ID   AF050157; SV 1; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 245439 BP.
AC   AF050157;
DT   13-MAR-1998 (Rel. 55, Created)
DT   14-NOV-2006 (Rel. 89, Last updated, Version 4)
DE   Mus musculus major histocompatibility locus class II region: major
DE   histocompatibility protein class II alpha chain (IAalpha) and major
DE   histocompatibility protein class II beta chain (IEbeta) genes, complete
DE   cds; butyrophilin-like (NG9), butyrophilin-like (NG10), hypothetical
DE   protein (NG8), and butyrophilin-like (NG11) genes, partial cds; NG12
DE   pseudogene, partial sequence; and hypothetical butyrophilin-like protein
DE   (NG13) gene, partial cds.
KW   .
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-245439
RA   Rowen L., Qin S., Loretz C., Mix L., Lasky S., Madan A., Hood L.;
RT   "Sequence of the mouse major histocompatibility class II region";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-245439
RA   Rowen L.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (24-FEB-1998) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Molecular Biotechnology, Box 357730 University of Washington,
RL   Seattle, Washington 98195, USA
DR   MD5; 35468605c0b5847cdb00a483c8e76eed.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456022.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000036594; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000060586; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000062638; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0023568; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0023569; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0023572; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0023530; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0023531; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0023534; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0023495; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0023496; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0023499; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0023534; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0023535; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0023538; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0023294; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0023295; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0023298; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0023974; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0023975; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0023978; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0022794; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0022795; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0022798; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0023272; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0023273; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0023276; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0023401; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0023402; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0023405; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0023367; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0023368; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0023371; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0023478; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0023479; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0023482; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0023390; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0023391; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0023394; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0024017; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0024018; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0024021; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0022544; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0022545; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0022548; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0022855; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0022856; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0022859; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000040655; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000074557; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000080254; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0047094; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0047098; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0047102; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0047085; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0047089; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0047093; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0047031; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0047035; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0047039; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0047038; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0047042; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0047046; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0046766; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0046770; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0046774; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0047513; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0047517; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0047521; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0046858; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0046862; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0046866; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0046703; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0046707; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0046711; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0046819; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0046823; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0046827; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0046772; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0046776; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0046780; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0046920; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0046924; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0046928; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0046773; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0046777; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0046781; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0047614; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0047618; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0047622; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0046450; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0046454; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0046458; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0046114; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0046118; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0046122; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC151079; 12628931.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC17889; 10468609.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC2613555; 19127303.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC3022581; 21267075.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC311163; 11591653.
DR   IMGT/LIGM; AF050157.
CC   This sequence overlaps BAC 461G2 (GenBank Accession Number
CC   AF027865) on the 5' side by 24712 bases.  This sequence overlaps
CC   BAC 29N7 (GenBank Accession Number AF030001) on the 3' side by 576
CC   bases.   Sequencing methodology:  high redundancy shotgun.
CC   Interspersed repeats were identified with RepeatMasker (available
CC   from http://ftp.genome.washingtion.edu/RM/RepeatMasker.html)
CC   Simple sequence repeats were identified with sputnik (available
CC   from http://www.geospiza.com/people/chrisa/software/sputnik.html).
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..245439
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="17"
FT                   /strain="129"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /haplotype="H2-b"
FT                   /clone_lib="Genome Systems BAC library"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   source          1..205762
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone="BAC 135G15"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   source          187855..223933
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone="BAC 416N15"
FT                   /sub_clone="cosmid 19"
FT                   /note="BAC 416N15 was subcloned into cosmids"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   source          218474..245439
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone="BAC 416N15"
FT                   /sub_clone="cosmid 15"
FT                   /note="BAC 416N15 was subcloned into cosmids"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    1..24712
FT                   /note="overlap span with BAC 461G2, GenBank Accession
FT                   Number AF027865"
FT   repeat_region   133..483
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER19"
FT   repeat_region   512..927
FT                   /rpt_family="BGLII"
FT   repeat_region   983..1065
FT                   /rpt_family="(CATA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(1081..1709)
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER12"
FT   repeat_region   complement(3327..3604)
FT                   /rpt_family="MTE"
FT   repeat_region   complement(3766..3878)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-F"
FT   repeat_region   complement(3800..3878)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D7"
FT   CDS             complement(join(4546..4700,4946..5227,5659..5907,
FT                   9053..9137))
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="IAalpha"
FT                   /product="major histocompatibility protein class II alpha
FT                   chain"
FT                   /note="intron-exon boundaries defined in relation to cDNA
FT                   found in GenBank Accession Number K01922. there is an
FT                   untranslated 3' exon from 4231-4394. Exon 4 ends at 4526."
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:P14434"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001003"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003006"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003597"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011162"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014745"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR036179"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:95895"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:1LNU"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:1MUJ"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:3C5Z"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:3C60"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:3C6L"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:3RDT"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:4P23"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:4P46"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:4P5T"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:P14434"
FT                   /protein_id="AAC05285.1"
FT   repeat_region   6192..6234
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   6235..6259
FT                   /rpt_family="(GA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(8402..8505)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D10"
FT   repeat_region   9939..9966
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   10420..10603
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT2E"
FT   repeat_region   10461..10659
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT2CA"
FT   repeat_region   10861..10899
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   10900..10998
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER15"
FT   repeat_region   11086..11299
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   11396..11545
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(11696..11893)
FT                   /rpt_family="B3A"
FT   repeat_region   12075..12156
FT                   /rpt_family="L1ME2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(12450..12507)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D10"
FT   repeat_region   12514..12704
FT                   /rpt_family="URR1A"
FT   repeat_region   13663..13707
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   14208..14395
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   14366..14415
FT                   /rpt_family="(AC)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(14807..14874)
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAT)n"
FT   repeat_region   15899..16050
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   repeat_region   16051..16072
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(16775..16980)
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(16982..17002)
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   17859..17922
FT                   /rpt_family="(GGAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(18259..18381)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-F"
FT   repeat_region   complement(18289..18381)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D10"
FT   repeat_region   complement(18322..18459)
FT                   /rpt_family="B4A"
FT   repeat_region   complement(18774..18896)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   19529..19776
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx9"
FT   repeat_region   20310..20428
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAGA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(20571..20640)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D7"
FT   repeat_region   complement(21038..21231)
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   21239..21294
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   complement(21327..21559)
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   21352..21431
FT                   /rpt_family="(GT)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(21383..21559)
FT                   /rpt_family="B3A"
FT   repeat_region   complement(23027..23075)
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(23309..23433)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-F"
FT   repeat_region   23516..23675
FT                   /rpt_family="B3A"
FT   repeat_region   complement(23676..23725)
FT                   /rpt_family="(GA)n"
FT   repeat_region   23725..23779
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(24719..24753)
FT                   /rpt_family="(GA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(24753..24812)
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(24849..25123)
FT                   /rpt_family="B4A"
FT   repeat_region   25228..25376
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   repeat_region   25459..25561
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D10"
FT   repeat_region   25552..25631
FT                   /rpt_family="(GA)n"
FT   repeat_region   25633..25694
FT                   /rpt_family="ID3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(25983..26061)
FT                   /rpt_family="(GA)n"
FT   repeat_region   26657..26708
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   26829..26903
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(26957..27077)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D7"
FT   CDS             join(27325..27418,30962..31231,35541..35822,36414..36524,
FT                   36927..36950,37245..37258)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="IEbeta"
FT                   /product="major histocompatibility protein class II beta
FT                   chain"
FT                   /note="intron-exon boundaries defined in relation to cDNA
FT                   found in GenBank Accession Number M36940"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:O78196"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000353"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003006"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003597"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011162"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014745"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR036179"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:95901"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:O78196"
FT                   /protein_id="AAC05286.1"
FT   repeat_region   28414..28598
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(29981..30100)
FT                   /rpt_family="(CATA)n"
FT   repeat_region   30106..30223
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx9"
FT   repeat_region   30227..30485
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx7"
FT   repeat_region   complement(31301..31401)
FT                   /rpt_family="B3A"
FT   repeat_region   complement(31693..31810)
FT                   /rpt_family="LTRIS_MM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(32431..32534)
FT                   /rpt_family="HERVR"
FT   repeat_region   complement(32679..32971)
FT                   /rpt_family="HERVR"
FT   repeat_region   complement(33184..33296)
FT                   /rpt_family="MMVL30"
FT   repeat_region   complement(34319..34664)
FT                   /rpt_family="MTC"
FT   repeat_region   35448..35485
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAGG)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(37651..37994)
FT                   /rpt_family="RLTR9A"
FT   repeat_region   38361..38405
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   38702..38747
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   39051..39075
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(39108..39401)
FT                   /rpt_family="MYSERV"
FT   repeat_region   complement(39431..39540)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D9"
FT   repeat_region   complement(39548..40259)
FT                   /rpt_family="MYSERV"
FT   repeat_region   40614..41345
FT                   /rpt_family="MYSERV"
FT   repeat_region   complement(41392..41540)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(42617..42770)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1_RN"
FT   repeat_region   42838..42952
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER19"
FT   repeat_region   42971..43143
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER19"
FT   repeat_region   43263..43284
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   43409..43854
FT                   /rpt_family="L1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   44271..44537
FT                   /rpt_family="L1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   44543..44686
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   44707..45539
FT                   /rpt_family="L1_RN"
FT   repeat_region   45547..45704
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   45708..45926
FT                   /rpt_family="L1_RN"
FT   repeat_region   45708..45851
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M2_orf2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(45931..45969)
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   46034..46153
FT                   /rpt_family="(GA)n"
FT   exon            47057..47156
FT                   /gene="IEbeta2"
FT                   /number=1
FT   repeat_region   48092..48370
FT                   /rpt_family="RLTR12"
FT   repeat_region   complement(48605..49323)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M2_orf2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(49219..49670)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M2_orf2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(50143..50333)
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(50355..51032)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M2_orf2"
FT   repeat_region   51387..51529
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1C"
FT   repeat_region   51551..51639
FT                   /rpt_family="MTE"
FT   unsure          51940..51990
FT                   /gene="IEbeta2"
FT                   /note="microsatellite repeat: low quality data"
FT   repeat_region   51957..52001
FT                   /rpt_family="(CTCTC)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(52740..53046)
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1A2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(53241..53602)
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1A3"
FT   repeat_region   53909..54119
FT                   /rpt_family="MTD"
FT   repeat_region   complement(54138..54227)
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAGA)n"
FT   exon            54524..54790
FT                   /gene="IEbeta2"
FT                   /number=2
FT   repeat_region   complement(54823..54870)
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   54876..54905
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAGA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(54929..55049)
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   exon            55450..55731
FT                   /gene="IEbeta2"
FT                   /number=3
FT   exon            57016..57126
FT                   /gene="IEbeta2"
FT                   /number=4
FT   repeat_region   complement(57907..57951)
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(57990..58084)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(58117..58398)
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx5"
FT   repeat_region   complement(58397..59488)
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx5"
FT   repeat_region   complement(59119..60062)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(60063..60276)
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1B"
FT   repeat_region   60510..60646
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   60633..60707
FT                   /rpt_family="(GGA)n"
FT   repeat_region   61033..61073
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   62127..62242
FT                   /rpt_family="MTD"
FT   repeat_region   62156..62251
FT                   /rpt_family="MTE"
FT   repeat_region   62766..62824
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(63213..63243)
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   exon            complement(63453..63536)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="IEalpha"
FT                   /number=5
FT                   /note="this exon would be untranslated if the gene were
FT                   functional."
FT   exon            complement(64163..64331)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="IEalpha"
FT                   /number=4
FT   repeat_region   64416..64612
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   exon            complement(64869..65150)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="IEalpha"
FT                   /number=3
FT   repeat_region   65432..65465
FT                   /rpt_family="POLY_A"
FT   exon            complement(65639..65884)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="IEalpha"
FT                   /number=2
FT   repeat_region   complement(66180..66475)
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx8"
FT   repeat_region   complement(67712..67802)
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   complement(69751..69991)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M2_orf2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(70248..70309)
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(70335..70445)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M2_orf2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(72759..72828)
FT                   /rpt_family="(GA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(73038..73145)
FT                   /rpt_family="MTE"
FT   repeat_region   complement(73218..73323)
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER19"
FT   repeat_region   complement(73323..73468)
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER19"
FT   repeat_region   complement(73505..73582)
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER19"
FT   repeat_region   complement(73834..73988)
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER19"
FT   repeat_region   complement(74005..74056)
FT                   /rpt_family="MTC"
FT   repeat_region   74027..74183
FT                   /rpt_family="MT2B"
FT   repeat_region   74066..74211
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-F"
FT   repeat_region   74232..74347
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   74257..74380
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(76424..76578)
FT                   /rpt_family="B4A"
FT   repeat_region   complement(76470..76570)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D7"
FT   repeat_region   complement(76988..77375)
FT                   /rpt_family="MTD"
FT   CDS             join(77461..77539,79191..79538,82161..82442,83898..83918,
FT                   84431..84778,86422..>86700)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="NG9"
FT                   /product="butyrophilin-like"
FT                   /note="intron-exon boundaries predicted by Genscan and
FT                   supported by blast x similarity to butyrophilin; no ESTs
FT                   match this sequence."
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:O70355"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003598"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013162"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR036179"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:1859549"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:O70355"
FT                   /protein_id="AAC05288.1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(77966..78010)
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(78017..78162)
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(78186..78292)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   78727..78922
FT                   /rpt_family="B3A"
FT   repeat_region   complement(79729..79958)
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(79959..79993)
FT                   /rpt_family="(GGA)n"
FT   unsure          79960..79990
FT                   /gene="NG9"
FT                   /note="microsatellite repeat: low quality data"
FT   repeat_region   complement(80001..80147)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   unsure          80133..80144
FT                   /gene="NG9"
FT                   /note="low quality data"
FT   repeat_region   complement(80172..80520)
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx8"
FT   repeat_region   complement(80753..80822)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MA4A"
FT   repeat_region   80832..81027
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(81211..81256)
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(82097..82164)
FT                   /rpt_family="(GA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(82917..83003)
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAGA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(83026..83132)
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAGA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(83157..83272)
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAGA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(83283..83398)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(83283..83362)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D7"
FT   repeat_region   complement(85049..85623)
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx8"
FT   repeat_region   complement(86761..86802)
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(86806..86912)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D10"
FT   repeat_region   complement(86930..87049)
FT                   /rpt_family="(GGA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(87077..87111)
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   complement(87153..87222)
FT                   /rpt_family="(GA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(87226..87254)
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   88017..88249
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   88370..88487
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(89239..89617)
FT                   /rpt_family="MTA"
FT   repeat_region   90502..90729
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(90940..91289)
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1D"
FT   repeat_region   92805..92873
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D9"
FT   repeat_region   93039..93142
FT                   /rpt_family="MT2B"
FT   repeat_region   93066..93206
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   93354..93642
FT                   /rpt_family="MTD"
FT   repeat_region   complement(93654..93774)
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(93666..93804)
FT                   /rpt_family="(GGAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(93806..93924)
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   95509..96039
FT                   /rpt_family="L1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   96182..96345
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   97031..97160
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER2"
FT   repeat_region   97289..97510
FT                   /rpt_family="B3A"
FT   repeat_region   97819..98014
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   CDS             join(99132..99210,100728..101081,102195..102476,
FT                   103340..103360,103475..103501,103696..103722,
FT                   105595..>105621)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="NG10"
FT                   /product="butyrophilin-like"
FT                   /note="this gene's exons were predicted by Genscan and
FT                   confirmed by blast x similarities to the butyrophilin
FT                   family; no ESTs match this sequence;The 3' end could not be
FT                   identified."
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q7TST0"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001870"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003877"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003879"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013320"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR036179"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:1932027"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q7TST0"
FT                   /protein_id="AAC05289.1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(99749..99810)
FT                   /rpt_family="ID3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(99888..99948)
FT                   /rpt_family="(CATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(100312..100371)
FT                   /rpt_family="(GGGA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(101167..101287)
FT                   /rpt_family="(CATA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(101260..101379)
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(101382..101463)
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   101464..101584
FT                   /rpt_family="(CATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(101585..101675)
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(101685..101913)
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   complement(103847..103954)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D9"
FT   repeat_region   complement(103899..103999)
FT                   /rpt_family="B4A"
FT   repeat_region   complement(104052..104175)
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(104181..104269)
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   104522..104744
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(105283..105407)
FT                   /rpt_family="(GGA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(106318..106438)
FT                   /rpt_family="(GGA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(106444..106506)
FT                   /rpt_family="(GGA)n"
FT   repeat_region   107450..107791
FT                   /rpt_family="MTD"
FT   repeat_region   complement(107801..108164)
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1C"
FT   repeat_region   complement(108341..108487)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(108405..108517)
FT                   /rpt_family="MT2B"
FT   repeat_region   complement(109859..110074)
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(110528..110837)
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1A2"
FT   repeat_region   111204..111391
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   111509..111665
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   repeat_region   111629..111666
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(111667..111872)
FT                   /rpt_family="MTA"
FT   repeat_region   111874..112217
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1A3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(112218..112425)
FT                   /rpt_family="MTA"
FT   repeat_region   112426..112515
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   misc_feature    complement(112544..113131)
FT                   /note="Inverted repeat of the region from 30677-31273. this
FT                   repeat contains a relic of IEbeta exon 2, at positions
FT                   112595-112863."
FT   repeat_region   114065..114102
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   complement(115035..115164)
FT                   /rpt_family="RAL_RN"
FT   repeat_region   complement(115064..115258)
FT                   /rpt_family="RLTR1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(115292..115501)
FT                   /rpt_family="RLTR1"
FT   repeat_region   115691..115737
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   complement(116073..116159)
FT                   /rpt_family="(CATA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(116161..116282)
FT                   /rpt_family="(CATA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(116297..116355)
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   misc_feature    complement(116450..120128)
FT                   /note="this inverted repeat contains sequence similar to
FT                   the IEbeta gene region from 26200-29347. Positions
FT                   119299-119399 are similar to exon 1 of IEbeta."
FT   repeat_region   complement(116637..116660)
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   117189..117334
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   117336..117398
FT                   /rpt_family="POLY_A"
FT   repeat_region   complement(117665..117704)
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(117904..118019)
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   complement(118083..118349)
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx"
FT   repeat_region   complement(118861..118911)
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   120585..120621
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(123906..124314)
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER16"
FT   repeat_region   complement(124273..124356)
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER16"
FT   repeat_region   complement(124353..124443)
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER16"
FT   repeat_region   complement(125117..125695)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1_RN"
FT   repeat_region   complement(125696..125883)
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(125884..127427)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(127432..127649)
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(127714..128070)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1VL2_5end"
FT   repeat_region   complement(127928..128348)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1VL2_5end"
FT   repeat_region   128495..128810
FT                   /rpt_family="HERVH"
FT   repeat_region   complement(131384..131451)
FT                   /rpt_family="ID3"
FT   repeat_region   131664..131949
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   131994..132059
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(133048..133099)
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   133069..133093
FT                   /rpt_family="(GT)n"
FT   repeat_region   133132..133339
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   133132..133280
FT                   /rpt_family="B3A"
FT   repeat_region   complement(133825..133896)
FT                   /rpt_family="BC1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   133980..134065
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MA4A"
FT   repeat_region   134335..134551
FT                   /rpt_family="MST-INTERNAL"
FT   repeat_region   complement(134624..134707)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D10"
FT   repeat_region   134793..134838
FT                   /rpt_family="(CATA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(135120..135266)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M2_orf2"
FT   repeat_region   135364..135751
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1B"
FT   repeat_region   135754..135792
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(135796..135916)
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAGA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(136104..136322)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(136190..136515)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M2_orf2"
FT   repeat_region   137203..137466
FT                   /rpt_family="B4A"
FT   repeat_region   137507..137557
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   139847..139950
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-F"
FT   repeat_region   140924..141070
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   141071..141114
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   141947..142155
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   misc_feature    142309..142326
FT                   /gene="NG8"
FT                   /note="Site of E. coli Tn10 transposon insertion:
FT                   cgctcagct--1329 bases of Tn10 -- cgctcagct. The
FT                   contaminating transposon sequence has been deleted prior to
FT                   submission"
FT   repeat_region   142765..142817
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   CDS             join(<143168..143229,155769..155789,157025..157045,
FT                   157437..157457,158413..158451,158942..158962,
FT                   160423..160443,161079..161099,161570..161590,
FT                   162109..162129,164680..164700,165280..165300,
FT                   166729..166740,167261..167275,168199..168219,
FT                   169336..169362,169545..169574,170008..>170064)
FT                   /codon_start=2
FT                   /gene="NG8"
FT                   /product="hypothetical protein"
FT                   /note="intron-exon boundaries defined in relation to EST,
FT                   with GenBank Accession Number AA492635"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:O70357"
FT                   /protein_id="AAC05287.1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(143772..143994)
FT                   /rpt_family="MST-INTERNAL"
FT   repeat_region   complement(143957..144042)
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT1-INTERNAL"
FT   repeat_region   complement(144110..144223)
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1A-INT"
FT   repeat_region   complement(144341..144397)
FT                   /rpt_family="MST-INTERNAL"
FT   repeat_region   145159..145435
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M4_orf2"
FT   repeat_region   145460..145697
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M2_orf2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(145801..145846)
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   146066..146331
FT                   /rpt_family="MTD"
FT   repeat_region   146404..146459
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAGA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(146598..146619)
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   complement(146631..146935)
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1A2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(146936..147474)
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1A-INT"
FT   repeat_region   complement(147482..147833)
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1A-INT"
FT   repeat_region   complement(147835..148148)
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1A1"
FT   repeat_region   148267..148469
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MA9"
FT   repeat_region   148743..149070
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER19"
FT   repeat_region   149706..149737
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(150133..150154)
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(150531..150925)
FT                   /rpt_family="MTC"
FT   repeat_region   152344..152389
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(152876..152985)
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT1D"
FT   repeat_region   152986..153014
FT                   /rpt_family="(GA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(153103..153500)
FT                   /rpt_family="MTA"
FT   repeat_region   complement(153501..154671)
FT                   /rpt_family="MT-INTERNAL"
FT   repeat_region   complement(154672..155072)
FT                   /rpt_family="MTA"
FT   repeat_region   complement(155074..155355)
FT                   /rpt_family="MTA"
FT   repeat_region   156224..156335
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(156627..156973)
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1A2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(158216..158418)
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx9"
FT   repeat_region   complement(159354..159459)
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   159602..159737
FT                   /rpt_family="MER5A"
FT   repeat_region   160647..160821
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   160842..160883
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   162949..163068
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(163262..163297)
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   163298..163351
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   163356..163605
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1A3"
FT   repeat_region   163617..163647
FT                   /rpt_family="(CATA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(165317..165381)
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   165538..165745
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(166218..166244)
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   168748..168863
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   repeat_region   168881..169000
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   172623..172689
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(175689..175877)
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   176128..176159
FT                   /rpt_family="(GGGA)n"
FT   repeat_region   177483..177587
FT                   /rpt_family="(CATA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(178944..178979)
FT                   /rpt_family="URR1A"
FT   repeat_region   complement(178996..179133)
FT                   /rpt_family="URR1B"
FT   repeat_region   179339..179421
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   180242..180325
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   180368..180570
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(181284..181344)
FT                   /rpt_family="(TGG)n"
FT   repeat_region   181284..181320
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAG)n"
FT   repeat_region   181632..181725
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(182062..182110)
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   182516..182599
FT                   /rpt_family="(GGGA)n"
FT   repeat_region   182601..182717
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   182741..182772
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(183004..183046)
FT                   /rpt_family="MERVL_LTR"
FT   repeat_region   complement(183060..183175)
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(183209..183290)
FT                   /rpt_family="MT2A"
FT   repeat_region   complement(183535..183928)
FT                   /rpt_family="MTA"
FT   repeat_region   complement(183929..185026)
FT                   /rpt_family="MT-INTERNAL"
FT   repeat_region   complement(185027..185420)
FT                   /rpt_family="MTA"
FT   repeat_region   complement(185421..186517)
FT                   /rpt_family="MT-INTERNAL"
FT   repeat_region   complement(186518..186913)
FT                   /rpt_family="MTA"
FT   misc_feature    186914..206337
FT                   /note="copy 1 of a locus-specific repeat containing a
FT                   butyrophilin-like gene"
FT   repeat_region   187260..187541
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1A2"
FT   repeat_region   187577..187662
FT                   /rpt_family="MER58B"
FT   repeat_region   complement(187669..187711)
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   complement(187778..187967)
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   misc_feature    187855..205762
FT                   /note="overlap span between BAC 135G15 and cosmid 19"
FT   repeat_region   complement(187968..188078)
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(188167..188240)
FT                   /rpt_family="ID5"
FT   repeat_region   complement(188298..188720)
FT                   /rpt_family="MTD"
FT   repeat_region   complement(188860..189057)
FT                   /rpt_family="RLTR14"
FT   repeat_region   complement(189283..189456)
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1D"
FT   repeat_region   189499..189561
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAGA)n"
FT   repeat_region   189770..189884
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MA4A"
FT   repeat_region   189958..189994
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(190422..190508)
FT                   /rpt_family="(GGAA)n"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<190869..191023,191306..191332,
FT                   192224..192250,193502..193528,193611..193631,
FT                   194151..194435,195249..195599,197098..197182))
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="NG11"
FT                   /product="butyrophilin-like"
FT                   /note="exons predicted by Genscan for a possible
FT                   butyrophilin-like gene; no ESTs were found for this
FT                   sequence; The 3' end of the gene could not be identified"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001870"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013162"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013320"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR036179"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:O70358"
FT                   /protein_id="AAC05290.1"
FT   repeat_region   191440..191557
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   191754..192182
FT                   /rpt_family="MTD"
FT   repeat_region   192813..193201
FT                   /rpt_family="MTD"
FT   repeat_region   195802..195854
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   196193..196297
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(196857..196929)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D7"
FT   repeat_region   199333..199478
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   199480..199524
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   199768..199863
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-F"
FT   repeat_region   199885..200005
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-F"
FT   repeat_region   200019..200137
FT                   /rpt_family="(GA)n"
FT   repeat_region   200108..200227
FT                   /rpt_family="(GGAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   200229..200264
FT                   /rpt_family="(GGGA)n"
FT   repeat_region   200312..200427
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(200494..200685)
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   200690..200894
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   201086..201147
FT                   /rpt_family="MT2B"
