EBI Dbfetch

ID   AE007512; SV 1; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 1666365 BP.
AC   AE007512; AE008683-AE008686;
DT   02-MAR-2012 (Rel. 112, Created)
DT   02-MAR-2012 (Rel. 112, Last updated, Version 1)
DE   Mus musculus T-cell receptor alpha/delta locus, complete sequence.
KW   .
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Sciurognathi; Muroidea;
OC   Muridae; Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-1666365
RA   Lee I.Y., Roach J.C., Smit A.F., Wang K., Hood L.E.;
RT   "Large-scale Sequence Analysis of the Mouse T-cell Receptor Alpha/Delta
RT   Locus";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-1666365
RA   Lee I.Y., Roach J.C., Hood L.E.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (23-JUL-2001) to the INSDC.
RL   Institute for Systems Biology, 4225 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105,
DR   MD5; 59acf31304a9bd7f86ba62142898a19a.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000076760; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000076764; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000076770; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000076866; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000076867; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000094023; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000094220; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000094828; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000095387; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000095643; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000096038; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000096106; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000096129; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000096168; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000096417; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000096531; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000096746; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000096908; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000103569; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000103573; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000103580; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000103593; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000103619; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000103636; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000103678; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000103679; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000177622; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000178768; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000179512; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000179580; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000179701; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000179789; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000179997; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000180549; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000180717; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000181768; mus_musculus.
DR   IMGT/LIGM; AE007512.
CC   On or before Mar 1, 2012 this sequence version replaced
CC   gi:15795232, gi:15795243, gi:15795280, gi:15795314.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..1666365
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="14"
FT                   /map="14D1-D2"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /germline
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   source          1..170356
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /strain="129/SvJ"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="Research Genetics mouse BAC library"
FT                   /clone="331N4; MBAC1058"
FT                   /note="GenBank Accession AF259072"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   source          164682..237512
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /strain="129/SvJ"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="Research Genetics mouse BAC library"
FT                   /clone="298L19; MBAC519"
FT                   /note="GenBank Accession AF259074"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   source          232259..363990
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /strain="129/SvJ"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="Research Genetics mouse BAC library"
FT                   /clone="24H10; MBAC01"
FT                   /note="GenBank Accession AF259071"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   source          356776..388413
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /strain="129/SvJ"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="Research Genetics mouse BAC library"
FT                   /clone="98G23; MBAC15"
FT                   /note="GenBank Accession AF259073"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   source          376583..417220
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /strain="129/SvJ"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="Research Genetics mouse BAC library"
FT                   /clone="473N1; MBAC53"
FT                   /sub_clone="ma53a068"
FT                   /note="GenBank Accession AC005403"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   source          417172..418804
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /strain="129/SvJ"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="Research Genetics mouse BAC library"
FT                   /clone="473N1; MBAC53"
FT                   /sub_clone="ma53gap"
FT                   /note="GenBank Accession AC005963"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   source          418568..462143
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /strain="129/SvJ"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="Research Genetics mouse BAC library"
FT                   /clone="473N1; MBAC53"
FT                   /sub_clone="ma53a217"
FT                   /note="GenBank Accession AC003994"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   source          458630..498120
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /strain="129/SvJ"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="Research Genetics mouse BAC library"
FT                   /clone="473N1; MBAC53"
FT                   /sub_clone="ma53a016"
FT                   /note="GenBank Accession AC004101"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   source          497576..629665
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /strain="129/SvJ"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="Research Genetics mouse BAC library"
FT                   /clone="350G16; MBAC37"
FT                   /note="GenBank Accession AC005402"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   source          628846..634052
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /strain="129/SvJ"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="Research Genetics mouse BAC library"
FT                   /clone="52I5; MBAC10"
FT                   /sub_clone="mbac10gap"
FT                   /note="GenBank Accession AC006119"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   source          633528..720925
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /strain="129/SvJ"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="Research Genetics mouse BAC library"
FT                   /clone="113D16; MBAC92"
FT                   /note="GenBank Accession AC005855"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   source          709262..829126
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /strain="129/SvJ"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="Research Genetics mouse BAC library"
FT                   /clone="44C9; MBAC6"
FT                   /note="GenBank Accession AC004407"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   source          826557..869734
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /strain="129/SvJ"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="Research Genetics mouse BAC library"
FT                   /clone="342D22; MBAC36"
FT                   /sub_clone="ma36a240"
FT                   /note="GenBank Accession AC004405"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   source          868272..910101
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /strain="129/SvJ"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="Research Genetics mouse BAC library"
FT                   /clone="342D22; MBAC36"
FT                   /sub_clone="magap; ma36a178181"
FT                   /note="GenBank Accession AC005240"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   source          908226..955761
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /strain="129/SvJ"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="Research Genetics mouse BAC library"
FT                   /clone="407F8; MBAC40"
FT                   /sub_clone="ma40a113"
FT                   /note="GenBank Accession AC004406"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   source          955610..959629
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /strain="129/SvJ"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="Research Genetics mouse BAC library"
FT                   /clone="407F8; MBAC40"
FT                   /sub_clone="ma40pcr"
FT                   /note="GenBank Accession AC005241"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   source          959179..1081354
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /strain="129/SvJ"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="Research Genetics mouse BAC library"
FT                   /clone="170C12; MBAC20"
FT                   /note="GenBank Accession AC003997"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   source          1080616..1086215
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /strain="129/SvJ"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="Research Genetics mouse BAC library"
FT                   /clone="553K23; MBAC66"
FT                   /sub_clone="ma66a123"
FT                   /note="GenBank Accession AC004102"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   source          1085976..1122229
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /strain="129/SvJ"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="Research Genetics mouse BAC library"
FT                   /clone="553K23; MBAC66"
FT                   /sub_clone="ma66a094"
FT                   /note="GenBank Accession AC003995"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   source          1118601..1158744
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /strain="129/SvJ"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="Research Genetics mouse BAC library"
FT                   /clone="553K23; MBAC66"
FT                   /sub_clone="ma66a100"
FT                   /note="GenBank Accession AC004096"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   source          1154852..1198659
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /strain="129/SvJ"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="Research Genetics mouse BAC library"
FT                   /clone="553K23; MBAC66"
FT                   /sub_clone="ma66a097"
FT                   /note="GenBank Accession AC003996"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   source          1180813..1342683
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /strain="129/SvJ"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="Research Genetics mouse BAC library"
FT                   /clone="200P8; MBAC24"
FT                   /note="GenBank Accession AC005938"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   source          1334503..1373090
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /strain="129/SvJ"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="Research Genetics mouse BAC library"
FT                   /clone="29L11; MBAC3"
FT                   /sub_clone="ma03m061"
FT                   /note="GenBank Accession AC004399"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   source          1367515..1499812
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /strain="129/SvJ"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="Research Genetics mouse BAC library"
FT                   /clone="516L4; MBAC82"
FT                   /note="GenBank Accession AC005835"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   source          1371174..1409450
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /strain="129/SvJ"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="Research Genetics mouse BAC library"
FT                   /clone="29L11; MBAC3"
FT                   /sub_clone="ma03m136"
FT                   /note="GenBank Accession AC003993"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   source          1493347..1526954
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /strain="129/SvJ"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="Research Genetics mouse BAC library"
FT                   /clone="48G17; MBAC8"
FT                   /sub_clone="ma08M030"
FT                   /note="GenBank Accession AC003057"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   source          1526873..1571723
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /strain="129/SvJ"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="Research Genetics mouse BAC library"
FT                   /clone="48G17; MBAC8"
FT                   /sub_clone="ma08M078"
FT                   /note="GenBank Accession AC004404"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   source          1571719..1666365
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /strain="BALB/c"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="Hood Lab's cosmid library"
FT                   /note="GenBank Accession M64239"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    1..1666365
FT                   /note="T-cell receptor alpha/delta gene locus"
FT   gene            complement(15344..16287)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="Psma3-like gene"
FT                   /note="'mouse proteasome (prosome, macropain) subunit,
FT                   alpha type 3 gene'"
FT   gene            complement(18798..19330)
FT                   /gene="OR1"
FT                   /note="Olfactory receptor gene"
FT   gene            complement(31903..33079)
FT                   /gene="OR2"
FT                   /note="Olfactory receptor gene"
FT   gene            complement(54630..55666)
FT                   /gene="OR3"
FT                   /note="Olfactory receptor gene"
FT   gene            72669..73641
FT                   /gene="TRAV1"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV19S1"
FT   CDS             join(72669..72717,73320..>73602)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV1"
FT                   /product="TRAV1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003596"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1J0"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08122.1"
FT                   YLCAVR"
FT   V_segment       join(72669..72717,73320..>73602)
FT                   /gene="TRAV1"
FT   misc_recomb     73603..73609
FT                   /gene="TRAV1"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     73610..73632
FT                   /gene="TRAV1"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     73633..73641
FT                   /gene="TRAV1"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            complement(86903..88855)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="ODR4-like gene"
FT                   /note="similar to ODR4 gene of C.elegans; processed
FT                   pseudogene"
FT   gene            104176..105102
FT                   /gene="OR4"
FT                   /note="Olfactory receptor gene; Other name MOR83"
FT   gene            complement(116910..117842)
FT                   /gene="OR5"
FT                   /note="Olfactory receptor gene; Other name MOR10"
FT   gene            complement(146319..147260)
FT                   /gene="OR6"
FT                   /note="Olfactory receptor gene; Other name MOR28"
FT   gene            234623..235587
FT                   /gene="TRAV2"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV12S1"
FT   CDS             join(234790..234829,235261..>235548)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV2"
FT                   /product="TRAV2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1I9"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08123.1"
FT                   CIVTD"
FT   V_segment       join(234790..234829,235261..>235548)
FT                   /gene="TRAV2"
FT   misc_recomb     235549..235555
FT                   /gene="TRAV2"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     235556..235578
FT                   /gene="TRAV2"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     235579..235587
FT                   /gene="TRAV2"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            246594..247429
FT                   /gene="TRAV3-1"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV5S3"
FT   misc_feature    246594..246613
FT                   /gene="TRAV3-1"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(246884..246935,247100..>247390)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV3-1"
FT                   /product="TRAV3-1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q5R1I8"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003596"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:3644489"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1I8"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08124.1"
FT                   DSAVYFCAVS"
FT   V_segment       join(246884..246935,247100..>247390)
FT                   /gene="TRAV3-1"
FT   misc_recomb     247391..247397
FT                   /gene="TRAV3-1"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     247398..247420
FT                   /gene="TRAV3-1"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     247421..247429
FT                   /gene="TRAV3-1"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            266661..267596
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="TRAV4-1P"
FT                   /note="This gene has internal stop codons in exon2."
FT   misc_feature    266661..266676
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="TRAV4-1P"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer"
FT   CDS             join(267059..267110,267280..>267557)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV4-1P"
FT   V_segment       join(267059..267110,267280..>267557)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="TRAV4-1P"
FT   misc_recomb     267558..267564
FT                   /gene="TRAV4-1P"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     267565..267587
FT                   /gene="TRAV4-1P"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     267588..267596
FT                   /gene="TRAV4-1P"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            282146..288765
FT                   /gene="TRAV5-1"
FT   misc_feature    282146..282165
FT                   /gene="TRAV5-1"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(282342..282393,282568..>282858)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV5-1"
FT                   /product="TRAV5-1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003596"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1I7"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08125.1"
FT                   DSAIYFCSAS"
FT   V_segment       join(282342..282393,282568..>282858)
FT                   /gene="TRAV5-1"
FT   misc_recomb     282859..288765
FT                   /gene="TRAV5-1"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     282866..282888
FT                   /gene="TRAV5-1"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     282889..282897
FT                   /gene="TRAV5-1"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            298138..298753
FT                   /gene="TRAV6-1"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV4S11"
FT   misc_feature    298138..298157
FT                   /gene="TRAV6-1"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(298270..298315,298423..>298714)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV6-1"
FT                   /product="TRAV6-1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1I6"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08126.1"
FT                   AVYYCVLG"
FT   V_segment       join(298270..298315,298423..>298714)
FT                   /gene="TRAV6-1"
FT   misc_recomb     298715..298721
FT                   /gene="TRAV6-1"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     298722..298744
FT                   /gene="TRAV6-1"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     298745..298753
FT                   /gene="TRAV6-1"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            313143..313979
FT                   /gene="TRAV7-1"
FT   misc_feature    313143..313162
FT                   /gene="TRAV7-1"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(313424..313472,313653..>313940)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV7-1"
FT                   /product="TRAV7-1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003596"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1I5"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08127.1"
FT                   ALYFCAVS"
FT   V_segment       join(313424..313472,313653..>313940)
FT                   /gene="TRAV7-1"
FT   misc_recomb     313941..313947
FT                   /gene="TRAV7-1"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     313948..313970
FT                   /gene="TRAV7-1"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     313971..313979
FT                   /gene="TRAV7-1"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            321314..321931
FT                   /gene="TRAV6-2"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV4S5"
FT   misc_feature    321314..321333
FT                   /gene="TRAV6-2"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(321439..321487,321601..>321892)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV6-2"
FT                   /product="TRAV6-2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1I4"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08128.1"
FT                   SAVYYCVLG"
FT   V_segment       join(321439..321487,321601..>321892)
FT                   /gene="TRAV6-2"
FT   misc_recomb     321893..321899
FT                   /gene="TRAV6-2"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     321900..321922
FT                   /gene="TRAV6-2"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     321923..321931
FT                   /gene="TRAV6-2"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            337785..338515
FT                   /gene="TRAV7D-2"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV1S7"
FT   misc_feature    337785..337804
FT                   /gene="TRAV7D-2"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(337968..338016,338189..>338476)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV7D-2"
FT                   /product="TRAV7D-2"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q5R1I3"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003596"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:3649607"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1I3"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08129.1"
FT                   ALYLCAAS"
FT   V_segment       join(337968..338016,338189..>338476)
FT                   /gene="TRAV7D-2"
FT   misc_recomb     338477..338483
FT                   /gene="TRAV7D-2"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     338484..338506
FT                   /gene="TRAV7D-2"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     338507..338515
FT                   /gene="TRAV7D-2"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            347062..347249
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="RPRH3-like gene"
FT                   /note="RPRH3 is RNAse P RNA subunite gene"
FT   gene            365129..365653
FT                   /gene="TRAV4D-2P"
FT                   /note="This gene has an internal stop codon in exon2."
FT   misc_feature    join(365129..365180,365336..>365614)
FT                   /gene="TRAV4D-2P"
FT                   /note="nonfunctional due to internal stop codon"
FT   V_segment       join(365129..365180,365336..>365614)
FT                   /gene="TRAV4D-2P"
FT   misc_recomb     365615..365621
FT                   /gene="TRAV4D-2P"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     365622..365644
FT                   /gene="TRAV4D-2P"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     365645..365653
FT                   /gene="TRAV4D-2P"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            380403..382191
FT                   /gene="TRAV6D-3"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV4S12"
FT   misc_feature    380403..380422
FT                   /gene="TRAV6D-3"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(380537..380582,381861..>382152)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV6D-3"
FT                   /product="TRAV6D-3"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q5R1E6"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:3649610"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1E6"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08130.1"
FT                   AVYYCAMR"
FT   V_segment       join(380537..380582,381861..>382152)
FT                   /gene="TRAV6D-3"
FT   misc_recomb     382153..382159
FT                   /gene="TRAV6D-3"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     382160..382182
FT                   /gene="TRAV6D-3"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     382183..382191
FT                   /gene="TRAV6D-3"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            399479..400292
FT                   /gene="TRAV7D-3"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV1S3"
FT   misc_feature    399479..399498
FT                   /gene="TRAV7D-3"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(399727..399775,399966..>400253)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV7D-3"
FT                   /product="TRAV7D-3"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003596"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:3649556"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:3649861"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1I1"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08131.1"
FT                   ALYLCAVS"
FT   V_segment       join(399727..399775,399966..>400253)
FT                   /gene="TRAV7D-3"
FT   misc_recomb     400254..400260
FT                   /gene="TRAV7D-3"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     400261..400283
FT                   /gene="TRAV7D-3"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     400284..400292
FT                   /gene="TRAV7D-3"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            409294..409911
FT                   /gene="TRAV6D-4"
FT   misc_feature    409294..409313
FT                   /gene="TRAV6D-4"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(409424..409472,409575..>409872)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV6D-4"
FT                   /product="TRAV6D-4"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q5R1I0"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:2685547"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1I0"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08132.1"
FT                   SDSAVYFCALV"
FT   V_segment       join(409424..409472,409575..>409872)
FT                   /gene="TRAV6D-4"
FT   misc_recomb     409873..409879
FT                   /gene="TRAV6D-4"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     409880..409902
FT                   /gene="TRAV6D-4"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     409903..409911
FT                   /gene="TRAV6D-4"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            418543..419381
FT                   /gene="TRAV7D-4"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV1S8"
FT   misc_feature    418543..418562
FT                   /gene="TRAV7D-4"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(418813..418861,419051..>419342)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV7D-4"
FT                   /product="TRAV7D-4"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q5R1H9"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003596"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:3651273"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1H9"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08133.1"
FT                   ALYFCAASE"
FT   V_segment       join(418813..418861,419051..>419342)
FT                   /gene="TRAV7D-4"
FT   misc_recomb     419343..419349
FT                   /gene="TRAV7D-4"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     419350..419372
FT                   /gene="TRAV7D-4"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     419373..419381
FT                   /gene="TRAV7D-4"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            427198..427975
FT                   /gene="TRAV8D-1"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV18S2"
FT   misc_feature    427198..427217
FT                   /gene="TRAV8D-1"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(427451..427502,427652..>427936)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV8D-1"
FT                   /product="TRAV8D-1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003596"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:3650121"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1H8"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08134.1"
FT                   AVYFCATD"
FT   V_segment       join(427451..427502,427652..>427936)
FT                   /gene="TRAV8D-1"
FT   misc_recomb     427937..427943
FT                   /gene="TRAV8D-1"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     427944..427966
FT                   /gene="TRAV8D-1"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     427967..427975
FT                   /gene="TRAV8D-1"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            440897..441706
FT                   /gene="TRAV9D-1"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV3S8"
FT   misc_feature    440897..440916
FT                   /gene="TRAV9D-1"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(441206..441251,441377..>441667)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV9D-1"
FT                   /product="TRAV9D-1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003596"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1H7"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08135.1"
FT                   AVYFCAAS"
FT   V_segment       join(441206..441251,441377..>441667)
FT                   /gene="TRAV9D-1"
FT   misc_recomb     441668..441674
FT                   /gene="TRAV9D-1"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     441675..441697
FT                   /gene="TRAV9D-1"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     441698..441706
FT                   /gene="TRAV9D-1"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            444013..444755
FT                   /gene="TRAV6D-5"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV4S2"
FT   misc_feature    444013..444032
FT                   /gene="TRAV6D-5"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(444246..444291,444425..>444716)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV6D-5"
FT                   /product="TRAV6D-5"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1H6"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08136.1"
FT                   AVYYCALG"
FT   V_segment       join(444246..444291,444425..>444716)
FT                   /gene="TRAV6D-5"
FT   misc_recomb     444717..444723
FT                   /gene="TRAV6D-5"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     444724..444746
FT                   /gene="TRAV6D-5"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     444747..444755
FT                   /gene="TRAV6D-5"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            458431..459185
FT                   /gene="TRAV10D"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV15S1"
FT   misc_feature    458431..458450
FT                   /gene="TRAV10D"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(458650..458701,458856..>459146)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV10D"
FT                   /product="TRAV10D"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003596"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1H5"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08137.1"
FT                   DSAIYFCAAS"
FT   V_segment       join(458650..458701,458856..>459146)
FT                   /gene="TRAV10D"
FT   misc_recomb     459147..459153
FT                   /gene="TRAV10D"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     459154..459176
FT                   /gene="TRAV10D"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     459177..459185
FT                   /gene="TRAV10D"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            468942..469549
FT                   /gene="TRAV6D-6"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV4S10"
FT   misc_feature    468942..468961
FT                   /gene="TRAV6D-6"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(469073..469118,469213..>469510)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV6D-6"
FT                   /product="TRAV6D-6"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1H4"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08138.1"
FT                   DSAVYYCALS"
FT   V_segment       join(469073..469118,469213..>469510)
FT                   /gene="TRAV6D-6"
FT   misc_recomb     469511..469517
FT                   /gene="TRAV6D-6"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     469518..469540
FT                   /gene="TRAV6D-6"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     469541..469549
FT                   /gene="TRAV6D-6"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            471252..472063
FT                   /gene="TRAV11D"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV14S2"
FT   misc_feature    471252..471271
FT                   /gene="TRAV11D"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(471472..471523,471734..>472024)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV11D"
FT                   /product="TRAV11D"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1D7"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08139.1"
FT                   DTATYICVVG"
FT   V_segment       join(471472..471523,471734..>472024)
FT                   /gene="TRAV11D"
FT   misc_recomb     472025..472031
FT                   /gene="TRAV11D"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     472032..472054
FT                   /gene="TRAV11D"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     472055..472063
FT                   /gene="TRAV11D"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            489226..489978
FT                   /gene="TRAV7D-5"
FT   misc_feature    489226..489245
FT                   /gene="TRAV7D-5"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(489412..489460,489652..>489939)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV7D-5"
FT                   /product="TRAV7D-5"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003596"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1H2"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08140.1"
FT                   AVYLCAVS"
FT   V_segment       join(489412..489460,489652..>489939)
FT                   /gene="TRAV7D-5"
FT   misc_recomb     489940..489946
FT                   /gene="TRAV7D-5"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     489947..489969
FT                   /gene="TRAV7D-5"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     489970..489978
FT                   /gene="TRAV7D-5"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            496701..497396
FT                   /gene="TRAV12D-1"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV8S12"
FT   misc_feature    496701..496720
FT                   /gene="TRAV12D-1"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(496885..496930,497063..>497357)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV12D-1"
FT                   /product="TRAV12D-1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1H1"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08141.1"
FT                   SALYYCALS"
FT   V_segment       join(496885..496930,497063..>497357)
FT                   /gene="TRAV12D-1"
FT   misc_recomb     497358..497364
FT                   /gene="TRAV12D-1"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     497365..497387
FT                   /gene="TRAV12D-1"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     497388..497396
FT                   /gene="TRAV12D-1"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            503721..504271
FT                   /gene="TRAV13D-1"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV10S2"
FT   CDS             join(503721..503772,503954..>504232)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV13D-1"
FT                   /product="TRAV13D-1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003596"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1H0"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08142.1"
FT                   YLCAME"
FT   V_segment       join(503721..503772,503954..>504232)
FT                   /gene="TRAV13D-1"
FT   misc_recomb     504233..504239
FT                   /gene="TRAV13D-1"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     504240..504262
FT                   /gene="TRAV13D-1"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     504263..504271
FT                   /gene="TRAV13D-1"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            512584..513286
FT                   /gene="TRAV14D-1"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV2S4"
FT   misc_feature    512584..512603
FT                   /gene="TRAV14D-1"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(512746..512797,512936..>513247)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV14D-1"
FT                   /product="TRAV14D-1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003596"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1G9"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08143.1"
FT                   IIDSQPGDSATYFCAAS"
FT   V_segment       join(512746..512797,512936..>513247)
FT                   /gene="TRAV14D-1"
FT   misc_recomb     513248..513254
FT                   /gene="TRAV14D-1"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     513255..513277
FT                   /gene="TRAV14D-1"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     513278..513286
FT                   /gene="TRAV14D-1"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            518082..518978
FT                   /gene="TRADV15D-1"
FT                   /note="Other name TRAV15D/DV6D-2; TCRDV7S6"
FT   misc_feature    518082..518101
FT                   /gene="TRADV15D-1"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(518368..518416,518637..>518939)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRADV15D-1"
FT                   /product="TRADV15D-1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003596"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1G8"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08144.1"
FT                   DDSGKYFCALWEL"
FT   V_segment       join(518368..518416,518637..>518939)
FT                   /gene="TRADV15D-1"
FT   misc_recomb     518940..518946
FT                   /gene="TRADV15D-1"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     518947..518969
FT                   /gene="TRADV15D-1"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     518970..518978
FT                   /gene="TRADV15D-1"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            541140..541847
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="TRAV3D-2P"
FT                   /note="This gene has internal stop codons in exon 2."
FT   misc_feature    541140..541159
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="TRAV3D-2P"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(541337..541388,541524..>541808)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV3D-2P"
FT   V_segment       join(541337..541388,541524..>541808)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="TRAV3D-2P"
FT   misc_recomb     541809..541815
FT                   /gene="TRAV3D-2P"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     541816..541838
FT                   /gene="TRAV3D-2P"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     541839..541847
FT                   /gene="TRAV3D-2P"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            545613..546386
FT                   /gene="TRAV9D-2"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV3S6"
FT   misc_feature    545613..545632
FT                   /gene="TRAV9D-2"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(545913..545958,546054..>546347)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV9D-2"
FT                   /product="TRAV9D-2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1G7"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08145.1"
FT                   SAVYFCAVS"
FT   V_segment       join(545913..545958,546054..>546347)
FT                   /gene="TRAV9D-2"
FT   misc_recomb     546348..546374
FT                   /gene="TRAV9D-2"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     546355..546377
FT                   /gene="TRAV9D-2"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     546378..546386
FT                   /gene="TRAV9D-2"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            553640..554257
FT                   /gene="TRAV4D-3"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV11S7"
FT   misc_feature    553640..553670
FT                   /gene="TRAV4D-3"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(553717..553768,553940..>554218)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV4D-3"
FT                   /product="TRAV4D-3"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1G6"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08146.1"
FT                   YFCAAE"
FT   V_segment       join(553717..553768,553940..>554218)
FT                   /gene="TRAV4D-3"
FT   misc_recomb     554219..554225
FT                   /gene="TRAV4D-3"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     554226..554248
FT                   /gene="TRAV4D-3"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     554249..554257
FT                   /gene="TRAV4D-3"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            567749..568519
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="TRAV5D-2P"
FT                   /note="This gene has internal stop codons in exon 1."
FT   misc_feature    567749..567768
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="TRAV5D-2P"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(567965..568015,568176..>568480)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV5D-2P"
FT   V_segment       join(567965..568015,568176..>568480)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="TRAV5D-2P"
FT   misc_recomb     568481..568487
FT                   /gene="TRAV5D-2P"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     568488..568510
FT                   /gene="TRAV5D-2P"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   gene            568494..570222
FT                   /gene="TRAV12D-2"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV8S3"
FT   misc_feature    568494..569513
FT                   /gene="TRAV12D-2"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   misc_recomb     568511..568519
FT                   /gene="TRAV5D-2P"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   CDS             join(569668..569719,569892..>570183)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV12D-2"
FT                   /product="TRAV12D-2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1G5"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08147.1"
FT                   DSALYFCALS"
FT   V_segment       join(569668..569719,569892..>570183)
FT                   /gene="TRAV12D-2"
FT   misc_recomb     570184..570190
FT                   /gene="TRAV12D-2"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     570191..570213
FT                   /gene="TRAV12D-2"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     570214..570222
FT                   /gene="TRAV12D-2"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            574141..574914
FT                   /gene="TRAV9D-3"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV3S3"
FT   misc_feature    574141..574160
FT                   /gene="TRAV9D-3"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(574441..574486,574582..>574875)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV9D-3"
FT                   /product="TRAV9D-3"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003596"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1G4"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08148.1"
FT                   SAVYFCAVS"
FT   V_segment       join(574441..574486,574582..>574875)
FT                   /gene="TRAV9D-3"
FT   misc_recomb     574876..574882
FT                   /gene="TRAV9D-3"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     574883..574905
FT                   /gene="TRAV9D-3"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     574906..574914
FT                   /gene="TRAV9D-3"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            583970..584318
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="TRAV5D-3P"
FT                   /note="This gene lacks exon 1"
FT   CDS             583970..>584279
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV5D-3P"
FT   V_segment       583970..>584279
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="TRAV5D-3P"
FT   misc_recomb     584280..584286
FT                   /gene="TRAV5D-3P"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     584287..584309
FT                   /gene="TRAV5D-3P"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     584310..584318
FT                   /gene="TRAV5D-3P"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            585270..585989
FT                   /gene="TRAV12D-3"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV8S2"
FT   misc_feature    585270..585289
FT                   /gene="TRAV12D-3"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(585458..585503,585650..>585950)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV12D-3"
FT                   /product="TRAV12D-3"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1G3"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08149.1"
FT                   SDSALYYCALS"
FT   V_segment       join(585458..585503,585650..>585950)
FT                   /gene="TRAV12D-3"
FT   misc_recomb     585951..585957
FT                   /gene="TRAV12D-3"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     585958..585980
FT                   /gene="TRAV12D-3"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     585981..585989
FT                   /gene="TRAV12D-3"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            598420..598970
FT                   /gene="TRAV13D-2"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV10S6"
FT   CDS             join(598420..598471,598653..>598931)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV13D-2"
FT                   /product="TRAV13D-2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003596"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1G2"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08150.1"
FT                   YFCAID"
FT   V_segment       join(598420..598471,598653..>598931)
FT                   /gene="TRAV13D-2"
FT   misc_recomb     598932..598938
FT                   /gene="TRAV13D-2"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     598939..598961
FT                   /gene="TRAV13D-2"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     598962..598970
FT                   /gene="TRAV13D-2"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            604052..604750
FT                   /gene="TRAV14D-2"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV2S5"
FT   misc_feature    604052..604071
FT                   /gene="TRAV14D-2"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(604212..604263,604400..>604711)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV14D-2"
FT                   /product="TRAV14D-2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003596"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:1BWM"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1G1"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08151.1"
FT                   ITDSQPGDSATYFCAAS"
FT   V_segment       join(604212..604263,604400..>604711)
FT                   /gene="TRAV14D-2"
FT   misc_recomb     604712..604718
FT                   /gene="TRAV14D-2"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     604719..604741
FT                   /gene="TRAV14D-2"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     604742..604750
FT                   /gene="TRAV14D-2"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            612378..612989
FT                   /gene="TRADV15D-2"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRDV7S5"
FT   CDS             join(612378..612426,612648..>612950)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRADV15D-2"
FT                   /product="TRADV15D-2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003596"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1G0"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08152.1"
FT                   EDSGTYFCALSEL"
FT   V_segment       join(612378..612426,612648..>612950)
FT                   /gene="TRADV15D-2"
FT   misc_recomb     612951..612957
FT                   /gene="TRADV15D-2"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     612958..612980
FT                   /gene="TRADV15D-2"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     612981..612989
FT                   /gene="TRADV15D-2"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            complement(624923..625955)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="mitochondrial asparate aminotransferase isoenzyme"
FT   gene            627939..628645
FT                   /gene="TRAV3D-3"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV5S2"
FT   misc_feature    627939..627958
FT                   /gene="TRAV3D-3"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(628105..628156,628316..>628606)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV3D-3"
FT                   /product="TRAV3D-3"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1F9"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08153.1"
FT                   DSAAYFCAVS"
FT   V_segment       join(628105..628156,628316..>628606)
FT                   /gene="TRAV3D-3"
FT   misc_recomb     628607..628613
FT                   /gene="TRAV3D-3"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     628614..628636
FT                   /gene="TRAV3D-3"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     628637..628645
FT                   /gene="TRAV3D-3"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            637776..638549
FT                   /gene="TRAV9D-4"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV3S5"
FT   misc_feature    637776..637795
FT                   /gene="TRAV9D-4"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(638076..638121,638217..>638510)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV9D-4"
FT                   /product="TRAV9D-4"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1F8"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08154.1"
FT                   SAVYFCALS"
FT   V_segment       join(638076..638121,638217..>638510)
FT                   /gene="TRAV9D-4"
FT   misc_recomb     638511..638517
FT                   /gene="TRAV9D-4"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     638518..638540
FT                   /gene="TRAV9D-4"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     638541..638549
FT                   /gene="TRAV9D-4"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            644988..646293
FT                   /gene="TRAV4D-4"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV11S1"
FT   misc_feature    644988..645019
FT                   /gene="TRAV4D-4"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer"
FT   CDS             join(645754..645805,645976..>646254)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV4D-4"
FT                   /product="TRAV4D-4"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1F7"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08155.1"
FT                   YFCAAE"
FT   V_segment       join(645754..645805,645976..>646254)
FT                   /gene="TRAV4D-4"
FT   misc_recomb     646255..646261
FT                   /gene="TRAV4D-4"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     646262..646284
FT                   /gene="TRAV4D-4"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     646285..646293
FT                   /gene="TRAV4D-4"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   misc_feature    662478..662523
FT                   /note="conserved block with human counter part region"
FT   gene            663533..664302
FT                   /gene="TRAV5D-4"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV13S1"
FT   misc_feature    663533..663552
FT                   /gene="TRAV5D-4"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(663756..663807,663973..>664263)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV5D-4"
FT                   /product="TRAV5D-4"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:3704130"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:3704440"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1F6"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08156.1"
FT                   DSAMYFCAAS"
FT   V_segment       join(663756..663807,663973..>664263)
FT                   /gene="TRAV5D-4"
FT   misc_recomb     664264..664270
FT                   /gene="TRAV5D-4"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     664271..664293
FT                   /gene="TRAV5D-4"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     664294..664302
FT                   /gene="TRAV5D-4"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            669515..670145
FT                   /gene="TRAV6D-7"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV4S9"
FT   misc_feature    669515..669534
FT                   /gene="TRAV6D-7"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(669640..669685,669815..>670106)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV6D-7"
FT                   /product="TRAV6D-7"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:1AC6"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:2PXY"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:2Z31"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:2Z35"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1F5"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08157.1"
FT                   AVYYCALS"
FT   V_segment       join(669640..669685,669815..>670106)
FT                   /gene="TRAV6D-7"
FT   misc_recomb     670107..670113
FT                   /gene="TRAV6D-7"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     670114..670136
FT                   /gene="TRAV6D-7"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     670137..670145
FT                   /gene="TRAV6D-7"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            675139..676752
FT                   /gene="TRAV7D-6"
FT   misc_feature    675139..675158
FT                   /gene="TRAV7D-6"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(676181..676229,676426..>676713)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV7D-6"
FT                   /product="TRAV7D-6"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003596"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1F4"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08158.1"
FT                   AVYLCAAS"
FT   V_segment       join(676181..676229,676426..>676713)
FT                   /gene="TRAV7D-6"
FT   misc_recomb     676714..676720
FT                   /gene="TRAV7D-6"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     676721..676743
FT                   /gene="TRAV7D-6"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     676744..676752
FT                   /gene="TRAV7D-6"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            686541..690061
FT                   /gene="TRAV13D-3"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV10S5"
FT   misc_feature    686541..686560
FT                   /gene="TRAV13D-3"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer"
FT   CDS             join(689508..689559,689741..>690022)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV13D-3"
FT                   /product="TRAV13D-3"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003596"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1F3"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08159.1"
FT                   TYLCAME"
FT   V_segment       join(689508..689559,689741..>690022)
FT                   /gene="TRAV13D-3"
FT   misc_recomb     690023..690029
FT                   /gene="TRAV13D-3"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     690030..690052
FT                   /gene="TRAV13D-3"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     690053..690061
FT                   /gene="TRAV13D-3"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            697883..698606
FT                   /gene="TRAV8D-2"
FT   misc_feature    697883..697902
FT                   /gene="TRAV8D-2"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(698104..698155,698283..>698567)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV8D-2"
FT                   /product="TRAV8D-2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003596"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1F2"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08160.1"
FT                   AVYFCATD"
FT   V_segment       join(698104..698155,698283..>698567)
FT                   /gene="TRAV8D-2"
FT   misc_recomb     698568..698574
FT                   /gene="TRAV8D-2"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     698575..698597
FT                   /gene="TRAV8D-2"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     698598..698606
FT                   /gene="TRAV8D-2"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            703119..703768
FT                   /gene="TRADV16D"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV17S1"
FT   misc_feature    703119..703138
FT                   /gene="TRADV16D"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(703198..703246,703426..>703729)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRADV16D"
FT                   /product="TRADV16D"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:1FO0"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:1NAM"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:2OL3"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1F1"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08161.1"
FT                   IEDSAVYFCAMREG"
FT   V_segment       join(703198..703246,703426..>703729)
FT                   /gene="TRADV16D"
FT   misc_recomb     703730..703736
FT                   /gene="TRADV16D"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     703737..703759
FT                   /gene="TRADV16D"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     703760..703768
FT                   /gene="TRADV16D"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            719072..720853
FT                   /gene="TRA13D-4"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV10S3"
FT   CDS             join(719072..719123,720536..>720814)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRA13D-4"
FT                   /product="TRA13D-4"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003596"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1F0"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08162.1"
FT                   YLCAME"
FT   V_segment       join(719072..719123,720536..>720814)
FT                   /gene="TRA13D-4"
FT   misc_recomb     720815..720821
FT                   /gene="TRA13D-4"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     720822..720844
FT                   /gene="TRA13D-4"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     720845..720853
FT                   /gene="TRA13D-4"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            726626..727324
FT                   /gene="TRADV14D-3"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRADV2S8"
FT   misc_feature    726626..726645
FT                   /gene="TRADV14D-3"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(726787..726838,726977..>727285)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRADV14D-3"
FT                   /product="TRADV14D-3"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003596"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1E9"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08163.1"
FT                   KDSQPGDSATYFCAAS"
FT   V_segment       join(726787..726838,726977..>727285)
FT                   /gene="TRADV14D-3"
FT   misc_recomb     727286..727292
FT                   /gene="TRADV14D-3"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     727293..727315
FT                   /gene="TRADV14D-3"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     727316..727324
FT                   /gene="TRADV14D-3"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            730724..731095
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="TRAV15D-3P"
FT                   /note="This gene has a stop cocon in exon 2 and defects in
FT                   splice sites."
FT   CDS             join(730724..730772,731004..>731095)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV15D-3P"
FT   V_segment       join(730724..730772,731004..>731095)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="TRAV15D-3P"
FT   gene            complement(746336..747073)
FT                   /gene="TRAV7-2"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV1S7"
FT   misc_recomb     complement(746336..746344)
FT                   /gene="TRAV7-2"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   misc_recomb     complement(746345..746367)
FT                   /gene="TRAV7-2"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     complement(746368..746374)
FT                   /gene="TRAV7-2"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<746375..746662,746840..746888))
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV7-2"
FT                   /product="TRAV7-2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003596"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1E8"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08164.1"
FT                   ALYFCAVS"
FT   V_segment       complement(join(<746375..746662,746840..746888))
FT                   /gene="TRAV7-2"
FT   misc_feature    complement(747054..747073)
FT                   /gene="TRAV7-2"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   gene            761239..761426
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="RPRH3-like gene"
FT                   /note="RPRH3 is RNAse P RNA subunite gene"
FT   misc_feature    769677..769711
FT                   /note="conserved block with human counter part region"
FT   gene            770833..771358
FT                   /gene="TRAV4-2"
FT   CDS             join(770833..770884,771041..>771319)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV4-2"
FT                   /product="TRAV4-2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1E7"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08165.1"
FT                   YFCAAE"
FT   V_segment       join(770833..770884,771041..>771319)
FT                   /gene="TRAV4-2"
FT   misc_recomb     771320..771326
FT                   /gene="TRAV4-2"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     771327..771349
FT                   /gene="TRAV4-2"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     771350..771358
FT                   /gene="TRAV4-2"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            785802..787618
FT                   /gene="TRAV6-3"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV4S11"
FT   misc_feature    785802..785821
FT                   /gene="TRAV6-3"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(785936..785981,787288..>787579)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV6-3"
FT                   /product="TRAV6-3"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q5R1E6"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:3649610"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1E6"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08166.1"
FT                   AVYYCAMR"
FT   V_segment       join(785936..785981,787288..>787579)
FT                   /gene="TRAV6-3"
FT   misc_recomb     787580..787586
FT                   /gene="TRAV6-3"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     787587..787609
FT                   /gene="TRAV6-3"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     787610..787618
FT                   /gene="TRAV6-3"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            799434..800235
FT                   /gene="TRAV7-3"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV1S1"
FT   misc_feature    799434..799453
FT                   /gene="TRAV7-3"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(799671..799719,799909..>800196)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV7-3"
FT                   /product="TRAV7-3"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003596"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1E5"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08167.1"
FT                   ALYLCAVS"
FT   V_segment       join(799671..799719,799909..>800196)
FT                   /gene="TRAV7-3"
FT   misc_recomb     800197..800203
FT                   /gene="TRAV7-3"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     800204..800226
FT                   /gene="TRAV7-3"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     800227..800235
FT                   /gene="TRAV7-3"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            812507..813132
FT                   /gene="TRAV6-4"
FT   misc_feature    812507..812526
FT                   /gene="TRAV6-4"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(812636..812684,812796..>813093)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV6-4"
FT                   /product="TRAV6-4"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1E4"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08168.1"
FT                   SDSAVYFCALV"
FT   V_segment       join(812636..812684,812796..>813093)
FT                   /gene="TRAV6-4"
FT   misc_recomb     813094..813100
FT                   /gene="TRAV6-4"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     813101..813123
FT                   /gene="TRAV6-4"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     813124..813132
FT                   /gene="TRAV6-4"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            819272..820110
FT                   /gene="TRAV7-4"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV1S4"
FT   misc_feature    819272..819291
FT                   /gene="TRAV7-4"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(819542..819590,819780..>820071)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV7-4"
FT                   /product="TRAV7-4"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003596"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1E3"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08169.1"
FT                   ALYFCAASE"
FT   V_segment       join(819542..819590,819780..>820071)
FT                   /gene="TRAV7-4"
FT   misc_recomb     820072..820078
FT                   /gene="TRAV7-4"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     820079..820101
FT                   /gene="TRAV7-4"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     820102..820110
FT                   /gene="TRAV7-4"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            827816..828593
FT                   /gene="TRAV8-1"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV18S1"
FT   misc_feature    827816..827835
FT                   /gene="TRAV8-1"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(828069..828120,828270..>828554)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV8-1"
FT                   /product="TRAV8-1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003596"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1E2"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08170.1"
FT                   AVYFCATD"
FT   V_segment       join(828069..828120,828270..828554)
FT                   /gene="TRAV8-1"
FT   misc_recomb     828555..828561
FT                   /gene="TRAV8-1"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     828562..828584
FT                   /gene="TRAV8-1"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     828585..828593
FT                   /gene="TRAV8-1"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            857423..858238
FT                   /gene="TRAV9-1"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV3S8"
FT   misc_feature    857423..857442
FT                   /gene="TRAV9-1"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(857738..857783,857909..>858199)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV9-1"
FT                   /product="TRAV9-1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003596"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1E1"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08171.1"
FT                   AVYFCAVS"
FT   V_segment       join(857738..857783,857909..>858199)
FT                   /gene="TRAV9-1"
FT   misc_recomb     858200..858206
FT                   /gene="TRAV9-1"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     858207..858229
FT                   /gene="TRAV9-1"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     858230..858238
FT                   /gene="TRAV9-1"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            860335..861089
FT                   /gene="TRAV6-5"
FT   misc_feature    860335..860354
FT                   /gene="TRAV6-5"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(860578..860623,860759..>861050)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV6-5"
FT                   /product="TRAV6-5"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1E0"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08172.1"
FT                   AVYYCALS"
FT   V_segment       join(860578..860623,860759..>861050)
FT                   /gene="TRAV6-5"
FT   misc_recomb     861051..861057
FT                   /gene="TRAV6-5"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     861058..861080
FT                   /gene="TRAV6-5"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     861081..861089
FT                   /gene="TRAV6-5"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            880873..881627
FT                   /gene="TRAV10"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV15S1"
FT   misc_feature    880873..880892
FT                   /gene="TRAV10"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(881092..881143,881298..>881588)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV10"
FT                   /product="TRAV10"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003596"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1D9"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08173.1"
FT                   DSAIYFCAAS"
FT   V_segment       join(881092..881143,881298..>881588)
FT                   /gene="TRAV10"
FT   misc_recomb     881589..881595
FT                   /gene="TRAV10"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     881596..881618
FT                   /gene="TRAV10"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     881619..881627
FT                   /gene="TRAV10"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            892010..892617
FT                   /gene="TRAV6-6"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV4S4"
FT   misc_feature    892010..892029
FT                   /gene="TRAV6-6"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(892141..892186,892281..>892578)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV6-6"
FT                   /product="TRAV6-6"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1D8"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08174.1"
FT                   DSAVYYCALG"
FT   V_segment       join(892141..892186,892281..>892578)
FT                   /gene="TRAV6-6"
FT   misc_recomb     892579..892585
FT                   /gene="TRAV6-6"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     892586..892608
FT                   /gene="TRAV6-6"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     892609..892617
FT                   /gene="TRAV6-6"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            894321..895140
FT                   /gene="TRAV11"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV14S2"
FT   misc_feature    894321..894340
FT                   /gene="TRAV11"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(894549..894600,894811..>895101)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV11"
FT                   /product="TRAV11"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1D7"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08175.1"
FT                   DTATYICVVG"
FT   V_segment       join(894549..894600,894811..>895101)
FT                   /gene="TRAV11"
FT   misc_recomb     895102..895108
FT                   /gene="TRAV11"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     895109..895131
FT                   /gene="TRAV11"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     895132..895140
FT                   /gene="TRAV11"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            912310..913062
FT                   /gene="TRAV7-5"
FT   misc_feature    912310..912329
FT                   /gene="TRAV7-5"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(912496..912544,912736..>913023)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV7-5"
FT                   /product="TRAV7-5"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003596"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1D6"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08176.1"
FT                   AVYLCAMS"
FT   V_segment       join(912496..912544,912736..>913023)
FT                   /gene="TRAV7-5"
FT   misc_recomb     913024..913030
FT                   /gene="TRAV7-5"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     913031..913053
FT                   /gene="TRAV7-5"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     913054..913062
FT                   /gene="TRAV7-5"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            929579..930277
FT                   /gene="TRAV12-1"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV8S9"
FT   misc_feature    929579..929598
FT                   /gene="TRAV12-1"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(929766..929811,929944..>930238)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV12-1"
FT                   /product="TRAV12-1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1D5"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08177.1"
FT                   SALYFCALS"
FT   V_segment       join(929766..929811,929944..>930238)
FT                   /gene="TRAV12-1"
FT   misc_recomb     930239..930245
FT                   /gene="TRAV12-1"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     930246..930268
FT                   /gene="TRAV12-1"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     930269..930277
FT                   /gene="TRAV12-1"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            936548..937098
FT                   /gene="TRAV13-1"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV10S8; conserved 20-mer; possible
FT                   promoter"
FT   CDS             join(936548..936599,936781..>937059)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV13-1"
FT                   /product="TRAV13-1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003596"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1D4"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08178.1"
FT                   YLCAME"
FT   V_segment       join(936548..936599,936781..>937059)
FT                   /gene="TRAV13-1"
FT   misc_recomb     937060..937066
FT                   /gene="TRAV13-1"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     937067..937089
FT                   /gene="TRAV13-1"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     937090..937098
FT                   /gene="TRAV13-1"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            940883..941585
FT                   /gene="TRAV14-1"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV2S2"
FT   misc_feature    940883..940902
FT                   /gene="TRAV14-1"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(941045..941096,941235..>941546)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV14-1"
FT                   /product="TRAV14-1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003596"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1D3"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08179.1"
FT                   ITDSQPGDSATYFCAAS"
FT   V_segment       join(941045..941096,941235..>941546)
FT                   /gene="TRAV14-1"
FT   misc_recomb     941547..941553
FT                   /gene="TRAV14-1"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     941554..941576
FT                   /gene="TRAV14-1"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     941577..941585
FT                   /gene="TRAV14-1"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            946658..947268
FT                   /gene="TRADV15-1"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRADV7S2; conserved 20-mer; possible
FT                   promoter"
FT   CDS             join(946658..946706,946927..>947229)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRADV15-1"
FT                   /product="TRADV15-1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003596"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1D2"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08180.1"
FT                   DDSGKYFCALWEL"
FT   V_segment       join(946658..946706,946927..>947229)
FT                   /gene="TRADV15-1"
FT   misc_recomb     947230..947236
FT                   /gene="TRADV15-1"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     947237..947259
FT                   /gene="TRADV15-1"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     947260..947268
FT                   /gene="TRADV15-1"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            967847..968577
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="TRAV3-2P"
FT                   /note="This gene lacks start codon and has internal stop
FT                   codons in exon 2"
FT   misc_feature    967847..967866
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="TRAV3-2P"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(968042..968093,968254..>968538)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV3-2P"
FT   V_segment       join(968042..968093,968254..>968538)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="TRAV3-2P"
FT   misc_recomb     968539..968545
FT                   /gene="TRAV3-2P"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     968546..968568
FT                   /gene="TRAV3-2P"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     968569..968577
FT                   /gene="TRAV3-2P"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            972343..973116
FT                   /gene="TRAV9-2"
FT   misc_feature    972343..972362
FT                   /gene="TRAV9-2"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(972643..972688,972784..>973077)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV9-2"
FT                   /product="TRAV9-2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1D1"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08181.1"
FT                   SAVYFCAAS"
FT   V_segment       join(972643..972688,972784..>973077)
FT                   /gene="TRAV9-2"
FT   misc_recomb     973078..973084
FT                   /gene="TRAV9-2"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     973085..973107
FT                   /gene="TRAV9-2"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     973108..973116
FT                   /gene="TRAV9-2"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   misc_feature    979027..979046
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer"
FT   gene            980295..980988
FT                   /gene="TRAV4-3"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRADV11S4"
FT   misc_feature    980295..980314
FT                   /gene="TRAV4-3"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   misc_feature    980369..980399
FT                   /gene="TRAV4-3"
FT                   /note="conserved block"
FT   CDS             join(980447..980498,980671..>980949)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV4-3"
FT                   /product="TRAV4-3"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1D0"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08182.1"
FT                   YFCAAE"
FT   V_segment       join(980447..980498,980671..>980949)
FT                   /gene="TRAV4-3"
FT   misc_recomb     980950..980956
FT                   /gene="TRAV4-3"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     980957..980979
FT                   /gene="TRAV4-3"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     980980..980988
FT                   /gene="TRAV4-3"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            1007519..1008274
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="TRAV5-2P"
FT                   /note="This gene has stop codons in exon 1"
FT   misc_feature    1007519..1007538
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="TRAV5-2P"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(1007735..1007785,1007945..>1008235)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV5-2P"
FT   V_segment       join(1007735..1007785,1007945..>1008235)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="TRAV5-2P"
FT   misc_recomb     1008236..1008242
FT                   /gene="TRAV5-2P"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     1008243..1008265
FT                   /gene="TRAV5-2P"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     1008266..1008274
FT                   /gene="TRAV5-2P"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            1009268..1010017
FT                   /gene="TRAV12-2"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV8S13"
FT   misc_feature    1009268..1009287
FT                   /gene="TRAV12-2"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(1009445..1009496,1009687..>1009978)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV12-2"
FT                   /product="TRAV12-2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1C9"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08183.1"
FT                   DSALYYCALS"
FT   V_segment       join(1009445..1009496,1009687..>1009978)
FT                   /gene="TRAV12-2"
FT   misc_recomb     1009979..1009985
FT                   /gene="TRAV12-2"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     1009986..1010008
FT                   /gene="TRAV12-2"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     1010009..1010017
FT                   /gene="TRAV12-2"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            1013962..1014735
FT                   /gene="TRAV9-3"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV3S7"
FT   misc_feature    1013962..1013981
FT                   /gene="TRAV9-3"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(1014262..1014307,1014403..>1014696)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV9-3"
FT                   /product="TRAV9-3"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003596"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1C8"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08184.1"
FT                   SAVYFCAVS"
FT   V_segment       join(1014262..1014307,1014403..>1014696)
FT                   /gene="TRAV9-3"
FT   misc_recomb     1014697..1014703
FT                   /gene="TRAV9-3"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     1014704..1014726
FT                   /gene="TRAV9-3"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     1014727..1014735
FT                   /gene="TRAV9-3"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            1021844..1022204
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="TRAV5-3P"
FT                   /note="This gene is missing exon 1."
FT   CDS             1021844..>1022165
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV5-3P"
FT   V_segment       1021844..>1022165
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="TRAV5-3P"
FT   misc_recomb     1022166..1022172
FT                   /gene="TRAV5-3P"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     1022173..1022195
FT                   /gene="TRAV5-3P"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     1022196..1022204
FT                   /gene="TRAV5-3P"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            1023157..1023873
FT                   /gene="TRAV12-3"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV8S2"
FT   misc_feature    1023157..1023176
FT                   /gene="TRAV12-3"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(1023341..1023386,1023534..>1023834)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV12-3"
FT                   /product="TRAV12-3"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1C7"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08185.1"
FT                   SDSALYYCALS"
FT   V_segment       join(1023341..1023386,1023534..>1023834)
FT                   /gene="TRAV12-3"
FT   misc_recomb     1023835..1023841
FT                   /gene="TRAV12-3"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     1023842..1023864
FT                   /gene="TRAV12-3"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     1023865..1023873
FT                   /gene="TRAV12-3"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            1036320..1036870
FT                   /gene="TRAV13-2"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV10S1"
FT   CDS             join(1036320..1036371,1036553..>1036831)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV13-2"
FT                   /product="TRAV13-2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003596"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1C6"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08186.1"
FT                   YLCAID"
FT   V_segment       join(1036320..1036371,1036553..>1036831)
FT                   /gene="TRAV13-2"
FT   misc_recomb     1036832..1036838
FT                   /gene="TRAV13-2"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     1036839..1036861
FT                   /gene="TRAV13-2"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     1036862..1036870
FT                   /gene="TRAV13-2"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            1042130..1042831
FT                   /gene="TRAV14-2"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV2S9"
FT   misc_feature    1042130..1042149
FT                   /gene="TRAV14-2"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(1042291..1042342,1042481..>1042792)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV14-2"
FT                   /product="TRAV14-2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003596"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1C5"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08187.1"
FT                   ITDSQPGDSATYFCAAS"
FT   V_segment       join(1042291..1042342,1042481..>1042792)
FT                   /gene="TRAV14-2"
FT   misc_recomb     1042793..1042799
FT                   /gene="TRAV14-2"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     1042800..1042822
FT                   /gene="TRAV14-2"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     1042823..1042831
FT                   /gene="TRAV14-2"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            1050316..1050924
FT                   /gene="TRDV15-2"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRDV7S4"
FT   CDS             join(1050316..1050364,1050586..>1050885)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRDV15-2"
FT                   /product="TRDV15-2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003596"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1C4"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08188.1"
FT                   DSGTYFCALSEL"
FT   V_segment       join(1050316..1050364,1050586..>1050885)
FT                   /gene="TRDV15-2"
FT   misc_recomb     1050886..1050892
FT                   /gene="TRDV15-2"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     1050893..1050915
FT                   /gene="TRDV15-2"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     1050916..1050924
FT                   /gene="TRDV15-2"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            complement(1062888..1063919)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="mitochondrial asparate aminotransferase isoenzyme"
FT                   /note="This gene has an internal stop codon"
FT   CDS             complement(1063565..1063876)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="mitochondrial asparate aminotransferase isoenzyme"
FT   gene            1065895..1066601
FT                   /gene="TRAV3-3"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV5S2"
FT   misc_feature    1065895..1065914
FT                   /gene="TRAV3-3"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(1066061..1066112,1066272..>1066562)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV3-3"
FT                   /product="TRAV3-3"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q5R1C3"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:3702145"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1C3"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08189.1"
FT                   DSAAYFCAVS"
FT   V_segment       join(1066061..1066112,1066272..>1066562)
FT                   /gene="TRAV3-3"
FT   misc_recomb     1066563..1066569
FT                   /gene="TRAV3-3"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     1066570..1066592
FT                   /gene="TRAV3-3"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     1066593..1066601
FT                   /gene="TRAV3-3"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            1075769..1076542
FT                   /gene="TRAV9-4"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV3S1"
FT   misc_feature    1075769..1075788
FT                   /gene="TRAV9-4"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(1076069..1076114,1076210..>1076503)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV9-4"
FT                   /product="TRAV9-4"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003596"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:3E3Q"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1C2"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08190.1"
FT                   SAVYFCAVS"
FT   V_segment       join(1076069..1076114,1076210..>1076503)
FT                   /gene="TRAV9-4"
FT   misc_recomb     1076504..1076510
FT                   /gene="TRAV9-4"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     1076511..1076533
FT                   /gene="TRAV9-4"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     1076534..1076542
FT                   /gene="TRAV9-4"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            1083543..1084085
FT                   /gene="TRADV4-4"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRADV11S5"
FT   CDS             join(1083543..1083594,1083765..>1084046)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRADV4-4"
FT                   /product="TRADV4-4"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1C1"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08191.1"
FT                   TYFCAAE"
FT   V_segment       join(1083543..1083594,1083765..>1084046)
FT                   /gene="TRADV4-4"
FT   misc_recomb     1084047..1084053
FT                   /gene="TRADV4-4"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     1084054..1084076
FT                   /gene="TRADV4-4"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     1084077..1084085
FT                   /gene="TRADV4-4"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            1094459..1095229
FT                   /gene="TRAV5-4"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV13S2"
FT   misc_feature    1094459..1094478
FT                   /gene="TRAV5-4"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(1094682..1094733,1094900..>1095190)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV5-4"
FT                   /product="TRAV5-4"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1C0"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08192.1"
FT                   DSAMYFCAAS"
FT   V_segment       join(1094682..1094733,1094900..>1095190)
FT                   /gene="TRAV5-4"
FT   misc_recomb     1095191..1095197
FT                   /gene="TRAV5-4"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     1095198..1095220
FT                   /gene="TRAV5-4"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     1095221..1095229
FT                   /gene="TRAV5-4"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            1100449..1101079
FT                   /gene="TRAV6-7"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV4S9"
FT   misc_feature    1100449..1100468
FT                   /gene="TRAV6-7"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(1100574..1100619,1100749..>1101040)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV6-7"
FT                   /product="TRAV6-7"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1B9"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08193.1"
FT                   AVYYCALG"
FT   V_segment       join(1100574..1100619,1100749..>1101040)
FT                   /gene="TRAV6-7"
FT   misc_recomb     1101041..1101047
FT                   /gene="TRAV6-7"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     1101048..1101070
FT                   /gene="TRAV6-7"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     1101071..1101079
FT                   /gene="TRAV6-7"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            1105953..1107448
FT                   /gene="TRAV7-6"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV1S5"
FT   misc_feature    1105953..1105972
FT                   /gene="TRAV7-6"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(1106877..1106925,1107122..>1107409)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV7-6"
FT                   /product="TRAV7-6"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003596"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1B8"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08194.1"
FT                   AIYLCAVS"
FT   V_segment       join(1106877..1106925,1107122..>1107409)
FT                   /gene="TRAV7-6"
FT   misc_recomb     1107410..1107416
FT                   /gene="TRAV7-6"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     1107417..1107439
FT                   /gene="TRAV7-6"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     1107440..1107448
FT                   /gene="TRAV7-6"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            1119275..1119828
FT                   /gene="TRAV13-3"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV10S5"
FT   CDS             join(1119275..1119326,1119508..>1119789)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV13-3"
FT                   /product="TRAV13-3"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003596"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1B7"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08195.1"
FT                   TYLCAME"
FT   V_segment       join(1119275..1119326,1119508..>1119789)
FT                   /gene="TRAV13-3"
FT   misc_recomb     1119790..1119796
FT                   /gene="TRAV13-3"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     1119797..1119819
FT                   /gene="TRAV13-3"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     1119820..1119828
FT                   /gene="TRAV13-3"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            1128065..1128789
FT                   /gene="TRAV8-2"
FT   misc_feature    1128065..1128084
FT                   /gene="TRAV8-2"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(1128287..1128338,1128466..>1128750)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV8-2"
FT                   /product="TRAV8-2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003596"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1B6"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08196.1"
FT                   AVYFCATD"
FT   V_segment       join(1128287..1128338,1128466..>1128750)
FT                   /gene="TRAV8-2"
FT   misc_recomb     1128751..1128757
FT                   /gene="TRAV8-2"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     1128758..1128780
FT                   /gene="TRAV8-2"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     1128781..1128789
FT                   /gene="TRAV8-2"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            1133065..1133714
FT                   /gene="TRAV16"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV17S3"
FT   misc_feature    1133065..1133084
FT                   /gene="TRAV16"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(1133144..1133192,1133372..>1133675)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV16"
FT                   /product="TRAV16"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:1FO0"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:1NAM"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:2OL3"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1F1"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08197.1"
FT                   IEDSAVYFCAMREG"
FT   V_segment       join(1133144..1133192,1133372..>1133675)
FT                   /gene="TRAV16"
FT   misc_recomb     1133676..1133682
FT                   /gene="TRAV16"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     1133683..1133705
FT                   /gene="TRAV16"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     1133706..1133714
FT                   /gene="TRAV16"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            1158653..1159203
FT                   /gene="TRADV13-4"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV10S7"
FT   CDS             join(1158653..1158704,1158886..>1159164)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRADV13-4"
FT                   /product="TRADV13-4"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003596"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1B4"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08198.1"
FT                   YFCAME"
FT   V_segment       join(1158653..1158704,1158886..>1159164)
FT                   /gene="TRADV13-4"
FT   misc_recomb     1159165..1159171
FT                   /gene="TRADV13-4"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     1159172..1159194
FT                   /gene="TRADV13-4"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     1159195..1159203
FT                   /gene="TRADV13-4"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            1164275..1164974
FT                   /gene="TRAV14-3"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV2S6"
FT   misc_feature    1164275..1164294
FT                   /gene="TRAV14-3"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(1164437..1164488,1164627..>1164935)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV14-3"
FT                   /product="TRAV14-3"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003596"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:1B88"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:1U3H"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:2P1Y"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1B3"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08199.1"
FT                   ADSQPGDSATYFCAAS"
FT   V_segment       join(1164437..1164488,1164627..>1164935)
FT                   /gene="TRAV14-3"
FT   misc_recomb     1164936..1164942
FT                   /gene="TRAV14-3"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     1164943..1164965
FT                   /gene="TRAV14-3"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     1164966..1164974
FT                   /gene="TRAV14-3"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            1167954..1168359
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="TRAV15-3P"
FT                   /note="This gene has an internal stop codon in exon 2 and
FT                   defects in slice sites."
FT   CDS             join(1167954..1168002,1168234..>1168359)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV15-3P"
FT   V_segment       join(1167954..1168002,1168234..>1168359)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="TRAV15-3P"
FT   gene            1185157..1185893
FT                   /gene="TRAV3-4"
FT   misc_feature    1185157..1185168
FT                   /gene="TRAV3-4"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(1185353..1185404,1185564..>1185854)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV3-4"
FT                   /product="TRAV3-4"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003596"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1B2"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08200.1"
FT                   DSAVYFCAVS"
FT   V_segment       join(1185353..1185405,1185564..>1185854)
FT                   /gene="TRAV3-4"
FT   misc_recomb     1185855..1185861
FT                   /gene="TRAV3-4"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     1185862..1185884
FT                   /gene="TRAV3-4"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     1185885..1185893
FT                   /gene="TRAV3-4"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            1186676..1187090
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="TRAV12-4P"
FT                   /note="This gene is missing exon 1"
FT   CDS             1186676..>1187090
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV12-4P"
FT   V_segment       1186676..>1187090
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="TRAV12-4P"
FT   gene            1207164..1207711
FT                   /gene="TRAV13-5"
FT   CDS             join(1207164..1207215,1207397..>1207672)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV13-5"
FT                   /product="TRAV13-5"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003596"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1B1"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08201.1"
FT                   FCVLS"
FT   V_segment       join(1207164..1207215,1207397..>1207672)
FT                   /gene="TRAV13-5"
FT   misc_recomb     1207673..1207679
FT                   /gene="TRAV13-5"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     1207680..1207702
FT                   /gene="TRAV13-5"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     join(1207703..1207711,1216195..1216291,1216378..1216448)
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            1222756..1223512
FT                   /gene="TRAV17"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV9S2"
FT   misc_feature    1222756..1222775
FT                   /gene="TRAV17"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(1222997..1223042,1223179..>1223473)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV17"
FT                   /product="TRAV17"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1B0"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08202.1"
FT                   SAKYFCALEG"
FT   V_segment       join(1222997..1223042,1223179..>1223473)
FT                   /gene="TRAV17"
FT   misc_recomb     1223474..1223480
FT                   /gene="TRAV17"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     1223481..1223503
FT                   /gene="TRAV17"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     1223504..1223512
FT                   /gene="TRAV17"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            1256014..1257004
FT                   /gene="TRAV18"
FT   misc_feature    1256014..1256033
FT                   /gene="TRAV18"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(1256240..1256285,1256684..>1256965)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV18"
FT                   /product="TRAV18"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1A9"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08203.1"
FT                   YFCAG"
FT   V_segment       join(1256240..1256285,1256684..>1256965)
FT                   /gene="TRAV18"
FT   misc_recomb     1256966..1256972
FT                   /gene="TRAV18"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     1256973..1256995
FT                   /gene="TRAV18"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     1256996..1257004
FT                   /gene="TRAV18"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            1278835..1279541
FT                   /gene="TRAV19"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV20S1"
FT   misc_feature    1278835..1278854
FT                   /gene="TRAV19"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(1278997..1279048,1279197..>1279502)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV19"
FT                   /product="TRAV19"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003596"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1A8"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08204.1"
FT                   ASQPEDTAVYLCAAG"
FT   V_segment       join(1278997..1279048,1279197..>1279502)
FT                   /gene="TRAV19"
FT   misc_recomb     1279503..1279509
FT                   /gene="TRAV19"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     1279510..1279532
FT                   /gene="TRAV19"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     1279533..1279541
FT                   /gene="TRAV19"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            1296920..1297699
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="TRAV20P"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRAV16S2P; This gene has internal stop
FT                   codons in exon 2."
FT   misc_feature    1296920..1296939
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="TRAV20P"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(1297109..1297160,1297366..>1297660)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV20P"
FT   V_segment       join(1297109..1297160,1297366..>1297660)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="TRAV20P"
FT   misc_recomb     1297661..1297667
FT                   /gene="TRAV20P"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     1297668..1297690
FT                   /gene="TRAV20P"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     1297691..1297699
FT                   /gene="TRAV20P"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            1309636..1312119
FT                   /gene="TRADV21"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRADV6S2"
FT   misc_feature    1309636..1309655
FT                   /gene="TRADV21"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(1311342..1311381,1311793..>1312080)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRADV21"
FT                   /product="TRADV21"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1A7"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08205.1"
FT                   CILRV"
FT   V_segment       join(1311342..1311381,1311793..>1312080)
FT                   /gene="TRADV21"
FT   misc_recomb     1312081..1312087
FT                   /gene="TRADV21"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     1312088..1312110
FT                   /gene="TRADV21"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     1312111..1312119
FT                   /gene="TRADV21"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            1316767..1317587
FT                   /gene="TRDV1"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRDV102S1"
FT   misc_feature    1316767..1316786
FT                   /gene="TRDV1"
FT                   /note="conserved 20-mer; possible promoter"
FT   CDS             join(1316937..1316988,1317264..>1317548)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRDV1"
FT                   /product="TRDV1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1A6"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08206.1"
FT                   GTYLCGGK"
FT   V_segment       join(1316937..1316988,1317264..>1317548)
FT                   /gene="TRDV1"
FT   misc_recomb     1317549..1317555
FT                   /gene="TRDV1"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     1317556..1317578
FT                   /gene="TRDV1"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     1317579..1317587
FT                   /gene="TRDV1"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            1369581..1369829
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="TRAV22P"
FT                   /note="This gene is missing exon 1."
FT   CDS             1369581..1369829
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV22P"
FT   gene            1373771..1374397
FT                   /gene="TRDV2-1"
FT   CDS             join(1373771..1373819,1374060..>1374358)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRDV2-1"
FT                   /product="TRDV2-1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003596"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1A5"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08207.1"
FT                   DAATYFCALRGS"
FT   V_segment       join(1373771..1373819,1374060..>1374358)
FT                   /gene="TRDV2-1"
FT   misc_recomb     1374359..1374365
FT                   /gene="TRDV2-1"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     1374366..1374388
FT                   /gene="TRDV2-1"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     1374389..1374397
FT                   /gene="TRDV2-1"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            1384602..1385241
FT                   /gene="TRDV2-2"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRDV104S1"
FT   CDS             join(1384602..1384650,1384904..>1385202)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRDV2-2"
FT                   /product="TRDV2-2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003596"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1A4"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08208.1"
FT                   DAATYFCALMER"
FT   V_segment       join(1384602..1384650,1384904..>1385202)
FT                   /gene="TRDV2-2"
FT   misc_recomb     1385203..1385209
FT                   /gene="TRDV2-2"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     1385210..1385232
FT                   /gene="TRDV2-2"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     1385233..1385241
FT                   /gene="TRDV2-2"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            1400172..1400735
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="TRAV23P"
FT                   /note="Exon 1 splice donor violates consensus."
FT   CDS             join(1400172..1400215,1400394..1400696)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRAV23P"
FT   V_segment       join(1400172..1400215,1400394..1400696)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="TRAV23P"
FT   misc_recomb     1400697..1400703
FT                   /gene="TRAV23P"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     1400704..1400726
FT                   /gene="TRAV23P"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     1400727..1400735
FT                   /gene="TRAV23P"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            1431085..1431423
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="TRDV3P"
FT                   /note="This gene is missing exon 1."
FT   CDS             1431085..>1431384
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRDV3P"
FT   V_segment       1431085..>1431384
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="TRDV3P"
FT   misc_recomb     1431385..1431391
FT                   /gene="TRDV3P"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     1431392..1431414
FT                   /gene="TRDV3P"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacerr"
FT   misc_recomb     1431415..1431423
FT                   /gene="TRDV3P"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            1503599..1503637
FT                   /gene="deltaREC1"
FT   misc_recomb     1503599..1503605
FT                   /gene="deltaREC1"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     1503606..1503628
FT                   /gene="deltaREC1"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     1503629..1503637
FT                   /gene="deltaREC1"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            1519291..1519841
FT                   /gene="TRDV4"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRDV101S1"
FT   CDS             join(1519291..1519336,1519504..>1519802)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRDV4"
FT                   /product="TRDV4"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q5R1A3"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003596"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:4887419"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1A3"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08209.1"
FT                   DAGTYYCGSDI"
FT   V_segment       join(1519291..1519336,1519504..>1519802)
FT                   /gene="TRDV4"
FT   misc_recomb     1519803..1519809
FT                   /gene="TRDV4"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     1519810..1519832
FT                   /gene="TRDV4"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     1519833..1519841
FT                   /gene="TRDV4"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            1557678..1557755
FT                   /gene="TRDD1"
FT   misc_recomb     1557678..1557686
FT                   /gene="TRDD1"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   misc_recomb     1557687..1557698
FT                   /gene="TRDD1"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     1557699..1557705
FT                   /gene="TRDD1"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   D_segment       1557706..1557716
FT                   /gene="TRDD1"
FT   misc_recomb     1557717..1557723
FT                   /gene="TRDD1"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     1557724..1557746
FT                   /gene="TRDD1"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     1557747..1557755
FT                   /gene="TRDD1"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            1566430..1566512
FT                   /gene="TRDD2"
FT   misc_recomb     1566430..1566438
FT                   /gene="TRDD2"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   misc_recomb     1566439..1566450
FT                   /gene="TRDD2"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     1566451..1566457
FT                   /gene="TRDD2"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   D_segment       1566458..1566473
FT                   /gene="TRDD2"
FT   misc_recomb     1566474..1566480
FT                   /gene="TRDD2"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   misc_recomb     1566481..1566503
FT                   /gene="TRDD2"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     1566504..1566512
FT                   /gene="TRDD2"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   gene            1567342..1567420
FT                   /gene="TRDJ1"
FT   misc_recomb     1567342..1567350
FT                   /gene="TRDJ1"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   misc_recomb     1567351..1567362
FT                   /gene="TRDJ1"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     1567363..1567369
FT                   /gene="TRDJ1"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   J_segment       1567370..1567420
FT                   /gene="TRDJ1"
FT   gene            1574172..1574258
FT                   /gene="TRDJ2"
FT   misc_recomb     1574172..1574180
FT                   /gene="TRDJ2"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   misc_recomb     1574181..1574192
FT                   /gene="TRDJ2"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     1574193..1574199
FT                   /gene="TRDJ2"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   J_segment       1574200..1574258
FT                   /gene="TRDJ2"
FT   gene            1580287..1583535
FT                   /gene="TRDC"
FT                   /note="TCR delta chain constant region gene"
FT   exon            1580287..1580565
FT                   /gene="TRDC"
FT                   /number=1
FT   exon            1581227..1581292
FT                   /gene="TRDC"
FT                   /number=2
FT   exon            1581653..1581769
FT                   /gene="TRDC"
FT                   /number=3
FT   exon            1582910..1583535
FT                   /gene="TRDC"
FT                   /number=4
FT   gene            complement(1586002..1586580)
FT                   /gene="TRDV5"
FT                   /note="Other name TCRDV105"
FT   misc_recomb     complement(1586002..1586010)
FT                   /gene="TRDV5"
FT                   /note="RSS_nonamer"
FT   misc_recomb     complement(1586011..1586033)
FT                   /gene="TRDV5"
FT                   /note="RSS_spacer"
FT   misc_recomb     complement(1586034..1586040)
FT                   /gene="TRDV5"
FT                   /note="RSS_heptamer"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<1586041..1586387,1586544..1586580))
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="TRDV5"
FT                   /product="TRDV5"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003596"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5R1A2"
FT                   /protein_id="AAL08210.1"
FT   V_segment       complement(join(1586041..1586387,1586544..1586580))
FT                   /gene="TRDV5"
FT   gene            1657818..1661500
FT                   /gene="TRAC"
FT                   /note="TCR alpha chain constant region gene"
FT   exon            1657818..1658078
FT                   /gene="TRAC"
FT                   /number=1
FT   exon            1659401..1659445
FT                   /gene="TRAC"
FT                   /number=2
FT   exon            1660285..1660392
FT                   /gene="TRAC"
FT                   /number=3
FT   exon            1660980..1661500
FT                   /gene="TRAC"
FT                   /number=4
SQ   Sequence 1666365 BP; 484800 A; 345030 C; 343775 G; 492760 T; 0 other;
     aagcttaacc tattttctgt atagccctgg ctgtcctgga actcactttg tagaccaggc        60
     tggcctcaaa ctcagaaatc cgcctgcctc tgcctcccga gtgctgggat taaaggcgtc       120
