EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC152354; SV 2; linear; genomic DNA; HTG; MAM; 190014 BP.
AC   AC152354;
DT   04-NOV-2004 (Rel. 81, Created)
DT   19-SEP-2007 (Rel. 93, Last updated, Version 2)
DE   Pan troglodytes chromosome X clone RP43-11D19 map human ortholog q26.2, 2
DE   ordered pieces.
OS   Pan troglodytes (chimpanzee)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Pan.
RN   [1]
RP   1-190014
RA   Taudien S., Platzer M.;
RT   "DNA sequence of chimpanzee chromosome X";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-190014
RA   Lagemann D., Platzer M.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (03-NOV-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Analysis, Institute of Molecular Biotechnology, Beutenbergstr. 11,
RL   Jena, Thuringia 07745, Germany
RN   [3]
RP   1-190014
RA   Taudien S., Mueller O., Platzer M.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (18-SEP-2007) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Analysis, Leibniz Institute for Age Research - Fritz Lipmann
RL   Institute (former IMB Jena), Beutenbergstr. 11, Jena 07745, Germany
DR   MD5; 75b1823ad8a332d11b7bb0a68c08933f.
CC   On Sep 18, 2007 this sequence version replaced gi:55251387.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC        Center: Leibniz Institute for Age Research - Fritz Lipmann
CC        Institute (former IMB Jena)
CC        Center code: IMB
CC        Web site:
CC        Contact:
CC   -------------- Project Information
CC        Center project name: cX72
CC        Center clone name: RP43-11D19
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC        Sequencing vector: Sequencing clone based: pUC18; 76% of reads
CC        Whole genome shotgun: 24% of reads
CC        Chemistry: Dye-terminator Big Dye; 100% of reads
CC        Assembly program: Phrap; version 0.990329
CC        Consensus quality: 189895 bases at least Q40
CC        Consensus quality: 189912 bases at least Q30
CC        Consensus quality: 189914 bases at least Q20
CC        Quality coverage: 11.32x
CC   --------------
CC   Source information:
CC   The RPCI-43 chimpanzee BAC library was prepared from DNA
CC   isolated from the blood of a single male chimpanzee using
CC   published protocols (Osoegawa,K. et al. Genomics 51:1-8).
CC   The DNA from the chimpanzee ('Clint') was obtained from the
CC   Yerkes Primate Center in Atlanta. The library was prepared
CC   by Baoli Zhu, Chung Li Shu, Kazutoyo Osoegawa, Evan Eichler
CC   & Pieter J. de Jong. The library characteristics are described
CC   at
CC   The clone may be obtained from Pieter J. de Jong and coworkers
CC   (
CC   VECTOR:  pBACe3.6
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished with the support of external Whole
CC   genome shotgun data (
CC   as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions were double
CC   stranded, sequenced with an alternate chemistry, or covered by high
CC   quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was made to
CC   resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one plasmid subclone; and the
CC   assembly was confirmed by restriction digest.
CC   --------------
CC   Sequence Quality Assessment:
CC    This entry has been annotated with sequence quality
CC    estimates computed by the Phrap assembly program.
CC    All manually edited bases have been reduced to quality zero or 1.
CC    Quality levels above 40 are expected to have less than
CC    1 error in 10,000 bp.
CC    Base-by-base quality values are not generally visible from the
CC    GenBank flat file format but are available as part
CC    of this entry's ASN.1 file.
CC   ----------------------.
CC   * NOTE: This is a 'working draft' sequence. It currently
CC   * consists of 2 contigs. Gaps between the contigs
CC   * are represented as runs of N. The order of the pieces
CC   * is believed to be correct as given, however the sizes
CC   * of the gaps between them are based on estimates that have
CC   * provided by the submittor.
CC   * This sequence will be replaced
CC   * by the finished sequence as soon as it is available and
CC   * the accession number will be preserved.
CC   *        1    59170: contig of 59170 bp in length
CC   *    59171    59270: gap of unknown length
CC   *    59271   190014: contig of 130744 bp in length.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..190014
FT                   /organism="Pan troglodytes"
FT                   /chromosome="X"
FT                   /map="human ortholog q26.2"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone="RP43-11D19"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9598"
FT   misc_feature    2451..3245
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    2863..2960
FT                   /note="single clone coverage"
FT   misc_feature    23573..23746
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    42239..42768
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    43030..43951
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    56512..56557
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    58752..58773
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    58830..58952
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    59157..59406
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   gap             59171..59270
FT                   /estimated_length=unknown
FT   misc_feature    60131..60184
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    121043..121137
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    138095..138173
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    141255..141327
FT                   /note="whole-genome shotgun only"
FT   misc_feature    144124..144383
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    166371..166540
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
SQ   Sequence 190014 BP; 58545 A; 38833 C; 38059 G; 54477 T; 100 other;
     aattcagtct attctgtggt cgtgttcatg aacatttagg tgtgggggct gggtggggag        60
     gagcggccta tcagccttcc ctgagagaac agcacagaag gggttaccta attccactgt       120
     gggagtttta tctgcctcct ggatggttca gtgtaggtct acgtctagac tgattacaaa       180
     agcaccaaca aaacaaaata aatacctaac atcttacaga aaaggcatga aaccaaacag       240
     tatgagtggg gagaacaatg cctctgttgt gacaggaagt cttcgtgagg atgatggaat       300
     tcctgcaccc taggttctaa tttgtaaaag caacattaaa cgtctcaaag caggccctgg       360
     cttgaacaca ttaattttga aggcagtgtg tttggttaga taagggattt ttttttttca       420
     ctgccactag gatcaaaatg aagatcagta taactaactc tgtctgcatg ggcacagatt       480
     tcagaaaaca gcctttactc tcattcacca atataaccat ttgttaattc tgctccttcc       540
     aagtgacaag gtgtgtgcaa tgtgattgaa aaggctctgg ttggctcagt cctgacttgc       600
     actcactgtg ctgtgtgacc ttaaacaaat ctcttaacct ttctgagcct caatttctac       660
     atatgtaaaa tgagggggtt ggggttgcta atgtatcttt gtgaggtgaa gactctaaca       720
     aagcaaaata aatgtaacaa tcccattgcc taatggtgct gacgaccggg gcctttcacc       780
     caaaaagaaa gctgtaacat catatccaaa gtagttttta aatatgtcat tctaaactga       840
     agctgcagtt gagtgatggc ttgctctaga attctaagtc gaatcacctc tcaaactcta       900
     aggtcagtgt ataactaggt ggcaagtatg tcacataatt gaaggtacat ttgttaagcc       960
     agtactttca aatggcctga ggcagaacat tttgaatgct tgttcattcc ctcaatgttc      1020
     atcccctcaa atatctattg aacacctact atgtaccagg ctctgcagac aagatgtttc      1080
     tcctggaatc ctatgccatc tcctcccttc ccacccctga ctttcccctt tccttttctt      1140
     tgcttttggt tttgtttgtg acccctggtg caaaggattg agtgaaagct actgctcagt      1200
     tcatggtagg caccatagtt ggtccagata aggcccttct cttggtttgt ttcattcatt      1260
     catttattct attttattcc caaagctcac tgccatttcc ctccctgcaa aggtacccat      1320
     tctaatgctg taaatgtata ccttttagta tgtctgtatt tttgtaaaat atgtattgtc      1380
     tcctgtatat atatatacac acatatatac acatatatat gcgtatatat acatatatac      1440
     gcatacacac gtatatatac acatatatac atgtatatat acatacacat atatacatgt      1500
     atatatacat acacatatat acatgtatat atacatacac atatatacat gtatatatac      1560
     atacacatat atacatgtat atatacatat atacacatat atacatgtat atatacgtat      1620
     atatacatat atacacatat atatacatat atacacatat atacatgcat atatatacat      1680
     atatatgcat atatatacat atatacacgt atatacatgt atgtacatac atgtatacac      1740
     gtacatacat gcatgtacat acatgtatac acgtacatac atgcatgtac gtacatgtat      1800
     acacgtacat acatgcatgt acgtacatgt atacatgtac gtacatacat gtacgcacgt      1860
     acatgtacgt atatacatgt acgtacatgt acgtacatac atgtataata catgtatata      1920
     catgtacgta tatacatgta taatacatgt atatacgtat atacatgtat gtataataca      1980
     tgtatacatg tatatacgta tatacatgtg tatacatgta tatacgtata tacatgtgta      2040
     tacatgtatg tgtgtatacg tgtatacatg tatgtgtgta tacgtgtata catgtatgtg      2100
     tgtatacgtg tatacatgta tgtgtgtata catgtataca tgtatgtgtg tatacatgta      2160
     tatatacatg tacgtgtata tatacatata tacatgtatg tatatacatg tatatataca      2220
     tagatacaca tatacatgta tatatacata gatacacata tacatgtatg tatacagata      2280
     cacatataca tgtatgtata tacatagata cacatataca tgtatatata cacatagata      2340
     cacatataca tgtatatata cacatagata cacgtatata tacacgtata tacgtgtata      2400
     tatacacata tacgtgtata tatacacata tatacgtgta tatacacaca tatatacatg      2460
     tatatataca catatataca catatataca catatataca catatacatg tatatataca      2520
     cgtatataca catatatatg tgtatatata cacatatata cacatatata tgtgtatata      2580
     tacacatata cacgtatata tacacatata tacgtgtata tatacacata tatacacgta      2640
     tatacacgta tatatacacg tatatataca cgtatataca cgtatataca cgtatatata      2700
     tacgtatata cgtgtatata tacacgtata tacgtgtata tatacgtgta tatatatata      2760
     cacatatata cgtatatacg tatatataca catatatacg tatatacgta tatatacaca      2820
     tatatacgta tatacgtata tatacacata tatacgtata tacgtatata tacacatata      2880
     tacgtatata cgtatatata cacatatata cgtatatacg tatatataca catatatacg      2940
     tatatacgta tatatacaca tatatacacg tatatacgtg tatatataca cgtatatacg      3000
     tgtatatata cacgtatata catgtatata tacacgtata tacatgtata tatacacgta      3060
     tatacatgta tatatacacg tatacatgta tatatacacg tatatacatg tatatataca      3120
     cgtatacatg tatatataca cgtatataca tgtatatata cacgtatata catgtatata      3180
     tacacgtata catgtatata tacacgtata catgtatata tacatatata catgtatata      3240
     tacatatata catgtatata tacatatata cacatatata cacatatgta tacgtgtata      3300
     tatatacata tacacgtgta tatatataca tatacttata tgtgtatata tatatatact      3360
     tgtttttttt ttgagacagt ctcaatctgt tgcctaggct ggagtgcagt ggtgtgatcc      3420
     cagctcacta caacctcccc cttctgggtt caagtgactc tcctgcctca gcttcccaag      3480
     tagctgggac tccaagtagc tgggactaca ccatgcctgg ctaatttttg tattttgagt      3540
     agagacaggg tttcactatg ttggccaggc tggtctcgag ttcctgacct caggtgatct      3600
     acctgcttca gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat tacaggtgtg agccgcagtg cccagcctgt      3660
     gtatatattt taattaattc aaatggtgag atgctatata gcccatggag tttcttgcct      3720
     tttttctttt ttacccatac tagggtttta agatccatcc atgctgctgg gggtacatat      3780
     ggtctgttgc ttttcactgc tgcatgatac tccatggtgt gcatcctcac gttgtacctc      3840
     tcctctctcc cagggaggta cctggtatcc tgcagtgctt caccatggca agtattccaa      3900
     cagtaacctg ccttgtgcat ggcccactat ggacctgtgt catattgttc tgcctaaagc      3960
     actcttctcc cttagtcttt gtttgtttat ttgtttgtgt ttttgagatg gagtcttgct      4020
     ctgttgccca ggctggagtc cagtggcgtg atcttggctc actgcaacct ccactttctg      4080
     ggttcaagcg attctcctgc ctcagcctcc tgagtagctg ggattacagg tgtgcacctc      4140
     catgcccagc taatttttgt agttttagta gagatggggt tttcaccatg ttgcccaggc      4200
     tggtctagaa ctcctggcct caagtgatct gcctgcctca gcctcccaaa atgctggaat      4260
     tacagtcgcg tgctactacg cccggctaat gtttgtatta gtagagacgg gttttgccat      4320
     gttggccagg ctggtctcaa actcctgacc tcaagtgatc tgcttgcctt gtcttcccaa      4380
     agtgctggga ttacaggcat gagccaccat gcccagccct atgctttatt tttctatgtt      4440
     tttaatgtga atctttcaaa ctcaatacat taatttctaa atatataaaa gtgaataaaa      4500
     agctatgacc ttatttggtt ggttccttgg caaacctaga agaccttcta catccaaact      4560
     agtactgtga ctttccaaga ggccccctta gaagggaatc attgcaccag ggacagtgtc      4620
     ctcaaatttt ctggaacttt tctttggaaa aaaagagaaa cttccatagt ccatagcaca      4680
     ttctttggaa tcttcttggg gtgagggagg gaaggggctt tgtttcttga aggcagattt      4740
     gatttttgga aacagctaaa agctacttgg cagcaagtgt agtgaatgag gtgggtgatc      4800
     aaactgaaaa atattatttt tgcttccaaa caaggtgtga ctataaagaa atgaggctga      4860
     ttttcttgta tggcacataa actagctcaa cagcaattcc aaaagaggac ttccaaaaat      4920
     gctgtggcct tggcaagaaa aaatatttct ccaccccagt atacacacac acacacacac      4980
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacgt gcacacacac acacatagtg tatggcatct      5040
     ggctcaatcc atagacaagg gaaaccaaaa gcctttggaa cgtgtttaaa aaagcaattg      5100
     tgcaagtatg ggatggaaga gacctggctg ggcagccatt cttgaaaaaa cctatcaatc      5160
     acagttgcag ttagccagaa catggaatta tcatgcacta aagagtgtga tgtggctgct      5220
     cagcaagtgt ctgaatccta ggactgctct ggcagaggtc ctggacttct gcgggaacag      5280
     agacacccat cagccacact gttcaggctc tccctgccat gggctcagct atgggcctga      5340
     caggacaaga ggaccactgg cccactggag cccggctcac gaaggagctt gtcagtgctg      5400
     tccaatgtgt ttggaaaagc agacaaccca gaggaggcaa gtgtcagtga ctgaaaatta      5460
     ttgtgaaaag ggagctatgt gaaaactagt gccatcttag tctctctttt tttgtttgta      5520
     taaatttaag ggacacaagt gcagttttga ttcatggatg tattgcatag tggtgaagtc      5580
     tgggctttca gtgtaaccat cacccaaata gtgtacattg tacccattaa gtaatttctt      5640
     accccttact ccctcccatc ctctcacctt tcccagtctc cagtgtttat tattccactc      5700
     tcaatgttca tgtgtacacg ttatttagct cccacttata agtgaggaca tgcagtattt      5760
     aactttctat ctctgagttg ttttacttaa gagaatagcc tctagttcca tcaatgttgc      5820
     taaaaatatg gaatgcttca caaatttgca tgtcactcat gcacagggcc catgctaatc      5880
     tctgtatcat tccgatttta gtatgtgtgc tgcccaagtg agcacggcta tctgaatctc      5940
     aggatgctct ttatggcaga gccagaacca taggaggaaa taataggaaa gcagatttag      6000
     gctcacccta ataaagactg attcatatta tagaattgta tgctcatgca cattctgcac      6060
     atgtatccca ggacttaaag tataataaaa aataaaaaaa tatatatttc tcaataaagc      6120
     attggttgta gcaacagtat gcaactgcaa aaaaaaaaga attgtatgtt caatacaatc      6180
     tcatgtgtgt gaatatacat atacagagag ggggtgaaag actggaaaaa tataaatttt      6240
     ttttttttga gacagagtct cgctctgtcg cccaggctgg agtgcagtgg cacaatcttg      6300
     gctcactgca agctccgcct cccaggttca caccattctc ctgcctcagc ctcccgagta      6360
     gcttggacta caggtgcccg ccaccatacc cggctaattt tttttgtatg gaaaaatata      6420
     aatatttaat agtggatttc tatgtggtat ggaattatgg ggcaaacatc attttctaaa      6480
     ctttacataa ttatgtgtca ttaggttttt tattacctgt atttcatttg taataactct      6540
     tttcctttaa gaaatggatt tgctaaaaat tcgaggtatc caacaaccaa acaggctact      6600
     ttgtgaccta gtgagagccc tgccttagga ggtaatcaag caaacattgt gggatgaact      6660
     atcaggtccc ttccagtcta gggactcagt atctgttatt ttaggaatta accttactca      6720
     agtaccagag ttgagttggt ggaagttcac tcatgcatcc aatgaggaag aggccttcca      6780
     acacaatggg gcaacttccc agctcccagg tctcttctaa gaaaaaatag tcatcttaac      6840
     ataattcaag tgtaggaagt ttaaatcaaa gggtagaatc aggccaggtg cggtggctca      6900
     cacctgtaat cccagcttaa atccaatagg atatggtgga gtttccatgt tttatacatg      6960
     tgtatgatta tcccagcacc ttgggaagcc aaggcaggtg gatcacttga ggtcaggagt      7020
     ttgagaccag cctgggtaac atggtgaaat cccatcttta caaaaagata gaaaaatcag      7080
     ccaagcctag tgatgtgtgc ctatagtccc agctactcgg gaggctgagg caggagaatt      7140
     gctggaacca gggaggtgga ggctgcagtg agccgagatt gtgccatcat actccagctt      7200
     gggtgacaga gggagactct gtttaaaaaa aaaataaaat ggtagaatca acacgtcaaa      7260
     gatgaaaagc cactaactag ccatgaaact tgattctgaa ctagagcaat aataaaaaaa      7320
     tacatagaga gataggaaaa gacagaggca aaaagctaaa agaggccatt gatgatacat      7380
     agttgatgcc agtaggatat ggtggatttt ccatgtttta aacatgtgta tggttatcca      7440
     gtttaatccc atctacgtag ctgaagccag caggtcttgg acgtgacagg ggagttatct      7500
     tctggtcctc ctcgctcagg ctggatggcc catagctgca gacagagtac caggacagca      7560
     gaaacacagg gtgcctgggg tcatgttctg gaaactgaag caagtcaaat atgaccttag      7620
     gctggaaaag ttctgagagg cattggaggg acagcacatt catgccacca gctgggcaga      7680
     gggaccggca tttactgcct tttgggttga atggtgccac aaaatctgag taacaaagag      7740
     gttagaaacc ttgtcctcat tctccatttg acaataggga aactgaggtc tagagagagg      7800
     aagtggatga gaagggtgtg cgaaaactga caatctcttt tgcctcccag agaggagaaa      7860
     tggactttaa gacagtcctc tcctgcttgc aggagcaaag cttggtctct gagccacaaa      7920
     ttattttttg ccacatcaaa taacatttcc atggaatgtc agagacagtt attagatgat      7980
     aactgggctt taaatccttc ttctgggttg gtgttactat attagactct gagtccaagc      8040
     agcaaatctt tgcaatgtgt aggtttcata aaccaaagcc caaagtttct tacaaacccc      8100
     attcaaatgc acaaagaatg atggtttaaa aacaaagaca actggcttct ttctctttca      8160
     ggtcttaccc attacaaatc attgagatca cattaacaca tacaactgat tgtagtctta      8220
     acttcgataa aactaaccaa aggaaacgct aaaccaaata tttccaattt gtgtttgtga      8280
     gcatttctgc aaaggatgaa gatggatatt ggaaaattgt gctctgcagg ggacagaagt      8340
     atgttggtga cagcaggaga aggggtacaa taagttgtga gaaattacac attctgcttc      8400
     ccacatggtg accccctgcc atgggaccga aatcggagat cttgactagg accacctcgt      8460
     agaatcaaag gggacttccc cgtccattcc ttgaccttct ctcacacccc ttcagtgcat      8520
     ctcaccctct ctttcttata tttatcaggt ggaagttgag tcctccccct ttagaaagaa      8580
     tcaatgtctc tattgacctg acctggcaac agggcaatgt gctaagcatt atacacatta      8640
     caaaaatggc agggtggtta ttcctgggat ccctcggcag cagaatgtct gagtatcacc      8700
     taacataagt gccattatta ttgcaatgtc gtatgtgtaa aaacagattt tttttttttt      8760
     gagacagcgt ctcactctgt catccaggct ggagtgcaat ggcatgatct cagctcactg      8820
     caacctctgc ctcccaggtt caagcgattc tcctgcttca gcctcctgag tagctgggat      8880
     tacagacacc cgccaccaca cctggctaaa ttttttgtat ttttagtaca gacggggttt      8940
     tgccatgttg gccaggctgg tctcaaactc ctgacctcaa atgatccacc cgcctcagcc      9000
     tcccaaagtg ttgggcttac aggtgtgagc caccacaccc tgcaaaaaac agattttgag      9060
     taataatact gggcctatgg ttgatgatga aaagccagtg ttgtaattac tactggtgtc      9120
     agaccttcag ttccatgaga gcagggctca gttctgtttt gttttccact gtctccagca      9180
     tctggtacag tacctgaaac ccaacaggta tgcaaaacct actcgttgaa taaatgaatg      9240
     ttgaagaagc tcacctgagg ccaagagtga gagttgctcc ctataaatca tgggtttgct      9300
     gatgacacct tctgcaacct gacccaaagc aacggctgcc catgccatgt ggcagcccct      9360
     gtggagagag gcaacacagc aagcctgaga cagcagcaaa gaagctgggg agtgatttct      9420
     ttgcactgtt tgggctcaac tgtcttgatt tgggagaagg gagaagatga atggtgtaac      9480
     tgtacctgat ttacatagag gattcctatt tgggcaaagc atttttggca aagtaaaagt      9540
     tgtaaagaga gaccagacca ggtaactctt ttgagatacc ttcggtttca tagacaagat      9600
     actccaaccc aaggtttcga aatgaagatt gtggattgcg agggagtggc tctttcttat      9660
     tggttctgga gtcagcattg atttccaccc agaaggaagg cagggaggtg ggtttcaagg      9720
     aacctcttgg ggcctgataa gaatatgttg gatagaaagt ttagtgagaa ggaaaaaaaa      9780
     gcattgcgca gtcaccatag atgacggttt gcaaaaaaaa gggccaatac atttttattt      9840
     gagcaattta ttttttttca aagaaatcca tgcaaagaga gaacgataga aagggaggca      9900
     gtgagagaga aagacatggt aaccatgttc tagcagccaa acataggaga ataatttggc      9960
     acaacttgat ggtttttttt ctttgcaaaa ggacaatcta tatgctacca ctaaaatgta     10020
     tcttcctcca aaagatacca tttgattttc gaaaacataa cacatggtta gtcctctact     10080
     tcatggctgg aggaggtata caggataaca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaatagaa aaaaataaga     10140
     aagtggttcc ctttatcgag gaagaccaca gggtgctgaa gggcagcaca tgtgctgggc     10200
     accaggcagt cagtgcacca ggaagaagaa gcacaccacc gagatggcca tgctggtgag     10260
     aagcttcagc ggggaatgaa cgttcccgag gttgtgaaag gtgcttatct cgttgtcctt     10320
     cggagtcgcc tgctgattgt ttccaggcgc atcatccaca tccagatcat aggccagttc     10380
     tgtcaatcaa aagagaagga tttgaaatgc aagtctaccc atagcctcag tataacacta     10440
     tccacagctc gagcatgtgt ctggaccact ggaaagcctc agctttgatt ccctttttta     10500
     ggggggagaa aaaggccact gtgagatggg aaaaagaagg atatgtgggg gtgggggtgg     10560
     ggagagggga ggcagtggaa ggagccagcc agaagtgctc cttccagaga tcacagcaag     10620
     caggagtggg gagcgaacag gctgcacccc actccccttt ggctgcatcc acattgtagg     10680
     gtgcacgcta gccctttgca acatctcctc ccaggcaagg ttttgcttga agggcatttt     10740
     caccagatct tatgggtatc aaaacgtaag atgccatgta ggtgactata ccatgtggtt     10800
     gtgttcttgt gtgtatgtgt gctggtgggg agggggtgct gtgggttccc agtgtacctt     10860
     tcttaggccc tgcaccttat atacatttcc ttgtcctggg agctttccct taattagggt     10920
     ttaggatagg tagtttgctg ttgaaagttg ttttattttc ccaaataatt ctccttttat     10980
     ctataaggtc ttttcatttc cccctaaaaa caatcctcgc aaaaaagcaa aattgatcaa     11040
     agcatagatt taaactgata ccaagtgaat gggtgtaagg agaggctaat gggcaagagc     11100
     ctttcattct ttgactgcct agcatttatg atatatgttc atgattctga aaagaaatca     11160
     gggtgttatt tagcttgtcc taaagcaaag gtggccccag aaggcaaatc taaggaagac     11220
     agtggtttat caggaaattc aagatggctg accctggcca agggctcaat atctttcaga     11280
     tttgcttttc cagatttaaa gatcaaatct actctcttgg ctcttctaga ctccgttgcc     11340
     aatgttgcta tttcaatatc ttgtgaaggt gatatgatgt gagcaacttc accagccaac     11400
     tgtctggtag ccaagggagc tagaaagatc ctttgggaca ctgagatgcc cggcaacagg     11460
     cacagaggaa atgactagga ttctacagag ggaaggaagg aagaggaagg aagagcttct     11520
     cttacagggg atgaaacact caataagtca caggaagaaa gtgtggggac tcagctggtc     11580
     cagtacagag cagtgcccag gaccaaggct ctgctaaggc tagcactggt tagggcaggc     11640
     agcaaggtca aagtgatcaa agccagggag tctaatttca cagactaaga taccaatttc     11700
     caaaaggtct attgcaatct atgttgccac cagcaatgat gagagaaaca attttacggc     11760
     acctccattg aaaaaagata ttttttgcta atataaggcg acatctcaac gtttctttaa     11820
     tttgcaggga tttgattact agtgcagaca aacttttcct atgttttagt ttactaatta     11880
     tatttctcaa tgtgtagtag tttatacctt ttgccttttt atctagtggg tattgatatt     11940
     tttcctattc attttaataa tatatatttt gttgaacttt tgcctatatt ttatacaaat     12000
     attttctcca ttttgttatt aactataact attttcatgg ctgtagaaag aaataatgtc     12060
     ctaaggttta agatatatga atctggttac attttactca tttaaaagca gagagttttt     12120
     cttcctgagt actcgtaata attcaaatca aattttccag gaaactctct tacccaggga     12180
     gaagcaattg agcagactac aatctagatt ccctgccttc caaaataaat acctacaaac     12240
     aaaataaaaa gagaaaaaga acaaagagca atgctctact tggaaatcag acctctttct     12300
     ttgaaaggtg aactatgcag ggtgcacaga gaaggccgag gtcagctgtc agtcggcaag     12360
     gatagcacag gcttaggtca tgatcgggtt tcaccaaagt ggagagcaca tatggctaga     12420
     tctgttgaaa gcccagcctt ggttctcaca gcaacttctc aacttaaatg aagaggagta     12480
     tttttagggt tgacctgaat gcgagcactc tcagcattgc tttcagattc cttttctgga     12540
     tagtgcccct tgcccaacat caagatgaaa caatatctat taatgtcact actcagctcc     12600
     tacactgttt ctttcttcaa atcatctgct aactttcaac agttttgttt actgtagtag     12660
     ttatggcaaa cccagaagtt ttgttaaatc cagttgtgtc taattttttt tttttttttt     12720
     ttttgccagt aaagacctct tctgattttg tttgtttttt gttttgtttt gtttttttga     12780
     gacagggtct ttctgtgtcg cccaggctgc agtatagtgg tgcgatcatg gctcaacgca     12840
     gcctcgattt ccagggctca agcaatcctc ccacattggc ctcccaagta gctggggcca     12900
     tggcaaaacc ccgtctccag aaaaaaaaaa tacaaataat agtcaggcat gtgccaccct     12960
     gcctggctat tatttgtatt tttttttttt ttctagagac ggggttttgc catgttgccc     13020
     aggctggtct caaactcctg agctcaagcg atctgaccac ctcggcctcc caaaattctg     13080
     gaattacaag tgagccaccg tgcctggcct tcttttgcta tttcaatctc ttgggccctg     13140
     cattttttaa ttatagtaat gacccccaac tactgagtcc tcactgtagg ccaggcactg     13200
     tgttaaacta tttccgtaca ttatttcatt gaatttaacc atctccacga tgttataagg     13260
     taggtattat aattcccatt ttactggaga ggaagctcaa gctcaggtta attattttgc     13320
     ccatatttac acagctggta tggggtagaa gagctatttg agtccaggtc tgactctaaa     13380
     cctcaaatga agctacactg cctcttgaaa aattctatat accaaataaa ctacagtaat     13440
     taagtagtaa tggattcttc ttgaaaacaa actccattag tgaaatacac agtgccaaag     13500
     agaacttcca aacagcatga gagcaaagtc actgtttgca cataaaattg accacatact     13560
     tgattaagta gccttgttaa actttttgaa atcctgaaaa gagctctggg ttggaaatgg     13620
     gaattatcat atcagttcta tttccctgaa gaaatcaaca atgatggcca aagccattag     13680
     ataccccaac cacaaagatg gccaagtctt ctacctccaa aaggccccca ggaatattca     13740
     gaacgctatc tccctgtgtt ccataagcta tggctgcagg tttcctgagg ctcttcattc     13800
     agcagtagca aaagtttatc aaccaattcc atagccaggc acctgtggct tataattgat     13860
     gggaatccca gcaaagccac tgtacgcttg ggccaccatc atgaagatta gagataaagg     13920
     gaatagctta gcacaataat gaagcattat ggagacagag gaaataggat ttttggtgaa     13980
     agataaatac agacatttct ggacagggga aatgtaatcc aatttaattc aacaaacaaa     14040
     actagcctat gatgtctcaa gcatcacagt tgagggttag agaaagactt actgtctgcc     14100
     ttcatgagcc ccctcactgg caagggaaat tgatcaagag acaattcaac tagctacgtg     14160
     gcagaaagta gaaagggctc agttaaaggc acaagcaaaa cacctcgggg atagaagaga     14220
     aagagataaa aattccaaat agaaagatct gggaagactt cttaaaacaa ttgggatatc     14280
     ccactactga gtatctaccc aaaggaaaag aagtcattct atgaaaaaga cacatgaaca     14340
     cgcatggtta tagcagctca atttgcaatt gcaaaaatat ggatccagcc taagtgccca     14400
     tcaaccaaca agtggataaa gaaaatgtgg tatacataca ccatgtaaca ctactcagcc     14460
     ataaaaatga atgaaataat gtcttttgca gcaacttgga tggagccgga ggccattatt     14520
     ttaagggaag taactcagga atggaaaacc aaatatcgta tgttttcact tataagtggg     14580
     agctaagcta tgaggacaca aaggcataag aatgacataa tagacactgg ggactcaggg     14640
     gacagagtgg gagtgaggtg agggataaaa gactacatat tgggtacagt gtatactgct     14700
     tggacgatag gtgcactaaa atctgaaaat tcaccactga agaactcatc catgtaacta     14760
     aacaacatct gtacccaaaa actattgaaa taaaaataaa aaataataaa attaagaata     14820
     attgggacat aatctacacc atgaaggatg gacagaatta tggcaggggc tgaatgaatg     14880
     gttattccag gcagagggtg cagcctgacc aaaatcacca agctcagaga atgtctatga     14940
     ggcatattca gaagcagcaa gtagcctcca tggtaggagg agccacagaa tggacattgt     15000
     tgtggtgtgt atatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtactgtggg     15060
     ggaagaggtg gtgggagatg aaaggtaagg cggagggaca agtaagagcc aaatcatggt     15120
     ggattaggaa agtaaaacta ttctgtgagc aacagggagc cactgaaggt tttgaagtaa     15180
     acaaacaaca caatctgatt tgtgtttttt agaaagatga ttgttaacac tgtggaagac     15240
     agctctaaga ggaagagact tgtcagacat cttgtgttga aataaacaag aagcctgtgg     15300
     gaatagtatc tggggatcag ccagtagcaa agttaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa accctacaaa     15360
     gtggctaaat ctacatcaaa ccagaaactt ctcagtttgc tacaaaccag atgtattatg     15420
     agaatcacca caaaccattc tcttttcaat cattcatatc tttatgttta tcagtgattt     15480
     tccagaacgt atttttgctg tattaggtac atattataaa atgcacataa attgtttcta     15540
     tcttgatcat cagtgagaac cttttgggcc agcaaggaga ttttcatgct aaatccaaaa     15600
     atctgtttct atttgtaatc agtttaacta tgcccaaagg gtagactcaa catctgtact     15660
     aattacacat tcagcccctg actctcattt cgccttcatg tcctttgtgt tgtagactag     15720
     ataattcttt tttaaaataa ttgtcagtca ttaaggtctg catttttttg tgtgttgaaa     15780
     agtttttctg tattgagaaa agcaataaat agagagccct ccatctttgg ttattcagcg     15840
     tctcctagca gagtccctag gaggctggtc ttaaattcct ggcctcaagt gatcctgtgc     15900
     atcctggcag tctggagccc tgggttccaa gcctagttta gctactgact tattatctca     15960
     ccttagacaa gtcatttcct tcttttctgg gcctcagttg ccccatctgg taaatcaaag     16020
     tgttgaactg gatgacctct aagtttcctt ctagttttat ttctctctga ttccaaggct     16080
     cttgcagccc agtgagggac atagcctgct gcaggctgta atcagtcttc cacttacagc     16140
     agccaaggtg gctgtccctg acagggcctc cataagcaag tcaggtcaat cagttgcttc     16200
     ccttgggatg tttctctggt gatattcatc agctaccaaa ttctgaattc tctttttttc     16260
     ttgagctgtt ttttaatctt ggatgagaga tcctggttat aaacacatcc atgctggatt     16320
     gtttctgttt tgcttttaaa ctctggcata acaacttcca ttggaggcag tacacacaga     16380
     gctttggggg agaagttgct ggacctgggg tgcatcaagc aggcatggat aggcatgcac     16440
     agggggatct gggagccagg aagacaagcc tttgggccct tacaaagcta atggagtctt     16500
     gagcacataa taggaagcaa atgctcaccc tctgagggtg tgggcttcaa ggaggatgat     16560
     gcattgctat gagggcttca cccataccaa caggaagact tcacagggca gactgaaaga     16620
     agtgctgcta tcaaaatgcc aggagagaaa acgctactgc tgagccaagc atgggggttt     16680
     cttacttgcc aagcttgcat cagcagatgg cttcaatctg gccctgatat agcaacagag     16740
     caatactgct atctctgtgt tttgcatttg ctgtgtacag ttggcctcca agacatgcat     16800
     acgtgaaacc tcaggacatt gcttggcaac ccccagaggc tgaagctggg ggaaatctct     16860
     ggagaaatca cattcattgc aatactgctc actctgctgg ctgttcccac aggagccact     16920
     gggctctgcc attcgctctt gaatccaaaa cagaccctgg tttccttgtt ctcccttcag     16980
     cacaaccctc tttcctgcca cctcaatacc tcctcttttg tcaactttta gatgtgaaat     17040
     gactagactt taaagcagaa gaaaatgact tttcaaatga cccttgggtc tctgggagtc     17100
     tagattttct tctttataga tcagatgagg aggacaagaa atacttgaga cctctggttt     17160
     ttaactggtc taatgggact tcttttggga atgggctcat ttaacaatct gccttttttt     17220
     ttagacagtc tcgccgtgtc acccaggctg gagtgcagtg gcgtgatctt ggctcactgc     17280
     aacctccacc tccagagttc aagtgattct tgtgcctcag cctcctgagt agctgggatt     17340
     acaaatacat accaccactc ctggattatt tttgtatatt tcatagagac agggtttcac     17400
     catgctgtcc aggctggtct cgaactcctg agctcaagcg atctgcctgc cttggcctcc     17460
     caaagtgcgt ggattacagg tgtgagccac cacacctggc ccacaatctg cctttctgac     17520
     aaacaaatga attgctaatt ttgcccacta aatgacagta acacctggga ataatccaat     17580
     ggcctctcct agaagagggt ttgggcaatg agatgtcctc ttcatttctt atggctcatt     17640
     ccagcttgca aacatcttta gttacaacaa taggatgttg aaagaatata atgaattttt     17700
     cccattagct gaggcatggc ctctcttatt ataggcctct gtttctcaat ctggagtatg     17760
     tgtatcttca gattacactg cagtgggttg taggtacatg aagccatcac atgcttcttc     17820
     ctagggaatt agggggaaag cacacttttt tatactaaaa tatgcaaggc taatgatgga     17880
     gcagaaatgt attagttgca agctcactga agtcatcaga catttcctgt ttagcaggtt     17940
     atgtctcaaa tcctcaggag tagggattca ctcacccttc tctgacgtag tggggggatt     18000
     taggtagaaa aatcttaaaa acactgttag aggttgggca cggtggctta caccttgtaa     18060
     tcccaggatt ctggtaggcc aagggggatg ggtcacttca gcccaggagt ttgaaaccag     18120
     ccttggcaac atggtgaaac cttgtttcta caaaaaacag aaaagttagc tgggcatggt     18180
     ggcgtgtgct tgtagttcca gctacttggg aggctgacgt gggatgattg cttgagttca     18240
     ggaggttgag gctgcagtga gctgtgattg tgccactgca ctacaccctg ggtgatagag     18300
     taagaccctg ttacaaacaa acaaacaaaa aacaaccgca gcactgttag gcaacttggg     18360
     tcacctgggc tttgtcaact accacgctgg accttctgac tcacaaattc ctgatgagtg     18420
     acttaatgta gtcttttcta tggcaacttc cttgttacga gggaaacatc acagtgattg     18480
     tccttaacta gggctcagac tgcttccttt ttctaacaca aatgtttcca gggggtttca     18540
     accaccagct atgcttcact attatgtgta gccattaaga aagaaataaa aaagtcatat     18600
     gggccaccac ttacttacat acttactatt tatagagatg gggtctcact ctgtttccca     18660
     gtgcagtggc atagtcatgg ctcacagcag ccttgaatac ctggactcaa gcaatcctgc     18720
     cacctcagcc tcccaagtag ctgggaccac aggcgtgtgc caccacgtct ggctaatttt     18780
     tttattttta ttttttgtag agacagggtc ttgctctgtt gcccaggctg gtcttaaact     18840
     cctggcctca aattatcctc cttcctcagc ctccaaagtg ctaggattac aggcgtgagc     18900
     cactgtgccc ggcctaccat agttatttag gcacatcatg agtcaaacca tattcccagg     18960
     aacagaacaa ccccatcctg gaagcactga cagtatgtgt gggtaatgtg ggtggtggct     19020
     ctcctccacc agccccagca ttctcaccac cttccccagc agtgtcatga ccactcctct     19080
     gatgtctaca ggtccttctt gcctgaggct gcctaacagc tccacagaga tcgaagctca     19140
     tcagagcctt tacttcccac aggaaaggtt atctcattcc catgggaaat gatgggccta     19200
     acagtcagta gaagaagagg agctgaggac agagacactg tacagcaagg gccagggaag     19260
     aagatcaaga taactgatct agagaagaca agggatggga aacactttaa agaggggtgg     19320
     gttaacacgg tcaaatgttg tgtaggggtc aagaaaagta aagactgaaa agaagccact     19380
     gtagatgtta aatagaaggt tatgggtgat ttttggaaga tgtttcagta ggattgttgg     19440
     gtaagaaacc agatgtagcc atggtgcctg cctgtagtcc cagctacttg ggttgctgag     19500
     gtgggaggcc aggagttcaa gactgtagtg cactatgatt acacctatga atagccactg     19560
     tattccagtc tgggcaacac agcaagaccc atctcttaaa aaaagacagt gagtagtgag     19620
     ttaaggagag agggggagct aatgtggatt ctctgagaag tctgagagtg agtgaaatga     19680
     ggcatttgcc accctgactg tgcctggggt gcatggcagt gctgttagtg ccacaacacc     19740
     tcaccagtct gtacaaccaa gttttgttag acggtgcctc tagaattcca aagcaaaatg     19800
     gccttttaaa atactatatt cttgctgtca ttgatgcata aacaacctgt aaccagatac     19860
     tcaaacagat acttgtatgc caatgttcat tgcattgtat tcctaatagc tgaaaggtgg     19920
