ID   AC152891; SV 2; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MAM; 197819 BP.
AC   AC152891;
DT   24-NOV-2004 (Rel. 81, Created)
DT   15-DEC-2004 (Rel. 82, Last updated, Version 2)
DE   Pan troglodytes chromosome X clone RP43-038O03 map human ortholog Xq23,
DE   complete sequence.
OS   Pan troglodytes (chimpanzee)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Pan.
RN   [1]
RP   1-197819
RA   Taudien S., Taenzer S., Baumgart C., Mueller O., Platzer M.;
RT   "DNA sequence of chimpanzee chromosome X";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-197819
RA   Lagemann D., Platzer M.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (23-NOV-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Analysis, Institute of Molecular Biotechnology, Beutenbergstr. 11,
RL   Jena, Thuringia 07745, Germany
RN   [3]
RP   1-197819
RA   Lagemann D., Platzer M.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (14-DEC-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Analysis, Institute of Molecular Biotechnology, Beutenbergstr. 11,
RL   Jena, Thuringia 07745, Germany
DR   MD5; 31dadd7bcf97df4c901e1fc2298dd0d3.
CC   On Dec 14, 2004 this sequence version replaced gi:55975214.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC        Center: Institute of Molecular Biotechnology
CC        Center code: IMB
CC        Web site: http://genome.imb-jena.de/
CC        Contact: gscj-submit@genome.imb-jena.de
CC   -------------- Project Information
CC        Center project name: X82
CC        Center clone name: RP43-038O03
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC        Sequencing clone based: pUC18; 72% of reads
CC        Whole genome shotgun: 28% of reads
CC        Chemistry: Dye-terminator Big Dye; 100% of reads
CC        Assembly program: Phrap; version 0.990329
CC        Consensus quality: 197578 bases at least Q40
CC        Consensus quality: 197763 bases at least Q30
CC        Consensus quality: 197819 bases at least Q20
CC        Quality coverage: 7.26x
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished with the support of external Whole
CC   genome shotgun data (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/Traces/trace.fcgi)
CC   as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions were double
CC   stranded, sequenced with an alternate chemistry, or covered by high
CC   quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was made to
CC   resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one plasmid subclone or more
CC   than one pUC18 subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   --------------
CC   Source information:
CC   The RPCI-43 chimpanzee BAC library was prepared from DNA
CC   isolated from the blood of a single male chimpanzee using
CC   published protocols (Osoegawa,K. et al. Genomics 51:1-8).
CC   The DNA from the chimpanzee ('Clint') was obtained from the
CC   Yerkes Primate Center in Atlanta. The library was prepared
CC   by Baoli Zhu, Chung Li Shu, Kazutoyo Osoegawa, Evan Eichler
CC   & Pieter J. de Jong. The library characteristics are described
CC   at http://www.chori.org/bacpac/mchimp43.htm.
CC   The clone may be obtained from Pieter J. de Jong and coworkers
CC   (http://www.chori.org/bacpac).
CC   VECTOR:  pBACe3.6
CC   --------------
CC   Sequence Quality Assessment:
CC    This entry has been annotated with sequence quality
CC    estimates computed by the Phrap assembly program.
CC    All manually edited bases have been reduced to quality zero.
CC    Quality levels above 40 are expected to have less than
CC    1 error in 10,000 bp.
CC    Base-by-base quality values are not generally visible from the
CC    GenBank flat file format but are available as part
CC    of this entry's ASN.1 file.
CC   ----------------------.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..197819
FT                   /organism="Pan troglodytes"
FT                   /chromosome="X"
FT                   /map="human ortholog Xq23"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone="RP43-038O03"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9598"
FT   misc_feature    2628..2731
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    4210..4283
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    4273..4297
FT                   /note="low quality region"
FT   misc_feature    4284..4327
FT                   /note="single clone coverage"
FT   misc_feature    4328..4447
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    11153..11315
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    12329..12651
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    12782..14110
FT                   /note="pcr product sequence only"
FT   misc_feature    14074..14105
FT                   /note="low quality region"
FT   misc_feature    14132..14660
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    21164..21167
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    37781..38175
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    38868..38899
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    43791..43832
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    55620..55784
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    55732..55784
FT                   /note="whole-genome shotgun only"
FT   misc_feature    62120..62863
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    62437..62863
FT                   /note="whole-genome shotgun only"
FT   misc_feature    62527..62617
FT                   /note="low quality region"
FT   misc_feature    63256..63344
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    71663..71775
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    72191..72437
FT                   /note="whole-genome shotgun only"
FT   misc_feature    72780..73461
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    72780..73245
FT                   /note="whole-genome shotgun only"
FT   misc_feature    73580..73682
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    74165..74308
FT                   /note="whole-genome shotgun only"
FT   misc_feature    74342..74528
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    80852..81384
FT                   /note="whole-genome shotgun only"
FT   misc_feature    81248..81384
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    81571..82484
FT                   /note="pcr product sequence only"
FT   misc_feature    91451..91609
FT                   /note="whole-genome shotgun only"
FT   misc_feature    91451..91564
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    91798..92222
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    93035..93363
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    96602..96732
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    110534..110830
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    110831..110922
FT                   /note="single clone coverage"
FT   misc_feature    114279..114541
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    114542..114549
FT                   /note="unresolved tandem repeats"
FT   misc_feature    114550..114762
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    115598..115762
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    116056..116213
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    116750..117042
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    116941..117042
FT                   /note="whole-genome shotgun only"
FT   misc_feature    117202..117463
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    118736..118897
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    121346..121371
FT                   /note="low quality region"
FT   misc_feature    122815..122896
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    123542..123543
FT                   /note="low quality region"
FT   misc_feature    124893..124935
FT                   /note="single clone coverage"
FT   misc_feature    125104..125762
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    125579..125694
FT                   /note="low quality region"
FT   unsure          125580
FT   misc_feature    125741..125750
FT                   /note="low quality region"
FT   misc_feature    125741
FT                   /note="single clone coverage"
FT   misc_feature    130855..131002
FT                   /note="whole-genome shotgun only"
FT   misc_feature    136898..137100
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    137626..138013
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    139925..140059
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    144936..145218
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    145842..145847
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    146596..146627
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    147975
FT                   /note="low quality region"
FT   misc_feature    148779..148788
FT                   /note="low quality region"
FT   misc_feature    148832..148917
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    163596..163676
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    165567..165719
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    167357..167408
FT                   /note="whole-genome shotgun only"
FT   misc_feature    181124..181220
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    187517..187551
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    187552..187582
FT                   /note="single clone coverage"
FT   misc_feature    187874..188343
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    190534..190686
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    190633
FT                   /note="low quality region"
FT   misc_feature    190890..190950
FT                   /note="low quality region"
FT   misc_feature    193991..194098
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
SQ   Sequence 197819 BP; 64648 A; 40049 C; 39033 G; 54089 T; 0 other;
     aattccacca gtgtattaca taggatcctt gggatctctt ccaaaaagtc ttcttcatgg        60
     gaaatatttt ccagtgaatg catccagtcc atttgaaaat ttttttcttg aatatccttg       120
     attatttaga gccaaacagc aaccagttaa ctagttctag catttgctcc attccccaaa       180
     gcactgccct tagcactctg gaactttatt tcttaggcta taatatctgc tgctatacta       240
     tatctaaggg acaccatagt atcctacaaa tggactgttc attagtgata gtttttgcca       300
     ttcccatgag aactttctta tgccagtaga gtaagttcac atattcttta ccaccaacaa       360
     ggctacttct ttccttccca ctactgaata caactcaaat attatccact gagctttgca       420
     ctaattctct atcctcattt ggtgaaatag tggtcagctt aggattaaag gtttcatggc       480
     tgaaactttt agcaaagcct ttcaagatag tatctgtgtg tagtataaag gccatatttg       540
     aatcctcgaa aggctaaaat gtccattgac tagttggtct gtcggcatca tgcagtctgc       600
     ccacacctag aatttttaca cctgtacaaa tcaattgtac acaggaactg gggcaatgtg       660
     gcagaaactg atagttacca ccctcactcc caccccacct tctgaatata tccactcttc       720
     acttctttct ttaaatatag aaaccttaag ttttacttgt cttctcagat gaagactaca       780
     tttcccaacc tcccttgcac ctaggttaag gtcatgttac tggaatgaag gcagaggtga       840
     tgtattcaaa cttctgaaaa gcagctttaa gaggaagaga tatatggata tgacggtaag       900
     agctggagaa gccatcttag atcacaggag ggaaactgtg tcttagaaca ctttatctcc       960
     atttcccctc attttgactt ttgtttctgt catcatgcac tgttaatttg acatatactt      1020
     ggaatctcac aagatatttt tatggtttta taagttgata ttaatttgga tttatcattt      1080
     tcattactat ttatccttcc tgcatttcta tgtttccatt taggaaaatt ttccttctat      1140
     caaagaatag cctttactat ttttgttgtt gctattgttg agatagagtc tcgctctgtc      1200
     gcccaagctg gagtgtagtg atctcggctc agtgcaacct cctcctccca ggttcaagtg      1260
     atcctcccgc ctcagcctcc ctagtagctg agactacagg cacgtgccac catgcctggc      1320
     taacttttgt atttttagta gagacagggt ttcaccatgt tggccaggct ggtctctaac      1380
     tcctgacctc aggtgatcca cctgccttgg cctcccaaag tgctgggatt acaggcatga      1440
     gccaatgcac ccggccctag tatttctttt agcctggatc tgctagtgac agattccctc      1500
     gggttttgtt tgtttggaga agtctttatt ttaccttcct ttttaaagag tatttgacta      1560
     tatatattat agaattcaag gttggcagtt atttttcagt actaaaggta gcactttgtc      1620
     ttctggcttc cattatttct tttgagaagt cagccaatat cttattattg ctcctttgaa      1680
     tgtaatgtgt cttttttcct ctagatgctt taaaattttt ttttagtttt cagaaatttg      1740
     aatatgatgt acctaggttt gatccagatt ctcacccttt tgctgtacag caagagttag      1800
     caaatgcctt aagagttaaa gcagtgggtc aggtttctgt ggtccccttt tctctaactt      1860
     cttggattct caaaacctga ctattttgac agcttttgat gcctccaaat agattgcttt      1920
     tctagtagtt ccagttgact cacccattta aatcagatgt gctggatctg aacacatctg      1980
     tgcccactac ctcaatgacg cccgctgtca ctttcaggaa cttcaggctg aatcaccttc      2040
     tgccagatat ggaagactct acactcaccg caatgttcaa tcttgtctgc tcctctaagg      2100
     gactgtcggc tcacacgata accaaaacat aatagttatt ggagactcac tctatggttc      2160
     atcttggcac aaaccttcca ccattccacc acatcagtgg ttctcaaccc tggctgtaca      2220
     ttagaatcat ctggaaagct gtttaaacat atcaatggtg gactcctttc aaagactctg      2280
     aattaattgg tctaggctga atatcctcac ctgtggtccc actgtcctca gggagaaaga      2340
     ccgcagttgt ggggaagaag ttggactgca cctgaggaat tgtacccatt atttcttttt      2400
     tcatttttct tctttttttg agacaaggtc ttactctgtt gttgaggctg gagtgcagtg      2460
     gcatgatcat gggtcactgt ggcctgtata aaataataaa acaaatgtct cattttggtg      2520
     ttataaaaag aagcaaattg gaaatcagga gactgtgatc aattaaagtg ttctaaggtc      2580
     tttctgttga ttgggatggg gtgaaaatat tacctaattt tagccttttt tgaggtaaat      2640
     atgcctggta aaattttgga actaaccact aaaagaacag aaattgaata taaattccaa      2700
     accaatagag gaaaaaataa ttttaaatga acagtaatag caataaaatc aatccctctg      2760
     aacaaggtga gaggagaaaa ggaaggatga acataaaaaa ttacagctca aatacttgga      2820
     taaccacaag aaatacaaat ggacttaatt cactaggtaa aagagattgt caacctgaat      2880
     ttaatttttt aaatgcagtt atgtgctatt tgcaaaagac ccatctgaac taaaataaca      2940
     cggaaaagtt gaagattaaa cagctaggaa aatatatacc aaacaaatac taacaaaaag      3000
     aaaactggaa ttgctatgtt aatattcaaa aaactagaca ctaggacaag aagcagtatt      3060
     agggatacag gggaccacta cataattata aaagattaaa ttcactagga agatatagca      3120
     atccaaaacc tattcatata tcaaattaag tagttttgaa atatatgaaa caaaattgat      3180
     aaaattacag gaagaaatgg acaaatccac catcaaagtg gaaaatttcg tgctacctct      3240
     ctcaattatt aattcaaaaa gacaaagaat cagtaaagat ataagatttg aagaacacaa      3300
     ttaacaaggt taatatcata aacatatatt aaacacatga atttttagaa aattatgtac      3360
     aagacatttt caaaaacccc caaaataagt atcatacaga tcacattctt tgaccatcaa      3420
     actattcatt tagaaatcaa taacaataga aaaacatctc ccattaattt ggaaaatgtt      3480
     tttattctag ataattcata gatcaaagaa caaacgtctt tagattttag agaaatatac      3540
     atcaaagcca caatgagatg ccacttcata cccgttagta tgactataat aaagaaaaga      3600
     cacaataaca agtgatagtg aaaatgtgga gaaattagaa gcctcataca ttgctatttc      3660
     tgcaggaagt ttggaaaagg gtttggcaat ttctccaagt gtcatgatag agttaccata      3720
     tgactcagta ataccaatct taggtgtatg cgtaggagaa ttgaaaacat gtccacaaaa      3780
     atacttacac acaaatgttc atagcagcat tattcattta acagcgtaag gttcgaaata      3840
     acccaaatgt ctatcaacta atgaataaat aaattaaata ttgtatatcc atatattggg      3900
     atattattta gccataaaaa gaaattaaat catggctcta agtcttattt tggaccacag      3960
     catcttatcg gtaccaatat gtaagtgctg cctataacca gcgaaggacc cttgatatat      4020
     cttatcaagc tcagcccgtg tgtgtgtgcg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtttatg tataaacaca      4080
     cacacatgta tctcacagct aattggagga gagaggggta gagccagtat gcttactaaa      4140
     tcatattaat atttaggatc aacacattca gattcagtaa ctattcaaac cctgagcttt      4200
     cacagatcaa tgatgcttgc tcccacagca gggatatttg agtccttcca ctttccttaa      4260
     cactgcaaga ttgatgatct ggacagaaac tcttgacttc attataaaga tagccctcat      4320
     agcagatcca atccatagtg aagggctatg acatcactga ggaaagagag agagcacatt      4380
     atgcccacaa acggactgag gtaatgtgac tttctactct tatcctaaag aatgtgtttg      4440
     tgtggtatgt gaattcatat aaagttttac tttaggtaga ctaggtaatt ttatattgga      4500
     caacattttg ttacattgaa taattgtata ataattataa tttgaaagac tatctctaat      4560
     tggtttaact taactacatc aaaatgttga gtgaatgtag taggtaatag acctacctac      4620
     ttaaggtatt agaccccata actttgaatg ctgagtatac aggtgtcttc agtttgtaaa      4680
     aattcatggc gccatatctt tatggtttgt gtacttttgt atctatgttc tactttaata      4740
     aaaattgtat gtgtgtgtat atatatacat atacacacac atatatatac acacatatat      4800
     acacacatat acatatatat gtatatatac acatgtatat atataccaac acacatagat      4860
     ttggaaatat atataggtat atgtatttat gtgtgcgcat attatatcct tttcccaaac      4920
     taagcaaaaa gcctagatga ttttaaatgt tcgttctatc aaactttgaa gaaacaggct      4980
     atctaacttt atacaaagtc ttccagagaa tagaaaaagg ggagaatcta ctccaactca      5040
     ttctatgagg taggtataac tttgatgtca aaaccaaatt aaggctgaat gagaaggaca      5100
     attataagtc attcttcctc atgagtataa aggcaaacat tgtaaacata gatattagca      5160
     aactgagtgt agcagttgat aaaaaagata atataccata agcaaattga gttatcccag      5220
     caattcaagg gtagtttaat gataggaaat ctataaaatg ttattcatgc taaaaactga      5280
     ctgaaagaaa aataaatcat gatgaattca ataagagcag gaagaaatgt ttcataaagt      5340
     tcagtacata ctcatgataa aaagtcttag caaactggaa aaaataactt tcttaatgtg      5400
     gtaaagatta tctactaaag acaaaaacaa aacaagacca acagcaaagt ttattcttca      5460
     tagggaaatg gtggaagcat tttgttcaaa tcggaaacat gacatggatg ccttcagtca      5520
     ctgtttctat tcaacattat actggaggat caagtcagta aagtaaaata agaaaaagaa      5580
     attaactgta tggcccgggt tggtggctca tgcctgtaat cccagcactt tgggaggctg      5640
     aggtgggtgg atcacttgag gtcaggagtt caagaccagc ctggccaaca tggtgaaacc      5700
     ctgtctctac taaaaattaa aaaaaaaata gccaggtatt gtagcatgca cctgtaatcc      5760
     cagctactca ggaggctgag gcagaagaat agcttgaacc tgggaggcag aggctgcagt      5820
     gagcagagat catgccactg cactccagcc tgagtgacaa agcaagactc tgaaaaaaag      5880
     aaagaagaaa gaaagaagga gagaaagaaa gagaaagaaa gaagaaatta actgtttgca      5940
     ttagatagga ataaactaag acataattat ttgtggatag cacaaccatc ttcattaaag      6000
     caaccctaaa caagttgcaa gtgagtataa attataagag attgagcaag atgacctgct      6060
     ataaaagcaa tattcaaaaa tcatttgcat ctctatgtca gcaccaaaga attagaaaat      6120
     taatatttta aaaaacacca tttacaatag caatgaaaac tacaaggtac ctatgtcacg      6180
     ggatccttgg ggtgtcactt tgccagctgg aaacctctgt ggccagtggc gccttctgcc      6240
     tgagtattat tcatgcccac tgggcttgtt ccccccactt tgcccagcag actggactgg      6300
     acttgtgcta ccggcctgga tcccacacct ggcaagggca agccaggcat ggagcagtga      6360
     ggggtgtgtg ggccagcaag cgctgggtct ggccactgta cacagccagg cattctggct      6420
     gctacagtgc gatgggtagc tccaggtgcc tgcacaggtg ctggctccac atgaggctgc      6480
     agatggacca gatgtactgc atgtggcttc cgctgtgacc atctgcatct agatgagggg      6540
     aatgcagtga caccatgaag cttggagatg ccaggaactg cacagcccca acagaggtgt      6600
     cacagcactg gtttggggag tccctaggtc taggctcctc aaagatgctg cagctcttct      6660
     ctccctctca ttgcctgcaa catggtaagt ggggggtgca gtgtttcagc cctgtcggtg      6720
     ttacagctct ttcagtcctg ccattaggtg agtcccaagt tcttgttcca catccaggaa      6780
     gaattgaggt acatggaaaa ctggagggtg agcaaggcag agaggcgttt cattgagcaa      6840
     cagaacagct ctcaggaaac tcacagtggg tagctccttt atgaaagcaa gtcatcctga      6900
     tgtctgttca agtctggctg agtctggggg tttgtatggg cttggaaggg aggaagtgca      6960
     ggctgattgg tccatgggca gccatgggtg gccaggaaaa agtaccataa gttctcactg      7020
     tggtctgcag actccaccag gaactgatag cccagccccc atgcttcatg ccctccctgg      7080
     cttgaaggtg gggcttcact gaggacccac accgttccgc ccaggacact gtctgcctcc      7140
     tgacaccatc cacatgccat ccacagtgcc caggctgttc atggcaaggg gcacttgcag      7200
     gcctgtgcta agctgccctc aacagcaccc cacccacctc cctcctgttc tcattggcac      7260
     ccaaagtcca aagggggctg aggtggcagg gggctggcat gtcagcactg ccccaagtgc      7320
     acacacaccc agccaggtcg caatagtgct ggggctcggc cacaactttg cccagagcag      7380
     gcactgggag tgggcagagg ccagacagca ggagcaggca cttccgagcc tgcaggggca      7440
     ggggcttcct ggaccctaga gagtacaggg atgcctgggt ccaaagccac ggctgggagg      7500
     ctgcagatgt gcctgggaat gcggggctcc cactcagaca acttggtagg gagcagtact      7560
     cctgcctgtt cctggatctc accaacccca cagaacaggt aaccccaccc gtgcctcccc      7620
     tgctgcagcc agcatcttcg cagcagccac tgcacatggg ctgctgctgc catcacctag      7680
     gactaaattt aacaaaagag tgtaagattc aatcaagaag agtaaataac tttataaaaa      7740
     gacattaata agctctaaat aaatgtgaca atgtatcatg ttcataatta ggcacactca      7800
     ataccaattc ttctcaaatt aatctctaga gtcaatgaaa tttcaattca aatttcaaca      7860
     gggcttttca ttgaatttgg caacaaattt taaaatttat ataggagaac agagtgccaa      7920
     gaatagtgaa gactattcct gaaagaaaaa gaatcaagta gggagatttg cctgaacaaa      7980
     tattgagact taatataaag ccataggggc atatgttctc aggacttccg tcatggaaaa      8040
     aaaaaaaaag ctacagtaaa taagacaata tgctattgag gcaggggttt accaatggac      8100
     taatggaaca aaatgggggc tcagaaatag atccataaat atatggaact gtgacatatc      8160
     agagaggtga cactgcagat cattgaggaa ggagtgacta ttcaataact ggttctggga      8220
     caggtgatta tccatatgcc aaaaacaatt agatccctat tatacaccat acataaaata      8280
     aagtccagat ggactgaaga cttaaatgtg aaaagcaaaa tttttaaact tttagaagaa      8340
     aacataagag aatatcttgt tgactttaat gtagtaaagg attttttgaa caaggctgaa      8400
     aaagcactaa ccataaaaat aaagaccgac taattagact acattaacat tttgaatttc      8460
     tgtttgacaa aaggcatcat aaagaaaatg gagagacaag ctacaaacgt ggaggaggta      8520
     tttacaacat aaccaaaaaa agattcctat ccaaaaatat aaatataaat aattcctaca      8580
     gattttttta aatgcaaaaa tgggcatagg ccatgaacat tcattttaca gaagaaacac      8640
     aaatggtcaa taagcatatg aaaagatgcc aaacttcatg aataatcagg aaaatgcaaa      8700
     ttaagaccac aaggagacaa tactttatgc ccatggaaaa aatgaacatg tctgataata      8760
     ccaaatgttg atgaggatgt ggatcaatag gaactcatac attgcaggtg tgattgtcaa      8820
     tgggtacaac cactttggaa aacaatttgc ctttatattt gcatacccta caatccagta      8880
     attttactcc ttggactgtt ctcttgcaca tgtgcaccag gagtcaaaaa caagaatatt      8940
     catagaagta ctgttcataa tagcaaatat ttggtggcaa acaaatgctc ataaacaaga      9000
     aaatggatta atatattatg aaatatcata tggtagtaaa aatataatac agttacatta      9060
     agcaacatgg atggtgtgga taaatcctag aaacattatg ttccggacaa aagaaatcca      9120
     agaagaccat atgcagtaga atatcatttt tataaacctc ttaaatatta tgtagacatt      9180
     cacatttatg taataaagct attccttaag gcaagggtac aataaacgca aaattcagga      9240
     tattagttac ctctgggttt agggaaagag taggatggga taggcatcga attattaata      9300
     gtgtttgaaa tggtttggct gtgttcccac ccaaatctca tcttgaattg tactcctgta      9360
     cttcccacat gttgtggaag ggacccagtg ggagataatt tagaccatgg gggcagtttc      9420
     tcccatactg ttctcatagt agtgaataag tctcatgaga tttgatggtt ttatcagggg      9480
     tttctgcttt tgcatcttcc tcaatttatc ttgccacagc cattgaagaa gtgccttttg      9540
     cctcctgcca tgattctaag gcctccccag acatgtggaa ctgtaagtcc aattatacct      9600
     ctttctattc ccagtctcag gtatgtcctt atcaacagcg tgaaaacgga ctaatacagt      9660
     gttctatttc atgaatggca ctgtgaattc attgatactc attatattat tacacatttt      9720
     aatacatata tgtgttacat agttttacat atcaagtaat atatttaaag agataaaaat      9780
     taaaagtgtg acgaataaag taattcatat ttcaatatgt atataggtgg ttatgattac      9840
     actaaagaaa tattgaagta ttgagttatt tatgccctta tgtcaaagaa aacatgaatg      9900
     tagcagccac agatgcagac tgatgaagat ttgtggtatt gtcaactcaa ataagatgac      9960
     taatcagtgt tgtgtttttc caaaatggta aataattctt ggcaaaattg caaacaaaac     10020
     acaacacgat tttctctcat tttacatggt agttatatta ttggaaaatt cagtatatat     10080
     tgaaaccttt taaaagctac ttcgtgtttg tgtttaacac agagttaggt tctggactca     10140
     aataattata atcaggtttc acaccctgca aggtgcaggt ggaaaactcc cagcttttct     10200
     gtgacttggg ctcttatttg aatgagctca taagagaagc ttccagatct gaccactgaa     10260
     gattatgtga aaagagaggg ggagaaagaa agagttttgg tttgggaaga caaagtgggc     10320
     aggggccaga ggaagaagaa tgtagaaaga agaaagaagt ctaaatgcca ggccccctaa     10380
     actgggaaaa ttagtcaaga aaacgtcctg tgaatctcag ttcaatgttg tacaactact     10440
     ccatgagagg cctacttatc aggaccactg taagatccaa ggggaccttg ggacacctaa     10500
     tggggtggag gggaagaatc tgtacctgtg cttgtagtgg tggagaattg gaccccgaat     10560
     ataacagtac tccaatctgg gtcagtggga aattgacctc acagtcacat aactttatta     10620
     aacatgtggg aatgttgcac cctgagcaaa aggggcagtg aagttagcat gtgccttttc     10680
     tggcaatgcc cacaaatgtc accaggaagg actccacaag cttgattccc cctttataga     10740
     tatttgcaca ggatcggcag ctgtccactg acctcggctt aggagttggg agcagggcga     10800
     agaaggaaac aggcttaaca gatatgcaac tgagccaaag gaaaaagtag cccagaataa     10860
     cctaggaaga caaaaaaagc acttgataca caggtatggt gccaggagtc aaggaccgga     10920
     gattgggtcc agttgcggaa actgggcatc ctacatctgc ctaagatagc tgagccttgg     10980
     aagggcatgc tgtatgtagt agaaaacaac aaggatcact ttcaacatat aaagtccagc     11040
     ctcagggcag ccaggaatag ggtggaagca gctgtcaagg tgatatattg tagcaatcat     11100
     ctgcccatca ggcagctgga ggagagaggt caggtgagtg ctgcttagaa caagaaacaa     11160
     gttctaagct atgtaaaaaa ggagaaatac gaatctctct tgcaaaccag actggagggt     11220
     gtccagaagg aaattaatcc tgtagaattc acagtctaga gtggaaggct tcttcctcac     11280
     ccactgtagt taattcaatc tcaccactca aaagaatcaa aagacaatgg gtttatatgt     11340
     tgtttggagg ggcaagttgc tgagtaatgc ataggatata atctaattta agtattttat     11400
     ctaccgtaag ggaaacaagc acaatcacac atacacattg gtaagggtat agagaaaggt     11460
     gtgaaaggat acacaccaaa ctgttaacat tggttactta ggaggtggaa ttagatatga     11520
     gggtaaagag gtctatagtt ttctttagac ctctatatca cctgagttgt tcaactacca     11580
     tgtgaacatt cctaaaaagt taaatctgat agaaagattg agctcacccc tcccctctgc     11640
     atattcagca gaaattgggc aggagaggga aatctttgac attcagcaga caccggaagc     11700
     agcagagaca tggcagagac atggggcatg atcacctctt tttttttcct gttttttttt     11760
     tttttttttt ttttttggag ttcagcagac ttcagaaggc tttatttctg ttgggagggg     11820
     taaggcacac attcccagaa aagaggaggc agggacatgg gagaaggaaa gggtaaaaag     11880
     gaaaggactt aaggaagata aaggaccaaa tcagggaagg atggccaacc tctggaggct     11940
     tggggagctt ttatatgtga tgcccccaag aaccaaggca ctgagacctt gtgcctttgt     12000
     aagggaatga ggtagctcgg ctaaggctac aatgcctgcc ctcattctca acttggtgtg     12060
     gctttggacc aatcacctga tctctgaaaa atgcttaagg gtttgttagg gtccaaggta     12120
     tatggtatac tttagagaag gcaaatgtgg cagcagaaca gggagcaaaa gaaggaaata     12180
     gctgccttgc tctctccatg gacatcgaca gcaccctcat tatagactat ggggtagcaa     12240
     gaattgccta cctgcaaaca actgtgggcg tcagggttac aacgattatc tactcatgga     12300
     tggcaatcca gctggagaga cagtaaggtc catttcccct gctcccccca tcagtggtag     12360
     ctagagattc acctcgagtc aaaaatagaa ggcacaacat ctacacgtag ctgtatatgt     12420
     aggatctgaa acaggccaga tccctaagtg ccttctgcat caccaaggac agaattatct     12480
     gttttgctat ggttccattg ttgttttaac ttagttttta aaaattatta atgtcatgta     12540
     tcagctcagt aattatcccc aagtgaaggg tatttgaaat catctgaagg tgggggaagt     12600
     actttggaaa accagatata ctggtcccta gccctaggtg agtatccctg ttttggtgaa     12660
     caattgctat gaatagaagt gtatcatagc actcagatat gttgggatag aaatgaacaa     12720
     caacaaaaaa gtgagaacaa ctcttttagg ccagtagttc tcaagagagt gattcctaga     12780
     gaagcagctt tggcatcatc tggaaatttg gtagaaatgc aaattattgg gtaccacccc     12840
     agatcttatt gaattctaaa ctctgagggt ggagcctgac aatctgtttt aacaaattat     12900
     ccagaggatt ctgacacaca ctcaagtttg aaaatcactc gtctagccaa atccaaagcc     12960
     tttaaaatta tcaccctcct tggcagacca ccaaccccac cccattatag ttgaactctt     13020
     taaccacctc cttttgttga ttaaatgtct catccctgaa tttctctaat ttctcttgtc     13080
     ttttatttct ctttcaatgt cacctttgcc tcttcctttt tgcaaaatat gaatgcttgc     13140
     ccagtgctca ataagctgct cctgcaaccc tccttctcca ttcttctcct ttcatctact     13200
     ctcatggttt aaatggccat ttgtatgttg atgcagcttg acatctaaag ccaaaacagc     13260
     agccttctat gaccatatac ccgtaggcta aaatcaaata gtgttttcca ccaagtgaat     13320
     gtctagtcat tgcttcaaat tcaacttacc taaccttccc aactctgcat tgtagactct     13380
     ccaaactaag aaaacaaaaa aactcatgtt taactttgat gattccttct ctcttttcac     13440
     ctagcccacc caaacatcct attgaatgtt ccttcacaat gtctcctgga tgtgtcactc     13500
     tctgttcctt tccaataacc aagtctaaat tctccacatc tcacacccgc acctcctaaa     13560
     tgatcttcaa ggtcatttcc agtctccctt cctttgatgc cttccaaact gctaaatatc     13620
     tgttcacaaa aacattgtat acatcatatc accttcctgc tcaaaaatcc attgataact     13680
     tcctatcatt cactctttca aatctaaatt actcagcctg acattcaaga cccagaaaaa     13740
     tctggccttt ttcttcccat cccccattcc tcacttagtg agcatgtcca cataccacat     13800
     tatagcaggt acctaaaagt tagcaatgac tgtggcaagc aatctccctg gcctattcct     13860
     ggattctctt aatctgctgc tgctcgctca tcctcctgga cctccaatcc ctgattcttg     13920
     ctcttgatat cttcttttaa cctcttagtt ttgatgaatt ggtccaaatc tcctttctga     13980
     ttgattggac tcaactcttt acttaaccct tgattctgaa taccgctctg acttcaacat     14040
     tgccctacgg tttagggaaa aacatttgtt ccaccagcat taatcctgaa gaacctttcc     14100
     agccatacat ctcatcctct atctcccact ctttccccat tagaggagct tcttggacat     14160
     tgcctctata ttaaaccttc cattccaata aagctaactc cttactgaga gcattccccc     14220
     acacatacac acatcactct tatccccatg gtgagctctt tgctctttct gttcctctca     14280
     tatcctgtcc attgttaaag acccatcaca ttaaacctgt tggaattttc ccacactcat     14340
     agagtagact ggcttgtgta ctagctggca gactaaagtc tgaggctggg ttacaaggag     14400
     gcccaaatgc aagtattatt ctccaggttt cccatatcag gaagagaaac agaaagggtg     14460
     ggacaaaaag agagaggaag gagaaggagg agaagaagga ggagcaggaa atggaagagg     14520
     aagtagtcca gttcaagtcc aggtctttga gagaaagaag agtcaagaac tagtgagaca     14580
     aggtacaaac atccagttcc aaggactaga gcggggtcac aaacaagatg ttgattttta     14640
     aattggattg ttatatattg gaagtaatag catgtcagaa aacatgaagg aatatcttgg     14700
     agccagggga gtggtggaat atttgccaga aacaatgttg gatattcatg gctcatttta     14760
     taggatggta ggagaatgag tgtgacatga tggcttaaag tttcaatgtt gatacagata     14820
     ccaattcctc ctccttcctg cctttcaggg tatggcatag aacttctttt tttttctgcc     14880
     tacattttct ccctctgtaa gctcttttgt acctttagtc tgcattaaat aatcaaaatc     14940
     attttttatt atgtcccttc ctctaaatat cactccaatt ttgtcttcag atttttaata     15000
     acccagttgg attttattaa aaatttagtg acaaacatag tgatatatgg tagatttcat     15060
     tagaagacat taaaaagagt ttctggaaat taaaataaaa tatgattgcc aatttaaaac     15120
     ttcagtagag acatagtcac atagtcactg ctgaaaacaa aattagtttt tctggccggg     15180
     tgcggtggct cacgcctgta atcccagcac tttgggaggc caaggcaggt ggatcacctg     15240
     aggtcgggag tttgagacca gcctgactaa catggagaaa tcccatctct actaaaaata     15300
     caaaattagc caggtgtggt ggcgcatgcc tgtaatccca gctacttggg aggctgaggc     15360
     aggagaatca cttgaaccca ggaggcggag gttgcagtga gctgagatcg caccaatgca     15420
     ctccagcctg agcaacaaga gcgaaactcc atctcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agttagtttt     15480
     tcagaggatg aattggagag aaaaacatta acttaaagaa aatagagaga attagtaaag     15540
     ataaaagcta aaattaaaga aatagaaact accaccacca catagcccca catcctgcct     15600
     cctaccacag acacacaaag gagaatggat aattaaaacc aaaatcaaca gatctataaa     15660
     agagaccacc ctccttcaga ggcctaattt ttaaaaagag caaagatgaa aatatacact     15720
     attaggaata agaaatgagg tttaaccact taatagatag aaataatgat aaaaattata     15780
     tgcaacttgg tcaacaagtc tgaaaatcta aaggaaatga atgaatttct agcaagacat     15840
     agaatatcac aattaactca agaagtggta gaaaatctaa acagaccaat aaatataggg     15900
     aaaaatagga tatttctgag tttcatttaa ccttcaaaaa agtatctttt acatttctca     15960
     aactgtctca gatttggtta aaacttccaa atttattcta cacatacctt tttaaaatgt     16020
     gatggaagaa tgcaataaag aaaaacctgt aaccactttt acttataaat atagatgcaa     16080
     aatgctttta ttttattttt ttattttact ttaagttctg ggatacatgt gcagaacatg     16140
     caggtttgtt acataggtat acatgtgcca tggtggtttg ctgcacctat caacccgtca     16200
     tctagatttt aagccccaca tacattaggt atttgtcctc atgctctccc ctcccttgtc     16260
     ccccaccccc caacaggccc cagtttgtga tgttcccctc cctgtgtcca tgcgttctca     16320
     ttgttcaact cccacttatg aatgagaata tgtggtattt ggttttctgt tcctgtgtta     16380
     gttttctgag aatggtgaga attttacttt aagttctggg atacatgtgc agaacatgca     16440
     ggtttgttac ataggtatac atgtgccatg gtggtttgct gcacctatca acccgtcatc     16500
     tagattttaa gccccacata cattaggtat ttgtcctcat gctctcccct cccttgtccc     16560
     ccacccccca acaggcccca gtttgtgatg ttcccctccc tgtgtccatg cgttctcatt     16620
     gttcaactcc cacttatgaa tgagaatatg tggtatttgg ttttctgttc ctgtgttagt     16680
     tttctgagaa tggtggcttt gagcttcatc catgcccctg taaaggacac aaactcattc     16740
     ttttttatgg ctgcatagta ctccatggtg tatatgtgcc acattttctt tatcctgtct     16800
     atcattgatg ggcatttgca ttggttccaa gtctttgcta ttgtgaatag tgctgcaata     16860
     aacatacatt ggcatgtgtc tttatagtag aatgatttat aatcctttga gtatataccc     16920
     agtaatggga ttgctgagtc aaatggtatt tctggaccta gatccttgag gaatcgccac     16980
     actgtctccc acaatggttg aactaattta cactcccacc aacaatgtaa aaacagtcct     17040
     atttctccac agccttgcac caaacggtga ttattaaaaa gcaaagtgtt ttaatataat     17100
     attagcaaat agattccagc atagaagtaa gaaaagtaat tcattctgat taagcagggt     17160
     ttatatttga agaatgcaaa tatggctaag ttacgcaacc tatctatatg attcattaca     17220
     tacacatatt aaaggcaata aatgctatac aattgtatca agaggtaatg aagaagtatt     17280
     tgacataact catcaggcat ggctaataaa gtctttaaag aaaacaaaca tggaaggaaa     17340
     acacctcaat ctgatagact gtttgccaaa atccagtgaa tactatgaga tactgtgagt     17400
     aaaaaaaggt aacatcaatc ctgggctgca gcaggcctgt ctgagaatga cctcagtctc     17460
     cagaagaaat aagataaatg aacctgaatg acattatgct aaatagaata aacaaggtac     17520
     agaaagacaa acattgcgtg atctctctct ttctcccccc ccccccacac acatataaat     17580
     atatgtgcag gatgggaaag gagacatgct ggtcaaaggt tataaaattt ctattataca     17640
     agaggaatcc attttagtgg tctattgcac agcatgataa ccatatttaa taataacaca     17700
     tatttcaaaa ttgctaaaag aatagatttt aaacattctc accaccaaaa aagtaggtaa     17760
     ggtgatggat atgttagtta gcttaattta atcttcctac acatatatca aaataacact     17820
     ttgtggccag gtgtggtggc tcacacctgt aatcccagca ctttgggagg ccaaggcagg     17880
     tggatcactt gaactcagga gttcgagacc agcctggcca acatggtgaa accccctctc     17940
     tactaaaata caaaaattag ctgggcgtgg tggtgcatgc ctgtaattcc agctactcag     18000
     gaggatgagg caggagaatc gcttgaacct gggaggtaga ggttgcagtg cactccaggc     18060
     tgggcgacag agcgagactc tgtctcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaatcacat tggccaggtg     18120
     ctgtggctca cgcctgtaat cctagcactt tgggaggctg aggcaggtgg atcacaaggt     18180
     caagagttcg agaccagcct gactatcatg gtgaaacccc gtctctatta aaaatacaaa     18240
     aattagccag gcgtggtggt gcacgtctgt aatcccccct actcaggagg ctgaggcagg     18300