     cgccaccatg tccggctttt tgtttatctt taaatgattg catttactta tttactttat       180
     gttcattagt attttggttg catgcatgta tgtgtatata cttggagccc ttgcagatca       240
     gaaaagggta ttgcttcctt tggagtgaca gatagttgtt acctgcaaca tgggtcctgg       300
     gaactgaata tgggttctct gcaaacaaca acaacaacaa caacaacaac aacaacaaaa       360
     aaaaacaacc aagtgtttaa accatggagc catctcttta gttccataat ctagtcattt       420
     aaaaaaaaat ctcaactctg cttcattttg gatcattcaa aaattatttc tgtcttgaag       480
     tcagaaatgg tgttttacct aatttgaatt ccctaaaaga acacctcagg ctgtccgggt       540
     gacagcaggg accctcaccc tagctgcagt tgccgaatca tagttctggg actgcagggg       600
     tgtgccaata cattgttgtg ctggagactg aactcaggac ctccaacatg ttagtcaggt       660
     actctatcaa cccagctaca tccctaaacc ttgatgtgct gcttagtttt tttgtcaagt       720
     tgacaaacct agaggcatct ggaaagaggg gattctattt gatgcattgc caacattgga       780
     ttggtctgtg tgcacgtctg tgaggcattt tcttgagtaa tgattgatgg agatccagcc       840
     cactgtgggt ggtgccaccc ctggacaggt gcttctgggt tgtagaagaa gcaggctgag       900
     caagttaagt cagtaagcag cattcttcca tggcctctgc ttcagctcct gtctttgctt       960
     cacacagtgg tggactgtaa cttataagcc tcaccaagtt gctttggatc gcggtgtttc      1020
     atcacagaaa cagaaagaaa acgcagatac tgtgtaaaca gcctgaaggt ataaactgct      1080
     tctgggttgg cttcaccagg gctcatgtgt gtttcccaac atatattaac tgctgaacaa      1140
     acatttgtag gatactaaga aacaaattgg actatttttt cctgtcccat tttctgtcaa      1200
     gaagggtgat tcttacagtg tcaagcaatt atgtttgtat taaattcatc cctttctggg      1260
     ctttgttgct ctgacatctg ggagacagtg cacattagaa cacaacttct ggtagtgtga      1320
     tggcacatga ctctagtccc agtacttggg agtcagaggc aagcagacat ctgagttcaa      1380
     gaccagcctg gtctacatag tagaccatgt atagtagacc attacaaagt agatctgtgt      1440
     aagaacctgc cttaacaaaa gggtagagga gtcagccgga gcgatggctc agtggcaaga      1500
     gcacttctac tctttcaaag gactaagggt tggttactag cacccacacc gggcagcttg      1560
     caacaagatg taacactagt tttagagaat tcaatgttct cttctgactg ctgagggcac      1620
     ccgcatacat cataagtaaa aataatactt tcatttaatt ttcatttcat tttaatgttt      1680
     atttattaat ttgtttgttt gatttttgag acagggtatt tcttcaaagt gttggctgtc      1740
     ctggaattta ttttgtagac taggctggtc ttgaactcac agagatctgc ctgcctctgc      1800
     ctttccagga gtgtgccacc acaattaact taataaatat ttttttaaaa aagcatatac      1860
     tgcttttgca taggatttga gtttgggtcc cagaaatggt gttcagtggc tcacaaatat      1920
     atgtaacagt agctccaggg atctgatgtt ttctggcctc tgccagcact gcacttgtat      1980
     gcacacacat gaacacacac agacacacag acatatacac acagacatat acacacagat      2040
     acacacacag agatacacac acagacacat acatagacat atacacacat agacatacac      2100
     acagacacaa acagacagac acagacacac acacagacat acacacacat agacacacac      2160
     agacacagat acacacacag ccacacacag ccacagatac atacggacac atacacagat      2220
     acagacacac acacacaccg agacacagac acacactact ctggaactgg accttattat      2280
     gtctactagg ctgcccacaa agtcacagag agctgcctgc ctctgcctcc caagttttgg      2340
     gattaaaggc atgcactgtt atgcctggca aaaataaaat aaagtcttaa aaatggaaga      2400
     aaagaccctg gttctgtatg tatgtatgta cacacacaca cacacacata cacacacaca      2460
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacacg gtctatatgt catatatatc acatatatac      2520
     atagtgtgtg tgtatttatg tgtgtactat gtatttgtcc agagattagc ggtgtcaagg      2580
     gtacaagatg ctttctaagg aggcaaaaga cacacaagca tttcagcagt gactttcatc      2640
     taattcccaa tttgtttagg tccaaactat gtttctaact cgagtcacaa atctctcaaa      2700
     tgaagaaacc tttttttttt ttttgacttt tgagacaggt ttctctatgt agccttggct      2760
     tcttgaaact ctctctgtag accaagctgg actggaactc acagcttgcc actagcctct      2820
     gcttctgagg gctgggatta aaggcatgtg ccacaacatc tggcttaaat gaagaaacct      2880
     ttaaaaagtc cattttctga aaatcaactc aaaacacatc ttcttttctt tcttttcttt      2940
     ttttttttaa agatttattt atttatttat tatatgtaag tacactgtag ctgttttcag      3000
     acgcaccaga agagggcatc agatctcatt atgggtggtt gtgagccacc atgtggttgc      3060
     tgggatttga acttcagacc ttcggaagag cagtcgggta ctcttaccca ctgagccatc      3120
     tcaccagccc ttcttttctt tatatttaga aaaataatat aatcttgtac gtttcctgaa      3180
     ttttacaaga cttttaaagt aatctaaaga tgaaccgcaa taaaatcatt atataagaat      3240
     ataactagaa aatgtgtaat gaattgtgat acacgaaact agcaattttc ataagaatat      3300
     ataaatccct tggggctgga gagatggctc agtggttaag agcacttgca gttcttacag      3360
     aggacctagt ttcaattccc agacctcata tgacagctca caatagtgct taagtctggc      3420
     tccaagagat tcaaagactt ctgaccctct tggacaccag gcacacatgc ggtacaaagc      3480
     tatacctgca aggaaaacac tcatacataa aataaaataa ataaatctaa aacaaagact      3540
     atgaagcccc gagtaactag tctggattat ccctttaaaa tatccattga cgacacaaca      3600
     agcaggttcc aactagctta atctaacctt ggaattgtgg gtagagctgg ggagtgactt      3660
     actgacaagg accacacaga agcagcacag ttggagctac cacagacacc aaggcactct      3720
     cacctaactt ggctcacagg gaaggcagtt ggtgaactgt tgctaatgag gaagagcttg      3780
     ggagaaagag gaaaagatgt agccaatgaa cagctggaga ggtagtgtca catgatttaa      3840
     caggacagaa agaaacattg ttggagagta gaaatacatt tatgtgcaat aattaataaa      3900
     gagcagactg agaggtgaca gagtggagac atgccttatg gctctgtcct ggtctttgcc      3960
     tgtatctgtg tttggggaca tagtcatcaa gcctccagat gacttgaaag atgggactca      4020
     taccgtggct ggtgtggaag ggtgagtgac tctcatcagg aggtgccagc atccacggaa      4080
     gaatgtcctg ttgcggtctg agagaaggca tatgctctgt tgctggagag agctctacat      4140
     gccgcagcag ggtcagcgac agcctttgtg aggagaagac gcagcagact gagagactga      4200
     aacttgaatg atttattatt tgtggatctt ctcttcccat tcgtttgtgg actggggaag      4260
     attgaggctg ttactgaagg tggtccctgc tgtggtctgt ttttggtttg tttttcccag      4320
     aggcactttg tgtgtaagct ctttagtgtg ggactattgt aacagcaccc ttgtgagaag      4380
     gaggcactca agtctgtaat ctgtctcctg ggagacttcc tatctttcta gctttctcca      4440
     gttttgtaat tccaggtggg acaacgtctg tggggcttat caggacttga tgacttcgtg      4500
     aatctgcggt ttccttttcc tctcaaaaca gatttggtag aagatgattg aggggataag      4560
     gcagatgagt cagagggtaa gagtggggat gaagaggatg aggcagagga agaagaggat      4620
     ggtaaggatg aagatgagga ggatgaagat gaggattaag gtgaggagga ggaggcaaag      4680
     gaagaggcga cagaagcaga gttattaaat gtcaagatag ctttttaaaa actgcctgtg      4740
     gtgttttgag atatggtttt cctttgtatc cctggctgtt ctggaacttc ccatgtagat      4800
     caggctcctc tcaaacccag agatccacct tcatcacctc ccagatgctg gacttaagtc      4860
     actcattacc aggtctgtgt tcaagaatgt taattattta attaattaat tgtcacaatt      4920
     acatattgtg aaattcaaat ttctcataga ctaaaagaaa cgtaaacctg actgtcacta      4980
     gaatattcta atattctttt taagatttat atatttattt tatgcatgtg aatccactgt      5040
     agctatcttc agacacacca gaagagtgca ttggatccta ctacagatgg ttgtgagcca      5100
     ccatggggtt gctgggaatt gaactcagga cctctggaag agcagtcagt gctcttaact      5160
     gctgagctat ctcaccagcc ccttcccctt ttttttgtaa ctttcctatg ctgtaataga      5220
     tcccatgatg ttgggaaaat ggcagcaggc agatagactt ggtacagagg cagcagctga      5280
     caacttacat ctcgagacac agccataaag cagagaggaa gctaggaaag gcgtgagtct      5340
     tcagaaaccc cagaattcac atctccctca tcaaggccac atttcctaat ccttcctaaa      5400
     cagttccatt aaaaggacca agtattcaaa cacatgagcc ctgggggcca tccgaattca      5460
     aatcaccaca cctgatttgt atcaccagga tatttaaagt atttcttttt gttgatttgt      5520
     ttttcttttt ttaaagattt cttcatttat tttatgtatg tgagtatact gtagttgtct      5580
     tgagacacat cagaagaggg cactggatca cattacagat ggttgtgagc caccacatgg      5640
     ttgctgggaa ttgaactcgg gacctctgga agaacagtcc atgctcttaa ccctttagct      5700
     atttctccag ctccttgttg aattattttt tctttttctt tttctttttt cttttgagac      5760
     agggtttctc tatatagccc tggctgtcct ggaactcact ctgtagacca gactggcctt      5820
     gaactcagaa atccacctgc ctctgcctcc caagtactgg gattaaaggc gtgcgccacc      5880
     actgcctgat tattttaaac attttaatta aagtataatt agatcgcttc cttttcctct      5940
     cttcaacctt cccatgttcc cttccagccc aattttcaaa ctgatagcct cttttccttt      6000
     gacttttatt gttacacata tatattatat gtgtacactc atgtatggac cagtatataa      6060
     tacatcatgc tgagtccatt ttcattgttt gtgtgtaaat gtttcaggac tgaccatttt      6120
     atattggata gcctctctgg gtctcatccc ttggagatgt taattctccc tctcagcagt      6180
     cattagctgc ctgtagttct ttgtctaggg gtgggacccc ggagatcttt tcccctctga      6240
     gttcgtatgt ctattgacac tattcagatc ttgcttctgc agcccactgt aagagaggca      6300
     ggctcatagc aggctttctg gtattctggc tcttacaatc tttttgtcgc cctgttctgt      6360
     gatgctgtct gatccataac tgggctgcat attttatcca ctggggctga gctatgcgga      6420
     acccactgat cttagtcctg ggtccagttg cacttctctg caatggcttc catgtgctgt      6480
     gagagaggct tcatttctga agtgtggtag ctgcacttcc ctgggggtat agggatagga      6540
     tttagaatga agcgggaatt acgctggtct agcaaagtgg tggtggtgaa ttcttctcta      6600
     agatccacag tctcattatt cctgggaggt tggctaggct tccagtccca ggcatgattt      6660
     ctctactgtt tccaattaga gttggttgcc accagcattt tagtgccatt cgctgcacct      6720
     ttatggatat ctttttcact ttagatttac cagtttggtg aagaacagct ttttaaagac      6780
     tgtctttagg attccctgga tttcctaggt gtctgttgtc atgtgcccct ttgacttaat      6840
     tttgttaatt tggatcttct ctccctgtct tttagttaat ttggataagg ttttgtcaat      6900
     cttattgatt ttctcagagc gccaactctt cctttcattg attccttttt gtgttgtttc      6960
     cattgtattg atctcagccc tgagtttgtg tcttatcatc tacgcctttt gtgtatgagt      7020
     tctttttatt ctagaatttt caggtgcact gtttagttag tagtatgata tctctcttct      7080
     tttttttttt tttcaagaca gggtttctct gtgtagcctt ggctatccta tattttgctc      7140
     tgtagaccag gctggcctca aattaaaggt gtgcatcacc gccacccagg gacctaggat      7200
     tcttattcct cgtcaatgcc tatagttaga agattttgtt tgttgatggt atttcatact      7260
     ttactcatat ttctctcctc tgctttaatt tttttttgtt ttttagcatt gtttgcttat      7320
     ttagtgtaag tgctctgctc cctgtctgag tctggacatt ctagcttctg ctagagtcag      7380
     ttcactttta agatttcctc ctgaaatttc tgattgagag attaaatttt tccatgttat      7440
     tgttccaata tgttatcttc aatgtttcta tctctttatt aacttcagtt gtcagatcct      7500
     gaggaatctt catcatttcg tctagccatg tgtctgtatt tcctcagaca tcattcaagt      7560
     atgtattgtc attctcttag agttcggtaa aatgtttgtg tctcctttaa aatccttgcc      7620
     aaaatttatg attgttcttt taaatttgac ctcttggtgt tcatctagac agttcttttt      7680
     agagaatgtt tctataggac tagtggattc gatgggtgac atgatgtctt ggccattcat      7740
     attgcttttt tgtatttgca attacacctg agtatgtggg tttctctctt aggtttgtgt      7800
     gtatgatgtg agaatctggt ctgcctttga ttgggaagta gacttggtaa agcctggtaa      7860
     agagtacaag caactaatgc tgcataggtg gtttagaagc aaagagggtt catgaaccat      7920
     gaatctggag ctaagatttt cttgtttatt tgtttgtttg cttgtttatt tttaaaactg      7980
     tatcttgttt gtttatattc ctggacccta tagaaactca ttttgtaccc ttaacttttc      8040
     ttccacaata aactagaccc tcctcattaa tcataagtca agaaatgtcc catagacttg      8100
     tctacaggcc tgtgtaatga gccccctttt ttcggatgcc aggaatacag gggtgtgctt      8160
     ctatttctgg cttcattaag gtcttttgat ctatcttcac tgggaaaagt attttaaaat      8220
     gtttatttct tattgatatg tttgtgtatg aagagtttgc cacttctttt ttttccacat      8280
     tttttaattg gatatttatt tcaattacat ttccaatgct atcccaaaag tcccccaccc      8340
     gctcccccac ccactcccct acccatccac tcccacttct tggtcctgga gttcccctgt      8400
     actgaggcat ataaagtttg catgaccaat gggcctctct ttccactgat ggccgactag      8460
     gccatcttct gattcatatg cagctagaga cacgagctcc tgggggtggg tgggtactgg      8520
     ttagttcata ttgtttttcc acctatagga ttgcagatcc cttcagctcc ttgagtactt      8580
     tccctagctc ctccattggg ggcccagtga tccttccaat agctgactgt gagcatccac      8640
     ttctgtgttt gctaggtccc ggcatagtct cacaagagac agctctatct gggtcctttt      8700
     agcaaaatct tgctagtgta tgcaatggtg acagcgtttg gaagttcatt atgggatgga      8760
     tccccagata tggcagtctc tagatggtcc atccttttgt cacagctcca aactttgtct      8820
     ctgtaaatcc ttccatgggt gttttgttcc caattctaag aaggggcaaa gtgtccacac      8880
     tttgctcttc gttcttcttc agtttcatgc gtttagcaaa ttgtatctta tatcttggat      8940
     atcctaagtt tctgggttaa tatccactta tcagtgagta catattgtgt gagttccttt      9000
     gtgattgggt tacctcactc aggatgatgc cctccaggtc catccatttg cctaggaatt      9060
     tcataaattc attcttttta atagctgaat agtactccat tgtgtaaatg taccacattt      9120
     tctgtatcca ttcctctgtt gaggggcatc tgggttcttt ccagcttctg gctattataa      9180
     ataaggctgc tatgaacata gtggagcatg tgtccttctt accggttgga acatcttctg      9240
     gatatatgcc caggagaggt attgcgggat cctccggtag gacatatcca attttctgag      9300
     gaaccgccaa actaatttcc agagtggttg tacaagcttg caatcccacc aacaatggag      9360
     gagtgttcct ctttctccac atccacgcca gcatctgttg tcacctgaat ttttcatctt      9420
     agccattctg actggtgtga gctggaatct cagggttgtt ttgatttgca tttccctgat      9480
     gattaaggat gttgaacttt ttttcaggtg cttctctgcc attcggtatt cctcaggtga      9540
     gaattcttgg ttcagctctg agtcccattt tttaatgggg ttatttgatt ttctggagtc      9600
     caccttcttg agttctttgt atatattgga tattagtccc ctatctgatt taggataggt      9660
     aacgatcctt tcccaatctg ttggtggcct ttttgtctta ttgacagtgt cttttgcctt      9720
     gcagaagctt tgcaatttta ttaggtccca tttgtcgatt cttgatctta cagcacaagc      9780
     cattgctgtt ctattcagga atttcccccc tgtaaccata tcttcaaggt ttttccctag      9840
     tttctcctca ataagtttca gtgtctctgg ttttatgtgg agttccttaa tccacttaaa      9900
     tttgtcctta gtacaaggag ataggaatgg atcaattcgc attcttctac atgataaccg      9960
     ccagttgtgc cagcaccatt tgttgaagat gctgtctttt ttccactgga tgggttttgc     10020
     tcccttgtca aagatcaagt gaccataggt gtgtgggttc atttctgggt cttcaattct     10080
     attccattgg tctacttgtc ggtcactata ccagtaccat gcagatttta tcacaattgc     10140
     tctgtagtac agctttaggt caggcatggt gattccacca gaggttcttt tatccttgag     10200
     aagagttttt gctattgtag gtgttttgtt attccagatg aatttgcaga ttgccctttc     10260
     taattcgttg aagaattgag ttggaatttt gatggggatt gcattgaatc tgtagattgc     10320
     ttttggcaag atagccattt ttactatatt gatcctgcca atccatgagc attggagatt     10380
     tttccatctt ctgagatctt ctttaatttc tttcttcaga gacttgaagt tcttatcata     10440
     cagatctttc acttccttag ttagagtcac accaaggtat tttatattgt ttgtgactat     10500
     tgagaagggt gttgtttccc taattttttc ctcagcctgt ttattctttg tgtacgggaa     10560
     ggccattgac ttgtttgagt caattttata tccagctact tctttgaagc tgtttatcag     10620
     gcttaggagt tctctggtgg aatttttagg gtcacttata tatactatca tatcatctgc     10680
     aaaaagtgat attttgactt cttcctttcc aatttgtatc cccttgacct ccttttgttg     10740
     tcgaatttct ctggctagga cttcaagtac aatgttgaat aggtagggag aaagtgggca     10800
     gccttgtcta gtccctgatt ttagcgggat tgcttccagc ttctcactat ttactttgat     10860
     gttggctact ggtttgctgt agattgcttt tatcatgttt aggtatgggc cttgaatttc     10920
     tgatctttcc aagactttta tcatgaatgg gtgttggatt ttgtcaaatg ctttctccgc     10980
     atctatcgag atgatcatgt ggtttttgtc tttgagtttg tttatatact ggattacgtt     11040
     gatggatttc catatattaa accatccctg catccctgca tccctgggat gaaacttact     11100
     tggtcaggat ggatgattgt tttgatgtgt tcttggattc agttagcgag aactttattg     11160
     aggatttttg catcgatatt cataagggaa attggtctga agttctctat ctttgttgtg     11220
     tctttttgtg gtttaggcat cagagtaatt gtggcttcat agtatgagtt aggtagagta     11280
     ccttctgttt ctattttgtg gaatagtttg tgaagaactg ggattagaag gtctgataga     11340
     actctgcact aaacccagct ggtcctgggc ttttttttgg ttgggagact attaatgact     11400
     gctttcattt ctttagagga tataggactg tttagatcat taacctgatc ttgatttaat     11460
     tttggtacct ggtatctgtc tagaaacttg tccatttcat ccaggttctc cagttttgtt     11520
     gagtatagcc ttttgtagaa ggatctgatg gtgttttgga tttcttcagg atctgttgtt     11580
     atgtctccct tttcatttct gatattgtta attaggatgc tttccctgtg ccctctagtg     11640
     agtctggcta agggtttatc tatcttgttg attttctcaa agaaccagct tctcgtttgg     11700
     ttgattcttt gaatagttct tcttctttcc acttggttga tttcacccct gagtttgatt     11760
     atttcctgct gtctactcct cttgggtgaa tttgcttcct tttgttctag agcttttagg     11820
     tgtgctgtca agctgctcat gtgtgctctc tctagtttat ttttgaaggc actcagagct     11880
     atgagtttcc ctcttagaaa tgctttcatt gtgtccccta agtttgggta tgttgtggct     11940
     tcattttcat taaactccaa aaagtcctta atttctttct ttattccttc cttgaccaag     12000
     gtatcattga ggagagtgtt gttcagtttc cacagatatt ttgttattga agatcagcct     12060
     tagtccatgg tgatctgata ggatacatgg gacaatttca atattgttgt atctgttgag     12120
     gcttgttttg tgtccaatta tgtgattaat tttggagaag gtaccatgag gtgctgagaa     12180
     gaaggtatat cctcttgttt taggataaac tgttctgtag atatctgtta agttcatttg     12240
     tttcataact tctgttagtt tcactctttc cctgtttagt ttctgtttcc atgatctgtc     12300
     cattggtgaa agtggtgtgt tgaagtcccc cagtattatt gtgtgaggtg caatgtgtgc     12360
     tttgagcttt actaaagttt ctttaatgaa tgtggttgcc cttgcatttg gagcgtagat     12420
     attcagaatt gagagttcct cttggaagat ttttaccttt gatgagtatg aagtgcccct     12480
     ccttgtcttt tttgatgacc ttgggttgta agtcgatttt attagatatt agaatggcta     12540
     ctccagcttg tctcttcaga ccatttgctt ggaaaattgt tttccagcct ttcattctga     12600
     ggtagtgtct atctttttcc ctgagatggg tttcctgtaa gcagcaaaat gttgggtcct     12660
     gtttgtgtag ccagtctgtt agtctatgtc tttttattgg gaagttgagt ccattgatat     12720
     taagagatat taaggaaaag taattgttgt ttcctattat ttttgttgtt aaagttggca     12780
     ttctgttttt gtggctgtct tattttaggt ttgttgaggg attactttct tgcttttcct     12840
     aggacgtggt ttccgtcctt gtattttttt ttctgttatt atcctttgaa gggctggatt     12900
     cgtggaaaga taatgtgtga atttggttct gttgtggaat actttggttt ctccatctaa     12960
     ggtaattgaa aatttggctg ggtatagtag cctgggttgg catttgtgtt ctcttagtgt     13020
     ctgtgtaaca tctgtccaag ctcttcttgc tttcatagtc tctggtgaaa aatctggtgt     13080
     aattctgata ggcttgcctt tatatgttac ttgacctttt tcccttactg cttttaatat     13140
     tctatcttta tttagtgcat ttgttgttct gattattatg tgttgggagg aatttttttc     13200
     ctggtccagt ctatttggag ttctgtaggc ttcttgtata ttcacgggca tgtcattctt     13260
     taggtttggg aagttttctt ctataatttt gttgaagata tttgctggcc ctttgagttg     13320
     aaaatcttca ttctcatcta ctcctattat ccgtaggttt ggtcttctca ttgtgtcctg     13380
     gatttcctgg atgttttgag ttaggatctt tttgcatttt gtattttctt tgactgttgt     13440
     gccaatgttc tctatggaat cttctgcacc tgagattctc ttttccatct cttgtattct     13500
     gttgctgatg cctgcatcta tggttccaga tttctttcct agggtttcta tctccagcgt     13560
     tgcctcactt tgggttttct ttattgtgtc tacttccctt tttaggtctt ggatggtttt     13620
     atttaattcc atcacttgtt tggtcgtgat ttcctgtaat tctttaagga attttgtgct     13680
     tcctctttaa gatcttctac ctgtttagca gtgttctcct gtatttcttt gagtgagtta     13740
     ttaaagtcct tcttgatgtc ctctacgatc atcatgagat atgcttttaa atcctggtct     13800
     agctttttgt gtgtgttggg gtgccctcta ctgggcgagg tgggagtgct gggttctggt     13860
     gatggtgagc ggttttgatt tctgttagta agattcttat gtttgccttt cgccatggga     13920
     agccacatgt gccgttgcag agtggcactg actactgctg gccaccacgc ataagtttgg     13980
     acaaacaacc aatgtgtaca tatgcagtaa acttttttgc aaagacactg cctggcccgg     14040
     gcatgataat gaggctttgg gagtataacc aatcagatgt gagacatgca aatgaggtat     14100
     gataatgagg ctctgtgagg tacaaagaga gagtagctaa tcagatgagg aacatgcaaa     14160
     tgaggcttag tgcataacca atccgggtgt gagacacgcc tctcttaggc ctatataagc     14220
     agcaccagtt ctgggcttgg ggtctcttcg cctctgcaat caagctctcc caataaatgt     14280
     gtgcaggagg atcctgttgc agcgtcgtta ctgctggcca gtccggcgtg caagatttcg     14340
     ccatctggta atctctggag ttagttgtta tagttgtctc tggttagagc ttgttcctca     14400
     ggtggttctg ttagcctctg tcagcagacc tgggagacta gctctcccct ctgagtttca     14460
     gtggtcagag cactgtctgc aggcaagctc tcctcttaca gggaaggtgc acagatatca     14520
     ggccttcgga cctccctcct ggctgaagat aaaggcccaa aacaggaccg gtccccgaag     14580
     ctgagttgct tctgcctgtc cctgaagttg ttagcttctg tattccatac tctcacctgt     14640
     gcagaatact ctcggcagag tcctggaacc aagatatctg cagctgatgc tcaggcaaaa     14700
     cgctcctggg ctgggcagac acctatcctc tggccgggaa agtggccgga tcgagtttgc     14760
     cacttcttaa ggctgaatag tgtttcattg tatggccacc ccacattttg tttattcatt     14820
     catttatcca tggtcagttg gttttgcttc catcttatgg ctgttctgaa gaatgttcct     14880
     atgtagatga agacatatca ttttgcgact ttatttttag taaagtttgc tggttagttt     14940
     tttttttttg tcaacttcat acaaactggg tcttgtggga aggggggctt tcaactgaga     15000
     agccagaaat tgaagcacac acctgtaatc ctggcacttg cagaaaatgt ctcattacat     15060
     atgactgtag actcgactgt gtacatatgc ctgtagaccc aactgtggga catttttctt     15120
     ggctggcgat tgataagaag ggtccagttt attggtgcag tgccacccct gtatggtggt     15180
     tctgggagat ataagaagta tctgagcaat ccatagagag aaagtcagta agcagtgctc     15240
     ctctacagcc tttgcttcag tttttgctcc aggatcctat tctgacttct ctcaatggtc     15300
     aactgcaatc aaggtatctc aaccaaacaa gccctttctt tcttttttct tttttttcaa     15360
     tgtttataag acaaaattta atgaaaatcg gtcagtgggt atatataatc catggtgcta     15420
     gccatatgca actgctacag aaatgtaaac cagtggatgg tgaagaaaat attacatatt     15480
     gtcatcatct gattcatctt cttccttcaa agattccttg gcacatttct ctgcttcctc     15540
     tcttatgtct ttgggaacaa tttcatgtct tcctttagtt aattcaccaa cccagttgag     15600
     ctctagttca aaagctttat ccttaacttc attgtgtact atgtaaatta tttttgcaac     15660
     ttctttaact acatcacagc aagtcatttc cttcatctga agcttttcta tctctgtctt     15720
     tgcagcctgc ctggcttcgc caatcgcaca gccccagtaa ccatatgaaa cacctgatgg     15780
     gtcgatcata tagagctgtg caccatcatt cgcactgtaa gaccccaaca tgaaactgca     15840
     gccaaaaggt ctaacagaac tgtagagtgt ataggcgtgt acatacatgg ccactctgtc     15900
     tgcaagatgt tttaggggaa tgttatagtc aaagttggac ctaaagttgg atgatgcttc     15960
     tcttgctatg tctgcaagtg aacgagcatc tgccagcaaa cctgcaactg ccattccaac     16020
     atggcgatca acattaaaaa gatgtttatt ggagcctctt cataaagttt agaaaggact     16080
     agtttttcta ccccaaacac aacactgtct ttacatctaa tcccaatagc tgtactactg     16140
     ttttccacag ccttcatggc atattcaatt tggaaaactc ttccatcagg agagaacgta     16200
     gaggctgaca agtcataccc agtgccgatg gagctcatgg tgctgaccca gcaggccgcg     16260
     gaacgcttct aggactcaag caccgcttct acaccacaca tggtgccctt tcttttccga     16320
     gcatccctgg ttggtgtttt atcataagag tagaaagcaa ggtaggatga tacaggagtg     16380
     aaaatgatga gttataccca agttctaatt gtggttctct gaggaagctt catattgctt     16440
     ttcattgtga actgttgttt gctcttacca acaaaaactt tatagaaaat gatgttttct     16500
     ggattttttt tgtaggtttg gtgagtcaaa cccagagctt acagcatatt aaacaaatac     16560
     tgtacaactg aactatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctct     16620
     ctatccatcc caaagcactg actacatgct cagaatcact ccattttgac gtgtgtttta     16680
     ttataggttt atagatcatg gtaatgatga tttattagtt gttaaaatca cagtgatttt     16740
     aggagtgaaa atgatgagtc atacccaagt tctaattgtg acaatcgcaa ttatgttgat     16800
     gagttagaag agagaaaaga gttataattt gcattctttg gataaacttt ttgccttaca     16860
     ggctacaagc ttaagccttt ttttaataat ttatttattt atttatttat ttatttattt     16920
     atttatttat taaaaggcag acaggattat ttttattata agtacaacat agctgaaggc     16980
     ttttggtcca agtctattta tttatttatt tatttattac atgtaagtac actgtagctg     17040
     tcgtcagaca ctccagaaga gggagtcaga tctcgttacg gatggttgtg agccaccatg     17100
     tgtttgctgg gatttgaact cctgaccttc ggaagagcag ttgggtgctc ttacccactg     17160
     agccatctca ccagcccttt ttttataatt tattatttgt ccactgtagt aaagagttaa     17220
     gagattttgt aaggaatatt gtggcaagag gaacctgatc cttggtggat tgcctgtgga     17280
     gaatactgag gaccagattc ttctaaggga gaaagtgggt ttctgtctct gtgaagagtt     17340
     agataaacta gtggtgagtc acttgagaat gaacattcac agaaccaaac ttgcccgaga     17400
     gagtttgcag ggtaggcact gagacttaac acatgggtag agccgctatc caagttgaaa     17460
     ctctagagga caaagcagag acacagcaga aacaaaaagg atgtgccagt gttaatgggt     17520
     gcaaaccaaa gttcccatgg catttgctca cacttttcgg ccctggcagc ttagggaaag     17580
     cttgctcatc tcacaaacat gaaccatgaa gtgctcgttt agacattttg actagttatg     17640
     ctggcgctct ggtccattgc ctggttttct ctccatgtac aatttcacac tgggctttgc     17700
     ctcacatata tagtacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacactt     17760
     gtttcttttc ttttcttttt ttaaagattt atttatttat tatatgtaag tacactgtag     17820
     ttgtatatct tcagacactc cagaagaggg catcatatct tgttacagat ggttgtgagc     17880
     caccatgtgg ttgctgggat ttgaattcag gacttcagaa gaacagtcag tgctcttaac     17940
     cgctgagcca tctctccagc ccacacacac ttgtttctta aaacatggtt tctctgtgta     18000
     gctctggctg tcttagaatc caatctgtaa accaggctgg ccttgaactc agaaatccac     18060
     ctgtttctac ctcctgagtg ctggtattga aggcatgcat caccagcacc tggtgaaagt     18120
     taatatttgt aaagacccta ttgtactctt tttttctggg ttgtttaatg caaaaaggac     18180
     tatttcaaaa gaaggtttat acctttatta agaaaaagtc tctcttcacc cattcaccta     18240
     ctggggtagc cttagagaat cccaagtcag gcctagttcc ttgcttaaca ctagatgttg     18300
     aggtatgtat tgaactggga cctataggct atcaaagatg agcttgattg aggatgtcct     18360
     ggacaccaag agatcattgg gtgcatttag aatgccaaat gtgccaacat gattgggtaa     18420
     tggagtgtta ccttctactt ctgtggctgc tgggagttgt ttgtctggag gagaaactaa     18480
     gaatggctag gaggttgtgc tttcccttca tctatgttcc atttcattgt gtggatctgt     18540
     gtggcaggct ccaccaatga ggaaaaacag gaagccttgc tgaaacccaa acacaagact     18600
     aagtggaaac ctgggtgtct cctcagaaga ggagaggtgc tcagacctca ctcttagtgc     18660
     tttgacttcc taccattctc ctcaaggcta acttcacctc ctggttcctc agggtgtaga     18720
     tgaggggatt gaggaaaggt gtgatggctg tggggaagag agcagccgcc ccatccagga     18780
     tgctgtggct gtcaggtcga aggtagatga aggcacaggg cacatagtac acagtaacaa     18840
     tagtcacatg agctccacat gttgagaagg cccttcgcct cccatcagct gtgcggattc     18900
     tcaggatggc ccgaatgata tagatgtagg aaagaaggat cagagagaaa caactggcga     18960
     ccaccactcc aatgtccaca aaggtcacca actcattgac tgtggtatct gcacaggcta     19020
     gcttcagcac tgcaggaatg tcacagaaga agtaatctac ctgattggga ccacagtagg     19080
     gcaagcggaa ggttaggatg gcttggattg ctccgtggat tgagccagcc acccaagctc     19140
     cagccaccag caagatactc aacttagcag acatgaggac tgggtaacgc aggggttggc     19200
     atatggccag gtacctgtca taggccatag tggtgtatag gaaacactgg gaacttccca     19260
     gaaagtggta gaaataaagc tgagccacac atcccccaaa tgggatgggc ttaatgcctg     19320
     gagtgaagtt catcatgagg cgggggacga tgatggtaga gatgcccatg tcgatgacgg     19380
     agagagcacc aaggaagata tacatggggc gcgcatggag ctgcgtgtcg gcgcagacgg     19440
     tgatcaggat gagcgcgttc cccagctgag tcaggatgta gatcagcaaa aagaacacaa     19500
     acaggaatgt cctcagcctg ggagggtggg ggacccctgt gaggatgaac tcagtcaaga     19560
     ctgtgtagtt gattctttcc atctttgaga tatctagaga acagacaagc aggggttagc     19620
     atagatgatg tgcaagtggg cggaagggtg gggactgaag aaggagagtg tggaaacctg     19680
     gggtggtgat ggggaatttc tgtggagctg tgaccagtgt ggaggaactg tggtctctgc     19740
     caggaggatt gtaactgaaa gcacatgagc acagagattc tctctctctc tctctctctc     19800
     tctctctctc tctctctctg tctttcttgt ttgtaatact acataatagc tcatgacagc     19860
     aatcacatta ctgctgagac atatctccat ctccattttg ttctccttca atgaacaaaa     19920
     tggtggtagt gaatgttatt taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaccta aaaacatttt aaagccaaga     19980
     gtgatattgt tatttccagt acttgagtgg tataggcaga aagatgagga attcaagatc     20040
     ctccttaggt acatagtgag tttgggctag cctgaggtat ctgagaaaaa gaaaagaaaa     20100
     accatctgct gacagctgaa cttcagaaag ggaagacctt tcttttccag atgtgagttg     20160
     tagattctgg ctccctccac tcactttcca ggctctagga gccaaacggg actcatgctt     20220
     ctgcctgagt tctgcagtgc attcttcagt aggtcttcag cactgatggc tcaggtgaca     20280
     gctctggtct gggagtcgct ggccttctag ttttttgggg ctctgtttac aatgagaagg     20340
     cttagtcagt catatcttct agataagtct ctaggaaatc atttggttcc actcaaggac     20400
     tcaagggaat ggcagagcaa aagaaacagt ttatcaggtt acagaaagat agcttattcc     20460
     tatgactgaa atggtgtgtc tcctaccagg gcacctattt actaattatt agaaatcata     20520
     ttaggaattg catgtatatt tcttcagttt gaatgggagc aaagggaatt tgattcagca     20580
     ccttaatccg ggccgtgtga gttctgggga gttgggtctg gctcgtcacc aggctcttta     20640
     tttgaagaac acttccacct ttgttgtagg ttcagtcttt tcctgtaggt ggtagtgagg     20700
     atatattgat agagttttat cattttctcc ctgagtgtgt ctctctcaga gtagattcta     20760
     ttcattactc ccctcaacat atagccctaa actacttttc atactatttt cttgtttatg     20820
     tcaaggaatt tattttcttc ctcctttttc ttcttctcct ggtcttcttc cttcttctcc     20880
     tctacctgtt cttcgtttcc ttctttttca tcatctttct tctcctcctc atccccaatc     20940
     ccacttctaa tcccaatgct gaaaattgag tctagaccct agtctactcg aggcaaatgt     21000
     ctacacggag ctacacccca gctgagaatg ttctctaatg actgtccagc aagagtagtt     21060
     tcttttgcga aagttcacat cgctagtgag ttgtagttca ttctcagtgt gagtttcagt     21120
     ccacccacac tgaggcagag aggacagtat ttcttaagcc catctgcggg tgacagggag     21180
     ttttaatagg aggaatgctt gtaacactga atttctactt gatgcaaatt cattctaggt     21240
     gcaaactttt cctgtcattc tttcttcggt taattataaa tatcaatagg caaacttccc     21300
     tgtccctctg tcagcactgt tcactctggg ccatatccgt tatcactcat ttttaagcat     21360
     gaaggttggt atttgcaggg caatcatcct ctatgatgta gctttggttt attaatattc     21420
     cctagacatg gttctgagat aatttaatgc cctttaagga cagagatggg gagaggaagg     21480
     aggggagaat agagagccaa ggagagagag gaattagtac tgcagaaaag gaaagaaacc     21540
     aagcaccatt ggagcctcat ttgggtggag gtggggccca tggagagcac tggacagtaa     21600
     caaacacaat gggctgagtt cagttctggc actgaaacag tcgcaatact gcaatctctc     21660
     cctcactgga gtgtggtagc aaaaatcaca gactaaagtt ttatatactt ataaagtttc     21720
     ctatacatgt aagaggaatt taagagcaag aggccatgct tcctatggag gacatgggag     21780
     tggctggaga gatgagagag tgaaatatgc taatgttcta gttaaaaaca aacgggtcat     21840
     agtgtaatga ataatgtcat gtgcatccag gtagagttct catgaccccc agaggttaaa     21900
     tgacagagaa atctcacagc cataatggag tgtggcatcc aacaaagtgt gtgtgttttc     21960
     caataaagcc ttgtggttgc ctgtccacaa gtgttttgtt ttactgaaca tcaacaaata     22020
     gcaaaccaaa taataaataa aataacaaaa taataataaa taatttagtc aagcattggt     22080
     ttgaatagtg agtttaagag tcagagtcag agtcagtgtc agagtcagaa tcagagtcag     22140
     gcagatttct gagttcgagg gcagcctggt ctacagagtg aattccagga cagccagggc     22200
     tatacagaga aaccctgtct tgaaaaaaac aaaccaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa acaacaaaaa     22260
     accaaagagt cagagtctga ctcggtgtta ctatcctctt tcaaatcaca gatgtaggta     22320
     gcaacatgac tcagtgaaca ggtctggcat tcatgtgagc tgatgacctg agttcagttc     22380
     tcagaaacca ggttgagata tgttggtgca cagttgtaac ctcagcgttc cttacccatc     22440
     gagatgggaa gtgagaatag acgtggatag atgtggtgag ttgggagcgg gggacatgag     22500
     gatggcacag aagatcctgg gacagccagc ctggagtaca gagtatggct gaaacaagag     22560
     agatccctcc tcaacaggtg gaaagagagg actgaatcct ctaaagtgtc ctttgccttc     22620
     cacatgtaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacccc acaccattca     22680
     tacatgtacc acacacacat agaggcactc accccccccc ccacatacaa catatataca     22740
     tcacacatac acacatcata cacacacttg cataccactc acacaccaca ccatacacac     22800
     atacacacac atacaccatt cacaaatata ccacacacac atagagacac tcaccccctc     22860
     cacatacaac atacacatat cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca catccatgcc     22920
     acacacacat gcacacccca ccttcataat atattaatta cacacatgac acacacatat     22980
     cacatacatg ccacacataa acacacaaca catacacaca tgtaagccaa ataaaattaa     23040
     aaagcaaaac ccccttttaa tacaaaacac agatgtagtg aactgcatct ttttgaggca     23100
     tgtctggtaa tctacattgg tcttggcctc attatgtggc caagcatggg ctgagtctga     23160
     tctttccacc tccatggttg tactgacact actagtgtgt tcccaccatg ccaggtgtac     23220
     agacagcgct ggaaactcac gaaggttcct ctaccatccc agccgcgccc tcagcttttg     23280
     tgcaagttct ttggtcagtc aaagagtcag tttgtttctg ctattctaca aagttaccca     23340
     tggctttttc actgcctatt atcttgttat gagtgttttc ttcattgtta ttatttacct     23400
     tttaaaatag ggagtaagtt tatttagcct gcgcaatgaa acttcacaga aaataaggaa     23460
     atcctaagga aggtttggtc ctggaacata cacatcattt ttacaaaagg tagtcatggg     23520
     gacgtgattg gaaaaaggaa aggagtttgg gcttctaggg gaactgactg agcagacaag     23580
     cacaccggga agctaacagg agatgggccg ttggtagcaa ggcctctgta gactgcagct     23640
     gacgctgctc gcagtggtga gctgtcttct ctgctccgtt agggaaatag aaacagtcac     23700
     atgtgggaaa atattcatcg cagtttattt ttcacgtact gaagtttgtg ttacagttac     23760
     aagaggaaac ttaagctgtg cttttggaga aagggagaaa ggaggaagct cgttttatac     23820
     ctgcagcgtt tttgtttttg tttgcttact ttttaattaa aaaaaatttt tttttgtaac     23880
     agtgtttctc tgtgtagcct tggaaaacac tctgtagacc aggctggcct tatactcaga     23940
     ggtgcacctg tctctgcctt cctgctggga tgaaagggtg gcatcaccac cacttggctt     24000
     aagctggagt gtcttaattg ctcaaattac tcagcccaaa ataatctttg cactaaagtg     24060
     gcattaattg tttgttaaaa tttttttttt ttttgaggca gggtcacatg tagccctgtc     24120
     tggtgttgag ctcttgtttc tgtgtctctt atcttgtaag cagtgggatt acacatccac     24180
     accaccattt acagctccaa agtaacatac tttgaagtga cgtatttgaa tcctcctcac     24240
     tagcaattac cattgataca tttttacata tgttttgtat gtatgtttgt atcatccttt     24300
     aattttcaag gattttttaa tggggggggg gtaatgatcc taactctact taaaaatctt     24360
     agctccttgt cctttttctg aactttacaa taagggtttt aaaccaaaaa taatgtaaag     24420
     atgaactaca ttaaaatgaa tacatagagg ggctggagag atgatggctc agtggttaag     24480
     agcactgact gtttttatga aggtcctgag ttcaaatccc agaaaccaca tggtagctta     24540
     caaccatctg taatgacatc tgatgccctc tactggtgtg tctgaagtca gctacagtgt     24600
     acttacatat aaataataaa caaatcttaa aaaaattgaa tacataggca tgtgtaagtg     24660
     ttgcaatgaa atctgagaca agagaataac aaattccaaa aagaatataa agccctaggg     24720
     ctggtcgtgt ggtggcgaat gcctttaaac ctagcactca ggaggcagag gcaggcagat     24780
     ctctatgact ttaatgtcac cctggtctac aaagtgagtt acatgccggg cagggctaca     24840
     tagtgagacc ctgtctcaaa aaaacaacaa aacacgataa gaatataaag cctttcgtaa     24900
     ctggtctgga ttatcccttt aaaatatcca ttgacgacac aacaagcagg ttccaactag     24960
     cttaatctaa ccttggaatt gtgggtagag ctggggagtg acttactgac aaggaccaca     25020
     cagaagcagc acagttggag ccaccacaga caccaaggca ctctcaccta acttggctca     25080
     cactgaaggc agttggtgaa ttgttgctaa tgaggaagag cttgggagaa agaggaaaag     25140
     atgtagccaa tgaacagctg gagaggtagt gtcacatgat ttaacaggac agaaagaaac     25200
     attgttggag agtagaaata catttatgtg caataattaa taaagagcag actgagaggt     25260
     gacagagtgg agacatgcct tatggctctg ccctggtctt tgcctgtatc tgtgtttggg     25320
     gacatagtca tcaagcctcc agatgacttg aaagatggga ctcataccgt ggctggtgtg     25380
     gaagggtgag tgactctcat caggaggtgc cagcatccac ggaagaatgt cctgttgcgg     25440
     tctgagagaa ggcatatgct ctgttgctgg agagagctct acatgccgca gcagggtcag     25500
     cgacagcctt tgtgaggaga agacgcagca gactgagaga ctgaaacttg aatgatttat     25560
     tattgtggat cttctcttcc cattcgttcg tggactgggg aagattgagg ctgttactga     25620
     aggtggtccc tgctgtggtc tgtttttggt ttgtttttcc cagaggcact ttgtgtgtaa     25680
     gctctttagt gtgggactgt tgtaacagca cccttgtgag aaggaggcgc tcaagtctgt     25740
     aatctgtctc ctgggagact tcctaccttt ctagctttct ctagttttgt aattccaggt     25800
     gggacaatgt ctttggggct tatcaggact tgatgacttc atatctgaag tttccttttg     25860
     ctcacaaaag caattatgaa attgggggaa gaagagaagg aaaaagggat gggggggggg     25920
     aaacgtggtg aggtatggtt gtaggtggag ggcaaggaag gaggaggagg aaggggcaaa     25980
     ggaagatgaa gattagagag gagcatggtt gttaaaggtg aagatttttt attagcatat     26040
     ccatatacca caaaattagg ttcttttttt gaatgcctaa ggtgctttga tagatcttta     26100
     tagacagaaa tgtaagacct gactctcagg gtccacgggc tgtttaaaat atttatttta     26160
     taatttattt tgtttttgct acttggtctc atgaagttga aacaaatttt taactacttt     26220
     gaaactaatt tggagcctcc taggtgtcag gattacagtt gtggtcacca cctctggctt     26280
     tgttatagat cttctaatcc atctatcatt tgaaatgtat ctatatgctt ttgcatttat     26340
     ctatctatct agatatctat ctatctttct atctacttga tatttgtgta aatgtatgtg     26400
     tatgtgtatc agatatttag gtgctcatgt ttagttcaga ggacaacttt tttttaaaga     26460
     tttatttatt tattatatgt aagtacacta ttgctgtctt cagacactcc agaagacagc     26520
     atcagatctc attacagatg gttgtgagcc accatgtggt tgccgggatt tgaactcggg     26580
     acctttggaa gagcagtcgg tgctcttaac cactgagcca tctcgccagc ccccagaggg     26640
     caacttttga gagtgggttt tcttctacaa tgtggattct gaggatcaga gttgtgtgct     26700
     ccactaccca cccacccatc ctgtttacct tcgaaacaag atgttgaatt ctcagttcat     26760
     cctgcactgt gcctgcctgg gtgctgccat gctccctcct tgatgataat gaactgaacc     26820
     tctgaacctg tacgctgacc tcaattaaat gttgtccttt atgagactta ccttggtcat     26880
     ggtgtctgct cacagcagta aaatcctaac tatgacactg actatggtcc ctttttactt     26940
     tcttggtttc ttagttactt catgatatgt atttactctt gagaatttgg aaccaagagc     27000
     cttagatgaa agaaaacata tgatttttgt ttttctggcc ctgggttgcc tcactcaata     27060
     tgatcttttc tagttccatt catttctagg ctagaccttg gagaaggatg tgggaaatct     27120
     ggctgagtag acaggttgat gtagtgtggg agagacctgt gtgttagtga taggtagggt     27180
     gggccctggt gggctcacag aggaagttta cagcatatgc aggggtggcc agatgaggct     27240
     gggaactgga tggatgtggg gcctgagcta gatttggtgg gtttgggtgg gtggttgaaa     27300
     caagttttaa atgtaggtgt ttgagctata aatttccctg gtaagactgc tgtttttaat     27360
     gtgtgctcga ggttttgctg tgtatttttt cattatcatt tagttccagg aattttaaaa     27420
     tttatttctt gatttcttct ttgatccatt catccttcag tactgagctg tttaatctcc     27480
     atgagtttgc acattgtata tttgtatagt ctagaatcca gtaggagaga cactaacatc     27540
     tttgtctttc tgagattagt ttaattcctc taatgtgatg attttagtct catctacttt     27600
     cctgcatttg ggataacttt ccttttttgt atctgtgtat ccattgttta cacataccac     27660
     agtttcttta tcatgcacac ctatcttagc tgttgtgaat tgtgctagaa taaacactga     27720
     tgtatgtttt ttgtaatatg gtggcttcaa gtcctttggg taaatattta ttgtggtttg     27780
     tatacccagt gagactcctt tggagaaaac taattttttt gtgtgaacaa ttctagttta     27840
     gggatgatat cttgtgtcca ttccccatct cagtactggg actccatctt gcacagaccg     27900
     ctgaaggccc agtctctgta tgtcagtcct ttattgtctg gaagatactg tttccttggt     27960
     gtcttctacc ctctctggct cctttctgcc tccttttcca tggggttttc ttagccctga     28020
     aggtaggaat tttatggaga cataccattt aggactgaat gttctaaagt ctctcactct     28080
     ttgtatactg tctggctgtg agtctctgta tttgttccca tctgcagcag gaggaagttt     28140
     ttctgatgat ggctgagaaa ggcactaatc tatgggtata gcagaatgtc attaggagtc     28200
     atttttatca ccaaatcctt ttccccctta tttgtagacc agtattattt ggttttacct     28260
     taggtccctg gaatatgtag ttctaagttc ttgttcatcc aagctgggtc aaatatgggt     28320
     tccatctcat ggagtgggcc ttaagtcaaa tctagatctt ggttggttac tcccatgagc     28380
     tttgtgccac cattgccctg atatatcttg caggcaaaac accactgtag ataaagggtt     28440
     cgtgcctggc ttggtgttta tgtttccttt ttggtagctt gcagagcacc ttccttcctg     28500
     taccaaagat gctaaaagta agggatggag gctctatgta ggcatcagct ctatttttcc     28560
     catgttcaat aagttgtgca aatagtgtct ttagcaatgg ggccttgcca tcagtttgta     28620
     gagagtaact tggcacagac tgaattattt ggtgattccc actggacccc tttggccaac     28680
     aacttagttt gatgtaatcc aatactggta ccatgaagat gaagccattg gtgacaagag     28740
     attgacagtg tgtctttttc tcccccatta cttagcgatt tcgtttatat tgtctttaca     28800
     tatatgtata tgtagatgaa tatgtatatc atatgtatat atcttaggag gtttctactg     28860
     atttagatgg aagtatggaa atactacccc tcgtccttaa ttttagctgt cttccatatt     28920
     ccctccctat tccttccttc ttgtctcctc cccatttatc tttccattag agtccccacc     28980
     atctatccat gactaatcta tttccctttc ctaaggagat ctagctgtat cacttagtct     29040
     tttactctat atctaacctc tatggttctc agataatagc tctgttatta ttgacctaac     29100
     agctaatatc cacatataag caaataccat aattctgggc ttggtttacc tcactcagga     29160
     caatattttc tagttctatc atttcctagt gacagctcat gctggcaagg atgtagagca     29220
     aaggaaacaa ctctttcatt gctggtagaa cggtaaatgt atacagctac taaaaaaaaa     29280
     tcactgtggt ggttccacta gtattattaa tcttagccac tctgacaggt ataagatgaa     29340
     atctcacagc agttttgatt ttcatttccc tgatggctaa ggatgtttct ttaagtattt     29400
     ctcagccatc tgagtttcct gttttgagaa ttctgtttag atctgtaccc cagttttaaa     29460
     ctgggatatt tgttttcttg atatctagca ttctgagtta tttatatatt tgagtattac     29520
     ttttctatca caggtacagt tggtaaaaat ctttccccat tctataggct gccacttgtc     29580
     catatgatgg tgttcattac ctttacaggg gctttttatc ttcttgaggc cccttttatt     29640
     aattgttgat cttagtgcct atgctattgg tgttctgttc agaaagtgtt tccatgtcct     29700
     gtgccaatga tttcaaggct agtccccatt tttttttcta tcaggttcag tgcatctagc     29760
     cttatgttga ggtccttgat ccatctggag ttgggttttg tgcgtggtga caagtatgga     29820
     tctatttgca ttcatctaca tgctgacatc cagtttgact agcaccattt attgaagact     29880
     tttccctccc tcagtttggg ttttggattc tttatcaata atcaggtagg tgtccacaga     29940
     tgtgtgggtt catgtctgga tcttcaattt gattccatta atcaacatgc ctgtttttat     30000
     gccaatacca ttctgtttct attactatag ctctatagga cagttagaga ttggggttgg     30060
     tgataacacc agaagttctt ctattattca ggattgtttt tcgctatctt gttttttttt     30120
     ttttttgttt ccatgtaaag ttaaaaattg tttcttaatt tctgtgaaga attgtgttgg     30180
     aattttgatg aggtttgcat tgactttgta gattgctttt gataagatgg ccatttttac     30240
     catagtaacc ttagcaattc atgagcatgg aggatttttc catcttctga catcttcttc     30300
     agcgtctgca ggctttcatt atacatgtct ttctttcacc tgctctgcca gagttaccct     30360
     aaggtatttt tttggatggg gtttgtttcc catatttatt tctcagtgtt tctatcactt     30420
     gtgtataggg aagttattct gtaaagctgt aacacaaaca gcaatgaaac atgctttctc     30480
     ttctccagta ttcctaccta aatgatcata caggctaact aaagaacagt actgctttag     30540
     agtttagcaa actatatagt catacagaag aagatagcac ttatggctag gagcattagg     30600
     aaaagcttct ttctgactca gaaattttct ccaggtctta agtgaagcct aagttatcag     30660
     ctatccgaca tggaggagga agaaacatat ttcacatatg ggactaagcc aaagtctcag     30720
     atatggaaaa gcacagagaa tgtttaaggg atggcaggta cattaatggg catgagagag     30780
     atgaagaggt agagatgatt tgagaggtga aaaatgttgg aaatagatgc aaaggactta     30840
     gaattccatg ctaaaaagtc tacctttgtc ttaataagta gaaagccagt gactattcag     30900
     aagaagaaag atggacgttc tttcagaaaa gagcttctgg tcgtgctatg gtgaaggatg     30960
     ggatgacaat gagcccgagg gacattcctg gggcagcgtg gactgagctt ggtgaattac     31020
     tgcatgggga agaggaagac agtgggtgga tacacaaatg ctctaaagag atctcaagtg     31080
     aatgccagag aggacacatc tgccttgact tgtacaattg tccctgaatt ctgagagctt     31140
     ggagttagat tgtagcgaat agacagcagg aaatggagtc ctatggcatt gttttcctca     31200
     aacccagtta gatattcatg ctttgccatt tacattagtg taagatatgt gtttttctga     31260
     ggaatgtgtc agaaacatgt ataatatttg ggcaaattat tgagattttt atagatcatc     31320
     agatgcattt atattagtag agttgtattc tgtaatagac ttttggctat tttgtgggct     31380
     ctttcttcca tctttctgta ccccttttct ttcacccttt taaacctcta aaactaaata     31440
     ggagagaaaa atgatagagg ggaaaggggg cagcgatagt gttagactac ttcctgctta     31500
     ttaggtgtgt ggggtttctc gggggcaagt ttgatctttg ctgtcaggat atctaatttc     31560
     ttcttttctt ctcttcacac acttgacaaa cctcaaccaa cctcaaccaa ctgcaaccaa     31620
     cagtgtccaa ccaccaaact gcttacagtt ccccaactct tagggcccct agcatttata     31680
     tatcctctgg aagtcctcag gattccatat gtcacacact cacagaaact atctgcagct     31740
     ggcaaaaaat gcccctgcta gagcatgaag ccgatcacag tcagctgctg tggacagtct     31800
     gaagcagccc cttatcccac agatgagatt aagatgaaaa gacattatta tatttctgtg     31860
     tttaaaaaag aaaccaaaat tctcactaca gtactcagtt catcttaaaa tattatcaat     31920
     gtattaaata tttgtcacat gaacagtaac tgaaaacaca gcagtgatga tgatgtgtgt     31980
     gtccccgagc ccctggctac ttctctccat ccacatccct tctacctgct cttagcctct     32040
     tcagggcaga cttcacttcc tggttcctca gggtgtagat gaggggattc agtaatggag     32100
     tgacaacagt gtaaaataca gcaactgctc catcaaaggg actcttggaa cctgcccgaa     32160
     ggtagatgaa aatacagggg acatagtaga cggtgaccac agtgagatgg gagccacagg     32220
     tggagaaggc acgcttcctg ccatcggcag tgcgtatctt caggatggca tgaactatgt     32280
     tggcatagga gagcagaatc agcatgaagc aactggcagc cactacccca atgtccacaa     32340
     aggtcaccag ttcattgaca gtcgtatcgg cacaggccag tctcagcact gcaggaatgt     32400
     cacagaagaa gtagtccact tccttgggcc cacagtaggg caatcggaag gtcagagtgg     32460
     cttgaataga cccatggatg gagccagcca cccaagctcc agacactaga attgtgcaca     32520
     acttcccatt cataagcaca gggtagcgaa gaggctggca tattgccagg tacctgtcat     32580
     aggccatcaa agtgtagagg aagcactggg tgctgcctag gaagtggaaa aaatatagtt     32640
     gagctgcaca accaccaaat gcgataacct tgctggcggg agtgaagttt aatataatcc     32700
     gaggaacaat gactgaggag agccacatgt ccaggaagga gagcacaccc agaagaatgt     32760
     acatggggcg ggcatgcagc ttggggtcag cccacacagt gagcaggatg agcaggttcc     32820
     ccagctgtgt caggatgtaa atgaggaaga agaccaggaa gaggaaggct cttagatttg     32880
     gggggtgagc caagcccagg agaaggaaat ctgtcaccac atcgtccagc gatgtgtttc     32940
     tgtttcttct catgtctgct aagatgaacc atgaagtcag ataaggggaa tgtataaagg     33000
     gaagaggtaa ggcaatgttt atatccggaa atgagagttt aggagtaaaa cagagaatgt     33060
     ccataatttg aaggaaagca tttgccatct gcctaattta atttctgttg ctgtgtcaaa     33120
     taccctgaaa acaagtactt ggaggttggg gtgggaaggt ttctttccct ttatgatcaa     33180
     tcccaggtta cagtcaatca catggagaaa gtcaaggcag gaactcaagt tgctaggaac     33240
     attacatcct ctgtcaagta cagagaaaca aaagcaccca cgttgcaggt ttgcttgctt     33300
     gctagcttag ctttctgtac ttttatacag tttatggcct tgtaggaatg gtgcctctca     33360
     cagtgggttg ggtatttctg tacaaataac tatcaagaaa atctcttcca gaccttccca     33420
     ggccaacctg atctagacaa ccactcaatc gaaatcctct ttcaggttat ttgagattat     33480
     gacaagttga tagttaaaac taaccagtat agcatcagtc atctaagttg tttggcaaga     33540
     caacactcca aggcttgctt gttttcagat gtctagacat tactgggaaa cactacacag     33600
     aattgctgga aaccatgtaa tggaagagtg gttaaataat cagatgatac catacaatgg     33660
     gttagtgcct caaagaggaa ccacagagaa atgaatttca gtggtttgga gaaatgtgaa     33720
     acaattactc cacagtttcc atctgtctca ttcatttcag attaattgct ttacaattct     33780
     gtactgggta gttttatgtc aacttgacat aagttagagt catcagagag gaggaagcct     33840
     caactgagaa tgtctccata agctatggct gtaggcaagc ctgaaggact ttctttttcc     33900
     aatgatgagc ccagcccatt gtgggtagtg tcaaccatat aggcttactg ttctgagttt     33960
     ttcaagaaag caggctgagc aagtcataat gaataagtaa gcaacacacc tccatggtct     34020
     ctgcgtcagt gcctgcctct aggttcctgc cctgttttaa ttcctgtcct gacttccttc     34080
     aatgatgaat gatgatatgg aactgtcagc caaacaaacc ctttcctccc caattgcttt     34140
     ttggtcatgg tgtttcattg tagcaataat aaccacaaga caatgtctct ttctatgagg     34200
     actctaccag tacttttgcg acatagtcct gggtatttct aagtttcttc agggttctta     34260
     gggcatcatg cttttgaacc catgaataga tggacccatt ataatacatc tttttcctca     34320
     acattcactt tagctgccat ctctttggca agagattctc cagtctttga agggacaaga     34380
     gctcctatta tgaaagatta ttgcagaaca atttaaaggc atcatctgct taaatgttta     34440
     cttttttctt ctatgatgtc tgcaatctac ttcagagcaa ggaccaaatc tattttgttc     34500
     tttgataaat ctgtagcaac tgtcctattg cttggcaaat tgaaggtaat tgagaaatat     34560
     ctgttggcca attggccagg tatgtgacta atgcctcttc tattgatgct ataagtacag     34620
     tgaccattgt gcctcatcag atcccattgt atacctgaaa catacacagt atataacact     34680
     tcttatactt cgtgctgcag actagactgt aggagaagta cttcaaggaa tgtgaatcca     34740
     tgttcaatgt aagaaaagcc caagcttcct gtttgctcag gaatgtcgta tgcatttatt     34800
     aaatgaccca aggagttcat tggtttggat tatgtggatt tttataggag ctgaccttta     34860
     gtacccgaat tacttacatt tgctgttgct gtgaataaaa cactcgggca acaacaattt     34920
     tggcaaagag ggtttgccag gtatggtggc gcacatcttt aatcctagca cttgggaagc     34980
     agagacagcc agatctatgt gggttcctgg ccagtctggt ctacattgtg aattccagga     35040
     tgacatagtg aacacatcta tcaaaaagaa aaaagtttat tggcttatca tttaattata     35100
     attcatcatg cttcagatat gtactaattt cttttcttgt gttgtgataa aacactgtga     35160
     ccaaggcagt ttatagaagg aagagtttat ctgggcttac acagttccag agggttacag     35220
     tccatcccca tcatagcatg ggggcatggc agcaggcagc aagctgagag cttacatctt     35280
     aaatggcaag caggaaacag agaacaactg gaaatggcaa tagtctttta cttatttttt     35340
     tatttttgag acagggactt actgtatagc tttggctatt cccgaactca ctatatatac     35400
     tcagagattc atctgtctct gcctccgaag tgctaggatc aaagccatgt gccaccaaca     35460
     ccacctggcc ctctttttct ttctttattc acttttgcag tgctgtggat tgaacccagg     35520
     actttggagc actcggtaag tgtccagcta gtactctacc attgagctac acccctggtc     35580
     ccctttgcct taggagagga tggtgtggtc ttgttatatt gtcaaggttg gtctcaaagt     35640
     cctgggatca agttgtcttc ctagtttggt ctctggaata actggggcta caggaatatg     35700
     ccaccatgtc ctgttattgc tttccaatat caatcaaaca acaatcaatc aaaaagtctt     35760
     ttgagttatt tacagtgtgt gccacatctt gttaatgaag gttttctttt ctcaccaagg     35820
     tttttttttg ttttttgttt ttttgttttt ttgttttttt ttgttttttg ccaagatggt     35880
     gttttaagta atttttgatt ctttgaaact gagttttatt ctgtagccca gattaatcag     35940
     ggacttgtga tcatcttgcc ttagtctccc aagtgctgtg attacaggca tagatcacct     36000
     tacctagcta aaattacttt tactgtgtaa atttcagcta tacaatgtga tgttatgaga     36060
     catgatggtc gctgtattcc agcaaattaa tatgcccatt acctcacaca atgtcctttc     36120
     ctgcagagag aacagttcac atctatatgt acattgtgga agggatcaca atcaggaacc     36180
     accaagttcc agaccaaact aaaagaagtt aactagaagc cagtggtggt ggcacatgcc     36240
     ttaaatgcca gtacttggat ggcagaggca gatggatctc tgggagttca aagccagctt     36300
     ggcatacata gcaagtttta ggacagttag agctatataa tgcagactcc ctgtctaaac     36360
     cacaaccaca accaaaacca aaacaaataa ttgaacaaac aaaaaggtta attatatgga     36420
     gaccctggca tcaagaggtg gatccataga tacaccgtta gaacattctt ctttataaat     36480
     acaaatctca ctatccatac tgctactatt gaaaaaggat cagagtatac aataacattt     36540
     agtaattaat aatgctgaat gtattgtact ttatagggct cacagaagtg ctaatttcag     36600
     agattgtcca caaagagatt aagttagatt tctctcacct tgtttttagg agagggtgcc     36660
     ttaatttccc gtggaaagat ggctggctct tcgtttggct ggaagagaaa gagatggtat     36720
     agtttcagca catgccacct caggaaatga aatgtttcta aaagttttgt gaaaacttgg     36780
     tcatactaca attatgaaca atgaagaaga cagttgttta aatatcatag acaatgagct     36840
     taaatgtagg ttatttattc cttgcatgga ataaaacatg tgtttttttc agccggagac     36900
     aggaaactct ggtgcacttt ccccagcgct tcagttgaga gggggatccc tttacccttt     36960
     ccttcttgtc agaccctgag gaactcagat ggtaggaagg ggatggaagg tgcttattgt     37020
     gggtgggccc aagggacagg ctcctttttc tgatagagag agtacagaat ggtgggtttc     37080
     agttgggtgt gtgctactgg agccccggga aatttgacca gggcggtaag gggaagatag     37140
     ttcttggaag tggacgcgtt ccgcgggtag aaagcatggt gcaggatgca tcactgcaag     37200
     agaatcttaa ttgtttttta cagacaaaag ggagccaacc taggggaaaa atgaaaacca     37260
     agagtaattg aatttttttt aatgaatatt aatcacgtga agcagtgtag tcttggtcta     37320
     tggaaactga ggcataaaag caatcttaga ttcatcactt aagatattta aatattgggg     37380
     gagaagtaac ttgtttagtt ggtaaagcgc cttctataca agcatcagaa cttgtgctta     37440
     gactcccagc acccatctaa aactggacaa ggtggcacac atttgtaact ccagtactgg     37500
     gtaaggtgag gaagagcctc agaattcact gatcagcctg tagagccaat tcacgagctc     37560
     aggttcaatg aaagaccctg cctcaaaatg aagtgtggtg agaggagaga tggctcacta     37620
     gctaagagca ctggctgttt taccagagga cccaaattcg gttcttggca tccacatact     37680
     ggctaaccag tatctgtagc tttagttctg ggggacccaa tgccccttct ggtctccatg     37740
     ggtaccaggc actcatgtgg tgcagagaca cacatgcatg caaaacaccc acacacatcc     37800
     aataaaataa taaattaaaa attcatggaa agcaattgaa aaggacactc agcattggcc     37860
     gttagtctca acatacacat acacacatga acatccacag cacacacaca cataaaataa     37920
     taaaatcaat atattctaga tgaaataaag catataaaat gaagtatatg agtatgtgcc     37980
     ttgtccagcc ttaattcgag gggaggtgcc aagtcttatt gcaatttgat aagccatatt     38040
     tggttgatat tcctgggaag tctgctcttt tctaaaatga aatggaggag aaatggaact     38100
     ggggtgagca gaggagttgt ggggacttgg aggagaggag ggagaggcaa cttcagtctt     38160
     aatatatgag agaagaataa ttaaaaaatt tacatatctt ctcttaaatg catattctaa     38220
     aacttcttgt tttaaaataa tgtgtagttt gtttaatgcc atcttatata atagctgtca     38280
     tttaatatta aaagcatata attaaagcaa ataggaagat ggcaccatct ctgatacaat     38340
     aggcatttga aacaatgtgg gtcaggggta tggcatggta gtttaaggta gagattcctg     38400
     gcactgtaat gaatgagagc agcaaggaca aaccacataa ggggagccag accctctttt     38460
     ttttttttgg agacagggtt tctctgtata gccctggctg tcctggaact cactttgtag     38520
     accaggctgg cctcgaactc agaaatccgc ctgcctctgc ctcccgagtg ctgggattaa     38580
     aggcgtgtgc caccacacct ggcgagcggg accctcttaa ccataggctg gactgtttgc     38640
     cgtgaccctt cgctgggagg ctgagttcct ttgaggcctg tgtgtggtaa cgcttcttgc     38700
     ctttctcaga attagatcta cgaagggcag taggctgttg tttttgtttt tgttttggca     38760
     tgtctgcact gagcttggct ttttcaacat gtctgtactg aggttgcttt tacataggac     38820
     acttttgtat gaatagatga actgcttaag gctgtggggt gaagaattac gttctggctc     38880
     gggtctgctt ttagagccac attattcaga catcagccct ttcaggccat tagcagcttg     38940
     agctgagtgg cagaagaggc agactgaagt gcgcatgccc agtgtgggga gacagaagcc     39000
     acattcccat ctgattattg taccagtgtc cttgcattct aagttaaaag aaaaagagta     39060
     ttcttaagga aaggcttccg aaagaagaca cgctggccaa atgtgtctca ttaggacaga     39120
     gagggttaag ggtcttacct cttactgtgc ttgcacggca aagctgcacc aggaatcatc     39180
     tattgctttc tcatcctcta aagagacaaa caataagtag aaaacattaa tgtaaaatta     39240
     atatgcctaa tgttttaact tcaggtggac tgaggaagaa gaggctttta aaaaagtaaa     39300
     tattgttttt gatcaaattg ttaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac taagtcctgg aatgaatttg     39360
     gtactagtgt gagctgttca ggtgctagga atacctttcc ctcagatccg cgaggacata     39420
     gcagtccgca gaagtgcaga cttggaggag gccctctctt ctccagaatg ggtggcctgg     39480
     aggaaagtgc cctcagcaag ctcttttaaa accttccggg gcagacaatg gccggactta     39540
     agacctgttc ttgaaggctt gttatagagt gcagcttctc tctctatcct aaacgtggtt     39600
     agttattgaa aaaaaatacc atcaagagat ttgaaaaaaa aaaaaaacaa aacaaacaaa     39660
     cccaagtcaa accaaaccaa accctctgcc tcttgggagt tgcaccccaa acacttccca     39720
     ggtgagaact gtctcccagg tcctcattac tctttgtttt ggcagcaagc aagaataatt     39780
     tccacacatt tagaaagtga attgtcttta caattatact gctctttagc aatataatca     39840
     atttggatga gctacagttt ccgcgatcct cttctttgtt tttacttgga agtgtattga     39900
     catctttata cgttttcaat aattaagtat cttcctcacc ttcccatttc tctaaataaa     39960
     aaaattccca aataaaacaa tagacaccct catggagaca aggggaagga ggaatgggat     40020
     gaggaattgt gggagggcag actgggaggg aggtaatgac tgattggatt ataaaaaaaa     40080
     aaagatagta atgaaaactt ttttatattt tcaattatgt gtattcatgt atttgcctgt     40140
     atgtagggac atgtgcagat gagtggtgac ctcaaaggcc aaaggtactg gatgccctag     40200
     agatggagtt acaggtggtg gcgagttgcc tgatgttggt gatgtgaact gaactctggt     40260
     cctctggaag cgcagtaggt actcttattg gctgagccgt ctgtccagtc cctgtctttt     40320
     ttaactgatg cataatttta catattttac aatttatata tggcatagtg tggcaatgcc     40380
     atacatgcat acagtatata gcagtcagaa cagggttttc ctctctgaaa ctctgacact     40440
     gttttgtgta gagaacttct gagccctctc tttattaaaa taaagcagct ttgttgagtt     40500
     gcctatctac cgtttcaggt cctgctaagt gtatctctcc ttcttcccag gctctagcaa     40560
     ttactgttgt acttttgtga agtcaatgct tttagccttc acccatgagt gagcacaggg     40620
     acacatattt ctatgtgtag tttatttaac ttaacaaagc atcttctact ttcatccaca     40680
     ttgcagcaaa taacacactc tcactctttt gaatgactgg atagcactcc attgtatatg     40740
     aactttccct ttcctgcctc tcatttccct gccctgtttt cttcccattc ccttcccttt     40800
     tttttttttt cctttccctg acctcttttc atgaaccctc ttttacttat tgttttaata     40860
     tgagtatttt gcctgcatat ctttttttct ttttttattg gttattttat ttatttacat     40920
     gacaaatgct gtcccccttc ctggtttccc attggaaagt cccccatccc atcccctccc     40980
     cctacttcca tgaggaagct cccatcccaa ttcctgcctc accaccctag cattccccta     41040
     cattggggca tcgagtctcc ataagaccaa gggcctcccc tcccattgat gtccaacaaa     41100
     gccatcctct gccacataag cagctggagc catgggtccc tccatgtgta ctctttggtt     41160
     ggtggtttag ttcctgggag gtctgggagg tctggttggt tgataatgtt gttcttccta     41220
     tgaggttgca aaccccttca gctcctccag tttttcctct atctcctcca ttggggtccc     41280
     catgctcagt ccaatggttg gctgcgagca tctgcttctg tattggtcag gctctggcag     41340
     agcctctcag gggacagcta taccaggctc ctgtcagcaa gagcttcttg gcatcagcaa     41400
     tagtgtctgg gtttggtgtc tgcagatgag atggatccct aggtggggca gtctctggat     41460
     ggccttttct tcagtttttg ttccactctt tgtccctgca tgttttttta gacaggaaca     41520
     attctgtgtt aatatttttg agatggatgg gtggccccat ccctcaaccg ggggccgtgc     41580
     atgcctaaac tccagatacg gtctctacag gttctctctc tcctttgttg ggtatttcag     41640
     ctaatgccat cccgttggct cctgggaacc tcttgctttc ctggcatctg ggactttcta     41700
     gtggttcccc tcccccacaa caagtacata tttctattca atttcctgac cctctgtact     41760
     tctctctccc tgtcctgtct ccttctccac cggatcctgt cccccctttt cccttcccct     41820
     ctccctcacc ggtcccccct ccttctacct ccagtgatta ctttgttccc cttctaagca     41880
     ggaccgaagt gtccacattt gggtgttcta ctcagctatt aaaaacaatg acttcatgaa     41940
     acttgcaggc aaatggatag aactagaaaa tatcattggg agtgaggtaa accagacaca     42000
     aaagaacaca catggtatgt actcacggat aggtggatat taagcaaaaa actcagaatt     42060
     tactcactat ataactcaca gaccacatga agctcaagaa gaaggacggc ctgcataatt     42120
     ctatgtgtgc tgtgtgagtg cttggtgctc acagaggctg gaaaaaggca ctggagaccc     42180
     tggagctagg gttacgttat gatgaagata tgcttgaact gatccttctg cctccacgtt     42240
     gggagtgatg gtattagagg tgcctcccac aatatacagt ttataccatc ctgggcgtca     42300
     aagcctcctt catgctagac aagcgctcta ccaactgagc cacatctcca tccctcatac     42360
     ctaacttctc catccattct gctgttgaac attttggcta attcaacatc ttggatagtg     42420
     aacagtgctg ctcatatttg tacttgtatt cctatttttt ttttttacaa ttttttatta     42480
     tgtattttct tcatttacat ttcaaatgct atcctgaaag tcccctatac cccccccccc     42540
     cctgctcccc aacccaccca ctcctgcttc ctggccctgg cattcccctg tactggagca     42600
     tataatcttt gcaagaccaa gggcctctct tctcaatgat ggctgactag gccatcttct     42660
     gcttcatatg cagctagaga cataagctct ggggatactt gttagttcat attgttgttc     42720
     ctcttatagg gttacagacc ccttcagctc cttaggtact ttctctagct cctccattgg     42780
     gggccctgtg atccatctaa tagctgactg tgagcctcca cttctgtgtt tgctaggcat     42840
     agcctcacaa gagacagcta tatctgggtc ctttcagcaa aatcttgctg gcatatgcaa     42900
     tagtgtctgt gtttggtggc tgattatgag atggatctcc aagtggggca gtctctggat     42960
     ggtccttcct tccgtctcag ctccaaactt tgtctttgta actccttcca tgggtatttt     43020
     gttccccatt ctaaggaggg acgaagtatc cacactttgg tcttccttct tcttgggttt     43080
     catgtgtttt gcaaattgta tcttgggtat tctaggtttc tgggctaata tccacttatc     43140
     agtgagtgca tatcatgtga gttcttttgt gattgggtta cctcactcag aatgatatcc     43200
     tccagataca tccaattgcc taaggatttc ataaatttat tgtttttaat agctgagtag     43260
     tactccattg tgtaaatgta ccacattttc tgtatccatt cctctgttga gggacatctg     43320
     ggttctttcc agcttctggc tattataaat aaggctgata tgaacatagt ggagcatgtg     43380
     tccttattac aagttggatc atcttctggg tatatgccca ggagagatat tgctggatcc     43440
     tctggtagta ctatgtctaa ttttctgagg aaccaccaga ctgatttcca gagtggttgt     43500
     acaagcttgc tatcccacca gcaatagagg agtgttcctc tttctccaca tcctcaccag     43560
     catctgctgt cacctgaatt tttgatttta gtcatattcc aataaagtca tgttttcatt     43620
     tttccttact gctatacaaa attccattgt gtgtatgtac tatattgtct tcacatattc     43680
     atctttgata gatacaggct ggttatatgt agtggtagta atttaagcca ctctaaactc     43740
     cccactggtt gcttcttgag cttcttgcta ccatcccaat gttgtggatt cttgaatgaa     43800
     agacacacac acatgttcat gtgtttacgc gtgcacacac acacacacac acacacccag     43860
     acagacttat tttttaacat gccctaagtg gctcaatggt tgagtcaatc tcaaacttcc     43920
     acatactaac gcctcccctc tgatactcct gaattattac taagatcttt attacatctt     43980
     tgctacccca gacccaaaca ggagagggac ccctggggcc acttttccct ggatcttaca     44040
     tggctgcatg ttttctctcc tgcagctctc aaccctgatc ctcctgctta cccatcatgg     44100
     caattctaaa tccttcttcc tgtggttccc ttgcctggga aatctaaagt ccctcctctg     44160
     tctccctgcc cagccattgg actccagcaa ctttatttac caattagagc caactgggta     44220
     ctgggatctg tggagtctta cctgcagaca tgcaaattcc catgtaatct gggaactcaa     44280
     ttaacataat ataagcgaca aaccaaatcc acaacagtta tatctcctga aaattgtgaa     44340
     tacagcagca attagagatg gttgattaag gatcagtctt tcaggtgtat atccaacagt     44400
     tagttagcta ggccctaatg gtagtgctat gtttagtgcc atcaggaacc tccgagctga     44460
     tctccacttc caccagcagt gatacgggtt cccctttctc tgcattcttg ccagcatttg     44520
     ttgttgttgt tttttaaaaa ccaaaccaaa ccaaaccaaa ccaggtaaag gctttaaaaa     44580
     tgttttacta tgttttcaat tttgatccat ttggtattga tatgtgtgta tgtgtattgt     44640
     atgtgtgtgt gttgtatgcg agtggtatac atttgtgtgt ctttgtgtgt tgcgcgcgct     44700
     caactggcca ggaagaacga cgctgctaca ggatccttct gcacacattt attcagtcct     44760
     gtttcttctt gtttatatct cccttgttta tatctccctt gtttttatat ctcccttgtt     44820
     tatatctccc ttgtttttat atctcccttg tttttatatc tcccttgttt atatctcccc     44880
     tgtttatata tctcccttgt ttatatctcc cttgttttta tatctccccc gaaccctggg     44940
     cctctcactc cttttatact ctcagttccc atccacgcac cgcaggccac accacctcac     45000
     cagtcacgag gcttcagcta atcagggcag caggggcaaa tctccaccaa attggattca     45060
     cctgtatcct ggtacacctg cgcagcactc aagatgtttg tgtcttatat gaggaagtca     45120
     ggtgcaagtc atatgactta gctgcagtcc ctggcgcctt tgggactgtc gccacacccg     45180
     ctccccacaa ttcccccttt tttctttttt ggcagagaga atgtctgtag aaagccccca     45240
     gcagccatgt cccttacccg tccttgggtg acaaacagca ttggtttgat ccctgtctta     45300
     ggttggtgac atgcccaggg agtcttatca ctgactacct ctcaatcatg ccaagccact     45360
     cctggggaga ttgtgttttg cttgcggcag gtgcatcaaa aggccaggat gttaattaac     45420
     ctatggccag atcttaattg ctgcaagcaa gcctcatggg tgaaggtaga ggtctgatcc     45480
     ccagtgtgca agcatagggg ccctacacaa aaccatccct taggctcatc acccagagag     45540
     gtcttggcca gctcccgtgt catttttcct gggggaaggg aactaggaca ctgaaccttc     45600
     atgcaatcag acgtgccttc cacaggatgc caacagcaag ctatcctctg tgcagtgctt     45660
     agcctcgcaa cccacggcat aacacagcat aatttctttt agagcggcaa accgaatctg     45720
     aggagattgt cccgcctcca ctgcagcaaa agcctacgct accatggcga aagtgcgggc     45780
     cgcacactct gcacgtaaca catgtgccaa acacaaaaaa cacacacaca ctataacaag     45840
     catacatccc agggctctca tccccactca tcttccctga agcaagggat agatagccag     45900
     agaggctatc tctttaaggg gaattcaggg atcaaaaagc gtggaaaaat ttgaatgtca     45960
     tgtcgagctg gtatcggctt ctggaatacc gaaaggatct cccatctcgg ctccatcctt     46020
     tgtgcttgtg ggatcatcca ccacatccac aggggcaact ggatcaggag cctcattctt     46080
     gtagcgtctc accaatctct ccggcaccca aagaggttct gtctggtcct gtgggaacac     46140
     acaaacagac cctctcgccc acatcaacac cagatcctgt cgatccccag ggggatggac     46200
     acaatacctc gtggtgatga gaccataacc tcaatcacct gtgtgtccat ctggggagtc     46260
     aatacgagag tcaagttttc actgctgagg aggcataggg aggaggcaca gaagctaatt     46320
     cgccttcctc ctccgcctcg gctcttttat tttgtccttt ctgtccacct gataacactg     46380
     tgtctccttt ctttttcctt tttcttttta agcccttttc ctcttctgac atactttctt     46440
     gttgctctat aaggattttc tgacctgtct tgactgcctc tacacacagt ttcaaacagt     46500
     aacagagtcc atatatcaga acaaacaaga ccaaaactat cagacctacc cacaaagggt     46560
     caatgggaga aaaaagcata actacacagc gaggatctat tgatcactac accgaggtta     46620
     tcatagtccc ttaacttgtc cccaaactgg gaacctttcg ttaccttgtg cctgcttcct     46680
     ggcaacttta tgcttgcctc tattttatcc aggtccttcc taaactcctg ggttactttg     46740
     tgcctacttc ctggcaactt tatgctcacc tctattttat ccgaggtcct tcccaaactc     46800
     ctggggtcgc aagtttcact caccgtgaac ttaccctgcc gacaaccact gactgctgac     46860
     agttctgaac tcggtggggg agtcggttcc ccatacgggc caccaattgt cgcatctgct     46920
     ctcgaccagc aagaacgatg cgaccaccag tccttctaac agcagtttat tccgtcctca     46980
     tctctcttct ttctcttcat cagtaccgtt ccccagctga agagttctga atccacgcca     47040
     gatccttctc aacagtctgt tttacgggaa cctttattaa ccgctccttc cccgtgatgc     47100
     agttctgaat cctccctgta gcagggggtc ttcgctcttg cctgaagatg tttcttttcc     47160
     cgggtttcgg caccacttgt tgcgcgcgct caactggcca ggaagaacga cgctgctaca     47220
     ggatccttct gcacacattt attcagtcct gtttcttctt gtttatatct cccttgttta     47280
     tatctccctt gtttttatat ctcccttgtt tatatctccc ttgtttttat atctcccttg     47340
     tttttatatc tcccttgttt atatctcccc tgtttatata tctcccttgt ttatatctcc     47400
     cttgttttta tatctccccc gaaccctggg cctctcactc cttttatact ctcagttccc     47460
     atccacgcac cgcaggccac accacctcac cagtcacgag gcttcagcta atcagggcag     47520
     caggggcaaa tctccaccaa attggattca cctgtatcct ggtacacctg cgcagcactc     47580
     aagatgtttg tgtcttatat gaggaagtca ggtgcaagtc atatgactta gctgcagtcc     47640
     ctggcgcctt tgggactgtc gccacacccg ctccccacat ttgtgtgtgt tgtatttgtg     47700
     cgtgaggcat gctcatgaat atgaagatgt atgtgcctgt gatcatgttt gtgaaagcag     47760
     aacaggtctc tctctctctc tctctatttc cttgggacag ggtctctcac agaactggaa     47820
     tctcactatt ggctagactg gatgtccagt gagcttggat cagcttgtct ctgaccccag     47880
     tgccggcatt atagacatgc atagccatac ttggcttttt atgtggttgt tggtgattca     47940
     aactcagatt ctcatgctat aaagcaagtg ctcacacctg ctgagccgtt tcccagtatt     48000
     gtggtttcca ccagggaaga ctgtgtggac acagatttaa accagaaagt ctatattaga     48060
     gggctggtga ctgcactgga aattattcag gattccaatg tagtcccaag cttttgtcag     48120
     ggtgagcttt taagcacaaa accatatcct gtgttgacat attttaatta gtaaaaacag     48180
     acagaagcag aactacagaa gccaacaagc aagattagta tgtttagaga ctttcccaga     48240
     accatgtgct ttgatggtgt actggttagt tttgtgtcaa ctagacacag ctggagttat     48300
     cacagagaaa ggagcttcag ttgaggaaat gcctccatga gattcgactg taaggcattt     48360
     tctcaattag tgatcaaggg ggaaaggccc cttgtgggtg ggaccatctc tgggctgggt     48420
     tctataagag agcaggctga gcaagccagg ggaagcaagc cagtaaagaa catccctcca     48480
     tggcctctgc atcagctcct gctttctgac ctgtttgagt tccagtcctg acttcctttg     48540
     gtgatcaaca gcagtatgga agtgtaagcc gaataaaccc tttccttccc aacttgcttc     48600
     ttggtcatga tgtttgtgca gaaatagaaa ccctaagaca gatgggttag ggtttttttt     48660
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttgtgat gctggctatg tgctggattt tatgtcctga     48720
     atggtacttc tatcatggcc tcagttgtgc tcagggagga aaatacaggt ttagctttgc     48780
     cactgtacat gctgagatcc agatttcctt gcataatttg ttacagagga tttccctgaa     48840
     tagtctgctt ttgtcaactt tgtcaaaaac taagtgacat aagtgtgggt tcatttctgg     48900
     gtccagtatc cagttggtcc caggtttatt tttgtgctgg cttccaagaa gctatacctc     48960
     cctgatgctg tggccggcca tgaagcttcc cacagtcact acaccactgc tagatcacct     49020
     caactcaaac aagcagaaca gtcttctaat ggattcactt ggaggttttc ctctctctac     49080
     atttcaggaa ttttattcta ttctttctct aaattgaagt tcaaacaatg atggtgtctt     49140
     tctcttttct cttttctcca agatttatta tctatgttgg ctattcttgg ttgtcaattt     49200
     gactacatct ggaatcaatt aaaaaccaat ggttaggtac acctgtgaga gtttctttct     49260
     ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ctctctctct ctttctttcc     49320
     ttcttctttt tgtttttgtt cttgttcttc ttgttcttct tgttcttgtt cttcttgttc     49380
     ttgttcttgt tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc     49440
     ttctccctcc tcctcctcct cctcctcctc ctcctcctcc tcctcctcct cctcctcctt     49500
     cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt     49560
     cttccttctt cttcttaggg tttctattgc tatgaagaga caccataacc acagcaattt     49620
     tttacttttt attttatttt attttatttt attttatttt atttattggt tattttattt     49680
     atttacattt cgaatgttgt tcccccttcc tggtttcccc tccacaaaac cctatcccat     49740
     ccccctccct ctgcttctgt gagcaagctc ccccccccca ctcttgcctc actgctctag     49800
     cattccccta cattggggac cacagcaatt tttataaagg aaaacattta attggggctg     49860
     acttacagtt cagaggttta attcattatt gtcatagcag gaagcatggc agcatgcagg     49920
     caaacatagt gctggagagg gagccaaaaa ttctacatct ggatcttcag gcagctggaa     49980
     gagacaggaa ggacagctgg tgacaaatta gtatctgcta ataaactcta gaaattgtac     50040
     tttttttttc tctcaagagc aggtaactgg gctacatcac tgaaatgtga ggtttctcaa     50100
     gtaaggcttc cttggtggtc atctgtagga cactaaatga cccatcagcc atccacattc     50160
     aacataaatt attctagttc ttttagaggg gtggaaatga tcttaaagtg gatgggataa     50220
     agaaggagaa aggaggcagc tgtgggaaag gaagtggtgt ttcagtttga ctccctccat     50280
     ccctccctcc ctctctccct ctctccctca tttcctccct ccctccttcc ctccctctct     50340
     ctctccctcc ctccctccct ccctccctcc ctccctccct cccttccttc cttccttcct     50400
     tccttccttc cttccttctc tcttatcttc tttttgagac agagtctcac tgggtggtca     50460
     ggctgacctc acatatagca atccacctag cagatttcca ggtgctgcta ttacaggcaa     50520
     atactcctct gatcagctga ctcatttctt tctttaaaaa tttaaaaatc attagttaat     50580
     taatgtgtgt gtgtgtttca taggcacctg tgtgctctag tgtcatggca tgcttgtaga     50640
     tggcagagaa caacttgaag tcagttctct ttttccacca tacgggtcca gggattgaac     50700
     tcagatcgtc agacttagtg gcgagcatct ttaccagctg agaccgtccc tggccctcac     50760
     ttcttgcttt atgttgagac tgagttctta ctaacaatct tgtaatacaa aatcacttgc     50820
     tttattgatg aggttggcat ttgtacatat aattctgaaa gtagttacac gttgtggatg     50880
     aatttgtcta tgatctcaag gtcttttatc aacaacctgg cacagtgact taaatgacat     50940
     gaagaaacct gtcatgactt ctagattctg tttatttatt gtttgtggtg aagactgaag     51000
     ccagctcctc aaagatgcct aggagcactt tactaatgag ctgcttcgcc atctttacac     51060
     gtgtccctct tactattttt caaatacatg attctttaat tgcttagatg tttaaagctt     51120
     gacacactgt tctaggactg taatgctcct ctttctgatc atgtctactt tctgctgcta     51180
     tggtctttct gcaaggcaga ggtggtgtta tactaagata tttctgaagt taagtctctc     51240
     caagacctca ttcacccaaa gaggtgaaat ttacaacaag taagaacatg cttttaagtt     51300
     gttgaccgtg tgtttagagc acaaatactt ggatcttctt cctccagttt ctttgagctc     51360
     tagtttttcc aggtgaaagt aaaacaggta acaggaataa ctgattctat cttgagttta     51420
     tttctatttt ttatttattt taagaatgct ctctttgaaa attccacttt ttaaaaagat     51480
     ttatttattt attattatat gtaagtacac tgtagctgtc ttcagacaca ccagaagagg     51540
     gcatcagatc tcattacgga tggttgtgag ccaccatgtc gttgctgaga tttgaactca     51600
     ggacccctgg aagagcagtc agtgctctta accgctgagt catctctccg gacccctgaa     51660
     aattccattt atgtatatat tatattttat gtatatatta tattttgatc acattcatcc     51720
     acatcactct tttctgtctc ccgtctccct cctccttcct gagtttaata aggactgctg     51780
     catgagcctg agtgaaggcc tattcatgac ttaccaatag ttacaccatc aaaggaacat     51840
     ggctatttat cccttcagta gccataaact gccaatggct atccagacag gggaggagcc     51900
     tcatgacctt ctctcccatc tgagtctgtg ggtacagtgg ctcaatctat ccagaagtca     51960
     gcatttcacg gtactctctt ccatgttcta tctcctcctc catgtaccct gaaccttgca     52020
     tgggctgatg gtggtgatag atgtcttgtt cagaacccag tgctcaacag ttgattcttc     52080
     tccatggttt gaatctttgt gttaaccgct gtccactgca ggcagaagct ttgaccaagc     52140
     actaatctag aggtctaagc ataaatattt gaagtcagtt tgtgtggaga accttttggg     52200
     ggtagcttgg cagaaacctg acattggcca aggacaagga aatgggctcc aggcaggaat     52260
     ctgacatccc agcaagatga ggaagtaagt tcaggcaaga atctaaattt aggctataat     52320
     agggaaggaa ttttaatctt agggtggaac aaatgaagta ggcttcaggc aagattttgg     52380
     gcttggacaa ggaagtgggc tcaggtattt tggtcattct gacaagcctt tggaaacaac     52440
     tgtcatagga gtaatcactg gactttgctc actgccttgc tagttcctta ttgtactgct     52500
     ctccattaat acttgcatat aattaaaatg gtataaaagt ggattgggaa aaattaaacc     52560
     tgccttcagt ctcagaattg actggggtca ggctacaatg ttgtctaatt gtttttttct     52620
     tttttctttt taatcttcac tcctgagctg gactacctat taactgactg agcaggcttg     52680
     gtcagtttgg taacatgtcc acttagcaaa acaacagtgt aggctcccct tcagggccag     52740
     gtttacagta ccagctgagt tccttccagt agggccgacc tcaaatctag ttagaagtta     52800
     accccacagc acacatgcca ccctagcacc agcgggtacc atgactttat ttttatttta     52860
     aacgttttta taattttatt tattttaatg tgcactggtg ttttgcctgc atgtgtgtct     52920
     tgtatgagga tgtcggatcc cctggaacag gagttacaga cagttgtgag ccgccatgta     52980
     gctgctggga attgaaccag gaacccctgg aagagcagcc agtgctctta actgctgagc     53040
     catctctcca gccccatgat ggctttattt tatttattta aaatatttat ttaattttga     53100
     atacgtatgt gtgtctgttc atgagtatat caatgtgagt gtgaatgtct acagagacta     53160
     gaagaggatg tcagatctcc tggagtttga gttacatgtg gttgtgagct acccaagatg     53220
     ggcgctgaca accaaattca cttcctctgc aagaacagca agttctctta acgactgctg     53280
     catctctcca gcctgacgcc ttaatgttta aagaaacatt tcaggacact tttccagcaa     53340
     tgttttgact tggaaaaaaa tggaatctga ttgatagtta ttagggatga gaaaccaaag     53400
     aatactgtgt ctgtcatggg acttacagta tatttggagt aaagtgatgg caccttgagt     53460
     atcatatagg acagactgtc acatggtctg taataaagta actgggcata gtggcttatg     53520
     cttataatcc tagcactgca gaggccaagg ctggtggatt gctgtttgtg acttcaaatt     53580
     tactatgttt ctcaggctgg ccttgaactc ctgatctggt tgcttagtct cttaagtgct     53640
     aggatcatag gcctgcacca gcaggcttag gagaaaatta aatttgatta tggtataaat     53700
     gaggagtaaa aggagacatg actaattagg aatcagtttg atatataagc atagtggcag     53760
     taaacaacag gaaggaacca ttaataatta tattatccta gttagatttc tattgccatg     53820
     acaagggact aagcaaacac aacttacagg aggaaataat ttatttggct tacagcttgt     53880
     agtccaccat caagggaagc taaggcagga acttgaggta ggaacttgga gacaaagccc     53940
     tgaagcagag accatggagg agtcctgcgt ggtggcttgc tcagctacct tccttttgcc     54000
     acccaggacc acttgttcaa gggtggcgcc acctgcagtg ggctaggccc tcatctactg     54060
     attagcaatc aggaaaatac cccacagaca tgtccaccgg ccaataggat aaaaccaact     54120
     cttcaagaga ggtccccttc tctcaggtgt gtcaagctga caaccaaaat taactatcaa     54180
     aatgagtcag gatttccaag ctcagctact tgggggagta ttgatgccat ggacaagcaa     54240
     atcccacaga gtttggatgg gcctgactaa gggtgaagac agtgaaaaca ggagcgtggt     54300
     tggcgttgtt ttatcttatt ttccttccaa agttgctggt ataattatgt gcttgctaag     54360
     atgtacctgc attagtgttt gcctctgcct tacacaaagc atcttctcct ctcaggaagt     54420
     cgttagatgg taaaaatcat gcgcccattt atttctaaaa tagtctacaa tgaaaagatt     54480
     acgataggaa gtttcttcca attttaatta aactcagttt agtttaaacc attatcattg     54540
     ttgagcattt gtcccaccag gagcagtagt taagaacatg gcagcaatga tgatgatgat     54600
     gatgacgacg atggtgatga cgatgatgtg tgtgtgtggt ccctgagcca ctggctactt     54660
     ctctccaccc acatcccttc tacctgctgt tagcctcttc agggcagact tcacttcctg     54720
     gttcctcagg gtgtagatga ggggattcag taatggagtg acaacagtgt aaaatacagc     54780
     aactgctccg tcaaagggac tcttggaacc tgcccgaagg tagatgaaaa tacaggggac     54840
     atagtagacg gtgaccacag tgagatggga gccacaggtg gagaaggcac gcttcctgcc     54900
     atcggcagtg cgtatcttca ggatggcatg aactatgttg gcataggaga gcagaatcag     54960
     catgaagcaa ctggcagcca ctaccccaat atccacaaag gtcaccagtt cattgacagt     55020
     cgtatcggca caggccagtc tcagcactgc aggaatgtca cagataaaat aatctatttg     55080
     gttgggccca cagtagggca atctgaaggt cagagtggtt tgaatagacc catggatgga     55140
     gccagccacc caagctccag acactagaat tgtgcacaac ttcccattca tgagcacagg     55200
     gtagcgaagt ggctggcata ttgccaggta cctgtcatag gccatcaaag tgtagaggaa     55260
     gcactgggtg ctgcctagga agtggaaaaa atatagttga gctacacaac caccaaatgg     55320
     gatagccttg ctggcaggag tgaagtttaa aataagtcga ggaacaatga ctgaggagag     55380
     ccacatgtcc aggaaggaga gcacacccag aagaatgtac atggggcggg catgcagctt     55440
     ggggtcagcc cacacagtga gcaggatgag caggttcccc agctgtgtca ggatgtaaat     55500
     gaggaagaag accaggaaga ggaaggctct tagatttggg gggtgagcca agcccaggag     55560
     aaggaaatct gtcaccacag catccagcga tgtgtttctg gttcttctca tgtcttagtc     55620
     tgttaagatg aaccatgaag ttagacaagg gaaatgcaga gagggaggag gtaaggtgat     55680
     gcttttgttt gatgaccagt ggctagcagg agagaaatat atgtgtataa aattgttttg     55740
     aaagaagagt tggtgtcacc tattaattat ttaggtttat gtgagggaaa aattacccag     55800
     aggctggctg ttttggtgga tgtatggaac ctcttgttct gtgaggggca gcaaggagca     55860
     atattgcaca gatcaaggaa cagaagaagc tgtcagctct aggatggacg gattatttca     55920
     atcagaaagg attttaatga agggaggcta aagcaaatgc agggctaaaa tcatgtgttc     55980
     cccctcactg acctcactgt cacattgcct ttttgtctac agctaagaat cagctatact     56040
     caccatagca tgcaaaatgt gcagtgtctg gcccttcttc accattctgt ctgtttccac     56100
     ctagtgtttg gtgcatccct gagactgaag gctcttctga agtgtgctcc tggatgtgct     56160
     ttgcacttag cgtttccctg ggtgggaccc gttcttccct tcagccttgc ttaggggatc     56220
     attaccttga agaattcttt tctgattatt gatgataatg atatacacct tttcaataac     56280
     tatcttactc tatttacata gtctaattcc tcatcaatct ttccattatt caattgctag     56340
     tgaattaaaa atgataattc aatctcactt gttggaccct tctacttctt tgaggccaaa     56400
     gtcagtcttt gggattatac aatatggatc tagtttcatg ataacaaatt ctagggatca     56460
     ttcatgctct ttagtatttc agaatattgt tcattttatt gatttatatg tctattgatt     56520
     tagattgaat tttgtaaaat gcagaattgc aaaggaactt tttattgtgt gttataaaag     56580
     cattgaccag cacatggttg ttagcaagct tgtgtatgta tatacacaca ggtttctgtt     56640
     tgccatccag gagctctttc taaagaacat taaagatttc aaatacctga cccaaccagg     56700
     cgacaaggaa atgctttcat actgcttctt gcttaccaag aagtcaccac caaggtttct     56760
     ctcacagaga ttctcccagg tacacagggc caagcagaca tgtaccaaac tatgaaccaa     56820
     atatctttcc tctcttaaaa gaaacaaaaa aacaaaaccc ccaaaactag ccaaccaacc     56880
     aaccaaccaa ccaaccaacc aaccaaccaa aaaacaaacc aaaccaaaaa accctcccaa     56940
     gttcccaaaa cccctaagat cccacccgca acagcagcag cagcagtagc aacaaccact     57000
     cccaaaataa aaacaaaaag acaaagagga aagacttgtt aattcattgt ttttgctgaa     57060
     taaagatttt ttcctatccc agagtttaaa atgcattcat ctgccattta accataaagt     57120
     atctatagtt ttgtgagtat ttttagaagg caacaaaatt atagccatgt ttaaccattt     57180
     agctgccatc aaaaactctc acaggggatg gcaagatggt ttggtggtta agggctcttg     57240
     ctgacagact gacaacttga gttcagttcc tgggacccac acagaagaga agaacaaatt     57300
     cttgaaagtt ttcctctgat cttcataccc atgcctgtgt gtatacacat gtacacacac     57360
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acctacttct ccaaatagat     57420
     ttttatttta ttttctaaag taagaatttc tgtgttaaag tattatccct aatgctgctg     57480
     ctactgctgc tgttctggga cagtctgtgt ctctagacac acatgtaaat aaagaagttc     57540
     aaaacttgag gtatggtatt caggacatat cttggatttt ccagatatag atttttagaa     57600
     caatggagca tgtttttgcc aaagatttgg gtcagataat gagactagaa caggccaggc     57660
     tagcttaaaa gaagcaaaga cgactaccca ggatcctcct gcactgcctc tcccattctt     57720
     tagcttcctg tgtggtttgt tagtttcttt cttgttttta gttgttgaaa ctttcaaaaa     57780
     tgttgcaaat agtttgagta tatccactct ggctgattaa ataatcaaga tattctaaaa     57840
     aaatccaaat attattttgt atctgataat gataaaatta tcttgaaata tggtcaaatc     57900
     taatcagaac gcataaaaac actgaatggc taaaattcaa tataaaggca ctgcacaata     57960
     agactccagt gacatcagag actaaatggc acatctctga aaagtaattg cagttaaagt     58020
     tttaggaagg ctgtgaggat agtcagaaga gtgccactga ggtgtttaag gatgcgaagg     58080
     gtagggaaac attacagaga cctcttacat cttgggaccc caggatgagc tgcttgtgtg     58140
     catcctggac ctacgtcagg cttctctgat gtgagcatat ttcctgggga ggtttaaagt     58200
     gtgtgaagca gttccctagc agagtgaaac attggatttc tacagtgacc ctggagatct     58260
     ggggtactag gaaaaaacag gtaagaaatg aagatgggga gggaaactgg ctgagtgctg     58320
     tgttcagtgt gctcaaagga cgcctattta tgatggggca agtatctagt ctgaatctgt     58380
     ttctggcaag gacatttacc ttcctcctcc ttcattcagt tagatgtcct ggtaaggact     58440
     ggcagatcaa agggaatgta gagtatcctg ggcacacttg aagtactcca cagagtagat     58500
     ttctgtcctt taccatagat aaaaagagct taccttggaa gaaacctagc ccctcttcaa     58560
     tggagaggaa agtgcatctg gcctgccttt gtttctgcat agctaacctc ctcctgagcc     58620
     attcccggcc cttgcctttc attgctatca taataaaaag agaaagtaaa aaaagatgtt     58680
     aagctctctg agtcctcttt tcaactttat aaaagtcaaa cttatcctag tagttgggga     58740
     aagttccaga aagaaatggg aagagactaa cgtttagacc atacaatctg gtctccaagg     58800
     ctggttgtgc tctcttgggt ggagcgcttc tccacactgc ttcctctcag acttacctgt     58860
     atagagctgc agaattggtt ggttgtccct gagtggactt gtcctgcaga tagagagatg     58920
     ccgtccagag gctcagtcca gcctgtggta cagggctcct ctctctgttt taaaaaggat     58980
     ttagcattct ttcaagagtt tgccctgtag gcaaatgccc ttcatggctc tccaaggagt     59040
     gtgacttcta tatctcaagt caccagtttt tatcatgttg cttttctcca tctgattaag     59100
     ggagggggca agaagaagca ctgcctagag attcgaagta gaattctgac ctcaagggaa     59160
     atcctactgc aaagtattcc cctaatgagg cctccctccc tgaatcctca ttattttttg     59220
     tggagagagg gatcaggcaa catgaacagt agctgtctga aaaggggaaa tggagaatgc     59280
     tcacatgtat gtgagctctc agtatgtgtt ttcagtgtgc tctgcagact tctttgctgt     59340
     gcctcaggat ctccatttat ccccctgtct ctcacatact taccctgctc tggctgcttc     59400
     cttttaagat gctattgagt ggatgaaatc tcccttgatc ttcctcttct tctctttagt     59460
     cttcttggtt cctgttaata ctactgggca tactgtattt gcccatcaaa ttatttgtct     59520
     ccctccccta gaatgtaggc ttcataatag tactttggct cactgtgtaa ttcctggcac     59580
     tatttatcat agtgcttttc atgtagtagg tttttgtttt tgttttttag atttatttat     59640
     tattatatct aagtataccg tagctgtctt cagacgcacc agaagaaggc gtcatatctc     59700
     attatgggtg gttgtgaacc accatgtggt tgctgggatt tgaactctca ggaccttcag     59760
     aagagcagtc agtgctctta accgctgagc catctctcca gcccccattt agtcggttct     59820
     taatagataa ctttcaatga atgccttgag cagaaaaaag aaagccatgg tttcaaatat     59880
     gaacctcaca tttaaggtta cctggagtag ggctggggag atagatcagt ggatagaagt     59940
     gtttgttgag tgcatatata cacatacacc acatacatat atgtgtgtgt gcacacacat     60000
     gaacaatacg tgtgaataca gcatgtacca cctcatatac attgacacac acataaacac     60060
     atgaatatat catataccac cccacatgta cccacataca tgttcaacac acagaagaac     60120
     acataaatac acaattatac atatggatat actatatatc atccccccac atatatacca     60180
     cacatgtaca tacatacagc acatatatgg aaatatacac tatataccct atatgagtac     60240
     accatacaca taccaactac acatatacaa acacactgta acatacacac acagagacag     60300
     agagaagaga gagaagagag agagagagag agaaagagag agagagagag agagagagag     60360
     agagagaaaa gttacttgga gtattcttga tatgaaattg atttctacat gtacccttat     60420
     gtctatattc caaggcaagt cactctattt gttttataaa actttgtgtc aggtatttgt     60480
     gtgtgcaata gtctgtcacc tgagacttgt gtgggttctg gagccagtga gtgacagtgg     60540
     ctgtcactca ctgaggaaag gaacccaaag agaccggaat ggttttgttg aaaattgttt     60600
     atagctttag gaccagcaag atggcttagt gggtaaggat gcttgccaca aagtttgctg     60660
     acctagttag ggcttttatt gccatgatca aacaccatgg cctaaagcca cttatagaag     60720
     aaagatttat ttcagcttat agttctatat cacagtccat cactgaggga agtcagggca     60780
     ggaactcaaa caggacctag aggtaggaaa tgaagcagag cccatgcttt cttctttata     60840
     gcacccagga ctaccatccc aggagtggta ccacccacac tgagctgggc cctcccacat     60900
     ctatcatcag tcaagaaaat gtgccataag tttgccttca gtccaatctg ggaaacattt     60960
     tcacaatctc ttgagattcc ctcttacaaa atgactctag cttctgtcaa gccgacatag     61020
     agtcagttag catacctgta cacctaagtt tgaaccctga gacccacata gtagaaggag     61080
     aaaatcaatt ttcacaagca gtccttcaaa ctgcacatat gcaccatggt gtgtatgtga     61140
     ccctgccaaa aatgatatct ctagtaaaaa atgaaaaagg aaaaccacgt agcctatctg     61200
     catctgatga aattaggaaa ttggtggatc agggccctat accccagggc taggtgggaa     61260
     ccacacccac tgccaccgaa ttccttttct aatattcagg ggaatcagag tttcagtaat     61320
     ctgaaagaag cttggaagat ggtggatgat acccaggcac agtctgccag agcctccaag     61380
     aataaaatga agaaatgtca gattatacag ggacacagtc agtgttcaca actggactcc     61440
     tgaaggacca tcctgaggtg tgaccagtat cagagacccc atctatgagg cgccacatga     61500
     atttgaccag aacttgtacc caatcttcca aagaaagagc tggaagggag gacaggatgc     61560
     cccactgcaa aggaattctc agggataaga cagattttca ggtgctgcaa agaaatatca     61620
     agagacttga gactggtcca ggaatcagtg cagacagcac tcagctgctt cccctccttc     61680
     atatttatcc tactatttta tgcacattaa ttttgccagt cagctcattc ctacttggtc     61740
     ttccctcctc ctactccaga tcctcttctt ttacattttc ctttcttaaa gaatacagac     61800
     tggccttatt tgtgggctct gtgtgtctca gcctgtgcag attggggact tttctatgtt     61860
     atctgattac aacttaatga aaggggatag tagaacacag gtgacacaga agagatggga     61920
     gaatgcctgg gattcaagat ctaaggggaa caaaacaccc atggaaggag ttatagagac     61980
     aaaatttgga gctgtgacga aaggatggac catctagtga ttgccatatg cagggatcca     62040
     tcccataatc agcttccaaa tgctgacacc attgcataca ctagcaagat tttgctgaaa     62100
     ggacccagat atagctctct cttgtgagac tatgctgggg cctagcaaac acagaagtgg     62160
     aggatcacag tcagctattg gatgggtcac acggccccca atggaggagc tagagaaatt     62220
     acccaaggag ctaaagggaa ctgcaaccct ataggtggaa caacaatatg aactaaccag     62280
     tacccgggag ctcttgtctt tagctgcata tgcatcaaaa gatggcctag tcggccatca     62340
     ctgcaaagag aggcccattg gacttgcaaa ctttatatgc cccagtacag gggaacgcca     62400
     gggccaaaaa gggggagtgg gtgggtaggg gattgggggt gggtgggtat gggggacctt     62460
     tgggatagca ttgaaaatgt aaatgtggaa aatacctaat aataaaaatt caaaaacaaa     62520
     caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa ccaacaacaa caacaacaaa aaagatgtgc cattatgaga     62580
     ctgtgaaaaa aaaagatcta agggggggta gtggggttgt agataggaaa gagtaagttg     62640
     tgtattcata aggatatata catcagcttt gtggaaaccc attagtttgt gagacaatta     62700
     agaatacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca caaattcata tgggtttgaa cagaactatt     62760
     ctgtgcaggt ggacagtgat gctcacagag gacatggctt agcaagtgaa aatctcagtg     62820
     ccaggctgtc atgcatatca actactggct agggaggtcc tcaaacaaca caggatactg     62880
     tcactgctct ttttcattaa ttactattgc atacatgtat gtatttgtat ttacatatat     62940
     atttccaaat atagcctgaa aaatgccttt aattactaaa ctgcctcttt agctcttaat     63000
     ttcaacaatg aaaaaatata ccttataaaa taaaaaagag acaattgagt gaagaggctc     63060
     ctacagagtg ggaggacatt tttgttagct atatacatct gacagaggat taatataaag     63120
     atatgcaaag gaaaaaatga aacaaataga attgactgaa tcataatatt agttaataaa     63180
     ctgaacagat agctctcaaa ggaaaaatgt aaatgtaaat atttagaacc atgttcattg     63240
     ttcttaacca tcagggaaat gacaattaaa actcctttgg gattaaatct caccccagtc     63300
     agatagacta ctattaagga tgcttcaatc ctacttagaa gggggaacaa aataatcatg     63360
     agaggtagag agagggtaga acctgggaga gagagagggg agggggaggg aaaatgggtg     63420
     tgtgtatgtg gcaggatcag gtatgggaag agagaggaga gaagtccaga ggaccaggaa     63480
     aatgaataga aatatgtagc agtgggaggt ggggggaacc actagaaagt cccagatgcc     63540
     agggaaacga gggttcccag gacccaacaa caaagacatt agctgaaata cccaacagag     63600
     aagagataga acctgaagag accacctcca gtagatgggc atagccccca gttgatggat     63660
     gggctcacct gcccatctca aaaaatttaa cctggaattg ttcctgtcta gaggaaatgc     63720
     agggacaaaa aatggagcag agactgaagg aaaggccatc cagaatccac cccaccttgg     63780
     gatcaaactc atctgcagac accaaactgg gtcactattg ctgatgccaa aaagtgctct     63840
     aagacaggta tgactgtcct ctgaaaggct ctaccagcag ctgactaaga cagattcaga     63900
     tactcacagc caaccatcag actgagcctg gggaccccaa tggaagagtt aggggaggga     63960
     ctgaaggagc tgaaggggat tataatcaca taggaagaac aacaatatca actaactgga     64020
     ctgcccagag ctcccaggga ctaaaccact aaccaaagag tatgcatgga tgagttcaag     64080
     gctccagcta cctatgtagc agaggattac cttatctggc atcagtgggt ggggaggccc     64140
     ttggttctgt agagccttga tgccccagca taggaggatg ctaggggaat gaggtaggag     64200
     tggatgggtg ggggagcaca atcttacagg taaaggggag ggaaggtggg atggggagtt     64260
     tacagagggg agacctggaa gggggacatt tgaaatgtaa ataaataaaa taaccaattt     64320
     agaaaaaaaa aaagaaagaa aagagaaaga aaaaaacccc caaaataaca gtcaggctac     64380
     attcagcgtc acaccccaca agccatatgc cttaaggata gctagtctac ttcctgtagc     64440
     caggcagagc cctcagtgga gggataagga catcaacaca cgctcaaaac ttttgactca     64500
     aagtctgtcc tatctataag aaatgcagga aaaaagatgg aacagaaatt gagggaatgg     64560
     ctaaccaata atcagctcaa cttgagaccc atcccacggg caagcaccaa tccctgacac     64620
     tattaatgac attctgttct atttgcagac attctgtaat gtatagcatg actgtcctct     64680
     gggaagctct acctagcagc tgactgaaag agatgcagag acccacggcc aaacagtgaa     64740
     tggagtttgg ggactcttat ggaagggttg ggggaacaat tgagggctcc gaatgggata     64800
     ggaactctac gaaccactaa ccaaagaaca tactcattga acctaggcct ccccacacat     64860
     atgtagcaga tgtgcagctc agtgttcttg tgggttcccc agaaattgga gtggggggct     64920
     gtctctaaag ctgttgtcta tttgtggaat acatccccct aactgagctg ccttgtatgg     64980
     cttcagtggg aaaggttaca cctagtcctg cagagacttg atgtgccagg gttgggggat     65040
     acccagggag tcctctactg tctcaaagga gaaggggagg gtgatgggag aagggattgt     65100
     gtgaggggta gatggtggtg gtggggcaat gaccaggatg taaagtgaat aaataaataa     65160
     gttaatgaag acaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gaatcgtcta ttcttgtttt actatcggtc     65220
     tcgatcttct cagccagtca tggattgcaa ggggaagaat ctagttgaat agatgtttca     65280
     gggatttttt ttttctgcag tagttgggtt tactagcagg tatgtgactg aacagtttgt     65340
     gtggactgtt tatatagatg tggtcagatt tgctttctca tgtttgctaa cacttccttc     65400
     atggcccatc tactgccaac attccctgaa atgattgcct gtttaagact taggcacaga     65460
     agacaagaaa tcaggggaca gaaaccttaa taggcattct aaaaataatt gattggagct     65520
     ctcacaattc aacacttgct tttgtgtctt tttagataaa ctgaattgct tgcataacca     65580
     aaacctgaac ttaaaccacc tacgttctta cagcatagct gtgaagagct ctagttgccc     65640
     ttatctctaa tccaattgta ttttaactta taactattct ataccgtctc ttcataatct     65700
     tgctatggag aacatgaaat aaaagtatgc aatgcttctt tcaggtgtat atagtgaata     65760
     gacacttcat aactggtaaa gaaaagaaag aagagggctg gagagacacc tcagtggtta     65820
     aaagcactga ctgctcttcc gaaggtcctg agtttaaatc ccagcaacca catggtggct     65880
     cacaaccatc tgtaatgaga tctgatgccc tcttctggtg tgtttgaaga cagctacagt     65940
     gatataataa taaataataa ataaatcttt aaaaaaagaa aagaaagacg aaaacaaaca     66000
     gccaggtggt ggtgcacacc tttaattcta gcactggagg caaaggcagg taaatttctg     66060
     tgaattcaag gccagcctgg tctacacagt gagttccagg acagccaagg ctgttacaca     66120
     gagaaagcgt attttgaaaa aaacaaacaa acaaacgaaa agaagaaaac aaaacaacaa     66180
     atattggcat ggatgtgagg agagaggaaa ccttattcac tgcctatgga aatgtgtagt     66240
     tgtgcagtga ataaggaaac cagtattgag gtccttcaaa aaataataac agaatttcca     66300
     tataacccag ctaagccagt tctgagcata tacctaaagt agtctatgtc ctatcaaaga     66360
     gatacttgta tatccatgtt aattatttta tacacagtga caactaatgg aattaactta     66420
     tctacagatg aaggggcaat gaaggcatag tacatataca caatagaact ttattcagaa     66480
     gctaagaaaa atgatatgtg attttcttga aaatggatac agttggaaaa gattatattt     66540
     agtgaggtaa ttcaggctca gaaagacaaa tattgcatta ttgaatgttc tttttatatg     66600
     tgtatccttc cttctaatat gtctctctgt ctatatgtct acccaccttt catttgtaat     66660
     gtatagagtc taggtgacta gaaaggtgac agtgaggtgg aacacttgag gtagaagtgt     66720
     atgagcaggg acagggagca gggagatgtg ggaagagagt gccagccaac caaagtagta     66780
     tgtataataa aatgtgaaaa caaggggacc tatattttgt aactaataaa gaaaagaaaa     66840
     taattacata aaataagtta atattataag taatactgga gacttggttg aaatgaagaa     66900
     acaattcttg gagtgtggta ctagctgtag gagactatac tgactaatgg aggtctgtga     66960
     agattgagtg gcttctaaag ggtctttcaa ttctaaatta gaaagcaact gcttaaagct     67020
     tggtgtgatg gtggtagtga tgtgtgtgtg tgcatgtgtg cacaactgca gagctttata     67080
     tatctcacca aaagatgaca gcatcatctt tatttttcca cattgattga ttgattgaca     67140
     gtgacatata tgtatagagt gtattgtgat catattcacc tctcatcact ctctgtcacc     67200
     tcttccactc tcaatgactc tttttccagt gagccccatc tccttcccct ttttatgcag     67260
     gcctcattca ggcagccata tctgctgtgt gctcaaggtt gcagaagccc tgccatatcc     67320
     agaggacaat gtttccatct cttctccatc ctctacctcc acacttgtct tccttctctt     67380
     cagaaatggt ctccaggcct ggggatgggt gacagagatg cgctgcttag ggcagagcac     67440
     tcagtctcac tgattctcaa cacactgaca gttgtcaatt tctgtattaa ctctgcagaa     67500
     agaaacttcc ctgacctaga ttgtgagcag ctctagtctg tgggcataag tgttgaggag     67560
     acactttgtg tcttagggtt tatattgcag taaagagaca ctctgaccac agcaactctt     67620
     ataaaggaaa actttcaact ggggctggct taaagttcag aggtttactc cattagcatc     67680
     atggagggaa acatgggggc acacaggcag acatggtgtt ggagaagggg tggagatttc     67740
     tatatctaga gcagcaggtg actggaacag agagagacac tgggcctgac ttgagcatct     67800
     gagagctcaa agcacacccc cacagtgacg tagttactct aacaaggcca cacctcccaa     67860
     tagtgccact tcctatggac ctatgagggc cattttcatt taaatcacca cagtttgttt     67920
     ataatatcag tagtatattc ttctccagag cctgtgatct cctcaatgag aggcttttga     67980
     tcaggtttat agtaccaggt gtatgctcgc tctcctggag agggcttcaa attctattag     68040
     aaagtggttg gttagctcat agtagtctga cactactgcc cagtgggtga atatttccta     68100
     gtaggtcaga gtaatagcat agaggatcca caacccatta taatttttaa taaagcaatg     68160
     tattacattc tactttatgg aatgactaca cagaaatgaa tccaaatgat tcatgatgag     68220
     agtagatact ctagtaagaa taccacatgt tgatccatat atggaggtaa atgtttgtaa     68280
     aagaatctct tggaaggata ttattctgaa gtcagcctgg tctacactgc taggtttact     68340
     tcaataccaa accaaaccaa accaaaccaa accaaaccaa accaaaccaa accaaaccaa     68400
     accaagccaa gctaaaccaa accaaattaa aataaagcaa aaccaagcca aaccaacaag     68460
     tcaattcaat ataaaaaagg caaagaaagg caaggaaacc aaaccaagac aagacaaaag     68520
     acaagacaag acaagacaag acaagacaag acaagacaag acaaaagaaa acaaacagaa     68580
     aactaaatga ggcaggtagg caggcaggca gaagacactg agtggtctgc catcacaggc     68640
     accactaacg tgtgtgagaa tatggtggag agatgggaga ggaaaagaag cagagtggtg     68700
     tgtgcacaat gaaggggggg gggcggagct ggagacagga gggtagtgag ggtcagcctg     68760
     ctatgaggag cctgtggtgc cccctgaggc catggcaaga tcctggcgtg gcctaccacc     68820
     aagggccatg tctgggttca tggccctgca gaagcaggga tctgtgttgg tgtctgtggc     68880
     ccatgttacc accaaaggcc atgtggatgt ccgaaacctg ggctgccacc tggggtcatg     68940
     ttgacgtcca agggttgccc agatctggcc tcacttcttc ttgctgcagc actctggaga     69000
     atgggccctg cacccacttc ttctgggcat cataatagat ctggctctgg tgtcaggggt     69060
     gcaggcgagc tggtgtgagt gcagagtgag tgcgggagag cctggtcctg ccccctgctg     69120
     gctgtcatag gcaagagagc tggccttgtt cctcaccagg ggaaagcagg agagctggcc     69180
     ctgatggtgt gagtgcaaaa gtgctgtcaa gctcgccaac tcagctactc agatccaggg     69240
     ctctgtgctg gctcggccca atatctacct catctgtgaa ctgagtgtgt gaagaagctg     69300
     atcttgtaaa tccaaagttg caggatctcc atgacacaga gcaacaacag gacaactgag     69360
     aaaagttcca gggaggatat agtatattga tagtgtagca gaagccaaga ggccttgaac     69420
     cagactaatg actcattgca atgaacattt gcaagtaaag acatttggac aaggggttat     69480
     actatgtgac acatctgtga cagactgcag cttccacggt gtactggcta tttttgtgtt     69540
     aacttgacac aggctggagt tatcacagag aaaagagctt cagttgggga aatgcctcca     69600
     tgagatccag ttcaacgcat tttctcaatt agtgatcaag ggggaaaggc cccttgtggg     69660
     tgggaccatc tctgggctgg tagtcttggg ttctataaga aagcaggctg agcaagccag     69720
     gtgaggcaag ccagtaaaga acatccctcc atggcctctg catcagctcc tgctttctga     69780
     cctgcttgag ttccagtcct gacttccttg gtgatgaaca gcagcatgga agtgtaagcc     69840
     aaataaaccc tttcctcccc aatttgcttc ttggtcatga tgtttgtgca ggaatagaaa     69900
     ccctgactaa gacacacagc aagatgactt ttgttttttg ttttatttct tcctctcttc     69960
     tccttctctt cctcctgctc tctcctcctc ctgccccttc tcctcttttc ttcctctttc     70020
     ttcctcttcc tcttcctctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc     70080
     ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttttcttctt cttcttctct tcttcttcta     70140
     cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttctct tcttttcttt tcttcttctt     70200
     cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt     70260
     cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttctcctt ctccttctcc ttctccttct ccttctcctt     70320
     ctccttctcc ttctccttct ccttctcctt ctccttctcc ttcttctcct tctccttctc     70380
     cttctccttc tccttctcct tctccttctc ctccttttct ccttctcctc ctcctcctcc     70440
     tccttcttct ttcttcttct tcctccttct tcttcctcct cctccttctt ccttcttccc     70500
     tcttccctct ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt     70560
     cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttctcc tcctcctcct cctcctcctc     70620
     ctcctcctcc tcctcctccc tcttctctta tggtgggaga gatggcaagt gcggagggca     70680
     gataaggagg gacagggaga taagtgggat tggggtacat gatgtgaaat ccacaaagaa     70740
     taaaaagtta aaaaaataat acaaataata gaaaaaagat gttacatgga agacattaat     70800
     ttgagaaaac aatgcattaa aaaggtctca tatatctcaa actggccttg aacttgttac     70860
     atagctaagt atgatattga gttcctgatc ctccttcccc tacccctgag tgttgggata     70920
     tggttcacct caacatgtgg tattaactgc agcttttatt ttattatttt aaaaaaaatt     70980
     tattggttat tttatttatt tacatttcaa atgttatccc ttttcctgat ttctcctcca     71040
     caatccccca tcccatctcc tctccctgct tctatgaggg tgctccccca ctcacccacc     71100
     cactcccacc tcatccccta acattcccct acactggggc attgagtctt cacaggacca     71160
     agggtctccc cttccattga tgacagataa ggccatcatc tgatacatat gaagcttgag     71220
     ccatggatcc cttttgtgtg tactctttgg ttggtggttt agtccctggg agctctgggg     71280
     gagggtggga aacgaggtct ggttagttga tattgttgtt cttcctatag ggttgctaat     71340
     ccctttagct ccttcagtcc ctcccctaac tcctccactg gaatccctat gctcagtctg     71400
     atggttggct gtgagcatca gaggatcagc atctgtattg gttaggctct ggcagagctt     71460
     tccaggagac agctgtatca ggctcctgtc agcaagcact tcttggcatc ctcaatagtg     71520
     actgggttgg tgtctgcaga tgggatggat atccaggtgg ggcagtctct ggatggcctt     71580
     ccttcagtct ctgctctact ctttgtccct gtatctcctt tagacaggaa caattctggg     71640
     ttaactttta acacttagga agtaggttga agtgcagatt tcttcccgaa tgtcttcatc     71700
     aactttcatt tttttaagct tagtcttcca cttcttgcct tctgcctttt ctctttttca     71760
     aggttatatg taactgagca aaaatattaa ataacagaaa aatttaagaa agtgttgacg     71820
     tttagtctat ttttttttgt ttgttttttt tttttttttg ttttgttttt tgagacaggg     71880
     tttctctgta tagccttggc tgtcctggaa ctcactttgt agaccaggtt ggctttgaac     71940
     tcagaaatcc acctgtctct gcttctcaag tgctgggatt aaaggcgtgt gccaccactg     72000
     cctggttcta gtctattttt taaattccag gtatctgaaa taatgaatag tttaacattc     72060
     cacttctgct ctattgacac atacattgac gcatatcctc acacagagat ttatcgtcca     72120
     tttattcacc ggcacaaata ccactgtgga gatagcagtg tatcacatcg tgtgcatgat     72180
     ctacagcctt gtgtctttgt ttttcttcta ttctgggaaa agaagcttag catggggcag     72240
     ttgaccactt ctgctcttgc attatgttcc aatttgtttt gtttttttct tgtccttttt     72300
     cttggtagat accacagact ggccttgagc acaggaccct cccaggcctt tcaagagcta     72360
     ctgttagatc cccacaccac ctcacccagc tgtctttttt gttcttcaca gttgagcttc     72420
     atcaaagtca catgggttaa actctatgga gtagtcagaa cacactcttc agaagggact     72480
     cctgatttca aagggacttc cccagctgtc actgaagcat cttgaagaca cccctcaaga     72540
     aaggacatcc tcttcttgct tctgtgggtt tgcacccagg atgaggctcc tccccaccca     72600
     cagagggttt tctctctgaa gctgttggtg ctcaggagct ggggactcag tgtcaggctg     72660
     gtggtgtcat gctgcagatg tgggggtttg ttctctatct cttcctgatg gtgggaggta     72720
     agttccaact tcatagagaa catggctagg agttttcaaa ataatttttc tccagctaaa     72780
     taattgcaac ttttataatg aaaaaagcct ttgctattag atattttcct ttctttctta     72840
     attttctatt tatctatcta tctatctatt tgtctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta     72900
     tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatttaat gtcttttgag acagggtttc tccatgtagc     72960
     cctggctgtc ctggaactca ctctgtagac caggctggcc ttgaactcag agatcctcct     73020
     gcctctgcct cctgagtgtt gggatcaaag gtgtgcacca tcatctcctg tggatagatg     73080
     ctttcttatg atgtacccac tgttatgggc tttcttgtaa tgagtggctg ccattgttac     73140
     cactgtttct gacactcatt gttgatcttg aaaactccct gttactctaa gttttcctgg     73200
     accacatgga agcatggcat tttttaaaat taatttttaa ataattcaac gtgggaataa     73260
     tctatctgca gcatttccac gctccctttc cccctgctaa tctttcctgt gtctcgtagg     73320
     tgctgcagga cagggcgtgg agcagcctga caacttgatg tctgtagagg gaacctttgc     73380
     tcgggtcaac tgcacataca gcacctcagg gttcaatggg ttatcctggt accagcaacg     73440
     tgaaggccac gcccccgtat ttctttctta tgttgttttg gatggtttga aggacagtgg     73500
     gcatttctcc acattcctga gccgctcgaa tgggtacagt tacctgcttc tgacagagct     73560
     ccagatcaaa gactctgcct catacctctg tgctgtgagg gacacagtga ctatgctaac     73620
     ctctgcagct gcacagaaat tctaagaggg acacagcagg agtggagtta catttcctga     73680
     gtgtgtcttt gctgtgaatc aagactaggc tccttggaaa cagatttgag tttgccactt     73740
     tctatctggg tggttttaaa tgagccactt taacttaaag tgatttttac atttattgat     73800
     tgatttttaa aaaagatcag ttcagttttc tcacgtataa aatggggcta acaatagtgc     73860
     cttagccctc acaggaaaat tttataaagt ttaagttatt tgtaaagttg aagttctcta     73920
     aaggtttgat tagaggatgc atatccaaaa tagtatactt atatagggag agagcagaat     73980
     ctgggagagg gagggaggta gggaagagag gaggagagaa aatcgtcatc gtctttataa     74040
     atgagcctcg gaagtgtaag actatcactg ctattgtatt ttaaacactg tgtagcccta     74100
     cagtgaagca ggagattgca cagagttgct tgaggtcact gctatcacgt tgattggcta     74160
     cctgacagac ccaccacgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtctgaaaa ggtcatggaa cagttgcgcc     74220
     tcccccaccc ccttccgcaa gggagaggct aatattccgt ggggctggat cattgtccac     74280
     cttcagacaa gggaagtcct tgccacctca ttccctaaag actaatcagt ttaaaaagtc     74340
     acactgttct gccaatcaca ttgtgcctaa tgactgctgc cctgaaaaac tgtataaaaa     74400
     gctcactgac tgagctgcgc agggtcgcca cctctccttc cggtctgggg acgaccccag     74460
     tgcacgggaa caataaattc ctcttgcttt ttgcattgat tcccaactcc tcgtggttca     74520
     ctcagggggt ccctggtaag ctaaggctcg ccagagtctt acatgtcatg ggtacatgcg     74580
     gaagtcagag ggtagcttgc cagaccagag tcagttctct ctactatcat gttcgtcttg     74640
     aagactaact caggttataa gcttggcagc aagcgacttt acccaccgag ccatcttact     74700
     ctctgaatgc taactctttt gttactgtct cataggtctt tgggaaacat ttttccctcc     74760
     agactgtttt tcttgctgtt gtttagattg agtaaattct gccccctgtc tctcagatct     74820
     ggttactctc actttcctgt tgattctaac ctgaaggatt tttgacttaa gttttaattt     74880
     tttctttctc taatttactg atgttttctt ccataatttc tcttttttct gactgaaatg     74940
     ttctggtttt ctgattaaga ggaattgcac ttatttgttg aagtattttt tcagtagctg     75000
     ttacaacatg ctgtctcatg agttctgaat ctgatttgtc ttggtgttga tgtctgttgt     75060
     cacttctcat tcatgtgatt ttctctttct tagaatgaga atgagcactg tatcagaaaa     75120
     cttggctccc cacttcattt ccatttcagc gagtttgtct gtagaggtgt agtagatgag     75180
     ggctggctcc agcttgttca atttcattga tgagaagtgg ctttgcttac tgctggaccc     75240
     cattcccttc ttgctgagca actgggaaca tcacgtgttt ctgccacatg ggcaatggga     75300
     gatctgcttt cagctttagg atatcagtta cttcgagtac acattaacat ggatgaggtg     75360
     atcaaaagac aagtatcagt tattcaacta ctaaatatat tagatgctct ttttctagtc     75420
     acagttgaaa atatttagat tttctttgta catactagaa tcatcacaaa ggccttcaga     75480
     gtttcatttg attcattttt ttttaataca ggagatccag ggactatgtc ccttgtgatg     75540
     aaataatcag aaaatgaaca atattcattt ctttaatgat tctaagtaag aaaagggtat     75600
     tttaagaaag tatttattcc tcaaaaggga aaagtattac gtgaatacac agaaagcacc     75660
     ttcggatact taattttgcc tctgtaacca ctggcacact tctcagatag cttaaacatt     75720
     ctaatagtat ttcaggttta tgtctcatgt tggtgacatg gctaagtgaa gcccttcgtt     75780
     atctatgagc actacctccc cctttgaaaa ttaaaggagt tgtgctgtct tctaaatatc     75840
     aaatagttgc tagtggcaga gaaccaatta cttcctgtaa gataaaaagt tattgtcata     75900
     tagacttgtt taaaaaaaac ttggaaaaac ttaaagaggc aggtaaagaa gcaaaattta     75960
     aaaagcaaga agatttcttt ccttctaaca gggcttgctt tgttctgaat gagccattga     76020
     agacaatttc agcagaatat gataactgat ttcaaacaaa tgttgaaatt cactatgtat     76080
     cataagtttc tctgtgtaaa tgccaattca attttattta aagaatgtta aatatttatt     76140
     tattttatgt gttttgtggt gctttgaata tatttggccc agtgagtggt actgttagga     76200
     ggtgtggcct cattggagga tgtgtgtcac tgtggttggc ggtgagcttt gaggcctgtc     76260
     tcctagctgc ctggaagaca gtcttctcct gttggccttt ggatcatgat gtagaactct     76320
     tagctcctcc agcgccatgc ctgcctggac actgccatgc ttcctgccat tatgataatg     76380
     gaccgaacct cagaacctgt aagcagcctt aattaaatgt tgtcctttgt aagagttgct     76440
     ttggtcatgg tgtcttttta cagcaatgga aaccttaact aaggcatgta tgaatgttct     76500
     gcttgcatgt atgtatgtgt tgttgtctta gtcaaggttt ctattcctgc acaaacatca     76560
     tgaccaagaa gcaaattggg gaggaaaggg tttatttgac ttacacttcc atactgctgt     76620
     tcatcaccaa ggaagtcagg cctggaactc aagcaggtca gaaagcagga gctgatgcag     76680
     aggccataga ggaatgttct ttactggctt gcttcccctg gcttgctcag cttgctctct     76740
     tataaaacca agactaccag cccagagatg gcaccaccca caaggggcct ttcccccttg     76800
     atcactaatt gagaaaatgc cttacagttg tatctcatgg aggcatttcc tcaactgaag     76860
     ctccttactc tgtgataact ccagctgtgt caagttgaca caaaactagc cagtacagtt     76920
     gtgttgcctt gtgttgtaaa ggacagaaga gggcattgga tactctggag ctggagttat     76980
     agattattgt gagccactat gagggtgctg ggagtttagt ccaacaaggg cacctaacca     77040
     ctgagatatc tctccagtcc agtaaatgct cattttaaaa gatagtatat aaaacctaaa     77100
     aacaatttac atttggaagt gagtgggaaa tcaaagttca atatattcat tgaacattac     77160
     aactgaaaag acatcaggta gttcatattt gaagatagat ataaagtatt taaaccacaa     77220
     ataattagtt gtcatccaga taatgctctt catccttatt agtagcaaat tccatttaac     77280
     tatagaccaa gcccagttga atattttata acattgaaga aataaatcat atatctgcgt     77340
     attaaaactg atatttagaa atcttttaag gtatattaat aattttaatg gtataataat     77400
     ttattccaat cacaaacata atttatttta ataatttttg taagtcagta aaaaaatcca     77460
     cagaaagaga taataataaa gcctggtggt ggtggcacac acctttaatc ccagcacttg     77520
     ggaggcagag gcaggcggat ttctgagttt gaggccagcc tggtgtacaa agtgagttcc     77580
     aggacagcca gggctataca gagaaaccct gtcttgaaaa aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaca     77640
     aaacaaacaa acaaaaaaga gataataaaa gccagggttg aaattaatga aatataaata     77700
     aaaataatac aaagaattaa tgaatcaaag aatcgtttct ttgaaaatat taacaagact     77760
     gacaaaccat tggccaaatt aaccaaaaat caaaccaatc ttcaaaccaa ccaaccaatc     77820
     aaccaacaaa aaagaaagaa aagaagacac aaatcaataa aggtagaaat gaaaagggag     77880
     atgttgtagc aaacaccaag gacattcaga caataaagac atactttaaa aatgtatttc     77940
     tacaaaactg gaaaatctaa gatggataga tatataggac ctatcaaaat taagtcaaga     78000
     caaagtaaat aatttaaata gaaccatatc taatgaaata gaagcaataa ttaaagatct     78060
     ctaatgtaaa aataatccca gggacaagag ggttcagtat gaaattctat cagatcttca     78120
     aagaagaact aacaaactat tcttcaaatt attttgtaaa atagataaag aggaaacatt     78180
     tccaaaattc ttttacaaag ctggtattac ctaatactaa aaccaaagac ctaacaaaaa     78240
     tatgaatgat gccagtattt ctcatgaatg caggcacata cattttcaac aaaatatttg     78300
     taaaatgaat tcaacaatat atcaaaaatg atccattata tcacagaaga tggaaagatc     78360
     tcccatgctc attgattggc aggatcaata tagtaaaaat ggctatcttg ccaaaagcaa     78420
     tctacagatt caatgcaatc cccatcaaaa ttccaactca attcttcaac aaattagaaa     78480
     gggcaatcag cagattcatc tggaataaca aaaaacctag gatagcaaaa actcttctca     78540
     aggataaaag aacctctggt ggaatcacca tgcccgacct aaagctgtac tacagaacaa     78600
     ctgtgataaa aactacttgg tactggtata gcgacagaca agtagaccaa tggaatagaa     78660
     ttgaagaccc agaaatgaac ccatacacct atggtcactt gatctttgac aagggagcaa     78720
     aaaccatcca gtggaaaaaa gacagcatct tcaacaaatg gtgctggcac aactggcggt     78780
     tatcatgtag aagaatgtga attgatgcat tcctatctcc ttgtactaag gtcaaatcta     78840
     agtggattaa ggaactccac ataaaaccag agacactgaa acttatagag gagaaagtag     78900
     ggaaaagcct cgaagatatg ggtacagggg aaaaattcct gaatagaaca gcaatggctt     78960
     gtgctgtaag atcgagaatc tacaaatggg acctcataaa attgcaaagc ttctgcaagg     79020
     caaaagacac cgtcaataag acaaaaaggc caccaacaga ttgggaaagg atctttacct     79080
     atcctaaatc agatagggga ctaatatcca atatatataa agaactcaag aaggtggact     79140
     ccagaaaatc aaataacccc attaaaaaat ggggctcaga gctaaacaaa gaattctcac     79200
     ctgaggaata ctgaatggct gagaagcacc tgaaaaaatg ctcagcatcc ttaatcatca     79260
     gggaaatgca aatcaaaaca accctgagat tccatgtcac accagtcaga atggctaaga     79320
     tcaaaaattc aggtgacagc agatgctggt gaggatgtgg agaaagtgga acactccttc     79380
     attgttggtg ggattgcaag cttgtacaac cactctagaa atcagtctgg cggttcctca     79440
     gaaaattgga catagtacta ctggaggatc ccacaatacc tctcctgggc atatatccag     79500
     aagatgtccc aaccagtaag aagggcacat gctccactat gttcatagca gccttattta     79560
     taatagccag aagctggaaa gaacccagat gcccctcaac agaggaatgg ataaaaaaaa     79620
     aacgtggtac atttacacaa tggagtacta ctcagctatt aaaaagaatg aatttatgaa     79680
     attcctagcc aaatggttgg acctggaggt catcatcctg agtgaggtaa cccaatcaca     79740
     aaagaactca aatgatatgt actcactgat aagtggatat tagcccagaa acttaggata     79800
     cccaagatat aagatacaat tttctaaatg catgaaactc aagaaaaatg aagaccaaag     79860
     tgtggacact ttgccccttc ttagaattgg gaacaaaaca cccatggaag gatttacaga     79920
     gacaaagttt ggagctgtgt cgaaaggatg gaccatctag accctgccat atccagggtt     79980
     ccatccaata atcagcttcc aaacgctgac accattgcat acactagcaa gattttgctg     80040
     aaaggaccca gatatagctg tctcttgtga gagtatgcca gggcctagca aacacagaag     80100
     tggatgctca cagtcagcta ttggatggat cacagggtcc ccaatggagg agctagagaa     80160
     agtacccaag gagctaaagg gatctgcaac cctataggta gaacaacatt atgaactaac     80220
     cagtaccccg gagctcttga ctctagctgc atatgtatca aaagatggcc tagtcggcca     80280
     tcactggaaa gagcggccca ttggacttgt aaactttata tgccccagta caggggaatg     80340
     ccagggccaa aaagtgggag tgggtgggta ggggagtggg tgggagggca tgtgggactt     80400
     ttgggatagc attggaaatg taaatgagga aaatacctaa taaaaagtat taaaaaaaga     80460
     tcaattatga tcaagtagac ttcattccag agatacaagg atggttcaac acatataagt     80520
     aaaggtaatt cactaaagca ataggtcaaa ggccaaatga gtatttacta ggtacagaaa     80580
     agttttttga taaaaattca gtttttcttc atgagaaaac tcctagaaag tttacggata     80640
     taagggacat atatcaacac aataaagatg atatatagga agactatagc caatatcatc     80700
     ctaaatggag aaaaaccgca aagcctttcc actgaaattc aggaacaaga caagaatatc     80760
     tactcttcct gctcctgttc aattgtagtc ttggctaaag cagtaagaca tctgagagat     80820
     aaaggggcta taaatagaaa aggatgaagt tgaagtatcc ttattttcag ataatataat     80880
     tctatacata aaagacccta cagtctacac aagaaaactc caacagctga taaacacatc     80940
     tagcagaatt gtcctagtga gggttgctaa tgctgtgaag agacaccatg accacagcaa     81000
     ttcttaaaag ggaaaacatt taatttttgg ctgacttaca gttcagaggt ttagttcatt     81060
     attatcatgg gtaggaagca taaaggcatg caggtagata tggtgctgga gaggtatcta     81120
     agggttctat atttggatgg gcagggagca ggaagagata ctgggtgtgg cttgagcttc     81180
     tgaaatctca aagcccaccc ccaacaacac acttacttca acatccccac acctattcca     81240
     acaaggccac acctcctaag agtgccactc cctatgagcc tacaggggtc actttcattc     81300
     aaaccaccat attccattcc ctgcctccca taggctgata gccatatcat aatgcagaat     81360
     gcattcagtc caacttcaag agtctccata gcctatcaca gtctcaacaa tttttaaaat     81420
     gtctaaagtt caaagtctgt tcttagattg atgcaatctc ttaagtgtaa tcaaaataaa     81480
     aaccagatca catacttcca acatacaaca gcacaggaag tacattacca aaaggaaaga     81540
     gaggaaagga tcatagtgag aagacactgg accaaggtaa gaccaagaac taactgtgca     81600
     aactccaaac tcagtatctc catgtctgat gtcaaaacac tcttcagatc tccagttcct     81660
     ttcagctttg ttgactacaa cacacttctt tcttgtgggc tggttccact ccctgttagt     81720
     aactttcccc aactctagaa tctttaacat ctttggtctc caaggcaacc taggcttcta     81780
     gaaccttcac agcttcacac aatgacctct ctaggctgcc tagcagagac atcctctgct     81840
     acaagtctga ccttagaggc ttttcttagt cttggaggga gattccataa ctcctttctt     81900
     atctccttga ctctaaagcc agacccatgt ggttgaagcc atgttttgtt gcttactagg     81960
     ggaacaccgc cctcttattc aaatactttt ttcctttgct ttttttttcc ttcactgcct     82020
     aagcttagct gtcctggaac ttgctatgta gtccaggata gacttgaact ctgaaatcta     82080
     cctgcctttg tctccctact gttgggatta taggtgagtg gcaccatgcc tggccctatg     82140
     cttttcctta attacttttt gttgccatgt tacttaaggt tgaagtctgt cattgtctag     82200
     atagccttct gagctcttcc caaaatgggg gaactccctt taccagtagg gcttcttaac     82260
     atgtctggag tttgaaaccc ccatactctc tacctgcaga gtgtcagaca gccttggata     82320
     gattacagtg tcacatagcc ttggttagat tacaggttca ccttcctttc ttccaataat     82380
     atctcagtac cttagccttc agccaatgat ctttatccac tttggatatt ccacccactt     82440
     ctctaaaacc atagaaccct gagtaaagtt gatccgtctc cccaaagtga tcatacgcat     82500
     gggccatcca aaaccctgtt catgactctt ctccctttgt cctcatgggc tggtgaccaa     82560
     aaattctggg gagaagagag atccacatcc attcccgcat tggaagctta actgggcagg     82620
     gtcttgccct gaggtcacca ctccctttat ttcatttagc atcaggcttt tctttaaacg     82680
     ttttcctggt gctttctttc tcttcaaact gtatattttg ttttttcctt gcttagcttg     82740
     ctctttttca ttaaagatct ttatattact gggcattaat aaccaagcaa cacagtcaat     82800
     gctaggctgt tttgaaatgt cttttgtaaa agcggttaat tcataactct tttttccatt     82860
     ttttattagg tatttagctc atttacattt ccaatgctat accaaaagtc ccccataccc     82920
     acccaccccc actcccctat ccacccactc cccctttttg gccctggcgt tcccctgtac     82980
     tggggcatat aaagtttgta agtccaatgg gcctctcttt gcagtgatgg ccgactaggc     83040
     catcttttga tacatatgca gctagagaca agagctctgg ggtactgctt agtgcatatt     83100
     gttgttccac ctatagggtt gcagttccct ttagttcctt gggtgctttc tcaagttcct     83160
     acattgggga ccctgtggtc cattcaatag ctgactgtga gcatctactt ctgtgtttgc     83220
     taggccctgg catactctca caagagacag ctatatctgg gtcctttcag caaaatcttg     83280
     ctagtgtatg caatggtgtc agcgtttgga agctgatcat gggatggatc tctggatatg     83340
     gcaatcacta gatggtccat cctttcatca cacttccaaa ttttgtctct gtaactcctt     83400
     tcatgtgtgt tttgtttcct attctaagaa ggggcaaagt gtccacactt tggtcttcct     83460
     tctcttgagt ttaatgtgtt taggaaatta tatcttatat cttgggtatc ctaagtttct     83520
     gggctaatat ccacttatca gtgaatacat attgtgtgag ttcctttgtg attgggttac     83580
     ctcactcaga atgatgccct ccaggtccat ccatttgcct aggaatttca taaattcatt     83640
     ctttttaata gctgagtagt actccattgt gtaaatgtac cacattttct gtatccattc     83700
     ctctgttgag gggcatctgg gttctttcca gcttctggct attataaaaa aggctgctat     83760
     gaacatagtg gagcatgtgt ccttcttacc ggttggggca tcttctggat atatgcccag     83820
     aagaggtatt gctggatcct ctggtagtac tatgtccaat tttctgagga accgccagac     83880
     tgatttccag agtggttgta caagcttgca atcccaccaa caatgaagga gtgttcctct     83940
     ttctccacat cctcaccagc atctgctgcc aactgaaatt ttcatcttag ccattctgac     84000
     tggtgtgagg tggaatctca gggtggtttt gatttgcatt tccctgatga ttaaaaatgt     84060
     tgaacatttt ttcaggtgct tctctgccat tcagtattcc ttgggtgaga aatctttgtt     84120
     cagttctgag ccccattttt taatggggtt atttgatttt atggagtcta ccgtcttttt     84180
     tttttttttc cattttttat taggtattta actcatttac atttccaatg ctataccaaa     84240
     agtcccccat atccacccac ccccactccc ctgtccaccc actccccctt tttggccctg     84300
     gtattcccct gtactggggc atataaagtt tgcaagtcca atgggcctct ctttccagtg     84360
     atggccgact aggccatctt ttgatatata tgcagctaga gtcaagagct ccggggtact     84420
     ggttagctca taatgttgtt ccacctatag ggttgcagat ccctttagct ccttggctac     84480
     tttctctagc tcctccattg ggagccctat gatccatcca ttagctgact gtgagcatcc     84540
     acttctgtgt tttctgggcc ccggcatagt ctcacaagag acagctacat ctgcgtcctt     84600
     tcaataaaat cttgctagtg tatgcaatgg tgtcagcgtt tggatgctga ttatggggtg     84660
     gatccctggc tatggcagtc tctacatggt ccatcctttc atctcagctc caaactccgt     84720
     ctctgtaact ccttccatgg gtgttttgtt cccaaatcta aggaggggca tagtgtccac     84780
     acttcagtct tcattctcct tgagtttcat gtgtttagca aattatatct tatatcttgg     84840
     gtatcctagg tttggggcta atatccactt atcagtgaat acatattgtg tgagtttctt     84900
     tgtgaatgtg ttacctcact caggatgatg ccctccaggt ccatccattt ggctaggaat     84960
     ttcataaatt cattcttttt aatagctgag tagtactcca ttgtgtagat gtaccacatt     85020
     ttctgtatcc attcctctgt tgaggggcat ctaggttctt tccagcttct ggctattata     85080
     aataaggctg ctatgaacat agtggagcat gtgtccttct tacctgttgg ggcatcttct     85140
     ggatatatgc ccaggagagg tattgctgga tcctccggta gtactatgtc cagttttctg     85200
     aggaaccgcc agactgattt ccagagtggt tgtacaagcc tgcactccca ccaacaatgg     85260
     aggagtgttc ctctttctcc acatcctcgc cagcatctgc tgtcacctga atttttgatc     85320
     ttagccattc tgactggtgt gaggtggaat ctcagggttg ttttgatttg catttccctg     85380
     atgattaagg atgttgaaca ttttttcaag tgcttctctg ccattcggta ttcctcaggt     85440
     gagaattctt tgttaagttc tgagccccat tttttaatgg ggttatttga ttttctgaag     85500
     tccaccttct tgagttcttt atatatgttg gatattagtc ccctatctga tttaggatag     85560
     gtaaagatcc tttcccaatc tgttggtggt ctttttgtct tattgacggt gtcttttgcc     85620
     ttgcagaagc tttgcaattt tatgaggtcc catttgtaga ttctcaatct tatagcacaa     85680
     gccattgctt caggaatttt tcccctgtac ccatatcttc gaggcgtttc cctactttct     85740
     cctctataag tttcagtgtc tctggtttta tgtggagttc cttaatccac ttagatttga     85800
     ccttagtaca aggagatagg aatgcatcaa ttcacattct tctacatgat aaccgccagt     85860
     tgtgccagca ccatttgttg aagatgctgt cttttttcca ctggatggtt tttgctccct     85920
     tgtcaaagat caagtgacca taggtgtatg ggttcatttc tgggtcttca attctattcc     85980
     attggtctac ttgtctgtcg ctataccagt accatgtagt tttttttttt ttgcattaac     86040
     aatatttatt cggtgttaca ttagtttata atttctatta caatttcttt aaatacttca     86100
     ttatgatttt tgtatacaaa taacgcttta gatttacaat attgatcgtt ttgtagcttg     86160
     cttcttgagg aattcttctt atcaaggccc atcctttttc agttctgtaa tgacggtttg     86220
     tttctgagtt tcactttgca ctgattttca gttgccctca caactatgaa gagattttac     86280
     caccttcttg ggtacactgt tgcttccggt ctactatgca tgtgactgag ttgccttagc     86340
     tgggcatctt tatcacctct ttggcttttt aggaaccttg tttcatactt gattcacttg     86400
     tggattatct gtttgtttgt ttgtttcttc aattataagc ctgtttggta atgagtgtgc     86460
     agaaacctgt tgtctaagtg ctgcctctct cccattcccg cctcctggtc ctcctagact     86520
     ttgtccctcc tcactcctcc cagccttcct gctgctctac cattctctgg tctcttcagc     86580
     caagtctact cccactaaac agcccacagt ttcctctcct cctcattctg aggagcacta     86640
     cttggcttat acccacacta tggctctacc cacccgttac tctctacatt gttgacgtga     86700
     accttgggaa atgacttcaa tgtgtttttc ctatagttta tttctccctg tctcactgca     86760
     tcttgtacct catgatatag aatcaggagg aaatattgct tgatcataac ttatgggagt     86820
     cttgggccta agttaggagt gtttgtattt tatttttgcc aggagctagc tacacagaac     86880
     tacaaggggg agctgctgaa tattaacttc cctaactagg atagcatctc agatttacat     86940
     ttctctcttt tctgggttga gccaaacagc attctgcagt gctactactg gatctgccat     87000
     ccaagaaacc acagtccatg tgtatgctta aaataatatt catggcctcc aatttaaaca     87060
     gtgtccataa actactacaa ctgggtgcat attagaaaag tcctttagga tgaagataat     87120
     gcctactgat acatctgcta tagttactac tgtctgctta aactttcaat attctaatca     87180
     atgtgtgatc cggttcaata gcactaaact tttttttttt ttttgaaagc actaaactct     87240
     taaatagctc acattttgac ccttctgaaa atacataata gtgatttgtt acatgcaact     87300
     ccatttagat gcacagttta cttttggaaa cctgggccag ataatcaaag cagggctaaa     87360
     caaggcagct ggtggtttca tataagtcag aaacacatct aacagacgtt agcgtagcag     87420
     agctgcttgc tagcttcagt gcaggtcgac attgatgtcg ttattttctg tagctgttga     87480
     tccgtgattt ctggatgatc agggagttct aatcactgaa gtaatggaag gagatgcccg     87540
     cagcaagcac tgcaacagct agtgctgcga tcacacctat gttttgctga attttcactc     87600
     ctatggtttt tttttggttg ttcttgttgt tcttcacttg tgttggtcag tgaagcctca     87660
     ctattcacag aggaagtcat gcaagctgtg tttacttcct ctgcaatttc caagtcttct     87720
     atttgaatct catgatctaa catctctgaa aaatggtctc tgatttcttc agctgattca     87780
     tcaccaaact tatagtcaca taacattaca gtagatccag gaaggggaac aaaaactctc     87840
     tgaggaagtt cataattttt tttttctgga atttcattca gaagcaggtc ctcaaagagt     87900
     atttcacagc gatcagcaac tgtgttcaaa atatctctct tcactgcctg cacagcatct     87960
     ttaaccttgg gtctgttgct atggatataa gctctgcatt tcacatttcc ccgaagattt     88020
     acagaaccac tgcagatttg gactgtggct gtggatctgt ggtccgagtt caggagcaac     88080
     tgtgttagca ctcggacatc aaaagaatga gcagttgctt gcgtatttcc tctgcttttt     88140
     ttctgtcctt ctaataagtc acaatcgttg cctttaactt gtccattaat cagataaaca     88200
     ccattttcta tttgcttggc ccagcgtgta agtccactct ttgtgttttt ttccagagtg     88260
     taactgacag aagtagccga cagtgggatg tgaatgttaa cgtgaacagt acagtctaga     88320
     gacagccatg aggcagacac tctactctga tacttccaat ctgcgggtct tgctgaactc     88380
     tttggatctt ggacatcgta agttccacaa gatatttttt ttgtagaaga acaaatgtga     88440
     agtgtcactc gttctgagac ctcgtcctct gtgacattcc atagtctttt tctattcata     88500
     gatttttcca tagaaaatat tagtctgcgc agggcatttt gaaaatcatc tgctagttct     88560
     aaagttgtga taataaatat tccaagaacc acaagtcctc cagggagcat tctggacacc     88620
     tggctggcat gttctgtggc ccattcttca tccaaattat ccaacctagc tctcggctgt     88680
     ttgacgttgt cattttgttc ctctttgggt ggtgttctag tggcaagaat cacataatcc     88740
     ttttgtgaag aacactgtcc tatcaaaaga ccagagacaa aaggttttcc ctggaggttg     88800
     atgcttgaaa gatactggcc aacagtctct tctacaatgt aggttcttcc cattatacac     88860
     agccaattca acagccttca aaggccaggt gtcactcagg tccccaagtc cacagccaat     88920
     gatctcatca gaaagccacc atgtagtttt tatcacagtt gctctgtagt acagctttag     88980
     gtcgggcatg gtgattccac cagaggttct tttatccttg agaagagttt ttgctatcct     89040
     aggttttttg ttattccaga tgaatctgct gattgccctt tctaatttgt tgaagaattg     89100
     agtttgaatt ttgatgggga ttgcattgaa tctgtagatt gcttttggca agatagccat     89160
     ttttactata ttgatcctgc cgatccatag catgggagat ctttccatct tctgagatct     89220
     tctttaattt ctttcttcag agacatgaag ttcttgtcat acaggtcttt cacttcctta     89280
     gttagagtca cgcctaggta ttttatatta tttgtggcta ttgagaaggg tgttgtttcc     89340
     ctaatttctt tctcagcctg tttgtccttt gtgtagagaa aggccattga cttgtttgag     89400
     ttaattttat atccagctac ttcactgaag ctgtttatca ggcttaggag ttctctggta     89460
     gaatttttag ggtcacttat atatactatc atatcatctg caaaaagtga tattttgact     89520
     tcttcctttc caatttgtat cctcttgatc tccttttgtt gtctaattgc tctggctagg     89580
     acttcaagta caatgttgaa taggtaggga gagagtgggc agccttttct agtccctgat     89640
     tttagtggga ttgcttcaag cttctcacca tttactttga tgctggctac tggtttgctg     89700
     tagattgctt ttatcatgtt taggtatggg ccttgaattc ctgatctttc caagactttt     89760