     aaagaaccta agtgtccatc agcagatgaa tggagacaca aaatgtggta cgtccattca     19980
     atggactatt agccaaaaaa aaaaaaagga atgatgtact gataaatggc accacatgaa     20040
     tgaaccttga gtgagactct gtctcataaa taaacaaaca agcaaacaaa cggggatgtc     20100
     aatttctaaa ggctgacaaa cactgatagg actttaacta cttctaatat gttggtggcc     20160
     ctaaattctc cacaaggtag tcatttctct aacttatctc ctctagtttt tagttgcacc     20220
     acacacatat tgaaattagc ctgcattcta gaataacaca gaaacttatg ctggaattct     20280
     tcagcttgtc caattttcag cccttacaag ttctgagaca ttaaggttat tattacttaa     20340
     atgttcctca ctttcttttg tgtcattcca ggtcagccaa aagaattatt ttccataatg     20400
     atatgtatac acctcttcta cctagctaaa gaacaactta atatacacat taagaaggat     20460
     gtggaatagc caagattaaa aaaaaaaaaa ctttaaaaaa aaccattata gtaagtgaaa     20520
     gaagccagtc acaaaatgcc atatagtata taattccatt tatatgaaat gtccagcata     20580
     aacaaataga gagagagaga aagtagatta gtgattgcca gtggctgggg gtaggggaag     20640
     ggtgagttac agcttaaaag ttacagagtt tctttttggg atgatgaaat attttggaaa     20700
     tagtggtgat ggttgcacaa cattgtgaat gaaattaaca ccactgaatt gtatacttta     20760
     aaatggttca aatgtgaaga aaggggaacc cttgtacact gttggtagag atgtaaacaa     20820
     ccactatgga gaacagtttg gaggttcctc aaaaaacaaa aaataaaaca accatatgat     20880
     ccagcaatcc tactgctagg tatatactca aaagaaaggg aatcagtata tcgaagagat     20940
     atctgtactt ccaggtttgt tgtagtacta ttcacaatag cccagctttg gaagtaacct     21000
     aagtgtgcat caatagatga atggataaag aaaatgtggt atgtatacac agtggagtac     21060
     tattcagcta taaaaaagaa tgagatccta tcatttgcaa caacgtggat ggaattggag     21120
     gccattatgt tgagtgaaat aagccaggca cagaaagaca aaaattgcat gttctcactc     21180
     atatgtggga gctaaaaaat agatttcatg aaggtagatt ggtggttacc agaggctggg     21240
     aaggggagaa gcaggaggga tgaaggagaa aaaaagaata caaatgtatt tattaccact     21300
     gaactgcaca ctcaaaatta ataaagatag caaagtatat atgtatattt tacctcaata     21360
     aaaaataaaa attggttaaa atagcaaagt ttacattcca tatattttgc cataatttaa     21420
     agaaaaaaaa acttacacta gaaaccaaga gataacagca tctggggatg ctccctagtt     21480
     cctaagggga gtgcaccact actctggtat cttaccttgt agaggggtct gtgtgtgaat     21540
     atacctgata ccaaagcatc catgccaaat ggtactcgtc tgtgctttga aagtcaagtt     21600
     aagttgtgca aaagaatgaa gatgaatgga tatttgagtg ctaccctgga atagcagata     21660
     tagatagctc ttcaattggg aatggggaag agggtaattt tcaccaagaa ttttaatctg     21720
     aggctgcatt attattatta ttattattat tattttatca tcatcattat tttgagacag     21780
     ggtctggctc tgttgcccag gctggaatgc agtggtgtga tcgtagctca ctgcaacctc     21840
     tgtctcccag gctcaagcca tcctccttcc tcagcctata ggactaagat gcacatcacc     21900
     acaccaggct aatttttgta tttttagtac agacatggtt tcaccatgtt gtccaggctg     21960
     gtcttgaact cctgagctca agccatatgc ttgcctcagc ctcccaaagt gctgcgatta     22020
     caggcgtgag ccaccactcc caggcatgag gctgcatttt ttaaagagac acttttatac     22080
     attctcagga aacttacatt tgcttttgta actcatacaa aggctgctac gctgaaactg     22140
     ttaaaaaaaa aaaaagtaaa tgaaagcata cactctgtcc ttataacatt ttcaaaagtt     22200
     atttaatcat ttagattcac agagctctgt ttgcaatata catttcaggc ctgatgcagc     22260
     tacagaggta tgcatcattg ggctttgagc acatagaaga aaaacacaaa atgtcactta     22320
     ttgtagccaa atccaattgc tggtgagggg ttatgggagt gagggagtgg ccttgcagtc     22380
     cctcggagcc caagtatatc agggcttcat cagtgtatca gggttttaga tatacttgga     22440
     tgggaaaacc ccaaatcagg taaacttaca tttttaatca gccacaatgg atcttaaaaa     22500
     aataaataaa taaataaata aatggacctg agaactaaaa tgcatgcaat gtcctggcaa     22560
     tgcccaacag ccaagaaagg tactcataca atagccaagg ggtcaaaatg gctcaaggcc     22620
     ctgaaaacac cctatccagt aatcaacagc aggcaggtat ccttatacat gaaagatgaa     22680
     tagcctccct aagttattcc atttgcattt gttctttaaa tactctctga gtatgaaatc     22740
     tctccctcat tgatatggtt tggctgtgtc cctacccaaa tctcatcttg aattcccaag     22800
     ggttgtggga aggacccggt gggaggtaat tgaatcacgg gggcaggtct ttcctgtgct     22860
     cttctcgtga taatgaataa gtctcatgag atctgatggt tttaaaaata ggagtctccc     22920
     tgcacaagct ctctttttgc ctgccgccat ccacataaga tgtgacttgc tcctccttac     22980
     cttccatcat tattgtgagg cctccccagt catgtggaac tgtaagtcca ttaagtctct     23040
     tttctttttg taaattgccc aggctcaggc atgtctttat cagcagcata aaaatggact     23100
     aatacactca tcatcaatgg gatttggaga attgagactc attttccctc aatttactcg     23160
     gaagcacaca ctgtcatcct ggctccatcc tcctctcttc ccacctttgg acctgcatgt     23220
     cagcgagtgc ccattctcac attcacacag gtgccatctc ttttgatgct gtccatttct     23280
     cctctttcct tcagcttccc caccaccgcc acccacagtc ctcaatgcct tagccacata     23340
     agagccattc ctctccaggg gcccattgcc atccaggaag aaagaatgtt ccattctgtg     23400
     atagctggaa ccagagaaaa ctcttttcct gaaacatatg ttggaacaca tttctctctt     23460
     cctcaaaatc ctttgatggc tccctactgc atgtgggata gagtcctaat tcctgagcat     23520
     ggcattcatg agcctcccca gctcatcttt tcttgctttc cagtttcaac tgcccatata     23580
     tttctccaag tgccatatgc tgcagtcata ccatcccatt caccatttgc tgaaaatgcc     23640
     gagcactctg gagttcccat gtctttcttc atgctattcc cttagcctgg aatggcctct     23700
     ctctctctct ctctccctcc ctcccccctc tttatctctc tctctcttct tctccccttc     23760
     tccctctctt ctttctctcc ctccatcctt ccccccctcc tgtctctcct tccctctctc     23820
     tctttaccgt cctccctctc tctctcttta ccttcctccc tctctctccc tccctccctg     23880
     tccttctttt tctccttccc tccctctctc tcttcttgtc ttccctccct ccttctctct     23940
     ttctatcctt ttctctctct ctccctttct ctttctctcc ttcctccccc ctctgtcttt     24000
     ctgtctccca cctaccctct cttttctatc cacaattgta tctttctgtt tgtttgtttt     24060
     gttttttttt agacagagtt tcactcttgt tgcccaggct ggagtgcaat ggtgtgatct     24120
     cggctcattg caacctctgc ctcccgggtt caagagattc tcctgcctca gcctcccaag     24180
     tagctgggat tacaggcatg caccaccatg ccaggctaat tttgtatttt gagtagagat     24240
     ggggtttcac catgttggcc aggctggtct cgaactcttg acctcaggtg atctgcctgt     24300
     ctcggcctcc taaagtgctg ggattacagg agtgagccac tgtgaccggc cccacaattg     24360
     tatctttcaa gcctcaactt acatgatagc ctcttccaga aagccttccc ttctcacttc     24420
     aacccaaata aatcacttct ctctctgagt attaattgaa ttgaacctct attacagtac     24480
     taatttccat ctgcctcaca gtagagttag tcatttctat gttcctctcc tcaactagac     24540
     tgtgcttcat tgaagaaaga aattcacctt attcccctct gtcactccca cacagtgctt     24600
     ggctaacaca aacacctaaa aacatcagtc attcagttga atgactgagt gaatgcagga     24660
     atcaatggct gcatgaatga acacacatcc ccaccctact gagaatgtgc aggtgaaggg     24720
     ctgcctcctt acaagacacc cttcccaagg agttgatctc tactaactga tgatttcctt     24780
     aggagaagga gccaccactg atccatgaag tcaagaaaaa ggcagggcca atggtgggtg     24840
     gctcaggaag caaatggcag ggctcaagcc ctgacctcta gattccaagg tacttctgag     24900
     caatactcag tcctcattac ccacagcatc agtttaccac actcagtgtg gatggaatcc     24960
     acaaagatta tgttcttatt cccttttgct gcctggaact tgatgctttg ctatgtgagc     25020
     agctgacaca tgctggcaat ctgtgtgcca tgctgggcag gaaacagggt ttttgatgag     25080
     taggttctat tcatttctta cttggaacct tcatgattgt gttcccatac ctttgacccc     25140
     tgtcccagcc tcacaatctg cccccccacc ccaccccacc cttcgccctt ggccacaccc     25200
     tgccctttcc atcaccactg attctcaagt gcagggactg ctggtgattg aagtttcagt     25260
     gcctgtctct gtgacatcaa aacacaggct cgttaatgaa gtccctcgct tggctgtaat     25320
     agtacaaagc agtaagactt caatccctgc agtcacacat gccggcaccc cttttccctt     25380
     gcagagggct gcaggatgct tgccaggaaa atacaattat gtgctggcac aggaataaat     25440
     gtaattcttt aacctaaaag ttctgtattt tcattccccc tcctttccat ttctctattc     25500
     acttcttttt ctctttccat tgctctttaa actaatttcc tgtgtccaat tattcccttc     25560
     tcttctgtct agtccttgtt ctagtaaaca ttttctcctg tctccataat gctcttttcc     25620
     ataactgtag gcaaagggca acgttggaat cctctgatag gttttgaatc ttaaaaatga     25680
     ttttctgttc ctccccactt tgatttaaac ctctagtctg ggttccattc cttttagaag     25740
     agattccagt atctccttct ttaattttcc accagtttcc attcccttac tgttctcctc     25800
     tcagcacttc tgcctgtcac ctcagtttcc ctcctgtgcc cctctagctc cacagaccta     25860
     tttatctgat aatgcctgcc tgtttcctga ccccagcacc tgcctgcacc ctctttgtca     25920
     ttcctcttct ctctttcttc atcttagatt cttcttgccc catagccatg ccattttagt     25980
     taatgctgat tcatggcttt gtctttcccc taaggggaaa atgatttgga tttaaaagaa     26040
     attaagaact ttctaataac acaatctgaa aactggactt gaaagataaa gaactttcta     26100
     ataataagtg caatctggaa attgcatagg ctggccctag gcagtgagat ctatctctgg     26160
     gaggcagtct atgagagttt ggacagccat taggtagaga tgtcggtgaa gggatgcaaa     26220
     catggaatga gggggtgaag gtaaatagct tctgatgacc cttgctagcc ctaagagtct     26280
     aagatttcat tcaggtcttg agaggtctca tggcagggaa gaagggtgaa agcataaggg     26340
     ttaaagtgac ctttgcattc ctccctttga cacagacact ggagagaaat ctaaagagac     26400
     tgctttgcat ccttttcaaa gaaagggacc agcgtctttt ggagaccatg actcacttag     26460
     ggaggagggc tttaagtcag tcaaggagtt attgaccaag acataattgt agggaaataa     26520
     ccacggacct gcctggagtg gggagaaaaa accacataat ctatccagct tattaaacta     26580
     gaggttaatc tcagggatag tgtgaataca tatcaagcaa tacgaaatgc gcctatacgg     26640
     taaagatggt catatgagga tactgcttat ggagaagatg gagcaaccaa ctcagcaatt     26700
     gtttacattg aatttttctc cctcccaata ggaaactaat tcgcagttag tagatatttt     26760
     gctcaatgca atcacacaat ggcatcactc aggatccagc ggaagaaaag aagaggcatc     26820
     aggtgaagaa aattcaattt gggaacatga ttaggacata agttggaagg aactaacagg     26880
     aaggcaactg aggagaaaaa gctggatgat cctcatacaa atagctctgt gggcattaga     26940
     acaaagcaag caagtgcaaa aggaggccag gaaaagtaaa aagatgctaa gtggctcaaa     27000
     ctcacggcta taaagatgtg aaagggaaaa aggaaaattc tactacaaag agtggcagcc     27060
     agatcactaa gcaggactat aataagcagc aggaagatat tgaaccaaaa taaaaagaag     27120
     atgcaattgg caagaaacga acactttaat taagtagggc cattgacagc cctggttcct     27180
     tacaactaag aaggggcaga agttttccat tttgttttta cctaactata ggatacatca     27240
     catgtgccca ttaaccaaga caaatacatc gtgtgattgg ccaagtcgaa ttaagaagga     27300
     aaatggctga gaaggacagg catcatagaa gtgtcagaaa atgaatgatg agatttcagt     27360
     atgaaatctc actttctgta gggccaataa ggaatccatg tttaaacaca ttaaaatgca     27420
     atcaacaaca acaaccaaaa caggtataaa ctgaggcttt atagcctggc atcctacttt     27480
     ttttctagaa atatgtgcta aaaatacgaa atgataaaaa taagtaaaac aactaatctg     27540
     caattatcca gaggaggaca ggacataggt tgatagtatc agcttggtga aaagcaaatc     27600
     aaacaataag ctaaatattg atattgcaat ataggagtgt tgaggtgtag catcagtaat     27660
     ctcatagact ccctgtcatt ttatttcaca gggcttttcc caaaccattt aggaagagat     27720
     cagactagaa gtgccccttg gaataatagt ttgccctaaa ctaactttca atggattctt     27780
     tttttccatt tatattttaa atggaataaa taatttaaaa caaaattcat aaaattcacc     27840
     catttcaagt acatttcaag cacagaattc aataattttt aaatttactg aggtgtgcaa     27900
     ctatcactat aatccaattt tagatcattt tcattagccc aataagatcc ctcatgctag     27960
     tttacagtta attcctcaat ggattatttt cagggtttcc atcctgagct ctctacagca     28020
     ttcaatacta cagactatcc tctttctctc tctctctctc tctttttttt ttttttttga     28080
     gatggagtct tactctgtcg ccaggctgga gtgcagtggc acaatctcgg ctcactgcaa     28140
     cctccacctc ccaggtttaa aagtgattct cctgcctcag ccccctgagt agctgggact     28200
     acaggtgcgc accaccatgc ccagctaatt tttgtatttt tagtagagac ggggtttcac     28260
     catgttggcc aggatggtct caatctcttg acctcgtgat ccactcacct tggcctccca     28320
     aagtgctagg attacaggtg tgagccactg tatctggcaa tttttttttt tttttttttt     28380
     ttttttttag agatggggtc tcactctgtt gcccaggctg gagtgcagtg atgcaatcat     28440
     ggctcattgc agcttttaga tacagtgagt tctagatttc tcgtcaaaga attagtatgt     28500
     cagtatgttc agttctttgt cctgcatttt aaagtttaac ttccttgtag tttcagtaaa     28560
     caaccttttc caccagtttt aatcagtagt tcacatctgt tcccctggtc acctgctcca     28620
     tcctgactca ccctggtcac ctgctttgac ctgagtcacc cctggtcacc tgctttgacc     28680
     taaatcacct ttagttacct gtttctaacc gtccttccca ccaaactact caccctgccg     28740
     ctctggctca tacccctgct ctctttaaaa tagccaattg gaattagctt agactgtgtg     28800
     gtccaaccct agccagtagg ggaacgacac agcagtaggg gctaccagcg tcaggaataa     28860
     gaaccccttc ccctcccttg ttcaggtgtg ctcttgccat tactccattc atgagttgca     28920
     cccttctata gaagtaaaag ttgccttgct gagaaaatta aatttatgtt cgagtgctat     28980
     ttctttgtgg cactgaggaa caagcatttt gtttctaaca cagccttgac ctcctgggct     29040
     catatgatcc tcctgcctca gcctctggag tagctgtatc tacagggaca tgccactaca     29100
     cccaggtatt ttttctttct ttttttgaga aagagtctta ctctatcacc caggtggagt     29160
     gcagtgatgc aaacatagct cactgcagcc ttgaacacct gtgctcaagc aatcctccca     29220
     cctcagctgc caagtagctg gaactatggg cgcatgccac ctggccaggc tggacactcc     29280
     ctgtcttgaa acttggttcc cccttacacc acttccttct ggatgctcct cctacttctc     29340
     tgatcattct cagattcctt tgcaggctct tttgcctctg ctcatttctt aaagatggat     29400
     attctctcat ctcttccttg gccttccact cttctcattt tacaaatctt cctaaatgct     29460
     ctcatccatg tccctgattc tgtttatcgc tgaggattct caaatctatc tctagctcag     29520
     acatctttct gaagatctaa ctgcccactg gccatttcta cttggatgtc tctcaggcat     29580
     ttcagactca acatgccact gaaggctggg tgtgatggct caagcctgta atcccagcac     29640
     tttgggaggc caaggtgggt ggatcccttg aggccagaag ttcaagacca gccaggccaa     29700
     catggtgaaa ccctgtctct aataaaaata caaaaattag ccaggtgtgg tggcatgcac     29760
     ctgtagtcct agctacttgg gaggctgagg caggagaatc gcttgaacct gagaggcaga     29820
     gactgcagtg agccgagatt gcgccactgc actccagcct gggtgacaag gcgagactcc     29880
     atctcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gccactgaaa tgatggatgc agcaatgcag     29940
     catttctatt tctattccct taactgcccc tcctcccagg ttcccctttt tcagtaaatg     30000
     cttctactgt tgcccaatcc agaaacctgc cagccacccc cagattcctc ctcctttttc     30060
     atcctccagc tgtaattaat taccccatcc tgtaaattct gtttccttga tattttgtga     30120
     actcttcttt caattaccat tgtttgctac ggcttagatt atgttcttat aatttctcac     30180
     ctggactatt gtgacagctc ccctgttttg tcccctctca aatcaccctc cctgaactct     30240
     tgatagagtt cttttatttt gttaatttta aaactactca acatgtgaat acattcttga     30300
     agctaaagat tcaaacaatg cctaagtata tagagtaaca aaagagagcc ccctttcacc     30360
     tccccctcct agcactatcc aagagtaatt actggatttt ccatgaatat gcatacatag     30420
     gctcagactg taatgtaatg tcttagaaat ctctgcctgt tcatacatgt ggaactacct     30480
     ctttctttct cattactgca aggaatttca tagtattaat ataacacaat taaccatttt     30540
     cccactgatg ggcatttagg ttgtttctca tttctccctg tataaacaat gctgtagtga     30600
     atatcctaga acataccacc tttgggtaca tggtgattcc tacatgccaa ggtcctggca     30660
     tgtaggaatg gaggctgtat gggggacaag ttacaagaca gaaggtggta cagattggtt     30720
     ggagaaaaat attttgagag aagggagagt aatgtttttt ttttccttaa aaatgatgtc     30780
     aaaaagatta tgtagaggag gttatcaagg aaatatgaca ttaaagtttt tgggggggtg     30840
     ggggaggggg gagggataac attaggagat atacctaatg taaatgacga gttaatgggt     30900
     gcagcacacc aacatggctc atgtatacat atgtaacaaa cctgcacgtt gtacacatgt     30960
     accctagaac ttaaagtata atttaaaaaa aaaataaaga tttttttttt gaaatatcat     31020
     cttataatgc tatcacccta atgcaactgc tattaaaaag tattcattta aggggccggg     31080
     catggtggct catgcctgta atcccagcac tttgggaggc cgaggcaggt ggatcatgag     31140
     gtcaggagat cgagactatc ctggctaaca cagtgaaacc ccgtctctac taaaaataca     31200
     aaaaaattag ccgggcatgg tggtgggcgc ctgtagtccc agctactggg gaggctgagg     31260
     caggagaatg gcgtgaacct gggaggtgga gcttgcagtg agccgagatc gcgccactgc     31320
     actccagcct gggtgacaga gcaagactcc gtctcaaaaa aataaaaaat aaaaataaat     31380
     aaataaataa aaaatattta tttgaaacaa acagcatttt caacatctga tgaatctggc     31440
     tgggcacaac tgctacagaa gatgacctgg gagtcacagt gactcaccac agaatatgac     31500
     ttggcaatag agtgctttca ttaaaaaaca aaaacaaaaa caaaaacaaa acaaaaaaaa     31560
     acaaaaaaac cccagcatga cacgaggcta tatcagttgg attatggagc aaatcctagt     31620
     acgtgagcta ccactatggt gcttggttga acccatttac aatatttcat ttttattttc     31680
     acagttttaa gatgttgaga atacttcttt gagaaaataa cccaaatgat ttaagagggt     31740
     ggagaataca tcttttgagg aagtgctaaa ggaaatataa ttgtctggtg accttggatt     31800
     cacttcccaa agtggtgaca ttttggacct gagacccact tgaccgagag tttttaatgc     31860
     cagcagtaaa ttcattgctc agcctgcaga tccacaactg cataagaagc aggcaacaat     31920
     ataaagagaa aatcaaaatg agcaaactgt aattaggtat gcaatgtcac cagagaatgc     31980
     aatttactaa agggattacc atgattaaag atgcattccc cttaaataaa gatttttttt     32040
     ttctcgattg atttgtccca agtggttctc cctatgccat gcagaaatcc ggtcggacag     32100
     caatttctgg ttgtcttttt aatttctttg ccaagagatt agagaaagta agttgagcct     32160
     ctgaagtcac tataatttcc tcacaaatgg aagaaatatt tacagagggc tatggagaca     32220
     gattatagct tcggtcaccc ggggagaaat gtgaagcccc cttttgacta acaacaaggt     32280
     aagtaacctg caaatctttt ttttttcctc agtatgaagc ctaagaccaa gtttaggagg     32340
     ctcccttttc aatttgggct tttttttttt tctttgtctc atttttctca tgctttggcc     32400
     aggcagcatt tagagggtgc agggccctga gaacagactc agacagcatc cttcgccttc     32460
     caggctctct cacctacctt ctttatctca ctactttttc ttttcctttc tctatagctt     32520
     ctttctctaa aatctcttct aacccttatg atttgctttt tggagtatct ttttggggaa     32580
     agatagggtt gaaaacgtat caaattctgg atgctgatct ttgtcgccat tacctgaggc     32640
     ctgatgaaaa cagtttggtt taaatgtgtc atcggccagg tgcggtggct cacgcctgta     32700
     atcccagcac tttgggaggc ctaggtgggt ggatcacgag gtcaggagtt caagaccagc     32760
     ctggccaaga tggtgaaacc ctgtctctac taaaaataca aaaattagcc cggcatggta     32820
     gcagggcctg caatcccagc tactcaggag gctgaggcag gagaatcgct tgaatccggg     32880
     aggcggaggt tgcagtgagc caaagatcac accactgcac tccagcctgg gcgacagagc     32940
     aagactctgt ctcaaaaata agtaagtaaa taaataaata agtaaataaa taaataaata     33000
     aaaataaatg tgtcatcatg aataagccct taaagtggac gagtggtggg tgtggcagcc     33060
     acaggtgaaa ggaagggttt atattgagta tgtttagtat aatgtaatta attcattaat     33120
     ttatgtaaca tttctttctt tctttctttc ttttttttct tttgagacaa agtctcactc     33180
     tgtcatccag gctggagtgc agtggtatga tctcagctca ctgcaaccgc cgcctcacag     33240
     gcgtgagcca ccatgtccag ccaatttatg taacatttct tgagtgctga gaacatttat     33300
     ggatgtccga ggaaccagcg ggccaggcat tggggacagg agaacccatg gagcctgccc     33360
     tcaaggggct ctccatctag caggagattg acacatggca taggtgttag gaggggcagc     33420
     gatgaacata aattgggtac ctgttgtttg ctagacactg tgccaggtgc catagtgggt     33480
     acggagttga ggaaaactca ggaaatctca aggaactctc tatcttgtgg ggaagatggg     33540
     gcaagtacca aaaccccccg taggccaagg tagaatgtga tgagtgccac aagagaggca     33600
     tgaacagagt gccatgggga ttctgagcag gggcagagcc tgtggagtgt tctgagaaga     33660
     gaaacctggg aaagactgat ccacagacct ttcctgctgt gtctataagc agagaagact     33720
     tgattattta gtatcaaact tgtataatac taaatacttg tactcacttc tcaaatgaga     33780
     taagatatgt aaataatact tgtaaacttt aacgtgctcc tcaagcgtaa gatgttattt     33840
     tttatttgag aaagccatta acatttctgg agaaacactg ctctggaacc taggaaaatc     33900
     tctcatgcat tttcacatca tctacccgcc caccctttga tgtccttcct ttctctctgt     33960
     ctctctgtgt ctctgctcct gtctctttct ctttctctct ctcatctctc tttttctctc     34020
     tctaatcttt attgtttgat gagccaaagt attcagggaa gaatctgtgc tttggtctta     34080
     gtcactgacg gacaggaatc ccaggtcaat aacccagggc cggatgttcg gaaggtgtgg     34140
     attgccggca gtgtcctgtc acccaaggtt cactgtcaat tcactcaggg tgatttccaa     34200
     tggaccgcct cgcccatatt ctgtgtatca tcagagcata ggcacggtgg ggtgtagctg     34260
     ctcttcaaat gaaaccctaa accctttcaa acactcggca atctttctac tttctcagct     34320
     tgtgaggctc tgaagatttc cctgtgtaca tttttccagc atgatgtgag atgccagtta     34380
     ttcaagagag acttaggaca atgtctttaa aaaaaggagt tccctttccc cctggagttt     34440
     ttgccattaa ctgtttgtaa gtttatttgc acattttacg aactgaagag caaatgtatt     34500
     cctactatta aaaagtgcct attttggccg ggcatggtgg ctcacgcctg taatcccaac     34560
     actttgggag gccgaggtgg gtggatcacc tgaggtcagg agatcgagac aaacttggtc     34620
     aacatggcaa aaccccgtct gtactaaaaa tacaaaaatt agctgggcgt gatggcccat     34680
     gcctgtagtc ccatctactt gggaggctga ggcaggagaa ttgcttgaac tggggaggtg     34740
     gagattgcag tgagctgaga tcatgccact gcactccaaa ctgggtgaca cagtgagact     34800
     ctgtctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa agtccctatt tcttcatata ttgaaacatc acattgtact     34860
     ccacaaatac atgcaattat tatttgccaa ttaaaaataa aatttaaaaa atcttggatg     34920
     ggtttctttg cctgtcccaa ttattgaaat gaacacaatt aaaagccaga cagagatcat     34980
     caaagaggtc agatgcaatg aggtaaggga gtgacatatc ctctgtctca tattctctct     35040
     cattcctgct taaagaaaga aaagcaaaag gcctgtctta ctgaggaagt aaagacatat     35100
     acctcttttc aaagcgtttc tgacagagag agaggtgcta ccgtgctgcc catcatcaac     35160
     ctccaacttg cttcactacc ttccccctcc atcacttatt ttaaaatacc aactcacctt     35220
     agctgagaag cacattggta ctgtagtgat gggaaggttt tatccaaaag attggtaaac     35280
     agaagctatc agcttgaatt actgaaatta gcaaggctaa tgcaatgtca ctattcaaaa     35340
     cagtgccaat ttggaatttc ttaatggcct caggagaggc agtctttata catcctacaa     35400
     tctctcttca ttcttaccta aattccttct catagatgtt gtgaatggcc tgttttgtag     35460
     ccaacacaaa ctttgtccac taaaataatg taaggaactc agaatgaaaa gagattagct     35520
     gttcctggct cctgttattt taaagcagaa ataactttgg cttttactga ttcatagaca     35580
     aagcttgaaa tgcaaagcat gcccaactcc agattcagca tgaaaaggac cttaaaatat     35640
     gcccaagtgc aagtaatgga cttattaaag ggaagaaaag aggcactttt cacacactct     35700
     gaagctcttt agtcctgtca tatcagtaat cttgcttaag aatttcatcc tatttacatt     35760
     tcttctcctt ttaaatatcc tcaggattca tatggcatca aatattgaag cttgtaagac     35820
     attaatttct ttatgttaat tatgaagaag gcatgtgaag tgcacaagtg atagaatttg     35880
     gagcacttgc aatgatgtca ataggaatta aaaaatcagt tctgtagttt tagttgaaca     35940
     cctgataatt tacccacaca gatattttat gacacaaact tcaagtatct tctttggaca     36000
     atttctggca ttgttccaga atgaatgcat tttccattag gaaatttagt ttatattcga     36060
     tgacaaaagc atgaactgca ccatttgggt gattatgaaa acatttataa aatcaaaata     36120
     acatagaagg ctttcaagcc acagtacata aagcacacag ttctaaaata tgtacatgca     36180
     cagacataca ggcattctgt tttaactttg agagaatttt aaaaagtgaa aatagtgcct     36240
     gaaaaatgtt tgggtacctt ggaatattta tgtgaaatca aaaaggcgaa ggagtcacga     36300
     gcagttttcc aagcagcatt aaagtaagga ggcagcctgg tccagttccc cttagaggta     36360
     tcaggttctc atcctgattt tcctgctgat ttttcccaag attaagaata aatgacctgg     36420
     ctgggcacag tggcacacaa ctgtaatccc agcactttgg gaggctgaga caggtggatt     36480
     gcttgagctc aggagtttga gaccagcctg accaacatag tgagaccctg tctctaccaa     36540
     aagtacaaaa attagccagg cacagtggtg ggcgcctgta atcccagcta ctcgggtggc     36600
     tgaggtacga gaattgcttg accccaggag atggaggttg cagtgagctg agatcatgct     36660
     actgcactcc agcctgggcg aaagagtgag aatcggtgtc aaaagaaaaa aaaaagaata     36720
     aatgacttaa tgtctgcacc tcagtctcca tctgcgatgt agttaatata gtaaagtagg     36780
     acttagatga aatttgctat gggcaggtcc attctgagta gatactagtc tgtttccaca     36840
     ggagtcatta gaaatgggga tcaccaccat agaaccatta tgggagtgtt aggatctgga     36900
     gggaccgcat gagagattga gtagctccgg tcaactacta gccatgtgac cacagtcctt     36960
     caaagctgag cttttgttgc taatctgcaa aatagggaca atatcactgc cttcacagga     37020
     tggtagaaga aattatatta gatattataa atgtcccagt ttgtggatca aagagaggga     37080
     aatggtcagg aacagggaga gataaaaagg acaactaaac tatgttgttg tccctgaaga     37140
     ggggtagggg agtattctgc aaggctggat ttggaggtat ttaaaataat tcttttaagg     37200
     aaccagtaaa tgaagctggg ctacatgata ccaaaacact tgaggggaaa aaaaaggcaa     37260
     gctggctatc caatgctatg aattgaatac aaaagagctg gattttgttt gttttataga     37320
     agggatctcc ctctgccacc caggctggag tgtagtggcg ttgatcatgg ctcactgaca     37380
     cctcaaactc ctgggctcag gcaatcttcc tgagtagctg ggactaggcc ttagagctat     37440
     tttgttgaat tcaactttct attttagaaa ggcagttcaa ctgacttgtg tcaagatagt     37500
     tatactgagc ttttaatata catagttgta cttagtgata aaaacattag aaacaatcag     37560
     atttatacat tttgctcaaa agagaaaata aaagattata gataatagct aaatctaaag     37620
     atattaacta ttttcttgca ttaagttcca gcaactattt tgcaatgcca gatcctagat     37680
     tttcagatat aaatcaactt gttgctcctc atagctttat tactgatgaa aaacaagcca     37740
     gcacatggag catttctgag ataacaaagt tccaatactt gctttttcag actacttggc     37800
     tgttcatttt ctgaaaaggt tttcccaaat tttaatcctc cataaccagg accccagtcc     37860
     caggtattaa tgaatgtttt atttaaccaa gctaagccct atttcccatt tccagttgtg     37920
     agaaggggtg gggccctagc caactatttc ataaggctgt atttcccact cccagccttc     37980
     acctagaagt attttggaaa gagtgtgctg gagagcttag gccaactcca aattatgaaa     38040
     tcataaccaa gcagaggagt tagggaactg aaaggggtcc taggatcaag tctgggattc     38100
     aggcacaaac tagagtgata cgccactgtt agtttggtct gggcctattt accagtcttt     38160
     aactctgcca ccagcccatt ggtcttttag gagagaggag agatggatgc acagaagtga     38220
     tatggatctg tacccaccaa gagatgtgat agcattgtta tgcttctatc tgggacaaaa     38280
     attgagaatc aggactagtg tgtttttgtt cccctcttga tgtcattttc attatagtcc     38340
     ttccatatcc tcagaagaga tttgttgact tcatgctgtc ttatagctga tcagggcaac     38400
     cttcttgggc tggcagcgtt gtgtcagtac ccagtcctcc caacatgttc ctttccctca     38460
     tcaaaatttg aggcttgaac cccatttctg catggccctg tgctttgttt aaacgacaat     38520
     gggtggtcat gagcaagtca gagagactca tccctttcta gtgatgcacc ctgtgtacac     38580
     acactctagg agtatgatat agatcagtga gagaggtggg tggtgtggtg gtaaaagttc     38640
     tagacttgga accagtaaac acagccatca actttggctc tactgcatac caattttgat     38700
     ttgggataag ttatataact tccctgggcc ctagtttcct catctataaa acaaaattgc     38760
     tgtgaggata tgtgaaagca ttggcatggt gtctggcaca cagtaggtgc tgattaagtg     38820
     taagcattcc atgaaaaggt gaacagggat ggaaaattcc tgacctccat cggccctcat     38880
     gatataaaat gacttccaaa atcttatgca ctttaactgt gcatgccaat ggaccaaacc     38940
     tacagaaatt ttaactctta catagatttt aatctctcta aagtaacaat ttacaaattc     39000
     ttctttctct caaggatctt tctggcacaa tcaatagaaa tatgctagta ataaaaatca     39060
     caagaagaat ggaagatgaa caatcaatag atccactatg aaaatatcag gcagctgctc     39120
     ttctttcaac tggttcaaag ttgctaagtc ttcatgctgg tgtctccttt ttaaacaaat     39180
     atgtttctgc agatggttta tatcctttcc attaaactgt gggatttcac atgtatggga     39240
     ggtgctaggc aaagatgcag aaactgttgc atctttaata ccccagcata gtagagtctg     39300
     gctttttcaa cgcccactgc cccatccctc ctcaacagct gctctctcct gacccccgca     39360
     atagcccaga aggaatgaat aaaagcatac cttgggagca gttgtcactt ctctgctcaa     39420
     aagccaccaa tgcctcacaa ctgttcacag aattcagccc aaactctttg gttcttctgt     39480
     gtcttccttt ctcctacaga gcaggtgctg tatatatagc ctctttattc tcactgtgcc     39540
     taacactgtg ctaggcatga aggagatgct cagtaaatat ctgtgagttg agctgaaata     39600
     actggctgca ttgaattctt gctctctctc tctctcatca ccttcttttc attccttgtg     39660
     ccttcccaag ttaatggtga tgaaagtagg ttcctgtgcc atcaacaaga ccacttttat     39720
     tatatgcatg caactgacta aggaggaact tgggaaactt cgaaggtcct catgaacaat     39780
     ggttaaaggg ctcatcccca aaggactttt gtaactgtgg aacccttaat agagttatgc     39840
     tttttggtag aactgggcta tgaaataatt ggaagtaaga aggaaaaaga attcctggga     39900
     tgccacaggg cagaataggg agagtttgag gaagagacag acctcaattc aaatccaagc     39960
     tctaccactt gccagcagta agacttcaca tctttaagcc ctaattttat catctccaaa     40020
     gttgtcaaaa ttacctcccc aacaaagttg ccaagagaat taaatgacag tgtttatgta     40080
     aagtttttca tataaggctt ggtatttaat gggacctcaa taagtatttg ttgatcaaat     40140
     tggaagagtg actttaattt ttctaaataa agcagtcagg tccacgaaca gattggccat     40200
     ggaacttcct tttaagcaca attgagcttt acacatagaa cttgtcaggt tccaacatga     40260
     tatcaccata atgtgcactg ctggcccatt agatacctcc aaagactgcc atatgtttgg     40320
     atgatattgc cgattccagc aagatggcta gaccatttgt ctggagaaca ggagccaggg     40380
     gagggagtga tggattcaga catgcagctc aggaaatatc atctacctcc agactccagt     40440
     agggtggtcc tcctctggag aggacatgta aggcttgacc tatattgcag gcacttctgt     40500
     tcatagcatg agacattagg gcttgtttgg cttttctttt ctttttttaa ataaaagttc     40560
     tattcacatg gtggtgatag agaagtcaaa tgaactggca ttaatacttg cctctccacc     40620
     cttccaaaat ctttagctgt actgttacca agcctgaaaa acctacaaag atcacatgga     40680
     gtatcacatt gaacataaca tacatgtata cctgcaggtg ttctatgcaa ataaaatatt     40740
     caccaattgg tttgaattgg ggaaggtgag cagaatccag gataaagtat ggccccaggt     40800
     atcttcctcc tacagacagg acctcatccc ctcagcttta ccctactttt catcaccaga     40860
     tacacagagc ccaaggaggc taatactaat gggccctgtc atttagctca agcctggctt     40920
     ctaggctaga gaaagagatt tgttcaaagt gatgagcaat taacaaaaac aaaagcctta     40980
     acatctgtcc agacatcaac agatctcaag tagataggga agattaaata aaaatttaaa     41040
     aggaatcttt ccctttccct ctaccagctt ccaaacttca ttgaccctca agcaggaatt     41100
     gccgtaagag tcagaaggca gaggaaaggc tgatgagtat ttctccaatg ttcctcccac     41160
     actgatgcca ggaggaagct ctaaaaaagg cattcttgta gacaagtact ttccattcat     41220
     tcaaatactt atagggtgcc tcctgagtaa cagaccatgg gttgaatgct gagtttccca     41280
     ggtgagccct gtcttgctcc catcctaggg tgttcaaggt taaggaagat gtatatctat     41340
     gacatagtgt tgcatatcca gtctgtctca cccactaggc ccttaccatg gctctaagaa     41400
     aacagcaaca acaacacaga gtaatgatgt cccacacgtt ttaaaattat ggctaaattt     41460
     ctgagtgtgg tcaaatcaca ccccatgaac agcatcctct ggttctgata gaatattaaa     41520
     gagctgcata ttttcctatg aaggacaaaa ctcatatccc ccttggcagt gaaaccaatg     41580
     gcctgtggca gagccctttt agtaggctgc ttttcttcca tttgagttcc ctgatccagg     41640
     tttgaattta tccttgcctt agctcctgaa aatgtggtca aaatctatcg accagtccct     41700
     cttggcactc aagacatttt tcctttaccc taggagtatt tttcttaagg aaatatagaa     41760
     atgccgtttg attgaaagtc aacttggaat tcaatatact ccaggtatct gccaaaaaga     41820
     gaatggagag aggcccaaat ccaacaaata aaaactaagg cccacttata acacatgctt     41880
     tcctcttgac tttaccagag gggcagttta ggagaaaaca aagaatttct cattatatac     41940
     acataaaata tttaatgatc ttttgaatgt accaaaacct ttatgacacc tttcaaagac     42000
     actttgaaaa aagaggaagt catattttgg ccaaggataa acaaacaaac taccaaacta     42060
     gctgaacttg gctgaaaact taacaatgca aaatctgaat ggattcaagt cctcagcaaa     42120
     ggatgagctc cagactctac aaaggagagc aaaatcctca gggaataatc agagagctgg     42180
     aatgaagcac caagcgcaaa atttgcattg cttgacctga cttttaattt agaaacagag     42240
     aaggacagct ccattttgta ggctgacaag ggagccattg gaaggcaagt gacagacaca     42300
     aaagatcacc tcctaaatag ctggaaaaca ctttgcacat ctccaccaca ttcccattac     42360
     taaaggggta cctatttact ccacaaacat tcacatagta ccaccctggg ccaagtgcaa     42420
     tgctaagtgc tgagagtaca aagttgaaca agatgtggtc tctgtcctca aggacagcta     42480
     caattgagag ctgtgtaggt tcttagtgta cctaatctca tttaattctt acaagaatac     42540
     tatgagacag gtatcattgt ctccattgtt caaatttaag gtctcagatt cggagaagaa     42600
     ttttgcccaa agccacacaa ttcataagtg gctatgctgt tatctattgt gttacagtgt     42660
     ctcaacaagg tacagagaaa gagaggaagt ttagaggaga cagtaatcac ctctggatta     42720
     ggtaggagtg ttttaggatc agaaaagaca ttatggagga aggagcattt aaactgaggc     42780
     tggaaagcat gggtagcatt tggatatata gagactgaga ggaggagtaa gtggaaggag     42840
     aggcaaaagt attctagata gaaaaaaatg ggatatagag aggcacagag gcatggaaaa     42900
     atggaaaatg ctcaggaaat agttcagctg gactatgtga gaggaagcaa gagattagac     42960
     taaaggccgg gcaaggtgac ttacacctgt aatcctagca ctttgagagg tggaggcagg     43020
     tggattgctt gagcccagga gttcgagacc agcctgggca acatggcgaa accctgtatc     43080
     tacaaaaaat aaaaacctta gcatgggcgt ggtggcgatg cctgtagtcc cagctacttg     43140
     gtggggctgg agcaagagga tcacttgaac ccaggaggtt gaggctgcag cgaaccatga     43200
     tcacgccact gcacgccagc ctgggggaca aagtgagacc ttgtctcaca aaaaaaaaaa     43260
     aaaaaagatt agactgaaaa ggcagacgaa gatgaacttg cagagggcca tgaatatgtg     43320
     aatcaaaaat gaaaaaatga atgaacaagc ctgaagcagt tgcacactgc agatgagctt     43380
     tccactttgg agccataatc ctttagaagc tgctatgtcc ctgccctctt tttgtctcca     43440
     gccaaatgcc aggaagattt caagaccaac tatgggacac tgagggcagg gggtgggtct     43500
     gtgtgtgact gatttggaaa ccacggtccc agttcctgga agctggggac aagagctgct     43560
     tttccttaga ggaagtccac tgctgtgaac cctgtttatc attactgtcc ctgagagctt     43620
     taactgaagt aaagacacaa cttcaattaa aacagccctg aagcatcatt ccataaattc     43680
     ttctctaacc agacaggctt tatatttttc tgagcaaaac taacatttgg aaattaaatg     43740
     ttatatttca aatcactcta tgctggatgg acgttggtat ctattttaca gttaaatgtg     43800
     agacacatgt ggccacaggc atctatccat gtagtgtccc tataaataca aaccgtaagc     43860
     tcttaagagc aatttccatc ttgcataatg agtattagca aatggaagtt atttctagat     43920
     tatacaaatt ttggttatgc tagaaacatg agccttaata catctatata gaaaaagaat     43980
     gggttttttt tttttgagat ggagtcttgc tctgtcaccc aggctggagt gcagtggcgt     44040
     gatcttggct cactgcaacc tccacctcct gggttcatgc cattctcctg actcagcctc     44100
     ccgagtagct gggactacag gcaccgacca ccatgcctgg ctaattttaa atatttttag     44160
     tagagacggg gtttcaccgt gttagccagg atggtctcga tctcctgacc tcgtgatccg     44220