     agaattgctt gaacccagga gtccaaggtt gaagtgagct gagatctcac cactgcactc     18360
     cagcctgggc gaatgagcaa gactccgtct caaaaaaaaa aaaatcacat tgtaccccat     18420
     gtgatggtta atactgagtg tcaacttgat tggattgaaa gatgcaaagt attgatcctg     18480
     ggtgtgtctg tgggggtgtt gtcaaaggag attaacattt gagtcagtgg gctgggaaag     18540
     gctgacccac ccttaatctg gtgggtagaa tctaatcagc tgccagcgaa tataaagcag     18600
     gcagaaaaac gtgaaatagc gagactggcc tagcctccca gcccacgtct ttctcccgtg     18660
     ctggatactt cttgccctca aacattggac tccaagctct tcagttttga gacttggact     18720
     gggtctcctc gctcctcaag cttgtgaata gcctattgcg ggaccttgtg atcataaaag     18780
     ttaatactta ataaacctct ctcagagagt cagagagaga tcctattagt tctgtccttc     18840
     tagggaaccc tgactaatac accccataat ataaatacaa ttactatttg tcaattataa     18900
     tttaaaaaat aaatttaagc atacagttaa ataaaattaa atacagttaa ataaaaggta     18960
     aatggaaaac ttgtgtctgt cttggtggtt gaatgcaact ccctctgggt tgggctatct     19020
     gtaagcagcc ttgtaggccg cagccttgct agctagaatg aatatggtca aatagatact     19080
     gtgtttcatt gagaaataat gtacttcatc taggtaactg ggatcaaaat tttagatcat     19140
     tactttgtgc cacacataaa ataaattcca gtgggattag aaatttaagt tttcacacga     19200
     aaattttaga agaaaataaa gagaatattt ttataacctc agaatgggta tggcccataa     19260
     atgggtgaag caagatagga aacctagaat ccataaagaa gattgaccaa cttgagaaca     19320
     taaaatttta aaactttctg caactcaaaa gactctgtaa aaacttcact gagaaaatat     19380
     ctgcaaatca agtgaaagaa aacagattaa tagccatata atataaagag ctcctaaatt     19440
     tttttatgaa aaaaccaaca acctaaaaat tatggcaaag gtcatgaaca ggaaaatcac     19500
     agaagtggac atacagatac caacaagcat atgataagtt tcaacttcat aggcggtcaa     19560
     ggatataaaa tattgtaaat gatgggatag catttttatc acccttcaga ttggcatcat     19620
     tttaaaatat tcataatgtt ctgtgctggc cagaatatgg ggaacaccaa ctaccttaca     19680
     tctacctcta gtagaagagt aagttgccac aaccattttg gaaggtaatc tggtagtaac     19740
     tatgaaaaat tttaaatgtg tagacctttg atctggcaat acctcttcta gaaattcttc     19800
     ctagtatatt attctcacaa gtcaatattg atttatgcct ggggatgttc actgccatag     19860
     gtattagcgc acacacacac aaaggaaaac aatctgaagg tctatcagaa aggtaatggt     19920
     taagttagca ggcagccata cactcaaata ctaaaatgga gcacaagttg atagctctct     19980
     gttggccagg agagttctcc atgatgtatt gctgttttca aaaaagatgc agagtatttt     20040
     tcataatatg atggtatctt tattttaaaa tagttggaga aaggaaccac atatatctgt     20100
     gtgcatatat aactgcattt agtagaattc agaaaagaat ctgcccacat tcacatataa     20160
     tttcagatcc ccctgaattt ctactgaatg cagttcatga aaagtttctg tataacaaac     20220
     tacaagggaa caattatttg gtaaatgtgt atttgtctat caaatcaaaa tacttcactt     20280
     ctgttaaaag ggtgtgatat tatggctatc ctcgtatatt tattaaagga acatgtaata     20340
     aaccacactg gtaagtgttc aaatgacaga aaacaatttt ggtaaagtat tcaagtttga     20400
     agaaagccta tatcaaaatt taaactaatg ttgtgtgttt gtgtgtgtat gtatactgcc     20460
     gaaagacaaa attacaataa attttatttt aaaatgtaat tggttttttt tgtgattcta     20520
     gaaaacaaag tgaaggtttc catgaactga gcagagaagg ttgactttat aggcagaaaa     20580
     gggctgaaga aagaaacagt gaacaaaaag tgatgggtca tttcaaaatt actttccttg     20640
     taaaggttaa aagagagagg actttcttat cacactggct aaaactggcc tgtttgggaa     20700
     tttggctatt atctctgcct ttcttggttt gtcagaaagt cagacaaata acttagtttc     20760
     gacttggtgg catgaaactt ctgcatgagt aactccattt tggtttggtc tgttggaccc     20820
     agcacaaggg ctcattctaa accaatggcc tcctataaat tttaacaggg ttcttcagaa     20880
     aaatttgaaa ggacccacat caaactgtta acactgatta taccccagat gttgtatagg     20940
     aagggaaaac tttttttttc caaatacatc tttgtatata atttaaaacg agcaagtcgt     21000
     ttaaaaactc acttagcaaa aagaaattca gggcagaaag agaacgcaag aaagactgca     21060
     agcagcaaga cagacaggtg aaagagagtg agaagagaag agaaaagaga agagaagaca     21120
     agcaagacaa aagacaagac aagaaagaaa aaaactgcaa tctgtggttg aggagaatgg     21180
     gacctaagca gcgcggagag gcaggcgcgg gaagtcagcc gcagccacaa gccttggagc     21240
     tgctaatccc cgtgcgtctg tggccagctg cctgcagcag cctggactgg cgggcgcccc     21300
     agttatgtgg gaagaagcag aacttcacag tcattgaaac cgtacctaag ggaaacagag     21360
     tggggctctg aatatatatc gatgggagcg actgttgcag aaagcagacc agaaaaaaag     21420
     gcagacgaag cctgcaaagc caggctgtgg gaagtctgtc cacccacagg gtcagctcgc     21480
     tggtgtcgct ccagtggaag gctctggctg cgccacccac cccttgagcc cttaagctca     21540
     aatgcagcaa gtacctcttg tttcaagagg atgagaatcc ggagggggag ggtgaggaag     21600
     cgcagatgat cacggaggac aggagctgga cagaaaaaca agacagttgt cctcattccc     21660
     cctctcactg cgccctgccc cttaaagggg agtcagtgga aagctccttt ctctgctagc     21720
     cttagggatg ggcaggcccg agggctagga atggggagga acgttattgg caagagaggg     21780
     agacctgact ctgcgacgga agagtgtgga gctggaaata tcaagccccc tcgtcctgcc     21840
     aatcctgaca gaccatgttg aggcctttca cgcaatggaa gaatttgagc acggcgggct     21900
     ctggattgaa atcccagctc taccacttgc taattgtgac cttggacaac caacctgacc     21960
     tctttgggta tcttatttgt aaaatgaggg aacaataata gtattaccct tcccatgggg     22020
     tactgagaga ttaaagatga taatgcatat gaaatatagc acccgggaaa acgtaagtgc     22080
     caaataaatc ctagttatta ttagaacatt aattaatgtg tcatttgtgt gcacagcccg     22140
     agaccaggtg ctgagcttta atagccacag aggctcctag attccatctc ttttcaccat     22200
     ctccaagccc tccccatttc ttcttcctgc ccccaccagt gccgaatcta aaatcctatc     22260
     ttgctttgga gcgtctccag ctgtttgctc attttccacc agcccgctgt tccccgcccc     22320
     caacacatag gcacacattc tcttggggaa cactttcact cagagagtga aacctccctg     22380
     cccaagcctt ctctaagttc acatggaact gaggtgggga gctggagagg tttgggggac     22440
     agcagtcttg ggatacagat ttccagagag aacagagaaa gactattgag tatcgcttgt     22500
     ggggcagttc gagatgccca aggcagccag caaatagcaa atacttaagg ttgtttttct     22560
     taatcaagca tctgcagttg ctgggtgtaa ccctagcttc cttcctctgc gaaatgtgtg     22620
     aatgtgctat cgtcaagcat tccacatatt gattctctta catttcactg acttgacccc     22680
     tctctgcccc cattaaccct gtataatggg gcacttgctc tttcaaatcc aggtggatcc     22740
     ctgcagatgg ccgagtttca taatggttaa ccagccatcc ctggctcccc atctctgctc     22800
     agaatatgcc attctataga taaacatgga aggcacaaag gggaagtcaa ggattatttc     22860
     cttaaacttt tacttgtttt gccaaagaat aaatatgatg ctgcagaata tgtccaatat     22920
     gtccaaatgt tcccaaaaat agacctagtg ctgaggctgt gctcatgcct gggcattccc     22980
     agaaatggtt tcactattca tcttccagtc actatctgca cagaaggtgg taaggaattc     23040
     tcacttgatg tggtgctgaa tagtcagtcc ttcaagatta gaaaagcttc ttgatttagg     23100
     agacatttgt tatggaaaga tctcagtccc ccttggggaa tctctgttca ccctcccccc     23160
     tcgccatgtt ccccctcttg ctggcgcctt ctcaggcaga ttatagccat tgctggatgt     23220
     cacagcataa gatcagcttg gaccgctctg ggcaaccatg gctttccaca tcctcatgta     23280
     ttttctgcaa gttgatccaa gtagacattc ttctttttag ctacttactg tcagctccct     23340
     caccacccac catcatgtct ttttaaaata tgtattttta ttgagtctga ttacaaatgt     23400
     gaaacatgat tattgtaaat attgacaagt tacaaaactg cagtctaacc atacgaaaaa     23460
     cattaaatga gcctaaattg tgggacattc taataaaata cctagaccag cactcctcag     23520
     aagtgtcaag gtcatcaaat caaggaaaat ctgaggaact atcacagtcc acaggagcct     23580
     aaggagacgt gacaactaaa tggatggcat acttgaacag aaaagggaca ataggggaaa     23640
     accaatgaaa tctggaaaag tgtggtctac agtgataata atgtcttaat actgattcat     23700
     ttttgtaaat ctgacaggtg aaatatgatt agtaattgtt gcttgtttta attttaactt     23760
     ctatattagt gaagttgaac attttttctg tttattggct ctttgtattt cttctcctgt     23820
     taatttctta tttattcctt ttgcccattt tttctgcttt gtttttgatt tgtaagaact     23880
     ctttgtatag taagcccttt gtatcatgtg ctgcaaatgt tttctttata aaattttctt     23940
     gcagtttatt tttaaaggtg cttatgatag aattgttttt cattttcttt ggttttggca     24000
     ttttcatgcc ttgcatgtgg cttttgtcat tctccgcctg ctttctttca cataacagcc     24060
     cttccaggta aagtaaggga tgtgaaatgt cacattagtt gccttatgga cacacagatg     24120
     atgataaaac tgggacttga acccaagtct ctccactctt agtccagtac cttttccatt     24180
     gccaggaaag agcagaagga gttatttcca cataagagaa aggaagcttc tttctccatg     24240
     actgctaacc cctcatgtaa aaatatacag ctgggcagac tatatgacac actacatgat     24300
     agactaaatg acacactata gagtcattat gaccaatctc aacggggccc ttattgctgc     24360
     cacacaatct tattagtttc ttaattagcc tcttcaatcc tcctccacaa tgccaattta     24420
     aaacattctt catttttacc aagcctctga tcgccatccc tcacttccct ccctctccca     24480
     tctcacaaag aaaataaagc ttttcaggtg ggaatgctca acttcttacg ctatcactct     24540
     taagagtggt ctaaataagg agtcgccctc tctcctgtca aaaagaggtg ggggaggaga     24600
     ttccaccctt tgccttccac tggaggtcag gctccaacta atatccccct ctgtttcctg     24660
     tgccttcacc ttctccctct ctatttactc tcctatcagc atttaaacat gcacaagcct     24720
     ctcccttcct aagaaataga agcaaaaggc cacaaagcct ctgtagccag actgcctctc     24780
     tagattcctc ctctctgggc agggcatctc tgaaagaaag gcagcaaccc caatcagggg     24840
     cttacagata aaactcccat ctccctggga cagagcacct gggggaaggg gcggctgtgg     24900
     gtgcagcttc agcagactta aacgttcctg cctgtcgact ctgaagagag cagcagatct     24960
     cccagcacag cacttgagct ctgccaaggg acagactacc tactcaagtg ggtccctgaa     25020
     ccccgtgcct cctgatgggg agacacttcc cagcaggggt caacagacac ctcatacagg     25080
     agagctccag ttggcatcag gcgagtgccc ctctgggaca aagcttccag aggaaggagc     25140
     aggcagcaat ctttgctatt ctgcagcctc cgctggtgat acccaggcaa acaggatctg     25200
     gactggatcc ccagcaaact ccagcaggcc tgcagaagag ggacctgact gttagaagga     25260
     aaactaacaa acagaaagca atagcatcaa catcaacaaa aaggatggcc atgcaaaaac     25320
     tccatctgaa ggtcacaaac agcaaagacc aaaggtagat aaatccatga agatgaggaa     25380
     aaaacggctc aaaaaggctg aaaattccac aaaccagaat acctcttctc ctccaaagga     25440
     tcacaacttc tggccagcaa gggaacaaaa ctggacagag aatgagtttg acaaattgac     25500
     agaagtaggc ttcagaaggt gggtagtaag aaactacctc tgaactaaag gagcatgttc     25560
     taacccaatg ctaggaagct aagaaccttt ataaaaggtt agaggaattg ctaactagaa     25620
     tagccagttt agagaagaac ataaatgacc tgatggagct gaaaaacaca gcacgagaac     25680
     ttcgtgaaac atacaaaagt atcaatagcc aaattaatca agcagaagaa aggatatcag     25740
     agactgaaga tcaacttact gaaataaagc aagaagacaa gattagagaa aaaagaatga     25800
     aaaggaacga acaaagcctc caagaaatac gggactatat gaaaagacca aacctgtgtt     25860
     tgattggtgt acatgaaagg gacagagaga atggaaccac attggaaaaa gcactttagg     25920
     atattgtata ggagaacttc cccaacctag caagacaggc caacattcaa attcaggaaa     25980
     tacagagaac accacaaaga tattcctcaa gaagaggaac cccaggacac acaatcatca     26040
     gattcaccaa ggttgaaatg aaggaaaaaa tgttaagggc agccagagag aaaggtcagg     26100
     ttacccacaa agggaagccc atcagactaa caacggatct ctctgcagaa actctacaag     26160
     ccagaagaga gtggggtcca atatttgaca ttcttaaaga aaagaatttt caacccagaa     26220
     tttaatatcc agccaaacta agcttcataa gtgaaggaga aataaaatca ttatagacaa     26280
     caaatgctga gggattttgt caccaccagg tctgccttac aagagctcct gaaggaagca     26340
     ctaaatatgg aaaggaacaa ccagttccag ccactgcaaa aacaaaccaa aatgtaaaga     26400
     tcatcaacac tatgaagaaa ctgcgtcagc taatgggaaa aatagccatc tagcatcata     26460
     atgacaggat caaattcaca cataacataa cttaaatgta cttaaatgtt aaattcacac     26520
     ataacataac ttaaatgtaa atggtctaaa tgccccaatt aaaaggcaca gactggcaaa     26580
     ttggatggag tcaagacaaa tcggtttgct gtattcaaga gacccatctc acatgcagag     26640
     atacacatag gctcaagtaa agggatagag gaagatttac caaggaaatg gaaagcacaa     26700
     aaagcatggg ttgcaatcct agtctctgat aaaacagact ttaaaccaac aaaggtcaaa     26760
     aaagacaaag aatggcatta cataatggta aagggatcaa tgcaacaaga agagctaact     26820
     atcctaaata tatatgcacc caatacagga gaacccagat tcataaagca agttcttaga     26880
     gacctacaat aacagtggga gactttaaca ccccactgtc aatattaaac aaatcaacga     26940
     gacagaaaat taacaaagat attcaggact tgaactcagc tctggaccaa gtggacctga     27000
     tagacatcta cagaactctc caccccaaat gaacagaata tgcattcttc tctgcactac     27060
     atagcactca ttctaaaatt gaccacataa ttggaagtaa aacactcctc aacaaatgta     27120
     aaagaatgga aatcataaca aacagtctct cagaccacag tgccatcaaa ttagaattca     27180
     ggattaagaa gctcactcaa aaccgcacaa ctacatggaa actgaacaac atgctcctga     27240
     atgactgctg agtaaataac gaaattgagg cagaaataag taagttcttt gaaaccaatg     27300
     agaacaaaga tataacacac cagaatctct gggacacagc taaagcagtg tttagaggga     27360
     aatttatagc actaaatgcc cacaggagaa agcaggaaag atctaagatc aacaccccaa     27420
     catcacaatt aaaagaacta gagaagcaag agcaaacaaa ttcaaaagct agcagaaggc     27480
     aagaagtaac ttcgagcaga actgaaggag acagagacac aaaaaaaccc ttcaaaaaat     27540
     caatgaatcc aggagctggt tttttgaaaa gattaacaaa atagaccgct agcaagacta     27600
     ataaagaaga aaagagaaga atcaaataga cacaataaaa aatgataaaa gggagattgc     27660
     caccaatccc gcagaaatac aaactaccat cagagaatgc tataaacacc tctacacaaa     27720
     taaactagaa aatctagaag aaatggataa attcctggac acatacaccc tcccaagact     27780
     aaaccaggaa gaagttgaat ccctgaatag accaataaaa agtgctgaaa ttgaggcagt     27840
     aattaatagc ctaccaacaa aaaaaagccc atgaccagac agattcacag ccgaattata     27900
     ccagaggtat gaaaaggagc tggtaccatt ccttctgaaa ctatccaaaa caatagaaaa     27960
     acagagacta ctccctagct cattttatga ggccagcatc atcctgatac caaaacccgg     28020
     cagagacaca acaaaaaaaa gaaaatttca ggccaatatc cctgatgaac attgatgcaa     28080
     aaatcctcaa taaaatactg gcaaacctaa tccagcagca cgtcaaaaag cttatccacc     28140
     acgatcaagt cagcttcatc cctgggatgc aaggctgatt caacatatgc aaatcaataa     28200
     acgtaatcca tcacataagc agaaccaatg acaaaaacca catgattatc tcaatagatg     28260
     cagaaaaggc cttcgataaa attcacaccc cttcatgcta aaaaaaacac tcaataaact     28320
     atgtattgat ggaacatatc tcaaaataat aagagttatt tatgacaaac ccatagccaa     28380
     tatcatactg aatgggcaaa agctggaagc attccctttg aaaaccggca caagacaggg     28440
     atgccctctc tcaccactcc taatcaacat agtattggaa gttctggcca gggcaatcag     28500
     gcaagagaaa gaaatgaagg tattcaaata ggaagaaagg aagtcaaatt gtctctgttt     28560
     gcagatgaca cgattgtata tttagaaaat cccatcatct cagctcaaaa acgccttaag     28620
     ctgataagta tcttcagcaa agtctcagta tacaaaatca atgtgcaaaa atcacaagca     28680
     ttcctataca ccaatgacag acaaacagag agccaaatca tgagcaaatt cccattcgca     28740
     attgctacaa acagaataaa atatctagga atacaactta caagggatgt gaaagacctc     28800
     ttcaaggaga actacaaacc actacttgag gaaataagag aggacacaaa aaattggaaa     28860
     aacattccat gctcatggat aggaagagtg aatattgtga aaatagccat actccccaaa     28920
     gtaatttata gactcaatgc tattcccatc aagctatcac tgacttcctt cacagaatta     28980
     gaaaaaaaac tactttaaat tttatatgga accaaaaata gcacgtatag ccaagacaat     29040
     cttaagcaaa aagaacaaag ctggaggcat cacgctacct gacttcaaat tatactacaa     29100
     ggctacagta accaaagcag caaggtactt gtacaaaaac agatatatag accagtggaa     29160
     cagaacagag acctcagaaa taataccaca catctacaac catctgatcc ttgacaagcc     29220
     tgacaaaaac aagaaatggg gaaaggattc cctatttaat atatggtgtt gtgaaaactg     29280
     gctagccata tgtagaaagc tgaaactgga tcccttcctt acaccttata caaaaattaa     29340
     ctcaagatgg attaaacact taaacatgag acctaaaacc ataaaaaccc tagaagaaaa     29400
     cccaggcagt accattcagg acataggcat gggcaaagac ttcatgacta aaacaccaaa     29460
     agcaatggca ataaaaacca aaattgacaa atgggatcta attaaactaa agagcttctg     29520
     cacagcaaaa gaaactatca tcagagtgaa caggcaaccc acagaatagg agaaaatttt     29580
     tgcaatctat ccatctgaca aagggctaat atccagaatc tataaggaac ttaaacaaat     29640
     ttacaagaaa aaaacaaaca accccatcaa aaagtgggtg aaggatatga acagacactt     29700
     ttcaaaagaa gacatttatg cggcaaacaa acatatgaaa aaaagctcat tattactggt     29760
     cattagagaa atgcaaatca aaaccacaat gagacaccat ctcatgcctg ttagaatggc     29820
     aatcattaaa aagtcaggaa acaacagatg ctggagagga tgtggagaaa taggaatgct     29880
     tttacactgt tggtgggagt gtaaattact tcaaccattg tggaagacaa tgtggtgatt     29940
     gctcaaggat ctagaactag aaataccatt tgacccagca atcccattac tgtgtatata     30000
     cccaaaggat tataaatcat tctagtatag agacacacgc acatctatgt ttattgcacc     30060
     actattcaca atagaaaaga attggaacca acccaaatgc ccatccatgt tagactggat     30120
     aaagaaaatg tggcacatat acaccatgga atactatgca gccataaaga agactaagtt     30180
     catgtccttt gcagggacat ggatgaagct ggaaaccatc attctcagca aactaacaca     30240
     gggacagaaa accaaacact gcatgttctc attcataagt gggagttgaa ctatgagaat     30300
     ttatgtgcac aggaagggga atatcacaca ccggggcctg ttggggggtg ggtgacaagg     30360
     ggagagatag cattaggaga aatacctaat gtagacgacg ggttgatggg tgcagaaaac     30420
     caccatgcct catgtatacc tatgtaacaa acctgcaagt tctgttcatg tatcccagca     30480
     cttaaagtat aataaaaaaa tttttgttta attttaaaaa agaaaaaaaa agaatcacca     30540
     tgggatcatt aaaaaatact gaggtctata cccctttccc aggattctga tttaattggt     30600
     ctggaaaaaa aagaaacagc agcaaacaca gacacacttc ttcaacccta ggtcgtcctc     30660
     caagttgctt cttctaataa tgcaactgta aaagcaaaga ccttgctttg gagctgagag     30720
     gtctaagatg ctgtatatgt ggtgccaagt tgctacaaat ctatcttgaa gggaagaaaa     30780
     aaaaattatt gcttgctgta ggggagacag tgctgctttg ggaggagaca aacttttacc     30840
     tgaggagaga ggagattgac ttggaagact ggcctggctc ctgttcccac tctggcccac     30900
     tgggctgggt ttaagtccct cttgaaaccc atggagactt tgtaagcttc tcagtgagca     30960
     ctgaggttca gaggctgata aacaattcac ttgcaacttg atgagactcc aagcataaat     31020
     aggcctggcc ttgggctcca ctaacccagt atagaaaaga attataaaaa ggatggtttg     31080
     tcctgcctct gttcataact cagatctcca gtgcctccca gaggagcata tggtgccaga     31140
     cagatcccta ggcatggaca ccagtatgct catgatgaca tctcctagcc acaatagctg     31200
     gtgtggacaa tgggttctgg aggaaaagaa aaaaagcagg atagtaagta caactgacgg     31260
     atcagcttat aggcgcttgg gaagcatcat tttgagggat tctcagatac aagcagagaa     31320
     ctctctgagg gaactaacta cctcctagag cacttgaggg atggggaagt atagaaactt     31380
     gagtatagct ataaatgtga cccagagtca caagctaaaa gggccacgag gcatttgagt     31440
     cttacaggac cgtgcacatc actcaggacc atgcgcatca ctcagagagt atccaaaggc     31500
     agacttaact cttctttccc aaagggtagc cagtgcatat tggacaaggc cccagcagcc     31560
     tttggattgg cctttctcct ccccatagga gtaaataaga tgaaaagtag gctctgtcac     31620
     attgtatttg gattggggcc tgagcttggc agagaaatgt tgcttttcta tagatagatg     31680
     agagcaggct ttttgccctg aagcctgagc ctccatactg atcagttgac agggctcaga     31740
     gtccctgcag aaaatacttg tttccacttc tcccctccca gacattttgc ttgaatttca     31800
     gttctctgct gaaacagact cccacttagg aaaactctgg tgagtgtcac cagacataca     31860
     caggcaactt cagccatgga agagaggtct ttccaagtgg caaacaactc tgaggctaac     31920
     cttgctgagg gagcagtaaa ggttttaact gtgggtgatt accccaaaga ctcattccca     31980
     aagggaatga gcagaagaac aaagagggag ataaagaaat ggggtggtgt aaagaggaaa     32040
     aatgcagagg agaagcaaaa tcatcccttt tcatgtaagt tgattttgga cagaaattcc     32100
     taggagtcag ggcctacatg ttgcccagag agcactcagt cagtacttgt tctctgtagc     32160
     tctgtaaagt gagcactgaa gttagttgcc agccccagca gattgacttc atgaccactg     32220
     ctgtatgcct tgagcactga tggaattccc ctaccaccac ctggaaaaac atgtttctga     32280
     taaattcttc ttgatcttga acttgaaaat ctcaaataac caaaaatctg gctttgggtc     32340
     atcatgcacc aaagtttgtg gagaagcaga tggcaggaga gatacttttt taaaaataaa     32400
     atgaactttc aaggaattat gtggattcaa ttcagattct ggaaaatttt ccgcagctct     32460
     tagagatacc tacctgaaca atagatgctt ctggatctct ggggttttgc aagatcctta     32520
     aatgtattcc caatcctgaa agaaaagctc ggtaatgttt aggagagtag aggaggaggg     32580
     agaaagggag ggaatttccc attttacaag tggacaatct tctttaacat ctaacgccaa     32640
     gaagctttag gcatttattt acttccttag gtgcttagag aaaccaggtc agggagtgga     32700
     tgtgactatt catttctcct ttaaagggaa gctctggttc tctgcccagt cacatatgga     32760
     atttacacaa gctttaccca gttcactgta cagacaggca ttaagttgaa gggccatcta     32820
     tcttcattaa gctgctgtgc tttgagttta acccctacaa cttggctcca ggctgagatg     32880
     acctcaagag gacttcttct attgacaata gttggagaca ccagtccagt tattactaat     32940
     ctcaaagacc ctgaggaggc aggatttggg agttttctgg acactcaaaa tcactgaact     33000
     atattcattg gcatttattg agtgactaat aacaataact aattgtgtgt attttacatg     33060
     cattatctca cttcccaacc ctctgagata ggtagaccct aatattatca tggggaaact     33120
     ggggctccaa gaagttaaat ctcttactca aggccactga gcaagtaagt gacagaacag     33180
     gaagtctgat ctgtctgcat gatccaagat gccatgctga ttccttccaa ggatttatca     33240
     attgataatc tttccctttt atttcacctc cactattctt ggaagaatag accatactgg     33300
     ctattttctg ttcctaccat caactcactc cttaaccctt tccctctggc tttccctgtt     33360
     ccccactaac tagccatctg gaaggtgacc agtgacagtc atcagcaaat caaatgtctc     33420
     cttctcagcc ttcagctgca acaagtcttc agagtcagat gctccctctt tcttgaaaca     33480
     cttctctcct ttgtcctctg caatttttcc tctttcctgt tacctttctt atctgtcctt     33540
     ctctgtcttc ttcaacagat ttctctaatg tctttctcca tagatgtgga tttttctcaa     33600
     ggctctgccc tccaccttgc ctccactctc ctagattcaa aatgcaatgc ctcagggaga     33660
     ggcagcataa cataatggct atgagcactg actctaaagt caggctgcct gaatttcagt     33720
     acccctctgt catgtgctag taactttggc aagtttctct atgcctctgt ttgctcatct     33780
     gtaacatgag gattcattga gatcatgtat gtagagcact tgaaccaggg tctgacagat     33840
     agtaagcctc atgcaagtgt ttgcttttat atagtctggg cccccaggcc ctaactttca     33900
     cctagactcc aggtccactt caactggttt cttcatatct ttccccaaag atctctaaga     33960
     aactcaccat gtccataatt gcctttatgt ctccttcttt ccatcccacc ttttattact     34020
     catctctgtc aaatatcacc actatcctca tcagcatgct gtcaaaacct aatgatacca     34080
     ggcatactgg cacatgcctg taaacccatc ttcttgggag gctgaggcag gaggatcact     34140
     tgaactcagg agttcaagac cagcctgggc aacatagtaa gaacccatct caaaaaaaca     34200
     aaacaaaaca aaaaacaaac ccaagacttt tcagctctgt atgagatgaa agaaaaagaa     34260
     aaccctaatg ggtttgactc ttccctctca ctcaccatct tattggttgc ataattctgc     34320
     caattctacc tttaaaaatt ccccagtctc gatgatgaaa atgttttgga gttgatagtg     34380
     gtgatggttg cataccatgt gaatacacta aatgccactg aattgtacac tttaaaatgg     34440
     ttctaatggt aacttttgtg ttatgtgtat tttactacaa taaaaaaaat gaggaggttg     34500
     aggctccagt gagccgtgat tgtgccactc caaaggcact cctgtctggg tgacaaaatg     34560
     agaccctgtc tcaataaaaa ccaacaacaa caaaaactga gcatatctct ctacctccat     34620
     tgccactatc atatccaggc cactgtcatc tctcctctgg aatattgtca cagcctccta     34680
     actggtcttt tatacttctg cttttgttta cccccaaagg tactgatcca ggaggtctga     34740
     gttgggagcc tgggaatctg ccctattaac aagtgcccca gagagtgttt attaaagttt     34800
     gggtgtcact gactacagca tgaagtccaa actccttagt ctggcaggat ctttcatatc     34860
     ttctccttag tgtgactctc ttccccttta tttgacttct tctttgtaac tgctttatat     34920
     tttgactaag gatgatcatt tgccatgaac tgagaagtag gattaagaca attttctctg     34980
     aaaatgcaaa tcaaaaccac aatgagatac catctcacac cagttagaat ggcgatcatt     35040
     aaaaagtcag gaaacaacag gtgctggaga ggatgtggag aaataggaac acttttacac     35100
     tgttggtggg actgtaaact agttcaacca ttgtggaagt cagtgtggcg attcctcagg     35160
     gatctagaac tagaaatacc atttcaccca gccatcccat ttctgggtat atacccaaag     35220
     gattataaat catgctgcta taaagacaca tgcacacata tgtttattgc agcactattc     35280
     acaatagcaa agacttggaa ccaatccaaa tgtccaaaaa tgatagattg gattcagaaa     35340
     atgtggcaca tatacaccat ggaataccat gcagccataa aaaaggatga gttcatgtcc     35400
     tttgtgggga catggatgaa gctggaaacc atcattctca gcaaactatc gcgaggacaa     35460
     aaaaccaaac accgcatgtt ctcactcata ggtgggaatt gaacaatgag aacacttgga     35520
     cacaggaagg ggaacatcac acaccggggc ctgtcgtggg gtggggggag gggggaagga     35580
     tagcattagg agatatacct aatgctaaat gacgggttaa tgggtgcagc acaccaacat     35640
     ggcacatgta tatatatgta acaaacctgc acgttgtgca catgtaccct aaaacttaaa     35700
     gtataatttt taaaaaaaga taattttctc tgaaattcaa ggaggagaga aagagacaga     35760
     gagaggagag agagagagag gaaaagagag ctctggattt aaaccttagc tcaaatccta     35820
     gctctaccac ttactagcta tatcacccaa agtaagttac ttaacctgtc ttcatcctct     35880
     ctctccttat ctgttaaaat aatagtaata ccctacaatt ttgctgtgaa gattaaatta     35940
     gataacacac aaaaagtgct tagcatttat gtatttacag tacttttaca aaaagttaat     36000
     gagtttttaa gcttagaaaa aatagaaatg atacatgttg atgacatagt ttttcaacaa     36060
     atgtcagagt tgtttcctca gtgcttagcc cagtgtgtgg cacatatcaa aagctaagta     36120
     catttttttg ctgctgttgt tattaatatc ataaagttgg ggctaggatc aagcactctg     36180
     gcagagagct taaccctggt aaggtgaagg agcacatctt cctaagagcc ggaagcattt     36240
     gggatggctg tgtggagatg gctcagatag aagctgaaga agctcctgtc agttggcctc     36300
     aatcttctca gaaatgaagg aggtgaaatc atctcctgag aatgaagggc agggatgcga     36360
     ctgggggctt gaggggaggg caggaagttt ggagcagctg ctgtagggaa tgtgataggg     36420
     agtcagcaag caaggaatga acggattgtt gaacagccag agaagccagc ttagacagca     36480
     cacattggca gagaacgcat tgcagggttt ttccaacaag ccaagagtgg aaacagccac     36540
     cttcaagggg tcactcaggg ctgcatattg gaaggacaag aatgggacga aaggtaggat     36600
     agtgaaggat tctaggatgg gcacaggagc catggaactg tccatggacc tgggctgcaa     36660
     aggaagttca tctatattcc ttcaacacat atttaaccac catatatttt atacatatta     36720
     tacaagtgcc tgggtgtgag ggatgctgaa aagaaccata cacacaaaat ttatgtattt     36780
     aacatatgcc cacacaaaga gttgcacaca aatgtttata caagttttat tcattattgt     36840
     gaaaaactag aagcaacttg gatgatcttc aacaggtgaa tgcataaaca aactatgata     36900
     cctacctaaa attactcagg aataagaaga actattgata catgcaacaa tatagatgaa     36960
     tctcaaaaat cagtacgccg aatgaaagaa gtacatactg cattattaca tttgtataaa     37020
     attgtaggaa atgcaaatta atctacagca acaaaaacca ggtcattgat tgtttgggcc     37080
     agcaggaggg agacacaaag gtaattttgg ggagtgatag gtaggttcat catcttgatt     37140
     ttggtgaggt ttcacatata ttcatatgtc aaaactcatc agatcatcca ctttaaatgt     37200
     atgcactgtt tatatgtcaa ttatacctca aaaatgttag caaaataaat tttttttaaa     37260
     ttgaccatag aaaaataaaa aataaaaaaa ttgaccacaa aatctctgcc ttcatggatc     37320
     tcatagccta catgggaaag actgacaata aactagtaag taaataaaaa tcattatttt     37380
     agacattgtt tcctgctgtg aagtaaacat acaggacaaa gggatagaca atagggtggg     37440
     agtggcaaaa aggagcaact atagatagga tggtaaagga aggccgctga gaaattgcca     37500
     ttgaactaag tcctgaatga tgagaaggaa acagccatag gatgatgtaa agaaagaaca     37560
     ttccaagcag aggaaacaga acatgcaaag gctttgaggc agaaaagaac ttgaagtgtt     37620
     caaggaacaa acagcaagaa aactagtgtc acttgagttt agtaagcaag gagaaaagaa     37680
     tatcaggagg tgaggtttag agaagttggc aagggtcaga tcatgagggg ccttatagat     37740
     catggtaagg agttgggaga ttatgttcta atcatatggg taatccaatg gagggccttg     37800
     gattacccat atgattagaa cataaataga gaagagacat gttctacttt atgcttcaat     37860
     attgctctga ctgttgtata aagaactgac tcttgtgggg gcaatggtaa aggcaggaag     37920
     accaactagg aagtgttagg ctagttcagg taagaaatgt tggggatata gattagggtg     37980
     gtagaagtgg agatcgtgag aagtagtcac atgtagaatt tcttttggag gtacaatgga     38040
     aagaatttgg ctcctagatt ggctgtggga agatgaggga aagagtagaa tcaatctgac     38100
     tcatgttttg gcataagcaa atgggtggtt ggtggtattt ccatttacaa aaatgggtgc     38160
     tatcaataag gataatccta taattaagta tcttaatgaa tctcatctag aagcaggaaa     38220
     ggctacacag aaagactaaa ggtgtaattt gtagagcaat agcattcact caaattagct     38280
     aggaaaggag gatgtttggt attttgtgtt tcacactaac cttatgtttg tctgtgcata     38340
     tataacatga tgaaatgatc ttgtattgtc ttacttcatc acggtcacaa agacatgtct     38400
     tgtcttgcca ttggacttat ctggtattgg tgttctgtga gattgcttat gtccaatagg     38460
     agaataacat ggcctacctg tgaacatcag gccagcttct aagaaaagtg aaacctagat     38520
     gtaaatgtca catcaattcc cagatgtcag gggttgtttt ttctttcaca catagaaaag     38580
     caaatttggg agaaaggaac tcaaaaactc taatttggat gtgttaactt cgagacaggt     38640
     ttagataccc gagaagagat gttaagtaga cagtcaaata tgcaagtctg aagagtaggg     38700
     gtttcaatag ataaaaagta tataaattcg ggagtcatca ttgtaaagat tgtatttata     38760
     tgtgaggata atatttttca tgttgagact agttgacatc atcaaaggag aaagagtaag     38820
     atggagaaga aagaaggtcc caggatgaag ccatgggcag ttcaacgttg agaggttgag     38880
     gagatgagaa ggaaccagta aaagagactg agaagaaaaa gggctagtaa agaaagagac     38940
     aatccaggag actgaagtgt tatggaagtc aaaagatgaa tttcaacaag agtcatcaac     39000
     tccatcaaat gctgctaaat agtcacaagg aatgaagact gaaaattggg cattagattt     39060
     ggcagcatgt aggtcattgg tgaccaggac aaagcagttt cattggtgtg aggagctgaa     39120
     aaccgtattg caatggattg agacaagatt agaaggtgag aaacagagcc agagtgtaga     39180
     ccattcattt gaggagtttt actcaaaaag ggaagaggac taggtcaata gctggaggag     39240
     ggagaagggc aagagagttg tttttaaggt gagcaagcct gacatatttt gtatgccgac     39300
     aaggaatgaa gcaaatgaag ccagaaggag aacaacatct taaaaaatag caatagtagt     39360
     ggagggattg gaagtcaaga tgagagggaa gtacagaggt agctactgaa ctcttcccct     39420
     gggccaggca ctatgttaac ttctcaatct tcacagcaac cctggggagg taggtactac     39480
     atctatttta cagaggggga aaggaggctt ggaggttaat aactctcttg atgtcaccca     39540
     gttagtgaaa gaccatagat ttggacccat gcagcctggc actagcacct acatcctatg     39600
     tactacagta ttctgcctta gtggaagatg gagaaaatca gaaggtgggg gatcttgaac     39660
     gtaccagcca cctggacttg ctagaggaaa ggctcaaact tccatgggat agtgccagat     39720
     actcggtaca caggatggag actaacccag ctgatttcag agcagctacc tccaagcagg     39780
     gcttgtcatt tctctttggc cttgatttag tatagactta taggtagatt gcaggaaaat     39840
     gatggcaact ccattcttac agtcctcagg ggacccatcc tagtatttct cccctcattc     39900
     ccctcagcca ttcctcttgg tgtcatattt gctaaggtgg ccttccagtg gacagagggc     39960
     taactgggaa gcagggcaag ggcttctctc cctttccacc taccccgatt actcccatct     40020
     ccacacacat cttatccccc acaataagag gctcacatga aaaagaagat gccctcctag     40080
     gctgaatgtt gcagtcttcc aaaatcccct cgaaggagtg gagataaaga aaaaaaaaaa     40140
     acaaagtcct ctccttgaga agctaatcac aatgttgtga ctgctagagt tagcttaccc     40200
     atatcatatt tgagtgtcct aggacaagcc ctctttcatg cctctctccc tcactcagtg     40260
     tctgaaagcc accattaaaa atatattctt tgcatcatcg ctgagatgaa tagcagatta     40320
     ggtgtaaatg aataagatca ttagatccta gcagtaggac agaggtagtt ttggaatact     40380
     gggactaggg agagcaagaa tgagcttgga acaagaaggg ggaaaatgag ataaatacca     40440
     atcccatagt ttttccagaa gctgatccta atcacattgc ccctattagg aagtggtcct     40500
     aaaagaggaa gattgaaatt aacaagtcct ttgtctccat tctttcttgt gctgggcctg     40560
     ctggagctgt agcccctact ggatcacagc tagatcctaa aaagagccaa ggggagatcc     40620
     cctgttcttc tagggacctg aaatgttttc ttgaatagac atcttatgag tcgggtatgc     40680
     ggaaatccag tgagtttgta ctgcaatcca gtcattcatg gccacctcca tcccccccag     40740
     ggttccaaga gcatctggca gtgagagtag aatgtgactt gagaagttgt gggaagtcca     40800
     gcatatccac ctctgtactc tgcctgatat ctgtaaacat ttcaaggtat atcttcttcc     40860
     agatttcact gaaccccaca actggagttt ctttcttggg gttttacctt tacactgtcc     40920
     taagtgatcc attataaaat gtgaatatcc atggaagggg tgccatctga agcaatgatt     40980
     aagtatgcca cttctattta agggaattta actgctctcc tttttctccg actgaaaatg     41040
     gcactgtggt aaaacgatgt caatgtactt agcactactg agcagtacac ttttaaaaat     41100
     ggctatgtgg gtaaatatta cataatgcgt attttaccac aattttaaaa atgtatctga     41160
     ggtattttcc tgtctgctct ggctgcactc tcttcagagg aagaggcaca ggccacagct     41220
     ttgaccacga ctctgtcctc tttcaaaaca tagcagatgg aggactagtt ggggccacct     41280
     ggtcccatgc tgtgaggtct agcactgaaa gaggaattgg cttaatcaca ttatttgtct     41340
     tcctggacag cctataggtt atgttaatta ggaacaaaag ggctgaaaag tgacttctca     41400
     tccaacagct tctcccaagg ccatttttga tggaaaggtc aagttcacct aggctggcta     41460
     ttgaccaatc taatctattc acctttggtg atcctcagtc atactctctc accttcacag     41520
     aacattctag ttcattcttc ctcttacctc ccttatgaag cccagcgtcc ctgattctta     41580
     cccttcattc ttttctctta tgctcgctac caatccctga agactcctgt cttcaaaagt     41640
     ctagactcca gtcctggtag agcgttgtaa ataaagtgtt actgtcatac atttttaaaa     41700
     gagcaccatg ggcctgcaag taaacgagag cagagtagaa tggtgagaca gttatgcagt     41760
     ttcctagtca gccaagatcc tgagaatggg gtagataagc ttgaaaatct gggagccagt     41820
     ggctaagtat cagcaatcct cttttttgag cattaacagt agaaactaca tagtggaaaa     41880
     ttttctcttc ctcccactac tcccacccaa gtgccaagag cactcctcca aagaaagaaa     41940
     aggaaagtat aaacttaata ccttctatag tttctacact tctcctagcc ttttctcata     42000
     tattatctca cttgatcctc aaatccccac agctgtagag actggggccc tgagaggtta     42060
     agcagctcat tctgagaaac aaagctggtt aattggcaaa gcctgagctg gacccaagtt     42120
     ctcctgattt ctggtcctat gctctctcca catcatggta tattcgcttt agctggcagg     42180
     caagatggtt tggaaagcag cccagacccc tttttttgtt gctgatgata caagttatgt     42240
     gcagaccttg ggtttataaa agcaatgaca aattgaaaaa gagaagatgg taactacaaa     42300
     caaacaaaag accccactta tatccttcta gaaaagtaaa attgacacgc agaattgtgt     42360
     ctgtaataga agaaaagctt tcatttcttt tcgcactgtc gataagtaat tccagacatt     42420
     gaaactcaaa acatccccta gttcctctgc agaaagcctc aagttacaag tcgggaagca     42480
     aaggtctttt gcttctttat tattttggag tgaagatctg aacctgagtt gaaacaggat     42540
     ctggttatgc agagaggaga aatagactgc ttggtggagt gaaaaaaaga atcattctat     42600
     tagaatgttt aacatcttta aaatcacatt aaggacaaag ctaacatttt tccaacttgt     42660
     atagtcagct attgctattc agggatacat tatcaaaact gggggttggc caagcatcta     42720
     gtttttcttt cttctcccta tgttttgctg accacaatat gatcacttca atgctgttaa     42780
     cacctccact gtctggtaaa agttgagtgt ccagacttct gaaaaacttc attatctggg     42840
     agacagttga aagtctgaga gtatttgaaa aaaaccacta gaaagtaaat taaatcactc     42900
     ttcccagccc acctcacttt tctgaccagg agggttctat agctactctt gctacatgtt     42960
     cttcatgggt accctaagtc atcataaaaa ggttaaaatg tttttaaaag caggaacatt     43020
     ttccatggga tttgttttcc acagctggca cattaatgtg tattatgagc actgtcctaa     43080
     ctgctcccag cttcttttat ttttggcaat atattctttt aaatgtctat gggaaaatgg     43140
     tacaaatgtg tttacaaaat ttcaacacct gaagcagtga ttatgcttca ttatcaaaat     43200
     aaccttgagg ccgggcgtgg tggctcacgc ctgtaatccc aacattttgg gaggccaagg     43260
     tgggcagatc acttgaggtc aggagtttga gaccagcctg gccaacatga tgaatccccg     43320
     tctctactaa aaaaaaaaaa ttagccagcg tggtggcgca ggctttagcc ctgctactcg     43380
     ggaggctgag gcaagaggat cacttgaacc tgggaggcag aggttgcagt gagccaagat     43440
     cacgacactg cactccagcc tgggtgacag agcaagactc cgtctcaatt taaaaaatta     43500
     ataataatca tcttgagtcc ccattatgcc agataaatga gtgacattgt tttacttaga     43560
     atacaggact gaagaccgcc ccgtcacatg tcctcagcat tgctgtatat tgtgcccttc     43620
     ctccacatcc tccccaggcc tccctgcctg gctgaaatgg ctcacacagc ttcccttctc     43680
     tttctgtcat cgtcttggac tgctgcccaa tccctggccc tcaccttcag gggtgacctt     43740
     atggctggaa cgaggactgg agaagagcca atggggcaag gccagtatag cttcaaggag     43800
     tgaatcctgg aaataaaagt aagttcactt aacttattaa cagttccaat aaaatgctag     43860
     atgggctgga aggtaagacc caatgccttg aatgaggttt gtgtgttatc aatgcattta     43920
     agtgactggt aatatatttg tcctgctatc attatcagag aacccagcta tatttaagca     43980
     aattggctta cttctaagag gtgattttat gtgtggttga tgaagcccaa acagccatca     44040