FT   repeat_region   201273..201310
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   misc_feature    complement(201718..202326)
FT                   /note="Similar to 3' end of gene for poly A binding
FT                   protein, GenBank Accession Number U33818"
FT   repeat_region   complement(202551..203087)
FT                   /rpt_family="MYSERV"
FT   repeat_region   complement(203089..203150)
FT                   /rpt_family="RLTR10"
FT   repeat_region   complement(203101..203244)
FT                   /rpt_family="RLTR7"
FT   repeat_region   complement(203430..203606)
FT                   /rpt_family="MYSERV"
FT   repeat_region   complement(203635..203735)
FT                   /rpt_family="MYSERV"
FT   repeat_region   complement(204231..204303)
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   204404..204514
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(204544..204660)
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx7"
FT   repeat_region   complement(204773..205058)
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1B"
FT   repeat_region   complement(205072..205110)
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(205111..205264)
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(205578..205712)
FT                   /rpt_family="MYSERV"
FT   repeat_region   complement(205834..205964)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(206008..207079)
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx5"
FT   misc_feature    207348..226328
FT                   /note="copy 2 of a locus-specific repeat containing a
FT                   butyrophilin-like gene"
FT   repeat_region   complement(207426..207457)
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   207561..207883
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1A1"
FT   repeat_region   207890..207995
FT                   /rpt_family="MER58B"
FT   repeat_region   208013..208055
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   complement(208123..208174)
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   complement(208298..208479)
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1D"
FT   repeat_region   208480..208536
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   208533..208628
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAGA)n"
FT   repeat_region   208828..208984
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MA4A"
FT   repeat_region   complement(209457..209518)
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAA)n"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<209888..210038,210388..210414,
FT                   212093..212119,213605..213631,213714..213734,
FT                   214255..214536,215341..215691,217155..217240))
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="NG12"
FT                   /note="the 3' end of this gene could not be identified"
FT   repeat_region   210640..210773
FT                   /rpt_family="(CATA)n"
FT   repeat_region   210775..210850
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   211199..211386
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   211391..211511
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAGA)n"
FT   repeat_region   211621..212051
FT                   /rpt_family="MTC"
FT   repeat_region   complement(212348..212544)
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   212965..213195
FT                   /rpt_family="MTD"
FT   repeat_region   213194..213306
FT                   /rpt_family="MTD"
FT   repeat_region   216239..216343
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   216800..216874
FT                   /rpt_family="L2b"
FT   repeat_region   complement(216912..216984)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D10"
FT   repeat_region   219403..219548
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   unsure          219536..219569
FT                   /note="could be 33 rather than 34 As"
FT   repeat_region   219552..219616
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   219858..219953
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-F"
FT   repeat_region   219975..220095
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-F"
FT   repeat_region   220096..220218
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   220124..220241
FT                   /rpt_family="(GA)n"
FT   repeat_region   220240..220361
FT                   /rpt_family="(GGAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   220276..220397
FT                   /rpt_family="(GGGA)n"
FT   repeat_region   220343..220462
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   220399..220516
FT                   /rpt_family="(GA)n"
FT   repeat_region   220567..220682
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(220749..220940)
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   220945..221149
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   221341..221405
FT                   /rpt_family="MT2B"
FT   repeat_region   221528..221555
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(221921..222006)
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   222007..222044
FT                   /rpt_family="(GA)n"
FT   misc_feature    complement(222050..222703)
FT                   /note="similar to the 3' end of a gene coding for poly A
FT                   binding protein, GenBank Accession Number U33818"
FT   repeat_region   complement(222807..223625)
FT                   /rpt_family="MYSERV"
FT   repeat_region   complement(224071..224172)
FT                   /rpt_family="MYSERV"
FT   repeat_region   224248..224335
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   224408..224514
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(224780..225065)
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1B"
FT   repeat_region   complement(225103..225256)
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(225562..225681)
FT                   /rpt_family="MYSERV"
FT   repeat_region   complement(225809..225938)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(225951..225996)
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(225997..226326)
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx5"
FT   repeat_region   226335..226451
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D9"
FT   repeat_region   complement(226480..226830)
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx4"
FT   repeat_region   complement(226834..226918)
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1B"
FT   misc_feature    226948..245439
FT                   /note="copy 3 of a locus-specific repeat containing a
FT                   butyrophilin-like gene; this repeat ends in BAC 29N7
FT                   (GenBank Accession Number AF030001) at position 6389"
FT   repeat_region   227314..227635
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1A2"
FT   repeat_region   227642..227760
FT                   /rpt_family="MER58B"
FT   repeat_region   227777..227809
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   227877..227925
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   complement(228021..228239)
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1D"
FT   repeat_region   228297..228352
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAGA)n"
FT   repeat_region   228567..228731
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MA4A"
FT   repeat_region   complement(229201..229284)
FT                   /rpt_family="(GGA)n"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<229647..229801,230151..230177,
FT                   233220..233246,234896..234922,235005..235025,
FT                   235540..235821,236609..236959,238526..238610))
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="NG13"
FT                   /product="hypothetical butyrophilin-like protein"
FT                   /note="the 3' end of this gene has not been identified"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001870"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013320"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR036179"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:O70359"
FT                   /protein_id="AAC05291.1"
FT   repeat_region   230348..230464
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   230398..230526
FT                   /rpt_family="(CATA)n"
FT   repeat_region   230768..230859
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-F"
FT   repeat_region   230944..231128
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   231133..231252
FT                   /rpt_family="(TGGA)n"
FT   repeat_region   231165..231284
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAGA)n"
FT   repeat_region   231560..231648
FT                   /rpt_family="(GA)n"
FT   repeat_region   231659..231737
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAGA)n"
FT   repeat_region   232209..232336
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER15"
FT   repeat_region   232594..232652
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAGA)n"
FT   repeat_region   232600..232680
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   232771..233178
FT                   /rpt_family="MTD"
FT   repeat_region   complement(233483..233672)
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   234090..234500
FT                   /rpt_family="MTD"
FT   repeat_region   234594..234686
FT                   /rpt_family="MTC"
FT   repeat_region   237269..237408
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   237611..237800
FT                   /rpt_family="B3A"
FT   repeat_region   237611..237715
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   238171..238245
FT                   /rpt_family="L2b"
FT   repeat_region   240896..240991
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-F"
FT   repeat_region   241013..241129
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-F"
FT   repeat_region   241120..241234
FT                   /rpt_family="(GGAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   241264..241393
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(241475..241639)
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   241644..241842
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   242221..242274
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(242650..242672)
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   242672..242700
FT                   /rpt_family="(GA)n"
FT   misc_feature    complement(242704..243162)
FT                   /note="similar to the 3' end of a gene coding for poly A
FT                   binding protein, GenBank Accession Number U33818"
FT   repeat_region   complement(243501..243605)
FT                   /rpt_family="MYSERV"
FT   repeat_region   complement(243706..245439)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1_MM"
FT   misc_feature    244864..245439
FT                   /note="overlap span with BAC 29N7, GenBank Accession Number
FT                   AF030001"
SQ   Sequence 245439 BP; 68085 A; 57844 C; 52981 G; 66529 T; 0 other;
     aagctttgca cagatagcta gcaagcctag cttagtcgct gtccctttcc atcaagttct        60
     atttataccc tccaaacatc atgccctcca caggtcttgc ctcagcacat gagtctgtct       120
     cagctgacat cactctgcca atcagcccaa gtctgcagaa gtggcaagaa actgcagcac       180
     actatcagaa ggtttttggt gcatttctca ttatggaatc cagacaaatg ccactcaact       240
     atgcaatgta aggcagacca atactcatgt gttgttagca aagaatcctt catcatgtgt       300
     cctttcacgt acttgcttta gcagaacatc ctctctcctg tgtctgtttc agcaaaatgt       360
     tccttctcta gtctgccttt gtctttcacc tgtgaccact tgaggaaaac attcctttat       420
     gtgtttgcct cagcaaaaca ccatctaaac aattttccaa agaaccctga agtttccact       480
     tcaggaagaa aggaagaagg tcaagtacac atgttgtggg ttgttctggt actgtttgta       540
     ttctgatgtt gattctgttt cctcaagagg ggctgccctc ttgaggagta gatcacttac       600
     tcaggagatt tcatgtgagc cttctcccca ttttaactgg tcaaataaag gctagagcct       660
     gtgattgggc agtggaaggg agaagtgggg ctggagattt gagagagtag aagagtagag       720
     gaagggtagg gaacagggag gaaggggaag aagaggtgga aggaagatgg agcagaacca       780
     catggcctgg tagtaagaga tctcatagct ggggaataga gtaatgtagt ggtagatctg       840
     cccaatctag gcagacagct tacaaatatt gtaactgagt tgtgtgtttt ttgcatgggc       900
     ttattgggtt ggagatttac tgcaacacac acacacactt tggctgggtc tgactacctg       960
     tttcatcaat tctacaggtg ttcatgcaca cttgtataca cgcacatata cctatattta      1020
     tgtatgaaca tacatataga cagacagaca taaatatata tacacttggc acagccccca      1080
     aagccacact ttatttcttc tctatgtcaa tttatacctt cttagacaaa aattctttat      1140
     gaaattacct catagataaa aggggagtta cagatgatgt caatataagt acaaaacggt      1200
     gtttcactct ataagctcac tataagttca aagcgacagt ttcacatggc cttgctttac      1260
     catagagcac atctgtggct tcatccttgg atctgaccta gaacgaatgt ttttccttga      1320
     tcacaaattt gtttcaagcc tgtttgtctt agtgcaattt atgaaagctc attgtattcc      1380
     ttattatgca acctttacct actcttctat gaggaggggg cacaactaaa accatttctt      1440
     taaactttct tcctaaactt atttgaacca aatcaggaat gctgtaaagt aattaattca      1500
     tctgaacagc attaattcaa gaaagttcat cttcatgttg atctgcagga aatttgctca      1560
     gtagggtggg ctgataccca ggaatcatta ggctatgtaa taatagcagg aaaggtatat      1620
     cagcggcaag aagtaatcct aggatgaatt ctctggggct gtgcctcttc agagtgcacc      1680
     cattgaaggc agatgaaatg gagggtcatg ttttgtgctt tctgcattgt atcctaagct      1740
     cactgatgca gctggcatgg atggaaattc ctagggtttt ataagaagcc tcaatgtctt      1800
     cctaatgcta accatgcaga cagcagttgg tgagtggaag gactggagta acatgcttaa      1860
     aagaatttca gcagcacagt ctcacataag gtggcaggca taacccccaa gagtgaatct      1920
     ggacagagga gagtctgtga tactgatctt tagcccggat accactagta gtgttttccc      1980
     tggggggcag tggggacagt atggacagtg tggacaatgt agacagtgtg gacagtgtgg      2040
     agactgtgga cagtgtggag acagtgggga cagtgtagac agtggggaca atgaggacag      2100
     tgaggacagt gtagacagtg tggacagtgt ggacagtgtg gtgacagtgg gggacagtgt      2160
     ggagacagtg tagacagtga ggacagtggg gacagtgggg atagtgtgga cagtggggag      2220
     acagtgggga cagtgtagac agtgtggaca gtgaggacag tatagacagt ggggacagtg      2280
     tagacagtgg ggacagtgtg gagatagtgt ggacagtgag gacagtgtag atagtgtgga      2340
     cagtggggac aatgaggaca gtgtggacag tgaggacagt atggacagtg tggacagtgt      2400
     ggacagtgtg gacagtgagg acagtgtgga gacagtgtag acagtgagga cagtgtggac      2460
     agtgaggatg gtgtggacag tgtggacaat gtgaatagtg aggacagtgg ggacaatcgg      2520
     atggtgaaga tagtgtggac agtgtggata gtgaggacag tgtggatggt ctggatggtg      2580
     gggacagtgt agacaatggg gacagtgtag atgatgggga tggtggggac ggtggggaca      2640
     atggagatgg tggggacaga ggattctatg ccctcaggtg ctgccataga ctctaaacca      2700
     tgttgtctgt ctgggagttt gatcccacag gcccatgcct ccatcagtag taggaatgag      2760
     gtcagaagct tggggttctg ttgctcccag gactcaggtt atttactggg gattccttga      2820
     gccccagttg ccctaatctg tctagacaca ttctttagcc acattcacca cacaacttcc      2880
     agcatccttt tgtggtgcag gggaatctat gtagcttcca tcccagcttc atttaggagg      2940
     tgtggcatct acacctctac ctgacccctg aaagcctgtg gtttctgctc cctcccttgt      3000
     acccatgtat tttctccagt tgttcacact gttgtccttt tctgatgctc tcataactgt      3060
     cttccatttc tttttctgct ttgagaatct tttcttcttt ttgtgagaac agaggaaatg      3120
     taccctgtca ctgtcacaaa ctcaaagctt tctgtaccaa atatttttta aaaaaatagt      3180
     tatctgtata ttttatgaac atctaaaata tagtcatagc catgcaccac atgatgaagt      3240
     tttggttaac aaagggccac atacccagct gtgggactaa aggatcctgt catctcagct      3300
     tggagagtga actctgtcac tgtaggagtt acttctcttg gtgctgtgac atatgagtga      3360
     cagaagcatc ttacgagggg agggagggaa ggaggagggt ttgctttggc tcacagtttt      3420
     gggggacaca gtctatcatg atggggtaga caaggggaac atgaggtgtt tgatcacact      3480
     gcatccacag tcaggatgca gagagaggta aagtctggct cactttcttt tctggccaac      3540
     acacaggaca ctgctaccta tattcaggtt ggctcttgct acttcacata aatatttctg      3600
     gaaatgtgac agaggtgcac aagaggtata tcaccttgat gagaataaaa agttttgaga      3660
     acaattttga catttgataa cattttaaaa acctttatcc cttttgagat ttaaagttca      3720
     tttcatagta gctccttctt ttttttttct tctctctaat tgtttagaca gaggcttcct      3780
     ataaagctcc agcttgcatt gtgtagacca ggttagtctt aaacttgtga tgactttcct      3840
     gccttgtccc tggagtgctg ggattactgg tgtgcacctt gtgccttggt acagcatgta      3900
     aactgaggca gatttcacac cccacctccc tgtacctgat tggagacaga tgagagtggt      3960
     cagggctgga aacaaaagga agaaagttca actttgactc agatacacaa gcattctggg      4020
     ctgcatttgg ttgttcctgt gacactggac atgggattac atgagtctgg ctccagtaag      4080
     ctccaaaatg gaagacaaga aaaaccaaac caaacccagt agacaacata taagaagaga      4140
     ttttattggt tttgtggatc agggtctctg agagagtctg cagtagatgt aacttggaag      4200
     atgacagaaa acaaaattca gatcagggaa gaattccaag ggtgtgtgag ctgtgagagg      4260
     gacagcctca gggtcaagag aaaagcaagt tgggggtcac ttgaagaaga gaaagaacac      4320
     catgaattgg tccagaaaac acactgtgcc aggtcaccca gcacaccact tcttccctga      4380
     agagggacac acgcctgcaa caaaacagac aggagacaga tggcttccag agactacagc      4440
     aagcttccaa ccacattttc atgtctcccc ttcctttatg tccccctgtg tggtagcttt      4500
     ggtgcccaca tatacaaact cttaccttcc tttccagggt gtgactcata aaggccctgg      4560
     gtgtctggag gtgccacctg atcgcaggcc ttgaatgatg aagatggtgc ccaccacgat      4620
     gcccacaagg cccacagaca accccagggc acagaccaca gtctctgtca gctctgacat      4680
     gggggctgga atctcaggtt ctgagaaaga gaagttttag agtcagaagg gagtatgttc      4740
     atgtatgtgt aagatatggc cagggtgagg gggcaagtta atctacatag cctttgtggg      4800
     ttgggcttat ggaatgacat gaaatctagc tttaggagct ttttaagagt agaaagtgag      4860
     tttggtcact agaatcccga agacatgctg ttctagagat gacaatgagt tagaaagtgc      4920
     agaagatgac agagctcata cacaccccag tgtttcagaa ccggctcctc caggccccag      4980
     tgttccacct tgcagtcata aatgtcatcg tcagaaggga tgaaggtgag ataagacagc      5040
     ttgtggaagg aatagtcacg gttgacgaag aagctggtct cataaacacc gtctgcgact      5100
     gacttgctat ttctgagcca tgtgatgttg atcacaggag ggaagatgtt gtccacaaag      5160
     cagatgaggg tgttgggctg acccagcagc acaggggact tggggaacac agtcgcttga      5220
     ggagcctctg taaaggaaat ggtctggaca tgagtgggtg atggagtttc tctccctgaa      5280
     gctctgcact gcctggagag ggagccctct tgccaagact tgcacacatg atggtcacag      5340
     agcccaattg tcccttctgt ttggagctaa tgtgcactgc atccactttc tccctgcgcc      5400
     cttctctcta gggtcttagg taggatgtct gtggggcctc ttcaaagatt ccaggcatgc      5460
     actgtgggaa cagcgagttg tatattacat gaaatgtatg atttgtaagg agagggaagg      5520
     tgagtattca gtgatgagga gatctgggtg ctccttggaa aggagaggat tttatagaac      5580
     catttatact caagtcatat ccacccacca ccacccaccc caagggaagg aagggaggag      5640
     cggggtgtga gcacgtacca ttggtagctg gggtggaatt tgacctctta gtcaagactc      5700
     ccaagttgtg ttttactaca gctatgtttt gcagtccacc ttgggggtca aagcttgcca      5760
     attggccaaa ctcaggaagc atccagacag tctccttctt atccaagtcc acatagaaca      5820
     actcatcacc atcaaattca aatgtgtact ggccaatgtc tccaggagac tgatatacac      5880
     ttataccata ggtgcctacg tggtcggctg atggatttag gtggatagtg gaaaaatgaa      5940
     aaacaggaag aaaaaataat gttattaaac aaactgatag aaaatgcttt tacaaatacc      6000
     acgaatttca ttttttgggg tttgtttcta ccactcattc ctccctccca cttggtatgg      6060
     attacaatcc agtctttccc tctgtgacac gtgctacata actgtggaat gctgtgttga      6120
     tttctaccat cctgactgcc ttgttccatg cctggtacac agacagctca agccaagtag      6180
     cttacagcta aacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacagagaga      6240
     gagagagaga gagagagagc tttcttttca aagattcagt cagcatattt ccttctctta      6300
     ttaggttttg tatctcattg atcttctact aattaattac aaattacatt ttattttcct      6360
     tcctaaaagg gtgcattttc catacaagga gactttctca tttattttaa caaatggaaa      6420
     agaatataga cccttatata agagaacagt gacatcatgt caaagtgtga ggaaactgtt      6480
     ctgtctaaaa gttcctgcat aagctgggga cccacagggc ggccttctgg tttcttctgg      6540
     aataaaagaa atagaggctt tattggactt catgcttctg tcaacctcac ctcttacttt      6600
     ttttctaaat caacactggt gttcacttgc agattcatgg tgcattaaag cactttcctc      6660
     cgacagtgag catgtgcaag ctgccacggg gaatggctgc tagtgcagac aaccgaaccc      6720
     aaaggaagcc aagtaaacaa ctatcgtcag gtaagcatca gcaaggcaca gattctagta      6780
     tttaagtttt gtatcttttt tccttcattt gttgagttcc agcgaatgtc agaggtagtg      6840
     ctgctcaagg agccaggcct gcctctgcag tcaccaccct agtgaatgtg aggagagcag      6900
     ggtcagtcaa cagacagagt gcatgtaagg agctgtgagt ggcggtgggc aagttacagc      6960
     ctggcgttct gcacagtgac tgtcaaacaa aactaactac cctattctct catggccctg      7020
     tggatggcag gagtctcctt ttctcacaga aatgaaggct gttgttgttg gggctgttgt      7080
     ttttcagttt gctgaaacct cctctactct gaaggtttct gctcagtttt aattaatagg      7140
     cttccaactg cactatgacc cccagcctct ctgtctatct atccctgtct gtctgtctat      7200
     tcacatttga ctgctcctct ggcctgtcct ttcccagtgt ggccaccttg gttggtatta      7260
     tcagtcaata acatgccaca cctctccatc aaagctccct tactcattat caatagacct      7320
     tctcgacttc ttttcccact gtggatgtac acatcgttca cttctgcagg tgcttgtcct      7380
     gggcctcagg tgttgctgag gactgcacgc tgccccctgc tggtacagtt ttgccctcag      7440
     ctgtgtccac tctccacaca atggcttttc tccttcctga ccttgatctg tttccctcac      7500
     tagtctaccc actccctggg ggcaggcagc aggctttata tacttcagca ctgacttgtt      7560
     agctgagcaa atgctttaca gagcgagtat tgagtggtga ttgctaattt tgaggcccgt      7620
     ggagactttg gggatgatgg gaaggctgca gaaccttgtg aaagtcactg tcagggatga      7680
     cctgggctgc attgggaccg gtatgtccca tgcacttagc ttttgggctc ttcctagatg      7740
     aaaatattga aggtcatatt ctatatataa gaaaatgtaa cacaggctaa attaaagtca      7800
     aagcattttc ttagatcttg aaactttcac ttttttctaa attaaaaaga agtagggata      7860
     ttttcatgta gcccttcagt tatatgttcc tcagaactgt gcccactgtg cccgctcaca      7920
     ccagattaag gtgccctagt gtgacactga agaaattggg gacaaagaag ccaccacccc      7980
     cacccaccct ccatgaggga taggtgagac ttccatctcc tgccaaagct ggaaagagag      8040
     cagccactct ttgcaaggac gctcaacccc tttcacttcc tgtttcagac atttgacttt      8100
     tcaactgcta ttttacacaa gctcctattc acgcctgtaa aacagcgtgg agttaaggag      8160
     agatatgaca gaggacatgg aatgtcggca gagtgtggag ggaggtgggc agctcaggag      8220
     gaaggccaca ggctcctgta gcttgtgctt gcctgggttg ttacagaact tcatggggta      8280
     taaatggcct atagaacagg cagctcacat tccttacttt gttacaaaaa tgttcaatgg      8340
     tatctataat ggaaagaaag aggaagatgg catttaaagc atttactaat gaatggatac      8400
     attcttgaga catgatctca ctaggggatc aggctatcct tgaactcaca atcctcctgc      8460
     ttgggcacct tagcaccgta gttactgcca agcactgcca ggcccaccca gcgttgcctt      8520
     cactattttt aaagcacatc tacatattta tttgacttgt cacttgtgag ttgacacgtg      8580
     aggaaatcca aaaccactaa gatcgtcggg taaaatagtg acctccttct ctcacttccc      8640
     accagggcca gctcctagct tgaaaaaggt gtgtggaaac caccacacaa gggaagcatt      8700
     tgctgtatat ttgtgaacat gattcacgga aaggttttcc tcagagtaca ctacaggtac      8760
     aaaggcttca gaaactcaca gaaattttag agtcatagta attatggaaa ttagattttc      8820
     agtaatgaaa atcatttatt cgtgggaaac actcccaatt cccaatttct tccttccctc      8880
     actgggccca ctagtagaat catggtttgg tggattgtga gctgaccaac cagagcctcc      8940
     tgaagaatgg atcacacagt tgttagacct cttcatattg agaatttgta tctccctctt      9000
     ctgtgggttt cccattgccc ggctccaggc atccctcagc tgcacaactc accctcaatg      9060
     tcgtcttcac ctccacagag gctgagcatg gtggtcaggg cgaggacccc cagaatcaga      9120
     gctctgctgc gcggcatcct ggtctctggg aggtctctga agctgctctc ctgagtcttc      9180
     aagagattgt gaggatccag ccaaggagat cacacaccca aaccaaactc gccagaacca      9240
     atcagaaaat tctcttgtga tgacgtcaaa gttgccagct gcagactttg tattaggagg      9300
     cctggaagag gctaggggaa ctccctgaac ctgctgcagg ctctactcag agtagacccg      9360
     agagagtgcc tgggaagaag tgggttctaa gtcagactct ttctcttgtg cttatgtgca      9420
     cagatggcaa gagaggaggg gatttctgaa catggacagg cgaactcacc cacaataata      9480
     ttgttcttca taactgtctg ggctgcactg ttcagaaagc ctcccccccc cgaatttatt      9540
     tctttcctgg tgcccctcca acttcgacac ccagttactt tctcttgctt gcatgcatca      9600
     tgagttagct ggtttttctt tatttcttcc catagtgtgt gcagagtact ccaaattgtg      9660
     agatgatcca cctacccaag gtgtccccac agactgtggt cagtcaatgg ctttgctctt      9720
     tctgcttgtg taaacccggt tggtgaggtt ctttgctctg ggcagtagcc ctggtgttac      9780
     cagatggaac acagagctgt gaggacctat ctggcaccta gaggagtgca cagtgcttta      9840
     tccagatttc acctctcctt ttgagcaatc tttgtattct aaaggaaatt tagggacact      9900
     gaacacacac aagaaagtta tgggtagctc agttattctt aaaatatttt ttaattttta      9960
     tatttagtgt caggtagaaa ggattttttt ctaacttaga aaagtatctt tctttcacaa     10020
     actactggat tttccaaatt tgctgccccc ttatgtgaca tttcagaaaa gtgtgggagt     10080
     ctgaggctta agtctcagca accattgtgg gttctcttgc ttatagaaga ctgagttttc     10140
     tgcattctgt ggagaacaca agctcctgga catttgagac cagctcttct gtcctcctga     10200
     gatgagtgtg caagcccttg cacttcaaag gggaccacag aggggtggga caggacaccc     10260
     cagcatctgc ctggacacaa tgaagtagat gctgggtgca gcttttgcct ccttctaggc     10320
     aaacatatta aggtaatcac ggagtttctc tacgtgcacc catttgttag tggaataagg     10380
     gaaaattccc tttagatagt agtagtgacc agttttgagt gtttaggtta tagtgccctg     10440
     ctattcagcc aaatacccag gtatctgtgg aggtattttg tggatgtgat taaatctgta     10500
     accagatgat gttaagtaag agagatgatc ctggacaatc aggctgagtt gtccacagct     10560
     gggaagcctt aatagcaaga ggaggcttgt ctgaggaagg ggagtcactg tgtcctctgc     10620
     ctgcactgag tttacatctg cccctggggc cttggccatg ccagttcacc ccacagctat     10680
     ataagcgaaa gcaacagttt tcttcgtatg tctccccacc agctttacat ccttggctcc     10740
     aacaggcctt tactgggagg cccagtgatc tggctggcaa ggtttctctt tccctttctc     10800
     tggtgaacag gatcatggga gaagagtaac ttacaggtac ccggtgaccc agaggcagct     10860
     acacacacac acacacacac atacacacac acacacacac acacacacag cccaccccta     10920
     tatagacagt gactcacaaa agctgcatcc gtgaagtccc ctgcacaact tgcaggcagc     10980
     tccataggag agtgccctgt ggagaatatg tggtcagttc taacagcaga cctctactcg     11040
     gtaatagaaa ggaaaaacta cagacagaaa tcaaagcaga gatgaggggc agagagccgt     11100
     ctcagcagag aagagcactg gctgctcttg ctgaggacac aagatcagat ctcagcaccc     11160
     acatggcagc tcacaaccag ctgtaacttc agctgcaggg aatctgatgc cctcttctga     11220
     cctctgaggg cacagcacac acatggtaaa aaaagcacac atgcacacgc acacacaaac     11280
     ttaaaaataa attaaaaaat aaaagcaaag atgagcatcc acaaaaccaa agaaatcaga     11340
     aacaagaaga catactgagg ctggagggat ggctctgact gctgcaaagg tcagggctcc     11400
     cacatggggc ccacagtggt ctggaactcc aactcctggg cacccactgg cctcccttgg     11460
     gacttttatg tgtgcggtgc acataaactc atgcaggcat acacatatac agataaataa     11520
     gagcagtaaa taaatatttt aaagagatta tgtgctatat aattcctttt cttagaaatc     11580
     ttagagcaga gatgtttgtt ctataactta aaatcagggt agtggtcata tgggctaagt     11640
     ccatagtgta ccgtgtgtag ttcgttgagc atatttctct atctgaaaca tgctatttta     11700
     aattatgtgt atttgtgtgt ctctgagtgt gggtgttcac atgtggatcc ccatggaatc     11760
     tagaagagac agtcgatcct ggatctggca ttccagggca attccagaca cccaactagg     11820
     atgctgggaa ctaaactcag gtcctctcca agagcagcaa atactcttaa ctcttgagcc     11880
     atctctcagc ccccacagct ttttaaaaat aaattgttat tggagcatat ttcttgtacg     11940
     aagtattgtg ttttgtaaat acacttcgat gcaagtttgt tgtgcacctt gactgtgttc     12000
     acccacaatc cctgctgtcc tacgttatcc tagtcatccc ctagacagta tcacttccca     12060
     tgcccccgac atatgatttt tatgtagata tagaaaacta catcttgata ggggtgcgag     12120
     ttataagaat gtatatattt gtcaatgttt actgaaaaga cctgtgtaag cgttatcaat     12180
     acaataaaaa tggtacaaag ttgcataaac tgtgtagttt acaaactgtg taatgagaaa     12240
     actgtaacaa tgtaaagtct ttcctgcatt gcctttcttt gatctctgaa tgtcggaaac     12300
     acttgaggtt cattcattgg attttgctgc ccaaagggag aaggatctat aagggccgtc     12360
     agccaagtgg gggaggatag gattcctatg tttgatttat ttttgggtct gatgacacag     12420
     caaaaccaaa gcaaaagcat caacctccac aggctggcct caatcttaaa atcctcctgc     12480
     tttagccttg gaagtgtgga attacagccc ccttagagta gtggttctcg accttccata     12540
     gttccgaatg ctgtggccct ttaatattgc ttatgttgtg ctgtccccga accataaaat     12600
     tattttgttg ctacttcata actgttgttt ggctactgtt acgaatcata atgtaaatac     12660
     ctgagatgca gaatatctga tatgcgattt ctgtgaacgg gttgggttga gaaccgctga     12720
     cctagagcta ccatgtctgg ctctgaagag aaggttacag tggatggggc cagtgttagc     12780
     ccctgactgc tttgtggaag ggagtcagga ctgtggagat taatataatt agttgttttg     12840
     tttttgtttt tgtgtttttt acattattta aggcctgatt agcattccta tttgttttcg     12900
     tatttacgcc gctaattttg gaatttcatt tatttgattt atgtcatatt ctacccagga     12960
     ccctgggcca gcgcttcagc tttccatgtt tcactgaata tgttaggttt tgttatacaa     13020
     gcctctttta ctccagtttt gttggctttg tgatgtgaaa tgcctgtgtc tgtacccttc     13080
     tgttcttgtg cgttcccaca gcatgttctt ccggagacaa gtgacgccgc ccacacttgc     13140
     tcctcattgg ttgaagagaa tgcattcaat gcgtgcggct taggctgagg ctcagagcag     13200
     tgagctctgg ttagcttctg aggtcagctt ctgtttcctt ggttcaggga caccagctag     13260
     ggagtgaggg gtagagagca gaggacccag ctacactgcg aggacactct attgtccaga     13320
     acctatcttt agaattaact ctttattaca gggttataat tgttatcgta gttgttatag     13380
     atattattaa ataagtgaaa acactgtctc catataaaag caataaataa aaatagataa     13440
     aaataagcag aactctggaa aaattaagca agtgttaatg ggaaagctaa tattttataa     13500
     aaccactctg gtcttagact tgtgcgcttg tgtgtgtgtt tcatattgat ttccagaaaa     13560
     acagcctcag ctttaaaaag gtttgtgtcg atgttgaatg aacctgtttt aaatgtatgc     13620
     attatattta tctttgagaa tatagaaatc tttttcagcc tcaaattttt aataatattt     13680
     taataattca ttttatttct tattatacac ataaattcag attctctatg ggtttaatag     13740
     atatccccta taactaagat attctttcta tagttcccta ttctgactaa agtgttgttt     13800
     tgatccagtt tctgcaccat tttcttgtcg tggaagcatg gcttgccagg agtggggtgg     13860
     ctgagtttgg gggttgggta ggaagatatg gatggaactc agtcgtgggt gtgtccttct     13920
     gaggtctctg cctggaaaag gttctacctg aggtgaggtc agcaggaggg tgtggggatg     13980
     gatgctacct ttgagctctg ggtcacaggc aagctttggg accggcctgg cacacaccct     14040
     cagatctgaa tcaaaagtga ggctataaac aagagtgact taaagacttc aagtgagccc     14100
     tctgccatca tgggaatgca gagggcacca gttatgtgtc tgttcagtcc tagtgagttt     14160
     caggatcccc cgggttagct ctgctctgct tactaaactg ccagtgaggg gctggaaaga     14220
     tggttagagc accggctact cttgcagagg accctagttc agttccaagc acccacaagg     14280
     tgactcacaa ccatctgtaa ctccagttcc aggacatccg accccctctt ctggcatcct     14340
     caggcactac acacatatag tacacaacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     14400
     acacacacac acacaggcaa gacacctatg ctcataaaaa taaacaaata gataatttta     14460
     aattaccaat atattcccca aatcaactgc attggctgag tcagatcctc atggtttgag     14520
     taaacagaaa gtctaggctg ggttaatggt gggggtgagg gaatgtaccc agatgtgtac     14580
     tggagcttat tctgaccgtg gtcatagccg tgcagaatca aagcacagac agagagtccc     14640
     tattcccact cagtacagag aattccagtc ttccagtggc tcgtgatctc ccaagacttt     14700
     ctttccagag acagcaggtt tccatctgct aagatagtga aaaaacaaag acattgtgaa     14760
     gttacccacc agccataatg atcacagtga caaatgacac catagttaat gataatttcc     14820
     atgatgatga cgataatgat gacgacgaca atgacgacga taactatgat gttgtcaagg     14880
     gcaactctct tctctgaagg catgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgag gtggaacctt cctgttgctt     14940
     cccttttcca tcttactcag gtagcttaag ttctgagtga agctccagac tggcagctgt     15000
     gaggtaccat ggtcctgagg ggaatttgca ccccacttcc tcttgtggac cccacacatg     15060
     tcaaagcatc cagttgattc ctctagagaa gtgactcaca ggaacctgcc acctacaccc     15120
     ttggctgact tcccctttct cttctcacgt gcaggaaagg gctgttctct cccacctctg     15180
     acacagtgtc aggtgcacgg ttgggggtgc ctggtgggtc cagcatcatc actgagctgt     15240
     aagcagtatc atagagttcc ctctcacaaa taggcaatga atcagaatag aaattcaggc     15300
     agatttgctt ggagctatta ggaacattga agctagaaac atcctttagt ttcatcaaaa     15360
     cccaaacaaa cgttcttgag tacagaccca cagacagcac tcaacctggg gtccaacaga     15420
     agttctgtac ttggcctgag cctggaactt tcctcctgaa agtctcctta tttggagagg     15480
     aaagaataaa accacatcag ggttcactgt gtctctgtgt ggactatgag ttagtgcttc     15540
     tcacatgggg gatgtccttg tctgcctctg tgaggaatta cagcaatgtg aaatctgtgt     15600
     ggtatcatgg ggatgttact ttagttccaa gaacagttag ataaatataa catgagaatg     15660
     ggaaatgaga cgtaaagatg gccaaagaat tgtaaaggaa ctggacaatg gattctggta     15720
     ttaactcagg gaactcagca gtcctgcagc agagaaaggc agagagttgg cactggcagc     15780
     tgaggtggtt ccagcaggtg gtggcaggaa ttctgctcca gacacaacta ccctgaagtg     15840
     agttttctca agaccgtaaa ccttaggtcc ttggggccca attggaactc agaatacagc     15900
     cagtgcaatg cttcagtaaa tgaagttgtc tgacctcaag cctgagttgt gtctctgcga     15960
     cctatacagt ggagggagaa tggcttctgt aagtcgtcct ctgacctcca cacaaagcag     16020
     acaaagcaga cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca catgataaat     16080
     aagtgtaaaa gctattattt tgactttatg gattatctct tcaaccaggc ctttgatctc     16140
     ttcccactta tttatagttt gttgttttct ttttggtaac tgatcatttc ttatttaacc     16200
     ttgattatat atatttccca tgaaaattat tctttgctcc caggtgttaa cggcacctct     16260
     cccttcccta cagctttggc tgtgtcttct ctgctgggga gtctgccagg gacagctgat     16320
     gtggcctctc tgccttgcct atgagctgga aagaaaaata ataaagaatc tgtcatgttt     16380
     tcacatagat gtggtttaca caaaggatac gacagtatcc ctccttatca accacagcct     16440
     tagccaaatt gccacttccc acagctggga agcccccatt ttgcaagcat caaacatatt     16500
     atttattttc tgaggttctc aatgtaaagt ttagacagct atatgtcttt tgttcagccc     16560
     aacaatcttc acacaagaca tgaaagacag agaacaaaac tattcctaaa taatagcgtt     16620
     tagagagtgc agacaaagct gtgattgctc caaaggcaac aacagtacga tggtttgttt     16680
     tgttttgttt gtttgttttt aacagggtgc ttgctggtca aaatgaaggt tcataggact     16740
     gtatccaaat actctgacaa gttaattaaa aaaattcatt ttatatatat gattgttttg     16800
     cctgcatgca tatttgtata tcacatgcat atagagccca tggaggccag agagagggtt     16860
     gaatctcctg gcactggaat tacagatggc tgtgaactgc catgtgggtt cctggaaaca     16920
     aaccaggtcc tctggaagag cagtcagtcc tgttaaccac tgaaccatca ctccagcacc     16980
     caaattatta ttatttttaa ttcctagaat ttgggtttag gaagaattgg tttgaactat     17040
     aaaaaaattt ccttggatca ctaaagatga ttaattctta gtatctcatc cagttaatta     17100
     atttaaagta tttgttcagt actaggaaat gtattagatg ctaaagatcc aacagatgaa     17160
     aaaaacaaca acaaccatac aataaagatt tcttgtgatt agccgagatg ggagtgcccc     17220
     gccttgctag ggcatgtgct gactggactt ctcaccctgt cccatgacag gggtgaccat     17280
     agatgtttcc agaccccacc tcatccaccc aggtacaacg tacaatcatt agcagggggc     17340
     ttttggcatc acagccactt ccttcgccta acacttagca gggacttccc acagatgcgc     17400
     gaagaatgtc tgatgtccat cccaccccag cgaatatcac atacaaaata ctccctctct     17460
     actcggcttt gtgatcaagc tgtggtctct tggcaccgcg gatcttcctt tttgccacta     17520
     aaccagcttg tcagcaattc tgccaccgcc tatcagtatc ctccctccta tacactttct     17580
     cctgaaggct cagctcaaaa cagcccgtct tagcagttac atctgctgga aacaagtgac     17640
     gcttccttgc tctctattcc tattggttgg agtaaattta aaaaaaaaag gctgatgtcc     17700
     gacggggatt tccaaagatg tccttctatt ttaaaaatgc gtcagtgcag acaatgctgg     17760
     actattttcc caaataggaa ctagctagcc agaactgata cccacgaggt ggattttgga     17820
     tttgagggtg agacacgtgt gtgccacctg gggattgggg gagtgaggga ggagaggaag     17880
     caccgaagaa aggacagaag gaaggaacaa agaacagaaa ggctcattct ttccgtttct     17940
     tcaagttgaa ttttcttgta caatttatga gactattggc cagtcagcaa atccaaaccc     18000
     tttattccac ccgtcacttc ctggccttac agctagcccg cgatctggga tgattcctgt     18060
     tgatcccagt gacaggattc tttgcctttg ctggctggtt ctgctctgcg tattgccttc     18120
     catttcttaa tgacgacagg actctccctg tggtgacatg cccctgggat acccctgtga     18180
     aataatttgt gttgccttct cttctttgcc ccatctggtc tcttactcaa cttgaaatat     18240
     actcatttct ctctttttgc tttgctgtgt cccagtctca cctcaaagtc actatgtggg     18300
     caaggtcaac cttgaacctc tgattctcct gccctctcct ccccagagct ggccttacag     18360
     gcacgtgcta ccaccccagg ctcacacgac gctggggaat tgaaccctgg gcttcatgta     18420
     ttctaggcaa gcactctaca cacagactat ctctccagca cacagatcta caatgtgaaa     18480
     atctttattg ttcccacgga cttactcata gtaaaacaac tttgctttta caaacttata     18540
     gccccaatct gtactcttac ttcgcttcct agacaaacct attgcagctc tctgtgcatg     18600
     tcggcacaca gcacttacac tggccctgaa ttcccaggaa atgaaatgtc gcacctgcga     18660
     tgccattggc ctgaagaatg tttgcacaat tggagtacca gtgcattaaa aataagttca     18720
     tacttgaaaa gggaaaaggg ctataaatat cttctctttc ctttgttttt aaattttttt     18780
     tctgagatat ggtttaactc tctacttagg ttggcttgga actcacactt agctaaagct     18840
     ggccttgaac tggtggcaat cctcctgcct gctgggatta cctgtgtgag ccaccatact     18900
     acatttgtat atatttttct tagatgtcag gatgcagttc tcctgttcct acaaactttt     18960
     cagtgtgaag tgtcatttgc agggttgtta cacgagtgaa tgaggtgatc accctgaggg     19020
     acctgcaggt tacagtatct ctcaacaccg ttcctgatcc tacactttct gcagatagaa     19080
     ggcaggagat gagcctcgct caacctctgt ctctttccct tcagtctccc ccagaggttt     19140
     taacctccta gcagtaatga gatactcgca tcaccaccat ctcctcccac tcagtgttgg     19200
     acgggggttt tccatcacag ctcacaacca agctccctaa ttctattcta tacttgacat     19260
     ccagtcaagc taggcttgat gcgaaaagtg gggtgttttt ggcaatctgc agccacaccc     19320
     tgtttttttc ccactaaccc caggtattaa atctgcttcc cacatcagct atccctactc     19380
     tacctccctc tggggtcttg gaagccggcc aaccccaggc ctattgtaac agtgtcattt     19440
     gctgcagaca aaccagctgc ttctgccact ggctgcacag ggaagaaact gacagcaaca     19500
     gaggtttcca caaagtgctt cgttttgtac ctatgaactt ccaacaatgt ggctgcctaa     19560
     acaacaccca gtgatagtac aagttgacat gctaagaggg acgggggaaa tctctcctgg     19620
     ccccactgct aggtgaaggg ctccaggcaa ctgctgacct ctgagagaaa aatccttatc     19680
     ctccagggat gagtccctta actgccaaag tgcttgcccc taaacgccac gtgtaagcaa     19740
     cactgcaggg gctcagcagg ttgtgtttag atatttgtta gtttctacac ggatatgtaa     19800
     cagggatggg aaggaagtca tggactcaag gctgagaagg ggcgggtgac ataggtgggg     19860
     ttagaagtag agaatgaaat gagttaacac agtaaactat atgaaagtta aaaaaattat     19920
     cagaagaaga ggtgcagctt gaggcttaag gttgagtttt tggatgctac ctccacaggt     19980
     ggtctagtgc ctcagtttct ctctctgctc cccaagagtg ttttgcacgt gtttgtaggg     20040
     agagtcagtg ctgatgctct ttgtgtccct cgagaatact cagctttcca tcgctgtaag     20100
     gaaacacatg atgcaggcta ctaatgtaga aaagagggtt gctcatctca tagatgttga     20160
     gacactctca ttcagggcag ctgcattagc tcattatggt tagggaccca cagcagatat     20220
     gggtggcaat gttgtagatg tgtggtaggg aagtggaaag aggggggaca gagtcagaga     20280
     gggacagagt catacacaga ttttatacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     20340
     acatagagag agagagagag aaagagagac agacagacag acagacagac agagacagac     20400
     agacagagac agagaccaag acaggcagga tgagagagcc caccgagcca tactcccttt     20460
     gcaactgtct ctcagaactc aagaggtctc caaagggaca acctcctcac acgcccatca     20520
     taggcctccc agcagctctc acagccttca tgactttgct ttcttgttta tttcattctg     20580
     tagcccaggc tggcctggaa ctcatgacaa gcctcctgtc tcaacctccc gagtaatggg     20640
     ttctggtgtg gctctgctta tcaaaggttc cacagtcgaa gccttccctt tcggggattc     20700
     ccaaacacca cacacctgta gcactagctg tggggtttac gatttacaac tgctctgctc     20760
     atctaagatc aacttcttcc aaagcaagtg gttactccct gagcattctc cttatcccac     20820
     gccatctgca gtctgggctt caccccagct ccacctgcat cttcccagga ttcccctggc     20880
     ctgctcttgc tcacattgct gggcctgagc taaaaccaca ccccctcctc ctcttcaggc     20940
     ctcactatgc aaatgagctc cttcaagtgg tccagcttgc aacagtctct gaatatatcc     21000
     cctcccctcc ccttccgttc tccttccctt cattcagatg tgtgtgtttg gctgcatctg     21060
     catgtgtagc acatgtatac ctactaccta cagaactcag tagagggcat cagatccctg     21120
     gaactgggtg gtttcagatg gctgtgagcc aacacatgcg tgctcagaac tgaacctggg     21180
     tcctctgcac cagcagccag agctcttaac tactgctcac ctctccagcc ctctctacta     21240
     ttttaaaatg ttaattataa tattaatatt attagtatta attaattgta atttgtactt     21300
     tcactgtaat ttataaatat ctacactttt aaagtttatt ttatttgtgt acgtgtgtgt     21360
     gtgtgttgtg tgtatgtgta tgtgtatgtg tatgtgtatg tgtatgtgtg tgtgtgtatg     21420
     tgtgtgtgtg tcccctggag ctggatttat aggcagtttt aagagtcatg agcccctgga     21480
     aataggtgct ggcacctgaa ctctggctgt ctgtaagagc agcaagtgct cttaacctct     21540
     gagccacctc tccaacccca taaatgctta tatttattaa tgtatgattt gtgaattgta     21600
     aacaattgag cttttctggt ttgagccagg cgtctttcca ggaactgaga gaacagtgcg     21660
     caggagcaca gggcctcagg ctgctgctca aacccgggca gcaggcagga gccggagtgc     21720
     ctggcagagg tgggcctggc cataccctca cattaacacc cttgtgtcct tctcgcacca     21780
     actagacaca caatctcttg aaacaccttc cggaggtcaa gttttcaagt acgtgagcgg     21840
     gggtgggggt gggggtgggg gtgagggtgg ggtggggtgg ggggagacat tccacatcaa     21900
     cgcaaagatg ggttgtcttg atggaaaagg agggtagtgt ggactggaag aggctcattg     21960
     gctttctctg taactggtgc tggcttttgg tctgggcgca tttacagata ttggaattat     22020
     aataagtacg ctgaacatta atttcttctg tccccacatt ctatctcatt gtatagtgtt     22080
     aaaattgtaa agtatttcat tttctggtca cttctcagta attcggcgtt tagtaaactt     22140
     cccctgggct tgcagtggcc tgtaggaaac agcgcgatag ctccacctct actgggttgc     22200
     actgagattg gaaggtatcg ggcttcctag ttcagacttc agtagaggta aatgattcgt     22260
     tatgtgagct gcccgcgttt gtgcatgagc ctgtggggtc aggagctgag gtaccaggtc     22320
     tgtcgtggac cctgctgtgc tgctcaggaa cagcagagaa acatcgacat ggtcctccag     22380
     cctcaccccg cttcgcattg ctcagcgaac acttcctcac acgccacaca gtcaggtccc     22440
     aagtcttcca tggaaggaaa ttctcagctt taaaaaatag ataagcatat ggcccgggag     22500
     cagggctcag tcagagtact tagaacgagt gaggttcaaa gttcaacctg taacacggaa     22560
     caatacacaa aatgaacatt acctgtcata tgccagcttc tctcaacatt cacaaaggac     22620
     ctctggtcac tcgcgtctgc tggagacagc tgacgctgcc tcacctccca ccctcattgg     22680
     tgatggggag ttgtttgaga caggaggggg tttccagtga gtttctcttc agtgtctcac     22740
     caaacccagg aacctcattt gactaaagga agggttggcc cctttgggtg ccacctctga     22800
     agggaagaag tgtttatact cgtcccgagt tttgcagccc agtttttaca acacccttga     22860
     gaaacaaaga gaagcacaga aattctccct ccccgtgtgt tcctattgtc ctgccactga     22920
     accactgcat ccagcccttc ccagcagcca gtcgttcccg ccgagaggtt tactagttaa     22980
     tattttttct actagtccca cctttctgaa ggatgtaact tttaattcta tttatttatt     23040
     tatttattta tttatttatt tatttattat tttttgccaa aagttcacca cctttcatag     23100
     tggagttcta tggtaggtgc aactgagcac ccagtgcaat ttaagggctt cttattctcg     23160
     ctcatcagga ttcctcccta tccaggcccc tcctcaccct gcacctcaca tgcgcctttt     23220
     ctgtgttgtt ctcgttctcc agcttaactc ttgtccctag ccaacctgag aaatgaccct     23280
     tttaccactc ccaaatctca cttcctctgg tctcactctg taccccagga tggcctgaaa     23340
     ctctctatgt agcccaggct ggcctcagac tcacagcagt ccccctgtct cagtctcctg     23400
     agtgctgaga ttcagacaac caacatgtcc agctaacgcc ttctttctta atgtaaatat     23460
     tgggtatgct ttaattttaa ccattctgtt ttgtctgaaa aagtcatgca gctgtggggc     23520
     tggggagatg gctcagtggt taagagcatg cactgctgtt tcagaggacc agagttcagt     23580
     tcccagcacc cacattaagg tgctctaact ccggctccag gaaatctgat gccttcttct     23640
     tctcccattg gcatttcgtg cacacaagac acacatctct ctctctctct ctctctctct     23700
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctcacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacataca     23760
     tacaaacaca cacacccacc aaataaataa gtaaatacat aagatcattt taaagtaaca     23820
     gctgaggata caggtcaggg ttgtagaacc tacctgctta gaggggtaca gactcagtcc     23880
     caagaacaga aaaaaagttt gggtccgccc ccccccgtgt tcttatcagt tcttttagac     23940
     atgtctaata cacatcttgt cacattgctt ttatatattt tattagactg tctttactgc     24000
     gggtcccaga gtcctgtgaa gtcagatctg gatcagacct tttccatccc agcattagaa     24060
     gatgctgtga aatcacaggg aacactgaca attgtgacct gagtgtgtgc atcagactgc     24120
     gtgtgtaaca cacgtatcag cccctcactt aaaccccgat gtctggtgaa tgagaacagc     24180
     agacacacag tacatgtcaa tacttaagaa agctactttc tgatgtcagt actttctagt     24240
     gttcaatatt cagacattgg ggtatgtgga agagggacaa acaatatttg tcttttataa     24300
     aatggttttc acccaattac tgcttacaat ttcctctatt taggtttcct ggagactggt     24360
     ccttactctc ctgcacaaac cctgctttcc tctccttccc tcagtcccca cccatgaggc     24420
     aagcctggcc cagctcctgt caagagcctt ccttgatcag cctatgagaa ccatcaaatg     24480
     ccccaatacc tccatcccat caacaaactt aaacatattt aagttgattt tgtttatgta     24540
     aaatgtcatc aatgtgaata actatgaatt tcatgttgtt gtttagaagc ttatccatca     24600
     tccggggtgg gctatcagag aagtaaatac tttatcattt atttttaata aaacaaacaa     24660
     cagaggatgt tcatcttaca gaatgaattg agaagatggg ataggcaagc ttaccaaatc     24720
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgcg     24780
     cgcgtgtgca ggtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgcagattac aaacctgtgt gtgcagatgt     24840
     attaacaagt gtgcctgtat gcacgtggag ggcagaggtc agtatctggt gtctttctca     24900
     gttgctatta gcctccttat tttgagacag ggtctatcac agagacctag agattttgag     24960
     ctggcaggcc actgagccct ggggacctgt ccgtctcagc cactccagag ttaggactag     25020
     aagagaacac tacatttttt aaaatgtggg tacagtgtgc cccaacttag gtcctcatcc     25080
     ttgcatgaca tacaccttac caattgagcc atttcccagc tccaggtggt caggttctac     25140
     agtgtccaca tcacatgcaa ttactggtca tggagttggt caaataagga aatcagattc     25200
     tgaaaactaa tcttccaaat gtctgctgac atggctcagc aggtaaagct ggtttttgcc     25260
     aaacctgagg agttcaaacc ctaggtccca acaaggagaa agtgagtcat gaaaattgag     25320
     ctttgaccac cacatgtgac aggcatgctg tgacatgtga cacatataca cacatactca     25380
     agcacacaca catgcgcact agataaatcc atgtaataaa aactttaaac gtaataatct     25440
     tcccacctgg gtcttttagc acagtctgtg atctgagcaa gtccagatgt taaggcagga     25500
     ggatcacatg ttcaaggcta gcctgggcaa ttaatgagtc cttcctcaaa ggagagagaa     25560
     agggagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag     25620
     agagagagag atctgggcct gtagctcagt gcctttgccc agcatgctgt ggtcttaggt     25680
     tcaaccccta gtactttatt ctgcccagtg ttagtttaaa ctttaaggag gtcaatgctt     25740
     tgccatgggg cagctgacag gagatctaga tggggaaaga acttaaactc ttcccatata     25800
     cgatactaat ctttagggtt gtgagaagtc tagttccctc cctgagaatc cacagtaatt     25860
     ttagatctga cctcagcctg ttgtgctaaa agatagatga acacatctct caaggtggcc     25920
     caccaagtca gagtactgct tcagtcctga tccagctctg ccatgctctc cacactcccc     25980
     agtctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tcctctctct     26040
     cccctctctc tcccctctct caacacttca actgaaccag accctcatct ccccaggatg     26100
     cccagcctct gctctgaatg tctcccttga ggactgggtt ttagataaca acagggaccc     26160
     tcctctgtgc cactaaaatc agtaacagtt caggggtcaa gctgggaaca tcccttatgt     26220
     caggactata ccatgactaa ccttaatttt ccattagctt gttagaattt ccctatctga     26280
     agaagtgcag actccactgt ccaatcaaga ggctaaattc tgcttcgtca ttagttacca     26340
     gggaaggttg ctcctccagg cgtccacaga agcacagcct tcagttctag agatggtggc     26400
     aactttccct gaaacaaaca cacttcagtc acttttaaca ccgacactac tgagctgaag     26460
     tgcagtaagc gccaggctaa aggtgcctgg ctgacagtct cttccttcac ctttgatctc     26520
     acacaacttc aaacacacaa cagccttgtt taggaaacac tcccccagtg ctcaaactga     26580
     gtaaaagact gaccatccca gagctggccc agctctgtgg cctgattaaa gtgtttcagt     26640
     tgcaactgga tccagcattt taaaaaagaa aataaattga tcctttaaaa aataatatat     26700
     aatttatacc cagaagaagt tatatgtgta tacaatgtat tttgagccta tccaccaccc     26760
     actacctcct tccagcttct tttggaacct tccaataatg tctccctccc aaattcattt     26820
     cctctttaaa caacaacaac aacaacaaca acaacaacaa aaaaccaaaa aaacacacac     26880
     acacaaacaa acaaacaaac aacccaaagc aaaaccctac tctccttttg tttgtttggt     26940
     ttttgttgtt gtttatttgt ttgttaatta gagacagaat cttactatgt agagcaggct     27000
     gacctttcta tctcacagag atccagctgc ctctgcctcc tgagtgctgg gatatgaggc     27060
     atgggccagc agcccagact gagtatccat gtaatgaaga gaactgcaag tttcagaagg     27120
     ggacctgcaa actgaatctc taactagcaa ctgatgatgc tggactcctt tgatgctgat     27180
     tggctcccag cactggcctt acccaatcca gtggcaaagc agtgaatgcc ctgtctctta     27240
     ttatcttagc aatgagtaaa gagaataaag ttacagtctg aagcttgcct tcccctctga     27300
     ctcctgtgtc tcctctcctg cagcatggtg tggctcccca gagttccctg tgtggcagct     27360
     gtgatcctgt tgctgacagt gctgagccct ccagtggctt tggtcagaga ctccagacgt     27420
     aagtgcacac ctcaggtgct gggatgctcg gggtcgggga aggaaggagc taacattctc     27480
     actgtccagg ccaagtccct cggaactatt gatatcttct gtgagcatgc acagtcctca     27540
     catgaactct aaactatgtc cccaaacaga agcctggatg tttgtgctct cagatctgtg     27600
     tgagaggccg ctgggtatca gccattgctt ttcaagtttc tcccagtaac atctacacct     27660
     gcgtcatatt cctttagggc cctgagaaga tcgatgaatc atgatgttaa attaacttct     27720
     gggacaggcc ctgtcttcac tgtgttgaga taaagccaga caaagtggtt tctctttaaa     27780
     aatagaactt cctatgtgtg tttctattct actttttatg tatgttttct gttgttttgg     27840
     gccaaacagt aaaatattga tatctaatca gaagatttct gtggaggtgt catagagtca     27900
     aggggcagtg aggtcatcac agggagattc ctgtgcaccc tctgcaggct gtgaggccac     27960
     tgccacacat tgctacctgt gaggcgtaac ccagggcttc ctttttctct ctcactgact     28020
     ccagtgcttg tgtagcctgt tcccatgcag aacctctgct gggtggtggt tagtgtttcc     28080