     cccgccttgg cctcccaaag tgctgggatt acaggcttga gccagcgcgc ccggcctgtt     44280
     tgtttgcttt tgtttttgtg ttttgaaaca gagtttcatt cttgttgccc aggctggagt     44340
     gcaatggcgt gatctcgggt caccgcaacc tccgcctctt aggttcaagc gagtctcctg     44400
     ccttggcctc ccgagtagct gagattacag gcatgtgcca ccatgcccgc ctaattttgt     44460
     atttttagca gagacggggt ttctccatgt tggtcaggct ggtctcaaac tcccgacctc     44520
     aggtgatccg cctgcctcgg cctcccaaag tgctgggatt acaggcatga gccactgtgc     44580
     ccagcagaaa aagaatgttt taaagcagag gtataaacaa atatgagatg aaatgggcac     44640
     atctgtggac gactcattct aagttgaaca aaataattcc atgaaaggca tccattcttt     44700
     aacctcccag cagaattaga cccctttgag tctgggcttc cttcttttct cagcatgaga     44760
     cccactgcct tcactagctt gatttactga agtagaatta gatacacagt ctaggtccaa     44820
     gagcctggtc tttggcccca tgaccaaatg cttaaagtga ttcaccattc catgttggtt     44880
     cttggccatc tttatattgt tatagccagt gtacccaatt ttattactca gagacaggat     44940
     attctgtggt tggattttaa gagtgctcat ataagcactc aaaaaaaaat ctcacaggag     45000
     aaatggttct cctgtgtttc aatcttaaac ctacctactg tgaaagtctg tgattttatt     45060
     atcgcacagc tttataaact tatacatatg tgtatggcat aagtatcatg agaatttaga     45120
     agcataaaaa gagatcaaaa tttttctttt tgtctttaaa ctcacatctt ggttgatcat     45180
     aatattttta tttctttgat gtttatttgt attaccttat aaatctacaa gtgagaacgg     45240
     tttccctgac aaaaggcaat attgaacacc atttaaaata ggaaattcgt tccagaatgt     45300
     attttttgag gcatggccag ctttcaaaaa tggcataaat gataccaaca tacagttaag     45360
     catcacattt acttcagcca accactcaca ctcagccatt gtgctctgcg catttaggtt     45420
     ggctactttt tttggggtgt cctgatagcc attttctttt tttttttttt tttttttttt     45480
     gagatggagt ctcgctctgt cgcccaggct ggagtgcagt ggcgcgatct cggctcactg     45540
     caagctccgc ctctggggtt cacgccattc tcctgcctca gcctcctgag tagctgggac     45600
     tacaggcgcc caccaccacg cccggcctga tagccatttt ctaatagcta atctgattag     45660
     gttaccaaag aggcttagaa cactagtcag atgggctttt tgtatttaac atatccggtc     45720
     cctatggctt cagtgacagt ctaacaaacc accctgttct gatatttaaa tgcccctcat     45780
     ccgtgctggc ttacatcagt ggcctgagct tgggaggggt ggcagaaaga ttgaaaacta     45840
     taggtcactt cagataagcc acaaaataaa aaatctcctt gtggataatt aagtgctgcc     45900
     tctatggttc taaaggacag tggaattgga atgtcaagag gaggactttc tgtagttctg     45960
     tttttaatcc tgagatctga atggtgatta tgaatcacat gttcttttct gaaggacatg     46020
     ggggaaggga ttattgactg aatcttgttt taaaatatga agtataagct gaaaaagtac     46080
     tttattatag cttcatatta atcctgtaga taaaattaac cagtttatag cagaatacac     46140
     attcttctca agtgcacatg gaacattccc caatatagac cttaaactaa gccataaaac     46200
     aagcctcaat aaattaaaaa tgatggaaat catgtcgagt ctattcttca gtcacaatgg     46260
     agggaaatta gacatcaata aagaaaacta tttgagaagt tcactaatat gtggaaatta     46320
     cagaatacaa tcctacataa atatcagtca aagaagaaat cacaaggaaa attagaaaat     46380
     actttgatat aagttaaaat gaacatacaa cataccaagg cttttggaat gcagggaagt     46440
     agtcctcaga ggaaaattta tggctatgat cacctacatt aaacaagaag gaagatttaa     46500
     aatcaataac tcaagcaaac taaacccaaa acaaccagaa ggaagaaaat aataaggatt     46560
     agaggtaaag ataataaaat agagaacaga aaaacagcag ggaaaatcaa caaaaccaaa     46620
     agtttgttat ttgaaaagat ctacaaaatt gaccaaccta tagcaagact gcataagaaa     46680
     aaaatgaaat tacaagaaga cctaaattac taaaagcaga gataaaaaag ggacattaca     46740
     actaactgta aagaaataaa gaaggattat aagggaatat tataaataac tgtaaaccaa     46800
     aaattagata acctggatga aatagacaaa tttcctagaa ttacatgaac taccaaaact     46860
     gacttaagaa gaaatagaaa atctgaatat acaaagccca ggcccagatg gcttcagtcc     46920
     atcaaatgct gaaagaagaa tcaacaacaa tcattcacaa ctcttcctga aatagaagag     46980
     gaagaaatac tttttactta cttgatgggg ccagcattac tgtgatacca aagctaggca     47040
     gagatatcac aagaaaagaa aactacagac caatatatat tataaatata aacacaaacg     47100
     ttctcaacaa aatatgaaca aagcaaatcc agcaacaggt tgaaaaggtt atatatcatg     47160
     accaagcggg atttatccca ggaatgcaag gttggtttaa catacaaaat gtgaacaatg     47220
     tatataccat attaatagaa taaagaaaaa aaaaacccta cacgattatc ttgatagaaa     47280
     cagaaaaagc atttgacaaa attcagcatc ctttcatgat gaaaacactt aaactagaaa     47340
     tagaaggaaa ctccctcagc ccaatacagg gcatctataa aaacctcaga gctattaata     47400
     atttacttaa gagtgagtga atgaaagcat tccctttaag atcatgagca agacaaagat     47460
     atcagttctt gcctcttctg ttcaacatgg tactgaaggt tctagccagt gtaagcaggc     47520
     cagcaaaaca aatcaaaggc atccagattg gaaaggaaga agtagaactg tctttatttg     47580
     aagacaacat gatcctgcat gtagaaaaac ctaaagaaat cacaaagtct gttagaacta     47640
     ataaatgaat ccattgaggt agtaggatag aagatcagta tacgaaaatc aattgtatac     47700
     aaaaatcaaa tatatataga cttgcaataa actctgaaaa ttaaattaga aaagtgattc     47760
     cacttacaac agtatcaaaa agaataaaat acataggaat aagtttaaca aaaaagtaga     47820
     aaacctatac tctgaataat acaaaacatt gttaaaggaa attaaacaag aattaaataa     47880
     atgtggatgg aaatgtgttt tgttcccacc ttttagctat gataaataag gctgcttgtt     47940
     ttgttcctac tctttgttcc cactttttgg ctataaacaa gtagccttat ctataatagc     48000
     caaaaagtgg gaacaaaaca catttccatc aactgatgaa tagttaagta aaataataca     48060
     gccatacaat ggaatgttat taagcaaaac cccacaatga actactgata catatttcaa     48120
     catgggtgca tcttgaaaat gttatgctaa gtgaaagaag tcacaaagga ctacatatag     48180
     tatgattcca tttatatgaa atttcaagaa taggcaaatc caaagagaca gaaagtagat     48240
     tagtgcttat gtagagttga gggggttagg agggttggag agtggtggct gaggggtaaa     48300
     aggtttttct gggggtggtg aacatgttct aaaattgatt gtggtaatca ctgcacaatt     48360
     ctgtgaatgt actaaaaacc actgaattct acatttaaaa atggttgaat tgtatggtta     48420
     tgtgaattat atcccaatga agctattgag aaaaagagag agagagagag agagaccagt     48480
     tcaccaaccc acatttaaaa tgatatttta tagaaagcca tattaatata agcaacattc     48540
     tgtataaagg ggagattata aattctcatt ggccacatga tattgaccaa agataacgac     48600
     tggttcaaag ttatttcagt ctttctggtt atttcctact agacatcttt atgaacaaaa     48660
     ttatattttt cagctaaggt tgtaggtttt tcaaactgat atcttcttta tggaacatct     48720
     ccaatctttg tcttgccagc aaagctgact gtgaattatg tgattatgtc tgggcctaag     48780
     gagaagagga gtatttaact agatcagatc tgtttatatt tttacaaaag ttccagaaga     48840
     ccaaatgaat ttagtcatat cgcatcccac acactccatc tgcattctta tctttactgt     48900
     ctttgctggg agaatgaaat gtaatgaggc ttaagggttg gccagtggag cacaatggca     48960
     tggttagaat gaatagtttg ggtccctttc tgctgcatgc tggtcactac tctttagctg     49020
     acctcaacat tggctgaagc acttcctgtg ggtctcagct gggtgctgac tgaaggctta     49080
     taaggcatag acaggagtac caagaagcag cagaaaggga agtggtagag cagaggctag     49140
     tattaatatt tcatggcctt tggagccaaa aaggcatggg tttgaatttt ggctggacca     49200
     tttattagtt gtgtgacctt aaaccattta cttaatcttt ttacttaatc tctctgagct     49260
     ttatatccct tatctataaa atgggagtta tattaccaat gttccatagg gccttgtaga     49320
     gattaactgt ggtaacactc acttagacca acgtcagcat agagaaaaca attagcagta     49380
     agtgctatta tgtttctgac tattattatt atcattattt taatcagcaa taatcatgtg     49440
     tggataaacc tcattggcta caatactgct actatgtgaa gattattatt acacccagaa     49500
     tgagattcac tccaacattc attttgactt cccataacat gcaattctct aacataccaa     49560
     agacctacta aaagccaggc ttcctcatga gtatgcattt tcaaatttag ggatgagcgg     49620
     aagggatacc gaataattct aaatgtgtta ttttagctgg ggcactggac cgaagaacag     49680
     cacatggggc ctctagcctg gctgcttgct cagtctctca gtaccaagat tatgcaagtt     49740
     tccaaagcta ccttcagaat aagctgtcca aaccaactgc tgccccagca aatgatagtc     49800
     taggatatac tgaggccgga tggtcatggg gcacaagaat gtactgtgga tcaataatta     49860
     tagctctcaa gtacagcaca gaggagtaga cctagatctc ctaagcacat atagtgactt     49920
     acttgaatac cacatgctct tcaatccctc cttttcgggt ccaggctcag gcacccagaa     49980
     gaactatgat tcatgggaga gatatgggga aatgtatata aagagaggga gaaaaatctt     50040
     ctgggaatcc agactagtcc cacccaactg agtggagcaa tgtactttca gctcctctct     50100
     atagcactta accctaaaag gctacagagg cgcagaactc ttcttgctca ggctattctg     50160
     attctgagca tcaactccat ggaaaaagtc agaggctatt tactaacaca agaggattgt     50220
     tgtcatcatc atcaacaaat acttttcagc tatgtgtgct gggtcataca gcatggtgga     50280
     gagggaaatg aatttgacat cagaaagatc tgggctccaa tcctagctct gttttttgtt     50340
     tgtttgtttg tttgtttttt cctgagatgg agtctcgctg tgtcacctag gctggagtgc     50400
     agtgctgcga tattggctca ctgcaacctc ctcctcctgg gttcaagtga ttctcgtgcc     50460
     tcatcctcct gagtagctgg gattacaggc gtgtgccacc acacttaatt tttgtatttt     50520
     tagcagagac ggggtttcac cctgttggcc aggctggtct cgagctcctg acctcaagtg     50580
     atccacccgc ctcagcctcc caaagttctg aaattacagg catgagctgc tgtgcccagc     50640
     ccaatcctag ctcttaatat caattgactt tgggcaagtt atttaattta actctctgaa     50700
     actcagtttt ctcctctcta agagctaata ttaaagtcta ccttacaggg ttgtaatgaa     50760
     gatttaatca gatgatgaat ttcaaagtta ttagtaaata acaatctgct agttggttat     50820
     tgttattgtt atgtatagaa tggtggagat aagggcttca gaagagaacg agatgtcatg     50880
     gatagctgaa gccatcaaga atatgttttg tggaggagga gggtcttgaa gtattggcag     50940
     gcttcaggac agaagaattg aagacatcac aagcagatgt aatggcctga gttggggtaa     51000
     agacatgttt atgggaatgg catgttcagg caaaaattgc acatttgtag tttatttata     51060
     gctgtttcag aggacactat gggatcatta gcaaatccat ggtctcatga tctgagttca     51120
     gggttaacag caaatatggc ggacaggtct gaaaacctca gctgttcagt cctcagctca     51180
     ccttgactct aacgttgagc tacatgttca ggccatgggg catggacatt catcccctcc     51240
     tggctaaagt acctgactct tggtagtgct cacactgcaa tactgacaca gcccagatag     51300
     caagagagtc agacatgaag ctaagatgaa aatggcaaca cgtctattag tcattgaaat     51360
     agcctgttcc ttaaagtaat taagctccta taatactcaa ataaacacgg catgagaaag     51420
     cgctttgcaa agcatgaagt tattaaacga attgcataaa tatatacatt tacatacaca     51480
     tacataccca tagatgtata tagtctaatt attaaaacaa gaaagggtta atcgttagaa     51540
     aaaacagcac aatctaatgt gatgtattct cttaaaattc aatacccttc ctaaccttgc     51600
     ccttttaata ttcagggtgg agtgggtgga agtgttttta ttacagcatt catcaaatga     51660
     ggtgctctgg gggagtctgg gaaactagcc acccctcaaa ctatctccct tttaatttta     51720
     agaatgctgg atgtatttta tatttgaaga ttcatttgga attcatttag gtcatcattt     51780
     ggacaggctt gttttaattc ctattcctac tgatgtttgc ccctgtgagt agaacagatg     51840
     tggtaagggc aggaaggatt tatacacatc gggcttcttc caagaacgat aaatcctttg     51900
     gtttccaaaa cattaaagat gaactgataa accctagcat gggtgcctag tgacctggct     51960
     ggctctatcc atattcctcc aaatgactca ggtgtgggtt ttcagctttt atcattctaa     52020
     cactctccct tagtgccctt gattgtgtta gctcttcagt attctatacc cctctgtgta     52080
     tcttcttctt cttctacaaa acaaataata atggtaccca caccacaggg ttgctgggag     52140
     gatataatga gtttatccac acaaaatgct taaaactgtg ctgggcacat agtaagcact     52200
     caaaaaatat gagctattat tattgtgcca accctatcat tacctcctcc atgctttctc     52260
     tctgaatggc actggcatct gcccatttgc ccaaggtgga aacagtgacc tcatcctcaa     52320
     caactctttc tccctcactc tgccacatct aaatagacag gtcttgctga ttcttcttct     52380
     taaatctgca tcttcatcca ctcccccaga gagttttcca aaatgcaatt ctgaccatgt     52440
     cagccttctc ccttcacttg cactcacttg cccccctcaa actcccaaca tgcttacaac     52500
     ctttctctgg ctgggcatgg tggctcatgc ctgtaatccc agcactttgg gagactgagg     52560
     tgggtggatc gtttgagccc aggagtttaa gaccagcctg ggcaacatgg caaaatctca     52620
     tctctacaaa taaaaaaaat taaccaggca catgcctgta gtcccagcta ctcaggaggc     52680
     tgaggtgaga gaattgcttg agcaccagag tttgaggctg aagtgagccg tgattgtgcc     52740
     actgcactcc agcctgggtg acagagggag accctgtctc aaaacaaaaa acaaaacaaa     52800
     acagaacaaa acaccaaacc aaaccaaagg tttgaaggga gcaaaccaga gtgctgcctt     52860
     caagccttca atcttttggt ggtgtttccc tgtagtgcta tgttcagaag gattaggatg     52920
     tcacatctgg gctcagtgga gtggggtgct gtgattatga atgtctgcta tggagaggga     52980
     tgggggttgg ggaggctaat ggcccatatg ttgtgaattt atagaccctg ctacaggatc     53040
     aagaccaagc tccttaacaa ggcagagaag gccctcatga tgtgacccct aacaaatctt     53100
     ccagcctcac ctcttgcttc tctgtactct agtcacacca aagtgcatgt cattttcaga     53160
     accaccgtgc tctttctcat ctccaagtca ttgctcatac tatcccgcca gcctacaatt     53220
     ttcttccctt tccacctgac ccctacacat tgtttcagac tcagctcagt ttctgatgac     53280
     ccaaggctgg gtgtgaagct ttacctttgt gtttccacaa ctccgtgtac atactgcaat     53340
     cagtgcttta accgctttac attacaatga tccagttagg tgtctgtgcc cttcccattg     53400
     cccaccaccc cccaagaccc ccaactacac taggaacttc tatgggcagg tactttgctt     53460
     attcattttt gtatggccag ggccatgcaa caaacactta ctgagcacca attaggtccc     53520
     aggcactggg aattacctga ccatcatgtt ggtaaatgct tgaagcatat tgacggaaca     53580
     ctctgcctag ggctaggtgt cactgaggaa ggagatgcat ctgaactgta tttttcattt     53640
     tcatttttat ttttttgaga cattctcatc ctgttgtcca ggctggctgg agtgcagtgg     53700
     cacaatcata gctcactgca cccttaacct cctgggctca agcgatcctc tcaccttgac     53760
     ctctggagta gctgggacta caggctcaca ctaccacacc cagctaattt tttgtagaga     53820
     cagggtttca ccatgttgcc caggctggtc tcaaactcct gggctcaagt gatcctccca     53880
     cctcgccctc ccacagtgcc aggattacag aagcaagcca cgacgcccag cctgaactga     53940
     gttttaaagg tacaaaaggg gaaacaagta cgggttaaca ggtcagcatg tgcagaatat     54000
     taacagccac tatttatggg aacctaccaa ggcatgggca ctgcgctaag tgctttatgt     54060
     atattacaga tacaagactt tacaaaggcc caggcacgcc tgaaggaaca gaatagcaag     54120
     tttgcaacag tgaaaacttt aaggtagttg gagcatagga tggagtaggg gttagtgaga     54180
     gaaaagattg gagatgtagg ttggggccag attaggaaag gctgagctaa gggatttggt     54240
     ttcactactc ctcatttatg cctagaattt agggacagca aggagaatgc ccttatgact     54300
     ccaagctggc tattggtgag aagactacaa cctctcctcg aaggaaggca gactaacttt     54360
     cattccttaa gttgaacatg tttctaaacc ccttggaggc actgaccttt agctgcttta     54420
     ggctaaatac aacttgtgta tttaggttta gaaagcccta gagctgaaag aaatgtgcat     54480
     gatttcctca gatactgccc aaatcattat tgttgttctc ccaaaatatc catcttcttt     54540
     gttccaacta tcattccata tgaagtggtg tgtggggaga aggaaagcta gaacaagaaa     54600
     aactaaatgg agagacattc atggctccat gctctaaaaa tgcctgaatc aaaaagatat     54660
     cagttcagaa aggtgctatc tctgcatgtg gactaaaaat gataaagaat ttatgaaccc     54720
     acaggcatga aatccctggg ttccttttca ttatcaattt agtcttctag tgctatgtgt     54780
     cacagacagg ttctgacatc tgcagaagca gagcacagat gttcttactg aactgctgca     54840
     tatttgtata gaaaatctcc agtgatccga ccacattttg ggagaatctc acttcttagt     54900
     cctctagcag ttggtactgt atgtgagtat gagtaataat gttgcctccc tgcacaaaca     54960
     agaaagaaat gttgaacagg agagtgggag tgtgttccaa atttagcttt cctcccaacc     55020
     tctgcccata tggtcggtgg ttcaaaaaat gattactgag ccaacaaaat gtaacctgat     55080
     attaggagtt ccactcgaac tctatgaagc caaggctaat actggcacac ggtatacatt     55140
     tgtcttaatg ccatcttcca cagcgaggct gaactctaaa agtggtcctc acctgggtgc     55200
     tccagttaac tgacctgcaa gaataccatt gaggtttggg atgggactga tgagatttcc     55260
     atcggttagc agagggattt cagagggagc ccccgaacct caacagggaa taagaagttt     55320
     tgaggaaaaa agtttatgga tcttacagat ccaagttaag aaagtttcca agtttgggat     55380
     tcctagaagt cagtatcact gaaaatgagg ggctctttaa tttgccagca taactttgga     55440
     agacagaaat tttctctcac tcatggtagc aagagctatt gatttaaact tagaaacttt     55500
     aaggataaac aaaggaaaat aaatcctcta aatatattgt cttacccagt ggtgagctgg     55560
     taaatattta acaactggct ctcaaaaaaa ggaagtatgc atgtcagctt atttttaatt     55620
     ttattggaat aaaggatgtg cagcacctta caatttacag ataaaaatat aaaatactct     55680
     tcattataaa ttttatttag ccaattagtt ctcacagaat gctttcattg acttttgttc     55740
     aagctcttgc aactggagcc aaactagagt tatgatcgat gagcaagtgt agttcctaca     55800
     agaatactgg ttgatatatt ggaatacact aagaggtgac acaaaagtga aataacacta     55860
     ttattattag tgttccaact ccaatggagt cagaacttca ctccatcagt gataggagca     55920
     acttctttac tgaattgggt aatagttttc aaatactgga agaatatttc ttcaattttt     55980
     ttgtgctatt cacaatgtaa tggctacaga gagaacatga ttttaagttt attctgtgct     56040
     actaacattt tctcctatca ctttcttaag tctagagtct agacaatcaa caaaacaata     56100
     aatcaagccc tgatttgtag tttcttcctg atttctgtgg tgtaagtatt tctatcctgt     56160
     ccagctttaa gctaccaatg tgaccacact gaacacagaa ttgcaagagt atatattatt     56220
     tccaccacac atacacacac aatagacata taaccctaag agtagagata attataaaat     56280
     gcaataaaat aattaggatg tgatgagtct tcagtgtgat ttttgtttgg tagaatttat     56340
     ttcattgtaa atttatataa tttaattttt tgtaatggcc atgtttaaca actgactcac     56400
     aggaattctg aaaatttaac aattggctct cgtgagccag tgcaagccag ctctagtaca     56460
     ccactgccct cactctattt agactgcttt tgagtgtttc ccaccatgag atccaaggtg     56520
     aggaggaata caaggcagag acacacagag caggctacac ctccctactc aatgtgtggg     56580
     ctactgctct gctatttatt gctaatcagc aagaagataa gtacagacat tgaaaataag     56640
     cactttgaaa cttttatagc aatttgacag agatttttag gtctgttgaa tctcataatt     56700
     aaaacgtgtg gcttgtattt tatagggttt tttttggtca ttttcttttt ctggtaattt     56760
     agttttattg tctacaaaga tattggtcca tgacagattt gggaggaatg aaacaaacaa     56820
     acgaactaac tctgggtcct tcatcataga taacttgaga tgcactggtc tattctgtgt     56880
     gggcagaatc agaagggaga gaggggtgca ggggatgagt gtgaactgga caaccttaat     56940
     attgacaata cagcaatcag cactaactgc ttgtagccgg ggggagggct ctgtcctggg     57000
     tttgcttttc taacatgggg caggacggcc acaagcctgg agataattgg ggagaaatga     57060
     gaactggatt cttgtagtgg caaaacaaat ctggaggctg tgaatgacag aagatgttga     57120
     aaagaattgc tccctggaaa agtctctgcc attcgtaagg atccgttttc ttaggaaaat     57180
     agttgcagaa aatcataatt ggtgacatgt gctcatagac aaacaaccac agagattctc     57240
     ttctccactc ctctttcttt cccccagcct gaaaaatggc ctcattggtt tgctccacca     57300
     tattgattct cttttgttct atttacatgt ttacatcata aaaatttagc ccctcagagc     57360
     tattcaggac cccggaagtc aaaagtccat catgatgtag gtatctatcc actctctgac     57420
     acctaagccc caaccagcca atatttctta ctctcttttt ttattatttt tatttttttg     57480
     agatgcagtc tcacttggtt gcccaggctg gaatgaagtg gtgcgatctc ggctcactac     57540
     aacctccacc tcctgggttc aagcaattct cccacctcag cctcctgagt agctgggttt     57600
     acaggtgtgt gccaccatgc ctggctaatt tttgtatttt tagtagagat gggatgttgc     57660
     catgttagcc aggctggtct caaactcctg gcctcaagtg atctgcctgc cttggcctcc     57720
     caaagtgctg ggactacacg tgtgagccat tgcacttggc ctgatatgct tattctctag     57780
     tcaaatacct tcaaagtcag gaagctgatt gtttctcagg gcaatccatt caattgagga     57840
     atagctcaaa gagatagttc atctttctgt tagccaaaat atgtctcctt gtaaatgtca     57900
     tgcattggct ccagatctac tctcctcttc catatgcaag acttcttttt tttttttttt     57960
     ttttaaattt tattttattt ttattgatca ttcttgggtg tttctcacag agggggattt     58020
     ggcagggtca taggacacta gtggagggaa ggtcagcaga caaacaagca aacaaaggtc     58080
     tctggttttc ctaggcagag tgtttgtgtc cctgggtact tgagattagg gagtggtgat     58140
     gactcttaac gagcatgctg ccttcaagca tctgtttaac aaagcacatc ttgcaccgcc     58200
     cttaatccat ttaaccctga gtggacacag cacatgtttc agagagcaca gggttggggg     58260
     taaggtcata gatcaacagg atcccaaggc agaagaattt ttcttagtac agaacaaaat     58320
     gaaaagtctc ccatgtctac ttatttctac acagacacgg caaccatccg atttctcaat     58380
     cttttcccca ccttgccccc ctttctactc cagaaaaccg ccatcgtcat catggcccat     58440
     tctcaatgag ctgttgggta cacctcccag acagggtggt ggccgggcag aggggctcct     58500
     cacttcccag taggggcggc cgggcagagg cgcccctcag ctcccagacc gggtggctgg     58560
     ccaggcaggg ggctgacccc cccatctccc tcccggacag ggcggctggc caggcgtggg     58620
     gctgacgccc ccacctccct cccggacggg gcggctggcc gggcgggggg ctgacccccc     58680
     cacctccctc ccggacgggg cggctggccg ggagggggca ctgacccccc ccacctccct     58740
     cccagatgga gcggctggcc aggcgggggg ctgagccccc cacctccctc ccggatgggg     58800
     cggctggctg ggcagagggg ctcctcactt cccagtaggg gcggccgggc agaggcgccc     58860
     ctcacctccc ggacggggcg gctggccggg cggggggctg agccccccac ctccctcccg     58920
     gacggggcgg ctggccgggc gggggggctg acccccccca cctccctccc ggacggagcg     58980
     gctggccggg cggggggctg acccccccac ctccctccca gacggggcgg ctggccgggc     59040
     agaggggctc ctcacttccc agtagaggcg gccgggcaga ggcgcccctc agctcccaga     59100
     cccggtggct ggccaggcgg ggggctgacc cccccatctc cctcccagac agggcggctg     59160
     gccgggtggg nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn     59220
     nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn ccacctccct     59280
     cccggatggg gctgctggcc gggcgggggg ctgaccccca cctccctccc ggacggggtg     59340
     gctgccgggc ggagacgctc ctcacttccc agacggggtg gcagccaggc ggaggggctc     59400
     ctcacttctc agacggggtg gttgccaggc ggagggtctc ctcacttctc agacagggcg     59460
     gccaggcaga gacgctcctc acctcccaga cggggtcgcg gccgggccga ggcgctcctc     59520
     acatcccaga cggggcggcg gggcagaggc gctccccaca tctcagacga tgggctgccg     59580
     ggcagagaca ctcctcactt cctagatggg atggcggccg ggacgaggcg ctcctcactt     59640
     cccaggtggg atggcggccg ggcagagacg ctcctcactt tccagactgg gcagccaggc     59700
     agaggggctc ctcacatccc agacgatggg cagccaggca gagacgctcc tcacttccca     59760
     gacggggtgg cggccgagca gaggctgcaa tctcggcact ttggggggcc aaggcaggtg     59820
     gctgggaggt ggaggccgta gcgagccgag atcacgccac tgcactgcag cctgggcacc     59880
     attgagcact gagtgaatga gactccgtct gcaatcccgg cacctcggga ggccgaggct     59940
     ggcggatcac tcgcggctag gagctggaga ccagtccggc caacacagcg aaaccccgtc     60000
     cccatcaaaa aaacacgaaa accagtcagg tgtggcggcg tgcgcctgca atcgcaggca     60060
     ctcggcaggc tgaggcagga gaatcaggca gggaggctgc agcgagccga gatggcagca     60120
     gtacagtcca cctttggccc agcatgagag ggagaccatg gaaaggagag ggagagggag     60180
     acgggagagg gagagggaga gggagaggga gagggagacg ggagagggag agggagacgg     60240
     gagagggaga gggagacggg agagggagag ggcaagactt cttactatta gaagacaaca     60300
     ttcatatctt cctaatcctt ctctcatgta gactgaacac tgttacttct tttcagcatc     60360
     ctcccactgt ccctgtgtgc agaatcttcc ccatctgtct ctctcttctc aagatgcaca     60420
     ggaggctaca aacaccctat gtttcacatg ccgtgccttc ccccactcag ctgagtcctt     60480
     actcctgtgt tgactggaac aggaatctca gatctctttg ctcacaaata tggctgctaa     60540
     aagttgagga tactttgagg aagctagttt aagatgcaat gaaggtgaag cacactgttg     60600
     ccctattgaa tatgggacca aaggaagcaa atgtgaaaag taaacattac aaatccataa     60660
     ctgaatattt actaaatacg tactaagtga gagtcactga gcggcatgga gggaaggaga     60720
     ataggtgatt gagaactgtg aagtgtatac acaggatgaa aaatacttgc tttcgaccct     60780
     ccaaggagtt cactgttaat tggagaacga ctctcctctg aagctcatcc tgaatgtgct     60840
     catgagattt cctcctgctc taacctagac tgtcctcgga aacctgaatt tgtaggatag     60900
     cctgtactcc atttttgttt tttcttttta aaacagattc tcactctgtc acccaagctg     60960
     aagtgcagtg gcgcgatctc agctcactgc aacctccacc ttccaggttc aagcgattct     61020
     catgcctcac cctcccgagt agctgggatg acaggtgcgc accaccatgc ccgtataatt     61080
     tttggatttt tggcagagac agggtttcac catgttgctc aggctagtct cgaactccta     61140
     tgctcaagta atccatccac cttggcctcc caagatgctg ggattatagg tgtgagccac     61200
     tgtgcctggc cttctactcc atttttattt acttggtaat tatattactg cttcagtcca     61260
     ccaatgagct acaaattaaa agattctgtc tgtgctggtg ctcgtgttct caccttaaaa     61320
     gcttatttac catcagacat tcacattagg attataaaaa gccaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     61380
     ccaaaaacca aaacaaaaaa aacagactaa aaggcacttt ttaaaaaact cagcaagtat     61440
     atttggaaat gataagaatc attaaacatc ttttaggcag atgtgtacac aggcaagatc     61500
     tataacaagg tttcccttca gaaaaattaa ccacacaaaa acttgccagt aacttcgttc     61560
     ctaccggtgc gaatgggaaa tgtccttgta cccaacacag acaaataaag aggggaggtg     61620
     atggctgcat ctttgttctt tttgccatgc tagaaaaacc taaaggactg cactgtctga     61680
     attggagaga tttgacagca catgcgtgca catgtgcaca gtttaagggg ccttatggaa     61740
     agtcaacgat tgaagggcat tggatggctc cacatccctc cccttctccg agcaggacct     61800
     cagccctcac tttattcccg atctctacct gcagccacta ggactatcca cactagatct     61860
     tttcagcttc tgtctcactc tgcacactca cgattccttg tttctgattt gaacccccta     61920
     ggagatcatt gtttatcatg gaaactttgg acaacagcac aggtttaatc agacatctcc     61980
     acatttctct ctttctgcta tgctatttct tcttgcaggg gagcactttc cttttgctgg     62040
     catgtaagtc tgcactccca gatcccttgg ggatgttatc ctacagggac tgcttcactt     62100
     ctgtttggca acccagcgag aggcttcggg cttgccactt tcctgctgga tccttctcta     62160
     ctttcccacc agctgaatgc tgaacctctc catccctttc ctttccacca atacttggct     62220
     aaattaccac attttagttg aggctgtcat aaaactggcc aacatggctt ctgtccagag     62280
     aaaatcaatt gcaccactta gtcaaattca tctgttcaac agtttcctct taatttgaag     62340
     attgattaga aaatataata caatggcact aaattgctca caatatccct aatacttact     62400
     caattcttag agttatgtgt aaggcctacc agcaagtaca acttttacag cattactcct     62460
     gataaaagcc ttatagccta atggctcaga tgggaaagta tcacagcgca gcacacctag     62520
     aaaagcaaat ctcagaatat ctccttccaa ataataagaa acaaactccc taaggtatcc     62580
     tgagttatga taactttacg ggaagtttta acctttgctc attctcatct atcaccagat     62640
     tacctatagt aattccctag ccaacattaa agcatgggga aggcctcttt cttggtatac     62700
     ctactcaatt ggcaggtaat accactgcta aagctcacat ctaagtcccc tttgtgagct     62760
     ctgggagctt cgcaaagctc tagggtgagc tgggattggc tgtcttgtca attgattagc     62820
     gagaaccacc tggtctatat ctgtgtgaaa agtgttatta tggtgagctt tgcttccttc     62880
     agctttccta tgacatttga tctctaaaag aaaagaccaa aacatgaaag cagattgctt     62940
     gtagctcaga gcgagataga atggaaaaaa tcaggggccc tttcttgacc ctccccaact     63000
     cgttgtccac ccatgccctt accgccccac tagcaccaaa gaaaacaaaa cataactagc     63060
     tgtgattctt tcaagatgta agtgactact attgttgtga ctatgtggtt atttgtacaa     63120
     ctcagccgac atatttgtca ttgttcaaat accttctcac ttcaaaccac cctgggctaa     63180
     aaacaagtta atgagtaatt aaaaatgcca cctttgggaa tggagatgat ggagaacatc     63240
     tttttttcag agattccttc tttttttatt tttaactgac atgtaataat tgtatatatt     63300
     tacagggtac atagtgatgt tttgattcat ataatatata ctgatcagat cagggtcatt     63360
     agcacatcca tcatctcaaa cacttatcat ttctttgtgc tgggaatatt caatatcctc     63420
     cttctggcta tttgaaacta tatattattg ttaactatag tcatcctaca gtggttctag     63480
     aacaccagaa cttattcctc ttatctagct gcaattttgt atcttttgac atgtctctcc     63540
     ctaccccacc tctgttctac tttttacttc tatgagatca acttttttta gttttcatat     63600
     acgaatgaga acatgtggtg tttaactttt cgttaccagc ttatttcaat taacacaatg     63660
     tcctccagtt ccattcacgt tgcctggaat gacaggattt cctttttttt tatggctgaa     63720
     tagtactcca cggtgtacat atacaccata ttttctttat gcattcatct gttgttggaa     63780
     accaaggttg agtccacatt ttggccattg tgaatagtgt tgcactaaac atgggggtgc     63840
     agatgtctct tcaatatatt ggtttccttt cctttgagta aatgctcagt agtgagattg     63900
     ctggatcata tggtagttct atttgtagtt ttttgaggaa tctccacact gttctttata     63960
     gtagctgtac tagtgtatat tgccaccaac agtgtataag agtagcacat ttataatgaa     64020
     aattattggc ttggacattt gaaaattatt ggcttggaca tttggaactt agtttagttt     64080
     tattcaccaa aagcctttag ctaaaattat aatttaagtt ataacactaa acaatattaa     64140
     taatattatc ctaaatggat atgatgcttt aaagtttata aagtatgtta catccattat     64200
     ctcatgtgtt tcattcagca acttatgagg tgggtaggtc aggaaatatt ttatcaccat     64260
     ttttgcaagt gaggaaactg tggctcagag gaactgactg actttgtcca aggtcacaac     64320
     attgggaagt ggcagacaca gaactgggac ccagtttgtt tgactctgta gaagtgacgc     64380
     ccttcccttt agatctcaaa cttcaacagt ctaagggtaa gaaggtgtct catttgccca     64440
     acagatggga tctccctccc agtggatgac atggggtcgc ttgcactgag gtcacatgtt     64500
     ggaggggctg atatcccaag aaatgagttt ggaggcagtc actacaagat cttgcctgag     64560
     agttccaggg gtggcttact tagcaggaag caatctacaa cttacgtgac aaagatctga     64620
     atggtgcatt tccaaagagc acaaaggaag gggaattggg ttactcacac tataaaatac     64680
     attttggtaa aactgccata atttattcct ggacttgtta ccaacagggt agtataaata     64740
     gatatattac tgtagctaat gtattccgag ttctgcatag gacctaacaa ctttcccatt     64800
     taaaaaaaca aaaaacaaac aaacaaacaa acaaaaaaac ccaggacatt tcatttccct     64860
     acaagctttc tactcacttt tcagcaggca acatgatttg ttctaaatca ttaatatttt     64920
     gcagttgtca ctcatgataa aaggcctatc ataaatttcc aatgaccctt ttcaccagac     64980
     cactctatta atgaatttat taatgcaaaa tgactaccag cctatgttta tgaaggtttg     65040
     acttgacact ttagaagaac acttaagcca ttgaggtgtc cttcaccttt cccatgtgcg     65100
     caggcttatt aggagtagaa gtgtaaggtt acacttgatc cagtaaaaaa aataaaaaaa     65160
     taaataaaaa taaagatcat tggcttatga aaatatttcc taattgctgt tttacttgag     65220
     atcgtcgtta ttttgtgttc agattataaa gtaactataa aaagggaata tatgctacag     65280
     acagctaaaa taataagtta taatccaatg atactaaata atactaataa tattacccta     65340
     aatggggctc acagctgtga aatcttaaag gcttcctcca cagtactgct gggacgaagt     65400
     gactagccag gggcagacca ctgctttccc ccatagcact tggagatgac aacagaagaa     65460
     tggcaaaagg gaccagtcac cccatgtcaa gcaacaagtg gcaggttttc tctttgcagt     65520
     ccccacactg acatctgaga gactgaaagt ttcctgaagg caagcatttc tatgagaaat     65580
     atctgtgtac caagggcaat aaacagccat ttgcttttag tattgatgat attgtttggc     65640
     tgtatcccca cccaaatctc atctagaatt gtagctccca taactcccac gtgttgtgag     65700
     agggaccctg cgggaggtaa ttgaatcatg gtggcagttt cccccatacc gttcttgtgg     65760
     tagtgaataa gtctcatgag atctgatggt tttatttatg tatttactta ttttattttt     65820
     ttgagatgga gtctcactct tgttgcccag gctggagtgc aatggtgcaa tctcggctca     65880
     ctgcaacctc cgcctcccag gttcaagcca ttctcctccc tcagcctccc gaggagctgg     65940
     gattacaggc atgcaccacc acacctggct aattttgtat ttttagtaga ggcggggttt     66000
     ctccatgttg gtcaggctgg tcttgaactc ccgacttcag gttatctgcc caccttggct     66060
     tcccaaagtg ctgggattac aggcatgagc caccacacct ggctgatctc atggttttgt     66120
     aaggggtttc cccttttgcg tggctctcat tctctcttgc ccactgccat gtaaggcgtg     66180
     cctttgctct cccttcatct tctgccatgg ttgtgagtcc tccccagcca tgtggaaccg     66240
     tgagtccatt aaacctgttt cctttataaa ttaccccatc tctcatatgt ctttatcagc     66300
     agcacgagaa cagactaata caatcggttt aagccctaag cccaagatgt tttctgctcc     66360
     tgtgctagtt tgctgtatct ccacttttta gaaacagaag caggctgaga gagatgaagt     66420
     atcccactgc tatggtttga tgaatgtttg tgccccatcc aaaattcatg ttgaaactta     66480
     atgcccccgg caatgcaaca gtatgaagag gtggggcttt taggaggtga ttaggccatg     66540
     agagctctgc cctcatggag ggaattagtc ccttataaaa gggctggaga gaactagata     66600
     ggctcctttc tgcctttcca tctcttctgc catgtgagga cacagcatct gtcccttttt     66660
     tgcccttttg ccttccccca ggtgaggaca cagcatttgt tccgtctgca acatgaggat     66720
     gcaggaagaa ggcattcacc agacaccaaa tgctggcacc ttcatctcgg acttcccggc     66780
     caccagaact gtaagtacaa cttactagta tgtataaatt gctcagtcta aggtattttg     66840
     ttatagcagt gcaaatggac taggacacgc accaaaaggg aaatacatta cccttggttc     66900
     tgagaagtgc gaggaacagg cgaagatgta accatgggta agacatcatg taatggtcat     66960
     cccaccaaca attaaattca acaatcagaa agaataagac tctaaggatt ctatgtaaaa     67020
     tttataaata agaaataagg aaaaagagaa tacttaggga actttgagat gaatagtttt     67080
     ataaatgaat ataccccaga aagcctggaa actactaaaa ccttcttatt attaggttgg     67140
     cgcaaaagta attgtggttt ttgccattac ttttaatagc atcctaatgc acaaatgtgt     67200
     tgaagaccac atgtggggag cccttggtaa gaagcccagc ttgccagatt ggtggaaaag     67260
     tcaaaggggt tagaatgggg aaaatgagat cttttctata tagaactata gctcaagaga     67320
     agagaacaga gaacctgcaa ggtcagatga aaacttacaa gaagatgtcc tcaaaagact     67380
     ctgataagca ccttgccagg gatcaaagcc aaagaaatga acataatcac agactgctgg     67440
     cactggaatg ccctgcaaga cttgtgtgta tactccctct atttcacaaa tggagaaact     67500
     gacttttcaa aagtggaagg ggctcgcttt aggacatatg ggagaagcaa agccaggaac     67560
     agaacctgcg tgtcctgcac ttcattcagt gcctcaaaag aagggaagaa gtaagccagg     67620
     gaagccagcc gatagagcta cttgctggtc atgtcgcaaa aggtctgttc agggacaaaa     67680
     gggagataca agagagtctt aacatattcc gagccatgct ctttattccc aagttgtatt     67740
     ttggaggagg caatttggag ggctaaatga aatggtggtg aatgtgcatg gtgttccaag     67800
     tctagctgac taaataaatg gatgctgatg aatcatcagg accagatggc atctatccaa     67860
     attttaggta aaattgtata acagctgacc aaagcatata gcctgtcatt ccaaatagct     67920
     attatgccaa atagctattg taccatgagc ctggcagatt ggcaatgagt ctcctctcca     67980
     tgagaagcat ttttaaaggg ggcccaagga acttcaggct ggtaggatca ctgaatatgt     68040
     taggcaagtg taatgtattg ggggctaggc atcatttttc ctctcaatta aattaaccac     68100
     catttatcta atgttttaca gtttataaag aacttagtgt taatcatgcc taacaaattg     68160
     actagaattc ttttacacga taaatgtgta tgtggacaaa gggaaaccat ggatgtaatc     68220
     tatttagatt ttgaaaaggc ccttgacaag atcccatgcc aaacactgtt ttaacaagtt     68280
     aagtcaccat ggaattgtgg agcagtgcct tgaaatggat aaggaagtgg cttatagtca     68340
     ggaaagcaca agtaggaata agcatagact tttctggaga agtatgaaca gcggtatgtc     68400
     tcagggatca gtgctgggac caggcaacat tttggtaagt tgtctgggca actttagatg     68460
     accacaactt ttccaggtag caaaatgcaa agctgacttt gatcttttta tagttgtgtt     68520
     gatgatcaga gaaaaaagag tcagagtagg cttgttcaag gagtggcctc tgaaaccaga     68580
