ID   AC242022; SV 2; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 41088 BP.
AC   AC242022;
PR   Project:PRJNA29893;
DT   11-AUG-2010 (Rel. 105, Created)
DT   20-MAY-2012 (Rel. 112, Last updated, Version 4)
DE   Homo sapiens FOSMID clone ABC14-1188822O7 from chromosome 1, complete
DE   sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-41088
RA   Boatright E.;
RT   "The sequence of Homo sapiens FOSMID clone ABC14-1188822O7";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-41088
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (08-AUG-2010) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [3]
RP   1-41088
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (04-MAR-2011) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-41088
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (07-MAR-2011) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 37db3377ecca657cc18d739a69baf520.
DR   ENA-CON; KI270762.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000006.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000215912; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC242022.2:1-41088; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000401095; homo_sapiens.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:34297; TTC34.
DR   InterPro; IPR011990; TPR-like_helical_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR013026; TPR-contain_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR019734; TPR_repeat.
DR   PubMed; 18451855.
DR   PubMed; 15895083.
CC   On Mar 4, 2011 this sequence version replaced gi:302371024.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: H_HA-89G10
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes
CC   Warren,Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO.
CC   For additional information about the map position of this sequence,
CC   see http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..41088
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="1"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone="ABC14-1188822O7"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   unsure          1..27188
FT                   /note="Unresolved tandem repeat."
FT   unsure          40817..40859
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
SQ   Sequence 41088 BP; 10189 A; 13676 C; 10351 G; 6872 T; 0 other;
     agcctgggtc ggcacccaca cccccaggtg cgcatctgat ggtctggagc agcacccaca        60
     cccacaggtg ggcatctgac agcctggaaa agagcccaga cccccaggtg agcatctgac       120
     agactggaac tgcaccccca tgcccaggtg agcctctgac agccttgaac agcaccctgc       180
     accccgaggt gagcatctga cagcctggaa cagcacgcac acccccaggt gcgcacgtga       240
     cagcctgtaa cagcacccac acacccaggc gagtatctga cggcctggaa cagcacccac       300
     acccccagtt gagcattgga cagcctggat cagcacccac atccccaagc gagcatccga       360
     cagcctgggg cagcacccac acccccaggt gagcatctga catcgtggag cagcacccca       420
     cacccacagg tgagcatctg acagcctgga gcagcaccca cacccccagg tgagcatctg       480
     acagcctgga acagcaccct gcacccccaa gtgagcatcc gacagcctgg agcagcaccc       540
     acacccccag gtgagcatct gatggtctgg agcagcacgc ataaacacag gtgaacatcg       600
     gagagtctgg agcagcgccc acacccccag gcgagcatct gacagcctgg agcagtaccc       660
     acacacccag gtgagcatct gacagcgtgg agcagcaccc aaacccccag gcgagcatct       720
     gaacgcacgg agcagcaccc acaccttcag gcgagcatcg gacagcctgg agcagcaccc       780
     acacccccag gtgcgcatgt gatggtctgg agcagcaccc acaccgacag gtgagcatct       840
     gacagcctgg aacagaaccc acacccccag gtgagcatct gacagactgg aacacctccc       900
     acatgcccag ctgagcctct gacagcctgg aacagcaccc tgtaccccca ggggagcatc       960
     tgacaccctg gagcagcacg cacatcccca ggcgagcatc cgacagcctg gagcagcacc      1020
     cacaccctca ggtgagcatc tgacagcctg gagcagcagg cacaccccca gtgagcatcc      1080
     gacagcctgg aacagcaccc acacacccag gtgagcatcc gacaccgtgg agcagaacaa      1140
     acacccccag gcgagcatct gacagcctgg gtcggcaccc acacccccag gtgcgcatct      1200
     gatggtctgg agcagcaccc acacacacag gtgggcatct gacagcctgg aacagagccc      1260
     agacccccag gtgagcatct gacagactgg aactgcaccc ccatgcccag gtgagcctct      1320
     gacagccttg aacagcaccc tgcaccccca ggtgagcatc tgacagcctg caacagcacg      1380
     cacaccccca ggtgcgcacg tgacagcctg caacagcacc cacaccccca ggcgagcatc      1440
     tgacggcctg gaacagcacc cacaccccca gttgagcatt ggacagcctg gatcagcacc      1500
     cacaacccca agcgagcatc cgacagcctg gagcagcacc cacaccccca ggtgagcatc      1560
     tgacatcgta gagcagcacc ccacacccac aggtgagcat ctgacagcct ggagcagcag      1620
     ccacatcccc aggtgagaat ctgacagcct ggaacagcac cctgcacccc caagtgagca      1680
     tccgacagcc tggagcagca cccacacccc caggtgagca tctgatggtc tggagcagca      1740
     cgcataacca caggtgaaca tcggagagtc tggagcagcg cccacacccc caggcgagca      1800
     tttgacagcc tggagcagtg cccacacacc cagctgagca tctgacagcg tggagcagca      1860
     ccgacacccc caggcgaaca tctgaacgca cggagcagca cccacacctt caggcgagca      1920
     tcggacagcc tggagcaaca cccacgcccc caggtgcgca tgtgatggtc tggagcagca      1980
     cccacaccaa caggtgagca tctgacagcc tggaacagaa cccacacccc caggtgagca      2040
     tctgacagac tggaacagct cccaaatgcc cagctgagcc tctgacagcc tggaacagca      2100
     ccttgcaccc ccaggggagc atctgacagc ctggaacagc acgcacaccc ccaggtgagc      2160
     atctgaccgc ctggaacagc acccacaccc ccaggcgagc atctgagagc atgtaacagc      2220
     acccacacac ccaggtgagc atctgacagc ctggaacagc accctgcacc cccaggtgcg      2280
     cacgtgacag cctggaacag cacccacaca gccaggtgag catctgacag cctggagcag      2340
     cacccacatc cccaggtgag catctgacag cctggaacag caccttgcac ccccaggtga      2400
     gaatctgaca acctggaaca ggacaaacac ccccaggcga gcatctgaca ccctggaact      2460
     gcacacacac ccccaggcga gcatctgaca acctgcaaca gcacccatac gcccagatga      2520
     gcatctgaca gcatggaaca gcaccctgca cccccaggac agcatctgac agcgtggaac      2580
     agcacccata cgcccagata agcatgtgac agcctggaac agctccctgc atccccaggt      2640
     gcgcacctga cagactggaa cagcacccac acacccaggc gagcatctga tggcctggaa      2700
     cggcacccac acccccaggt gagcatccga catcctgaaa cagctcccac aaccccaggt      2760
     gagcatccga tagcctggag caacacccat acccccaggt gagcatctga ccgcatggaa      2820
     tggcatcctc acctccaggt gagcatccga cagcctggag cagcacccac acccccaggt      2880
     gagcatctga cagcctggaa cggcaaccac acccccaggc gagcatccga cagcctggaa      2940
     cagcaccaaa aaccccaggt gagcatctga cggcctggaa cagcacccac acccccaggt      3000
     gagcatctga catcgtgcag cagcacccca cacccacagg tgagcatctg acagcctgga      3060
     gcagcaccca caccccaggt gagcatctga cagcctggaa cagcaccctg cacacccagg      3120
     tgagcatccg acagcctgga gcatcaccca cacccccaga cgagcatctg acagcctaga      3180
     acagcaccca cacccccagg cgagcatctg acagcatgta acagcaccca cacccacagg      3240
     tgagcatctg acagcctgga acagcagcct gcacccccag gtgtgcacgt gacagcttgg      3300
     atcagcaccc acacccccag gcgagcatcg gacggcctgc aacagcaccc acacccccat      3360
     gtgagcatct gactgcctgg aacagcaccc acacccccag gtgagcatct gacatcgtgg      3420
     agcagcaccc cacacccaca ggtgagcttc tgacagcctg gagcagcacc cacaccccag      3480
     gtgagcatct gagagcctgg aacagcaccc tgcaccccca ggtgagcatc ccacagcctg      3540
     gagcagcaca cacacccaca agcgagcatc tgacagcctg gaacggcacc cacaccccta      3600