     ccttgtcctg ggcgcacaca gcagctaatg ctgagggtct tagatctgga aatgggcatc     28140
     tgtgggttat tctaaagaac tggaagtccc ttctgagacc ccggggcagg ttagactggt     28200
     tcagtgttca tgttctgaac atgtctgcat attgtttttc tttaacattc tctgccctga     28260
     gcccatgaaa aggacctgac ttctctttgc attgtatgat cccttcctag cttcatgacc     28320
     cacatataca tcacacacag aaaaatcaaa gtctgtgcta tgcacatggg agataaaaga     28380
     tggggttatc aacactgctg aaactgtgac cctgggctgg agagatggct cagtggttaa     28440
     ggtcactggc tgtgctttca gagagcctgg gctcaattcc cagcactcac agggcagctc     28500
     accactgtct gaactccagg agttccaaca tcttcacaca gacacacatg cacacaaaat     28560
     gccaatgcac ataaaatgaa aataaataat ttaaaaaata atctgagacc ccagaatgct     28620
     gggactgtgg gcaagccctc tgaccccttt tggctttggc tgcaatgtaa aatgtggaag     28680
     agatgatctt tttcatagag ctctctgagg attgggagaa atggccatgt aaagcattag     28740
     ggtcctgctg ccacactgtg tgcttcctct ctgtaagctg ttctcaaagg gcacatggaa     28800
     gcttccagat tgcctctcat ctcattgcca cctcccacag accagaatcc tgcccttgca     28860
     tcatttgtca cagggaccat tcttatgact tccagaactg tcctttttta tttttttttc     28920
     cattttgtct tttctcctca ctattgtctg tgttgtctca aacacaggga caagtgattc     28980
     catcactgaa atctctgtta aattcatgag ccacagtgat gactgctgca aatacttctc     29040
     aggaaacaca ccaaacttca tcctactgag cgtgaggttg ataatggctg gtgctcgcct     29100
     ttatttcagt tgcttttcac aaatctcttg tacatttctg agttagatta agtgtgaaga     29160
     tgaaaagacg tccatctaat gtgtcgtcct ctattgagac tagaggaact cacatgactg     29220
     actgacccac cagatcctgg agacacgccc ttaccttacc tggggtcaca tttggcatct     29280
     gattttaaaa cggtctggtt tttgaattct ctgcatctgt aattcagata acagattgta     29340
     gctcagtatt gggatcacgg tctcaatttc cagaaacttc tccagttgtt ttctctcagt     29400
     gaaaaacaga cagcttccat caactccaag gcttttgagc tggggctgct tttgatcccc     29460
     caagtctcat ctctcattgt tgccccaatg tcctgtgctc tgttattcat gaactcagtg     29520
     ctggcatgag gtgtttgtta cctcacctaa gagttgctcc tctactccct gtatcccctc     29580
     ttctgacatt tgcagccacc accctcttct ggctcacatc tgtgacagaa cttcactttc     29640
     tgtccccagg atgcttccct tcccctcctg tcactcaaga cttcctgtta atggaactcc     29700
     atcccctccc cgcttcttcc ccaccttcac agtttaaagc tctggcatgg agggaggcct     29760
     ccgtttctcc tcttagggtt tccatgggca gcgcaggcct gcacagggcg ggcactgagg     29820
     aagatttact gtgttctgtg tggtgtgtta aggagcttga gcctgaaggg tgggagggag     29880
     gtgtcttctg agctggtgag tcctggtctc cagcttagct ccaggtgggg caggatcagg     29940
     aaggggtata cccaatggct ccctgtgttg ctggaataca tatatatgtt tgtgtgtgtg     30000
     tgtgtatata tatatacata tacatatata tatatatata tatacacaca cacatatgtg     30060
     tatgtatgta tgtatgtatg tatgtatgta tgtatgtatg taacaacaat taaggacaaa     30120
     agaggccatg aatttgaaag agaacatgga gttgtacata ggaaggttca gggggaggaa     30180
     aaggaacagg ggaaatggtt gaattatatg acaatctcaa aaataagagt cttactgggt     30240
     ttgaaccaca cttataggca ggcccctagc ccagcagtag atgttccaat agaaagaaaa     30300
     tccagtggtt ttcttgcaga atttaaaaaa aattatttat ttatttgcct tacagagttt     30360
     ttgcttatat attagggttt cagattttgt ctgttttatt attccttttt gtttgtatgt     30420
     gtgtgtctgt gtttcttata gttttttaaa tcactttttg tttatttcgt cctgtttgtt     30480
     tgtttgattt gaggtggtcc taattgagta ttttctaatg tgtaagagaa ccaagtgtgg     30540
     ctttaggtgg ttggagagga ggctatgaag agaatctatt gtatgagaaa tttttattta     30600
     aaaaccaaag cagaagaatc cactgggaga taaaatggcc actcgacctc tctgtcgctt     30660
     gggaccttga ggtcatgatg aaggttaaag aaatgagggg gagaggactg agggaggagg     30720
     actgtccagt cccactggga atagggggcg ggttccccga gttcctccat cacttcactg     30780
     ggtagcacag ctgtaactgt ccagcctggg gtggagctgg ggcgtgcgtc cttctgccct     30840
     gttagttgtg gagacctcag aagtgagcag ggtagaactt gggtctggtc ggtcattcgg     30900
     gcagctgaga gggactcggg catcttgtcg gcagagaaga agataattct tgtctccaca     30960
     gcatggtttt tggaatactg taaatctgag tgtcatttct acaacgggac gcagcgcgtg     31020
     cggcttctgg aaagatactt ctacaacctg gaggagaacc tgcgcttcga cagcgacgtg     31080
     ggcgagttcc gcgcggtgac cgagctgggg cggccagacg ccgagaactg gaacagccag     31140
     ccggagttcc tggagcaaaa gcgggccgag gtggacacgg tgtgcagaca caactatgag     31200
     atctcggata aattccttgt gcggcggaga ggtgagacag gacagggtgg ctggggcgga     31260
     accacggtga gggtggggct gtggggagca gcagaaggcg gtgcgcatgt gcgcaggagc     31320
     cgcagggaat gctgggttcc ctgcagctgg agccacaggc gcttttaagc agcctcttgg     31380
     caggggaacg gaattcatcc ttggtaccat taactgctga tctcctcact ggcccgagca     31440
     aaaagtcagg actgcccagg acagcgaccc atgagtgaaa actgcattaa acatactttc     31500
     accttaagca ggagggctag gagaggggtg ggcagaggaa agtaaagctg gaccccggag     31560
     tggggtcgtc cccaaaggga gagtagcact gatggagacc tacctacacg gtgtgcggaa     31620
     ggcctcagcc aagtacagtt ttgaatctca ggttgtgaac gacccacaac gtgaggactc     31680
     ccccacgttc tgactcagga gaggcgacac cccaaatcac acaagaaacg gtcttgctgc     31740
     aaagtgcaag aggactttta tttaagagcg ctcttgggcc catggtcata caccacgcag     31800
     gggtagagga ctgtggcacc ccgagtagct gggtaagggg gtatttaaag gaagaaacca     31860
     caactcaagg aagtggggag ggctttgttg gaaaatacaa aagataccag ttaagagtcc     31920
     caaggaagtg caaagtcaca agagtcacaa ggaatacctg gtaattgttc aggttatctc     31980
     tcaagacagt ttctaagagc ccctaacaat agcacatttg catagcgggt tctggcaatg     32040
     gtcagggtga ctttctttga atgaacactc tttgaactca ggaagtgggt gggtggagaa     32100
     atgtcgctat ctgttttatg attagcattc cttggagcat taagtcacag aggtcacatt     32160
     ctcaagcctg ggcctaaagg cccagaattt tgtttttgcg ttttactttt tcattcccca     32220
     cttctacttg ttagtagttc taatcttaga actagacact atctttttcc tgacatactt     32280
     gatcctttag ggcatggtac tgttgtctta aagctaaaag ccgcactgca ctaatttttg     32340
     ttttaataaa ggtgagttgt ctatttaata tacatggacc tataattaaa agcagaagta     32400
     aaatcaaaag gggtcttata aaggtagaaa gtagggtggt caagagtaca agataagggt     32460
     ctttctaccc aagtctcaag gttttctgcg tggagacgtc taatgtagaa cgaatctcta     32520
     acttggaaga gatgtggtgc ttctaggtct tctggagcag gccttctgga gctgcttctt     32580
     tgcttgctgt ctcacccact caagcgcctt gagcctagag aacaaaggct gggaaagcag     32640
     catgtcagca ctatgtgcag aggctatttt taaccagtgg agggggcccc ctgtagagta     32700
     atttataggg gggttagtct aaactgtcca ggggtgtttc taaccctgaa gagcacaaag     32760
     ggtaggtgag ctatctaatt attagcgcca gtctccactg tcaatttggt aagggtctct     32820
     taatggttct attcattttc tctacctgtc ctgagctttg gggcctgcat gcacaatgta     32880
     acttctaatc aatccccaat atcttggcca gtccctgatt tacctgggca acaaagacag     32940
     gtccgttatt ggacccaatt accttgggaa gatttctttt agaaatttta cctcgtcata     33000
     gcacaggcct tgcagctttt gactattttt tctgccaagt cagagagtcc tataacatag     33060
     tagtaggagg acctaaccac accttttaat ttcttggccc ccaggtgggt caaataatgt     33120
     ccataacttg atagtgctca ggggtgtatc taaagctggt ctccctgatg tcataataat     33180
     ctttaggctt cttgactgcc aggatcattg ctccttgggc tgactgtttg gcggttagat     33240
     ctgccatctg attttcttta gccacagcat cttaggtctt tctctgcaga tggcaatgaa     33300
     gccatgactt tcccttaaca cagatgacac agtcagtcat gtgactgccc tttaccaaga     33360
     tggctacaaa gccttgattt ttcccccaca acaatgatgg cgagcactct tgtctttgtg     33420
     ctttccttgt gtttttttta ctgtcctcct aggacataaa aggcttggta gcaggtggca     33480
     tagtcatgtt tggcttgcac ctcaaggtca catcctgtct ctactgtgtc taggtttgct     33540
     ccggtatatg gtgctgttgt tggcagatag ctatgggcag gggaagtgga tatgcccagc     33600
     aatttattct tttacactgt agtgctctgc agctgtcctc ccgggatgta gacatgctgc     33660
     cacacagggg ctaggacagg cacactgaag ccaatggcag tttccacact gtgcctgcca     33720
     ctcagtgctg ccaacactgc ataaggacag ggaggtctca tgagggtgtc aggggctggg     33780
     tggtgcctag atccacatgt gtgcagtcac tgaagctggg acagaggtgt tgctgtagat     33840
     gaagccagag ctcagttccc caaaacctgg atttagggaa gttcagactg aagcctgtat     33900
     gtctgcagtt tttaaaaaat ctggcatttt gaatggaggc aatgtccaag accaacctaa     33960
     tttagataaa tgttgctgcc acatcctttg ggtgtctggc tattgaggat ttagacattg     34020
     tatgtattat ttgagccttt ctgggacccg ggggtgggct gccttctgcc tgctagcctg     34080
     ggtagtactg tggttcatgg tggggtaggc tcaagtcaac ggtgtttgaa ctctttcctg     34140
     atgagaagaa aagaccaggc ctttgtttgg gtccttgagt ggccaaggct cttggcagag     34200
     tgcctgagaa gtgtgtcggg ccctggagga ggtagaggct gggaccgaag tggatttcct     34260
     aagtctgaaa gtcagggttg agatgttgta ggtccacagc cgaattgcag ttaatcttgg     34320
     gcttgcttag cttacacttc tttatgcttc tcataagtaa aggaagtcag gacagaaact     34380
     ccagcagggc aggaacttgg aaacaggagc tgatgcagag gccatggaga gtgggttgct     34440
     cctcagagcc tgctcagcct gctctcttat agagcccagg acaaccatca agggacagca     34500
     cctcccacag tgggtgagtc cctccccccc ccatcaatca ctaattaaga atatgcccta     34560
     aaggcttacc tacagcccaa tcttgtgggg cattttctaa attgaggttc cctcctctca     34620
     agtgacttta gctgtgtcag atcaacataa aactacccag gacagtttgt gatgttgaaa     34680
     cccccaaccc tgattgcatg actcaaggtg tgggaccaca accccatctg cacagctcaa     34740
     gatggtacga cagcttcttc actcagcttc agaagattgt aaagagatca accggaaata     34800
     accaaagaaa atgaaggctt ctataaacta attttaatgg gattccccat cccttattta     34860
     caataatggg tcatgtgaat ggctgttatg acttgttgcc tagaaaaaaa gcacacacaa     34920
     aatgaaaatg gcctggcttc ttcagctggg agaggatcct cgctcagcac tgccatctgc     34980
     tgtttgtcca ctgctctgca tggtcagggt gcagactgca gctcagccca caatccctgc     35040
     agctcacagt ctggcccctg ctgatgtgac tgtgaatccc tgtttagccg acatgaagaa     35100
     gtaatgatgt cagatatggc aaagttgatt tagagttttg ccaaaacaga tgagaaagga     35160
     gtaacactca gtaagtcttc ctgcctcacc caaagaactt tcaccatcta cagacaagaa     35220
     gaaacagaac ccatgtgcta tacacacagg gtatgtgggt gtcgcttagc tgttggttaa     35280
     agtatcacag ctgagaggag agcctgtttc tctccgcctg gagcttcacc tccagctggt     35340
     gattcctcct gagagtggag ctgacagtaa attgtgaaaa cagaacctga gtcctgggcg     35400
     actgtagaac cttagcctgc ctggatccag tctggatgga tagatggagg taggcaggca     35460
     ggcaggcagg caggcatgca ggcagcctac aaggaggaca gctccaccct catggctcct     35520
     tctcacctat ctttctctag ttgagcctac ggtgactgtg taccccacaa agacacagcc     35580
     cctggaacac cacaacctcc tggtctgctc tgtgagtgac ttctaccctg gcaacattga     35640
     agtcagatgg ttccggaatg gcaaggagga gaaaacagga attgtgtcca cgggcctggt     35700
     ccgaaatgga gactggacct tccagacact ggtgatgctg gagacggttc ctcagagtgg     35760
     agaggtttac acctgccagg tggagcatcc cagcctgacc gaccctgtca cggtcgagtg     35820
     gagtgagtgg taacttccag actctgtgaa tgcccgcccg ggtgggtgtg gtttatccct     35880
     gcctgtcagc tttctccacc cacacactct ttccactggc tttgtgctgt cctgcctttc     35940
     accatggctt acagggtagg tgcgtgaagc ttctacaagc acagttgccc cctgggaagc     36000
     agttatgccc ccatagactc atctgagcct gccagtgaca taacaggtcc tggaatcttc     36060
     ttgcagcctc tgccgctagc tgggttgtgt tcctcctgct gctgctgctg atggacaagg     36120
     agcagtgcag ggtcatggct gacctcaggg acatatagtc atagctctgc ctttgctacc     36180
     cctcagagct cagcagcttc ctgtcagctc ggctcagggt ggtcatgttt aaggctcttc     36240
     atggtgtgag ccttttcctg ttttgttggt ttctcaacat gaccaggaat gttgactgcc     36300
     agatcttcta gaacacgctt cttccttggg ctcaaagctc caagtctcag ggggtccgga     36360
     gtggaaatgg gatttgggct aaaaccctcc aaacctttgg cttcctttct cagaagcaca     36420
     atccacatct gcacagaaca agatgttgag tggagttggg ggcttcgtgc tgggcctgct     36480
     cttcctggga gcggggctgt tcatctactt caggaaccag aaaggtaagg agcctggtgg     36540
     gagccccaac tccatagcat ttcagggaaa agccatggct ttgttctcag gatgccattg     36600
     gccctgtgac ctcaggtttc attggattct gaatgcaata gtctgtgttt acttgatttg     36660
     accctgagaa gggataacac atgggagagt taagttgatt ctggcttgag acctgaggac     36720
     agaggaagac tggggggagc catggtcact gccggtgact gaagctccct aagcccctcc     36780
     ctctgtccat gctcctcttg gttctgtgtg ctctgggcag tattaccaga ggaatctcag     36840
     gtggcagctc agagtctggg gacatgtgtc tggggacaga tctgccttca tgcatgtaag     36900
     catctatttt attctctctt ttctaggaca gtctggactt cagccaacag gtaacaccca     36960
     ttgtcttctc tcagagacag atctgctttc cctacagtat gggggctggg gtgatggact     37020
     cagggcacaa aatggggaag actgagatcc cagggttggc caggcagtta gcactgagcc     37080
     ttgctccctg cacttactga agcctgtgct ctgaagcagc aatgattcgg ggcatgagaa     37140
     gttcctctct gctcactgcc atgctgtaag gagaggcctg aagcagtcag agaagccact     37200
     gcagagtgag gtctggaaac agccctgtcc cctgtgctct acaggactcc tgagctgaga     37260
     tgaagtaaca aggctgaagg aaggaattcc ccccgtgtct ccatgccatg aaaacatgtc     37320
     ctgcttggcc cacatccctc cagagacact gctcttccag gacctggctc ctcctgattc     37380
     tccaccctgg agatctgtgc tcctgatggc tgtttatccc tgacccaggc cttgcagctc     37440
     ccaggacaga ggccccactc ttcacatctc ctgtcccctt ttgtcccttg ccttttgtct     37500
     ggcacttctg agccagtctg ctgtcatatg cttttttaca tttttctcaa ataaacaaat     37560
     aatgaaagtc atctgcttca tagagtttca agcagaagaa acagtaaaaa gaaagacagg     37620
     acccactata agacactgtt catgcataat tgtagatgcc agcagctaca tgaactgggc     37680
     tcctgaaagg aaagctgggg ctgtatgggt gggggggggg tggcgagaga agaatgagac     37740
     caagacaaag tttctgatga aggtccaatg tttacatttt gaatctgaac ctaaagcggc     37800
     gggggaccca tcccctacta tgccaggttc tcctggcttg tcagaatctc ctcaggaaaa     37860
     caaactcagc ctctcagcag atgtggcagg acaatagatg ttccctacgt cagaagactc     37920
     caccctatgt gggctagcag gctgtggcat gaacaaggtc taaatcagcc tgctcaaggc     37980
     tgggagaagg cacacataat aagcatggga gttattgtat aagaaataaa ttcagtttta     38040
     attcattaat tgtcaattag agtattttta caagttggat taaatttgag aataccacct     38100
     ataatcatta cagacagagt cattgaagca cacaagaatc ccttctccct tcacttacac     38160
     catctgtgag aatctgttag atgagaaaga tgttgctgtg ggccttgtcg atatctatat     38220
     gagaacacag tcagggccat gctccaaatc ccacaggctc tgtcctttgc tctgtggagc     38280
     agcaggatgg gaagagaaag gtacctgctc aagaatctgg acaattctgc catggagttc     38340
     cacgtgatga gccagtctgc agacacctga ggctttgctc tggcctgcac acacaaggac     38400
     atacattaaa caaagaaaaa caaaagaaaa aaaaaggcat gaactgtaac aattcaggaa     38460
     caatgaaaca aactagctaa gcaaaatgat gagtcaaagg tggatatgct agtaggcaat     38520
     ttcctgaggg gaatacatgt cctatagaaa ttatatggga cgtaaccctt gagtagcagg     38580
     gagatggctc aggccatgga agctgatgca ggtagttttc ctactccact ttaagctctt     38640
     taagggtgga acacactact agtcctcacc cagattacct tgggtccatg gataaaaatc     38700
     aacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacgac tttatcttaa     38760
     aatgtctttg ctaactcact gactgggcat tcctaaacct cccctgccac tccaggccag     38820
     ttgccagtcc aaccaaaacc tcacgtgggt cattggcttt atctcctgtt actactgctt     38880
     cctctttttc cccagttctc cccattctcc ctgaatcctc ccacacaact ctaagtgtcc     38940
     tgcccctcac tcaaacattg gtcactggta tctttattga ttgatcaaga accaattggg     39000
     gaacaggacc ttagcatcag ccccaccttc tatatctcac ctttcctgtc taataataat     39060
     aatagtaata ataatctctc tcccagacat aaattgaaca aaactataac aattatgtaa     39120
     attacaatat atgatatata attttaattt ccagtccata atatttgtca attagaaaaa     39180
     agtactctac tatcatttgt aacttaaaga attatggttc tatccctgga ttgtttagat     39240
     tttagtctgt aaagccatct gaaaaccata tcttccactc tataacctct ctctcagtgt     39300
     taaaaaactt gagtgattat gagagtataa ctaatcttca atcctgttag cagtccaaga     39360
     aaaacgtata cattacctgg gtatgcagga agcactaaac acaacttttt tttttttttt     39420
     tgccttttgg tttttggttt ttcaagtcag ggtttctctg tgcagtcctc caactcagaa     39480
     atctgcctgc ctctgcctct caagtgctgg gattacaggc attcaccacc actgcccagc     39540
     caaacacaac ttctcaaact taaaaaaatt atagaaacag ctgactacct ggacagccca     39600
     ctgatttctt ataactttgg agcatctgtc attggctttc tggtccagga tcaatcatct     39660
     gacagacctt tgtaaagcag gattatgaag gattgtttac cccgtattgg cagagcaatc     39720
     agtcaactac tttgcatagt gtatcctttt ctggacagta ttttgtctgt agatgaaata     39780
     ggcaatttgg gtcctgtggc taccttgtca tgataagcaa cctcacctgg aggtaaagat     39840
     attcaatttt taaaaaagga gaatgggaaa agtgtccaga gcagacacat ctcactgtga     39900
     aatgattctt aataatgaaa taacattaaa tgccacgttc tatggatttt tgatgttttt     39960
     gaagactaag tgaaatatct tgaactgtta aaccttagct actcttaacc agttctattt     40020
     gagtaaattg aaggtacttt attataatta aatcagaatc taacataacc acaagtttgc     40080
     tatctggccc ttaacttctg ttgcttactc gtcttagttt gtaatagcag ctattagaag     40140
     aaatgggtct aacccttgta ttgttagatg agttgtatag gcactttgcc tatctaagag     40200
     taacactatt attctcaaat tttgtatcaa tataagaaat tcccaccaat gaaaacctaa     40260
     aatctgtatc aaaatatatt ctgtatcatt ggtacagaaa ttatgtattg atataggatt     40320
     aaggttttca ttgatataaa tctgtatatt gatacaaaat ttgaaattac tattgttaca     40380
     cttagatagg cattgtgtct atacaactca ctaaagtata tgaggcttag atccaatcct     40440
     tctgacagct gctttacaaa cagttaaagg tgattaagta acacaagtta atggccaaag     40500
     agcaaactca tggtttgtta gactctgatt taattataat aaactgtttt cagtttactc     40560
     aaataggagt ggctaggagc agctaaggtt taacagttga gagatacttt acttaaatag     40620
     ttttcaaaag caccaaacac ccacagactg tgacatttaa tgttatttca ttattaagga     40680
     tcttttgacc atgagatctg tgtactcctg acagcttccc cattcccctt taaaaaaaga     40740
     gttgaacatt tttgcctcca tgaaaggttg cttattgtgg caaggtagcc atggaacaaa     40800
     acttatcatc atcagataag ttatatcatc aacagagaat atactgtcca aaaggacaaa     40860
     cagaggtggg atagttgact acgaagctct gccaggacag ggtaagcttg tccttcatat     40920
     tgcccccatc accaaagacc tgccagatgg ttctgtgaca gaagggtgaa gacagttgct     40980
     ccaatgttat gggaaattag gggctctcca ggtagtcagc tgtctctata attgtttaag     41040
     ttttgaaagc tatgtttggt gttttctata tattaaggaa atgtttaagt tgttcttgga     41100
     tttctgattt ggttgaagac tagttatacc ctcataatca aacgcatgtt gtttagcatt     41160
     gacagagagg ctatattgta gacacatggt tgtcagattc tgttacaggt taaaatctaa     41220
     acaaaattca gggatagaat tgtaactctt caagatagga atgatagtag aatactttat     41280
     ctaattgaca aatatgatgg actggatgtt aactgtatat catatgttgt aatttccatg     41340
     attgtatagt tttgttcaat ttatgtgtct gagagaaggt tttttttttt ttttttttgg     41400
     tttttcgaga cagggtttct ctgtgtagcc ctggctgtcc tggaactcat tctgtagacc     41460
     aggctggcct cgaactcaga aatccgcctg cctctgcctc ccgagtgctg ggattaaagg     41520
     cgtgctccac cacgcccggc ctgagaggtt ttttgtttta attggtcaga aaaggtgaga     41580
     tgtaaggggt ggctctgatg ttttgattgg gaatctgcat gtgaacactg aaggtcctgt     41640
     tcctcacttg gttcttgatt gatcaataaa gatgctagtg accaatgagc tggatggaaa     41700
     aggcaggact ttcaggtttt ccacaggcag gcctgtagat agaaaggagg agagagagag     41760
     tatttgccat gtttcagagg aagaaagaac catcaaccct gtgagatcta ggctggagtg     41820
     gcccttggcc gcttccctaa ctgggtctgg ggcatcaggt cagatattag aaatataatt     41880
     aagctgaggg aatatttaag gggctaagct tggagtgaaa agaaaaatgc aatattggga     41940
     aagacttaga gggcctggtc actgagatga tgcatatcaa aaataaggtg atgtgtgtgt     42000
     gtgtgtgtct gtctctgatc cacaaatctg agggaaccta gggaggtctg gtagcatggt     42060
     ctacctggag ctcacagtag ggtagcaaaa actacacaac acagtgagcc atttatctac     42120
     tccgacaatg gcatttgaat cctgcattga caactgagaa ccaacatgtc attaaatata     42180
     acagcatcat ttggggacag tagtattgta ccctctttgt tctccaaaag ttttgggttg     42240
     ataggttcaa gttttgatgt ctccccaagt tatcagcttg ctcttcatct tgggacttct     42300
     tctcttgatg tgtcatctat ctttagatac ttcccttgcc tagttgtatc tgactggtga     42360
     gatctggagc caagaaactc ttgaatccag actatattgt ttcctgcttt gtgttcttct     42420
     gtgaggttag tcagcatctc ttgatctttc caccagaagg ggcgatgatg gaatttgacc     42480
     tactgtgaca atggcattaa attaagaaaa tgcattaaaa tcactgggga cccagctcag     42540
     cctttcccat tgaccctctc agtctctcct cctggctgat gcccattctt tctctcactc     42600
     ccaacctgaa gaacggtctt aaatttggga aattttcttc tatgattttg gtgaaaatgg     42660
     tttctgtgac cttgacctgg ttctcatctc tttcctttat ccctactatc catagatttg     42720
     atgtgttcct aatgtctgac atttccttga tgttttatgc ctaatttttt tttaagatct     42780
     gacattttgt agactgaagt acctatttct tctaccttgt cctcaatgct gagtctgagg     42840
     aagtggaaga agcataccac caggagattt ttggtgcatt tctctgtatg gagtctctac     42900
     aaatggagct caattgaggt agaccaatac atgcatgccc ttcgtgaaga atcctttatc     42960
     tcatgtcctt tcatgcatcc ttttacctgt gtctgatttg gctaaacatt cttttatgtg     43020
     ttggctttag caaaacatac tttcacgtgt gtctgcttca ggaaaatgct ccttcacata     43080
     attgccccag caaaacacca tccaacacag ctgattttac aaggaaccaa agtttcctct     43140
     tcaaatgctg cacatcttac ttgattacca tagtttaaac caggatatca aaaattacag     43200
     gaagaatgga aactcatgga gactggacca ttcactactg agtgaaaaat ggaacaagac     43260
     agaaaattat tattattatt attaccattg tacagaaatg aattcagtgt ctccaaccca     43320
     tggtaaacaa agcagacagg tggaagaagc aagttcgcag gagtaagttc agacaatagg     43380
     agagagatca tggtcacgac tgctctagga caacaagaaa aaataacaaa accagtagat     43440
     gccaagagaa acaaacaata caaagcaatt caaagaatca atgaaacaaa gagttggttc     43500
     tttaaggaaa tcaacaagat agcagagtta actaaaagag ggagagagaa gttccaaatt     43560
     aatacaatca gagatgaaaa aggagaaatt acatcagaca caggggaaat ccagataccc     43620
     atacggactt gcttaaaaga atctgtactc caccaaactg gaaaatctaa aaggaacaga     43680
     tagatttctt gatatctatg acctaccaaa gttaaagcaa ggtcaaataa gcaagttaaa     43740
     gtgacacata acacctagag aaatatattt cacccaacca ataaaacctg ggccagatgg     43800
     gatcagcttg aaattctaaa agaccttcag agaagaatta gcacaaataa tttccccagg     43860
     attttccctg tccaattaca ttagtgcaga ggaggtctgt gatgggacag ggaaaatgga     43920
     accagagcta agagttgcag agacagggag catctcaggg taggagaggg aagatggctg     43980
     cggatgtgaa ccagcatggc gtttgttgac agccacaagt agttgtgcta tcataaggtt     44040
     agattatttg ggtaaagctt ttatcattat caattggctc tgaaattaaa gtattgacat     44100
     cttgtaaatt gtgatactag tgatagatga atctgattgg ttaattaagc tttaagagtc     44160
     ttgattttac caggtgacta ggtattgtgg tatgcaacca caaggttggc cattccattt     44220
     agttactgga atgtgggata gctgaataca tgggtttaag gctgaggaac agccaacatt     44280
     gatctagatg gaaagaaact caacatattt ccactaaaat caggaacgag acatggttgt     44340
     ccacactctc catacctatt tgatgtagta cttagctaca gcagtaagac aactgaagga     44400
     catgaaaaga ttacaaacag gaagaaaaga agtcaagata tgaaattatt ttatacactg     44460
     gtggctctaa aaattcctct gtggaactag gacaactgat aaaaatttta agtaaagtag     44520
     aatgataaaa atttaacaga aagctgggca tggtggcgca cgcctttaat cccagcactt     44580
     gggaggcaga ggcaggagga tttctgagtt cgaggccagc ctggtctaca gagtgagttc     44640
     caggacagcc agggctacac agagaaaccc tgtctcgaaa aaaaaatttt aacagaaaaa     44700
     tcaataccta gatacaaatg acaggctgag caaagaaatc tgagaaagag gaccaacacc     44760
     tttcaaatag actcaagaat tatcttatgg tgcaagcaag ccagtgaaag gcttgtataa     44820
     gaaaaacttt cagacattga agaaagacac tgaagaagat atcagaagat ggaataattt     44880
     cccatgcctc ttggtcggtg tgattaatat agtaaagaca gttttcctag caaaagcaat     44940
     cttcagagtc agtgcaagcc ccttcattat ttcaacacaa ttcttcacgg aaattgagag     45000
     gagagcattc agctccatat ggaaacacaa aaatacccag gatagataaa ctatcctgaa     45060
     tagtaagaga actgctgggg tatcaccttc aagttgtact acagagctag agtaataaaa     45120
     agagcatggt gttccttgaa acagatacag tcatcattgg agttgaactg aggacccaga     45180
     gaagtccttg cacctataga caaatatgta agaaaaattt gacaaagaag tggaaaagac     45240
     acagtagaga aacgacagct gctgtaggag atggtgctgg tcaaactgga tgcctgcatg     45300
     cagaagaatg caagtagata cttatcaccc tgcagaaaga aaactcaact ccaaacacat     45360
     caaggaactc aggacatgac aagataccct gagcctgaca gaagagacag tggaacacag     45420
     ggttgaactc attgccacag gaaagagatt ctgaacaaga cactgaaagc ccaagcaata     45480
     agaccaagaa tcagtaaatg ggaccatgaa aatgaacatt tttcgggcaa gtgataatgc     45540
     tcatttactg ctcttgcgaa ggtcttgagt tcaaatccca gcaatcacat gatggatcac     45600
     aaccatctgt aatgagatct gacaccctct tctggtgtgt ctaaagacag ctatagtgta     45660
     cttacatata ataataaata gatctttaaa aaaagaaaat gaaaatattc tatactgcaa     45720
     aggacactac catatgggga aagtggcagc ctagagaatt ggaaaatatt tttacaaatt     45780
     atatgtatga tagagggtat ctaatatata tgaagagcta aaaaggtaaa gccaaaacat     45840
     caggaaaata agaaaacaaa atagatctca gcagagtgtt ttcaaaggtg aaatatatca     45900
     gagaaacagt ttaaaatgtt caacattcat ttttattttt attttatttt attcttattt     45960
     tcatttaata gggggttgta tatgtgtaat acttgttttc tgttctgatt tatttggtac     46020
     acagagatgg gaggagagag ggagagagag agagaaagag agagaaagag agagagagag     46080
     agagaaagag agagaaagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag     46140
     agagagagag agagagatat cataaagttg ggtgatgagg aatggcggga ggaactgagg     46200
     gaaaacataa tcaaagtgta ttctatgaag ttttcttttt aacaaaagtt ttaagagata     46260
     gcaccaggaa tagctctgag tacagatttg ggcacctaaa aactcactca atgaattgta     46320
     gtgacattta ttgcagggtg gcaaatccta cttcaagaac taccaagata gataaagagg     46380
     gaccatcaga acagtggatt aatcttggag ttcctattct gaactgtcac tcaaagcaca     46440
     ttcttgatct aggtcgtcac cgttacttaa cataatgtgt aatcatcatg cagcacacgg     46500
     ttcacatttc acaaatacta tgattgtatt ttatactgta attcacactt tatgttcagt     46560
     gattgtcttc gttctaacct tatatgcaca cattagcaaa gagttcttat gacctttctt     46620
     aggataaagc agaaggcaag taaatgttag aggatttccc tcagcagatg gggaagtcat     46680
     aggaggaacc ccaactggga ctggactctc acaggttcag ttagcctgag gcagactgat     46740
     ggtgtcaagg ctgccatcaa tcagagttgg tggctcagta cagcgtccat gcaactgctg     46800
     cagagccaca ctgatcaaag cttctaggct ctgagctgaa gcagtctgtc tgcttaacaa     46860
     aggaaactgg aaatttcaga aagaccttca ctctgcgcct ctgaccagca actgatgctg     46920
     ctggtgctct tggctgctga ttggttcttc agcactgaag gtgcccaacc cagcaccagt     46980
     gggtggagtc tctcaccctt gccagtcagc caggttggcc tgcctctcta gcaaccaacc     47040
     tctcctctcc tcaagcatgg tgtctctgtg gctccccaga ggcctctgtg tggcagctgt     47100
     gatcctgagt ctgatgatgc tgacccctcc ggtgatttta gtcagggacc cacgacgtaa     47160
     gtgcaccacc tctcatgttc tgagttgcta ggggttggga acaaaggggc tagcttcatt     47220
     ttgtctacaa ttggttttaa aaaaacttct cagtttttct ttgatcacct ctcttaatca     47280
     tacgaatctc atattatttc catataaaag tgtcttagat gttcttttga gacccatgaa     47340
     tggaattgac acatgggtca tattccttcc ctcctcatgt gtccggtcaa cactgacatc     47400
     acatttccta catgaaaacg acagggcact taaataagga cctgtatagc acctgtctga     47460
     aatgttaagt tggaaaattt ccctgaagat ttcatgagca attaagggga gttggggggc     47520
     cctgtcctaa agactgtgct gtgcccttac tgggatctgt ggcctgatct cgtctccctg     47580
     aatcccagag tttttgaaac ctccatcccc gtgctgggat gctgtcaggg gaagtagtca     47640
     gggttctctc tctgctgttg atggcaccct agagcggacc ctgggactta atatttgaat     47700
     ctgcctccta gacaaggaat acagataata tactcttggt acctgaaact taacagttct     47760
     tctgaaacag tgcactgtgt ctcaagcatc aactgcattt ctgcctgagg gtgaaggaga     47820
     ggatccacct ggtttcagat gtgaagttct attttcatat agaaaatatg tcagaatcaa     47880
     cagttacatg tggttcaaac tgagtaccca gagcctgggg gttggggcca gacagcgtga     47940
     aggctgctaa tgtctcctgg ggttagaaga cagtcaggaa ataaagtgtc tggtgttgtg     48000
     cgacttcccc aagctttgaa ggttccattg ctcaccttct cgtctcaatt atctgtgtgg     48060
     gcttgttggt cctcactaca tctctctgcc ctttccatgc actgtgtaaa ggtcatcctt     48120
     gtctaattca agtgctgata ttttgccctc atatcttgtt tcaatccaga catggccatg     48180
     taatggtcat accaagaacc tcctctctca tgtttgtgta aataattctt atcgtttctt     48240
     ttatgccttg tcaataaata ctgatcatgc aatggctggg cagaagagag aatagggtgg     48300
     gacatctgcc aatcagagga aggatttgga gccatgagga agagatttgg agaaagacca     48360
     tggaaacacc cctgaagcca aatgagccat atcaataata atatgcatga gacatggcat     48420
     gttggccaga ttagcataga aggtgaaggc agatcattta actgctcagc tattgaggtg     48480
     cagttgtaaa tgagtcttag tttctctgtg aagtttttgg tgattaccat aatgtaaaga     48540
     aatacaactg ctggactcat acactgccaa tatttatatt aacaatagtt aacttgcact     48600
     gatgttttta ttgtttaata acccttgcaa aggctcccag taatgcattg aacaagtgca     48660
     gggagtgcgg ctagcctgtg tcttacctga tgcaggaaga aaatgatttc agctccacac     48720
     actccaaaac tgactgtgga tttttattta ttgccttcat cattttgatg tatgttcctt     48780
     ctacacctaa tttttttgag tcttgcttat cacaaacaga atgaacttta tcaaaagcct     48840
     tcctagcatc agctgaaacg acaatgttgc tttaatcctt cattgtggta ggctgtgctt     48900
     tcatacttat ttacttacat acatccaacc gtccttgcat ctggaagatg actcatgctt     48960
     gggtgtggcc tatgaagatt tggtgggcct ttgatttgct accattttat tggaaatttt     49020
     gacatgtctg ttcatagagg ctatgatgct ggtttatctt tgactggatt tttgcctatt     49080
     tgtttcaggg aataatggcc tccctagaaa gggttgacaa agcactatcc acttcagttt     49140
     gtagaattct gtagctacaa ttggagtcaa ttcttcaaat gtttcacgaa atcgggcagc     49200
     accaagacct gaactctcct tattatcagt ctattttgtt tttctatttc tttgtggttc     49260
     agttactatg agctgcattt gttcagggat ttatccatct tttccaggct tgccagttgt     49320
     ttgacataga ctccctcaag gcagtgtctt acaccccact attatatgct taactgataa     49380
     tgcctttttt ttaacctcta gttttatttt tctttgcttt ctttttttat ctcttggtta     49440
     gcacagctaa tggtttttca atttttgtaa tcccttcaaa tacagttctt tgcttcacta     49500
     atcacttgtg ccatgtattt ccctttccct ttttaattca tgaagtgata tgtatcattt     49560
     attgtcacag atttcacatc taggttattg ttgcttttct aactccttga taacttttag     49620
     gtgtattgtt tattagttga tattatgtta ttttcaatta atgcatttat aagttaaaaa     49680
     agtttcattt acccataaaa agggaagatg agcaaaacaa aaatggtact actttcagaa     49740
     acagggcaaa actagctgca gtcatagttg ctagagtaag agagactcag gacacaggca     49800
     gctgtgcagg tgaagggcca ttctggaaaa tgaaaagcac caggaagagg caggagagaa     49860
     aaatggggcg tgaacacagc caaggttcat gctacacttg atagaaaatg tcagtatgaa     49920
     acccatcacc ttgcacaata aacacactct ggtgtacaac tctaaagaaa caacaaaaac     49980
     tccccaaact tccttgtctt tgcagctttt gctgacacca acacatgctt gtttctggaa     50040
     agttctttgt tttccttctt agattcttca attatagagc tgccatttag gggtgtgtcc     50100
     tataatgcat cccagccata ttgtttccac tttcctaatt gcttattttt tttaaagatt     50160
     tattcattta atccatgtat gtgagtacat tgtcgctgtc ttcagacaca ccagaagagc     50220
     acatcgatcc cattacagat gtctgtgagc cactaagtgg ttgctgggaa ttgaactcag     50280
     tacctcttga agagcagtca atgctcctaa cctctgagcc atctctccag cccatcctaa     50340
     tgtcttttta actgcaattt tactccattc tgctctgaga tgatgcatgc gctaacttaa     50400
     tgcaatatct cttgaacctc aattcatgga tcaccatgtg ctgtgtcctg gggaatggtc     50460
     acatcctgct aggacagctg tgtgctctgc tggcgttgga tgggatgttc tctgattagg     50520
     cgtggctttt ctgcctctgt cctgtaaagt gggaactcag aagttacttg atgattctct     50580
     ctgtacatct ggtcattgag gagaataagg gagaggctgc ccattcatta aggtgttaca     50640
     gtctttctat atatagattt attaatattt gacttgtatg atgcattgtt cccaagccag     50700
     gcacatgcat gtatgtccat ttaaagtcat taataatttt gttaaattta tcattgtacc     50760
     aatattcaaa gaccttattt gtctttttca cttgttacag ttcaaggtct tctttacttg     50820
     gtatgaatgt tgctattttg ccgctatttt tgtttccaat tttgtgatgt atcttcctcg     50880
     gccttccttc caagcctcta tatatgttca tgaaggtgat gagtttcttg taacaactat     50940
     atagtggagt attattttta tcctttcagc cagtttatat cagttgattg gtgactttaa     51000
     ttcatttgta ttcaaggtta tttttattat gttttccttt cttcctgcct gcctgccatt     51060
     ctccccaccc ctttccttct ttgcatacat tagtgcggtg catagtaact cagaccttct     51120
     gctggcatgg tgggttgact gtcagtcagc ctctgaaaaa aaaaaaagtc ccctatcagt     51180
     gactgggcac cagcctgtgt tctgggtaat ggatggacca aagcaaatcc catctctaga     51240
     tctgagcagt cattattagg ccaccaagct ccccaaactg tcatgtgaac aagacccttc     51300
     actctcctgc tgtgaaggct gcagtttgcc tgtgacagga tgtggtgggc ctttcctgtt     51360
     gaccttacag tgacccctac agttgagtgg tttgagaaag caatatctcc cacagcactt     51420
     gtattcactc agtccatgca gtctccttgt ctttgaaggc tatggaacct ttaggaggtg     51480
     gagcattgtg ggaggaggta cgtcgctggg agtgggcctt gcagctttat agctggatca     51540
     cttcttgtta tctctctgca tcctgactgc acaggccatg tgaagagcca ccttgagctc     51600
     ttccctctga ggcttcctct gcatgacaga ctgtatcctt tatcctgtca agtcagaagt     51660
     caaaatataa taaaaagaaa taaactaagg gctccattag gttgtttctt atgagatatt     51720
     tcgttacagt ggtgagaaac agctttgcac acctgagatt caagttgttc tttttctcta     51780
     atatgaaata ttaaattcat ggccttgatt atgcctgata agttctctgg tactggatca     51840
     ctccatccct aggttttctc ttctctcttc tcttctcttc tcttctcttc tcttctcttc     51900
     tcttctcttc tcttctcttc tcttctcttc tcttctcttc tcttctcttc tcttctcctc     51960
     tcctctcctc tcctctcctc tcctcacctc tcctctcctc ttctcttctc tgttttgaaa     52020
     cagtatgctg caaagttgtt caggttgaca acaaactcat tacatatatt gggaagacat     52080
     atatatggga agaattgcca tcttcctgtc tcagtatgct aagcagctga aactaaagag     52140
     acactccatc acactggttg tcatttaccc tgttcccctc ttcatgtcta cagaattacc     52200
     atggcaactc tgtttttcca ggaatagcca tcattgattg gctgatgttc agagttctcc     52260
     ctcagtcatt gtcctttaaa gagttccccc tttgtattcc cagatcctct ctgtactagg     52320
     atcatgcctg gtggtatgcc atcttggatg gtttctagcc cggaagtttc gcatgagggg     52380
     tatgggattg gtatacacca gaacatcact gccatattta cccatgctgc ttaactcttt     52440
     cttgaccttc cctgatgtgc aatgttagaa gtcatttgac tccactgtgc atttgttaca     52500
     agtgagagga tggtacctgc tgcagagcga tctttgagga tgagaagcaa caatacacat     52560
     aggattgtgt aaagacctgt gcctgtcaca agatacattt accactgtgc caagtgttac     52620
     cagcccacca gttcattggt cccctagatg ctgtttccac aataactagg ggaattccac     52680
     tttctacagt ttgcttctgc tttggaagtc aagtctttga agaggtgggg atccccatgt     52740
     gtcttggtta gggttttact gctgtgaaca gacaccatga ccaaggcaac ttttataaag     52800
     gacaacattt cattggggct ggcttactgg ctcagaaatt caatcattat catcaaggca     52860
     ggaacatggc agcatcaagg cagacatggt gtaggcagag atgaaagctc tacatcttca     52920
     tgactctcag gcagctagga taagggtctt aaagcccaca cccacccaca gtgacacgct     52980
     tactccaaca aggccacact tccttatagt gccactccct gcgccaagca tatacaaacc     53040
     atcacaccat gatgacacct acaacctaat ccctcatacc cttattttct ccttagtgcc     53100
     ctctgtattc ttgaaatcca tcatgtctta aagcttttca caaatggtct tatcgccaca     53160
     tttgcttctc ttccctttaa tcaccttctt tcttccagct gacatcaact tacacatctg     53220
     aagagccact gctcagcagt tgtcttagtt agggttgtac tgctgtgaag agacaccatg     53280
     accacgacaa ctcataaaag acaacattta attggggctg gcttacaggt tccgaagttc     53340
     agtccattat catcatggca agcattatgt cagcgtctat gcagtcatgg ccctggagga     53400
     gctgagagtt ctacctctca ttttgaaggc agctagaaga agactggctt ccaggcacac     53460
     aggacaaggt tcttaaaggc catgctcaca ctggcacact tcctctaagg tcacacctac     53520
     tccaacaaga acatgcctac ttcaagaagt ccatacctcc aatagtgcca gtccttgggc     53580
     caagcatatt caaaccaaca cagcagtgcc tctatgttgt gtcactaaag tctgcattgt     53640
     tattctcttt tcatagaatt acatctgttt gaatttttaa atctttgata atttcatgcc     53700
     tcacttccac taattttaag atccaagagt gaagagattg aattttctct ctttgaaaca     53760
     acatggcctg gcacgcatgg cacattctta ggtgtgattt atagaatagt agtcaagatg     53820
     gatgctgttt aaggtgagca agaagacctg tgggcatgag atgaaacaat gtggttgatg     53880
     gagcaggatc cctgtgttgc atgttctttg tgctggctag ttttaactct ccacttgaca     53940
     tgactccaat taaatcatgt gggaagagag acctaaacat gaattatctc tcaggctggc     54000
     ctgtaggcat gtctgtttgg aactatcttg attcttagtt gatgtaggaa gactcagccc     54060
     actgtgggta gcaccattcc ttaggcagca gttcgtgaaa agcatgagag gaggaggcta     54120
     catgagaaat ataaggatct atgtgtttgc tctccctctg tgtgtctctc tctgtctctc     54180
     tgtttctctc tgtctgtctc cgtctctgtc tgtctgtctg tctttctctg ctcttgactg     54240
     tagacacaaa gcatcaagat agtcgatact atcaaattat aatccaaata atcattcttc     54300
     cctaaattgt ttttggcagg attttctatc aaaaccatgg taacaaaact caagtgtttc     54360
     ccctgcttca ggtggtgagg atgggttcat ggtgtgggct agtgtgatta gagtgtgcag     54420
     caggtgagat ctctgcaggt gtcacagttc ctttcactga ctgccattct ggagcattgt     54480
     ctgtcctcac agacatcctg tcattgggtt catgtatcca cagcacgttt tctggagcag     54540
     ttgaaggctg agtgtcacta cttcaatggg aaggagcgtg tgtggagtgt gaccagattc     54600
     atctataacc aggaagagtt tgcccgcttt aacagtgact ttgggaagtt cctggcagtg     54660
     actgagctgg ggcggcccat agttgagtac ttgaacaccc agaaggacat gctggacaat     54720
     tatcgtgcct cagtagacag gtgcagaaat aactatgacc ttgtggatat cttcatgttg     54780
     aacttaaaag gtaagcatta gatagagagt agatgggttg aggtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     54840
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt aaaagagaca gtcagcagac agacagacag     54900
     acagagaaga gagaggagag ttctgtgtca cgtgtgtgga gatcataaga caggttacca     54960
     gtctcattct cgccatccat cctatggtcc tgagaaatga attcagaccg tcagtcttgg     55020
     aagcaagcac ctttatctac tgaaccatca cctagctctt accgtaatga ctttttaact     55080
     ttttcttgca ttgggacgcc tgagaaccaa ctctttctgt ttcctgcttc ccagggtaga     55140
     accattcctg agctgttctc tgatatatgt gctttgaagt tctgtattca tgatctctac     55200
     atactctact ttcaggcata ttttcaaact gaaaatattt cagttcaata aagaattact     55260
     attccatgtt ataaaataag tccttatact tttttttcag acccaacaga tcctgctgtc     55320
     aggattaact tgagggacag gtttagaatc cctgagatct tcagcctggg tggatggagg     55380
     caggtaggca gcctacaggg aggacagctt tatcctcagg gttctttctc acctcctttt     55440
     ctcctctagc tgagcccaag gtgactgtgt accctgcaaa gacacagcct ctggaacacc     55500
     ataacctcct ggtctgctct gtgattgact tctaccctgg cagcattgaa gtcagatggt     55560
     tccggaatgg cgaggaggag aagactggag ttgtgtccac tggactgatc caaaatagag     55620
     actggaccta ccagaccctg gtgatgctgg agatggttcc tcggggtgga gaggtttaca     55680
     cctgccaggt ggagcatccc agcctgacca gccctgtcac agtggagtgg agtgagtggg     55740
     aaacccttga ctctgcaaat gcccaaccac tgtgtagtag gagtgacttt ctctgcctgt     55800
     tccctttctc tgaccctgta aatccctgcc taccagggaa gcacatgggt gactccacaa     55860
     gaaaaatgaa tacaatttcc aagttactag cttttattcc tcacatagtt caacatctat     55920
     gcccggtaca cttgctgatt aagatggagg ccttgtggaa atgttcccaa acagaaagtc     55980
     actgaaaaag taaagatcta gatagattgg gtgaaggcac tgggtgcctt ctgcagggtt     56040
     tgtcaatgaa gacacatgtc cccagtacag tacatggcat gagctgggtt ctttgtcaag     56100
     attgggacaa aatgaaccta taaggtttat acatagcccc agaaagacac acttcctcat     56160
     ggacagcagc tattaagagc gaagtggagt tgccatcata ggcttttcag ccatcgtccc     56220
     aaggtctgtc gatggtcaaa ttctccaatt tcatttcttt atgatgtagc agactcaagt     56280
     aagatgcaag ttctccacag aacactattg accgcagagc tgcaaataac cttggaccaa     56340
     gttacttagg aactccaggc agctgtcccc gtttttatca tctcacatgt gcaagttagg     56400
     tgactcccac ccctgaacat gcttgatatg cacaggagac ctgcaggggt acccaagagt     56460
     catggtagct tctgccacag gacaatggac aggtgacact gtctctcttg ggacaagaca     56520
     gtagcagtaa catgataagg acaaagggct actctagctt tgggtcagca tgtatttggt     56580
     tcctcttggt ctagttccat tctgagtctg tgtaatggct gactccctca ttaggcaatg     56640
     gctcagaaaa tgcccagggg taccaccgtt ggcatcttgg tctgaactgc ttcttcactg     56700
     ctggatgtag agatggacac aattatcatg cataacatac tattggacaa cattgtggta     56760
     tgcaacacta cccagccacc agctgcagct gttcagttaa caggaataag ttctccagtt     56820
     tcattacaag agatggcaga gatggataaa gcaactctag atgtttacat tctcatccat     56880
     ggctgcagcc actgtcttcc acttttgctg tgactctgaa atatctttcc agaagtggca     56940
     agttctaact accccagtgc tctgatatca ggtgttgaat ttgtgataaa acccatatct     57000
     ggcttccatc cttaggggct cggtccacat ctgcacagaa caagttgttg agcggagtca     57060
     tgggcatggc gctaggtctg ttcatcctcg cagtggggct gttcttctat ttaaggaatc     57120
     tgagaggtaa gaagcctggc ggtggctgag actccatagc gtttcatgtg ggagagttat     57180
     tcatggctta ggtatggtta aattaccagg gaattggcag aatctgtgtg aagatgctca     57240
     acccccagat gatcccagac actaagcaac agtctatgac tgccagaggg aaacctgtag     57300
     ccataacttg cagtaacttg cagataagag attattaaac atcctgacag atcgggttga     57360
     gaaatgcaca ggaaagaaag agccactggg cactgccagg gtctggctag gcagttagca     57420
     ctgagccttg ctccctgcac ttactgaagg cctgtgctct gaagcagcat tgacttgggg     57480
     catgagaagt tcctccctgc tcagtgttga gctttcggga ggggaaggaa ggagttctcc     57540
     ccatgtctcc atgtcatgaa catgtcctgc ttggtttgtg ctcctccctt gacagtgctc     57600
     tcccagagcc tgcctcctcc tggttctgtg ctccctgatg gctgctcatc ctgtgcctgt     57660
     gcctgttcct ggcagcccct ggacagaaga ccctcccctg ccctcccctc tttcttcgta     57720
     tttcttgaca tttgtctggt gcattgaagc tgatccggtg acataatacc ccatcacaat     57780
     tttcctcaat taagcaattt tgaggacagc atacagaaaa cagaatggaa agattacatc     57840
     attgaaacat gaacttcctt tagttataag tatatgaaat aatacatatg cagaattcag     57900
     taattctgtt tgtgtgtgta tgtgtgtgtg tctgtgccta tgtctctgtg taaagcaaac     57960
     accatgctct gtgcaaaaaa tatatgcatt gtcctggctg gcctgtaaac caggatggcc     58020
     tgggactcac agagatccag gaggagtact cctctgtgtc tggagtactg gaatttaagc     58080
     atgccatgtc ctgctggctt aaattttctt tattaattaa attatttatt tactttacat     58140
     cctgattgca gcttcccctc ccttctttct tcctagtccc ccccttccat cgccccatcc     58200
     atcccttctc cccttctcct caaaagaagg caggcctccc atggatatca accagccttg     58260
     gcatatcaag ttgcagtaag aaaaggcgca tcttctgttg aggctagatg aggcagccca     58320
     gttgaaaagg gatccaaagt cagacaatgt agtcagagtc agcccctgct cacactttag     58380
     agatcccata tggagatctc tggttggcag ttcagtctct gtgagcccag tgggcccagg     58440
     ttagttgttt ctgtaggttt tcttgtgtcc ttgaccctct ggctccaaca atccttccca     58500
     cccctggaca acaggattgc caagctcaat gtgatgtttg attgtgggtc tctgcatctg     58560
     tctgcctcag ttactgagtg aagcctctct gaagacagtt gtgctacgct accatttgca     58620
     agcagagcag agcatcttta acattgtcag gagtgggctc cctctcatgg tttgggtctc     58680
     aagttggacc agtctttgat tggccttccc ctccattact gctccatctt tatgcctgca     58740
     catcttgtag gcaggacaaa ttgtgggttt agggttttgt ggctgggttg ctgtcctaat     58800
     ccctccactg gaagtcctac ctggttcgaa cttcatatcc tcctttgcta ggagtcttag     58860
     ctattgtcac tttcatagac tctggggggt ttcctactat cctagcattc tagctcctcc     58920
     cagagatgca cccccaatcc tgttgtctct ctctactact ctctttctcc acttccccca     58980
     catcacccct cctattctca ccccaaacag tccctccacc agcattgtca aatctatttt     59040
     cttttctctg tgagattcaa gcatccctat cccacccgtc tcccaagccc ttctttttag     59100
     cttatctggg tctgtgattt ttaacacggt tatcccatac tttacgacta atatcccctt     59160
     ataagtgtgc acaaactatg tttgtcttcc tgggtctgtg ttgactctct cgagataatt     59220
     ttttctagtt ccatccattt gcctgcaaat tcatgatgtc cttgtttgta acagctatat     59280
     aatagtccat agtataaata taccacattt tctatattca ttcttcaatt gagggacatc     59340
     taggtttgct ccaacattgg tacgttacaa ataaagctgc tatgaacatg gttgagcaag     59400
     tttttttttt gttgttgttg tttttgtttt tttgtgggat ggcagatcgt cttttgggta     59460
     tatgtcaggt gtggtacagc tggttcttga ggtagatcaa ttcccaactt tatgggaaac     59520
     tgctaaattg atttccatag tggctgcata ggtttgaact gccaccaaca atggaggagt     59580
     gttcctcttg ttccacaacc ttgccagcat gacctgtcac ttgtgtgttt gatcttagct     59640
     gctctgacag gaacaaaatg gaatctcaga gtcattttga cttgcatttc cctgatggct     59700
     cacaatgtaa acatttcttt aagtgcttct aatgcagttt aggttcctct gttgagaatt     59760
     ttcattgtag atctgtaccc tatttttatt gtattatttg gtttgttgat atgtagtttc     59820
     ttgggctctt ttggaaatca gtcctctgcc atatttggaa ttggagaaat ctttccattc     59880
     tgtaagccaa tgtttattga tggtgttctt tgctttacag aagtttttca gtctcatgat     59940
     gtctcaatta ttaattgttg atcttagagc ctgagctatt ggtgttctgt tcagaaaatt     60000
     gtctcctgga ccattgagtt catggctatt ccccactttc tcttttagca ggatcagtgt     60060
     ctcatggtgc tggtgaagga gctgaaagtt tcacatccag attgacaggc agtgggagtg     60120
     aatgccacat ggggcctggg ttgagcatct gagacctgga agccagccct cagtgacaca     60180
     ctttctccaa gactacacct gctccagaat gccatatctc ctaatagtgc cactcccact     60240
     gatcctatgg gaaccatttt ctttcaaact accacattgc ctctcattta aaaacttgca     60300
     catggcttgt tagagcagct aagtactaca gatgtcatga agacagctag aaactttttg     60360
     gatgagttta aagaggacct gtgacttggt tcaaatgatg ggtgtctgct cctctgtgaa     60420
     cctgcgctga gcaggatcct gagagtcagt ctcagtcatg tttgaagaat tagtttcaaa     60480
     agtaagaagc tagcagtcgc cagtcagctg tggtgcatgc ctttaatccc agcacttggg     60540
     aagcagaggg aggtggatct ctgagtttga ggctagcctg gtctactgag tgtgttccag     60600
     gacagccaga gccacacaga gaaaccctgt ctgaaaagaa ggagaaggag aaggaggagg     60660
     aggaggggga ggaggagggg gaggaggagg aggaggagaa gaagcagcta gcaatcagtc     60720
     ataaatctat ttaagcctag ttattgatga tccagggtga tttacacaca atcacataga     60780
     attcatttta tgttagggca aattcaagtc tctgttatgc atatggtaag attcattatg     60840
     catttacata aactagattt tctgatagga atttgatgag cttagagtga tgttagatgt     60900
     gtctgacacc aaattggtag cttcacctta gattcaataa tttccttatc taataaaact     60960
     tcatggttta catgtggagt tgaaatactg cttaatgatt ccctttatca gtaatagaga     61020
     taaggaatgg atacaaacca gcaagtataa acaaacaaac aaacaaacaa atatgttcac     61080
     tctggttttc caagcagttt gtatttacag agtgatctag agagaatatc gtgagtacgt     61140
     tccatcttcc tgtcgccaag tctactcttc cctgtgatta gctacattta tattttgcta     61200
     tgatagttta tacttttcta aacaaaaatc ttcctagtat gttgctagtg ctgtctgaat     61260
     gtgcacacac atatattttt tgatgaaaaa tattgtgtac ttgtatgtac agacataaaa     61320
     ttctcttcag cagcagcatg cagttgaaag ttgacatttt ttaatactat tgttgaaagt     61380
     aacatggtag tgactttggt ttcatttgtt tctgccagaa ttttatttag aatgattttg     61440
     taacctacat tattaaactt cgtattaata tctgtttttt tcttcctatg tatctgatta     61500
     tatgtagagg aagcgatgac aattttgtat tcttagacat tctaatcctt tttgtgtatt     61560
     tatttggcca tttgtttcat tgccccattg catattgttc tagataccat gtgggatagc     61620
     tttggatatc ctaaccccat gtctgatgtg agaagcaagg cagatgtctt ttccaagatc     61680
     aattaaattg ctttttacta cagatttcct gagaaaccag atctctcaaa aagaaacaaa     61740
     aaagaaccac aactttaaga cccagtgcaa agtccaccac catccctttt atgagtttat     61800
     gtgggtgaat aagtattgtt ttatatccat ctctcaatta gtacaaattg cattaactga     61860
     ttctcaaatg ttgcaccact ctggcctttc tacatagatt gatgtctctg gatttagtct     61920
     ctaatacttt ctcaatagct aagggcacac acagcagcag ccattgtctc tgctcctgac     61980
     tgtgtgtgag tgtattccaa gcattcattc tctccgtcct tgactctgca tgtctatagt     62040
     ccaagcatcc attctctttg tccttgactc tgcatgtcta tagtccaagc atccattctc     62100
     tttgctcctg aatgtgcatg gagtgccctt gtgtttctgc cttgatgtta cagcagatgt     62160
     ggctggaatc tggaattgtc aatcaatcaa ttccatcttc catcagttgc ttttgtcaga     62220
     gtgtttgtca tggtgacaga aaggaagcta aatggactaa acctggaagc agagcccctg     62280
     gggctggaag aagggactga ggaagacctt caccagcccg actccactga cctatttctg     62340
     aagccaagct aaccacttcc ttaatttcac aatcagccac tgtagaggat ctgaaacatg     62400
     agactctgcc atagaaccca ggctggccct cagtgtcccc tggccatttc ctaatgcaaa     62460
     ggatgttgtt accagtggtc attaccagtg tccacaatcg cccctgctct gtcattgtca     62520
     ttagttaccc aaggccaggc cctcactttt gagatttgtt ctgctaagga taagcataaa     62580
     agccattaca agagccaaat aataattctc attctttcct tttaataaat ctgtttggag     62640
     agttcataca taagtaagta tactgaattt gtatatttac atcatttcca ccattccctc     62700
     taccacccag cttctcccac gatcccccaa ccacctgctc acactttcag aattcatggc     62760
     atcttcacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacat atacacacac     62820
     acactgagtc tagtttttct tctttgcagc cagaaactca tcaactttct ttgagaattt     62880
     cacaaaacgg gaaatgggag ggggagaggg tcacattcac tctcatatcc cacctccaac     62940
     taccccctga cacacacact ccaacacaca tcaatccaga gccttctgta cagcaactcc     63000
     aactccactc tgtggtttac cagatggaca tgtttttaag caataatatc tgcagaagct     63060
     taaaacccta gtgaggctgg gtttctgatt aatcccagac tttgtaaagg gtactcagta     63120
     ttcagacatg ggggaagtac acatactcct cagggccctc ctctccacca agaactggct     63180
     caggcacaaa aaccacgtca caacccaagg tgtttattat ttgtaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     63240
     aaagaacaca gtttggagaa gatgactcca ttctcagaaa gttccacagc ggaggaagaa     63300
     ctttgtgata tttgtcacag aggaattatt ataaatggtg gaagatagaa tatagataca     63360
     ggtgggagat ggagaacccc agccagacat tagatcagag aacctgccgc cattcttgag     63420
     gcttaatgct ggaaactgaa gaagatgagg tctccgctga gatgaacaac tgaaaggggt     63480
     agcctcagac gctgtcacag caagtttctt cactgaactt taactgaagg cattgcctgt     63540
     ggtgggacac acaaaattat caaggaggtc acagtaagaa ctgagagccc ttcatctccc     63600
     tgcctggtcc ctcttggtca tgtgactctg aaaaagtcct taaatgttga tttgagttcc     63660
     caacatgagc cccaaacctt attttgcctg aagatcaaca tgcattgcct cttccagatc     63720
     cctttagaag catctttcag actaaaggat caatactagt gatggactca ggagattccc     63780
     agttcatgcc acagatccaa gagcttaact ccaaaggctt cagactctgg agctgtggct     63840
     gttgccttaa gacccagaag ctctgcatgc ctgagccttg agactaactt tcctatgcca     63900
     caaggacaca gtgttctcgt gtgagtcgac agtcttggga gctgaagaaa atttccaaga     63960
     ctcacaactg gtccaggaac accctaggaa gagatcacag atcctgaagg tttggaaagc     64020
     atctgaactc aaagctcaac ttttccaaca aaaggaatta agagacacca ctacccctac     64080
     ccttctctta aaggcaccac actcgtgctt tcctccctca gacattcaca catctgtcag     64140
     tctctgagca catttaacgc acctccaggt atctcacagg gctccttgtc ggcgttctac     64200
     aacattgcgt tttttaatac ccttcatgat gaggataatc cccacaacga tgcccaccag     64260
     acccacaaac aacccaagag cacacacgac attctcttta gtttctggga ggagggtttt     64320