     cttcttggct ctgaatcctg actctgccct tcgtgaatgt gactttaagc aagccactcc     68640
     acctcctcct gcataatttt cttttttatt atactttaag ttctagggta catgtgcaca     68700
     acgtgcaggt ttgttacata tgtatacatg tgccatgttg gtgtgctgca cccgttaact     68760
     ggtcatttac attagatata tctcctaatg ctatccctcc cccctccccc ctccccccac     68820
     cccaggacag gcccctgtgt gtgatattcc ccgccctgtg tccaagtgtt ctcattgttc     68880
     aattcccact atgagtgaga acacctccag tataaatttt ctcatctgta aagtgagaat     68940
     agtaatgacc cctacctcat agtggtattg tgaaaatgat atgagacaat gcatgccaag     69000
     ctctggcaca gtgtttagag catagtaagt gtccaatgaa cattagcttc tcttattttt     69060
     acttttcatg tttattcaac attcttctaa taggttgcca ggctctgagt ggtcacttta     69120
     tgtcctatgg aacctgggag ccattgtaga ctgtttcatg aaagcactgg cagaattcat     69180
     tttagtaatg aattcagagg acagaggtaa ctatggactg agatggctat gaaagatttc     69240
     atggagagaa agtaacaatt atggaacacc tagcatatgc tagatacttg cctagatgtt     69300
     ttataaatgt tccccctcga tttaatagtc ctatgaagtt ggggttatga tccccattta     69360
     atggatgaca gaatggagac atagagggga ggctaagaaa cttgtcccag gtcatgcttg     69420
     ctcataagta gagcaagaat ttaaataaac atttgtccta ccccaagacc tattttcttt     69480
     tcactgcatc acacttgaat tgcaccttga aggatgggta aaatttaaga tgaaagaaaa     69540
     aaaggtcaat ctctatagaa ataaaatggg caggccgggc actggggctc atgcctgtaa     69600
     tcccagcact ttaggaggtc gaggcaggcg gggatcacac gaggtcagga gttcgagacc     69660
     agcctggcca acatggcaaa accctgtctc tactaaaaat acaaaaatta gctgggcgtg     69720
     gttgtgtgca cctgtaatcc cagctactca ggaggctgag gcagggagaa tcacttgaac     69780
     ccgggagaca gaggtttcag tgagccaaga ttgtgtcact gcactcactc cagcctaggc     69840
     aacacagtga gactgtctca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagt aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagaaat     69900
     aaacataggc agtggtggga aaacagaaac aagaacagta tgtttatggg gttcatggag     69960
     catgaatatg gctgttctca ccaaagtgga gggtacttac gggggctagt ggtgggaaat     70020
     gaagccagaa gggtagttga ggctagacca gaagaccctc agaactctac taaggagtct     70080
     tagctttatc ctcaaggcat gaagacagct gagctgcgga gaaagtatga gatgccttca     70140
     aaagattaac caggtagcta tgcaagatga atttgatgga atcttctgcc tgggtctcaa     70200
     attctttgtc ctctaatcta ctagcctaag gctctcaata ctcctgcctg agcctagaag     70260
     cctggagacc acctacgatg tgtctgcaat agtatgtgca ggagggtgtg aaggggggaa     70320
     taaaaggaag gattgggctg ggcgtagtga ctcacgcctg taatcccagc actgtgggag     70380
     gctgaggtgg gtggatcacc tgaggtcagg ggtttgagac cagcctggcc aacatggata     70440
     aaccccgtct ctaccaaaaa tacaaaaaac tagttgggca tagtggtgca cacctgtagt     70500
     cccagctact tgggaggctg aggcaggaaa attgcttgaa cctgggaggt ggaggttgca     70560
     gtgagctgag actgcgccac tgcactccag cctgggcaac aagagccaaa ctccatctca     70620
     aaaaaaacaa aaacaaaaaa caaaaaacaa aaaagtatta acagaagcag aataaattac     70680
     aaagaaagaa tcgacaggga ttgggggcct aattgcattt aagggcaaga gagaagaagc     70740
     aaagatggct ttaggtttaa gcctcagtga tcagaagaat gatggtcagt tgataaatct     70800
     gacttgtgac acatcacgtt gggggtggtg gtggtgaagt cagaaatgat taataagcag     70860
     ctggagatgt gggatggtag gagagcagtt gagactcgtg gtaatgactt tatgtaagtt     70920
     atttcccaca gtgttatgat agttaaagaa tgttcattgt aggattatcc acaacagcca     70980
     agaggtggaa gcaatctaca tgtccactga tggataaatg gataaaaaat tgtggtacat     71040
     acatacaatg gaatattact cagtcttaaa aagaaggaaa tcttgtcaca tgctacaaca     71100
     tggatgaacc ttgagaaaat tatgctaagt gaaataaacc agtcacagaa ggacaaatag     71160
     tgcatgattc catcatatat gaggtatcta aagtagtcac agaagcagaa aataaaatgg     71220
     tggttgctaa gggctggggg agggaaaaat aaggagttgc tgttcaatgg acatagagtt     71280
     ttaggcacac aagatgaaaa tgttctagag atctgttgca caacaatgtg catataatta     71340
     acaatattgt actgtacact taaaagttta agagggcaga ttccatgtta gttttttttt     71400
     taccttaata aaaaataaat aaatcataaa aaaaagttga ggccagccat ggtggctcac     71460
     acctataatc ccagcacttt gggaagttga ggtgagagga tcacttgagc ccaagagttt     71520
     gaggctgcag tgaggtgtga acgcgccatt gcactccagc ctaggggaca gagagagacc     71580
     ctatctcaaa aaggaagaaa aagtcaaaag agggagagta gataagatct gcattctttc     71640
     tggagaagag agaaaagaca gaggcttaag aagggacatc cggataatag ccagtttcag     71700
     gtaggattag gaagaagaac taagaaggaa agaggctgcc agagaaatag gaacatttag     71760
     catctcagag gccatgggtg atagggtttt aaggagaagg ctgtgcacca cagaggaaag     71820
     agaatggcag tggaagtctc aagacccgag gtagatttct agttcttcca tacagagcaa     71880
     tctcatttct tctctgagcc ctggttttaa ttacctgtaa aatcaaagaa cacctatcca     71940
     catgaaagta ctctaaactg tgatatggaa tacaaattta aggaattttt gttgttgttt     72000
     tgcctccttg accccagcag tactatatta cttttttcta ttgctcttgt tgtttagtta     72060
     ttattatttt ttttactgag acagactctg gctctgtctc ccaggctgga gcacagtggc     72120
     agaatctcag ctcactacaa ccactgcctc ctggactgaa gcaatcctcc caagtagctg     72180
     ggacaatagg cgtaccacca caccctgcta atttttgtat ttttgtagag acaggatttc     72240
     atcatgttgc ccaggctggt ctggaactcc tgggctcagg tgattctccc accgcagcct     72300
     cctaaattgc cgcgattaca agcatgaaca accgtgccct accactcttg tctttatgta     72360
     ggtcttcagt catatgccat agcctatcta tgttagactg cttgtgagaa aacaaaatag     72420
     acataacgtc ctaagaaaag aaggtcagct aatggctctt cctttgaaag ttatcccacc     72480
     aatggttttc agaagacttc caaggttgca tttctttttt ttgtttgttt gtttttaact     72540
     ttgttttaag ttcaggggta catatctagg tttgttatat aggtaaactt gtgtcatggg     72600
     ggtttatggt acaggttatt tcatcccaaa tttgcatttt ttattatgca tttcttttta     72660
     taaatgagaa gaaccaagga aaactccaat gagaaacaga gccaactgat taggtcagtt     72720
     cattttagat aatgaaaaac aggaagttac ccttttaatc taccaaaggt tggaaatggt     72780
     gggaggaaaa gaaggaggct acctgagaac ttcactttct agagcttgta tagtctttcc     72840
     ttgaagagtt gatgagattg tgtgttgcag ggaatgtaag ggaattgcag acagcgggtt     72900
     caatttattt ttaattcctg agcatcacca tttttagatt acatttgggt cagcactaat     72960
     cagttacctg caaggaagcg gagctgattc ttcactttca tcattccatc accagagcct     73020
     ccaatgcact catcttcatc atcaccgcag tctccacttt caaacccttc ctcatccagg     73080
     tttttatcca gaactctacc tttgggcaca gacatggttc tcaggagctg aaagaaaaca     73140
     accaggaatg catcagctct tcatatttct caggtgggtc tgcacagtgt gttattaaca     73200
     ggaggcatta aaaatgttca atgaattaca cagaagctgt aaaaaatcac tttcaaattt     73260
     acgtaggggt aaactgctta tactctttag agtttcagac ttctgaacct ttccatagca     73320
     tttgatgtga tggtctactc cttgactcta cttacatcat gcagtagcca gagtgtatat     73380
     tgcattagat cttctcatac catggtattt aagctcctga aagtctccat gatacaattc     73440
     actgatgagg aacttaagac atgataaggc aaagctaaga ggacaccaag accagaaaag     73500
     atccctatgg aagcccccaa taatcaaatt tacagtcact aaattaaaac cacaaaatgc     73560
     ttcctaccaa atgaggagaa tagcagtgcc attttataca catgtacaat gactacttac     73620
     aatcaatcat cattatatat gccttgatca ctggaaaaat tgttcaatat tctcctctcc     73680
     cgcaattcca ataagatgct tttaaattta ttttgcttta ttgtagataa tatgcacact     73740
     aagagacatg tttgtttcac tctgcggtgt ctggcttttc agtcacatgg ccaatgcatt     73800
     actaatttca cgggactccc gcctttcaaa agcctctcca ctgacccaga gacccagcac     73860
     accgcacgaa gggtccctga gggccgttgt cagattccat cttatttttc ctcgccatct     73920
     ctctccaagg cttcattctc atattctgtt tttgtcctgg cttcttccct atcacccatt     73980
     tctcacccta aatcttagat ccaaccccta cttttaaaag acagccaaca aaagattctg     74040
     gatatacaga aactgagatc tttgtgattg tggaagaggt atccagaaag aaaaattgct     74100
     gcaaacacaa gctggggttt ctgcggtttc catcgtccct atgtttatgt catggctaag     74160
     tatactttta tgttctccac ctgtgattta gctgccaccc tgagatctac ttggaaagag     74220
     ctacatacta cagagaaatg tgattctgca ggtggttttt acgtttttat ttttattttt     74280
     tagcaaagaa aggtaagtcc caaagagatt tttgtttttg tttttgtttt tttttctggc     74340
     caacaacctc taatggtatt ggagaagcca atctaccaac tgtctcccac tccagcacca     74400
     cgttcaccct gccacttccg ctgctgctca tcatacacaa ctacatttat tatatataaa     74460
     tacaggctaa gatgagctag attaatgatt ctcaaacttc ttggtctcag gactccttta     74520
     tacttgctga gaaccgtaga gtttatataa gttatttttg tttatgcaag ttatatctat     74580
     caacatttgc catcttagaa attataactg agaaatttta aaaatattta tttgatagct     74640
     tctgtaaaca taacaagaat gaacccatga tgtgacataa acatttcttt ttttttgaca     74700
     cagggtctgg atccatcacc caggtgggag tgcagtggca tgatcatggc tcactgcagc     74760
     ctcaacctcg caggctcaag caatcctccc acctcagctt cctaagtagc tgggactaca     74820
     ggtgtgtgac accatcccca gctaattttt tttttttttt ttactttttg tagaggcaag     74880
     gtctcactat gttgcccagg ctaaaacata aacatttttg aatgacaaac atattttccc     74940
     agacataaga taattcatag gaagagtggc actatttaac agttttataa atctctttga     75000
     tgtccagctt aatataagac agctggatta tcaaatctgc ttctccactc aatctgctgt     75060
     gatatatggt tttggttgaa acatttgcag ttaatccaac ctcccacaga tatgtcatgg     75120
     gaaaagagag aagtatttta gcagactttt cagataattg tggagatttt tctttgatac     75180
     tacattaaaa actcaacaag tagttagttg cagtgtggaa tatgaaacta tataaataaa     75240
     tatatcatat cctgttacat ttacatccat tggtatgctt tgaactttga acacgcattt     75300
     tactcatttt gtatcatcat ccatgggtca tctggaaaat actggctcac tgagcaatgc     75360
     aggtcttccc aatgtcaaca cctttcatta tatgatataa aaaatcacat ttgttaatat     75420
     tatctccaat ctcatctgaa aagtctttaa gttttgggaa gctctcaagc tcacagtggc     75480
     agataaaagt ttaaaacaat ttttggtttt ctattgaaag cctgaatttt attattggca     75540
     ataaatactg ccagttgttt tccctgaact gacaggctct ctttgttcct ttccaagaaa     75600
     atgtctagca agtattcaag tctgcataac tatagtttgt cagtcattct ctcaagtaaa     75660
     aatgaaacag gaagctcaca gctcaaattt ctcacaagtg ctttttcttg agatgcacat     75720
     tgacatggtt tactgtgtaa atactttcag tgtacttccc attttataac acagaatctt     75780
     ttaaaagtgc aagagatgag gtttaataaa attagtaact ttttacagat tcagcaatga     75840
     tatccttaag taaaactgcc ctttattttt ctgcaagtac acaccagtga tgaatacaat     75900
     gactactagt acattttggt gctattggct taattcatcc tgtggtgtct tgattcatac     75960
     tgtggcatcg aagagttgta cttgccactg cttttgaacc attgtgcaaa tatcaacaca     76020
     ggggaaaaga caaataacat cttagtactg ttgtgcaagt agttttaacc ttgtggatcc     76080
     ctggatttct tggattccta ggatccataa accattcttt gagaactgct aatctagcct     76140
     ataacatcac ttcagtttca ccaaaacccc caatgccctc ctttatcatt atgtcttatg     76200
     agaaatttgc tttcgatata agcattttta tgttaatttt caagaatgca tcttttgtgt     76260
     acatcatgga atacctgaat gagaattttt cacataagta gaattatgtt tagatataga     76320
     ttagtgaact tgctatttct caagcacacc ttgcatctgt ccctttcatt aacaccttca     76380
     gtacacattc attgagaatg tactatgagc tgttcttcat ttatgtctgt tcaaagtcct     76440
     ccatactttc aagccaagtt ctaacgccat gtcattaata aagctttcct ggtagacagt     76500
     cattatagct ctccctctcc ctcttctacc actgttccct ttatctgtac ctcctaaatg     76560
     ccactttctg tatgcaatcc ggtatttgaa catatgactt ctctccacca ccatcctgtg     76620
     agctgcccag gggtttaatc ttatatatct ttgaacccca gagcatttaa ggcagtgtct     76680
     agcacatagt aggcactcaa tatatgtgct attgaactga agcaaaatga agtgttatgg     76740
     tatctttaat tctttaaaag ctatttccac aaccttatga aaaaggagaa agtcaaggcc     76800
     cagattaatt atagaagaag aatttgtgaa tgagtagcta aacatttttg gaggaccttg     76860
     gctaagacac atagctaatc tttgagaggc cgtttccaac ctgtgtgcaa tgcccccact     76920
     attcttgagt agctcagttt aaaacaaagt gcaattaaac aaaaaccctt taaaactttg     76980
     ccagtgaagt tacttcttta ggtattaaat cactcccatt ctggtgacaa attcagcatg     77040
     gaagaaggat tatagtagac ttttaagcca ttttacacag acagccactg ataaacctaa     77100
     ccctcacaca ttatcaaaac aaacccaaac ctagaaatct attgttaatg cgaaaatctt     77160
     aaagaagaga ctgaagctcc agagtgttga aagaagggta atgggtcaga gaggaggaat     77220
     tgccagcaag gagtggattt aggcagcctg gaatttggcc cagaaatcca attgcttaat     77280
     tacaattcac aatattgacc tttctgttcc ctctctcagt ctttcagact gaacactaac     77340
     tttatgaaaa gaaaattatg agggacttac acacaaaagc aggtaacttt aggggcctaa     77400
     tgcttttgat taactgtttg ccattttcaa aggacactgt cctgttagct ttttaaaagc     77460
     caaggcacac aataatgatt atcaatgtaa acgatcatat taaaacctac gtctgagtat     77520
     ttcattccac tatccccata gacattctgt taacctgaca cttctgctgt gcattacttt     77580
     gaatacagag gataccttag tggaagtgca caaggccctt cacattccag ctttttctac     77640
     agccactact gtctgtgcaa ctctgtttta gccactgaga ctatcacagt tgcctaagca     77700
     tacaatcaac tttcttttag aatctaatat tttaaatatg caagtatcaa atatagaaac     77760
     gtgaaaggaa aagaaacaag gaagaaaacc cctaattccc aaactttaat aaacaatgtt     77820
     tgtgttttca aaggtcagca ctttttaatg cttgttttta aattgaactt gcatttggga     77880
     agcagattga cttgagttcg aacgctactt tttccactta ttaaaactgt attttcagac     77940
     aagctgctta atctccctaa acctcagtgt cctcatctat aaaatgagag aaataacgcc     78000
     tgcctcacag aattgttgta ataagtaaat atgataaatg tcatacttta aatgggatga     78060
     tgcatctatc cattaaggga tctatcaaca tttacttaac catttttcta atattgaata     78120
     tttgcattgt ttcctgttat tttgctttta taaacaaaaa tgtaatcatc aggaacattc     78180
     acataactct ttccatattt tggattattt ccttagtaag gatactgggt caaagggtat     78240
     gtacatactt acacactgtg ggagtgattc tctaaattcc ataaaaatca ccaggatgct     78300
     tattaaaaaa ttagcctcgc taaactctta tacatgttga taggaatgta aattagcaca     78360
     agcactatgg aaaataatat ggaggtttct caaaaaacta aaaatagaac taccctatgg     78420
     tccagtaatc ccactactgg gtagttattc aaaggaaaag aaatgagtat attgaagaga     78480
     tatcagcacc cccatgttta ttgcagcact attcacaata gccaagattt ggaatcaacc     78540
     tataatgtct atcaacagat gaatggatga agaaaatgtg gtatatatac acaatggaat     78600
     aatatttggc cataataaat aatgaaatcc tgttatttga ggccatatgg atgagcctgg     78660
     aggacattat gttaagtgaa ataagtcagg catagaaaga taaatacccc acattctcgc     78720
     tcatatgtag gagctaaaaa aaagttgagc tcatagaagt agagaatagc ggttactaga     78780
     gtctgggaag gggaggatag ggagatatta gccaatagat acaaaattac agctagatag     78840
     gaggaattag ttctagtgtt ctataccagg gtccccatac tgcaggaggt gagtagcagg     78900
     tgagcacctg ggatcctcct tctatcagat cagtggcagc attagattct cataggaatg     78960
     ggagccctat tatgaactac acatgcaaag gatctaggtg gccctcctta tgagaatcta     79020
     atgcctgatg atccgaggtg gaacagtttc attccgaaac catcacaccc ctggtccgtg     79080
     gcaaaattgt cttctacaaa actggtccct ggtgctaaaa aggttgggga ccactgttct     79140
     atactactgt aggatgaata tggttaataa taatttattg tatattttct aaaagctaga     79200
     agagaggatt tgaatgtcca caacacaaat aataaatgtt tgaggtgatg gatatgctaa     79260
     ttaccctgat ttcatcacta cacattgtat acacgtattg aactatcact ctgtgtccca     79320
     taaatatgta caattatgtg tcaaccaaaa ataaaaggaa aaataaagaa ttaaacattt     79380
     tttaagttga aaggtatttt ataggaaaaa gaaaaatatc taagataata catattgtag     79440
     aagtaatatt taaataacaa gtaattcaat gtgtagccat aattccccca aacacctaac     79500
     agaaacataa gttttttcgt gtacaaacag tcttgatggc ttacattttt gtgttgatat     79560
     tgagctcttg gcaatcattc aatcattgct ttcccaatta tatccaggtc agcaattttg     79620
     acaaaataaa tacaaattgt gatttcgaaa aaaataaaaa ggcaaaagtt aaaaaaaaaa     79680
     aaaaagacac gctccctggc ccaattcact tacagagttt ctgatttggt gaatctggga     79740
     tggggcacac agatctgcat ctattttttt tgagccgggg tctcactatg ttgcctaggc     79800
     tggtctcgaa ctcctgggct caagcaatcc tcttgcctca gcttcctgag tagctggtac     79860
     tacagacaca cgccaaacta gatctgtccc cctcatctta ctgtgagtga accgcagacc     79920
     actccttact ctttcagaaa ggctgttcca atgttactct gcttcccaga atcccactga     79980
     aaccatcttt tgacaagagc caccagagca ccatgcatgt tggaatcctt agtaaacgct     80040
     cttcaaacca tgtgtttaaa agtaaatata atatgatgat ttccttttca gttaggtatg     80100
     gatatcttga ccttttgtct ttgtagttaa ggaaaatacc cttgtataaa ggtgattgac     80160
     ttcatttgat tagacaggga aacatttaaa gttagccttg gaacaggtac tcagggttgt     80220
     gtgataaaag gaaacaaaaa gcctggaata attgcttaag aaaattggaa acacaatgaa     80280
     agggaaaaaa gggctttctg aagtacagca atttcatatt tttaaagcca taaccaatat     80340
     aacaaaaggg tatggcagca tgggacaatg agatttggct gaagctcttt ttgtgcttgg     80400
     tccatgggag atcaaaggac atatttattg tttggagagg gatcaaatat gttgaaatta     80460
     gaccagtgag agcagcaagt cttgatctgt ctatatggta taaacaatat gcctcttgga     80520
     attgtcttga ttgcaaagat atgaagctta tcagccacac actgtgctgg ggtttaacat     80580
     atgttctctc acataatcct caatactctc caccagtttg tataacaggg aagactgcca     80640
     tccccatttc tcacgttaag ggaagacatt gaagctcagt aaccttacca agttactgag     80700
     taagtaatag agatctcatt aacagtaaca tatttgcccc ccaggtccag aactcttcaa     80760
     aagaaacata tgtcttaggt aaagacatca acgaatgggg ccttcattgt acatttttgc     80820
     catctttact gcctttagct cagataattt ccatttcaat tccattttct cagatgctgg     80880
     gcattaacta taacttgatg ggaaagcttt tcactattgg gtgggaggac cagaaggggg     80940
     agataagcac tgggcattga acaacattgg atgcttcctg cttgctttcc ccaggcttgt     81000
     catctactgt gttttaaata accaaactat ctcatcatga acaggtttgt tttgaaaagc     81060
     ttcagacagc tgcttagtac agaatgaaaa attccattac tgctgctaca tggctaagag     81120
     tttgcttgac tttaagctct ttagcattta aaaaaaataa agggataagt aacaaaatag     81180
     atactgcaaa tacgggagtt ggtacatatt ttaaggattt agctggtttt atctcttttg     81240
     gctactcaca tactttctgt aggcattttt taatatctgg aatccaggtt acattttaaa     81300
     gctattaagc tgggcttata aaactgattt tgaactattt ggatgctcag ctttatacaa     81360
     cctgcaaaat gtgctttggg gtcctggctt tccgtatcca cagcaatgta aacacatgct     81420
     ttaccgtttg tatttgagta gcataagcta atggaaaaca aatgtggtga ctccaatgaa     81480
     gcccagcttt tttggaatgc cattattatt tatacgttgt gcacatccac aaggcctagc     81540
     acgtgacctg tgctttgcgt gcacactctc tttgaacgaa tgcaccaaac cacagccaca     81600
     actaattgga aacaattgca actccacaca tttgagataa agccagaacc caaatgtata     81660
     ggcctagaat taatggctat atatgcactt cacacgtcgg ggggtggggg gcaataaagt     81720
     atagcagtta agggcatgag ctttggaatc tgaccagcat agatgtgaat ccctactcag     81780
     cctacttact agctgtgtga ctttgggcaa gtcacttaaa ctctctgagt ttcacttgcc     81840
     tcacctgtaa aatgggggat aatactattt attatcttca cagggctgtt gaaatattaa     81900
     ataaaatagc accattcacc tttcatatag ttccatgtat tcttcttttc tagaactttc     81960
     cactgtttgt aattatatat tccctgttgc atccccacta gactaacaga agggataaaa     82020
     gtgtgttcgg ttcccagtgc ctagcacagt gtttggtaca aagtaatgaa cagtaaatat     82080
     taaatggatg aatgaacaaa taaatagaat aatgcatgta aagtgcttag cacattgcct     82140
     ggaaaggtaa taagttattg gacatgttaa ctcttctgct cggaataaca atgatgatct     82200
     tgaagaggaa aagaggagga agaggggtag tagtagcagc catagcagca gacataagag     82260
     cttgttacaa atacctccta aggcaaaaaa aaagtaatac tccatggcca cacactgaag     82320
     cactagaaag aagcctgggt ggaatttttg tgggtctggg aaaacccttc tggatgctcc     82380
     cagtaagata agagtctgtg taccaaggat acacacagag atgtttaatg acaaagaaga     82440
     gagacctgct agaggctgtg cttccatatg gtatcagcaa agctacccac acccacatat     82500
     gttcttgcct gggccttgct tccacatctg cctctgatcc acagaacaca ctttctctac     82560
     cacttccagc tttcccaatt cttactttat ggtttgtgaa tgcagcagtg aaacttatgc     82620
     aaatatgtcc ccctgttaaa tggataggaa acaaacaaac aatgaaaaca ccaggatgtg     82680
     aagaagccga cccaggatgg aattaaatcc atttcagtgg ggctccttcc ccattggtag     82740
     aaatggttct ctgtagttct aagaaactgt ccgctacctc aaagtggaaa atttccaata     82800
     atattaccaa tagcttagaa gtgtataggg tttgcttctt ttccaagagg aggcatagca     82860
     tggtggttaa aggttcatac tctggagtca gaaaacttgg attcaaattg actctatcat     82920
     ttactagcct tgttactata aataagctat tattttattt atttttttga aacagggtct     82980
     tgctctgttg cccaggctgg agtgtggtgg agtgatcaca gcttactgca gccttgacct     83040
     cttgggctaa agcaatcctc ctgcctcagc cttctgagta gctaggacta caggtgcatg     83100
     ccaccacgcc tgaatacttt tgaatttttt tttgtagaga cagggtctcc ctatattgcc     83160
     caggctggtt ttgaactcct gggctcaagt gatcctctca ccttggcctc acaaagtgct     83220
     tggattacag gtgtgagtca ctgtgcccag ccaacaagtt attctttaac ctcactgagt     83280
     tccatgtttc ttctctatga gtataataat acttgtatcc ctctcccaca ttgtgtaatt     83340
     atggggatta aatgaggtaa tttgtgtaaa gcactgagct tagtatctgg tacacagcat     83400
     tcacaaaata ttaatattat acatgaaaaa ctatatattt ataaaatctg aatttccaaa     83460
     caggataaat tcagaatttt tggtataggt taacattcag ttatggcctg ggtaaggcta     83520
     aatctggaga acatggtaag ccctcaataa atcttcatta ttgagtcaca actattagca     83580
     ttttatgatt tttataatta aaagctgctg tatctgttct cttagttgat ctatatggga     83640
     cccctgtgag gcagcagggc aggtattatt agcctcattt tacaaatgag gaaatgagag     83700
     tcgagagaga tgtggggcaa catgtccatt ttcagcctga aaactttcct cagggtagct     83760
     agtataaagt tgttaggatt tggaatgggg ccaggaagga ggggttttga actccagtat     83820
     taatctggaa agggcatagc cctgggacta gcacaatgcc tgacacatag tgggtgctca     83880
     ggacatgttt ggtaactgaa agaatgaatg aaccaatggg ttaagaaatt agtaagtagc     83940
     ttattcactg attttttttt ctttctttct ttttaataga gatgggggtc tcgctatgtt     84000
     gcccaggctg gtctgggact cctgggctca agcaatcctc ctgccttgac cttacaaagt     84060
     tctggaatta caggcatgag ccactgtgcc agccctattc attgacttga tttttttcca     84120
     acctctgtcc ctttgaccag tctgatatgc cattgctgtt ttcctggtat ggtaatagct     84180
     gattcctgcc agggagccct gattccacag ctagatagca agacagctga acagacggac     84240
     tgagtgattg actaccagca tttactttat tgggctaccc tgaaagacag gtaccatctt     84300
     tccccacaga tgagggagac tcttcccatg agggaggagg gcaaagtcaa agaggaaggc     84360
     agtcattcga tctttttaag caaaggaacc agctaaccca aagggatgtg gccaagcaaa     84420
     gcaccaagtg gctaaacaag gttactggac ccacccaggg agcctctgcc aattcccagg     84480
     taagtactct ctttgctaga ttagcctgcc tgtgtgtgtt aattctgggc tctgtaatgc     84540
     cctccttgag ggtctccagc cttactagag taaagctcag tttaaggggc caaaagcccc     84600
     acacagtcca gtcacagtta taaaggctgg acctgagatt ggcctaggcc caaaaagctt     84660
     agccagatca ggctgatttg ccagctgtgg cagcaaagtg caaacacagc aaggcaccct     84720
     tgcgggccac caagttcaaa ttctccctga aggtctctga gccttgctac ccgctttgtg     84780
     gaagattggt gacatttttg tccctaaacc agtttttgtg aaaagccaca aggacaaaat     84840
     ataacttttt ttcctggaag aaaaacctgc ttcaaagaca tctatggaac cccacagccc     84900
     tgctccattt ccaaataaat cacctcagtt agatgagggc cactgacaga gggcaagggt     84960
     cctggggtga gagtgtacca ggatattaca tatttcttca gggaactgag gttgcacaga     85020
     catgatctga agatttacta ttgtccaaat gcataaatgt gatgcattcc aaatagacat     85080
     cttgtggtta tacttttggg aaatgagaat tcttgcctct aaaaataaca tctgtgtatg     85140
     aaccacagca gtcatgtcat caagcattgg gcttgaagag tcaacctcaa tgactggggg     85200
     acatcggttc actattcttc cagaaggcct ctagtccact gaggattaat gagatgcctc     85260
     tagtttctga caaagcttcc ttcctttaaa gactaggtct agatcagggt ttataaatag     85320
     gctttcggtg agagcagttt tcctgttctg gtatactatt tgaagaatat gaatttttaa     85380
     atatgtttca gataattgag actgggactt gaaaaactct attttgagct tctagtttcc     85440
     ttggaggtca gagattttca agcctttctc ttcccaattt ttaggtcact gaatcctaag     85500
     ggggaaatgg gctgtctctc aggaaacatg aataaaatca ttgcaatatt cctatctaat     85560
     catacacctt tacaggctga agcaacagca gcaaaggaat ggtgcccttg tatatttttt     85620
     agcttcactc cttaagtaaa cattaactta agaaatgctc aggtcattct tttaaatata     85680
     aaaaactggg acatatccta aaacagtgct ttgtttggta aatacagcat taaagatgct     85740
     aaaatgattg ggtctctctg aattcagcat gtatagcttt tgtaacatgt tggtcacaga     85800
     agaccactag actcttatgc gggccattgg caagccaagt tatattctgc agctaccaaa     85860
     tgattaagta cttccttgtt gtagtgtagt tctcttttct gtacctcaag tggtttgact     85920
     ggcatggtca aacagtagat gaaggaatgt gaaattgaac agaactgctg gtattttcga     85980
     ataggaaagg aatttgagcc ctgcttttgg taattattta ggacattggt tgaaaggata     86040
     ccactgaaca ccgtagttca acttaagctt agccattcgc aatttgaata tatttactac     86100
     cttgttggca tcccatatta ggttagacgg tcttttaaca aaattcatag tcatttaaca     86160
     tctacatatt attgatattg gtgaagattc tctcaatttt agcttagtta attctactat     86220
     atccttacat gttttttcca cagttgtaaa attttctgtt gggttgactg tacaggctta     86280
     caaaataatt tctacttaat attggcctaa actaaccttc acagaataat tgctacttgg     86340
     catttgccta aactaacatt cacatcgacc tttcatcccc taaaacacta gctgatttag     86400
     tgtatctata tacttgcctt ggggtagcat agcttaggtt aatttcactt ctctgaaata     86460
     agtatacagt tggaacttag ttcagataca atcatttcca tgctcatctg ggtgtctctc     86520
     atcattgcct cttattcttg aattccaaac ctcatcaagc attcccaaga cagccctctt     86580
     gtttttccta agaaggttat tagaatttaa ccacaaggtc tgggaagagc atcatgtaac     86640
     caagtccagc taatttgtac tcagtgttgg gcagtgcttg aactcttcct attttggcta     86700
     ggtatagttt ggtagagatt ctggtgaatt attttctctg ttggccctct ttggtggata     86760
     gggtgtgcac attttgcttg ctcctgggac tgaagtgttt ggctgggttt cttacttgga     86820
     atccttccct atcccacaaa attgtttggt gatgatggtg gtgatagagt ggtaggaaca     86880
     gcagaaggta agtgtgggaa gggaaaagga cagcttataa caggctatag tcaacacact     86940
     tactgttcca cctttctctt cactgagctc agtagataac aatgtcctga ttagttctaa     87000
     cgtgggcttc tccaccatcc tctgagattc cttgtagtca tattcaatta acattttgtt     87060
     aaataaatag ctgttaccct cccccataac atttaacccc cttttgatat tccaggtaat     87120
     atacacacag tcttaatatc atgttcgttc aacataattc ttctggatac agctatggta     87180
     atttccgtct ttgaagaaat caacttgaat gccctagcta gatgcaacag gagaggggat     87240
     ggctgggaaa tggggcactt gcgtctcaga ggatggcatc tagtatgaga aatggagata     87300
     ttagatgtat tgagcaccca gaagtgctca gcattatatt caacacctta caagggaatt     87360
     agaaaagagt tgggaagaaa gttacagact ggaatggtaa gtgagttaga aaggacctga     87420
     gagagcacat agtaaaatcc ccctctcacc tcccccccac cccgacttta caggggaaga     87480
     cagaaagtct acgaagacaa tagatagtaa agcctttcaa ccacaccagt gctataaata     87540
     atgctagatt gctgcctaat ccttggggat aacacaggag aatcagttga gggcaggtaa     87600
     agtgaaaaag aagcaaaaga atgtgagagc tgtaaaatga gtttaagttc cagtagggga     87660
     aaatgaggtt cttcttcctg aatccttagc caaaccttgc caaataacag gctaggggga     87720
     gagcaacaca gaccctgggt gtgggtgggg tgtgggtggg ggtgtggtgg ggggtggagc     87780
     atgaagcagg caatttccag gttggtgtga gtaagtggta gttacagaac atagagccta     87840
     ccctcatata gtccacaagg agttcctttc tgcaaggtgt ggaaatgtag tggaataaaa     87900
     ccagctcagt gcaagaagag gaaaaggttt ggttcctaca ctcaaatcat caattcctac     87960
     aacctttcaa agttctcatt ctgatccact cctgattaag tggataaatc aaatgccttt     88020
     tattattttc tcctattcat ttctttctat ctattcccaa ataattccag ttgaaagcat     88080
     cttaggctta atcatactaa aatcattgca tttgcattca attacacaga attccatttt     88140
     gtttcccagt ctcttataca catttaagca tttgatcaag tttgttaata taaatggtaa     88200
     actcctaaat tatcatgcct ttcaactaaa tcaaaacttc aaatatgtta ctgccccaga     88260
     gatgaaattt ggtgggatga ttataattta tacatcttta aatagcaact atatttaagg     88320
     actaccatga catttcagat ggtcgacatc ttgtgttttc atgtttctgg agagaggcag     88380
     gaacatatac agtgcaatca tcactgaagt tgtatgtagt gattccacaa gtttgaacta     88440
     aattctagca tttccatctg tgagctggca atgaagagac cttttgccat aaatgcacca     88500
     ctcacaacat cagagacaga gtgcacaaca aattcacatg cttaggcact cacacttaag     88560
     ctgatacctt aattaatgca aaggaaatac ataacttccc taacaagtaa tataaaacat     88620
     ggagggccat gggaatttgg aggaggttgc tgctgctgct gctaatcaag tacttcttct     88680
     tcccaaaaca tggccttgcc ccaccccatc ccagcttgac ttctgtttct aggtatgccc     88740
     gccagaaata agatttattt tccatcaact caactgggaa aacagttcct ttatttttgg     88800
     cgttaaaaca ttcgctcctt tatgtaggtc aaaactttac ccttagaaat attatcttgc     88860
     ttttagagaa gcacactcat tcactgtatt gctttgtaaa atttcacttt ctagccctat     88920
     ggtaaataat tatcaaagtc tgctatttct cgcacccctc tctccctctc tctccttcct     88980
     tgtaatttac agcacttctc accactcagt ctagctgaca gggaaacaaa gaaacagtac     89040
     cttcaattgg acaaggttgg tcttctctat ttgcttctcc tcagatgacc cagtctttta     89100
     aaatggccct tgaatgctca atgtctgcct attcactcat ctaactgggg aacctcttcc     89160
     atgcttcagg tcctccactc tggcaaaatc tatctgtcaa tcacttagga tcgtgttctt     89220
     ggtggtttaa gttttccata tttgtcaaat caagataata tcacctacct tatatgaact     89280
     gtcatgagga aataatttaa cacagtgcct gggcacacaa tagactgaga ataaatgtca     89340
     gattcctttg tctgttaata gaaaataata atgatttcag atatgacttc ccctttggta     89400
     aactgtgcat ttaaacatgg ccttctggga agaatggctc atcccaaagg aatgattggc     89460
     agtggaaatt atagagactg gggaacaccg gtgaaacaga tgttttggtg taggtgggat     89520
     gtttctggat atccttgcat tcactccaca ttgacagttg tctagttctc ctatcttcaa     89580
     actttaactc aaattccctg tattataaga aaaaggcttt ggtaccttaa aaatcaaaat     89640
     atcaggagaa aaaaaaagca actgaaataa gagaacatgt aaaataaacc tgaatacaaa     89700
     tgaacttctc ccaaatgaag aatactctta ggagccagaa gtaaatctaa gtatttatgg     89760
     cttttggtga atgtggttgc tcttctatgt aatttgcttc acaaaaagaa tttaataaga     89820
     atgttccaag agcttttaca acaattttaa acctattttt gtaacaatct ggaataatat     89880
     caagcccaaa gaatgaaaga aaccaaactg agcttgtaca taaaacaaca tagtggaatt     89940
     atgaatggca gcaggctaaa tgtaaaagac agagggatac ataaaatata cagtattatg     90000
     gaaagaggct tgtcacagga gtttcagttt tctcatctgt agaacagtaa taaaaataat     90060
     ctctgccctg gaaaaagcac agggctgctt ttagggtcaa atgtaataaa cttaaataag     90120
     tattttggaa actataaaat gtaagagagt ggtttttgta aatacaatag acccacaagt     90180
     ataaaataat ttccaagcat ccatgttact tcctcatgaa caaatggaga tttaaaaaat     90240
     tgaaccaaaa gaaaatatgg ctcatacaca ggggaaaaaa gcagccaata gaaactgccc     90300
     ctgaggaagt acagacattg gacttattag acaaaaactt taaatcagct atttaaaaca     90360
     cattcaaagg actaaaagaa atcatgtcta aagaattaaa gaagtgtttt ataatgatgt     90420
     cccatgacat acacaatact aacagagata aaaattatat aaaacaccaa aatagaaatt     90480
     ctggagttga aaagtaaaat aacaaatgaa agttcactag aaggactcaa cagcaaattt     90540
     gagcaggcag aataaaaaat cagggaatat gaagcttcat caattgagac aattcggtat     90600
     gaggaaaaga aaaaaagaag gaacaaaaat gaacaaatct gcagagtcat gtgggatacc     90660
     atcaagcata tcaacatata cataatggat atcccagaag caggagagag aaataggaag     90720
     aaagaatatt taaagacata atggctgaaa acttcctaag tttcatgaaa aacataaatt     90780
     tatgtgtcta agaaatttaa caaacatcaa ctaggataaa ctcaaagaga tccacaccta     90840
     tgtatatcaa tcaaactgtt gaaatcagac aatgaaaaaa tcatgaaagc agtgaaagaa     90900
     gagattcatc atgtacaagc aatcttcaat aagattaaca actaatttct catcagaaag     90960
     catgaaagcc agaaggcagt gagatgacat tcaaaacact gaaagaaaaa aaaaactgtc     91020
     atctaataat tctataacca gcaaacgtgt ccttcaaaaa taaaggggaa attaaaagaa     91080
     acagaaacag aagctgagag agtttgctat tagtagacat accctaggag aaatgttaaa     91140
     aagagtcttt caggcagatg taaaaggaca ctagacagta acccacactg taggaagaaa     91200
     taaagtatat taggaaaggt aactacatag gtaaataata agtactagag tataaattaa     91260
     tgaaatttaa aaatagagac aattcataaa acccaaagtt gctttttgaa aagattaaaa     91320
     atattgatat gccattagtt agactaccca gaaacagaga gaagactcaa attactacaa     91380
     tcaagaatga aagagggaac actaccactg atcttacaga gctatagagg gttatactgg     91440
     aatactatag acatcacatg ccagcaaatt agatagctta gacaaaatag acaaattcct     91500
     acaaagacac aaactactaa aactgactca agaaaaaaca gaaaatctga atagatctat     91560
     aacaagtaaa ataatgaatt agtaatcaaa aacttcctgc aaagaaatgc ccaggaacag     91620
     atggcttcac tggtaaatac taccaaatgg taaactataa ttaacaccaa tcctccacaa     91680
     aattttcaaa aaatggaaga gaaaggaaga atttccaact cattctatga agtcagtgct     91740
     accctaacac taaaaccagg caaagacatt acaagtaaag aaaactacag atcaaagtgt     91800
     tgtgtaaata tagacacaaa gatcctttaa aaatactagc aatctgaatc cagcaacata     91860
     tacaaaggat tatacaccat aaccaagtag catttaatac aggaattcaa ggttggttga     91920
     gtatatgaaa atcaatcaat gtatacaata tattcataga aatatattat ataaatcaat     91980
     atattaatat aaattaagaa tagctggaaa ccatcattct cagcaaacta acacaggaaa     92040
     gaaaaccaaa caccacatgt tctcactcat aagtgggagc tgaacaatga gagcacatgg     92100
     acgcagggag gggaacatca cacactgggg cctgtcggtg ggtgaggggc taggagaggg     92160
     atagcattag gagaaatacc taatgtagat gacagtttga tgggtgcagc aaaccaccat     92220
     ggcaggtgta tacctatgta acaaacccgc acgttgtgaa catgtatcct agaacttcag     92280
     gtataataaa aaaaaaaaga aagaaaatgc aatccgaaaa aaaaagaaag gtgaaaaacc     92340
     acatgattat cacaatagat gcagaaaaag catttgacaa aatccaacag cctttcgtga     92400
     tttaaaaaaa ctcaacaaac tagtaataaa agggaacttt ctcaatctga gaagcaatat     92460
     ctatctaaaa ctcacaacta tcagtatact taaaggagaa aaactgaaag ttttctcttt     92520
     aagatgagaa aaaagaaaaa tatgtctgtt cttaccactt ttatttgaca ttgtactgga     92580
     ggttatagcc aggcaattag gcaataaaag tccccagatt agaaaggaaa aagtaaaatc     92640
     atattgacaa gtaacacgac tttgtacata gataatttta agttattcag aaaaaactat     92700
     cagctaatca gttcagcaag attgtagaat acacgattga tataataaat taattgtata     92760
     gactaacaat gaacactcta aaaatgaaat taatcaagta attctatgta caattacatg     92820
     caaaaaaatt aacacttaga gcctaacaaa agaagtgtga gacttataca ctgaaaacta     92880