     atcatgaatg ggtgttggat tttgtcaaat gctttctcag catctaacga gatgatcatg     89820
     tggtttttgt ctttgagttt gtttatatac tggattacat tgatggattt ccgtatattg     89880
     aaccatccct gcatccctgg gatgaaacct acttggtcag gatggatgat tattttgatg     89940
     tgttcttgga ttcggttagc aagaacttta ttgaggattt ttgcatcaat attcataagg     90000
     gatattggtc tgaagttctc tatctttgtg aggtcttttt gtggtttagg tatcagagta     90060
     actgtggctt catagaatga gttgggtaga gtactttctg tttctatttt gtggaatagt     90120
     ttgtgaagaa ctgggattag atcttctttg aaggtctgat agaactctgc attaaaccca     90180
     tctggtcctg ggcttttttt ggttgggaga ctattaatga ctgcttctat ttctttgggg     90240
     gatatcgggc tgtttagatc attaacctaa tcttgattca actttggtac ctggtatctg     90300
     tctagaaact tctccatttc atccaggttc tccagttttg ttgagtatag ccttttgtag     90360
     aaggatctga tggtgttttg gatttcttca ggatctgttg ttatgtctcc cttttcattt     90420
     cggattttgt taattagaat gctttccctg tgccctctag tgagtctggc taagggtttg     90480
     tctatattgt tgactttctc aaagaaccag ctcctcgatt ggttgattct ctgaagagtt     90540
     cttcttgttt ccacttggtt gatttcaccc ctgagtttga ttatttcctg ccgtctattc     90600
     ctcttgggtg aatttgcttc cttttgttct agagctttta ggtgtgttgt caagctgcta     90660
     atgtatgctc tctctagttt ctttttggag gcactcagag ctatgagttt tcctctgaga     90720
     aatgctttca ttgtgtccca taagtttggg tatgaagtgg cttcattttc attgaactct     90780
     aagaagtcct taatttcttt ctttattcct tccttgacca aggtatcatt gagaagagtg     90840
     ttgttcagtt tccacgtgaa tgttgttggc tttctgttat ttattttgtt attgaagatc     90900
     agccttagtg catggtgatc tgataggatg catgggacaa tttcaatatt tttgaatctg     90960
     ttgaggcctg ttttgtgacc taataaggta ccatgaggtg ctgagaagaa ggtatatcct     91020
     tttgttttag gataaaatgt tctgtagata tctttcagat ccatttgttt cataacttct     91080
     gttagtttca ctgtgtccct gtttagtttc tgtttccatg atctgtccat tagtgaaagt     91140
     ggtgtgttga agtctcccac aattattgtg tgaggtgcaa tgtgtgcttt gagatttact     91200
     aaagtttctt taatgaatgt ggctgccctt gtattaggag catagatatt cagaattgag     91260
     agttcctctt ggaggatttt acgtttgatg agaatgaagt gccccacctt gtcttttttg     91320
     atgactttgg gttggaagtc aatcttatca gatattagga tggctactcc agcttgtttc     91380
     ttcataccat ttgcttggaa aattgttttt cagcctttca ttctgaggta gtgtctatct     91440
     ttttctctga gatgagtttc ctgtaagcag caaaatgttg ggtcctgttt gtgtagccag     91500
     tctgttagtc tatgtctttt tattggggag ttgagaccat tgatattaag cgatattaag     91560
     gaaaagtaat tgttgcttcc tgttattttt gttgttaaag ttggcattct gttcttgtgt     91620
     ctgtcgtctt ttaggtttgt tgagggatta ccttcttgtt ttttctaggg cgttgttccc     91680
     gtccttgtat tggttttttt cttttattat cctttgaagg gctggattca tggagagata     91740
     atgggtgaat ttggttttgt cgtggaatac tttggtttct ccatctatgg taattgagag     91800
     tttggctggg tatcgtagcc ttgtctggaa tttgtgttct cttagtgtct gtataacctc     91860
     tgtccaggct cttctggctt tcatagtctc tggtgaaaaa tctggtgtaa ttctgatttg     91920
     cttgccttta taagttactt gacctttttc ccttactgct tttagtattc tatctttatt     91980
     tagtgcattt gttgttctga ttattatgtg tcaggaggaa tttcttttct ggtccagtct     92040
     atttggagtt ctgtaggctt cttgtatgtt catgggcatc tctttcttta gatatgggaa     92100
     gttttcttct acaattttgt tgaagatatt tgctggtcct ttgagttgaa aatcttcatt     92160
     ctcatccacc cctattatcc gtaggtttgg tcttctcatt gtgtcctgga tttcctggat     92220
     attttgagtt aggatctttt tgcattttcc attttctttg attgttgtgc cgatgttctc     92280
     tatggaatct tctgcacctg agattctctc ttccatctct tgtattctgt agctgatgct     92340
     caaatctatg gttccagatt tctttcctag ggtttctatc tccagtgttg cctcactttg     92400
     agttttcttt attgtgtcta cttccctttt taggtctagt atggttttgt tcatttccat     92460
     cacctgtttg gatgtttacc tgtttgattg tgtttcctgt ttttctttaa ggacttgtaa     92520
     ctctttagca gtgttctcct gtatttcttt aagtgagtta ttaaagtcct tcttgatgtc     92580
     ttctaccatc atcatgagat atgcttttaa atctgggttt aggttttcgg gtgtgttggg     92640
     gtgccctgga ctgggcgaag tgggagtgct gggttctgat gatggtgagt tgtcttggtt     92700
     cctgttagta agattcctac gtttaccttt cgccatctgg taatctctgg agttagttgt     92760
     tatagttgac tctgtttaga gattgttctt ctggtgattc tgttaccgtc tatcagcaga     92820
     cctgggagac agactctctc ctctgagttt aagtgctcag agcactctct gctcgcaagc     92880
     tctcttacag ggaaggtgcg cagatatctt gtgtttggac ctcctcctgg ctgaagaaga     92940
     aggcccaaaa caggaccttt cccagaagct gtgttgcttt ggcagatccc agaagctgtc     93000
     agcttctgtg gtgcacactc tcacctgtgc agactaagtt cctaagttcg gtggagtccc     93060
     ggaaccaaga tggcgcccgc tgctcctgag gctgaggcct tccgagccag tcggacacct     93120
     gtcctctggt cgggatggtg gccggctgtc tgcagctcga aaagggtgct gcctcagtgg     93180
     ctctgtggct ccgcctgtcc cagaagctgt ccggttctct cataactctt caaattagtc     93240
     tcaggcagag tttttggaca aggacagaaa tcagtcacat tcttagccaa aatattacaa     93300
     gaaccatttc taggctatat attaatatct cttctgaaac ctcttgagtc aggctcctac     93360
     agtcaaatta cccttagtac ccttagtctt tcatgcttct actagtatgg ttcattaagt     93420
     tttgaattca gctgctttta caatctgaag tcctaaagtc tacatttctc caaacaagaa     93480
     aatagtctgg cctatcacag caatacccag tccctggtac caacttctgt ctttgttagg     93540
     gtttctattg ctgtgaagaa acactatgac aactgcaact cttataaagg aaaacattta     93600
     attgggacag gcttaagttt agaggtggga catatggtgg catgtgggca gacacggtgt     93660
     tggagaggta gctgagagtt ccacatctgt atcagcaggc aacaggaagg aagaatgaca     93720
     ctggtcctgg tttgagcttc tgaaacctca acgactactc ccagtgacat gctgtttttc     93780
     aacaaggcca tacctcctaa taatgccatt ccctttgagc ctacaggggt tattttcatt     93840
     cagaccacca caaggataca aaattaatac acaaaaatca gtaaccttac tatacacaaa     93900
     tgatgaatat accaaggaag aaaattaggg aaacaatacc attcaaaata gcttaaaaaa     93960
     tgaaaatatc ttggaataaa tctaaataag taagtgaaag actttatatg gagaaattta     94020
     ggaaatggca gaaggtatga ggaggaggtg ggcagatctc tcatgctcat gaatcagcag     94080
     gattaatatt gtgaaaatgg ccattctact gaaaactaac tacagattca atgcaatctt     94140
     gttaaaattt caacaaagtt tgttataaga attgaaaaaa aaataacctt aaatctcatg     94200
     tgaaagaaca aaagaaaatg accctgaact ataaaaaaat tgttggagga atcactatcc     94260
     ctgatttcaa gttatattat agaattataa tattaaaaat agcatagtac aggtataaga     94320
     ctagattcac tagtaaaata gaactgaaga cacatataag cctacactcc tacagcctcc     94380
     taatttgttc tcttttccaa agatttcaaa attacatctt ggagaaaaga cagcatcttt     94440
     aacaaaggtg ctggtcaaac tggatagcta catgtagaag aatgaaacaa cattcccagc     94500
     cctcactctg cacaaaactg tactccaagt agacccaggg cctcaacaca agacctgtca     94560
     ctttaaaact gatagcggag aaaggaggga ataagcttga ccttaaaggt acaagaaagg     94620
     actttctaaa caggatcctg gtagtgcagg cattacgatt gactgttggt aagtgggatg     94680
     ccatgaaact taaaattttc tgtacaacaa aagacactat catcagaggg aagaggcaga     94740
     ctacaaaatt agcaaaatgt ttaccagata cccatctgag tgaggattaa tagccagaat     94800
     atatgtgtat atatgagata tctgcttatc cattttcatt gctgctttat tcatgacagt     94860
     aagggaatgg aaacagtcta ttcatccatc aatggatgaa tggttaataa aaatgtagca     94920
     catttacaca atgggaaaag tggaatcatg agatcaattt gcagatagag gacagagatg     94980
     acaataatca ttctgtgtaa ggtaacccag gcccacaaag acaaacagct catattttct     95040
     ctcatctgtg gatgatttct ttgaagcttt aaatttgcat gtttcatttg gaaaacccac     95100
     tgagatcagg aaattaataa gaggtcatgg aggggcggtt taagggaggg aagagagaat     95160
     acggttatat aaaatgggaa agggaataat agggtaagaa cggttaaatg ggatgaataa     95220
     atgggagggc aagggagaga agggaatatg aaagggggca actagtatta gagacattct     95280
     gaaaaagtct tatggaaagc taacatcaca gaagcatcct aaaatataaa ctcatgttta     95340
     gagagaattt aaatggagtt gtcttacatc agggcaacaa tgatcctact ggataactca     95400
     ggcttacaaa gaacaagccc agtgctagga gttggttact tatagggaac tgcaggccag     95460
     tgaggtcaca cagagctttc tatatagtct atagtctaat tttatagtct aatgtcattg     95520
     caactagtta ccctccaaaa tgtaatggta aaactctatt gctgaaaaat accatatact     95580
     tgagtaatag gacatggagg aatcaagttg gcactgactt ggaaggctca tactggctag     95640
     ctttcatagg gttggaagat gctcacacac tactggagga gaaaagtaat taccagtttt     95700
     acacagctat gagccttgtg agctacaata atggccggct tggcaagata tacccatcag     95760
     tgcaatagtg gcataaatgt catgggaata gtatctactt tatggctgga ttttaagtcc     95820
     actacaaaag ctaaatctta atacctggaa tagttactgg gctcaaggac ctgtggctgg     95880
     atagatcata ggccatagga aagaacctac ttgagtcaca ttattctgct aatggtgtat     95940
     agcattaata caactcctaa aaccttatca tttgacccat agatttatac acctttggcc     96000
     ttcaccacag gagtttcttt ttgaagtaga tggctatcaa tgtagagatg cacaactggt     96060
     caaactgcag agggtaagta actgtgggat gttctgccct aaagggacat ctatgtcaca     96120
     cctcattcta ataaggttta gaggtcattg cagaggaaaa gcagaaaggt ttcaagagct     96180
     aaaaagtagc ataccagtac aaagagctag tgcttctaga tacactaggg cagtttcaca     96240
     tgtgaatgtg cagtggttac gaatgcatgc acaaacctgt acaggctcaa gctagtccaa     96300
     atcccaacac ggagcaggga ggcaggtatg aatccacact cctagataaa caagcttata     96360
     atcggatgtt ttatatcatc cacagtttac ttacattact gttataatat acaaggcaat     96420
     atttttttag tatactaatg gagtcataaa ataaaactta agttttgaac atcttcaaca     96480
     tctcaaaaag gaactcatgc tgtctagcag tcttcttcat ctctctatct tttcagctcc     96540
     tcaaaaccat taatgtactt tctaccttta ccgatttgcc tcttttggat atttcatata     96600
     catggaattc taaataacat cttccatttc aaggtttctg ttctacttgt gaactacctt     96660
     aacatccctg gcgtgcagtg caatgtttag tatcatgtcc acacaagctg ttgtcatgga     96720
     aactgcaaaa gctttggagc tcttccttat ttagaggcta ctgggtttat tgtccactta     96780
     ttaaattgct aaatgagtga gactaatagc aggaagtaca ttgaatcatg aaacttttaa     96840
     taatgcccct gggtattcac tgatggcagg ttcaagtaga gccatttaac aatcatttca     96900
     agttcaatta gagccatcca gtgaccactt caagatcttg ggttagattg ataaaaaccc     96960
     cagagcttgc aagcctgaaa atattttgtg ctctgtgatt ttgtgtccta ggtgtttgta     97020
     ctaaggtgta ggagaactgg atcactaatg gaagtatggg atagatggtt tctgttgtca     97080
     gttgggggaa tttattttaa acaggtaaga taggtagatc ttatctacaa agatatattt     97140
     attatttatt gctttgggcc atacagagag tttaacagag ctatgaggtt ggctgataca     97200
     agtctttata gctacctcat atttataaag ggtttgttgt tatttattta aaatggatgt     97260
     tgatcagggc tagaaggcaa taaagtcttc caggcatggt tctctcctga gagtgcacag     97320
     gatggtgatc tgtcccttct ctaactacat tggcatcttt aaggccattg cattcatctg     97380
     gatagcaaaa gaacctaaga ttaactagat ttgacttgac atagattcct taacaattta     97440
     cgttttccta gaacaaaatt ttaaacttaa tgctggcatc aggccatatc tcctcaagta     97500
     tgccacatat ttatgtctcc cagaataaat acttttcttg tatgcaaaat ttgcacaata     97560
     catgttttac ttttaagtga caaatctggg gaggtattaa tgtaagttct agcggtggtc     97620
     atgcttagtg actgcttaaa gtgaaactga agaggtggct taattctact tctcttggcc     97680
     aggaagtaca tttatacatt tgaaagtata aatcagaaca ttcagagaag gaaaatatta     97740
     aaaaacccaa ggagcaatat tacaattata taattttcac acagaagacc agttacctaa     97800
     atcaggatct gttatttatt taaaatatgc agcggtttgt gttttatttc tagaaggaat     97860
     tatgaggaag gtgaatgaaa gagcataata ccattgtaag aatcaccact ggacggctgg     97920
     ggaacactgg taagagtcag cactgttcac tgacaacacg tcccaggctt ctgtggttct     97980
     gcccctgatg acactgtgca cagcactgag ccagactctt ttccaggtat ttagcagata     98040
     agttgtatcc acatggttta gaaacttagt gggagtgctt ttaacttaga ctcattttaa     98100
     tcctcctttg cattcagagt cagccatagt tttttaatgt gctgcttcac taaaggtgtt     98160
     tgcacacatg tacccccccc cagcacaaat gtgtgtgaca tgtgtgtgta tacacaggca     98220
     caggtataca catcccaaac acaacactca catcctgcac actcctcact gtccccctaa     98280
     gcatgcatgg acaaacaaat ccatccatcc atccatccat ccatccatcc atccatccat     98340
     ccatccatcc atccatctat tggtcgatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat     98400
     ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ccatacatac atacgtatat     98460
     tattcaagac tcttcaagat gtttgaggct atgatttctt gcctttccta ttttactgta     98520
     tcatttgctt cttcttctga ttactgaaag aatcactggg ctgtgggatc ttgggtactg     98580
     agggatcaat gctctctctt ccctctgctt ctttgtgtta gaatcaccag cacaattcat     98640
     agaaaagagt tcatataatg aacactgagc ttgaaaaaaa tcttccaaag aagaagcctc     98700
     cttactgggg tgtggcccct attcttggct catttgtctc agtaccagag ggaaactctc     98760
     ctccgtgctc tgaaattcag cattctattc ttaaagatca tatctgggat gctccagaga     98820
     agatacagag gactagttga gctgtggtgg cttcctttgg cttcctgggc ttccctatct     98880
     gggagggcca ttctctggga gcatttctct gtgtgcagag tgaaaggcac tgttgtgtct     98940
     ctctcggtgt gattttcttt ctcagaggct tctttctcag tgttggttga ccaccaggca     99000
     catgatctca tttatacagt caagtattaa aaaaacttga tatagcctac tgtaaacaat     99060
     aaaaaacaga taagaatcta agtacagttt ggtaaaagat ccgagaattt atgactcagt     99120
     tttccacagc aactgccaaa cagaggagaa ctatggcaga ggtggtggga tggagttcta     99180
     atcttaacat gaaatctcac aacattcctg aaacctaatg cagtccattt tactagaatg     99240
     taaaactgtc aaaaagttta acacatcttc tctgtgagtg cctccctgtc tcctttaacc     99300
     ctctgacatt caattagcgt aggacatttt ctcatactgg actcattcaa gtaaggtctt     99360
     ggcagctgag cattttatag atgtacctga agctaaattg gtaggcagct gtgatggaca     99420
     ctgaggcttc cctttgcaaa aggagccccc tctaagagtg tctttgccaa ggtttggtcc     99480
     tgcagtattc aaatagaggt caggtagaaa cagataaggc atcagacaga caaatacaat     99540
     tcagggattt ctgatacaat gatggacacc agtaggctaa aactggggag tctggaagca     99600
     aaggccttta atttgtagtg actcaggaga ctcttagtgg aataactgga aaaagggaaa     99660
     gtcattactg tctgtgtttg ggaactgctg tgggaactct aggaaaagct aaataggcaa     99720
     gcaaaggacc taaagctcag ttctccctgc ctcactatgc acacccgggc acactcctca     99780
     tgcccggtgg gaattctggc tctttggttc tcctgtccca tacagagcac atgtctactg     99840
     aggtcatcgt gtacccccaa catttggtcc ttactgtttt ctgtttgtaa tattacgttt     99900
     ttttccagct aagaagtctt tagtgagttc ctatttgttg tgacaagtat tttgttatat     99960
     ggacagaaaa ataaagtatt tccctttctt caagggttgc atggttagag cctgttgttc    100020
     cttaaagggc actgcatgct tgcttgcttg cttacttcct gtttagtgtg ttttaagcag    100080
     catggcactg tgctttagcg tgtaggcttt gggaagtttg atccttcttc cttcttcctc    100140
     aactttcaaa gctctaggat tataggtgtg tgctgcagta tccagatgat gacttttttt    100200
     ttttttttaa aaaagggtta ttactaagtc agtaaaagag gaattctttc cttccccctt    100260
     acccatctct cttcttccat ttcttctgcc gagtatcaag cagagggcct tgtgtttgtt    100320
     aagtgaatgc ttgaccacag ggctacactg cagacccaaa gaggcatttc ttaattttta    100380
     ctcaataatt tgaatttatt tatttttaat ttaacagtct cattttgcaa ggcactaagt    100440
     ctaacctttt ctgtatttga aagtcttcat aggttgagga tacttcatag gttgagtggt    100500
     agaatacttg cctagtagct ttcattaaat aggtgcaatt gccagtacca ttaaaaaaaa    100560
     tgaatcaaac caaaacggtt gtgtggctcg tgttttagtg atgctagaga taatgcccaa    100620
     cacaagtata tttctttata aaagacacaa cagtagctag ctatgtttgt acatgcctgt    100680
     aactccagca cttacggggc tgaaatggaa ggttgtatgg tcaaggcaag cttgggctac    100740
     aaagggagtt ttaggctagc ctaagcagca ttgtgagacc atttcacaaa aaaatacaat    100800
     gacacaaaca cattattata atcccttaga cacagagaag aaataaaatt acttgtaacg    100860
     ctatgaagtc accatatttt tgatatttgc tctccataca ttttcagttt ctcgttttaa    100920
     agcttgctta gtaagtatat aaacaattat agaatgtaat ataaaaatta ataaaatctt    100980
     tgtattcttt taatcccatg tttatggaag taaataatat taaaacttat attcttcaaa    101040
     tataccactt tagaaatata ttcaagtaga aataatgaac aattacacat ttttgcatgt    101100
     ttaaaaatat atatagatgt acatatatgc atacacaaat gtctcttgat tcctttcttt    101160
     gtctcttctt tctttccatc cttttttaag actcacaata tattcataat agattctttt    101220
     gttggacttt ctttttttgt ttctgatctt tactatatat tgaaatgacc aaggggagat    101280
     gagttaattg tttgaggtga gatgggacat caaaatttat aaaaatcatt taagtagtcc    101340
     tgattgacag ccatgctgag aaccactatc ttaggttact acacacacat ccagagcatt    101400
     aatggttcac atgtattcca aattgttcct gtgccaaaag ttatttattc atggggctta    101460
     tcagttaaga acactggctg ctttttcata ggaccctggt tcgattctta gcatccacat    101520
     ggcagctcat aactgtctgt aacttaagtt ctgcaggatc ttttctagtc ttcaacgtcc    101580
     taggcatgtt catgttgcac agacaaaaca cacatacccc taaaataata agataaacgt    101640
     taacaaacct taaaatcatt tatttctaaa tgaggtattg ataagcattg tttgtttcca    101700
     atacctcatt ttactaaaaa gtatttcaat aagtgtgtac ctagttacca gttcccttag    101760
     ttctatgaaa ttcagtcctg aaaatgggat tccttggcca agaagtagac attaaaattc    101820
     tcttcagtac tgcaaacttg tttcccacaa gaggtcttaa gaatactgtc agtaacagta    101880
     tgtaaacact ggatccattt ttcatgcttt tgccaatgtg ataaaaagaa atgtacttgg    101940
     ttttattctc taactctcct gaatgactat cactcagaca catgtcccct ttgtgattcc    102000
     attccagtgg tcattgagtt tgtattcttt aatcattttt aatgtgatca tttatatttt    102060
     actatcaaat tttaagtgtc tttgaataag ggaatattct ccttttctgt cctatgtgtt    102120
     ctgacatttt tttccagtct tctttttgtc ttttgataaa ttatggagca ctagcatgta    102180
     acagaatgtc gataatatac tatcaaacat caccattatg tactggttca atagctctct    102240
     tatcaccttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct    102300
     ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttctta ggtattttct tcatttacat ttccaatgct    102360
     atcccaaaag tcccccatac cctccctccc ctcccccact cccacttctt ggccctggtg    102420
     ttcccctgta ctgaggcata taaagtttgc aagtccaatg ggcctctctt tccactgatg    102480
     gccgactagg ccatcttctg acacatatgc agctagagac acgagctctg ggggttactg    102540
     gttagttcat aatgttgttc caccttatag tgttgcagta cccttcagct ccttgggtac    102600
     tttctctagc tcctccattg gggaccctgt gatctatcca atagctgact gtaagcatcc    102660
     acttctgtat caccatcatt cttaatgagt ggatacaaac ctagtcaagt tcagccattc    102720
     atacagactc ccctcaagtc aacccatgac tgttaggctg cttcaaatag tactagattt    102780
     aaaattcctc catctttatt attttttttt tctgtagttt ggacactgta tgagactacc    102840
     ttgccctaag tgaaataatt agatcaaagc ctcattttgg atgatttgtg atgattacct    102900
     tttaaaactc ttatagttta tggtcaccca ggcatcatga acaataggaa caatgcgata    102960
     gtatataatt ttcctggcag aaaagttaca ttacagaact gaaagaatca tagtttgtgg    103020
     tttattagtt caattgagag ggtgtgatta gactcacaat acctaagaag ttagtttact    103080
     gcaaataaga gtttttttct gccaacctac aaagtacaag gcacttgcca agtgctgcaa    103140
     gaggtaagtc atctgtggtt attacttttt gaaaaaatac tttttacaat tagaatttaa    103200
     ttatattatt tcctccttcc tttccctcca tctaaacctt accatatacc ctcccttgct    103260
     ccttcctaaa tcatggcctc tttttattaa gatatatatg tatacatata atatttaaac    103320
     attaatgtac aaatatataa atatgtaaat acaacttgct cagtctgtag tgtttagtgt    103380
     tactgtgtat atataatttc agggctcgtc actttgtgtt ggataaccaa ataggggaat    103440
     actatctctt ccactctcag tattccgtag ttgcctgtag ttctttgttt acaactgcgg    103500
     cctcatgagg ttgtctcctt tcatgttact gaatctactg gtattgtact tgttcaggtg    103560
     ttgtttaggc agccatattg gtgtatcatt ggcaaaactt ctctgtcatt cctaggaaat    103620
     agtatctcac agccagtttt cctggtgttc tggcgtttaa agtctttctg tttcttctgt    103680
     acttttaaag aacagcttag cttatggaaa tcaaaactaa atctcctact ttcttttata    103740
     gttaagtacc ataaaataat tatgaaagag aagcaaactt ttattgaatc aggatagttt    103800
     ttctaaagtc agtactttga ggtaatacaa aaacgaagta agaaatgaat agtattttaa    103860
     taaatgtaaa atgaccccac actggacaaa acaaaatact gttaaagttt taaagattat    103920
     cttaataaca gaagtcaaat aatgagtggt cttccttgga gctttatgat tttggcacaa    103980
     gtctgatact attctttgtg gattattctg aaatgaaaag aaccaggtta aaaaaagggg    104040
     caaggattta aaataactta catattcatg ccaagcctca aagaaaaaca gtcatttcaa    104100
     tgacttcatc tctgtattac tcaggataat ttaaaattta acccccatcc ccagatcctc    104160
     cggaacgctc attagatggg agctctaaat caaacaagag tgactgaatt tatcttcctg    104220
     ggcctcactg acaactgggt gttggagatt ctgtttttcg taccatttac agtcacttat    104280
     atgttaacac ttttggggaa cttcctcatt gttgttacca tagtcttcac gccacgtctc    104340
     cacaatccca tgtacttctt tctgagcaat ctgtccttca ttgacatctg ccactcatct    104400
     gtcaccgtgc ccaagatgct tgagggtttg cttttagaga ggaagaccat ttcctttgac    104460
     aattgcattg cacagctctt cttcctacat ctctttgctt gttctgagat ctttctgctg    104520
     acgattatgg cgtatgatcg ttatgtggct atctgcatcc cattgcatta ctccaatgtg    104580
     atgaacatga aggtctgtgt acagcttgtc tttgcactct ggctgggggg cactattcat    104640
     tcacttgtgc agaccttctt gactattcgt ctaccctact gtggcccaaa cattatcgat    104700
     agctacttct gtgacgtacc tcctgtcatc aagctggcct gcacagatac ataccttaca    104760
     gggattctga tcgtgtccaa tagtggaacc atctccctcg tatgttttct agccttggtc    104820
     acttcttaca cagtcatcct gttttctctt cgaaaaaagt ctgcagaagg tcgtcggaaa    104880
     gccctgtcca cctgctcagc ccacttcatg gtggtcaccc tgttctttgg gccatgtatc    104940
     ttcctctaca ctcggccaga tagcagcttc tccatcgaca aggtggtatc ggttttctac    105000
     acagtggtca cccctttgtt gaatcctctc atttacactt tgaggaatga ggaagtgaaa    105060
     actgccatga agcatctcag gcagagacga atttgctcat gaaatcatgt gtgtgtgtgc    105120
     ttgtgtgatg ttgtgataac agtcacggtt gtgaccacat cctgaatgtg gaagtaacaa    105180
     gtgctcttaa acgctgagcc atttctccag ctccgaaaat acattttctt aataaaatac    105240
     tcagaaggtg aaaagttaaa cattttgact aaattaatta tgacttttta ttttcatggt    105300
     tgatcctttc acactggaat ctgtctacgt ccaagcctca aagagttttg gctgttctac    105360
     tttgcaaatt ttataattcc attttgaatt ctaggtgtat aatgtttggg gtttagtttt    105420
     tctttgtggt atgaagtaag tttgagattt gttttactat ccattggctt gatatggcac    105480
     aatttgagac gtttatttta ttattaaatt acttctattg aaaaagactc gatctttcaa    105540
     gtgtagattc atttgtaact cttttttaat taaattattt tatttattta cattttaaat    105600
     gttgcccccc cccctttcca gtcctccgtt ccagagttct tcaccccttc ctactcccct    105660
     ttgcctctga gagggtactt ccccacccaa ccacctacct gctcccatct gcccctaacc    105720
     ccctgaattt cccttccttg gggcatctga tctctacagg attaggcgca tcctctccta    105780
     ctgaggccag aggaggtagt ttcctgctac atatatgtca tgggtcacag accagaccat    105840
     gtatgctctt tggttggtgg cttagcctct gggagctctg aggggtccgg gttagggata    105900
     ctggttagtt gttcttccta tggggctgtg atgcccttca gcttctccag tccccctaac    105960
     ttccatagag tccctgacct cagtccagtg gttttatttg taattcttta cattgacttt    106020
     catgtctata tttatatatg agcacactgt cttgactatt ttagtttgat agtggacttt    106080
     cagtgatgtt atgtgacctt attgatcttt ctcaaaatgt tatacatttt cttgggaaac    106140
     atttttctac agaggaaaat gttggaatct ggactggggt cacatgatct tgatagacaa    106200
     cttggaagag aactaaactg aaaaatattc aacctcaatc ttctaatttg aggtatccta    106260
     ttatttgttt atgttttctt tagtttcttc attaatacta tcatttaaat ttataataaa    106320
     acacaattca ttaaatttat cttcaagtat tttgtttctt aaaaaatata cacagtggat    106380
     tttattcaac tgtaaagaag aatgaaattt atcagctata ggagcataga tggagctgta    106440
     gatgactata ttaagtgaca gaagcttgaa ttaggcatgg tggtgcatgc ctctaatttc    106500
     agtatttggc gtggggaggc aggaagatca ggagtcaagg ctagctatgg ctatattgtg    106560
     agtttgaagt cagcctgagt ttcatgaggc cttgtctcaa gaataaagca aggcagagtt    106620
     gaaatacaaa taatcacata ttttcactca tacatgaact cctatagaca aaaaacccca    106680
     aatagaaata agacagattg atgaacactt tacaggaaat atctaaaaga atagagtaat    106740
     gggaacaagc aaagtaagaa aggggaaaga aacaaatatc tcataatttc tctcatatgt    106800
     ggtttctcat atgtattata cacacacata tataagctga ggatatatat atacacacac    106860
     tatcattata tatatgtata tatatacaca cactctttat atatatatat atatatatat    106920
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atacactatc ataatgagaa gtggggcaaa    106980
     agagagggca ctttaggaag tgaaacacaa tgacttgaat ttatgaaaac ggcacaatga    107040
     aatgccactt gcacattaaa taaacaataa agtataaaaa ctaagacaaa catttcttat    107100
     taacttgtct accatcggtt tattttatag ttttaatttt caggctgtta gggatatagc    107160
     atcttttctc ccattataga ggctggatac tctaacagtg gttgtgtgtg cacaccagag    107220
     aggcagagag ccaggtaggt tgagttcata aagctgatac ctagcagcac caattcagtg    107280
     ctgaaaagcc aggaaggtcc ctggaaagtc attggtattg agtctaacct agaaggagag    107340
     agacactgaa gtctgatgct aacattacag gctcagagaa gtagtgaagg cagttaggaa    107400
     ctggcggttt gctgtattga ttgttatcgt taatttcgtt tttacatgtt tattgttaat    107460
     atgcaattat atatacttat atttattccg ttgacattgc taaattcaat caaaagttgg    107520
     gctagacaaa atctcttttc cttgtctctc ttgtaccctt accacctcac cttctccttt    107580
     ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt    107640
     ctttctttcc ttcttgcctc tattcccctt ttgacaaaga ttgatcacaa gaccttacaa    107700
     atgttggcaa gcactctgtg agtgagctgc cgcccttcag atcttcagca gggttttaag    107760
     tctttcacct tggtaacagc atcatctacg aataagaagt ttgcttcttc ctttctgatc    107820
     tgcatgatat ttgtttttct ttcagtctta ttgtgatgag tagtttctat agggcagtat    107880
     agggcagggg ttttatagta caggcagctt tgtacctaag tgaggaggaa gctttcagta    107940
     attcataaag tgtggagttg gggccagaga aatggctcag aggttaagag tgctgctgtt    108000
     cttgcagagg acctgggttt ggatcctggt gctcacatga tggctcacaa ccacatataa    108060
     ctcattctaa ggggtctgac gttgtttttc taatgtcatc attctcattg gtgagagatg    108120
     gactctcaat gtagctttaa tttttatttc tctgatgact actgatgtgg aacatttttc    108180
     aaatctttat tgactacttt tactgtatct tttgagaatg atctgttcat ttcattagcc    108240
     cattaattga ttgggtttga tttttttctt tagttttttg agttcttggt gtattctagg    108300
     tgtaaaccgt ctctagcaga tataaagctg gcaaaaattt cctccatttt gtggtctgcc    108360
     cctttttaca taataacagt ttccttgcag ggctgaagtg tttaatttca tgaggatcca    108420
     tcatcaagta ttagcattat tttctgagtg actacaggag tcctactcag aaaatcattc    108480
     tccaaccctg tgttttcaag tgcattcttt actttctcct ctaacagctt tggagttgat    108540
     ttttcttgta tacggtgagt tataggtatc taattttatt attctaccta taaatatgca    108600
     gttactagca taatttattg aagagactat ctttccttca atgtatattt ttggaatttt    108660
     tgcttaaaaa atcaggtgcc tattgatgtg tgggcttaat atttggttcc tccattctgc    108720
     tccatccatc tatatgtcta gttatttgct tatatcaaaa tattcttgtg acttatagct    108780
     ctaaataaac ttaactcagg tatgtgacac tgacaacatt attcctttta ttcaggcttg    108840
     ccttagatat ttggtgtatt ttgtagttcc atatgaagtt taagattata ttttctattt    108900
     atatgaagaa tggcattgag gttttgatga ggaatgcaca agcctgaaga ctacttttgg    108960
     tagaatagca tttcatatta ttaattcctt cagtccataa acacgagagc tgtatctcca    109020
     ccttctagaa tattcttcag tgaatttttt tgtggtttaa tattttcatt gtagacatgt    109080
     ttcactttgt ggattaggta attatttttg tttttctttt ctttctaagt gtatttgtgt    109140
     ttgaggatac tgacttttgt atcttaattt tgtatcttgc caccttgctg aaagtttcaa    109200
     tcagttctaa aagttttctg gtagagtctt tagggtcctt tatatgtaga atcacatcat    109260
     ctgcaaataa aaatactttg acttcaggca gtggtggtgc acacctttaa tcctagcact    109320
     tgggaggcag aggcaggcag atttctgagt tcgaggccag cctggtctac agagtggttt    109380
     ctaggccagc cagagctata cagagaaacc ctgtctagaa aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaac    109440
     aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaag aaaagaaaac aaaacaatac tttgacttgc ctttttactt    109500
     ttgttccttt atttcctttt cttgtcctat cgttccagtt aggacttcac ggaacactat    109560
     gttgagttga agtggagaga gtagggaacc ttatcttgtc cttcctggtg taatacttgc    109620
     caataaaaat tttggctata cctttgttgt atagagcctt tattatgtta agacatgttc    109680
     tttcaatttc tgtctcttca gggaccttca tcatgaagga atactggatt ttgttagaag    109740
     acttttctga atctattggt cattatttta gtcttagtct atcgctatga agagagacca    109800
     tgaccatggt aactcttata aaggaaaaca tttaattggg gctggcttac aatttcagag    109860
     gtctagtcca ctatcagcat ggcaggaatc atagtgccat gcaggcacgg agaggaactg    109920
     agagttctac atcaggattg gcaggcagca ggaagaaaga gaacaaatgg gactgacttg    109980
     agtttctgaa atttcaaagc ccactcccag ttacatactt cttccaataa gacaacactt    110040
     cctaatccct cccaagtagt gtcacctttt gatgacttaa aattcagata tgaatgtatg    110100
     ggggtggtta ttcttactca aaccactaca tttcactctc tggctcttat aggcttgtag    110160
     ctataccata gtgcaaaaat gcattcagta caacctcaaa agtccccata gtctataaga    110220
     gtctcaacac tgtttaaaag tccaaaggtc aaagtcttta atactcatgg cagtctctta    110280
     actataacct actataaaat caaaattata aagtgcatca tgtacttcca atatacaatg    110340
     gcacagaata tatgttacta ttccaaaatg ggggaaaggg agcacagtga gaaaattctg    110400
     gaccaaagag agacctaaaa tcagctgggc aaactgtaaa ttctgcatct tcatgtctca    110460
     tgtcaaaaca ctctttggat ctccaattcc ttttagcctt gttgactgga acatacttct    110520
     ctctcttggc aggttctata ctcggtttgc agctttcctt tgcaggcatc ctcacactct    110580
     ggtatctcca acatcttgag gtctccaata caatccaagc ttcatcttca cagttccaca    110640
     cgatggccct tttgggcctc tgtgcagggg cacctctgac acatgctggg cctcagcaac    110700
     tttcattagc tgtagagtga gattctacaa ccactttctt gtgtccttgg ccagaaccac    110760
     atggtggaag ctgccaagtt ctactgcttg ttggggctgc aatatagctc ccacatgttc    110820
     accagatttc tgtttttgat gtgtcctcca ctgcttaagc tttcctttaa tttctttcca    110880
     taaattggaa gcttatctgg atggagtctt ccccgtaggc caccattctc tttatgctat    110940
     ttagtttaaa gcttaacctt tttatctcct ttagctctga acctagttcc attatacttt    111000
     ctggtgttct ttttctcttc aaaatgtaca ttttgtactg ttccttgccc agctttcacc    111060
     ttttaaaatt atagatctgc acaagagtgg tcaataataa ccaagtaaca cagttagaat    111120
     taggctgtct tgaaatctcc tctgccaaca ctattaatcc aaagtgcttc agtttagcct    111180
     aaggcagatt tttttttttt aaaataaggg cagaaaacag ccacatcttt ttttcttagt    111240
     caaaatttcc caagcatggt ctctaggcca cttactctaa tattcttcta ctctgaaact    111300
     tcttgaactg ggctatcata atttacattt ctcttagtac cagtgtccac actcctacta    111360
     gtgtgaccca ttaagcctca cttaaagtgt ttcactgctt tcctaagcca aagtccacat    111420
     tccaccaaca agaaacatgg tcaggcctgt tgtagcaata cccaatcctc tggtagcaac    111480
     tttaatcttt ctattgctgt gacgagacgt catgactatg gcaactattc ttacaagaga    111540
     aagaatttag ttagcatttg tttaaagttt cagaggttta gttaattact agcatggcag    111600
     gaaacatggt aacatgcagg cacaactggt gcttgaaaaa gagttaagag ttctatatct    111660
     ggatccacag gcagcaggaa gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    111720
     gagagagaga gaggagagga gaggagagag agagagagag gagaggagag gagaggagag    111780
     gagaggagaa gagaagagaa gagaagagaa gagaagagaa gagaagagaa gagaagagaa    111840
     gagaagagaa gagaagagga aaggagagga gagagagatt gggattggtt ggcttgggtt    111900
     tttgaaacct caataattat ttcaaagtag tggcattctc aatgactaag cattcaaaca    111960
     tatgaacata tggggggcat ccttatcgaa actaccacaa tgtttaaagg cttttccacc    112020
     ccagtatcat attttccctc acttttaacc tataagacta taagttagtg tgttttctcc    112080
     atcaaaggtc aatttctggc ttccacttgt gctcaaatat acaaatcttg ataccaagtt    112140
     tcctatataa gagagaatat gagacatttg tcttatgagg cctgaattgc tcactttgat    112200
     aattgtgtcc cattcattta tcaacaaaat tcattatctc atttctcttt acagatgaat    112260
     aacattgtac tatctctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctaattt ttctttttta    112320
     aaaaatattt atttatttta tatgagtaca ctgtagctgg tttcagacac atcagaaaag    112380
     ggcattgatt ggatcctatt agagatgttt gagagccacc atgtggttgc tgggaattga    112440
     actcaggaac tctggaagag cagtcagtgc tcttaaccac taagccatct ctccagccct    112500
     atctaatttt tcttgtccat ctaattgttg atgaacatct attttgattg tatattctaa    112560
     ctattgtgag ttcagtcttg atgaacatga atgtgcaagt gtttctatag taggatataa    112620
     agtcctttga gtatatgaga agagttgtac agaagggtca tatgtaaatt ttatttctgg    112680
     ttattttaaa agaatttatt tctttttatg tgaatgggtc attgcccaca tggacatata    112740
     tgtaccagaa gtgcctgatg cctatggagg ccagaagaag ttattgaatc cctttgaact    112800
     ggagttacag atagttgtga tccactatgt aggtgctagg aactgaatcc aggtcttcta    112860
     caagagtaac aagtgctctt gacagagaga agaaagcaga aaatctcaga gggagatgca    112920
     agcaggaaag attgttgtct ttgatgatga agggaccaac atccctggaa tacaaatggc    112980
     ctatagaaat tggaaaatga aactgagatt tcagaaaaca tgccatcttc ctgatacctg    113040
     aagcttgtcc aggtgttgtt cattgaatgt ctggattaca ttgtgcattg aatgtctaga    113100
     ccaccgaact gcaatgcaat gtttacggtg tttaaagcac taggttgcag tagtttggtt    113160
     ataacaccaa tacaaatatt agtgtcagta cttaccataa gagcacacac aacaatttag    113220
     aatacactca tagtaaaatt ttatagcctg tttgggaaaa gtcaaccaat caaaatagtt    113280
     aagagggcaa cttagtttac aatctcagag cctggtttct tgaacttgtt gatgtattat    113340
     agatttaata acacattttg agatgcaggt cagaagtatg tgatgcattt ggagaatttt    113400
     gcttattttg aaaagaattt agaatccaat ggatattatc tgacattctg ttatttttag    113460
     aaatgaaact caaatgtatt ctggagaatt ggacccagac aatatgggca taggtactca    113520
     cagacatata aagtgcagag tgaatagccc acgaactgca acaaaaaggc aagatatgat    113580
     tgaagtgata gggcaaaggt atggtctatt taagcaaaca aggaactgtt cacaaaagta    113640
     ttaatatatg taaactgtta ctctttagtc gataacaatg tgcaaaatat tgtctatccc    113700
     ttaatcctct tataaaaaca aagtcaaaat aaaaaagtct tgtgtaatat agggtgatga    113760
     aaaaatgtct ggatataact tctaaactta tatttaagaa tttaggaaag aataattaca    113820
     ccttacattg tgtacattta catgcattga tgctcagacc cattgatatc tattatataa    113880
     aaaatgtctc taatacttta tttgcaacat taaaatattt ttctattgca tagaatgttg    113940
     tgcccgagag attcagtgat tgaagaaaag gcagctgagc aagagtcaag gtcttttgag    114000
     ctattcaagg tgttacagtc ttgtaagcat agctcctggg aggtgagggc aaaaggataa    114060
     tgaattaagg gcgagcctca gtaatacagt gcatttgaag agagccagta ctacaagaga    114120
     tattgtctca aaaacaagta caagaaacaa aaagattaaa gtccaaacca aaccaaaacc    114180
     ccccaaaatc aaaatgttaa gattattttc attttattct ttatcaagta agtacacaca    114240
     ttcttatctt ttgtcagagt ctgaaataat ttctgtgaaa tggagaatag ctgttttact    114300
     ttatgtctct agagagttgt gaaaattcac acaattgcaa acagtagtga caattcacag    114360
     gtgacagctt tagtgactgc taggcaacat tgggtgatgt tgccttttct atcagtatgg    114420
     gttcctctgc tgattgctgc atacaggggc tctgtttgta ctcaatcgaa atctcttctc    114480
     acatctatca ttgcctatag gaaaaggata cttcttttta tatgaactgt atgattttag    114540
     agcctggctt agttattaca ccaggcagaa gaacaaatat gctttaatgg tattcaggga    114600
     gttaggtttg gggaaagaaa gcatggtatt gatgagctga tgtgtctatg ggaaattaac    114660
     atgccctacc ttagggtaca ccctgtaccc tatgcttcca tagccaaagc tcagaacaac    114720
     tgaaatagct tttgaagctc aagtcaccta ctaatccact tacaggcaaa aggaccatta    114780
     aaagtagaga tggttatttt ggcccaggga tttattgatg gtatcctcac tgatagatga    114840
     tggctcagga gatccaggtt gaactgcagt gtgactctga ctgatggagt cacagtgtat    114900
     gtctgatttc cagtatgtca tgctcctttg taaatacaga ttcttatata gtccaggcta    114960
     accttaaact caacaagtag ttgaggctga ctatgaagtc ctgatcccct tgcctctaca    115020
     tcttaaatgc tgggatgaca accatgtgta ggcattttct cttttataaa tatgtagagg    115080
     cacaattctt tgtttaccaa ttccatttgt cacacacctc tttgctgtgc tgcaggccac    115140
     cccagagaaa ttaaaggtgc tgggtataga ccatgtactc aagatggtgt tctctttcag    115200
     catttgaagc aacatcaagt gattattagt agtttggaaa tatatgctta gttgggttag    115260
     ttctctacat aataaataga acaatctaga cacagtggtt catgcctgta actctagtgt    115320
     ctgaaactta aaggcaagag gatcaggaat ttaaggccag actgagctac acgaaagttt    115380
     ggcaaccaga agagtaagtt ctgcagtggt ggcatacacc tttaatccca gaacatggga    115440
     ggcaaaggtc atcctggtct ttagagcaag tttcagcaca gccaaagcta cacagataaa    115500
     ccctatcttg aacaaccaaa accaaccaac caaccaacca accaaccaac caaccaacca    115560
     accaaccaac caaaaccaac caaccaacca accaaccaac caaccaacca accaaccaac    115620
     atgccaacta tcaaccaact aacaacaata agaaaaatcc attttaacct aacaaaaccc    115680
     acatgtaatt tctcatttct ttgcttaccc cattttggct tcttcacact gtatggaaaa    115740
     gagtcttaaa ctccttaggt gaacacagat ttttcatttc ttcagtgccc ttctgctgcc    115800
     agcctgccct gctatctagg ctgtccccat agtggttgtc acttggaaca agcagtctcc    115860
     ccacagaggt ttttgtacct gacatttcct caatttggaa tgtttgctgc ttctgttttt    115920
     tatggttggt ttcttcttgt gtttcacacc tcaggtataa tgggacttcc tcaaaagggt    115980
     ttcttggact gctaagtgca gaacatgctg cccctgtcag tccatgacac tcactctgtt    116040
     ctttcttgtt gcatttataa ctgtatttag ttgttcacat tttttttact agactatttc    116100
     ctacatgtag gactgtctac atatttgttg tgtttataac cacaaatcta gtatctagca    116160
     taaatttgat gttcaggaag tatttgtgaa ataagaaata aaatgtcccc atttcattac    116220
     tctgatggca gatttggatg aactctcagg ggattagtaa cttcagtggt tccaagttat    116280
     tctttgttac tggtcatatt gaaatattct ttttttcatt tacctgcact tgagaagtca    116340
     tttaggcaaa catcgaaatg agcaatgtac atgagagtgg tccagaaatc tggtcttgtt    116400
     tagattgctg gttaattgaa aagcaggaag aacagaatga gataatgaat tcaaattggt    116460
     attttctccc agttcttgga acaatagcgt gttggtgatc tgctttgaaa tccaatcttg    116520
     tgatttttat ttattttttt tgtcaagtag ggaagtgaac ccagggtctt ctatatgcca    116580
     agtacacatt ctgcactgag ctacattctg ggtcccctga gttctgtcta tgattttgta    116640
     gcagggttaa tgttcagcat ggtattttct cagagtaagc ttttgttttg ttgtaattag    116700
     atgaacatgt aactagtgct gttgagataa ttaactaagt cccactcact atgataatgt    116760
     ctacaatgtg gaagatgtta ccagtcacaa catttacttt gattgttaga tgtaggacca    116820
     gaagaaaatg ttataagtca tatcatctcg taaatataat agttgctgct ttggtttgga    116880
     tcatcaagaa tcctaagggc ttatcatttt cacttttctc ttctcttaat taacttgttt    116940
     aaggcactct tcatgtcctc attcctaagg gtgtagataa tgggattcag tagaggggta    117000
     acagcagtga aaaacacaga cacaaccttg tcctcaggaa ggctggtgga tgggcgtgag    117060
     tagatgaaga tacagtgtcc cagaaacaga gtgaccacgg tgagatgggc tgcacaggtg    117120
     gacaaggctt tcctcttgcc gtcagagatc tgttgcctca gactcacaag gatgactgca    117180
     taggacacta caagaaccac aaaacatacc acagagatca gcccactgtt ggagacaatg    117240
     agaatctcaa tgatgtgggt gtcagtgcaa gccagtttga tcacttgagg tacatcacag    117300
     aagaagttgt caatctcatc aggaccacag tagggcagct tgatggtgag tgaggtgaga    117360
     gatatggaat ggatggtccc ccctgtccat agggctgctg ccagcatcat acacaccttc    117420
     cagttcatta ttgtcatata ctgcaaaggt ttacaaatag ccacatagcg atcataggcc    117480
     atgacagtaa gaaggaagat ctctgtgcag gcaaagaggt gcaggaagaa catctggacc    117540
     acacaggcat caaaggagat gagcttttct tctgagaagg tgtcactcag catctttggg    117600
     acagtgacag tggaatggca gacatcaata aaggacagat tgctgaggaa gaaatacatg    117660
     ggagtatgga gccggcggtc atatatgatt gttatgacaa tgaggatgtt accaaccagt    117720
     gtcaggacat agaaaatgag gaatatgaaa aaaacagcca tttgtactaa tggatttgta    117780
     gataaacctg tgagccgaaa tgacatcact gaagtttcgt tgatgaggac agccttttcc    117840
     attcttttaa ttctctgtca aaaattagat taaaagcttg aaatgaatat aacacttaac    117900
     atgtacatca atcatttggt cccttaattt cttggttatt tatgacctcg tctatattta    117960
     taatttgtgg gtcaaatatc ttgtgtttat ttcctgttct gttcccctct ctctccaccc    118020
     ttggtgcttt gaatttgata gcagctcaaa cgtgaaatgc tcacttaacc tgtgaaacga    118080
     caacctctgt tttgtgtttc ttaaacaaat tctatttcag catctccact agatgttaaa    118140
     ccaacacttt gggagtaatg ctatagtgag cctttattta ctaggaaatt aaaaattgtg    118200
     ttgaagaagg aggtggagag ctcaaagaag ctatttctcc tgtagtcacg tatcagtatt    118260
     tagagttatg ttatatgttt ttgtttttgt ttttgttttt ttttggagac agaatctcaa    118320
     agagtccaga cttgctatgt agctgagggt gtccttgaag tcctgatcca cctccctcac    118380
     ttcctgactg ctgagtttgc tgatgtgtgc catctcaacc agctcagact atggactaag    118440
     gttatccaca gtctaaataa gtcctttgtc taaggtccat aaacttggcc tttgaatata    118500
     ttttctattg ttttctgatt gtatttttca tgagcccaaa tgtcttctct ccttttgccc    118560
     agatgctggg agcttgatgt ccacaacatc agtatttgag gaccacagcc attcaccatg    118620
     ctgctggaca gatggtcatg tggctgtgat gtttgttgaa cagttcttta gagaaggctg    118680
     cacaaaccct agaagcccta agatgcagac agacttgtcc tcaacctgaa ggtcaaggtc    118740
     caggcttggc aacactgact agatcatccc cagctcttca gattctcatt ctgttgcttg    118800
     atttactggt ctatgagtaa atacaaagaa gttgttttat tcattttttt atattagctt    118860
     tcctctgatc caaatgtcac tgttactttg caagatttta tctatctatc tatctatcta    118920
     tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc atctatctat ccatcctcta attctctctc    118980
     tctcctgtat ctaactctgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatgt atgtatgtat gtatgtatgt    119040
     atgtatgaat gtatgtattc atccatttat gtctgtctgt ctgtatctat gtatgtatat    119100
     acatatgtat gtatgtatcc atctgtctat ctattctatg tacatggttg ttttgcctgc    119160
     atatgttaat gtgcaccatg tgagtgtctg gtgcccatgg aagtcagaag agggcatgag    119220
     ttcttctgga actggagtta cagatgctta aaagcttcca cgtaagtgct atcaaaagac    119280
     cttggtgcct ctgcaagagc agccagtgat cgtaattcct gagacctctc tccactacca    119340
     ctactgtttt ttttttaaat aacaatttca tggtctatat gaaactccca gaattttagt    119400
     tcttaatggg agttgagggt ttagtcccca cccccacttt aacaaatggc aaaaatgagg    119460
     catatagagt tgaaacagta attagactca aggttactca aaattggagt ttaagctggg    119520
     tctagagttc aggtctcctg gtcctgggct ttatctactt taccattgct ttgaatttct    119580
     gtggtggcca gcataatagg agagtcaagc agaggtatct caatgccctc tttcttctct    119640
     taggtgtcct gagtctgctt ggggtttgct cttcagtgag cccacttctc aggcttgccc    119700
     aatcatacca tctttgcaca cagctttcca gtggtggctc acccagggaa cctgtctctc    119760
     tttgtccccc agagcccctt accctgtgct gcctgtccta caacattcct caggatcaga    119820
     ctctgctgga caaacacttc ttcccaatac tgcttagggg aaactccctt ctgctctcag    119880
     aaatttctaa tattccctgc cattcaccgt gccagactta tgcaaacatt gggcactttt    119940
     gctgtttatg tcaaaagaaa gattaacagt agggtcaaat tgaggcacta accaaatggc    120000
     aaacaggata cttttagaca gggatctttc aattaacacc taaaaaaaaa caactagact    120060
     agtgtcttgt tacaatttac agcaatatct taacatagct atggattaat tttacatctt    120120
     atcatttctc ttagaacata catttaacat ttttcttttg cacagaaaac tatttaaatt    120180
     atttaattag tgacttacaa ccactttcct tgtttaaaaa cttaaggttg aagggccaga    120240
     tgttgatttt aaattcatca tgtgacattt ggtctgaagc aaagacttct gcttcctcct    120300
     cattggacag tgatttacac agttacctca ccctttctcc tgtcaacatt tttctcggac    120360
     ttctgtgagc tcacatgaaa agatccttag aaaatgtact gcctagtgac atcaaataac    120420
     tgaggtaaaa atatgggcta gagtgacgat tcagagttaa gagcacctgt cactgttgca    120480
     gatgacctgg gcttggtccc caacacctgt aactccagtt ccagtgtatt tgagtccttt    120540
     ttctaacctc catgggtaca ggcacttaca tggtacttac acacatgcat gcaatcaaaa    120600
     cactcatcca agtaagataa actaaataaa tctaaaagta tatgttgtgt gaaactacat    120660
     ctttcagaaa aatgtattag atcatgaata agaacaaaat taaaatatct ataaatctca    120720
     cctgagtgcc ttctgattct ctcagttcct ccaaaaatac ctgggtcttc tgtctggtag    120780
     tttgagtata atgaaaatta tcttccagca gaaggaagaa ttttcttgaa gttggatagt    120840
     cagaaaacct ggtgtacatt gatttttccc ccctatggag aaggtgagaa atcctgaagt    120900
     ttcctggaga gtttgttcac agttggtcat aagtcagagc agagaggcac tattcccaat    120960
     ttctgacaaa gccatccatt tgcagctata cttttgccct cttctcacta tgccaataat    121020
     actgcagtaa gggttcctag gatggtgtcc agctgactga aattatggga caagggcagt    121080
     gtattttccg tgtcctttca gacccaagga tgagtagctg tgagcagtca ggttcagagc    121140
     tgtaacagtt tatcagggca atttaaaaac agaaggtcac tgacttactc agaaccccag    121200
     tgtggccgaa ggctcttgtt gcacacttta ggtgcaagtt ctatcattag ttccagatgc    121260
     gacattcatc tcttaaactc tgaaggggaa tcataaagga agcaaacagc tgtggctggc    121320
     agctgttgca ttgatggtgt tgcacctcga ttatcaaggc tttatttcca aggcaacatc    121380
     caaaccatga catcagcttg ccaggtcact agttagaaaa agtaagttct gtggctgctg    121440
     atgtaatcgc ctcgatgtct gttgctaaga gggtttaatg aaaataaaaa taaaaataga    121500
     acttgaacac ctatctctct ggggcatatt gcattaatta aattaactac tagtacttag    121560
     tgaccttatg tgaagagcta attactaggt gatggctttg cattttctta tttatataag    121620
     aacacagatg taagaagggc actggatgtg aggctcagtc agctctctga tagtataagt    121680
     tctttgtctg ggagttagat tgtcggtgca actgtaaaag tcctaggtgt ttaaatttta    121740
     gaaagtgtgt caggtctttg atccttattt tcttctccat aacgcattaa tagggtcagc    121800
     aagataactc agttgggtaa gggtttgcca tgtgtacttg gcaacccaag tttagttcct    121860
     gggatacccc taaaggtgga aggagagaac caactcccca aaattggaga attctgacat    121920
     ccacatctat actatgtcac atacacatat ccacacacca tttatattta tatatattta    121980
     tgtacatata ttcatatata ttaatgacat atatgaatat acatataaag tctctttata    122040
     cattaaagag aagaaagtgc ataattttta gaactgttga ggtatttcca aatgatgtgg    122100
     tgttaactgt tatggataaa atatgtttca agcaataaaa tgaaacaaaa taaaacctat    122160
     tgtcaatatt tttgcctcat atatttgtta ttttagacaa tggcaagtct cttgaataaa    122220
     ttagagtcta ttaccctggt tctctttttg cgtcttcttg gctgtagcta tttgactttg    122280
     gtatataaat atgcaaacaa gaatataaag tagagagatg aagattgcac tgatttaaaa    122340
     aaattaatat gtatttttaa aagatttatt ataaacttta gataaaaatc tacattaaag    122400
     gttaagtata tatgctaaaa tatgaattaa atatgagtta aatctaacat gtatataata    122460
     gctacatacc tattcacatg tgcatatata gattattcat attaaatata aattatacat    122520
     taaataaaaa ctatatacac tgaatatgat ttttatacgt taatatatta tatgctgtaa    122580
     atataaacaa catgcattaa aaattaatta tatagtttaa atgaacatta tctatttaat    122640
     atgtatatta tatacatcat atacagtaaa tataaaccat gtattaatta tatgctttaa    122700
     gtgaaaatta tatactttta ataaaccata tacattaaaa tatgagttaa atatgattta    122760
     aatctagaaa atatgtgtta tcttctatat aatatacatc attttgtatg tcctcaagga    122820
     caagggatca tggatcaagc ccaaggaact ctaaaagatc agttacaaaa atgaaaaaag    122880
     ggggagttgt atactccttc accaaaaaat tttattttaa aattttttta ccttggatga    122940
     caaggaactc tctgctgctg agcatctatg gcatcctaaa ttcagcattt ttatgcccag    123000
     gtgaaatgga aggatctgct tactgacata tagcatggtc cttatccagt attaatatag    123060
     ggaagaaggc atgtttgggt ttttctgtgg ggtgctgaag gaacattgtg gctgccagag    123120
     cgattggtga gacatgctga tgctgggaca aagaatgatg ctgaccatga ttttgctgag    123180
     tgtcctgatg atggtgatgg ggaagctgta ctgactcacc tttgctacat ccttctatat    123240
     ggtcaaggcg gaaagtactt gtgacctcta ataatgttag gattcccttg gtctagaatg    123300
     aaaagcattc caaactggtg aagtacactg ctatgggtct aggtctacct atttgtttta    123360
     ctagaaatag taccagtgct ggatgtgttt ctgtggaccc tcagactagg aagaagaatg    123420
     tctttaagac tgtagtgcaa atcattaaga taggaatgcc tgtatctcag actggacaag    123480
     ctgccttgcc tcaggctttt agacaatgtg gaacagagac tgtggaaact gcctcgaaaa    123540
     acaacaaaca aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca aacaatcaaa tagagaagtt gttatactga    123600
     ccctcctctt tcctttaatg tgaccggtta tttggactca accatggatt ggtctggaaa    123660
     tcaatccaaa attgaacaaa aggaaattac agtgggaatt tgtagggctg gtttttgaca    123720
     ttttcagaga catatttgga aattggcagc tgccatgtaa gatgttatgt ttgctgtgga    123780
     tagaaatgga acaggttttg gggttgaggt aaatgggaca tcctgctttg ccccacctaa    123840
     tcttttacta attaggagta ttattacctt tgttattgga tatgattata aattcaatat    123900
     ttcttgtttt aattgtcttt tgtccaattg tgtttctgta ctgattgatg gtcagtctgt    123960
     aatggtagta tatcaaccaa gttttgttat gttttctata aatttatctg aaccctgata    124020
     ttctgaagaa gtcttacaaa tactggaaga attagatcat gctctggcaa ggagcaagtg    124080
     tatggttggg cagattattg ctgatgctgt tgctctcata gccagtgcta ctacttctgc    124140
     gtgagctttg gcacaagagg tacacacagc tagttccttg ggcttgaaag ggtaaccaat    124200
     gccttgagca tataagaaga tttggataga cagctagaac caagaattga tgcattatat    124260
     gatatagtgc agatcatggg agatgaggta caagaaatga aagtcagaag ccatttggaa    124320
     cgtcatgctt gatatctctg gatctgtaga actctaaaaa tatataatta gagtcagaat    124380
     aactggacca gagtaaaaaa ggcaccttta gggtatttgg cataatacta atactttttt    124440
     ttttgatttg ttagttctac ataaggaggt tgtaagttta agaaacgcaa agcctttgtc    124500
     ttttgatgct ggtagcattg aaaaagatat tctgaaaaag ttacaggcca ttttcacttc    124560
     atggtcctca ttaacttctc tcttactgga tgtagcagga cttgatttta tgctcttttt    124620
     taatggcatg tctattacct gttcattttt taaaatttta ttttgtaaca ctttttaatt    124680
     agatattttc tttatttaca tttcaaatgt tatccccttt cctagtttcc cctttgaaaa    124740
     tcccctatcc cctcccccac tccccctgtt ccccaaccca cctactcctg cttcctgacc    124800
     ctgacattcc cctatactgg ggcatagaac cttcacagga ccaagggcct ctcctcccat    124860
     tgataaccaa ctaggccatc ctctgctaca tatgcagctg gagccatgag tcctaccatg    124920
     tgtactcttt gattggtggt ttagtccctg ggaactctgg gggtactggc tagttcatat    124980
     tgttgttcct cctatgggac tgcaaacccc ttcagctctt tgggtacttt ctctagctcc    125040
     ttcattgggg actctgtgct ctgttcaatg gatgtccgta agcatccact tctgtatttg    125100
     tcaggcactg acagagcctc tcaggagaca gctatatcaa tctcctgtca gcaagctctt    125160
     gttggcatct gcaatagtct ctgggtttgg tggttgttta tgggatggat ccccaggtgg    125220
     ggcagtctct ggatggtcat tccttcagtc tctgctctga actttgtctc tgtaactcct    125280
     tccatgggca ttttgttccc ccttctaaga aggattgaag tatccacact ttggtcttcc    125340
     ttctttagtt tcatgtgttt tgcaaattgt atcttgggta ttctgagctt ctgggctaat    125400
     atccacttat cagtgtgtgc atatcatgtg tgttcttttg tgattgggtt acctcactca    125460
     ggatgataac ttacctgttc ttttgagagg aatcatcaga ggttttacag atgtcaagca    125520
     gagttatata agttcaaagt acaacatctt ccctagcaga agttgctggt caatgatggg    125580
     taagattgtc ttgaaaatct tctcaatgta agagaggcta cagatacaag attattcaca    125640
     tgccaatgat ggctaagagt tgtactttcc aatggcaacc tacgacaggc acaactttct    125700
     gctctgtgac taataaagtg cttcctctag ataaaaaaga tgggtaagat tctctcagag    125760
     ggaagtccct tccggccggc ccactgcagc accgtggtcc ctggcccggg ggagtctgcg    125820
     gacacccgaa aggacccaca caggatctgc catgggaccc taagacctct ggtgagtgga    125880
     acacaacttc tgccaggagg caggttcaaa caccagatat ctgggcagca tccctgcaag    125940
     aggggagctt gcattcagag agtactctga ccactgaaac taaggataga gctagtctcc    126000
     caggtctgct gatagaggct aacataatca cctgaggaac aagctctaac cagagacaac    126060
     tataacaact agctccagag aatacaagat ggcaaaggca aacgtaagaa tcctactaac    126120
     agaaatcaag accgctcacc atcatcagaa cgcagcactc ccacgccacc tagtcctggg    126180
     cacaccaaca caactgagaa gctagacctg gatttaaaag catatctcat gatgatggta    126240
     gaggacatca agaaggactt taatatttca cttaaagaaa tacactgcta aagagttaca    126300
     agtccttaaa gaaaaacagg aaaacacaac caaacaggta gaagtcctta tagaaaaaca    126360
     ggaaaacaca tccaaacagg tgatggaaat gaacaaaacc atactagacc taaaaaggga    126420
     agtagacaca ataaagaaaa cccaaagtga ggcaacgctg gagatagaaa ccctaggaaa    126480
     gaaatctgga atgatagaca cgagcatcag caacagaata caagagatgg aagagagaat    126540
     ctcaggcgca gaagattcca tagagaacat cagcacaaca atcaaagata atacaaaacg    126600
     caaaaagatc ctaactcaaa acatccagga aatccaggac acaatgagaa gaccaaacct    126660
     acggataata ggagtagatg agaatgaaga ttttcaactt aaagggccgg caaatgtctt    126720
     caacaaaatt atagaaaaaa cttcccaaac ctaaagaatg acatgcccat gaacatacaa    126780
     gaagcctaca gaactccaaa tagactggac cagaaaagaa attcctcccg acacataata    126840
     atcagaacaa caaatgcact aaataaagag agaatattaa aagcagtaag ggagaaaggt    126900
     caagtaacat ataaaggcag acctatcaga attacaccag acttttcacc agagactgtg    126960
     aaaggcagaa gagcctggac agatattata cagacactaa gagaacataa atgccagcct    127020
     aggctactat acccggccaa actctcaatt accatagatg gagaaaccaa agtattccac    127080
     gacaaaacca aattcacaca ttatctttcc atgaatccag cccttcaaag gataataaca    127140
     gaaaagaagc aatacaagga cggaaatcac gccctagaac aagcaagaaa gtaatccctc    127200
     aacaaaccaa aaagaagaca gccacaagaa cagaatgcca actgcaacaa caaaaataaa    127260
     aggaagcaac aattactttt ccttaatatc tcttaatatc aatggactca attccccaat    127320
     aaaaagacat agactaacgg actggctaca caaacagaac ccaacattct gctgcataca    127380
     ggaaacccat cccagggaaa aagacagaca ctacctcaga atgaaaggct ggaaaacaat    127440
     tttccaagca attggtctga agaaacaagc tggagtagcc attctaatat cggataaaat    127500
     cgacttccaa cccaaagtta tcaaaaaaga caaggaagga cacttcatac tcatcaaagg    127560
     taaaatcctc caagaggaac tctcaattca gaatatctat gctccaaata caagggcagc    127620
     cacattcatt aaagacactt tagtaaagct caaagcacac attgcacctc acacaataat    127680
     agtgggaaac ttcaacacac cactttcatc aatggacaga ttgtggaaac agaaactaaa    127740
     cagggacaca atgaaactaa cagaagttat gaaacaaatg gacttaacag atatctacag    127800
     aacattttat cctaaaacaa aaggatatac cttcttctca gcacctcact ggaccttctc    127860
     caaaattgac catataattg gtcacaaaac aggcctcaac agatacaaaa atattgaaaa    127920
     tttcccatgt atcctatcag atcaccatgg cctaagactg atctttaata acaacataaa    127980
     taatggaaag ccaacattca cgtggaaact gaacaacact cttctcaatg ataccttggt    128040
     caaggaagga ataaagaaag aaattaaagg ctttttagag tttaatgaaa atgaagccac    128100
     aacataccca aacctatggg acacaatgaa agcatttcta agaggaaaac tcatagctct    128160
     gagtgcctcc aagaagaaac tggagagagc acatactagc agcttgacaa cacatctaaa    128220
     agctctagaa aaaaaggaag aaaattcaac caagaggagt agaaggcagg aaataatcaa    128280
     actcaggggt gaaatcaacc aagtggaagc aagaagaact attcaaagaa ttaaccaaac    128340
     gaggagttgg ttctttgaga aaatcaacaa gatagataaa cccttagcta gactcactag    128400
     agggcaaagg gaaagcatcc taattaacaa aatcagaaat gaaaagggag acataacaac    128460
     agatcctgaa gaaatccaaa acaccatcag atccttctac aaaaggctat actcaacaaa    128520
     actggaaaac ctggatcaaa tggacaaatt tctagacaga taccaggttc caaagttaaa    128580
     tcaggatcaa gttaatgatc taaacagtct catatcccct aaggaaatag aagcagtcat    128640
     taatagtctc ccaaccaaaa aaagcccagg accagacggg tttagtgcag agttctacca    128700
     gaccttcaaa gaagatctaa tcccagttct gcacaaacta ttccacaaaa tagaagtaga    128760
     gggaactcta cccaactcat tctatgaagc cacaattgct ctgataccta aaccaacaaa    128820
     aatagagaaa gatccaacaa agatagagaa cttcagacca atttccctta tgaatatcga    128880
     tgcaaaaatc ctcaataaaa ttatcactaa ccgaatccaa gaacacatta aagcaatcat    128940
     ccatcctgac caagtaggtt ttattccagg gatgcaggga tggtttaata tacgaaaatc    129000
     catcaatgta atccattata taaacaaact caaagacaaa aaccacatga tcatcttgtt    129060
     agatagggaa aaagcattca gcaagatcca acactcattc atgataaaag tcttggaaag    129120
     atcaggaatt caaggcccat acctaaacat gataaaagca atctacagca aaccagtagc    129180
     caacatcaaa gtaaatggag agaagcttga agcaatccca ctaaaatcag ggactagaca    129240
     aggctgccca ctttctccct actttttcaa catagtactt gaagtcctag ccagagcaat    129300
     tcgacaacaa aaggagatca aggggataca aattggaaaa gatgaagtca aaatattact    129360
     ttttgcagat gatatgatag tatatatgag tgaccctaaa aattccacca gagaactcct    129420
     agacctgata aacagcttcg gtgaagtagc tggatataaa attaactcaa gtcaatggcc    129480
     tttctctaca caaagaataa agaggctgag aaagaaatta gggaaacaac acccttctca    129540
     atagtcacaa ataatataaa atatcttggc gtgactaata acgaaatgaa agatctgtat    129600
     gataaaaact tcaagtccct gaagaaagaa attaaagaag agctcagaag atggaaagat    129660
     tttccatgct catggattgg gaggatcaac attgtaaaaa tggctatctt gccaaaagca    129720
     atctacagat tcaatgcaat ccccatcaaa attccaactc aattcttcaa cgaattagaa    129780
     agggcaatcg gcagattcat ctggaataac aaaaaaccta ggatagcaaa aactcttctc    129840
     gaggataaaa gaacctctgg tggaatcacc atgccggacc taaaactgta ctacagagca    129900
     attgtgataa aaactgcatg gtactggtat agtgacagac aagtagacca atggaacaga    129960
     attgaagacc cagagatgaa cccacacacc tatggtcact tgatcttcga caagggagct    130020
     aaaaccatcc agtggaagaa agacagcatt ttcaacaaat ggtgctggca caactggttg    130080
     ttatcatgta gaagtatccg aattgaccca ttcctctctc cttgtactaa ggtcaaatct    130140
     aagtggatca aggaactcca cataaaacca gagacactga accttataga ggagaaagtg    130200
     gggaaaagtc tcgaagatat gggcacaggg aaaaaattct tgaatagaac agcaatggct    130260
     tgtgctttaa gatcgaggat tgacaaatgg gacctcatgg aactgcaaag cttctgcaag    130320
     gcaaaagaca ccgtcaataa gacaaaaaga ccaccaacag attgggaaat gatctttacc    130380
     tatcttaaat cagatagcgg tatccaatat atataaagaa ctcaagaggg tggactccag    130440
     aaaaatcaaa tagccccttt aaaagatggg gctcagagct gaacaaagaa ttctcacccg    130500
     aggaataccg aaaggctgag aaacacctga aaaaatgttc aacatcctta atcatcaggg    130560
     aaatgcaaat caaaacaacc atgagattcc atctcacacc agtcagaatg gctaagatca    130620
     aaaattcagg tgacagcaga tgctggcgag gatgtggaga aagaggaaca ctcctccatt    130680
     gttggtggga ttgcaagctt gtacaaccac tctggaaatc agtctggccg ttcctcagaa    130740
     aactggacat agtactaccg gaggatccca caatacctct cctgggcata tatccagaag    130800
     atgtcccaac tggtaagaag gacacatgct ccactatgtt catagcagcc ttatttataa    130860
     tagccagaag ctggaaagaa cccatatgcc cttcaacaga ggaatggata caaaaaatgt    130920
     ggtacattta cacaatggag tactactcag ctattaaaaa gaatgaattt acgaaattcc    130980
     taggcaaatg gatggacctg gagggcatca tcctgagcta ggtaacccaa tcacaaaaga    131040
     actcaaatga aatgtactca ctgataagtg gatattagcc cagaaactta gtatagcgag    131100
     atataaggta taagatgcaa aacacatgaa actgaagaag aatgaagacc aacgtgtgga    131160
     cactttgctg ctccttagaa ttggaaacaa tcacccatgg aaggagatac agagacaaag    131220
     tttggagctg agacaaaagg atggaccatc tagagaccac catatccagg gatccatccc    131280
     ataattagcc tccaaatgat gacaccatgg catacactag caagcctttg ttgcaaggac    131340
     cgtgatatag ctgtcccttg tgagactagg ctggggccta gcaaacacag aagtggaaca    131400
     cagtcaacta ttggatggat cacagggccc ccaatggagg agctagagaa agtatccaag    131460
     gagctaaagg gatctgcaac cctatccgtg gaacaacatt atgaactaac cagtacccca    131520
     gagctcttga ctctagctgc atatgtatca aaagatggcc tagttggcca tcaatggaaa    131580
     gagaggccca ttggtcaggc aaactttata tgccccagta caggggaatg ctagggccaa    131640
     aaaatgggaa tgggtgggta ggggagtggt ggggggatgg tgggggggga cttttgggat    131700
     agcattggaa atgtaattga ggaaaatacg taaaaaaaaa aaaaaagatt ctctcagagg    131760
     tggatcaacc taagacaggc catgagtgct gagattcatg tatcaatgat gggtaaggtc    131820
     catactcctt aaagggatgc ctaagacagg cacagtcttt tatgcaccaa tagctgagac    131880
     agctttggct tgtatagata aaaaaggggg acatgtggag agtacttcca gagttatctt    131940
     tggctgactt cttgcttgtg attaatcatg aattagtctg cctatatctg tctttgtttt    132000
     taattaagac ttgtgttata tcctgctaag ttcctccact taagcatatt tctttgagag    132060
     actgtcctag cttgaaggaa atggcctaag tcaaacatag atactctgta ccataaactt    132120
     gccatgtaag catttgtgac cattgtttat ctttctggaa ttggtcatgc tttgctgctt    132180
     gcccttaaaa gacactgaga aagtaaactt gctcactggt gtggtattaa ccagcagccc    132240
     tcccatagtc tatctgcctt tcctataatc atcctcattc cccaagtcat ggttcctgtg    132300
     ttgactgact ggcagactcc cataatatat gagcatttgc tctcatgcat acctgtatac    132360
     cataaatctt cttggtatac acagagtcca gaagagggtg tcagatatct tggaactgga    132420
     gttacagaca attctgtgct accatgtgga tgctgggaaa tacaccgagg tcctctgcaa    132480
     gagtagccag tgcttttaac cattgaacaa tctctccagt cccttaaggt tattgtattt    132540
     ttatttatta ttaacttatt tatgatacat acagattata tatgctatga ggtaccatgt    132600
     tatgtttgat atgtgtatat tttatgtaat gtacatattt gattgtacat tttacctcct    132660
     cctcaaatat ttatcatctc cttatgataa aggattcaaa atgttgtgtc ctagcaatta    132720
     agaaatgtgt ttagcagctt ggtgtctatt gtggcttggg cccaggagtc atttctcctg    132780
     tgctatgcct actgaaggca gaggaaggtc agggtcatct ctcctgtgct catgtcctca    132840
     gggctgactt gcctgccctt ccccctgcta ctagggccag ttctactctg ttgcccaggc    132900
     atggtacagg gcctgctctc tggagtgctg tagttggcaa gggccagcaa agagattatt    132960
     cttgaatgtt cttttatgtg tgtatatttt atttgacttt gatctagaga aatagtgttt    133020
     ttgtgaaaga gtttggtata gatcctcctg ttctaatttt aggcaacagt ttcagaggta    133080
     tggtgctctt ctttgaagtt ttggtagaat tcagcaataa atgcatctgg gccaacaacc    133140
     aaagagcaag ccttggctgg acctaggcct catgcacata tgtggcagat atgcagcttg    133200
     gtattcatgt gggtctccca acaagtagag ggaaggatct ctattttgtt gccagtctgt    133260
     ggatcccatt cccctaactg ggccaccttg tctggtctca ataggagagg atgtgtctaa    133320
     tcctgcagtg acttgatata acagggcagg gtgatacgca aggggagagg cctacctcat    133380
     ctcagaggag aaggggagag gggaatggga ggacatacaa tttgaggggg gactgggagg    133440
     agaggggggc ctgatattgg gatgtaaagt aaataaataa attaatgaaa aatgcacctg    133500
     gacatttttt tctgttatga ggttttactt tattcattat gatttgttta ttcttgagca    133560
     atccatagat gtatacaatg aagtatgatt acagagttcc atacttcctc ctccaatttc    133620
     ccttgtatcc ctcaacatgt ccttccaacc tttgattgct tgtttgtttt ctttctttct    133680
     ttccttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct    133740
     ttctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ttctttcttt ctctctctct ctctttccct    133800
     tcccttcccc ttcccctatc ccttccccct ccccctcccc ctttccccct tcttcccttc    133860
     cccccttccc ttcccttccc ttcccttccc ttcccttccc ttcccttccc ttcccttccc    133920
     ttcccttccc ttcccttccc tccctccctc cctccctccc tttctccctc ccttcctccc    133980
     tttcttttga gaagccacta ggttcattag gtctacatat aaggacatga ttgtagacca    134040
     tccactatag gatggaaaac ccactagtag ccttatccat gattttccct ctcccagaag    134100
     gtatgaatgt ttaagagctc ctcagtaagg gtataggtct gaagagtacc ttgccttgtc    134160
     tattgcaaga ttttggctgg cttgatctta tgcagatatc tgtaatttct gtgcacgtat    134220
     gagaacaata gccatgtcat gggtagaaaa gagaatttca catcatctct ccccatcctc    134280
     cagctcttct gagatgtttc ctgaatgtct gcatgaagag atttgataat cctgtcctat    134340
     ataggattga acacttaatt tttaaaaaat attttttatt atttaggtaa ctttcctcat    134400
     ttacatttcc aatgctatcc caaaagtccc ccacccccct acccacccac tcccactttt    134460
     tggccctggg gttcccctgt actggggcat ataaagtttg caagtacaat gggcctctct    134520
     ttccagtgat ggccgactag gccatctttt gatgcatatg cagctagaga caagagctct    134580
     ggggtactag ttagttcata atgttgttcc acctataggg ttgcagatcc ctttagttcc    134640
     ttgggtactt tctctagctc ctccattgag ggccctgtga tacgcccaat agctgactgt    134700
     gagcatccac ctctgtgttt gctaggcccc ggcatagtct cacaagagac agctatattt    134760
     gggtcctttc agcaaaatct tgctagtgta tgcaatggtg tcagcgtttg gaagctgatt    134820
     atgggatgta tccccgggta tggcagtctc tagatggtcc atcctttcgt cacagctcca    134880
     aactttgtct ctgtaactcc ttccatgggt gttttgttcc caattctaag aaggggcaaa    134940
     gtgtccacac tttggtcttg gttcttctcg actttcatgc gtttagcaaa ttgtatctta    135000
     tatcttgggt atcttaagtt tctgggctaa tattcactta tcagtgagta catattgtgt    135060
     gagttccttt gtgattgggt tacctcactc aggatgatgc cctccaggtc catccatttg    135120
     cctaggaatt tcataaattc attcttttta atagctgaat agtactccat tgtgtaaata    135180
     taccacattt tctgtatcca ttcctctgtt gaggggcatc tgggttcttt ccagcttctg    135240
     gctattataa ataagactgc tatgaacata gtggagcatg tgtccttctt accagttggg    135300
     gcatcttctg gatatatgcc caggagaggt attgcaggat cctctggtag tactatgtcc    135360
     aattttctga ggaaccgcca gactgatttc cagagtggtt gtacaagctt gcaatcccac    135420
     caacaatgga ggattgttcc agggaaaagc ctcgaagata tgggtacagg ggaaaaattc    135480
     ctgaatagaa cagcaatgcc ttgtgctgta agattgagaa tcgataaatg ggacctcata    135540
     aagttgcaaa gcttctacaa ggcaaaagac accatcaata agacaaaaag accaccaacc    135600
     gattgggaaa ggatctttac ctatcctaaa tcagataggg gactaatatc caatatataa    135660
     aaagaactca agaaggtgga ctccagaaaa atcaaataac cccattaaaa aatgggactc    135720
     agagctgaac aaaaaattct cacctgagga ataccaaatg gcagagaagc acttgaaaaa    135780
     atgttcagca aactttatat gccccagtac aggggaacgc cagggccaaa aagggggagt    135840
     gggtgggtag gggattgggg gtgggtgggt atgggggact tttggtatag cattggaaat    135900
     gtaaatgagc taaataccta ataaaaaatg gaaaaaaaaa gaaaaaaaaa agaaaaaatg    135960
     ttcaaccttc ttaatcatca gggaaatgca aatcaaaaca accctgagat tccacttcac    136020
     accagtcaga atggctaaga acacttaatt tcttgatctc catactttga ccagttatac    136080
     atttttcatt aatctctgct tagtacaaaa agaagcctat ctaacccatg tgtagagcag    136140
     gctagctcta tgggtatagc caattatatt tagaaggcaa tttggcacta tgattagttt    136200
     tttaatttat attttaatta ggtatttctt catttacatt tcaatgctat cccaaaagcc    136260
     cccccttccc aggccctccc tcccactccc ctactcacca actcgcactt cttgtccctg    136320
     gctttcccct gtactgaggc atataaagtt tgcaagacca aggggcctct cttcccaatg    136380
     atggccgact tctgctacat atgcagctag agacaccagc tctgggggta ctggttagtt    136440
     catattattg ttcctgcgat aggattgaag accccattag ctccttgggt actttctcta    136500
     gctcctccat tgggggacct gtgcccatcc aatagctgac taagcatcca cttctgtgtt    136560
     tgctagacac tggcataacc tcacaagaga cagctatatc agggtccttt cagcaaaatc    136620
     ttgctagtgt atgcaatggt gtcagcgttt ggaggctgat tatgggatgg atccccgggt    136680
     atggtagtct ctagatggtc catcctttcg tctcagcttg gcactatgat tattgagcaa    136740
     agcaacaaga gcaggtgtcc ctctatggct catgatctac ccagttacga gccatttgtc    136800
     taccaggatt atagtaccat aactgaaatt ctttcccgca gaacagacac ctagtcaaac    136860
     cagaaattta ttacttatcc cacaatagta ataacactat tacaccaagt gatacatctt    136920
     tcttggtggg tcaatattgt aacatgcaaa atccagcatt ggataaaacc actgatattt    136980
     tttctctccc accatcctga attatttatt aaagcactgt aaaagctatt cagtaaggaa    137040
     taagtctttt catcattttg agattaatat ctatatctct tctagccaat atgtatagta    137100
     tgttcagcaa tatcaactta ccatctagtt atggaatgga accaagggca atgccagttt    137160
     attagtgttt gttttgagac ctttgtcctc aaggaacata ggaacatatc tcaggccttg    137220
     cactgttata gttgagctct ttttcaactc tgttgtactt tgaaattatc ttattaacta    137280
     gtaagttttg ataaagtttc tttgtcataa atcctcagat ttggctaatc catccactac    137340
     ctcttcctta tcaccctgtt cccaaccctc aattaattct ttaaccccag gtataccctc    137400
     acttctttca tgtcacatgt gctccacaat tcctttgatt atattttaaa gataggttgt    137460
     gagatagtag acttcagtat agcttttcac atgactgttc tttgtgtttg ctctctctac    137520
     taacccctga ttaccccatg tttctttatg tttgtcttaa ttaatgttct actgctgtgg    137580
     tgagacacca ccagggccat gacaactctt ataaaggaaa acatttaact ggggtatgct    137640
     tacagttcca gagatttagt ccattgtcat catggcagtg agcagagtgg catgctcact    137700
     gagcagacat tgtcgtggag aagtagttga gagttctata tctgaatcta caggtagcag    137760
     gaagagagat agcctggctt gggtttttga aacctcatag cccatcccca ttgacacatt    137820
     tcttccaaca aggccccatc cctagtccct cccaagtagt ggcactccct gatgactaag    137880
     cattcaaaca tgtgagccaa tgggggccat tttttttcat tttttattag gtatttagct    137940
     catttacatt tccaatgcta taccaaaagt cccccatacc cacccacccc caacccccta    138000
     cccacccact cccccctttt ggccctggcg ttcccctgta ctggggcata taaagtttgc    138060
     gtgtccaatg ggcctctctt tccagtgatg gccgactagg ccatcttttg atacatatgc    138120
     agctagagtc aagagctccg gggtactggt tagttcatat tgttgttccg cctatagggt    138180
     tgcagatatg ggggccattt ttattcaaac taccacaatg tttaaaagct tttccacccc    138240
     ctgaattcta ttctaccctc ttttacccta caatttatta taccctctct attaatgtgt    138300
     tttccccctc aaaggtcaat ttctggtttt cacttctgtc ccacatatac taaacaaaag    138360
     tttaaaacta agagcctcat ataagagaga atgtgagaca ttttttttct tatgaggtct    138420
     gatttgctca ctttgtataa ttgtataaca tctatttacc aacaagagtc attattttat    138480
     ttttctttac agctgactaa tactgcacta tttctgtcta tatacatttg tctgtctgtc    138540
     tgtctgtctg tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatatatc    138600
     tatctaccta tttatctaat cttatttttc ttacccatcc agttggtgaa tatctatcta    138660
     tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tacctatcta tcttattttt cttatccatc    138720
     taattgttga tgaacatcta ttttgcttcc atttttaagc tattgtgagt ttagccttga    138780
     cgaatatgaa tatgcaagta agtgttccta tagtaggata taataaactc ctttgagtat    138840
     gtgtacaaga gttgtacaga agggtcatat gtaaattcta tttctggata ttttaaaagg    138900
     atttatttat ttttatgcaa atggatcatt gcctatgtag atgtatgcgt accttaagcg    138960
     cttgctgctt gtagaggcca gaagaggttg ttggatccct ttgaaccgga gttacagata    139020
     gttgtgagct accatgtagg agcagggaac ggaatcaggt ctttcacaag agtaacaagt    139080
     gctcttgaca ggtagaagaa agcatatctc agaggaagat gctgttgata ctactgagtg    139140
     agaacaagaa ctacattcca aataaaagcc tattaagtga gctttattta ccatgcatag    139200
     cattgacttt ccaaagtggg attagagagt gtagtgtggg ctaacttttc aggcctcctt    139260
     tttttagggg aaaatgtata aactggggat tttgtaaaat aagtattttg aaagcaaatt    139320
     ttatagaagc agatggtaaa ttagattatt tgatagatca tcttggcaga acatctcaag    139380
     tttctttaca gaagacctta tcttactagg gtagactaca tatgggtcaa gctccaattc    139440
     agaattagaa catctcagga ctccttggca gaataccatc ttatcagggt gaagaatgca    139500
     gagtcaagct tatcctaaga tgaaatcaga atggtctatc agtgcaacca ggaagcatat    139560
     gattaacaag gtctgcttta aagatgaagg aactaatatc cctagaatgc aaatggtctc    139620
     taaaaattgg aaaaggaaac tgagctttca gaaaccatgt catcctcctg aaacctggtg    139680
     cttgagttgt gtttgttgaa tgtctgggtc atatcgtgca ttggatgtct ggaccacaaa    139740
     actgtgatgc aatgtttatg gtgtttaaag cagtaggata gagtagttga ttatagcacc    139800
     aatacaaaca ttagtgccag tcctacccta aaagaacata catcattgtt gtgtaacatt    139860
     ccagtaatat tttaaaattt atttagaaaa tattgtgtaa tttagttgat gaaagacagt    139920
     ctggatataa cttctaaact tatatttaag aatttaggaa ggcccattgg tcatgcaaac    139980
     tttatatgcc tcagtacagg ggaatgccag ggccaagaag tgggagtggg tgggtagggg    140040
     agtgtgtggg ggagtgtgta ggggactttt gggatagcat tggaaatgta aatgaaataa    140100
     atacccaatt aaaaaaaaag aaacacacac gggtagggat ggcatctata aaccaagaac    140160
     caaaggttag aaattaagat aagcaaagag aactgcatgg tactggtata gagacagaca    140220
     agtagaccaa tggaatagaa ttgaagaccc agaaatgaac ccacacacct atggtcactt    140280
     gatcttcgac aagggagcta aaaccatcca gtggaagaaa gacagcattt tcaacaattg    140340
     gtgctggcac aactggttgt tatcgtgtag aagaatgtga atcgatccat acttatctcc    140400
     ttgtactaag gtcaaatcta agtggatcaa ggaacttcac ataaaaccag agacactgaa    140460
     acttatagag gagaaagtgg ggaaaagcct tgaagatatg ggcacagggg aaaaattcct    140520
     gaacagaaca gcaatggctt gtgctgtaag atcaagaatt gacaaatggg acctaatgaa    140580
     actccaaagt ttctgcaagg caaaagacac cgtcaataag acaaaaagac caccaacaga    140640
     ttgggaaagg atctttacct atcctaaatc agatagggca ctaatatcca acatatataa    140700
     agaactcaag aaggtggact tcagaaaatc aaataacccc attaaaaaat ggggctcaga    140760
     actgaacaaa gaattctcac ctgaggaata ctgaatggca gagaagcacc tgaaaaaatg    140820
     ttcaacatcc ttaatcatca gggaaatgca aatcaaaaca accctgagat tccacctcac    140880
     accagtcaga atggctaaga tcaaaaattc aggtgacagc agatgctggc gtggatgtgg    140940
     agaaagagga acactcctcc attgttggtg ggattgcagg cttgtacaac cactctggaa    141000
     atcagtctgg cggttcctca gaaaattgga catagtacta ccggaggatc cagcaatacc    141060
     tctcctgggc atatatccag aagatgcccc aactggtaag aaggacacat gctccactat    141120
     gttcatagca gccttattta taatagccag aagctggaaa gaacccagat gcccctcaac    141180
     agaggaatgg atacagaaaa tgtggtacat ctacacaatg gagtactact cagctattaa    141240
     aaagaatgaa tttatgaaat tcctaggcaa atggatagac ctggagggca tcatcctgag    141300
     tgaggtaaca cattcacaaa ggaactcaca caatatgtac tcactgataa gtggatatta    141360
     gccccaatcc taggataccc aagatataag ataaaatttg ctaaacacat gaaactcaag    141420
     aagaatgaag actgaagtgt ggacactatg cccctcctta gaattgggaa taaaacaccc    141480
     atggaaggag ttacaaagac aaagtttgga gctgagatga aaggatggac catgtagaga    141540
     ctgccatatc cagggatcca ccccataatc agcatccaaa cgctgacacc attgcatata    141600
     ctagcaagat tttatcaaaa ggacccagat gtagctgtct cttgtgagac tatgccgggg    141660
     cctagcaaac acagaagtgg atgctcacag tcagctattg gatggatcac agggctccca    141720
     atggaggagc tagagaaagt acccaaggag ctaaagggat ctgcaaccct ataggtagaa    141780
     caacattatg aactaaccag taccccggag ctcttgactc tagctgcata tgtatcaaaa    141840
     gatggcctag tcggccatca ctggaaagag aggcccattg gacatgcaaa ctttatatgc    141900
     cccagtacag gggaacgcca gggccaaaaa gggggagtgg gtgggtaggg gagtgagggt    141960
     gggtgggtat gggggacttt tggtatagca ttggaaatgt aaatgagcta aatacctaat    142020
     aaaaaatgga aaaaaaaaag ataagcaaag agaggccaca gtcactctgg ggtagctatt    142080
     cttatatatg ataaagaagg ttttaaaact aatcatgaca gggttattgt tatatcagat    142140
     agggggacag ataccaggag atagggaata tgcattctta tcaataacac atagaacctt    142200
     ctacacaatt gatggcatta taggccacaa agcaaacctt aataaataaa gcccatttcc    142260
     ctgcaaccta aaggttccac aacttttcaa aacagagcca ctagctgagg atccagtgtg    142320
     agtccatggg attcccagtc aaatcatgag ggcgtctgtg ttttctagcg tgtactagcg    142380
     atcacattaa attcttatag cagttaacaa attcagaaaa actgcaggat acaaagttaa    142440
     cacactataa ttggtaggat ttcatactct gtcaatgagt aatgcaggaa ataagcaaac    142500
     aacgccattg acaacataga aataaaatgc ttagggatca attggctcca agaaatggaa    142560
     gatctctgta ccaaaaacta cataacactg tggatgtagg ttaaagagaa cagacaaata    142620
     tgaacatctg tacttattca ggaaagagtt gctatgttta aatctcagtg ctacctaaca    142680
     tgtaatgaga tccctggtaa aaatctcagt ggggtttatc agaagtagaa aaatatatgc    142740
     caaaacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    142800
     acacacacaa agaatttagg aaagaataat tacaccttac attgtgtaca tttatatgca    142860
     ttgatgttca gacccattga tatctattat atagaaaaaa gtctctaata tcttatttgt    142920
     tcatttactt catggcaata ttaaaatatt tctctattgc atagaatgtt gtgtctgaaa    142980
     gattcagtgg ttgaagaaaa atcagcaata agagtcatgg tcttttgagt tattcaaggt    143040
     gttacaggct tgtaagcata acaacatggt tggtgagggc aagaggataa tgaactaaag    143100
     gatagcctca gctatatagt gcatttgaag agagcctgga ctatagcaga tcccatgtca    143160
     aaaaaccaaa ctcccctaaa tcaaacaaaa atttaagata ttttaatttt gtaattgcat    143220
     agctatacac attgttaatc ttttgtcaga gtcttaaata atttctgtga aatggagaat    143280
     acctgtttta ctttatgtct ctagaaagtt gtgaagattc atacaattgc aaacagtagt    143340
     gaccattcac aggtgacaac tttagtgact gctaggcaac aatgggtgat gttgcctttt    143400
     ctatcaacag catgtgattc tctgctgatt cctgaataaa gaggctccgt ttgtgctcct    143460
     tggaagtcta ttctcacatc tgtcattgcc tataggaaaa ggacatttgt tttatatgaa    143520
     ccttatgatt ttagaacttg gatcattttt ttttgtacca ggcaggagaa caaatatgct    143580
     ttaatggtat ccagggagtt aggtttgggg aaagaaagca tggcattgat gagctgatgt    143640
     gtctatggga aattaacatg ccctacctta gggtacaccc tgtaccccat gcttccatag    143700
     ccaaagctca gaacaactga aatagctttt gaagctcaag tcacctacta atccacttac    143760
     aggcaaaagg accattaaaa gtagagatgg ttattttggc ccagggattt attgatggta    143820
     tcctcactga tagatgatgg ctcaggagat ccaggttgaa ctgcagtgtg actctgactg    143880
     atggagtcac agtgtatgtc tgatttccag tatgtcatgc tcctttgtaa atacagattc    143940
     ttatatagtc caggctaacc ttaaactcaa caagtagctc aggctgactg tgaagtcatg    144000
     atcatcttac ctctacattg taaatgctgc ggtgacgact ggtgccacca tgtcaggcca    144060
     ctttcttctt gtatatgtat acgtatacgt gtacgtgtgt gtgtgtacgt gtacatgtgt    144120
     atgtgtatgt atttgtattt gtatatgtat atgtgacata attctttgcc aattccattt    144180
     gtcacatgtc tctctgctgt ggtgcaggcc accccaaaac aaataaaggc gctggttata    144240
     gaccatgtac tcatgttggt gttctcctcc agcacttgaa acatcatcaa gtgactatta    144300
     gtagtttagt agtaaatgct tagttgggtt agttcttttt ttcccccatt ttttattagg    144360
     tatttagctc atttacattt ccaatgctat accaaaagtc ccccataccc acccaccccc    144420
     actcccctac ccacccactc cccctttttg gccctggcgt tcccctgtac tggggcatat    144480
     aaaatttgcg tgtccaatgg gcctctcttt ccagtgatgg ccgactaggc aatcttttga    144540
     tacatatgca gctagagtca agagctccgg ggtactggtt agttcatgat gttgttccac    144600
     ctatagggtt gcagatccct ttagctcctt ggctactttc tctagctcct ccattgggag    144660
     ccctgtgatc catccaatag ctgactgtga gcatccactt ctgtgtttgc taggccccgg    144720
     catagtctca caagagacag ctacatctgg gtccttttga taaaatcttg ctagtgtaag    144780
     caatggtgtc agcgtttgga agctgatcat ggggtggatc cctggatatg gcagggttag    144840
     ttctttacat aataaataga tcaattgagc cctggtggct catgactgta actctagtgt    144900
     ctgggagtta aagaaaaggg gatcaggagt ttaagaccag gctgagctac ttgaaagcct    144960
     atttaaaaaa caacaccatg aagcttactt tacctaacaa aaaaccaaac atcatttctc    145020
     tacttatcca attctggcat ttttttattt tatggaaaag actctaaact ctttgagtga    145080
     atacagatat atatatataa tttttttaaa cttctacaat gcccctttcc tgccagcctg    145140
     ccctcctatc tgggctaaaa accacagtgg ttgctacttc tgagaacaag tcatctctcc    145200
     taagagaggt tttgcacctg ccatttcctc tgccttgact gttttctgtt tctgtttttc    145260
     atggctggtt ccttttccat gtttcacacc tcagctaaaa tgggacttcc tcaaggaggt    145320
     ttctctggac tgctcagtgt agtgtccacc tcccctgcat ggtcatggtg ctcactctat    145380
     tccccaacag gattttgctg catctgtaac cccatttagt tgttcacatt gtgcttcttc    145440
     tttgtactcc actgcacact ccatgtagga ctgtctattt gttgcatttg taactacaaa    145500
     tctagtgtcc agcacaaatt tgatgctcag gaagtatttg tgaaatgaga aatatgtctc    145560
     cctttcatta ctccaatggc agatttggat gaactctcaa gaggattagt gactttagtg    145620
     gttcagaacc tttctttgtc agtagttaaa ctcaaatgtc ctttgattca tttactcact    145680
     tttggtatgt catctaggca aatgtcagaa tgaataatgt aagtgaggtg acaactgaaa    145740
     agcaggagat aatgaattcg ggttggtatt ttctcccagc tcttggagca atgatgggtt    145800
     gatggatttg attgaaatcc aaacccaatt ttgtgactct tttttgtgcc agagagagag    145860
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagga    145920
     gagaggagaa agagtgtgtg tttgaagtag tttgaagtag ggaatgcaac ctgggcctct    145980
     tatatgccaa gtacatattc tgcactgagc tacattctgg gccactgagt cctatcttta    146040
     tgatcttgta gcagggtaac tttcagcatg gtatttgctc agagtgagtt tttgctcttt    146100
     gtagttagat gagcatgtaa ctactgctgt agagaaagtt aagtaagtga ttagtcccta    146160
     tgacaatgtc tagaatatgg aaaatattac tagttacagc agttactttg attgctatat    146220
     ataggatcag aatgaaatgt tgtcatatca tctgttaaat acaatatata gttgcttctt    146280
     tgatttagat taccaagaat cctaagcact tatcattttc acttttcttt cccctctttt    146340
     ctcctgatta acttcttcaa ggcactcttc atgtcctcat tcctaaaggt gtagattatg    146400
     gggttcagca gaggggttat ggccgtgaaa aatgcagata caatcttgtc ctctggaagg    146460
     ctgatggctg ggcgtgagta gatgaagata cagtgtccca gaaacagagt gactacggtg    146520
     agatgggctg cacaggtgga caaggctttc ctcttgccgt cagagatctg ttgcctcaga    146580
     ctcacaagga tgactgcata ggacactaca ataatcacaa aacataccat agagatcatc    146640
     ccactgttgg agacaacgag aatctcagtg atacgggtgt cagtgcaagc cagttcgatc    146700
     acctgaggta catcacagaa gaagctgtca agctcattag gaccacagta aggcagcttg    146760
     atggtgagtg aggtgaaaga tatggagtgt atggtccctg ctgtccacat ggcccctcct    146820
     agcaccatac acaccttcca gttcattatt gtcatatacc tcaaaggttt acaaatggcc    146880
     acatagcgat cataggccat gacagtaaga aggaagatct ctgtgcaggc aaagagatgc    146940
     aggaaaaata tctggaccac acagtcatca aaggagatga gcttttcttc tgagaaggtg    147000
     tcacttagca tctttgggac agtgacagtg gaatggcaga catcaataaa ggacagattg    147060
     ctgaggaaga aatacatggg agtatggagt cggtggtcgt gtatgattgt tacgacaatg    147120
     aggatgttac caaccagtgt caggacataa aaaatgagga atatgaaaaa aatagccatc    147180
     tgtactttcg gatttgtaga taaacctgtg agccgaaatg acatcactga agtttggttg    147240
     atgaggacag ccttttccat tcttttagtt ctttgtcaaa aatttaagga aaaaacatga    147300
     aacaaatgta acacttaaca tatacattaa tcatttggtc ccttaatttt ttttggtcgt    147360
     ttacgatgtc acctacatct agaacctatg agccaagtat ctagtttatt tcccgttctt    147420
     ctcttccttc cctcttccct tgatgctggg gatttgatag aagctcacac aaattaagtg    147480
     cttgctttgt ctctgagcta cagctcctgt cttgtgtttc ttaaaaaaac aaagcaaaac    147540
     aaaacaaaaa aaaaaaaaag aaaagaaaag aaaaaaagaa aaagaaaaag aaatgctctg    147600
     taggggctca cagagactga actgacaact aaagattttg ctaggagctg acctagatcc    147660
     tccacacatg ttacagttgt gtagcttggt cttcttgtgg gactcctaac tttgtaagca    147720
     ggggctgttt gtcactctgt tgcctgtgtt caaacccttt tctcctactg ggttgccttt    147780
     tccagactta atagtagagg tgcctagtct ttctgcaact tgatatgcca gggctggttg    147840
     agatccacga gaggcccttt tctgaagaga aaaggaatgg atgaggggga agggggtggg    147900
     gaggtacttg caagaaagga gtgaagggaa actgtggtca ttatataaaa caatctaaat    147960
     aaacaaataa ataaaaataa ataaataaaa cataagacta caccatgagc cctccagtag    148020
     atttagactt agaactagta tttctgtagg aatataataa ctatttccaa aaatatgtgt    148080
     gatattctct tgggtgtcta tacataatac cttctcttaa ctctaaagca tatagccaga    148140
     tgcttcgaaa tattagatta taacagaaaa gcagcaaaga agcaaggact acgattaatg    148200
     ctcttcaaat tcaaaataaa tagtgtcttc ttgcgagaca gttaggtgta atgtagacat    148260
     agttgcaaat gaaacaattt tctcaattat tttagctccc atttaacaat aataagggtc    148320
     aatcctcaaa gaccctccac agtgtagcaa atataacttt ggctctatga catcttctct    148380
     ggagccaaag aaatatacgt taaggggaag acataagaaa tctgtatgta cagtgggttt    148440
     tgggggtctt ccagagaccc gctcagtaca gagagaccaa ttgcagcaac tgttggggga    148500
     actgctagca gacagccctc agctgttacg ctgctttgat aagtgtctta tctgtacacc    148560
     ttggaaggca gctccagttc agccattggt aggataaaga gagtttctcg ttccccaagt    148620
     caggataact gtaatagacc atcctggctt tagccttctc accgacctga gtggagccac    148680
     tgagaccaca gaggaggaca attcttccct tcactcagct aagcttcctt cttccaaggg    148740
     gggtggttct tatagtgctc ctaataaaca aacattcttc actctcaaaa aaattcttct    148800
     tggagcgcct tccctagatg ttaaacccac actttggaaa taatgctgta gtgagccttg    148860
     atttactagg aaattaaaga tcaccttgaa gaggaaggtg gagatgcatc agtgtttagt    148920
     tactttatat atatatttct ggagacaaga gtgtcaaata acccagactt gctatatagt    148980
     tgagggtgtc cttgaactcc tgatccttct gcctcctttc ccacctgctg agtttgctgg    149040
     tgtgtgctgg tgtgtgcctt tgcaaccagc tcaggttatg gattaaggtt atgcatgctc    149100
     taaataggtc ctttaaggtc cataaacttg gcctttaaat atagtctcta ttgttttctc    149160
     attgattgta ctttccacta gcccacatct cttctcccct ggtggctttg cccaggtgtt    149220
     gggaacttga cattcacaat gccagtattt gaggaccaca gccattcacc atgctgctgg    149280
     acagctggtc atgtggctgt gatgtttgtt gagaagttcc ttagagaagg ctgcacaaac    149340
     ctaggagccc taagatgcag acaggtttgt cctcaacctg gaggtcaagg ttcaggctta    149400
     gcaacatctg tgtgttgact agatcatccc agcttttcag attctcattc tgttgtttga    149460
     tttacaggtc tgtgagtaaa tccaaagaag ctgttttatt tactttttaa aatgagcttt    149520
     cctctgattc aagtatcact actactttaa aagattttat ttactgattt attatctatg    149580
     taccatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatccatgc    149640
     aattatgtat agatatatct atgcttccat atatcatcta tatctatcca tgcaattatg    149700
     tatagatgta ttgtatgcat atatatatat atgtttcatg tgcatggatg ttttgcctgc    149760
     atatgttaat gtgcaccatg aatgcctggt gcccatggaa gtcagaagtg ggcatcagat    149820
     tcttcggtgg agttacagat gcttataagc ttccatatag gtgctatcaa gagaacctgg    149880
     ggcctctaca agagcagtca gtgctcttaa ttgctgaggc ttctctccac taccactact    149940
     gttttttaaa caattgtatg ttctatatat gactctcagg attttagttc tcaaagggag    150000
     ttgagggttt agcttttttt tttcttcttc cattttacaa atggcaaaaa tcaggcctat    150060
     agaggtaaag cactaactag gctcaaggtc acacagaatt ggggttcagg tctcctggcc    150120
     ctggctttat ccacttcacc attgctttta acttctgtgg tggccagcat aataggaggt    150180
     caagcagagg tgtcttaatg ccctctttct tctcctgggg gtcctgagtc tgcttggggt    150240
     ttgctcttca gagagctcat ttcccaggct tgcccaatct tcatgtgcca tctttgcaca    150300
     cagctttcca gtggtggctc acccagggaa cctgtctgtc cctcatagcc cctaatcttg    150360
     tgctgtctgt cctataccat tcctcaggat cagactctgc tggacaaaca cttcttccca    150420
     atactgctta ggggaaactt cccctctgcc ctcaggtatg tctagtattc cctgccattc    150480
     accgtgccag ccttatgcaa aacagcccta tgctgtttat gtcaaaagaa agattaacat    150540
     cagattgtca cagtgaggca ctaaccaaat agagctgtgg caaacaggat acctttagac    150600
     aggggtcttt caattaacac ctgaaacata actagactag tatcttgtta caatttacag    150660
     caacatcttt ttacatagct atggattaat ttcacatttt ataatttttc ttagaacatg    150720
     catttaacgt ttttttcttt tgctacagaa aactatttca gttatttaat tagtgactta    150780
     cagtcatttt tcttgtttaa aaactgaaag ttgaagggtc aggggttgat tttaaattca    150840
     tcatgtgaca tttggtctga agcaaagact tctgcttcct cctcattgga cagtgatata    150900
     tatggttacc ttaccctatc ttctgtcagc atttttcttg gacttctgtg agctcacagg    150960
     aaaagatgct tggaaaacat agtgcccaat gatatcaaat aactgaggta aaaaatatgg    151020
     gttagagaga tggttcagag ttaggagcat ctgtcactct catggagtac ctgggctagg    151080
     ctcccagcat ccataactct ggttccaggg tatttgatac cttcctctga cctccacagg    151140
     aactcacatg atacacacag gcagacaaaa cactcataca tgtaagataa actaaataag    151200
     tcaaaatcta tcttctcctt ctctccctct ctccctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct    151260
     ctctctctca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacaccac acacacacca    151320
     cacacagact atatgtaact atacatctca ggaaaatgta gaaggtgatg agcaaaataa    151380
     gaaagaatat ctataaatct cacctgaatt ctttctgatt ctctcagtcc cttcaaagat    151440
     acttgggtat tctgtctggt agtttgaata caacgaaaat tatcttccag taaaagaaac    151500
     aactttcttc aagttgggta gtcagaacat ctcgtgttac tgtagtcctg gagagcctgc    151560
     ttgtcgtgtc agggcagaga ggcactattc cagattcctg agcaaaccaa ccctttgcat    151620
     ctatactttt tgcccttgtc tcactatgca aataattctg cagcaagaat ttctaggatg    151680
     gtgttcagca gactgaagtt gtgcgacaag gacagtgtat cttctgtgtc ttttcagacc    151740
     cagcgatgag gagggattcc acgctgtgag caaccagttt cagagctgta ccagtttgtc    151800
     aggacaattt aaaaacaaaa ttgtctggtc accgacttac tcagaacccc agtgtggctg    151860
     aagggtcttg ttgcacactt taggtgcaag ttctatcatt agttccagat gtgacattca    151920
     tctcttaaac tctgaagggg aatcatagag caagcaaaca gctgtggctg gcagctgttg    151980
     cgttgatggt gttgcacctg gattatcaag gctttatttc caaggcaaca tccaaaccat    152040
     aacatcagct tgccaagtca ctagttagaa aaagtaagtt ctgtggctgc tgatgtaatc    152100
     gccttggttt ttctctctaa gggaagttaa tgaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa aaaccagaca    152160
     taacttttac agtttttttg gggcatagtg tatataacta aattaagtac tactatttag    152220
     tgaccctatg tgaaagctag gtaatgaccc taggcgttgg ctctgcattt tctaatttaa    152280
     gttatatgag atcacagaca tgagaagggc agtggatgcg aggttctgtc agccctctga    152340
     tatgtaagtg ctttgtctgt gagttagata gtctgggtgc aactgtaaag gttgtagatg    152400
     tttgaacttt gggaagtgtg taaggtcttt gatccttagt ttcttctcct taaagcatga    152460
     ataaggccag caagatggct caataggata aggcttgcca tgtgcatttg gcaacctaag    152520
     tttaattccc gggacaccct aaaggtagaa ggaaagaacc aactccacaa aagtggagaa    152580
     ctctgacctc cacatgtata ttatatggtg tgtatatatg cccacacatt ctttctctct    152640
     ctcttatatc taataaaaca aaattaaaaa gaaaaaaatg cacaattttt agaacttttg    152700
     agatattttc aaagcgtgtg gcatttactg ttatgcataa aacatgcctt tcaggcaaaa    152760
     agtggaatta aaaaaaaacc tactgtcagt tttttgcctc aaatgtttgt tactttaaac    152820
     agtagcaaat gtgtgtataa attaaagtct ctcgtcctgg ttctcctttt catttctctt    152880
     tgttgtagct atttgaattt gttgtttaaa tcagtgaaga agaatacaaa gtggagagat    152940
     gaatgtcact tttttttttt tttagcgtga ccccattcaa ttctgagact gaaggcaaat    153000
     ttttattttc caacccactt ttaaaaaatt tttaattagg tattttcttc atttacattt    153060
     ccaatgctat cccaaaagtc ccccacaccc tccctgtccc ccactccctt acccacccac    153120
     tcctacttct tggccctggc gttcccctgt actgaggcat ataaagtttg caagaccaat    153180
     gggcctctct ttccactgat agctgactag gccatcttct gatacatatg cagctagaga    153240
     cacgagctcc ggggggtact ggttagttca tattgttgct ccacctatag ggttgcagac    153300
     ccctttagct ccttgggtac tttctctagc tcctccattg gggactctgt gatttatcca    153360
     atagctgact gtgagcatcc atttttgtgt ttgctaggcc ccggcatagc ctcacaagag    153420
     acagaatgtc actaattttt taaaaaatta aaatgtatat attttaagat ttattcattt    153480
     tttcatatat gtgagtgttg cctacaggta tgtctgagca ccccatgcat actttggtac    153540
     tcactgaatc caaaagaggg tgtcagatct ccttacctag actagactta cagacagttc    153600
     tgagcaacca tgtgggtgct gggaaccgaa cccaggccct ctgcaagagc agccagtgct    153660
     tttaaccaca gaacaatctt tctagccctt tactttttat ttatttattt atttatttat    153720
     ttatttattt atttatgttt ttttttttga gacagtgttt ctctgtgtaa tagccctggc    153780
     tgttctagaa ctagctttgt aaacctgact ggtgttgaac tcactggtat ctacctgcct    153840
     ctgcccttca agtactggga ttaaaggcat gttctactat acctggctaa tttattttta    153900
     acttattcat gacacacaca aagtaaacat gttatgaggt actgtgactg tttgcatatg    153960
     cttggcctaa gggagtggta ctattagaag gtgtggccct tttggagtag gtgtgtcact    154020
     gtgggtgtgg gctaatggac cccctttcta gctgcctgca agtcagtctt ccactagcag    154080
     tcttcaagta aagatgtaga actctcagct cctcctgcac tatgcctgcc tagacgtctc    154140
     tatgctccca ccttgatgat aaaggactga ccctctgaac ctgaaagcca gccccaaata    154200
     agtcctttat aagacttgcc tatgtcatgg catctgttca cagcagtaaa accctaacta    154260
     agacaggtac catgtcatgt ttgatatgta tttacttgat gtctatatct gattatacat    154320
     atccatattc tcctcaaata tttatcaatt tattataatt aaagccttca aaattatgtc    154380
     tcacagaaat taagaaacat gtagaattat ctatagcagc catactgtgc atgcaaaact    154440
     ttctgttcct gtgtaaacta tgtacagtta ctgttgatca gtttcttccc accctttcaa    154500
     cccatccctt tccccagctt cagggaagct ccattttaat gtcaactctt gtgagataaa    154560
     cattctaaga atatctaaaa atatctaaga aatattctaa ttgtagtaag ataatccagt    154620
     atttacttta ctgagcatgg atacttttat ttaacacaat tatgttcatt ttcacttatg    154680
     ttgtctccag tggcaacatt tcagttttca aaagtggcta gtgcagagta tttctttttt    154740
     tatacacata cattaaaaaa aatcatcagt tagagttggg agagggattc agggcccaaa    154800
     aagggcagat actccttggg aagaccaaca gagtccactc acctggaccc ttgggactcc    154860
     ctgaggatga atcaccaacc aaagagtgag cactggctgg acctaggctc ctgcacgtat    154920
     gtagcagttt ggttttcatg tgggtctctc aacaactgga gcaggagctg tctctgaacc    154980
     tgttgcctgc ctgcctgtgg atcccatgcc cctaaatgga tcgccttgtc tggcctcagt    155040
     gtgaggggat gtgcctagtc ctggggcgac ttattgtgca tgcggtccga gggaggttag    155100
     tatgggggag tagcaccttg aggggagggt gaaatagggg gggacttgcc tgaggagggg    155160
     gtgctgggag gagaggaaag gctgatttgg ggttgtaaag tgaataaata aaaaaataaa    155220
     aagtaaaaaa caacaacaaa aaaaacccca aaacaaccga tcagttgatg acaacttagg    155280
     gtatttccat ttcttgattt tgatgaaaat gttaaataaa cacccaggag cagctgtctc    155340
     tttgagttat tgatttattt cttttttttt tatacctaca gtgtgattga aaaatatata    155400
     tgatacttgt attttttatt tttaggagct atttacacat tggcttaaga aaatcgtatt    155460
     caaatacttc cctttccccg cccccccccc ccccccccgt ccttggcagc acattttatc    155520
     tttatttaat ttaatttatt ttattttttg tgtgtatgtt gcactggaga gaaaaattac    155580
     aaccttctac aacaacaaca acaacaacaa taacacattt tatttgcctt tagaattaat    155640
     cttggggttt tttttgagaa agaatttcat agtttttgtt ttttgtttct ttttcttttc    155700
     ttttatattt ttattctttt ggtttttcaa gacagggttt ctctatgtag cactggcttt    155760
     cctggaactc actttgtaga atggactaac cttgaactaa gagttctgtc tgtctctgta    155820
     tcctgagtgc tgagattaaa ggctaccacc ctgtttatta tgattttttt aaataatgtt    155880
     tttatgtatt gcttgagaat ttcttatact gtattttgat cttattcttt cccctctcca    155940
     actcctcact ggtcctacct tcctcttttc ccatccaact tcatactctt tctttttctt    156000
     aaacaaccaa accaaatcca aatccacaca atgagcactg ggcctgccgt ggagtgtggt    156060
     tgctgtactt acttttacta ggttggagaa aatgaattta atagattctt ggctagggct    156120
     ggtatttcat gcccacttcc tctcatccat ggtgggattt tgtctggctt gaacttgttc    156180
     aggtctaggg tgtgctataa cactctctct gagtacatat gtacatctgc cctaatatct    156240
     ttggaaataa tttaaagaaa aaatatagcc atttttatag agtcatctgg tatcttctta    156300
     tactttgagc tgagggtgat ttggactata gtagccaggt tttaggggca ataatattgg    156360
     agactattct acaatatttt gacaaaaaaa aaagtgtgcc tgttcttctt tttttttttt    156420
     tctttcttgt cctaagagtt tccctgaggc cagattgaag agttatatta atgtccttgg    156480
     cagaggagat ttcaagagag tctattattg attgcttcac atgtttatta gtgattactt    156540
     ttataaacca caatgaaaag agcaagtaag gcaaagagaa atatgtacag tttgaggaga    156600
     aaaggaacac tagtgtctta gggtttccat tgctgtgaag agacactatg accaatgcaa    156660
     cgcttataaa ggacatttaa ttggggctgg tttagagttt cagaggttca gttcattatc    156720
     attatggtaa gaagcaaggc agcatctggg tagacatggt gcaggaaaag gagctgagag    156780
     ttctgcatct tgatctgaag gcaggcagaa ggagactgcc atttacggga ggctttcttc    156840
     tacacgaggt ggaacctgag cataggaggc ctgaaagcac acttatgaag tgacacactt    156900
     tctctaacaa agccatactt tcttcaacaa ggccacatcc cctaatagtg acacctgttt    156960
     agagaggttc tttggagcag ctcccatctg tgttgccatt ccataggcta gcagtgttag    157020
     ctctatccac ttgaaaacac tttatggata tattagctgt ccagttaggt agagttggga    157080
     tggcaaacat gaatcaggag ctgtgacact acttagcaga ggcatccagg catcagcctc    157140
     agcagaagtc agcaggaagg accaggagga gtgccaggac aagttcttgg ctctgtctgt    157200
     cttagtgaag caaagatgtg agacccacaa gcattgcaca gctagttcta taaggaagcc    157260
     tagctcagcc tctgtcactg tccatttaga gtccttttat actctctcca aacatcatgt    157320
     gtcctccaca ggtcttgcct cagcattgtg tctgtctcag ctgacgtcac tctgccaatc    157380
     agcagagtgt cacagagtca cagaagcagc aagaaactgc agcacaccac cagaaggttt    157440
     tttttttttt tttttttttt gggggagatt ctatctatgg agttccaata aatgcccctc    157500
     aactatgcaa ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt    157560
     cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttctcct cctcctcctc    157620
     ctcctcctcc tcctcctcct cctcctcctc ctcctcctcc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt    157680
     cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttctttca agacagggtt tctctgtgta gccctggctg    157740
     tcctggaact cactctgtag accaggctgg ccttgaactc agaaatcctc ctgcctctgc    157800
     ctcccaagtg ctgggattaa aggtgtgtgc caccactgcc tggcttcaac tatgcaattt    157860
     aagctaacca atacatgcat gttgttagca aagaattctt catcactagt cctttcatgt    157920
     gcttgctttg gcagaacatt ctctcccctg tgtttgcttc agtgaaacat tccttcgtga    157980
     gtctgcctta acctttcaca cctgtgtcca ctttaacaaa atgttccttt acgtgtttgt    158040
     tccaggaaaa ttccatacaa cagaactgac tttccaaaga atccttaaag tttccacttc    158100
     acttgggtca cttctccatc tctgccctct gtagcactct aggcactggt tgacatcact    158160
     ccactgctgc tgctgttctt ggtggtcatc ccatagttcc tggggactta tggtctattc    158220
     ctggagctgg tgccttatgt ccttcttttt gaaatcaatt ctgggcctta aatagagaaa    158280
     aatggagttt atgttgtcct ttcattaagg ctattagtta ttctccacaa cctgacacca    158340
     tttacttatg tcatcagact tggagaaatt gatctggtgc tcaactggaa gtttcattcc    158400
     tgcctattga ctagcattca tggtgatgga atgtactttg cactcttcta gaggagaaaa    158460
     gtgattgcca taatcactca gctacaaacc ctgtaactta caacaacaac ctgcctacaa    158520
     gatgtactaa tataatagtg acacaggtat taccagagta cccatttctg attggatgta    158580
     aggcacagtc cttgaatagg aatctatacc ctacattctt aaaatggcca agaagcagag    158640
     actagataga tcaggagcac ttgggaaata tgctctactc ttattctcct aaaggaacat    158700
     aacaataaaa gacttctgat aacacattgc tttacccata gagctgtgta tctttcaacc    158760
     ctcatcacag aaacttcttg tgagagttaa tagagagact cacacctgga tgatgtacat    158820
     atcacttgag attttagaac actcagtcct aaatgggatg tctttatcaa ccttccccct    158880
     atcaaggctc agggctctat gtgtaatcaa ggcctaaaga ctgtaagagc cagatgtggt    158940
     gaatgatccc aaggaaatat agtcatttag atataacagg actgatatac atatgaactc    159000
     acagaaactc acaagatctt cacaggttca aaccagaacc ccctcaaaaa aaattctagc    159060
     acagagaagg aagtggacat aaaatcccac cattaaccaa gaaactgtaa ttgataccta    159120
     ttggaaagga aaaaatcact tttcttggat agttttaggt cagcttgaaa ggtagagtta    159180
     tctgaaagga gggaatctca agagactgcc tccataacat ctgcctatag ggtagtcttc    159240
     taattagtga ttgctgaaat agggcccaat ccattgtggg tggtgcaacc tctggaatgg    159300
     tggtcctagg ttttataaga aagaagcctg agcaagccat ggggagcaag ccagggagca    159360
     gcaccccttc atttcattgt ttctgtatca gctctcggct gtggttccta atgggtttga    159420
     gttcctattc tggcttcatt caatgatgta gtacaatgtg aaagcataag ccaaacaacc    159480
     ctttcttccc aacttgcttt tttgtcatgg gttttcattg cagcagtaga aacccttact    159540
     aagacatcac ttttctccaa tagactatta ctgcgtatct atcaaccaca ttccaggggc    159600
     cagtcccagg agtagttagc caacacaaaa tggactccat ttattttcgt gtatgtgttt    159660
     tttgttttgt tttagtattt attagtctat taactttttg cttgtttatt ttgatctttg    159720
     ttttggggag gagttgaaag agggaagaga atatgattta aaaaaaacca tagtctgtaa    159780
     aaaaaaaatc acactcaaaa aaaaaaaaag gaatactagt gtctgtttcc ctcaaaaaaa    159840
     gggttctgta tacaatattc tacaggaact acacggaaag tgaatggtct ttgggcaaaa    159900
     gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagaca gatagataga taacatgcat    159960
     acatacatac atacatacat acatacatga gaggaggaga gaggaagaat aagagagaga    160020
     gaattttctt taggtgtatt gctcctggta ggatgagccc acaccaagaa gtatatgggc    160080
     agcaaaattg gagttgatgg gttagtaaac aaacaaacaa acaaacaaca acaacaacaa    160140
     caaaccaacc aaaacccaaa acatggaatt atgggaagga tgtgggagtg gatgtaggtg    160200
     tgtcttagtt atggttttac tgctgtgaac agacaccaag actgagaaaa ctcttataag    160260
     aataacattt aattgggggc tggcttacag gttcagaggt ttagtccatt attatcaagg    160320
     tgggaatatg gtagcatcca ggcaggcata gtgcaggagg aactaagagt tctacatctt    160380
     catctgaagg ctgctagggg gagactgact tccagacagc taggacgagg atcttaaagc    160440
     ctacacccac agtgacacac ctactgcaac aaggctacac ttcctaatag tgctaatccc    160500
     tgggccaatc atatacaaaa catcacaggg tgtagttagt aggtggagtt gtgggtaaat    160560
     gcgatcaaaa tatattgcat gaaattctca gacaataaag ccttaaaaaa aaggcccttg    160620
     tatagcttaa caataaaata acaaacaata tgtggttaaa aatgagcaaa agagcttgtc    160680
     tgctggtgca agccagtaat cctaggttct tggcaagttg agacaggtgg attagctagg    160740
     ctacatggtg agtttaagac caggcagggc aacttagact gtttcaaaat aagaggtaaa    160800
     aatagaaaag actggggata tagttagtgc ttgctcagca tctgcaagac ctaagattaa    160860
     tcatccagtg ccacctcctt gacagtcata tgaacagaag accaaagtaa gtacttctat    160920
     gaagatgtac atccctgggg ctgggactca ggtagacatt tttcactatc ctttctgtct    160980
     gccattacaa tatctccagt ctcacaggag actttcagga gcccttcctt ccaccctatc    161040
     tcctagggat tctgtcactt ggtgaagaac tagctaggtc tttcaaccct ctcagccttt    161100
     cttgctactc tatttttgtt cctttgaacg gaccatcaat tccctcaagt attttctacc    161160
     cgggacccca gtgaccacac tgggctggaa ctcaagtagg caattctaac tattcttcct    161220
     gctttcttca gactttactc ctagtcttgt agcagtcttt ttgcagaccc tcccccacaa    161280
     ccaaactcca ctcactagtg actccacatt ttggtgcaga accaggactc cccttgccat    161340
     tttatctctg tctccagact tgttatatat ccaactgcag cctgtttact ggagcccctt    161400
     tccccatacc tttatccctt ggggactctg actcctattg tggacacatc cctctagctc    161460
     ttttccacag tcttctcagc cttttcttct agcccatctc cattcctttc tgccaatgac    161520
     ctacccacag aagtactctt taccagagac cccacaacca ccacacttgc ttaggatctg    161580
     aagagggtaa cagccaccaa agaacagaac acccctcaac aacaagacca ggtaccaaca    161640
     ccaagaaacc tcccaaacat catagctctc aaacaaacat gcttagacct cagtgcaaaa    161700
     cacaaaagca aacagccaag gcaacaagcc ttcaccagaa gtcaggaatc cttctacagt    161760
     aggccttgag aaacacaata tagctgaagc ataagacaat agctttaaaa atagcagtta    161820
     tgaaaatgtt caagtatctt attgagaata tgactaaaaa tgatatgaat aatgaagtct    161880
     gtgaaaacac aaacaattga ataaaatatt gaaaaattaa aggtacgaat gtacaattaa    161940
     ttaattaggg atcactgaat tttttatttc tggggtttct tgtcagtggt gatccttgag    162000
     attaaggtgg agttacaagg gctccagata ctagaagtga gttgacagaa acaattattt    162060
     agacaaatca catgattgca aagcaggggt tttcagctgg gcttccagtg gtcaggtgta    162120
     gcttccaaca tctaaggaaa cagtggcatt gaagggtcaa gaactgggcc atctttgagc    162180
     tgcctcaatg ctattaggac aggtctaagc agctggtggt tctagggatc tctagcccat    162240
     actttactag gccaggtgac tcctgaaaga cctgctagta aagttggcct tgccattcag    162300
     cttttccttg attctaagca cctgattgta cttggtcagt tgcttagatc tgcaaggggc    162360
     accagtcttg atctgcccag tacagagccc taccatcaga tcagtgatga aaatatcctt    162420
     agtctaccta gagcgatgtg ggacaccatg acatgccaac cattggactg ctagcttaca    162480
     ctcctgcaga gatttgatca tattgctgat ctggttcacc ttgagtagtt gcagagcttc    162540
     tttcccacag cctttgcaat ccatttagga ttggttagat atccccaaca acctgtatac    162600
     ttgcactagc tgtgaacttc tgccaagctt ctcagttttc ctggtcaaat aggtcttcca    162660
     tgaacatcac tggatactca cagatgaaga acttatatag gtcagccaga tgttccggtg    162720
     agatgtatct gctggagtca taggaagctt gaagttcaga ccatgccaga acagaagaac    162780
     tcagaggcag ccatatatcc atgctgatag tgacttttga tctacagaat gtttttttta    162840
     ttatgtattt tcctcaatta catttccaat gctatcccaa aagtcccccc ccttccactc    162900
     ctctacccac ccattcccat tttttggccc tggcattccc ctgtactggg gcatataacg    162960
     tttgcctgac caatgggcct ctctttccat tgatggccga ctaggccatc ttttgataca    163020
     tatgcagcta gagtcaagag ctctggggta ctggttagtt cataatgttg ttccaccgat    163080
     agggttgcag atctctttag ctccttggat actttctcta gctcctccat tgggggccct    163140
     gtgaccattc caatagttga ctgtaagcat ccacttctgt gtttgctagg ccccggccta    163200
     gtgtcacaag ggacagctat atcaccatcc ttgcaacaaa ggcttgctag tgtatgcaat    163260
     ggtgtcatcg cttggatgct gattatggga tggatccctg gatatggcag tctctagacg    163320
     gaccatcctt ttgtctcagc tccaaacttt gtttctgtaa ctccgtccat gggtgatggt    163380
     ttccaattct aagaatgagc aaagtgtcca cactttggtc ttcgttatct tcagtttcat    163440
     atgttttaca tattgtacct tatatctcgc tatactaagt ttctgggtta gtatccactt    163500
     atcagtgagt acatttcatt tgagttcttt tgggattgag ttacctcact caggatgatg    163560
     ccctccaggt ccaaccattt gcctaggaat ttcgtgaatt cattcttttt aatagctgag    163620
     tagtactcca ttgtgtaaat gtaccacatt ttttgtatcc attcctctgt tgagggacat    163680
     ctgggttctt tccagcttct ggctattata aataaggttg ctatgaacat agtggagcat    163740
     gtgtccttct taccagttgg gacatcttct ggatatatgc ccaggagagg tattgctgga    163800
     tcctctggta gtactatgtc caattttctg aggaactgcc agactgattt ccagagtggt    163860
     tgtacaagct tgcaatccca ccaacaatgg aggagtgttc ctctttttcc acatcctcgt    163920
     cagcatctgc tgtcacctga atttttgatc ttagccattc tgactggtgt gaggtggaat    163980
     ctcagggttg ttttgatttg catttccctg atgattaagg atgttgaaca ttttttcagg    164040
     tgtttctcag cctttcggta ttcctcgggt gagaattctt tgttcagctc tgagccccat    164100
     cttttaaggg ggctatttga ttttctgaag tccaccttct tgagttcttt atatatgttg    164160
     gatattagtc ccctatctga tttaggatag gtaaagatcc tttcccaatc tgttggtggt    164220
     ctttttgtct tactgacagt gtcttttgcc ttgcagaaac tttggagttt cattaggtcc    164280
     catttgtcaa ttctcgatct tacagtacaa gccattgctg ttctgttcag gaattttttc    164340
     cctgtgccca tatcttcaag gcttttcccc actttctcct ctataagttt cagtgtctct    164400
     ggttttatgt gaagttcctt gatccactta gatttgacct tagtacaagg agataagtat    164460
     ggattgattc gcattcttct aaacgataac aaccagttgt gccagcacca attgttgaaa    164520
     atgctgtctt tcttccactg gatggtttta gctcccttgt cgaagatcaa gtgaccatag    164580
     gtgtgtgggt tcatttctgg gtcttcaatt ctattccatt ggtctacttg tctgtctcta    164640
     taccagtacc atgcagtttt tatcacaatt gctctgtagt aaagctttag gtcaggcatg    164700
     gtgattccac cagaagttct tttatccttg agaagacttt ttgctatcct aggttttttg    164760
     ttattccaga tgaatttgca aattgctcct tctaattcgt tgaagaattg agttggaatt    164820
     ttgatgggga ttgcattgaa tctgtagatt gcttttggca agatagccat ttttacaatg    164880
     ttgatcctgc caatcaatga gcatgggaga tctttccatc ttctgagatc ttctttaatt    164940
     tctttcttca gagacttgaa gtttttatca tacagatctt tcacttcctt agttagagtc    165000
     acgccaagat attttatatt atttgtgact attgagaagg gtgtggtttc cctaatttct    165060
     ttctcagcct gtttattctt tgtatagaga aaggccattg acttgtttga gtttatttta    165120
     tatccagcta cttcaccgaa gctgtttatc aggtttagga gttctctggt agaattttta    165180
     gggtcactta tatatactat catatcatct gcaaaaagtg atattttgac ttcctctttt    165240
     ccaattgtat tgccttgatt tccttttgtt gtcgaattgc tctggctagg acttcaagta    165300
     ctatgttgaa gaggtaggga gaaagtgggc agccttgtct agtccctgat tttagtgggc    165360
     ttgcttcaaa cttctcacca tttaccttga tgttggctac tggtttgctg tagattgctt    165420
     ttatcatgtt taggtatggg ccttgaattc ctgatctttc caagactttt atcatgaatg    165480
     ggtgttggat cttgtcaagt gctttttctg catctaacga gatgatcatg tggtttttgt    165540
     ctttgagttt gtttatataa tggattacgt tgatggattt tcgtatatta aaccatccct    165600
     gcatccctgg aataaaacct acttggtcag gttggatgat tgctttaatg tgtttttgga    165660
     ttcggttggc gagaatttta ttgaggattt ttgaatcgat attcataagg gaaattggtc    165720
     tgaagttctc tatctttgtt ggatctttct gtggtttagg tatcagagta attgtggctt    165780
     catagaatga gttgggtaga cttccctcta cttccatttt gtggaatagt ttgtgcagaa    165840
     ctgagattag atcttctttg aaggtctggt agaactctgc accaaaccca tctcgtcctg    165900
     ggctcttttt ggctgggaga ctgttaatga ctgcttctat ttctttaggg gatatgggac    165960
     tgtttagatc attaactcaa tcctgattta actttggtac ttggtatctg tctagaaact    166020
     tgtccatttc gtccaggttt tccagttttg ttgagtatag ccttttgtag aaggatctga    166080
     tggtgttttg gatttcttca ggatctgttg ttatgtctcc cttttcattt ctgattttgt    166140
     taattaggat tttgtccctg tgccctctag tgagtctagc taagggttta tctatctttt    166200
     tgattttctc aaagaaccag ctcctcattt gtttgattct ttgaatagtt cttcttgttt    166260
     ccacttggtt gatttcaccc ctgagtttga ttatttcctg acgtctactc ctcttgggtg    166320
     aatttgcttc ctttttttct agagctttta gatgtgttgt caagctgcta gtatgtgctc    166380
     tctccggttt cttcctggag gcactcagag ctatgagttt ccctcttaga aatgctttga    166440
     ttgtgtccca taggtttggg tatgttgtgg cttcattttc attaaactct aaaaagtctt    166500
     taatttcttt ctttattcct tccttgacca aggtatcatt gagaagagtg ttgttcagtt    166560
     tccacgtgaa tgttggtttt ccaatattta tgttgttatt gaagatcagc cttaggccat    166620
     ggtggtctga taggatacat gggaaaattt caatattttt gtatttgttg agacctgttt    166680
     tgtgaccaat tatatggtca gttttggata aggtcccgtg aggtgctgag aagaaggtat    166740
     atccttttgt tttaggataa aatgttctgt agatatctgt caggtccatt tgtttcataa    166800
     cttctgttag tttcactgtg ttcctgttta gtttctgttt ccacgatctg tccgttgatg    166860
     aaagtggtgt gttgaagtct tccactatta ttgtgtgagg tgcaatgtgt gctttgagct    166920
     ttactaaagt gtctttaatg aatgtggctg cccttgcatt tggagtgtag atattcagaa    166980
     ttgatagttc ctcttggagg attttacctt tgatgagaat gaagtgtccc tccttgtctt    167040
     ttttgataac tttgggttgg aagttgattt tatccgaaat tagaatggct actccagctt    167100
     gtttcttcag tccatttgct tggaaaattg ttttccagcc tttcactctg aggtagtgtc    167160
     tgtctttttc cctgagatgg gtttccttta agcagcagaa tgttgggtcc tgtttgtgta    167220
     gccagtttgt tagtctatgt ctttttattg gggaattgag tccattgata ttaagagata    167280
     ttaaggaaaa gtaattgttg cttcctttta tttttgttgt tgcagttggc attctgttct    167340
     tgtggctgtc ttctttttgg tttgttgagg gattactttc ttgcttgttc tagggcgtga    167400
     tttccgtcct tgtattgctt cttttctgtt attatccttt gaagggctgg atttgtggaa    167460
     agataatatg tgaatttggt tttgtcgtgg aatactttgg tttttccatc tatggtaatt    167520
     gagagtttgg ccaggtatag tagcctgggc tggcatttgt gttctcttag tgtctgtata    167580
     acatctgtcc aggttcttct ggctttcata gtctctggcg aaaagtctgg tgtaattctg    167640
     ataggccttc ctttatatgt tacttgacct ttctccctta ctgcttttaa tattctctct    167700
     ttatttagtg tatttgttgt tctgattatt atgtgtcggg aggaatttct tttctggtcc    167760
     agtctatttg gagttctgta ggcttctttt atgttcatgg gcatgtcttt ctttaggttt    167820
     gggaagtttt cttctataat tttgttgaag acatttgccg gccctttaag ttgaaaatct    167880
     tcattctcat caactcctat tatccgtagt tttggtcttt tcattgtgtc ctggatttac    167940
     tggatgtttt gagttaggat ctttttgcgt tttgtattat ctttgattgt tgtgccgatg    168000
     ttctctatgg aatcatctgc acctgagatt ctctcttcca tctcctgtat tctgttgccg    168060
     atgctcacat ctatgtttcc agatttcttt cctagggttt ctatctccag ggttgcctca    168120
     ctttgggttt tctttattgt gtctacttcc ctttttaggt ctagtatggt tttgttcatt    168180
     tccatcacct gtttggatgt gtgttttttt ttttttttct ataaggactt ctacctgttt    168240
     ggttgtgttt tcctgttttt ctttaagggc ttataactct ttagcagtgt tctcctgtat    168300
     ttctttaagt gagttattaa agtccttctt gatgtcctct accatcatca tgagatatgc    168360
     ttttaaatcc gggtctagca tttcagttgt gttggggtgc ccaggactag gtggcgtggg    168420
     agtgctgcgc tctgatgatg ttgagcggtc ttggtttctg ttaataggat tctttttttt    168480
     ttttttttcc attttttatt aggtatttag ctcatttaca tttccaatgc tataccaaaa    168540
     gtccccctta cccacccacc cccactcccc tacccaccca ctccccccct ttggccctgg    168600
     cgttcccctg taccggggca cacaaagtct gcgtgtccaa tgggcctctc tttccagtga    168660
     tggccgacta ggccatcttt tgatacatat gcagctatag tcaagagctc aggggtactg    168720
     gttagttcat aatgttgttc cacctatagg gttgaagatc cctttagctc cttgggtact    168780
     ttctctagct cctccattgg gagccctgtg atccatctat tagctgactg tgagcatcca    168840
     cttctgtgtt tgctaggccc cggcatagtc tcacaagaga cagctacatc tgggtccttt    168900
     cagtaaaatc ttgctagtgt atgcaatggt gtcagcattt ggaagctgat tatggggtgg    168960
     atccctggat atggcagtct ctacatggtc catcctttca tctcagctcc atactttgtt    169020
     tctgtaactc cttccatggg tgttttgttc ccacttctaa ggaggggcat agtgtccaca    169080
     cttcagtttt catttttctt gagtttcatg tgtttaggaa attgtatctt atatcgtggg    169140
     tatcctaggt tttgggctag tatccactta tcagtgagta catattgtgt gagttccttt    169200
     gtgattgtgt tacctcactc aggatgatgc tctccaggtc catccatttg gctaggaatt    169260
     tcataaattc attcttttta atagctgagt agtactccat tgtgtagatg taccacattt    169320
     tctgtatcca ttcctctgtt gaggggcatc tgggttcttt ccagtttctg gctattataa    169380
     ataaggctgc tatgaacata gtggagcatg tgtccttctt accagttggg gcttcttctg    169440
     gatatatgcc caggagaggt attgctggat cctccggtag tactatgtcc aattttctga    169500
     ggaaccgcca gactgatttc catagtggtt gtacaagcct gcaatcccac caacaatgga    169560
     ggagtgttcc tctttctcca catcctcgcc agcatctgct gtcacctgaa tttttgatct    169620
     tagccattct cactggtgtg aggtggaatc tcagggttgt tttgatttgc atttccctga    169680
     tgattaagga tgttgaacat tttttcaggt gcttctctgc cattcggtat tcctcaggtg    169740
     agaattcttt gttcagttct gagccccatt ttttaagggg gttatttgat tttctgaggt    169800
     ccaccttctt gagttcttta tatatgttgg atattagtcc cctatctgat ttaggatagg    169860
     taaagatcct ttcccagtct gttggtggtc tttttgtctt atagacagtg tcttttgcct    169920
     tgcagaaact ttggagtttc attaggtccc atttgtcaat tctcgatctt acagcacaag    169980
     ccattgctgt tctgttcagg aatttttccc ctgtgcccat atcttcaagg cttttcccca    170040
     ctttctcctc tataagtttc agtgtctctg gttttatgtg aagttccttg atccacttag    170100
     atttgacctt agtacaagga gataagtatg gatcgattcg cattcttcta catgataaca    170160
     accagttgtg ccagcaccaa ttgttgaaaa tgctgtcttt cttccactgg atggttttgg    170220
     ctcccttgtc gaagatcaag tgaccatagg tgtgtgggtt catttctggg tcttcaattc    170280
     tattccattg gtccacttgt ctgtctctat accagtacca tgcagttttt atcacaattg    170340
     ctctgtagta aagctttagg tcaggcatgg tgattccacc agaggttctt ttatccttga    170400
     gaagagtttt tgctatcctc ggttttttgt tattccagat gaatttgcaa attgctcctt    170460
     ctaattcgtt gaagaattga gttggaattt taatggggat tgcattgaat ctgtagattg    170520
     cttttggcaa gatagccatt tttacaatgt tggtcctgcc aatccatgag catgggagat    170580
     ctttccatct tctgagatct tctttaattt ctttcttcag ggacttgaag tttttatcat    170640
     acagatcttt cacttccttc gttagagtca cgccgagata ttttatatta tttgtggcta    170700
     ttgagaaggg tgttgtttcc ctaatttctt tctcagcctg tttattcttt gtgtagagaa    170760
     aggccattga cttgtttgag ttaattttat atccagctac ttcaccgaag ctgtttatca    170820
     ggtttaggag ttctctgttg gaatttttag ggtcacttat atatactatc atatcatctg    170880
     caaaaagtga tattttgact tcctcttttc caatttgtat ccccttgatc tccttttgtt    170940
     gtcgaattgc tctggctaat acttcaagta ctatgttgaa aaggtaggga gaaagtgggc    171000
     agccttgtct agtccctgat tttagtggga ttgcttccag cttctctcca tttactttga    171060
     tgttggctac tggtttgctg tagattgctt ttatcatgtt taggtattgg ccttgaattc    171120
     ctgatctttc cagaactttt atcatgaatg ggtgttggat cttgtcaaat gctttttctg    171180
     catctaacga gatgatcatg tggtttttgt ctttgagttt gtttatataa tggattacat    171240
     tgatggattt tcgtatatta aaccatccct gcatccctgg aataaaacct acttggtcag    171300
     gatggatgat tgctttaatg tgttcttgga ttcggttagc gagaatttta ttaaggattt    171360
     ttgcatcgat gttcataaga gaaattggtc tgaagttctc tatctttgtt ggatctttct    171420
     gtggtttagg tatcagagta atagtggctt cataaaatga gttgggtaga ataccttcta    171480
     cttctatctt gtgaaaaagt ttgtgcagaa ctggagttag atcttctttg aaggtctgat    171540
     agaactctgc actaaacccg tctggtcctg ggcttttttt ggctgggaga ctattaataa    171600
     ctgcttctat ttctttaggg gatatgggac tgtttagaag gtcaacttga tcctgattca    171660
     actttggtac ctggtatctg tccagaaatt tgtccatttc gtccaggttt tccagttttg    171720
     ttgagtatag ccttttgtag aaggatctga tggtgttttg gatttcttca ggatctgttg    171780
     ttatgtctcc cttttcattt ctgattttgt taattaggat tttgtccctg tgccctttag    171840
     tgagtctagc taagggttta tctatcttgt tgattttctc aaagaaccaa ctcctcgttt    171900
     ggttaattct ttgaatagtt cttcttgttt ccacttggtt gatttcaccc ctgagtttga    171960
     ttatttcctg ccgtctactc ctcttgggtg aatttgcttc ctttttttct agagctttta    172020
     gatgtgttgt caagctgcta gtatgtgctc tctcccgttt tttcttgaag gcactcatag    172080
     ctatgagttt ccctcttaga aatgctttca ttgtgtccca aaggtttggg tacgttgtgg    172140
     cttcattttc attaaactct aaaaagtctt taatttcttt ctttattcct tccttgacca    172200
     aggtatcatt gagaagagtg ttgttcagtt tccatgtgaa tgttggcttt ctgttattta    172260
     ttttgttatt gaagatcagc cttagtgcat ggtgatctga taggatacat gggacaattt    172320
     caatattttt gaatctgttg aggcctgatt tgtgacctat tatgtggtca attttggaga    172380
     aggtaccatg aggtgctgag aagaaggtat atccttttgt tttagggaaa aatgttctgt    172440
     agatatctgt cagatccatt tgtttcatca cttctgttag tttcagtgtg tccctgttta    172500
     gtttctgttt ccatgatctg tccattggtg aaagtggtgt gttgaagtct cccactatta    172560
     ttgtgtgagg cgcaatgtgt gctttgagct ttactaaagt ttctttagtg aatgtggctg    172620
     ctcttgtatt tggagcatag atattcagaa ttgagagttc ctcttggagg attttacctt    172680
     tgatgagaat gaagtgtccc tccttgtctt ttttgatgac tttgggttgg aagtcaatct    172740
     tatcagatat taggatggct actcctgctt gtttcttcat accatttgct tggaaaattg    172800
     ttttccagcc tttcattctg aggtagtgtc tatctttttc tctgagatga gtttcctgta    172860
     agcagcaaaa tgttgggtct tgtttgtgta gccagtttgt tagtctatgt ctttttattg    172920
     gcgagttgag accattgatg ttaagagata ttaaggaaaa gtaattgttg cttcctgtta    172980
     ttttagttgt taaaggtggc attctgttct tgtggctgtc ttcttttagg tttgttgagg    173040
     gattaccttc ttgttttttc tagggcgttg ttaccgttct tgtattggtt tttttctgtt    173100
     attatccttt gaagggctgg attcgtggag agataatgcg tgaatttggt tttgtcgtgg    173160
     aatactttgg tttctccctc tatgataatt gagagtttgg ctgggtatag tagcctgggc    173220
     tgcagtttgt gttctcttag tgtctgtata acatctgtcc aggctcttct ggctttcata    173280
     gtctctggtg aaaaatctgg tgtaattctg ataggcttgc ctttatatgt tacttgacct    173340
     ttttccctta ctgcttttag tattctatct ttatttagtg catttgatgt tctgattatt    173400
     atgtgtcggg aggaatttct tttctggtcc agtctatttg gagttctgta ggcttcttgt    173460
     atgttcatat gcatctcatt ctttagattt gggaagtttt cttcaataat tttgttgaag    173520
     atgtttgctg gacctttgag ttgaaaatct tcattctcat ccactcctat tatccgtacg    173580
     tttggtcttc ttattgtgtc ctggatttcc tggatatttt gagttaggat ctttttgcat    173640
     tttccatttt ctttgattgt tgtgccgatg ttctctatgg aatcttctgc acctgagatt    173700
     ctctcttcca tctcttgtat tctgttgctg atgctcaaat ctatggttcc agatttcttt    173760
     cctagggttt ctatctctag agttgcctcg ctttgagttt tctttattgt gtctacttcc    173820
     ctttttaggt ctagtatggt tttgttcatt tccatcacct gtttgtatgt tttttcctct    173880
     ttttctgtaa ggacttctac ctgtttgatt gtgttttcct gtttttcttt aaggacttgt    173940
     aactctttag cagtgttctc ctgtatttct ttaagtgatt tattaaagtc cttcttgatg    174000
     tcctctacca tcatcatgag atatgctttt aaatctaggt ctaggttctc aggtgtgttg    174060
     gggttccctg gactgggcga agtgggtgtg ctgggttctg gtgatggtga gtggtcttgg    174120
     ttcctgttag taagattcct ccgtttacct ttcgccatct ggtaatctct ggagttagta    174180
     gttatagttg actctgttta gagattgttc ttctggtgat tctgttaccg tctatcagca    174240
     gacctgggag acagattctc tcctctgagt ttcagtgctc agagcactct ctgctggcaa    174300
     gctctcttac agggaaggtg cgcagatatc ttgtatttgg acctcctcct ggccgaagaa    174360
     gaaggcccaa aacaggacct ttctcagaca ctgtgttgct ttggcagttc ccaggtggta    174420
     cagactctca cctaagcaga ctaatttcct aagttccttg gagtcccggg accaagatgg    174480
     cgaccgctgc tgctgtggct taggtcgcct ccccagccgg gcgggcacct gtcctctggt    174540
     ccggaaggtg gccggctgtc cccggcccac acagggtgct gcctcagcgc ctctgtgctt    174600
     ctgcctgttc cagaagctgt caggttctct ggcgcaccct ttcacctgtt cagactaatt    174660
     tcctaagttc ggcgggtccc ggaccaagat ggcgaccgct gctgctgtgg cttaggccgc    174720
     ctccccagcc gggtgggcac ctgtcctctg gtccggaagg tggccggctg tccccggccc    174780
     acgcagggtg ctgcctcagc gcctctgtgc ttccgcctgt tccagaagct gtcaggttct    174840
     ctggcgcacc ctctcacctg ttcagactaa tttcctaagt tcggcgggtc ccggaccaag    174900
     atggcgaccg ctgctgctgt ggcttaggcc gcctccccag ccgggtgggc acctgtcctc    174960
     tggtccggaa ggtggccggc tgtccccggc ccacgcaggg tgctgcctca gcgcctctgt    175020
     gcttccgcct gttccagaag ctgtcaggtt ctctggcgca ccctctcacc tgttcagact    175080
     aatttcctaa gttcggcggg tcccggacca agatggcgac cgctgctgct gtggcttagg    175140
     tcgcctcccc agccgggcgg gcacctgtcc tccggtccgg aaggtggccg gctgtccccg    175200
     gcccacacag ggtgctgcct cagcccctct gtgcttctgc ctgttccaga ggctgtcagg    175260
     ttctctggcg ctccctctca cctgttcaga ctaatttcct aagttcggcg ggtcccggac    175320
     caagatggcg accgctgctg ctgtggctta ggccgcctcc ccagccgata ctgattttgg    175380
     atgttaattt tgtatcttgc tactttgctg aaagtgttta tcagctgtag aagtttcctg    175440
     gtagagtttg tatggtcttt tatgtatgaa gtcatatcta catataaaga tacttcaact    175500
     tcttcctttc ctattagtat acccttgatc tccttcagtt gtcttattgc tctagcaaag    175560
     actgaaagta caatattgaa tagagagaga gtaaacacac ttagcttgtt tcttatgtta    175620
     gtggaaatgc tttcagtatc tctcagttta ggatggtgtt ggttgtggtc ttacagaaag    175680
     tgcatttgtt ctgttaatgt tttccattta ttcctgatct ctccaggacc tctatcatga    175740
     agaatgttgg gttttactgt cttttttttc tatgaacttc tgaaaagaaa gtgtattctt    175800
     tagtgtctgg gtgaaatgtt ctgtagctat cagctaggta catttaattt atgacattgt    175860
     tgaacttcag catttctata cttagttttt gtctggataa tctctctatt atcaagagta    175920
     gggtattaga atctccgtct atcagtgtat gagggttgat atgtgatttt tggctgtagt    175980
     cgtgtttctt ccatgaactt gaatgtactt ccttatgttt ggtttataaa cgtctagaat    176040
     tgcaatgtcc tcttggtgga tttttttctt ttatgagtat gtagtatcct tccctatctc    176100
     ttctgattac ttttgtttta aagtatattt tttcaggtat taaaatggct gaatcttcct    176160
     gctttttgga gcaatttgtt cagaatatct tttttcctcc ttttgtactg aggtgatgtc    176220
     tatctttgat gaggaggtat gtttcttgga tggagcagaa aaataaattc tattatccaa    176280
     cccagcctgt tagtctgtat ctttttattg aagaattgat gccattaata ttgagagcta    176340
     tcagcaagca gtgtttattt gtttctagtt tctatttctc atcctcctct cttcatcatc    176400
     tctatatttt gtagattttt gtcttttcac actgtccttt attttctgtg taattttgcc    176460
     tagatttttt taaatttaac tttttctttg gttgacttat accttgtaga ttctctcttc    176520
     cacatcttgt actctgtagc tgaaacctaa atatgaggtt tttgtttgac atcctaaact    176580
     tttccagttt tatttcaatt tgggctctct ttagcaattc tgttgtcatc atcaccattg    176640
     tcatcatcat cattgttgtt aaattctact ggatgctctc tttggagttt gcaaaaagct    176700
     gtttctttcc tgtgcagcaa ttgaaaggcc agaaattcat catgtccatt ctcaagattc    176760
     actccagcaa gatagttctc atgaagatcc cacagttgag gttgatcgct gcacttcaaa    176820
     atgtctcttt cagttgctat gcccaccatc ctgccagccc cacccttcag tgtgatcaaa    176880
     ggctggaaac aaggtgccca tgcaagagtt catgatcttc cctattgaga cttccagatt    176940
     ccatgaagtg atgcatgttg aagcaaagat ttactgccac gcacactccg ttgaagtctg    177000
     cttggcaggc cgagaggcct ggaagcactc atgaggcgga gagtttcacg gaagctcacc    177060
     tcctggagtt ttggtgttct cattaaccca tatactcata ccctattcct gcattagtct    177120
     ggtgtatgga tccacatgct ctcctttagt attatcttat tataagtgcc ttttaagctc    177180
     tcggtcccat attgaactcg agttggaaga ggcgagtccg gtctcaaaat ggagggccat    177240
     gatccaaagg aaccagagca gctgaggaag ctatttattg gtggtctgag ctttgaaacc    177300
     acagatgata gcttaagaga acattttgag aaatggggca cacttacaga ctgtgtggta    177360
     atgagagatc cccaaacaaa acgttccaga ggctttggtt ttgtgaccta ctcttgtgtt    177420
     gaagaggtgg atgctgcaat gtgtgctcgg ccacacaagg ttgatgggcg tgtggtggaa    177480
     ccgaagagag ctgtttctag agaggattct gtaaagcctg gtgcccattt aacggtgaag    177540
     aaaatttttg ttggtggtat taaagaggat atggaagaat ataacctgag agactacttt    177600
     gaaaagtatg gcaagattga aaccatagag gttatggaag acaggcagag tgggaaaaag    177660
     agaggatttg cttttgtaac ttttgatgat catgacacag ttgataaaat tgttgttcag    177720
     aaataccaca ctattaatgg gcataattgt gaagtgaaaa aggccctttc taaacaagag    177780
     atgcagtctg ctggatcaca gagaggtcgt ggaggtggat ctggcaactt tatgggtcgt    177840
     ggaggaaact ttggaggtgg tggaggaaac tttggttgtg gaggaaactt tggtggaaga    177900
     ggtggctatg gtggtggagg tggtggcagc agaggtagtt atggaggtgg tgatggtgga    177960
     tataatggat ttggaggtga tggtggcaac tatggtggtg gtcctggtta cagcagtaga    178020
     ggaggttatg gaggtggtgg accaggatat ggaaaccagg gtggtggata tggtggtgga    178080
     ggaggaggct atgatggtta caatgaagga ggaaattttg gtggaggtaa ctatggtggt    178140
     ggtggaaact ataatgactt tggaaattat agtggacagc aacaatcaaa ttatggaccc    178200
     atgaaggggg gcagttttgg tggaagaagc tcaggcagtc cctatggtgg tggctatgga    178260
     tctggaggtg gaagtggtgg atatggtagc agaaggtttt aaaataaaac agaaacggct    178320
     acagttctta gcaggagaga gagcgaggag ttgtcaggaa agctgcaggt tactttgaga    178380
     cagtcgtccc aaatgcatta gaggaactgt aaaaatctgc cacagaagga acgatgatcc    178440
     atagtcagaa aagttactgc agcttaaaca ggaaaccctt cttgttcagg actgtcatag    178500
     ccacagtttg caaaaagtgc agctattgat taatgcaatg tagtgtcaat tagatgtaca    178560
     ttcctgaggt cttttatctg ttgtagcttt gtctttttct ttttcttttc attacatcag    178620
     gtatattgcc ctgtaaattg tggtagtggt accaggaata aaaaattaag gaatttttaa    178680
     cttttcaata tttgtgtagt tcagtttttc tacattttag tacagaaact ttaacaaaat    178740
     gcagtttcga aggtgtttcc ttgtgagtta acacgtgaag aagatcattg ttaattacta    178800
     ttttgtatga attttgctaa agttaactgt aaagaaacac ctactgactt gcaatttaag    178860
     gggaatctat tctccccatt tccaaaacaa tgatgaatgg gcgctgacat gtggagagaa    178920
     tagatatttg tatgtttgca atgtgtgttt tagataatta gaattgggaa ataaaaaaat    178980
     agcatatttg tgaatttaat agcattaaga ttaccttcaa atgaaaaaga tctcaaaagt    179040
     taaaaaaaaa aaaaataagt gccttttaag attgaattct gacatatcta agcttttgcc    179100
     agtgttccaa catcctacaa agtccttgag ctgaccatgg gcttgaaatt caatgttgcc    179160
     tattcagtga cattcagaat tgcctctggt attatactat cacttagaat aaaagccaag    179220
     ttactcccat atacaggaat ttacaatggt ttaggaagta gattggtctg tgcttttaga    179280
     atattgcatt attcatgaga tggttagcta gaaaggaact ccctaattag aaccatgact    179340
     tgggtgtgaa agcccttgcc ctaggagtgt aaagacctca cacctggctt ctaagaatat    179400