     ggtgagcatc tgatggtctg gagcatcacc cacaaccaca ggtgagcatc ggagagtctg      3660
     gagcagcgcc cacactgcag ggcgagcatc tgacagcctg gagcagtgcc cacaccccca      3720
     ggtgagcatc tgacaccatg gagcagcacc cacagaccaa ggtgagcatc tgacaacctg      3780
     gagcagcacc cacactccca ggcgagtatc tgtacgcaca gagcagcacc cacaccccca      3840
     ggcgagcatc cgacagcctg gagcagcacc cacaccctca ggtgagcatc tgacagcctg      3900
     gagcagaacc cacaccccca ggcgagcatc tgacagcctg ggtccgcacc cacaccccca      3960
     ggtgcgcatc tgatggtctg gagcagaacc cacacccaca ggtgagcatc tgacagcctg      4020
     gaacagaacc cacaccccca ggtgagcatc tgacagactg caactgcacc cccatgccca      4080
     ggtgagcctc tgacagcctg gaacagcacg cacaccccca ggtgagcatg tgacagccgg      4140
     gaacagcacc cacacccaca ggcgagcatc tgactgcatg tatcagcacc cacaccccca      4200
     ggtgagcatc tgacagcctg gaacagcacc ctgcaccccc aagtgagcat ccgacagcct      4260
     ggagaagcac ccacaccccc aggcgagcat ctgacagcct ggaacggcac ccacaccccc      4320
     aggtgagcat ctgatggtct ggagcagcac gcataaccac aggtgaacat cggagagtct      4380
     ggagcagcgc ccacaccccc aggcgagcat ctgacagcct ggagcagtgc ccacaccccc      4440
     aggtgagcat ctgacagcgt ggaggagcac ccacaccccc aggcgagcat ctgaacgcaa      4500
     ggagcagcac ccacacctcc aggcgagcat ccgacagcct ggagcagcac ccacaccccc      4560
     aggtgcgcat gtgatggtct ggagcagcac ccacacccac aggtgagcat ctgacagcct      4620
     ggaacagaaa ccacaccccc aggtgagcat ctgacagact ggaacagcac ccacatgccc      4680
     agctgagcct gtgacagcct cgaacagcac cctgcacccc caggggagca tctgacagcc      4740
     tggaacagca cgcacacacc caggtgagca tctgaccgcc tggaacagca cccacacccc      4800
     caggcgagca tctcacagca cgtaacagca cccacacacc caagtgagca tctgacagcc      4860
     tggaacagca ccctgcaccc ccaggtgcgc acgtgacagc ctggaacagc acacacaccc      4920
     ccaggcgagc atctgacggc ctggaacggc acccacaccc ccaggtgagc atgtgacagc      4980
     ctggatcagc acccacaccc ccaggcgagc atctgacagc ctggagcagc acctcacacc      5040
     cccaggtgag catcggacag cctggagcag cacccacacc ccctgatgag catctgacag      5100
     cctggaacag cacccacact cccagacgag catcggacag cctggagcag cacccacact      5160
     gccaggcgag catccgccag cctggaaaag cacccacacc cccaggtgag cattcgacag      5220
     cctggagcag cacccacaac cccaggcgtg catccgacag cctggagcag gacccacacc      5280
     cccaggtgaa catccgacat cgtggagtag caccccacac ccacaggtga gcatctgaca      5340
     gcctggaaca gtacccacac ccacaggcga gcatctgaaa ccacggagca gcacccacac      5400
     ctcccggcga gcatccgaca gcctggagca gcacccacac acccaggtgc gcatctgatg      5460
     gtctggagca gcacccacaa ccacaggtga gcatctgaca tcgtggagca gcaccccaaa      5520
     cccacaggtg agcatccgac agcctggagc agcacccaca cacccaggcg agcatctgac      5580
     agcctggaac ggcacccaca cccccaggtg agcatctgat ggtctggagc agcacccaca      5640
     accacaggtg agcatccgac agcctggaac atcacccaca cactcacgcg agcacctgac      5700
     atccttgagc agcacccaca cccccaggtg agcatctgac agcctggagc agcaccctgc      5760
     acccccaggt gaggatctga cagcctggaa cagcaccctg caacccaggt gagcatctga      5820
     caccctgaaa cagcacacac acccccaggc gagcatctga caacctggaa cagcacccat      5880
     acgccaagat gagcatctga cagcgtggaa cagcaccctg cacccccagg agagcatctg      5940
     acagcatgga acagcaccca tacgcccaga tgagcatctg acagcctgga ataggtccct      6000
     gcacccccag gtgcgcacct gacagcctgc aacagcaccc acacacccag gcgagcatct      6060
     gatggcctgg aactgcaccc agacgcccag gtgagcatcc gacatcctga aacagctccc      6120
     acacccccag gtgagcatcc gacagcctgg agcagcaccc atacccccag gtgagcatct      6180
     gatcgcatgg aatggcatcc tcacctccag gtgagcatcc gacagcctgg agtagcaccc      6240
     acacccccag gtgagcatct gacagcctgg aagagcaacc acacccccag gcgagtatct      6300
     gacagcctgg aacagcatcc tgcaccccag ggtgaggatc agacagcctg gagcagcacc      6360
     cacactccag gtgagcatct gacagcctga agcagcaccc acaccaacag gtgagcatct      6420
     gacagcctgg aacagcaccc acacccccag gtgagcatct gacagcctgg aacagcaccc      6480
     acacccccag gtgagcagct gaaatcctgg aacagcaccc acacccctag gtgagcatct      6540
     gacaggctgg agcagcacgc acacccccag ttgagcatct gacagcctgg aacagcatcc      6600
     acacccccag gtgaacatcc gacagcctgg agcagaaccc acaccccgag gcgagcatct      6660
     gacagcctgg gtcggcaccc acacctccag gtgagcatct gatggtctgg agcagtaccc      6720
     acacccacag ttgagcatct gacagcctgg aacagaaccc acacccccag gtgagcatct      6780
     gacagactgg aacagcaccc acacgcccag gtgagcctct gacagcctgg aacagcacgc      6840
     gcacccccag gtgagcatct gacagcctgg aacaggaccc acacccccag gcgagcatct      6900
     gactgcatgt aacagcaccc acacccccag gtaagcatct gacagcctgg aacagcaccc      6960
     tgcaccccca ggtgtgcacg tgacagcctg gaacaacacc cacaccccca ggagagcatc      7020
     tgactgcatg taacagcacc cacaccccca ggtaagcatc tgacagcctg gaacagcacc      7080
     ctgcaccccc aggtgtgcaa gtgacagcct ggaacagcac ccacaccccc aggcgaggat      7140
     cggacagcct ggagcagcac cctacacccc caggggagca tccgacagcc tggagcagca      7200
     cccacacccc caggtgagca tgtgacagcc tggatctgca cccacactcc caggcgagca      7260
     tctgacagcc tggagcagca ccccacaccc ccaggtgagc atcggacagc ctggatcagc      7320
     acccacaccc ccaggtgagc atctgacagc ctggaacagc acccacactc ccagacgagc      7380
     ataggacagc ctggagcagc acccacatcg ccaggcgagc atccgccagc ctggaacagc      7440
     acccacaccc ccaggtgagc atccgacagc ctggagcagg acccacaccc ctaggtgaac      7500
     atccgacatc gtggagcagc accccacacc cacaggtgag catctgacag cctgtaacag      7560
     tacccacacc cacaggcgag catctgaacc cacggagcag cacccacacc ttccggcgag      7620
     catccgacag cctggagcag cacccacacc cccaggtgcg catctgatgg tctggagcag      7680
     cacccacaac cacaggtgag cctctgacag cctggaacag caccctgcac ccccaggaga      7740
     gcatctgaca gcctggaaca gcgcgcacac ccccaggtga ggatctgacc gcctggaaca      7800
     gcacccacac ccccaggcga gcatctgaca gcatgtaaca gcacccacac ccccaggtga      7860
     gcatctgaca gcctggaaca gcaccctgca cccccaggtg cgcacgtgac agcgtggaac      7920
     agcacccaca cacccaggtg agcatctgac atcctggagc agcacccaca tccccaggtg      7980
     agcatctgac agcctggaac agcaccctgc acccccaggt gagcaactga caccctggaa      8040
     cagcacacac acccccaggc gagcatctga caccctggaa cagcacacac acccccaggc      8100
     gagcatctga caacctggaa cagcacccat acgcccagat gagcatctga cagcgtggaa      8160
     cagcaccctg caccccaagg agagcatctg acagcctgga acagcaccca tacgcccaga      8220
     tgagcatctg acagcctgga acagctccct gcacccccag gtgcgcacat gacagcctgg      8280
     aagagcaccc acacacccag gcgagcatct gatggcctgg aaccgcaccc acacccccag      8340
     gtgagcatcc gacatcctga aacagctccc acaaccccag gtgagcatcc gacagcctgg      8400
     agcagcaccc atacccccag gtgagcatct gaccgcatgg aatggcatcc tcacctccag      8460
     gtgagcatcc gacagcctgg agcagcaccc acacccccag gtgagcatct gacagcctgg      8520
     aagagcaacc acacccccag gcgagcatct gacagcctgg aacagcaccc tgcacccccg      8580
     ggtgaggatc agacagcctg gagcagcacc cacactccag gtgagcatct gacagcctga      8640
     agcagcaccc acaccaacag gtgagcatct gacaacctgg aacagcaccc acacccccag      8700
     gtgagcagct gaccgcctgg aacatcaccc acacccccag gtgagcatct tatatcctgg      8760
     aacagcaccc acacctccag gttagcctct gacgggctgg agcagcacgc acaccgccag      8820
     ttgagcatct gacagcctgg aacagcaccc acacccccag gtgaacatcc gacagcctgg      8880
     agcagaaccc acacccccag gtgagcatct gacagactgg aacagcaccc acacgctcag      8940
     gtgagcctct gacagcctag aacagcaccc acacccccag gcgagcatct gacagcatgt      9000
