaggtggg     73080
     caaggtgaca gagatctacc agttgatgat ttagttgggg atagagcatg ggattctggc     73140
     attggtggtg acctgtgttc taattctggt aaaatcagat aaaatcccta agaccctgaa     73200
     ctggagaatc ctgttcagct ccagcctaca gacttgtaca gcttcttaca tatattgtaa     73260
     atactcaggt aataaaatga gtaccctgcc aggtttgtga aacaccaact atcacacagc     73320
     cttgactgag cttggtgcag gggtagaaca ctggcctaga gagtgaggca ttgggttcag     73380
     ttcccagcac tgggaaaaca agaccacagg ctggatgctt ctacagctcc ctgaagaggc     73440
     tgttgccttt cccagtctga ccaggatgaa ccagagtctg cggaagggca cgagaggaag     73500
     cagcaggaag gaggacatga ggaagtaggg tgaacagttg tctttataga cacttgcagc     73560
     aggcagctcc aacgattctg ctggcttctg cacatgggaa ccccttcgac actcaccaat     73620
     ttccagtaca ctgtcgtcat ccagagtctc tgcaaagaca agaactcgga gacatgggag     73680
     ctgcagacac tgccggacaa tcagtttggc cacttggtga atcccgtccc cagtgggaac     73740
     gaacagtttc tccaggttcc tgagagaacc cagagcctgg gctgtgggag acacaagaga     73800
     gccatcctca ggagctgttc cattgtgagc agcttatgac ttacaaggtc tgtcgtctaa     73860
     ggaggtccca cctagcacag gccctcctca tcctgtcctc tccaagggca ggagaagggg     73920
     tcagcacaga gctgctccct gctgctctct gccgctgctt cctccatcct cccccaacct     73980
     gtccgttcac ccaagtcctc actgtctctc cattcccact tcctctccca cagccaggct     74040
     tcctctggct gcaggtcact ttactgactc cacaatgcct tcatcccacc cttctttacc     74100
     accccaccct ctgccagcac ctcaatgatt tcaggctgag gagacccaca ctagacacta     74160
     aagcatgttc caccactgtg acagccctcc ttcccaagta cactctgctc agcaggatag     74220
     tctgtagatc acatgatcac taagtctacc tctgaagccc catagaaact attctgaaaa     74280
     ctttctagca tggaccaatg gtccagattt atctttggct ttccctgttt cagctcttga     74340
     atgaagcatg tctccacaga ccctaattct tttaggaaag agcatttaga aatcaagtcc     74400
     agggattcgg gcagttgata cattgcttgc ttagcatgct tgagaccctc ggcgaaggga     74460
     taacctcttg tgcactgtgt ggaagcagca cctgtcaaag aaaagctgat ggcctcttag     74520
     caaaaggtgg gaagtacaag gttctgggta agagattgca actctgggag atagtcagac     74580
     atgagagatt catctcgaac tctgaggaag tcagacacac gaaactgagg agacgtcact     74640
     aaccatatag aagacagcat agtttaaacc tgttataaca gttatgagct agtcagggaa     74700
     caagccagag cttgcagcct aggcctttat tcataaataa agaagcccct gagtcaatat     74760
     ttgggaactg gggtgcaggt ggaaaagccc gcagttacac ccaggttctg taccatgcct     74820
     ctgacctgca cacatgtact caggtacaaa catgctaaat aactgagcct tggttttgct     74880
     ccattgtttt gataaaaagc aaagcaagat gggtatccag cagctctact gagccaccta     74940
     tgaaaactca gggggtttct tgttcttgcc atatctgctt aacacagcaa aactggatat     75000
     aaaatttcag tttcaaaaca tgctgacaga agttatacta gtatgcacag gatataagtt     75060
     tcacttagtt gggttaaatg atttatttgg gggcttttaa aagacagtct cactctatag     75120
     gctggcctag gactcataat cccgctgcct caccctccca gtgccaccat gggcatgtgc     75180
     caccactcct gggttctaag tgatctttct caaatgggtg acttaagaca tgcatccact     75240
     gaaagaaatt accctaactc tgtacagaaa acaaaactgt ttcaaataga aaagaaatgg     75300
     gcagttgaac cctggtattt gttactagta aagtgctttc tggtcttttc tgtgactgtc     75360
     ccgagagacg cctgtgtatg caaatctaga tttctatata tgtgtataca ttttatggat     75420
     gtttatggaa tagcaaacaa tgaattttca ccaatatttc caattttttg gttctttcct     75480
     ttcttgctga catttgcaaa gcaatttaac ttacatatgt acatagtgtg tatgtgtgtg     75540
     tttctgtttg catgtgtttg tgtgtgtatg tgtgtgttgg catatgtgta gcatggtatg     75600
     gatttaggag tttagagatc aaaggatggc ttttggaagt gggctctttc tcctcccatc     75660
     atatgggtac tagagatcca actcaggtca tcagccttgg tgccaggcct cttacttgct     75720
     gagctgtctc ccagtccttt ttcctgacaa atttatttac aattttggca gacctctatg     75780
     aagaaaatcc tcaacttcac tttgtgacag tatatatgca gtcatttttt ttaaaaagaa     75840
     aaaaatcatt cacttcatta aggattcatt ccaagctagg gcacaggagg ccaaagaatt     75900
     gcttccttat gtctgagaca gatcagcctt ctgcttcagt atttgtaatt ttcttttcca     75960
     gcagcaggga aacttgactt tcttatagtc aggatgcatt tttacatagt gaacctgagt     76020
     cacgtgtcag tggccttctt aggagctgat gttgtctttg gtgctttacc atcatctcca     76080
     aagccatagc aaagccaccc agttgttgtc tccacagaaa ggaagaaaaa ggagggggac     76140
     ccagcctctc ccatgtacac aaaagtctgg gaactactgt gaagacagct ctgtacccaa     76200
     tacctccact atctcctttt cccctgctag tgtctcccat atacaaaatc attgtgttca     76260
     atactgtcta taagattatt tttcttaaaa taaatagaag tctttatatg tattctgaaa     76320
     cctttgaaac aaaaggatat accattttta gagtggaagc ccaacaacaa agctacacag     76380
     tgcgaccatg accagtttct atgctaagat gtcagcaagt atgagaatac tacatttaat     76440
     gatgtaagga tgtgtgggac caatggcttc tggaggtgag actgagcatc aatatgatgt     76500
     tccaaagccc agcatggctg gtgcataacc cttgctgggc atcagcacat ttcaccaacc     76560
     acaggttcaa gttttaacaa ttctgtgtgt actaaacatg tacaggcatt tcttcctcat     76620
     tattctcaga agaacacaat gtaacacatt taaaaacaaa aacaaaacaa aacatggaat     76680
     tgggcattgt aggcaaagga gagatgattt aaagtgtata cgggatgtgt ggggtcagcg     76740
     gcaaacttta ctgcaacatt ttatatcata aaggatcctc tactgtttat agcagcagca     76800
     cgtcctggac ccaactgtca taacttgctt tgttgtaggt tcccaggagg aggagagggg     76860
     aagggaggag gaaaggaata gaaagaagag aaggaggagg aggggaagga ggagggggag     76920
     gtggggaggg gagggagagg gggagaagaa gatcagaaat actgttttat aagcttacca     76980
     cacttttctg atgtttcttt atctgggaat tgttggtctc taagattcaa tatcttcaga     77040
     aaaacaaaat ttggcaaaat gttgactagg aaagggaaaa taaaattgag ttaggtcaga     77100
     tacattccta tgacacagag aacttaaaaa atggtgaaac atgctatagt attcagactg     77160
     aatcactatg actaagtaga agacacaact ctgcaaatga aatatttaaa ctgttgttta     77220
     tgtttaaact gtagtttatg tttaaactgt catttattaa ctgtagttca ttcactctta     77280
     tgagagcctc gctgagaatc aggttttctc acagatccca tgacatcagt ggcacttagt     77340
     tctcaagtat ttaatgactc tgtggacagg agcatctgag gtcaaggctg tacagttctt     77400
     accaaaggtc atggcttcaa agcatcgtcc agaaaactca atctctctga gtttcttgca     77460
     ggaagcaagc acagtcatga gaggctcaca attcgaaagg aaattacact tcagatggaa     77520
     aacatggaga tttggagagt tctgaatcaa cttaactgga aaagatgaaa gatgttcaga     77580
     aattagataa gaccacaaat tcctgtcaaa gttgaacccc cagtccatga gttgcagcca     77640
     cactcattaa acaggcagtg attcagtatc tagatttcag actaccctgg gtttctacac     77700
     tgcaactggc tagtgagcag acgactgggg agaagttcct gatactctct gaatcaggtt     77760
     tctgttcctg tatttcacct tcagtgtcag cattgcaaca tgcctgtgtt tgcacacttc     77820
     acttatgcaa taagaactct ctacagagta acatcaaatg gagaacaatt ctgaaacaca     77880
     acttaaaatg tttttaaatt aagttatcta tttgctgagt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     77940
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgcaa gagcacaaaa gcaccataat atatatgtgg ctatcagagg     78000
     acagctttgg gggaaatctg tttatctctt ttatcttctt gccttgtgat cccacagatc     78060
     caacctaagt tattagcctt ggcagcaagc atccatgagc aatcttcttg gtcagaaaat     78120
     ttttgattgg ttggttagtt tttgtttctg taggccatga aagtgtggaa atcacatagt     78180
     taggctggtt taaagttgtg acagacagtc cttctcaggt atccaccatg gcccatgcta     78240
     gagacttttg gtatgcaaat atgccatgtc agtccccagt ttgtatttct tcagtgttca     78300
     gtgttttaaa aattagaatc tgatggtatt ttaatcattt tgctaaatga catgacctag     78360
     aaagatggct acacagctgt ctggcagcag gaggctggga tggagagaaa tggagaaaag     78420
     gtcaaggctg ctcccagtca gattccttct ccctgagcga tcagatcttt acgtgggact     78480
     aaaacagcag cacaagaaga gaactcctca cactgctgtg gagaggaagg gataggagtg     78540
     gacagctcaa gttgtagagt cagatcttct gtttgaagat acactttcat tgcctgataa     78600
     cctgagcagt cgatgacctc agttccccca gtagacagtc aacaatcatc attatgcctt     78660
     ctctcacaca gtgggtatga ggagtgaact agtatctgtg aagtgctcag aacagttcct     78720
     gacacgttag agactcgggt tagaaataaa tctctgccag tcctgtcctc aggctccata     78780
     ctgtactcgt gtgccagggg cacagttggg gagtgcaggc atcagtgttt ctttccctgt     78840
     agctgcagga taagaacttc aacataatgt ggagggaggc cctgagatcc ttcaggagtc     78900
     atgtacacat tcgagtctat gaaggagcca aagtaacatt ccagcttttt ctggatcctc     78960
     cagaactcat ccttaaatct ctgtggttgg tgaaactgaa tcgttgccct cttctgatca     79020
     aattcttttc tcagctgaaa aaaaaaccct gtgctttcca tccttacata aaccttcgtc     79080
     ttcccacgga tgcaccagca gacattcaag cttctttcat aggatagccc ttggttgcag     79140
     aaactcttta gatctgagag gctgaacaga gactggtaat atggggccag tgaaggatca     79200
     tccctctgaa tgagaagggg cttttgttcc cagaattcct tgaaaaaaaa aactctccac     79260
     tttgatgagt gagattaaac tttcaaggaa actactgggg ctgtcaaagt ttaatgcaga     79320
     aatcgtatca ggcagctcct ccttcacctg cttgtgagga acagaatctt cttcgttctc     79380
     atcccctgtg ggcttcactt tctctggcat tgttcacaag tagggaggaa atgctgtttc     79440
     atgttgtctg aaagttgact tggctacagc atggaggggt gggacagcgt tatacctggt     79500
     tttgcttatt tgtagttgtt taaaatggga gtaacactta attgtctgtc actgagttag     79560
     aaaaagaaaa gaaaaaaaga aagaaatctc tgccttcctg atgattaaga gcactggtcc     79620
     caccctttcc catggacaca gttcatgctg tcaggcccag ggaagttttg attaatgatg     79680
     atttaatggt tctaacaatt actagccaac tagcttttcc agctgagatg tgaactggag     79740
     atcaagcacc atcccttacc tagtttggag aggtcagact ccgtggaggt tctgatggat     79800
     aacttctcca tgtgatggag gtttgggaac tctctaggaa gaactgagag cacatccggt     79860
     ttgccatcta gtctcacaca cagttctttc aggcccagga acttgtgcaa gttatggaag     79920
     agctgttctg gaaagcagca cagagttccc atcactcaag agccccaagt gcaagttctc     79980
     aaggtgcttc agccatattc atacttccaa gatgaaactc ctcagacatc ctaacgtctg     80040
     attaggaagc acatgcatga agttactgcc agctgcagca tctgctgatc atgggcagac     80100
     tctagggcaa gccctgtgct ggactctaga ctcacaaaaa taactgacat ctccataacc     80160
     aacagtgtgg gaacatctag ttttgcacat acaaaagcat gcacagctag actcctgcct     80220
     ccaactcata aaaggcaaaa attgggttaa tgacacatgt acaagataaa actataaaac     80280
     tcttacaaga aaaaggtaat gtttagaatc atggacttta aaatgtatct ttagatgtgt     80340
     tataagaagc agtagcaata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     80400
     tatatatata tatatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tatgtatata tatcagacct catcaaaatt     80460
     aacaatcatt catgtatcca cataaagagg taaaatgaca acatacagaa tgcgaggaaa     80520
     aggctttcaa acaatgtgtc tgataaaggt tttgatgggt ttaatttttt ttcaagctgt     80580
     tgatgggctt tgcacatggt aggcaaatgc tttcccagta agatatctca cctatagctg     80640
     aagggtttaa tgcccacaat atgcaaagaa ctcctacagc agaacaattt tgtcttgttt     80700
     gagaaagggt ctcactcgat ttcccaggtt ggttgagaac tcattgtgta gagttggcct     80760
     cagactcatg gcaatcctcc tacctcaacc tctgaagtgt caagattaaa agtacaaccc     80820
     atgatgcatc atcaaatctt tcaaattatg aagaatagac atttctaaaa aaaaaagcca     80880
     ttatgagcag ttgagaatat gttcagtctc attcagtccc tgggagaatg caaattccag     80940
     ccacaggaga ggacactgac tggctggagt atgtttatga tgagccaaag aggagggaga     81000
     ataaacctaa aggagatgca gaaaatgttg agacttgcac attgttggtg gggaggtgaa     81060
     ttggagtagc caccttgaaa cacacttggg aagtttcttt aaggttaaat gtagggggag     81120
     atactgatgg taaggtctgg ctccttaatt ggttcttgtt ttggtcaata aagaaggtgg     81180
     gagccaattg ctgggggaag gagaaaggtg ggacttccag gtcccaggag gaaatgcaga     81240
     cacagggaaa gagatgaggc acttttcggc caggctttag aatgagaagc atgcaacaac     81300
     catgtaagat ctcgggatag ctagaactgg tgacctctgc cagtggtgga tggctgataa     81360
     ggttaggcca ggagatgcta tacctattaa ttgtgttatc aggcaagttc aaagataata     81420
     acactgtctg aatgcttttt cttccacaaa gcaaaggtgt gcagagataa agagaagctg     81480
     ggtggttgat ggtggcttgg tgaagctaac ctggaagggg ctaggaggag gcttgcagct     81540
     cctgggagag gccatagctg ggtgttggtg gagctaaggt aggaggaatg ggcaagtcag     81600
     gtgtgggact ggtgacagcc gatctcagag ctaagccagg agcaaggacc acagtcccag     81660
     gaaaggcgat agtgtgttct taaaattaca tgcaagagtt aaactcaaag aagatgtggt     81720
     agcccacaga tgatgtcatc ccagtgactg ggaggaagag gaaggaggat taccaagaat     81780
     gaactcaagg ctagccagta ttacaaagtt ccatggtagt ctagactata gaatgagacc     81840
     ctgtctcaaa acattagaat ggccatagga ccaagcgagt ctgttactcc tagaactata     81900
     tccaaaccag ctgacagcag ggatcaaaat gacacttgta acacatatga tcatgacagc     81960
     attcctcata atacctggaa gatgagatgg gaacaatcag tgctcatagt ggataaaagg     82020
     acaagcaaaa tgtaaaagta caacccacca cgccttatca gctctctcag attgattcta     82080
     aagagtcaga atagacgttt ctccaaaaaa gtgacatata tttacacaat ggaatattat     82140
     tgattctgga agtcctgatc ctctcacctc tgcctcctga gtgctcagac tgtgcacatg     82200
     tataaccaca caaactttat acagtgctgg gacttgaata cagagcttcg tctattctac     82260
     ccaccaaaaa aacatctctg gtactgcttt gtctctagtt tacatgagat aaacatcatt     82320
     tttagatctg tgggatgatt tttattatca aagtaaaaaa tgtcttttat tttctccaag     82380
     actagatgtt ggagcatgtc tgtaatctgg aactcagaaa gtgggatcag gaggctcagg     82440
     cagttcaggt aatagtcaaa gacaaaatga attcaaagcc agactaagct acatgagacc     82500
     atctcctaag agtggcatat ggcacaggga tatggcttag tgagaaaaag ctcttgtctc     82560
     aagcctacca acctcatttt aatccaaaag atccatggtg gaagggaaga atggtgttcc     82620
     tgaggttgcc caccccatac ctatgctgtg gcatggtcat atgcccatac acacatctgc     82680
     aaacacacat acaaatgtaa atcctatacc ccccaaggtc accaaaagca catcttgctt     82740
     ttgtcttgtt tgttttaaat tttttgcaaa ctgatgttaa aggtcagtct gcagcggatt     82800
     gccactggca tccggttact tccagttctt ttgccatggt taaatggtgg gacccattaa     82860
     ctaatacatg gaacggtcca gaccttgttt taatctgggg aagaggttct gtctgtgttt     82920
     ttccacaaaa agaagatgga gcacgatggc tgcctgaaag actggttcgt caaatggaca     82980
     caaatcctga atcttctagt aagtatgatt ctaacttctt tgatggctaa aaatcctttt     83040
     tagccaaaaa agttaatttg gagcacagcc tccaatctca gataattttt gtcttttctg     83100
     ctaattctca aagtcacctc ccccacacag aggtcagagt ctgagctgga tcgttgctaa     83160
     tttgcaactg aataaagtac ctagacttcc ccaaagaagc ttttgtcctg ttgcttttca     83220
     actatctcga ctttattttt caagcaggtg agtctctcct tacagcctga tttcagcaaa     83280
     tgtgcagcct cacctccagc aagtgcaggt ggcagaaatt catcaatatg aagaagcata     83340
     ttaagtatat attgtggctt tggtctgatt tgggaataag gtgtgctatg aggactggtc     83400
     agccaatgac aggcaaccag atttcggagc tatatcaatc taagacagag gtacatacca     83460
     agaggctgtg gtttgttaat aatacaccac agagccatgt ttgtgtaaaa taaacacaaa     83520
     caagctgcat gtatgctcct tgacagataa gaatggcttg ggaaaatctg agtcaccaag     83580
     ccgccagcca ccataactcc taggcaggac tatggagcat aaataaattt tacgtctcag     83640
     tccagctatt tttattatat aatcaggggg gaaattgtag cctccctcag cattgaagca     83700
     ggctgattca gaatttgctg cactgaatat gagatcacct gtggtgtagc cttccaactt     83760
     agatggctat attgttatgt caactactgc tgctcctctc caagactctg ctacctgctg     83820
     agagaccctt gagcagccta caggctggct ccaggcacca agaatggatt ggcaggggat     83880
     gggcctctcc ccctttataa gcacattctc ttagtaaact ctctggcttt gatcagagaa     83940
     aactcgtctt ggtctcatta ttttctctca aagtctagtc tctctctctc tttcagcccc     84000
     agcctgcctt ccagaaatac ccggttcatg tagggcacag gccagcttac tactactaca     84060
     taaaacacac tcaaacaaaa aaattaaaac acaaaactgt agacaagaaa agcattcctt     84120
     agcatgcaac agctagccta gttataatta tgaaaatttt aaaaaccaag catttacatt     84180
     gctatcaaaa cacataaatg actataaaga aaatttaatg aaagtcagag agactgtact     84240
     aaaagtcatc acatactact tacggaacga caaaactaat agatatttgt tttcgttggt     84300
     ttctgtcacc ttgaaacaag ccagagttat cagggaagag gatcctaaat ttaggatgcc     84360
     tatagggaag tctgcatttt tttttgacta gtggttaatg agggaggggc caactcagtg     84420
     ggaaagatgg tgccaaccct gggcaggagg ttgggagttg aataagaagg cagttattcc     84480
     taggaaataa gtagccatgg gaaaagaagc tacacttctc tctgctctgg tctacagttc     84540
     tgccatgaaa ttgttcaatg atagactgtg tgacatggga gttggaaagt atgataaaca     84600
     catttatccc caagttgctg gtcagaatgt tttattacag caacagaaac ataagtaaga     84660
     ctatattgtt ctctcttttt aattcttctt ctagagaagc taaaccccct cttccttctg     84720
     acaaccagag tgggaataat tctccagcat catcttactc acagtccacc atttactaat     84780
     aacaattcaa gtgcccttaa aagctgttca agcaatggag ttagtattaa gcaaactttt     84840
     tgtgaatcat atgaaaatca gtctatgatt cagggcctta tattgattta tacactgccc     84900
     caaacagtgt aagtgtttag atctcgtcta ttgaggtaca tttatgaaga gataaaactg     84960
     agatgtttca ctcatctaag ccataaatga gacgcagtgt caagcagagt ggctatggga     85020
     atacacttgg ggatacctgg taactggttt gtctctgaga cctcgagaga ctgcagggca     85080
     ggcagggtga gaagcagctc ctgatcttct ctgctgagct ccagcctgga catggaacac     85140
     ttggtgacag aggccttact cagctccaga gctgggcaga tgctttcaag gaagccactg     85200
     ctgttgaata aacggaactc aatactctgt gaagctgaga agacttccat gaggacctgg     85260
     agcagtgctt gatctgctgg acctgtgttg gtcacttgaa cttccagctt ggggatcttg     85320
     tatggcttgg gggacagttt ccagtagcca gtactaatat ttagtgggat ctggtgtttc     85380
     atatcctcat acttctttat tatgtgtttc ttttcagata aatttttctg gacttcattt     85440
     ataggttgaa aggcaatggc atagtcctga tctatagttg gtggctgtac tttttcaaaa     85500
     gatttttcta tgagtgaaaa atcgattctc tgtacccagt tatttccatt taatgagatc     85560
     ttaatactct tcaataacaa caaggtttct ggatggtccc aaaagtactg taaactcaaa     85620
     actttcaaat ccagtgttct ccctcgaagg aactgcaaaa taactggaga acatgcagca     85680
     actgtgttgc tttcatgagc aaagtttaga caaatgcgca ataagttttc tgaaatgaac     85740
     aaagaaaaag attcaggaga cagctgccac aatcctctaa gacactcaat ccacagcaaa     85800
     gcttctggat ggagcttcat gtaatcctca ttttcagaca tgttctccag tgactcgttc     85860
     tcatccacca actgaagcaa atgagataca actgttggtg ctgcctttga tgaagggtgg     85920
     ctggagacat atttcaaaaa agtgtggtag atgctcatag cctttagagg tgagttaatt     85980
     tgtctcaaat aataaagtcc cagatcttgg tcttcctgcc tatctgaact caggagttca     86040
     gtcaacctca ctgcagcaag aaactcctgg aacagaggac ctaaaaaccg gtagactggc     86100
     ctcagtctct gggcggtgaa tttgctcatc aagcaggtgg tgagctcttc atcttcatca     86160
     actcctgcct ctgccaggtt atcactattg aactcaaagc acgatgagaa aagccctgtc     86220
     aaggccagct gcccacatga ggacacggtg gcctggagag gcttagctgc acctttgtgc     86280
     tttaaggaca agtattgcat ataggccttg aaaagtgcca catcctgaaa gggctggtca     86340