     ctcttcaaac tctggggaaa ataaagcaga ggagatgtca gttgatgttg taggaaataa     64380
     catgggtagc caatataaga aagagagtgt gtcctgggac tggagggaca actcattcgt     64440
     taagaacact gactgctctt gcagagaacc taggtttcat ttccagtatc catatggcag     64500
     ctgacaactg cacacagctc caggtgcagg ggataggaca ccttgttctg acctctgagg     64560
     gcaccaggca cttacatggt gcatagtcat acacactggc aaaacaccca catgcataat     64620
     agtttttcaa aaatgaatga atgtgcctta caagataacc aaggtgtata tattgtagtc     64680
     aatgttacga aacactgtga actcttagtt tgtgatgctg gtaattgagc ttgaagcccc     64740
     acacctatac ggccattact ctaacagtga gctgtgctcc catccctgta ctgttaaatg     64800
     ctacgtgtcc agaatacagc attgaagcag tctgggagcc tgcaagtgaa gtcatgactg     64860
     caccctaccc cagtgcttcc gcagaggctc ctccaaaccc cagtgatcca cctcacagtc     64920
     atagaaatca tctgtggagg gcaggaaggt cagaaagtgg aatttgcgga agaggtgatc     64980
     gtccctcggg agaaacactg tctctgacac gccttcggtg acaggccgtc cattccggag     65040
     ccaggtgaca ttgacgactg gaggggagaa cttgtcaatg aaacagatga ggatgttggg     65100
     ctctcccagg ttcacagggc ttctggagag tacagtcacc tctggggcca ctgtgggaga     65160
     catggcataa attagctttc attccttcag cttctgctct gcccatgctg tcttgtggta     65220
     caatgctacc taggactctg aaacggctcc ctgaggagtc agtcatgtga ccctagtccc     65280
     agatctgaca ttttggagcc agtattgagg tatgaggtat ccaaccactc acgcgattcc     65340
     acccaagccc ccatcccagt ttctcactcc cactgtatag actcaagtca gtgctttcat     65400
     aaatgttaat tgatgaataa accaagacta caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagga     65460
     acaaacttct aaaatccctg ggcctgtggc ctgagaatta gatttgctgt gctgagcaaa     65520
     cttaggtctt agaagggcaa gcaagacctc cttacaccct tatagaattc gccaaagtat     65580
     ctatttacag ctgcgttccc acatctggga ggaggggata gggaggagag gcaggtaccg     65640
     ttggcatctg gagtgttgtt ggaacgctct ttcatgacat ccaggttagc tttgtccaca     65700
     gctatattag ccagtgcacc ctgagcctca aagctggcaa actttgcaaa ttcttcaagt     65760
     ctccagatgg tctctgactt ttcaatgtct acatggaaaa tctcatcgcc gtcaaagtca     65820
     aacataaact ctccacgttt gtctggtaaa agatagaact ccgcctggat gatggtgtgt     65880
     tcctctgaaa agaaaggaaa ggggattagg gagggagatg gaagaagaag atgatgaaga     65940
     acccacaggc atttgggtgg gcagggatgg acggtgactg ggacaatcgg gatggaagag     66000
     catagaatgg gagttaggga agaaacaggg tctgggtgat ggacattcat actgagcaaa     66060
     gcaggcaggt gagaaagaag ggagatgttt gtgttagaac atgaatggat gggactgcaa     66120
     gacacagcct tcaacatagc cttctttatt agcaccaagt caactgttgt ccatatgtgc     66180
     actccagcat gagccaccaa ccagtggcca ccccctgaaa cacatactct ccatcggcag     66240
     ccttcaactg taaacagtct ctcaagagct cctaccccat ccatgctaca tcgcttagct     66300
     ggcctgggaa ggtcttgtgc atatatctgc agccactgca agttcagtca tgtgttcaat     66360
     gtcatgtcat gtctggaaga cagtatctct catggcgtcg tccccctacc cccatcctct     66420
     ggctcacatg ttctttctgt tccctctcct acactgtccc tttggccttg gagtggcagg     66480
     ttgattcaga aaacatattt gagtgggtat ttaatgactt catgactttc gaaatttggc     66540
     tacagtgcat cagaaaaaag catcccttgt tccctgttgt gcagggatta aatagcttgg     66600
     gtcagcacac aggggcttct ttttatcctg gcactgtact ctccgagtag agaagtgtta     66660
     tttgaaagga tcctttggga acttgggaac tgattacaat tgtgacactc accctgttaa     66720
     ctgagcatat cactactgtc tacttaataa gggagtttcc tgtcatacct ctgctgagtc     66780
     ccattctatc aggataggtt tgagacaaga acttgcagta ccctcaccaa acctaacaaa     66840
     ctctgctgac aatttctggt tacaaattcc tttaaccagt agcccttaga gacatacgtg     66900
     gtgcccaagg cacccgagat tgacactgag gccttgaaat gctctggatc gcttatcctc     66960
     gtcccaagac tacgtctttg agaaggggca tagctgggtt gaccttgaaa ctagaccttt     67020
     atctaaccac tacttcgact aggactactt ttgtgggaca tggtctgtta tgattgacag     67080
     ggaggataac caacaacaag gacgatgaga tgagggcttc tgtgttgtct ttaggaataa     67140
     ggtgaccgat tttaatgttt agtcaaggga tttattttat gattgtcttt atgcacaaac     67200
     gtatcttcta tattccttct tcctctggct ctgctgcaca ggaagagcat ctgcctcgct     67260
     aagaccttct tgggcagtag aagcccagac ttgctcttgt gtgactggag ctggcttccc     67320
     tactcttctc atttcctttc tgtttgtctt ccttccttgg ttgtcgacag ggatgctcag     67380
     gatgcagaac cctttctcac atcagcacaa aatatttgct ctggagatga ttccaacctc     67440
     cacttaagtc tctctgctct ctggtaacta gaactcggta gtggtgacca cagttcttgt     67500
     agcatctgct gtgtcacagg aaggggctgg cacagctaca actgccccaa gaatcagtca     67560
     actaagtgca cttcatatca gtgtgcctgc cctacctctt gggtagattt ggagtgggat     67620
     gatgtcattt ctttctcgtg atcttaaata tggtgtccat gtttaaatac aacaggactg     67680
     gtgtgaacag gatactcaga cgagaacagc actgagagcc tctcatacat tagctcactt     67740
     gatctccaca aaatagtgtg aggtttccaa ttattaattt tcccaatgtt ccagaaagaa     67800
     aaaaaaaata aaacccagga atgaaactgg ttggtgccta ctgaaagcta ctttcccata     67860
     gccccaaatg tctgacctct ggagagacag cagctctcag cagcatgtgc ctttatttgt     67920
     ttgctcaact aagtctgagt cattttactt cagtagaaag atttttcccc ctgaactatt     67980
     tgtacctctg agtgtgaagg ctgggaagac tgctttcaag ggacattgaa ttatctaaag     68040
     agaaacggaa caagcaggtg atggagaatg ccggattctg gtaacagaat gtcattcagg     68100
     gatctcctta ttgctggatg catctccttt tgcagtgggc tagacaccaa catggtcagt     68160
     tcagcccaag gttccagggc cactggaaaa tattgttttc tgatggcatt ggaaaataaa     68220
     ctgagtccca aagctccaaa gaccagagag agttggggca cctctggaag atgggtagcg     68280
     atcactagaa accatgggct gtatggggtc ctcctatatt tgtcatggcc tagagaggat     68340
     ctctagccag attgtgacct gaaggtgaat ctgggcttgg atgtggaggc cactactaaa     68400
     gaatagcttg ggcacaccct tagcctaggt caacgggcag tggaagctct cctcctgtct     68460
     taataaggat taaaggcttg aaccaaaagt gtattttgag attctccata gatgttcctg     68520
     aaaattagga ggttttacat gtcttgtttc tggaaacact gtataataca ccgaaaaata     68580
     tttgcttaca gacagaaagg gctaaaagcc aaagagaagc cgccaagcag ctaggtttcc     68640
     cacctggggc tgaattagtg ccttggtgaa tcttcaacat agtaacacaa caaagagggc     68700
     cgtcatcctc ctgactgctg atggtccgat catgccaggg gctaagtaag gcatctgata     68760
     tcaaccccca gatcactaac aggatcatcc cggggtcaag aggctgatgc aacaattctg     68820
     tggtgcatgc tggcctcctt tttcagagcc aaatcaagcc aacacaattt ttgcacctat     68880
     cttttgctag cttcttaatg ccatgctctt ggcaagtgta tggtaagttt aaggtacctc     68940
     taaatacaca gtgctactta gcaacttatg atgctgccga gttcctgtct gctgattggt     69000
     tctgctcatg aaattattaa actagacttc agagaatgac tttcagttcc ccttctctgt     69060
     gatggggaga agtctctggc acactgttcg tggtttcctg ttctcccaaa gtatagcttc     69120
     ctgtgtgtct gaggggattt ctgaagccac ctgaataatg tatccttggt gacattaaac     69180
     cgtggtgagc tactgtcatg ggtcctccag aaaacagaat tgaatatgtt acaagaagta     69240
     tagcttaagg ctggcagagc actggtcagg gtcgactttt aatctaaagt ggtcagtggc     69300
     ctctgggaag tcccgctgat gtcatagttt catcaaagcc cacaggacac aagggaacat     69360
     catctgctga ggacgtcacc aatgcctgct tgccaatgtt caagcctgtg acagcttgct     69420
     caccacatga cacaggtcca ttttctctct gccacccaaa ccacacagct tgtatccaca     69480
     ctcaaaactg tgtgttcagg gtgggagaac tgagcctcag aggcaaatgg gagtattcta     69540
     aagattactg aattatacga acatgactat catctatatc catattcttt accggtcatc     69600
     tgacttcatt ctcccacagc tccgtgacca tgagtgcatc cacactggac ccagatcagt     69660
     tctggggctt cagtgcattt tacgtttgtt tgatccaagt tcttccattt tagcttccct     69720
     tctccctctc ccccgaatgc tgagctgctc agtatcatat ccccatctgt tcttttgctc     69780
     tagattgcca tgactgtgga ggtctttcat ttttctgtgt aaattttagg attgatttct     69840
     atagctctgt gaagaatgcc attgttgttc taacagagac gacactgagc cactaaattc     69900
     cctataatag aacaacattt tgacaatatt cgttcttcca aacagtgaat gtggaaagtg     69960
     ttttcctttc tgtctcttct tcagtttctt tttcttttca tttcatttaa ttatttgaat     70020
     attaggaatt aaatttaggg cctcatctca caccagggaa atgccccact attgaatgat     70080
     aagcccagtg taaaattgtg taattctgag acagggatct catctaggct ggcttaggac     70140
     tttctccgaa gcccttgtca actttgaact tgtgatttcc atctggctga ggcacaatta     70200
     cagggcacca gcaaacctgg tttcctcttc tttttaatcg gtacatttgt gtgtgtgtgt     70260
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgcgtat ttaagtttgc agagaattgt     70320
     ggctattgag ctcctttcac aatttcctcc ttaggaaatc tgttgatggt gtgtgggaaa     70380
     gctattggtt tcagctgttg gttggttttg cgtcctacct cgttactgaa ttacttggtt     70440
     aattcagtaa ctcctccact gaagccgttg gacggctgga atattcacac ctgagttatc     70500
     tatctactgg taacatttca gctaactctg agagaagagt tgaccacttt ttgaggtgtg     70560
     ctttaataga gccgggaaag gaaacatgac agcagcttta aggttaacaa agagcctctc     70620
     cctgttgctc tatcctctgg ggtccttagg agagttgaca tagttggtga cagcagctaa     70680
     tttttttttc ttcttccccc atacccaggc gctgaattga gtatgctata taaaaaaaag     70740
     ttaatttgat tgaatgatgg attgagcaat attagtgagg ctttggagag cagctcttca     70800
     gaccttatcc aaattgtgcc accttgaaac actagcatct tgtcttgtca attccgccat     70860
     ctactggtca ttcgtggaac ttcaccattg ggttgcattt cgcagagatg gagccacaag     70920
     gggaagggac ccaataggtg ggacccaata ggtgggtttc aaggatacaa aggctgggac     70980
     tagtagtgcc cagtaagctt tatttttatt tttttctcaa cactaggatg ctcctcttat     71040
     tcccagagtg acatgaacct aaacatctga aatgttgaag gtcgcacctc cctgctttct     71100
     tcctctggga gagcatcttc ttcacacagg gccgcagcaa tcagctttga aagaggggat     71160
     tgactgattc ccgttagaca atattcaacc tgaagctcct ggtttaggct ggaagtttca     71220
     gcatcagtgg aagaggacaa atagcctgac tgaccctgac tggacaagtc aagcgcccag     71280
     agctcctgaa ggctcttatc tcacaggatg gtgtgtctga aaattacaag cagctgagca     71340
     tgagttcatg tttttaggaa cagaaattaa gcattggttt ggagtctagt tctctgtgat     71400
     cctggagagt gtaaagaatt ggcacaaacc ctgtgttcct cttgattccc cacatgtagc     71460
     tccttgtttg tatctgcggc aaaatcaatt ttatcacttt cagaaaacaa taactggtga     71520
     gtgattcaga cttgtaaatt ctcataaaat caatttgaaa gtaaattaag attttaagtg     71580
     aaaaattaaa cattcagagg atctggtttg tcagaatctt tttggatttt aggaccgtga     71640
     tggaacagac cgtagtcccc gagcagagca ccatgaaaac cctcaaagtg gcagcaggca     71700
     ggcctctcct tccctgcccc agcctaggac cacggcggta aaatgatgca caggagccat     71760
     cggctcctat taaattggtg gctccacaac atctcctcag cctgcagccc tcatgggagc     71820
     tgtccatggc ggtgcatctc ctttcctgcc tcagtagggg ctgatcctca ggagctgtcc     71880
     acagtggtgg cacctttcct gcctcagcct acagcctcag tgaaacacgg aaggagctga     71940
     tccgcaggat ctgtccacag tggcagctcc cttccagtcc cataccctcc ccaacagacc     72000
     cacaaagatg gcgcctcagc aaacgccagc tgcagccggg aagaattttt caccttaacc     72060
     catgaatctg atgcagggga aagggagtgg ggtgaaaact cccccccccc ccccaagctc     72120
     aggacttgaa atcccaccaa tcttctctct ggagatttct gtcctgaaaa gcaccgcccc     72180
     ctcagaaacc ctatataagc actgcccttt tgcccagttc tctgaccagt tcactcccag     72240
     agcagcgggc agtcatccct ggattcagcc ctccataccc tggatcctcc aataaatctc     72300
     attcatgaga ttgtttacct ggtgtgactc ccatcggaaa aagccaagaa gaaaagaagc     72360
     aatgaagaga aaagcgaaga gaatttgatg gcctgaggct cctgagctcc tgagctcagc     72420
     tggggagacc ctcccctggg agctgcaatg cctctgctga ggaggcttcc tctcagagct     72480
     gtgtggttcc tgtggtctcc tgtctcagga tgcccttcca ctgggacacc ttcttccctc     72540
     agagctgtgt ggaccctggg ctcctgaagt ccaggatacc ccccatcccc atccaagcag     72600
     aagcacttac actgaccatg caaagagttc tgtgggtgac agactgatgg ccagggctaa     72660
     gaactgccca gtctgaaact taaacatctg gaagtgtcga gtatcactga cctcacactc     72720
     gcacaacaca ctgctgcttc ctctccaccg tttcctattt tcccttcctc tctctctctc     72780
     tcctccctct ctatatccct tctcttccct tcctcttccc ctctccctgc cccaactact     72840
     gatttcttta gacttttagc tctccttaac tttaagggac ttcaagtggt aaatctctgc     72900
     tgaaaggtct ttctatgaaa gccagattgg ccaagaattc ctgggctgtc acaggtgctc     72960
     tgctcctgtg atgtcatgac ttctctgttc atgtgatgtc atggctgctc tgctcttgtg     73020
     agtgcctgtt catctcaccc taccttttca ctcttgtgca gctcatggcc catgaatgag     73080
     gactctcaaa ttcagaacgt agtgttccca cctctgctaa cctgactaag atattccccc     73140
     acagatcaac cccacctatg caatccttcc tggggaattg aagtggaaac ttaaggatta     73200
     tttggaaagt gttggatggt gttttgctag agcaaacatg tgaaggaaca tttcgctgaa     73260
     ttgacataag tgaaaggatg ttctgttaaa gcaagcatgt gaaaggatac gtgatgaagg     73320
     agtcttcgct aatgacatat tggtctgcct tacattgcgt agttgagctg catttgtcag     73380
     gactccatag agagaaatgc accaaaaaac ttctggtgac gtgctgcagt ttcttgtcac     73440
     ttcttcggac ttggactgat tggcagagtg atgccagctg agacagatgc ccgtgctgag     73500
     gtcaagaccc atggaagaaa cgtggtttgg agggtataaa tagaacttgg cagacagtgg     73560
     taaaggcaga gcttggcttg cttatagagt tagctacgta atgcttttgg ggtctctcat     73620
     cttcactttg ctgagagaga tgaagccaag gacttttcct ggcatccctc tgggtccctc     73680
     ctgctgactt gtgctgaagt tgaggcccgc tgtctctgct aggcagtgca actggtgctg     73740
     attcatgttt gctatccaga ctctaccaaa ctgactactg gtgtatccaa gaagtgtttg     73800
     taagtggatc gagctgccac tgctaacctg tgcctgacaa cacagatggg atttgctcca     73860
     aagaaccatt tctaaacagg tccacttccc ccatattctt tattttccac tgccccctgg     73920
     tgggtaatag gctagaaggg aggggttaaa gcatttaaga accatcatta aaaatagact     73980
     ttgaaaaaaa atagttacag ggagtccctt ctcaggagac tctacattga gtcaaggtga     74040
     caactaaaac taaccattag aaagcccgga gatgctggtc cacaccttta atcccagcac     74100
     tcagaaggca gtagcaagtg gatctctgag ttcaagacca gcctggtcta cagagtgagt     74160
     tccatgacag ccagggatac acagtgaaac cctgtctcaa acaaaacaaa aaacaaaaca     74220
     acaaaaaaaa aacaaaataa aataagcaaa aaaaaaagaa aaaaaaagaa agaaagaaag     74280
     aaagaaaaga aagaaagaaa agaaagaaag aaaagaaaga aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag     74340
     aaagaaagaa agaaaagaaa gaaaagaaaa ggaaaagaaa ataaccatca cagacaggga     74400
     acaatccttc tattctgagg gagaaatagc ccttgtatcc ttcttaatat ctagtcctcc     74460
     catcccgcac ttgggacctt gtctagactc actgccttca tcaagaccag tagcttcaag     74520
     ctagatggag caggattccc taatcctgag agggaagaat cagggaaaag caccttgcat     74580
     gctgtgctgt tacactgtta ccttgcatgc tgtgctgtta cactgttacc ttgcatgcta     74640
     tgctgttaca ctgttacctt gcatgctgtg ttgtttgtta cactgttacc ttgcatgctg     74700
     tgctgtttgt tacactgtta ccttgcatgc tgtgctgttt gttacactgt taccttgcat     74760
     gctttgctgt ttgttacagt taccttgcat gctgtgctgt tacactgttg ccttgcatgc     74820
     tgtgctgtta cactgttgcc ttgcatgctg tgctgttaca ctgttacctt gcatgctgtg     74880
     ctgttacact gttaccttgc atgctgtgct gttacactgt tgccttgcat gctgtgctgt     74940
     tacactgttg ccttgcatgc tgtgctgtta cactgttacc ttgcatgctg tgctgttaca     75000
     ctgttacctt gcatgctgtg ctgttacacc gttaccttgc atgctgtgct gttacattgt     75060
     tgccttgcat gctgtgctgt tacactgttg ccttgcatgc tgtgctgtta cactgttgcc     75120
     ttgcatgctg tgctgttaca ccgttacctt gcatgctgtg ctgttacacc gttaccttgc     75180
     atgctgtgct gttacactgt taccttgcat gctgtgctgt tacactgttg ccttgcatgc     75240
     tgtgctgtta cactgttacc ttgcatgctg tgctgttaca ccgttacctt gcatgctgtg     75300
     ctgttacatt gttgccttgc atgctgtgct gttacactgt tgccttgcat gctgtgctgt     75360
     tacactgttg ccttgcatgc tgtgctgtta cgctcttaca atgaagaaca aacattcttc     75420
     taaataagtt taaaactgct cttcccagct cttgaaagtg gatctggaga cccctcaata     75480
     gtgtgaaaga gaatttaggg gatccccaag aaggactgaa gaaagaagag cacataacag     75540
     gggtgtccaa ggccctccat tactagccat gctcattgta cccacacgct atatcagaaa     75600
     gcttattaca tttcttgggt gaagcctttg ttttccagta aaagagaaag aacaaagaaa     75660
     aaacacacag gcaccttggc ctgatgttct ggtcttggac agggaacatc ccctcctaga     75720
     cttggttttc tactcagtag ggtgaaggtt gagtatctga tagacagtca tgctctgcac     75780
     tctgagggtc cacagactcc gtgttgtgag agagcttggc cctagatggg gaatcataga     75840
     agttcagcaa gctgaaggac aggacaaagt agccatgatt taggccactg ccagatgtca     75900
     ggtcacctac ctgctggaca gggcatggag cagggtccag cctgcgtgct ggtgttctga     75960
     agagataagg gtcaacatta tcactgtgtc tagaaggcta gatgaatcag aacagagccc     76020
     aaagtccacc tgccttcctt ctgagtttca cttttgagca gaaggtaaat gtgctgctct     76080
     gactggagcc tcattttaga ctgaccctcg gggactcaac tctgcctaca gattgacacc     76140
     attcaaatct tccttcacgc aaactggtga cgcttccact ttccttgcct gctccatcac     76200
     cagtcactat gctctcctgt ccttagacac ctgctatgtg aatgaaggac acacttgtga     76260
     ctgggtgaga ccaacagcct ccatttcacc ctaaaggaaa gagcaacagg tgagtggctt     76320
     ggagagtctc tcatgaagga tggacatggg agtgggggtg gggtggggag gagtcaacta     76380
     agatgaggaa gtaggtagag tcagcatcct gtcaggaaat ggctcttact tcctgttgat     76440
     ctccactgca cattttttag agagtagtgt tttgagacag actcccactc tatagccaat     76500
     gccggcttcc aacaaatggc aatcctcctg cctcagcctt ctgggtgctg agattatagt     76560
     gagctaccac aacaagctga gtttttcctc tttttaacat cattgtctct ttagctcagg     76620
     actgattttt ctttccaatc aaaaaacttc cttcagctca ggttggcctc aaaccagaca     76680
     ttgtcttgcc tcatcctctt cagtatctgc ctcctggtgt atggaatttc aatctcagga     76740
     ttcacgagag gtagaggaag gacttcaagg tcatccttgg ctgtgttgca agttagaagc     76800
     caactggact aagtgagacc tgagggggag cctaagggat aacgtacagt gtaactccat     76860
     cgtgagagtt caaatgtgag tgagtgagtc agctgtgatc aacaactgaa aagaacgggg     76920
     ccaggccatg atctgatgat gacaggtttg gtgctagttg tctattaaga tagcatagcc     76980
     atcagaagtc ctagtttgct tgctattgct gtgataaata tcaagaccaa aagcaaccta     77040
     ggaaagaaag ggttaatttc atcttacagc tggcagacca ctatgaaggg aaatcaaggc     77100
     aggaacccaa gcagtaacct ggaggcagac actgaggcag agaccatgga gcaacactgc     77160
     ttgccctctg tgacttgctc agcttgtttt tttacatcat gcaagcccac ctgcccaggg     77220
     gtggcactgc ccgcagtggg ctgggtcctt tcccatcaat cgttaattaa gaaaaattcc     77280
     cccacagatt tgctcatagg ccaatctgat ggaggcagtt cctcagttag gatccctttt     77340
     ctcagatgac tctagcttct gtcgagttaa caaaacaaaa caaacaaaaa ccaatgcaga     77400
     aactgcaagg catggtgggt aatcacagct gtactttctt ctatgtttgc tccagggagg     77460
     atggtggatt gcccacggta tagtctatct ggcgtggctg cctccttcct cttcgtcctg     77520
     ctgactataa agcacccagg tagggtccct tcctacccac cccatcccca cttgctgtca     77580
     tgcccctcag ttctaaaatg cacagtctca aacccaacct gacagtgcag tacaaagggg     77640
     tgcgggctca cactggcctt tccacccctc ccccacctcc ccatcccctg gctttggaaa     77700
     gcttcttgac ttagttgctc atctcttggg tgcgagtgac aactttaggc ggcactggaa     77760
     gtcacctgga aagcgcaact ggaatccata gctggagcat gctcagtttt cacacaatac     77820
     tcaactctgc ggggaagacc acacacgtaa atcccaccag ccaaagacac aagatctcta     77880
     agtatcggag agaattttga gcagtatctt aaatctgagt taagagtacc cttatgacta     77940
     cttttatttt attagctttt aatgttgcgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgagtgt gtgtgtgtgt     78000
     gtgtgtgtgt aggacagtgt atgggggggg ggtgcaccct gcagcttgca tatgagggtc     78060
     agaagacaat ttgccttagc tggttcttct ccccaccatg taaatcctgg gacttgaacc     78120
     ctggtcttca ggcttgattg caagtgcttt tccctgctaa gcttccactc gctcctcctc     78180
     cctacacagg gttttgggtc tacccaggct ggcctctaac tcacctggta gccaagatga     78240
     ccttgacctc ctgatctttc ctgcctccac ctccccaggg ccgggactac agaagaagaa     78300
     tgggtaccca cgacatgaaa ttctcaaaca tcacagcaca cagaattgtc aaacacatct     78360
     ttgatttttc agatatcaaa gaacatgact taagatttga tcagaagact caaactttct     78420
     aggcaagcct tgcctctaac ccaccatgag acacttttgt gaaacctaca tttgctattt     78480
     actggactct tgccttctct gggaggaaag gaaaaaacca atcagcaccg tccctgggat     78540
     gagtgaccca ggaaggtaga aggacccagt ggcttcgcta tttacctaaa ctcaaaatga     78600
     ctccaaaatc aagataaagt ccccatggaa acatcaactc acatattaat ttatctggga     78660
     atgaacccca gagatgtggt tgcttttggt atcttaaaga tggatggttt aagcctgcaa     78720
     aactcagggc tggagaggtg gctcagttaa gagtacagaa aactcttcca gagagccaag     78780
     ttcagttccc agcatctact gccgatggct cacaaccact tgtaagccag ctccagggaa     78840
     catgatctcc ttttctggtc tgcacacaca tgtgtgtacc cacacaaatg tgcatagtta     78900
     aaaataaaac actttaaaga aaaaaacaaa tccagatccc aaaagctcat taactgtgga     78960
     attgcctccc aagtggtgac atatattcac gctcaaaatt ttaaatttta gaacacatac     79020
     catttatttt taaccagaaa atgtgcaccc ttccatgttt taattctctg aaacattgac     79080
     attaaatact ttcctgcttt ctgttaacaa gttccagcac cttggctact tgaagcgagc     79140
     atcctggttc tctggcttgc ctctctgttt cctctttcac tgttttgtag atgacttcag     79200
     agtggtcggt cctaacctcc caatcttggc taaagtcggg gaagatgccc tgctaacgtg     79260
     tcagctcctc cccaagagga ccacggcaca catggaggtg aggtggtacc gctccgaccc     79320
     tgacatgcca gtgattatgt accgggatgg agctgaggtg actgggctac cgatggaggg     79380
     gtacggaggc cgggcagagt ggatggagga cagcactgaa gagggcagtg tggctctgaa     79440
     gattcgccag gtccagccaa gtgacgatgg ccagtactgg tgccgcttcc aggaggggga     79500
     ctactggaga gagacaagcg tgctactcca agtggctggt gaatatctgc ccaggggccc     79560
     aggggcacag aggaacaggg gcacaggggc acaaggggca caggggcaca ggggcacagg     79620
     ggcacaaggg gggatggatc cacttacctt tgggaactgt atcacctctt gaaaaatcct     79680
     ttttcaacca ccgaaggagg acatttcttt tttttttttt cttactcatt tttaaaataa     79740
     gaattgtttg cttttatgtg tgtatgggga tattctgcct gactgtgtgt ctgtgcgcca     79800
     tgtatgtgct cagcgtccat ggaggccaga agagggtcag atcccctgga actggagtta     79860
     cagatagttg tgaactatca cgtgggtgct gggaacaaaa cccaggtcct ccagaagagc     79920
     gaacagtact cttaaccact gagccacctc cccagtcctc ctcctcctcc tcctccacca     79980
     ccacctcctc ctcctcctct ttcttttttc ttcgagacag ggtttctctg tatagccctg     80040
     gatgtcctgg aactcacttt gtacaccagg ctggccttga acacagaaat ctgcctgcct     80100
     ctgcctcccg agtgctggga ttaaaggcgt gagccaccac gcccggctta ttaagtcctt     80160
     gagaatttca tacaatgtat tttaatcata tccttcctct ccccccaacc cctcccaaac     80220
     tccaccccct tctctaccct tacaatcatg gctcccccac cccaccccat ctcttccttc     80280
     tatccagtgc taattgtacc atccacacat tcaagtgtgt gaccatctgc tgagcttgct     80340
     caacctacca tgggctacac accttaagga aaattgactc cttgctccca gcccatcccc     80400
     agctcctggc atctatcagt catcaatatc ttctcagctg ggcatgggat tcatgcccat     80460
     ctccccatct atgctgagaa tttgtcagct tgaggtcttg tgcacgctat cacaaccact     80520
     ctacatgcag gaggggaggt caggcaaacc cagttgcttc accagggaat gattctctgg     80580
     ggacactggc cactctggcc aatgcagttt ttaccaccac cttttgaaaa atccattagc     80640
     atgcattcct tgtgcaaagt gatggatctt gtgatgcttt tgttaagttt atcatggtcc     80700
     tttaccatat ttacccatgc cttctcctgt cacctcccat catccccttc tgcttaatac     80760
     catggtctcc agatccatcc attttctgtg aataacttct tttaattctt tttgagtgaa     80820
     taaagtgggt tctagaaaga tggctcagca attaagaccc catgtactct tccagaggag     80880
     ccagttttga ttcccggcac ccacacagta gctcacacta tttgtaactc caattccagg     80940
     ggattcaatg tcatctttgg actccacagg cacaagacac acatgatgca gatgcacatg     81000
     caaaacaccc acacacataa aataaaattt agcacaccat ggtcacttgg ctatccagtc     81060
     atctgtgaat gcatatcggg gctgacccta caacatgggc actgggaagg gttctttttt     81120
     catgaatgaa tgtgagctta aattcccttg ggtgtttttc cagaagtgga gcaatgggtg     81180
     ttatatatca gctctgattt tagggggctt tttgtttgtt tgtttggttg gttggttggg     81240
     ttttgtttga ttttttaggg ggggggttcc tttttgagaa acatccacac agatgtttta     81300
     attgttccca ttagtacgtt caattggctc aaaagaatgg acgtgagaat ctgtgtattg     81360
     ctaagctgca ggtagagctg gacactgatt catgacactc agagacattg aaatttaagt     81420
     caaatgttat ctgtgggtgc aagtgaaagg cttattcatc tgttttctca gccagtgata     81480
     taaacagctg tgatgttttt aaaaaggcac tctatggttt acacaaatta gtctaaaata     81540
     gatttcccca ctgcaagaaa ggtacagtaa tttctcaacc attttactgc ataccaaaat     81600
     tgcaacggcc cacgaatcta acaaaccacg gaagaaatga aaatagccca taaatgtgat     81660
     gtctgagtta ataataaatg tctcatttaa actagagttc tgatatcatc caaaaacagc     81720
     ggacaaggag cctactacag agaacatgag aagcaaagtt gagggcagag atgtcatcat     81780
     gattaaatta ggacatagac attcctcctg aataaattag ggcacagacg acctcatgaa     81840
     taaatcacac cacatcttca aagtaccaga gtcacaaagc aaactgtgtc atgtttccct     81900
     cctctccctt tcatctactg agtctgaaga tgctaatgtt taaagataca aataaaacaa     81960
     ccagaactcc atttgactgg gaaggaactc tggtaacatt gtctgcttcc caggctgtgg     82020
     gctcccacct cctccctatg aaggactacc ccaggtctcg gttcgatctg tggactctgg     82080
     gattcaaaga tgtgcgcttt ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct     82140
     ctctctctct ctctctccag ctctaggatc ttccccaaat atccatgtgg agggactcgg     82200
     agaaggagag gtccagcttg tatgcacgtc ccgaggctgg ttccctgagc ctgaggtgca     82260
     ctgggaaggc atctggggag aaaagttgat gagtttctct gagaatcatg tgccaggtga     82320
     agatgggcta ttctatgtgg aagacacact gatggtcagg aatgacagtg tagagaccat     82380
     ttcctgcttc atctacagcc atggcctcag agagacccag gaggccacca tcgctctgtc     82440
     aggtcagtgc tttggctcag gcaccacaga tctcaggggt tccaggggct gctcagcagc     82500
     aactcttctt tttctttaat catatttatg taatatattc aaatttataa acattcatgg     82560
     tatttcagta atcttcaagt ttatatttta ctccactgtg ttaattttgc tacacagatg     82620
     ttaaacacat tggagatata ataaaaatag tcctttaact gagacgtctt cttgtggtgt     82680
     gccagttgct tccaggagcc aatcatgtgc ttagtcagaa tgggatggtt tctttgacag     82740
     cttcttagtt atagtcttgt caataagtag taacaaaaac aataatcaaa acacacaata     82800
     caatagttac aggtatgttt cctatgttgt tagaagttag agcagagagg gagagttgca     82860
     cttaatgatt cttagagccc agaaagtcct catgctcagt gataaagctc cacttaccat     82920
     ctagtatcta tcacctatct cctacatatc taatctatca atcatctgtc tgctgtttat     82980
     ccatctatca accatttatc aattacacat cactacagtt acaattaact atccatcgtc     83040
     atgtgtctaa tccaccatct agctgtcaca tatctatcta ccaatcaaca tcatctatct     83100
     aatcatctac cattgatcaa tcatctatct ataatatatc atcatatatc aatcacctgt     83160
     ctttctaaat atctatcatc tacctatctg tcatctatcc atccattcat ccaattatct     83220
     gtgtatccat ccaattatct atcatctgtc tatctctttg tcttatctat ctgaaataga     83280
     catttgtatt tcttttgaga ccgtctcagt ctatactcca agctggtctc aaactcactg     83340
     caatcctcct ggctgagcct cctatgggtt gttactatgt tactataggc atgaaccaac     83400
     cagctagact ttgctgctta tgtgaggaga attgccttta aacattttaa attgaactga     83460
     gaattttagg acactctgtg tttggatgta ttgctggtgt aagcaaagga tgcattaaag     83520
     agttaaaagt aaatgttgtg ttaatgttaa ttcaatatca tacagcccca gtttagaata     83580
     ctaagtaata cttgtttatg actttatatt tcatacttag cacttattta taaaaaataa     83640
     tacatatgtt ttactagtgc ttaatatcag cagaaacaaa atggattgac ggtgatagaa     83700
     ccgacctttt tgttgagaaa aagtaagatc tatgtcacca ggtggtccat gggaagaatt     83760
     aattttctgt ttttcatact ttttaaataa attgagttct tgaataaaat gtgaagctca     83820
     cctttatttc tggaaagttt ctttactttc ctttagacca aatcccttaa gatatttttc     83880
     tttttttttt tctccagaga ggctccagac cgaactgggt gagtgggacc tgcgtgcacg     83940
     cccatgcatg agggcagagc attgagagca ccggggacac ctcacgatcc tcgtgagaat     84000
     gggaggaaat gccaaggcac atcctcaaaa acttcctttg gggattggcc aggggaggct     84060
     ttttcaattt ctgttgctac acacccacct ggcactcagg tttagcccat gatcacaggg     84120
     tagcacaaac cgattgtgta aagtctgccc gtttagaagt gatgcctctt tatcttattc     84180
     tgagaatttt agcagtaaaa tcattccctt attggcgtgt agcctggcct ttaattaatg     84240
     tttccttcag actagcaagg ctcttcttta aattgcatgc agagactaca agccccacct     84300
     tcctccaagg agggaccctg ggcctctaac ctcccctggg atgctcgtgg gttccaaacc     84360
     tcacaggatg tccatgttag tagagtgatt ttctctgtgt tgattcatct atgtctggtg     84420
     tatttaacag cttccgttag cgtaatcgga cattcccagc ccagccctgt tcaagtcgga     84480
     gagaacatag aattaacttg tcacctctca cctcaaacgg atgctcagaa cttagaggtg     84540
     aggtggctcc gatcccgcta ttaccctgca gtccacgtgt atgcaaatgg cacccacgtg     84600
     gctggagagc agatggtaga atacaaaggg aggacttcat tggtgactga tgccatccac     84660
     gagggaaaac tgaccctgca aattcacaat gccagaactt cggatgaagg gcagtaccgg     84720
     tgcctttttg gaaaagatgg tgtctaccag gaggcccgtg tggatgtgca ggtgatgggt     84780
     aaggatacca ggtggatctt ttggcttctc cagcttccta acactgtggc acgctggttc     84840
     ctgggagatt tctctgacac ccaaaatatt ctccgtgctc attcattttc aagtttatat     84900
     tgaacttttg gtgtagcaac caccataaac acttcaagag cacaaccttg ggtacacaga     84960
     tttgaggttt ttaaataaat acttctttac taattccctg agaatttcaa accatctgct     85020
     ttgataatat tcaccaccca acttcccatc ctctttttac aaaattaata acccatggac     85080
     tcctatttcc gctgtccaca tacttgtgag tgcagagcca tctactggag caaggtcaac     85140
     ctgccaggag ccacatcctt aaagagaact gactctcatg tcccctgaat catcaactgt     85200
     ccatagctcc ttaggtagga gagggctcag agccccttcc aagctggaac attgaccagc     85260
     ttgatctagt gcaggtcttg catagacaac cacagctgct gtggtgcagt ggccctgtcc     85320
     tattcagaca ctttcagtac ggttcccatc ccccaaactc tgactcttac aatagtacca     85380
     cttccttctt ccatggcggt cacttagcca tggggggaca atgatataga catctcattt     85440
     gtgactgaat cccccattca atctctgcac tttgaccaga tgtgagtttc tgtcttagcc     85500
     actacccact gcaagagaaa cttctctgat gaggtctgag agctgtgcta atctatgggt     85560
     acaaagagaa aagaatttga tactatgtcc atttagcaaa atagtagtag taaggtctcc     85620
     cttcaccact gtgagttctt ggccagactg acagcactag gcaggccttt cctgtggttt     85680
     aaatgtttaa gtgcagaaca atcaggaagg tgggactctc aagcactccg taaagtgaca     85740
     ttctgagaat attccccatg attttacaca aaccttgtta tttcacagtg ctgctaagat     85800
     tctgggaaat aattggtttc caggaattgt agtaatttga agactcagct agatctacca     85860
     catgcacaga atctgtaaag actgacagtc ttggtgtgct tgaagaggag cagacaaaaa     85920
     tcacccttag aaacaactct ctgacatcag caaatgtttt taaggacata ggactaagtc     85980
     ttgggtagcc ttcatatttc ccttatacca agtcccagtc taaattaaca gacaggagca     86040
     tgacacgcct agaggaccat ctgggctttc ttcctctatt ttgagaagcc tctcttactc     86100
     agcatcttcc atgtcgtcca agtctcatgt ttaatcaaaa ttacttcgtt gtcaaggtca     86160
     ggagggaaaa gggaattgag gttacaaaaa agttagattt gaaaatgtat tttttaactt     86220
     gtagtctatc ctagaagact gcaacaaaga tagaaaaaca aaacaagaaa tcttgtagcc     86280
     agtcccagct cccgtgggag gccattggcc cagagctctg tcctccccaa gctgccctca     86340
     ccccaccccc acccccgggg gatgttgctg accacacaca tgtgtggagg ctccatcggc     86400
     ttccttggtc tctgtcccca gcggtgggtt ccaccccacg gatcaccagg gaggtcttga     86460
     aagatggagg catgcagctg aggtgtacgt ctgatgggtg gttcccacgg ccccatgtgc     86520
     agtggaggga cagagatgga aagacaatgc catcgttttc cgaggccttt cagcaaggga     86580
     gccaggagct gttccaggtg gagacacttc tgctggtcac aaacggctcc atggtgaatg     86640
     tgacctgctc catcagcctc cctctgggcc aggagaaaac agcccgtttc cctctctcag     86700
     gttggtgact gcataccttc ctctggcttg ggaaccaagt atcaaatggc ttgggctcta     86760
     tgtttttttg tttttgttgg ttttgttgtt gttgttgttg ttttgttgtg tttttctttg     86820
     agaggtttca tgtattcagg ctagcctggg acttcggatc ctcctgcctc tgcgtcacaa     86880
     gctctgggat tacaggtgtg caccccacac tcaacctatt gctgctgtcc cttctgctcc     86940
     ctcttccctc ctcctcctcc ttctgccatt tctcctcttc ctcctcttct tcttcctcct     87000
     ccatttcctc ctcctttatc ttcttactct tttcttcttt tcctcttcct attttatttt     87060
     cttctccatg gtggagtatt tttaaaataa atcttttaaa aataaatatt tgtctcttgc     87120
     aaagtttgtc ttcaggtaac ctaaggacaa catttctctg aatttcttct ctctctgtct     87180
     ctgtctctct gtttctgtct ctctgtctct gtctctgtct ctgcctgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     87240
     gtgtgtgtgt gtattttact ctatctacaa actccccctt gttgtcaaaa caattctggc     87300
     atgtcttttt ccctctgatg taaattttat tctgcactag aaattaattt tcctcaaagc     87360
     cctggcagtt atgtttggca gactttatgt ttaccaccgt agttactcca gtaatctgtg     87420
     gtggagtgat ataatgggaa ggagagaagg aaatggggtg gggcaccagc agacataagc     87480
     ttacctgctt cccttggcac ctgactttca ggaagactga gccaacgggt tcctggagag     87540
     acccagccct caggctgctc ctgtgagaaa agccatctcg atgttttgct catctcatga     87600
     cctcctgggg tttgcatttc agactccaag atagctttgc tatggatgac cctgcctgtt     87660
     gtggtgctgc ctctggccat ggctatcgac ctgatcaagg tgaaacggtg gcggcggacc     87720
     aatggtgagt gggtgaacag ggcggacagg cccgaagtca ttcttcagca gctgatgagg     87780
     cctggcttac tcatgtattc aaagctcagc gctgagtgag cttcgagttt acagcaatgg     87840
     ggttaaaaga cagtaacatg aggactagag agactgctca gtgtttgaaa tgtgaggacc     87900
     tagatttgca tcactctggt catttccctc agcctcgtct agcctggtgg ggaagtacaa     87960
     gatgtcatga cacctcagca taggaggatc agagaagcca gaaagcagtc aggggagggc     88020
     tggggagatg gctcaggagt tgagtacttg ctgctcttgt ggaggatctg ggttcagttt     88080
     ctagcgctta gctgggggct cacaaccatc tgtaactcca gtatcagggg gttgacattt     88140
     ccttatggtc ttagcaaaca gaaaacatac cagggttcac agacattcat ctatgcaggc     88200
     aaaacattcc tacacataaa ataataaaaa gtaaatagat ttaaaaaaaa aagttggaag     88260
     aggagacaaa gaaggacagg gagaaagaat aacaaatgat gagaaagttc ggtgacaact     88320
     gtgtaagaaa atgccacggt ggaatctgcc ccaagtgtgc taactacttg gagctggtga     88380
     ggtggcttag gggttgagag caccggttgc acttgcagag gacccaggtt cgattcccag     88440
     cacccacatt gcaactcaca attgtctgtg actccagtca caggagagtt gtgcagcctc     88500
     aggcttccta tatctacctt gccaataccc agccatgacc ttatgctctc aatcattatc     88560
     ccaccacact gccaagcagg aacactcttg atcttctaat gtttcagtca cgtaaactaa     88620
     accctatcta gtccccaacc tccggggttc catctctcta tcagtctaca aattacttag     88680
     tcacgtgctt ccttggaaac tcagggcgcc acatcttcca gttaccacag agctgccccc     88740
     tgaagctctc gttggtccct cagcccccaa gtgccattct gtgttcctac atggcccagg     88800
     ccttaggcca tgccctatca cccaaggctg tggacacagg tgactaatcc tgtgtccact     88860
     gctggtgtct tatgtagctg tcatggatga acgacccctc tcaccaaaac atgaacagga     88920
     gactgaggca gagcattgat gacagtaaac ccaaccgtgg tgttagatgg ggtgggggcg     88980
     ggggtgaggg gcttgctgat acaatgtttt cctttgccct gaaaagaaag acaagcctgt     89040
     cagacagcaa gacatggcat aggtagggac accctttctg ccacaagggc agaaagataa     89100
     ccccaccccc caagttcttt cttgactgtt tctataatag taaaacctaa tttcctaatt     89160
     taaaaagcac ttttcaggcc aaaagtctag tgtttatatt gtttattatg caaagatgta     89220
     gcttgcctct tctcttactg tcttagtcag ggtttctatt cctgcacaaa catcatgacc     89280
     aagaagcaag ttggggagga aagggtttat tcagcttaca attccatact gctgtttatc     89340
     accaaggaag tcaggactgg aactcaaaca ggtcaggaag caggagctga tacagaggcc     89400
     atggagggat gttctttact ggcttgcttc ccctggcttg acagaaccca agactaccag     89460
     cccagagatg gtcccaccca caaggggccc ttcccccttg atcactaatt gagaaaatgc     89520
     cttacagttg gatctcatgg aggcacttcc tcaactgaag ctcctttctc tgtgatagct     89580
     ccagctgtgt caagttgaca caaaaccagc cagtacactt acctagaccc accaacttac     89640
     gttcactgaa aatcgtgtgg tcattttttc acacccggta acttttctct aggctgcacc     89700
     ctactgtgta tttttttcta ggggtcatgg gcctcagggc ttgctggttt tccatctcag     89760
     tcctacaccc agccggaagc ccatgaacac cactccatct gacttcagtt atctgcgacc     89820
     ctttcctctc tcctcatcct tgacactctg taaccccctc ttcttctgtt tttccttcca     89880
     gaacaaacac acagcagcaa tcaggaaaat aacaagaatg acgaaaacca caggcggcga     89940
     cttccttctg atgagaggct cagatgaaaa tgcaccccgc aagcccaacg caccccattt     90000
     cctgaacacc ccatccctcc tcccatcttt tcccctcaat aagctgcact gacataggag     90060
     tgctttcact tgctgctctc caaaggttct tcatggaccc tgtccgtacc tgatgcaacc     90120
     atcacgcaca gttgggagca cctcgacctg agccaaccca taatagtctt gatccctctc     90180
     tcacagtgat ggcatcttct ctccctttgt ctctttctgc tatccctcaa tctagggact     90240
     atcccttgcc tgtgcacagc atctttatct catcaccttc tggacccacc gtgaggatgg     90300
     aagaacttag acctgcagag aaatgtcact catctgagtc ctggatgggt ttttctagaa     90360
     atgcccaatc cagtagcact agagggacaa agcaggtggg aggagagggt ttctttcctc     90420
     cgtcctcaag agaaaggact aactgtgatt catggttaca aaagacttga cacttgcact     90480
     acaaatcaga ccgggggtgg gggaattgta gaaataacta agggggtaaa agcacttgct     90540
     gttcttgcag aggacctgag tttcattcct agcacccata tggcaggtca taaccatcta     90600
     taactccagt tctagggggt cagatgccct tttctagcct ctgagggcac caggcacaca     90660
     tgtggtacac agacatagat gtaggcaaaa cacccataca tctaaaataa aaataatttt     90720
     tataaagaat tagaccaaaa tctctcatgt ggtctctatc cgagcatgtc tgcagctggt     90780
     ttatgtaaga accacagaaa ggagacagaa aaaaaatgct aatgcttaaa tccctcataa     90840
     tatatttcac acctatctat gccatgtact ggtaccccaa agtacacaat atttccatgc     90900
     ctaaaacagg gttttctaca gtaacctcat caaacaatct gtcttagtta ctgtccaatt     90960
     gacatgatga aacaccatga ccgaggcaac tttataaagg aaagcatttg gtctggggcc     91020
     tatggttcca gagagctaga gtccataacc attatggctg aagggaatct ggcagcaggc     91080
     agccaggtgt ggcactgaag caataactga gaacttatat ctgacccaca aggattaagg     91140
     cctaacttgg aaccatgtag acttcaaacc tcagtgactc acctgctccc acaaggccac     91200
     acctcctaac cttcaccagg gtccaccagc tgggtctaag cattcaatca tatgagccta     91260
     cgggggccat tctcactcaa gccaccacat tcttgtcatc cttttctaaa tttgcttttt     91320
     gatccccact ggagtttatg tgaacaataa aagcagccaa gttgagtcca tgggaacctt     91380
     gctggcaacc tattcctttt ctcttgctgt caaacccatc cttcacgtcc ttataagtgg     91440
     ggtctgccag tggacccatg gatctggtgc ccacataaac agcagtgcca ggatgcagga     91500
     aagacagagg aaggatgctg taaccctgaa taaaagacat gctgatttta actgcacata     91560
     caagttcacc tttaagtctc tcctgggctc actccctcat tttttggatg gaggaaacat     91620
     cataaaactt gacattttaa ctaaaaatta taatccctct aataacagtt ggcaccatac     91680
     cacgaccagt taaggaggat aaagttctgg acaacagcaa ataatctata gctcaatcca     91740
     tcttcccaga gctgcctgag gagcagctgc tacacgctct tatgcaaaat gaaatgaata     91800
     cgtacatgaa cttggtccta aataacatgg cacagaccaa cctaggaagc aagaaataga     91860
     ctttgaactc ctgagagaac acagcatggg tgtccaaagt agaaacaaaa ctgagctagc     91920
     cataaaaagg aacctcaaag ggtgcccagg gaacggatgg aagtgtgaat gtagatttaa     91980
     ccaaccaggc taagggagca gaagataagc acattataca accaatcaac cccttctaaa     92040
     ggtcggcctc aatctatact ccgcggtcaa tcacctggta agggagagat aatggcaagt     92100
     gctgagataa ccttgagacc agctctgaga ctattggaga cctctgacct cttcctgaag     92160
     tggaacaccc cttcaccacc caatggattt ggactcttcc tgttagacaa atattcagta     92220
     aagaaaatgg gtaaacagca tgggggaggg gcagatgaac acaaagtccc accccttagc     92280
     tgaggatcaa ttggcatctg gtacctgctg ggagaagggg agtcagtgtt ctttaatagt     92340
     gtgatccctg gcttattgac catactgcag ggtgggcccc actcccaaga gcagttgggc     92400
     ctgggaaaga gaaagagaga tgttgggtga gaagggggcg ggggtggggg tagagctggg     92460
     agaggtaggg gaaggagagg ggatatgatc aaagtaatca tatgaaaatc tcaaataatt     92520
     aaaacattag ttttaaaagg gagatggctt taccatataa attgtatact tctctttctt     92580
     ttgagtcaca gatgctgcag gcctatttag aattcgaagg cactgcaagt gcattgggct     92640
     agtctacatt ttcccttaaa ataatcctct gtcctttctt acatttaaaa tattttgcta     92700
     gtctatacca tcagtatgct tgtataacaa aatggttttc ccatcccttt ttccttattt     92760
     tttttttcag tgaaggactg ggtgtggtgg taccaacctt taatcgggca gatctctgtg     92820
     agtttgaggg acagccagag ctacgtatgg agatcctttc tcataaaaac aaactcagtc     92880
     cttcagtaaa gactaatggg ggggggggga agatgggcaa aaggaaccat gccaggaagc     92940
     atcaactgaa atgcatcact tggagatgag gctggcctca aatgagagga gagggtcgtg     93000
     tgggaaaagc tcatttgtct ttagaggatg agtttaagta aagaccttta aaaactctgg     93060
     gccaggtggt ggtggacacc attaacccca gcactcagca ggcaaaggca ggcagatctc     93120
     tgtgactttg aggctaccct ggtctccaga gtgaggtcca ggacagccag ggctacacag     93180
     agaaaccctg tctcagaaaa acaaaacaaa aaaaacggtt ctcactcaaa gtacagcata     93240
     ataaatgcat caatatatta agaccattta ggtcaaatcc agcatccaag actttgactg     93300
     tctccaaaca cacctctcct tttctttaac gtgtgctggt tggtttaggg aagatggaga     93360
     aaatgtctcc atcggattgt cctatagtca gtgtgtggag catttccttg attaatgatt     93420
     gacatgggag ggcccagccc actgtgggtg gcaccgttcc taggcaggtg ggtctgggtt     93480
     gtatataaaa actggctgag caagccatgg gagcaagcca ataagcagcc atccccgcac     93540
     ccctaatcct ttgtggcccc tgcttcagtt tctgccttga gtttctcttc tgatatccca     93600
     tgacccgagt gtaaaacaaa cccttcctct ccaagattac ttgtttcttt tctttttctt     93660
     ttcttttctt ttctttgctt ttctttttcc tttcctttcc tttcctttcc tttcctttcc     93720
     tttcctttcc tttcctttcc tttcctttcc tttccttccc ttcccttccc ttcccttccc     93780
     ttcccttccc ttcccttccc ttcccttccc ttcccttccc ttcccttccc ttcccttctc     93840
     ctttcctttc ctctcttttc ttttcttttc ttttcttttc ttttcttttc ttttcttttc     93900
     ttttcttttc ttttctttct tttcccattt caacaaagcc atagaaagca aactagaaca     93960
     caggtgcaca agaatccctc caaaacccaa caggatgttt acccctcctc taaaatgttc     94020
     ttcacattca gctactggct tcctcagagt catctccttc ccagaagaaa tggttgcaag     94080
     tctgctctcc cctcagccac agtaaccctt ccctaactct gctcttcctt tgaagtttcc     94140
     aagctccctc ccacctactc catcccatcc tgatacaccc acacagcctc tgagaaacag     94200
     gagcaataca tcctggttct gtgtccctca caccaaggtt ggggaccaca cagcaggaga     94260
     gcatggtgtc tgcgcccacc atgctctcca atgtgacctc aggggccatt cactactgag     94320
     gaatcagcgg gatcaagcca gaataaaaag tgtgtccgga tgctctgcct ggcaccttca     94380
     gagtacatca tcattgtcgc agcagagccc cagggaaatt ccattatcac agagttttac     94440
     agtgtttgca caagctgata ggtcataggt ttttacagca gacaggatag cctcatataa     94500
     agcaaataat ttattggtta caatggtgga gtactcttgg aagtggggtg agaagaaggc     94560
     agggatacca tgaaaacaca ttccctgtga agatttattt gccctggtgt gcaaataaat     94620
     catttattag atgaggattt agaaatagcc aaggtgtgtt tgcagactca ccatgtgact     94680
     taatcctcct atgcagaaga cagaaggtcg gtgctccaca tgcggtaggt ttttgcctga     94740
     gccccatgga agtggaagtg aaagtggggt agagaagagg tagaccagag ggacggcctg     94800
     caaacacctg gatccatgac aaggagattg tcaaggttag agggccatgt ctaaggggct     94860
     catggtggtg ctaaaaatga tctcctgtga ctttcagaca actgtggtgt ctttccccaa     94920
     agaacaccag ggtcctttgt cactcacaca aagacccctt gcctcccttt tccagaaaca     94980
     gctttgacct gaacaaccat gttctgaggc cattagtctg cccatgtctc taatcactcc     95040
     ttgaaagaac atgttatctc tcactgactg agagagagag agaggggaga gaggaggcaa     95100
     cctggaagag acttagctca gcctccttga attctcacca acactttcca gtatgacaaa     95160
     gggctgcctg tccactaccc accttcagga tccatgctgt accccccccc cccgcactcc     95220
     ttccctcttg cccatcatcc aggagagctt cggactgtct aaatgcttag agagatgaag     95280
     gtttcttaga acctatcacc atctcagaga gggagccaga cagggtgacc ctgccttgcc     95340
     tcccggcatg tctcctcctg gataccagca ggtctctcct gtgaatcttg ctccagatgc     95400
     ttcaggggtc tgagggtcct tgaagaaggg ttggatggac atttaaggat tcagaaaact     95460
     ggaggcaaga agactcctcc aggaaacttg gggagtaatc cttcaaatga actaagacgg     95520
     aaggaaagac catccagaga ctgccccacc tgggtatcca tcacatatac aaccaccaaa     95580
     cccagacact attgcatatg ccagaaagac tttgctgacc ggaccctgat atagctgtct     95640
     cttgtgaggc tatgccaatg cctgacacac acagaagtgg atgttcatag tcatctatta     95700
     gatggaacac aggaccccca atggaggagc tagataaagt acccaaggag ctgaaggagt     95760
     ctgaaatcct ataggtggaa caacaatatg aactaaccag tacccacaga gttgtgtctc     95820
     tagctgcata tgtagcagaa gatggcctac tcggccatca atgggaagag aggcacctgg     95880
     gtcttgcaaa ctttatatgc cccagtacag ggtaatgcca gggccaagaa gtgggagtgg     95940
     gtgggtaggg gagcagggcg gggagagggt ataggggact ttcgggatag catttgaaat     96000
     gtaaatgaag aaaatatcta ataaaaatgg gggaaaaaag gtctcaaaac taaagacaaa     96060
     ataggattag aaaatagggc ttcaatgcag acaatagagc tgtagtaatt acatggttac     96120
     aaggtgcagc caagagctgg ggcaactgat ttctttcttt ccaaactatg tgttccagtt     96180
     aggagccgac tgtttgggtt aatctcctga ttgctttgct tatgcttagg attcaggatg     96240
     agctacagga ccccttggtt cctcagtttc ctcatctgac agtgtactgg atggtaaccc     96300
     atgtccttaa ttttttgaga ttacataaat taacatatgg gaaacaaggg tgtctatagc     96360
     ccatccattt agccaagtgc ttgcaagctc tatcacaatg tatctgatgc tttgatacac     96420
     tgtcatctcc tggctagtcc tctattcact taagaaagaa ttgaatagac agggacacag     96480
     ttcaactttc ggattctcat tcactcaggc ctggagatac cctccacaga cattgattaa     96540
     atctgcctca tccagatggg gaatacacag catgaacagc ctcagctggg cccttccatt     96600
     gtagtgccaa ggaagtgttt gatcctcaaa aaaaatagac aggagccaat ctgatgcagc     96660
     tgacaacagg gtctttattc tattccagct agctcaggcc ccctcaacac accactatca     96720
     cgcaggatgt ttttggttgg ggggtgcccc aaatacctag gctttatagt aagcagcaag     96780
     cagggagtac acatgcaagc atctaattgg aaagctattt cacataattg gctggtgcta     96840
     gaagtcatat cataaactta atttttttct taatttctgc ttccctctgc attggtggtc     96900
     actacaagac tagagcctgt aacctggggg aacatgttta ttggggggat agcctggaga     96960
     tgctggtctt gttgagggtg tgacctggag acgctggtct tgttggggat tagcctagag     97020
     actggagcta ggcttgggtt ttgttggtgg gggggcaact tgtaaactaa tgccaggtac     97080
     cagcctgtta gtttacctga gttcaaactt aggtcaggtt ttctaaaatg gagtctgaac     97140
     taaaaagatt tggcctctca ccatctccct cctttgtcgg cgagcaaaga gagggaaagc     97200
     ctgtgaatgc tggaacaatt atcttcttgc tcacaatgac aagaaaaaaa aaaaaaaacc     97260
     cttacaacag tcaagaaatc tgtgatttgg ctggagagat ggctcagtgg ttaggaacac     97320
     ttcagggggc ctgagtttgg ttcccagccc ccacattagg aagcctacaa ctgtctgtaa     97380
     cttagctcca gggaacccga aggtctcttc tggactccaa ggacacttgt gttcatattc     97440
     acaagcacac aactctcccc acccccaaca cacacacaca cacacttaaa aataaaataa     97500
     ttctttaaaa gggaagaaag aaagcactga tttgaatcct caaaattcta gctctaagat     97560
     tgaacgtcca caagcaggtc ataggaggca cacaatggaa tggaacaagc acaggcagac     97620
     attttctaac aaaattgtac atatcacaat tgtacatatc acaatgctaa cttaaagatg     97680
     aaaaagaagc ttttgaaaga aatcattcca agaaaataat tcccttttaa gtgaagatat     97740
     tcactgagac cgtgtgactt tcagcagttg tgaagggatg acaatataca gtagagtatg     97800
     aagatgcaaa atggaggtgg aggtagagag atgactcggt ggttaggggc actggctgcc     97860
     cttacagagg accagggctg gtttccagca ctcacatgac agttcacaac tgcctgtgac     97920
     tttcctccta agggattctg acaccccctt ctggcctcca tggatactgc acacataaca     97980
     tccatgagga cacaataccc atacacatga aatacatttt aaaaaatgca agcctattga     98040
     gagatgaaag agaccccttt tgctggcatt ttgtttaaga catggtcctg tgttgttctg     98100
     gttgtccatg aattcaccat gtaaccaagg ctctacacat acggccagaa gtcaatcatt     98160
     gtgggagggg tagaagcatt cttggcttta ttctctcaat ctgttagctg tgtgagtgac     98220
     ctccaatctg accaccagac ctgagcgctt ctccctggct ctgtgggagg cagcttatgg     98280
     tgagaagtat cttaaagtgg ctttcaagtt cctatcagct tgtggctcag cccagtgcaa     98340
     agtcccttgg gctttaatta cttccaccct taaataagag ctgaagatgg ctgcagcttt     98400
     ctcctagact cctccaggag aaactctaaa gccagagcct gggggcagca ttgtgtgtcc     98460
     accttgccac tgagaacatc tacggaaatt ggacactctg gccccagcat ccacacgctt     98520
     gactgttggc cacagtaaca caggtgtgga tggtccccag agccagggtc caggagtgca     98580
     ctgaggatcc ctggggcttc aaggaaccca cagctctgtc cagacggtga gtgagggttt     98640
     gtggtttctg agggaggtgt gggcctgaag aagggtgaat tgaagtcatg aggatatagt     98700
     gagaaatggt tccttttttg gggggaaagt aggtaaatga attttaaaaa aagagtaaat     98760
     tagaagaatg aaaatagact gaatgtggga gtggtctact ttcttgtatg acttcactgc     98820
     cctacattgg actcagagaa cccagctcca agatccccct tgggaccatg aactcacaga     98880
     aaggcgagag aaaatgggaa cttggcagct ttccatgtcc acggggaaat tgttggtctt     98940
     ctgaataaag aggggacatg aaaggccctg gggagggcta gggttggtgg gttttgtctt     99000
     aaggattttg tggaagacac agctagaaac ccatgaataa cattaagtct tggaacaggg     99060
     aatttttttc ctgagaactt tcacctgttg ccctcctatg gtgaacctgg acttgacctt     99120
     ccactctgat gatgaagggc tccccctccg tccctccagc tggttgtctc ctccctctgc     99180
     tcctcctgct gtttaccgga gtctctggag gtcagtgttc tgccttctgt gctgtgttgt     99240
     gtcttgtgtt caatgacttc tcttgtgtaa atgaactccc gtggccatct actggccaag     99300
     aaaatatcct ccctgatcct ttgggtaatt tttataaaac ctggaactgc gatatcttcc     99360
     taactctttg ctgagtgtgg gtgagtttgg cctataaatg ctacagtgcc tgtgtgttga     99420
     gatatccttt gtatgttcac tgtgcgtgtg agttttctcc ctgctgtggc cagctacctg     99480
     tcaagaagtt taaaggtgga gagttagctc atggtttgag ggtgtatggc cgggaaggtg     99540
     tgcattaggg ggtttgtgtg cacaggagca caaagagttt ggactaagag ttcttaggtt     99600
     gtgactttaa ataaatcatt cattccctct gggacattat ctcttccttc ataaaacaaa     99660
     agcatcttta ggttagaatt ctcagactct ggagagaact cagaaaggag accatgtgaa     99720
     tggcatagtg ggtaaatata agaatccaga tgaaacccag ggcactgtac atgctagaca     99780
     actggtctac catcaaacac accccagccc tagtatcaaa aatgttaatg tccatgaatg     99840
     ccaattcaaa actctgtaaa tttttgtgta aaacattttt gtgtatttgt gtgcatatgt     99900
     atgtgtgtat gtatgcatgt attcatatgt gtacctgtgt gcatgcattg tgtagtttat     99960
     tgaaggattg tttctagtaa tagagtgaag tgctataaat gttactgatt gcccaaactg    100020
     ctgcataatg attgcattca tgtgaaacca tgattcccca ctgcactgtg aaatggtgga    100080
     acggactttc taaactgagc tgctgacatg tatatatgct gacacctggt gttaggcaga    100140
     ggagaacaag tgtcccctga gtcacagagg caccccacaa ttggaagcaa tgcagaactg    100200
     aaaagagcct gtctccactc tagcaacggt cactgtgaca ctcctagctc agaacaccac    100260
     tctctagagg gtatcatggc cagggccacc aaccctaaat tcacacagag ttccctaacc    100320
     ctgcccttcc tccctccatc cacccctctc tccttccctc cctccatctc tgctgctgct    100380
     tttgtgatct tggctatgtt ggcatatttg aagaatgtcc atttcctaaa ctgtacaata    100440
     aacaggctgc gtatttgagt agattctaaa tactgaagaa gctaatattt ctgaacaagc    100500
     attaatgttg taaaagtccc aaaaatacac acatgtatat acatatacac agagaccgag    100560