     aacagcaccc acacccccag gtaagcatct gacagcctga aacagcaccc tgcacccccg      9060
     gtgcgcacgt gacagcctgg aacagcaccc acacccccag gcgagcatct gacgtcctgg      9120
     aacagcaccc acacccacag gcgagcatcg gacagcctgg agcagcaccc cacacaccca      9180
     ggtgagtatc cgacagcctg gagcagcacc cacaccccca ggtgggcatg tgacagcctg      9240
     gatcagcacc cacactccca ggcgagcatc tgacagcctg gagcagcacc ccacaccccc      9300
     aggtgagcat cgggcagcct ggagcagcac ccacaccccc agatgagcat ctgacagcct      9360
     ggaacagcac ccacactccc agacgagcat cggacagcct ggaacagcac ccacaccgcc      9420
     aggcgagcat ccgccagcct ggaacagcac ccacaccccc aggtgagcat tcgacagcct      9480
     ggagcagcac caacaacccc aggcttgcat ccgacagcct ggagcaggac ccacaccccg      9540
     aggtgaacat ccgacatcgt ggagcagcac cccacaccca caggtgagca tctcacagcc      9600
     tgcaacagta cccacactcc caggcgagca tctgacatcc tggagcagca cccacacccc      9660
     caggtgagca tctgacagcc tggagtagta tcctgcaccc tcaggtgagc atctgacagc      9720
     ctggaacatc accctgcacc cccaggtgag catctgacag cctggaaagg cacccacacc      9780
     accaggtgag catctgatgg tctggagaag cacccacaac cacaggtgag catcggagag      9840
     tccggagcag cgcccacaca cccaagtgag catctgacag cctggagcag tgcccacacc      9900
     cccaggttag catctgatag tgtggagcag cacccacagc ccaaggtgag catctgacaa      9960
     cctggagcag cacccacacc cccaggtgag catctgaccg cccggagcag cacccatacc     10020
     ccaaggcgag catctgaagt catggagcag cacccacaac cccaggcgag catctgaccg     10080
     catggagcag cagccacaac tccaggcgag catctgacag cctggaacag caccgcacac     10140
     ccgcaggtga gcatctgaca gcctggaaca gcaccccaca ccccaaggtg agtatctgac     10200
     agcctggaac atcaccccgc acccacaggc gagcatctga cagcctggag cagcatccac     10260
     acacccaggc gagaatctga cagcctggaa caccacccac atccgcaggt gagcatctga     10320
     cagcctggag cagcacccac acccccaggt gagcatctga cagcctggag cagcacccac     10380
     acacccaggt cagcatctga cagcctggtg aagcgcccaa accccaaggt gagcatctga     10440
     cagcctggag cagcgcccac acctccaggt gagcatctga cagcctggag cagcacccac     10500
     acccccattt gagcatccga cagcctggag cagcacccac accccaggtg agcatcggac     10560
     atcctcgagc atcacatact cccccaggtg agcatccgac agcctggagc agcgcccaca     10620
     cccctagatg agcatctgac agcctggagc agcacccata cccgcagttg agcatctgac     10680
     agcctggagc agctcccaca cacccaggta agcatctgac agcctggaga aatgctcaca     10740
     ccccaaggtg agcatctgac agcctggagc agcgtccaca cccccaggtg agcatctgat     10800
     agcctggagc agcgctcaca cccagaggtg agcatatgac cacctggagc agcacccaca     10860
     gtcccaggtg agcatccgag agcgtggagc agcatcctca ccccaggtga gcatcggaca     10920
     tcctggagca tcacatactc ccccaggtga gcatccgaca gcctggagca gcgccgaccc     10980
     ccccagggtg agcatctgac agcctggagc agcacccaca cgcccaggcg aggatgcgat     11040
     agcctggagc agcacccaca cccccaggtg agcatccgac agtctggggc agcacccact     11100
     cccgcaggtg agcatccgac agcctggagc agcacccaca accccaggtg agtatctgac     11160
     agcctggagc agcacccaca cccctaggcg agcatccgac agcctggagc agcacctaca     11220
     cccccaggtg agcatccgac agcctggaac agaattctca aaccccaggt gaggatctga     11280
     caacctggaa cagaacccca ctcttccagg tgagaatctg acaacattaa aacagcaccc     11340
     tgcaccccca ggtgagcatc tgacagcctg aaacagcacc cttcaccttc aggtgagaat     11400
     atgacagcct gaaacagcac cccacaaccc aggcaaaaat ctgacagcat ggaacaagac     11460
     cactgctccc aggtgagcat ttgacaacct gggaaagcac cctccaccca cacgtgagca     11520
     tctgacagcc tggaaacacc ccactgcttc cagatgaaca tctgatagcc tggaacagaa     11580
     ccccaggcct ccaagtaagc atctgaaagc acggaacagc actctcgacc ccaggggagc     11640
     gtctgacaac ctagaacagc accttcaccc cgaggtgggc atctggcagc ataaaacagc     11700
     acccctactg gcagatgagc atatgacagc ctggaacagc acccacaccc ccaggcgagc     11760
     atctgacagc ctggagcagc acacacaacc ttaggcgagc atctgacagc ctggagcagc     11820
     gcccacaccc ccaggtgagc atgtgacagc ctggagcagc gcccacaccc ccgggcgagc     11880
     atctgacagc ctggagcagc acacacaacc ccaggcgagc atctgacagc ctggagcagc     11940
     acacacaacc ccaggcgagc atctgacagc ctggagcagc gcccacaccc ccaggtgagc     12000
     atgtgacagc ctggagcagc gcccacaccc ccgggcgagc atctgacagc ctggagcagc     12060
     acccacaccc ccaggtgagc atctgacagc ctggggcggc gcccacagcc ccaggtgagc     12120
     atctgacagc ccggagcagc gtccacaccc ccaggtgagc atctggcagc ctggagcagc     12180
     acccacaccc ccaggtgagc atctgactgc ctggagcagc acccacaccc ccaggtgagc     12240
     atctgacagc ctggagcagc gcccacacac cgaggtgagc atctgacagc ctggagcagc     12300
     gcccacaccc ccaggtgagc atctgacagc gtggagcagc gcccacaccc ccaggtgggc     12360
     atctgacagc ctggagcagg cgcccacaat cccaggttag catctgacag cctggagcag     12420
     cacccacacc cccagttgag tagctgacat cctggagctg cacccatacc cccaggtgag     12480
     atctgacagc ctggggcagc acccacaccc ccaggtgagc atctggcaac ctggaacagc     12540
     atctacagcc ccaggtgacc atctgacagc ctgaagcagc acccacaccc ccaggtgagc     12600
     atgtgaccac atggaatgtc atcctcacct ccaggtgagc atcggacagc ctggaacaga     12660
     attctcaagc cccaggtgag gatctgacaa cctggaacag aaccccactc ttccaggtga     12720
     gaatctgaca gcataaaaca gcaccctgca cccccaggtg agcatctgac agcctgaaac     12780
     agcaccctcc accttcaggt gagaatatga cagcctgaaa cagcaccccg cacccaggca     12840
     aaaatctgac agcatggaac aagactactg cccccaggtg agcatttgac agcctgggaa     12900
     agcaccctct acccacacgt gagcatctga cagcctggaa acacccccac tgcttccagg     12960
     tgaacatctg atagcctgga acagaacccc aggcctccca gtaagcatct gaaagcaagg     13020
     aacagcactc tcacccccag gggagcatct gacaacctag aacagcaccc tcaccccgag     13080
     gtgggcatct ggcagcataa aacagcaccc ctactggcag atgagcatat gacagcctgg     13140
     aacagcaccc acacccgctg gcgagaatct gacagcctgg agcaacaccc acacccccag     13200
     gtgagcatct gacagcctgg agcagcgccc acacccccag gtgagcatct tacagcctgg     13260
     agcagcgccc acacccccag gtgagcatct gacagcctgg agcagcaccc acactcccag     13320
     gtgagtatct gacagcctgg agtagcaccc acacccccag gtgagcatct gacagcctgg     13380
     aacagcatcc actcccccag gtgagcatct gaccacattg aatggcatcc tcacctccag     13440
     gtgagcatct gacagcctgg aaccgcaccc acacccccag gcgagcatct gacagcctgg     13500
     agcagcaccc acacccccag gtgagcatct gacagcctgg agcagcaccc acacccccag     13560
     gggagcatct gaccgcatgg aatgtcatcc tcacttccag gtgagcatcc gacagcctgg     13620
     agcagcaccc acacccccag gtgagcatct gaccgcatgg aatggcatcc tcacctccag     13680
     gtgagcatcc gacagcctgg aacataattc tccaacccca ggtgaggatc tgacaacctg     13740
     gaacagaacc ccactcttcc aggtgagaat ctgacaccat aaaacagcac cctgcacccc     13800
     caggtgagca tctgacagcc tggaacagca tccacacccc caggtgagca tctgaccgca     13860
     tggaatggca tcctcacctc caggtgagca tccgacagcc tggaacagaa ttctccaacc     13920
     acaggtgagg atctgacagc ctggaacaga accccactct tccaggtgag aatctgacgc     13980
     ataaaacagc accctgcaac cccaggtgag catctgacag tctggaacag catccacaca     14040
     cccaggcgag catctgacag cctggagcag cacgcacacc cccaggcgag catctgacag     14100
     cctggagcag cacacacaac cccaggcgag catctgacag cctggagcag cgcccacacc     14160
     cccaagtgag caggtgacag cctggagcag tgcccacacc cccgggcgag catctgacag     14220
     cctggagcag cacccacacc cccaggtgag catctgacag cctggggcag tgcccacagc     14280
     cccaggtgag catctgacag cctggagcag cgtccacacc cccaggtgag catctggcag     14340