     gatggatttt taaaccagtc agtacatact gctgccacga agaggggtgt cttgtgaatt     86400
     ccctgcaact cttcatgaaa tccaaagtaa tttataaatt ttcgtacacg cattatgtca     86460
     tgtgaaaaaa gcttccgtaa cacagagaca gtattataga agggaaactc tttgatctct     86520
     agactcgtat ctaggtatgg gcggatgccc ctgaccttgt ttgtatgcac agcgatcaat     86580
     aagcaggtcc gtgacaagta gttttttgta atcagtgtgt gtagggcttg ggggagtgag     86640
     gccagcccac tgtagtcatc caacaggaac agcacctggt gttgtaactg ctggatgatg     86700
     ctgctcagac acacttcact aatgcagcct cctgccccta ggagttgggc acagatgatt     86760
     ttggccagtt cctggcctgg tgtgatggaa ctaagggaga ggtagaagac cagctggaac     86820
     ctgtacaaca gggggcagca tcctgatgcc cagagaaaag ctatcctctt caggaaggtt     86880
     gtctttccac tgccagcttc cccctccaca cacatgacag agttgagatt ggagaagacc     86940
     tcagggatcg tcagggaccc ttgcactggc tggctgatgt gctttgaaat gatggacaca     87000
     tcgcagctga tcaagtggtc agtgccgagg ctggagtaca cttctggcaa gttcatgtgg     87060
     cggaaagtag ctttggtgta ggtgtctctc agctgctcac tcagactcct ggcctcttga     87120
     agccactggg cttcactctg acccaagtct gtggagggaa gataggtccc actggatgca     87180
     catccacgcc cttgggcttc actgtggtcc tggtctctac agagaacaga cacaaagctg     87240
     gatgcaggtt caagttcctg ggcttcactt ggagaaacat ctgtagggga tagaatggag     87300
     acccagtttg aaatgcattc aaacctccta ggatttgtta cactgtcctg cctctcaact     87360
     atggctggcc tttcctacag tgtccatgac ctacaatttg aggtcctccc agaccttttc     87420
     atagcatcag aatcctgttc aagcctccca cttgacctgg gggattaggc aggattctga     87480
     agaatactct gtcaccctag ttcccttctg agctctcagg agaccagctt gctgcatggt     87540
     gcctttaatg ctggctggtc tgggtctgac acaaggactc tgttcttagt cctgcattta     87600
     ctctcaggaa gccacaggaa tgcaactctc tcatccacac ttcccttcac ctcagtgctt     87660
     tcctctctag cagctccctg gacaattata aatacacttt cctttcaaat cctatggatc     87720
     aatacccaga atcccatgct gcttttcagt gcttacccac cactgtagaa tgaactgctg     87780
     ctgcatcacc atggttgctt tcacttgtgg tttcctttaa aagagaaatc ctttattaca     87840
     tcaaaactgg gtcttaaatc aagatagggc actatattat cactgatgtc caccatcctc     87900
     tcaaaacaga ctacactcaa tgctgagtga aggaagagtg ctccacacat tgaagtgtta     87960
     acctcacaca tctgcacaag tgtatgccta ggtagtacat gcacagtata tgcatcctcg     88020
     ctatggggag cactgtggga gtactcaaat tgtaccatgt acaacaagaa tggtcctcaa     88080
     gagcattaag cacagcctct gtccttagtc attagttaag tctccttaca tgtttaagtc     88140
     agacactggg atggatgcag aaggattatt gcacacacac attttgagta agagagtttc     88200
     atgtagtgta ggctggtctg gaattcctgt gtatcgaagg ataacacttc gtcctccttt     88260
     ctccacttcc caagtgaaag gagcctccac acacctctgg cttcaaaaat catgcttttt     88320
     tctattctag gactctaaaa gtcttaccac acatagtttt gttcagagtt gaagacctct     88380
     ttgtgtctat taggggaatg tctagtagct gagcttcaat ccctgcactt acaatgtcaa     88440
     ctgcacatct gacaaaaggc aatctataaa caactcagga aactcgacat caacaaacca     88500
     aatcaaccat ttaaaaacat ttaaaattag agattctcaa cagagaaatc gctaaaggcc     88560
     tagaagcact caaaggaatg tttagcatcc ttagacttca gggaaatgca aatcaaaatg     88620
     actctgagat tccattttac cctcctgaga atggctaaga tcaaaaactc attcaacact     88680
     ttatactgtt gaggatgtgg agcaaggggc aacacttctc cattgatgat gtgaatgcaa     88740
     acttgtacag tcacttggga aaccaatttg gtggtttctc agaaaattga aaatagatct     88800
     acctcaagat ccagctatac cactcctagg catatagcca aagtatgttc catcctacga     88860
     ttaggacact tgctcaacca tgtgcatagc tgctttactt gtaagagcca gaaactggaa     88920
     acaacctaga tgacactcca tggaagaatg gattaaaaaa tatgtggtac atttacacga     88980
     tggattatta gtcagctatt aaaaataata acatcatgaa atttgcaggc aaactgatgg     89040
     aactaaaaaa tatatcatcc cgagtgaggt tacccaaaga cccaaaaaga aaaaacatag     89100
     tttctactca cttataacgc tatattaccc attaagtaag gaataaccat gctacaatcc     89160
     ataggcccaa agaagctaaa tagcaaggag ggctcaagtg gggttgtgtg aatctcactg     89220
     agaaggggaa ataaaataga gatcatgagt ggatggggga ggggactaag tgattatggg     89280
     agggagatgg gagcagaagg gatcaggtgg gggaggacaa aggaagaaag tactggaaga     89340
     gacaacttca atggaggtga catctctggg atgagctaga aacctatggc aaaggaaact     89400
     cccaggaatc tacgaaaatg attcctagca atgggagata tggagcctga acgggtcttc     89460
     tcctataatg aggcagaact tccaatagag agactaggac accaaccaag ctgcaaaact     89520
     tcaaactaca atttgtcctg cctacacaat gtgcagaggt aaagatggag cagaaattca     89580
     gggagtggcc aaccaatgac tagtccatct gagacccatg ccatgagaga aagcccatca     89640
     tgacattgtt aacaatgtta ggctaggctt gcagaaagga gcctagcata actgttgtca     89700
     tcagagaggt ttcatccagc aactggtgga aacaattgca gagacccaca gccgaacatt     89760
     agggagagct tggggagtcc tatggaagat ggaaaggaag gattgaagga gcccgaggag     89820
     ttgaggatat cgaagaaaac ctatgaattc actaacctgg gctcataggg gctcacagag     89880
     actgaactgc caaccagaga gcatgagtgg gtcctctgca catatggaac agatgtgtag     89940
     cttggtcttc atgtaggaca actaacagca ggagcaggca ctgcctctaa ctcgattgcc     90000
     tgattgtggg acccattccc tagtctagcc tcaagaggag aagatgtgcc aagtcctact     90060
     gcaacttgat gtgccaaggc tggttgatat tcatgggagg cctacctttt tctgatgaga     90120
     aggaaaagag gagtagattg ggggcagagg aggggggcaa gatggactag gagaagaaga     90180
     gagaggggaa acttctgcca cttcaggctc cattaattaa ttaatggaac tgaaaattca     90240
     aaatacaaga gatttatcag gtcaaccagg attgctaagt tgttttgttt ttctttattt     90300
     ttcctccatt ttcgtttgtg ttttaaaaaa gatttattta tttatttatt tatttattta     90360
     tttatgtatt tattgtgtac agagttctgc ctgcatatat gcctgtacac cagaagagga     90420
     tgccagatct cttacagatg gttatgagcc actatgtggt tgctgggatt tgaactcagg     90480
     acctctcatc ctttggttgc tgagatttga acagtcaggg ctctcatcct ttgagccatc     90540
     tctccagccc ttgtttgtgt ttgttgctgt tgttattgtt gttctgttgt ttgaagtgct     90600
     gtcttatact atggtccagg ctaatattga actaagtatt ctcctgcctt agcttctaga     90660
     ctgttgtttt tcaggtatga gtcaccatgc cattctctgt tctgttgcat gagaaccagc     90720
     atacctattg ttgtcatact atgaggtgat agtgaactga tagattgtat gtcacagaaa     90780
     catgtaggac ttagactgct atctgagttc acaatcttgc tgcccatttg ctttccttaa     90840
     agacataagc ctgcaggtca gggatgttgc tctgtcatag attcattgca tagcacgcac     90900
     aagaccttgg gtttgatttc cttgattgca gtaaagaaca agaatcaaat gggaaaggtg     90960
     gcacacattc ataatcccag catttggaat gtttaaaaag aaggattaca gattctcaga     91020
     cagtctggaa tttgaaaata gcaagttcaa agtcagcctg agctgtacag tgagaacctg     91080
     tcccaaacaa aatttcaacc aaacaaaatg aaacctgcct tgcacatctc aaaagaagta     91140
     agaagtcaag cccactgccc tccagagatt gaagatgggg tccaggtagc ttggatgatt     91200
     atcagaaata aggctgaaag aatttcacca agtagacttc ttacaggaga aggggtggac     91260
     tgtgtgtttc atggagctag atattgggtc accctcattc actgagaagt tcctgtctac     91320
     acttatcact ggagagtgct ttttagatac ttgtacaatt tccttaagtc tgatacattt     91380
     acaaatggca agggctgttc acaaaagtgt tccaccacac aatcgtgttg ctgagtcaga     91440
     agagggcagt gttcattacc atggcttctg gaagtgcaca gtggctctga agggctggaa     91500
     tcacttctgc agaggacttc agggtttgga gaaacacaca gctatgcaga ggagagaaaa     91560
     gtcataaaat ggttcagtgc agttaagtgt tttcattagc tttgtagaaa catgaagatt     91620
     cagggccaag aatgaagtag aaagctaaca ttttcagtga ccctgtcagt gttgcactgt     91680
     ataaacattc agtctctggc tttcaataac ataataaatg tggtttgtaa agtaatggta     91740
     aggatattcg gggaatgtgt tgggatgagt acagagttat tttctgtcca tgatccaaga     91800
     tgagaaaact ctatccattc ttgaaaaaag aaagaaaaca gggtaaaaat tgtctaaaca     91860
     aagtgtgcaa cttagaattt aattaggaat aatatactat catgtgttca gactgtcaaa     91920
     aacaaacaaa cacacaagat tcaagtgtgc caactacata aaacctatgt taaatgtaaa     91980
     aacacaggta tcatcaatta aattaaattt taaattataa tattcagggc ttagagatga     92040
     cactctggac aaatacttgc tggatgaaca tgaagaactg agtttaaatc ttcagcactt     92100
     atgtaaaaag ctagacagtg ggtgcggtga ctttaatctt agttctggca agggagggac     92160
     aagaagatct caggggctta ctagagagcc agttaagtct aacaggtaag ttcgagggtt     92220
     agtgagacac cttgttagac agaactacag atctattgct caacatacaa tacactttgc     92280
     tttcaggatt gagagaaatc aagtcgaaga ggctctgcag tctgtgagga agaaaggcta     92340
     tcagcagtat tacccacggg caaaacaggc aggatttgtc cagtgctgag tagtggcatg     92400
     aaggtttggg ggtaaccaac tgcttttgaa ctggatcgga ggcctgcttc acaggagaga     92460
     attcatactg gtactctcaa cctggtcaag ctggatatca tggtccacat ctgtaaatct     92520
     cagcacttgg gtggcaaagg caagcagatc tctgtgagtc aaaggttaga ctgctctaca     92580
     tagcaagttc agacaagcta ccgctacata ccaagaccct atctcaaaaa agacaatacc     92640
     ccactctcat caatggatag atcttggaaa cagaaactaa acagggacac agtgaaacta     92700
     acagaagtta tgaaacaaat ggatttaaca gatatctaga gaacatttca ccctaaaaca     92760
     aaaggataca ccttcttttc agcacctcat ggtaccttcg acaaaatcaa ccatataatt     92820
     ggccacaaag caatcctcaa cagataaaag aagatagaaa taataccatg catcctatca     92880
     gatcaccatg gcccaaggtt ggtcttcaat aacagcaaaa actacagaaa gcccacatac     92940
     acatggaaac tgaataactc tttactcggg gataacttgg tcaaggaaga aataaagaga     93000
     gaaattaaag acttcatgga atttaatgaa aatgttgaca catcataccc aaacctatgt     93060
     gacacaatga aagcagtgct aagaggaaag ttcatagtac taagtgccct ggtaaagaaa     93120
     ctggagacat cttacacaaa caatttaaca gcacacctga gagctctaaa acaaaaagaa     93180
     gcaaactcac ccaagaggag tacaaggcag gaaatactca aactcagggc cgaaatcaac     93240
     caaatagaaa caaagaaaac aatacaaaga atcagcaaaa ccaaaagctg gttttttgaa     93300
     agaatcaaca agatagataa acccctagct aaattaacta aagggccaag aggcaggatc     93360
     caaactaata aaatcagaaa tgaaaaggga gacattacaa cagaaatgga ggaaattcaa     93420
     aaaatcatca gctcttacta taaaagccta tactaaagaa aactggaggg agtgggggtg     93480
     ggtgggtatg ggggactttt ggtatagcat tggaaatgta aatgagctaa atacctaata     93540
     aaaaatggaa agaaaaaaaa agaaaactgg aaaatctaga tgaaatggat ggttttctag     93600
     acagatgcca cataccaaag ttaaatcaag agcaggtaaa ctatctaaac aggcccatat     93660
     cacacaagaa aatagaagtc attaaaaaac ctcccaacca aaaaagccca gggccagatg     93720
     gatttagtac agaattctac agaccttcga agaagacctg ataccaattt tccccaaact     93780
     attccataaa atagaaacag aaggaacatt acctaacttg ttatatgaag ccacaataaa     93840
     gaccacataa ggacccaacc aaaaaagaga acttcagacc aatctcgctt atgactatcg     93900
     atgcaaaaat actcaataaa attcttgcac accaaatcca agaacacatc aaaaccacca     93960
     ttcaccacaa tcaagtaggt ttcatcccag ggatgcaagg ttggtttaat ataagacaat     94020
     ccattaacat aacccagcat ataaacaaac tcaaagaaaa aaatcacatg atcttttcat     94080
     cttagatgca gaaaaagcat ttgacaaaat aagcacccct tcatgttaaa agtcttggag     94140
     agatcaggaa ttcaaggccc aaacctagac ataataaaag caatttactg caaaccaaca     94200
     gccaatatca aattaaatag agacatactt gaagcaatcc tattgaaatt ggggacaaga     94260
     caaggatgct cactctcccc atatctattc aatatagtac tcgaaatgtt agctagaaca     94320
     acaagacaac aaaaagagat caaggggata caaatttgta aagaagaaat aaaggtatca     94380
     ctatttgcag atgatatgat agtatacata agcaacccca aaaattctac cagagaactt     94440
     ctccagctga taaacaattg cagcaaagtg acctgatata aaatcaactc aaataaatca     94500
     gtagcctttc tttatacaaa caataaacag gctgagaaag aaattacaga aacaattccc     94560
     ttcacagtag cctcaaagag tataacatat catggggtaa ctctaaccaa acaaatgaaa     94620
     gacctgtatg acaataactt caagtctctc aagagagaaa tcgaagaaga tctcaggaaa     94680
     tggagagatc actcatgctc atgaattggc agaattaaca tagtaaaaat ggcaaaaacc     94740
     cagaatagtg gaaacaattc tctctctctt tctttctttt ctttctctct ctcttccttc     94800
     cttccttcct tcctttctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctttctttct ttcctttctc     94860
     tctctttctt tctttttctt tcttccttcc tctctctttc tctctctcct tctttctctt     94920
     tctctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc     94980
     tttcttgtga aaacaattct taaaaataaa agaatggctg ggggaaatca ccatccttga     95040
     cctcaagctt tactacagag caatagtgat aaaaacagca tggtattggt acagagacag     95100
     acatgttgat caatggaata gaattgaaga cccagaaata aaaccataca cttactgtca     95160
     cttgatcttt gacaaaaata tacaatggaa aaaaagaaag tgagtactac tcagctatta     95220
     aaaagaatga atttatgaaa ttcctagcca aatggatgga cctggagggc atcatcctga     95280
     gtgaggtaac acaatcacaa aggaacccac acaatatgta ctcactgata agtggatatt     95340
     agcccagaaa cttaggatac ccaagatata agatacaatt tgctaaacgc atgaaactca     95400
     agaagaatga agaccaaagt gtggacactg tgccccttct tagaattggg aacaaaacac     95460
     ccatggaagg agttacagag acaaagtttg gagctgtgac gaaaggatgg accatctaga     95520
     gactgccata tccgggatcc atcccataat cagcttccaa acgctgacac cattgcatac     95580
     actagcaaga ttttgttgaa aggacccaga tatagctctc tcttgtgaga ctatgccggg     95640
     gcctagcaaa cacagaagtg gatgctcaga gtcagctaat agatggatca cagggctccc     95700
     aatggaggag ctagagaaag tacgcaagga gctaaaggga ttggcaaccc tataggtgga     95760
     acaacattat gaactaacca gtaccccgga gctcttgact ctagctgcgt atgtatcgaa     95820
     agatggccta gttggccatc actggaaaga gaggcccatt ggacacacaa actttatatg     95880
     ccccagtaca ggggaacgcc agggtcaaaa aaatgggaat gggtgggtag ggaagtgggg     95940
     ggagggtatg ggggactttt gggatagcat tggaaatgta attgaggaaa atacgtaata     96000
     aaaaaataaa gttggagtga atgattaaaa aaaaaaagaa agcatcttca ataaatagtg     96060
     ctggtctaac tggctctctg tatgtagaag aaagaaaata gacccatatt tgtcaccttg     96120
     cacaaagtcc aagtggatca aggacctcaa cataaaacct gatacactca atctaataga     96180
     agagaaagtg ggaaagagcc ttgaactcat tagcacagga agaaatttcc taagcagaac     96240
     tctaatggct catgctctaa gatcaagaat tgataaatga gacctcatga aactggaaag     96300
     cttctgtaag gcaaaggaca tagtcaatag gacgaatcgg caacctacag atttggaaaa     96360
     aaaaaaaaac ttcactaacc ccatatccag tagagagcaa atatccaaaa tatataaaga     96420
     actcaagaag ttaataacca aaaactaaac aacccaatca aaaaatgggt tatagaacta     96480
     aactgagaac tcacaactga ggaatatcta atggctgtga agtacctaaa gaaatgttca     96540
     aagtccttaa tgatcagagt aatgcaaatc aatgaccctg agattccacc tcacaccaat     96600
     caaaatggct aagatcgaaa cctcagttga taacacatgt tggagaggat gtggagaaag     96660
     aggaacactc ctctattgct ggtgggattg caaactggta caaccactct ttaaatcaat     96720
     ctggaggttc ctcagaaaat tggaaataga tctacctgaa gacccagcta taacactctt     96780
     gggtatatac ccaaaagatg ttgcaccatc ccacaggggc acatgttcca ccatgtttat     96840
     agtggcatta tttgtgataa ccagaagctg gaaacaaccc agatgtccca caacagaaga     96900
     acagttcatt tacacattgg aatactactc aaatattaag aacgaggaca gcctaagttt     96960
     ttcaggcaaa tggatggagc tagaaaatat catcctaagt gaggtaaccc agacccaaaa     97020
     ggacatacgt ggtatgtact cactaataag tcgatattag caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaatac     97080
     agaataccca agatacagtg cactgagctc aaaaagctca acaagctaaa gtgcacaagt     97140
     gaggatgcct cagtctcact taagagagag aagaaagcaa tcacaagtga ggagggaggg     97200
     agggagggag ggagggacct gggaaggaaa gtggataggg tgggagggag agcagggaga     97260
     ggggaaccta atctggtatt gggtgaggga aaaggactga agccctgagg gccaacagaa     97320
     agaatgtaaa aaggcaactc aggaaatagg aggttggggg gacccctcag agtacaccag     97380
     agacctgaga ggtaagagac tcccaggact caaagggagg gaccttagat gaaatgcccg     97440
     acagtaggga gggggaattt atagagccca tctccagcag gaagacagga catcaagtga     97500
     gggatgggat tgccatccca cagtcacacc tctaacccat aattgtttcg acatgtctga     97560
     aagaattaca gggatggaaa tggagaggag cctgaggaaa agaaggtcca gtgataggcc     97620
     caaactggca tccagctcaa ggggaggtcc caaggcctga cactattaca aagtctctgg     97680
     agcacccaca aaaaggggcc tatcatgact ggcctccaaa agacccagca agcagctgaa     97740
     agagtcagat gcacatattt gcacccaacc aatggtcaaa agcagctgac ccctgttgtt     97800
     gaattaggga aggctgaaag aagctgagga gaagggcgag cctgtaggag gaccagcagt     97860
     cttaattaat ctggacccct gagatctttc aaacactgga ccaccaaata gacagcatac     97920
     accagctgat aagaggcccc ccaacacaca tacagtagag gagttcttgg tctatgttca     97980
     ttcagagatg atgcacctaa ccctcaaggg actggagacc ccagggagtt tagaggtcag     98040
     gtagggtgag ggggttgggg catccacatg gaggacgggt ggggtgtgga ggaggtgtgg     98100
     gatgtggagc agttggacgg tggatggggg atggtgaatg gaatatggag tgtaaaaaat     98160
     gaattaaaaa ataaaataaa taagactaca agcacagtca gcctaaaagc aggccctcat     98220
     ataataaatc tgtttactct ggaggagaca ctctttagat tcttaatttt aacttacagg     98280
     gtttataata aaaataaatt ctgttctgtt tatattttct aatcgtgact gaacttgtaa     98340
     ccctagacat gtattaaaat atcaagcaca caatctgtac ttgtgggata accgttagtc     98400
     tttctttgct ctgtgaaaat tgtataatga agcaatctga ttgctagtca gccagagctg     98460
     tgagattccc aacccccttg cctgattcac tcccctctct ccttctctta ctccttattt     98520
     cctctgtggg ccaccctgat catggcaggg gcagctcccc acctcttgtc caccccccct     98580
     ctcccccggc aatcagaaaa ggaggggcaa agtgctctga cacgccgcct gttgaacatt     98640
     aagaccattg cactcatgtg gttactgagt aaccttacct gtggttactg gaaccagacc     98700
     acacaagacc aagccaacct ctccccagaa ccaggagcat gattgagatc tgtcactacc     98760
     tgtgtcatct tgagagaaaa tctgggtgtg gtagagcatg cctggaatcc agcacttggg     98820
     agcgggaggt agtaggatta agcaattaag gtcatcctcc ctaaatcctg agtttgaggc     98880
     cattatcggt tatctgagac cctgtttcaa agacctgtca cccaacaaaa agagtaggta     98940
     agccaggtgt catggtagca catgcctgtg ctttagtatc catgagactg aggcaggagc     99000
     atgtgaatgg gagaaaaacc agggctgggt agcaaatcaa gatcagctac ttagtaaaaa     99060
     aaattttttt gaaacaagat ttctctgtgt aaccctggct ctcctggaac tcactttgta     99120
     gacatagtaa aatcttgtct ctgtatcttt ttctctgtct ctgtctctgt ctgtctctct     99180
     ctcccacaca cacatacaca gagcagaaat ggaacaaaac aaaataaaca acagaagaag     99240
     agcaggcaaa gctaaaggtg tgtgtgtgtc tttgtgtatg tctgtgtatg tgtgtccctc     99300
     tgtgtctgtg tgtgtgcctg tgtgtttgtg tgtgtctctg tgtttgtgtg tatgtgtgtt     99360
     tgtgtgcatc tgtatgtttg tgtgtatgtg tctctgtgtg tgggtgtgtc tctgtctctc     99420
     tctgtctctg tgtgtgtgca cgcaagtgtg cgcctgtatt tgtgtctata tgtctctgtg     99480
     tgtttgtgtg tatgtctgtg tgtgggtgtt tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     99540
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctaaa ttttataaaa gaatagtgaa ctgaaaatca     99600