     caaaacatca caacaagaaa tttaaaaaga actaagtaaa taaaaagatg ccctatatcc     92940
     atggattaga agcctcagta gtatgatgga aacactcttc aaattgatct acagattcaa     93000
     tacaatttct atcaaaattc cagctgcctt atttttttaa atggacaaga taatcctaaa     93060
     attcatatga aagtactgag aatagccaaa acaattttga aaaaacagaa caatgtcaga     93120
     ggcctcacaa ttccatattt taaaacttac tgtaaatgta ctgtacttag ttcagggagg     93180
     tcttggaata atgacagatc agtggaatat aattgagagt acagaaattg atttttttgt     93240
     tttttgagat ggagtctcac tctgtcgccc aggctggagt gcagtggcgc aatctcggct     93300
     cactgcaagc tctgtctccc aggttcacgc cattctcctg cctcagcctc ccgagtagct     93360
     gggactacag gcgcccgcca cctcgcccag ctaatttttt gtatttttta gtagagatgg     93420
     ggtttcacca ggttagccag gatggtctcg atctcctgac ctcgtgatcc acctgcctca     93480
     gcctcccaaa gtactgggat tacaggcgtg agccaccgcg cctagcctag aaattgattt     93540
     ttgacagcgt gccaagaatt caatggggaa aagaatgctc ttttttaaaa aattaaaata     93600
     tttgattatt aataacaaac ttaaagtatc tctcttaaat gggccaagaa gcaattctat     93660
     gacaaaagtg aaccctgcaa tatagatatt cccagaagac aattttccag gatatccagc     93720
     caaacaattt tcacccagtc acaaaggtca ttttcattga agcctacagc catttctttt     93780
     tctaattcta ttgtctcatt tccttctaaa catgatttta attaagcata tacctgtcaa     93840
     agacttatct ttgcaaaaga catgggaata gcagtcagga agaggacttt gaagcccagt     93900
     cactctacag atccaaagtt taatggctgt gtgcccttgt aacttagcct ctttgcatct     93960
     gtttccttgt ctgcaatggt attaggttgg tacaaaagta attgtgggat atttacatta     94020
     taagggtgtt gatgattaaa tacatgagtg aataacaaaa tgtatagaat agtgccaagc     94080
     atgtactaaa tgctcaaaag agtttgagct attatcattc cggctttttc atcaaaccaa     94140
     atagtatctt cctaagcaac ctagggatta caatgacaaa cctagtcaaa ggtaaatcaa     94200
     aggattaaat atgttcagga atatagagat caatttgtga atacagagta aagatactat     94260
     aatcaatccc tagttattat ttttcacaat ggtgtctgaa atatggtacc tagttatcat     94320
     tattattttt atagctacag gggtctcgct atgttgccca ggctggtctc caactcctgt     94380
     gctcaagcaa tcctcctacc tcagcctccc aaagtgctaa gattacaggt gtgagccact     94440
     gtgcccagcc cctagttttt aaaatgattt catttatgtg tgtgaaccca aacattttga     94500
     aaatactaaa aattactatc aatatttgtc ttactcattc ttcagattat cctttagatt     94560
     ttcagtagtg ccacataatt ttataactaa attttattat agctgaacac ttcaaagagt     94620
     tgtagttttg aaataaataa attttgctat gattagaaaa aatctattca gaaagtacaa     94680
     tacacatgaa tttatggcac ttgtccaaat attaccagca aacaaattat tgtgtaaagt     94740
     tgtttcttac atatagggtc taatatgcaa agaaaaatgg aatttgtatt caaaacaaat     94800
     agaagcaaca ctggctccta tatactaaaa atgtaagaca gatttttttc ttaaaccatc     94860
     tggatacaaa tgaatgaata aatgaatgct cttttcattc ataatgaaag aaattcaaaa     94920
     tgaaattcaa aattcataat gaaataaatt caaaatgaaa gaatgctctt gtcaacaaat     94980
     ggtggtggga gacctggata tcacatgcaa aagagtacat ttggatccct atctaatacc     95040
     atatacaaaa ataaattcaa aatagaccaa gggttaaatt agccaggtgt ggtagtggtc     95100
     acctgtaatc ccagctactc gggaggctga ggcaggagaa tcacttgaac ccaggaggtg     95160
     gaggttgcag agagccaaaa tcatgccact gcattccagc ctgggtcaca gagaaagaca     95220
     ctgtatcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaatagacca aaggttaaaa tgtaagagca     95280
     aaaatgacag aactttgaga agaaaacata gggttttgtg aacttgggtt aagcagaagc     95340
     atatttaatg gccaaagaaa aaatagataa attggatttc atcaaaattt aaaactttta     95400
     tgaatcaaaa gataccatca aaaagtggaa tgatgaccca cagaacggga gaaagttttt     95460
     gcaaaccata tatctgaaga gtcttgtatc cagaatatct aaagaactct tacaagtcaa     95520
     aaataaaaag gcaaataccc aatttaaaaa aaaatggaca aaggatctga ataaacattt     95580
     ctccaaagaa gatatagaaa ttgccaatga aaagatgctt aacatcataa gccataagtg     95640
     aaatgaaatc aaaaccacaa tgagatacta tttcacaacc acttagatgg ctgtaataat     95700
     aattttaaaa atggaaaata acaggtgtta ggatatggag aaaacagaat cctcatacaa     95760
     tgctggtggg aatgtaaaat ggtggattca ttgcagaaaa cagtttggtg gttcttcaat     95820
     cagataaaca taaaattaca tataatccag caattctgct cctaggtata tgccccaaag     95880
     aactgaaagc aggaactcaa acagatactc gtacaccaat gtttgtggta tcattattca     95940
     caatagccaa aaggtggaaa cagccaaaat gtccaacaac agatgcatgg ataaacataa     96000
     tatgttgttt ctatacaatg aaatactatt cagccataaa aaggaatgag tactgataca     96060
     tgctacattg tggatgaacc ttgaaaacat tatgctaaga aagccagaca taaaaaaaac     96120
     tatatatgat atgatgccat ttatatgaac tatcagaata ggttaatcca tagaaatatg     96180
     aagtagatta ggggttgcca ggggtcaggg gtaaggggca taatggagtt tctttttgag     96240
     atgattcaaa tattctggag ttagaggtga tggttgcaga acttggtcaa tatactaata     96300
     accactgaat tgtacatttt aaaagggtga attttatagt atgtgtattt tactcaataa     96360
     aaaaaagaca acaaaaaggg cgctaaccaa ttaggaagaa tttgcaaccc caaattcaga     96420
     accaaacttc ctgttgtctg gtgttaagaa ggtgattgaa aaattctact cttgccgggc     96480
     gtggtagctc atgcctgtaa tcccagcact ttgggaggct gaggtgggcg gatcatgata     96540
     tcaggagatc aagaccatcc tggctaacac ggtgaaaccc catctctact aaaaatatga     96600
     aaaattagtt gggtgaggtg gcgggaacct gtaatcccag ctacttggga ggctgaggca     96660
     ggagaatcac ttgaacccag gaggtggagg ttgcagtgac ccaagatcac accactgcac     96720
     ttcagcctgg gagacagagc aagactccgt ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaatt ctactcttta     96780
     taggtatgac ttggtatccc ctcctgtgaa aagatatttc cttgggataa ctctaagaag     96840
     gaatctttat tttatttttc tacttcaact tgcctgagaa ctatgatgcc agcacatcaa     96900
     ttatcttatt acaccaaaaa tctcaggggt ctcaatcttg caaaaggatt tttcacagat     96960
     ttgctttcag tattcattta gcccatggaa agtgagatat acaaggagaa gagccatcaa     97020
     gaatgtaaac caaaaataaa attctaaggc ccctcaacca tctgaatgga ccactccttg     97080
     ctcagcccag ggtgtcccaa agttaacctg gaaaaactag ttcaggccat gatgggaaag     97140
     ggagccagat atgcctcatt ataccctcct cccacccttt tggaattact gatagagcag     97200
     actctataat ctgacaggaa acacttgcaa tctattctct ctgaagcctg ctacctggag     97260
     gcttcatctg cacaataaaa ccttggtctc cacaattcct tattgtaacc caggtattcc     97320
     tttctactga ttataagtgc ttcaaccaat tgccaatcaa aaaatctttg aaaccatcta     97380
     tgacctggaa gcctacattt ccggttttcc tacctttccg gaccaaacca atgtacatct     97440
     tacatgtatt aattgataca tatctcccta aaatacataa aaccaagttg tggcccaacc     97500
     accttgggta cacattctca ggatcccctg agggctgtgt catgggccat tggtcactca     97560
     tatttggctc agaatacatc tcttcaaata ttttacaggg tttgactctt ttcctcaaca     97620
     agaagcagca gtataactag ttctgatatg ataagggcct atagagtttt agcacaagaa     97680
     gaagcactgg gaaaaaaaaa gagttcaggg gagaggttcc aagatggccg aataggaaca     97740
     gctccagtct acagctccca gcatgagtga tgctgaagac aggtgatttc tgcatttcca     97800
     actgaggtac cgggttcatc tcactggggc ttttcggaca gtggttgcag tccacggagc     97860
     gtgagccgaa gcagggcagg gcatcacctc acccgggaag tgcaaggggt tggggaattc     97920
     cctttcctag ccaaaggaag ctgtgacaga cggtatctgg aaaatcggga cactcccacc     97980
     ctaatagtgt gcttttccaa tggtcttagc aaatggcaca ccaggagatt atatcccgcg     98040
     cctggcttgg agggtcccac gcccatggga ccttgctcac tgctagcaca gcagtctgag     98100
     atcgaactgc aaggtggcaa tgaggctggg ggaggggcgt ctgccattgc tgaggcttga     98160
     ctaggtaaac aaagcggcca ggaagctcaa actgggtgga gcccaccgca gctcaagaag     98220
     gcctgcctgc ctctgcagac tccacctctg ggggcagggc atagctgaac aaaaggcagc     98280
     agaaacttct gcagagttaa acgttcctgt ctgacagctt tgaagagagt agtggtcctc     98340
     ccagcatgga gtttgagatc tgagaagaga cagactgcct cctctactgg gtgcctgacc     98400
     cccaagtagc ctaactggga ggcacctccc agaaggggcc gactgacacc acgtacggcc     98460
     aggtgcccct ctgagatgaa gcttccagag gaactatcag gcagcaacat ttgccattct     98520
     gcaacatttg ctgttctgca gcctctgctg gtgataccca ggcaaacagc gtctggagtg     98580
     gacctccagc aaactccaac agacctgcag ctgaggttcc tgactgttag aaggaaaact     98640
     cacaaacaga aaggacatcc acaccaaaac cccatctgta tgtcaccatc atcaaacacc     98700
     aaaggtagat aaaaccacaa agatagggag aaacccgagc agaaaagctg aaaattctaa     98760
     aaatcggagc acctcctctc ctccaaagga aaacagctcc tcaccagcaa cagaacaaag     98820
     ctggaaggag aatgactttg acgatttgag agaagaaggc ttcagatgat cggtaataac     98880
     aaacttctct gagctaaagg aggatattca agcccatcgc aaagaagctg aaaaccttga     98940
     aaaaagatta gatgaatggc taagtagaat aaacagtgta gagaagcact taaatggagt     99000
     gagtgcttct ctgatggaga agaaaaccat ggcacaagaa ctacgtgatg catgcacaag     99060
     ctttagtagc cgatttgatc aactggaaga aagggtatca gtgactgaag atcaaatgaa     99120
     tgaaatgaag cgagaagttt agagaaaaaa gagtaaaaag aaatgaacaa agcctccaag     99180
     aaatatggga ctatgtgaaa agaccaaatc tacgtctgac tggtgtacct gaaagtgaca     99240
     gggagaatgg aaccaagttg gaaaacactc tgcaggatat tattcaggag aacttcccca     99300
     acctagcaag gcaggccaac attcaaattc aggaaataca gagaacgcca caaagacact     99360
     cctcgagaag agcaactcca agaaacataa ttcaccaaag ttgaaatgaa ggaaaaaatg     99420
     ttaagggcag ccagagagaa aggtcgggtt acccacaaag ggaagcccat cagactaaca     99480
     gctgatctct cggcaaaaac tctacaagct agaagagagt gggggccaat attcaacatt     99540
     cttaaagaga agaattttta acccagaatt tcatatccag ccaaactaag cttcataagt     99600
     gaatgagaaa taaaatcctt tacaggaaag caaatgctga gagatttttg tcaccaccag     99660
     gcctgcctta caagagctcc tgaaggaagc actaaacatg gaaaggaaca actggtacca     99720
     gccactgcaa aaacatgcca aattataaag acaatcaagg ctaggaagaa actgcatcaa     99780
     ctaacgagca aaataaccag ataacatcat atgacaggat taaattcaca cataacaata     99840
     ttaaccttaa aggtaaatga gctaaatgct ccaattaaaa gacgcagact ggcaaattgg     99900
     ataaagagtc aagacccatc agtgtgctgt attcaggaga cccatctcac atgcagagac     99960
     acacataggc tcaaaataaa gggatggagg aagatctacc aagcaaatgg aaaacaaaaa    100020
     aggcaggggt tgcaatccta atctctgata aaacaaactt taaaccaaca aagatcaaag    100080
     gagacaaaga aggccattac ataatgccaa gggatcaatt caacaagaag agctaactat    100140
     cctaaatata tatgcactca atacaggagc acctagattc ataaagcaag ttcttggaga    100200
     cctacaaaga gacttagact tccacacaat aataatggga gactttaaca ccccactgcc    100260
     aacattagac agatcaacga gacagaaagt taacaaggat atccaggaat tgaactcagc    100320
     tctgcaccaa gcggacctaa tagacatcta cagaactctc tgccctaaat caacagaata    100380
     tacattcttc tcagcaccac accacaccta ttccaaaatt gaccacatag ttggaagtaa    100440
     agcactcctc agcaaatata aaagaacaga aattttaaca aactgtctct cagaccacag    100500
     ggaatcaaac tacaactgag gattaagaaa ctcactcaaa actgctcaac tacatggaaa    100560
     ctgaacaacc tgctcctgaa tgactactgg gtacataacg aaatgaaggc agaaataaag    100620
     atggtctttg aaaccaatga gaacaaagac acaacatacc agaatctctg ggacatattt    100680
     aaagcagtgt gtagagggaa atttatagca ctaaatgccc acaagagaaa gcaggaaaga    100740
     tctaaaattg acaccctaac atcacaatta aaagaactag agaagcaagg gcaaacacat    100800
     tcaaaagcta gcagaaggca agaaataact aagatcagag cagaactgaa ggagatcgag    100860
     acacaaaaaa cccttcaaaa aatcaatgaa tccaggtgct ggatttttaa aagatcaaca    100920
     gaatcgacag accactagca agactaataa agaagaaaag agagaagaat caaatagaca    100980
     caataaagaa tgataaaggg gataacatca ccgatcccac agaaatacaa actaccatca    101040
     gaggatacta taaacacctc tatgcaaata aactagaaaa tctagaagaa atggaaaaat    101100
     tcctggacac atacaccctc ccaagactaa accaggaaga agttgaatct ctgaatagac    101160
     caataacagg ctctgaaatt gaggcaataa ttaatagcct accaaccaaa aaaaagtcca    101220
     ggaccagagg gattcacagc tgaattctac cagaggtaca aagaggagct ggtaccattc    101280
     cttctgaaac tattccaatc aacagaaaaa gagggaatcc tccctaactc attttatgag    101340
     gccagtagtc tcctgatacc aaagcctggc agtgacacaa caacaacaaa aaagagaatt    101400
     ttagaccaat atccctgatg aacattgatg caaaaatcct cactaaaata ctggcaaacg    101460
     aaatccagca gcacatcaaa aaacttatcc atcacgatca agttggcttc atccctggga    101520
     tgcaaggctg gttcaacata tgcaaatcaa taaatgtaat ccatcatata aacagaaaca    101580
     aagacaaaaa ccacatgatg atctcaatag acgcagaaaa ggcctttgac aaaattcaac    101640
     aacgcttcat gctaaaaact ctcaataaac taggtactga tgggacgtat ctcaaaataa    101700
     taagagctgt tgatgacaaa tccacagcca atatcatact gaatgggcaa aaactggaag    101760
     catttccttt gaaaactggc acaagacaga gatgccctct ctcaccactc ctattcaaca    101820
     tagtgttaga agttctggcc agggcaatca ggcaggagaa agaagtaaag ggtattcaat    101880
     taggaaaaga ggaagtcaaa ttgtccctgt ttgcagatga catgattgta tatttacaaa    101940
     accccatcgt ctcagcccaa aatctcctta agctgataag caacttcagc gaagtctcag    102000
     gatacaaact caatgtgcaa aaatcacaag cattcttata caccaataac agacaaacag    102060
     agagccaaat catgagtgaa ctcccattca caattgctac aaagagaata aaatacctag    102120
     gaatccaact tccaagggat gtgaaggacc tcttcaagga gaactacaaa ccactgctca    102180
     atgaaataag aggacacaaa caaatggaag aacattccat gctcatggat aagaagaatc    102240
     aatatcgtga aaatggccat actgcccaag gtaatttata gattcaatgc catccccatc    102300
     aagctaccaa tgactttctt cacagaattg gaaaaaacta ctttaaagtt catatggaac    102360
     caaaaaagag cctgcattgc caagacaatc ctaagccaaa agaacaaagc tggaggcatc    102420
     acgctacctg acttcaaact atactacaag gctacagtaa ccaaaacagc atggtactgg    102480
     taccaaaaca gagatataga ccaatggaat agaacagagc ccttagaaat aatatcacac    102540
     atctacaacc atctgatctt tgacaaacct gacaaaaaca agaaatgggg aaaggattcc    102600
     ctatttaata agtggtgctg ggaaaacttg ctagacatat gtagaaagct gaaactggat    102660
     cccttcctta caccttatac aaaaattaat tcaagatgga ttaaagactt aaatgttaga    102720
     cctaaaatca taaaaaccct agaagaaaac ctaggcaata ccattcagga cataggcatg    102780
     ggcaaggact ttatgactaa aacaccaaaa gcaatggcaa caaaagccaa aattgacaaa    102840
     tgggatgtaa ttaaactaaa gagcttctgc ataacaaaag aaactatcat cagagtgaat    102900
     agaaacctac agaatgggag aaaattttta caatctaccc atctctcaaa gggtaatatc    102960
     cagaatctac aaggaactta aacaaattta caagaaaaaa atcaaacaac cccatcaaaa    103020
     agtgggcaaa ggatatgaac agacacttct caaaagaaga cagttatgca gccaacacac    103080
     acatgaaaaa atgctcatca tcactggcca tcagagaaat acaaatcaaa accacaatgc    103140
     ggtaccatct cacaccagtt agaatggcga tcgttaaaat gttaggaaac aacaggtgct    103200
     ggagaggatg tggacaaata ggaacacttt tacactgttg gtgggactgt atactagatc    103260
     aaccattgtg gaagacagtg tggcgattcc tcaaggatct agaagtagaa ttatcatttg    103320
     acccagccat cccattactg ggtatatacc caaaggatta taaatcatgc tgctataaag    103380
     acacatgcac acgtatgttt attgtggcac tactcacaat agcaaagact tggaaccaag    103440
     ccaaatgtcc aacaatgata gactggatta agaaaatgtg gcacatatac accatggaat    103500
     actatgcagc cataaaaaag gatgagttca tgtcctttgt agggacatgg atgaagctga    103560
     aaccatcatt ctgagcaaac tatcacaagg agagaaaacc aaacaccaca tgttctcact    103620
     caaaggtggg aatttaacaa tgaaaacaac tggacacagg gtggggaaca tcacacactg    103680
     aggcctgtcg cagggtgggg ggagggggga gggataccat taggagatac acctaatgta    103740
     aatgacgagt ccatgggtgc agcacaccaa catggcacat gtatacatat gtaacaaacc    103800
     tgcatgctgt gcacatgtac cctaaaactt aaaagtataa aaaaaaagag ttcagtaaat    103860
     agttcttatt tggctaaaat cgtaggttca aaagtcaaaa gtattcttaa aacatgaata    103920
     aaatattgaa agtttatagt ttcctggggg agtaaaattc attcctaccg ttaatattaa    103980
     cagggactgt gtgaatgact ggataccaag ccagaaacat gccataggag gttgttatat    104040
     ttctgaaatt tccatcatat tcccagcttc atcaaatata accatcaaat gctttcagaa    104100
     catagctaca ctctttcctc taaactaatg ttgctggctt tctatctgat aagtacaaat    104160
     tcaacaaagg ccaacttcta aaactggcta agtgaattta aaggcttata tgttttgatc    104220
     cgcaggtatc ttaggacagc atatgcaatg ttttgaggct tattgttaca aaaagagaaa    104280
     aagtacaaat tccaaatcca ttccaaatcc acaaaggaaa caaatgattc tgtgggcagt    104340
     ctctatgggg aaatctgcct ccctaggctc tgagtaaatg cagagcccta tgggctaagg    104400
     ctataggaat ataatgttta ctgccaagta ctgcatttac caagtcatta attctcttta    104460
     caaagagcca cttacaagac tccctgtttg cactattgtt tgacatcagt agatgaggat    104520
     cctggagtct agaacagagg gaaaatatgt cttaagaagt atgacttttt gtgtcgatgg    104580
     tttaagcatt ttaacaatct gtaaatccac tcttctattt gttgttgttc tttacaaccc    104640
     ctccattcag aggtcgttgt ttagctatcc taaaaaaact agactccagc tatctctatc    104700
     tcaatatttg cattcacaaa ccaatgaggt tgtttactta gttgtggctt ctcccaagca    104760
     acatcaaaaa cagtgtgtcc tgacattaat tattctaatg tggtaagaat ccctgtagag    104820
     aatcatgaaa taaactacta gttgacatca gaattgttat cctaattggt tgatggattt    104880
     gaagctgctt aatgacatgt ggccttggcc gggagtggtg gctcacacct gtaatcccag    104940
     cactttggga ggctgaggcg ggcagatcac ctgaggtcag gggttcaaga ccagcctggc    105000
     caacatgagg aaaccctgtc tctactaaac atacaaaaat tagccaggca tggtggcaca    105060
     cgcctgtaac cccagctact caggaggctg agttgggaga atcacttgaa cccgggaggt    105120
     ggaggttgca gtgagctgag attgcaccac tgcactccag cctgggcaac agagcaagac    105180
     tctgtctcaa aagaaaaaaa agatatgtgg cctcaaatac ataacacacc aatatgttaa    105240
     ttagcaagtg attataaaca ttactaaaga gccctctttt taaaaaattt tacgcaacca    105300
     acattttatc tccattatac tctagctgac ctttgctatc aactatttcc tggttgcaac    105360
     ttacaaatag ggtatggcat acagagtacc tacgaagcca tataattcac agtaaaaatt    105420
     ctcttcagaa tctgctatgg atgtccacgc aaatcaaggc caccaagtaa ttctggtgga    105480
     tgtatttgac ctaactgcta tatatttaca cataaaacaa aatgttacat tacacttgta    105540
     atatacattc ttacatgctg tgaacactga ttcatttcag gttttaaatt tcatgttcag    105600
     cttacaaatt gtattaccta tgagaaatca cattctggca ttcaaataaa accgttatta    105660
     tttgcttgtc caatacatta taaaccaatt tgacctgtag tcatagatat attgggcctc    105720
     catggatcat cttctaatga agtaactata ttagaaagag cactagacaa gcagtcaggt    105780
     tttctcagct ctgtcactct ttgagtattg ggggaaatcg ctccacctct ctgctccttg    105840
     gtttccccat atgtccaaaa agggagttgg actacatgag ctctaagtct ttcccagctc    105900
     tgacagtcta tgattctttt ttgtttgttt gtttgtttgt ttgtttttga gacaaagtct    105960
     cgctttgttg cccaggctgg agtacagtgg cacgatctca gctcaccaca acctccacct    106020
     cccaggttca agcaattctc ctgcctcggc ctcccgagta gctgggacta cgggcacaca    106080
     tcaccatgcc cggctaattt ttgtattttt agtagagaca gggtttcact acattggcca    106140
     gggtggtcta gaactcctga cctcgtgatc tgcctgcctc ggcctcccaa agtgctggga    106200
     ttacaggtgt gagccaccac acctggcctc agtctatgat tctttgagat tgctaaggaa    106260
     agggaaagag gaaattattt tggaatgaac ctttgtgaaa aagagttggc cgggcgcagt    106320
     ggctcatgct tgtattccca gcactttggg aggccaaggc gggcagatca cctgtggtca    106380
     ggagttcgag accagcatga ccaacatgga taaaccctgc ctctactaaa aatacaaaat    106440
     tagtcaggca tggtggtgca tgcctgtaat cccagctact tgggaggctg aggcaggaga    106500
     atcgcttgaa ctcaggaggt ggaggttgtg gtgagccgag atcgtgccat tgcactccag    106560
     cctgggcaac aagagcgaaa ctccatctca aaaataaaaa agaaaaaaga aaaaaaggaa    106620
     aaggaaaaga aaaagaataa agaaagagtt gaattacttg gggtttgtgt tttgtgtgtg    106680
     tgtgtttgtg gtaatgtaag gaaacctgat cctaatttca ggttcaacac agtaaggaat    106740
     aattgctaat caaatgttaa taaaatgctt acaggcttca ggtctggaaa agtcatttta    106800
     aacacttaga aaaacaatca ggaatgtcag ctgttttttc acctgctcct agaggaaatg    106860
     cttggctttt aaccatgaca tcctccttta actcaactac agtacattta aatctactag    106920
     caaactctcg ttttgaatta cacatgaaga tattcaacct agagaattat ctttcccttg    106980
     acctgaattc tgtccatcca gagtttccag tacagcatta aagttcttgc ttggaaatgg    107040
     ctgctgtctg tactggaatg actggatgcc ttaatgaaat tacgaaactc tataatcaga    107100
     cactgaagat tgttgcctcc taagagtagt ttctaaattt gatggcttcc tctcaattgc    107160
     caaaatgctg ggctgacctt ccaggcaggc cgaatatttg gctgtcgaca agcagagatc    107220
     tgagaggtgc tgggtggcct tgtgccccag accttttcct tcttaggtat ttacagactt    107280
     gacattctat ctctagagac acattccttt ggaataaaca ttgatcaccc caggtgtctc    107340
     cttgaaatca aatgtctctt agagaggtaa gaccttaaat caccaacatt ttgtagtaat    107400
     atttcctaaa gtgtgttcct taatatattc tgctagtccc ataatatatt ggaaaaagag    107460
     acccatggtc agataagttg ggaaaacaca ttacactgta tctcctcatg cagagtcaca    107520
     atacacatca gtatattaaa ggttctgaga agtcttgcta taaacaaact aaattaattt    107580
     tgtttggtcc actgtttcct tacttgagca catggaacac attttttaaa acattacttg    107640
     tagtaaaaca cacaaaaatt taccatatta accatttttc agtgtacagt tcagtagtgt    107700
     taaatatatt tgcattactg tacaaccaat ctccagaaca ttttcatctt gcaaaattaa    107760
     aactctgtac ctgttaaaca actgcctatt tccttctccc catagtccct ggcaaccacc    107820
     aactctgctt cctatttcta tgagtttgac tactctagat atcttatata agtgaagtca    107880
     aacaatattt gtccttttgt ggtgcttatt taacttagca tgatgtcttt aaggttcatc    107940
     catgttgtag aatgtgacag gattcccttc tttttaaggc tgaataatat tccattgtat    108000
     gtatatacca aattttttct tatccattca tctgttgata aacacttggg ctgctattat    108060
     gccaataact tttggctatt atgaataatg ctgctatgaa catgagtgtt caaatatctc    108120
     ttgcagacct tgctctcaat tgttttgagt attaaataca cccagaagtg ggattgctgg    108180
     atcatatgat aattctattt ttaatttttt gaggaaccac catactattt ttcatagcag    108240
     ctacaccatt ttactttccc accaacagtg cacaagggtt ctaatttctc cacatcctcc    108300
     ccaacacttg ttattttctg ttgttgtttt ttttttatag tagccattct aattgggtat    108360
     gacgtgataa ctcattgtgg ttttaactta catttaccaa ttgttcaatg atgatgagca    108420
     tttttcatgt gcttgctgaa ggagcacgta ttaaaaaaaa aaaaaacctc aaaccaacaa    108480
     aagttctgtg gaacacagtt taggacatac tgccagaatg aatgaatgtg tgtgtgtgca    108540
     tgcatgctgt atttgagtat gtgataatga tttttttcag gatacaggaa ttttgggtta    108600
     tttttaaaac agttaacatt taccacttta aaaaattttt taaaaaattt tttgagacag    108660
     tgtctccctc tgttgcccag gctggaatgc agtggtgcaa tctcagctca ctgcaacctc    108720
     tgactcctgg gttcaagtga ttctcatgtc tcagcctccc aagtagctag gattatagat    108780
     gtgtactacc atgcctggct agtttttgta tttttagtaa aaacggggtt tcgccatgtt    108840
     ggccaggttg gtctcaaact cctgacctaa tgtgatcctt ctgcctcggt ctcccaatgt    108900
     gttgggatta caggtgtgag ccagcatacc ccaccaacac ttgttacttt aaaagcaaca    108960
     caacatatgt gctcaaagag tggttatctc tgtgtagtag gattaggggt aggttaactt    109020
     atttttactt atatataatt tctaaatttc tccaatgaac atatgtaatt ttaaaagttt    109080
     aagatagatg atgatggatg aatggatagc taaatagata gatagtccaa cactatgcta    109140
     gttgctttgg ccacagcacg taacttccag tgatctcttc cttttcgtaa ttcttactgt    109200
     ttttgtgccc aaattagcag ttgcttaggt tatgccttat actattttct aattgttctt    109260
     tctgtgtgaa catgcagtgc tccataactt gtaagcttta caggggaagg gactgtgctt    109320
     tatatttctc ttatatgccc cagtaataat aaccatattt tcaactcaac caaagcatac    109380
     catctaacaa aggatgtgtg tatgtctctg tgtgtgtgtg tctgtgtgtg tgcacgcatg    109440
     ctgtatttga gtatgtgagg cagtatgtga attttcatat gcatattaaa tactgaaatt    109500
     atcatgcatg ttcaatgatt tatgaggcca aacagataaa aagctttaaa atgtgcccct    109560
     gagtgataca gaactgttac tcacacactc cccacaccaa taaaactttc ttaaaacctt    109620
     agggagcact gaatataata tattttaatg tcatttctcc agtaataaat atattagtat    109680
     tctcatttct atgtttaata attttaaaac aatattttga cctatgcctt agcattttgt    109740
     caattaaaca ttgtttagtt ggttttatgt aaactgattt gtgcctaaaa taatctccaa    109800
     tcagaatatg ccatctcatc tattagattt ccttctctca acagatgttc tgagtcctca    109860
     ttgtttccag attacaatca gtttgctcat aacacagaga tccagacatc tgggccaagg    109920
     gaaaatgggc aaagccattt actcaggtat gggaggaaac acttcctgaa agtttaccca    109980
     gcagccattc ccacatgtga tatcctgaag gtgctggtct gggctttgcc agagttctga    110040
     tacatgaaaa taaagtggac cttaagtgtg attgcctgct atagtggaaa gagtagagga    110100
     tttggagacc tggggtcaag agtcggctct accaatttac caactgatga tcctggtata    110160
     agtcacttat ccaatcagtc tcacctgtaa agagcagatc ataaaagcat gtacctcatg    110220
     aaacaactac agagagtcaa taagataata catatgaaag cactttgtaa tatctcaccc    110280
     aaagcagttt aaggtaactt tacctctgct ctagaggaga gaaactctat tcctactcca    110340
     tacagaaatt ctgtttagtt caatgaattg ctatggacca tgtcagtcct ttacttgctc    110400
     aaaacagtac aaacaaaact cccaaagcca actacaaaaa gaaacaaaga ctgatgaata    110460
     cttaggaggg gagaatgcaa aaaatctcct ggcatagtca tattctttcc acttttttct    110520
     ctccattgaa actataaaat atccattaaa aactatttga atagacattt catgaaagaa    110580
     tatgtacaag tggataataa gcttatgaaa agatacttaa tatcatcact tgctagggaa    110640
     atgcaaatta aaaccacaat gagataccac tacacaccca ccagaaagtc tgtaatcaac    110700
     gaatgacaat accatatgta gaataggata tggataaaaa gaaccctcat gcattgttaa    110760
     tgggaatgta aaatggtaca gccattttgc aaaaatagtt tagcagtttc tgaaaaagtt    110820
     aaacatatat ttattatatg accaagccat tacactctta ggtatctacc tcaaagaagt    110880
     gcaaatatta catctacaca aagatttgta tgtgtatgtt cacagcggca ttattcatac    110940
     attccaaatc agcaaacaat ccaaatgtcc atcaactggt gaatgaatat ttttaacaaa    111000
     atgtatacct gtacaatgga atgctactca gcaacaaaaa agaacaaagt acagacacat    111060
     gctacagcac agattaacct gaaaaacaat atgctaaatg aaagaagcct gacacaaaag    111120
     attacatctt gtagaattcc atttacatga aatattcaga aaaggcaaat ctataaggac    111180
     agaaagtaga ttagtggttg cctggggctg gggtgggaat gagaagtgac ggaaaacagg    111240
     catatggggc aactcgttgg ggtgatggaa atgttccaaa ttgggttggg gtgatggttg    111300
     cacaattgta taaattcagg aaaacatttt gcattgtaca tttacaatag gtaaatttta    111360
     tgagatgtaa attatacctc aataaagtaa ccaaaaatgt ctttgcaaga tggagagatt    111420
     atgctagtcc gtgtgccaag tgaggaactc aagcttggat taaaatacct gcccttggag    111480
     taaaaaccca gtagaaagct agctatcttt cagccagcag taccttacca gactcctccc    111540
     ctgtcctagc attcaaccac ctataatcat gccatcggcc aggaaacaca ttaactccat    111600
     gaagttcaag ttgacacttt ttaaaatgaa attcctgctc ttctgaaatc tctctttttc    111660
     atcccacagc caatatttaa taataataaa tctctatgag aggatcctat ccaatgagta    111720
     aactccttgc tctgtagaaa ttagtcattt ctaaggtata ctaactcttt tacctatgca    111780
     aaatactttt atccaacaac acgaaaatga caagaaagtg aaaatggacc agaaggagag    111840
     cacttatttg agttatgctg tgaggcctgg aggtctctgg gacacagcca aggccagtag    111900
     cagtttaaaa gagtgacaac ttaaagcacc tccatctaca gtagaaagca atcatgtgac    111960
     aaagtaggga agtctatttt agaaatgtta aactgtattt taaaaaacag tttaacattt    112020
     tgaaattttg gtcctaacct tcaggtgtca aaaaacaact gagctttcca gaatctccag    112080
     gaattctagt cattcagtgt ttaaaatata cctaagaaag tatgccagac tcacactcca    112140
     ttcatcaaac cacaaccaac acactcatct agttatggtg tgctgaacag acaaaggatt    112200
     taaggtcaga aaacctggat tcccatctat tttgtttctt ctacttgcca gaagtgagac    112260
     cttatgcaga tccctgaacc tcacaaatcc ttagtttcct atgctgtgaa atcaggataa    112320
     gagttatacc tatctcacat ggttatggga attcagtgtg tgtacataaa aaaaaaaaaa    112380
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaca cttcataaat tgcaaaggcc cattcaaata    112440
     gaggctgtct actttccaga aaactccaaa attctttata tgttattctg aactataagc    112500
     ccactcactt aaattacttt taaaaaacat tctgttttca tttccctatc tctaatgggc    112560
     cctgttgagc cctggaatac ctgggcttgc atatatggtc attgcttact ctgccgtaca    112620
     cactaacaat tattccgaac agtgtttaga tctgtttctt acacttacac ttcctggttc    112680
     acaaaagaaa aaaaacattg tcaatccaac atttctacag cacacttctc ccaaaggatt    112740
     tccacatgca ttctccactc ggtgaaatgc gattgctatt taatagcaca tagcaacact    112800
     atagaacagt ctaagacagg atgcgagaga gccaatattg tacatagcgg aaaggacaag    112860
     ggaagccagt gtcaacagat gcgattacca gatgtgaact ttggccaagg aggtcagggc    112920
     aaactctcct ttaagaagtg ccacaggggc taggcacaat ggctcacgcc tgtaatccca    112980
     acactttggg aggccaaggc aggtggatca cctgaggtca ggagttcgag accagcctgg    113040
     ccaacatggc gaaaccctat ctctactaaa aatacaaaaa ttagctggac atggtggcat    113100
     gcacatgtag tcccaggtat tcgggagact gaggcaggag aatcgcttga acccaggagg    113160
     cagaggttgc agtgagccaa gatcacgcca ctgcactcca gcctgggcaa cagagcgaga    113220
     ctctgtctca aagtaaataa ataaataaat agccacagta tctttcacac ctaaaagtca    113280
     ttgcaacctt ggcatcacat cttattcaaa atggaatcat ttggagcccc aaacctctgc    113340
     tgttgcactg atcttgtttt gtggtagggg agggtgattt gcatggcttc tcactagcag    113400
     atctcccctc actattcaga tggcaggctc tctgaaaaac ttacttctaa ataagaactt    113460
     agcattattt gggggtgatt taaagggatg atagctgcaa tggatatgaa cacaagccac    113520
     aatttaacac ttcttcccca tgcagctgtc ttcccaccac ccctgcccaa cacgctggga    113580
     aaagcaattg ttctccagtc ccacgcaaac ttggaatgag ccaattgtcc ttattttgtt    113640
     ctcactttga catttatttc ctttccaata caagacaggt gcactggtcc ttgtagtata    113700
     gggtgatgaa aatcaagtgg gaagaatgat gctttaaaag gcagcagatg tgcggcgtgg    113760
     tggctcacgc ctgtaaccct agaactttgg gaggctgagg caggcggatc acttgaggtc    113820
     aggagtttgg taccagcctg gccaacatgg tgaaaccctg tctctactaa aaatacaaaa    113880
     attagccgga aattgcttga acccggaagg tggaggttgc agtgagccaa gatcatgcca    113940
     ctgcactcca gcctgggcaa cagagtgaga ctctgtctca aaaaaaaaat aaaaaataaa    114000
     aaataattta aaaaaaggca gcagatgcct tagccaacca gattcaaagg gagagctagg    114060
     aagttcactt gtgggaaatt agactctttt ccaggacttc tcctataaag tcattcatgg    114120
     ggacttgcat aatgttgtcc agaagaaaat tctattgggg acaacattaa ttcaccaaag    114180
     attctctttt atattattta tttgttaaaa taaaattttt ttagagatag gtttctctct    114240
     gtcacccagg ctagagtgca gtggcttgat cacggttcac tgcagcctcg acctccttgg    114300
     ctgaagcgat cttcccactt cagcctctcg agtagctggg aacacagatg catgccacca    114360
     agcctggcta agtttcttat ttttggtaga gacagggttt cggtatgttg cccaggctgg    114420
     tcccaaactc ctgggctcaa ctgatcctcc cgcctcagcc tcccagactg ctgggattac    114480
     aggtgtgagc caccgtgcct ggtcacatta tcttttaaat ctatgaaatt cttagaggca    114540
     aaatcatgat atgtaaatac ctggccctca aaatgagtca ttactaaata ttttaattaa    114600
     atctattttc aatgcagcac gaagtgtcag gtacctatgt gttcataatg agaagggttt    114660
     tcgtccttta gggaatctat gtatgggtca gaaaaacttc cctttctcac actttacaaa    114720
     agcaaagaat gaatttggct tgcctgctta ttccattctg tactatgagg tgttactttc    114780
     aaaatgtgaa cacgtccttt attcatgata aaacaagaga aaaaccgatt acctggaatt    114840
     tatgaccagt taattttctt attctcaagc ctaaaaatga attgcttgtt ccctcgcctg    114900
     ccagtctttt ctcctctgtc cccttccttc ccaaacacta gtgctgatga atgaagtctg    114960
     tttgtggttt gtgtcagtat ttgtctagga agggagtgac acatgagttg gagcgggggc    115020
     aaagcaactt ggaccaactc cagcttggcc tcaaaaatga caagttacca ataatgtatt    115080
     gtgctctcct gcatccactc ttggctggtg cccatgtaca ctgcatcata caatacgtag    115140
     gtcgttctgt tttccaatgt agatgtatat gaatgccttg cctcaaattt agttgtggat    115200
     ccccaaagaa cagatgctga gttctaatat tgttcctcaa ggcatgtggt tcacagggaa    115260
     tgatactttt cagactttta aatcaggggt gtacaatctt ttggcttccc tgggccacac    115320
     tggaagaaga attgtcttgg gccacacata aaatacacta acactaacaa tagctgatga    115380
     gctaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa atcgcaaaga aatctcataa tgttttaaga aagtttacaa    115440
     atttatgttg ggccgcattc aaagctgtcc tgggacacat gagtcccatg ggctgtgggt    115500
     tggacaagct tgttttaagt aaaaattctg ttgtctagac ttttccctcg ggctcctaat    115560
     tcaaatttat aactgcccac tgtatacttc cacttcacta tcccaacctc atctcccaga    115620
     attcaccgca cacatctcgc taatcaacat tctctaaata tgccacacag tttcacacct    115680
     ctgtgctttg tccacgctgt tctcttagcc ttgagtgatc ccccctctgt tgaaattctg    115740
     attatcttcc aggaaccatc tcatatgtaa tttcttccat aaattcttcc ccaattcctg    115800
     caggtgaatc taatcatttc atctgtgctc acaaaacatt ttgtttggac ttgtcttaaa    115860
     atctcaatca cattctgcct tgtattgtaa ttatttgtgt ctgtatctgt ctcttctatg    115920
     aggccaaagg ctttttgagg gtggtactgt gtctgattca tctttgtgtc tctcccagag    115980
     cctacccaag tacctgacac tcagtgactg aataaacaat aaacatttag agtaagaact    116040
     caaatactat gtgttgatct attgaactgt gggtatgtcc tctacctgtt aatcaaggag    116100
     cctggcatag tccataaacc aaatacagaa cacagaatgt ctgtgtcaga acagctccaa    116160
     acatttttaa atgtcaaatt ttgggaaatt tgtttaaatt attttgcttg catgaaaact    116220
     ttgtaggcct ggcagttaat aggaaaaaaa aaatcaaatc actgacttac ctccaaaagt    116280
     tttagccacg gaacattttg cagaccatta agaatgaggg cttctgttta ggcagtactg    116340
     gttaatttct aacatagaaa gttactgctg gtcacagtgt tagtagatag attatttttt    116400
     gctgttctca atactgtcat gccctgaaca aacattcctt tttggagact gtgcctttct    116460
     gagggttcca gtaacttcta ctgggagtgc aaatggaatc tgacaccggc ccccaactcc    116520
     tgccagtcta tcatgagcca gatttcagtt tcccagcagg gtgcacttgc ccctgccact    116580
     agaagctgga aataaattgc ctaaagttct tctgtaaaaa atatttgggg aaggcacctt    116640
     ggaacatact ccattgatcg taactaaaca tgtttgccaa tatttcctgt cttaggcaca    116700
     gtaaatcagt gagatgctag gtgttgatat gtggtggttt ctttgttcct ttctaaatcc    116760
     tagacatctt ggaatctaca ctattgatat tccaacatgc aagttattat catgactaac    116820
     acagacagaa ttacctgctg ctacattcca ggtatgttta tgtatttccc tgtctaacct    116880
     gcttcctccc tccagctgtc tcagtgtgga ggaaagggag gcttttcccc ctcccctgca    116940
     ttttctctaa caactgtgat gtcaaatgca attatttgtg gaggaatctg ctgtatgcat    117000
     ggatgaaaga gacacatgca aatcctcaac aagaaaggga aataccagct atagggaact    117060
     atgtcccaaa agcacgccgc tctggcagcc tctgccgaag gccccctgtg cagatattaa    117120
     caagctgaac acaatatgac tttaggaatg caaaataaaa aactgtttaa catttgaaaa    117180
