ID   AC147126; SV 2; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 141049 BP.
AC   AC147126;
DT   05-NOV-2003 (Rel. 77, Created)
DT   07-FEB-2004 (Rel. 78, Last updated, Version 3)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-561J22 from chromosome Y, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-141049
RA   Tomlinson C., Bielicki L., Haakenson W.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-561J22";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-141049
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Sequencing of Mus musculus";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-141049
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (04-NOV-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-141049
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (28-JAN-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [5]
RP   1-141049
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (06-FEB-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 0a96f910f922399b8f823011a4897bb9.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456330.
DR   ENA-CON; JH584301.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC147126.2:1-141049; mus_musculus.
DR   RFAM; RF01073; GP_knot1.
DR   RFAM; RF01417; RSV_RNA.
CC   On Jan 28, 2004 this sequence version replaced gi:38154205.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BB0561J22
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by at least
CC   one plasmid subclone, fosmid clone or direct clone walk sequence.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome
CC   shotgun may have been used to obtain the consensus sequence; and
CC   the assembly was confirmed by  restriction digest.
CC   The position of this clone was established as part of a
CC   collaboration between the Mouse Chromosome Y Mapping Project
CC   (Jessica E. Alfoldi, Helen Skaletsky, Steve Rozen, and David C.
CC   Page at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, Cambridge
CC   MA) and the Washington University Genome Sequencing Center, St.
CC   Louis MO.
CC   The RPCI-24 BAC Library has been constructed by Pieter de Jong and
CC   coworkers (http://www.chori.org) from male C57BL/6J mouse spleen
CC   and/or brain genomic DNA. The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone. This clone is
CC   overlapped by AC130834.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..141049
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="y"
FT                   /map="Y"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-24"
FT                   /clone="RP24-561J22"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   repeat_region   9046..9126
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   10805..10892
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   10997..11051
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   11083..11967
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   12198..12286
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   25592..25646
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   25744..25987
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   26006..26214
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   26204..26441
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   26442..26600
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   26632..27520
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   27751..27893
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   28153..28246
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   29014..29146
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   30049..30324
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER15"
FT   repeat_region   30429..30534
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   31425..31855
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   31866..33719
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   33868..34123
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   34438..34674
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   35199..35368
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER15"
FT   repeat_region   35354..35431
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER15"
FT   repeat_region   35749..35896
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   36286..36425
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   36626..37448
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   38658..38747
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   39506..39630
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   39763..40765
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   42406..42618
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   42688..42759
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   42769..42994
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   43000..43798
FT                   /rpt_family="Y-chromosomal"
FT   repeat_region   44082..44186
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   45239..45370
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   45379..45557
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   45969..46169
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   46231..46346
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   46503..46724
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   47029..47296
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   47378..48248
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   48246..49048
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   49581..49647
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   50475..50684
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   51147..51322
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   51617..51727
FT                   /rpt_family="BC1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   52314..52407
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   55984..56818
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   57238..57357
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   57384..57472
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   58261..58469
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   58756..58835
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   58858..59040
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   59311..59421
FT                   /rpt_family="BC1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   59774..59956
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   60087..60192
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   60448..61482
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   61483..61930
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   62672..64325
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   64317..65313
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   66521..66582
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   66583..66651
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   67557..67676
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   67766..67993
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   68165..68289
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   68337..68467
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   68761..68882
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   69373..69801
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   70665..70953
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   72079..72217
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   72595..73002
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   73322..73475
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   75468..76040
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   77578..77740
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   77944..78657
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   78936..79075
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   78986..79601
FT                   /rpt_family="Y-chromosomal"
FT   repeat_region   79870..80018
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   80062..80345
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   80358..80496
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   81035..81191
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   81273..82710
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   82727..82794
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   82791..82872
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   82961..83070
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   85631..85819
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   87040..87226
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   87394..87598
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   88129..88212
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   88246..88433
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   88756..88902
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   88951..89444
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   90393..90801
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   90803..90877
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   91091..92207
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   93589..93659
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   93660..94027
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   94595..94744
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   94964..95061
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   96465..97091
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   104614..105235
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   109598..109981
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   111049..111343
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   111631..111734
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   111757..113294
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   113288..113606
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   113607..114649
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   118096..118876
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   118877..119190
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   119579..119833
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   120447..121278
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   121272..121654
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   127607..127778
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   128008..128725
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   128961..129169
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   129324..129568
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   129631..129963
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   130779..130859
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   131761..132914
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   132916..133248
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   133273..133344
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   136798..136967
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
SQ   Sequence 141049 BP; 42958 A; 27738 C; 27752 G; 42601 T; 0 other;
     gatctcaaaa tccttgcaat attttgagta gggtgggtat atcactgaca cactgaggaa        60
     tatggtgagt ctgctactgt gtagtgtgta gatgtggact gagttcctat acattgttta       120
     tgtaaagaag gatttgagag cttttgggaa gttgtagatt gttgtatata cctttgtgga       180
     catgtggaca gatataaggt cctctttgca gagagaaagg gactcaaact ttcatgagaa       240
     taatcagaag atgctagagt cacttgttaa gtggaaaaaa gacccagagg attattagaa       300
     cattcagaac attgtgatgt attcatcatt gcctatgctg agatagaaag tttcagaggt       360
     ccctgggcag attacaaagg ttctggattc ccttggccaa atgggaaagt ctctgcatct       420
     ccttggtaca atgttattgt ctaccaagtt ttggaggtca tggtggcaaa gttcctagag       480
     ctgatgaagt agactgagaa gatgttacat cttctctcac tctttgaaaa tgtcctaaaa       540
     tactctgtga ttctttatat tgtgacaata tccctgtgaa acctgttgaa ttttctagat       600
     ttctttggtt gaagaaaaaa taactttata tgcataaagt tccctctttg gccctggaaa       660
     tttttggggg cttttgaaaa gatggaaaag cttctagaac cactgtagga ggtacaagac       720
     gctcctgaga acccagtaga ggtgggcaat gtcctacatc tgatggttaa ggacaaaagt       780
     attcttgaga tttctggaaa ggtaggaaat gtccagtttc ccttgggaaa gctggggatt       840
     tttgtgcaaa attttggaca gttggcaaaa attcataact gtctgcaaag aagttggagc       900
     attcaaacta tcttgagctt atgaaacatt ttgtgcagtc cactgtttag atgtgggcag       960
     ttaaggagac ccttaggcag aacagaaatg tccaaaaacc tcttgggaag atgaagaacc      1020
     tacagttcct tgtgaagatg aagaaatttc cagaggcctt taatcaattg acatagattc      1080
     tggtagcact tgagtatttt gcatagaccc caatagtctt ggggtgggag gcaaagttcc      1140
     cacagtctac tttacagata tgtactttcc tactgtggct tgtgcagata aacaatgccc      1200
     cctcagtgcc ctgagaatac aaggaagacc ctagaatcat gtctttagtt ttagtcactt      1260
     tcagacttct ttcttgcgat agacaagaat cccacagttc cttgctcaga tctcaaagat      1320
     gatggtggca catgtagtga tatagtaaga ttcagatgca gtccagcaca tctggagctg      1380
     tctgaagtcc ctcagaaaga tggagaatat tcatttgttt ctgattctgc tggagaaaaa      1440
     gctgaatgca gtagagcccc ttcagcaggt cctgagtgat gtgtcattgc ctgggctaag      1500
     atggaatgtg tcaggccccc tggattgatt gcgaatatac ttgattccct ggaccagatg      1560
     ggaatatttc tacacctcct tgagtaaaaa aatgaatgtc tgccaggttc ttgaggtgat      1620
     gatggcaaac ttcctagagt aagcaaaaca gatttagaag atctgacatc ctctttcact      1680
     ctaggcaaag ggcccatggt agtctctttg tgtttacatt gtcccaatcc caatatacct      1740
     gttgaatcag tcgaaggttc tggatacctt tggatggatg acacagaact ttgcacatgc      1800
     aaatttccaa ttgcaactgt gcaatttttc ttttaccctt aagaagttag caaatgttct      1860
     acatttagag tgatagatag tggatatccc tgaccacctg gtgcagatag gtagtgttct      1920
     ggataacttg ggaaatacaa aaacttctcc tgattttcct ggctagagag aacatattca      1980
     ttagtctgtg gctaacatga tgagcattgt aagttgagca gatggagaaa atgtgagagc      2040
     cctctagtaa ttagatggat gtttgaacga ctttggtaga gaagacagag tacctatagg      2100
     ttcttgtttg ggtgtgtaca gagaccctta ggcagataga gaagttccaa gaaccctttg      2160
     tgcagatgaa aaagatccta accttccttc tgcaggtcaa aaattcccag aagtacttga      2220
     acagactgga aatgtccttg ttcctgcttg tcactttctt tgtaacctag agtctccggg      2280
     ctacatggga aaatttcttc aactccctgg gcagctatgg gatgtcccta catggattct      2340
     gaattcaggt aagattgtcc aggcacctga gtagatgctg agtgtaatga agaaatttgt      2400
     gcagattcat tcagctcaag agttgcttat ggatataggg aagttgtgac aagtgtccgc      2460
     aaagatatgg aggggctcga cttgcttgtg ttggtgagaa atggccatgg ggctttggga      2520
     catgtcgcat tgtttctgtt gcccttagca tacatgaaga cattccccaa gaacctgaga      2580
     atgaagacaa atgtttatgc gtacactggg cagaatctga tattcccaga atcttttggg      2640
     acgatgatga ctgatcaaaa gactgttgag tatatggtga aaggcctata gaagcctcaa      2700
     catatatgct aagtttggta gatagcaaat gtgctagatc cttgggacta caaaataaga      2760
     ctcctgagat cattggtcat gttgtgaatg tcctgtatga cttgaaggat gtggcaaaag      2820
     gcctgtagtc ccttgaacag atggtgagtt ttcctgagat tctaccatgt gtgttgagtt      2880
     ccctagcttc ttttggaaag attccgaatg ttctaaaaaa ccctgggaaa gatggcaaag      2940
     cacccatagt ttcttggaca ggtatcaagt gttctagagt tgttttctta catctcacag      3000
     ttattgaatt gcctgatata gtttgctagt ttgtggaagt ttctgagaac atcatagaga      3060