     tcagatataa gcatttcagc tgtaagcagg gaagtttctg acaaccttct tgagacaagg     44100
     agaataaatc aatacaacac acacctctaa ctttacccat cattggttaa gattgctcag     44160
     ttcaagaatt ttctctttga cttcagattt acactatttg gtggcttcct tgtcttttaa     44220
     taagccactt caaaaaagtt attggctagg tgcagtggct cacgcctgta atcccagcac     44280
     tttgggaggc cgagacaggc ggatcacttg aggtcaggaa tttgagaccc tcctggccaa     44340
     catggtgaaa ccccccgtct ctactaaaaa tacaaaaatt aactgggcat gatggggcac     44400
     atctgtaatc ccagctactc aggaggctac ttgggaggct gaggcaggag aatcgcttga     44460
     acccaggagg cagaggcttc agtaagcctt gattgtgcca ctgtactcca gcctgggtga     44520
     cacagcgaga ctctgtctca aaaaaagtaa aataaaaaca attattaagg tggcttctaa     44580
     aaattaggtt tgataatagc taaaagggat gggccttaaa ggttttttaa agtgcatcct     44640
     gaaagactgc attgtgatct ttgaaagtgc ttcagaaata agaaaaaagg agggataagt     44700
     aataaagtag gtataacttt tgaaacactt gaaaaaacaa cccatttagc catataaaca     44760
     ttttcttcac ccataatcac acatatcaaa ttggaactgg ttatatagat ataaatatca     44820
     caaccaccca acccccaaat ccaaacatca tttccaaaag caaaagaaaa aggattcctt     44880
     ttccatatgg tactgggtct taaggctgga atctctgaga gaagagtctt gcgttattgt     44940
     ttaaacaacc tttattacct gcctctgaca ttccccaggg ttacagagca gggggcatct     45000
     gagcctcaag ttccacggat gaagcagaca cttcaataac aactgaatca atagaggaga     45060
     ggcatttgga agtactgggg tgatacaccc agtaatggta atcctcagca gaagatggca     45120
     tagctaccaa aaatcaggcg ttaccactgg gatgaaaact ggggaggcaa gaaaaccata     45180
     cagttggagt catagatcat ttccctcccc gttgagcact cctccccctt ccgtccccca     45240
     ttaagttcat tctatcccac agactggtcc tagtgtcctg ctagctccct gctgaaagag     45300
     agagggaggg aaaagatgtc tgaggtctct tcatttcctt tgtctctgtc cctaaggcaa     45360
     ctggaagctg gagctgctgc agtcggcctg gcaagcccgt tggctctgca gagtgagcag     45420
     tccctggcag cccctggagc agctgccagt tagacggccc agagttctga tagaatgcat     45480
     tgcttcagtt cagtgccaag tgttggacgt gttggattca gttcccagag ggctggagcg     45540
     tgctgtcagg gctgtctgaa gacaagagag cagaggcagt ttagtgcagt tggatgtgcg     45600
     gggtaggggt ggaggcgcag gggtgaagag ggagaaactg gcccgaatgg gtaaggtggt     45660
     gcttctcctt ccagggcctt ccagacaagg tctcctggcc tctcaccatt atctgggcct     45720
     cagatgaggc gaaccctgga agggagttgg gggtggaagg tgggaggcgc gcccagggat     45780
     gagcgagatg aggagggcgc gaaccagcaa cctggggctg tggttttaga cccgctcagc     45840
     gccctgggcg agggcaggca gccccccgga ggcaagctgg cggcggccct cggcctggga     45900
     gcccgcggca gcctcggcgt cggcggtcag ggcgcctccc ggggcccatt cgtgctgggc     45960
     gcaagcctgg gacggctcgt ccttggcctc gacgagctta cgggagcggg tgtaggccag     46020
     gatgaggcct ccggccaagc aggcgtagaa gatcatgatg agcaggatgt agagataggc     46080
     gtcgtcgccc ttggcgctgg tcacctcgcg gcccacgaaa gggtcaggca cgacccccat     46140
     gcccatgctg ggaccagggc cagcgcccaa gccgctggca ttaccccggt ggtgcagctc     46200
     gagcaacagg cggctcagaa gggttcgcag ccgctggctc tcgctgcagt tcatggcttt     46260
     cggggagtga cacggcggct ccaggacgct gctgaccttt ccccctgggc gaggggaagc     46320
     gagctagcga gcgggccggc cggcgggcag ggctcagcag cggaaacagc ggtggcaccc     46380
     agctctccgg cgagcgcgca gtggctgggg gcgccgaccg cggggcctcc ttattccctc     46440
     actcccgccc ctcctcccct tccccaccac gccccctccg gcccgcggcc gcctcttccc     46500
     aggctctggc tgtctcgctg ctccagggaa aggggacagc tggtgggggg aggagaaggg     46560
     gacaagagtg ggggcgaggc tgggagacgg gcggaggggg cgggggctcg gaatgcgcga     46620
     ggccccaggc agcagacgct ggcagggcag cttgctgggg ccaagcctgg accctgggct     46680
     gcggaagaga attccttcca agttctggcc acctgccctg caggccaggc tttggcccag     46740
     atacagcatt tggcccccta aggcagctct gccttggggc gctcaaggga gagggcagac     46800
     gcctttccgc agcagagacc ccttgtccac attttatgga agttactccc atatacaggg     46860
     acccaggcct atctttctag tcctcattcc tttccttttc cccccgcccc ccttttcacc     46920
     cccctcccac cttgtcggag gagagcatct tattcagaag atgctcaggc tgaatttggt     46980
     gactgagtgc tcaggcacct gctagaaggc caaggcagag tagaactccc tggttatcca     47040
     aaatggtttc tggtgatata agtgatatta caccttcttg gaagcacccc tgctctgatg     47100
     tcctatgaca ctttttgaaa agtcaacaca tcttagcaca tgaatgtact attcataatg     47160
     ggagcctgtt tcccatgggt aagccatctt cccagaagtg aaaccaagtt cttccaataa     47220
     gagtagcatg cacattttaa aaggcccttt gactacactc tgtggatatc tcgggatctg     47280
     aaaagtgcca gttctagaga atatgctcac cctactccca gttaggccag caaacagctg     47340
     tgtgcctctc tagacttggt aacaggtcta ggccctaatg gcttttaggg cagccatttt     47400
     tttctcaaag gctgtctttt ttcaggggaa aacaaggcac caagacaaag atcaggccag     47460
     atatgttaaa ttggaaacag actgagcttc acaaaggaaa agggttggtt tgtagatggt     47520
     ggggtagaaa aaatgaggta gtgctggcta ggtctggttg tccatagttg ccaaatgaga     47580
     gcagaaagca agaaaagtgt atgaccttag gcacacctcg aaaataatgc tgcctgttca     47640
     agaccgttca gtccagggac cattcaatct ataggtgcca tgggttaaaa aaggaaggtt     47700
     ttccgatgcc tcttccccaa ccgttcttca gcccaccatc cacccagggg ctgtagcctt     47760
     ctgtgtgttc aggtgaggtt ggcaccaaac tgtatccagg gtctcaaaca gagccttgct     47820
     tcacagcctc taaacaggcc tcagagacat tccacatgac cctgacactg gctcccttct     47880
     aatcaccttg cctcaatatt ctcacctcag aggggctcag gaaagaattg ttaaagcaac     47940
     ttggcaggat gaatgccaga ggacacagcc agagaatttt caaagcactg ctaacctagt     48000
     gatatgactg ttgagctaaa aagacttctc ttatctgtta aaacaggagt ccccaacctc     48060
     ccaggctgct ggaccttggc ctgttaggaa ccagccgcac agaaagaggt gagcagaggg     48120
     caagtgagca ttatcgcctg agctgcacct cctgtcagat cagcagtggc attagagtct     48180
     cagaggagct caaaccgtat tgtgaactgc gcatgccatg gatctacaat tgcatgctct     48240
     ttatgagaat ctaatgcctg atgatctgaa gtgaaacagt ttcatcctga aactatccac     48300
     ccctccccag tgtccatgaa aaaaattgtc ttccacaaaa ccagtctctg gtgccaaaaa     48360
     ggttgaggac tgctgtgtta acatatacct agaaatagct agggtttttt tttttttttt     48420
     tttttttttt tttagaggaa aggaggaaga aaccccttta ctgtaacata aaaataatca     48480
     tttaaacttg ttttctaatt tcaacagcct tatgagctaa taggattctc attttccaaa     48540
     gaggaaactg aggttcagac tggttaagta gcaggactgg aattataaag tttgaccttc     48600
     ttcttctcag tcctcacaca ttacttgtgt caaatgggtg gtattcatga gctacctcca     48660
     ttttcccacc tctccctcct cttgaacctt ctagagtcca gtgctttctg ccaaaactac     48720
     tttctataag tcagttcacc agtgacctcc cggtcaaatt caggggtctc tgctcccttt     48780
     gcatctttga cctcgaggat gaatttgaaa ccatcaacca cccactcctt cctgtaactg     48840
     tcctaccctt ggctcttgtg gcattgcatt ctcaaatttc tcttcttatc tctctgaccc     48900
     atcattctct gcctcctttg ctggctcctc ttctttcctc ctcccattaa ctgttggaat     48960
     ccccaaagac tcagtcctca gctattctct ctcaacaccc atttccttga agagtgtctc     49020
     ttacatggtt tcacctacca cttggcatat atttagccaa atttgaatct ctagctctga     49080
     ttcttggtag catgtctcag atccctctgc tccttccttt ctggttttat tgccacaagc     49140
     ttaatccatg ttctcattac ctcaggtcaa atatgcaaac agagaatctc ctggcttaca     49200
     gctgaatcta tcatgttatg gttagaataa ttctgcaaca ccacttctat caattcagcc     49260
     ctatgttcag aaacccagga gttgttattc attgattctt taacagagtt tagtcttctg     49320
     tggtggaact taagttctca ccaccaatag acaccatctt ctcccctttg aatttgaaaa     49380
     acagcatctt cctggagttc ctctgcaata ctctgtgcat tttgccttcc tcaaaattcg     49440
     ttgactgaaa gaagccttgc tctatgcccc tgtttgtgct ttcagattct tcacaatgca     49500
     cccttctgag ctttactttg cagcattcaa tgcagaaatc ttggaaaaca caaaaaagca     49560
     acaaggaaaa ttttggaaat cttggaaaat acaaaaaagc gacaagagaa aataacgaaa     49620
     aattatcagt agtgcatact catgactctc tctctcaaat ctctctctct ttctctctca     49680
     tgtttcatgg cctttttccc ttaaaaacat actgtaaatt tttccatgtc atttactatt     49740
     tctccatagc gttatttttt gttgttgttg tttttgtttt ttttagagta gatcacttac     49800
     aaattttatt ttttaaagaa catcttttcc ccagccacag tatagttata agctaagaat     49860
     aatttccaat attgcacaat gaatgcatcc agatcctgca atattgatca aaagagtgga     49920
     ttaaaatgga atatgatagc aatttcatgg aagtctccct ttctaaatac tgactcctta     49980
     gtgttatttt attgtctaca cagtactcca gactatggat ctaccataac ttatttaact     50040
     ttgccattta ttgtaatatt tctgttattt tcatgttttg ctattaaaat aatgttttaa     50100
     taaacacaac gctacttcta gttttattga aagaaatcac taccagagag aagtcaacct     50160
     actaatttat agaagaatgg catggggagg gatagatgtg taaaagcggg tggaaataga     50220
     aatggagaat agtcataaaa tttaaaaagg cccagcactc caaaaaaaac aacaggtgtg     50280
     gggtggaggg gatcctggct ttcttttcac actaggggct gatgggcatc ctttaaatct     50340
     cagttccagg ccagcctgga atggctgaga tgctaacccc tttccctacc acacttaatg     50400
     aaactgcaaa tccaccagat gggcactggt tctcattcct caccacccct ccactcccgt     50460
     tttccacgag ccccatacct gtcaaataat catctgttta tccatcacct ggaactcatt     50520
     tccaaaatgg taatcaaggg tgttgacaaa gggaagtaat ttacaatcat gtatttagac     50580
     tttcaaagag tctcgggaaa ggttcttttc catgccaagg ttgttttaaa agtacaattg     50640
     aggcgccatg gataggaaat gctttcccca ctccttgaga ctgtgagtgc ttcctgccaa     50700
     cagtgcagct ctatggaagt tggttgaatt gaactgagtt gagtttggct agttgccaaa     50760
     ggacagacac agatggtaag cactgtcgga gtccagaagg ctggcaaagc cacagtgggc     50820
     tctaaaggag agaaagaaag aaggcttcat gaggcaccaa ctaaagactg agaaggaatc     50880
     attcattcat tcattcattc attcaacaaa tatttattac atgttacttt gtgtgaagca     50940
     ctgtgctggg tcctagagac acatcggtga gcaagtcaca tcggtgaaca gtctgtgcct     51000
     ttataactct cacagacaac ttctttgtga actggggaca aatagggagt gccaggatgt     51060
     ggagctgggt aagtagtggg caggacgacc agccagaatt tggagacaac tgagactctg     51120
     ggcccaatct ctaagcacta gagtccaaag ccttgtttgg aaaaagcaag actccaggtg     51180
     gtctgagctc actgtcccag gctatgctgc aagcttctct acctcctcct agcagcacaa     51240
     tcttgagggt atggtttgcc ataagccacc acagtaggtc tgttctcaaa agactgatga     51300
     gaataaatta gacggttcct taatccaact ggggcttctc agtttttcca tgggaatata     51360
     cacagcattt cagactaact ggggtttgat aaagatcaca atatttgtag gttggaatgg     51420
     gcctcaggag cttcaaatgc cttacttaga gacttcttgg agatcttcgt gggcttgtgc     51480
     tgatatcctc ctatattcag gccacatact ggagcatcaa atttggtccc tgatttcatt     51540
     tatcaagtgt ctagcatatg ccaggcatat tacatacatt atactaatta accctataac     51600
     aaccttatga ggtgggcagg tatggattca acagcagtat atcttcaatg ctggtcaatc     51660
     agaatggact aacaaaccat cagaatagat tttgactgtg aacaaccagt atggccttac     51720
     agagccacaa catccttggg caaagaagta ggacagaggc acagactaaa tggcttccca     51780
     tttcccaggg gatcaaacca agatctcatc tccttagggt ttggggctgt cctggtcatt     51840
     ctgaacctcc ctttatggat gcttccagct gctcccgttg ctcattgcag gtacctgaaa     51900
     agctcccttg cctgccaacc cccgtaaagc aatggcatct atcacacctg cccctttctc     51960
     ccagtaaatt cctaaagatg tcactccttg gctcaaaatt cttgaatggg tccactagac     52020
     ttccaaatga tcaccttact gtggccttca agactctctg tgctccggcc tgaagatgct     52080
     gtccaaccct acttacagca ctaattaccc aaaatgtctt caatgccaca caccttctca     52140
     actagatgaa atctcactgt ccttagcaat ctcatagcgt agaataatag tgacggatgg     52200
     gctcatcaga tggcccctac agacctcatg agggcaagtg ctgtgttctt cctctttgta     52260
     tccctcacca tgcctggcac agtgcctggc acataatatg tgctcaggaa atttttacct     52320
     aggtctgagg tctgcggtct gccttcctgt aatgaaactt accaactttg aaaaagattc     52380
     actctgtggg gactgtgaaa ctttgaagtt acatttttcc aaaaaaaagt atatattgtg     52440
     taaaatttca aacatatagc gacattgaca gaattttgca gaggatatct agtaaccacc     52500
     tagattctac cactaatatt ttcctatact ggctttattc atccctcacc tatccactcc     52560
     tccctctatc tatttgtcta ttcattatct tttttttttt gaagttgcat acatcagtat     52620
     gcacttcact cctaagcact ttctccatac ctatcattaa ctatagtcca atatttgttt     52680
     attattcttt tttccttttg aagtaaaata tacatacaat gagatatata aatattaact     52740
     acatattttc tgagttttgg taaatgtaac ccctactaag tatagactac tactcaagaa     52800
     catgtcctct catcctttca taggcaatcc tctcccttca ctcccagagg cagccactgt     52860
     tttttttccg tcattgatta gttttgcctg ttatagaagc tcatatatat ggaatcataa     52920
     ggcatggact tttttgaatg agacttattt tactcagctt aatgtttttg aggctcatgc     52980
     taatacatga tacataatga tacataattc acatatatga tacataaatc atgacacatg     53040
     ctgttgcaag tatcagtagt tcgttccttt ttattactga gtggtactcc actgtgtgac     53100
     cataccacag tttgtttatc cattctccta ctgatgaaca cttggtctgt ttccaacttc     53160
     tggctattaa aaataaagct gctctaaatg ttctcataca attccttttg tggacatatg     53220
     ttttcctttt tcttgggtaa atacctaggt gtggaaatgc tgggtcatgg gaaagatgta     53280
     ctttagtttt ataagaaatt gccagacatt ttcccaaagt ggcttgtatc attttagact     53340
     cccaccaaca gtgtgagagg attcccattg tttatggtta cttgtgcagc tctctgcttc     53400
     aattgcatac ttagccttgc agtgcaccca tgaaatgcat ttatcattat acttataaaa     53460
     gggccaagcc tgactgtttg tggcttagta cttaaaactt cccccaattt tgatgactac     53520
     taaatgaaca cccaagctct aggaaattgc tacattgtga gggtaagctc tatgtgataa     53580
     tagcttttac tgaaagtgac aaacactgtg ttaaacactt tacatacatt atctcaccta     53640
     atccttaaca acaaccctct gaggtaggta aaacagtatt cctattatac agatgaggaa     53700
     attaagttgc agagaggtta agtaacttgt ccaaattcga ttggctcata ggtggtcaag     53760
     ctgagatttg aaccagagtc agttatcttt tttattgtct actgtccttt gtatagaaac     53820
     tatcagggaa aataaaacat ttcggggttg gaagtctcat ctaaccctct tattgtaaag     53880
     gcggagctac tgaggtccag agaggagaag ggacttgcct gaagtctctc attagttaat     53940
     ggcagagcca tcagactgcc tcgcagtcag gagacgtttt cactccactg cacggcctcc     54000
     tccaatgctt tgggcaattc agattttatt tccagctttg taatggtgac aagggtgcaa     54060
     aaaccacttt gagatctttg aaataagtac atgaatctaa aagggtggag tgaaataagg     54120
     tcaatcttgc cttttgggcc aaaacataaa gtcataaata aaattgtcaa actcatgtca     54180
     attcctgact aaacattatc ttgaaaatgt ttctcccacc cactcaggct tctctggaaa     54240
     agaaaaaaga aaaacaaaga aacaaaaatg cggatatttg gagtattctt gggaaaggaa     54300
     tgggaaagga agaggtccga gggcactttt cttttggact cccacagcac catctggtgg     54360
     aggactggag ttttcatttc tcctcattca gaatgttttt cttttctttt aattcacatg     54420
     tctttattta tttattttta ggtttttata tatactttaa gttctggggt acatgtgcac     54480
     aatgtgcagg tttgttacat aggtatacat gtgccatgtt gatttgctgc acccatctta     54540
     tctttgctcc agtttcctcg attgtaaaat ggagataata accatgcgct taccatagga     54600
     ttttgtggca aggattgaat aagataactt atgtaaagta ctgaacataa tgcctggaac     54660
     atgtgaaatg ctcaataatg ttggctgtgg ttgtttcatt aacattaaac gtatggtgca     54720
     gtgggaacca gagaggagca tttgactcaa cctcagagag ctcagggcac atttccctaa     54780
     ggatgtgaca cctgacataa gttttgagta tgaaatagtc actaggatca tttctccatg     54840
     tggaaaacaa tgcctgtaac aacagggttt actcctctaa tcccacattg tgaaggatga     54900
     cagcatagtg ttcctttgcc tctggggtac cagggattgc agcaagggct tctaagctac     54960
     aagatggtat gggaacattt aggaattatt ggaattaggc ccctgaccac gtgagacatt     55020
     gtttccatag tggacacaca gagtttgact tgaaattaga tgctaagaga aacatggttg     55080
     tgtcgattac cacctgtttg ttctaatttc tactttgctt gtcagcaatg atgcttcagt     55140
     ggctctttat tcactcagca ttatgttaaa taggcatgat gggatctgat aatttctcat     55200
     tgcctccaaa ttgtgcctgg catacaccac aaacatattt gactctattc ctattgctca     55260
     tcacccttgc aaacccttaa cccttccagg ttatccaaat tttactcatc cttcaaggcc     55320
     tagacttcct cattcattca ttcatgaaat attttctgag catgtactat gtgctaggca     55380
     cagtggcagg cactagatct ataacagcat atgagacaga cacagtttct actttgacag     55440
     agcctgtgta acttggacta caaacaggaa aacaaatcat tgagaccatg tgttaccaaa     55500
     gctctccaag aagagggata catctgaaac agtgctttct aacagttttt accacatagc     55560
     acacatagac aacatatatt ggctccctgg gataaatgga taaaaaagca acctgccagg     55620
     gagctctggc caccccaaag gcagaaggca tcaatatctt aggtgcatga ggaatctctt     55680
     ggagatctct ggtatagaac ctcaagctat aacccgtgaa attcctgttg ctttcacccc     55740
     atgtagtcca tgaggactga tagggccttc aaggactaca tggggtgaaa gcaacaggaa     55800
     tttcatggtg cagtgggcag agaggatgct gctttgaatg aatgcatgct ccttgttatt     55860
     atctggaatt tggtaaaagt cactctcacg tcttcagtag taggctcaga ctggaggcct     55920
     tctcaggcaa ctgaatcctg aaagactctt tgtcttttcc agattcctac atatgtagaa     55980
     tcttcagctc acagttcagt ttctcattca ccctcatggt ctgacatcat gtgctaatag     56040
     cacaagaact tttttgtatc ttcataacac ctagcaatac tacacaagaa gggccagaag     56100
     catttaagtg ccatgtttta agacaacgga aatctaagag tattgtaact tcacagggtt     56160
     ttaaaacaaa aatggctttg ctacctaaga aaagtccagt gctcagtctg tctttaaaac     56220
     ttgtaaaaga gaaactccta aagttttaag agagagaatg aagtcaacag ctcaagctaa     56280
     catatttgta caaccttact cctggaaaca ggatgctgag tccctgcagc tccaggccag     56340
     ttggttttgg agtttgccct cttctgagca aaaccaaagg ctaaccaaga tagcccacaa     56400
     cccgaggaga tgggatccag agagctattg tttataccat aagcaaaaag gaagagttca     56460
     caagcaaaga gagcccaggg ggcctcttgc agagaaaaca aagactcctg ctgaaatgta     56520
     acagaagatt ccatatcctt tccttcactt ggactccctg agaaaggtta atcctgtcac     56580
     caccatgaat cttgatgggt aataaaatgt agatctgggt gagaaatgat gccacctaga     56640
     ggaaggctgg ggagcacact tgagcgattt cagctcgtct ttctatattc ctccctcagt     56700
     cagtatctag gcaggagggc ttcttgattt ttctctctgg ccttgtccct cacctactcc     56760
     tggagagcca cattgccact ttcctatgtt gatacatgct attcaacatc cgaaactgaa     56820
     tgtggggcat ggagtgccct atggtaagga atgtcgaaga tacagctaag gtgagaaagc     56880
     catatgtaag aagagcagtt ggccataaag aagaaagtat atgtcgacat gtctgtaatt     56940
     tatatgtacg tatatgtata tctaatttga agcttcttat aacttcatag gctagcaaat     57000
     agccaggtgc aaaaataaat acctgaacct caaaataatt attttcagat ttcaactgca     57060
     aaagtcactc tggagagaca catgcgtggg tgaatttcag catactctct cttttccttt     57120
     ttccctttgt ttttgtttga ttgatttatt ataacctcaa ggcaaaaata tgaaatggga     57180
     aacttggtgt ttagcactcc caagtgtccc tccaccacca ctagagccca tttttaattt     57240
     gtgataccct taggagtgtc ttccaagaaa tgctctgatt ctatatctca tcctctcaga     57300
     atctctcatt ctttttagtg ttaaaggaaa tagctagcta acttgctgat atggttaggc     57360
     tttgtgtccc cacccaaatc tcatcttgaa ttgtaatccc cataatcctc atatatcaag     57420
     ggagagacca ggtggaggta attgaatcat gggggcagtt tcccccatgc tgttctcatg     57480
     ataatgagtg aattctcaca agatctgatg gttttataag gggcttttcc ccctttgctc     57540
     ggcacttctc cttcctactg ccttgtggag aaggtgcctt gcttcccctt caccttctga     57600
     tatgatttta agtttcctga ggcttcccca gccatgctga actgtgagtc gattaaatct     57660
     ctttccttta taaattaccc agtctcaggt agctctttat agcagtatga aaacagacta     57720
     atacacctgc caaagtgaaa gaaaaattga tcctaccaag aaggaagagt tagaagagcc     57780
     aacagttaac taggagcctc cttccttggt taaccgtgaa gactgtccac tcctctgtga     57840
     attattttgt tatttaatcc taaagataaa tgctaataaa ggaattgaaa tatctagcag     57900
     gatggcctcc attggccagt gagggaggat gaggtatgga aattgttttt ctgttttgtt     57960
     gttgttttta accttcccat gtgattccta agtgcagcca gggtgaagaa ccactgggag     58020
     agatgagttt aacatactgg agaacatact ggagtaaaga tcacaatgaa tttgttatat     58080
     caacaactta aaactcttct gctgagcaca tctacagagg tgctatatac aactctgtta     58140
     cacgaaggct atacatttcc taattactgc tattgtggaa atattgcttc actcattgtc     58200
     ttcaaatagg taaatacaag ggaactaaat ttattccaga cagttaaaga ttcagaatgt     58260
     gttattcctc ccagaacaat gacaccgagg acataatttt tcctttgagg cctttaccta     58320
     tcccgctgct gaaccattta tgtgccctct tttttttttt ttttttttac agaatcttgc     58380
     tctgtcgccc aggctacagt gcagtggtgc aatctcagct cactgcaacc tccgcctcct     58440
     gggttcaagc aattcttctg cctcagcctt ccgagtagct gggactacag gctcatgcca     58500
     ccacgcccgg ctaatttttt gtatttttaa tagaggcagg gtttcaccat gttagccagg     58560
     atggtctcaa tctcctgacc tcgtgacctg cccacctcgg cctcccacag tgctgggatt     58620
     acaggcatga gccaccatgc ccagcccctt tttttgtttt tattaagttc tgggatacat     58680
     gtgcagaaca tgcaggtttg ttacgtaggt atacatgtgc catggtggtt tgctgcacct     58740
     atcaacccgc catctaggtt ttatgcccca catgcattag gtatttgtcc taatgctctc     58800
     cctccctgtg cccctctccc ctcgacatgc cccagtgtgt gatgttcccc tctctgtgtc     58860
     catgtgttct cactgttcaa ctaccacttg agtgagaaca tgcagtgttt ggttttcttt     58920
     tcctgtgtta gtttgctgag aatgatggct tccagctaca tctatgtccc tgcaaaggac     58980
     atgaactcat tcttttttat ggctgcatag tattccatgg tgtatatgtg ccacattttc     59040
     tttatccagt ctatcactga tggacatttg ggttggttcc aagtcttttc tattgtaaat     59100
     agtgctgcaa taaacatatg tgtgcatgtg tcattatagt agaatgactt ataatccttt     59160
     gggtatatac ccagtaatgg gattgctggg tcaaatggta tttctggttc tagatccttg     59220
     aggaatcacc acactgtctt ccacaatggt tgaagtaatt tacactccca ccaacagtgt     59280
     aaaagtgttc ctatttctcc acagccttgc cagcatctgt tgtttcctga ctttttaata     59340
     atcgccattc tgactggcat gagatacttt cttgtatgac tctccacaat gtactcttca     59400
     ttaagcactt tgctgctgaa atgccacctc ttgccttttc aaatgttaaa ttatctaaat     59460
     atattgttat ggtgtcaatg tttttctatc agttttctct cctatcccat acccaccttt     59520
     gattcatttg aaaagacttg agaaatgtct tactactgac actgctgcat gtagctcttg     59580
     cttatttacc catctaggga aacaggatgt atttcctttc ttagaaaagc caatttacag     59640
     attacactaa aatactactc cttctgcatc actcagcttt ttaacttggt aagttttaag     59700
     aagtttcaac agcaaagttg ttattcaatg ggcatgatgg actacaagtg ccttgagtta     59760
     cgtgtatctg ccctagatgt aaacttcatt gctttttgtt ggatgatatt ttaaaaggat     59820
     ataaaataaa ttggtctaaa ggccaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag aaactagaat ggaaagttcc     59880
     tgttggagag agaagacgga aagcttattg acaatggaat aatgctttca acatggagag     59940
     gaaattttca atcctatacc caacaaatta tcaattaagg tctccaatta tttcccattt     60000
     atcccttctc agtaagctac tgtagaatat attctatcaa ggagaagtaa caatccaagt     60060
     gagaaaaaga cgtggaatac agaaaacagg agatccaaca cgacaaaggt aaaggtaagt     60120
     ctcaggatga cggtgaaggt agatgccaag ataatgaccc tgcaccaggg aaaggagggc     60180
     aaatcatctg gttctaggag agatttcttc cagatgaaat tgttagaatt cttgttatct     60240
     ggaagtctac agagatttaa gcaattagtt ggagagcctg cggtagaatt agcggtaagt     60300
     acatagaaaa ccaagcaggt gaaagaaaca caattattag ctccagtggt ttaaaagtgc     60360
     agaagaaaat gaatcactgt tttcccacta catttcagct ctgaatagca gttattataa     60420
     tgtaaagact tattgatcta actatgcatt tatattgaga ggatgagaag tgtccctgtg     60480
     tacactgaaa agttgataaa atcaagaagc agggatacaa gcatgttatt tagatacaag     60540
     atggtaaaca ccaaaacaat caattaagag ttaaaagtgg ttgcctctga ggcagaggaa     60600
     atggggagga tgaaggcagt ggatagctgt ttttcagaga ctttgtagaa tagcagcctt     60660
     taaacctgtg cttttcaaac cgtgacttac aatctctctg gagtgatgct gcccaatatg     60720
     gacataaaaa taaaaatcca gttcctcata ctaaccacat ttaatttttt aaagatctct     60780
     taaatttttg ttattttatt tttatttttt tttagagctg gggtcccact acgttaacca     60840
     ggcttgtctc aaactcttgg cctcaagcga tcctcccatc ttggccttcc aaagtactgg     60900
     gattgtaggt gtgagccacc gggcctggcc aacaataacc acattttaaa tcatccacag     60960
     ccacatgtgg ctggcagcta ctacagtgga tagtgcagat actgaatatt ttcaacttca     61020
     cagaaagttc tattgaacag cactatttta cagggtaatt aaatcaattt agtgagtaag     61080
     agccaacatt taaataaatg aaatagaata gaaaaccagt gtgcatctca ttagtattgt     61140
     tttttcacaa aatattttca taaaatatgt gtgcacagca ttgtggatca caataaaaag     61200
     aagtttggaa gcactccttt acattatgtg tgcaaaaccc tgattaaaat ttaaaaaaaa     61260
     acattgaggg tcaggcactg tggctcacat ctgtaatccc agcgatttgg gtggctgagg     61320
     tgggaggatt gcttgatgcc aggagttcaa gaccagcctg ggcaacatag caagacccca     61380
     tctctacaaa aaaaaaaata attagctggg cacgctggtg cgtgcttgta gtcccagcta     61440
     cttggacagc taaagtgaga aagaggatcg cttgagccca ggagttcaag gctgcagtga     61500
     gctatgatgg agccactgta ctccagcctg ggtgacagag tgagactcta tctcaagaca     61560
     aaaatacatt aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagagtc acagactcct tatacctagt agaatcctca     61620
     acttcttgtg atccatagcc tcatagccct ataggaaact cagaacctag ggcatcattt     61680
     aagaaaatag aacttggaac agtaatatca caatactaaa gctagacatg atggaccata     61740
     aggactatca tgttccctat ttcttctgtc atttgtcttt ccctttttgc aaaaggcatc     61800
     atttttgaat tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttt ttaatgggaa gaagaaacta aggctaaggc     61860
     taaggttatg agactggccc atggttacaa agctagtgtc aataagccca ggtctcctga     61920
     cctctagatc tagaactttt ttcacaaaat cttcaggggc agtcagttct ttaaggccct     61980
     gagtatgcta gtcaatactt taaacaacct gactgatgaa tagtgtctag atacaataat     62040
     aattatgata ataatagcta acataagcta ttgttctaaa cactttacat tttaactctc     62100
     acaacaatcc tattaggcag atcctattat ccatcaaccc aatttttcca gatgaagaaa     62160
     tgcagctcca aaatgttaat taatttgctg aaggttacac aactacagtg gcaaagccag     62220
     gaaatagagt tcttaatgcc attttataca cgccctcata taactcaaat taatttctct     62280
     ctaaaatatt aattagccta aaagtagcag ttataatttg gtagcaccca ctgataatcc     62340
     atgttttgtc ccaaagtatc agtgttacaa aggggtttta ctctattgac tggaccaaag     62400
     taacagtttg ggattcaaat actctgaact aatggatggg actatacaag ccggtttaac     62460
     tgcttaatgc aattccataa acctggagat gagtacttta aaaatatgtg tttaaaagtt     62520
     tggttaataa tcttcaaact tggagatttt atctcaatgc ataatgaagt acaaattggc     62580
     ttgataacat gggtggattt atttcttaag atttgagtgc aaacttagaa acaagaacaa     62640
     acaaagcttt tcatcaagaa taaacacaaa atctaaacaa ttctgcaatc gtgcatttta     62700
     acagaaagta caaatatgaa tacattataa tttgtaactg catttaaaaa ttaaaatatt     62760
     tctctccaaa tccaaaacac cacacaatct ttatctgttc tcatcttgtt accttagaaa     62820
     catttgtcat atgctatcag gaaaatatag gcaagactta ctaatcagtt attcatgatc     62880
     aaagaaacat gattctcctt aactgtgact ttttgaatca tttatctgta tttctgaaat     62940
     atcacacaat tatacctcta ctctagagaa aaaaagaata aatacaaata tcaaggaggc     63000
     aggaacattc atggaattaa agcaaaagtc acaagtgttt gacttagaaa tgtacatatt     63060
     gtagtaaatt tttaaagtac aactttagtt gatggctgat gtgtatgtaa taattgtgag     63120
     caatttaaac aggtataaaa atgtgagatc aaaatcttta ggcttaaata cttgaaaagt     63180
     cactatggat atggaaagat ttgtttacat aaacatgtat atttttagat ggaaaatcaa     63240
     ggggtagtgg catctccctg gtcccttaac aatatttgga tttttgcaaa gaattagcag     63300
     cacccaacct taagtgttaa ttatgtgttt ctaaaggacc tataacagat caattggcag     63360
     tgttctagct tttgggagtt gggggcagat tgggggtgca aatatctgag ataagatagt     63420
     acatgcactc acacatttaa aatcaccatt ctaaatggga aaaaaaatca catattggaa     63480
     aagtctaaga aactcattct taagggataa acagcagggc aggaataaaa gctgaacagt     63540
     agtctacttg ataataatgg tatttcactc tttaaaggca agttgggaag aatgagaata     63600
     ctcacataca cataacttca gggaaaactt gcctaaaatt ttaccttgca aaacgctgaa     63660
     cagaaatctt tacaaaaacc ttcattcttg tttataatac ttgatttttc ccttattacc     63720
     accatataca taacatttaa gtattttctt cataaatatt ttagagcaaa aagaatgtat     63780
     tttgttgcaa tggtggccca catctgtaca aaacaacata agcaacacac acacacatat     63840
     atatatgcat atatataaaa aatgattaag aaaaagtgca aagaataaca gtattaagat     63900
     ttttttgcat tttacagtaa ctatggttca agtgtgaata tttatcaggg atatataatc     63960
     ccaggtttta attaaagatt caaaaagaaa ccacactccc aagttactgc acaaacatca     64020
     gtcccttatc aagtaactct gcccttctcc caaatctagt atttccagtt tctaagctct     64080
     tcccaaacag gaaaaaatga taacagtgtt ttcttccctt taacttccca aaactcatcc     64140
     aagttaatca cctgtaagtt cgagcaagat attggggaag tcattcatta taacccgctt     64200
     tgctaaaatt aaagcaaaat gaaaggcttt ctgaaatgca aactactgat caagaatcaa     64260
     atcagcaaca gcaaacagac cttaaattac aaatgtaatt taatacatgt acattttaaa     64320
     atcaatcccc gttatcaaag ataaattcag agtttaaatc tctttcccag gttcagtgct     64380
     gtgcaagggt tctaattcca aatacttatg attttatcac cttttctaag agaaaatgtt     64440
     tgcctgttaa ctttttacct tccttgctct tggtctcagc ttttcagttt gaataaacac     64500
     agaaaggcaa ttttcagcat ttcaaaaaat gtactttcct cttagtcatt caaataatta     64560
     cagttatttt tagatctcaa agtttcaaaa aaagcagctc aatttccctt taaatatatt     64620
     actagatatt ttttggtgtt gtatatgttg ttctattctt attttaggca ctgtaattat     64680
     tcacaacatt acaatgactc tatatctaac ctatgcaaca attataatct taataccttc     64740
     taaggtatta tttgattttg tgtattatat tactattgaa tttttccttc aagataaatg     64800
     gttggaagag aattttaaag ccctgcagca cttttgcttt gagtagtgtt aatacatatt     64860
     ttctgtcatg cttaatattt aaacttctga aataggaaga caagaggcat tggaagctgc     64920
     aaatttcctc aaactacatt ctactccaac tccaatttat tttgttcaac attaaataat     64980
     tttctttaca aaaacaagta tatcttaggc taatttttaa aaacagaatt tctgctctat     65040
     aataacacag ctaaagggaa ataacttttc aatttcagct gcactagaac tatgcaaaac     65100
     taagttaaag taaaccggac aacaatttta ataacttttg gttttgtttt ctttttactc     65160
     tatctttaga atgatatacc ttacattcta acagttcaac aaaggcttaa aattctagaa     65220
     gttgaaaacc accagactac ctcctgcaca actgtcaata agacaacaac attttatttg     65280
     cccccataca ttcgttcaat gtctttgagg taatggttcc tcagctcctt ccttttcagt     65340
     ttgaaagcat cagttaccaa accagtttca ggggtccatg gctctgggct taatcgaacc     65400
     ttgattggaa tttcaaatcg ctccaatttc actgaaatta gaagtcaaag atgggagaaa     65460
     aggagaaggg ggggaagaga tgagaaagtg gggacgggga aagaagggag aagcaattaa     65520
     taaaatatga gtttttcagg atttacctag atgatttggg tgttgaatca ccaatcacca     65580
     caaacttatt taatggtata ctagatagtt tattaatgct acctctacct tacaatttca     65640
     ttttatattt ctcaaagtat acataagttg tttcagttgg atagttttag tctatgtggt     65700
     tattaaaata tacatacata tacacattat ttatactctc tctctcacac acacacacac     65760
     acacacacac acacacacat cttcctcttc agagacttta tatttgcctg agatggtctt     65820
     tctcaataca gttgtgtgtc acttccatac tttatctata tgtctgctca aataccacca     65880
     ccccggagag gacatccctg accactcata acaaaagaga agggggagga gccaagatgg     65940
     ccaaatatga acagctccgg tctacagctc ccagcgtgag cgacacagaa gacgggtgat     66000
     ttctgcattt ccatctgagg taccgggttc atctcactag ggagtgccag acagtgggcg     66060
     caggtcagtg ggtgcgcgca ccatgcacga gccgaagcag ggcgaggcat tgcctcactc     66120
     aggaagcaca aggggtcagg gagttccctt tcccagtcaa agaaaggggt cacctggaaa     66180
     atcgggtcac tcccacccga atactgcgct tttccgactg gcttaaaaaa cggcgcacca     66240
     ggagattata gcccgcacct ggctcagagg gtcctacgcc cacggagtct cgctgattgc     66300
     tagcacagca gtctgagatc aaactgcaag gtggcagcga ggctggggga ggggggcccg     66360
     ccattgccca ggtttgctta ggtaaacaaa gcagctggga agctccaact gggtggagcc     66420
     caccacagct caaggaggcc tgtctgcctc tgtaggctcc acctctgggg gcagggcaca     66480
     gacaaacaaa aagacagcag taacctctgc agacttaaat atccctgtct gacagctttg     66540
     aagagatcag tggttctccc agcacgcagc tggagatctg agaacgggca gactgcctcc     66600
     tcaagtgggt ccctgacccc tgacccctga gcagcctaaa tgggaggcaa cccccagcag     66660
     gggcagactg acacctcaca cggccaggta ctccaacaga cctgcagctg agggtcctgt     66720
     ctgttagaag gaaaactaac aaacagaaag gacatccaca ccaaaaaccc atctgtacat     66780
     caccatcatc aaagaccaaa agtagataaa accacaaaga tggggaaaaa acagagcaga     66840
     gaaactggaa actctaaaaa gcagagcgcc cctcctcctc caaaggaacg cagttcctca     66900
     ccagcaatgg aacaaagctg gacggagaat gactttggtg agctgagaga agaaggcttc     66960
     agacaatcaa attactccga gctacgggag gacattcaaa ccaaaggcaa agaagttgaa     67020
     cactttgaaa aaaatttaga agaatgtata actagaataa ccaatacaga gaagtgctta     67080
     aagaagctga cggagctgaa agccaaggct cgagaactac atgaagaatg cagaagcctc     67140
     aggagccgat gcaatcaact ggaagaaagg gtatcagcga tggaagatga aatgaatgaa     67200
     ttgaagcgag aagggaagtt tagagaaaaa agaataaaaa gaaacgagca aagcctccaa     67260
     gaaacatggg actatgtgaa aagaccaaat ctacatctga ttggtgtcct tgaaagtgac     67320
     ggggagaatg gaaccaagtt ggaaaacact ctgtaggata ttatccagga gaacttcccc     67380
     aatctagcaa ggcaggccaa cattcagatt caggaaatac agagaacgcc acaaagatac     67440
     tcctcgagaa gagcaactcc aagacacata attgtcagat tcaccaaagt tgaaatgaag     67500
     gaaaaaatgt taagggcagc cagagagaaa ggtcaggtta ccctcaaagg gaagcccatc     67560
     agactaacag cggatctctt ggcagaaacc ctacaagcca gaagagagtg ggggccaata     67620
     ttcaacattc ttaaagaaaa gaattttcaa cccagaattt catatccagc caaactaagc     67680
     ttcataagtg aaggagaaat aaaatccttt acagacaagc aaatgctgag agattttgtc     67740
     accaccaggc ctgccctaaa agagctcctg aaggaagtgc taaacatgga aaggaacaac     67800
     tggtaccagc cactgcaaaa tcatgccaaa atgtaaagac catcgagact aggaagaaac     67860
     tgtatcaact aacgagcaaa ataaccagct aacatcataa tgacaggatc aaattcacac     67920
     ataacaatat taactttaaa tgtaaatgga ctaaatgctc caattaaaag acacagactg     67980
     gcaaattgga taaagagtca agacccatca gtgtgctgta ttcaggaaac ccatctcaca     68040
     tgcagagaca cacataggct caaaataaaa ggatggagga agatctacca agcaaatgga     68100
     aaacaaaaaa aggcaggggt tgcaatccta gtctctgata aaacagactt taaaccaaca     68160
     aagatcagaa gagacaaaga aggccattac ataatggtaa agggatcaat tcaacaagaa     68220
     gagctaacta tcctaaatat atatgcacct aatacaggag cacccagatt cacaaagcaa     68280
     gtcctgagtg acctaaaaag agacttagac tcccacacat taataacggg agactttaac     68340
     accccactgt caacattaga cagatcaaca agacagaaag tcaacaagga tacccaggaa     68400
     ttgaactcag ctctgcacca agtggaccta atagacatct acagaactct ccaccccaaa     68460
     taaacagaat atgcattttt ttcagcacca caccacacct attccaaaac tgaccacata     68520
     cttggaagta aagctctcct cagcaaatgt aaaagaacag aaattataac aaactatctc     68580
     tcagaccaca gtgcaatcaa actagaactc aggattaaga atctcactca aaactgctca     68640
     actacatgga aactgaacaa cctgctcctg aatgacttct gggtacataa caaaatgaag     68700
     gcagaaataa agatgttctt tgaaaccaac gagaacaaag acacaatata ccagaatctc     68760
     tgggacacat tcaaagcagt gtgtagatgg aaatttatag cactaaatgc ccacaagaga     68820
     aagcaggaaa gatctaaaat tgacacccta acatcacaat taaaagaact agaaaagcaa     68880
     gaacaaacac attcaaaagc tagcagaagg caagaaataa ctaagatcag agcaaaactg     68940
     aaggaaatag agacacaaaa aacccttcaa aaaattaatg aatccaggag ctggtttttt     69000
     gaaaggatca acaaaattga tagacctcta gcaagactaa taaagaaaaa aagagagaag     69060
     aatcaaatac atgcaataaa aaatgataaa ggggatatca ccaccgatcc cacagaaata     69120
     caaactacca tcagagaata ctacaaacac ctctacgcaa ataaactaga aaatctagaa     69180
     gaaatggata aattcctgga cacatacatc ctcccaagac taaaccagga agaagttgaa     69240
     tctctgaata gaccaataac aggatctgaa attgtggcaa taatcaatat cttaccaacc     69300
     aaaaagagtc caggaccaga tggattcaca gccaaattct accagaggta caaggaggaa     69360
     ctggtaccat tccttctgaa actattccaa tcaatagaaa aagagggaat cctccctaac     69420
     tcatttgatg aggccagcat catcctgata ccaaagccgg gcagagacac aaccaaaaaa     69480
     gagaatttta gaccaacatc cttgatgaat attgatgcaa aaatcctcaa taaaatactg     69540
     gcaaaccgaa tccagcagcg tatcaaaaag cttatccacc atgatcaagt gggcttcatc     69600
     cctgggatgc aaggctgttt taatatatgc aaatcaataa atgtaatcca gcatataaac     69660
     agaaccaaag acaaaaacca catgattatc tcaatagatg cagaaaaggc ctttgacaaa     69720