     ggaccatgtt tacccctgga tgagtgccag ggactctggt ggagtcagct tgacaaagcg     99660
     aaagctggga agctggttca tgaagcaaag agtttcaagg aaactccctt cccgggggcc     99720
     tggcattttc tccctaatct atataaacca taaaattaat ttttccattc ccacattagt     99780
     ctagtgtata gatccacgtg cactctatat agtattacct tatagtaaat gccttttaag     99840
     attgtattct aacatagcta aagccttttt ccagtgttct tagattccag atagcagcaa     99900
     ggagcttaac ctattcagta actaattagc cccatcataa aacaatataa acatctgtca     99960
     tttactcagc tgtctgtaga tagagactaa aagtctcact gagatagaaa tcttttacta    100020
     caggctacat tctatgtcaa gtataagttg atatactacc ctgataaggg gaaactctcc    100080
     agacaagata gttttactag acctaagaat ttagagctct gtgataacac attactctta    100140
     aggcctgtca agagttaaca accccctgat gcttttaacc ttaaagtgtg aaattcttgc    100200
     ctggcattag gctgatccta ggcagggctt gttatcccta atgtaaacat ttaattagtc    100260
     cctgcaaatt cctttctgct gtaactggtg aatttcagtg tatcttgtct ttttgtgatt    100320
     tgtatcctct gataattcgt tgttatataa gtctgaagct caaccagaac aatacattca    100380
     gattcaacac atcttttgtg tatctgtctg tcattttcat ccaaattctt tgcccatctg    100440
     cctaagaaat cccgttcttc acagaccagg gacccagaga gtctgtggca gatgagggac    100500
     cttctaaggc attgacagac atttatttgc tgacatcagt gcttagccaa taggcccttt    100560
     actgactgtt attgtctttt aaaccagatg tgtaaataca ttaggtactc aacagcactc    100620
     tggtttgtaa ttaaaacaaa tccccactga taaattctag accaagtttt aaatacaact    100680
     agattgcctc ccaacttacc atcccagggg ttaagaggaa ggtccctgag ttctcaacaa    100740
     tttcctacat actacttcca aatataaaga aagggggggc tggaaaagtg gctcctcgga    100800
     agaagactta gtgctcctgc agaggactca ggcttggttc ccaacaccct tatcagacag    100860
     ctcacaacct cctgcaactc tagtcctaga ggatctgagg cccttttcct acctccgtgg    100920
     acacaaggca tgcaagtagt gcacagatac acacgcagaa aaagcaccca tgcacataaa    100980
     atctaatact taagaaattg tcagggcact ctggtggagt cagcttgtga ggcagaaatg    101040
     ccaaaaagct gctcatgaga aatgaatttc tagaactctc ctcctggatg tctggcgaaa    101100
     gtcaactctc cagtttgagt cagtttgtca ggcgaaaagc ctggaagctg tttcacgagg    101160
     ataagagttc catggaaatt ttcctcccag agttatggca tttttttccc taacccataa    101220
     tattcaaatt tccaccacgt tagtctagtg tatagattca cgtgcactct atcaagcatt    101280
     accttatagt aaatgccttt taagattgta ttctaacata gctaaagcct tttcccagtg    101340
     ttcttagatt ccagatagca gcaaggagtt taacctattc agtaactaat taagctctac    101400
     cataaaacaa taaagcactt gccattaact cagctgtctg cagaaagaga ctaaaagtca    101460
     agtataagtt gatatactac cctgataagg gggaactttc cagacaggat aagttttact    101520
     agacctaaga atttagagct ctgtgataac acattactct taaggcctgt caagagttaa    101580
     caaccccctg atgcttttaa ccttaaagtg tgaaattctt gcctggcatt aggctgatcc    101640
     taggcagggc ttgttatccc taatgtaaac atttaattag tccctgcaaa ttcctttctg    101700
     ctgtaactgg tgaatttcag tgtatcttgt ctttttgtga tttgtatcct ctgataattc    101760
     gttgttatat aagtctgaag ctcaaccaga acaatacatt cagattcaac acatcttttg    101820
     tgtatctgtc tgtcattttc atccaaattc tttgcccatc tgcctaagaa atcccgttct    101880
     tcacagacca gggacccaga gagtctgtgg cagatgaggg accttctaag gcattgacag    101940
     acatttattt gctgacatca gtgcttagcc aataggccct ttactgactg ttattgtctt    102000
     ttaaaccaga tgtgtaaata cattaggtac tcaacagcac tctggtttgt aattaaaaca    102060
     aatccccact gataaattct agaccaagtt ttaaatacaa ctagattgcc tcccaactta    102120
     ccatcccagg ggttaagaag aaggtccctg agttctcaac aatttcctac atactacttc    102180
     caaatataaa gaaagggggg gctggaaaag tggctcctcg gaagaagact tagtgctcct    102240
     gcagaggact caggcttggt tcccaacacc cttatcagac agctcacaac ctcctgcaac    102300
     tctagtccta gaggatctga ggcccttttc ctacctccgt ggacacaagg catgcaagta    102360
     gtgcacagat acacacgcag aaaaagcacc catgcacata aaatctaata cttaagaaat    102420
     tgtcagggca ctctggtgga gtcagcttgt gaggcagaaa tgccaaaaag ctgctcatga    102480
     gaaatgaatt tctagaactc tcctcctgga tgtctggcga aagtcaactc tccagtttga    102540
     gtcagtttgt caggcgaaaa gcctggaagc tgtttcacga ggataagagt tccatggaaa    102600
     ttttcctccc agagttatgg catttttttc cctaacccat aatattcaaa tttccaccac    102660
     gttagtctag tgtatagatt cacgtgcact ctatcaagca ttaccttata gtaaatgcct    102720
     tttaagattg tattctaaca tagctaaagc cttttcccag tgttcttaga ttccagatag    102780
     cagcaaggag tttaacctat tcagtaacta attaagctct accataaaac aataaagcac    102840
     ttgccattaa ctcagctgtc tgcagaaaga gactaaaagt caagtataag ttgatatact    102900
     accctgataa gggggaactt tccagacagg ataagtttta ctagacctaa gaatttagag    102960
     ctctgtgata acacattact cttaaggcct gtcaagagtt aacaaccccc tgatgctttt    103020
     aaccttaaag tgtgaaattc ttgcctggca ttaggctgat cctaggcagg gcttgttatc    103080
     cctaatgtaa acatttaatt agtccctgca aattcctttc tgctgtaact ggtgaatttc    103140
     agtgtatctt gtcttttgtg atttgtatcc tctgataatt cattgtaata taagtctgaa    103200
     gctcaaccaa aacattacat tcagattcaa catctctctt gtgtgtgtct gattgtcatt    103260
     tcatccgact cctttgtcca tctgcttaag taatcccgtt cctcgaagac cagggaccca    103320
     gagggtctgc ggcaagaaat aatttttaaa taagaagaca acttacttaa gaagtgacta    103380
     gtgctgtagc tgtatatcat cttttaactc caagattaga tggaaatata tatatatata    103440
     caataagtct tgctatgtag tcctgtgctg gtctgaaaca agtgatttta gaagggagag    103500
     gattaaggtg ttcagagggt gataagagag ggtaatggga agatggtggt gaacatggtt    103560
     gttatacact gttttatata tatcacagtg tgtatatata tatattgaaa atgtcactat    103620
     catatatgat tgatatacac taatgaaaca attttaaaag aatattttaa ggatttagga    103680
     tgttattact attctatctc aagctcagat aattatctag aactatacat tttaatgttt    103740
     aataattaga cttaaatcag tttagagcaa ttttaggtaa gcattggatg cacatagaac    103800
     gcttttgtgg aaactgcaga gacacaaaga caattgcaga ttttcatgcc ttccaaggaa    103860
     taccagagca aaaaactctt attccttagt tagaagtgct ggaatttaaa atagatcgat    103920
     tttagaataa ttaatattaa agcatttaat aaaaaagaaa actgattttc ttccttcaac    103980
     ttcctgagag ctaggaatca tgtgtagatc actgtgccta gaaatactca catttcaaac    104040
     tacctgtagt gatatttatc tttgaagatt ctaattacta agtaaaaaca atgaatttca    104100
     ttctgcacct gaacatttct agagttgtct tgtgtgtgaa agagaaatga aaataacctt    104160
     gaagaagggc agaaaagtgg gcaagagtaa atgaatagta agggatggcc tagtgtgccc    104220
     aagccagtgc ttctgtcccc agcactaaga aaagaaaacc acttgggaag tttcagacag    104280
     cagaaataga aaacactaaa ggattccaga aagaggagaa gaggaagact aatttgtaat    104340
     gaaaatgatc agaaaggcat gggatttcca gatatagtag catccctcag taataccagc    104400
     acttgggtgg ctgaggcagg agggtcatgg gttcaagtcc tacctaggct agatagcatt    104460
     tctatgatga tttgggacat agagagaccc tgtctttaaa agtctgtata tttacccaat    104520
     caaaaccaag atgtaacaat gaagaggaaa aaactgaaca gggaggttgt catgggaggc    104580
     aagggacata aggatgtgtc cttcacagag gaaacagaag gatgggtaga gaccatccac    104640
     aggtaagaca tggacattga ggaaataaca gttgaagcac attcacagtc aagagaaatc    104700
     attttgctta cttgggaaaa aacttggtgt gatcttctat tgggttgtca ccttctgccc    104760
     acttctccat acatcctcca caggaaaaac actggacaat gtcccttttg cctaggaaaa    104820
     ggaatggggt cagttcaaca gcacctacag ctgccaactc agaagaacat aactccagat    104880
     tatccagtat aatcctactt tcatctccag ttggattctg tggccaagtc atgcaggagg    104940
     gataggacta ccctgataag ggggaactct ccagacagga taagttttac tagacctaag    105000
     aatttagagc tctgtgataa cacacaggac tcttggtcct tcactgaggt ggtcagcaat    105060
     agtcaccgat tgtccctgta caccctgttc tttgataaac ccatcatctt aaatgatttg    105120
     ccatcagatt ccatgagagc ataaattctt tctgttctgg acactaatga cacactggac    105180
     attcacagac aagcaactga aaagcaattg cttactgagt aaatcagaaa gaatatactc    105240
     atagctgggg tggggcagaa gaacaaattt aagagtctct atgcaagcta gattatgaag    105300
     aatcacttgt ctctcctcac atcattgcca gctatattta actagaaata gaggcacgtc    105360
     atccatgagc cttgaaggct ggcaaggaga caagcgttaa gaccatgtgg taagaagatc    105420
     atctgtgcca gtggaatgtg tctgttggat gaagtggctg cagaatcccc aggttcagag    105480
     gctgaatact gagggagcta tgggaaactg agtctcaaag ggatctatga caaatgatga    105540
     agactaaagg aagatgtaag aggattcaaa tatgtggtcc acacaaaata ctgactctaa    105600
     agagatgttc agcctgagag cactgactgc tctcgcaaag gagtcaggtt tggttccagc    105660
     gccacatgat ggctcacaga caattctaac tacagtccca ggattcaaga tcctctttgg    105720
     cctctaaggg caccatgcag gaatgtgtca cacatattta catgcagaca aacacgcaca    105780
     cacatatgca caaagaaaaa aaacctgact cacctgtgta gaaaaggcct gctttgacca    105840
     gagcttcaac agccccgggt gattcgtggg gccagtcctt aaacgtgtcc atccttagtt    105900
     cttcattagc gaagacgctg tcattgcagt aagcttgggg gaaaggatgc aggtgagacc    105960
     agtaggcttt gataggaaag ttcaagttag ctgtgtgtgt ctgtgtgtgt gcacatgagt    106020
     gtgtctttgt gtgtgcctgt gtgtgtatgt gtatatgcac atatgagtgt gtgtgtctgt    106080
     gtgtgttggg gggtgcagat ctgatgatcc atgcttgtgt caaaactggg tggttagacg    106140
     agcaggaaga aggaaaagat acaagagtga ttgttagaac tccaggagca gaacaacaaa    106200
     gactggggta ctccactggg gtactcccct cattccattc atctctgttt gtgatcagag    106260
     tgataaaatg taacttcaga ctgtctcttg accatatagc attgggaaaa aaacaaaatc    106320
     cagaggccat tactgtttcc agagtcagtt tcaaaatttg agtaaggtca tttcccctgt    106380
     ggctcaaaaa caatcatttt ggtggcttgc tccttgagat gactaaactg agggtggggg    106440
     tctccattag actttctacc ccatcctggc ctctggacac tggttcctgc atttcccatg    106500
     ctgtgaggac ttgaaaattg cattgccctt accttgatct cacaagtttc tcaagctgaa    106560
     accttgcttg cattcacact tcaccctaga tcaggagtgc ctgcctttgc ttttagtgtt    106620
     tctttagcat agagaatact acactttaat ttaattaaca acaaaaagat ttttacagtc    106680
     aagaaacctt tattttattt taggtttgcc ttctgctaag ccatgaggtc acagggaata    106740
     tgttctacag ttttccttgg tgcccacagg gtgttctctg gttggagcag gctggcactt    106800
     cagtctttct ttggcttcct tcttgacctg atctcttcac ctatctcagg aagcttctca    106860
     gagcatacat ttttgagtgt gttcatgttt atgaaggtcc atgtgcatgt atggacccat    106920
     gcctgtggaa gtcacaggac acacttcact gtttctccct ggttgttagg gaagctgttt    106980
     cacttcccag gccaggttgt ggaacactgg gatccatgcc tctgcctccc caacctggga    107040
     tcacaaattc acaacaatga cacctggctt ttgtcacatg gatcctggag acagaatgca    107100
     atgtcttgtg tttgcaagga aagcactctg cactcaatgc cccagccctg acccttagag    107160
     ttcctaatat gctcaatgca ctcagtcagt ctttgcccag gaattcccct taacttgctt    107220
     gtttaacaat ggcaagagca tgctgggtaa cactatggaa tttgccattt tgctgtggta    107280
     acaatgaaca ctgaacaggt ctacaatatc acccttcttg tagacacttg catctgtggc    107340
     caaagaaaca gctctgcttt ccaaaaacct agaagacaaa cactgggttc tagagaacaa    107400
     acaagggaac tttatgattc ttattttaca agttactgga aaatggtagt cccagccaga    107460
     aggatgctat ttgtgtgtgt aagtatgtgt atgtgtgtgc acacatgtgc ctgtgctgaa    107520
     gtatgtatgt atgtatgtat gtatgtatgt ttgtatgtat gagtgttttg cctatattta    107580
     catatgtgta ccatatgtgt gcctagggcc ccagatggcc agagaggatg tcagatcccc    107640
     tggagatggg aatacagatt gttgtaagct gctactatgt agatactttg aaatgaactt    107700
     aagttgtctg catgttgggg gatggggtca cagtggtttg ctatgcagta agctaagcta    107760
     tctttcaact tgtgatattt ccacctcagc tttcttagtg ctgggattac aggcatagat    107820
     ctgtacactt ggcatgaaac tcatgtagct gtactggcct ctaacccaat accatagtcc    107880
     aacctgtcaa taagtgcctt cttccaagag catcgattac aggggtgagc aatcctactc    107940
     agtcgaccat aggagtctta atgtattgct ttcatcctgt ccactctccc tcatccccat    108000
     tcccctgacc tctgctggga ctgaactcga agcctgtcct acttactgta tagatgctct    108060
     gctgacctaa actactaaca ctaagatttc gttttccaag ggtgctggaa tggaaccaga    108120
     ggaccttgcc catgctggcc aagcaagtaa tatcctcaga cctgtcactg catttaattg    108180
     tgaacatccc ccagcttaat gatgatctta accattctaa ccatcaagcc attctagtat    108240
     gctttgggga actggggatg tagctcatag gtagcatgct ctcctaatct ccttggttcc    108300
     atccccagca cctgagaacc tccatctcag cactcagcag gaggaccaaa agttcaaggc    108360
     tcatttgagt gtgaggccag tctgggatag aagaaacact aaaacttgct tccaaaacat    108420
     tttatccact attttagttg tttgaaggga agcatctgtt acagtaccaa cactacacac    108480
     ttagttatgc atatctacac taaaaactaa gtcacttaat gaatggatcc ttggtacaga    108540
     agcttgccac taaacctaat aacctctaaa ttaattctct catggtagaa ggagagaacc    108600
     aagtccatat aagttgtcct ctgacttctg cacctttaca catgggaccc atgggcatcc    108660
     acatacaata gtaagtaaat aattgagtct ataattttta catttacttt taaatttttc    108720
     tttatttttg tctgcatggt tgcctgcacc acacatgtgc agtggccatg gaggtcagag    108780
     gaagacactg gatcctctag aactggattt tcggagttgt gagttgccag agggtgctgg    108840
     gaactgaagc tgagtccttt ccaagagcag caaagtgcat taaccactga accatctctc    108900
     ctgctcataa agtaacaaca gaaacaaacc caaaatcatt ccataataga gaaatcactt    108960
     atgaagataa gttttaaaga agggctggag agatggctca gtagttaaaa gcactgtcta    109020
     ctcttccaga gatcctgagt ttagttccca gcatccacat cagacagttc acaaatgtct    109080
     gtaactccac ctccaaggga ccaaatgatc ttgtctggct tccaaaagca tctatataca    109140
     tgtggtgtgt gtgtgatcat gcacactcat actcacacac acacacacac acacacacag    109200
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agacagacag acagacagac agacagacag    109260
     acagacagag acagagacac agagaacaca agagagaaat aagcaaagtg tttggaatgt    109320
     gtctgaggtt ttacctgata ccataggtaa ttctcttctg acccaggaat tcacaaaatg    109380
     ttctccctga ggaaagaaat ttggttactg actgattaac ttataaaata taattcatct    109440
     ctgagctgca actgaagacg tttctccact aaagccaagt ttcattagag cagcagaatt    109500
     tgggcaaatc agtcctttaa ttttggtttg agttttattg atttggggga ttttatgcag    109560
     ttccaaacat cagtgaaatg gaaactttct cagggtcact cttaccagac acccagctca    109620
     acaagagaac tgcagttaca cacacagatg catttgactc atgaggaact gagacatggg    109680
     aagagggctc acatcagaag ggcctctcca attgagcaac tctccctctg agagaactgc    109740
     acccagactt tcaacccatg ctgtctgcag atgctgcttc tgagtcagca gcaaatacat    109800
     ctcctttggc ttcagtttgg gttgtgtttc ccaactgccc tcactagttt gagtctaaat    109860
     gcccagctgc aggaggcatc ctgagtgccc tgcctctgtc aggtaccaca gaggactgag    109920
     tgtgacatcc aggtagaggc tacagaaaga tgctagggga gtggcctcaa gcagaagcca    109980
     cacacagcca gcttgaaaac caagttaagt ggttccagct taacaggata acaggatttg    110040
     ttttcctctc tgcagacaag aggcaggaga atgagaaaag aaagggagaa agacacagaa    110100
     tccatcagaa aacctcaccc tgacaattca gacgttatta ggtaaagaac atacactatt    110160
     agacatagtt gtctgttgta gattaccgtt acatgaagaa atccttcata gctttgtaca    110220
     tattgggtaa tttcctctgg ggacttctta ctttgaagaa attcacatct agggttaaaa    110280
     atatgtttaa aatttatccc taatattggc aatatcaata ttgatgaaaa ataaccccaa    110340
     tatttcagtg aagattatct atatcacaat aaatattcac taaaaaccca tcaaattgtt    110400
     gaatttggta cttcaataaa actgtcagat tttcctgaag tcttactcat aaggattaat    110460
     actgtttaaa aactttaaaa cattctaatg ataaagtgca tcattattta agcaccaaac    110520
     cttgtgctgg ctatttttgt ttgtttttgc ttttttgtca atttgacata agctagagtc    110580
     atctaggaag aaggaactta atctgagaaa ataaggccat tagattggcc tgtaggtgag    110640
     tctgtgggtc attttcttga ttaatgattt atgtgggtgg gcctagtcca ctacaggggg    110700
     ttccacttct gagaaggttg tcttgggagg cataagagag ataggtggac atgagccagg    110760
     gagcaaggca acaggcagtg ttccgtcata gtttccgttt gttcttactt atgttcctgc    110820
     cctgacatcc ctcggcggca ggttgtaatc tgtttgtgta agccaaatct actctttcct    110880
     cctcagattg cttttggtca tggtgttttt cacagcaaga gaaagcaaag taggacagac    110940
     cttattatta ttttaatttt tatttcaaga cagggtcttc ctgtgttgtg atggtgatgt    111000
     caaagtcttg atctcaagca atcctcccac ctcagctgca acaggagcct gcactatagg    111060
     tatataatat tataccctgc tgttcttttc ttgaagaaaa tatgcaatag aatcaaaaag    111120
     atcgattcac agtaagtaga gggtggaact cactcactct ctctctctct ctctctctct    111180
     gtctctctct ctgtctctgt ctctgtctct ctctaaatca atgtaagcat cataagagat    111240
     ggagggagaa ggacatttga atatggtgat aatattttat ggtattagac attaatagtc    111300
     ttctcattta ggagacataa caatactgtg gctctttttt ttaaagtcat gatttaaagc    111360
     tatatgctaa atggatgaca gatggaacca tgtgttagct ggaatttact ttgacatagc    111420
     ccaatcatta ctgttccaca gggatggtgg gaaagagata gacaaaatac gattagagca    111480
     gcttcacaga ggtgtgcatt atacttcctc tgttttctgt gtaatttcca taatgaaagt    111540
     ctgaaaagca gttaaaggaa tgaatgttta tatggcagaa acaaaaacaa caggcataaa    111600
     aaccacacca ctaaacacat tattaaaaat aagtaaaatg cacttctttt tctaagcatc    111660
     aataacaaaa aattctgcat gtccaaaata aaacacactt gtttgtctcc agtggcattg    111720
     gtgtgaggtg atctaggact tggttctctt gccatttttt tttaaatcat aagatggcct    111780
     tgaactccca attgtccagt gtccaccttc ctaaccatca tttccattcc tgtgcagatt    111840
     aactcactcc ttggttaagg ttaagtcatg aaactgctgc ttgacaaaga aaattgtagt    111900
     attgggacaa caaaataaca tttaataatt gttaggtggc ctggatagaa tgtccttaat    111960
     gtacttgtag aatacctgag ttcagtgccc aacacctact ttgggcaacc acagtaactc    112020
     tagctctaag gaggagaaga atacctgtgt cctctaacca gcactaacat gcacataacc    112080
     cccccacccc caattactaa aaattaaaag gtgggtctgg ggagatggct tagtaggtga    112140
     cacatcccat ctagaaaagg ctttaccaag tgaatgagtt ttctggaaat ggcccaccat    112200
     cttgcgtggc tgcaatgggt gtggtctgag aggcaaggtc cccagagact tcatcctagg    112260
     attgcttctt gctgctgata tgcctttccc tgtcactctt acattgctta atgatttcct    112320
     gggtattcac atactctgtt gaacagagct cttgcagaat caatatgaag atgtactttc    112380
     atggagtagt agtgtttaga ccagttgatg atttcagaaa aaaaacctga taatttcata    112440
     attcttgatc tgattttata gacccctaca tttatacaag taatctctag ctccctatag    112500
     aataaaagct gcaaatagga ctctgtaaac ttttatgtgt cacaggctaa ttgcgctagg    112560
     aaaacaggct tggaacaagt ttacaatcaa ggaaaacagg ctttttaggt caggagtgag    112620
     gctacgatct ggtaactaat ggtcataaac tgggaataga taatttattg taggtgcaag    112680
     gacagacaat ttatgacaaa cactattgct ttaaacttat aatgaactta tggagctaaa    112740
     aaatagatca gggatgttca gtcaggaact agtcctaatg gaaagacatg taaacaattc    112800
     tgctgtaact ccttaaaatt attgacctat gacataaatt attattttaa acctactatg    112860
     aactcatgga atttagaaat gtttagaaaa ctatgcaatc aagtattctt ctgtaacgct    112920