     agttgaggat ttcacattca cttgggaata tgacaatgtt gttgagattt tttggttttt      3120
     ggggtttgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtt      3180
     tgtttgtttg tttgttttta tgtcctggtg gatgaagaag atcttttttc agatggaaat      3240
     ttttctgact ttctattttc aaatttggga gttagcataa cccctgtaag aggcaaagga      3300
     tctgtagttc cttggaaaca tggcaaggta tacagatatt ctactatgta tgatgagtgc      3360
     cctagcttct tctggaaaaa tgctgaacgc tctaatttcc ctgtggtata actaaaagaa      3420
     ccctaagtcc cctggacagt acagattgtt ctagaggtct ttgtttacaa ctgacaattg      3480
     ttagagttcc tgttgtagtg tgaggagatg atggtggtgc agatgatgaa ggtttcacat      3540
     tccctttgga agataacaat gtttccttag ttccctgggt agagggagaa gatatcatag      3600
     cctctgtatc agatggtgga tgtcatcggg tatcttgcat agatagagaa aatgtataag      3660
     ccttctgaaa agaactgaaa tttttcacag gtcctggttc agacggtgaa attttagagt      3720
     cctagtttca gatttgggta gtcccatagt ccttctaaga gataaagaat gtttctcagc      3780
     ccctttatta gatggaaata tttgagccat cctatgagca ccttgagtag atcctaaagg      3840
     ccctgtttta cgtcttgatg gttctacagt cccctgtggt atatagactg tctcagaatg      3900
     tcttattctg atttgtattt tgtcccttcc ttttgggatg atataaaaga ctctagggtc      3960
     ccttgtgcca gtgatgacat ttgaagagtt ctttgcaaat ggaaatacct agtgtagatg      4020
     gtgaagaatg cagagtctgt ttagaaggtg tgtaagtggg cagtggtcct tggatattta      4080
     ccaaagtttc taaggcctgg gaagaaaatg agtaaatttt ctgagcattt ggtgcagtaa      4140
     gtgagtcttt tccaccatcc taggtagata gcaaagaacc ttgatgccct tggcatgatg      4200
     atgatgatga tgataccaaa gcctcagtag caatagcagg taaggaaatt gctacaggat      4260
     cctagccaga gagcatgttt tttggaaaaa cagagacatt tttcaaatgt cctggagatt      4320
     tctgaggata taaatatgtc cacatatcca catccacaga tggcaaatgt cctttataaa      4380
     ccttagaaga tgaggaagtt gccatattac ctggtcaaga aagagaatga gagttccctg      4440
     tttagatgtg gtgagttctg gagtctgttg tgcagttaag gatattccca cactcccttg      4500
     aacagaagac aaaagtgcta cacttcattc tgaggatgag ggtgttccct gttgccattg      4560
     ggtgagtgac attacattta ggggagaatc tgagtcatac tgagataaat ctagaactcc      4620
     atgaatgtgg ggaaaatttg atggcatatc atgatataat ggtgaaaggc tcacaggctc      4680
     tgaagccacc tgtttgggtc caggagctac aatggctgaa ggggaaattg gcagggatcc      4740
     tggtctaagt ggcaaagttc ctaccatctc ttgggcaggt tggcaggttc tgagtttact      4800
     ttggagagat aacaatggta ataaattctc ttgagtactt ggtgaagtag cagctgtact      4860
     ctgagtagtt gtggaacaat ccacaggcct ttgcaaggac atcaaaattc ctgaaaactc      4920
     aggtgagcct gaagaagatt ctagaggtcc atgagttgag attccatgtc ctgaaactca      4980
     ttgtgctgat gaggaaagat ccagatctcc tggaaggtgg agtgaatgtc ctgaataact      5040
     ttttgaagat ggaatatttt tctaaacacc ttggccagat gacaaagttc cgtagttcca      5100
     tgggcaccca gatatcctgg gaaaaatcct gaaaaaccaa aacacctttg cataggtgac      5160
     aaagtttcta gatgaccatg gttaaataat gatggtctca catattctag agcagatggt      5220
     aaatatccta caacaataat gttttagtca gaagcgtttt tagatacttt agaagatatg      5280
     aaaattttct ggtgtgtttg ggctaaagac aagttctaga tgattttttt agatgtggac      5340
     tttccctcag gcccttgatt tcacaaagga gattgtgtag tcctgaagtc tgatttgcaa      5400
     aaggacaaat taccttaagc atggtcaaaa tgttctgcat catttgagaa agatgaagaa      5460
     atttcctggg ccagatagta aacacataag agccttttgg ttagataatc ttgagccttt      5520
     ttggggaaat atggattgtc caacatgccc tttggtagac tgaagatgtg agactcacct      5580
     gaggagaaat tgtagctttt gatgtttctt tggcatcggg ggatgtttca agtctccccc      5640
     cccccttttt tttttttttt tttttagaaa atgttctgta gtctcctttg ttagaaagat      5700
     caaatcttaa cctgtttttt tttccttctt ctataaactg gatgactgtg tattattttg      5760
     gtagagggaa aatgtctact acttcctacc agagaaggca tggaaaagaa acactcttgg      5820
     gtagatggag ataattgtaa agcaccttgt tcaaatatca caaatcctat gaccttctgc      5880
     acagatgggg aaggtcttaa tatgtctttt gtaagtgtgc aagtcttaac cttggcttta      5940
     aaatgagggg aaggccctag agatacctgt gtagatatgg tttcttctag agcatcatgg      6000
     acaagtgtaa aaggtctaag agcctcatag gcaggtagtg aaatttctct acctccctgt      6060
     ctactaatga aagtggcttc tccttagagc atcatggata ggtgtataag gtataaaatc      6120
     cccatgggca ggtagtcgaa tttcttgacc tccttgtgta ctagtggaag ttccaagaat      6180
     cttttcttca gatggaaaag tggataacaa cttctgtata gaattttcag gtgtcataga      6240
     cagcttgatg ggcaaaacag cttccatggg gccttttgaa tatgaattag aacccagagg      6300
     atttttggca tttgaaaatt tctagagact tatgctggca tgaagaagga ccaacaggct      6360
     tttgtgtagg ggggtaagaa tctatagtat cttgtttagt tggggaagaa ggctgatcct      6420
     cctgaggtga tagggaagtt ctaatagtct cctgtaaagc ttggggcagc tcaaattttc      6480
     tgaatttgga gggatgctga ggaccctctt ctttagagtt cagagtgtta actggtatgg      6540
     tgtccactct aagtcgccct ttgaaagatt gagaaggtct cagactgcct gtggaagatg      6600
     ctgatggttc tagttcactt cctgtatgtg ccgaagcgaa aggccttttg gaagactcag      6660
     gaatttctac cacgtcttga gtatgtatgg aactcacaag atcctattct tggaatggca      6720
     aatatccttg agctcctggt gtaggtgtgg acatttttct ctttccttgg gcatttatta      6780
     gaggtgtgag gctcacttgg gacattgtga ttgcatgtat ttccctttgg actgaaatag      6840
     atgatgtgag cacatttctt attggtagag gactttgaaa gccctcttgg tttcatggag      6900
     aatgactgaa attcccttgg tcaggagggt caggtctcaa aataactcta gtaggaacag      6960
     attgcatagg acactttggg gggaaagaga aacatctttg gatgtctttc tgagaagact      7020
     ttgctctctg ccctgtgttg gcagctggca aacattttca actctgctag ggaaaggatg      7080
     tgggacatga tacttttggg acaaatcact gacattaccc ttgggggaaa aggtttagag      7140
     ccccctttat gtgacttcca ctcctgttgt aggtcctctt gaccagaggg ttcttctcca      7200
     aaatgctttg gaagaaaatt ggaaagaaga gagtcatgta gtgtactgga taaccttttg      7260
     gaaagccttc tggaagagca ggcattatga ttttactgtc agcacaagtg agtagtcttt      7320
     gagatgcctg tgcagatgtt caatgtccca tagagtcttg gaaaaatttg gatagttcca      7380
     ttacctcttg gctggataag gaaagaccct gagcattttg gggagaatta ggagatccca      7440
     gatatccttg gctagatcgg gaagggtgta aggaaccttg aatgtttggg gaaatttcct      7500
     gtccatgttg gctagcagaa gagtaggcag aagatggccc aggcactgtg tgatatcctt      7560
     tgaacttttt aatggcatct ccagtaccgt gtttggaaga tattacaggc attcaggcat      7620
     ccaactggtg aaaatccata ggttcttcac ccagtggaca taggctggct tcttttcacc      7680
     tgtctatgca tgggcacagc agatgaggcc actcattttc tagtggaagg ctgtaaaaca      7740
     gattgtctgg tatccctggt tagaggatta ctcgtgaact caggaaacct cagaggaagt      7800
     gtaactgtcc attttatgtt ctcttttaga tccttcagag ggtccagggt cctgttattg      7860
     gatgaatgct ttataagagc tttgggtttc tgtaactttt ctgtaacatg agatcaggtt      7920
     tttttttttt ttttttgaat ctctcgtctt catagggttt tgggcacctg aacttgtgcc      7980
     gattctgtat atggagccct ggagtcacaa aatcccttga gtctctgctg gccaactgct      8040
     tcccctgtta gtttaaggtg taaaatcctg ttgggggaca gtgaatggag tccaaggcta      8100
     tggaggctgt gaaatcagtt gcggtagggt atcactattc tttgggctac acttaagggt      8160
     gttccaggca ctggaggatg tgaaacctgt ggtatgtggt catattgtca agtctgggct      8220
     gaggctcact gctatttctc cacatgtctt gctatttgat tattaaggaa attgttcaag      8280
     aaacattaaa tagatgactg ccccttaaag ggacagtgaa tgtacttggc aaaagtgact      8340
     tgtaacaaga aacgcttatg cagcatccct cctgagaatt gtggacatat aagaaggcac      8400
     atcacaaaga atataagtta cagtggcctc agaaatcaag taaagtttgg gaaaggctgt      8460
     cctcaagcct tctcaggcca ttcccgagcc tagatgattg ctgttctctt gcctgcacag      8520
     gccaatctgg agcgtgcagt ttggctgtcc tcctgtttgc actggccagt cctgagctac      8580
     ctcatattag cagggcaatc atccaaagtt tctgaatgag gagggaccca gaggatcctc      8640
     atctttaggg ttcagagtgc tacctggttt ggtgcccact ctaagggttc atgacaagga      8700
     attgttgaag gcaaagcatg gttggaaatt aaggacaagg tgttcttagg agactatgct      8760
     ctgaagtcca tcttactcca ggatagatcc ctctaaccta aggtcatcag tgagtgttgc      8820
     agtgatgttt gtttctgtct cataactgaa tgggaaaggc ttatccatac ccttgctcct      8880
     cagaggctat ggggctaaac aaacactggc atatttgcta gggaaagaac aggtgttaat      8940
     atttgaatag aacatagaat gcttggaata gatatcacag atattatttc gaattttaaa      9000
     aactacctct cctagataaa tctgtgataa ctggatgctg aaagacatct ctaaattact      9060
     aaataattct tactacaata tcattattgt gcaattaata tgctattgtt cagagaataa      9120
     gggcaaaact ttagtaatct ctttatatta caaatgaaag ttttatttca aatacttata      9180
     tctgtgtttg actagattca gaacacagac aaagttggac tcctgaaaat agcacttgtg      9240
     gccttaaaca attgctttgt ctgtcacagt tagtgagttg ggttcctatt actttttcat      9300
     atttggattg cttgttgaag gtcatataat tctcctgaag gacaacaggc aaatggctca      9360
     catcagtggc aacacatgga ccattcactt tcagtccaat gatgcagccg gtatatagtt      9420
     gcacagaatg atttattaaa ccctttttaa actgattctt tgagaggtca tgttttgtag      9480
     aaattgatac actaagaaag tgtaaaactg aggctataaa tgaagatcct tctttactga      9540
     cacagaaact tcgtttgcct gttgcatacc ttgccagttt tcgaagagca gtttttgatc      9600
     ttgctggatg gaaggtgttt atttggctcc tctctttgat ttttctgaag gatttcggtt      9660
     tccctttggc tacacagcaa taaaggcttg catcattcag aaacacaggg gcactttcta      9720
     atatctaatt atttccttgt gtcattgcct caatgctatg ccataagttc tttcttcttg      9780
     gaattcctga atgctttagc accccctttc tttgtttaac tctaatttat ctcagtagtt      9840
     tatatttaaa agctatttac tgtcagaata tccactcttt tcctacaata gggggtaact      9900
     tgtattctgg ctaattctgt attcactgtg cttttctgaa tttccagttg gtctttttac      9960
     ttctttgaaa acattaaatt taagtaccag aataatcctg ctaggcatga agaacttgct     10020
     gcatggtaaa atgtgtagga aattataagt atcgattcag ataatatata acttttgaga     10080
     attagcttca catttctaat gtccacacaa aatagctttc ttgatttaag ttactgttgc     10140
     tatgtttcac tcagataatc tataaaggca aaatgagtag tggtttataa atgaagaaac     10200
     atctgcttta agcttgataa tattgaaaag aaattacaat ttttcacttt gaaattaaat     10260
     ctctgaagat gataacttaa cttgtgtttg gaaaagattt ctgtgaattt ttaaaaatat     10320
     cattattaat atcagcagta taaggttgtt caaacaaaat gacttttatt cattgtaaat     10380
     ttaataacga aaataaatga atagtaggtt tgtagcattt ggcacagtaa ttaatattct     10440
     ttaataaagc ttttaaattc tgttcatttt ctttgtcaga gtacaaagga ataagattcc     10500
     ttagagcatt ttcacaaata tgcttttatt ggtttaactt attgcattgt gtaatagaaa     10560
     aatccactgt tgtcttggtg atttccaaat ttattctgtc tttctctgtc tctgtctcca     10620
     tctgtctcca tctccatgtc cgtctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     10680
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tgtgtgtgtg tgagtgtttg tgtgtgtgta gaatggctga     10740
     gacaaaatgg gggtggatct caatggcatg tatgtataac gttttttcat gtatgaagct     10800
     gtacatatat atcatatgta cacacacaca cacacacaca tatatatgta tatgtatgtg     10860
     tgtatatgtg tataatgtat atatatgtat atgtattgat ttatatgtgt atgtatatac     10920
     atatacacaa acacatacac atacacataa acacacacat aaacacacac acacacataa     10980
     acacacacac acacacataa acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     11040
     atatatatat atgatgtaat tttagtcaaa ggaaaagtag cttgccacag aaaaacctca     11100
     cttaggtccc cgatccattg gcctaacttg ggttctgggt acaggtgggc aaggattatc     11160
     caagaagagg ggctgagaaa ctgacacgac caaacagagg gttgatctga atgtaatttg     11220
     tctcaaagca agcactagtc ttataagtga cttttacaca aaatatagga atgcctacaa     11280
     aggactggga gggaccaatt gggatagaat tcaatgttaa caactgtgat taaaagcagc     11340
     accccccaag gtttgcttaa tcttagaagc cataggcaag ggtctcatgc ccttgcaatg     11400
     gttcctcttc tagtctatca tatagtaccc ctccacccta ggccattgta aattcctgtg     11460
     catggttgaa actcaactat ctatagttct aagtatctat tctgcttgct ccttataaca     11520
     taaccttctt tattccgaga taatggtaaa ttcttgcata tggtagtagt gtgtcctgag     11580
     atttctaact ctatgtagca gttagtaatg cctgatttct ttcactgtct ctattacaat     11640
     actagaggtt aatctgaatg tacccaaata ggcagcatcc ttactgaatt caaagaccat     11700
     ggtttgctca aggactgcct aagagaggaa tttatatgtg tggaatctaa cttagcaata     11760
     tgtcaaaacc aatccttaga ggcacttaca ataaatcaat attaagagaa agcacacaga     11820
     tctaccgact aaagcaaggg cactggagca ttcattatac atgttgccat gaatacagga     11880
     gactacgttt ccatgaattt ttcgcctcag gaccatgtat aggctttttg gcctgtcagg     11940
     ctggtcacta ctcatgtgtt tgtagcagtt gctgaaatca aggcatttgg aggaaaatgg     12000
     atggaaggag agtgttttgt taggtgagtt aacacagatt tggaaaaggg tattaacata     12060
     ggtttgctct catatgggtt tgagatcatt tttatatatt ttcatgcata tgtgtggttg     12120
     agtgatatta ttatctagga gaaagataga aaacaaagta gaatacatat cataaaaaat     12180
     ataaaatggt gtgtagcaat tgctgtatta ttgccgtgat aaaccattat taccaagaca     12240
     actagtagaa ggaaagcttt ttttgtctta tcattccaga gagataagat ttcttaatga     12300
     tgccacaact cagccctgag gcagagctgg ggctccagat ctcctcccac atacaaagat     12360
     accttgacta ccaggagatc tgtcatagcc cagctcacag atgagatacc ccttgcagca     12420
     atacctggac tacctgggac ctccagggtc cctgtgcagg caaaacctat ttgtcttgcc     12480
     ctgctacaga cacatcttcc ttttggacca cttcttggcc tgtgccagag ccacttttcc     12540
     agatcccatc ccacaaccct agacagcctg attcctggta gctccatcac aaccagtaca     12600
     caagctcata caaggaacag gatccagtca gaaacaataa gccaagttaa aatctgagat     12660
     aaacagatat caagaggaaa gtgaaaaatt ggaaaagacc caaaaaacac tgaaagcttt     12720
     aaaaaatcaa caaaacccta aaaaagaaaa ctatatacat ttaaattcta aaactaagaa     12780
     cataaaacac taacaaaata tcccaaaatt aaaaaaaaga caaacacatt tctagaactc     12840
     taaaaagagc ccccccaaaa aactaaaacc tttaacaaac ccataagcca aaaagaaaca     12900
     aacaacagca acaaaacaaa acagatagaa ggtttaaaaa aaaatcctaa aattctttaa     12960
     aagccctaaa aaatcctagt accccaaaat accttaaaat ccatatgaat tcaagaaaca     13020
     tccaaccccc ccaaaaataa accccaaaaa accctaaaac cccccaaaat ccaaaattat     13080
     ttttaaaatc ataaaaaaac taaaacccta cataaaggcc ccaagtcatt caatcccccc     13140
     taaaattgta aaaactctaa aatacttata acaccataaa gatacctaaa accttaaaaa     13200
     taggaaaccc tcaaaaacct taacatcttt aaacaaaccc taaaaaagcc ctaaaaagct     13260
     ttctaaaata acctagagtg ctttatattt catatatttt atctatctac ctatctacct     13320
     ctctacctct cagcctatct tatctatctc atctatctct tctatctcat ctatctatct     13380
     atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatcc     13440
     atccatccat ccatccatcc atccacccac ccatccatct atccatccat ccatccatcc     13500
     acccatctat ctgggagtat cttgcatgga tgacaaagat gctatgatct ctttggtgac     13560
     aggtattata tctgaatggt tttgcataca tggccatgtt tataatttgt cctcggcaaa     13620
     aagtccaaga tctttagaat cagatggtga ataacctaaa gcctcttttt ccaaacaggg     13680
     tttttgggtc tcttgtgata aaaaggaagt gtctgaaggt cattgtgcag gtgttgatag     13740
     tcctactata ccatgggcat acagagaaag tctctgagga aaaaaatcca ggttgtatca     13800
     ctcaaatcca attggacaga taaaggaaac cctagactca ctatggtaga tagtgaaatt     13860
     ttcaaagctc ctggtgaaac attcgctatt cctggcttgc tttttgtaca tgacaagctt     13920
     ccagattttc ctgtagaaga caggcatggg cctacaactt ctagaataga taaaaaaggt     13980
     cctgattcac ttgagcagat aagggcattt tcaaagattc tagggcagat ggtacaggtc     14040
     atagtgttcc ctgtccagat aaagaaatta ccatgaagcc tttggaagaa tgagtagatc     14100
     ctgaagcatc tgaagcatat ggatctgttt gttggaccat ttgtggagta atcaaataat     14160
     aatttggtcc gtagcatgaa gtttaagacc cctctgtagg tttagagtga ttatgtgtaa     14220
     atgaatggat tcaaaatgct taaggaaaaa agtgaggaac taagatggac agaaattgca     14280
     agttacactg ctgagtcact gcatatcaca tgtcctgggg tagctgttga aaatgattat     14340
     ccacctgatg caaatgatgt atatcctaga gtcccctggg gagatggcaa aggttctata     14400
     gagccttatg cagttcctga aatactcaga ggtccttgga tagatctaaa agtccttgct     14460