     agctgacctt agatagggct gactttgtct cagttgtttt attgcccagt tcctgccagt    179460
     ctttgtgttt acattcctct gatttgtgta agagtcatta agcatctggt aacctcattt    179520
     gtaccttacc aatgtgtcac ctaacttccc tactttcttc tgtataaaaa gtttgatgct    179580
     cagtttgaca aattacattc agattctaca caatctcgag tgttggtctg tctgtcattc    179640
     cctccaactc cgtgcccacc tgtgaccaga gaccctttcc acgaaaaggg actcagaggg    179700
     tctgtggcag tttaccacaa cctgaagagt gccatcaggg agaaatacag gaagggtgct    179760
     accaatgtga gtgatggaac aggtttgcac ttaacatcct ggaggaccca tggtccctgg    179820
     cccgggggag tctgcggaca cccgcaagga cccatacagg atctgccaca ggatcctaag    179880
     acctctggtg aggggaacac agcacctgct ccaatacaat cacgcaggac ccgagactgc    179940
     attgattaag gaagcaggta acccggccag atacggggct caagtccctt ccatctggcc    180000
     cactgcagca ccatggtccc tggcccgggg gagtctgcag acatccgcaa ggacccacac    180060
     aggatccgcc atgggatcct aagaccgctg tgagtggaac acagtgcctg ctccaattca    180120
     atctcgcagg acctcagact gcattggtta aggaagcagt tacacggcct gatacgggac    180180
     tcaagtccat accagccggc ccactgcagc accatggtcc ctggcccggg ggagtctctg    180240
     gacacccaca aggacccaca cagtatccga cacgggatcc taagtcctct ggtgagtgga    180300
     acacaacttc tgccaggagg caggttcaaa caccagatat ctgggcacca tccctgcaag    180360
     atgggagctt gcatgcagaa agtactctga ccactgaaac taaggatagg gctaggctcc    180420
     caggtttgct gatagaggct aacataatca cctgaggaac aagctctaac cagagacaac    180480
     tataacaact agctccagag aatacaagat ggcaaaaggc aaacgtaaga atcctattaa    180540
     caggcgaact taggaaatta gtctgaacag gtgagagggt gcgccagaga acctgacagc    180600
     ttctggaaca ggcggaagca cagaggcact gaggcagcac cctttgtggg ccggggacag    180660
     ccagccaccg tctggacctg aggacaggtg cccgcccggc tggggaggcg gcctaagcca    180720
     cagcagcagc ggtcgccatc ttggtccggg acccgccgaa cttaggaaat tagtctgaac    180780
     aggtgagagg gtgcgccaga gaacctgaca gcctctggaa caggcagaag cacagagggg    180840
     ctgaggcagc accctgtgtg ggccggggac agccggccac cttccggacc ggaggacagg    180900
     tgcccgcccg gctggggagg cgacctaagc cacagcagca gcggtcgcca tcttggtccg    180960
     ggacccgccg aacttaggaa attagtctga acaggtgaga gggtgcgcca gagaacctga    181020
     cagcctctgg aacaggcaga agcacagagg ggctgaggca gcaccctgtg tgggccgggg    181080
     acagccggcc accttccgga ccggaggaca ggtgcccgcc cggctgggga ggcgacctaa    181140
     gccacagcag cagcggtcgc catcttggtc cgggacccgc cgaacttagg aaattagtct    181200
     gaacaggtga gagggtgcgc cagagaacct gacagcttct ggaacaggcg gaagcacaga    181260
     ggcactgagg cagcaccctt tgtgggccgg ggacagccag ccaccgtctg gaccggagga    181320
     caggtgcccg cccggctggg gaggcggcct aagccacagc agcagcggtc gccatcttgg    181380
     tccgggaccc gccgaactta ggaaattagt ctgaacaggt gagagggtgc gccagagaac    181440
     ctgacagcct ctggaacagg cagaagcaca gaggggctga ggcagcaccc tgtgtgggcc    181500
     ggggacagcc ggccaccttc cggaccggag gacaggtgcc cgcccggctg gggaggcgac    181560
     ctaagccaca gcagcagcgg tcgccatctt ggtccgggac ccgccgaact taggaaatta    181620
     gtctgaacag gtgagagggt gcgccagaga acctgacagc ttctggaaca ggcggaagca    181680
     cagaggcgct gaggcagcac cctttgtggg ccggggacag ccagccaccg tccggaccgg    181740
     aggacaggtg cccgcccggc tggggaggcg gcctaagcca cagcagcagc ggtcgccatc    181800
     ttggtccgag acctgccgaa cttaggaaat tagtctgaac aggtgagagg gtgcgccaga    181860
     gaacctgaca gcttctggaa caggcagaag cacagaggcg ctgaggcagc accctgtgtg    181920
     ggccggggac agccggccac cttccggacc ggaggacagg tgcccacccg gctggggagg    181980
     cggcctaagc cacagcagca gcggtcgcca tcttggtccc gggactccaa ggaacttagg    182040
     aatttagtct gcttaggtga gagtctgtac cacctgggaa ctgccaaagc aacacagtgt    182100
     ctgagaaagg tcctgttttg ggccttcttc ttcggccagg aggaggtcca aatacaagat    182160
     atctgcgcac cttccctgta agagagcttg ccagcagaga gtgctctgag cactgaaact    182220
     cagaggagag aatctgtctc ccaggtctgc tgatagacgg taacagaatc accagaagaa    182280
     caatctctaa acagagtcaa ctataactac taactccaga gattaccaga tggcgaaagg    182340
     taaacggagg aatcttacta acaggaacca agaccactca ccatcaccag aacccagcac    182400
     acccacttcg cccagtccag ggaaccccaa cacacctgag aacctagacc tagatttaaa    182460
     agcatatctc atgatgatgg tagaggacat caagaaggac tttaataaat cacttaaaga    182520
     aatacaggag aacactgcta aagaattaca agtccttaaa gaaaaacagg aaaacacaat    182580
     caaacaggta gaagtcctta cagaaaaaga ggaaaaaaca tacaaacagg tgatggaaat    182640
     gaacaaaacc atactagacc taaaaaggga agtagacaca ataaagaaaa ctcaaagcga    182700
     ggcaacacta gagatagaaa ccctaggaaa gaaatctgga accatagatt tgagcatcag    182760
     caacagaata caagagatgg aagagagaat ctcaggtgca gaagattcca tagagaacat    182820
     cggcacaaca atcaaagaaa atggaaaatg caaaaagatc ctaactcaaa atatccagga    182880
     aatccaggac acaataagaa gaccaaacgt acggataata ggagtggatg agaatgaaga    182940
     ttttcaactc aaaggtccag caaacatctt caacaaaatt attgaagaaa acttcccaaa    183000
     tctaaagaat gagatgcata tgaacataca agaagcctac agaactccaa atagactgga    183060
     ccagaaaaga aattcctccc gacacataat aatcagaaca tcaaatgcac taaataaaga    183120
     tagaatacta aaagcagtaa gggaaaaagg tcaagtaaca tataaaggca agcctatcag    183180
     aattacacca gatttttcac cagagactat gaaagccaga agagcctgga cagatgttat    183240
     acagacacta agagaacaca aactgcagcc caggctacta tacccagcca aactctcaat    183300
     tatcatagag ggagaaacca aagtattcca cgacaaaacc aaattcacgc attatctctc    183360
     cacgaatcca gcccttcaaa ggataataac agaaaaaaac caatacaaga acgggaacaa    183420
     cgccctagaa aaaacaagaa ggtaatccct caacaaacct aaaagaagac agccacaaga    183480
     acagaatgcc acctttaaca actaaaataa cgggaagcaa caattacttt tccttaatat    183540
     ctcttaacat caatggtctc aactcgccaa taaaaagaca tagactaaca aactggctac    183600
     acaaacaaga cccaacattt tgctgcttac aggaaactca tctcagagaa aaagatagac    183660
     actacctcag aatgaaaggc tggaaaacaa ttttccaagc aaatggtatg aagaaacaag    183720
     caggagtagc catcctaata tctgataaga ttgacttcca acccaaagtc atcaaaaaag    183780
     acaaggaggg acacttcatt ttcatcaaag gtaaaatcct ccaagaggaa ctctcaattc    183840
     tgaatatcta tgctccaaat acaagagcag ccacattcac taaagaaact ttagtaaagc    183900
     tcaaagcaca cattgcgcct cacacaataa tagtgggaga cttcaacaca ccactttcac    183960
     caatggacag atcatggaaa cagaaactaa acagggacac actgaaacta acagaagtga    184020
     tgaaacaaat ggatctgaca gatatctaca gaacatttta tcctaaaaca aaaggatata    184080
     ccttcttctc agcacctcat ggtaccttct ccaaaattga ccacataata ggtcacaaat    184140
     caggcctcaa cagattcaaa aatattgaaa ttgtcccatg tatcctatca gatcaccatg    184200
     cactaaggct gatcttcaat aacaaaataa ataacagaaa gccaacattc acatggaaac    184260
     tgaacaacac tcttctcaat gataccttgg tcaaggaagg aataaagaaa gaaattaaag    184320
     actttttaga gtttaatgaa aatgaagcca caacgtaccc aaacctttgg gacacaatga    184380
     aagcatttct aagagggaaa ctcatagcta tgagtgcctt caagaaaaaa cgggagagag    184440
     cacatactag cagcttgaca acacatctaa aagctctaga aaaaaaggaa gcaaattcac    184500
     ccaagaggag tagacggcag gaaataatca aactcagggg tgaaatcaac caagtggaaa    184560
     caagaagaac tattcaaaga attaaccaaa cgaggagttg gttctttgag aaaatcaaca    184620
     agatagataa acccttagct agactcacta aagggcacag ggacaaaatc ctaattaaca    184680
     aaatcagaaa tgaaaaggga gacataacaa cagatcctga agaaatccaa aacaccatca    184740
     gatccttcta caaaaggcta tactcaacaa aactggaaaa cctggacgaa atggacaaat    184800
     ttctggacag ataccaggta ccaaagttga atcaggatca agttgacctt ctaaacagtc    184860
     ccatatcccc taaagaaata gaagcagtta ttaatagtct cccagccaaa aaaagcccag    184920
     gaccagacgg gtttagtgca gagttctatc agaccttcaa agaagatcta actccagttc    184980
     tgcacaaact ttttcacaag atagaagtag aaggtattct acccaactca ttttatgaag    185040
     ccactattac tctgatacct aaaccacaga aagatccaac aaagatagag aacttcagac    185100
     caatttctct tatgaacatc gatgcaaaaa tccttaataa aattctcgct aaccgaatcc    185160
     aagaacacat taaagcaatc atccatcctg accaagtagg ttttattcca gggatgcagg    185220
     gatggtttaa tatacgaaaa tccatcaatg taatccatta tataaacaaa ctcaaagaca    185280
     aaaaccacat gatcatctcg ttagatgcag aaaaagcatt tgacaagatc caacacccat    185340
     tcatgataaa agttctggaa agatcaggaa ttcaaggcca atacctaaac atgataaaag    185400
     caatctacag caaaccagta gccaacatca aagtaaatgg agagaagctg gaagcaatcc    185460
     cactaaaatc agggactaga caaggctgcc cactttctcc ctaccttttc aacatagtac    185520
     ttgaagtatt agccagagca attcgacaac aaaaggagat caaggggata caaattggaa    185580
     aagaggaagt caaaatatca ctttttgcag atgatatgat agtatatata agtgacccta    185640
     aaaattccaa cagagaactc ctaaacctga taaacagctt cggtgaagta gctggatata    185700
     aaattaactc aaacaagtca atggcctttc tctacacaaa gaataaacag gctgagaaag    185760
     aaattaggga aacaacaccc ttctcaatag ccacaaataa tataaaatat ctcggcgtga    185820
     ctctaacgaa ggaagtgaaa gatctgtatg ataaaaactt caagtccctg aagaaagaaa    185880
     ttaaagaaga tctcagaaga tggaaagatc tcccatgctc atggattggc aggaccaaca    185940
     ttgtaaaaat ggctatcttg ccaaaagcaa tctacagatt caatgcaatc cccattaaaa    186000
     ttccaactca attcttcaac gaattagaag gagcaatttg caaattcatc tggaataaca    186060
     aaaaaccgag gatagcaaaa actcttctca aggataaaag aacctctggt ggaatcacca    186120
     tgcctgacct aaagctttac tacagagcaa ttgtgataaa aactgcatgg tactggtata    186180
     gagacagaca agtggaccaa tggaatagaa ttgaagaccc agaaatgaac ccacacacct    186240
     atggtcactt gatcttcgac aagggagcca aaaccatcca gtggaagaaa gacagcattt    186300
     tcaacaattg gtgctggcac aactggttgt tatcatgtag aagaatgcga atcgatccat    186360
     acttatctcc ttgtactaag gtcaaatcta agtggatcaa ggaacttcac ataaaaccag    186420
     agacactgaa acttatagag gagaaagtgg ggaaaagcct tgaagatatg ggcacagggg    186480
     aaaaattcct gaacagaaca gcaatggctt gtgctgtaag atcgagaatt gacaaatggg    186540
     acctaatgaa actccaaagt ttctgcaagg caaaagacac tgtctataag acaaaaagac    186600
     caccaacaga ctgggaaagg atctttacct atcctaaatc agatagggga ctaatatcca    186660
     acatatataa agaactcaag aaggtggacc tcagaaaatc aaataacccc cttaaaaaat    186720
     ggggctcaga actgaacaaa gaattctcac ctgaggaata ccgaatggca gagaagcacc    186780
     tgaaaaaatg ttcaacatcc ttaatcatca gggaaatgca aatcaaaaca accctgagat    186840
     tccacctcac accagtgaga atggctaaga tcaaaaattc aggtgacagc agatgctggc    186900
     gaggatgtgg agaaagagga acactcctcc attgttggtg gaattgcagg cttgtacaac    186960
     cactctggaa atcagtctgg cggttcctca gaaaattgga catagtacta ccggaggatc    187020
     cagcaatacc tctcctgggc atatatccag aagaagcccc aactggtaag aaggacacat    187080
     gctccactat gttcatagca gccttattta taatagccag aaactggaaa gaacccagat    187140
     gcccctcaac agaggaatgg atacagaaaa tgtggtacat ctacacaatg gagtactact    187200
     cagctattaa aaagaatgaa tttatgaaat tcctagccaa atggatggac ctggagagca    187260
     tcatcctgag tgaggtaaca caatcacaaa ggaactcaca caatatgtac tcactgataa    187320
     gtggatacta gcccaaaacc taggataccc acgatataag atacaatttc ctaaacacat    187380
     gaaactcaat aaaaatgaag actgaagtgt ggacactatg ccccactatg cccctcctta    187440
     gaagtgggaa caaaacaccc atggaaggag ttacagaaac aaagtttgga gctgagatga    187500
     aaggatggac catgtagaga ctgccatatc cagggatcca ccccataatc agcatccaaa    187560
     cgctgacacc attgcatata ctagcaagat tttatcgaaa ggacccagat gtagctgtct    187620
     cttgtgagac tatgccgggg cctagcaaac acagaagtgg atgctcacag tcagctaatg    187680
     gatggatcac agggctccca atggaggagc tagagaaagt acccaaggag ctaaagggat    187740
     cttcaaccct ataggtggaa caacattatg aactaaccag tacccctgag ctcttgactc    187800
     tagctgcata tgtatcaaaa gatggcctag tcggccatca ctggaaagag aggcccattg    187860
     gacacgcaga ctttgtgtgc cccggtacag gggaacgcca gggccaaagg gggggagtgg    187920
     gtgggtaggg gagtgggggt gggtgggtaa gggggacttt tggtatagca ttggaaatgt    187980
     aaatgagcta aatacctaat aaaaaatgga aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac    188040
     aaaatcagta tccttcttat atacaaatgg ataacacact aagaaaaaat tagagaaaga    188100
     acacctttta taatagcctc aaaatatctt gggggtaact ctagatgagc aagtaaaagg    188160
     cttgtataaa aaatctttta agatattgaa aacataaatt aaaagctgta gaagatggaa    188220
     agatttctta gtttcatgga tctataggat taatgttgtg agaatgttca tcccatgaaa    188280
     agcaatctac agagccaatg caatcctcat caaaattaca atttctcaca gaaattgaaa    188340
     attaattttc tccttcatat gaacagctaa aacaatcctg aataatgaag caactgttag    188400
     aggtatcacc acactcaatg tcaaattgta ctagacagtt gtagtaataa aaccagcatg    188460
     gtattagacc aaacattaga gacatgttga tgagtgggat agaatcagac ccagaaataa    188520
     gtccataaac atatggacac ctgagttttg ataaagaagg gagacataca cactggaaaa    188580
     aaggtagtac cttcaacaaa tgttgctggt tggtcctcat gaaagtgaac aaatgtatgg    188640
     caaaggacaa ctgtcattca gacaaagtag aaacctacac aatggaaaaa gacctctacc    188700
     aatcacacat acaataaagg gtcaatatat gaaatatata aactatatga ctgcacatgg    188760
     aggatgctaa tagatctata ctattctata caaaattata tatatataca aaattatata    188820
     tatacaaaat tatatatata tatattatag tacaaaactg aatttcaaat tgatcatcaa    188880
     tgacttcaac ataagaacag atacactgaa cctgaaagag aaagtggaat agtctcagac    188940
     tcattggttc aggaaaagac tttctgaaca gacactgata atacagacac taataattaa    189000
     taaattggac ctcatgaaag tgaacaattt ctgtatggca gaggacagct atcattcaaa    189060
     gtaccagcct atagaatgaa aaaagaactt tatcaattac acatccaata aaggatcaat    189120
     atccaaaata tataatgaac taaaaaactg gtcataaaga aaaccaataa cataattatg    189180
     aaaatggact ggagaactaa acagaattct caaaagagga aacacaaatg gccaagtgac    189240
     acataaagaa atgttcaact tctgcttccg gtcagcgcca gcatcgggtc accttgggca    189300
     tggagtcggt ggacaccccc aaggacccca gaggactctc cacgggatct taggacctct    189360
     ggtgagggga acacaacttc tgttccaatc caattgcatg ggacctgaga cagcattaat    189420
     tagggaaaca gaaaacccgg cctgaccagg gccacaagtc ccttccagtt ggcaccagca    189480
     ctgggtcacc ttgggcacgg agtcagcgga cacccccaag gtccctagag gactctccac    189540
     gggatcttag gaagtctggt gagtggaaca caacttctgc caggaggcag ggtcgaacac    189600
     cagatatctg ggcaccttcc ctgcaagagg aaagcttgcc tgcagagagt gctttgacca    189660
     ctgaaactaa ggagagagct agtctcccag gtctgctgat agaggctaag agaatcatga    189720
     caggaacaag ctctaaccag agacaactat aacaactaac tccagagagt accagatggc    189780
     gaaaggcaaa tgtaagaatc ttactgacag aaaccaagac cactcaccat catcagaacg    189840
     cagcactccc acctcaccca gtcctgggca ccccaacaca cccgaaaagc tagacccgga    189900
     tttaaaagca tatctcatga tgatggtaga ggacctcaag aaagacttta ataactcact    189960
     taaagaaata caggagaaca ctgctaaaga gttacaagtc cttaaaggaa aacaggaaaa    190020
     catatccaaa cagatgatgg aaatgaacaa aaccatacta gacctaaaaa gggaagtaga    190080
     cacaataaag aaaacccaaa gtgaggcaac cctggagata gaaaccctag gaaagaaatc    190140
     tgaaaccata catgcgagca tcagtaacag aatacaagag atggaagaga gaatctcagg    190200
     tgcagaagat tccatagaga acatcggcac aacaatcaaa aaaaatacaa aatgcaaaaa    190260
     gatcctaact caaaacatcc aggaaataca ggacacaatg agaagaccaa acctacggat    190320
     aataggagtt gataagaatg aagattttca acttaaaggg ccagcaaata tcttcaacaa    190380
     aattatagaa gaaaacttcc caaacctaaa gaaagagatg cccatgatca tacaagaagc    190440
     ctacagaact ccaaatagac tggaccagaa aagaaattcc tcccgacaca taataatcag    190500
     aacaacaaat gcactaaata aagagagaac attaaaagca gtaagggaga aaggtcaagt    190560
     aacatataaa ggcaagccta tcagaattac accagacttt tcaccagaga cgatgaaagc    190620
     cagaagagcc tggacagatg ttatacagac actaagagaa cacaaatgcc agcccaggct    190680
     actatacctg gccaaactct caattaccat agatggagaa accaaagtat tccatgacaa    190740
     aaccaaattc acacactatc tttccacaaa tccagccctt caaaggataa taacagaaaa    190800
     aaaaaaaaaa ccaatacaag gacgaaagtc acaccctaga aaaagcaaga aagtaatccc    190860
     tcaacaaacc aaaaagaaga gagccacaag aacagaatcc cttactgctt ttaatattct    190920
     atctttattt agtgcatttg ttgttctgat tattatgtgt caggaggaat ttcttttctg    190980
     gtccactcta tttggagttc tgtctgcttc ttgtatgttc ttgggcatct ctttctttag    191040
     gtttgggaag ttttcttcta taattttgtt gaagatattt gctggccctt taagttgaaa    191100
     atcttcattc tcatctactc ctattatcca taggttttgt cttcttaatg tgtcctggat    191160
     ttcctggatg ttttgagtta ggatcttttt gcattttgta ttttctttga ttgttgtgtc    191220
     catgttctct atggaatcat ctgcacctga gattctgact tccatctctt gtattctgtt    191280
     gctgatgatc gcatctatgg ttccacattt ctttcctaga gtttctatct ccaggtttgt    191340
     ctccctttgg gttttcttta ttgtttctac tttccttttt agaccttggt tggttttgtt    191400
     taatttcatc gcctgtttgg ctgtgttttc ctgtaattct ttaagcaatt ttttgcttcc    191460
     tctttaaggg cttctacctg tttagtagtg ttctcctgta tttctttaag tgagttatta    191520
     atttccttct taaaatcctc taccagcatc aggagataag attttaaatc caaatcttcc    191580
     ttttcgggtg ttttggggta tctaggactc tctgaggtgg gagtgctggg ttctgatgat    191640
     ggtaagtggt cttggtttct gttagtaaga ttcttatgtt tgcctttcat catctggtaa    191700
     tctatggcat tagttgttat agctgactct ggatagagca tgttcctcct gtgattctgt    191760
     tagcctctgt cagcactcct gggagtccaa ctctttcctg agtctcagtg gtcagactag    191820
     tctctgcagg ccccctctcc tctggtgggg gaaggagcac agatgactgg agctcagatc    191880
     tatttcctgg ctaaagatga aggcccgaaa tggggcctgt cccagaagct atgttggttc    191940
     tgcagtctgc ccaccttcct gcacagactg gtctctgagg gacctgggat acaagatggc    192000
     tctcttatct gctccagctt ttagagccct cctcagcaac tgattcttaa tgtcatatat    192060
     taacaatgga agttgttttg tattgcttct ctttccaaat tcatttcatg cagatttagt    192120
     ggtaacagta ttttgagtgt ttaacatata atttctttct tgtttgacat gtgccagaat    192180
     gagaagtaca ggatattaat gtgttgtctg aaacaagaga atttcatatt attttgtggg    192240
     cgattggata ttatggtgct atctggagtt aaaagttcaa attgtctctt aactaatgtt    192300
     agatataaga attttttctt tagaagccta acatgtttca ggttagttat atctgtaagt    192360
     actatttatc tcattgttgt gtatggtctg gggaatgatc tatgatagtc atatcataga    192420
     tttcctattt tgaatgatta gggttagtaa gtacaaactg aagtaaaaca ataagtagca    192480
     agtaataggt aactcgacag acagatgggc agcaaaatgt gatcaaatca ggtactcaaa    192540
     acatcccaca gaaaattgac aggggctaga gaaatggctc agtggaaaga gcacttgctg    192600
     ctcctgcaga ggaacaagtt ctattctctg cactcacatg ccagctcaca actgctccta    192660
     actccagttt caggggatct aatgccttat tctggactca gaaggcacca ggcatgcaca    192720
     ctatgttcat acatatatga aaataaacat tcatacacat aaatcaaaat aaaacaaagc    192780
     ccatttaatt gaggaagcat catcaaggca gacagtgcaa actccaatat agacagtacc    192840
     aggaacacag agtaacaccc cagattaagc ttctgtgaaa aataaccaat agccacagat    192900
     acaaggacat cacaagtcag gcgcccactc catcttgcag atatatgact gaagcagtca    192960
     gctggagctc ctgggtgatc cctctctctg tgactgagct tcccatggct gagcttctgg    193020
     cttctctttc ccacttcagg catttttatg ccatgggata aatcacagta acctatattg    193080
     agaatgattc agcttctagc tgtcctcaaa agaacaatgt ttccactctt gggctgtctg    193140
     tcttatatct ctgccattat agagttctgg gtcagccaat tcctagacaa gggttcttgg    193200
     aggacacttg atataaacat gaagtgtatg tatgtagtgt acatgtgcat gcatatgtgt    193260
     gtgtgtgtca ggtgccaaca cagtctccag agtcaccttc tcagtgagct taaatagcac    193320
     atggctattt aacaatataa tgtatatcac acccaccagt agatgttctt ttactagctc    193380
     tttttctcta ttactcctct atctcccact ctcctaatgc acagaaacac atactccata    193440
     gtattcttac tgtgaaaagc tccctttcct cctttccact tctgattggt tctttgagtt    193500
     gacttatatt aaagactttg ttggggtaca gtttatgaac cccaagtttg attaaaaact    193560
     agttataggg actgtatcct gttttaactc tctaaacctt ggctacatgg tatgtttgag    193620
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgcgtgtgtg cacgtgcgct tcttccacaa ctctgttctt    193680
     atcctttagg gcgtaaacta ctactaattt taaaacaaca gttgtactat ttaattagaa    193740
     ctttatccta gatctgcaag aactctttta cttggctttt ctctcccatt tgatcctgag    193800
     ggtagcttga gactatagtt gatggtagat gttaaataag agaccctcta ctttcctcga    193860
     tattgtccag aaagcaggcc acattctcca gtagtctgtc ttctaccaag acaattcctg    193920
     cttctagcac tcaggcttcg gtgggtgagt ggatgagggg ggggcaagct agttcctctt    193980
     tcttacaatg atgagataaa ctatggttct attcagtgcc tgcctcttcc atttcccttg    194040
     tcatgccagt tagtttctgc caaatagaat cacatgggaa tatggaaagt cagttgagga    194100
     aaagcttcca tcagaattat ctttaagcat cattttcttg agtgatgatg gatgtggaag    194160
     tgctttgggc agtgctgcca ttgggcaggt ggtcctggga ggtacaagga aggtagtcga    194220
     acaggatctt aaaaaaaaaa aaaaggagca tggccaaatt cagtttatga ggccatagtc    194280
     accctgatat ctaaaccaca caaagactca attaaaaaag gaaaatatca gaataattcc    194340
     tcttatgagc attgatgtaa aaatactcaa taaaacactc acaaactgaa tccaagaata    194400
     catcaaaagt atcatccacc atgtaggctt catttcaggg attaagggat ggttcagtat    194460
     atgaaaatcc atcaacataa tccaccataa tatgatcatc tcattagatg ctgaaaaagc    194520
     ctttgacaaa tctaacacct ctttatgttg aaaagtgcta catccactcg tgtgagaggt    194580
     ttagaagcct ggaagcagtc ctgaggcaaa gagtttaatg gaaacttagc ctcttggaac    194640
     cttggcattc ctatagcaca tatactagaa acctgtcccc tcgttagtct ggtatatgga    194700
     tccatgtgct ctctttcagt attgttttat tataagtgcc ttaaaggatt gattttgaca    194760
     gatagctaag cctccactag tgttccaatg ttctagaaaa tccttgagcc aactctgagc    194820
     ttggagttca ataacaatgt tacctattca gttaacattc aaatttacct ctggtagaga    194880
     cagcgaaaat aatcaggcat tacaatttac ttgaatagag ctaggaagct cagggctagt    194940
     ctacatagta attacttaga acaatagccg aaacatatat aaagaactca agaaggtgga    195000
     cttcagaaaa tcaaataacc ccattaaaaa atggggctca gaactgaaca aagaattctc    195060
     acctgaggaa tactgaatgg cagagaagca cctgaaaaaa tgttcaacat ccttaatcat    195120
     cagggaaatg caaatcaaaa caaccctgag attccacctc acaccagtca gaatggctaa    195180
     gatcaaaaat tcaggtgaga gcagatgctg gcatggatgt ggagaaagag gaacactcct    195240
     ccattgttgg tgggattgca ggcttgtaca accactctgg aaatcagtct ggcggttcct    195300
     caggaaattg gacatagtac taccggagga tccagcaata cctctcctgg gcatatatcc    195360
     agaagatgcc ccaactggta agaaagacac atgctccact atgttcatag cagccttatt    195420
     tataatagcc agaagctgga aagaacccag atgcctctca acagaggaat ggatacagaa    195480
     aatgtggtac atctacacaa tggagtacta ctcagctatt aaaaagaatg aatttatgaa    195540
     attcctagcc aaatggatgg acctggaggg catcatcctg agtgaggtaa cacattcaca    195600
     aaggaactca cacaatatgt actcactgat aagtggatat tagcccaaaa cctaggatac    195660
     ccaagatata agatacaatt tcctaaacac atgaaactca agaaaaatga agactgaagt    195720
     gtggacacta tgcccctcct tagaagtggg agcaaaacac ccttcgaagg agttacagag    195780
     acaaagtttg gagctgagat gaaaggatgg tccttgtaga gactcccata tccagggatc    195840
     caccccataa tcagcatcca aacgctgaca ccattgcata cactagcaag attttatcga    195900
     aaggacccag atgtagctgt ctcttgtgag actatgccgg ggcctagcaa acacagaagt    195960
     ggatgctcac agtcagctaa tggatggatc acagggctcc caatggagga gctagagaaa    196020
     gtagccaagg agctaaaggg atctgcaacc ctataggcgg aacaacatta tgaactaacc    196080
     agtacccctg agctcttgac tctagctgca tatgtatcaa aagatggcct agtcggccat    196140
     cactggaaag agaggcccat tggacacgca aactttatat gccccagtac aggggaacgc    196200
     cagggccaaa aagggggagt gggtgggtag gggatttggg gtgagtgggt atgggggact    196260
     tttggtatag cattggaaat gtaaatgagc taaataccta ataaaaaatg gaaaaaaaaa    196320
     agaacaatag ccgagttaca cccatacaca ggaatacaca atggcctagg aaataggtgg    196380
     gttgtagtat tattcatgaa agagttagta gaaaggaatt cttctggtgc aggattttta    196440
     ctaggcccag aggaatagca taatcaggta tttactaaag gacccctggt ggtggattta    196500
     acaatagact agcattgtat cagagcattc acctggctcc tgtgtttagc tgatcttaat    196560
     taggattgtt ccttttctca gttgtaaaca aggcctggct cctgccatct ttttatgtgt    196620
     acattttctt tgttttgtgt taagaaccac tgtaccttga tggatgtatt tgcctagcct    196680
     tcttgctttt cttctgtatt aaaagcctgg tgtttgcttg gagaaaatac attcagatac    196740
     agcactccct tgtgttgtgt ccatttgtca cccttttctt gccaactcca tgctcgcctg    196800
     taaggggaac cccaaatttt ttccgaggat tgagggaggc caactggggc tggtctgcgg    196860
     caaaacaagt cttggagaga tcagggatac aaggtacata cctaagcata aaagaagcaa    196920
     tacatagcaa accaatagcc aatatcagat taaatggagt gaaactttaa gcaattccac    196980
     taaaaccaag gaaaagtcaa ggctgcttac actttctgta tctattcaac atagtacttg    197040
     aagttctagc tggaataata agacaataaa agtagaaagg aagaagtcaa agaatcactc    197100
     tttgaagatg atatgatgat atgaaagcat acataatgtc tccaagaatt ctaccagaga    197160
     actgcttctg cttttggttc agcaaagtgg atggatacaa aattaattga aaaagtagcg    197220
     ttcctttata caaatgataa acaggctgag aaagaaatta gggaaacaat acccattaca    197280
     atagctacaa cagtgtaaaa tatcttggtg tagctataac caagccagtg aaagatatgt    197340
     atgacaagaa cttcaagtct ttgaaaaaaa caattaagaa agatagcaat ctacagattc    197400
     aatgcgatcc ccatcaaaat tccaactcaa ttcttcaaca aattagaaag ggcaatttgc    197460
     aaattcatct ggaacaacaa aaaacctagg atagcaaaaa ctcttctcaa ggataaaaga    197520
     acctctggtg gaatcaccat gcctgaccta aagctgtact acagagcaat tataaaaact    197580
     gcatggtact ggtatagcga cagacaagta gaccaatgga atagaattga agacccagaa    197640
     gtgaacccac acacctatgg tcacttgatc tttgacaagg gggctacaac catccagtgg    197700
     aaaaaagaca gcattttcaa caaatggtgc tgtcacaaca ggcagttacc atgtagaaga    197760
     ctgcgaattg atccattctt atctccttga actaaggtca gatctaattg gatcaaggaa    197820
     ctccacataa gaccagagac actgaaactt atagaggaga aagtggggaa aaccctcgga    197880
     gatatggcca caggggaaac attccagaat agaacatcaa tggcttgtgc tgtaagatgg    197940
     agaatcgaca aatggaacct cataaaattg caaagcttct gtaaggcaaa agacaccatc    198000
     aataagacaa aaaggccacc aacagattgg gaaatgatct ttacctatct taaatcagat    198060
     aggggattaa tatccaatat atataaagac ctcaaaaagg tggactccag aaaatcaaat    198120
     aaccccatta aaaaaatggg gctcagagct aaacaaagaa ttctcacctg aggaatacca    198180
     aatggctgag aagcacctga aaaaatgttc aacatcctta atcatcaggg aaatgcaaat    198240
     caaaacaacc ctgagattcc acctcacacc agtcagaatg gctaagataa aaaattcagg    198300
     tgacagcaga tgctggcaag gatgtggaaa aagaggaaca cttctccatt gttggtggga    198360
     ttgcaagctt gtacaaccac tctggaaatc agtctgatgg ttcctcagaa aattggacat    198420
     agtactaccg gaggatccag caatacctct cctgggcata tatccagaag atgtcccaac    198480
     tggtaagacg aacacatgct ccactatgtt catagcagcc ttatttataa tagccagaag    198540
     ctggaaagaa cccagatgcc tctcaacaga tgaatggata cagaaaatgt ggtacattta    198600
     cacaatggag tactgctcag ctattaaaaa taatgaattt atgaaattcc tagacaaacg    198660
     gttggacctg gagggcttca acttgagtga ggtaacccaa tcacaaaaga gctcacgcta    198720
     tatgtactta ctgataagtg gatattagcc cagaaattta gaaaacccaa gatataagat    198780
     acaatttgct aaacgcatga aactcaagaa gtacgaagac caaagtgtgg acactttgcc    198840
     ccttcttaga attgggaaca aaacaccctt ggaaggagtt acagagacaa agtttggagc    198900
     tgagacgaaa ggatggacca tctagcgact gccacacccg ggaatccatt ctataataag    198960
     cctccaaacg ctgacactat tgcatacacc agcaagattt tcctgaaagg accctgatat    199020
     atctgtctct tgtgaggcta tgccggtgcc tggcaaacac agaagtggat gctcacagtc    199080
     aggaacacag ggcccccaat ggaagagcta gaggaagtac ccaaggagct aaaggggtct    199140
     gcaaccctat aggtggaaca acaatataaa ctaaccagta tacctggagc tcgtgtctat    199200
     agctgcatat gtatcagaaa atggcctagc cagccatcat tggaaagaga ggccgcttgg    199260
     tcttgcaaac tttatatgcc tcagtacagg ggaatgccag ggccaagaag tgggagtgag    199320
     tgggtagaga agtttgtgcg gggggggggg gcgcgggggg cgggggcggg tatgggtgac    199380
     ttttgggata gcactggaaa tgtaaataaa gaaaatacct aataaataaa aaaaagaaag    199440
     atagcaaaag atgaaaagat ctcctcccat gctcatggat aagtaggatt tacatagtaa    199500
     aaatggacat cttaccaaaa gcaatctaca gattccatga aattcccata aaaatttcaa    199560
     cacaattctt tacagtcttt gaaagaccaa ttttcacctt tatatgacaa aaacaaacaa    199620
     acaaacaaac aaaccaaaaa ccaaaaaccc agggtaggta aaacaaactt gtacaataaa    199680
     agaatttctg gaagtttcat aagtcctgat ttcaattata ttacagagca atagtcataa    199740
     aagtgcatgg gattgtcata aagacagaca ggttgatcaa tggaattgaa tcgaagaccc    199800
     agaaataaac ccatacaccc atggaaactt gagttttgac aacaaacaaa accaatacaa    199860
     tggaaaaaag aaagtatttt taacaaaagg tgtttgtcta attggatata tgcatgtaga    199920
     agaatgcaaa tagacccata catatcaccc tgaacaaaag tcaattccaa gaggttcgaa    199980
     gacctcaaca taaaaacaga tacacttaat ctaatagaag agaaaatggg gagctgtctt    200040
     gaatacattg gcttagcaga caaattccta aatagagcac caatagccca ggcactaaga    200100
     tcaacaatca ataaatggga ccttatgaag ctgaaaagct tttacaaggt taaagacact    200160
     atctatagga caaaacagca gcctacagat tgggaaaaga tttttaacaa ccctacatct    200220
     gacagaggac taatatccaa aatatataaa gagctcaaga aattagacac caacaaatca    200280
     aatcacccaa ataaaaaatg gggtacagag ctaaacagaa ttctcaacag aggaatctct    200340
     aatggctgag aaatacataa agaaatgttc aacatcttta gttatcaggt ggatttaaat    200400
     ataaaaggac tctgagactt gatcttatac ccatcagaat ggtaagatca aaaactcaag    200460
     ggacagtgca ttctggcaag gatgtggaac aagggggaca ctcctttgtt gctagtggag    200520
     tgcaaacttg aacaaccact gtggaaatca atttgtggtt tctcagaaaa ttgggagtag    200580
     ttctacttgg agaccttgct atgctactgc tgggcatata cccaaaggat tcctcactat    200640
     accacaagga cacttactca actttgttca tagcaggttt ttattcatca tatccagaaa    200700
     tgagaaacag cctagatgtc tactgaagaa tgtacataca aaatgtggta catctcacac    200760
     aatggaacac tattaaaaac aaaaatgtca tgaaatttgt aggcaaatgg atggaactag    200820
     aaaatatcct gtcatttgtg gggaggacag aagatatggc cagatggcca caagaatgaa    200880
     tggaaatctg caactgatga agttggggag gtgggggaca tctacaggat gcgacagaga    200940
     cctgaggtaa gaaccaatgg gggtgacctt atctgtgact cacaacatga gcatatgtgt    201000
     gagtctgcat tttgccctgc tgctgggttg tgggacatgc ttgggtaggt ggaatgcaga    201060
     aatgttagaa tgtatttgct ctgagctgca gctgtcaggt actgagcagt gtgctgctca    201120
     gtgggtggga aaatgcagtc taggatgtgg gaggctgaaa ctggtgttcc ccgattcctg    201180
     ggaatccagt cactgctgct gagaacaagg ctaggactgg aggaatgtgg agctccagct    201240
     tagctcattt gcaattgtcc ttagcttagt ggttgtctgg gagtgcagaa gggccttcta    201300
     tgggagactt agacagctca gctttgtagg caaagacttt ctccatgctc ccatggtggt    201360
     tcttggtgaa agagacagtc cttgattcca aactgtttga ttgttcatca tggaaaatgg    201420
     atgcatatca actccccagt gtataccaga gattaaatca cattcgcagg caggagtgtc    201480
     tggggaaggg aagcttattg actaaaccct caggactttt agacacttca ttagcatgga    201540
     ggactctgtt ctaggcaatg tggctgatgt gggggtgtgg tcacatattc tgggccagga    201600
     atgtagtagg gagcagagag atgcctactg tctcaggtgg gtgcctggct gctggggtgt    201660
     tggacctgct caaccttacc ctctttcctt gcatgattca ttgtccacaa tatggactgt    201720
     aaagaggcca cctcctatat ccaggcagga atttcagtgg agcgataggg acaccaatcc    201780
     acccacaaaa cttttggccc cgaatttatc ttgtctacaa gaaatgtagg gacaggggat    201840
     ggaacagagg cttagggaat ggccaaccaa taactggccc aacttgagat ctatcccatg    201900
     ggcaagcacc aattcctgac attattaagt atactctgtt atgtttggag acaggagtct    201960
     aatataactg tcctctgata ggctctgccc agcagctaac tcagacagat tcagacaccc    202020
     acagccaaac agtggatgga gcttagggac tcttatggaa gactagggga aaggattgcc    202080
     agccctgaag ggtataggaa ctctatagga ggactaacac agtcaactaa tctagaccct    202140
     tgggattttg agagactgaa ctctttaatc aaagagtaga cacaggctgg acctagacct    202200
     ccctgttcat atgaagtaga tgtgtggctt ggtcttcatg tggatcccag caactggaga    202260
     gggtgatatc acaaaagctg ttgcctgtct gtgaatagat atgttcttct gctgggctgc    202320
     cttatgtggc ttcagtggga gaggatgccc ttagccttga agagacttga tgtgccaggg    202380
     ttggaggata ttcaggggag cccaaccact cagaagagaa ggggaggagc aaatgaagga    202440
     aaaagttgtg ggagggagag actgggggga agggcagtga gcaggatgta aagtgaataa    202500
     ataaaaagaa taacaaaatt aaatttaaaa aaaagaaaaa agaaaataac atcctgagta    202560
     tggtaacctg gatccagaaa gacatagaat gtattcctta taagtgaaaa ttagcgataa    202620
     agtacaggat aaccatgcta ctattgagag acccaatgaa actaagtaat aaggagggcc    202680
     caagggagga tacatagatc tcactcagaa ggggaaataa aatagacatc cgagatcaat    202740
     gaagggaaga aattgggggg aagaggggat gaggagggca acagcaatgg ggatcaggtg    202800
     cagggagagg tgggggcagg agatgatcgt gtgtgagaat ggaaaccgat agggggcatc    202860
     tctgggacta gagacctggg atggaggagg cacctgggag tctgtggtgg taaccttagc    202920
     tgatactcct attagctggg gatatgaaga ctgaagtggc cacctccagt agccatatgg    202980
     gactccaagt ggaagaaagg agacatcaat tcatccacaa aatcttcaac cccaaatttg    203040
     tcttgcctac tagaagtaca gagataagaa tggagcagag attgagggaa aggccaagca    203100
     atgactgtcc cttttttttg aatcaataaa agaaaaaaaa ataacaaatt tatttaacca    203160
     aaagagaaaa ctatagactt ttgtgctaga tccaaaggaa aaaattaatg tggagaactg    203220
     tgactgaaca aacgtgctca taacttgcta attatgaact aggaaaggag gcccccaggc    203280
     ctatttgttc agatttttct gtttctctgt gtagcagttc tgcctgtgaa tagaaccaga    203340
     gagctgtgaa caaaagggcc cttagagcgg aagagaggaa gtctcaccat gacattctta    203400
     ggtcttacaa tgtgctttgg aagaggagaa tattacccaa gacccctttt atgaggaaga    203460
     gggggatacg attagaaacc ttcctatatc tctatactac tttccttcat tttgaaatgt    203520
     acactatgtc acatctgaca ttatcagatg gcccaagaag tgccatccag agatccacaa    203580
     ttcaaaatgt actggtctgc ctttatgtgt tctgtctcat agagaagcca tgatatgaca    203640
     tcatgacatt tttccagtca caaaaatggt atattttatt ctaggaatat ggagatggca    203700
     gaaagaagca tcctccaaat aaaaatgcct cattgataca actcacatca cactatcaat    203760
     agttagtttg aagatgttgc attaactatc ttggcacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    203820
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca aaacccaaaa ttactgaata attttgatag    203880
     ttataaaatt ttcattttct ccaagcttct ttaaatttat gtcacttggt aattccccag    203940
     atacatcaag caccaccaag atagttttgc tttgtgtttt ttattttttc ttattacggg    204000
     atggatccct ggatatggca gtctctagat ggcctatcct tttgtctcag ctccaaactt    204060
     tgtctttgta actccttcca tgggtgattg tttccaattc taagaagggg caaagtgtcc    204120
     atactttggt cttcgtactt cttgagtttc atgtgtttcg caaattgtat cttatatctt    204180
     ggatagtcta agtttttggg ctaatatcca cttagtgaga acatatcatt tgagttcttt    204240
     tgtgattggg ttacctcact caggatgatg ccctccaggt ccaaccattt gcctaggaat    204300
     ttcataaata cattgttttt aatagctgag tagtattcca ttgtgtaaat gtaccacatt    204360
     ttctgtattc attcctctgt tgaggggcat ctgggttctt tccagcttct ggctattata    204420
     aataaggctg ctatgaacat agtggagcat gtgtccttct taccagttgg aacatcttct    204480
     ggatatatgc tcaggagagg tattgctgga tcctccggta gtactatgtc caattttctg    204540
     agtaaccgcc agactgattt ccagagtggt tgtacaagct tgcaatccca ccaacaatgg    204600
     aggagtgttc ccctttctcc acatcctcgc cagcatctgc tgtcacctga atttttgatc    204660
     ttagccattc tgactggtgt gagatggaat ctcagggttg ttttgatctg catttccctg    204720
     atgattaagg atgttgaaca ttttttcagg tgcttctcag ccatttggta ttcctcaggt    204780
     gagaattctt tgtttagctc tgagccccat tttttaatgg ggttatttga ttttctggag    204840
     tctaccttct tgagttcttt atatatattg gatattactt ccctatctga tttaggatag    204900
     gtaaagatcc tttcccaatc tgttggtggc ctttttgtct tattgacggt gtcttttgcc    204960
     ttgcagaagc tttgcaattt tatgaggtcc catttgtcga ttctagatct tacagcacaa    205020
     gccattgctg ttctattcag gaatttttca cctgtaccca tatcttcgag gcttttccct    205080
     actttctcct ctataagttt cagtgtctct ggttttatgt ggagttcctt aatccactta    205140
     ggtttgacct tagtacaagg agataggaat ggatcaattc gcattctttt acatgttaac    205200
     tgccatttgt gccagcagac tttgtgggtt ttcttgtggt atacttgagt cctctcgttc    205260
     ttacaattct ttccccttct tctacaagat ttcccaaact ctgcctaatg aacttttgta    205320
     aaattaactt ttatttgcca gatgtaattg tcatcttgaa ggcttactgc tcatcttttc    205380
     tagttctttc tgaactctgg ctgactcatt cagctcaaac tcctctccaa gttgactgct    205440
     tcaatgtgac ttctctcagc ttctcactga attgctctgc ttgacctcaa agttactctg    205500
     gcaatttgtt ctaatcacgt ggttccttct tattctctga cttctctgct gagctgcact    205560
     gaactgcatg aacttacaaa caaactcaac tccactgcac ttcactgact cccaactcac    205620
     tgactgaact gaattccact gcactatttc tcaactaact cccaactcac tgaactctct    205680
     cccctgtgct cctcttaaat agctcctctt tcctgtgctg ttctagtgag agctgggtat    205740
     atcccagttc tgactgtcaa atctttctct gattcatcat tttggctgtc tctcaattag    205800
     atgtctttca aacatggcag cttccttcta caaactaact tcaccttcat tgggattaaa    205860
     ggggatgtct gtattccaga gggattaaag gcatgttatt acagccaggt aacagaccta    205920
     caagttgttc agatgtgatt ccttgccaga ggagacgtgt tgcgggatta aaattcctct    205980
     aaaatctttc tgttttaaca tagtattttt aatgattatt taggaatttc acataatgta    206040
     tcctgattac ccttacttcc cagtccttcc agatccacct tgcatcctaa tgtctcctac    206100
     acaataaaag attttaaaaa attcaatttg ttcacttttc tcctggctgc agtcagctca    206160
     agatgcagaa tgcacagctc ctcctgcacc atgcctgcct ggatgctgcc atgctctcac    206220
     cttgttgata atggactgaa cctctgaacc tgtagcattg ctatttacct tttggagagc    206280
     atcaacaagg atcttagaag catccctgaa ctgttcagag tcttctccat aacgcttccc    206340
     aagttcatcc aaacctgcca gctccaatga atacaagtcg ggagaatggt ccttggctag    206400
     atgcttatga cgagacaact tcagacaaac aaatagaaca aatgaacaaa ggcgatgtca    206460
     aatgcaacca agtcaagttt tatacctgac tacgttagct ggccacagaa gcacaccact    206520
     gcactatagc acaaaaacag tttaaaatgg cagcaaagag agctccctta aatgagtttc    206580
     tgataagttc aacacaaatc tcattgctta gtttaaaaaa cttagatgtg agacaatgca    206640
     tgaagcagta actacttgga cggatatggt gtgaggaatt caggaaccat cagtgtcttc    206700
     ctccagcatc cccacccaga gtaccaccct agcccccagc actaagcttt caaactcctt    206760
     gaacccagcc cagataaaaa ggtttggcaa agaacttcag aagctagcag gcaagtaaga    206820
     agatctattt caggcatgag gatgatttta aaaaccactt actacaagat aacttgcaga    206880
     tagatttttt tctcagtgtt cctgggatca taaatgtggg gcatacttaa gcttttcaac    206940
     tggcctcatt ttatttaaag atttctagga accaaaacag ataggacttc aaagtccaag    207000
     cagcctactt accaaactcg aaatatcatg tagcacttgc agttcggaaa gaaagagcag    207060
     gtcaaccttc agagaccaaa gagtggacat ggctttaaat acacagcaga gatctggact    207120
     taacttatca aggaaagtac aacatagtat gaatattaat caggtaaatg tatattattt    207180
     tcctcccttt gtaagttcac tctaattgaa acgaggcagc tctgtggtag agaaatgctt    207240
     actatttgca aggctcaagg cccattatca gaaaagcacg cacatgaacc attatttcct    207300
     accaaaaagg tgatggtcac tccctaataa atactagtct agtgactacc acttgatagc    207360
     tcttacttct aacgaagcca tgcctgagca ttgaccccac tgtcttagga tcctaccagt    207420
     ggaccagttt acttacttgc cttgaacact tcccaaagca gagaattagg aagaatggtt    207480
     cctagctacc cacaatagct ataaagggca agagatccaa gcagggatgg ctggcaggca    207540
     tggtggtgca tgcagtaccc aagaaaagga agcaggcaca tctctgtgag tctgaggtca    207600
     accccatctg tagttccaag ccagccggta ctaaatagta agtgtagctc caaaaaaaaa    207660
     aaaaaaaaac aaaaaaaaaa acccaaccaa ccaaccaaac aaacaaacaa aaaaccaact    207720
     ccaaaaccca aatgaacaaa gcaggagtgt cactctactg cagcaccctg agaacatgat    207780
     gcaaaaactg tgagtccaca ttagcaacag ctatgaataa tgacatcgag tcaccagatc    207840
     ttcatagctc aaccaacctc caagaagact ggtttgtgac ctgtctggat caactggcaa    207900
     cactggtagg aaaatgattt actaaatggc agttcagaaa aggtgcattt agtcatgaac    207960
     cctgccccaa cagaagaaag agcgtgcccc agcagtaagt gagcccaatt cttcattctc    208020
     tacaacttct gtcttgctaa ggtttcaagt agcatatgga atgggaattt aataatgaca    208080
     tgtatttgat tcactcaaca aatgaaccac ttaccttatt attcctactc agagaattga    208140
     ggggaagaga gttgagaagg gagttttctt gaaacaggcg gttacggagc tgccgcaatg    208200
     tgactgaaag gtcttcaaac gccgagtttg ctttccccac catatacact ctctacaagg    208260
     acaatcaaga atgctaggtt agctgccttc tgcagattaa gtccaacaga cagacaaagt    208320
     acatagcagt tctcacacaa tcactttaaa actatcatta aataacactt ctttataagg    208380
     ctcttagata aaaactttgt cacttacctc ctcactggga gccaactgca aaactacagg    208440
     tgtttcctcc gaaaataagg agtgaatgga atttgcaacg ctgtctagac taaaaggaac    208500
     tgcctgaaat gcaagagtaa aaccgcaatt attttttgaa acaaagtgga aagaaaaatg    208560
     acccagcttg tataagcaag cagcctcagg aaggcaccta tgaggacaac tctttacatt    208620
     attcttgcta tgtatcaact gtgcgtatta caggcttcac tctgatgccc aggctgccat    208680
     gtactttgaa catgggggcc tcttctacca tccttcactc tcccatcact cttccttccc    208740
     caggcttttc tctacgccct ctattatttt ttgattgtct cctttcctgt tggattcttg    208800
     tttctacatg agaaaaaaca tgtaatattg actttcagat tctgggtttt ttttttttca    208860
     cctaaaatta ctgcttcatg ttctattaaa atttcccctg caaatgaaaa aaaaattcaa    208920
     tttgtgttgt ccatatagtc acgggggcat agtcaaactc cctgtggcca gtcccttaaa    208980
     ggaaagtgag tccttcctga ccaccaccct gccagtagac atctattgtg gaaagcttta    209040
     cttcagcata cgtatcacaa aattttagat ttcctttgat ggcttcttgt ctaagttgtt    209100
     gcttttggag gggaggtgtg gtggtaagag agttgtcaca gaagctttct atgcccctct    209160
     ttctcaattg tgagtctgca gacatcgata ccaccacaga agatgctccc ttctttatag    209220
     tcagtagaag catgaacttc cacatgctat ctggccacag catgaaccac agacatccac    209280
     cctggtctct ggcatcagca tgtgtgccat ggactttaac atggtgtctg ccggcaatat    209340
     gggtcataga catcaacatc atccccagtg gcagcccagc ccatggacat caacatggct    209400
     tcaggtggca ccacagatca cagaccatgc ctttcagtag taacatcgtg ggccatggat    209460
     aatcaacatg gtccccagat gcagcaggac catgggccca gttgtggccc ctggttggca    209520
     gcatggaccc cagacatcag catggcctta ggtagcagca caggctactc atatttatgt    209580
     ggctaccagt gacatcatgg cccacagctc acaaagcttt aaactaaacc caatgatgtt    209640
     ttagttaatt taacaaaatt atcaagacaa tttggttatc ttgattcacc tattatgaga    209700
     aacaagagat ttggtgacta tataaaactt ttgacaatgt gtgaaaaaaa tcaggaaaat    209760
     aatgatactg gctggttgct cctagaatct ctggataaac tgacaaagga aaaggatggg    209820
     ctctgtgata aaaacatcca gtttatatca tctcaggata tggaggagaa caatgaactc    209880
     aatgatagaa ctgaccatct ccagatgtat ataaacagtc taaagttttc taaatgtacc    209940
     ctggaataga atcctttcac cagcagccac agaactcaag tttcagaaga ttaaaccaaa    210000
     gtcctaaatg taagattggc tgaattccag agaaaattct caagccccaa tcttagagag    210060
     tgtcagtggt tattgtaagg gaattaattg gcaaagaaag agatcttgta acttgggggt    210120
     gaagatgtgt aggaggactc tactgtgact gagaatttga ttccttagat tcttaaggga    210180
     taatcttggg gaagtctttc cacccttagg aaaagatgcc acctggaact ccatcaactg    210240
     aaggcccttt atatctttcc ctgggataat taatccttta atgtctcaaa agtaagcagt    210300
     ggctctcctg gagatgccag gcaagacaat actgatgtct ctcaggtctt agcaatagtt    210360
     tcctctagac ctataatcag acttaaggct aagaagtttc ctagaggaca gatggaaagc    210420
     tatgtctacg aagaagtttg ctaattcatt caagcagaag tctggagaat atgtgtggga    210480
     atggatttta agggtatgga ataattgtag gaggaaaata aaactggatc aggctgagtt    210540
     tagtgataca gacccacagg gtggagagtc taggtttaat atggaagcct atacagttaa    210600
     aaagattgat tggttaaaac atttgtcaaa agatggccta ctgcaaagga actagagatg    210660
     cctgatatct cttggcttag tgttaatgaa gagattttat tttatctatt tatttatttt    210720
     gctttgtttt ttgttagata ctttcttcat ttacatttca aatgctgtcc gaaagtcccc    210780
     tataccaccc cccccaccct gctccccaac ccacccactc ccgcttcctg gccctggcat    210840
     tcccctgtac tgaggcatat gatcttcaca agaccaagga cctctcctcc tactgatggc    210900
     tgactagggc catcctctgc tacatatgca gctagagaca cgagctctgt ggggtactgg    210960
     ttagttcata tagttattcc tcctataggg ttgcagaccc ctttagatcc ttgggtactt    211020
     tttctagctc cttctttagg ggccctgtgt tccatccaat agatgactgt gagcatccac    211080
     ttctgtattt gccaggcact ggcatagctt cacaagagag agctatatca gggtcttgtc    211140
     agcaaaatct tgctggcata tgcaatagtg tctgggtttg gttgttgtat atgggatgga    211200
     tccctgggta ggggagtctc tggatggttc tttcttccat ctcagctcca aacttccatc    211260
     tctgtaattc ctcccatggg tattttgtac cccattttaa gaaggaatga agtattccat    211320
     actttgtctt ccttgctctt gagtttcatg tgttttgcaa attatatctt gggtagtcta    211380
     agtttctggg ctaatatcta cttatcagtg agtgcaaatc atgtatgttc ttttgtgatt    211440
     gagattttaa agcttagaga aattgcagag gtagagtgaa tatgctatgt atgctgtgta    211500
     aaacttaatc ctccacaatg gaagacccag aagacatgcc cttcaccaat tctataagat    211560
     gtaaaatagt gagggggcac cagcatactt cagctttctc tttggctttt tctttatggc    211620
     agaccttagg gttggagatg ctgctgctca gttggatgaa ttaaatgtta tgggtttaat    211680
     tgggccctga agtagcatga ccaaggcaac tcttataaag gaagcattta attggaaact    211740
     tgcttacagt ttcagaggtt agtctgttat catcatggtg gggaacatgg tggcaggcag    211800
     gcagacatag tgctagagaa atagtggata gttctgtatc ttgatctgta ggaacacacc    211860
     cacacccccc ccacaccccc acagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    211920
     agagagagag agagagagat tgattgattc tggacttcca atgggctttt gaaacctcaa    211980
     agccaatacc tagtgacaaa cttcctccaa aaggccacac ctcctaatcc tttttaaaat    212040
     ataataatta ttattatatt ttgtgtgtgc attcccacat catgcactcc aatcccagtc    212100
     atttcccagt ccttccatat ctgccctcta cccttgtaac ctcccccacc aaaaggaaaa    212160
     aaatggctct ttgaacctca acaacccact tctcaattaa ttgcaacctt gtctcacacc    212220
     tgtcacagct attgcttctc caatgttgct gtgcatgtgc gattccactc ctctgtgttt    212280
     cccacctctc catcacctgt catagtggca ttagaaactg tgtgtatacc cttttgctca    212340
     atagatttac ttataaatgt tcattgcagc tagtcattgg tctgattcaa ggcctctgat    212400
     ttctgctata ccatcgatac tggaccctca ctgagatttg agacttctct tgattatcct    212460
     gctgttgttc tgaatcatga agatcctgtg gttctacagg accagttctt tcacatactc    212520
     cagcagttca taggtggggt aggtagatat tggggtgaga cagcttaaag ccctggatct    212580
     gggcttgggt ggtagctgag atggtcaccc caccagttct cctgcaccca tatcaccagg    212640
     actagttctt ctgtgctgcc caggggaggg gaagagtcag ctctcctgtg tgtaacagct    212700
     tgtgaggtat gggatgagat ctcccacatc cacaccacca tgtccagatc tcttatattg    212760
     cctagaggag gggtaagacc agctcagcaa ggctctggga catcaacatg gcttcaggtg    212820
     gcagcctaga caagggacat ctgcatggcc tttgataatt acatgggcca tggacatcaa    212880
     cacagaccct gactgcagta aggccatgaa cccagacatg gcccttggtg gaagcacagg    212940
     atgtcaccat gccctagacg gtagcacaga cctcttattt cagggttttt atcaccacca    213000
     tcacttgcac ccctcttcat agggcccaaa ccattttgct tctctttctc ttccatctct    213060
     ccaccacttg ctcatcatag tggcagctac actaggcaga gctttgggtg tcttccaccc    213120
     agctaggtgt tagaggatgg gcctcccatc ctaatcattt taatcctttc aagtagtgtc    213180
     acttcccagt gactaaacat atgtatgtta taggggccat tcgtattcaa atcaccacat    213240
     ggcctgaacc aggcagcaca ggtaaagtga tttttttttt ttatggtgac atgactcata    213300
     tggacctttg gtactgacta atcagtcatg tttccaggca tgaaatagct aagaagcata    213360
     ttatactttt gtttgatctg tatatgaaga aaaattctca aatggaagaa agcttacctt    213420
     ggatcctggc aagagagaat ctgagcctat gaaataattt tcagacttga tccagtttgc    213480
     agacccaaag cccctttaat gaaggaaggc taactcctcc taaagaagga cctggctaaa    213540
     aatacttaat tttttttctg tttgtctttc tcccatcctt ccccagaggg accaacaccc    213600
     ttttataata gtaaatatat gagaaagtat ccaaggagct gaaggggtat gcaaccttat    213660
     agatggaaca ataatatgaa ctaaccagta tccccagagc tcgcgtctct agctgtatag    213720
     gtagcagaag atggcctagt tggccatcat tgggaagaga ggccctttgg tcttgcaaac    213780
     tttatatgct tcagtacagg ggaacaccag ggccaagaag tgggagtggg tggatagggg    213840
     agcagggcag ggggggggaa gagggtatag gagactttca ggatagcatt tgaaatgtaa    213900
     atgaagaaaa tatctaatag aaaattgaaa aaaaaagaaa gtaggtttga agcatatcta    213960
     aaaaaaatga gtaactgtac actgaggaaa agaaaacaat cagactttcc atgggttatt    214020
     ggatactgat tcagaattga aattggttcc aggaaatctt gaggaatatt gtggccatct    214080
     agttaaaata ggggcttctg gaggtcaagt gattaatatg tattttgact gaaatccgag    214140
     tcacagatga tccaatagtc cctaatctca ttgtgtagtt atttctctag tccaagaatg    214200
     tataatgtat aatgtatata tatgagaaat accttaatat atatcttaaa atatatatgt    214260
     atataaatat atacttataa attatataca tataattata tatgcatata atttatatta    214320
     catacaacaa atttatatac ttataaatta catgtattat atattatatt atatatgtat    214380
     atatgaaagt ctttttcttt gtccttttag aatctcattt tctgctcaga ttggtggatt    214440
     atacctttat tcacagcatt tgggatgttg aggtactatg attccaaggc tagcttggtc    214500
     tactgagtaa gactctgttt aaaaaaaaca gaaaagaata tccttttggt tctgatttct    214560
     ttatagggaa gtaataatgt gttttatgtt actactgatc aatttgcacg ttcagagttt    214620
     tatataaatg ggtaaaatgt acttttgggt gatctagttt ctttcactaa atataattat    214680
     gtcaagattc atttctttta tcaatttatt ttttaaaatc acagaatagt acttcattat    214740
     gtgaatatat cagtttgttt tttccatctt taatatttaa gatgtattta caaaaaatgt    214800
     gatgaaaaac gatgtgaaag acatacaatt aaccaaagga tttctggaag aacccaaaat    214860
     gtgaaatcta tttgagagaa aaactgagaa tatgggtcaa agagttagaa acacttaaac    214920
     aagttttttg aggcatcaca tttttactaa atgtaatctg gtcttaattt ttgcccatca    214980
     gacttgtctt caggtggcag atactcatat gtttatctgg aagaatactg agcaaggaga    215040
     ctaaagttct agctatagag cccattagca accttacgac tttagacaag ttgtatatct    215100
     ccaacatctg ctctctgtcc taagaaaatt aatgacttgc tgcaggtcag ttacaagatg    215160
     tcttctactt ccaaaccctc acactttcaa aactgcagct gcattcttga atgagcttaa    215220
     gagaacaatt caggtggaaa tggaaagagt tgaacagact aactcttcac acaataatca    215280
     ctagatgaat agctttctgt gcatactgtg ttctctctta atgatgaagg atgctggcac    215340
     aatggaatag ggaagcaaga catccccatt taccactgct ctgccaggtt tactgatact    215400
     caagaggtta ggcactttaa aacaagacat ttaaagttct gggagggcat aagcatagag    215460
     ttagttactt ttgacaagtt acagatccac agggattatc tgataagatg aacaacccag    215520
     aggaaaacat aactttttaa tgagtctcct gtgtttttct ggttcatgct aacatcactg    215580
     gtaagacata gggtgcctct agtggttcat tatagctcct ctctcattaa ttgccctctg    215640
     ctctcaaaat gcatctctgg agaaaagagg aactgaattc ctcagggacc ctattaaacg    215700
     catcatagtt gcaaggtgaa taattcatgt aagtaaatta gtgttatcag tgaatcctac    215760
     atcagagaag agggagagaa tcacaaagtc tagtcatacc caggagaaca ctgtttgtca    215820
     gtcaaaagtt aattctggga gaaggaagaa aaagaaaccc tgagatccat cagtgcaatt    215880
     tcagaaatat taaacatgaa aggataggat ataatatcgt tgtagaattt aagtgtgttg    215940
     ttttagcata tactcctgga gcaaaagtaa aagtgccttt cctttaggga agctgatcag    216000
     ctccagaagc tgttccaagc tgtctttgtc cactgttaga attgtgtcaa catcatgaag    216060
     tcctttatac atgttcagag gctgagtgct tttagtccac tgtgtagaac agataggaga    216120
     gaggttggag ctaggccaag atctcagatc taggtgaatg gtagcaataa atgtggatat    216180
     tgaaagtcag aaggacacag ctgtttgtgt caaaatttag gttagatttt ggctttttga    216240
     aggacaagat gttctaagta aagaaagtct aatttgcctc ttaggaactt actagttgcc    216300
     tttgtgctct tgagttatta gaaatgttag taaggaacac tatgactttt ttgtatgaat    216360
     tataatgaat tgcaatatat ttgcaacttg ctgattttta ggtgacaaag ttgctttagc    216420
     agcatttctc aggaaattgt aatggagttg cagatctagg ggctagtaat ggaaatcatt    216480
     ctcttatgac tgggtagtgt tcaagtggat gactatattc agggtcatat taggctagaa    216540
     atttatataa aaataaatag aggctgggga atgcagctca gcctcgtggc agagtgtgtg    216600
     tttaacatga atatagttgc ttccaatcac caaaaacaaa tgaataaata gtaaaataag    216660
     aaaaagtaaa aataaaagat ttacatattt cctcagaata tatgttaata caagatagaa    216720
     atgatgatca aaaatacaag tagtgccact tgaaaaagaa gaaaagttta agactggaag    216780
     cagaatctta gagaatgcat atggaaagga gaaaagtagt ggatgaataa aaaatatagt    216840
     tttagaagta ctgggtttta atgcaaagaa ctattctttc aaatggagta tcacatggta    216900
     ggcagaggcc agcctggttt acagaatgag ttccaggata gccagggcta tacaaagaaa    216960
     ccctgtctca gaaaatccag agaaaaaaat taaaaggtga ctgataagcc tttagtcaag    217020
     ttaatcaaaa gaaagataga gagaatacaa ttcaataaaa ttagagatga aaatagagac    217080
     attataacag atattgagga aattcagagg caggcagatt tctataaatt caaggtcatc    217140
     ctggtctgca tggtgagtag tcaaggaccc ctaaatgagg ttctgtctca aacaaccaaa    217200
     ccaataaaac aagtcaagat gaaataaata atttaaatag atccataaca taaaatgaat    217260
     aggagcagta gttaaaaatt tactttttct cctagttcgg aagcataggg tcagatggtt    217320
     tcagcacaga attccattag acctttaaat aaataacacc tatacacctc aaactatttc    217380
     acacaacaga agagaaaaaa tatttacaaa tttcttttac aaagttagca ttatactgag    217440
     atcataaacc aaagacttaa caggaaagaa aattatagga cactgtcttt gatgaatata    217500
     gataaaattc tccataaaat acttattaaa tacaacctta attcaagaaa acatcagaaa    217560
     aattatccac catgataaaa taagtcttat cccaggggtg cagggatggt tcaacataca    217620
     aaaatcagga aatgtaatcc aacacaaaaa tagattcacg gacagaaatc acatgatcct    217680
     ctcattagat gcaggaagca tcttcaacaa aattgacctt ttatgataaa atccccagaa    217740
     aattgaggaa aactaggcag acatctcaat ataataaagg ctatttacaa attctattag    217800
     tgaagctagg ttgagatgtt tttgctcgtg actctgatgt agaaaatctt agggaacaat    217860
     ttgaagttca gaaggcacac tcttaattac tgtactaggg actctttcat ggtcagggaa    217920
     caagaacaat ggcagcactg gctgacgtgt ctcactgagg ctagactggt gatgattgat    217980
     ttcttgtacc cattgttccc ctcagcttcc taatatgatt taatagaatt ccttatgagt    218040
     agatatgtat tctgaggatt taaaatagat atgactgatt tttatataaa agtttagatt    218100
     tgtgattctt ttaagattca tgtaagatta cttttaaaga tagataataa aataattaat    218160
     cctttctttg taactgtaca tcgctgcttg ccagtaagag aaactgcttg ctcacacttt    218220
     gtgagattat aacaagttgc ttagttatga atgtacaatg tacgcaggtt cttggaaata    218280
     atttgctttc tttacctgta ctatgtgatg ttatttcttg taaaggtatt ggggaacaca    218340
     ctgttttttt catagtcatt cactagaaaa aaactagagc ataatcacat tgtaatgtta    218400
     tactccttaa aagatttggc tgtactatat aagtcatggg agaaagaata aagttcttcc    218460
     atccatcaac atgtatatat gtatacatgt atgtgtatgt atggatatgt gtagtttgtg    218520
     tgcaagtata ttggaacttt gttccatcca tcaaatatgt atgcatgtac ataagtaaag    218580
     cttgtcttgg tgtgctagca agctccatcc accaattgtg cctgtctgtc tgtctgtccg    218640
     tgtgcatata agtgaaatgc taggagcctg tttgctgaag tgttccagcc attcatgtat    218700
     gaatattata tgtctgtttg tctgtttata tgtatacacg cacgtttgca tttgtatata    218760
     taaggttatt ggagtctacc ttttgcttca ctcactcagt gtgtatgtaa atatatgtat    218820
     gtgcatcaaa aaaaaaataa aggctattta caacaatatt ctaagtagca aaaaactcaa    218880
     agcaattcca taaaatctac aaggtatggc tgccttcttt cttctatttc cctcaacata    218940
     gttattaacg tcagcttaag caataaggca agcaaaggaa atagagagaa acaaagtcaa    219000
     aatattctta ttttcaggtg atatggttct gtacataaga ctctaaagac actacagaaa    219060
     acatctacaa ctgcaactgt aaatgtggtc tgcaaagttg aaagatacag aatccacaca    219120
     gaaaagtcag tagctttcct atatacaaag gataaacata ctgacaaaga aatgaaggaa    219180
     aatgatacaa ttttcaatta ccttagataa tattggaata aatataacaa ataaagtaaa    219240
     agacatacaa taaaaccttt aagacactga agaaagaaaa cagaaggtgg aaagatgtcc    219300
     catgctcata gattgatagg aatgatgtta gaaaatggcc atcttacaga agcaatctac    219360
     agattcattg caatcaccag caaaattcca atgcaattct tcacaggaat taaaaaaaat    219420
     ttaaacttta taggaaaaca aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca aacaaagaca actcaagata    219480
     gcccaaatga ttctgagcaa tataagcact tctagaggta tcaccaattc tgattttaag    219540
     ttatactaca gagttataga ggatatcatc ctgagtgagg taacccaatc acaaatgaag    219600
     tcacttgata tgcactcact gataagtggg tattagccca gaaacttaga ctacccaaga    219660
     tacaatttgc aaaacacaag aaaattaaga agaaggaaga ccaacgtgtg gatacttcat    219720
     tcctctttag tatagggaac caaatgccca tggaaggagt tacagagaaa aagtttggag    219780
     ctaagacaaa atgatggacc attcagagac tgcctcacct ggggatccat cccataatca    219840
     gccaccgaac gcagacacta ttgcacatgc cagcaagatt ttgttgaaag gatcctgata    219900
     tagctgtttc ttgtgaggct atgccagtgg cctggcaaat acagaagtgg atgctcacag    219960
     tcatctactg gatggatcac agggccccca atggagaagc tagagaaagt acccaaggag    220020
     ctaaaggggt ctgcaaccct ataagtggaa caacaatatg aaccaaccag tatgcccaga    220080
     gctcatgtct ctagctgcat atatagcaga agatggccta gtaggccatc attggaaaga    220140
     gatgcccctt ggtcttgcaa actttatatg ccccagtaca ggggaatgcc agggccaaga    220200
     agtgggagtg ggtgggtagg gaagcagggc ggggggaggg tataggggac ttttgggata    220260
     gcatttgaaa tgtaaatgaa gaaaatatct aataaaaaat tgaaaaaaaa aaagcccagt    220320
     agggcaatgg catcaaaaca gacatgttga tcaataaaat agaattgacg actcagaaac    220380
     aagtctacat aaaacaccca tttttttccc ccacagaggt aaaaaaaata tacactagag    220440
     aaaagatagc atctactatc tcatcttgca caaaactcaa gttcaaatgg gtcaaaaacc    220500
     cacgacataa gaccttgaac atgatagagg agaaagtagg aagcaagttt atacttatag    220560
     acacaggaaa gaactttcta aataggcatt gtacaaacat caaggccaaa tattaataaa    220620
     tgataccaca tgaaactaaa aagcttttga acaacaaagt atactacctt ttgagtgaag    220680
     agcagcctac acaatggaaa aaaaaagtct ttaccagatt tacatctgac agaggattaa    220740
     tatctaaaat atacaaagaa ctaaataaac taaacatgaa aaaataaaac aaacaaacaa    220800
     acaatccaat tacacacatg gcatggagct aaacagtttt caaaatatga aatgctaatg    220860
     ctgagaaaaa ttttaaagaa atgtttaaca atcctaacca tcagggaaac tgcaaattat    220920
     aactactttc agatttaatt tatcccaatt agaatgtcta agacaaaaca aagcaaaaga    220980
     aacaaataaa accaaatgat gacagatgta gttgagagtg tggggaaaga ggaagtctta    221040
     gtcacttctg gttgagtgct aactgttata gcctctgtgg aaacattttg aatctttctc    221100
     aaaaagatgg ctagatctat gacatgacat gatttttcca ttcttgggca tatacccaag    221160
     ggactggatc ttactaaaga tacacttgtt tttccatgtt agttgctatt ctatttacaa    221220
     tagctaggaa gtggtaacag tctagatgtc caccaactga tgtatgtata atgaaaatgt    221280
     gatactttta cacaatggaa tattattcag atgttaagaa gaatgagatc tgtactacag    221340
     aggaatagtt gataaaaact gcatggtatt ggtacagtgc caggcaggta gatcaatgga    221400
     atagaattga agatctagaa atgaacccaa acacctatgg tcatttgagc tttgacaaag    221460
     gagctaaaac catccagtgg aaaaaaagac agcattttca acaaatggtg ctggttcaac    221520
     tggcagtcaa catgtagaag aatgaaaatt gatcctttct tatttccctg tacaaagctc    221580
     aagtccaagt ggaccaagga cctccacatg aaaccagata cactgaatcc aatagacgag    221640
     aaattgggga aaatggctta tgctctaaga tcaggaattg acaaatggga cctcataaaa    221700
     tttcagagct tctgtaaggc aaatgacaaa atggcaatca agagattgag aaaagatctt    221760
     taccaatcct acatctgata gagggctaat atccaatata tacaaagaac tcaagaagtt    221820
     atactccaga gaaccaaata gccctattta aaatatgggg aacagcgcta aacagaattc    221880
     tcaaatgagg aaactagaat ggctgagaag cacctaaaga aatgttcaac atccttagtt    221940
     atcagggaaa tgcaaatcaa aacaactctc agattccact tcacaccagt cagaatggct    222000
     aagattgaaa actcaggtga cagtagatgc tggccaggat gtggagaaag agaaacactc    222060
     ctccattgct ggtgggattg caagctggta caaccactct ggaaataaat ctagaggttc    222120
     ctcaaaaact aagacacagt actacctgag gacccagcaa tataactcct ggcatatacc    222180
     caaaagattc tccaacatat aacaaggaca catactcccc tatgttcata gcagccctgt    222240
     ttataatagt cagaagctgg aaagaaccca gatgtccctc aacagaggaa tggatacaga    222300
     aaatgtggta catttacaca atggagtact actctgctat taaaaacaat gacttcatga    222360
     aggcaaatgg agggaacttg aaaatatcat catgagtgag gtaactcaat cacaaaagaa    222420
     cacacatgtt atgcactcag tgataagtgg atattaaccc aaaatattcg gaatacccaa    222480
     gatgtaattc acagaccata tgaagctgaa gaagaagacc aaagtgtgga tgcttcaatg    222540
     cttcttagaa caaaatgccc acagaaggaa atatggaaac aaagtatgga gcagagactg    222600
     aaggaaaggt catccagggg ctgctccacc tgcgtgctgg atgctagtgc agatgctggg    222660
     aagtgcttgc tgacaggagc ctgatatggc tagctcctga gaggttctgc cagagcctga    222720
     caaatacaga ggtagatgct cacagccaac cattggactg aacaccgggt cctcaatgga    222780
     ggagttgaag aaggaactga aggaactcag ggggtctgca gtcctatgag gggaacaaca    222840
     gtgttaacca gccagacccc ctggagctcc tggggactgg actagtaacc aaagagtaca    222900
     catggaggga cccatggctc cagcaacata tgtggcagag gagggccttg ttgaatatca    222960
     gtgagagcag cgactctttg gcctgagggg gctggatgcc ccagtgtagg gaaatgccgg    223020
     gggaaggggg aaggtgggag tggatgggga taacatttga aatgtaaatg aagaaaatat    223080
     ccaataacat tttattttgt ggaactggaa aaaaaaagaa tgagataatg taattcagag    223140
     gaaaatggat gaagttggaa gtaatcatcc tgagtgaggt aacgcagacc cagaaagaca    223200
     catgtatcat gctttctctc atatgtgggt atcagatttt aatctctaga tatgtatgtt    223260
     ccatttggaa tattcattta attcacataa ctagtaaggt gctgtgaatg aggatggcat    223320
     tgttcaagga aactgtacta gctattttta tataaattca acacaagcta gcatcatttg    223380
     ggaagagaaa accttaaatg agaaaattcc cccaccggct tggcctgtgt acaagcctgt    223440
     ggtgtgatga gcttttttga ttgatggttg atgtagaaga gcccagctca ctgtgggaag    223500
     tgccatttta tggactggta gttctggaat atttaagaaa gcaggctgag taggcatgag    223560
     gagcaagcca ataagtaaca ttccatcatg gcctttgctt cagttcttgt ctccgggttc    223620
     ctcttctgat tttatttgat gatggactat actggtgaag gggaagcaaa aataaatctc    223680
     tcattcccaa cttgcttttg atcatggtat ttttttttat cacaatagag atccaattaa    223740
     ggtagagatt ggtggtattg ttgtggcaga cttgtgcatt ttgaggaagg ttgttgtgac    223800
     atttaaactt agggctcaaa atgctattga ataatcagag ctcagtgtga tattctgtgg    223860
     gagcctgata gatataaatg ctaagacctt gaagaagaag gagttctggc tttcaaactt    223920
     acagagagaa ggttctatat agttccttga acactctacc cggggccatt aaatacttca    223980
     aattaagaat ctgtgcttcg ggacaggcgg agccacagag cagctgaggc agcacccttt    224040
     tcgggccaca gacagccggc caccgtcccg accagaggac aggtgtgcaa ccagaggaca    224100
     ggtgtccgcc tggctcggaa ggcctcagcc tcaggaacag cgggcaccac cttggtaccg    224160
     ggactccgca gaacttagga aattagtctg aacaggtgag agggtgcacc acagaaccgg    224220
     acagcttctg ggacaggcgg aggcacagag ccgctgaggc agcacccttt tcgggctgca    224280
     gacagccggc caccgtcccg accagaggac aggtgtccgc ctggcttgga aggcctcaac    224340
     ctcaggagca gcgggcacca cctttgttcc ggggctccgc cgacttagga acttaatctg    224400
     cacaggtgag agtgtgcacc acagaagctg atagcttctg ggacctgcca aagcaacaca    224460
     gcttctggga aaggtcctgt tttgggcctt cttctttggc caggaggagg tccaaacaca    224520
     agatatctgc gcaccttccc tgtaagagga gagcttgcca gcagagagtg ctctgagcac    224580
     tgaaactcag aggagagagt ctgtctccca ggtctgctga tagacggtaa cagaatcacc    224640
     agaagaacaa tctctaaaca gagtcaacta taacaactaa ctccagagat taccagatgg    224700
     tgaaaggtaa acgtaggaat cttactaaca ggaaccaaga ccactcacca tcatcagaac    224760
     ccagcactcc ccttcgccca gtccagggca ccccaacaca cccaaaaacc tagacccaga    224820
     tttaaaagca tatctcatga tgatggtaga ggacatcaag aaggacttta ataactcact    224880
     taaagaaata caggagaaca ctgctaaaga attacaagtc cttaaagaaa aacaggaaaa    224940
     cacaatcaaa caggtagaag ttcttacaga aaaagaggaa aacacatcca aacaggtgat    225000
     ggaaatgaac aaaatcatac tagacctaaa aagggaagta gacacaataa agacaacgca    225060
     aagtgaggca acactggaga tagaaaccct aggaaagaga tctggaacca tagattcgag    225120
     catcagcaac agaatacaag agatggaaga gagaatatca ggtgcagaag attccataga    225180
     gaacatcggc acaacaatca aagaaaatgg aaaatgcaaa aagatcctaa ctcaaaatat    225240
     ccaggaaatc caggacacaa tgagaagacc aaacctacgg ataatagggg tggatgagaa    225300
     tgaagatttt caactcaaag gaccagcaaa catcttcaac aaaattattg aagaaaactt    225360
     cccaaatcta aagaaagaga tgcccatgaa catacaagaa gcatacagaa ctccaaatag    225420
     actggaccag aaaataaatt cctcccgaca cataataatc agaacaacaa atgcactaaa    225480
     tacagataga atactaaaag ctgtaaggga aaaaggtcaa gtaacttata aaggcaagcc    225540
     aatgagaatt ataccagaat tttcaccaga gactatgaaa gccagaagaa cctggacaga    225600
     tgttatacag acactaagag aacacaaatt ccagccaagg ctactatacc cagccaaact    225660
     ctcaattacc atagatggag aaaccaaagt attctacgac aaaaccaaat tcacacatta    225720
     cctttccacg aatccagccc ttcaaaggat aataacagaa aaaaaccaat acaaggacgg    225780
     gaacctcacc ctagaacaaa caagaaggta atccctcaac aaacctaaaa gaagacatcc    225840
     acaaaaatag aatgccaact ttaacaacaa aaataagagg aaccaacaat tacttttcct    225900
     taatatctct taatatcaat ggactcaatt ccccaataaa aagacataga ctaacaaact    225960
     ggctacacaa acaagaccca acattttgct gcttacagga aactcatctc agagaaaaag    226020
     atagacacta cctcagaatg aaaggctgga aaacaatttt ccaagcaaat ggtatgaaga    226080
     aacaagctgg agtagccatc ctaatatctg ataagattga cttccaaccc aaagtcatca    226140
     aaaaagacaa ggaggggcac ttcattctca tcaaaggtaa aatcctccaa gaggaactct    226200
     caattctgaa tatctatgct ccaaatacaa gggcagccac attcattaaa gaaactttag    226260
     taaatctcaa agcacacatt gcacctcaca caataaaagt gggagacttc aacacaccac    226320
     tttcaccaat ggacagatca tggaaacaga aagtaaacag ggacacagtg aaactaacag    226380
     aagttatgaa acaaatggac ttaacagata tctacagaac attttatcct aaaacaaaag    226440
     gatatacctt cttctcagca cctcatggta ccttctccaa aactgaccac ataataggtc    226500
     acaaaacagc cctcaacaga tacaaaaata ttgaaattgt cccatgcatc ctatcagatc    226560
     accatgcact aaggctgatc ttcaataaca aaataaataa tggaaagcca aaattcacat    226620
     ggaaactgaa caacactctt ctcaatgata ccttggtcaa ggaaggaata aagaaagaaa    226680
     ttaaagactt ctttgagttc aatgaaaatg aagccacttc atacccaaac ctatgggaca    226740
     caatgaaagc atttctaaga ggaaaactca tagctctgag tgcctccaaa aagaaactag    226800
     agagagcaca catgagcagc ttgacaacac acctaaaagc tctagaacaa aacgaagcaa    226860
     attcacccaa gaggagtaga tggcaggaaa taatcaaact caggggcgaa atcaaccaag    226920
     tggaaacaag aagaactatt cagagaatca accaatcgag gagctggttc tttgagaaaa    226980
     tcaacaagat agacaaaccc ttagccagac tcactagagg gcacagggaa agcattctaa    227040
     ttaacaaaat cagaaatgaa aagggagaca taacaacaga tcctgaagaa atccaaaaca    227100
     ccatcagatc cttctacaaa aggctatact caacaaaact ggcgaacctg gatgaaatgg    227160
     agaagtttct agacagatac caggtaccaa agttgaatca agatcaggtt aatgatctaa    227220
     acagcccgat atcccccaaa gaaatagaag cagtcattaa tagtctccca accaaaaaaa    227280
     agcccaggac cagatggatt tagtgcagag ttctatcaga ccttcaaaga agatctaatc    227340
     ccagttcttc acaaactatt ccacaaaata gaaacagaag gtactctacc caactcattc    227400
     tatgaagcca caattactct gatacctaaa ccacaaaaag accccacaaa gatagagaac    227460
     ttcagaccaa tatcccttat gaatattgat gcaaaaatcc tcaataaagt tcttgctaac    227520
     cgaatccaag aacacatcaa aacaatcatc catcctgacc aagtacgttt catcccaggg    227580
     atgcagggat ggttcaatat acggaaatcc atcaatggaa tccagtatat aaagaaactc    227640
     aaagacaaaa accacatgat catctcgata gacgcagaaa aagcatttga caaaatccaa    227700
     cacccattta tgataaaagt cttggaaaga tcagaaattc aaggcccata cctaaacatg    227760
     ataaaagcaa tctacagcaa atcagtagcc aacatcaaag taaatggaga gaagctggaa    227820
     gcaatcccac taaaatcagg gactagacaa ggctgtccac tctcgcccta cctattcaac    227880
     attgtacttg aagtcctagc cagagcaatt agacaacaaa aggagatcaa ggggatacaa    227940
     attggaaagg aagaagtcaa aatatcactt tttgcagatg atatgatagt atacatacgt    228000
     gaccctaaaa attccaccag agaaccccta aatctgctaa acagcttcgg tgaagtagct    228060
     ggatataaaa ttaagtcaaa gaagttaatg gcctttctct acaaaaggat aaacaggctg    228120
     agaaagaaat tagggaaaca acacccttct caatagtcac aaataatata aaatgccttg    228180
     gcttgactct aactaaggaa gtgaaagatg cgtatgataa gaccttcaag tctctgaaga    228240
     aagaaattaa agaagatctc agaagatgga aagatctccc atgctcatgg attggcagga    228300
     tcaacattgt aaaaatggct atcttgccaa aagcaatcta cagattcaat gcaatcccca    228360
     tcaaaattcc aactcaattc ttcaccaaat tagaaagggc aatcagaaga ttcatctgga    228420
     ataacaaaaa acctaggata gcaaacactc ttctcaagga taaaagaacc tctggtggaa    228480
     tcaccatgcc agacctaaag ctgtactaca gagcaattgt gataaaaact gcatggtact    228540
     ggtatagtga cagacaagta gaccaatgga acagaattga agacccagag atgaacccac    228600
     acacctatgg tcacttgatc tttgacaagg gagctaaaac catccagtaa aaaaaagaca    228660
     gcattttcaa caaatggtgc tggcacaact ggcggttatc ctgtagaaaa attcgaattg    228720
     atccatttct atctccttgt actaaggtca aatctaagtg gattaaggaa ctccacataa    228780
     aaccagagac actgaaactt atagaggaga aagtagggaa aagcctcgaa gatatgggta    228840
     caggggaaaa attcctgaat agaacagcaa tggcttgtgc tgtaagatcg agaatcgata    228900
     aatgggacct cataaaattg caaagcttct gcaaagcaaa agacaccgcc aataagacaa    228960
     aaagaccacc aacagattgg gaaaggatct ttacctttcc caaatcagac aggggactaa    229020
     tatccaatat atataaagaa ctcaagaagg tagactccat aaaatcaaat aaccccatta    229080
     aaaatttggg ctcagaactg aacaaagatt tctcaccgaa tggcagagaa gcacctgaaa    229140
     aaatgttcaa catccttaat catcaggtaa atgcaaatca aaacaaccct gagattccac    229200
     ctcacaccag tcagaatggc taagatgaaa aattcaggtg acagcagatg ctggcgagga    229260
     tgtggagaaa gaggaacact cctccattgt tggtggaatt gcaagcttgt acaaccactc    229320
     tggaaatcag tctgttggtt cctcagaaaa ttggacatag gtctaccgga agattcagca    229380
     atacctctcc tgggcatata tccagaagat gccccaaccg gtaagaagga cacatgctcc    229440
     actatgttca tagcagcctt atttataata gccagaagct ggaaagaacc cagacgcctc    229500
     tcaagagagg aatggataca gaaattgtgg tacatttaca caatggagta ctactcagct    229560
     attaaaaaga atgaatttat gaaattccta ggcaaatggt tggacctgga gggcatcatc    229620
     ctgagtgtgt taacccaatc acaaaggaac tctcacaata tgtactcact gataagtgat    229680
     attagcccag aaacttagga tacccaagat ataagataca atttgctaaa cacattaaac    229740
     tcaagagaag gaagaccaaa gtgtggacac tttgcccctt cttagaatag gaaacaaaac    229800
     actcatggaa gaagttacag agacaaaatt tgaaagtgtg acgaaagtat ggaccatcta    229860
     gtgattgcca taatcagaga tccatcccat gatcagcttc caaacgctga caccattgca    229920
     tacactagca agattttgct taaaggaccc agatatagct gtctcttgtg agactatgcc    229980
     agcgcctagc aaacacagaa gtggatgctc acagtcagct attgaatgga ccacagggcc    230040
     cccaatggag gaactagaga aagcacccaa ggaactaaag ggaactgcaa ccctataggt    230100
     ggaacaacaa tatgaactaa gcagtacccc ggagttcttg tctctagctt catatgaatc    230160
     aaaagatggc ctagtcggtt atcactgcaa agagaggccc attggacttg caaactttat    230220
     atgccccagt acaggggaac accagggcca aaacggggga gtgggtggtt aggggagtgt    230280
     ggggggttgg gtatggggga cttttggtat agcattggaa atgtaaatga gctaaatacc    230340
     taataaaaaa tgaaaaaaaa aagaatctgt gcttctcatc agctggaact gaaggattgg    230400
     ttgtgattaa tatgagacaa gtaccactat agttaaattt ttcctttgca agaacaatca    230460
     atattggtca acttggatgt agagtaagta atgattaaga agagactagc actattgaga    230520
     caaaaatctt ctggaaagtt tccttagggt cagaacagaa actgtcttcc aatgggagtc    230580
     agggtacctt ggccactgaa cttgagtaat gggtaagagt ttcctaggtg gtaatgattt    230640
     tgaaggtatg aaggagttat tgagaacagt tgaggcactt tcatgggaga aggttaggtc    230700
     actgaaagga gctcaggaga ggctactggt taagttggaa cccagttgta gcagaaaccc    230760
     ttgcattttg tagataccac aaccagggga tgaccatcaa gggcagcaac aactgtggaa    230820
     tggacttggc ctgagcctat gagacaagct gtatgtgcta ttaaaagtag aactggagaa    230880
     atagagccct ttggattcca gaagactgtg agtgatattg agctgttgga tctcggtttt    230940
     gctttgactt ggttgaccat gtcctgactc tttcctctct gagtaagaag gtatttaatt    231000
     tatttttgat attgtaagaa cccaaagttg aaagattttg ggattttaga gagatgttag    231060
     attttatact gaaattttaa aaaaatattt ttattaggta ttttcctcat ttacatttcc    231120
     aatgctatcc caaaactccc ccataccctc cccccatccc cccatccacc cattcccact    231180
     ttttggctct ggtcatataa agtttgcaag tccaatgggc ctctctttcc agtgatggcc    231240
     gactaggcca tcttttgata catatgcagc tagagtcaag agctcccggg tactggttag    231300
     ttcatatttt gaatatttta gagaggcttt gattggtgaa agatactttg gatgatttaa    231360
     agaggcagaa ctttaaagtg tttgaatttt taaagactct gggacttcta aaagttgaga    231420
     tgttttataa tgtgataatg atattaacat gacatattaa catggtcaaa tagaaaacaa    231480
     atgtaccagc tgaatagtaa tatgtttgtg tgtcaagtta acaaggtatg cattgtgtgg    231540
     catggtttta tgtcaacttt atacaaggta gagtcatttg gggagaggga acttcaactg    231600
     agaaaatgac actgacatag tcactagtac tctattgttg tgaagagacg ctatgaccat    231660
     agcaaatctt ataagagaaa gtatttaatt ggggcctggc ttacagtttc aggggcttag    231720
     tccattatca tgccaggggg catggcagac atggtgctga agcagtagtt gagagctact    231780
     tcctggtcca tctacaggca tatatatata tatatatata tatatatatg tatgtatata    231840
     tatatgtgtg tgtgtgtatg cgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtatg tgtatatata taatatatat    231900
     atataatttg aagttgggtg agaatgatta aaatttattg tataaaaatt tcaaagacaa    231960
     taaaactagt ctagctacag gcagagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat    232020
     agatagatag ataatttgaa gttgggtgag tatgattaaa atttattgta tgaaattttc    232080
     aaagaattaa taaaacatta agaacaaaga attttaaatc acacacacac acacacacac    232140
     acacacacac acacacacac aggagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gaataaaaat    232200
     atcctccctt atggccttgt gagggcatca atgggagaag atgtccttgg tcctatgaaa    232260
     gcttgatgcc ccagtgtagg ggaatgccag ggcggggagg gtaagtgggt gagtgggtgg    232320
     ggggcaccct catagaagca tgggggaggg ggatgagata ggggggttcc agaggggaaa    232380
     ctgggaaagg agattacatt tgaaatgtaa attaataaaa tattaaaaaa aattatcatc    232440
     ctgagttagg atgtaacctg tagctagaaa aacatgtgta ctcacttata aatggctatt    232500
     agccataaag tgtcagcttc aaagaatcag gctagtaaga aggtttcagg ggaggatgtg    232560
     taaattttac tcagaaagag aaactatatt aaaaaaaatc ctcccttaag tgtaaataca    232620
     tcaaaagaca ggaggtatat atggatgcag aatacctggt cttttcccca agtttccatc    232680
     agaaaaatat tatttaaagg gcacagatta ttttaaaagt aatcattcgt acctatccac    232740
     aatactttgt tttgggatga cctgtctgcc tctgcctttg gggtggtggg aaaaaacaaa    232800
     acaactttct tagcattata atgattttga gctgtggata acacagtgga ggagtaaaaa    232860
     tgtaagaatg aacttggtat ccattatttt tattgaattt tttgaaaaat tgaattgtac    232920
     atttttttag cttacaggta tttttagctc aacgttttta ttaattaaag gttaaaaact    232980
     atttttttat gataataagc agatgaagtt ctttgttgat aatctttata tagtttgaaa    233040
     gaatgaaaac ttggcaaagc tggctgatta attactggaa tcactactga aatcccctga    233100
     acacttgctg tgatgagaac acatacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacca    233160
     caacactctg aaaccaatta acaggtcaaa ccacggaggc cttagttgga agaccaatca    233220
     gaaaggaata gtagaagctg cagaggaaac acttacagaa atgggatgtt gttaggcagc    233280
     tcctgctttc tcttactaag gtccttcacg cctaagcaac tgtggtaacc acaaactgtg    233340
     tattcagttt ctggttacca gggacatttc tttaagagcc cgagtagaga agaggaagct    233400
     atcgttgtta ggtctgccca ttgttttaaa aagggacatt aaaaagggaa atttatgaac    233460
     ataaggtaaa ctgtaggttt ttaaatcaat aaaggcttgt gagtagtaaa gacaagcgtt    233520
     tcctttagtt tattggacta ttaaactcac tgctagtgtt tgtagacaga gtattcttgg    233580
     aatgtgtgca atagcctatg taactgacag gtacagtata gtggaaggct atctggaaac    233640
     tgtgcttatg ttttaatttt tgtatatgta tttatcatat ttattacttt aataatgtag    233700
     aatatatgat ataaatatgt aatatattat tttgtatatt tacatgttta ctataataac    233760
     cccaagcttt tattttggga gcttgctttt tcttcgttgc ttctttactg aaggaacccc    233820
     aatccttcct tgtaatataa ggctttagca ctctccttct ccatctctct attttctcac    233880
     ttcttcagag ttatatttcc ttggcagatt aaatcttgcc tttcaaaaaa cttgttattg    233940
     caacaaactg tggtgtctat tttatatatt taaaactgca attccttgcc cccttctctc    234000
     tcgtattatt tttctaacag gtttcccttt tggggtctaa gtctcattaa tgaaagaagt    234060
     ttgttgtctc agtttctccc tggttccata aattgctcca caccaagcat cccagctatc    234120
     tgataatgtg gattcatggg gtgggggtgg ggtctgcttc cctatttgat acagtacgtg    234180
     gaaaataggt aatatgtgga cttgggatcc ttaaaagatc cccatgcatt aggagaggga    234240
     agatcccagt tcagacgtct catccattca ttttgcaatt tagggttttg tggtttatct    234300
     tctggagcat atttcaggcc acagcatgct agctaataaa gagtttgctt agtgatatga    234360
     ctgtccctga gtctgcgagt gttggatgta tacagtagct gacctccccc tggggctgat    234420
     ccacagggac ggggaaagaa gagcactagt gaatctacct gtcgtgtagt tgttttatga    234480
     tgctctagtg gattagaccg caccaaacat ttaaagtgaa acccagactg cttctctcag    234540
     agggtgcccc ccaccaccta ctcctctact tccttttgct ttggggcttt gaattttgaa    234600
     aggatggtgc actcctagca gttgctgccc tgctattggc tgttctctgg ggagcatacc    234660
     cagatgaggg aaagcaagag tggttgttgc ctggcagtgg cttctgagtc tcctccttgg    234720
     ttcgtattct ggtctaagct cagattcagc aaagaatctg gaatctgggc ctgtgcttac    234780
     aaagagaata tgaagcaggt ggcaaaagtg actgtgctcc tgatcttggg tgagttcttt    234840
     ttggactaag aggaattagg accggggctt ttgaatgttt aacagggatc ttcaactagg    234900
     caggtcaact gccctttatc caagatgccc aggaaaactt tgtggtgtta ttcatgctgg    234960
     cctttcctca gcctttatgt gaagcatgtg ttgggggtgg gaaaggtatt tatggccact    235020
     gttcactcac atccatgcaa gggagggaga aagtagccgc taccactgta cctgtgatcc    235080
     tggcatctct tgaattagag gaaaggataa ttttgatctg aatcacaaat ggaaagtaaa    235140
     ttggatatct gtaggcagga agagtaaggg gtaggctcgg ctgagaaaca gctgtgcgaa    235200
     ctgcagaggg attctaatgt tgtttcagga taggaatgag gaatgtgctt gttcctacag    235260
     tctcatggag ccttgccaag accacccagc ccccctccat ggaggcctat gaagggcaag    235320
     aagtgaacgt gtcctgcagc catacaaaca ttgctacaag cgagtacatc tactggtacc    235380
     gacaggttcc ccaccaggga ccacagttta tcattcaagg atataaggac tatgtggtaa    235440
     atgaagtggc atctctgttt atctctgctg accggaagct cagcactctg agcctgccct    235500
     gggtttccct gagagatgct gctgtgtatt actgcattgt gactgacaca cagtgagaca    235560
     gctggctctg cagctgtgca gtatcctgtg gtgggagagg tggaagtaca cacacagtgc    235620
     tctgcaaagt tccactgtat tttcattttt agaaggtgta agcgtgcatt cttatgttac    235680
     ctaatttttt gttacctagt ttaaaattca ttcaatttca aataggcatt tcagtttaga    235740
     cagtgttaaa ttaaaaagta agagggcagg ggatggagaa atggttcagt ggttaagacc    235800
     actttttgct cagtccagtg gttggctgag tgcatccacc tttgtatttg tcaggtactt    235860
     gcagagcctc tcaggagaca gctatatcag gctcctgtca gaaagcactt gttagcatcc    235920
     acaatagtgt ctgggtttgg taactgtata tgggatggat ccccaggtgg ggcagtctct    235980
     ggatggcctt tctttcagtc tttgctcaca ttttgtctct gtatcatctc ccatgggtgt    236040
     tttgttttcc cttctaagaa ggaccaaagt atccacactt tggtcttcct tcttcttgag    236100
     cttcatgtgg tctgtgagca cagggttccc aatggaggag ctagagaaag gactcaagga    236160
     gctgaagggg tttgcagccc cataggagga acaacaatat gaaccaacca gatcccccag    236220
     agctcccagg gactaaacca ccaaccaaag agtacacatg gagggaccca tggttccagc    236280
     tgcacatgta gcagatgata gtcttgttag acatcaatgg gaggagtggt ccttggttct    236340
     gtgaaggctt gatgccccag tgtaggggaa tgccagaaca gtgaatcggg agtgggtgag    236400
     agagtgagca gggtgagata acagggcgag gggggatggg ataggggatt cttggagggt    236460
     aaatgaggaa aggggataaa atttgatatg taaataaaga atatatctta aaaaaaaaga    236520
     gcactttttg ctacagccac tgcccatatc cctgaagacc tgttgccaga gcaaccaggt    236580
     gagatgccca agccttaagc tctttcctcc tgcatcccct ggcaagccca gtaccctctt    236640
     tgctccatct tctctaactt caatcccaga ggcctgcagc tatgagggac cgctggcccc    236700
     tctaggcaaa cccagcagca gacagttttg ctctggcccc tttgcactcc attttccaga    236760
     ccatagttct gcttgcatcc ttggaagcct gctgccacca gggccaacca gctttccttg    236820
     caatcccaga ggcctgctga cagcagggac tgctaggctt cccaacacaa ggaacaacca    236880
     atgggttaag gacagcctaa gaaaacaatc aacaaaagcc aagttaatat ggcaccacca    236940
     gtacccagtt atcctactac agcaagccct ggatatccta acacacctga ggcaaaagaa    237000
     aatgacttta aatctaacct tatgaagatg atagaagcct ttagagagga aatgataaat    237060
     cccttaaaga aatacaggaa cacacaatca aataataatg aataaatata agaaattaca    237120
     gggaaataca atcaaacaga tgaagaaaat gaataaaact gcctaagacc taaaagcaga    237180
     aatagaagca ataaggaaaa cacaaactga ggcaattctg gagatggaaa acctaggaaa    237240
     gagaacccaa actacagact caggtagcac caacagaata taagagatag aagagagaat    237300
     ctcaggctta gaagatatgg aaaatgctga agctaaaaag tttctaacat aaaatatcca    237360
     agaaatttag gacactacaa aaagaccaaa cctaagaatc ataggagtag aagactccca    237420
     attcaaaggc ccagaaaata ccttcagcaa aatcacagaa ggaaatttcc ctaacctaaa    237480
     gaaagagatg cctataaaca tacaagaagc ttaaagaaca ccaaagagat tgtaccagaa    237540
     aagaaaatcc tcctgccacg taataatcaa aacactaaat gtacagaaca aaggaaagaa    237600
     tattaaaagt cacaagggat aaagactaag taacatataa agacagatca actagaattc    237660
     tcagaacttc tccaaagaga ctttcaaagt ctgaaaaacc tggacagatg tcttacagtc    237720
     tctgagagat catagatgcc agcccagact actatatcca gcaaatcttt caatcaccat    237780
     agatggagaa aataaggtat tcataacaaa accaaattta aacaatatct ttctactaac    237840
     ccactctaca gaggatacca gaagaaaaac tccaacacaa ggagagtaac tacacccaag    237900
     aacataggaa ataataaccc catgccagcc aaccaaagga aggaaagcat gcatgtatgc    237960
     actccaactc attatcataa aataaagata aataaaaagt cagaatatat gactatctat    238020
     agggtctctc cagcatggtg ctgacattct cacatggcag ctcacatccc caagaacaca    238080
     gaagtaggat ttctcccata aggtggcagg tctctcttcc tgcatcctat tggatacctg    238140
     catcacaaaa aacacaggca tataggggag gggaatcacc caggctataa atatcagaaa    238200
     gcaggaacta ataggggtca ctgccacaag actattacaa tagttatttt aggaagatct    238260
     agagaactat gatagaaagg tggaaacagg aaacaaaaca aagcagtgtg tggtgtgcat    238320
     gcatataatc ccagcactag ggaggtagaa gcagaagaat tgtaacttca atttttttca    238380
     aatcttatat ttaacgatgg ttcttaaaca ctttgacctc tcttgtaaca cccctccccc    238440
     actgaggtag tggaaaagaa aggatacagg agttggggtg gggggaagtt ggacctgttt    238500
     aaaaaggttc tttggagcaa ctcccatctg tgttgtctgg aaatcagcag tccagttcac    238560
     tggttagcag gcagtggcag gtcactccac tcacacactt catgaataca tcaactcagt    238620
     tcagtagagt tgggttagcg tcagtgggga cacaacctag caaagacagc caggcttcca    238680
     tctcagaggg actggcagga acaccaggag aagttctctg ctgtgcctct ctcagggaac    238740
     tgaaggttag cgaagctgcg agatccacaa gcctcgcaca gctaactgta ccagcaagcc    238800
     aagctgtctc cttcactctg tgaagtccta tttataccct ccaaacatca cgtgtcctcc    238860
     atgagccttg cctcagccca tgcatccaat cagcctgagt ctgcagaagt agcaagaaac    238920
     tgcagcacac caccagaagt tttttgctgt gtttctctct aacaaataca gctcaactgc    238980
     acagtgtaag gtgaaccaat acacttgtgt cattagcaaa gaatccttta tcacgtgttc    239040
     cttcacgtgc ttgctttagc agaacagcct ctcttctgtg tctgcttcag caaaacgttc    239100
     cttcacgagt ttgccttagc ctttcacacc tgtgtccact ttaactaaat gttccttcac    239160
     gtgtttgccc cagcaaaaca ccatccaaac gactttccaa agaacctgta agtttctatt    239220
     tcacaaaatc atgaattgga ggacagcttt agtgtcatag aaaaactatc tgaaaaaaca    239280
     aacagataca attcactcaa atatcaatac cagcagatag ctataactta tgattttgca    239340
     tttatatttt tataatttac ctacattata tgcgaatgtt aattatgtat atgtaatgat    239400
     gtgacaatat gtgaacagag atgtactctt ctgaattttt tgttaattta ttttcttgga    239460
     tattacattc tgaccacagt ttcccctccc ttctctcctt ccagttcctt ctctccctcc    239520
     tctcccctcc cccatatact tctccatatc ttctcagaaa aggacaggtc tcccaggcat    239580
     atctaccaaa cacagcatat gaacttgcaa tctgactagg tgttatccct catatgaagc    239640
     ctggatgagg tgtcaccagt aggaggataa aagtccccaa agcaggcaaa aatgtcaggg    239700
     acagtcttgg ctccctctgt taggagtccc acataaacac aagctacaca actatgacat    239760
     atatgtagaa ggtctaggtt agacctatgc aggctccctg attgtcagct catgctcagt    239820
     gagcccctat gaatccaggt ttgtggattc tgtgggtttt cttgtggcat ctttcaccct    239880
     ctgactccta caatccttcc tcctcttctt ccacaggatt cactgagttc tgcctaatgt    239940
     ttggctctag gtctcagcat ctgattccat cagctgctgg atggagtctt tctgatggtg    240000
     attatgccag gcttctgtct atgagtatag tagaattcat taggaataat ttctttatct    240060
     tttttctttt tgtctggcaa gttttggttc tatccaaggt ccctggccat ccggcttctg    240120
     atttctggta ctccaaccag tgtcaagggt gggcttcttc tcatggcatg ggtctcaagc    240180
     tggaccaatt attgtttagc cactcccaca agtgggagta ccacccttac cccagtacat    240240
     cctgctggca ggacaaattg taggtcgaag gttttgtagc tgggttgatg accctatccc    240300
     tccattagaa gttttgcatg gttataggag ataattggtt caggcttatg ccctatgact    240360
     aggagtctta actagggtca ccctaatggg agtttccatt gctctaggtt tctactctgc    240420
     cacccctgaa tttcctttca attccagttc tctcccagta ctctccctcc caactcctgt    240480
     aacatagtct ttactgttcc tgtctctacc cactaccagt cgatttgaaa tatatgttcg    240540
     atttctcctt tttctattct tattatgctt aggtttggtc tttttatagt gtctcagatt    240600
     tccaggatgt ttcttgtcag aaacttttta gattcaacat tttttttttg accaatgaat    240660
     ctatttcttt tgtcatatct tcaatgcttt ctcttccatc tcctatattc tgttggtgat    240720
     gcttggatct ggggttcctg tttgttcacc ttgattttta ttttcctaaa ttcccttagt    240780
     ttgtgctttt aaagattgct tctattttct ttggttttct ttaagggatt tgttaatttc    240840
     ctcctttagg acctcaataa tcttcataaa gttgatttta agttcatttt cttttgcttt    240900
     tgttgtgttg gaataatcag ggcttgctgc agtacgatag ctgggttctg gtggtgacat    240960
     tattcctggc tgttgttttc ttcttttttc ttatcctggc cttttgatat ttgggtctgg    241020
     ggtacttaaa ggtttatgta ctgagtttgc ttttgctgga tgggtatttt ggtccttggt    241080
     ttctgtttct tctccggtct tctggtctgt gtggtctctg atagagcagg aagtctcctg    241140
     gtggtgtggg actgaaggta gagtggacaa cagctgagag agttgggtag ttttgtggtc    241200
     tggcgtctta cctgtacttc tcccggtctg cttggtctct ggtagagcgt tgagtctagg    241260
     cacctcttgg agactagggc actgcaaata ggagggcatg ggactgggga gaggatggga    241320
     ggatggttaa agagtgaaag aataggggaa ttttggggta aggtgggggt gcagtatacc    241380
     tggacttctc ccagtctgag aggtctctat tagagggagg tgtgaactga gatttaaaga    241440
     ctattttgtg tctttctgtt acaagggcat tgaactgggg gcttttgtat atgctggcca    241500
     aggtttccta agtcttgagt gtcagtcttt gaagagctag ataaagtctt gctcttcatt    241560
     tatattgaag gtattcttta aactactgga gatgcttagc ttggtcaatt atttatgaag    241620
     taattttaaa agcagatggc tggaggatca tgtggaaggc aacagcttta agcaggtcag    241680
     aggcagcact ttgagaagaa gtgtcaatgc catcacatgg atttggtctg agtgttttat    241740
     tttataatgc actaaaaggc ttgtctttct tattgcacag atgtaacatg gctaaacaaa    241800
     ctttctttac ttgggtatgt ccatgtatgt tggaaggaaa gatggtttga ctggaggaat    241860
     ggtaagattt ccctcccttc ctctgtctct ccctccctct ctccctctct ccctctctcc    241920
     ctccctccct ccctccctcc ctccctccct ccctccctcc tttcccgttc cctcccttcc    241980
     tctttctctc cctcccttcc tttttctctc tctcccccct tcctttttct tgagatagca    242040
     tcttactatg caggctggtc tggaacttgg tatataaccc aggacaacat tccactccat    242100
     cccgtctgcc ttagtttccc atctggtgga gtgaaagaca caagccacta tgaccaacca    242160
     gtatgcaact ttttaaataa tttgagactg aatttaaagt aggagtcaga ggaaagttaa    242220
     ccagcaatgt tagaaacaac tgagctgtgt tctggctctc tttcacagag ttggttctag    242280
     cttattatta tatataaaac attattaata tactaagtag tagaagtata agctctgtga    242340
     ttagggtttc aggataggtt ttaggacatt atacaggatg agcctgaggt tattttcttc    242400
     tttccctttc cctctgtcct gtcccttcct cacttctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    242460
     tctctctctc tctctctctg tttcctttct tttatgtctg ttcctactgc ccgacttatt    242520
     tctatcttta tacttctcca ttttctgttt tggccctctc cctacctctt tccattttct    242580
     gtttttgcct aacacttgct atgtaaatgg ggctggcctt gaatttgtga ccattctttt    242640
     gcccctgctt ttaaagtact ggaattacaa ccacctcccc agcctctact tctaatttag    242700
     tttctttttt ttaagtaaaa aaaaaaaatc aatccttgtg gtggtttgaa tgagaatggc    242760
     tctcaggctc atatatttaa acacttggtt cccagttata gctagttctc agttagttgg    242820
     aggtgttttg agaaggatta ggaggtatgg ccttattgga ggaggtgtgc cactaggggc    242880
     aggctttgag gtttcaaaag cccaagttag gcaccatcta gccttctttc tgcctcctac    242940
     ttgtggataa gtggtaaact tccagctact gctccagagt catatgctgc ctgcctgttg    243000
     ccatgtttcc ctccatgact gtcatagact cactctctga agctgtaatc aagccctctc    243060
     ccaattaaat tctttctttt ataagttgtc ttggtcatga tgtcttatta cagcaataga    243120
     aaagtaacta agacaacact gattataata gtgggtttca ttttgacact ccatacatgt    243180
     atataatgtg ttttgctcat gatcattctc ttattgccat ccctccaacg gatccccttc    243240
     ttatgcccct ctactctctc tgtttctttc tttctttctc tctttcgctt gctctctcgc    243300
     tctctctctc cctcccctct ctctctctct ccctccctct tcctccctcc cttctcccct    243360
     ctcttccttt cttgattcag tgtcttctat tgggattgct tacaggatta tgagtaagag    243420
     gttatttgca ggagcatgaa ctatttatca ggggctgaat tattgaagaa aacatttctc    243480
     gcagccatca actgcctata aatcctcagg tagggcccca tcccatgaat cccttcccct    243540
     ccgtggttgg atgttgacag gccccaatct cgtgcagaga atcagagcag ctgtgagttg    243600
     aagagtccca caccacatca tgcccagaag atagtgtccc agcaaactgc attctgttga    243660
     taaggtcttt tattctttct acactgtctt ctgtgctatt atgtgagcct gagaaggagg    243720
     aatatcaacg tcccactcat ggtggtgtgt tgcgtatagt tttaaaaagc taccacctct    243780
     gcccggaatt ggaccacact ctggcccctc ctggcttccc ttttgttcta cctggcatta    243840
     tctccatgag agaccatgct accagccccc acctagcttc cctgaattgt caggtaaaac    243900
     acacacacac atacagcttg ttactttaga atttgtcttc ttggcacaat tgctgggcac    243960
     agatatctcc taccttgcca cacccactca gtgctcttac taatttatta tcttcatttc    244020
     tctacttttc ctaattgtca gtggttagtc ccacctagcc tctgccaaat tccttggcca    244080
     cctgtcttta gtggaggcca caaccccagc tctcctggag acctcacatg gttgctgtgc    244140
     tctcctgttt caaaacatgg tagaaagccc tctcttctct gtgtctgcct tttcctccta    244200
     ggacccggaa gttccatcta taccttctgc cccgcaattg acccctggcc ttctttactg    244260
     acaaatcaag aattaattgg ggaataggat gtttgtatga gaacctgccc ttagagtggt    244320
     agtttctgat gtcactgctt tggtcagtgt tgggtctctg tactatcaag gttcaaagaa    244380
     aagaagagaa aagaaaagaa aaaagaaaaa gaaaagaaag gaaagagctt caggggataa    244440
     gtataatctt ctagatggca actaggtgtg tgcaccatgc ccctgttcag cttgacttaa    244500
     ttttgagttt ctagaagttc atcctcatgt tcagcctcct tctttgaacc aacccactga    244560
     aaggacattg gagtagcaat tttgaaacct cagtaaaaat cggactatag ttttaggttt    244620
     ggattctgaa ttgatagaga accagccatc agtagggaaa tctttgtaat agaccttcac    244680
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacagagct    244740
     ggaagaaaca tgtagttgtt tatagtctat caattactgg cctaatattt tatgtcatct    244800
     ttgcaataaa aggaagccac atatccataa cctcagggta ttaatgactt ctctattact    244860
     tcgccaaggt gtttatagaa gaaagagttc ccttggagtt tacagctgcc catgctgcca    244920
     gagtggagga accaggcact aggcagttga aacagcagct gagagttcac atcttgaatc    244980
     acacacaaga agcagaggac aaactgggga tgtttcatgg ctttttgtga gagggcaaga    245040
     ctgaagaggt tcctacacct tgtagtcttg ctgagtccat tttaggttta actagaattt    245100
     gatttccttg atggagaatt ctgtggaaag ttacatagct ctattctagg aacccaagat    245160
     caaaatgtcc tagctaagtt atctgttaaa ttacctcatt gcacttaccc ccttcctcta    245220
     actacttagc ttctgttaaa ctgcttactt ttgacaagct cccttgaagc tgctgagaaa    245280
     aattcaagga catggtttct gctttaaaaa accctgtgct atagatactc cacagtatat    245340
     ttaggatctg aaaacctggg aatagtccca gatatctgga ataaagactt tgaattggct    245400
     ataaactgtg tcccatcttt tgtgggatcc ccataatatt ttgaaacccc aaagcctgct    245460
     cacagggata tacttcctcc agaaaagtca ccccctttaa ctctcctaaa tagctaccaa    245520
     ccagggatca aggattcaaa tgctattcag ggatgttttg ttccaattat cacacttaga    245580
     taatctatag ttgaagagga acaatttcaa aatcatgtta gatttctcct cacattctaa    245640
     aggctaactt tctggtttga gggaaccatt gttattaaca cttgcaactg tacttgtatt    245700
     ctattgctgt gataaaagcc atgaccaaaa actagtcatg agaggaaaat atctatttca    245760
     gctcaacttc aaggttgtat gtagtccatc atcgtgggaa ctcatagcag gaactgattt    245820
     agagaccaca taggagttct gattactgat ttttctcctc atggcttgct taatatgact    245880
     tcttctacaa cccactaact actacctgcc aagtggtggc accacccaca gtgagctggg    245940
     ctcttccaca taagacaatg ccccaagata tgtgggcatg ccagtctgat agaggtattt    246000
     tctcagtcga agttctctct tctcaaatga tcatggcttg tgttgtgttg acaaaaaaaa    246060
     aaaaaaaaaa acaaaaaaaa aacaaaaaaa aaaaaacaaa aaaaaaaaaa acaaaaaaaa    246120
     caactaacca gcacagtaac ttagccactt ttattaaagg atagtccaca acactgctta    246180
     tttcttggga ttgggaaaat accagtggtt gaaggagcaa atcctgcaat atcacatgta    246240
     tgacatactt tgtgagtctc tatcccttgg tccaatattt gagcttaagt tcttttcata    246300
     ggtggtgttt ttgtctgtga gagatgaata aagatgatct gatacccagc tggttgctac    246360
     cgttacaatc taaaagtagg atgaggaaga cgacttttcc tttcatttgc ttagcagaat    246420
     aaatgatacc agttccctga tctcaagcag gctactcctg ttgttcagca agcatggaaa    246480
     acacccagct ttcctgaaag atctgggcag tgtgcagaga acatgaaact caattctgta    246540
     tcttttcacc gtgtttgttc tccattacat gatgccaatt ttgatattgg acgcacttgg    246600
     aacttacttt attgacttac tatttagtgt cctggaggta taggttcaaa gaggactgca    246660
     gcagctggtg cagaaggaag gagctgtcca caagggggca gaacacctcc gctcctgcaa    246720
     actcacaaag ggattttttg cttgcctgtc ttaagagcag cctgcagtca gcagctctct    246780
     gtgcagacag gtgaagtagc ctcagtgctg tggagaacag aggaggtgag gtgatcacag    246840
     aggcatcttg tctggctgaa ggccacagtc cagagggaga gcaatgaaga cagtgactgg    246900
     acctttgttg ctgtgcttct ggctgcagct gaactgtgag tgagagcttt tggggaacaa    246960
     ggtgtttgtc agtgttcatt atcagtctgt ggagataatc agactggact tctctagatt    247020
     gcctgaaatc actgtaggga ggaaagcaat ggctggagaa tggcagcctg atggtcttct    247080
     gctggttcct tctgcacagg tgtgagcaga ggcgagcagg tggagcagcg ccctcctcac    247140
     ctgagtgtcc gggagggaga cagcgccatt atcatctgca cctacacaga cagtgccact    247200
     gcttacttct cctggtataa gcaagaggcg ggggcaggtc ttcagttgct tatgagtgtc    247260
     ctttcaaatg tggacagaaa agaagaacaa ggactcactg tcttactgaa caagaaagac    247320
     aaacgactct ctctgaacct cacagctgcc catcctgggg actcagccgt gtacttctgc    247380
     gcagtcagtg cacagtgccc cccaggcacc tgcagtctgc acaaaaacct gagaatggag    247440
     acagggggca caactttaaa aaaatgtttg aaacagattc ttccactttg tattttaagt    247500
     atatgaactt ctaaaatatc cagaaagtta gcttcaattg gaccagagaa gttttgaaga    247560
     aactttttac tgagaatgaa tttctttttt taaaatgtaa acttttatta ttttatgtat    247620
     atgagtagtt tggctgcata tgtctgtcac ttgtgtgctt agtgctggct gaggccagaa    247680
     tagggcatgg gatcccttgg aactggagtt acagatggtt gtaagatgcc atgtgggctc    247740
     tgggaagtag acctgggtct tctggaagag cagccaatgc tttttaaacc ttagccatct    247800
     tttattcttt aatgatgttt gttaaatatt ccttttattc tattttgaag gccaggtgac    247860
     taaagtacaa taaatgataa gctactgtgc attacatgac aataacagcc atataaagct    247920
     caggatcgat aaatttaggg ctatcttggt ttttctttca tttatttgta tttttgaggc    247980
     agagtctcac tatgtagcca tatttggcct agaacttgct aggtaaagtt tctacgggta    248040
     ttttttatac ttccttagtt attccaaggc attttgtttt gaagctattg tgaatagatt    248100
     gttttcctga ttactttctc agtaggaatg tttgtcatta tttttataag aaggctaatg    248160
     agttttgtcc attaattatg tattttacca ttttactgag aatgtttaaa agttataaga    248220
     ggttttttag taggatatat tttttaaata tgtaatatta atatataata taatataaca    248280
     tgtaaaattt catgtcctct gcagatagag ataccaactt tttcctcttt tagttgtatt    248340
     tctttttaaa ttttttattg gttattttat ttatttacat ttcaaatgtt atcccccttc    248400
     cttgtttccc ctccaaaaaa cccctatccc attccccctc ctccctgctt ctatgagggt    248460
     gctttcccac ccacccaccc accctcccac tcctgcctca ccacctgaac attcccatat    248520
     gctggagcat taagccttca caggaccaag ggccttctct cccattgatg ccagataagg    248580
     tcaacctctg ctaaatatgc agctggagcc atgggtcctt ccatatgcat tctttggttg    248640
     gtggtttagt tcctgggagc tctggggggg agggagtctg gttggttgat attgttgttc    248700
     ttcctatggg gttgcaaacc cctttcactt cttcagtcct ttccctaact cctccattgg    248760
     aatatccctg tgctcagtct gatgattcgc tgcaagcatt catatctgta tcggtaaggc    248820
     tctggcagag cgtctcagga gacatccata tcaggttcct gtcagcaagt acttcttgac    248880
     atcagcaata gtgactgggt ttggtggctg catacaagtt gtacttcgtt tattatcttg    248940
     cttgtcttat tgctgcagct aagactccta atgctatatt gaataagagt gaagaaagtg    249000
     aatctctttg tcctgttctt gattttcctg taaagggttt ggatttttgc ccatttaatt    249060
     tatatattga ctatagattt gtcatatgta acctgtgtta catagagata tgctctttca    249120
     attacaaatt tcttcaggac tttttaaaaa taaaagatgt tggatttttg tcaagttttt    249180
     tttttcctgt gcttagtgag ataaaaatag gatttgtatc cttgaatcta tttatataat    249240
     ttatttattt atttttatta gatattttct ttatttacat ttcaaatgtc atccccttcc    249300
     ccggttttcc ccctcccgga actcccctat tccatcctcc ctccccctgc ttctatgagg    249360
     gaattcaagc acatacacac ccactcccac ctccccaccc ttgattcctt acattggggc    249420
     atttatctag ccttcatagg agcaggcacc tctcctccca ttgatgccta acaaggccat    249480
     cctctgttac atatgcagct ggagccatgt gtactccttt gttgatcgct tagtccctgg    249540
     gagctctggg gtgtctggtt ggttgatatt gttgttcttc ctctggggtt gcaaactcct    249600
     tcaactcctt cagtcctttc tctatctcct ctattgggga ccccacgctt agtccaatgg    249660
     ttggctgaga gcatctgcct ctgtatttgt aaggcactgg cagggcctct taggagacag    249720
     ccaaaagtta aactcccaag aatcaaataa ccctattaaa aatggagtac aaaaaaaaat    249780
     ggagtacaga gctaaacaaa gaattctcaa ctgaggaata tcgaatggct gagaagcacc    249840
     taaagaaatt gttcaacatc cttagtcatc aggggaatgc aaatcaaaac aaccctcaga    249900
     ttccacctca caccagtcag aatggccaaa ataaaaaact caggtgatag cagatgctgg    249960
     caagggtgtg gagaaagaga aatactcctc cattgctggt gggattgcaa actggtacaa    250020
     ccactctgga aatcagtttg gaagttcttc agaaaactgg acttagtact acctgaggac    250080
     ccagctatat cactcctggg aatataccca gaagatgctc caacttgtaa taaggacaca    250140
     tgctccacta tgttcatagc agccttattt ataatagcca gaagctggaa agaacccaga    250200
     tgtccctcaa cagatgaata gatacagaaa atgtggtaca tttacacaat ggagtactac    250260
     tactcagata ttaaaaatga tgaattaatg aaattcttag gtaaatggat ggaactagaa    250320
     aatatcctga gtgaaaatag cacccaaggg acctgagact gcattagtta ggaaagcaga    250380
     aaacccggcc tgagtagggg cacaagcccc tttcggtccg agcagcaccg gggtagctag    250440
     ggcacagagt cggctgacac ctgccagcta cccacaacac ccgccacagc atcttaagac    250500
     ttctgaggat aaggatctgc ccagcacggg agcgcattgc ctgagcatcg gcagcagaca    250560
     tctcggttct ggaaccctgc cgaatgtatc ttgcacagac atcttggttc caggaccctg    250620
     ccgagtgtat cctgcacagc tccagagaat accagatggc gaaaggcaaa cttaagaatc    250680
     ctactaacag aaatcaagac cactcaccat catgagaaca cagcactccc accccaccta    250740
     gtcctgggca ccccaacaca accgaaaagc tagacctgga tttaaaagca tatctcatga    250800
     tgatggtaga ggacatcaag aaggagttta ataactcact taaagaaata caggagaaca    250860
     ctgctaaaga gttacaagtc tttaaagaaa aacaggaaaa cacaaccaaa caggtaaaag    250920
     cccttaaaga aaaacaggaa aacacatcca aacaggtgat ggaaatgaac aaaaccatac    250980
     tagacctaaa aagggaagta ggcacaataa agaaaaccca aagtgaggca atgctgagat    251040
     agaaacccta gaaaaaaaaa tctggaacca tagatgcagg catcagcaac acaatacaag    251100
     agatggaaga gagaatctca ggtgcagaag actccataga gaacatcggc acaacaatca    251160
     aagaaaatac acaatgcaga aggatcataa ctcaaaacat ccaggaaatc caggacacaa    251220
     tgagaagacc aaacctaagg ataataggag ttgatgagaa tgaagatttt caactcaaag    251280
     ggccagcaaa tatcttcaac aaaattatag aagaaaactt cccaacctaa agaaagaaat    251340
     gcccatgaac atataggaag cctacagaac tccaaataga ctggactaga aaagaaattc    251400
     ctctcgaaac ataataatca gaacaacaaa tgcactaaat aaagatagaa tattaaaagc    251460
     agtaagggaa aaaggtcaag taacatataa aggcaggcct atcagaatta caccagactt    251520
     ttcaccagag tcgatgaaag ccagaagagc ctggacagat gttatacaga cactaagaga    251580
     acacaaatgc cagcccagac tactatactc ggccaaactc tcaattacca tagatggaga    251640
     aaccaaagta ttccacgaca aaaccaaatt cacacattat ttgtccacga atacagccct    251700
     tcaaaggata ataacagaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaccaataca aggacggaaa tcatgcccta    251760
     gaaaaagcaa gaaagtaatc cctcaacaaa gcaaaaagaa gacagccaca agaacagaat    251820
     gccaactgca acaacaaaaa taaaaggaag caacatttag ttttccttaa tatctcttaa    251880
     tatcaatgga ctcaattccc ctataaaaag acatagacta acagactggc tacaaaaaca    251940
     ggaccaaaca ttctgctgct tacaggaaac ccatctcagg gaaaaagaca gacactaccc    252000
     cagagtgaaa ggctggaaaa caattttcca agtaaacggt ctgaagaaag aagtgggagt    252060
     agccattcta atattgaata aaatcgactt ccaacccaaa gttatcaaaa aagacaagga    252120
     gggacacttc atattcgtca aaggtaaaat ctcccaagag gaactctcaa tcctgaatat    252180
     ctatgctcca aatgcaaggg cagccacatt cattaaagac acattagtaa agctcaaagc    252240
     acacattgca cctcacacaa taatagtggg agacttcaac acaccacttt catcaatgga    252300
     cagatcgtgg aaacagaaac taaacaggga cacaatgaac ctaacagaag ttatgaaaca    252360
     aatggactta atagatatct acagaacatt ttatactaaa acaaaggaca tacattcttc    252420
     tcagcacttc atggtaactt ctcaaaaaat tacccatata attggtcaca aaaaaggcct    252480
     caacagatac aaaaatattg aaattgtccc atgcatccta tcagaccacc atatattaag    252540
     gctgatcttc aataacaaca taaataatag aaagctaaca ttcacgtgga aactgaacaa    252600
     cactcttctc aatgacaact tcgtcaagga aggaataaag aaagaaatta aagacttttt    252660
     agagtttaat gaaaatgaag ccacaacata cccaaactaa ttggacagaa tgaaagcatt    252720
     tctaagaggg aaactcatag ctctgagtgc ctccaaaagg aagctgtaat gagcacacac    252780
     tagcagcttg acaacacatc taaaagctct agaaaaaaag gaagaaaatt cacccaagag    252840
     gagtagacgg caggaaataa tcaaactcag gggtgaaatc aaccaagtgg aaacaagaag    252900
     aactattcaa agaattaacc aaatgaggag ttggttcttt gagaaaatca acaagataga    252960
     taaaccctta gctagactca ctagagggca caggaacaac atcctaatta acaaaatcag    253020
     aaatgaaaag ggagacataa caacagatcc tgaagaaatc caaaacacca tcagatcctt    253080
     ctacaaaagg ctatattcaa caaaactgga aaacctggac gaaatggaca aatttctaga    253140
     cagataccag gtaccaaagt taaatcagga tcaaattaac aatctaaaca gtcccatatc    253200
     ccctaaagaa atagtagcag tcattaatag tctcctggcc aaaaaaagcc caggaccaga    253260
     tgggtttagt gcagagttct accagacctt caaagaagat ctaattccag ttctgcacaa    253320
     tctattccac aaaatagaag tagaaggaac tctacccaac tcattttatg aagccacagt    253380
     tactctgata tctaaaccac agaaagatcc aacaaagata gagaacttca gaccaatttc    253440
     ccttatgaat atcgatgcaa agatcctcaa taaagttctt gctaaccgaa tccaagaata    253500
     catcaaaaca atcatccatc ctgaccaagt aggtttcatc ccagggatgc agaaatggtt    253560
     caatatatgg aaatccatca acataatcca gtatataaac aaactcaaag acaaaaacca    253620
     catgatcatc tcgttagatg ctgagaaagc atttgacaaa atccaacacc cattcatgat    253680
     aaaagtcttg gaaagatcag gaattcaagg cccataccta aacatgataa aagcaatcta    253740
     cagcaaacca gtagccaaca tcaaagtaaa tagtgagaag ctggaagcaa tcccactaaa    253800
     atcaggaact agacaaggct gtccactctc tccctaccta ttcaacattg tacttgaagt    253860
     cctagccgga gcaattcgac aacaaaagga gatcaagggg atacaaatta gaaaggaaga    253920
     agtcaaaata tcactttttg cagatgatat gatagtatat ataagtgacc ctaaaaattc    253980
     caccagagaa ctcctaacac tgataaacag cttcaatgaa gtatctggat ataaaattaa    254040
     ctcaaacaag tcaatggcct ttctctacac aaaggataaa caggctgaga aagaaattag    254100
     ggaaaccaca ctcttcacaa tagtcacaaa taatataaaa taccttggct tgactctaac    254160
     taaagaagtg aaagatctgt atgataagaa cttcaagtct ctgaagaaag aaattaaaga    254220
     agatctcaga agatggaaag atctctcatg ctcatggatt ggcaggatca atatagtaaa    254280
     aatggctatc ttgcgaaagc aatctacaga ttcaatgcaa tccccattaa aattccaact    254340
     caattcttca acaaatcaga aagggcaatc ggcagattca tctggaataa caagaaacct    254400
     aggatagcaa acactcttct caagtataaa agaacctccg gtggaatcac catgcctgac    254460
     ctaaagctgt actacagagc aattgtgata aaaactgcat ggtactggta taatgacaga    254520
     caagtagacc aatggaacag aattgaagac ccagagatga acccacatac ctatggtcac    254580
     ttgatctttg acaagggagc taaaaccatc cagtggaaaa aggacagcat tttcaacaaa    254640
     tggtgctagc acaactggcg gttatcatgt agaaaaatgt gaattgatcc ttttctatct    254700
     ccttgtacta aggtcaaatc taagtggatt aaggaactcc acataaaatc agaaacactg    254760
     aaatttatag aggagaaagt agggaaaagc ctcgaagata tgggcacagg ggaaaaaaat    254820
     tcctgaatag aacagcaatg gtttgtgctg taagatggag aatcgacaaa tggaacctca    254880
     taaaattgca aagcttctgt aaggcaaaag acactgccaa taagacaaaa agaccaccaa    254940
     cagattggga aaggttcttt acctatccta aatcagatag gggattaata tccaatatat    255000
     ataaagaaat caaaaagctg gactccagaa aatcaaatac cccattaaaa atggggctca    255060
     gagctaaaca aagaattctc acctgaggaa taccgaatgg ctgagaagca cctgaaaaaa    255120
     tgttcaacat ccttaatcat cagggaaatg ccaatcaaaa caaccctgag attccacctc    255180
     acacccgtca gaatggctaa gataaaaaat tcaggtgaca gcagatgctg gcaaggatgt    255240
     ggagaaagag gaacacttct ccattgttgg ttggattgca agcttgtaca accactctgg    255300
     aaatcagtct ggcggttcct tagaaaattg gacatagtac taccggagga tccagcaata    255360
     cctctcctgg gcatatatca agaagatgtc ccaactggta tgaaggacac atgctccact    255420
     atgttcatag cagccttatt tataatagcc agaagctgga aagaacccag atgcccctca    255480
     acagaggaat ggatacagaa aatgtggtac atctacacaa tggagtacta ctcagctatt    255540
     aaaaagaatg aatttatgaa atcctatgca aatggatgga cctagagggc atcattctga    255600
     gtgaggtaac ccaatcacaa aggaacttac acaatatgta ctcactgata agtggatatt    255660
     agcccaaaac ttaggatacc caagatataa gatacaattt gcccaatgca tgaaactcta    255720
     gaagaatgaa gaccaaagtg tggacactgt gccccttctt agaattggta acaaaacacc    255780
     catggaagga gttacagaga caaagtttgg agctgtgaca aaaggatgga ccatctagag    255840
     actgccacat ctagggatcc accccataat cagcttccaa atgctgacac cattgcatac    255900
     actagcaaga ttttgctgaa agacccagat atagctgtct cctgagagac tatgctgagg    255960
     cctagcaaac acagaagtgg atgctcacag tcagctattg gatggattac agggctccca    256020
     atggaggagc taaagaaagt acccaaggag ctaaagggac ctgcaatcct atagatggaa    256080
     caacagtatg aactaaccag tacccaggag ctcttgactc tagctacata tgtatcaaaa    256140
     gatggcctag tcggccatca ctggaaagag aggcccattg gacacacaaa ctttatatgc    256200
     cccagtacag gggaacgcca gggccaaaaa aatgggaatg ggtgggtagg gtagttgggc    256260
     ggagggtatg ggggactttt gggctagcat tgaaaatgta attgaggaaa atacgtaata    256320
     aattaaaaaa aatagcaccc aatcacaaaa gaacacacat ggtattcact cattgataag    256380
     tggatattag cccaaaagct ccaaatatcc tagatacaat tcacagacca catgaagctc    256440
     aggaagaaag aacactaaag tgtgggtgct tctgtccctt cttagaaggg ggaacaaaat    256500
     acttacagaa gaaggtacag agacaaagtg tggagcagat actgaaggta tggccatcta    256560
     gagactgtcc cacctgggga ttcatctcat atacagttac aaaacccaga cactattgtg    256620
     gataccaaga agtgcaagct gaaaggtacc tgatatttat ataatttata atatttatta    256680
     atttatgtgc gttgaacttc cagtgacatt gtaaaagaaa accgtcctga tcatggtaaa    256740
     taatttttta tctgttttga atacagtttg caagtacttt actaagaact tttgtatctt    256800
     gttttgttag aaaaatttat ctgtcatttt tatttgttat gcatccgttt aaatggttta    256860
     tctcatctgg gttaagtttg ataggtcaca tgcatctata tattcatcca ttttgttaag    256920
     acttctcaat ctagtggaat gtatgtttcc aaagaactac tgatttttct taatttcctt    256980
     ggtatctgtt gtaatggctc tcttttcatc tccctccctc tggtcaatat ggctaagagt    257040
     ttgtccatct tttcaaagag ccatctgtat gtctcactga ttctctgtat tttttccttc    257100
     ccatttcatt aatttattcc ttgattttaa tgatttcttt tcattttctg acctggggtt    257160
     tggctcattt ttctttccag gcacatcatt aaactatctc tttttattta ttatttgaaa    257220
     taaccttcag atttaaatgt tttgttacat tttcttctct tccaagttct ttcagatact    257280
     ctcctcctta cccacccaat tataaatcct ttcttaaaat acaaaccaaa ccccaataca    257340
     acaaaaaagc accccaaacc tagaaaacaa attactcaaa aagaaaaaca aaacaaagca    257400
     aaagcaaaag acaaaacaaa ctcacaatat aacaaaatat tccaaaccta ggaaactact    257460
     aacttaaaaa gcaaagaaca aaaatcaccc tcccccaaaa aatctcactc aaactgtgac    257520
     taaataaaag cacacataca taacacaccc cgccccttac accccacccc ttacacccca    257580
     cccacgcacc atgcgtatta cattatttat tgatcaaata ctacccaacc ctggaatggt    257640
     tgatatactc agtgtcatcc cattggagaa aactgatttt ccctctccca gtaggtataa    257700
     atgacaattc tgttgttaac atttacccta gggctagagc tagatccatc atttattcat    257760
     taataaaaaa cataacaaca taaaatataa taaaataaag cctaccacat tgaaatagga    257820
     caagacagac taacaaaagg aaaagagccc aagagagggc acaagagtca gagacccatt    257880
     cattcttata atcagaaatg ccacataaat tggaagccat actatctact caaagagctg    257940
     gtacagatcc atgcacagcc tcagtctctg tgggttcatt ggagggtttt atttcttggt    258000
     gttctctact ccctctggtt attgaatgtt gccttttttc catggggatt tttgaactct    258060
     gaggaaagtg atttgatgga gacttcctat ctagggctga gcattccaag gtctctcatt    258120
     cactgtgtaa tgtctgattg tgggtctcta tctttgtctc catctgctgc aagaggaagt    258180
     ttctctgata ccatgatatc attatttcat caggagtcat ttaatcacga cttttttctt    258240
     tttttccttc ttccctcctt ctttataccc cttcactttc ttttagttca gtattatttg    258300
     tttgtttttt ttcccctttg gttcctgagc tatgtagttt caagttcttg tttatgcaaa    258360
     tagtgtcaag tatgggtttc atctcctgga gtgtgccttc tgtcaaatca gatattggtt    258420
     ggttacttct acatgccttg tgccaccgtt gctctagaat atcttgcaag tagtacacca    258480
     ttgtagataa agaatttgtg gctggctttg tgttttcatt tctcttttga tagcatgcag    258540
     agtacattcc cataataaag aggctgaaac ataggggtaa ggtatatgta ggcatcatct    258600
     ggacagcacc atgttcagtg aattgtgtta gtgttatctt cagaaatagg atcttgttgc    258660
     cagtttgtga agaacaacat agaatcttgg gaatagcctg ggttgtttga aggttctcat    258720
     ggggtccctg tagtcaacaa cttaattaga tgtaactcaa accctacact ggagtgtcat    258780
     ttggtgacaa gatatagtca gttgggtctc tgcctttccc attatttggt aatgccattt    258840
     agattgcttt catgtaaata catattttaa gatatttcta ctgtattatg tttccattct    258900
     atccctcaga tgttcataaa ttttagctat ctctctacat attctcttct actaccccct    258960
     ctccattctc tactcctcct tgattctccc attccaaacc ctctcactga aaagtttctg    259020
     ttctatttcc ttttcctaat gggatctgcc catttccttt aggccattac tctctatata    259080
     ccctctgtgg ttctatggat ttcagcttgg ttattattgc cttaaaagct aatatacata    259140
     tgtaaataaa aatataccat atttgtcttt ctgagtgtct gatacctcac tcagtgttta    259200
     tttttttcta gtaccacatt ttctttattc gttcttctat tgaggcatat ttttgtttcc    259260
     aatatctggc tattatgaag agagcagcaa tgatagcact gaagggaaat tttgaacagt    259320
     gaacattgtt ttagatttta taacaaaaag aaagatgact ggatgtgcag tcaaatagta    259380
     attcatgaag tatagccaat ggtttgacaa aagtattttt aagactaaga gatttttttc    259440
     taggcagaat ttctctatgt agcatcggct gttctaaaat ttgctctgtt aactgcttgg    259500
     tcttcaactc agagattctc ctgcctttgt ctcttgagtg ctggaattaa aggtgtgtgc    259560
     caccacatcc cactatgact gagggtatta ataagtagta aagttgggag aatggagagt    259620
     aaaatataaa acagaaagta tatgttacag gtaagaaaac caatagataa aatatacaag    259680
     atgcagagga tggaagttcc atattaaaac ccatgtagaa gagatgcaag ctaaaacaaa    259740
     acaactaaac aattgaaaca caaataataa ataaaacata aaaaataaat gaaaagaaac    259800
     agaagggact ataatctcag ccagcatttc tatttagttg agatgaatgt tgtttgtcct    259860
     ttcccttgac tgccttttgt agaagtttct tcaggtaaaa ggaaggcagc aagattcaag    259920
     aaatcaaaga atctaaggcc catgtgtttc ctgctaacaa gggtttctga atagaactac    259980
     acaaacactt ttcaaaaatc tagtccctct tgaacattgc caatatttca ctgaaagaag    260040
     aaagttgggt atggtaataa tagtaatgat aataataata ccaactaatg gcttaactag    260100
     agacattcat gtcccagtgc caaaacacaa gctacattaa aaaaccttgg atgagacaaa    260160
     tccccccacc tgccctgtca tgcaccactg cagtgagaga tcagatggtg gagagatggg    260220
     agtgactgag gagcagagtg atgtgtgcac ttggaggatg gacctggaga aatgacaggg    260280
     gtgactggag agagagaaaa ggctgaggtt gatatggatc atactgttgc ccagtggggt    260340
     tgacgggatg ctgtgtagca gcctgaagct taagcagatg cagtctcagc tccagctaca    260400
     gggtcaccct agatttaggc agtgatagag atctgagatg agaaatgatt agacctcctt    260460
     gaagaaccac cgtgtcccac gatgctgctg agggccatgt gtgggtcagt ggtcctgatg    260520
     tagccagggt tcaggttgat gttcaaggac catgttgtca tttgccaata tgcagatgtt    260580
     cattggttgt gctgtggcct gagtctgtgt taatgttcat gggctgtgct gctgcagggg    260640
     gctgttatct ggatggtctg tgcttttgcc tggggccata ggaatgttca ggcccaagct    260700
     gctactcagg gctgtgtctg agtccatgtc ttactatagc cataactgtg ttggtatctg    260760
     tagcttgtgc taccaccaaa ggccatatgg atgtctgtga tctgtgctac aacctgaaac    260820
     caagttgatg tctatgggca atgctactag tggaggcctg tgtgtgttcc atgttgtcac    260880
     caaatgcttg gcagatgttt gtgatctatg cttcaaccag aagccatgtt catgtccatg    260940
     atcccaggtg cgttggaggg ccttatctgg gtccatagcc ctattgcaac tgtaagccct    261000
     gtttgtggtc tgtgctgatg ccagacacca tgtggaagcc catgatccat gctcctgtgg    261060
     tccataaaga gcaaataagc tacttctgca gtgatatcca tgactgcaga tgcacagttg    261120
     agaaagaggg atatggaagg cttctgtgac aacctacctt tactctatcc tccaactccc    261180
     ctaaaaacca aaatattaac agcttagaca ggaagccatt ggagagaact ctcaaaaact    261240
     atgataggat gctggggtgt ggccctgtat aatacatggc tttgagcaga gatgtgggag    261300
     gggaaggact catctatatt taggggcagg ccacacccta gtgaatatat agataaaaca    261360
     aattgtatcc ctcccacctc cagtggagaa tgtcataagg acagagaagg actggaaagc    261420
     aaatgtgata gggatgtatg atgtaaaatc cccaaagaat aaataggaat attacgttgg    261480
     gaaaaattaa aaacacatag aacctaaaac aaaaacccca aaaaaccacc ccccaaaacc    261540
     caaaaacaaa caaaaactca aaacacacaa aaaacccaaa ccaaaccaaa aaaacccaaa    261600
     aaacaaaaaa caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga aaaacaaaaa ccaccaaaaa ccttagataa    261660
     tatgattcct ctaacaatta taaattccac actattggcc atcagtaaca ccaatttata    261720
     tgaaacttta gagaaataat gcaaaataat aactccatct acgtatgtat gtatgtatgt    261780
     atatatgtat gtatgtatgt atgtatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct    261840
     atctatctac ctataatcaa tcttttattc cagataaata aaacaacaca aaaagctcct    261900
     tggatgaatt ccaagagaag acaactgagt ggacttaaga aattcagtca caaaagaaca    261960
     cacatggtaa tgcactcact gataagtgga tattagccca aaagttcaga atacccaaga    262020
     tacagttcac agaccatatg atgttcaaaa agaaggaaga ccaaagtatg gatgcttcag    262080
     cgcttcttag acgggagaac aaagtactca caggaggaaa tatggagata aagcgtggag    262140
     cagagactga aggaaagatc atccagagac tgccccacct ggggatccat ctcatataca    262200
     gtcgccaaac tcagacgcta ttgtggatgt ggatgccagg aagtgcttgc tgatacgagc    262260
     ctgatatagc tgtctcctgg gactctatgc cagagataaa tacagagact tatgcttgca    262320
     accaactatt ggagtgagcg cagggtcccc aatagaggag ttagagaagg gactgaagga    262380
     gctgaggggg ttcgcagccc catctggaga tcaacagcct caactggcca gaacccctgg    262440
     agctcctggg gcctggactg ccaaccaaag agtacacatg gaaggaccca tagctcaggc    262500
     cgcatatgtg gcagaggatg gccttgttgg gcatcagtgg gaagagcggc ccttgagcct    262560
     gagagggttc aaagccccag tgtaggggaa tgccaggatg ggaaggtggg agtgggtggg    262620
     tggagggggg agcaccctca tagaggtatg gggaggggag ataggatagg gggttctgga    262680
     ggggagacct ggaaagggta taacatttga aatgtaaata aagaaaatat ccaacaaaag    262740
     aaaaaaaaaa ggaaatttaa tgctaggcat ggaatatgaa tccaataaag gagtcaaatt    262800
     actgaggaac accaatcaga aattctggaa attaaaaaaa tcaatgacac ataaaaactc    262860
     tgtggaaatc tctaacacta tggtttatga ggaggacaca atatcagaac ctgaagaaaa    262920
     attgaagaat tggaatgagg ataaatgttt aaaaatacat gaacaatctt tagggcatca    262980
     cggaaagacc aaatccatga attatgggca tagaagaaga gttccatact aaaggcatag    263040
     aaactgtttt caataaaact attgcaaaaa atttgtcaat ctagggaaat agactctgtc    263100
     tatgtagaag gggtttttaa aacacaaata aacaaaaata gaaaagaaac ttttttccaa    263160
     ttttttatta gatattttgt ttatttacat ttcaaatgct atctctaaag tcccccatac    263220
     cctccccaaa ccccctcccc actctcctac ccacccactc ccacttcttg gccctgtcat    263280
     tcccctgtac tggggcatat aaagtttgca agaccaaggg gcctctcttc ccaatgatgg    263340
     ccgactaggc catcttctgc tacatgtgca gctagagaca caagctctgg gggtactggt    263400
     tagttcatat tgttgttcca cctatagggt tgcagacccc ttcagcacct tggatacttt    263460
     ctctagttcc tccactgggg gccctgtgtt ccttccaata gatgactgtg agcatccact    263520
     tctgtatttg ccaggcactg gcatagcctc acaagagaca gttatatcag aatcctttca    263580
     gcaaaatctt gctggcttat gcaatagtgt ctgcgtgtgg tggctgatta tgggatagat    263640
     caccaggtgg ggcagtctct ggatggtcca tccttttgtc tcagctccga actttgtctc    263700
     tgtaacttct tccatgggta ttttgttccc tattctaagg aggaatgaag tatccacaag    263760
     ttggtcttcc ttcttcttga ttttattgtg ttttgcaaat tgtattttgt gtattctgag    263820
     tttctgggct aatatccact tatcagtgag tggatatcaa gtgagttctt ttgtgattgg    263880
     gttacctcac taaggatggg cagatcctta gtggatgtaa cctccagata catccatttg    263940
     ttcaagaatt tcataaatcc attgttttta atagctgagt agtactccat tgtgtaaatg    264000
     taccacattt tctgtatcta ttcctctgtt gagggacatc tgggttcttt ccagcttctg    264060
     gctattataa ataaggctgc tatgaacata gtggagcatg tgtccttctt accagttgga    264120
     acatcttctg ggtatatgtc caggagaggt attgctggat cttccagtag tattatgtcc    264180
     aattttctga ggaacctcca gactgatttc cagagtggtt gtacaagctt gcaatcctac    264240
     cagcaatgga ggagtgtttc tctttctcca catcctcgcc agcatctgct gtcacctgaa    264300
     ttttttatct tatctattct aactggtgtg aggtagaatc tcagggttgt ttttgattgg    264360
     catttccctg atgattaagg atgttgaaca tttagaaaag aaacttctta tgctctatta    264420
     tagtttaaac attagatgta cagaaaaaat atagtaaaat ctgaaagaaa accaagtcat    264480
     gtataaaggg agaaccttca gaataatgaa tttctcaaca gaagttttaa aagcaaggag    264540
     atctgggaat gatatattcc aatcagtccc accaccagac actaaccaac caagaccact    264600
     atagccatca aaataatggc ttatgataga cagagaaaga aaatctttct ataaaataaa    264660
     cactctaaag gaatttatga ccattaattt ggctccacaa aggagactag agtgaattat    264720
     ttaacctgaa gagaaagata aacacaagta gaggttgtgg aatagaaaaa aagcacacta    264780
     taatagtagt tgagtaaatt aatagaaaaa tataaaacat tacaaatcta aaaattgaca    264840
     tatataattc ataccttcca ataaaccttt gaatattaat caactcaact atttcttaaa    264900
     aatatacaga ccagtagatt gtattaaaca gtaggatcca tgtgtttgtc accaccaaat    264960
     atctcaaggt caaatatagt caccccttaa agggtgtaaa acacagcaaa gaaacaaaga    265020
     ctatactaca ggcaccaccc atgatccatg cacaccatac taactcccct atgtgggagt    265080
     ctaaaactac atagatgaaa tgtctgagaa agaactcagt ttcacgttaa caattaatga    265140
     tagagacaat tcaaacaagt agatcatgca ttaagaaata tatcaaagat catgttaatg    265200
     gaatttccaa agtgaacaaa ccagtcaaac cagaggcaaa aagaccaaaa tgtggaaatt    265260
     cagaaaggag attgaaatat tgagaaagaa tcaaatggga atacttgaaa tgaaagcagt    265320
     gggcatcaca taaaaacaat ctctgagagc atcactaata gacaagacca tgcagaacat    265380
     gggattaaat atttcaagtt ctgaaaggat gtaattatga actaggaaca ctatgtgcag    265440
     ttacatcttt cagaattgat ggagaaatgt gggcatttta aggccaatac agattagggc    265500
     aattcatgac aactaagtca tctttgtaga aaatttgtaa tggaatactt tataggaagg    265560
     aagaagaaag tcaggctcct cttcttgaag acaagaaagt gtctacacca tgaaaagaaa    265620
     agataatcaa attagattca ggagagagag agagacaatc acatctgaca cagaaactca    265680
     tcaaaccctt gaaacaatat gggaaaagga aaagaactac aaacagttca gcaacgcaac    265740
     atcaccaaac aagtttatag gaaataggaa ccccctgtag atcttcatgt agggatgagg    265800
     cctagtgctc ttcctccatc cactttagca tgttttctgt tgttgtcctg gttcatctca    265860
     tgtttgggca tgctttagtg ctttacaaaa aggtatgcat acaacgaatc acttcctata    265920
     aataaatgaa tactgggctg gtgagatggc tcagtggtta agagtgccga ttgctcttcc    265980
     gaaggtcccg agttcaaatc ccagcaacca catggtggct cacaaccatc cgtaacgaaa    266040
     tctgatgccc tcttctggag tatctgagga cagctacagt ggacttcata taataaataa    266100
     ataaataaat aaataaatct tttttttttt ttttttttgg tcaggttggg taatttattt    266160
     aaatgttatt gctgcacggt aactcccagc ggagtttttc ctcacacatt ttttttcttt    266220
     tttattatta ggtattttcc tcgtttacat tttcaatgct atcccaaaga tcccccatac    266280
     ccatatctta aaaaaataaa tgaatactat aagtagacta ctataaattt tatatcactt    266340
     caatatattt tgctcatgat tgtaaatctg caacaaaact atcgacagta taaccctcaa    266400
     atcaagtaaa tgaagacaga gtttggttat gagtggtgaa aggaccagat ctgataggaa    266460
     ggccagtagg ggaatttagc cctgatgcaa cactttatta ttttgatggt ccatattttt    266520
     gtgcattttc taataaaaac actaaaacac catgatgatt catatatatt attttccatt    266580
     cttcccataa agtattagtg tgggaggatg tgcctgcctc tttcagtcta atcttttcca    266640
     tgtgggtgtt tctcctgttc ctgggatcat acagctctca gcttatgttc ttctctgatt    266700
     ctgtttgttt tattcagatc tgtgtagttt aggcttcttc attaaactga aaataagtgt    266760
     ttcctgttct tttatgtgtt cttatttact ttcagtaaaa ctttagtcaa tgcttttttt    266820
     ttttttatgt tggtatcatg gccttttgct tctctgcatg gttttcattc acagccaagg    266880
     agcagttata gtgaatcctc actgggctgc tctgggtatg ttttccatca agatgaaaga    266940
     gctcagattt tattggtgcc tgatgagaga gagagataaa gagtctgcta cctgttggaa    267000
     ataagctaga cacattctgg agctggggtg aaggcatctc agcagtttgg caggatccat    267060
     ggagaggagc ctggaaactg tgctggggct gctgtgcata tggctttgtt gtgagttgtg    267120
     gctctcccac atggggttag gggtgctcta gaggggccag tggtaggggc agaagacaaa    267180
     actcaccttg tgggtgtctc ctgggctatc agacaggggt agaaaatgta gaatggttgc    267240
     tcttcatatg gcttgtcttt ttttttttcc tctgagcagg ggtgaaaggg atgcaggtgg    267300
     agtagaatcc tccagccctg agtctccatg agggggtcca gctttggtct gagatgcaat    267360
     ttttctacca ccatgacagc tgtgcagtgg ttccaacaga atcctagagg cagcctcatt    267420
     agtctgttgt acatggttcc aggaacaaag gagaaagagg ctaaagtcaa cattcaattc    267480
     taaggagcac tacagcaccc tgcacaccag ggatgcccag ctggaggact caggcactta    267540
     cctctgtgca gggcaggaat agtgctccca gcaaggctag agcctggctc caaactgcag    267600
     atggatgtgt agctaaagcc ccaccacagc aagagtctgc agtagcattt gcacagctgt    267660
     ggggtcccaa gtttatattt ctgtcatctc tgctaacact agactgttca ggattgctgt    267720
     ttcacttcat tgtacccatt ctgtaacaga tttccactct ctggaacaaa ttcttatgaa    267780
     gactattgga acgactgaca aagatgataa ggttcaaagt actgtcagat ctgttggcac    267840
     agtgttaact gttcttaaat taatgttcaa caaaaggctt taaagagaca tgcttttcat    267900
     caaacagaag agatgaccca atgtttcagt caactgcaga tcttttgatt atgtagaaga    267960
     atgagactgt tactagttct ttgagaattt tatacattgt actcggatca ttttcccttc    268020
     tctaccaatt cttaccaggt ctacccctcc ttcttactca tccggcttct ctttctttga    268080
     ttttggagta aaagagaacc ttcaagtaca gtgtgtgctg tccataccac ttggatgcag    268140
     cctttactta agtgctgttg agactataca tggggccata actgtaaaga aaacagattg    268200
     tccttctagt agctatcaga tgccagtatc tccttagtta ggggcagaac tgcccatacc    268260
     cactgttccc cttcacccat gctggaagtt tgtgtagctt gagctcatgt caatcttgta    268320
     attgaagatt caatgataaa atgtttataa ataagaattc tgaattacat acatattatg    268380
     gcagtttgaa tggaagttgc ccccataggc tcatatattg gcatgcttta tccttcatta    268440
     atgaactgtt tggggaagat tgaaaggtgt gtagatttgt tggagaaagt gttggatgta    268500
     cgacactgga agtggtcttt gaggtttaaa atgcccacaa caggcccagt gtctctttct    268560
     cagcctggtg cctactgatc aggatggaaa agatttccca gcacccacac tgcttgctgc    268620
     catgttcctg gccatggtga taatgaattt aaccctctag atctctaggc cagttttaat    268680
     ttaaatttct tttataagtt gcttaggtca tggtatctct tcacagctat aaacagtaac    268740
     taagatacaa atcatcaagc cactttaact ttatcacaac ttacaaaata aagttgaagg    268800
     aagcagtaaa tcactactat gtaagttaat gtttataaca gaagagtcaa aggactaaga    268860
     cagcactgca tcacatccca aggcacaaca gagcaatgcc acttacgttt tattacaatt    268920
     ttattcattt ttgaatttta tacagtatac ttgattctat tctttcttct ccctcatgcc    268980
     ctcccaggtc ctttccacct catccccaac tcaatgttct ctcaattaac actcaaaaac    269040
     gaaacaaatt aagaagacaa aacaaccccc caaaagacaa aacccactaa agcatacaac    269100
     aacagcaatt gcacacacaa aaatattcct gttgacaggg acaaagagtg aagcggagac    269160