     cctacctaat aattaaaatt aggtattttt tttttgagaa aatataaaaa ctaagaataa    112980
     cagtaaagtg gtggtgtagc ccttttctgc ttcattaatt gtttgtgcat gtgtgtgcgt    113040
     gcgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgcgc gcttgacttt ttttttcttt    113100
     tctctctagc ttatgaggag ttattgaact ctgagcctct cacctggccc ctgaatcaaa    113160
     tcagcaagag gtaattgcca gaagctatca tcctttgccc tcagaatagc aagagagatt    113220
     tgaatagaca aaagtcatca gcttttcccc ctacccccaa tccacacctc actgccttcc    113280
     tcagttcctg gatgctgaga aggcctcagc aagtacataa aatacctcac catgggcatg    113340
     aggacctgaa cttaaaattg gagcccagtc cactatggct gtaatcctaa tccagtagta    113400
     atagagacag atggatccca tggggcctgt cttaatatat aaggtgaaga atgatggggc    113460
     atatcaacat gtgacctcca cagaaatgca gatatacact acgcacacca acataccgca    113520
     catataaaca cactctacat acaccaacat acaacacaca gaatataaaa atgaaaagat    113580
     aatgaagcaa aaattaacat aagagataag ccatttaaga tcatgtgatt caaattttgc    113640
     actatgtgac cagattttcc ttgcttgatc ccatattgaa taagagaaag gtcagaactc    113700
     atttggtact gcaacaatgt tgctcttttg tctcttgttt cattttccta aaacaaacaa    113760
     aaaacaaaat aaaaataaaa gcagaaaact ttaagaataa agcatttgaa actcacttgg    113820
     ggaaccactt ggcatgctcc ttccagggat catctccttc ttcccagttg cccaagcatc    113880
     caccacagga gaaacactgc acagtgtccc ttttacctac agatgcagga aagtgtgtga    113940
     ctgtccggca atggcaccag ctgtgtcttg gagctggcca tactgcacca gaacaagaca    114000
     gactccagca tgcctgttct tccatagcct ctctggctga atccctgtcc acagtctcac    114060
     tgccctacat gacccccttc taagctctgg acctccattc cccagccatg gccatcctct    114120
     acaaacacaa ctctctacat tcgatcttct ctcagataga ggtagctctt agctttcagg    114180
     accaaagtga tgaggaagca aaagctagga ccagctggag ttgctttggc catgtccttt    114240
     ctataaaaat ggaggcacaa ttctctaact ctttgagcct cagtgaactc aactatgaaa    114300
     tgtgaaggga cagagaactg gttgaattag aattagtgtt caacccatgc atagcgtaag    114360
     taggtattca gcacactaca gactctcttg caattgtcta actcctgtgt gtggctgaga    114420
     catttcagag tgtagtgtcc tcaaagacag tttgcctcat ggacgggagt taaacaagta    114480
     aaaccaagat tctttcacaa ctacagaaat taaacgaatc aaggaaatat atgaggagca    114540
     atgttcatga aactagaaga cagtggaatt gagctatctc atggtccatg ttcaggacat    114600
     tatgaccaga gctggttttt cctggagtct ttttatttgt gttttctagc actgggacta    114660
     aaccaaaggc ctttcacatg ctaagttagt cctccagtaa tgagctacac cttgcagtta    114720
     atattttcta aggtacacat ttatagaaaa ccttttatgt tgtacatatt tagcaaacta    114780
     ataatgctac actagaagtc aattaaagtt ggaaattaga taattaaagt tgatatttaa    114840
     tgaaccagat ctcatatgta atataacaca ataaataagg aatgattagc aagcagtagt    114900
     aataacagaa gaggagaaag aggaagaaga ggaagaagga agaagaaaag gaagaaggaa    114960
     aggaggagga agaggaagaa ggagaagagg aggaggaaga ggaataagaa ataaagagga    115020
     tggagagatg tctcttgcag tggactggaa tttggttccc agtactcacc tcaggcagtt    115080
     gacaaccact tacaaccact gtttcaggag atctgacatt tattttctag actccatggc    115140
     cacctgcact catactgcaa ccagccccac aaattcacac aaatgtataa tgtaaaaaac    115200
     aaaacctaaa ctttatattt tacagaaaca cctcacaaga tagaatccac ttacctgtaa    115260
     agacaaagcc agctgctgag agtacacgtg gtgatgtccc atgggcataa aatggccagt    115320
     cctcaaagga ctccagtctt gcctcctctt catggtacct tgctttgtca cctctcagca    115380
     tcttctctgg actcttaacc cggatgtcat acttgccaat gttaccaaca tctttgccca    115440
     gaaggaactc acattctggt cgtaatttct tgtggttctc tatgggaagt ttcctgagtc    115500
     tggtggaaaa gaggatcaag ctacagcaaa agcactgaac gccaagtttc acccctgtgt    115560
     ggtaaaaccc agcagctgcc atctcctgtg gcgtccatga tctgaacttg tcataggtct    115620
     caaaagtctt tagtcgtttg gcttcactgc gcatctgtga gttaaaacct ttcttcattt    115680
     tcattcgtgt tttatggtct tcttcttgtt gtctcttcaa gactgaaagt gcatccactc    115740
     tgagaagagt agagagctca gagaccaagt cgtcatcaaa ctcacaaatt atctcctcaa    115800
     cggcttctcc ctgggctgcc atttttctaa atgagaaagg aaagcagatg gttggtgttg    115860
     gtagtgtttt tattattaga tataaataat tgtgtctcag agccagagag atgtctcagt    115920
     gggtagagag gcttgcccca aacctgacgg cttcagtttg ttgccaggtc ttacagggta    115980
     ggtaggagac aaacaactct tgtatgttga cctctgacat ccacttgtga aagccagaaa    116040
     gaagttgctt gagaaactat gaaacatcaa tattcaccta cttaatcagc aaatatttgc    116100
     taagcaccta cctgtgtgtc aagcagtgag ctaggcctca aggaccggca atgaatcaga    116160
     cagagggatt ccttgcaagt gtcctttagc ttgattgcat gcttattttt cttagaatct    116220
     tgtatgtagc caattctagc ccagaattta aggttgaagc tgataaccat agaagagtat    116280
     gtagtcttgg accctacttg gttttgtagt acttgatatt ttaagtcctt cgcctgtaca    116340
     cacccatcct tcagaatcca gtgtgctttg ggctacatgt agtctcatct ttgaacaata    116400
     ctatatatag gtctccctgc tcctagcaac aattaaattt agagagtttc tactcaagtg    116460
     tatgcccaat gtattgggat aggatgattg gaaaggctaa tctggcctga actggttttg    116520
     ggtacatatg caggaaggca aaactgtgta tttatgaatg ccctatttcc ccatttcctt    116580
     aggcacatat atgattcaaa tcacatgctg tcagagacca tcctgtgaga aagtgagccc    116640
     ttcacaatct ccctgacagg ccaaatggct cgtgctagga actggttatc accccctcct    116700
     ccctattccc ttcctggcac ttgaggctgt aaaagctgaa ttatagtata gtcccctctt    116760
     ccctatctct tcctgaactc ccatgccatc caaggacatg agctacgcct gagtccagcc    116820
     tgacacccaa ggctgtcaag gaggatctat gttccagaga taagatgcag agtgcccgct    116880
     gcctggtgcc tgacttcggc cctcatgtca gcagatgccc acttctttgt tctttgtaaa    116940
     attccccttc aacccctccc ctatttccca caatatatgc tttaaaaaga aggcacctca    117000
     gcataataaa cgagaccttg ataggtacag tctacttggt ctcctgcctc tccttccctt    117060
     cctcccattt ccttccaggc ttgcggtccc cctcgcaccc atgaataatt gaatccctcg    117120
     ggacgggata atatgcattc taggaagtgg cacacatcat gagcaaggac ttacataatc    117180
     caaacctgtc catatgaaag atctgtatga taagaacttc aagtctctga agaaacaaac    117240
     caaagaagat ctcagaagat ggaaagatct tccatgctca tggattggca ggatcaatat    117300
     agtaaaaaat ggctatcttg ccaaaagcaa tcaacagatt caacgcaatc ctcatcaaaa    117360
     ttccaactca attcttcaac aaataagaaa gggcaatttg taaattcatc cggaataaca    117420
     aaaaacctag gatagcaaaa tctcttctca atgataaaag aacctctggt ggaatcacca    117480
     tgcctgacct aaagctgtac tacagagcaa ttgcgataaa aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca    117540
     aactacatgg tactggtata gcgacagaca agtagaccaa tggaatagaa ttgaagaccc    117600
     agaaatgaac ccatacacct atggtcactt ggtctttgac aagggagcta aaaccatcca    117660
     gtggaaaaaa gatagcattt tcaacaaatg gtgctggcac aactggcggt tatcatgtag    117720
     aagaatgaga attgatccat tcctatctcc ttgtactaag gtcaaatcta agtggatcaa    117780
     ggaactccac ataaaaccaa agacactgaa acttatagag gagaaagtgg ggaaaagcct    117840
     cgaagatatg gtcacaggag aaaagttcct taatagaaca gcaatggctt gtgctgtaag    117900
     atcgagaatc gacaaatggg acctcataaa attgcaaagt ttctgtaagg caaaagactc    117960
     tgtcaataag acaaaaaggc cacaaacaga ttgggaaaga atctttacca atcctaaatc    118020
     agatagggga ctaatatcca atatataaaa agaactcaag aaggtggact tcagaaaatc    118080
     aaataacccc attaaaaatg gggtacagag ctaaacaaag aattctcacc tgagaaatac    118140
     cgaatggcag agaagcacct gaaaaaatgt tcagcatcct taatcatctg ggaaatgcaa    118200
     atcaaaacaa ccctgagatt ccacctcaca ccagtcagaa tggctaagat caaaaattca    118260
     ggtgacagca gatgctggcg aggatgtgga gaaagaggaa cactcctcca ttgttggtgg    118320
     gattgcaagc tagtacaacc actctggaag tcagtctggc agtttctcag aaaattgaca    118380
     tagtactaca ggaggatccc acaatacctc tcctgggcat acatacagaa gatgttccaa    118440
     ctggtaataa ggacatgctc cactatgttc atagcagcct tatttataat agccagaagc    118500
     tggaaagaac ccagatgccc ctccacagag gaatggatac agaaaatgtg gtacatttac    118560
     acaatggagt actactcagc tattaaaaat aatgaattaa tgaaattcct aggcaaatgt    118620
     atgggcctgg agggtatcat cctgagtgag gtaacccaat cacaaaagaa ttcacatgat    118680
     atgtactcac tgataagtgg atattagccc agaaacttag aatactcaag atacaagttg    118740
     caaaacacat gaaactcaag aagaatgaaa ccaaagtgtg gtcactttgc cccttcttag    118800
     aattgggaac aaagcaccca tggaaggagt tacagagaca aagtttggag ctgatacgaa    118860
     aggatacacc atctagagac tgccataccc agggatccat cccataatca gcatccaaac    118920
     acagacacca ttgcatatga cagcaagatt ttgctgaaag gaccctgata tagctgtctc    118980
     ttgtgaggct atgcctggca aacacagaag tggatgctca tagtcagcta ttggatggaa    119040
     cacggggccc ccaatggagg agctagataa agtatccaag gagctaaagg ggtctgcaac    119100
     cctattggtg gaacaataat atgaactaac cagtaccaga aagattttgc tgaaggaacc    119160
     ctgttatagc tatctcgtat gaggctagac ctggcaaata cagaagtgga tgttcagtct    119220
     tctataagat ggaacacagg gtccccaatg gagaagctag agaaagcacc caaggagctg    119280
     aaggatctgc aactctacag gtggaacaac catatgaact accccagagc tcatatctct    119340
     agctgcatat gtagcagaag atggcctagt tgaccatcac tgagaagaga ggccccttgg    119400
     tcttgcaaac tttatatgcc tcagtacagg ggaacaccat ggccaagaaa tgagggtggg    119460
     tgggtagggg agtggggcgg ggagggtatg ggggactttt gggttagcat ttgaaatgca    119520
     aaataagaaa atacctaatt aaaaaatgaa acccccaaat aataattagg tctgtgaaca    119580
     ctctcgctta aattgttgac tgtcaatcct ggaggtgagt ctttgccatt gtttccttcc    119640
     acttaaggtt atcttgttgt gcaaatttta tatgagcctc tatttccaac tcgaattctg    119700
     atataggagg ctaagaacat ggaacaaccc atcccagtat ttcagcctct ctgattctgg    119760
     gatgtttata ggcatgcatt accaggccct actccaattg tgaattatgg agacaatgaa    119820
     gaacatggca gatgtttacc atgtatatcc tgatagtaaa aatttgataa tatcattcag    119880
     ttaaaaatta ttcttgaaga ttttacttta tttttattca tttactttat gtatgtgagt    119940
     acactgttgc tatcttcaga cacaccagga gaggacatca aatcccatta cagttgtgag    120000
     ccaccatata gttgctggga attgaatcca ggacttctgg gaagagcagt cagtgctctt    120060
     aaccactgag ctatctttcc agtccctgaa gattttattt ttaactgtgt gtatgggtgt    120120
     atatattcca gaaaaggtgt tagatcccca ggaactacaa ttactggtga ttgtgaatag    120180
     cctggccttg gggccatgag ccaaaacggg ttcctttgca agagtagacc atgcaacagc    120240
     aaagccatct tcccagcccc ttagaaccat tatttttatt gtgttcactt tccaggctta    120300
     gtgctgcatg tgaactccag atgctcctgt ttgaggcaca gatttgagtc cgggaagtag    120360
     ctgctggagt ttacaggttc ttacaactct ttacaactgg ttgtacagag cacgtaaata    120420
     gtgacagtgt ggagacatct attaaaggag agatcctgat gagctcaggg tggcaccatg    120480
     ctgggactat ggcctggctc taagagagga aggaattggc tctgcatgcc attttctatg    120540
     atgtttgctc agtgccaaca caattcccca tgttctaaca aagctaggtc ttcctgagca    120600
     tgctcccttg gttgagtgaa gcccaggtgg ggaagggctt ccagtcttcc acctatcatg    120660
     gtaatctcta gatccccttt cttctcccag tcccctgttc tgactcataa cagtttagac    120720
     tgctgctata aaatatggga aatatttttc ttttggctac aagttatatt gtaaaattga    120780
     caaatatctg taatgtactg agttttagct atgtgtgctg gtaggaatga gcctaagacc    120840
     ttgtgaacac taagcaggta cccaccactg agcaacactc ccagccagca gtgtaggtct    120900
     gttctttgtt ttgtttactt ttgtttttgt tttgttgttg tttttgattt tctgattatt    120960
     ttgagacaga aattcactgt gtagcctcgg ctatcctgga actcattctg tagacgagtg    121020
     tcttagttag ggttttactg ctgtgaacag acaccatgac caaggcaagt cttataaaaa    121080
     caacatttaa ttggggctgg cttacaggtt cagaggttca gtccattatc atcaaggtgg    121140
     aagcatggca gtatccaggc aggcatggag caggcagagc tgagagttct acgtcttcat    121200
     ccaaaggctg ctagtggaag actgacttcc aagcaactag ggtgaggatc ttaagcccac    121260
     acccacagtg acacacactc caaccaggtc acacctattc caacaaggcc acacctccaa    121320
     atggtgccac tccttggtcc aagaatatac aaaccatcac aactaggctg gtctcaaact    121380
     cacaaaaatt cacctgcctc tgcctctgcc tctgcctctg cctctgcctc tgcctctgcc    121440
     tctgcctctg cctctgcctc tgcctctgcc tctgcctctg cctctgcctc tgcctctgcc    121500
     tctgcctctg cctctgcctc tgcctctgcc tctgcctctg cctctgcctc tgcctctgct    121560
     tcttcctcta gggtgcttga attaaaggca tgctttgtca ttatcatcca gctagttttg    121620
     tttacatttt tttttgagac agtggctcac tgtatatccc ggactaacat ggaatgcaat    121680
     atagactgca ggttagcatc aaatatgtgt cttcaccttt tttcatctgg agtgctgagc    121740
     taacaggcct gcatcaccat gcctggtttt ctatcttact tcaggtaaga acagaagata    121800
     caagctgctc agggaagttt gagggcaggt gactgaaaac caatagtttc cttgactgta    121860
     aaccaaaagt agccagactg atacgacacc acctcctaaa tgattccagg gtcttgacac    121920
     ttgaggagat gaaagtgcta ggaagataat agaggctagt gaccttaaag gcagtcgagg    121980
     atggtccact cccttacggc tggctttgga caccacttcc catcacaagg ctacttcctc    122040
     ttggcaaaaa gaatgaactc tgagttctac ttctggcccc aggttgagac aggacactct    122100
     tatctgttcc aaaaattgtg aagtcgatta ttactgtctt ctccttttag agttaatcta    122160
     gctaggccta tgagtcacct gnccaggggc ctacacctga tttacctgaa gacaaactaa    122220
     agagcaggga ggaatactta tccccttgtg gagaacatat acttctcaga agctccccca    122280
     acaaccctac caccacctgc agtggcttcc acaaggaaag tgctactcct gcccactgtt    122340
     ctgaattcta agtttaaagt gtgacttgtg ccctgctttc tctttctctc acaccagtcc    122400
     aaactctaag cctgcttttc ctgacactct ggtcttcctg tttccctgca gactccctgc    122460
     ccactctcca tgcagatgct cgctgacctt cactgctgaa cttgcctgtt ttttttttgg    122520
     atccattctc aaaggcatgc ccttgtcttt tccttccctt ccttcctgac agctgccagg    122580
     atttacagtg tgcctgccct gtggttttcc acgcagactc taagaaaatg gtcctctaga    122640
     ttccttctga gtcctttaaa tttttgtttt tgttatagac taaaaacctt caaaaaagaa    122700
     ttccagtttt cctggcaaga catcgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    122760
     gtatgtatgt gatttcgtgt gattgtgaat gtgtgtgagt gtgggtgaat gtatgtgaag    122820
     tgtgagttca tatatgtgtg tgtgttgtga gtgcagatgc acacaggcca cagagctcgt    122880
     tgaaagtctt ttagatgtcg gtttgtttct ttccaaactc cctctacagt gggatacagg    122940
     gatcaacgca agtcatcagg ctcctaagac atgtactttt acacactgag ccaaacctct    123000
     tgctctctga ctcttccagt tttaaagttt gttaatacct attttttgta aattatttta    123060
     tttatcttta tgcctatgag tactatatct gcatgtataa ctgcatgaca gaagaaagta    123120
     tcagatcata ttacagatgg cggtatgcca caatgtgatt gctgggaatt aaactcagga    123180
     ccgctggaag agcagccaat gcccttaacc attgagccat ctctccagtc cttattaata    123240
     cttcttgatc acttaattac tcccctaatg tagaacattt aagccattgc cctcttttct    123300
     tcataaataa aaataaattc aatgttcaat attcttaaaa taacatcaat aaatctttcc    123360
     cacatttttc ttatttcttc agagtaaatt ccagaagtaa gaattgccga ctcaaccaca    123420
     tgcatccacc atggattctg gtgtctgtca ggcactgtct ctagttaacg gtcccctgag    123480
     gtccttttac cttcagttca gtcaggttcc tgcttcttcc tcgggtggtt tcctgcaatg    123540
     agatttcaca tatcagcact ttgtgtctct ctaacaggaa ctaaagtcga ttacgaactg    123600
     agacctgatg ttctaaggga gaatgagttt ccatggcttc ccagcccagc atcccagtga    123660
     catccagggt gacaggcatg agctgtgagg agaggctcca gtagtgggca caagtagctg    123720
     atacttcctt gaaacaggtt ttgtggctcc atcagagccc actggacaat ggctgcttga    123780
     agttctccaa gagtatgcta tcgttcaaag ccacacatat gtctacttct ttccaacatc    123840
     caccccaacc caacccagta accttgaaaa caataattta cagaattctc aaagcatgtt    123900
     atttctcaag gaacttagcc aatatttgtg ccccctttct ttatctggta tgtagtaaat    123960
     taactctgta agttgggatt ttttaagagt aacccaagta aatgctagta attttgccat    124020
     ttatgtcaga ttgtgttttc tctcagttaa ccagcccctt ctagtggtta tctggttaat    124080
     tgtcactttc ccttgagttt tagaaatttt gaatcatctg tacaatgaaa cagtgctttt    124140
     caaataaatt aaatcaaaga cttaccaata gaaaggatca agtagaagta gaatattagg    124200
     tttatcctaa tattagatat taaagtatta gataaaatgg aagacctgga ccattcaagg    124260
     aaagaatatg taaactcttt aaaagcacat gaaaggagca tgcaagacct ttgggacatc    124320
     atgaaaaaac caacgtcttc taattataag cacagaagaa agggaagaat ccaaagtcag    124380
     cagtcatgcc agctagtgtt atatcaattt gacacaatat atagtaatct gtaaggagag    124440
     agtctcaatt gagagactgc tgcataaaat caggctgtgg gtcatttttt aaatttatga    124500
     ttgatagaga aaaggccaga ctattgtgga tggtgccatc cctaggctga tgatctagat    124560
     tctgtaagaa agcaggctga gcaagccatg gagaagcaag ccaataggta gcactcctcc    124620
     atggcttctg aatcagctcc tgcctccagg ttcctgcctt gtttgagttc ctgtcccaac    124680
     ttcctccaat gatggactat gatgtggaag tataaggtga atgttatttc cttcccagct    124740
     tggtttttgg tcatggtgtt tcattgcaac tatagaaacc ctaactaaga caccaattta    124800
     aattactatg cttaacaaaa ctatctttca tagttgaagg acaaagaaaa actcttcaag    124860
     atataaacag ggtcaaagaa ttctttttca gtaagtcagc acaacaaaga agcaatactt    124920
     tggactgaaa ataagcatag ccaagagact aaagaaaata aacaaaatta taattactga    124980
     aacacaaagt aggactaaga ccacaaacaa caatgaaatg gcagcactca acacacgctt    125040
     tcaataataa ctttatatta atggtctcaa ctccttgatt ggttagcatt ttttgtcacc    125100
     ttaacaaaaa ctaggtcatg tgggaagaat gagcctcaac tgagaaactg ccttcatcag    125160
     agaccattac agagaatgac agctagtcaa aatgcagaga acacatggtc ttgggtgccc    125220
     aggcacaact gatacatcta caacatgagc cttgccccta aggcacagag aacgtctcag    125280
     gagagggggc caggagactt taagagccaa agaaacagga agtctgttgt gagtctatgg    125340
     ctcctaaatg acaggggagc atcattcatg accctcaaca aagtggcagc ctaaacaagt    125400
     aatgaatgat gacaacacca atagacatgc tgacatggag gggatctccc agagccctgc    125460
     cctagacaaa aagctaagga taacaaagga atgttaagat cagagaaaca gttttcccag    125520
     acatcagccc cctgatgtct aataccaagt gtggaccctc aaatcatatg caaacaagta    125580
     acaccaaaca aataccacca aatggactag gaaggctgtt ttttaaatat atttaggcac    125640
     acacacacac aatatacaca atttcagggc tgagcacttg gtgttgtata accattattg    125700
     ttgtgaaatg gacaaaagta tcttaagcaa aagggaccag gaaccaagca ggcattgctg    125760
     tcctaaaacc taacaaagta gaagagataa aggaagatac ttcattttaa tcaacaatta    125820
     accaaaaaga tattacacat atgcacaaaa ttctagcact tccaatttaa taaaaagtat    125880
     actactgggt ctcaaaacag actaactcca actcaatgat agtagattat tttaatgcct    125940
     cactttctct aatagtcagg tcttttgaat aacaacaaaa acaatcctat ctaaccatat    126000
     gcaatcaagc ttaaaatcaa cagcaaatga atctctggtg attacagaaa ctcatgggga    126060
     cttagcaaca cattgtgtgt tacatcttag caacacattg agtgataaat aggtcaagaa    126120
     aaaaatcaag aatgaaagaa aatactgtaa ttaaatgaaa atgaaaggac aacacaataa    126180