     ttatttggag cagggtcagt atatccctga cacagctggg aagttggtga gtcttctact     14520
     gtatagtatg tagatgtgga ctgagttcct ataacttgtt tatgtaaaga aggatttaaa     14580
     agcctttgga acatgtagaa tcttgggtag acctttgtgg acatgtggag agacataagg     14640
     tcccctgtgc agagaggcag ggactcacac ctccaagagg agaatctgag gatgctggag     14700
     tcccttgttc tgaggaggaa agacgtagag aattagaaga acattcatat cattggtatg     14760
     tattcatcac tgcctatgct gagatagaaa gtttcagagg cccctgggta aatttcagag     14820
     gtgctagata cccttagcca aatgggaaag tctctgcaca tccttgggta gaatatgaat     14880
     gtctaaaagt ttttggaggt gatggtggca aagttcatag agtcactgaa gttgaatgag     14940
     aaggttctat atcctctatc actccaggca aatgccctaa actactctgt gagtcttttt     15000
     tttttgtgtg tgtgtgtcaa tatccatgtg aaacctgttg aattttccag atttatttgg     15060
     ttgaagaaaa aataactttg tatgcgcaaa gttccctctt ctgtcctgaa aattttcttg     15120
     ggcttttgaa aagatggaaa agcttctaaa accacatagg tacaatatgc tcctgaacac     15180
     ctagtagagg tgtgaaatgt cctccatatg atggtgaagg acaaatggat acttgacatt     15240
     tctgactagg tagggaaatt ccagtgtttt ttgggaaagc tggggatctt tatgcaaaat     15300
     gttggtaagt tggaaaaaat cccatatcta tttgcaaaga agttggagca ttcaaactat     15360
     tttgagcaga taaaacattt tgtgcagtcc cttgtttaga tgtggacagt ttgagagacc     15420
     tttgggtaga acagaaatgt ccaaaggcct cttgggaaga tgaagaactt agagttccct     15480
     gtgaagctaa agaaactcac agaggcctct gattagatga cacagattct ggtagcacct     15540
     gagtatattt ggtagacccc aaaggtcctg gagtgggagg caaagttccc accgtctgca     15600
     cagtgtgccc agacaaagaa ctttgcacag gcaaatttcc aattgcaatt gttcagatat     15660
     gtacttccct actatggctt gtgcagataa agaatgcccc tctgtggcct gagcagatgt     15720
     ggaataccct atagtacttt ctttagattt agtcactttc agacaccttt cttctgatag     15780
     acaagaatcc cacagttcct tactcagatc tcaaagatga tggtgtcatc tgtagctatg     15840
     tagtaagatt cagatgcagt ccagcacatc tgtaagtgtc tgaagtccct cagaaagatg     15900
     gagcatattc atttgtttct gatacagctg ggcaaggagc tgaatgcagt agagccctgt     15960
     cagtaggcct tgagtgatgt gtcattgcct gggctgagat ggaaagtgcc agaggcccca     16020
     gggctgattg caaatgtgct agaattcctg gaccagatgg aaatatttct gcaccacctt     16080
     taggaaaaga tgaatgtcta ccaggttctt gaggtgatgg tggcaaagtt catagaatag     16140
     gcaaagcaga tggagaagat tctatatcct tcattacttg aggcaatggg cccacagtag     16200
     tctctgtgtc tttacattgt cccattccca atatccttgt ggattctgcc aaaggttcta     16260
     catacctttg gatggatgac aaacaaattt gcatagtcaa agttttcttt gcagctgtgg     16320
     aacattcctt agactttaga gaggtcagaa aatatccttg aaactctgga ctagaaagag     16380
     ggtgatcctg agtacctagt acagatgatg agtatgttac atctcgtgat gaatgatgaa     16440
     atggattttt gagatttctg gcgaggtagg aacagaccaa tgaaccttga aaaagctgga     16500
     gatttttgtc caaaatgtta gaaagaggag aaaatctcat agcttcctgg caatatgttg     16560
     gatgatgcac agtctttgga gaagatgtca cagtttctac acaccctaat ttaaatgtgg     16620
     acagttttag agacccttgg tcagaaaggg atattccaaa agcctctatg gaagacgaag     16680
     agcctagagt tcccgttgaa gttaaataaa ttcccagagg cctctgatca gatgacaatg     16740
     actctgagac tacaagagtc acttgtgtag accccaaagg tcctgtagtg gtaggcaaag     16800
     tttccaagtc tgctttgcag acatggaggt tcatactgtg gcttgtgcag ataaataatg     16860
     ccccatagta tcctgagcat aagcatacaa ccctatagat gtttctttaa atttagtccc     16920
     ttgttcagat aagcaaggtt ccacaattcc ttgttcaaat cttgaagatg attgtgttac     16980
     cggtagtgat gtagtaagat ccagatgcaa tccagatctt ttggaacttt ctgaagtccc     17040
     ttgggtaaat ggagaatatt catttctttc tgaaactgct ggggaagaag ctgaatgcag     17100
     tacaacccca ttggcagatc ctgagttatg tgtcattgtc tgggctgaga tataaagtgt     17160
     caaaggcccc tggatttatt gcaaaggtac tagattccct ggaccagttg agagcatttc     17220
     tatacctcct ttaggaaaag atgaatgtct cacaggttct cgaggtgatg gtgactaatt     17280
     tcctagagta ggaaaagcag atttagaaga tctggcatcc ttcctcactt gaggcaaagg     17340
     gtccaaaaaa gtctctgtgt gtttacattg tcttaattcc aatataccta tggaatctga     17400
     caaaggtaat ggattccttt gaatggatga caaagaactt tgaaaatgca aagtttccat     17460
     tgcaattgtt aagtttttct tgtgcccttg agaagtaagc aaaagtatta cagctactcg     17520
     agtaggtatt atatgcccct gaccatctgg tgcagatagg tagtgttctg gataacctgg     17580
     caaatataaa aatttcttct gatttgtctg gctagaaagg agaggttcat tagtgtgggg     17640
     aacatgatga acattgtatg ttgagcacat ggaaaaattt tgagagccct ctagtgtgta     17700
     gattgatgtt tgaaagactt tgttagagat gcagagtacc tacaggttct tgtttgggtg     17760
     tgaacagaga ctcttggaca gatagggaag ttcccagaac cctttgtaca gatggtcaag     17820
     atcctaccat tccctctgca ggtaaggaaa ttcccagaag tacttggtaa gatggaaaca     17880
     ttcctatttc ctgcttgtca ctttctttat aacctgggct agacaacaaa agttgttcaa     17940
     ctccctgggc agctatgggc tgtcccaaag tagattcttg attgaggtaa gcttgtccat     18000
     tcacctgagt agatggtgag aacaatggag agatttatgc tacaagagtt gcttgtgaat     18060
     acaagttgtc acagtttctt ttcatagatg gtggagggga ttgacatgct tgtattggtg     18120
     aggaatgtcc aataggcttt gggacttgta gcaatgttcc tgtcatccat aggacacatg     18180
     aatacattcc caaagaacct gagacaaaag aaaaatgtta atgaatacac ttggcacact     18240
     ctgatgttcc cagaatcttt tgggaagatg atgactgctg gatagactgt tgagtatata     18300
     gtgaaaggcc tagacatgcc tcaacagata tgaaaatttg gtagacttca aaggtgctag     18360
     atcccttggg acttctaaag aatactcctg agatcattgg tcaggttgtg aatatcctgt     18420
     atgacttgag ggatgtggca aagggcctgt agtactttgg aatattggtg aggtatcctg     18480
     agattctacc atgttgacta gttccctcgc ttctgttgga aagatgctga atgttctaga     18540
     aaccccggga atcgtcagca aaaaatccaa agtttcctgg acaggtatag aatattctgg     18600
     aactgcttgt ttacatctca cagttgttgg agtacctgat gtaattagtg gaaatttctg     18660
     agcacatggt acagaagaca aaggtttcac agtcacttgg gaaaataaca atgttttttt     18720
     tgttgtttgt ttgttttgtt ttgtttttgt tttttgtttg tttgtttttc tttctttttt     18780
     ttttaagttt tcctggtgga tgaagaattt ttttcagatg gagatgtttc tgacttccta     18840
     ggttcagatt tgggaggtca cataacctat gtagaaggca gaggatttgt agtcccatgg     18900
     aaagatggca aggtatctag agattctacc atgtgtgaca agtaccatag cttcttttgg     18960
     aaaggtgctg aatgctctta gaattcctga gatagaagta aaaatccctc cttcacctgg     19020
     acaggcacag aatcttctag aggcccttgg ttacatctga catttgttaa agttcccgtc     19080
     attgtgcatg gaggtttctg agcatgtgtt gcagttgatg aaggtttcac attccctttg     19140
     gaagataaca atgttttctt agtcccctgg ttagatggag aagatgtaag aacctctgta     19200
     tcaaatggta gatgtcacag ggtatcttac aaaaatagag aatgtgtaga agccttccca     19260
     aaaaaaaaaa aaactgaaaa ttttctcagg tcctggttca gatggtgaat tttttagggc     19320
     ctagtttcag atttgggtag tcccatagcc cctctataag acaaagaatg tttctcagtt     19380
     ccttgagtag atggaaatat ttgagccttc ctatgagcat gttgagtaga tcctaaagcc     19440
     cttgtattac tttgtgatgg ttctacagtc ccccgtggtg atatagactg tcacagaatg     19500
     tcttattctg atttgtattt tgtacctttc cttgtgggac gatataaaga ctctagtgtt     19560
     ccttgtgcca gtgatgacat ttcaacattt ctttgcaaat ggaaataccc tagtgtagat     19620
     attgaagaat gcagagtctg tttataaggt atgtaagtgg gcaacatgct cttgggtaga     19680
     caagaaagtt tccacagtcc cttggtcatt tgttgaacat ttcaaggtat tttggataga     19740
     gatgttgtgg gactcacctg aggaatagtt gtagcttttg atgttttttt tttgtttttt     19800
     ttttcagcag gacatggtgc aagtattacc ttttaacaga atttctgaag tgtcctattt     19860
     cagaaggatc aacaattaac ctggtttttt tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttt ttgttttttg     19920
     tttttttttt aaattcctag aaactggatg cctgtggatc actttggtag agggcaaatg     19980
     tctactgctt tcaaccagac aagacaagga aaataaacac tctagggtag atggaaataa     20040
     ttgtaaagca ccctgttcag atatgataga catatgacct tttacacaga tggtgaaggt     20100
     ctaaatttcc ttgtgtatat gtacaagtct tgacaatagc ttcagaatta ggagaaggcc     20160
     ctagagatac ctgcgtagat gtggcctctc ttagagcttc atggacatgt gtaaaaggtc     20220
     taagagcctc atgggcattt agtgaaattt ttagacctcc ttgtgtaaca gtggaagttc     20280
     caagaaaatt ttcttcagct agagaattgg ataacaactt ctgtgtagat atttcaggtg     20340
     tcatagacta cttgatgggc aaacaggttc caagggccct ttggaagatg aagtaaaatc     20400
     cagagctttt tcaggcattt ggaatatatt atggagactt atgcaggcat ggagaaggac     20460
     caacagccct tgtgcaggtg gataagaatg tgtatttgga gaagaggtct gttcctcttg     20520
     agagatagag aagttctcat agtctcctgt gaagtttggg gaggtcatat gaattcttgt     20580
     gcacagttag aatacatgga attcccttct taggctgtac aggatgctac agactcttgt     20640
     gcgtgcaaat cacatccgat agcaccatgt tcacatagga ttggatccag acccttcttt     20700
     acagatggaa tctgtcctag aacatctttt gaagatgtat catatccatg agccatttct     20760
     aaagatggga ctgtggctag aactctcttc tgtagattta tcctgtccta cagtcccttt     20820
     atgtgataga gtagtatgca gagactcctg tacaggtttt ggaaatccta gaaacttgga     20880
     catatatggg gaattcttca cagcctctag tgtgcccagt ggcagctgag agggtgatat     20940
     cctcttagtt gtgtattcta cgacaaatat tgaaattgtt tagctcactg gaagtgtttt     21000
     ggaataatct ctcaggtgtt tggggcctgc tgacaaatca agagggctct tttggctgat     21060
     aagagatatc tgaataattc ttgatcagat caggactttc tgaagaccca ttgtttggac     21120
     agagcatctt tcagtcttct actagaatga caatgtttgt gtcacatttc atagcaggag     21180
     aatgatataa tcttcctttc tgtggtagag aaaacttaag aactgtcttt gaatctgttc     21240
     catagagggg gataatcttc ttggccccct gacagaatga gaatttatca taacccctgg     21300
     ggaagttgcc tatggttcta gttcactttg tgcagaagta aagtagagtc cctttggagg     21360
     acttaagtga ttctaccaca tcttgagtat gtgtggaaca ctcaagtgca attccatgaa     21420
     tggcaaagta cttgagctcc ttgtggaatt tttttctctc tgcttgggca ggtatgagct     21480
     gtgtgaggct cacttaggaa gttgtgcatt taattccctt ttactgtaag agatgacatg     21540
     agcccatttt ataatgataa atgactttga aatccctctt ggtttaatgg ggaagttttg     21600
     aaaccccctt gttcagcagg gtccgctctc aaactcattt tactaaaagc agattgcata     21660
     tggcactttg ggggagaaag ggaacatctt tggctgtcat tttgagagga cttagccctc     21720
     tgccacgcct tggcatctgt caaacatgtt gaattctcct gggaagagga ggtgggactt     21780
     gatgcattag ggactaataa gacatcactg acattaccgt taggcgaaga aggtttggag     21840
     ccctctttgt ctgatggggc ctgttgcttg acaagagagt tcttctccaa aatgctttgg     21900
     aggagaattg gaaagaatac agttatgtag ggtagggaac aaacttttga actccttctg     21960
     gaagaggagg catttatgaa tttcttttaa gcacacgtgg gaagtctatg ggatgcctgg     22020
     gcagatgtgc aatgtcccat agagtcttgg aaactttgcg ttagttctca aaactttttg     22080
     gtgcataagg acctgccctg agaatttgaa gatcccagat ctccttggtt agattgggaa     22140
     gggtgtaggg aaccttgaat gtgtggggaa attacctgtc cattttgtcc agcagacgat     22200
     ggcccaggca ctgtgttatc ttctttgaat ttgtgactgg tatctccagc cctgtgtttg     22260
     gaagatgctg caggcactct ggcacccgac tggtcaaaat ccctaggttc ttcaaaccca     22320
     gtggacatag gctgacttct tttcacctgt ctatgcatgg acacagcaga tgaggccact     22380
     cattttctgg tggaaggtgg taaaacagat tgtctggtac cctgctcagt gggttactca     22440
     tgaactcagg aaacatcaga gaaagtataa ctgtccattt tttttttgtt ctcttttagc     22500
     tccttcagag ggcccagggt cgtgttaatg gctgaacgct ttataagagc tttgggtttc     22560
     tgtagctctt ctgcaacatg agcatcagat ttttttgaat gtgtggtctt catagggctt     22620
     taggcacctg aacttgtgcc gtttctgtat aaggagccct ggaggcacaa agtccctcgg     22680
     gtctctgctg gtcaaatgct tcccctgttg gcttaaggtg ttaaatacag ctgggggtca     22740
     gtgaagtggg ccccaggcta ttccccgatt ggggtagggt atcactattc tttgggtgac     22800
     agtgaaggca gtaccaggct ctggaagcag ggaaacctgt ggtctgtggt catagggtca     22860
     agtctgtgct gaggctcgct gccatctctc cacatgtctt gccatttaat cattaagaaa     22920
     attgttcaag aaaaatgaaa ttggcgactg acccttaacg gggcaagtaa tggacttgcc     22980
     aatggtgact tgcagaaaga aacaatgaag cagcatcctt taagagtgat gctctctcct     23040
     gaaaattttg gacatatcgt aaggcaaatc gcacagaata taagtaacag tggtctcagg     23100
     aatcaagcaa attttgagaa tggctgtcct catgccttct cgggcctgtc ccgagcctag     23160
     ataatggcta tcctcttgcc tgcacatgcc aatctggaac ctgtagattg gttgtccttg     23220
     ttcttgcact ggccaatcct aggctgcctc actttgcagt tctgcttcag gtagcacggc     23280
     aatcgcccaa agtttctgaa tgaggaggga ccccgaggac tctcttcttt agggttcaga     23340
     atgctacctg gtctggtgcc cactctaagg ggtcatgaca aggaattgtt gaagtcagag     23400
     catgatatga aataatggac atgttcttat gaggctgtga tctcaagtcc attttacacc     23460
     aggatagatc cctataacct gaggtagtca gtgagatttt cagtgacgtc agtttccatc     23520
     tcataaatga atgggtaagt tttatccata caattcctcc tcagagtcta tggggataga     23580
     caaacactgg catacttgct agggaaagaa caggtgatag tatttgaata gagcaaagaa     23640
     tgcatggaat tgatatcaca gatattattc tgtattttaa aaacgacctc tcctagataa     23700
     atttgtgaca actgtgagtc taactggatg ctgaaagaca tctctgaatg actaatactt     23760
     actgaaatat tactgtgcaa ttaacatgtt attgttcaga gaataagggc aaaacagtaa     23820
     tctatttata gtacagatgc aagttttatt tccaatattt taactgtttt tgactagatt     23880
     cagaacacag acaaagttgg actcctgaat gtagcactag tggccttaaa gaattgtttt     23940
     gtctgtcaca gttagcaagt tgggttctta ttcattttca tatttggatt gcttgttgaa     24000
     ggtcatataa atctcctgaa gcacaacagg ataatggctc acatcagtgg caacacatgg     24060
     aaaattcagt ttgagtccaa tgatgcagct ggaatatagt tgcacaggat tgtttattaa     24120
     acacttagtc aagctgattc tttgaaaggt catgttttat agaaattggt acactgagaa     24180
     agtgtaaaat tgaggctata agtgaagatc ctactttact gacacagaaa cttgttttgc     24240
     ctgttttgta cactttgcca gttttctaag agcagttttt gatcttgcta gatgaaaggt     24300
     gtttatttgg ctcctctctt tgatttttgt gaaggatttc tgtttccctt tggctatgca     24360
     gcaataaagg cttgcatcat tcagaaactc agggacactt tctatcaacc agttatttcc     24420
     ttgtgccatt gcctcagtgc tatgccataa gttctttctt cttggaattc ttgaatgctt     24480
     taccaccgcc tctctttttt tttttaactc caacttatct caggagttta tatttaaaag     24540
     ctatttgctg tcagaatatc cactcttctc ctacaatctg gggtaacttg tattcctggc     24600
     taattctgta ttaactattc ttatctgaat ttctagttgg tcttttgcta tctctgaaaa     24660
     cattgaattt aagtaacaga acaatcctgc taggcatgaa gaacttgctg catggtaaaa     24720
     tgggtaggga attatatgta tcgattcaga taatatacac ctttttctta atgtcagaac     24780
     aaaatagctt tctggattta agttactgtt actatgtttc tttcagataa tctataaagg     24840
     caaaatgagt agtggtttat aaatggagaa atgtttgttt taagcatagt gatattgaaa     24900
     agaaagttca atttttcact ttgaaatcaa atctatgaag gtgattactt gacttatgtt     24960
     ttgaaaagtt ttcggtgaat ttttctaaat attggatatg tttttaaaca tatcattatt     25020
     aataacagca ttataatgtt gttcaaataa aatgactttt attcattgta aatgtaataa     25080
     tgaaaataac tgaataggtt tgtagcattt aacacagtaa ttaatattct ttaataaagc     25140
     ttttaaaatc tattcctttt cttaagttta ttctcttaca tgaacaaaca actgaatgac     25200
     caggaaagac ataagaccaa gtctttttgt aaactaaatt aatatctttt ggcatttggc     25260
     atgttaaaag cttgacactg gaagtcagtc aaacaaaatg ttggtttgga tatttaatag     25320
     ggccttggtg tactttcttt ttcatgactg gagctgtatt gatgacacca ttgtgctttt     25380
     atgctatttc tcctagcaga gttttgtggg aacagtaaga cactcttgtt tgtcctgtct     25440
     taatgttttc ttacaattta tcttcttatg actcctcctc atcccttctc tctttctctc     25500
     agtctctgtc tttctgtttt tttgtgtctc tgtctatctt tctctgtctc tctgtctctg     25560
     tctctgtctc tctctctctt tctctctctc tctctctgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     25620
     tgtgtgtgag tgtttgtgtg tgtgtagggt ggatgaggga gaatggaggt ggatcttaat     25680
     ggcatgtatg tataatgttt tttcatgtat gaagctttac atatatgtaa gtgtatatgt     25740
     tcatgtgtgt gcatgtgcat gtacagacca catgttaaag ctgtgtaatt tgatgacttt     25800
     cactctgttt actgagcagg gtttgggttg tctagcaagg cagcttgacc caggatttcc     25860