     cctggagcag cacccacacc cccaggtgag catctgacag cctggagcag cgcccacaca     14400
     ctgaggtgag catctgacag cctggggcag cacccacacc cccaggtgag catctggcaa     14460
     cctggaacag catctacagc cccaggtgac catctgacag cctgaagcag cacccacacc     14520
     cccaggtgag catgtgacca catggaatgt catcctcacc tccaggtgag catccgacag     14580
     cctggaacag aattctcaaa ccccaggtga ggatctgaca acctggaaca gaaccccact     14640
     cttccaagtg agaatctgac agcataaaac agcaccctgc acccccaggt gagcatctga     14700
     cagcctgaaa cagcaccctc caccttcagg tgagaatatg acagcctgaa acagcacccc     14760
     acaccccagg caaaaatctg acagcatgga acaagaccac tgctcccagg tgagcatttg     14820
     acaacttggg aaagcaccct ccacccacac gtgagcatct gacagcctgg aaacaccccc     14880
     actgcttcca ggtgaacatc tgatagcctg gaacagaacc ccaggcctcc aagtaagcat     14940
     ctgaaagcac ggaacagcac tctcaccccc aggggagcgt ctgacaacct agaacagcac     15000
     cttcaccccg aggtgggcat ctggcagcat aaaacagcac ccctactggc agatgagcat     15060
     atgacagcct ggaacagcac ccacaccccc aggtgagcat ctcacagcct gcagcagcac     15120
     ccacaccccc aggtgagcat ccgacagcct ggagcagcac ccacaccccc aggcgagcat     15180
     cggacatcgt ggaacagcac cccacacccc caggtgagca tctgacagct tggaacagaa     15240
     ctccacaccc acaggtgagc atctgacagc ctggagcagc accccacacc cccaggggag     15300
     catctgacag tctggaacag cactccacac ccccaggtga gcatctgaca tcctggaaca     15360
     gcaccccacg cccccaggtg agcatctgac agcctggaac agcaccccac acccctagat     15420
     gagcatctga cagcctggag cagaacccca cacccccagg tgagcattcg acagcctgga     15480
     acagcaccca tacccccagg cgagcatctg acagcctgga gcagcatgca cacccccagg     15540
     cgagcatctg acagcctgga gcagcgccca cacccccagg tgagcatgtg acagcctgga     15600
     gcagcgccca cacccccggg cgagcatctg acagcctgga gcagcaccca cacccccagg     15660
     tgagcatctg acagcctggg gcggcgccca cagccccagg tgagcatctg acagcccgga     15720
     gcagcgtcca cacccccagg tgagcatctg gcagcctgga gcagcaccca cacccccagg     15780
     tgagcatctg actgcctgga gcagcaccca cacccccagg tgagcatctg acagcctgga     15840
     gcagcgccca cacaccgagg tgagcatctg acagcctgga gcagcgccca cacccccagg     15900
     tgagcatctg acagcgtgga gcagcgccca cacccccagg tgggcatctg acagcctgga     15960
     gcaggcgccc acaatcccag gttagcatct gacagcctgg agcagcaccc acacccccag     16020
     ttgagtagct gacatcctgg agctgcaccc atacccccag gtgagatctg acagcctggg     16080
     gcagcaccca cacccccagg tgagcatctg gcaacctgga acagcatcta cagccccagg     16140
     tgaccatctg acagcctgaa gcagcaccca cacccccagg tgagcatgtg accacatgga     16200
     atgtcatcct cacctccagg tgagcatcgg acagcctgga acagaattct caagccccag     16260
     gtgaggatct gacaacctgg aacagaaccc cactcttcca ggtgagaatc tgacagcata     16320
     aaacagcacc ctgcaccccc aggtgagcat ctgacagcct gaaacagcac cctccacctt     16380
     caggtgagaa tatgacagcc tgaaacagca ccccgcaccc aggcaaaaat ctgacagcat     16440
     ggaacaagac tactgccccc aggtgagcat ttgacagcct gggaaagcac cctctaccca     16500
     cacgtgagca tctgacagcc tggaaacacc cccactgctt ccaggtgaac atctgatagc     16560
     ctggaacaga accccaggcc tcccagtaag catctgaaag caaggaacag cactctcacc     16620
     cccaggggag catctgacaa cctagaacag caccctcacc ccgaggtggg catctggcag     16680
     cataaaacag cacccctact ggcagatgag catatgacag cctggaacag cacccacacc     16740
     cgctggcgag aatctgacag cctggagcaa cacccacacc cccaggtgag catctgacag     16800
     cctggagcag cgcccacacc cccaggtgag catcttacag cctggagcag cgcccacacc     16860
     cccaggtgag catctgacag cctggagcag cacccacact cccaggtgag tatctgacag     16920
     cctggagtag cacccacacc cccaggtgag catctgacag cctggaacag catccactcc     16980
     cccaggtgag catctgacca cattgaatgg catcctcacc tccaggtgag catctgacag     17040
     cctggaaccg cacccacacc cccaggcgag catctgacag cctggagcag cacccacacc     17100
     cccaggtgag catctgacag cctggagcag cacccacacc cccaggggag catctgaccg     17160
     catggaatgt catcctcact tccaggtgag catccgacag cctggagcag cacccacacc     17220
     cccaggtgag catctgaccg catggaatgg catcctcacc tccaggtgag catccgacag     17280
     cctggaacag aattctccaa ccacaggtga ggatctgaca gcctggaaca gaaccccact     17340
     cttccaggtg agaatctgac gcataaaaca gcaccctgca accccaggtg agcatctgac     17400
     agtctggaac agcatccaca cccccaggcg agcatctgac tgtatggaat gacatcctca     17460
     catccaggtg agcatccgac agcgtggaac agaattctcc aaccccaggt gaggatctga     17520
     ctacctggaa cagaaccccg ctcttccagg tgagaatatg acagaataaa gcagcaccct     17580
     gcacccccag ttgagcatct gacagcctgg ggcagcaccc acactcccag gtgagcatct     17640
     gacagcctgg agcagcaccc acacccccag gtgtgcatct gacagcctga aacagcaccc     17700
     tccaccacca gatgagcatc tgacaaccag aacctgcacc acacacccca aggtgggcat     17760
     ccgatggcat ggaacagcac ccccactcac aggtgatgtg actgcgtgga acagcacgtc     17820
     ccctcaggtg agcatctgac agcataaaac agcaccccac aaccccaggt gatcatttgc     17880
     cagccaggaa cggcaaccca catccccagg taagtgtctg acagcctaga gcggcacctg     17940
     cacacttagg taagaatctg aaagcctgga tcaacactcg aaccttcagg tgagcatctg     18000
     acagcctgga gcagcagtgc ccacccctgg gtgaggatgc tcacctgagg ttgggagtgc     18060
     cattccaggc tgccagatcc tcacctgggg atggaaggtg ccattgtagg tttttggatg     18120
     ttcgcatggg ggtgaagggt ggtgttccgg gttatcagat gctcacctgg ggacgcgtgg     18180
     aaaaccatgc ccaccacaag gtgagcatat gacagcccgg aacaacaccc tccaccccca     18240
     ggtgagcatc tgacagcctg gaacagaacc ccacaacttc aaataagaat ttgataagtg     18300
     gggaaaagct ccccgccctc aggtgagtgt ctgacagcct ggaacagcac cccacaactg     18360
     caggtgagca tctgatagcc tggataggca ctccacacag ccaggtgagc agctgaaagc     18420
     ctggaatggt accccacatg caggtgagca tccgacagcc tggaacagca gctcacatcc     18480
     ccaggtaaga ttccaacagc atggaacaag accactgccc ccaggtgagc atctggcagc     18540
     ctggaaaaac aacccccttc aggtgagcat ctgacagcct ggaacagcac cctccacctt     18600
     caggtgagaa tatgacagcc tgaaacagca ccccacaccc caggcaaaaa tctgacagca     18660
     tggaacaaga ccactgcccc caggtgagca tttgacagcc cgggaaagta ccctccatgc     18720
     acaggtgagc atctgacagc ctggaaaccc ccccactgct tccaggtgaa catctgatag     18780
     cctggaacag aaccccagtt ctccaagtaa ggatctgaaa gcacggaaca gcactctcac     18840
     ccccagggga gcatctgaca acctagaaca gcaccctcac cccgaggtgg gcatctggca     18900
     gcataaaaca gcacccctac tggcagatga gcatatgaca gcgtggaaca gcacccacgc     18960
     acccaggtga gcatctgaca gcctggaaca gcaccccaca cccccaggtg agcatctgac     19020
     agcctggaac agcacccaca cccccaggtg agcatctgac agcctggagc agcaccctac     19080
     acccccaggg gagcatctga cagtctggag cagcacccac acccccaggt gagcatctga     19140
     catcctggaa cagcacccca cgcccccagg tgagcacctg acagcctgga acagcacccc     19200
     acacccccag gtgagcatct gacagcctgg aacagcaccc acacccccag gtgagcatct     19260
     gacagcctgg agcagcaccc cacacctcca ggggagcatc tgacatcctg gaacagcacc     19320
     ccacaccccc agtgagcatc tgacaacctg gagcagcacc ccacacctcc aggggagcat     19380
     ctgacatcct ggaacagcac cccacacctc cagggggagc atctgacagc ctggaacagc     19440
     acccacaccc ccaggtgagc atctgacagc ctggagcagc accctacacc cccaggggag     19500
     catctgacag tctggagcag cacccacacc cccaggtgag catctgacag cctggagcag     19560
     cgcccacacc cccaggtgag catctgacag cgtggagcag cgcccacacc cccaggtggg     19620
     catctgacag cctggagcag gcgcccacaa tcccaggtta gcatctgaca gcctggagca     19680