     aacttcttgg acatattaag agaaatttta aaagaaaaat gtatagcact aagggcctac    126240
     attaagaaat cataaagagt acaaataaat ggcttaatgg tacaaataag aaatttggaa    126300
     aaacaagagc aaaccaggcc caaaccagag acagaagaaa taataagaac tagagcatga    126360
     gttaacgaaa tagaaacaaa gaatcactaa atctaagatc tacttttttg agaagatgaa    126420
     caagattgac agttctttgt ctcaatccac caaaagaaca ggagaagaga cacaaattaa    126480
     taaaattaga gatgaacaga gaaacactaa aacaggcatc aaaaaattca gagcatcata    126540
     agtgaatgct ttgaaaactt atgccacagt aacttggaaa atctaaagga aatgggaaga    126600
     tttctagatt caaactctca aagttaggcc aagaagagat caataaccca aagaaaccca    126660
     taataaataa ggagatcaaa taataataaa aatccttctg tgtaaacaga gcccagctcc    126720
     agatagattc acagaagaat tctactgtac tttcaaagaa ctccaaccat tactttcaaa    126780
     ttattcaaag catagagaca ctttcaatcc tcttcgattg gtatttcttt ggcaccaaaa    126840
     cgacatggag acacagcaac acatctcatg agcacagatg caaacgttct caataagata    126900
     ctcacaaacc aaataacagc acatatcaaa gatttcctcc gatacaatca aattggcttt    126960
     taccccagag atgcagggat ggctctacac ttgtatgtta acaaatgtaa tataaatcac    127020
     tgacaaacat tgcataacca tctatcatga gagatgcaaa aaaggccttt gacaaaattc    127080
     aacatggatt tatgatgaaa gtcctagaga gagaaagact ggagggaaca cacttcaacg    127140
     taataaagcc tgtggatgac aaactcatag ccaacatcat ccttacagga cagggaagct    127200
     gcacccatgc acccatggta gctcaacaat atggctgggt aaacaagacc tggagaagga    127260
     cacctgtatg acatgccagt gtggacaggg aaaatgtcac agggcctcat ctctgtaaga    127320
     agaagtgtag gctgctggga ggagaattat tcttcatcag ggacaagccc ttaaagtgtt    127380
     atctaatcac aagtgctcag ccccaaacac atacacatat gagcaacagt agatggactc    127440
     agtaagtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgataattaa    127500
     agaaaggctc tggaatttga gaggcagttt ggtgggatgg gagaggggtg ggttgaaata    127560
     atgtaaacag agtactcaga tatgaagtta tcaaataatg aaatataaca aaatgaagaa    127620
     caccttcata taagcatatg gccaatccac ccacttcaac actctcaaag gaatatcaaa    127680
     tctgcttcta ggtagagtta aatctttcac atcatgcttt atcaacctca ttcaatttgg    127740
     aattttccta gctactacat ttttgtgaaa gctgcgggtc agggccttga tttatagtgt    127800
     ttggcagcct ctaagttggc accattctgc ctcagctttt taagtgttgg actataagca    127860
     tgtgccacca tacctggtca agttgaatct tttaagacaa ggcacactct ttcatcagat    127920
     aatatccagg aggagtttcc ttagtgaaat agataccaca tatgactatc cctaacaagg    127980
     taaaaacaaa aacaaaaaca aaacccctcc ttgtcataag tattaaaatg accagcattg    128040
     gtcgcctgga gttctatcaa tcctcaagtc tttgactagt tatatttaca gttgtctcat    128100
     gatctctctc tctttctctc tctctctctc tccaaacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    128160
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacatc gtttccttag caattaagag acaaaggtca    128220
     tgttcttatc tatagacaca gttacccaac gctagcttcc tgctccttcc ctgtagagaa    128280
     ggagctggcc ctgccttgac agactaaggc taggcttagt tactttcatt tcccctcaca    128340
     cagcctggag ttaccttttc tgttgctggg ataaaataac cctgacaaaa gcagttcaca    128400
     gaaaagaagg cttattctgg cttacagtat gaagatctgt atctcaaggt ggcacagaag    128460
     gcttggcagg agcaggaagc cagctggtca cagtgcatca gcagcaaggg ggcagagaaa    128520
     atgaacagga agtggcacca ggctatagag tctccagtgg cccacaccct ccaccatgct    128580
     ccacctctta aaggatccaa actcttaccc agcagtgtca ccagctggaa accaaattct    128640
     caaaccatga gctgcctgtg tgggtatttc acattcagac cacagtgtag gcccagacac    128700
     agtgtcttct actaacatct gcatctgaac accctccttc caccctctct ttcctgtcaa    128760
     cttttgtttt taattttcta aaattatttt atttaccatg tgtctatgaa cagggactgt    128820
     ttttgatcta tcttaggaac tcaccaggat ccaatgggat cttcacctca atgatttatt    128880
     ctaatcagct tacatagatc ccacctcgaa aacaatcaag tttccactcc tagaatagta    128940
     caatgggtat tccatttcaa cacctgatcc tttgatcctt tatagaactc tcaaatcatc    129000
     gtgagatggc taatcttggt tttcaacctt actacacttt caatcaaata gaattcaaac    129060
     tctgggcatt tctgagagta gttttgttga tcaggttact tgaaggagga agactcattc    129120
     taacagtagg gagtactctc tggtagctgc ccagataaaa agacacagaa gaaggacatt    129180
     ggtgtgccct cactatcact gggcaagttc atctatcttg ttgctgtggc acttcttcat    129240
     tggtattaga accatctcct gcatgattaa aaggtagact gaaaccagca gcttttcagg    129300
     aatcctctag gactccagtg ccaagttgag actgctgaga catccagtct tgtagactaa    129360
     acaactaact accaattctc agccattcta acaatgactg tcacacacat cataggacaa    129420
     tatgtctcac atagccattg ttagactatc cagactatat cctgtatgtc agtctcataa    129480
     atcccatgta tttggttata tacccatatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta    129540
     tctatctatc tatctactgt ctgtctgtct gtctgtctat ctatctatct ttaaatgtag    129600
     acctacatct gtatagccta tcagttctat tcctttagag aactctgact agaacagaag    129660
     ggagagcttg ctgggaaaaa ggagtaacaa ctataaagcc ccttgagtaa gactatatat    129720
     aaatattttt gttgcagggc ataagtgaat cagtctcaaa ctgactagaa aacatcctag    129780
     cttttacagt gccagaagat gctatgcaga ctgcaggaag ttgtgaggag ggcatcaatg    129840
     atcttctcag tgctggtctc tgcttgctat atcaccacta ttccactagg ccaaggattt    129900
     cttcttgtgc aataatgcca tgtcttcgat gacatagcaa acctcattct gattacattt    129960
     gagggcagtc tactgaaggg aatttcctgc ctggttttgt aatccttgtc caaagtgttc    130020
     atggctgggg aggtaggtca tagaccctag agtagaccca ctgtagcaca aatagaacac    130080
     acatgcacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacag tcactcacac cagttaatca    130140
     gttaatcttg aaatgccttg gataacacaa tgactgggca ctcttaattt tttctctact    130200
     accccaggcc cagtcaggga agtggccaga ggaaactcac attgctggtt ggctttacgt    130260
     cctccactac tgtgccccct tctcctcctc ctgattctct ctccatcctt cccttgcaat    130320
     tctgtgtctt tccctgtcat cagctattgg ctactggcat ctctattgat agaccaaaat    130380
     ccaattagga gcaaggacct tcagccccag taaatacaga ttcctgatca aagaatcagg    130440
     accacccttt acacaccact attgctcttt tgctggctgg ctatgttgtt taaggtcttt    130500
     ttaaatattt ctgtttatac ttgtagaccc aggctcctcc aaccttagtt agagaaactt    130560
     ctttttgcag ccagtagcag ttgatgttga gatgtgtaac tcatcaatgt gctgagagta    130620
     agtgcattag ttggggttct ctaaggtaac agaactaata gttcacacac acacacacac    130680
     acacacacac acacacactc acactcacac tcaatttagt ggcttacagg ctgttgatca    130740
     gttcatctag ttcaacaata actgttcctt ctcacaaagg ccaataatct ggttcagtct    130800
     acaaggctgg aagcctcagc tgctcatcag tctacactgg aatccccaag aagaaagttc    130860
     tagtactagt gaaggaatgc ctcagcaaca ggatagatgg aacttttttt tccagtaaaa    130920
     gtgaggggaa gcaggattaa agcaaaaaac atccttcttt cgtgtctttt atgtaggttg    130980
     acacttgaag gcatggccct gatttagggt ggttcttccc actataagca atccaatcaa    131040
     gaaaatccat tacagttgta cccagctgtt tgatttttat ataattccag atgtaacaaa    131100
     attaacagcc aagattagtc attatagtaa gagattgagt gctgacccct aaatggcacg    131160
     tctttcctgg tgcctccccc tgtactacca aggctcaaga atgttgtgga agaggggtta    131220
     aaaatgatgt aagagaggga tgatggggag gagtgccatg aagtgaaaac caccgaattt    131280
     gatgtgacta ttgcactcat gaactcacac cagctgtggt taatggcaca agatctacac    131340
     ataaccagtt cagttaaaat tctctcatgg atgaatgtct tctctggccc tcattcctca    131400
     ctgaagagct gtaggcagtt gataaatgca ggaggaagga gaatcattct tttttttttt    131460
     caaaatgtgt agccactgat agttttccca agctccagtt gatggtccca tacccacact    131520
     catatggaca gcactaattg acttagtggg agggagggag gggaggaggg agatagatag    131580
     atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atgaaatatg aagttaggca    131640
     tgtactatag agattttgta gggttttatg aggaaataga tgagatgata ggtattatca    131700
     tgtttcatta tctctgtgta taaaaattta aagaataaag aaaaattaat attaaaaata    131760
     gcaaaaatgt gttcatagaa tattcagaga ataggaaaga agccagtaca gtcatagtaa    131820
     gaagaaggag agattaagga aatggagata aaagagagcc aagactaggg catatatagg    131880
     gcatacttga gtttacacta ttaactctga ctgtggagat gattgaaaaa tagtaaaata    131940
     gtgaggtagt gacagatcat gatttgactt cagaaaaaag ccttctcact taatgataga    132000
     actataccat gtgtttcaag gaagaaagta ggctaatcat gtgagatctg ctatactttc    132060
     aaagtggagc ctccaggatt tgccagtagg ttatatgtaa aacataaaag agataaacta    132120
     acgataactc ccaggatttt attaagtaac tagaagaaca aagggagagt ttcaagagat    132180
     ggaagagtca tagtctgtct tagttactgt tccattgcta gaaaccatga ccaaggcacc    132240
     tcttgtagca ttcaactggg gccttcttac agctttagag gtggttagcc catgatcttc    132300
     atggtgggaa gcagacacgc atgacactgg ggcagtagct gagagcttta catcttgatc    132360
     tgaaggcaat tggcagagag agaaactgag acttgcatgg gcttttgcac ctcaagaccc    132420
     acccaagcca tacaccccct ccaaaaaggc tacatcttcg aatccaccaa ctgtagacca    132480
     aacatgcaaa cacatgagcc catgggagat attttccact caaatcacca gagcctttct    132540
     ttatggaaga aagggggtta tttgggcata tgtcccagaa ggctaagagt ccatcatggt    132600
     ggggagacat gcagcaggca tggcaggagt gtgaagctga agatacacat cttgaaccag    132660
     agttgaagca cagagagcaa attgtgaaca gggataggtc ttacactctc aaagcccttc    132720
     ctagatcaca cctcctaagc ttccacgagg agcatgacca actggagacc aaataattaa    132780
     acacatgagc ttagggggaa acattgttat tcaaaacacc ataaccactg accaacatct    132840
     tcagcacaaa aatacttatg tggaaaaaaa ataacaatca agattttaaa atggaaattt    132900
     ccattaggaa gaattggata tgaattgagt agttcagggc ctatgtctta gttagagttg    132960
     gaaatggtga ggtagagact gagaatttaa agccagtcag ctggatgagg tggtccatga    133020
     agtgtgcata cacagagaca aagccaggag acctcagatc tccccaggag ttagagagga    133080
     gaaacaacgg aggattcagc tggcgctctc tgaggaaagc tggagtggtt gatacccgag    133140
     gagcgggtgc ttcctggagg ccagcgacga gcagagaagt tggctgctga gttttgcaag    133200
     gacgaggcag gcaagtccgt cataattcct gcttcacaga aaagtctgtc aggtattctg    133260
     ggccagaagg cacaagaaga tattccaatg actcagagaa ctttgtgggt gactgtccag    133320
     acatccagct ttctggacat tttatatgtc atttttatag ttttaaaggt gcttgccagc    133380
     acttcctgca tattcaggta atatttcttc cttctcaggt ctgtggtgag gctgagaatg    133440
     aaatagtgac agtcttacac ttaagcttaa gttgtgcagg attaaggtct aaggcccaag    133500
     atgtttttag gttggtaatg caaccaattt ctttttcttt tccatttttt attaggtatt    133560
     tagctcattt acatttccaa tgctatacca aaagtccccc atacccaccc acccccactc    133620
     ccctatccac ccactccccc tttttggccc tggcgttccc ctgtactggg gcatataaag    133680
     tttgcgtgtc caatgggcct ctctttccag tgatggccga ctaggccatc ttatgataca    133740
     tatgcagcta gagtcaagag ctccggggta ctggttagtt cataatgttg ttccacctat    133800
     agggttgcag atccctttag ctccttgggt tctttctcta gctcctccat tgggagccct    133860
     gtgatccatc cattagctga ctgtgagcat ccacttctgt gtttgctagg ccccggcata    133920
     gtctcacaag agacagctac atctgggtcc tttcgataaa atcttgctag tatatgcaat    133980
     ggtgtcagcg tttggatgct gattatgggg tggatccctg gatatggcag tctctacatg    134040
     gtccatcctt tcatctcagc tccaaacttt gtctctgtaa ctccttccgt gggtgttttg    134100
     ttcccaattc taaggagggg catagtgtcc acacttcagt cttcattctt cttgagtttc    134160
     atgtgtttag caaattgtat cttatatctt gggtatccta ggtttggggc taatatcccc    134220
     ttatcagtga gtacatattg tgtgagttcc tttgtgaatg tgttacctca ctcaggatga    134280
     tgccctccag gtccatccat ttggctagga atttcataaa ttcattcttt ttaatagctg    134340
     agtagtactc cattgtgtag atgtaccaca ttttctgtat ccattcctct gttgaggggc    134400
     atctgggttc tttccagctt ctggctatta taaataagac tgctatgaac atagtggagc    134460
     atgtgtcctt cttaccagtt ggggcatctt ctggatatat gcccaggaga ggtattgctg    134520
     gatcctccag tagtactatg tccaattttc tgaggaaccg ccagactgat ttccagagtg    134580
     gttgtacaag cctgcaatcc caccaacaat ggaggagtgt tcctctttct ccacatcctc    134640
     gccagcatct gctgtcacct gaatttttga tcttagccat tttgactggt gtgaggtgga    134700
     atctcagggt tgttttgatt tgcatttccc tgatgattaa ggatgttgaa cattttttca    134760
     ggtgcttctc tgccattcgg tattcctcag gtgagaattc tttgttcagt tctgagcccc    134820
     attttttaat gggggcaacc aatttcttat gatagaaatt tatttaggga cagaattctg    134880
     aatttgccaa gataggatag gtagcagaat acttcctcca aggttgccaa atccatatga    134940
     actggagatt atgaatgtaa tcttacctgg tggttctcac aattgttatt attgtttata    135000
     gcttattatt gtaagataaa gagtctttta ttggactaaa aggagaaaat gtaaagataa    135060
     tatattatgt actgtatgga agtatcaact gttaataaag agcagaaggc ctattagcta    135120
     aggcaggtaa aaggaggtgg agtcctggta aagaaagagg aactctggga tagggtcagt    135180
     caagggagat tctccccaaa ctctaaggac acagacacat gaaacaggag aggtaaccag    135240
     ccgtgcagca tttatagaat agaataaatg ggttaattca gttatgggct agtaggggaa    135300
     caagcattta ttcatatgta cttaagtttc agagtggtta tttcaggaac tggggagcag    135360
     gtggacaacc tcgaggttac agtttagtcc attattgtca tggcggtaag cataaaggca    135420
     cacaggcaga catggtgctg gagacgtagc tgagagttct acatctgaat ctgtaagctg    135480
     caggaagaga gtgagatgtt gaacctggct tctgaaacct caaagcccat acccagggac    135540
     acatttcctc cgacatggcc acacctccta atgccacttc ataagcattc aaatataagt    135600
     ctatgagggc cattctcact caaaccacca cagtttacaa aaaataaaaa ataaattaaa    135660
     aaaaaagagc ttggaagtga gttaaatctt ctaaggatgt gcagagactt tcagaaaggc    135720
     agttgaaatt agaggtgatt ttgcttatgt gggcaaggtg aacggattta ggaagcagga    135780
     gtagaccggt atacttagga tgtgctcaga aaggggagtc tggaatttaa ctagttcttt    135840
     gtttaatttt tttcccttca tttttgagat tatgatataa ttacagcatt tctccctgtt    135900
     ctttcctccc tctaaaactt cgcatataaa aatttccatc tttccttgtt ttctctcaaa    135960
     ttcatggctt ctttttgcat tattgttact tacatatatg tatatttaca tacattatac    136020
     atatattgtt acatacatta tatacaccat acacatatac attaagcaca catacattac    136080
     atatattata catatgttgt acacatatat gtatgtttat atacattata catacagtat    136140
     acatatattt atatacgtat atttctaaat gcaatcttct acttctgtaa aatgttactt    136200
     atacatatgt ttttgtaatg cgtcctggac cctagcctaa caaatgacat gttggaggca    136260
     ccattcacac cttataaccc aaacatctgc caaaagagga aaaaaaaaac cccaatcaat    136320
     caatcaagac ctggcccata gttcctggat ccaagaatct ctaaatgtgc taacttggct    136380
     tctatagttc tgctactgtt aactgttcct gctaactaac ctgtcatcca ggatgtgggg    136440
     cttgtgttta aaagacaatg ggcagtgagg cctggggctg catgatctgg gcaaggtccc    136500
     catgcagcca ctggctggtg ataaaaactt tcttctcagt tttaagaggg tctatatgtg    136560
     ttctctggtc tgtggagagc cgtgccccga gcaatcacgt gcgtgccgcc agtaatcgct    136620
     gtggagagcc gtgccgcgag caatcgccat tataagatgg cgctggcctc cgctgtgcct    136680
     aactagtaaa caagccttgt acgcaggtgc gagagtgaac tcactcctag tcactcctat    136740
     tctcggggtg taatagtggg gtgatgggcg agcaacgaat caggagctgt cacgccatag    136800
     caggtgctga aacgtcacgc tgcgggctat aaaagcggcg ccattttccc ggtttgggat    136860
     cttcctgaga agcaagcaat aaagcttttg ccgcggaaga ttccggtttg ttgcgtcttt    136920
     cttgctggtc gagtgggaca caatactggt caacattttc ggggctgacc atttggtatt    136980
     ggatgaccaa cctgtgtgct cttcggtggg gaaaactgtt tcccccaatc tcagtaaccc    137040
     ctagttgcct gtagttcttt tcctagggtt ggagcctcct gggctttccc cgtccagttt    137100
     ggcatagtca ctgctgtcat tttcattaag ctcagactag ggcagccatg ttgtttagac    137160
     tttatgagta tagaaattac cagaaaacac agtctcagag caaacttcct catcttctgg    137220
     ctcttacagt ctctccccag ccttttctgc actgtctcct gaaacttagg tccaggagtt    137280
     gttgggtaga tgtattcatt gggactgggc tctacaaatc tattctttcc atctgatatg    137340
     acaggaaatg gaccaagacc actgaacctc attaaaatgt ttcccttttt tctttttcag    137400
     tgctagggac caaacctagg accttccaca cactagacca ctaagcagcc tccccaagtc    137460
     ttcctcaatt ttattttgag gcaatctctt tagactgccc aggctagcct tgaacttagt    137520
     gggtacttac ttggtaaggg tgtatgatgg aagggtaatc ttggacttga gaacctagga    137580
     accacacagc tctgaggtcg gacagtatcc catgggaaga gtatcctgat tacccaggct    137640
     ggcaagttcc tttgttagag ctaatgactg cattctactt tccccaaatt tccctgtggt    137700
     aaatatcttc atggtttctg tcttttcagt ggactctgaa aaatattaac acatcaaatc    137760
     atcaaaaaga taatcaatcc ttctcaatag agatagctta agttaatgct ttagtgttaa    137820
     actttttccc ccagtgctag agatgtcact gaggaccttg aaaatactaa gcaggcacat    137880
     tatctttaag ctacaccaca agctagaatt ttgatatcaa gaatagcaat aacaccaact    137940
     ttaggtgttt ctgctcagat ggaaggttat cctggggttt agaagcctag gaaccacatg    138000
     gctcctgaag gacgacagtg tgggacagtg acccatggga agggtatcct gagacatcag    138060
     aactcggaac tacagagctc cgaggaagcc ttctcagcag aggcattagc gctcccaagg    138120
     gagggtatct cctactgagc tgaggagctc aagagtctga tctctgctcc ttcttcactt    138180
     cttctctact ttttctcttc tttgcttgtt ctcttctcag cttcttccaa cgagaaagtt    138240
     gctccaggca gtgcatctta taaaagatat ttattgacag taataataca ggagtgtgag    138300
     ggacaaaacg agggatggct gctctctgct cccgggagtg gacagacagg gaatggacaa    138360
     aggggcagtg cttatatagg atttctgagg aggctggaga ggagggtctg ccactgtaca    138420
     cagttcctgc agtggtgctt caccaaggtt gtaggctaag gcaggaaaga agatgtcgct    138480
     accgcggaca gctcccaaag agtagctcct gccaaggagg gaaagatgtg tcaccatgga    138540
     cagctccatg gcatctgtag gcttgagatg ctgtggtgca ggctgagatc ttatggttga    138600
     caccatttcg acaggagctg ccattttgga cagcccctat ggaacatttt actgagaggg    138660
     tcataggctg gtgcgggaag gaaggacctg ccacctcttt gatggctttt gtgactcact    138720
     gctcaggaac tatacagaca aaacaaaaat agtccagaag gaatgaaaag taagaatgcc    138780
     tcccatataa cttcctacac acaaccaatg ctttcttctt ctttttttta agttaaaaac    138840
     ttattttcag aaatattttc actcagatta atggaggcat aattagcaaa taataaaaaa    138900
     gcatgcatat ttgaggtatg ccaggcaggt gcaaagtgat gtttcaatat atagtatgat    138960
     gtaataaatt actatcataa ttaagtagat taattgtgtc agtcggtatt ttattgctgt    139020
     gaagagacac tgtgaccatg atgactctta tacaagagca catttaacca gggctggctt    139080
     acagcttcag aagtttagtt cattattact gtggtagaga atatgcctgc atgcaggtag    139140
     tcatggtact tggcaggtaa ctgagagttc tacatctgga ttggaaggaa ggcaccatgg    139200
     agggagggag ggagggaggg agggagggag ggaggagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    139260
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gactgggcct ggccctgagc acttgaaatt caaagcctac    139320
     taccagggac acaagatctc caacaagtta atagttactc caacaaggcc atacctccta    139380
     agaatatcac tcccaaatga ccaaccatcc acacatttga gactatggtg gccattccta    139440