     agtcttcctc tgctcagagt ataggtgagc agacacactc actcaacact gggtactggg     25920
     ttatctgaac tcttttcctc acatttgtgt ggcaagcaca atatcccctt aactatttcc     25980
     cagctcctat tattttttaa aaaatgttat taggaattgg cttttacttc ctttatttct     26040
     ttctcagcaa gttcattgat ggcatatata aatatgttga ttttttaatg tgactttgta     26100
     tcactccaat ttgctggaac tgtttgtata taagttttct gttgaaaata ttaaggacag     26160
     gattgcattt tctacaaata gggatcaatt gactacttcc tctcccatat gtatccatgg     26220
     tggtatgtaa acatgggcag cactgtgtaa attagtacac tggttttcaa aactagactt     26280
     atgagatagt ctagctgtca cacaccaaga caaatactta aagatcccgc gtcctacatc     26340
     tgatatatgt tcaatgcatg tttattgcaa tattcacaat agctaggaaa tggaatcgtt     26400
     tcttttccat tatgaactta atagatgaaa tgtggtatat agggccggtg agatggctca     26460
     gtggttgagt gctctgactg cttttctgaa ggtccagatt tcaaatccca gtaactacta     26520
     ggtggctcac aaccatccat aatgagatct aatgccttct cctggggtac ctgaatagag     26580
     ctggagtgta tatatatata tgatataatt ttagtcaact gaaaggtagc atgccacaga     26640
     caaacctcac ttgcgtcctt gctccatggg catatcttgg attctgagta aaggtgggca     26700
     aggatttaac aagaagagag gctgagaaac agacaggaca caaaggagtg tggatctgaa     26760
     tgtaatttgt ctcaaaggga gcaatagtct tataagtgac ttttacacaa aatagaggaa     26820
     tgcctacaaa ggactggcag ggaccaattg ggataaaatt caatgttaaa aactgggatc     26880
     aaaagtagcc ttccctaagg tttgcttaat cttagaagtc ataggcaatg gttttgtgcc     26940
     cttgcaatag ttcctcttct agtctatcat ataatacccc gggcccctag gtcattgcaa     27000
     attcctgtgt atgtttgaag ctcaactatc tatagttcta attatctatt ctggtttctt     27060
     cttataacac aacctttctt attcctagat aatagtaaat tcttgcatat ggtagtagtt     27120
     tgccctgaga attctaactc tgtggaacag atagtaatgc ctgatttctt tcattatctc     27180
     tcttacagta ctagaggtaa atctgaatgt cactgaatag gcagcatcct aggtgaattc     27240
     aaagaccata gtttgctcaa ggaatgccta ggacaggaat tcctagatga ggtatctaac     27300
     ttagcaatat gtcaaaatca atccttagag gcacttacaa aaaagcaata ttaagggaaa     27360
     gcacacagat ccatttacct actaaagcaa ggacattgga acattcatta tacaggttac     27420
     catgaataca ggagactaag tttccgtgaa gttttcgcct cgggatcatg tctaggcttt     27480
     tcggcctgtc aggtgggtca ctactggtgt gtttgtagca gtagctgaaa tcaaggcatt     27540
     tggaggaaaa tggatggaag gagagtgttt tgttaggtga gttaacacag atttggaata     27600
     aggtaattaa catagttttg ctctcctacg ggtttgaggc catttttata taatttcgtg     27660
     catgtgtgag gttgagtgat agtattctct tgcagaaaga tagaaaacct aatatattac     27720
     ttatcataat gaacataaag gggagttagc aattgctgta ttattgctgt gatcaaccac     27780
     tattaccaag gcaactagta gaaggaaagc tttttttgtc ttatcattcc agagggataa     27840
     gactttatca tgatgccaca actcttccct gcagcagagc tggtgttcca gaactcctcc     27900
     cacatacaga gatatcttga ctactaagag gtctgtcata gccaagctca cagatgagat     27960
     accgcttgcc acaatactgt gcctacctgg gacctcaagg ggcccagtga aagcaaacca     28020
     tatctgtctt gccctggtag agatacattt tccttctggc cgaaaactgg gcctgggcca     28080
     gagccactgc tccagatcca gtcccacaac catcgacaac tttgattccc ggaagctcca     28140
     ccacaaccag ttcacaatca gctcgttgga ggaacaggat cgggtcagaa acaataaggc     28200
     cagtaaaaat ctgagataaa caaatggtga gaggcaaata taaaaattgt aaaagaccca     28260
     aaaaacactg aaagtttaaa aaaatcaaga aaaccaaaaa aaagaaaaga aatatatata     28320
     tatatatgac cctaaagccc taacaaaata taccaaattt ctaaaaaata aaataaaata     28380
     aacaatgaca aacaaacaaa caaaacaaaa gccttaaaaa aagaaattaa aaaaaatcct     28440
     aaactccttt aaaagcccta aaagacccta ataccctaaa atactttaaa atacaaaaga     28500
     aatcaagaaa catccatccc tctccaaata tagacctcaa gaaaacccta aaatcccaaa     28560
     aaatccagaa atatttttaa atcataaaaa actaaaaccc tacataaaat ccctgtcatt     28620
     caagcccccc atcctaaaaa ctctaaaata ctgaaaactc cctaaaagac tcctaaaatc     28680
     ttaaaaaaga aaaccctaaa acactttaga atctttaaac aaacactaaa agagacctaa     28740
     aaagctttta aaataaccta aaatacttta tatttatcta tctacctatc tacctttcta     28800
     cctatcatct acctacctac ctacttaact acctacctac ctatcttatc tatgtatctt     28860
     atctatctat atctatctat ctatctgtct atctatctat ctgtctatct atctatctat     28920
     ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctacct atctacctac     28980
     ctacctatct atctatctat atacttttta cggtttttca agacagtgtt tctctgtgta     29040
     attctccctg tcctggaaat cactttttag acaaggctgg ccttgaaatc agaaatctgc     29100
     ctgcctctgc ctgccatatg ctgggattaa agccattgga catcacagaa aggagacacg     29160
     aaaatactta aacaaacaaa caaaacaaaa aataaaacaa aaatacaaaa caaaacaaaa     29220
     caaacaaaca aacaaaaaaa caggaactct aaaaagacca ttaaaaattc taaaaacact     29280
     ttaaaaatgc cttaaaattc cccaaaatct caaaaaccct aaaaagacct taaaaattgt     29340
     aaaagcaaaa aaacaaaaaa acaaaaaaaa aaacagaaga acaaaacaaa caacaacaac     29400
     aacaacaaca acaacatgtc tttaaaaagt tgcctgaaac actgaagaaa ccctaaaatt     29460
     attttttata tgaaagaacc ttaaaaaaaa atcctaaaag ccataattaa aactttacac     29520
     accctaaaga aaaatctaaa attctaaaga gaattcaaaa agtcttacta aaaaaacaaa     29580
     tgaaacaaag aaacaaaata taaaacaaac taatgaaaaa aaaaaaaacc taaaactcta     29640
     aaataacctt aaaaaaaata gaaccccaaa aaagacacta aaaaccgcaa tgcccaaaaa     29700
     ccctgtgtac tgtggcatga gaataggcac acacgaatat attaaataaa caaatgaatt     29760
     tatataaata aatacaaata ttttgacttt aggccatgtt tctgctataa gcattaaagt     29820
     tggcaaaatc agagctggca agaaggctca gcaagtcaaa tttctttttt tgctccctgg     29880
     catctggatt tcaaggactg aatccatatg ggagaaaggg agaatttcac tgagttattc     29940
     ttatacacaa taaacaagca aaaataatca atctgtaata attaaggcca aatgttggct     30000
     attgcattaa ctgtggtgga attagaactg gttatgttat aaatgttgct gaattccaaa     30060
     ttggttgatg aatgagtttt actgggattc cttacaggaa tatgtgtgag ggattactta     30120
     caggagcaga aatgactcag ggacagctgt accaccaaag cccaccccac tatggtccac     30180
     aaaaaacggg aacctggaga atagagcaga cagctcaaca ggttggagag aatcctttca     30240
     atgtagctca gtggatctaa acctcttcca ggcaaggtag ctccagctcc ctcttgtttc     30300
     tgcttctttc agacatctag tctcaacttc accaagactc tgtaagaccc ccaaagctgg     30360
     gcctccactc aagtcccagg atgagctgcc cagcacccca aagactcaag agaaaaccac     30420
     acctaatgca aactgcaaga ggttttatta tcaggtagct gaggaggaac tccttctgcc     30480
     gtgcagggca ggggagtttg accctgagca gtaacattac aggactttaa cagctagctg     30540
     aggaattgga agaagttggg aggagagttg gctataggtg ggggtgtagt gggggagtag     30600
     tctgcacctc ctctctatat ccatatcctt gtaggtcttc ctacaattat cgcatctctg     30660
     gctgtaagtc acagaaacaa aaaggctttt gctggcaata gaatacaaag agcttccttc     30720
     tgatgtttat ttagagatca agggaaaaaa aaaaggttgg gaaatgtcca ggggctcttc     30780
     cttccaggga taaatgctat aagacagggt ctcacatacc ctactccttc tagtaaatag     30840
     ttctaatatt agaactagga aaattaaacc tctggcccag ctgtcaaata aagccaacat     30900
     gaggtcacat cttcagaatt tgttacattg agagccccag aagcccttta atgagactaa     30960
     agagtttctc accagaggtg ggatggaggg aggaggttca gttcctgagc caagcccagt     31020
     tagtgcaagc agggctgggc cagtgggcct cggtggggcc aataggagga gccagacaca     31080
     ggctggagga gcagcagcag agcttgtcac aagaaccagt tagggtcctt ttcatctggg     31140
     tttatggttg ttagaaaggt ggtgtcaggc caggatagga tgctctattt gaaattgatg     31200
     tggtcccatt gtggttcctg gtacctatgt attgtttgtt tgtttgtttg tttgtgtgtg     31260
     tgtgtctgtg tgtgtgtctg tgtgtctgtg tgtctgtgtt tgattttttt cagcaattcc     31320
     caggaatcat ttttgatcag ttatagggcc ttcaagtgag ctggcagggg ttgggaaaaa     31380
     ggaacaccag ggtcaaacat tctccctgct tcattaggtc tcccatggag gagttcaaag     31440
     ggtgtaagta taaatttccc tgggaactag gagaaggtta ggagtgttgt ttaatctttt     31500
     ctgctggtct ctaaagccaa tctagttaag gtttacttta atgttctatt tatctgctct     31560
     acctgtcctg aaatctgggg tctataagca attgtcttat ctgagcaacg aaggagggga     31620
     tgttgtctga tgaaattacc ttagggatgt caaatattgg gaaaatttcc tctaatatct     31680
     tctttaccat gacattggtg gtctccttct tagtgtggaa ggcttccatt caccctgaaa     31740
     aagtgtctaa aaaaactaat aaatatttat tactgtactt ggctggatta acgtcagtaa     31800
     aatttattgc ccagtatgcc cctagcaggt cacctcttag ctgctttccc ggggcgaagc     31860
     ctgaatttta actgctagca acagagtatt cccagaagac tgacaaggga ataaaacacc     31920
     cagttctaag agccttttga ggtgaggtct gatgcccttg aaggcctctt tgttcatggg     31980
     gtattatcat accccaatag gagtcgcacc agctttgagc atcacaacga tgggggcacc     32040
     ctttttgtca tttttatacc tgcagtctct ggccaggctt gaggatatct ctctaaccag     32100
     ttcccttcta gaacttttct ctaacaggtt tgagctcact ttatctatat tagttttctg     32160
     attttcaagc taaaattata gagatggtgg aatccaagag actgaagttc cttctgaaaa     32220
     gaaacttatg tgggctttta ttttgatagt aagtctctcc ccaacaatgg ggtggagcat     32280
     tcaggaatga tgagaaagta atgagttact tggcttcttc ttaaatcaac tttattatca     32340
     gtggtccaag agtatggatt ctgacaagta gccactatta ctacagtttt cttgttcttc     32400
     aatttcccca gtggctcttt cagaactaaa aattctgctc tggtatcaac aaggaaatat     32460
     gttgtggtcg cctccacagt taggattacc ctaggctcgg ggaggggggc ctgaggccca     32520
     tctgccctag gcattgtcat ctgggttaag gaccttggga ggactgatat cttttttttt     32580
     tggggggggg cagtcttttg cccagtgtcc attttttttt tattggtcct tatctagagg     32640
     tggttgcgaa ggtcctctgg agttttgaca tctttttggt gctgtgttac ccaggtacac     32700
     tgtctgccta catcctcctc cctttctata atattcctta tcacctggaa ttatatccaa     32760
     aaccctagtt aaatttctta cagccttcta tctcgtataa tttatctttt ttcagactct     32820
     ctctttactc tttctctttt ttcttctcca gtctctctct tatagtacac tttctctgtc     32880
     tccttaacca gatctttcaa agataatatt tgcagactct atagacactg taacctttta     32940
     atgtcagaag catactggcc aatgaaagcc atggccatcg ctgcctgctg gccctctgat     33000
     gtagggtcaa agtgagtgta aggcctgtat ggttctaaga ggtgctcaaa aaaacactgc     33060
     tgggtgctac ttttcctctt gtaggatccc tcttaccttg gccaaattag tggggcacct     33120
     gccagctcct ttcagccctg ttactagagc ccagaggaaa actgtcaact gccccctact     33180
     gtgaggactt ttagggtccc agtcaggact tgtcagaggc aagcctgcat ctatttcatt     33240
     cagaagatgt gacagccatt cattgacccc tagcatgttc tttcttgcct ccagcagtat     33300
     cttttttttc tcctctgtgg tgaaaagaat gctcaaattc tgttgacagt tatccctagt     33360
     gggctgatga gagaacatga gagattacat tagatgagta tggctagagg ggtttccaga     33420
     aaagggggca tgatatgcct tcaaattata gaatcagtag aggaaaatgg ccagtactaa     33480
     agggactaca gttgtctggg ttctgatgga ggagggccat aagtatataa aggcagcact     33540
     gtgcagtctg tttcctctag gttccgaact caacagcctc aggttccagc tgctggtccc     33600
     acccccacat ctccagcggc acctcagaca tgttgagagg tctgggaggg gacgagttgg     33660
     ggatatggtg gtagggtgtt atgccattgt ggaggttctt ctatctctgg atatatcttt     33720
     ttgggagcca gggttgcagt tcagactcca ctatttttat ctcggttttt ttttctctga     33780
     gtggcagaga gttaggtctc aggagtctgg ctttttccac tgaactcaag gtttcaacaa     33840
     ggatgggggg ggtccttggc taaatttttt tagatgagat tctatggcac ttgatttggt     33900
     tgagaccctg gtcccctctg cctaaacaac attttaaagg gcagaaatca caatcaaatc     33960
     aagagtgtcc tatggtgtta aaccaacacc aaaaatgtgc cattccctag agcagaaagt     34020
     tcttcaaaat ctctttctga catctacaga cgggttgtga atcctagtct taatttcagt     34080
     ccaaatcaca agactcatac gaggggagtg ctaatagtct gtctcattgt cagagtcaca     34140
     ttcagggaga caaacaagat atacacacaa taaattacga taactgcaac cagtacccaa     34200
     tcagacagcc gagtaagcac actcttaact ttgcacccag taacagaaac agatgactga     34260
     gtgagcacac tctcacttgg cacccagtaa cagaaatgga ttgctgagtg agcacctttc     34320
     aattggcaca cagtaacaga aacagatggt tgtgtgagca ccactcaatt agcacctagt     34380
     aacagaaaca gacgggtgag tgagcacagt ctcaattggc tccccgatgg gaaataccca     34440
     ggcatccctg gagctccctc agaccttctg ggatatctcc caggttggca ggcagttact     34500
     cctgacacat ctgtcagtaa ccctcccctc catcccagac agggaatttg ttgctctcat     34560
     gtgcacaggc tactgtaaac taagaataca aaattcaaaa aaagcctgca gacaaagaca     34620
     tagacaatga catagacaaa ggcaggatct tacctctcag cggggatttc tgagaactgg     34680
     ggtaggccac aaatctcagc aaatgagcac ccgcatgtaa gaccaccaaa agctgggcct     34740
     ccactcaagt cctaggatga gctggccagc accccaaaga ctcaagagaa aaccccccct     34800
     gatgccaaat tcaagagttt ttactaaatc tagctgagga caaactcctt ctgccttgca     34860
     gggcagggga gtttgaccct gagcagtaag aacagggggt tttaacagct agatgaagaa     34920
     ttgggaggag ttgggaggag agttcggagg agatggggag agttgggagg agttgggagt     34980
     aaacttggct atgggtgggg agtagtctgc atatcctctc tatctccata ttcctatagg     35040
     tcttcctaca attatcacat ctctggctgt aaggcacaga aacaaaaagg ctttttgctg     35100
     gctatagaga acaaagagct ttcttctgga tgtattttag agattaggga aaacaaggtt     35160
     ggggattgtc cagggtttta ccttccaggg agaaatgctc taagccttgg cctcatattt     35220
     ctattttgta actcatcttt ctgcatatga gagggactct cagcttttat tcctttctct     35280
     ggcagggaga agcctactga cttttgtcag tttgagggac tccttgaagc tctttgaagg     35340
     tgtttgcctt cctgcttaaa gagcttcctg gatttctttt gagttgttta tctctctgct     35400
     taaggagctt cctatagggt ggaaggtttc aatcctctga ggatactatt atacaaatgt     35460
     atattaaggg cttttggagt tatagtagta ataaattcaa tgtttcttgt atgtacagtt     35520
     aataatttta tgtcacaaaa taatattata ctaataatta tttaaactgt gtcttatact     35580
     gctaatatgg tttcacatat acatgggagt ttggtagcct caggactctg tccaggtagc     35640
     tggatcatgt taatgaattt tacactcaga ttgccattca ttttattttt agttgccaat     35700
     ttcaagggca cgccatttac tttgcgacta ccagtacttt agattttttt tttttatttt     35760
     catgacaggg tttctgtgta tacccccagc tgtcttgaaa cacactttgc acagcagcct     35820
     ggcctcgaac tcaaaaatct gcctgcctct gcctccaaag tgctgggatt aaagtcgagt     35880
     gccaccacca cctggctagt actttagatt tctaaatggt cccctctggt aagttggaac     35940
     aggaagaaaa ttgtacagct agtccccaaa acacacaatc ctgattaggt gagaaaaagt     36000
     ataatcgagg ctgtgtaccc aacatatcca gtatagccca caaagggcat ggtacctgat     36060
     acctgcattg acattttttt cggtcctgtc agagattaga gaaactagac aaggaataga     36120
     tgttttgttc aaagaggttt gggaatccac accattgaat ttcccaagtg actgcattaa     36180
     agaatgtttg gcccatgcat gtggggcttc cagctgaagt ttaaatcacc cttccattag     36240
     gtaggtcagt tttccccaac aacttaagta ttagttcaat tttggttttg gttttgtcca     36300
     ggatcttatt atgtagctca gagtaacctg gaacacactg tgtaaaccag gctagcctca     36360
     aaatcacaga ggattctgac tctggagtgc ttaggtttaa acacaagtgc tattaccact     36420
     cctagtccca ataattgaag ttttagtgag tcaagatttg tagcaggacc ggggaacctt     36480
     gtctcataca aaggattaca ggaatccagt tctttttttt tttatctatc caggccatag     36540
     ttcttccatg ttagtttttt cacatgcatg gccaaaatac acccttagct actggactaa     36600
     tgtctaccag gatgccgcac atgcacactg tagtgaagtc tgcttggcag tccaagagac     36660
     ctggaagcac tcatgagtca aagagtttca aaaggaactc aactcctgga gctttggcat     36720
     tctcataacc cacatattca taccctatcc ccttgttagt ctggtgtaca gatccatgtg     36780
     ctctctttta gtaatatctt atcataagtg ccctttaaga ttgatttctg acatagctaa     36840
     gcctttgcca gtgttccaat gtcctagaaa gtccttgagc tgaccatggg tttggaattc     36900
     aatgttgcct attcagtgac attcagaatt gcctttggta ttacactatc acttagaata     36960
     aaagccaaat cactcccaca tacaggaatt tacaatggtt taggcagtag atctggctgt     37020
     ggttttaggg taatgagatg gttagctaga gccaaactcc ctaattagaa atatgacttg     37080
     ggtgtgaaag ccattgccct aggagtgtaa gacctcacac ctggcttcta agactttagg     37140
     tgaccttaga tagggctgac tttgtctcag ttgttttatt gaccagttcc tgcctgtctt     37200
     tgtgtttaca ttcctctgtt ttgtgtaaga gccattaagc acccagtaac ctcatttgta     37260