     tgaaggaaag agcatccaga gactgcccca cctggggatt cttcccacat gcagacacca    269220
     aacccagaca ctattgctgg tgccaagaag tgcttgctga ctggagcctg atagagcttt    269280
     ctcctgagag gctttgccag atcctgacca atacagatgt ggatgcttgc agccaaccat    269340
     cggacagagc ccagggaccc cactggagga gttaggggaa ggactgaagg agctggaggg    269400
     gccttttctg gcatcagtgg aagaggagga ccttggtcct gtgaaggctt gatgccccag    269460
     tgtagaaaaa tgctagggca gtgaggcagg agtaggtgtg tgggtggggg agctccctca    269520
     tagaagcaga gtaagggggg atgggctagg aggtttgcag aggggaaaca ggaaaaaagg    269580
     ataacattta aaatgtaaat attcaattaa aaatttttct gttggtctag taattctgaa    269640
     cttgaagtct gtcctggaat atggggctat ccctactgtc acaccactgg agaaaactga    269700
     ttttcctctc ccctcagtta tcaatggcaa aaggattctc agtttggggt gggacttgat    269760
     gtgccattcc cctttgctgt gctaggattt ttgtgtggct tcagtttttt tatatcttgg    269820
     gcatgacatt acagtctctg agagttctta tgtgcatcag caatgtcttc agagattatt    269880
     gttcagagac aaggaagaag ttgtcagaac tgaaatgaac tcacactgtg tgatggtttg    269940
     tatatgctca gcccagggag tgacagtgtt agaaggtgtg gtcctgctgg aataggtgtg    270000
     gccttgttgg agtaggtgtg tctctgtggg tgtgagcttt aagaccttca tcctagctgc    270060
     ctagaagtca gtcttttact aacagtcttc agacgaagat gtagaactct tcatctgttc    270120
     agctctgcct gcactatgcc tgcctggatg ctgccacact gtcacattga taataatgga    270180
     ctgaacctct gaacctgtaa gccagcccta attgaatgtt gttctttatt attgcatccc    270240
     actcgaccgg caagaaagac gcaacaaacc ggaatcttct gcggcaaaag ctttattgct    270300
     tacttcttca ggagcaagag cgaaaatggc aaaaccccgt ctcttttaag gagaattatc    270360
     ctccgcctag gacgtgtcgc tccctgattg gctgcagccc attacttaga acacagatgt    270420
     cagcgccatc ttgtaacagc gaatgtgagg gcggctcccc acatctcccc ctttcctttt    270480
     aatttaagag caataggcca cccattttaa tgagagtgga gatagaggtc aaatccccag    270540
     tgtgcaggta aaggagccgt acacaaaacc tcctcccagg ctcatcaccc agaggggtcc    270600
     tggtctggtc ccatattgtt tttcctgggg gaaggacact tgaacactca acttttttga    270660
     aagatgacat gtctccctag aataggctca tacatgccgc agagcccttc tactgcagtg    270720
     cttagccgtg taactctctc gggctgctga agcacactca ctctatccca tgcaatgaga    270780
     ctagcctcgt ggggtgcaag agctgaatgg ccagcaacct attgcttaag catagataac    270840
     catatattag gggaagcacc atgttctagt gctgcaagcg cctgggcaat aaccaccttg    270900
     tctctcctag tttgggcctt aagcttacag accaaccaga gaagcaacac taatccacag    270960
     caaagtgtat ctccaaataa tcccaccccc acccattctt taaagaagga aaatgctgag    271020
     gagatccaat tgggtaatcc tttggtcagg gacaggtcca agcatgtgga gttgacctga    271080
     atgatggcaa gtctcaattc ccgaagggtc tgttcaaatt tagccgtcca attctgtaac    271140
     atatactgag aaagactttt tgacaaatta gctgccctag taaatttctc atactgaatg    271200
     gaagtaacgc acaatcccgg aaacttttgt tcacatccca actgagctat ttgccataat    271260
     acatctagtt gtttctggac aagatctatg cgttgattaa ccagcatgag acctccctgt    271320
     atcttgacat tagctgaggc ctgtttatcc atggctgtgg tcaccaaggc tgacaatgtg    271380
     ttaatggtgt cagttgtctg gacctgtcca gacagagcca aggctgtctg aacaaggcca    271440
     aacccagttc cttgttagtg gtaaaaaagc gggggaatac ttgagcatta tacatcactg    271500
     gcattgggag tggaaatgtt gacattatcc cccaacgctg ctctctcttt gttattgttg    271560
     ccctggacat caccaagacg agggacatca gtattccctt ggtcagtctg gatttttcgg    271620
     gtgagtcttt ctggtatcca aaatgggttg tcttcattct gtggaaaaac acaaacagct    271680
     cccctggatc ttatcaaaat aggatccggt cctttccatt tgttacataa aacatctttc    271740
     catttaacca tctcattagg cctatctggc tctgaacaat gacgttcagc cgcagtatgg    271800
     ccatgagcat caagatttaa aaaaattgag tgtaaagagt gccatagaca cagacactct    271860
     tggtactcgg ggtagagcct cgactccccc tttctgtttt aatagatagg atttgagggt    271920
     gcgatgcaca cgctcaacaa taccctgtcc ttgagggttg tatggaagtc cattcaggtg    271980
     ggtcacatcc atctgacggc agaactgctg gaatttttga gatgtataag ctggtccatt    272040
     atcagtctta aggagtttgg gtttctccca agcactccat gtctcaaggc aatgttgaat    272100
     cacatgtgag actttttttc tggttaaagg agatacaaac atgatgccag agcaggtgtc    272160
     aatagagaca tgtaaatatt gacttctccc aaaggaggaa atatgcgtga catccatttg    272220
     ccagacctgt aatggcctga cgccacggga gtttacccct acatgaggag tagataaaat    272280
     ttgacaacaa tctaaaggca ttattaagta atcagaatca tttccagtag atccaatccc    272340
     tctggcagct caaggaatac cagaggaagg aaaacagcca tgtaggcttg gcaaaattat    272400
     tagttgagct attctgtccc cttgtgatat agaaaagaca acttgaggac aagaacaaag    272460
     aacctgaagt tcccctttat aatcctgatc tacaactcca gggtggacaa taagaccttg    272520
     taggctgcaa gagcctgcct ctgtctccca agtgctggga ttaacagcgt gtgccaccac    272580
     tgttcggctc cttcaaagac cggaaatgcc tgttgcattt tcctttgttt ctctctggga    272640
     atgaacgagt ctgcgcattg cctctctgtc cattgtctct ctgcacaggg ctgacacatt    272700
     acgcagggtg ggggctccgc atagggcgga ggtgcactat gaccttgaag ctgactgccg    272760
     ggaggctgag cagcatgctg gccttcacca gccgcttttg gctttttcct tgactgatga    272820
     gctagcattt tatctggctg gtacttttct ctctcatttt tctcctcttt cctttcaatc    272880
     tctccccagg tatttttccc tgaccttaac ttttcctcgg gttcaagacc cgtggaaagg    272940
     cctgtatact taattggtgt gccatgtttc ctctttgctc ttactctttc tccctgcttt    273000
     acttctgata gactgtcttg aatttcgtcc agaattctcc accctgcctt aaccacttga    273060
     taccatgtga aaaggaacaa aaaggctcct aacactggag aaagttcaag gccagacata    273120
     ccttgtaaag ctgttccccg ctttacttct gatagactgt cttgaatttc gttagaaagt    273180
     tcaaggccag acataccttg taaagctgtt ccccgcttta cttctgatag actgtcttga    273240
     atttcgttag aaagttcaag gccagacata ccttgtaaag ctgtaacatg actgtgaccc    273300
     gcagttctgg ttccagaatg agggatcttc cttgctccgg tgtgatggta gttcccgggt    273360
     ttcggcacca cttattgcgt cccactcgac tggcaagaaa gacgcaacaa accggaatct    273420
     tctgcggcaa aagctttatt gcttacttct tcaggagcaa gagcgaaaat ggcaaaaccc    273480
     tgtccctttt aaggagaatt atcctccgcc taggacgtgt cgctccctga ttggctgcag    273540
     cccattggcc gacttgtcgt cacgggaaag gcagagcaca tggagtttag aactacccct    273600
     ggcacatgcg cagattattt gtttactact tagaacacag gatgtcgcca tcttgtaacg    273660
     gcgaatgtga gggtggctcc ccacacttta taagacttgc tttggtcata gtatctcgtc    273720
     acagcagtaa aaccctaact aagacacact ggtcctggta gtactggcct gtaatgtcag    273780
     cacttgggaa attgaagcag gacaaccata agtcagaggc cagcctaggt gtcattgcaa    273840
     gatttgtgtt aattcaatga ggcagaatgt gttagctcct ccaaaagcaa gtaaaagcca    273900
     agaggccatg cagaagggtt ctgcagcaca ctaacttgat gctatctgaa tgtgttctca    273960
     ccttgtccag cctttcttca atgttctcag tagggcttgt gctattcatg tatcagctgg    274020
     gactagacac accatagtca gttgttctat gcagcatgac tagtagtgtt tttcttttat    274080
     ggtctcctgc tgctatgaaa agaaccttca cagagaaggt atgcttatct gtgaacataa    274140
     tgataagtac ttagaatgca gttagggatt atactagctt aggaaaatag cagtgggaga    274200
     ttcttattta gagttcatga tctcttcagc catgggtggt tggttaaatt gacagtatca    274260
     ggtatgaatt tcttcccatt gagttggata aaagtccaat tcaatggttg ttggttacct    274320
     ccaagatata ggtgccccta ctgaagattt ggggtgctgg tcattgttat ggtttatagg    274380
     tgtgacagct agataggaca attgactgcc ttttgtcctt ggcaactttc tgagtatcct    274440
     tggatactag gtctcggaaa atagatttct agatcagttg tatcccattc ctccaagttc    274500
     tatgtccacg atatatatta agtgttggag ttcagttctg gcagggttct ggaacctgaa    274560
     gtgagttatg tggtgctggt gaaagtgaaa tgagtggctc caaatagata gagctgtctt    274620
     tatacaatca taatcctgct cacccaagca gcgacatcgt tagttgtttt attaatagaa    274680
     acctaagcag cagcatcgtt agttgtttta ttaatagaaa ttatagcatc agcgttataa    274740
     aagtgccata attacaagct tccaatagtt tccattcctc tttcccacct cctgctgggt    274800
     caatcattcc ctaagcttat tttgcattac aaagcacaat ttcagcaagt gaaaaataaa    274860
     tgtctagtca ggtatgtcct gtagacatga gcacataaac atcttgtagc aagtgtggtt    274920
     atacagttat gcaaggtgaa agacagacta aacatttgtg ggtataaatc ccatcagcaa    274980
     atagcccctc tctgtcacaa tacttttaaa attgcagata gagatgtgct taacgtgtca    275040
     agcaaccttt actgatatgc acctatcaat tcatgatacc atctttccaa gaacaatttt    275100
     ttaaaaaaat tttattttat ttccaatttt ttttacactc catattccat tcctcacccc    275160
     ctgcctccat tccaagaaaa tattttaaag tctcttttga tcagatacag cttacccatt    275220
     ttaagtctct gtaaatcaga catggcttcc tcagaagagt aaggcaagca ggacccactt    275280
     ctctccacca ctgccagagg cttactcagt gtgactgtag ctgtttctct agggacatga    275340
     ttacatgtcc ccaaatactc gggattaatg gtcacatctg gagggttgat cgacgcagag    275400
     agagaagagg tgggttttac cccttaaaag agtactgaga aaaccagaat cacccacaag    275460
     cttacatgat ccctgccttg cctgtgactg acaaagtgaa aataaatatt gctataagta    275520
     taaatatcat agcaaaagca aggtgagctt gtatcacaca taatctagat aataagcata    275580
     gggaacatca aatctaccac aggaccttgc caagtgggaa gggagttcca cgggtctggc    275640
     cacagtacag ttccaacagt gaagcagcca tgtgctcttc tgtgcaggtg ctgcatggcc    275700
     accacctaat aaggcctgag ctccaaattc tgggagtcaa ctaaaggcaa tagccatagt    275760
     ctgtgttgtt ttgagagtct tgtcttgaga tgccctgacc aaacacctga aaggagattt    275820
     ctcatgcctg aggtcttgct aaatatacta tggcttttgg ggggaacagc attaccccaa    275880
     gtggcataac atcattttca ttatttatgt ttacagatgc atttatttat attttatgta    275940
     atttggggta agtgtatata atgtttatat aatgccttta gctttttcaa acacccttaa    276000
     tgttatttac tccttaaata aataacactg tgcactgatc tctgtctcca ctgtccagtt    276060
     aaagcctcct tcacttttcc catttttttt tttcatagca cctgaatcct gctattgctg    276120
     tctctagagc tcctcttccc accccctctt ggtccctttt tctttcctgg tttctttgct    276180
     tactctccat gtaacataat ctaaagattt ggaccaaatt taaaaaaaat ctctaatttg    276240
     cctttctgtg tctggattac aatgtcatat tttcgtgttt ctgcatattt cattttttta    276300
     gttgaaaatc ccactgtgta tatgaaccac attttcatta tctattcttc agtgaaggac    276360
     attcagagtg tctctactgc ctagtgattg tgtacagagc agcaatgaac atggttgagc    276420
     aagtgtctgt ggagtaggat ttttggtcat ttggtcattt gtcaagaact aatgtgatgg    276480
     tttatattgt agacttaatt ttggtttatt ggatttgcca gactggtttc aagagtggcc    276540
     acaccagctt gtattcctat caatagtgaa taaggcttcc ccattccaca catcctggtc    276600
     aacatttgtt gtgttgttat tcttacctat tctgactgga gtaaaataag atttcaaagt    276660
     agttttaagt tacatttcct agttgctgag gatgatgacc actttttgag atacttctaa    276720
     gccattttca tttcttcttt agagaaatct ttgttcagat ctattgtttc cttgaccttt    276780
     tgtgtttgag ttctttgtgt attctggcta ttattagtcc tctgtcagat gtgtggcagg    276840
     cagagattct ctctgggctt cctttacaat ggatgtgttc ttagctatac agaagctttg    276900
     tgaggtccat ttgccaatta tgagtcttaa atttggggca aatggaaccc tattcataaa    276960
     gtcctttcct acatctatgt catgcaggag gtactaccta tgttttcttc agtttcaggt    277020
     ttcacactga ggtctttgac ccttctggac ttagtattta tgtagagcaa taggcattct    277080
     tctgtatgta ctatcttttt ctcagggtgt gttttggcac cttcatcaac tatcacatgg    277140
     ctgtggttgt ttacactcat gtttgtttgt tccattgatc tacgtgtctg tttatgtaca    277200
     agtgccgtgc tgctattttt attaccatag atttgtaaaa tagctttaaa taaggtatag    277260
     tttctggagc atagtttttt actttcttag gattgggctt tttatggttt aatatcaatt    277320
     ttagtatttt tttctgagaa aaatgtagag acttttgatt gggatagcat tgagtctgta    277380
     aatagtcttt ggcaaaatga tcattttcac agtatcatat atacaaattg atgaccctag    277440
     gaggtctttt ttatttttgg tgtcttcctt catctccagg ttcccctctg cccaccccca    277500
     ctgctccccc accccatcca ctctccttcc caactccctc cctccccact tgtgattgat    277560
     ttcttctttc ttccaaggta aaaacctgta ctgcagaaag ctaaaaaaca taaagaaaat    277620
     tttattgtag aagtcttttc ctccatgttt agtttatctc aagatgcttt attattatta    277680
     ttattattat tattattatt attattatta ttatttatat aagactgttg tgaatgagtc    277740
     tgttcatgat ctctttctaa gcatttttgt tattggcata ttgaaagttt tttctcgtta    277800
     attttatatt ctgttgcttt tctgaaatta ttgattattt cacagtgtta tagaactttt    277860
     gggatatata tatacacaca catatatatt agcatattac cagaaaatac agataatttg    277920
     acttattttc tcatttctat ccatttaatt gtattctctc atcttattgc actagcttgt    277980
     aggcttagat ttttcaaaac ctactttaat tatggttcct taatggttta acctcccttc    278040
     tagcccacca gaggtatggg aaaataaagg ttactaggaa acaggggttg tagacttgtt    278100
     ttgaaatagt tctttggggg gaggattcca atttctgttg tcagcagccc agttcactag    278160
     caaaacatca atcagcagtg gcagtccaat caatttggca aatgacaaac acaaatcagg    278220
     agcagtggct aaatccaaag aaactgtgag gctctgccaa tcagcactag tctgtggaag    278280
     cagcaagaag tagttggaat gccaccagaa gttctttggt atatttctcc ctatgaagtc    278340
     acaagtgcat gatcagtgaa gaaagcaagg caaaccaatg caagagtgtc atcagcgaag    278400
     accagtgtca gcaaggccca gtgaagacaa acaaagagta taccctttca aacatcacac    278460
     attctctcaa gcatccattt cagtatgcct ttccactagg caacttctag gaaaacacca    278520
     catgtctgtt ctcagcaaaa catcctctca taagacagtt tccagaaaaa aacatcatat    278580
     gacagagctg agtctccaag gaaaccagaa attcccacct cactagctag tgtttcaaga    278640
     actatactga aaatgagtgg tgacagtagg cagccttaac tcatccctgg ttttaatgga    278700
     ctgctttgag tcttctccat ttaggatgat gttggccaaa attatagctg ttattttatt    278760
     aaggtatggt tcctcagccc tactttctca ggacttttat catgaaagtt tcttagattt    278820
     tatcaaagaa tctttttaca cctgctggtg tgatcatggt tatgagggat attgccctgc    278880
     aaatccatgt ctttgtttag cctttccccg gttttggtat tatagtgatg atggatttaa    278940
     atagggagtt tagaagtgtt ccttctattt tttattttct aagtcacttg agaaggtttt    279000
     tttttgtttg tttgttttgt tttgtattgt tttgtttttg tttttgtttt tttgttttgt    279060
     tttgtttttt tttagtctgg tagaattcta tagtaaatcc atctgggcct gagccttttt    279120
     ttgttggaag acttttaatc acgtttggtc tgtttaagtt atgtattttt gatttacctt    279180
     tagttgtttg tatgaatcta tgaattagta catttccttt atgtttttca gttttctgca    279240
     gtacaggttt ttaccttggg agagagaaga aatcaatcac aagtggggaa ggagggaggg    279300
     acttgggaag gagagtggac agggtggggg aggagtgggg ggttagaggg gaacctgatc    279360
     tggtattgga tgagggaaaa ggactgaaac cccgagggcc agcagaaaga atgtaaacag    279420
     gcaacctcag gaaataggag gttttgggga ccccttcaga attcaccaga gatttgggag    279480
     gtgagagact cccaggactc atagggaggg accattgatg aaatgtccgg cagtaagagg    279540
     gaacttatag aacccacctc cagaaggaag acaggacatc aagtgaggga tggggttgcc    279600
     atcccacagt catacctctg acacataatt gtttctgtct ggaagaatta caggtatgga    279660
     actggagagg agcctgaaga aaagaaggtc cagtgatagg cctaaagtgg gattcagctt    279720
     aaggggaggt cccaaggcct gacactatta ctgaggctat agagcactca caaaaaggaa    279780
     tctatcatgg ttgccttctg aaagacccaa caagcagctg aaagagtcag atgcagttat    279840
     ttgcacccag ccaatggaca gaagcagctg acccttttct gaattaggga aggctgaaag    279900
     aagctgagaa caagggcaat tctgtaggag aactagcagt tttaattaat ctggaccccc    279960
     gagatctttc aaacactgga ccaccaaaca gacagcatac accatctgat atgaggcccc    280020
     caacacacat acagtagagg actttcagat ctgtgttcat tcagagatga cacacctaac    280080
     cctcaagagg ctggagaccc cagagagttt agaggtcagg tggggtgggg gttgaggggc    280140
     atccacgtgg agacggggta gggtagagag gaggtgtggg atgtggagca gttggcaggt    280200
     gaatggggag gggcggggaa tggaataagg agtgtaaaaa tgaattacaa aaaaattaaa    280260
     ttaaaaaatt aaaattctct tacaacattt tgaatttctt tggtgtttgc ttatatttga    280320
     ttctgttagt atgtgcctta tctccttctt ttaattaatt gggccaaagt tctgttgatc    280380
     ttctttatac tctgaaatag ccaactcttc aatttattaa tttttgtttt ttttttaatt    280440
     ttacttcatt gacttctgct ttggtttttg ttactttgac ccatctattg gatttgtgtt    280500
     tcatttgttc ttattttttc aaatttttga gttgtatatt caaatcattt acttgttcag    280560
     atttctattt aaaatgtaag tacttagaac tataaagtcc tcttctaatc tgcttttaat    280620
     gtacctcaga aggatgtgta tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    280680
     tgtgtgttgt cactttaatt tcattacagg tttttttttc ttgatttctc ctttgaccta    280740
     ttcattattc agtaaggggt aatttcatct tcaggagctt gtgtaattat tagacatttg    280800
     ttttctattg atgttatatt gtagtcagaa aggatgcaca atattatttc agtttttctg    280860
     aattggtcaa gattcatctt ccgtcctaga atgtagtcta ttttagaaag ctttccatgt    280920
     attgctgaac agaatgtata ttctttggtg tttctgtgga atattctcta gatactgcta    280980
     ggttcacttg atgtatgatt tcatttaatg ctaatgttta ttgatttact gttttgttcg    281040
     catgatctgt ctattggaga aagtaggggt gttgaaatca cctattatta tagaattgat    281100
     gttaatctgt gtctttgaat ccagtagatt tttttttttt ttaataattt gggtgcccct    281160
     gagtttagag cctataattt taggatgcca tgtcttcttg gctaattgtt tccttcatta    281220
     aaacaaagta tccctcatct cttctgatta attttattat aatgtgcatt ttgcgaagta    281280
     ttaatatagg atcacccact tctttgccct gatgttcatc aattacctaa ttcttattgg    281340
     agaacatttc tatagaactg atggattttg tgggagaggg ggttgtcttg atctttcata    281400
     tttgctgtgg tttgtgatat gatctaggta tgtctacttc tttcattgtg tctgatattg    281460
     tagtctgcat cctttgtaga gaattttgtt cctgtttttg ctgtttctca agctcgtttg    281520
     tttcagatca gcttctaaga gttgttaggt cattcctttt gatacagata ctccttattg    281580
     attgcaggga tgagagtgat tctaattcag tgataatcaa gaacatgtgt gaatacgacc    281640
     caggtctggg gctctgtagt ggtgcaaaag ctgttcatgc atgggagtgt ggggtttggc    281700
     acaggaaggt tctaggaaac ttacccacct ggattgttat ggaggttaca ggactcaggg    281760
     tttcagggtt tctgggagtg ttgggaaaaa tatgagtgga ttgagatctg tgtctctcaa    281820
     ctggatgggc tggcttacag agtaaccatg gctaggcccg ggagtgtgaa gatggagtag    281880
     gctggttggg atctgaagca ctcacctggt tatactggtt cacaggctat cttacacagc    281940
     taggtctgag aatgtggtac taacatggaa agtaagacac tcacctcgtt aggctggtgc    282000
     acagtctatg tgagcacagt tattctttga ggagtagaga tggcacaggt gggctggatc    282060
     tcctactgag acttttcttt tttatgtacc agtctttcct agagtaagat gaaagccgac    282120
     tagatttcag cagtttgacg tctgaccaca gggtggcagt gcacctcagc tgatgcacag    282180
     ccgaccatct ctgaactctt aatgagcagg cttttttctt attggctgag ccaataactc    282240
     agcatgtatg attcttataa caacaagggc caatctgaac ttgcaagtgt ctcaattggt    282300
     tacacactga gcatctacaa ttgacttgaa taggaagcac aatgaagaca gctattcatg    282360
     ctttatttat tttcttctgg ctacagatgg actgtgagtt gaggatgggc accgggtggg    282420
     tgatcagggt acatggggat agagtgtttt agtggatggt tcttagatgt tcagaaaaat    282480
     ggctttattc aggttttagc tccttactaa agggaaacat ttatgtaagg ttaatgattt    282540
     gacctctctt tccatctttc tgcacaggga agagccaagg cgagcaggtg gaacagctcc    282600
     cttcctccct gattgtccag gagggagcca gtgttctcat caactgctcc tacacagaca    282660
     gtgcctctgt ctacttccct tggtataagc aagagcctgg gaagcgtctt cagttcatca    282720
     tagacatccg ttcaaatatg gaaagaaaac agaatcaaag actcaccctt ttatttgata    282780
     agaaaaccaa acacctttcc ctgcacatta cagccactca gcctggagac tcagccatct    282840
     acttctgctc agcaagtaca cagtgctccc caggcacctg cagcctgtct tcaaacctgc    282900
     ctcctgggtg gagtggcaca cttttgctat gtcagacatt ccacaagagc attgtcatat    282960
     tgtttgtgaa tagataaaaa cataaagata ttaaggtata taagataaga cccaagatga    283020
     ttcaggaagt ttaaaacata ttgttaatca ctgcttaata agtacttaaa attcatattt    283080
     attgtatgtg ataaacatgt attgtgcacc acagtatctt ggtttaggta aacattagac    283140
     aatgaatagt tgggtgaata ggtgcacagg gcaacatctg aagtgaagag tcagccttca    283200
     tctcctttct gtgtgagctg atcctggcat attcatgtgt tcagcaatcc aaaaactctg    283260
     cgtcagagat ttttagagga attggtgata ttctgcttag aaaaccatgc tctaccaaat    283320
     ttaaatttgg cattcagtct cctatcatgt gtgaagcctt ttagtttcag catcacagtc    283380
     tctggtactt atggactttt gactctttag ataattgctt ttgctagttt tgggattaaa    283440
     catgaatata tagtgattga ctgtgtacct agagtgcaag ttgctaaagt ttgttcaaac    283500
     tggattaata tgttatatca atatattcag ttatattgtg caatgtcaac actatattta    283560
     attaaactat agtgtatagt ggatttttgt taaataaatg attttagctg ttcttctcaa    283620
     acacttaaaa ggtacctgaa aaatgatggg gatattgatt cactccaagg ggatcatttg    283680
     attacccaca tgtatcctat accaaacaca ctgttgtgaa cctcaaatat gtgcagcaca    283740
     atttatttta aagaaacaca ttgcatcgtt ccttttatgt ttcattaaga aacaagctct    283800
     tcaagaaaat taattctatt tctacgcact tgctttctgt tgctgctttg tctttctggt    283860
     gtttgtgaaa gtatgtttat taatcacatt actccactct tctagtggat agagaaggag    283920
     atggactgat ggttaatgta caaatagctt cctaaagaat tctctgcttg gtcctgtgaa    283980
     ggtttgatgc tccagcgtag taggatgctg gagtggtggt acaggagaag gtgggtaggt    284040
     ggggtagcac cctcatagag acaaagggaa gtgaggagag ggcagatgtg gggtgggggt    284100
     ggggttgtgg agaggtaacc aggaagcaga atatcatttg tgatgtaaat gaatggaatg    284160
     attagtaaaa agaaaaagaa aacggaaaaa aagagagact gaaccaccac ccaaagagtg    284220
     agcatgggct ggacctaggc cctttctccc cacatatgta gcagatgtga agcttggtgt    284280
     tcaagcaggt cccccaacaa ttggagtggg ggctgtctat gaatctgttg actgcctttg    284340
     gatcccgttc ttctaactgg ggcacctagt ctggcctcaa tgggagagga tgcacctagt    284400
     tctggagtga cttgacgtgc caggttgggg tgataccctg ggtgggctat ccccttctca    284460
     gacgagaggg ggaggggaag atggggagag gagctgtgtg aggggggaat tgggaggaga    284520
     gggagtgctg atattaggat atgaagtgaa taaataaata aattaatgaa agaaagagtt    284580
     ctctgcttaa acttcctggt ctgaaggaat caaaaatagc atattttaag gtgtactttt    284640
     gagtggttga taaatcagtg gcaataaagt tgtgtaaaaa aactaattcc ttaatatttc    284700
     aacctctgaa atgggaggca taatttcaag agcatccaaa ttctaagagt agatataatt    284760
     aactattgtc ttgctgaatc tgactcactc ttgtgacagt tgaatatgca tcggcttttc    284820
     tcatttgtcc ctttctacta ccaggtcttt taggagtgaa gtgagtttac tcttgattag    284880
     tccattttcc ctgcagatga taatgctgtg aagggcaagt gtgacttatg ttgaactgtt    284940
     ttataatccc tttgatttca gagaaaggat ataattaaat gatgctaggc tcttattgaa    285000
     ttttcttggt agtatttaaa ggcatatcta acaacgtcta ggtttgtaga accagtgatg    285060
     gttttaaaga ggtgagtact tcactagtac aggtattccc taaggaaaca ccgtatgtta    285120
     gcaaattagc tagtaaaaat gagatagcat acactagaga cacagcattc taccattaag    285180
     taagaaaaaa atcaccaaaa ggaaggaaag taaaggactc taaaggagaa tttgataagc    285240
     agtggtcact gtcattctac tatctactgc atcagggaag tgcaggtgtg tctcaggggt    285300
     ttggagtcag ctctcatctt ctgtggtgta tgttgatttg ctggaggtta gtaaagatta    285360
     gttaagatct tcaatatgac taactttctg attactgtca tttctctatg aatgcaacga    285420
     aggaggaact tctcatgctt tgctggctga tctggttgag aacagtatca gtgtaattcc    285480
     cacaaggttc agtggtgtct ttatcctgag ctgattttaa gtcaccatct catcagcatg    285540
     cagatcacat aaagaaagag caggaaggac aaatctttga cctattgttg aagggactgc    285600
     ccttcattag tttctctagc taagtctgtg gaaggattgc aatatgtgtt gggacaacag    285660
     gaatgtacag gtatatatct ccccttatgc tgacactgat tccttcagga ttatacacag    285720
     gagtggtgta gtggagccac aaagtaactc tattcttagc ttttgacaaa tcttcatact    285780
     gatttctaca gtggttgtaa gtgcacattc tgactagcaa tgcacaacat tcacaacatt    285840
     tatttttctt attaacattt gttgattttt attttttgga gattatcaca ttaattcaaa    285900
     taagtcagat acactgaata ttttccctca tacaaagaat ctagatttga aaataaaaag    285960
     acatgaaggt agagaggact atttgggagg actaagagta atatagttta tgaaagggta    286020
     ggtgagagtt ggttgtaagg agtggttctg attaaaattc attgtacaca tacgttttat    286080
     ttgtgtagtt agcatactct aaagaagtgg agatatgtat gatttgaagt tcctgttagt    286140
     gactagttgt ggcaaaagta tgtagcacat tctaaggaag aaggatgcaa tgggaaggaa    286200
     tgctttgcat ggtccatgtg gtttaagaac aaatacagtg attagtcaag gcctttggtt    286260
     gtggttttgg ggattgaatc tagagtcccc aaaacaccca gcaagtcttc tatcattgag    286320
     ctatatccca gcatagcaca atgacctcca gctttagcat atcatttctg gtttccacct    286380
     ttcagaggat aactggtgat caaaaaatga aatttctgag tgagaataag gtggaaggtc    286440
     actgttccag gaaacttttc ttcataacta gaaggattac aggtagagaa cacaaagtga    286500
     aactgaattt tagccattat gagtagagag tgcctatact cctgtagaaa gcaaaactaa    286560
     acaagaacaa aaataaaaac aaaagcatca acagaaaaag cgatctgaac ttataactca    286620
     gacagggaat ataattttat aaaattactg tggagatgtt tttaaaaatc ccttgggtta    286680
     agttcttact aaaacatcag cctttcagtt tttatgtgat tttttgtcat tttaaagaag    286740
     acagaactgc actctcctgc tattctagaa aacattccca tgatcaatta cctcgcagtc    286800
     attctgtcca tgccacgatg agctgcctct gtgggatttt atcaagtgcc cattgggcat    286860
     catctcatca gcagactgca tgactagcat tgatcatatc ttttctttac tcatgaaaaa    286920
     aaatcagagc tttctcttgt ttctttacaa tactatggat tacatgttag atgctggtat    286980
     ctctgcagtt gaaatggact aatgaaccta tcccatgcac tttgtcattg ttgttttaaa    287040
     ttgtactttc ttaaagctgt gagtcagagg acatgattaa attacagtga taatatattc    287100
     aagcacttca caaatttcag aaatgtctct tgtgttgtag gtgggttttt ttatgacact    287160
     actttatctc ttgttttttc ttttttcttt tcttgacagg gtttctctgt gtagccttgg    287220
     ctgtcctgaa actcactctg tagaccatgc ttgcctcgaa ctcagaaatt cgcctacctt    287280
     tgcctcccaa gtgctgggat taaagacatg caccaccact gcctggctct tgtgtgtgtg    287340
     gttttttttt ccatttttta ttaggtattt agctcattta catttccaat gttataccaa    287400
     aagtccccca tacccaccca cccccactcc cctgcccacc cactccccct ttttggccct    287460
     ggcgttcccc tgtactgggg catataaagt ttgcaagtcc aatgggcctc tctttccagt    287520
     gatggccgac taggccatct tttgatatat atgcggctag agtcaagagc tccggggtac    287580
     tggttagttc ataatgttgt tccacctata gggttgcaga tccctttagc tccttggcta    287640
     ctttctctag ctcctccatt gggagccctg tgatccatcc attagcttac tgtgagcatc    287700
     cacttctgtg tttgctaggc cccggcatag tctcacaaga cagctacatc tgggtccttt    287760
     caatgaaatc ttgctagtgt atgcaatggt gtcagcgttt ggatgctgat tatggggtgg    287820
     atccctggat atggcagtct ctacatggtc catcctttca cctcagctcc aaattttgtc    287880
     tctgtaactc cttccatggg tgttttgttc ccaattctaa ggaggtgcat agtgtccaca    287940
     cttcagtctt cattcttctt gagtttcatg tgtttagcaa attgtatctt atatcttggg    288000
     tatcctagga tttgagctaa tatccactta tcagtgagta catattgtgt gagtttcttt    288060
     gtgaatgtgt tacctcactc aggatgatgc cctccaggtc catccatttg gctaggaatt    288120
     tcataaattc attcttttta atagctgagt agtactccat tgtgtagatg taccacattt    288180
     tctgtatcca ttcctctgtt gaggggcatc tgggttcttt ccagcttctg gctattataa    288240
     ataaggctgc tatgaacata gtggagcatg tgtccttctt acccgttggg gcatcttctg    288300
     gatatatacc caggagaggt attgctggat cctccggtag tactatgtcc aattttctga    288360
     ggaaccgaca gactgatttc cagagtggtt gtacaagcct gcaatcccac caacaatgga    288420
     ggagtgttcc tctttctcca catccttgcc agcatctgct gtcacctgaa tttttgatct    288480
     tagccattct gactggtgtg aggtggaatc tcagggttgt tttgatttgc atttccctga    288540
     tgattaagga tgttgaacat tttttcaggt atttctctgc cattcggtat tcctcaggtg    288600
     agaattcctt gttcagttct gagccccatt ttttaatggg gttatttgat tttctgaagt    288660
     ccaccttctt gagttcttta tatatgttgg atattagtcc cctatctgat ttaggatagg    288720
     taatgatcct ttcccaatct gttggtggtc tttttgtctt actgacggtg tcttttgcct    288780
     tgcagaaact ttggagtttc attaggtccc atttgtcaat tcccgatctt acagtacaag    288840
     ccattgctgt tctgttcagg aatttttccc ctgtgcccat atcttcaagg cttttcccca    288900
     ctttctcctc tataagtttc agtgtctctg gttttatgtg aagttccttg atccacttag    288960
     atttgacctt agtacaagga gataagtatg gatcgattcg cattcttcta cacgataaca    289020
     accagttgtg ccagcaccaa ttgttgaaaa tgctgtcttt cttccactgg atggttttag    289080
     ctcccttgtc gaagatcaag tgaccatagg tgtgtgggtt catttctggg tcttcaattc    289140
     tattccattg gtctacttgt ctgtctctat accagtacca tgcagttttt atcacaattg    289200
     ctctgtagta aagctttagg ccaggcatgg tgattccacc agaggttctt ttatccttga    289260
     gaagagtttt tgctatccta ggttttttgt tattccagat gaattttcag attgctcttt    289320
     ctaattcgtt gaagaattga gttggaattt tgatggggat tgcattgaat ctgtagattg    289380
     cttttggcaa gatagccatt tttacaatgt tgatcctgcc aatccatgag catgggagat    289440
     ctttccatct tctgagatct tctttaattt ctttcttcag agatttgaag tttttatcat    289500
     acagatcttt cacttcctta gttagagtca cgccaagata ttttatatta tttgtgacta    289560
     ttgagaaggg tgttgtttcc ctaatttctt tctcagcctg tttattcttt gtgtagagaa    289620
     aggccattga cttgtttgag tttattttat atccagctac ttcaccgaag ctgtttatca    289680
     ggtttaggag ttctctgttg gaatttttaa ggtcacttat atatactatc atatcatctg    289740
     caaaaagtga tattttgact tcctcttttc caatttgtat ccccttgatc tccttttgtt    289800
     gtcgaattgc tctggctaat acttcaagta ctatgttgaa aaggtaggga gaaggtgggc    289860
     agccttggct agtccctgat tttagtggga ttgcttccag attctctcca tttactttga    289920
     tgttggctac tggtttgctg tagattgctt ttatcatgtt taggtatggg ccttgaattc    289980
     ctgatctttc caaaactttt atcatgaatg ggtgttgaat cttgtcaaat gctttttctg    290040
     catctaacga gatgatcatg tggtttttgt ctttgagttt gtttatataa tggattacat    290100
     tgatggattt tcatatatta aaccatccct gcatccctgg aataaaacct acttggtcag    290160
     gatggatgat ttctttaata tgttcttgga ttcggttagc gagaatttta ttgaggattt    290220
     ttgcatctat attcataaga gaaattggtc tgaagttctc tatctttgtt gggtctttct    290280
     gtggtttagg tatcagagta atagtggctt cataaaatga gttgggtaga gtatcttcta    290340
     cttctatttt gtgaaatagt ttgtgcagaa ctggaattag atcttctttg aaggtctgat    290400
     agaactctgc actaaacccg tctggtcctg ggcttttttt ggctgggaga ctattaataa    290460
     ctacttctat ttctttaggt gatatgggac tgtttagatg gtcaacttga tcctgattca    290520
     actttggtac ctggtatctg tccagaaatt tgtccatttc gtccaggttt tccagttttg    290580
     ttgagtatag ccttttgtag aaggatctga tggtgttttg gatttcttca ggatctgttg    290640
     ttatgtctcc cttttcattt ctgattttgt taattaggat tttgtccctg tgccctttag    290700
     tgagtctagc taagggttta tctatcttgt tgattttctc aaagaaccaa ctcctcgttt    290760
     ggttaattct ttgaatagtt cttcttgttt ccacttggtt gatttcaccc ctgagtttga    290820
     ttatttcctg ccgtctactc ctcttgggtg aatttgcttc ctttttttct agagctttta    290880
     gatgtgttgt caagctgcta gtatgtgctc tctcccgttt cttcttggag gcactcagag    290940
     caatgagttt ccctcttaga aatgctttca ttgtgtccca taggtttggg tacgttgtgg    291000
     cttcattttc attaaactct aaaaagtctt taatttcttt ctttattcct tccttgacca    291060
     aggtatcatt gagaagagtg ttgttcagtt tccacgtgaa tgttggcttt ccgttattta    291120
     tgttgttatt gaagatcagt cttaagccat ggtggtctga taggatacat gggacaattt    291180
     caatattttt gtatctgttg aggcctgttt tgtgaccaat tatatggtca attttggaga    291240
     aggtcccgtg aggtgctgag aagaaggtat atccttttgt tttaggataa aatgttctgt    291300
     agatatctgt caggtccatt tgtttcataa gttctgttag tttcactgtg tccctgttta    291360
     gtttctgttt ccacgatctg tccattgatg aaagtggtgt gttgaagtct cccactatta    291420
     ttgtgtgagg tgcaatgtgt gctttgagct ttactaaggt gtctttaatg aatgtggctg    291480
     cccttgcatt tggagcgtag atattcagaa ttgtgagttc ctcttggagg attttacctt    291540
     tgatgagtat gaagtgtccc tccttgtctt ttttgataac tttgggttgg aagtcgattt    291600
     tatccgatat taaaatggct actccagctt gtttcttcag accatttgct tggaaaattg    291660
     tttttaagcc tttcactctg aggtagtatc tgtttttttc cccaagatgg gtttccggta    291720
     agcagcagaa tgttgggtcc tgtttgtgta gccagtctgt tagtctatgt ctttttattg    291780
     gggagttgag accattgata ttaagagata ttaaggaaaa gtaattgttg cttcctgtta    291840
     tttttgttgt taaagttggc attctgttct tgtggctgtc ctcttttagt tttgttgagg    291900
     gattatcttc ttgttttttc tagggcgtgg ttcccgtcct tgtattggtt tttttctgtt    291960
     attatccttt gaagggctgg attcgtggag agataatggg tgaatttagt tttgtcgtgg    292020
     aatactttgg tttctccatc tatggtaatt gagagtttgg ctgggtatag tagcctgggc    292080
     tggaatttgt gttctcttag tgtctgtata acatctgtcc aggctcttct ggctttcata    292140
     gtctctggtg aaaaatctgg tgtaattctg ataggcttgc ctttatatgt tacttgacct    292200
     ttttccctta ctgcttttag tattctatct ttatttagtt catttgatgt tctgattatt    292260
     atgtgtcggg aggaatttct tttctggtcc agtctatttg gagttctgta ggcttcttgt    292320
     attatgttca tgggcatctc tttctttaga tttgggaagt tttcttcaat aattttgttg    292380
     aagatgtttg ctggtccttt gagttgaaaa tcttcattct cttccactcc tattatgtgt    292440
     aggtttggtc ttctcattgt gtcctggatt tcctggatgt tttgagttag aatctttttg    292500
     catcttccat tttctttgat tgttgtgcca atgttctcta tggaatcttc tgcacctgag    292560
     attctctctt ccatctcttg tattttgttg ctgatgctgg catctatggt tccagatttc    292620
     tttcctaggg tttctatctc cagcgttgcc tcactttggg ttttctttat tgtgtctact    292680
     tcccttttta ggtctagtat ggtttttttc atttccatca cctgtttgga tgtgttttcc    292740
     tgtttttcta taaggacttc tacctgtttg gttgtgtttt cctgtttttc tttaaggact    292800
     tgtaactctt tagcagtgtt ctcctgtatt tctttaagtg agttattaaa ttccttcttt    292860
     atgtcctcta ccatcatcat gagatatgct tttaaatcca ggtctacctt ttcaggtgtg    292920
     ttagggtgcc ctggactggg cgaagtggga gtgctgggtt ctgatgatgg tgagtggtct    292980
     tgcttcctgt tagtaggatt cttacgttta cctttcgcca tctggcaatc tctggagtta    293040
     gttgttatag ttgtctttgt ttagagattt ttcctctgtt gcttttgtta ccctctatca    293100
     gcagacgtgg gagactagct ctctcctctg agtttcagtg gtcagagcag tctctgcagg    293160
     caagctctcc tctttcaggg aaggtgcaca gttatctggt gtttggacct cctcctggct    293220
     gaagatgaag gcccaaaaca ggatctttcc cagaagctgt gttgctttgg ccaggaaggt    293280
     ggccggttgt ctggagccga agatggcgcc gcctcagaag ctctgtggct ctcgcctgtc    293340
     ccagaaacgt ctggcctctg tattccacac cgtcatccat gcagcctgtc ctccgcggag    293400
     tcccggagcc aaggaggctc ccgctgccag ggcctgaggc acaaacctct cgggctggca    293460
     gatccctgtg cactcaccag gaaggtggcc ggttgtctct cttgtgtgtt ttttgacact    293520
     acgttttttt cataatacta ctttgagtag tgttaagatt tcaaacaatt ccttccttcc    293580
     ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt cctccctccc tccctccctc cctccctccc    293640
     tccctctttt ccttccttcc tttcttccta gggatatgtg ggatacacat cttcaagaag    293700
     ttaggatatg ttaccatcac tataatacat gaaagtttta gacatcagag tgtttatcct    293760
     gtcatgcata tttttgtaat ttgacattcc taagggaagt cataagttta gcagcatgaa    293820
     ttaattttgc ttctcttcag tggttggatt ccgtagtgga gccaatagta ttgttggcat    293880
     tatccccatc aatgcccagc atggcacagt aaccctctag gagtagtggt ggctcacaca    293940
     ctttggtaga tatcatctac tttataatta gacttgagac cttctcaaaa agagggataa    294000
     catgcttggt actggacacc tagttaacca ctcatggcta gtgatgctat ggttatttaa    294060
     ggagaattta caatcaccaa ttcactactt tagcacaatc attaaaaaca gtttataaac    294120
     atttgtcctt atatgcacaa ataactctag ttttcactca tcaccaagga aacttctctg    294180
     taatagattg ggtcctttac agtaaagcac aacaaatcaa aatgcagaat tgtgtaacac    294240
     acttccaatg gacacatcct ctttcaaatt ttaacaagga tttgttaatt agacacatta    294300
     catgtgtgtg tgtcaaaatt ctgctaatta aggttgacat ccaccatgac tagatagcct    294360
     ctaaacttgg tgcaaaatga gagactccct tgttagcaga ttttcttctt ctctgacctt    294420
     gtccagggga ttctaagcac ccctccccaa ctcttctgta cctgaggaat atcacatagc    294480
     cttaattaat ttataggatc aattttctta taaaccggtt cagtcagcat ttgagattcc    294540
     tgaaatggtt acccatgcta atgaggtatg ccaggtatcc taagccccca gccaatgacc    294600
     tttgtccatc ctcgaagtcc ctatccttag tcccccaaaa ctttataagc cttgaatcac    294660
     tgtaataaag ttgatctgcc aactcacaag gagtactggt gtggttgttt cccatatgta    294720
     cttccagggc ttccgaacta tgcccttttt cgtgctagtt gtcactgttc cctttgtcct    294780
     tgtggacaga atcagctgac aatccacaag tatggggaga cctctgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    294840
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta ccacatgcat gtgtggtgcc catggagccc tgaagaaggc    294900
     atcatatcct ctggatctgg aattacaggt agttgtcaat tgctatgtgg gtgcttggaa    294960
     tttaagtatc ctgcaagagc tccaaatgct cttaaatgcc aaaccttttc cccaacttca    295020
     ctcttttaat ttttaagata agacttttta aaatagggct ctggagagat cacttaggaa    295080
     ttaagtgatc ttgcagaaga ctggagttga ataccaagta cccaaatcag aaggctcata    295140
     acttcatgtg gcttcacctc taggaaatcc taagcccttc tgcctccatg aacacctgca    295200
     tcccatgcgc agatgcacaa gcatacacca tactgacaat aagagaatcc attaaaaatc    295260
     ttttattaga gctggagagg aggtgtttca gcagtgaaga gtactggctt ctcttctaga    295320
     gaacctgaga tcaattccca gcaccaacat gatggcagct tacaactgtc tgtaactcta    295380
     gttccagagg acctggcatg ggtgcataaa tattcatgca ggcacaacat caatgcacaa    295440
     aaaatgttga aaaaaatctt ttataaatcc caaattaaat tgaatttggc atgacaatat    295500
     caagacatta taggacagac atggttactt ccagattggc tgaagtagat atgagaaccc    295560
     cttgaattag aactatgatg gacttgtatt tgtagccatc ctcccctgta gataagagta    295620
     aactcttttt agagaggata tcattataca gtcagagtgg catcagattt actggagctg    295680
     tcagtacaaa gtctgaaagt gattcagtca acatagacaa tgctgaaatt gcttggagac    295740
     aaggataata ggctttgact attatacctg tcctggcttg atttctgttg ctgtgataaa    295800
     ttattctgag aaaaacaagt tggggtagtg cccataccaa gaaaggatac tgccttgtca    295860
     tttcccatat ttagatcata actttgaata tttagaaatt tctgtttaaa gtattcaggg    295920
     cacaaaatat cactataaga atcactataa gaattcatag gtttttatac aaaaatttta    295980
     gagccagggg tgtaatattt ccacatgagt tattattcag ggaggcccca gaggtcataa    296040
     catacaacat acggtgttgt cattgtctta gttatgtaat ttaactaatt aagaagatgc    296100
     tattgctgaa gagaccatat actttgatgt aacatacaaa gaaatcagat ttgaacagat    296160
     atagaatatt ctctattagg tagaaagctg ctaagagacg tacatgatta ttggaattac    296220
     tagctgtgga ccctgtgtgc taaatgacta actaagcaag atgtgcttgt tggtgcaata    296280
     gtaacatgat tgtttttaag ggcaaacaac aactctatca ttggatttga ggcctcctct    296340
     gtaaatgatg tacataccca atatgtcaat gtgtacaaaa ccctatggca atgaaatttc    296400
     aaaaataaaa aaggaaacaa gaaagaaaat gtgtttttac aagtgattcc acatcttata    296460
     taggaagaca gcatgaagag cacattctga aggaactaga agagttgctg gtgagaaaaa    296520
     aaaaaacaga caggctggac aatcattacc gtgaacttta agagacaaag gttctgagcc    296580
     aatggctagc atttagagat tacatttata accttaaaaa tactaggagt taggaaacat    296640
     acatgcacaa agatgagaca gaatagcctt tcgagaagac aaattcttaa gaccaaaacc    296700
     ccaaattatt aagaccaaat taaagacaga aggagctttc acagaagcat ggcagccatg    296760
     aaagccagac tcgtgagtgg aagctttgac gtttgaaggc agaagctttt ctgaagacag    296820
     ttatgtgagc tggctgctgg ggatgccctc tgcaggtccc caagaaagag tcacaaatgt    296880
     ctcatcaatc ccacctaata gtcagctttg catttcctga cagataccac tggtcaccat    296940
     gacatttaca gaaaagagct aagaaaaatg tcatatccta tctttgaagg agaatgtgac    297000
     acaacatgtg aatcctgcat gtaaggcatg actgtttcct ttgctataga tgttatgtac    297060
     agttaatctt caaactgctt caacacatca atgacctact aactaaatgg gcagcatgaa    297120
     cccgttattt gaaatttcta gacagtaaaa aagagcagat tgtaataacg acacattcat    297180
     agggctggtt tataatgact taattttgca gtgtttctga gaacagtata aaaccttatt    297240
     tgttctactt tatgtgcatg aatgttttgt ctgcatttgt gcttatgtgc tgtgtgtgct    297300
     ggtgtcaatg aaggttaaga gagggagtca gttcagctga tactggagtt acagatggtt    297360
     gtgatccatt gtttgagttc tgggaattaa acctgggccc tctgcaagag caagtgatct    297420
     caagtctgag ccagatccac atagtatctt actatgtatt tagatcagag aaaataaatt    297480
     ggtaaaaatc tacttttggt cttagaaact ttatatgccc cagtacaggg gaacaccagg    297540
     gccaagaagt gggagtgggt gggtagggga gcagggtggg agggtatagg ggactttctg    297600
     gataacattt gaaatgtaaa tgaagaaaat acctaataaa aaaattggaa aaaaaagtct    297660
     actttttttt gttgtttttt tttggggggg gggagggttg tttgtttgtt ggtttttttt    297720
     ttttttttgt tttttgtttt ccgagacaga gtttctctgt atagccctgg ctgtcctgga    297780
     actcactttg tagaccacgc tggcctcgaa ctcagaaatc tacctgcctc tgcctcccga    297840
     gtgcagggat taaaggcgtg tgccaccacg cccggctaaa aatctacttt ttgtcattca    297900
     atttgtcata cagaaaagac caaagcagaa aacccatcag ttgctcgact acaacacttt    297960
     catgccaggt ataatcctaa gaatgatggc agtgaatatg ttaacggcca ctgtttatgc    298020
     tctttagatt gataagggac ctcagacatc taacatgtgc cttacaaatg gttttgagga    298080
     ctggagcaca tttcctactt ctgggacctg tgcaatagac cttagtttag tctctgtcca    298140
     ctagggggtg gagttttcta acacaagatc attatctgtg tgaattctaa gcttcataat    298200
     tcatcatttg atgtcatttg tcatttcttt atgtgaagag ttgacagcat cactcaggtg    298260
     acactgaaga tgaactattc tccagcttta gtgactgtga tgctgtttgt gtttggtaag    298320
     tgaagtgact taaaatttgc actcttttat gatgttagaa tatatttaac catctatgaa    298380
     atttttcctt aatgtgacaa aattgttctc ttcttcttcc agggaggacc catggagact    298440
     cagtgaccca gatgcaaggt caagtgaccc tctcagaaga cgacttccta tttataaact    298500
     gtacttattc aaccacatgg tacccgactc ttttctggta tgtccaatat cccggagaag    298560
     gtccacagct ccttttgaaa gtcacaacag ccaacaacaa gggaatcagc agaggttttg    298620
     aagctacata tgataaaaga acaacgtcct tccacttgca gaaagcctca gtgcaggagt    298680
     cagactctgc tgtgtactac tgtgttctgg gtgacacagt gacagaaacc acagggggac    298740
     ctgagcacaa actctgagaa gcaaaaggaa gtctgacttc tgattatcta cttttgcatc    298800
     accctgtttt ccccacagtc tgtgctgtgt gcccccagta attctctggt tgatgaaaat    298860
     catacaaatg gtcagagcag aacagaaaat agatgacagt actgctggat ttttatacag    298920
     gaaactaaaa ccttaggaca tcaatgtttc ttcactcaag gtcacagtga cttcacagta    298980
     aagctatgaa aacaatgaca tgttcagttg tcttcatatg taagtcatta tcttcagatt    299040
     gttgcttgtc acctccagcc tgacatagag ggacaaatat gccaggaaca gtggcattta    299100
     gataacgcct aactaatatt atggaaggac aggatatcag agggtcacag actttcattt    299160
     ttcaagattt ctattaaaga aatatggggt cgtggcatga ttctctctgt atatctgtcc    299220
     tgaggagcag tgggaaaatt ttccagccag catctctcac accaaagtgc gtgcctctac    299280
     ctcatggaag acttgacgga catggacatg aaagctcttt ggcctcagaa ctacctcttt    299340
     ggttgtgaac taaaggatga ctaagataat tactttaaag tggatagggt tgaaaatgaa    299400
     caccagttgt cattaagaat ggtcagttta gggccagggg taaaagacga attacacatt    299460
     gtagagacag aaacaatgaa ctatagaggc agtccattta aagtcacaca ggtatttgta    299520
     acaacataga tgagaatgat ggagaagatg atgattttga tgatgaaaaa attggataaa    299580
     aagtccccgt gaagaaattt gtatgagata ccccagccaa aaatgcataa aaaccaaacc    299640
     agaatggaaa agacttaaaa ccatcaacat caaaattaaa agttcaagtg tccttcaaaa    299700
     actcttaaaa cgctaaaaga atttatatct gtagaagata ttaaggcaaa aatccaagca    299760
     agtacagaaa aaacacatta aacatttctg ggcactactg gtaaaatttt cttttcacta    299820
     ctggtaaatt aagcccaaag atgaggaaag gaaaatgaga aacaaatata atccacgttg    299880
     agtatcatca acaatctaga ctgaatgaag ccttatattt taatctcaac ctccttcctg    299940
     attggccatc cattcttccc atgcacactg gaagcaatcg cttgttttcc taaagcatct    300000
     ttctttcact cttgtgatgc acaaaattta actgctttct actaccttgc atatgcctta    300060
     cttatttgat catgttttaa tacctttgca tcctcagttg ctcaatatat atttgaatga    300120
     actaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaagaaat atgggtagaa aagaaaggag aaaactggag    300180
     cgggaaagtg atcttcaaac ttcaaatttt caatgttctt cctctttctc taaatccaat    300240
     acccctgttt catccccagg cttgtactag atgacctgct tggccaatcc ttatttgccc    300300
     tcattctcaa aaaactatgc agaccctgat gtcacattct gatttctttt ctactatgga    300360
     tcccctcact ctaccattct agcccatttc catgcctaag aaccaatctc taatagtaag    300420
     aaacacatta tttctggaac tctggtatct gcagtgggca ggatgacaga agcattcctt    300480
     accaggcaac caacacccac tacactcttt taaggaccag agagggcagc agaaatggag    300540
     gaacagaata agaacacaca tccaacgaag acaagactgg atatcacccc cgagaattat    300600
     agtgacccaa aactcagatg cctagattcc agtataacaa taatcaataa aagccatggt    300660
     tatatgtctt cattaaatcc cagacatcct atatcagtag gctctgagaa atgcaatata    300720
     attgaagtca agacaagggc ttcagaagca gttttataaa tatgtagcga tcttgcggga    300780
     gaaaatgaat aaattcctta aagaaatata tgaaaacaca aataatagga tgaaataaag    300840
     aaaacagttc aggactttca agtggaagta gaatcaataa agaaaacaaa aaccgagggg    300900
     aaacttgaaa caaaacaatt agaaacccaa acaggaattt aagagacaaa tctcatcaag    300960
     aaagtataag agatggaaga aagaatccca gccattggag acatgacaga agacatgtat    301020
     accttggtcc aagaaaatgt tacattttaa aatgtccagg cacacaacat ccaggaactc    301080
     taggatactt tgaaaatacc aaatatatga acagtatgaa tcaaggaagg agaagaaacc    301140
     tagtcaaagg tatagaaaaa aattcaacaa cacacaatta aaatccatat ttctaaaaag    301200
     aggtacctat caaagtacaa ggaacaaaca gaatgccaaa tataatgggc cagaaaaaac    301260
     ttcatgttat ataataatca gaatacttaa tacacagaac aaggaaagaa tattaagagg    301320
     cacaagggaa agagtcatat aaaaggaaat acatataaag gcaggcatat taaaataaca    301380
     cctgacttct taatgaagtc tctataaaaa aaaaaaaaag gcggctctgg accaatgtcc    301440
     taaaaattct aagagactac agatcccatc cagagtacta cattcagcaa aagtttcaat    301500
     ctcaatgaaa aaacaaatta aacatcatct atctacaaat ccagctctcc agaagttgct    301560
     agaaggaaaa cttcacctta gagaggaaaa cctcacccat tgaaacccag gaataaataa    301620
     tgtcagacca gcaaatcaaa agaaagggga aagaaaccca caaccaaaac aaaaactggg    301680
     aaccaaaatc actgctcatt tataactctc aataccaagt ggtttcaatt ccccaataaa    301740
     aacactgatc aaacaggtta aaaaacagga ccgatccttc tgatgcttcc aactaacaca    301800
     ccacggatag acatccccaa agcataaaag gatggaaaga tatattccat gcaaatggac    301860
     ctaagaagta agctgttgta gccattttaa tatctgacta aatagacatc aaaccaaaac    301920
     tactcaaaag agatatggaa ggatactata tactcatcaa aggaaaaatc caccaagagg    301980
     tcattgcaat tcttaacatc tatgcaacca caaaaaaggg cactcaagtt cataaaagaa    302040
     acagtactag agcttaaatc atgtattggc cctcacacac tgacagtggg agggttcagt    302100
     actgcatttt caccaataga caaatcatca tgaccaaaaa ctctagagac aaatgttgaa    302160
     gctagctgac atcataaact aaatgtacct aacagagaac tagggactat ttcacccaaa    302220
     cacagaagaa tatgtcttct tctcagaacc tcaaggaact ttcatcagaa ctgaccacat    302280
     gttcagacat aatgcaagtc tcaacatata taagaaaatt gaaatatgcc attgtcctga    302340
     gattcttctc ctttgtccat gcttataact gtagatatgg tttttcaaat tttatcatcg    302400
     tcgtcgtcat catcgtcatt atcactattg ttgctattct tattcttttt gtttgtttgt    302460
     ttgtttgttt gtttgttttt ttgtttgtct gtttttcgag aaagagtttc tctgtgtagc    302520
     cctggctgtc ctggaactca ctctgtacac caggctggcc ttgaactcag aaatccactt    302580
     gcctctgcct cccaagtgct gggattaaaa gtgtgcacca ccactgccca gcccccccac    302640
     tcctcctcct cctcctcctc ctcctcctcc tcctcctcct cctcctcctc ctcctcctcc    302700
     tcctcctcct cctccttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc    302760
     ttcttcttca ttttgtgtgt atgtatgttt tacctacatg tttgcctaca cagaacatgt    302820
     gactgttacc caaagaggct ggagatgatg tcagatcccc taaaaatata gttacagctg    302880
     actgtgagcc actaggtggg tgcttggaat tgaacccagg tcctctggaa gagcagttgg    302940
     cacatgtaat ggtcaagctt tttctcaagt tttatcaaca ttcagccttt ttatggtgta    303000
     gtacagttcc tgcatgttcc tttcttgtgt ttgaaaagtg ttttccatat tccttgcttg    303060
     atctttgagc cctgattttc tatattctat tgatccactg tatttataaa gcttcccctg    303120
     agttttctca gtggcttatt aagcctttta atttcatcct catttcagct tgagttgtct    303180
     tcaatatttc tctctttttt taattagata ttttctttat ttacatttca aatgttatct    303240
     ccttacctag tttcccctct gaaaatcccc tctcctctcc tcctctcccc ctgctccaca    303300
     atccacccat tcctgcttcc tggtccaggt attcccccta tattggggca tagaaccttc    303360
     acaggaccaa gggcctctcc tcccattgat gaccgactag gccatcctca gttacatatg    303420
     cagctagagc catgagtctc tccatgtgtt ttctttgatt ggttctttag tcccagggag    303480
     ctctggggtt actggttagt tcataaaccc cttcagctcc ttgggtactt tctctaattc    303540
     cttcattggg aaccttgtgc ttcttccaat ggatggctgt gagcatccac ttctgtattt    303600
     gtcaggcact gatagagcct tttaggagac agctatatca gactcctgtc agcaagctct    303660
     tgttggcatc tgctatagtg tctgggtttg gtggttgttt atgggatgaa tccccaggtt    303720
     gggaagtctc tggatggtca tgccttcagt ctctgctctg aactttgtct ctgtaactcc    303780
     ttccatgggt attttgttcc cccttctaag aaggaccaaa gtgtccacac tttggtcttc    303840
     cttattcttg agtttcatgt gttttgcaaa ttgtatcttg ggtattctga gcttctgggc    303900
     taatatccac ttatcagtga gtgcatatca tgtgtgttct tttgtgattg ggttacctca    303960
     cttaggatgg tatcctccag atccatccat ttgtctaaga atttcatgaa ttcattgttt    304020
     ttaatagctg agtagtactc cattgtgtaa atataccaca ttttctgtat ccattcctct    304080
     gttgagggac atctgggttc tttccagctt cttgctatta taaataaggc tgctatgatc    304140
     atagtggagc atgtgtcctt attagaagtt ggagcttctt ttgggtatat gcccaggagt    304200
     agtattgctg gatcttccag tagaactatg tccaaagctt ctataaggca aaggacactg    304260
     tccataagac aaaacggcaa ccaacagatt aggaaaaaat ctttaccaat cctaaatccc    304320
     atcgggggct aatattcaat atatataaag aactcaagaa gttggactcc agaaaaccaa    304380
     ataaccttat taaaaatggg gtgcagagct aaaccaagaa ttctcaactg aggaataccg    304440
     aatggctaag aagcacctaa aaaaaagttc aacatcctta atcatcaggg aaatgcaaat    304500
     caaaacaacc ctgagattcc acctcctacc agtcagaatg gctaagatca aaaactcagc    304560
     tgacagcaga tgctggtgtg gatgtgtaga aagaggaaca ccccttcact actggtggga    304620
     ttgcaagctg gtacaactac tctggaaatc agtttggtgg tcttcaatat ttctatctct    304680
     ctgttgaatt gggttttaaa atcctggagt gtcttcatca tttattttat ccttatgtgc    304740
     tgcagacgga cctcatttgg gtcctcaatc cacagtcaaa acttgggttc tggtgattac    304800
     aggcaagcaa ggagtttgtg aggatgggtg ataaacagac aaggacacag agagagtgtg    304860
     tatctgaatg taatttgtca aatcgagcat caaactttta atacagaaga aaatagggaa    304920
     gttaggtgac acattggcaa ggtacaatga ggttaccaga tgcttaatga ctcttaaaca    304980
     aaacagagga atgcaaacat aaagactggc aggaactggg caataaaaca actgagacaa    305040
     agtcagctct atctaaagtc agccatattc ttagaagcca ggtgtgaagt ttttacactc    305100
     ctggggcaag ggcttttatg cccaagccat ggttctaatt tgggagttct gctttagcta    305160
     accatctcat gaataatgca atattctagt tcctctatct cttacaatat tagaggcaat    305220
     tctgaatgtt actgaatagg taacattctt actgaattcc aagcccttgg gttggctcaa    305280
     gaactaccta gggcattggt gaaggcctgg acgcaaagct caattttgct taggttttgg    305340
     gcaaatcatt tcttggaggt acctataata aaacaatact gaaagaaagc acacagatcc    305400
     atttgcaaag acaagtttgg agcattcgct atacgggatg ccacggtttc aggagaccaa    305460
     gtttctatga acttttcacc tcgggactgt gttcaggttt ctaggcctgt cacacgaggc    305520
     actactggag tggatatagc acttatgttt tgtttttgaa catcatccaa acatttattt    305580
     cttttcaaat aattttcttt aaattcatag agctgtgtgt ttgtgtcatt tttaaactct    305640
     ttggattatt taatgaaatt tgtgatggtt cttttaagtt ctatgttatg aaattaatct    305700
     aggcaattct gggtttgggg gatggagaat atagtggctt gacctgtcat actgtttttg    305760
     ggtttaaaaa aaattagact tggacatgta gacttcttta tttggtgtct tgtgatgata    305820
     cagcaggttg agctagtaca caggatttga cacctgcaaa aactcagagg ttgtgtaaga    305880
     cacaagtggg tctcagcagt ctacactggg tccttggtta tggataaggg ttagaactga    305940
     gaattgggaa gggtgcagga agtgtcaggc agagttggca ggctgtgctg gtatatgaga    306000
     actagtgtgg acctagaggt tggatatcaa cactaagact aatgaagatc tttcatcata    306060
     ccctcagtga ataagttagt aagcagaaag gtcacagttt ctgtcaggat cactgatctc    306120
     tcatcttaaa ctataacttt gcagaatgtc gtgcatatat ggatatcatt gagacttttg    306180
     ttttctcttt tgcttgaagc tgtaccaagg tggagtctcc tctcctctat catattttca    306240
     ataccccatg gtagaatctt taatttcttt cagaagttta aagtttagta atttgggatt    306300
     tcatctatgt ggtggtttga atatgcttag cccagggagt ggcacagtga ggtgtagcct    306360
     tattggggta ggggttgtct tgttggagga agtgtgtcac tgtgggtatg ggctttaaga    306420
     ccttcaacct agctgcctgg aagtcagtct tcttctaggg accttcagat gagcatgtga    306480
     aagaacctag tggggaaacc ctcactcgta tcccgagtag gcgtgcatcc aaagaatcac    306540
     gagagaccgt cttgatgcaa acacatgagg tagtttaatg acggagctcc ggactgacac    306600
     gtatctcaca caggagacaa cagtcgttgg ccacgtggct cgaaagctag gggtttttat    306660
     agaaaagggt ctggggctgg gggaggaatt ggcaaggttt cacatgattg gttcatttaa    306720
     acatcagcag actgtacgtg cagatcgagg taacagcaga gcatctggtt aacatttaac    306780
     ccatgtcaga agggcgggag atagggaggc actaggccag tccggacatg ccattctctt    306840
     tatctttatg gccaagcagc ctcaggaatg tcttaatgat ggacctgccc gggaatgtcc    306900
     tggcctgctc cacaatgttc tcagcaccag gcttctaagc tcacaaacaa ctctttggac    306960
     taattgacat gagttacatg aatcgcaggt cttaaatttc attttctttc acatgtagaa    307020
     cttgcagctc ctcctgctcc atgtctgcct gtatgctgcc atgatcttgc cttgatgata    307080
     atagcctgaa cctctaagcc tgtaagccag tcccaattaa atgttgtact tataagcatt    307140
     tccttgatca tgttgtctgt tcacagcagt aaaaccttaa gacagaagtt gtcatagacc    307200
     tgaccatact tttcatcact gaggggaaat ctgggaagtg ttttctgaga gcacaaagaa    307260
     gttgtgttcc aaaataccca tggaaggagt tacatagaca aagtttggag ctgagatgaa    307320
     aggatggacc atccagagac tgccccacct gaggttctat cccataatca gccaccaaac    307380
     ccagacacta ttgcacatgc cagcaagatt ttgctgcaag gaccctgata tagctgtctt    307440
     ttgtgaggct atgccagtgc ctggcaaata cagaagtgga tgctcacagt catctattgg    307500
     atggaacaca ggactcccaa tggaggagct agagaaagta cccacagagc tgaagggttc    307560
     tgcaacccta taggtggaac aataatatga attaaccagt attcccagag ctcgtgtctc    307620
     taactgtata tgtagcagaa gatggcctag ttgaccatca ttgggaagag aggccccttg    307680
     gtattgcaaa ctttatatgc ctcagtacag ggcaattccg gggccaagaa gtgggagtgg    307740
     gtggttaggg gagcagggcg aggggagggt atagggaact tttgggatag catttgaaat    307800
     gtaaataaag aaaataccta ataaaaaaaa agataagaaa aaaaagaaga agaagttgtg    307860
     ttccagagat ctaaggttgt accttgtgct gcagctggat tgggtaatgt gtaaaaatta    307920
     cccaggtggt attggttttg aaaacatgaa ggaatcatgg agagcagttg aggcttggca    307980
     ctgtgagagg tcaaggaagg ccactggtga aggtgtaacc tcagttgtag ggaagaatgt    308040
     agattttggg agtttagatt tagaaagtag tggaatgctt taagtgggaa agaataggct    308100
     atcctagtag gaatatggaa gtctttggtg ctgagggtga tttggactgt ggaagcatag    308160
     ctctagaggt ttcagaagag gagcatttta atatgtggct aagaaactgt tcttctaata    308220
     ttttgttgaa gaatgtgttt gcattttgcc attgtctaaa aaagtctcac tgaaccaaaa    308280
     tataaagaca ttttgattaa ttgcattgct aaaggaagtc ttaggaaagc ccaacacaga    308340
     ctttgtactg tggttcactc tcatgaagag ctttttgata agtatagaaa gtttaaaaag    308400
     aaaaaagtat aaaatatatg gttcaagtaa taaaggggca ccaggaattg aaatggagct    308460
     gaatcctatg tttaaggagg taaacagatg aagggaattg ggacaagatc ctacccagcc    308520
     aaacttagga ccaagcatgg tgttacatac ctttaatcac agaagacaga gaggcaagca    308580
     gatctctgag tttaaggaca gtctggttta gagcaagttc taagtagaga aaaacttaag    308640
     tccaggcatg ggtggtacat gtctttgatc ccagcattca gaagatagag ccatgtagct    308700
     ctttaaattc aaggttaatt tacagagcaa gctccagggc agctagtctt aggtagtgaa    308760
     ggagttggaa aacagaaagc tggtgataat gtaatagtta aggggtgcca tgttccagcc    308820
     ccagcaagca gcagacttca gcagttttgg tcatttggct ctggctttag agtcaaaaat    308880
     agaaggagtt actagaataa ttgatcctgg ttagctggag ctaaggaatt agctgtgatt    308940
     aagaagaggc cagcatcact gaggtgaaat ctgggaagtg ttttctgaga gcacaaggaa    309000
     gttgtgttcc agagatccaa ggttgtacct tgtgctgcag ctggattggg taatgtgtaa    309060
     agatcaccca ggtggtattg gttttgaagg catgaagggg tcatggagag cagttgaggc    309120
     ttggcactgt gagaggccag tgaaggccat tggtgaaggt gtaacctcag ttgtagggcc    309180
     aggactgaag ggctcatgaa aagaagttga ggcttggaac catgaagaga gtctatgaga    309240
     agctattggt gaagcctagt ttcatcagaa aaccccagtg tattggagat gccagtacta    309300
     tgggatgatc actaagatca gtagaggcag tggaatggag ttaaccagag cctagagtgt    309360
     aacagggcag agctgtagat gtgacccaag ccctttagag gagtcaaaat gattatgtgt    309420
     ggatcccaga cattgtaata agaaactata gggttgaagt tgccttagat accccaagat    309480
     ttgttagaga tgccagagct gcaggatacc tgctgtactg gctggttttg tgtgtcaatt    309540
     tgacacaggc tggagttatc acagagaaag gagcttcaag ttagaaaatg cctccatgag    309600
     atccagctgt aaggcatttt ctcaattaat gatcaagagg ggagggccca ttgtgggtgg    309660
     tgccatccct ggactgttag tcttggcttc tataagagag caagctgagt aagccagtaa    309720
     gtaacaaccc tccatggcct cttcatcaac tccagcttcc ttacctgctt gagttctagt    309780
     cctgacttcc tttggtgatg aatggctgca tggaataaac catttcctcc ccaacttgct    309840
     tcttgttcat gatgtttgtg caggaataga aaccctgact aagacacctg ccaatgaaag    309900
     ctgctaaccg ggagtggaac cagcctaaga gaatgaagtt tactgctgct caataccaga    309960
     tcttccaaca gcactcaaca aagatgaaag gagttaaaaa tttgaagatc actttgatat    310020
     cagacataaa gacacagagt tttctcagct ggttttctgt cttgctttgg tccagtattt    310080
     ttgactttgt atgggattac agttaagcaa tggcatgaat cttagaagag actttgaact    310140
     ttgttctttt aacatttttg gaacttctat agacaatgag gactttaaaa gttggattaa    310200
     atgtattttt gcattatgct gtggctaggt atgcataaat atagactcat gtgtttgaac    310260
     aagcctatgg gggccaggga gtggaatgtg gtggtttgaa tatgcttggc ccagggagtg    310320
     gcactactag aagttgaggc cttgttggag taggtgtgga cctgttggaa atgggtcact    310380
     gtgagagtgg actttaagac cctcatccta gctgcctgaa acttagtatt ctcctagcag    310440
     ccttcagatg aagatgtaga actctcaact cctcctgcat catgcctgcc tggatgttgt    310500
     catgctccaa ccttgatgat aatagcctga acctctgagc ctgtaagcca gccctaatta    310560
     agtgttgtct tttgtaagac ttgccttagt catggtgttt gttcacagga gtaaaaggac    310620
     taagacaata tgaatctgtg atttactttt cctgattccc acacttttac atattgaccc    310680
     tctcactaag tatccataat ttgattcttt gtttcaggtt catagtgaag caggaaactg    310740
     cagtgcatat ctaactagcc attctcctgc tcttttgaga aaacagttta tctagttgta    310800
     tacattttat ggcatgtctt ttccagggaa gtatgtgacc ctcccttttc cctgtggttg    310860
     ttttcccaca gggcttgggg gcatggaact ggtcagacag gacagaaccg gtttggacag    310920
     tatgagtatt gaaggattga cttctgggtc tgcctcagag agtcagctta actttattcc    310980
     aggtgtacaa ggctatagag atcttgggac atgaagattt ccagggtgga tatacatgac    311040
     tggctagggc aaaaatgctt cattttacaa gaggaattct attaatctgc tggacaggtt    311100
     cttattggga gagacaaagt tgaaactgta atctggccat aggcttgtaa caggacttcc    311160
     ctcaaggctt ttttgagaag ggctgattgg ttataacaca gtacctaatt atcataagaa    311220
     gaggaagggg tgagtactaa accctgtagc acttgcagga agatttgtgc agggtagtct    311280
     tctagataag gcattcttag aaacaccctc cagttaagtt caagcagaga agaggaagcc    311340
     ctgctgaaaa agagagtcct ccattttctg tgagctcaga gagtttatcc agacatggtg    311400
     gactgtgact ttaaaagcag ggtcttccaa caaagcctct gcttcaattt gtttcctgct    311460
     cctttttgaa catttcccaa ggccatagta cttgttattt tcattcttct ccctcttcct    311520
     gtcgatgttt ttgaaacaat gcctacctgt atgtccaagg aatgccttaa acgcatatcc    311580
     tcttgcttca gcctcccaaa cctgaatccc ctttgggatt taaagcatgt gccacatgat    311640
     tatgtttgat atttagtgag acatgaatat tattattgtt atggacaatg tattcttgaa    311700
     gaaaacagcc tgagtatgag catctttcct tcgttctgtt ccctttgtac ttgctgatgg    311760
     taaaggatga gtctgatcaa accgtgtttt ggggatgcta actacatagc tcttttgtag    311820
     gatttagtca cagctactgc aagatctcaa agcccaacat gggacagttt tggaggcaca    311880
     gagttccttt tgctcacaga tatcaaccgg ggaacctgga atgtaaaaca cagagggttc    311940
     ttccttcaaa ggaaggaagg cataatctgt tgttatgtgc ccagaagtcc aggaacagaa    312000
     gtggtccata gcctggtgac ctttgcactt cagttccttt ccccagctgc acaccattat    312060
     cataagcttg ttttttctca gtcagtttac tgagtccatc tttatagaag ggtttctaac    312120
     catgtcatgt caatctttac ttcgcttact ttgttcctca ggaagattta ttatgcttta    312180
     ttatatacaa aggataagtt aattatcaca ggtgaggttt tcaccaaatt gtcctcttta    312240
     aacatgcgta aaaataaact actcaatatc aggccattga agcgtggacc cacacctgct    312300
     acttagctgt gttgatccaa actgctttct tacctccact ctacaggctg gtgagtctcg    312360
     aagactccta caggacagtt atttcttgat ttgtttctat gtggacctac ttcagctctg    312420
     gcatagatat tcccctggta catatggctt gatgactatg ttggaaatgg agagtgagat    312480
     aaagtgaaag ggtcagggaa gaagagagag aagaaagaaa ggggagagag ggagatggta    312540
     ggcagagtca gaaagaggga ggaagaaaga aatgagatct agaattttca cagatcaatc    312600
     cctactcaac aggactgatt caagaaaaga gaataaaaaa tttagagaaa tgaacatgtt    312660
     cctgaggttt tatttagagt ttaggtgatt aacacagctc aatctctcct gcaccaaccc    312720
     aagtagagtt tatttacaca caagtgtgct cttggctcca aatggaatga agaattccag    312780
     gtcattctag gctctggctt agataaacag tctgtccagc catctgtaag ccttgaagat    312840
     ggatttgaat ggaagtgacc agggttggag ttatgctata aataagaacc tcacttagat    312900
     ttacatggct gatgtttcat agtgattttt cagcacacat gactgactgt gtgcagcact    312960
     tactactact gagaaatgag acgacatctg ctgagtgtgt acacacacgc tcatctcact    313020
     ctcaaccctg acttggagaa agtatctctt cattactcca gctgaactgt caagaacttt    313080
     aatttttagt ggttacacta gaagagttta cagtttgact ctctttgtca actatcctga    313140
     gaccacaagg tggcagtgtt ttatagtgat cctgagcaaa attctcaatt gggagagaag    313200
     gaaggaagag ggctgggcag gaagaagggg ggggggggta gagaaagggc tggaggaaaa    313260
     gcttggtgct gtttagatgg tgaagcgtca cgtttctgat tgctagcaaa gttgcttttc    313320
     atgtttccta taggagatgt gaaaacttac gaatacgact atatgagaat ttagggttta    313380
     gggttgagaa tctgaatcct cagtgaagag ggaagaggaa agaatgaagt ccttgtgtgt    313440
     ttcactagtg gtcctgtggc ttcagctaca ctgtaagttt gggaatttct tctggatcca    313500
     ggtgtgatat gtaaagttgt tgtctgctcc aggctaatgg tacaaacaca gatagtttca    313560
     atctctagtt aggagcggga ggcccatcaa aaagccattc tggagtgtta tgcatctctt    313620
     cttgattgtc tgacctttgt ttttctccac aggggtgaac agccagcaga aggtgcagca    313680
     gagcccagaa tccctcattg ttccagaggg aggcatggcc tctctcaact gcactttcag    313740
     tgatcgtaat tctcagtatt tctggtggta cagacagcat tctggggaag gccccaaggc    313800
     actgatgtcc atcttctcca atggtgacaa gaaggaaggc agattcacag ctcacctcaa    313860
     taaggccagc ctgtatgtat ccctgcacat caaagactcc caacccagtg actctgctct    313920
     ctacttctgt gcagtgagca cacagtgctc cccaggcacc tgcagcctgt atgcaaacct    313980
     actgtgcccc aaaaagcctg agatagagca cacactgccc agtggagaca ttctgtttct    314040
     gttccatatg caatgggaat taagagtaag agaagagagg gcttcattga ttgggaaagc    314100
     tttttaacat tttgaaatta atcctgaagg gaaatccaca ctttggtttg gttgaaatat    314160
     ttttcccttt tctcttctca catgctgatg gttgaacaac agtgtacaca gtcttaatgt    314220
     gcatatgttg gtgagctgaa aggcaagcac tgggccatgg gactcatcac atgccattct    314280
     ataaagacca ccttcacctc tacagcactg tgccttcctt gatttttaaa agctttcaat    314340
     taaaagaata tttgtcctca atttttaaaa aaaaaaaaac tagtttacaa tgtagcaggt    314400
     ttctctatgg cagtttagta cacatttatt tttggttgag ccttctccaa gctaatctcc    314460
     tctgtcctct tccagttccc taatccctct taaaccttct tgctcccagt gtctcctctt    314520
     ccacttatat atcacgtatt ctatttccct tctacttgtc ttcctcaatg cttcttttct    314580
     cctcttgtgg gcacttctct actttcatgg catctacaca cactcatatt cacatgaata    314640
     tatattgtaa gggtccatga tttggagaag aatgatactc cagactcaga agtccagcat    314700
     gctggggtct cccattacca agatagacaa ccaagagagc ttgcaggctt gatttaaagc    314760
     acattggaat tctgggctgc gaaggctggg tactattgct gaggaattct ggaacaaatg    314820
     agctttatct tactccatct ctaggcattc cagaaccatt atcggacgtg atggcaggag    314880
     cctggggtgt ttttctatta gtaattgact tgcctggact tgtctagttc ttagcctaat    314940
     gtccttaact accaatttga gtctgtcatg gaatcagcct agacttttta atataaataa    315000
     aaattagacg attatgcttg catgtattta tctctttgag tttgagtaac tcagcacagt    315060
     acttttaagc tgtgcattct catgcaaact ttaaaatttc attctttctt tctttccgcc    315120
     atcaaaataa tttataatag ttaaatgcct cttaaatata tacaatatca tctgaaactc    315180
     aaagtaatat gcactcaacc agttttaaaa atatatttgg aacattagac atgatagaag    315240
     tagaaaaaaa tctcttaagt cctctgtgaa aggatagaat tctgcattaa acctatctga    315300
     tcctgggctt ttattgattg ggagattttt attttatttt tttaatgttt ttttctcatt    315360
     tattaaacta ttagatactt tattttttta attaatttat ttttttccaa tttttttaaa    315420
     attaggtatt ttcctcgttt acattttcaa tgctatccca aaagtccccc atcccccccc    315480
     ccaatcccct acccacccac tccccctttt tggccctggt gttcccctgt actgggccat    315540
     ataaagtttg caagtccaat gggcctctct ttacagtgat ggccgactag gccatctttt    315600
     gatacatatg cagctagaga caagagttcc ggggtattgg ttagttcata atgttccacc    315660
     tatagggttg cagtgattgg gagattttta atgactgttt ctatttcttt agcggtaatg    315720
     ggactgttta gatggtttat ctgattttga tttaactttg gtatttggta tctgtctaga    315780
     aaattgtttg tttcatccag atttcccagt ttcgtcaaat ataggctttt gtagtagtat    315840
     ctggtgattc tttgaatttc ctcagtttct gttgttatat ctcccttttc acttctaatt    315900
     ttgttaattt ggatactgtc tctgtgccct ctggttagtc tggctaatgg tttatctatc    315960
     ttgttgattt ttctcaaaga accagctcct ggtttggttt attctttgta tagttctttt    316020
     tctttctact tggttgattt cagccctgag tttgattatt tcctgccttt tactcctctt    316080
     ggatgtattt gcttattttt tttttctaga gctttcaggt gtgctgtaaa gctggtagtg    316140
     catggtctct gcagtttctt tttagaggca ctcagagctg agttttcctc ttagcttaca    316200
     tgcattgctt tcattgtttc ccataagggt atgttgtgac ttcattttca ttaaattcta    316260
     aaaagtcttt aatttctttc tttacttctt ccttgtccac attatcattg agtagggcat    316320
     tgttcagctt ccatgtgtat gtgggctttc tgttgttttt gttgtttttg aagaccagcc    316380
     ttagtccatg gtgatctgat aggctgcatg ggattatttc aatcttcttg tatctgttga    316440
     agcctgtttt gtgagatagt accatgaggt gctgagaaga aggcatattc ttttgtttta    316500
     ggacgaaatg ttctatagat atctgttaaa tccatttagt ccataacttc tgttaatttt    316560
     aatgtgtctc gatttagttt gtgtttccat tatctgtcca tttctgagag tggtgtgttg    316620
     aagtctccca ctattattgt gtgaggtgca atgtgtgctt tgagatttag aaaagtttct    316680
     tttatgaatg tgggtgccct tgcatttgga gcatagatgt tcagaattga gagttcttct    316740
     tggtagattt ttcctttgat gagtatgaag tgtccttcct tatccttttt gataacttta    316800
     ggttgaaagt cgactttatt cgctattaga atggctactc cagcttgttt cttggaacca    316860
     ttttcttgga aaattgtttt ctagtccttt actctgaggt aatatctgtc tttgacactg    316920
     agatgcgttt cctgtatgca acataattct gggaactgtt tatgtacctg gtctcttatt    316980
     ctatgtctat ttattgggaa attgagtcca ttgatgttaa gatgtattaa ggaatagaac    317040
     taatagtcaa ataagcaacc tattgttgct tccttttttt tttttttttt ttttttttgg    317100
     tttttcgaga cagggtttct ctgtaaagcc ccggctgtcc tggaactcat tttgtagacc    317160
     aggctgtcct tgaacgcaga aatccgcctg cctctgcctc ccaagtgctg ggattaaagg    317220
     cgtgtgccat catgcccggc tttttatgtt atttttatgt ttgtgtgcta tcttctttta    317280
     ggtttgttgg aagtttactt tcctgctttt ttaagggtat agtttccctt cttgtgttgg    317340
     tgctttccat ctattatcct ttgtagggct ggatttatgg aaagatattg tgtaactttg    317400
     atttttgcca tggaatatct tggtttctcc atctatggta attgagagtt ttgttgggta    317460
     tggcattttt gttttcttac agtctgtata acatttgccc aggatattct ggcgttcata    317520
     gcctctggtg agaagcctgg tgtaattctg atagatctgc ctttatatgt tacttgaccc    317580
     ttttccctta ctgctttgtt ttgtgcattt tgtattttgc ctattatgtg aaagaggaat    317640
     ttcttttctg gtacaatcta tttggagttc tgtaggcttt ttgtatgttc atgggcattt    317700
     ctttctttag gttggggaag ttttcttcta taattttgtt gaagatattt actggccctt    317760
     taaattgaga atctccattc tcttctatac ctattatcat taagtttggt cttctcattg    317820
     tgtcatggat tttctggatg ttttgggtta ggaacttttt gcattttata ttttctttga    317880
     ctgttgtgtc aatgtttccc atgatatttt ctgtacctga gattttctct tatatctctt    317940
     gtattctatt tgtgatgctt acatctatga cttctcatct ctttcctagg ttttctatct    318000
     tttgggttgt ctccctttgt gatttcttta ttttttttat tttcattttt agatcttgga    318060
     tggttttgtt gaattgcttc acctgtttga ttgtgttttc ttataattct ttaagggatt    318120
     tttgtgtttc ctctttaagt acttctagct gtttacttgt attctccata ttttttaagg    318180
     gatttattta tgtccttgtt aaagtcctct atcatcatca tgaggtgtga ctttaaatca    318240
     gagtcctgct tttttggtgt gttggggtat ccaaggctcg ctgtggtggg agaactgggt    318300
     tctgatgatg ccaagtactc ttggtttctg ttgcttattt tcttgccctt gcctctcacc    318360
     atctggttat ctctactgtt agttgatctt gctgtctctg aatgtggctt atccctcctg    318420
     caagcctgtg tgtcagtact cctgggagac cagttccctt caggaggaat ttgggtatgg    318480
     agcactatgg cacaggatca gctccaggca cagacagaca ctggaaggat catgtcccag    318540
     gctgttcctt ggttcttgtg ttccgagctt tattttatgt atttatctat gtttctatct    318600
     atctagagat agatgcacat ctccactaag ttctcattat ctattcttta tgttccctag    318660
     caattttaaa tagagtagca ataaacaagt ttgagcaagt atctctgtag taaaatacag    318720
     agtcgttcag ttatataccc agcaactaca tagctgagat acataagact tcaactttta    318780
     ggtctgagaa tggttcatac ccatttctat atcttttttt tttatgtcag tttatgcttc    318840
     tagtaatgga gactgatggc cttctttttc caacatcctc atcagtctct gttgtcactt    318900
     gatttcttgc ttttcattca ttaatttact ttacatccag atcacagctc cctctccctc    318960
     ttctctttcc agttccacac tcttccattt tccccttccc tttcttttca gagaaaggga    319020
     gacctcccat ggacatcaac ctcccagaga ggcatcagac ttaatgcaac tgccagcaca    319080
     gagtcaagag gtgcttaagt caatctagac agttctgaaa ttgtttggag acaaggataa    319140
     caggctttga ctattatacc tgtctttatt tgatttctct tgctatgata aattattcta    319200
     agaaaaacaa gttgggtaat acccatactt ataaaataca atgccttgtt atctctcata    319260
     tatagatcct cgctttgaat atttagaact ttctgtttaa agttgacttg gaaactataa    319320
     taaagccact aataggagaa aaactaaatt tagtggaagg tgaatacttc aatatatact    319380
     ataatgcaat atggaatcag atattactgt aagaattgat atgttcttaa atgaaaattt    319440
     cagagccagg tgtgtgatac ctctatgtga gttactatcc agagagtcca catagatatc    319500
     caaaacaaat atatattgcc tttgcccttg gttatgtaaa atagctaatt gataagattg    319560
     tattgttgaa gaggtcatac attttgatat aacactgaga aattaagtca gcactgagat    319620
     agaatgttgt cttctagcta aaaggctgct gagagaggtt tatcatcatt ggaattacta    319680
     tgtgctaaat aaccaacctg atgagcaata tgtgctcacc cgtgcaatag tgacatggct    319740
     gttgttaggg acaagcaact aaatttctca ttggatttga gaaatttgag tggatcatgt    319800
     acacactcaa tatgtcaaaa tgtacaaaag tgtatggcca tgaagttgta aaaataaaaa    319860
     aggaaataag aaagaaactg ttgcggatca tctgatatat atgcatctta tataggtact    319920
     aactgtgcaa aagtacattc tgaaggagtt gctggagaag gaaaaccaga caggcttaac    319980
     aatcattacc ttgattgtaa gataaaaagg ttctgagcta aaggctgtca tttacagatt    320040
     acatttataa tttgaaacca agaagcatta ggaaaaagat gtggataaag gtgagaagta    320100
     gcagctgtgt gcaaagataa attctgtcaa tgaggaaaaa gtcctaagac aaaattaaag    320160
     gattgaagga actcccacag aaacatggtg gccatgaaag tcagactcat gagtggaaag    320220
     ctttaacact tgaaggatgg atcttttcta aagacactta tgtgagctgg ctgctgggaa    320280
     tgccttctgc aggtcctcag gaaagagtca caagtgtctc aagatcccaa gtgattatca    320340
     gctttatgtt ttctactagc aggtaccact ggtcacaatg acacttacaa aaaggtgcta    320400
     agtaaaaggt aatatcctat tatgcaaagt atggtacaac ctatgagtcc tacatgccag    320460
     ttacaattgt ttctattttt tgtggctgtc ctgtgctatt aatcttcaaa cattgtttca    320520
     agacatcaat gacatcctaa ctgggctgca taaacccata tttcaaattt ctacaaggta    320580
     aaaagagcaa attttaatga ttacacactc atatggccag gtcataatta ctctatttca    320640
     taaaaagttt aagaaatatt taaaaaccta tttgttctat tttatgtgta gtagcatttt    320700
     acctggattt gtgtttatgt gctgtttttg tgcctggttt tcacagagga caggagtcag    320760
     ttcctatgga gccatagtta caagtgataa tggatcactg tgtgggatcc tggaatcaaa    320820
     ccttggtttt ctgaaagagc aatacatgat tttatatgct gatctatcac tccaggccca    320880
     catagtagct cacttaaatt tgaatcattg aaaataaatt ggtaaaatct gcttcttgcc    320940
     attcaattta tatatggaaa agaccaaaac agaaatccca tcagttgctc tactaaaaca    321000
     ctttcatttc aagtagaatc ctaagaatga tgacagtcag tatgttaatg gccattgttt    321060
     ctgtttttta tattgataag ggacctttga agtctgacat gtgtcttaca attgatgttg    321120
     aagacaggag atttctgact gtgggaggca ttcaagagac cctagtttag ggaacgccag    321180
     ggccaaaaag ggggagtggg tgggtagggg atgggggggt ggatatgggg gacctttggg    321240
     atagcattga aaatgtaaat gaggaaaata cctaattaaa aaaaaaagag agagacccta    321300
     gtttagtctc tgtccaccag ggggtggagt ttcctaacag aagatcatga cctgtgtgaa    321360
     ctataagctt cataggttca ttgtttggtg tcatttcatc atttcttcat gtgaagagtt    321420
     gaggatacca ctctgaagat gaacacttct ccagctttag tgactgtgat gctgctgttc    321480
     atgcttggta agtaaagtga cttagaattt gcactctttt aagatgtcta aaaaatattt    321540
     aattaatata attaagagct ttgtttttaa tgtgacacaa atatcctatt ctttctccag    321600
     agaggacaca tggaaattca gtgacccaga tgcaaggtca agtgaccctt tcagaagagg    321660
     agtttctatt tataaactgt acctattcaa ccacagggta cccgactctt ttctggtatg    321720
     tccaatatcc tggagaaggt ccacagctcc ttttgaaagt cacaacagcc aacaataagg    321780
     gaagcagcag aggttttgaa gctacatatg ataaagggac cacgtccttc cacttgcaga    321840
     aagcctcagt gcaggaatca gactcggctg tgtactactg tgttctgggt gacacagtgg    321900
     tagaaaccac agggggaact gagcacaaac tctgagaagc aaaaggaagt ctgacttctg    321960
     atcatctacc tttgcatccc cacagtctgt gctgtgtatc ccagtatttc tctgattgat    322020
     gaaaatcaga caagtggtct gagcagaaca agaaggagat gttgccacat ctggattttc    322080
     atagaggaaa ctgaaaccat aggatatctg tagttcctca tggagggtca cagtgatttc    322140
     acaggaaagc catgaaaaca atgtcagttg tcatcctctc tatatgcaag tcattatctt    322200
     catattgttg catttcacct ctggcccaag tttttcatag agggccaaaa atgccatgaa    322260
     tgatgccatt ctgataatgt gtaactaata ctatggaagg acaggtatca gagggttata    322320
     gctcttccat atctcatgat ttctaataag ggaatatggg tagaaaagaa aagagaaaga    322380
     gaaactggaa caggtagaca attgtcagat tttcaatgtc tcacctctct tctaaattca    322440
     acacctctgg gtctcagctc cagcgctgta ggagactatg cacttggcct ctcctccctc    322500
     ttttccctat taccagaata ctagactgat cctgatgacc ctgattccct ctctactgtg    322560
     gatgtcttca ctctacacct cttctagccc acctccatgt ccaattgtga gcacccaatg    322620
     aatgggaaaa aagccacact ctgcctgtta ttttagtgtc catacctggc aggatctcag    322680
     aagcattccc tacctgccta cccaagtctt ctaagaaccc agagaggaca acagaaacca    322740
     aggaacagaa tacttatcta acaaagataa gacaaggtat cagcactgag gattacaatg    322800
     atcataaact cagatgccta gatttcagca taaaaacaat aaaagccagg atgatatgtt    322860
     tccattgaag cccagaaatg ccactccagt aggctccaag aaatgcagta tagctgacgc    322920
     ataagacaag ggcttcaaat tagactttat gaatatgtta gcggtcttga aagaaaaaaa    322980
     tgaatgtatt ctttaaagat atcaatgaaa acacaaacaa tgggatgaaa tagggaaagc    323040
     agctcatgac ttgcaagtag acatagaatt aataaaagca acaaaaactg agagaaaact    323100
     ggaagtgaaa attttaggaa cccaaacaag aaggtcagag gcaaatttca acaagagtat    323160
     acaagatgga agaaagaatc tcagccactg aatacatgat agaaaagatg gtcaaagaaa    323220
     aattcaagtc taaaaatata cagtcgcatc catgaaatct aatacacttt gaaaagtcta    323280
     aacttatgaa tcacaggaat agagaaagga gaaggcaccc aggtcaaaaa tacagaacat    323340
     attttcaaca aaattataga agaaaaatcc ctacctctga aaaaggagat gcctatcgag    323400
     gtagaataga tatacagaac accaaataga ctgggtgaga aaagaagtct catggcatat    323460
     aataatcaga acagttaagg tatagaaaaa agaggagtat taaaaggtac acaaaaaaaa    323520
     gaccaaataa catataaatg cagatatctt agaataagcc ctgacttctc aatggagacc    323580
     cagaaggcca tggaccaatg ttttatgaat tctaagagac cacagatgcc acccagactt    323640
     tacttctcag caaaactttc aatcatcata gctagagaaa ggcatttaat gataaaccaa    323700
     attaacagaa tctatctaac aacccagatg tccctcaact gaagaatgga ccaaaaattg    323760
     gttgttttac acaatggaat actattccac tattaaaaac aaaggcatca tgaattttgc    323820
     aggcaagtgg atggaattat taaatattac tcagaagggg aaataaaata gaggtgggtg    323880
     ggtggaggga cctggggggg gggagaggga acaaggataa gaatggggct gaagggatca    323940
     ggtataggga gagtggagca gaaagaaaat cggcagtggg aagggtagca catctctagg    324000
     actttgtcag agacctggaa caggtggatg cctcagagag tctatggggg tgactctacc    324060
     tgagtcttct agcagtgagg tagccattcc tatagtcagg caaaactcta ggtggagaga    324120
     taagaacacc aacatacttg aaaatccttg gacctaaaat ttgtcctgcc tataagatat    324180
     ttagggacaa agattgagta gcgaaagaag gaatgttcaa ccaaagtctg gcccaaattg    324240
     agatccatcc catgggcaag aaccaatccc tgacactatt aataatactc tgttatgttt    324300
     gcaggcagta gcctagtgta agtgtcatct gaaaactacc cagcagccga tggaaacaga    324360
     tgccaagacc cacatccaaa cattagatgg agcttgggga gtcttgtgga agagttaggg    324420
     gaaagattgg ggacactgga ggggatagag actccagaag aagaccaaca gagtcagcta    324480
     acctggattc ttggaggatc ccagagacca aaccaccaac taaaaagcaa ccatggcctg    324540
     gacctaggta ccctgtagga ctgtgaaagg cagcctgttt tctggttgaa taggtttaaa    324600
     ctccagagac ccagcaggtg ttcctgaaaa ggatggaagg tgcttgctat gcccccatac    324660
     accaggctcc taacataagg cctcggctcc ataattctgt ggccatcagt cacgtagggc    324720
     aatgccccaa gcctctggta ttctgtctgg actccacacc cacagttacc tgacaacagc    324780
     caggtaggcc tggcccacta taaaaggggc tgcttgcccc acctccctct cttactcttg    324840
     cctctctctc ttgccctctt gctcccccct ctctgcattc cctacccccc tctctccatg    324900
     ttacgatggc tgtcatctac ttctctactc tctccctctc taaccccctc tctccatgtt    324960
     accatggctg gcctctactt ctctactctc tccctttctt tgcctttctc tgcctctact    325020
     accctcttag ttccccttcc cagacaaaag gtgtttctcc tctttgcaaa aggtatttaa    325080
     cctcagcctg ctctgagaaa gtgaggttag ttttcgctta tcacaactct ccaccatgac    325140
     aataaatgcc ttaaaacctt gaactgcctc ttctcatcag gatccaccat gctggaacaa    325200
     cggagcaggt ctttctctaa agagccaagt gtctaatctc ccacaggagg cctccctgca    325260
     ttcccagcca tggcttccac caagatgcct acctgagcaa gctaaggact ctctcctcgt    325320
     agaaaccaac tacagctctc ctcctgccca ctttttttct ttaggcccca ggctagaacc    325380
     agccccaaga gctaccacac cattctcagt tcttctgcag aggcatccac ggtgcccaag    325440
     agtgagaacc tgctgtctcc ggcctctgtg caggcctagg gacctctcct gccccctcct    325500
     gagcctgact ccagcagttt ggtagggacc tcagactgtg cctccccacc ccagaaccag    325560
     gcctgaggct tctcacaacc caatgcctgc ctggcagcag catggcgtgc atgcagtcaa    325620
     acttcccatg tccacctcca taagtggccc tagccctgtg gtgggtagga ttcgggccat    325680
     cattctaacc cacagtaccc catatacgtg ttgcagatgt gtagcttggt cttcatgtgg    325740
     gttccccaac aattggagtg gtgactgtcc ctgaatctgt tgcatgtatg tggatccagt    325800
     tcccttaatt gagctacctt gtttggcctc agtgggagaa gatgtgccta gtcctgcagt    325860
     gacttgattt ttcagggtag gatgatattc aggagacccc tcttctcaca gaggctatgt    325920
     gtgtggggat aaggggtaga ggtggggctg cgatagggat gcaaaaaaaa tatttattta    325980
     agaacaactt tcaatcatca tagatgaaga aaaacattca ttgataaaca aattaaacag    326040
     aatctatcta taaatccagc cctactgaag gcattagatg gaaaacttca gcttgaagag    326100
     gacaaacata cccaagagca ctcaaggaat aaataatgtc agaccattaa atcaaaggaa    326160
     tggggaaaga aacctatcac cacaacaaaa actgggaatg aacaaatgct gcttgttgat    326220
     agctctcatt atgaaatagt cttaatttcc caatttaaaa acacacacta acaagtggtt    326280
     aaaaaacagg atccatcctt ctgctgggtc taagaatcac accttaacat caagggcaga    326340
     catcaattca gttaaaagga tgcaaaaaga tattccaagc aaatggacct aagaaggaag    326400
     ccagtatagc catttgaata tctgactaat gaccccaatc caaaatgaat ccgaagagat    326460
     atggaaggat actacattct aatcaaagga aaaatccact ttcttgagtt cagaacaaca    326520
     gatgagagag aacatgagac atttgtcttt ctgggtctgg gttattattg taaggtgtgt    326580
     attgagttca gtcattttgt tgtattttta ttgtttgcat tcttagtcat tctttgtgct    326640
     tcagtaatta tcactgcact tgttttctgt ctatagtttc tatgcagtgt ttacacatct    326700
     atttactctg aagtattact tcctgcattc tttgtatgaa tggtctcatg aacatgagtt    326760
     atttaggata tttgtgaggt ggacaggttt tctttctctt tcaactatga tagatcattt    326820
     tgttggatat tgtgtctagg ttggcttgta tagtctttta gacttgacat acatcacacc    326880
     aggctctgat agcttgcaaa gtttccatta agaaataatg tgctactatg atgggttttc    326940
     ttttatatag aatttgtgtc tttttctctt gtaatgttaa atgcttttcc tttgtctgta    327000
     tgttttgtct tttcatcatg aggttctgta gagaatttct tttttttttt tttacttttt    327060
     aaaaatattt tttattatgt attttcctca attacatttc caatgctatc ccaaaagtcc    327120
     cccataccct cccccccact ccctaaccca cacattccca ctttttggcc ctggcgttcc    327180
     cctgtactgg ggcatataaa gtttgcatgt ccaatgggcc tctctttcca gtgatggccc    327240
     actaggccat cttttgataa atatggagct agagtcaaga gctccgtggt actagttagt    327300
     tcataatgtt gttgcaccta ctttttttta attaggtatt ttcctcgttt acatttccaa    327360
     tgctatccca aaagtccccc ataccaaccc ccccccccaa tcccctaccc acccactctc    327420
     cctttttggc cctggcgttc ccctgtactg gggcatataa agtttgcaag tccaaaggga    327480
     ctctctttcc agtgatggct gactaggcca tcttttgata catatacagc tagagataag    327540
     agctccgggg tactagttag ttcataatgt tgttccacct atagggctgc agttcctttt    327600
     agctccttgg gtactttctc tagctcctct attggggctg tgtgacccat ccaatagctg    327660
     actgtgagca tccacttctg tgttttctag gccccggcat agtctcacaa gagacagcta    327720
     tatctgggtc cttacagcaa aatcttgcta gtgtatgcaa tggtgtcagc ttttggaagc    327780
     tgattatggg atggatccct gcatatggca atcactagat ggtccatcct tttgtcacag    327840
     ctccaaattt tgtctctgta actccttcca tgggtgtttt gttcccattt ctaagaaggg    327900
     gcaaagagtc cacactttgg tcttcgttct tcttgagttt catgcgttta gcaaattgta    327960
     tcttatatct tgggtatcct aagtttctgg gctaatatcc acttatcagt gagtacatgt    328020
     tgtgcgagtt cctttgtgat tgggttacct cactcaggat gattacctaa aggtgatcag    328080
     atccagatga tgcctaggaa ttttataaat tcattctttt taatagctga gtagtactcc    328140
     attgtgtaga tgtaccacat tttctgtatc cattcctctg tttaggggca tctgggttct    328200
     ttccagcttc tggctattat aaataaggct gctatgaaca tagtggagca tgtgttcttc    328260
     ttacaggttg ggacatcttc tggatatatg cccaggagag gtattacagg atcctccggt    328320
     agtactatgt ccaattttct gaggaaccgc cagattgatt tccagagtgg ttgtacaagc    328380
     ttgcaatccc accaccaatg gaggagtgtt cctctttctc cacatcctcg ccagcatctg    328440
     ctgtcacctg aatttttgat cttagccatt ctgactggtg tgaggtggaa tctcagggtt    328500
     gttttgattt gcatttccct gatgattaag gatgttgaac attttttcag gtgcttctct    328560
     gccattcggt attccttagg tgagaattct ttgttcagct ctgagcccca ttttttaatg    328620
     gggttattta attttctgga gtccaccttc ttgagttctc tttatatatt ggatattagt    328680
     cccctatctg atttgggatt ggtaaaggtc ctttcccaat ctgttggtgg tctttttgtc    328740
     ttattgacgg tgtcttttgc cttgaagaag ctttgaaatt ttatgaggtc ccatttatcg    328800
     attcttgatc ttacagcaca agccattgct gttctattca ggaattttcc ccctgtaccc    328860
     atatcttcga tgcttttccc tattttctcc tctataagtt tcagtgtctt tggtttcatg    328920
     tggagttcct taatccactt agatttgacc ttagtacaag gagattgaaa tggatccatt    328980
     cacattcttc tacatgataa ccgccagttg tgccagcatc atttgttgaa aatgctgtct    329040
     ttttttccac tggatggttt tagctccctt gtcaaagatc aagtgaccat aggtgtgtgg    329100
     gttcatctct gggtcttcaa ttctgttcca ttggtctact tgtctgtccc tataccagta    329160
     ccatgcagtt tttatcacaa ttgctctgta gtacagcttt aggtcaggca aggtgattcc    329220
     accagaggtt cttttatcct tgagaagagt ttttgctatc ctaggttttt tgttattcca    329280
     gatgaatctg ccgattaccc tttctaattc gttgaagaat tgagttggaa ttttgatggg    329340
     gattgcattg aatctgtaga ttgttttggc aagatagcca tttttacaat gttgatcctc    329400
     ccaatccatg aacatgggag atctttccat cttctgagat cttctttaat ttctttcttc    329460
     agagacttga agttcttatc atacagatct ttcacttcct tagagtcacg ccaaggtatt    329520
     ttatattatt tgtgactatt gagaagggtg ttgtttccct aatttctttc tcagcctgtt    329580
     tatcctttgt gtacagaaag gccattgact tgtttgagtt aattttatat ccagctactt    329640
     cattgaagct gtttatcagg cttaggagtt ctctggtgga atttttaggg tcacttatat    329700
     atactatcat atcatctgca aaaagtgata ttttgacttc ttcctttcca atttgtatcc    329760
     ccttgatctc cttttgttgt ttaattgctc tggataggac ttcaagtaca atgttgaata    329820
     ggtagggcaa gagtggacag ccttgtctag tccctgattt tagtgggatt gcttctagct    329880
     tctccccatt tgctttgatg ttggctacgg gtttgctgta gattgctttt atcatgttta    329940
     ggtatgggcc ttgaattcct gatatttcca agacttttat catgaatggg tgttggattt    330000
     ttgtcaagtg ctttctccac atctaaggag atgatcatgt ggtttctgtc tttgagtttg    330060
     tttatataat ggattatgtt gatggatttc cgtatattga accatttctg catccctggg    330120
     atgaaaccta cttggtcagg atggatgatt gttttgatgt gttcttggat tcagttagca    330180
     agaactttat tgaggatctt tgcatcgata ttcataaggg aaattggtct gaagttctct    330240
     atctttgttg ggtctttttg tggtttcggt atcagagtaa ttgtggcttc atagaatgag    330300
     ttgggtagag taccttctgc ttctattttg tggaatagtt tgtgaagaag tggaattaga    330360
     tcttctttga aggtctgata gaactttgca ctaaacccat ctggacctgg gctttttttg    330420
     gttgggagac tattaatgac tacttctatt tctttagggg atatagtact gtttagatta    330480
     ttaacctgat cttgatttaa ctttggtacc tggtatatgt ctagaaactt ctccatttca    330540
     tccaggttct ccagttttgt tgagtatagc cttttgtaga aggttctgat ggtgttttgg    330600
     atttcttcgg gatctgttgt tatgtctccc ttttcatttc tgattttgtt aattagaatg    330660
     atttcccttt gccctgtagt gagtttggct aagggtttat ctatcttgtt gattttctca    330720
     aagaaccagc tccttgattg gttgattctt tgaatagttc ttcttgtttc cacttggttg    330780
     atttcacccc tgagtttgat tatttcctgc cttctactcc tcttaagtga atttgcttca    330840
     ttttattcta gagattttag gtgtgttgtc aagctgctaa tgtgtgccct ctctagtttt    330900
     ttttggaggc actcagagct atgagttttt ctcttagaaa tgctttcatt gtgtcccata    330960
     agtttgcgta ctttgtggct tcattttcat taaactccaa aaagtcctta atttctttct    331020
     ttattcattc cttgaccgag gtatcattga gaagagtgtt gttcagtttc cacgtgaatg    331080
     ttggctttct attatttatt ttcttattga agatcagcct tagtccatgg tgatctgata    331140
     ggatgcatgg gacaatttca acatttttgt atctgttgag gcttgttttg tgaccaatta    331200
     tgtggtcaat tttagagaag gtaccatgag gtgctgagaa gaaggtatat ccttttgttt    331260
     taggataaaa tgttctgtag atatctgtta agtccatttg tttcatcact tctgttagtt    331320
     tcactgtgtc tctgtttagt ttctgtttcc atgatctgtc cattggtgaa agtggtgtgt    331380
     tgaagtctcc cactattatt gtgtgaggtg caatgtgtgc tttgagcttt actaaatttt    331440
     ctttaatgaa tgtggctgcc cttgtatttg gagcatagat attcacaatt gagaattcct    331500
     cttggaagat tttacctttg atgagtatgt agtgcccctc ctttactttt ttgattactt    331560
     ttggttggaa gccgattttg ttagatatta taaaggctac tccagcttgt ttcttcatac    331620
     tattgcttgg aaaattattt tccatccttt cattctgagg tagtgtctat ctttttctct    331680
     gagatgagtt tcctgtaggc agcaaaatgt tgggtcttgt ttgtgttgcc agtttgttag    331740
     gctatatcta tttattgggg agttgagtcc attgatatta agagatatta aagaaaagtt    331800
     atgttgcttc ctgttatttt tgtttttaaa gttggatttc tgttcttgtg gctgtcttct    331860
     tttaggtttg ttgagggatt atcttcttgc tttttctagg gcatggtttc cgtccttgta    331920
     ttgttttttg tttgtttttt ttttctgtta ttatcctttg aagggctgga ctcatggaaa    331980
     gataatgtgt gaatttggtt ttgtcgtgga atactttggt ttctccatct atggtaattg    332040
     agagtttggc tgggtatagt aggctgggct ggaatttgtg ttctcttagt gaccgtataa    332100
     catctgtcca ggatcttctg gctttcatag tctctggtga aaaatctggt gtaattctga    332160
     taggcttgcc tttatatgtt acttgacctt tttcccttac tgcttttagt attctatctt    332220
     tatttagtga atttgttgtt ctgattatta tgtgtcggta ggaatttctt ttctgcttca    332280
     gtctatttgg ggttctgtag gcttcttgta tgttcatggg cctctctttt ttcagatttg    332340
     ggaagatttc ttctataatt ttgttgaaga tatttgccgg tcctttgagt tgaaaatctc    332400
     cattctcatc cactcctatt attcgtaggt ttggtcttct cattgtgtcc tggattttct    332460
     ggatgttttg agttaggatc tttttgcatt ttccattttc tttgattgtt gtgccgatgt    332520
     tctctatgga atcttttgca cctgagattc tctcttccat ctcttgtatt ctattgctga    332580
     tgctcgcagc tatgattcca gatttctttc ctaggatttc tatctccagc tttgcctcac    332640
     tttgtgtttt ctttattgtg tctacttacc tttttaggtc ttggatggtt ttattcaatt    332700
     ccatcacttg tttggttgtg ttttcctgca attctttaag ggatttttga acttcctctt    332760
     taatgtcttc tacctgttta gcagtgttct cctgtatttc tttaagtgag ttatttaagt    332820
     ccttcttgat gtcctctacc atcatcatga gatatgcttt taaatccagg tctagctttt    332880
     cgggtgtgtt ggggtgccct ggactgggcg aagtgggagt gctgggttct gatgatggtg    332940
     agtggtcctg gtttctgtta ggaagattct tacgtttacc tttcgccatc tggtaatctc    333000
     tggagttagt tgttatggtt gtctctgttt cgagattgtt cctctggtga ttttgttacc    333060
     ctctatcagc agacctggga gactagctct tccctctgag tttcagtggt cagagcagac    333120
     tctgcaggca agctctcctc tttcagggaa ggtgcacagt tatctggcgt ttggacctcc    333180
     tcctgtctga aaatgaaggc ccaaaacagg acctttccca gaagctgtgt tgctttggcc    333240
     tgtcacagaa gccattgttt cagtagtcca cactctcacc tgtgcagact actttccccg    333300
     gagtcctgga atcaagatgg ctcccgtgga tcctgaggca aaggcctccc agcctgggtg    333360
     gacacctgtc ctctggccct gaaggtgacc ggtggtctgg agctgaaaat ggcgccgact    333420
     cagaagctct gtggctctcc ccctcccaga agctgctagc ctctgtagtc cacagtctta    333480
     cctgtgcaga ctgcccactg tggagtcccg gaaccgagat ggctcccacg gaacctgagg    333540
     caggagcctc ccgggctggg tggacacttg tcctctggcc gagaattttt tttattgtct    333600
     tgtttatttg gttttcaaat gcttcatata tatatgcata tatatgtgtg tgtgtatata    333660
     tatatggggg ggagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagtc tttccttatt    333720
     tagggaaatt ttcttctatg atctttttga agggatcttc tatgccattg atcttggatc    333780
     ttctttattt atgcttataa tttgaagaca aggtttttca aaattttaat aataataata    333840
     ataattttag caatatgggt attttacctg aacatgtgtc tgtgcattgt atatgtatct    333900
     tgttactgac aaggccagaa gatgaagtca tataccctaa aagtggagat agtactggtt    333960
     gtgtatcacc atatgtgtac ttataattga acccagatcc tttggaaaag cagttggtgt    334020
     gcttaaccat caagttatct ctccagattc aagatatggt ctttttatgt tgtcccacta    334080
     ttcctgcatg tttctctcct ttctctttct ctctctgtct ctcttagtct ctctgtctcc    334140
     ccctccctct ttttctgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gcacatgtgt gcgtgaatcc tttccatagt    334200
     ctttgtttta tctttgagcc ctgatattct atcttctgtt gatccattat attactatgg    334260
     cttctccttc cctgaatttt tcattggctt attaagtttt catttccatt ttcatttctg    334320
     cttgagttct cttcaatatt ttcatctctc cattgagttt aggctgggta cctggtgtgg    334380
     atataggatt ggtgtggatt ttgggaaggg tgcccgaagg gtcatgcata ctcaacaggt    334440
     gtataaagac tgttgggatt tgaggttgga tatcacctgt aagaccttcc tataaagatt    334500
     ccctaccatg gccccagtga acaagctagc agtgaaggga gcccatcctc caggttttgc    334560
     ttgctgtgaa gtttgctcat cttaagttat atctatgcag agtgtcagat tttacatctc    334620
     tgaatcttat caagacttta ttttctttta tgcttaaagc ccaaccaagg ggagcctcct    334680
     ctcccctatc ttgtattcag cacccaatgt taatggttct tcatttcttt tagaagtaca    334740
     aactttagta attgagattt catctggctc tgttgtttac tttgtgacac ccacattttg    334800
     tgtaccactg ccctcacctg caagccacat atcagatgct ttgtttcagg ttcacagtga    334860
     ttcagtggac ccaagttatc agacaggcat aagaactggt aaagttgaat ggactcaaac    334920
     cccaggaatc tctgagatct gagaacagca ggtgtagagc agattttgat tcctacctgt    334980
     ctctgtacct gtctctgtac taacttatct ggaacatgta accaagatac ccaatggaga    335040
     tgacctcaga tagtcacata gcataacact tggagttctt ctccatgctt atgaggtatc    335100
     tagagaacgt tgaactctct agactttctc ttcctggata ttttcactcc attccccaaa    335160
     gaggtatatg atccctggtt caccctgaat aaagtgtatg cctctgaata cacccccaat    335220
     gaagccatat gaacaagcaa ggattgtctg agagtgttac ttctctaaag atctccacag    335280
     ggaaggaggt ctgcatctaa aagagctaca cctaagactg ccaaagaagg ttttcctctt    335340
     gtcccaccct tttgatactc tctctgcact ggctccaaat tggattgatt cctgctccgc    335400
     tcaggctcag ctttcttcta cctgcctgga gtgcagatgc cctaaggtga aatgtagatg    335460
     ctggactctc attcctgact tcctctcctg gcagcatgag cagtgcctgg gtaagcagaa    335520
     aggggattgg gaaccacaac attcgtccta gaccctgctg ttccccgtct ggaccttctt    335580
     gtagtggaat ctgatttctt gaagagaaac atgggctgtg gactgccaat tccagccttt    335640
     gctctacctc ctctggactg tgtgcaggct gcatccagac atccctggca gagaggcaga    335700
     ataatgtaca acaggaaagt gctgtgtgtc tctaatgggt cattctcctg ttcttctagg    335760
     ggaagaactg ctaacctact tgtttacatt tcattgcaag tctcttacag ggaggtgtgt    335820
     atcttacaaa gactttcaag tttagtttca tgtttctttt ggacaatttt caaagcttgt    335880
     ttgcattctt ctcacttgtc tatgatgtat aaagcataca ttaatatccc cgaggaacaa    335940
     aataagctaa ataactatta gacatgacaa cgttgaaact ctgtaaagta catgggacac    336000
     cttccataaa gatgggttca gtaataacaa gcttatggta atggtggaga tgagggtggg    336060
     gaagggacta tgcatttttt tcctttgaag gattttggtt tggtaggttt atgaattttt    336120
     tgagacatgt cccccatgga tgtcacaggc aagtcttaaa ctcacatcct cttgcttcag    336180
     ccttccaaac cagaatctcg tctgtgagta taagcatgtg ccactgtgat tatctccttt    336240
     ttcaggatcc atagttcctg agaaatgggt attgttttta ttgtcaggga caatgtactc    336300
     tttgagaaaa ctttagcgta taggcatctt tctctcattc tgttcttttt gtacttgttg    336360
     atgaaaagaa aggtttgatc aaatgatgtt ttgtggatgc tgattgcatg gcttttgagt    336420
     ggggaaggat ctttaatcag cgtctgcaag gcctcaatgt ctattgtggg aaggtgcagg    336480
     aggaactgag ctccgtgcgc tcacagatgc tagctagctc acttgtgctg ggaggacctg    336540
     gaatgtgaaa tatacagggc tgttccttca aaggaaaaaa tgcacaatct gttatttctc    336600
     cagaaatctg agattgaaag tgtgaccaga gaccacccaa tcccttcccc accctcatct    336660
     ccaccattac cataagtttg ttattattga acccatcttt atggaaggtg ttccatgtac    336720
     tttttttttt tttacaaaga gtttcaatgt tgtcatgtct aatagttatt tagcttattt    336780
     tgttcctcag ggatattaat gtatgcttta ttgtgtacac atgattgagt taattaccaa    336840
     aagaaaaagt tttcaccaaa ttgtcctgca tttaaatatg cctaaaataa actattcaat    336900
     atcagcctac tgaaatgtga gccagcacct tctatttagt tgtgttgatc caaactgcct    336960
     gcttgtctcc tacatttctt aactctgctg gccatggaaa tcccacaagt cctcacagga    337020
     ctgttacttc ttggtttgtt tctttgtgga cccacttcag ctctgaccta gatattcccc    337080
     tggtacatat agtttgaagg atatgtcaga aatagagggt gggataaagt gaaagtgttg    337140
     gggaagagag agaaggaagg aaggggagat ggagaaagga ggtagagtca ggaagaggga    337200
     gggtaagaga aatgaaatct agaactttca cagaccattc cttacacaac aggactttat    337260
     tcaagaaaaa aaaagaataa aacaattagt caaatgaaca cgctccctag gttttactta    337320
     gagtttaggt ggtcagtata gcccaagctc ttttgtagaa cccagggaaa ggtctcttta    337380
     gacatagcat gctccaggca caaaatggaa tggagaattc caggcctttc tagactgtgg    337440
     cctagataag cagccagcca ggccatctgt aagccttgaa gatggattga gtgagggtgt    337500
     caagggttag agttatgctg tatgaaaact tcattcagat ttccatgctg acattttgta    337560
     ggtggttttt cagtccaagt gactgcctgt gtttgatacc tgttattcct gagaaagaag    337620
     acaaaatctg ctgagtgtgt acacacaggc tcacccctct ctctgttcca acttggagca    337680
     aatatctctt caaaactcca actaaactct caagtgctgt atttcttagt agttatgtta    337740
     gaatagtttg cagtttgaat atttctttgg tcactatcat gagtccacaa gatggcagtg    337800
     ttttctttgg gatcggggtc tggggaggag ggtgcaggaa gaggaggagc gggtagagaa    337860
     agggctgggg gaaggcttgg tgctgctgag gtcatgaaga gtctcttttc tagttaccaa    337920
     cttagagttg aggatctcag ttctcagtga agaggaagga ggagagaatg aaatccttta    337980
     gtatttccct agtggtcctg tggcttcagc taaactgtaa gtttgggaat ttctttagga    338040
     ttgtaatatt ggttctaggc taatggtagg aacccagatg ttttttaata tctagttagg    338100
     gataggagac ccatggaaaa atctttctag agtgctagca tccatataag tccagtctat    338160
     tttctctgat ctttgtcttt ctgcacaggg gtgaacagcc aacagaaggt gcagcagagc    338220
     ccagaatccc tcattgttcc agagggaggc atggcctctc tcaactgcac ttccagtgat    338280
     cgtaatgttg actacttctg gtggtacaga cagcactctg ggaaaagccc caagatgctg    338340
     atgtctatct tctccaatgg tgaaaaggaa gaaggcagat tcacagtaca cctcaataaa    338400
     gccagcctgc atacttccct gcacatcaga gactcccagc ccagtgactc tgctctctac    338460
     ctctgtgcag caagcacaca gtgatcccca ggcacctgca gcctgcacac aaacctactg    338520
     tgccccatta atgcctgaga tcacattaca ctgtagagca tacgctacac agtagggata    338580
     ttctgtttct attctgtatg caataagaat taagaacaag agtagagagg gcattttaac    338640
     attttgaaaa taagtaattc tgaagggaaa ggcacattac tggtttggtt gaaatatttt    338700
     tcacttttct cccatgctga tggttataca gcagtattca cactcttaat gtgcatatct    338760
     tgtagtgttg taagacaagc atatggcaag gagaatcacc acatgatatt ccataaagac    338820
     aaccactaat tctacagccc tgtgccttct ttgcttttaa aatatttcaa taaaaatatt    338880
     tgcttcctaa tttttaaaag ctagattaca aaggagcaag tttctgtatg gcagtttcat    338940
     acatatttac tttccttgat ccttcttcca gcttatcctc tctgccatct cctacttccc    339000
     tattcttact taaacctctt tgttctcggt gttccccctt ccacttccat atcttctgtt    339060
     ttattacctc ttactcatct ttcttaatgc tccttttccc tccttttcta gtttcctggt    339120
     atctactcac attcatagtc acaaaataca tacagataaa aaatagaagc taagatttgc    339180
     atgtgttttt gtctctgagg ccgtaataag tcatttatta tggtatttct caattatatc    339240
     catttcacgc aaattctata atttcatttt ccattttgtc aaattatata tattcattat    339300
     ccaagttttc attatctact cctttgttga tgaacatcta ggctgtcttc attccctagc    339360
     aattttgagt agagcaacaa taaacatggt tgagcatgta tctctgtagt agaatacaga    339420
     gcccttcaga atgtatatcg aggaattaca aaggtggacc ctataccact gcctctttta    339480
     gctttatgag aatccttcac acagatttcc atagtttttt acattagttt gtttttaaca    339540
     ttggtgaatg aaggctccct actttccaaa acattcacca gcatttatta ttttgaatcc    339600
     tgtttttatt ctttcatacg atatatttca tctgctgtgt ctattcctta cattcccaat    339660
     aggtgttccc cttcaactcc tgtctaccac agatccactc ctcctttatt tcccttcaga    339720
     aaagaggagg cacgctaagg atatcagtca aacatgaaat accaagttac aataagacca    339780
     ggcagaaacc ctcatatcag agctgggtaa ggcagcccag taggagcaaa agggtcccaa    339840
     gatcagcaaa agagtcaggg acattcttac ttccactggt aggtagccca caaaaacacc    339900
     aaggtaacaa tcataatgta tttgtgtagg acctagatca gacccatgca ggctctgtga    339960
     ttgttgtttc agtctctatg agcccctcag agccttggtt atttgattct gtgggccatt    340020
     ttctcttagt gtcttcaact actatggctc ctaaattctc cctgcctcac actgagtttt    340080
     tacattggct tcaatgtaag gaacccaatg gagatctcca atttgagcta tctctcagac    340140
     taatgtttgc ttgcaggtct ctgtatctgc tcacatcaac tgctggagga agcctctttg    340200
     atgaagattg ggtttatcta agagtatagc agactatcat taggaatcat tttgttgatt    340260
     tttcttctat cctaggtctc tgggctatct ggcctccaga tcctggttgt ccaaccaatg    340320
     ttggacatag gctccatttt tgggcctgag cctcaaatta gatcagtcat tgattggccc    340380
     ttcttacaag ttctgtgcct ccagtgcttc tgcacatcat gaaggcagga tagattgtag    340440
     gtcaaaggtt ttgtgattga gttggtgtcc tagtgccatc actggaagtc ccctgatttc    340500
     aaaagatatc cagtttaggc tccatatccg ccattactag gagtcctcac aagggtcaca    340560
     ctagtagaat cctggaagtt tcctttgcac taggtttcct caccattcct gaaatgcact    340620
     ccaatcccag ttgcctcttg ccatatcctc tccctccacc ccaacacctg atgattcctg    340680
     ttcccatttt agctcactct gagtccacct gctgaatata ttatatttcc tctttccagt    340740
     gagatatgca tgccactctt agaaccttcc tttttactta gtctctctgg atctgtggat    340800
     tgtagcatga tcatatacca tgcttgtctt tcttggtctg ggttatctca ctcaggatga    340860
     tttttttcta gttctaccca tttcatgatg ttttttaaat agatgagtta tactctattg    340920
     tgtaaatgta ccacattttc tttatcaaca tttaattgag ggatagctaa gttgtttctg    340980
     gtttctggat aatatgaaca tagctgctat atacacaggt gagcaagtat ctttgtggta    341040
     ggatggagtg atttttgggt atatgttcaa gagtgctaca gctgggtctt gaggtagaac    341100
     gatttcaaat tttctgagaa aataccatat tgatttccat actggttgca caagtttgca    341160
     ctcacaacag caatggagga gtgttcccct tgctccacat ctttgccagt aagagctatc    341220
     acttttggat ttgatcttag ttattctgac aggggtaagg tagaatctca gattcctttt    341280
     gatttgcatt ttcctgatgc ctaaggatgt tgaaaatttc tttaagtgct tctcagccct    341340
     tgagattcct ctgctgagaa ttatctcttt aggtctgtat cccattttta aattggacta    341400
     tttggtttgt tgatctctag ttttctatat tctttatata ttttggatat tagtctctac    341460
     tgtgtgtgga gttggtgaaa atctttttcc attctgtatg ctgctctttt gtcctattga    341520
     cagtgtcttt tgtcttacat gaagtgccat ttttaatttg ttgatttagc acgtgagcta    341580
     ttgctattct gttcaggagg ttgtttcctt ttcaatgaat atcccccctt tctcttctat    341640
     caggttcaat gtatctggtt tcatattgag gtctttgatc catttggagt tgtgttttgt    341700
     gtagggagac aaatatggat ttacttccat tctttaaaaa aatttctata tatatatata    341760
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata ttgttttttc aagacagggt    341820
     ctctctttac agccctggct gtcctggaac tcactttgta gaccagactg gcctcgaact    341880
     cagaaatccg cctgcctctg cctcccaagt gctgggatta aaggcgtgcg ccaccaccat    341940
     ttggctcatt agataattta tttatttaca ttccaaatat tatccccttt cctggtttcc    342000
     cttctggaaa gcccctatcc attgccccct cctcctgctt ctatgatggt gtttcccgtc    342060
     cctcattcct gttcgcctgt cctggaattc accctacaca ggggcattga tccttcacag    342120
     gatcaagggt ctctcctctc attgatatcc aacaaggcca tcctctgcta catataagac    342180
     tggagtcatg gatccttcca cgtgtactct ttggttggtg atttagttcc tgggagctct    342240
     gggaggtctg gttggttgat attgttcttc ctatgaggtt ctaacacctt cagttccctc    342300
     aatcctttta ctaattcctg cattgccagt ctaatggtta gctgtgagca tctacctctg    342360
     tatttgtcag actctggcag agcctctcag gagacaggta tatcagggtc ctgtcagcaa    342420
     aatcttgctc atagatacta tagtgtctag gtttggtggc tgagtatggg atggatctcc    342480
     acgtgggaaa gtctctggat ggtccttcct tccatctcag ctccgaactt ttactctgta    342540
     actccttcca cgggtatttt gttccccatt ctaagaagga gcgaagtatt cacacactgg    342600
     tcttccttct tcttgacttt catgtgtttt gcaaattgta tcttggatat tgtaattttc    342660
     tgggcaaata tcctcttatc agtgagtgca tatcatgtgt attcttttgt gattgggtta    342720
     cctcactcag gatgatatcc tccagttcca tccatttgcc taagaatttc ataaattcat    342780
     tgtttttaat tgctgagtag tactccattg tgtaaatgta ccacattttc tgtatccatt    342840
     cttctgttga gggacatctg ggtcctttcc agcttctggc tactataaat aaggctgcta    342900
     tgaacataat ggagaatgtt tccttattac cagttggaat atcttctggg tatatgccca    342960
     gaagaggaaa tgctggatct tcctgtagta ctaagtccac ttttctgagg aaccttcaga    343020
     ctgatttcca gagtggttgt acaagcttgc aatcccacca acaaaggagg agtgtccctc    343080
     tttctccaca tcctcgccag catctgctgt cacctgaatt tttgatctta gccattctga    343140
     ctggtatgag gtggaatctc agggttgttt tgatttgcat ttccctgata attaaggatg    343200
     ttgaacattt ttttcaggtg cttctcatcc attcggtatt cctcacttga gaattctttg    343260
     tttagcttaa taccccattt ttaaaaatag ggtaatttga ttttctggag actatcttct    343320
     tgagttcttt atatacattg gatattagtt ccctatctga tttaggattg ctaaagatcc    343380
     tttcacaatc tgttggtggc cattttctct cattgacagt cttttttacc ttatagaagc    343440
     attgcaattt tataaggtcc catttgctaa ttctctatct tacagtacaa aacattgctg    343500
     ttctgctaag gaatttttcc catgtgccca tatcttcgag gtttttcccc actttgtcct    343560
     ccataagttt cactgtatct ggttttatgt ggggttcctt gattcactta tacttgagca    343620
     ttgtacaagg aaataagaat ggatcaattt ccagaaaaga aattcctccc tacacataat    343680
     actcagaaca acaaatgcac taaataaaga gagaatatta aaagcagtaa ggtgaaaagg    343740
     tcaagtaaca tataaaggca agcctatcag aattacacca gacttttcac cagagactat    343800
     gaaagccaga agagcctgga cagatgttat acagacacta agagaacaca aattccagcc    343860
     cagcctacta tacccagcca aactttcaat taccgtagat ggagaaacca aagtattcca    343920
     cgacaaaacc aaattcacac attatctttc cacgaatcca gcccttcaaa ggataataac    343980
     agaaaaaagc caaaagaagg aaggaaacca ctccctagaa aaagcaagaa agtaatcctt    344040
     caacaaacct aaagaagaca gccacaagaa cagaatgcca actctaacaa caaaaataaa    344100
     aggaagcaac aattactttt ccttaatatc tcttaatatc aatggactca attccccaat    344160
     aaaaagacat agactaacag actggctaca caaagaggac ccaacatttt ttctgcttac    344220
     aggacaccca tctcagcaca aaagacagat actacctcag aatgaaaggc tggaaaacac    344280
     ttttccaagc aaatggactg aagaaacaag ctggagtagc cattctaata tctaataaaa    344340
     atgacttcca acccaaagtt atcaaaaaag acaaggaggg atactacata ctcctcaaag    344400
     ataaaatctt ccaagaggaa ttctcaattc tgaatatctg tgctccaaat gcaagggcag    344460
     ccacattcat taaagaaact ttagtaaagc tcaaagcaca cattgcacct cacacaataa    344520
     tagtgggaga cttcaacaca ccactttcac caatggacag atcatggaaa cagaaactaa    344580
     acagggacac agtaaaactg acagaagtta tgaaacaaat ggacttaaca gatatctaca    344640
     gaacatttta tcctaaaaca aaaggatata ccttcttctc agtacctcat ggtatcttct    344700
     ccaaaattga ccatataatt ggttaccaaa caggcctcaa caggtacaaa aatattgaaa    344760
     ttgtcccatg catcctatca gattaccatg gactaaggct gatcttcaat aacaacataa    344820
     ataatggaaa gccaacattc acgtggaaac tgaacaacac tcttctcaat gataccttgg    344880
     tcaaggaagg aataaagaaa gaaattaaag actttttaga gtttaatgaa aatgaagcca    344940
     caatataccc aaactcatgg gacacaatga aagcatttgt aagagcaaaa ctcatagctc    345000
     tgagtgcctc caaaaagaaa ctagagagac cacacactag cagctttaca gaacacctaa    345060
     aagctctaga acaaaaggaa gaaaattcac ccaagaggag tagagggcag gaaatatcaa    345120
     actcaggggt gaaatcaacc aagtggaaac aagaagaact attcaaagaa ttaaccaaac    345180
     gaggagttgg ttccttgaga aaatcaacaa gatagataaa cccttagcca gactcactag    345240
     agagcacaag gacagcatcc taattaacaa aatcagaaat gaaaagggag acataacaac    345300
     agatcctgaa gaaatccaaa ataccatcag atccttctac aaaaggctat actcaacaaa    345360
     actcgagaac ctggatgaaa tggacaaatt tctagacaga taccaggtac caaagttaaa    345420
     tcaggatcag attaatggtg taaacagttg tatatcccct aaagtaatag aagcaagtca    345480
     ttcatagact cccaaccaaa aaagcccagg atcagatggg tgtagtgcag agttctctca    345540
     gaccttcaaa gaagatctaa tcctagttct tcacaaacta ttccacaaaa tagaagcaga    345600
     aggtactcta cccaattcat tctatgaagc cacatttact ctgataccta aagcacagaa    345660
     agacccaaca atgatagaga acttcagacc aatttccctt gtgaatatcg atgcaaaaat    345720
     attcaataaa attcttccta acctaatcca agaacacatc aaaagaatca tccatcctga    345780
     ccagtaggtt tcattccagg gatgcacgga ttgtttaata tacggaaatc catcaacgta    345840
     atccatgaca ataaccacat gatcatctta ttagatgtgg agaaagcatt tgacaaattc    345900
     caacacccat tcatgataaa agtcttggaa agatcaggaa ttcaaggccc atacctaaac    345960
     atgataaaag caatctacag caaaccagta gccaacatca aagtaaatgg tgagaagctg    346020
     gaagcaatcc cactaaaatc agggactgga caaggctgcc cagtttctcc ccacctattc    346080
     aacctagtac ttgaagtcct agccagagca attagacaac aaaaggagat caaggggata    346140
     caaattggaa aggtgtgagg agccgccctt gcaatcacca ttacaagatg gcgctgatat    346200
     ccggtgttct aactggtaaa caaatagtct gcatatgtgc tggggtattt ttccattcct    346260
     tgttccctgc ttgtcctgtg gcatcatctg gcatcatctg ggctgatagt gagcagccag    346320
     tcagggtgaa ttacgtctcc aaccccatca ttttaaataa aattgatact cattctaaga    346380
     taagttaaaa attgcttatg catgcttttg tatcttcatg catgcttaca tcccatttac    346440
     tgtatttaaa aacaaccctt ctatgggaga aaagtatatg ttaattaaat cacatgctta    346500
     tcctgtttca gcacagataa ttaaattgtg tgctgaagat ggtgtttaaa aatgttgaac    346560
     aattaaactt taagttgtat attaatagtt aatattatat ctcagagctt gcaattgctt    346620
     atgcaactta taagaaaaaa atactgtttc tttaagaaaa ttgtttttgg gcagttaaga    346680
     aattgtccta agttgcctgg aaaagacccc caggatttgc ttttgtgtta cagaggttta    346740
     cataaagctt taactaataa agattacaga tagctcctga aaagatacaa actcaggatt    346800
     cttatattta tttgggtttt aaaagatagt tatttgcaga gacaatttaa agactttctc    346860
     taatttctga ttaataaata aattatacac aagtgactat aatgactttt caagcattgt    346920
     agttaaaatc tctctccaag agaaacaatt gaaagtgtaa ttagtcactg ttcatgttat    346980
     attaaaactg actaacagtt cagtatcaaa aattttgatg aaaatacaag attgtatttt    347040
     gatgcgtgaa cacccttttt atattcaaca tattagagca catgcatcat cacctggctc    347100
     ctattcaagg aaaaaattcc taagctgaag ttagccactg gcaagaaaga ctaaacagat    347160
     aagtcctagc tgtttatttt gtaaatctaa atagtatata tgactgggct gaatagccac    347220
     cctagaaaca aatgttctgt tcctgttagt caaaagcatt catgacagtt ttaccatcag    347280
     atgaatgtga ctcttctgac tggccttcct tataatcctc aaggacaagg cattgtagaa    347340
     cgtgcccatc gcactctcaa gtcctattta attaaacaaa aacgggggat aaaggctatg    347400
     atgccaaaga tgactctatt ccttataata tttactttta atttcttaaa attggataat    347460
     gctgggagat caccagctga aaggcacaga caatggcctc aattgctcaa agaaatggtc    347520
     aagtggaaga atgtccttga taataaataa tatggtgcgg atcctatttt aataagatcc    347580
     agtggagcta tatgtgtttt tccacaggag gaagataatc ccttttggat tctggagcgc    347640
     ctcactcgaa ggatccagct cttggacaat gagtcacagg aacaagatcc caagatattg    347700
     atggatcata cttctcatgc tggaaattct agttcctagt tatctggaga gttaagatgg    347760
     ggaattatgt caactttccc tcttcctatg ccagttatgc atgatgcaca aatatttcca    347820
     cgctttttca ctacagataa agaactggga cttgcttatt tacccttaga tgaacagatt    347880
     caggctttac aagaaaatag aaccttcttc ctacagggaa gcctgtgctt tatgttaatt    347940
     tcctcgttac aagataagag ccaatgtata tccttgcatt atcaatcagc agcctggtta    348000
     agaaagagct cttggggcgt aatgactgat ataaaggctg ataccatagt tattagagga    348060
     tggtggccta gttgaaaata tggaaataag ccaccttcac aacctagaat ggcacccttt    348120
     tgcaaggaag ggtccatgga agatgtaatg ttaccttgga gaggttgcca agctaaaaaa    348180
     tatacttggg cagtagagaa atatttttcc ttttccccat atattagtag agactataat    348240
     gatacttttg ctggatatga ttttagtact atagaccccc tccaaactaa tactaaccct    348300
     tttgatcaat ggttgctttg tggggttaat ggaagctgta ctgatcttgc ccccatggct    348360
     atgattggag gaggttctag tgagaaggga gaaatgacct ttgattggag aagtacccca    348420
     cgccagaatg aaaaacaggg ttcaaatttt aaatggacta catccaatgt taaatataaa    348480
     aaacagaaag aggtaaattt tactgccacc ccggtatgtg tatggccccc gtttttgtgg    348540
     gtggtaagta acaaaagctt aaatcagaat cagatagaga tagattgctc acaagaaaaa    348600
     atgtttttat gccttatgct gggatgctaa gaaatatcct tttgctttgg ttacccgcat    348660
     gcctagattt gttcctgttc ctgtagatgc ccctaatagc ttgactttgt ttcgagggaa    348720
     aagagatttt ggtatttctg ctatcatagt tagactggtg gccacagcag tggttgcagc    348780
     ctctgtcacg gcctcggcac ttgctctatc tactagtatt caaacaacac aaactattaa    348840
     tgagctttct atgacgatca caacggcttt agataaacaa gccacagcca actcacaaat    348900
     acaaggaggg ttggtgttga taaatcaacg catcggccta gtccaagagc aagtggatat    348960
     tctttggcag ttggctcaat tgggctgtga atacaagatg cctggccttt gtgttacttc    349020
     tgttcagttt gaaaattcta caagagcagt aaatttgtca aaactttgtc tcgttatatg    349080
     ttacagaatt ggaacatgga atttgagcaa acgcttcgag aattgagagt tactattcta    349140
     caagtgaatt ctacgcgtct cgacccttcg ctgacgaagg gcttctccac tggatttcct    349200
     ctgcattttc ctactttaag gagtgggtgg gggtaggctt gtttgccgtg atcctatgca    349260
     gtggagcgtt gcttttgctc tggatggtct ataaacttaa agcccaaaca aaaagggaca    349320
     ggatggtaat agcccaagca cttgcagcat tagaacaagg tgcctcccct gatatatggt    349380
     tatctatact taagcaatag gtcgctggcc actcagctct tgcaccccat gaggctagtc    349440
     tcattgcaca ggatagagtg agtgtgcttc agcagcccga gagagttgct cggctaagca    349500
     ctgcagtaga aaggctctgc ggcataaaat gagcctattc tagggagaca tgtcatcttg    349560
     tatgaaggtt gagtgtctga gtgtccttcc cccaggaaaa atgacacggg agcggaccaa    349620
     gacccctccg ggtgatgagc ctgcgagaag gttttgtgta atgcctctat ttttgcacac    349680
     tggggatttg acctctatct ccactctcag tactgggtgg cctgttgcct tttaaataaa    349740
     agaaaagggg gagatgtgag gagccgccct tgcaatcgcc attacaagat ggcgctgata    349800
     tccggtgttc taactggtaa acaaatagtc tgcgtatgtg ctggggtatt tttccattcc    349860
     ttgtgccctg cttgtcctgt ggcatcatct ggcatcatct gggctgatag tgagcagcca    349920
     gtcagggtga attacgtctc caacccctct tgtggcctat ttaaggaccc agtttcctgt    349980
     gttctaggcc tccccccccc ccccgaagct gatgatcttt ctctcgagat gcattaaagc    350040
     tatgctgcag aagaacccat gtgtgtcctt actggcgaga ctccatatca tatcacagga    350100
     acagaaagga agaagtcaaa atatcacttt ttgcaaatga tatgatagta tatacaagtg    350160
     accctaaaaa ttccaccaga caactcctaa acatgataaa cagcttcagt gaagtagcta    350220
     gatataaaat taactcaaac aagtcaatgg cctttctgta cacagaggat aaacaggctg    350280
     agaaagaaat tagggaaaca acacccttct caatagtcac aaataatata aaataccttg    350340
     gcatgactct aactaaggaa gtgaaagatc tgtatgataa gaacttcaag tctctgaaga    350400
     aagaaattaa agaagatctc agaagatgga aagatctccc atgctcatgg attggcagga    350460
     tcaatatagt aaaaatggct attttgccaa aagcaatcta cagattcaat gcaattccca    350520
     tcaaaattcc aactcaattc ttcaacgaat tagaaagggc aatctgcaaa ttcatctgga    350580
     ataacaaaaa acctagggta gcaaaaactc ttctcaagga ataaaagaat ctctggtaga    350640
     atctccatgc ctgacctaaa gctgtactac agagaaatta tgataaaaac tgcatggtac    350700
     tggtatattg acagacaagt aaaccaatgg aatagaattg aagacccaga aatgaaccca    350760
     cacacctatg gtcacttgat cttcgacaag ggagctaaaa ccatccagtg ggaaaaagac    350820
     agcagtttca acaaatgatg ctggcacaac tggcagtaat catgtagaag aatgggaatt    350880
     gatccattcc tatctccttg tactaacgtc aaatctaagt ggatcaaaga actccacaaa    350940
     aaaacagaca cagtgaaact tatagaggag aaagtgggga aaagccttga agatatgggc    351000
     acaggggaaa aatcctgaat agaacagcaa tggcttgtgc tgtaagatca agaatcgaca    351060
     aatgggacct cataaaattg caaagcttct gtaaggtaaa agacactgtc aaggagagaa    351120
     aaaggccacc aacagattgg gaaaggatct ttagcaatcc taaatcagat acgagactaa    351180
     tatccaatat atatatatat ataaagaact caagaaggtg gactccagaa aatcaaataa    351240
     ccccattaaa aatggggtac agagccaaat aaagaattct cacctgagga ataccgaatg    351300
     gcagagaagc acctaaaaaa aaatgttgag catccttaat cattagggaa atgcaaatca    351360
     aagccaccct gagattccac ctcataccag acagaatggc taagatcaaa aattcaggtg    351420
     acagcagatg ctggagagga tgtggagaaa gaggaatact cttccattgt tggtgggatt    351480
     gcaagctggt ataaccactc tggaaatcag tctggcagtt cttcagaaaa tttgaaatag    351540
     atatactgga ggatctctca atacctctcc tgggcatata tccagaatat tttccaactg    351600
     gtaggaagga cacatgctcc actatgttca tagcagcctt atttataata gccagaaggt    351660
     ggaaagaacc cagatgcccc tcaacagagg agaggaatgg atacagaaaa tgtggtacat    351720
     ttacataatg gagtactact cagctattaa aaagaatgaa tttatgaaat tcctaggcaa    351780
     atggatagac ctggaaggca tgatcctgat tcaggtaacc caatcacaaa agaactcaca    351840
     taatatgtac tcactgataa gtggatatta gcccagaaac ttagaatact gaagatacaa    351900
     gatacaattt gcaaaacaca tgaaactcaa gaagaacgaa gaccaaagtg tggacacttt    351960
     gccccttctt agaattagga acaaaatacc tgtggaagga gctacagaga caaagtttgg    352020
     agctgacagg aaaggatgga ccatctagag actgccatat ccagggatcc atcccataat    352080
     cagcctccaa atgatgacac cattgcatac attagcaaga ttttgctgaa aggaccctga    352140
     tataggtgtc tctgtgaggc tatgccgggg cctaacaaac acagaagtgg atgctcactg    352200
     tcagctattg gatggatcac agggccccca atggaggagc tagagaaagt acccaaggag    352260
     ctaacgggac ctgcaatatg aatgtggaac aacaatagaa ctaatcagta ccccccagag    352320
     ttcatgcctc tagctgtata tgtatcagaa gatggcctag tcggccatca ttggaaagag    352380
     aggcccattg gtcttcgaaa ctttacatgc ctcagtatag gggaatgcta gggccaagaa    352440
     gtgggagttg gtgggtaggg gagtgggcgg ggtatgggga acttttggga tagcattgga    352500
     aatataaatg aagaaaatac ctaattaaaa aaaaagaatg gataaatttg cattcttctt    352560
     catgataacc acctgttgtg ccagcaccat ttgttgaaaa tgctgtcttt tttctactca    352620
     atggttttag cacccttgcc aaagatcaat taaccatagg tgtgtgggtt catttctggg    352680
     tcttcaattc tattccattg atctacctgt ctgtcattgt accagttttt atcacaattg    352740
     ctctgtagta caggttaagg tcatggtgat tccaccagag tttattttat tgttgagagc    352800
     agtttttgct atcttaggat ttttgttatt ccagatgaat ttggaaattg ccctttctaa    352860
     ctcggtgaag aattgagttg gaattttgat gaggattgca ttgaaggcag tgcaagatag    352920
     ccattttggc tatattaatc ctgccaatac atgagcatgg gagatctttc catcttctga    352980
     gatcttattt gatttctttc ttcagaaact tgaagttctt atcatacaga tctttcactt    353040
     ccttagttag agtctcatca agatatttta tattatttgt gactattgtg aagggtgttg    353100
     tttccctaat ttctttctca gtctgtatga tcaccatgcc tgacctcaag atgtactaca    353160
     gagcaattgt aataaaaact gcatgctctt tgacaaggga gctaaaacca ttgagtggaa    353220
     aaaagacagc attttcaaca aatcgtgttg acactactgg tgattatcat gtagaagaat    353280
     gtgaattgac ccattcctat ctccttgtac aaagctcaag tctaagcgga tcaatgaact    353340
     ccacataaaa ctagagacac tgaaactttt aaaggaaaaa gtggggaaag gcctcgaaga    353400
     tatgggcaca gggtaaaaat tcctgaacag aacatcaatg tgctgtaaga ttgagaattg    353460
     acaaatggaa actcataaaa ttgcaaagct tctttctgta aggcaaaaga cactgtcaat    353520
     aagacaaaaa ggccaccaac agattgggaa aggatcttta gcaatcctaa atcagatagg    353580
     ggactaatat ccaatatata taaagaactc aagaagatgg actccagaaa aacaaattac    353640
     cctattttaa aaaatggggt attgagctaa gcaaagaatt ctcaagtgag gaataccgaa    353700
     tggatgagaa gcacctgaaa aaaatgttca acatccttaa tcatcaggga aatgcaaatc    353760
     aaaacaacct tgagattcta cctcacacca gtcagaatga ctaagatcaa aaattcaggt    353820
     gacagcagat gctggcgagt atgtgcagaa agagggacac tcctccattg ctggtgggat    353880
     tgcaagcttg tacaaccact ctggaaatca gtctggaggt tcctcagaaa attaaacata    353940
     gtactaccag aatatccagc aattcctctt ctggacatat ccagaacatg ttccatctgg    354000
     taataagggc acatgctcca ctatgttcat agcagcctta tttatagtag ccagaaggtg    354060
     gaaaaaacct agatgtccct ctacagaaga atgagtattg aaattgtggt atatttacac    354120
     aatggagttc tactcagcca ttaaaaacaa ttaatttatg aaattcttag gtaaatggat    354180
     ggatctggag gatatcatcc tgagtgaggt aatctaatca caaaagcact cacatgttat    354240
     gcacccactg ataagtggat attagcccac aaattcagaa tacccaagat ataatttgca    354300
     aacacatgaa gctcaagaag aaggaagacc aaagtgtgga cacttcaatc ctccttagaa    354360
     taggggacaa aatacccatg aaaggtgttt aagagactaa gtttggagct tagacggaag    354420
     gatggaccat ccagagactg ccccaccttg ggatccatcc cataatcagc caccaaacga    354480
     agacactatt gcatatgcca gcaagatttt gctgaaagga ccttgatata gctgtctctt    354540
     gtgaggctat gccagttcct ggcaaatatg gaattagatg ctcacaatta tctattggat    354600
     ggaacacagt gccccaaatg gaggagctag agaaagtagc caaggagctg aaggggtcta    354660
     caaccctata ggaggaacaa caatatgaac taactagtac cccaagagct tgtgtctcta    354720
     gctgcatatg tagcagaaga tgtcctagtc ggccatcatt gggaagagag gccccttggt    354780
     cttgcaaact ttatatgccc cagtataggg gaatgccagg gccaggaagc aggaattagt    354840
     gggttggaga gcagagtcgg gggaaggtat aggggacttt cgggatagca tttgaaatgt    354900
     aaatgaagaa aatatctaat aaaaaattgt taaaagaaaa agaaataaca cattgcatta    354960
     gatcgagttt ctgagaaaga gaatctgaac ttagaattca taattgagga aagcagtttg    355020
     atttggaagg ggcgggggat ggtattggtc tcagatagga actgtttgtg ttgacagctt    355080
     tccttgagca ggggaggctg tggtttcaga caggaaccat ctgtgctagc agatagtctt    355140
     tgggggtggg gggattccag ccagtcagag atattttcac tcttaaattc taactgtagt    355200
     tttattctta atctagttta tatagttggt cttgtttgtc ttgaagtgcc cagtttagat    355260
     taaataactt gttttatcat gaaaccacaa cacattttta actcatttac gatctttgag    355320
     tcttttcaga tttcttgttg cggaaaattt cctgaagatt cattaagctc atagccagaa    355380
     atgttagcaa aggaacttac caacctgact gtcaacttgt gctaagctct cctcctctct    355440
     tccataaggt cagctctttg atgagaacag aataatattt gtgttctgga agataagagt    355500
     tggatttctc aggtggaaag atatcctgac tttgttgtca gtgtagagat acaaagtcaa    355560
     aattgagatt tatctgactt aaagagaaac taacagacat tggttttgga gagagcagag    355620
     tgaagctgga actatgccat tcaaatgata aaaagctttt ttgtatgtta tggatggaat    355680
     gtaggataaa gaatgatata aaggagacct gactttggct caactcatac actactcccc    355740
     actgctgaga agggcattcg ataggcaagg gagatagctc aggattagat tatctagcaa    355800
     tcattttgaa tattctatgt atcagagttc taggatacag ctctcttctt tttggttttg    355860
     gtgctgggat ctcttccaaa tatgtcataa gtactctata aggaatttgt gcagtgtaaa    355920
     tgtacatgag tgattttgtt atgctttgtg ttttggtctg actcaaagaa gaagcaatga    355980
     gtctcaggca tccctaagta ggttagaaat ctccaggctg agataaaata caacacctgg    356040
     gagaaataca aatagaattt tgagtagttt ggttagaagg taacaattat gttagatcac    356100
     taggttttct ttttcttttt ttttcaggaa ttttcaatat aaggaagtct taggttttca    356160
     cttttcgtaa caaatggatg attaaaccca ataccactga cttgagaaaa ataaatctct    356220
     gttgacaaaa acaatctaaa taaacataac gaattagttt tcaaagtgaa gacctacatt    356280
     cttttctgaa aatagtaaaa gcacatagta cattgctatg tttgctttgg gaatgattct    356340
     gaggcgttct gttcttcatt ttacatccag gtgaaattac tctatgtaca gttaataatt    356400
     gtgagcttcc actattgtct atgctttaaa aaaggataac attacgccac tcttggttta    356460
     aatttaagga taaagaagga gatagcagga tgtacctatc ctgccacttt tgttcccagg    356520
     ttcccccagt ttcttcatga aagaggacgt ctggcagtgt gagcatttgt gcacacacat    356580
     gaatgaacag gctttgttct agaccacaga gcagacacta acaattcagt tgctcctttc    356640
     tttgcctgca cccaatatta gtctaaaata gctctcaata gaattattgt tcctctctaa    356700
     aactatatga tgtaggcctc cactagattg gtgttcttgg catacttatt tctatgattc    356760
     cactagaatg gacataagct ttgcttccag aattcaatgc ccttttagtc caatatacta    356820
     aatgcttcta caaaataggc aaaggtgtaa aagacatttg atcaggttta tcattaaaat    356880
     ggcccttctt ccttggcacc agtttgtagt tagtttcttt tttgttgtga cacaatacca    356940
     tgaccagaag caacttcaat agaaagattt cttttaactc acaattccag gtcatatacc    357000
     atcccatctg ggagccaagg cagctagaat attttttttt gaattttttt taattaggta    357060
     ttttcctcat ttacattttc aatgctatcc caaaggtccc tcatacccac ccccccaatc    357120
     ccctacccac ccactccccc tttttggccc tggcgttccc ctgtactggg gcatataaag    357180
     tttgcaagtc caatgggcct ctctttccag tgatggccga ctaggccatc ttttgataca    357240
     tatgcagcta aagacaagag ctcccgggta ctggttagtt catattgttg ttccacctat    357300
     agggttgcag ttccctatag ctccttgggt aatttctcta gctcctccat taggggccgt    357360
     gtgacccatc caatagctga ctgtgatcat ccacttctgt gtttgctagg ccccggcata    357420
     gtctcacaag agagagctat aactgggtcc tttcagcgaa atcttgctag tgtatgcaat    357480
     ggtgtcagaa tttggaagct tattatggga tggattcctg catatggcag tcactagatg    357540
     gttcatcctt tcgtcacagc tccaaatttt gtctctgtaa ctccttccaa gggtgttttg    357600
     ttcccatttc taagaaaggg taaagtgtcc acactttggt cttggttctt cttgaatttc    357660
     atgcgtttgg caagttgtat cttatatctt gggtatccta agtttctggg ctattatcca    357720
     cttatcagtg agtacatatt gtgcgacttc ctttgtgatt gggttacttc attcaggatg    357780
     ataccctcca ggtacatcca tttgcctagg aatttcataa attcattttt ttaatagctg    357840
     agtagtattc cattgtgtaa atgtaccaca ttttctgtat ccattcctct gttgaggggc    357900
     atctgggttc tttccagctt ctggctatta taaacaaggc tgctatgaac atagtgggac    357960
     atgtgttctt cttaccggtt gggacatctt ctggatatat gcccaggaga ggtattgcgg    358020
     gatcctctgg tagtactatg tccaattttc tgaggaaacg ccagactgat ttccagagtg    358080
     gttgtacaag cttgcaatcc caccaacaat ggaggagtgt tcccctttct ccacatcctc    358140
     gccaacatct gctgtcacct gaatttttca tcttagccat tctgactgga gtgaagtgga    358200
     atctcagtgt tgttttgatt tgcatttccc tgatgattaa ggatgttgaa cattttttca    358260
     ggtgtttctc tgccattcgg tattcctcag gtgagaattc tttgttcagc tctgagcccc    358320
     attttttaat ggggttattt gattttctga agtccacctt cttgagttct ttatatatat    358380
     tggatattag tcccctatcc aatttgggat aggtaaagat cctttcccaa tctgttggtg    358440
     gcctttttgt cttattgatg gtgtcttttg ctttgcagaa gctttgcaat tttatgaggt    358500
     cccatttatc gattcttgat cttacagcac aagccattgc tgttttattc aggaattttt    358560
     cccctgtacc catatctttg aggcttttcc ccactttctc ctctataagt ttcagtgtct    358620
     ttggttttat gtggagttcc ttaatccact tagacttgac cttagtacag gagatagaaa    358680
     tggatcaatt cgcattcttc tacatgataa ccgccagtta tgccagcacc atttgttgaa    358740
     aatgctgtct tttttccact ggatggtttt tgctcccttg tcaaagatca agtgaccata    358800
     ggtgtgtggg ttcatttctg ggtcttcaat tctgttccat tggtctactt gtctgtcatt    358860
     ttaccagtac cattcagttt tgataacaat tgctctgtag tacagtttta ggtcgggcat    358920
     ggtgattcca ccagaggttc ttttatcctt gagaagagtt tttgctatcc tcggtttttt    358980
     gttattccag atgaatctgc tgattgccct ttctaattcg ttgaagaatt gagttggaat    359040