     ttcaaacaag aagtccttaa tagttagaac catatatacc aaagaccatg aatttctttc    139500
     ttttttaaga ttttatttct ttattctatg taagtacact gtagccatct ttagacaccc    139560
     cagaacaggg catcagatct cattacagat ggttgtgagc caccgtgtgg ttgctgggat    139620
     ttgaactcag gaccttcaga agagcagtca gtgctcttaa ccactgagcc atctctccag    139680
     cctgaccatg agtttctaag aaaatcacaa ggccattaca gttcatgcaa aattatcaaa    139740
     aactctcata aacaaaagca gttttctcta agcccaatat ccccccaccc attggcaata    139800
     gatgcacaac cacatcaagg ctaatgaata cacaaaagtg ctgcaaagac taaagagcat    139860
     ctcctggaga gagagtcagc tgcagccatg ataaagtcaa cacatgcttc ctcatgtaca    139920
     aggctgattc aatctataaa cagaccatgt atatcctcca cccagtgctc ctatgatgtc    139980
     ttggctttac atagatcaat gttcctttca ccagcccttt cctgttgacc ttggtattgg    140040
     aaggttcctt gtatgaactt gaaggaaact ctagtcttta gacaggagaa atatacaagg    140100
     actaaaaagg cactgttcat tgtagctcag tgatgagcat gtagattttc aaaaaaaatt    140160
     atcagccttc ggatagatgg atcagggctt aagagcacct gtagctttta ctgaggataa    140220
     aggtttggtg accagcaccc aaatggagac tcttaactat ctataactcc agacccagga    140280
     gggcccaaca tacttttctg acctcagcta gaattttagg agttttagat attctgaact    140340
     gtcagtagtc ttcaggagca tcctttactc caggataaca ggagagaatg ggactatcaa    140400
     tttccagaag ataatcaagc gtttagactg ggggtgtctt tccttcacat cattaatcac    140460
     tttcatgtcc tcttcatcca ggagccaact gagcatgtgc agtctgatga ggctgggcag    140520
     tcgggacaca cattgaccca gagccttgac agtggtggcc tgaacttgaa tgcgtcctgg    140580
     gatattcctg cagatgttca gctcttgtag gtttggcaag ttgtccaggg cttgaaagaa    140640
     atttctatat ccttcctcgg taatcttgtg attcatggaa atatctaagt tctcaagttt    140700
     ctggaaacct ccactggttg ccgccctggc tgaaaacaaa acacgtatga aaacacaatc    140760
     aagaggactt caataatgct cacaagttat tggaactact cccaaacccc tacaatgaag    140820
     gttggaattc tctacatgat gttttagaga tcaaaccttg aaagcatcaa acagcagcct    140880
     ggttgataga aaacgacctg gacaaacaga aaggggaagc agacacaagg aagtcaaaaa    140940
     cagggagttg cagttgtctg tacaatgtac ttttcttctg tctaacagga ggacatatgt    141000
     cagggcagag cctaggtatg gaccagggta cagtacaggg gactgagaaa atgtgttaac    141060
     aatgtctccc tttatgcaga gaagggaagg tgacagtcct taaagctgtc ctctcactgg    141120
     ctactataga gccttccacc tatagctcag aagggactcc ctggttactc aaagcagggc    141180
     tctgaaggaa atggagctaa actcatggtg actttacaag tgaagatcta gtacagcttt    141240
     tgtttcatta ttcactatgt aaccactttt cccttctatg gggaaaatta gagtagactt    141300
     cacccagaat catgttatag cttgagtgta aagaaagagg gactaagaaa gtgtttcttc    141360
     tgtgtcctga ataaggatct tcagtgatag tcagggggta tttctcattc cctgaataaa    141420
     tatacttctg gaagaactgg agaacatctc agcctccccc cccccccccc ggcctgctgt    141480
     cctctggttt tcttgatttt ccatgtcaca ttatatcatt atctgttgct atggtgtgta    141540
     taagtgcagt tgcatgacta taaagttgaa acattgacca agagtaagct gtcagttgtc    141600
     catggagaga agggcactgt taccacactg agatgactcg gcaggtgagg ccaatgatct    141660
     ttggtcatgt gtgctactgt gcatataagg cacagtcaca gtgctctatg atcacatgtg    141720
     ctattttgca tataaagaac aaacacaatc ttgggtgaaa acagacaaac ctagcctatt    141780
     gtataggatt tccccacatg aaatgtctag tggcaaaagc agctatggtg acagagagag    141840
     tgcagtggtc atctgtgagg gtgtggaggg cactgctgga gaatggaaac aactcaggtt    141900
     tggggctctg ggaaagctct gtgctctagc ctagttgact tctacattga cagggataag    141960
     aggttgcagg aacgtgaaca tgaagtggac atagctctac atttccccac aatatacctg    142020
     tcgtgtcagt attcagttga gtcagagtgt atctggtcag gggtctgaaa caccaagtgt    142080
     gaggacagag atattactgg acagtggtgc aggaccagac actgctctag tgtatgtgtg    142140
     aggccctgag ttcaaaccac agactggata cttctacacc ccccccccca cacacacaca    142200
     cacaccctga tttgaaaaaa agagacacgg ttaactttcc cagtcacacc aggacgactc    142260
     tacgtctgca gaagggcagg agaggaagca ggtgacggtg gaaatgagga agcctttgga    142320
     agtctttcct ggctctagat gcttgtagca ggcagatcca atgacaccac tgcttccaca    142380
     caagggaacc cctttctctg agggaaactc accaatttca atcacactgt cattgtccaa    142440
     gatgtcgtga aaggtgagaa ctcggaggca cggaagctgc agacactgcc ggacaatcag    142500
     tttggccact tggtgaatcc cgtccccagt gggaatgagc agttcctcca ggttcctgag    142560
     agaacccaga gcctgggctg tgggagacac aggagagcca tcctcaggag ctgttccatt    142620
     gtgagcagct tatgacttac acggtctcta gtctagaagg ccctacctag cacaggccct    142680
     cctcatccct gtcctctcca agggcaggag aaggggtcag cacagagctg ctccctgctg    142740
     ctcacttctg cttcttcctc catccttccc caacctgttt ctttacccaa atccaggctg    142800
     tatcttcatc tctactctgt cttcttaatt ggagttccca ctgaaggtca ctctcctagc    142860
     tgcacagtgc cttcagaccc ctcccttcca tcccacctcc agccatcatc tctaggacat    142920
     ccaatgtcct cagtaaagca tggtccacta ctctgacaac tttccactat ataccctaag    142980
     catgatgtcc taaaaatcat gtgatcacta gtctctactt ctgtgccttt gtagaagcta    143040
     attaatggac tttgtagcat gggccaatgt tctagaccta tctttcactt tcctcttttc    143100
     tggaataaca catttttttc acagactcct tttttctttt actttctttc gttttttttt    143160
     tttaagaaaa gataatattt atttagaact caactccatg gatttgtgag ttgctcagtg    143220
     atacagtgct tgcctagcac gctggatacc atggcaacac acacatactc tcacacacac    143280
     acagagttgc tctctctctc taggaaactc gggcttgcct tatcaacaat acagtctgaa    143340
     aaacatcgtg aatatacaac tctgtataat acatctgcag tctcccctgt cacttcactt    143400
     aacctgttaa gagtaatttc catgaaaact cattactttc tcaatacttt attaagtcaa    143460
     aagtattgaa atttagggca gggtagtact agatgctctt ccagaggacc tgggttcaat    143520
     tcccagcacc tatatggcag cttacaactg tatgacactc aagttccatg agctccaaca    143580
     ccctcgcaca gacaaacatg cacacaaaat gcacatgaaa taaaaataaa taaaatttaa    143640
     aaagtattga aactctttgt gtacttatca tggtagtaat tctgactcag tgtttctaac    143700
     tgtgtgtgtg tgttccagaa accaaccttt ggaacaaaaa gcataaagca ttttagagtg    143760
     catgaggaac aataaacgta aacatcatgc catcatgacc aaattctagc ctaagaagtc    143820
     actgagatca tttcatttaa tggtatcaag catgaagatg tgtgggaccc accttgacag    143880
     catttcaggg atgagactga gtattgctat aacatcttcc catggaccaa cacagctggt    143940
     gcagctgacc atctgtattg gcacattcca cccacaactt gtcgaagttt tttttattac    144000
     atttacttaa ttgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    144060
     gtgacagtat gtgtgtgaag gtcagagaac aacatgccta actaaataag ttctttcttt    144120
     ccactatgct tgtcatatga ataaaattca aggcttccag cttggcatca agattttgga    144180
     atgctctgaa tcattttgcc agacattaag tctttttaaa atgatctcga tgccaaacat    144240
     gtacagacat tgacaccatg tcatagtcct tgaacaacac agtgctgttt atgtagcatc    144300
     tatattgtac tgggtattgt agacaatcta gagatggcat gaagaatacg gaggatgtgg    144360
     aatgttccac tggtggtttt atgtcaactt gtcatgagct agagacattt tggaagaaag    144420
     atcctcaagt gaggaactgc ctccacgaga ttgtcttgta gaccagcctg tggtgcattt    144480
     tcttgattga tgaggaagga cagcatgagt ggtaccaccc ctggtggtca caggtgttat    144540
     atgaaagcag agtgagccat tcacaaggga aaagccaata agcagcacac ctctgcttca    144600
     gttcctgact tcaggttcct gccctgattt cctaaggtga tggagtgtta cctgagatct    144660
     gtaacctcat aaacccttcc ctctccatgc tgctgttagt tctggtgctt tatcacagca    144720
     acagaaagcc tagccagcag tccaaggaca accgttcaaa cttgctttat tttctgttga    144780
     caggaaaaga aagaagagga gaaggaggag acaaagagta aattaagaaa cagtgtttca    144840
     taaataaact taccaaactt ttctgacgtt tccttatctg gaaattgttg atctttaaga    144900
     ttcagtatct tcagagaaac aaaatttggc aaaatgttga ctagtaaagg aaaataaaat    144960
     catttagatc agtacatttt ctatgacatg ggaaaaccat tgaaatacag agcatttaaa    145020
     aagtaatcaa aggtgatatg acattcagac tgaatcacta tgactaagga gaggacacaa    145080
     ctctgagaat gaaacatgta aattgtagct cattgactct tgtgagagcc tcactgagga    145140
     tcatgtgtcc tcacagttcc catgacatcc gtggcattta attctcaagt atgtaatgac    145200
     tttgtgcaca ggagcatgtg aagtcaaagc cattgatttc ttaccaaagg tcatggcttc    145260
     aaagcatcgt ccagaaaact caatctctct gagtttcttg caggaagcaa gcacagccat    145320
     gagagactca caatttgaaa ggaaatcaca tttcagatgg aaaacatgga gatttggaaa    145380
     gttctggatg aatttaactg gaaaagatga aggatgttca gaaattagag aaggccacac    145440
     atttttatta gaattgggtt cttgacccat cagctgcagc cacactgatt aaacaggcag    145500
     tagcactgtg gcacagtatc taggtgtcag acgccattca ttgtgcttgt gctcaactta    145560
     cacaactgac tagtgaacag atgacctagg gcaagttcct gaccctctct ggatcagttt    145620
     tctgttctca aatttcaaaa taagggctta tcaagtagta acaatatcct cagtcccaga    145680
     catgttaaac ttttccttaa ggttttggtc agaagagtcc aagagattcc cccaaacaat    145740
     acaggctttg gttgttgttc ttggtttgct cccagaactt ggaggtaaga cgctgttaaa    145800
     gacaccactg cacttggagg gatcagagta gaacagatcg gaaagcctcc tccctgccaa    145860
     ctagttctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctcccc    145920
     ctctctccct ctctccctct ctctctctcc ctctctccct ctctctctct ctttctctct    145980
     ctctccctcc ctccctctct ccctctctct ctttatttgt cccttcctcc ctccctcccc    146040
     ctctctctgc ctttctcctt tatcctcccc tcaccatgca cacaagaagt gtcatgaatt    146100
     tgagactgag tgggaaagac atggaaggaa ttggaggaag aatgggcaga aatgatataa    146160
     acatagcact aattgttgaa atttgaaaaa aaattgaata atggctcagt aaaaccacct    146220
     tcagtttttt aactctaatg tctctatgtt tgtatgctgc atttatgaat aaacatttta    146280
     tacaaagtaa catgaaagaa agaataattc tgtaacataa attgtgaagt ttactttata    146340
     tttaaaattt ttattacatg taattatgtg tgtgtgtgtg cttgctaatg cactcccaga    146400
     actttttgtt ctttttgttt tgtgagacaa cacctcacac tgtagctcag actaatctag    146460
     aattcagtgg ttttgaattt aggccaccct ctcccttagg ttctcacaag ctatggtttc    146520
     aggtatggag caccaggcca cacttcagta gtctttggca tggcacttgt aggttcactt    146580
     agtctccagt gttccccaaa tcaagtggcc tatcaaactt taaagcattt ttctaaagga    146640
     tgtatttcag aaatgtggtt gcactgtcat ccatcatcca tgaggctagg aagaatggga    146700
     aaatgttcag attgttacca gtaagatttc cttctccctc agcaagcaga tgtgtaagtg    146760
     gtgatgtaaa aacaacttaa aatcaaaata aaagaactct acaaataatt ttggagagaa    146820
     agatgaagaa gaagaagagg aaaaggaaga gaaagaggaa gaggaatagg aataggatga    146880
     ggatgaggta ggaaggaaaa tcatgctatt tgaggtaagc tggcacaatc agtaacaaag    146940
     gacagtatgt agcagaaagc aactgcacag tatgagggca ggacagaggg aaagtctcct    147000
     cagaagagga ggaagaaagc tcaatcatta aaaaaaaatg gtgcttggta aagacgtagg    147060
     aagaacagaa ggaaagattg tttccctgag ataggatgcg gaaaattttc agttttatca    147120
     cagctgactg cagggatgtg gatacataag cagtggcctc tcttagctga aaaaaacttg    147180
     agaaaaatca cttaacatct ttctttatga cttaacgtcc ccagatgcac agtgaccaca    147240
     atcacagtac tctctctcac acagtgaaga gtgaattatt ctgaagtgtt cagaacagtc    147300
     cttagcatat agtaaacact caagatttac aataagtctc caagaaaggg tgatgttccc    147360
     acagttcatg ctgtcaggcc cagggaagtt ttgactaatg atgatttaat ggttctaaca    147420
     attactagcc aactagcttt accagctgag acatgaaatg gagatcaagc accatcctta    147480
     cctagtttgg agaggtcaga ctccgtggag gtttggatgg ataacttctc catgtgaagg    147540
     aggtttggga actctccagg aaggactgag agcacatccg gtttgccatc tagtctcaca    147600
     cacagttctt tcaggcccag gaacttgtgc aagttatgga agagctgatc tggaaagcag    147660
     cacagagttc ccatcactca agagcccaag tgcaagttct caaggtgctg tgatcttcag    147720
     ccatattcat acttccaaga tgaaactcct cagacatcct aacgtctgat taggaagcac    147780
     atgcatgaag ttactgccag ctgcagcatc tgctgatcat gggcagactc tagggcaagc    147840
     cctgtgctgg actctagact cacaaaaata attgacattt cccttaccaa tagtgtggga    147900
     acatctaatt ttgcagatgc aaatgcatgc acagctggac tcctgcttcc aattcataaa    147960
     gtgtaaaaat tagattaacg acacatgtat gagctaaagc catagaactg ttagaagaaa    148020
     aacgtaatgt tcaggacctt gaactttttg atggtggatc cttagatatg caataaaaag    148080
     cagtagcaaa aattagacct tggacaatgc ttggttatta acttgactac cttgaaaatt    148140
     aattaaaacc ttaatgactg tgaggcttta ttctctagtt aaaaattcaa attgggaaga    148200
     tcaacatcta ctttggacct ttgagttggg aaaatccacc tttactcatt ccttctcctg    148260
     gcagcctata taaaggacat gagagaaaga agccctctgt ctctgtctct gtctctgtct    148320
     ctctgtctct gtctctgtct ctgtctctct gtctctgtct ctgactctct ctgtctctct    148380
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctccct ccctccctgc ttgctctccc tctcactagc    148440
     aagtccattc ctacactggt attagagcct gcttcttcta accttataga ctgaatgact    148500
     actggattca tagactgtct gttggtagag agtcattgtt ggcctagttg aaccacagcc    148560
     tttaagccat tctaagaaat tccctttctc attttatata gattaattct ataaatttcc    148620
     tataagttct tctatcagac ctcaactatt aaagacctta tcaaaattaa caattgttca    148680
     tgcagcaaaa acacacacaa agagatgaga tatcagaaca ttacaaagag atgaaagtga    148740
     caatctacag aatggaagaa aatgtttttt gagccatgtg actgataaag gtttgataga    148800
     tttatttttg tggaacccag ggtcttgcac atggtagaca tactctgtct ataacaaaag    148860
     ggtttaaatc cacaatacac aaagtcctgc tacaagagaa catcaatgat tctgtgttgt    148920
     tttctttgag atagatttac tctatagcct tgcctggccc agtgcagatg attcgacaga    148980
     atcagttcac atacagtcca ccatctatca ctaacaagca attcaaacgt ccttaaaagg    149040
     atcttgaaag attaatactg gtggtaatgt tctcctagtg ttgtctgagt taactggaaa    149100
     ccctttctat gatccagggc cttccactgc cccaaaacag tgagagagtt caggtctctc    149160
     ctaccaagac acattcatgg ccttgtgctg agaagttccc ttcatgtaaa gctaagaatg    149220
     agacacagtg tcaagcagag tggctatggg aatacacttg gggatacctg gtaactggtt    149280
     tgtctctgag acctcgagag actgcagggc aggcagggtg agaagcagct cctgttctgc    149340
     tctgctgagc tccagcctgg acatggaaca cttggtgaca gaggccttac tcagctccag    149400
     agctgggcag atgctttcaa ggaagccact gctgttgaat aaacggaact caatactctg    149460
     tgaagctgag aagacttcca tgaggacctg gagcagtgct tgatctgctg catccgtgtt    149520
     gttcacttga acttccagct tggggatctt gcatggcttg ggggacagtt tccagtaccc    149580
     ttcactgatg tctggtaggg ctctgggtcg gatattttca tagtttttta tgatctcctc    149640
     atcttgagca aaatttctcc tccattcact tatatgctca aaggcagatg tatactcctc    149700
     atctatagct ggtggctgta agttttcaaa atatgtcttg aatgaataat ctacataaga    149760
     tgacatttta tttccattta tggaaacctt taagctcctc aacagtaaca ggctttctgg    149820
     gtggtcccta aagtactgta aattcagtac tcttaaagcc agtgtttttc ctcgaaggaa    149880
     ttgcaaaata aatggagagc attcagcaac tgtgttgctt tcataagcaa agattagagc    149940
     aaggcgcaat aaatgttctg aaacgaatga agaggaagat tcaggagaca ccagccacaa    150000
     ccctctaaca aactgaaacc atagaaaagt ttgtggatgg agcttcatgt aatcctcatt    150060
     ttcagacatg ttctccagtg actctttctc atccaccaac tgaagcaaat gagatacaac    150120
     tgttggcgct gcctttgagg aagagtggct ggagacataa tacaaaaata tgttaaagga    150180
     gtttattgcc ttcagaggtg agtcgatttg tctcaaataa taaagtccaa gatcttggtc    150240
     ttcctgccta tctgaactca ggagttcagt caacctcacg gcagcaagaa actcctggaa    150300
     cagaggacct aaaaaccggt agactggtct cagtctctgg gcggtgaatt tgctcatcaa    150360
     gagggtggta agcttttcat cttcatcaac tcctgcctct gccaggtcat cactattgaa    150420
     ctcaaagcat gatgagaaaa gccctgtcaa ggccagctgc ccacatgagg acacagtggc    150480
     ctggagaggc tcagctgtag ctttgtattt taaggacagg tattgcatgt aggactggaa    150540
     aagtgtcaca tcttgaaatt tatcctgggc agatgcattt tgaatccagt cagtacatac    150600
     tgctgctaca aagagagggg tcttgtaaac tccctgtaaa tctttattat caataaagta    150660
     aattataagc ttttccacac agattatgtc atgtgaaaaa aacttccgta atacagagac    150720
     agtattatag aagggaaact cttggatctc tagacttgta cctaggtata ggcggatgtc    150780
     tctgaccctg tttgtatgca cagcgatcaa taagcaggtc cgtgacaagt agttttttgt    150840
     aatcagtgtg tgtagggctt gggggagtga ggccagccca ctgtagtcat ccaacaggaa    150900
     cagcacctgg tgttgtaact gctggatgat gctgctcaga cacgcttcac taatgcagcc    150960
     tcctgcccct aggagttggg tacagatgat gttgtccagt ccctggtctg gtgtgatgga    151020
     actaagggag agatagaaga ccagctggaa cctgtacaac agggggcagc atcctgatgc    151080
     ccagagaaaa gctatcctct tcaggaaggt tgtctttcca ctgccagctt ccccctccac    151140
     acacatgaca gagttgagat tggagaagac ctcggggatc gtcagggcct cttgcacagg    151200
     ctggctgatg tgctttgaaa tgatggacac atcgcagctg agcaagtggt cagtgccaag    151260
     gctggagcac acttctggca agttcatgtg gcggaaagtg gctttagtgt agttgtctct    151320
     tagctgctca ctcagactcc tggcctcttg aaaccactgg gcttcactcc tacccaagtc    151380
     tgtggagaga agggaggtac agggaggtat agggtggtac acttcgaacc tctctggcag    151440
     ctttgcttgt ctgctccact gcacatgaca tctccataca cctgaggtcc tcccagacct    151500
     tttcatagca ccagaatgct gtccaagcct cccacttgac cttggggatt aggtaggatt    151560
     ctgaagaata ctctgtcacc ctagttccct tctgagctct caggagacca gcttgctgca    151620
     tggtgccttt aatgctggct ggtctgggtc tgacacaagg actctgttat tagtcctgca    151680
     ttcactctca ggaagccaca ggaatgcaac tctctcatcc acacttccct ccacctcagt    151740
     gctttcctct ctagcagctc cctggacaat tataaataca ctttccggtc gaaaccactg    151800
     tctcctgcgt gagatacgct tcgacccgga gctccgccat taaactacct catgttctta    151860
     catcaagttg gtcgtctgtt cgtgattctt gggtgcgcgc cgaacagaaa ttgagtgggg    151920
     gtttccccac taggttcttt catttgaagg tcccactgag atctgcgtga cacccaggaa    151980
     ccccgaaaga ccccttggag ttacgtttgt ttgtgtgtgt cttacatgtt gtctgttgtc    152040
     taagtgtggc accgctgaat ttgtgtcttg gcttttttag ttctgagatt gtgaatttgt    152100
     gtcttggttt gtaaatttgt gtctcggttt gtgaatttgt ttgtgccttg gtttttcggt    152160
     tacgagatcg tgggtttgag tcccacctcg tgccttggtt ttagggttgt gagatcgtgg    152220
     gttcgagtcc cacctcgtgc cttggttttc tggttctgag attgtgggtt tgagtcccac    152280
     ctcgtgcctt ggttttaggg ttccgagatc gtgggttcaa gtcccacctc gtgccttggt    152340
     tttctggttc cgagatcgtg ggttcgagtc ccacctcgtg ccttggtttt agggttccga    152400
     gatcgtgggt tcgagtccca cctcgtgcct tggttttagg gttccgagat catgggttca    152460
     agtcccacct cgtgccttgg ttttctggtt ccgagatcgt gggttcgagt cccacatcgt    152520
     gccttggttt tacatctggc agagtgagga atgagtgtgc ttagatactg gtgtctttta    152580
     ttttctgttg ctgtcttgtt tttgtgttgc tgtcttgttt ttgtttgtgg ttttcgtcat    152640
     aggacagact gtgtgtgtag tgccgactgt agacttggac tgacgttagg acagaatttg    152700
     tcagtgatag ttaaaaaaaa ctggccacac gcagctgcag gccggactga gaacttccgg    152760