     ctttgccaat gtgtcaccta acttccctat tttcttgtgt ataaaaagtt tgatgctcaa     37320
     tttgacaaat gacattcaga tagtacacaa tctcacgtgt tcatctttct gtcattcgca     37380
     gactctttgc ccatctcgga ctagtgactc tttccatgca gaaagaggga cccagagggt     37440
     ctgtggcaac aggaccaaaa acagatttct tgctatggga gcagtgagaa atgggctaat     37500
     ttttatttcc tcatgaaaag aatggaagat ctggatgtca cttaatgcat gatagaaact     37560
     ctcttgaaat ataacacaga ccctgtgatc gtgccctttc caatctgcca gccagtattc     37620
     tgtcaggggt ttcttaagtt agtgatattg aaattagaat gtttccaggt ccctagttga     37680
     cagtctgatg cagaaggctc cttttgaagg agcaccattt ttgcacttgt agtgccaggt     37740
     tgttcataag atgtgtttcc agtaggaaat gtaaaaatgg gctttagggg tacatctggc     37800
     cagagttgaa ggatgttcac atatatagtt atcatttagc ctgtatgccc actctgagtg     37860
     ctgccactga ctcaatgaag ttgatcagcc ataatctagg tttgcagaga catataaaat     37920
     tattgacact ggttgtccta ggttagagaa tagtaacttt tggatcattt gtccctgtcc     37980
     taagggatgg ctctggtctt cttgtcattc cactgttggg gaaaactgca tatcaaaaaa     38040
     taatgtctcc catgttggta gatggagtat gtgatttttt ttatactcga aaatggatgt     38100
     gacaaatgaa gctgggtcca agtaaatcct tatcccaact gagtcagaca aatacagtag     38160
     ataacagaat tagcagggcc cacaaagcag gggaagatca gtccaagcaa gtagaaaaaa     38220
     aaaatctgtt catgctgtag gcagccagca cctaaaagat ggtgctggtc tccggtacac     38280
     catcgcagta aacaacacca ctgagcaggt gctagaccaa atctggcacc aacccctcct     38340
     gagtgggtgc atgcaaatta acatgtctgc agactgacca accctagcag gatgcatagc     38400
     cttcctttac caggaagagg taggcgaaac atcaccccag caattgtgtt cctcttttct     38460
     tgcctttggg agggcctcag caaacctagc gctttctgag cttcctaaaa cttggaagtt     38520
     ttatttgctt ctgagttgta ggatcctcca tcctccttat aggaaaaaat gtatgagaat     38580
     tttgcttcct ataaaaaccc agcaatgtta tatgtgtagt ttttttgttt tgttttgttt     38640
     taatctcatg tctgtcccca gctgcagata gtttttgttt gaaattctag tgattcttga     38700
     gagtgtataa aagaaagagc tcctgagagg acctagggca gatgctgctc ctgctgcacc     38760
     tgcttttgtt atcacaggat taaatgagca atgctcttgt caatggagca agtttgtgga     38820
     tttatttgtg tcaaagggca ctgatggaca tacattgctg caaggagaaa aacaagtgca     38880
     taatttagca ttcttagtga ttaggtaagg ttaggttatc tgaatttatc tgaaggccaa     38940
     gccaaatgaa atgttgtttt gattcctttt tgggaataca aaaatccatg tctcaaacta     39000
     atatttatag attttgtcag ttgcttttaa tgtgttagtg ttatgaaata ttacatggca     39060
     agggaataca tttgctgggc ccatgcatgt tgtgaccttc agaaattaca ccacggaaca     39120
     gacctggtat aaagggaatg attgggagag ggtagaggaa tgaggaaatg ggggaggtat     39180
     agaggcttag agacagaaac aaaaccatta gtcagaaaaa tatggggcaa agaacagata     39240
     gaggggaagc tgaaaacaaa gagagagaca gagctataga aacaagaaca atgggaacag     39300
     agaggttggg cctagaacag agagaggggg ctaatcagtc cttttatcct gccttgaagt     39360
     tagcagttta gtttctttca agaagaaata tactttcaat gaattttgta agttaacagg     39420
     aaatattttc atctctgaga gcaatgttaa ttttaaagtg tttatagtac atttttgtgg     39480
     gactactttc ttaagaacaa tataagccag gtatgttgtc acatacctgt aataatacct     39540
     acatggaatg ctgagatcac ctggaaccta aacattctag aacttcttgg acaatacaca     39600
     acatactatg tgcctatttc aaaaatgaaa tgaagtgaaa taaaatcaac ccaatgtacc     39660
     ttctttattt gtatctctta cctttggaaa ctaataagat aatgaatcaa aaaataaata     39720
     aatttcaatt atctgtatgg atgaaaacaa ttttaaatgt taagaaggtt aaaaaaatca     39780
     ctacagtgat ggggaggaaa gagcctgggt gggaaatggg acaagaacgt gaacatgatc     39840
     aggtattgtg tgtgtgggga acataactga agtgctgagg aaaagcaaaa agaatggaaa     39900
     caggcaactt tttgaggtag gaggtgagaa aaccctcggt tatatcagag acctgggagg     39960
     tgagagaccc taaggactca aagggaggga ccttagaaga aatgccctac agtggggaga     40020
     gggaacttgt agagtcctcc tccagtggag ggacaggaca tcaagtggaa agattgagtt     40080
     accatcccac agtaaaaagc tctaacccag aattgttcct gtctgaaaga actgcaagga     40140
     aaaaacatgg agaaaagcct aaagaaaagg agatccagtg acaagaccaa attgtgataa     40200
     agctcaagga gaggcatcaa ggcctgacac tattactgat gctattctgt gctcacaaaa     40260
     aatgggctta tcatgactgc tctctgaaag accaagccag caggtgaaag agtcagatgc     40320
     tcaaatttat atgcaaccaa tagacagaag ctgggaaccc ctgtggatga attggggaaa     40380
     agctggaaga agctgaggaa gaggtctacc cggtaggagg accaacaatc tcaaataacc     40440
     tggacctccc aggatgtctc agacactgag ccagcaacca ggcttcatac accagatgat     40500
     ataaagccac caacacatat acagaaaagg actgccaggt ctggactcag tcagatgagg     40560
     tccatctaat cctcaaggga cttcaggccc cagggagcag ggaggtctgg tggagagggg     40620
     acaggatggt ggggacatac tcttggagat ggggattgtg ggcttggggc cctgggagca     40680
     tgggggcatg taggcaggag atatggggtg tggaacagta agagggggaa ctaggagaag     40740
     aataaaatct cgactttaaa aaaaagtata agaataaatt ttaaataatt caactatatt     40800
     agcgtgtgga atttcagtcc acaggactat ataccattca catattcatt tagttttcct     40860
     ttggaagtta atataaagat gcacttacac ttaaacaaga aaatgattaa agatatttaa     40920
     aaataaagaa gttctatttt gactctaaag gtataactgc tagttaactt tgtaatcaca     40980
     tcactgggat taacttcctt ctcataatca tcagaataac aaggattaaa gaagctttaa     41040
     aactctgttt cataggaaac aaaaaagtta gagatttttt tatttgtttt atatatataa     41100
     atataaccag caagtgaaat tttttcatgc ttcatttttc tgaagatggg aaagtagaag     41160
     agtacttcag attattctcc atgatggctc ttttaaacat agacattttt ttttctcagt     41220
     tcaccaccta caccaaaaag catatcttag ttcttggtcc ccaagttcat caaaacctaa     41280
     aacagaaaag tacctcttat taaataaatt cccaaggata caaatatgaa agattctgtg     41340
     cagatgatgt atagggtaaa ggttaaggtc aggattagga ttagggttag tgttagggtt     41400
     atgtttaata aagcaggata attatagtgt tattaaagta tgaggtacat ctgaggtcaa     41460
     attcccattt tatcatttca tatctttaat aattcataca aagccattag gattttatgg     41520
     ataatagcag tcatttcagt cagaaataat tcaaaataat aagtagttaa aactttatga     41580
     ttattaaaac atatttagat tcctaaggtc attttatgga ccatgtgcaa catacctcca     41640
     tggacttctc atgcatcttt aactgcttcc agggtctggt tctgactaca tttggacagt     41700
     ttcaatgcct gttgttcttt ttgacaacta ttctacaaat gtaaaaggaa aacattagta     41760
     taacaattct gtttattttt gttgttactg ccatgcaaca tgcatggtag tctaacaata     41820
     aaacactaaa tgtatatcta atactaaaac atttatgtga gcaaaaataa ttctatatga     41880
     aagttaaaag gaatagtttt ccaactgatt taaaatttta acaactattt tgactaaata     41940
     tatgtatatt tttacaataa catgaaataa aattatgcta ccaattgtgg ggtaggaatt     42000
     ttttttaatg tgaaagagtt tttcataatg cacagactgg ccttagcctc tcaagttctt     42060
     atgtttatag gcatgcacca tgtatacatg aactcggtaa aatcctagtc ttggaagctt     42120
     agattggttt tctctaggtt ccaatctcaa gcaacatata gaagtagtaa cataaagttc     42180
     tcattgtatt ctttagggtt gcacacaacc atgataattt gcatttaaaa aaaattaaga     42240
     caagcccttt acaccttttc accttgggct actacaatcc tgttttgccc tttattcact     42300
     gtgatcaatt ttttacctca catttgcact caaatcatca taattaagta aaattacctc     42360
     taatttgcaa tgcttatctt ttaaaaaagt gcacctgcat acacttggag acaaagggtt     42420
     aatattgggt gtcatctttg atttcacagt actgtttcag agacagaatc tcactaaacc     42480
     tagagctcat catttatgct acacctggtg gctacaaaga tctggagatc ttcttttctc     42540
     tgaactaaat ctgagattgg ttgttttaaa atgctcacaa ccacaccaac ttttttttgt     42600
     tgtggtggtg gtggtttgtt tttagttttg ctagtttgtt gttgtttatt ttgttgttgt     42660
     aggaggtggt gtgggcattc atcccaatgc agggaatata agctggggtc tccatgccta     42720
     cacgggagaa agattaccaa ttaaaccatc ttccagccct gtaaatcaat cttattgggc     42780
     ccacatgcag catatgacac atttagggat cttttcttct ttaaaacttt ccttcactca     42840
     tggtagtttt ctttctacca gtggttctct tcctttactg gctccctctc accagctgcc     42900
     atatgcagaa ttacaaatct tgaagtaccc tgctgttctg tctttagact ccttatttac     42960
     agggatgatc actttccctt gaaatgtcat ccagagtcca atgtttaaaa actgtcttca     43020
     attggagtat ttattattta tctttagttc ctatctcttt ccagaactga ctcataatgg     43080
     caggttcctc aatgccttct gaggcaagaa tgaatttgct gttcctttca aattgaatac     43140
     tttccaaact attaaccagt aaataaaata aaatagttaa tatgattatc gttgtctcag     43200
     atcttacttg gaaaccatat gatgactaca gtgattggta gagtaatgga ggcatgatct     43260
     aaaattgttt gctgatatga tattcttcca caggaaaatt cttccagggc tgttgagatt     43320
     gtttgtttcc atcctctgtt gttactaaat ctttactaaa tttaggactg taaaaacaga     43380
     tttaccaaat tgagttagtt ttttaatata aacaacagag tccaggtgaa accaataaat     43440
     aagctttctc tcttctttga actctgatat attgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtt tttttttttt     43500
     tttttgtagt cactggtaat catctcttga tctttctgca aatgtctgcc tcttgaaaat     43560
     ttatgatctg gtataccata aaatgcctag tcgttttcat tgatagagta tgcaatcaat     43620
     agtttatatc tcagtaagac tagaacagaa gcaaggatag atagataatg gaacttaatt     43680
     tagtttcata tgctgaactc aaggctagtt gttccattcc tacttagtaa tactaggtta     43740
     aatattaagt tttttatggt accaaccact gatttttctt tttcttcatt gaatttctgt     43800
     acatccatat cagacttctg aaatgtagtt atatactgct cacaaaattt gttgttgatg     43860
     ttcttcctgt aaagcacagt aacaaaagca ggcacatttc ataccaatat gaaaaagaac     43920
     actcaaaaca aattcaattg aacatttcat actataaaaa gaaaaatagc agtataaaat     43980
     atctaatggg aaatcattat agatttttcc cctaacatat tatcagagag gttttcattt     44040
     acgttttagc ttttcaaaat taaagaaata taaacacaca caacacacac ctaacacaca     44100
     cacacacaca cacacacaca tacacacaca catatatata catgtacaaa atttaattat     44160
     atttcaatgt gttttttttt cattattttc taccaaatat aagttctaat ttatttttca     44220
     tacattgcct tagtaaagac agtgcaaaac atgtcaacta aaatatacaa attgtctgca     44280
     tatgtaattg tagttgttcc ttttgaatat tgttaaacat aataatccat aaattacatt     44340
     cctaagacta tgtgcaagac ttctgtattt ccacaatgaa tgtaaattaa aatttaaatc     44400
     tcattaacat tgacttaaag cagaaaataa aattttcata gatttctatg aattagattt     44460
     agtttgcttg aaggcatgat gttatagggt taactgttta gacaaaatca aagccaaaca     44520
     tttttactaa agaatcagac atgatataat tttttttaaa cttcagccac atataatttt     44580
     taaaatgata cacatttgac cctacaaata taacaactct acctctctcg ttcggtcgtt     44640
     ttgcaaaatc tttctaattt ctggttgctg cctttgaaag attctttgac ataagtttcc     44700
     atccattttc tctttatgtg aagcgtctta taaatgtcat ctatattaaa aataaagggt     44760
     cattttgaag aaaaaataga tgattccatg tattcaagta aaaatagata tagataaatt     44820
     tcattcaata atgctatgga aacttaaaat taaatgatag atatcacaaa catgcttcat     44880
     actttagaat acttagggtt tggtatgttc agatgaagga tgttcaacct gtaaagtcta     44940
     cagaaatgtt ccacaacata gaaaaaaaca gtccatgtat tttggataag aaatatctac     45000
     tctatctgaa ttttaatttc tgtaaggaaa ataattttga gcttcaagaa cagttttcaa     45060
     aagaacaaat gcacaaaaca aaggatcaaa agtatgctta attcttcata gggaaacact     45120
     tttaataaag gctaattctt ttccaaatct aaaaaaagat gatgcaactg aaagaacaaa     45180
     cttgactgtg gaactgttag acccattgtt taaaatattc aattaaaata agagggcagc     45240
     cgggcatatt ggttcccatg ttaatcctag tattctgtag gaaaaggcag agagatattt     45300
     gtgtgttcca ggttaacctg gtcaacatac tgagttccag gacagtcaga gctacaaatg     45360
     agaccctgtc agaatcaaac ctgcgtttga ttcctagcac ctacataatg tgcacaaata     45420
     tctccaactc cagttccagg ggatgtgatg ccctgttcta tattctgcat gcaccaggta     45480
     catatgtata tgactcacag acatacttat aggcaaaata cctatataaa taaaaataga     45540
     taaaaatgtt aaaatctatg tttaaaacaa tgatctccaa gtttttttta atcaaaataa     45600
     aattatttct aaagtgaatt ggtaattata tttcagaaca tatcctttaa aaaaacaatt     45660
     gaagaaaatt atggtaggaa cttttgatca gtaactgctg cagttcatga aaattgtaat     45720
     gcttcagaaa atgtttagta cctttctagc atgcacagtt agctttcagt aactaggatg     45780
     aagctatatt tcggtataca tgtttaatat tctcaccata catagtacta gacaaaatca     45840
     gattattaaa tgattattct gcctcctcta aatagagcaa atccttcagt tgaaaaaaaa     45900
     taatttggta aaatgggtaa cttgaaagaa gcaaaatatt gttttttaaa aatataatat     45960
     tgtttcatgg gggtagagat atggctcagc agttaagagt acttcctgtt ctttgcaaag     46020
     gacataggtt tggtgtctag cactcatatg gtggctcaca actatctgac tccagttcca     46080
     ggtatctgaa ataatcaact gatatctgaa caacaggtac acatgtggtg cacatatata     46140
     actgtaagca aaacactaat acacataaat aagtccaaaa ataggtatta ggagcattgt     46200
     ttagtaagcc atgtaagatg tttttttgtg tatgatccta gtattggaag cttaagcagg     46260
     agatttccag tgtaaagact gcataggtta aataggaaaa tgcaggccag cctgaactac     46320
     ataatgacac catatctcaa agacaagtta ctgtcttctg agaaagctca cttagcattc     46380
     agttacatat aatttaaaac agatacttta gaatctgagt atcattctct cattgtttag     46440
     taagttgtct tccaattaca gttagataat tcatttcata aaaagaaaaa aaaaacaatg     46500
     aagggattgg agagatgatt cagcagttaa gagcactggt tcccttccag atttctgaga     46560
     ttggagtacc aaaacccaca aggtggctca ctacctataa cttcagtttc aggggattca     46620
     atgccttcat ctggcttcct caggtacaag acacactagt tgtgcacata cacacgtgaa     46680
     agaaaaaaaa aaaacaataa ccataacata aaatttaaaa ataagttata agggttacat     46740
     taaagaattc agttttgcat tgtgccatat aaagaaggaa gcacagaaga ctcctagaaa     46800
     agaaactgac ttaatataaa attagcactg gatcaatgaa aatatgtttc atgtatagaa     46860
     ttttgtatac atatcactta gctatgagta catggaactg tgaaattgtt tacatctatt     46920
     tttttttcct tttaaaattc cttcaaagct gttacaaaaa cgcctctgta gtcaagaggg     46980
     cctactgtga aaagaggagg ttcacaaagt actttttttt tgttttttaa ggtaagtaat     47040
     gttacttcat gcttatcaaa ggataattca tcaaagatga actcacaatt cggaatatct     47100
     atgctccaaa tacaagggca accaaattca taaagaaatt ttactagaac tcaaagtaca     47160
     tattgtaccc catataataa tagtgagaaa cttcaacacc ccactctgag caatggagag     47220
     gtcctggaaa aaagaaatga aaaagagaca ctgtgaaact aatgagaagt tatgaaacaa     47280
     tcggattcat cagatacata tatatgtatc tgtcacacac acacagacac acacatacaa     47340
     acacgcacac atatattgaa gcaaattcac acacagttct cattagatga agagaaatta     47400
     tttgaaaaaa aaatcaacaa accttcatga taatagtctt ggatagattt taagaatttt     47460
     aagcacatac ctaaatatag aagcaaacca gaagccaaca tcaaattaaa tggagagaaa     47520
     cttgatgcaa tcccactaaa ataagacaag acaggactag acaaggcttc ttactctttc     47580
     cctaccaatt cactatagta ctacaagttc tagacagagc aactagaaaa caaaaattgg     47640
     tcaaaggaat aaaaattgga aaggaataaa tcaaaatatc actattagca gataataaaa     47700
     tagtatactt aagtgaccac aaaaattcca tcagagaacc cataaacctg aaaaacaact     47760
     tcagcaaagt ggctagatat acaattaact caaacaaaac agtacctttc ttctactcaa     47820
     aagataaaca ggctgaaagg caattatgga aacaacacct ttcaaaagtc acaaattata     47880
     gttccttgat gtgactcaaa ccaagcaggt gaaagatttc tatgacaaga acttcaagtc     47940
     tctgaagaaa gaaactgaaa aatctcagaa gatggaaagg tctcccatgg tcatagatta     48000
     agttagtaaa aatggctgtc ttcccaaaag caatctacag attccatgca ctctccatca     48060
     aaatttaaac tcaattcttc gtagagacag aaagagcaat atacaaaacc attcggaata     48120
     tcaaaactcc agaatatccc aaaactattc tcaacaataa aagaacttca gggggaatca     48180
     tccctgacct taagctgtat tatgcagaaa tagtgattaa aaaaatgtat ggtaatggta     48240
     cagagacaat gccttcatga aatggagaga tttaaatata tcatcctgtg tgatctcaaa     48300
     ggaaaaaaaa acatggtatg cactcactga caagtggata ttatcctaaa agctcagaat     48360
     acccaaaatg taattcacag accacatgaa gctgaagaag aaggaagaca aaagtgtagg     48420
     tgtttcagtc cttcttagaa tggggaacat aatattcctg ataggaaatg tggagatcag     48480
     ggcagagact taaggaatga ccatccagat tctgtccaac ctttggatcc atcccatata     48540
     ctgaaaccag gcacagtcac tattgtggat accaacaagt gcttgctgat aggagcctaa     48600
     tatgactgtc tcctgagaag ctctgccagg gcttggcaag aacagaggct gatgctcaca     48660