     acatttatac actgaactat taaattttta tctgttaaaa tttaatactt tttctaaagt    100620
     aatacaaagg agataaatgt ttaattccct aactgtgaaa gtgcagtgtt gtttgtttta    100680
     agtctcatat ctctaacttg cttccgcaat ctgtctctgt tccccagaag tgtcttggtt    100740
     ttctgtgaag ggaccagctg agcccatcac tgtcctgctg gggactgaag ccaccctgcc    100800
     ctgccagctg tctcctgaac agagtgcagc tcgcatgcac atccgatggt accgtgccca    100860
     gcccacccct gctgtgctgg tgttccacaa cggacaggag cagggagagg tgcagatgcc    100920
     ggaatacagg ggcaggaccc agatggtgag acaagccatt gacatgggaa gtgtggctct    100980
     gcagatacag caggtccagg cctctgatga tggcctgtac cactgtcagt ttacagatgg    101040
     cttcacctcc caagaggtct ccatggagct tcgagtcata ggtgtgtgag cttggcacaa    101100
     ggtcacaatg taactgccac catcagagtt taacatcaca gactttacat ttctgaacct    101160
     aagaggtgtg tatgtgtgca tgtgtgtgtg tctctgtgtg tgtgtgtgta catgtgtgtg    101220
     gtgtgcatgt atgtgtacat ggatgtgtat atatgtagat gtgtgtatgt gtatgtatga    101280
     atgtgtgtgg tgtgtgtgtg catgtgtgtg tgtgtctgtg tgtaaatgtg tggtatgtgg    101340
     tgtgtgcatg tgtgcatgca tgtgtgtagt gtgtgtgtgc atgtgtgtgt ctgcatgtac    101400
     atgtatgtgg tatgtgatat gtgcgtgtgt gcgtgtacat gcatgtgtgt gcatgcatgt    101460
     gtgtgtatgt gtgtatgcat gtgtgtagtg tgtatgcatg tgtgtctgca tgtacatgtg    101520
     tgtgtatatg catgtgtgtg cgtgcatgtg tatgtgtgtg tctgtataca tgtgtgcatg    101580
     catgtgtgtg agtgtgtgtg gtgtttagta tgtgtgtatc tctgtgtgtg ggcatatatg    101640
     tgtatgtgac tgtgtgtgtg cgcatgtgtg tatatacaca gatatgtgta tatctgtgta    101700
     tgtgtggaag gcagaggtca accccaagtc actgtccacc atgtcttttg agatgggatt    101760
     ctcactaact gagctaagcc gagtggtcag tgagcccagg gatccacctg tctctgattc    101820
     ccaagcttgt gccgccacac ccaggcttta atgtggcttc aggaagctga actctggttg    101880
     tcaagtttgc acaataggca ctctgctcac tgatgagggt tgcttgtcca accctctgag    101940
     cccatttcag tatcttaaaa gaccccagaa agtgtagcaa tgctgacacc ctctggcact    102000
     aactttcagt aaaccaagac agaaaataaa aattgggcca attttcaagt ttacctctgc    102060
     cagtccacac acatgcaaag acagtaagct gaggtcaagc agtgtcacag ggtagcctca    102120
     gctgacctct tagctatagt gaaggtcgac ctccctcggg ctgcaggcct caagattgtg    102180
     tcttctctcc tcaggtttag gctctgcccc tcttgttcac atgacaggac ctgagaatga    102240
     tgggatccga gtgttgtgct cctcaagtgg ctggttccca aaacccaaag tgcaatggag    102300
     agacacctcc gggaacatgc tactgtcctc ctctgagttg cagacccaag acagagaagg    102360
     gctcttccag gtggaagtgt ctcttttggt cacagataga gctattggca atgtgatctg    102420
     ctccatccaa aatcccatgt atgaccagga gaaatcgaag gccatcctcc tcccaggtcg    102480
     gtgaggacca aactctgaca gggtggggga gggaggggag aaagaagggc tggaaggagt    102540
     tgcctccggg ctggtttctg actgtccacc tgtaccttgt cagagccctt cttccccaag    102600
     acgtgtccat ggaaagtagc cctggtttgt tctgtcctca tactattggt cctgctcggt    102660
     gggatcagcc ttggaatctg gaaagaacat caagtcaaaa ggagagaaat taaaaaatgg    102720
     tcaaaggaac atgaagaaat gcttctgttg aagaagggga caaaatctgt actgaagatc    102780
     agaggtatat gtggggacag cagcatcagt caagggtctg tggaaagact ggggattggg    102840
     ggagctaggg aagcccggga tgcaggggtt ccacagcgca ctagttttgc aggggaccag    102900
     aggacaaagg agaggaacat cagatctctg aaatgtggcc tcaaaccaca gccagtgcct    102960
     tcacaccttg atcatcacag tcccatgctt tgcccacgcc cactctccac ccctcccctc    103020
     tgcccccaca ccccatcttt ccctgcaccc acactcctcc tccagagggt gctgccagtt    103080
     ctctggcatc gggttctcct tctacgaatc agtcaagaac aggtttgaga agccctaaga    103140
     caccttaaac tcccaaggtg ctgggacatt gctctgtgac tccatagcac cttatccggt    103200
     tggtgtccct gtgagcatgc tcatctcctt tatcatgggg cctctacggg aacgccaagt    103260
     ctaattcgtt agttagtgtc cagactcggg acaggctgag actcgatttg atggctttta    103320
     cacctccctt ttctttcaga tgacctccag gccgacctag gtgagtctag cttttcctcc    103380
     ccttcgttag catttgtttc tcctccccaa ccccgcccca gcttccatca ttcatccaca    103440
     ttgggccttc tgtttgtttc tgttttgttt tcagatcgga ggaaggcgct gtacaaagaa    103500
     ggtaagagac catgggtcct gcacctcaga ttccctgatg taaaaactcc ccctcggtac    103560
     tctctcaggg tgggaatgag gagagactgg aagggttact gatggccagt gcagaaaact    103620
     gagaggaaat ggggacagat ggatgcgtgg ggccacaagt cagaactcaa ctgtcttggg    103680
     tctgttctgt tgcagactgg aagaaggcct tgctgtaccc tggtaagtga ctcctgggca    103740
     ctggttctta ccagtaactc ccaaacacat atgagcttgt atatgcacac tttattggct    103800
     gtcaacttgc aaagtgaaaa aaaaagcatc aacaagaaga agaaactttt aagatagggt    103860
     ttcacacaac atgctctgta cctaaggctg ggtctgagct cctgggcctc cacctcccaa    103920
     atgctaggat ttcaggtgtg cagcaccgca cctgtcaagt tgtgatcatt tttgctgggg    103980
     attcaaacag tcagttactt tctatagcta aagaaaaagg aaaagcaact agagttattg    104040
     ttcatatgat atgtgagtga atgtgtgtgt atgtatgtgt gtgatgtgta tgactgtgta    104100
     cgtgtgtgtg tgcatatgtg cgaatgaatg tgtgtgcatg tgtgtgaata tgtgtgtaat    104160
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgacagg gtgtgtgtgt gtgagtatat acttgatttg tgtgcaagtg    104220
     tgtgtgattt tgagtgtgtg atgtgtgtat acgtgttgtg tgtgatgtga agaacacaaa    104280
     tacactaggt tcttccttgg ccccatctgt gcaatttcct ttcatcagac attgtgccac    104340
     atgtaggtga cacagctgtc acctctgacc ctgtggaagt tgaaaggaac acgagcgaga    104400
     aaccaggcca ctccaggcag cctgagtgct tgcaggacac acttactcag tgggacctcc    104460
     gacgggttac taagcagtgt ctagtgggac ttttcaatga tttgcttaag atgttccagc    104520
     aggggctgga gagagacctt agcggttaag agcagtggcc actcttgcag aaaaccggag    104580
     ttcagtgccc acagtccata tatggtggct cctagcctcc tgtaacttcc atctcaggga    104640
     acctggcgcc ctcttctggc ctctgctggc actgcactac atagtccaca tactgcatgc    104700
     agacaaacac acacacataa aataaaattt aaaaataaat ctttttttta aaacttcctg    104760
     tgattctgaa aaggggagtt aagcaatgag gatggacgcc tgagctcagg cgcctgggga    104820
     gtcagccact ctcttcactg cagggtggag agagaggaca ggctgtcttt cctagccact    104880
     cctcctgact cctgtcctct ccccgctaca tttaagaagt gaatttcttt gtgtgtgtgg    104940
     aaggaggtta ttgagagacc cagtgatcta cctaacagcg aaaaaagtcc ttatctgtcc    105000
     ctcctcccac ggctacagac ctatctaact tctgcataaa accttgaagc ccagctgctg    105060
     ctgcatctga acaagaggaa cggatcaccc actccaaccc tcaccccacc ttcatcccca    105120
     ctcccaccct caccctcatt ctcacactca tccctactcc caccctcatc cctatcctca    105180
     ccctcatccc tactcccact cccaccctca ccctcatccc cactcccact cccaccctca    105240
     ccctcatccc cactcccact cccaccctca ccctcatccc cactcccact cccaccctca    105300
     ttcccaccct aactcctgcc cctcccccac acatcctcac ccccaccttc atcctctccc    105360
     acctccacct cccatcccca accccaccct tatcctcctc cacccccaac tgtagccctg    105420
     ggtctctagg gagcagttcc tgagagcaca gagagcaccc tgcatgccgg gagttcctgg    105480
     acactagaaa gtctgagggg cttagtgagg aaggagagag gaggggagaa gcactgagag    105540
     cgcacacctc cttttccttc actgtgtgaa aatgtttgct ctgctctctt ccagactgga    105600
     ggaaggagct gttccaggag ggtgagtgga tttgctcatc tacctcagag gttgcttctg    105660
     gtcttttgtt tcttgtcttg gatatgagtg tcaaaccttg catatgccgg gcaagccact    105720
     gagcacacca gctccccagt ttgctctctg gtgtcttgtg tgatcttcct ggcatacact    105780
     tgttcaagct gaatggggaa aagaggaagg gattgtgctg tgtgagcctg tgctggaacc    105840
     cacggccaag cttggccaca ctgttcagtt cccatctcaa cacactggcc caatgggatc    105900
     cactgagctt gggtaataga aatcaccaat gctccttaca gatgagactc ctgactaagg    105960
     aaaagctgct ccgagtggca agagcactca gcttcatttt gtgaggtcag cttgtgattg    106020
     gtccttccat aattgaggga caaggctctg atctaggaca tggggtgaac aatgttctta    106080
     cataattcct tcaagtcctg gctcactccg tgctctccca agacccaagc tggaatgaga    106140
     tgcagagctc agcatgcacc atgagagcac tcagcccaac acacagagga gtgttgatgt    106200
     gccagctctc cacacccagt ctccttaaga ctgcatttgt ccaggagcct cccacacaca    106260
     gcgctagctt tgaactcagt tattaatata caaacattac agtggtggct ttgtctgctc    106320
     ctcctctgcc cctcctcctc cccctcctcc ttccacccct cctcctcttc tgctcctcct    106380
     cctcttcccc tccttctcca cttctccttc tcttctgccc acctcctcct ctgcctccct    106440
     tttttctcca cccattcctc ctcccccacc ccttcctcct ctcctccttt tcctcctcca    106500
     gctcctgtga ggataaatta tgaaatgcct gaccaggaca agacagactc aaggacagaa    106560
     gagaacagag gtgaggagac tgtcagcagc tcacaagtag accacaacct catcacactc    106620
     tcccaggaag gcttcatgtt gggaagatac tactgggagg tggatgtcaa ggacacagag    106680
     gagtggacac taggagttta tgagctgtgc actcaggatg catcacttac agaccccttg    106740
     aggaaattca gagtcctgga aaagaatgga gatggataca gggctcttga cttctgttcc    106800
     caaaacatta attcggaaga acctctgcaa ctgaagacac gtccgctgaa gatcgccatc    106860
     ttcttggatc aggaagacaa tgacctctct ttctacaaca tgaccgatga gacacacatc    106920
     ttttcctttg cccaggtccc tttcttggga tcaccctatc cttacttcac acgtaattcc    106980
     atggggctct ctgcaacagc acagccctaa gtgatgtgca cagggaattc aatgggtggg    107040
     tgctgcagcg tgctacccgt aaggccctct taggcaggca cagggggcct ctgaccaaga    107100
     ggcctcttaa cctgagactc catgagcctc ggggatcaga tcctggacaa gattctcgga    107160
     ccatctgtgt cgtgcatggt gttatagtta ttaatagcct tccttctttt gacaaaaatg    107220
     tgtttaatca ttcctaagat aaatgaatcc atggctttct gagtctgata tcatggttgc    107280
     accctgctta cacaccagtg catcagcatc actgtcacta attatatagg gttacatagg    107340
     accatttcca tacaagcgta caatgtattc tgagcacatt accccccccc cacacacaca    107400
     ccagtattat tctttgctta tgcctaacat actgtaagcc aataatgtgg ctggttgggt    107460
     ttttgtcaaa ttgactcaag ctagagtcat ctgagaagga gtgtcagtcg agaaattgcc    107520
     tctctcaaac tagcctgtag gcaactctgt gggacattct cttgagtgat gattgatgtg    107580
     gaaagacaca gcccactgtg ggtggagcca tccctgggca ggcggtccta gggtataaat    107640
     gaaagcaagc cctggggagc aagtcagtaa atagtgttcc ttcatggtct ctgcatcagt    107700
     tcctgcctct aggttcctat cctgacttcc tgttctggat tcctcagtga cagtgtgacc    107760
     tgggagtcct gagatgacat aaatcctctc caaggtgttc ctcactcact gttccgtggc    107820
     tgtgaagagc caccatgacc aaggcagctc tgaaaagaga aagcatttaa ctgggggctt    107880
     gcttacaatt tcagaggttt agttcataat tctcatcgta gtggggtgca tggtagtaca    107940
     tagagtgctg gagaaggagc tgagagctat gtcttggttg caggcagaga gagagagtgg    108000
     ggtggggtgg ggggtaggaa gctgggctag cacaggcttt gacacacttc ctccaagaat    108060
     accacaaccc ctaatcgttc tactcctttt gaatatgtcc actcccaggg gactaagtgc    108120
     tcaaatacat gagccaaggg gtcattctta ttcaaaccac cacagttagg aacagcagta    108180
     acagagactc aaaccaagac aagcagtttt cttaactgaa ttaccataaa attacacaac    108240
     agaggcaaac cttgctattg tgaaattgta gcaattataa taactagatt taacataagt    108300
     aaaattattc tgtgaatttg cttcataagg tttgttgttg ttgttgttgt ttttagaagg    108360
     gtttctctgt gtagccctgg cagtcctaga attcactctg tagaccaggc tggcctcaaa    108420
     ctcagagatc cacccgcctc tgcctcccaa gtgctgggat taaaggtgtg tgccctcact    108480
     gccctgctta gctccacaag tttttaacac tctctatctg tgtatgtttc atttcataaa    108540
     gaactggcca taaataactt ctgtatgggc atcattcacc agactatgcc tttgatcaca    108600
     gtgttaaggc agcattcaat agaataaaaa taaatcaaac ctcatgattc tcaaacaaaa    108660
     gcagcaatgt attaaaatat caaaaaatga tctttcagat atgctctgta acaacctaag    108720
     tacatcttaa atgaagtggt gatttaagta gaactttgaa tatgtcagca gagggaaggg    108780
     aggcttgttt ccttccactc cactcaaaac tacgtatgcc gttaatgagg aaaaacccag    108840
     aggaaacagg gcctccctct tagttgtacg ttcttcctac tgcaaaggcc agaacatctt    108900
     gaatgctcat tggacactgg gtccaaaagc gtggggactt tgataaaata tcttaacttg    108960
     actacaaagc aaagtttaat aagataaaat ttatagtgcc taacactaaa ggaatgagct    109020
     gggaaatgtc gttcagatgg agaagaagtg gataaatcac agctgtgtgg aactgttagg    109080
     taggagtcag taccaagagt gtagaagtca tggaagtgac tgaatgttga aaacgctaca    109140
     gcagatgtga ttcagctttt taaaacatcc aaattaactt caataaatga aaaccttaat    109200
     gagatggtag ttaaactgct gagaacagga gaaaacaaat tagtgcttca cccatattct    109260
     cagccagtaa ccgacataca ggtggggtca cgccgcagac aatgaaggga tccccagcgc    109320
     ctccacctgc cagcccctcc acctgccagc ccctccacct gccagcccct ccacctgcca    109380
     gcccctccac ctgccagccc ctccacctgc cagcccctcc acctgccagc ccctccacct    109440
     gccagcccct ccacctgcca gcccctccac ctgccagccc ctccacctgc cagcccaggt    109500
     gtctcagctc actcccagct ccgctccaca gacccactct gtttcctcat aagccctcat    109560
     agacctgcta aaaacggggg ctcccagaag cccctttcag gttcagttgc ttgtctcctg    109620
     gaactcatag ataaggtgaa ccattaaggt atttgaaact caaactgcct gttcccatga    109680
     atggaatcaa accatgacac actctaatat aatctcttag aactctgcag caaaagttga    109740
     ttcacgccat tgccaaacat gccgtggata tgcccaggaa gctgagacat agttgatata    109800
     ctgtcctatt ctacttatca ttttaaagtt ttgtatcttt aaacaaacaa acaaaaaaaa    109860
     agatctattt gttttatgtg tatagctatt ttgcctacat gtatgtctgt gagccatgta    109920
     tgtgccatgc ctgtggaggc cagaagaggg catcagattc cccagaactg gacttgcaga    109980
     tggttgtgag ctgccttgta cgtactagga atgaacccta ctcccctgga agagcagcca    110040
     gtgctcttat ctgctgagct ctctctccag ccccaaattt tagtattgta ctctatagtt    110100
     cggaaaatat gtattttcaa acgatgtaag ctgctattaa aacacaatta gaataaaatt    110160
     caactggaaa aaactcattt gttttataga ctttgtgttg ctttggtatg ttttacttaa    110220
     tggtatactg aagtggctgc tggctacagt aagcattcgg acagcaaact ccgatcagcc    110280
     atttgtgagc tgagatttcc taagagaggc ttgagtaagc cagtgaaatt tgctacagag    110340
     gttttatagc ccgttttgtg cagagtccag agtggcccct gcttgcaggg tcatttccca    110400
     tcctactttg ctataacacc caggagcata gggccagttt gtgagtctta agactccttc    110460
     tagcccagtg ctaaatgctg tcccagatgt ggagactcct ccataggatt tatgctgaga    110520
     acccaaatgt cttagttagg gttttactgc tgtgaacaga catcatgacc aaggcaactc    110580
     ttataaggac aacatttaat ttgggctggc ttacaggttc agatgttcag tccattatca    110640
     tcaaggcagg atcatagaag agactgggca ggcatggttc aggaggagct aagagttcta    110700
     catcttcaac tgaaggccac tagggagaag actggcttcc agggagctaa gatgagggtc    110760
     ttaaagccca cacccacagt gacacaccta ctccaacagg gccacacctc caaacagtgc    110820
     cactccctgg gccaaaccac cacaccaaag ccattgtaat ctctgctgac atagatcaga    110880
     acatagccag ggattccctg aaactgactc cttcctgaga tgttggttca gccaggaaga    110940
     gaccacgagg caggagagat gcagaagtga agagtccccg atccactggc tactgtccca    111000
     tactctattt cttccttcat ccatagtgga ctttggcttt ggacaccacg ttacccgcgt    111060
     ttctcccctt gcagctcctg tttccctggg tggtattcat cctgcacatc tgaagttgct    111120
     tttctccacc ctcacaattc gggcttccag aaggatcttg cttcccttct ttaccatggc    111180
     tcataatggc ttatatattt agtggggatg gagagatgtt tcagtggtta tgaccgctgg    111240
     ctgctcttcc agtggaccca ggactcagtg cccacatggt gatccacgac catctataat    111300
     ctttcaaagg agctcacacc cgactctgac ttctgtgggc accaggcaca aatatggcac    111360
     acagatgtac aaaacacttg tatgcataaa acgatttttt aatttaaagt catgtatttt    111420
     aataaatagc caggcacata agaagtagga tattaactct aaagataata caaatgacct    111480
     tgtgggattg aaaatggacc cttctcagga tggctggata gtgtttgcag ctaactctga    111540
     ccccaccccc aggttagatc cttagggctc actcacatga tagaaggtgg gaacagactc    111600
     ctgaagctta tcctccatgg gtacaggagc acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    111660
     acacactgtc ttagtcaggg tttgtgttcc tgcacaagac atcatgacca agaagcaagt    111720
     tggggaggaa agggtttatt cggcttacac tttcatattg ctcttcatca tcaaaggaag    111780
     tcaggacagg aactcacaca gggcaggaac ctagaggcag gagctgatgc agaggccatg    111840
     gagggatgtt acttactggc ttgcttcccc tgctgtgatg gtttgtatat tcttggacca    111900
     gggagtggca ccatctggag gtgtggcctt gttggaatag gtgtgagttg gttggaatag    111960
     gtgtgtcact gtgggtgtgg gcttaagact ctcacctcag ttgcctggaa gtcagtcttc    112020
     cactagcagc ctttggatga agatatagaa ctctcagctc tgcctgcgcc atgcctaaat    112080
     ggatattgcc atgcttccac cttgatgata atggactgaa ccactgaccc tgtaagccag    112140
     ccccaattaa atgttgtttt tataaacttg ccttggtcat ggtgtctgtt cacagcagta    112200
     aaaccctaac taagacacct gccttgctta gtttgctttc ttatagagcc caagactacc    112260
     tgcccaggga tggcaccacc cacaaggggc cttcccaccc ttgatcacta attgagaaaa    112320
     tgccttacag ctggatctca tggagtcatt tcctcaaggg ggggcttctt tctctgtgat    112380
     aactccagct tgttgtcaag ttgatacaca aaaccagcct atacacacac atacactcat    112440
     aagaacacac agccacacat gtggacacac acacatgcac acacatgctc acatacccac    112500
     ccacactcgc acacaatccc tctttttgct ccctcacaga aacccctcac cttccttctc    112560
     ttctcccacc atccccactg ctgacctgtc tcacctctcc acttcacagt gaagttctcc    112620
     aggaccccag agctgtatct gcagtatgta tttaccacag cccaattgtg ctccaggagt    112680
     tccttccagt tgttcctgta cttggcttcc agccacccca gctcggtcac ctggaggtac    112740
     tcacccatat tgctatcaaa gcacatgaac tccttcaggt tgcacaagtg tctgaaaaga    112800
     caccacactc gctgagtcct gttatagaaa cgacactcag atttaagttg ttctaaaacc    112860
     atgctgtaag aacgggactt ttcttctctg gtctgagtcc cagagttcct cttcagctgc    112920
     ccaaactaaa ccagacacac acttgaccca gccccctctg atgtcacaac aacccatgaa    112980
     gcagagggac actcaccccg gcccaggtcg gacattgaca gtggtgaaaa tagtgaagag    113040
     atggaggaac tctgggaaat agcccctatt cccaggagag gcaggcagtc ctcccttcag    113100
     tatccgcccc acccatttct ttaacctcat cgtggcagaa atgtcatggg agggggacac    113160
     ctctcagctg aggtaacacc tcttgccaac actgagttca tgaacaacag accacagggt    113220
     ctgagggcaa cagtgagaga tgaggctgag ggcaacagtg agagatgagg cttcagggat    113280
     tgttggggac caagcaagag aatcagcaga cgagctttag aacccatgga atgcggccct    113340
     ccggttagca cagccatgat gggtgtgcct cggagggaag gagcctggag gactagagtc    113400
     ctgagaactt gatgttgttg tggagcaccg ctgtgcttcc tgccttcgag gtcaccacat    113460
     tcctcctgat ctacatgttg catgagaagg agtttccagc ctctcattgg gccgtgttat    113520
     tagtacttat aataatcatt attaatgggg tcgcagcagt tcttgtggtg gcggctaggc    113580
     agtgcggctc ctcagtgaaa gatccggtga cgcacgcgtc tcccaccccc gccacgatgc    113640
     ccaagaggaa ggttagcggg tgcggatgga gcgatgaagg cggagcccaa gcgccgctct    113700
     gcgaggctgt tggccaagcc cgcccctgcc aaaccggaaa aaagccgcgg gaaaggataa    113760
     agcatcagac aaaaaaagtg cagataaaag ggaagagggg agcaaagggc aaacaacagg    113820
     ctgaagcgac tgaccagcaa accacagatc tgcccttaga agatggagag acggaaaacc    113880
     agagtccagc ctcggaagaa gagaaaggag ccaagtttga ctaagcatcc atcacgcctg    113940
     tcagtggtcc cgcctccctt cttgtacagt ccagaggaat atttttatca actattttgt    114000
     aaatgcgagt tttttagtag ctctagaaac atttttaaaa ggtgagggaa tcccacctca    114060
     ttcctttttt tttttttttt tttaagagta aaaaattttt aagaggttaa atcatttgct    114120
     ggttgtttat tttttggtac aaccagaaaa tagcaggata ctgaatcagg agaggctgtg    114180
     actgcctcgg gggtcaccat cacattccgt ggagggggct agttttatat cctacaatac    114240
     aaagcacact aaatggcaat ttggagactc ggtggtgcat ttgtgtctgg aatattttta    114300
     gttatatctg gtcctgtgtt tcttgtagag ccattttata agaaagccag tctttggtcc    114360
     ttgccctgtc agaactgtga tgtctgtggt cgtggcagtc cattttccta acagtcatga    114420
     taatgtgctg tgaaagatgg aaattctgag tacgttctct gtgtggcata aaattgtgag    114480
     ttggtggagc tgaagattat gaacatttgg ttgttatgag agctcttagg gaaacttgcc    114540
     aagtttgagg ctggaacatc actggaataa gttcatttgt gtacatgaac acaatgagac    114600
     tactcagagt ttgggtgcat gaacacagta taaggctctt tttgggtacg tatgataaga    114660
     attggaatgt ctgtgtactc tgctcttcaa ccaataaaat ctgttgtgaa agagtaaaaa    114720
     aaaaaaatca ttattaatga ttggtctttt ccaaccattg ctgctagagc aggttaatga    114780
     ttcaacctcc cctctcagaa agaactttag taatgaccac cacccttaga aataatttgg    114840
     agatgtagat tgtcaataaa gtttggttaa gatgtttttg ctcctggctt tgacatagaa    114900
     atcttgggaa ctaatttaaa tttcagaaag gcacactctt gataactgag tgagggaatt    114960
     tttttttggg gggggggcta gggaacaaga acaatggcag cctggctact actataagac    115020
     cccctttcag ggacccccca ctctagtctt gggagagaga gcacacccaa agaaacatga    115080
     gaatccttct tgctgtaaac acatgaggca gtttaatgaa ggagctccgg gttgaaacat    115140
     atctcatgca ggagacagtg gctcaaaagc tagggggctt tatggggtaa agggcttagg    115200
     ggtggggaat tcagcatagc gacacactat tggcttattc aaacatcagc aaaagaatac    115260
     gtgcaggtca gggtgtcagg gttctgtgag ttgttgactc agttcagata gccctgttac    115320
     gtcctcacat tcctctttat ctttatggtc aagctgttcc caggaatgtt ttaactacgg    115380
     ggcatgccca ggtttgtttt tctttgttct cagccccagg cagcttctag gctcacaaac    115440
     aactagcaat ttctgagtac tttatatgtc ttacaggtct tgaaatttta tctttctttc    115500
     attactagct gatgtgtctt tcttgctaaa gctggactgg tgatcaaaag tgaagattaa    115560
     tttcttgtac ccatttttgc ccttgtcttc ctgatatgac ttgaaaatta ttaatgagca    115620
     aatgtgaact ctgaagattt aaatagaagt gactggttgt tttttacata acagtttaga    115680
     tttgtgattc ttttaagatt tttataagat tgtttaagat aaataataaa aataattgat    115740
     ctttttttgt aaccacaaat tgcagcgtgc cagtaagaaa aactggcaga gaaaattacc    115800
     ttgcttgctt acactttgtt aatctacaac atgttgcttg gttgcaaatg tacgtgggtt    115860
     cttgggaata atttgttttt cactcataat acacaagatc atgtgagagt attggggaac    115920
     atgttttttt ttttaagtat acttagtgta atcactcatt caagaaaaat agaatgtcac    115980
     cacattgtat tttttgtatt gcttgaaaga ctttgctggg ttatgcaagc tgtgggagaa    116040
     aaaagtaagt tgttggagct ttgtttcatc catatgtgta tatgcgtata tgtgtgtata    116100
     tgtacatatt tatatgtgtg tgcatgtgtg tgtatatatg tatgtataca tgtaagtgtc    116160
     tatatgtgta tgtgtatatg tgtgtatgtg tatatgtgta tgtatatatg tgtggatatg    116220
     tatatgtgtg tatagatgga tgaatgtgtg tatatgtata tgtgtgtgta tatgtatgtg    116280
     tgtgtagatg gatggatgtg tgtatatgta tatatgtgtg tgtatgtgtc tatatgtgta    116340
     tgtgtgtata tatgtaaaac tgttgaagct tagagtttcc ttcattcacc aaatgtcttt    116400
     caccaacccc agagaatcaa gttttgttcc ctcagattaa agacttctga ctgacctaca    116460
     gtctctcatc tgaattacag atgcagagaa ttcacagacc agaccatttt aaaatccgat    116520
     atcaaatgtg accccaggga aaggtaaggg catgtctcca ggatctggtg ggtcagtcag    116580
     tcacatgagc tgctctagtc tcaatagagg aagacacatc agatggacgt cttttcattt    116640
     tttttttttt ttatatttaa cctaactcag aaaatgttcc agagatttgt gaaaagcaac    116700
     tccaataaag gcaagaacca gacattatca acctcaaaaa ttcacagaag gatgaagttt    116760
     gggccatttt ttttatgaga aatacttgag gcagtcacca ctactcatga ctttaagaga    116820
     gagatcactg attgtttcag agactaaatt actcatctct gtgtttgaga caacacagac    116880
     tatagtgagg agaatgggct tggtttttat aaaaggcaaa agtggaagga aaatgacagt    116940
     ttcagaagcc ataagaatgg tctatgtgaa agacgcagat ggaagggcag aagacaggtc    117000
     tgtgggaggt ggcaatgaga tgaggcagtt tggaagcttc tgtgagtcct ttgataacag    117060
     agataacagc tttgttgggg ctccgttcca atgctttgat ttaatccagc ccccaaatcg    117120
     ggaagatgca tgttcaaatg ctgaaagccc ttgtccccag ttggtttctg atcaagaaag    117180
     agccaacagc tgggcggtga tggtgcacgc ctttaatccc agcacttggg aggcagaggc    117240
     aggtggattt ctgagtttga ggccagcctg gtctacaaag tgggttccag gacagccagg    117300
     gctatacaga gaaaccctgt cttgaaaaac aaaacaaaac aaaaccaaaa aaacaaaaaa    117360
     acaaaaaacc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga aagaaagagc caacagccaa tgactgtgca    117420
     gggagactga ggtaggacct ttagatttgc acgggctagg gactgggaga aaggaagaca    117480
     gaggattgct atgactcagg ggagaaggat aggacgtaag agctgcagga gagaaagaca    117540
     accagccatg taagattaag gaaagtggcc actggtcatt tctccactgg gcctggggta    117600
     acaagagaag gtttaggagt gcccagcctt tgagctagtc atggcacgtc aaaaattaac    117660
     tgacgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtatttcatt tgagaatcca    117720
     aagagctcct gggctcactg aaaaccatgt gactcactga aaaccaaagc tgtgttgtaa    117780
     attacatagc tacatagctt acagaaagga agcatacagt ggggcagcac acagtggggc    117840
     agcagcttca ggggctgtca cagcagctac actttctttc ctgcctcagc ctacagcctt    117900
     actgctttac atggccatct ctcccagtcc tcacacagct ctataaaaaa gatcatctct    117960
     tccacatttt acatttcagc caaagcagag aagggtcaga gaatttgccc acagtcccag    118020
     catttggggg tcacagcttt cagcagtgtt aataacccca tcttttttta aaaaaaattt    118080
     taattagata ttttctttat ttacatttca aatgttatcc tcttttctag tttcctctcc    118140
     aaaaacctcc tatcccatcc ctctccccct gctccccaac ccacccactc ctgcttcctg    118200
     gccctggcat tcccctgtac tggggcatag aaccttcaca agaccaaggg cctctcctcc    118260
     cattgatgac caactaggta tcctctgtta cacatgcagc tggagccatg agtctcacca    118320
     tgtgatttct ttgattggtg aataatccca tcttttatcc cctgtgtgca tagcacagac    118380
     tttgattttt ctatgtgtga tgtatatgtg aatcataaaa ctaggaaggg gatcatatcc    118440
     tgcaaagaga agtcaggtct ctttcatggg ctcaggccag agaatatgga agaaaaataa    118500
     aaatgcaaac atgttcaaat cacaaacacc aaatgggttc taacccactc aggggtttga    118560
     gaaggggcct caagttcgtt agaacagccc acagatgccc atcatctcga aggctatttc    118620
     ctcagtctta gctgctgtgt gctcccaagg acaaggggaa acactagcca ccacccagca    118680
     gaggttccac acgggaacag gctgcgcaag cactggggcc agggagagag aacgaggagg    118740
     ccctgggttc agacacacag gtggctaagc agcagctgca cagcctgcag agggcgcaca    118800
     tggatctccc tgctatccct tgactctatg acaccttcac agaaatcttc tgattagacc    118860
     aatattttac ttaactttat ttttttttac taaaacaaaa tatacaaaat agaatagaaa    118920
     tacacatatg aagttctatt tttatacaaa gacctctttg cctggcatag ctcaacccat    118980
     aaaacccctg tgtgagaagt taatttaata tcatgattta tcagtccccc tggggcccta    119040
     atggaagatg acacaaggct agagatgtta ctggaggaaa cttgaaaaac aatggctgat    119100
     acacagggac ctctcacaca gctcttagag cacaaacatc caggcttctg tttggggaca    119160
     tagtttggat ttcatgtgag gtctgtgcat gctcacagaa aacatccata gtaacaaggg    119220
     acttggcctg gacagtgagg aagttagctc cttcctccct ccgtacccag cagctcagaa    119280
     cctgaggtgt gcacttacac tgggggtccc tgaccaaagc cacagaaggg ctcagcatca    119340
     tcagcatcac gatcacagcg gccaaacagg ggcctctggg gagccacagt cacatcccgc    119400
     tgcaggagag atagtggtct cacaccttgg caactatctc ctcactccat ctatgcccca    119460
     ggccataaga agcaggagat tcacagcctt gctgctggat tggataaggt cagtattaag    119520
     gaccaatcag cgtcagatat gaactgcatc atcagttgct agttagaaat tcaatgtgag    119580
     ggacctcttt gaaaccagca atttcttttt tatttactat tttagtgctg gatccagttg    119640
     cagctgaaac atttcaacca ggctgcggag ttgggccagc tctgtgatgg tcagtcattc    119700
     actcagcagt ttgaggactg ggggtggggg tgggggggtg ggggggtggt actcactttt    119760
     cctacataaa gctgttagga caactgttgt atttgaagct gtgcgagagc aaaggaggtg    119820
     aaggaagacg actgtgtagc caggcacctt tagcctggcg cttactgcac ttcagcttaa    119880
     tagtgtagat gtcaaaagtg atttacgtgc acccacttca ggagactcat atcctagagc    119940
     tggagaaggc tgtggcgctg tggacgcctc caggagcagc catccctggt aactgatgac    120000
     gtagctaagc tcagcctctt gattggacca gggaatccgc actccttcag ttagggggat    120060
     tctaacaagc ccgaaggaaa gagaaggtta gtcatggtgt agtcctgcca caggcggcgt    120120
     gtccagctca ctccccgccc ccgtacagtc cctgagcagc gcggcagccc cacaaaagct    120180
     gccgcgccac aaaagcgctc aaagcggcgg caggtttgtc cttgccgccg caggccacag    120240
     ccgacgccac gatgaagcgt cccacaggag ctgtccaaaa tggcggctcc tgttaaaacg    120300
     gcctcaccgc ggccgctcag cttgcagtgg cggatcccct gtcccgcctc agcctacagc    120360
     cttagtgaaa taccgccgct ggaactgtcc accatggcag cagcgcctcc tctccagtct    120420
     cccctagcct ccccacagag atggtgcctc agcaaaccct ggcgaaggcc ggctgcagtc    120480
     aggaaggact tcctacccta acccatgggt ctgactgatg cagggaaagg ggggggggga    120540
     ggggggatga aaaaaaaaag ccaccaatcc ctgagcttcc cacaaaacaa acaaacaaac    120600
     aaacaaacaa aaaaccacca atccctaagc aggaaaaccc accaattcct gcgctctccc    120660
     aagttcaaga cttaaaatcc caccaatcct cactctggaa atctctgccc cgaaaaacac    120720
     tgccccctca gaaatcctat ataagcactg ccctttcgtc cagttccctg ctgtcctctc    120780
     ccaggagcag aaggcagcca tccctggttt tgttcctcca cacccatatg ccttccactc    120840
     gcctcaaaag aagccaagaa gaaaagaaac aatgaagaga aaaagtgaag agaaggagtg    120900
     gagctgaggc tcctgagctc ctcagctcag ctggggagac cctcccctgg gagctgcaat    120960
     gcctctgctg aggaggcttc cttgcagagc tgtgtggttc ctgtggtctc ctgtctcagg    121020
     atgcccttct gctgggatat catttccagt agagctgtaa ggttcttggg cttccaagat    121080
     accctcccat ccgaacagaa acacatttta gtgctgtgac ttggataggc tctcctggtg    121140
     cctgtgctcc ccctagttct ggggtctgag ccgcactagg accctatccc ctatctccag    121200
     ttggcttgca gcagtctcac cttccggctc actgcttact tgacacccca tccaccagtg    121260
     acaattaggt aagcttcccc ttctggtggg tgtaaatgct tccctgagtc cgaggatgtg    121320
     actgttgggt gtctagcacc ccgttagtac tcttggaggt ggaggtacct ccagctgtgg    121380
     tctttaaagc tacaactagc actcttcacc tgccccccat tctcccacca ttggagctgc    121440
     tattctacag ttcctttagg tctcctgggc catggtgccc ctacctgccc ttgctcacct    121500
     tcccttcaga gctgcctatc ccacagctcc tctaggccct ggtggttttc agtgcagttt    121560
     ttgagggcta ctacaaccct tcctgtcctg actctatccc accaccctca gagctgcaac    121620
     cctgcacctt ctttaggtcc tactgggcca tcgaaaccct tcctgcccca ttttaccact    121680
     ctcacttaag ctaattataa attccacaac ttctctaggt ccttgtgact tttgcaactc    121740
     cattcccaaa attttcctat ggataagacc ctctatgaga gcttggttct tgttctcacc    121800
     ttttggcttc tacaaaagtc ctgataccag gcaccaagac tctttggctt agccagtcta    121860
     agatgacccc actgagttgt agtgatgacc cactgaccca ctgaatggct tggtcctcaa    121920
     tttgttctcc ctgagtcagg ggatgcccat gactacaggc tgcagggaca ttccatttcc    121980
     cctttctcat ctatgggaat ggtatatttc ctacgctctc attgctttgg gatgtctttt    122040
     agaaaccacc aacctgtata cctgaaaccc aacctgaagg accctaaatt tattcgcctc    122100
     tccattcaaa attggcctca atattcctta gagaatcaat ataaatggcc acctaatggc    122160
     atccttaatc caatattaat tgagatgttt actgatacta caagcaatca gggatatgga    122220
     aagagattcc ccattcccta tttctctttt ctccaaacct tgtttgtctc ttcccaaccc    122280
     taagtgtaaa tgtgctgttc tctaagttaa ggttgatgac tctgtaagtt tgttgcaaaa    122340
     tggaagtcag aagcccaacc taccaggaat ggaataaagc aaaggaggta ggacagctgc    122400
     agtaggctca cttctaagca cacactcctg gctggctggt gaatctctca gctccctcct    122460
     acagtgtgct ccatctatag tcgggctcac aattccccta cctccaagtc ttcttactgg    122520
     cttctgtttt acaggaatcc aggtgtcttt aggtataagt ggcattagaa tgttgtatgg    122580
     tgtcccactt caattaaaat ccggctctgg agttggatat ggctctccct cctctagacc    122640
     caagcatgct tgtctaaagg tttccttcaa aatctctgtc ctatatcagg tgagtcacct    122700
     gactatggaa cagagaaaga agagggaaaa taaagggaca gagtaatcac agaccactgc    122760
     tgctcatctc tactctttag gttttggttt aattctctac acttgctaag gtatatgatt    122820
     aaaatactat aaagtctcta acaagggggt tagcttgaaa cttgtgacaa ctgggagaca    122880
     gttaaatcta tacataggaa acatgtggct agttgccatc tcagccacta tccctccatc    122940
     aggatggagg cagtcacatg gctgacagct gtctttgctg gggtttgaaa ggatggactt    123000
     tgtcttatac cctcactccc atcctggtta aaacatgatc aaatagcaca aatcaaggaa    123060
     aaaacagctc ctcctacctg tgaggcatga accagacaat tcttccatta tgttcagtca    123120
     cactaacaag ccacaaccca gagtaacatc cctttctagt cagcctccct ggtttctttt    123180
     tcccccagtg acagactgcc ctcccagtca gaactcaggt ggtccaagac ctggacccta    123240
     gatggaatca caatacccca gggggcattc taacaaggaa tcaatttaca ccttgcttcc    123300
     tggccagtct ccacaaagct gcccttaagg ccgtaaatta tgaaaaattc caaaagctcg    123360
     tgcaagataa atatgaaaat tcatcacaat tcctaggctg ccttacaaag gccctcctaa    123420
     aatatactaa tctggatccc aagaccccag gtagaaaaca actcctatga gctacttctt    123480
     ttcccagagt tcccctaata ttaggaccaa acttgactgt cttagaaagg acccctgatt    123540
     cctcaggtgg aaatcttacc catggccttc aaggtgtacc atgggagaga tgaaaaaact    123600
     ccaaaacaat aatacccaat gacagctaag gcctctcatg tggctaaagt aaaataccag    123660
     gatctctaag ttctcacagc ctgagaacct agtctacatc cctggtcaag agggtcactg    123720
     agctcaggcc tgtccaaatc ttataatcca cctagactaa ggtgccatta aaaggacatt    123780
     gagcccctca tgacatgggt ccatcaaacc ctgttcgact ttcagccagt ctccttagtc    123840
     tggccatgga caattggggc caaggctccc ttggcctgac cactgccatc tctgacaggg    123900
     agccttgacc aagcctgctc agtcagtcaa taggttttcc agtgcaagag tgaggattaa    123960
     agagaaaaca acaacaacaa caacaacaat tagacaacac tgtagcatga ccccagccag    124020
     ttctgagact gagggcaggt ttcatctttc ccaatctgct tttataccat ttcaattaca    124080
     tgcaagtatt aagggagagc agtacaataa ggaactagca agggaataag caaagtgatt    124140
     attttgcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagattac tccgcagact gttgtttcca    124200
     agggcttgtc agaatgacca aaatacctga gcccacttcc ttgtccaagc ccaaaatctg    124260
     attcttgcct gaagcctact tcttttgttc caccctaaga ttaaaattcc tgcctgcatc    124320
     tagttccctg ttatagccta aagttagatt cttacctgaa cttacttcct tgtcacggcc    124380
     taaagtcaga ttcttgcctg aagtccattt ccttgtcttt ggccaatgtc agattcctgc    124440
     caagcagccc ccaaagactg tccacagagc cttgggttaa ttatcacagt atcagggtac    124500
     taaatatcct tccttctgaa ccctggagcc acattttcag tcctgacaaa cttctgggga    124560
     tctacctctc ctttccgtgc ctctattgtt gcagtaagtg ccgccttaca gggcttacca    124620
     gaccccacca cttagctgta tatttaaggg tatccccctt aaccattcct tcctagtgat    124680
     accaacttgt cccatcccct tactgggaag ggacctccta gccaaaatgg gagcttcttt    124740
     gctttttgct ccctacatcc tcttgaccca aggcttgcca gttgttcccc tcctcttcca    124800
     agccacactc tggcacacct tttcccttac ctcaggtaga tcctcagtta tggggcaccc    124860
     caaaacccta tgtagacaaa catcacaccc ccaccattca attataaaac cccaccgaat    124920
     atataacgca agctcaatac ccactcccct ccatagttgt agggtaagga cttaagcctc    124980
     ttaactctga caacttagaa aagaatcctc tgtgtcctac ttcatgcccc ccttttgttg    125040
     ttgtttgtag aacatgattt taatattttc aactgtcaat attcaacaaa caattatttt    125100
     taagatatat ttcattgtta tggctccctt ttcatttctg attttattaa cttggatact    125160
     gtctctgtac cctctggtta gtctggctaa ggggtttatc tatcttgttg attttctcaa    125220
     agagctggct cctggctttg ttgattcttt gcatagttct ttttgtttct atttggttaa    125280
     tttcagccct gagtttgttt cctgctgtct actgctcttg ggtgtatttg tttctttttg    125340
     ttctagagct ttcaggtgtg ctgtcaagct gccagtgtaa gctctctcca gtttcttttt    125400
     ggaggcactt agagctatga gttttcctct taaacactgc ttttattgtg tcccataagt    125460
     tttggtatga tatgtcttca ttttcactaa attctaagaa gcctttaatt tgtttcttta    125520
     tttcttcctt gaccaagtag accgttgttc agcttccatg tgtatatata tgtgctttct    125580
     gttggttttg ttggtattta agaccagcct tagtccgtgg tgatctggta gagcacatgg    125640
     gattatttca atcttctttt atttgttgag gcctgttttg tgaccaatta tatggtcttt    125700
     ttttttaaag atttatttat tattatatct aagtacactg tagctgtctc cagatgcacc    125760
     agaagagggt gtcagatctc attacagatg gttgttagcc accatgtgat tgctgggatt    125820
     tgaactcagg accttcaaaa gagcagtcgg tgctcttaac cactgagcca tctctccagc    125880
     ccctatatgg tcaatttttg agaaggtacc gtgaggtact gagaaattat attctttgct    125940
     ttaggatgaa atgttctata aatatctgtt agatacattt ggttcataac ttctgttagt    126000
     ttcaccgtgt ctctgtttag tttctgtttc catgatctgt ccattgctga gagtggggtg    126060
     ttgaagtttc ctactattat tgtgtggggt gcaatgtgtg ctttgagctt tagtaaagtt    126120
     tcttttatga atgtgggtgt ccttgcattt ggagcataga tgttcagaat tgtgagttcc    126180
     tcttggtagg tttttccttt gaccattatg aagtgtcctt ccttatcttt ttttgataac    126240
     ttttggttga aagttgattt tattcgatat tagaatggct actccagctt gtttctttgg    126300
     accttttgct tggaaaattg ttttccaacc ttatactctg atgtagtgtg tatctttgtc    126360
     actgaggtgc atttcctgta tgcagcaaaa tgctgggtcc tgtttatgta tccagtctgt    126420
     tagtctatgt ctttttttgg ggggggggga attgagtcca ttgatattaa gagatattca    126480
     ggaaaagtga ttgttacttc ctgttatttt tgttgttaga ggtggaatta tgtttgtgtg    126540
     tccaacttct tttggatttg ttgaaagatt actttcttga ttttcctagg gtgtagtttc    126600
     ccttcttgtg ttgatgtttt ccatctatta gcttttgtag ggctggattt atggaaagat    126660
     attgtgtaaa tttggttttg tctcggaata tcttgttttc ttgttattta cggtaactgg    126720
     gagttttgct gggtatagca gcctgggctg gcatttgtgt tttcttaggg tctgtatgac    126780
     atctgtccag gatcttctag ctttcatagt ctctggtgta attctgatag gtctgccttt    126840
     atatgttact tgaccctttt cccttactgc ttttaatatt ctttgtttag tgcgtttggt    126900
     attttgatta ttatgtgatg ggaggaattt tttttctggt ccagtctatt tggagttctg    126960
     taggcttctt ttatgttcac gagcatctct ttgtttaggt tagggaagtt ttttctataa    127020
     ttttgttgaa gatattaact ggccctttaa gttgggaatc tttgctctct tctacaccta    127080
     ttatccttag gttttgtctt ctcattgtgt cctgatttcc tggacatttt gggttaggag    127140
     ctttttgctt tttgcatttt ctttgactat tgtgtcaatg ttttctatgg tatcttctgc    127200
     acctgggatt ctctcttcta tctcttgtat tctgttggtg atgcttgcat ctatgactcc    127260
     tgatctcttt cctaggtttt ctaactccag ggttgtctcc tattgtgatt tctttattat    127320
     tattattcta tttccatttt tagatcttgg atggttttgt tcatttcctt cacctgtttg    127380
     tgtttcctct ttaagggctt tgagctgttt acctgtgttc tcctatattt cttttttttt    127440
     tttttttttt ttttaagatt tatttattta tttatttatt tatttattct atgtaagtac    127500
     accttagctg tcttcagaca ccccagaaga gggagtcaga tctcgttacg gatggttgtg    127560
     agccaccatg tggttgctgg gattttgaac tcaggatctt cggaagagca gtcgggtgct    127620
     cttacctgct gagccatctc atcagcccct ctcctatatt tctttaaggg agttatttat    127680
     gtcctcattg tttaatattt caggtataaa gggaagtcct ctctcatcat catgaaaagt    127740
     gattttagat attaatcttt cttttctggt gtgatggtgt atccaggact tgctatggtg    127800
     ggagatctgg gttctgatga tgccaagtag ctttggtttc tgttgcttat gttcttatgc    127860
     ttgcctcccg ccatctgatt atctctagtg ctacctgccc ttgttatatc tgactggagc    127920
     ctgtcctttc tgagatcctg ggtgtgtcag agctcctggg agtcaagctg cctctagaac    127980
     cctgagatcc tggtgtgacc aagcacctgg gatccaagga tcctgtggtc ctgggcgtgt    128040
     tagagggact gggtgtggag cttcttctgg atgttgtggg actggctgca gagtttgtgc    128100
     ccaggttctg ctcagggcgc tggctcagat ggaaggaacc tgtgccactg gttgggtgga    128160
     gttcctggga acctggatcc tgctggtccc agttactcct ggtgttgggg cagatgttgt    128220
     gtcttcctca cctctgaacc tatggtcctg ggtgtgttag accccctggg agtggatctt    128280
     cttctgggtg ctgtgggact ggctgcagag tttgtgccca ggttctgctc agggcgctgg    128340
     ctcagacttc attccccttt aatatcatat attggaagtt taaaaaacaa aacaaaaata    128400
     atggaaccta ttacttggtt caagatctct ggcttgcaaa ttcagtagta attcccctgc    128460
     actctaacca ttatatctaa ccattctaat atctaaccat tctactctcc tcttcatcat    128520
     tccctcatag acctcccatt tctctgtcct aaatctcaag gatacctttt ctattcctct    128580
     ggacctccaa tgaggaaaca tctttgcctt tacctggact gacccagaca ggcacatttc    128640
     tacccaactc actaagatcg tcctacactg gggcctctgg gaaagcccat atttatttgg    128700
     tcaggttctt atctctgacc tactttcttt gtcacttcct aaatctaata catagatgac    128760
     cttctccttc atagtccatc cctgcaaatc agccagggag acacacctct ctgcccagcc    128820
     agggacatag ggtctcactc tctaaagtcc acttctccac ccctcagctt acttatctgg    128880
     gactagatat aactcttaca aagccattac cctaaataga aaacatctaa tttggttacc    128940
     cagagtccct accaccaagg acaaaattct atcactcctg gggatagctt gcttcttaca    129000
     ctcttgggtt ccctctttct ctcttctcac tcttatatga ggcagcccat gtcccctccc    129060
     atgaattcct acttgtgccc attaccaagc cctttcatag acatcaacag accctcctcc    129120
     aggctccagc tttatatctt tcagacttaa ttttcttctt catgtcactg aaatggaggg    129180
     atagggatgc tacacttacc tttcagccgt gtccattttt catcattaca aactgactca    129240
     agttactgac gtgactctct taaagtataa acaaatcatt tgcttctgct ggctcctgct    129300
     actttcatat ttggctccaa attctagagt ctgcctctcc agcagcttct tcccccaacc    129360
     ttctctaact atttgtctct ccttgcctac tcagtaaaga gatggctttt tctggctcct    129420
     ggagcttact ttgatctcca gagcctcacc atgtgggcaa ctctcaagtt actaaagaat    129480
     ttgctcctct ccctctacta gggcctttcc tgtttcctag gagctgccta ataagcccac    129540
     agcttcctta agcccttctg ggcctctgtg atcttgtctc cggctgatat tagcatcctc    129600
     aattttcaat gatgacaact tttatcactg tacaaacaaa tgatcaaaaa atcttttata    129660
     ttctaattaa ggatccatgt tatcccagat gggagatgag ggtcattggt aaacctgact    129720
     agctagcatt taccacagtc gcccattaag gcacactcta actatagagg gtacacattc    129780
     cactctcaac cctatagata gatagggtaa aaagaagtgg tccaaagctc ctcaaaggtc    129840
     ctcttatccc taataacaca cccctttagg tgatattgat cccaccatcc tttttttttt    129900
     tcccccagaa cttaacctct gcatatcagc tagatttact aataacagat agaggtgatc    129960
     tctgtctctt ccttggggag aagtgttgcc cttatgttac ccaattgagt atagtaaaag    130020
     ataagatcta acactccaaa cagatttcca aaaaatcata agaaaccatt ccatgtatct    130080
     ggccagtgaa tcattcacag tcccgtatag aattagacac tacccttcct cacccccttc    130140
     tcctcctttt cttaatcctg caaattatat cctgccttac aaacttctta tctaatctta    130200
     tccaacaaca aatacaaaag gtttctagac ttttaaccag ttgtaattac aggattactg    130260
     ggattattga tccttagcta cagagccgga gacttgtaac accaaattta tatcctcaga    130320
     gctatggcca aacttgcccc aagctcccca caaaacccca ccaatccctg agtccacccc    130380
     acctcccagc aagctcagga cttgaaatct caccaatcct caacctggaa gtctctgccc    130440
     tgaggagctc cacccctcag aaatcctata taagccttgc tgtttgttca gttccctgct    130500
     cccaggaaca gaggacagtc atccctgaat ttgtccttcc acaccctgga ccctccaata    130560
     aatctcttta tgagatttac tgcctggtgt gactctctca tcagaactga agccaagaag    130620
     aaaggaagca atgaagagaa gagaaggagc ggggctgagg ctcctgagct cagctgggga    130680
     tcccctcccc tgggagcgtc aatgcctctg ctgaggaggc ttcctcacag agctgtgtgg    130740
     atcctgggct ctgtgtctca ggatgccctt ctattaggac aacttttctt gcagaactgt    130800
     gtggttcctg ggcttcccag tcccaggata ccctcccatc cgagcagaaa cacgtacacc    130860
     ctgaactgtt gctgatttca atggctcccc tagaagaaca gatgaaggtc tctgtggtct    130920
     tcaaaaacca cataagggag acactcaaag atgcagaaac tgagcatcct ggggagaaga    130980
     aggtggggtc ctgccaaggt tcagctgaag tcctaagtgc cagagtctca ggagtgtgga    131040
     gtgtagagaa ccaggcagag ctggatttgg actggaagca gttctctgac ttggtgtgct    131100
     gcttgggaga tgtgttcatc tctgcaggct acagctggag gcaaggctct acttcctgca    131160
     gtatttgagt caacttactg gtgttatatc tgttagcaca acagtctgag gtcagatcag    131220
     aattgccctg gaagctcaga gagggaactt ctctcagccc tgaagattaa tatcatacat    131280
     ggggaagagt ttaagttctt tccccatcta gatctcctgt caactgcacc atggcaaaag    131340
     agctggcccc tttaaagatc aagctaactc tgggcagatt aaagtactag gggttgaacc    131400
     taagaccaca tgcatgctga gcaagtgact tccactgagc tacaggccca gatctctttt    131460
     tacttttaca ggactcactg tttggcagat aactttgaac ttgtgatact cccatcttac    131520
     cctctgaagt agctaaaatc acagacttgt gatctacaag gtccccgtag gaaatttttt    131580
     tccttcaaat tcatttcaat attccactaa cttactatta tgcagttgca tgtggtgtgg    131640
     acagaataag aactgatcaa tctgaggctg gggagatggc tccgttgaga aagggcttac    131700
     aacacaagca tgatgccctc agcttgatct tcagaaccac tataaaaagc tagactcatg    131760
     acacccaaat ataatcccag cactggagag gctgaggcag gtggatccct gaggcctgct    131820
     ggccaggcac accagcctaa ccagcaagcc ctatgtcaca gtgagagagc ctgtctcaaa    131880
     taaggtacat ggcttctgag gaatgacatc ctaattgaca tctggctgtg acacgcacac    131940
     acatatacat gtgcacactg tcacacactt ttgcattctc tctctctctc tctcacacac    132000
     acacacacac accacatgca cacacacaca ctcacacaca cacacaccac atgcacataa    132060
     tagaaatcaa cctgaccagt agacatattt acaatccatt ctgtaaatcc tgtgactgga    132120
     atgtttctta ttttattaaa actaagcagt agagcctttt ggtattcaat tcactgataa    132180
     cctatcccag ctgatgaata tgttcctaac taatagcaca aaataagtag catttcctta    132240
     cagtaacaat gttttataga agtaaaatca acttaaatgt gtaaccagca atccacggag    132300
     tgtgtacgga tggaggtgcg ctcctcgagt tgtactgaca ttccaaatat catatccttg    132360
     taagcccgta cagcaccaat attgaggagc taatctcaga tagagatctc agacaccaga    132420
     agtaactaag tcatgttctg acaaccatag aaagaaatag tcattaaacc caaaggcagt    132480
     tttgtgcccg ttagcagcta tgtgcctaca tgaagctggc agcatgcgtg ccccacctac    132540
     acacgctcac tgtctgatgg gaggtgagtg ccccctggtg gatacctgtg gataacacat    132600
     caattttcat tttagagcga agctgtgtgg cagaggccaa ctccgagcac tgataaagcc    132660
     acaggcttcc agagggagtg ggagatgggg gcagattatc cttgaagggc taatgttggg    132720
     ctaactgctg ccttctcaaa gaagccagag cagaactccc cttctcttca gagagaggaa    132780
     gacatcattt gtcaccatca ggtttcaatg cagaaaactg agaaggaggt gttcacccag    132840
     aaggaagggg ctcaggtggc acatataggg taaagagcag tatgttgaat gtgtgggacc    132900
     tcttaaatat gtcagcctat aacaataaca atactgtccc gtggaatttt agtgttgcct    132960
     gacccaggaa gatagggaca cgtgattggc atgcaaatca aatgctcaca gatgataaag    133020
     aactttcttg taaaacaatt atttgaaata tatatatata tatatatatg tgtgtgtgtg    133080
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtatatatt ttttttattg ccatatatta agaaggatgc agggtggaga    133140
     gatggctaag agcacttgct gatcttgcag aggacctgag gttggctagc aatagctcac    133200
     aacacctata actccaactc caggaagatt acttctgact tgcatgggta cctgcactca    133260
     tgcacacata ccaacatgca gacttcgcca ctggcacaca ctcatataca taatttaaaa    133320
     taaaatatgc tttaaataaa taactgaaag tgaaagccat tttgcaggct aatgagatat    133380
     gtatttgtcc aatacaacac aatccaaaga tgctctgatt tggccccacc tggcaggaga    133440
     gctgctctgg gaaatactaa gtctttaact taaatctgcc agtcacagca ccttgttcca    133500
     tagaagagga aaactgtcaa tacatcgaaa gcactacagg cacagcaaag gatagcttct    133560
     ggcttgagct gaggtgtgtc aggtagcact ggcaggtgtg gcatgacgtg agggtacatg    133620
     tacagcaaag cacagcatat cttcatgttg tatgtggctc tagtagtccc atgtgctgct    133680
     gtttgaccag ggagcaactg gtctctgaag gctcagtggt catggggctc tctgggcctt    133740
     gaaggcttgg ttccaagatg atgcctagaa cctggatgct ttttggtgga atcttggacc    133800
     ctctggggat ttttgtggtg tgtgttttct tgttttcagg cagcagggat tgaatatagg    133860
     gtcttccaca ggctagaagc gtcctgccaa tgagttcctg gaatgctctt tattgatggt    133920
     tactgtacac tgtcattcta tgttcttaca gtgcaggtgg gattcagggc ttctccctgc    133980
     ttccatattt atcatagcac aattcctcat agctaactgt acagtcaggc aggatgccta    134040
     ttgatggatg aatgggtaaa ggaaaggact gaaagtttta tctacttagc aactgaaatg    134100
     atatagatac agacattgat agattctgat gcatgtatca gtttttatgc atcggcttca    134160
     gttgtgtgta cgcatagata tactcattca tatacataca catatgacta gactcagaag    134220
     aaaaggaaat gaaagagtta agtcactgaa ctgtttaact tagaaaccct gaccatagaa    134280
     gctacacact ggatgcttca ttttctccca gcatgaggta tcctgccttc ccaggccact    134340
     gcacaaagag gttcaggtgt ggctcaacaa ccagtccaga gggcacatat gttaactttg    134400
     gaggcctcaa tgcactgcta attctgcagg tgcaccaaga gcaagggcta ccagccatga    134460
     aggtttccat ccagactcca tgagatgcac tgcccactgc ggcccaagaa gatgcttgtt    134520
     gcaggggtaa aggacaccac aaagagacct tacccagtca ccacctaggg accacaggac    134580
     caaggccacc acaaagtccc cattaaggcc tcaaactcca tattacccca ggctggcccc    134640
     aaacttgtaa ttcttctgag ccagtcttgc aacttctaag aaaacaggca tacaccacca    134700
     tatccagatt aggagcaaga gattttaaac aatggtagag aaataacaat caggtgatat    134760
     taggacatag tagtttagta ggagaaatat gtcatacata catatgcaca tacacacatg    134820
     tatactcata cacatgcaaa gttaaaataa cttataaaac actcttttaa aaaattaaaa    134880
     tcaaatttcc aaaatgactc taaatgtatc taccaggttc cttccctgcc cattgctcct    134940
     gattaccagg gccatcaccc cacctgcttg tgagctttgt tcatctgtac tgactaaatt    135000
     gaatcatata aatcatagac taaaacccag taatccaccc cagtgtaact gcacaagaga    135060
     aactggaaca ccatggcata ggttcacact ctcctggcaa cactggcact atgtgcttga    135120
     tgtgttcttt ggaaagatgt ccattaagtc tttgaacaat tttaatcaag ttatctgtta    135180
     tctggtttct gggctgtaca tattgcttat atattttgaa tagcaactct tgtctgattg    135240
     atagttttca acctttcccc tcattccttc agcccacttc ccactgtgcc cagtccctcc    135300
     acaggtagtt tggtagggaa aaaaatgagt gtggggtgtg tgtgtgcgtg cgtgtgtaca    135360
     tattgtgatg gtttgaatag atttgccccc catagactca tgtgtttgaa tgcttgacct    135420
     accaggaatg gcactactag gaggtttagc cttgttgaag taggtgtgac cttgttgaag    135480
     aaaatgtatc actgtggggg taagctttga gggtctccta ggcttaagct ctgcccattg    135540
     tagaactaca atctcctcct ggctgtctgt gggtcaagat gtaaaacact aagctccttc    135600
     tccagcacca tgtctgcctg caggctacca tgctccccac agggatgata atgaactaaa    135660
     cctctgaaat aataagccag ccccagttaa atgttttctt ttataagagt tgccttgatc    135720
     atggtgtctc tccacagcaa taaaacccta aggcgcacac acacacacac acacacacac    135780
     acacacacac acctatatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct    135840
     ctatatctat acctatatct atacctatac ctatacctat acctatatct atatctatat    135900
     ctatatctat atatctgcta cagagaaccc tgttttggta tcatgttcta gaaataatta    135960
     ccataaccac accacaaggt tctttgtttc tcataggatc ttacagggcc aggttttccc    136020
     ctcgaatgtc ctgccaggtg tagaaatgtc acgtgtgttc tctgttacac tgaagtgtct    136080
     tctttccata tcaaatttat tgcaaacttc aatcatggaa gaatgtctaa atttgaaaag    136140
     atgttttcta caaatattga ttctgtggtt tggtttttct tgcactttct atcacctctt    136200
     ctgatgtatg tgtagaaata tccttgcatc tctgggacaa gcccacatta gtcatgctgt    136260
     atgactcttc cagtgagttg ttgaattggg tttgctggta tttacttgag gacttctgca    136320
     cctctgtgcc tgtgtgtcat ttgttctcat tgcccccgtt tggctttggt atcaaggatt    136380
     ctgttaaagt gagagtggac gccttttgtc ttcttcagtt atgcgaatgc ttggggagga    136440
     aggcttttgg ttcttcatta aatgtttgga gaattcatct gtggagtaat atgattctgt    136500
     gcttcccatg gatgaagtat ctggggtgtt tgtttgtttg tttgtttaat gggctcagtc    136560
     atcttactca tggaaagtct gactctgttc agggcatgac aacttcatct agggcggctg    136620
     caaggagaaa agagagggga aattcgtttt aagtgccaaa ggctatgata aatctatgag    136680
     gcctttcaca tcaaaagcag cagctgtatg gactgccaca gctggcttcc tcatcaagag    136740
     cccctgaggt gcccagcagc tgctagaaga caatggcatt aaccataggg tcctcagtgg    136800