     gcacccacac ccccagttga gtagctgaca tcctggagct gcacccatac ccccaggtga     19740
     gatctgacag cctggggcag cacccacacc cccaggtgag catctggcaa cctggaacag     19800
     catctacagc cccaggtgac catctgacag cctgaagcag cacccacacc cccaggtgag     19860
     catgtgacca catggaatgt catcctcacc tccaggtgag catcggacag cctggaacag     19920
     aattctcaag ccccaggtga ggatctgaca acctggaaca gaaccccact cttccaggtg     19980
     agaatctgac agcataaaac agcaccctgc acccccaggt gagcatctga cagcctgaaa     20040
     cagcaccctc caccttcagg tgagaatatg acagcctgaa acagcacccc gcacccaggc     20100
     aaaaatctga cagcatggaa caagactact gcccccaggt gagcatttga cagcctggga     20160
     aagcaccctc tacccacacg tgagcatctg acagcctgga aacccccccc actgcttcca     20220
     ggtgaacatc tgatagcctg gaacagaacc ccaggcctcc cagtaagcat ctgaaagcaa     20280
     ggaacagcac tctcaccccc aggggagcat ctgacaacct agaacagcac cctcaccccg     20340
     aggtgggcat ctggcagcat aaaacagcac ccctactggc agatgagcat atgacagcct     20400
     ggaacagcac ccacacccgc tggcgagaat ctgacagcct ggagcaacac ccacaccccc     20460
     aggtgagcat ctgacagcct ggagcagcgc ccacaccccc aggtgagcat cttacagcct     20520
     ggagcagcgc ccacaccccc aggtgagcat ctgacagcct ggagcagcac ccacactccc     20580
     aggtgagtat ctgacagcct ggagtagcac ccacaccccc aggtgagcat ctgacagcct     20640
     ggaacagcat ccactccccc aggtgagcat ctgaccacat tgaatggcat cctcacctcc     20700
     aggtgagcat ctgacagcct ggaaccgcac ccacaccccc aggcgagcat ctgacagcct     20760
     ggagcagcac ccacaccccc aggtgagcat ctgacagcct ggagcagcac ccacaccccc     20820
     aggggagcat ctgaccgcat ggaatgtcat cctcacttcc aggtgagcat ccgacagcct     20880
     ggagcagcac ccacaccccc aggtgagcat ctgaccgcat ggaatggcat cctcacctcc     20940
     aggtgagcat ccgacagcct ggaacataat tctccaaccc caggtgagga tctgacaacc     21000
     tggaacagaa ccccactctt ccaggtgaga atctgacacc ataaaacagc accctgcacc     21060
     cccaggtgag catctgacag cctggaacag catccacacc cccaggtgag catctgaccg     21120
     catggaatgg catcctcacc tccaggtgag catctgacag cctggaacag aattctccaa     21180
     ccacaggtga ggatctgaca gcctggaaca gaaccccact cttccaggtg agaatctgac     21240
     acataaaaca gcaccctgca accccaggtg agcatctgac agtctggaac agcatccaca     21300
     cccccaggcg agcatctgac agcctggagt agcacgcaca cccccaggcg agcatctgac     21360
     agcctggagc agcacacaca accccaggcg agcatctgac agcctggagc agcgcccaca     21420
     cccccaagtg agcaggtgac agcctggagc agtgcccaca cccccgggcg agcatctgac     21480
     agcctggagc agcacccaca cccccaggtg agcatctgac agcctggggc agtgcccaca     21540
     gccccaggtg agcatctgac agcccggagc agcgtccaca cccccaggtg agcatctggc     21600
     agcctggagc agcacccaca cccccaggtg agcatctgac agcctggagc agcgcccaca     21660
     cactgaggtg agcatctgac agcctggggc agcacccaca cccccaggtg agcatctggc     21720
     aacctggaac agcatctaca gccccaggtg accatctgac agcctgaagc agcacccaca     21780
     cccccaggtg agcatgtgac cacatggaat gtcatcctca cctccaggtg agcatccgac     21840
     agcctggaac agaattctca aaccccaggt gaggatctga caacctggaa cagaacccca     21900
     ctcttccaag tgagaatctg acagcataaa acagcaccct gcacccccag gtgagcatct     21960
     gacagcctga aacagcaccc tccaccttca ggtgagaata tgacagcctg aaacagcacc     22020
     ccacacccca ggcaaaaatc tgacagcatg gaacaagacc actgctccca ggtgagcatt     22080
     tgacaacttg ggaaagcacc ctccacccac acgtgagcat ctgacagcct ggaaacaccc     22140
     ccactgcttc caggtgaaca tctgatagcc tggaacagaa ccccaggcct ccaagtaagc     22200
     atctgaaagc acggaacagc actctcaccc ccaggggagc gtctgacaac ctagaacagc     22260
     accttcaccc cgaggtgggc atctggcagc ataaaacagc acccctactg gcagatgagc     22320
     atatgacagc ctggaacagc acccacaccc ccaggtgagc atctcacagc ctgcagcagc     22380
     acccacaccc ccaggtgagc atccgacagc ctggagcagc acccacaccc ccaggcgagc     22440
     atcggacatc gtggaacagc accccacacc cccaggtgag catctgacag cttggaacag     22500
     aactccacac ccacaggtga gcatctgaca gcctggagca gcaccccaca cccccagggg     22560
     agcatctgac agtctggaac agcactccac acccccaggt gagcatctga catcctggaa     22620
     cagcacccca cgcccccagg tgagcatctg acagcctgga acagcacccc acacccctag     22680
     atgagcatct gacagcctgg agcagaaccc cacaccccca ggtgagcatt cgacagcctg     22740
     gaacagcacc cataccccca ggcgagcatc tgacagcctg gagcagcatg cacaccccca     22800
     ggcgagcatc tgacagcctg gagcagcacc cacaccccca ggcgagcatc tgacagcctg     22860
     gagcagcacg cacaccccca ggtgagcctc tgacagcctg gagcagcacc cacaccccca     22920
     ggcgagcatc tgacagcctg gagcagcaca cacaacccca ggcgagcatc tgacagcctg     22980
     gagcagcgcc cacaccccca ggtgagcatg tgacagcctg gagcagcgcc cacacccccg     23040
     ggcgagcatc tgacagcctg gagcagcacc cacaccccca ggtgagcatc tgacagcctg     23100
     gggcggcgcc cacagcccca ggtgagcatc tgacagcccg gagcagcgtc cacaccccca     23160
     ggtgagcatc tggcagcctg gagcagcacc cacaccccca ggtgagcatc tgactgcctg     23220
     gagcagcacc cacaccccca ggtgagcatc tgacagcctg gagcagcgcc cacacaccga     23280
     ggtgagcatc tgacagcctg gagcagcgcc cacaccccca ggtgagcatc tgacagcgtg     23340
     gagcagcgcc cacaccccca ggtgggcatc tgacagcctg gagcaggcgc ccacaatccc     23400
     aggttagcat ctgacagcct ggagcagcac ccacaccccc agttgagtag ctgacatcct     23460
     ggagctgcac ccataccccc aggtgagatc tgacagcctg gggcagcacc cacaccccca     23520
     ggtgagcatc tggcaacctg gaacagcatc tacagcccca ggtgaccatc tgacagcctg     23580
     aagcagcacc cacaccccca ggtgagcatg tgaccacatg caatgtcatc ctcacctcca     23640
     ggtgagcatc ggacagcctg gaacagaatt ctcaagcccc aggtgaggat ctgacaacct     23700
     ggaacagaac cccactcttc caggtgagaa tctgacagca taaaacagca ccctgcaccc     23760
     gcaggtgagc atctgacagc ctgaaacagc accctccacc ttcaggtgag aatatgacag     23820
     cctgaaacag caccccgcac ccaggcaaaa atctgacagc atggaacaag actactgccc     23880
     ccaggtgagc atttgacagc ctgggaaagc accctctacc cacacgtgag catctgacag     23940
     cctggaaacc cccccactgc ttccaggtga acatctgata gcctggaaca gaaccccagg     24000
     cctcccagta agcatctgaa agcaaggaac agcactctca cccccagggg agcatctgac     24060
     aacctagaac agcaccctca ccccgaggtg ggcatctggc agcataaaac agcaccccta     24120
     ctggcagatg agcatatgac agcctggaac agcacccaca cccgctggcg agaatctgac     24180
     agcctggagc aacacccaca cccccaggtg agcatctgac agcctggagc agcgcccaca     24240
     cccccaggtg agcatcttac agcctggagc agcgcccaca cccccaggtg agcatctgac     24300
     agcctggagc agcacccaca ctcccaggtg agtatctgac agcctggagt agcacccaca     24360
     cccccaggtg agcatctgac agcctggaac agcatccact cccccaggtg agcatctgac     24420
     cacattgaat ggcatcctca cctccaggtg agcatctgac agcctggaac ggcacccaca     24480
     cccccaggcg agcatctgac agcctggagc agcacccaca cccccaggtg agcatctgac     24540
     agcctggagc agcacccaca cccccagggg agcatctgac cgcatggaat gtcatcctca     24600
     cttccaggtg agcatccgac agcctggagc agcacccaca cccccaggtg agcatctgac     24660
     cgcatggaat ggcatcctca cctccaggtg agcatccgac agcctggaac ataattctcc     24720
     aaccccaggt gaggatctga caacctggaa cagaacccca ctcttccagg tgagaatctg     24780
     acaccataaa acagcaccct gcacccccag gtgagcatct gacagcctgg aacagcatcc     24840
     acacccccag gtgagcatct gaccgcatgg aatggcatcc tcacctccag gtgagcatcc     24900
     gacagcctgg aacagaattc tccaaccaca ggtgaggatc tgacagcctg gaacagaacc     24960
     ccactcttcc aggtgagaat ctgacgcata aaacagcacc ctgcaacccc aggtgagcat     25020