     gccaacaatc agactgatca tggggtcccc aggggagcag ttagaggaag aactgaagaa     48720
     gctgaagggg tttgcaacct tacaggaaga acaacaatat gaaccgagca gacagtccag     48780
     agcactcagg gactaagcca ccaaacaaag aggggcaccc atgactctag ctgcatatag     48840
     agcagaggat ggtattgtca gacatcagtg ggaggagagg tcctttgtcc tgtgaaagct     48900
     ccatgcccca gtgtaggcaa atgccagggt agggaggtgg agtatgtggg tgagggaaca     48960
     ggctcataga aacaaagcac gtgtcaaatg gaatagggat ttcttgggac taaaccagga     49020
     aatggctgat atttgaaatg taaataaata cacacaaaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     49080
     cacacacaca ctctgatggc tttaactgtg acttcaagtg ggtttacatc taatcacagg     49140
     atgatctaaa tttttcccat tcctgctagt tttttgataa attagagtaa atgtgtctgc     49200
     atctcaatct ccaaataaaa tcatagttgc tcttatcaca accaagctcc tcaacctttt     49260
     tcatcacaat acaaatctaa gacaaatctt aaatataaaa ttcttcctgg ctggacaaat     49320
     attttactgc tacagcaaga agctctggtt tcaatcttca ggaatgaaaa ataaaaaccc     49380
     ccaaaattta gatataaaaa ataaagaagg catgattcct cgggccccat tacatttctg     49440
     aggctgagga cttcaggtac aaggccagtc caggctgcaa ttgaggtttc agacaatcct     49500
     gtgatataga cctagagctt actttcctaa actaaaacaa caaataaata aagacagcct     49560
     ggtctgaatt atgtctgaat tcccagcact tctgaggcag agagaagcct ctagtatttg     49620
     aggcagtttg gaacctatat atagaaattt cggcaatgtg gcattttcac aacacgttaa     49680
     aatgtagact ggttttcagt ttcattttaa taaattcctg gtgggaagca gttgcacaga     49740
     agaggttctt gtctgtttca tccactaagt gaagtccagt ttactcacac ctcacatccc     49800
     cagtccccaa gaatactttc agggtctcca tttccttggc cttcctgatt tctgctagga     49860
     gctagtctgt tcaaactctt gcacttacag tgaagttctc agtttttctc agcagaggcc     49920
     taagagggaa aggtcgattg tgaacctgga agtagcaact tcctgagtcc agtgagggtc     49980
     acctaatctc attactcctg aagaaacacc tccaaaactc caccttcatc cccacccaga     50040
     cccctagctg aaccaggatt aaccaacaga caaatgacta cctccactga gacttcatcc     50100
     taccatgatt cttcaagaat tttgcttcct caagaactct ttgtagccac catactgggt     50160
     aacagggttt gaacagcggg aaaacaatct cagccaagcc cattgctgat tggctgtgtt     50220
     tgcacatgag tactaagggt aagagaggct ctttcaatca tctgtgatta aagcttcaaa     50280
     aagcgggtag tattttaact tcctctacta cccagaggct ttccattttc taagtttgca     50340
     atactaactt gaaagttaaa ataaaatgaa ctccaaagac gactctccta ctttgtttca     50400
     gatgaagggg ctgttctgtg taactctaaa ttgttttttt tttttgtttt gtttgttttt     50460
     ttttttgttt tttgtttgtt tttttttttg aactaaagtg tttttgcatg tttgtattta     50520
     tataacatgt atgactagtt cccctagaaa ctagaatagg atgccaaaat ccctggatct     50580
     aaaattaaaa atgattttga gaattatgtg ggttctagga attaaacctt ggttctgtac     50640
     aaaagcaaca agtgttctta atttctaagc catctttcca ttcctatcct gtgtgtgttt     50700
     taaggtgtgc tggatcattt ctaacgatag atgtttaatt ttactatata atggatagta     50760
     taaaaaatga ctctgttaat gttgtctatt tccagaaaca gaaaaacaaa caaacaaaca     50820
     aacaaaacag caacaaaaaa aaacataatt ttaatggatt gtgtaaatca taaaaagttt     50880
     caggataaaa atggagtgta tacatttcag tatatgggtg cataaggagg ccagatatag     50940
     acatctgttt tattctcaat tatattccaa atttcttttt cattttctct tttttttttc     51000
     aagtcagggt ttatctgtat agctctggtt aacctggaac tcaccctgta taccagggtg     51060
     gcgtcaaaat caaaaatctc cctgcctctg cctcccaatg tctgggatta aggcatgtgc     51120
     caccactgac tgacccaact taaaacttga gataggttct ctctgaatat gcagctaacc     51180
     aatgccacta cctcggctag ccaacaagct gtctccacct actcagcact ggttggcagc     51240
     ctgcatttta gaagtggatt ctaggccccc acttttattt tcaaggaaaa cattttacta     51300
     aaacagccat ctctctagcc tctcttcaag gtttgttctg ttgctataga cactgcaatt     51360
     ttttgtttgt ttgttttttg tttgtttggt ttctttttct atttctctaa tcatgcctaa     51420
     gtttaggctc ctaaaatgct tagtggtggt tttgcttgtt tccttacaac agcaaattgc     51480
     ttttcttgct cactttacaa tttgcagtta atttggcaca ctggacgaac tgacatttca     51540
     tttactaggc ttattgctgt gttttgtttc tttggtgttt tttttttttt tttttttttt     51600
     ttggttaatt tgctgggttt tttttttttt tttgctggtt ttttgttttt gtttttgttt     51660
     ttgttttcac cactgaagat gaaatttata acttttaatg gtgctttacc actgagctac     51720
     atctttagtt aatctttagt tttgaatgtt ggatgagaag ttatctgtgt gtatttttta     51780
     aagaaaacta taatttctgt gaagcctaca attatccccc tatgctatag gttctataga     51840
     gatctgtttc cctcgtttgg cctcttcaag aaacagggaa atatttttaa aacacatacc     51900
     tccagattta tccaacatac tgcctacttc atgtctgtga agacagaaca ataaaaaatt     51960
     aaagcaagaa atatagtaga ctggtaggcc atttttttta ccacacacaa aactttacac     52020
     agaaccttct ttaatttttt ataataaata tataatgttt ggtttggaac aaatgtcata     52080
     tgcatataaa atatgtggtg gactaccaac ttgaacttgg attatttact tttaacaatt     52140
     catacgttta caccccacaa ggagtttatt cataactctc ccacacttgc cgagaccctt     52200
     ttttttccca gatagtcccc tacttatttt tatgatgttt ctccttttct ttgagtgtgt     52260
     caaatatcac atgcaggtgg tcctattgta tgagttccta tgtgtttgtg atcacaaagt     52320
     ctaaaggatc ccaagctggg cttgaactta acatatagca gcatctgaca ttgaaatgct     52380
     gatcttcctg aatctacttt tccagtgaag gtaacacaaa cactactttt gaagtactct     52440
     attgaactgg aaaaaaaaaa aaagaaaaaa agaaaaagaa ttgaaaatat taccccatgt     52500
     cttcatctcc ttttacttga ggcgatatat atccatcttt accaattgct gggttattta     52560
     ctgtattgac aatagaaaat gtaaacattt gaaagtatgc catattagta atagttaata     52620
     aagtactatc aatttgaatt tctttggaaa aactgcccgt tttgagtttt tgaaacagat     52680
     ttttaaaact aagtaaaatt aagtacatcc aggaaatcta gtacacaagg agaagaaaaa     52740
     acataaggat agcaggtata gatgagaagt aagatttcca aattataggg tcagtgaata     52800
     tcttcaataa aactataaaa gaaacctttc ctaacctaat gaaagagatg tccatgaaca     52860
     tacaagaagc atgcagaact ccaaatagtt tggaccagaa aaacaacaac aaaaacaaaa     52920
     atccctgcca tcatatatta atcaaagcac caaatgcaca aaacaaagaa agaatattaa     52980
     aagcagtaag gtaaaatggt caagtaacat atacaggaat tcctatcaga attacaccta     53040
     acttctcccc agagactatg aaagccataa gatccacggt agatatcata cagacactaa     53100
     gagagcagaa ataagagcca aagctataat atgcagcaaa actattttac catagattga     53160
     gaaaacaagg tattccgtga aaaaacaata tttacacaat atctttgaac aaatcaaacc     53220
     cttcaaggga taataaaggg aaaactccaa tataaggagg gaaatcacat gctagcaaaa     53280
     acaagatatt aatcttgaag taaacctaaa agaagatagc tacatgaaca aagttccaac     53340
     aaaaataaca ggaagaaaca aagactttgt cttagtatct cttaatatcg ccatattcta     53400
     ttcaccaatt agaaagaaat agactaacag actggatgtg taagcaagac ccagcatacc     53460
     agaaacaaac ctcaggaaca aagacagaca ttacctcaca gtaaaaggct ggaaaacaat     53520
     tttctaagca aatgttccaa agaaacaaat ttggagtagc cattctaata tcaaataaat     53580
     ttgactttca acccaatgtt atcaaaaaag acaaggagtg acacttcata ttcatcaaag     53640
     ttaaaattta ccaagatgaa ttttcaattc taaacattta tagtccaaat gcaatggcat     53700
     ccatattcat ataagaaact ttagtacagc tcaaaatgca cattgcacca cacacaataa     53760
     tagcagaaga cttcaacaac cctccctcat caatggaaag atcctggaaa gaaaaattaa     53820
     aaaaaagaca cagttaaact aacagaagtt atgaaacaaa tacattagtt gatatctata     53880
     gaacatttta ttctagaaca aaaattgtcc attctgctca gcacctcatg acgccttctc     53940
     caaaattaac aatataatca gtcacaaaac atgcctcaac agatataaaa atatccaaat     54000
     aatctcatac atcctatcta atctccaagg actaaggctg atctgaaata ataatataaa     54060
     taattgaaaa cccatgtaca cgtagaaggt gaacaaaaat ccagtcagtg ataaatcagg     54120
     tagggaagaa ataaaaaaaa ataaatataa gactttttag agtttaaaaa aaatgaagtt     54180
     actacatact gaaagttgtg gaacacaact aaagcagtgt taaagggaat ctcatagctc     54240
     tgaatgcctc taaatagaaa ctggagagaa gatacagtag taggttgaca gaacacctaa     54300
     aaccccttga ataacaggaa ggaaattcac ccaagaggag ttgaaggcag gaaataatca     54360
     cactcagggc tgaaatcaaa caagtggaaa caaaggaact ataacataaa atcaaacaaa     54420
     ctaggagctg gacctttgag aaagtcaaca agatagataa aacattagcc agactaatta     54480
     cagggcacag ggaaagtatc aacattaaca aaaccagtaa tgaaaaggga gacataacaa     54540
     cagatactta gtaaatccaa aaaaatcatc agatcctact atacaagcct gtaacttagc     54600
     aaaagtggaa aatctggatg aattggacaa ttatctagac agatgtcagg tactaaattt     54660
     caatcaggtt gagataaacc ctgtaaactc tcccataacc cccaaagaaa tagaagcagt     54720
     cattaagagc tcccccctcc aaaaaaaaaa aaaagccccg tatctgatgg gtttagtaca     54780
     gatttctatc agactttcaa tgaaacacca ataccaacaa tcttcaatct attatgcaaa     54840
     aacaaaagaa aatgaacact acttaatttg ttctatgaag ccacatttac tcttataccc     54900
     aaaccataca aaatcccaat gaagacagga tacttcagac caatttaact tataactatt     54960
     gatgcaaaaa tactcaataa catcctgtta aacacaatcc aagaacacat caaaatgatc     55020
     atcctacatg atcaagcggc ttcatcccag ggatacagga atggttcaat atatgggaat     55080
     ccatcaatgt aatccaatat gtaaagaatc tcaaggaaaa aaacacagta ttatctcatt     55140
     agacactgag gaatcattta aaaaaaaatc aacacacctt catgatgaaa gtcttggata     55200
     gattcagaaa gcaaggccca taactaaaca tagtaggaaa ccaggatcca acatcaaaat     55260
     aaatggagag aaacttgatg caatcccact aatatatggc aaggcttccc actctctccc     55320
     tacctattca ctatagtact agaagttcta gccagattaa atagacaaca aaaagaggtc     55380
     aaaaagttaa aaattggaaa agaacaaatg aaaatatcac tattaatagg taataaggta     55440
     gtatatttag tgaccccaaa aaaatccact aaagtaccct taagcctgag aaacaacttt     55500
     agcaaagtga ttggatatac aattaactca aatagatcag tagctttcct ctactcaaag     55560
     gataaacagg ctgaaaagga agttatggaa gcaacactct tcacaatagt ctcatacctt     55620
     ggtgtgacac gaaaaaagca agtcaaagtt ctgtaggaca agaacttcat gtctctgaag     55680
     aaagaaattg aaattctcag aagatggaaa gatctcccat ggccatagat tggtgtccca     55740
     aataatttag taagaatgtc tatcttgcca aaagtaagct ctgattccat gccctctcca     55800
     tcaatattca aacttaattt tttataaaga tagaaagagc aatatgcaaa atcatttgga     55860
     ataacgaaaa tccaggatat tgtaaaacta ttcacaacaa taaaagaact tcagggggaa     55920
     tcatccctga cctcaagctg tattatagag aaatagtgat aaaaatgtat agtgaccata     55980
     aagaaaaaat gacttcagga agttcacacg caaacggaga ggtctaaagt atatcatcct     56040
     gtatgaggta acacaatccc aaaggaaaaa atatggtatg cactcactga taagtggata     56100
     ttatcctaaa agttcagaat acccaaaatg taattcacag accacataaa ccttaagaag     56160
     gaagaaaaaa gtgtgcatgt ttccgtcctt ctcagaatgg ggaacaaaat actactggga     56220
     ggaaatatgg agacaaagtg cagggcagag actgaaggaa cgaccattca gaatctgccc     56280
     cacctgtgga tccatcccgt atataaacac cagaccctgt cactattgtg gataccaaca     56340
     aatgattgct gaaaggagcc taatatggct gtgtccttag gggctctgcc agaggttggc     56400
     aaaaacagag gctcatgctc acagccaaca atcagactga ttatggggtc cacagtggag     56460
     gagttagagg aaggactgaa ggagctgaag gggtttgtaa ccttacagga agaacaataa     56520
     tatgaaccaa gcagaccgcc ccccacccca gagcactcag ggacgaagcc agcaaacaaa     56580
     gagggggacc atggctccag ctaaatacat agcagaggat gtccttgtca aacatcagtg     56640
     agaggaaagg tccttggtca tgtgaagttt ggtgtcccag tgtaggcaaa taccagagca     56700
     gggacatggg tgttggtggg tgggggaaca tgctcataga agcagaggga gggtggaatg     56760
     gtaaagggaa tttctggggt gaaaccagga aatgactaat atttgaaatg taaataaaca     56820
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacaccta     56880
     atatgatggc tttaactgtg acttcaagtg ggtttatatg caatcacacg atgatctaaa     56940
     ttttggtccc attgttgcta gggttttgat aaattagagt aaatgtgttt gcatctcaat     57000
     ctccaaatga aatcatggtt gcttttatca taaccaagct cctcaatttt tttcatcata     57060
     atacaaatct aaagcagatc taaaatataa agtttttctg gctggacaaa tatgttactg     57120
     ctacagcaag aagctctggt ttcaatcttc aacaaggaaa aaaggaataa aaaacaaaca     57180
     aacaaacaaa caaacaaatt ttaaatataa aaaataaaga acacatattt cctcaggccc     57240
     aggtacattt gtaaggctgg ggacttcagt ttcaaggcca gtcaaagctg caggtgaggt     57300
     ttcagacaat cctgagatat agagttagag cttactgtcc taaaacaaaa caacaaataa     57360
     ataacaacaa cctggcctga attatgtctg aagtcccagc acttctgagg ctgagaggag     57420
     cctctgtatt ttgaggcaat tggagcctat acatagaaat ttcgggaatc tgccatttta     57480
     acaacaggta gaggtaaatg aagactggtt ttcagttcgt ttttaatgaa ttcctggcag     57540
     gcagcagcag ctaaaagaag gttttagtct gttggctcca ctaactgact tccaatttac     57600
     tcactcctca cctccccaag ccccaagaag acttccaggg tctccaattc cctggccttc     57660
     ctgctttctg ttagaaaata attctgttca aacccctgcc cttagcgaag ttctctgttt     57720
     ttctcagcag agacctaagt gggaaaagtt gattgtgagc ctggaagcag taccttcctg     57780
     agtccagtga gggtcacctc ctctccttac tcctaaagta acacctccac ccctccacat     57840
     tcttccccac acaggccccc agctcaaaca ggattaatca tctttcaaca gacaattgac     57900
     tacctctact gagacttctc cctaccatgc ttcctcaaga accttgcttc cacaagaact     57960
     cggcttgatg actaccacaa agcatactgg gtaacagggt ttggatagcg gaaaacaatc     58020
     tcagccaagg cccttgctga ttggcagtgt ttgcacatgt gtactaaggg tgagaaaggc     58080
     tcaatcagtc gtctgtcatt gaagagcaaa aaggaggtag tattttagct gccactacta     58140
     cccagaggct tttcattttc caagtttaca atactaactt gaaagctaaa ataaaacgga     58200
     ccccaaacaa gactctccta ctttgtttca gatgaaggtg ctgttgtttg taattttcaa     58260
     ttgttttatt tatttaagta atttgttttt gcatgtttgt atttataaac atgcatgtgt     58320
     ggtgcacata gaaactagaa gagaattcca aaacccatgg atatagaatt aaaaatgggt     58380
     ttgagccatt gtgtgggtcc taggaactaa aactaggttc tgtccaaaaa caacaagtgc     58440
     tcttaatttc taagccatct ttccatccct gtcctttgtg tcttttaagg tgtgctgatc     58500
     atttttcttg aaacatgttt atttgtacta tacagtggag attacaaaat tataacactt     58560
     tcttaatatt gacaatttcc tcatagagaa aaaacaaaaa gacaaaaacc atcattttaa     58620
     tggattgtgt aaatcagata aagagtattg taaaaaactg atgcatatac atttcagtat     58680
     aagtatgcat aagaaggcga caaatagaca tttgcttcat tctcaatcac attccaactt     58740
     cctttttttt tttttttttt ttttttttca aggcagggtt gtagtcctgg acctcaccct     58800
     ggttaccaac tgctgggatt aaggcatgaa ccacctctga ctgcccaaac ttaaaacttg     58860
     agacaggttc tctctgattg tgcagctcac caatgccact agcctggcta gcagcaagct     58920
     gtctccacct acttttcact gggttgcagc ctgcattttt aaagccgatt taagaccccc     58980
     tccttaattt atatactttc aaggaaagca cattaccaaa acagccatct ctctagcccc     59040
     tctgagaggt ttgttctctt gtggtagcca ctgtatattt tttttttctt ctctaatcat     59100
     gcctaagttt aggctcctaa aatgcttatt gctggttttg cttgtttcct tacaagagca     59160
     aactcggttt cttgctcatt ttacaatttg cagttaattt ggcaaactgg acaacctaac     59220
     atttcatttg caagacttat aactgtgttt tgcttgtttg gtaggatttt tgttaatttg     59280
     gtgcatttgt tggtttgttt ggggttttta ttgttattgt tttgttttgt tttttgtttg     59340
     tttttgtttg tttatttttg ccactgaaga tgaaactcat cacttttaaa tggtgattta     59400
     ccactgagct acatcttcag ctaatcttgc attctgaatg tttgctgaga agttatctca     59460
     tatgtgtttt aaaggaaact acagttactg tgaaccctaa aattgtcccc ttttgctata     59520
     cagtctagaa atctgatgcc ctcttctgac ctctttaaaa aacaggcaaa tacctccaaa     59580
     aacacatacc ttcagattta tccaacatac tgtctacttc atctctgtga agaaaggaaa     59640
     ataaaaaatt aatgcaagaa atatagtgga ctggtaggac atttttctta cccacacaaa     59700
     actttaaaaa gaactttctt ttaattattt ataataaata tataatgttt ggttaagaac     59760
     aaatgtcata tatatatata tatatatata catatacata tgtatatata tatatatata     59820
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata ttacatggtg gagtatcaaa     59880
     gtgatcttgt atcctttact tttaccaatt catacattta cacccacagt agtttattca     59940
     ttagtctccc actcttgctg agacccttct tcttgccaga tggtccccct cttattttca     60000
     tgatttttct ccttttcttt gtgtgtatat cttggaagat ctcaggcagg tggtcatatt     60060
     gtactagttg ctatgtgttt gttatcacaa ggtctgaagg ccctcaagct gggcttgaac     60120