     attgggaaca actatgaagt ctgagggccc atgcagaata gctcctgtgg gtgtactaga    136860
     aaggcaggtc actggctcca ggggatcact ctgcctctct gatactggat accctcacct    136920
     ttcttatctg ttccccaata tcagcaagtg ccatcactat gccagtctta ctgttgtgat    136980
     ggcacttgct gatattgggg aacagataag gtgagagtat cccctttttg taagctctca    137040
     atcacactga caaaagatct tagaaacaca caagagaaac ttgaaacttg gaaactgagc    137100
     tgaggtagta atttgttttg taaaatgtta tgcaaccaaa tccttattct attaccttat    137160
     ccttattgac tgttattact gcagtcaaag ttttatagtt gagggactgg agagatggtt    137220
     tagcttgtaa gagggtctgc tatgcaagca tggagtttca gtcaagcagc cacagaacaa    137280
     gtcaggtgtg gacctatgca tctctaacct cagcagggac tgaaggatca ctgagactct    137340
     ctggctgcca gcctacccta aaaacctgaa ctcaggaaag aacctgaaaa aggaaacaag    137400
     accaagaatg ataagtgcct tcatgtggcc actaccacac tcacacctca cacacataca    137460
     cacacattca ccatacatat aatgtccatg ccaagtctta acaaagtttt taaaattact    137520
     attgaaattt tagagattta aatttataga tataaaactt tctttcaaac tacctcatga    137580
     acttacacta taagaatgga ggaaggattg taactatcaa ggttgactta aaacaaagta    137640
     gtactgccca gtcctaaagg tgggatattt gacactaaag ggcatccttt ctcttccagg    137700
     gctggctgct taccccagga aacaaatcct cagacagtaa gccctcaact ctgaaggaaa    137760
     atgtggcttt gtacacatca catggccttt atgacaagaa actgagccat gtgttagtag    137820
     ggtaacttcc aacgtctgta tccaacttga aagtttattg gaggggggac tatgagggct    137880
     attgggtggg gtaggattga aggttactgg gggtatgagg gttaccaggg gtatgaagat    137940
     tacaggcggg ggtgggggtg gggataatga aggctactag ggagataaag gttactcagg    138000
     agtatgaggg ttactgggga gtctgaaggt tattaggggt atgaagatta ctggggggga    138060
     tgcttgtatg cttgcaagct tcccactgca cagccatgtg gctaacagac ttcagcaaga    138120
     ggtgctttgg tgcttattac tttgttatca acacacggtg tgaaacccca gaaggtgctt    138180
     agtctacagc accacacacc tgattcaaca cctgcacttc tggactctgt tacctgactt    138240
     aataccgtca cctccctggt attcttcatt tgaaggctct tatctttata ggaattgttt    138300
     acctttttaa cataatcgta aaatacctac tctgctaaag gctcttaaca tgaattagac    138360
     ataatctctt gagttaagag tccagactat tagaaattat tgtaaaggcc aatagtttga    138420
     atctcatatg tgagttcaag atcctccaaa gtgtccttac atctggtctc tcagacccct    138480
     cacctctagg aacttccctt gcctttggat gttctgagcc tttgttacaa cacagattct    138540
     agaaccttca taggccatat accccataca tccgatcaac ctaagccaca tatttcctgg    138600
     gaggccttct gcacctttgt ctatgaggat ctccctgata ctcagggtct catagctcag    138660
     ggatagtggc ctttcaacgc ttgttttatc ttgagctctc tctgacaaaa gagtccagat    138720
     gacgtgggac ttactggaga caataaccgg aagatggcag atctcggtaa gatccagctt    138780
     tctctctgga attttcttga tacctactct ctcaagagca gagtcttgag ggcattaaca    138840
     gaactggctt gctctcctac ctagtttcct ctcgaatcta cttccattct ttcattccga    138900
     ctgattcctc tgagaagcta agggaaagtt gcccatggtc acctcagctc tagagcaatc    138960
     ttctccttag gtttctgcca tagctccctc ccccaccatc cttcccataa cattgttcac    139020
     tcgactatct gcctcagcgc tgagaaatga caacttcatc ccttttgccc catacccggg    139080
     atgaccgcat tttccaaatg ccccctcaca gactattttg gacttgagca aagggaccgc    139140
     tgctttcagg gacttcctct gagctcacca tctaagctta tattactttg accagagttt    139200
     ctcgatctca tgatggagac gggctgttga ctacagtccc agcaaatctc tgaaggtgga    139260
     tttggcagca gaatttcctc acattgccaa gtatctataa agccccagaa gacatatgtt    139320
     ctttcggctg attggaggtg tgtgctcaca atgtaatgtg gatgccacta gtgctttttg    139380
     aaagtagcct tgatcacaga atactgtact tccttggtca ttcagaattt attattctcc    139440
     agcatttcca ctgtcacagg tttgtagctg ctaggattgt tatcttcatt gtctgttctg    139500
     ccctacctta aatatcaact acagatgaat catatagaca gacagacagt cctagtgtgg    139560
     attatctctc agtctctgtg acaaacttca caaaaatata gaagttcaaa tgttttttgc    139620
     tcacccctca gagaacggtt tttgccagac cactgatctc tccaaccttc tcctgccaga    139680
     gggcaggggt tccagagaga agcacacctc tcagattacc cactttaaag caagggttat    139740
     agcagccacg gtggttctta gtataaaacg aagagagcga gtatcagagc taaaactgag    139800
     ctggaacggg aaagacagaa acatgaggaa gataaatcca gatgtggggc ttgctgtgca    139860
     gcttgtaatc ctgtacatga aaggcagagg cagaatcggg aatcaacacc agcctcagtt    139920
     acatagtgag ctcaaagcca gtctgggcta tggccaccta caggcaacaa tatcaattaa    139980
     ggagttgagg aagaaggatt cagggacaga atgaacggtg tgatggtagc agttgtcctg    140040
     ttgatgacat ggctcaatgt cttaagggtt tttctttctt atttcagaaa tagttttggc    140100
     tgtcatcctg actgtattgg cccttgctat tctgactatt ctgatagcaa gatggtcacg    140160
     tcgtaggaac aatggtgagt aaccatggca actcgactcc ccagaaaagt ctcacaggga    140220
     gggaagacaa gatgaggctt gagtctgtct ctacttacaa gataactaca gactttgcca    140280
     gagtgctcag agatcttttc cacgaggtga ctctgctcac agtgtgaaac tctaaagctc    140340
     tctcagcaca gacgacagca atatcagcat tagcaagtga aataagaata cttgaagaca    140400
     aaatctatct ctgctccaaa ggaaacagtt ctagtctgaa aatgtgggaa aacaagatgc    140460
     tggcagaagc aagcatctag caatatggaa acagaaccca gggcatggga ctggtgcctg    140520
     ccagagggat gggacagggc tcagagaatt atggtccctt tccacagaat cctcctcaat    140580
     atccatcccg tgtgccccag atttcttctc agtgcctgtg aaccctcaga gagaatacag    140640
     gatagcacgg cagtgccaaa tagatatgct aagctcctgt caggaagact ggcttggggc    140700
     ctaggtttag agtacagaaa gttgggtcaa gaagaatacc tctctcaaat agctaacaga    140760
     aacatttgct tcacccttcc acaggggcag ggatgtccag attcgcttca gaacagagtg    140820
     agtacctgat ggcaagagca tcgaagcact tagcgctcat gggttctttg catatggctg    140880
     gctcccaacg tacttccaga acttgatagg atatgtcata ccagccgggc gtggtggtgc    140940
     aggcctttaa tcccagaact tgggaggcag aggcaggcgg atttctgagt tcaaggccgg    141000
     cctggtctac agagtgagtt ccaggacagc caaggctaca cagagaaacc ctatctcaaa    141060
     caaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa caaaacaaac aagatgtcat    141120
     accatgagct acactttggt cagagatcca gattagatta gtcgtgtgtg ggtgcgtgtg    141180
     atcctgtggc tcctcttggc agcagcaaag acaacaagcc ttgggatcag caggtccctt    141240
     gggcattaga ccttaaggtt caggggaagg tgcaagtctt actgtgaaga gagcctccat    141300
     acggcagctg gacagaaggt tctaatagtc aggaatagtg agagttggga cagcgaagat    141360
     ttccctgatg gagagggaaa aacagtcacg tctctgagag ctggcccagg actggtgcgt    141420
     gggaagagga agctgggtga tgtggtgaga gcaccccctc ttggtcaccc gacttagcca    141480
     attttctaaa ctgtttcttc acagttaaac cacatcccta gaaattcctg cttacattaa    141540
     ctcttagatg tgtaggtaga ttcccattga ccatcaagaa agttcaccag tcacgaagtt    141600
     ctttctcctt tctccctagg tgccgggctt ctggaccatg aggatggtag ggacagagag    141660
     atcagggtct acagactagt catgaagaat gtgttcctta gggaatagtg gcttctctct    141720
     ttcagctcta agtgtacaag cagcacaaaa tctgctgtta cgcctccaac tgcctttccc    141780
     taggctcagg cgtatgcaat gcaaaaacag ttgtacactt ttcccaaagg ggtgaacatt    141840
     tctcttaaga tcactgaaat aatttccatt cttgtttatt ctcaccccaa aaatcttata    141900
     aaacccttta tgaaacagtt ttacaaatgt ttgaaacggt gcaaaagaga ctggagagat    141960
     ggctcagtga ttaagaacac tggctgctct tccagagaag tcaggtttaa ttcctaccac    142020
     ccacatggca ggtcacagcc atccatatct ccaattccaa aggatccaac accattttgt    142080
     aacttccatg gacactgcta gcacataatg catgtaggca aaacacctgc cccatacact    142140
     aaaagtaatt ttaaatgaat aaatacatat tttatagact gtcatgaagg ctaaatagca    142200
     tattgaaaga tactttgaaa gctacaaaat aaaacatggg acacacaaaa tttgtgatcc    142260
     caattttaga aaatgaagtt gataatttaa acagctgatg cttgtgcacg ctcagctcgc    142320
     tcagctgcta acagggaagc cgagccctgt gctgaggctc gaaactccag tgttcaccca    142380
     cgtgacttaa gattaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gacagttgat tgccaaattt caatatttag    142440
     cattatctat ggttagttat ccaccaaatt aagacatgta gtctggcatg agtgtagagt    142500
     aattacaatg gtaatttgat gagactccag ggcactgagg tttcctgcat ggactcattt    142560
     actgtcccac agatgtcctt ctctctgaca ctccaacatt cccactgttc tccctcaaac    142620
     ctttttccaa gtggctatct atggatgtac ccagggctca ctatcccaac agtcacatct    142680
     cattaagagc cactagactt gcttatcatt cctgtttgaa ggtcaatcta taactaaagg    142740
     aacatgaagc tatggattgt agaaacaaac caaacaaaca cactcacaca cacacacaca    142800
     caccccacac cacaaaccac ccccccaaga gtggtggaaa gtctggtaac tcagtttgct    142860
     gcatgtaccc tccatttatg ttcactgccc ctttctctcc atctctatga tctgtaacat    142920
     gcaagagtga agagcaaaga ccttctggat cctctttctt ttctgaaatt aagggtgaag    142980
     cgataggaac actgggaaat tgataataat gatgtaatga tgtggtcttg tggtaaattt    143040
     acatcctgat gagatattga taactcagtc tcctttctct ttctttcata aaaggtattt    143100
     cccatgggag acacaaaaga cgaggtaaac agtttcgttt cctatgcagg actggcagtg    143160
     ttatcaatga ggaccctcac tgtgtctcct ttcctttagg atctcgttgc tcgttttcat    143220
     cagatagcgg taaataaatt aaatagtggc ttgttaagaa attaatatat acgtctgttt    143280
     agaagatgtt aagaacctta cattttcctt cactcctcca gacatttcat gagatgactg    143340
     aggtaagtat atttatggtc aagttagagt gggctcagtc cttctccttc taccatgagc    143400
     gtctgtaagg cccatgtgtt acttatcctg tgataaaaca gccgaaggaa agaaacacgt    143460
     ttaaaagaaa gaacttaggc ttgtctgctg actcagatgt cccagcccat ggagccttga    143520
     tccagttgct ttgacgctgt ggcaaaggaa gcacacttcg acaggcgctt gttgggactg    143580
     cccacagaaa gcacagaata ttcacttcca tggcaatccc tggtgcaaag ccattaatcc    143640
     acaggtttac aaacaaatca atccagtcat gagatgagag tgttcctgtt ctaattgcct    143700
     cccaaagacc ctactcctgg acgctgcact gggagccaag tctccaaagt ggccttctgg    143760
     agtaccacag gctcatgcac atcctgcagt ataaaataca cctcgctctt ctccaagact    143820
     tcctaaagtc tcaatgcttc cagaacagga caaacactca agtcacaagt ttcctctgag    143880
     acctgaggca aattctccgc tccgggcatc ttcaaaatat cagaccaaac aattcacata    143940
     gctcccagat gcaccagcat ggggcaaata ttcttattcc aaaagggaga agtgaagcag    144000
     ctgaaggaca cctagactga agccggtcca gcagagcaag ctgagtccct gagttcatat    144060
     cacactccag tgcacagtag cacagtcctg gccttctgaa tccccacacc acctctgctg    144120
     tctgcagccc acttaggtct tcctcaggac tgattccacc tcactatggc ttccttcagc    144180
     aggtgttcca tattcttgac actgccaact tcttagggtc ccctcaatgt atcttttatt    144240
     tctctttcac ctactcacac ttgcttacac gcaggagtaa aacctgtaag caattactct    144300
     gtgacccaca ccagagcttt cagaacctcc ttagaccatg agtcttggta gaagcttcta    144360
     tggctatgta actcttacat tctatatact tgcaagccag catcacacag atgctatggg    144420
     aacagtagga ggaccaccac tctcccttgg accattattt tggtggccca tgagtccctg    144480
     ggttgttgac tgagaaacta atccccaagc agccctgaga gtcttacaaa ctcaaagtct    144540
     gatacttttg accttgccat gggcaaagtc tacaaacttc atactgtcct gacacaatgt    144600
     agccagcttc tttgtaagga gcctgatctc tctaactttc aagcaattct gttctggcca    144660
     aagaatactt ttcaaatctt cccactgttt tccacttaca attcccacca taacgctgcc    144720
     tacagcagcc acaaatagcc ttgccagcac ctgaagagta cagggccttg aaaatcccaa    144780
     atcaactcag cctcgtccat tcactgtaaa atagaaggtc aagagaacaa tccccaggag    144840
     aattctaatt actgcctaaa accatcttta ctgcctagag tcctgtcagc atctggtctg    144900
     agcacaggca cagctgcccc aaaagttctg tttacagcat ctacatgatc accacattgg    144960
     ttgactggaa agataagctg ccagacaatg ttccacagac tccatcaaga atatttctcc    145020
     taggccattt cagatacctt ccctggggct cttgaaacag accctctgaa tggctcacca    145080
     agtgtctccc aaagggcaga atctggaagc agctcctgtt agaaggagaa aagaatcagc    145140
     tatttgcaaa attcatcaaa agtccaggcc cacacacaag tgaattgacc ttacatttca    145200
     tagagaatga atcccattct ctcaaactca aagtactggt gagaagggga tgctttacta    145260
     ctcaacagtc ccagagcagt ggtacatgga taccaaagcc aggcagaagc accagaagaa    145320
     aataccagct acaccaccaa agaaccaggt gcaaaaacaa tggatgaaat ataagcagac    145380
     caaattatgt atttcaaaaa caagtcattt gccatgatca atagggaatt acttctgcat    145440
     tcaaaccaat atgagataga aaatgaagga attaagtcat aggaccactt tgagatttgt    145500
     agaaaaggca tttgcaaagt ccaccattct tctgtgatta aggcatttgc aaattccacc    145560
     attaatgaat taggtgcata attaatgaag cacctaactg acacttgtaa agatcatgtc    145620
     atattccagg gtggaaaact gagtcttttc ctctatagtc aagaatgagg caagtccgct    145680
     ctccaccccc tctactcctt gcatatcatg aatcatagag gtggagagaa aggggcaggg    145740
     aacacaaatg gagggtacat gcagcaaact gagtgatcag attttcctca actcctgggg    145800
     gtttgtggtg tatgtgtgtg catgtatgtg tgcatgtgtt tgtttgcttc tacaatccat    145860
     agtttcatga ttctttagtt ataggttggt tggtgtatcc agttaagtgg cttcaaacag    145920
     gaatgataag caagtctagt ggctcttaat gagatctgga tttgactcat tattaggatt    145980
     tgactctcat gttaggagag tgagccccgg gcacatccat aggcagccac tcggagaaag    146040
     ctagtaaaac cctaactaag acaggctggg taagagagga cctcagctga gaagatgcct    146100
     cagctggagg cagcctgcaa tgtgctttat tagttgatga ttaatgtgga aaggctcagt    146160
     ctactgagga tgtgccaccc cttggtagat agtcatgggt ataagaattg atagtgagcc    146220
     ctaaggagca agaagttagc agtgttcctc catggctagt gcttaaattc ttgcctccag    146280
     gttgcttccc tgtctgagtt cctgccctga cttttctcac aggtagactg tgggtttggc    146340
     atggagtgta taacaaaata ataaaagact atgaatttga gaaacaataa atgggcaatt    146400
     catataaata atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatat gtatataaaa    146460
     tgtcaacatc aaaaattata aaagatcatg aatttgagga gtgggcaaga tgtggaagga    146520
     gttgtaggaa agagatgcag ggggaaaatt atttaaatac aatattcata tatgaaattc    146580
     tcaacaaata agcttacaat taaaaataaa taaatttatg caaacatatt tgtattagtt    146640
     agggtcttac tgctgtgtac agacactatg accaaggaaa gtcttaaaag catttaattg    146700
     gagctggctt acaggttcag aggttcagtc cattgggagc atagcagcat ctagacaggc    146760
     atggtgcagg cagagaagaa agttctacat cttcatctga aggctgctag tggaagactg    146820
     acttccagac agcaaggagg aggctcttaa gcccatgccc atagtaacac acccactcca    146880
     aaatggccac acctcctaat agtgccattc cctgtgccaa gcttaaagca tcacattcca    146940
     ctcctggccc ccataggctg ttcaaacata tgtctatgtg ggccatacct aaacatagca    147000
     taatgcaaaa tacatttagt ccaacttcga aaggccccca tagtctatag cagtcttaac    147060
     aaagtccaaa attcaaagtc tcttctgaga ttcatctaat cacttaactg taatccccaa    147120
     agcaagacag aaaatcagct gggcaaactc cagacttttg catctccatg gctgatgtca    147180
     aagcatgttc agatctccaa ctcctttttc atctttgttg actgcaacaa acttctttct    147240
     cctgggctgg ttccactctc tgttagcagc tttcctcagc agatagccca cagctctggc    147300
     atctcaaaca tcttggggcc tccagtgcaa cttcaacatt acagcttctt atttcaatgt    147360
     ctgggatcca cacatgatct tctgggctcc tccaaagggc tggtatcatt tctccagctc    147420
     tgccctctgt agcactctaa gctcaggttg attcacccca ctgttgctgt tgttgagagt    147480
     gtgacctttt ttgagacttt ctttgtcaat gcaattacta tacacctctt tagcttagcc    147540
     acaggtagac tcttcaccaa agcagccaca ttcttcacca aaataccaca aaaacagtct    147600
     cttggccacg tgttaaaatt attcttctct gaaacctcta gaaccaagct tctaccgttc    147660
     aaatcaccct cagcaacaaa gtgttccata ttcctactag gataggccat caacctcccc    147720
     ctccttaaag cattccatgg ctttccaaat ccaaagtccc aaaatccaca ttcttccaaa    147780
     caaaagcatg gtcaggccta tcacagcaat accccagtcc ctggcaccaa cttgtgtctt    147840
     agttagggtt ttactgctgt gaacagacac catgaccaag gcaagtctta taaagggatg    147900
     acatttaatc aaagctccct tacagactca gaggttcagt ccattatcat caaggcagga    147960
     acatggcagc atccaggcag gcatggtgca agaggagctg agagttctac atcttcatcc    148020
     aaaggctgct agtggaagac tgactttcag acagctagga ggagggtctt aagcctatgc    148080
     ccacagaaac acacctactc caacaaggtc acacctaata gtgcctctcc ctgggccaag    148140
     catatatatc aaaatattag ataggcaatt atgagagacc aggggcaaag gaacaggcaa    148200
     tgctagttaa aggcaaactt gacattctag tgagagtaca ccctgaagag ctaatgacag    148260
     ggtaattaat atatgcttgc aattcactca gtgaatggat tgaaagtatt ctcatcatga    148320
     caaggaaaat aatctgtgaa gtgattagca aacttgtttg ctttaatatg gtgattgttt    148380
     tgcaatgttt atatcaaacc agtgtttggg gtgtaattgt caatgttaca taatcttatg    148440
     ccaatatcac cccaacacag gtagaagaag aaaataccat cagattacta gagggaagcc    148500
     cctgcacccc attccagatc acacaaacac taaacactaa acactaaaag tgctttcctt    148560
     tcattaatcc ggggtacaga tccctgaaaa ttgattgcac tgtggtatga tttggacaat    148620
     gaagttacaa gtgttcaaag aagtacgggc attatctggt ggtgtctctg tggctcttag    148680
     ttcttgggga ctcaccttct cggtgacaat catgcctcct cagaacacag ccagccagtg    148740
     ggtgtaactt taattttttc aaatcttact tttaaggatg gttcttaaat gtcccttgta    148800
     ggacaccacc catcagaggt agtggaaaag aaaggatacc agggggtagg gggaggaggg    148860
     gaagtggacc tgtgtagaaa ggttctttgg agcaactcct cccatcagtg ttgtctggaa    148920
     ctcagcagtt cagttcacag atcagcagca gcagcttgat ccactcacaa acacttccca    148980
     gatacaccag cagtccaaat cagttgagtc aggatggcaa acaaaaacca ccagcagtgg    149040
     tactacctag cagagacagc caggcctctg tgagtcagca agagggacca gggccaacag    149100
     gaatgccagg aaaagcaaga aacaaagtct tacagcaaca gcatttatct actgaaaatt    149160
     aaactcttta aagggtggaa tggaaagcaa tagctggccc aagaaggaca ctaccagggc    149220
     tgcctccctg ggctctcagt ccctgagaat gagtgacaat agcagagcct gacaggcaaa    149280
     ggttgggagc ccaaatctga ggactggact cttgattttc tgtttatgtg ttttagggcc    149340
     atcttctggt tctgtgggag gaaagtcagt cagtcatcac tccctgggtg agtgttctat    149400
     ggcttgcttt tagttctgcc attttttgtt ttgcaagcct taatgtttca aatacttgct    149460
     gctgctgttg tttttaccca agtctccacc ccggggcctt ccttttctgt gtcatgtttg    149520
     gctttgccgt ttggctggat ttgtttttta tccttaaatt tgtataacac attctctcca    149580
     gttattgctt tttcaaagaa tggagacaat caatattttc tactagacag taacctttca    149640
     ttggccatct cccaaaaggc tttcttccca ctccaatggc tgtggacaat taataatgtt    149700
     aaatccacat aaacaaacaa acaaacaaag aagcaaaaac agaacctttg tgttgcaatg    149760
     tctgccatag tctttctcct ttctcaacca taattggcct ctacatctca catgtgagtg    149820
     gctgtttccc caaccttttc tatgattgat atcttcaggg gaagctcctc gccatcctga    149880
     gtgtccccta tttgtcactt ctggcagtga taagtgactt ctacaccaca atcagaggat    149940
     tgcacctaac tgcaaggctt gactgtgtac atttctgtgg ctgtaacaaa ttaccccagc    150000
     tttctggctt aacacaagtc taccaagctt catgccatct agtcttctgc ctttgcacgt    150060
     accttcctct gtcttatctg ttgccctctt tttgtttata aacacagcta ggtcatgctt    150120
     gaaaatagaa gagtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtacacct gcctctcata caaggactcg    150180
     aagggcggtt atagacaaaa tgcacaaccg cagatctctt tccagacagt tcagtgcagc    150240
     aggaataaag cccaggcttg tgcaggagtc ggtacaagtc agtgctatat gctaggagtt    150300
     taaaagtctt agcaaagaca ggtcactgtg gaagcacaaa ataattccct taacagttta    150360
     ttcagaacaa ttctgagaca gcctgacctc tgtctatgca ctgaccccca ctccattaat    150420
     agcatcacag gtcacagggg ttgttggggc acagaaacct tcacgggggg tattgttctg    150480
     cttaacacac acacacacgt gcaagaaggg aggaattttt ttgatgaatc tcttggttag    150540
     ggatactgtt tggtgaaacc ccaagaccaa agtcaaccag ggaaggaagg aaacagtttc    150600
     tttggcttac atttccacat tgtaatccaa tactgaagga agtcaggaca tgaactgaag    150660
     cagggcaaga acctggagtc aggagctgat acagatggca ttagagggtg ctgcttactg    150720
     gcttgctccc catggcttgc tcagcctcct ttcttacaga acccaggaca accagaccag    150780
     gtagcaccac ccacactggg cttggccctc ctccaacaat caagcttgtc tacatcagat    150840
     cttctggagg catttcctca actgaggctg cctcctccat actaactcta gctaaagtca    150900
     atataacata aaactatcca gcacatactc ttaagatcaa ttccatcacc aaaataaaca    150960
     aagtcttaca gcaacagcat ttgtctgctg aaaattaagc cctttaaagg gtggaatgga    151020
     aagcaatagc tagcccaagg acactagcca gtgctgtctc cctgggctgg ccctcagccc    151080
     ctgagaatga gtgacagtaa cagaacctga cagtcaaagg ttggaagccc aaatttgagg    151140
     actggcctct tgattttctg tttatgtttt agggccaact ggtgtttcta taggaggaaa    151200
     gtcagtcagt caccactccc tgggtgagtg ccccatgctt gcttttaatt ctgccatttt    151260
     ctgacttaca tgccttaatg ttccaaatac ttgttgtttg gtttttcttc tttttaagtt    151320
     tttttttaag ataaggcaca aattaattaa cacacattga gtgcacactt tcaatgtata    151380
     aacacatctt cagtgtatgt acacactcaa ttttaaactc aacatcactg tgtgtataga    151440
     cattcctatg tgaacccacc ttcattgtgc caattgataa atctttgtcc tatttctcaa    151500
     gcatagataa tgctgaaatt ctttcttttg tccccattac agatcctttg ccctaacctt    151560
     tctcaaagac ttataagtga attatggtct ttaatgtcta cttgcaatat ttatacattc    151620
     tcactgaatg caatatatca ttctttatct tataattttt actgaagtgc tgtctctttt    151680
     aaggcatcat tacaattttc atcttcctca aaactttaat attaaaatat acagaaaggt    151740
     gacttatgca cctcagttga ggaataaaat cacaatttat aaatatatag ttttttctaa    151800
     tctttttctt actgatgcat tctcagtata tcccccagtt ctatgttttc tctttactag    151860
     cacccctcca aattcctcag aagacaatcc ctgtaacata gtcagtcctt tcaagtctgt    151920
     gatttccttg gtatcacaaa cctactgtct tgagttgcgt cttatcatta tataggttac    151980
     atttctacat aaaaaccttg ctccaaatga tttccaaatt tgcttctggg ggttattttg    152040
     gaaataatat gtgtgcaggg gtctcatttc tcttcttatt caaaaaccaa ctgttctgtt    152100
     ggatctgtta acccaagtct ctgccccagg gccttccttt acttgtcatg tttggctttg    152160
     ctgtttggct ggatttgttt tttatcctta aatttgtata acacattccc tctggttatt    152220
     gttattttta aagatggaga caatcagtat tttctactaa acagtaacct ttcattggcc    152280
     atctcccaaa aggctttctt cccactccaa tggctgtgga aattgctctg ttaataatat    152340
     taaatacaca cacaaacaca cacacacaaa caaaagccca cagaaatacc tctgtgcttt    152400
     attgtctgcc atagtctttc ttctttctca accacaattg gcctctaaat ctcacatgtg    152460
     agtggctgtt ttttccaaac ttttctgtgg ctgaaagtat tagacttcaa acttggtctc    152520
     atgagtttca ctggaggatg gaaaattatt ttattttagc acacagctag accacactgg    152580
     aaaatagtga tgttttgttt tgatttgatt tgatatgata tgttggtcta cctgcctctt    152640
     atacaaggac tcaaaaggct cttatagaca aagtgtacaa acacagatct ctttccagac    152700
     agttcaatgc agcaggaata aagcccaggc ttgtgtagga gttggtacaa gtcagtgctg    152760
     acatggaggg tatgctagga gttaaaacat cctaggacag ccaggtcact gcagaagcac    152820
     aaaatgatcc gcttaaactt ttgtttccat caacacaatt tggacaatcc caaggagagc    152880
     ctgacctcca tctgtgcaca gacccctctt ccattgacag catcacaggt ctcaggggtt    152940
     gggcacagaa accttcaggg gggggctatt attctgttta atacagagag agagagagag    153000
     agagagagag agagcgcaat gccagagggg agaaaagaaa tttgtttggt gaatcgcttg    153060
     gttacagtta atgttgctat gatgaaaccc caagacccaa gttgtcttag tcagggtttc    153120
     tattgctgca caaagcatca tgaccaagaa acaagttggg aaagaaaggg tttgtgcagc    153180
     ttacacttcc acactgctat ttatcaccaa aagaagtcag aactggaact catgcaggtc    153240
     agaaagcaag agctgatgca gaggccatgg agggatgtta cttactggct tgcttctctt    153300
     ggcttgctca gcttgctttc ttatagagtc caggactatc agcccaggga tggcaccacc    153360
     cacaatgggc cctcccccct tgattactaa ttgagaaaat gccttacagc tgggtttcat    153420
     ggaggcacct cctcaactga agctcctttc tctgtgataa ctccagccta tgtcaagttg    153480
     acacaaaacc agccagtaca attgacccct tgtcaacttg acacacaaac acatcgctat    153540
     taagcctcaa cccttacttt cttattcatt cccaagatct aaataacttt aaaagtccca    153600
     cagtctttgc aaattcttat atattaaaat ttctatcccc ttaaaatatc caatctcttt    153660
     taaaatccaa agtcttttta caattaaaag tcttttaact gtgggctcca ctaaaatact    153720
     ttcttccttc aagagggaaa aatatcaggg cacagacaca atcaaaaaga aaatcaaact    153780
     ccaactatcc aatgtctggg atccactcac gatcttctgg attcctccaa ggacttgggt    153840
     cacttctcca gccctgccct ttgtagcaca caccttgtct tctaggctcc agctgcctgt    153900
     actctactgc tgctgttgtt cttggtggcc atttcatgct actagcatct ccaaaacact    153960
     tccattaggc ttcaccaata gcctctcata ggctctcttc atggtgccaa gcctcaactc    154020
     ctttgtataa ccccttcggt cctggaccat caattgcagc tgaggctgca ccttcaccag    154080
     tggccttctg tggcctctca cactgacaag cctcagctgc tcttcacaac ctcttcatgc    154140
     ttcaaaacca gtaccacctg ggtgactctt acacattacc aagttcccct gcagcatgag    154200
     gtataacctt ggctatctca ggcacacagc ttctttgtcc tctcagaaaa cacttcccag    154260
     aagatttcac ttcaatgatg ctggtctctt cttaatctcc actaatttct tagctccagc    154320
     taaccagcat caatagtccc agtaatgcaa aggtttcgct ttagtagttc tggtaacttg    154380
     ttaatcacag ctgattcttc agccccagct aaccaaaacc acagaatctt cacaatcaaa    154440
     ataacaacag ccccaataaa agtctttaat cttccctctg aaatttcaca agccaggcct    154500
     ccattttctg tactgttctc gacattatct tccaacctcc tacacaacat cccacagaga    154560
     tcttaacatc cctatggatc ttctagctca aagttccaaa gtctttccac agtcctcccc    154620
     aaaacatggt caggttgtca caggaatacc cccactatgc tggcaccaat ttgtcttagt    154680
     caggatttct attcctgcac aaaacattat taccaagaaa caagttggga aggaaagggt    154740
     ctgttcagct tacacttcca cactgctgtt catcaccaaa agaagtcagg actggaactc    154800
     aagcaggtca ggaagcagga gctgatgcag aggccatgga gggatgttac ttactggctt    154860
     gcttcccctg ccttgctcag cttgctttct tatagagtcc aggactatca gcccagggat    154920
     ggcactaccc acaaagagcc ctctcaccct ggatctctaa ttgagaaaat gccttacagc    154980
     tggatctcat gggggcattt ccccaactga agcccctttc tctgtgataa ctccagcttg    155040
     tgtcaagttg acacacaaaa ccaaccaata caatgttcat catcgaagga agtcaggaga    155100
     ggaacttaag caggacagga acctggaggc aggagctgat gtagaggcca tggaggggct    155160
     ctgcttactg gcttgctcag cctgcttgct tatagaaccc aggaatggca ccacccacaa    155220
     tgggttgggc tctcccttca ttgatcacta attcaggaag tgcccgatag ccagatctta    155280
     tggaagcatt ttctcagatt tggttaccat ctttgagata actctagctt gtttcaagtt    155340
     gaggtaagac tagcctcaca gtgaacaggt agtccctgca gaacttcaga acttccccag    155400
     gcttcactaa ccccttgact gagttcattc tctgttcact catgtgaaca aagaattatt    155460
     ttctgtattt gtttgctcta ttttgttctt tttcaaaatg tctgatcttt actctgtgga    155520
     ttctagtcct tctcagtact gccagtgttc ctcaggaaac acactagtgc ctagggctat    155580
     acctggaggg tggtccagag ataccagctc accacactcc ccacaaccac cgtcagaaaa    155640
     tgggttgtga ctctttccta cagccttgct tcaaggcaac gttcacagag tctgagcgct    155700
     ctgtcagtca gtgagacact cactctggtt ttgttttttg tttttttgtt ttttgttttt    155760
     aatttcagga ctgagcagat ccaatcctgg taagtcgctt cacttttctt ctgctctgcc    155820
     aatagtcagc cccttggtca tcacaaggcc acatccctga accatcacac ctcctccaga    155880
     agcttagcag aaactcaagt tccacatttc ttggttcact ataaacagac accccaatac    155940
     tctttgtcct tatttaagtc ttagtcaaat atcatgtcag gaaacacata gatttccaaa    156000
     tctgcataac aagggcagaa aaatatagga ggtgagggaa ttcaatgaga acaggggatg    156060
     cagcatgagt gacttagtgt catgtgtctg tgggggagtg aaaagttctg tgtgactgac    156120
     agcaccaact ctcccaaaga tgcctccaag tcaggctggc agcaatgaaa cagtgctgca    156180
     actggcattg tttgggaatt gattctctct ggacttcttg tttacacaca cacacacaca    156240
     cacacacaca catacataca cacattcaca catacacaca catacacaca tacacacaca    156300
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacactgaag gtatgaggca gctctccaga    156360
     atcatgagct atgagtccta tcaccctggc ttattggaga acaggctcat gcacaggaat    156420
     acacagcttt tgagcctaat gagtaagccc tttaagatgg cagtcagcaa gaccagtagc    156480
     tgttgttgat ggaggggtaa gagcaggaga ggcagggtca caaagggacc aggtagagag    156540
     atggcactgt gcctcctgga caatggaaag ccttcaggtg tagctcctga gaagattctg    156600
     gggatgtagg tgcagtgtgt gaaccactta attagggttt tactgctgtg aacagatacc    156660
     atgaccaaga caactctttt tttttccccc aagacaactc ttataaggac aacatttaac    156720
     tggggctggc ttataggttc agaggttcag tccattacca tcaaggcagg aacatgacag    156780
     catccaggca ggcatggtgc aggaggagct gagagttcta catctttatc tgaaggctgc    156840
     taggagaata ctggcttcca gagagttagg actagagtct taaagcccac actcacagtg    156900
     acatacctac tccaacaagg ccacacttcc taatagtggc acactctggg acaatcatat    156960
     acaagccatc acaaccactg tctagactaa ctcaattttt tttctttttt ctactcttct    157020
     tcagctataa accaaggacc acaaagtgag tttttttcta ttttcacaat cttatatcat    157080
     taaatatatg ttattaacta tagagctacc atacaatact gtaaggaccc agcaatcact    157140
     tctcctctcc tgttctgtga tcaccaaatg agagggctgt ccagctatca aagcaaggta    157200
     gtgtcaagac actgtcgcaa taagtattcc cctaactgtg gtaccctcgg gaaggggatc    157260
     ccaaacctat gttcttaaga acttagtcct gaccaggcag agagatggtg ctgtgcctac    157320
     tgggcaatgg aagacctagt gtatcctggg agattctcct gatagattcg ggggtaaagg    157380
     tgcaatgtgt gaaccactat ccacattaac ttgatttttt ttgtaccctt cttcagctat    157440
     tgctcaagaa ccgccaagtg agtttttctt ctattttcac aatgttatgt cattgagttc    157500
     ccatactagg cagaggacca ccccctttct tacctgttct ccaataagcc agggtgatag    157560
     ggctcatagc tcatgattct ggagagctgc ctcatacctt cagaacattt ctctgcaagg    157620
     cagtgccaac ctaagcaaac tcatgccttt ggccacacat tcctcagctc ctcagctcct    157680
     cagctccctt ctgtatcttc acattctatt aacacaagag agtcttcctt tgaccacagc    157740
     cctgtctagc tacaaccacc ccaggggagt ttctgctcac agacactttt aactcatgcc    157800
     tgagtgttga ctaacatctt tctgatgtat ggaggactgt tgtcaaggtg cctggagctg    157860
     catcccactc cttagttgta tgaacatagg caagtctctc ctgagagctt aaaccagtta    157920
     cctaagtaat cacaacaata aacttgaaag atttcaaaca gctagaagga taagaagtag    157980
     ggaagcatga agacagagga ggtgacactt aggtctataa cctcaagact ctgaaccata    158040
     tctgggagga gggaatagaa tcaccagccc tctgtggtct aaactggaag ctcacagttc    158100
     ttcccttttt gtaatatttt catgaacctt tagagaattg tatatagttt attttgacca    158160
     tattgattac taccagtaat gggatctacc agtcccacac catgtcctct cttttgaaaa    158220
     aactgtctct cagcagctag ctgtcttgat cctccagccc tgacagtctt tccgcccctt    158280
     ttcagagatg ttttctaagc ctcacatgtt ggactgtaga tgtattaatt gggggtgagc    158340
     acctaaaata cagttgattt ctgtatctca accagttgtg gttttcagga atgttcttga    158400
     tttctattac aggtagaaca agaagcacca agtccttatc cgaacctctg agtacgtttc    158460
     cccaaactct aactctattc ctgggtctgc tatgcaatgc ctgctctggg gggggcttat    158520
     gaagggcggt aaggagacac actcagacag aggaagctgt ttgactcttc ctgtccctcc    158580
     cagtgtggaa attgccctcc tttcaagttc ctttaagtaa cagttccacc gctttatgca    158640
     acccagtgaa gagtctgcta acaaaaaccc aagttcactc agttaaaagc atgaggacaa    158700
     tcctggggcc aggtgaagca cttacaaaac agtctaggtt aataacctta gagggtggcc    158760
     tcagtctctt aaacaaccag aggaaatgca ctgacttccc agaatcctcc cacatggagg    158820
     actccgtgaa tgcttggcct gaatccctcc ccacccaccc tccccacaaa aaaaaaaaaa    158880
     aaaaaacaaa tgccctgagt catgctcctt cgaaacttaa ggttttgtgt ttctgtttta    158940
     gccggcaacg ctggagacat ctgtaagttc ctctctgcat ttgatcctca gcagctttgc    159000
     ctcactacac agaacagctt tgacatttac tgccctggca cctctatttc ctcctgtgac    159060
     cactgcccac tcttcccctt ccttccctgc tcttgacata ctgggcgccc ctgtgagata    159120
     gaacccctcc caaacctgca gtaccagctg caaagggaga cttgtcaggg acagacagac    159180
     tagcaaaacg tagaactgtc tctcttctta aagctccagt gacactcgag ggaaaagact    159240
     aacacggtgt cctcctcagc aatggagaga gggctccatg gcattcagag agcaccagcc    159300
     tatagatgga gggtccccac accatcagtg atggtttgtg ggaggagtga agagtgtggt    159360
     gtggtgtggt gtgtgtgtgg tgtggtgtgg tgtggtgtgc tgtggtgtgc tgtggtgtgc    159420
     tgtggtgtgc tgtggtgtgt gctgtggtgt gtgcatgtga gcacaagtct agaagaaggg    159480
     cctggagact attgcaggtg gcattgtaac aatcatctgt caggagctat gtgatgcaga    159540
     gcaggagaca tgaggacagc tgataggaca tttgatcagt cccctgcagc cccagggggg    159600
     aatcacctta gattctgatg gagataccga acctcagcct ggtgtccacc cctggcctac    159660
     taatcagacc ctgtgtttgt caaggtcact ggtttgtcaa ggtcactggg tgatttacac    159720
     atacattaaa atttgagttt catcatgcta taggatctga atcttctgca cttagaaagg    159780
     aaataaaagc agagcacggt tgaccccaac tgagtcagct tctccatccc tgtggagtct    159840
     ccacacaaca gcatgtgact aacaagaaaa gtgaacctcc ttggggctta gtggatttgt    159900
     taaagtgtct gctcagattt ctgaggctgt tcatacctag aataggttaa tcctgaaagc    159960
     aagaggaaaa agaatgtcag agtcagggct catgagtcac accctgcaca aggagaatgc    160020
     tattttgctg agcacgggag tctaggctct ggattccttc acccacaatc cctgcctaga    160080
     atagcttcag tctgtctcat accaccatgg caagccaggt tactctggtg aacaaggatc    160140
     taactcatca caaagatagg aattccaatg tctccttcag aagatgaggc catagactct    160200
     agctaaacag ttggagatgg ccagctaaca ggaaagcgat aggtatgttg acatcgcact    160260
     tactctcccc gggagggggc tgaccccagc tcgtgctgcc catcggagtg aaaacggcac    160320
     tgttggcttt ggttttggaa tttcccaaaa agaattttga tgcaaactgt ttacctctgc    160380
     tagagaacta actgattttg gtttattttt ccaatatttt agctggaacc attggaccta    160440
     taagtgagtt ctttttttaa cctctttgtc cttctatgag atctgggatc ctaccctctt    160500
     tgtaccccac ctgccccaac tcttgtctgg aaggattttc catgcatgtt tcctgatcac    160560
     attaaaagtt tagagcactt cctgatatcc aagacctaag acaaggtgtc atgaaatatc    160620
     actgagttta agaaaaggga acgtctggct ggagagatgg ctcagcagtt aagagctctt    160680
     ccagaggtcc taaattcaat tcccagcaac cacatggtgg ctcacaacca tctataatgg    160740
     gatctgatgt gtgtctgaag acagtgacag tatactcatg cataaaacaa ataactttaa    160800
     aaagaagaaa agacaaggga acgtcaagta gttcttacat ctttatttta ttgtcatttt    160860
     atatttttat taaatattta tttgttaaga tgggtgggtc ctcgataact tgctctgatg    160920
     gaaagtctct gctctctctg agatagctgc catctttgta ttagcgctac cccaccctca    160980
     cccccattga gttgctttgt gatttctttg gtgaatattg gtggcatgca gattctgcaa    161040
     ctgtcaacca cattgataca ctcttgttcc cattacagtg cagttctcgg cacctattcg    161100
     tgagtatttg tcctccactc tagccctgtg catagcaaac ctgcagaggt gtgagtggac    161160
     atacctcctt acagtttgca aagaggccat gcatgccatg cagtgaccta tcccacaagc    161220
     tgacttaata aaagaacact agggggcagt atagtcaccc ctcagaaaag gaaattatat    161280
     ttctcaaacc ataagtctct aaggaaacac aagaagagaa atatatgcat tacaaacccc    161340
     acatcgtctt tcttgattgt ctaaggcaat tcatcacaga atgaaaagaa gcctccagtc    161400
     ttacatgttc ccagtgttgt gcaattggag ggctgcctat gactagcaat acaagccacc    161460
     ctgggttttc ctagcatttc catgcacaat gttgaaagat gggtattcag ttattaggta    161520
     ttaccttcac atcaattaag cataatgatc tctctcccca tctctctagc cggagctaca    161580
     ggacctatca gtaagtttat tgtcccttct aaactgtaga gctcatgctt tttctgtgac    161640
     aactaacagg tattctcctg ctcttcatgg tggagtctca aaggtctcat tgtgtcattt    161700
     tcttcgcctt tttgtttctc ctccccctgg catgtcagtg ggtcacctct gggttgtgaa    161760
     tactgacaaa gcagagacag aacccccata gaaccaacaa ggggctcacc aacatcatgc    161820
     cacacaagag tgtgagggag gacagtggga ggggaaaaga gttccagcag ggagggtttg    161880
     tctagtcctt tgcaagggtt taagttaaac cttgggcacc cacatcccag ggggactgtt    161940
     gggcaaaggt cttttccctg cctgagcttg ttcgagcact catagcaagg gaacgagctt    162000
     gctatagcct ccattaggct cgaagttcag accccagctg aggaggcaca tagatgaggg    162060
     cagtcagagc tcaggacacc tgctaacttc tgttctgttt ctttccagaa ctgactcaaa    162120
     aaaccttccg taagtcacct gcgtctccgt tgcacctctt gaccctcaag agacttaggg    162180
     tagctgttcg ttttcatgcc aatcatctgt acccatagac ccaaagacag agcactccca    162240
     ctgcttgatc atcgttttcc agagctcccc agggtagcag taaaccaggc tccacagtaa    162300
     aaggatatta actatggcag tggaacccaa agtgaaaaaa atcagcctat gggctgcctc    162360
     ttcctgaccc actagtcctt atccagccct acggagccag cacacaacaa agactttcaa    162420
     tagagccccg aaaccctcat ggcttccacg aattttgttc atcctgtaag tgatggaaac    162480
     atcaaacttc ttttgacttc caagttctca gatgactttt ctccaggaca gtcagcttct    162540
     attgtcgcca acttccatgg caactgtgac ttccctgatt tacatttttc cacagaaaca    162600
     ctataaggag tgtctgggtg ccaagaaaaa gttgctcatc ttatagcttt atgaattgag    162660
     tcctagacac acataaactt tttttttttg ctcaccattt tatagtctta cgaacaaaaa    162720
     ttaagctttg ttttgaattt cacgaccacg ccatggatgg ctaactctgt aacatctctt    162780
     tgccgtttac attatttccc tggacctcaa aatgctgact gtggtgaaga taacataggt    162840
     aggcctcaca gctgacctta ataaagaaga ctcttagtcc ttctgctacc gttgctgggc    162900
     gtcacaagca ggttacagaa catgctgaac tggagaaaga acaggcctaa cagaagagaa    162960
     agcttaaaag caaccacaaa gtaaaagaga aggaagatgg cagctaaaga gagaaagaaa    163020
     agcaaagctg gacaaacaga agagaaatgg gaagaagagt gagggagaca gcaggtggga    163080
     gatcagacac ggctgagaac aggaagaata gaacaggcac acacggcggt acaaagatgg    163140
     agacgaagga aaatggagga aacagagtat cttgtaccca tgtgaaggtc atgtggctgg    163200
     ctggcattaa cttagcagat attctaaagc tctaccacaa gaacaagggc atacactcac    163260
     atgtgcttgt gtgtgcgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgcgc gcgcacgcac aacatacaca    163320
     tacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cttgctatag cagtttgaat atgcatggcc    163380
     cagggagtgg cactgttagg aggcgtgtgg ccttgctgga ggaagtgtgt cactgtggag    163440
     atggactttg agaccctcct cccagctgcc tggaagacag tcttctgttg tttgtctttg    163500
     gaacaagaag tagaactccc agctcctcca gagccatgct tgccttgatg atgccaagct    163560
     tctcaccatg atgaccgtga actgaaactc tgaacctgta agccacacat acatgcacac    163620
     atacatgcac acatacatac acacacagaa ctgctaaatt atgttgcaaa atactccaaa    163680
     ttctagcttg tctaactgct cagagcccag gggatctgga aagccatgtt cagatgggtc    163740
     agtcacagac attttccatc ataagcacca tggcttgaga cagtgggaaa agtggggggg    163800
     tcttgacctg actctgaatt cacaggatta tggtagccgt ctgatacagc ctactcagtg    163860
     tgtcctcagc aggagaaagc tgccagccag caggacagca gcagccaaac cccttcctga    163920
     gagttgtcct cactgtggac tctgcaaagc tcaaaagcca cctcagaata ttcccttcca    163980
     tggtccaacc aacaaaacag aagcttcgct gtcctggaaa attcccccca cagatcctcg    164040
     aggccctgag tacacaaatc tacagaaatc ccacaagagg catggccaca gcttctgagc    164100
     aggtgtctgt agttatccat tctggatata tgctacccac caaggctcct tcctacataa    164160
     gcaacactga gaacgaggtg atgggtttcc agtcttcaga ttgccgaagc agcatcaact    164220
     gaaagccaac tcttcattaa aagcagaagg ctccgctcac tcactgttca gactctgaag    164280
     ctaatcaaac tcagacagca gacccaacca ttagcctcca aatagctaga agctgggaga    164340
     gggatgaaca gggccctcac ctactacacc tttatgcccc tgggacatag taggcagtga    164400
     ctcaaaaaaa aatctgactc aatgccagtt cctcatataa gctggcagag ggggaagcac    164460
     ggttctgtct ttctctactg ttccctatgc ccacagcagc cccacagtga gtgttgcctg    164520
     tgcttttgtt catagtttgc agactgacct agctctccac aatctcaaca ctgtccctgc    164580
     acccatgctc tgcaccgccc ccccaataaa atgcacacac acacacaaaa ctcttcagca    164640
     aaaacattca aactaatgtc aattctaatt tcttttcagt gcaaactcct ggacctattg    164700
     gtgagtgaaa atgccctggt tcattattag tgactttctc tgactaagac tttggcttcc    164760
     aactgttcac aaattctgct cgttggcctg gcttttcctt gtatcattac catcctcctt    164820
     aaagactagt catattttag aaaatgggga tcccacggcc ttaaaattag cattaagcag    164880
     catgcaatca tatacttacg attgtaagga tatgtcaaac attgggagag tttccaaggc    164940
     aaacaaaatg gtgaagcgga tgggggaaag cttaaagggt aggcacagat ataaaagggg    165000
     gctggcgaag agatgcacat gtgcctgata ggatgggggt ggaagaaggc aaggaaaggc    165060
     tacccctaag gatctcacct gtagtaccta cacaaaaagc aagaatgagg aggcagcccc    165120
     tgcttctagc taagtctaca gaaaggctgg gtgtcatggg gacgattgat gcttactgtt    165180
     ggagtcagtg ccgcctagaa aggctgctat ctgcacactc ctttggaaaa cagtttgcct    165240
     tctttctgtc taatcacaat catttgtatc tatttacagt acaatgtatg gattccagtg    165300
     gtaagtccct tatgggttgt tttgttgttg ttattgttat tgttgtttgg ggtcttgttt    165360
     tgttttgttt tgttttgttt ttctctctgg tgttccttgc ccttgcataa tgttcagatg    165420
     gcctggcctg ttgctcctct tggtggtttt tgttaccaca gtatgatggt ttaaatgtgt    165480
     tgctgtgctt cccgctttgt gcttgctaag aattctctag agctatacat taagagaggg    165540
     gctgcaaaga tggctcagca gttaagagca attgctgctt ttgcagagga cccaggttct    165600
     gttcccagca cccacatgga gctcacaact gtaactccag ccccagagga tccagtacca    165660
     ccttctggtc tctgcagatg ccagctacac acatagtaac cagatatatt tacatgcaga    165720
     taagatactc atacacaaaa aataactaat gaaagaaaaa gagcaaggaa atgttcactt    165780
     aacatcgtga tatgctctga aacatattaa cacatgatca gcagtagtca gaaaaatttt    165840
     ctcaagcacc agagaaagat tcagacgttc taagagggct caggagtgct ttccagttca    165900
     agagagaggg cctactagag actggaggag gcaggacagc acccacaaaa tcatgaccat    165960
     tgtaacctct acaatgggtc gtttcctgcc atgaactctg gtcctaatga tctttttgta    166020
     gatgaattaa agtcatcatg aattgacttc tggcatacaa gttggcacac atctgtagcc    166080
     ctgactcaag gctgcctcca tccatattct tgaccacccc acacctgcag ccttggaaat    166140
     tctcacagaa aaagaaaata atattcctta gtggcctgaa gtctactatc agtgttttct    166200
     ctgtgtaaat acttttgaaa tattatatat ttgaaataat atatgtatac atgaaaattg    166260
     tattgctagt tttgtctctt ctagctatat gagacgtggg tgaaaaagga agtttaaggc    166320
     aagttgatta aaatgaaaag catttacaag cctatcaaag ggagcaggaa cgcctgactt    166380
     tcagatggct caggtggtca ggggtaggga cagagggttt gaagggagtg cagacagcca    166440
     gagcacatag gtcatgatgt tatgaatctc aagagcagtt tgaagaattt tccattctgg    166500
     gtggaaagag aatgagtgaa acctggctgc tgacaacaca gtccctttcc tacccaggcc    166560
     agcaaaagca cagacaatac cctcagctga cagaggctgg gagccctgca cctctttata    166620
     gctatagtgt catccctgtg atttagactt ttagcttcag ccctacacac gaacacatgc    166680
     acacatgcat gcatgctgat atttcttcat ttgttcttct gccttcagaa agctgcaccc    166740
     gtaagtctct cgaatgctgt tcgtaagtaa ggactctcag gttgggtctt tccctccact    166800
     tcgtctgcct tgtgaatgta acatccatct cgtttacttt tcccatcgtc tagttggtgc    166860
     cagtccccag gaaggaatga gcatgctgcc acactgtaac ctagtagtgg agagctggag    166920
     gaggggaaaa tcaagggtca taggtcacca gtgccagact gggctacatg agagcttgtc    166980
     acacacatac acactttaga gaaagcctcc caaagtttat agagacttgt cagggatggg    167040
     caggaagaca agggtgggag gaaggctgta tgcatgagtc aaggcaacat gggttagaga    167100
     agatgccacc cctgaatgga agcaggtgac cacactgcaa agggaaaccc cacccaggga    167160
     gacaaggctc actctcgtgt gtcccccggg aggcacccag tccctccact gagggcaggg    167220
     ccaccagact cctacactaa tttatgcctt tgtttttcag ctgagggatc caacggtaag    167280
     tctgactgcc tctttttgtg acagaccccc caaaccgttc caggaatgtt gaaaagatct    167340
     taaaccaaat ttctccatcc gtgataggac ccagtagctg aactctccag tccctcgagc    167400
     tgttatggct ccattgggtt attagtaggc ctttagacta ttccttgact gacttgaaaa    167460
     ttgaggaaca aaggaaaatg tgtccctgta gttttctaac ttctgaattg gaggcttata    167520
     cagaagggaa aaatgaatga aagaaaaagg atattcctgt cttccagctg ccccatctcc    167580
     acaagtgatc agtgtattgt ctgcccctgc tgtgcctttt cagagcccca caattcctat    167640
     cagacctggt gttccaacaa aggaactaaa cattctcatt ttcttagccg tctgcttttc    167700
     cactgtctgg aattccacaa agtagtcacc agttctctga aaaaatttaa atgccttttg    167760
     ttgtagtgat atctgtatca ccaggaaaat acccagcagg gaagaaaacc aaaatgtggc    167820
     tgctggcttg gtctgcaagc ctagctactt aggaggcagg gctacagtac tgccttcttc    167880
     gtgacctagc ttggcctaca gactaaggga aaggcaagcc tgggcaaact aatatgacct    167940
     ggtctcaaaa taaaaggcaa aaatgtaaaa ggagggggct aggagaggag tggcagcatg    168000
     tgaatcctga ggttctgccc ctaatgtggg ggcggggggg ggggagcaga gtacaagcag    168060
     gcttggtgtg gcggtgacat gtaaacccag tactcgggca gtggggacag gaggttctag    168120
     gctctaagtg accctgtttc agagcctctc tctgtaaagg aagcaaggta gtaatcaact    168180
     tctctaattg ccttccagct gtaatacctg tggacatatg taagtttaca cccattcccc    168240
     cctcccccat ctcccacaca ctaggctcca acagtcttta tctggccact ggggagagac    168300
     tccatgatca caatctgctt gtgttactaa cactgtacta taaagtctag acttgactga    168360
     tgtacagaca tagaaagcga acacggaaag ggttctaaaa cgttacctaa gtatcaacag    168420
     aagactgatt acagaaaagg aaaaactgac agcggaaagg gatgagatgc ttacaaggtg    168480
     ccgctgggag gacgccctgg cctgtctgtc cgtcccatgg gaaaccatat tatctaggag    168540
     tttccctcac cgtgtaggaa atctcagagc ttaaaagctg ctgtctcctt ggcaccgact    168600
     tttacatcag cataagtttt tgacctttta aataatttta tggggggaaa aatcgaagaa    168660
     ttgacttaca taaaataaat aacaaggaga aaatttctca gcaatttaaa atccaaattt    168720
     tagttcaggt tagacatgct gtcccataag cctgactggt aagctctatc ctgaaaccac    168780
     aggaagaagc agagagccaa ctccagaagt ccagctctga cctccagtca tgtgcgtcta    168840
     cacaccacac atagacacac acacatccta cacctacaca acacagacac acacacacac    168900
     accgcacaca ctcacacacc acagacacac acacacacac atcacagaca cacacatata    168960
     catacaccac acataccaca gacacacaca tacactcaca ccacatacac tatgtaaaca    169020
     taaaacaaag ggaaaatgga taaggaaaaa taaaaagcaa taattttctc ttctcgagtg    169080
     gaccaactcc tgtttccatc agtaaatcca gctctggggc cctacaacct ccctttcctg    169140
     aacagtccta aggtcgatgg gtttagggaa tataagactt aaccttctgt atcagaagcc    169200
     atgatgtcac tgggcccctt caggtctact aactgtcaca ggagtccagg caggaccaga    169260
     gggtggttag aaagagttct aaaggagaca aaacagtgcg agaaggaagt gctaaagcca    169320
     atctctgtcc cacaggttgt caaccagcac tgaagcctag ctgtgagttc tgcttgattt    169380
     tctcctgttt ttctttgtta ctgctctgta agcaggccct gtccatttct atgttgcatg    169440
     attctacccc cacaaccaca ccccacccct tccacttgcc tccactctga agacaaaaca    169500
     gtgggagaag gaagtgctaa cttcaccaat tctctgtctc acaggttgtc aacagctagc    169560
     aatcaaacct agctgtgagt cctgcttgat tttctcctgt tttcctccgt tattctctga    169620
     gtccaccctg cccacttcta ccctgtgtgc agacacacaa gatgtgtgat cccccacccc    169680
     accccacgcc ttcccatcac ctatgtcgct tagctccacc tttgcagaca aaacagtggg    169740
     aaaaggtaag tgctaacccc agtctcagac tcggcagttg tcaacagcta ccattgaagc    169800
     ctagctgtga gttctccttg attttctact tcttttcctt ctcggagcca gccctgccca    169860
     cttctaccct gtgtgcagac aggagaagtg tgatcccact accatcccct caccccaccc    169920
     ccttcccctt gcctgggtca ttgcccttca cctgtgcaga cagagcagcg ggagaaggaa    169980
     gtgctaagcc cattctctgt cccacaggtt gtcagccttg tcagccttgt cagccttgtc    170040
     agccttatca accttgtcag ccttgtaagt cctgctcgac tttctgtttt ccttccttat    170100
     tgagctctgt atgccctgcc catctctacc cggagttgca cacacaagat gtgtaatccc    170160
     acccccaccc taaccctccc catccccacc ctccccacct ccacaccccc actccctttg    170220
     cctgtgtcat ctaactgttc ctgtgcagga aactctcctc ccctggcctc agatacgcac    170280
     cccctccccg tcctgtaagg actaactaat gttctagttg catggtcttg tttaagccct    170340
     ataaaggagc cgttattaat tcctgtaaag tggataggaa actgtggcca aatatttacc    170400
     cctgagtaca gttgtgggac ctaatacaag cctagagttg tgagcacaag agaagcttga    170460
     gccaaccact cacagccgct ctcccttttc agctccgcca gacaccttgc ccttatgtaa    170520
     gtactaagta ctgtgctttg gtttgattct gttcacctct gttaatgtga tctgagtctt    170580
     tctcttgcta ccttcctgcc cagcttccct gcactgcaca tatctgcaga ataggataca    170640
     aagaagtaat gagctagcgt ttgtcaacaa aagtctaata gcagaagcca gaagattttt    170700
     ttttttgaga aagaatagca ggtgttaagt gtggagtgtt cctcagaaag ctcagaaagg    170760
     aatcacaaaa ccccagccca ggcatccctc gaaagtctgt gacccaaagt tgcccaagta    170820
     tagaatgaag ggggtctgaa gggcagtctg cctcttcctc gtcactactt aatcctgcat    170880
     ataaatttga gctgggacta atgtacatag agtcgttctg aaagtaccct tactgcttag    170940
     ctgagtattc ccctaacaga cgccagcaaa accattagat aactttatgt tggttctact    171000
     taaggaaaat taaacagatt tctctctttt tttctctctc cctctcttag taattacaca    171060
     gagaacttca agtaagttct ttacttttct gctgggatat gtgggggttt tcatggctta    171120
     gctggttcca cttctaaaag tgagattcct gtttcgcaca tccatttgtt ttcagactca    171180
     cggggacctg tgggctccca gagatgggct tccctttcct gttatgtggg cttcccactc    171240
     tttctattag caactaggca ttttcaggtc aaaagttgat gagatgatga gccagaactc    171300
     agcccactcc aggatcctcc aggattcctc acactgaact ttaaacgcaa aggtctttcc    171360
     aggtcttgtc aaaaactcaa aatgctcaac aggcaccata aactagtgtg gtgaggcgaa    171420
     gcctgagatg ggtgatgaaa gggcattggg ggaagggccg tcaggaagtt ccagggtctg    171480
     aagaggctgc tccacccaaa ctattctttc atggaaaaca aaaaaacaaa aggccagagg    171540
     caatccgtgt ttggggtaaa atatcccaat tttagccatg gtatatatcc agatctgtcc    171600
     catagactgt aaacacatgc acactccact tccacccaag cacactcaga gtagtttcta    171660
     atagtaaaat tgtagtgctc ttcatgttag gacaaagagc tggtttgatg gactgggatt    171720
     gacgattctg gcctaggctg agctagtgct tctctgaagt ccccatccaa atatacctct    171780
     catgccctca gatcatctaa atattctctc tgcacaatgt acatgctgca gtgcagcccc    171840
     aagggcagag ctggaaactc ccgatgttcc cgattaggca caggcccttg tgtttgtcac    171900
     tttcttgtga cagaaagcac cttcaggaag aaggtttatt ttggctcaag atttgaagga    171960
     ggcccagcat gtcagggcag caggtgtgaa gtggggggtc cagcatgtca tagcagtagg    172020
     tttgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg ggggggtgtc cagcatgtca gggcagcagg tgtgtgggag    172080
     gggggtccag catgtcaggg cagtaggtgt gggagagggg ggtccagcat gtcagggcag    172140
     caggtgtggg ggagaggggt ccagcatgtc agggcagcag gtgtagggga ggggggtcca    172200
     gcatgtcagg gcagcaggtg tgaagtgggg ggtctagctt gtcaaggcag tagatttggg    172260
     ggagaggggt tcagcatgtc agggcagtag gtgtggtgga tacatctgta tcatgctgaa    172320
     cacagatatc atcataacac catataccac agcctcaggt ctcataaccg aggcaccatt    172380
     tacagagccg tgccaccagg agaggctact ttctttcctc attttctccc cagaagtttg    172440
     aaaattcact gttagatttt tctcatccct attctttctt atccctgggg ggtccagcat    172500
     gtcagggcag cagttgtgag gagggacacc aaaaggctga attctaggac aagtacttcc    172560
     tcataagtga caaaagactg caataagaat attttaataa aacatatact atagatagct    172620
     tgaagaaaga gaagacagat atataagaaa gaaaaaggaa agacagacac ttagagacag    172680
     agagacagat gggagagtag tacgagcccc gtagcctcag atccttctct ccaccctgat    172740
     gaaactcccc tcttagtcaa tttgcaagac tcatcccgac aatacactca ggaacaagta    172800
     tttctgttgt ctatataaaa caaaaacaaa aaacaaaaaa ctcactatac taatttgtct    172860
     ttttcattaa agcaaaatgt ggaccaccta taatatgtaa gtcctacgtt ttgttttcct    172920
     taattgtagt gtcattaact tcctgcagtt gagtccccgt attcatagtg tgattgtacc    172980
     aagatccacc atttctatgg tctactagct ttccagcatc ccttgctctc cagtttctgg    173040