     tttgatgggt attgcattga atctgtaaat tgcttttggc aagatagcca tttttacaat    359100
     gttgatcctg ccaatcgatg agcatgggag atttttccat cttctgagat ctttaatttc    359160
     tttctttaga gacttgaagt tcttatcata cagatctttc acttccttag ttagagtcac    359220
     gccaaggtaa tttatattat ttgtgactat tgagaagggt gttgtttccc taatttcttt    359280
     ctcagcctgt ttatcctttg tatacagaaa ggccattgac ttgtgtgagt taattttata    359340
     tccagctact ttattgaagc tgtttatcag gcttaggagt tctctggtgg aatttttagg    359400
     gtcacttata tatactatca tatcatctgc aaaaagtgat attttgactt cttcctttcc    359460
     aatttgtatc cccttgatct ccttttgttg tctaattgct ctggctagga cttcaagtac    359520
     aatgttgaat aggtagggca agagtggaca gccttgtcta gtccctgatt ttagtgggat    359580
     tgcttccagc ttctcaccat ttactttgat gttggctatt ggtttgctgt agattgcttt    359640
     tatcatgttt aggtatgggc cttgaattcc tgatatttcc aagactttta tcatgaatgg    359700
     gtgttggatt ttgtcaaatg ctttctcagc atctaacgag attatcatgt ggtttttgtc    359760
     tttgagtttg tttatatact ggattacatt gatggatttc cgtatattaa accatccctg    359820
     catccctggg atgaaaccta cttggtcagg atggatgatt gttttgatgt gttcttggat    359880
     tcggttagca agaactttat tgaggatttt tgcatcgata ttcataaggg aaattggtct    359940
     gaagttctct atctttgttg ggtctttttg tggtttaggt atcagagtaa ttgtggcttc    360000
     atagaatgag ttgggtagag taccttccgt ttccattttg tggaatagtt tgtgaagaag    360060
     tggaattagg tcttctttga aggtctgata gaactctgca ctaaacccat ctggtcctgg    360120
     gctttttttg gttgggagac tattaataac tgcttctatt tctttagggg atatgggact    360180
     gtttagatgg tcaacttgat cctgattcaa cattggtacc tggtatctgt ctagaaattt    360240
     gtccatttca tccaggtttt ccagttttgt tgagtatagc cttttgtaga agaatctgat    360300
     ggtgttttgg atttcttcag gatctgttgt tatgtctccc ttttcatttc tgattttgtt    360360
     aattaggatt ttgtccctgt gccctctagt gagtctagct aagggtttat ctatcttgtt    360420
     gattttctca aagaaccaac tcctcgtttg gttaattctt tgaatagttc ttcttgtttc    360480
     cacttggttg atttcacccc tgagtttgat tatttcctgc cttctactcc tcttcggtga    360540
     atttgcttcc ttttcttcta gacgttttag gtgtgttttc aagctgctaa tgtgtgctct    360600
     ctctagtttc tttttggagg cactcagagc tatgagtttt cctcttagga atgctttcat    360660
     tgtgtgacat aagtttgggt atgttgtggc ttcattttca ttaaactcca aaaagtcctt    360720
     aatttctttc tttattcctt ccttgaccaa ggtatcattg agaagaatgt tgttcagttt    360780
     ccacgtgaat gttggcttcc tattatttat tttgttattg aagataagcc ttagtccatg    360840
     gtgatctgat aggatgcatc ggacaatttc aatatttttg tatatgttga ggcttgtttt    360900
     gtgaccaatt atgtggtcaa ttttagagaa ggtaccatga ggtgctgaga agaaggtata    360960
     tccttttgtt ttaggataaa atgttctgta gatatctgtt aagtccattt gtttcatcac    361020
     ttctgttagt ttcactgtgt ccctgtttag tttctgtttc catgatctgt ccattggtga    361080
     aagtggtgtg ttgaagtctc ccactattat tgtgtgaggt gcaatgtgtg ctttgagctt    361140
     tactaaagtt tctttaatga atgtggctgc ccttgcattt ggagcataga tattcagaat    361200
     tgagagttcc tcttggagga ttttaccttt gatgagtatg aagtgcccct ccttgtcttt    361260
     tttgatgact ttgggttgga agtcaatctt atcagatatt aggatggcta ctccagcttg    361320
     tttcttcata ccacttgctt ggaaaattgt tttccagcct ttcattctga ggtagtgtct    361380
     atctttttct ctgagatgag tttcctgtaa gcagcaaaat tttgggtctt ttttgtgtag    361440
     ccagtttgtt agtctatgtc tttttattgg ggagttgaga ccattgatgt taagagatat    361500
     taaggaaaag taattgttgc ttcctgttat ttttgttgtt aaagttggca ttctgttctt    361560
     gtggctgtcc tcttttagtt ttgttgaggg attatcttct tgttttttct agggcgtggt    361620
     tcccgtcctt gtattggttt ttttctgtta ttatcctctg aagggctgga ttcgtggaga    361680
     gataatgggt gaatttagtt ttgtcgtgga atactttggt ttctccatct atggtaattg    361740
     agagtttggc tgggtatagt aggctgggct ggaatttgtg ttctcttagt gtctgtataa    361800
     catctgtcca ggctgttctg gctttcatag tctctggtga aaaatctggt gtaattctga    361860
     taggcttgcc tttatatgtt acttgacctt tttcccttac tgcttttagt attctatctt    361920
     tatttagtgc atttgatgtt ctgattatta tgtgtaggga ggaatttctt ttctggtcca    361980
     gtctatttgg agttctgtag gcttcttgta tgttcatggg catctctttc tttagatttg    362040
     ggaagttttc ttcaataatt ttgttgaaga tgtttgctgg ttctttgagt tgaaaatctt    362100
     cattctcatc cactcctatt atccgtaggt tcggtcttct cattgtgtca tggatttcct    362160
     ggatgttttc agttaggatc tttttgcatt ttccattttc tttgattgtt gtgcagatgt    362220
     tctctatgga atcttctgca cctgagattc tctcttccat ctcttgtatt ctgttgctga    362280
     tgctggcatc tatggttcca gatttctttc ctaggttttc tatctccagc gtcgcctcac    362340
     tttgggtttt ctttattgtg tctacttccc tttttaggtc tagtatggtt tttttcattt    362400
     ccatcacctg tttggatgtg ttttcctgtt tttctataag gacttctacc tgtttggttg    362460
     tgttttcctg tttttcttta aggacttgta agtctttagc agtgttctcc tgtatttctt    362520
     taagtgagtt attaaattcc ttctttatgt cctctaccat catcatgaga tatgctttta    362580
     aatccaggtc taccttttca ggtgtgttag ggtgccctgg actgggcaaa gtgtgcgttc    362640
     tgggttctga tgatggtgag tggtcctggt ttctgttagt aggattctta cgtttacctt    362700
     tcgccatctg gcaatctctg gagttagttg ttatagttgt ctttgtttag agatttttcc    362760
     tctgttgatt ttgttaccct ctattagcag acgtgggaga ctagctttct cctctgagtt    362820
     tcagtggtca gagcagtctc tgcaggcaat ctctcctctt tcagggaagg tgcacagtta    362880
     tctggtgttt ggacctcctc ctggctgaag atgaaggccc aaaacaggat ctttcccaga    362940
     agctgtgttg ctttggccag gaaggtggcc ggttgtctgg agccaaagat ggcgctgcct    363000
     cagaagctct gtggctctcg cctgtcccag aaacggccgg cctctgtatt ccacaccctc    363060
     acccgtgcag cctgccctcc gcggagtccc ggagccaagg aggctcctgc cggggcctga    363120
     ggcacaaacc tctcaggccg ggcggacccc tgtgctctca ccaggaaggt ggccggttgt    363180
     ctggagccaa agatggcgct gcctcagaag ctctgtggct ctcgcctggc ccagaaacgg    363240
     ctggcctctg tattccacac cctcacccgt gcagcctgca ttctgcggag tcccggagcc    363300
     cggcagctag aatttaaact agatggtctc agtacagatg cggatgcttg cagttaacca    363360
     tgactgagcg cagggacccc aataaaggag ttaggggaag gactgaagga gctgaagggg    363420
     ccttatttgg catcaatggg agaggaggcc cttggtcctg tgaaggcttg atgctcaagc    363480
     atagaggaat gccagggtgg tgaggcagga gtgggtaggt gggtgggggg agcaccctca    363540
     tataagcagg gtaaggaggg gatgggatag ggggtttgca gaggagaaac ttggaaaggg    363600
     aataacattt gaaatgtaaa taaataaaat atttaattaa aaaaaaagat gacaagccta    363660
     tgatggaaac tggagcattt tatatatatc cttccataaa tttaaaagag aatttactgc    363720
     tcaaaaatag aagcataaat cactaaaaaa ttaacataaa atagatggtc tcatcactgt    363780
     agttgtcagg aatgcagaaa tatgaatgtg aggtgcttat cactcagcta gctagcttcc    363840
     tctattgctg aaggccccag agcaggcaat gtgttactca cttccaggtg gggtctttat    363900
     acacctatta ggtcaataaa gaaaatcctg cacagactta tccacaacct tcgctggtgg    363960
     tgttgatcca ctagggggca ctgcaagctt cccagaaatg agtttttgaa gtgcctaaaa    364020
     tattggggag ttagttacac agaggaaaga acacatgagt gttacagaca gcaaagttta    364080
     ttcctgtttg ctaactttgc cattctgtag aactacaaaa tagagcctgg aagtcaactg    364140
     tgaagatgat ttctcgagga gagttaaaga aaatagaatt gtactcatca atgtgaggac    364200
     tgaagttcaa tagaaaatat ctctactcca taatttcaat tttaaaattg tatgataaaa    364260
     atccccaact tcactgaccc agaacttact ccaataccaa tgacagccca acttttcatt    364320
     attttctctc agactagcag ggacaagaat aattaatcaa taagagaaaa acaaaacaaa    364380
     acctatcaag gcacaaaaac agaagaagaa aaggcagaga acaccattga acttggccag    364440
     caatttgtga gcctgtaggg tacagggaag tgactggaag agaatggcaa aagtaaaaaa    364500
     tgattcagcg tgaatgttgt gggtataacc tctttgtttc aacaaatgaa aattccattg    364560
     gaaccattgt ctttgttgat tttaagaaag tgtatttcct catcagtaca cattgcaacc    364620
     atcaaacagg gatttctcaa accctatcaa attatggaat ttaaaaaatg gcttactttt    364680
     gctatccttc tgaatacttt gtgatgtatc aagacctcag ctctttcact catatttacc    364740
     ctcaatatct ttcacttcag ctgtgacaca aaaccaacaa acacaaccaa tcaatcaacc    364800
     aaccaactga ctgacagact agccaactaa ccaactaacc aaccaaccaa ccaatcaacc    364860
     aactgattaa ccaacctact aatcaaccag tttttaggct gttggctaca tgatctcctt    364920
     cttcagggca cgattttcat tcctagccag ggagaagtta tagtgaagcc tcactgggct    364980
     gtgggtgtgg ttttccatca agatgaaaga gctcagattt tattgggggt agaggaggga    365040
     gagggagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagagc cctgctgact    365100
     gttggaaatc agcagcttga cagggtcaat ggagaggacc ctgggaactg tgctggggct    365160
     gctgttggtg ccgctttgct gtaagttgtg gacttccaag atggggttag tggtgctcca    365220
     gaggggccaa tgtgagggag aggaagacaa agttgacttc tccttggatg tcaacagggg    365280
     tggaaactcc tgaacaatga tccttcaaat agtttgcttt tctttctctg agcaggggta    365340
     agaggaatgc cggtggaaca gaatcctcca gccctgagtc tttatgaagg agctgagtct    365400
     ggtctgagat gcaatttttc taccaccatg aaaggtgtcc agtggtttca acaaaatcac    365460
     agaggcagat ttatcactct gttttacctg gctcaaggaa caaaggagaa tggaaggtta    365520
     aagtcaacat tcaattctta ggagcgctac agcaccctgc acatcaggga tgcacagctg    365580
     gaggactcag gcacttactt ctgcgctgct gaggcacagt gctcccagca aggctagagc    365640
     ctggcctcaa actgcaggtg gatgtgtagc tgaggcccca ccacagcaag agtctgcagc    365700
     agcatttgca cagctgtggg gtcccaagtt tatgctgcat ctctgtcacc tctgctaaca    365760
     ctggacagtc cagggctgct gtttcacttt actgtactct tttcatcaca gattcccatt    365820
     ttcaggaaca aattctctcg aagactattg gaacaactga gaaagatgac aaagttcaaa    365880
     gtactgtcag gactgttagc acattgttaa ctgttcttaa gttattgttc tgcaaaaggc    365940
     tctaaagaga catgttgttc aacagagaag agacctcaca acatttcagt caactgcaga    366000
     tcctttgaat ttccagaagg attgaaacct atcctttgca ggccacatac atgtagatgg    366060
     tctctgggag tgttgcagag ccttagagtg agtggtgatt catgttgtta gtgaattatt    366120
     acaagatgag agagtatgat gggcctatat gctgctatag agcatcttgg agagagctat    366180
     tagaatcttt cacttcactg gaatgtggtt gacctactgg accaaacctg taaagaaaac    366240
     agactcttgc actcatagta gataagaggt ggcactatat ccttagctat aaatgggtgt    366300
     tgtgcccagt cccccatgct ggaattttgt gtagcttttg tgggaatttt gagcttgtgt    366360
     aggtcttatg caaactattt caattgcttt gagttcatat aagttacatt ttcttgtaat    366420
     tgaagacacc acgatcaact gaatggataa gacttctgaa ttacatacaa attatggttt    366480
     gaatgaaagt tgcccccatg ggctcatata tttgcatgct tcattcccag ctgatgaact    366540
     gggaagcatt aggaggtgtg aacttgttgg aggaagtgtt ggaggaggta tgtcactgga    366600
     agtggacttt gaggtttaaa aagtcctcac caggcatttc tttctctgtc tgatgcctac    366660
     tgactgggat ggaaaagctc tcagatactt ctctagcacc atgccacctg ctgcaatgct    366720
     cccacccata atagtggtgg gaattgttcg aaggtcaagg tctggatcag cctgcttcag    366780
     gctggggtgg gggtggggtt acaggcaatc cctctaaaac tttaggtgag taccaattta    366840
     aattctttaa taagttaaat taaattcttt aataagttgg tcatggttgg ttatgctatc    366900
     tcttcacacc ataaacagtt acaaagacac aaatcataaa atcactttta ctttatcaga    366960
     tatccacaac ttacaaaata aagtctgagg aagtattaaa tcactgctct gtaagttaat    367020
     gttcacaaca aaagaagatt tacacaaaac tcatttgtaa gagtagttaa ctcatttcag    367080
     aaaaacttgt tcctctacaa tcatcaaacc tagatttaat aaagcatgtg tctgcaacta    367140
     attcactaga tgggtctgcc gatatcccca cagtgcataa cagctgtaag agcttgtgtc    367200
     agcttggtcc tttctcaaat tcagaaactg tcaaaaatta agtttaaatt tttacatttc    367260
     tgaagagcac cagaccacat ccaattaggc aacttgagaa agaagttgct tcaaggataa    367320
     cattttatat gtatatatgt atatgttcct agatataaac ttttcagtgc atatattgtt    367380
     atatgtatgt gtatttcatg aatgtacatc tggcactgga caatcagtgt gctattcttt    367440
     gtggagtatc acctctcctg attcaaacat tactcactta cctatactat agtcctttgt    367500
     gtaaggttaa ggcattgtgt acttttttgt catttcatca gtgtccatgt ttgtgtattc    367560
     atattggtaa gaattcatgg atatagcttc tgagtttaca aggaaacaca ttctccagat    367620
     taactggctc acatgatctt tctactcttc ctttgcactg tttcctgagc cttaggtgtg    367680
     ggaattttcg aagatgtatg cactgggact aggctccacc atatatatat atatatatat    367740
     atggtggagc catatatata tatatatagt tagttagtta gttagaggaa gttaaagggg    367800
     aattactgga tacgtgtgac ttgataaggt aaatgggaaa aagaaattca ttgtagggaa    367860
     gggggatgga gaataataca gaagaagggg atggtgatta atggaatgga attgaaaaat    367920
     aaaaaataaa ccctcacact tttggacatc tggttttccc cctatctatc tatctatcta    367980
     tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatt cattcatttt tacatcccaa ctgctgctcc    368040
     tctcccagtc tcccctccta gagtcccttc ccaacctctc tcctcttttt ctctgagagg    368100
     atagggagct ctctggatat cccttcatcc tgtgtgcatc caatctttat atgattagac    368160
     acaccctctc ccactgaggc cagacaaggc agctctcttg gacaacagat tctacagaca    368220
     ggcaagagct ttaggaacat ccccagctcc agttgtttgg gggcccacat gaagactgag    368280
     tgcattttct acatatgtgc atcttctagc tccagcctgt gtatactctt ttgtcagtgg    368340
     ctcagtctta tagagccctc aatggtccag gttagttgac tctgttggtc ttcctgtaga    368400
     attcctattc ccttcagggt cttcaatttc tcctaactct tccatagagt ccctgagctc    368460
     tgtccaatgt ttggatgtgg gtacctgcat ctgtttcagt cagctgctgg gtgaagcccc    368520
     tcagaggaca acttgatcct gtctgcaagc ataacagagt atcattaata atgttgggga    368580
     tttgttatta cccatagaat agttttcaaa ttgggccact tattggttgg ccatttcctc    368640
     actttctgct ccatctctgt ccctgcattt tttgtagact aaacaaagtt tgggtcaaaa    368700
     gttttctggg tgggttggta gatacttgat ttttgacaaa gaagccaaaa caatggaaaa    368760
     aagaaagcat tttcaacaaa tgttgctggt cttactggat atatgcatgt agaataatgc    368820
     aaaaagatcc atatttatta ctatgcacaa aactcaagtc caagtagacc aaagacctca    368880
     acacaaacca gatactctaa acttgataga agagaaagta ggggatagcc ttgaaccaat    368940
     tttggcagag gaaacaactt cctgaactaa ttgctcaggc actaagatca acaattaatc    369000
     aatggaacct catgaaacat aaaagcttct gtaagggaaa ggatactatc aaaaggacaa    369060
     aatagcagct tatataatgg gaatgatctt caccaaccct atatctgaaa cagggctaat    369120
     attaaaaata tttagagaac tcaagaaact agacatcaac taaccaaatg actcaattga    369180
     aaaactagag acttctcaac aaaggaatct ctaatgtctg aaaaacaaag aaatgttcaa    369240
     tgcccttaat catcagggaa gtgcaaatca aactaactcg gagatgccat cttataccat    369300
     tcacaatgac caagataaaa accacaaatg acagttaatg ctggtgagga tgtggagcag    369360
     gggaaatact cctctattgc tggtgggaat gcaaatttgt gcaactactt tggaaatcca    369420
     tttggcagtt tcctataaga ttgaggatag ttcttcctca agatccagct gtaccactcc    369480
     tggacatata cccccaaaaa gcctccacca tactacaagg tgtccaactc aactatgttc    369540
     ataacagctt tagatataat aaccccaaac tggaacaacc tagatgttcc tccaccaaag    369600
     aatggataaa gaagatgtgg tacattttca cattgaagta ttactcagct attaaaaata    369660
     atgatgtgaa attatcagag aaatggatgg aagtataaaa gatcaccctg agtaaagtaa    369720
     cccagaccca gaaagacaac atggtatgta ataaattata agtgggtatt aaccataaag    369780
     aacaggataa ccatgctata ctatacacag accaaagaag ataagtaaca aggaaagccc    369840
     aagaggaatg aatgtttgga tcactctgag taggggaaat agcatatatt tcagggtgca    369900
     tgggtggtca atggaggaag aggactaggt gttggagttg gtgtggatgg gagtaggcag    369960
     gatcaatttg ggaggaggat ggagagagag agagtactgg cagagacaac tggaaatatt    370020
     gtggagtgat ccagaaatat agaacaatga aaactcccag aaatatatga gggtgaccta    370080
     gctaagactc ttagtaatcg gtgatatgga acctgaaatg actatctcct gtaaccagtc    370140
     aagacttcca atggagagac tgggacacca atccagcctc aaaattcttg atgcacaatt    370200
     tgtcctgcct acaagatata caggggtaaa gatggggcat aaattgagag actggcttag    370260
     cttgaggctc ttgccatgaa agggagtcaa cccagacact attagtaata ttctgctata    370320
     ctttcagact ggttcctagc ataactgtca tcagagagaa ttacctagga actgatggaa    370380
     attgatgcag agtcccacag ccaaacatta ggtggatctt ggggaatcct gtgaaagaga    370440
     gagagaggaa ggattgaagg agtcagaggg ttaaggacac cataaagaaa tctacagaat    370500
     caactaaccg gggtccataa gcgctcacaa agactgaata ggcagccaga gggcatgcat    370560
     gggactgacc tagggcctct gcacatatgt aacagttatg tatcttggtc ttcatgggag    370620
     ggtacttcta acattaggag caggggcttt ttctgactct cttgactacc catggattcc    370680
     ctttcctcta actgggctgc cttgtctagc ctcaatagga taagatgtaa cttatagtct    370740
     tactgtaact tgatatgcca aggttgcttg acttccatgg gcagcctccc attgctgaga    370800
     agaaagggtg gagggataga tccaggagag ggaagatgag aggagaattt ggaggagtag    370860
     aggaagggga ggtagtgatg taaagcaaat aaataactta attattcatg aaagtaacac    370920
     gtgtatacag gaataaacac acagaaggat gcctctgaca cagctatagc acacaaacag    370980
     tcaaatattt gtgacagtta ttataaatgt tcataaaata taaacatttt atgtacacat    371040
     aaaatatcaa gaactaggaa aaagatgtgg gcaaaggtga gaaagaacag ctttgtgaga    371100
     agacaaattc tgtcaatgag gaaaaattac caagaccaaa ttgaacgaca gaaggctctc    371160
     ccacagaaac atggtagcca tgaaagacag acttatgagt ggaaagcttt aacacttgag    371220
     gaacaagctt ttctgaagag gtgagctggc tgcttgggtg ctctctacaa gtcctcaagg    371280
     aagagccaca gatgcctcac caatctcaaa taatagtcag ctttgtgttc cctaaaaaca    371340
     ggcaccacta ttcacagaca tttgaagaaa agagctaaga atatgtcagt ctacatttga    371400
     tgcagagtgt agtataacca atgagcccag catgccagcc ataactcctc tgctgtgact    371460
     gtccggtgca gttaatctgc agacattgtt tcaagacacc aacgaactcc taactaaatg    371520
     ggcagcacaa acccatattt taaatttcta gatggtaaac agagcagatt gtaatgatta    371580
     cacattctca gagccaattt ataattcttt aattttataa tatctttatc agagctccca    371640
     gagactaaac cacgaaccaa agagtataca tggagggatg catggctcca gatatatatg    371700
     ttgcagaggg tgaccttatg tgacatcagt aggaggggag gcccttggtc ctgtggagat    371760
     ttgatgcccc agcctaggga gatgctagac tggtgaggtg ggagtgggta agtgggtggc    371820
     aaaggggagg gggaaggaag ggtttgggat ggggggctgt ggagaggtaa ctaggaaggg    371880
     agctatcatt tgaaatgtaa atgaatacaa cgattaataa aaataataaa tgttacctcc    371940
     ttccagccta gcaaggctgg ctgtgaccat ctgccactta agtggagcca cctgctgtgt    372000
     tgctcctttg atgtgccact acctgcctga ggcccaacct gcctgaggct aaccggttct    372060
     cttccaagat tttccagagt tagcaccgaa ctgttatttt cgagagttcc cactaaaagg    372120
     ttgatctgtc tacttcaaaa gaactttact tggctagaaa tgggcctccc ctcttcttta    372180
     taaagcttgt ttgctgacat taaaattgaa ccttgatcag aatgactatc ttggtttcat    372240
     ctttctctcg tgccacctag ctccctcttc tctttcagat tctaagatgc tttctcagaa    372300
     cagaacccag acatgtgaac tgctgactgg acacaacata tctggtgccc acacggggct    372360
     gagaaatggc agaggacatt tggaagaagc actgctggtt tggagctcca tgaaagaaga    372420
     agaaaataat taaaggaaat tcataccaga gaaggtcgtt atgggctaag ttgaaacagc    372480
     gtttaacctg agcgctaatt cacttaggtt cagcagtgag gcttatcagg agctaggaac    372540
     gtaacaggca gttagccgta gctcccagaa gctacatttt taggtgtgaa aaagaaaggg    372600
     tttattaaaa ggaaattaat aatcaggcgg actgcatcat gagggaggaa aatgtcccaa    372660
     aaagcagaga gaaatttcag gagtgccttg ctttgttctc tctgggcttt acagaagaag    372720
     tactctgccc cttttgtgtt ttgtctaatg tctggtacac caatctgttc acgtgttcaa    372780
     ttcatgtatg tttgtgtcca gtctgtataa atgaatgttc tatgttttat gttagataat    372840
     aaagatagct aaaatacttt atccgcaaag ctgagagctg ccacgtactt caaccagaaa    372900
     acagacacat ggcaggaggg cccccggcta gaaaaactgt tcattataga aaaaaaagag    372960
     agagagaatg agagagagag agagagaaag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    373020
     agagtctaca gcctcttagt tttggggtaa aaaagctgat aaatggtttt ctcctggagg    373080
     gttctctaca atcgtgatta atgtgtttgg caaatgataa ggtgcttttt attctatgat    373140
     tgtagctaga aaaattaata ttctctaatt ggtctaaatg taactgctcc atttgggttt    373200
     tttttattgg taatgtgctc tatgtgtttt cactatcagc taataagtta tgggttaaga    373260
     ttaataattg ttacattgct acagatggtt agtcttaaaa ttgataactc aagtttaatg    373320
     tctttccaac acgtggtata aggcaggcca agaggctggg tctctaaaga tatttctagt    373380
     tgagataata attaatgtga ttcctatcct aaaacgtaaa attaaagata agatttaaag    373440
     caatgtctct ttattaaagc attaaaactt acatgtattt ataggtatca attggcagcc    373500
     aaactttgta acatgatagt aatgcttcta atattgattt taaagatgat aaattgtttt    373560
     aaacttgggt tttgctttcc caaggttgta gatattatcc taacgttgca aaagaaactt    373620
     gaaaattatg gttaaaactc caagtgttcc attgactgca gcttgcagtt tgattgcaaa    373680
     tttaagattt tcttcttacc catatattgt taattaagat tattacaaga gtaatcatct    373740
     tatgagagca ctaatacagc tctctgtggc catacagcca tacaaagatc agagcagcct    373800
     caacagggct tgtgttactt tcttttgtct tgcaaacggt gcctaaggaa gctcttgaaa    373860
     cttgcctctc cctgcctcca ggggaatttt gttttagcta aatgaatgtt gcagatctat    373920
     ccagatgttg ttctaaataa agttctaatt caaagtttat gaaagggtca atcagactgt    373980
     agaacttata aaggcattac aatctggctt gcctacttca tataaggtta ttataggtct    374040
     aaaggttcat ttttttcttt tccccttgaa tgataaaggg tttgcttcta gtgaactggt    374100
     aatcactgga aaattttgtc tctaggtgtg gctaatatag ctttacatta tgtaagaaaa    374160
     atttttattg tctctgcttc tatacaagaa gctaagagtt tgaatctttc agtgtatatt    374220
     gtttcctaag tgaaaaatgt tttattaact aatgcttctc aagaaaaatt taccttaaat    374280
     ccttgctctc acccaaaaga ttcagagaca atatcttttt attacttagg gttttagttt    374340
     actacaaaag gttttgcaaa aaataagaaa gcttttataa ttattattaa ttatattcat    374400
     tggtaattaa atattagctg tgcccaaaac aattctttgg ccagaaaaaa cattattgta    374460
     aagtcatttt tctcatcctc ccagatcttt ggcccacttg ggcccaacta gctgctggct    374520
     gctgcggggc agggccttga gacacagttt cccagagcta tagtactgtg agagaccacc    374580
     ataggcgggc agccttacag caaactcaag agagggcgca ttgacatttg tcccaagcct    374640
     ccacgtgtcc cgaccagagt agccatattt tcagagtagt catattccta ccccccaccc    374700
     ccacccccgc taaggcccag ggtgctctgc cacccttgtt tgagttttct agcctgagaa    374760
     aaaggccaag gtggcggtgg tggtgacaaa agtggctgtg gcaacagggc cagctctgcc    374820
     ccagtgccag gaccggagct gcagcttgac atagtggcac gtcagacgcg caccgccttc    374880
     tccacttcaa aattacaggg ctcaacagcg agttaaaatc cagagttctt ttcagagtga    374940
     ctccacatgc cagggtgtca ggtggccagg gctaaagagg acttagggca aacaccgccc    375000
     caagtacctt gtgggtgtca ggccctagac cacaaagcca caacaaggca gatgggcggg    375060
     gctgaggtag cactcacctc aaaacacagt ttcatcatcc tattataatc actatgatac    375120
     taataaaaaa ttataaagta tattcgtgta ttttagaaaa cctataacaa aaattgtgtc    375180
     ttaaaaacat aagtgtctgt tccttgttcc aaacagcaat taatttggtt attacgaaat    375240
     attaataatt gacctattac ataccatctt tttaaataga ttaacaatca atatcccaaa    375300
     tataagttaa aaattgtttt tatacatgct ttcatatctt ctataaattc atgaatgcat    375360
     acatcccaat tattgtgttt aataacaacc ccaatatgag acgtaagtaa atgtaaatta    375420
     gatcacatgc ttagtctctt aagtttcccc tgtttcagca caaataatct agttgtgtgc    375480
     tgtagatggt gtttttaatt gctgaacaat caaaccttaa tttgtatatt aatagtcaat    375540
     gttatatctc agagctcaaa attgcttaag attgttcgtc cctcagatgc tattaattct    375600
     caaatttgca attgcttatg catatacaac tcataaaaat aatgctgtcc ttttaagaag    375660
     gcagttttta ggcatttatt aaattgttct aaactgcctg gacattttaa aataatgcca    375720
     ggctaaattt atatctcaga cagtctatag gtcatacata taaggtagat taaatatata    375780
     acctcgttct ttatatattc ataacagtta tggtttactc tggaaatcag tctggcggtt    375840
     cctcagaaaa ttggacatag tactaccgga ggatccagca atacctctcc tgggcatata    375900
     tccagaagaa gccccaactg gtaagaagga cacatgctcc actatgttca tagcagcctt    375960
     atttataata gccagaaact ggaaagaacc cagatgcccc tcaacagagg aatggataca    376020
     gaaaatgtgg tacatctaca caatggagta ctactcagct attaaaaaga atgaatttat    376080
     gaaattccta gccaaatgga tggacctgga gagcatcatc ctgagtgagg taacacaatc    376140
     acaaaggaac tcacacaata tgtactcact gataagtgga tactagccca aaacctagga    376200
     tacccacgat ataagataca atttcctaga cacatgaaac tcaagaaaaa tgaagactga    376260
     agtgtggaca ctatgcccct ccttagaagt gggaacaaaa cacccatgga aggagttaca    376320
     gaaacaaagt atggagctga gatgaaagga tggaccatgt agagactgcc atatccaggg    376380
     atccacccca taatcagctt ccaaatgctg acaccattgc atacactagc aagattttac    376440
     tgaaaggacc cagatgtagc tgtctcttgt gagactatgc cggggcctag caaacacaga    376500
     agtggatgct cacagtcagc taatggatgg atcacagggc tcccaatgga ggagctagag    376560
     aaagtaccca aggagctaaa gggatcttca accctatagg tggaacaaca ttatgaacta    376620
     accagtaccc ctgagctctt gactctagct gcatatgtat caaaagatgg cctagtcggc    376680
     catcactgga aagagaggcc cattggacac gcagactttg tgtgccccgg tacaggggaa    376740
     cgccagggcc aaaggggggg agtgggtggg taggggagtg ggggtgggtg ggtaaggggg    376800
     acttttggta tagcattgga aatgtaaatg agctaaatac ctaataaaaa atggaaaaaa    376860
     aaaacagtta tggtttaaga taatatttta gtattcttaa aaattgtgca tgtataattc    376920
     tttcctttta gtgtcctcag ttactacttg tttccacata atagtgttaa ttcttgagga    376980
     cttttactta ataatttgct acaaatgaat gttcttattt ctagttaata aataaataaa    377040
     ttatccatat gtgactctta ataacttttc aagctttcta gttacaaccg ctccttaaga    377100
     gaaataattg aaagtgcaat tagtcactga ccctttacag ccaagtattt aaaatgtttt    377160
     gtcaacaagt tattaattca aaagattaga tattgtgaaa cttcaaaact ttaacttctt    377220
     aatagacaaa aaagggagaa attttatccc catacatact atttagtgca ttcccatgca    377280
     cactatttaa atcataactt tattttcaaa ttttgaaact taaatgtcaa agaatttaat    377340
     aaatgcttta tagtatctta aaaggatcta cttattggct tatagattga tcctaaacag    377400
     ctgccttatt agggaagaga aaaacaggtt ctctccacag aacgctgcaa aagcatgatg    377460
     gttaattcat atgatgagct ggcaggtaag ttgactcagt gtcctgatta aagtaactag    377520
     gaaactaaat tgagtacatg ttttaaatcc atccttgctt accatttttc gagtttagac    377580
     tagcttcaag ccttttaact ttatggcaat agtacatcag agactgtata ttctgactta    377640
     gtaagattag tcatttaata gagtcataat gatttttctc gtttcttcat tgtgaccagt    377700
     cattctaact caatcttaga ctggtctaat atttagtcca ctattagaaa ttcatattgt    377760
     agttaactaa aattcttaat tacctagcaa agttaattca gagcacatcc cccacttcca    377820
     gagaatctct ggccttttta ctaattctaa aaccagtcca gagactgagc ttgagcctta    377880
     ctaatttgct actgaataaa gtacctggac ttccccaaaa gaagctttgt gatgttactc    377940
     ttcattgtct aagatttttg tctttcaagc aggtcaatca acaccttcag ccggattgca    378000
     ggggcatgca tccccacccc ctagagcacg ctagagacag ctgttctttt cattctaaag    378060
     acatattgtg gcttttggtc tgactttaaa tttaggtttg ctatgagagc taaaaaggta    378120
     gaaatttcat atactaaaag agattggttt ttattctgat agacgggctt agtcccttag    378180
     ctggtctctg gttttccacc cttgctgtta ttgcaaggtc cccttagttc ctcaggctgt    378240
     gggaataaca gagatgagga ggatgacctc cagctcctaa tatagcctaa gagccacaaa    378300
     ttgtggtgtt actagtgaca taattcttgt tgaggccttg ctaaatctga ggttgacaat    378360
     tctcctttaa gagctgcaca gtactcaaaa ctgtgcataa tgattcatca tcatacgaat    378420
     acagtacggg tactgcttgg gtgcaaaaat ttactgcagg agaaggtcca gcttgaccat    378480
     ttctgggttc cctgtgagat acacccggtt tggatagagg ttggtatcta gttccagtta    378540
     caaccaaaaa tatctttcta aggctctgcc tcccttcccc aaaagatacc aagagccaca    378600
     agtgtgggtc gtgatagcac ccacgggaaa aatcgggtca gtttcccccc aagccatggt    378660
     taaagcccac tcatctacgg atgagaaaat catttgatca cctaagttta gcgtggccct    378720
     attaaactta attaataggg gaagagagag gttggagacc ataccgttag aagggcaagc    378780
     ccttcactgc ctcccaccct aaaaagccaa ttggccttgt actacggagc tggtcgtcat    378840
     tccctcctcc ctgttccccg cctgtcatcc aagaatgcag aggaagatcc acgtgctctc    378900
     ctttagtgtt atcttattat agtgcttttt aaaatcaaat cctgatatag ttaagtcttc    378960
     accagagttc caacgtctta gtatgaccgt gaaattcagt aggaattcag caaagaagtt    379020
     actaggacag aaaggacagt cttatccaaa taagggttta ccataagaaa agttagggac    379080
     tctcattgag acaggtttct tcattcatta gaccctaaga attcaggcag aattatagag    379140
     cataaataaa ttttttgcct cagtccagtt ttgtttaata ttatttaaag gggggaaatg    379200
     ttacctcctt ccagcctagc aaggctggct gtgtccatcc actgcttaag cggagccacc    379260
     tgctgtgctg ctcctttgat gtgccactac ctgtctgagg ctaaccggtt ctcttccaag    379320
     attttccaga gttagcaccg aactgttatc ttcatgagtt cccactaaaa ggttaatctg    379380
     tctacttcaa aagaacttta cttggctaga aatgggcctc ccctctttct tataaagcgt    379440
     gtttgctgac attaaaattg aaccttgatc agaatgactg tcttggtttc atctttctct    379500
     cgtgccacct agctccctct tctctttcag attctaagat gctttctcag aacagaaccc    379560
     agacatgtga accactgact ggacacaaca aataaagaaa atttaaaaag tattcactct    379620
     tattttatgt acatggatgg cttgccttca tttgtgttta tgtatcatgt ctgtacctgt    379680
     tgcccagaga ggtcacaaga ggggatcagt tcctgtggaa ctgtagttaa cagattgttt    379740
     tgaaccactg agtttggttc tgcaaaccaa aactcagtcc tctgagagag caacaagtgc    379800
     ttttaagtgc tgagccatca gtccaaggcc atatagtatc ctactactaa tttggatcag    379860
     tgaaaataaa ttggtaaaac ctatatcttg ccattcagtt tatcatatgg taaatcccaa    379920
     accagaatat ccatcagttg ctctgctaca gcactttcat gtcaggtaga atcctaagaa    379980
     tgatgacagt caattcttat gttttaacca ttgcttaagt tctttagatt gatgtaatgt    380040
     acataaaata aagtctctag aagttagacc ccccaaacca aacaaagaat tctcaacaaa    380100
     ggaatctcga atggcccaaa agcacttaaa gaatgttcaa catcctttga caccagggaa    380160
     atgtaaaaca aaaggaccat gagatttcac cttataccaa tcagaatgtt tctccacatc    380220
     cctgccaaca tgtgttgtta ctttagattt tgagtcttta gattatgcag tggcccttgt    380280
     ttacgttctt tagattgatg agggacacct gaaatctggt atgtgtctta taaatgatct    380340
     gaggacaaga gcacattttt gactctggaa ggtgttacaa tagaccctag tttagtttct    380400
     gtccaccagg gggtggagtt tcctaacaca agatccttat ctgtgtgaac tctaagcttc    380460
     ataggttcat catttgatgc catttcatca tttcttcatg tgaagagttg agagcatcac    380520
     tctggtgaca ctgaagatga acaattcccc agctttagtg actgtgatgc tgtttatact    380580
     tggtaagtga agtgacttaa aaagtgcact atttttccaa ttctcttggc cccctgggcc    380640
     tctctcctgt ttccctccat cccttatact gtgcctcctt ttccctagcc ctcttctttc    380700
     ccattgagga ccctccttcc ctctgcttct catgactatt ttattcccca ttctaagtgg    380760
     gatttaagcc cccacggttg ggcctttctt cttgtttaac ttcttacggt ctttgggggt    380820
     gtatcatggg tattctgcac tttttggcta atacacacat atcagtgagt acacatcagg    380880
     tatgtcattt tgggttgggg ttacttcact caggatggta ttttctagat ctatccattt    380940
     gcctgcaaaa tttatgatgt ccttgatttt tatagctgaa tagcacttca ttgtgtaaat    381000
     gtaccacatt ttctgtatcc tttttttgtt gttgataagg gacatctgag ttgcttccag    381060
     tttctgactc ttatgaataa agctgctatg aacatagtag agcacaagtc cttggggtat    381120
     catggaacat catttggata tgtgcccacg agcagtatag ctgggccttc aatagaacta    381180
     tttccatttt tcagaggaac catcagattg gtttccagag tggttgtaca agtttgtagt    381240
     cccaccagca atggaagagt gttttccttt cttcacatcc ttgccagcat atgctgtatc    381300
     ttgagttttt gatcataacc atttttattg gtgtaaggta gaatctcaga ggatcatttt    381360
     gatttgcatg gcttaggatg ttgactattt cattaagtgc ttcttgccat ctgagatttt    381420
     ttttttctgt tgagaatcct ctgtttagct cttaccccag tttttaattg gattatttgg    381480
     tttttggagt ttaacttcta gagttcttta tacgttttag atattattta gatattatcc    381540
     ttctatcaga tgtagagtta atgaagatct tttcccaatc tgtcttctga gagcctcttt    381600
     gaactgctga ctgagaaaga cagattctca cagccaagca ttggttgggt aaagacttgc    381660
     tgcctccagg gaatacctgg aaggataccc tctcagaggc aaaggggagg ggaaggggtg    381720
     ggggcgagaa gaactctgta aggaggacca gaaggcaggg caacatttgg aacagaaata    381780
     ctaaataata gaaagtgcac tcttctatga tgtcagaaaa atatttaatt acctatgaca    381840
     tagatatctt tttctttcag ggaggaccca tggagactca gtgatccaga tgcaaggtca    381900
     agtgaccctt tcagaaaacg acttcttatt tataaactgc acttattcaa ccacagggta    381960
     cccgactctt ttctggtatg tccaatattc tggagaaggt ccacagctcc ttctgcaagt    382020
     cacaactgcc aacaacaagg gaagcagcag aggttttgaa gctacatatg ataaaggaac    382080
     cacttccttc cacttgcaga aaacctcagt gcaagagata gattcggctg tgtactactg    382140
     tgctatgaga gacacagtgg cagaaactgc aggggcagct gagcataaag tctgagaagt    382200
     aaaagaaagc ctgacttttg ataattttcc ttttgaatca tcctgtttgc atgcagtctg    382260
     tgttgtgtac caacatttct ctagttgatg aaagtcaaac aaatggtcag agcagaatac    382320
     aaaatagatg atactacaac tgtatttttg tacaggaaat tagaactccc atgaagtgga    382380
     aatttaagga ttcattggaa agtcagttgt gttggatggt gtttttctgg gacaaacaca    382440
     agaagtattt tcctgaagtg gacataaatg aaaggctgtt ttgctaaaca agcatgtgaa    382500
     agggcatgtg atgaaggatt cttcactaac aacatgcatg tattggtcca tcttacatat    382560
     gttgttgagc tccgatcttt gggactccat agagagatat gtaccaaaaa acctgccgct    382620
     ttagtggtca gccaagacag atgcacatgc tgaggcaata ctgtagcctc cctcagcctt    382680
     gaagcaggct gatccagact ttgaccttgc tgccactaag aaggagatta cctagggtag    382740
     agccttctga ccttgatggc tctatttgct cttctccaag actctacttc ctgctgagag    382800
     gtccttgagg tattcctgag acacatcctt tagatcgcct atgggctggc tccaggcacc    382860
     aagaatgggc tgcgggggac aggccttccc tctttataag cacggattct cagtaaactt    382920
     cagaagcttt gaacaaaaag gtttgtcttg gcctcattct tttcttattg tctgatcttt    382980
     ttcagcccca gcccaccttt caggggaacc cagttcacat ggccgagggg ggctacacaa    383040
     gacacatggt gaggcaagac ccatggtgag gcaagaccca tggaggacat gtgatgtttg    383100
     gagggagtat aaatagaact caacggacag atggagactg agcttggctt tctggtagag    383160
     ctagctgtgc aatgcttgtg ggtctagagt cttctctaag ctttgcttct ctgaaagaag    383220
     cacagcctag aacttctcct ggctttcctg ctggtccttc ctgctgactc atgcttaggc    383280
     taagtcctgg ctgtctttac taggtattgc cactgctgct gatttgtgtt tgctatccca    383340
     actctactga actgtactgc tggtatatct gtgaagtgtt tgtgagtgga tggagctgcc    383400
     actgttaacc tgtgaactga actgctgatt tccagataac acagatagga gttgctccaa    383460
     aggaccattt ctaaacaggt ccacttttcc tgtatccttt cttttccact acctctggca    383520
     ggtcgtacac ataaagcatt taagaaccat cattaaaaat aggatttgaa aaaattagag    383580
     ttacccctga aggacatcag tggtttctca cacagggtca cagtgatttc acagtagagc    383640
     agtgaaaaca atgaagtggt cagttgtccc cattccacat acaagtcatt atctacatac    383700
     tgtttaatgt catctccagt aagacatact gtgccaaata taccagaaaa ggtggcatga    383760
     catctagata atgtctacct aatactacgg aaagagaagt tatcagaggg ctacagccct    383820
     tttataactt gggatttcta gtagagaaaa atgcatagag aagaaagaag aaagcaaagc    383880
     tagagcatgt aggtgatttt cagatttgca ttattccaat ctaatcccac aatctcatcc    383940
     ccagctccgg agcacactac ctcctgtgga ttcgcctccc ttgttgtctc catttccata    384000
     ggactgagga gatcctgatg gcatacctgg tttcttccca attgtggatc ctgtcactcc    384060
     atgcttcctt tagcatatct ccatctccat gccagcacct aatatcaaga aacccattct    384120
     atctataacc ctggtttatc ctatcaggat ctcagaagca ttctttagca gtcaacctat    384180
     agttaccaca ctcttccaag aagcagggaa tgcaacagaa actaaggaac aggacacaca    384240
     tcccacaaag acaagaccag acaccatcac ctagaattac aatgatctca aatctagatg    384300
     cctagattcc agagtaaaaa caaccaataa tagccacgat gatatctctc cactaaagac    384360
     cagaaaccct actacagaag gtcctgagaa atgcagtgta gctgaagcat aagacaagaa    384420
     cttcaaaata gattttgtga acatgataga ggtctttcaa cctaaatcta aagatggaca    384480
     tgtctataat ggtacaaaaa tgttccagac taccaaatac attagaccag aaaaagaagt    384540
     ccctttatta cagaatagtc aaaacactat acacatagaa cataaagaat attaaaaact    384600
     aaatagtgaa atactggaca ttgcagccat catgaatcaa atggatacca gatatctaca    384660
     gaacatttca ctcaaacacc aaagagtata ccttcttctc agcacatcac agaaatttct    384720
     ctaaaactga ccacatgctt agtcacaggt aaatcttatc agacacaaga aaattgaagt    384780
     aaccccatgt atcctaccag actactacag attaatgctg gatttcagca atagcaaaaa    384840
     cattagaaag cctacaactc atggaaattg aacaactcta tactgaatga ttactgggtc    384900
     atgatgaaat aaagaaatta taaactacct agacttcagt aaaaatgaat aaacaacaca    384960
     ccaaaattca tgggacacaa tgaaagcagt ggtaagagga aagttcgtag caccaagtac    385020
     ctttataaaa aattggagat acactatact aacagattaa tggcacacct gaaaacacta    385080
     gaagagaaag aagtaaacag acccacaagt agatcaaact taaggctgaa gtcaatagga    385140
     gagaggggga ttgggtgggg ggagacagag agacagagag aataatacaa agaatcaaca    385200
     aaaccaagag ctgggtcttt gggtaaatca acaagataga caaactatta gccacactaa    385260
     ctaaaagaca cagagagaat atccaaataa aatcagaaaa gaagaggggg atataacaac    385320
     aaacaccaag gaagtctaaa atattactaa gtgacccgtc tagcagatcc agttattcga    385380
     gggtctcaag gggacctttt cctaagaacc aaattggggg gtagagagag acgagaacct    385440
     tgtgcgaata acaacacgga aacgttctga gttgcatcaa ggccccaatg tattagccag    385500
     ccccaaggtt taaatgcaca agcaaaaggg gaagtacttc tcaacaggag gaatggggca    385560
     gcagaaatgc acctcagcag gagggatggg gcagaaattt ttcttttggt gactacacgg    385620
     ggaagcagga acttggcgga catcgggcgc tgacttaggg ctggaacaat ctgtagttgt    385680
     tctcggagtg gtgcgtcggt ggcccgcttt tgactccctt ttcttctcgg ggtggggaga    385740
     ggcccaattc agagatcaag agttgtctta atggctccca acaactaagt ctttctttaa    385800
     aaaaaatctg tacttgtccc ctgcttgttg agtcttctgg atcaagcaga gttgccctga    385860
     gtagcctgct attccacaag acctgcattc tcccaccact tctctgccta tctcattgta    385920
     tctgcagctc ctaaacaata cagacctgca gatctagagc catacaaccc aaggatacct    385980
     atcagagact tgccatacta ggaccattga ggctaaatac cctctcaata cctactacaa    386040
     cagcaacatc cagggaccaa agccatccag atgggtaaaa gtccttgaaa gatcaccata    386100
     aaaaagccag gacaacatga taccttcaga tcatagatac ccttttacag acaaccccgg    386160
     atatcctaac acaaccagag cacaagaaaa tgaccttaaa tccaatctta taaagatgat    386220
     agagaccttt agagaggaag caaataaatc ccttaaagat atacaggaaa atgtaattaa    386280
     aatggtgaag ggaataaata aaaacaattt tcaagtcctg aaagtagaaa tacaagcaat    386340
     aaagaaaaca caaaattagg gaatcctgaa gatgaaaacc tagggaaaag aacaggaaca    386400
     acaaatgcaa gcatcaccag cagaacacag gagatggaag agagaatctt aggtgtagga    386460
     gatacaatag aagaaattga tacaccagtc aaagaaaaca ttgaatctaa aaaattcctg    386520
     acacaaaatc tgagaaacca tgaaaaatct gtgattctta agattaatag gaatacaaga    386580
     aggtgaagag tcccagcgcc aatgcccaga aaatagtttg gacaaaatca tagaagcaaa    386640
     tctttccaac ccaaagaaag aaatgcctat aagcatacaa gaagcttata ttacaccacc    386700
     tagactggac caataaagaa aatcctcccc ccatataata atcaaaacac aaaatctaca    386760
     gaacaaagaa tattaaaagc aacaagggaa aaagggcagg taacatacaa aggcagacct    386820
     atcagaatta catcttactt ctcaacagag actctaaaag tgagaagggc ctacactgca    386880
     gatgcaaacc tagactactc taaccagcca aactttgtat caccatagaa ggagaaaaca    386940
     agatattcca tgacaaaacc agatttaaac aagattgatc cacaaataca tccctacaga    387000
     aaatactaga aggaaaactc tctcttggat aactacatcc aagaaaacag aggaaataag    387060
     taattccata gcaacaaaag caaggaaaat acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    387120
     acacacacac acaaaccacc aacatcaaaa taaaagaaaa taacaatcac tggacaataa    387180
     agtctctcaa catcaatgga ctcaatcccc cagtttaaaa aaaaaaaaat ttttaatggg    387240
     gattgcattg aatctgtaga ttgcttttgg caagatagcc atttttacaa tgttggtcct    387300
     gccaaaccat gagcatggga gatctttcca tcttctgaga tcttctttaa tttctttctt    387360
     cagggacttg aagtttttat catacagatc tttcacttcc ttcgttagag tcacgccgag    387420
     atattttata ttatttgtgg ctattgagaa gggtgttgtt tccctaattt ctttctcagc    387480
     ctgtttattc tttgtgtaga gaaaggccat tgacttgttt gagttaattt tatatccagc    387540
     tacttcaccg aagctgttta tcaggtttag gagttctctg ttggaatttt tagggtcact    387600
     tatatatact atcatatcat ctgcaaaaag tgatattttg acttcctctt ttccaatttg    387660
     tatccccttg atctcctttt gttgtcgaat tgctctggct aatacttcaa gtactatgtt    387720
     gaaaaggtag ggagaaagtg ggcagccttg tctagtccct gattttagtg ggattgcttc    387780
     cagcttctct ccatttactt tgatgttggc tactggtttg ctgtagattg cttttatcat    387840
     gtttaggtat tggccttgaa ttcctgatct ttccagaact tttatcatga atgggtgttg    387900
     gatcttgtca aatgcttttt ctgcatctaa cgagatgatc atgtggtttt tgtctttgag    387960
     tttgtttata taatggatta cattgatgga ttttcgtata ttaaaccatc cctgcatccc    388020
     tggaataaaa cctacttggt caggatggat gattgcttta atgtgttctt ggattcggtt    388080
     agcgagaatt ttattaagaa tttttgcatc gatgttcata agagaaattg gtctgaagtt    388140
     ctctatcttt gttggatctt tctgtggttt aggtatcaga gtaatagtgg cttcataaaa    388200
     tgagttgggt agaatacctt ctacttctat cttgtgaaaa agtttgtgca gaactggagt    388260
     tagatcttct ttaaaattcc aactcaattc ttcaacgaat tagaaggagc aatttgcaaa    388320
     ttcatctgga ataacaaaaa accgaggata gcaaaaactc ttctcaagga taaaagaacc    388380
     tctggtggaa tcaccatgcc tgacctaaag ctttactaca gagcaattgt gataaaaact    388440
     gcatggtact ggtatagaga cagacaagtg gaccaatgga atagaattga agacccagaa    388500
     atgaacccac acacctatgg tcacttgatc ttcgacaagg gagccaaaac catccagtgg    388560
     aagaaagaca gcattttcaa caattggtgc tggcacaact ggttgttatc atgtagaaga    388620
     atgcgaatcg atccatactt atctccttgt actaaggtca aatctaagtg gatcaaggaa    388680
     cttcacataa aaccagagac actgaaactt atagaggaga aagtggggaa aagccttgaa    388740
     gatatgggca caggggaaaa attcctgaac agaacagcaa tggcttgtgc tgtaagatcg    388800
     agaattgaca aatgggacct aatgaaactc caaagtttct gcaaggcaaa agacactgtc    388860
     tataagacaa aaagaccacc aacagactgg gaaaggatct ttacctatcc taaatcagat    388920
     aggggactaa tatccaacat atataaagaa ctcaagaagg tggacctcag aaaatcaaat    388980
     aaccccctta aaaaatgggg ctcagaactg aacaaagaat tctcacctga ggaataccga    389040
     atggcagaga agcacctgaa aaaatgttca acatccttaa tcatcaggga aatgcaaatc    389100
     aaaacaaccc tgagattcca cctcacacca gtgagaatgg ctaagatcaa aaattcaggt    389160
     gacagcagat gctggcgagg atgtggagaa agaggaacac tcctccattg ttggtgggat    389220
     tgcaggcttg tacaaccact ctggaaatca gtctgtcggt tcctcagaaa attggacata    389280
     gtactaccgg aggatccagc aatacctctc ctgggcatat atccagaaga agccccaact    389340
     ggtaagaagg acacatgctc cactatgttc atagcagcct tatttataat agccagaaac    389400
     tggaaagaac ccagatgccc ctcaacagag gaatggatac agaaaatgtg gtacatctac    389460
     acaatggagt actactcagc tattaaaaag aatgaattta tgaaattcct aaccaaatgg    389520
     atggacatgg agagcatcat cctgagtgag gtaacacaat cacaaaggaa ctcacacaat    389580
     atgtactcac tgataagtgg atactagccc aaaacctagg atacccacga tataagatac    389640
     aatttcctaa acacatgaaa ctcaagaaaa atgaagactg aagtgtggac actatgcccc    389700
     tccttagaag tgggaacaaa acacccatgg aaggagttac agaaacaaag tatggagctg    389760
     agatgaaagg atggaccatg tagagactgc catatccagg gatccacccc ataatcagct    389820
     tccaaatgct gacaccattg catacactag caagatttta ctgaaaggac ccagatgtag    389880
     ctgtctcttg tgagactatg ccggggccta gcaaacacag aagtggatgc tcacagtcag    389940
     ctaatggatg gatcacaggg ctcccaatgg aggagctaga gaaagtaccc aaggagctaa    390000
     agggatcttc aaccctatag gtggaacaac attatgaact aaccagtacc cctgagctct    390060
     tgactctagc tgcatatgta tcaaaagatg gcctagtcgg ccatcactgg aaagagaggc    390120
     ccattggaca cgcagacttt gtgtgccccg gtacagggga acgccagggc caaagggggg    390180
     gagtgggtgg gtaggggagt gggggtgggt gggtaagggg gacttttggt atagcattgg    390240
     aaatgtaaat gagctaaata cctaataata aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    390300
     aaaaaagaac atacacaggc tggtttgtgg ccccagacac atatgtagtg gagaaatgag    390360
     atgtctggtc tcagtggaag aggatacacc taattctcta gagactcgat gccccaggta    390420
     agaagggtga ggggtggggg gagttagatg gggtggatgg gtgggtgaga gggatgggtg    390480
     ggggagcatc ctctcagagg caaaggaggg ggggatgggg tgaaaaactc ttggagggga    390540
     atctgggaag ggggtagaca tttggaatgt aaataaataa gacaatttaa aacaaaaaaa    390600
     aaaacccaca ggcttacaga atggttataa aaacaggatc catcattctg ctgcacacaa    390660
     gaaacatatt tcaggcataa agatagatac tacctcagag taaggggctg gaacaaagtt    390720
     ttcaaagcac atggacccaa gaagcatgct ggaatagcca ttctaataac taataaaata    390780
     gactttcagc caaaatttat ctaaagaaat ggggaagggg aagtataata gactttatac    390840
     ttaatcatca gaggaaaaat ctaccaagat ggtatttcaa ttcgagcatc tatgccccaa    390900
     atacaagggt acctactttt tgtaaaagaa acattgctaa agcttaaatt atacatcaga    390960
     agccctgagg accagaagaa tgaatgggaa tatgtaacct agaggggagg gggtcagggg    391020
     tgtggtgaga ggtggagcaa ctctctagaa tgtactgaag acctgggaag tgagagactc    391080
     tcaagactcc aagggtggga ccttagatga aataccctac agtcaggaga gggaatttgt    391140
     agagtccacc tccagtagaa agacagagca tcaagtggag ggatggggtt gctgtcccac    391200
     agtcaaaaac tctgactcag aattgttcct gtctaaaaga actacaggga caaaaattga    391260
     gaagagactg agggaaacca acttgggatc catctcaagg tgaggctcca aggcctgaca    391320
     ctattactga tgctataacc acttttcaaa gtgtcttttt tccatcctgt gactcctatt    391380
     agctgaaagt tagagctgca cagttgctgc tgaggtagaa cagaggccac attacttaat    391440
     ccccactgtt aggctgcagg tgtcaatccc ctaggccagc agcttttcac cctcagaaag    391500
     agcaagaaag attttaggat ttttttttag aagttatcat cagcatttca gtacagttag    391560
     agagctagaa tgttcagaga cccttagact ttaaagtcac actagagtcc tactttgtgc    391620
     cacctgccac taccctctcc agttctggag gctctcagca cttcgcagca cctcatgaat    391680
     tcttcttcaa aactgaccac ataactggtc aaaaagcaag cctcaacaga taaaagaaaa    391740
     ttaaaataac gtcttgtatt ttatgagacc actatggttt aaagctgtac ttcaataaca    391800
     gcagaaacac tagaaagcct acacactcag gaaaactgaa caactctcta ctcaatgatc    391860
     agggaggaaa taaagaaatt aaagactatc tagaattcaa tgaaaatgaa gacaacatac    391920
     tcaaatttat gggacacaat taaaacaggg ctaagaggaa agttcatagc actaagtgcc    391980
     tccataaagc atttagaaag ttctcatacc agcaatttaa aagtacacct gaaaactcta    392040
     gaaaaaaaag aagcaagcac tctaaagagg agtagaaggc agggaataat cagaaccagg    392100
     gctaaaagca atcaatagaa aacaaggaaa acaatacaaa gaatcaacaa aaccaagagt    392160
     tggttctttg agaaagtaaa caagatagac aaacccttag ccaaatgaac caaaagacag    392220
     aaagacagta tccaaataaa gaaaatcaga aatgaaaagg gagacataac aacagacact    392280
     gaagaaattt gaagaatcat taggtcttat ttcaaaagct tgtactccac aaaatttgaa    392340
     aatctaaatg aaatgtatga tttttctaga tagataccac ttaccaaagt taaatcaaga    392400
     tcaggtaaac tatttaaaca gcccattaac tcctaagaaa atagaagcag tcatgaaaag    392460
     tctccccccg cccccccccg aaaaagcaca gggatagatg attttagtat agacttctat    392520
     cagactttca aagaagagct aatagcaata ctcctcaaac tattccacag aatagaaaca    392580
     gaaggaacac tgcctgactc attctataaa gccacagtca ctctgatacc taaaccacac    392640
     aaagactcaa gaaagagaac ttcagactgg attctcttat gaacattgat acaaaaacac    392700
     tcaataaaat actcacaaac caaatccaaa agcacatcaa aaatataatc catcatgatc    392760
     aaataggctt ccctctcagg agtgcagtga tggtttagta tgaaaatcca tcaacagatg    392820
     caacacataa ataaactgga aaaaaaccac atggccatct cattaaatgc tgaaaaagcc    392880
     tttgacaaaa tctaatgcct ctttatgtta aaaaaataaa agtattagcg agatcaggga    392940
     ttcaaggcac atacctaaat ataatcaaag caatatacag caagccaata gccaacatca    393000
     agctaaatgg agagacactt aaagcaattc cactaaaatc agggacatga caaggctgcc    393060
     atccattctc tccaaatcta ttcaatgtag tacctgaagt tctagttaga gcaataagac    393120
     aacaaaagga gatcaagggg atatgaattg gaaagggaga agtcaaaata tcactgcttg    393180
     aggatgatat gaaaatatac ttaagtgacc tcaaaatcct aacagagaac gcctacagct    393240
     gataaatagc ttcagcaatg tggctggata caaacctcct ttatacaaat gataaactga    393300
     ccaagaagga agttagagaa acaacacctt ttacagtagt cataaataat ataaaatatc    393360
     ttggtgtaac tctaactaag caagtgaaag atctgcatga caagtacttc aagtctctga    393420
     agaaagaaat tgaagactat ataagaatat ggaaagttct ccatggtcat ggataggtag    393480
     gattgttttt gttttaattt aatttaatat ttctcttact taactttaca tcctgctcac    393540
     tctcccctcc ctgtcatccc ctaccacaac ccttacccca cccactcacc ttctcctctg    393600
     agtgggtgag gccccctgag tacccaccct ctccccccac tctggtacat caagtctctg    393660
     tgaggctagt atgtctttac tctcccagtg aggccagata aggcagccca gctagaacag    393720
     ctaggagtag caaggtctag gttcagcccc tttatgttct ttggtccact ctgagagccc    393780
     caagggttga tctaaataac tctagatttg agggatggtg tcttattcag ggtttctatt    393840
     cctgcacaaa catcatgacc aagaagcaag ttggggagga aagggtttat tcggcttaca    393900
     cttccatact gctgttcatc accaaggaag tcaggactgg aactcaagca ggtcagaaag    393960
     caggagctga tgcagaggcc atggagggat gttctttact ggcttgcctc acctggcttg    394020
     ctcagcctgc tttcttatag aacccaagac taccagccca gagatggtcc cacccacaag    394080
     gggcctttcc cccttgatca ctaattgaga aaatgcctta cagttggatc tcatggaggc    394140
     atttcctcaa ctgaagctcc tttctctgtg attactacag ctgtgtcaag ttgacacaaa    394200
     actagccagt acaattgacc ccttgtcaac ttgacacaca aacagatcac taataagcct    394260
     caacccttac aatcttattc atccccaaga tctaaataac tttaaaagtc ccacagtctt    394320
     tacatattct taaattttca atctctttaa aatatccatc tcttttaaaa tccaaagtct    394380
     ttttacaatt aaaagtctct taactgtggg ctccactaaa acagtttctt ccttcaagag    394440
     ggaaaatatc agggcacagt cacaatcaaa agcaaaagtc aatctccaac cgtccaatgt    394500
     ctggaatcca actcacgatc ttctgggctc ctccaagggc ttaggtcact tctccagcca    394560
     tgccctttgt agcacacgcg tcatcctcta ggctccagat gcctgtactc cactgctgct    394620
     gctgctgctc ttggtggtca tctcatggta ctggcatctc caaaacactg catgacccct    394680
     tcagtcctgg gccttcaatt gaaactgaga ttgcaccttc accaatggcc ttccatggcc    394740
     tctcacagtg ctgagcctca gctgctttgc atgacccctt catgccttca aaaccagtac    394800
     cacctgggtg acccttacat attaccaagt cccactgcag caggagtaca accttggcca    394860
     tctctggaac acagcctctt tgtgttttca gaaaacactt cccagaagat gtcacctcaa    394920
     tgatgctggt ctcttcttaa tcactgctaa tttcttagct ccagctaacc agcatcaata    394980
     gtcccaataa tgcaaagttt ttgctttggt agttctggta tcttgttaat cacagctgat    395040
     tcttcagccc cagctaacca gaacttcaga atcttcacaa tcaaaacagc aatggccctg    395100
     aaaagtcttt aattttccct ctgaaatttc acaaaccaga cctccatctt ctgcagtgtt    395160
     ctcaacatta tcttccaagc tcctacacaa catccgatag agctcttaac aacggatgga    395220
     tctttaagcc caaagttcca aagtccttcc acggtcctcc ccaaaacatg gtcaggttgt    395280
     cacaggaata ccccactctg ctggtaccaa tttgtcttag tcagggtttt tattcctgca    395340
     caaacatcat gaccaagaag caagttgggg aggaaagggt ttattcggct tacacttcca    395400
     tactgctgtt catcaccaag gaagtcagga ctggaactca agcaggtcag gaagcaggag    395460
     ctgatgcaga ggccatggag ggatgttctt tactggcttg cctcacctgg cttgctcagc    395520
     ctgctttctt atagaaccca agactaccag cccagagatg gtcccaccca caaggggcct    395580
     ttcccccttg atcactaatt gagaaaatgc cttacagttg gatctcatgg aggcatttcc    395640
     tcaactgaag ctcctttctc tgtgataact acagctgtgt caagttgaca caaaactagc    395700
     cagtacagat gggaagcata ctatcatcat ctttcatatt gtttgtgtat tctttgtgat    395760
     tagaactggg catggtagac tttgtcaatt ttttgtgtgt cttgtgatta tacagtagct    395820
     gagctggtac ataggatttg ccacaagtat gaaactcaga ggttggtcaa gagacaagta    395880
     ggactcagca ttctagactg ggtccttggt tttggacatg aggtaggttt gggggttggg    395940
     aggtgtagct gcctgcggcc acactaactg ggttcctgcg tgggaggccg gagctgtatg    396000
     gaaggaaaca gcaagagaaa taatggaggc caagacatgt ttctgttcaa ggccccaaag    396060
     tttactaaga gtctatgctt ataaagaggg gaggtccatt ccctgcagat ctattctgga    396120
     tgcccatcac cagcctgtag gcaatctgcc tgacagaact ggtttggcaa gtaggtgtaa    396180
     attactggat tgcttgcagt ctcaagggcc tctcagcagg tagcagtgtc ttggagaaga    396240
     gaagcacagg tgacagaaca atagagccat ctaagtcaga aggttccacc tcaggtggtc    396300
     tcatactcag aggcagcaag gcccgaatca gcctgcttca aggctggggg agactacagg    396360
     gaggggtgct agaaaggtca ggcatacttg gcagtctgtg ttggtatata acgactggga    396420
     tgagccctga ggttggacat taacagtaag acatttctaa agaagattcc caaccaaggc    396480
     cccaatgaat gagctagtag tggagaggtc ctattctcca gtttctgttt gctctgagga    396540
     tcacagatct tttatcttaa attatatctt tgcagactgt acatctctga atcttattca    396600
     gacttttatt ttctttgttg cttaaagccc aaccaaaggg actctcctct gccttctcat    396660
     gtttttagca cccaatatta ggatccttag tttctttgag aggtttaaag tttagtgttt    396720
     tgaggtttct tgtggctctg ttgtttagtt tgtgactccc tcaattttaa atatcacttc    396780
     cctcccctag cagccacaca tttgatgctt tgtgtcaggt tcatggtggt gcaggaaagt    396840
     gctgtgtgtc tcaaatgtgc catcttcctg ctcttccagg agacctgtta atctagctgc    396900
     atacatttta ttgcaagtct cttacaggga ggtgtgtatc ttacaaagac tgtaagactt    396960
     agaaagactt caagtttagt ttcatccctc ttttggacat tccccaagcc catggttctg    397020
     gttgtttgtt gttttcattc ttctccctcc tttgtgtgtg tgtgttttga gaaaagaatc    397080
     tctgtatgtc acaggcataa cttaaatcca catcttcttg cttcagcctc ccaaactaga    397140
     atccctcctg ggaatataaa catatgccac tatgattatc tctgtctgca ggtttcatat    397200
     ttactgagaa atgggtgttg ttattattgt catggataat gtactgttgc agacaacagt    397260
     ttgagtctga gcatcttcct ctcagcctgt tctctttgca cttgttgatg gtaaagaaaa    397320
     tgatcaaact gtgttggggg gatgcttaac tcttgagtag gaaaggatct tttgtctcta    397380
     gcttctgcaa ggtctcaaag cccaccataa gacagtatag gaggcacagc tgtctttgtg    397440
     ctcacagata tcactagggg gacttggaat gtgaaatatg catagttttc cttcaaagga    397500
     gtgattgaat aatctgttat tagtccagaa gtttaggagc atgttgggag ctattaaggc    397560
     aacgctattg tcctgatctc tgaattgggc cccccctccc cgagaagaaa agagggtcaa    397620
     aagcgggcca tcgacacact gcccggagaa caaccacaga ttgttctagc cctaagtcag    397680
     tgccggatgt cctgacctca agataccctg ataccgccaa gttcctgctt ccccttgtaa    397740
     ctgcctaaag aatgtgcaat tctattgccc catcccttct gctgagaagt actttccccc    397800
     ttttccttgt gcaattctat ttccccatcc ttcctgctga aaggcacttc cccttttgct    397860
     tgtgcattta agccttggac ctttcgaaat acattggggc tttgatgcat tccagaacgt    397920
     ttccgtgtcg ttattcgcac aaggcccttg tctctctcta cccccccccc ccaatttggt    397980
     tattaggagg aggtcccctc gagaccctcg aataactgga cctgctggat gggtcaggag    398040
     cacatgtggt taatagctcg gctacctttg cattatctgt gtggccagga ccacagccat    398100
     cccttcccca ctctcatccc caccctcatc cccatcatta tccgaagctt gtttttattg    398160
     gaaccatctt tatggagggt gtctccatgt acttaattta ccaagaattt caatgttgtc    398220
     ttgtccaact tttatttatt ttattttatt tttcagggag attaaaatat gtttcattgt    398280
     gtacacagga ttgagtcagt tatcaccaga aatgatttca tcagattatc ctgcacttat    398340
     atatacctaa ataaaactac tcaatatcaa actaccaaag tatgaaccaa cacttgctac    398400
     ttagttgtgc tgatccaaac tgcctgcttg cctccaaaga tatttactct cctggatgtg    398460
     gaggtctcag agactcctgc agtacagttg tttgctgact tgtttctatg tgtacctact    398520
     tcagctctgg catagatatt cccctggtac atacagtttt atgactatgt tggaaatgaa    398580
     gagcaagata aaatgaaagg gttagggaag aagagagaga aggaagaggg aagagatgga    398640
     gaggggaggg agtcagaaag tgggagagtg agagaaacca gatctagaac tttcacagat    398700
     caatttcact cagcaggact taagattaga gaataaaagt tagagaaatt aacaagtccc    398760
     taggttttat ttgttttatt tagagtttag gtgttgtact cagctccatc tcctgtatca    398820
     actcaagtaa agttcttttt acacacaaga ttggtcctgg ctccaaatgg aataaagagt    398880
     tccagacctt tctagctctg acctaaataa acagcctgtc caaaccatct ttaaaacgtg    398940
     aagatgcgtc acagtgtgtc ccacagtata tgcacaatga gattttgttt tgttttcttt    399000
     attatttttg ctttttattt tgcctttgtg ggtggacaga ggttgcaagg gaggaaggtg    399060
     gatatacaaa gcaccctgga gatgaatgga atcagggtac atgatgtgaa actcacaaag    399120
     agtgaacaaa aatacttaga aacaaaaact aaacttgaaa atggatttga atggggatgc    399180
     cagtggtaac aagggttaga gttatgcagt acaaaaataa aacctcatgc agatttccat    399240
     tgcagacttt tcagaggtga cattttagta caggtgactg ctagtgtgcg aaacctattt    399300
     ttacggagaa agaggacagc atctgctaag tgtgaaagca caagctcagc tttctttcca    399360
     tcctgactca gagcaaatgc ctcttcaaaa ctccaactaa acgctcaagg gctttacttt    399420
     ttactagcca agttagaaca ctttgcagtt taaacctttc cttgtcattt tcatgagtcc    399480
     acaagatggc agtgttttct ttgggatcct gagcaaagat ctcaagaggg agagaagtgg    399540
     ggcatagggt ggtggtgggt ggggaggagg agaaaagggg tacaggaaga ggaggcacgc    399600
     gcgggggggg ggtagagaat gagctggagg aaggcttggt gctgctgagg tcatgaagag    399660
     tctcttttct agctgccaac ttagagttga ggatctcagt cctcagtgaa gaggaaagaa    399720
     gagagaatga aatccttgag tgtttcccta gtggtcctgt ggctccagtt aaactgtaag    399780
     tttgggaatt cctttgggat tcaggtgtga tatgaaaagt tactgtcagc tccaggagaa    399840
     tggtagaatc acagatgttc ttaatctcta gttaagaaat gggaagccca tggaaaaatc    399900
     attctagagt gttagcatcc atacgtatcc agtcttgatt gtctgacctt tgtctttctg    399960
     cacaggggtg aacagccagc agaaggtgca gcagagccca gaatccctca ttgtcccaga    400020
     gggagccatg acttctctca actgcacttt cagcgacagt gcttctcagt attttgcatg    400080
     gtacagacag cattctggga aagcccccaa ggcactgatg tccatcttct ccaatggtga    400140
     aaaagaagaa ggcagattca caattcacct caataaagcc agtctgcatt tctcgctaca    400200
     catcagagac tcccagccca gtgactctgc tctctacctc tgtgcagtga gcacacagtg    400260
     cttcccagac acctgcagcc tgtatgcaaa cctactgtgc agcatcaagc actgacataa    400320
     atcacagacc acagagtaga agacattctg tttcttatct atatgcagtg ggatttatga    400380
     gcaagaatag agagggcttc attgactgaa aaaatgttgt gtttttttgt atattttaaa    400440
     atacatttta ttagtttagt ttttaaacca acaaacaaaa acccctcaat ctgttaattt    400500
     tctttttatc attttaattt ttataggtat tttcctcatt tacatttcca atgctatccc    400560
     aaaagttccc catacccccc ccccaactcc cctacccacc cactccccct ttttgccctg    400620
     gtgttcccct gtactggggc atataaagtt tgcaaatcca atggacctct ctttccagtg    400680
     atggccgact aggccatctt tgatacatat gcagctagag acaagagctc cggggtacta    400740
     gttaattcat aatgttgttc cacctatagg gttgcagatc cctttagctc cttgggtact    400800
     ttctcgagct cctccattgg gggccgtgtg atccatccaa tagctgactg tgagcattca    400860
     cttctgtgtt tgctaggccc cggcatagtc tcacaagaga cagctatatc tgggtccttt    400920
     cagcaaaatc ttgctagtgt atgtaatggt gtcagcgttt ggaagctgat tatgggatgg    400980
     atccctggat atggcaatca ctagatggtc catcctttca tcacagctcc aaattttgtc    401040
     tctgtaactc cttccatggg tgttttgttc ccatttctaa gaaggggcaa agtgtccaca    401100
     ctttggtctt cgttcttctt gagtttcatg cgtttagcaa attgtatctt atatcttggg    401160
     tatcctaagt ttctgggcta atatccactt atcagtgagt acatattgtg tgagttcctt    401220
     tgtgattggg ttacctcact caggatgatg ccctccaggt ccatccattt gcctaggaat    401280
     ttcataaatt cattcttttt aatagctgag tagtactcca ttgtgtaaat gtaccatatt    401340
     ttctgtatcc attcctctgt ttaggggcat ctgggttctt tccagcttct ggctaatata    401400
     aataaggctg ctatgaacat agtggagcat gtgtccttct tactgattgg gactttttat    401460
     ggatatatgc tccacaaagg tattgcagga tcctcctgta gtactatgtc caattttctg    401520
     aggaactgcc agatgatttt cagagtggtt gtacaagcct gcaatcccac caacaatgga    401580
     ggagtgttcc tatttctcca catcctcacc agcatctgct gtcacctgaa tttttgatct    401640
     tagccattct gactggtgtg aggtggaatc tcagggttgt tttgatttgc atttccctga    401700
     tgattaagga tgttgaacat ttttttcagg tgcttctctg acactcggta ttcctcagga    401760
     gagaattctt tgttcagctc tgagccccat tttttaatgg ggttatttga ttttctggag    401820
     cccaccttct tgagttcttt acatatattg gatattagtc ccctatctga tttgggatag    401880
     gtaaagatcc tttcccaatc tgttggtagt ctttttgtct tattgacggt gtcttttgcc    401940
     ttgcagaagc tttgcaactt tatgaggtcc catttatcga ttcttgatct tacagcacaa    402000
     gccattgctg ttctattcag gaattttacc cataacttcg aggcttttcc ctactttctc    402060
     ctctataagt ttcagtgtct ctggttttat gtggagttcc ttaatccaca tagatttgac    402120
     cttactacaa ggagatagga atggatcaat tcgcattttt ctacatgata accaccagtt    402180
     gtgccagcat catttgttga aaatgctgtc ttttttccac tgggtggttt tagctccctt    402240
     gtcaaagatc aagtgaccat aggtgtgtgg gttcatctct gggtcttcaa ttctgttcca    402300
     ttggtctacg tgtctgtcac tataccagta ccatgcagtt tttatcacag ttgctctgta    402360
     gtacagcttt aggtcaggca tggtgattaa accagaggtt cttttatcct tgagaagagt    402420
     ttttgctatc ctaggttttt tgttattcca gatgaatttg cagattgccc tttctaattc    402480
     gttgaagagt tgagttggaa ttttgatggg gattgcattg aatctgtaga ttgcttttgg    402540
     caagatagct atttttgcta tattgatcca gccaatccgt gagcatggga gatctttcca    402600
     tcttctgaga tcttctttat tttctttctt cagagacatg aagttcttat catacagatc    402660
     tttcacttcc ttagttagag tcatgccaag gtattttata ttatttgtga ctattataaa    402720
     gggtgttgtt tccctaattt cattctcagc ctgtttatcc tttgtgtaca gaaaggccat    402780
     tgacttgttt gagttgtctt ttttgatgac tttgggttgg aagttgatta tattagatat    402840
     tagaatggct actccagctt gtttcttcat accatttgct tggaaaattg ttttccagcc    402900
     tttcattctg aggtagtgta tatctttttc tctgagatga gtttcctgta agcagcgaaa    402960
     tgttgggtct tgtatgtgta gccagtttgt tagtctatat ctatttattg ggggagttga    403020
     gtccattgat attaagagat attaaggaaa agtaattgtt gcttcctgtt atttctattg    403080
     ttaaagttgg cattctgttc ttgtggctgt cttcttttag gtttgttgag ggattacctt    403140
     cttgcttttt ctagggcgtg gtttccatcc ttgtattttt tttttctgtt attatccttt    403200
     gaatggctgg attcatggaa agataatgtg tgaatttggt tttgtcgtgg aatactttgg    403260
     tttctccatc tatggtaatt gagagtttgg ctgggtatag tagcctgggc tggcatttgt    403320
     gttctcttag ggtctgtata acatctgtcc aagctcttct ggccttcata gtctctggtg    403380
     aaaaatctgg tgtaattctg ataggcttgc ctttatatgt tacttgacct ttttccctta    403440
     ctgcttttag tattctatct ttatttagtg catttgttgt tctgattatt atgtgtcggg    403500
     aggaatttct tttctggtcc agtctatttg taggcttctt gtatgttcat gggcatctct    403560
     ttctttagat ttgggaagtt ttcttctata attttgttga aggtatttgc cggtcctttg    403620
     agttgaaaat cttcattctc atccactcct gttatccata ggtttggtct tctcattgtg    403680
     tcctggattt cctggatgtt ttgagttaga atctttttgc attttgtatt ttctttgatt    403740
     gttgtgcaga tgttctccat ggaatcatct gcacctgaca ttctctcttc catatcttgt    403800
     attctgttgc tgatgcttgc atctatggtt ccagaattct ttcctagggt ttctatctcc    403860
     agcgttgcct cactttgggt tttctttatt gtgtctactt cctcttttag gtcttggatg    403920
     gctttattca attccattac ctgtttggtt gtgttttcct gcaattttaa agggattttt    403980
     gtgcttcctc tttaatgtct tctacctatt tagcagtgtt ctcctgtatt tctttgagtt    404040
     attaaagtcc ttcttgatgt cctctaccat catcatgaga tatgctttta aatccaggtc    404100
     tagctttttg ggtgtgtttt ggtgccctgg actgggcaaa gtgggagtgc tgggttctga    404160
     tgatggtgag tggtcttggt ttctgttagt aagattctta catttacctt tcaccatctg    404220
     gtaatctctg gagttagttg ttatagttgt ctctgtttag agattgttcc tctggtgatt    404280
     ttgttaccct ctatcagcag acctgggaga ctagttctct cctctgagtt tcagtggtca    404340
     gagcagtctc tgctggcaag ctctcctctt atagggaagg ttcacagtta tctggcattt    404400
     ggacctcctc ctagccgaag atgaaggccc aaaacaggat ctttcccaga agttgtgttg    404460
     ctttggcctg tcacagaagc tgttgtttca gtagtccaca ctctcacctg tgcagactac    404520
     tttctgtgga gtcctggaac caacatggct cccacggatc ctgaggcaaa ggcatcccag    404580
     gccaggcaga cacttgtcct ctggctggga aggtggccgg atgtctagag cccaaaaatg    404640
     gtgctgcctc agaatctctg tggctctcgc ctgtcccaga agctgttagc ttctgtagtc    404700
     cacactctca tctgtgcaga ctacttcctg cagagtcttg gaaccaagat ggctcctgcc    404760
     gattctgagg caaaagcctc attttagaca tattttattt tttatatttt tgtatcaatg    404820
     ttcaggaaag aaattgttct gtaattcagt ttttttttta gttaatcttt gtgtggtttt    404880
     ggtatcaggg tgactctggc ttcattaaaa aagtgtcaga caacgttcag ttctattttg    404940
     tgaaataatt taaagaatat tgatattagt tctttaaagt ctgaattctg tgttaaaact    405000
     gtctggtcat gggctttttt tttttttttt tggaagattt taatagttat ttcactatgt    405060
     gttacagtct atttaagttg tttatctgat tctggtttaa ctttataaaa attggccatt    405120
     tcttttaggt tttccaattt tgtggagtat atgtttttga agtatgacat aatgattctt    405180
     tggatatctt cagtatctgt tgttatatct ccttttcatt tctgatttca ttaaattaaa    405240
     tattatctgt ttgtctaata gttcatttgg atagggattt ttctatcatg ttgattttct    405300
     taaagaacca actctttgtt tcactgaaac tttgtattgt tctctttgat tctattttat    405360
     tgatttcagc catcgttgat ttcttgttgt caactcctct tcggtgtatt tacttctttc    405420
     tgttctagag cttttatgta tgctgttaaa ctagtagcat gggatctcta caattacttt    405480
     atgaagtcac ttagtgctct gaactttttt cttaaaactg ctctcatcat gtcccacaaa    405540
     tttgtattgt cttttcctca atttctttaa gggattcatt tatttccttt ttaagaacct    405600
     ctattatctt cataaagttg ttctaaaggt tttctcgtgc ttgagatatg ttggaatatt    405660
     cagggcttgc tgtactggta ttgctgggct ttagtggtga cacattgccc tagatgttgt    405720
     tgattttgtt aattatagtg atgtatagac atatctggat ttggagtgat tgtaggtcga    405780
     ggtcttaatt tctgggtttg tctttgttgg gtggctgttt acttctttgg tttccatttc    405840
     ttctggctgg agtgccactg gttacctctt ccatccccaa atggtggttg gattgctgat    405900
     ggcattgatg gtctctggac aagcagagag ttactaccca agttgggagc tggcattttg    405960
     gtgatgtgca tagcctttca tctggctgca gatcttctgg tgtttaggat gctggtctgg    406020
     attttggtgt ggtaggaggc ttctgcctgt ttgggggagc tggcctggtc tctagctttc    406080
     aggatgctgg tgggatagga gggttcctac agaggtgtgg gccaggatga tgaggagatg    406140
     aggggcaatt agagttatgc tgggcaggta tacatggagt ggtggcagtg aggaggtagc    406200
     ttatctgttt ttcagggatt gtgtctgtcc tctagttggg taggaggctt ctgctggaga    406260
     tgtgggttgg gatattggga agaagatagg aagaacagtt ggggacagca taggcagggc    406320
     tgggggcagt ctttcctggg gttcaagaat ctggcctgat ctctgttggg gcagaaagat    406380
     tatgctagcc atggaaacaa taacacctaa cagatcacac ctatcatcat ctatcatcac    406440
     tttttgactg gttgaaatag ttataagagc cttttgcatg aaatatataa tggactctta    406500
     tgtcatgaga aaatattgat attttatagc caacctctct gtagataagt ataagctact    406560
     tttagagaag ataatgttac acagccaaag tgtcatcaga cttcgtgaag ttgtcattac    406620
     agactctgga ggtgcttcag gcaatcgaga caattctgag agacaaggag aagaggcttt    406680
     gattattata gctgtcctgg tttgatttct gttgctatga taaattattc tgacaaaaat    406740
     caagctagag gagtttccac actcagaaca tatactgcca tgttatttct catatatgga    406800
     tcatggatcc tgggttctat ctttagattt ttctgtttaa agtgaagtta ctgcaggaat    406860
     ctacaatgtg gccactggaa gaaaaaaaaa aacttaatgg aaggtgaata gtattgcagg    406920
     tatacaaggc aatagatatc actacatgaa gctataggtt tgtaattgat atggccaaag    406980
     ctagatgtgt gatacctcca tgtgagttat tgtccaggga ggtcccaccg gtctccaaag    407040
     caatatacca tattgccatt gctctttgtt atgtaacata attaattgat aagttcctac    407100
     cgctgaagag accacatatt ttgatatata gagaaatcac attagaacat atgtaggata    407160
     ttttcttcta ggtagaaggc tgctggggaa gatatatcat cattggaact gctaggtgtg    407220
     gacccacatg tatgctaaat gatcaacctg ccaacaagat gtgcatactg attcaatagt    407280
     gacatgactt ttctaaggag caaccaacta tttctcctta gacttgaggc ctgctctttg    407340
     gggaaatgca tgcacatgag atgtcagcct atggctatga aattggaaaa aaggaaagaa    407400
     aatgttattt taatagatga gaatatggga atccagtgtc aatcacatgt tatgaaagaa    407460
     cttctgaggt tgtatgtgag gaaagttcag atgggatcaa catttattac cttgaacata    407520
     aagaaacaaa ggttctgatc aaagtttggc aataaaacaa aaaataggaa acagatttgg    407580
     caaaagtaag aaagaacagc tgtgtgagaa gacaaattct gtcaaggagg aaagcaatta    407640
     caaagatcaa atgaaggctg gaaggagctc ccacattaac atggcagcca tgtaagccag    407700
     actcttgaag ggcagctttg acacttgaga aaggaagttt ttgtttacaa gacacatagg    407760
     tgaactggct gcttggggtg ccctctgcag gtctgcaagg aagagccaca aatgtgtcaa    407820
     cagtcccaaa taatagcttc ctgtttccta acagcaggtg aaagattctc gactcagaca    407880
     ctcaagtccc gggacagccg cgtacccaag aagacactga gaccatacat aaaatgtaga    407940
     aggcaagatt taataaggca gcaacatgaa agcacacaga ccagagctct ggggtcgaaa    408000
     taaagcagca acatggaagc acacagagct ctggggtcga aactcataca ccttagcaca    408060
     gggtagagga gtctcgaccg tcagccaaaa tttttcacag gcttatatag taaaactcaa    408120
     agggggagaa ctgggcagga aaagtacaag tttacatcac tagggagttc tgccaaagga    408180
     atctacgtaa ctaaggagtc atgtcctatc aaggaatcta cgtaactaag gagtcatgtc    408240
     ctatcatttg gcaatgtacc cggttcattt tgaggttgtt tcaggaggcc tttatctcaa    408300
     aaatgttctt ggaacagttt tcagttggga gggtagggag ggtagggtga ggagttttgg    408360
     ggtgaaaagt ttaggagtgt tccgagaaca acctctagat gggagggggt gggctccgag    408420
     gtaaaaagtt catgttctta caagaggcca gtaattttta ttcttcacag gcaccactag    408480
     tcacaatgac atttacagaa aagagaaagg ccatagcttg tactcgatgc agtgaaataa    408540
     cacatgagtc ttgcatgcca gtcacaactg cttcctttgt tgtggttgtc cttcacagtt    408600
     attctataga cattgtttca agacaccagt gatgtcctaa ctaaataggc ggtaccaact    408660
     cataatttca aacttctaga aggtgaaagg aatagaatgt aatgatttta cattcttagg    408720
     atcagttgat aattactcca tttcttaata actttaagaa atttttaaag atttatttat    408780
     ctaattttat gtgcatgagt attttgcctg catttgtatt cgtgtactgt gtgtgcctgg    408840
     tggctaagga ggtcagaaga gggagtcatt tctcctggga ctggagttgc agatggtttt    408900
     gaaccagtat atgtgggttc tgagaatcaa acctgggtcc tcggaaagag cagcaagaac    408960
     ttgcaagtgc tgaaccatta ctccagactc acatcgtatc ttactacaaa cttacatcag    409020
     tgaaaataaa ctggtaaaac acacttcttg tcatttgctt attaagtgat aaattccaac    409080
     acaggaaacc catcagttgc tgtaccatac aacagtttca tgtcacatag aatcctaaga    409140
     atgataacat tgagtatgtt aacagccatt gtttatattc tttacattga taagcgatgc    409200
     ttcaatctga tgagtgcctt gcaaatgatt ttgaggacaa gaacacattt ctgattgtag    409260
     gaggtaagca agagatccta gtttagtatc tgtccaccag ggggtagagt ttcctaacac    409320
     aagatcatta tcagtttgaa ctctaagctt cataggttca tcattttgtg tcattccatc    409380
     atttcttctt gtgaagagtt gagagcatca ctctacactg aacatgaata cttctccagt    409440
     tttagtgact gcgatgctgc tgttcatgct tggtaagtta agtgacttac cactctttct    409500
     tctatgatgt tagaatatat ttaatctatg aaatttgtcc ttgctataac acagatatcc    409560
     tcttcttcct ccagggatga gaaagaccca cggagattca gtgacccaga aacaaggtca    409620
     agtgaccctt tcagaagatg acttcctatt tataaattgc acttattcta ccacaacgta    409680
     cccaactctt ttctggtatg tccaatatcc tggacaaggt ccacagctcc ttctgaaagt    409740
     cacaactgcc aacaacaagg gaatcagcag aggctttgaa gctacatatg acaaagggac    409800
     cacctccttc cacttacaga aagcctcagt gcaggagtca gactcagccg tgtacttctg    409860
     tgctctggtt gacacagtga cagaaactgt agggggagct gagcacaaac tctgagaagc    409920
     aaaagaaagc ctaactgctg atcatctact tttgcatcac cctgttttcc ctttggatca    409980
     tcctggtttc tataaagtct gttgtgtgcc ccaatatttc tctggttgaa gaaaatcata    410040
     caaatagact gagcagaact acaaaaagat gttaccacag ctggattttc atatgggaac    410100
     ctaaaactct agcacatctg tggctcctca tggagggtaa cagtgatttc acaggaaagc    410160
     catggaaaca ataacatggt cagttgtcat tatctccatg tacaagtcat tatcttcata    410220
     ttgttgcatg tcactctagc atgacatagt gggtcaaatg tgccaggaaa ggtggcattt    410280
     agataattct aactgataat atggaagtac atgttatcag aaggttacag cctttcatat    410340
     ctcaagattt ctaccaaaga aatgtgggta gagaaggaag tagaaaggaa ggcagaggta    410400
     ggtaggcaat catcagattt tcaatgtccc tactcttctc taagtccaac tccctagtct    410460
     catcccaaga cttctagcag actacctgct tggcctctcc tccctcattg tgcccattcc    410520
     cagaggacta agaacatctt gatgtcacac tgatttccta cctactgtgg atcccctcac    410580
     ttcactgttc ttctagccta tctctatgcc tgtctgtacc caatactaag aatcatgtta    410640
     tttctggaac tctagtattc acacgtggca ggatgtccaa agcattactt accaggcaac    410700
     catcagcaac tgaactctct taaaaagcag aggtgcaaca gaaaccaagg aatcaagcaa    410760
     gaatacacat ccaacagaga caagatcaga tatcaacact aagacttact gtgatcccaa    410820
     acacagatgc ccagattcta gcataaaaca ataataacag tcaggataat atgtctccac    410880
     tgaagcctag aaaagttact cttgttggct gtgagaaatg cagtatagtt gaagcacaag    410940
     acaaggacat cagaagagcc tttatgaata tgttagaaat cttgaaggag aaaatgaata    411000
     aaccccataa agaaatcttt taaaaaacaa acaatgagat gaaatgagga caactgtcca    411060
     ggatatgtaa gtggaagtag aattgattaa aaaaaaaaac ctgaggggaa actggaaaca    411120
     aagaatttag aaatgtaaac aggaagctga gaggtaaacc tcaccaaaag agcatacaag    411180
     attgaaagaa agaatcacat ccattgtaga catgctagaa gatatggata acttggtcca    411240
     agaaaatgtt aaatctgaaa atatccagat ataagacata taggaaatct agaatacttt    411300
     gaaaaacaaa atctatgaat actaagaata aaggaaggag aagaaaggtc aaaggcacag    411360
     aaaatgtttt caacaaaatc atgtaactta aatgcccaac cctacaaaga gagttactta    411420
     tcaaggcaca aggaatatac ataacatcag gtaggctgga ctagaaaagg aagtctcatg    411480
     ttacatgata atcagaatac ttatttacag gacatggaat ggatattaag aagtacaaga    411540
     aaaatgagtc atatataagg aaataacata aaggcagact tactcgaata acacctgact    411600
     tctcagtgga gactgtaaaa gccagaaggc tttggactgt cattccaaag tctaagagac    411660
     cacatatgcc acccagacta ccacatccag aaaactttca gtcttcgtag atggagaaag    411720
     agagtcaaaa tataagccaa gttaaataga atttatgtac catttcagct ttccataagg    411780
     cgctagaagg aaaacttcaa cctgaaaagg ataacctcat ccagtaaaac aaggaataaa    411840
     taatgtcagg ccagcaaatc aaacaaaata aaataaacca aaccaaccaa acaaacaacc    411900
     aaacaaacaa aatcacaaga aaatatacct accaccataa caaatactga gaatcaacat    411960
     atactgctct ctgataactc ttaatattaa atggtcactg ggcgtggtgg cacacgcctt    412020
     taatcccagc actcgggagg cagaggcagg cagatttctg agttcgaggc cagcctggtc    412080
     tacaaagtga gttccaggac agccagggct acacaagaga atccctgtct cgaaaaaaca    412140
     aaaaaacaaa caaacaaaaa aaaaattaaa tggtctcatt tccacaataa aaagaatgag    412200
     actaatagaa ttggttaaaa agataggacc catcttcctg ctgcatccaa ttaacatacc    412260
     ttaacatcaa agatagacat tacctcaggg tgaaaggatt gaaaaagtta ttccaagcaa    412320
     tggacataga agcaaactgg ttgtagtcat tttgatatct gactaaatag acctcaaacc    412380
     aaaactattc aaaagaaata gggaaggaac cttatactca tcaaaagaaa attccaacaa    412440
     gaggacatta caattctttg cacctatgca ccaaaattga gggtacccaa gtttataaga    412500
     gaaatgctac tacagcttaa atcacatatg gaccatcaca aactgatagt gggtgacttc    412560
     agtgctctac tttcaccaac agacaagtca taggggcaaa aactacagaa atgttggagt    412620
     taacttacgt cataaaccta atgtaactat aacagataac taagggaaaa tttcactcaa    412680
     acacagaata tatcttcttg tcaaaacctc aaggaacttt ctgcaaagtt gaccatatac    412740
     tcagacacaa accaaatctc aacatatata agaaacccaa aacaacaccc accataatat    412800
     ttaaccacca ggaataccac catcaacaga aagagcagga agcttgcaaa ctcatgagaa    412860
     ctgaggaact cattgctaca tgaaaaactg gtcaatatag agattagaaa agaataaaaa    412920
     aaaaactttc tgcatttttg cagttgaagg aaatgaaaac acaacattca catactgatt    412980
     ggacatagtg aaggtggttc taagagcatg ttcatagctt taagtctgta tataaggaaa    413040
     aatggagaga ccttatacta gcaacttaac agcacacata aaagttctag aacaaaatga    413100
     acatccaagg gagtagccag caatctttaa ctcaaatggt ttttttttgt ttgtttgttt    413160
     gttttttgtt tttgttcttt ttttgttaga tacatagttt atggctcttt agggaggact    413220
     atcagctgaa gtggcacaac tttttaaaag gtgtgtgtgt gtttgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    413280
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgcagtttt aggtgaacat gaaataatac agttccttga gagtttatca    413340
     aacatcattt attctgtttc tcctccctcc ctatgcttct gtattcattt cccttacttc    413400
     cccctatccc caaattaaaa ctccctctgc ctcatctttt ccatcttctt tctccttcat    413460
     atcctttatt tcctgctatt cccctctctg gagctcctct tacttggttt ctttttactt    413520
     ggctggtatg tgtagttact tcagtttata actcacatct gaagattttg aactcggaac    413580
     gacagatgag agagaacatg agacatttgt ctttctgggt ctgggttatt attgaaaggt    413640
     gtgtattgag ttcagtcatt ttattgtatt tttactgctt atattcttag tcattctttg    413700
     tgcttcagta attatcactg catttgttgt ctgtctatag tttctcagcc acatttatcc    413760
     acctcttcag catttagtat tctgtctagt attttctctc tgagtggtct catgggcatg    413820
     agttatttta gcatgtttat atcctagatc tccttttctc cttcaagcat agcagatact    413880
     ctttcagggt attgcagttt aggttggcat gtatactctt ttggaacttg acatacattt    413940
     ctccagtctc tgatagcttt tagtgtttcc attgagaaat catgtgttgt tctgatgggc    414000
     tttgctgtat ataaaactct ttttttcttg cagccttcaa tactcttctt ttgttcttta    414060
     tgcttagtgt tttaactaag gtattctgtg gggatttctt ttattgtctt gtttatgtgg    414120
     tttttttttg tctatatggg tgtgtttttt cttagtataa gatgttttct tttatgatct    414180
     ttttgaagat gcattctatg ccattaacct ggaattcttc tccatttatg cctataattt    414240
     gaagatatgg cttttcaaag tttatcatca tcatccttat cattgtcatc atcattgtca    414300
     ttgttattat tagtttttgt gtgtatgtgt gttttaccta catgagtgtc tgtacagcac    414360
     atgttccagg tacctcaaga ggctggaaga ggatgtcaga ttccctaaaa atgagttcca    414420
     gctggctctg agccatcata ttagtgctag gaattgaatc caggtcttct ggagagcagc    414480
     tgacactttt aactgtcaag ccttctctca agctttctca gtctttttat ggcactctac    414540
     agttcaggca ggttcctttt gaacatttga aaaaaattgc tttacctttg agccctgata    414600
     ttctagcttt tgttgagctg tcctatttgt aaggcttctt cctgagtttt ctcagtgatg    414660
     ctttaagatt tttaattcca tcttcatttc agcttgaatt ctcttcaata tttctatctc    414720
     tctattgaat tcagttttca aatcctggat tgttttcatt gtttcattta gtcttatatt    414780
     ttgttttctt caggatcacg caaacactta tttcatttaa gataattttc tttttctttc    414840
     tttctttatt aatttttttc acaatctttt ctttgaaccc cctccccgct cacccttcca    414900
     cagtttctta ttgcctggcc tccctaaatt cctggggcct caattttcca ctgttaggca    414960
     ccacgtctcc cactgaggcc agatcaggca gtcctttgct gtatgtacgt gagggtgggg    415020
     tgggtctggt gtgcttggac tggctcatgt atactgtctg ttttgtggct ctgtctgaga    415080
     aatctcaggg gtctggatta attgagactg caggtcttcc tatggggtca ccctcttttt    415140
     cagcttttta cagcctttcc ctaatggtcc acaggggtcc cccacttcag ttcattggtt    415200
     gggtataagt atctgcatct gtaattttat gagaccccat tgcttgtaaa ccttttttag    415260
     gggggttctg tggagtgtat tcttggtatt ttgtactttt tggctaatat ctacttatta    415320
     gtgagtacat actctgcaaa tccttttggg tttgagttat ctcactcagg atgacatttt    415380
     ctagttccat ctatttgcct gcaaaactca tgatgccctc attcttaata gctgaatagt    415440
     attctattgt ataaatgaac cacattttct gtatctactc ttccattgta ggacatctgg    415500
     gttgtttcca gcttctggtt attcacagat aaggctgtta tgaacatagt ggagcacctg    415560
     cctctgtggt atggtgaggc atcttttgga tataagccaa agagtggtat aactggatct    415620
     tcgggtagaa ttatctccaa ttttcagagg aacttccaga ttggttttca gagtggctta    415680
     cagtttacca gtttacaatt cccctagaaa tggaggagtg tttctctctt tccacatcca    415740
     tgccaacatg tgctgtcacc tgaatttttt aacttagcca ttgtgattgg tgtaaggtag    415800
     aatctcaggg tcgtttagat ttgcattttc ctgatgacta aggactttga acgtttcttc    415860
     atggagctgt gaccttgttt tatctttaaa ctccttggat tgtttagtga attttgtgat    415920
     ggttctttct atgtaaagaa ccctttttag ttctatggta tgaggttcat tgaggtaatt    415980
     ctgggtttgt gggatgtgga acatactatc ttgacctttc atattgtttg tgtttttttg    416040
     tgattaaact tgggcatgta aacttcttta attggttgtt tatattgtga tgatagctta    416100
     ggctgagatg gtacacagga caagtgtcac tttgacaaac ccagaggttg ggcaagacac    416160
     aagtaggact cagcagtcta tgataggtcc ctggttgtgg ataaggggta ggtccccagg    416220
     tagggaaggg tgcaggaatt gtcaggcata cttggtaggc tgtgctgctg tataatgatt    416280
     gaactgattg ttgagtttgg gcatcaagaa taagagtttt ctaaagaagt ttccccacca    416340
     tggccccaat gaacaagcta gtaaatggag aggccccatt ctccagtttc tacttgctgt    416400
     gaggatcaaa gatcttttat cttaaattat gtctttgcag agtgtcagat tgtacgtctc    416460
     tgaatcttat ccagactttt attttctctg ttgcttaaag cccaaccaag gggcatctcc    416520
     tctcccctat cttgttttca gcacccaatg ttaggatcct tagtttcttt tagaacattc    416580
     cagtttagca attggaggtt tcatctagct ctgctgttta ctttataact ccctttcttt    416640
     ggatattcct cccctcccct ggcagccaca cacttgatgc tttgcttcag gttcacagtg    416700
     atgcaggaaa gtgctgtgtg tctctaactg gccattccac agctcttcca ggaaaactgc    416760
     ttttctaatt atatacattt tattatgagt cttttacatg gaggtgtgta tctcacaaag    416820
     actgcttcat ttactttcat acttcttttg gccatttccc aaagccatag tgcttgttgt    416880
     tttcatctca ttcttacaga tttattgaga catgtctccc ctgtatgtca cagacaggac    416940
     ttaaactcac atcctcttgc ttcagcctcc caaaccagag tcccctctgg gattttaagc    417000
     atgtgccact atgactatct acttctttag gtttcatatt tactgagaaa tgaatagtgt    417060
     tattattgtc atggataatg tactgttgca taaaacagtc tgagtatgag catctttccc    417120
     tcagtctgtt ccctttgtac ttgttgatgt tgaaggaagg gtctgatcaa actgtatttt    417180
     gtggatgctt aactcttcag tctccagttt ctgcaagatc tcaaaaccta acataggaca    417240
     gtttaggagg catagaggtc cttgtgccca cagatatcac cagaggaacc tggaatgtga    417300
     aatacaccag gttgttcatt caaaagaagg aatgtaaaaa tctgttactt gtctagaggt    417360
     ctggggacag aagtgattca tttcctggtg acctttgtac tacctgtgta gtcagagacc    417420
     ataccaatcc ctttcctaag cccacacctt tattataagc ttatttttct gtcattctac    417480
     tgactacatc attatagaag gtataccagg tactttacca agagtttcaa tgttgtcgta    417540
     ttcaatcttt atttacctta ctttgtgcct cagtgagaat tatatatgtt ttattttgta    417600
     tgcaggattg agtttattac caccagtaaa tctttcatca aattgccttg tagttacata    417660
     tgcttaaaaa aataatcaac tcaatgccag cttaccaaag tgatgaacca atagctgcta    417720
     cttgttgtat tgatccaaat tgctcgcttg cctccacaat ctttactgtc ctggatatgg    417780
     atgtttcaca gactcctgcg cgtcagttgt ttgttgactt gtttctttgt ggacccactt    417840
     cagctctggc gtagatattc ccttgataca tatggcttga tgactatgtt ggaaatggat    417900
     agtgagataa agtgaaaggg ttagggaaga agagagagaa ggaaagaggg gagggagagg    417960
     gagtcagaaa gagggagggc gagagacacc agatctagaa ctttcaaaga tcaatcttta    418020
     ctcaacaatt cttcattcaa gaaaagagaa taaaaaatta gacaaatgaa caagttgcct    418080
     aggtcttatt tagagtttag gtgctcagca tctatcctgc tccaacccaa gtaaagttgt    418140
     ttaaacacaa gtgtgctctt ggttccaaat ggaatgaaga atcccaggcc tttctaggct    418200
     ctggtccaga taagcagtct gcccagccat ctgtaagcct tgaagatgga ctttgaatgg    418260
     aagggacaag ggctagaatt gtgctgtagg taagatcttc acttagattt ccatggctga    418320
     tgcttcatag tgatttttca gagtaggtgg ctgcctatgt gcaatactta ttattactga    418380
     gaacagagac aatatctact gaacttacct cattcccaac cctgacttgg ggcaaatatc    418440
     tctttaatac tccagctgaa ctggttaggg attttcattg tgttagtagt tacattagaa    418500
     gaatttgcag tttgactctt tcttttgatt actatcatga gcccacaagg tggcagtgtt    418560
     ttatagggat cttgagtaag cttctcaagt aggaggaaag ggtgaaagag ggctgggcag    418620
     gaagaggagg ggggagtaga cagagagctg gaggaaaggc ttgctgctgt ttagatggtg    418680
     aagagtcact gttgtgattg ctagcaaagc tgctttttat gtttcctata ggagatgtga    418740
     aaacttatga acacaactat atgagtttag gattgagaat ctaaatccac agcgaagagg    418800
     gaagaggaga gaatgaaatc cttgagtgtt ttactagtgg tcctgtggct ccagttaaac    418860
     tgtaagtttg ggaattcctt tgggatccag gtgtgatatg taaagttatt gtctgctcca    418920
     ggctaatggt acaaacacag atgttcttaa tccctagtta ggggtgggag acccatggaa    418980
     atgccattct ggaatgttag catccatacg catccagtct tgattgtctg acctttgttt    419040
     ttctgtacag gcgtgaggag ccagcagaag gtgcagcaga gcccagaatc cctcagtgtc    419100
     ccagagggag gcatggcctc tctcaactgc acttcaagtg atcgtaattt tcagtacttc    419160
     tggtggtaca gacagcattc tggagaaggc cccaaggcac tgatgtccat cttctctgat    419220
     ggtgacaaga aagaaggcag attcacagct cacctcaata aggccagcct gcatgtttcc    419280
     ctgcacatca gagactccca gcccagtgac tccgctctct acttctgtgc agctagtgag    419340
     cacacagtgc tctccaggca cctgcaggct gcacccaaac ctactgtgcc ccattaaggc    419400
     ctgacagaga gcacagtcta tacagtgaag caattctgtt tctattctgt gtgcaatgtg    419460
     atttatgtgc tggagtggta aaaaaaaaga cttgattgtt aaaatacttt aacatcttaa    419520
     taataagtca tcctcaggga aaaggcaaac tactggtttg atggaatatt ttccactttt    419580
     ctcacatgct gaacatgtta tagaacaatt atagaacaat tatacactct caatgtgtat    419640
     atcttgttga ggagtaagac aagcacaggg ccacaagact caccacatgc cataaagaca    419700
     accatcaact ctacagcact tagccttcat tgattaaaaa gaaattaata caaatagttt    419760
     actaattttc taaaagtagc ttataatgta gcaggttctc tatggcagtt ctaggcatag    419820
     ttacttttgg tcaaccggtc ctgaagtttc tatccattac ctccctattt ctcataccca    419880
     cctaaggctt cttgtgccca gtatctcctc ctccacttct gtataatgtg ttctgttccc    419940
     ttctcgttca tcttccttat tgcttccttt tccctctcat tgggagtttt ctaatgttct    420000
     ggtatctaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacactcaca cacactcaca    420060
     cacacactca taatcacatg aatacatata aaaacctaga agctaagatt tgcatgtgct    420120
     attctctcag agtccagata acgcacttat cacagtattt tccaattgtg tccattttca    420180
     ggcaaatggt aggtcttatt ttctttactc ttgaataata ttcatccatc cgcctgcctg    420240
     tctgtcatct ctctgttgag agagatcccc accaaactct ccttatccat tcttttgttg    420300
     atgaacatct aggctatgtt cactccctag caattttgaa tagagcaaca ataaccaagg    420360
     ctgagcaaaa aatatttctg tagtaggaca tagaggcctt ctgataagta cctaggaatt    420420
     acatagctgg accacatgac acttcatctt ttaggcttgt gagaccattt tccactgatt    420480
     accataactg ttacatcagt ttatgcttcc agcaatgatg aacgaaggct tcttatttcc    420540
     caacatcctc accagcactt gtcatcattt gatttcgtga taatagctaa tctgagtggg    420600
     atgtgacaaa aatctcatat tagtttaatt tccagttccg tggagcctaa gaatgctcag    420660
     tgctatgatc tattccaaag cccattctta aattgttttc attgtttaac aataataagc    420720
     agtatgtgtg tatgtgtatt tgtgtatatg tgttgtttca tcctctgcca gataagtagc    420780
     tggcaaaaat tttctctcat ttgtagtttg tctctttgct cacttaactg tctcatacag    420840
     tgtctttctg tatttatttt tattaattaa tttatttttg aaacaggatt ttgttgtaga    420900
     gcctatgcta gcttaaaact cttgatttcc cctgttttac cagcctgttt tctggaatta    420960
     caggtttctg ccaccataag tatctccatt tattgctttt tttaattgaa gtgctgtaag    421020
     ttttcctcac ttagcatatt catcctagtg ctcactgtgg ctttaccaca agtcaattca    421080
     ctagttctgg tttttaatca tgcatcaata cacggaaatg ttatcatatg gtaacagatc    421140
     tcctttagag ttagtcatgt actactttct ttttagtcac tcaagacact gtttatgtag    421200
     tacattggtt tcaaaaaaac ctgtagagga aggattggat attttgtttg tgtttgttca    421260
     aagtcacact tactaaatgg ataataatta ttaaatgaat aacataatca ggattttcta    421320
     tccatatttc caaaccatgg aagaacaatt tgaaacactc caaagcatat agctacaaga    421380
     catcatattt tactatggga gattgataca aagaaataga taatcattct ttctctctct    421440
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctaaaa taaattttat gtacattggt    421500
     gcttttcctg catgtatgta tatatgtggg tgggtatcag gtcacctgga accaaggtta    421560
     cagatagctg tgagctgcca tgtgggtgct ggaaatctac cacaggtcct cagaaagagc    421620
     tgctagtatc ttaaccattg agccatttat tccttcaaat tcatgggata atcatcttta    421680
     attcacagta tggtcactgt taagttttcc atgcttcagt gtatgtcctc ataatggaga    421740
     tatgggtaat atactatgga catagtgggt tatagaaaaa agtggcatga agtctggaga    421800
     ggagcttagg aggaatatgg acatacatga aatggcactg agggagatta aaaagttgct    421860
     gtagaataaa aatacttaaa aatttgttca gcttcttatt ttatgttttc tggctttatg    421920
     ccattttggc aagaatccag gataatgttc cgatttgaat attgattatg ttattaagag    421980
     gtctgtggtg gttagagtga gaatgttttt catattctca catattgacc acttacttcc    422040
     cagttggtag cacagatttc agggacatgc aagagaggag accttgctga aggaagttag    422100
     tcattggggc tggactttga gagtcccatc actccacttc aagtttactc tctacattta    422160
     tgcgtgtggt taaagatgtg attgctgaac tttgtgctct agctaccatg actactgctt    422220
     gctgtcatgt gttcctccta ctaagacgga ctgctatcct tctggaacct aagccaaatt    422280
     acagtcttcc ataagtttct ttttggactc agtattttat caaagtaaca gaaaagaaac    422340
     taatttaggg tcatttgcta tatgatttag tatgataaat atttcaatat ttgtttcagt    422400
     attaaaagaa ataacacatt gccttagatt gatttcctga gaagcaaaat ctgaacttgg    422460
     gattcttttg cccatgaata tttgagaaaa acaggttggg accgaaaagg ctgtgcttga    422520
     agtggtacag ctgttgactt gattcagctt gatctttcag agaattctgg agcatggatg    422580
     gactccatca cagagattct aagggaacat tgaatatagg tgaggaagac tcaacagccc    422640
     tgagatgtct ggagagaata cataaactca tgagcagtca aacattatct cagtaaacca    422700
     ataagcttta agatgagcaa agggtgaaga ataaaattaa gggaaatgat ttaaaaatga    422760
     cataacttta tagtaactcc aagtataaat ggtcttactt atcaattaaa agactgttgt    422820
     tcatacgaaa taaatactca gcaggatatt acctgtaaga tactcacctc actagcaaag    422880
     gtatgcacat actgaaagtg aaaggatgga aaatattttt cttagaaggt gaagctcaaa    422940
     agcaagcaga gtcagctcta ttcatatctg acaaatcaga ttttaagccc caaccaatca    423000
     gaaaatacaa ggcacatgga caaagggaac agtccagcaa gaacatagag caattgtaaa    423060
     aatatatgtg ccaattatca gtgcattcag ttctgtaaag ccaagtgtat tagacataaa    423120
     gaatcagact ggcccaggtg taacaatgtg tataatagtg ggtgacttca ctcttattat    423180
     gattaatggg taaatcatcc acacaaaaag atagtcatgg aatcttaaag ataaacttca    423240
     catagaataa atagcctaag gatatctgta gaatatttta ctggatggcc acaaagtaca    423300
     taatatcttt ggcatcccat ataactttct ccaaatgaga ctacatttag gtcaaaaaaa    423360
     tttttaacaa aaaatttaaa ataatttctt atgtattatc acacttgaac tatttggaac    423420
     acattatgca agttagtagc ataagagacc cagcacaaca attcaagtat caaatattcc    423480
     actcattttc atagggtttt cccaagttga gtatttctgt ttactctgag acatttaaca    423540
     tcaacaacat ttcatagatt ttatacacat atgtaactta atgtatatta tacactaata    423600
     tagatttatg aaaatacaga caattataaa gttatgactc aaaatttttt tgaagacaca    423660
     gaaaattcaa gtaatttatt taaaaactgc ttagtttcat cttgaaatat atatgtatat    423720
     atatttgctt tagaacgctc attttgcagc atgattctca tgcactttaa agtacttgat    423780
     gtaaaaacac caaccgaggc aacaagagca tggctctgcc tctgccacct tctcacttgg    423840
     ttctctgtca tcacagagtc tgtcttctat actgacttca cgggccaggt tattttcaaa    423900
     gggaacctgc aggccccctc caactccacc aagtggcatg cctacaatgc tggcgtgaag    423960
     atgggctgct ggggcctggt catctacgct gctactggtg ttatatgctc agccttgcta    424020
     cagaagtacc tggacaacta tgacctgagc aacaggatca tctacatgtt ggggacactg    424080
     ggcttctccg tgggcaccgc tgtgatggcc atgtttccca acgtctatgt ggccatggtc    424140
     accatcagca ccatgggcgt tgtctccatg agcatctcct actgccccta tgccctccta    424200
     gggcactacc ctgacatcaa ggagtatgtc caccacagtc cggtgaattc caagcgtgga    424260
     tttggcattg actacgctat cctctcctgt caggtctaca tctcccagat cctggttgca    424320
     tctgcccttg ggggcgtggt cgacgctgtg aatagtatcg ttatcattcc catagtggct    424380
     tctgtggact ctttcctggg cttcctgaca gccacattcc tggtcatcta ccctgagttg    424440
     tcctcagggc ccgctggcga aggcgagggt ggggctggca gtgagaagcc cactgtactg    424500
     aagctgtctc tgaaaggggg ccttcggggg ctgctggaga cagagtccat ggtgtgattg    424560
     atacattcca cactggaggg cagggcacac tgggggttat gcttgcccat accgtgcgag    424620
     ctggagttcc ttcccagagc acagtccaag ttcagtaggt gttaggtgta gggtaggttt    424680
     gagctattaa acaaaactat cacactaatt acctttccca cgattaaaaa aaatcatttg    424740
     aaatcctttt ttattgaaaa agaacttaat ttcagctgtc ttttattctg caggcatacc    424800
     attctgcatg ttttaaattg tgaaatattc acagcatagt caataagcaa tttagaaaac    424860
     ataagggtct gcatttctaa accagtaata ggaagtgcag aaactgactc ccttggcaga    424920
     tatcctctga aggcagcagc acagtttcca gattgcccag caggtgtctg tcggagacac    424980
     cttcagcttc agtctggtat tgcagcgcct cagaatattt ttctgtttat tttagaaaag    425040
     tattttcttt ttcacaactg tggttttctt agatcactca aaatttgtgt gattgtatta    425100
     tctgatatga tcctgtttta aaaaatatta ttatgggcag cttcacattt agaattcaag    425160
     catttacaca taagatattt tataattcaa tttggcaaaa attaagaaat aaataattcc    425220
     attctaaaat atatttacaa tcccccaaat cccttattta tatggaatcc ttccatcctt    425280
     gtcatagtgt ctagagcaat aaattatacc ataaatagca ttgtaatgtc tcagttactt    425340
     ctgaagtaga taaggaggct tactccagcc cggaagtatg agaccagtct ggaaaatact    425400
     gttgtggtca ctcaataaac atgtattgaa ctgaataaaa agtgtccagt gcatctgaat    425460
     tctgtgtaat attcatcctg gccctttcct ctcagttgca tcaaagactc acgctctcca    425520
     gtttcctggc tactgcaatg ctccactttc ttcatgatac actgcctctc ctttcactct    425580
     ggtgcctttt tgaaaacttt gttccttctt tataccattt ttgtccttta cgttaggttt    425640
     acatttttca gagataagac tttcctaact gcagtaatga catttagcat tatatgtaca    425700
     ttttttttaa aaattgcaat taaagtattg ttaattatag ggtgaacact aggaagagct    425760
     atctggactt agtcatctca tgtaactgaa acgtcataca acttgaccag atttctccgt    425820
     ttgcccttcc cctccactcc tgccataaca acatataact gtcagagtgg agtatacaag    425880
     aaatacttat tttctcacag tcatgaggaa ctggaaacag aaggttaaag tgttagcaga    425940
     tttcctttgt tccgagatcc ttttctagct ccacaaggca gtagtagcaa ttgatgctaa    426000
     tgacactggc acatggctta gccatgtatt cagatggagt tctttcagat tttgagtgag    426060
     gaagaagagg aggaggagca tgaagaggag gaggaggaag atgagaagaa aaaggaggaa    426120
     gagaaaaagg aggaggaaga agaagaggag gaggagggaa aggaggagga gaaggaggag    426180
     caggaggagg aggaagagga ggagaaagat ttcatttgta gaagcagtgg aaattgcagc    426240
     aaggtgaagc tgcactggtg tttgtgtctg tatgagaaac cttacaggca ccttccacac    426300
     agtgtggagc tcagagggac tgtggacact cagaggagtg actgcagagt taggcacctc    426360
     tgtccttatc ctgtagtttt ctatgctggt cttctgtcct tatgtgggat tctgaagcag    426420
     acccagtctt cactggtttt cctttcaggc cagtatggcc ggatcccatg tctgctgctc    426480
     actaacaacc ctgacttaat gacaacctca ttccagcact ggacacgaca tttccagaag    426540
     aagagcacac acacgtgtgc agagactgtg ataattgcaa gaacttcagc tacacttctt    426600
     aaaggcgttt tgtaaacact gcactccaga tctctcgtga attctgacct gactcacacg    426660
     tctgtttcac tttaaactgg aaccagagtt gataaactcc taagtcacag gtcaggattt    426720
     ttttttttaa ctaatggcct tgcttgacca ttggtcatca cagagaggaa gaaagtcatt    426780
     cggagtgggg gttgccctat caccctccag ctgcataatg ctagtttctc tagcacccac    426840
     aactgacctg gaaccccttg gctgattcct ggaaaggcag ggaaagaaag actcagaact    426900
     cttctaggcc cttatggatg caaacaattc cctcactcca cccttataag gagtcactgc    426960
     cagcctttcc ccacacccac aattttctat gggagactgt cctttactgt tttggaataa    427020
     acagtccagt ctgttgacat cagcccctag tgtctttttc tgccttctgt ctccctccac    427080
     tgcttcagaa atctaacaag agttcagtaa gggaagagac tacaacagca ttgcgttcca    427140
     gtggtgcaca ctgctcacca ctgcaagcta tgccttctta gcaagaagat ggggccacca    427200
     gcagatgtca gggttcctct tcctcagatc ttgactcaga ctcagaaggt aattacaagc    427260
     cttccttggt ttgaaatcag agagatggaa gagaggaggg aggaggagag atggttggag    427320
     agagaagggg agagggggtg gagagggtgg tgtctgacct tgcttctgag attcttcaaa    427380
     tgctcagaaa ccaaccacct tgaacaggcc tggagctgta tctcttgcga tctgatcttc    427440
     atagggaaga atgcacagcc tcctagggtt gttgatggtg tcactgtggc tgcaactgac    427500
     aagtgagttt gggtttacag tgaagggaac agggacaata taaacttcat aacccacata    427560
     gatgtgaggt aaagcctttt tagtgttcta gaaatttaca gtttgaaaat ctaactactg    427620
     attctgttct ctggcctgtg tttttatgta ggggtgaata gtcaactagc agaagagaat    427680
     ctgtgggccc tgagcgtcca cgagggtgaa agtgtcacgg tgaattgtag ttacaagaca    427740
     tccataactg ccctacagtg gtacagacag aagtcaggcg aaggccctgc ccagctaatc    427800
     ttaatacgtt caaatgagag agagaagcgc aatggaagac tcagagccac ccttgacacc    427860
     tccagccaga gcagctcctt gtccatcact gctactcggt gtgaagacac cgctgtgtac    427920
     ttctgtgcta ctgatgcaca gtgtgtggcg ggcacctgca gccctgacac aaaactcaga    427980
     gctgcttcct agacctcaag ggtgggtgag gtgcttctgt gtcatcctaa tgtaattctt    428040
     ctaaatttga aatttttttc accttatttt cctaaccagt gttgcaagga aaagacacag    428100
     gaaattgagt cccgataccc tgaaattcca ggaaagagtt ggtactgacc tccactgtag    428160
     ttacccagaa atacattggt ttaggcaaga ccttgggaaa tggccagatt cctcttcagc    428220
     ttatatccta ctgatgctaa agcaaagcaa agcaaaacaa aacaaaacaa caaaaatata    428280
     aaacaaaaca acaacaaaat aaaaccacac atattctctc tctctctctc tccctctctc    428340
     tctctctctc tctctctctc cctctccccc ctccctacac acaccaaaac ataaaacaaa    428400
     acagaaagtc ttatatccac aatatcaaag gaagaatgct ctctatacag cgctccatct    428460
     aagcttgaag atcactgtgc cttcttagac atctgcatcg aagctgtggt ctttagaata    428520
     aggacagaag catccttgtc atctgttctc tgtaaaccag tcattcccct gcattctgag    428580
     cctccttcca agtggtatca tggacaataa acctctgttt aagccagaag acagattctt    428640
     ctcagtttca ttctctgttc acatacatag gtctacagaa cttaccgtat ctgaatcaca    428700
     aagatacagc taggataggg agcaacagga ttctagtgct ggggggtcgt gcaagaaaac    428760
     tgcacttgaa ggcttacttt tctgaaacat tattatttat tgttcataat aatctagtaa    428820
     cgcgattata aggaaaatta ttctattttt taacagtgct ttttagacca agatggcttt    428880
     gagaatcatt tctgtattat tttcaaatta ttggaaagaa ttctgtattg ttagtacctt    428940
     tatttcctca attcaatcct gccttcatta acaccaactc aaacaatggc catggtaaga    429000
     catgtccttc agtttggtaa tgctagagga tgtttttcag agaatgccca ttcttcatat    429060
     ttcaaaacat gatgtacatc ctgtacatag accagtctct tctgtctact tgagttcatt    429120
     ccacttacga cattttcaac ttctaggacc aacttgctca tacatcctct cttctgtcac    429180
     aacctgctct gtccatatta gagacaaaac tagcaaaaga ccacatgtcc agttataatt    429240
     gcaaaactac caacattata aaagatcaag ccatcatctc cactaaaaag atctaccaat    429300
     actacagaaa cattagctaa tgagaattac ttcaataaat ccaggataaa gaatttaaaa    429360
     gaacaattat aaacttcatc aaagaatccc aggcatttaa aaaaagactc atgcacaaaa    429420
     caatcccaga tcaattaaat tcagaaaaaa taacttcaga gaataaatgc ctgagtgatg    429480
     ccccagaaaa tataagcatg aggatggtgg aaatgaggaa gacagcccag gaatcaaaaa    429540
     tggaactaat gaagagaaag aaaggttgag gggaactcag gctgaaatga atttgaagtt    429600
     gaaaaatcca atagcccaac tgaaaactca aagaaaagcc ttgcaagtag actgagtcta    429660
     gccgaagaca aaataccagg gctaaacatt tttagcataa agtctagagc acacaaagaa    429720
     ggaatagtaa agatttaaaa acacacagga aaggaacata caggaactgt gggacaccat    429780
     gaaaagatca aacctcagaa aaacctcagg caaaagtgag ggagaagaat cccaaatcat    429840
     cgccatagat caagtcttca ataagctcat agacaaaaac ttcccccaga ctaaggaaag    429900
     gcatattcgt acacatgcaa gaagcacaca gaacatacag acaagacaag aatatcccca    429960
     tggcatatca tagttaaaat attaaatata tggaacaaaa agtgtattga aagttaaaat    430020
     agaaacaaag aaacaaaaac cacaagtcac aaatgcagga aaacccatca aaatagcaga    430080
     taacttctca atgtaaactt tgaaagcaag gagagccttt atgcattcta agtcctaaaa    430140
     gatcatgcat gacaggcaac ctagactaat ataatcaata acactatcca ccatagttaa    430200
     gaagaaagta aaactttcta tgataaaaaa gccttctaga atttatacac aacaaagcaa    430260
     acctaaggaa tacgtaggaa gcagtgttct aggatgaaga gagagatgaa tatacctaag    430320
     agactgtggg aagaagtaca gagccataat tacttgtggt tctgtggttc cccttgctgc    430380
     tggagtgtca ggaggctgct cagggagatg aaacacagag gcacttgggt atttactttc    430440
     tccctgtttt gggtgtcaag ttcactgatg cccaacaccc gttcagggga ggcagaatgc    430500
     agcctaaaat aggaaaccca gcccatgttt ctctgggtga taaatggtgc agactggtgc    430560
     agagttctca agctcctgga cacccagaca ccgccaggaa ccttatgaag ttgagagtgg    430620
     ggggagggac tcacaggcat gagatgagcc ctgggtgtct ggtgggtggg tgtggggaat    430680
     ctggcttagc tcagggtgag tgccaggtgt gcagaggaag acttctgtgg gatgcttagg    430740
     cactgctctg tatgatgaag acttctcccc acagggtttt gaggaaggaa acagtcctta    430800
     cttctccaaa ctgtttatta atggtggaaa aggatgcata caacttactc agggtggacc    430860
     agaaattaaa tacctttccc agaaggggat acctgggaag ggaagcttgt tggctagata    430920
     ttaagggcct atctagatac cttattattc tggagaactc taggctctat gttatatgac    430980
     cagttgtcat agtcctctta gtggggtgtc ctgggctccc tttccatgat gtggacttca    431040
     aattagacca gtcattgatt agctactccc acaagttctg aacttccatt gctccagcat    431100
     atatttcagg caatgtagta ggtgaagatt ttgtgtttgg gttggtgacc cagtcttacc    431160
     tctgaatgtt gcctgcttac agaagttcag gctctgtaac cttcattaat ggcattctca    431220
     gctaggtcac ccttgtagaa gaatcctgga tgtttttaca gcactgggtt ttcccacagc    431280
     ctctcaagtg cccacctcta gttccagttg tctctctctt gccagccacc accacaccag    431340
     atccctcctg ttcccatccc cacactcccg aaatcatagt gccattactc atgacagcta    431400
     gaaataacct agatgcttcc caaacaaaga aagggttaaa agagtaatac atttatataa    431460
     tggagtatta ctcagatgtt taaaaaaata acatcatgaa atctgctggc aagtggatgg    431520
     aactagaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aacatcctcg gtgacagaac acagacacag aaagacaagc    431580
     atggtatgta atcacttata agtgaatctt atctgtaaag taaaggataa tcgtgctaca    431640
     atccacagac ccagagaggc taaataacaa ggagggctct aaggtggatg gatggatgga    431700
     tctccctggg aagtgaagta gaacacaaca aattgaaaaa aatttttaaa agattgaact    431760
     ttatgtatcc tatgcaataa agcataaaat tatcaggaaa ttaattttta tagatcttaa    431820
     ttttctaaag atactgtatc atgcaataaa ttttattgta agtgggtcct caggctattc    431880
     cagtgcatac catcagtgtg tgccacatga ctcagtcagt ggcacctgtg cttccagcct    431940
     cagcactcgt tgtttttctt aagctcatgc ttagatgcta cctaagccaa ggcaagagga    432000
     ggaggtggaa cagcagtgtg tggttagcca cacttcccta gcctgcacag acctcgtggt    432060
     ctaggaatta aaaaaaaaaa actatagttt ctgattgcgt ggtggcaaaa gacaaggacc    432120
     caaaccagtc ttcctcaggg aagagcacag cagttggtta tccagtgctg taagcaaggg    432180
     cagagaagcc gctgaatcga aagatcaatg ggtttggaga aaaggttttc attacagatt    432240
     tgtgtggtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gagagagaga gagagggggg ggagggggag    432300
     agggagagag ggaggatggg gagaggaaga gagggagaga gagagaggga tagctctcac    432360
     aggatcaggg agaagagtga gagatgggaa aacatcctgg gttatagaga aaaacctgca    432420
     gggttgggga agggaatgct atgaactaga gcagcctgga agtttagggt aaaggggagg    432480
     tgaggaagtc aggaggctcg agtggacttg gaccagagag tagagaggag cctggagagt    432540
     agcactggct ttggctggca cgggccatag gtaaatgtca acagggagct tcgtgcttcc    432600
     tcagccagag gaaggggaga tagggagtca gctctttctg gcagaccgaa accctttcat    432660
     aagttcccaa ggaatgagaa agtatctgcc agcagtcatt ctgagtcgag gccaggggct    432720
     cagtttgtat ttagtgggac tgtcgtttta gagtacttgg ggtttctttc agacctaaaa    432780
     aatactaaaa tgtcagccct gaaaacatat acacaaataa tatacagact tagcaggtta    432840
     tacttaggaa tatatatgta tatacctgta catataaaca aacacacata taaatatata    432900
     aatatgtaca tatacatata agcatattgc aattaataag atgagaggcc atgattttgc    432960
     atacaagcat attgcaagta aagaggggta tatggaaggg tttagaatga agaaaggtgt    433020
     taatattaag gttctctgga gaaaaattaa tcccacaatt ttgggccaaa tttaaagcaa    433080
     gctttattat gtactaaata ctgatatgtc ctcattttta atatatgagt agtattccat    433140
     tgtgtaaatg aaccacattt tcagtatcca ttctttagtt gagggacatc tagttgtttc    433200
     cagcttctgg ttattacaaa taatgctgct atgaacagag tggagcacat gtccttgtga    433260
     tatagtagtg tcttttggat atatgcccaa aggataatac agcctgtctg gtgtaccacg    433320
     tgaaggggtg ttgtattttg tcgaaggcct tttcagcatt tagtaagatg atcatgtgat    433380
     tttttttctt tgagtttgtt catatagtgg attacaatga tagattttta tatattgaac    433440
     catccctgca tccctgggat gaagccttca tgatcatggt gaatgatggt tttgatgtgt    433500
     tcttggattt ggtttgcaag agttttatta gttttgcatc gctattcata agcacttaac    433560
     tacaaatgcc tgcaaaagcc tactacaaaa ctggaaaatc ttgatgaaat ggatgatttt    433620
     ctagacagaa gttaaatcaa gacaaagtta aatcaagatc aggtaaacca tttaaacagt    433680
     ttcgtaatcc ctatggaaat cgaagcaatc attaaaaaac ctcccaacca aaaaatgctc    433740
     agggccagat gattggtttt agtgcagaat tctaccagac cttcaaagaa gagttaatac    433800
     caatactcct caacctatcc acaaaattga aacaggggaa cactgcctaa ttcattcaca    433860
     gttacactga tacataaacc acacaaagac ccaacataga aagaaaactt cataccaatt    433920
     tcacttctga ttttgttaat ttggtctctg tggcctttag ttagtttggc taagggttta    433980
     tatatctagt tgattttctc aaagaaccag ttcttggttt tttgattctt tgtattggtc    434040
     tttgtttcca attgattggt ttcagccttt gatgatttcc tgctgtctac tcctcttggg    434100
     tgtgtttgct tctttttgtt ctagagcttt cagatgtgtt aagttgctag tgttgggtct    434160
     tcccaatttc tttatgaagg cactatgtgc tatgactgtt tctcttagca ctgctttcat    434220
     tgtgtcccat aagtctgggt atgctgcgct ttcattttca ttgaattcta gaaagtcttt    434280
     aatttcttta tttcttttct gaccaagtta ttatcgagta gagagtcatt cagtttccat    434340
     cagtatgtgg gctttctgtt gtcttgttgt tatcgaatat cagccttagt ctgttcttat    434400
     ctgagagaat gcataggatt aattcaatct acttgtttct gttgaggctt gttttgtgtc    434460
     ctattaaatg gtcagttttg gagaaggttc tatgacatgc tgagaaaaag gtatattctt    434520
     tcactttagg aggaaatgtt ttatagattc tgttaaatcc atttggttca tgatttctgt    434580
     ttctttcact gtgtctccat ttaatttctg tttccatgac ttagccattg gtgaaggtgg    434640
     ggtgttgaag tcccccagta ctattgtgta atgttcaatg tgtgttttga gctttagtaa    434700
     cgtttgcttt atgaatgtgg gtgccctagc atttggggca ttgatttttc agaattgaaa    434760
     cttcatcttg gtgaattttt cctttgataa gtatgataag tatgaagtat cccttttttt    434820
     taaaaatgaa gtatccttac ccatctcttt tgataacttt tggttggaag tctattttat    434880
     tggatattag aatggctact accacttgtt tcttgggaac tttttttcag ccttttattc    434940
     tgaggtagta tctgtccttg tcactaacgt gtgtttcttg tatgcaacaa aatgcttgat    435000
     cctgtttatg tatccagtct gttagtctat gtctttttta ttgggaaatt gtttccattg    435060
     atattgagag atattaaaga ccaatgattg ttacttcctg ttatttttat tgttggaggt    435120
     agtattgtgt gtgtgtgtga ttcttttctt ttagatttgt tgtgagatta ttaatttatt    435180
     ttttgtgttt tcttgagtgt agctaccctc ctcgtgtcgg tcttttcctt ctatgatcct    435240
     ctgtagggct ggattagtag aaagataatg tttaaatttt atctctttcc tgggatgtcc    435300
     atttctaggg ttgcctccat ttgtgatttc ttttttgttt ctatttccat atttaagtct    435360
     tggacaattt tgttcaattt cttcacctgc ctgattgtat tttcctgtat ttctttaagg    435420
     gagttattta tatcctcctt aaaggcctct attatcttca tgagatggga ttttagatca    435480
     gaatcatctt gtctttcagg tgtgttagac tatccagggc ttgctgtggt agcagaacta    435540
     ggttctgatg gtgccaaatt acattggcat cggttccttg atttgtgctt gcctttcacc    435600
     atctggttat ttctaatgtt aactggatcc agcctccttg gaggcctcct gggacacaga    435660
     caatgcattg tcttgttggg ggaggggggt gctcctatgt ccctggttgg agcggacctc    435720
     ctgtttccct ggttagagca gttctcatct gtccctggtg agggcagact tcctgtgtcc    435780
     ctggttaggg tggacctcct gggagacagg caggctttgg ggtccagggg caggatctgc    435840
     tacagttgca gatggagata cagacaggaa ggtttatggg cctcaggcag agtgggatag    435900
     aacttatgtt tcctgggttc tatgtgtgtg ggtgtcccag ctaatgctgg tattacagtt    435960
     ggggtctcac ttttgtcctt tgttatggta aacctccaga gagtcaggca ggctgtgtcc    436020
     ctggttacag cagacttctt gggagatagg caggctgtgg ggtgtgggag agggataatc    436080
     acactgattt gccctgggta gaggtgcaga ctggatgaat gatgtggctt gggacaatgt    436140
     ctgctgagct ctgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgg gggtgggggt gtcccagctt gtgtgggttc    436200
     tagggcaggg ttatcacctg tgtgtgctat ggcagacctc ttggagcaca ggcaagctgt    436260
     agggtgtggg agagttagac atgctgacct gccccaggtg gaggtgcagc cttgaagctc    436320
     tttctctctt tttaagaagc ctgctaagtt caattactgc tgcctgttta tggatggata    436380
     tgggatcatc actggagcag gaaaaaccta tcaggtgcta ccccataaag aaaactcatt    436440
     ctttctccta cctttaatag ctatcaactg tcaacagttc cttagttagt ggcaggagtc    436500
     atgtgtcttt cccattcatg gtggaatgct ggcttgatgt tgtgcaggcc ttgtgtgggc    436560
     aagcacattt gctgtgagtt catggttgca tcagttctgt caagcccaga agccactgtt    436620
     ttatagtctt ttcaccccct ccttccaata tgggccctat ggctgggcat tccggagaca    436680
     gttttttctc tgtattttgt ccaattttga ggtttcttca tcaatggtcc tccgttgcat    436740
     aaagaatctt ctttagtgag gtgtgcacat ttgtttacat gtatacacct acataccagg    436800
     ctgtgattcc ccatatgagg gagacttttt tttaagcttc tgagagtgtg taacatctct    436860
     taatattata cattataagt ccatccattt tcctgcttat tggtgagatt catgttaaaa    436920
     atgcaatttg ttactgtgtt catttagtaa aatagtgggc ttatctgtag ggtctatcat    436980
     ctcctagcta cagatgtttg gtcaaattta taatatgtat gctgtatata ttcaggcaag    437040
     ggtcaccaca ttctgaaatg tttaaatctg tttttcttta ttgagaagca tgctgtctat    437100
     ggagaaaggc agtagtgttt cactgaagca ctgtcattgg tgtccagctg aaatctctgt    437160
     gatgtttcta ctgcctcctt tgctgtgttc atgtgttaaa gtatgataaa gcctcatgca    437220
     acaggattgt ctattactga actgagaaaa aattcctctt gtagcaatcg tgctcgatag    437280
     attcaggagg actggctctt ctttcatccg ttgctctccc aggtctgctt gaacttgagt    437340
     aaaatgcaca gggctaaaga gtcagcatta tactttggaa accaagcttg gcaatgctat    437400
     gcaggtggga agacatttct tcctgctaag tgaaattgca tctccttctg tgtccctcgc    437460
     tgcactgtag aaatattatg aggagtggga atgaatgttg atggagaaaa atctgtcatt    437520
     taaggacaat cacagagtag ttttctctgc tctatttaca atacctccca aagtcatatt    437580
     ataacattgc aatatagtga tttccaagta agaaatttgt taggccaaaa tatctatgga    437640
     tctccatgaa atatggtatg ttagttgaga tctccaccac agaagagtat tatgaacgtt    437700
     gttttatgaa tcaacttcac ttcaatttca aatgtgtctc ccaacccttt gttatttatg    437760
     gcaagtggct cttgtggagt gcccaagatg acgagttgtt attctcaact ttttgtatat    437820
     gcattctcat tggagttctg caaggtttta gtgctagtga ttcagtgtga tgtagagatt    437880
     gacattatag aattgggatg gattttaatt tttaggggcc tgtggggtca tcttgatcag    437940
     cagcttacag agaagtgtat catatatggc attaggattt ctatatgtca acaaaaaatg    438000
     ttgatactaa aattgtctga attataatct cacacaattc caaaaactca gaaataaggg    438060
     aatattgaga taaagagtaa aagaaaaagc aaaaaagtcc ctcaaaggta aagcaagtat    438120
     caaggttgct tttgcttcaa gttactctga aataattaca ctaaatataa gcagcaaaac    438180
     attccaatca aaagaactgc aaagtgagtc tcatgctctg ccatgcagta cacatcattc    438240
     ttttaaaaaa atatttttta actgattaaa aacagactga aaaatgaaaa tgaaagtatg    438300
     gaaaaagtta tatgccatgc tgatacccag cataagaaaa taataacctg aatattaacc    438360
     tgaactaata tctgacaact ttctctttca tgtaacttat tccacatatt taattcaata    438420
     attgggaaaa aagggagaat cccttttctt catgggtgtt ggttctaaga agttacccac    438480
     cagataattc cacaccatgc atatacaggc cacactaggt ggactcactc gggattgatt    438540
     taaaacaagc aaacaagcaa gccagcgaac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacag    438600
     ttggaaggga gaagttgaga cgtatgtgaa gcattggatg acaggggatg gtaataggta    438660
     ggatgcaaac acatgatatg aatgaataga tattaaataa gatatctaat taaaaatgag    438720
     gaaaagtttg agaatgatgc agcatgcgtt tcacggtaga tgctcattga tggcctgaac    438780
     ttttccttct ctgctgagac tttgcacttc tccccctgta tatgtgtgag ctacatctaa    438840
     agcatttcca caggccgagc tttacctcca cttagttcaa aatagcttct aactcccctt    438900
     tcatttctat ccttatctgt gtgttactta cgaaaaatat gttatctaat ttcaaaatac    438960
     ttggtggtat tttgacattt gttgagtgag tgaacgctac atacttttgt ggtcagtaaa    439020
     cacatgtcat gtaacttcag tccttaaggt tcactggtgt attttgaact gtctgagtgt    439080
     atggtatgtc tatgagaaca ttgtttgtac actggtaaac gtaccctgca ttgacaagtg    439140
     gaatggtcag tacaggtgtc agtttggtct aattggttgc tctgtctagt gccagttctt    439200
     actgtgtctt attagctact tcgaagggag tgttaatggc ctcactactc caatcataga    439260
     ttaatcttat tccaattctc tcaacgtttg cttatgattc tcttattaag tgtatagatg    439320
     gagaatatca cttcttcttg agcaaggtcc atttactcaa tgtaaaatga ctcctttatc    439380
     tcacagaact actcattttg acttttgttc cccccagaag atcttaaagc tgaagtggtt    439440
     agaaaataac ttctctttca gaagaatggc atggctattg gccacaatca actctacctt    439500
     cattagactg cccaacttct acccacttaa aactgctgaa tatttgtgtg taaatttagt    439560
     tgctcccatg gcttctgttt ctctgggctg tgcttcaatg gtgctccccc aaggagtcca    439620
     tggtaaatct tcttttactc tttacttcag ccttaaactt ttcaaggagt gtgtgtgttt    439680
     gtatgggtgt gcacgtgtgt atgtgtgtgt gtaagtacct tcatcagtca tcctaccttc    439740
     atctgcagat gctctagtct attgtttgat ggccaatcaa cccagactat ccagaccaaa    439800
     tgacattttg ctgtcttttc ttggtattgt attgtcacta ctgcttttct aaagtcacta    439860
     aatatttaaa attctaatta aaatggataa gtttgcttca ttttttaaaa aaggcaagga    439920
     ttcacatttt agactattat tctatgtctg tatttctctc cccccacccc tgcatcttac    439980
     caaagtaact ttcctgtgtt ctacaagaac ttcccttgat atgatgctca ctgccagcaa    440040
     aggcttctaa aggccagccc agggagagtc actgagtgtg tctgcataag taacagctat    440100
     gacaggggca cacacagtga gagggcattg catctgaatt gtaagagcat atgtggagtt    440160
     cattctataa gaaagaatat gcaggccaac accattaatg acctagttgg tctgagttaa    440220
     atgaggggtg ggggtagaga ggtgagaaag aagtggggaa gagagggaga gagaattaga    440280
     gttgagaagc cttgcaagac tctattagcc cattggccct ggtgtctgca aatcctccct    440340
     aataaagtaa gaattggaga tacacacaca cacacacaca gagagagaga gagagagaga    440400
     gagagagaga gagatatgga gaggaaatct cagatcgaat agccatctgg ccagaaggat    440460
     aggactgaat ttcaaattga tttcttttgt tctggttctt tataaaaaca ctgatgagaa    440520
     aatgatggta aaggcattat tttctggctt cccagattga aatgaacaca cttttaaatt    440580
     attttactat gccttcaata gcgaaattgc tgggccattt cttaagcttc agaacaaact    440640
     ttaaagactc aatctctggg ttttgactat atgacaggct gcagttctgt ttgcagcttg    440700
     caatttcctg cttttatacc caagtggcga caggaccaaa atttaatgtt ttatcatata    440760
     ataattttct aaaaaaaaaa aacagcacat ttttaaatta ggttagaatt cgacacaaca    440820
     cagattagtc tagaaagatg aagtgagctc tagatagaac acactaattt gtttcagagt    440880
     cttcgttctc cactggccgc cagagggcga cattgcacag actagctgcc tccatgcact    440940
     tggtccccac cctcaactca gtccctccct gaaacagttc tgagttctta gatgatctga    441000
     cagctgaaga caaccagagg ccagaaagtt cccagggcca ggaccacttc tgcagggttt    441060
     tttttttttc tttagaattt tacgtacaac aggaaggtgt ctagtaaacc ttatgccaac    441120
     tgtctccaag aactgggaac agcctctttc ctgcacgagc caggtttttc cagaaaggca    441180
     ccagagctgt ttccagtgtg cagccatgct cctggttctc atctcgttcc tcgggataca    441240
     tttcttcctg ggtgagtcaa atatcctgac agtagtagat gcacacaatt cactctttct    441300
     cttacttaat tttagtaaga atagttttca tcatgaagcc tgcatcacaa tcacgaattt    441360
     atcattgatt ctgcagatgt ccaaacacag acagtttccc agtctgatgc ccatgtcact    441420
     gtcttcgaag gagactcggt ggagctgaga tgcaactatt cctatggtgg atccatttac    441480
     ctctcctggt acatccagca ccatggccgt ggcctccagt ttctcctcaa gtactattcg    441540
     ggaaacccag tggttcaagg agtgaacggc ttcgaggctg agttcagcaa gagcgactct    441600
     tccttccacc ttcggaaagc ctccgtgcac tggagcgact cggctgtgta cttctgtgct    441660
     gcgagcacac agtgtgtggg gctgcagggg gagctgaaca caaacctgta agatgctgag    441720
     gaggaaaccg cagctgagtg actctcagtc attcatgatt gtcatccatg gaaggaaccc    441780
     aaataaactc actggttctc caagtcggca ttattttgct ctatccttgg aatcctaggt    441840
     ggaatgtata gacatttggc catggctccc aggaaaagtg acatagcagg attaaaaagc    441900
     ataaagtggt ccttgagaca caatcgcctt cctaatgttt gttttgtaga ctgcattttc    441960
     tactgactat gtccatgaga tttaagacac aactcagctc ttatataacc agtaactgcg    442020
     gcgggggctt acacagtgtg cactagaggg agaagaggct cccttcagct ccagactgaa    442080
     ggtcagtgct gaggaaggat actgactgct tgcacgcaac acctccagga cctcagaagc    442140
     actctccatc tgtgatcgtt agttgagatc acttgcctca gtgtagaatc atccagacga    442200
     gaatctcagt aagtagttat ctggatccga gagtcttgtg agcatgtctg ctgcagagta    442260
     cattaatcac tgtgggaaga ctcagcctgc acatgggaag caccgtgccc agagtttggg    442320
     tcctgaacac tgcatgaaat ggggaagagt tagtggagca tgacaagcaa gcattctgtg    442380
     ctctttgttc ctgaagatgg atgcggtgtg acacgttggc caaggcctct gctgctgtga    442440
     catgcacaca gtctgtgcta tgatggacga tagcctggaa cagtgaggtt aaagaggtct    442500
     tcttccttct aagctactta tgtcaagctg ttttgtcaca gcaatggatg gggaagtagg    442560
     atgctctcct tactccagca gacatgagag cacagagtaa agacacagag gggagaaaag    442620
     agaccggagt ctgacctcag cagatcagat gattccaaac agcaaagagc agaaactctt    442680
     ttgcaggaaa tgggcatctt caaagaagaa gggggactat ttagattttt tttttagaga    442740
     agactgggat aaggagtctt gtgccatttc aaggggatat atacaagtct gccatctctc    442800
     attcctagta ttttctgctc atttgagact gactataaat aggctatttt accaaaacca    442860
     tttcctttct gagactcact gataatggat ggagcaagga cagctgtagc ctcatgagga    442920
     ttctgtttgt acaactgagg tacactgtca tttgtgagca gggcagtatt agttattcct    442980
     ctgcaggaaa tcgatggtag agtgacactt tgcatctttt attttgacta agatacctgg    443040
     cggttattgg atggtatagc tgtcattctg aatagtagtt gtcataggct tattttcacc    443100
     ttgtctgttg tcttacctgg gaacaccatc ccatgccatt tctttctttc tttttttttt    443160
     taaagattta tttatttaca tgtaagtaca ctgtagctgt cttcaaacac tccagaagag    443220
     ggtgtcagat ctcgttacgg atggttgtga gccaccatgt ggttgctggg atttgaactc    443280
     cagaccttcg gaagagcagt ctagaagagc agtcgggtgc tcttacccac tgagccatct    443340
     caccagccct cccgtgccat ttctaagttt cttatgcagc cagttttgta cctgtggtag    443400
     ttcactggaa aaatgacaca agcatggaat gtatttatga acacaaatga ggaggtggac    443460
     aaccacaaag atttagacag ttatagttgt tatttgaaca aattatagca ccctttaggt    443520
     atatgtatct aagtgagtat agttttactc aatataaagt tttaaccaac tttaaaacca    443580
     ataaaattgt catggttctt ggtttttctc ctcagtgtta tgccctttca ttatccaaca    443640
     acaaaacttg taaactttat ttttcaagtt tgtgttttgc atttctaata tgtgtgtgtg    443700
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtttgttaa cagtgtgtag gtctgagtgt    443760
     taaaaatata tgccaataat aaaacattgt aagcatgatc gtaaagcttg ttgttttcac    443820
     taaaataatt tggagtcatg gacaatttgc cataatccat ttcaatgttt ttcacagctg    443880
     tgcatcatct cactttagga atacatgaca gtcactgaga tggtcactag ggcacatggt    443940
     gatggcagaa gtagtggcag tctaagccag aagtctggtt cacaacggtc aacaggccac    444000
     caccagccat gttcccaagg tggtgctgca gccctctgca cagttcagtc tgagaatata    444060
     ggtcagcagt cctctgaggt tagtaaattg cccgtgggtg ggtgggtgtg gaggggtggg    444120
     tgggtgtgtc tatccaacac atacacattt cctgttttgt tctgagctca tattcatctt    444180
     tttactacga cataaccttt tctatctcaa aatatttgta ttcacacact acagtggctc    444240
     agaaaatgaa cctttgtcct gaactgggga ttctactctt cctaatgctt ggtaagtgga    444300
     acgacacatt ctgtcttgtt tcatgatatt gatgtaaact ttaacaacag tttctcttat    444360
     gagacataat acagataatc actgcactga atcgctatta atttcatttt ttttttattt    444420
     ttaggagaaa gcaatggaga ctcagtgact cagacagaag gcccagtgac actgtctgaa    444480
     gggacttctc tgactgtgaa ctgttcctat gaaaccaaac agtacccaac cctgttctgg    444540
     tatgtgcagt atcccggaga aggtccacag ctcctcttta aagtcccaaa ggccaacgag    444600
     aagggaagca acagaggttt tgaagctaca tacaataaag aagccacctc cttccacttg    444660
     cagaaagcct cagtgcaaga gtcagactcg gctgtgtact actgtgctct gggtgacaca    444720
     gtggcagaaa ccacaagggg agctgagcac aaactctgag aagcaggggg ctggctgctg    444780
     agtgtgtctg agatcactca tttagggacc acgagcaggt ctgctcttgt tgataccaca    444840
     cataaaagca tccaaattaa cattaagaag gtattaggag aacaggaagg aagcatgcca    444900
     cactctaggc ttaatccgag agaacgaagg cagtcacaca tcacagtgat ttcctttttg    444960
     gcttttgttt tatgagatgg aactttatgt agcccaggct ggccttgaat aacttgtgga    445020
     cctgaggtta gctttgaaca cttcttcctg cctaaatcta cagtgggctg gagtcacatg    445080
     catgaaccac catactaggc tgaatttgtg atttcttaaa tacaaaatct ttttttgaat    445140
     gaaactatgt gttcacggag ttatcatgtg tgatacagca agacatggat tatgaggttg    445200
     catgtgttcc atgttttcct ggcaacgtgc agtaagaaag gggtctttct ttttttccct    445260
     tttcaagatc tgataattta ttggttgctt ataaagattt ttatgtttga ctgaatttaa    445320
     aagtagaagc ttttggtgga gacagtccac gtcttgtaaa aatatattcc tgccattttt    445380
     atttggcttc tttcattcta gcgtattctg cagcatcttc cttatgtttc tagtgtgttc    445440
     cttttttgtt cagtgaaatc tttgaacaat tgtgattcac atggagtaaa aacatgctga    445500
     atgttggatg ctttggccct gggggaaaaa gtgaattaag atgaagagac tcaattctgt    445560
     ttataggtca agtagaggaa aatgaattaa gcattgggaa agctggaagt gacattgttg    445620
     ggagaaagaa acttggattg tggacttagg agataacaga ggttaagaat taggtagagt    445680
     ggcatacaca actatttcaa agagatccaa agaccttgaa gaaaactagg cagctatgca    445740
     tagatcatca catggtaatg gaagatgtat tccttccttc tgtagtatat taccaaaaaa    445800
     atgaaatgaa tcatagaccc aaaatgtagc atccaagtat gaatcattac atatcaatta    445860
     catatcaaaa atgtattaca tttgcatggt gggtcctacc tactatggaa gagttaaagg    445920
     aaggactgaa gaagctaaag gggattgcaa ccccatagga agaacaacaa tgtcacctaa    445980
     ctcagacctc tcagagctcc cagagtctaa gccaaaatcc aaggagcact cttggtatgg    446040
     tttgtggccc tgggcacatg tgtggcagag gactgccttg tgtggcctca atgggagaga    446100
     atgcactcaa tcctgtggaa gcttgatgcc ccacagaaga gggatgttga tgaaggtgag    446160
     gtggagggtg gatggccagg tgaaggagca ccctctcaga gtcaagggga gagggagtga    446220
     actactcggg aaggggggca acttttggaa tgtaaataaa tcaaataact taataaaaaa    446280
     ttaaaaggaa aaaatttgga tggtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gttcatgtgc atgcgtgtga    446340
     gagtgcaatt gtctgcagag gcaagtagag gacatcaaat gctctagagc tgaagttata    446400
     ggcaacccac agctggaaac caaacttggg ctctctgcaa gtacagttag tgctctgaac    446460
     cattgagcca tctcttcagg ccaagtgaag catgcttaag taaacaggat tgtcatgaat    446520
     ccagcaaaga tttctaggtt atgacaaaaa agggaaagaa agtgaagata aaataggtga    446580
     ttcctattgg agtgaaaaac attaactttt tactgttttc agtgatagga attagattta    446640
     ggcctcatga atgctaggta agtgctccac agagttccag ctatgcctct aaagtgttaa    446700
     tgctttaaag cataacgtgg ataaatagaa aaagaatccc aaaggtacag gaaatttttg    446760
     ctaatcatgt atctgcttag tcagcgccaa acagaatgca ttagcataac atttaaaaat    446820
     tactctataa tagcataatg agaaactcaa cgtggataaa tgattgaatg catgccccgc    446880
     taataaacat tcatggtggc atgtgtctgc aattacaaca ctcagcttga tgaggcagaa    446940
     ggactgtgaa tttgaagcta gcctgcgcta cacatgacta ttttaaacat agccaaaagc    447000
     ccatggaaaa ataacaaaca caaacattgt ttagagtaat gtaacttcac acaacaaaat    447060
     agacaatatg aaatgaatat gaaatagcga tattggcata gatgtagtct tcacacattg    447120
     caggtagcaa tgtaaaatgc tgtggtcaat agtagctcta ctcccactta tattctgaag    447180
     ataattgaaa acatgcccac acagaaagct gaaccaaatg ttcaggctag aatgttcatg    447240
     gtaaccccaa agtagaataa tttaatgcct atcactagac gaatgcgaag acatcatata    447300
     tgttcaatgg gatattgtgc agcaataaaa tggatagcat acagatacat aataaaacat    447360
     gatgtcccct aaaatctaac aatgagtgaa gattctgtga tgattcttct tggttggtta    447420
     tcagcttggc tattaatcta gaattacaga gtccagatat cagggaaatg agtgtgatgg    447480
     ccagtgatga tgggatggtt atacaaatgt atgaacaaaa tatcaattat tgatatacaa    447540
     atgcatatat aaaatatcca ttttaaatga cccaaattat acagcatata aagaatacca    447600
     ctgggcatgg tgctgggcgt ggtgtctcac acctttaatc ccagctctca ggaggcagag    447660
     gcaggcagat ttctgagttc gaggccagcc tgatctacaa agtgagctcc aggacagcca    447720
     gggctataca gagaaatcct gtcttgaaaa accaaaaaaa aaaatctcag aagatctatt    447780
     taagaaataa agctctagaa agatgaaaaa tcgtgttata taaatatagc attaaaaaac    447840
     aaacaaagaa aatctagtgg gttaactttt taatttgatc cagagtctgt ctccttttca    447900
     caaagactta tccttctgtc tcattaggtt atctggtggg ccctaaagac ttcaagtcct    447960
     gcacattgga tttcctgcat ctctacttga taaaggacat tttctttttt taaaaagcag    448020
     ccatatcaat tcttttttta aaaaaaaata atgaatctta actatcaaaa caaaccaaaa    448080
     acaaaacaac ttttccccta cccagtcatt tcctagttga ctcatgagaa acccaaaagt    448140
     tttactaact taatcatttt ctaacctaag ctctatgtct tactgcaagc tctaagaaaa    448200
     agtacttaga gaatctcttc atactttctt tgaaaatcat ccctttgaat atgtttataa    448260
     tttccaattt tttttgttca aatctacttc agtgaagtat tctctaagta ccacatatag    448320
     gttaactctt ggtatgtcat tcagactagt ttatctgcgt ggataagcaa tcgctcccgc    448380
     tcctgctcct gctcccgctc ctgctcccgc tcccgctccc gctcccgctc cctctccctc    448440
     tccctctccc cctcccccct cctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    448500
     tctctccaga ctgaaattcc aagatcaaaa tattgaccac agttttatcc aaagcctccc    448560
     acttgacttg tatgtagatg acccctttcc cctaagtcct cacatgcttt tgctttgagg    448620
     atgttcatct attcttatat gaacatcagc ctcatttagt cagagttggc ctcattttgc    448680
     cttgataatt tttaaagttc ccgtctttat atacagtcac attctgaggt tcttagtgcc    448740