     ctgacagtct ggaacagcat ccacaccccc aggcgagcat ctgactgtat ggaatgacat     25080
     cctcacatcc aggtgagcat ccgacagcct ggaacagaat tctccaaccc caggtgagga     25140
     tctgactacc tggaacagaa ccccgctctt ccaggtgaga atatgacaga ataaagcagc     25200
     accctgcacc cccagttgag catctgacag cctggaacag cacccacact cccaggtgag     25260
     catctgacag cctggagcag tacccacacc cccaggtgtg catctgacag cctgaaacag     25320
     caccctccac caccagatga gcatctgaca accagaacct gcaccacaca ccccaaggtg     25380
     ggcatccgat ggcatgggac agcaccccca ctcacaggtg atgtgactgc gtggaacagc     25440
     acatcccctc aggtgagcat ctgacaggat aaaacagcac cccacaaccc caggtgatca     25500
     tttgccagcc aggaacggca acccacatcc ccaggtaagt gtctgacagc ctagagcggc     25560
     acctgcacac ttaggtaaga atctgaaagc ctggatcaac actcgaatct tcaggtgagc     25620
     atctgacagc ctggagcagc agtgcccacc cctgggtgag gatgctcacc tgaggttggg     25680
     agtgccagtc caggctgcca gatcctcacc tggggatgga aggtgccatt gtaggttttt     25740
     ggatgttcac atgggggtta agggtggtgt tccgggttat cagatgctca cctggggacg     25800
     cgtggaaaac catgcccacc acaaggtgag catatgacag cccggaacaa caccctccac     25860
     ccccaggtga gcatctgaca gcctggaaca gaaccccaca acttcaaata agaatttgat     25920
     aagtgggaaa aagctccccg ccctcaggtg agtgtctgac agcctggaac agcaccccac     25980
     aactgcaggt gagcatctga tagcctggat aggcactcca cacagccagg tgagcagctg     26040
     aaagcctgga atggtaaccc acatgcaggt gagcatccga cagcctggaa cagcagctca     26100
     catccccagg taagattcca acagcatgga acaagaccac tgcccccagg tgagcatctg     26160
     gcagcctggt aaaacaaccc ccttcaggtg agcatccgac agcctggaac agcagctcac     26220
     atccccaggt aagattccaa cagcatggaa caagaccact gcccccaggt gagcatctgg     26280
     cagcctggaa aaacaacccc cttcaggtga gcatctgaca gcctggaaca gcaccctcca     26340
     ccttcaggtg agaatatgac agcctgaaac agcaccccac accccaggca aaaatctgac     26400
     agcatggaac aagaccactg cccccaggtg agcatttgac agcccgggaa agtaccctcc     26460
     atgcacaggt gagcatctga cagcctggaa acccccccac tgcttccagg tgaacatctg     26520
     atagcctgga acagaacccc agttctccaa gtaaggatct gaaagcacgg aacagcactc     26580
     tcacccccag gggagcatct gacaacctag aacagcaccc tcaccccgag gtgggcatct     26640
     ggcagcataa aacagcaccc ctactggcag atgagcatat gacagcgtgg aacagcaccc     26700
     acgcacccag gtgagcatct gacagcctgg aacagcaccc cacaccccca ggtgagcatc     26760
     tgacagcctg gaacagcacc cacaccccca ggtgagcatc tgacagcctg gagcagcacc     26820
     ctacaccccc aggggagcat ctgacagtct ggagcagcac ccacaccccc aggtgagcat     26880
     ctgacatcct ggaacagcac cccacgcccc caggtgagca cctgacagcc tggaacagca     26940
     ccccacaccc ccaggtgagc atctgacagc ctggaacagc acccacaccc ccaggtgagc     27000
     atctgacagc ctggagcagc accccacacc tccaggggag catctgacat cctggaacag     27060
     caccccacac ccccagtgag catctgacaa cctggagcag caccccacac ctccagggga     27120
     gcatctgaca tcctggaaca gcaccccaca cctccagggg gagcatctga cagcctggag     27180
     caacacccca cacctccagg ggagcatctg acagcctgga acagcactcc acacctccag     27240
     gggagcatct gacagcatgg acaagtcctg ccccccggtt agtgtctgaa ttcctggaat     27300
     atgtgctgtc cttttccacc aggtgagcat atgaccgcct ggaagaagca cccctgcatg     27360
     ttacctgtgg tgaaaccaag gctgagagac aggacagggt tgttggccag gaggaggggc     27420
     ctgctgctga gccccagcgc tgagtcagag ctcacagcct tgagcctgtg ccatgcctcc     27480
     tctcagggtg aagaggcaga gggcatgggg gggggggcgc agcatcagcc catatcctgg     27540
     atgcacaaat tcacaggcat gacggggcga gggcctgctg ctcctaccgt cactcccaca     27600
     tgctagccct ccaacgtcct ggctgacttt ccctgcctct ggtcctgcgg ccctggacac     27660
     agcgggagga ggggacagga tcctgtggta ccccttggag gaggttccgg cacctgtagg     27720
     cagtttccaa ggatcccttg tggccacatc cagctgttaa atgggcatgt ccctggcagc     27780
     cacagatgtc tgtccagtgc aggaaagtct gtccagtgca ggaaagggca ggcagagagc     27840
     tggctcccag ccccaaatgc atgtctccct ccctggggcc caggctggca cagaagtcag     27900
     gcctgccagt gggaaacttg ggggaaactt ggtgccctgg tccagcagcc tgccctgcag     27960
     cagcaagcat ggcctctgga ggctgtcgtc ctcctggcct ccaggattgc ttttcctttc     28020
     ttcctagaac tccagccctt aagaaaatca gaagccctgg caggcacatt gcctctgtgc     28080
     tgtgctttta cccagcgaag catcagggca gacagccaat ttcaacactg ctcttggctg     28140
     ggaagtgccc tcatctctgg cagcccccac agagaaagtg cagggccccg gggctgtggc     28200
     tgcctcaggg caggtctccc ttgtgacagc ctcttgtcat gggcctggga gtggacccct     28260
     cccatccctg ccgtgcatcc tgttgagtag acagctcagg ctagtaccca agagggtggc     28320
     cagcagatca caggggatgt cccttttgtc ttagctgttt atgggctgga ggaaccactg     28380
     ttcagccaca tctcctctcc tgcccctcct gcattcaccc gaggttgatg ggagctctgt     28440
     ggggggagac aggcagggga ggggccaggc aacacctggg catatcccca gggtgcctcc     28500
     tctgatcccc aggaggggca gcacccaccc tcttcttttt ccaatttgtt tttattgtgg     28560
     ttaaatatac ataacgtaaa atttaccatc ttaattaatt atctttatgt gtacggtgtg     28620
     gtggcattaa atacattcat catgttgtgt ggccgtcacc accatccctt tccagaacta     28680
     gctcatcttc ccaaactgaa actctgtccc cgttaaatac taactctccg ttccccaggc     28740
     actctctgcc cccaacccca ggcacccacc attctgcttt ctgtctctgt gattcgatga     28800
     ctctagggac ttcatataag ggaaatcaca cagtgtttgt ccttttgtgg tggctgctta     28860
     ttttgctgag cacaatgtcc ttgaggttca tccatgttgt agtgtgtacc aggaatccct     28920
     tcctttttaa tgttgaataa ttccccattg tatggatgga tcatgtttgg cttatccacc     28980
     catccatcgg tggacacctg ggtgccttcc acctccaagc tcttgtgaac aatgatgcta     29040
     tctatgaata tggtgtacaa atgtctctaa aagaccctac ttccatttat tttggatgta     29100
     gacccagatg tggaattgct tgatcatatg gtagttctat tttttttttc ttttttttgg     29160
     agctggagtc tcgctctgtc gcccaggctg gagtgcagtg gcaggatctc agctcactgc     29220
     aactcccacc tcccgggttc aagcgattct cctgcctcag cctcccgagt agctgggatt     29280
     acaggcgcgt gccaccacgc ctggctaact ttttgtattt ttagtagaga ccagatttca     29340
     ccgtgttagc caggatggtc ttgatctcct gacctcgtga tccaccctcc ttggcctctc     29400
     aaagtgctgg gattacaggc gtgagccacc acacccagct ggtagttcta tttttagctt     29460
     tttgggaaat ggccatcctg ttttccttag ctgctgcacc attttacctt cccaccaata     29520
     gtgcagaagg ttccagtttc ttcacatcct caccagtgct tgttattttc tttttaaaaa     29580
     cttcatagta gccatcctga caggtgtgag gcatatctcg ttgttttgat ttgtgcttcc     29640
     ctgatgattg gtgatgtcca gcatcttttc atgtgcttat tgtccatttg tatatctttt     29700
     tttgagaaat gtctgtttaa gtcctttgct catttttttt gaatgacaca gtgaaacctc     29760
     gtctctataa aaatacaaaa aattagccag gcgtggggtc gcccacctgt aatcccagct     29820
     actcgggagg ctgaggcagg agaatcgctt gaaccccgga agcggaagtt gcagtgagct     29880
     gagatcccgc cactgcactc cagcctgggt gacagagcga gacttcagct ccaaaaattg     29940
     aattgggttt ttggctttgt tgttgttgag ttttaggact tctctgtgta ttctgggtaa     30000
     taattcctta tcagatatgt gacttgcaaa tattgtggtt ttcttccatc ctgtcagttg     30060
     cctttttact ctattataat agtgtccttt ggtgcacaaa aaatttaatt ttcatgaaat     30120
     ccaactttat tttttctttt gctgcctgtg cctttgttgt tgtagcccag aagtcattgt     30180
     caaatccagt gtcgtgaagc ttctcccctg tgcttacttc taagaatttt atagttttag     30240
     gtctttgatc cattttgaat taatttttgt atgtagtgtt aggaaagagt ccaacttcat     30300
     tcttttgcat agttttccct gcaacatttg ttgaaaagac tgtcccttcc ccattgaatg     30360
     gtcttggtca aatcatttga ccatctatgg gagggttcat ttctggactc tctattctgt     30420