     atctcctcct caatctgagg tcaacccagc taataaaaaa gcttcaaaaa cttctgaaaa    117240
     accatgaata agccccagat gctcctgttc tcagctgaac tttccaagtt atttcatacc    117300
     ctctattttt cacaagtaga actatttcaa cctcttgtgc cgtcctatcg ctttccaaag    117360
     aaaattgcct ccagccaaat tccttctccc acccacagta actaattgtc catactgtta    117420
     ttcatcccct tttttgaaga agaattaaat tggcaagacc ccttagtgca agggtgggga    117480
     cctttttttc tatcaagggc cactgaccca cagaggaaaa aaaatcagtt ggggccacac    117540
     acaagtaaga agctgcttga tttagtttag cttttttttt tgcttgtgtt tgtggaagaa    117600
     atagaaaaca ttcaccttgt tttctttaac aaaaataagg acagggaaag gaaaactcca    117660
     ttgaataggt gtagtaaatt aaaaaaaaat tccaggtgta tgctatacca agtttgggga    117720
     atgaggaggt taaaaaaaag atgtccaggc caggtgtggt ggctcacgcc tgtaatctca    117780
     gcactttggg aggccgaggc aggcgcatca cttgagttca ggagtttgag accagcctgg    117840
     ccaacatggc gaaaccccgt gtctactaaa aatacagaaa ttagccaggt gtggtgacgc    117900
     gcgcctgtaa tcccagctac tcgagaggct gaggtgggag aattgcttga acccgggagg    117960
     cagagtttgc agtgagccaa gatggtgcca ctgcactcca gcctgggtga cagagcaaga    118020
     ctgtctcaaa gaaaaaaaaa cgtcaggaaa gaggagacag agagattaga aaaagaaaac    118080
     aaaaggtaga gaatagaaag agagaggcca ggggatggtg agagagaaaa ggagaaaaac    118140
     tagatactgg gacacaggaa aagatggaca aacacagagg aaggtctggc acactcccta    118200
     gttcatgtgt tagttgcagt aaacagcttg tcccacgcct ggtgcttcct ggaccgtggg    118260
     cattagagta agtgatcact gccctttgaa atccttatta gctttctagc agtttaggaa    118320
     aaattctttc tgtgctgaga aacagctggc ctgctttgat tttcaaactt caaagctatt    118380
     ttttgaaata aaggttattt tctcaagaac gtctgaaggt tttacatgtg tgtaaagaaa    118440
     tgactgaaag tctctgacgt tgcaaagctg tcagatggcc ttatctttgg tctttgagag    118500
     attagagctg tcttattcta tagagactgc atgttacatt tggaatcagc gtttatttca    118560
     ctgatttgag ggatttccca ctgcaccccc acccaccctg ccccacaatc aaacctagtt    118620
     tggggttcca ttggatccta gtacaatgta aaatggaggc cacatataca tctctaaggt    118680
     aaggaaaaac agaccagcat tcacagctct ttaatgatca ctcttctccc attgaaagct    118740
     gaacttgtga atgtctgcac ctagcaaccc actaagaaag aagttgcttt caagctgcag    118800
     taactgtttt tagcactacc atatatgtgc tactgtacct tattcccaga atatttgggg    118860
     ttatgttctg ctggtggcac attaaagaag acaaaataga acagcaaaat gtccagagaa    118920
     ggtgaaataa aacaatgaag aatggagaac aaagcaaagc tatataggga caaactaaaa    118980
     tcactagctt ctcgagtctg aaaatatgac gactgaaggg gaaaagaaaa taaatgcata    119040
     caggccaggc gcagtggctc acgcctgtaa tcccagcact ttgggaggct gaggtgggcg    119100
     gatcacctga ggtcgggagt tcaagaccaa cctgaccaac atggagaaac cccgtctcta    119160
     ctaaaaatat aaaaatcagc tgggcgtggt ggcgcatgcc tgtaatccca gctactcggg    119220
     aggctgaggc aggagaatcg cttgaaccta ggaggcagag gttgcggtga gctgagatcg    119280
     caccattgca ctccagcctg ggcaacaaga gtgaaactac gtctcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    119340
     aaagaaagga aaagaaaaag aaaaagaaag aaaagaagtg catacaatgt gataggtaga    119400
     gtaaccacaa tttaagttct agaatactgg agtttgaggg gtattccctt gaacttgaaa    119460
     gagatggttt ggggttagat aaagggaggc cctactttgc atatcaaata ctaaggaatt    119520
     tatttcccta aggagttgga caggccaaaa atagaaatag attctaaaat gtttgggccc    119580
     atttgtgaat gacagaatca tactgggtta ttctgagaag ttcagatgca tgggggctac    119640
     ctctcactgt gcacacatct ctgagtgtgc ctgtcagcta gaatcctgga tggtgtagat    119700
     catgggggct gcccctggga ccatgtctct aaaaggtcct tggtgctgcc ctcagaatta    119760
     aggggatgac ttctaggcta tgaggctgga acactgggtc agtatgcact ggtcaggagg    119820
     tcaccaggcc accagaccaa gtgatactgc tgttgcctcc tcacagaagc caggctgctt    119880
     ctgagacagc cagtagagat gaatacagct cagttgggga ccaaggagga agagctttgc    119940
     tttggtccag catggtttca gtcttacatc tgtctttatc tatttcaaaa agtttattta    120000
     agtgaaaatt gatttatttt ttctgattta aaaaaataat ttttaaaaag tatttgggca    120060
     gagtacagag aggtataaaa aaagaaatga aaattactgt aatactgcta atgttttgat    120120
     ataattctta cagactttat tccacataca tatatacaca ttaatttttt taaaaattgg    120180
     attgtacttt actactgtct catagtctgc gttgtttttt acttagcaat atatgatagg    120240
     tatctttcta tgcacaactg tgttttaaaa aatattttta aatgtctaca gattactcca    120300
     ttgtatggaa acagcatagt tcccataata aatctgctgt tgatggacat ttggattgct    120360
     tttgttttta tgtttttttg tttttttttt tttgagacgg ggttttgctc tttcgcccag    120420
     gctggagtgc agtggcgcga tcttggctca gtgcaacctc tgccttccgg tttcaagcga    120480
     ttcttgtgcc tcaacctccc gagtagctgg gattacaggt gcccaccacc atgcccagct    120540
     aatttttgca tttttagtag agacggggtt tcgctatgtt ggccaggctg gtctcgaact    120600
     cctgacctcg tgatctgcct gcctcagcct cccaaagtgc tgggattaca gacgtgagcc    120660
     accgagcccg gccttatttt tttgttattc ataaacaatg ctactgaaat atccttatac    120720
     atacatcttt gtagattgtc atgttctttc cttgggagaa attgttagag gtggagctgc    120780
     tagtttctgg ctacttcaag tgacctcctt gacaatgaga ctgtgctaat ggctctcatt    120840
     tcttcaacag aataaaaaag aaatcataaa ttttagagta ataggacgtg ggttcaagtc    120900
     caagtttaac cttttagtta ctcacaatct gactgccatt ttcctcatct gtaaaagaga    120960
     atattaatgg tagctaacta taattaacag tggatattat taatcagagg atagtggtga    121020
     aaaatgtgat aatgtaaata aaacatttac atgtatgagc ctatagattt attgtttttt    121080
     ctgatttaaa aaataatttt aaaaagcatt tgggcagagt gcagagagat ataaaaagga    121140
     aatgaaaatt actgtaatac tgctaatgtt ttgatataat tcttaccgac tttattccac    121200
     atacatatat atgcattaat ttttaaaata tatgtgtgaa ataaatgtga taatgtaaat    121260
     aaaacattta tatttatggg tctcaaaagt gttaaaacac ttaaatgctg cagggattct    121320
     ttcttctctc tttttttttg ttttttgaga cagagtctca atttgtcacc caggctggag    121380
     tgcagtggca cgatcttggc tcactgcaac ctccgcctcc caggttcaag tgattctcgt    121440
     gcctcagcct cccaggtagc tgggattata ggcacctgcc accatgccca gcaaatttct    121500
     gtatttttag tagagatgag gttttgccat gttgcccaag ctggtctcga acttctgacc    121560
     tcaagtgatc cacccgcctt ggcctcctaa aatgctggga ttacaggtgt gagccaccgc    121620
     acctagctgg attcttattt tcttattaac atttttatgt tgttaagaat taggcagatt    121680
     tagagtgggt ctcatctcct agatgtcccc cacacagaca gggcccccaa aactctctga    121740
     gatcttgcca tcatccagaa taatatttct gacttctcgg accggattca actgctttga    121800
     ggggcaggcg ggcctctcag tctagcagat gtctgctgtc acatacctaa atggcatttg    121860
     gctccccata gcattcacct ggcgattgtt tgccgttgtc taccatactg gggaggaaag    121920
     cttatcatgt tctcttcctt gttggaccct ctataaatac acccagattg cgtgggcctg    121980
     aattgaacac tctggcgaga aaccaacttt ctcaggaaga aggagatcag ttgcattaca    122040
     acataacttg caattccttt ccaaacttct ggtgcttttg ctttgaaaag aaataaaagc    122100
     tgctgctgtt catcattgct agccaaaagc atttatagat tatggacttt ttttttttca    122160
     tctagaaggg agcacatagc aaacatggtg ttctttatta gaggttgtga gacatccaga    122220
     caaggactaa cactcagcga gtcccagata aatgctactt ggtcttgatc actgtctttc    122280
     tccaggtcat ttcttctatt actttccctt taagacagag tcactaagac catagaaaat    122340
     aaatcaacct ataagaggaa ttcttaaatt atgtggaaga tgagagtggg tggataggaa    122400
     gaaaaaaaag tgaggagttg tggggagaga agtacctctc cctcagagaa ggtggcatgg    122460
     cataagtggg agtcagggaa atatgggact tataaaagga aggcaacatg tctttttgtg    122520
     gcagagaaaa aagttacaca aaaaaaattg tttctggatc aacaaaagaa aatatataaa    122580
     gcaaaatata aatagaagtt gaagactata gtactataag aaaacaaaga caaaaaaaaa    122640
     aaaaaaagat tgtgagtccc tagaagccaa gggcagtgac tatctcattg atttttctag    122700
     ttcctgtgcc cagcacagga ctgatggtga agcaaagcag gtctggacta gggcaatgac    122760
     atggggacag aaaaggatct tagacagaat tgtacaaaga atgacctgaa agcactggta    122820
     atcggctaca tagaagagag ttcaggccta gtgatgtcag cagagaagtg agtaggacat    122880
     agtaggtcca gggaatatac tgaaagtaga gaggatcaca gacccatctg tccttcctta    122940
     cagaaatgat tctcttaggg aaagcacgag aaagctatgc aataggggga ggtatgccaa    123000
     agattttgat cacttcattc acttttatat cctgcaaata aggaagtttc ccaatatcta    123060
     gctatctata ctcgaggcat gaatcaccac aggactacac tacccaggga gactggagtc    123120
     tagatagaaa tacgcacatg aattgctgtt ttggctcagc tcttcaggcc tcaacaagct    123180
     gagcttggag ttgaaaggag gcagccaaga aaatgaaagt tgctattact caggctttga    123240
     cagataaagt aggtttccca tctttgctca atactatatt ttatagcaac tgaataggca    123300
     gagtaggtgg ggagtaggcc agagcctggg ggctctgtct aaaataattc cactgtatga    123360
     tagccacagc atagccccca agtgaaggtc agaaaagggc gactgaacag gaagagagtt    123420
     catggattct ccaggttctt cgcaagttga ggaccttctg aactgatgta atgaagactt    123480
     atggggaagc tgtggtatta ttccactgca tttctcaata aaatagagga agggctattc    123540
     cagatgactt cttgaagaaa taaaatattc tgtacatact tgaaaagcaa aaccccaagg    123600
     taacattttg taactttttt gacggtgaaa agaatccccc tactttcttg ccttctctct    123660
     gtacctgcca ctacattttc tccccgaaat tcatatcttt tccatgtgca aaatatattc    123720
     accctgtcca cacagctcta aactgaggat aaagaggaac agagtttttt acttatttat    123780
     gcaataaata gttatcagcc acttattcta taccaggcat tgttcaaaga gctgaagata    123840
     cggtggtgag tgggacaggc aaggttagcc taaccgagac atccgctctg tcttctcagc    123900
     atccgctctg accagcaagg gcacaggggt gctaaggtgg agagaagagg cactgtcgag    123960
     tacaaggcag agcgtcttgg tgaaatgtca ggtcagctcc ttgtcagcac atgcttgagt    124020
     aaaatgaaca agcgaggtct tatatataac atgtgtaaag ttcttggaga cttctagtga    124080
     aacagcacca gctataagga gctgccataa ttagaaagac ataggagttg ataacaaaca    124140
     ggaaaatgtg ttctgagaag gtatggagaa ggcgaacagt cactgcttcc ctctggggcc    124200
     cccactcttc tttgtgaggc tgtcacgaaa cacagtagtc tctccaacac atctaagcac    124260
     ccacagtggc agctgaagaa aaacactata atctctctcg atctttctca cagttttggt    124320
     aatttttgag acttcagtga atggatggca ctcaacattc aacagccaag gagctacatt    124380
     taattggaat tctgactaaa aaaaatgtgt aacaaattga ttaaaagtaa tagttaacac    124440
     attcatcagg gaatctaaat acctcattgt gagaacttct actaaaggtt caataaggga    124500
     caaatctctg caggtactag aaatttcttt tcattttcta ctgtgggacc tggagaagct    124560
     actggtctac tgtgggaggg ccgcacccta ctaccttctg cggagaccca aaccactgcc    124620
     tgctccagcc tctcctatgt cctggctaat ggccaaaaga tgattgagtc aactttaggg    124680
     acaaagcggt tctcatctcc taaaccaagc ttgtccaacc cgcagcccac gggctgcata    124740
     cggctcagga cagcagtgaa tgaagcccaa cgcaaatttg tgaactttct taaaatacta    124800
     tgaggttttt tttttttttt ttggcaattt tatttgtagc tcatcagtta tcgttagtgt    124860
     tagtgtattt tatgtgtggc ccaagacaat tcttcctctt ccaatatagc ccagggaagc    124920
     caaaagattg gatacccctt ccattttccc atcaggcagt ggaaaggaag ggtaatgaat    124980
     ttgaataaca aactttcctt ctttgccttg taaatgctat cacttaactg gactccttgc    125040
     ctccaatttc tgatctttaa aacatccttc acgctgctgg cagagttaac attactgatg    125100
     ttaactgatc tgaccatgtc actctcatgc ttcaagccct tcaagggctc tgcactgcca    125160
     cagagtaaag ctcagattcc ttagtatgct attcatggcc ctcccaaatt ttttaccacc    125220
     ttttccatct catctttcac tgtccacgtc ctcttccaat ctggcttgtg gcctcagctc    125280
     cccagccaca taatgctatc gatgtacttt catgtctttg agccactgct catgccatat    125340
     tcctctgcca ggaagatcct tccttccaat ctcgatctgt caaaattctc ctcatctttc    125400
     aaaggctggc ttaaaggcta cctcctattt ttaaagtctt gtctaattcc ctcggtaaga    125460
     attaatcctt ctcttctccg ggctagcata gtacttggtt tatatttctt ttatgacaca    125520
     ctgtgccttg gagtatagta aggtaggcat gttttcatca ccctcattga aagtgcttaa    125580
     gttatctctg tacctttgtc tacagcccct atgctcagtg cttggcacag agagctgctc    125640
     aatattgaat aaatgaatgc aaatggtgat gatatatgca tatgtgatga gtgtgtaggt    125700
     gggggggatt ctctatgtcc ttatcaacag atcccatcaa atccagcact acataaaaaa    125760
     tgggcattca ataaataact cctaataaat gacgaggata tatatatata tgtgtgtgtg    125820
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta ttttactttt tattttgcct tgtgaatttc    125880
     attttgaaaa ggagccatag aagtaatcat gctttaagtg acttccaaga acaacaaaca    125940
     agaacaaaga ccattagacc aagtaaaagc tcagatctga gttccatctc agtatattat    126000
     aatgaaacct gcagttttaa caataatttg gaccatgggt tatcagattg caattactga    126060
     tcaatcaatt tgtcacacaa cagctcgggg aatgacataa ctgaaaaaag aaattggcaa    126120
     tacgaaaatt gctccccacg gggataccct tatcctatat ttgtgtctgg caaacaaagg    126180
     cggcagcacc actgggttct ggtctggaga tctttcagct ctgactgcct tcgagcatcc    126240
     atatgcagct ataacaaact gcctctagct tggcttaatc ttttgtatta gctcattaat    126300
     gagtctggat tccttcccca ttttccatgg tatcccaggc aggcacaaag gctcaggcag    126360
     cagggggcag ctttcctttt gcctgacaac aagtggtcac tggtcccagt ctgtggctaa    126420
     caaattccat agttctttga aggtagagcc catggtgtag gtctgcccta ggctctgcaa    126480
     tgcaaaaaag agctttggga atttgggcct aggcagtgtc acttgtaact gtgacatcac    126540
     cccaacagct gagagtgatg gtgtctcaag aaagctcagt agccacaagc cctgtgaatt    126600
     ctttctgctc tgttggcatg tgaaatacac acacactcac aaacatatta tatgctgctc    126660
     aaaatcattc taaatacctc ctgtgagaca tcagccaata aggatatcat gtcaaccggg    126720
     ttttaaatat aggaacctct caccatcttc aaccagagag caaaatgcaa aaggaatgca    126780
     gattaacttg ccctgaactt tatagctctg aagtctctcc acttgatacc atccttccat    126840
     gaaaggtcct ggtggggctg aagattaaaa tgggacttct ggatcatgtg gtaaatctct    126900
     aagctgtact ccaagggcaa cctgcctatt tatagagcct ctacttcagg gcagagttca    126960
     aacttgggaa aatctgaaga acttgattta aacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    127020
     cacacacaca cacacatata aaaagtcgtc ttcattttcc attcagtcac tttgagccaa    127080
     actaatcttt aaatagttca aaaatctgtt gaaggttggc tagatatatt tttccaagaa    127140
     tctttagaat ttagattatt atatttagaa tttttaaatc atttaaacaa cactccaaac    127200
     tggaaaagtt gtagtctctc catttcagaa attgataaac tgaggcacag agactcaagt    127260
     cacttaaaag gtcactcttg acttgccctt atgctaactg ttcatattgt aataatatga    127320
     agaaaaacag tatctagaat gtattgagtg cctaccacat atattatccc taatatttgt    127380
     cttaactttt caagatagat gatagtatac ccatttcaca gattaggaag catgagcata    127440
     ggaaagttaa gtaatttgcc ctaaagccaa gttactacaa aatgacaaat ctgagaatta    127500
     aaaatagatc tatttggctc taaagccttt gttctttccc tcaaactaaa taatccagtg    127560
     ttttggctct caaatgtctc actgagactc tcagtcacat accagtgatg ctttacaact    127620
     aaaacaggta gtattggtgt aacaaaaact catgtggagc agtgaacatc acaatcccaa    127680
     aacagtcctt tttaaccttt aaacagggtg gagagtattt ttcttttttc tttttttctt    127740
     tttttttttg agacagagtc tcgctctgtc gcccaggctg gagtgcagtg gcgcgatctc    127800
     ggctcactgc aagcggtgga gagtattttt ctagtcactt ccatgtctct ccctctccca    127860
     cctcaacata catgtaaata cgtatccctc tcttcccacc aaaaatggca acaacatcaa    127920
     gagagttgcc aaattatcac aatatttggg ggatattgtt ttgggtcagt gaaggtttca    127980
     tagctgtttc catcataact aaaaactaac atgtgtgcta agttggattt cccctatcat    128040
     gcttaggcac tcatgtttgc gaatctacat gtaatacttc acatttatcc ccatggggat    128100
     attactctgc tagttttctc ctgtcattgc agcctactga gatatttttg catcccaatt    128160
     gtgttatcta tatattcact aacccccacc tagcatcatg cagtcactaa atattagaag    128220
     tatgccttct ctatcttcag ttaagtcact agcaaaaact ttaggcaata aggggctaag    128280
     cacaaagtta ataaccaaag gcctcactct gggctgatat tgatacattt catatatgat    128340
     aattaattag ctacacattt atccaagtag atgatcagtt agccaatgtt tctccttact    128400
     tattttaaaa caaatcatag gaatctctgt caaacacctt gctgaaatct agacccagca    128460
     tgtctatgcc attcctctga tcaataaggc atgtgcatgt acgcacatat aaggggaaat    128520
     ggcctgatta gttctgagta agtccacagt ggctacttgt aaccaccatg gttgcttcca    128580
     agagctcatg ctctccaaga atctaatcta gaatttcatt aagatgtgac accagacttt    128640
     ctggtttgtg gcttccagaa tccaatttcc atcccttatt gaaggtgatg gtaaacaatt    128700
     gtgccagtct tcagtctttt ggctcttcac caattctttg tgatgcttca aagtttaata    128760
     acagtgatac catgataata accataagaa tcctcagtgg ccttgaatgt aactaacctg    128820
     aacttggacc tcatttttgt gacataccag aagagtaatt ctcttagctt ttatttggtt    128880
     tcgtcagctg cttgcccata atacagaaca gatattactc tcagaagtga tgacttagca    128940
     aaatagggac tatgaaaaaa atatctagat caacttatta aacaaggaaa agaagaccat    129000
     acttaagaaa ttatccaata agatctagtg catataaata ataatgtaat ctttattttg    129060
     gatattaatt agaactctgt tggagacact ccacttaaca gttgctacat aaaatcactg    129120
     tgctcactat ctaaggaaag cacatagtta ggagtaaaga attaatctca ttattaccat    129180
     tttaccttaa ctatatacca acactgagcc catacagaat ttggaaacat tttttgccat    129240
     gtgtcaaata aatctacagt tgaacgctag atctcaaata gccatgggat taaaggacta    129300
     agaccaaaca tttgtttggg ccaattaaca caagactgca ccatatagac aagctagttc    129360
     aagacaaaag agctcagctc agcactttgt tttcatcgga ttttgttaga atcctaatga    129420
     catgggcaaa gaaaactcat atatgttggt catcagcttc aaagaagcca cttctggttc    129480
     actagtacta gagcatgggc ctttagctat cacttcaata atgttaccac caagccattc    129540
     acattctccc atttggtctc cattctgacc cacagttcat tttagaaagt ggctgatggg    129600
     gactggaggg catgctgtga cttccttgtg tattatagat atttagtacc ttcattgacc    129660
     actcaaatta cgaaatggct cacgtgggat taagccttta atgttagctt taagggcatc    129720
     taagattttt gttatttttg cagttggacc cctttaagtg aaatcttact tagaagacca    129780
     atatgtgaag aagattttta aaaacggagc tgctctggtt aaaataggaa tgggggactt    129840
     agaacaacct ccacagcacc tctcccacat tccctatgga acacaatctg aatacactgc    129900
     cctaaacaac tgagctatct ggcacataag cccactgact aatatgatgc taattttgtc    129960
     attctggaag gaggaaggag gcacgagata aattattata agatgtccag gaaggtggag    130020
     gagttgagat ccaggggatg agactgaaag gatgactgac cctgaatgag aacaggagcc    130080
     tgagtcagac tctgtgagtg ggtaaaaggt catgagcaac aggtcttgct gattctgcct    130140
     tcctttggtt cagtgatccc agcagagacc tccccacctg gtgcaacaac tgcccaatga    130200
     gttgaatgag gcagttgggc actaaggtat acttgttagg cccaaactta gttaatatcc    130260
     aaaataagtg ataaataatt agcaagttca tggttcctac tgtgcagcca tttgttccaa    130320
     agatgaactt cataactatg ggcttctgcc atgatttgga gtacttactg tataagaaaa    130380
     tgtgtctgtg tatttgcaag catgtttgca tcaacagcct ttggaagcag agcaaatggc    130440
     actatagaat attaacctgt tcatttccca gtcccagtgt tgtcatttac tggtagtatg    130500
     actttggaca agtcatttcc ctctcttggc tttaacatcc tctgtaaaat caaagggtta    130560
     gaccctatga tcctgcactt atataattct gccctttagc acagacactg gttaatattg    130620
     aatgcgaaaa gtaccttaaa tgaaatctaa attcagaaat aagggcagca aaggttaagt    130680
     cctttgaatt gactgatcag tcaattaatt atatatatat tgagggtcta ctttgtatat    130740
     gctattgtgt taggtgccat gggatacaaa gaattaaatg tgtgattcca cacttaggga    130800
     gtttacagtc tagaagcatg atacatattc ataaatatat ctgggttaat ttctgaaata    130860
     gtatttgaat acacacacac atacatacac acagactgat atacctcata tagcaaatat    130920
     ttgtaactgc aaacgtttta gggaacgagc atttgtaact gtttattaaa aaatatcagc    130980
     caggcacggt ggctcacacc tgtaatccca gcactttggg aggccgaggc aggtggatca    131040
     cctgaggtta ggagttcgag accagcctgg ccaacatggt gaaaccctgt ctctactaaa    131100
     aatacaaaaa ttagctgggc gcagtggtgg gtacctgtaa tcccagctac tcgggaggct    131160
     gaggcaggag aattgcttga acccgggagg tggaggttgc agtgagccaa gatcacgcca    131220
     ctgcactcca gcctgagcga ctgagtgaga ctccgtctca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    131280
     agatgctgca tttggccagt gggtaaatgt aaatacaata ggagacccta tgaatttcat    131340
     agaaaattta gaaatgtatt tctaaacttc ataaacctgg tagtctatat tgtttgacag    131400
     aattctcttt tcatatgtag aacttgtctt tccattgcta acacgtccag ttaaaaatat    131460
     cctatgaaag aatacaataa tgtaatgaga aaagttcatg tatttccctc cattgctcaa    131520
     tcaagatgac cacaacacta ataccaacaa cattttggct caccatttct gactcatctt    131580
     ccatttttga gtaatttaat ttaatatgca aggactaaaa tacatgacct aatttaagta    131640
     cctttaatcc tgtgtattct aaatatagca aatagttcat tttcaagaaa tttagtatga    131700
     aatacttggg aattcttctt ggtgcagtgt tattaaactg tatatagtaa ttaagatatt    131760
     aaaaacacat gctccccaaa gccaccagac attgtaatta tttttcaggc tattaggcaa    131820
     agtgacagaa gattttttaa tgataaatcc gttttggaat atatcagaga attccctttt    131880
     acttcatgaa ataatgttta actccacaga gtctaagtct ggtatttaag gactaactca    131940
     cattgtcctt ttgttactca gaagtcattc attggttctt gctaacatgt cttgtaggta    132000
     ctctgtcctt cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca ttctggctcc gtatggaaat    132060
     aaatggcaat tactagagtt cttccatgtc acttgtatgt gaacaagtaa gacagacact    132120
     gggacataat tccataggtc ttttatttaa agttgacttt caaaaggttt ctccttttat    132180
     ttagaaattt tagctcaata ttggcttttc tagcatccac tgcactaggc cagtgtttta    132240
     caactctcac tggtgttatt gtgagaagac tatgaaaaca agttacttgg agtgttttcc    132300
     atcatgtctg agattcattt caaacatttt tttaaaatca catgctaagg aatgtcctga    132360
     gtgctccttt ggcacttaac agctttacta attaacttat taaaaaaatt taactttcta    132420
     tttcaaaagt tagtgtcttc attgcactag agtctgccag gcatcttaaa aataattttc    132480
     tggtgtttac agagggggat ggaagtggag acatttcagc gtctgttcta gattttttaa    132540
     ttatctttga ccatttaaca tcattctatg aattagggct cactaacaga aagttcttct    132600
     gctatttata actcaaactc atgccacaaa gttcctccaa gaatctcacc aactgagatt    132660
     ttgtaaacaa tgtgcttaat ctttcattgc tgctgatttt agagcttcgg ccatagaaat    132720
     taccatattt ggcacttgaa aattatcaga ccacaaatta aggagttttt gttatttgta    132780
     ttctgcacat cttttctata tagatcttcc taataggtgt gccatgtctt ggtacaagta    132840
     aaggaaagtg cacagagaat gaaatcagta gctctggatt ctaggtctag ctctaccact    132900
     tactgtatgg aaatcagtag acttctaatg cccacagttt cttcatctgg gaaatgtaag    132960
     taataatgcc tgccttgctt tcctctctga gcggttataa agatcacgtt atctaatgga    133020
     taggaaagag ctttgcaaac tgaattttgc tatgtaaaca tatggcagaa ttatcattca    133080
     tatggaatca catggttaac atgattcgaa aacaggtcac ctatctggcc ctggaggagg    133140
     gaaacttagg ggtgataaat gcaaaactgt ttttatagtt taatgttttc atagcctaat    133200
     gagaacaagg cagaacagaa gaattgggtg gggggaaggg caagtttaag ttccatctgc    133260
     ccaggctgga agactggtgg gaagggaaca acctttgaaa agatgagagg ttacaaagtg    133320
     gaaaagggtg acctgggaac agggtatttt aaaaagagtg gcagaacaga gaataaagtc    133380
     acaagacttg ttcacaagag ggtgctgggt taaagcctga ccttgagcca caaatcatgg    133440
     aatcacacgg ctggaaggaa tcttaagagg ccatctcgtc cactccccca ccattcagca    133500
     ggacatttca acgatcccaa acagatgaga ctttatctaa ctttgaatga aaagctctga    133560
     caccaagtgg gcaggtattg actactctgg cttcaactgt ttacaacggg caggaaaaca    133620
     atttctggta tttcgtttga acctgaactg aaatggggaa acaataaatg gatagatttt    133680
     tccttgggaa caataagtcc tgtagcagtt tagggactgc taaattagca ctaactacat    133740
     aactactctt aaagagagag aaaaagttaa caacaaaact aggttagggg ataaatggcc    133800
     cacagtatta tatgagtaac gatgtgttgt gatcgttttt ggtaattgtg gagtcttctc    133860
     tccatgcagg agcctggagc agaatgatac taacaaaaac aaaacttagt tgttgttgtt    133920
     ttaaagcaac atggcctagc aaattccagg actgacactg aggacataaa agagttcaat    133980
     tcttttccta acacaagaca ataagtcctc acacaaatta gaaactgaaa aggaaataaa    134040
     aaggtcctca tttctgatcg tgggaatgtt acacatgaac tctgccttgg aaggaggagg    134100
     ggagaacatt ccacacctgt aggccttccc aggaaagggg cctgagcctg gctctgaacc    134160
     catctcctca aggttatacc atgggattat caatatgaaa ataatgttac tttattccct    134220
     tagtgggtat attctttcca gcgctatcaa cagtaaccat aacctgcaag gaggcagctg    134280
     agaattccca ggaaacaaag tgaaaagcta ttttgggatg tgctcataaa tggcctagct    134340
     atagttcatc tggatggacg cacatggggc atacacgcag agagagagag agagagagag    134400
     agagagagga gaagtatttc tgtatttata aatatgtatg ttggagcatg ctattgtagt    134460
     tttaatagat gcagcaccga gcaaggggct taggaaaata acatcacatt ctcagattca    134520
     ccactcaatt acatgtgaac ttggaaagtt aagttgattc ttcctcccta tcaccaaatc    134580
     tttaggccga tttagtcagg cattcagtga atccagatgt ttggcagtgt ataggaaaca    134640
     tctggatgat tgattgagtt ttcaactgaa ctcactggat cttttggcag tatgtctata    134700
     cagccattaa tggctttctg cctcagtttc tctaactata aaaaggacaa acattattta    134760
     tcccttacct tccgaaaaac agtgaaaatg agataaggtt taagagtaat aatgagttct    134820
     tgaaaagatt ctgtcacagt tttatacctt atataattcc aagttggatt tttttcctaa    134880
     gcagttagac tttagaacat gacatcactt tgaaatatgg gtaaatgcta tacaaagaca    134940
     acacattatc attatcatca tcatcgacat catcatcatc atcatgactt tcttctttat    135000
     gacttccctg aagtgtctca ctttcagatc gaatcatggc caaaatataa attttattta    135060
     aggactgaaa aaatgtgttt tggctatata aagcaacaca gatgagaaaa aaaaatcaat    135120
     gtgggtgttt ggagtccaac caattttaac agctcaactg aaacaggtaa aactggttta    135180
     tcaatgagaa ttaattggct gctcaatggt atttgtatag aaactaaaaa tgttcataca    135240
     catattcatg gccagaggta ggaaaaagga gttgtaatag caacttttct cactctatgt    135300
     acatctccct acctgtcagc tggtttcagc ttttgtggct gaaagttaga ggagaggaaa    135360
     agaaggagac aatatgggag agaaagaaga gatgcatcaa agggatctac aaacatacaa    135420
     aactggggga gaagaattag actcgcagaa agtactggaa ctccctttca aactcaagtc    135480
     ctgcctatag agaaaatcct aaacacagtc ctcacaacta actgccatat attaagtgcc    135540
     tgtcatgcac atgcaattac atatatctat gtgtacatat tatatatatg tatataatag    135600
     atatacactg gagtttttga tatctttacc ataatacaga tgagagaact aaagctcaga    135660
     gaggttaact gatttaccca aagttatgcg cctagtaaaa tctataactg aattcagatc    135720
     catttggata caaagcccaa attctttcta ctgtgcccaa agcctttgct gaaaggactt    135780
     gctataaata ttttttagtg actgcctgat catatagaag cccatgtctg atgcagcttt    135840
     cccattttct agggtggggt ccgcccacag gtcttcactc gatctttctt atgactgccc    135900
     ctcccttgct tgtctttacc tactcaaacc ctactcattg cttatggcag atcttaacac    135960
     ttgcccctct ctgcaatctt cccactagcc taatcatacc acccaaaacc gatgagcagc    136020
     actcctcttc agactctgca tcacaggctg ccctttatct ttatttaacc acttcttatg    136080
     cttatgcttc ctctcccaag gacgctgtga ggacagagga ctagacttcc tttgaatccc    136140
     caaagttcct ggcacctggc tgagtacata gtaggtaatc cttaaggtct gttgacacaa    136200
     gggacctgtt gacaatattc ctcatttaga attagggaca cagtgatgga aactgagatt    136260
     ttggcctcac cagtgttggg gtctaaccag ttgaacatag ccacctagac acattttggt    136320
     ttgagataat ttgtaccact gtccccaagt gaagcatatc atgccctcaa ctcagcagta    136380
     agtgttttac atcgtttgtg ctctgatccc ctcagagatg cattttgaaa tcatcacact    136440
     atatctagca aggcttgata gaacttagtg aagttgtact ttcacacaca aaaatggctc    136500
     agttaggtag acactgccat taccatgtgc tcagcagcac taacagctat ttattaagtg    136560
     ctcactgagt acagagcacc ttatcaggca ccagaggagt ttgtacccaa gcatgttgtc    136620
     aatactttca caatgccaat tgcagtgaaa aatatactac tcttagaaag cccttctaag    136680
     tattttctag gacccacaaa aatttcactg ctaaaatcca tattttaaaa actcatacca    136740
     atgtctttgt attaaaacct ctgttcttgc ataaggattt cagtttcatt aagttcttcc    136800
     taaactacaa atagaagtca ttgatgccac agtcctccca cccatggatc atggggcagg    136860
     aacactgtca ctctggtata tgcctttttg gtggcatttt tattgtggcc acaaagcaat    136920
     cataagcaga tggtacaact aacttctatt tgtgtcttgt tactaaactt cttatgagag    136980
     gaaaaactat gtgtacaggt caagggaatc tgtgggtgtc tctgtgcatg gcagtgagtc    137040
     agaagctggc aaggatgcag tgaaattgga cctctcctgt cttgctggtg gcagtgaaaa    137100
     ctgatacatt ctcatggaaa agcaaatttg gacacatgca ttttaattgc tcatatcctt    137160
     tgacccaata actttagcat gttaagaaaa taagctaaga tcaggataaa gcactatgta    137220
     tgaggaggta cctttattta tgatggcaaa aaatttgaag caacctgtat atccagcaaa    137280
     agcatgctga ttaattatga tgaatactca acagaatatt atgcagccat gacaaataat    137340
     taatataaag atttctgggg accaggcatg gtggctcaca cctgtagtcc tagcactttg    137400
     cggggctgat gcaggaggat tgcttgagcc caggagttcg agaccagcct gggcaacata    137460
     gtgagacctc atctctacaa aaaaattaaa cattagccag gtatggtggt gcatgggcaa    137520
     catagtgaga cctcatctct acaaaaaaat taaacattag ccaggtatgg tggtgcatgc    137580
     ctatagtacc agctactcgg gaggctgaga cacgagaata tcttgagccc aggaggtcaa    137640
     gactgcagta agccatgatt gtgccactga cctccagcct gggcaacaga gcaagaccgt    137700
     gtctcaaaac aatacaaaac aaaacaaaac aaaacaacaa taacaaaaag atttgtgaca    137760
     acatggaaaa gaaaagtgtt tccaagatag tgttaatttt cagaactaca aatcacttgt    137820
     ggatttctaa ttatggaaaa agtctgtgtg agtgtgcctt tctggacaaa tattagaaga    137880
     gaacatgtaa aaatgaaaac agttgggata aaatagtggg attgtgagaa atatttttcc    137940
     ctctattttc caagctaccc ctcaaattgc aatattgtct ttataattta aaagtggggt    138000
     gaaaaataag gccagaagtc ctttctagca gacagactat ttgaagaaat aatagcgtct    138060
     ttcctaaaag cccaagaata tagtttgaac agtggaagct ggctatctct ctctttctct    138120
     ctctttttct ctctctctct ctctctccct ctctctctcc ccccccccct ctctctctct    138180
     ctctctctct ccctctctct ctccccctct ctctctcccc ctcctcctct ctcccggtta    138240
     tttctacttt ttattattat tattttttat attccacata cctggttaat gtgcttcagt    138300
     ttgtcaataa tttgactgac cactggctca gggcccttca ttttcagctc atggagattg    138360
     aactggtttt tcattccatt ccttgccgcc ttttggctgt atctgtaaag gtgaaggtaa    138420
     agaaaaggtt tgtcaaagaa agtcccaaac aaaggaaaag ctgactgtat ttggcatcaa    138480
     cagtcagact gaccacaagc tcatgagacg acctcatggt gcaaaagtag accactccac    138540
     atagtgtcta tttacagtaa aaaaaaattc gttcaacaat caacaaatat attcaacatg    138600
     cttttttttc tcctagatgt tgggaataca acaatgaaca agacagacaa ggtctgtatg    138660
     cccttattgt gctctcagtc cagtggggag tctagaagag taagggccaa tgaccaggca    138720
     gagtgattag agctgtgcta ggggaggttc aaggtcatga cagtgaagca cacagaatga    138780
     accttcactg tgtgtgagcc ttctactcat ttgaaggaga aagattcttc catgttcttt    138840
     acctcttcct tctcctcttc ttcctcctcc caccatttcc tgtaggctca ggagactttc    138900
     tcaaatcact ttcaccataa attatacctg tcagcttccc tctgcgttct ccatgagagg    138960
     agagaacacc agcccaaggg aagattttaa tgtgctcctg taggataaac cataggcttt    139020
     actccagaat tgcaaagttt caaggtagca atggacatcc tcaccatcat gagaagggta    139080
     actatttaaa gtactaggca attctgcctt ccagtgtggg gttttgccaa cttcaactgg    139140
     gacagtgatt cacaaatgag gtggtttcct tattggttcc agacctctac atagaattat    139200
     tcctcatttt gcgaaacaaa gcaaacaaga aacagatttc atttattcct tttgctttca    139260
     tcatgtggaa ataccagaac accattgcca aagagagaaa aaggttttga gctctttttt    139320
     acttgctcct gatcctgata atggaatgct ttcttaaaga aatgaaaaga ttcccagggc    139380
     ttttgctctc tcattatata tatatttttt caattacaat agggtagcca gggttataag    139440
     ggcaaaattg atatctgtaa ttcatatttt taattacaaa ataataatgt tcattgtaaa    139500
     caatttaaga agtacaaaaa taaacaaggc ataaagtaaa agttgcccca tcaatctgtc    139560
     tttccaagag tggaccatgg tcaacagttt gatatacatg tagaggtttt cacctacata    139620
     tactaatagg taattttaac cgaaattgga atgatactac tcatactgat ttgcaacttt    139680
     gtatcactta atatacatac tttggactgg acttgcaatc ccagcacttt ggtaggccaa    139740
     ggcaggagga ttacttgagc ccaggagttt gagaacagcc tgggcaacat ggtgaaaccc    139800
     catctctaca aaaaatacaa aaaattagct gggcgtttta gtagagacgg ggtttcgcca    139860
     tgttggccag gctggtcttg aactcctgac ctcaggtgat ccgtccacct cggcctccca    139920
     aagtgctggg attacaggtg tgagccacca agcctggcca attttttgta gaggcagggt    139980
     ctccctgtgt tgcccagact ggtctcaaac acctgggctc aagtgatcct cctgcctcag    140040
     catcccaaag tgctgagatt acgggcatga gccacggtgc ccagcacttt tttcttttga    140100
     actatgactc tcacatgatt ttcacttcca caggtggggg tcctctgaga tagtttgtgt    140160
     gttatctcca cagggtgata ggctgtgctc tggaagtatg tttaggactt gaatttcaat    140220
     tttcagtcac tctcactggg ttcccaaacc agcctagttt gggacaagag attatgaaac    140280
     actccttaga aacactaact catctcaact aaaataggga gtgaatgaac ctggcatact    140340
     aaagtgttaa taacgacaaa ctgaaaacta taaaataacc acaaaataat gaggcaatct    140400
     cgatggaatg ggcacatgta cctgtgtgcc tcattttatg caatgtaggt atttcaaaga    140460
     agttgtgtgt gaaatgaatt tctgtgatct gaatactcta aacaggccaa agaagccttg    140520
     ttatttaaag aaattctgta agcaaatctt tttaactgaa aaaataagga aactcctgtt    140580
     tcagaaatca tttagtatat tttgcttaaa gtgaggcaca cttgtattaa actaaggaaa    140640
     aaaaatcagt gaatcgggtt ctactgttta cattatgtat aatttccaat gagataagat    140700
     aatgaaaagt gaagatgcct aaactgattt gtgtttaatt cggcacatag ctcaatctac    140760
     caacaaagag ttttcatttg gcatttgcaa acagattatc atttagatag caccaccaaa    140820
     gcagcttcaa tgttgcaact tgaacatctt taaagagacc aaaattttat tttaggaatc    140880
     aattagctat ccacttaagg taggcattaa gcatttctaa ttctaattaa ttgattctaa    140940
     atgatcattt tttaaagcac aatcaaactg ttttggtcct ataaaaaata tggtggttaa    141000
     ttgcggcttt aaaaagctgg actacatttt aatgttcaaa gtagaagtta aatattttgt    141060
     aaaatgatag taatgaccaa aaaaatgaaa ctacatttat ggtttactgc ttctgtaatc    141120
     ttgtttatat caccagatac aagtcacaac tgtcaaaaat agctaccagc tgccaaattg    141180
     ttggatgtta tgcttgagaa atgagggaaa ggaacacttt ttgtattttt ctggcttttg    141240
     tctctgataa gaatgtggaa actttgacaa aaatattgag ttgcagtatt ttaatacaaa    141300
     aaaacagaac tgcttaaaat aaaacaatta agaaaccaaa ccactcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    141360
     aaaaaaaata gccgggcgtg gtggtgcaca cctttggagg ctgcagtgtt gagcccggga    141420