     attcaacaac gcttcatgct aaaaactctc aataaattag gtattgatgg gacgtatttc     69780
     aaaataataa gagctatcta tgacaaaccc acagccaata tcatactgaa tgggcaaaaa     69840
     ctggaagcat tccctttgaa aaccggcaca agacagggat gccctctctc accactccta     69900
     ttcaacatag tgttggaagt tctggccagg gcgatcaggc aggagaagga aataaagggt     69960
     attcaattag gaaaagagga agtcaaattg tccctgtttg cagaccacat gattgtatat     70020
     ctagaaaacc ccattgtctc agcccaaaat ctccttaagc tgataagcaa ctccagcaaa     70080
     gtctcaggat acaaaatcaa tgtacaaaaa tcacaagcat tcttatacac caacaacaga     70140
     caaacagaga gccaaatcat gagtgaactc ccattcacaa ttgcttcaaa gagaataaaa     70200
     tacctaggaa tccaacttac aagggatgtg aaggatctct tcaaggagaa ctacaaacca     70260
     ctgctcaagg aaataaaaga ggatacaaac aaatggaaga acattccatg ctcatgggta     70320
     ggaagaatca atatcgtgaa aatggccata ctgcccaagg taatttacag attcaatgcc     70380
     atccccatca agctactaat gactttcttc acagaattgg aaaaaactac tttaaagttc     70440
     atatggaacc aaaaaagagc cagcatcgcc aagtcaatcc taagccaaaa gaacaaagct     70500
     gggggcatca cgctacctga cttcaaacta tactacaagg ctacagtagc caaaacagca     70560
     cggtactggt accaacacag agatatagat caatggaaca gaacagagcc ctcagaaata     70620
     acgccgcata tctacaacta tctgatcttt gacaaacctg agaaaaacaa gaaatgggga     70680
     aaggattcct tatttaataa atggtgctgg gaaaactggc tagccatatg tagaaagctg     70740
     aaactggatc ccttccttac accttataca aaaattaatt caagatggat taaagactta     70800
     aacgttagac ctaaaaccat aaaaacccta gaagaaaacc taggcattac cattcaggac     70860
     ataggcatgg gcaaggactt catgtctaaa acaccaaaag caatggcaac aaaagccaaa     70920
     attgacaaat gggatctaat taaactaaag agcttctgca cagcaaaaga aactatcatc     70980
     acagtgaaca ggcaacctac caaatgggag aaaatttttg caacctactc atctgacaaa     71040
     gggctaatat ccagaatcta caatgaactc aaacaaattt acatgaaaaa aacaaacaac     71100
     cccatcaaaa agtgggtgaa ggacatgaac agacacttct caaaagaaga catttatgca     71160
     gccaaaaaac acatgaaaaa atgctcacca tcactggcca tcagagaaat gcaaatcaaa     71220
     accacaatga gataccatct cacaccagtt agaatggtga tcattaaaaa gtcaggaaac     71280
     aacaggtgct ggagaggatg tggagaaata ggaacacttt tacactcttg gtgggactgt     71340
     aaactagttc aaccattgtg gaagtcagtg tggcgattcc tcagggatct agaactagaa     71400
     atactatttc gcccagccat cccattactg ggtatatacc cagaggacta taaatcatgc     71460
     tgctataaag acagatgcac acatatgttt actgcggcat tattcacaat agcaaagact     71520
     tggaaccaac ccaaatgtcc aacaatgata gactggatta agaaaatgtg gcacatatac     71580
     accagggaat actatgcagc cataaaaaat gatgagttca tgtcctttgt agggacatgg     71640
     atgaaattgg aaatcatcat tctcagtaaa ctatcacaag aacaaaaaac caaacaccgc     71700
     atattctcac tcataggtgg gaactgaaca atgaggacac atggacacag gaaggggaac     71760
     atcacactct ggggactgtt gtggggtggg gggacggggg agggatagca ttgggagata     71820
     tacctaatgc tagatgacga gttagtgggt gcagcgcacc agcatggcac atgtatacat     71880
     acgtaactaa cctgcacatt gtgcacatgt accctaaaac ttaaagtata ataataaata     71940
     aataaataaa taaacaaaag agaagtccct ttgtctctct atatcttctt aacactatgc     72000
     tttgttcaaa gtagttatca ccacccaaca tattatatat ttgtttcacc atggagctaa     72060
     aatgtaagct ccataaaagc aaggtctttg attttttcac tgccatccat agggttgaga     72120
     gccctccata aatacataca agtttattaa ttcattctac agaaaattaa gtctctagac     72180
     aaatattctt tataaacttt actatatatt caaatgcaga taaaaaaggg gattgtgaat     72240
     ttcatatctt taaatggtat aaaaaccgat gcaatgaata ttgtatttga gttagacaac     72300
     ttaatacata ttggcaaaat ataaggaagg acataaaggt aattaataca gtattaatac     72360
     ttttaaattc cataaattat atgccatcaa gttatttatt atgactacaa gggtaattct     72420
     ttaaattatg gaggcctatt aacagtaatg ttaatcaaca gatgttatgt taatcaacat     72480
     aaaatgttat tttatgtgat tatttaaaac agcaattgcc aagacgcaaa cattcgcaca     72540
     ttttaaaaaa ctactacaaa atagcctaga cgagtttaga aatgatttgg tttcagtggc     72600
     aagcacaaag aactcacatt caccaaagtt cttttctagt actagtctac gttttaagaa     72660
     agcttgatta aactagtgag tttctcacta aaatgacaga aaaatataaa gttgagtatg     72720
     aaaaataatc ttttaaatat aaattacaac caacttccta aaaataatgc ctgaatgggt     72780
     cgtaaaggaa cataaaacct gcttgaatta accaggtcta ctctgatatt aaagtacagc     72840
     tcagttacac agagtttcat aaaataagct tatctgctcc caatgtcaca tttggaactc     72900
     aaggaaacag ttaaattctc agctacagat ttggcccccc aattttttat ttcattttac     72960
     ttttcttaca tacatagatc ctagtccaga aacactgcca aaattgggac aaggcaaaca     73020
     cattatttca gttgcacaca agcaaatgaa agcaggctga aaacaatctt agttaaattc     73080
     ctactttaaa gccaaaaaaa taaagactgc tatagaagtt tcatcttgaa aactcctaaa     73140
     cattatctaa tactccaagc cataggaagc aatggactat cacagtttcc tgtaaataga     73200
     ataaattgcc aacaagtgag aaaggttagg agaaggaaaa acaaacaaaa caaacaaaaa     73260
     tgtggcattt ttatctgaat taactagaac attatgaaat gtgacttgca ggtggcagca     73320
     aatagcgatt ttcatagcca ttagtagttg ctcaaatcac ccaaaaacaa gtattttgca     73380
     ttcttatgat actatgtata cctcacaatt atacttaaaa tatgaagagg cctgctatga     73440
     aagatgtata atttctgaca gatttgctga atacaatcaa aactatttta cacttttttg     73500
     cataagtctc tgaaattata atttgcaaaa tgttggcaag ataaatcctt tgtggcacaa     73560
     aaggtttatg atttatacat ttagctcatg attaccactc attatccaaa tcatgagtta     73620
     catgcctcac tctaagcaca ggaaagttat gaggacctag tgggtcctag gattttattc     73680
     tgccttctaa caaagtggga tacagtttga cttcccccat tgttgcttct acacaattaa     73740
     atatgcaatg gaaaattatt caagtcacat tctaatccat taatatattc agaggatgag     73800
     taagagtaac tacagtgcac ctctgatgat tagccttttg gttgaaatac tatatatttc     73860
     ttgaaatact atatttaaag aaaatactat atttgaaatg ctatacttaa atacctaaag     73920
     aaaatactag atatttttag aaatactata ttgagagcaa atcaggcttt gtatcaaaaa     73980
     aggttctggg agcctggtgt cattaatata aaactgtgtt atatcaataa tattataaca     74040
     aaaccacctt gaagaaggaa atattatgtc acactatttt tataagtata aaatacatgt     74100
     cacactgttt ttataggtat aaaataaata agctttttca atctgattat gttaacaggc     74160
     cattgttatt taaaacttca cagtgtctag aattcagaaa attattcttg gggagaaatt     74220
     agttttcagg tagaaaaact ataactataa actatatttt taaaccaaaa tgtaacctaa     74280
     gtagttaaca tttttaataa atagaaataa taggagccca gttagagaaa taggtatatt     74340
     catatatctc tgataggaat ataagccggt tcagttttcc tggggagagg cagcaatttg     74400
     gcaatgagga aaaaagtctt taaaatatat attcttatgc agccaaaaga cacatgaaaa     74460
     aatgctcatc atcactggcc atcagagaaa tgcaaatcaa aatcacagtg agataccatc     74520
     tcacaccagt tagaatggca atcattaaaa agtcaggaaa caacaggtgc tggagaggat     74580
     gtggagaaat aggaacactt ttacactgtt ggtgggactg taaactagtt caaccattgt     74640
     ggaagtcagt gtggcgattc ctcagggatc tagaactaga aataccattt gacccagcca     74700
     tgccattact gggtatatac ccaaaggact ataaatcatg ctgctataaa gacacatgca     74760
     cacgtatgtt tattgcggca ctattcacaa tagcaaagac ttggaaccaa cccaaatgtc     74820
     caacaatgat agactggatt aagaaaatgt ggcacatata caccatggaa tactatgcag     74880
     ccataaaaaa tgatgagttc atgtcctttg tagggacatg gatgaaattg gaaatcatca     74940
     ttctcagtaa actatcgcaa ggacaaaaaa ccaaacaccg catgttctca cttatagatg     75000
     ggaattgaac aataagaaca catggacaca ggaaggggaa catcacactc tggggactgt     75060
     tgtggggtgg ggggaagggg gaaggatagc attaggagat atacctaatg ctaaatgatg     75120
     agttaatggg tgcagcacac cagcatggca catgtataca tatgtaacta acctgcacat     75180
     tgtgcacatg taccctaaaa cttaaagtat aataataatt tttaaaaata tttatttgaa     75240
     aaaaatatat atatatatat tctctttgac tcagaaattc tgtttctagg aattcacact     75300
     aagaaaataa tcacataaga aaataattga gtatacaaga ttcgtgttat atttgtttac     75360
     agtgatgggg aagaaggtga aattcaccta aaaatctaat agggacttaa atggctattt     75420
     atgcactggg actatttagt atttaaaatg ataccgtaat tttctattta ctgacacaga     75480
     aaaacttcga ttatgttgac agcttaagta tatataccaa aatgtaatct tgccacccaa     75540
     agataaacta ccctcaagtg atttttactt ccttctttgt aatattctgt tgtccaatat     75600
     tttataatga gtatagataa cctatagtca gaaaaatgat atttttattt gtaagagaaa     75660
     aacaatgggt tgaaattagg ttaacagctt ccaacaaaac acgaagagta tatagttttt     75720
     ttctgttctg cctaaaaaag aatttaaatt gtttagaata atttaaaaat gaaaaaggta     75780
     ttaaccacaa ggcaaaaagt gaaacaagag aaaatgggca ctgaatgaga aagtgcaaca     75840
     aaatcttaga agacaaaaag caaaggaatt cgtggtaatt aacttagggc tgaggaagcc     75900
     aaagcaacta ccaacaaaag aggttgccaa caagcagcaa actgccctca cagtggagcc     75960
     cgggcaagtg ccccctaagc ctgtgcctct gaagataaga gatgaggggt aaagctggaa     76020
     acagcagcac tggtctccag cctgtttaga gaaaagttct cccgcaccct atgctgctct     76080
     tctcaaaccg atttgtaggc aggtctactt tttggaaaaa ctgaagcaga gactcgggac     76140
     tcatggacat taggtacaac agaaggaggg agtaaggctg aaaagagaag gattcagtga     76200
     gggtgagacc cactgctctc ccatccccct caataactcc tttacctctt ttggctacca     76260
     gaattctggc agtcaggcta atatcgcccg ggcaagagac tggagaaatc tcctttggag     76320
     aaacagaatg acttaagaga aaaagacact aacgttggaa tgccttttca gtgaagccca     76380
     gtaagctttc caaacagttt tttagtacct ggttcttgaa tatggacata caaggatcag     76440
     cagacacttg ggactcaatg accaaggcaa gcataaagtg caacttggag gtaaaagaga     76500
     caataacagg agaagaaaac tacataaaaa ggattccttt taatatcctc agaggaataa     76560
     gagacaatgc attgactgca tccatgaaag agcaacaggg tgctattaaa aggaacactg     76620
     agaggacagg aacaagctct tgaaaattaa aattctgata gtggaaattg gaaattcagt     76680
     agacagaaga gacgataaag ttgagagact ctgccagaat ataaaacaaa aagagaaata     76740
     gaaaatttta aaaaggataa taaaattaga ggatgaaagc tggaagtcca acagccatat     76800
     aaaagtagtc ccagaaacag acacacaggg tggggggaat tatggggaaa aaaacaaatg     76860
     aacaaacaaa agataaatta acatttccca gaactgaagg gcagagatct ccatactgaa     76920
     agggcccaca gcaagtatgc acaatgataa atgatcaaag acccacacta agatacatca     76980
     ttatgaacta tcaaaacacc agaaattaac ataatgactc tgaaagctag gagagataaa     77040
     atagatcata cacaaaggaa tgggaatcag gatgcaacac tggagctgga agacaacaaa     77100
     gccaagtctg caaagtattc aggaaaaatg atttagaatt tatcactcta aaatatgcca     77160
     agacacatct caagggtaag gacagaataa aaacatattc agacacgcaa gcacagtctc     77220
     aaaaatttac ctcccatgca cctttctcag gaagctgctg aaggatgtgc tctacccaaa     77280
     ccggcgagta aaccaggaaa gagacagata tgagatccag gaaacaggat ccaacatagg     77340
     agagaagcaa aggaaattcc caggatgata gtaaagggaa gcctttggga gcaaatagtc     77400
     taaatttcag cacgaggata aagggctcta agaagtatgt ctccgagaac aaaaaaacag     77460
     acatgctatc ctttcctgta ttagggagaa tttttacaat tttatcagag tttagttgaa     77520
     gagttaagaa tagtatacaa aaaactaatg aagagaggaa attttaagat ccagggaaac     77580
     acaaaaaatt gtccaagaaa ggaaatataa tcataaaaca ctatgtagtt cagctgtgaa     77640
     tattttcata atcataacgg aaacctgggt gtaaaatgca aattgtacta tctattggaa     77700
     aagaaaaagt gtggtaggga aggcaaggag aatggtcata agaaaggtaa atcatcttct     77760
     atggttagag gtccataaaa gtccataaca tcacaaatga aaaattcaag aaggagcaat     77820
     ataaccattt tctttagaaa aatggagacg aatgccagaa actttaaaaa aacaactaaa     77880
     gttgaagaca gatgagactt ggggaaaaga gggatacaat atgggctgct ttttgttgca     77940
     agtccttaat actgacattt tttaaactat atatacttgt tatactgata aaactgaaac     78000
     ttaaaaaaag gttataaaat cagccaccca catggaatcc ctcgttggga aaaaagaaaa     78060
     aaaaaagcct actattgaac ttgagcatta atttttaatc tctttaatta tccaatcaat     78120
     gttccaataa gctttgtcag tcctttctgc taatgtaaaa ctgttgatta ctctctttcc     78180
     tgaaactctc ttagcagtgg tctgcatggg cattgctctc ctggcatctt gccaatcatg     78240
     cttcccacac acatctcttt cttcatccat tccttatatg ctggtgttat ccagagaccc     78300
     atccacagcc tcctgttctc cctttacaat ctcacccaag gttggcccat ctactttcgt     78360
     ggtttcaatt atccccaagt ctgtagcaga gtccaggcct ctcccaataa gatttggact     78420
     acacacaacc gcctgctgga cattttaact ttgattatcc aaaacgtgtt ttttattttt     78480
     atttttttat actttaagtt ctagggtaca tgtgcacaac atgcaggttt gttacatatg     78540
     tatacatgtg ccatgttggt gtgctgcacc cattaatcct cgtcatttaa cattaggtat     78600
     atctcctaat gctatccctc ccccgtcccc ccaccccaca acaggcccca gtgtgtgatg     78660
     ttccccttcc tgtgtccaag tgttctcgtt gttcaattcc cacctatgag tgagaatatg     78720
     cagtgtttgg tttttttgtc cttgcgatag tttgctgaga atgatggttt ccagcttcat     78780
     ccatgtccct ataaaggaca tgaactcatc cttttttatg gctgcatagt attccatggt     78840
     gtatatgtgc cacattttct taatccagtc tattattgat ggatatctgg gttggttcca     78900
     agtctttgct cttgtgaata gtgctgcaat aaacatatgt gtgcaagtgt ctttacagca     78960
     gcattattta taatcctttg ggtatatacc cagtaatggg atggctgggt caaatggtat     79020
     ttctagttct agatccttga ggaatcacca cagtgtcttc cacaatggtc gaactagttc     79080
     acagtcccac caacagtgta aaagtgttcc tatttctcca tatcctctcc agcacctgtt     79140
     gttccctgac tttttaatga tcgccattct aactggtgtg agatggtatc tcattgtggt     79200
     tttgatttgc atttctctga tggccagtga tgatgagcat tttttcatgt gtctgttggc     79260
     tgcataaatg tcttcttttg agaagtgtct gttcatattc tttgcccact ttttgatggg     79320
     gttgtcaaaa tgtgtttcaa actacatgtg tcccatactg acctcatcat cttcttgtat     79380
     atgccagctc ttcctcttgt attttctagc tcaatcagta gtagtattta ccttgtcgct     79440
     tcagctacaa atctgggggc tatcctagac tcctcttttc ccttatctac gttatccaat     79500
     taatcactga agtgtgccaa ttttgcttca taaacgtttc ctgattccct gcttcacgcc     79560
     ctcattactc accacccccc agtctaggta tctcctacag tcctcttcaa ctggccttct     79620
     gcctcagtcc agtccccctc aaattcatct tcagcatggc ctccagagtg actgcatctc     79680
     tccaaaatgc aaacctgacc acatcactaa cctagtaaaa cctgccaatg gctcctcact     79740
     gtctacagga ttacatccaa atttctgaac aagcatagaa ggtactacac aacttggcct     79800
     ctgctaacct ctacagcctt acctcatact ttgcactgta ctggtaacac cagactcctt     79860
     gtagttccct gcacacatca tccttttcat acctatttgc ctttctcatg ttgcttcttg     79920
     gcctagaatg cccaacctag ttaacttcta attaaccctt aagaatgagc tgaagtgaca     79980
     tctcttccat gtcctcccaa gtaggttagg taccctcatc tgtggtacca tgattctctg     80040
     ttcatctctc tattgctgtt aagattgttg tctctctcat gtgcccctct cacttgataa     80100
     tgaactacat gagagcaaga aatgagtctt actactttct gtattcctag tgtgtaacac     80160
     aattcctggc atatactata taagcagatt ttctccaatt ggttattaat gtaccatctg     80220
     agatagtcca tttacagagc cacagtatac acacaaagca taatcatggt tataacacta     80280
     tttactattt aacttagagt tactaatttc tgctttacag acacaaagta gatttatata     80340
     acagatctac ccaaagatgg accattccaa acacaggcta gatgaccact ttgggaaaga     80400
     tgttgaaaca tgcaataaag aactacatag gttattctac tatatgacat tgaaggatcc     80460
     ttccaacatg gaaatccatt atacatattt aagaaatagg tttcttaaaa tcctgtattt     80520
     tattattaaa gcaaacatat tgaagagcct aatgcaaaag atatcattag atgactttta     80580
     gggactatac cagtctagca acttcttact tactggcatt tgcagcttct cgaatttctt     80640
     tcagtatttc agcttccata gcaggattat tgcagatatc aacccaagtt ccttctaccc     80700
     ctttctgttg tgccaaaagt gtcaaccttt tctggttagg aaccacaaaa ctgatcacat     80760
     aggactgatc actaaaaaaa tagaaaataa aatagaaatg aaaacattga gaaaagttat     80820
     tcataaacta gtcaatgaca tagtacagta tagatcattc caaatatata tttctcttat     80880
     ttattaaagt ttcattagga aatgataaaa cccatagtac cagcataaag aaggacatat     80940
     agaccaatgg aatagagaaa ctagaagtaa acccttgtat ctatggagaa acgatctttg     81000
     acaagggtgt taagaccact caatgaggaa aggacagtct cgtcaacaga tggtactagg     81060
     aaaactggat atccacatgc aatgaatgaa ggtggacctt caccttacaa catatacaaa     81120
     aattagctca aaatggatca aaaatctaaa catcgaagag ctattaagtc ggtgcaaaag     81180
     taattgacat taatggcaaa aaccaaaatt acttttgcac caatctgata aaactataaa     81240
     actgctagaa aaaaaaaaca gaagaaacac tttatgagaa tagatttggc aatatttctt     81300
     gggcgtgaca ccaaaagcaa aggcaacaaa agcataaaac agataactgg gactacatca     81360
     aaattaaaaa cttgtgtgta tcaaaagact caatcagcag agtaaaaagg caatctatgg     81420
     aatagaaaaa aaaatttgca aaccatatat ctgataaggg gttaataaac agaatatata     81480
     atttccacaa ctcagtaaca aaaaaccaaa tagctcaatt aaataatgaa caaagagctt     81540
     gaatagacat ttctccagcg ataatatatg aatggccaac aatcatagga aaaggtgctc     81600
     agtggcacta atcattagga aaatacaaat caaaacttaa acaaaatatc ccctcacatc     81660
     catgaggatg actactatat aaaacaaaca agcgctagtg aagaagtgga ggaactagaa     81720
     tgtttgtgta ctgttgtagg aaatgtaaaa atggtgctgt tgctatggaa aaaagtattg     81780
     cagttcctta aaaaattaaa aatagaactg tcatatgatc cagcaattct aaatctaggt     81840
     atctatccac ataattgaaa gcaggaactc aaagagatat ttgcataccc attttcctag     81900
     gagcattatt cacaacaacc aagaggggga agcaaccaaa atgtgcactg acaatgaata     81960
     tataaacaaa acacattata tggatacaat ggaatattgt taagccttca aaatgaagga     82020
     aattctgaca tatgctacaa catggataat ccttgaggac attatactaa gggaattaag     82080
     ccaatcacaa aaaggcaaaa actgtataat tctacttgtg tgagatttct agagaagtca     82140
     aattcataga aacagaaagt agaatggtgg ttcccagggg aaggagggag gaggaatagg     82200
     agttgctgtt taatgggtat agagtttcca ttctgcaaga aaaaaaggtc tggagattgg     82260
     ctgcacacca atgtaaatat acacaacact actgaactgt acatttagaa atggttaaga     82320
     tggtaaatct tacgttatat gctttttacc acaattacaa tttttaaaaa agaataaaac     82380
     ccataaaaat aagacatatc aacatataaa gaaaatggct caatctctta ggcttttgat     82440
     ttagaaaaac ttgggttcaa aattcatctc aacatgtagt agttgtgtta catttttggg     82500
     aaaattactt atgctaagtc tcagttgtca tggatgttaa ataacttgtc gcatagctaa     82560
     gtatttagca agatgcaggt gtccaataaa tagttaacac gtctgagtta tctaaaatgg     82620
     tctttaagct gttgaattca ctaacttaca taaatgtaca attccccaga tctgatgaaa     82680
     attctaagag aagactatgt tacccttatg ataatatgta atcacattat tttctaaata     82740
     tcttttgact tatgaaacaa aaaatacaac tttggaaagt taccttttgg caaaagcaca     82800
     gatgttgtca ataagtggac aattcttcag tgcagcttct actttcccaa gagatacata     82860
     ctctcctgct tgtaacttca ctagatcttt cttacgatct gttaagtcat aaagaatgtt     82920
     aagtctgttt aactaaggtg tatgcaattc tgactgtctt ctttgaatat cattgcctta     82980
     atcgttattt acaaaactac ttcttctaaa attattatta ggttggtgca aaagtaattg     83040
     tggtttttgc cattactttt aaaatggcaa aaactgcata tatataatgt tgcccataca     83100
     caccagttaa aaataaaatg cctacttaag taagtattgg ctaaaagtta caccttaaac     83160
     ccaaagcttt agcatcttat tataatctta aatattataa tcaatttaat agagggaact     83220
     aggactttgg aacattcgat ttgaatggta actctgcctg gtactagcta agtgatcctc     83280
     agcatgtcag ttaaccttct aatcctcaag ttttatcagg ataatgatgc ctacctcata     83340
     cagacatatc ccacaatgtc tggcatatag aacacattta acacatgtta attctccttt     83400
     tccacttttg acattatctt gttaaaatga cagttctcta agaaagtgct agcacaggat     83460
     ggcacagctt gaataatcat cacatggcct tggaatgagt atgagtgctg atttgcctac     83520
     ccgtagcctg ggaacccact ctacagaaat aacctttgat tccagtgcaa ttaaggaaca     83580
     agggggaaaa aagcttattg tttctcaact gaaccatggt tcctggttca aatttctaga     83640
     tgaagaacca attttcccag gaaatctcta actatattca ggtcagatat cgtgaggtcc     83700
     agcgacggat tgaaatcagt cactacatat aggtgaggaa actctatgtc ttaaaaaaga     83760
     cctgactggg atcttgctga ggggttctca tcagcaagtt ttaacttttg cctcatccaa     83820
     gtgaatagca caaggaccca ttttggagtc attttttgaa cataaaggtc cacttcagta     83880
     gactcaatga ggacaatgtc aaagtaactg acattctcag aactgactag tgctaaggat     83940
     tgatattaat tttctaaggt tcaggcctcg ttagacacat ataaatagcc aacagtaaaa     84000
     aaaaatatat gtgcccatgc tgccccttgg gtggagaggt gaagagtgag gaaggcctag     84060
     catagagtat gttataggaa atagttatat aaaatcacat atggttgacc aagaaagacg     84120
     tcctctgagc tctttttgtt ttctcattac ctgtttgcta tttccctgcc cattctctct     84180
     acactcaatg ctgctgttgc tagtgctgct agtacttacg ctaaggttca ggctctgttt     84240
     agaatatttt acatatatca actcatttaa tcttaacgac agccctatga ggttggtatt     84300
     gtccttgttt tgctgatgga gaagctcata cgtaagttaa ataacttgtc caaagtttga     84360
     actaatggaa ccatcaactt tattaatgac tgatcagtat tacctttcat atatactgaa     84420
     gttataaaaa ctaaagaaaa ccataaaaag aaaacattct gacctataat ctgtaaacat     84480
     ccatcgggat ggaattctcc aatatcacca gtgcaaaacc acctttgtcc attttcatcc     84540
     acagaataat cttctgctgt tttctcttca tttttaaaat atcccatgga gatgttctgt     84600
     ccaccaatta cgatttcacc tctggggttt ggcttgtcat taattgtata accgcctgga     84660
     aatcataaaa gtaaattagt tattgttcta caacaaattt cattaattct taaagcttat     84720
     acgtatgtta gtatttttct gctgatcaaa ttttatatca ctttatgaga gaacattagt     84780
     ttatatttac taaaatttac atgaggatac tgggtgactg tgattttaag aacaccaaga     84840
     aaggctcaat gataatcacc accaacaatc acccatctca aaccttccca taccataaca     84900
     tttcacactt agaacaccat tagagcttag cgttcacaga gttctgttaa gataaaatca     84960
     cccccaggaa gagtaacact tgaagctgtt ataagtaaat tactgacata ctgacatcaa     85020
     tgcatttcaa attttttcta aggaggtttt aaccaaaaag aacgtgcagt aagtacccaa     85080
     aaatggtagc accataaagt gagagggaaa ggggggacta taggaaacag gaagaaaatt     85140
     gtattaattt tgcctgtggc cagtcatgac tttagaagtt caaacactaa actaattgat     85200
     aataactact aatatatttc atcactactc attacctctg tactactgaa ggaagcttac     85260
     tttaaggaaa atatacaaaa atctaaattt gcaaaataag atatagacta gattttgtgt     85320
     cataaaagga ttaaaatcag ggttcctttc agctgttagc tgctctgata aacttaaaac     85380
     tattcaatat ttcaacatga taaaacccat tgtatgttaa aaaaaaaaaa ctgagatcat     85440
     tcatacagta taaagccaaa gagtcttcac agcaaggaaa actccaaata catgttcaac     85500
     aagggaccta ctccccaaaa ctgacattaa ggcccagtac caggaaatca gaaaataaaa     85560
     attatagtaa aacttggtaa ggagattttt gcctttaaac atttctctga ttccactgcc     85620
     taacgattaa aaacttacct aataaaataa ttctgatgtt gacgtccaaa acacatacac     85680
     acaaactatt ttcttcagat tttcatggta aaattggaat gccattacca tggaaaaagg     85740
     gaagactaag tcccaacgtg taaaactctt gggaatgcaa ctggcttttt aaaatgtgtt     85800
     tttaaaaaag aaatagtcat ttgctcatag agcactgaca ataacacaca taataaaaaa     85860
     tgctttagaa acttaaagtt tatgttagat aaaaatgtat tcattttctc agggtttgga     85920
     caacctaagg gttgcatcct acacggtaac ttgtacttta aatttttagt ccgtgttcca     85980
     tcctaaggta aatattctct tttaaaatct taagcatttt aattattctt cctttatctg     86040
     acatggctag gctgttaatt atttgtttta tttaacaatc tactttattg tagttactgt     86100
     gtatatttag tatctttcat taagaagact ggttgatatt tgccttcagc taatttatag     86160
     aaaggatgat catcaatgtc tctagttttc ttctaagtgg cttatctctg caggtacata     86220
     taaaaattca actatacaaa tagctggaca gttgagtctc aactaagaaa atcttttggc     86280
     cgggcgcggt ggctcacgcc tgtaatccca gcactttggg aggccgaggc gggcggatca     86340
     cgaggtcagg agatcgagac catcctggct aacacggtga aaccccgtct ctactaaaaa     86400
     tacaaaaaat tagctgggcg tggtagcggg cgcctgtagt cccagctact cgggaggctg     86460
     aggcaggaga atggcgtgaa cccgggaggc ggagcttgca gtgagctcag atcgcgccac     86520
     tgcactccag cctgggcgac agagcgagac tccgtctcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga     86580
     aaatcttttc tgggatcaag atctaagaag ttggtgtgtg tatgagtgca acccatcatt     86640
     ctatccccta aaaatctggg gtttctcagc ccaaacattc tcactagtaa agtcaagttt     86700
     caaggatcct caccttctcc aaacccagaa agctccagta agaatttttt ttctctttac     86760
     cttcaagtat tatgaagttc agaatcatta atcctagatt ctagagattt tattttcctc     86820
     ttgggaacct aaagatacca ctgaggaaaa agaatgcatg gggacaggca acagcaaaac     86880
     agcagagaat tatttgcttc cccagacttt aaagaaatga aagtcataaa gctgacagta     86940
     gttttcagca tatcttgaat cactagagct tttcataaaa ttcttacctt cttgccagtc     87000
     ttttagctta atttcacagc aaataagagg tgctccaact ctgccagtag tatagtcagt     87060
     tactgtgagg gaaaaagtaa cagagatatt agcataccac attccagatt tgtaccaatg     87120
     cactgggaat attagagtta gagccagagt cagaaaaatg ataaaagaag gagtgcaaag     87180
     tgtgatcatt tttcagtatt tcaactccat ttcaatagtg caatggattc cattgttgtt     87240
     acatcatttt tgcttttcat ggttatattt tatgtaatta agtacaaaaa tatctgttaa     87300
     aggaggagag atggctccac cgttatctac ctaagcttgt cataagatag attttgattg     87360
     gaattcctgc tctaccactc actcactggc tgtgtaacat ggacaagtaa cttagcctct     87420
     ctaagcctcc atttcctcat ctatgaaatg gagatagtaa caaaagctac ttcatacagg     87480
     gatatgctgt gaggattaaa tgagatgata catggacaat gcttaacact tcttggcaca     87540
     agctaagcct tcaaaagatg ttagctgctg ttgtcaaaca tcatcatgat gatgatatcc     87600
     ctttgcaatt tgtgattatt gctagcaata aacaaatatt tatggacagc ccattatgta     87660
     aacagcatta tattaactat tatgaagaaa acacatgaga gataaggaga ccctgcactc     87720
     aatgacctta caaatgaact gggaagaaat gcatgtgaaa caattcagag aacatttaaa     87780
     tactaaactt catgggcact gaaggtaagc acaatagtag cttagagact taaacaatga     87840
     atgtaaaatg aagtagttag gaaagacatt attgaaaagt gggcattaaa agatggttgt     87900
     gatcaattag caaaaaggac attccaagag aagggaaaag aaaatacaga gaggtgagac     87960
     caagaatgcc ttcataagaa acagtaagaa gactggcagg tctggagaga agagccaggc     88020
     attgtgtata tgtggcgaat aatggaaaat gatgttggat aagtacacta gcatcagatt     88080
     aaagatgtca aagctaggta aagaggtgtt tagatttgat acatcaggta tcaagcagtg     88140
     ggtgaagtgg atgtatctaa tagaaggata caggataaat tagaagtgat gtaatgtagg     88200
     cagacacagc tgttacaagg ctgttaggtc aggccaggcg cagtggctca cgcctgtaat     88260
     cctaatactc tgggaaggtg aggtgggtgg atcacctgag gtcaggagtt cgagaccagc     88320
     ctggccaaca tggtaaaacc ccgcttctac taaaaataca aaaattagtc aggtgtggtg     88380
     gcgcatgcct gtagtcccag ctactcagga ggctaaggga agagaattgc ttgaacccgg     88440
     gaggcggagg ttgcagtgag ctgagattgt gccactgcac tccagcctgg gcaacagagc     88500
     aagactctgt ctcaaaaata aaaaggctat taggtcggag cagaatggag caataaaaag     88560
     ttggacgaca gaggtggtat ggagggaaag gagaaaccta atgaaggaat gatctgatga     88620
     catttaaaga tattttaaaa taaacagatg acttcaaagc tgatacctgg aatgacttta     88680
     aggatggtat taccattgac acaaacaaat aatttgtcaa tagagagaca gtttagaata     88740
     atggcattga ttttggacac aatgagttta aagcgaaaat aagattatcc aaaaaaacaa     88800
     ttcctatacc ccagtgtttc tcaacctaaa gtgattttgc cccccagggg atatctggca     88860
     atgtttgggg atatgtttca ttgtcacagc tggggtgagc ccataaacat ctgctgtggc     88920
     aactaaatat cctgcaatgc atacaacagc cctcaacaac aaagaattat cagattcaaa     88980
     atttgaacag tgtcagggtt gggaaacctc gcttcaggct gttgaaaata acaaaaagga     89040
     aagcaaagaa gaagttagga caggaacaca gatttaagag ggagcataaa agtgatactt     89100
     catttttaat agtacagttc tccaaagaag tgatcattta gagaaagaag actaaaggac     89160
     cagaccagag tgacaggatt ttgaggactg actgtgtggc ataaatattt ataaggcgac     89220
     cgggcgtggt ggctcactgc ctgtaatccc ggcactttgg gaggccgagg cgggcagatc     89280
     acctgaggtc aggagttcga gaccagcctg gtcaacatgg tgaaaccccg tctaaaaata     89340
     caaaaattag ccgggcgtgg tggcacacgc ctataatccc agctacttgg gaggctgagg     89400
     caggagaatt gtttgaaccc aggaggtgga ggttgcagtg agctgagatt atgctattgc     89460
     actccagcct gggcaacaag agtgaaactc catctcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaattata     89520
     aggcttaaaa ttaaagggtc cacatgatac ttataattaa gaattcataa accaaaacta     89580
     cactgatttg caatgaatct gatattagtt aagaggtatt ttaaagttac catggtttcc     89640
     aaaggtaatg caaatatatt ttattagtag cagctgatac agaatattta ccacattaat     89700
     aatgcttacc ttcagtaact gtcccagcac cacatgattc tgtcagtcca taaccctggc     89760
     caattgggca gcagaagcag acattcatga atcggtgtgt ctgaggagat agcggggccc     89820
     ctccagacag catcatgcgg acattccctc ccagcagggc cttgaccttt ttaaacagta     89880
     accttaataa agggaggata aatgatttta atgtacgcat acattattct tggcaacaca     89940
     ctaatttata agctctggga aagattcctc aactggttga acatctcaat gtcagaatca     90000
     cggtgagaat gagaggttaa caaggcaaca actagtaacg ccttgtaaaa atgccagaaa     90060
     aaactcttta aaaatgaaga aagataatgt gtagcatcgg gaaactatgc tgacacaagt     90120
     aaatgaaaga aaacagatgt cagaggaaaa aaatttttaa ttatctttgg aacatttaat     90180
     cacctatctt atctcacttc caataaaaaa tgcttcccca tccccactcc tcagcatcac     90240
     atttaaagta acacttatat tcaaatactc actacactat tttatgaata caataaatca     90300
     gaaaccttca tgcaatgaag atcacttttt ttagttagaa atgacatttt ttaagctcaa     90360
     gtgtcttgat tcaaaagtct attttagttt ttcttcatga gactaaattt tataaataaa     90420
     tcttaaatat acactcaatt attaaaattt gttaaattgc caagatcaga gtcctctgct     90480
     tgctgtataa acaataagac ttagcagaaa agagaatttc aaccttatga tcatggtggt     90540
     gatattcaaa tgaattaact tgccatttat ttattcatct tctggattta aaaccataaa     90600
     aaaatttaaa ggctcaaacc acagagccta tgaaatgtac ttacagattg caaagaggtg     90660
     catcatatcc ctttttgatc tgttccaatt tgtaatcata ccctatcttg aacagagttt     90720
     tctgaatata attcatctct tggactttgc tcataacatt cttataaatt ctatccatga     90780
     tttcctgaaa gttaaacaaa atattcaata atctgaaaag aatggagaca gtctttagtt     90840
     gaagatacct tacttgcaat atcttgggta aaagtcttta gcataatgga catatttgtt     90900
     tctttaatta tgtaattaat ttcactgact acttgttcac tacttcaaaa agactaagga     90960
     cagatatagg ggtttcttca gttctataca ttaagttaat ctaaattttt tttttttttt     91020
     gagacggagt ctcactctgt tgcccaggct ggagtgcagt ggcgggatct cggctcactg     91080
     caagctccac ctcctgggtt catcccattc tcctgcctca gcctccccag tagctgggac     91140
     tacaggcgcc tgccaccaca cccggctaat tttttgtatt tttagtagag acaaggtttc     91200
     catgtgttag ccaggctggt ctcgatctcc tgacttcgtg atccgccacc tcggcctccc     91260
     aaagtgctgg gattacaggc gtgagccacc gtgcccagcc aagttaatct aaatttttaa     91320
     gaaatgttag ctcgagttta gagaattcac tcagctgtca cagaaaaaaa aaaaattaat     91380
     ctctgttaca atatattcac ttattctcaa acagtaccaa aatacctgac tatgttgaat     91440
     ctattcatga tgcttttctc tttttttact acaactttgt gaccttctta cagcatggca     91500
     gaaagcatta gtttcttaaa atcctaagta tctatagttt aagcatttct attacatttt     91560
     aacagaagca aagaacacaa ttcttgctca cacaaacttg gaaaactgga ggtaggacca     91620
     ggtttaagat ataccaactc gaaggttaat acaaaacaaa caaacaaaaa ataaacagca     91680
     aacagcccag actaccacta aatgatgttt tcttgaaatt atttaacaca aattaagaat     91740
     tattacataa agcacatctg tttataaata cgtgtttcca aatacttaaa atatcaatta     91800
     tcagtacaaa ttaaggtatg ctataatgaa taacttaatg ggcagttctt tcaatattag     91860
     aatagagcca ctcacaaatg aagacagcag aaccacccct taaaaaggtt accacaggct     91920
     gggcatggtg gctcacgcct gtaattccag cactttggga ggctgaggcg ggtggattgc     91980
     aaggtcagga gttcgagatc agcctggcca agatggtgaa accccgtctc tactaaaaat     92040
     acaaaaatta gccgggcgtg gtggcaggcg cctataatcc cagctactag ggaggctgag     92100
     gcaggagaat cgcttgaacc cgggagatgg aggttgcagt gagccgacat cacaccactg     92160
     cactctagcc tgggtgacag agcaagactc cgtctcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gctctccctc     92220
     tccctctccc tcctctccct cctctccctc tccctctccc ttcccctttg cacggtctcc     92280
     ctctgatgcc gagccgaggc tggactgtac tgccgccatc tcaactcact gcaacctccc     92340
     tgcctgattc tcctgcctca gcctgccgag tgcctgggat tgcaggtgcg caccaccacg     92400
     cctgactggt tttcgtattt tttggtggag acggggtttc gccatgctgg ccaggctggt     92460
     ctccagctcc tgaccgcgag tgatctgcca gcctcggcct cccgaggtgc caggattgca     92520
     gatggagtct cgctcactca gtgctcagtg ttgcccaggc tggagtgcag tggcgcgatc     92580
     tcggctcgct acaacctcca cctcccagcc gcctgccttg gccccccaaa gtgccgagat     92640
     tgcagcctct gctcggccgc caccccgtct aggaagtgag gagtgtctct gcctggctgc     92700
     ccatcatctg ggatgtgagg agcccctctg cctggccgcc cagtctggga agtgaggagc     92760
     gcctcttccc ggccgtcatc ccgtctagga agtgaggagc atctctgccc agccgcccat     92820
     cctctgggat gtggggagcg cctctgcccc gccgccccgt ctgagatgtg aagagcgcct     92880
     ctgcccggcc gtgaccccgt ctgggaactg aggagtgtct ctgccctgcc gctgccctgt     92940
     ctcggagatg aggagcgtct ctgaccggcc tccccgtctg agaagtgagg agcccctccg     93000
     cctggccagc cgccccaccc gggaggtggg gggcagcccc cacccagcca gccgccccgc     93060
     ccgggaggtg gggggcagcc cccgcctggc cagccgcccc atccgggagg tggggggcag     93120
     cccccgcccg gccagctgcc ccgtctggga ggtggggggc agcccccgtc cggccaccgc     93180
     cccatccagg aggtgggagg gggggcacct ctgcccggcc gccccgtctg ggaggtgagg     93240
     agcccctctg cccggccgcc accccatctg ggaggtgtac ccaatagctc attgagaaca     93300
     ggccatgatg acgatggcgg ttttgtcaaa tagaaaaggg ggaaatgtgg ggaaaagaaa     93360
     gagagatcag attgtttctg tgtctttgta gagagaagta gacataggag actccatttt     93420
     gttctgtact aagaaaaatt ctgccttggg atgctgttaa tctataacct tacccccaac     93480
     cccgtgctct ctgaaacatg tgctgtgtcc actaagggtt aaatggatta agggtggtgc     93540
     aagatgtgct ttgttaaaca gatgcttgaa ggcagcatgc tccttaagag tcatcaccac     93600
     tccctaatct caagtaccca gggacacaaa cactgcggaa ggcggcaggg ccctctgcct     93660
     aggaaaacca cagacctttg ttcacatgtt tatctgctga ccttccctcc actattgtcc     93720
     tatgaccctg ccaaatcccc ctctccgaga aacacccaag aatgatcaat aaatactaaa     93780
     aaaaaaaaaa aaggttacca tagcactcaa acatggtaca atattgtttt ctccatttcc     93840
     acaaaaggaa tcactattat ataactgaaa tatttctcta catctgtgac agaatcccca     93900
     atcattccct agcaggactt gaacatccta tatccatctt tcttaaaaag catatgagat     93960
     cttaaaaaaa aaacgggggt ggggagggga gagggggcag gggcttggga atgagacaga     94020
     tgtgtgagaa ccatgtctac tgctccttcc agcactggat actaatcata gacatcagca     94080
     aggccttgat gagtaaggaa cataatacag ttgtaacacg ttggcagagt ttattgttag     94140
     cacattaagt caccctttat ctcaacctaa cattacatga tgttcaatgg agccacagct     94200
     gataagtagt gacttattct gaattttcat tgtgaatgtt atagtattca atcaatcttt     94260
     cattctgacc caggaaagaa acaaactcaa aaaacagact ccaccaaaaa taattctcaa     94320
     taaaaagagt tttttttttt taaatggcct atttctggag aaacaggagg ggctaaaaag     94380
     gaaacccaat aatatttgat gaggtgccaa tggactagca acataggaga acattactat     94440
     ctcaaggccg caagacataa gacaagtgtc gttggaacct ggatgaggac tctagccatg     94500
     ggaaagacct ggttacaacc aacgggaagg agactatcca acagggtctc ctgacaactg     94560
     ctaaaatttg cagcccagca ggaaaggagc aaaggtaata agtgtgcaga ctctctctct     94620
     ttctgccctc tgatctctca tgaggccctc caattggccg atcccaacca gaagtcataa     94680
     ggcaaggacg cactggtaat tcgtgcacag aacatagccc ctcaagacac aaagtaaagc     94740
     agggaagaat ggacaatggg caattagagg ataagcagcc tatgtgctaa ctgtgcttat     94800
     ccttcaggcc taaaatcgga gattacttct ttaacacctc agcccttacc tcttcctatg     94860
     ttatctgata aggtttgcta gggaattctg aatgtgaaac agtcctaaat agacagccat     94920
     agtggttaag aagactgata gactgatact ccaccagtat cagattggta gagttcaaac     94980
     tttgattcca tcacctatga gctgtgtggc tttggggcaa ctttccttct ttataagata     95040
     gagtaacagg gcccaccttg cagtcttaga attaagtgag ataatttatc taaggcattt     95100
     tgcacagtgc ctacctagca cataggaagc actgcattag ctattattag caactttttt     95160
     atggttttag tcagatgcct cttctttctg tttgaaaact ttatgaatta cacagaacct     95220
     ctaaataaaa aggcaaagtc ttctctgacc tattctactt ctttgttatt tggtaatttt     95280
     gcaattagaa gctaaaagga ccataaagta tcttccatct gtaattctca gaacaacttg     95340
     gactgaacac tttcttatct aatctcagag tttccataca caaaagtaat tctgtgaaag     95400