     cttttggcgg cagcagagcg cactggccat gtgagaaacc gtggcccagg gggaacacca    152820
     atgcagaggt ttcccccggg atgcccgccc caccaccacc accacggatt caccacctgt    152880
     gggacgggca agaaaaagag gggtgaggcc catagggccc gcgccggccc cttctggctt    152940
     cctagggctg acgagagtcg ctgcctccgc taccttcagc ccactacctt ctgcccgctc    153000
     cccgacttgg cccagtgcag ccagctgtga gagctgcctt cccttccctg ccccacgtgt    153060
     tttctcttct agggcggccc caccctaagc tgctaactat cgagagagac atctgcccac    153120
     ttaaaactcc tgtcccaggt aaggagcacc tacgagtcta atcaccaggc tctgacaaat    153180
     gggtatagag gtctagaaaa aggtgagctt agactgtaag gaagagcaaa gcttcagcag    153240
     actcaggagt gacagatgac agtgaaagta gagatgaaag agattagaga ggtctgagat    153300
     gagagagata ccccaaatga gaaatattta gagtagaacc agtaagtaag aggcagaaaa    153360
     ggcatattac gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gacaaaaaaa    153420
     aggacaggag gggtcgtaga caagagagaa atttgactag aatcttggcc acagtgatag    153480
     gagagaaaga aaaagacaag atctagacag gaaacctggg caactgaaga ccgagcctca    153540
     gctaaaaagg ctcagctgtg tcagattaaa gttacttatt tgagatacat ccttcgagat    153600
     gggaagtagt ggctaaagaa agccggaaaa aaaagactgt aactcagatc cccaccccaa    153660
     ctacaccaag acaagtaaaa aaattcttgg acaccgctgg tttctgcagg ctctaaatac    153720
     ctgggttggc gaccttagct gcccgttgta ccccccaacc aaggaagaga aagtgtttgt    153780
     gtggacccca gatcaccaaa aagcctttag agaaatgaaa aaggccctac tgatggccag    153840
     cctttgcctg acctaaccaa gcctttcaca ctttatgtag aagagagatc acaggtcacc    153900
     agagaaatcc ttactcagac tttgggactt taaaaaaggc cagtgtctta cctatccaag    153960
     aagttagatc ctgttgccag cgggtggttt tcttgcctaa aagctattgc tgccataaca    154020
     ctgcttgtca aggatgctga taagctcact ctgggacagc aaactgtagt ggcaccccat    154080
     gatcttaaaa acattatcta aaagccccct gactgatgga tgacgaccaa cactcctgtg    154140
     acacatcaga gctttttgtt gactaaacga gtgacctttg cttcattcca cctgctgtcc    154200
     cactgcgtga gactgcacct actcatcact gcgctgacat tctggcagaa gaaactggta    154260
     ctcaaaatga tctgaaggat cagatcagcc ttggcctaag agttcaagct ggtacaccga    154320
     tggcagtagc ctcgcggtta aaggactgag acgaccaatg tgatagccaa gaagatccta    154380
     aaagaaatct tcccgaggta atggacctgc ctttgttgcc caggtaaatc agggactggc    154440
     caagatatta gagattagtt aaaagttaca ttgtacatac aggctccaaa gctcaggaca    154500
     ggtaaaaaaa aatgaataga attctaaaag agaccttgac aaaactaacc aaagagactg    154560
     gtgcagactt ggtgctcctt ccccttgtcc tatttagaac tagaaatact cccttttgat    154620
     tcagccttac ttttttaaag atcctttatg gggctcccat gcccatcact gtcttaaatg    154680
     atgtgtttaa acctacatgt tgttgtaata ataatctgta tgctaagtta aaaggcttac    154740
     aggtggtaca gaaaaaaggc tggtcacaat tggctacagc gaacgagctg ggtaccccaa    154800
     aagacatctc accagttcta gccagagatc tgatccacgt acacctacat catgcccaga    154860
     ccctcaagcc tcactaaaag ggtccttgcc tagttctgtt taccatccct tcttattctg    154920
     ttgacttttg ttctccacat agagatatag atttctaaaa ttctaagatt agaattactt    154980
     agtagaagaa gaggggaatg aaaggaaata aaacttgaga catgttattc atgtatttta    155040
     tgtcaaatag cccaaagagt tgtttgtgag ctttgaaacc tggggctaag aacataacag    155100
     aacaggccag gacatgcccg ggcaggcccg tcgttacatg ttctgactgg cctagtgcct    155160
     ccctatctcc tgcccttctg acagtctgtt aatgtttaaa tggaccaatc atgtgaaacc    155220
     gtgccaattc ctcccccagt cccacccctt ttctataaaa gtccctagct cccaagcctc    155280
     ggggtcgaaa ccactgtctc ctgcgtgaga tatgacccgg agctccgcca ttaaactacc    155340
     tcgtgttctt acatcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaatacac tttcctttca aatcctatgg    155400
     atcaataccc agaatcccat gctccttttc agtgcttacc caccactgta gaatgaactg    155460
     ctgctgcatc accatggttg ctttcacgtg tggtttcctt tgaaaaataa atcccttatt    155520
     acatcaaaat ttcatcaaaa ttggtggagc attatatcat catggaagat ctaaacatag    155580
     ctgcatcttc aaaacaggca tgcccccaac tgagcaatat ctctaggcct tgtaaggtag    155640
     ttttaaattc acatatgtaa agcacatata aatataaagg tcattgactt gatagctcat    155700
     atcctgaaaa aaatgtgcct tgtggcttca caagcttgca tttggtttcg ttcacaaagc    155760
     tttctcaatg gaactggagt gcttgccctg catgcaagta gccttgagtt cactaaaaaa    155820
     agccatatca gctgggctaa cttaacattt tgaaggctga ggcagaagat cacaaattcc    155880
     atgttagccc tggctaactt aacattttga aggctgaggc agaagatcac aaattccata    155940
     ttcgccctgg ctacacagta aattcaaggt cagcctaggc tacaaactga gaatccacat    156000
     caagcaaaaa aatccaacct agttaaatgg cacaagtctt aacaacttaa aagttcaagt    156060
     agaaagttaa gactactgcc ttctggagaa gatgacagat gagatgcatt tagtttgcat    156120
     gttagtcaag tgtaagttca aaaggatcag agggtagact tcttatgaaa gaagggctca    156180
     gtcatccctg tgaagatctc tctatactat catatggtag atgcttatta aatacgtgta    156240
     gaattggttt aattatgata tatttacaat caacaattgc tattcacaat agtgttcaac    156300
     cacaggatca tatgctgctg agtcagaaga gggcagtgtt cattaccgtg gcttctggaa    156360
     gtgcatattg gctctgaagg gttggaatta cttctgcaga ggacttcaag gtttgaagaa    156420
     atacacatct aaacagagaa tgtaaaagtc ataaaattgg ttctatgcaa ttaaatattc    156480
     atattgggat tttatcatat acacatatgt aaacacacat tcagagagag agagagagag    156540
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagaa tgcatagaac agagaattaa    156600
     atagaaagaa catttccagt gattctgtca gtgttgtatc atagaagaca ttcatggagt    156660
     tacagagaca aagtttggag ctgagacaaa atgatggacc atctagagac tgccatacct    156720
     ggggatccat cccataatca gcctccaaac actgacacca ctgcatacac tagcaagatt    156780
     ttgctgaaag gaccctgata tagctgtctc ttgtgaggct atgccgtggc ttagcaaaca    156840
     cagaaatgga ggctcataat cagctattgg atggatcatg ggccccccag tggaagatct    156900
     agagaaagta cccaaggagc tgaagggatc tgcaacccta taggtggaac aacaatatga    156960
     aataaccagt atcccccgga gctcatgtct ctagctgcat atgtatcaga agatggccta    157020
     gttggccatc agtggaaaga gaggcccatt ggtcgtgcaa actttatatg cctcagtaca    157080
     ggggaacgcc agggccaaga agtgggagtg ggtgggtagg ggagtggggg ggcagggggg    157140
     gctcttggga tagcactgga aatgtaaatg aagaaaatac ctaataaaat aataataata    157200
     ataataataa taataataat aataaagaca ttcatactgt ggctctcatg tgatctataa    157260
     agtaatagtg agcacatgct gagaatatgg gatgaagtag agttaatttc agtccatgca    157320
     ttagttaaca ttaagttaaa atgtacttaa agacttgcag acaataaccc agcctgtgta    157380
     gggcaaaggc aggatcttat ggacttgagg catgttcaaa gtcaagagaa gtcatcttgc    157440
     tcactcggga aaaaacttga tgtgatcttc cattgggtcg tcaccttctg cccacttttc    157500
     caaacatcct ccacaggaaa aacaccggac aatgtccttt ttgcctagaa aaaaaggaaa    157560
     ggtgtcagtt aaacagcaca tacagctgcc aactcagaag aagacaactc caggttatgc    157620
     agtataatta tcctactttc atctccaggt ggattctgtg gccaggtcat tcaggaggca    157680
     acagttcaca caggactctt ggtccttcac tggggtggtc agtgctttga taaaaccttt    157740
     ctcaaaccca ccatcctgaa tgatgtgtca tcagaatctg gaacagtagc tagaggagtt    157800
     ttctgtctgc tctggacact aatgacatgc tggacattca cagacatagg caaccaaaac    157860
     acaactgtgt gctcagtaaa tcagaaagag tatatttgaa tatcatgtgc aaaacacggg    157920
     agcaaatata ggagctttta tgtcagtgag atcatgaaga actacatgtc tctcctcata    157980
     ttattgccag gtatattcca caggatagta agagcacatc actcatgaga cagtattctg    158040
     agggaagaat tctaatgtgt ctgagccaag ggatccaact agaaatggaa gatccaccat    158100
     cttcctctct tgaaccatga agacactgta cagttcaagc agaacagctt ccttgtctgt    158160
     ctggccaaag cttctggggt ctagagttta caacgagtct agaatgggag ttgaaaagtc    158220
     aagggtgagt gaatgtgagg agagagaacc ttcagggagc catctctcca gccctgggaa    158280
     ccccaactct ttaaatgggc actactcgta gtgggaaaac aacatatttc ttagaaactt    158340
     ttaaaggtag gtttgtccct aaaagttctg attgaagaaa tattacggag caggggaggt    158400
     ggtttactgg ataagaggga ttggatactg tcagcctaga cctcagctga acaccaaggg    158460
     agctgtggga aagtggaggt cttatggaga agtgaaagaa tctattagga atgatgggga    158520
     ttagaacatc tagtagacag gaaatattga ctcaccagtg tagaaaaagc ctgctctgac    158580
     tagagcttca acacccacag gtgattcttg gggccagtcc ttaaacatgt ccatccttag    158640
     ttcttcatta gcgaagacac tgtcattgca gtaagctcag gaaaaaagat ggaggtaaga    158700
     ccatcagact ttgatagcaa agttcaagtt agctctgggt atcgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    158760
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tattcatgag tgtgcatttg tgtttgtgta    158820
     ataatctgat gacctgtgct ttcatcacct ttgcgggtgt ttggaaaaac aggaaggaga    158880
     cagttctcca tacccaaata ctgctggaag agatctgctt tcccagttat gcggacacac    158940
     ctatgagcac aggtaagacc accacttctg ctcaaaatcc tggctcaaga ggcccagccc    159000
     agaaccatca ggacacagga atcaaggaag agctggggac agtgtccatc tgcacccagg    159060
     agctgacctt gtgccatagc tctccgtacc caaattcatc caagagagaa ctggtctctc    159120
     aggagtactg acacacagtc ttacaggaag gacaagtcac agtcagaaac agcaaaacca    159180
     gataacacta gagatagtca gatggtgaga ggcaagggca agaacataag caacagaaat    159240
     caaggctact tggcatcatc agaacccagt tctcccacca cagtgagccc tggatacccc    159300
     aacacaacag aaaagcaaga ctctgattta aaatcacatc tcatgatgat gatagaggac    159360
     tttaagaagg atataaatag ctcccttaaa gatacacagg agaacacagg aaaacaggta    159420
     gatgccctta aagaggaaac acaaaaatcc tcttaaagaa ttacaggaaa acacaaccaa    159480
     acaggtgaaa gaattaaaca aaaatccagg acctaaagca gaaatagaaa caataaagaa    159540
     atcataaagg gagacaaccc tggagataga aaacctagaa aagagatcag gactcataga    159600
     tggaagcatc agcaacagaa tacaagagat agaagagaca atctcggggg cagaagataa    159660
     catcgaaaac attgacacaa cagtcagaga agacacaaaa tgcaagaagc tcttaaccca    159720
     aaacatccca catgcagaca ccaaacccag acactattac agatgccaag agatgcttgc    159780
     tgacatgagc ctgatatagc tgtctcctga gaggctttgc caattcctga ccaatacaga    159840
     tctggatgta cacagccaaa cattggactg agcccaggga ccccaatggg gaagttaggg    159900
     caaggactat agaagctgaa agggtttgca acctcataga aagaacaata atatcaacca    159960
     accagaaccc ccagagttcc cggggactaa attactaacc agagagtaca cagtgggtac    160020
     ccctggctcc agctagatat aaagcagagg attgccttat ctggcatcac tgggagggga    160080
     gccccttgat ccagtagagg tctgatgacc caggataggg actaggccac tgaggcagga    160140
     gtgggggtgg gggagtggag caccctcata aaggcagggg gaggcaggag gggatatggg    160200
     gcttgtggag gggaaactag gaatgggtat aacacttgaa atgtacataa ataaaataac    160260
     caagagaaaa taagaaaaaa atgaaaaaat gaatataata tagttcttaa aaagaaaaaa    160320
     aaaaaaaaaa gaaaaccagg aaggaataaa gatccaaaag caagtatgtt ataactgctg    160380
     gagcagagag gcaaagactg gggtactcca cgctttctat ccattctgta tatggttaac    160440
     gttttaaagt gtaatgcagg attcattctc tctctggggc ctggaaagat gggtcagggt    160500
     taagagcact gagaactctt acagagtatg gggttcagtt cttagctttt aaaacttata    160560
     tggaacatga tgttaaaaaa aagtaaatat tcattgagag ttattcattt acatgttact    160620
     tttgaaaaat ttgtaaagct tagggccttg tagttcttat gcatctgcaa agatcttaaa    160680
     tgaataaaga tgaactgaaa cctggggttg tgtgttgtgg gttgccctga tgctggttgt    160740
     attttgatgc taattctgct tactcaagaa ggctgccccc caacctccca accccacccc    160800
     ctgaaaagca gttgatctct tactcaggtg atctcatggg aactttctcc ccatttacta    160860
     gtcagtaaag gctgtgattg ggctgtgaag gagaaaggtg gatggaggag aaagtggggg    160920
     cagggacaga gagaaggagg aggcaagggg acagaggaag aggaggaaga aagccaggag    160980
     aaaaccacct tcctggccag gaaaaactgc atgtagcaaa aggtctcata gctggtgagt    161040
     ggatgaggac agcgatttag tacagtgcta gatctgccca gtctaggcct atagctcata    161100
     aatataataa cggaattgtg gttttcatac actcttcttt gggttggaaa ttactgcaac    161160
     agtgagtggt agggcaggga taattacttt tgaatcaaga aacaaacaaa caaagagtct    161220
     gaggttttac ctgataccat aggtaattct cttctgaccc aggacttcac aaaatgttct    161280
     ccctgaggaa aaaaattagg tcttttaaat tgatttataa aatatacatg tatgtatgag    161340
     cttcaactga agctgaaatt ctattagagc aacagagttg ttggtgaaac aaacctttaa    161400
     ttttggttat attgctacta ttgtagaaaa gaattaaaag gatatatata tgcactctac    161460
     ctgtcttcag acaccagaag agggcattag atcccaatac agatggttgt gagccatcat    161520
     gtggttgctg ggaattgaac acaggacttc tgggagagca gtcagttctc ttaaccactg    161580
     agccatctat ctagcccttg gaaaattttt tattcagtgc aaaacaatag tgagtgttat    161640
     atacttgtag ccaagtggaa accacggaca aggtcactca tacaaaacac ccagctgaaa    161700
     aacagaacta gattacctac tgcagatgca ttttaattag tgcagaatta agacacaaag    161760
     aggagcaaac ttcagaggca cctgccaatt aaacaatgtg ctatctaggg aaacttcacc    161820
     aaggggtgtg tgtgtgtgtt ttattttatt ttattttatt ttattttatt ttattttatt    161880
     ttattttatt tttatttttg ttttttcctg aagaagagcc ctctttcctg atttttcaca    161940
     ccatgttctc agcaaaaggc aggcagaacc agtccaaagc cagccagaaa acaaaacaga    162000
     acaacacaaa actagaagat tctagcttag caagacaatg ggctaacctt cccacactct    162060
     gtgagtaaga ggcagaagga tgaaggagaa aggaagaaag tcacagaaac catataaaaa    162120
     aaacaaaaac atttgggggc tggagacatg gctcagaagc taagagcact gactgctctc    162180
     ccagaggttc tgagttcaat tcccagcaac cacaaggtgg ctcacaacca tctgcaatgg    162240
     gatctgatgc cctcttctgg tgtgtctgaa gacagttact atatacttat atacataaaa    162300
     taaatcttaa aaataaacaa acaaaacacc tcacctcaaa cattaggcag taagaagatt    162360
     ttggaaaaag atggctgttg taaattaccg ttacatgaac aaatccctcg tagccttgaa    162420
     tatactgggc aatttcctct gaggatttct tactttgaag aaattcacat ctgtaacaaa    162480
     aagcacaatt gaccattttc ccaatagtgt gatagacatg tcctctatca caatgtatat    162540
     ttttaatgtg ttaatcattt tggacatttt tacttttaaa tttttttatt tgatgtactt    162600
     ttgttaactt tttatggatt ctttgtgaat attaaatcat ataccccaat cccacttatg    162660
     tccctatccc tttgtatctg cccttgcaac tgctctccta agagaaaata aaaaaataaa    162720
     atgaaaacaa aagcttgttg tggaagctgt gatatgtcac agtgtgtccc atagtgtgcc    162780
     ctgtggtcca cacatccttc cttgcaaatg ttcactgtaa ggagccattg gtctgtttca    162840
     agtactgcta cactgtgagt actagattct caccaggatt cctcagggat attgtggtat    162900
     tgctctgtgc cgtggagatc ctgcagcctt ggacctgcag aaccagcccc ttcacatgct    162960
     tcagaagttc acagatggaa tagatgttgg gttggaccaa ctcaaagccc tggatctggg    163020
     agtgggtgct agctgagcca ggtggttagc ctgccagatc tcctgcaccc acatcaccaa    163080
     ggtgagatcc ccaacactgc cctggttagc ccacccaatg caaggggcag ggccagcttt    163140
     tctgctctca cacatcctca gggccagctc taccgtgctg cccaggctat gtgcagggtc    163200
     cactctcaca tgctgcagcc agtgaggggc agggactgct ctcccattct catgacctca    163260
     gggtcagctc tcccatgcta cccaggttat gagtagggcc agctctccag cctgccccag    163320
     gcagcaagga gtggatggga gggggcatct tacctgagac cccacactat catatggcca    163380
     gtgaggggtg aggccagctc tcccaagctc atgcccttgg agctggctca tccacaaccc    163440
     atgaaaccaa ggtcagctct actgtgcttt ctgagagagg tgccaggctg ctctccctac    163500
     tgccctagcc aggcagagac aaggacagct ctctcaagtg cagcagttag tgacatatgg    163560
     ggtcagctct acacagccct cagactccaa aaggctccag gcctcagacc ttagcagtag    163620
     caggggccag gacctcaaca cagtctcagg tggcatcacc agctgttcat ctcaggctga    163680
     tctaggaagg gacagaggac tagagtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    163740
     gtgcgcgtgt gtgtaagtgg gagggtggag tcaggtaggc aagaatattg tgttactgtg    163800
     tcaacaaaaa tggtttgagg ttttaaaaaa tgaggggaaa atgatcagga aaattccctc    163860
     ctccatcagc tttcggcttc ctaagcccac acatgtacat acacatatac tctccataca    163920
     aacacacact agattcatca cacacacaca tctatataag atattaacta aggttggggg    163980
     agctgtttaa gttcaagtga ctcagaattt tcacactttg acaaagtctt gcttgagaag    164040
     ttctcgagtt atcctaattc aagtaaggga aagttataaa tctcaaagag aagctccaag    164100
     aatgggaccc tttggtatct agttttgttt tgctttttta aaacctgatc ctgagggctg    164160
     ggagagacaa ctcagaagtt aagagcagtg gctgctcttc cagaggacct gggttcaatt    164220
     cccagcaccc acatggcagc tcacaccagt ctctaactcc aattccaggg cttctgacac    164280
     cccaacacag acatgtgggc aagacaccaa tgaacataaa attaaacaaa caagcaaaca    164340
     aacaaacaaa caaaccaaaa ccatgaaatt ggctaaagtt ggagtggtga ctcctgtggt    164400
     ttagagcaat agcagctatt cttccacagg aactgaggtg ggttctaaaa acccacataa    164460
     cagttcagaa gcatctgtaa ccccatatgc gggagctctg atgccctctt ttgggatctg    164520
     tggtacacac acacactcac acacacacac acacacacac tcactcacac acacacacac    164580
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacgctc gagtgcatgc ttttgtgtgc acatgtagca    164640
     taaatcattt aaagcattta agtgggacac tttaagaata aagcagttga agctcacttg    164700
     gggaaccact tggcatgctc cttccagggg tcatctcctt cttcccagtt gcccaagctt    164760
     ccgccacagg agaaacactg cacagtgtcc cttttaccta cagatgcagg aaagtgtgtg    164820
     actggcgggc aatggcacca gctgtgtctt ggagctggct atactgcatc agaacaagac    164880
     agactccagc atgcctgttc tatgtagggg ctatgtagca ctcagccata ccctcagccc    164940
     actgctggta catttaaggt ctatatttga agaaaagtta cattttactt aaatacacag    165000
     gcaaatacat ggctgcatgt gtgtgtgtat atgtatagat atatagcaaa ccaataatgc    165060
     tacactaaat atatattaaa gcagaaggaa atttgttaca cttaaaattt aatgaactac    165120
     atcttatgtc taatataaca cgcttcatca ttgaatgctc atttacaaaa tattgctcac    165180
     aaaatggaac ctaaactttc aatacctcag aaatgcctca caaaatggaa tccacttacc    165240
     tgtaaagaca aagccagctg ctgagagtac acgtggtgat gtcccatggg cataaaatgg    165300
     ccagtcctca aaggactcca gtctggcctc ctcttcatgg taccttgctt tgccacctct    165360
     cagcatcttc tctggactct tcacccggat gtcatacttg ccaatgttac caacatcttt    165420
     tccctgaagg aactcacatt ctggtcgtaa tttcttgtgt ctctctatgg gaagcttcct    165480
     gaggctgtta ccaaagagga tcaagctaca gcaaaagcac tgaaccccaa gtttcacgcc    165540
     tgtgtggtaa aacccagcag ctgccatctc ctgtggcgtc catgatctga aagtgtcata    165600
     ggtctcaaag gtctttagtc gtttggcttc actgcgcatc tgtgagttaa aacctttctt    165660
     cattttcatc cgttctttat gctcttcttc ttcttggctc tttgctacct gaaatgcatc    165720
     caccccgaga agagcagaga gctcggggag aaattcataa tcaatctcag aaatccgatc    165780
     ctcggaggac tccccatgct cagccatttt ctaaagggga aaggtgagca gttgttgggt    165840
     gttcgaggca gctctcatgt tcttatgatg agcacaatga ccaaagcttc acagggggtg    165900
     gggtttattt ctcctcccaa gcgtggttca tctgcaaggg aagtcaaggc tggaagaact    165960