     ggtcaaggct gcagtgagct gtgctctagc ctgggtgaca gagtgagacc ctgtctcaaa    141480
     acaaaaatta aaactaaata aatactttgg acatattttc atgttagaac acatggaaat    141540
     gccttgttct tattcctctg tatggctcag tagtaacttc tttatccaat gccttactga    141600
     ttaacaataa tttgtaatat tttgttaata taaacaatgc tgcagagaac atccttgtat    141660
     actgattttc acacactggc atttatatct ataaaggata aatttataga ttttgagtca    141720
     atttatattt ctaatcccaa attatgaagt acaaagaata attaacatta ccatattttt    141780
     gtacagcact ttacaaagca gtttcatatc actcagctca tttgagcttc tcaaccacac    141840
     tgtgaagttg agaggtagat agggcattag ctctttatta ctgaaaatta gatagggcat    141900
     tatttcttta ttactaaaaa tttcacaact tcagaagata ctaatctcat tctattagat    141960
     gtccctgtcc atgatacaat atatctgcca atattaagga catacttaga aaaacatgca    142020
     tgctaacaga ggaggtcagg aaatctagtt ctgacattca taattaaaag tcatcctctg    142080
     agaaggaaaa tattttgtag caaagatgct gaagagcaca tttgattgca tttcttctaa    142140
     aatgatagct taacacattc agattattta actttaaaag ttaattcatg aatacacaga    142200
     tcaccaatca tcaaatacca attgcctttg ggggctgtgt taaagagaca taaaggaaca    142260
     ttctttatct ggtgggtatc agctcactac tagcctcctc ttttatgttc atataatgcg    142320
     gtctgtttaa atatcattca tcttctgatg atactaccaa ctccatcttc tcttctttaa    142380
     ctcctactga tgcctgaagc agagacccta tttgcagata aagaggtaag gctcattata    142440
     aatcttctga aatgaacttc aggaatgtgt ccctagagac atatccttgg tctttttcat    142500
     atcaaagctt gccaaccact tttatgtcca ctcctataaa acaagcgtct tcccaaagct    142560
     tcttatcctc attggaatag tgtaaagaca tctgccaact tagcgatttt gccccgtact    142620
     ccagcttcca aaactattat aaatattaaa tcaaattaat cccacagctg atcctttgtg    142680
     gtcctactgt attattttct gtcattcaga aaagtgcccc tttagctatg tattttttta    142740
     aatttcttat ctcccagcca tggataaagt gccaggacta aacactgctc cctgatccca    142800
     cagtgactcc atttttaaaa gacagttttg ggtttaaaag cttgccaaac tttttgaaag    142860
     ttgaaatagc atctactgtt ccgctctatc catgtgctat ttaaatcctc aaaggactct    142920
     agcaaattaa gcatggtttc tggttacaga agtgttggga atagctgccc tgtggcttag    142980
     gcctaaaact tgccattttt gcatctactt cacaaggcag taaccaaaag tcctggtcca    143040
     actgatgcct atagttgctt aagtttagtg gcactattta aaaactctgt gttcttgcac    143100
     tatcctttag gtatcttgat acctctccca cagctctcaa tacttttttc tgtttctcat    143160
     gtctctatcc tttgctcctt agccagacaa aatattgaac caaattttaa aagtaatgag    143220
     tgttagaatg aaatactatg agcacattaa tagggcaaag tagatctgta tgtgttgata    143280
     tggaatcaag tacgagatac attataacag atacaaatag cagcatctgc agtgaaaatg    143340
     ggtctacatt tgcattactc ttatatactc tatacatgtt caaatatgcc cagaaaaatt    143400
     ttagatggat atataagaaa aggataagag cagtcacttt cagtgagtga gaatagggag    143460
     atgctagtga aatcttattt tttttatatc cttctatatt ttaaaatatt ttttaccatg    143520
     accattttta atctttataa tagtttaata tataacgaat gagattttat atagcagtta    143580
     attaaaatgt ttttccagct ttcttgaggt agaattgata aaagttaaat acatgtacac    143640
     ttccgatgtg atgttttgat atatgtactc attgttaaac gattatgcca aaccagctaa    143700
     ttaacctatt catcacctca cataattatc tttatttttg tggtgagaac atttaagaac    143760
     tactctctta gtgaatctga aatatacaat atagtattct ttaatatagt caccatatta    143820
     tacattatat tcctaggcat tagttgtttt aaaggcaaaa gagaacaaaa caaaagaaaa    143880
     acaaaaagtg ggcctgactc agatgcacat ctcagggcct ctgggaaatc cttcctgtta    143940
     ataagagtta tgttggccat caccaatgtc cttccttaaa ggtgctttct tatgacagaa    144000
     cacatatttg gggcaatgtt cacaatgtca cccttgagtt ccttcaaacc ttaggtggtt    144060
     gacatcaggt caccaagtca actttgttag gttaaatata gcccatattg gctgggtgtg    144120
     gtggctcatg cctataatcc cagtactttg ggaggtcaag gtgggcagat cgtctgagtc    144180
     caggagtttg agacccgcct gggcaacatg gtgaagcctc atctccacaa aagacacaaa    144240
     aatgagccag gcatgttgcc gtgtgcatgt agtcccagtc ccagctaccc aggaggctca    144300
     ggtgggagga tcacttaagc ctgggaggtg ggggttgcag tgagccgaga tcacaccact    144360
     gcactccagc ctggatgaca gagtgaaacc ttctctctct tgctctctct ctctatatat    144420
     gtatatgtat atatattttc ttttcttttt tttttttgag atggagtctc gctctgttgc    144480
     ccaggctgga gtgcaatggt gcgatctcgg ctcactgcaa cctccgcctc ctgggttcac    144540
     gtcattctcc tgcctcagcc tcccgagtag ctgggactac aggcgccccg ccaccacacc    144600
     cggctaattt ttcgtatttt tagtagagac ggggttttca ccctgttagc cagaatggtc    144660
     ttgatctcct gacttcatga tccgcctgcc cacctcggcc tcccaaaatg ctgggattat    144720
     aggcatgagc caccatgccc ggccctattt tctactcttc aatgaggtaa ctccgacctg    144780
     cctatttcaa aaagacagta tattagtgag gatgtgaaca tgaatgtaaa ttatcagttg    144840
     taccctccct caaaacagag gcaaagaaca tattcaagtt ctcactacct tttcctgtag    144900
     atgcctgaag tcctcacctg atgagaactg agggcctccc tgaaccaccc tgagtcatgc    144960
     tgacctcact gctctcgcat tgaaatgtac tgtgggcact gccctgagtt gctagtgctc    145020
     cttttatgta tattccattt gccaccccat gtactctgtg aggtctttga aggcagaggc    145080
     ttggttagtt tgtttttttt tttttaaatc acccaaagca cctcatggta cttatactag    145140
     ctgtcagtta ctgagtgctt tctctgtgcc agatactgtt cgaagcactg aagaaaaaga    145200
     aaacatgaac ttaatcctcc tgactaccct attggcagcc tgtttttgct gctgctgagg    145260
     cacagagaag gtaggtcact tgcctaaagt cacacagctt gtctgcagca gagctggagt    145320
     gtgaactttg agaatccatc tccagctgtg tgggttccat ctccagctgt gtgggttctt    145380
     aaccactatg ctggtcttgc tttcttagag agaaatgatg ttgactaaat atttgacatt    145440
     tcctcaccac cctgctacat tgcttccttg taggaaacaa tggatgagct gcttatattg    145500
     gtctacaagg ctcccagcag catcgccaca aagctctctt ggcctactca gcaagattct    145560
     tggacttgcc ctttaagagc ccctggagag agccctgtgt atagggtttc ttctcttaca    145620
     cagagatacg acagtatggc tatttaatag ccatactttg ggaggccagg gtgggcaggt    145680
     caaagccatt cagtgacata cttgtgttct tgggagacaa ggtgttgaag ttagagaaat    145740
     aaataatcca ccaccaccac catccatgcc actagacaca tacgaaagac tatttgaaga    145800
     tttcaactgt ctaaggacaa taggaaaaca aatgcagcat aacaatgtct tagtgcatcc    145860
     cctgcctttg tcatcttggc tacagcaagg caacatgtgt gatgtgcccc tggggaattt    145920
     catgtaacat gtgtgctctg agcttcaagc ccagagggaa gtcaatcgat gaagggtgcc    145980
     tctgcagctt tgcattaatt cattaattca gcatttcatt tcctcaggct agctctgtgc    146040
     cactggagca cgtggttcac gacaggcctt gaatgaggat gagccagcgt ggccccaatt    146100
     cttcttatcc acagactgcc cagaggatgt caggaatggg gacactgttg gccatggggg    146160
     attgtaacaa tgggttagct acttagtaat actcatctgt aattaaatta attgtcctcc    146220
     tctgcaaaat gctgcttctc tactgaggct ttgacatggt tctggcaatg aatactagca    146280
     agtggaggag gaaaaataaa ctgagagatg ttcctacctc ccaaatctaa tgttttctta    146340
     actggacatg ctatgttgga tgttagaagt gttaccttac atgcggcgtc ttcttcttta    146400
     tccagtttgg tatctgttta gcacaaagat gactgtcata atactaagaa aatcctattt    146460
     gtgaagtgaa aagggggaca tgcttctgtt caggcagatt ggttagggat tgcggagggg    146520
     gttggggaga gcagggaaaa acctgcgcaa aagccataaa cagaaaagga acctcattaa    146580
     aagaggacat ctgggcatgc ttgtcttggg acagttgaag caaagagagc acttgtagaa    146640
     gaggaataga gtcaaacaag cgtaaaatag gcgatctttt cttctcattt ctgttctggc    146700
     tgaggcagca atgttgtagt ggagagaaat caacaaattc aaatgtagat catttgaaat    146760
     ggaagcactc tcagcgatca tctggtccaa tccactcact gtgtagatga agaatctgat    146820
     acccagacag ggacatttgt aacaacacat agggttagta tcacaagtcc cacatttaga    146880
     agaaatccct ttctttaaaa ggtctctcaa acagatcttg ctgatttttg acacttgcta    146940
     gtactgattt aggacaaggg aactgctaga aaattcactt tccttcttcc cttaagtatc    147000
     agaatggttc caagtgcttg agagccaatc agaaggacta ggtccccacc aaaaaaaatt    147060
     tgatttcaca aaagtttaat atgctgccca gctatatatg gctaaaaatg ttagagatct    147120
     cacattctca gagcgccatc ttatggacac gattcagtat tgcatgtaat ccctaactca    147180
     gtgatttatc tgtttccttg gaacgcattc tggccacaac aatcactgtg ggaaaaactg    147240
     gataatttaa agagcataaa tagctttaaa gacaaaccag aaaacagggt agaaaaacca    147300
     tcctattaag aggcctaaga aaacgtcctt ttctttatcc atgatacagt gttaatttac    147360
     ataaatgcac agtaaaataa agcaaaggtg aaaagagctg agatttgtaa atgtgcttaa    147420
     taaagacaga aacaattagc ttcttcttta tttatgcaca tatctaaata aaaatgtctt    147480
     tctcctccct ggctgtctga ggatagacag ccatcatgaa cgacacggta actatccaaa    147540
     ctacaaagtt catgaccaac tgactacttc aggggaaaca aatggtcatt gatgtccttg    147600
     accccaggaa ggcaacagtg cctaagacag aaatttaaga gtgcctaaga caggaaaaac    147660
     tagccaaaat gtacaagacc acaccagatg tcatctttgt atttggattc agaactcatt    147720
     ttggtggtgg caagacaact ggctttggca tgatttatga ttccctggat tatgcaaaga    147780
     aaaatgaacc caaacataga cttgcaagac atggcctgta tgagaagaaa aagacctcaa    147840
     gaaagcaacg aaaggaatgc aagaacccaa taaagaaagt cagggggacc gcaaaggcca    147900
     atgttggtgc tggcaaaaag tcgaagaagt aaagggctgc aatgatgtta tctgcggcca    147960
     ttgtggattt ttcatgagag gatttataaa ctaaaaactt tcatgtgaaa aaaatgtctt    148020
     tcataattgt ttgcatagca gtactacttc agagccaatg ttaagctacg agggtgctag    148080
     aaacagatat atccacttta ctccaagaag tacctgtgtt ctccaacaac agcctttcag    148140
     aaattacaag tagatttcag tagagaggaa gcaaaatcta ggaaagaaac ccagggcatg    148200
     taaacctgtt tctctttctt tttcttttct ttttttatta tactttaagt gtgcaggttt    148260
     gttacatatg tatacatgtg ccatattggt ttgctgcacc cattaacttg tcatttacat    148320
     taggtatttc ccctaatgct atccttcccc cattccccca tcccacgcca ggccccggtg    148380
     tgtgatgttc cctgccctgt gtccaagtgt tctcattatt caattcccac ctatgagtga    148440
     gaacatgcgg tgtttggtga tataaaccta tttctatatt tccgttagta gccattagct    148500
     atatgaggga ataactgcat tagattctgt ttacagtgca gtctccaacc ttactttgag    148560
     gagggactaa aagatttgtc ttggtacata atcaggaagc cactgaaacc cagagaagca    148620
     aagaatattt ttcagatggt gaggaaagag tgagaggtta gtatcaccca ctacaaggag    148680
     aagagtctgt ggctgtaggg aacagtcccc cagcagaaag gggaaggtaa tgagaaaatg    148740
     cttgagatga ggtcaccgga atgttagtct gaagaaacca attttgcaga agaggctaga    148800
     gataaagaga gagaaaagta aataagcaca gcaaaagtga ttcttgtgag aatcgcaagc    148860
     taggcagagc ccaaagtgta agcaagctgg tgagaactaa acatggcggt caggacacta    148920
     ggccagagca gtgtctctct gatggctgtc cttgagggga acacacaaat gaggagagga    148980
     ttccaactgt gtttaaaaac agagaaagaa aaaggtgtaa ttcaaagctc agtaatcggg    149040
     ggtggggaat aacagaacaa ggagtgtggt agagacttct tattcaatca ccccaaactc    149100
     gtttaccaag tccttctagt ccagagaact aggaccagac attttcttgt cctactcaag    149160
     ctaaaccaaa aggacacgat ctttacctgg tgtgtttgtt tgtttttgag acggagtctt    149220
     gctctgtcgc ccaggctgga gtgcagtggc gcaatctcgg ctcactgcaa gctctgcctc    149280
     ctgggttcac gccattctcc tgcctcagcc tcccaagtag ctgggactac aggcacccgc    149340
     caccatgcct ggctaatttt ttgtattttt agtagagacg gggtttcacc gggttagcca    149400
     ggatggtctc gatctcctga cctcctgatc cgcccgcctc ggcctcccaa agtgctagga    149460
     ttataggcgt gagccactgc acccgactgt ttgtttttaa gatggagtct tgctctgttg    149520
     cccaggctgg agtgcaatgg cgcaatctcg gctccctaca acctctgcct cctgggttca    149580
     agcaattctc tgcctcagcc tcccaagtag ctgggattac aggcgcacac caccatgcct    149640
     ggctaatttt tgtattttta gtagagacgg ggtttcacca tcttggctag gctggtcttg    149700
     aactccgacc tcatgatcca cctgcctcgg cctcccaaag tgctgggatt acaggcgtga    149760
     gccactgcac ccagcctctt tacctatttt taagttagat tttaattgat gaaaatatca    149820
     gggttagaaa ggaccttcaa agtcattcag cccaatgttc tcctcttaca gaggggcaaa    149880
     ctgaggccca gaggccaaat aacagcaact aaagttatta ttggcatcac tgctagtgag    149940
     acaggaatga agctgttacc tcccccaaat agaatagcaa agaacaaggg ggcaaggaac    150000
     tagtcacata cctcaacaac atgagggcat tgtgtgaagg taactgacgt tcaaaataat    150060
     gatcaataat tgttgtaaga gattaagttc ggtttggcag tcatagttta ctgaggcagc    150120
     aagtacataa tacattttag ggaggaagag tcacgtggtg gaaagagcac tggccttgga    150180
     gtcagagaca tgggttcaaa gctggtgccc ccacctgctg tgtgactttt gataaataat    150240
     gaaaccttgc cgaacttgag tttcctcatc tataaaatag gaataatgcc acctgcactg    150300
     ttttgagaat tatttgatat aatgaatgtt agcaaattga gataacgtgc ttaagacaat    150360
     gccaggcaca tagaaagttc tatatgaggg ctgctgttat tatttttatc acgtgaaagc    150420
     accaaacaca gcatctcaaa tgcagtagat gttcaataaa ggttatttga aaagaatccc    150480
     ctgctaggca tggtggctca cacctgtaat tccagcactt tgggaggcag agatgggcgg    150540
     attgcttgag cccaggagtt cgagaccagc ctgggcaaca tagggagacc tcgtctctac    150600
     aaaacttaaa aacaaattag ccaggcatgg tggtgcatgc ctgtggtccc agctacttga    150660
     gaggttgagg caagaggagc gcttgagccc aggaggttga gactgcagtt agttatgatg    150720
     gtgtcactgt actccagcct gggtggagta caggagaacc agtctctaaa aaaaataaaa    150780
     aagagcttcc tgagagagaa gaaataaacc ttgcaatgaa tagccagggg aagcttcaaa    150840
     tcccttcatc cccacattga gaacttaaga agtggaagag tctcagttat cttattttgg    150900
     tcctcggtaa agtatgggtc aaggcatgag taggaatggc ttatcatcag ggaaaatggg    150960
     caagggaaaa agcactggaa ctttctttgc catcgcgatt gagcaatgat gtgtgaatgg    151020
     ctggcactga gcatttaagc ctagctgaga ggaacttttt agcagaggtg ccctcccaaa    151080
     ccttccagga gacagggcat catctgaggg ggaaatgacc agaaagggct tcaaatggct    151140
     caaaattaat tttagttcac agaagaacta atcattcacc tgtggcccag ggcaaccctc    151200
     caaagtttcc cgagtgacca gctttgggtg tcagaagcct gttcccctcc ctccttctct    151260
     cacagttcat attcctcctc tcagtgatag aaaatattct gcttccactt tggatactgt    151320
     cacaagtaat gaattagatg actcttgaaa atgcccacac gctttttcaa atctctctgc    151380
     tcagaacact gctttgtttg tctccagtcg ctgcaggacc cacaacaaac atccattctt    151440
     taatgtggtg atcttcaaaa tgaagaacag gactctcaaa gtccacctaa acaatcactc    151500
     ttaactgact ccagacacgt ttgggagaga ggcaagtctg aaacaggaaa aagtgtgcct    151560
     ggtggatttt tctcttgtgt ggcatctcta gaatatgtag taaacagagg gaggaaaggc    151620
     tcctcagtgt tcttttggat gtctggctga actgtggtta ataaattgcc aaagatcagc    151680
     ctcaaagaac aaactgtttt catgcaaata ggtactactg atacacttga aaagaaagct    151740
     aaacattcct gccactgttt tccgtcagct cctctggcct tagccacagt cacttccagg    151800
     cctcaaacct tcaacctgca gaattagccc tacccagatc ctgagccagt agtgacaagt    151860
     gcaggaaggt gttagtttaa ctgactcact tgtcaggccc caggctctgg aattcgtttt    151920
     attcctccaa gccagtattt catgtttttt tgagtgagcc ccgggtgttc aggtatgact    151980
     tcctcttgcc agctgtgttt tcctgagcaa aactctgtcc tggggctctt gtctgtattc    152040
     atttctaggc ccactccctt acccagtacc tggcacccag tacgcactca ataaatgtct    152100
     actgaactga cctgagataa aaggccccat ccaatgctta gtttgtgtga tggagactct    152160
     aagctactct gcctaaccct tgtcaacctg ttgcccctgg ggcctttccc ccaaatctgc    152220
     agccactgac tgaggaccta tgtacctatg ttacactggg cccttcgagg taaacctgtc    152280
     aatgtgtccc acctgccaga tcacaccatt ttagaaacca gtggcaacct agagaacagc    152340
     agagttcctt ttctatgctc cactgagtgt catcatctat tctacactta cctattaagc    152400
     atctacatag ccctgttctc aaccacagaa ctttagttgt tggaggtcct gaattttcca    152460
     atgttctggc ctactaattc cggtctggac ttcatgaacc agcatttagt ttctgccttg    152520
     gcaaatctgg tcttcagaaa aggaaacatc caactgatga ctgtgttgga ttcccactgc    152580
     aaaccggtga ttgagagtgt gtagccatat tgcttcatga gccatctata cagccacacc    152640
     atcctacatc acaaaatcca gagtgctggt gcaggggggc tgccgtggtt gctggaaggg    152700
     agaagggact accaagaata aggtagctaa gtgttagatt tgtccaagaa cactggctgg    152760
     tcttgtctgc agagagtaga actgctcttt ctatagtctt cctaaactca tgtccagaga    152820
     tctaggacca aggctgcagc aagaaccctg aagcagcaga aagaaacaca ctcagcaagt    152880
     ctttgcctgg tggcaagtgc atggccatgg tgggcatggg cagagacact ggcacagggg    152940
     aaagagccta cctttgccag tgtccatatg caggacagct ctgcacttga caggcccaag    153000
     ccttaccctg ccactctcaa gttgccagca ataacataac atgaaagaat aacaaagggg    153060
     gagaaaaggt gagctgaagt gtaaactaca cccactccaa ctgccctggt agctgcaggt    153120
     gccctccact gctcaactct ttgcacctgc tctcctgctg gaacaagtgg cctattgtgt    153180
     gaggctgtac acatggaggt gctaagcaaa caagaaatga ctcttctgat cataaagtag    153240
     atgggattcc aggaaaactt tactaagcca aataaaagtg attgtaaagc acttggtaaa    153300
     atataaactg ctgcataaat acttaataaa aagctcacag ccatgcacac aaggacaact    153360
     aggtcaaaat ttacccaagc cctctagcct ggagggtctt ggaaagggtg gaaattgtct    153420
     ctctccctct ggttttctta gccactttgt attcctttgc tcttaacctg cccttcagcc    153480
     cttggcactc ccccaatgtc tctctcctgt cacttatata tctctgtggt tagagggctt    153540
     ctaattttca ttctggacag ttgtgtcaaa tattattggg agcaacagac attgaattcc    153600
     attttctttt tcctgctcag aagccccatt ggagttatgc agtgctatgg gggaaacatt    153660
     ttctttaagg tttaattatg tgagttgcac cccaaactct ccaacattag aaatcgagaa    153720
     caactctgac atctcaaaca gccaacctac ctgctcccct gtagctccaa taatacctgg    153780
     aggagtaaaa tgaagagctc actgctgtcg tcaggagaat gattataccc tggggttcct    153840
     tttgaatcac tttcactttg gtctacttgg gaaggcatca aattcaaagt cattaaggta    153900
     gctttatggt gttccctttc ctttcatatt ccctccccca tcaaatatct ttgttatagg    153960
     atctcatagc ctgttatagg tggaaagtgc tttagaggtg attttgtcga attcctttat    154020
     tttataagta aaagaaaaaa cagaagtgca gtgacttgtc caaggtcatg caacaagttc    154080
     acagtagagc taggactcag gctggagtct cagcctaggg caaaggtttt ttgtttgttt    154140
     gtttgcatgg actccaaagc gccacagggg atgcacaggc aatggcttta ttatcagagg    154200
     catgtgagta gaggagatta aatggagagc tagcctcaga ggcaggtgag tgccattttc    154260
     tagcaagggg ctgaaatatc tctaagaact ccttcttcca ggggatggcg ccttatagac    154320
     ttgagaggac atgagagcag agaagcatgg tatgagaggc aggaaatgta cttctactct    154380
     caaggagcaa gactgggcag ggaacaagga aaggacaggg tatagcagta cagaccagag    154440
     aaaagctgga cagaacactc attccaggtc tgctggatga cagattaaag caagctgagg    154500
     tcaggatttc caccaagaat aggaagaagg tgagaaggct ttaaaccttg caggagagaa    154560
     gccaggcatt tgacaggcag gacagtgctg tgggtaaggg atggattgga tgggtttgaa    154620
     gcccatcttg ctgtggcctt tggtaattta ctcaatgtca tcagtagaat cagtaaaatg    154680
     taggtaataa tactgtctgc ttcaaaaggc tgttgttgag aattagtcaa tgcatacaaa    154740
     ctgcctagca tattgtgtgg cacttgggaa gctccataga atggttaatt attactatta    154800
     ttagccactt tactgtctca gtcctgcttt ctgaagtccc actgtaccct tagaatttga    154860
     gagagcaaag ggaagagggc aatgatcaaa atgcatcagg gaggaaaagg taagaggagt    154920
     taaaaagtga aggcagagaa accaacagaa tgggtgagct gcagctctcc cagctctcct    154980
     ccaccccttc aatgtaaacc cccatgactg catcttttcc ctatatttag tagctgtaag    155040
     agtcataggt accaataggt aaccaaccac tccagtttgc tgggactgag gggtttccta    155100
     ggacttggga ccttctgtgc taaacctgga aagtcctagg caacctggaa aaagttgatc    155160
     actgtagggg ccagagggtg tttgctgttc gagattacta tttgttataa ccagagagca    155220
     gggcactgct gctagatgct atccactggg gtttgaaaaa gctgggttat ccagaagcca    155280
     tgtataggaa tttgtaatgg tactttcttc atgcctataa atgaaaaaaa taggggtttc    155340
     ttaaatagat aagcttctcc aggggaacat tagccaattt gaggaggatg gtctttagca    155400
     ggatagccac acagcagtag cctcattatc aatgattctt atttgtatgc ttcgattctc    155460
     tgacacatgc tgtctttctc caaattcaat tcccagcgtt gttattatat gtgcttgaaa    155520
     gtaataaaac tgcatttact ttaaaatgat ctgtcactca gacttttcat taatttaaac    155580
     tgatgctacc aatctctcaa agtatttcct tatcgagggc caactggttt aattcagcac    155640
     cacgggctga cttgtttaaa aataaaattc atggggatag gtggatttgc ttaaaatttt    155700
     ttttaagtga cattcctcaa gtccttgaga gatgtacaga gagagatact caggaagcta    155760
     ctaaaggatc catgtttgta aagagagccc agtaatgctg tgttgattac ccaatgttcc    155820
     atttattcag ggtaaaactt cctcttacat ctgatctact cttctacact aacatctagt    155880
     aaatggaggg taatttataa ttttcaaaaa catctcatat gcattttctt attggaggct    155940
     cacagcaacc ctttgaggta ggcaggggag gtattaattt cacaaaagga gaaaacaaaa    156000
     tagagtttaa gtaatctgct taatggtaca gtgataccat gggaagctag gcctagtact    156060
     aaggtctgtt acccacaact atgtttgttg gttcatccta cgaattcaat aaacatgtat    156120
     agagagttta ttctatggca ggcacagcta agcaatgagg ttctatagat ggaagacaca    156180
     gtactactat ttatttttta ttttatttta ttttattttt tgagacaggg gatcactatg    156240
     tcacccaggt tagagtgcag tggtgcgatc atagctcact gcagcctcga cctctcgggt    156300
     tcaagcaatc ttcccgcctc accctctcgg ataattgaaa ctagaggcac atgccaccac    156360
     gcccggctaa ttttttgtat ttttggtaga gacggggttt cgacatgttg cccagactgg    156420
     tctccaattc ctgagctcag gcaatccacc caccttggcc tcccaaagtg ctgggattac    156480
     aggcatgagc cactgtgccc ggcccacagt accagtcacg aaggagctac tagaagatta    156540
     cagacagaca tgtaaaagct ctcaatatag tgtcgctggg gacatgctag agagaagata    156600
     aggtgccagc aagccttaac ccagacaaag gtgtggacag gaggatccag ggtcctcaga    156660
     agagataatg ttaaggataa gtaggggtaa gctagccaat ggctcttttt ctagcccatt    156720
     ctaagatggt ccttgtctta gtgctcccta ataatatttg gaaattagct tttcagcatg    156780
     agttcttaca tagtgcaatc ctctatgcat ccctccaacc ccaactgctg tatccctacc    156840
     ccaggtggga acaccttact ctggctcctg ctgaacaagt actcatccca gctctaggcc    156900
     cgaagctgtg attagaagca aagagaacaa tgacaaaatg ggccaacaag tggctcaaac    156960
     caagaaaaag ttcatttggg tagtttttaa gatccatctg accatgtgga tcactaagat    157020
     ctcagcgggc aaaaaatagg aagctcctgt gacactggag ttacaaatta aaacaaattt    157080
     cttttccagg gaaatgaaac tacattataa aggagacaaa cccatggatc aaagccatac    157140
     tcacgtaaaa gaataaaatt cattggcttg agaaattggg aaatcgtgac tgattttaat    157200
     gatctttctc cttttctaca aaggctaact caagggtgac agaaaggact ttagagcact    157260
     gaacaactat ttttgacctg caactagact catcatggtt tttaatgtaa tttaggaaca    157320
     ttgcctgagt taatctctat aaagcagtca taggagaaat ggtttaagat gtctttgctg    157380
     tgaaacaaga tgctgaaggt aagaaggcca gcctagcgca cacccttaga tgcaaataac    157440
     tctcacttga tccccagtgg actcaaatgc ccaccatttg taccaaccat gaccaaggat    157500
     tgggattttg atgtttttgc agaaaaaaga ggaaataaca taaaaatgag agggggggta    157560
     ggtgttcctg aaaagttaag aatgggttat tgaagggagc caatatcagg cctaactcca    157620
     tctatctccc agtaaagatc ttcaagggct tttttatagg tttttttgaa gaacagcaat    157680
     aatagctacc atttttgaga gactaactgt gttccaggca ctatactctg cacttcgcaa    157740
     tctcctggaa tcttttcaac aatctgttaa gggagaaact attaactcca ttttacatgt    157800
     ggggaagctg aggatcagag aagaaaagga gctaataggt aatggagcag gcattcaaac    157860
     ccaggctttg ctgactctaa ggttgtaagt ttaaacactc tactacactg ccttaggttg    157920
     ccacataact ctgtgtgctt tttgttaatc cctcaactgt ttggctacat ttctatcagt    157980
     aaaaaatcat cagagaaact caaacaagat tttgtacttg ctgaagtata ggaagaaaga    158040
     gcaaaaaata ggagagctaa atttctttca aagaagtcac caagagcttg taccctaggg    158100
     aaagaactgt gccagtagca gcaaagaaag tggcacctgc cagccatttc ctgtggcctg    158160
     tggaacagaa aaaccaccac cacaatccaa tgatcacagc cacaacaatg acaattgcca    158220
     gaggtgttct aagagcaggg ccgctagcag gaagctccca agaaagaggc ttccctaaca    158280
     tacctttccc tgtgcttcac actccaagtc ccaagagtcc actttcactg atgctcagtg    158340
     attgactatc agaaagaaac tttctgagtc agagaaattg gacaaaaatg tttcaggcgg    158400
     gtgttactgt ttgtagaggt cagaggtgtt ctgatgaagt gacactgata acactaaaag    158460
     aaatttacca gggaaacgtc aggacactta tcacactcag cagccttgtt tcaatcagta    158520
     ttcaacttac atgctctctg aggggtgaat ataaagtcat gacagatttc aaacttgtat    158580
     aaatctacca gaatgtatgc agcccaaacg ttgttgcaac aattatgctg acatcactca    158640
     aaacacttct tgctgggcgt ggtggtacat gcccataatc tcggctacct aggagcctga    158700
     ggcaggagga tcgcttaaac ccaggagttc cagaccagcc tgagcaacac agcgagaccc    158760
     agtctctaca aaaaaattcc tggaactcct ctttggaaac cccatttaaa gccaatataa    158820
     atgttagaag aaggaaacag ccctattatt ttatcctctc actccaaatg aaccccaaat    158880
     ggtatgagcc tgcttgatca gccacctcat ttagcagttt ggttcccaaa gactcacatt    158940
     atttcccaaa aaaaatccag tttaccttta tgggaagaaa catggcccac acctcttcac    159000
     ccttactctg gacatttaca tgggctgctc aaccatggta taatagtaat gacaacatca    159060
     acaccagcta tcaattattt aagtgcctat gtgccagaac ttatcttcac aacagccctg    159120
     cagagtaggt atcattactc ccatcttata aataaggtaa cagaatgtca tattaaatgt    159180
     cctgcccaaa gcacacagct ggtgtctgaa ccaggattaa aatatccatc tggggccagg    159240
     tgcggtggct cacgcctgta atcccagcac tttaggaagc caaggagggc agatcacttg    159300
     aggtcaggag ttcgagacca gcctgaccaa catggtgaaa ccctgtctct actaaaaata    159360
     caaaaattgg ccaggcatgg tggcacgtgc ctataatccc agctacttgg gaggctgagg    159420
     caggagaatc acttgaatcc gggaggctga ggttgtggtg agtcaaaatt gtgccactgc    159480
     actccagcct gggtgacaga gctagactct gactcaaaaa aaaaaaaatc cgtctggatc    159540
     attctaaaga ctgcactctt cccagtatgt attaatcacc tagtgtatgt ttcctaacgt    159600
     ttcagggtct tctcactgaa gatctcagcc tgcaccaccg ataatcaact ggttgagaat    159660
     caacaacttg tagacggcag ggatcagcca taaacccaca aggctttttc caaaaaggag    159720
     gtagaaaaat tattcggaag actggcagca tcagtggagt ccatctgtca cttaccaagg    159780
     cactaccttt gaaggaggca ataatagtta agggacagag aagctctagt atgttaattt    159840
     acccatttct taaaagcaga tatgtttctt cctggttcca tctcctaagc cttccaggct    159900
     aaaatagaag atttctgatt catggagcag tgatagtaaa aggagacagg ccttatccaa    159960
     ccatcagaat cacatttcca agaggaaatt aggaggtgat gtttatttgt tgagggtgtg    160020
     gatatgctgg gacctgcttt ggaggccccc aaatgctctt tgtatcacaa aatgatccaa    160080
     ctgagctcaa cagaggctag aattgtatac taataggaca caatctgctt aaagtaataa    160140
     gctatccagt attcaacagg ttgtctatag acatatcaat gttgagccat gaaaatgtct    160200
     cttcctgcta cttaagacat gacagtcaac caagtctaac acatcctgaa tggagcacac    160260
     tgtattaagc catccgtcag cagcataagc tgtgtttttc tcactcaatt ctgaaggtaa    160320
     agctactgta tatgacacca taatcttaag ggataaatgt tactgtattg ccacgagagt    160380
     atgtcctgat aaatagctgt cactaaagac tacatctaag ataaatcgct gctgaaaaat    160440
     atgccaatct aagtccatag agagattatt acatgggggt actctccaaa ctgatctgtt    160500
     ctgccttacc aggatttaaa aaaattctta gctgccataa atatttcatg ctataccaaa    160560
     ttaagtcact ttctgcataa tccatttctc cttcaaaggc tttccaagag caatcttgac    160620
     ttatctaagg caaggtagaa tatgtaaact gccatactag caaagcatca ttatacttca    160680
     gtatgttcat tcttgggcac acactcaggc taacatagca gttccccaaa tcggaaaaaa    160740
     tgaagtgtca tgtttctgct cctgggaaaa ctaaagtaga aatgaaatcc aaaaatgtct    160800
     tagggggacc aggaactgtg gagatagata gtgataaatc aaataccgaa gccctatttg    160860
     tccctctgtc ccttccacca gcctttcata agcagagcct cctccaatat aggggcaaag    160920
     gaagaactag ctatgagaag agagagttgg gaagttgaag actacacctc agtttctaac    160980
     cctcaaatca ccacaacagt ggctgagaag agctactgag tctcaccttc agcatgactt    161040
     tagtctgact tatgcctgaa tcaatggact ttcggacctg actcaatgct actgaatatt    161100
     atttccattg tccattgttt atgtttttct gtaccctctt cctcttggct ctgtatttta    161160
     tttatttatt tccccattga tgtttgcatt ggctattcta tatttaaaat tgtatgcata    161220
     ctgcttgggc actttggaga aaagccaccc tataaattaa aaaacaacaa caacaacaac    161280
     aaataataac ttattttagc acgagagcat ggaagcgatg tatagcaact gctgcgtacc    161340
     actggcctgc tctgacatga ctagaatgag atgtgcatgt tttatatgta tgtgtgagta    161400
     tatatgcact ttggcatata ggtctttttt tttttttttt tacttaatct ctttactact    161460
     agattgaaga ttctgaaggt ctttccttgt ttccatgtaa accagtgaaa gacttttttg    161520
     tgttagaaat ttttaggtac aacatacact acttgggtga tagatgcact aaaatctcag    161580
     aattcaccac tatataattg atccatgtaa caaaaaccca cttgtactcc aaaagctata    161640
     gaaataaaaa ctaaagaaaa gaaagaactg tgcccccaac caaatttctc aaaatatact    161700
     gtgttcttaa aataattgca ttataaaagc agaatcaact attctccctt gcctttccta    161760
     gatcataggg gaaaaaagaa gctatttcgg tcatttaatt gtttgtatga ttttacacat    161820
     ctcattattt gggtgttcat ggttctctca tattcacttc aacttgctga catgccacag    161880
     tctatccttc caacccagca gaagagagag aaaaatgttt ccttactgta cttttctgaa    161940
     acatccagaa ggttttgaga caacggacaa aactgagaat taacataatt gctttgcata    162000
     ttcccacttc tgccttctca attaagcaga gaaatcctga agaggcatta gaaacattgg    162060
     aagacttgtc tggttaatgg aaataagaga attcaaagtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    162120
     tatatatata aaatttctca ggtgaaatga gaggtaagat tgcataagat aaagaggagg    162180
     cagattcacc acaattttcc cctgcagatc ttagggagtt tatttagtaa tgccagctgc    162240
     cccatgtgac agtctcagag tcatcatgag agaattaaag atgaacatgc attcataaca    162300
     tagttttttt ttttttttta agagatgggg tcttgctgtg tgcccaggca ggactgaaac    162360
     tcctgggctc aaatagtcct cctgccttag ccttctgagt agctgggaca acaagcacgt    162420
     gtcaccatgc ccagctccaa tttgtaatga acagaagtgg ctatgtagaa actgtcagcc    162480
     agaaaacagc aatatcctgg agctgacatc tggagctagg cccatctggc ccagcaacat    162540
     gataaagggg tagcattagc agctccagct gaatcacaaa gggaactaag gcatcgtgcc    162600
     acaaagtaaa gcagttgtct atgcagagtt gataagcctc aaagtcacta gggaaatata    162660
     aacccctatg ggaggtgtgc taattgtagg agaggccagc tgactacaaa cagaaggctg    162720
     acacaaagac tcaggggaga atcattgcaa aggattacag agatgaggtc tggtgatagg    162780
     ctagcattta gatggtgctc aaggatgatg gggatgggag gcctataggt ttggctgacc    162840
     tgtcttcaag gataagggtg agctaagctg aatgcagagg tagtgagaga gatctgacag    162900
     agaagtagtt gctcagagtt tatataaaaa tggataaaaa ctgatgaatg gataaacaaa    162960
     atatgttata tacctacaat gaaatattat ttggccataa aatgataaag tactgatatg    163020
     tgctacaact tggataaacc ttaagaacat aatgctaagt gaatgattcc atttatatga    163080
     aacccttaga ataagtaaat ctgttgtgac agaaagcaga ttgttgcttg ccaggggctg    163140
     gaggaaaggg gaaatgggga gtgcccatta atgtacaaca aggtttcctt ttggagtgat    163200
     gaaatgtctt ggaactagag agagatggtg gttgtacaac attgtgaatg gactaaatgc    163260
     cactgaatcg tataccttaa aatggtaatt ttgtcatgca aattttacct caacacacac    163320
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacactt gcgcctgcac acacacgcac    163380
     aatacacatg gatggggcct ctgttgtgat acctctaaga ggagctctct ctggactgct    163440
     ggggaagaga tggggttgat tttctttttt tgtttgtttg tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttt    163500
     ggagacggat ggagtctcgc tttgtcaccc aggctggagt gcagtggcgc gatctcggct    163560
     cactgcaagc tctgcctcct gggttcacgc cattctccta cctcagcctc ccaagtagct    163620
     gggattacgg gcacctgcca ccatggccgg ctaatttttt tttttttttt ttttttttgg    163680
     atttttagta gagacgaggt ttcaccatgt tagccaggat ggtctcgatc tcctgacctc    163740
     gtgatccgcc tgcctcggcc tcccaaagtg ctgggattac aggtgtgagc caccgtgccc    163800
     ggcagagatg gcttgatttt ctttcctcat ccttctctag gttgtgaact ccttagcagg    163860
     ggcaggagct ggattctact tatcaaggta tgccctatta tatattaagt gctcaatctg    163920
     tgtggaatga gcctgaatta tcagagtttt tttttttttt ttttgagatg gagtcttact    163980
     ctgtcgccca ggctggagtg cagtggcatg atctcagctc actgcaacct ctgcctcctg    164040
     ggttctcagc tcactgcaac ctccacctcc tggaaagtga ttctcctacc tcagcctccc    164100
     aagtagctgg gactacgggt acctgccacg acgcccggat attttttttt ttaaatattt    164160
     ttagtagaga tggggtttca ctatattggc caggctggtc tcgaactcct gaacttgtga    164220
     tctgcctgcc tcggcctccc agagtgctgg gattacaggc gtgagccacc acgcctggcc    164280
     tatcagatat taaatgtaaa gacaaaatac gttttttttt ttctcacaaa ctaggggttt    164340
     ttgaacatat atagtttaaa cagttcctgt gttatactaa tttaaacaag tgtcaaactc    164400
     tgtttactaa tttatagatt ctaaactaat ttatagaaac taaaactaat ttatagttgc    164460
     tctgttatac taatttataa agtatcaaac tatccagaaa atgaatgaaa attcagtcaa    164520
     ttatccagat atttggccta gcaaaaaggg tgtttgagaa tgatttacaa aaatgttcac    164580
     tgttcatttg ggtgttatca gggcaaagac atttacttat tgtgaagtcc agtgttagca    164640
     atctgggttc ctttatcttt ctcttggtct caaggactct ctaattgaaa ttctctgtag    164700
     tttgacaaag gcagaagctg gaggatcttt ctgcctttgg caattttagg aaatctttgc    164760
     ctgtaggata tgctagtggc tcacataaaa gaggatatct cacatgggcc cagtttgcta    164820
     atttgaaggt ttctcagcta agtcctggta gacaaaccaa tgtttatctc aagcccagat    164880
     agggtggtgg tgggaagctg agaaggaaga atgataggct tatgtggtac tctctaagac    164940
     tggatcggtg aaaacattct cttcattcat atttcaattg attgcattca taagagataa    165000
     aaatggaaag gatggaaaat atgaccttat tcagagagat aaggaattaa ctctttaaaa    165060
     gttgagtgat cgatacatcc atagtaggct acaaacagct ctaataaccc aactgacatg    165120
     aatattgctc agtatttccc tcaacatcaa tattttcctt ttgatcaagt gtctccactg    165180
     acaagtctca ttccctatca ggatccttga ttttcataat ttttcttgac taaaagtaaa    165240
     atttttcaca ggcacacaaa cttgacctag aaagataaca aagttacaac ccattggaca    165300
     ataggaagtg gtaactgtta cttaagacta aattaaatga gaaatttatt gaaaagctct    165360
     agaaagaggt tttcactata gatgagacac gagtgcaaag ctaatcttta taaatggtac    165420
     aaatagaagc cctacatgtc ttcaggctaa agaacttcat attattaaag gtatattcct    165480
     gagtaattta aaaaaaaact tagtttgaca ttattcccta gtttgatcat tgcattaggt    165540
     cagtaataca agtacaagtt aattataacc tgaggttact aaccaagaag gagtcacttc    165600
     ctggattaca ctacccttat tctctctgaa aatatgtttg atttattttc ttcctccctt    165660
     ccttgccttc atccttcctt ccttcttacc tcccttcttt cctttctttc tttcctggat    165720
     agtatatatt aacaataaaa gtcgttttga aaataaagat ttttcagaaa tcagaaatat    165780