     tcaacatata gcagtgactg atttgtattg ctatcttcct gaatctactt ctccagtgaa     60180
     gggaatacaa acactactta tgaagtaatc tattgagctg gcaaaaaata ttgaaaatgt     60240
     taccccatat cttcatctgc ttctgcttga ggcgatatat tctcattttt atcaaacgct     60300
     gggctcttta ctgtattaac aatagaaaac agaaacattt gaaaggattc tatataagta     60360
     atagttaata aagtactatc gatttgaatt tctctggaaa aactctccat gtaaattttt     60420
     ggaagagatt ttagaaagga aatatttaca ccgagaaaat ccaggacaca aggagatgac     60480
     aaaacttaag gataataggt atcaatgaca agtaagtttt tcaaatttag ggacagtgaa     60540
     tatattcaac aaaattatag aagaaaaatt ccctaaccta aagaaagagt tgcctatgaa     60600
     tatacaagta gcctacaaaa ctccaaatag tttggaccac aagagaaatt tcttccatca     60660
     tatagaaatc aaaactccaa atgcataata aaaaaaaaag aaaagaaaaa gaagaatatt     60720
     aaaagcacta agggaaaatg gtcaagtgac ttataaagga aatcctatca aaactatacc     60780
     taacttatcc ccagagatta tgaaagccat aatatccagg gcagatgtca tacagaccct     60840
     aagggaaaag aaatgccaga caaggctact agacgcatca aaaaatttta caatagattg     60900
     agaaaacaaa acgatatcta cacaatatgc tcgaacaaat ccagcccatc aagtgggtaa     60960
     taatggaaaa actccaatat aaggagggaa attacactct agaaaaacca agaaattgat     61020
     cttgaagcaa acctaaaaga agaaagctac atgaatcaca ttccaactct aacaacaaaa     61080
     ataacaggaa gcaacaacta cttttcctta atatctcata atatcagcgg acacaattca     61140
     ccaataaaaa gacatagaat aacggacagg atgtgtaagc aagaccaagc atactagaaa     61200
     caaatctcag ggacaaatac agatattacc ttagagtaaa aggctggaaa acaattatcc     61260
     aagcaaatgt tccaaagaaa caagttggag tagccattct aatatcaaat aaattcgact     61320
     ttcaacccaa agttatcaaa aaaaaaaaaa gaggagggac acttcatatt catcaatgtt     61380
     aaaatttgcc aagatgaatt cccaattctg aacatttata cgccaaatgc aatgtcatcc     61440
     acactcataa aagaaacttt agtaaagctc aaaaacacac atgaatagag cattaaaaga     61500
     aaccttgact aaattggttt tagagacctg cagaaaagat tatgcagctc tttttccctt     61560
     caccttgttc tgagtatgga acaccacagg gaaatttaaa cttacaccat tcgaactcct     61620
     caactgggga ccccccccct ttaacagaag cagggggaat gtttgaccct catgtttctt     61680
     tttcagaact cccactagct cacttgaagg acctacaact ggtcagaaaa gatgccttgg     61740
     aaatgttgaa acacaataaa aaactaaaac aaaaacacaa aaaaaaaaaa catacgaacc     61800
     agaaaccatc ttggtgccac ataaatttca aacaggagta cctgtcctgg tctggtgcca     61860
     ccattctggc aaacttgaac tcagatcaaa aggactctcc ctgatgattc tcacaagccc     61920
     tgctgccaca cctccagcat gtgcccagtt ctggcatcca gcctgccatg gcccactggc     61980
     ctggcactgc tcacgcacag tgggcactgc acaggaacct ccctcccctc cctcctccca     62040
     ctggcaagag gctcttttgt ctcattcaag gggcttctga ggttctcaat cttacatatc     62100
     ctaaagctgt gacctcatgt tggctttgtt tggcagctgg gccagaggtt taattttcta     62160
     acttataaga tcagaactat gtactagaag gagtgttaaa tgtgagacta caacttagag     62220
     cgtttctccc tggaaggtaa agcacctgga tattctccaa gattgttttc cctgatttat     62280
     aaaaatacag ccagaaagag actctatgtt atctacagcc accaaaaagc cttttggttt     62340
     ctgagcctta cagctagaga ttcgaaaatt ggagttttgc caaggacatc cgggcagaga     62400
     agaacactcc tcccaactct tcccaactcc tccaaactct cctcccaact catcccaatt     62460
     cctcagctag ctaataaaaa ccttcttctg tcacatctca gagtcatacg cccctgccct     62520
     gcacagtgga aggagtttgt ccttagctag ctgataataa aacctcttgc agtttgcatc     62580
     aggtgtggat ttctctcaag tcattggggt gctggccagc tcatcccggg actttactgg     62640
     acttgagagg aggtccatct tcggggtctt acaaatggag acctaatacc aaaactcttc     62700
     aaactattat gcaaaatcaa aagagaagga acactattga atttgttcta tgaagccaga     62760
     taacaattat attcaaacca tacaaaaact caatgaagaa aggaaacttc agaccatttt     62820
     cccttatgaa tttcgaagca aaaatactca ataaaatcac tgcaaatcaa ataaaagaat     62880
     acatcaaaac gatcatccat catggtcaag taggcttcat ccctgtaatg cagggatggt     62940
     ttaatatatg gaaatctgtc aacttaatcc actatagaaa caaactcaaa gacgaaaaca     63000
     acatgttcac ctcattagat gctgagaaaa catttgacaa aacacaacac ccattcataa     63060
     taaaagtcca ggaaatgtca ggaattcaag gcccatatct aaacataaaa aaaaaaaaac     63120
     aatagacagc aaacgagtag gaaacattaa actaaatgaa acaatcccat taaaatcagg     63180
     gactagacaa ggctgcccac tttcttcata cctattgaat atggtagttg aagtcctaac     63240
     cagagcaatt agacaacaaa aggaaaacaa atgaatacaa attggaaagg aaaaagtcaa     63300
     aatatcacta tttccagaat atatgatagc atgtatcagt gacccaaaaa tgtaccagag     63360
     aaatcgtaac catatatatg acttcagtgc agtaggtgaa tataaaatta actcaaacat     63420
     atcagtgacc tttctctact caaaggaaaa agaggatgag aaagaaatta gggaaaaatc     63480
     acccttcaca atactcacaa ataatataaa atagcttggt gtgactctaa cttagaaagt     63540
     gaaagatata tatgataaaa acttcatgtc tctgaagaaa gaaatgaaac aagatctcag     63600
     aacatggaat gaactcccat gctcatggat tggaaggatt aatatagtaa aaatggctgt     63660
     tctgccaaaa gtagtttata gattcaatac aatccccatc aaaattccaa ctcaattctt     63720
     tactgagtta gaaagggcaa tttacaaatt ctcctggaat ttgataaaaa caaacaaaca     63780
     aacaaacaaa aaaaaaaaca aaccaacaac aacaacaaca aaaaacctgg tataggaaca     63840
     actattccca acaataaaag aacctcttgt ggaatcacca tgcctgacct caagctgcac     63900
     tacaaagcaa ttgtgataaa cactacatgg tacaggtata gtggtagaca ggtagataaa     63960
     tgaaatagaa ctgaagtcag agaaataaac ctatagtcac ttgatctttg acaaaggagc     64020
     taaaaccatc tagtggaaag gagacagcat tttcaacaaa tggtgttggt tcaattggca     64080
     gttagcatgt agtagaatgt aaattgatct attctcatcc cctgtgcaat gctcaagtct     64140
     aagtcgatca agggactgca cataaaacca gagacactga aacttataga ggagaaagtg     64200
     gggaatagcc tggaatacat gggcaaaggg ggaatattct tgaaaaaaaa taccaccaat     64260
     gtcttgtgct ataagattaa aaatggacaa atgggacctc ataaaattga taaggttata     64320
     cccagaagtt caaacttgta ataaggaaac atgcttcact ttgtccatag cagccttatg     64380
     tataataaca agaagctgaa atgaacccag atgactctct ttagaggaat gtatatagaa     64440
     aatatggtac atttacttaa tgaattacta cacagctatt aaaaacaatg aattcatgaa     64500
     atttttatac aaatggatgg atctggatga tatcttccta agagagttaa cccaatcaca     64560
     aaaaacacac atgatattca cacattgatg agtggatatt atccctgaag ctcagaataa     64620
     ccaaggtaaa atgtgcaaaa cccatgaaac tgaagaaaga agaccaaagt gtggatatgc     64680
     cattccttct tagaatgggg aaccaaataa tcatggaggg agttacagag acaaagattg     64740
     gagctgagaa taaaagaata cagagactgc ctcacttggg gatccatccc atatacaacc     64800
     accaaatcca gacactactg aagatgccaa caagggcttg ggtgcaggag aatgatatag     64860
     ttgtctcctg agaggatctg ctaatgcctg acaaataaaa aagtggatgt tcacagacat     64920
     cctttggact tagcacaggg tccccaatta tggagctgga gaaaatacct aaggagctta     64980
     agaagtttgc aggcccctag aagaaaaaac aacatgaact aacaagtacc ccacaattcc     65040
     atgggattaa accaccaatc aatgaaaaca aataatggga catatgactc cagcttcata     65100
     tgtagcagag gatggactag tcaggcatca atgggaggag agacacttgt tcctgtaaag     65160
     atcctatgcc ccagtatggg gaaatacctg ggttaggaat tggtagatgg tgtgttgggg     65220
     agatggggga gaggggagag gacaggagat tttttggagt ggaaactaga aacggggata     65280
     atatttgaaa tgtaaataag gaaaatatat aatagaaaaa gaaaggaaat aatttatttg     65340
     caggttttat gaaataaatt catgtttggc aaacatatta tacgaacaat gttcacgtct     65400
     tttcttgagg tgaaatcaag aaagttcttc tctctcaaca tatgctgata tagttccaag     65460
     agtaggttta tgtgctgcaa aaccttgtat ataggaatag agagatatag gtaaaattag     65520
     aaatgaagta tatgtaagct cttaacaaag acttcttcca tttcaggtga ctaggtaaag     65580
     tctaatgaac tgcaggacac aattaatact ggaaatgcta taccttccga aagagcctcc     65640
     tctgaaactt ttatgtcatc atcctcatca tcaaagtcca aaagtaataa gtaaccttcc     65700
     tttggtatca ccttcaattt cttaagagcc attcttctca taagaactca gtagtcttct     65760
     tagttaataa aaaagaaaaa aaaacaataa aaaaaaaaca ataaaaataa aaaggaaaaa     65820
     aaaaagaact tagttacctg attaaaaatt atcatttaaa taattaaaaa taacaaaaca     65880
     tcaaataatt attttagctc aatgaaagat catttctttt ttacttaaca tgtatatttt     65940
     taatcaattg cctttatcag agagttctgt gtacatattc aatatggtga tgcatatata     66000
     tatatataca cttacccgta ccatttcctc cgtgtatccc atttatcatg tccctctccc     66060
     tcacaacttg ttttaaaaac ttctttaact cacttcttta aaaacctcct ttagaaccta     66120
     agttatcaat ctgccatttc tcagtttaaa aagagacaaa aactggccaa ccttcaacat     66180
     atgagtcctc ccctcctccc aaaaaaatga tgagcaacat cctttaacct ttgaggcatc     66240
     tgaattttgg tcctatctcc cacagaatat ttttaaacaa aacatcagca attctgttta     66300
     ccagtttatc tcagtgtaac gtaaactcac agttctatcc agaaagataa agaacatggt     66360
     aactgtatat tcatatcaaa aagatccacc actaagtcta caaaaaaaca tgaactacca     66420
     ccaccaccca cacagaaaga ccttatattg gagaaattag ggatttgggg aagccgagga     66480
     tttcaaacat ctgaagattc taagttcaag gccaggccaa gccgggccag ctgaaactac     66540
     aaagatagat cccatcctac agaaactaaa ctgagagaaa aagctgaact tggtggtgca     66600
     agtctttaat cccaatacat gggagactga gacagaacga tctgtggtca gaatccatcc     66660
     ccaatgactt atgaatctct tacaattatc tcctcttctt cttttcattc atcttcctat     66720
     gccattctac tgtctgcaat gttcatacag tctataccaa aggaacacac catagagaag     66780
     acagtgagga gggaggaatc ctcagtgtgt ttctaaggga tcctgaacat cacacaggac     66840
     aatcgccaag gcatctcacc aatggctccc tgttccctga cccacagtcc tgtggctggt     66900
     tctctgatcc tatccccagg ccccaagctt ttctcttcca agggttccca attctctatg     66960
     gccctgacct gttcgatcct cttccatgaa tacggtcctc caccttccat tcaccctcag     67020
     attccacaga aaatggcgat caggaggctt ttcctcacat agtggcctcc tgggcctgag     67080
     attccccacc ctgtcacacc tcgattaact gtccaacaac cctgatcagg gcagactatc     67140
     acttacagct catctaagag gagaacacct tcccaaccgc acccttctgt gcttagctcc     67200
     tcaatggcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa ccgttgtcag gggccacacc     67260
     cggacagaag cctcagagga tcctttgtga tgccagctgg agcaaatagg tctcaccaaa     67320
     gaactgttct gattggctga atacaccctg cgcatgcgtt cacggaatac caagtacttt     67380
     gaagggagat tttagaaggt gggagtaatc tactggcttt aagacaaatg atttccagtt     67440
     tgttggttga caagtgctta caaacttgaa aatccagaac aaatatgtaa catatgaaat     67500
     acagcaaatg gctctactta atttcagctg tagaggctct tgtaagcatt tttggttttt     67560
     tatttattta tgtgcataaa catttaataa tgtggacttc tgcatgtaca catgcacacc     67620
     agaagagtct atgctgccct aagagttcag aagggaacat gcagatttcc tacaacctct     67680
     ggtactctcc tctctctact ttcctagtcc tcagcttgat agaagagtgt gctaggcagt     67740
     gcaggccctc tatctctcac ctatgtgctt ggccgctcag gccctctctc tcacttaggc     67800
     gttaggctgg gcaggtcctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     67860
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     67920
     tctcttaggt gctaggcttc acatgttctc tctctctctt atgtgctaca ctgcccaggg     67980
     cccttctctc tcttatgtgc taggcttccc aggacctctc tctcacttag atgttagtcc     68040
     ttgcaggccc tctttttcac ttatgtgcta ggctgggcag ggtctctctc tcacttatat     68100
     gctaggctgc ccaggtcccc tctctcactt atgtgctagg ctgagcagcc cctctctctc     68160
     acttatgcct ctgttgccta cagaggccgc aagagagcac tgtttctctg aaactgtgat     68220
     tgtgcatatg ttatgagcca caatgtgggt gctttgtgcc tggtcctccg catagaatag     68280
     gtgctattat tattattatt attattatta ttattattat tattattatt actaaatttc     68340
     aagacagggt ttctcagtgt agcactgtct gtcctggaac ttacaccagg ctgattttga     68400
     actcaaaaat ccttgtcctc tgcctcccaa gtgctgtgat tgaaggcatg aaccaccact     68460
     gcccaaccaa aagttgccct taacagctag tttttccatt ttttcaacta gtctagtgtg     68520
     tatttcatgt atccaagagc attccgccca tttacttgca gtgttttcct acttgtgcat     68580
     tagatttcca aggctggttt ggtggaaaga aatgaaagga agtagttaga cactttcata     68640
     ataataataa taataataat aataataata ataataataa taatagaaac attttaatgt     68700
     gtttaagtct atcattttta aaatgtatga gtcctcttct tatgggatca ccttcatgaa     68760
     agaaggggac atcagatcac tttatatatg gtagtaagcc accatgttgt tgctgggaat     68820
     tgaactcagg aactgtaaaa taatagcccg ttctcataat tgctgagcaa tcccaccagt     68880
     tctagaaata tgttttgatt taatttttat tgcattatga taagaaaata tacataattt     68940
     caatttatct gaatttgtta acatctaaaa acatattttg agtaaacaga cttacatcac     69000
     attcttcttt ttattttgta ccccaactcc tccagctgat gcccactcaa aacctatcaa     69060
     accttccatt ttttatcatg ttccttaata tttctaaaat attgtaacaa taaaaatgaa     69120
     tattaaaaat gttgtttgat agaaacaaca atcaatgatt agtcttattt atatatttgt     69180
     ctgcagcaat actgaaaata cttttttctc ataaatttta aataaatcca aatatattaa     69240
     ctgtatgata tattaaaata atatatcact attagttttt ttggtgaaca taaatagtct     69300
     tttggtttgt ttgttgtttg tttgtttgtt tgtttgttgt gtttttagga gatcttaaaa     69360
     ttcttgactt acagattatg ctaacaggac cctgaagttg tcttgtgtga ggatagtcca     69420
     atgaatggca aatacagaag tggatgctca caatcatcta ttggatggaa cacaggactc     69480
     ccaatggagg agctagagaa agtacccaag gaactgagat ggtttgaaac cctaaataag     69540
     aacaacaata ttaactaacc agtacctcca gagctcatgt ctctagttga atgtgtagca     69600
     ggggatggcc tggtaggcca tctgtggggg gagaggccta tggttttgtg aaggttatat     69660
     gcctcagatc agggtactgc tagggcctgg aggtgggagt aggtatgttg gggatcaagg     69720
     agaggtaagg ggggaggcag gaggggactt ttggaatgta tacgaagaaa gtatataata     69780
     attgtaaaat taaaaaaaaa atcttggctt actgtgatac aaaaaaaaaa aagaaaaaaa     69840
     gaagaacaat ttatggacac tggatttcat tgtaataagg ctgtacttga atgtccctca     69900
     catcaccaaa gtattttacc tccatagtac taagggtaga gttgacatat ctgctgtggc     69960
     aaggaatgaa ctgtaggcat gatttttgga tactaatttc ctgctatgtt caaagctatt     70020
     tgatttgagt gattgttgtc attctcaggc cacaggtaac agggtacatt cacttaagga     70080
     atgggtgttt attaagatgg tctatccatg aagtcattga tcaactgttt caatgaagaa     70140
     ttgttctgct tggagagtgt cacagaagtt agttgatgat agaattcagt ttcattggat     70200
     gtgatgtttt ttaaaaagca ttcatcttag aataatagta acttataaag tcctcttcag     70260
     aatttataca ataataataa atatcaagca aagcctttag tctcactctt tgctgttctc     70320
     ttataagcca cctcccaaat taattgtcta catttatttt ggtttataaa gtgttttgaa     70380
     aaatttaagc tgttctgaaa accatagtat agtgtaaaaa tatcaaataa acaatcctac     70440
     taatacagag gctgagatag gggaagcatg ttttcaagac cattatgtgg cacacagcaa     70500
     tacagtgtta tgtacaaaaa agaagaaaga atatatggat tatacaatat tggacttatt     70560
     aatcctattt accaaattag gaacaacata atgaaaaacg gacaatttct aattcctcat     70620
     atttttgaat ttcattcaat taggttatga tggtaatatt aattttcata ttaatagata     70680
     ttaaggtaaa gtgattgtta ctttctatta gttttattct tagaggtgga agcatgtttt     70740
     tgtggatttg ttgtaagatt acttttttgt ttcttctatg gtgtagtttc actccttgtg     70800
     ttgttgtttt ccacctatta ttctttgtag ggctggattt aaggaaagat tatgtgtaaa     70860
     attggctttg tctttgtata tattgttttc tccgtctatg gtgattgaga gttttgttag     70920
     gtataggagc ctaggctggc attcatgttc tctagaggtg gaatagatgc tgggattaat     70980
     atctttttta tgaaaataca tccatgagtt gagagaggag gacttccacc ggcctttgta     71040
     ccctagtgcc atgttctagg tgctgctagt gaatggggaa ataagtgaca ccccagtgac     71100
     aacagaaacc acctctttca gaatccaacc taagaatgtc aggcagagtt tattttggct     71160
     gactcatggt aaacagatct tatatagaga gggtggaact catgtatcac ttcagaaaat     71220
     gcttttaagt ttagtcttat atattttaca gagaaggaaa agagagaaat aacttcatga     71280
     aggataacac caaagaaagc aaatgatcaa ggcagcttta tagcaacaca caaatctgcc     71340
     caacactagt gtttactagt ggtttgttgg tgttaaatag ccatggaggc tactggacca     71400
     tagaggggct ggagaaagtc agattgcttt ttgttattgt tttattttat tttaacattt     71460
     cccttttgga ttcaggcagt ctcattttag atttttcctg ctgctaagac cactagtgtt     71520