     atattggggt aagatttcaa gtctgatcat aatataagca gtagtgatac atagtctttc     95460
     tgaggtttct gaagcataaa aaaagctaga acatatttga ttacacaaat ctgaaacatg     95520
     gtgttaaatg tttcaaaatt catcattaca aggctataaa atgtaacatt ttttttttaa     95580
     ggcagtattt cacatgaaga ttccgaatat atagaattaa acttttttcc tttgggagct     95640
     ctctccaatt ttcagtttac ttaatcacca caagagagtt gggagggctt agatccttga     95700
     ccttgtatac gattcttcag ctccctagga tggcctaaag tttcctcact tttttaatta     95760
     agagattaaa caagatgatc tttagaatat attctacctt aaaatggtct gaccaattct     95820
     cacagtaggt aacctgaact aggtcatttt catcacctaa ttttcatgta tcagcaaact     95880
     caaacaggcg tgcatttcaa aatcttgcca ttttgtcttc cctagtatgg tacctaagat     95940
     tttaatgaac acatttgctg tgatttcaac aaggtaaaat tattttaaaa tgtagacata     96000
     tctaagagta ttacttttta aaaggtccaa gtacgatcaa taaattatat aaacgatcct     96060
     cttatgttca tattcatatt ctgtactcac cggaacagca gccataagtg tgggcttcag     96120
     tacagtacag tctcctttgc ttcctttttt aattttgctg gactatatta aagaaaaaat     96180
     aaatatgatc aggaaaacca accttaaaac atgttgtaat tcaagtatta ataacaaata     96240
     cagaagttac acttggaatt tgagctttta ttgctctgtg attatctgtt aacaactatc     96300
     ataacctaca agtctcaaat gtaagtattt tagtgctaca gataactgct tctagcatat     96360
     ttcaccttcc ttaaaggaga aaccttgatc caggataaca agagaatgat attgtgatga     96420
     atcaaacatt cttattaata acatactatc aaatatagca cagactatta ctacattttc     96480
     aaaaaaactt gattaagaca gatataacac taaaacaaaa ttgaagttga ttttaacttt     96540
     ctttgattaa caataggcaa agccacatct tgaagacacc actatgaaca tcaattaaca     96600
     tcatactgaa actctaattt ggtaatattc tagttggtaa gatacagaga acactgccag     96660
     ggacaaagta gagatacaca taaatgtgca taaatggcca tatagaggat ggttctcccg     96720
     atagaactaa gttgcctttc tcctactttt ctttaatatg gataaaggag ataaaataac     96780
     tcattttacg tatgtgcaag gatgtgcaca tttgcaagtg gaaacctaca cagaaaccat     96840
     gtacaccaca cacaggaggg ctgctctgca gagacaaaat gggctctcat gtccttcagg     96900
     tcggagttgc cctctgcatg ctattgacca gttcttgcta cagagagcag ttccaggata     96960
     gcagaagcca caagaagccc ttctttggtt tttttactct tagtaatttt atcacttatt     97020
     ttgtcttctt gtgatcatag taatcctggt tatgacaata ttgctatcat cagttggctc     97080
     caaatgtggt gcttctagtc tcctgcatcc ttctgatttc ctatgtgaag caagttcctg     97140
     tgttttagat tcctagtaag attgagagtc tttacagtaa agttcattta aaaagtaggt     97200
     gtgaatttta ctgaacaggc ttctaatgta ctagcttagc ctaagagaca gcaagaatta     97260
     agtcagacca gcaacagact ccaactgtcc ctcctttccc acactgaggc tatttttctc     97320
     agaaaggcag tgaaaaatca aagagcggct agtcctggct tccaaattca caaagggaaa     97380
     aaaaaattat actcaaagtt tactgaaatg ttttctacat tttgataatg tctctgagca     97440
     taagaaaaac ccatgacaac aaaacataat gatcagagat tttactaaat ttgttttaga     97500
     gtttaagcct tagtcttatt gataggtcta ctttgatttc accaggtcaa gttctgctat     97560
     caatcggata gtgtatttat tcataccatt actattctag cagattttaa gtgtgaattt     97620
     atagctgagt ggtatagtca aacacagcag caccttgtca tacaaagatt gtgtttctta     97680
     aagtacaaag ctaggagttg tttggaacag aatgctttct tacagaaaaa gccactttaa     97740
     aagaaggctg gattcttcct tcaaagagaa tccaatgtgg taatgaccag gaggggacac     97800
     aagggacatt gacgggtgct gaaaatgttc tttgttttcc taatctagac ggtgatgatc     97860
     acagaggtct atatgtgtat atgcttatta aatctcatca agcagtacac ttaatatttg     97920
     tgcactttaa gtcatatatc aaaaaaaaaa aacacaaagg tgattggaat ctcaagtcca     97980
     aaaaaaacta tttaactttt ttttgtttta atagtataca acctatctag cctctcccta     98040
     aaatggtatt tctacaaata aagtattaca atttctaact gtgaacactg aggacgtatc     98100
     ttaccaacta cacactccat ggagactctc aaacaaaagg cagcattgcc tggtgggggg     98160
     cgatctgaaa aacaacagct gggcccccag tgttggagga gcagagccac gtatagacaa     98220
     gtcattccta cctatacttg ctttatcttt cagcatccag aaccccacag cttctttagt     98280
     ggctcttttt tttttttttt ccctaagcct ggttgaagct tttctacagc aactattcca     98340
     aagaagacat aaaacagaac tgtggacaat agtattaggt gtgtaatttc aaatgggtat     98400
     aacatatatg agttagcccc acccattgtt gggatttctg ctatgaacta cagagagaag     98460
     gaagaatcct aacttagtat ggtgagctga gactaccttt ggagatgcct cagcccctac     98520
     caatagaact ttctgtgatg ataaaaatat tctttatctt tgctgcctaa tatggtagcc     98580
     attggtcaca cgtagctatt gagagcttga aatgtggcta aagcaaataa aaaaaatttt     98640
     ttcaatttta cttaattttt tttttttttt tttgagacag agtctcgctc tgtcgcccag     98700
     gctggagtgc agtggcgtga tcttggctca ctgcaagctc cacctcccag gttcacgcca     98760
     ttctcctgcc tcagcctccc gagtagctgg gactacaggc gcccgccacc tcacccagct     98820
     aattcttttg tattttttta gtagagacag ggtttcacca tgttagccag gatggcctca     98880
     atctcctgac cttgtgatcc acctgcctcg gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat tataggcatg     98940
     agccaccgcg cccggccctt aatttttatt taaatatttg cctagtggct actgtatcag     99000
     acggtactgc tctagaaaaa tctcgggaaa actgggccaa gaccctaaca tatctcctcc     99060
     cagaaaccca ccaatgctca tgggtagtgt gtcaaaaagg ctcattgtat ttatattctc     99120
     tatcgtagtt ctcaagagta aaaatctagt agaaaaagat aaaagtaatt attcattttt     99180
     aaataatttt aaggttgggc acagtggctc acacctgtaa tcccagcact ttgggaggct     99240
     gaggcggaca gatcactgga ggtcaggagt tcgagactag cctggccaac atggcgaaac     99300
     cccatctcta ctaaaaatac aaaaaaaata gcagggcatg gtggcgggca cctgcaatcc     99360
     cagctactcc agaggctgag gcaggagaat cgcttgaacc cgagaggcaa aggttacagt     99420
     gagccaagat catatcattg cactccagtc tgggtgacag agcaaaagaa aagaaaaaag     99480
     aaataatttt aaaatatata gctaaagcaa tgctaacaaa tctacagggt aatctcctat     99540
     agctacatat tgttcatgga agctattttg aggtcaagga gaaagcttta gctgaattaa     99600
     aatatctcga gtcctagtaa tatgttctca gccaaactat gcaggatcat atgatcatgc     99660
     caatatactg aaaagtttgt cacctggtca gagagtgtaa gcggagaaga atatccaatc     99720
     ctgcagccat aggtaaagca agatatctct gctgtcagtt ctagcacatg agccaaaggc     99780
     aagtagccaa tatatgtgtc ctttggtcta aaacaaaata agagaaatat tttaaccatt     99840
     cttgaaaagg catttgaagt tagaaatacc aagaacttta tcattttaat atagattgag     99900
     tttagagaat gctgaacatg aactctgatt tctaagaaga aagttaaaga attatcttac     99960
     cccagtccag gtattctttc acactggcct gtcattccag ctatcaaatt gctatgatgc    100020
     atcatcactc ccttaggtcg gccagtagaa ccactagtat acataacaat ggccatgtct    100080
     gaaggcgttg gtctacttgg aggaatgccc actaaatgaa tgaatgaaaa acatcacatt    100140
     tacttcagtt caaaagttaa attactaaag aataatagga tatttagatt ttgcataacg    100200
     ataaactatc aatagacagt atttgcttta aatcatcaaa acgagctggg tgaggtggct    100260
     catgcctgta atcctagtac tttgagaggc caaggttggg aggatcactt gagccctgga    100320
     tttcgagacc agcctggcca acatggcaag actctgtctc tacaaaaact aaaaaagtta    100380
     gccggatgca gtggcatgca cctgcagtcc ttgctactca agaagataag gcaggaggac    100440
     tgggtgagcc tagcaggttg aggctatggt gagctatggt cataccattg tgctccagcc    100500
     tgggctagaa aacaaaaatg tttatcaaat tctggttaca gtgagcattt tggactcaat    100560
     ttggcccatt ttctggatgt ttaacctaat ctctgtctgt gcattgcctc tccacagtgt    100620
     tgtatacaga gcaatgttgt ggaaagattt ctgggacttt ggagtatcag gaggacagag    100680
     tattgcgtat aaacttctta ggcctcagtt tctcatctct aaaataagac agctggacag    100740
     attgtggtta ctaaccacta gtgggtatca gaatcacgtg cagaacttaa gtaaaatact    100800
     atttctgaac cccccttctg aaaattcaga ttcagtatgt ctgggataga acaaagctcc    100860
     acaagtgatt ctcatatatg cccctgattg aaaaccactg gatctgatct ttaaggtgac    100920
     ttcaatgcta aaattcgaag gtgataagtt ttaaacagca ccctggagct tccactttca    100980
     agacagtgta tagtgctagc ctagtaacca cttttccttc caagaatata ccaaaatggc    101040
     taagaagcca cagatatatc atcagaatga aatacaagtt taacaggatt atcacattta    101100
     aaaatcttta cacaaattat ttacattttt atacaccagt taaaataaca tttttttaaa    101160
     acagtgagct ataccactga aacaaagaca gttacactta aactggctaa ttttaatgct    101220
     ttttaaagat atagtcatag tttataaacc aagcaaataa ggactgcata tttcctctga    101280
     tgattaacca aagcaacagc agtagctaaa ttcttcttaa tctaagcaca tgtgatactt    101340
     tgcttctgcc cacttttaag taaatatgca aaaaagtggc atcataataa ctgtctgtac    101400
     cacaaaaaca tatctatcct atctattgca gacatgagta gaactaagca ggatatgtgg    101460
     cctattacat tattgctcac acaaaattat gaagactgct gaccccttag cttgctgcca    101520
     acaccctttg tggtcaatca gcagaactgt aactgatccc taccaatcag gacttctcag    101580
     tcaagtttat cccaatctta cagggtcaac ctagtgtaga aaaacaattc tctatgggtc    101640
     tcatgttctg cacatcctgc aagcagagac attgactttg ttccagacta tctttacaag    101700
     gatatttcca cagagatagt gtctctcccc agagcaaaca gcaggcatgc ttactgtcca    101760
     gtacaataag ataataagat attcaggctc tttaagctca gagttcctct cttatgacac    101820
     aaatgctgat acgatactct ggctactgct attgttgtga gtaaaaaact gtccctcatc    101880
     tcagacccaa aagtctatgg caccaggaag ttttgcaggc tcatttgttt gccggcaagc    101940
     aaggtaaaat ctgactctct gccattctgg acacatggca gatgtgtata ataacacctg    102000
     ttattataaa cgcatgctca ttctctaatg gtaaaatgtt cagaagctga gtagaggttc    102060
     gaccaacatt ttctcctgca aaaatgaatc cttttctcat tatagtatgg tattttgacc    102120
     atcgcattaa acatgataag aaaactcttc aaatggagta ttaatttcct caactctctg    102180
     ccctgatggc caactgacat tttgctacaa ggtacactta cttgtttcaa atgaaatacc    102240
     aactaccacc tcagtggtaa aataaatcca agcattaatc ttggtaaaca gctttgcatc    102300
     ctctgaaaca tccttaagat aactagcatt aagcatttat ttcagaaagt ttactgaatg    102360
     gaaggcctga aatatttttc ttttatgagg cccaaattgg aaggttatag tgggttattt    102420
     aaaaaatgaa gaaacatttg gcagcaactg ccataaagtc tgaaccacag attacatctc    102480
     aaccatttag tgaaatttac taacttattt tttttgagga gaaatggagg gaaaatctta    102540
     atcatatatg gtcttgatgg tttttaaaga tttttgaact tttttttttc agtcaaagaa    102600
     cttttgtgga tttactcatg tcatttgttt ccctaaccta caaaaataac aaacttggaa    102660
     taggtaaata aaattgtttt tactgcttta cttacagttt tctgggttag atcccaactc    102720
     ttctactgat tgcatgctgt gaatctcaaa tccttcaggg tactctgctt tattgatagc    102780
     cttattgtcc acataaatga tatgtttaac acaattgata tctaacaatg cagtctgttg    102840
     agcagaaaga aaaaaaacag ctattaaact tgagcctgca acaaaaattc acttactgaa    102900
     tgaatatttt tctgtcctgc cagacaacgc aaccatgaat taaaaggaaa tttcatattt    102960
     accttaagtt tactttccag aagttcaaca ctggtaatca gataggaagc ctcagattca    103020
     tttagtccat gaactactgc ttctttgcca agtgtggcat ataaagtcac aactacataa    103080
     taaaaataaa cacaaatatt aagtaataaa catctattag aaatggatat tattgaagtc    103140
     agtctttaat aatagttaca cttagagaca caaagacatt gtatatttta atttgatttc    103200
     atagtctctg ttaccatcct tcaaccttgc ttcaaactcc ctgggagccc aaagttttcc    103260
     ttacaaattc ccagaactct cacttcctaa acctgaagaa acccagaaac actcgcactg    103320
     ccacagctga tcaaaaatct gtcaatttag atgctcaagg ccaataggta ctggctgaac    103380
     tcttaattca ggtcagactg gcccagctag ggcttctgct tgatacacac tttcattggc    103440
     catagcctcc aaagaatgga taagtccttg aaaatcttga ggatcttaag tcataagatc    103500
     agccacagat aatgttctta ctccttctaa gaagctgttt tagtgagtcc aatgtccaat    103560
     gtgattggtg acctccacac cttaattaga gagatcaagg agatctactc cttaggagcc    103620
     accagagata acataaacca agatcagtta gaatcaaagg acatctgcta aacttagaaa    103680
     gaactgaaaa ttcagctcta gattggtaac cagaaacaac gtggttaaaa atagccactt    103740
     tcacaagctg ttcatcattg aaagtgggta atgggtacat aggggatcat tttcatatta    103800
     tctatttttt gtttgaaatt taagctctat aatcctatct tacagtgtta tatttcattc    103860
     aacaaacaac aaagtactta gtatgtgaca atacattgtt tatttcttaa gcaatggcaa    103920
     caacaaatgc ttgagtatta gaaatatact caattttact ttctaacata tctaatgcca    103980
     attccagctg tcacatgcat atttcacacg taaaatagaa taagtcaaat aagaggtctc    104040
     aaagtgaagc aatgaatttg aattatcctg agaaatggtt ttttgttctt ttaatcatta    104100
     ctctttgtat atcacccccc caaaataccc ccaaactcca actcgttcag ttacaattca    104160
     tttccaattg gaaaataaaa gtgtaaatca catcccttaa agctgccaat tcccatatta    104220
     gttcttacaa gttaccatat ttaacaggag tcatcggata tcttttagcc acaatattac    104280
     atgccgtatt atggacataa tttatgtgta aaatggctaa acaacaccta ctttgaaaac    104340
     aagagcatct caaaacaatt ttcacatgca agcaaagacc cttctctccc ccctccaaaa    104400
     acacaaggca cttacgagga aagttgtact taaagcaggt ctgtgctgca atcatccatt    104460
     cggccctggt ctcacagaag atggcaatgg tgttctttgg ttttagtccc agtgcagtga    104520
     gtccactacc aaagttattc actctgcgat tcacttcaag atagttcatc catttataat    104580
     tcccaagaat taactgttaa agtgatacat tctctaatat tagtatattc aaacaagcaa    104640
     ttaaaatact atccaaagca taaaactcta aaaatgctct taaatgaaca tacagaagct    104700
     atgagcggct tctgggtagt tttacacagc actataatag aatgccagca tacttaaaac    104760
     gcactcgatt tatgataaaa caaatgtgtc ttcctcttta aaacataaat gaaaagcacc    104820
     aaaatacttt accttcttaa aaacttttcc atttggctgc atttcatttt cttcacttag    104880
     gatttccctg gtcccaaggc tgtccttctt cccaaacttg gatacagcat ggtcaaataa    104940
     tttgtccaga gtatctgctc cggggatgtc tattacagct agtgagtcga agtgtgtgac    105000
     agagcgatat ggacttccag gtttgtctga agtgggctta gcttttattc tctttgccat    105060
     agcgtttttc ttcttggcat tggtaagaaa ataccatgga ataaatataa gggcactgta    105120
     tattgttatt aacaagtgga caggcagcaa aataatggtg agcacattta gcttaagttt    105180
     catagtggaa aggcttctaa aatggtgctt atttcttgtt attctttggc ttttgaaagc    105240
     cttattgtgc tgaagaaggc aataatagaa gcagcagtaa gaatagcagt acagccaagg    105300
     cagttcaatc ttagtgatac agataaaagt tagtaatctt tggaagccga caataaagta    105360
     cgcctgtagg tgatgacaat gaaccaagca gagagcagga aaaataaaaa caaaaaacaa    105420
     aaaacaaaaa caagagtatt aacaagttga tagcacaatt gatttaaata ctcaggtctt    105480
     tattagttta cacaattaat tacagaaagc tgaaataact ggtctgaaag gctggcattt    105540
     tccatttgta atcattattg acgtaaatgt ctttgagcac atcaacttct gaatttattt    105600
     ttttctaggt ttctaggtgt actggtactc tgcatatcat tctgtgagtt gaataacaac    105660
     cttaatgctt acacaaatgc atgaatatga tatttaagtt tgtcaaaact ttggtagaat    105720
     agggtatgcc aataataaga tttctcttaa acacgtgcat gtaaactaga catctttaaa    105780
     tagtgttagg tttatatcca aagggggggg ggggtggggc agaaactatc aacttagatt    105840
     tatttctcaa aggtcaaccc agaaacatta ttctgagttc ttcattaagg taaatttctc    105900
     aggtaatgct atttactatc tactatttcc cacatgggag caatacaatt gtaaaatcat    105960
     ttcctacatg tccactttgt gctcaaaact gcaccagttg cctaggagtg gtaatacaag    106020
     tctgaagtag tattaattcc tggcccttgg ccattataag ttaacactta tgagtcaact    106080
     atcacacaag atagatccag tatttttgca actgtttggg ggaatgggga cagggggtgc    106140
     aattaaacca tctcttctaa taaacactac tgcaaactgc ccatatataa cactaaagtg    106200
     gagttgctct ggccaaaaca gggtttgggg atgtccagag tcctgcccca gaattcccgg    106260
     aatcccaact cccaaggtga ccactaaagc atttccactg aaaagccttg tggtaataca    106320
     taactaatac ataactacca tgtgcagtgt aggcagtagt ataagcaata aatgcaaaag    106380
     gagttcagag gaagtgcaaa atggccaaga gtaactagga gaggctttgt ggagattaga    106440
     tttaagctgg accttatgtt gggcatctag aaatgaaaga ggaatggaag gtattccagg    106500
     ctcagggacc atatgaaaaa agatacgaag gtgggaatga aaggactttg ggagaatagg    106560
     aagtaccaat agcaaggaca ctagtctgac tggggcacag catacactaa atacgctaaa    106620
     tacgcttgac taaatacgct acagtagtta caaaatctaa caaatcaggc aaagtaattt    106680
     tgattggatt atgcggaaag ctgggggctg ctgcaggtta gaaaaacagt gccattggaa    106740
     agaaaccgca gaaacaggct caagaatagt aatatttctt ttctttcttt tttttttttt    106800
     tttttgagac aaggtctcac tttgtcacac gggccagagt gcagtggcat gatctcagct    106860
     cactgcaacc tctgcctccc ggactcaaaa gatcctccca cctcagcctc ccaagaagct    106920
     gggaacacag atgtgcatca ccatgcctgg ctagtttttt tccatttttt gtagagatgg    106980
     ggttttgcca ttgttgctca ggctgttctc aaaatcctgg actcaagcta tctgccctca    107040
     atggcctccc aaagtgctgg gattacaggc gggggccacc acacccggcc caagaatagt    107100
     aacatttttc aaggagctta ccttcaactg agaaagctat ttcggtgagt tgtagcatat    107160
     ttcaacaaga aaaatcaaaa tattagttca ctttgaagag acaaactgaa gcccatcctt    107220
     ctgcaatttt tgtagaaaca gactgacaga cttaattcaa ttgaccccag gctagttgat    107280
     tgtttttata ccatctaata tgaaatggta gcttaatcct gcctgtgcct ttgttcatgt    107340
     aatttagttg agtacactga aatgagaaag aaactggaag tcactgggtg tcaatcctca    107400
     tctctgcccc taactggctg tgtaaccttg agcaaaccat ctgcctcagt ctgggaccac    107460
     actagatcag caggccttaa cctcttagag atgatgggcc tttttgagaa tgagaacgag    107520
     gaacccagtt cccctcagaa agacatgcta aatgatacac acaatgtcaa gtgattcaca    107580
     agttccttga aatccatcca tgaacttcaa agggcaacaa ccctgaacta aaaatgtctg    107640
     gcctaggtga ttcttagggc ctttccagct ttaaattcta tgatttaccc tacttggaaa    107700
     gtaccttctt agtctctcgg acaagtctgg tcatccattt cttcaagata aggtatgtca    107760
     tgtcaagggt ttatcataat gctgaatgta agatcccctc taacaatcct ctcctcccac    107820
     tgaagatttc atggctaccc aagtccagaa caatctttac tttttctaat ttcacacatc    107880
     attagcaata tctaccactc aatctgatac atgattatac taccatcact tctaaacttc    107940
     tgggcaccac agtatagaac acggaccagt agttctcaac catatcaaac ccagtacctc    108000
     tttcttatga caaatacttt gtgatacctc ttcatcaaca tcaaaggata gtcataatct    108060
     accaacacac cattttaaaa aatgatttct tactggtaat ataaaagagt accataaaga    108120
     aactaattta aaatttaaca aaatacttgt ttcaatacat acattctcag agacaatatt    108180
     agcagacata aaagcatgtc ttcagattta taaaatgccc ctaaggggtg agtaccacct    108240
     taccctcaat tgagaaatct tcagacttaa ggctgaaaat atataaagaa acagaaaata    108300
     gcttttgaag agcctgtact ttagttggat ttaaaatgca ttgtatgttt tttagttatt    108360
     gatgttacat aaatttaatc ttttatacat atttgcctta agtcttagag aaagagaaat    108420
     gctttctagg taatcctcat agtgcttagt acagacacac acacgcatgc acacacacac    108480
     acacacacac acacacacac acagtaggca aggctcaaag aacattcagg tgagaagaaa    108540
     ccggagagat catttagtct agaggttttc aaattctttc tgcaggtagt gagggggtca    108600
     tgggtcatcc atttgaataa aatcttatat agatataaaa acacaagcgt agatgaaagc    108660
     aaaaagcata gctgctctgg tagaggaggc tatgacagcc cctgaaggga ctccttggaa    108720
     cttccagttc agctgaatat ttgaaccact gatattgtct gagccctcat cttacagaga    108780
     agcaaatgaa tggcagagca caaatcgagc acccagtgct ctttcaagta cactagccag    108840
     cctctgccca gttttgccta tcatcttaaa ctataatact tccttgtcag gggttatact    108900
     cagtctattg ataaattcat ttcaaaaaag atttaaacat ttcatttcac ttcaaaaaaa    108960
     gaagagttgg tggtaagggt atgatgctga gcatcatacc catcattagg caaaatataa    109020
     tgtctcataa gagaaataac aaaaattttc taggctaaca gatctgggtt taaaatgtgg    109080
     ttctatgcag ccataaaaaa caacaagttc atgtcctttg catggagatg gatgaagctg    109140
     gaaaccatca ttctcagcaa actaacacag gaacagaaaa ccaaacactg catgttctta    109200
     ctcacaagtg gaagttgaac aatgagaaaa catggacaca gggagggtta catcacacac    109260
     aggggcctgt caggggatgg ggggctaggg gagggatagc attaggagaa atacctcatg    109320
     tagatgatgg gttgatgggt gcagcaaacc accatggcac gtgtatacct atgtaacaaa    109380
     cttgcacgtt ctgcacatgt atcccagaat ttaaagtata atttaaaaaa taaagctcta    109440
     cattagtggc ttcatctgta aaacaggaat actgcttata ttacctactt tatagtgctt    109500
     ttgtgagaaa cctttgtctt cttcctctta aattccatag gcaatcatac tcagtccctc    109560
     ttggttgtct cacttggttg tacttaatca tctcaaccac agcctggttc tatcctatcc    109620
     aattctccac ctaatctgta cctgtaccta tgcagctgaa ttcgctgtga gaaacacacg    109680
     actgtgttga atgtctcact ttaaacttgt gattgctacc tcaaatggac tctccctgat    109740
     gcagagagac cacaccgcac tagtccactc actggcccac tcctctggat ttcatacttt    109800
     acgctcttca gaccaccaac attcctcatc cagacttatt ctcagcagct gacctatttt    109860
     gcagacaaaa cagcaacaat ccaaagataa tttccacaga ctctcactgc tacatctacc    109920
     cacctaatca aatctgtggc cacatgctgt tttctctcct gtgactatgg atgaactgtt    109980
     gatgctccaa gctgaggcca accccttcac ttatgcatta caccctgtct ttataaggac    110040
     acggaagtgc tactctacca attcttccct ctcgtccttc ctcattaatt ttccctgctc    110100
     ttctgaacta ttcccttcag catcataacc agctgttatt tctttcatct taaaaaacat    110160
     tccctccttt gcatcttctt ttcagctata gcccatttat tttctatctc tttggcactc    110220
     cttgaaagag gtgtctatgg ctctctgtct cccagttctc tcctattttc tcttgaaccc    110280
     actacaatca ggcttatgtc tcctaccact ctataaactt gttctcctca tcagggtctc    110340
     caatgacttc catgctatta gatccaaagg tcaattaaag ctcagttctc ttcttccttg    110400
     acccactggc agcctttaac acagctgagc cctcttctgc tttaaacttc ttcacttagc    110460
     ttccaggaaa ccatattctt caggttttct tcctatttcc ctggctattc cttttcagtc    110520
     tttttttttt tttttctgct tcttcctcac attcctggcc tctaaatggt atggggcttg    110580
     gtccttgaac ctcacaattt taaataccac atatatgtcg tgatgacttc caaatttttc    110640
     cctcaagcct ggaagtctgc cttaaacact agatttgtat atccaactgt ttcctcaaca    110700
     gatccactta ggtgtcagtt aaatacctca aacttagcat gttcaaaact gagatcatcc    110760
     ttccacaatc ctatctcacc cagtcttgcc catctctata tattccactt gctttgacca    110820
     aaaaccttag attcaccctt ttacccccct ctctttctca cacattccac aggcaattca    110880
     ccagcaaatc ctaatggttt gacttacgaa aaaggtgaat ctaattcaac tacttctcac    110940
     cacctccact gttaccatcc tggtttaagc caatatcatc tctcatgtgg ataaatggga    111000
     tagccaatct agtctccctg cttccatctc atacccctac aataaattct aaactcagaa    111060
     gccagagtac tattctcaaa atgtaagtta gatcatacca ttcctctgct caaaatcttt    111120
     caaagaattc ccatatgact cacccagaat ataagctaaa gtccttacta caacctacaa    111180
     gactatataa tctttcccct accccaaggt tctgacttca cctcctagta cactttccct    111240
     ggaacattct tctgcagtcc catttgttcc tgccccatgg cctttgtact tgatgttctc    111300
     tctgcctgga atgttcttcc aagacatcta cgtagcttat tctcttgcct cttttttttt    111360
     tttctttact caaagaacac cttctcagtg aggcatttct ccagccacct tcttttaaaa    111420
     ttgtactccc cacactttct atcccttact tgcatgattt ttttcctgag tacttttact    111480
     aatataccat gttttatttt tcatgtttac tgtctatgct cccagtggaa tataagcttc    111540
     acaaggcaga gagtttgtct catttgctgc tgaatctgtg actggaacag tgcctccgtg    111600
     tgttggcttc aatgaaattg tttactgaat taagaatgta ctggaattat tctgaatcta    111660
     taaggtaaaa atatatgcaa gtacaataac gtgaaggtag ctaactttaa tcatcttaaa    111720
     aaacaatcac ttgtccatgt caacatccta ggaaatacta tactcttaaa atccctggta    111780
     attaaaataa acttgaacat gttgttagtt gcttaataga aaatatgaaa ctggaaaaac    111840
     tgcctgttgc atagagttgg aaaagattgg tgttataaaa gcatgaaggt tacacaattt    111900
     gcactatgtg cattttcact gataattttc acaaaggtat gctgtccttc catgtatgaa    111960
     gagtgatact gctatcccac cattaggagg acatgaactt tgagtggtgc ttccttgaga    112020
     tcatgtctgt tgaactttac cattccatat gggaatcata gtaataacca ggtattgagc    112080
     atttactaca ggctagatac tgtgctaagt ccttcagata tattatctca tttaatcctt    112140
     cagaaaactc ctttgaggta gtaccttcat tttaaagata gaacagactc agagagatta    112200
     agttgcccaa gatagcatag ctgagtagag attcgaacca ggtcgatttg attttaaagt    112260
     ccatgttttt agctcaatta tctgtgatcc tagtcatact ggtataatct aaataagtga    112320
     gagtgacaaa ctttgggtat gaagaaatac tggcaacaat tttgagcact aatctgtcct    112380
     acatcctaag acattttggc ggggggggcc tctatagatg tccagtaagt actagaagtt    112440
     ttagtgaaaa atcagattca attttatttt atttttttgt tctgaggtga gatttaataa    112500
     gtatttcatt ccagttactt caaacactcc gagataggtt aaatacagaa agcattagtg    112560
     atacattaag ctctagtaca caaagtaaac aaacactaca tattaattaa agtctgaatt    112620
     taaaagaaga aatcgtctta cccagaagca tgtgacacaa caccaatttg agaatgaaag    112680
     agaaaaacta ctgaactgca gttggttaat gccaagatat tttttcagaa gttttagaaa    112740
     atgaactaaa ccaagcaagg atccatgcat ctgccaagtt gaaacataca gtagtgacaa    112800
     attaactttg tccttgacat aagatcttac aaaaatagtt tttaaatcaa tttgaaaatc    112860
     aacaattaac tatataagtg ctactttttt agaagtctca ttttcaagtt acacattatt    112920
     taagagtaat ttaagcacca aataaagaga caatttgcct tctgaaaaag attagttgta    112980
     actagtaaac attaaatcag aaaacaatta taaaagttcc aagagattaa atcgataaga    113040
     atacctgctg tactttaaaa gatcatattt ctaaatagat gttgcatcac aaagactttt    113100
     gtaaaggggt ggagtgcttc cttaaaatct tgttttcttt catacactat taaaaacttc    113160
     caaatgattg taaaacatac cagagaaagc tcaactaggt tgagtcagaa tggtttcact    113220
     ttgtaaatga aatcaaactt tacaagagac attacaatta acttcatact ttaacattaa    113280
     aacttagaga atgccaatac attaagaaaa taaaagcatt aagagttgct aacaagatct    113340
     ttcatcagtc tgcaagacga aataatcatg taaaatatat gtatcattac ggcacttgtc    113400
     tcatctgatt caaattgtta tattgcaaat aacaagcagt ctattcaata tcaaataact    113460
     tgtgcaatca aaccttaagc tcaaatatac agtaattata ataaatacat tttaaaacca    113520
     agaaaagcaa aacaaaacct aagatgacta tagagatgcc atataccaac acattacacc    113580
     tgtgcctggc tagtatgact gaaagctttt cacaattatg actgatcttt gggtgcgtct    113640
     ctcacaagat aaactgaacc tgtttacttc atcacctgga gaggtattaa ctcctgaagt    113700
     cgccattctg ccagtctctt tgcagctttt cccagcaaag aaagcacctc agctgccatg    113760
     ttgaagatac ttttaatgct ctagagtgaa ttccctccca tcatgcctta agaagatccc    113820
     cagcatgcat cagataatgt tgttgctagg tcataggatg ttataatcag tatcctatct    113880
     atgtatgtta aaatgaggag ctctaggagt caatgttgat gcctacacac ttcacataca    113940
     ctgtgtataa ttatacatct attcctcatt ttaagtgatc aagatacact tgatttttaa    114000
     aaatgtagct ttctaaagct gggaattggt tgtatataat ttaatccaat aattggttgt    114060
     aaataatcca aagcttacat ttaaggaatc ttgaggataa atcaggctag aagtggcacc    114120
     tactggctaa gcatgatgct ataatcaaac tttattaaac ataatgaaaa agggagaaaa    114180
     actaagttct gggtgatacg tgtttagaga gcaatacaaa tggttcattg ctgtagaagg    114240
     gcagcagata gcataatgac aatgtcaatg ttgtacaact gatgctaaag agtaactgct    114300
     gcaggtccct gtacacaaaa ccttgctgct aaattaaact gcccattgta ccacagtgca    114360
     gacttttatt ttatctacaa agtcttcgat ttactgggtg ctttttctct gttgggatat    114420
     atagatgatt ttaacataag ttaaccaaaa ataattgggc tatagaattt aactttaaag    114480
     ttaacttttg gcaacagagc aagactctgt ggtagataga gctccctctc ccctctcccc    114540
     tcccccctcc cccctccccc ctctcccctc tcccctctcc cctctttcca cggtctccct    114600
     ctgatgccga gccgaagctg gacggtactg ctgccatctc agctcactgc aacctccctg    114660
     cccgattctc ctgcctcagc ctgccgagtg cctgcgattg caggcgtgcg ccgccacgcc    114720
     tgactggttt tcgtattttt ttggtggaga cggggtttcg atgtgtcggc tgggctggtc    114780
     tccagctcct aaccgcgagt gatccgccag cctcggcctc ccgaggtgcc gggattgcag    114840
     acggagtctc gttaactcag tgctcaatgg cgcccaggct ggagtgcagt ggcgtgatct    114900
     cggctcgcta caaccacctc ccagccgcct gccttggcct ccctaagtgc cgagattgca    114960
     gcctctgcct ggcagccacc ccgtctggga agtgaggagc gtctccgcct gactgcccat    115020
     cgtctgggat gtgaggagcc cctctgcctg gctgcccagt ctggaaagtg aggagcgtct    115080
     ctgcccggcc gccatcccat ctaggaagtg aggagcgcct cttcccggcc gccatcacat    115140
     ctgggaagtg aggagcgtct ctgcccggcc gcccatcgtc tgagatgtgg ggagcacctc    115200
     tgccctgccg ccccgtccgg gatgtgagga gtgtctctgc ccggccgccc tgtctgagaa    115260
     gtgaggagac cctctgcctg gcaaccgccc cgtctgagaa gtgaggagcc cctccgcccg    115320
     gcagccaccc cgtctgagaa gtgaggagcg tcctccctcc tcgtctggga gggaggtggg    115380
     ggggtcagcc ccccgcccgg ccagccgccc cgtccgggag gtgaggggca cctctgcccg    115440
     gccgccccta ccgggaagtg aggagcccct ctgcccggcc agccgccccg tccgggaggg    115500
     aggtgggggg gtcagccccc ctcccggcca gccgccccat ccgggaggga ggtggggggg    115560
     tcagcccccc gcccggccag ccgccccgtc cgggagggag gtggggggtc agccccccgc    115620
     ccggccagcc gccccgtccg ggagggaggt gggggggtca gccccccgcc cggccagccg    115680
     ccccgtccgg gagggaggtg ggggggtcag ccccccgccc ggccagccgc cccgtccggg    115740
     agggaggtgg gggggtcagc cccccgcccg gccagccgcc ctgtccggga ggtgaggggc    115800
     gcctctgccc ggccgcccct accgggaagt gaggagcccc tctgcccggc cagccgcccc    115860
     ctccgggagg gaggtggggg ggtcagcccc ccgccgggcc agccgccccg ttggggaagt    115920
     gaggggcgcc tctgcccggc cgcccctact gggaagtgag gagcccctct gcccggccag    115980
     ccgccctgtc cgggagggag gtggggggtc agccccccgc ccggccagcc gccccgtccg    116040
     ggagggaggt gggggggtca gccccccacc cggccagccg ccccgtccgg gaggtgaggg    116100
     gcgcctctgc ccggccgccc ctactgggaa gtgaggagct cctctgcccg gccaccaccc    116160
     catctgggag gtgtactcaa cagctcattg agaacgggcc atgaagacaa tggcggtttt    116220
     gtggaataga aaggggggaa aggtggggaa aagattgata aatcggatgg ttgctgtgtc    116280
     tgtgtagaaa gaggtagaca tgggagactt ttcattttgt tctgtactaa gaaaaattct    116340
     tctgccttgg gatcctgttg atctgtgacc ttacccccaa ccctgtgctc tctgaaacat    116400
     gtgctgtgtc cactcagggt tgaatggatt aagggcggtg caagatgtgc tttgttaaac    116460
     agatgcttga aggcagcatg ttcgttaaga gtcatcacca ctccttaatc tcaagtaccc    116520
     agggacacaa acactgcgga aggccgcagg gtcctctgcc taggaaaacc agagaacttt    116580
     attcacttgt ttatctgctg accttccctc cactattgtc ctgtgaccct gccaaatccc    116640
     cctctgcgag aaacacccaa gaatgatcaa taaaaaagaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaataaagt    116700
     taacttttat aataaatgtg ttttgttcaa gtgaagaata tacaaaatat ctataggtta    116760
     tacatctatc tcctgtcatc ttacatattt attataataa agtaatacaa cttagggctt    116820
     tcaaccatga gtgtaggttc caaaaaagtc tttaagcagc agtagtagtt cccataggaa    116880
     tatattcatg ttacagggag aattttacaa ctatgccttt ttttgccaca tgatctgccc    116940
     tccccatctg ccagaggagg aaccagctta ataggttagt ttgtcaatgt tcttttcaat    117000
     atgtcagact gttaataaat tatgcaacaa tgcagtctta aaccatttct tataaaatgg    117060
     ccaaataaat gactataatt cagctgcctg accaccataa tacaaaattg tatcgtgatt    117120
     taaaaaaaaa aactcattct gctgttcagt attaaataga tcttagaagt gattctaatt    117180
     aaataactca aagactgata aatctgttga atattgaaat cttatggcca catagtcaat    117240
     gctcacatat tagccgtagt aaagaacaga aagccacata ttctaaagac agcagataat    117300
     tcaaaaatgc attttatcct tattagcatt tcattttgag tatgtctgac atttcagaaa    117360
     ttaaagaatt cctacctaaa gaaggaagtc acacaaagcc aaatataaga agccatggaa    117420
     aagtacccct ggagttagta tctccacatt aggattggga atacattcca ttctgttctc    117480
     tccctccaca ttcatttgtt tatctggctt atgcttcagt aagatgagtg agacaagggt    117540
     gataagggag ctaattattt ccattttgaa acatattttg ggaaagttca gacaaaggca    117600
     attgatgggg ggcctccaaa gtgtcacaga gtactatctg caatctcctg aacacaactg    117660
     gccagatatg ttcatgccag tgcttctggt aactcctact cttcaccttg gtagtttttt    117720
     cccttccaaa tctagatggg ctgcagattg attgctataa atatgtatgt gtgtgtgtag    117780
     gtgtgcatct gtgagagaga aaacagtact ttctgtagtt aaattaacta tagaagtttg    117840
     aatactacca ctcttcatag tggcagtata gtctgtcaac ttccaaaagg aaataataat    117900
     tttgctgata ttttaacttc tttgtcagcc actgggtagc gtgtaacacc taagtagctg    117960
     aattcggtga cagctaattc tgatctgctg atacaaatct ttggccatgt ttaagattct    118020
     tctaatgcag gctaatcagt ggacttcagc atttagctat acaaaaacat ggccttttga    118080
     atttctttat acttggaaat caaaaatagt tattagcaca taagaactac tatatcttca    118140
     gtttcaaatt tataacctat tataatgaaa gcaattttca gaagaccaga agttctagag    118200
     agacagtatc agatataggg ttttagtcct ggttcacaag ctgctgagtg gtaagacctg    118260
     gaacaaatta acctctcaat gtctgtttcc tcatctgtaa aatgagaaag ttgggttcat    118320
     attttaagat atcacaaaac agtaaaaaat gtaaaagaaa gaattagtgg ggggaaatga    118380
     cacagagcta ccaagttgtt gttgttgttt tgccaggcat gaattttttt aaagccctgc    118440
     catttactat caccataatt tcatgagata aataacatgt ttaattcccc taaattagaa    118500
     agatatattc tataagaagc aatcctttaa actgaaaatg tttagctttt aaaaactcat    118560
     gatctgctgt ccttattttt ctcacttcac catggaccag taaaaacgtt ttcactaacc    118620
     agcactggtc taaaaatcaa caattgggga ctataggact aggtaaattt caaagtccaa    118680
     gcctcaaaca ctatgatttt aattttaggt gctctgttgt atttctttta ctccatattg    118740
     tagtctagaa tagatgcctc aatgaaatat atacttaaaa atttatgaag atcagaaata    118800
     cacgcaaatc agtttgagag acagcctcaa tgtatacttg ccccgataca ttgaagctta    118860
     ttcttcaata agcttcggca caagtataca ttgtggctgt ctctcaaaga ataagcttca    118920
     ggctggtatg gtggctcatg cctgtaatcc cagcactttg ggaggccaag gtgggcgaat    118980
     cacgaggtca ggagtttgag accagcctgg ccaacatggt gaaacccctt ctctagtaaa    119040
     aatacaaaag ttagccaggc gccgagacgg gcaaatataa tcccagctat tcaggaggct    119100
     aaggcaggag aattgcttaa acccgggagg cagaggttgc agtgagccga gatcacgcca    119160
     ctgcactcca gtctgggtga cagagcaaga ctccatcttg gggcaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa    119220
     taagcttcag cgtatcgggg caagcataaa ctgctatgga tttaacttca tcaataataa    119280
     tgaaccactg aggatgggcg cggtggctca cgcctgtaat ccagcacttt ggaaggctga    119340
     ggcgggagaa tcacttgagg ccaggagttc aagaccagcc ttggcaacat gatgaaaccc    119400
     cgtctctact aaaaatacaa aaaaatagct gggcgcggtg gcacgtgcct gtaatctcaa    119460
     ctactcagga gggggaggcg gaggtggagg ttgcagtgag ctgagatggc gccactacac    119520
     tcgagcctgg aagacagagt gagactctgt ctcaacaaca ataataataa taataatcat    119580
     aatgaacccc tgattgtgca cttactgtta aactcatttt aaagataagg aaactgagat    119640
     aatgagagac taagtagttt accaaagaca catattctat aagcctcagt agtcagaact    119700
     ggaactccaa tccctgactc cagttttggg tatgactcaa atagaaagac gttgttcgaa    119760
     ttttaattac cacttgttct tttacaaatg agtggcaaat ggtttaaatt ttagaagctg    119820
     cacagggtaa aatattttcc tattttgctc tataaaatag tgccttttta aacacaatca    119880
     taaatattgg tagagttttt cctctataaa aagggtcaag atgcctgtta gtatggtcac    119940
     ttaattttct caaaaagcta ataaaattac acatttagaa tttctaaagg acaaatactt    120000
     acaaatgtcc tctttttctc ttaagaagaa cacgaatatc ttctgtgatt tcaatctgca    120060
     gtaagagaca gcatttatga gtacagtgac ataagaaaag tgccccttta aaagaaatat    120120
     cgagtgcttg ttcacattat ctgtgcacct tagctcataa gccaggtact aaaggaaaag    120180
     caagaaatga ctagagatga gtgtctgact agaattagtg ctcttaggat ctcagaaagt    120240
     aactgagcca gactctaagt gacagtagtt gaaactctat ggaaaaatga caagaagcaa    120300
     gagccatgtt cttaactgtt ttatttgtat ctctgaatcc cccatggtca ggaccaaagc    120360
     catgttcaga cacagagaca atgtctgacc acagcaaact agtcagtcat acaagacagc    120420
     catccccaca cacagatgac tgtaggcatc tatcctcccc tcaaaaccaa aaacgagtaa    120480
     gttccttgaa acaacacgag gtttcttccc aaatacaaat atgacactgg tctaggtaga    120540
     aacctaaata tatttccatc ttttttcaat ttgtaaacac atcatttttg tgacattttt    120600
     caagatatac accaaaagga ccaggtaatg gtgactcatg cctgtaatcc cagcaccctg    120660
     ggagaccaag gcaggcagat accttgaatc caggagttca aaaccagtct aggaaaaatg    120720
     gcaaaacccc atctctacta aaaatacaaa aaattagccg aacatggtgg tgcatgcctg    120780
     tagtcccaac tactcaggag gctgaagtga gaggatcacc agagtctggg aggtcaaggc    120840
     tgcaatgagc caagattgca ccactgcact ccagcctgtg caaccagagt gagatcctgt    120900
     ctaaaaaaac aagaaagaaa aaaagaaaag aaaaaagaaa aagaaaaaaa tatatacacc    120960
     agaaatgttt gtcagtttag ggttgagggt ttgacctatt ttggacaatg caggagtaaa    121020
     ctagttacca tctgaatact tggaataata aaataaggcc tttcagtaat ttgatattgc    121080