     ttagctttaa tgtaaacatt ttggagagag tgcaattcag gccagacctg acattagata    448800
     aatactaaat gcatgacccg gtgcccttgg ggcttctggt gacacagaca tcatatatac    448860
     cctggatgat gaggcttctc cacattctcc taaatgcatt tctagaggaa caagaaacat    448920
     tcagtcacaa acaaccatca gaaatcatga ttcaaaccat aaagaatgga gcgaaatgga    448980
     ccagtgatag aaattaaacg tgtttgttta ttcagtgcaa gtgctttttc ctctgtgaaa    449040
     agtagataag ggtaccggat tctcttaact ttagttttat tcctttgtgt agctaattct    449100
     tcatttttta ttaatatttt atctttgctc attgtcccat tttctaatta tcttcctgtc    449160
     tgaatataaa ttctgcttta ttttagcttt atcatcttcc tcacccccct ccagatctca    449220
     tcttcttagg aacaattttg gttgagtaat ttgcacttct cctttaccac cacagttagg    449280
     aagcctctga gaattttatt ggtggttgtg gtggggtaat acgtgtggga gagggctgtg    449340
     gtccctttct tatacaacgc aggaccatct gtccacgagt ggtacttctc acaagttgtt    449400
     gggcccttcc acaccaatca ttaatcaagc aaacatccca tagacatgtc cacaggctaa    449460
     tttgatggag gcaaatcctc agttgagatt ctctggtccc agatgatgct agctgggttg    449520
     tttttgtttt tgtttttgtt tttttttgtt tgttttgttt ttttgatttt tgtttttgtt    449580
     ttttttttgt tttttgtttt tggttttttg tttttgtttt tttttttttt ttttcgagac    449640
     agggtttctc tgtgtagccc tggctgtcct ggcactcact ttgtagacca tactggcctc    449700
     gaactcagaa atctgcctgc ctctgcctcc caagtgctgg gattaaaggt gtgcgccacc    449760
     accgcccgga gctagcttgt tttaaattga cagaaactac ccagtaaagc aacttgacac    449820
     acaaatgcat cactattaca tggtaaactt tattatcctc ccaatatctg atgctaatat    449880
     aagaatttaa aatttttaaa gtcccacagt ctttaaaaaa tttaaacatt ttaaaagttc    449940
     agtctgttca aaaaaaaaaa aatctaacct gagctgaagc tcagatgtta aaagttaagt    450000
     ctcacagaag aagataaaat atcaaaagac tttttaaaag cctgaagttt ctcaattgtc    450060
     cttcttattc taacagggaa gaatcagaca cagttgcaat tagataaatg caaaaacaaa    450120
     acccaccagt gcaaagagct cagggtttca gggtctggaa ctcacttgga gttttttggg    450180
     ctccacaggg cttgggcagt tctaccatct gcagcataag cagctaatct catgggttca    450240
     gtctggctac aatctatacc tgccagcgtt cttggtcatt tcatggtcct gggatcttcg    450300
     atgtcacggt ttccactaca attgagattg cacctttacc aatagcctcg cttcaggcag    450360
     attctgatcc tgctaccaag cattgagccc aaatagtatt tttacgtccc ttcacatttt    450420
     caaaatcagt tccacacaac tgccaagttc tgctgtagtt ttatatacag aatccatggc    450480
     atgaccttga gaaaacgtgg ggcagttctc ctggggaaat aaagggagtg ggagaacccg    450540
     gattccatta gagttctggt gctctggatg ggcaggctgg gggattgcca cgctctctcc    450600
     atgtggcccc aggtgggcat ctggctgtgg aaagccatgg aaccccagtc tgtgggagat    450660
     ggagagggag cattccgagg tctctgggcc tcatggaggc cagagatgac aggcgctcag    450720
     tctcagacat ccgagatatc gctgtatatc tcagaagagc tgagaatgaa gtgggggctc    450780
     tgggggcagc gggcaggggg agagggggca cttggtggtt cccacgtggg agagagtcct    450840
     tgatccagtg gtggcagttg gaaatgctgg aaggccttcc caaaggatat tagacgtgtc    450900
     tctttaggga aggcccattc catcgttcaa gcacagggtt cttgatgaac agagacagtc    450960
     catggtttta gagctttatt gcagaaagcc agagaaaaag agagaaggta gagaaagcaa    451020
     gatcagccat tgccacattt agggggggag aaggagagct agagatgaga ataaaagagg    451080
     tgagagctta agagagagag gaggggccaa gcagcccttt atatagtggg ctgggctatc    451140
     ttgcagttgc agggtagctg tggggaggag catacctcgc tattgtcagg taactgtgag    451200
     agtggagtct agccagaatg ccaggagctt gggacattgt ctatgagact gatattcaca    451260
     ggattatgga gttaggggct ctgtggtgtc aggctgggag catgtttctc tgggagcatg    451320
     gatcactgct ctgtccagta gagtttctac tgggtctctg ggataagttt tgctcgacca    451380
     gaagacaggc tacctttcac agttccacaa gaaaatactt cccagaagag tttgacccag    451440
     caatgctatt ttcttattaa ggacagtaga tgtttagctc tatataacta gcatcaatta    451500
     tccctgcaaa gggaagaacg tttcacttct acagattctt aattcaaata tataacacaa    451560
     atggtctttc ctccatcttt atttccctct gatacttcgt atggcagact ttcagtatct    451620
     gcatttttca gcatccttat cttccatcct tcaataagag cccactagct tctgagtggt    451680
     aaatggcttt tccagaccaa gactccaaaa cctttctgca atactcaaca aaagcaacat    451740
     aatcactctt ctcatagcaa cataaagcat ctggtaccaa tttctgtcct tgctttcttt    451800
     ctattattgt gataaacact atgcccaaaa gcaatttggg cagaaaaagg tttacttaat    451860
     cttagagctc acagttcatc atggagccag gaactgaaga tagaacattg tttactggct    451920
     cacttctcct accttcttat gtaagtcagg gtgacctgcc tagaggtggt gccacccaca    451980
     gtggacatca agcaacagtc agaagaattc tctagagaca cgcctatggg cctgtccaat    452040
     ggaggcattt ccttattcta tgttttcttt ttccaggtga ctcgatttta tgccgagttg    452100
     acaagcagta actactaaaa atctcaatca atgtgttcag ttttcctttt ttttttgttt    452160
     tcacaaatag cagacaagat ttaaattttt tattaaagat aatttatata tgcttctttt    452220
     acttacataa acacgtcata cttaattcta aagttctagt gttctttata cccttgatga    452280
     tttggtttcc ttttcaacca tcttctattg cattgcaaga tatcatattt ccattgaaca    452340
     ttgaaggaaa tacttgttct taaaaggata cccataagtt atatgtgtct gtgtgtgtta    452400
     tgccttttac atttccacat aattattcta aaaggtccca tatatttttc acttccttgg    452460
     gtgtttcttc ttttgttgag ttactatttt ttatatcaat ctcagtggct tgttgaaaga    452520
     tactgaatac caactgtata tctgatagag ttcagagttc atcaagttgg ctgataaact    452580
     atcactgcaa tgcacaaatg agaagcaata aaatcaatat tgataaatga tttctccctg    452640
     cataatcaac ttcccttttt tacctgcttg ctatatggag tttgaaattt ttatgttttt    452700
     aagtaaaata tctcaaattt cgcagaccga gaaagtatct cagttccaca gatggccagc    452760
     atttttaaaa agagtgaaag gaaaaagtat gcagataaga agaaaactag aaaaataaga    452820
     tgcagaagga gaaatagata tagaagatac tactgtgtgt gaccagtaat acatggccgg    452880
     atcaattttt atgcatgaat ttttgtctga cttggacttg cacaggtctc atacatttat    452940
     cacagccatc atgggttcat atgtacaact gttctgctat gtttggatag actttgtagt    453000
     caccaactaa ctccactctt ataatttttc cactttctct tctgcaaaat ttcttgagac    453060
     gtcccatttt tgggtggtca ttgtgcagtc tcttatatct gtatcttgct ggttgtgggt    453120
     ctctgtgttc attttcattg acttcaaata aaagcttctc ttatgagatt tgagaaaggc    453180
     attcacctat aggtatagca atatgccatt aagcatcgat ttaatactat atccagttat    453240
     cagactaata tagtaggttc tcctttgttt cagttataga tttcatctca taaatcaggc    453300
     cttacatcca atcagaagat gagtggttat tcccattcta tccatgcctc tattgagtca    453360
     gtgttcatgg cttgccaggg cagttattat tatggcattc agaattcaca gctgggtaag    453420
     actgatggtt atttttgtcc tctggtgggg tgcatagcat cttccagtcc tatgaaaact    453480
     gaccagtaga gatgaagcat ctaagtgagt gcaagcttga tttcttcaca atcatgactt    453540
     aaacttatgg aatttccgtg ataagttctt accatcaagt gttgtagtga aactaagagc    453600
     actggcacta gtctgtaatg tttgaggagt agggtctatg ggacctcatt ggccaacaat    453660
     tccgaagaag taacccatta tttgctctgg acttgttagc ctaccatgcc tagtaggagt    453720
     atagtttcct ggttatagga taacttcatt aaaatatttt ttatctgtga ttgtatattg    453780
     tttaggaagc ttctagagac ctccaggtga ctttgctaaa aactcttcag ggttggctat    453840
     cctttccttg tgcaatagca taaaaggata aaaggaaaga gtaaaatcag taaccaattc    453900
     tcaactggtt ctttgaagtc agtttccttt tgtacaaccc ctgcagcaga cccaggcaat    453960
     gtttcaatct cccaagaatt actcttatag tactatgtcc agttttctgt ggaactgcca    454020
     aactgatttc cagagtggtt gtaccagctt gcaatcccac cagcaatgga ggagtgttcc    454080
     tctttctcca catcctcacc agcatcttct gtcacttgag tttttgatct tggcattctg    454140
     actagtgtga gatatctcag ggtcgttttg atttgcattt ccctgatgac taagaatttg    454200
     aacatttctt taggtgattc tcagccattc agtattcctc agttgaaaat tctttgttta    454260
     gctctgtaca ccatttttaa tagggttgtt tggttttctg gagtctaact tcttgagccc    454320
     tttgtatata ttggatcaga tgtagggttg gtaaagatct tttcccaatc tgttggttgc    454380
     cgttttgtct tattgacagt gtcctttgcc ttacagaagt tttgcaattt tatgaggtcc    454440
     aatttgtgga ttcttgatct tagagcatct gagaacctag caataccact cctgggcata    454500
     taactagaag aagctccaac atgtaataaa gacacatgat ccactgtaac ctccccccct    454560
     cagcctgaaa cctggctgat caggtttcac tgttagcagg aagagagcat ctggggtgga    454620
     gcctgccacc ctatcgttct gccactccca ctgctgctac ctacagccta gctgttctgg    454680
     agctatcacg tggtcacctg aaactggact acaaggatga tttggcggga atgggcctct    454740
     tcccttcccc ttcttcataa cccagtgtct cggaatagta aaattgaacc ttgatcagac    454800
     tgatgtcttg gttccatctt tcttgcgccg cctagttccc tcttctcttc cagattccaa    454860
     gatgcctccc aggctagaac ccagacatgt gggctgctgg ccggccgcaa caatccacta    454920
     tgttcatagc aaccttattt ataatagcca gaagctggaa agaacccagt tgtcccttaa    454980
     cagagaactg gatacagaaa atgtggtaca tttacacaat ggagtattac tcagctatta    455040
     aaaacgatga attcatgaaa ttcttaggca aatgaatgga actggaaaat atcatcctga    455100
     gtgaggtaac ttaatcacaa aagaacacac atggtatgca ctcactgata agtggatatt    455160
     agcccagaag tttggaatac ccaagataca attcacagac cacatgaagc tcaagaagaa    455220
     ggaagaccac agcgtggata cttcaatcct tcttagaagg ggaatcaaaa tacccatagg    455280
     agcagaaact gaagaaaagg tcatccagag actgttccac ctggggatcc atcccataca    455340
     tagttaccaa atccagacac tattgtggat gccaacaagt gcttgctgac aggagcctga    455400
     tatagctgtc tcctgagagg ctctcccagt gtgtgacaaa tacagaagtg gaggctcaca    455460
     gccatccatt ggactgagca cagggtcccc agtggaggag ctagagaaag gacccaagga    455520
     gctgaagggg tttgcagttg cataagagga acaacaatat gaaccaccca gtatccccag    455580
     agctccctgg gactaagcca ccaaccaaat agtacacaag gagggactca aggcttcagc    455640
     tgcatatgta gcagagggtg accttgtggg acatcaatga gaggagaggt cattggcctt    455700
     gtgaaggttc gatgccccag tgtaggggaa ttccaggata gggaagtggg aggggtgggt    455760
     tagtgatcag gggttggggg gagggttgag atagggggct ttcagagggg aaatgaggaa    455820
     aggggataaa atttgaaatg taaataaaga aaatatctaa aaaagaatta ttcttatata    455880
     aggaataaaa gtataagaaa attaaaacag atcaagatgg tttttaggca aaagaaaaca    455940
     atgttgggaa tatagagctg aaagattttc tttcagtgct ttgtggaaag cacactattg    456000
     tgcactttga gagaaaagtg agtgatcaag gcagtcagtg atcatgttta gaggcttggc    456060
     tcccaggcta gaggaaatac cagcaatgac atgccagtca ctgcatttaa ggataacatc    456120
     cattttaaca ccagaaaata aagcctagtc aaaaataaag ttttagtggt agaatacttg    456180
     tctagcatgc atgaaagtct gtatttgatc tccatcacaa tggaaaataa ataaatgaac    456240
     agagaacaag tttgcacagg tttatcttta acaaatgagt agcatgatga tttttgagat    456300
     tatatttttt tcttttacca ctcagccaca aggaaacatt tctcaaagca agtcagattt    456360
     ctccttgtaa ttgctgagtc catttctttt ttaattttgg agtagaaaca attcaaggac    456420
     ttttcacaaa gcaagtcaaa catttctcaa agcaagtcag ctttctcatt gcagtctctg    456480
     cttcaaaatg gtttctaatt ttagagcaga aacagttcaa ggactcatta ccctgcctct    456540
     ttctcataga gatagaatct gttcatttta ttatagtcat ctgtatgatg aagacatgat    456600
     tgtttggtta ttaataatgc ctcaagtgag gtctctagca agagtattct tgaagagcaa    456660
     agtttgagat aatatatgac tttcaaatat ccagtgcatc tctctttcac attcctttta    456720
     agaaatattt tataaggaaa tcagaatagg ggttcttcaa aagattgaat ttaaaaaaac    456780
     atcaacaaaa caaactagaa ctagatatat tatgaagccc agctatagct cttggaattt    456840
     ctccccaaga ctccaagtta acaatcttca gagaaacagg aataggggga gaaacggtga    456900
     catcctcaac aaaggaatta tttcccccac agagaagaat ggagttatat catttgcagg    456960
     aaaatggctc taagtgaaga ttatcagata aaatgaatga ggtcagttca gaaagacaca    457020
     cgtcaatgtc atgccaatgt cacatgatgt ctcttgtttc cagatgctag acattgcata    457080
     tgaatcataa tgtagtatgt atgacatgaa aatagaggaa ggctgtctaa gaaataaaag    457140
     gcactaatgg aatgtgagag agaagagaag ttaggacatt gggggggata aaaagtataa    457200
     ttgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgaaaatgg tcttatgtaa    457260
     aataaaacaa aaattaaaag aaacagtact gtgaccactt gtgagtatat gtaattccca    457320
     ccatctgctg cacaaaagat tatttctcta attaggattg actgccacac taatctattg    457380
     atactgtaaa cttagaggga agtttgacac tatatccatt tagcaaaaat aatagtagta    457440
     tttcctcccc gcctccctgg gccaataatc tccacagtca ctggctcctg gcctgtttac    457500
     agtaccagtc atgcgttttc ttctaccacg aaatagacct gaaatttaat tagaaagtga    457560
     ctcaccactc ccataacatt cccgctgctc ctgtgcctat gggcatatct gtatcttgcc    457620
     gtggtggtca ctattgtagc tctcatggct cacagcagcc taagactgtt gttgaatttc    457680
     ctcccctagc agcctgagtc acacttctga tactataaaa tgtagtcagc aaggaggagg    457740
     tttcctgatt agtcctggct tgattgctct cagtcctgtg accaaaatat gtgctgtctt    457800
     cagcaatgtt gtcctgccat aaagttctgg tgggtaacca agagcaacgg caatgggtga    457860
     cattatttca ggagtctcta tgactgctcc agatccacac tctaggggat gtgcccccta    457920
     gctggctctg agacttttat ttggcatgct attgcttctg gaagaagtat tatactaatt    457980
     ctctctgtct ctctgtctct ctatctctct gtctctctgt ctctgtgtct ctgtctctct    458040
     ctctctcaac gtgtctgttc ctgcatgtgc gcgcgcgcac acacacacac acacacacac    458100
     acacacacac acaatttcca aacatcctta gtgttagttg tccatccatc cacctatctt    458160
     ttctgccata ccctctccct ccctacttta ctctccattg tccagaaaaa tgatattgac    458220
     tgaaaattaa ccattttctt gcctccattc ataaggatga atcatgtgac atattgattt    458280
     caaatgttta tcccagttca ttactcagtg gcaccaagtg tgtgcacctc tttccaggtt    458340
     actaataatg actttgttgt attaaaaaaa aaaaaaaatc accccagtct ctctatattt    458400
     aatcacagca tccagcagtt agagaagtgg ccacaagatg gcagtagcgc agctgatgaa    458460
     aagcatagcc agctcatttc attgcatgct gaagcaatgt gtgaggacag aggcatttgt    458520
     tttcttattg gctggtaaga taacccagga agctacgata actgttagag aaaagggaca    458580
     acctggaaat acaaacagct tgcatggcaa gagattgcaa gtctgcattg atcccaggca    458640
     ggaagaatga tgaagacatc ccttcacact gtattcctat tcttgtggct gtggatggac    458700
     tgtgagttgg aagatttggg tcaagagaaa aaaatggtgg atgttagaca tctatgggca    458760
     atctatttta tacagttcct tctagttgtg gacaaagaga tttagcagag tactgcctga    458820
     ctgctcctct cctttctgtt tttctttctg tgtaggggaa agccatggag agaaggtcga    458880
     gcaacaccag tctacactga gtgttcgaga gggagacagc gctgtcatca actgcactta    458940
     cacagatact gcctcatcat acttcccttg gtacaagcaa gaagctggaa agagtctcca    459000
     ctttgtgata gacattcgtt caaatgtgga cagaaaacag agccaaagac ttacagtttt    459060
     attggataag aaagccaaac gattctccct gcacatcaca gccacacagc ctgaagattc    459120
     agccatctac ttctgtgcag caagcacaca ctgtttccta ggcacctgca gcctatcctc    459180
     aaacttgcta tgggggctgg agccccatcc acatcctgtg tcttgtagta aagcatttgt    459240
     tgtgttgttt atttgcaatg gaaactataa catacagata tttaaaacat aaatgagaaa    459300
     gtttggctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    459360
     gtgtgtgtga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga aagattgatt    459420
     cccagtgaca ctcctacaag accacatccg agacctaatt actcccaaac atctaccaaa    459480
     tggggacaaa acatccaaaa atatgatcct atggggttct tctcattcca accaccacaa    459540
     ggcataggag ctacactatc tttgggtata tggttcccat atttataata caattagaaa    459600
     taattctgta ttcctcaggt gagaattgtt tgttcagctc tgagccccat tttttaatgg    459660
     ggttatttga ttttctggag tccaccttcc tgagttcttt atatatattg gatattagtc    459720
     ccctatctga tttgggatag gtaaagatcc tttcccaatc tgttggtggc ctttttgtct    459780
     tattgacggt gtcttttgct ttgcagaagc tttgcaattt tatgaggtcc catttatcga    459840
     ttcttatctt acagcacaag ccattgctgt tctattcagg aatttttccc ctgtacccat    459900
     atcttcgagg cttttcccta ctttctcctc tataagtttc agtgtctctg gttttatgtg    459960
     gagttcctta atccacttag atttgacctt agtacaagga gataggaatg gatcaattcg    460020
     cattcttcta catgataacc gccagttgtg ccagcaccat ttgttgaaaa tgctgtcttt    460080
     ttttccacga atggcagaga agcacctgaa aaaatgttca acatctttaa tcatcaggga    460140
     aatgcaaatc aaaacaacac tgagattcca cttcactcca gtcagaatgg ctaagatcaa    460200
     aaactcaggt gacagcagat gctggcaagg atgtggagaa agaggaacac tcctccattg    460260
     ttggtgggat tgcaagcttg tacaaccact ctggaaatca gtctggcggt tcctcagaaa    460320
     attggacata gtactaccgg aggatcccgc aatacctctc ctgggcatat atccagaaga    460380
     tgtcccaacc ggtaagaaga acacatgctc cactatgtcc atagcagcct tgtttataat    460440
     agccagaagc tggaaagagc ccagatgccc ctcaacagag gaatggatac agaaaatgtg    460500
     gtacatttac acaatggaat actattcagc tattaaaaaa atgaatttat gaaattccta    460560
     ggcaaatgga tggacctgga gggtatcatc ctgagtgaag aaacccaatc acaaaggaac    460620
     tctcacaata tgtactcact gataagtgga tattagccca gaaacttagg atacccaaga    460680
     tataagatac aacttgccaa acgcattaaa ttcaagaaga acgaagacca aagtgtggac    460740
     actttaccct ttcttagaaa tgggaacaaa acacccatgg aaggagttac agagacaaaa    460800
     tttggagctg tgacgaaagg atggaccatc tagtgattgc catatgcagg gatccatccc    460860
     ataatcagct tccaaatgct gacaccattg catacactaa caagattttg ctgaaaggac    460920
     ccagatatag ctgtctcttg tgagactatg ccggggccta gcaaacacag aagtggatga    460980
     tcacagtcag ctattggatg ggtcacacgg cccccaatgg aggagctaga gaaattaccc    461040
     aaggagctaa agggaactgc aaccctatag gtggaacaac aatatgaact aaccagtacc    461100
     cgggagctct tgtctttagc tgcatatgta tcaaaagatg gcctagtcgg ccatcactgc    461160
     aaagagaggc ccattggact tgcaaacttt atatgcccca gtacagggga acgccagggc    461220
     caaaaagggg gagtgggtgg gtaggggatt gggtgggtgg gtatggggga cctttgggat    461280
     agcattgaaa atgtaaatga ggaaaatacc taacaataat aataataata ataataataa    461340
     taataataat aataataata agagaattaa aaaataaata aataaataaa ataaaaaaat    461400
     aaaattaaaa aaaagaaata attctgtttt agggaagtga cattaatagt tcctcatcca    461460
     gggttcatag cctgtactgt tctcctttga agaccccgat ggtttctttt gactttcctg    461520
     gtgtctgcag ttactccagg tgatacattc agagctggag attcagagat gggttctgga    461580
     aacaagtgag tatatgtagc atttgtcttt ctgggcctgg gatactttac tcagtatact    461640
     attttctaga tccatccatt tacttccaaa ttctacaatg ttaattttct tttcagccga    461700
     atggtattcc aacatgtact gtgccacact ttcactatcc gtgaatctgt tgaaggacat    461760
     ttagtttatt tctgttttct agctaccatg aatagagcag caatgaatat ggctgaacaa    461820
     ggatctgtgg agtaggatgt caagtctttt gggcatgtgc caaggagagg tatagatgag    461880
     tcatgtggta aatctacttt tagcttttag aagattaacc aaattgattt ccacaaatgc    461940
     aaacatttgc agtttcacca atgtgaatga gtgttcttct ttccccatgt cctcataaac    462000
     acattcactg tcagattttt tgtttgtttg ttttttttaa ctcttgatca ttcttcccca    462060
     ggtaagatga aatctcaaaa tagttaaaaa atgaaattgg acccatactt accaccttca    462120
     caaaaattaa cttgaaatgg atcaaggctc tctatataaa gcctacagtg ttgaaactgc    462180
     tgtgagcaaa cacatgcact atttgaattg tgtttcccta attgccaaag gcattgaaca    462240
     gtccttctga tattccttag atcttcttat ttcttctttt ggaaacagtc tgttcagatc    462300
     catggtccat ttttaaactg tgtcatttgt tttgacttgt ttgtatattc tgcatattaa    462360
     tcctctatca gctgtatagc tggaaaagat tctctccaac tctgtggtga gtctgttctc    462420
     ctctctgtcg cttccttttc tgttcagaag cttttggttt cagagttctc tttggtcaac    462480
     ctttgacatt aattccctgg taaatgggtt ctgtttagaa agttctttcc taagcgcacg    462540
     cctgggattg cctgttcttc cagcagattc attgtttcag gcttcacttc cctccctcac    462600
     tgctgggatc acatctggat taaatctgtg taactcttgt gcatattggc acactctctg    462660
     agttctgctc tagctgtgtc tggaagatag tgtttgcttg gaatcactta tcacctatgg    462720
     cactagcagt cttgctgcct cctcttccac atagatccct tgaaggggag agctttgatg    462780
     aaaaagtttt atttaggatt gagtgctcca aagtcacatt ctacacaatg accagctgag    462840
     ggacgttgtg ttaatttcca tacactgctt gaaaaagctt ctctgatgag gtttgagcaa    462900
     cacactgatt tacatacata acagaatgcc actagaaata attttagtgc tatgttcctt    462960
     tagcaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagta gtaggtttcc tcctaagtca ttgctgtacc    463020
     taatctcagg ttcttagcca ctgcagcaat gtcaggaatg ggatagatct cacggggggc    463080
     cttaagtaca gtaaaaaagt ggttgcttac ttctgtaact tttgtgctac tatttcagga    463140
     gtatatcttg caggcaggcc actgttatag ttctcagggt ttgcagctgg aagatatcga    463200
     tgattgcctt tcttctctga tagtgtggaa agtaccttac aataacatca atgctcatca    463260
     gttggagaca agcttctaga taggcaccag ctcagcgtct ccatattcaa tgccatacgc    463320
     aagtgttgtc gtcttcagca atgggatcta actatcaggt tgtgtagagt aacacatagc    463380
     cttggcaata gcctgtgatg tttaggggtt ttcacggggc ctcttcagtt aatgactcag    463440
     caagatgtaa actgtccctg gcactgtagg ttttaacttg acgatgtaag ataactagac    463500
     atcttggagc gttttctgcc ctattattta gtgactccgt ttagattcct ttttatatat    463560
     gtatatattt taggagcttc tacaattgta ggcttccatg aggatttatt ttaatggcct    463620
     ttactgttag ttgtcctttc ccacattccc tccattacct ttctctccca ccccctattt    463680
     aatcctccta ctctcccttt ctctttgact ctctaaattc tatctcctct ttctcctcct    463740
     ccctctaagt ctgttatctg acactttcgt gatttttaaa aaaaattttt ggattgtagc    463800
     atttctatca aaggcttaaa agtgaatgtc ctcttataag agaaaacaca taatatttgt    463860
     tttatttaga gaaggggatc taggttgtct cattcaggtt acctttttct agctctgtcc    463920
     agttattttc aaattttata atttcagttt taacagcaga ataatattcc attgtgtaag    463980
     tgtatcacgc catcatcatc atccattcat cagttgataa atatctagga tgttcccagt    464040
     tcctatctcc tgtgaatcag gtagcaatga acatgggtga gtgcatgtgt ctctactagt    464100
     atgtggagtc ctttgggtac caagagtgat aaagctggaa cttgaagtag gtctatttcc    464160
     agcttcttgg gaaataacac cttgatttcc atggtagctg tacaagtttt cactaccacc    464220
     aaataataaa taactgtttc ccattcctca tatcctcacc aacacattct gctgatagta    464280
     ttattgattt tgaccatttt gacttggata agaaaatcct ccggaaaccc cctatcctat    464340
     tctccctccc cctgccacta tgagagtgct cccccaccca cctacttcca ccttcctgtc    464400
     ctggtattcc tctacactag ggcacctaac cctctcaggc ccaagggcca ttcctcccac    464460
     tgatgtccaa caaggccatc ctctgccaca tatgcggcca gaatcatggg tcactccatg    464520
     tgtactcttt gtttggtggt ccagtcacca ggagttccag ggggtcaggc cagttgacac    464580
     tgttgcccgc ccccctcccc ccatagagct gcaaaccccc tcagctcctt cagtcccttc    464640
     tccagctcct ccatctggga ccccatgctc agtccaatgt ttggtgtgag catctgcctc    464700
     cttatttgtc aggttctggc agagcctctc aggagacagc catttaaaaa tcttcctggc    464760
     atctgcaata gcatctgtgc ttgacgactg tatccataca gtgatggatc cacaggtagg    464820
     gcagtctctg aatggctttt tcttcagtct ctgctccaca ctttgtctcc aaatttcctc    464880
     ctgtgagtat tttgttcacc cttctaagaa gcactgaagc atccatactt tggttttcct    464940
     tcttcttgag cttcatatgg tctgtgaatt gtatgttggg tattctgaac ttttgggtga    465000
     atattcactt accaatgagt gcataatgtg tgtgttcttt tgtgactggg ttacctcact    465060
     caggatattt tcaagttcca tccattttcc tgcaaatttc atgaagtcat tgtttttaat    465120
     agctgagtag tactccattg tgtaaatgta ccacattttc tgtatttatt cctctgttga    465180
     gggacatttg gattgtttct agcttctgtc tattataaat atggatgcta tgaacaaagt    465240
     ggagcatgtg tccttattac atgttggagc atcttctgag tatatgccca ggagtggtgt    465300
     cactgggtct caggtggttc tatgtctaat tttctgagga actgtagact gacttccaga    465360
     gtggttgtac cagcttgcaa ttccactatc aatggaagag tgttcttctt gacagctttt    465420
     taacttgcat ctctataatg gctacatata ttgaacaatt cctaatgtgt ttctttttag    465480
     ccatttgtgt tttatctttt gagaacactc tgctcagtta tgtatctaag tttttctttg    465540
     agcaatttct atcttgatcc tccattttaa aatgtatatg attaagtact agccctctat    465600
     cagatatgta attgggattc tgtaggctgc cactttatct gaatgatgtg ccaaaaatct    465660
     ggtgttccta ggtgtgtgaa attatgtctg aaacttcaaa tcgattccag caatgaacat    465720
     gtctgttttt atgccaatgc cgtgggggtt tttattatca taactttgta gactaactcg    465780
     atacttggga tggtaatttc tctgactgtt cttttataat tcaagattgt tttagatgtc    465840
     ctggattttt tttgtgtgtt tccatgtgaa tttgagaatt gctttttaaa aaattttctg    465900
     tgaaaaaaat gtgttgggat tttgatgggg attgcattta ctcggttgat cactttcagc    465960
     agaatggcag tttcagaata ttaattctag ggatctttga cctttctatc ctcttttatc    466020
     ttcttcagtt tctttttttt tttttttgaa gttttatcag acaagtcttt tattgctagg    466080
     ttagagttaa cccaagatat tttatttgtt gaggttattg tgaaatatac tcatcctgat    466140
     ttctttctta gtctgtttgt catttcttta tatttttgtt tttgtgaatt ttgtatccca    466200
     ctactttcct gtgtttatca ggtgtagggg ttttcaggtg gaacttttag gctcacacat    466260
     gtatataatc atatgtacaa ataaagatac tctgacttct cccttttcta tttatgttct    466320
     cccgatcgct cacttgtccc attgctctag tcgagacctc aagtactgtg tgggatagat    466380
     atggatagaa tggctatctt tgtcttgttc ctgattttag tggaagtgat ttaatccagc    466440
     accatggctg ctttggcaag ggatcacatc caaagatctt caaggtatat atgatctggc    466500
     cagaatgtag acatgccctg gattacagta tgatctggct ggaatacaga cacaccctta    466560
     gtatgcacct ttaatcctca gcaatgaagg taaagttatt ttgtagaaag aaggagccat    466620
     gtttgaaagt gacatctaat taaggggcag acaaagtgat gattcagaga aagatttgag    466680
     agaatgagtc agagctagac ttttaaagtg tccattgaga tatcagttgt taatgttata    466740
     gattttttaa atgtagcttg tggcttttcc atcacttcct ttagtacccc ttccttgttt    466800
     gttttcttga tatttaacat tttatcagca atatgctatg gggagtgttt tttgtgcttt    466860
     atattttgta ttctctgtgc ttttgttttt tatctctttg ggtgtgtttt gccttaatat    466920
     aaatggtctg taatgcattc atactaagtg tactactaaa ttttattatg gagttagtca    466980
     tagctaacct aagcccaaca ccaaatgatg gcacataaaa gtttacaatc ttaatagaaa    467040
     ttaatattta tgtcaagaaa tattattgca gttttacact aacaacacag caagaattaa    467100
     aaactatact caagaaattc aagaaattat tgactgtcta ctgtgcaaca tattttatga    467160
     tggaaactta ttctatttta tagccctcca cagttctagc ataaaaagtc acattttatg    467220
     tacctaagtt tatctgctat gtgccaatcc atggtcttat caataaacca atcataatta    467280
     gtccttggaa gcccactgga aaaaatgaca gattgtgagt tccttttgtc cagcctcacc    467340
     cttcacatag ttctaaatta gcacccactg ctgccatgtg gagattttta tacggactag    467400
     gattgctacc ataaacatgt tcttgatgtt ccaaaatcgc attctctgac tccttccaca    467460
     tctcacctta agttgctata tgtgcccaaa gttagaatgg tggagtttgg ccaataaact    467520
     atcctgtatt gtaacttacc ctttccttgc aagaggaaca tcaaggtggt gcttaggagc    467580
     cttaaaaggc agcgactttg caatccttgt aagttataag taaggtgcgc tgcatgttca    467640
     gatagaaagt ttaccacctc aaacatgtta tagtgggggc ttgactgaag ttgaaggaaa    467700
     aaacatatgg ggttgtggaa aaaaaaaacc acgttatgta catgcataaa attctcaacc    467760
     aatgagttaa aaattggtag taaaatttta agtaataata gtaagtgcat tcatagttgt    467820
     tgaatttgtc catctataga actcttcatt ctgtgaaaat aaaactccat acttttcaaa    467880
     acacccagtt tcatccagtc cttacgttgt tgtcaggtat aggaataaat ttcataactg    467940
     atgttttcca agttccatag cacagttctg taaagcagct ctgctgaggt gactggtgaa    468000
     gtggaagaag aaggtgcaca cgaactcgaa gaatagcagg caaagtcacg gaactgctca    468060
     cttgcatctg tgtctgagga atgaccgcag cttgattctg catggacggc cttctttatc    468120
     catggaaagt gggtgccagc caagcccacg tgccgattag tgtggaaagt atcccttgtg    468180
     ctggaccacc ataaagcgca gcatgagcac atgcctaacg cttggtaacc ccgggttgaa    468240
     gacaaagaag ttaggagtaa agaagacctc gatatcagat cattgggatt taattatttg    468300
     tgttatggag cttgttctgt ctagaattca tacttttgac tcttcggtga ctctgaagta    468360
     ttaataggta atgtatgtgg attatagaat acgaaaaact tttgttgaaa gatggcaatc    468420
     ttaaaatata gttattagag aacagagcaa atatggctgt tcaagtagtg actttgcact    468480
     caaaacctgg tattcattat ttttattttc tttaacaaat ataaattgtt attttgtata    468540
     tgtcaataac tcctttacat gttctgaaaa atagaatcaa tcagcatgag gtgacttctt    468600
     attgctttct gtgatttaaa cctgaagcac tttcatggga tttctgtggg ctgcaggctg    468660
     gctcacaata gatgccagga catataaagg tgtgtgttat ttctatgtat gcttagagct    468720
     gtaatctgaa ggaaaacaac cttgagatgc tttccgttta aagtgcagac agtgtctctc    468780
     tatgttggaa ctctatttgt aaagcaggat agttccaaaa tcacagagct ataccttgat    468840
     agctgtcttt ggacataaag gactgaaaga ctgacatacc ctttatctgt aagatcaggg    468900
     agagagccca ctgaaatatc catcctcagt tcagctcctg tccaccaggg ggcgcagatg    468960
     cctaacactg gcttgtttcc tgggtggttt atgtctaaga tgactcacag tttctccgag    469020
     ttaacactcc ttcatgctaa gcatcaagac cactttctag atgacactaa agatggactt    469080
     ttctccaggc ttcgtggctg tgatacttct catacttggt aagtaaacag agaattcttt    469140
     agcggtaagt tatcttcaag gcaacacaga gcttatctcc ctcttccttt ctcccttccc    469200
     tttgcactgt aggaaggacc cacggagatt ccgtgactca aacagaaggc caagtgaccg    469260
     tctcagaaag caagtccctg ataataaatt gcacgtattc agccacaagc atagcttacc    469320
     ctaatctttt ctggtatgtt cgatatcctg gagaaggtct acaactcctc ctgaaagtca    469380
     ttacggctgg ccagaaggga agcagcagag ggtttgaagc cacatacaat aaagaaacca    469440
     cctccttcca cttgcagaaa gcctcagtgc aagagtcaga ctcggctgtg tactactgtg    469500
     ctctgagtga cacagtggca gaaactgcag ggggagctga gcacaaaccg agaggcgaca    469560
     ggtggtctgg ctgctgagca gctgcctctg aaatcaccct gacttccgca cagctttctg    469620
     tgtgtgaccg tgattggtga aaatcataca agtgtcctca tgccaggcca cattaacttc    469680
     acacatcatt agatggatga acaagtctcc ggggtcattg tggtatccca tttaagttat    469740
     ttgcctgcag tgctgggcat caaacccaga gccccatgca agcaaggcaa atggtctgcc    469800
     accgagccac atttaaaacc tcatctatgt ttagataatc aaatgtgctg gagaaagtgg    469860
     cgtctgcgtg atgtgaccta acagaatcag gaaggaaaga agtcagagaa cagcaattgt    469920
     tccctaacaa agccctgtgg acatcttttt ttttttttta attattattc tctcatatgt    469980
     tatagcccaa tttcattttt cctcccttcc ctctcctcag tctctcaccc taacttccta    470040
     ctcccccaga tccacactcc cacctcccct cagaaaagag ctgggcttct gtgacattaa    470100
     ccaaacacag ttgtgacaag accagacaca taccatcaca ccaagactgg acaaagcaac    470160
     ccagtaggag gaaaagggtc ttagaagcag gcaaaggagt cagggacagt ccccgctgtc    470220
     actgttagga ttctcaaaga atactaagct actcagccat aacatacatg cagaggacct    470280
     aggggagaca cctacaggcc ccctggtctc tgcaagtccc catgaatccc agccagttga    470340
     ttctgtgggc tgtgtgtccc tgacccgtct ggttcctcgg atccttcctc ctgctcctct    470400
     gcagggctcc ctgggctgcc tgatggttgg ctgtgggact ctgcatctgt ccccatcagt    470460
     tgctggatga actctttctg gtctctttga tgttggtttt gctaggctct ggtcccagaa    470520
     cactctgcag gcaggaaaag ctattggtca aaggtcgttt tgctgagttg gtgtcccagt    470580
     ccctccactt gaggccttgc tggttacaga agatggccag ttcaggctct gtgttactag    470640
     gagtctttac tagcagagag taaccttagt gaatatactc cactgaagga cagagaggga    470700
     ctcgggagca acagcaccct agagagctga agggtgaatt cattgtgcag gagacagaat    470760
     ttctactgtt atgggaaact ccatcatttt gtctctctct tttctttctt tttaaagttg    470820
     agacagtgtc tctctatgtt gccttgtcca tactagaact ctatttgcaa accaggctgg    470880
     ccccaaactc acggagatat acttgcctct gcctctgccc ctgcccctgc ccctgcccct    470940
     gcccctgccc ctgcctctgc ctctgcctcc tgagtcacaa tgccaaacta tcatttttct    471000
     cttaaatctt tcaagatgat cacatgaggt tcaacttttt cacagtgaga tttagacaag    471060
     tgttagattg actatgtgga tgctgtggcc cggccatcct gtcacaaaac cagagaccac    471120
     accatcttta cttctactaa ttctctccta aaaacttgct ttgtcttgta tgacatcctg    471180
     tatcacattg ccaacagtaa aaagcaacca cagaaagctt attcaaagat tttgcccaaa    471240
     tatagctctg acctcaagat ggcagtgctt gcattagtcc tgtctccagg aactggtgtg    471300
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgc gcttgtgcac    471360
     atttgttctc tgattggctg gctgtacttc ctgagagtcc ctgtttaatg ttacaagaaa    471420
     cagctgatga aacaaggcag cagatttgag gcaggcttct ccagaacaac catgaaaaag    471480
     tgcctgagtg cctgctgggt ggtcttgtgg ctgcattatc agtgtaagtg agtggagata    471540
     ttagccgggg gccataggaa ggcaaagaac attttaggat ttgaaagatg tgattccctg    471600
     tgctaggagg agggaaccac atcagccttc ttgtagataa cctgagaggc ttgtagagag    471660
     caaggaagga tgagaactcc aagtactagt gcggatgatt gatttctgga atctctcact    471720
     gttttctgaa taggggtggc tggcaagacc caagtggagc agagtcctca gtccctggtt    471780
     gtccgtcagg gagagaactg cgtccttcaa tgtaattaca gtgtgacccc cgacaaccac    471840
     ttaaggtggt tcaaacagga cacaggcaaa ggtcttgtgt ccctgacagt cctggttcat    471900
     gaaaatgaca aaacgtcaaa tgggagatac tcagcaactc tggataaaga tgctaagcac    471960
     agcacgctgc acatcacagc caccctgctg gatgacactg ccacctacat ctgtgtggtg    472020
     ggcgcaccat gctccccaga aacttacagc cagtaccaaa acctgctcct ggaggcttcc    472080
     aggaggcata gctgacagag aagatttttt ttggttgttt gtttgtttgt ctttgttttt    472140
     ttgttttaga caaggtttct ctgtgtcgcc ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tctgtagacc    472200
     agcctggcct tgtcctcaga aatctgcctg cctctgcctc ccaagtgctg ggattaaagg    472260
     catgtgccac cactgcctag ccagagaagc cttttaaaca ctgcactggg gaactgaatt    472320
     tccctatttg ggatgctgtc tcattagaaa cacgatttta aaacagtctg aaaagaaagc    472380
     ttgaggatat ttttaataga ttttttaaag agaaaaacat tatagaaaca caggaaatcc    472440
     tggcaaccac catgaagtgg ggagatggag aaaatattag cctttcagtt aactacagag    472500
     gtcagagcaa cagctggaaa gcactcaatg ttaaggggaa tcttgcccga gctagtatct    472560
     cgctggcaag aattcactcg gacaagcgga tccttctacg gcaaagcttt tattgcttca    472620
     acataaggaa gacccccgaa cccggaaaat ggcgctgctt atatagcctg cagcgtgacg    472680
     tttcagcacc tgatgtggcg tgacagcacc tgattagttg ctcgtccatc acctcattac    472740
     tacgcccccc ccccctcgag atgggcagtg actgggcgag aattcacttt tgcacttgcg    472800
     cataaggctt gtttactagt taggcacagt ggaagccagc gccatcttat aatggcgatt    472860
     gctcacagca cggctctcca caggggaaaa gtgtggcagt gctgagccat gcatgtgtgc    472920
     agagggcagc caggaccaca ctagtatgtc ccagggaaaa ggattacacc agagatatgt    472980
     gcttaaaatg gcaacagaaa catttactgt ggaaaaattg ctcccaaaga gggatgtgtg    473040
     ctgatgagca aggatggagg gcaaacccgc ctgccacacg gtgtaccgct cttcataaga    473100
     ccctcagagt ccacatctct atgtgtatat tgctttggga gtttttgtac tagctctgtt    473160
     ctttagatga agtccagata aggagaggca tccagtcttc cttctttgac atgttagtat    473220
     ttgcagagat taattattat tattaattta aacatttttt caaatttcat ataggtgcac    473280
     catacttata caatttttac tccaccctct ctgttttaaa tcctcccata aatcctttac    473340
     tccatctcaa attcatgtca tcttctttaa ttattgtcac acacacacac acacacacac    473400
     acacacacat gcacatatac acatacatgt acaaatatat acacatacac ttactcataa    473460
     atacacacat acatacatgt acatacacat acacacactc atacacctat ttacacacat    473520
     atacacacaa catacatata catacataca cacatgcaca cagacaccca caaacacaca    473580
     caattgctga gtctatttag cattgcttct atgtgtaagt gtttacagga ccacttggga    473640
     ttagataagt tatcaaccat cttatccctg gagaaagctg gttctctttt ctgcagcagc    473700
     cattaattgt ctgccttttt tcatctagga gtgtggtcct ttgagatttt ccacatttat    473760
     gttgacatgt cattttgcag gtcttgttta ggtgaccaca ttttttgaga tttcagatgc    473820
     agctcacctg tcatttatag aagacatagt ctcacatcag gtgtcccttt cctcctcttc    473880
     ctcagtggtt cttgagcctt gagttcagag gctggactgt agatatatca gtagaggtta    473940
     gacactccgg ggttagtttt gctctgcatt ttaaccagtt caggacatct ataatggtct    474000
     ctttttgttt gctgcaaaat gaaacccctg agagttaaac ttatctgtgt gtataatgtt    474060
     aagcatttag gatttggtta ggaaccacac tggcttaggg aagtggcacc agtatgttct    474120
     cttctagggt tcatagcctc attagccatg ggtgagtgag ccaggtttac aataccaggc    474180
     ctggatttcc ttctattgat gggctttaaa tccagctaca cagatgttgt agctactatg    474240
     acatacattg tgtagtgtta gttattgttg tggttcatac acagtatgcc taaataggcc    474300
     tcttgattac tctttttcct ttggaaacac aaatggccct ttggatattg tgagagctaa    474360
     tgtttacaga gaattcaagg attttctgaa gttttgtatc tcaagtatgt actgtcttaa    474420
     acagtaggct cttaccttca agttctggga gcgaatcagc aaaagtggcc atagcaaatg    474480
     ctattgggag tctctgagtt ctcaaaggaa agttttctat gactgcgact gaaactttgt    474540
     taggaagttt gtgacccttg aggagaacat tagcatctta agtgcagtaa ctttattcaa    474600
     actctatccc tcctgctccc tccccctcca tctctctctc tttctctccc tatctatcat    474660
     catccacaca tatgtatttt aaataaatat ggaataacat gtttccttat gactttttca    474720
     aacatcctta gttccccctt ctgtatttcc cttccttctc ccttcccagc taaatacctc    474780
     atttaatttt tcccatctct cccttcatag cacctgcatt ctaccaccca ctttctagaa    474840
     ctccttcttc catttctccc aatagtacat tttaattttt ctgttttttg tagtcactgt    474900
     atgctattta ctcacatatg aagaatcagg ctaggaagca caaataagtg agagcatgtg    474960
     atgtttgtct ctctgggtct gtacctttct cattaacgtc ttggtgattc tcctgcttca    475020
     atagaagtag tgagtgagtt ttctactgtc acagtgagaa atgttacctg tgctggctag    475080
     ttttgggaca actcaagtta gagttatctg aaaggagaga accacaatgg agaaaatatc    475140
     tttataaatt ctgcttgtag gacattttct taactagtga ttgatgggtc agagcagcac    475200
     aattgtgggt gctaccatct ctgggttggt gattctgggt tctaaaggaa ggcagagtgg    475260
     gcatggtgag caagctagta agcagcacct ctcggtggcc tctttatcag ctcccacctc    475320
     catgtttctg ccttgtttga gttcctgtcc taacctcatt tgatgatgaa cagtggtatg    475380
     gaattgtaag catcaaatcc tctactcttc aaattgctgt cggcatggtg tttcatcaca    475440
     tctatgctaa ccctaactaa ggtactattg catctttcta ggttgtattc tgatggcata    475500
     actcaggaaa atagtacatg tagggtggtc acgttattag aaaacctaat aaaacaggca    475560
     gtgcacgaga aattcacaaa tgattgtcta tttttaattt tggaacttta gtagttgatc    475620
     tagaaacaaa agggcattaa ttacatatcc ttcttcaccc caagggacaa gaaacatccc    475680
     ttgccaattc ctttctccat cagcatgaaa taggtgattc ctctcccatc tttcctcttc    475740
     tttcccattt tcttttcttt tcttttcttt ctttgttcta atttcttagt cacacttgaa    475800
     ctttgtttta taaattatag tgattgagtc atatatttta tatatttggt tactagttgg    475860
     taaaattgtt tgggaaggat tgggaggtgt gtagttattg gaggaagcca ttggggtggg    475920
     ttttgaagct ttaaaagact catgtcaatc ccaggtaact ttctctctgc ttcaaatttg    475980
     tgtaggcaaa actggtctga agttcattat gttcgggttg acttcgaatt tgagatcctg    476040
     ttgtctctgc ctctaacatc tggaattact gacatgtgcc accacactgg atatagatgc    476100
     tagtttacca actttctgat gaagctgata gcaggaggat gtacaatgct gactgaggct    476160
     gtggttagaa aaggaaagaa gcagtgtgtt tgtagtttca gaacatagta cagctgttac    476220
     ccaacaagat gttacccatc cctggaaggg gaggtttcac ttggtggcat aagatgtgta    476280
     gttaggagtt cctctctcca ttgtataaag agtccattta tacatatatg tcttttcata    476340
     tatgtatata ttacaggaca cttccacagt agtagcttct catatggttt tttgtctttc    476400
     ctgttagttg ctcctctcta aactcactcc tttattattc ttacctaccc ctgcctattg    476460
     taatattccc tttatctctt cataactgta tattctattt ctcttttgta gagatcattt    476520
     cctctctccc cagaccctta ataaatacta acatgtgttt cttcagatta tagcatacat    476580
     atcaaaagct taaaagctaa cattcatgta taagcaaaag cctgcattat ttgtcctttt    476640
     ggatctcagt tacttcagct agtcagaatg gctttttttt tttccagtct acttgcctgt    476700
     aagtttcact ttgcttacag ctgaataata ttgcactgtg tgagtgtcca gggtttttag    476760
     tataccatca tcagttgatg gacatctagg ctgctcacac attttggctg gcattagtag    476820
     agcagcagtg agcatggatg agcaggcatc tctttactaa gatgtggaat actttggggt    476880
     ataagaccaa gagtggtgtg ttgggttgat ttttagcttt ttgaggaacc tccacactga    476940
     tttccatagt ggctatacca gtctgctctc ccagcagcat acattgtagc ttatctccaa    477000
     ggttattgat ttcactctgc aacctaatca tagggctcca ttgtttactg cttctgctta    477060
     ctgacgtatt acttatgtca ttgaatacag agacgttgag ctggtgccca actgtaagtt    477120
     tcacccctac ctatgagtat tcatggtaga ggaaagtact ttgcatgctg ctagaaaaaa    477180
     agataaccat caatgccacc agctacaaat tctataatct ataacaaggt acactgcaag    477240
     gtacactgga gcaatagtgg cacatgtgtt atggagaaag aaaacacttt taaaaattgg    477300
     atttaaggtc caatatggca ctatgaaaga ggccaagagc ctgagactag atgtattatt    477360
     gccctaaagg aaaatctaat attgctatta tgtccaaaga aacatagcaa taaaatgata    477420
     tgaatgacag gtttctattc ccataaatca gggtattgca ttgttcaacc tatgtcagag    477480
     aatcttcttg cagtaaatgg gcagcagccc aggcatctac aacatccaca atgtgcagag    477540
     agtgagagac tctggagcct ctgaagtcac tgaatcctac gcgggatata ttcatcattc    477600
     ccctctccta acacgcaaga gtcagtgtgg atgaggtggt gaaaagattg taagagtcag    477660
     aagtggtgga cgactccaag caaatagtgt cattcacaca aaacaggacg gacgcacatg    477720
     tgaacacaca gactgtgagt tcaaacccga cagggtccca gaactgagag agggaagaag    477780
     atattaggtc ccatccgtaa ctgaccaaga agctatttga aatggatacc tgccgtaaag    477840
     aaaaaacctt ttgtttttct cagtggagct atcactgaac ataccaagca catgccattg    477900
     tcccattccc agaagtattt ggccaacata aaatgaactc catgtttctg tcgtttattt    477960
     gttgttgttg ttattgttgt tttaaacgtg tgtatatggg gctttttgtt ctggtgtttt    478020
     ttgtttcatt tgcttttgtt tgtttgtttt aatttttgtt gttatgggct tacttttggt    478080
     gagagagaga gagagagaaa gagagagaga gagagagaga gagaaagaga gagagatttg    478140
     tgtggaagga agatggatag aatctaggag gagttgcaga agggtaaaag catgatcaaa    478200
     atagattatc tgaaaaaaat ttaaaatact atccaaacca caaacacaag aagtcttcag    478260
     aggaagaagg aagggttaga aacacgaagg aacctttgag ccgaggaatg aagactggtg    478320
     aatctatagg gcttcacaac actcatcctg ccatgcaaag gatgataaac tggagctgtg    478380
     gatgggcaca gagtaacaca aagtcccatg aaatggctga tgccttcagt cagaggcccg    478440
     tgttaaggag atactattat gaggacagct gaccagtcta tagtagccca aaggcccatg    478500
     gaatttgtac tgcacgagaa ctgaaggcaa aagtgagtag aaagcaccct gctatgctcc    478560
     cttgcttctg ctccatgttt cttttccctt ttattggaaa tagttttttt ttctcacata    478620
     atgtatcttg actccagttt ccatgatctc tactctttcc agttcctccc acctccactc    478680
     tcatctgaat ccaatccctt tctgtctctc attagaaact aaccagggct ctgaaggaca    478740
     gggatatagc ataacatagc caacatgttc aagttggaca agacaaacca aaggaaagag    478800
     tccaagagaa tgcacaagaa acagtgaccc tcttgttcca acactcagga atcccataaa    478860
     aattcaaact gaaagccata atatatgccc aaaagacctg atgcaggcct gggcaggccc    478920
     tgtgcaagct gcctcagtct ctctagttcc catgcgattt gatcatgttc atttagaggg    478980
     ccttgttttc tttgtgtcct ccatcccttc tggctcttag agtctttctg cttcctcttc    479040
     atccgtatcc cctaagcctt gaatggaggg atggagggat gaagggattt taatggagac    479100
     atttatggct aagtgttttg aggtctctta ctctctggga gtctctgtat ttgttccatc    479160
     tgctgcagga ggagtcttct ctgatgatgg ctgggtaagg cactgatcta tgaatacagc    479220
     agaatgtctt taggaatcat tttattgcta cattaataaa caatagtact tggttttatc    479280
     ctgggtccct ggactatcta gtgtcaggtt cttgttcacc caagcagtgc caagtatggg    479340
     tgtgaacctt aagtcatgga gtgaccctaa atcaaacctc tatctgtttg gtttctctga    479400
     caagttttgc caccattgcc ttagcacacc ttgcaagctg ggtagtgttg taaatcaaag    479460
     ggtttgtagc tgagttcctg tttatgtttc tcctttggta gtgtgcagaa tacctctttt    479520
     ttaccaaaaa tgaacttagg ggggaagtct ctatgtaggt acaagctcaa gttatccatg    479580
     ccaaatgagt tgtgtagtgt tgtcttcagc aatggggcct accataagtt agtggagagg    479640
     aatgtatatc tttactacag tctggattgt ctggggattc ccgtgggacc cctttggcca    479700
     acaactcaat tagttataat ccaatcactg ctggaagctt catttggtga caagagatgt    479760
     gtagttaggc ctctgtcttc ccaattattt ggcaatttca tttagatcac atatgcatat    479820
     atatgcatat acacatacac aaacacatgc gtatacaagc ttctactgta ttaggtttct    479880
     ataatactct tcatatagcc tttaactttc tttatctttc tttctcccca tattacctcc    479940
     ttcatcctcc tggctcagac agccttaaac tgtatagtgg actgtgtagt gttttgttgt    480000
     tggtagatat aaagtggacc ttgttattaa agaataatgc ttgatgttct tggcctgtca    480060
     ggtgccccct gaaggaatta cccaaagggt tttcccgtat tttatataac ccaggaccct    480120
     accaaggcag aggagacact tcgtggagga aattactttt aaaatgcaat agaagaattt    480180
     atcaacatac tttttatcac acaagataaa aagttcttaa aaatgaaggt caaatgacat    480240
     gaccccattc tgaaaaggag gaaacacaca tacagccagc cgccagccac ccactccccc    480300
     cccccacaca cacagaacag aacttaagat tttacagaac attttctcat ataaagacat    480360
     caatataaat attctaggag aaagagcaag ggaaagggaa taattgaaga aaccttgacg    480420
     ataaatcttc ccaaacttgc tggaagataa aaaggcatat gtccacaaag cagtatgaac    480480
     ccagaggatg gtggccatga aaccctccct gagcatctat ggaatgacat tgctgaagaa    480540
     aatagagagc ctagcaagct caccagagag tagccaacaa tgaagatatg gtgtgaatag    480600
     gattaaaata cattatgtga atttttcatt atgtgaatga aatttttttc atcatgtgaa    480660
     tgaattaata aaatatattt ttgagattta taaaaaagaa attgaaggag agcactgtaa    480720
     gctgaaaaaa agcaatatgc aatagcttgg agctgtacaa aattaatgaa cataataaaa    480780
     ttgctatata ggtaaataca aaattaatat attttggagc gtgttccctt ttagttagct    480840
     taaaagataa gtgcctaata tacaatagat aaatactaga tgtgttccta acaacatatc    480900
     agataaatac atgtgtagtt ttccatgtaa taagggttct gacatcattt ttaataaaat    480960
     ttttatattt gaagtttaca taaatttagt agaagctttt actgtggaat aaatagccat    481020
     ttacttttgt tgaaaataaa gatgtaacag tgaatgtaca gttgctgctt cttctgcttc    481080
     gtcttctcct tctcctcctc ttcttttttt tttttccatt ttttattagg tatttagctc    481140
     atttacattt ccaatgctat accaaaagtc ccccataccc acccaccccc actccccgac    481200
     ccacccactt cccctttttg gccctggcgt tcccctgtac tggggcatat aaagtttgcg    481260
     tgtccaatgg gcctctcttt ccagtgatgg ccgactaggc catcttttga tatatatgca    481320
     gctagagtca agagctccgg ggtactggtt agttcataat gttgttccac ctatagggtt    481380
     gcagatccct ttagctcctt gggtactttc tctagctccg ccattgggag ccctgtgatc    481440
     catccattag ctgactgtga gcatccactt cagtgtttgc taggccccgg catagtctca    481500
     caagagacag ctacatctgg gtcctttcga taaaatcttg ctagtgtatg caattgtgtc    481560
     agcgcttgga tgctgaatat ggggtggatc cctggatatg gcagtctcta catggtcctt    481620
     cctttcatct cagccccaaa ctttgtctct gtaactcctt ccatgggtgt tttgttccca    481680
     aatctaagga ggggcatagt gtccacactt cagtcttcat tcttcttgag tttcatgtgt    481740
     ttagcaaatt gtatcttata tcttgggtat cctaggtttg gggctagtat ccacttatca    481800
     gtgagtacat attgtgtgag ttcctttgtg attgggttac ctcactcagg atgatgccct    481860
     ccaggtccat ccatttggct aggaatttca taaattcatt ctttttaata gctgagtagt    481920
     actccattgt gtagatgtac cacattttct gtatccattc ctttgttgag gggcatctgg    481980
     gttctttcca gcttctggct attataaata aggctgctat gaacatagtg gagcatgtgt    482040
     ccttcttacc agttggggca tcttctggat atatgcccag gagaggtatt gctggatcct    482100
     ccggtagtac tatgtccaat tttctgagga accgccagac tgatttccag agtggttgta    482160
     caagcctgca atcccaccaa caatggagga gtgttcctct ttctccacat ccacgccagc    482220
     atctgctgtc acctgaattt ttgatcttag ccattctgac tggtgtgagg tggaatctca    482280
     gggttgtttt gatttgcatt tccatgatga ttaaggatgt tgaacatttt ttcaggtgct    482340
     tctctgccat tcggtattcc tcaggtgaga attctttgtt cagttctgag ccccaatttt    482400
     taatggggtt atttgatttt ctgaagttca ccttcttgag ttctttatat atgttggata    482460
     ttagtcccct atctgattta ggataggtaa agatcctttc ccaatctgtt ggtggtcttt    482520
     ttgtcttatt gacggtgtct tttgccttgc agaaactttg gagtttcatt aggtcccatt    482580
     tgtcaattct cgatcttaca gcacaagcca ttgctgttct gttcaggaat ttttcccctg    482640
     tgcccatatc ttcaaggctt ttccccactt tctcctctat aagtttcagt gtctctggtt    482700
     ttatgtgaag ttccttgatc cacttagatt tgaccttagt acaaggagat aagtatggat    482760
     cgattcgcat tcttctacat gataacaacc agttgtgcca gcaccaattg ttgaaaatgc    482820
     tgtctttctt ccactggatg gttttagctc ccttgtcgaa gatcaagtga ccataggtgt    482880
     gtgggttcat ttctgggtct tcagttctat tccattggtc tacttgtctg tctctatacc    482940
     agtaccatgc agtttttatc acaattgctc tgtagtaaag ctttaggtca ggcatggtga    483000
     ttccaccaga ggttctttta tccttgagaa gactttttgc tatcctaggt tttttgttat    483060
     tccagatgaa tttgcaaatt tctccttcta attcgttgaa gaattgagtt ggaattttga    483120
     tgggtattgc attgaatctg tagattgctt ttggcaagat agccattttt acaatgttga    483180
     tcctgccaat ccatgagcat gggagatctt tccatcttct gagatcttct ttaatttctt    483240
     tcttcagaga tttgaagttt ttatcataca gatctttcac ctccttagtt agagtcacgc    483300
     caagatattt tatattattt gtgactattg agaagggtgt tgtttcccta atttctttct    483360
     cagcctgttt attctttgta tagggaaagg ccattgactt gtttgagttt attttatatc    483420
     cagctacttc accgaagctg tttatcaggt ttaggagttc tctggtagaa tttttagggt    483480
     cacttatata tactatcata tcatctgcaa aaagtgatat tttgacttcc tcttttccaa    483540
     tttgtatccc cttgatctcc ttttgttgtc gcattgctct ggctaatact tcaagtacta    483600
     tgttgaaaag gtagggagaa agttggcagc cttgtctagt ccctgatttt agtgggattg    483660
     cttccagctt ctctccattc gctttgatgt tggctactgg tttgctgtag attgctttta    483720
     tcatgtttag gtatgggcct tgaattcctg atctttccaa aacttttatc acgaatgggt    483780
     gttggatctt gtcaaatgct ttttctgcat ctaacgagat gatcatgtgg tttttgtctt    483840
     tgagtttgtt tatataatgg attacattga tggattttcg tatattaaac catccctgca    483900
     tccctggaat aaaacctact tggtcaggat ggatgattgc tttaatgtgt tcttggattc    483960
     ggttagcgag aattttattg aggatttttg catcgatatt cataagagaa attggtctga    484020
     agttctctat ctttgttggg tcgttctgtg gtttaggtat cagagtaata gtggcttcat    484080
     aaaatgagtt gggtagagta ccttctactt ctattttgtg aaatagtttg tgcagaactg    484140
     gaattagatc ttctttgaag gtctgataga actctgcact aaacctgtct ggtcctgggc    484200
     tttttttggc tgggagacta ttaataacta cttctatttc tttaggggat atgggactgt    484260
     ttagatggtc aacttgatcc tgattcaact ttggtacctg gtatctgtcc agaaatttgt    484320
     ccatttcgtc caggttatcc agttttgttg agtatagcct tttgtagaag gatctgatgg    484380
     tgttttggat ttcttcagga tctgttgtta tgtctccctt ttcatttctg attttgttaa    484440
     ttaggatgtt gtccctgtgc cctttgtgag tctagctaag ggtttatcta tcttgttgat    484500
     tttctcaaag aaccaactcc tcgtttggtt aattctttga atagttcttc ttgtttccac    484560
     ttggttgatt tcacccctga gtttgattat ttcctgccgt ctactcctct cgggtgaatt    484620
     tgcttccttt ttttctagag cttttagatg tgttgtcaag ctgctaatat gtgctctctc    484680
     ccgtttcttc ttggaggcac tcagagctat gagtttccct cttagaaatg ctttcattgt    484740
     gtcccatagg tttgggtacg ttgtggcttc attttcatta aactctaaaa agtctttaat    484800
     ttctttcttt attccttcct tgaccaaggt atcattgaaa agagtgttgt tcagtttcca    484860
     cgtgaatgtt ggctttccat tatttatgtt gttattgaag atcagtctta ggccatggtg    484920
     gtctgatagg atacatagga caatttcaat atttttgtat ctgttgaggc ctgttttgtg    484980
     accaattata tggtcaattt tggagaaggt cccgtgaggc gctgagaaga aggtatatcc    485040
     ttttgtttta ggataaaatg ttctgtagat atctgtcagg tccatttgtt tcataacttc    485100
     tgttagtttc actgtgtccc tgtttagttt ctgtttccac gatctgtcca ttgatgaaag    485160
     tggtgtgttg aagtctccca ctattattgt gtgaggtgca acatgtgctt tgagctttac    485220
     taaagtgtct ttaatgaatg tggctgccct tgcatttgga gcgtagatat tcagaattgt    485280
     gagttcctct tggaggattt tacctttgat gagtatgaag tgtccctcct tgtctttttt    485340
     gataactttg ggttggaagt cgattgtatc cgatattaaa atggctactc cagcttgttt    485400
     cttcagacca tttgcttgga aaattgtttt ccagcctttc actctgaggt agtgtctgtc    485460
     tttttccctg agatgggttt cctgtaagca gcagaatgtt gggtcctgtt tgtgtagcca    485520
     gtctgttagt ctatgtcttt ttattgggga gttgagacca ttgatattaa gagatattaa    485580
     ggaaaagtaa ttgttgcttc ctgttatttt tgttcttaaa gttggcattc tgttcttgtg    485640
     gctgtcttat ttttggtttg ttgagggatt actttcttgc ttgttctagg gtgtgatgtc    485700
     cgtttttgta ttgcttcttt tctgttatta tcctttgaag ggctggattc gtggaaagat    485760
     attgtgtgaa tttggttttg tcgtggaata ctttggtttc tccatctatg gtaattgaga    485820
     gtttggccgg gtatagtagc ctggactggc atttgtgttc tcttagtgtc tgtataacat    485880
     ctgtccaggc tcttctggct ttcatagtct ctggtgaaaa gtctggtgta attctgatag    485940
     gccttccttt atatgttact tgacctttct cccttactgc ttttaatatt ctatctttat    486000
     ttagtgcatt ttttgttctg attattatgt gtcgggagga atttcttttc tggtccagtc    486060
     tatttggagt tctgtaggct tcttgtatga tcatgggcat ttctttcttt atgtttggga    486120
     agttttcttc tattattttg ttgaagatat tagctggtcc tttaagttga aaatcttcat    486180
     tctcatcaat tcctattatc cgtaggtttg gtcttctcat tgtgtcctgg atttcctgga    486240
     tgtttttagt taggaacttt ttgcattttg tattatcttt gcttgttgtg ccgatgttct    486300
     ctatggaatc ttctgcgcct gagattctct cttccatttc ttgtattctg ttgctgatgc    486360
     tcaaatctat ggttccagat ctctttccta gggtttctat ctccagcatt gcctcgcttt    486420
     gagttttctt tattgtgtct acttcccctt ttagttctag tatggttttg ttcatttcca    486480
     tcacctgttt ggatgtgttt tcctgttttt ctttaaggac ttctacctgt ttggttgtgt    486540
     tttcctgctt ttctttaagg gcctgtaact ctttagcagt gctctcctgt aattctttaa    486600
     gtgacttatg aaagtccttc ttgatgtcct ctatcatcat cataagaaat gtttttaaat    486660
     ctgggtctag atttccggtt gtgttggggt gcccaggact aggtggggtg ggagtgctgc    486720
     gttctgatga tggtgagtgg tcttgatttc tgttagtagg attcttatgt ttgcctttca    486780
     ccatctggta atctctgaag ctagctgtta tagttgtcac tgttaagagt ttgctcttca    486840
     ggtgactctg ttaacctcta taagcagacc tgggagggta gctctctcct tagtttcagt    486900
     gggcagagta ttctctgcag gcaagctctc ttcttgcagg gagggtaccc agatatctgg    486960
     tgttcgaacc agactcctgg cagatgttgt gttccactca ctagtggtct taggatcccg    487020
     tgtggaatcc tgtgtgggcc cttgccggtg tcaggcgact ccactggcaa ggtaccctgg    487080
     ggctcgagtg gagcggaagg ggcttgtgcc ccaggtcagg cccgggtagt cttcttccct    487140
     atttcccgca gtctcaggtt ccgcgcaatt ggattggggc aggcgctgtg ttccactccc    487200
     cagaggtctt aggatcccgg gggaatcctg tgtgggcccg tgcaggtgtc gggcgagtcc    487260
     actggcaagg tacactcggg ctcgagtctc tcctcctcct cctcttcctc ctcctcctcc    487320
     tcctctcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt    487380
     cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tctccttctt cttctggctc atggtcaaag gcaatactgt    487440
     cctgtatgaa cctgtaggac ttcacacccc cttaccatca catttaactt ttccaggaca    487500
     accctgattt cagccagaat aatttgtagt ttgtcagcat gatgtgtttc ttgcatttct    487560
     actacattca ctgtattatc tattttatct tgtcatttgt taaaaattat gttactaata    487620
     tgtgtgctta ttataaacac tgtgcctctg gtctttaatg ttttcttttg acttttcaga    487680
     cattttctga ggcatgatgg atgatttcat atgtcattgc catgcctctt tgggccttca    487740
     catttattga gaaatctgtt gtgtttttaa agaacaaagt gttttgaaga aaaggatttg    487800
     gctccttggc ttctactaca cacatcagat agctctggct ttctagttgg acacaatata    487860
     tcattagtat aaaatatagt gatgtattct aacagactct ggactcttta tttgctaaaa    487920
     ttatatttta acttaaaaac aattaaaatt aaatttaaaa tattttatta tagaaactat    487980
     agaaaattat tataaaaata ctatcataga aattattata gaaatataaa agcattccta    488040
     gtacagcttg ttctgtacag tgactttcag gtcatccaga actacaaaga aagaccctgt    488100
     atctttggct ttctactgct gtaaagagac accatgacca tggcaactct tataaaggaa    488160
     aacatttcat tgtggctaga ttacagttca gaggtgtcag catgtctata agcatgacaa    488220
     catgcaggca gacatgttgc tggagaagaa gttgggagtt ctgcatccaa ctctgcaagg    488280
     agcagagaga gagagagttc ctaggcttgg cttgagcact tgaaacttcc aagctcacct    488340
     cttctccaag agaccacacc tcctaatagt gtcactccct atgagcttat gggggcatta    488400
     tcatttacac caccacaccc tgtctcactt tctcccactg tgatgagaca catgaccaaa    488460
     gcaacttata gaagaataag tttaatgggg gcctacattt tagagggtaa gcccataatc    488520
     atcatggcag gtagcggggt agcaggcagg caggcaggca ggcaggcaca gtgctagagc    488580
     agtagctgag agctttcaac ctgattcata agtgggagac aaggagcaag agctaactgt    488640
     gaatggcttg gagttttgaa acctctaagc ttatccccaa taacatacct cctccaagaa    488700
     agccatgcct attaattctt cccaaacagt tccaccattt agttatcaag catcaaatat    488760
     acgagcccaa ttcaaacctg tctcaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagtgtt ccttagattt    488820
     taagatggaa ccatatttat cgagatttta acccatcagg ttttcccaga attcctttaa    488880
     ttagaagaca gtctttcaaa agtcaaagga aatgttttat acagctgtgt tgtctggcag    488940
     agagagaagc tgtgcagtgc gaaatagtcc tgatctataa gatctcactt agagctggta    489000
     acagaaaaag gtaccagtca ctgaacacag caagtggctg cttgaggtaa caggaactat    489060
     tttaaattta gctcgaaata tgtgaaaaca tttactttgt cccacactga ctcagagcaa    489120
     acgtctcttg aactcatttt tcacgaagag gtcagatttt tactttgagc atctcacatc    489180
     ggaaaggtgt ttatttttta gcaattcttt ggtcactgtc aataaccaca agatggcagc    489240
     ctcttcttag agattctgga ggaaactctc aagtgttttt gaataagaga gtggtggggg    489300
     gagtgggagg aggggagggg aagtgagaag gggaggggat tgctgatgag acaagggtgt    489360
     tgaaagagct taagatcaga atccccagtg gagagagata aagagcaaat gatgaaatcc    489420
     ttgagtgttt cactagtggt cctgtggctc cagtttaatt gtgagtttgg gcatttcttt    489480
     tggatataag gtgttataag tgaggtcaaa gcctactcta ggatagtggt agaaacatag    489540
     atgttttaaa tctctagtta aggggtggga ggcccatgga aaatttattc tagagtgtta    489600
     gcatcgaaat gcatccagtc ttgatcatct gacctttgtt tttctgcaca ggggtgagaa    489660
     gccagcagaa ggtgcagcag agcccagaat ccctcactgt ctcagaggga gccatggcct    489720
     ctctcaactg cactttcagt gatggtactt ctgacaactt caggtggtac agacagcatt    489780
     ctgggaaagg ccttgagatg ctagtgtcca tcttctctga tggtgaaaag gaagaaggca    489840
     gatttacagc tcacctcaat agagccagcc tgcatgtttc cctacacatc agagagccgc    489900
     aacccagtga ctctgctgtc tacctctgtg cagtgagcac acagtgctcc ccaggcacct    489960
     gcagcctgca cctaaacctt ggatccctac aaggtctgag ctagagcaca cttgatttgg    490020
     aaagtctttg tcttatggca atacctcatt ctgaacacat aatgctctaa gcttcgtgac    490080
     tcttcttctt cctccctctt tttatttctt ataatctagt gaatctaatg agtggtaccc    490140
     aatgcttatg ggtgcggatc attcactgat gcataggcaa cctacaaggg tctactttct    490200
     taaagaagga tgactctctt tgccccaaca gtcaccaatt gctaattgct cctcagcaag    490260
     gaaggggcct catgagcccc tttatctttc atactcgagg ttttatgtgt cttgattttg    490320
     tacatatctg atgcaggtcc tgtgagttta tgttgtgcag cagccatgtc atgtgcagag    490380
     gaaagaattt taaagctctc atcttctcat tcttattttt tttccacttc tcttccaaga    490440
     tgtccctaag ctttgttggg atgaggagtt ggtagagatg ttgcaccggt ggctgagtac    490500
     tcacagtctc caattttcat tactctgaac attcttctta tccctgaatt tctacagttt    490560
     ttttcagttc tgttttgtga tgctttccta gccttggggg agctgatata gatatcccac    490620
     ttaggtttga gacacaacac ttattctcag cacttctgca tcaattccct gaaaagaaag    490680
     cttttctgac cacagctaag ggcaactcta ttctgatcac tggcttgtgt ttgaactcag    490740
     tcacagtcct ttcgtgcagc tgggaggcac actttgctct tcctttggat gatcagatta    490800
     tcagtgttgg ttcaagaaca acttcataga tggagtctca gatctggcta taccacaatg    490860
     aatttcctca gggctccagg tataaacact ggccaggctc ctgttcagcc catgctaaca    490920
     tcctttgtac tgtttaaagc cagggtcgaa gttcttatgt acagtttagt tttcgtcagt    490980
     ttacaccttc ttgaattttg tgcagatcca attcagcttt ctttctgcat tctcacagta    491040
     atctctatgt cccattcagc cttttcttgg tagtctagag aataaaaagc ttaatatgtt    491100
     tgatagcacc agagacacct gaaatgcaga agtgtcaata ccagccagtg actatcagct    491160
     gttaagcagt caaggtcagc atcaaagaaa gcacaagtct gaggtaggta gaggagcctc    491220
     atcaacatct aatgggtgat tagtacccga acatcacatg atcatctccc aagctggaac    491280
     atgcatagag tgtgatcacc cagatcatta accaatgtca gcatacctac atcagctcat    491340
     gtgcagtctc ttccatagcc ctataaagat cttagataag gagtttgcta gctctttcct    491400
     ctgaaatctc tctcggaagt ttctttcact ttttcttatt ctcacattcc tgtaattctc    491460
     ttaataaaga ttgccttggc tttgaataca cttacaagtg tccacatttt tctttcattg    491520
     acatgagatc acaaacccag agccaccatc ctaggtcaat ctttggtgct gtcagtgtct    491580
     ggcactacgt catttagtca tagacagctg agttgtgaaa ggatttgcca ccttagaaac    491640
     atagtctctg catccctggg atctatataa aactctttcc acattcatct ctcattgaat    491700
     taaactgtta cctcttaact gttctagata aggcagagaa tggaataact gtcatttctt    491760
     gtgaatcatc tctggattca ggtatctcat ggcatgttct agtggcagga tgaggtggca    491820
     agaactagat ggcatatggc aatatggcag tgcttcggtc cctttaactg tgtgtgtgtg    491880
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tttagactaa actttcctct ggatggttag gttagaagcc    491940
     agggctctgg aaaatagact agagtgtgta ctcagtatcg ggagctaact cttgtttttt    492000
     tcttaggaac ttagttccaa ataagagtcc agagttgcat cccctgtgat agaagggaga    492060
     actgataaac tggtagcctt catggcagta tgccttcatg gcagtatgcc ttcaacatgt    492120
     ttgatctact ggtaatggga ccaggggcat ctaagttcag aggctgcatc tttgaagaag    492180
     ccaggtcttc atattttggt actgcacttg gaaatgtaaa tgctaacttc tgacctctag    492240
     tttatgtttc tgtctagatg tgaacaacgg acaagcaggg aatcctcacg ccccaagcag    492300
     ctgggaagct ggacacattg ccaacaattg cagtagcaaa actcccatag ctgctctgcc    492360
     gtggcacagg caggactcag gtagaggtct caccctgcta tcttaataaa tttaactgtg    492420
     atagagaaac agtggaagac taaatcacat taacacagag agaataggag ttaaatagat    492480
     tcactgttag gcagacaggt agggagaggg gccatatagt tatcaaaaac aatggacttt    492540
     aaagatggct ggcttcttct tcaccatctt gatctgagat aaagcttggc aatttaaagc    492600
     agaggcctgg tgaggctttt ctccataagt acttctctct aagccccaca taggcacact    492660
     gctgctgtca aacctgaaca agttcaaggc ctgatcagga catgtttatg ccaaagctat    492720
     gggccaatta accatcttgt gtttattcaa actgaccatc cctaaaggag gggaggaaat    492780
     ctttttaaag atccttataa acaccagcat tgcagaagac actagatttt ggggttccac    492840
     tatactattc ctaggcatat acccaaagca tgcttcattc tctaacaaag gcacttgctc    492900
     aactatgttg atagcaggct tagtcataat agccacaata aagagttttg aattcttgtg    492960
     gatcataagg aaggacttag cagtactgag aggcctttaa tctctgtgta gcatcaaggc    493020
     ctagatgtgc ctttgacaca ctgaggtaag tcttctagtt gcaggaagtt gtgattcatc    493080
     aggaattata atgagcagca ccctgaaatg ctatagtttg aaggtaagta cttatgatta    493140
     aatacactct aataactagt tatgcctgct tctactatac acatgcacta tagttttcaa    493200
     atcttgcagc tttcctcagc agatatttac tgtccctgga atctgaaaca cccagtggtc    493260
     accactgtga cttgggtttt gcccttgtac gtcactcatt ggcctctcat ggcttccagg    493320
     aatctggctc tgctgtacag tgcctggtat ccctagtttt cctctgtgcc tcagtacagg    493380
     cattggtgat cacagatggt tacaagcatt atgcagacgg tactgagttc tactgccagg    493440
     ttcccctgta gtccgtaccc tttatcactg atgtggtttc tgaatgccta cgtggctaaa    493500
     ttgaggaaaa cacttcccag catggacagt ttccagaaag tacccaaaga gactattttg    493560
     caggaacctt tttcttttct ttttttttaa gtgaaaaatc tattattctt ttaccctggg    493620
     gtatcttact ttccaggaac catttctagc attccaatga aaagtagtat gtattctata    493680
     gcagcactga tctcgttaat tacagttgat ttttgtctga acccatcatg tctgttgctt    493740
     taaacatgtt acatctattt ttgttctctc cattctcagt aaaaatctgg gtaaaagaag    493800
     caagtaatta cccagggacc gcctgggtgt cttggtgcct taaataagta agtaagtgaa    493860
     tagatgtgtc tgttagtgag cttccaagtg agtaccagct ttgtttttta atgctttact    493920
     acccacatat atgtttcatt cagaaatagg ttttaccatc aagttctgga gagtaaccag    493980
     agcattgtca atacattgcc attgtagaga actggcaatt acctgtaatg tttgagggaa    494040
     tataggaccc cactggacaa taacttcaaa taaaacccat ccctgccact gggattttaa    494100
     ttttttatcc catggtgtct tttaagaggg ttgttgtccc atgatatggc aaagctactt    494160
     aatatgtgta tagacttagg aagcttctac agtagtagat aagttcctat atgacttcct    494220
     acctctggtt tccaccatat actctgctct gacattaagc ccagcaagta ataaacaaga    494280
     cccaatgaaa caaaacacct tctgcacagc taagaacacc accatgtgag tggaaagcca    494340
     tcctacagaa tgagaaaacc ctcttaagct gtacatatat agaacataca agcaactaaa    494400
     agatccataa acatcaagaa acaaaaccaa tttaaaaatt acagatgaaa ctaaacaaag    494460
     aataatcaaa atataaataa tgaatggctg aggcatattt taaaatgttc agcatcatta    494520
     cttactacat aaatgaaaat taaagctgtt tgagattcca tatcactcca ggaatgatag    494580
     ctaaaaagca aaaagcaaat gatgaaaaat actgccttgg atttggagaa agggaaacat    494640
     taatttactg ctgatgggtg tgcatactga tggattgcta tggaaatcaa tgttaagttt    494700
     cctcaaagtc tagaaatagg tctatcagat gatcctggta tattttcttt tcaatatacc    494760
     taaaaaactc tatagactat atctgattat tcatgttcaa tgctgttcta gccatggtag    494820
     ctagagaata catacaagca agatgcccag cagccgacga atgggtaatt aaaaaaatag    494880
     aacgttcatt tgctttttgg tttgcttgtt tgtttgttta gtcattagcc attatttatg    494940
     agtaaaatga aatttcaatg tagctttaat ctgtattttc atgatatcta gaggtgttaa    495000
     cactatttgt acttcacctt ttgagaacta tttatatagt tccatgctct atttttatcg    495060
     gtttgtttta ttgatgttta gattttaatg ttatttttat attctagata cttaatgttc    495120
     tcagatgtat acctgaaaaa aataaagctc tattcccctt gtacattttg aaaaattcat    495180
     gtagaaatga attaagaagc atccataaat acatacatac acatacataa agcgtgtcaa    495240
     tagagttatc ctgaaatgag gcaacaaagc ccctattaga ccaacacagg ataacaagca    495300
     aaaagctaaa ttacagaaat agcttacttt ctattggcta gtgatgttcc atatactcct    495360
     ctatattatg ggctatttgc aatatgtggg tcaccccctg agaacttgat agtaaaaaac    495420
     ctattgatga aatcacagaa catggaaaaa ttaagctggt gcttacattg aagcttcagt    495480
     cttactggat agtttccata gtgctagaat gtgttacaca tgctactgaa agagaaaatg    495540
     aatgccagtc tttctgagct ctgaatccta tgagctaaag ccatgccctg gcagacatgc    495600
     cagtcagttc aatggtggca caaaggcaaa ggaagtaacc aaccaatttc tgattcaagc    495660
     taaggtctgt tccacaaatt ggaacccata cacagcatca ttttcagggc taagaacttg    495720
     tgactagaca agacataggc catatgggaa accctatgga tattagtctg ctaaatggag    495780
     atattactaa accaacccct aaggagatat tggtatatat atatatatat atatatatat    495840
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatac agtcttcttc agagaggctt cttgctgtag    495900
     cacacagtga ttgacagaga accagaaccc atcatgctac agagaagaag aggctgtagc    495960
     ttattcatct ccagatggga catctatatt tcacagcctc ctcccaagac tcagagttca    496020
     ttgaggaaga gggtgtggaa agactatgag agccataggt ggtggataac tacagggaaa    496080
     cagtgtgttc aggacactgc aggacagctg cacatatgca cttacagagg ttgacgggac    496140
     acataagaca tgcaaaggat caggtcagtc aaaattccat cacaaggagg tgaagtgggc    496200
     tactggcaat tggtagttgc tgggaacgag agtctgtttc ctttcaaggt acagactctg    496260
     gtgtatagat cagcctccac tgaaggccat atatccaaga gtatacgaac agcacaagct    496320
     gtaacacaaa acttgatatg ttttatattt taaaggggtg gggcaaaatt ggtttggtat    496380
     ggaagagggg atggatttgg cagaaaggga gggagcagct gagtatgcat agcattctca    496440
     aagaactaaa gaaatgagag aacatggata cattttaaca gatgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    496500
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg cgcgtgcgca tgtgtgctta tgtatgataa tcatgcaaaa    496560
     taccatagga tacacatagt tcaggattgt tagtgatttc aggcatccac tggagacttg    496620
     agacctgact cctttgggtg aggttccaag tttatttatc ttgtgctgtg cagacagctg    496680
     tggtgcaggt tgaagggaaa ccagcagagg gcgctgcccc ttcagatgtg gttaacatct    496740
     cattcgggtg gtgacttgag gtgacaggct cactgtgcag acagacgtcc ttgtctgtga    496800
     gtgaggagtg tgaggagatc ctgcaggagg attgccctgt gagattggtg cactcaagga    496860
     ccaagtgtca tttcttctat gaacatgcgt cctgtcacct cctcagttct cgtgctcctc    496920
     ctaatgatca gtaagtcaca ttgtactcta gggttaatga tgtcattttc ttacaactcc    496980
     tgcagtcttt agtgttcctc cttgcataaa aagtaattcc tctacattca ttcattcatt    497040
     gaattttaaa atttattttc aggaaggagc aatggagact ccgtgaccca gacagaaggc    497100
     ctggtcactg tcaccgaggg gttgcctgtg aagctgaact gcacctatca gactacttat    497160
     ttaactattg cctttttctg gtatgtgcaa tatctcaacg aagcccctca ggtactcctg    497220
     cggagctcca cagacaacaa gaggaccgag caccaagggt tccacgccac tctccataag    497280
     agcagcagct ccttccatct gcagaagtcc tcagcgcagc tgtcagactc tgccctgtac    497340
     tactgtgctc tgagtgacac agtgagggag actgcagggg aagctgcaca tgaaccaagg    497400
     gtgcaggagg gctgataggg gaggctctgt gagggaggct atgtcctttc cctaagtggt    497460
     tgtttaccta gcttcctgaa aaacatgaac aactgtgaga tcagacacct agaaatgtag    497520
     caattggtga atattctgat ggggtaggat gcaagccatt gctagagaca aatccaagct    497580
     ttgatcccag aaataaagtt ctctccctag atggaggagc tctccaggaa aaccctgaca    497640
     tgggatttat ctctaccaag atgtcttaca aaatatagtg atttaaattc tccaagaatc    497700
     ttcttttatt acacttcaaa tttatgagtg aaatgaggaa tatagactct agtatttaaa    497760
     aatttgcttc agtttcactc catcagttat ttagattctc cctctccttg gatcatgtta    497820
     cccgagagtt cagcacaact tcccatctca tttttttgtt tattgctgtg aagagatgcc    497880
     atggtcaaga caacttatac gagaaatcat ttaaattggg cttgattaga gattagaagg    497940
     tgagtccatg actgccatag tagcagggca ggcaggcatg gccctggagc agtagctgag    498000
     agctttcatc tgatcacaag cagatacaga gagagggaga gaccgggcat ggcttgggct    498060
     ttgagagcaa aactcactac caataacacg cctcccctga caaagccaca ccctatgatc    498120
     cttcctaaat agtttactaa ccccaaatca aactttcaga tatttgaacc tatgagggcc    498180
     attctctttc aaacctccac aattcctggg aaccttcact tagggaagct gcttatgaaa    498240
     cacagctgtt ggaggtctca aaatgatgcc ctgagatgca ggtccttccc tgtcctacgc    498300
     attgtgtatg atgcagcctg atattaaaag actatccaga aatcccttcc ttttaaagtc    498360
     tacttttgtc tgacattgca cttttgttaa atcctgacca ctttgtatac tcactcatct    498420
     gggattagag ttagttcctc tgacattgtt ctgaaatatg ggaaaggagg ccaaggtttc    498480
     tgtaaaagat tttggttaaa aataaaatac tctagttgtc aaatgtatct ctctgaaaga    498540
     agaaagatct gaaatcaagg accatagtgc ccctcaagaa agactcatat ttgtgtacac    498600
     aaagaagagc caaggcattc tctcttgctg gttagggagc aaagtgggat gttttattga    498660
     atttatgaat gccaaatcta cttctaatgg tacagcacag gacagaatct gtcagatgag    498720
     cattgtcatt gtgtttttta tttggaatct ccatagatgt taggtaatca gtacgaggtc    498780
     atgatgcaag ggggttatct ttggaggaag ggaaatcaaa caaacaaaca aacagaaaaa    498840
     caaaacaaaa aacccttcaa taagtgggga actggaacag gcagaattta aatgtgtgat    498900
     aatgagaggg cagggcagag gaaggaacgt ggggaaagga tatctaagac tagtgctatt    498960
     ttgaacaaag cagcatggaa agcccctgtt agagaatgtt cctgaaagac atactccaac    499020
     caaagttgag actagcaata atctgtgagt ataaacacac acttagaagt gatcactttg    499080
     atgcgatcac ttatcaaaat aacaatagta ttttccccct agggactatc acctctgaac    499140
     catggggttt ggggccatgc tatactacta ggcatgagct ccctcctacg gagtaggctt    499200
     caaatacaat cagaaagccg tgattatttt gtagaagtca ggccactatt gagcaccctt    499260
     gggcacataa tatttggaag ttgagtattg tagcatgcag ggtccagcac agatgaatag    499320
     tattgctgtc ctttctttcc cagtaggctg cataggacct tccagcacta tgaatgctag    499380
     ccaacaagga ggacctttcc cagtcagttc aaggttgatt tctctatgtc atgtagcagt    499440
     agaatgtggt gcctttagcc acagaatctt actatctagt tatactgggc aatcaggaac    499500
     aatgacaata gcctgtgctg ttttgtataa ctctgggtac tcccttaaca ataactccca    499560
     tgcctgatac tgagattgtt gtttaatgaa tttacttaat ttctccaaaa ctggatttat    499620
     gcatgtaaaa tcataatgag tgttaatatg ataaattatt atagtaaggt tttcttttta    499680
     gaacctatag gcaatacatt atccaaaata ttttcttgta actggaagaa tatttaatat    499740
     aggattaatg aatcatagac tccagatccc ctacacaata gactgcagat ctaagaagag    499800
     aacaggtgac atgatgttaa gttttaaatt gtgtttaaaa agtaaaacat ttgaagactg    499860
     tccttcacca aatacctctc aattacaatc accaggtgat ggtgaagtgg ccataaacat    499920
     gttttggacc cggctaggct gcatggctga gttggccgta ttcatgtgat ccatgtctgt    499980
     tcgttgtgca cataggtgcg gccatcatgg ttcgtcagcc tctagctaac actgcttaca    500040
     ttatgagcac ttgcttcctg gttccttaac tcaagtcaag ttggtttgtt tccaggcagt    500100
     gtctggtgtt ggaatctgta tctcccctcc tccctgcttc caataagctt ttctgctctc    500160
     actgttcact gctaccacac tgagctctct ctgatctgcc tgaggaggac tctgtccttt    500220
     gtgtgctgcc tttggcataa aattgcctca cagaatggac ctattaaggt cctcaatgac    500280
     cttattttga tattttgatt gataatacac acacacatga gagagagaga gagagagaga    500340
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagaggga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    500400
     gagagaggga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagggaga gagagatatt    500460
     aaccctcaga ataactgcta gagagacttg tggtagtaga agtggaagat gacgctcata    500520
     tctcctgccc cctggtgtcc atgtccatgc actgcataat ctcctcctgt gggcagggcc    500580
     tagaatatgg caggtgatac tcctgaatta tgttgtagtt tataagaaaa gccaagggac    500640
     tgaacaagta atcgaggctc tcataaactt gatttctgtt gaatttggat ttgagttaat    500700
     tggaatggag attgtggtgg gcttgttttc ttttttcttt tttctgttag tcttttgtgt    500760
     tacctctttt gagaaatgtt agcttagatg tgttgcccaa tttaaaatgt attactccta    500820
     ttttctttct ttttatagat attttcttcc tttacatttt aaatactaac cccaaagccc    500880
     cctataccct acctccgccc tgctccccag tggaagtggg cttgttttgt tgttgttgtt    500940
     gtttttgttt attttatgca ctttcacaat gtttattcaa gcctatactt cttagttcac    501000
     tcttcgtact gtaatgcacc tgcaatattc tcagcaacat caaccacgcc tttttctcag    501060
     acattttgat ggcattgtgt agaactccag caactactca gtgtctaaat tctgtgattc    501120
     tggctcttat ttcgcattgt gtaaagatgc tgcaatttta tcactctaaa atattttccc    501180
     cattccagtt cataactgta tactcttctt ttaaaaaact cacaactttt gacacttagc    501240
     ataaaccttt ctcggcccat gatcagaaac ccttggaatt caccctgaga aggcaacaag    501300
     gacagtgcaa agcccactgc agttgtgaac ttcctatgtc tctattgggc ctccaaatga    501360
     caccttctaa aacataaatg cctttttcac tgattagagt aaactcactc aaacctcggt    501420
     cttaatcctg ccctgccatc ctgctctgct ctccgcttac acagccctct ccatgctccc    501480
     tttgacatta aactatctgc actctactat cctatcttgt actcttaact ttcttttccc    501540
     cccaatgccc tattttctag tttcctggct ttgtcggggg gagtggtata tagtgggttc    501600
     tgagaggagt tgtagcagga gcagggtggt ggtggatttg gtctgaatac attatgttct    501660
     tatatgaatt tattaaattg tttttcaaaa cctcttccac tgcctcagta tgttctgaca    501720
     gcacatattt tacgcagatg tcagaggtag gccaagggaa agaaagtgtc tcttcctcat    501780
     tgtctctcca atgttattag gatgaaggta tctaagcctc cataagccca gagcaagctc    501840
     tgtctactgc tcctactctt caggcttcat ttgcttcctg ggaatctctc aggaaggagt    501900
     gagctgcttt ctgctcatct tggtgacctt gctgggcatc ctgaggtttg gacagctctg    501960
     tgagtgtcac tctgcttcag tccatcttca cagaaagaac actgtgtggc ttcactctga    502020
     acagagaccc tcctgtggct gaattcccca cacatcactg aggctacagg aggaggcaga    502080
     gcccagggac gccccagcct gatggctgca tctgtgcatg tgcagcagct gctctggagc    502140
     tgaggggcag ctgctcatcc cttgtcgctc agggtccatg tgtgacaccc tcacttgggt    502200
     ccccagcagc tcctgaagct cccaccagga aattatcctg tctctagcat gtaggacttt    502260
     cagactgagt caggaaggac gaaaattgtc ccacctgagg atcccctgac aatgggaccg    502320
     agggagctga gtgttcctct gccttgagtc acaagggcag agctggacac aacctgaggc    502380
     ttgcagagta agagaccact cttacagggt cccagcctca ggcactttca gggaatcagc    502440
     atgttttaca aagagaacag tacagagaaa gtagaatctt ggcaagttct tcattcctat    502500
     gggatagata ttagttgcca attacttgtt tataattgga atgatctgat tcttgagaaa    502560
     caacactttt atccaagagg gaaagtttac cccaattatg ctataggatt ctgatcaaag    502620
     tagaaatcat tgattattct aatactgttt gagactgtga cagactcaga gggcatgagg    502680
     tgggctgtaa gctattttgg atcagattat gtagttgttt tttttttttt tttttttatc    502740
     actagtctca tttctcatcc agtctcttta tggtaaagct ttacaatgca gtcctctgcg    502800
     tagcacagtg tttcctgcag tcaggacacc agggctgctg ccctgtcact ctggaatgca    502860
     gctctcctac attagttttc ctcagtgcac ttctttctta tggagtccta atttttatac    502920
     agcatttaga acacatcgtg actgttgcag gagtgtccca cactttaaaa tgcattgcaa    502980
     agctaggaaa ccattgcact tggctatatc tttatgttcc tggttctttt tctactgcac    503040
     tgatctcact taaattattt cataggtgaa gacttctttt ttggtaatgc atatgagtgt    503100
     gagtctgtgt aaacatctgg tacccatgta caggttctga agaggaccaa agacagcatc    503160
     tgattccctg gacctggagt gacaggctgc tgtgagccac ctgatgtgga tgctagcaag    503220
     ggagctaagg cctctaggca aaaaaaatac ccttaactgc taagccatct ttgaggctcc    503280
     aataaaagct ctttagtttt tagaacatac aactgtttcc tgagttaaaa ttttggtttt    503340
     ttgtttttgt tttttgtttt ttgatttttt tttttttttt ttactgagat ttccaggctt    503400
     tgtacacagc tgaggcacat tctcttggga tgatggagtc ctctctttct catggttttc    503460
     taactccata caacccaagg gtcatctcag aatgtccccc tcccctcact gttctctacc    503520
     caatctctca gcgaggtctt gcatgggagg agcttcaggc tctgaaggct gggagggaac    503580
     tcagcagggt gtggccaggc agggttcctg ggtggagctg actagttgca gaagaaggag    503640
     gggacacttc aacagccacc ctgacaccac agcccaggga ctggttactt gcttctgtct    503700
     ccagcaacca cacaagcacc atgaagaggc tgctgagctc tctgctgggg cttctgtgca    503760
     cccaggtttg ctgtgagtct gggtgtccgc attcagggca cctgagagga tctgggtcag    503820
     cacatggagg ggtggggaga gcagctcagg agtcctgcag agctcccacc ttctcagagg    503880
     acatgggtgt gctcagggct ctgtggacac tgcagtgaca gccatctgtg tctctttctc    503940
     tgtttctaat caggggtgaa aggacagcaa gtgcagcaga gccctgcatc cttggttctg    504000
     caggaggggg agaacgcaga gctgcagtgt aacttttcca catctttgaa cagtatgcag    504060
     tggttttacc aacgtcctgg gggaagtctc gtcagcctgt tctacaatcc ttctgggaca    504120
     aagcagagtg ggagactgac atccactaca gtcatcaaag aacgtcgcag ctctttgcac    504180
     atttcctcct cccagacaac agactcaggc acttatctct gtgctatgga accacagtgc    504240
     tccccacaca cctgcagccc gcacacaaac cttcagctgg gtgggtgtgg ccctttgcag    504300
     tcacaagaca tcaggaagcc acaaagacta tctgtctggt ttaaatatac ctttcctgta    504360
     ttggtagagt tgtaacttca ggtgagcttt tgtccttgta gggtcaggac attggtcttt    504420
     atcttcattg ctccatgcac acaccctctc aaagcatgaa tgcctatgtt agaaccagca    504480
     gagaagctga tgggaggata gaatcaacat gatcatttaa gccacagagt gcagaactca    504540
     taaatgttga ggagaaaatg gaatgagagg caaaggcagg cttccaggta gaactgctgt    504600
     gggggtcagg gttagtgagg agaaatcaaa ctgaaactac agcaaaaaca ttgaaccgtg    504660
     taagatatag aatgcacaga tagctgcttg ctctcgtcgc ctttctgctg ctgggataaa    504720
     acactgagta aaagcaacct agaaggtgat cagatttatt tagctttcac ttccagatca    504780
     tagttcaaca ttggtgttaa ttaaggcagg aactcaaaca agagattcaa acagaaacca    504840
     tgcaggaagg ctgtcaataa ctcactcgca gaatcatccc taattagctt ccttacaacc    504900
     cagaaccact ttcccacaga acagtgtcac ccacagtgat tttttgaatc ttctaattca    504960
     ttattgaggg ttagctttca tttattaatt ttatgcatca ttactttgaa tttttttgag    505020
     tagagatctg aatatcttta agaaaatata ccagggagtt tgaaaaagta ctcaaaacat    505080
     attgttattt acacatattt caagtaactt taaatagaat atctaaaaag tgttcttaca    505140
     actcaataaa agcgaatgat tgactcctaa aatgagcaaa atgagcagac tctctaaatg    505200
     aacgtgtatg ggataaggac aaacacttag aatgcagtta gggattgtct gtttttgtac    505260
     agtggtggtt gtagggtctc catgacttta ctagaagatg gaagccattg cagaaaacca    505320
     caacaaatca aggtgcagtg cttcggagcc cagtaacaga agatgtgtct acagtacaac    505380
     ccctcctgct gctaaggctc aggaaacact gaagaagaca ggaggaaaga tggcaagagc    505440
     cagaggatca gggtgttgct gtgtaattgt gtctcctggg aattttggaa gctgcacaga    505500
     tgaagactca ccaacgtgag ctgaaatgca acagccacag acttgctaaa gtggatgggg    505560
     aaagcacagt ctctgttcta gacaatgacc tactggaaac caagaatgct gatggtgaga    505620
     tgagcacacc aactggttat ccaatactga ttggtcagta ctgacaacat agatcgaact    505680
     gattgtattt atttatttat ctagaaataa atatgtatat acatacatat ataacaatga    505740
     ttaatgaaag aagccataac ttttaaaacc agcaaggaga aatatatgga aggttttgga    505800
     cagatgacag ggaggatgga ttatgtgatt atgttataat ctcaaaaaaa aagaaatatt    505860
     ttagtgaaaa agaatgtttg tgacttaata atcaccatgt atacaagtgg tctaaataat    505920
     gggtcaaaaa agtataactc atgtcaaatg cagccatttg cttattatat aaaattctgt    505980
     tgcacgtagt gaacattctc agtttttcat tccttatgag tagcttctct cattttcaag    506040
     aaggaagtgg ctttaggcaa gatagaaaga tagagactca tgatggtaca tggagaaaag    506100
     gctggaaggg gaggaaagaa aaccatccta tagctgacct taacatagac aaaatctctc    506160
     tccatctcaa aaatattgtc cctagaaaaa tatttaatgc ctaaaggcct gggcctttaa    506220
     gctcagggaa ctgttgagtg aagaccttcc tatgtggcca caggagggca gtgctgcttc    506280
     agagcagctg aagactctgg ctcatcccac atacttctta gtaaactagg atttaaaatt    506340
     attatagaat tgttttctac attgcctaag tttaattaga gaggaaattc atacatctat    506400
     ctgttattta tctatatcac atctatttat tctgggccca taatgttgac aagtaggaat    506460
     ttgtaagtga acaccatgaa gatgtatgct atccttcaag gctagagcta tgtttcttct    506520
     caaatggaag ggtagcctgg gacttagaga cccaggaacc acacagttct gaagggataa    506580
     ggtatcccaa tggaaggaaa tccagataca tgggaatcca gaaatcacac atctctgagg    506640
     tgtgacagtg tcacaaggga agggcatact gggacatgag agctctggaa cagcacagct    506700
     ctgagaagaa gcctcctaag aagagccatt acagatgaca gggaagggca tctccaacct    506760
     cgatgaggag ctcaggagcc tcggctctgt tccactcctt tgcttcttcc cttttttcct    506820
     ttattgcttc ttggcttctt ctgatgagac agtcacacta ggcagcaaaa ttcagaaaag    506880
     agatttattg ggtccagggt gtggagggtc aaatccagga gtggctgcct ctgctctcaa    506940
     gagcagacat tggggaactg gacaaagggc agctcttata taggatttct taggggatag    507000
     agctttccag gacggagatt tccagattga aggttgttgg gattcaagtc atgaggttgc    507060
     ggagctcagg aattggtggt atttgtgctc aggaattggt gggtttttcc tgcctgagga    507120
     ttggtggctt ttttttaaac cccctttccc tgcatcaggc ccatgggatg ggttgggaag    507180
     ttcttcttag ccttagatgg ctttggctga ggttccatct ttgtatgttg ctcaatgagg    507240
     ttggaaaaga ggtgccgtta ctgtggacag cacctgtagg acagctactg tgatggtatt    507300
     tcaaggtcat agggtgaggc aggagagaag atatgccatt gtggacagct ccttgagagc    507360
     tgtagctgag tggttatagt acagccattt ttgacagctc ttataggggc atcttatggt    507420
     ggttgtagac ttgggctgct cttaactaca tttggccagc ccagagggcc atgttctttt    507480
     gactcctaac ccatggcagc ttgtccttcc ttttcctgta ctcttcttcc tcctcatggt    507540
     ccttctctga tcccaagtat gtgaaaccta aatcccacct atgccttttc tgctcagata    507600
     ttggctgttg gcatctttat ttaacaatca aaaataactt ggagggtcac tcagcatcta    507660
     tatacagact ctttcatctc aggggcaacc agtcttggga gccccaaatt aacattagaa    507720
     tacaagcatc aggccaatcc actacatttc cccccttttg ttcaattaat aaggctcttt    507780
     ctcttatagt gacaaacaat acatagtagg ggctttttta aaacaatcat gaaaattatt    507840
     aggtatgaat tacatttaaa agtccaatct atatttttta acatatatga ggttcttaac    507900
     catgtactct atctcaataa gtctaatatt ctgtacccaa attctcttct cttttaactt    507960
     gtatcactat cctaaaacca tcttttcaaa tctagaacac tttctttcaa gctaatcaac    508020
     ttaagttcaa ctatgagact ctaactagtc ttcaattcca tcagagattt gagaaggaat    508080
     aaaatactac ctgagtatgc aggaagaata aagacaaacc ttgcaaaact atagaaatga    508140
     gagagacagg tgaacacctg gacagtaccc aacattcctt ataacattgg agcatctatc    508200
     tttaaccttc tggtccagaa tatctgacag acctttaagt gaagcaggaa ttatgaagga    508260
     ctaacttacc ctgtcttgga agagcttaat agtcgacaat cttatgtcca tttgtccttt    508320
     tttggtcagc cttttgtctg tagatgaagt tagggtattt ccaccctcta cctccagtgg    508380
     ctagcttgcc acaatctaag caactccaca tggaagtatt gatgctcacc accttccttg    508440
     aagtgaaatg ggggtactgt caggagcaga catgtctcgt agtcaaaaga tcttttaata    508500
     atgaaataac attaaatgcc atattctgtg gatctctggt gcttttgaag accatctatc    508560
     tataaataac ataactggat catcaaacat tgattatttt tagctattta ttacttgaaa    508620
     acattttatt gtaattaact aaattataac ctgatatgag catgagtttg actattttat    508680
     tattaacttg cattatttaa ttattttaaa gtttggaata gcaactatta aaagaactac    508740
     atctaagcct tgtattctta aataagttgc ataggcacaa tacctatcta agagtaacaa    508800
     aattaatttt aaattttgta tcaatataca aagatttata ccaatgaaaa tcttaaatct    508860
     gtatcaatat ccaaaactct gtatcattgt aacagaatgt aatttcaatt ttgctttaaa    508920
     atataaagat ctctaccaaa gtaagattat gactataaaa tgcttggttt aagagtaaaa    508980
     ttaattatct aggttcatct gtctaatttc ttatattact atatttctct ttattctttt    509040
     caacccctat ctctttacat aagaaagaaa gaatgataaa ggagagaaaa gaaagtataa    509100
     aaaccctcaa atcatacctc tctatttagt ttcctcccag tccagaactt taattatttg    509160
     taaattatcc tttttttaaa ttaggtattt tcctcgttta catttccaat gctatcccaa    509220
     aagtccccca tacccacccc acccccaatc ccctacccac ccactccccc tttttggccc    509280
     tggcgttccc ctgtactggg gcatataaag tttgcaagtc caaagggcct ctctttccag    509340
     tgatggctga ctaggccatc ttttgataca tatgcagcta gagacaagag ctccaggtta    509400
     ctggttagtt catattgttg ttccacctat agggttgcag ttccctttag ctccttgggt    509460
     actttctata gctcctccat tgggggccat gtgagccatc caatagctga ctgtgagcat    509520
     ccacttctgt gtttgctagg ccccggcaca gtctcacaag agacagctat atctgggtcc    509580
     tttcagcaaa atcttgctag tgtatgcaat ggtgtcagcg tttggaagct gattatggga    509640
     tggatccgtg gatatggcaa tcactagatg gtccatcctt tcgtcacagc tctgaatttt    509700
     gtctctgtaa ctccttccat gggtgttttg ttcccatttc taagaagggg caaagtgtcc    509760
     atactttggt cttcgttctt cttgagtttc atgcatttag gaaattgtat cttatatctt    509820
     gggtatccta agtttctggg ctaatatcca cttatcagtt agtacatatt gtgcgagtta    509880
     ttttgtgatt gggttacctc actcaggatg atgccctcca ggtccatcca tttgcctagg    509940
     aattatatat aaagaactca agaaggtgga ctccagaaaa tcaaatatcc ccattaaaaa    510000
     atggggctca gagctgaaca aagatttctc acctgaggaa taccgaatgg cagagaagca    510060
     cctgaaaaaa tgttcaacat ccttaatcat cagggaaatg caaatcaaaa caaccctgag    510120
     attccacctc acaccagtca gaatggctaa gataaaaaat tcaggtgaca gcagatgctg    510180
     gcaaggatgt ggagaaagag gaacactcct ccattgttgg tgggattgca agcttgtaca    510240
     accactctgg aaatcagtct ggcggttcct cagaaaattg gacatagtac tatcggagga    510300
     tccagcaata cctctcctgg gcatatatcc agaagatgtc ccaaccggta agaaggacac    510360
     atgctccact atgtgcatag cagccttatt tataatagcc agaagctgga aagaacccag    510420
     atgcctctca acagaggaat ggatacagaa aatgtggtac atttacacaa cggagtacta    510480
     ctcagctatt aaaaagaatg aatttatgaa attatctttt ttttaaagat tatttactaa    510540
     tttattatgt gtaagtacac tgtagctgtc ttcagatgat ccagaagagg gcgtcgtcag    510600
     atctcgttac agccaccatg gggttgctgg gatttgaact caggacctat gaaacctgtg    510660
     ttttattgga acaattgatc ttgattagct gtggctgaag aatcagcttt aatgaattag    510720
     attaactgaa gtcaatcttc tgggaattat ctcctaagtt tccacacata gaaactatgg    510780
     tctgggaggt cagggtttca cttcaatctg taatcccaac gtggcaatgt gtaagagtct    510840
     cacatatgat acaggttttg cagagtggaa gctgcaagac tgaagggaaa tgggaagaag    510900
     ataagggtag gcaccaggga tttgctttgt ttgatttaag agtgccctga ttcttaccag    510960
     ttggattaag aagtttctaa tttattttgg attttatagg aacccagtgg tagaagactt    511020
     taaatgttaa agtctttgaa atttttaaaa gacagatatt tatattttat aattttttta    511080
     tgttgtgttc caaaaatgag atcttggaga atcaagaagt aaataaagat taaggttaaa    511140
     taatactgtt tttatgtgtc gggctgacaa gtggtaagct gtgatgatta atttttatca    511200
     acttgacaca aactagagac acccagggaa agggagcctc aatcaaacaa ttttatttgt    511260
     cttactggtt tggaggcaca tctgtggaca tattcttcat taattttcga tgtgggaagg    511320
     cttggcccac tgtggacatt gccacccctg cacaggaagt cctgtgttgt ataaagtaaa    511380
     ataagatgag caagccaggg ggagcaaggc agtgagcagc tttcatccct ctgtttcctg    511440
     ccactattcc agcttgaatt cctgacttga ctttcttgtg aggtggacaa tgattataat    511500
     ataaacggaa caaattttaa ttccctctct cagtagcttc tggccattat atttatctta    511560
     ctcatagata gaaaatttac tcaaacacca aacaaggtaa cccattcctg ccactgtctg    511620
     tttgttcact agcttgtgga gtctggtagg cctattcatg ccccatatat aataactcaa    511680
     ttgtaagttg ttttatgtac acgcgcacgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    511740
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtaaac ttctagaatg gagaaaaatt catcctttct taatcataaa    511800
     tatcctaatt attagcatac attaattgta caggctagta ggtttgtggt aacagtttat    511860
     tatatgtatt tgtagtgatt tccacatatt caccatgccc tccctttctg ctgtactcta    511920
     ctctcatcct ccaagtgacc cctcctcctt actcatttgt ctaacttcca ttttcagatc    511980
     atcttttctt tcctttcccc ttctttcatt ttctttttgt ttttatgctt gagaacacat    512040
     atgtgttgta ggcctctaca cgtctgcttt gttttgcttt taacatcatg tccctcaata    512100
     acattcactt ttctacacat ggcctaagtt cctatttcct tctggctgag tattactctg    512160
     ttgtttcaga tgtaatgttt tgctcattca ttgtctgact aggttacatc ttagcaacag    512220
     tgaatggtgc aataataaac atacatacac acgtatgtgt ttatatgctg acttttatat    512280
     ggtgatctca attcccctaa atggtattag attagctgga tcattggtcc tccttttctt    512340
     ccttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttcctccc tccctccctc    512400
     cctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctttc tttctttcat tcattcagag    512460
     aatccatact gctatacttg gtggctatat caaaacaaaa ttttaccaac aatatgtgat    512520
     ggcagaatta taatgacagg gtttctgatt ctcaggactc tgctttcagc aatactaagt    512580
     ttgaacagaa caggaagtgc ttcctatgtc agaaagagct tcagacgaag catctgtgaa    512640
     gggtggagcc tgctcaaaga gctgaggtgc ctgtgaagtt ggagtcagtg ttttgtggga    512700
     gacaaaaggt cacctgagtt tcccccaagc ttcagtctag gaggaatgga caagattctg    512760
     acagcatcat ttttactcct aggccttcac ctagctggtg agtcatgaag gagaaacctg    512820
     agaatgtggg attaatgtgg aggcatgaga gacttggggc accaggcaag tcatgttatc    512880
     taagcaggaa gtacattcct gggaacctaa caacagttgc tatttctcta cacaggggtg    512940
     aatggccagc agaaggagaa acatgaccag cagcaggtga gacaaagtcc ccaatctctg    513000
     acagtctggg aaggaggaac cacagttctg acctgcagtt atgaggacag cacttttaac    513060
     tacttcccat gctaccaaca gttccctggg gaaggccctg cacttctgat atccatactt    513120
     tcagtgtccg ataaaaagga agatggacga ttcacaatct tcttcaataa aagggagaaa    513180
     aagctctcct tgcacatcat agactctcag cctggagact cagccaccta cttctgtgca    513240
     gcaagtgcac agtgctctcc aggcacctgt agcccatacc caaacctgca gctgaggctc    513300
     cagcaaagcc ctgctttggg ctgagcctag cagagataca gggggagttt tcatttctag    513360
     gaacagtgga tataggggtt agactcattc aggttagtga cagtacaagg taaagtaatg    513420
     gcttgctttc ctccagtctc cttgttcctc aaaaccagct ggacttctag ttgtgtttaa    513480
     ctagtttaaa tgaattgctc ttctgagtgg ttgcactgtg tggttctctg tgtggttggt    513540
     ttgtaccagc tataaattat aaaggcccca tctacctact ctcttgtcaa caacctcctc    513600
     tcttacaacc cagggtcagg agatcttgac tttggcttct caggtagaaa tcacatagaa    513660
     ttttctttta tcttaatttc ctctgatgac caaggaagtg gtgatttaca tgaccactga    513720
     cttcttctac ttcctattgt tttgcctctc aaatctacat ctaccttcaa gaaattcatg    513780
     taaaccagga ggccttcaca aggatgcaga tgtgtttaca gcacaaatga catcatcgag    513840
     gaaagaagaa tttaatttac ttatataatg aaaatacaaa accttcacta gaaaaatgac    513900
     ttcatatttg tatattattg atgaacaaaa tacaattttg aatgtaaatt tttttcaaat    513960
     aaaatcagct atagtcttta tggctatgca cagaacaaca aaaggacctc ttattttctt    514020
     cttccttagt gggctttaag tccaatcaga gatgtgttgg ttaccatcaa gttatgagtg    514080
     ccatctgaaa accatcctct caaatctgtt cctctcaaag taataacctg ggttggctag    514140
     gagaccatgt agtttttcag ccctatcaga aatccaagaa caactgatat taactgaaaa    514200
     tatataggaa gcccaagaca gcttccaaaa cttagccaat ttatagagac cgctgatcac    514260
     ctggacagcc ccttacttca acatgttgga gcatcagtct tcagccttct ggcccacgaa    514320
     catctgacag agttagagaa acaggatatt aaggactagc ctactctgtc ttggcacaat    514380
     caagcttctt tctttggaca gtactatgtc tgtagatgaa atgaggcaag tcttgcctag    514440
     tggctgtctc aacacaacag gaacaactca tagatgctct atttcttctt tgaatccaag    514500
     acagggaaag ttgtcaggat cagacttgtt ttaacaacaa gtgaatacat gacattctgt    514560
     gaatttctca tgttttttga aaaccaacta tctatgtaaa ttaatacgaa ctattgtcca    514620
     ttaactactc tcagctattt ctaactaaaa tcttgaaaac accctaacaa taaactcaga    514680
     gtcatgaatt tactatttgg ccctaaactc agtcttaaac atctcagatc agattaagat    514740
     aacagctata taaggacttt gtctaatcct gtgacataat gagacactag gcatatgatt    514800
     tgcctcttga caaaattgtg cttggacata agaattattg ttttaaactc ttaatgaacc    514860
     tgttagttag tgacagataa tggatgttta attagataac tagtcttaat ggaaacacat    514920
     gtaaatatct ctgtcagtta ttcttattca atttgtgatt tgaatttatg tttgaattta    514980
     tgaatttttg aaaataagag gattaggata ccatgggatc acatatcctg caaatttaca    515040
     agaactggga atgatagcaa taagagaaga agcagaggag aagcagaaga gaagcagagc    515100
     agagcagagc agagcagagc agagcagagc agagcagagc agagcagagc agagcagagc    515160
     tgggcatcag gacacagcag cgtgagcagg gtgagcacag agaagacagg gttcttctta    515220
     ccatgagaca ggtgtttttc cttaacagca agtttcttct cactgacaag gacagggctt    515280
     tttcacactc aaaagaaagt ttttttcttt ctgtaagcaa taaaggttga agcttatttt    515340
     tcatccagaa tgagtgagtt ctttcaagtc aaactggcac ttgctctatg gagcttattc    515400
     gtggggcttt tgctctgtcc actaaataga tacatgcaca tttaaggata ggtgtgtgca    515460
     tgtaagtatg catgaataca tgtggacttg atgacacaag tgatcaggcc cgacctgttt    515520
     ggtcatgtat gaatgcatgt atgaatgtgt atacatgtct atgtaaaaaa cttctttctg    515580
     tgaacatgac ttcttttcct gacccaacta aaagctaatt gttccaaacc tccctctagc    515640
     ctgactacca agtagctggg cttccaggta agagagaaaa gaacaaaggg cattttttac    515700
     ttaatcctcc actgctagac agcatatatt aattgccaga ggattataaa atacgtttat    515760
     aaagtaagag ttaagttttc taacatttgt ttaagcacag agaattataa agtataaagt    515820
     tagagctaag ttttccagca cttatgcaag aacagagaat tataaagtaa ataataaagt    515880
     attaagattc ctcagtgctt aatcaagcac agaacaataa taaagattta agtttttatc    515940
     acagaataat aagacagagt taagtctcca gcacctaatg aagcacagaa cagtaagaaa    516000
     ctgtttagtg tcctgcaagg ccagggacca ccagtctttt ggtcggcatc caatgctatg    516060
     ttccactcaa cccattccag ctggggcagg ccctccacat ttattttctc tcctctcttt    516120
     ctttattgac ctacctcccc acttctaaat taagtgcacc attatcccta ttttcctgaa    516180
     tgactgattt gtttttatga ttccttaaat attaagcttt attgttttta aaagatttta    516240
     tttttgtttg tgtatgtatg agtatacaca gacttgtgta taggtacaca tgtgtgcatg    516300
     tgaaggccag taggttgtgt ccaatccatc aaagctggag ttgcaggttt tgcaggacac    516360
     tggcttgtca aatgggtcct gggtactgag agtgctgcct ttatcattag cagcaagtgc    516420
     ttttccctgt tgagctatct cttcaccaac cttaagcttt attttcacta ggaagtattg    516480
     tctgtcaata aatcacaagg aaagacaaag cagcatttag aatgagactg attgtccagc    516540
     ccaggactca aacccaataa tgtactctaa agtcacattg cagaggctgt ggctatgtgg    516600
     caggagagca tccacctgct ctgtggagaa ggagagcagg ggcagagctg tgccaccctg    516660
     agctccccag gctgctgtgg ctcccatggt ctcctgctaa ctacagagac tgcagtccag    516720
     agcatgtgct ctcagctctc agcagtgaaa cggacagagg aatatatccc agataccaga    516780
     caatagtccc tgatgtactt gattataggt catttgatct catagagaga catggagctc    516840
     tttcagaaac cttgtttgta ttttctcttt tgattccctt ttgagttatt tcatccattg    516900
     ggatagcaag tgaaagatta tgaactacat actaaatgac aataaaaatc caaccaccaa    516960
     tttacatggc tttaacatcg ccataagtgc aggttatttg catcatgcac atgtaataga    517020
     cttgaatcag agagagacat ggaaagatta tcaatgacca ttgtgtaaac taaaatgaaa    517080
     cagaattcaa caagtgataa ttgggggaaa tggtagaaac tttcaggaca tgtaatatgc    517140
     agagttctct atgtaagtac aagaaccatc ttctgaatgc atcctaatgt tagactttta    517200
     aaagttaatc catgtttgta aaaatggggt ttttagttat tgtcctttat ctctgtttgt    517260
     gtctctgtct gtctatctct gtgtctctgt tctgtgtccc tgtgtcttct gtttgtctgt    517320
     ctgtctcgtc cctgtctctg tctctgtctc tgtctgtctc tgtctctctc tttctctctc    517380
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    517440
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgaacc agtgctcatg gttaacattt gctatcttct    517500
     attgctgtcc acctctttat ttggtgtagg gatagacact cactgaacct gaatgtcacc    517560
     aactcaacta tactgactga cttgtgaaac ccttgaatat ttctgccttt gcttcccata    517620
     tctggaattg caggtgccct ctaccacatc tagattctca tgtggccact ggtgatccac    517680
     acgtaggttt tcatggtcaa cagaagggaa ctgacacaat gagtatcttc tagacctcca    517740
     aagactatta ttttattcct gttacaatgt tatataacgt aagcagacag ggatcttctg    517800
     gaattctaat ggactgccct ttactacaca gtttagaact acctttgtta attgcagaat    517860
     ttaaataaac cctatcactc tttaagggaa gaagactatt ttagatcctg atgtttcctg    517920
     ggggagatgc atggactttg aggacttttt ctttgttaac ctttagtagc aaattgatgt    517980
     agagaagaaa acatctgata atgacctgta agtacattac ttatctcata tggttcatga    518040
     tgaatttaac ttggggtcct aacattatcc cactgaataa tacccatgtg ggtaaagcag    518100
     ctacctcctc agcatggatt ttcccatgct cccttctaag tgctgcctcc tttatctaac    518160
     aaggaagaca aggaagtaag taagaggctg tggtaagctc taccttttct ctctcttcat    518220
     agaacttgtg gcctatgacc ttagaaaacc ccatttcctg tttggggtgc tacataagaa    518280
     tgtaggcagt acacgtggca ggcacttaga cacggatctc tgagctgagg cagagcagac    518340
     acactcatgc agaggacagt gtgtcacatg cctcctcaca gcctgctctg tgtgctggtg    518400
     gccttggcta tctctggtat gaatgcatca tgaataacta aagatataaa caggaagcat    518460
     tgacaagcat atgacagttc ctacagacat gatggggaag agggaatgga gagaagccag    518520
     cacaatgtgt atttagtcag gtttgtcttt gggttttaaa atgcccaatt ccaaaagtgt    518580
     tttgttcaca ctgtcacagg ctaagctttt aattcttcct tttgattgct ctgcaggatc    518640
     taatgtggcc cagaaagtga ttcaggtctg gtcaacagca agcaggcagg agggcgaaga    518700
     actcaccctg gactgttcat atgagacaag tcaggtctta taccatcttt tctggtacaa    518760
     gcaccttctt agtggagaga tggttttcct tattcgacaa atgtcttctt ctactgcaaa    518820
     agagaggagc ggccgctatt ctgtagtctt ccagaaatca ctcaaatcca tcagccttgt    518880
     catttcagcc ttacaaccag acgattcggg aaagtatttc tgtgctctct gggagctagc    518940
     acagtgtttg aagtgacagc acaagctgaa caaaaactgg ggctccttaa gcagagcccc    519000
     tccctgctaa gggagggagc ccagctgaga aacacacctg cacatcctga acaagaaggt    519060
     cccagctgtg gatgctgcct ctgtggtctg catcagaact gtgtttctaa gtaaaacctc    519120
     agtccatgca attcagaaac aattatggta agctgctttc tataatacgt tgtcttgaaa    519180
     cagttaaaaa tagatcacag agaccatgtg tagtattttc tacagttgga aatcttgcac    519240
     cacaataata taaagtatca gtttctcttt gagttgggaa taacatacct cagatgagtt    519300
     atctggaata gcaaaaatag cttcctggta aaagtcacac tcagagaaaa aagatccagc    519360
     aagtgaagta gtcagagaca gattataagg agttcactcc atgaaattgc tggtggtgac    519420
     caggttatcc ccacaaaact ttgtctttgc atctgggact gagcctgaag tgctgaaggt    519480
     cagtttgacc agccactagg aaggccagct gcataaagtc atctcgtgta ctgagatttg    519540
     tgaaaataca gtgactcaga atgcaattgg tatctagaag aacaaaactt tcttacctcc    519600
     aaattccata tgtgcttgtg gcaggagtgg agggttggga tgggaggaaa gggatgggac    519660
     ttcagaagaa gctgtgtcac ttaccaatgt gctacacata tacttgaatc actatgaata    519720
     tatgctattg gaagtatggg ttaaggagtc aataataaag tcatcaggga ctaattgaca    519780
     tcatatgtac cttgggcctg aatcctcaga agtgagcaaa acataaacat caaacctgtt    519840
     tctcaagtca tctacagttg ccttttccaa catccaccat ctaacctgag caacatggga    519900
     agtaaatttt ggaaaatgtg ttttcagttg tgttttaaag atttattttt taatatcatt    519960
     tatgtaattg ttttggctgt gtctgtgtga actgtgtgct ctggtgttca tggaggccag    520020
     aagaggacat tagagtccct taaagtggag ttattgaaag gtatgtgtta acagatgggt    520080
     gctaggcaca ggatatgggt cttccgcaag agcagcaagt actcttatcc actgagtcaa    520140
     ccctccttcc cctattttca ggtaattcaa gttgagacta cagagctacc acaggatgtc    520200
     tggataaaca gtcagatagc atgtgggttt ctgggacaac atggaaaaac agttaaagta    520260
     aaagcaccat atgccattta agagaaagaa ctaaagcaaa cagaaggggg ctcagattgt    520320
     cctttcttca catagaacca gccaggcaaa agagctgcag cacactgtct ctgccagtca    520380
     gttcttgctg tagttggcag tgagtgtcca tctgtatggg gtctgagaga accacagaga    520440
     gaaaattcaa ctgtgctaat gtattcttta tctctgcttc agttcctgcc tccaggttcc    520500
     tgccctaagt tctgacttca ctcctcaata atgaactgtg tgatagaagt agcatctgaa    520560
     ataatctctt tcttatccaa attggttttt gttagtgttt cattataaca accaaaacaa    520620
     tccaaacagc gacgatgacg acagcagcag cagtaacaac aacaacaaaa acaaaatgtc    520680
     tgacagaaaa gtggtctttg tcacagaaat cctcctcctg ataacttggt tcaatgcatg    520740
     agactagcag acctttctac ctgtggaaac tgatatacaa tccacccaat cagagagacc    520800
     atgtcatact gaagaggaag aaataatgac tctgcatgat accttctact tcatgctatt    520860
     ggatatttta aagttttaaa cttaatgtta ttacataatt atatatgtat gtgtatacac    520920
     atatatgtgt ttatgtatgt atgtactttg attgtattcc ctccattatc ctgactatcc    520980
     tccctgtcca cacaagtccc atcttctttc aacagttttt atttatgttt tatatttatg    521040
     tccttcactt atggcacact gcaattaatt aggagttctt ctactagggt ggatgtgagt    521100
     gagggagtca ttggaggaaa gataaatacc ttatctgtgc ctatagcatg gaggaatatg    521160
     gctttccctt ccccagcaag caccagcaga atgttgctcc tcatatagag ttagagcctc    521220
     acggcaatta tagaatactg aaaggtccag tcttgcacat gtatccatgg cttttgtgaa    521280
     tcatgaattc ctcatatatg tccttcccag aggactgcac agtaattatt agtatgtata    521340
     gttttatatt ttgttatgtt gttgtcttca atttaatctt atttgtaacc tcctccagcc    521400
     tgaagcaggc tggttcagac cttatgccac tgaggcaggg ccacctgggg tgcagctcct    521460
     tctactcagc cagtttcctt tgatatgaca ctgcctacca cctgctgaga ggccaaaccg    521520
     gtcctctgag attttccaga gttaactgca acctgtaaat ttggcgactt actgctgaaa    521580
     ggctgtgcta acaacttggc atcacatcaa gaaacttggc atggcagact tttattaaac    521640
     atttgagctt tgatcatgaa tcttgactta gctccatttt tctcccgact gcctagttcc    521700
     cctctctttt cagtccagtt ttgcctccca ggtgtacccc gtttcttgtg agccggaggt    521760
     cagcttccaa cagtctggcg tccaaacgtg ggacctgagg aatggcagaa aaatgctgga    521820
     agaacgctgc ttggtatgga gctccacggg aagaaaaagg aaagaatcgt atggggtgca    521880
     tggtgagcaa cagataaagt gttgctggag gtgcggaaag atacgggcta agtttggaat    521940
     cagtgctaac ccaatgctgg tttccactta ggttcagcag cgaattattc agaattagga    522000
     actgatcagg cggttgtctg cagcttttaa aagctgcttt aggcaagagg aaaaaaggtt    522060
     taaattaaat aatcaggcag atgtcagcag ccaggagcta catcaggcag cagaaacagg    522120
     gtttgtaata ataaaataat atagaggaaa atggattttg aaactctccc agaggcagag    522180
     aaaaatttgg gggacaccct gcctttttct ctctggcccc tacagcagaa gttatctgcc    522240
     ctctttgtgt tgtctaatgt ctagtctaat gtctgatgca cggtccgttc atgtgtcaat    522300
     ccatatgtgt ttgtgtctag ttgtctgaat gactgaatgt tctgtgtttc atgttggaaa    522360
     ataaagatgg ttaaaacttt atctgctggt tcagcaagag attggctcac actttggctg    522420
     agaatcaagc acagcaggag ggctcttgct ggaaaaacag ttttttgaga aagggagttt    522480
     gcaacctctt agttttaagg caaacaggct ggtagttgtt ccttcctaag aaaattctct    522540
     gcaatcgtga ttattgcgtt tagctaatga caaggtgctt ttagtcttat aattatagct    522600
     agaaaatttt gaaattcttt gattggtcta aatttattag actcctgtag ccgcttcatt    522660
     tggtttttta ctggtcttag aggtgtaata tgttctgtgt gtcttcatca caagagtatt    522720
     agcttataag ttattgggta tgatcaaaaa ggtgtaacac tggttactag aaagttatct    522780
     ttaaattggt aactcaggtt tggagtcttt caaacacgtg gcataatgca ggccaaaaaa    522840
     ctaggcctcc taaggatact tctagttgag ataatattta atgtgattct tatcctagaa    522900
     agtagaatta aagataagat ttaaagcaat gtctctttaa tgaagcatta agacttgcag    522960
     tgtcatgcat tcataggtat aaattggcag tcaaatttca caatgtgata gtgaagtttt    523020
     gatgtttatt ctaaggtgat aaattgtttt gaaattgggt tttgctttcc caaggttgta    523080
     gttatagtct aatattgcaa aagaaactta aaaattctga aatctgtcct cacagcaaga    523140
     ggaactaagc tcagagcagc ctctgcagag cttgtgtgac tttcttttct cttgcaaaca    523200
     gtgtctaagg aagctctaga aacttgcttc tccttgcctt caggaaaatt ccttttagct    523260
     aaaagagcac tgttgtagat ctatccagat gttattctaa ataaagttta agttctaatt    523320
     ttataaaagg tcaatcaggc tgtagaattt atcaggacat tgcgatttga cttgcctact    523380
     tcatgtaaag ttattataga tttaagagtt tgttttttcc tttgcatccg gaaaattgta    523440
     aaaagtttgc ttctagtgag cttgtaatca ctggaatttt ttgcctctag gtatggctta    523500
     tatagcctta cctcatgtaa gaaaagttct tagtgtctct gcttcaatac aagaagataa    523560
     gagtttgaat ctttcagtgt atattgtttc ctaagtggaa agtattttat tagctaatgc    523620
     ctctcaaggg aagtttaatt taaatccttg ctctcacaaa aggagctttt aagttctgag    523680
     gagtagctgt tgctccagaa aagattcaga ggcaatatct ttttaatact tagggtttta    523740
     gttatactat aaaattgtgg tacaaaaaaa aatctaagaa tgaaaaattg atttgcttca    523800
     aaattttatt ttcaaaagct tccaggagat gtaaattggc taagacctca ctttaaactc    523860
     accacaggag aacttaagcc tttgttaggt gctattaagt gagacacaaa ttaactggca    523920
     aagaacaaaa ggctttgcag aaaataaaga aagcttttat agttgttatc aattataatc    523980
     aatggtaatt aaatattagc tgcctatttt agctaatggt tctaaaatgt gcccactgca    524040
     attctttgac agagatcttc actacagcca ggtatagcag gctgcattgc atatttgagg    524100
     caagttggtg aattcttctg acaaatggag attctccaca gatacttaaa agttacactc    524160
     atacaggaat ttatcaaagc ctaggaaaga gggaggttgt ggtattgcat tattcctgag    524220
     aaggtctgct agtgcagaac cccctggtgc tagctttcac aaggctcaaa agggtagcac    524280
     aaattgtgac tagggtgtga aatccatagc tatcattaag ctgaccctaa gcagagcttc    524340
     tttatcttta ctgtaaacat ttacctggtt cctgtaagtc cttttgaagt cattcctttg    524400
     ttttgtgtca ggtaatggca atgtaccttg cctgctgtga gatcctacca tctttatttt    524460
     ctgtattctc tgacaaaaga aaacattgtt gtaaaatcag ccttcttcac ctcaaagcaa    524520
     agttttaaca tcctattaag gctgctgtgg tgctactaga gaattgtaag ataaatttgt    524580
     atattttaga acacctataa caaaaattgt gtcttaagaa cctgaaaaag tgtctgtttc    524640
     ttgttccaaa cagcaattaa tttggttatt acagaatatt aatatttgat ctattgcata    524700
     ccatcatttt aaataaaatg gacaatcatt atcccaaaga taagttaaaa attgttttta    524760
     tgcatgcttt tgtatcttct ataaattcat gcatgcatgc atcctgatta ctgtgtttaa    524820
     aaacagccct tttatgggag aaaagtatat gtgaattgga tcacccactt attcttttga    524880
     gtttcctcct gcttcagcac agataattaa attgtgtgct gtagatggtg ttttaaaata    524940
     acattgaata gccgggcgtg gtggcgcatg cctttaatcc cagcactcgt gaggcagagg    525000
     caggcggatt tctgagttca aggccagcct ggtctacaac gtgagctcca ggacagccag    525060
     ggctacacag aaaaaccctg tctcgaaaaa acaaaaaaca aaaaaataaa ataaaatgtt    525120
     gaataatcaa gctttaattt gtatatttat caatatatat ttcagggctt acaattgctt    525180
     aaaattgttc atccctcaga tgctattaat tctcaagttt gtaattgctt atgtaactct    525240
     taagaaaaaa tgctgttcct ttaagaagac tgtttttgga cagttaagaa tttgtcccgg    525300
     gttgcctgga aaagaccccc aggatttgct tttgtgttat agagatttac aaaaaggtct    525360
     agctgataac ggattacaga tagctcctga aaagatataa actcaggatc cttatacttt    525420
     ttgggtttta gacttactaa tcaaactgtt tttcagaaca tagttattcg cagagacaac    525480
     ttaaggactc tgaatgattt tcaaaaattg ttaggtgata ttaattggct tcacccctat    525540
     ttaaagctta ctacagggga gttgaaacct ttatttgata ttcttaaagg gagttctgat    525600
     cctagccccc cacccccaga tctttagcct cagaaggatt gctggcctta caacaagtgg    525660
     aaaaagctat tgaagagcaa tttgtcactt atatagatta ctctttgcct ttacatctgt    525720
     taatttttaa tatgattcat atgcctacag gattgttatg gcaaaagtct cctctaatgt    525780
     gaatacattc taggatttct cctagatgta atatcttgcc ataatatgaa gcagtagctc    525840
     agatgattat acttggaagg aagcaggtac taacttattt tggcaaagag ccagatatca    525900
     ttgttcagtc ttacagtgta ggtcaagata cttggttgaa acagcacaat acagatgggt    525960
     tgcttgccta aatagggttt aaagtaacta tagacagcca ctaccctcaa gataggttga    526020
     taaaattttt aatgtatatg aggtgatatt tcctaatatg accaaccctt acacaatgct    526080
     gttctggtgt ttactgatgg ctcctctaaa gggcgagctg gatatattat aaataatcaa    526140
     caggtaatca taaaaactcc tggcctctta gctcaattag cagaattaag agcaatactg    526200
     aatgtctttc agtctgtgaa ttaggctttt aatattttta ctgataattt atatgttaca    526260
     taatcggtac ccttattgga aacctctggt atgtttaact ttaataagcc agcaagatcc    526320
     ttgttttcac aattgcaaaa cataattttt gccccaaaac acccattcta tattggccac    526380
     atatgatctc attctggtct tcctggacct ttagctgaag gcaatgattg catcacagag    526440
     ttctaatagg agaagcctta atttcggatc ctgttgcttt ggcaaaacgt gatcatgaaa    526500
     agtttcatcc ctctagccat accttaaggc tctgacataa gatcactaag gagcaggcaa    526560
     gaatgattgt aaaacaatgt cgtaaatgta ttacattatc tccagtgcca catttaggag    526620
     ttaatccatg aggtcttgta cctgatcata tttggcaaat gaatgtaact cattatgcag    526680
     aatttggaaa atttaaatat attcatagtt gtattgacac ttgttcagga tttctttttg    526740
     cttctctaca tactggagag gcctctagaa atgtaattgg tcattgcctc caagccttta    526800
     atgccatggg attgcccaaa ctcattaaga cagacaacag gccatcctat tctagcaaaa    526860
     attttacttc attttgtaag gattttggta tcaaacataa aaccggaatt ctttataacc    526920
     ccatgggaca agaattagtt gaatgtgctc atcgcactta aaaaaaatgg cttttaaaaa    526980
     caaaacaggg acagttatat cccccaaggt caccaaaggc acatcttgct tttactttat    527040
     ttgttctaaa tttttttcaa actgatgtta aagttcagtc tgcagtggat cgccactggc    527100
     atccagttac ttctagttct tatgccatgg taaagtggtg ggacccatta actaatgaat    527160
     ggaatggtct aggcccggtt ctaatctggg gaagggactc ggtctgtgtt ttttcaaaaa    527220
     aagaagacag agtgtgatgg ctgcctgaga gattagtttg tcaactggac acagtgaatc    527280
     ttctagtaag tatgactcta accttgatta tggctaaaag tcctctttag ccaaaaagtt    527340
     aatttggggc acagcctcca ctcccagaaa agctgcagcc tttctgtaat tctcaaagtc    527400
     acctccccca caccaggagc tcaaagtcta agcttttgta ctgttgcttt tcactgtctc    527460
     aactttgttt ttcaagcagg ttagtcaatg cccttcagcc tgactgcagc aggtgtgcag    527520
     cctcacctcc aacagcacag gtggcagtta ttaatcttca tcaagaagca ttctaagtac    527580
     atattgtggc tttggtctaa attgggtata aggtgtgcta atgagggccg gacagtcaaa    527640
     gacgggcatc cagatcttgg aaccatacca atctaagaca gaggtacatg ccaaaaggcc    527700
     atggctgtta ataacacacc acagagccat gttttgtgtg aaatataaca caaactagct    527760
     gcacttagcc tccaagacag aattggatgg ttcgggaaga tctaaggttt cctaagacag    527820
     gtgcagttgc cagccaactt aactcccagg taggactata gagcataaat aaattttatg    527880
     cctcagtcca gcttttttaa aaatattaat tacagggggg aaatgtaacc tcttccagcc    527940
     taaagcaggc tggttcagac cttatgccac tgaagcaggg ccacctgcgg tgcagtgcag    528000
     cttctccaac ttagctagtt ttctttgatg agaccctgct actacctgcc gagaggccaa    528060
     acaggtcctc tgagattttc tggagttgac tgcaacctgt aaatttggtg acttactgct    528120
     aaaacactgt gctaacaact tggcatcatg acatcaagaa acttggcgtg gtagactttt    528180
     attaaacatt tgagctttga tcatgaatct tgacttagct ccattttctc tcgactgcct    528240
     agttcccctc ccttttcagc cctgtcttgc ctcccagatg tacaccgttt cttgtgagcc    528300
     gcaggtcggc ttccaacatt tattgtcaaa tattttatga ctctattgcc caaaacctat    528360
     gactctcatt cttcccattt catttaagtc cttctctttc tttgcctctc cttactcatt    528420
     tcactagtta aacattagtt caaaatcagt acattttcat tcaaatgtca ttaaactcta    528480
     ttggggattt ggtaaagtgc tctagtgttt tctactgcaa gtcagcactg gaaatttggc    528540
     taagtcatta tgtctggtag tacagatatg ttccctgcta aacagccaga ggtaacacaa    528600
     accaaaggca attcaccagg aaaaatcatt taagacaaat gtaagtaaaa acaaaaccaa    528660
     taaaaacaaa acaaaaaacc ttagaagaca catccattag atgcacaaag caaaatgagt    528720
     aaacacaaaa tacatgagac agctgcccac tgtgacatcc acccagagtt acagctcctc    528780
     agtaatagac actgagaaag ggagacagcc aacatgtcag ataaagacat agtgatctcc    528840
     tttgaaataa taaagatgac tatatattgg agagtcaagt acacataaga acaattttga    528900
     agagtcaact caggatctga aaaaaaagtt ataaaagtga ataaaatagc cagtaacttt    528960
     gcaaaataaa aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaca aaaatgtatg aaaatgttag caagaaaatt    529020
     gagactcgaa aatgaaccaa ccagggctgg agagatggca cagtagttaa gagcactgac    529080
     tgctcttctg aaggtcctga attcaaattc cagcaaccac atggtgactc acaaccatct    529140
     ataatgacat ctgatgctct cttctggtgt gtcagaagac agctacagtg tatttacata    529200
     taataaaaaa aacaaacaac tcttaaaaaa aagaaaatga actaatcaga taaacaaaac    529260
     agcaccaagt gtcattaaca aataatatgg atgaatttca gagaagaagt acaggattca    529320
     gacagctata caagaggaaa aatatataga aaaataacaa agatatccca aacttcctag    529380
     aatgtgagac acatccaaaa ggccaaaccc aagaattagt gggacagaag aagaagttga    529440
     gaaaaagtct gaaaacagaa tttattacat aaatgattgc tggatagttt tcaaaccaag    529500
     taaaagatat ggagatctaa actagacagt atttaaaacc taaacagaca tgatcaaaga    529560
     agaaccactc catgccttgt aaagaaatga tgttaagaac aataagttaa aaacatgaat    529620
     ctacattcaa accagaaaca ccagacaagg ctactcacaa gagccaatta aaaagggctg    529680
     acatatttta aggcctgaaa ggacttaact atcagtcaac atacttggga atcaatcatt    529740
     tcaattccat agaaaaaata acactttttt tagaaaagca caaattaaaa caattcacaa    529800
     ccactagtac aacactgcag aaaatcctta gagcaactct ataaatggaa ggagaaaggc    529860
     agtatcattt ataagaactc atacataata aagttcatga aaggaaggga taaaaggagg    529920
     agagccagga aggaatctat catgtccaag acagccaacc aacagaccct taatatgaac    529980
     atgaaaggaa gagaagacca ccaatgatcc atgcaaccaa aacatcaaca caagcatggt    530040
     agacagcaag ctgctctcaa aaataaagct gaaagtaaat ggattgttat taaattaagg    530100
     ttagggaggt gcagcatgct ggattgtttg caccaactgc agaaaagagt tgctagcact    530160
     gatttggaat taatctttgg aaaaagctac tcaattggac actggggcac ctgactgtac    530220
     cttccaagtt ttctctgctt ctgggatgtg ggaatgttgc tgggaagaca ggatgtggag    530280
     cactagtctg cacttatcct gccgtcaggt gctaggctag aatgaagccc caatacactg    530340
     ctcaggaagt gggaaagcag tctaagattt gggaggctaa agctgggatt ccctgactct    530400
     caggtgtcca gttaccactg aaaactgcac agagaggttg gaatggaggg tagggggtcc    530460
     acaagccaga gatgaggagc ctgagggcca gaggctccca aactcctgga catccggatg    530520
     ccactgggtt gtggggagtt gggaatggag ttggaccaat gggttgagga gcccgggaat    530580
     ggaaggggat gggaggatgg ggaacttcag cttagctcag ccttctccat gctcccccac    530640
     aatggtttgt ttggtttttg tttttgtttt atgaaagaga cagtccttgg ttctaaactg    530700
     tttattggtt gttcattgtg gaaattggat gcataccacc ttctcaaggt ggacctgaaa    530760
     ttaaatacct tttgaaggaa ggaatgtcca ggaagggaag cttattggct aaaccctcag    530820
     ggcctctaga aacctcatta gcatggggaa ctctgttctg attatcatga cctgtcagat    530880
     tcctatgcag aatgtggtca cgtgactggg gcctggtcgg aagcagatga agctattact    530940
     gtcctctcag aggtccccag gtcttccaat ctgttccacc ttaccaagtt tcctggcact    531000
     gtccactgcc tcacacctga ctgcagtttt aagagaccta tacacctgag gcagaggctt    531060
     gccagtttga gtccgtcaag tacaacagct acaacctccc taaaacataa caacaaggag    531120
     ctggaaatgt catcggcaca ttggaaattc atttttgcaa tgcatagctt tttgctgtct    531180
     ttaaagacat agagttttgc ctcaatgctc tttctaatca caaactatta ctctgtgctc    531240
     aaatggtcct cttccctcag cctccggtgt actataggca agagtcacag tgtctctttg    531300
     cctcattgca tgtttctgaa attaattcaa atactgagta tataagaagc ttataagtcc    531360
     aggaagaaaa gaatcaataa aaatggaaaa gtctggctat ttcacaaatt ataccacacc    531420
     aggcctacca gtgtgaagtc ggacagtcca tggagaggaa tgtgagaatg attataggaa    531480
     agatggaaaa aagactcaga gatcaaagtt agaaattggc aaggctacaa gtatgtacca    531540
     caccagcagc aaatgtattt cgcatcacct ttatataatt tacattattg tgggaaacaa    531600
     aatcacaagc tggcagagac aatggttaat gcacatagga tatccattcc catctggagg    531660
     actccctgtt ccttccacca agattaatag gatgttcaac ccctcacctt gagctttaag    531720
     tgtagcttct cttattggtc catatgtcag caggtcagga aatctgccag cagaccctga    531780
     gatgccttga ctttggctga caggttttca cagaagcagg caaaatagct cctgacattc    531840
     aactcaataa ataagcatat aaaaatgacc cctccattgt gcccctcctg ctgctggctc    531900
     cctgactgtc cctttgagtt ctttctgatt ttctgttgcc tgttttcctg cttctcttcc    531960
     actttcaggc ctccattaag agcttgtttt tgtttttgtt ttttccctct catatcttct    532020
     tctaggccaa tagtcaatga catttctaca cacacataca caaacacact aaaatctagg    532080
     accttcatag aaaaaaaaaa ataatgcaat atttgtcttt ctgagactca aagggaagta    532140
     gtttttgact gaatcggcca ccagatgtct aactgaagta tttgatattt tagctgagct    532200
     cctgactgcc ctctagtgct caggagttaa attggattcc taggggttga agcagctatc    532260
     cttgatctga agaccaaagt gtgtatgctt ctgaggcaaa gtgtggagca gagactgaag    532320
     gaacggccat ccagagaatg cctcacctgg ggatccatcc catatacagt cgtcaaaccc    532380
     ggacgctatt gaggatgtag ggaagtgctt gttgacagga gcctgataca gaggctccct    532440
     gagagcctga taaatacaga ggcagatgct cacagctaac cattggactg agcacagggt    532500
     accagatgga ggagttggag agggactgaa ggagctgaag gggtttgcag cccagttggg    532560
     agagcaacag tgtcaaccag ccagacccct tggagctccc agggactgga caaccaacca    532620
     aatagtacac atggagggat ctatgtggca gagtggcctt gttggatatc agtgggagga    532680
     ggggcccttg tcctgtggga gttcgatgcc cctgtgtagg gaaatgccag ggcagaaggt    532740
     aggagtgagt gggtgggtgg gtgggagagc accctcatcg gggcaggggg tgtggggagt    532800
     gataggaggt ttctggaggg aaacatttga aatgtaaata aaaaaatatc aaaaaaagga    532860
     tagaactttg tgataatgat ggcaggcatg atttagtaag aaggttgtgc acaactggcg    532920
     gttatcatgt agcacaactg gcggttatca tgtagaagaa tgcgaattga tccatttcta    532980
     tctccttgta ctaaggtcaa atctaagtgg attaaggaac tccacataaa accagagaca    533040
     ctgaaactta tagaggagaa agtagggaaa agcctcgaag atatgggtac aggggaaaaa    533100
     ttcctgagta gaacagcaat ggcttgtgct gtaagatcga gaatcgataa atgggacctc    533160
     ataaaattgc aaagcttctg caaagcaaaa gacaccgtca ataagacaaa aaggccacca    533220
     acagattggg aaaggatctt tacctatccc aaatcggata ggggactaat atccaatata    533280
     tataaagaac tcaagaaggt ggactccaga aaatcaaatc accccattaa aaaatggggc    533340
     tcagagttga acaaagaatt ttcacctgag gaataccgaa tggcagagaa gcacctgaaa    533400
     aaatgttcaa catccttaat catcagggaa atgcaaatca aaacaaccct gagattccac    533460
     ttcactctag tcagaatggc taagatcaaa aactcaggtg acagcagatg ctggcgagga    533520
     tgtggagaaa ggggaacgct cctccattgt tggtgggatt gcaagcttgt acaaccactc    533580
     tggaaatcag tctggtggtt cctcagataa ttggacatag tactaccgga ggatcctgca    533640
     atacctctcc tgggcatata tccagaagat gtcccaaccg gtaagaagaa cacatgctcc    533700
     actatgttca tagcagcctt atttataata gacagaagct ggaaagaacc cagatgcctc    533760
     tcaacagagg aatggataca gaaaatgtgg tacatttaca caatggaata ctactcagct    533820
     attaaaaaaa atgaatttat gaaattccta ggcaaatgga tggatttgga gggtatcatc    533880
     ctgagtgaag taacccaatc acaaaggaac tcgcacaata tgtactcact gataagtgga    533940
     tattagccca gaaacttagg atacccaaga tataagatac aacttgccaa acgcatgaaa    534000
     ttcaagaatg aagaccaaag tgtggacact ttaccctttc ttagaaatgg gaacaaaaca    534060
     cccatagaag gagttacaga gacaaaattt ggagctgtga cgaaaggatg gaccatctag    534120
     tgattgccat atgcagggat acatcccata atcagcttcc aaatgctgac accattgcat    534180
     acactagcaa gattttgctg aaagaaccca gatatagctc tctcttctga gactatgccg    534240
     gggcctagca aacacagaag tggatgatca cagtcagcta ttggatgggt cacacggccc    534300
     ctaatggagg agctagagaa tttacccaag gagctaaagg gaactgcaac cctataggtg    534360
     gaacaacaat atgaactaac cagtacccgg gagctcttgt ctttagctgc atatgtatct    534420
     aaagatggcc tagtcggtca tcactgcaaa gagaggccca ttggacttgc aaactttata    534480
     tgccccagta caggggaacg ccagggccaa aaaggggcag tgggtgggta ggggactggg    534540
     gggatgggta tgggggacct ttgggatagc attgaaaatg taaacgagga aaatacctaa    534600
     ttaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaac gttgtggttt tgacccacag ctgtcagata caatggtgat    534660
     tcatgcagga gtgccaaatc tgattcatgg gtactttaag atggagaaca gaagattgct    534720
     taagacgtgg agcttattag aacatagtct gaagaatgac ctaagccttg ggaaactgaa    534780
     ataggcttca ggcaaaaagg cagagggcct ttgacctcag gtgcattctt gttccctgga    534840
     ttggtcttgg acgtgatttt gtaccctgtg tgacaaacgt taatgtcgcc tccgattccg    534900
     accagcagaa aggtacaatg acactatgtt cttctcaaag cagtttattc aggaaccttt    534960
     caacatgcat gcaggaatct ctctctagga atagtctctt gtgtatctat ctctgccccc    535020
     aatcgcaatc ccttatataa cccctcaccc acgcccaatt atcccagtcc atgtaacagc    535080
     agtcaattgg ccagaatcat cactatggtc cgatcttgca tcatggtgca caagcgcagt    535140
     tctcacgatg gtcgtggctt atttgcaggt gtatgaggaa gtcaggtgca cgtcataaga    535200
     cttggctgca gtcccaggca ccatcttggg actgctgcca cacccgctcc tcacatctcc    535260
     cccttcttta cttattggca gagagaatgt ctgtcttagg ttgccccctg tggcaatgcc    535320
     ccttacccat ccttgggaga caaacagcgt tggtttgatc cctgtcttag gttggtgaca    535380
     cgcccaggga ttcttaccca tcattgaccc atcattgact acttctctag catgccaagc    535440
     cacacttgag gagactgtcc tgcctccact gccacaaaag cctgcatcat caaggcttgg    535500
     gctctgcgct gatgactctg catacggcag gtgtagcaga aggccaggac actgattaat    535560
     atcagacaca gggcaagtcc atcaattcca tcccactctt tcaagtggga gacagctgtc    535620
     agcaatccaa agcttctgca acacctgcgg ataaattatt cacagccgcg gcagtttgta    535680
     agggatatgg tcacagccat ggctgcggtg gcagagattg ctacagcagt gacaacggct    535740
     gcagcaaggc caaaaatccc tattaggtct aaacaaagtc atagcagaaa gagttagaac    535800
     gggccaatgt acaaagcgag gcatcctagt cacaacagcc aaatgatatt cagatgcatt    535860
     ccagcacata ctataataac aaatatcgct actctaattt acaacattat tctcataact    535920
     accattataa acaataaaca caaaaggagg ccacatacaa acaggcatag cctgaaaaga    535980
     aacattcctc cctccagcaa attgaaatac agaagactca aacacactag aaccatgcca    536040
     ataaaaactt gcattgtccc aggcccctcc tgccaccatg cttaaggggg aaagatcagt    536100
     gcaactacca ttcaccccac ataacaacca tacattaaaa ggattactag ctcttacttg    536160
     agctggattt tgatatgtcc aattataccc tgaaaaggaa ctattatgga ctgtacctaa    536220
     ataaggggaa aaggaaaaat aattcttcac tgcccaatct acttttctag attgacagcc    536280
     tgtccaaggt ggaaaggaat cacgaacact cccacaaaaa ggggcccatc taggttagga    536340
     gggtatagtg ccattgccct tgaatatact ggcagaccac aaccctcgaa ttcaggtagt    536400
     attagcttta gtagatacag ctgaacacaa tcactcatct gtgaaatatt ttgaatcatc    536460
     tgaaaacaca acaatccctt tagctgaagc tgcatagatt cctgcactag agctatctct    536520
     ccctcctatg gtaaaagggc aattgtagcg aagcattaaa tgtaaagaat caaggaaaca    536580
     cttgcactga atgcatcaag ggcatgggtt tcaggaacac agacataatt ccccaatgta    536640
     gctcttcagt tctcactagc gggagcattc ccagccacag gaacatccac gtcctcatcg    536700
     ttctgcttgc cctgaactgc tccggtcagc tgttctggga cccacagcgg ttgtctgtga    536760
     tcctggggaa acacacaaac agaccctctc tcccaaaaca acactgggtc agggcccttc    536820
     caacaaccag tcaagacata tacttggatg ggataattag tttgagctgc tacaaatctc    536880
     ccttgtccca gcagcatgtc ttgatcccag gctggctggc gttgccagca ttgatctctg    536940
     cttgctcggc agcagactca atgacaaatg ccttccagtc taaatattgg cctggtgaca    537000
     agcaggcatg agccagattc ttccaatcgc ttggagtcat gcagtagtgg tgcaggttct    537060
     ctaattgcgc tcttacaaaa gcagcgctga caccgtaagt acgaaccccc ttctgctaat    537120
     ctttgaacaa tcttccaatc aagtggcttg tgatactgac ctccctgtgc atcctgaaat    537180
     acaggaaagc actgggcttg cagttccctc caggtttctg aatgcagact atgccccgat    537240
     gctctgtcag gggcatatgg aagtggccac ggcagccctg gcccgaaggt tctaccttca    537300
     ttttcacttt ctctagactg tcggctatgc tctccagatc gtcctcagac atatccccat    537360
     cactagaact tccttctgcc tttgactttt gggatcgctc ctctatcacc tgattcagtg    537420
     cctcattgcc cttttggagt tctgctccac atctttcctt atcctcgata caattccgta    537480
     ttagcttcca cactggcagc acccctttgg caagaactcc ctgttctgca aacttcaagt    537540
     ccttccctaa tttctcccaa ctgggccctg taaaatgtcc tgatacaggg aaccaaggag    537600
     cgacctgatc cactgatttt aaaaagttct ccagggtctc ctttttcagc cccattcctt    537660
     tcgctttcag caagtcctta agggcttggc acactgtttg acctgaggct gaatttccca    537720
     tggtgcttgg tgcaacttgt cccaaaaccg ggaaccttaa cttgtcccaa aaccaggaac    537780
     cttattgtct taatccgaga acttaaattg tcctatttac ctgggaacct taccagctag    537840
     ctgccctgac tacaatgagt tctgaacgtc cctatacggg ccaccatttg ttgcctctga    537900
     ttctgaccag cagaaaggaa cgacaacact atgttcttct caaagcagtt aattcaggaa    537960
     cctttcaaca tgcatgcagg aatctctctc taggaatagt cttgtgtgta tctatctcta    538020
     cccccaatcg caatccctta tataatccct caaccacgcc ccatcagccc agtccacgta    538080
     acagcagtcc attggccaga atcatcactc gtcatatggt ctgatcttgc atcatggtgc    538140
     acctgtgcag gtctcatgat agtcgtggtt tattttcagg tgtatgagga agtcaggtgc    538200
     aagtcataag acttggctgc agtccgggtg ccatcttggg acttctgcca cacccgctcc    538260
     tcacacattt acattcaact tataggacat atttattctt gttggttgtc agaacatatc    538320
     tatagaaccc tatctggtca gtgtaccctg aatctggata tgaccttcta ccttgctttc    538380
     attgccttcc cagatataac ctataccaca tgccaggaag ttgtgtttaa attgatctgt    538440