     ttcattggtc tctgtgtctg tttttgtgcc ataccacact attttgatca ctgtagcttt     30480
     gtagtaagtt ttgaaatcag gaagtgtgag tcctccagct tgctggttct ttttcagggt     30540
     tgttttggct gtttggggtc ccctgagatt ccacaggaat ttcagaattt agcttttcta     30600
     cttctgtaaa aaacattatt gagattttga cagagattgc attgaatctg tagatcactt     30660
     tgggtaatac tgacgtctta ccaacatgaa gtcttctaat acatgaacat ggaatgtgtt     30720
     tccatttgtt tatgtcttat ttaatttatt tcagcaatgt tttatagttt tcattgtaca     30780
     aatctttcac ctctttggtt aattcctaag tattttattc tttttaattc tattgtagat     30840
     ggaattacag ttgactcttg aacacaggtt aaaattatgt gggtcccctt atatgtgaat     30900
     ttttttcaat aaatacagcc agcctttcat attggtgggt tccgaatcca cagccaaatg     30960
     cagatcagtt cttgggatgt gcaaccctcg tacacagagg gccaactttt catatctagg     31020
     ggttgggggt tccacagggc tgactgtagg acttcagtat gtggggattt cagtatctga     31080
     gggttgtcct ggaaccaatc ccatgtgtat accaaggggt gactgtattt tcttaattcc     31140
     ctttttagat tgttcattat taatgtataa aaatgcaact gatttttgtg ttgccttcgt     31200
     atcctgctac tttgctgaat tcatttatta gttctaacaa tttttttttg tgtgtggaat     31260
     ctttagggat ttctacatat aagatctgtg aacagagata attttacttc tttcaaattt     31320
     ggatgcttgg taattttttt cttgcctagt tattctggct ataacttcca gtgcaatgtt     31380
     gagtagaagt gcaaaagcaa tcatccttgc cttgttcctg atcttagagg aaaaactttt     31440
     ctttttcatc attgagtatg atgtttgctg tgggtttttc atatatggat tttatattga     31500
     ggcagtttcc ttctattcct agtttgttga gtattcttat cataaaaggg tgctgaattt     31560
     tgtcaaatgc ttttctgcat cagttgagat gatcattttt tccctttcat tctgttaatg     31620
     tggtacatca cataaattga catttgtatg ttgaaccatc cttgcattct agcaataaat     31680
     ctcacttggt cacgtgtgtc atcattttaa caaattgctg aatttgtttt gttagtattt     31740
     tgttgaggat ttttgcctca atattcatac gggataatgg tctgtagttt tcttgtagtg     31800
     tctttggcta tggtatcagg gtaatgctgg cctcatagaa tgagtctgag gaagtgttcc     31860
     ttcctctttg attttttgga aaagtttgag gattcgtgtt agttctttaa atatttggta     31920
     gaattcacca gtgaagccat caggtcctgg ccttttcttt gttgggagat ttttgattac     31980
     tgactcaatc tttttactag ttataggtct attcagatct tctatttctt catgatttag     32040
     tcttggtagg ttttgtgttt ctagggattt gtccatttca cctagattaa ctgatttgtt     32100
     ggtttacaat tgttcctatt actatcttat aattattttt atttctgtag aattggtaat     32160
     aacctgattt tcatttctga ttgtcatgat ttgaattttc tctttcttag tccacctggc     32220
     aaaaggtttg tcaaattttg tcttttcaag gacaaacttt tgttttcatt gattttctct     32280
     atttcttctc tatcctatgt tttattgatc tctgctgtaa tctttttctc tctctctttc     32340
     tttctctttc tgttcatgtg ttctttttct agtttcttaa gttgtaaagt tagattgttg     32400
     atttgagatc tttcttgttt tttaatggaa gcatttacag ctatacattt ccccctcagg     32460
     attgctttcc ctgtgtctca taatttgggg tgtgttgttt tcattttcac ttgtctctaa     32520
     gcattgtcta acttctcgaa gtgtgatttc ttctgtgatc cattggttgt ttagctccct     32580
     cctcctttta cagaggagga aactgaggcc tggggaggtg aagtgattcg gctgcggttg     32640
     cttagctgga cccaactctt ctgggctcca gggacagtgc tcagggcagc aggcctgggc     32700
     tgagcacaca ggtccagtgt gagtccctca gagtcagacc acatagaatg cagtgcagtt     32760
     gcaagcaagg aatgctcata aacaaacaga acagaaacca tcttccagca cacaggcctc     32820
     ccccagctga ttgggatctg tcttcttgcc attgcccctc tcccaacttt tattttaaat     32880
     tggagcagtt cctgcagaag aaagtcttaa atgcatagat accgaactta aagagcaggt     32940
     aaatgaagct cagatcaggg tccgggggct gcatccctgc acctgtctgt ggcagacatg     33000
     gctggccgag gccagcactt actccctctg tgcatgtcct ctaaacccct ctcaacaccg     33060
     ggggccaggc agcctcacca atgcagctga gggaacatct cctggccaac aaccccagag     33120
     ggacccctgc atgcactgag cattatctaa gctggggagg acccctagta cctctgaagg     33180
     ctcgcacatc tatccacaca gactgaggct gggaggatga aagggcagga ctcccagaaa     33240
     ctgggtttgt ggggacccgg ctcccatgag ccgctgtaca ggtggggatg ggaacatggg     33300
     ttttgatggg catctcactg ctcaggatgg cctacccggc tccctctctc cttggggtgg     33360
     aggaaggcag ctccctgggt cccccacccg tgcttgccca ggcccaggtc aggagtgggg     33420
     cggcacctgc agctggtcta gggccaggtg caccaacgcc cgtccacaca gtgcctgcac     33480
     gttccccggc tcagcccgca gcactgtgtt gaagtcgaac atggccgtct tcttctggcc     33540
     caggaaccca tagcagcggg ctcgggcaag gagggactca cttgcctggc ttcctgcagg     33600
     aagacggcat ggggtcagga tgagcctatg ctgggtccct tccccagcat ctatcctgcc     33660
     cagcccgggg agggcagagg gtgcatgagc ttcagggcct accttgggga gctcacaggc     33720
     cactgggcac caagacagac agagacaggg tggacttggg ggcattggct gcagggcaag     33780
     aggagctcag ccaggactgg ggacagctgg ggggctgccg tgaggagggg gcactgcagc     33840
     tgcctctgag gccaggcgag ggcaggggga tcagggtagc actaccatca agacgcggag     33900
     accggtagtg gccccgaacg gctgagcgca ctgatattta ctgcatacaa gacgaggggg     33960
     gcagggtaag gagggtgaat cttctaagtg attgacaagg tgaagcaagt cacgtgatca     34020
     aaggacagtg ggcccttccc tcttgggcag ctgaagcaga gatagaaggt ggcatacgtc     34080
     agcgttttct tctatgaact tataagatca aagcctttaa gactttcact attccttcta     34140
     ccgctatcta ctacaaactt caaagaggaa ccaggagtat gggaggaaca tgaaagtgga     34200
     caaggaacgt gaccattgaa gcaccacagg gaggggttta gacctctgga tgactgtggg     34260
     caggcctgga tgatatccag ccttccataa gaagctggtg gagcagagtg ttccctgact     34320
     cctccaagta aaggagactc cctttcccgg tctgctcagt aatgggtgcc ttcccagaca     34380
     ctggtgttac cacttgacca aggggccctc aagcagccct tatgcgggtg tgacagaggg     34440
     ctcacctctt gccttctatt cacttctcac aatgtccctt cagcacctga ccctacaccc     34500
     actggttatt actagattat gttagtaatg caacaaaaag taatattaaa agctaatgat     34560
     taataatgat taataattgt tcattatctc tatatctaat ttgtatcatg actattctta     34620
     ttctattttc tttattatac tgaaacagtt tgtgccttca gtctcttgcc tcggcaccta     34680
     ggtaatcttt tgcccacaac ccctcgccaa agaggctgtc attactgtgc cccttctggg     34740
     tgttgttctg tgacggacat gggacaacat gccaggctgc tctgggccac tctgggccgc     34800
     tctgggctgc tctgggccgc tctgggccgc tctgggctgc atgccttcct gccgacgtgt     34860
     gcagggcatg ctctctgtgc caggtactgt cccaaaatga gccctctgaa tccccacttc     34920
     cacccgacat gggcaacgct gccatccccc tttgggagag gagggtgagg ggtgctcact     34980
     aagtgcatgg ccaggttcca cgtggcagcc tgatctaggt ccaggcttgg gagaggagga     35040
     tgaggggtgc ttactaagtg catggccggg ttccacgtgg cagcctgatc taggtccagg     35100
     ctctcacact ccctgtaccc caggagatcc ctgcgagtcc tgggaaacat cgccttccct     35160
     ccagacacct ggccccccaa ccccagaaac agcactgact ccaggaagca ggcagcaccc     35220
     ccgtgctggg tgtcccaggg tggggaggcc aggcgtgcat aggaggagcc tgtcactatt     35280
     tctaggaagg gctgagggga gcagggacct cgcctccttg tcattagcta ggaaaggggc     35340
     ccttctcccc tcaggactgg gggtgctggg acggcagctc aggcaccagg cagggcacag     35400
     ctcaggtccc agctcaggcc ccaggtctca gagcctggtc tcaggccttg gtgcacccac     35460
     cttgaaggtg aaatgccctc agcgagtggc ccttgccctg tccaacccgt gggtgttcct     35520
     gaggcccctg cacctgggga gcatgcgtgt ccccaccaac cagcatggca gagactcccc     35580
     atgtcccctg tgcctggcac aagactgggc cctgggggca ggtgggcagc tcctacctgc     35640
     ggcaaagatg gccagagaca ggtaggcgat ggcctccttg gtgtgaaccc tgccgtcggc     35700
     cccgcctggc cgtgcccgca ggatggccag ggccctggcg tggcagtggc cttgaagcag     35760