     tttctacaga gctggggccc cctgggcatg atgctatatt ctgaagaact gaggctttat    121140
     tccatccagc agtattcact actacttgca tatgattatg agaataaacc ttcgagtttt    121200
     ttgttttgtt tgtttttttt agtctagacg cccccatgga agtcatataa acgaacatcc    121260
     acataactgt aatcatcaca ctaactagct ggtgttaatt catacagtta attttctctt    121320
     tgctaccatt aaagagatga aggaaagaat gatttatatc caagcctatt actaacaaag    121380
     gctagttaat aacagtgaac tactttcaac tttatgttaa tatccacaat ctacttttgt    121440
     tgaggggtta ccagggacag tatcagtata tgtcttaaca caaatggtta agattactta    121500
     taaacagaag tcaggttatt tcatatgttc ttatttttct tccagaaggc taacatttgc    121560
     tattgacatt gggggggggg gcggggaact tgcatataga tattaaaata agatccaaag    121620
     agctcacaag gagaatgctg gagaataaaa tcttcatatt tctatataaa aacgtacaca    121680
     tttcccccat agataattcc aataacttaa aaatgaccaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaacccatc    121740
     cttctataaa atcatctaaa gatctaaagg tggaagttgc aggggagagg gataggggaa    121800
     aatacaaaac tatccgctag tttgcttaat ttggaaaata actccataaa taaatatttg    121860
     caaaggatag tcaactcttg acccttggta ctagagagtg tcagggaatt ctccaagctg    121920
     gatgagagcc ccagcttaaa ccttctactc gtctccattc ttgtagcccc aaattggctg    121980
     agcaggagaa gcaactctca gaggttctct aatgtgaagg aagtaatttt tctcaatgcc    122040
     tatcacctta aaagccattt ctttcatcac aaaaaaatga aagtagcagc tacccagcaa    122100
     agaaaaggaa accaaatcac attttgtaac ctagcctaat ttacttctac acaacagaaa    122160
     aactgatcct gcactcttct ctcctagtct cctcctacaa aatagcatct ccctgttaaa    122220
     gtcattatat taaaataaat tgaagaaata atttaatata aaaaactaag cagattacca    122280
     ccatatgggt tgcatttata gatgatcagg aattgggatg atttagctaa aattgtaaaa    122340
     caaactttag actctttcac ttcagatata tgcaaggttt ttttctaata taagaaagtt    122400
     agaaagtctt agcctagcaa atttttaaca gactgaagca tataatattg tttgtttcga    122460
     cctaacagta acctggtggc attaaaaaaa gaaaaaagag ataatacagc atcaagggtt    122520
     tatcatctta caattagaaa aggaggcagc actgagaaag cccaactcac caaatgccag    122580
     tgagcaaaac aaagtccacg cagctaatag gagagcaaaa agtgatataa aaaaagtaaa    122640
     aactgatacg aatacaaggc agtgtcattc aatttcagac aaccctcata tttggggaca    122700
     gactttaaaa caaatcatta atgtgtttgg ctctagccct ctctgcaaat aagttggtct    122760
     gttaagcaat attttgaaaa cattcttcca caagtaaagt ccatactaaa cttgtgatag    122820
     catctgttgg aaatgtttca agcacgaaga atcatcgtcc tggacttaat gtctcaaaaa    122880
     tcgatcttaa taagtttaaa atagaatgtt tcagaaaaca gtggaaaaat attaagaaag    122940
     cttttggccg ggtgcggtgg ctcatgccta ttatcccagt actttgggag gctgaggtga    123000
     gcagatgacc tgagttcaag agtttgagac cagcgtggcc aacatggcga aaccccatct    123060
     ctactaaaaa tacaaaaatt agctgggtgt ggtggtgcat gcctattaac ccagctactg    123120
     gggaggctga ggcaggagaa ttgcttgaac ccgggagtca agatcacgcc accgcactcc    123180
     agcctgggtg acagagtgag actcggtctc aaaaacaaaa agaaaaaaag aaaaacatta    123240
     agaaagtttt tagcatttaa tgttcaaatc taaaagtaaa ttctggccaa gtccttttca    123300
     aaacaattcc ctaaacaatg gtcctcgata ggtcttattt tagataagta tacataaatc    123360
     acatattggt taatagtaga ttaaaactgc catactaaaa tacatttcaa tgtttaaaaa    123420
     tgttgttatc aagaaataca ggtcaaaaac agtatgtatg actgcattct aaatatgtac    123480
     atatatttga gtgttacata ttcatagaaa aattagcaaa atgtacttca aatactaaca    123540
     gttattgctg ggtggtagga ttagaggtga attgttttaa tatttgcata tattttgggt    123600
     tttttttctg ctgatttagt gtcttccaaa attttcaaaa ctaaaaattg tatacttaaa    123660
     atttatttta aaaatcataa aggaacaaga aatgtctcat taaaaacagt attaaaaaac    123720
     tgtcgtaagc cagtcaaact actggaaggt atcactcaca cgctaagctg tgggagaatc    123780
     ttttcccctt aagaatatat gtgagccagg cgcagtggct cacgcctgta atcccagcac    123840
     tatcggaggc tgaggggggc agatcacaag gtcgagacca gtctgaccaa catggtgaaa    123900
     ctctatcgct actaaaaata caaaaattag ccaggcatgg tggtggatgc ctgtaatcct    123960
     agctactcag gaggctgagg caggagaact acttgaatcc gggaggcaga ggttgcagtg    124020
     agctgagatc acaccactgc actccagcct gggcgactga gtgagactcc gtctcaaaaa    124080
     aaaaaaatat atgtgaatgt ggtcgggcat ggtggctcac gcctgcaatt caagcactct    124140
     gggaggccaa agtgggcaga tcacctgagg tcaggagttc aagaccagcc tggccaacat    124200
     ggtgaaaaac cccctctcca ctagaaataa caaaaataaa ttagccgggc accacggtgc    124260
     acgcctgtaa ccccagctac tcggaaggct gagacatgag aattacttga acccgggaga    124320
     cggaggttgc agtgagccac gattgcatca ctgcactcca gcctgggtga cagagtgaga    124380
     ctctgtctca taaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaat acatgtgaat gtgtagcaca ggagaactaa    124440
     gtggtcataa gattgagtca cttgattcgt aaatattaaa acatattaaa taaatgttat    124500
     aacataagta caactaccca aaatctagcc tgtgcaatgt acagaatgaa ctagatatgt    124560
     tgcttcatgg aaaagttaga taactttttt aaaaagtttt ttaaaaatat tcagggctgg    124620
     gcacggtggc tcatgcctat aatcccagca ctttgggagg ctgaggtggg cggatcatga    124680
     ggtcaggagt tcgagaccag cctgaccaac atggtaaaac cctgtctcta ctaaaaatac    124740
     aaaaattagc caggtgtggt ggcgcacacc tgcagtccca gctactcagg aggctgaggc    124800
     aggagaatca cttgaacccg ggaggcggag gctgccgtga gccaagatcg caccattgca    124860
     ctccagcctg gctgacagag tgagactcca tctcaaaaca aataaataaa tgaacaaaca    124920
     aacaataaaa taaaaatatt caaacattac aaaatatatt aaatgaagtg aaagtgtcct    124980
     ttttatccaa ccacctagaa ataacagctt tttatgtttg gtgggtaact ttgaaggctt    125040
     ttttctaagc atattctaat acacacatac attttttttt ttttttgaga tgatggagtc    125100
     tcactctgtc gcccagactg gaatgcagtg gcatgatctc ggctcactgc aacttccact    125160
     tcccaggttc aagcgattct cctgcctcag ccttctgagt agctgggact acaggtgtgc    125220
     accacaacac cccgctaatt tttgtatttt gagtagagac agggtttcac catattggac    125280
     aagctggtct tgaactcctg acctcaagtg aaccacccac ctcggcctcc caaaatgctg    125340
     ggattacagg catgagccac ctcgcctggc caacacatag aatttttctt cttcttttct    125400
     tttttttttt tttttagatg gagtctcgct ctgtcgccca ggctggagtg cagtggcatg    125460
     atctcggctc actgcaacct ccgcctcacg ggttcacacc attctcctgc ctcagcctcc    125520
     cgagtagctg ggactacagg cacccaccac cacgcctagc taattttgtg tatttttagt    125580
     agagatgggg tttcactgtg ttagccaggg tggtttcgat ctcctgacct tgtgatccgc    125640
     ccgcctcggc ctcccaaagt gctgggatta caggggtgag ccactccgcc tggccaacac    125700
     atacaatttt taaacaaaaa ttgaaccata ctatctatac atgtctgcaa cttgctttaa    125760
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaactgg gccaggcgtg gtggctcacg cctgtaatcc caacactttg    125820
     ggaggccgag gtgggtggat cacctgaggt caggagttcg agaccagcct ggccaacatg    125880
     gtgaaacccc atctctacta aaaatacaaa aacaaaatca gtcaagcgtg gtggtggacg    125940
     cctgtaatcc cagctactcg ggaggctgaa gcaggagaat cactcaaacc cgggaggcgg    126000
     aggttgcagt gagccaagat tgcgtcattg cactccagcc tgggcgacaa tggcaaacct    126060
     ctgtctcaaa aaaaacaaaa acaaaaacaa aaaacaaact gactctctta catgtctttc    126120
     catggcagaa tacatagatc tattttttaa ccattccaag gcattccatt gattgcatga    126180
     ccatatcaca attaagttaa cccatattct ctgttggtag acatttgggg tttttctaat    126240
     ttctgatcat ttgaaagatc agaatgaaca tccctatcaa tatacttatg ctagtgattc    126300
     tagaggattt atatctagca gaactgctga ttcaaaaggg tatgatcatt ttatatttag    126360
     tctattaaaa attgccctcc aggcctagaa gcagtgatac cccaatagca atgagcatat    126420
     ccagcacaca gatcttgttc caaatactat tctccaagaa aaagaaccag agctctttgg    126480
     agcagttgat tacggggctg aggcaggaaa tattcaagat gaggttagtg ttttctggtg    126540
     ccaaggaata aaaaagtgct gaattttttt aaatggggac atgtgaaaag gacacagggg    126600
     ccaacccaaa aagagttccc aatggccaca gctggtatta acacaacctg ggcaacaaat    126660
     aacagtaata ctagattata tcccacagaa taaaataata cccacgagtc catactaata    126720
     taaatgaacg attaaataag taaatgaggg agaagagact aatcttactc atagaagaat    126780
     tctaataaat gtagaaggaa taaaggaaat agaaatctcc attagaacac cacaggaata    126840
     attactacag gcaaaatcca tcagtgaatg ctaatgctgg tgagcaaaag ctgaaactgg    126900
     acattacatt gtctcaaagt atctccccca aatatgtatt aataaaaagt gtgtggatat    126960
     tacttcattg caaaggggaa aatgataaca ttactgtgga aaaacacagc tgataccatc    127020
     ttaactaggt gatcagagtt accttcacca gtaataaggt acatctatat catgtaagcc    127080
     ctagtttgat tcactgagaa gaacatagca tcatttttgt ggtattcttg cccaaattgc    127140
     ataatctcaa tcaaatcatg aaaaaacatt agattaaccc agattaggaa catttttagt    127200
     ttttataatt gtactataat tgtgtaacat gttaacatca ggggaaattg ggtaaaggac    127260
     ccatggaaat ggtgtatgat ttttgcaact ctattgtgag tctaaaattt atttttttaa    127320
     aaaaagtaaa aatgccctct aaaaaagaat atagtttcat attcccaccg gcagtatatt    127380
     aatatgccca tttccccata tctcctccaa tactggattg aactgtttga tagataccaa    127440
     aaacactgtc ttaatttttt gcttttcact attagctaat gaacatatga aaatatttca    127500
     ctggctgggt atggtggctc acgcctgtaa tcccagcact ttgggaggcc gaggtgggca    127560
     gaacacttga ggtcaggagt tcgaggtcag cctggccaac atggtgaaac cctgtctcta    127620
     gcaaaaatac aaacattagc caggtgtggt ggcaggcacc tgtaatccca gctattcggg    127680
     aggctgaggc aggagaattg gttgaatctg ggaggtggag gttgcagtga gccgagattg    127740
     caccactgta gagtgagact ccatctcaaa taaaaaaaaa aattcactat gtctgaattt    127800
     cttagacata ttagataaat attgtggggt tttttgttgt tgttggctgt ttgtttttta    127860
     gttttaagta gtaaaatata tctcctttat ggcttctggt cattttccca cttcaagact    127920
     ataaaattat tccctcgcat ttcttagaag tatgattatt aggtcacaga tcttataaac    127980
     tatgccatat tcacattctc tgataccttc ttgcttgaga taccaaactg catatccatg    128040
     acaacagtca tatttccttg catagataaa tatgcagtat tctgatagtt ttcactttat    128100
     ccattttgaa gcaatgttta tttttatttt tcttacttaa ataaggtaaa aattacagca    128160
     aataagcaat gcttatttat cttagaccca ttctcttcat ctaaactcaa agacagagtc    128220
     tagtttgaat gccaagagaa atagtccaat cttagctaat aattctatta tcattcattt    128280
     tgttacataa attctccccc atgattagta tgaagatata taaatacgat gtagatctat    128340
     caagtgccta atgaactgca agcacacaaa tttcactcct tacataccaa gttgtagact    128400
     ctcagaacca aaataggctt taaagtaaag ataatgagct tgtctctaaa aaagaaacac    128460
     ttctcttggg caaacctgga ggacactatg ctaagtgaaa taagctagac acagaaggac    128520
     aaatactaca ttacaccatt tatagaagga aactaaaaga gtcaaactca tagaagcaga    128580
     gagcagaatg gtggtgacca ggggctgggt agagggagaa acaggatggt attagtcaaa    128640
     tgatacaaag tttcagttat gaaagatgaa aaagtcccag agatctactg tacagcatgg    128700
     tgcctatagt taacaatact gcattgtgta ttttaaaatt tgctaatagg gtatatctta    128760
     ttttaagtgt tttcatctca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaaa taacaataca    128820
     taagagggca ggaggaaact tttggaagtg atggatgggt ttatggcata gattgtggtg    128880
     atgattctct ccgaactcat tgagttgtat acattccatc tttacagctt tttgtatatc    128940
     aatcatacca caataaaatg gctttaaaaa atgagggatg ggtcattaat tattgtccat    129000
     ttttggtgcc aatagttttc aaaggctact ttttaattat ataggtgtaa tcattctcta    129060
     gggaaaaatg aatacaaatt agagtgtgca cacagaggtt tccaaatgaa tccattcatc    129120
     tctctttagg aagtctctgc agtgtacatt tcttaggaca gttttgctta aggaagttta    129180
     gcttgttctg ctaccagtga cagagagcag gataaaagac acagggaacc agtgagatgc    129240
     ctactaaaat aagaaatgga agatgctcaa agacaaacat tgcctggttt gacattttgt    129300
     ctgtgtggtt tattctgcct atttgcttcc tttacctgag gcttaactga aatctccagt    129360
     ttctgaacca tactttttat ctcggctttg aaattcagtt taaatatgta ccttttggga    129420
     aattgttgct atttattttt ttaaccacaa acccacccat ccttcatatt tagtgacaaa    129480
     tagaagctat taaaacacta gagggatttt caatatctga tccaaggaaa gcttttttaa    129540
     atgccagaaa attcctttga gaggtggagt tttgcttttg ttgcccaggc tggagtgcaa    129600
     tggcacgatc ttggctcacc acaacctcca cctcccgggt tcaagcgatt ctcctgcctc    129660
     agcctcccga gtagctagga ttacaggcat gcaccaccat gcctggctaa ttttgtattt    129720
     ttagtagaga tggggtttct ccatgttggt caggctggtc tcgaactccc gacctcaggt    129780
     gatccacccg cctcagcctc ccaaagtgct aggattacag gcgtaagcca tggcgccagg    129840
     ccccatttac tttttagcaa caatgtttaa atcttgactt ttgaataggg gtatatacta    129900
     gcttaaaata acttactata acacaaataa attatggagt gaagttctag gttgacatta    129960
     aaatttattc atctactctt taccttcttc atagaggttg taagaatttt aaaaattgaa    130020
     tacaatgata actgtaaaat aattttaaaa agaaagaaac agttcccccc actccatgac    130080
     taagaagcta aaatagggtc tgctttctag aacattaaga aagcacccta tgtgcttccc    130140
     tctatactaa agttacgaaa ttctttctaa tcagttataa ttacagcttt actcttaaga    130200
     tcatcttgag actagataaa agatgaatgt gagaatacga aaaaacaaca agaatgcaca    130260
     ccattccttt tctttcagtt acctagaatt aaattagcag cagtatcaac agggaaagca    130320
     cattctcttt atgagttctc aatatatcag ttgcatttaa attagaattt ttcaaagtca    130380
     taaaaatcaa ctgatcatac tttttgaggt ccacacctaa gaaacagctt gattatcatg    130440
     aaacaactac tggcgaaaaa actttcaaca tatgaaaatt gctgtcacac tgataattct    130500
     tgactctgaa ttaagaatct tatgatactg atttttaaat attttggaca aacagattac    130560
     ataacagcaa acactgacct taccacaact ctcctttcca agtttagtca agaagtgtgt    130620
     tgatacatgg atgaatctga atttacaagg cattcattaa aatactacag acctgaacaa    130680
     tacttgaaga aagtgattgt taccttaagt gttcttaacc agaaagtact cctgtgtatc    130740
     aagacttccc acaaaatttg tacaattttt gccagaaggt atgttttgtt tttgtttttt    130800
     aaaatggcaa aaacataagt cttacacaca gagaaatgcc taacgtaatg agcagaaagt    130860
     acatatggaa ttacaacttt aggagaaaaa aatagcactt tcctctacat tagagactga    130920
     taaaagtatt tcagaaagga aaaataaatt tttagaaaca tagaccctta gagttaaaat    130980
     atggtccgtt tagacaattc tcaaagtacc agctggagtt accagttcct tgcagtacta    131040
     ttacttataa tattgcatcc ttattttaat tcctgccatg aataactttt atttactaaa    131100
     acagatagca atgcactggg ggtccataaa aactagtgcc aattaagaat aaagaaatta    131160
     ctcagtgctg ccaaaagtat acaaaaaggc actttatata ctgttgacaa aagtagaaat    131220
     tagtacatgc taaatagaaa ataacttggt aatatgtgac aacaggcctt cagttatact    131280
     tcctgcactt gtaatttcac tttctatttc tgggaatatc ctaaagctgc agttctcaaa    131340
     cttttgggca ccagagacca gaggtggagc tcaggcagaa atgctcactt gtcgctcacc    131400
     tcctgctgtg cagcacagct cctaacacgc catggaccag taccggtcca tggtctggga    131460
     gttggggacc cctatcctaa aggaaatcat tagagattca cacaaaaaaa tagaggacag    131520
     tcatcatggt ggtacggata acagaaaaaa aaaaatagga acaacttcaa attcccaata    131580
     ggagattggt aaaataatgt atccatgtga tcaaatacta tgcggccatc aaatgcagca    131640
     ttgccagagt atttaagagt atgagaaaat gtttaagata tatgaagtga aattggttta    131700
     agatgaaact tcatactcaa gatcaacttc ctcaaattta tgtaggctat aaaccaaaat    131760
     attaatctct aggttgcaga attacaggtg attttttttt tttattgaga caaggtcttg    131820
     ctcggttacc caggcaggaa tgcagtggtg caatcttggc tcactgcagc ctcgacctct    131880
     tgggctcaag ccatccttcc accttagcct cctgagtagc tgggactaca ggcatgcgcc    131940
     accacatcag gctaattttt tgtatttttg gtagagacag ggtttcacca tattgcccag    132000
     gctggtctcc aactcctggg ctcaagcgat ccatgtgcct cagcctccca aagtgctggg    132060
     attacaggca tgagccactg cacccaccta gaggttactt ttagttttat ccttataatt    132120
     tccctacatt ttctaaaact tctacagtga atgttacttt tatcatttaa taataaagta    132180
     gaaaatatag caccagcctt tcaattaatt ctaatgtgtg tctatgtatt gatagtaaca    132240
     atgaatatgg tccaaaaggt gtttagccct actcaagtgg caaagtaata ctgtaaaagg    132300
     agctaaaagt tggctttatt tgtactaagg aaagcaggtt agatcttctg tttttaaatt    132360
     aggctcaaag caaaataaac tcttcttttg ctcatgtaat atagcctata agctaaataa    132420
     aatgagggtt ttctccctta ctataactac catggttaac tgttttctga agctaagcat    132480
     ccttttggtg tcccttatgt caaaacgtga ctaacaaaaa ttgactagta caagctgagt    132540
     ctccctaatc tgaaaatcca aaatctgaaa tgctccaaaa tctgaaacgt tgtgagcacc    132600
     aacatgacac acaaaggaca ttctcattgg aatatttcag atttttggat tagggatgct    132660
     caaccagtca gtatataatg caaatattcc aaaacctgaa aaattccaaa atccaaacac    132720
     ttctggcccc aggcattttg gataagagat actcaacctg taatagcaag ttaacagaca    132780
     atatcaaaaa gccagacaat catgaggggt tctgcacaga tgaagtataa atttctttaa    132840
     agctaagagt tctacttact tatcctatta aaacaaatgg gaactcaaat gccagattat    132900
     atctgcatga gatagaatag gtaccatgcc atacttgcaa ccttctgccc cataatgaaa    132960
     atgtttttca actgaccaga atcagtcccc tacaggaaat taagcctgcc ccaggagaag    133020
     gtaactcaag caaaaggaac caaatgaata tcattccttt gatgtctgtg attagtagac    133080
     ccagagggct actttccaca cgggtgatca gagggcctgt gaaaggaggg gatttcagaa    133140
     gtgagctttc catcagtact tttttcttta caacctggtt ctgggaccaa atactcaaac    133200
     ttcaaaggat atcatcttac ctgtctagct tcagacattc caatcaactg tgctatcaca    133260
     ttacaaatgt gtactagctg acttcaaaaa gtaggaggca gaaaaggctg aatcatttct    133320
     ttctctcaaa gtttttattt cgaaatgttt cgagcagtgg taaaatatca ttaagtaatt    133380
     tcacttcctg taaggcccac acatctacaa atgtgtcctg caataacccc aacagggtct    133440
     ggcagcgtgg agttcacaat gctaaaaagt ataaaaagaa tacagctgct acgcatacaa    133500
     ttccagtata ataatacaat agaatatttt ctcaaaaatt aacttttact ccaaagtaga    133560
     gggaaatctc tccgtcactg atggttcgct aaactgggtt gagtcagtac ttcggaagct    133620
     agagtcacaa acctgatccc cagataaact ggttaaaatg aaggcgaggc cgggtgcggt    133680
     ggctcacgcc tgtaatccca gcactttggg aggctgcagc aggcggatca ctgaggtcag    133740
     tagttcaaga ctagcttgac caacacggag aaaacccgtc tctactaaaa acacaaaatt    133800
     agccgggcct ggtggtgcat gcctgtaatc ccctctactc aggaggctga ggcaggagaa    133860
     tcgcttgaac ccgggaggcg gaggttgcag tgagccaaga tcacgccatt gcactccagc    133920
     ctgggcaaca agagtgaaac tctgtctcaa aaaataaaat aaaatgaagg tgaacacatt    133980
     tcccagcttt ctgaggactg tcctgtggtt gtcccagcat aattatcaaa cccctctttc    134040
     ttttgcaaaa atatcctaat gatgacccta gttgtatcct aactttcatc ccacagagaa    134100
     caaggcaaga atgtatgggt atattagcag aagccaacct tcactcctgg aaaaacactt    134160
     ccaagtaaaa actcctgttt gaatccacag tcatatacga tgggcaagta aatgaaagca    134220
     ccagctgcac accattaatc acacaaacac acaagactct ttattccaag tgtttttcaa    134280
     tgatatcaaa ttactacaat cttagtttat gtgcaacatt tataatccaa tttctagaat    134340
     ctagattaac accttaactg atgacttcaa actgaagtca atttctcatc tcacaaaaaa    134400
     cacacttgta tcttaaacac atataggata aatcagatgc attgtaagaa aatatctccg    134460
     tgtataggta tttaatttgt gactttaaca aagtatagtc ctatttaata agttatgttc    134520
     accctttaac taattttatt ttttaatttt taattttttt tgtttagaga tgggggtctt    134580
     gctttgtcac ccaggctgga gtacagtggc acaatcatag ctcactgctg ccttgaactt    134640
     ctgggctcag gggatcctcc tgccttagcc tcctataact aggacttagg aactcaccac    134700
     tgcatccagc taacttattt ttttattttt gtagagtaag catctcactg tcttaaccag    134760
     gctggtatta aacttctggg ctcaagtgat cctccggcct tggttgccca aaaggttggg    134820
     attacaggca tgagccactg cactcagcct aactttaaaa atcagagaaa aggatattgc    134880
     caagttaact ttaacaatca aacaaaaacc ctagccttgc aggaaataca tatttcacac    134940
     caattttatt tttgtgataa acatgtaacc agttataatt tcccatctat ggttttctgg    135000
     aaaatatgtg tcaatagcct cagagttgca tatcaaatga agcatttcat tcccaatcaa    135060
     gaataaaaga ctaaagcaaa cctgtatttc taaactaatc cagatcctat aagctccagc    135120
     tctttttatg gtaggtagta ccagacacag accattccat ttactaagga agactatgcc    135180
     ccagctgaga ggcaatccag tatggtagtt aggagccaat atgctacagc cagatgacct    135240
     gggttcaatc cctggctgtg ccacttacta gagatggatg acctagggca aaatatttaa    135300
     catcttttcc tcatttgcca caaccataaa aatggagggg ataatattat tacttacagg    135360
     tactgtcatg aggcttaaaa gagttgatgc acagctgtag ccattacgaa cttgaacttc    135420
     ttttaatttc tcaaaagcat caagcttaat ctctcatctc tgcttctagc acatgctttt    135480
     ccctttgcca gtaacattct cttctgcctt ttcttgcttc cctttaggtc ttcatttaaa    135540
     tgaaatgtgt agaaagcctt ccttgacctc ttatgttacg tgaagtgcct ctactatttg    135600
     acctcaaagt accctacagg acagcactta aatttgtcta agtttctgtt cccctgctag    135660
     gctgtaagct ccttagaggc agaggtcatg tctgtcttga taactactgt aatacctggg    135720
     gcctagcaca gtactggttc acagtaggtg ctggataaat atttttggaa ttaagttgga    135780
     atgaaataag aagtcatatt atgtagaaag gaaaccaaaa aaggatttcc aagataaatc    135840
     tttcaatctg agtagaagta tatgcctctc cacatttgaa atacatatga gggcctcctc    135900
     tcatatatta ggagtctcat cattgaacag gagaagtggc atttttttaa gagatggggt    135960
     cctgctctgt tgcccaggct gtagcacagt ggcacaattg cagctcactg cagcctcaaa    136020
     ttcctgggat caagcaagct tcccacctca gcctcctgag tagctgggcc tacaggcact    136080
     cgccatcatg cctggttcat ttttaaaaat tttgtagaga cagggtctca ccatcttgcc    136140
     caggctggtc tcaaaacttc tgggctcaag cgaccctccc acctccgcct cccaaagtgc    136200
     tgggattaca gaggtaagcc accatgcctg gccaagaagt gccatattct gaccaagtac    136260
     aaacttgatg ccaattctgg gtaagaacca cgacttcata agcagagtaa gtgacagtgt    136320
     gttcagtgtg tttacactta ctatttcaca tcctatattc caaagcttta ttaaaataag    136380
     ggtatcacag caaaattata tggctagtgt ccctgaatat tatcagctga ccgaaatgaa    136440
     gctcataagt gccagtggca taggcgggga aaataaaagg aaaatgagac catgaatgtg    136500
     gaagagtatg caagaaagaa aaagaaagcc agctgccatg gcatgtgcct gtagtcccag    136560
     ctactcaaga ggttgaggtg ggcggatcat ttgagcccag gggtttcaga ccagcctggg    136620
     caacatgggg aaaccttgtc tgtacaaaaa tttgcaggcc gcggtggcac acgactgtag    136680
     tctcagctac tccagaggct gaggtgggag gatcgcttga gcctgggagg tggagggtgc    136740
     agtgagccga gatggcgcca ctgcactcca gcctgggcga cagagtgaga ccctgagaaa    136800
     agaaagaaaa caaaaagaaa ggaagaaggg agggagggaa ggaggagaga agagagaagg    136860
     gaagaaaggg agagaggaag gaagggaggg aaggagggat gaagggaaga agggaagaag    136920
     ggaaggggaa gggaaaggga tgggaaagga aagaatttga tgcagtgaag agtgctaaag    136980
     caacatcagc agcttgtcta taacgtgcca ctgggtggca ccactgtcct tagctagtca    137040
     ctacagatat ggaaccagga tagaggacca tcaggctctc ttgcagagct taggtgaaaa    137100
     ctcagaagtc tatctctact gtattgacac acagatgcaa gtcactatag ttaaagttct    137160
     ctgcatatgt catcaacaca aggatatgtc ttcaggatgt tgtgtttatc agagactcct    137220
     ggaaagtaag tttgtcaaca ttgttgctta gtccaaaggc ttcagaaaca gctcactatt    137280
     ctaaatgcag attctcaggg aagtgagaga tgggacaggg gtgcagggtg gtcagaataa    137340
     cctagaaatc tttttcaagc tattaggttg aacgacataa aattgccaat agtaaaaaat    137400
     ttgctacaga caaaaaaaag gcaatttcaa gtggttcaac ataatataca cacatttaga    137460
     atcgctggct tattgagcca ctgtaatgat gagagtgtca catttctcat ttgttagggg    137520
     ggaaaagatt gagaagacac acacagttgg ccttttactt aaaatcatga agaattaact    137580
     gagcaaagag atggaaacaa caaaatatct aaaaataggg aataaactac agtcatgaac    137640
     cacataacat ttcagtcaat gacggactgc atatacagtt gtcccgtaag aatataatgg    137700
     agatgaaaaa ttcctgtaga ctagtgaagt cacagcaggg cacattattc aagaatacta    137760
     gcaaaccacc atggacatat caatatttct aaaaagaatg acaccttctc aagaagcacc    137820
     tcaggcaggt cctttaggag gtattccaga agaagacact cttataggag atgacagctg    137880
     catgcatgtt actgccctta aagaccttcc agtgggacaa gatgtggagg tgaaagacag    137940
     cgataccgat gatcctgacc ctttgtaggc ctcggctaat gtttgtgatt gtgtcttagt    138000
     tttttgtttt tgtttttgtt ttgagactgt gtcttagttt taacacagaa gtttaaagag    138060
     aaaaaaatca attttaaaaa tataaaaaag cttatagaat aaggacataa agaaaaaata    138120
     tttttgtaca gctgtacagt gtgtttgttt taagctaaat gttataaaag aatcaaaaag    138180
     tcaaaaaaat ttaaaagttt gtaaactaaa aaggttatag taagctaagg ttaatttatt    138240
     actgaataaa aatattttca taaatttagt gtagcgtaag tgtacagtat ttataaagtg    138300
     gacagtggtg tacagtaatg tcttaggcat tcacagtcag tcaccactca ttcactgact    138360
     cacccagagc aacttccagt cctgcaagct ccatttatgg taagcaccct atatagctga    138420
     accattttat catcttttat accgtttttt ttttacagta ccttttctat gtttagatat    138480
     atttagatac ataaatactg agcactgtgt tacaactgcc tacagtattc aatacagtca    138540
     catgctgtac aggtttgtag cctaagagca ataggctgta ccatacagtc ttggtgcata    138600
     gttggctata ccatctaggt ttctgtaagt acactctata atgttcacaa tgatgaaatt    138660
     gcctaactac ccatttctca gaacatgtcc ctgtcattaa gcaacctatg actatgtaac    138720
     tacatgtatt aaaaacagca aacatggcaa gaggttcaca aaagaagtaa atgctaatat    138780
     taagtataaa aaaagcaaga ggtgcagtgg ctcatgcctc taatcctagc actttgggag    138840
     gctgaggtag gggggatccc ttgagctcag gagttcgaga ccaggaatga gggatagtag    138900
     gaagatcacc gtattttgtt ttatgttttt atatacatac gttttctaaa ataaacatgt    138960
     ataataattt tgaattctga aaccaaagaa aaagattttg gtagaaaaac aagggaaatc    139020
     caaataaatt ccttagttta gttaacagta tcacactagt gttatataaa atgttaacat    139080
     taggggaagc tgggggcaca ttacacagga cctctgaact atcttaaaca aattttctgt    139140
     aatttaaaat cataaaacag gccaggcacc gtggctcatg cttgtaatcc cagcattttg    139200
     ggaggctgag gtgggaggat cgcctgaggt caggagtttg agaccagcct ggtcaagaag    139260
     gcgaaaccct gtctctacaa aaaaatacaa aaattagcca ggcatggttg tgtacacctg    139320
     taatcccaga tacttgggag gctgaggcag gaggatcgct tgaacccagg aggcagaggt    139380
     tgcagtgagc tgagatcatg ccactgcact ctgactgcat ctcaaaaaaa taaaattata    139440
     tatatatata tagagagaga gagagagaga gagatcaaaa cagtaaatca tataataaga    139500
     tgatattttt aaaatttaga agacatgaaa ctaaaacttt taaaaatcta aacaaaagta    139560
     tccacttggt taagtggtcc ctacatataa acaagaatat gatggtacaa agtttttctg    139620
     gtagtaagtc actgtgctct tttaaattgt aacagaaagt tataaaggca attatatcat    139680
     ctggcctctc ctaaatatga cagtgacatc accccactgg gtacggactc actgaagtgg    139740
     gaaacaaatg gttaattctc attttatttg gttttgtaaa catcattgct gaagaataac    139800
     atgttgattt aaggagggag aaaattaaaa gttaagtata gccagtaaca acccttttcc    139860
     ttcaaaatat tttttaaaat ctagtttccc aaaccctggg tagttacagg tacatgtgca    139920
     tgcatttgtt caagaaatac tcagtaagta tatactatgc cctgcctttg tggagcttac    139980
     tgttcaattg atattttaag tggacagaag actaacacag agaactagac atgtaggtag    140040
     aataggaaag gaagatcaca catgaggcaa tcctcaaccc tataataatt gcccaacctg    140100
     acaattatat gctttttaaa agttaaaaat aatagttacc ctctggaatt aaccagttat    140160
     acctgttact acttaagtat cacctggctt gctttgaaaa tgaatgttat taaaaacttc    140220
     cttcaaatat tggggcaagg aaaagtatgc aaagccaaag gatgaaagtg aggttctgaa    140280
     agaatagagg aagaaaaatg cagtgttgaa aagcaccaac tgagaaacta aaacatcttg    140340
     atcaatttca tctacagact agccagctgt tacaaacaac actgctgtct ggttataata    140400
     ctccagcaag tgtaaagttt ggaataggtt agttccactg tggaacacag ccaatggagg    140460
     tttcattctt taagtactta aaatgcctca gtataaggca cttttgcata gtgccaaaac    140520
     aagaactctt aacaacagat ttaaagagaa gggccagagc actaaaaaag cccaagcaga    140580
     gcagaagtct tttttcccat ctcaatgaaa tactatttaa ggaaggagag ttatgtatcc    140640
     ccatacaaag gtcagccaag aaaatggctg taatcctaac agtgttgata tttcctacta    140700
     gcagatattg cccatgtatc cctaatgcat ttagcttctg ttgcatctgc aatgtaatgt    140760
     acctttaaga tatccttttg cagctatttc tatgattatt taagatatat cacctttaaa    140820
     ctaggcagta attcaatcct ccttgaagca tctgcaacca atatgaatag caataaaata    140880
     taagagggta gtttgctttt tcatcaaagg caaaactaag gccaacacag aggacagttt    140940
     tgaaaacaaa cctgttctct cttacatctt taactctgat tgatggctat gtgaccgcgt    141000
     cttacaagcc tgattttttt ttaagaataa gaaaagattg gctcacgcct gtaatctcag    141060
     cactttggga ggccgaggcg gacggatcac ctaaggtcag tagttcaaga ccaacctgac    141120
     caacatggtg aaaccccgtc tctactaaaa atacaaaaaa ttatctgggc aaggtggcag    141180
     gcacctgtaa tcccacctac tagggaggct gaggcaggag aattgcttga actcaggaga    141240
     tggaggttgc agtgagccca gatagggcca ttgcactcca gcctgggtga caagaacaaa    141300
     actccatctg aaaacaaaaa aaaagaacaa gaaaagatta atttcaaaat gctttcaaca    141360
     gccccatctt acggttttca gggctgctaa tgcctgaaag tagaagggaa tgacattgag    141420
     gttcagagcc ttgtgccaag cccagacagc atcctggtct ttctgcagca atggggcagt    141480
     gccggtaaga gcaagggaaa aaatggtctg gcaatagcag gacatggccc caaccctggc    141540
     caaaaatcaa actcaacaca aattccaata gtttatactc acagccgtgt ccaacccttt    141600
     gaatgcgagg acatttttgc ttatctctgg tggtagatat cgtgaaaatt atgtacacac    141660
     ctttaatttt tttttttttt tttagctcat gagttatcat tagtgttagc atattttatg    141720
     tgtagcccaa gacaattctt cttccaacat ggtccaggga agccaaaagg ctggataacc    141780
     atggttgaga ggatcatccc acagaactgt tttatgcaac tcaaacaggt aactgcgcaa    141840
     ctttgatttt aactaaagag gtagaggtca taagcaaagt ccacaattct aagatttggt    141900
     tttctgtcct aaacaaattc ctactcactc ctcacaatgc aaaagtaaca ttttcccatg    141960
     atttcatgac aaaacgttac agcatttaga aaagactgga caaataatat gaccttaatg    142020
     ttacaatttg ctaggaatga tgcgaaattg aagaaatcaa ctccaggttg aaaaataatt    142080
     ctttcaaccg aagtgagctg cttcaaaatg tgttacttac atctcactga agtcattaag    142140
     taccatgtaa gtgttatata acaataatcc caactttgaa agacaaattc agttttgact    142200
     caattttgca gattttcact ggagactgat catcaaatga aacactgcag acttttcaat    142260
     atactactta gcttaagaaa tcccatagtc agccaggcgc agtggcttac tcatgtaatc    142320
     ccaacatttt gggagactga ggcaggcaaa ctgcttgagc tcacaagttg gagacctgcc    142380
     tgagcaacat ggcaaaaccc tgtctctaca aaaaatacaa aaattaactg ggcatggtgg    142440
     catgagcttg tggtcccagt acttaggatg cttatgtggg aggatcgctt gagcccagaa    142500
     ggtggaggtt gcagtgagcc gaggtcacac cattgcactt gggtgaaaga agtgaaaccc    142560
     tgtctcaaga aaaaaaaaaa aaagaaagaa aagaaatccc atagtctaca atttgttgtt    142620
     taaatatgtc tcttaagtac agactagatc tcagattatt ggtttttaaa actcaatgta    142680
     cactctggct atagactgta agttcactgc cactcctcct catctttggt aatgtcctag    142740
     tatggcatcc acctccactt ttaagctggc agtgccctaa gcaaggtgat ccttcaatca    142800
     gagggggtgc agggagacag tcaacagaat tcctcttcct cagttgaaga caattggaaa    142860
     caagattata aggaagcact ttatccctat gaggctaaca aacaaaataa acaaacaaac    142920
     aaaaaactgt ggtctttagg gttagggatt tttcaataaa aagatcagct ctgtaaaacg    142980
     tgttaggaac aaatcttctg ttttactaaa tgttatcaat gcaatcatag gccaatcact    143040
     ccacagaaac attttatgta accaaacaac aatggcatag atgcagggta ccacagagat    143100
     aagacagggg ttagggaact atcccaccac tagaatgttc tccaaagtgc cagaagtgcc    143160
     acctatgtag aagttgttat gcctatggca gcttaagagt gacccctact gagctaggat    143220
     tcaaggcagc tggcagggct gatgcaagtg tcaactcccc tattttgtac tccttgcgct    143280
     gaaaatcatc aatcattcag ttctaactaa gcccacaaag aaatgcaaag atatggctga    143340
     gctgtaatgg tgatgttggg gaactccatt tcaaaacagg aataaaaaag aaggtgggga    143400
     attcagcatg aaagttttca ttctgctgct gcctcttctg aaacagtctg tattttaagg    143460
     gataccacct ataatgaagt caattctttg ggggaatgtt tcctttaaaa agctactttc    143520
     cgccgggcgt ggtggctcac gcctgtaatc ccagcacttt gggaggctga cgtgggcgga    143580
     tcacctgagg tcgggagttt gggagttcga gaccagcctg accaacatgg agaaaccctg    143640
     actctactaa aaatagaaaa ttagccaggc atgacggctc atgcctgtaa tcccagctac    143700
     taaggaggct gaggcaagag aatcgcttga acccgggagg cggaggttga gatgagctga    143760
     gatcgcgcca ttgcatccag cctgggcaac aagagcaaaa ctccatctca caaaaaacaa    143820
     acaaacaaaa aaaaacaaaa aagctagttt cctggccagg catggtggca caggcttgta    143880
     atcccagcac tttggaaggc caaggcaggt agatcacttg aggtcaggag tttgtgacca    143940
     gcctggccaa catggtgaaa ccccttttct actaaaaata caaaaattag ctgggcgtgg    144000
     tggcacaggc ctgtaatccc agctactcgg gaggctgagg caggagaatc acttgaaccc    144060
     aggaggcaga gattgcagtg agccgagatc acgccactgc actccagcct aggcaacaga    144120
     gcgagactca aaaaaaaaaa agctactttc ctacaaacat ttaaataatc tcttgatgat    144180
     caagaggatg ttaaaattaa gtcaatgtgt atataaattt ttaaaaacct gcttccacat    144240
     aaaaatcctg gccttaatac ttgacactaa aaaataaaat cttagtaaaa cagtccaaaa    144300
     ttttctgggg ggaaatttga gctgtataac atacttaggt cagttatttt gcttaaaaat    144360
     ttataacatg taactctatt tgaatgaatg tgctaatact cacatttcta cttgaagaaa    144420
     taaaaaaact acacagcttc ccatctacag gttgctataa ttcaccaata cagtgtgcct    144480
     gagccctgcc ttttgtagtt tccaggttat agaaaaacaa cttgcttcac agaaattcta    144540
     acctactcct ataaggaatt gtctaggtac agaagggacc ccaatgcctt ccaaaatggg    144600
     tctttgcttt gcttgctgac actctgaacc cgaaatattc cactaaagac tttaaaccat    144660
     cctagactaa ccttgcaatt gactgttgac caaatcagga aagtttccat ggttccaggt    144720
     gaagaaatat cattatccta ggccttctct tctcttttct gctctgtttg tctgaaacat    144780
     attcatctaa caattgctac agctatttct gcccagttct acccttcagt aaagttgtga    144840
     tttttcaact gttctttgaa gctgcttctc aacttagtat cttcagtcgt catgcggaac    144900
     atagatcttt tacttggatt catcccatgt ggtattagtg ctagttcttc tttttcttct    144960
     caaaaccatg actgaatttt atgctcattc accaagttcc tgtctcctga ctgagggagt    145020
     tttcagtttt cagttcatct ggaaagcaga aattactaac atatcctgaa gcacagtgaa    145080
     ttttcaccat cttagcaggg cagctctgcc tatttctcca ggttttcttt gataaaacat    145140
     cattcaggta ttccccagga gagttggtcc ttcaaaaccc tatcattatt tatagtatta    145200
     aaatacttta agtccacatt aaaggtaata aaacagaata cctaagaaaa aacaggggcc    145260
     aggcgtggtg gctcatgcct ataatcccag cactttggga gaccaaggca ggcggatcac    145320
     ctgaggtcag gagttcgaga ccagccgagc caacatggtg aaaccccatc tctactaaaa    145380
     atacaaaaat tagccaggcg tggtagtgca tgcctgtagt tccagctact cgggaggctg    145440
     aggcaggaga atcgcttgaa cctgggaggc agaggttgca gtgaggcgag atcccgccac    145500
     tgcactccag cctgggtgcc agagtaagac tccgtcaaaa aagaaaagaa aagaaaagaa    145560
     aaaagaagaa acagttattt caccatacct ccccactcca ttaacctcat aactaccaca    145620
     agaatccacc attaacattt tcaatgcctc tgtaaaagtt caatctcaca tgccctctca    145680
     ttaaccaagt gagaaataga gaaactctat cctgattccc tttaaaatct gctaacttga    145740
     tatcacctaa aatcctctgt actgtgaaat caattccaaa aaggcctaaa cggctttgga    145800
     gaatagggac actgtttcaa tcatcataac aaaaacctga gtatagctat gttgggcctt    145860
     cacattaaca ccattgtcta ccaggtagaa tcttgttttg taaaatgcac tgttgaattc    145920
     atggaaaata gtaagtaaca aaaacccttc aacaaaagta agatattttc acctctaagt    145980
     cctacagcat aaacccagag gaaattataa tgggtcttca gcaaatttgt ttaacaaata    146040
     cttctagacg acaagagaaa gtagcataca cacatacttg cccaaatcaa acttaattct    146100
     ctgacacagt tctcctaata atcaatttga taaactacaa actgagatat catagaaaaa    146160
     ggttatgttg ccacagatac ctagattttc tttactttta taagttgcaa aagaatacaa    146220
     ctacacacac ctctaccaaa aactagccac agcagttggt ttttctttga acaaaaataa    146280
     ccattcaggt tcagtgttta attcttcgct aaaatcaaac tccacccaaa aaaagcttcc    146340
     taatgatatt ttaatatatt gcacttttac gtcatcattg ataactacaa tgtaaataac    146400
     atgttcatag ttaaattcaa aacagaactg aactgattca acattaaaga ctttaaaatt    146460
     ccttggttat ttactttggt gaccatgact tttttttttt tttaattctg gtttgtccta    146520
     gaaaccagtt attttaacta aaacactgta tttacatggc acgatgttgg ccttttccca    146580
     ccagatgtct ttttcactta ctcggagtta ctgatgctgc aagatgctca caatatagtg    146640
     tcgagttaaa gaagcaagtt acaaatcagt atgtacagta aaaacccatt tttgtagaaa    146700
     ggtgatatat gtgtgcacat gtgcatgcaa gtgtccatac atataagcac aagcatatat    146760