     cctgagaaca ttctggaaaa gggctgctct gttaatattt agtctgtgct tactggtgct    538500
     tttgtacatg tttttctgaa ctcaaaaaca accttccttt catccttgct ttctttgcta    538560
     tattcatgta tgaacatgta ttgaagctgt aatgatgtta tatacaatat tagcctggag    538620
     tcctctacaa cttttcaggt cttcaaagca taggatacag cacaggttga cagaagttca    538680
     cagagctaag ccttgttgca taagtcggga ttgtttttct ttgagggtga aatgtgtatc    538740
     tatattctga ccctttttga actacagaaa tatcctgagt tgtagaaaca agatattgat    538800
     gcagaagcct ctataggtag catgacagag tgttccttct gtcttccacc ctcccaacac    538860
     aatgtattcc cattaccagt aagacatgtg acagaacaca gatgtctgtg agaagccatg    538920
     agagcagtca atagaatgta ttgccaaatg gacttgagaa gactctatgg actttgtttt    538980
     gtgggagaca ctataaccat agaatatgcc aactagactt tatggaatac atggcaagca    539040
     gatttagttc attgtctggg gtggatttcc atgtgttttc ttatttagta cttagtagac    539100
     atgccaatgt tgtttaatct cctcttcttg aacaacatag cagcattgaa tgctgaccac    539160
     tgcaacaaca agcgtctctg cccaacactg acattgtcca gatgcatacc acttacaaat    539220
     gttaaatcaa gatgcagtaa aaacgtttaa gcagctacac attacaacca actagatgaa    539280
     agcagcagtt aacaatccac caactaaaaa cacccagtgt cagataggtt tagcatagag    539340
     ttctaccaga cttcaaagaa ctaataccaa tacttctcaa attgtttcaa aaaagaaagg    539400
     gccatttcca aattcttttc atgatgtcag aattactgat attaaaacta gtcaaatatc    539460
     caacaaaaag aaagtattgt agactaattt tcattatgca catacataaa aaattcttaa    539520
     taaagcactt gcaaactaaa ttcaagaaca cttcaaagag atcaaattga ctgtgatgta    539580
     accggcttta gcataaaaag gtgactagat ccttatcttt ctctctgaac aatgctcagg    539640
     tccaagtata tgaaagacat cagcataaga cctgccattg gagaaaaaca tggggaattt    539700
     gtttcaattt aaagtcacaa gaaaggcctc cctaagcatg acacgaagaa caactattta    539760
     caaataggat gaaactacga aagtaaatga caacaaatga tgttgtggag acagaggatt    539820
     cttattcact gttggtgtaa actagtgcag ccactatggg aactaatgtg ggggttactc    539880
     agcaaagcca aagtaggtca agcatctgac ccagctatgc cactcctgga cacattccca    539940
     aagggcaccc tatcccatta gagagagact tgctcatgcg tgttcattgc ctcagttgtc    540000
     acaagttcta gaaaatggag acagcctaaa tgtctgccag tgattgaatg gataaatgac    540060
     tgtgactaca tgtccaagat atacacagtc aagccatcca aaattgctgg atggatgtgg    540120
     gaaggattca tgaagttcca cccctaaatg agaagcaatt gacagttttt ggctgctgga    540180
     gaaggagagt cagttttctt tagatatgta accactgagg tctaactgtg acccagtaga    540240
     tggtctcaca tctatcctaa cacagagagc actgagtaga ctcagtagtt ataaacaaac    540300
     taacaagcaa agaatatgag atttgtgggc atgggttatg agaagggcag gggagaattt    540360
     agagttgagg gaataaggtt tgagtttgat tatgaatggg gttttggtga tgtaatggta    540420
     agcacagcta ccttccaaac atgagtgcct attgcagtca ccaaggttta accgtaggga    540480
     tctctctctc tctgtctctg tctctctgtc tctctctgcc tctctctgtc tctctctgtc    540540
     tctctctgtc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    540600
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtatg ctcagaggct cagagaccag tttctccaaa gcaggacagc    540660
     tactctaagt gattcccctt tttatgtact gggcttttta ttgatccata tatgttttaa    540720
     aacctattca tctggcaggt tctcattggc tgaagaaggt ttccaatttg tacatgttgg    540780
     ggttgcctaa tgttaaaatc aggcattgac tcttgagaat ggttggattc tggggatgta    540840
     gaagaataat aaattatgtt actggaggac cgatctcaat gttttctaat tctgctcagt    540900
     aatacgtgcc ctgtaggatg gatgaggctg tcaggaatat ctcagaaata tttattctaa    540960
     gattgcatca aacatatgaa actgtgagct atatccgtat gtaacattca attagttctc    541020
     aggtatgtat tcttcatcct taaaggcaag tattgactaa cagaggaaga taaatacatt    541080
     ttaaaaatat aaaagtgtaa tagaggattg gaacagatta tttaccagat aggataggtc    541140
     cacaaggtgg cagagcatct ctgctcctgc agactcacaa agggactttt gggtgaccca    541200
     ctgttaagag cagcctgcag tcagcagcct tctgtgcaaa tcgttaaaga ctcttcagtg    541260
     ctgtggagga cagaggagat gagctgatag cagaggcatc ttgcctggct gaagaccaca    541320
     gtcctcaggg agaacaatga agacactggc tgggtgtttg ttcctatgct tgtggcttca    541380
     gctggaatgt gagtgaaaga ctttgggaaa caaatcattt gccagactgg ccacctccag    541440
     tttgcccgat ataactgtag gaaggaaaac aatgtctgga gaatggttgc caggttgacc    541500
     tcctgttatt tcctttcgca cagatgtgag cagaggagag caggtggagc attgccctcc    541560
     tcacttcagt gtccaggagg gagacagtgc cattatcatc tgcatctacc atccttactt    541620
     cttctgggac aagcaatagc ctggggcggg gctccagttc cttatggacg ttttggtttt    541680
     ttgaaatggg tatggaaaag aagaaaaagg actcactgtc ctactgaata tgaaagacaa    541740
     atctctctat ctgaacatca cagcagctca tcctggacac tcagccatgt acttctgtgc    541800
     agcaagtgca cagtgtcctt caggcacgtc ctgcttgtac actgacctga aaacggcctg    541860
     gagacaaatg tattttcccc tgttgagacc aagagtttcc tgtattttat gcttactata    541920
     cggatgttct aaaacatctt gaaatcctgt ttctaaaaca tacaacgagt gcttgagcat    541980
     cttaaatgag gtctccttga gaataactaa ttagatgtca agactctaga gttgactgcc    542040
     agatactttt tagattgtcc ccactccaca gacatctcag tgtaactggt agaacacact    542100
     cataatgaaa agattcttaa cttttaataa tggtacttag aatgttcatt aggttgttaa    542160
     tgcacggggt aggaaaatca ttaaaatata aaccaacatt ttccttatat tgttactaaa    542220
     attagttcag ttttgacttc catgtgttcc ctggcctaag catttcataa ctgacaacca    542280
     taaaaccaat tcttacgagt tttagaagac ttctgattga ttctttgtga atttcacatg    542340
     atgcaccata atcctactca tctctagtcc cttcatatct gccctctgcc ctcgaaagcc    542400
     ccgccaaaac aaataccaca aaatctctat gtagaagctt ccatgtgtca agatgtgtca    542460
     cacagtctac ccttctgcca aacagcttta cttacaagtg ttcattacaa tgagccactg    542520
     gtctggttag aggcctctgg tttctcctac actatcaatc ctggatcctc acctggactt    542580
     ctcttggata tactattgtt gtcctgtctc atggagagct tgtagctttg gttctgcagg    542640
     gcctgcccct tcatgttctg actcctgcta caaaatgaag tttgaaatac acaaaagcac    542700
     aagagaccac atgggacaaa tgtcaatttc tatgtaatag ctagtataca aaactctatc    542760
     agcagcagga cttaatggaa ggagatgggt gactattcct agatgtggag tttatttttg    542820
     tggtgaggaa ctttgataaa atctattaga tgatgccgag atagttcttt gagtaaaaca    542880
     ataatcttca aattcccttt ggatggttga attgtatctg aatggtattt caatagaaca    542940
     tttacaatac agatctctaa caagttgaaa aacctaaatt ctgagagtaa gtatccgtga    543000
     agtgaaaaca aagcttttcc ttccaagcca gttaagactc tgcccattct gtttctgtat    543060
     ctgagctgaa acactcactg cctcctgcct agaactgtca cagcctgttc actagaccaa    543120
     agcttccatt cttgctggaa gactgtctgt agacagcagt attttacata ctgtcctagt    543180
     tttccttcta tggctgtaaa aaaaaaaatc tgaccaaaac caacttggag agcaaagagt    543240
     ttatttgact cacaggttac ggtccatcat caagggaagt caaggaagaa cccagagtca    543300
     ggatctgaaa cagaaccatg gaggggcacc gctaactgac ttggtcctcg tgtttcagga    543360
     gacttgttat ttttaaacaa cacagaacta ccagaccagg agtcacactg ccacagttgg    543420
     cttggcattc tcacattgat caccaggaaa atgctccata catttcccta catgccaatt    543480
     gatatgtgtt ttgtttttta ttatcagtta aggttccctt tttccagatt actcttgctt    543540
     gtgtcaagtt gagaaaagcc aaaacaagtt gacatatttt cttcttgaca cataaaccat    543600
     cactaactgt cttattcagg gtttctattc ctgcacaaac atcatgacca agaaacaagt    543660
     tggggaggaa agggtttatt cagcttacac ttccatactg ctgttcatca ccaaggaagt    543720
     caggactgta actcaagcag ggcaggaagc aggagctgat gcagaggtca tggagggatg    543780
     ttctttactg gcttgctcag cctgctctct tgtagaacca agattaccaa ctcagagatg    543840
     gtcccaccca caaggggcct ttcccccttg atcactaatt gagaaaatgc cttacagttg    543900
     gagctcatgg aggcatttcc tcaactgaag ctcctttatc tgtgataact ccagctgtgt    543960
     caagttgaca caaaactagc cagtacaatt gaccccttgt caacttgaca cacaaaaaca    544020
     tcactagtaa gcctcatccc ttaattccca agatctaaac aactttaaaa gtcccacagt    544080
     ctttacatat taaaagtcaa gccctttaaa atgtccaata tcttttaaaa tccaaagtct    544140
     ttttacaatt aaaagtctct taactatggg ctccactaaa atagtttctt cggtcaagag    544200
     ggaaaatatc agggcacagt cacaatcaaa aacaaaaatc aatctctaac catccaatgt    544260
     ctgggatcca actcacgatc ttctgggctc ctccaagggc ttgggtcact tctccagcca    544320
     tgccccttgt agcacacacg tcgtcctcta ggctccagat gcctatactc cactgctgct    544380
     gctcttggtg gtcatctcat ggtactggca tctccaaaac actgcatgac ccctccagtc    544440
     ctggccatca attgcaactg aggctgcacc ttcaccaatg gccttccatg gcctctcaca    544500
     gtgccgagcc tcagctgctc tgagtgaccc cttcatgcct tcaaaaccag taccacctgg    544560
     gtgaccctta cacattgcca agtcccgctg cagcaggagt acaaccttgg ctatctctgg    544620
     aacacagcct ctttgtgctt tcagaaaaca cttcccagaa gatgtcacct caatgatgct    544680
     ggtctcttct ttatcactgc taatttctta gctccagcta accagcatca atagtcccag    544740
     tactgcaaag gttttgcttt agtagttctg gtatcttgtt aatcacagct gattcttcag    544800
     ccccagctaa ccagaaccac agaattgtcg caatcgaaat agcaatggac ctgaaaagtc    544860
     tttaattgtc cctctgaaat ttcacaagcc agacctccat cttctacact gttctcaaca    544920
     ttatcttcca agctcctaca caacatctga cagagctctt aacaacaaat ggatcttcaa    544980
     gcccaaagtt ccaaagtcct tgcacagtcc accctaaaac acagtcaggt tgtcacagga    545040
     ataccccact ctgctggtac caatttgtct tagtcagggt ttctattcct gcacaaaaca    545100
     tcatgaccaa gaaacaagtt tgggaggaaa gggtttattc agcttacact tccatactgc    545160
     tgctcatcac caaggaagtc aggactgtaa ctccagcagg gcaggaagca ggagctgatg    545220
     cagaggccat ggagggatgt tctttactgg cttgcttccc ctggcttgct cagcctgctc    545280
     tcttgtagaa ccaaagacta ccagcccaga gatattccca ccaacaaggg gcctttcccc    545340
     cttgatcact aattgagaaa atgccttaca gttggagctc ctggaggcat tttctcaact    545400
     gaagctcctt tttctgtgat aactccagct gtgtcaagtt gacacaaaac tagccagtac    545460
     aactactaaa atcctaacct tttgtgtctt atttgtccca agatgtaatg gcagcactac    545520
     aatctgcttt gtcaaagttt tccatgtctc tgaaatggaa acacagcagg aggcaaactg    545580
     tggaccctca agacatttgt ttcctcatgt ggcctccaga gggcgctgct gcactcacta    545640
     gtgttccctc ctcctttgaa gatctccacc tgctcatatc tcatccttct tgcagctggc    545700
     tgagtattta gcaaaggcaa gtgacaagaa tcagatattc aaaaccttcc aggctcgtgt    545760
     ttgcagcgtc agtttttatg tgaacgggag acttctccag cagactcttc cctacacctg    545820
     ctttcaagct cttgctttcc tcagcctctt tcctgcctgt cctgttccag agttcctcca    545880
     cgacagagct gcagccttcc caaggctcag ccatgctcct ggcgctcctc tcagtcctgg    545940
     ggatacactt tctcctgagt gagtacagct ttcttgtggt ctctgtatcc ccggatcctg    546000
     actgtactca gtgaagtctg cactacagtt cctgacctaa tattcctttg caggagatgc    546060
     ccaagctcag tcagtgacac agcccgatgc tcgcgtcact gtctctcaag gagcctctct    546120
     gcagctgaga tgcaagtatt cctactctgg gacaccttat ctgttctggt atgtccagta    546180
     cccgcggcag gggctgcagc tgctcctcaa gtactattcc ggagacccag tggttcaagg    546240
     agtgaacggc tttgaggctg agttcagcaa gagtaactct tccttccacc cgcggaaagc    546300
     ctccgtgcac tggagcgact cggctgtgta cttctgtgct gtgagcgcac agtgtgtggg    546360
     gctgcagggg gagctgaaca caaacaccga tggctgtggt gctcagactc aagatctctc    546420
     ctgtggtctc tgtggcatct ctttggactt ggagagcaaa gaaggaaagt ttcgcagtct    546480
     cagctgtctt tctgcaactc atttccaact aaaacatcca ctatatccaa tgctcaattg    546540
     tagttctgtg gaatgaggag actgtgatgt tatcctgagt gttattgcct gagtgaacat    546600
     tgcttgggca gtgactagac taagtggctg acggggaagc tggactttca ttttgtcact    546660
     ttaagtgtcg cttacacaga atgtgaaagg tgtactcttc agcttctgtc ctggaatttt    546720
     ccttctcttc tcaatctttc atgctaattt ccctataaat ccttcttttg ctgctaaatg    546780
     taactgatca gaattggtca taatatttaa gtattgctat cttgataatt tgataccttg    546840
     ttagtcaata tagaatttca tcagtaccac aaaagttttt aaatctgtca taattatgta    546900
     agttctagca atcattaaaa ataaaacaga agaataagga attcaagctc attggtactt    546960
     tttccaaaga gttcttcaca gttgtaaatg tactatcttg tttttgctgc catcttaaaa    547020
     tcttcacgtg tccttgagaa tccccagtca gattccttct gcatctttta caacgactca    547080
     ttgctttcac tctggtgtgg atgattttac tacgagaata tcaatggtag attctttttc    547140
     ctaacatagt cctaccctgc tgaaatacag gcgaagtcac agtgaaaagt tagtgctcac    547200
     taactacagt gtggaatttt agtttcttct ccacctgatt gggagacttg tagaagaaga    547260
     ttttgtgctc ccatgtattc agtagaggag gatgaatact caggataaga agaaaaagga    547320
     atggagaatt ttctagctgc tccttgactc agaaatagaa gtaggtaggc accatggacc    547380
     catgagcacc tgagtatgat ttccagcaca cataaaaatc tgggtgtggt ggccgtgctg    547440
     ggagatgagg acaggcaggt ccctacagcc tgccatccac ctagcctagc ctatccatga    547500
     gctctaggta tcagtgagag aacctgtctc caataaacaa ggcaggtagc ttcagaaaaa    547560
     tgacatccaa gattgactta tggcctccac atgcatgtgc atatatgtgc acttaaacac    547620
     acacaggcac acccaagctc ttcagaacat gaggaagaac acccgaggtt tttctctagt    547680
     ctctacatgt acacgtacac atgggttttt acgtgcccca ctcagttgta cctgcacacc    547740
     atgagcacat acacatgcgc agataaatat tttaacatag aacacgaaca caagttatgt    547800
     gaagattcta atactaagta atccatctta catattactc tgttactctc tcagtgtgga    547860
     ttttctttat aatgagatga gaagacacag aacctacatc agcccaggaa tgttcacgta    547920
     gaactttgca gagcactcac ctgctgcagg agatagggtt tcccattctt gcctctgcat    547980
     gtctggcctg gctgagagct tcaggtccat ggagttctat ggcagagctt cctgtgtttc    548040
     tccgtctgct catctgtgtg cagttgatgt atccacatgt tcttctgtgc agcagcagca    548100
     tccgacactg tcattacagt acagtgcctc atatccaaac atagcccact ctgttccact    548160
     gtgtctcacg gtggctagac aaggaatcgt tagagattaa atatttggtt gttagtgggt    548220
     caaggtacag gctaatatag atttttatac catgcttatt tgagaaaagg tgtgtctcta    548280
     acatacctta gtcagattac caagctgaga acctccatta aaaggtcttt ttctgtttgg    548340
     ttatactatg caacatgtgt cttctcttgc tagcatgttc tttcttgtgc ttgcttcagc    548400
     aaaacatact ttcacttgta tctgcttcac caaaatgttc cttcacaagt ctgccttaga    548460
     atttcacctg tctgcttcag cgaaacattc cttcatgtat ttaccccagc aaaagaccct    548520
     ccaacacaac taactgactt tccaaaaaac ccttacattt ccacttcagt gttccaagga    548580
     ttaaagtttt aattcactca gaagatggcc ctttatatac aaatatgata gcttttacat    548640
     ttggatacag ttttaatatt gtagtgtttt ggttatcttg atttcttctt ttgttgtttt    548700
     gacaaagatc tcattgttct ctttaacacc atgaactgga acatcagcat acagaactgt    548760
     atttcagttc ttatgatgaa tcccattgct gaaacttatg tgtgcatata ttgttacaca    548820
     taaatatgta tttctcaagc tatctgagga cgggatgtag aatgagatgt gtccgtaata    548880
     cattgtaagg caatagcaga ggctacagct gctgctaatg tgagaaagac tcatttgttt    548940
     gttgtggtag agtttcatgg ggtttaggct gacatcaaat aaattcaata cttggctgat    549000
     aatgatgctg agcttctgat cttccttcct tgacctccct gttgctggga tcccaggcat    549060
     actccagcat ccccagctaa ggcttttgag attgcaaaga aaattacaaa ggatcaacat    549120
     aaatttgaca ttttatgtca aacagaaaat gagacatgaa atactctgta tttcctgttt    549180
     ctcggcacat ataaaatatg atcatgggtt ttaaataaaa ctccaggaag catcagctcc    549240
     aaaataacaa gatgaaggag aactttagaa tgctgagcga tgaaatcaac agaatggttc    549300
     aggatgctca gggcatatgt ttcttaactt ggatgtaatg tgcttttagt cttttaaaat    549360
     aatttatatg ttcatgagct tattcaaata ttaaaactaa taagttatac agggtaaatt    549420
     ttataataag aaaaaggtgt ataaaaatat acactattct cttttggata gggagaggga    549480
     caggacaaga tgtagctact actgtctcct gggttagatg gtgaatctgc caggattcac    549540
     cactagagaa tttagattta atatggctta taagatgagg attctagttg atgcacccag    549600
     caactgagtt accattgttt ctgaactaag tttgtatggt gttttccttc acgctcgact    549660
     gagttccaga gagaaaggta cagcggaaaa gtgtgggttt gtctgatgtg caccccaaaa    549720
     ggacttggga gttttgaagc atgggactga catggtagca gcccccacgg gaacttagcg    549780
     agctgggtag agagattttg gagctctgag agagtctcca tgagaagaaa acaggctggc    549840
     cattgcctgc caatgcttac aggtgtatta caggcagtag tgtggattcc tcacttaata    549900
     tttccttcat acaatctaaa gccaggacat gagtcaggtg tagaattata agttttttaa    549960
     attaggatag atgtcagagt gttctatctt actgacaaaa atgatggact tggtgttagg    550020
     tctaccttgt actttataaa ttacagaatg gtaaaaaaga ataaaagaag aaaaaataca    550080
     actttgaaaa aataattaat taattaagtt tgcatcctga ctgtagtttc ccctccctcc    550140
     tcttctccca gccattcctc cttccacctc catcctcact cccacccatt cctcctctct    550200
     ttctcttcag gaaagtggat acctcccaga ggtgtcagtc agcctttggc atatagagtt    550260
     ccagtaaggc taggctcata ttctcctgtt gaggctcaag aaggcctccc acttaggtga    550320
     aataacccca aaggcaggca acagagccag agataccccc tgttcctgct gttaggagta    550380
     ccactacatg aagaccaagc tgcacaacag ttccataagt gtagggggcc taggtcagtc    550440
     ccacgcaagc tctctggttg gtggtacagc ctttataagc cactatggat ccaggttagt    550500
     tgattctgta ggttttcttg ttgtgccctt gacctctctg gcctccacca tccttcctgc    550560
     ttttgaccac catggctttt acttttccac agtagtcccc aaactccacc taatgtttgt    550620
     ctgtggatct ttccactagt tgcttcatga agcctctctg atgatgagta tgctaggctc    550680
     ctgtctgcat aatgtgtcag ggcagactcc ctctcatggc atagctatca ggttggacca    550740
     gtaactggct aggaaatccc tcattttctg ctccatcttt acccctgcac attttgtagg    550800
     tagaaaaaaa aattgtaggt agaaggtttt gcggcttggt tggtacctca atcccttcat    550860
     tggaagtctt acctggttac aacagaaggc taattcgggc tccataactc tcctggtagg    550920
     agtcttaact aagactgctt catagatttc tgggagatcc cattgctcca gatttctaga    550980
     tcatcccaga catgtcccct caattccaat ggtctgaccc attatgctct ccctttgtcc    551040
     tcccccaacc tgatccctcc tgttcccatc cccaccctca ctcccattca gtcccagctc    551100
     cacacccacc acccatgtct attatattcc cccctcagtg agaatcatgt ccctccattg    551160
     aaccctcctt gttacttagc tttattgggt ctgtggactg tagcatggtt attctttcct    551220
     ttatggctaa catccacttt aagtgagttc ataccatgtt tgtctttctg agtctggact    551280
     acctcggtgt gaatgatttt ttcttgttcc atttacttgc atgcaaattt catggtgtca    551340
     ttgtttttca aactgaggaa aactcaattg tgtacatgca ccacattttc tctgttgacc    551400
     tcctgtcctg tcacaactac cccctgtcct tttttcctat ttttcccact aacttatgct    551460
     tatcttgccc ttacttactc tggtacttac ttctccccaa ccgcatgctg tacctttctg    551520
     gcctctgtgg ttactctgtg gtcctgaaac tgtggagcta ggagtcttga caatttccac    551580
     tagagttaat tcagtggtgg aacatgtggc ctttgttttt ctgagtctca gtcaactcgt    551640
     tcaaaataat aatttctagt tgcatctatc tatctgcaaa gtttatgttg ccattttcct    551700
     ttacactgaa aaattctcca gaactataag tgccacattt ctgttaggca ttttccagta    551760
     gaaagacatt aggttgtctc catttcttag ttactgtgag tggaacagtg gtgatcacag    551820
     gcaagtatct gtggagcagg acgtagagtt ctttggacat acactgaagt cgaatagctg    551880
     gatcatgtgg tacatctgtc tttagttttt tgaagatttt ctacattaat ttccagagaa    551940
     gctccaccaa ttttcatacc ccctcccccc cagtgaacag tttcctttcc ctcatcaccc    552000
     atgtcagcat ttgttgtcag ttgttgtatt ttacatattc taactggtgt gagatgaaat    552060
     cacaaattaa atttaaattg cagtctccaa attgctaagg ttgatgaaca attttgagat    552120
     ttttcaagcc atttctattc cttctattga gaactccatc tagacactct tgtgttctga    552180
     cttctgcatt ttctttacca ggaagtgaag ggctggttta atgaggcttg tggagatggc    552240
     ctgaagtcac ttttgttggt tgtgtgggct cactaggggg cactgcagga ttcctagaaa    552300
     ctacagtttc ttaagatgcc ctgagatgtg aagagctgag ctgagacata aggacataag    552360
     gcaatccatt cacagagcaa ggaagagtgg taatggtgca gagttaaaca gatcttaagc    552420
     tcttggtcat tttatataaa cccacagcta tccagagcct gttcactgga tctcatgtgc    552480
     ctataaatcc ctttaagagc aattctctga agagatgtaa acaaaacaga atcgccctga    552540
     ggatggacac acaagagaaa ccattttcac tgctttttcc agtttttagc ttttcatcta    552600
     gaattccaaa aaaaagcaaa gtattagaca ttatttcaat accttttata tcacatacaa    552660
     tatatatgtg tatatataca tacatattct aaactagaaa gaaaaggaat aacttctttt    552720
     ttgaagtgaa aactggaaaa tataaggtat gaaaaactag aagggagagg tcctcagtga    552780
     acttgagcag gcatccttag cctgatctgg atcagctgtg ttttcctgag gcaaaacatc    552840
     agaccagaag ccacgagata gaagaggaat cagggttgaa atagggcatg tcttattttt    552900
     cccataacta tcaaaactgt gtatatggtc atcttaattg caagaaattc tttttattct    552960
     gtgtagtaga tcgtatgcgg aatttgtcaa atagtgtaat ttaagagacc tgccagtact    553020
     ttattgtata tgtcttatat attgagcaca caacagaaga tggccacaca gaatgtcata    553080
     ttgcttagtt tgaacacgtt ttgtcttact ggcccattgt ctatatttta tagttatctg    553140
     tcgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtttcttctt tgttaatttt    553200
     catttatttc tgttttgggg gctgtttacc tgtttgtttt ctaaagagag aaaaagaaag    553260
     ggctggactt gaatgggtga ggagaaagga aagatgttgg atgtgataga gaaggggaga    553320
     caaaggtcag aatatagtgt atgaaaaaaa cttaggacaa aaagggtcag tcttgctagg    553380
     attctacaaa actctgcttt acccactgga gccattagtt ttcccaccgg cattcttcat    553440
     taatgtattc cccttcctca cacattttcc ccaaactcct ttatattacg tgttccatta    553500
     gaaacacagt gtcctgggct ctacatcaat gtcctccaca gccctggagc aattacagtg    553560
     cagagtcatg gggcggaggt gggtggagtt tcgcgttcag ctgaatgagg aagctcgtga    553620
     ttcagacaga acctgtagtc tgtaagcaca agtgtgtctg ggcacaagac acccttcagg    553680
     gctggagaga agacaactag cgattggaca ggggccatgc agaggaacct ggttgctgtg    553740
     ctggggattc tgtgggtgca gatttgctgt gagttgtgct aagttcctac tagagattct    553800
     ccagaaatgt cggtggtgga gggggagaag ttgatggaaa tctcctgcgc actcttcctc    553860
     atgggtgtct cctggggtag ttgatggtgt gagtgaaaat ctctctttga ttttggtttg    553920
     cttttctgtt ttcaagcagg ggtgagcgga gataaggtga agcaaagtcc ctcagcgctg    553980
     agtctccaag agggaaccaa ttctgctctg agatgcaatt tttctatcgc cgcgacaact    554040
     gtgcagtggt tcctacagaa tcccaggggc agcctcatca atctttttta cctggttcca    554100
     ggaacaaagg agaatgggag gttaaagtca acattcaatt ctaaggagag ctacagcacc    554160
     ctgcacatca gggatgccca gctggaggac tcaggcactt acttctgtgc tgctgaggca    554220
     cagtgctccc agcaaggctg gagcctggcc tcaaactgca gctgagtgtg cagctataat    554280
     ccctgccaca ggcagactct gcaggaggct ttgcacagct gtggccttat cagatcgcca    554340
     ccagttacag agaagatgtg aggaaacata agctcggagc agaagttcac acttacattc    554400
     aggtttgcat gacactgact gctagtgtgt taaaccctca gagtcatcct cagcccacaa    554460
     cactaaaaca cacacttcac tttaccaaat gcttgtgcta atgtcacaaa ataaaaaacc    554520
     ctcttatata ctccagaatc atttaggtca tttctcacaa tcagaaactg agagcaactg    554580
     tttctatcct ttgtttagag agcacctgac caaacttgca gctaatctgt taaatatgaa    554640
     gttgataaaa gaattaatat tgacgatcta ataaaatcag tggtagaaaa gcattgtaaa    554700
     ctaatcttat ttaatgaaga catttctaca atggtttttt ttagttaaaa atagagtaca    554760
     tttaattatg caatatgaaa caaatatttc acataaaaat tacaagagcc aaagataaat    554820
     gactaactag agatatatat ttgcaatctg tatcacaata gtacttactg caattgattc    554880
     ttctggcata tttatacatt tgcaacataa tagttatact aaacttctca ttaaaacagt    554940
     tttcaaaaga aaactcaaaa ctccctaaat atcacacaac aggggactaa gtcactatat    555000
     cataattaaa tgtgagccaa agagttgctt tttcctaagt gttgactgat ttcattttgc    555060
     agttgaaaaa actcagcttg tccttgtctc tgtaaggaac tggaaaacac ctgtcattct    555120
     ttcatgtaat ttctatccat tgctgttttc acttagaaac agcagctgag tggctacagt    555180
     agtgacctga ttgatcgatt gatttctagg ccttcacaaa caaatattcc ccccttgtga    555240
     ttcactcaga ttcctcccca ttgcaattac attttgaagt gagaatttct ggttctttgg    555300
     agactcggtt gtaacaagtg atgcttttct ggaagctgtc ttatgagagg atagtttgct    555360
     agtgcagaca agtgagagga tgttttgctg gactggacac ttaagagggt tcatgatgtt    555420
     tggaagagta taaatagtgc ccaataagca gtaagaggac attggtacgc cgtgcagcac    555480
     ttcactggcc ttcactggcc agtcttcttt tggtgtgaaa tgctttgcag gacttcagtg    555540
     ggcttcgcta aggatactct tgcattggta taccttgtaa ggcttcattg gtctgtgaac    555600
     tcttgcactt gaaattgata atacctattc tttttttaaa tctggtttac aatagtatct    555660
     gtgtgatgca caattaactt catcttgtta cagtcatctg tcatctgctc catcttctaa    555720
     gcagactcca ttagattttt tctttctcat ttcttgttta tgaatttcaa ttttctcatt    555780
     agcttctgtt aaggtctgaa tttcaaccag atactgaaca atctcacact tctttttaga    555840
     cagatgggat tggttgtcac tgttttctct tcctgatcaa agtgattact tttacgaatc    555900
     tacttatttc tgtcctcagt agtgtcctga caaagctgtg gattatgttc ttaattagct    555960
     gtttccactt tttctgcatt ttcattcaaa gagccaagtt ttcattaact ttttttttca    556020
     ttatccaaca tttttccaca ttctatatct ttatcttttt attgcaattg cttttcaagt    556080
     cagcaaattt catcacataa aacaagtgcc acatccccat gcaggctact gaaccatctt    556140
     gattcattac tttagtcttt agctgatttt caaattttgc ttgtccttta gcatttcctt    556200
     tcctttcctt tcctttcctt ttcttttctt ttcttttctt ttcttttctt ttcttttctt    556260
     ttcttttctt tccttccctt ccctttcctt tcctttcctt tcctttcctt tcctttcctt    556320
     tcctttcctt tcctttcctt tccttttcct ttctcttctt ttctttcctt cccttccctt    556380
     ttcttttctt ttcctccctt ttcttttctt ttcttttctt ttcttttttt ttcttattaa    556440
     atactttctt catttacatt tcaaatgcta ttcccgttcc tagtttcctc tctgaaaatc    556500
     ccctataccc ttctctctcc ccctgctccc caacccaccc actcctgctt cctggccctg    556560
     gcattcccct ataatagggc atataatctt tgcaagaagg gcctctcctt ccagtgatgg    556620
     ctgactaggg tattctctgc tacatatgca gctagagaca tgatctctgg gggtactggt    556680
     tagttcatat tgttgttcca ccgctagggt ggcagaactc ttctgttcct tgagtagttt    556740
     ctctagcttc tccattgggg gccctgtgtt ccatccaata gatgactgtg ggcatccact    556800
     tctgtatttg tcaagtactg gcagagcctc acagctattt cagggtcctg tcagcaaaat    556860
     cttgttggca tattcaatag tgtctggatt tggtggttgt ttatggaatg gattcctgga    556920
     tgggacagtt tctggatggt ccttccttct tgacctgtca cctttattaa tgattgagta    556980
     attctgaata gatataccat gtttgcctca tcttaatctt tagtttattt atttctacct    557040
     ttgttgacat gatcaataaa ttatctgcca actcttcttg aagtgacagt tcacctggat    557100
     caaacctgat tgtttccagt ctatattagg tagcatcttg aatcctctca ctgtctttca    557160
     cctcttaaac caaaccttgc aaatggtggc agtcacatat cgacagcaat taccactcta    557220
     ggtttatccc tggctcagtc tctctcttcc tagagccttc atcatacatg catgtcccac    557280
     caactctggt tgaacaaggc aacaaatggt gccttgtagg tgacacatct tcctgtgttg    557340
     gtatttttat ataaattaca atgctgaata ttcagtgtat aagctaatat tcctaaatgt    557400
     aaacactgtt gtgttttaaa ataatctagg cttggttttt gcatctgggg agagaaacaa    557460
     ttttctgctt tacatctggt gtcaaagcta tatcactacc tcagttgata gtttgaccct    557520
     cataattacc cctgtgaagc aggtactgaa ctccagaaac cgttcaagat gagactgtca    557580
     gtgagacttt tgcttcatat attataaacc atcttccatt ctcagtatct taagttgcag    557640
     ggtaaatata tttcttgcaa gaaagatgtg ttccagtcag aatggctaag atcaaaaatt    557700
     caggtgacag cagatgctgg caaggatgtg gagaaagagg aacactcctc cactgttggt    557760
     gggattgcaa gcttgtacaa ccactctgga aatcagtctg gcagtttttc agaaaattgg    557820
     acatggtact accggaggat cccgcaatac ctctcctggg catatatcca gaaaatgttc    557880
     caactagtaa gaaagaaaca tgctccacta tgttcatagc agccttattt ataatagcca    557940
     gaagctggaa agaaaccaga tgcccctcaa cagaggaaat gatacaaaaa atgtggcaca    558000
     tttacacaat ggagtattac tcagctatta aaaagaatga atttatgaaa ttcctaggca    558060
     aatggttgga cctggagggc attatcctga gtgaggtaac ccaattacaa aagaactcaa    558120
     atgatacgta ctcactgata agtggatatt agcccagaaa cttagaatac ccaagatata    558180
     agatacaatt tgcaaaacac atgaaactga agaagaacga agaccaacgt gtggacactt    558240
     tgccccttct tagaattggg aacaaaacac ccatggaaag atttacagag acaaagtttg    558300
     gagctgagac aaaaggatgg accatctagt gattgccata tccagggatc catcccataa    558360
     tcagcctcca aacgctgaca ccattgcata cactagaaag attttcctga taggacactg    558420
     atatagctgt ctctagtgag actacactgg ggcctagcaa acacataagt ggatgctcac    558480
     agttagctat tggatgaatc acagggcccc caatggagga gttagagaaa atacccaagg    558540
     agctaaaggg atctgcaacc ctgtaggtgg aacaacatta tgaactaacc agtaccccag    558600
     agctcttgac tctagctgca tatgtatcaa aagatggcct agttgtccat cactggaaag    558660
     agaggcccat tggacacgca aactttatat gtcccagtac aggggaacgc cagggccaaa    558720
     aagtgggagt gggggggggg taggggagta ggggggaggg tatgggggac ttttgggata    558780
     gcattgaaaa tgtaaatgag gaaaatacct aattaaaaaa aatacaaaaa aagaaaggtg    558840
     tgttatattt atggattaaa aagaccctca taaaggagca ttctgactct ctctgcctag    558900
     gatacagggc ccacaaccac atcacaccac atatgatcac agtttttggg caaattatat    558960
     tttacttaac tataaatata atctccccat gatcctccct ttatgttgtg ggaggtttag    559020
     aaatctggat aggatcctat ctaatttttc aggggcccac agtcatgtta gtgaaatagc    559080
     aggtttgtta gatgtttaag aaggtgaatg gtctgggttt tcatattttg agacacgttc    559140
     tcccagtccc atcatactct atgcctgaca ctgatctctg tggatatttt ccatattcag    559200
     tagcatgaaa gaatttcaaa gccacaaaaa ttcatagaag tcccttatcc aattccatta    559260
     caaaacagaa attatgtgtg aaatgccatt gctactgatt tcctcattag catggtctcc    559320
     acttcattcc tgtagggaca atcaccctat aggaaaccca ccattttcag ctctgaatgc    559380
     tgaatctgga aagaacacgt ctaatatgtc tgaccaccag gatcaacaac tccaatctgg    559440
     gtaaagaagg gcactttgag caagcaagac tcaggctgca cactgtcttt ttggctttaa    559500
     cttggaaatg gatttttttt tttttcatgc aataccttct gaccagtgct tcccctccct    559560
     catctccttc catatcttcc ccacttcccc acacaatcaa ttccatgcct tagttctctc    559620
     tctgtttaga aaacaaacaa acaaacaacc agaatagagc ttagcaaata gaaaaacaaa    559680
     acaaaacagg tgaagcacgt acacacgtga ggcacacaca cacccagcaa atccataaaa    559740
     accaaaactg aaaaatatag tatataagca aatgactcat accataaaca atgcccagat    559800
     aaggcattat gatacaaaaa aacccaatga tcttgaaaaa ttgtccattt gccactgggc    559860
     atgcccttca gtgtggattg tgtgagtctt aagtgagact gttggcaaaa actttttttt    559920
     tctttgtgag aagttgttaa ttggagatgg tttcttgatt tggaagaggc attatgtcca    559980
     cttcctatga ttaacacggg aaccctgtct ttattggacc tctcgggacc cccgtgtatg    560040
     ctgctgccat ctctattagc tcctatgtga accagactcg tttttgaagg gcattatttc    560100
     cttagtgtct tccatctgca ctagctccta caatctttct gcttcccttt ctacagaatt    560160
     cccttgagtc ctgagtggag gagtttaatg gaaaattcca tttaagactg ggtgttccaa    560220
     agtctcttcc tgaagaacca ctacacatat tttcataatg gctataaagt tggcactctc    560280
     tccagcagtg gatgaatgtt gcccttaagc tacaacctct ccagcatgag ctgtcatttg    560340
     ttttactggt tttgggtatt ctcaggggta taagatgaaa tctcatagtg gttttaattt    560400
     acattttcct gttgaacatt tctttaagtg tttctcagcc atttgtgttt catctttcaa    560460
     gaactctctg tttacatctg cccacttttt aaagtgtatt gttctctcat atattatatc    560520
     tcaatcacag attcccctcc ctcttctcat tccaatccct ctcccctacc tcccttctct    560580
     cctagatcca ctcatcctgc atgtcccttc agaaaaggta ggcctcccag gagcatcaac    560640
     caaatatcaa gttgctgtaa gactaggcat atccctcatt ttaagtctgg aggaggcaac    560700
     ccagtaagag ggcaagggtt ccaaatgcag acaaaagagt cagaggtaga ccctgttccc    560760
     actgctaggt gtcccacaag aacactaagc tacatgatca tagcacacac acagaggact    560820
     taggtcagac ccatataggt tccctgactg ttggttcagt ctctgtgagc ccctagtgcc    560880
     ctggttattt gattctgtgg gctgttttta agcactccat tggtttgtac agtccttgtt    560940
     ttctctcttc agggcaatta cctgcactct gcctaacgtt ttcctatggg tctctggatc    561000
     tgttcccatc ggctgttggt tgaagcctct ctaatgacaa ttatgctgga ctctggtcta    561060
     caactatagc agtattatta agaatcatta cttattttat ttatcattca ttcatttatt    561120
     ttcctggttg tttgcacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    561180
     cacacacagt ctctgggcta tacagcttct ggttcctggc tctccaggta gtgtcaggtg    561240
     tgggcaccct cccatggccc aggtgtcaac ttggaccagt cattggttga ccacttctgc    561300
     aatatctgag ctacctttac cccagcacat cttgcaggca ggagaaaagg ataaagtgta    561360
     gagaggaggt tttgtagctt gagtggtgtt ccaatccctt cactggaaac cttacctggt    561420
     tagagaaaat ggccatttgg gtactgtatc cccctattag agtcaccctc gtagattcct    561480
     aagagtttcc atacacaagg tttctacctc tctcttcaaa tgcccacaat tccagtcatc    561540
     tttcccagtt cttgctctcc ctacagcccc atctgattcc tcctattccc atccctttct    561600
     gtccccagtc cacacatgaa atctagtctg tttccccttc ccagggagat ccttgtggtc    561660
     ccctcttaag gcctctttgt taattagcct tgttcactga gtctgtgatt tgtagcatta    561720
     ttgcccttga cagctaatat ccacttataa gtgagtacat accatgccat tctgggtctg    561780
     gattgcctta cccaggatca tcttttccat ctagttccat ccatttgctg gcaaatttca    561840
     tgtcattgtt taattaattt atttcattaa atattttctt tatatacatt tcaaatgcta    561900
     tcccgaaagt ttcctatacc ctcccctcgc cctgttcccc tacccaccca cttcttggtc    561960
     ctggcatgcc cctgtactgg ggcatataaa gtttgcaaga ccaaggggcc tctcttccca    562020
     atgatggccg actaggccat cttctgctac acatgtagct agagatacga gctctgggac    562080
     tactggttag ttcatattgt tgttccacct atagggttgc agaccccttc agctccttgg    562140
     gtgctttctt tagcttctcc actggggacc ctgtgttcca tcttatagat gcatgccatt    562200
     gtttttaaca gctgagtaat actccattgt gtaaatgtac cacattttat ttaaccattc    562260
     tttgattgag gaacatctaa tttgtttctg actgttatga ataaagccac taagaaatag    562320
     ttgaacaaga gtccttgtgg tatggtggaa catcttttga tatgcccagg agtgatatag    562380
     ctggatcttg aggtaaaata attctcaatt ttctgagaaa caaccatatt gatttctgta    562440
     gtgattgtgt aagtttccac tcctttcagt aatggaggag tcttcccctt gctccatatc    562500
     ctggacagca cgagttgtca attgtgtttt tgatcttagc cattctgatg gatataagat    562560
     taagtctcag agacactttg atttgcattt ctctgattgt taagaatatt gaacatttct    562620
     ttaagtgttt ctcagccatt tgtgatacct gtattgagaa ttctgcttat atctgtaccc    562680
     catttaaaaa gttggattgt ttgatttgtc gatgtctagt ttcttgagtt ctttttatag    562740
     tttgcatatt agctctctct agatgtggag ttggtgaaga ccttttccca ttctgtaggc    562800
     tgcagttttg tccttttgat gatgtccttt gtcttacaga gttcctttct tgttcatgac    562860
     tgttttagct atcctgagat ttttgtgttt ccatatgaag ctgaaaaatt cttttctact    562920
     tctctaaaga attatgttgg aattttgaca ggaattgcac tgaatctgtc aactcctttg    562980
     atagaatgac cactcctccc aattcacaag aatgggaagc ctttcatcgt ctgatacctt    563040
     cctttatatc tttcttctgt gttttaaatt tttattatac aaggttttca cttatatggc    563100
     tagggcttcc aaacacattt tattattttg atgctattgt gatagttgct gtttccctga    563160
     tttctttctc agtgtgttgc cattactata ttggaaggct actgaatttt gtatgctaaa    563220
     tttgtgtcca gcaactttgc tgaaagtatt ttatcagctg aaggagtttc taatggagtt    563280
     tttttttttt tcaaattttt ttattaggta ctttcttcat ttacatttcc aatgctatcc    563340
     caaaagtcca cccttacccc ccccacacac acacacactc ccctacccac ccactcccac    563400
     ttcttgaccc tggcgttccc ctgtactgag gcatataaag tttgcaaaac ctatgagcct    563460
     ctctttccaa tgatggccta ctaggccatc ttctgataca tatccagcta gaaacacgag    563520
     ctctgagggg tactggttag ttcatattgt tgttccacct atagggttgc agaccccttt    563580
     agctccttgg gtactttctc tagctcctcc attaggggcc ctgtgatcca tccaatagct    563640
     gactgtgagc atcaacttct gtgtttgcta ggtcccggca tagcctcaca agagacagct    563700
     atatctgggt cctttcatca aaatcttgct agtgtatgca acggtgtcag cttttggagg    563760
     ctgattatgg gatggatccc tgggtatggc agtctctaga tggtgcatgc tttcgtctca    563820
     gctccaaact ttgtctctgt aactccttcc gtgggtattt tgctccccat tctaaggagg    563880
     gatgaagtat ctacactttg gtcttcattc ttcttgagtt tcatgtgttt agcaaattgt    563940
     atcttgtatc ttgggtattc taagtttctg ggctaatatc cacttatcag tgagtacata    564000
     tcatgtgagt tcttttgtga ttgggttacc tcactcagga tgatggcctc cagtggagtt    564060
     tttaacatat aaaatcatat catcttcaaa taacaattct ttgatgtatt cctttcctat    564120
     tttttatatt cttgatcttc agttgtcttg ttactctagc taagacttca agcattaaac    564180
     tgaataggaa gaaagtggac aaccttatct ggtttgtgat tttagtggaa atgcttttta    564240
     aaaaaccttt ccattttggt taatgttggg tgtggcattg tgatatactc atcctttatt    564300
     gtgttgatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatct tctacctcta gcttcttcag    564360
     gacatttatt attaatgcat gttggattat gctaaagacc ttttctgaat ctaatgagat    564420
     gatcatgtgg tttgtttgtt ttgttttgtt ttgttttttt gtctttcagg ctgtttatgt    564480
     gttagattta attattaatt tgtatatgct gaattatact tatactctga gatgaagtct    564540
     acttcatcat gggtgatgat cttttgatgt gtcttgtatt cagtttgcaa gtattttatt    564600
     tagaattttt gcatgtatat tcattatgga tattggtctg taatttcttt tttgttgagg    564660
     tcttgtatgg cttagatatg agggtaattg tgttctcata aagatattta aaaaatctgt    564720
     ctctgttttg tagaataatt tgaagttagg attagtagtg acttgttcag tttctatgaa    564780
     tttatacatg ttctcttgtt ggcttgcagg gatgcagtgt tagaatttaa tctgtcagta    564840
     tatttcactg gaggaattta gataattaat gagcaatgtt cattgctccc tattactttg    564900
     ttggtgttgt gaatgtttct gctcctcttt tggttcactg tccggagatt atttattctt    564960
     tatattttct tgggtgtggt taaattcttc agatttcctt ctattatctt gtgtagatct    565020
     gggtttgtaa atgggtactg cttaaatttt gttttactgt ggaatgtttt tgtttctgca    565080
     tcaattgtga ttgatagttt tcccaggttt agtagttggg ctggctggac ccatggtctc    565140
     tctaacttta gagagtatct tccaggttct tttggctttt ctagtctcca tggagtcgtt    565200
     ggttattagt ataatatgtc tgccttcatg agttatgttt ccccttgcat tttaaaatat    565260
     tccttccttg ttctgtaaga tcagattttt tttttactat tattatgtgt cattagagaa    565320
     tttattttct cgtctagtct atttggtgtt ctgtatgtgt cttatacttt aacaggtacc    565380
     tttggcttta ggttagagac attttcttct atgattttgt tgacattttt tggtgcagtt    565440
     tgtctgagtt tcatgttttt cctttattta tatccttcat agattaaata ttctcatgat    565500
     gttttgtatt ttctggatat ttttccagga tgatttctat taaatgtttt ctttgcaatg    565560
     tccggttcgt gttccttgtc tatgatgtct gaggtttcct cttccattac ttgtactctg    565620
     ttggtgtagt ttacctatga ggctttgttt gacttcctat atttttcatt tccagcttta    565680
     tctcagtttt tggattttct tcagtgattc tatgtctact tttgcatctt gaactgtttt    565740
     cttcatttta ttccactgtt tgttttcatg acttcagtaa agggtttaat cattttctcc    565800
     ttaggttcaa atacattgca cttttgtggt ctattttact aaggttactg ggtccttgca    565860
     gagacaatag gtccttgcct attgatgatt aggtttatgt gcaggtgtct gggataggat    565920
     gattatgttt ctatgtgttg atatctgtta ttgtctttgt tcagtgagtg tttccttcct    565980
     tcatttttgg ttgaactctc tggatattag taaagtatga gtgttgttca ttggtaggga    566040
     gagcttctat gagtcaattt gtggcagaaa agaatagatg tgggctcaga gaaaagtctg    566100
     agaaaggctt ccataacaac ccaaggggat tgtgttcata agtaaaggta gtattcatag    566160
     ggagttgggg acatgctgtg agcagaggat cttgcaagca ggttacagta aggcaaagaa    566220
     tttttttgtg gggaggtggg gagaggtgag catgaaaggg accctgggtc tgagtcaaga    566280
     gttttggtat ccagtgaatg atgttgagga aggggacctg taagcacatt gctaccaggt    566340
     taaggataag aatggagaga ttgtaatggg ggacagatag gatagtgtga ataatctcct    566400
     taagtccctg ctcatgtggt cacttatgga tagagagtgt tcttatgcac tcgagggtga    566460
     cagaatggag aggggtttgt actagagcgg gtactgtgaa ggtccacagg acaagggagc    566520
     tgagttctct gcaaggtttg ctggagtccc tggataatga aagcagagag gaagcaagct    566580
     ctggccccta caagtggtct gatacagagg tggggaatga aactggagaa atagcattgt    566640
     aggacatgaa ggccattgaa gatgagatac tttttttccc aggtggttgt gaccacaaga    566700
     ttcccaggta gaatgtctct attggccttt gacatagagg aatgggggtg agagatgaaa    566760
     ggaaatgcag caaggtttgg ctgagttcct agtaaatgga ggaggagtga gaggacaggc    566820
     ccagtaagtg gtctgttaca taagggatgg ggatggtact aaggaaactg atgttgagga    566880
     caggacggac aatgaggatg accctcttac ttcccaagcc agtgtagaca ctgggttccc    566940
     aggtagtgcc tgcagatatt cacagttgac acaaagaaaa caaaacccac tagaaaggtt    567000
     tgggaacgtg ctgagaaggg tccacaagaa ggaggaaggg tttgttgcaa ggtttggcag    567060
     attccacagg gaatccacaa tgctattcta tcaggaattc agcctcccaa cactggatgc    567120
     tgtgagagtg ggtgaaatga atggagccat cctcaagatc aaatgacttc gcataacttc    567180
     cctaagagta gttatgtgta tttgcgattc caggatgact tctctgaaag gtgagatgca    567240
     agtataaaaa gagcacatct gcattgtcaa taagaattca ctgaaatagg aacaacattg    567300
     atcccttgca actgaaagcc cataagagac ctaagaaagg tcttaggttc cataactctc    567360
     aagagcaaac atagccctaa atatttgtcc caaagaaaag agagttgttt gataaatgat    567420
     ctgaacattc tgcagtatgg aaggggattg gtaaattcag ttgtagacag aagaaatttt    567480
     atatatatca cacacacaca caaacacaac ttatataaga atatataaca tatatacctt    567540
     tatatatgaa aacacatata taccttgcat atgaaacata atgaatatgg tatgtgatat    567600
     ttaaagataa aaatgaacct gactagtgaa taaatatact attcttgata tccaagttct    567660
     agatcccatt tgatatgaca tattgggtgt tatatatctg agtacctcat aggataagag    567720
     caccagccct tgctgattag agatgcaacc agaaggtggc agtagatctc aacggctgga    567780
     ggctatgcag agaattcact ttggtgtgtg ttgatggtgt aggcttgtgg cagaagcaaa    567840
     gcttttttgt cagtgagtga ggagggatga ttctagagct agaattgtta ataagaaaga    567900
     acaatagtct gatagctgta gtcaccatga tctacattgg attttaattt aattgggcag    567960
     aacaatgaag ccatctttcc cactttattg atatttctgt ggctgtattt ggatggtgag    568020
     ttaatatttt gggccacaga atagtcagtg ggcattttag acatctaggg gtgtgccatc    568080
     ttactcagat tttctctagt taccataaaa aaaggagaaa cttggaaagt gatggcctca    568140
     cagcctttct cctttctttc catctttctg tatagagatg agccaaggca agcaggtgga    568200
     actgcttcct tccatcctga gattcaaaga agggaccaac actctcatca actgcattta    568260
     tgtaaacaat gccttgctct gcttcctttg gtataagcaa gaacctggaa aacatcttac    568320
     gttcattatt gacatttgtt gaaatatgga aagaaaacag agccaaagat ttatagtttt    568380
     actgaataag aaatccaaac atttctccct gcacaacaca gacaatcagc ctcaagacta    568440
     agccatgtac ttctgaaagt gcacagtact gatgaaagtg cacagtgttc catggctcta    568500
     gtagcctgtc ctcaaacctt ctgtgaggcc tggatcccca tctacatcct gtattgcagg    568560
     ctttccagtg caacatttgt caggggttag ttttaagagc catctctact gtagacataa    568620
     aaacacaaaa ttagaatgtt agcttcaaat cactccactc catttaggac aattctctcc    568680
     atccttcttt ttttaaaaat tagttttaaa attgaaatat aattttaata ctttccttct    568740
     tgtagcacat agaggttatg agagaacaga actcattatg ctgcaaagaa gaaaagactg    568800
     tagctgactc aggcccatat gggtcatctg tagcccacac cctccttcct agttattcag    568860
     tgactcagag gtcattgaag aagagtgcat ggaaaactat aagagctgta ggtggtggat    568920
     gactacaaag aagcagtgtt ttctggacat agaagaacag ctgcacatgt gaattcagag    568980
     aggttgacag tacagataag ttgcaaagga tcaaatcaga aaaattccat ccccaccctt    569040
     tttctttaaa gttgaagctc atggtacaaa gactaccctc cagtgaaggc cacatatcca    569100
     agaatacatg tgcactgcaa cctataacac aaaacttgac gagttttatt ttaaatggga    569160
     ggatgggaca caaaactggg tttgtatgaa agagtgagta aatcttttaa ggactggaaa    569220
     gaacagatga gtataaccaa aattcattgc ataatattct gtaaaagcta ataaaaattt    569280
     aaaagtatat aaattatatc agaggtctat ttgtgtgtgt gcatattctt ttatgttcac    569340
     tcagcaagct aaataccata ggatacacat agttcagtaa cacaagtgat ttcaggcatc    569400
     ctctggaggc ttgagacctg attcctttgg gtgaggttcc tagtttatag acaaagtact    569460
     gtgcagacat ctgtggtgca ggttgaaggg aaaccagtag agggcgctgt cccttcagat    569520
     gtgattaagg tctcattcgg gtgttgactt aacatgagag actgtgcaga cagaggccct    569580
     tgtctgtgag tgaggagtgt gaggagattc tgcaggagga ttgccctggg agattggtgc    569640
     actcagggac caagtgtcat ttcttccatg aacatgcgtc ctgacacctg ctcagttctt    569700
     gtgctcctct taatgctcag taagtcacat tgtactctaa gggttaatga tgtcattttc    569760
     ttacaactca ggcagtcttt agtgttcctc ctcacataaa aaacaattct tttttccttt    569820
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ttctctctct ctctttcttt    569880
     cttatttaca ggaaggagca atggagactc agtgacccag acagaaggcc tggtcactct    569940
     caccaagggg ttgcctgtga tgctgaactg cacctatcag actacttact cacctttcct    570000
     tttctggtat gtgcaacatc tcaacgaagc ccctaagcta ctcctgaaga gctccacaga    570060
     caacaagagg accgagcacc aagggttcta cgccactctc cataagagca gcagctcctt    570120
     ccatctgcag aagtcctcag tgcagctgtc agactctgcc ctgtacttct gtgctttgag    570180
     tgacacagtg agggagactg caggggaagc tgcacatgaa ccaagggtgc aggagggctc    570240
     agggggaggc cctgtgaggg agactatgtg cttttgctaa gcggttgttt ttctagcttc    570300
     ctgaaaaatg tgaacaaatg tgagatcgga cacctacaaa tctaggaatt ggtaaatatt    570360
     ctaatggggt aggatgaaaa tcagtgccat aaaaacccaa cccaaaccaa acctaaatga    570420
     aacaggattt ggttccctga cattttgttc tctccctaaa tcaaggacct ctctcacagg    570480
     aaagttttcc aggaaaactc tgatatggga tttatctctc taccaagacg tcttacaaaa    570540
     ttcagtgatt taaattctcc aacaacgttc tgttattact ccacaaattc atgacctaaa    570600
     tgaggacaca gactctaatc tttaaaattt ttattcagta tcactcccta agttatttag    570660
     attcttcctc accttgatcc atgaaacaga gagtttagtc caacttctgg acttaactta    570720
     cttatctatg gctgtgagga gaccacgatc aagacaatcc attaagaagc atttaactgg    570780
     gggcttgatc agaggttcat agggttgacc atcatggtgg ggagtgtagc agcagccagc    570840
     caggcatggc cctggaccag tagctgaggc cttacatctt atcacaagtg aggggtaaag    570900
     agggagacat tggtttcaaa gtccatcacc agtgacatgg ttcctctgtg atgaccacac    570960
     ctcaggtgat tcctacacag accaccaact gggaaccaaa cactccaaaa tatgagcttt    571020
     ttcggtcata tttattcaaa ccaccacact ttctgactgc ctccacttga taaagctgat    571080
     catgaaacag ctgttggagc tctcaagatg atgacatgag aggcaggttc ttccctgtcc    571140
     cacactctgt gtacaaacaa ggctgttcat aatagaccct gagcagaaag cctgccccac    571200
     taatgaccac tctcctcttc cactgcactt tgttcatctc tgcaggacct gatgtagtca    571260
     cttacctgtg atagagttag gttctcccat aatcctgaaa tatgcaatgg agaccaaatt    571320
     tcaattctct agacaaagta ctagtttaaa ataaaatgtt ctagtactga tatttatttc    571380
     tttgtaagga agaaagttct gaaattaaaa aaaactaggg tgtgtctcaa gagattcata    571440
     tttttgtgca tattatctta ctagttagga agcaaaatgg aatgtcaaat tgtatttata    571500
     aactccaaaa tctactttta atggtgcagc atagaataga atctcttaga tgtgagcttg    571560
     tcaaacctgg aatgaatgac aaatctaata aaactcccag tgccagggat gggaaccctc    571620
     cattcatgtt gttggtcaag gggtttcaag agatttttcc aaatgaaatg ggctatcacc    571680
     atcgcccttg attgtctcat agcttaggct accacatact ttgaacattt gacttggaga    571740
     acttgagcta gacctgacct gaagactcct tcctttggac aagttttcac agtgtacaga    571800
     gatgttatgt aaaattacaa gggacaaaag caataaatag tcaaaccaag atgtgaatcc    571860
     tctgaataaa aacaatgacc accatgtcaa gatatccaca agggtgtaat ggtgccactt    571920
     tcacattggg agacactaac acatgtctta ttatgtcaag ttgctacaag ggaagcaact    571980
     tgagcctaaa actgtaaacc tagttaactc cctgaggatg gagaggtcat tgaccctagg    572040
     gaagaactta ctacagccac cttcctagat catgaagctt ctaactgtgt tctcaatatt    572100
     tataattaac acggatataa atgtagttct cacccctcat caaagaactt tcattttgaa    572160
     gcggttgaag cctctatagc gataacaact gatcagaaag cagagagtaa gtggctgtga    572220
     ggtctctagt cccagttgtg tcccagagtc ccttatccag atggactctg ggtacaagaa    572280
     gagcccagtg gtgtgatcac ctgatatttc atggtcttga attttaaact gtattcaaaa    572340
     agtaaaacat tttgaaagat gttcttcacc aaatactatt tgattacaat ttctgttgtc    572400
     cagctgatgg taaagtggct ataaacatgt tttggatctg gcaaagatgc atgactgagt    572460
     ttgacttatt tatgtgactc atggtctgtg cacataggta ttgacctcat gattgctcag    572520
     cctttagcta atactggttt acatcataat catttgcttc ttggctccgt aattcagagt    572580
     cacattggtt tatctccagt gtctggtatt ggaatgtgta tctctcctcc ctacctgtgt    572640
     ctgaagagga ttctgtcctt tgtgtgctgt atttggcaca aaattacctc attgaatggt    572700
     agctgttaag gtctcaatga cctcattttg gttgatcaac ttctgtctta gggtttccat    572760
     tgccgtgaag agacactatg gccaaggcaa ttcttttttg tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg    572820
     tttgtttgtt tgtttgagac agggtttctc tgtgtagccc tggctgtctt ggaactcact    572880
     ctgtagacca ggctggcctc taactcagaa atctgcctat ctctgcctcc cgagtgttgg    572940
     gattaaaggc gtgtgccacc accacccagc tggccaaggc aattcttatg agaacattta    573000
     attggggctg gcttacaggt tcacaggttc agtccgttat catcaagtgg gagcatggca    573060
     gcatccaggc aggcatgaca tcgaaggagc tgagtttcta catcttcatc tgtaggctaa    573120
     tagaaaactg acttccaggt aggtaggatg aaggttgcaa aggccactcc cacagtgaca    573180
     cacttcctca agaaggccac accttcttca accaggatat tcaagcatat tcaaaccacc    573240
     ataaccatac acatgcacac atacatgctg ggttctgcaa actgccacag tgaactgaaa    573300
     gccagcacga gttgctggtc tttgttttta ctgtgcttcc ttctttctga ccaaacttca    573360
     atatgactct aactccttcc agcttctgac ttcttaggcg attgacattc ttcttacact    573420
     tttggaattt ggcttatttg gggggaaatt taaaagaaac agaaagacac acacacattc    573480
     cataggctcg tctataaact aaacaatcac aaattgctga cataggtaac ccttcccccg    573540
     tcccctggaa agacaatccc tatgagaaag aacagatgag agaagaccct tgggaagaat    573600
     ttcctttttg ttcctagaat caaagaacat atgtattaac actgagcctt tgcattccat    573660
     tgacccagga aaaaacctag agtcattaat cctaaatttc ttttctgggg gatagtactt    573720
     tagccacggg ggtctcagag ttgtaattct gctagcttta gcagtcaaac cttcctttct    573780
     agactcccaa cttgccatag atagccgagg taatctaacg tcgagtgttt ctcagttgtc    573840
     tctgtgctgc agagcatcca ccaagggcga tacctgtccc ataaagtatc accaccatgg    573900
     ctgtggtagc cactcacact cagcctgaga cgattgcctc tcaagtgtgg ggtttatttc    573960
     ataacctgtt ttcataagga tttttaacaa gccatccact tccactagat gctagaacta    574020
     atacctcatc aaagattagg aaagaagcaa tgtgctttgt gaaagttttc aatgtctgtg    574080
     aaacaggaac acagcaggag gcaggctgtg gacccacaag acatttggtt cctcctatgg    574140
     cctccagagg gcggtgctgc actcactagt gttccttcct cctttgaaga tctccacctg    574200
     ctcacatctc atccctcttg cagctggctg agtatttagc aaaggcaagt gacaagaatc    574260
     agatattcaa aaccttccag gctcgcgtat gcagcgtcag tttttatgtg aacgggagac    574320
     ttctccagca gactcttccc tacacctgct ttcaagctct tgctttcctc agccgctttc    574380
     ctgcctgtcc tgttccagag ttcctccaca acagagctgc agcttttcca aggctcagcc    574440
     atgctcctgg cgctcctccc agtgctgggg atacactttg tcctgagtga gtacagcttt    574500
     cttgtggtct ctgtatcccc ggatcctgac tgtcctcagc gaagtctgca ctacagttcc    574560
     tgacctaata ttcctttgca ggagatgccc aagctcagtc agtgacacag cccgatgctc    574620
     gcgtcactgt ctctgaagga gcctctctgc agctgagatg caagtattcc tactctgcga    574680
     caccttatct gttctggtat gtccagtacc cgcggcaggg gctgcagatg ctcctcaagt    574740
     actattctgg agacccagtg gttcaaggag tgaacggctt cgaggctgag ttcagcaaga    574800
     gcgactcttc cttccacctg cggaaagcct ccgtgcactg gagcgactcg gctgtgtact    574860
     tctgtgctgt gagcgcacag tgtgtggggc tgcaggggga gccgaacaca aacaccgatg    574920
     gctgtgggtg ctcagactca agatctctcc tgtggtctct gtggcatctc tttcaacttg    574980
     gtgaggagaa ataggaagtt gcgcagtacc aactgccttt gcaagctaaa ccatccacta    575040
     tatccaattc tcaattgtag ttctttggaa tggagaagat acaatgtctt gggctgtaca    575100
     gagagctgaa cacaaacacc catttcaggg ggtgctcgga cctgtgattt ctctccttat    575160
     gtctttgaag tatctttttg aacttggtga ggagagaagg acagttgagc agttccagct    575220
     gtctgtcgtt ccacaactca tttctaccta aaatatccac tgtctgactt cagctcagga    575280
     gtcttttgca tattttcaaa attatctact gctcagtcct aattccttag aatggaggga    575340
     taacagtgtt attcttggag aataactgtt attatctatg agaaccattt tctgagtgga    575400
     cattgcttgg atagtggata gactaaatgg ctgatgggga aataccagaa gctggacttt    575460
     cgtgtgtcat tttatgtgtc atgtatacag acatgaaagg actgatcttc aatttttttt    575520
     tcctgaaatt tgccttctct actcagtctt tcatatttaa tttcctgcat tttcttcttt    575580
     tggttctaaa tgtactgata agaattggtc ataatattta agcacttcca tttagggacc    575640
     aatctgatac attgttagtt aatatagtaa tttaccagaa ccaggaaatc ttagaggtct    575700
     gtcataatta tgtcggttct cacaaccact aaaaataagg caggagaata cggaatttga    575760
     gctcactggt attttttcca aagaaatctt gatggttata aatgtattat tctattttgt    575820
     tgccatctta aattcttcaa atctacttga gaaattgtag tatgattcct tctgcatctt    575880
     ttatcttata agcatatgca tattttgtat gcattttcct ggtgtatatg attgattttg    575940
     ctatgggaac atcgtatata gattcttttt tcctaaggtt ttcaattcct gctgaaatac    576000
     aggcaagagt catagtgcta gcacatttga gctcactgcc tccagtacag aattttagtt    576060
     tcttctccct caattggtga caattgtaca agaagatatt ttacttctgt gcatacagcc    576120
     taggaggatg aatactcaga attaaaaaaa aagtaagaga gattttctag ctggttcaga    576180
     aatgcatttg aggagatgcc atgtagccat cctagcctaa caatgaactc catgtatcag    576240
     tgagagagct tgtctaaaat aaacaaggta gataacttca gaaaaatgac acccaagatt    576300
     gacctcttat ctccacatga atatgcacac atgggtggct aaacatgcac atgcatgcac    576360
     acacacagta ttgtcatatt aataaatccc agcttggggt tgccattttt agtatgctaa    576420
     tcctactggt ccatgattat gggaggtctt tctgtcttct ggtattgtag aaagaattta    576480
     taatcctaac aagcccatat aaaagacaaa caatacaatc attttagtta caagccatca    576540
     gactaaattg ggcaaatcta ggactatact aacttatttc ccaggtataa gccccttgtt    576600
     acttgctgtt tcttctggcc atgctgttct agtccattgc agcttcttct tcctttctct    576660
     tctttctcct ctctctactg gcaactgctc ccccacttgg tcctccagtc ctacctttct    576720
     ctctccactg cccaatcaca ggctctaacc ttttattgac cagttaaatt ggcgagaagt    576780
     ttcacatggc atcactttga ggacatgagg atctgcgaat cccagaaaac cacatcttga    576840
     agaaccagtg tttagcatta gaatacaatc agcatcagac caatccacta cattttatct    576900
     tctttaattt cttgctccaa atatttgaag ttcttgtcat acatgtcttt ttcttgctta    576960
     gttaaagtta catcgagata ttttacatta tttgtggcta ttgtgaagga tgttgttttc    577020
     ctaatttctt tctcaggatg tttatcatta atataaacat ttttaataag aaaaataatg    577080
     aattattaat gtctctgtgc atggctcgaa ttctatgcat atgcagagga tacacagaat    577140
     tggcaggtca gagactgtca ttctttcttt cttccttcag tttctggtct atcttcttca    577200
     taatgtttta cccaaatttc catgtgttgg tctttcatgc acctggaatc atcccactca    577260
     caaggtcact agcttattct ttgattatat gttaatatat gtatttatgt cttctttaga    577320
     ttgacaacta atgccttgta ccactttttg ctctttttta ataaaaaaaa atgaaattaa    577380
     aatgtaagca cttttcccct ttccttttct cacttcaacc tctccaacat agcctctccc    577440
     accccaccac caattcaagg cgtctggcta ctttttctat aaatgctgtt atgtatagat    577500
     tcctaaatat atagacacaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaagggagg gagggaggga    577560
     gggagggagg gagggaggga ggagggaggg agggaggaaa gaaggaagaa aggaaaagct    577620
     caaactgagc aatatgacat aacagcacca ttggattcat tctgtattgt tatctactgc    577680
     tgagctaagg gcctttcctt aagtgtggtt attgttgtac ccaattaaaa agccctgata    577740
     ggactcttaa attacacaat gtgacaagtc agcatgcact gtgctataca gtctaacctg    577800
     tgacttctgt ttggttcttt tgctgtgctc agcaggaaag cacagctgat tcagaacagg    577860
     ctatggatgc ttggtcacat taagtaacgc cctctccctt cttgtttttc atacgctata    577920
     ttgaccagta ttctgttcaa gaagtagtta ttatttttct ttctagttta gaatgtacat    577980
     tgcctatatt aaatatgata taagggatat tgcaataatt tctagttctt tgattttatg    578040
     aaattttagg tataaaatta aaaaataaaa agcagtggag atttttctct tgtgtgtcca    578100
     tcctcataac agaggagatt ctattttgtt tacatctgtt cagaaaattg tgctttaaat    578160
     agatttatag acacatgagg tccagtgaac aggctctaga tacctgtgct tgaatacaga    578220
     atgagtgagt gctaaagagc tgggcaacta cacaccacca ttcctactcc ttgctttgtg    578280
     aatggattgc cttatgtctg taagtctctt ctcagctctt caaacctcag ggaaacttaa    578340
     gaaaatgtag tttctaggat gagaagcata tacacatgca gagacacatg cacaaaccaa    578400
     aaaaaaaatc cataaaaaca cataattcaa aaccatcata tacaagaaag taaacaatgg    578460
     ccagatagag catcatgaga gaagaacaat ctctaaaaat acttttgagt ttatttgtgt    578520
     ttgccatctg tttctgggca tgaggttgtc ttcaagtgtg gtttgtatac accgtcaaac    578580
     tttgttggac aaagctcaac tttcctttat gagacattgt caattggaga cctcttgttt    578640
     aggtatgagg accttgccca tttcctccta tcagaaatga agctctgtgt gtattaggtc    578700
     tgtgcacacc ttgtacatgt tgtcactact tctatgagtt cacatgtaaa tcagtcctat    578760
     tggttctaaa aggcattatt tccttactgc cttccatgac cactggctct tacaatcttt    578820
     ctgctttctc ttctataaaa ttacttgggt cttgagggaa ggagttcaat ggaaacattc    578880
     catttagcac taggtgttcc aaagtctctc attttctgta cattttccag ttgtgaagtt    578940
     gtaggttccc gtctacttcg aggggatgct tccctaatga tgtctgaaca agacattgat    579000
     ctatggctat agcacaaagt catcagaagt cattatattg atacatttct ttagaagaac    579060
     catatttggt tttcccctag gtctatgacc tagctagttt caggtttttg accaccaaaa    579120
     gaagtaccag gcataggttc cttctcatgg agtgggtctt aattccattc agagatactc    579180
     caatatcatt tgtggcattt ttgcactagt gtatcgttta ggcagatcac cattgtagat    579240
     caaagtatta gagctatgtt tgtgtttatc tctctcctct agtaatgctc agagtacctt    579300
     cttctatatg aacaccagtc cataggagtg aaaactccag ttaggcaaca gcttgacatc    579360
     tccattttta atgggatgta taagtattgt cttcaacaac agcatactac catcagtttg    579420
     tggagagcaa tgaatagcct tgaaaactag gaaattccct gagttatttg aatatttcca    579480
     tgagcacctt gaccaacaac tcagataata cctattcttg gaactggtgg tttcatttgt    579540
     tgataagaga ggctaatttg gtgctttgtc tccctattat ttgattccat ttacactcac    579600
     atgcacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acgtatgtat atattaagaa    579660
     gctagttctg tagtagattc catatgatct ctcagttgga gcttagttta tttccctata    579720
     ttccctccct tatcctctca cccctcctac cttctgttta actctcctgt tccactctca    579780
     tcctgtctct tttacgattt attctatttt tccccattca acaaaatttc cctcaaccct    579840
     agttcactaa cttattctga acttctgtag gtgtaaagat tgtgggaagc ctattgaaga    579900
     tttaaaatct aatatctcca tttaagagaa tacatactat atttgttttg gggagtctgg    579960
     attacctcac taaggatgat ttttttttta cttccatcta tttacttgta aatttcattg    580020
     cttaatagtt gagtgatatt tcattgtgta tatgtaccac attttcatta cctatcctgg    580080
     gatctagggt aggttattat atacattttt catttacatg ggtagagttt atacaagcta    580140
     ttttattatt tttgagacag ttgttatatg tgttgtttcc ctgatttttt cttaatgtgt    580200
     ttgtcattac tgtttggaag tctactgagt tttgcatgtt acttttatag cttgctgctt    580260
     tgataaaagt gttatcagct gtaggagttt ctggttgagt ctttatcata taaaaatcaa    580320
     atcatcttca aataaagaga ctttgacttc ctttcttatt tgtgtgtcct tgatctttag    580380
     ttgtctaatt accctagcta agattcaagc gctaaaatat ggacaacctt gtcaggttcc    580440
     tgattttagt ggaaatgctt tgaaattttt ctatttaggt tgagttttgg ttgtgagctt    580500
     actgtatatt gattattttg ttgaggtcta tcccttatat ctctagcctc tccaggactt    580560
     ttattatgaa gttatgtttg taaaagtctc ttcttgcccg cgctcgactg gccaggaaga    580620
     acaacgctgc aacaggatcc ttctgcacac gtttattggg agagcttgat tgtagaggcg    580680
     aagagaccct gagcccagaa ctggtgctgc ttttataggc ctaggagagg cgtgtctcac    580740
     acccggactg gttatgcact aagcctcatt tgcatgttcc tcatctgatt ggctactctc    580800
     tctctctctc tgtacctcac agagcctcat tatcatacct catttgcatg tctcacatct    580860
     gattggttat tgtctctcag taccttacag aacctcatta tcatacctca tttgcatgtc    580920
     tcacatttga ttggttatac tctcagtacc ttacagaacc tcattatcat gcccgggcca    580980
     ggcagtgtct ttgcaaaaaa actttactgc acatgtacac attggttgtt tgtccaaact    581040
     tatgcgtggt ggccagcagt agtcagtgcc actctgcaac ggcacatgtg gcttcccaca    581100
     gtctcttatt ctcagatgta attgtagtct ctgaagttta ttgtgtcttc tagcctaggc    581160
     ctagttttgg aaccttctaa cctctgtcca atcttatctt agcctagaat ttattttagc    581220
     ctctgagact tatttctgga taagatcatt ttttctagct ctttctgaac tctggctggc    581280
     tggttcaact cagatgttct agctcaaact cttttccaag ctgactaatt caatctggct    581340
     tctctccatg aactgctctg cttggctcga aatcacttga gcaatttgtc ctaatcttct    581400
     ggctccttct catttctgtc tcaatctgtc ttcacctgtc tggctcgttc tctcaacctg    581460
     tctctcttcc ttttcccatc tctcctaata agatctgggc atatcctatt ctgtctaatc    581520
     tttctctgat ttgccacttt gccactcaat caaacatcac ttttaaaaat ggatgctttc    581580
     gtctataaac taaatttact ttaattgttt gggattaaag tagttatgtg tatttgagat    581640
     tccaggatga cttctctgga aggtgagaca caagtataaa aatatcacat ctatattgtc    581700
     aataagaatt cactgaaata ggtggaacat tgtcccctgg caaccgaaag cctataagaa    581760
     acatgaaaaa aagccatttc ttggatgtca taactctcaa gaacaaacag agacctaaat    581820
     atcacttcca agaaaaggga gagttgcttg gtaaatgata aaagcactct gtgatatggg    581880
     agtggattag taaatacagt actagataga agtaatgtta catacacaca cattatatct    581940
     gaatatatca cacatacatt tatatatgaa aacgtcacat atatacactt gcatgtgaaa    582000
     tgtagtgtat atgatgcatt aggtttaaag ctaagaaaca acctcactag tgtgtacaaa    582060
     taccattatt gaaattcaat attagaacat atttgatatg acatgttgct gtttcatgtg    582120
     tctgagtcac tcatagggtc agagagcact tgactagagt cctgaatggc tttgaatgca    582180
     accacaaggt ggtagtaaat ctcaattgct aaggaatatg cagagagctc acttctgtgt    582240
     atgctgttga tgaaggcttg gggcagaggc aaagcctttt tgtcagtggc tgagtggacg    582300
     actccagagc tagaatcatt actgagaaac aaccaccctc tgataattat aagtcaactg    582360
     ccagtcatca agatctggga agaacaacga agacatttgt tgctagttta tttatgtttt    582420
     tgtgtctata tctcattagt gagttaatat tctagggcca cagaatcatc agtgggcatt    582480
     cctgagacat ctatgggacc actgttttac tcaggatttc tttttttttt tttcttttcc    582540
     attttttatt aggtatttag ctcatttaca tttccaatgc tataccaaaa gtcccccgta    582600
     gccacccacc cccactcccc tacccaccca ctcccccttt ttggccctgg cgttcccctg    582660
     tactggggca tataaagttt gcttgtccaa tgggcctctc tttccagtga tggccgacta    582720
     ggccatcttt tgatacatat gcagctagag tcaagagctc cggggtactg gttagttcat    582780
     aatgttgttc cacctatagg gttgcagatc cctttagttc cttgggtact ttctctagct    582840
     cctccattgg gagccctgtg atccatccat tagctgactg tgagcatcca cttctgtgtt    582900
     tgctaggccc cggcatagtc tcacaagaga cagctacatc tgggtccttt cgataaaatc    582960
     ttgctagtgt atgcaatggt gtcagcgttt ggatgctgat tatggagtgg atccctggat    583020
     atggcagtct ctacatggtc catcctttca tctcagctcc aaactttgtt tctgtaactc    583080
     cttccaaggg tgttttgttc ccacttcttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tggttttttg    583140
     agacagggtt tctctgtata gccctggcta tcctggaact cactttgtag accaggctgg    583200
     ccttgaactc agagatccac ctgcctctgc ctcccgagtg ctgggattaa aggtgtgtgc    583260
     caccacaccc ggcttttgtt cccacttcta aggagggaca tagtgtccac acttcagttt    583320
     tcatttttct tgagtttcat gtgtttagga aattgtatct tatatcttgg gtatcctagg    583380
     ttttgggcta atatccactt atcagtgagt acatattgtg tgagttcctt tgtgaatgtg    583440
     ttacctcact caggatgatg ccctccaggt ccatccattt ggctaggaat ttcataaatt    583500
     cattcttttt aatagctgag tagtactcca ttgtgtagat gtaccacatt ttctgtatcc    583560
     attcctctgt tgaggggcat ctgggttctt tccagcttct ggctattata aataaggctg    583620
     ctatgaacat agtggagcat gtgtccttct taccagttgg ggcatcttct ggatatatgc    583680
     ccaggagagg tattgctgga tcctccggta gtactatgtc caattttctg aggaaccgcc    583740
     agactgattt ccagagtggt tgtacaagcc tgcaatccca ccaacaatgg aagagtgttc    583800
     ctctttctcc acatccacgc cagcatctgc tgttacctga atttttgatc ttagccattc    583860
     tgactggtgt gaggtggaat ctcagggttg ttttgatttg catttccctt actcaggatt    583920
     tctttagtta ctatagacaa acagagtcct ggaagtgatg atgtcacagc ctttctcttc    583980
     tctttccatc tttctggata gggatgagcc aaggtcagca tgtgtaagag ctttctttca    584040
     tcctaagagg ccagaaggat ccagtgccat catcaactgc acttatgtag acagtgcctc    584100
     tctctacttc ccttggtata agcaagaacc tgaaaagcat cctaagctca ccattggcat    584160
     ttgttcagat atggaaagaa aagagaccct aaggattcta ctggataaga aaggcaaaca    584220
     catcataaac agcctgctga ctaagctatg cacttctgtg ccacaagtgc accctgctcc    584280
     acagggacct gcagtccatc tgtcctcaaa tctacaatgg ggcctgaagc accatccgca    584340
     tcctgtacca caggctttcc agtacagcat ttcccagttg ctagttttca agtgccagcg    584400
     ataacgtaga catcaaaaca caaaataaga atgtgagctt caagtcactc aaacaattta    584460
     gaacagtttt ccgcatcctc catcatttaa aacttgaagt aaaatttcac catttccctt    584520
     gctgctgcac atagatatta tcagaggaca gaactcgcta tgctttaggg aagaagagac    584580
     tgtagctgac tcagcccctg attgggcatc tatatcccat accctcctcc ctagactcag    584640
     aggttcccta ggctccttga agaagaggga gtggacaact ataagagtca tacgtggtag    584700
     atgactacaa gaaagcagtg ttttctggac atagcagggt agctgctcat atgaactcag    584760
     agaggttaac agtacaacta agacttgcaa aggatcagac caaacagaat tccatcagga    584820
     aaaggtaagt ggccattccc atctgtttcc ttcaaaagtg cagcttctgg tccatagaca    584880
     tcctccactg atggccacat atccaacagt agatggacag catgagctgt aacacaaacc    584940
     ctgatgtgtt ttgttttaga aagggcttga tgacacagaa ctgggttaga ctggaaagaa    585000
     cagatgaata aaattaaact tcattgcaca acattctcta agagctaata aaacgagaaa    585060
     aagtagataa atttaatcag aggtatattt gagtgtgtat attcttttat gtccactcac    585120
     cacactaagt acggtaggat taaaatgagt cagtaacact agtgatttca gacatccgct    585180
     ggaggcttga gacctgactc ctttgggtga ggtaccaagt ttatttataa tgtgctgtgc    585240
     agacatctgt ggtgcaggtt gaagggaaac cagcagaggg cgctgtccct tcaggtgtgg    585300
     ttaacatctc attcgggtgg tgacttaagg tgacagactc actgtgcaga cagagagagg    585360
     tccttgtctg tgagtgagga gtgtgaggag atcctgcagg aggattgccc tgtgaaattg    585420
     gtgcactcaa ggaccaagtg tcatttcttc cctgaacatg cgtcctgaca cctcctcagt    585480
     tcttgtgctc ctcctaatgc tcagtaagtc acattgtact ctagggttaa tgacgtcatt    585540
     ttcttacaat cctgatagtc tttagtgttc ctcctcacat aaaaaattaa ttcctctctg    585600
     tttacatgtt tatttagttg ctcattcttt tttattattt atttttcagg gaggagcaat    585660
     ggagatggag actccgtgac ccagacagaa ggcctggtca ctctcacaga agggttgcct    585720
     gtgatgctga actgcaccta tcagactatt tactcaaatg ctttcctttt ctggtatgtg    585780
     cactatctca atgaatcccc ttggctactc ctgcggagct ccacagacaa caagaggacc    585840
     gagcaccaag ggttccacgc cactctccat aagagcagca gctccttcca tctgcagaag    585900
     tcctcagcgc agctgtcaga ctctgccctg tactactgtg ctttgagtga cacagtgagg    585960
     gagactgcag gggaagctgc acatgaacca agggtgcagg agggctcagg gggaggccct    586020
     gagagggagg ctatgtgctt tcattaaagc agtgtttccc ttgcttcctg aaaacaccaa    586080
     caaactgcag atcaaattct tacaaatgta ggtatttgtg gttattctga caggatagga    586140
     tggatgtcac tgctagaacc caggatttga cccctagaaa taatgcactc tctctaagtg    586200
     tatgtcctct gccagcaatc atctccagag aaaccctaac atgggattaa gtttgtccaa    586260
     gattctcaca taatcaactg atttaagttt tccaataatc ttctgatatt accctacaaa    586320
     tttataatat atgaagaaca tagactccag ctttcaaagt ctgcttcagt ctcacgactt    586380
     aagttattta cactcttcct ctccaaggtc catggtacag ggagttccac ctcatttcct    586440
     gactcagttt gtctattgct gtgaagagac accatgatca agacaattta caaaaagagc    586500
     attgaattga gggattgatc acagtatcag agggtgaaaa aattgtggtg gggaatgtag    586560
     caatcagtca gtcaggcagt cagtcagtca gtcagtcagg caggcaggca ggcaggcatg    586620
     gatttgaagc agtagctaag ggcttacatt ttatcacaaa caagctgggg tgggggtggg    586680
     ggaacaagag caagaactgg gcctggtttg ggcttcaaga ttccaaagct caccactaat    586740
     aacatgcctc ttctgacaaa agcacacctc atgatccttc ctaaacagtc taccaactga    586800
     gaacaaaaca ttcagatgtt tgagcctgtg gggccattct ctttcaaact accacactcc    586860
     tgacagtctt catttagtga aggtgctcat gaactactgc tgttggagct ttcaggatga    586920
     tggcctgaga gggagctcct gccctccttc cctccttccc tccttccctc cttccctcct    586980
     tccctccttc cctccttccc tccttccctc cttccctcct tccctccttc cctccttccc    587040
     tcctgcccag ctctacacat catgtaggag ggagcttggt cataaagact atctagaaag    587100
     ctctcccatt actgaccact ctcctcttcc attaccttga ttgaatcctg acaacctgtg    587160
     tagtcactca cctgggatgt ggattctcta ataattctta agatgggaaa ggaggccgag    587220
     gctttgattc ttctcaattt tctaaacaaa acgttaattt aaactaaaat ggtctagtat    587280
     tcatatttat ctcttcctaa aggaagaaag acctgaaatt taaataaata aataaataaa    587340
     taaataaata aataaataac acaactgtgg tgtgtcttaa gagagactca gttctaaata    587400
     taaagatcag caaagaagtg tgtgctatct tactggttag ggagcaaaat ggaatgtcaa    587460
     actgcatttc taaactccaa aagctattcc taacggcaca gcacagaaca ggatctctca    587520
     gatgacagct tgttaaaact ggaataaatg ctaaatctaa taaaagcccc agagtcaggc    587580
     aagtgaaccc tcctttcaag ttgttggtca gggggtttca agagcttctt ccaaatgaaa    587640
     tggatgaaat gggctatcac cactgccatt gattgcctca tagaacttga aggtaagacc    587700
     aattttctta ggcctccatg tacttcagac ataggacttg gaggaatata gctagaactg    587760
     acctgaagac tccaccatga agatgagttc tcatagtgta cagaggtgct ctataagact    587820
     ccatgggaac caaacaaatg accaccatgt cattatatcc acaagggtgt aatagcagct    587880
     cttccatatt agaagaaact aatatatgtc ctattagagt taaggcctgc tcaataacaa    587940
     ggaactctgg cccaatactg taaatccagt taaataccca tagctgagaa ggtcatatac    588000
     cctagaggag aacccactac agcttttcct aaatgagtgt agcttctaac tgtgttctaa    588060
     atatttataa ttaacacgga tatgagtgca gttctcgctc ctcatcaaag aactttcatt    588120
     ttgaagcagt tgaagcctct acagtgacaa caactgatca gaaagcagag agtaagtggc    588180
     tgtgaggtct ctagtcccag ttgtggccca gagtctctta tccagatgga ctccaggtat    588240
     ccagcctaga ggtgtgatca catggcagat tcttgagttt taaattgtgt taacaaaagt    588300
     aaaacatttt gaagactgtc cttcaccaaa tacgcctcaa ttccgatttc attcaccagg    588360
     tggtagtgaa gtggccataa acacatccta gacccagcta ggatgcatgg ctgagttggc    588420
     cgtattcatg tggcccatgg tctgtttggt gtgcacatag gtgctgccat catggtttgt    588480
     cagcctctag ctaacactgc tttacattat gagcacttgc ttcctggttc cttaactcaa    588540
     atcaagttgg tttatttcca ggcagtgtct ggtgttggaa tctgtatctc ccttcctccc    588600
     cgcttctaat aagcttttct gctctcactg ttcactgcta ccacactgag ctctctctga    588660
     tctgcccaag gaagattctg tactttgtat gctgcctttc acacaaaatt gcctctctgg    588720
     aggtaaccca atcacaaaag aacacacatg atatgcactc actgataagt ggatattagc    588780
     ccagaagctc agaatacaca agatacaatt tgcaaaaaaa catgaaattc aagaaggaag    588840
     accaaagtgt agatacttca ttccttctta gaagggggaa ctaaatgccc atggaaggag    588900
     ttacacagac aatgtttgga gcagagactg aaggaatgac catccagtga ctgccccacc    588960
     tggggatcca tccaataaat aaccaccaaa cccagatact actgcagatg ccaacaagat    589020
     tttgctgaca gaagcctaat atagctgtct cctgagaggc tctgccagtg cctgacaaat    589080
     tcagaaatgg atgcacacag tcatccattg gatggagcac aaggtcccca gtgaaggagc    589140
     tagagaaagt acccaaggtg cagaagaggt ttgcagcccc atgcgaggaa caacaatatg    589200
     aactaaccag tacccctgga actccctggg actaaaccaa caatcaaaga caacatatga    589260
     tgggactcat ggctctagct gcatatgtag cagaggaggg cctagtcatt catcaatggg    589320
     aggagaggcc tttggtcctg tgaaggttct atgccccagt ataggggaat gccaggaagc    589380
     aggagtgggt gggttgggga acaggggcag tggggaggcg ataggggatt ttcagagagg    589440
     agactaggaa agaagataac atttgaaatg taaataaaga aaatatctat aaaaaatttg    589500
     cctctctgac cccttggtct tgaaaacttt atatgcctca gtacagtgga atgccatggc    589560
     caggaagcag gagtgactgc gttggggagc agggcggggg gaatgtatag cattgagaca    589620
     gcatttgaaa tgtaaatgaa gaaaatatct aataaaaaat tgtttaaaaa tttgcctctc    589680
     tgaatgaaac ctgttaaggt tttcattgat ctcattttga ttgatcacat gcagaaacac    589740
     acacaggaat aagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    589800
     gagagagaga ggtacatatt aacccttgct agagtgaaac ttgtgatact ggacttagaa    589860
     ggcaatgctc ataactcctg cctcctggtg tccatgttct gtatagtctc ctcttgtgtg    589920
     caggacttac aatatgatag gtgacaatca taaattaaat tgaatttatt tatttatttt    589980
     aattttttgt tagatattta cttttttacc tttcaaatgt tgtccccttt gctggtttcc    590040
     cctctgaaaa ctccctatcc cctccaccct ccccctgctt accaacctat ccacacccat    590100
     ttcctggccc tggcattccc ctacaatggg gcatagagcc ttcacaggac caaggacctc    590160
     tcctctcatt gatgaccaac taggccatcc tctactacat gtgcagctaa agccatgagg    590220
     cccaccatga atacttttcg gttggtgatt tagtccctgg gagctctgga ggtattggtt    590280
     agttcatact gttgttcttc ctatggggct gcaaacccct ttagttcctt aggtccattc    590340
     tctagctcct ccattgggga ccctgtgctc agtccaatgg taggctgtga ggatccactt    590400
     ctgtatttgt caggcactgg tggagcatct ccagagacac ctataattgg cttctgtcag    590460
     taagcacttg ttggcatcca caaaagtgtc tttgtttggt gattgtatat gggatggatc    590520
     cccaggtggg gcagtctctc tatggttgtt ccttcagtct ctgctccaca ctttgtctct    590580
     gtaactcctt ccatgggtat ttttgttctc ccttccaaga aggattgaaa tatccacact    590640
     ttggtcttcc ttctttttga gtttcatgag gtttgtgaat tgtatcttgt ttattccgag    590700
     cttctgggct aatatccact aatcagtgag tatatacgat gtgtgctctt ttgtgattgg    590760
     gttacctcac tcaggatggt attttgtagt tccatatatt tgcctaaaaa tttcataaat    590820
     tcattgactt taatagctga gttttatgcc attgtgaaaa tgtaccatat tttctgtatc    590880
     cattcatctg ttagggggca tctgagtttt tccaggacct gggtgttata aataaggctg    590940
     tgatgaacgt agtggagcat gtgtgcttat tacatgttgg agcatattct gggtatatga    591000
     ccagaagtgg tattagtggg tcttcaggta gtattatgtc caattttctg aggaaccacc    591060
     agactgactt ccacactggt tgtaccagtt tgcaatccca ccagtaatgg aggagtgttc    591120
     ctctttctcc acaaacttgc tagcatctgc tgtcacctga gtttttaatc ttagccattc    591180
     tgactggtgt gaggtggaat ctcagggttg ttttgctttg catttttctg atgactaagg    591240
     atgttgaaca tttctttagg tacttctcaa ccatttggta ttcctcagtt gagaattctt    591300
     tgtttagctc tgtaccatat tttttaaatt gggttttttt ttattctaac ttcctgagtt    591360
     ctttgtatat cttagatact agccctctat cagatgtagg actggtcata atcttttcca    591420
     aacctgttgg tggccttttt gtcttattga cagtgtcctt tgccttacag aagctttgca    591480
     atttcttggg gtcctatttg tcaattattg atcttacaac ataagccatt ggtgttctgt    591540
     tcaagaattt ttcccctgtg cccatatgtt cgaggctctt cgccaatttt acctctttaa    591600
     gtttcagtat atctggtttt atgtggaggt ccttgatcta cttggacctg agctttgtac    591660
     aaggagataa gaatggatca attcacattc ttctacatgc taactgccag ttgagcaagc    591720
     agcatttgtt gaaaatactt ttttttcact ggatggtttt agctctttcg tcaaagatta    591780
     agtgacaata ggtgtgtggg ttcatttctg ggcttcaatt ctattccatt gatctacctg    591840
     tctgtcactg ttccaatacc atgcagttgt tttgttgttg ttgttgttgt tgttgttttg    591900
     ttttgtttta ttttgtttca caattgctct gtagtacagc ttgaggtcac acatggtgat    591960
     tccaccagag gttcttttat tgttgagaat agtttttgct atcctaaggt ttttgttatt    592020
     ccagatgaat ttgcaaattg ctctttctaa ctcaatgaag agttgagttg gaattttgat    592080
     ggggattgca tcgaatctgt agattgcttt cagcaagttg gccattttta ctatattaat    592140
     cctgccaacc aatgagcatg ggagcatctt ctgagatctt tgatttcttt cttcagagac    592200
     ttgaagttct tatcatacag atctttctct tgcttagtta gagtcttacc aaggtacttt    592260
     atattgtttg tggctatttt ggagggtgtt gttttcctaa tttctttctc agcctgttta    592320
     tcctttgtgt atagaaaggc cactttatcc tttgtttatc ctttgtttgg gttaatttta    592380
     tatccagcta tttcactgaa gttgtttatt aagtttagga gtttgctgat ggactttttg    592440
     gggtcactta catatactat catactatct gcaaatagtg atattttgac ttcttctttt    592500
     caaatttgta tcccttctat ctccttttgc tgtttaattg ctctagctag gacttcaagt    592560
     actatattca taagtaggga gagagtgggc agccttgtct agtccctgat tttagtgaga    592620
     ttgctttaag tttctctcca tttagtttga tgttggcttt ctgtttgctg tatattgctt    592680
     ttactatgtt taggtatggg ccttgaattc ctgatatttc caagccttta aaatgaacgg    592740
     gtattgtatt ttgtcaaatg ctttctcggc atctaataag atgatcatat tttttccttt    592800
     gagtttgttt atatagtgga ttactttgat ggattttcat atattgaacc atcccggcat    592860
     ccctgggatg aagccttctt gatcatgatg gatgtttgtt ttgttgtgtt cttggaatcg    592920
     agtgcaagaa ttttattgag tatttttgca tggatattca taagggaaat tggtctgaag    592980
     ttctctatct ttgttgggcc tttgtgtggt ttaggtatca gagtaattgt ggcttcatag    593040
     aatgaattgg gtagagtacc ttctgtttct atattgtggg atactttgag tagtattggt    593100
     attaggtctt ccttgaagcc ctgatggaac tctgcactaa accctactgg tcctgggctt    593160
     ttttgggttg gaagactatt aatgagtgtt tctatttctt tagaggatat gggactgctt    593220
     acatcgttaa tctgatcctg attaaatttg gtacttggca tctgtttaga aatttatcca    593280
     tttaatccag attttccatt tttttttttt tgagtatagg cttttatagt aggatctgtt    593340
     gttttttgga tttcctagga ttctgttgtt atgtctttgt ttccatttct gattttgtta    593400
     attaagatgc tgtctctgtg ccctctagtt agcctatcta atggtttatc tattttgttg    593460
     attttcttta aaaaaaaaaa aagaaagaaa gaaaaagaaa aagaaaaaga aaacagctcc    593520
     ttgtttggtt gattttttgt atacttcttt ttgtttccac ttggttgatt tcagccctga    593580
     gtttatttcc tgctgtctac tcctcttgga tgtatttgct tgtttttgtt ctagaacttt    593640
     cagatgtatt gccaaactgt tagtgtatgt tctctccggt tttttttttt tgttgttgtt    593700
     tgtttgtttg tttttttttg gaggcactca gagctatgag ttttcctctt aggactgctt    593760
     tcattgtgtc ccataagttt gggtatgttg cagcttcaat ttcattaaag tctttaattt    593820
     ctttcttatt tcttccttga ccaagttatc attgaataga atgtttagct tccacgtgtg    593880
     tgggggcttt ctattgttta tattgttatt aaagaccagc cttagaccgt ggtgatttga    593940
     taggatgcat ggaattattt caatcttctt gtatctgttg aggcctgttt tgtgaccaat    594000
     tatatggtta atttcggaaa aggtaccatg agatgttgag aagaaggtat atccttttgt    594060
     tttaggataa aatgttctgt agatatctga taaatccatt tgtttcataa cttctgttag    594120
     tttcactgtg tctctgttta gtttctgttt ccatgatctg tccattgctg agaatggggt    594180
     cttgaactct cccactatta ttgtgtgttc tttgagcttt agtaaagttt cttttatgac    594240
     tgtgggtgca ttaggaacat agatattcag aatagagagg tcttcttgga agatttttcc    594300
     tttgatgagt atgaagtgta cttccttatc ttttttgata actttagatt ggaagttgat    594360
     cttattcaat attagactgg ctactccagc ttgtttcttg ggaccatttg tttggaaaat    594420
     tgttttccca ccttttattc tgaggtagca tctgtctctg tcactgaggt gggtttcctg    594480
     tatgcaacta aatgttgggt cctgtttatg tagccagtct gttagtctat gtctttttat    594540
     tgagaaatta agtccattga tattaagaga tattaaggaa gaaagattgt tgcttcttgt    594600
     tatttttgtt gttagagttg gaattatgtt tttttgtggt tatcttcttt ttggtttgtt    594660
     aaaaagaaga ttattttctt gcttttttaa tgtgtagttt ccctccttgt gttggagttt    594720
     tccatttatt atcctttgaa gggcgttgaa aggtcaaggc actgtataag taactaagtc    594780
     tttcatcact ttaccttttg gagatttgtg gagagatatt gtataaattt gtttttgttg    594840
     tggaatatct tggtttctcc atctatagtt attgagagtt ttgctgggta tagtagcctg    594900
     ggctggcatt tgtcttctct tagggtctgt atgacatctg ctcaggatct tctggctttt    594960
     ataatttctg gtgagaagtc tggtgtaatt ctaagaggtc tgcctttata tgttgcttga    595020
     ccttttctcc tgactgctat taatattctt tctttatttt gtacatctgg tgttttgatt    595080
     actatgtgtc tggaggaatt tcttttctgg tacagtctat ttggagttct taggcttctt    595140
     gtatgttcat gggcacctct ttgtttaggt tagggaagtt ttattctata attttttgaa    595200
     ggtatttact ggccctttaa cttgggaatc ttccctcttt tctataccta ctatccttag    595260
     gttttgtctc cacattctgt cctggatttc ctggatattt tgatcttttt gcattttgca    595320
     ttttctttga ttgttgttca tcctgtgagt ctgtaagcct gtgtccacac tccttggaga    595380
     acaggtctct cctggcagga cccatgcaca gagggctgtg gaacaccctc agctcacagg    595440
     ggcagatggc agactggaag gatcctttcc catctgttcc actgatcttg tgccctgtgt    595500
     gctcctagcc tgcttcactc cacagagtta ttggagagaa agtgcttaca ttgaatttat    595560
     aagaaaggcc aaggcactgt acaagtaact aagtctttca tcactttacc ttttgttgat    595620
     gtaactttga gttcaccaag gtgaagattg ccactgctgg gcttgttatt ttacatgtat    595680
     tttcacaatg tttatttgaa tatatatgtc ttaattcact tgttcatatg gagacacatc    595740
     tgcaacattc ttagccacac caaccacatc tttttctcag gtattttgat ggcataatgt    595800
     agaactctag gaactacttg gtgcccgaat tctacgatcc tggctcttgt tttgaaatgg    595860
     gtagagatgc tgtaatttta tcactctaaa atatttctct cccattttag ttcataactt    595920
     tattttctta tctttaaaaa ctcacaaact ttatacttag aaagcgtaaa cctttctctg    595980
     tgaataatca acaatccttc taattcacca tcagaaggca gcaaggatag tggaaagtct    596040
     actgcacctg tgaacttctt atttctcagt tgagtctctt gaggacattc ccttctaaaa    596100
     agtaaatggc tttcccatag attagaatta actcaaggaa accttccatc tctgtccaac    596160
     cgcgccatcc tcctctcatc ttaagtcccc tcttcccttg gcatatttaa ctttatacta    596220
     cctgtgcttg actaccctgt atcttagtct taagctcatt ctccttgtct tactgaccca    596280
     ttttagtttg ctggcttttg gagggtgagt gggataattg tgtgtctgga aggagttgta    596340
     ggaggagtag ggtggtggtg gtttatatgg tcttcatata ttatgttcag gtataacatt    596400
     actaaatact tatttttaaa acctcctcca ctttaggtaa acgttctggt agagacaggc    596460
     taagggagag aaagtgtctc ttcctcaatg tctctccaat gttattagga tgaaggtatc    596520
     taaacctcct taagcttaga gcaagctctg tctacctctc ctactcttca ggctttattt    596580
     gcttcctggg aatctctcag gaaggagtga gatgctttca gctcatcttg gtgaccttgt    596640
     tgtgcatcct gaagctttga cagccctatg agtgtcactc tacttcagtt catcttcaca    596700
     gaaagaacac tgtgtggctt cactctgaac agagaccctt ctgtggctga gttccccaca    596760
     cagcactgat gaggatgcag agcccaggtg taccccagcc tgatggctgc atctgtgcat    596820
     gtgcagcagc tgctctggag ctgaggggca gctgctcatc ccttgtccct cagggtcctt    596880
     ccctccctgt gtgagaccct cacctgcatc tgcagtgttt cctgaagctc acacagaaag    596940
     tcagcttgtc tcaggcatgg ggggctttca gattcagaag ggtaaacatc tctctacctg    597000
     aggatcccct gacaatggaa ctgagggagc tggatgctcc tctgccctga gtcacaagtg    597060
     cagaggtgga cacaaagtgg gccttgcaga gcaagagacc agggtcccag cctcaggcat    597120
     cttttaggga gttggcatgt tcctaaaggc aacactcaga gaaagtggaa tttgcggaag    597180
     tgcttcattc ctgtggaata aaccttagct gctatttagt tgtgtcttgt tgggaaaatc    597240
     tgattcttga agaacatttt taaccaagag taaaattgta caaaattaca ctactgaatt    597300
     ctgaacaaac tagaggtcat taattgtttt aataccataa gacacaaata cagacttaga    597360
     tgtcataagg ttggttgtga gctatttttg agatgattgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    597420
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtttca ttgctcatct catttctcaa gtaaccttca tggtaaaatt    597480
     ttaaactgca ttcctctgtt gttatgagtg caagcctgtg gtttcctgca gtcagcatgt    597540
     gtaccagcac accatcactc tggaatgcag aagccctgca ttggtttttc ccagtgcatt    597600
     tctttcttat ggggtcatat ttttcaacag catttagaac acacctgtta caggagtgtc    597660
     cctctttaaa actgcattcc aaagctagga aaccattaca ctcatgctgt atctttatgt    597720
     tcctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctcttt ctttcattca    597780
     ttttcttact gcagtgattt cccttaaatt atttcacagt gaagattgtt tttggaaggt    597840
     gtgagaggga gtctatgtca atgtctggca cctgtgtaca ggttttcagg aagacagaag    597900
     agagcatccg agtccctgga gctggagtta caggcagctg tgaggcacct gatgcagata    597960
     ttaggaggga cctaaggtcc tgcaagaaca acaagcaccc ttatctgctg agccaccttt    598020
     caggctccag ttcagggtct tttgtgagaa caggcacctg tttcctgaca gttgtttctc    598080
     cgagttgccg ggctcctgtg tagccgaggg atattctctt tggatgcttc tggtccttcc    598140
     tctcctgctc ctggtttcct aaccgcatac aacccaaggg tcatctcaaa atgtccccct    598200
     cccctcactg ttctctaccc aatctctcag ccaggtcttg catgggagga gcttcaggct    598260
     ctaaaggctg agagggaact cagcagggtg tggccagaca gggttcctgg gtggagctga    598320
     ctagttgtag aagaaggagg ggacacttca gcagccaccc tgacaccaca gcccagggac    598380
     tggttacttg cttctgtctc cagcagccac acaagcacca tgaagaggct gctgtgttct    598440
     ctgctggggc ttctgtgcac ccaggtttgc tgtgagtctg ggtgtccgca ttcagggcac    598500
     ctgagaggat ctggctcagc acatggaggg gtggggagag cagctcagga gtcctgtaga    598560
     gctcccacct tctcagaggc catgggtgtg ctcagggctc tgtggacact gcagtgacag    598620
     ccatctgtgc ctctttctct gtttctaatc aggggtgaaa ggacagcaag tgcagcagag    598680
     tcccgcatcc ttggttctgc aggaggggga gaacgcagag ctgcagtgta acttttcctc    598740
     cacagcaacc cggctgcagt ggttttacca acatcctggg ggaagactcg tcagcctgtt    598800
     ctacaatcct tctgggacaa agcacactgg aagactgaca tccaccacag tcactaacga    598860
     acgtcgcggc tctttgcaca tttcctcctc ccagacaaca gactcaggca cttatttctg    598920
     tgctatagat ccacagtgct ccccacacac ctgcagcctg tacacaaacc tacagctggg    598980
     tgggcgagtc ccttacaagt cacaagaaat caggaagccc caaagaacat ctccctggct    599040
     taatatccct ttcttgtatt tgtagagttt taacttcagg taagctttgg cgtagtagat    599100
     tcaggacttg ggtctttatc ttcatttctc aatacatagt tcttcctgag acataaatgt    599160
     ccattctaga actagaagct ggcaggagga ttgaatcaag gtgatcattt aagcagtctg    599220
     tgcagaaaag gctgctgagc tctctgctgg ggctcctgtg ctgtgagtct ttgaggtttg    599280
     tgaggtttgc tgtgagtctg gctgtcagca ttcagggcac ctgagagaat ctggctcagg    599340
     acatggaggg gtggggagag cagctcagga gtcctgcaga gctcccacct tctcagagga    599400
     catgggtgtg ctcagggctc tgtggacact gcagtgacag ccatctgtat ctctttctct    599460
     gtttctaatc aggggtgaaa gggcaagaag tggtgaagag aaaaggaatg gaacgtaaag    599520
     gcaggtaccc aggtagaact tctgtggacg gggtcagggt tagggcgaag aaactgaact    599580
     gcagtaacaa gatgaagcca tgtaagccac aggatgtaca catcgctgga tgctctagcg    599640
     ttcttcctgc tgctgtgcta aaatactctg agaaaaaaaa gcagcttaga gggtgaaaga    599700
     atgtattaag tttttacttc caggtcatag ttcatcaatg gtggtaaccg aggccggaac    599760
     tcaaacagga gattcaaaca gaaaccatgg agaaagtctg ttcttagctc actcacagac    599820
     tcatccttaa ttagcttcct tacacaaacc tggaccacta tctcacagaa tggtggcatc    599880
     cacagtgtgc aggtctccat ttaatacact aaaaaatgct gctgggagat ttagtgctat    599940
     tttattaaat ttatagaaaa ctttaggcta tattgaagct attgactctt ctaatttatt    600000
     atttattatt attttttcat tcatttaatt ttacttgtca ttgccttgag cttttcgaag    600060
     cagacatctg aacatcttta aaaaaaataa agaggctata aagtatgaaa aagttctcaa    600120
     acagatattg ttattagaac aatatatata gcactatata tatatatgta tatatagaga    600180
     gagtttaaat aactttaaat agaatatttt gaaagccttt acaacttgat aaaagataat    600240
     gattgactcc ttctataatg agcaaattga gcagactctc taaatgaaag tgtctgggat    600300
     aaggacaaat acttagaatg cagttaggga ttgtctggtt tagaacagtg gtggttgtag    600360
     ggtctccatg actttactag aagatggagg ccagtgcaga aaaccacaac aaatcaaggt    600420
     gcagcgctgc ggagcctagt tacagtagat atgtctactg tacaacccct cctcctgcta    600480
     aggctcagga aacactgaag aagacaggag gaaagatggc aagagccaga gggtcagggt    600540
     gttgctgcgt aattgtgtct cctaggaaag ttggaagttg cacagatgag gtctcaccaa    600600
     catatctcct caatgtgagc tgaaatacaa cagcaaaagt gaagggggaa agcacacgta    600660
     gtcctaatct tagacaatga actactggaa accaaggatg ctgatggtgg ggaaatagtc    600720
     tttccctgag ataagcacac caaatggtta tccaatactg attggtccat cctgagaaca    600780
     tgcatactag taacacgata tagaccgaac aagttgctgt attcatgcct ttatgaataa    600840
     acatgtatac gcatatatat gaaacaacaa tcaatgaaaa tggaggtcat aaattggaaa    600900
     gaacaaggat aaatagatgg ggagcttggg gaagagggaa aggaaggggg gttgatgtga    600960
     ttgtatgtaa tccccaaact aagagaaaca taaaaattag tggaaaaagt atgcttatgg    601020
     tttaataatc atcatttgta caagtggtct gtataagagg taaataaaat ataactcatg    601080
     tcattcaacc atttatttat tttataatgg tttaatataa gtaatatgca ttttcatttt    601140
     ttcatgtctt atgaatggct accctcattt tccagaagta agtggcttta tgcaagatag    601200
     aaagatgggg actcatgatg gtgcatggag aaaaagctgg aagggcagga aagcaaacca    601260
     tcctatagct aaccttaaca tagactaaat ctctctcctt ctcaaaatac tgtccccaga    601320
     gaaatagtca atgcatttcc ttaaggcctg ggcctttaag ctcaggaaac tgctgagtga    601380
     agaccttcca atgtggccac aggggggcag tgctgcttca gacagcttaa gcctctggct    601440
     cttctgccta ctcctcagaa agcggtggtt taaattgcct aaaataagta aagtcttatc    601500
     tcctaagttg cctaaattaa ttacagatca aatccatgta tctatctagt cctttaccta    601560
     tattatatct gttcatcctt gggcgatagt gttgataatt aggaatttac aagtgaacac    601620
     tgtgaagatg catgctatcc ttcaaggcca cattaacttc tctaatgtac atttctaagg    601680
     ttgtcaccca catgtggtcc ctctcctgcc tcactgatgt aacctgtgcc tggaattatg    601740
     ttacatgtcc ttcccactgg gaaatctgct catcgctgga agtcagttca aacttctcct    601800
     ccatcaggat ctgctctggt cgggaaatag tgtccacacc ctctccttca tcattgtgtc    601860
     taggcacaca agtggctttg gtagtcttca gctttctgtt cctgagtgct gagactagct    601920
     taaagactgg aacggtgcct gtcgggaaag acactgaaac acaacccaca cagtaggaag    601980
     ttaaacactc aataagtgca tagcacttct tcctcatcct tgtttgattt ttttttcagt    602040
     ttttaagtct ctatattcag tcacagtctt aaaatatcca atgaagaact tagaaatagt    602100
     cagtaaattt gttttaaatc acccactctt tctggcagta tcagagatcc ctgacctatc    602160
     cagtaaggac gaagtttcca tgtcaatatt ggcttaattt atccaagttc tatgattcac    602220
     ttatgtgata tcttcagcaa ctagaacttc ccatcaaatt ctggagggta accaagaaca    602280
     tttttaatgt cctataatgt ttgatagggg tcaccaatgg ctctacacta gccaatagca    602340
     gagttctggc tatttttgtc aaattgatgc caagtagagg tactcagaaa gagatagcct    602400
     cagtgaagga gttgttcccc ttagattgac atgtgaacat gctatggagg tatgttcttc    602460
     atgcttgata taggaggggc cattccactt tcagcagagc catcctggac agatgggcct    602520
     gggttgtgtt agaaatcaag ctgagtgggc catggagtga aagccattgc tcctccattt    602580
     tctctgcttc agatcctgcc ctaaccatcc tcagtgctgg gttgtaatgt aggactggtg    602640
     agatgtaata accgctttgt tattttgggt cagagtttca tcactgcagc aggaagtaat    602700
     taatacagaa attgattcca gggacatgag ggcgttgctg tgatgaacct gaccatgctg    602760
     ccttttggga agattgtggc agtgttttag tatttggact tagaaaaacc actgagtact    602820
     cagaatttag tgagctcttc tgctcggagg ttagaacata agaatgttgt gagacaatgt    602880
     aggcttggct tgggaaatat aaaagagaag aaagaactct accagaactg tggattggac    602940
     actttgaatt aagaatctgt gcaaatgaaa cggctacttt attgggacga ttgatcctga    603000
     ttagcagggg ctgagagtca tctgtaatga atttgggatt agattaattg aagcaaatct    603060
     tcttggaatt atctcctaag gttccatgcg cagaaactat ggtctgggga gatcagggct    603120
     tcaactgtaa aaccaacttg accatgtgta agagtctcac gtatgataca ggttttgcag    603180
     agcagaagct gcaggactga agggaacgtg ggagaagcta aggctaggca ccagggattt    603240
     gctttgtctg atttaaatgt actctgcttc ttaccacttg gaataaaatg tttgtaactt    603300
     gttttggatt ttacaggaac acagtagtag aggactttag atattaaaaa gattttgaaa    603360
     aggtctttga aatttttaag agactgatta tttaaaagtt atattttgtt ttatgttgtg    603420
     atactaaagt gagaacttgg ggatcaacaa gaaaggaaag attatggttt aataatgttg    603480
     tttttatgta tcaggttgac aagcggtaag ttgtgatgga taagttttgt caacacttat    603540
     gtgtatctct atatgtgtgc tttatttata atatcatgtc cttcaatacc atccatgcaa    603600
     taccatctgt gttcctacag atgttgtgag ttcatatttc ctcgtggatg aatatattac    603660
     tctgttattt taggtacaag attttctcca ttcatcagta gacaggtggt acattggttg    603720
     cacctacatt ttggcaatgg ttaattgtgc taaaataaat gtgcatatac agatatctct    603780
     cttatatgat gacctcagct cccctagata aatgtccata tatggtatta gctggatcat    603840
     tgatctatct tccttccttc cttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct tccttccttt    603900
     ccccctcttt cttgcttatt ttctttcatt cattcatact gctcttcttg gtagctatat    603960
     caacacatat ttctaccaac agtgtataat gataaaatta taaggaaggg atttctgatt    604020
     ctcatttgct atttcagtga tactaagttt gaacagagca ggaagtgctt cctatgtcag    604080
     aaagagcttc agacaaagca tctgtgaagg gtggagcctg ctcagagagc tgaggtgcct    604140
     gtgaagttgg agtcagtgtc tgtgggagac aaaaggccac agagtttctc ccaaacttca    604200
     gtctaggagg aatggacaag atcctgacag catcatgttt actcctaggc cttcacctag    604260
     ctggtgagtc acgaaggaga aacccgagga tgtgggatta atatagaggc atgagagact    604320
     tggggcacca ggcaagtcat gttatctaag caggaagtac gttcctggga acctaacaac    604380
     agttgttatt tctacacagg ggtgagtggc cagcagaagg agaaaagtga ccagcagcag    604440
     gtgagacaaa gtccccaatc tctgacagtc tgggaaggag agaccacaat tctgaactgc    604500
     agttatgagg acagcacttt tgactacttc ccatggtacc ggcagttccc tgggaaaagc    604560
     cctgcactcc tgatagccat aagtttggtg tccaataaaa aggaagatgg acgattcaca    604620
     atcttcttca ataaaaggga gaaaaagctc tccttgcaca tcacagactc tcagcctgga    604680
     gactcagcca cctacttctg tgcagcaagt gcacagtgct ctccaggcac ctgcagccca    604740
     tacccaaacc tgcagctgag gctccagcaa agccctgctg tgggctgagc ctggcagaga    604800
     tgcaggggag ttttcatttg cagcagcagg tgaagggtca ctcagtgagt gtaaggatta    604860
     gaccattggg ccaaagacag tccaagctgg agtcacagct tgctttcccc agtctccctt    604920
     tgcagctgga gttttacatc tatttcctta actagtttag atgaattgct ttccagagtg    604980
     gttgtaaaaa tagttctctg tgcggttggt ttgtggcaac tgtatattat tgaggcccta    605040
     tctccctgca ctcttgtcaa cagcattatg aatgtgaggt cattacagtc cagcattagg    605100
     agaccttgac tttggcttct ggaatagaaa tcacacagat ttttctttta ccttaatttc    605160
     ctctgatgac cagggaagca gtgattcaca tgaccactga cctcctcttt tttgcctctc    605220
     acatcctcct ttaccttcaa gaaattcaag tatgtaaata aagcaggagg tattcacaag    605280
     gatgcagtca cgtctacagt agacaaatga catcagtgga caaggaagaa ttcaatttcc    605340
     tcatagaatg aaaatacata acctaaagaa agaaatcact aaattcacaa tcttcactaa    605400
     agatatcact tcacatatgt atttaataga tgaataaaat ataaaataga tgtaaaattt    605460
     ctatcaaata aaagcagctg ccatctttat ggccatccac aatgcacaga attgaaaagg    605520
     ggcctctcat cacataacac tttgcaagag ttactcgttc agttcatttc taatggaaaa    605580
     actttaattg tctttaagtt taaatatttt cttgctacag agttgatggt tgtggtagcc    605640
     ctaaactacc taggaagtca agtcaggagg aatgtttgag cctaggattg gggatctaga    605700
     ctgaacaaca tggtggaaca ctgtctcagg gaaacaaaat gagcaaaagc actgtggaag    605760
     atatttaatt taagaatgtg aagcctataa gctctttctt gtccacagtg aatagatttt    605820
     ccagtatcaa aaaggggaag ttaaaaggaa aataaagtca gttggccttt agcataggag    605880
     atatacctca aaataccagt aggcgatctc cccatgtcct tcaaaatatt ctatcctttc    605940
     acattttaaa ctagtgtcga aaattagaaa tagtatttgt atctgattgg ggtaggattc    606000
     attgaatgca aacactaagc ttagaagtca gcaggagagt gaaggcatat ttaaggatgc    606060
     agaacagaga gtttggaaac tctgggtacc tcaagacaga accctgagct tcctcgggaa    606120
     tgaaaggctg gaagttattt aaagagagct gagagacagt tacgacaggg tgatggacaa    606180
     taacataata atcaacactt cggtgtcttc ctgtggtggg caagcagaaa tgtgcttttg    606240
     gagtttgagg tttgacataa gctcctttgc cagatgcatt tttggcatgc attcaaggtg    606300
     gggaatgtct ccatgccttt ggtgtctgaa gacagaaatg ttattttggg caatgctcac    606360
     aaagtcatgg ttttgtgaga gaaagatcat ttagagaggg gctttgtttt tactgaaaac    606420
     tgtagtaata actgtagaac agcatcaact atggccatgc tcctgcgaca ctgagtggca    606480
     tcactgaaca tctggatgca gaagctcctc actctcgtgc ctctccttct ccagactcct    606540
     gccaagctta cctcggagct gtgccatcgg ataagcctgt gttggagcca ctggctctcc    606600
     aggacccaac cggacagttc agtctcacaa atctgttttg attttatttt tctgtgatga    606660
     tgttctgtgg atgtgaattc ccagtggttt ggagtaagga ggaaggaagg gtaaggattt    606720
     ctggtttgtc tctgcaggga agccaggatt ggtgatcacg tttcaccttc agccagactg    606780
     cagtcagaac agttgaaagt tgagtgtgaa aaagtttaac ataaaaacat aaaaactagg    606840
     cctttaggcc caggcttgat aatgtgccct ttgtgactca atgctccaag gcatgctaat    606900
     cataaaacag agagtggcat tcctccaccc acccgcttat tgggttcagg gagtgttcgt    606960
     tcaaaaaaaa gtcaccctga ccactcctgg aacccgctag gcaaatgtgc tattgttaga    607020
     ggctcacaga aactgtcttg agaaataacc acacaattac caggtattat tccttgtgac    607080
     tcttgtgact tccactctct tgtgactctt aactggtatt tttggtattt tccaacaatg    607140
     ccctccccac ccccttgagt tgtggttttt acctttaaat acccccttac ccagctactc    607200
     ggggcgacac ggtcctctaa ccctgtgtgg tgtacgaatg tgggccccag agtgcacctg    607260
     gaataaaagt cctcttgtgg tttgcaacaa gactgtttct tgtgagtgat ttggggtgtt    607320
     ccctcccctg agtcagaacg tgggggagtc ctcacactgt gagtatttca agtgaacata    607380
     agcaatagca taggaactca tgctctcttc ccaacttccc tttccagacc accaccttcc    607440
     tgttctcgat ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctcc    607500
     cccatttcaa aaaaaaaaaa aacaaaataa aacataaccc actccaaaca acaaaaacga    607560
     aacccacaaa ataaaaacca aaccaaccaa ccaaacacgc cagtaaaatt taaacatgcc    607620
     aaagagtaaa actgacctgg cagaagttac aggaggggaa aacttgaata aatatactgt    607680
     atgaacaaaa gtgttgatta aaaggaagaa gttattacaa ttggttcctg gagctgaaga    607740
     aaaccacttt tcttgataca gtgtcattga gtatgtcaac catgacaaca ctgaggtctc    607800
     ctaactccat tttgctttgg tttttacagt tctcagtcac atctgccttg gcaacacact    607860
     ggtaatctct ataaccctgc ccttggtcca gacatattaa tcaaaacaat tgatgtttat    607920
     tctgactaaa tatgaactaa aataattgaa gacagtgtaa gacaaaaatt aaatgttatg    607980
     ttgggcctga aatacctact ctgttctgtc aaaatgaaag ttacaaagtt attaagaggc    608040
     taaatgagca ttgatataac tttggttttt gtgcttttta caaaaatgct gtacgcctga    608100
     cctttgacac caagaggcac tgagacatta ccattttatt ggtcagtggc caaaaaaatg    608160
     aaagcactct tataaccttg attaccctaa ctagcatggt agtatgcatt ccaaccatac    608220
     tccaggctag gacccctgca caggtggagt tcactaacac gtaatagagc ccatgtactc    608280
     tctctgcttt gttttgtttg tctgtcttgt cttgttttgc tgtgtttttg tcttttttct    608340
     gttttttaat ctattagatt tttttaaaat aattgttttg agagagatct catggacttg    608400
     ggttaggtag gggtggggaa gatttgagag gtgttgggtt aggggaaaga atatgactaa    608460
     aaatattgca tgaaaaactt gtcttatgaa gcaataaata aaaataaaaa gaatgactac    608520
     tgttttgttc tgagaaggcc cctgaggact tattacagat cacaggttga tttattaact    608580
     ttgacattat gatattattt ttattttaat taaaacatat ttacctcatt ttcccattct    608640
     ctttcatccc tgaaacacct tttgtgccct ctacttccag cttcacctaa actttccaaa    608700
     attaacttca aattcatggc cactttctat tattctttta gacatacata catacacaca    608760
     cacacacctt gagcgtgtgc acatgactat atagatataa cctattgagt ctggtgttgc    608820
     tttgtgtcca tctgatttct gtgctgacca cttggtactg tagtattcat caagggttct    608880
     tccctggggg tgtccatttg tccctgtcag cagtacttag tcctttgtag ttctttgtct    608940
     atggatggtg ccccatgaca tctaccatat ctattggcac catcactgtt caggacttgt    609000
     tatgtagtct gttgtggtat caaccaagag cttgcttccc tgtcatttct agcagacagt    609060
     cttgcagccg acttcctggt cttctctctc ttacattttc ttgctgcctt cctttctctg    609120
     gtgttttctg agcattcagt gcagaagtct tgttgcagat gtatttgagg agctgaccat    609180
     cccatgatgg cttgttctct atattttgac caggggtggt ttcctataac agtctccaac    609240
     tgctgcaaag gaaaacttcc ttgggagtca ggagaactac aattactcgt aggcgtaagg    609300
     aggagtattt agactatagt taaaaaaggt ttctggttta gtaagtggca agagtaggtt    609360
     ctcctttaag acccataatg gcatgaggtc tgaatagtca tctacctttt aatgccaagt    609420
     ctgatttccc tcttgttgat tgggccatta gtcccactag agaggtgctg gttacaacca    609480
     agttattact gccaccattg cacctttgta agtaccttac agggttgttc actaatgtgg    609540
     ttcatacgga tcacatcaag atagaactat tgatggcctc cccgctttgg caactggagt    609600
     agcaccttct gatattataa aaattagtgg tcaactgaga ttttcaggtt agatccagtt    609660
     caagtcttcc aagtcctatt gccaatgtgc atggtacctt caataagggc ttaccttcaa    609720
     tctctgggat ccaagggcaa aaggaatagc cagcactctt cctagagcct cttggattct    609780
     catgatcaac atatggaaag aagtttctca tgcctagcat ttggtttctt attagatgat    609840
     ctgtctcttg acaccctgag tggggtaact tcattacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    609900
     cacacacaca cagtaatcca ggtaaacatg aaacaataag tatctttaag agcattttga    609960
     aaatcctcat tggtatttat cttctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    610020
     cttctgtatt gaacttcttc cccacttctg aactaagaac atcattatcc caattttcct    610080
     gaattaactt tttaaaattt tttttgaata ttaagctcta ttatttttta aaaattttat    610140
     ttatttattt atttatttat ttatttatct atttaatgtt agtagccaca tctgtgtgag    610200
     tatacaaaga ctgtgaatat acagggttag tcacatctgt gtgcatgcga aggccagtag    610260
     attgtattca atacatcaag gttagagttt gagtttttac aggtcactta gcttgtcaaa    610320
     tgggtcctgg gagctgagct tctgccttta tcattagcag ctagtgcttt tccctgttga    610380
     gctatctctc taccaacctt aagctttatt ttcactagga agtattgtct gtcaataaat    610440
     cacaaggaaa gacaaagcag catttagaat gagactgatt gtccagccca ggactcaaac    610500
     ccaatgtact ccaaagacac atctcagaag ttggggctat gcaggagaag agcaggcacc    610560
     tgctctgtgg agaaggagag gaggggcaga ggtgtgccat tctgagctcc ccaggctgct    610620
     gtagctccca tggtctcctg ctaactacag agactgcagt ctagggcatg tgctctcagt    610680
     agtgaaatgg acagaggaat atacctcaga taccagacag tagtccctga tatacttgcc    610740
     tataggtcat ttgatctcat agagaggcct ggagctcttt cagagacctt gtttgtattt    610800
     attctttcga ttgcctcttg cattattttc attcattcat tcattggatt aacaactgca    610860
     agtagaagat gaagaactac attcaaaata tgatacagca gtacacaaaa attcaaccac    610920
     caactcactt ggcattaaca tgtccctaaa tgtagacagt ttatgagtgt catggacacg    610980
     taatagacga gtcacagaga gacctggcaa gcttattatg agaccgtttt gtaaattgca    611040
     aatacacaga atttaacaaa tgagactgaa tacttcatag cagtgggata gaaacttcaa    611100
     aggcatgcaa taagtatagt gatctgtgtg gacagaacag aacatatctt ctgaataaaa    611160
     cttgatgtta gacttttaaa acctaaatag tttctgtagc agtgggtttt aaaattggta    611220
     taacatcagt ctatctattc tctctccctc tccctctccc tctccctctc cctctccctc    611280
     tccctctccc tctccctctc cctctccctc tccctctccc tctccctctc cctctctctc    611340
     tctctctctc tctctctctc ttcctctgtt tctttgtctc tgttcatttg tctctctgcg    611400
     ggcatgtgtg tgtatgagtg tgtatgtatg tgtctctgtc tctctgtcca tctgtctgtc    611460
     tgtgtatatg tgtgtttgta cttgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtataaact agtggtcaac    611520
     attgggtacc cacctctatt gctttctacc cttattgaat aattgtttgt ttggttggtt    611580
     gattgattga tttctttggt agaggctttt cctgagattg aagcccacca attgtctgac    611640
     tagtgagatt ccaggattcc cttatctctg tttcttagtg cttagacttc aggtgaaccc    611700
     atagcaacta gattcaatgt gactgctgga gatgacacta ggccctcgtg attcatagca    611760
     gacaactgac acattgatca tctaattaga atctaaatat tattatttca ttcctcttcc    611820
     tgtttcacag aatgtaaaca aatggggatc ttctgaaatt ctgatgtact atcctttgtt    611880
     tgtgatttaa aaataaattt gttcattgga gaatttagat agaccatcac acacactaag    611940
     ggaggaagac tatttcatat ctcagtgttt catggggaaa ttcatgggat ccgtgaggaa    612000
     cttattatct tttattaagc ttaactggac aatagaataa cgcccatgtg tgttaaagca    612060
     actaagccct cagcaggcat gaactttctg aggctccttt gtaagtgtgg actcttttga    612120
     ctattaagaa agtcaagaaa gcaagtcaaa gtctgtgatg agctatacat ttagtctctg    612180
     catatgggac ttgtggccta taatcacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    612240
     cacacacaca aaccatttcc tgcttgagtt aatgtaatac acacaggcag tacatatatg    612300
     cacactgcct gtctctcaga cactgagagc tgagctgagg cagagcagac acactcatgc    612360
     agagggacat gtgtcacatg cctcctcaca gcctgctctg tgtgctggtg gccttggctt    612420
     tctctggtat gaatgcatca tgtgtaacta aggatatcaa acaggaagca ttgctagtca    612480
     tatggtagtt cttatagaca tgagggggaa gagggactgg agagaagcca gcactatgta    612540
     tcttcagtga ggtttctctt tgggtcttaa cgtacccaat tccaacagtg ttttgtttat    612600
     actataagag gataagcttc taattctttc ttcttaatac tctgcaggat gcaatgtggc    612660
     ccagagagtg actcaggtcc agccaacagg cagcagtcag tggggagaag aagtcactct    612720
     ggactgttca tatgagacaa gtgaatactt ctactgtatt atttggtaca ggcagctttt    612780
     tagtggagag atggttttcc ttatttacca aacttccttt gatactcaga accagaggaa    612840
     cggccgctac tctgtagtct tccagaaatc actcaagtcc atcagccttg tcatttcagc    612900
     ctcacagcca gaggattcag ggacgtactt ctgcgctctc tcggaactga cacggtgttt    612960
     gaagtgatag cacaagctga acaaaaactg gggctcctta agcagagccc ctctgaggga    613020
     gagagtccag ccgagacgca cacctgcaca tcctgaacaa ggagacccca actgtggatg    613080
     ctgcctctgt ggtctgcatc agaactgtgt ttctaagtaa aacctcagtc cgtgcagttc    613140
     agaaacagtt atggtgagtg gctttctata atactttgtc ttgaaacaga gttaaaaata    613200
     gaccacagag aacatgtgta atgttttcta cagttgggaa ccttgcacca taataattta    613260
     acgtttctct ttaatttggc aacagcacat acctcagatg aggtatttgg aatagcaaag    613320
     aacatggttt cctggtaaaa gtcacactca gagaaggaga cccagcctga gtcaagtcgt    613380
     cagagacaga ttataaggat ttcaccccat gaaatactgg tggtgaccag gttagcccca    613440
     caaatcttta tctttgcatc tagtactggt cctgaggtca gcttgaccag cagctgggaa    613500
     ggacagctgc atgcgcacaa cacctggctg tattgagact tgtaagaatt tagtgaaact    613560
     cagaaagcca gtggaatcta gaaagacaaa cccgagtaaa gaaaagctat agaattgagg    613620
     agtagaatgt taatggtaaa gtgagctgga atctccttga catcaaatgt ttataggacc    613680
     tgaatctgca gcgctatata aaaaaataat taaatatatc acacctgttt ctcaagtctt    613740
     ccacagttgc tttttccatg cccatcccca aaacagagca acatggagaa ggaagttctg    613800
     agaaatgtgt ttccaggtac atttttaaag attatttttt atattatgtg tgtatccttt    613860
     ttggagcatg tgtatgtgtg tactgggtgt taatctggtg ctcatggagg ccagaagggg    613920
     tattagattc tagaaatgag agttactgaa gggaaggatt caccatgtga atgtcaggaa    613980
     ctgaatctga gtcctctgca aaagcagtga ctgcttttaa ctagcaagtc tatggtcccg    614040
     cccctgtttc taggtaattt gcataattgt gcatgataaa agaggtaaat agcttccatt    614100
     catcaatgaa aagccatagg ttacctgggt gcattaacaa tgaatactat ccctgtctcc    614160
     aagaaacacc ttctatagct aggaacacca aacaacagtg attagcacgt gaagagaatg    614220
     aactctgtaa acaagaggca cagcaagtct catatctgaa aaaggagact tcagaccaca    614280
     gctagtcagg agagagctac tacatagcca caaagggtaa gccttgggcc tgtgagagca    614340
     tggagcttta gtgtccagtt caacaaaata aactctgatt gatagaaaat gtcacatgag    614400
     tccctaatta gtaatgatct tagacttcat tgcctcactg tgactttagc aagccttcct    614460
     aagttaacaa ccaaccaaaa taccttcaga gcaaagggat cctgcaagtc cacctctctg    614520
     aatttggcag gagaatccca ggcagggcag ggaaggcaat atgcacttag agaactcact    614580
     aaatgcaaac aacaaaatat tgttaacaga tgtaaaattt atattcttta ctctaagaag    614640
     caaaagccct gatgctttat taaaaagcct gataagtcaa caagggaaac aaattttaaa    614700
     gaatatttta atgaaaaact gtaacatcct aagaatttgt ttgtagttct cctttttaaa    614760
     ggttcctcag ttggacttaa tagcatctgc ctgcagtttt aaattacctg tgtacctgtg    614820
     gcagaggatt gtcagtttga agcaacccaa tacaacagct acaacctgcc taaaacaaaa    614880
     caataacaaa gttaaaaagc tggagagttt actggaaaat tgtttttgca atgtgtagtt    614940
     tgttaggaag catctaggcg attctaaaaa ctagcaggtg atcttttctg agatggtttc    615000
     accatggact ataaaatcac aatggatgat cccgtctaga taaggccaaa gggaggacac    615060
     tttaggaaag attcctgcta gtgatatgct tttcctgtta aaaaatatat aaaacagtca    615120
     ctgggtatta gcccaccgtt tgggcagatt tctgcagatc aacaaagatg cactgtctta    615180
     tgatgctaca tagacagatg atttcttaat tcttaatgat gattctataa gaattcttaa    615240
     aattagacta aaaattatta aacctttgat aataggactg ccatttaagc cctctctgat    615300
     acaaaaattg caattagaac tcggctcgta atcccttgtt atgagttagt tgcttctgag    615360
     atagaaaaga ggcactgaca acttagaaca cattctaaga gcttgtaaaa cagttaacca    615420
     acagttgtaa aaaggaacca atgatttatt atgggtgcaa ggacagaaga taaaatacta    615480
     gctgagttta tctatgcaaa actgcagtgt catcttagat acaaaaatta tgatctttag    615540
     ctcttcgtca acctgtagag ccaggtaatt actcttaatg aaaatatata caaacatctc    615600
     tgttataaac ttcttactca atttatgatt tgaatttatg tttgaacttt tagtgaactt    615660
     ttgtttttgt ttttttttgt tgttgttgtt tgttttttta aagggtgctt ggaaaaccaa    615720
     gtgatctatt ctcctcgaaa aggcacaaaa aactattaac aattacattc catgccatta    615780
     ttatatcaga gcaggagaag aaagtaagat taaaaggaca gcagagtaga gtaacttaga    615840
     aattaaaagg gaactcagaa atgaagagag caatacacaa aatgaagaga tttctcttcc    615900
     ttttgggcca gagaagaagc tgtagagaga gcagaaagag tggacaggct tcacagcaag    615960
     gcaggtttag tcttactaaa gaggacaagg gttttttcct catagacttg tgtttaattc    616020
     atttagcaat aaaatggtag aagctttttt ttctctatgc aataaagatt ggaggtcact    616080
     tttcatccag catgggcgag ttctttctgc actggagctt ggtcttttac tccatatgca    616140
     tatgtaagtg tgtgtgtgtg taaatatgta gttatgaggt aagtatgtag cagggcccaa    616200
     ctggaatgca tgaagacaca tgagtttgta tatggtagta tgtgagttta tgcatatttg    616260
     cttgtgtaaa agtttttcct taagtgactc tcttctcctg gttcagtaaa agtttattgc    616320
     tccaaacctc ctcctgcctg acaagggaga agccaggctt ctgggccagt gagaaaaagg    616380
     ttctagcaat taatccttta cttaatcctc tgctgttagg ctactggtgt taatcatcca    616440
     agccagcagt ttttaactca ttcttgctca gaacgaacag gaaagatttt aggatatttt    616500
     ctagaagtta tcagcaagta taaagtatag tcagagagct agaaggccag agactatcgg    616560
     tctttaaatc tacctctatg tccagctctg tgtcctgttt cagcccattc cagcccgggc    616620
     agtcttctgg caatagttat ttcctttctc taaagaaata ataacttcag tctcttacac    616680
     tgtgttgaaa tggtcctctt tcctcagcac aaaaatcaca caggaacagt tcctaatgtg    616740
     tgggttccaa tttttctttt tttctttttg agaacagagc aaggtagctg ggtatctcag    616800
     taatggtgac aacactggtt gtatctgacc taagagaatg gagaaaaaga tgctaactat    616860
     aaacacacat tacccaagga acaacagatc taaaaaccat caactcacct gttaacagtg    616920
     ttgaatgcct caactaggct cttctgtagt cctgtgctgt gaagtataag gggcctgagg    616980
     gaaagcttag cccagaagca cacaggccat gtttccccat gaggacttct gtccctggcc    617040
     actgtcccat caaatcccaa cgtgctgggg ctctgcactt cctgtaaatc caaccacttg    617100
     tgaagacttt ggctgaatct ttaacatttt ccttccctga gataccatgc tctagcttat    617160
     tccaaatatg gaaaagtaaa atagttttta aaaaacatat ttatatctta aattctttca    617220
     tttttttaaa aaataaaatc caaactattg aaattctgaa agaatgaggt agagggatat    617280
     gtggacagga aagcataagt agccccctga gaggttccta gaagacacac aaagaagagt    617340
     ggctgggaag taagggtatg gatatctaaa caggaccgag agaggacaga ggactcagag    617400
     ggctataaaa ggctcaatca catcgtttta gtaaactccc agccttagtg catctcccat    617460
     ccctaccgaa taaaatttta ctttctcatc ctctgaggct catgtgtctt ttccctgaca    617520
     tttagtcctt tttccctggc cctccttcta agcctcctgg ttttctgtag cctgtgttct    617580
     gtcactccat tattttctgt ttcctttttt tcctgccctc ccttaagatc tgtgttttcc    617640
     cactcttggt ccttttctag ttcattggtc aatgacattg gtccacttag gagaaaaaaa    617700
     catgcagtgt ttgttctgac aaagaaaaaa ttttttgact gaatctgcca ccagagggct    617760
     aactgaagtt atttgatatt tgagctgagc tcctggctgc cctctagtgc tcaggagtta    617820
     atttggaaga acacctactg gtagcaatag ttgtcattgc tgatttgaag ttagaatttt    617880
     gtgcatggca ggggaggatc caggaagaag gttgtggtat ttgatctaca gctatcagat    617940
     acgatggtga ttcacgtagg agtgccacgt acgacccatc tatgttctgt gctggagagc    618000
     agaagactgc ttaagatatg gggcttagcc ttgtggtcca aggtggggcg tttttctttg    618060
     ctaagtgaaa tttatgccta tattttgacc ttttttgtac tgcaaaaata ccctgagatc    618120
     taggaacaag tcactgatag agagaaagct gctgtaggta gcatgtcata gtgagctttt    618180
     ttccctttta ttagatattt tctttattta catttcaaat gttatcccct tacctcactt    618240
     ccccttcaaa cctcccccat cctctccccc tccccctgct cattaaccta cccactccca    618300
     ctcccctgtc ctcccattcc cctacactgg ggcactgagc cttcacaagg ccaaggacct    618360
     cttctcccat tgatgaccga ctaggccatc ctctgctaca tatgcggctg aagccttgag    618420
     tccctccttg tgtactcttt ggttggtgct ttagtctcat gcaaatatat cactgtttgt    618480
     tcatatttac ctcagcacca tcccttgttc catccatagt cctgcagtgt tatctccctc    618540
     taaatgtccc cagtctgcat ttctctcttt cttatatatg tgcaacctta ctgaatccat    618600
     ttttgtgttg tccatatgta catgtgttta ggcctgacga gttaggattg aaaaacctat    618660
     gtgagagctt gttcctggag gaaaccgatc ctacctctat ctgcagcttt tatcacctta    618720
     ttctttgtat cttgatcaat tgtgatattt gtcctatttg aggggggatg ttcataacat    618780
     tgtctttgta aattgtcttg attgttaata attgccagga gatctagtcc actacgggcc    618840
     agatcatcct aggcagacgg tcctaaattg tataagaaat ctatgtgtat aaggtcacct    618900
     gcaagccaga gagtaaatat ctcctttgtt cgtgctgtat ctctttggct gtaaagtgca    618960
     ctgcttggcc agaggtaatc ctggataaaa tagcaggcaa ggctgctttt aagtttctgc    619020
     actgactttc ctcagtgatg gactatcatc tggaactata cgctaaaata aagcttttcc    619080
     tttctcatgt tgttgttttg tttgcttgtt tgtttgtttg ttttggtcaa gatattagcc    619140
     atagcaacag ataccaattc cagtaagtgt ggtcaatact tatatcagta tgggcatggg    619200
     aaacctacga acatctacac cttcaagaaa gattgatttg ttatttgcca ttcccagaag    619260
     ttatcaactg tcaatagtcc tctgcatgga gtgagtgctc catggggcat ttccctattt    619320
     atgtggcata tttggctggc ttagtctcat gtaagaaaat gccatgtaag aaatcacata    619380
     tgctatgaat tcataactat gacagccatg ccatgtccag aaaacagcaa tccacagcag    619440
     tccttcttat ctcctagttc tgagatctct ctttctgtct ttctgtctct gtctctgtct    619500
     ctgtctctgt ctctgtctct gtctctgtct ctgtctctct ctgtctctgt ctccctctct    619560
     ctctctctct ctctaatcat ctgatttttc acaatatttt gagacagtgt ttttctgtgt    619620
     tgccctggct gttttggaac ttactttgta gatcaagttg acttcaaact cagacttgca    619680
     tgactatgtt tcccaggggc tggaattaaa ggtgtgtgcc accactgctc tgatatttgt    619740
     tctacttcct cttctttaat gttccctgag ccttgtcaga gagactaata aaaatgtccc    619800
     atttagggtt gaatactcac agttttttat tttttatttt attttatttt tttatttttt    619860
     agttctttga ccaaataagt atttctgcac tgaatgctgc ccaccacaaa aagaaacttc    619920
     tatgaacgac gttgacacca ctgacagcct atgggcataa acataaacat gttgtcctag    619980
     tttgtatctc tgttgccatg ttaaaacata ctatcaaaaa ccaaattagg gatgaaagag    620040
     attattctgt cttgccactt atcggctgtc caaaaggaat ctaaggtaga aactcaaggc    620100
     aggaatctgg aggccacaac tgaagctgag atcacagaaa aatcttgctt tctgacttga    620160
     tttactggcc tactcagaat tcttttttag agaagccagg accacctgtc caagggagaa    620220
     ttccctgtag tggactgggc ctgctcacag acattattaa tcaagaaaga gctgcacaga    620280
     tatgcttaca tgccattctg agtgaaggga ttcctcagtt aaaatttctt cttcccaagt    620340
     gactgcagat tgtgtcaagt tgcctaatgc aaatgccaca gttgaacact tgtcagtttg    620400
     acatataaac acatcagtac taactcataa ccattccttt cttggtgatt tctaggattt    620460
     catgttaata tcacaatata aaacttagca tacctttaaa atgctcggtc tttacaattc    620520
     acactttaca ttttcagaga ccctttacat attcaaattc tcctagaaat tcatcttagt    620580
     atcttaagga tggattcttg tacaataaaa acaaattaaa accagggaac agttacaatc    620640
     agattaaaga taaacccagg cccaccagca taaataaata gttcattgtg tggtgtctga    620700
     aactcatgat tttctgggct ccaaagggct tggatatctt cacttctaca ggtttgccaa    620760
     cctcagccca tgtagcttct ctcatgggct caaggtgggg ccactctaga gctgccactg    620820
     tacttgaaga ctgtcccaca gtcctaagtc ctaatgtctt caatgcactg aagtctccac    620880
     tgctgatgag gctgcacctt catttaaggc ctctccagaa tgctcgtcac tgtctccttt    620940
     aatcctgaat ctccacagaa attatgtcta tacttacgtc tttgtcatgc tgttttaatt    621000
     attatggctc agtggtaaat ttgaagtctg taatgggtag acctccctca cagtcctctt    621060
     tgtttttggt tgctttgtct ctctttggtt ttttgtacct ccctgtcaat tttgtagatt    621120
     agctttctgt ctacatctat gaaaaatggc cttgaaattt tgtttaaggt ttatatgaat    621180
     ttctcctata aaacttgcta tcctaccaaa acccagtatg tagatatgat aacaaccata    621240
     attaatatct ctggtatatt ctttttcccc cccattggct ctaaatcacc aagtattttt    621300
     ttttttatta gatatcttaa agtgattttc ctttctttgt cttttcagtg tgagcattga    621360
     aggtcctgac tggaggtttg tttttgtttt tcccttaatt ttgcacaggg tgacaagcat    621420
     cgttttattc ttctacatag agttatctat ttttcatcag caccatttac tgaaggaagt    621480
     gtgtttttac cattgcatat gctgttgtgt tgttttactt ctgagtcctc aagtataatt    621540
     ccattggact atgtgtttcg tgtgtgtgtg tatgtgtgta tgtatgtgtg tatgtatgtg    621600
     tgtgtgtgca tgtgtgtgtg cgtgtgtgtg tgcatgtgtt attatctgtg tcttacagca    621660
     ggtaaagcag acctcataga atattttaat agagtgcctt cagtttctac ttatggagca    621720
     ttttgaagag catggctaca gtttcttaca gatctgggag aatctggcat tcggtgtcct    621780
     gtcctgacca tttctctgtg tggaagctcc actgcttcac tctccctgcc tcctgtggat    621840
     ccttttatgc agtttatatc ttcctggtgt aatgttttgc aattcatata ttttcagaaa    621900
     ttcatctact tctatatttt catcttcttt tatattttca gcttcttata gtttcaaaat    621960
     aaacagcctt tacagcccat gtgatttatt tgtaactctt ctcgcaccca ttttcaccta    622020
     gagctttatg aatttgtgtt agtgcatctc ttggttaatt aggataagaa ttttcaatct    622080
     tttcctttaa caagccacct ttgttttatt tttaatattt tttgtcgtat acctcccatt    622140
     gcatgttctg cacgatgctt tgttacttct gcccttctgt tgtgaggttt tgctttgttc    622200
     tttttctagg accttgaggt acatcatcaa cattagttta tttgatgatt cttctgtttt    622260
     atttttacct tgcctatctt tttatttgtt atttgagaat ttcataatat atacactatg    622320
     tttaatcaaa ttcagtcctc attcccttat ttctaaatcc tctcctattc agctcattac    622380
     accctcccca caaacctcct gtcctttttt tgtttagagc tactgagtct acctagattt    622440
     tttttcagta tgtagatgga tgtagaacca tatagtggat catgggtaga cctccatggc    622500
     aacatgactg aagaatactg actctccttc tccagcagct actgattgcc aatagctggt    622560
     ccattagagg tgcaactcat gagccttccc caatctgtgt gggaattttg gatggcttga    622620
     ttgtatagac ctggtgcatg tagtcacagc caatcaatta tccattcaat cactaatgga    622680
     catctggact gtttccatgc cctagctact gtgaccaatg tagcaatgaa catgaataaa    622740
     aaagtatttt tgtagtagca tataatgtcc tttcggaaaa tgtccagaag aggtataact    622800
     gggtcatatg gttggtctat ttttactttt ctgagtaata ccctgtctta gtcagggttt    622860
     ctattcctgc ataaacatca tgaccaagaa gcaagttggg gaggaaaggg tttattcagc    622920
     ttacaattcc atactgctgt ttatcaccaa aggaagccag gactggaact caaacaagtc    622980
     aggaaacagg agctgatgca gaggccatgg agggatgttc cttactggct tgcttcccct    623040
     ggcttgctca gcctgcactc ttatagaacc aagattacca gcccagagat ggtcccaccc    623100
     acatgggcct ttcccccttg atcactaatt gagaaaatgc cttacagttg gatctcatgg    623160
     aggcatttcc tcaactgaag ctcctttctc tgtggtaact ccagctgtgt caagttgaca    623220
     caaaactagc cagtacacac ctacattagt ttccatagtg gtgtcattag tttacactat    623280
     caacagtgaa taagaatccc cctgtctcca catcatcatt tgtcaatttt ctctttgcca    623340
     ttctgactgg aataagacta aaccctaaaa atagttttaa ttttcatttc cctgatgggt    623400
     aaggattttg actatataaa tttttttctc aaatttgtat ttcttccttt aaaaactcta    623460
     gttatttcaa atcccaattt tttattaggt tgtgtctgtc ttgctattta gtacttgcct    623520
     tcagtgatat atagctgagg aaggtgttct ccatccttag gctgcctcgt cattcaagtg    623580
     atggtcttcc ctgctgtatg gaaggtttta ttttcacaaa gtcctggtca ttgattgatg    623640
     gtcttagtgc ttgtgctact ggagccctgt tcagacagtg cctttaggtc gaagcaaatt    623700
     ctctacagct caggacatca ggtcttgtgc tgaggctctt gatacatttg agactgagct    623760
     ttgttcagag tgaaagagaa ggatctaatt atattttgta ggatgaagcc tatctaccat    623820
     ggttgatgtg gtctttttga agtgttcctg agtttgattt gcaagtgctt tactgagaat    623880
     atttgcttgt atgtgtgtta tggaaattgg tctacagttt tctctttttg ttgaattttt    623940
     gactagatat ggtatcaggg taatactgca ttcataaaaa gaatttggaa atattccttc    624000
     cttgtggatt tatgggataa ttattttagg ggtgtcattt gttcttgctt ttctaaggct    624060
     ttcctgtaca tatttagcta tggaactgga gatttcctaa tttgttttga tgcaggtccg    624120
     tactgttaca aattttcctt tttctgggta tggtaaacat ggcttcaaat ctaacactca    624180
     aaaggcagtg gcaggtggct atatgggatt ttgaggctaa cctggtgaga actcacaact    624240
     acataatgaa ttctaggaca accaggatta caaatagaaa gactctgtct caacatgcac    624300
     ccccccaaaa aaaaaccgaa aatacaaaaa taccaattga ctaagccttc attgtgcccc    624360
     atagatatta tgttgtgttt tcattttctt ttgtcttgac tccattacca gctaatagcg    624420
     tggtacttag gctccatggg cttgtgctct ttctgcagtt tccactgctt ttaagagcta    624480
     tctttattct attgtcatga gatataatac aagatgctat tacaaatgcc ttacatttgt    624540
     tgagaattgc tctgtgtctt aatacatggt caaattgtaa aaatgttcat gacatattga    624600
     gaagtatgtg agttcttcag tgtttgggtt aaatatacta tgtgatctat tccatggatt    624660
     ttcattgaag tttcattctg ttgattaatt ttctgaaaca tttcagtttg ggttttcttt    624720
     agtaatttta tcttgttgtt aaactgcatt ttcatatctt ggattggctt ccttatttta    624780
     ttcatctctt tggttttttt tttctctgtt ttgctttgct ttgtttttgt ttttgttgtt    624840
     tgttttgttt tgtttttttg tttttacttt tctggaatgt attcatgtct tcgctgaatt    624900
     attggggggg gggtgtctaa actaattcta ttgtaacaga gaaaccaggc ggcagtacgt    624960
     ctacatgatt agagcagatg gtggttatct ttcctaaggg cagagtccaa gccgcgctgg    625020
     cagcacagaa acccgagagt atctccttct gaccctaccc tggatgtctg actcatgtga    625080
     agagacaggc tgtgcaacca ggatgaatgg agaggtgaag ctgggcagaa gccccatccc    625140
     agtaggagcc aatcaatccc tgaagaggac actgaaatca agggcagggc ccctctctcc    625200
     atggctcttt gatgagagag gaggctatgg catgagcaga aacaactatg ctctccattc    625260
     ttcgataact ccggatagga tgaggttgaa ggtcaaccaa gcagtagaac gggatgaaac    625320
     tctaggctct agaacagcaa tgacaagaca tcttctgctg tccctgttga agtggcaaca    625380
     gacctctggg ttttgtaaag cataatttct gtaatgtagt ctgctgacac agttgctcca    625440
     caccaggagg acaaactcga ggacaactgt taacgacaga aaactgtctc tgacctttaa    625500
     ggctccagtt ctggaaatgg tctgcacaat gacaaaccgg ctgcttttca acacttcgtt    625560
     gttctcaccc agggctagtt ctgcagaagc cttgtaaaat taagccagtc cctcaatggg    625620
     catgtattct ttgtccaaac tttttgcaga aatctgggcc cctgccttcc gaacactggg    625680
     gagcacatat ggctttctgt tatcatcccc gcaggcacca actcccaggt tcctcttctt    625740
     gctgttggta tctctcttga aggtttctat aacttccagg atgggatctg gaggttccat    625800
     ttcgacatgg gtccaccaag agctggctct ggcagaggct gaggcatgca agacctgggt    625860
     gaaaggcagc agccatcccg gagaggactc ggctggagtc caggagggcc atggtgggag    625920
     gtaagacggc agtgggtggt agtagagctg agatcaggga agcccttcat tgaattgttt    625980
     aagcatactt ataatcactc ttttgaattc tttgtctaga atttcttcca ggtgatgtgt    626040
     atgtatgaga ttagtaattt gtggaacaga tctatgtctt ggtttcacat cttgtttctg    626100
     tttctgtgtt ggaatttcac atctacagta cattgttggt tatggttctt ccttcttctt    626160
     tttcttcctt tgctacttcc ccatcccatc atccttgttc aatctacctt tcttcttagc    626220
     agagatattt ctaatgtaca ggagaagact aagggagagt aattttccta cttggggctg    626280
     gtacagaaag ttccagagag gcatatgttg gcctaagctg gagcagtcag tagcctactt    626340
     gttaccaagg ctgtgtggcc tgggctcctg gaacaaagtt cctagaggtt ttagatggtt    626400
     ctagtacatc aggttggcca ggaactggag gatagtttcc gaattgtgta catctaagag    626460
     gggaagacaa gtccttttct ggaggaggcc catggattgt gtttgtttac taagtttcgg    626520
     ggtggggtag gcatgtctaa gcataggaat ccagctttct taccttcaat ctctgtatgc    626580
     tagacttctg aagcaaaatt caaggggttc ctgggagctg taggtgggtc tggtttatat    626640
     gcccatgggc cgtcctgaag cttagttccc cagggggtat aagtgggtct cctcaaaaga    626700
     gaattttcac tctgctattc caatgaaagt atttataatt ataaatcttt cttttaaaac    626760
     tgcaaactgc tttaaacatt tttagctaaa acttatattg agagagagag agagaaacac    626820
     agagaaaaaa agagaaccta tgaaatttgc aaacatcttc gaaaggtagc tatgctcacc    626880
     atcacatcat caaagcccta ttcatcttta caaagaatat gctaactaat aatgaggaga    626940
     gaaatatcag aattaaaaga caccatggat caaatgggct taacagacat tcacagagca    627000
     cagagtacgc attcttctca tagcatgtgg aggttttcta gaatagatca tattgctggt    627060
     cataatataa gccttaacaa gtacaaaaga gttaaaatga ctgcttgttt cttatacgat    627120
     tgtggtggga gaggatgaga atttgatagc aagagaaact gcacaattac atgacgatgg    627180
     gaaaagggcc aatgattcat tgaaaacaag catggaagaa ttttaaaatt cctagaataa    627240
     aatgaaaaat aagtcacaaa ttataaaaat cttttagata cattaaaagc agttatacag    627300
     acaggaatat ggtttagtgt ataaattgtc tacctctttc tctctccctt ctgtctattc    627360
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctgtg tgtgtgtgtg    627420
     tgtgtgtgtg tttgtgtttt caagggtcag ttgctcaaaa gtgttgcatt cccttcaggt    627480
     gtgtcccttt tctgtgtatt tgtcttttct gatcactatc aattttaaaa tcttttcact    627540
     atgcagtttc tcactgcttc cagaaattcc aaatttgtac attttggggt gactaatgtc    627600
     taaacaggca ttgtatcctg agcatgttgg gatgttgggg aaacaggaga acagtgaaat    627660
     ccactaatgg agtacttgtc tcaatgtttt ctagttttac ttggtattaa atattctata    627720
     tgatggatga gactgtcaag aatgtttcaa aaatatttat tctaagatta tagaaatatt    627780
     tgaaactgtg tgctataggt cgataacatt caatcagttc tcagctctgc attctataac    627840
     tgtaagacaa attttgaata aaagcaaaaa ataaatagat tttaaaaagt aatgttataa    627900
     agaggactgg agcagctggt gcgtcagaaa gaagctgtcc actagggggc agagcatcac    627960
     cgctcctgca aactcacaaa gacactttgg cttgcctgtt gtaagagcag ccctctgtgc    628020
     agacagctga agatgcctca gtgctgtgga ggtgatcaca gaggcatctt gtctggctga    628080
     aggtcagagt ctggagggag cgcaatgaag acggtgactg gacctttgtt cctgtgcttc    628140
     tggctgcagc tgaactgtga gt