     ctgccggtcc tcgtggcaga agacgtccag ggtgggctgg aggcaggcgg tgtcaccaga     35820
     ctggaccagc ttcttcacca actgcaaggg tgccacagtc actgcccatg cccttgggac     35880
     cgatgccctg gagcccaccc tgtactgacg cccctggcca tcccccaccc caccctcact     35940
     gccccagggt ccacctggtg ccaacgctcc cagtcccacc cttgctgccc cacggctcac     36000
     ccagttccaa cgcccctggc aattcctcac cccaccctct ctgtgccagg gtccgccctg     36060
     tgccatcacc ccgatcctcc cctactgcct cgctgcctcc accagcccct ggctgtgtgt     36120
     ccatgagcct gggagcttct gcctgtctga gcactaggag gttggccgtg tgttgcgatg     36180
     tggccatttg agcctttggg ggcgttttgt ctccccatag gtgggggtcc cacagcggcc     36240
     agggactgtg tgtccccacc ttggtgcaga ggagtaggta gggaggggag tcgtgagccc     36300
     gctctgggct gcagtctgag ccgcatctgt ctgctgatgg cattggtggg ctgggactct     36360
     cagggttccc gagcctagga cttctccatc ccatggaggt ggagactccg ccccagtggg     36420
     cccactggag caaggtccaa atgagaagca gaggaagggg cttttaggtc atgaagggtc     36480
     aacaggcgcc agggagtcct tcagacgacg cggagcaaaa gcccagcacg gccaagtagg     36540
     accaggtcgc tgggcgaggg gagacctcca ccccacaacg tcccctctcc gcgactccat     36600
     ccgaaggagg cccaatgctg ccccctgctg gctgctggtg ggcacacggg ttccccaagc     36660
     tgagcaagag gatgcaggtt cagggcatcc gaacctgggc agggcaagga gatcaggacc     36720
     caaaccgggc cccaggggga ggaagacgcg agaaggccct caccccaggc cccaaggcct     36780
     gaatcccacc agagtgtaac ctttagaccc cagttcaaac aggaacccgg gatagcacct     36840
     gaggcaggta agggtctgcc tttcctggga gcagggggtc ttggaggcag gagggaaggt     36900
     cccctctgct acccacccca aggcagggtt gcatccaagc ctggtttatg tgagagactt     36960
     ggagagaagc tcggcctgca gtcggttcct ggcccttatg cttcgtaacc acagtggaag     37020
     caagtacgac aaagcagcta cgcatgcagg gaaactgccg gccccgggga cctgccccag     37080
     ccgatttcca tgacaaccca tgggaccagg acccagataa ggagactgag ggtcaggtag     37140
     gtgagggcct gcagcaggtg cagagctggg gctgaatgca gtcgcctggt ccaaagccca     37200
     gactgtgggg tccagcgcca gggccacggg aggcctgtgc cctcttccca gctgggccca     37260
     tttccacctg ccctctgtca ccccccaggc ctcctcacct ggttggcgtc atagaagaag     37320
     cccctcctca gctgcagcag ggccagtcgt gccagcacag gggctgcctg gggcctccgg     37380
     gatagggcca ccagcagggc cttgtgggtc tcctccaggc ggcccaggcg gtacagggca     37440
     tcagccgcca ggaggcgaga ggcctcgtcc tctgaatcca gctccatcag cagtgtggcc     37500
     agctggtgca cgccgcaggc gaccctgtgt ggagatcagc tcaggggggc atgccccttt     37560
     tgacaacccc tccacctgcc caggtgattg ggcagtgggg aaatcccgtc tccatgtacc     37620
     tggcctgggc agctccctcc ggagggaccc tcacgccaca ccatccccag aagccaaagg     37680
     tgcccttcct agcatgcggc cctcacgctc tcccttgccc ttctcctacc ctgtgggagg     37740
     tgggattgtg gcggtataga caggcagagg cagggctgac cctgtgtgga ccctgcctca     37800
     gtttcctttt ctgcaaaaac acagacgaac aatttggcct tgctgggctc aggggtgtgc     37860
     ctataggcag aacaagaaaa cacatggctg cacctggcat gttcctgtgc ccatgtggga     37920
     atgttactga gtgctcactg ggaaatgggg ccagatcctc aaatttgaca atttccagag     37980
     aacaaatata aatgccatca cataatgaaa gtttcttacc agcagcaaat caaagccacg     38040
     caaattaaac acccagaagg cagaggaact ctgtgtgttt tgtgtgcgtt atgtacatgt     38100
     tgtgtgttgt gtgtgtgtta tgtacatgtt gtgtgttgta tgtgtgttat gtacatgtgt     38160
     gttgtgtgtg gtgtgtgtgt tgtatgtgtg gtgtgtatgg tgtgtgtctg gtgtgttgtg     38220
     tgtgtgttat gtatgtgttg tgcgtgtgtg tgttgtgtgt gtgccttggg gtggacgctg     38280
     acatcaatga tgcccctcca agaaccgccc ccaccccccg gactcagtgc ttttaacttt     38340
     gctgaaaccc cttcctgcca cctcccagca attacacgag ggaagtcaaa gcagctaggg     38400
     attcacccac tgggctttgg gctggcaaat aatttgcaaa atgagcatca agggtgagtg     38460
     ggggatgggc ggtggccaga ttgtggtggg aggagggcag ctcctgaagt caaggatcct     38520
     acaagtggcg gcgcttcctg acccgggaac tgcatgcctg tctccgtctc atggagagaa     38580
     catcctggag acaggacatt acccacgagg gattacagct aagaacaaag gccaggcgcg     38640
     gtggctcacc tggaatccca gcactttggg aggcccgggt gggaggatca cttgaggtca     38700
     ggagttcgag accagcctgg ccaccatggt gaaaccccat gccactaaaa atataaagat     38760
     tagctgggcg tggtgatccc agctacttgg gacgctgagg cagaagaatg gcctgaaccc     38820
     aggaggcgga ggttgcagca agccaagatt gcgccattgc actccagcct gggcggcaga     38880
     gtaagactcc atctcaaaga acaaaaaaca aaacaaaaca aaacaaacca accccaggac     38940
     tgctggaagg agtagtggca ggggcgcagg tcggggcggt gctgccggaa acacatttag     39000
     ccacaaaggg aatcgtcatg acctattgag taagaaaatt agcatatgaa cagcatgtcc     39060
     agcacagact cggtttggtg agctatttta catgcaccaa acgaaaggcc tggaaggaaa     39120
     tgtgagccgc ggatttccat ttccggactg cggcccggtc gatggaagca gcggagctag     39180
     acctgcctcg ggtgctttgg gaagtcacca gccactgcct ccgttcattc ctttgtaaaa     39240
     taggaggaaa cacatccgtc gctacctcga aggagacccg caggaagcag cggccccagc     39300
     gtgcccgggc gggtcctcac ccctcctgcg tggtggggcc gcccgtctct gcggcctccc     39360
     tccggccctg cgctctggac ggcccggcgc gtggagatcg ctgcagcatc ccacgggcct     39420
     cctcccgcag caccaccagc agcagccccc gctggttcca gggcacgtag gccttggcgg     39480
     ccagcagcgc ctcctcgggc cgcagcctgc aggcggtgac atagtccagc gtgcccagga     39540
     acgcgctgcc cgccagcacc cgcagcagtc cccggccgca cagcgcgcgc acacagcccc     39600
     ccgggtgcgg cgccccctgc tccactaccg tctggaagtc ctccatggcg cgccgcgagt     39660
     ccccggcgtg cagcgcgcag aagccgcgca gagccaggag aggtgcgcgg tcccctgcac     39720
     ggtcccccgc agggtcctca gggcgtgcgg gccgcagcag gcgctcgcac atggcccggg     39780
     cgcccgccgc gtcccctgcc agcagcaggc actcggcgag gcgggctccc agcgcgggtc     39840
     gcgccccggc aggcgccagg cgaagcagga cgcggagcgc gcgggttacc ggggccagca     39900
     gctcgcggcc cgcatcctcg cggagctcag ggtggttccg cacggcttcc tggaagcggg     39960
     cgaagcccac gtccgcggcc tcctgcgcct gagcccggac gcgctcctgg tcctggacag     40020
     agaacacggc ctggaactgc ctccgcgccc cagaggggct ctcgcggaag gcctcctgca     40080
     ggttccaaaa cacgtcctgg gcccggccgt ccaggaagaa ggccgaggcc gcgcgggtga     40140
     ccagcagggc ggctcggcgc tcacctgcgg agagaaacag aggcgtgggt tctgcctggg     40200
     gggccgactc cccgggggtg ccacctgcaa gtccccacca ggtccagggc ttggactcag     40260
     gagactgtga gtcctcctgc ccgaggcatc tccctccagt ctccaggtgg ccctgggtat     40320
     ggcaccgcca ggacaccagc tggcaggagg cccgacgccc atgagcgacg gggcaggttg     40380
     agaaccgtgc tgggcaagcg gcgagggggc agccgcccgg cctgccagcg acactgtgct     40440
     ctcagggtgg gttcagagtc actcccaccg ctcagtgcaa accaaattca gttacaacgc     40500
     ctttcccttg cctgacattt aaataatggg ttttaggatt gagtttcctc ctctgggaat     40560
     cagtgcccct ccactcccag ggcagagctg aagctccaac tctatgacct ttgcagtggc     40620
     catttattcc tgggcgcctt tgtttcttgc cttctttggg ccaagtgggg acccagccct     40680
     tccctctctg tagcagagct cttctctcag gtctaggact ggaggggcat gccctgctgc     40740
     ttactgaggg tggacctggg catttacgga gtctcctgcg tctgttccct ggtctgcact     40800
     ataatgggtt ataatgatcc acgctcgcag ggggtgagga ttaaacggat ctacctacat     40860
     ccagtgcctg gaaggggcct ggtgcatcgt gtgagtcagt gaggtcaggg gcagcatccc     40920
     cacccccact cccccagcac cctccccgcg cacctgcccc ccaccccagt gtgtctgagc     40980
     aaacgtgaat ggggctttct gactggtaag ggaagtgtag ctgccccatc ccaaaaaggg     41040
     ccccaggcag ggtgcacagg ccactgggag aggcggggat actccgtg                  41088