     accaaaaagt tgacaatgga tgtttctggg tatgaaatta ctgtttttat tcttttttat    146820
     acttatattt ttggtgtcaa aaatttagaa aataccaata cttcatcgat agcagaaaac    146880
     atcatttttt taaaaacctg agtgttcagt acaaggcatt aattacattt acagtagagt    146940
     gttgttgtag aatgaaggaa tcctattata agcatcctcc agtgtgcaaa tgtttcatat    147000
     tagtaatctg catacctact atcaaaatag taattgtatt ttgctataat agtaatctgc    147060
     atacctacta tcaaaattgt aattgtaaat tataatatat aatatagaat tgtatagaga    147120
     aaaagtaaaa ctatactgcc ctcctctaac accactctct tttcctctag ggataattac    147180
     tcttgatgtg tatcaatcag attgttttgt attacccata cacatgataa gggtttattt    147240
     ttagataagt ggaattatgg tatacaactg ttctttgact ccctccccct ctcttcccct    147300
     gcttaacagc atactttgga actcctatgt cagtgtatat atgtctaacc aagaggcttt    147360
     tcttcttttt ttatttaata actcaatggt attccacagt ataacttatc attatttaaa    147420
     tcattcccct accgatgaat atttaggata cagccaaatt ttcacagtta ccaacagttt    147480
     cactgcagcg aaaccttata catagtttta tacacatgta atatttccct agaattgttt    147540
     tctaataaaa ctattgggtc aaaatgtatg cacatttaaa aatgagatga ttttggtatt    147600
     cttcagcaaa gagttataca tgtgaactct cattaacagt atatgcaaat gcctatttgt    147660
     taaaagtgga tattaagttc ttgccaatct gtctggtgaa aaatggttta catttcccta    147720
     ataaccagag tgaatttgaa catcttttct tttttattca ccagtacttc ttttcctggg    147780
     aaatgcccat gtataatctt ctgccacttt ttgctttttg tagtgggtac ctttctctta    147840
     ttgatcttta ggagctcttt atatattatg gatattatgc agtagaaacc cttttatcta    147900
     atgtgattta gaacaattgg ttatgtaatt taaaaggtta atttcaggta aacgatcata    147960
     aaaatatgca tggcaaacat ttcaccttcc tttcatcagt ggtatatata tactcattca    148020
     acaaactttt tgtgtgtgtg gttttggttt atttattttt ggggggcttt tttgtttttt    148080
     tgtttgtttc tgagacaggg ttttgctctg atgcccaggc tggaatgcag tggagtgacc    148140
     ttggatcgct gcaacctctg cctcccgggc acaagctatc ctcctgcctc agcctcccaa    148200
     gtatctggga ctgcaggtgt gcatcaccat gcctggctaa tttttgtttt tgtgtttttg    148260
     agacaaggtc tcactctgtc acccagggtg gaatgcaatg acgtgagtga tcatggttca    148320
     ctacaacctc cacctactgg gctcaagcaa tcctcccacc tcagcttccc cagtagttgg    148380
     aaccataggc acatggcacc atgcccaact aaatttttgt attttttggg ctgggtgtgg    148440
     tggctcacgc ctgtagtctc agcactttgg gaagctgagg caggcagatc acctgaggtc    148500
     aggagtttga gaccagcctg gccaacatgg cgaaacctca tctctactaa aaatacaaaa    148560
     attagctggg tgtggtggtg ggcacctgta atcccagcta ctcgggtggc tgaggcagaa    148620
     gaatcgcttg aatctgtgag gcagaggttg tagtgagccg agatcatgcc actgcactcc    148680
     agcctgggcg acagagcgag attccgtctc aataataata ataataataa taataataat    148740
     aattttctgt agagatgggg tttctccatg ttgcccaggc tggtctcaaa ctcctggcct    148800
     caagagatct gcctgccttg gccttccaaa gtgctgggat tacaggcatg acccactgta    148860
     cctgacctgg gttttttttg tttttgtttt gttttggttt ttttatttaa agacaggatc    148920
     tcactctgtc tcccaggctg gaatgcagtg gtgtgatcat gactcactgc aaccttgaac    148980
     tcctggcctc aagcaatcct cctgtctcag cctcctgagt gactggggac tacaggtgtg    149040
     tgccaccata cccagctatt tttttttttt ttttttttga gacagggtct tgctatgttg    149100
     ctcaggctgg tcttgaactg gcttcaagca atcctcctgc tttggccccc caaaacgttg    149160
     ggattacaag ataagccacc atgtcagcct caaactttct atatggggcc aagaggccaa    149220
     gacctttttc tctaactcca ggcccattga ttttacattt gacaagtaat gtgagtataa    149280
     aaccctttta gatggctggt gcggtggctc acacctataa tcccagcact ctgggaggcc    149340
     aaggcaggcg gatcacgagg tcaggagatc gagaccatcc tggctaacac ggtgaaaccc    149400
     tgtctctact aaaaatacaa aaaaattagc caggtgtggt ggagggcgcc tgtagtcatg    149460
     agaatggcgt gaacccggga ggtggagctt acagtgagcc gagatcacgc cactgcactc    149520
     cagcctgggt aacagagcga gactccgtct caaaaaataa aataaaataa aacaaaataa    149580
     aataaaactc ttttagattt ttagattttt tccacatatc ttgtatagtc atcttaccca    149640
     catctaagtg gacagtattt ttttttgcaa cttgttttca ttaactcttc tcaaaacaat    149700
     gtttcatcat aatgaatcta aatgtaacca tcacccagct tcaacagtta ttcatatgtg    149760
     ctgaattgtg tttcttccat actacccaca acccacctcc atccctcacc ccttgtataa    149820
     tgttaagcaa atcccagaca tcatattatt tcatttgtaa attttcagta aaaagaactc    149880
     caatctcccc cactcatata ttgtcaggtt acaacatatt aaacaaatta ccttttaaaa    149940
     acaaatccaa ccaggctgag cacggtggct cacgcctgta atcgcagcat tctgggaggc    150000
     tgaggcacgt ggatcatctg aggtcaggag ttcaagacca gcctggccaa catggcaaaa    150060
     ccccgtctct actaaaaata caaaaaaaat tagccaggca tggtggtggg cacctataat    150120
     cccagctact caggaggcta aggcaggaga attgcttgaa cccaggaggc ggaggttgca    150180
     gtgagccgag attgcaccat tgcactccag cctgggcaac aagagcaaaa ctccatctca    150240
     aaaacaaaca aaccaaccaa caaacaaaaa aacaaataca accaacatat accggtttag    150300
     tagtaaaaaa aattactgta ctggtaggta aacaagcaca ctggagtact ggagatcaac    150360
     caactaatac caagtattca gtgtacactg tattttacaa aggaaataaa aattattcaa    150420
     tgtggtgagt caattaagtg gaggtcaatt aaagcttcta atgcatatgt agaagctttt    150480
     tcatttttat ttattttatt tatttatttt ttgagacagg gtctcactct atcacccagg    150540
     ccagagtgca gtggtgcaat catagctctc tgcagcctcg acctcccagg ctcaagggat    150600
     cctcccactt cagactctgg agtagtaaag actacaggca catgccacca tgcctggctt    150660
     tttttttggt ttttggtttt ttttttgttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tagagacagg    150720
     gtctcactat gttgtccagg ctggtctcaa actcctgggc tcaagcaatc ttcccacctt    150780
     ggcctcccaa agtgctggga ttataggcgt gagccgcagt gcccggccat cacttgtctt    150840
     tttaactggg ttatgatgtc ttacactttc cagaagattt ttttaaatat atacttagat    150900
     ttttaaaata tattcttaag ttatttttgt gtatgatgag agatggagat ttattacttt    150960
     ctaaatacac agccacctgt ctttactcaa tttccatttt caacatcaca cttagaacac    151020
     ttaaaagaac taaagtgtca actgcttcgt tataaaaaag gaagttgtac aaacaaaata    151080
     ataaaccaac agtctaagct cagtttgata ggctcttact actatgtact taaagatcac    151140
     atagcagttt caggagcaaa aacactacca tgcctggctc tcttattacc gctacggctc    151200
     acaacagggt ctccaaaaga catcatagac tgcatagaag tctatctgca gcttactgat    151260
     tgccacacat gtaaattcac attcacattt aaataaccca cacttaacaa caaaatcaac    151320
     cgtctcaact ctctatgcat tccttattgc tgctcctaga ccacagtgct ttggagactt    151380
     agtaaagaaa atgaatgcac tctcctgaat cacaatatca cctggaaatg taaccagaag    151440
     gtataaaaag tcagggtagt ttgttaaatt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtaa    151500
     tcaacaattt ataaggttac cttatctctg gggtcagcac tttttctgta aaggtccaga    151560
     gagaaaattg gcttcacggg ccataagggc tctgtttcag ctctgatgtt gtattgtgaa    151620
     tgcggccaga aaacacataa attaatggat gtggctatat tccaagagaa gtttatttac    151680
     aaaaaccggt ggtgggcagg atttggccac aggcagtatt ttgccagccc ctgccttata    151740
     ccaatgtttt atctttttca aataacaatc tacttccctc actgcacaca tatttgagta    151800
     aatatagtaa cactgaaggg acaaataatt tcagtactgc cttacagaaa tgaatattct    151860
     caaaattaat cactaacctt ttcctataag tccttctcat atgagcacat acatttttca    151920
     aaatataaaa ctgtaaacat caccttgaac ctaatattta tttcaaaaga cagttacaat    151980
     gagtgtcatg tagctgctat aaaaggaaaa atgcagtcta gacagtcaaa tacaatgatc    152040
     ttttattcat tattctcata atcaacagtg agtagaaaag tctgctaaat acatggtcat    152100
     gaatcataac ttcactactc aaaatgcaga agtagacttt caaagtacat ttaaataaga    152160
     acacaaattt gttttttgga ttacttacca aaatccttga tggaaaatga tacagttttg    152220
     ccaaaatatt tttaatttag aaagtgaaac caaaaacctc tttagcatat catgcgtcta    152280
     tttaatttta aaatacaaat tttaatgttg cctttgacag cctggtgagg tagacattat    152340
     atttttaagg cagccatttt aatatagtga gagcatgtgt gaatatgcat taacattcta    152400
     agccattaag gccacttgtt cacagaatat atttgagctc taaaattgtt gaaagagaaa    152460
     atgctcaaat agcttacaga aataatggat gttatacaga acagaaagga atcaaattaa    152520
     ataacaaaag tttgtaagat ttcttgacac caaaagcaca gtccatagag gaaaaattaa    152580
     taaactggac ctcatccaaa ttaaagcctt ttgctctgtg aaattccctg tgaagaggtt    152640
     ggaaagacaa gctacagact gggagaacat attttcatac cactacctga caaatgatta    152700
     gtattaagaa taaaaaggcc gggcgcggtg gctcacgcct gtaatcccag cactttggga    152760
     ggccgaggcg ggtggatcat gaggtcagga gatcgagacc accctggcta acacggtgaa    152820
     accctgtctc tactaaaaat acaaaaaaaa aaaaaaatta gccaggtgtg gtggcgggtg    152880
     cctgtagtcc cagctacttg ggaggctgag gcaggagaat ggtgtgaatc tgggaggcgg    152940
     agcttgcaat gagattgcac cactgcactc cagcctgggc aacagagcga gactccgtct    153000
     caaaaaaata ataataataa taataaaaaa ctcttaaaac ccaccaggtt aaaaaaaaaa    153060
     tccaaataga aaatggacaa aagacatgaa ctgacatttc actgaagata cagagaatgg    153120
     caaataaaca catggaaaaa tgatcaacat cattggcgat cagaaaaatg caaattaaaa    153180
     ctaggaggat atattactac acacctatga gaatggctaa aataaaaaat agtaacagca    153240
     ccaaatgctg tcaaggatga ggagcattca cacattcctg gtgggaatgt aaaatggtac    153300
     agccactctg gaaaatggtt tggcagttcc ttagaaaact aaacatgcaa gtgctatacc    153360
     acccaagaag tacactctca ggcatttcag aaacagaaat ttatgttcac acaaaatcct    153420
     gtggacaact gttcatatga gctttattca aaataggcaa taaaaaaata aataaataag    153480
     taaaacaaac aaaaaccctg gaaacatcag atgcccttca agaggtgact ggttaaacaa    153540
     actgcagtaa atccatatta tggaatacta ctcaccaatg gaaaggaaca agccattgat    153600
     aaagggtata ttccttgcac taatctccaa ggaattatgc tgagtgaagt aaagtcagtc    153660
     tccaaaggtt atatactgtg tgattcattt atataagcat ttttgaaatg acaaaattat    153720
     agacatgaaa aacagaccag tggttgccag gagtcaggga tgaagggaga cggctacatc    153780
     tataaaaaga caacaaaaag gatccttgtg gtgatgcaat tgttctgtat cttgactgtg    153840
     gtagtgctta tataaatctg cacgtgataa cattatgtag aactaaatac atacatgcaa    153900
     atgactgcat taaagctgac gaaatctgag tacggttgat ggattgcatc gatttcaatt    153960
     ttgtagttgt gatgttacac tatacttatg catgaggcta ttattggggg aaattagata    154020
     aagcgtatta tttcttacaa ctatatgtga atctacaact atctcaaaat aaaaagttaa    154080
     aagggaaaga aagagtatat aagaccagcc aatggtagaa gtggaaaaac aaagctttta    154140
     tttttgctaa aggctcagca attgaaagga tggagaaaaa ggtaatgtca aagagtctac    154200
     aggctacaat taatagaatc atctcttcct cccctatgga aacttaactt ctccagaatt    154260
     ttgtttgtcc ttgatttcac tgttgttgtt tttaacaaaa ataaactgga tgtacatctg    154320
     tctctccaca tgccccccaa ccatctccat cagcccaaag tataaactca tagagtaggg    154380
     tttgtcttaa ccatcatgtc ctgagggcct gacatacgtg acagataaag gaagaagata    154440
     gttgaatgaa ttaataaatg aatgagatgc ccacatatta ttttaaagtt cctagccaat    154500
     tacagttgta aggcagtatg tgagtgcggt ggcgtgatct cggctcactg caagctccgc    154560
     cttccgggtt cacgccattc ttctgcctca gcctcccaag tagctgggac tacagtcacc    154620
     caacaccacg cctggctaat tttttgtatt tttagtagag acggggttcc accgtgttag    154680
     ccaggatggt ctcgatctcc tgacctcatg atccgccggc ctcggcctcc caaagtgcta    154740
     ggattacagg cgtgagccac cacacccagc cattccctta taaatttcta aaagccatgg    154800
     acatttaaaa aatagtgcgg tataacacac atttcacttg caagcagaaa ttaacataat    154860
     acccaacatt tgtaaaatgg ttctgagttt atagattttc acatataatt atttatttaa    154920
     tcaggattaa ggactaagta tacctaaatt gaaaccacta tacacaaacc tttgagaaaa    154980
     acattctagt caactggtat aacaggattt atgacagcct taacgcaaat tgcattatat    155040
     gtgtgtgtgt atacctatat atacacgtgt gtatatatat atttgtcata tatattcatt    155100
     ataagaatat atcattcaaa ttgggggact tgtggatcat ttcaacaacc ataaagacac    155160
     ttattttaca gatgcaaaaa ctaagagagg tgaagtgact tgttcaaggt taaatatata    155220
     tctagagttg ggtctagaac ctgagcctct ccagagttcc aattcatttc tcttgtctga    155280
     attgaacaag actcttcttt cttcacccat ctcaccccta ccaaaaatac tgaaagaaat    155340
     atcttaatct aaatcacttg tgtttttaaa tagggggttt tccaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac    155400
     ccacaaaatt gaatttactc aagctttcaa ttgctgtatt acaccttcca tggattttta    155460
     gttgtcaaat tatttcttat agcaggacaa taaggtactt tattctaagg tacaagtata    155520
     ctgacagttt aatgtttcat cccccaccta aatggcagag agtgttaatt ctaacaggag    155580
     tcttacatgt cttacacttt agcagtttca atcaaaagat gagctatttt acaatttaag    155640
     gaagaggcct tacactgtta aaatcttgac cgatatgctc aatggcagta ccatcattga    155700
     atctccacct gctgccttac gtatcaagaa catttaaaag tctttcttgt tagagacaaa    155760
     ataaaagaaa aactaaggtg acaagcgact atgagaaata aggctttaat caggttaaat    155820
     ttgcattatg cagcctgcat gaatttagag gtcctagaat caaaacacta gaaggaacct    155880
     ttgatatgct ctagttcaac agactgattt ttgcagaaga ggaaactgaa gcattgatga    155940
     gaccattaac tgataaagca aaccgcttac tttttcaaag ggattcattt caatgccatt    156000
     ttacccttat tttgcatctc actgttgttt ctcagagcga cgattgacct tttttttagg    156060
     tgaaaagagc gaatagagca aattaatttc aagagggtga aaaatgcctt tgaaggagga    156120
     gatgctggag tgaagaggag aaatgacgtc ttatttaaaa tatgtaaccc cttgatgggg    156180
     ttagacaatg aatcatattc ccctagattt ttctatgtct atagacatca gccacagttc    156240
     tttcgggcac tcaaacgaga ggaagaggaa gtgaataaag ctcatactaa atatatagca    156300
     cccactgaag gcagggatgt agacagaaag aacgggggtg ggggaaggaa ggaaagcacg    156360
     cttcgccagg atccagctgt tttctaacaa acctaagcct acggaagcta ggaagatatc    156420
     ggaagcaagg aagatatcgg aagcgacggc atccctcaaa ttcgagaggg cggatgcctc    156480
     tacggctaga gaggctccct agccctcagt tacagagcga ctgggagggg acaaaatgga    156540
     gttgaggttt aggggcaccc taaaggtcgt ttggaggtct agcaagcact tcatggtctc    156600
     ctccggaaag ggccgtggca aagcctagta ccccgatcag gaagatgact tctggccctc    156660
     gggatgcggt gagcggcagg aagaggcagg ctggggttcc gaggacccca gagtccatca    156720
     caggagcaga tacagtgacc tcgggaatct taccggcccc agcggaggcg agcggataga    156780
     tagccctggc tcaaggaaaa aagcgagccg actccaggag ctggaatgcc cacccaacct    156840
     cctcccggct caggtgaggt acgccagtcc ccctctggaa atggggccct ggtaccgaca    156900
     gggcaggggt gccgcggccg caacctccct atccagggat actcaccgga ggggcggccc    156960
     accgcgtctt cgcagccggc cggcgcctgg cactcgggaa gctcgcaaaa aggaaccgcg    157020
     tgcccgctag cgctgggacg aggaggagcg cgcggcggag gccagagaaa aagccgcagc    157080
     ggcgcgcgcg cacccggaca gccggcggag gcgggactca gcgcgagccc ggaaaagacg    157140
     cgcccggagg ggcgggcgga gcgggggcgc gcggtggtgt ggcagagcca gccgaatcgc    157200
     tggctgcaga cggctcggcc cacccacgcg cccgcccccg ctcgcccggg acgtcagtcg    157260
     aaaaggcgga gccgaacggg cttcccgggg cgcgggaggg gcgctgcgag gaaggcgagg    157320
     cggctaacgg ctcgcctcaa gttgttgctc ccgctggcga tccgcttctg tcaggctcgc    157380
     tgctggtgtc gttgagtgtg tttcgggatg tccttgcgcc taacagcagt gaggcgcaga    157440
     attggcccac gccctcacct gcggcttgct tcgcaggact ccaccctagg ataaaagttc    157500
     ccctcgggtc atcttccagc tgccctcaaa agacactcat ttttgggttt cactgctcct    157560
     ggtttagaga gctatcttaa acactttgac taaaagcatc ttgctcctgt aagcctgaac    157620
     taatgcctct catccattta tcttgcctct tactgcgtta agatccccgc tcactcccac    157680
     tgatgaaata tcacaaggac gcaggatttt cacgttgtct ttcatttcca cgatggtatc    157740
     atggcaaaaa aaaccccaac tgataaggaa aagtcaccgc agctttgtga catcttacta    157800
     gccctgatca ttgcttataa gccggtcata cgaatgctgt tccaacagat gcaagaaatt    157860
     gctattaaaa ttaaaatgcc agcgaactat ctgagggctt caaaagggac agaccataat    157920
     tgcaaatgag gcctgataaa ctgccaagaa tatatcaccc aaaaaaataa atctcaagaa    157980
     ttcttccagt tccctgatgc gtaatggtga actagcttcc tgttcctgat ggtaattgac    158040
     atttcacttc acttgctgat ttccattttc ccatagaatt accatttgtg cttgtgtgtg    158100
     tgtatatata tatgtatata taaaatgcct taccacctga gattacaagc tagagtagtt    158160
     cttcagtgtg catcacaatt atctggggtg cttgttgaaa tgtaggtacc tggagctaca    158220
     acccccaggt attttgattc tgatctgggt agggataaga aatttgaatt tttaataagc    158280
     agcccaggtg acactaaaag tggttagctg agagcacaga gctatagttt ttgtgttact    158340
     actctaaagc catattacca attcaatttc caagaaaccc acccacttac atataatata    158400
     cctataaata ttgctaagac agtcatgtag cttccttttt caagattgac ctacaaagtt    158460
     cagtacttca aacaacgagt ttaattgtca tgtttatttt atgaaatctt gttttaatac    158520
     cagaaataag caatcatatg tcaggtatgt aattcactgg gtaactatga tgtacagagc    158580
     actatcacct acagttgggt taacacaaat gaaattgaag aaatgaatat cgctgttctc    158640
     aataaagtta gtgtctagtt gtggaattaa aatatagata taatacaaac ccagtgtagc    158700
     acataaatca gtgtgctgga tgaagatgaa aaagaacttg taattaaaga gtacttttgc    158760
     cagtttcctt tattgtcagt ctcttagccc agacattttc aattaggtaa tttcctctga    158820
     acagagtctt cagcttactg aagttcctcc agctctacaa gatataaagg aaagaaatca    158880
     ctatagcctg aaactatccg ttttttggta tacaaatgtg tgtatgatat acatatagat    158940
     atgtttatca gaccaagaaa ctacttggat tttcaagatc tcttattact taagctattc    159000
     attagtgtgt acagttctgg ctgtcttcat cacctaccac atctcacctt cttccacatt    159060
     taactgcacc caagttgaag aggaaagaag aactatacct ccaaaaagga aaccaagtat    159120
     aaccacgcta tttccagctt tcctttttcg gagtcaaaac aaaccttgct taatttcttg    159180
     tcatcagaaa ccttccagaa attactgccc aggagcaaaa tatttcccaa gcagctgtct    159240
     gacattttaa agagaacatt tgcaacgttg tttattagtt aggaagatag ggtattatta    159300
     tccctatttc acagatgaag aaatagatgc aggttaagtg tcttgtccag tcacacaact    159360
     aagtagtaac agagcctgaa tttcctacta cactgcttat gactcctaga ccagggtgct    159420
     tgccgctaca tcaagctgcc tctgtaatga gtcctaccca gaactaccaa cccaattaga    159480
     aatggagtag ataaacgtat ggaaatggaa gagttaggaa aatgtacaat gcaattgaca    159540
     gattcaaaat acaatgtaat aagtactaaa agcatgataa ttagtctgtt agaagctaaa    159600
     cagaatttaa aggacaactc tgttaacagg cactgatatt taggccttgc ctgttttatt    159660
     attctgtaac aagaagctga aacagatagc caggctgctc ttggcattag ttatttatgg    159720
     aagggcagaa aacaactgtt cttcattgac tgtgtaacaa gcctttgcgt gttaaacttc    159780
     acgggtttgt agaataataa taattttctc ctgtggtcta aatacaagca gcagggcttc    159840
     ataataatat ttgcattgac aagttgtgtt agattttgtc attaacaaac cttatttttt    159900
     gcagacccaa caaccaggcc aaatattgtc tttagtggct tgtgttaaac aaccggtgaa    159960
     atcagaaacc tacgtagaag atgatctcac tgtgaacata aataataacc taagccactc    160020
     ctttcaaaaa tgatcaaagg catagtagct acatctaaat gttatttttg agaaatgatt    160080
     tgttttttca aaataactat ttcttttcat tctggcacat ttttcaggtt tttaaattaa    160140
     tggaaacacc aaaacaaata gacatctagt gcacccagat aggaagacac agtattgtat    160200
     ggagtcaagt ttttccaaat taatccgtca agacagtcca catcaaaatc acagcaggat    160260
     tttaatggaa cttaatttcg gtttctctca tgaaactcat ttgtcctttt taaagataac    160320
     tacaacaccc tctaaataaa atcctccaca gttatccttg aaattgtttg tgcaaccttc    160380
     ccataaagaa tcaaaaataa caaaatattt ttattatcca taaggccatg agtatgtgaa    160440
     aaatctattg tggttgtcat tgaatctgta agaaagttgc ctttggtata tttttgccca    160500
     ctctctgtag tgattctagc ccagtaatat tacaaaaaaa gataggtcat caatttcata    160560
     acttgcctta aatctctttt tattatgctt tccctttaac atacaaaaag cttccaatat    160620
     gtcctattct taaaagacca gtaaaataac aaaattttaa aatgtccctt actcaaaatc    160680
     ttcgactatt agtgctggga agccacttag atgcagagta gcaggatgga aaccatatgg    160740
     gtttggactt aagccaacca ccctagacca agttatataa cattttcctg agcctcagcc    160800
     tcttctgtaa attggggata ataatggtac ctcattcata agactcttct gagggaggat    160860
     taaatgaaat catgcctata aaattcctga tttatggcaa gtgtgtataa aatgatggct    160920
     attaatcacc aagttcaacc tcttcatttc acagatgaga aaaaggaagc tagaaccaga    160980
     acaatctttc tccagattct cctattcagt aactttcttt acaactaagg acaaattcct    161040
     tgagaagtgg tctacagcca cttcattcac taagtcacta tctgacctcc aagttaatct    161100
     ccattcccat caatcctaca aatattccta ttgctaatgc cgtctatgaa atagacaaac    161160
     cccataattt tgcttaaata attatgggac tatttcactc tgaaactgag tgaatagtcc    161220
     ccactgggac tattggactg attaaacctt tggatattta ttcaaagcat ccctcttcaa    161280
     accaaaattc tgtaataaaa ctgtctgctt cacttggacc ctacatggca cctgatacaa    161340
     gccaaattac tgttattcaa ataaaacatt tttaacaatg tgtttgaatg aataattatt    161400
     acttttagaa atagatataa aagattgtta aatattttta atttttcttt tcaagttggt    161460
     aagatcttta gattgataat attcaatttt ggcaagaata tgaagaaact tgcactcttc    161520
     atattctaag taggagcgta aattggtttg gcccctttat tttattttat ttatttattt    161580
     ttgagacaga gtcttgcact gttgcccagg ctggagtgca gtggcacgac ctcagctcac    161640
     tgcaacctct gcctccgggg ttcaagagat tctcaagcct cagcctcctg agtagctggg    161700
     attataggtg cccgccccca tgcccagcta acttttgtat ttttagtaga gatggggttt    161760
     caccacattg ggcaggctga tcttgaactc ggaactcagg tgatccacct gcctcggcct    161820
     cccaaagtgc tgagattaca ggcgtgaacc actgcagcca gtctggcctt tttaaaagac    161880
     aatttggcag tatcttttaa attttaaaat gcatatactc tttgacattt tcatgtacag    161940
     ggctctacta tacagagaaa cttgaacaaa tacacaaaga tctatgcaca ggaatagtaa    162000
     ccagactatt attttaatag tgaaaaatta atcaaaaatc ccaagtgttc attaacagga    162060
     atgcggttaa taccttatgg tatatccata ctatggaata ctgttaggtt aaaaaaaaaa    162120
     aaagaatgag gcacaattat ttaaatatct atatgcaaac ataatgacat gaaatgatgt    162180
     ttgtgatata ttattaagcg aataagagca atttgcagtt caatacacat aattcattct    162240
     cattttgaaa aaatataagt atatgtcaca gtatgtgtgt gcagcaaaca tctggaaaga    162300
     tctataccag atctatacca gataatgaac agttgttatc tctacagaaa gggatcagag    162360
     acttctttat atacttactt ctattgagca aaagaggtga agtgaacagg cacttctttt    162420
     gtaatataaa taagaataaa gagacaatca gtggaaaaat gagccttact gaatgaaaat    162480
     ttgctttaca aatagccttt ctggaatgtg tttagcttat gtacagtgat gtacagctac    162540
     agagaatttg ggaaccttca ctagggccta tttgcaccat ggctcaataa agagagtata    162600
     gtcttaggga ggaccaattc ctaagctgtt ctagatcatc ctacctaaat ttttgccctt    162660
     tggcaacaaa attagatttg ttgaactatt tcatagatac cattgaaaca agcttgtaaa    162720
     aagttgaggt taagaccagg tgtggtggcc catgcctgaa atcccagcta cttgggaggg    162780
     tgaggcagga ggatcacttg agtccaggag ttcaagactg aggcaggaga atggcgtgaa    162840
     cccgggaggc agaggttgca gtgagccgag actgagccac tgcactccag cctgggcgac    162900
     agagggagac tccatcttaa aacaacaaca acaacaacaa caacaaaatt agccaggtgt    162960
     ggtggcaggc gcctgtagtc ccagctactg gggaggctga gacgagaatg gcgtgaaccc    163020
     aggaggcgga gcttgcagtg agcgagatcg cactccagcc tgggtgacag agggagactc    163080
     tgtctcaaaa aaaagaaaaa aaagaccctt cagcttcaat catacctccc ttccccacac    163140
     cccatactat accttgtttc ccagcattgc agaagctatt taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    163200
     gttaacctaa ggctgaaaga ctaaatacag atacacaagg aaagtactga tgcaaagtac    163260
     atttgtaaat taacaaaaaa gaaatggcca tggggtaata aaaatatcaa aatcagattt    163320
     tcggataatc cagatcagat cagttccctg ataaagttat ctgatagtga aatttaatag    163380
     agcctttatc tgctacagtg ttcaagatga gaaaacctct aaaattgaaa aaaaaaaata    163440
     ctaatgtatc gaccatgtca gcgacattca tctgagattg ctagcctttc cctttccatt    163500
     ggctttttgt attaatccca ggattatgaa caaactcatg ctgtgctgta cctaaatgca    163560
     acataatcct tcccaggtag atcttaaact cctgactcct catcagagac tgaagttgcc    163620
     agttgtactc ttgtggcaat gtgatgaccc agagctcact ggggcctatg ttagaagaaa    163680
     acccctacag tggcagggca gaatgacctc accatttatt atgacttttc ctacaaatgg    163740
     ggaaaaaaag gggggagttt caaaacccag taccttcctg tagaaaataa aatgcatcat    163800
     cagattaaat gaaaattaaa gtgtcctcat ttgagatcat cacagacatt acagcatgaa    163860
     agactggaaa aatgcagaag atgaaaagtg ttgtagctac tgaataggag acagtgctat    163920
     gttctgtctg agcccgttgc accatgtttg aaaaacaaac atctatgaca cacattgcaa    163980
     aacctagatt aagaaacctc agggcagagg gcagatcatc acacgtacaa gtgtacccag    164040
     gcacttggcc agtacacaaa gaggtacatg gcttcagcac ttcgaagtct gtgtccttgg    164100
     gcctctttgt ttaaaaaaaa gaactatttt catgatacag gtttgatcaa ggcaacagtt    164160
     ttactttctg taaatgtaaa caaagaaagg atatgcattt gcctgtgaaa tttaaagtgc    164220
     ctaacacatg aacttttcaa atagaatgat agagctgtaa agaactttaa agatcatcaa    164280
     aagtccagtc acttatttat ttaaaaatga ggaaactggg gctccaagag gttaaataat    164340
     ttacccaagg ttacaaaact tgttatttca gaactgagga ctggaacaca gatctcctga    164400
     ctctcagttc agtgatcacc ccactttgcc acgttgccta cctcatacta tttcctagag    164460
     attttacaat ataaccataa acaaagttat cataaccaca ctttctaaag tgccctgatt    164520
     tgcttggatt aaaaaatcaa caggaatatc taaggaaaac agaaaaagat gatctgttgg    164580
     atttatgtgg aatatgtctg aggaagcaac tggaattttt gaagagaaag attatttctt    164640
     ctcctttaca taatttgtta tggaaaaaag tctaaacttt tccaatacat ttgttatcat    164700
     ctggatgtgc ttaatctacc cctcaacaaa cgtccactcc aggtttcaaa ctcctcctta    164760
     cccaacgtgc tgatggcgtt gatagcttgc ttttcttatt tcctatctgc cactttttgt    164820
     ttgcttgttt gttttttgag agggagtctc cctctgtcac ccaggctgga gtgcaagggt    164880
     gtgatctcgg ctcactgcaa cttcctcctc tagagttcaa gcgtttctcc tgcctcagcc    164940
     tccggagtag ctgggattac aggcgcccgc caccacgcct ggctaatttt tgtattttta    165000
     gtagagatgg ggtttcgcct gttggccagg ctggtttcaa actcctgacc tcaggtgatt    165060
     cacctgcctc agcctcccaa agtgctggga ttacaggcgt gagccaccac acccgacccc    165120
     tgtctgccac ttttatgaca ttcttgctat ttcatttaac tatatgagca aatattccaa    165180
     gcctgtagac ttgatatcag aaaggaactt cccagtgtag cagaaaatgt aacactctca    165240
     ggggttagga ccaggaagcc atttggggca tttgacaaat ataattttgt aaaaacagct    165300
     ttctcattct tgtttgcttc tgatctttcc atcttctgta ctatataaca gaagctgtaa    165360
     aagtttagaa atacccaaat gtaagaaata agctacatta aaaatgacca caaaacacat    165420
     gaaaagatgt tcagcactac tagtcattag ggaaaggcaa atcaaaaaca caattaaata    165480
     tcactccata cccactaaga tggctataaa gataattttt aaagaaaaca ctggaaaata    165540
     acaagtgtta ggaagaatat ggagaaattg gaatcctcct acattgctgg tgggaatgca    165600
     gagtggtgca gctgttacgg aaaacacttc aacagttcct caaaaagtta aacatagagt    165660
     tactaataac ccaacaattc tactcctaag tatataccca aaataattga ggctgggcgt    165720
     ggtggatcat gcctgtaatc ccagcacttt gagaggccaa ggcaggtaga ttgcttgaga    165780
     ccaggagttt gaggccagcc tgggcaacaa ggtggacacc atctctacta aaaattaaca    165840
     aaaaatttta taaaaagcta tgtgtggtgg cacatgcctg taatcccagc tgctcagaag    165900
     gctgaggcat aggaatcgct tgaacccagg aggcagaggt tgcagtgagc tgagattgtg    165960
     ccactgcact ctaacctggg tgacagagca agactctgtc caaaaaaaaa aaaaaattga    166020
     aaacaagtac tcaaatatat gtacactcat gttcatagca gcactattta caaaagccaa    166080
     aaggtggaac actccaaatg accatcagca tacaactaga caaagaaatt tggtacacct    166140
     atacaatgga atatttttca tccacaaaaa ggaatgaagt actgatacac gctacaacat    166200
     ggaagaaact tgaaaatagt acattaggcc aggcgtagtg gctcacacct gtaatcccag    166260
     cacttttgga ggccgaggca ggtggatcac ctgaggtcag gagttcgaga ccagcctggc    166320
     caacatggca aaactccatc tctactaaaa ataccaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa tagccaggtg    166380
     tggtggcacg tgcctgtaat cccagctact caggaggctg aggcaggaga aacgcttgaa    166440
     cccgggaagc agaggttgca gtgagccgag accacaccac tgcactccag cctgggcaac    166500
     agagcaagac tctgtctcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagaaaat aatatgttat gtaaaagaag    166560
     tcagacacaa aacatcactt attgtactat tccatttaaa tgaaatctcc aaaataaatt    166620
     cgtagagaca caatgcagaa tagtggatgc caggagctaa ggagagggaa gacattgctc    166680
     agtggataag gagttttatt ttggagagat ggaaatgttt tgaaactaga tagaggtggt    166740
     gattgcacaa cattgtgact gtactaaata ccagtaaatc gttcacttga aaatggttaa    166800
     ttttgttatt tgaatttcac ctcaaattat tattaaaaag aaataaactg catcgaaaga    166860
     atgaagcaaa agattgtaaa ctttcaatat tcaaaagttc atgtaatgaa gcattagaga    166920
     agatactgca gaaaataata tctcagaaaa taaaacggag tagaccaagt tcccttgggg    166980
     taaaatttag gtttgaagag ttatgaggtg tttttctcac tcatttaact tggctaattt    167040
     tctaagaatg aatttttttt ttttttgaga tggagtctcg ctctgttgcc caggctggag    167100
     tgcagtggcg cgatctcggc tcaccacagg ctctgcctcc caggttcacg ccattcttct    167160
     gcctcagcat cctgggacta caggtgcccg ccaccacgcc cggctaattt tttatatttt    167220
     tagtagagac tgggtttcac cgtgttagcc agcatggtct tgatctcctg acctcgtgat    167280
     ctgcccgcct cggcctccca aagtgctgga attacaggcg tgagccaccg caccaggcca    167340
     gaatgaatat tttctatatc tgcttagaac cctaagtgtt aagacataac atcttaattt    167400
     gttttactat agcatcaata tttttgtctg tcctcaaggg tttttctgct tctctctaat    167460
     gggcaacata tagggataaa attttaatta ttttattaat tcagctttaa atttataatt    167520
     atgtgaataa atttttattt acatgcaata taaacaaata catcattttg tgatctaacc    167580
     acatttgcat actatgtcat gtgttcctaa atgatgtggc attaaaagta taactggttc    167640
     ttttaaaaat tccatattct ggccaggtgc ggtggctcac gcctgtaatc ccagcacttt    167700
     gggaggccaa ggcaggcaga tcacctgagg tcaggcattc aagaccagcc tggccaacat    167760
     ggtgaaaccc catctctact aaaaatacaa aaattagctg gacgtggtgg caggcacctg    167820
     taatctcagc tactcgggag gctgaggcag gagaattgct tgaacctgag aggcagaggt    167880
     tgcagtgagc cgagaccaca ccactgccct cgagcctggg tgacagagcg agactctgtg    167940
     gcaaaaaaca aacaaacaaa caacaaaaca acaacaaaca aacatattct acaactttac    168000
     tcccaaattt aaatttcctt tttttttttt tttttgacag gcttgtctca aactcctgac    168060
     ctcgtgatcc gccctccttg gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat tacaggcgtg cgccactgtg    168120
     tctggccccc aaattccatt tttaagaggc taaggaaaca acaacaaaaa aatgtgttcc    168180
     acaaatttag aatttcaaga aattttaaat ctttacctca aactcattca tgcagtcatt    168240
     cagtcattca acaaatattt atttaactgt gactttgtga ccaactggga gtggggaaca    168300
     cagatatggt gccaaactca agggacaggt cacctccctt agggagctta tatgttgatg    168360
     tgtaagacaa ccaaatgaga taacttcaga aaatgatgtc atagacaaca taaaacatga    168420
     ctatgagatt aaaggtgcat ttttgtgtaa agctgtactt tttttttttt ttagtctagt    168480
     gtagtgagaa ggtgggaaag agtagaacaa ggagtttgat ctgtaactga ctgtgaacaa    168540
     tcaattgaga taaattacta gctttggacc aggctcaagg tgtatttttt atttttattt    168600
     attttattta tttatgtatt tatttatttg agacacaggc ttgctctgtc gcccaggctg    168660
     gagtgcagtg gtgcaatctt ggctcactgc aacctccgcc tcccaggtca agcaatcctc    168720
     ccacctcagc ctcccaagta gctgggatta caggcatgtg ccaccatgcc cggctaattt    168780
     ttgtattttt agtagagacg agatttcacc aggttggcca ggctggtctc aacctcctga    168840
     cctcaagtga tccaccggcc tcggcctccc aaactgctgg gattacaagc atgaaccact    168900
     gcgcctagcc ttgaggtgta ctttaaatag ggtgatttgg aaaggcctag ctgcaaagtc    168960
     aacatttgag ctaagatgtg aataataaaa gggacccagt caggcccagg tcagggggaa    169020
     gaatggtcta gtcagaagga tcatcaagag ccagacatgg tggctcacgc ctgtaatccc    169080
     agcattttgg gaggctgagg tgggtggatc acctgaggtc agtagttcca gatcagtctg    169140
     atcaacatag tgaaaccctg tctctactaa aattacaaaa ttagcccggt atggtggctc    169200
     atgcctgtaa tcccagccac ttaagaggct gaggcaggaa aatcacttga acccgggaag    169260
     cagaggttgc agtgagccga aatcatgcca ctgcactcca acctgggcaa caagaccgac    169320
     cgataatctg tctaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagatca tcaagagcaa aagtcataaa    169380
     gccaatctgg caatctgggc ttgggccttg tacaactgga cggatcatag aaaactagag    169440
     aactaagggc agaggcaaca tggaaagaag tcagagaggt gaggaggaac tggtttttca    169500
     gggtagtata gtccagggta aaaagtctga ttttatttaa gtacacctat gctctgaaat    169560
     gtttacaaca ccaagagtaa tctggtcaaa gcagcagata aaagggattg gtgaaacaca    169620
     aacaacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacattt aagagaggat ataccaaaac    169680
     atatacttcc ctttggttgt cagaaattaa tctgatcagc ctgaaagatt gttttctttt    169740
     ccttctagcc cagggtttct caaactcagc gctattgaca tttgggctgg ataattttgg    169800
     gaggagctgc cctgtacatt gcagaatgtt taacagcatc cctgatatct acctgctaaa    169860
     tactagtagc acccctctcc gaggctgtga ccaccagaaa catgtctaga gattgccaac    169920
     tgtcttatag aagcaaaact gaccttggta gggtacaact gttctaatgc aaggcaggaa    169980
     agtgaataga tgccatgtag ggaggtagac tttgaaggag gtggcatttt ctttttaatt    170040
     tcacctttcc cacctccagc ctcattccaa agcctctcct gattccccag cctatggaac    170100
     acatacactg gtgttaagta aatattcagt aaattcttcc aatactgact gccaatctgt    170160
     acacactgag ccaaaatttt tcttcaacaa cagggtggta ggtggaggat accattggat    170220
     ttgagtagtc tgggtaactg cctcaacttt tcagctcatt ttgtttatat agagccttaa    170280
     agagaccaaa cctcctactg gatgtctaca gaacaccaaa agaattattc attttctaaa    170340
     ttccaacaaa gttttctgaa aacacaactt ttattcactg acttcagtta taaacttaga    170400
     gttgcatttc cataagcagc acctcctaac agagtatgag actgtgagag tagcagagag    170460
     tagtcagaga ctctcgggca gggtttccca ttctcagtac cattgacatt tggggccaga    170520
     taattatttt tgtggggatc tgtcctgtgc attataggat attgagcagc atccctggtc    170580
     tctgcccaca ggatgccaga agcacccacc ccactccttt tgcaaaaata aaaaaaaaac    170640
     tgtttgtaat gaatatccag gagtccatac tgatgtaaag aaatgatgga taaataaata    170700
     gatatgggag aagatacaaa tttcccacag agaagaattc taagtaattt atgtagatac    170760
     actttcctca aggaggtagt acctaattcc tcactctttg agtgagggct gcacctagtg    170820
     acttgctttc aaagagtaga gtatggaaag gcaggaaaat aactttacaa agaagaaact    170880
     tcggccaggt gcggtggctc atgcctgtaa ttccagcact ttgggaggcc gaggtgggca    170940
     gatcacctga gttcaggagt tcgagaccag cctgtccaac atggtgaaac cccacctcta    171000
     ctaaaaatac aaaaattagc cgggtgtgtt ggcgcacatc tgtaatccca gctactgggg    171060
     agactgagac aggagaattg gttgaacctg ggagacagag gttgcagtgg gccgagatca    171120
     cagcattgca ctccggccta gtcgacagag caagaccctg tcccccgggc caaaaaaaaa    171180
     atctcacaaa cactaccttg gataagtggc caagattaac atcatcagtg atgtcatgtt    171240
     gatagtctta gatatgataa aatgagaatg gcagttcacc tccatggtgc ctcccctcaa    171300
     atcccatatc agaataacat tagataaatt ggccaggcat ggtggctcac acctataatc    171360
     ccagcaattt gtgaggctga ggcgggcgga tcacctgagg tcaggagttc cagaccagcc    171420
     tggccaacat ggcgtaaccc cgtctctact aaaaatacaa aaattagccg gccgtggtgg    171480
     tgggcgcctg tactcccagc tactaggggg ctgaggcagg agaatcgctt aaacctggaa    171540
     ggcacagttt gcagtgagcc gagatcatgc cactgcattc cagcctgggc aacagagcga    171600
     aataataaca ttagacaaat cctaactaaa agatactctg caaaatacct aatcagtact    171660
     cctcaaaact gtcaaggtca tcaaaaacaa agaaagtctg agaaactgtt atagccaaga    171720
     gaagtctagc taaatacaat gtggtttctt ggatggggtc ctgaaacaga aaaaggacat    171780
     taagtaccaa ctaagtgtgt ccggaattgt tgggttcttg gtctcactga ctttaagaaa    171840
     gaagccacgg accctcgtgg tgagtgttac agtttttaaa ggcggcgtgt ctggagtttg    171900
     ttccttctga tgttcggatg tgtttggagt ttcttccttc tggtgggttc gtgttctcgc    171960
     tggctcagga gtgaagctgc agaccttcgc agtgagtgtt acagctctta aggtggtgcg    172020
     tctggagttg ttcgttcctc tcagtgggtt cgtggtctcg ctggcttcaa gagtgaagct    172080
     gcagaccttc acggtgagtg ttacagctca taaaggcagt ttggacccag agagcgagca    172140
     gcagcaagat ttattgcaaa gagcaaaaga acaaagcttc cacagtgtgg aaggggacct    172200
     gagcaggttg ccactgctgg ctcgggcagc ctgcttttat tcccttatcc ggcctcaccc    172260