     ggaggcaaga gctagtgcag agattgtgga aggatgctgc tcacaggctt actctctgtg    166020
     gtttcttacc ttgctttctt tctggtttta attatctatt tattttggtt ttcaaggcaa    166080
     gctttctctg tgtggccctg gctgtcctgg aactcattct gtagatcagg gaggcatcaa    166140
     attcagagat tttcctgcct ctgcctccgg aatgctggga ttaaaggttt gtgccaggat    166200
     gccacactta gcccaggggt ggcaccactg ccctctctca tcaatttcca accaagaaaa    166260
     atgtcaccgc acccccaccg ccacccctgc tactgcatac acccaatcaa tctgatggaa    166320
     acaattcctg tttctgccct ccaggttctg ggattagcag gtatgtgcca tacctaacta    166380
     aaatgagact ttcaaacaaa gcatactctt tcatataaca cctagaggag ggttccatct    166440
     tgcagtgctg acacatttga tgccaccaat gcacagtaaa gagttctcat gactgtacaa    166500
     cccctcccag caatggttgc ctggagttct gtcaaccccc aggctcctca gcgctttgac    166560
     tagttatttc tacccttgtg tcctgatgca tccctgccgt ccctgacata cacacttaca    166620
     gtctcctttg taattgtgag acaaaggtca tgttcttatc tatagacaca gttacccaaa    166680
     gctagcttcc tgctccttcc ctgtagagaa ggagctggcc ctgccttgac agactaaggc    166740
     taggcttagt tactttcatt tcccctcgca cagcctggag ttaccttttc tgttgctggg    166800
     ataaaataac cctgacaaaa gcagttcaca gaaaagaagg cttattctgg cttacactct    166860
     gaagatctgt atctcaaggt ggcatggaag gcttggcagg agcaggaagc cagctggtca    166920
     cagagcatca gcagcaaggg ggcagtgaaa gcgaatagga agtgacacca ggctatagag    166980
     tctccagtgg cccactccct tcaccatgcc ccgcctctta aaggatccaa acgctttttt    167040
     tattattatt agatattttc cttatttaca tttcaaatgc tatcctgaaa gttccctata    167100
     ccctcccccc cccctctgcc ctgctcccct acccacccac tcccacctct tggccctggc    167160
     gttcccctgt actggggcat ataaagtttg caagacctag gggcctctct tcccaatgat    167220
     ggctgactag gccatcttct gttacatatg cagctagaga cacaagctct gggggtactg    167280
     gttagttcat attgttgttc cacctctagg gttgcagacc ccttcagctc gttgggtaat    167340
     ttctctagct cctcctttgg ggaccctgtg ttccattcta tagatgactg tgagcatcca    167400
     cttctgtatt tgccagacac tggcatagcc tcactggaga tagctattac agggtccttt    167460
     cagcaaaatc ttcctggcat atgactgtct gggtttggag gctgattatg ggatggatcc    167520
     cctggtggag tagtctctgg atggtccatc cttttgtcct agctccaaac tttgtctctg    167580
     taactccttc cctgggtgtt ttgttcccta ttattaggag gaatgaagta tccacacttt    167640
     ggtcttcgtt cttcttgatt ttcttgtgtt ttgcaaattg tatcttcagt tttcgaagtt    167700
     tctgggctaa tatccactta acagtgagtg catatcaagt gacttctttt gtgattgcgt    167760
     tacctcacta aggaggatat cctccagata catccatttg cccaagaatt tcataaattc    167820
     gttgttttta atagctgagt agcactccgt tgtgtaaatg taccacattt tttttgtatc    167880
     cattcctctg ttgagggaca gctgggttct ttccagcttc tggctattat aaataagact    167940
     gctatgaaca tagtggagca tgtgtcctta ttaccagttg gaacatcttc tgggtctatg    168000
     cccaggagag gtattgctgg atcttctggt attactatgt ccaattttct gaggaaccgc    168060
     tagactgatt tccagagtgg ttgaacaagt ttgcaatccc accagcagtg gaggagtgtt    168120
     cctctttctc cacatccttg ccagcatctg ttgtcacatg aatttttgat cttagccatt    168180
     ctgactggag tgagttgtaa tctcaaggtt gttttcattt gcatttccct gatgattaaa    168240
     gatgttgaac attttttcag gtgcttctca ggccttcggt attcctcact tgagaattca    168300
     ttgtttagct ctgtacccca tttttaatgg ggttatttga atttctggag tccagcttct    168360
     tgagctcttt gtatatattg gatattagtc ccctatccaa tttatgattg gtaaaaatcc    168420
     tttcccaatc tgtttgtggc ctttttgtct tattgacagt gtcttttgcc ttacagattt    168480
     gcaatttcat gaggtcccat ttgtcaattc ttgatcttac agcaaaagcc attgctgttc    168540
     tgtttaagaa ttttcccccg gtgcccatat ttttgaggca ttcccccact ttctcctcta    168600
     taaatttcag tctctctggt tttatgtgga ggtctttgat ccacttagac tttagctttg    168660
     tacaaggaga taagaatgga aaaatcgcat tcttctacat gataaccatc agttgtgcca    168720
     gcaccatttg ttgaaaatgc tgtcttttcc cactggatgg ttttagctcc cttgtcaaag    168780
     atcaagtgat cataggtgtg tgggttcatc tctgggtctt cagttctgtt ccattggtct    168840
     acctgtctgt cactgtacca gtaccatgca ttttttatca caattgctct ggtcagggat    168900
     ggtgattcca ccagaggttc ttttattgtt gagaatagtt tttgccatcc taggcttttt    168960
     atcattccag atgaatttga aaattgccct ttctaactca gtgaagaatt gagttagatt    169020
     ttgatgggga ttgcattgaa tctgtagatt gctttcagca ggatagtcat tttgactata    169080
     ttaatcctgc caattcatga gcatgggagt tctttccatc ttctgatatc ttctttaatt    169140
     tctttcttca gagacatgaa gttttgtcat acagaacttt cacttcctta gttagagtca    169200
     caccaaggta ttttatatta tttgtgactg ttgagaaggg tgttgtttcc ctaatttctt    169260
     tctcagcctg tttatccttt gtgtagagaa aggccactga tttgtttgag ttaattttat    169320
     atccagctcc ttcactgaag ctgtttatca ggtttaggaa ttctctggtg aaatttttag    169380
     ggtcacttat atatactatt atatcatctg caaatagtga tattttgact tcttcctttc    169440
     caatttgtat ccccttgatc tccttttgtt gtggaattgc tctggctagg aattcatgac    169500
     aatgctgaat aggtagggag aaagtgggca gccttgtcta gtccctgatt ttagagggat    169560
     tgcttctagt ttctcaccat ttactttgat gttggctatt ggtttgctgt agattgcttt    169620
     tattatgttt aggtatgggc cttgaattcc tgatctttcc aaaactttta tcatgaatgg    169680
     atgttggatt ttgtcaaatg ctttctcggc atctggtgaa atgatcatgt gctttttgtc    169740
     tttgaatttg tttataaagt gaattacata ggatccaaac tcttacccag tagtgccacc    169800
     agctggaaac caaattctca atccatgaac tgcctatgtg ggcatttcac attcagacca    169860
     cagcatgagc caagacacag agttctccac taacatctgt atctgactat ctgcctccca    169920
     acctttcctt tctttcctga aaaatattta taaatcttat ttttactgtg catgtttgtg    169980
     tgtgtttgtg ttttgctcac gcgcgcacat gtatcttaat taaagtttct ctactatgat    170040
     gaaacactat gaccaaagca acttggggag gagagggttt attttgctca cagtttcatt    170100
     taacagttat tcatcaaaag caatgagggc agcaactcac acagggcagg aacttggaga    170160
     aagaagctga tgtagaggtc gtggaggggt gatactcgtc tgctacctca aggtagctca    170220
     acctgctgtc ttattgaact caggatgaca agcccatggg tagcaccacc ctcagtaggc    170280
     tgggttctct cccattcata actaattaag aaaaatgcat tacaaaagaa ttttaaggta    170340
     gtagtttctc actaaggccc cctcctctct gatgattcta gcttgtgtca agttaacatg    170400
     aaattagcca gcacatatgc caggtcatag agagagacta aaggatagtt tgtgggagtt    170460
     ggttttttct atccatcctc tgggttccag gtatcaaact cagggcacta tgttggtgac    170520
     aggtaccttg atgcacagag acatcttcct ggtccagcct gttctttgtt gtttgtttgc    170580
     ttgcgtgtcg ttttgttgtc tgacacagga tctcatggta gacctttagt ggagacagga    170640
     agaagatatg tgaacaacta aaagtcaaac tgcagaagca ggggagccag cagttagtgc    170700
     tggaggttag agtatctgcg ggatttgtca ggacctcaga ggagtaacga aacctcatga    170760
     gtatttcatt tttgagtagt ttggaatatg gctaacgctg tgtgatccag gaagactttt    170820
     ctttagtgct gagagtgggt ttcattttgg tactttttct tctgaaacag gatgtcaggc    170880
     cagtttcaag ctcacaggtt ccttctggtc tcagcctcct gagtgcagga attacagcac    170940
     tagctagcac gtgtggagct tctgaatgtc ttttgagatc cttctctcat ctttagcaat    171000
     ataaataccc ccaccccaac aaaagagaaa gaaatacaaa ttccccaaat ggtccttatt    171060
     caggtgtttc ctttgccatt gtatgcgata cttagtagcc ttttcattca tacacttgag    171120
     tctcttatct attatttatt taatagttct cctgatttct ttctggtatt tacatcttct    171180
     atacgagaat gtagttgatc agttatcatc tcatctgttt ctcacatatt tttaatgttt    171240
     tactaatctt gatatgctag acaagtattc ctccactgag aatcatctag cgttgctctt    171300
     tatttctaca tagttgctga ggctggcttt gaacttgcta tgcaccccaa gaagaccttg    171360
     aaatagctga cattatagta tgtgtcacca cacttggctt ctgataatat ggataaaatc    171420
     tgattaaaca tatatacata tatgtatata atctgatctc tctctctctc tcatgcacac    171480
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacatgt cccgacctgt gggacagttg acagggatgg    171540
     ggaaatcacc tgtggagaga atgggggaca agagatggtg aagaatggac agcaagtcag    171600
     gaggtctgat caagctgaca aatttttatt tttcccacac aggttatata ctggtagaag    171660
     caggatgtgg ggggaggggg tatggagggt tgccttgtat ctggggaaag tgtctgttct    171720
     caagaacagg atgttggctg ggtaaaatat tcagctgaaa gaacagaata gaatgggtta    171780
     ctaggcacct gtccacaaga cttatagata tttgttctca gctggcttca agatctatat    171840
     ctatctgtac tcagctggac tggtactttc acacagaggc caagactttg tgccagtaag    171900
     catgtatggc tgacaaggaa gttattgttt aagcaaggtc actcccaaca cacacacgca    171960
     cgcacacaca attgttaagg cctaggtaaa atattaaggc ctagggagaa tttatggcct    172020
     aggtaaaaag gtaaggccta ggtaactgtt gcctggctag cctgtcattt tgtgctttta    172080
     ctaatattat aaggaaactt tgatatatgt tgtatctgct gttactagga aactttctta    172140
     tgcccaagtg gtttacatat tctgttgtgt tttgtgccct tggaaattaa tcatgataga    172200
     agtcatgaga actgattttt atagttaccc acaataagct tggacccaaa ccaaccaccc    172260
     agcagcactt cctgcactta tgtataatct tttatggtat aagctgctcc tgggatggac    172320
     cccaacaaaa agagagacac ctgcatcaat ataaaaaact gtttggaata agacttccat    172380
     ttagagcagt ggttgagtaa agtttaagtt cccaagacct ccttggaatc tgacatccta    172440
     cttggcagaa agaaacaggc atgtgggcaa ctgacatccc ggctggcaaa ctaagacatg    172500
     aatgttaggc aaggcaagtg ccctgccaca gttgcatacc ccaaccaaag tgagcagaat    172560
     taagtgtaca acaaagacat gttcctaagg agattccctt atccctaaat cctgaccggt    172620
     ggagtaattt ggcacaaaca gatgtttgta aatcacagcc ttaaaaagcc ctgtagtatt    172680
     tgctaaacac atgaaactca agaagaatga agactgaagt gtggacacta tgcccctcct    172740
     taaaattggg aacaaaacac ccatggaagg agttacaaag acaaagtttg gagctgagat    172800
     gaaaggatgg accatgtaga gactgccata tcaagggatc caccccataa tcagcatcca    172860
     aacgctgaca ccattgcata tactagcaag attttatcga aaggacccag atgtagctgt    172920
     ctcttgtgag actatgccgg ggcctagcaa acacagaagt ggatgctcag agtcagctaa    172980
     tggatggatc acagggctcc cagtggggga gctagagaaa gtacccaagg agctaaaggg    173040
     atctgcaacc ctataggtgg aacaacatta tgaactaacc agtaccccgg agctcttgac    173100
     tctagctgca tatgtatcaa aagatggcct agtcggccat cactgaaaag agaggcccat    173160
     tggacacgca aactttatat gccccagtac aggggaacgc cagggccaaa aaggggaagt    173220
     gggtgggtag gggagtgggg gtgggtgagt atgggggact tttggtatag catgggaaat    173280
     gtaaatgagc taaataccta ataaaaaatg gaaaaaaaaa agaaaaaaaa aaaaaagccc    173340
     tgtagtacct taacataggg ttactcctgg gcctgaatca tgtccctgat cttagggtgt    173400
     tgcactcaat aaaccatccc tagttgcctg agatcagtgt ctgagttgtt tgtgcagtaa    173460
     ttccagaccc caacagtaat cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacact cacacacaca    173520
     cacacaacca cacagaaatt tattaaagta acttataggt tgtggtctgc tgagaagtgg    173580
     gcatggggga acaaagggaa tgggagaaaa cctgtgtccc gccagagttc cagtgctctg    173640
     agcgggcaga cacagaagac tgctgcatgc tttccatgag ggccacggat gtatgtctgt    173700
     ctgtgtgaag ccacggaacc ccagctctcc agggggtgta caaggggcac tcttcggtac    173760
     caggttctca gtctcaggca tcccagacac tgctggacac caccgaagac ctgagaacaa    173820
     aatgggggcc tcaggggtgg ctcagtcagc cccggggcct aagggaggag agggcaggga    173880
     gggagggggc gcagggtggt tcccacacgg gcgagagtcc ttggtctggt ccatggctgg    173940
     agcacaggaa ggccttccag ttggaggtta gacgtggctc tttaggggaa agcctattcc    174000
     atcattcaag cactgtgggc cttgatgagc agacagtcta tgtttttaga gctttattgt    174060
     agaaaggcag ggagacggag aaaaaataga aggagagaga gatgctggcc aaggccacat    174120
     ggagagaatg gtgaagggat agagagaagg agagctagaa agaagagtaa gaaaggtgag    174180
     agcttaaaga gagtgaggaa gggctgagca gctcctttta tactggggct gggctatctt    174240
     gctgttgtca ggtaactctg gggaggagca tacctggcta tagttaggta actgtgagag    174300
     tagagtctag ccagagtgcc agaagcttgg gacattgtct gcatgactta tagtcacaga    174360
     attatggaga tgggggctct gtggtgtcag gcacttgtct ctgggaacat ggctcactgt    174420
     tctgtccctt gtagagtttt cgactgggtc actggaacaa gccccattca accaaaacag    174480
     gctgcctttc acagccccac agtggtcggt gtggctttaa aatggctacc cgggagctct    174540
     tgtctttagc tgcatatgta tcaaaagatg gcctagtcgg ccatcactgg aaagagaggc    174600
     cctttggagt tgcaaacttt atatgcccca gtacagggga acgccagggc caaaaagggg    174660
     gagtgggtgg gtaggggatt gggggggtgg gtatggggga cctttgggat agcattgaaa    174720
     atgtaaatga ggaaaatacc taattaaaaa aaaagaaaag aaaaccaaaa aaaaaaaaat    174780
     gctacaaaaa aaatggctac cttccaatgg aaatgcagaa aatctgctac ttgttcagtt    174840
     cacaagacta gatttctcag tacattcact cttgtgctaa agttacaggg aattcctaca    174900
     gatctatctg ctactcttca gtctgtatca attcatggag aagtaggttc taataccatg    174960
     ctgaggcatg cctcagcaac aggacataca cactcgccaa tgagagtgag ggcaagcagc    175020
     caaatgacaa aggagtcctt cttccatgtt cttttatgtg ggctgccacc agaagtttcc    175080
     atatttacag tgagtcttct gacctcaaat tatctggatt cagggtgagt cttcctgctt    175140
     caaagaaatc aatgaagaaa atcttcctct gaccagccgc ttgggggttg gtttaattga    175200
     aatgtgctca ctttgataac caaaatttga caccagagga cttgaacttg atatggatct    175260
     caggtttttc ttgaattcct aatctttctg catccctggg attgcccact cccaggcatg    175320
     caccatgcct gccttctaat aatatcttta gattttgcta agttaatttc ccacagttct    175380
     ttcttgtttc cctgaccatt ccttagttat ataacatata atctgtttgt gcacatatgt    175440
     tcacacatgc atgtagaggc aaggggttaa agagtgcctt tcttgaccac tttccatcca    175500
     ttctgtgaga caaggtatct catgccgcag accctatgat cccctgtgcc tgcgtaggaa    175560
     tgagtctcta gagtagatgg gcagagatta ggatgtagtg acagtcagac acacgagagt    175620
     ggtgttggct ctgaatgtaa tgttttggtt gagcttcaga cttatattac aacgaattat    175680
     cagaggatac aaatcacaaa aagacaagat acactgaaat tcaccagtta cagcagaaag    175740
     gaatttgcag ggactaatta aatgtttaca ttagggataa caagccctgc ctaggatcag    175800
     cctaaaagca tcagggggtt gttaactctt gataggcatt aagagtagtg tgttatcagg    175860
     agctctaaat tcttaggtct agtaaaactt atcctgtctg gagagttccc ccttatcagg    175920
     gtagtatatc aacttatact tgacatagaa tgtagcctgt agtaaaagat ttctatctca    175980
     gtgagacttt tagtctctat ctacagacag ctgagtaaat agcaggtgct gtattgtttt    176040
     atggtaaagc ttaattagtt actgaatagg ttaagctcct tgctgctatc tggaatctaa    176100
     gaacactgga aaaaggcttt agctatgtta gaatacaatc ttaaaaggca tttactataa    176160
     ggtaatacta tatagagtgc acgtggatcc atacactaga ctaatgtgga tttggaaaat    176220
     taattttatg ggttagggaa tagccaaaga tccgggagta agtttccttg aaactctttc    176280
     ctcatgagaa agctttcaga ctttcatctg acaagctgac tccaccggag tcccgtgact    176340
     atctcactga agctggaggt caccatctca gctaaaccaa ctgaccatgt gctcaatgtg    176400
     tcagcctgtc tttacctccc cagtgttaca acactgtcat aatactctgc cctgtctcct    176460
     tcgtgggttc tgggatccaa actcggggcc tcatgcttgt ggagcaagca ctttgaagaa    176520
     caaggcatgt cctcaatcca ttatttaact gtttctagct gataccatct ctcctctaat    176580
     cctgtttatg ttcacgtttc ctgaattgtc tatttcttcc aagattgttg tcatttacct    176640
     cagagtttat ttctcagatt atttgctctc cttccatatg taacaactgg ccaatttcaa    176700
     agaagattgg ataaaattgg gcctgtagat gtagtggtca aatagttgtc taccatgtgg    176760
     aagctccatg ttcattcccc tgtaccaggg tgagcggtca aattaggagt cagttgttag    176820
     actgactgat tagcatgaac aaacatctga gttcaatctc attgccaaaa accccctgag    176880
     aaagcataca cctgcaatcc caggactcag ggggcagagg ccagaggatc aaaattttca    176940
     aggttatttt ttcctaatac agtgggcttg aggacaacag aggcaacatg agactatata    177000
     tatatgtatg aaaatttcag gcaaatggat ggtgtcagga gccgacaagg agaagccaaa    177060
     aaccagcagg tgatcttcct gagatgagtc cacccataat taaaatctat gatggacatg    177120
     ctccagtaga caagacccaa gagaaatcca ttttaggaaa gattcctgct attaatatgc    177180
     ctttcctctt attattaaat atatataacc atcactagct attaacctac acttttgatc    177240
     agatctctgc agaataacga agatgtactg tcttgatgct gtataaatag atgattattt    177300
     aatccttaat gatgattcta taagaatttc ttaaattgtc atagttatta agctcttcta    177360
     taatacactg ctattaaatc cttcctgata atgaaacctg caatgacagc tttgccagtc    177420
     tttaatatca tgagtcaatt gcttttaaga tagcaagcaa gcatgtccta ctcaaaggtt    177480
     ataaaactta ggttataaaa ctacattcca gaggttataa aacttagcca aaggtcgtaa    177540
     aagagggact aacaatttac tatagatatg aagacagaag ataaaatatt gactgtgctt    177600
     atctatacaa aacttcacta attacttagt ccgaagagtt ttagttttta actcttcatg    177660
     aacctgtaga gctgtggcag gtgataaata ttttgtcaca taattactcc taatggatat    177720
     aaacataaac cttctctgtt gtaaacttct tattcaattt atgatttgaa tttatgtgta    177780
     agcttgtggt gaactattta ccatgtgatc acgtattctg aaagatgtat aagtgctgag    177840
     gacacagaga agaagaacac tccttatctc cctcatctta gaatccctta tcctcttttt    177900
     cttacaagct atttttccct attagagaac tttcatagga gactttatag tgagaactta    177960
     gaaatatagg ttaaaaccag ttcttaaagt gtaccgtttt cttcctgaga cttcaactaa    178020
     caggctggaa gttagagctg ctcagttcct agagacagaa caaaggcaac tttccttaat    178080
     cccttgtttt aagaggaggt gctaatgcca gaggctttgg tttctggcct cagaggaact    178140
     cagactggca ggaaagtgac ttccaattta agacaggtaa atgttttgtt attaaatagc    178200
     aactctaaat atctcacctc cactgatgct ctcccctgcc accttacctt caagagagaa    178260
     ccaagaaaga acagctgggg atggcccctg gcaggatggc actacaaaca attgtcctga    178320
     gtgagataaa accagactcc aaagggcaaa tttagcatgt tttattgtac atgtgggtgt    178380
     taacgtttaa gctgtagata tctgagcttc aatctaaata agcataaaag ttaggtagct    178440
     aggaagtgac cagggcaaga agaggatctt ccaaggaagg aaaaatagaa tatagtgtga    178500
     caaagagtta aagcagggag tagaatagaa ggattaagtg ggggaggggg gtgaaagggc    178560
     aaaggggaac aggatcaggt attggagaga gcacaggaaa gaaacaaagt aggcacagag    178620
     aagaaatgga aatatgcagc ttctgttggt ggggtgggga gactctctag aaactaccag    178680
     agacctggag gagagagact ctcaggactc aatgggagtg acctttgcca aaatgctcaa    178740
     caatggggag agaaaactca gagtccacct ccagtaaata cagagggcct caagtggagg    178800
     gatgggatta ccaaccttca gtcaaaattt ctgacccaga attattcctg tctaagagaa    178860
     ctgcagggac aaaaagacac agtcaacaag acaaaaagac caccaataga ttgggaaagg    178920
     atctttacct atcctaaatc agatagggga ctaatatcca atatatataa agaactcaag    178980
     aaggtgggct ccagaaaatc aaataacccc attaaaaaat ggggctcaga gctgaacaaa    179040
     gaattctcac ctgaggaata ccgaatggca gagaagcacc tgaaaaactg ttcagcatcc    179100
     ttaatcatca ggaaaatcca aatcaaaaca accctaagat tccacctcac accagtcaga    179160
     atggctaaga tcaaaatttt aggtgacagc agaatctggt gaggttgtag agaaagagga    179220
     acactcctcc attgttggtg ggagtgcaag ct                                  179252