     aaataggagt ttggaatatt agcttttctc catactacaa tatttatttt attattttgt    165840
     tcagtaccct aaggcttaaa gctagcaaat gaaacaaaaa tatttcagtt accatagttc    165900
     ttttaatgat ataaaagtac atttggctaa cttttggact cattcaaatt tagcaggctt    165960
     cggaatccac catttgatag aagagaaatt tcttggttcc agggcatcat tcttcaccaa    166020
     agtgtaccaa acatgaagta gtcagtatga gcaaaattca ataaaaattc cactaattca    166080
     aaatacatag gcctaggaat aaattatttt acaattaact aaaactggat cgatccgatt    166140
     tttcaccata aacaatagaa gataaatcca gcagggttat aatatttgct tcaaacaatc    166200
     acaatgaaga aacaaatatt agtgcttgat attggataag tgctcaaata tttgttagaa    166260
     tgaatacgtg aatgaatgaa cacatcagta aataaatata tttgtaaagt aaaatttcct    166320
     ttttaataag aaaccatggt tagaatataa gctgcttaaa acaaatattc aggagttgtt    166380
     catttttcgc taaagtaaca tataacactg gacaaggcac tggaatggtt tgtcatcaag    166440
     tttatgtaag aagcacatat ttgacctgtg gatatattct ttttcaaata gttattgttt    166500
     gtatcagttt taaagcatca gctttttata aagccaaata ccaactgttt ttttctgaaa    166560
     attaaaaaaa aatgttcatg attcttctta gtacctgatg agcttttagg atgacaaata    166620
     tacattattt ctccagtgca tggagccatt aatccttcca ggctgattta catttgccag    166680
     agagaagtgt atctccatac aatttcagtg cctcattcag ggtggcacgc aaccttattc    166740
     tcattgtccc atgtcagtaa aatagcatag atgaggaaca agctattttc tgacatgtct    166800
     tttgttttgc gttggaaaga ggaggagtga aggggaaagg gggaaaaata gagaagtaat    166860
     ataaattgag cttccagcat gtgccagttt gctaggggct tttcatttat gacctctcct    166920
     aacagttaca acaatcctgt gagatgccct tcccttacag aggaggagga ccttgagact    166980
     ttttaggtta agtgactcac ccaaggccac agttagtagc agaactgaga ggcaaatcca    167040
     aattcatctg gctccaaagc cttcctcttt gcactccatt atactgttaa taaattccat    167100
     tcagcattcc atgtcctggt attgggtccc actagaatgt aagctcttca aagcagctaa    167160
     cttgcctttt tcgcccttgc atccctacct agcacctagc ttggtgccta acacataata    167220
     tctcaaaaca taaatgttga aggtatgaat gagtgaataa attaataaga aaaaaataca    167280
     gattgtcaga cctggagggg ctctaatcca accacctcct tttttagatg ggggaaacca    167340
     aggcctagag agattaagtc acttgccttt ggttaagcaa ctaattagtg aaagattcag    167400
     actcgatttt gggtctcttc tgtattctcc tctacaacat gctacttgta caaacatttt    167460
     ctaaagcatg ttcatcaact ctttgtggtt tcctaagcat tctgtcctct tgatttaatt    167520
     tttttaatca caagctattc ctcccacatg gaaagcaatg gagattagga ataccagtag    167580
     cgcaccagaa tgaaagctct gcgaggacag gaaattatgt ctgttttgtt catttcaaca    167640
     ggcttggcac ttagaaggtg ctcagtaaat acctgctgaa taaatgaata taatgaatat    167700
     atatgatttc cttttcagtg atgagcaaat tcttcacaca taatgatagc atagattata    167760
     ttaacaaata ctcggctggg tggagtggct cacagctgta atttcagcac tttgggaggc    167820
     cgaggcaggt ggatcaccca agatcaggag tttgagacca gcctggccaa catggtgaaa    167880
     ccccatctat actaaaaata caaaagttag ccaggcatga tggcaggtgc ctgtaatcac    167940
     agctactcgg gaggctgagg tgggagaatc acttgatcct gggaggcgga ggttgcagtg    168000
     agccaagatc gcaccattgt actccagcct gggtgacaaa gtgagactct gtctcaaaaa    168060
     acaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa acaaaacaag caaacaaaca aaacccacaa atgctccata    168120
     aaatatttcg gtaaaattgc tcagtgaaat ggtattcctc tttccctccc ttttcttcct    168180
     ttctctatct tcatctgtat aatgggggaa aataacagta ttcatttcat aggattttta    168240
     taaagataaa taatacatac aaagcactta gcatggtact taatatacaa ttaactctca    168300
     ataaatgata gctttcaaga tgaatgtgat ttcttcaaat caaataaata aggacccaca    168360
     taatgaggag atggaagaat cgaagacaaa agaaagttgt tttatgcttt aaactctgta    168420
     aaattgcctt cagacacagt tctctatgtg tttcaaactt tgcaacttct aggagggcta    168480
     taaattatag acatcatctg gaatgtcata gatgttttct ctttttcttg gagagtcttg    168540
     ctctgtcacc caggctggag tgcagtgatg cgatctcagc tcattgcaac ctccacctcc    168600
     caggttcaaa tgatccttct gcctcagcct ccccagtagc tgggactaca ggcttgcgcc    168660
     atcatgcctg gctaactttt gtatttttag tagagctggg gtttcactgt gttaggctgg    168720
     tctcgaactc ctgacctcag gtgatctgcc cacctcagcc tcccaaactg ctgggattac    168780
     aggcatgagc caccgcaccc agcctcatag atttctctag aatttttctg gtgaaattaa    168840
     tggagataga agacataatt aacttttata taaacatatg gcaattattc ctcaaatatt    168900
     gctatatgta actttcaaaa aagatcacct ctccacgagt tcttgtccat tccagcaaag    168960
     ggtgtcgttt tccgccacag ggctatggct gcagatgtag ccaggcaaag cactatagaa    169020
     gctgatgaaa gacttcaact tctgaattag ttccctaaaa gaaaaacaaa acatctgtgc    169080
     ataagaggca agtaaactca gtatgagaaa agtttaattc ccttatcagc atgacagaaa    169140
     ggctctgcca ggctgattag agcaataaat gacttttaaa gacattcttg gctacaaggc    169200
     cacagtttag tttttttaaa aaaatcaata aaatgatatt agaaaaaaag ttgactgcca    169260
     tataaggtgc tgtttctatc agaaggatga tttaattcca acattcattt tctaagacgt    169320
     tccacttcca tttttcttat tcagaatgct gttacctaca ttttcaaagg tgctgattac    169380
     aaggtacact ggagcactac atatcttttg gtttctgagt gtaattgggt gcattgattg    169440
     taatttacaa tgctattacc ctagagatgg cccgtttcca tataggctct ggctaatggt    169500
     tgcagatcag aattgcaggg tgctcagaac agtataagct ctatgaaatt ctcctggcaa    169560
     tacagtcaga gcaactcaca tctgccagaa gaggaaggtt tctttgttat ttgtatattg    169620
     tggctcctgt gagggagagg gagcagggtg ggggacaatt ctagtatatt ttattattta    169680
     tttgcttttg tttttgtgct acatataata agacaagtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    169740
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgacaga gagagaaaga gagagtgaca gagagagaga atatattatg    169800
     tctgcaattg tatgtaaaca catacacata taccagaaaa atttcaggtc tgttatctca    169860
     tttcagatgt acatggatac acaaagtaat atgccttaga ctggagagaa gtggatatgt    169920
     ttaaaaagaa atattaaaat atctatgtaa tagatgtaca gtggtaaata aacaaagata    169980
     aaacacactt tattttctaa agcaatgtta ctggtagaaa attaaagcat ccttcacatc    170040
     caaatgtacc ttatgtctat actaagtttt tggagactct attcagggaa ttttctggca    170100
     gtggagtaat tattcaatat tgtctccagg ctaagaatgg actggcctga tgtacaggcc    170160
     tctataggaa ctagaggcct gaatatcatt tggacactgg tagaattcct tagcccagaa    170220
     atgccttctg ggagctgttc tcagatctgg ccaaatgagg aagactggtg aaaatatcct    170280
     cttggactta atccgattct tcattttatt actctatggt ttaagatggc ttgtcctcac    170340
     caaaactcat gtggaggtgt ggtccccaag gtggcagtgt tgggaggtgg tgccttttag    170400
     aggtgaaaat ggacttatgt ctgccttgca agcctgggtt ggttctccag ggattggatt    170460
     agttaccagg agagcagttg ttataaagtg agactgcctt tcatatttgt ccttttcact    170520
     tgtgctcagt tccctttcct tttctccacc atgttttcac acagtatgag gccttctaaa    170580
     tgaaggcctc acaagatgag accgcctaat cttgaacttc ccagcctaat aaataaacct    170640
     cttttcttga taaatcatcc agtcttagga attctgttac agcaacataa aacaaactag    170700
     gacaattacc ataaaactct tcatttcaac taatgattta agaggcgggg gagggagaga    170760
     aagggctctc agcatagatt cacaaaggct tgggtcactg caaagccaag gtgatggaca    170820
     gaacaactca agaaaggttg ttgggacata tttaacttct gatacccaca agtcacttcc    170880
     tgttatgcct gtacccccta ccccacagcc tacccctggt gtctgagcac catcaatctc    170940
     caaaaagaag aggctcaata cagagctctg aaaataaaag tcaacattat agttcctcat    171000
     agaagaaaaa gatgggttca attaacagct aataggagag atgttctgtt ttacaaggta    171060
     ataatacagt tcccaagagt ggaagctgaa agagtaaagg ctgagtctaa gtaattcccc    171120
     ccactccata aggaaatgga atatggccat tagtctacga gaaacaatgg ccctctctta    171180
     aaggaaagag tttcccttag gcctctccct acctccaaac cccctctcac taacaccgca    171240
     catggcaaga aaaattgaac ccatgcaagg ccttccattt tgatttccat agaagttaaa    171300
     aaaaaaccaa aaaacaaaca aaaaaaaaac caccctgaac ttctcccaac ccttgcagtt    171360
     ttcttggtgg atcataaaga ttattgacaa tttgaagaag atcaagatga ggttcgatct    171420
     aaatgtcaag agcatgaggg gctgcaataa acataagacc tcccacttta gtatagaaag    171480
     atattacctg gaagggtcaa gataaaagtc taagaaaacc acaaagaatg tgaatatatt    171540
     agtctgttct cacatcgcta tgaagaaata cccgactggg taatttataa agaaaagcca    171600
     gctctgcatg gctggggagg cctcaggaaa ctcacaatta tggcagaagt ggaagcaaac    171660
     gtgtccttct tcacatggtg gcaggaagga gaaaaatgag ttccaagcaa agggggaagc    171720
     cccttatgaa tccatcagat cttgtgagaa ctaatttact atcatgagaa caggatgggg    171780
     gaaccacctc catgattcaa ttatctccac ctggttgggg aatgatagct aaagggtaca    171840
     gagtttcttc ctgaagtgat gaaaatgttc caaaatctac tgtgatgatg gttgcataac    171900
     tctgcggata tactaagaac aaatgaatta tacactttaa atggatagat tgtatggtat    171960
     gtggattaaa tctcaataaa gctgttaccc ctgcccctaa aaagaaaggg tagagaagag    172020
     gtgagaaata tgtcttagag aaagagaggg ttctctagta tggggaggga tgccccttgg    172080
     aagaatgaaa acagacaggg aggagagttg ggaaaagcca ggctggatgc aaataaaata    172140
     aacacatagg tggtgaggga agaaaagaga aatttgtaaa agctgcagct tcagtgccgc    172200
     accagctgta aacagttcaa atatattctt cctccatctt ctaaaataaa gtattttgtt    172260
     ttctttctca ttgtaaaaga aatatatgtt cactatggag aatttagaaa ataaagaaag    172320
     atagaaaggg aaaaaaattc atggtcccac cagacacaga taatcactgt taatatttca    172380
     atgtagtttg ttctagattt ttctcttgag taaagtttta catttatttc tttaaaacct    172440
     attcttcttg ataggcttgt tctctgagtt ctttttggtt cttagtgtgt attatctcca    172500
     ttagaatcca cttagaatcc aaggtagatt tgactacaag aacctcagaa ttaaataaat    172560
     cctggttctc aactaattcc caggccctgt gggatgagac agggagaaca aagagtagat    172620
     ctccagcaca gttctcaaac tggtcaatat cttagagtcc caaaggacag tgttacggtg    172680
     aagaccattc ctttatggaa aaccttctga attactgtga gaaaatacat cttggtctct    172740
     aaaagaaact gattattgaa aataagtgca gacatactgt tttggagggt agggaagaag    172800
     acttcagaaa ctgttggaga gttaatgagt ttttcaaagg acagcaacaa caggtgataa    172860
     tgtcctctga cactacagca gcagagttac aagagtagtt tacctcctac caagtttact    172920
     gggcctctct catctctcct cttctttgtc tcttcctgtc attcctttct aaacttgttc    172980
     cagcacagga attaagcata ttttaatctt ttcttaaata aaggtttata ttcctctgct    173040
     tatagttgta aaagaggagt tgaatatttc tatttttctc tttaaagaaa gacacatgaa    173100
     actaagtgac atgttaatta cccatgtatg acacagtcca gatttttttc ctttgtgcta    173160
     gtagcccatg acagacaaca aaagaatctc cacctgtgaa ctaagacagt ctgctcaact    173220
     gaattgttcc taggggaaaa aaaagaggat agaaagtttg gacaattcgt tgcctgggat    173280
     gggaaaaaca atttgattga agggaatgtt ctttgattgt aattccactt tattctaata    173340
     cataaatgtc aaacatagca ttgacataca aaaattctga tgcctacagc tctcagttag    173400
     acaaatccaa catttgctta cgacagcctg ctcaggaaaa agtctcttca tagaggtttc    173460
     cattcaatgt gttaaatgtg gaactaaagg atagggcccc tttgcacgca cgagccattt    173520
     tcaaatatgg cagctgggtg cacgtgatct tccctggagg gcttccatca tcctgaagag    173580
     gatcatccct tcccttcttt ggttgcaggg gaggagattg cctttgcttt cttgcaatga    173640
     tttgcttggg caggcatcaa agcagcacta attggaaatc actgcaagta aaaacagcct    173700
     ttcatccctg actgcagacc tggaactttt tcctttatta ttaaggttcg tttttttctc    173760
     ttcatgtaaa gtaatatgag cttattattt ttaaaagttg acaatgcaaa aaagtaccta    173820
     aactaaaata acgaaaattg gaatgatgta agatcatgcc taattctgct ggagagagcc    173880
     tttcacagtt taatcccaaa ctagagcttt ctaccattct aaagacttgc ccatactttt    173940
     tctcatagtg ttccctttgc ccagaacgcc ctcctttcct tcctcaatct gctgagcttg    174000
     tttgaactta tccttcaggc tgagctcaaa agttaccttt tccaagaagt ctttcttaat    174060
     gctccgagga gaggggctat cttccccatc tgtgacactg ccactctttt gcacctagct    174120
     ctgatttggc actcaccccc caatgtatgg aaattattca tttgcatgtc tccctcccta    174180
     actaagctag gtgctcctcc attcctcaga gcctaaccct tacacaatgt gaagcataga    174240
     gatggtgttg acaaatgttg aaagaagtag aggcctattt agggcagaat gacttgtacc    174300
     agatccagaa ctcgttgatt cactcaggac atactttgtt gttttgttca gagtgggtgg    174360
     gagtaggcat tgattttgga ctaggggagc tgaggtcagc ttttgttctt ttctttctag    174420
     gtcatttact agtgtcacct gatccgttgc cgctttagac caagtcagag gggaaggaga    174480
     ggagggggag cacaggaagg agaaggctgg aatatgtaga tataatttca caagggtgga    174540
     gggaactgtg tgactttctc acaagttagc agttgggcca gaagcttggt atctgtagat    174600
     gcaagatgga ctattcaacc atagattcgg catttgaaca atggaaaaat attgttcatg    174660
     tactcaacca aacagtacat tgtggcaagg taaacagtat cataagggaa gcagtgaagt    174720
     agacattcgg aagggcaaag aagggagaag ctgacaactg agatgtgcca aaaatatgaa    174780
     agctagaagg ggcagtgaag atctgatttc ttctattctg attgtactag ttgtgcatct    174840
     tgttctccac tcactgtttt aaatctatga cagatatttt caatacttat cccttaaagg    174900
     aacactgagt cccacacata gaccaccagt tcagtatcaa atcgccttga aattgaacta    174960
     agctatttct aagattagct gtgtgttgca aactacccag ttgggggcag acaaaacaaa    175020
     cagatgactt ctgaatacta ccaaaggaat tcattgtgtg ttgttatttt aataaggcaa    175080
     agggcttttc aactcatgat cagattcaga cagctcgctc acaacctcca cagactgaat    175140
     actacaatag ggttcctttg caattatcat atttttaacc acagaggacg gagcttgggc    175200
     atgggcatga ggagagctag aggcacatat atttttctgg acagtgtgaa atgctgtgca    175260
     gaacatactg agagatttat agaggtacta acactgcaaa aacaaaccct cttaataaca    175320
     tcagattgca gggggcagtg catttagcaa gagatcatct taattcccac ttctcctctc    175380
     tccctaaaag gggttacaat gcctatttga gggagttaaa taaaatcaga tactctcctg    175440
     ttgtttcgtt ttcttcttct gccagagaat tcacaaagaa aggctccatc tcagattcta    175500
     atgcttcagt ttcaaaaaaa gtgagtaaca tcattgggca ggctcgatct cctaacacca    175560
     aagaagctct gcctgaccat catttactca actctacagg ctttgtcagt ttttcttact    175620
     atcctttctt ttccttggag gatgaatcta ggccacatgt ggtggctcac gagaatggct    175680
     ttaacctggg aggcataggt cacagtgagc tgagatcgcg ccactgcact ccagcctggg    175740
     tgacagagcg agactcagtc tcagaaatac atgtatatga atctaaacaa agtaccaagt    175800
     ccagtgccca gccaaaatct catttatcaa tttcttcttt ccctggagga atcaacacac    175860
     atacagctgt ccccactaag gtgaaaggga atgagttccc cagagcccaa gatagaagtt    175920
     atagcaacag gcctgggtaa acctcctact tataaatgtg tctaggttgg cagagtaatc    175980
     tcaaaatggg actgagtggg tgtgttaatt ttgaaaaagc tctgcatgtg attcggctac    176040
     aaattcatat accacatcct ccatgaagcc tcaaggttct gtctttccct gtaggctgcc    176100
     tctgtactct ggacattctt ttgctttagc acttaaaaag ctgttttcga attatttgta    176160
     cttaagtcta tttccccatt aaactgagct ggagagcata gattgtgtct ttgtattttc    176220
     agtgcctagt atacattttg gtacttaaca agtgtttact aaattttcgc tgaattgaat    176280
     aaagatacac cccacccaca cacacatata gagtaagtcc tcacttaatg tcatttatag    176340
     gttcttggaa actgaaactt aaagtgaaac aatgtacagc aggtcctcga ataacgtggt    176400
     ttcattcaac atcgttttgt tataatggtg atgaggaaaa aattggtttt gttatatgtt    176460
     gttttgctta aaattgcagt ttttaagaac ttacagacac agttaagtga ggattttcta    176520
     tctatctatc tatctatcta tctgtctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta    176580
     tctatctatc atcttcactt cagtcaaata tggaaggggt tgccactagt taaaggtcaa    176640
     tgccttagat gaactgaagt ttattcctaa ggtggttcag tccaagagta aatgcaaagg    176700
     agaaaaatgg acaaaggaca ggcaggtgca aaagagggcc ttaataaatg gcctaaaaga    176760
     caaaaatttt ccaaagaacc cctatgctat agcagaatgg ctctcaaaca ttttgatgtt    176820
     gggagccctg aagtagtttt gaaatacatc cacaaacgcc ttgattctcc tcccttcaag    176880
     aggtggagct tcatttcctc cctctccttg agtgtggatt agaattagtg gctcactggc    176940
     tgggtgcagt ggctcacgcc tgtaatccca gcattttggg aggctgaggc aggtggatca    177000
     cctgaggtca agagtttgag atcagcctgg ccagcatggt gaaaccctgt ctctactaaa    177060
     aatacaaaaa ttagccaggc atggtggtgg gcgcctgtaa tcccagctac tcaggaggct    177120
     gaggcaggag aattgcttga acacaggagg tggaggttgc agtgagctga gatggcgcca    177180
     ttgcactcca gcctgggtga cagatcaaga ctctgtctca aaaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa    177240
     aaccacaaag aattagtggc tcacttctga caaatcaaat atgcccaaac tgatggtgtg    177300
     tcactttaaa gactaggcca taaaagacac tatagctttc tccttgctgt cttccatgga    177360
     tcacttattg tggggtagcc agctgccatg tcctgaggct actcatatgg tccatacggt    177420
     gaggaactga gacctccttc caacaaccag cactaacttg ttacacttgt aagtgagcca    177480
     ccactttgga agttggtcct ccagactcca tcaacatttt gaatgactgc agcctcagga    177540
     tcccaaagag cttttgttta tatgatatat atttatcgat atttactgtt ttagaaattt    177600
     ttaaaaattt taaagttatt attaatttga aactagcaat tgtggaccca ttacatgtta    177660
     atataaatat taataacatt ttatgacaac agtgagaaaa atggtatcat ttttcatttt    177720
     tgcaagctgt ctctactgtc tggcttgata ggggataggt agattctcct attgacttct    177780
     gcatttaata tgttgcaata aattgttttg tttgaagtat atgaacaata tccagcttca    177840
     cacaaatatg taattagcaa aaggaacatc tcataggtgc cctgaaagcg tcactgggac    177900
     tcccagcagt cctggaatca cattttaaaa tagctgctac agggaaacta ggaatccatt    177960
     agattgaaag tcaacaaaag agaagaaatg aggactttct gaaatgcttc agtgggggaa    178020
     ctctgtcaag ctgcattact gccttctttc atcctaaatt gtatcagatc acgctaagaa    178080
     ttaccatctc agaaacccct ataggaaaat gagaggaatg aaatagttta gcccaaatct    178140
     gggatgttat ttaattcctt tcttcatttt ctatctatag gccaatgtca cctaaccccc    178200
     tcaaggtcaa taggaacaac tcatgtctag ctattcttga gccagtggca gggctggcta    178260
     catgtgcagt cttttcaggt agggcacttc ttctagaatt gtattgggct tttgatccaa    178320
     tttctacccc tttattgtaa tcaaaaaaat agaatgggga tagagggaac ctggatcagg    178380
     ggagaatgga tgaagagaat aagaaacaaa cgtggatttt gtcccctgac tgttgtttta    178440
     agaaccagga accagatcct tcattttatc atttttaaaa ggtgtgtaaa gtgtgcagtg    178500
     tctgtgtata tacatgaatg tgtctcacca gcttctctct ggtgaattta actctgactc    178560
     actgttaata atgggaaaag ctacaaagca agccaaggaa tcgtgagacc agattgtaag    178620
     cagaaacaat tttgcttaat caataaaaga tcttgaatag ggaagtcctt tccacacatg    178680
     ttgctgtact agatatttat gaacagtaaa tttacattta aatatgcctt ggatataata    178740
     tcatcttttt ttaaacattg acagatgata aaatttaatt aatcaagcac tctactcaga    178800
     agaactaaat aacatgtatt taagaagttt cactctagtg gtttttgacc ttaaaataca    178860
     attgttaatt gtattgtgga ataaagaaaa aagaaacctc tcaccttctt cggctggata    178920
     aggtttcttc atgttctaca cgagcaactt ttaatacttt cttgtcaata aagagatctt    178980
     caggataata agcagatcta tattggcgtt gttgagaatg ggcacataac ttgccaatct    179040
     gaaaaaagaa atgcaatata attatatgat acttgtgcag atatgatagt agaaacaaat    179100
     tctgaaaggc acttcaattt cttcccccaa ttttaaatag cagaacaaag ctatgactag    179160
     agtcaaaaaa ggtgataagc ttgtaagaca aagaaccact ggtggaaaga aggctggaga    179220
     cggggaatgg gggccccatt ctaagtacag cctattcaga gatttcctaa gataaaaaat    179280
     ggcttttttt ctatagtgaa gtatacattt gagaggactg tcaacgcagg cctcacgcta    179340
     ttgatacctt tcaatggcac ttagtattaa tacgtatgaa gaagttcaca aaagggaatt    179400
     gcaaaattta ggaagaactg gcgcagaaga tgggggttgt gtagccagtt aatagaagag    179460
     cagcctccca agcacagagt gctcccaatt tctatgagta tttttttata agacccaaga    179520
     taaggtactc tgataaaaag catgattgct catctggatt tcctaaaaat acccaaggga    179580
     agaaggcaag tcaaccaatc agtagccagc gacaggcagc tcacacctgt aattccagca    179640
     cttcgggagg ctgaggcaag aggatcactt gtggccagga gttcaaagcc agcctgggca    179700
     acgcagcaag acccagtctc tgcaaaaaat aaaaaattag ccaggcatgg tggcgtacac    179760
     ctgtagtccc agctactcag gaggctgagg tgggaggatc gtttgagcct gggaggtcaa    179820
     ggctgcagtg agccatgatt gtgccactgc actccagcct gagtgataga gggagatcct    179880
     gtttctaata aataaataaa taaataagca agccagtgtc atcacctatg aatcatatat    179940
     cattaaataa gcccaggatt aaaagtattt taaaaacata ggtgctcaac agtctccctt    180000
     tcttccttcc tccctgtctc cttctttcct ccctttcttc cttccatctt ttctcattca    180060
     ttcattcaaa aatatttatt ggatatctct cgctaaagct gacctctttt acactcatat    180120
     agcaatactt tttaaaaaat ggcataatct ttcttactta gctccattct acttgatttt    180180
     tttggtttaa ttattagtag atttgctact tttttcactt tcaagcaaaa gcctaaatga    180240
     acctccatat aaagaaatat gaatattaac attcttatat atctcccttg tgccagacac    180300
     tatgccaact attatcatcc ccattttaga gatgaggaaa ttgaggctta gggagttaag    180360
     tgacttgcat gaggcagaaa aacagtggac tcacttgtct gacttagaac ccatttatct    180420
     gacttcaaag attatgcgac attgcctccc tagcagataa tgcttgacct tccagtggct    180480
     tacattctcc attgtagaaa aatataaaga actaccagtc ctcaaaaaca tagccatcca    180540
     acgtagccaa ggtgaatata tggactgtaa acttcaggaa aaatattaga aatatctggc    180600
     aaggagaagg gttgtatgtt tgtcactttt gtatttccac gctattcaga ctggattttg    180660
     tgtgcctaag ttaggtgaat taattgaagt gaattgaaag aatcttctat tatcagcctc    180720
     agctcagcac tctacttata agccatgggc tctgtgtggt aatcccagct tctggatttc    180780
     tcaagatggc cctgacagca tttactaagt tatctattta tacagctttg gaaggctttt    180840
     catataaata aattctcgaa ttagaaaaaa aaatctagaa tcagagtagc atcaccttca    180900
     tttataaaag atagcatcta tagtttgata ttcagatgag ctatactcaa tagtttatct    180960
     taatgggaat aaaacaaaag ccgaagacac ttaaagacat tcaatttggc tttggaatgc    181020
     atgatactga atttttcaga tgtgcttatg taatgctatg tgacttgagc taatattaac    181080
     ttcaaacgaa gcatgtgcat tccatgaata tgccttaact agtagcagtc tggtagggtg    181140
     ctttaggtca ggggctgcct agctggactg gggagttaag ttccaatcat tttcaaagca    181200
     tataatgcag atgccaaata aatgagggca gactgtgtat taccactttc tgtctgaaga    181260
     catatacatg tttactttgt gaaaatgcag gtaaaatttc atggaacaaa accttgatgt    181320
     ttgttccata aatatctatt attctgtgaa taaacattca tgtgagaact catttcagta    181380
     ggatcaaagt attcttagca cattcaagag catagtacac attctcttga cctacacctg    181440
     ttcccagtcc agcatcaaaa tcaaatcttt cacacatctt tcacagtaac ttgtctactt    181500
     gcaacccaca gctgtgaaat ctccctcccc attgaaagtc agccctttgt atcagtgaat    181560
     actaattggc ccacagaaag actttaaagt ttttaacccc ctcccccctc accaacccca    181620
     acctactgga aaggggtgca gctgaggcaa aagtaggaag gttgagaaca aatgataatg    181680
     tcgccactct gcagtctgat ctttcttccc aagccaccca atatagtatt atcaagccaa    181740
     ctttccaagg ctctgtgtgg ggtaaggcgc aaacaatggt gtcctgccaa taaccctact    181800
     cctccatctg aaatgtgcca catcttatca gacaggctgc attttcttcc acaaatctac    181860
     catgaagcaa attcttctca tatacaaagc atttgtcaaa tatattccct cctttgggcc    181920
     cttctcccta catctttcac ctccacacta tgtgagctat aggtgaatat tatgagctta    181980
     ttttgagaag tggacactaa aagaaaacat aacttacaaa gagatgcagc attcacatta    182040
     aagaagtcct ttcagcttca cacttgggaa acatcaggct atgctgggag acttgagtct    182100
     tattcttcag cagcccttac tgaagaagcc agcctcccaa gtggcatttt agaaatcagt    182160
     atcctgccca ggagttttag gctcttaaat aagaagtgca atccaatttc ctttcgctga    182220
     ctaatgtatc tagtcaagga tgctgctacc tttaaatttg gttagttgga gggaatttat    182280
     tggataggtg agtgtctcta ccaaaagact ggaatataaa acctttttgt tttccataga    182340
     ccatgattcc taaaggtgtt tttatttatg tgctagactt ttgacaagga aagcaatagt    182400
     gctctgcagg gttacaagtc ctgaaacata agaagaaggc agggcctctg accatatcca    182460
     ggccaggaag attttttttt tttttttttt ttttttaaag acagagtctc actcagtcgc    182520
     ccaggctgga gtgcagtggt gcaatctcgg ctcactgcaa gctctgcctc ctgggttcac    182580
     gccattctcc tgcttcagcc tcccgagtag ctgggactac aggtgcccac taccacgccc    182640
     agctaatttt ttgtattttt agtagagaca gtgtttcacc gtgttagcta ggatggtctt    182700
     gatctcctga cctcgtgatc cacccacctt ggcctcccaa agtgctggga ttacaggcgt    182760
     gagccactgc gcccagccag gaagacattt tagtaacctt agcatcattc ttttctgcca    182820
     ggatccagaa gcaccgtcct tgtacctaca taaggaaaat acactgctgg gacccagcaa    182880
     ggtatagatc aggggtgtcc aatcttttgg cctccctggg ccacattgga agaagaagaa    182940
     ttgtcttggg ccacacataa aatactaacg atagccgatg agctagaaga aaaatcacca    183000
     aaaaatatca taatgtttta agaaagttta tgaatttatg ttgggccaca ttcaaagcca    183060
     tcttgggctg catgcagcct gcaagctgca ggttggacaa gcttggtcta gatcatgcag    183120
     agcccagtag gctgggcatc aggaaacctg gcctaccacc ccacttccac ctctcaccca    183180
     cagcaggact tcactgtgac ctggtcccat agcttcactc tacctgtaag tctagcccta    183240
     tacacaggaa gaagatagga tatttgaagt gccatatttt cttctcagtt tccttgaaaa    183300
     aaaaaaaaag gtgaaaatta ctttctgaat ggagtatgtt attgtagggc agggaaaatt    183360
     ttattttctt gacctatgcc tgaggaacct gtaataaaag acagattaaa aagagaaatc    183420
     catacaaata tgtttaatat aagttttaca tcacacaaga tcctttagaa aggaagaccc    183480
     aaagaaatgg ggaaagctgt ggatttttat gctaaatttg ttaaggaaat ggagagtggt    183540
     gaagtgtgat tggacaaaga ggttataact gaatggaaat aaactggggg aaacttagcc    183600
     agggcagttt cttcagattt ttctctgtgt ccctgaaact ttggaggtaa agatgtttct    183660
     ttcttctggg tatagggtgg gcacctccac atgacggtct tacgacatac ttcagaagag    183720
     ggtcagttag gttttatgac ctgcttcatg ggagaagggg ggaggggaag gtgagagtga    183780
     ctttcttgtt tttgaagttt tcttaaatgc aaaggtgcca tattttgggg tggtgtgtcc    183840
     tgaatcccat tattaccaaa gattctgaaa tcatgcaaac atttgatctg atacaattca    183900
     ctcctatact ctataatgaa catgtcaaga aatgcggcta ctctattggt taaaatctaa    183960
     ctgtcattct caggccccta ttcactgttg gttctgggaa ctctcaagtg acaaaaaaat    184020
     tcagatttga tctttcactc cagaacagag aaagagagcc tgtatcgaaa gcttctcaac    184080
     aataccaaca cttcacgttt cttacacaat accctattcc aacctagtgc ttcacagata    184140
     acttctacat ccattctcca ttctcttcac tcagtcctac caacaaacct ctgaggtata    184200
     cagagcaggt attatttatt tatttattta tttattgaga cagggtcttg ctctgttgcc    184260
     caggctggag tgccatggtg tggtcacagc tcaatgcagc cttgatctcc ccaggctcag    184320
     gtaatcctcc cacttaagcc tcctgagcag ctgggactac aggcacacaa caccacgcct    184380
     agctaatgta gctagacacg ggatctcagc atgttgccca gactggtctt gaactcctgg    184440
     actcaagtga tctgcccacc ttggtctccc aaagcactgg gattacacag aatgggtatt    184500
     attagcccca tttttagata taaggaaact gaagctcaca aaagttgggg aacttaaaag    184560
     caaggtcaca atgttagtaa atggtagagc tgaggcttga atgctggtct gtctgattct    184620
     aaaacctatg tttttgtttt cgattttccc atgtcatgga tttctgtcac aggcataggc    184680
     tctggggctt cccagtattg ggtgtggccc aggtctgtgg ttatgtggac accttaccta    184740
     taattggagg acagtaataa tgatgaaaaa ttctctaaac atatcccaag aaatggctaa    184800
     agttgttcaa cagaaaactg acattcaatt ttaacctaag tttcaggtag tatttcaagt    184860
     agcagtaagc caatagtggg atgatttaaa ttctttggtc tgccaagtaa gagtgaatta    184920
     gtaaccatac gaaagcactg catgtcaaat tctatggaaa atgaggctcc caagtaggtc    184980
     tagcttgcca cttgctgcct gcaggatgtc ccttgaccct ggctccagaa ttcagattat    185040
     tgggttggct acaaaatctt cggtaattcc tacatttaaa aaaattctga tgtctaacca    185100
     tctgatcttt ggcaaagttg actccctatt caataaatgg tgctaggata aatggctagc    185160
     catatgcaaa agattgaaac tggactccta tcttttacca tatacaaaaa ttaactcaag    185220
     atggatagat taaagactta aatattagac ttcgaactat aaaaatccta caagaaaact    185280
     aaggaaatac acttcttgat atcacccttg gcaaagcatt tatggctaaa tcctcaaaag    185340
     caattgcaac aaaaacaaaa attgacaagt ggaacctaat taaactaaag agcttctgca    185400
     cagcaagaga aactattaag ggagtaaaca gacaacctac agaatgggag acaatatttg    185460
     caaactatgc atctgacaaa agcctaatac ccagaagcta taaggaactt aaataaatca    185520
     acaagcaaaa aacaaatagc cccattaaaa agtgggcaaa ggacatgaac agacacttct    185580
     taaaagaaga catacaagtg gccaataaag atatgaaaaa atgcttatca tcactaatca    185640
     tcagagaaat gcaaatcaaa atcacaatga catatcacct cacagaattt agaatggctt    185700
     ttgttaaata gtctaaaaac aacagatgct ggtgaggatg cagagagagg ggaacattta    185760
     cacactgctg gtgggagtgt aaattagtcc agccactgcg gaggggagtt tggagattcc    185820
     tcaaagaact aagaggtgaa ctaccatttg attcaacaat accattactg ggtatatagc    185880
     taaaggaaaa caaatcattc taccaaaaag acacctgcac ccatatgttc atcacagcac    185940
     tatacacaat agcaaagaca tgctatcaac tcaggtgctc atcaatggtg gactggataa    186000
     agaaaatgtt gtacatatac accatggaat actactcagc cataaacaag catgaaatat    186060
     tgccccttgc agcaacatgg atgcagctgg aggctatttt cctaagcaaa gtaatgccgg    186120
     gacagaaaat caaatactgc atgctctcac ttattagtgg gagctaaatg ttgaatacac    186180
     taatgaacat aaagatggga atcacagaca ctgggaacta caagagggca gaaggaggaa    186240
     aaggggcatg ggctaaaaaa ctatctattg tgtactatgc tcactacctg ggtgatggga    186300
     ccatccatac cccaaacctc agcatcacac aatataccca tatgacaaac ctgcacatgt    186360
     actccctgaa tcccaaaaaa agttatttga aactgtgatg tttttatgtt tctgaaacat    186420
     atatttaata ttttgtagga gaatcctgtc cttatgtaac accagtgtaa ttaaaacatc    186480
     caaagggaga aaacccagat caatattctg ggtttaacaa cgatgagaga ttcagcaaga    186540
     tgaggaccta gtatgtactg tgtttagtaa atttagatga ttgataatga tgacatgagt    186600
     cacttcagta gagaagttct gaaaataaga ataataagat gcagaatata tggagagtaa    186660
     gcaaatagat ggaaagcatg ggcagttatt ttacataaag gttatgtcat gtatcttatt    186720
     aagtataatt aatataatta atagtgtgtt aattatccga gataattttt taatgggggg    186780
     gcagagttta tgctgcagta cattacctct tttggttgct gtactctttt tttaattaaa    186840
     tgttttgaga cccaatatac ataaaatgca tccctaaatt gtagtttgat gagatttgta    186900
     aatgcataca catgtgtaaa cactacctca taatgtagaa aatattgtca taattttata    186960
     gtgactgaca ttttaatcac tacagatgag atctgtcttt tttaggatta gattgataac    187020
     agaaagaaag aatagaaata tagaaaataa atatggatag attcggtatt tatgtctttg    187080
     tttctgcttt tttgctcagg ataatttttt ctttgaggaa ctctatgttg gtggtttacc    187140
     agtacttttt tcttttaatt gctgaataaa tataccaaat atgtttacac atttgggtag    187200
     tttccacatt tttgcttttg tgaataaagc tgcactgttt actcaaatct tgccatttca    187260
     ttttcaaata tatgttttgt aaatactcct tcccattatc tggtttttca cttttcttag    187320
     tgatgccttt tgcacagaac actttttaaa attttttgat gaacctgatt ttatatattt    187380
     ttgcagcttt atgattgatg ctgttttcca tccaaagaag cctttccata tggcaatgtc    187440
     acagacatat tttcttcaga acctttatca tttgtacatt tatgatgagg tatttaaccc    187500
     attttgtgtt aatttttgta tattgtgtga tgtaaagatt gctgttttca tggcctaggc    187560
     gatgggatca ttgggacccg aagcctcagc gtcgtacaat atacccatgt aacaaatctg    187620
     caagtgtacc ctctaatctg taataaaagc tgaaactatt taaaaaagaa ataaaagaaa    187680
     tctatcttaa ataaaatttg tacatggcta gatattactt gttgatttcc ctttcactga    187740
     catttctact tcatttcaca gtgcttaaat catatgacct gttggatttc tactttcaca    187800
     aagttaatga catttttagg cctaatgctt ttcctttaaa tatttttctc tggtatttaa    187860
     aaataatgtg tatgctctgt ttatctgtca tgaatgctat ccatttgttt atctgattaa    187920
     cttgtcaaac tttccaagtt atttaacact caagaaataa tgattatgtt tttccaaata    187980
     tttatcagat tgtttcagta caatttgtta agatcatttc tcatttagtt acttcaattt    188040
     tttatttctt taaacttaat tggccatgtt tgtggatcta tttctgaact ctattctgtt    188100
     tatttaaatg tttgtgctta tgcaaatata tcattctctt aattgaagtg ttattataat    188160
     gtctcgaatt cagctaataa aagttcatcc aacttagaaa aaaaagtgct tttctgagaa    188220
     atgttgccaa ataccattta aatttagtct tggatcattg atggattcat caggacccta    188280
     aagaattaaa actaaaactt cctttgggag ttatgcaatt taattatcaa ctctgatcta    188340
     gttgtctact ttggatgagt attacctgtg gcattcgctt tgtggtacct tggggctgaa    188400
     ggtggagttg ggtgggaatt tcagtttttc agttaaaata aaatgatgaa tttcagttca    188460
     ttctcttgaa tcatctatca taccactata caatttcatt taattaaatc ttaaaagttt    188520
     aaaaacaata tatacattga aattatgtga tatacaacat aaacttttta atagtagcaa    188580
     ccgtgcccat ttaacaattc tacaggtata ataaaaatgc taatatatgt taatgtttag    188640
     actgtggtta atgttttgtc ttgttaattt ccccagggct tttattactg atttaaatct    188700
     gccacactac tcaactgatt gcactgcttc cacaaactgc atggaggtag ctcaaatgaa    188760
     tactgattaa cagaaatgaa caaacatttg gctaagcaaa ccattcttat tatatgcttg    188820
     taatcattac atacattttc ttacaatgag atgggcatgg caggcatttt cctctcactt    188880
     ttcctacaga aaatatgcat atgagcatta aattaattta taaccttgta cttcaggaag    188940
     aacatcatta ttaattaact attgattgat ctgatataca gcacagagga taatgaacag    189000
     acctggtgac aatgtaagca tttttttctt tcctcacctt tcagacattt tgctgtgact    189060
     cattgttaat tgcttgacca ttaagataaa agctcactaa taatctgtaa tgtattataa    189120
     atcaagcaat tttaagaaat caagtgctat tatttgaaca tttcatacaa gttagttctt    189180
     gaagtaaatt ggaatccaaa aaaggaacaa atgtcctaca gatcagcctg ctgctaaatt    189240
     gaactacagc atggtattat cgtgaaagga acacacaatt tggagtcaga atacctgggg    189300
     cccagtgtca gttcatcctc ttaccatttc aataactcta gacaagtcat ttactttcct    189360
     tgaaactcag cctcctcatc tgcaaaatga agataattaa aatgcctgct ggacctggct    189420
     gtaatgtgaa gatcaagcga aacaatggtt gaaagtgtaa tgtctccccc aaccagatag    189480
     aaatttgatt cattcttaag tggggactac ttccttctgc agcctgcttt gtgtgtcata    189540
     atcctggttc agctggtcag gaacatgggt agctatatgt ccctgaaagg gaaccacatg    189600
     gaatttgccc aagtctggca gtcacacaat tgggtccggt ctgctctgga atatctggaa    189660
     tatcctcttc tgttcttcta atctcgaatt accaataggt ggtacgtgac tttggctgtt    189720
     taccctgtgt ctcataccca catgcttttg tctgaggggc tgaatgctgt agggatggga    189780
     gacaggtttt aaatgctcct tatgtagaag agacttatat tttgctaatt tatatctgcc    189840
     acaaacggag tctgagctga aagcagaatc ctgcatgtgt gcctaacact tctcatgcat    189900
     taccaatccc tttgcagcac caggagttca tgacattatt atttaaccac gtgaaaccat    189960
     taatgtgcag attaaaagag aactttgtgt agtaaatcaa ctcaataccg aatt          190014