     tttctttacc ctattcccta ttcacaactt gatctcagct ctctgtagcc atacagagtt    173100
     gataaggaaa gtgcttagtg cctggtgtgg tgctatgatg atatctgtat ggtacttagc    173160
     atatgcctat gtattgcatc tgagaagttc ttactgctaa catacatggg aggagattat    173220
     tagctaagtt gttctaccac agttaatcag gctaggtctc ctcagctggc tcttaagcta    173280
     ggtgctggga aataatgacc acccccccac ccataaaata cttacgcata tggagggggg    173340
     ggggaatgaa cttaaaagca actgagccac agtaggatgg ccccatttga acacagtctt    173400
     tgcaaagagg caaatagaaa gagggataag aaagattagg gatgagaaaa atctaacagt    173460
     gaattttcaa acttctgggg agaaaatcag gaaagaaagt agcctctcct ggtggcacgg    173520
     ctctgtaaat ggtgcctccg ttaggagacc tgaggctgtg gtatggtgct atgatgatct    173580
     ctgtgtggtg ttatggtgat ctctgtgtgg tgctatgatg gtatctgtgc agtaccattc    173640
     agcagccctt ttgctagagt gtggtgcaga gtttaagaag tactttgtgt tcctcgtcca    173700
     gaaactgtgt tctcatctct ttacctcttt cttttccaca gtgaaaaagc catcaggtaa    173760
     atgctgtatc ctctcacccc tttggctgtc tttcccagca tgctagactt tgagtctctt    173820
     tagttttatt ctgagcagct ctaaagtctc tggcaaataa cagaccctac agacaacaag    173880
     tcagacagtg agccacctgc ctgagggtgg cttgaagtca ggtattttcc ttttgaacat    173940
     tttaaatcgg gttattttgc ttatgactta ttcacaatgg cagaagagtg gttctgttga    174000
     tgggctactg tgtatagctt gttgtatcta tatgatgtca ccacagcaaa ctagtcagca    174060
     ccctcattct ctacactacc ccctttcttc gttcagtact tgtcagtcat cctctgttaa    174120
     ccccttctac aacatggact gctttgtcag gaactaccgg ccctcattac agcaggccgg    174180
     aaagtatccc tgctgttttg aacagttttc acaaactgtc acctgtggaa aaaaatatta    174240
     cctgctgttt ttcttgttag agtttatagg tgactgggat tttaaaaaag aaaagttaga    174300
     aacagcagga atcaaattga gttagcaaag tcaagccacc tgttactcat acacaaagga    174360
     aaagagaagg tggccccact gagctccagg cagggccagg caggaaaagg ccagccctcc    174420
     aagagctcac tcactcctgc atttaactgt tcctgacatg ttttggatcc aacgaggttg    174480
     agagaaaggc aaaaggtggt ctcctgctcc tacatctaac cactaacaaa gacgccttaa    174540
     gagaatgtga gagtgtattt ctagcctcac tgaagaagac tgtgaggatc tctcgctctg    174600
     cactggcttc accaactact gcaattctaa ggaatgtcct gtttgatcgg tacctgctca    174660
     gtgcaggcct gtctgtctcc atgttagggg agatcacagg gcctcccaag gagcagaatc    174720
     tcctgatttt taaaggatag ggcccaatga ctagtggaac cctcggcacg acactgttat    174780
     cctggtaagt acatgttttt acatacttag aaagactccg gagtgacaga tgagtagaac    174840
     caacacctac cagatgtcct ctgactccaa catgcacacc atagcatgca atgctcagag    174900
     gggcagggag gggttgctaa taaataaaca gagctgaggc aggctcccaa gccaagctgc    174960
     actagagcat cccagcaatt cacaaagttc caccccgttt gactcagtgg aagaaaactg    175020
     gcaaacagaa gttagaattg tgtgagctct cccaactctt caacaaagag acttaagtac    175080
     acagggaaga tgtgtacata ggcaaagcag gaagagtctt gagagatgaa gtaacaaaat    175140
     gggggctatg tgggtgaggt ggggcaaaag ccagagagaa ggagctgcta cagtgtttca    175200
     ttttccagag aaactggtca ccaaagtggc taacaaagga gaatgtctct tcacctgttc    175260
     aaaatgccca tgttactgta agaagaacaa cacaaggcgg ctgctcccca ggaagggctg    175320
     gggggggggc tcttctgagg tcagaatgcc tgtctggaaa gaagtttccc ttagaagtca    175380
     tttctgttgc ccatgtcagc ccacactaac tgtctgtatt tagattttta gcccatgtag    175440
     cagaacctat ctgtaagtgg tctttctttt catcaatctg gtggaattaa ggatcccaca    175500
     atggagagaa tacagtttct aaccgatctc tcttcggagg agtgcttcta tttatgaata    175560
     cccaaccctc atcctcttcc tgaaaaatct gttactaatt attcagtagg aaggtaaaca    175620
     cttgacagaa acattgaggg ggataaaaat ctcccagaca acttttttcc taatagcttt    175680
     tctccccttt ttgtaaattg tttatttatc gtttgtgtgc attgatgttt cgcctgcatg    175740
     tatgtctatg tgagggttca ggttccctga aggtggaaac acaaatgatt gtgaactgga    175800
     cttctatgtg ggtactggga atgggccctc tggaagagca gccaatgctc ttaaccattg    175860
     agccatctcc ccagcccaac aagagctttt cataacacat gaaactctcc atgctcagga    175920
     agaaaaactg tggaggatac acaggtattc agatagccag gaggagtgca gggcacacag    175980
     actggaggag ggagagggag gtgggtagga tgggaaaggg gaactgaaca catggcagcc    176040
     agtcacatca gaccagtccc ccttccttta gaaaatactc aagcctctta ccatagaaag    176100
     cttcccccag gaggtctggt gtcagtagaa gggggggagg gagggggaga gagagagagc    176160
     ctgtaccctt gtttcaaata ttctgctaat atgttttttg tttcctgttg tccggccagt    176220
     cgccccaagc cttttggtaa gttaaataca attcctctat ttctacaagc cctctccttc    176280
     tctgttgtct agagtccctt aggcactgaa gagtttacta tgtaatgtgc acagtgtcta    176340
     gccagtagtg agggaacgga gagagcacta cagacaagca tgtatgcacc aaagcatgca    176400
     tcaagactct gcatggtggt ggttgcttta aggacaatta gtactgagac ttttgacaga    176460
     gatcctgctt ccagatatca ctggcccttt agaaaaacaa atgtgccatg tgccatgagc    176520
     catgaggtac attagcgttc agggtcctca taattccatc tatagaaact cgctggacag    176580
     agtgtgaggt atgtgtctcc agcacctcct ttaccataat tcctgctgga gaattttcaa    176640
     ggaaagcata caccgctaaa tatggaatct gttttcgcct ccacttccta agaaacgtgt    176700
     ggtttttgcc cctttccctc cgcatctgtc tctccagctt tttagaatca ggtcaaggtg    176760
     acagtcccca cccattagcc gggaagtcag tatagatctc ttcccagcaa cacctacttt    176820
     cacacatggg attgctgaga gtagacgtgg ttggttagtc ctttggtgca ctgccagatg    176880
     ctctctgggt agacatgaac tcctgcaagc accatgtggt tgtcagagaa ctgggttttt    176940
     aatgaaatag cagaacctgt tagcgttaag tcaggttttg tttaggggac taggggagca    177000
     atgagcccat cctgggtgac attctgcatc gaattcaccc acctctcagc tgctttctgt    177060
     agcctcccta accccacaaa gtcagcactt ttatctagtt aagagtattt cagctcttcc    177120
     cctaaatgct ctttgaacaa agaggaaccg ttgacgttgc tcatggcctc taactcttgt    177180
     atgaaattgc tcactactgt gtactctggg ctgtggatca atccctactg ctgagttcta    177240
     gtagctcaag gtttttgtga aatcatgggg gttattgact tttcctcaat catgacatga    177300
     gattacgggg gtggggggtg agtgggctaa agacaactcc gacagtctag gagtaaagca    177360
     aaggggcata ggaaccttgc aggacgtggt gagagaacaa agagccaggc tgactcactg    177420
     agacgggcaa gccaagttca agtcccaaac ctacattgtg caaagttttt agaaggccca    177480
     ggcacacatg aatatacaca catacatgca tatgtacata catacattca tacatacaat    177540
     acatacacac atacatatat atccatacac acatacatac acacataact agtaattttt    177600
     aaaaataaaa atggttttct ttctgctatt acctttaaga atctagagta tttctttcat    177660
     cacaagttct tctcaagcca gctttagaac tctcattaaa ccccagagat tgtcaaaaat    177720
     agaaactgta gccaacattt agagacatga ttacaaacga gctttctgtg ctgtgtgaga    177780
     gaacacaggg acatgatgat gacaatgtaa aatgaaggaa attttaaaaa gatgccatga    177840
     agaaggggct tgtgaatagg aacctgtcag tctcctgaaa gtaaggatgc tctgacttgg    177900
     ttaagaatct ttttttttct tttttaattt cattttgtga ataaaaaaaa atggccatta    177960
     ctcctgtaac tgatcccaca ggtcataaag ctgttctggg tacctgagtt gttgacatgg    178020
     agtccagagc agctaacaag agggcagcac atgctgggga agggaatcct tcactaaatc    178080
     ccctctctgg cctcacaagg ggagctttca tgggacccta gtacataatt tattttaaaa    178140
     ctaatttgtc tcctttttcc ttttaagggt ttgcaccgaa aggctggggt aagtctgcgt    178200
     cttctctcag tcttcctctg ggatgggtag tatccttggc ctccacttac actggtactg    178260
     tagacatcca accactgaac tcagtggcaa atagttttcc atccctttcc ctccacattc    178320
     catagtgtaa gtttaaatct ttttacctgt ctgcctcccc gaacatgtct ctcccgtccc    178380
     tcaaccttca gtaattttct gagacagggg cttgaaaatg aagccaaggt cttgaaatct    178440
     ggcctaaaga tctcccattt caaactataa ctgaaaaatg attatggtga agatagggag    178500
     tgtggccttg cttgccgaag aaccgagttg tgaatgcaca ggaaagcaaa gcatccgaca    178560
     ttcaccccag tgggctcaga cagcagggag gatagcccat ccaatgcaga ggcctgcctg    178620
     gggcttggga aagaagggaa agccaacagc cactgaccac cctcctttgc ctttatctct    178680
     ttcagttgac agctcctggg aactcagtaa gtttgcatga ctccctcgtc tcctcttctg    178740
     tgattaacag cctggacctt ctgttcccag atcctcttga attgcatatt cttttatctg    178800
     agtcattttg ccttcaatgg ttcagtcttg tttcagtttt aggtccttgt agtctagttt    178860
     ccttttggag taaaccacag tatcttgtct ctgattcagt tactgtggaa gagcactggt    178920
     ggtcagcctg ccagcatgca gtccagcagt tctcagcctg tgggttgaga cccctttggc    178980
     aaacctctgt ctccaacaaa tatttacatt acaactccta atagtcacag agtggaatta    179040
     taaaaataat cttatgtggt tgggggcggg gtcaccacag gaggaactaa ctgtcttaaa    179100
     ggctcacagc attagaaagg ctgcaaccca ctgatagtgt ctgtcataac ttggggtctg    179160
     ctgtctctgt gctctgccct ggaaaactga tagttttcgt ttcaaatgaa aaatcccgtc    179220
     aggttttgtt aaacctgggc acaactgaca ccgctagtct gaggatgtga atcttactga    179280
     gtgagacaaa gttctcctct ctgtgggcac gactgtggct ggccttcctc tctcaacggg    179340
     gaatggaacg aacacagtgt gcaggagcac ttgctgctct tcctgaaggc ttgagctcag    179400
     tgcccagcac ccatgggagc tgcaacttca gcaggcctcc gagggcgctc acatacactg    179460
     cacactcttt cgcagacata aataaacaaa tataaagata atcttctaaa gaaaagctac    179520
     tggaaggtgg gttctcctgg gtgattccca ctgctgtctc tttggtgttg tgcttgttag    179580
     cactgcctcc tatagtaagt tccttaactc ttctcaggta gattacaggg ctctcaggct    179640
     ttctgcactg gacacgtctc ctcacaaagt tgagtgaggc atataatgct aaaggtcaca    179700
     tcaagcattc ctcttttcca aaacctaagg ctgccagtgt ctgctttgag gatattgctg    179760
     caggggagtt gaaggcaggc ctacaagaga gcaataccac ccaaccctcc ccttggacca    179820
     ctctctgagc tcccagtgag catccctcac ccacctctag ctgaacatga ggaaaacaca    179880
     tgcagaaccc agctgttcat agaactcata gtgaagtctc acctcctttt tgctgccttc    179940
     taaatgactt tgacagcagg agacactgag cccctgtgca cactgagcct tccttcccca    180000
     gcaagaatcc tcatggttta ctttggaagc ttagacaaaa acacaaaatt tgtaggtttt    180060
     atgagatcaa acagaagttg ctgcacagga gggctggctt acccacgtgt aattgaatgg    180120
     acctgaaatt gtggcaaaat atactaacac atatcaagaa gtagtctaaa atgataaagc    180180
     tgagctctga aatctaacag gtttagttcc cagccccacc tttagcatta cctgcatcca    180240
     ctcatttcat ctttccatgc cttggtttct ccatctgtag aactgagata acaatggtgt    180300
     ccaccttacc tggctgttgt gaagaccagg ctatttagta gaacgttcaa aaaacagatg    180360
     ctgtgctggg ctggagagat gatggcttta ttgttaaaag cacatttggc tctaacagag    180420
     gacctggttc cctgcaccct catggtgact cacagctttc cacaacacca ggtctagggg    180480
     atctgtcact gtcccctgtc ctccaagagc actccacaga catggtgcac tttcaccaaa    180540
     gcacacactt aatacaaaag aagtaagtct aagaatgtat ggaaagtcaa tgctgaacag    180600
     ttaatggtta tcagctataa ccctcacgac ttctacatga tgagctatac atcttgtcaa    180660
     cggggacagc acatttgagt ttccttctgt tttgagagat aattgttttt ctcacagtaa    180720
     ttctgttctg acttcttccc aagctacaga ctcatcatcc tcctagccac tagtcattac    180780
     cctaacctac tgagcaagtg gcgggttcct ccctattaca gcttaccttt ctctcactgg    180840
     ccttccaggt cactgaagag agtccagaat tgcattaata tctacatctt attattagct    180900
     attaacatct gttatctaat actttaagtc acattagtat ttatactgtg tgatttccat    180960
     cattgtatat tttaaaggga gatctccagt ccttagtttg ttggttctaa gacatagaag    181020
     gaagtcagcc ttgggggagg gaggaaagga aatgctgcat acctgaatct cacgcttttg    181080
     ctgtatactc agttctgttc ccagattgca aaggccagat ggtaagacat ggagggagtg    181140
     taaccttcca gggtatcgga gatgaccaaa taaagtgctg taaggagtgg agaagatgcc    181200
     agtgtgaata ctgctgtcca aagagattcg agccccacag acgaggaacc atatggtgtg    181260
     aacaaccagc tccttcctct tctcatcagc atcagcatca gcagcagcag cagcagcagc    181320
     caccaccgcc gccgcctcca ccacgaagtc aagatgctca agtaaggggt gaccaaagaa    181380
     tggaaagtga aattgatgcc cagaccatat gttatgaaga gccattcctt ttcagaagac    181440
     tggagtccct gataaggagg aaccaagacg ggatagtaat aaagcagaat gaagatggct    181500
     ttctgataaa gaaggcagag gaaggcaaaa agaaaaagaa aacatccagg agggcatcag    181560
     cacacccaga aacagattct gattccagcg ctccacagac cggagaggct cctttcgaaa    181620
     gtaaaccacc cgaagaacaa ccagagggag aagagaagaa acgcaagaaa gaaaagaaga    181680
     aaaagaagaa aaaagacaaa gacggctgag aaaggaggag gaggacaggg caaaacatgg    181740
     cctccaatgt gatctcccca tcagatacaa gccgcatctg ccctcacccc ggtgcatcat    181800
     ggttataaaa tccaatccct ctagacatct tcattttctg ctgctcagaa ggttgccttt    181860
     atcacacctc cctgccacat cttcatcttc caaattttgc tttattagtc aacatatata    181920
     atccaattaa gaaagacggt gttatctgaa ataaaatgtc tttagtaaat atctaataag    181980
     ttcctttgac aatgttctat ctctatctct agctgaacca gttgactttg tgaccttggt    182040
     ggttgcaaat gctttattag catataaatt atatatatat atatatatat atatatatac    182100
     atataaacat gagcacagtc atttttaaga gtcaatttta aaatgtgtcc aaaagtagtt    182160
     tacatagaca gtcttataag agtttagaca taaagggatc aggaatcttg agaaagaaaa    182220
     aatatatgtc tgtcctcctt catagggaca gagaacaatg acaccttaca agctgtcatt    182280
     gttggattgc acatatgatg gattacacat agatacatga cagagcaaaa gaagcaaggg    182340
     ggtcccaggc atgagacatg tgccacatgc tagcatgcag ctgagactca gtgggccacc    182400
     agtgagtctg aacttaagtc aggttctaaa aaatgatagc ggggaaagga gtttctaaaa    182460
     acaaacctga gtttacacgt tactctttgg acaactgaaa agcttcaggg tatctgaggc    182520
     aaggtggagg gaggggaggg acaaaacgga ggaaaggaga gaaacgaggg aggggaggca    182580
     aaggagggag gagggagggg aggagaccag agttcaattc ccagcacttg tatctgctgg    182640
     ctggctcaca actacctgga attctgttcc gtggcattcc atgccctctt ctgcatcctg    182700
     aggtcctaca tccaagtaca tcccccaaca cccgccccct acacacagac acacacacac    182760
     acacacacac acttagaaca acagcaaccc atgtggctgt agccaggaaa caggctttgg    182820
     aagaggctgg agggtgtgag gcctgagaat gtggagagtg acatgtgcca cagctgccag    182880
     agcagaggca ggtcagatcc tagtgactct gaccaatact cagtggatcc ctgcctggcc    182940
     tcaccaacag cctccagctc agcttttctc ctccccaggt tcccctggac acacttcctg    183000
     tcctgtatta gtcagagatc tctagaataa tagaacttaa tgaatacaca tacacacaaa    183060
     tatattttta tttatatact tatatatggg tgtatataac acatatacac ccatatatat    183120
     aatatacacc catatatata atatatatat gtatatatac atacacatat atataaatac    183180
     acacatcaat attcccatga gaaaaaggaa aaaagccctc acaggtgcac ccagacactt    183240
     gagttttagt taattccaga tgtagtcaag ttgatggtca agacatcaca gtccccaaaa    183300
     catgagaact actcaggctg ctaagattga cagcaaggaa ctgtcactgt cccttccatg    183360
     gctacactga acctacgttc tccccatgca atcaaccctt tcctcttctc acacccacga    183420
     gctcttctac acatcctctg tctaatcacc cccactcctc ctctccccct gcaaagctcc    183480
     ccaaagctct tccctttctc cagccctcac tccccgcccc acacctttcc acactgtctt    183540
     agtcagggtc tctattcctg cacaaacatc atgaccaaga agcaagctgg ggaggaaagg    183600
     atttattcag cttacacttc catgctgctg ttcatcacca aaggaagtca ggactggaac    183660
     tcaggcaggt caggaagcag gagctgatgc agaggccatg gagggatgtt ctttactggc    183720
     ttgcctcccc tggcttgctc tgcctgcttt cttatagaat ccaagactat cagcccagag    183780
     atggtcccac ccacaagggg cctttcccac ttgatcacta attgagaaaa tgccttagag    183840
     ttggatctca tggaggcatt tcctcaactg aagctccttt ctctgtgata actccagctg    183900
     tgtcaagttg acaaaactag ccagtacaat tgaccccttg tcaacttgac acacaaacac    183960
     atcactagta agcctcaacc cttacattct tattcatccc caagatctaa ataactttaa    184020
     aagtcccaca gtctttacat attcttaaat tttcaatctc tttaaaatat ccatctcttt    184080
     taaaatccaa agtcttttta caattaaaag tctcttaact gtgggctcca ctaaaacagt    184140
     ttcttccttt aagagggaaa atatcagggc acagtcacaa tcaaaagcaa aagtcaatct    184200
     ccaactgtcc aatgtctggg atccaactta cgatcttctg ggctcctctc aagggcttgg    184260
     gtcacttctc cagccatgcc ctttgtagca cacgcgtcat cctctaggct ccagatgcct    184320
     gtactccact gctgctgctg ctcttggtgg tcatctcatg gtactggcat ctccaaaaca    184380
     ctgcatgacc ccttcagtcc tgggccatca attgcaactg aggctgcact ttcaccaaag    184440
     gccttccatg gcttctcaca gtgccaagcc tcagctgctc tgctcaactc cttcatgcct    184500
     tcaaaaccag taccacctgg gtgaccctta cacattacca agtccagcca cagcacaagg    184560
     tacgactttg gctatatctg gaacacagcc actgtgctct cagaaaacac ttcccagaag    184620
     atgtcacctc aatgatgctg gtctcttctt aatcaccgct aatttcttag ctccagctaa    184680
     ccagcatcaa tagtcccagt aatgcaaagt ttttgcttta gtagttctgg tatcttgtta    184740
     atcacagctg attcttcagc cccagctaac cagaactaca gaatcttcac aatcaaaaca    184800
     gcaatgaccc tgaaaagagt ctttaatttt ccctctgaaa tttcacaagc caggcctcca    184860
     tcttctgcac tgttctcaac attatcttcc aagctcctac aaaacatctg acagagctct    184920
     taacaacgaa tggatcttca agcccaaagt tccaaagtcc ttccacagac ctccccaaaa    184980
     catggtcagg ttgtcgcagg aataccccac tctgctggta ccaatttgtc ttagtcaggg    185040
     tctctattcc tgcacaaaca tcatgaccaa gaagcaagct ggggaggaaa gggtttattc    185100
     ggcttacact tccatgctgc tgttcatcac caaaagaagt caggactgga actcaggcag    185160
     gtcaggaagc aggagctgat gcagaggcca tggagggatg ttctttactg gcttgcctcc    185220
     cctggcttgc tccgcctgct ttcttataga atccaagact gccagtccag agatggtccc    185280
     acccacaagg ggcctttccc acttgatcac taattgagaa aatgccttac agttggatct    185340
     catggaggca tttcctcaac tgaagctcct ttctctgtga taactccagc tgtgtcaagt    185400
     tgacaaaact agccagtaca attgacccct tgtcaacttg acacacaaac acatcactag    185460
     taagcctcaa cccttacatt cttattcatc cccaagatct aaataacttt aaaagtccca    185520
     cagtctttac atattcttaa attttcaatc tctttaaaat atccatctct tttaaaatcc    185580
     aaagtctttt tacaattaaa agtctcttaa ctgtgggctc cactaaaaca gtttcttcct    185640
     ttaagaggga aaatatcagg gcacagtcac aatcaaaagc aaaagtcaat ctccaactgt    185700
     ccaatgtctg ggatccaact tacgatcttc tgggctcctc caagggcttg ggtcacttct    185760
     ccagccatgc cctttgtagc acacgcgtca tcctctaggc tccagatgcc tgtactccac    185820
     tgctgctgct gctcttggtg gtcatctcat ggtactggca tctccaaaac actgcatgac    185880
     cccttcagtc ctgggccatc aattgcaact gaggctgcac tttcaccaaa ggccttccat    185940
     ggcttctcac agtgccaagc ctcagctgct ctgctcaact ccttcatgcc ttcaaaacca    186000
     gtaccacctg ggtgaccctt acacattacc aagtccagcc acagcacaag gtacgacttt    186060
     ggctatatct ggaacacagc cactgtgctc tcagaaaaca cttcccagaa gatgtcacct    186120
     caatgatgct ggtctcttct taatcaccgc taatttctta gctccagcta accagcatca    186180
     atagtcccag taatgcaaag tttttgcttt agtagttctg gtatcttgtt aatcacagct    186240
     gattcttcag ccccagctaa ccagaactac agaatcttca caatcaaaac agcaatgacc    186300
     ctgaaaagag tctttaattt tccctctgaa atttcacaag ccaggcctcc atcttctgca    186360
     ctgttctcaa cattatcttc caagctccta caaaacatct gacagagctc ttaacaacga    186420
     atggatcttc aagcccaaag ttccaaagtc cttccacaga cctccccaaa acatggtcag    186480
     gttgtcgcag gaatacccca ctctgctggt accaatttgt cttagtcagg gtctctattc    186540
     ctgcacaaac atcatgacca agaagcaagc tggggaggaa agggtttatt cggcttacac    186600
     ttccatgctg ctgttcatca ccaaaagaag tcaggactgg aactcaggca ggtcaggaag    186660
     caggagctga tccagaggcc atggagggat gttccttact agcttgcctc ccctggcttg    186720
     ctcagcctgc tctcttatag aatccaagac tgccagtcca gagatggtcc cacccacaag    186780
     gggcctttcc cacttgatca ctaattaaga aaatgcctta gagttggatc tcatggagtc    186840
     atttcctcaa ctgaagctcc tttctctgtg ataaccccag ctgtgtcaag ttgatacaaa    186900
     actagccagt acacacacct ccacctcacc ctctattctt cattctgcag tcccctccct    186960
     cacagctacc cataatgcag cagagaggta gggaagcgtt ggtcagcctg ataactgaat    187020
     taggaggcat gcggtgatgt tggggtcaca tgttggcctt acctttctcc atacaaccgt    187080
     gaaaacaact ttcccacaac accatttttt actttaaaaa tggtcactag aattgcaaaa    187140
     taaaataatt ttgtagcagc cagttgaatt tctctatacc actacaaata ggctttcatg    187200
     tccacttata ttttatcaaa acagctcagt tctgtcttgt tggacccaag gcaggcagct    187260
     gtgatagttt gtatatgctt ggcccaggga gtggcactat tggggggtgt ggccttattg    187320
     atgtaggtgt gtcactgtgg gtgtgggctt taataccctc accctagctg cctgaaacca    187380
     gtcttccata gtagccttca gatgaagatg tagaactctt ggctccttct gccccatgtc    187440
     tgcctgaaat gctgccatgc tcctgccttg atgataatga actgaacctc tgagccttgg    187500
     tcatggtgtc tgttcacagc agtaaaaccc taaccaagac agaagtcata caggctgtcc    187560
     aaataagaga ataccactat gttcctacaa aactttatta atagatacta aaaattgaga    187620
     ctctcacaag tcttacacac cacaaagtac tatttgatat tttacatgaa atataaacat    187680
     ttaatataaa attacattaa atataaatat tcacagggca cacaaaaaca gtttaatcca    187740
     atttaagatt tttttcaatt ctcactggga gaaacaattt ttaaaagata tttatttatt    187800
     tatttattta atgtaagaac actgtagctt cagacactcc agaagaggtt gtcagatctc    187860
     ctcattacag atagttgtga gccaccatgt ggttgctggg atttgaactc agggctttac    187920
     agaagagcag tcagtgctct taacccctga gccatttctc cagccccatt acagttcaga    187980
     tggctgtaag gcatcaagaa gttgctggaa cttgaactct ggaactctgg tcctttggaa    188040
     gtgcagttgg tgctcttaac tactgagcca tcgctccacc atgagaaact attattaata    188100
     aattgtgaat atatttaaag agaaatgatt taagttgata aagctgtttt ggttgttctt    188160
     gttttgtttt acagactgag cattgcaccc agggcctcat acatgtgtgt caagtactct    188220
     accatggagc tgggtcctca ctacttaatt tctgaactct accacacatt tctcaaacac    188280
     agaacagagt cacactttct cacttagggc ttctctgctg ggataagaca ccatgaccat    188340
     aagaccatgg gaggaaaggg tttctttcaa ttacacttcc acatcacaac acatcatcaa    188400
     aggaagtcag gacaggaact caagcagggc aggaacctgg aggcagaagc tgatgcagag    188460
     gcccatggag gaggctgctt tctgactttc tcccatagct tgctcagcct gttttctggt    188520
     atagcatgct ggaccagcat tctggggtag caccatcaca ataggcttca ggcctcacac    188580
     atcaatcgct gattgagaaa ttttccaaca ggtttagata caggctaacc tgatggaggc    188640
     attttcttaa ttgaaggtct ttccctcttc caaaatgact ctagcttgtg tcaagttggc    188700
     attataaact agccagcaca cacattaaat ttgtgaggaa aacaagatcc cacaatcctg    188760
     atacaaaaat ctatcttcgt tacacttcta tggctcttct taactggcat ggccaaggca    188820
     attcatagag tttcctgggc ttagtgtgct tccaggagcc ctccagacat gaccacttag    188880
     acacggttta taccctagtg aaagtcttta tcccagctag gtgggaacat gctcaaggat    188940
     tcgtggaccc agagatagcc ccaagtgtca agaggatagc aattttgaat gtaaaaaaaa    189000
     cctggtcctg gtgtctcact tgacagtttc ccattagcag gcagtttaca gaagcaggga    189060
     taagctggct gggacatagt aacctagggt tcctaggaca ccgttgggta gttttctaca    189120
     ggactctcca ccaaggagac caaattctag ttaaacttga aatggcctca gcaagaacac    189180
     aagacagagg aacctctaca ccatcttgtc ctgttgtaag ggctcaaggg ctccagatga    189240
     ggagactcca caatgagaga gctgaagcac agggcatgga gcagcaggaa gcagagaggg    189300
     caggctggga gtgatgccct ggtttaaagc ttcaaagccc accccagtaa cactcttcat    189360
     taaggacatg cgtcctaaac ctaccccaac actacagcca actggagacc aacaatcaaa    189420
     acacttctat gtatggggga tgttttcatt caagccccaa tacaagccag cctgggttac    189480
     atgaaatctt ctctttaaaa acagaaagat aattgataga tagatagata gatagataga    189540
     tagataatag acaactaaac aataagaagt taaaatacat gaggccaacc tttataaaat    189600
     atgaattaat gtttgtagct atatgtgtaa ttctgtaaga gagagactca aacatagaaa    189660
     tcaaagaatt tatgtaagaa tcaaagacag atctgatatg atgataaggc aggttcatgg    189720
     agatggatgg acagacaggt cattgtccac tgagaaggtc cacttcgagg aactatctag    189780
     gatccagcaa tctcatcacc aggaacaaat gtagaagtca ggaagtcatg tgtcagacat    189840
     ctcttccccc atactcacta caatactggc cacaagagcc aagaccctag gtgcccatgg    189900
     ccagatgaac aaattaaata atgttcactc agcccttggt ctgtttcatg ccaaatgaca    189960
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacaaaacta ataaaatgct atttaccacc    190020
     aggaggaaaa tgccttccca gagctcaaag tagcctgttt tacacaaagt cagcacttat    190080
     catgcaccaa agcatgacct cgctgccacc acagccacag ccacagccac agccacagcc    190140
     tcagccacag ccacagcctc agcctgagtc agactgaaga gcagtgggtc aaggctccag    190200
     gcccttccag gacccatgcg ggctttggtc tgtggcttct acattcccac aaggagccac    190260
     actgacgact taggcagtgg ttcacactat gggaacagag agttcctggc atgctgaagg    190320
     aatggagaga cttcctctgg aaaagaatcc acaacacaag agcctggaac caggccctcc    190380
     cctgcaggac tcagagactc ctccaaagga agcaaaacta atttcttccc cctctttgtc    190440
     ctcttcccct tcctcccctt cctacttctt ttccttcctc tccttctgtc ttctccctcc    190500
     ctcccctcag atgcgcatgc catggattgg ataatcattg aaacatttcc agacttaagc    190560
     ctgaagtatg gaaaaagagt cccagagaag gaagcctcat ggaaggagaa catgggggac    190620
     atgtcactca tgttatagaa ggagatgtca ccttcagtgt agtccacaaa cacccccaca    190680
     ctctgcggag cttgcctgag agataataaa gctgtcccag tgtcaatata agccaaatat    190740
     ccactactag accgccccac agtccaaaac cccttatgtg gacactctga gaaacagcct    190800
     ttcctgtcca caccttccct acagaccccc agagtccact tgctgctgtc accattcctt    190860
     agcttcacct cccagtaatg tcttccagaa gagatgcctc tgatgcctaa cacacagaag    190920
     aggtcatcca agcacagagt ggaatccttc cggctcacac tcagcctgtc tggggagatg    190980
     gcaaggatgg ggtgggcaga ggctggatcc agagtgaaag tccctgtaga gagagttacc    191040
     aatcacaaga ggtcctgtcc agtactcaga aaaggctaca gctgcccccc cccatgtcag    191100
     agaatccaaa catcttctaa caggataagt tcctcataga agagccttgt agctcaagag    191160
     tatgacttgc aagcagggga aggtcacttc tgccacccac accactgaag atgtcaccac    191220
     ctgggtcacc gtagagaact gaaggaggga caagagccat cggaaggaca ggaagggtat    191280
     ccctaagaaa cacagagaca ctcacaggcc tcgaagtgct ccttgcgcca atctacaaga    191340
     gaagcacagg tcatgtgagc agtttcacag cctacaccca cccagtcagc agggggactc    191400
     agaaacacag acctgggagg tgtgggacaa tgtacctgtc atacacactc gatcacacaa    191460
     atactataca tgcacataca tacacacaca ttcatacaca atagtacaca cctgcatacc    191520
     cacatacata cacaagcaca catgcacaca cacacaccaa acacaacttt ggaaagggat    191580
     agggagagcc ctttgcttct ttcccaggaa ccagtaattc tctgtactcc catgggagag    191640
     tagcctcata atcccagtct actgcatggc agaatagtaa tggaccctgt cctgggaagg    191700
     tctccttgag ttgtcacatt ttttgacagc tcaagaggat aacagctact tcctgctggc    191760
     ttttatgtca tcttgacaca aggtagggtc atctgggaac aaagaacctg agtagggaaa    191820
     atgcttccat agcacctgcc catgggcaag tctgtgggac attttcttga ctggtgattt    191880
     gatgtgggag gacccagccc atgtgagcac agttatcatt ggtatgtggt tgtaggatat    191940
     aggagaaaag aaactgagca agccacagga agcaatccag aagccaccgg aagcaatctg    192000
     ccaagcagca tcctccatgg cctctgccac agctcccgcc tccaggttcc tgcctgcttg    192060
     agttcctgac ctgacttgct gtaaacaaga actgggagtg tgagtcaagt aaacactttt    192120
     ctccttgagg aaatgcttgg ggcttgggtt tgatcccagc aggagaaact ctagctaaga    192180
     tagtgctctg ctcggaaggg agaagtctat aggagtcaca tacctgcata gagctgggcc    192240
     ttcttccaag ctgaaaatga acacactctg gtgagaaccc agtcagaata gccccactca    192300
     aagctaacct tcctccatcc attctaaaag tgaggctttg cctacgagga gagaggaccc    192360
     tgaggagcca gcccctgcaa gattcagagg caccagagta ttatgggaaa ttccctgacc    192420
     acagatgaga aagatggcat tgtagagtta gttcccccac tgccccgttc tgtggtgcac    192480
     agctgtagct gtgcaatagc tcatctactt ctaaaatgat acagaaaaaa aaatagttaa    192540
     caaccaaacc ttggtaaatg ggagaatatc ttagaaaata ataaagttat tctacaattg    192600
     tcagaaaaca tttgatatca gaaattttgg acatgaagtg aattcgtggt tgtagtgtcc    192660
     agagttcctc aggtaaaata tctccaaagc caggcatcac tatgccagca acacctagct    192720
     taccatcccc ctcccatgga ggacagcagc ccaggcttct gcccatcacc tgatcaaaac    192780
     cttcacgagt taggggaaca ggcccttagt ggatctcatt tagacaaagg ctggagttat    192840
     ctgagaagag ggaccctcca ttgagaaaat atctctagaa catggctgta ggcacagcta    192900
     tgtggcattt tcttgattaa taattgatgt gaaaggagct gcccactgtg gagtcaaccc    192960
     taggcaggca gtcctggagt gaatcaagta gcgtgaacaa gccattggaa ggaagcaagt    193020
     aagcagcctt cctctatagt ctgcttcagt tcctgctccc ggcccctgct gtgagttcct    193080
     gccctgactt tcctcaacga tagactgtgg ggtaaaaatg tgtaagaaga gtaaaccctc    193140
     gcctccccaa gaggcttgtg gttggggtat ttaccacagc aatagaaacc taaccaagac    193200
     aactttcttt aatgaaatgt tcatactcat gtctgcttcc aggcacagac catactctag    193260
     agctacagca gcccaaactc agcaataaat gcatcaggaa ttggttaaat aaaggctcag    193320
     gacaaggaca tatccaggag tcatacattt ttcagctctg ggcagagatc tgaagaagcc    193380
     taaacacaag gcttccacct tcctgaccct tccatttcgg gccccagaag cggttccaac    193440
     aatgccaaga atcaagaaga gaacaagtgt ggaaccatgg gacactggga cagtcactca    193500
     cctgccctgt aagctgcttt ccttcgatct gaaaagtaac acacaggagt caagagagct    193560
     actcagatcc taaggggacc aaagggctca ggaggaaaag caggactcac cacgctccac    193620
     catgagtgcg cctgaaaaac agggaggaga ggaagtctgt acacttgaga ggaagaaagg    193680
     aaacacagtt tgggttcctg attctctgaa ctacaggcac ctgacctaag gactccagct    193740
     gtcctctctg gattttgttt tccacctaat ttgatcccag aacacttggc cctcctgggg    193800
     cctctgaacc tgtccttcac tgctatggtg acttaccagc agtcctcaga gcatcatccc    193860
     ttgtcttcag tgactcatcc ttctcacgct gaaaattcac cgtttcctgc tgcaccttca    193920
     gccttgcaga atgctccctt ctgagaagat agcttgtccc taagactagt agtcccatca    193980
     tggtcagggt cacaagaaaa gctggcttcc agggagaggc ctgagggaag aagggctctg    194040
     tagcccaggc agagagacag taatgggtaa acctgaggag agacagccta ccacactcaa    194100
     aaaaggccac acacttcctg ggctctgtag gagtgaggga caactctcac ctgggatgaa    194160
     catggctgtg gctttctcct ggcccaagat aggattgaag atggagcagg tcacattcct    194220
     cacagagctg tctctcacaa ccagcaaggt ctctgtgctg aacagtcctt cagcatcttt    194280
     agtgtgggtc tctgaggaga atgctgtgag attctctcct ctggagtctt tccaatgcac    194340
     ctgaggctcc gggtaccacc ctgaggtcat gcacacaaca cacactccac catcttctgg    194400
     acctttgatg tgcacttcag ggacagagcc cattgctgca ggagaacaga tgtgaacacc    194460
     ctagaaccca ctttaggttg agggacccat gtgagcaacc atgtgacaga tggaaacctt    194520
     tcacatgaca gatgggaatt ggaggggaaa ggcattcctg cattgggaca aggttgggcc    194580
     cctattgcct gacagaggaa aaaagggaga gcgcattgtg gggaacagac cactcctata    194640
     tcaaccacaa gatcctgagg aagctgaagg aagttgaaca caggagcctg aggtgggaac    194700
     cagcactcca tctgtccatt aatcacacac ttgtgaacct catggcaggc ccacacccag    194760
     ctctcctctc agggaagaca gaccttgagc atccttcctt cctcccctcc atcacttgcc    194820
     tttagtattg accgccattt ctcactgtct gctcactaac actcagtgac ttccctgctg    194880
     acccctctaa actatacatt ccaaccgctg gtatttccat aacacccaca ggatccctaa    194940
     cccacagaac tagacacagc acattttagg ggacccacct atagaatttg agttaaatta    195000
     tgtatgtagg aattcactac ccatttctca tctcaaaatg ggaaactaga aatgagtaga    195060
     gataaaaatg acagacgaga gcacccctgt gagcccagca ctgcacagca agctaaagga    195120
     cagtctggca aacatgagaa cttctctcaa aacataaaag aaaataaggg gctgagtgac    195180
     acgagccctc agtttcctcc cacacacagg tcacccaagg tttttagaac agggatcagt    195240
     taaccaacct gccaccttca gttccaagat ggcctcatca tagaacactc cttgctggaa    195300
     gtggcagatg tatatcccac tatctgatgc ctggacattt aggatcctca cagcagctgt    195360
     gccttgatgg aactggtcct tcaccagcaa ggtgcgctgt gaatacccag gcatctgccc    195420
     ttccttctgc tcctcttggt cccgatagaa aagtactgct tctgagaatc tgctgcggaa    195480
     ccacctcaac tcttccatgt tctccacatt catggctgga aacacggagc agggaaggat    195540
     ggcttcccca cctggtgcag ccacaatggg gtctgaggga ccaaagaccc ggaactcctc    195600
     tgtggacaca gatgtagcag tgagaggctg gaaagacaca ggaggatgca gagaacacac    195660
     tctaaagggg aatatcatcc cagcagaaag caagggatag atggagttgc tctatgcact    195720
     gtgcactagg catgcatgac aaactaattc actaatgtac aagtaacctt tggacatagc    195780
     agtgcacccc ataaatgatg taaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa caaaagctaa acaacaacaa    195840
     caacaacaaa aacacacttc tgcctgtgtc cctgaccaca gacccttcca tgaaggaatc    195900
     ccttgtgtat tctttctcca gccttcatgt acctggtcac cagagcattt cagggaactg    195960
     actcttcact gagagctcta gcctcagtat gtttgggtgg gttcaagatc ataaatttat    196020
     aaagatcact acagatgctc acacaatcaa gtatatggcc acaccttggg agacacgggt    196080
     gtaactggct gatctcatac aagacccagg gaagttccaa cacccaatcc taatcctgtt    196140
     atcagccaat ttcttcatcc actgaataat gtgaatatta aaacagagag ctgaggctga    196200
     agagatggca gaacaactaa gatacaggag attcctctag aggatacagg ttcaattccc    196260
     agcacctaca ggatggatca tgactactta taactccctt ctggattctg tggccataaa    196320
     gaatacaggt gtatgttaca cagacataca ttcagcggaa atgcccaaac acattaaata    196380
     aagcatacac agccaaagta tacttctctg aaaaaagcca cctgattcca ggtgcccgat    196440
     aactttttga taaagaagga agattgactg cctcacactg ggaacccttg gccctctaaa    196500
     ctggaggact ttgacacagg cactgtggcc ctaagagctc cttgtcactc tgcactgctc    196560
     cacttgtgtc tagcacactg ctgccactgg agagaccagg acacctgtct gctgtcaccc    196620
     aaccccacgt ctatgaccct aacatggagt caaatcctgt ctctgctctg ctcaaggctc    196680
     agtcctgact ctgcttttcc caccagggat caccaagccc ccaggcctgc tcccaactca    196740
     gtcctcccca acacagctcc tgcatctctc tccctgagta attgcagcac tggcctctgc    196800
     agctcctcac accccaggca cactgtctgt ccaaggctat cccaactatg atccccaggt    196860
     agggtctggt tatggagctc aggctagcca aggacttaca atattccagt gtcagcctct    196920
     caaaggctga tgcacacatt gtcacctgat atttttatta gtcacacaat gtaaatggaa    196980
     agatgaaatc ttgtatgcca gatttctatg ggtctcctgt acatctgacc tacagagaac    197040
     ctggcagctc aaacccactg cagggagaca tgggaagaca gaccaggaca gactcacgtg    197100
     tggtcaccca gctaagcagc tgtgtaagga caaacagaca ggggacatgg aagagcagag    197160
     agggcttgcg gtgattttcc atgtccagca gaactgaaga gaaaaacagg agaggcagat    197220
     caacaccctg cggcaggagg taagaggcca gatccaccca gatcttggac ccctcatcag    197280
     agccagcatt gctcagggca ggagatcagc ccacaggact gaaacacatc agtgctcaca    197340
     gggtgaaggc tccacacaac ccaactctga caaacagccc ggcctggact cctctcaacc    197400
     ctgggcagac tgggcagcta gggacacaca agtcatttcg tggaagctat tcctttcctt    197460
     cccacctcag ccccagctca ggggcagcca aactctactc cgaattatag gcccttcctt    197520
     tctcagagcc ttgaggagaa gccagtgtag acaccatgac aacaactccc tgttatgcac    197580
     aaagtgcctg tgaccccaag acatggagcc tatgactctt ccttgggaat agaatggacc    197640
     cgatattcta tggctccaca actgtgacca gccccttacc agcatcttca gagacacaca    197700
     gttctccaag aatgctgaca ggcccatcac aaatgcctta tcctagctat tggctttgga    197760
     gattgtgtat gcttctgtcc cagaccagcc ccgccatggt tccaggttac acccagactc    197820
     agcaggtgcc acacacacat gccccacagc acaggtttac tctcatagtc tctgttgata    197880
     atgaccaagc tgagtgtaca cacaattgaa aagaacagga gagaggccag agcaggcagg    197940
     ctgactgggg cagttgggtg ttgggcaggg gagggctcag ggcaggcctg agttaccagg    198000
     ccaaagagag tggggggggg gggggggaag agagagagaa ggagaaaaca cttttcttcc    198060
     caaaccacgg gggggggggg ggagccaaag gcctgagaag gacaaatata gggagttctg    198120
     agctgccttc aggctcagac accagggagg tgacctgctg aaactcactc agcataacct    198180
     cctttctgct ccttctgcag gccccagctg cctttagtgc ccacctacct gcttttcttt    198240
     gcccccagct ttgaaaggct gtgacttcat caggagaagc tcagggccaa ggggacccag    198300
     cagaccccaa atcctcttct cacacttcat cccctctcca agaggttctc acagctctaa    198360
     gctctgctcg cctcagtgcc agccttgggt tgcctcaggt ccaggatcat ggtttctagg    198420
     gcagcagaca agaagtgcag cctgactcaa gttgtcacag cctctccaga gaccacgatg    198480
     actacagaga cagcagctgt ggagacaggg caggcacagt gtccaccatg aggacaagag    198540
     agacagcagc agagaagatg gcaggaacag gaacagagtc actgcctatt caagcagtgc    198600
     cctttgagcc acagagcaat tagagtttca gccacggaaa ctgaaagcta cagtaatgtg    198660
     acctgggcgt atgttccttc tgaatgtgat gttctgtcag gaagaggtga aggttcacct    198720
     caccacccca accacacccc tatcccacca ctacacaccc tgtccaatgg agggacttct    198780
     cagacctaca ctttatggaa tgctaaaaga tgatacaaaa aagacaacac aactttattg    198840
     aatccatttt aagcatcagg agcagctcat gtctgcacac aacagagtta tatcaactcc    198900
     tgtcacatct ccaaacagag atggtgtcat gagcttagat ctagctccag taactactaa    198960
     gatgagggga aggtatgtct tcctgaaaca cgtagtttct gccaaaatcc ctgccctgtg    199020
     tgcagcccag cccaaaccca gcacccagat cacagattaa gcaggaacct gccagggacc    199080
     ttggactcca ggtgcctgga tgtaaacaaa ctttatctcc tccagagtcc ccagcctatg    199140
     gcttccaaag gggatgacag gtgaaggcaa tgaccaggag caggtcagag agccttagaa    199200
     gacgctgaga agacctggat gggatgtgca ttgtgtcttc acacggggca tcaaagtcaa    199260
     gccagctgta gtgacgatag gaattaataa agaagccaga gatgattgct tgtataaaaa    199320
     catgaccttg gggccgggca gtggcagcac atgcctttac ccagctgtcc agaggcagag    199380
     gcaggcgggt ttctgagttc gaggacagcc tggtctacag agagagttca agaacagcca    199440
     gggctacaca aagaaaccct gtcacaaaaa aaaaaaaaac aacaacaaca actacaaaaa    199500
     caaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa acaaaaggac ctaaactgtg tacactaatc atatcaataa    199560
     cccaaaccgt aatgatccta accataacca taacctgaac ccaaagaact ctacccctaa    199620
     cgctaaccct aacacaaatc ctaacaaccc taacaccaac catcaccata accctaaaac    199680
     tagccataac cctcacccta accctaacac taactctaac cctaacaaca ctaaccttaa    199740
     ccataactgt aaacagaaac ataacttctc agaaggtaga ggcaggagga tcaggaactc    199800
     aagctgtcct tagctacata gtgagttcaa ggtcagcctg agctatgtga accctgtctc    199860
     aaactctgga tcctgagtga tacagcacac atctttaata ccagcaatgg tggaacacag    199920
     gatctctgtc tgttttagcc cagcctggtc tacgcatcca gtccaggcca cctctgtagt    199980
     gaactcctca ctcaaaaaga aaaaagaaaa agggaaatga aagaaggaaa ggaagagaaa    200040
     gaaagaaaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagggaggga gggagggagg gagggggagg    200100
     gagggaggga gggagaggga gggagggagg aaggaaggaa agaggaagga aggaaggaag    200160
     gaaggaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa    200220
     gaaagaaaag ggagggaggg ggagagagac agaggggggg gggggaaata tcaacagcag    200280
     aacaagaggt gacatcatga ttacatagat aaaaagcatt agccaccaag cctgacaacc    200340
     tgagtttgat cgtggaccca catgagggtg agaaaagacc tgaccaccat cctgtgacct    200400
     tcacaagtga gccatgacag ggcacactgg ttcccacttg actgtattca catatgtgcc    200460
     caccctatac acccaataac agatgaagga tccttttcag agattcactc ttgttcagtg    200520
     tggaagcatg tttggcctga atgtccttat gtgcatctca tgtgtgcctg gtgctcacag    200580
     agtcagtagg gggtgttagg agcaggtgaa gtggaactgc cggtatgtgt gcacagttct    200640
     gtgggtgctg ggaaaggaac cagggtccac tacaagagca gtaagcacag gctggagaga    200700
     tggctcagca gttaagagca ctgactgctc ttccaaatgt cctgagttca atttccagca    200760
     accacatggt gactcacaac catctgtaat aggatctgat accctcttct ggtgtgtcta    200820
     aacacagcta cagtgtactc ccataaatat aataaataaa tcttttaaaa aagaaaaaag    200880
     ataagaaaga aagatagaac actaagcact atgatccact aagacctctc tccagcccca    200940
     taaagaattt tttgcattga gaccaataaa aggcttccct caagtgctct atttcgggtg    201000
     acttttgatc actatcactt gtagcataaa gaggagacaa tgaatatggt acgtgggtag    201060
     ctctggcaaa ctggtatcag atgtgattct tggtagtcaa tttgaggaca tatggaatta    201120
     agtaacaggc aaaactggag gacacacttg gaggagtttt gctcagtttg aagtagaaca    201180
     atctgtagag tggggatttt gctatccagc tttaagctct gtatggactg cactaccagc    201240
     cccacccagg ttccctcagc tctgcagatg aaacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    201300
     acgcacacac tagcttattg tcagcctgcc ttattgactc aattgctggg tacttctaat    201360
     gcttccttgg cttcactccc agctcagcac cctaaatctg cccttaactt cagttgctca    201420
     gttaccttct ccttgttcag ccccctaaat ctgccctcag cttaattgtg tttctaatat    201480
     ctcacctgct accccaggtc caaatgggga agctgccaat ggccattcgt cttgagatct    201540
     cacatggcta atggctcaat ctacgcaact cccccccccc ccatacctcc atgcatggta    201600
     aatcttttgt ccttccctgg ctctgctagt ctccatgcaa gaaaactgga agtcccacct    201660
     cttcagccaa gctcactggc cattagctaa catctttttt tagagagaga gattttattt    201720
     cctttattga gaaacttaag tcttgggtac atcaaaacca atttctgaga tggggcaaaa    201780
     acagaaccca caatagaaaa aaaattatta tctgggccac aacagaaccc agagaatata    201840
     ttcttataat tgaaattttc taggtgtttc ataattgacc tgatacaaaa tgacctattg    201900
     aatttgcaac ttggtgtgga ggttcacaga caaactaggc tgtcttcaga ccttagctgg    201960
     atgccatgag gggttatttg gcttttggct gtttattctt gtctaagagg tatcagcagc    202020
     aacagtgccc acctctgggc agcttctttc ttggcatgat gagcctgcag gactgccaca    202080
     gcgtcttcat ccaccttaga acggagagac tcaggggact ccagcatgtg cagcagctca    202140
     gagttgtcca tttccagcag catccccata atttttgcag ccacgtttga atgcattgct    202200
     tggataagtg ggaacagaca ctcccccagc atctgcttct gcttgggggg gggggggggg    202260
     aggacgctcc agtcagcatg gaggcagtca tgggtcctga cactagacat ggactgtagg    202320
     ctgggggatc tgctgcaact ttaaagcagg gtgtgggctg actaggtagc atctttattg    202380
     atagatcaag aaccaattgc agaacagggc cttcagagtt cacatgcaga ttccccatca    202440
     aagcatcaga accaccccct acatctcacc ttctctgtcc aagtgaaaaa aactcttctc    202500
     tcagatacaa attgaacaaa accataataa tcatgtaaac tgcagaggac atgtaaatta    202560
     caaagtacta gatgtgacaa ttaacatcta gtccatcatg tttatcaatt agataaagta    202620
     ctctaccatt atttttaact taaagactta caattctatc ccggaattat gcttacacct    202680
     gaaacatcat ctggaaacca tgtcttccac tctataacct ctctcttagt gctaaacaat    202740
     ttgagtttga ttataactag tcttcaaccc tgtcagaaat ccgagtacaa attaaatatt    202800
     acctgagtgt ataggaagca ccaaacatag ctacccaaac ttataaacaa ctatacagac    202860
     atctgactac ctggacagtc cataatttct tataatattg gatcttctgt cttcagcctt    202920
     ctggcccaga accacctggc agacctttca tgaaggagga aatatgaaag accagctgac    202980
     tctgtcttgg cagagcttag gagtcaacta tcccacttct gtttgtcctt ttaaacagta    203040
     cattgtctgt agatgatatg agcaatttct gtctggtggc tacctcttgt gcgcgctcaa    203100
     cttgccagca agaacaacgc cacaacagga tccttctgca cacgtttatt gggagagctt    203160
     gattgcagag gcgaaaggcc ccgagcccag aactggtgct gcttacatag gcctaggaga    203220
     ggcgtgtctt acacccggat tggttatgct tactacctca tttgcatgtc tctcatctga    203280
     ttggttatat tctcaaaacc ttatcttggc aaaaaacttt actgcgtggt ggccagcagt    203340
     agtcagcacc accctgcaac agcacgtgtg gcttcccaca cctaccttgc cacaataagc    203400
     aatcttgcct ggaggtaaag atgtccaatt cttctttaaa ggggaatggg aaaagctgtc    203460
     agaagcaggt atgtctcatg gtcaaaagat ccttaataat gaaataacat taaatatcac    203520
     attctgtgga ttgttggtgt ttttgaagac tatctaataa agtacctttg aactgttaaa    203580
     ccttatctac tcttagccat ttctattgaa gtatactgaa aacactttat tatcgttaaa    203640
     tcactatgta acataaccat gagtttatta tgtggcgtta acttgtgtga cttaattatc    203700
     ctaaactgtc tgtaaagcag ctattaaagg actggcgcaa gcctcagtat tcttaaaact    203760
     taaactgtat cattatatga attctgcacc agtgtaagaa attataactt caatttgtat    203820
     caattataaa gacttctatc aattaagtta tgtatataca atgtttttga agaataaaat    203880
     tagtaatcca tcccatctat tttcttcctg ttgaaaataa gatcattttc aaattatcta    203940
     taatttataa actgaccaga accagacacc caacctcacg gaatcaggat gacaactctc    204000
     cacaacttcc tcctgctgaa aacggtgatg agaaattctc taaagggctg gggaggggtt    204060
     ggaaaattag aagactggtt agacttaaga aagccaactt tagcatctgt tgtgcagtct    204120
     ctgcatattt ggaagtttca gagcttgact gatttctgac tggttctttc catttgaaag    204180
     gtttgaggag agatgaccga gaatcaggag caatcctaaa gctgttttct ttttcttatt    204240
     taatttaatt tgttttattt atttatttat ttatttatcc ataaattaca tttttattat    204300
     ttaaacagtt tttaaattga aatatatttt gaccatattt ttctcctacc ccaagtcctt    204360
     tcaggccctt ccccacaccc acacaatgtt cagttctttc tgaaaaaata aacaaacaaa    204420
     aaccaataca ataaaacccc aaaacgaaga aaacaaaata aaacaccacc aaaaaatgaa    204480
     aataaaaaca aatgatcaag caaaacccat caaattgtaa ccaattggaa gcacaaacag    204540
     acgaaaagct gtggagttca ttctacactg gaagactatt cctgagtatg cggcctgcct    204600
     tggggtggtt gatataccct gtgtcatgct atttgagaaa gcccctcaat taccccttgc    204660
     ttttagcctt ctctacccat atccctccaa caagcccttc tcccctccac tttatgactt    204720
     gatcctccca ttgcagctgc ctccatccat aatctttctt ttttttctct ctctcttcta    204780
     aaagaaaaca tttaattgga gctggcatac agttcagagg tttagtcctt tgtcatcatg    204840
     gtaggaagca tggaggcaca caggcagaca tggtgctgga gaaggagctg tgagatctgc    204900
     atcttgatca gcaggcagca gagactgtgt gccacactgg gtgtagcttg agtgcaggag    204960
     acctcaaaac ccatccccac agtgacacac ttcttccaac aaggccactt ctacttgaac    205020
     aaggtcacac ctcctaacag tgccacccac tccctatggt ccaagcactc ttttgtttag    205080
     acttttgttt gtttgtttgt tgatctgttt attagatatt ttctttatta atatttcaaa    205140
     tgttgtcgcc ttccctggtt ttccttcaaa aaacccccat tcctcccttc ctccccctgc    205200
     tcaccaagcc acccactcct gcttcctggc cctggcattc ccctacactg gggcatagag    205260
     ccttaaagct gtttttgaag caagtctctg gacagcaaca ggaagcaagg cactggaaca    205320
     gcaggtcagt tgagcaaccc agcagatgaa tcttgtcaga gctgtacatt ctgcaatata    205380
     tgaatcgcat gaccaaaatt ttagtaccat gaagatattt gtatggattg tgtagagtgc    205440
     acaggtgaat taaggatgaa ttttgttcct tgtttgagca ggttaaagac agctttttta    205500
     tgagtaattt tctcaataac cacttgtaat aaatcttcat tcatgtcatg tgaacaatgg    205560
     cacaatgaac ctttacctgt cctgcttgat tttcttgatc ttaaataggt ttcaaggggt    205620
     ctcccctatc atatctgatc tatactctta ctctggaagg ggtccaaatc ctattctcct    205680
     ttcctgtaac acaaatgtgc agtttttctt tcaaattagc ctgcccttgc ccagtaactg    205740
     agattcattg aacagtaagc ttgatctctc gcccagagca attataatat aaacgccaaa    205800
     ctcatagcca tactcacttt gatgaataaa acattttttt atatacatag ggtttctctg    205860
     aggagacctg gctgtactag aacccactct ttagaaaagg ttggcctcaa acttaaagat    205920
     ccagctgact ctagggattt aaggcaggag ccaccactgc ccagtcaaga tccacttcca    205980
     ttttttaagt tgaattcctg tatttatttc atgtatttgt ttactttaca tattgaccag    206040
     agtttagaca cctgcctata cccccagttc ttcacacccc acctaccatc cctcccccac    206100
     ataccttctc ctccatacct ttctcttcag aagagtggag gcctcccatg gatatcagca    206160
     ggccttatta tatcaacttg cagtaagact ccttttccta ttgaggctag aacaggcaga    206220
     ccagtaggaa gtatggtccc aaaagcaggc aagagtcaga gacagtccat gctcctgctg    206280
     ttaggagtcc cacatgaaaa ccaagctgct caactgttac atatgacaga gggtcagtcc    206340
     tgtgtttgtt ccctggttgg tgattaggtc tctgtgagcc cctaatctgt tggttttctt    206400
     gtggtaacct ggaccctcta cttcctacaa ttcttcttct caattgtctg caggattctc    206460
     gcaacctcag actaatactg agctgtgggt ctctgaatct gtttccatca gttgctgggt    206520
     gaaacctctc tgatgaaggt tttgctaggc tcctgtccac aagtataaca gagtatcatt    206580
     aatagtgcaa ttgataatag aagggtgggc tcctctaatg atttgggtct caagctgtgc    206640
     cagtcatagt tggcttatgc ctaaaatttt gttcatcttt atccctgcat atcctgtagg    206700
     caggacaaat tgtgggtcta aggttttctg ggtgggttcg tgtcctaatc ccttcattgg    206760
     aagtcttacc tggttatagg cagtggttat ttcaggtttg ataaccccca atgctaggag    206820
     tcttggctag ggtcaccaca aaatatttct aagactttcc actacccttg atttctagct    206880
     cttcccagat atgtccatgt cccccaaccc cattccagtt gtctctctaa atactgtcct    206940
     cttcaaactc tcccaaatga tccctcatat tctggtcccc atctcactcc tgtaaagtcc    207000
     cctcatcctt accctaccca cgtacaccaa cattgtctat tccatttctc cttctcagtg    207060
     actcctggat gtgtccttgt ctctgagtgt taatttaacc agttccccaa cacacacact    207120
     cctactttcc ccctgcaaag cctaccaaag ctcttccctc tctccagccc tcactacccc    207180
     catgcctttc cacacctcca cctcaccctc cattcttcct ttattctgca gtcccctccc    207240
     tcactgctac ccacaatgca acagggaagc agggaaacct tggtcagtct gagatccgat    207300
     ttaggaaaca gtgatgtcca catgtggtga tgttggctcc agatgttggc cttacctttc    207360
     tctgtacaat tgtgaaacca actttcccac aacaccattt ttttttttac tttaaaaatg    207420
     gtcactataa ttatgaaata aaataattat tttttaagat ccagtagaat ttctctatac    207480
     cactacaaat acactttcct gttcacttat attttatcac aacagctcag ttctgtgttg    207540
     ttggacccaa ggcaggcagc tgtgatagtt tgtatatgct tagctgaggg agtggcatta    207600
     tttgggggga gtgcccttgt tggagtaggt gtgtcactgt aggtgtgagc tttaataccc    207660
     tcacccaagc tgcatggaaa tcagtcttcc actagcagcc ttcagatgaa gatgtacaac    207720
     cctctgctcc tcctgcccca tgcctgcctg gatgctgcca tgctcctgcc ttgatggtaa    207780
     ttgactgaac ctctgaacct gtaagtagcc gcagttaaat gttgtctttt ataagacttg    207840
     ccttgggcat ggtgtctgtt cacaacagta aaaccctaac taattcgtaa gtcatacaga    207900
     ctatacaaat aagagaatac cactatgttc ctttaaaact ttattaatgg atacagaatt    207960
     gagactctca caattttgac tcaccacaaa gtactaattg atattttaca tgaaatataa    208020
     acatttaatg taaaattaca ttaaatataa atattcacag gacacacaaa aacagtttaa    208080
     tccaatttga gtcatagttg atttttcaat tttcactggg agaaaaaaat tattgataaa    208140
     taatgaatat attaaaagaa aaatgattta aattgataaa gctgtctatt ttgcctgttc    208200
     ttgttttgtt ctacagactg aggattgcac ccagggcttc agaatgacag agctgaaacc    208260
     caggagcagc aggaagctga gagcttagga agcagcacaa gcaggaagca gagagggcag    208320
     gctgggagtg gtgccctggt ttgaagcttc aaagcccacc ccagtgacat acttcatcaa    208380
     ggacatgtgt cccaaaccta cccaaacact acaaccaact ggagaccaac aatccaaaca    208440
     cttctatgta tgagggatgt tttcattcaa gccatgacac ttatctacaa agagagttcc    208500
     aagccagcct gggttatgtg agatcttctc tttaaatgat agatacatag atagatagat    208560
     agatagatag atagatagat agatagatga aaggtaaata atagacaact aaacaataaa    208620
     aagttaaaat acatgaggcc agcctttata aaatatgaat tactttttgt agttatatgt    208680
     gtaattctgt aagagagaga gagactcaaa tacaaaaatc aaagaattta tgtaagaatc    208740
     aaagacagat ctggtatgat gataaggcag gttcatggag atggatggac agacaggtca    208800
     ttgtccactg agaaggtcca cttcgaggaa ctatctagga tccagcaatc tcatcaccaa    208860
     gaacaaatgt agaagacagg aaatcatgtg tcagacatct cttcgcccat actcactaca    208920
     acactgatca caacagccaa gacatagaat agaataggtg cccatggcca gatgaacaaa    208980
     ttaactaatg ttcactcagc ccttggtctg tttcatgcca aatggcaaaa aacaaaacaa    209040
     acaaacaaag aaaaaaaacc aaccactaat aaaatgctat ttaatgccaa gaggaaaata    209100
     ccttcccaga gctcaaacca acctgtttta caccacctga cacaaagcat gacctcgctt    209160
     ccacctcagc cacaggcaca ggctcggagt cagactgagt agcagtgtgg gtcaaggctc    209220
     caggcccttc caggacccat gggggctttg gcctgtggct tctacactcc cacaaggaga    209280