     acatcctgct gattggtcca ttttacagag aacggattgt tctgttttat agagagctga    172320
     ttggtccgtt ttgatggggt gctcattggt gcatttacaa tccctgagct agacacaaaa    172380
     gttctccaag tccccactag attagctaga tacagagtgt ccatacaaaa gttctccact    172440
     tccccgctag attagctaga cacagagtgt cgattggtgc attcataaac cctgagctag    172500
     acccagggtg ctgattggtg tgtttacaaa ccttgagcta gatacagagt gctgattggt    172560
     gtatttacaa tcccttagct agacacaaag gttctccaag tccccaccag agtagctaga    172620
     tacagagtgt caattggtgc attcacaaac cctgagctag acacagggtg ctgattggtg    172680
     tgttcacaaa ccttgagcta gatacagagt gctgattggt gtatttacaa tcccctagct    172740
     agacataaag gttcttcaag tccccaccag actcaggagc ccagctggct tcacccagtg    172800
     gatcccccac tggggccgca ggtggagcta cctgccagtc ccatgctgtg ggcccacact    172860
     tctcagccct tgggtgaaga tgggactggg caccgtggaa cagggggcgg cactcgtcgg    172920
     tgaggctcgg gccgcacagg agcccacgga gggggcggag gctcaggcat ggtgggctgc    172980
     aggtcccggg ccctcccctg cggggaggca gctaagacct agtgagaagc taaggccccg    173040
     gcactgctgg gggacccagc acaccctccg cagatgctgg cccgggtgct aagcccctca    173100
     ttgcccagtg cagcagggcc ggctggccac tccgagtgcg gggccaccaa gcccacgccc    173160
     acctggaact ccagctggcc tgcaagcacc atgcgcagcc ccagttcccg cttgcgcctc    173220
     tccctccaca cctccccgca agctgaggga gtcagctcag gccttggcca gcctagaaag    173280
     gggctcccac agtgcagcgg tgggctgaag ggctcctcaa gtgccgccaa agtgggagcc    173340
     caggcagagg aggcgctgag agtgagcggg ggctgcgagg gctgccagca ctctatcacc    173400
     tctcataagg acacagaaat aaagtataaa ctttagttaa taacaatgtg tcaatatctc    173460
     ttccttggtg taacaataca tcacaccaat gtaagatgtt aacaataggg gaaactaagt    173520
     gaagatatat gcaagtcttt gtactatgtt tgcaactttt tttgtaactc taaaactact    173580
     gtaaaaactt tttaagttta ttttttaaat gtcttcagat attgccaaac ttcccccagg    173640
     gagcaaaatc tccttcagtt aagaatcact gttctaggtc aatctagtca tttgctttat    173700
     cattataaca ctttccacct tttacaatat ttttactagc tcccagctct cctctatgtt    173760
     gtcagcaact cctaatattc aagaattctt agactttaag atctcctttg ttctcaccca    173820
     cagcttccag agctttcctc ctctccactt ttgtctgtct attcactaca taccaattga    173880
     agtggagttc aatgtcattt ccctcatagg taatgctatc taacaaatca agtctgtaaa    173940
     ttcttctact tcaagacatg aggtaatagt taaactactt ttttcagctt gaaaatctgc    174000
     acattgtgat tacattaaaa agggctactt gcacttcatc agtgttgcaa aaacttcagt    174060
     tcaagagtga tactgtctta atattaagac tgctttgccc tgaaaagata ttccaccaat    174120
     atatggaaca gaggcttcag ctgcagatat gaaatagaat tagtttaagg caaaatggtc    174180
     tgccaaatcc aacattgtca gtcactctcc atagcatttt gtgattttaa aaaattttac    174240
     ctagtaattc ttcagccatg aatatgaatt tctgccttct tctgcgtcta aatatgaaga    174300
     aacaaaagag tttgacccaa tattgaaatt aaacctgaaa aaattaaaga taccagtaaa    174360
     aagaaagaca agtggagcca ctaacgtaat ttatttttat ttttattttt attttttgag    174420
     acagagtctc actctgtcac ccaggctgga gtgcaatggc actatctcag ctcactgcaa    174480
     ctccacctcc tgagttcaag tgattctcct gcctcagcct cctgagtagc cgggattaca    174540
     ggcacgcacc accatgcctg gctaattttt gtatttttag tagaggcagg gtttcaccat    174600
     gttggtcagg ctggtctcaa actcctgacc ttgtgatcgg cccgccttgg cctcccaaag    174660
     tgcggggatt ataggcatga gccaccacgc ccagccgcca ctaacgtttt caaagtgtaa    174720
     tcctctttct gaggtggtgg ttccttttat accactattt ccttcctctg aattgctgtt    174780
     cctattccca cccagctcta atagaaacat agcctatgtt ttattatatg tgtagcagtg    174840
     tcttggctgg gctgaaggta gtgccagaac cttgtctgag agaaattaga tgacacttcc    174900
     cccatcgctt cttttatcta tttgcataag tttatatgca tggagactgg ggtttgggcc    174960
     gaaggaggag tgataagttg gttttcattt gttgttattt gctggagcac acagaaaaag    175020
     ataatgaaag ctggaaagaa aagaaggtaa ggtagagtgc tggtgctatg gctgaatctt    175080
     tggatttgag gcctggtagg ggagaagggt atatggccaa agctgaggga gtcattttct    175140
     tgaaggactt tatgtgattc tgggctgaaa taatgctgtt taggtacaaa gttagaaaat    175200
     tattgtagag ttgggtgagg ggcctagatc cccgtacctc aaggactgga aactttgtga    175260
     aaatagggag ccagtaccct tggcacagac aatgctgttt gcacaaaggg catctgcagc    175320
     agaggcagtg ataaggtgct ttgcctagca ggctagagta taagaatgta agtgaacttg    175380
     ttacaaacac gtggcaaacg actcttctga aaacagccag aaataactag agagtccttg    175440
     gaaggggttt aaattcctct gtgagcaggt gagggcttgc aggtgatgaa atttggatac    175500
     aagtgtacat gtgatctcat tttaccagca ggaaaaatct ggaatatttg ggttatataa    175560
     tttttgtttt ctaggattca attctaataa gatctgagat ttcttaaacc tgtctccatc    175620
     ttagaagaat actactccat acctgagcca tcatttacct ccaaagtcta aagacacact    175680
     attatagttt ccactgagag tcctttgagc aatcttgtct aacagcatgc taactgacta    175740
     taggtctcat tctctggaag ttccctagag ttagccttcc tcagtcacct aagttaacaa    175800
     ggatacttct ccttcagaaa agtaatgtag cttattttta ctttaacccc cttggaagcc    175860
     tctaaatatc cttttaaaaa cacttatcat agggagccac atgctccttt caataaccag    175920
     tgtttctttc tatgaaaata ggcctcttcg agctggtcac ggtggctcat gccggtaatc    175980
     ccagcacttt gggaggctga ggtgggtgga tcacaaggtc aggagatcga gaccatcctg    176040
     gctaacatgg tgaaaccctg tctctactaa aaatacaaaa aaaaaaaaaa atgaagtgaa    176100
     cctgggaggc ggagctttca gtgagccgag atcgtgccac tgcactccag cctgagcaac    176160
     agagtgagac atcgactcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga ataggcctct tcagaccatt    176220
     actctttgct gaaaatccag acttttgtgt cctagataac tacaataatt atcttgctcc    176280
     ttttctattt ttctttgtac tttttagtta atacagaaaa atagacactc atgttctctg    176340
     catgtggcaa gtacagaaaa aaattcaatg aacaccaagg catctagact atatatcaac    176400
     taacgaaaga tttagaaaga caaatttctt ggactgtagc cacatgtctt gttgcctaag    176460
     aatttaaaga ttcatttaag atccacttaa tattccataa taatatggtc agttaggaca    176520
     tagatgttga caacttgaac attttcccca ttactaagga agtgaaagaa gattgcatag    176580
     taagttcagt tttatctttg gctacaaaag ctaataaccc aacaagaaac ttacaaattg    176640
     gtctttggac taagcttcca atctgccttt caattaaaat gagtttatat gagatctaag    176700
     tactcttgta gattgactat gtgcaatgga aaatattcac aagatgatgt gcaaaggatc    176760
     cagaaaataa atatatttac tactgaggtc atgtaccagt ctatatcatg gaaatttaaa    176820
     atagcatcct aagatattcc tatagatagg caactgaaca ctactgccaa atcttacttt    176880
     ctagacaaag caggaaacca aagttataga ctcaatgtgt caggagattt aggtaagcag    176940
     aaatagtgtt aaagcaacat gaatccaaag gtcatcatag ttgaatgtca ggtttcttta    177000
     atagctacat gaccattgct tttttttttt ttttttgact gagtttcact cttgtcaccc    177060
     aggcttgagt gcaatggtgc aatctcggct caccacaacc tccacctccc gggctcaagt    177120
     gattctccca cctcaacctc tcgagtagct gggattccag gtgtgtgcca ccacacccag    177180
     ctactctttt tgtattttta gtagagacag ggtttcgcca tgttggccag gctggtctca    177240
     atctcctgac ctcaggtgat ccatctgcct cggcctctca aagtgctggg attacaggca    177300
     tgaaccactg cacctggcca accattgcct ttaagaaatc cttgttggga agtggagcaa    177360
     gagggctgaa tagaattctc cagcaattag gccaggtgtg atggctcatg catgtaatct    177420
     cagcattttg ggaggccacg gtgggcggat tacttgagct caggagttcg ataccaacct    177480
     gggcaacatg gtgaaacccc atctctacaa aaaaaaaaac aaaaaacaaa aaacaaaaat    177540
     tagctgagct tggtggcatg caccttagtc ccaactactt gggaggctga ggtgggggga    177600
     tcacttgagc ctgggaggcg gaggttgcaa tgagccatgg tcatgccact gcactacagc    177660
     ctgggtgaca gaccaagacc ctatctcaaa aaaaaaaaat tatccagcaa ttgtctttcc    177720
     cacaggaaca acaaattgaa caaatatcac cacaagagat aaaaagaaac aaaactgaaa    177780
     aagtaggaga gggagatgat gttaaagtgt agagttttta ttagttttct ctttgtttgc    177840
     tagtttgttt ttgcagagtt aagttctcac cagtttaaaa taatgggttt taaaatgttg    177900
     ttttcaagcc tcatggtaac ctcatatcaa aaaacctata acggatacac aaaaaataaa    177960
     aaagcaataa attaaaacat accaccagag aaaactactt tcacaaaaag aaaggtggaa    178020
     aggaaggaag gaagataatg ccacaacgca agcagaaaac aaataacaaa gtggcaggag    178080
     taagtcctta cttatcaata ataacactga atggaaatag actaaaccct ccagtcaaaa    178140
     cacatagagt tgccgggcat ggtggctcat gcctgtaatc ctagcacttt tggaggccaa    178200
     ggtgggcaga tcacttgagg tcaggagttc cagatcagtt tggccaacat ggtgaaacct    178260
     catctctact aaaaatacaa acaattagct gggtatggtg gcagttacct ataatcccag    178320
     ctactgggga ggctgaggca ggagaattgc ttgaacccag gaggctgagt ctgcagtgag    178380
     ccaagattgt gccactgcac tccagcctgg gtgacagagt gagactctgt ctcaaaaaaa    178440
     caaagcaaaa caaaacaaaa ccacatagag tggctgaatg gatgaaaaaa aataagaacc    178500
     aactatctgc tgcctaccag gaacactcat cacctataaa gacacacata aactgaaaac    178560
     aaagagatga acagagatat tccatgcaaa tggaaaccaa gaaagagcaa gagtcactct    178620
     atttatatca gataaaatag atttcaagac aaaaactata aaaagagaca aggagggtca    178680
     ttgtataatg gcagaagtca attcaccaag aggatataac aattgtaaat atatatgcac    178740
     tcaacactgg agcacccaga tatacaaagc aagtattatt agagctaaaa tgaaagacag    178800
     accccaatac ataaatagct ggagacttca acaacccact ttcagcattg gacagatcat    178860
     ccagatagaa aatcaacaaa gaaagatcag acttaatctg tacagtaggc caaacggacc    178920
     taatagatat ttacagaatg tttcatccaa tggctgcaga atacacattt ttctcctcac    178980
     tacatgaaca ttctcaagga taggccatat gttaggccac aaaacaagtc tttaaaattt    179040
     caagaaaact gaaagcatat caagcatctt ctctggccac aatggaataa aactagaaat    179100
     caataataat gagaggaact tcagaaacta tacaaacata tggaaattag ataacatgtt    179160
     cctgaattac cagtgagtca atgaggaaat taataatgaa atcaaaaatt tattgaaaca    179220
     aatgataatg gagacaccat ataccaacac atatgggata tagccaaagc agtactaaga    179280
     ggaaagttta tagcaataag cacctacatc aaaaaaaaat aagaaaactt caaataaaca    179340
     acctaacagt gcatctcaaa gaagtagaaa agcaagagca aagcaagccc attagtagaa    179400
     gaaaataagt aataaagatc agaagataaa taaatgaaat taaaacaaaa aatacaaaaa    179460
     atcaaggaag tgaaaagttg gtttttgaaa ggacaaaatt gacaaaactt tagccatact    179520
     aaaaaaaaaa gtgaagaaaa gagaaaaaaa aagagtggag gcccaaatga atataatcct    179580
     aaattgaaaa ggagacatta caactgatac tgcagaaatt cattagtgac tactacgctc    179640
     attagagact actatgagca tctatatggc aataaattat aaaacctaga agaaatggat    179700
     aaacttctag acacacacaa cctacgtaga ttgaaccatg aagaaatcca aaacctgagt    179760
     agaccaataa caagtaaaga gattgaagtt gtaataaaat gtctcccacc taagaaaagc    179820
     ctgggacctg atggcttcac tgctgaattc taccaaacat ttacagaaga aataacacca    179880
     atcctactca aactatgttg aaaaatagaa aaggagagaa tacttccaaa ctcattctat    179940
     gaagccggta ttaccctgat accaaaaaca gacaaaagca tatccaaaaa ataaaactac    180000
     aggccaatag ctgatgaacg ttaatgcaaa aatcctcaac aaaatattag caaatcagat    180060
     tcaacaatac ataaagaaga tcattcatca ggaccaagta ggatttatcc ctgggatgca    180120
     aggatggttc atcatatgca aatcaatcaa tgtgatacat catatcaaca gaatgaagga    180180
     caaaaaccat accatcattt caattgatgg tgaaaaagca tttgataaaa ttcaacattc    180240
     cttcttgata aaaccctcaa caaatggggt atagaaggaa tgtacctcaa cacaataaaa    180300
     gccatatatg acagacccac tgctcatatc aaattgaata ggggaaaaaa tgaaagcctt    180360
     ttctctaaga tctggaacaa aacaaggatg cctactttta caactgttat tcaacatagt    180420
     actgaaagtc ctagctatag taattagaca ggagaaagaa ataaagggca tccaaatcag    180480
     agagaaataa gtcaaattat atttgtttgc agatgatatg atcttatatt tggaaaatac    180540
     tgaagactcc acacacacaa aaaactatta gaactgataa attcaggaaa gatgcacgat    180600
     gcaaaatcag catacaaaac tcagtagcat ttctatatgc caacaatgaa cagctggaaa    180660
     aagacatcaa gaaaataatc tcatttggaa tagccataaa taaaacaaac tatctaggac    180720
     ttaatcaaag aagtgaaaga tctctacaat gaaaactata aaacactgaa gaaagcaatg    180780
     tttcatcatt ttaaaatgtc ctctgaagat gacaccaaaa aatggaaaaa tattccgtgt    180840
     tcatggattg gaagaatcaa tattgttaaa atgtccatat tactcaaagc catctacaga    180900
     ttcaatgcaa tcttgatcaa aataccaatt acattcttaa cagaaataca aaaaaaatcc    180960
     taaaatttat atggaaccac aaaagaccta gaatagccaa agctatcctg agcaaaaaga    181020
     ataaaactag aggaatcaca ttacctgact tcaaattata ctacagaact acagtagcaa    181080
     aaatagcatg gtactggcat aaaaatggac acgtagacta acggaacagg acagacaact    181140
     cagaaacaaa tccatacatc tacagtgaac tcattttcaa caaaggtgtc aagaacatac    181200
     attaaggaat agacagtctc ttcaataaat ggtgttgtga aaactggata tccacatgca    181260
     aaggaaaaaa actagaccct tgtctctcac catatacaaa agtcaaatca aaatgaatta    181320
     aagacttaaa tctaagacct caaattatga aactactaca agaaaaatct ccaggacatt    181380
     tggagttggc aaagatttct cgagtagtac cccacaagca caggcaacca aagcagaagt    181440
     ggacaaatgg aatcacatca agttaaaaag cttctgcaca gtaaaagaaa caatcaacaa    181500
     agaaacaacc cacagaatag tagaaaatgt ttgtaaacta cccatctgac gagggattaa    181560
     taaccagaat atataaggag ctcaaacatc tctataggaa aaaaatctaa taattcaatt    181620
     aaaaaattgg caaaagattt gagtagacat ttctcaaaag aagacataca aatggcaaac    181680
     aggcgtatga aaaggtgctc aatatcattg atcatcagag aaatacaaat cagaactaca    181740
     atgagatatt acctccccca gttaaaatgg cttaaatcca aaagacaggc aataacaaat    181800
     tttggcgagg atgtggagaa aagggaaccc tcatgccctg ttggtaggaa tgtaaattag    181860
     aacaaccact atggagaaca gtttggaagt tcctcaagat ccagcaatcc cactgctaga    181920
     tatataccca aaagaaagga catcagtgta tcaaagagat acctgcactc ccatgcttgt    181980
     tggtataccg ttcacaatag ccaagatttg gaagcaacct aagcatccat caacagatga    182040
     atgaagaaag aaaatgtggt acctatacac aatggagtac tagtaagcca aaaaaaaaaa    182100
     aaaaaaaaaa aagaatgcaa tcctgccatt tgcaacaaca tggatggaac tggtggtcat    182160
     tatgttaagt gaaataagcc aggcttggaa agacaagagg atggttacca aaggctggga    182220
     taggtggtgg ggggtttaga gggtgcgggc aaagtgggga tagctaatgg gtacaaaaaa    182280
     agttagaaag aatgaataag acctagtatt tgatagcata acagggtgac tacagtcaat    182340
     aataatttaa ttgaacattt aaaaataagt aaaagaatat aggccgggtg cagtggctca    182400
     cactgtaatc ccagaacttt gggaggccaa ggtgggcgga tcacctgagg tcaggagttc    182460
     aagatcaccc tggccaacat ggtgaaaccg gtctctacta aaaatacaaa aattagctgg    182520
     gcatggtggc gggcacctgt aatcccagct actcgggagg ctgagacagg agaatcactt    182580
     gaatcccgga ggcggaggtt gcagtgagct gaggttgtcc cattgcactc cagcctgggc    182640
     atcaaaaagt gaaactccgt ctcaaaaaga aaaaaaaaag aatataattg gattgtttgt    182700
     aacacaaaag gtaaatgctt gacgtgacgg ataccccatt tatcctgatg tgattattat    182760
     ggattgcatg ctatatcaaa atatctcatg taacccataa gtatatacac ttacaatgtc    182820
     ctgacaaaaa taaaaaataa ttttaaaaaa atcaaatgac aaaccagaaa agtctttgaa    182880
     tgaaggtaag tggaattata atagttttga tacccattcc aacagttttc acatagcaag    182940
     cacaagttgg gtaactatat acaggtagcc cctatcccca agaaaatgcc atatagtcaa    183000
     agtaaagcga agttttgaca attttttcat aactatagaa tttcagacat ccatagcagt    183060
     aaacactcca atgtgtcaga caacaattaa gcaagtcatc aacaagcaaa agctgctatg    183120
     tgccttccac tgtgctaaat gctgtggggc atatgaaaga gacaagatat aatctcttat    183180
     tgaggagaca ggctctgaat acataagaca aaggaaacca tacaacaaaa caaaaaggct    183240
     gaatgctgtg gagcagacta gaagagtcaa gataagtcca aaaaggccag aatagtggag    183300
     ggtttcacag agaagtctgg atttgagctg gatggcacag aggagggcag aatgcatcct    183360
     tggaagaaga aacaatatga gcaagggtag agactgagaa taaagacggc acattgggaa    183420
     gagtccagaa actagactaa aaggagcaga ggattcttgt cagggaagaa tgataaggaa    183480
     gtttgggaga gacagtctgc aagttgaaat agaacttcag agctgtaaac cctgaaaaac    183540
     cacagaaatg attactagat gttctcacgc acactggtat agagagggct gcatcactaa    183600
     tgagaccctt cagtcactct ttcaaatgcg gaggtctctg ccaatagtgt ctctttgaat    183660
     aatacaaaag gaagagatga tgaggaagaa attgggtaaa cataaaaagt aatgttttgg    183720
     ggtgtagtct ctgtattctg aaagcaaacc actattgcat gctccaccca ttgaggttga    183780
     aattcttttc ttacaaaaaa aacttaacct ttgcctgtgg agaataatag ctatttaatc    183840
     tatcgtacag ttagtacaca attaagtgcc tacctttcta ccttgccaat atttcagtaa    183900
     gcaattcaca ttataacgca gatcagatta ctgtcttttg tgttttaaat gtttatctaa    183960
     gagttgcaga gataacatct acattgaaaa gtggcattaa aaacccaaca gacatttctg    184020
     gtttcctgtc cagtatgtaa ggagcttgaa agttgccatt ccatcctaac aatgagtaaa    184080
     aaactgaaca aactgaaaaa tcaacaactc ttcttacatc tgtcggggaa gtaaggtcac    184140
     agtgcaaact gctgccccca gaattggaga gacaggcagg ggaatccaga gaatcacaac    184200
     ttacccgagc agaaacatcc acaggaacca gcacagggta ggaaaaccta gaatgtaatt    184260
     gatgaattgc tggaggctca gtgtggacaa gcctgtgagc tgaaaacttc tttgttttac    184320
     ctcctgggag ttctaccagg ttctcacagt aaagatcaga caagaactcc ttagggtttc    184380
     aagtagcaga aggaaagtaa ttattttgaa atatgccaga gcattctgtt cttaacaagg    184440
     cctgccatca agataatcta ttttactgga acctaaccta ttggggtttc atcagagcct    184500
     aactgacctg gctgaaggga aatggccaac tccggtctgc tctacccttc tgcctgtagg    184560
     aagggaaata cccaactcca gctccagtcc cctccagcca ttctatccca tctaaggttg    184620
     ggggaaggga ggacacagag aggcgctttt gaagtttaca gcccaggggc acagcatcac    184680
     taaaatagtg agacctaatt ataaaattat agaatgcttc ccctctccca aaaccttagc    184740
     accatgtcac taaaggccta ttgaacagtt tctttcaccc agtacctgta catcatgacc    184800
     agctttcgaa aaaaaattat aagtcatact aaaaaacaaa aaaaaatgca ctttgaaaga    184860
     cagagcaagc attagaacca gactcataca tggaagggga gttggaatta tcagttggta    184920
     gactgaaaga aactatgtat gattaatgtg ataagggctc taatttaaaa agtagataat    184980
     acacaagaac agctgagtaa tgtaagcaga gatatggaaa ttctaagaaa gaataaaaaa    185040
     aagaaatggt aaagatcaaa acactgtaac aaaaatgaag aatattttta atggacacgt    185100
     ttgtaaactg cacacagctg agaaaagagt ctctgagctt cagtatatgt caatagaaac    185160
     tttcaaaact gaaaagcaaa gaaaaaaaaa cactgaaaaa aagaaacaat gtctaagaac    185220
     tatgaaacaa agacataaca catgcataac agaaatacaa ggagacttca acaagtttgt    185280
     ggaaaaaata gaattaagag ataaaaatag gcaacatagc aagactcata tctacaaaag    185340
     aaattctttt aaaaagccag gggtgagggt gcatgcctac agtagtaatt actcgggaag    185400
     ctgaggaaag ataacttgct tgagcccaag ggtttgaagc ttaattgagc tttgaaagca    185460
     tgactgcacg ccagcctagg caacagagca agaccctgtc taaaacaatt tttaagataa    185520
     aaataaaaat acataaactt tatttctgaa tacaagttcc atcaatgtca agacactttt    185580
     ataagcaata ataccggcta tctagtctat ccctgagggc cctgggaatt tagttatgtc    185640
     aatgtagtct tttttatata actaacagaa gaaaaaaata ggtgccattt aaagaatttt    185700
     taaaattagg aaacaaaaag aagtcagaag gagccaaatc agggctgtaa ggtggatgcc    185760
     taataatttc ccatcaaagc cctcacaaaa ttgcccttat ttgacgagag gaatgagcag    185820
     gagcattgtt ctggtgaaga aaaactttct ggtgaagttt tcccaggagt ttttctgcca    185880
     aagcttaggc taactttctt aaaacactct cataataagt agatgttatt gtcttttggc    185940
     cctccaaaaa gtcaacaagc aaaacgcttt taccatctcc aaaacccatt gccatgacct    186000
     ttgctcttga ctagtatgct tttgctttga ctggaccact tccacttctt ggtagacatt    186060
     gctatgattg tgctttgtct tcaggatcat actggtaaag ccatgtttca tctcctgtta    186120
     caattcttca aagatatgct tcaggatctt gatcccactt atttaaaatt tcacagcaaa    186180
     ctaacacaag aacagaaaac caaacaacgc atgttgtcac tcataagtgg gagttgaaca    186240
     ataagaacac atggacacag ggaggggaac atcacacacc agggcctgtt gggggctggg    186300
     gggctagggg agggatagca ttaggagaaa tacctaatgt aggtgatggg ttgatgggtg    186360
     cagcaaacca ccatgacacg tgtataccta tgtaacaaaa ctgcacgttc tgcacatgta    186420
     ccccagaact taaagtataa tttaaaaaaa taacaaacaa acagaaaagt aaacagagcc    186480
     agagcccagg acccttctaa atcaggatac ttcgcagcta tacagatggg acattcatgc    186540
     agccagactt accctttcaa agtatctcct cacaaaatat ttagatgtgt ggggagctga    186600
     aaaaaaattt ttttaagaag tgaactccct actagcaaag ttgcacatga ccccctaacc    186660
     acacaagact cagcagtaag aattcaaaac caccaagtat ggtgcacttg gacgcataca    186720
     agactagttg aaacacctga ttctagtccc aacctttact gtttctagtc ccaacctagt    186780
     cctcactttg ctatgagacc ataggcaatg cattctcctc atttgtaaaa tgaagggatt    186840
     aaagtatatg atgaaaatgt caaaaaaaat ttcaattgag cttgagagga tggatactgc    186900
     attctctatg atgtgattat tactcattgt atgcctgtat caaaatatct cacgtaccct    186960
     ataaatatgt acacctacta tgtacctaca ataattaaaa ataattttta agaaacataa    187020
     tacaatctcc atcgaaagct ctgctcttgt ctgaagctga tctgggtgca atggtttcaa    187080
     cactcgtcaa gtggaaagtt tgctcacctt taatttttca gtcagaattg tgtatgttga    187140
     accaactgag atgtctatgg tgttcgctat tgtttctgct gttaatcgtt ggtcctcttc    187200
     aatcagggca cgaaaaagat gaattttttc ctcacaaatt gatatgtatg atctgctgct    187260
     gcaggatcat cttcaatata atcttctccc tttttaaaat gagttatcta tttgttaact    187320
     gatgatttct ttggggcatt gtccctgtac actttacata aatcatcaat tatatcatcc    187380
     ttattccacc caagtttcat cacaaatgta atgttggttc ttgcttcaat tttagcagaa    187440
     ttcatattgt tctgatagag actgttttca aactgatgtc ttattcttct tagttcttca    187500
     aactagaacc tgttcagaca tgttagaaca agttagggtg actttagttt ggtgcaaata    187560
     atttttaagt catgtatagt tttttataat atacactttc catgaacttt tagaagaccc    187620
     tttgtacaac aaggagaagt aaaagagaaa ggaacagaaa atatttgagg gaataatgac    187680
     taagaatttt cccaaattaa tgtcaaactc catcccacag acccaggaag ctcagaaacg    187740
     tcaggcagga taaatattaa aaaaaaaact acatgtaggc atatattatc aggaaatcaa    187800
     agataaagaa aaatgcttaa aagaagacag agggaaaaac atcttaccta tagaggagtg    187860
     aagataagaa tgacatctga ttttcttctt tctttctttc tttttttttt ttttgatgga    187920
     gtctcactct ggtgcccagg ctgcagtgca gtggcgtgat ctcagctcac tgcaacctct    187980
     gcctcctggg ttcaagtgat tctcctgcct cagcctcctg agtagctggg actacaggca    188040
     cacaccacca cacgcagcta atttttgtat tttttagtag agatggggtt tcacgatatt    188100
     ggccaggctg gtctcaaact cctgacctcg tgatcctcct gcctcagcct cccaaagtgc    188160
     ttggattaca ggtgtgagcc actgcaccca gcctgatttt ctaagaaact acacaagcaa    188220
     gaagagtgga gttaaatatt taaagtgttg agagaaaaaa aaaaataacc aagctagaat    188280
     taagtatcct gtaaaaagtt tcttcaaaag tgcaggagaa aataatgact tttgcagaca    188340
     agaaaacatt gacaaaattt gttgacagtg atttgctttg taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    188400
     aaaggtttag gctgggagtg gtggctcatg gctgtaatcc cagctaattg ggaggctgag    188460
     gcacgagaat tgcttgaacc caggaagcgg aggttgcagt gagccgagct cgcaccacca    188520
     cactccagcc tgggtgacag cacaatactg tctcaaagaa aataaataaa taaatgaagt    188580
     tttaaaggtt cttcagaggg aaggaaaatt atatagatca gaaacttgga tctatataag    188640
     gaaagagaaa gcattagaga tgaaataaaa aaaggaaagg aaaactttta tttactgatt    188700
     tttaattgat ttaacaggta atagttgttc aaaataataa gagcaacaag ggttagattg    188760
     catatgcaca tttatgtgta tatagatata tagttacgta cacttgtgta ttagtgaaat    188820
     aaatgatagt aataatgcaa gggacaggag ggaagaatta gggataattt gttataaaat    188880
     acttgcgcta catgtgaatt agtgaaatgt tatttgaatg tgacttgaat ttaattgtaa    188940
     aagtatattg caaactctaa ggcaacccca aaaaaaagct tcaaaaaata tataattgat    189000
     atgctaagag aagaaagaaa attggatcat ataaaatact caattaaaac caaaagtggc    189060
     aggaaaaggg tagaggacaa aaataggaac aaataaaaag ggcaacaaat agaaaacaat    189120
     aatataaata tggcagatat taatccagat gattaatcaa tggtgatttt aaatgtcaac    189180
     gatctaagta taccaattga ataacagagg ttgtaagaat gactcaaaac aacaggaccc    189240
     agttagatta tttctacaag atgtcggtta taaatataaa gacacacata gattcaaagt    189300
     gaagggatgg agaaagatat accaagctaa cactaatcaa aagtcttgag aagctatctt    189360
     aattacagac agagcagact acagagcaag aaaaattatc agggatacaa aggggcattg    189420
     cctaatgata aaggggtcaa tcttcaggaa gaataacaat ctttaatgtg catttgtcta    189480
     ataacagagt attaacataa atgaggcaaa aatttataga actacaagga gaaatagata    189540
     aacccactat tatagttgga aacttcaaca cccctccatc agaaatggac acatacagca    189600
     ggcagaaaat cattaaggac atagctgaac tcaacagcac catcaatcaa ttggttataa    189660
     ttgacatcta taaacgattt catccaacaa cagcataata cacattcttc tcaagctaaa    189720
     ttgaaacata catcacattc tggccataaa acacacatta catttttaaa aaaatagaaa    189780
     tcattcaccg tgtgctctca gaccacaatg aagttaaaca tcaataactg aaagatagcc    189840
     tgaaaattca aaatatttgg agatcaaaca acacacttct aaataacaca tgggctaaag    189900
     aagaaatctc aaaagaaact taataatatt gtcaactaaa tggaaatgaa aatacaacta    189960
     ttaaaatgag tacaatgcag caaaagcaat gtacttagag ggaagtttat tgcattacat    190020
     gtgtatatta gaagagaaga ataatctaaa agcaattatc caagcttgca cctaaggaaa    190080
     ctagaaaacg aagaggaaat caaatccaaa gtacgtagaa taaaataaat aatgaaagtt    190140
     agatcagaaa tcagtaacat tgaaaacagg aaattaataa agaaaaccaa caaaaccaaa    190200
     gagctggctc attgaaaaga ccaataaaat taataaatgt cctgccaggt aaactaagga    190260
     gaaaaacatg acacaaatta ctaagatcag aaatgaaaga ggaaccatca ctaaaggtcc    190320
     catggacatt aaaatgataa taaaggaggt tgagtattgt ggctcacacc tgcaatcaca    190380
     gcatttggga ggccaaggca ggagaatcac tcgaagccag gagtttgaga tcagcctggg    190440
     caatagagag agaccttgtt tctacaaaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gagagagaga    190500
     gaaagagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga    190560
     gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa aagaaagaaa aaaaagaaaa gaaggaaaga aggaaagaaa    190620
     ggaaggaagg aaggaatgaa ggaaggaaag gaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg gaggaaggag    190680
     gaaggaagga aggaaagaaa gaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa gccaggtgtg    190740
     gtggcatgca tctgtagtcc tagctaccta ggaggctaag acaggaggat cacttgagcc    190800
     caggatttca aggctgctat ggtcacacca ctgccctctg gcctgaatga cagagtaaga    190860
     agctgtctca aaaaaaaaga taacaaagaa atactatgaa aaaaaatttt gataaccttg    190920
     atgaaataga gcaattcctt gaaagataca atctgctgaa actcacacaa gaagaaatag    190980
     ataatctaaa taagaataga gactttctta atatattaaa taaattgaat caataattaa    191040
     taaccttcca caacagaaag caccaagcac agatggtaaa ttctatcaag gtgaattcta    191100
     ccaaacattt aagaaagaaa ttatacaaat tatctacaat gtctttcaga atatacaagc    191160
     agaaggaata cttcctaact cgttcctaac tcggccagct cttcccgaat accagaatca    191220
     gacaaagcca ttaaaaaaaa taaaactaca aaccaacaac tctcatgaac atagatgcaa    191280
     aaatcctcaa caaaatttta ccaaatcaaa tccaacaaag aatttttgaa aaaccatgca    191340
     ccacaaacaa gtgggatata ccgagtgtac aggatggttc aacatttgaa aaatcaatta    191400
     atgtaatcca ttacatcaac aagcaaaaaa gaaaaatctc ataattatat caacaaatgg    191460
     agagaaggca attaataaaa tccaacaccc attcatgatt taaaaaaaaa aaaactccca    191520
     gcagaatagg aatagaggaa aacttcctca gcttgataaa ggacatctac aaaaacctac    191580
     agcttacaaa aaatctacaa ctaacatcat agtttatggt gagaaactag aagcttgttt    191640
     gcaaagatat ggaacaaaga catcttttct caccacttat ttccaacatt gtatcagaag    191700
     tcctagctaa tgcaataaaa caagaaaaag aaataaaaga tacataagtt ggaaaggaag    191760
     caataaaact ttgtttgcag atgacatgat cacctatgta gaaaatcctt aagaaactac    191820
     aaaaacaaaa caaagtcctg gaactaataa acaattatag caaggttgta ggatatgagg    191880
     ttaatgtaca agagtcaatc actttcccat acaccagcaa taaacaagtg gagcttgaaa    191940
     taaaaacaca ataccattta cattagcatt ttcaaaaatg aaatatgcag gtataaatct    192000
     tgtgaaatat gtacaagatt tatatgagga aagctattga actctgatga agctgggagc    192060
     agtggctcac gcctgtaatc ccagcacttt gggaggccga ggcaggtgga tcatgaggtt    192120
     aggagttcca gaccagtccg gccaagatgg tgaaaccctg tctctaccaa aaatacaaaa    192180
     aaattagctg ggtgtggcgg caggtgcttg taatcccaac tactcaggag gctggggcag    192240
     ggaattgctt gaactcggga ggcggaggct gcagtgagct gagattgcgc cactgcactc    192300
     cagcctgggc aacagagtga gactccatca aaaaaaaaaa gaaattctga tggaggaaat    192360
     tcagagaact aaataagagg gatattccgt gttcaatatt gtcaaaatat cagttctttc    192420
     caacaactta ataaatagat tcgatgcaat cccaatcaaa atcccagaga gttatgttgc    192480
     ggatattggc aaattgattc taaagtttat aaagagagac aaaagtccca gaatagccaa    192540
     cataatattg gagaagagca aagttggagt actgacacta cccaacttca agacttacta    192600
     taaagctatg gtaattaaga tgatatggtt ggccgggcac ggtggctcag gcctgtaatc    192660
     ccagcacttt gggaggctga ggtgggagga tcatgaggtc aggagatcga gactaccctg    192720
     gttaacacgg tgaaaccccg tctctactaa aaatacaaaa aattagccag gcgtggtggc    192780
     gggtgcctgt agtcccaact actcgggagg ctgaggcagg agaatggcat gaacccagga    192840
     agcggaggtt gcagtgagca gagatcacgc cactgcactc cagcctgggc gacagagaga    192900
     gactccatct caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagatg gtatggcatt ggtaaaagaa    192960
     agacaaatag attaattgaa tagaatagac taaagagcat agaaatagtt tcacataaac    193020
     atagtcaact gatctttcac aaaggagcaa ggacaataca attgagcaaa gaaagtattt    193080
     tcaacaaacg gtgctgcagc tgggcgtggt ggctcacatc tgtaatccca gcactatggc    193140
     agggaggatt gcttgagccc aggagtttga gatgagcctg ggcaatagag catgacccca    193200
     tctttaaaaa caaaaacaag aaaagaaatg gtacttgaac aactgaacat ccacatgcaa    193260
     aaaacagaat ctagacacga cttacacttt tcacaaagat tagcacaaaa tgaatcatag    193320
     agctaaatgt tagatgcaaa agtgtaaaac tcctagaagg taacatagga gaaaatcaag    193380
     atgaccttgg gtatggtgat gactttttag atataacacc aaaggcacag tccacaaaag    193440
     aaataattga tagatgggat ttcattaaaa taaaaaacat acgctcctca aaagatactg    193500
     ttaagagaat gacaaggcac aacacaggct aggagaaaat atttggaaaa aacatatctg    193560
     atttaaaaat tgttatccaa aatttgcaaa taactgtcaa aacagaacaa taagaaaaca    193620
     aacaattcaa ttgaaaaatg ggcaaaagac ctgaacagac acctagtcaa agaagatata    193680
     cagatggcaa ataagcgtgt gaaaagatgt tccacatctt atatcattag ggaaatacaa    193740
     attaaaacaa taatgagata ccactacact cctattggaa tccccagaat ccagaacact    193800
     gacaacatta aatgctggtg aggatgtgga gcaacaggaa ctctcaatca ttgctgatgg    193860
     aaatgcaaat ttgtacagcc attttggaag acaatctggt gatttcttac aaaactaaac    193920
     atattcttac cataaaatcc agcacttgtg ctctttgact tttacccaaa ttatcgaaaa    193980
     cttctctcca cataaaacct gcacatgggt gtttatagca gctttattca caattgctaa    194040
     aacttgaaag caaccaagat gtccttcagt aggtgaatgg ataaatgaat tgtggcaaat    194100
     ctagacaatg aaatgttatt tgactctaaa aactaataag ctatcaagcc atgaaaaggc    194160
     atggaggaaa cttaaatgca tattgctaag tgaaagaagc caatctgaaa aggttacatt    194220
     ctgtgtgatt tcaactatat gacattttgg aaacaaaaaa atatatatgg acatggtaaa    194280
     aagaccaata gttgccaggg gatagtgagg aggaaggaaa gaattggcag agcagagaga    194340
     atttttaggc agtgaggcta ttctgtatgc tatgctaatg gtgggtacat gtcattatac    194400
     ctttgtccaa actcacagaa tgtacaaaac caagagtgaa ccttaatgta aactacggac    194460
     cttgggtgat aatgatgtgt cagcatagct ttatcaattg taacgaatgt accactctgg    194520
     ctcatgatgt tgatagtggg aggctggggt tgggggtggt cagggggtat atggaaactc    194580
     tctgtacttt cctgcttaat ttttctgaga acctaaaatt gccctaaaca ataaaatcta    194640
     tttaaaatag aaaaaaataa tgccagatgt ggtggctcat gcctgtaatc tctacacttt    194700
     gggaggctga agtaggagaa ttgcttgagc ccaggagttt aagcctagcc cagacaacat    194760
     aatgagaccc catctccaca aaaaaatatt agccaggtgt ggtggcatgc gcctgtggtc    194820
     ccagatactc gggaggctga gatgggagga tggctcgagc ctgggaggtc caggctgcat    194880
     tgagccatga ttgagccact gcactccagc ctgggagaca gaataaaact cccaaaaaga    194940
     aaaaaagaaa accaaaatgg aaaaacaaaa cacaatggaa aaatgttaaa atttatatta    195000
     ttctagtggc actataaggt gacattcgtt tcagagattc acatcagaaa ttccagttgc    195060
     aaaactctat ttattcttct ctttaaactg gtatttaaat ttatgggagc catgactaca    195120
     tctatttttc tatcatcgta gaacatactg ttataaaatg tacgcaacta tttgaacttg    195180
     ggcatggata tggaatccaa tcagtggttt aaagaaggtg agaaaatagc tgggcgcgat    195240
     ggctcacgcc tgtaatccca gcactttggg aggcccaggt gggaggatca cttgaggtca    195300
     ggagttcgag accagcctgg ccaacatggc aaaaacccat ctctactaaa aatacaaaaa    195360
     attagctagg tgtggtggcg ggcacctgta atcccagcaa cttgggaggc tgaggcagga    195420
     gaatcacttg aacccaggag gtggagttgc agtgagccga gatcacacca ctgctctcca    195480
     gcctgcgtga cagagtgaga ctctgtcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg    195540
     agggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa agaaggaagg aaagaaaaag aagttgagaa    195600
     aactgaaaat gtttactact ttgctcccag agaaaaaaat tactgaccta atgtccttaa    195660
     acatattcag tcattcatgc aacgcatatc tattaaagag tgtactatgt gcaggctggg    195720
     cgaggtggtt cacgcctgta attccagcac tttgggaggc caaggtgggt aggtaacctg    195780
     agctcaggag tttgagacca gcctggccaa caaggcaaaa ccccgtctct actaaaaata    195840
     caaacattag ccgggtaagg tggcaggtgc ctgtaatccc agctactcgg gaggctgagg    195900
     caggagaatt gcttaaaccc aggaggtgga ggttgcagtg agccaagatt gtgccactgc    195960
     actcaagact gggcgacaga gtgagactcc atctcaaaaa aaaaagagtg tactatgtgc    196020
     tgagcactgt ggtaagcact aggaatacca tggtgagttc ttgctctcaa ggaactcgca    196080
     atttagtgac agatgataat caaataatca ggaactggga tgctagtctc tgaggtcagc    196140
     tgctccttgg catacccttg gaaggtcagc ccttctgaag gaaggttgac tgtccgaagt    196200
     caagaagccc tcagtggtag gcaggctgga ggggcagcaa ggagtcctca taacagagga    196260
     accccattgc tctgttcttt agatgtttcc agagagtaag cccaaagcta cgtagaaaga    196320
     agggcttcaa gctgagcatt gtggttcatg cctgtaattc cagtgatttg ggaggctaag    196380
     gcgggaggat catttgaggc ccggagtttg agacctgcct gagcaacata aggagacctc    196440
     tacaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag ggcggggtgt ggtggtgtgc acctgtggtt    196500
     ccagctactc aggaggctga ggtaggagga tcacttgagt ccaggagtaa gaggctgcag    196560
     tgagccatgt ctcagtgagc catgcttgca ccactgcatt ccagtgtgag caacagagca    196620
     agaccctgac tatataaaat aggaggcagg ggtgggggtg ggaggtggtt gctaaggaat    196680
     cagtgttgtg gcccctgaca aggaagaggg ctagggcact ttccatgcag gctgccactc    196740
     cctggtgttg atcaataaat atttttttca tgaaaaaaca taatcaagta atcacactca    196800
     aaaatgtaaa aagcaactgt gacaagtgct ccaagggcat agcacacagt gctatacttt    196860
     ataacagctg gattgaccta gtgaggggga ccaaagaagg ctaccctgaa gagattgctc    196920
     aaaatgtgat ctgaagcatg aataaatgtt aggtgagaaa aaaaggagaa agggttccat    196980
     ctgaaaataa agaaaactca aaatatgcaa agtccccata tcaggaggaa gcatggtgac    197040
     atgaataact tagagataaa tgtagctgtg gtgtggacag taatggggtt tcaggtgacg    197100
     ttggaaacta aacatgtgcc agatcacaca gggccttgta ggccacatta aggagttttg    197160
     tgttttactg taagggtggt gggaagccat aaaggtttta agtatgagga tgataaagca    197220
     ttccttacaa aaagaccatt ctgactataa tcagaataga ttggagggga gccagagtag    197280
     atatgtgtag atattaggaa atgctgcagt actccaggtg agaggtgatg gtacaatagt    197340
     gataatggag acagaaagaa gtggatagat tctgaatttt gttagaaagt agaataagca    197400
     gaatttggca aaaacacaag tgtcaagttg aggggaggga caggaggtat caaaagactc    197460
     ctcctgagcg caacgagata gaatggtaag gcaagccact aagataagga aggctggaag    197520
     agtaccaggt ttggggagtg agatcagttt gagggggctt taagacatcc tacaggagag    197580
     atcaagtagg cggttggata tacagtccta aaggtcagag gagcagtccg agatggaaat    197640
     atagattggg ctcatctgta tgtcagtggt agttaagctg tggttatggg tgagcttgcc    197700
     agggagacag tatagagtga gatgggagag aactgaggac tgggccttag gaaaagccac    197760
     catttgtcat gggaaagaag ttgcaacaat acatgggtta tttctctact tctggaatt     197819