     caaactgatg aattaggcag tgaaccacac tagggtgcag tgaaccacac tatggttcct    209340
     ggcatgctgg aggaatggag agtcttcctc tgagagagag tccacaacac aagagcctgg    209400
     aaccaggccc tcccctgcag gactcagaga ctccatctgg aaagaagcaa aactaactcc    209460
     ttcatgctct ttatactctt ccccttcttc tccttcctct cctcccctct tctccctccc    209520
     tcccctcaga cgcacatgcc atggagctga taatctttta aatatatcca ttcctaagcc    209580
     tgaagtatgg aaaaagagtc ccagagaaag aagcctcatg aaaggagaac atgtgggaca    209640
     tgtcactcat gttatagaat gagatgtcac cttcagtgta gtccacaaac acccccatac    209700
     tctgcagagc ttgcctgaca gataatgaag ccctcccaga gtcaatatag gcccaatatc    209760
     ccttactaga ctgccgcaca gtccaaaacc ccttacctgg agtctcaaaa taaaaatctt    209820
     tcctgtccac accttcccta cagaccccca gaatccattt gctgccctct ctgtttgtta    209880
     ggttcacctc ccagtaatgt cttacagatg cctccgatgc ctaacaccac tggagaggtc    209940
     ctccaagcac agagtggaat cgttccgggt cacactcagc ctatcctggg agatggcaag    210000
     gttggcatgg gcagaggctg gatccagagt gaaagtccct gtagagagag ttaccaatca    210060
     caagaggtcc tctccagtac ccggaaaagg ctacagctgc ctacatctcc atctcagaac    210120
     ctcttagctt cttctagggg attaagttcc tcatttaaga gccttgtggc tcaaacccag    210180
     gtcttgcaag cagaaggagg gaaaacaaag ccaaactaga ggtaacaaga taacaaggca    210240
     cttgagaggg agaccagctt agtaactgtc acctctgcca tccacaccac taaagccatc    210300
     aacatttgag tcaccacaga gaagaggaga gaccagagcc atgggaagca caggaggagt    210360
     gtcgctaagg aacccagagt cactcacagg cctggaagtg ttccttgcgc caatctacaa    210420
     gagaaataca gatcatgtga ggggtttcag agactatata cccatctggt agtcagaaaa    210480
     tgtcttcaga aacacggact ttctggggtt ctgacgtggg agtagtgggg agttgtgggg    210540
     acaatatgct tgtcacagag agagggatac acataaaaac acatacacag agaaagagag    210600
     atgtgataaa cataacaaca cacatataca cacatataaa tacacacata aacagaaaca    210660
     gacatacaga cataaagcac acatatagat atacacagaa ggaaagagag atacacataa    210720
     aaacacacat atacatacat gcatacatac atacatacat atatacatac ataaacaaag    210780
     acagagacct acaatgcaca cacagggaga gagatacaca taaaaacaca catacacaca    210840
     cacatataca tctgctatag agctccaata aggacttgaa gagtgaggtc taacacccat    210900
     ccctagtaaa ggcagagaag catcctctca ctgtgccttg tcaggtccca gacacaagca    210960
     tcctggaagc tacacatcct tgaatcataa cttttccaag aatgggaggg agggatggag    211020
     atgaagcagg atgccagtga gattgagagc agcctaagct atgtgagtaa ttagaaagaa    211080
     gcccgagcca catggtaaga ccctgtctga gaaagcagca acatggatgg tgctctacag    211140
     tacagagcct gcaaggccca gtgtttgatc ttacagaaca acaaataaaa gaaagtccaa    211200
     gaccacttgg tgctcttgca gaagacatgg cttcaggtcc cagcactctc atggatgctc    211260
     atgatcatct gtaactgcag ttccaggaga cttacacact actcacctgg actccaaggg    211320
     cactaggcat accgatggca cagagataca cattcatgaa aaacactcat tcacagtata    211380
     aataaacaga tggatggatg gatggatgga tggatggatg gatggataaa tagaaagata    211440
     gattagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagacagac    211500
     agacagatag aagagggaag gaaactttgt ggctcttgtc tcctaatggg ccctgtcctg    211560
     tgcaggtctc cattgggtag tcacagtttc tgacagctca agagattgac aactacttcc    211620
     tgctggcttt tatgtcatct tgacacaaga cagggtcatc tgggaacaag gaatctgaat    211680
     agggaaaatg cttccatagc accagcctgt agacaagtct gtgggacatt ttcttgactg    211740
     gtgatttgat gtgggaggac ccagcccatg tgagcactgt catcccctgg caggtggttg    211800
     taggatatag gagaaaagaa actgagcaag ccacaggaag caatccagaa gccaccggaa    211860
     gcaatctgcc aagcagcatc ctccacggcc tttgctgcag ctcctgcctc caggttcctg    211920
     cctgcttgag ttcctgccct gacttgctgt gaacatgggc tgggagtgtg agtcaagaaa    211980
     acactttcct acttgaggaa atgcttgggt cttgtttttt tctcccagca ggagaaactc    212040
     tagctgagac agggctctgc ccagaaaggg gtagtctata ggaaccacat acctgcatac    212100
     agctgggcct tcctccaggc tgaaaatgaa cacactctgg tgagaaccca gtcaggatag    212160
     ccccactcaa agctaacctt cctccatcca ttctaaaagt gaggctttgc ctaggaggaa    212220
     agaggattga aaggaatggg cccctgaagg attcagaagc acccgagtat tataggaaat    212280
     tcccagaact gcagaagaaa agatggcatt gtatcgtaag ttcccccact atcccctgat    212340
     gtatggcttt tttaaaatca ttttttaaaa tctgtttatt ttacatgtat gagtgctcta    212400
     tttgtatgta cacctgcata ccagaagagg acatcacatc ccattacaga tggctatgag    212460
     ccgccatgtg attgttggga cttgaactca ggccctctgg atgtgcacac agtgctctta    212520
     accacttagc caactctcca ggccttctgt gtggcttttg gctgaaaaaa tagctgcatc    212580
     tacttcaaaa aggaaaataa taataggagt agtaattaca ctactattct ataattatgc    212640
     agcttcactg ttaacaaaca aagcatcagc tcttttctta gaaggtgtat ttggaggtgt    212700
     gctgaagaat agaatgtgta taataagtgt ggctatgaag tgaattcgtg agagaagcac    212760
     ccagtgtacc tcaactgaaa caactccaaa gccaggtaca cctataccag gagcacgaac    212820
     attcccatct ccttcccact gagggacgca acccaagtct ccacccatca ccttgatcaa    212880
     caacttcaag agctaaggga gcagacccct ggaagatgac tgaggaatgg gtgcaggtca    212940
     tattcctgca tctgtgacct cttttgctgg ttaggtgttg tcaattttca aaagctaaag    213000
     tcatctgata agagggagct tcaaccaaga gaatggctcc aatagattag ctgtaggcaa    213060
     ggcagcaggg ttttcttgat tgattaatgt agaaggggcc tgcccactgt gggcggtgcc    213120
     acccctacac aggtggtcca ggaatgggcc agcaggacag ctgagaaagc cattgggagc    213180
     aaacaaggaa gcagccctgg ttttccccat taacaaattg tgatttaaaa atgtgtacag    213240
     caaataaact gttccttccc ccaaattaca ctagtttctt acagcaatag aaacctaatt    213300
     agaacacttt ctttacagaa atgttaacac tgcagtctgg tcccaggtgc agaaagaagt    213360
     ctagagccac tggaccctaa gggagcaata aaagtatcag gaagtggttg gattacgaca    213420
     taggaaacag gacaaaccca agagtcacac attttccagc tctgggcaga gatcagaagg    213480
     agcctaaaca ccaggcttcc accttccaga aaattccact tctgaccccc aaagggtact    213540
     cactcagcct agaatcaagg agagaatgca tgtggagcca tgggacactg gggaagtcac    213600
     tcacctgccc tgtaacctgc ttgtcttcga gctgaaaagc aacacacagg agtcaagaga    213660
     gctactgggc tcctgagggg atcagagggc tcgggaagaa aaccaggact caccaagctc    213720
     caccatgact gctcctgaaa aacagtgagg agagggaggc tgtacacttg gcaggaagaa    213780
     aggaaacaca gtttgggttc ctgatacgct gaactacagg ccacctgacc taaaggactc    213840
     cagctgtcct ctctgaattt tgtattccac ctactctgat cgcagaacac tggccctcct    213900
     ggggcctctg aacctgtcct tcactgctat ggtgacttac gagcagttct cagagcatcc    213960
     tcctttgtct tctgtaactc atccatctca cgctgaaaat tcaccatttc ctgctgcacc    214020
     ttcagccttg cagaacattc ccttctgaga agaaggctca cccctaagac tagtagtccc    214080
     atcatggtca gggtcacaaa aaaagctgac ttccagggag aggtctgagg gaagaagggc    214140
     tctgtggccc aggcagagag ccagtaatga gtgaacctga gaagagacag cctaccacac    214200
     tcaagaaagg ccacacactt cccaggctct gtaggagtga gggacagctc tcacctggga    214260
     tgaatatggc catggctttc tcctgaccca agataggatt gaagatggag caggtcacac    214320
     tcctgacaga gctgtctctc accaccagtg aggtttctgt gctgaacagt ccttgagcat    214380
     cttcatgatg gatctctgag gatgctgtga gattctctcc tctgaaatct ctccaatgca    214440
     cctgaggctt cgggtaccac cctgaggtat tgcatacaac actcactcca ccatcttctg    214500
     gacctttgat gcgtacttca gggacagagc ccattgctgg aggagaacag atgtgaacac    214560
     cctagaagcc actttaggtt gaaggacccc aggagcaact atgactcatg ggaacctttc    214620
     acaagacaga taggaattga aggggaaagg cattcctgga ttgggactag gttgggcccc    214680
     aattgcctga caggaaagat aggagagcac acggtgggga acagaccact cctgtgtcaa    214740
     ccacaagatc ctgagggacc tgaaggaagt tgaacacagg agcctgaggt gggaaccagc    214800
     actccatctg tccattatcc acacagctgt gaccctccag gcgggcccac atccagctct    214860
     cctctcaggg aagacagacc ttgagcatcc ttccttcctc ccctccatca ccttagcatt    214920
     gactgccatt actcactgac tgctcactaa cactcagtga ctttcctgac gacgcctcta    214980
     aatgatacat tccaaccact gatattttca taacaccaac aggaccctaa cccacaaaac    215040
     tagacacagc acatttttag gggatccacc tatagaattt gagttgaatt atctatatag    215100
     gaattcacta tccataactc attccaaaat gggaaactat aaataaatag ggataaaaat    215160
     gagagataag agcaaccggg tgagcctaga atgacaggga aagctcaagg acaagtctgg    215220
     caaacatgag aacttctctc aaaacataaa agaaaataag gggttgagtg acatgaaccc    215280
     tcagtttcct accacacaca ggtcacccaa ggtttttaga acaggaatca gttaaccaac    215340
     ctgccacctt cagttccaag atggcctctt catagaacac tccctgtttg aagtggcaga    215400
     tgtatagccc actatctgat gcctggacat tttggatcct cacagcaact gtgccttgat    215460
     ggaacttgtc cttcaccagc aaggtgcgcc gtgaataccc aggcatctgc tctcttttct    215520
     gttccttttg gtcccgatag acaagtactg cttctgagaa tctgctgcgg aaccacctca    215580
     actcctccat gttctccaca ttcatggctg gaaacacgga gcagggaagg atggcttccc    215640
     cacctggtgc agccacaatg gggtctgagg gaccaaagac ccggaactcc tctgtggaca    215700
     caaatgtagc agtgagaggc tggagagaca ccggaggatg cagagaacac actgagggga    215760
     atatcatccc agcagaaagc aagggataca tggagttgtt ctatgcaccg tgcattaggc    215820
     gtgcatgact agtgccctaa cattcaagtt atctttggac atagcagtgc accccataaa    215880
     tgatgtaaaa aaaattcttc tacctgtgtc tctggctaca gacccttcca tgaaggaatc    215940
     ccttgtgtgt tctttttcca gccttcatgt acctggtcac caggtgcatt tcagggaact    216000
     gactcttcac tgagagctct agcctcagta tgtttgggtg ggttcaagat cataaatcta    216060
     taaagaccac tacagatgct cacacaatca atctgttata tggccacacc ttgggagaca    216120
     tgagtataac tggatggtct catacaagac ccaggaaagg tccaataccc aatcctaaat    216180
     tccgttacta gtcaatttct tcatccactg aataatgtga ctattaaaat actgaactga    216240
     ggctaaagag atggctgagc aattaagata caggagattc ctctagagga tgcaggttca    216300
     atttccagca cccacaggat ggatcatgac tacctgtaat tcccttctag attctgtgga    216360
     catcaagaat acaggtgttt gttacacaaa catacattcg ggggaaatgc ccataaacat    216420
     taaataaagc atacacagcc aaaggataca tctctgaaaa agccacctga ttccaggagc    216480
     cccgatcact tcttgataaa gaaggaagat tgtctgctca ctctgggaac ccttggccct    216540
     ctaaactgga ggactttgac acaggcactg tggccccaag agctccttgt cactctgcac    216600
     tgctccactt gtgtctagca cactgctgcc actggacaga ccaggacacc tgtctgctgt    216660
     ctcccaagcc ccacctctgt gaccctaaca tggagtcaaa tcctgtccct gctctgctca    216720
     aggctcagtc ctgactctgc ttttcccacc agggatcacc aagcccccag ggctgctctc    216780
     aactcagtcc tccccaacac agctcctgcc tctctctccc tgagtcattc tgctgcagcc    216840
     agcactggcc tccagagctc ctcacacccc aggcacactg tcagtccaag gttatcccaa    216900
     ctatgctccc caggtagggt ctggctatga agctcaggct ggccaaggac tcacgatatt    216960
     ccagtggcag cctctcaaag gctgatgcac acatgcccac ttagattttc attactaact    217020
     cactgtaaat ggaaaaatgg ggaaatcctg gatgccagat ttatatgggt ctcctgtatc    217080
     tctgacctac agagaacctg gcagctccaa ctcactgtag ggagacatgg gaagacagaa    217140
     caggacaaac tcacttgtgg tcacccagct aagcagctgt gtaaggacaa acaggcagga    217200
     gacaaggaag agcagaaaga gcttgtggtg atttttccat gtccgtccga gctgaagaaa    217260
     aaaacaggag aggcagatca acaccctgcg gcaggagtta agaagccaga tccacccaga    217320
     tgttagatcc ctcatcagag acagcattga aatcagccta caggaccgaa acacatccat    217380
     gctcacaggg tgaaggctcc acacaaccca acactgacaa acagccaggc tctggctcct    217440
     ctcagacctt cagaagactg ggcagctggg gacacacaag tcacttagag gaagctattc    217500
     ctttccttcc cacctcagcc ccagctcagg ggcagccaag ctctacccag aattatagac    217560
     ccttcctttg tcagagcctt gaggagaagc cagtgtagac accatgactc caactccccg    217620
     ttatacacaa actgcctttg accctaagac attgggcgaa tgactctccc tcgggaatac    217680
     cttggactct attctatggc tccacaactg tggccagccc cttacaggga tcttcagaga    217740
     cacacagttc tccaagaagg ctgacaggcc catcacaaat gctttgccct ggcttttggt    217800
     tttggagatt gtctacactt ctgtcccaga ccagccccac catgtttcca ggttaaaccc    217860
     agactcggca ggtgccacac acacacatgt cccacagcac agctttaccc tcatagtctc    217920
     tgtgataatg accaagctga gtatacacag aattgaaagg aacaaaagag agaccagagt    217980
     gtgcagagcc agagagagca ggccagagca ggcaggctga ctggggcagt tgggtgttgg    218040
     gcaggggagg gctcagggca ggcttgagct agcaggccag atagagtggg gagaaaaaag    218100
     agagagagaa agagaaaaca cttttcttct caaaccacgg gggggggggg gggaccaaag    218160
     acctgagaac acaaacatag ggagttctga gctgcctcca ggctcagaca ccagggaggt    218220
     gacctgctga aactcactca gcataatctc ctctctgctt cttctgcagg ccccagctgt    218280
     cttcagtgcc cacctacctg cttttctttg cccccagctt tgaaaggctg tgacttcatc    218340
     aggagaagct cagggccaag gggacccagc agaccccaaa tcctcttctc acacttcatc    218400
     ccctatccaa gaggttctca cagctctaag ctctgctcgc ctcagtgcca gccttaggtt    218460
     gcctcaggtc caggatcatg gtttctaggg cagcagacaa gaagtgcagc ctgactcaag    218520
     ttgtcacagc ctctccagag accacgatga ctacagagac agcagctgtg gagacagggc    218580
     aggcacagtg tccatcatga ggacaagaga gacagcagca gagaagatgg caggaacagg    218640
     aacagagtca ctgcctattc aagcagtgcc ctttgagcca acagagcaat tagagtttca    218700
     gccacggaaa ctgaaagcta ccgtaatgtg acctgggcgt atgctccttc tgaatgtgat    218760
     gttctgtcag gaagaggtga aggttcacct caccacccca accacacccc tatcccacca    218820
     ccacacaccc tgtccaatgg agggacttct cagacctaca ctttatggaa tgctaaaaga    218880
     tgatacaaaa aagacaacac aactttattg aatccatttt aagcatcagg agctgctcat    218940
     gtctgcacac aacagagtta ggtcaactcc tgtcacatct ccaaacagag atggtgtcat    219000
     gagcttagat ctagctccag taactactaa gatgagggga aggtatgtct tcctgaaaca    219060
     cgtagtttct gccaaaatcc ctgccctgtg tgcagcccag cccaaaccca gcacccagat    219120
     cacagattaa gcaggaacct gccagggact ttggactcca ggtgcctgga tgtaaacaaa    219180
     ccttatctcc tccagagtcc ccagcctatg gcttccaaag gggatgacag gtgaaggcaa    219240
     tgaccaggag caggtcagaa agccttagaa gacgctgaga agacctggat gggatgtgca    219300
     ttgtgtcttc acacggggca tcaaagtcaa gccagctgta gtgacgatag gaattaataa    219360
     agaagccaga gatgattgct tgtataaaaa catgaccttg gggccgggca gtggcagcac    219420
     atgcctttac ccagctgtcc agaggcagag gcaggcggat ttctgagttc gaagacagcc    219480
     tggtctacag agtgagttca agaacagcca gggctacaca aagaaaccct gtcacaaaaa    219540
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac aactacaaaa acaaaacaaa acaaagcaaa    219600
     acaaaacaaa acaaaaagac ctaaactgtg tacactaatc atatcaataa cccaaaccgt    219660
     aatgatccta accataacca taacctgaac ccaaagaact ctacccctaa cgctaaccct    219720
     aacacaaatc ctaacaaccc taacaccaac catcaccata accctaaaac taaccataac    219780
     cctcacccta accctaacac taactctaac cctaacaaca ctaaccttaa ccataactgt    219840
     aaacagaaac ataacttctc agaaggtaga ggcaggagga tcaggaactc aagctgtcct    219900
     tagctacata gtgagttcaa ggtcagcctg agctatgtga accctgtctc aaactctgga    219960
     tcctgagtga tacagcacac atctttaata ccagcaatgg tggaacacag gatctctgtc    220020
     tgttttagcc cagcctggtc tatgcatcca gtccaggcca cctctgtagt gaactcctca    220080
     ctcaaaaaga aaaaagaaaa agggaaatga aagaaggaaa ggaagagaaa gaaagaaaga    220140
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga    220200
     aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaag agggggagag agagagagag aaaggaagga aggaaggaag    220260
     gaagtgagag agagaggaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaagaagga aggaaggaag    220320
     ggagagagag agaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaggaagga agggagggag ggagggaggg    220380
     agggagggag ggagggagga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga    220440
     aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aaggggaggg agggagagag agacagagac agagggagag    220500
     agagacagag aggggggggg gaatatcaac agcagaacaa gaggtgacat catgattaca    220560
     tagataaaaa gcattaggca ccaagcctga caacctgagt ttgatcgtgg acccacatga    220620
     gggtgagaaa agacctgatc accatcctgt gaccttcaca agtgagccat gacagggcac    220680
     actggttccc acttgactgt attcacatat gtgcccaccc tatacaccca ataacagatg    220740
     aaggatcctt ttcagagatt cacttttgtt cagtgtggaa gcatgtttgg cctgaatgtc    220800
     cttatgtgca tctcatgtgt gcctggtgct cacagagtca gtagggggtg ttaggagcag    220860
     gtgaagtgga actgccggta tgtgtgcaca gttctgtggg tgctgggaaa ggaaccaggg    220920
     tccactacaa gagcagcaag cacaggctgg agagatggct cagcagttaa gagcactgac    220980
     tgctcttcca aatgtcctga gttcaatttc cagcaaccac atggtgactc acaaccatct    221040
     gtaataggat ctgataccct cttctggtgt gtctaaacac agctacagtg tactcctata    221100
     aatataataa ataaatcttt taaaaaagaa aaaagataag aaagaaagat agaacattaa    221160
     gcactatgat ccactaagac ctctctccag ccccataaag aattttttgc attgagacca    221220
     ataaaaggct tccctcaagt gctctttttc gggtgacttt tgaccactat cacttgtagc    221280
     ataaagagga gacaatgaat atggtacctg ggtaactctg gcaaactggt atcagatgtg    221340
     attcttggta gtcaatttga ggacatatgg aattaagtaa cacacaaaga tggagggcac    221400
     acctggagaa gttttgctca gtttcaagta gaacaatctg tagagtgggg attttgctac    221460
     ccagctttaa gctctgtatg gactgcacta ccagccccac ccaggtttcc tcagctctgc    221520
     agatgaaaca cacacacaca cacacatgca cacactagct tattgtcagc ctgccttatt    221580
     gactcaattg ctgggtactt ctaatgcttc cttggcttca ctcccagctc aacccctaaa    221640
     tctgccctca ccttcagttg ctcagttacc ttctccttgt tcagccccct aaatctgccc    221700
     tcagcttaat tatgtttcta atatctcacc tgctacccca ggtccaattg gggaagcagc    221760
     caatggccat tcttcttgag atctcacatg gctactggct actccacaac aaatccccca    221820
     tgcatgacaa atcttttgtt ctcccctggc tctgttagcc tccctgcaag aaaactggaa    221880
     gtccctcctc ttcagccaag ctcattggcc actagctagc atatatacat atgctataca    221940
     tatatataga tatacatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    222000
     tatatagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagattttat ttcctttatt    222060
     aagaaactta agtcttgggt acatcaaaac caatttctgg gatggaggaa aaacaaaacc    222120
     cacaatagaa aaaaaaaagt tatcatctag gccatgccag aacacagaga atatattctt    222180
     ataattaaaa ttttctaggt gcttcataat tgaccgtctg atacaaaatg accttttgaa    222240
     tttgcaactt ggttcttggt gtggaggtcc acagacaaac taggacatct tcagacctta    222300
     cttagctgga tgtgataagg ggttatttgg cttttaactc tttttttctt atctaagagg    222360
     tagcaggagc aacagtgccc acctctgggc agcttctttc ttgacatgat gagcctgtag    222420
     gactgccaca gcttcttcat ccaccttaga acggagagac tcaggggact ccagcatgtg    222480
     cagcagctca gagttgtcca tttccagcag catcccggtg attttcccag tcaggtttga    222540
     atgcattgtt tggataagtg ggaacagatg ctcccccagc atctgcttct gctcctgggg    222600
     ggagagggat acagccagca tggaggcagt caggggttac tgaccctaga catgtactac    222660
     aggctgggag gcctacaggg gctggatggt agggtgcggg ctgactagct ggcatcttta    222720
     ttgatagatc aagagccagt tgggaaacag gaccttcaga gttcacacgc agattcccca    222780
     tcatagaatc agaaccaccc cctgcatctc accttttctg tccaaatgaa aaacctcttc    222840
     tctcagaaat aaatggaaca aaaccataat aatcatgtaa attacagagt attagatgtg    222900
     acaattaaca tctagtccat catgttcatc aattagatga agtactctac catcattcct    222960
     aacttaaaaa cttacaattc tatcccggaa ttatgtttag acctgaaaca tcatctggaa    223020
     accatgtctt ccattctata ccctctctct gaacactaaa catcttgagt ttgattatga    223080
     gactataact agtcttcaac accgtcggaa atccgagtac gaattaagta ttacctgagt    223140
     gtataggaag caacaaacat agctacccaa acttataaac aactatacag acagctgact    223200
     acctgcacaa tccataattt cttataatat tagatcatct gtcttcagcc ttctggccca    223260
     ggaccatctg gcagaccttt cgtgaaggag gaaatatgaa ggaccagctg accctgtatt    223320
     ggcagagctt agtagtcaat tatcccactt ctgttggtcc ttttaaacag tacattgtct    223380
     gtagatgata tgagcaattt ctgtcctgtg gctaccttgc cacaataagc agcctcacct    223440
     gaagataaag atgtccagtt cttctttgaa gggagatggg gaaagctgtc cgaagcatgg    223500
     tcaaaagatc cttaataatg gaataacatt aaatatcaca ttctgtggat tgttggtgtt    223560
     tttgaagtct atctaataaa gtacctttga actgttaaac cttatctact cttagccatt    223620
     tctattaagg tatactgaaa acactttatt ataattaaat cataatgtaa caaaccatga    223680
     gtgtattatc tgtccttaac ttgtgttact taatcacctt aaactgtctg taaagcagct    223740
     attagaagga ctggctctaa gcctcagtat tcttaaaact taaactgtat caatatatga    223800
     attctgcacc aatgtaaaaa attataactt caatttgtag caactataaa aacttctatc    223860
     aattaagatt atgtatatac aacgttttct ctaagaataa aattagtaat ccatcctgtt    223920
     gaaaattaag atcattttca aattatctat aatttataaa atacccatta ccagacaccc    223980
     aaccccaagg gatcaggatg acgactctcc acaacttcct tctgctgaaa acggtgatga    224040
     gaaatcctct aaagggatgg ggaggagttg gaaaattaga agactggtta gacttaagaa    224100
     agctagcttt agcatctgct gtgcagtctc tgcatatttg gaagtttcag agcttgactg    224160
     atttctgact ggttctttcc atctgaaagg tggaatgagg agagatgacc gagaatcagg    224220
     agcaatccta aagctgttct ctttttcttt ttttatataa tttaatttaa ttcatttatt    224280
     tgtccttaaa ttacattttt attatttaaa cagtttttga atttaaatat attttgacca    224340
     tatttttctc ctaccccaag tcctttcagg cccttcccca cacccactca atgttaagtt    224400
     ctttctgaaa aaataaacaa acaaacaaaa aaccaataca ataaaacccc aaaacgaaga    224460
     aaacaaaata aaacaccacc aaaaaataaa aataaaaaca aatgatcaag caaaacccat    224520
     caaattgtaa tcaattggaa gcacaaacag acaaaaagat gtggagctca ttctgcattg    224580
     gaagactact cctgagtatg cggcctgcct tggaggggtt gatacaccct gtgtcacact    224640
     atttgagaaa gcccctcaat taccccttgc ttttagcctt ctctacccat atccctccaa    224700
     caagcccttc tcccctctac tgcctgactt gatcctccca ctccagctgc ctccatccat    224760
     aatctttctt tttttttttc tcttataaaa gaaaacattt cattggagct ggcatacaat    224820
     tcagaggttt agtcctttgt catcatggta ggaagcatgg gggcacacag gcagacatgg    224880
     tgctggagaa ggagctgaga gttctgcatc ttgatcagca ggcagcagag actgtgtgcc    224940
     acactgggtg tagcttgagc acaggagacc tcaaagccca tccccacagt gacacacttc    225000
     ttccaataat gccacatcta cttgaacaag gccacacctc ttaacagtgc caatccctat    225060
     gggccaagca ttcttttttt ttgtttatca tcctgtttgt ttattagata ttttctttat    225120
     ttacatttca aatattgccc ccttccctgg tttgccctcc aaaaactccc attccttcct    225180
     tcctcctcct tctcaccaag ccacccactc ctgcttcctg gccctgacat tcccttacac    225240
     tggggcatag agccttaaag ctgtttttga agcaagtctc tggacagcaa caggaagcag    225300
     ggcactggaa cagcaggtca gttgagcatc ccagcagatg aatcttgtca gagctgtgca    225360
     ttctgcaata tatgaatcac acaaccaaaa ttttagtagc attaagatat tcatatggat    225420
     tgcgtagagt gcacagatga gttaaggatg aattttgttc cttgtttgag caggtgaaag    225480
     acagcttttt tatgagtaat tttctcaata accaattgta ataagtcttc attcatgtca    225540
     tgtgaacaat gacatgaatg ttctgtcctg cttggttttc ttgatcttaa ataggtttca    225600
     aggggtctcc cctatcacat ctgatctata ctcttactct ggaaggggtc caagcctatt    225660
     ctcctttcgt gaacacaaat gtggagtctt tctttcaaaa tagcctgccc ttgctggaat    225720
     tcattgaaca gtaagcttgg tctctctccc agagaattat aatataaacg ccaaactcat    225780
     agacatactc actttgatga ataaaacatt ttttatatac atagggtttc tctgaggaga    225840
     caaggctgta ctagaaccca ctctttagac aagtttggcc tcaaacttaa agatccagct    225900
     gactctaggg atttaaggca gaagccacca ctgcccagtc aagatccact ttcatttctt    225960
     aagttgaatt tatttattta tttattcatt cattcattta ttcatctatt tatttacttt    226020
     acatattgac caaagtttaa acacctgcct atacccccag ttcttcacaa cccactaacc    226080
     atccctcccc gccatacctt ctcctcctac ctttctcttc agaagagtgg aggccatcca    226140
     tgggaatcaa cataccttat tatatcaaac tgcattaaga ctccttttcc tattgaggct    226200
     ataacaggag accagtagga agtatggtcc caaaagtaga caagagtcag agacagttca    226260
     tgtgcctgct gttcagagtc ccacatgaaa accaagctac tcaactgtta catatgacag    226320
     agggtcagga aaggcgggca tggtggtgct tgcctttaat ccctgcactc gggaggcaga    226380
     ggcaggcgga tttctgagtt cgaggccagc cagggctata cagagaaatc gtgtctcgaa    226440
     aaaacaaaca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaggg aaatgacaga gggtcagccc tgtgtttgct    226500
     ccctggttgg tgattggatc tctgtgagac actatgggcc catgttagtt gattaagttg    226560
     gttttcttgt ggtgtccttg acccttctgg ctcctacaat ccttccactc agtcatctgc    226620
     aggattctcg aggctcagcc taatattgaa ctgtgagtct ctgcatctgt ttccagcact    226680
     tgctgggtga aacctctctg atgaaggttt tgctgggctc ttttccacaa gtataacaga    226740
     gtatcattaa tagtgccatc aataatacat gggtgggctc ctcttatgac ttgtgtctca    226800
     agctgtacca gtcattggtt ggctcatgcc aacaagccca tacccacagt gacacaccta    226860
     ttccaaccag gtcacaccta ttccaacaag gccacacctc cagatggtgc cactccctgg    226920
     tccaagaatc ccagccccac gcctttccac acctccacct caccctctat tcttccttca    226980
     ttctgcagtc ccctccctca cagctaccca caatgcagca gggaagcagg gaaaccttgg    227040
     tcagcctgag atctgaatta ggaggcagtg atgtccacat gaggtgatgc tggggtcaga    227100
     tgttggcctt acctttctcc atacagccgt gaaaccaact tttccaaaac accatttttt    227160
     taactttaaa atggtcacta gaattatgaa ataaaataat tattttgtaa cagccagttg    227220
     aatttctcta taccactaca aatacacttt catgtccact tatattttat cacaacagtt    227280
     cagttctgtc ttgttggacc caagacaggc agctgtgata gtttgtattt gcttggccca    227340
     gggagagaca ttatttgggg ggtgtggcct tgttgaagta ggtatgtcac tgtgggtatg    227400
     agctttaata ccctcaccca agctgcctga aaccagtctt ccactagcag ccttcagatg    227460
     aagatgtaga actctctgct cctcctgccc catgcctgcc tggatacagc catgttcctg    227520
     ccttgatggt aattgactga atctctgaac ctgtaagtag ccccaattaa atggtgtcct    227580
     ttataagact tgccttgatc atggtgtctg ttcacagcag taaaacccta actaattcat    227640
     aagtcataca gactatacaa ataagagaat accactatgt tcctataaaa ctttattaat    227700
     agatacagaa aattgagatt ctcacaattt ttactcacca caaagtacta tttgatattt    227760
     taaatgaaat ataagcattt aatataaaat tacattaaat agaaatattc acagggcaca    227820
     caaaaacagt ttaatccaat ttgagtcata gttgattttt caattctcac tgggagaaaa    227880
     aaaatattga taaattctga atatattaaa tgaaaaatta tttaagttgc taaagctgtc    227940
     tattttgcct gttcttgttt tgttttacag actgaggatt gcacccagga ttccagaatg    228000
     atagagctga aacccagtac ctagagcagc aggaagctga gagcttaggc ctcaagcaca    228060
     agcaggaaca gagagagcag gctggaagtg atgccatgct ttgaagcatc aaatcccacc    228120
     ccagtgacac acttcattaa ggacatgtgt cccaaaccta ccccaacact acaaccaact    228180
     ggagaccaac aatccaaaca cttctatgta tgagggatgt ttttattcaa accatgacac    228240
     ttatctacaa agagagttcc acaccagcct ggattatctg agatcttctc tttaaaagat    228300
     agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat aatagacagc tacacaatga    228360
     aaagttaaaa tacatgaggc caacctttat aaaatatgat ttaatttttg tagttatatg    228420
     tgtaattctg taagagagag aggctcacat ataaaaatca aagaatttat gtaagaatca    228480
     aagacagatc tgatatgatg ataatgcagg ttcaaagaga tggatggaca gacaggtcat    228540
     tgtccactga gaaggtccac ttggaggacc tatctaggat ccagcaatct catcaccata    228600
     acaaatgtag aagtcaggaa gtcatgtgtc acacatctct tgccccatac tcaccacaac    228660
     actggtcata agagccaaga catagaatag accctaggtg cccatggcca gatgaacaaa    228720
     ttaaacaatg tccactcaga ccttggtctg tttcatgcca aatggcaaaa acaaacaaac    228780
     aaacaaaaag aaactattaa aattatattt accaccagga ggaaaatgcc ttcccagagc    228840
     tcaaagcagc ctgttttaca ccagctgaca caaagcatga cctcactgcc accacagcca    228900
     cagccacagc cacagccaca gccacagcca cagccacagt ctcagagtca gactgaagag    228960
     cagggggtca aggctccagg cccttccagg acccatgggg gctttggcct gtggcttcta    229020
     cactactaca aggattcaca ctgacaactt aggcagtggt ccagactatg ggaacagaga    229080
     gttcctggca tgctggagga atggagagtc ttcccctggg atagagtcca caacacaaga    229140
     gcctggaacc aggccccccc ctgcaggact cagagactcc tccaaaggaa gcaaaactaa    229200
     cttcttccca ttcttccccc tcctcccctt cctccccttc tacttctttt ccttcctctc    229260
     cttccctctt ctccctcact actctcagac gcacattcca tggagttgat aatcattgaa    229320
     acatttccac tcctaagcct gaagtatgga aaaagagtcc cagagaagga agccttaggg    229380
     aaggagaaca tgtgggacat gtcactcatg ttatagaagg agatgtcacc ttcagtgtag    229440
     tccacaaaca cccccacact cttcggagct tgcctgacag ataatgaagt cctcccagag    229500
     tcaatatagg cccaatgtcc cttactagac tgccccacag tccaaaaccc cttacgagga    229560
     gtctcaaaat aaaagttttt cctgaccaca ccttccctac agacacccag aatccatttg    229620
     ctgccttcta tgtttgttag cttcacctcc cagtaatatc ttccagaaga gatgcctctg    229680
     atgcctaaca cacaggagag gtcctccaag cacctagtga aatccttccg ggtcacagtc    229740
     agcctatcct gggagatggc aaggttggtg tgggcagagg ctggatccag agtgaaagtc    229800
     cctgtagaga gagttaccaa tcacaagtgg tcctgtccag tacccagaaa aggctacagc    229860
     tgcctccaca tccatctcaa aacctcttag gtttcttcta ggggtttaag ttcctcacat    229920
     aagagccttg tggctcaaac ccaggtcttg caagcagaag gaggaaagaa aacccaacct    229980
     agaggtaaca agatagcaag gcacttgaga aggagaccag cttagtaact gtcacctctg    230040
     ccatccacac cactaaagcc atcaatatct gagtcaccac agagaagagg agagaccaga    230100
     gccatgggaa gcacaggagg agtgtcccta aggaacacag agtcactcac aggcctggaa    230160
     ttgttccttg cgccaatcta caagagaaat acagatcatg tgagggattt cagagactat    230220
     acccatctgg tggtcagaaa atgtcttcag aaacacggac tttctggggt tctgaagtgg    230280
     aagtagtggg gagttgtggt gacaatatgc ttgtcacaca cacagaaggc aagagatata    230340
     cacataaaca cacacacata cacagagaaa gagagataca atacacatga caacacacat    230400
     atatacacac atgaatacac acataaactg agacagacat acacacagac ataaaacaca    230460
     cacataaaca cacgcagaag gaaggtgaga tacacataaa aacacacata tccacataca    230520
     tacatacaca ctcacataaa caaagggacc taaaaggcac acagatacac ataaaaacac    230580
     acatacacat aaacatctgc tgtagacctc caataaggac ttgaagagtg aggcctaaca    230640
     cccatcccta ctaaaggcag agaagcatcc tctcactgtg ccttgtcagg tcccagacac    230700
     aagcatcctg gaagctacac atcctttaat cagaactttt ccaagaatgg gagggaggga    230760
     tggagatgaa gcaggaggcc tgtgagtttg agagcaacct aagctgaatg agtaattaga    230820
     aagaagcctg agccacatgg gaagaccctg tctgagaaag cagcagcatg ggtggtgctc    230880
     tacagtacag ggcctggaaa gctgagtgct tgattttaca gaaaaacaag caaacaaaag    230940
     tccaagacca cttggagctc ttgcagaaga catggcttca gttcccagca ctctcatgga    231000
     tgctcatgac catctgtaac tgcagttctg ggagacttac acactcccct gaacatgaag    231060
     ggcactaggc atacaggtgg cacacagaca cacattcatg aaaaacactc attcacagta    231120
     taaataaaca gatggatgga tggatggatg gatggatgga tggatggatg gatggatcga    231180
     tcgatcgatc gatcgatcga tcgataaata gaaagataga tggatggatg gatagaggga    231240
     tggatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagacaggta ggtaaaagag    231300
     agataatgcc tatgagcaat tctaactcgc atgtgggttt ccctaataca accatcacag    231360
     gaagttgaac gtggtttcaa gtggatcatt catacctcag caagacccta aacatcctgg    231420
     aggcactggt ccccaaaatg agagctcaag gtctaaacgc ccaatcccta agtacctgtg    231480
     gtctcagaag aaagaaccaa cagggaccaa atgtcaagca gagaggagac ggagactgtg    231540
     tgtgtttgtg catgcgcata gaaaaagaga cagagaaaag ggtgagagag agtatttgag    231600
     agaaagaagg agagagaaag ggaggggtag gtggagaaag agggagagtg tgtgtgtgag    231660
     agagacagac agacagagac agacagacag acagacagac agacagacag acagacagac    231720
     agagaacacc aatagaccaa aggtcaataa agaaaaggaa cccataactg agacaaaagc    231780
     acagaaaccc caactttaag gaggacacag agacaaagat gatcttaggg agacctgatt    231840
     cccaaacctc ctaggctgac ttctggaatc ttctgtaagc agcacttctg attcacaagg    231900
     acatcatggc ctcctccaca gtctctgcaa gcagctgaac tccccactaa ccctgcacct    231960
     acaagctgtt tactgatcaa gatggctgca gactgggcca tgcttactct gacagtagac    232020
     aaacccagaa tgtattctgt gagtctcaag aggaatcact gcagtcttct atggaggctg    232080
     ctgcagtgac agggacaaca gaacgtttaa ctcatcctgg ggcagaagga atagaaactg    232140
     agagagaaga ggatgacaga agctgaagaa agagatctca gggaaacaca acaaccacgg    232200
     ttgcacacac tcctgctggg gagatgaaca aatgtctagt cacaccgaca gcatgccaag    232260
     ggcagaccaa agggaagact ccaccccagt acagtttgtg gaaacaatga cctcaattag    232320
     agttcctcac aaaaatgcca gctatgtatg agcaaccaca acaattgagg gaaaaaaatc    232380
     tctctgaccg atagccaata atgtctgcag aatcacttgg ggaaggacat gatcagaaga    232440
     ccttcctcaa gccgccatta acagtgtata aatcacagag agggtgactg agaggacatg    232500
     acaagtaatg gtgcttgtgc tgagcgagac taagcatgac ttctacaggc tgccctctga    232560
     tgtctacact catgccaaca tgcacacaac aatacaagga gacagacaga cagacagaca    232620
     gacacggaca gagacagaga cagggaggca aagaaagaat cttgggaaga gaaaaggaaa    232680
     cctttgtggc tcttgtctcc taatgggccc tgtcctgtgc aggtctccat tgggtagtca    232740
     cagctcaaga ggatgacaac tacttcctac tactggcttt tatgtcatct tgacacaaga    232800
     cagggtcatc tgggaacaag gaacctgaat atggaaaatg cttccatagc aacagcctgt    232860
     aggcaagtct gtgggacatt ttcttgactg atgattgatg tgggaggacc cagcccatgt    232920
     gggcactgtc attccttggc aggtggttgt aggatatagg agaaaagaaa ctgagcaaat    232980
     cactggaagc aatctgccaa gcagcatcct gcacggcctt tgatgcagct cctgcatcca    233040
     ggttcttatc tatttgaatt cctgctctaa cttgctgtga acagggactg ggagtgtgag    233100
     tcaagtaaac actttcctcc ttgaggaaat tcttgggtct taagtttcat cccagcagga    233160
     gaaattctag ctgagacagt gctctgccca gaagggggca gtctatagga gtcacatacc    233220
     tgcatacagc tgggccttcc tccaggctga aaatgaacac actctggtga gaacccaatc    233280
     agaatagccc cactcaaagc tgaccttcct ccatccattc taaaagtgag gctttgccta    233340
     ggaggaaaga ggagctggcc tctacaagat gcagaggcac cagagtatta agggaaattc    233400
     ccagaactgc agatgaaaaa gatggcattg tagggtaagt tccccccact acccactgat    233460
     ctgtatggct tttttgaaat cattttttaa aatgtgttta ttttacatgt atgagtgttc    233520
     tttttgtatg tacacctgca taccagaaga ggacatcaga tcccattaca gatggttgtg    233580
     agccaccatg tgattgctgg aacttgaact caggccctct ggatgttcac acagtgccag    233640
     tgctattaac cacttagcca tatctccagc ccttctgtgt ggctttggct gaaaaaagct    233700
     gcatctactt caaaaaggaa aataataata ggagtagtaa tcacactaca attggataat    233760
     tattcagctt cactgttaac aaaccaagca tcagctcttt tcttagaagg tgtatttgga    233820
     ggtgtgctga agaatagaat gtgtataata agtgtggata tgaagtgaat tcgtgagaga    233880
     agcacccagt gtacctcaac tgaaacaact ccaaagccag gtacacttat accaggagca    233940
     cgaacattcc catctccttc ccactgaggg aagcaaccca agtctctacc catcaccttg    234000
     atcaacacct tcagatgcta agggagcaga gccctggaag atgactgagg aacgggtgca    234060
     ggtcatactc ctgcatctgt gacctctttt gctggttaga tgttgtcaat tttcaaaagc    234120
     taaagtcatc tgacaggaag gagcttcaac tgagaaaatg gctcctatag actagctgaa    234180
     ggcaaggcag cagggttttc ttgacgggtt gatgaagaag gggcctgccc actgtggacg    234240
     gttccacacc tacacaggtg gtccaggagt gggccatcaa gacaattgag aaagccattg    234300
     ggagcaaaca gggaagcagc cttcctctgt ggtctctgct tcagttcctg atctaggtcc    234360
     ctactctagg tccctacctt gagtttctgc cctggttttc cccattaata tattgcgatt    234420
     tgaaaatgtg tacaacaaat aaaccattcc ctccccaaaa tgcattagtt tcatacagca    234480
     atagaaacct aactaaaaca ctttctttgc agaaatgtta acactgcagt ctgatcccag    234540
     gtgcagacag aagtcaagag caactggacc ctaagggagc cagctccttg atgcagctcc    234600
     tgcatccagg ttcttatctg tttgaattcc tgccctaact tgctgtgaac agggactggg    234660
     agtgtgagtc aagtaaacac tttcctatat aaaataaagt gtaaggaagt ggttggatta    234720
     ccacccaggg cagaggacaa atccaagagt tctgagcaga gatcagaagg atcctaaaca    234780
     ccaggcttct accttccagt aaattccatt tctgtcccca aaagagtaca cactctgcct    234840
     agaatcaagg aaaatgacac acatggaacc atgggacact ggggaagtca ctcacctgcc    234900
     ctgtaagctg ccttcctttg agctgaaaag caacacacag gagtcaagag agctactgga    234960
     atcctaaggg gatcaaaggg ctcaggagga aaagcaggac tcaccaagct ccaccatgag    235020
     tgcatctgaa aaacagggag cagagggagt ctgtacactt gagaggaaga aaggaatcac    235080
     agtttgggtt cctgattctc tgaactacag gccacctgac ctaaaggact ccagttgtcc    235140
     tctctggatt ttgttttcca cctactctga tcccagaaca ctggaccctc ctcgggactc    235200
     tgaacctgtc cttcactgct atggtgactt accaatagtc ctcacagtat cctcctctgc    235260
     cttattatcc tccacacgtt gaagattccc cgttagctcc tgcacgatca gccttgcaga    235320
     acgttccctt ctgaaaagat agcttgtccc taagactaga agtcccatca tggtcagggt    235380
     cacaaaaaat gctggcttcc agggagagac cttgggaaag aagggctctg tcgcccaggc    235440
     agagagacag taatgggtga acctgaggag aaacagtcca gcacactcca ggaaaaccac    235500
     cacaacccgg gctctgaagg agtgagggac agcactcacc tgggaggaac atggccatgg    235560
     ctttctcctg acccaagatg ggattgaagg tggagcaggt gacgttcctc acagagctgt    235620
     ctctcaccac cagcgaggtc tccgttctga acagtccttg agcatcttca ctgtggatct    235680
     ccaaggatgc tgtgagtttc tctcctctgg agtctttcca atgcacctga ggctctgggt    235740
     accaccctga agtaatgcac acaacacata ctccaccgtc ttctggacct ttgatgtaca    235800
     cttcagggac agagcccatt gctgcagaac agatgtgaac accctagaag ccactttaag    235860
     ttgagggacc ccaggagcaa ctatgtgact catgggaccc cttcacagga cagatgggaa    235920
     ttgaagggga aaggcattcc tgcattggga ctatgttgag ccccaattgc ctgacaggaa    235980
     agatgggaga gcacactgtg gggaactgac cactcctgtg tcaaccacaa gatcctgagg    236040
     gacctgaagg aagttgaaca cgggagcctg aggtgggaac cagcactcca tctgtccaat    236100
     accctgaccc tcctgacagg cccacaccca gctctcctct cagggaagac agaccttaag    236160
     catccttcct tcctcccctc catcacttgc ctttagtatt gaccgccatt tctcactgac    236220
     tgctcactaa cactcagtga cttttctgct gacccctcta aactatacat tccaactgct    236280
     ggtattttca taacactgac aggatcccta acccacagaa ctagacacag aacattttag    236340
     gggatccacc tatagaattt gacttgaatc atccatgtag gaattcacta cctatttttc    236400
     atctcatctc aaaatgagta gagataaaaa tgagagatga gagcacccct gtgaggccag    236460
     cactgcacag caagctaaag gacagtctgg caaacatgag aacttctctc aaaacagaag    236520
     aaaataaggg gctgagagac atgaaccctc agtttcctcc cacacacagg tcacctaaag    236580
     tttttagaac agggatcagt taaccaacct gccaccttca gttccaagat ggcctcttca    236640
     tagaacactc cctgtttgaa gtggcagatg tatatcccac tatctggtgc ctggacattt    236700
     aggatcctca cagcagctgt gccttgatgg aactgctcct tcaccagaga ggtgcgctgt    236760
     gaatactcag gcaactgctc tcttttctgt tcctcttggt cccgatagac aagtactgct    236820
     gctgagaatc tgctgcggaa ccacctcaac tcctccatgt tctccacatt catggctgga    236880
     atcacggagc agggaaggat ggcttcccca cctggtgcag ccacaatggg gtctgaagga    236940
     ccaaagacct ggaactcctc tgtggacaca gatgtagcaa tgagaggctg gagagacaca    237000
     ggaggatgca gagaacaaac tctgaaacta atatacaagt tacctttgga cctagcagtg    237060
     caccccataa gtgatgtaaa acaaaacaca aaaatctctt ctgcctgtgt ccctgaaaac    237120
     agacccttcc atgaggaatc ctttgtgtat tttttctcca gtttgcattt ccctggtcac    237180
     cagatgcatt tcagggaact gaatcttcac tgagagctct agcctcagta tgtttggctg    237240
     ggttcaagat cataaattta acccagcggt ggtggcacac gcctttaatc ccagcacttg    237300
     agaggcagag gcagtcagat ttctgagtat gaggccagcc tggtctacaa agtgagtgcc    237360
     aggacagcta gggctacaca gagaaaccct gtctcgaaaa aacaacaaca acaacaacaa    237420
     aaaagtcata actttataaa gatcactacg gatgctcaca caattgttta tatggccaca    237480
     cctgggttga ctcgggtgtc actgactggt cgagtacaag acccagggaa gttccaacac    237540
     ccaatcctaa atcccattat cagccaaaca ctttgtcctc tgaataattt gaatattaaa    237600
     agatagagct gaggctaaag agatggctga gcaatcaata tacaagagat tcctctagag    237660
     gatgcaggtt caattcccag cacccacagg atagttcatg actacctgaa actcccttct    237720
     ggattctgag gccatcagga atacaggtgt ttgttacacg gacatacatt cagggaaaat    237780
     gcccatacac atgaaataaa gtatatagag ccaaaggata cttctctgaa aaagccacct    237840
     gattccaggt gcccgataac ttcttgataa agaaggaaga tcgtctgcct cactctggga    237900
     acccttggcc ctctaaaatg gaggactttg acacaggcac tgtggcccca ggagttcctt    237960
     atcactctat actgttccat ttgtatctag cacactgctg ccactggaca gaccaggaca    238020
     cctgtctgct gtcacccaac cccacctcta tgaccctaac atggagtcaa atcctgtccc    238080
     tgctctgctc aaggctcagt cctgactctg cttttccctc cagggatcat caagccccca    238140
     gggctgctcc caactcagtt ctccccagta cagctcctgc ctctctctcc ctgagtaatt    238200
     ctgctgcagc cagcactggc ctccagagct cctcacaccc caggcacact gtcagtccca    238260
     ggctatccca actatgctcc ccaggtaggg tctgcctatg gagctccagc tggccaagga    238320
     ctcatgatat tcatgtcagc ctatcaaagg ctgatgcagg cattcttctc tgatattttt    238380
     attactcaca cactgtaaat ggaaagctgg aaaaaattct ggagaccaga tttatgtggg    238440
     tctcttgcac atctgaccta cagagaacct ggcagctcaa acccactgta gggagacatg    238500
     ggaagacaga ccaggacaga ctcacttgtg gtcacccagc taagcagctg tataaggacg    238560
     aacaggcagg agacatggaa gagcagagat ggcttgcggt gattttccat gtccagcaga    238620
     actgaagaga aaaacaggag aggcagatca ataacctggg gaggagttaa gaggccaaat    238680
     ccacccagat cttggacccc tcctcagaga cagcattgct cagggcagga gatcagccca    238740
     caggaccaaa acacatccat gctcacaggg tgaaggctcc atactaccca acactgacaa    238800
     acagccaggc tctggctcct ctcagacctt cagaagactg ggcagctagg gacacgcaag    238860
     tcacttcgag gaagctattc ctttccttcc cacctcagcc ccagctcagg ggcagccaag    238920
     ctctatccag aattataggc ccttcctttc tcagagtttt gaggagaacc cagtgtagac    238980
     acgatgactc caactccccg ttatacacaa actgcctgtg acccttagac atcgagccaa    239040
     tgactctccc ttgggaatac cttggactct ttattctatg gctccacaac tgtggccagc    239100
     cccttaccgg gatcttcaga gacacagagg tctccaagaa ggctgacagg cccatcacaa    239160
     atccctgtcc tggcttttgg ttttggagat tgtctacgct tctgtcccag accagccccg    239220
     ccacagttcc aggttacacc cagactcggc aggtgccaca cacacatgtc ccacagcaca    239280
     gctgtatcct catagtctct gtgataatga ccaagcttag tatacacaaa attgaaagga    239340
     ataagagaga gaccagagca tgcagggcca gagagagcag gccagagcag gcaagctgac    239400
     tggggcactt gagtgttgag gagggaaaga ctcagggcag gcttgagcta gcaggccaga    239460
     tagagtgggg agaaaatgag ctgcctccag gctcagacac cagggaggtg acctgctgaa    239520
     actcactgag cataatctcc tctctgcttc ttctacaggc ccaagctgtc ttcagtgccc    239580
     acctacctgc ttctctttgc ccccagcttt gaaaggctgt gacttcatca ggagcagctc    239640
     agggccaagg ggacccagca gacgccaaat cctcctctca cacctcatcc cctctccaag    239700
     ggggctctca cagctctaag ctctgctcgc ctcagtgcca gccttaggtt gcctcaggtc    239760
     caggatcatg gtttctaggg cagcagacaa gaagtgcacc ctgactcaag ttgtcacagc    239820
     ctctccagag accacgatga ctacagagac agcagctgtg gagacagggc aggcacagtg    239880
     tccaccatca tgaggacaac agagacagca gcagagaaga tggcaggaac aggaacagag    239940
     tcactgccta ttcaagcagt gccctttgag ccaacaaagc aattagagtt tcagccacag    240000
     aaactgaaag ctacagtaat gtgacctggg cgtatgttcc ttctgaatgt gatgttctgt    240060
     caggaagagg tgaaggttca cctcaccacc ccaaccacgc ccctactccc accactagac    240120
     accctgtcca atggagggac ttctcagacc tacactttat agaatgttaa aagatgatcc    240180
     aaaaaaagac aacacaactt tattgaatcc attttaagca tcaggagcag ctcatgtctg    240240
     cacacaacag agttatatca actcatgtca catctccaaa cagagatggt gtcatgagct    240300
     tagatctagc tccagtaact actaagatga ggggaaggta tattttcctg aaacatggag    240360
     tttctaccac aatccctgcc ccatccccag cacagaccaa aaccagcacc cagatcacag    240420
     actcagcagg aacctgcaag tgaccttgga ctccatgtgc ctggatgata acaaacctta    240480
     tctcctcctg agtcccagcc tatgcctccc aaaggggatg acaggcaaag gcaatgacca    240540
     ggaggtcaga gagccttaga agacgctgaa gaaacctgta taagatgtgc attgtgtctt    240600
     ctcacagggc atcaaagtca cagccagctg cattgacaat agatgttact aaagaagcca    240660
     gagatgattc ctcttataaa aacatgacct tgactgtgta cactaattat atcaataacc    240720
     caaaacctaa tgatcctaac cataatcata actcgaaccc aaagaactct acccctaacg    240780
     ctaaccctaa cacgaatcct ttaaatccta acactaacca tcaccataac cctaaaacta    240840
     accataaccc tcaccctaac catagcaaca ctaaccataa ccataaccat aacttctcag    240900
     aaggtagaag caggaggatc aggaactcaa gccgtcctta gctacatagt gagttcaagg    240960
     tcagcctgag ctatatgaac cctgtctcaa actctgaatc ctgagaaaca cagcacacat    241020
     ctttaataac agcaatggtg gaaccgagga tctctgtttt agtcagcttg gtctatgcat    241080
     ccagttccag gccacctctc tagtgagctc tttactcaaa aagaaaaaag aaaaagggaa    241140
     atgaaagaaa gggaggaagg aaagaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg    241200
     aaggaatgga agaaagaaga aaagaaagag ggaaacatca gcagcaaacc aaatggcgac    241260
     atcatgatta agtacataaa gacattagcc agcaagcctg acaacctgag tttgatcgtg    241320
     gacccacatg aggatgagaa cagacctgac caccatcctg taaactccac gtgtgagcca    241380
     agacagggca cactggttcc cacttgactg tactcacaca tgtgcccacc ctatacaccc    241440
     aataacagat gaaggatcct cttcagaaat tcactattgt tcaatgtttg gtctccatgt    241500
     ccttatgtgc atctcatgtg tgcctggtgc tcacagactc aataggaggt taggagcagg    241560
     tgaagtagaa atatgggtac ttgtgcacag ttatgtgggt gctgggaaag gaaccagggt    241620
     ccactgaaag agcagcaagc acaggctgga gagatggctc agaggttaag agcactgact    241680
     gctcttccaa atgtcctgag ttcaatttcc agaaaccaca tggtggctta caaccatctg    241740
     taataggatc tgataccctc ttctggtgtg tataaacaca gttacagtat actcgtgtaa    241800
     atatagtaaa taaatctttt aaaaaagaaa aagaaagaaa gatagaaaac caagcactat    241860
     gacccactaa gagctctctc cagccccata aggaattttt tgcattgaaa tcagtaaaag    241920
     gcttcactca agtgctcttt tgctgatgac ttttgatcac tatgactttc agcataaaga    241980
     ggcaacaatg aatatggtac gtgggtaact ctggcaaact ggtatcagat gtgattcttg    242040
     gtagtcaatt tgaggacata tggaattaag taacaggcaa aaatggagca cacctctgga    242100
     ggagttttgc tcagtttgaa gtagaacaat ctgtagagtg gggattttgc tacccagctt    242160
     taagctctgt gtggactgca ctaccaggcc cacccaggtt tcctcagctc tgcagatgaa    242220
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acactagctt    242280
     attgtcagcc tgccttattg actcaattgc ctggtacttc taatacttcc ttggcttcac    242340
     tcccagctca gcccctaaat ctgccctcac cttcagttgc tcagttacct tctccttgtt    242400
     cagcccccta aatctgccct cagcttaatt atgtttctaa tatctcacct gctaccccag    242460
     gtccaattgg agaagtggcc aatggccatt cttcttgaga tctcacatga ctgatggctc    242520
     ctccacaacc taccccccat gcaatgcaaa tcttttgtct tgtcctgcct ctgttagcct    242580
     ccctgcaaga aaactggaag ccctgcctct tcagccaagc tcactggcca ttagctagca    242640
     tcatttttaa tatatatata tatatatata tagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    242700
     ttatttcctt tattgagaaa cttaagtctt gggtacatca aaaccaatct ttgggatggg    242760
     gagacaaaca gaacccacaa tagaaacaaa aaagttatca actgggacat gacagaaccc    242820
     agagaatata ttcttataat tgaaattttc taggtgcttc ataattgacc ttctgaaaca    242880
     aaatgactta ttgaatttgc aacttggttc ttggtgtgga ggtccacaga caaactagga    242940
     catcttcaga ccttagctgg atgccatgag gggttatttg gctttcgact cttttttttc    243000
     ttgtgtaaga ggtatcagca gcaacagtgc ccacctctgg gcagcttctt tcttggcatg    243060
     atgagcctgc aggactgcca cagcttcttc atccacctta gaacagagag acgcagggga    243120
     ctccagcatg tgcagcagct cagagttgtc catttccagc agcttttaga aggactggct    243180
     ctaagcctca gtattcttaa aacttaaact atcaacatat aaattctgca ccaatgtaag    243240
     aaattataac ttcaatttgt agcaactata aaaacttcta tcaattaaga tgatagatat    243300
     acaattttta agaataaaat tagtaatcca tcccatctat ttccttccta ttgaaaatta    243360
     agatcatttt caaattatct ataatttata aaataaccag aaccagacac ccaacctcat    243420
     ggaatcagga tgacaactct ccacaacttc ctcctgctga aaacggtgac aagaaattct    243480
     ctaaagggct ggggaggggt tgggaaatta gaaagactgg ttagacttga gaaagctagc    243540
     tttagcttct gttgtgcagt ctctgcatat tggaaagttt cagagcttga ctgatttctg    243600
     actggttctt tccgtctgaa aggtttgagg agagatgacc gagaatcagg agcaatccta    243660
     aagctgttct ctttttcttt tctctaaagg gctggggagg ggttggttcc tttgtgattg    243720
     ggttacctca ctcaggatga tgccctccag gtccacccat ttggctagaa atttcataaa    243780
     ttcattcttt ttaatagctg agtagtactc cattgtgtag atgtaccaca ttttctgtat    243840
     ccattcctct gttgaggggc atctggattc tttccagctt ctggctatta taaataaggc    243900
     tgctatgaac atagtggaac atgtgtcctt cttacccatt ggggcatctt ctggatatat    243960
     gcccaggaga ggtattgctg gatcctccgg tagtactatg tccaattttc tgaggaaccg    244020
     ccagactgat ttccagagtg gttgtacaag cctgcaatcc caccaacaat ggaggagtgt    244080
     tcctctttct ccacatccac gccagcatct gctgtcacca gaatttttga tcttagccat    244140
     tctgactggt gtgaggtgga atctcagggt tgttttgatt tgcatttccc tgatgattaa    244200
     ggatgttgaa cattttttca ggtgcttctc tgccattcgg tattcctcag gtgagaattc    244260
     tttgttcagt tctgagcccc attttttaat ggggttattt gattttctga agttcacctt    244320
     cttgagttct ttatatatgt tggatattag tcccctatct gatttaggat aggtaaagat    244380
     cctttcccaa tctgttggtg gtcttttagt cttattgacg gtgtcttttg ccttgcagaa    244440
     actttggagt ttcattagat cccatttgtc aattctcgat cttacagcac aagccattgc    244500
     tgttctgttc aggaattttt cccctgtgcc catatcttca aggctttttc ccactttctc    244560
     ctctataagt ttcagtgtct ctggttttat gtgaagttcc ttgatccact tagatttgac    244620
     cttagtacaa ggagataagt atggatcgat tcgcattctt ctacatgata acaaccagtt    244680
     gtgccagcac caattgttga aaatgctgtc tttcttccac tggatggttt tagctccctt    244740
     gtcaaagatc aagtgaccat aggtgtgtgg gttaatttct gagtcttcaa ttctattcca    244800
     ttggtctact tgtctgtctc tataccagta ccatgcagtt tttatcacaa ttgctctgta    244860
     gtaaagcttt aggtcaggca tggtgattcc accagaggtt cttttatcct tgagaagact    244920
     ttttgctatc ctaggttttt tgttattcca gatgaatttg caaattgctc cttctaattc    244980
     gttgaagaat tgagttggaa ttttgatggg gattgcattg aatctgtaga ttgcttttgg    245040
     caagataacc atttttaaaa tgttgatcct gccaatccat gagcatggga gatctttcca    245100
     tcttctgaga tcttctttaa tttctttctt cagagatttg aagtttttat catacagatc    245160
     tttcacctcc ttagagtcat gctaagatat tttatattat ttgtgactat tgagaagggt    245220
     gttgtttccc taatttcttt ctcagcctgt ttattctttg tatagagaaa ggccattgac    245280
     ttgtttgagt ttattttata tccagctact tcaccgaagc tgtttatcag gtttaggagt    245340
     tctctggtag aatttttagg gtcacttata tatactatca tatcatctgc aaaaagtgat    245400
     attttgactt cctcttttcc aatttgtatc cccttgatc                           245439