     ctctggtaca ttcaaactta ctgatctcca ggcgactaga cttgtcagga tcagagtgga     71580
     aacaggatat tttacaacca attatctggt ccacttgcct acctctggtt atcccagttt     71640
     ctccacctaa attcgttact gataatttcc tcagtatgca gcctgccatg attcacagac     71700
     aggtacaaca actgcttctg ccttagtatt aaattcaagt cctttctctt cttcaggaat     71760
     gttaatattt gacgatatac aaatgtattt atctaaggaa gaatgggcta tgctaaccca     71820
     tggaagaaga cactctacag tgttgtaatg ctggccatct acaagctaac cacctgacta     71880
     gtttaactgg ttaactataa ctcctttcct ttgtgtatac attgtgtaac ctggactgta     71940
     acagtgaaaa atatactctg ggagatattg ccttttgggt tataattgat ttagattgct     72000
     tcttcactgt tgaatcagga actgctacag aaaaaaaaat attttctatg ttattttttg     72060
     ttttggggtt gtttgttttc tttgtttttt taacatacaa tttctctgca taaccctagc     72120
     tctcctcaag atcaatctgt acagcatgtt taccacaaac tcacctgcct ttgtctccca     72180
     agttctgggt ttaaaacaca caccaccacc atccagctca gcgtgaaagt tcttaatttt     72240
     agtgaggatc aattatttct cttagaatga atatttcttc catgaaatct agaactctta     72300
     actctcttaa tcatacatat actccaattt tcctaaatct tttttgttct tacatgccct     72360
     tgtgaattat tttacataca gtacgaagtt gagattgagt gtgaggctga ctcttttacc     72420
     tattatgtgt cactgctctc gggtgaaaca aaacatacag cacaaattat atatatgcat     72480
     aattttataa aactatgctg tatatattat atataattta ttttatatgt aatatatttt     72540
     atcatttata atattttgtt atataatata ctttaaatgt agtttaaata tactttaaag     72600
     tgaattacag ggtgtgatcc aacaatagct gtctactaac tgatattcta agaacctcat     72660
     agttattcag tcaatgaggt ggattgtctc aggtagtctc cagtgtatta tggaatactg     72720
     aaaatggcct gtattgacag tgaaggaatg ggcttcccaa tgagggcaaa caggcaaaga     72780
     aaacaaactt tcttcttcca tgtctttcat ataggttgca gaacatttat ataagtgtgt     72840
     gccaggttta aagtgacttt tcccacttga aagattcaga ttcaaaatgg atcttgccat     72900
     ttcaaattat taagaaaaaa atcctttaag gtcttgccca gtcagttgga ttttaattaa     72960
     ttcttgatgc agtaaagttc aaacccaaga acactcatca cattgtccaa ttggctcccc     73020
     atcatttatt gacatttata gccttccttc attgaattgc ttgtgtgttt tgttaaaagt     73080
     tacttggcaa tttgtataca tatgtccaga ctgagctgtt tgactttttg ttattattat     73140
     ttaactctta aacaattata gataagccct catatctatt atacaatatt tttctacttt     73200
     attcattctt gttattcttt gcattgtgaa gaaagagatg gctcaattct taaacagtac     73260
     atgttaaact tcccgttctg tttatagcat caaatatagt ttaacaaaaa aactgtctaa     73320
     tgtcaggcag tgtgggaaca ggtcttcaat cccagcattt ggggggtggg ggcataggca     73380
     ggcgaatttc tgagtttgag gccaccttgg tctacagagt gagtttttgg aaagccaggg     73440
     gtaaacaaac aaactttgtc tagaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aagaacaaaa     73500
     aaacaagaat aaaaacctac ttgtgtctct aagtcttctg gtctctttgg accctgaata     73560
     catatcacac acacacacac acacacacac acatgtaccc tcacacacag aaaaacatcg     73620
     ttcagatttt aaaatacatt atctaaatca ctaagaaata aaactacatc tgtgttcctg     73680
     gtgccagaaa acctttaatc ataatacaaa tttagttgaa catcaatgat tttatacagg     73740
     agagaatcct gtttaactgt attgaatgtg ggagaccatt ccttcaaaaa tgtcacctca     73800
     ttaagcacca gctgacccac attgctgacc atccctatac atgtaacctg tgtgagaaaa     73860
     tgtttaacag atgatcaagt cttctcagac accagaatgt acttagtcag aaaactcaga     73920
     cagaattgcc aagctaagga aaattagcat attgcaggga cagaatgtaa agaaggttta     73980
     aaatctagaa aatttgggag agttatgttt catatcataa aaaaagatac aatagaattc     74040
     tacgttgttt cccactgtct ttcattatct gtgttatcca cacatttttt ttgtattagt     74100
     aataaaagaa atgagtattt gtttaacatt tgtatccata cctatgtttt tgttagacat     74160
     ctgtgtccat agcaatgttt tcttagacac tatcctctgg tttcaggtac catggactat     74220
     gatttaattc ttcacttttc tcagaagaga tgtaaaatgc tattagggcc cttgaagtca     74280
     gaaagaatta atattcatgg catagtttca gtgactataa tgttgactgt catagaatac     74340
     caaaacaaag attcaggtaa atttatgaac aagatgataa gactgtgtct tccttcagtg     74400
     taagcatggt agttgtcacc tcagtttctc ccttgacatt gtctattttc aaggaagctt     74460
     ggggaacaca tgaagacctg aaagccagca caaacctaag aaacttgtaa gcatttgaag     74520
     tccacttaca gatctcactg tccatactag ttatccatct ctgtggaagt aaaagagagc     74580
     agtaaagtga ctttgattat tttggctttt attacacaca ctgtaatttt taaatgattg     74640
     catactactc ctgtgcctaa agggatgtac aacttgtgat ttcttaattt taaatgagta     74700
     tagcagtttt ctctatagaa aagtttgagc atttaattta ttgataaggt cagtgcatgg     74760
     gagcttatgt accctctcca acatggtatg catctgggat actcgagggt ctcatccact     74820
     agtagtctgg cagagaaaca catgtggctt atacttttgg tcccaattag aagcagggta     74880
     gattgaatcc caggtttatg tttaaataac aactgcttgg ccaggaggat tcttcttaag     74940
     atggccatgt agtcagagaa gtgaatcctg gcttgtgagt tcatgaaaga caaattatat     75000
     tgtgctagct actttaagca ccatggtagg ttcacacacc gagacacacc gacacagaca     75060
     cacacaccaa tacgaattca ctctaggatc acagagaata aaattctcct taataataat     75120
     tgttgagatg agttttctct aaaaccagaa aataatctgt cctggagctg attttttaaa     75180
     ttagttaatc aatcaacatc ccaaaaccag tattccttct cttctctgct ccccgacttc     75240
     tcatccactc ttgctacccc aatccactct tcctcaattt ttcttcagaa aagagatctt     75300
     ccatgataac tcctagtttt ggctattgta gttgcacatc cactcatatt gatgatagac     75360
     aggcctggca gaatttcatc ccattggcta tggaaataga gctaagtgga agacaggcta     75420
     tgtgaacaaa tcttaacaaa aatgtaccct cattaaccat aaactctttt ttatctctct     75480
     ttttttttta attaggtatt ttcctcgttt catttccaat gctatcccaa aatttgccca     75540
     tacccatccc cccaatcccc tacccaccca ctcccccttt ttggccctgg tgtttccctg     75600
     tactggagca tataaagttt gcaagtccaa agggcctctc tttccagtga tggctgacta     75660
     ggccatcttt tgatacatat gcagctagag acaagagctc tggggtactg gttagttcat     75720
     attgttgttc cacctacagg gttgcagttc cctttagctc cttgggcact ttctctagct     75780
     cctgcattgg gggctgtgtg acccattcca ataggtaact gtgagcatcc acttctgtgt     75840
     ttgctaggcc tcggcatagt ctcacaagag acagctatat ctgggtcctt tcagcaaaat     75900
     cttgctagtg tatgcagtga tgtcagcatt tggaagctga ttatgggatg tatccctgga     75960
     tatggcaatc actagatgct ccatcttttc gtcacagctc caaattttgt ctctgtaact     76020
     ccttccatgg gtgttttgtt aactatatta caagtacagc tttgcatttt tctctttaat     76080
     atttttacat tttttacatc ttccaagcct ggtggacaaa gtgttctttt agtcaaattg     76140
     tactaattca taccaatatt gtccagggaa gtttcttggt aagcccttta gagcatcagt     76200
     ttcttgcttt cagctgttcc ttcatcatga gaaataaagt ataaacacag tacatagcca     76260
     cagtttgtgt catcgatgag tacttggtct gtgaaacata ctatgcagat tctttgcctc     76320
     tgaacttggc aatggtttac cgatgctgat gtgagcaaaa tgaggaacta aaggacaact     76380
     ttgttaggtc tcaggtctgc ttgtgcacac tgttaccaga taataatatg ggtaatgaga     76440
     tctagttttt tagtgcagag tcatttgtcc ctggtgaata tgaaaagttt tatacatttc     76500
     ttgaacatca cctactgaaa tttaataaat tttaaattta aattatttaa ttacaacaaa     76560
     aagaaaaaca acagcaatta ataataataa taataataat aataataata ataataaata     76620
     cagtgaaact gatgagcctg cagtgacagg actttagcgt ctatgataga atttgagtca     76680
     ggcattgtgt actaacacat taattatgag gatcttgctt aattttgtgt acatagaact     76740
     ggattatcgc atggatcatt tccccctctt aaattctgag catgtgaaga aaagtgatgt     76800
     ttctctttct tatacaatta agcagattcc ataaaagctt atcttttccc acttctaaat     76860
     aagcattttc ttttaattta ttggcatgtt gtatgcttta actgtttggt agttgtctgt     76920
     taatttttgg ttgatcttac atataaagca agtttgataa aaatttggta aggaatttta     76980
     tgcattttat aattgtaaaa attttttcca ctcacctcaa agtgctctgt ggttataaat     77040
     tggtctctca gttagtaata cacaacacaa attcaattcc acttaaacct tctgaaaatg     77100
     aactttcatt gtattgtctg atttgaagct aataaatcta tttaactaaa ccagagacat     77160
     ttgtattagg aaggaaacta ctactgtctg ttgtttagaa aatggaaaag atacttctac     77220
     agtaaaagaa agaaaggagg gactgccttc agcaattgtg ggaagtctgt gttacatgtg     77280
     catttttcaa ttcagcagca tctagggcac tcagaataca cagaggtttc ttcatatgtg     77340
     gtgagaaaaa caactctaca ggaatcccag gcaagtgctt caagggaaga cttactcgtg     77400
     agaaagtaga tgtaaaacct cccatctgca tggaaggttt gtaggaaaca aacaagctcc     77460
     aaatcctata aatgtagtct ccctgaaact tccagtagga ggtctgcttg tttttatatg     77520
     attttataca ttttaatgta cttacattat gggtacatgt gtttgattaa gtacagatgt     77580
     gtgtaactgt gcacaaacca ctgcacatgt gtagagattg caggacagtg tggaagagcc     77640
     aatcctcttc ttctaccatg tatattattt cagagatgaa gttcaggcac gcagtcttga     77700
     gtggctagta accttacctg agtggctagt gggccacctc atacattcct tgagctttaa     77760
     ttctttacat cctctgaaga ttgcctgttc attcatcatg tcaaaactca cagagactat     77820
     gaaggtggtc atgctgcaaa ccagcatgag tatagaaaat gaaacaatca aagtttaaat     77880
     gaaccattga tatttcttat catcctatta ctcccatagg tcgaagtggt taaaactctc     77940
     acccaaggcc ttctaatatg agttgcattg aactaaaagt gtctgtagca gtatctgcat     78000
     gcacagcgcc tgcaaggtct gagatagaaa gagcccaagc aatgagaggg aaggacatgc     78060
     atgccactat ctttatctca gaagttattt ctagtttgta gcttggaaag gaaaacattc     78120
     gaatttccac tagggtatca ctgggtatgc aaaccatgct taaatctaag tctctagttc     78180
     agcattgtct ggcaaatgaa agtcgaactg gataacaatc ttggaggtcc tttatataat     78240
     aaggtattgg cagggttctt taaagaatac cttaagggtc ctttgtttat atattatggt     78300
     ttgcagtttt tttgttttta tgggatttct gagtgtttgt gaacatatat gtctctgtgt     78360
     ttacatgtat atttcttgtg ctttttcttc gcctcttttt tattatgttt gctttgttct     78420
     gttctggttc atttgttttt tttgtttttt tgtttttttt tttgtatctt aatcttcatt     78480
     attattgtta ttagtatcat taatagtgtc attattattt agatgcctgt ttgtatttta     78540
     ataaaggaga aagaaaaagt gtgaatttgg gtgggtcgag aagtggagag gttgtagaag     78600
     gatttggggg gacagtaatc tgaatatatt gaatgaaaag ctgtatttta aatgaaaagt     78660
     ctcttcccag aaattttgat cttaatacta gtacaaagga atcaaaaact gattttttta     78720
     agaattatat tttatacaga ggacaaaaat gaaagctttt ccaactgaga aaagtttcat     78780
     tttgcaagta tggtaaggac cttagagtta ataatcaaga acacagaaca caacacaaag     78840
     cagaaaaaag tacaaagcac acacaaatat acaggcagga atcaaattag tcaatttatt     78900
     gaccttttta atggaacaaa aatcctcatc cattctccca tgcggacaaa acagatttgc     78960
     tgttgtttcc aatgactttg agtaggaatt catccagtaa cctttctcat ctatttcatt     79020
     agagctgact catccctgcc aagattccaa gacaggaaaa atagactcca tcatccactt     79080
     gggtatgtgt ttccaagtag ttttacagat gatcacatga ttagacaact aaaatagacc     79140
     acatctattg tagtacagtt ctggaaggca gaaagtgtaa atatcaagga gctggctagt     79200
     cttactagta ttgcctggca ctgtgaatgg caacctacaa gttgtaagtc cttgtgacac     79260
     tttcatggga gttgtctaag actatcttta tgtcaggtat gtatgttagg atttataaca     79320
     gtaggaaatt acagttatga agtaggaaaa aataatttta tttaggggct caccaagcat     79380
     gaggaagaat atatatgaag gaactgtagc attagaaagg ttgagaacca ctctctggat     79440
     gcttgaaaac agaaaacatg atggagtcat aggctcgtct tggcatcagt ctggtatctg     79500
     cttcaaacta ttatcttgct tccttttgtt tcttgtgacc atgaggggaa taacctagat     79560
     agtatagtca aaggaccaat ctgaggacat gttcagaatc cattttgtga aaacatgtgc     79620
     tgttgtatca tttggacagg gctgtctttg gaaccagtgc tattctgcat gcacatgagt     79680
     gctttggtgc tttgctcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt     79740
     ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct     79800
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt     79860
     ctctttaatt ttttaatttt tttcgaggca ggttttctct gtgtaggcct ggctgttgta     79920
     gaactcatcc tgaagacctg gttggccttg aactcataaa tttgcctgcc tcttcctacc     79980
     aagtcaaggg aataaaggct tgcaacacca cacccagctt ctctgatttt tttttattct     80040
     gctattaaaa tattgttccc aaggttgttt atcttattat tttattttat tagatatttt     80100
     ctatatttac attttaaatg ttatcccatt tcatgttttc ccctctaaaa acccattaac     80160
     atgcccctcc tcctcctact gaccaaccta agcactcctg cttccctgtt ctgccattcc     80220
     cttacactgg ggtatagagt ttttcagaac caggatcccc ttttctcact gtgtccaact     80280
     aggccatcat ttgctccata ttcggtggca gcgatgggcc cctcactttg aattatatgg     80340
     ttggtctttt ttttttaatt acatatattt taacttacat ttcaaatgtt gtattctttc     80400
     ccagtttcgc actcctccag aaacccccta tcacatcccc tgtccccctt cttccacgag     80460
     ggtgttcctt cacctgtgca cccattccca cctcacagtg tggtggctag caagtttata     80520
     tctctgtatc ctcatcattc aacaccatat tggggatcct gcagcttata gggaagagat     80580
     gtccagattc tgagtattgc agggtaccat ccaatacatc aatctcaagc cacatgtggg     80640
     tacatcttcc tcaaaaacgt ttcatcctgt taatagcttt cagttggatc tttaagtacc     80700
     tcagccaaga ttgaggtgtc tgctcccagc acaatcactt cccacttcat tttggggagc     80760
     atctgtgcca ggaagtcagg gtagatctcc acatagttga tgcagatttc agtggcctgc     80820
     aggcacagat ggaagtcatg catgcccaag ccctacacat ttgagcttag gagattgtag     80880
     gtgagcagtt tcatgttgtc acttttgatt tctgcacagg acttatattt tctttcatta     80940
     attttgggat ttatttacat tttaaatgat agctcccttc ccattttcca ttcaacaaat     81000
     ccccatccca cccaccatct cctcccttcc ctttgaaaaa aaggcttagt ttgtattata     81060
     tttctacatt gcactccatc actgagtgaa atcaagacag gacacatgta ggagtataag     81120
     aagggtacat ggagaaaggc tgcttattgg attgctttct cagcacagtt ttctcagctt     81180
     ttcttcttac aaaatttcaa agcttttttt aacttttatt ataataacat acccacaaac     81240
     atacacacac acacacacac acacacacac aagacataag atcactaagg aacaagtgaa     81300
     atgattgtaa agcaatgtcc taaatgtatt tcattatctc cagtgccaca tttataagtc     81360
     aattctagag gccttatgtc taatcatatt tggcaaatgg atataaccca ttatgcagaa     81420
     tttggaaaac taaaatatga acatgtttgt atagatactt gttcaggatt tcttttttgc     81480
     ctttttctgc ttctctgcat aaaggagagg tttctaaaaa ggtaattgat cattgcccac     81540
     aagcatttaa tgcaataaga tttcctaaac atatcaaaac agataacggg ccatcctatt     81600
     ctagtaaaaa ttttatttca ttctgtaagg aatttggaat caaatataaa acttgaattc     81660
     cttataagcc catggcaaat ggaatagttc aatgtgctca tcacacctta aagaattggc     81720
     cttttatgac aaaacagtgg cagttatatc ccccaaggtc accaaaggca catcttgcct     81780
     ttactttatt taactaaatt ttttgcaaac tgatattaaa ggtcagtctg cagcaaatca     81840
     ccactggcat ccagttacta ctaattcgta tgcattgata aaatgaaagg acccactaac     81900
     taaggattgg aagggtccag atccgattct aatctgggga aggtactcgg tttgtgtttt     81960
     ttcatgagaa gatggagtac agaggctgcc caagagatta atttgttagc tgaacacaga     82020
     tcctgaatct tcttataagt atcactctga gaactaaaat tcctcttttg catagaattt     82080
     agttggggac tcaacctccc agaaaagctg ttttcctgct actctcagag ctttgcaatt     82140
     tgcaactgaa taaagtacct ggacttccct taaagaagct ttgcattgct actttctcat     82200
     tgtctgggtc tctttttctc aagcaggtca atcaacatcc tccaatcaga ctgcagtggg     82260
     agtgcatccc tgcaaacaaa ggcttaaggt ggcaactgct attttcattc taaagacatt     82320
     ctaccatgca ttttggcttt aggtctgatt tgagaaatag gtttattaga agggctagaa     82380
     aggcagatat ttcaaatatt agaagagatt gttttttatt ctgatagacg gtcttagtcc     82440
     ctttgctggt ctctggtttt ccacccttgc tgttactgca tgctcccata atttcctcag     82500
     gctgtgggaa taacagagat gaggaggatg acctccagct cctaatatag cctaaaagcc     82560
     acaaattgtg gtgttaccag tgatataatt cttgttgagg ccttgctaaa tctgaggttg     82620
     gcaattctcc tttaggagat gcacagtact gagaactgtg catactgatt cgtgatgata     82680
     tgaatacagt atgggtactg cttcggtgca gatgtttact gtataatatc atgggtattc     82740
     tgtgttcttt gtctaatatc cacataacag tgagtgcata ccatgtgtgt tcttgtttta     82800
     gggagagatg ttccacatgt atctgttaaa tccatttggt ccatgacttc tataagtttc     82860
     acagtgtctc tgagttgaat ggtagggata taaagtaggg aaataatttg ttcaacccat     82920
     attacatgaa aaaattaaat taatatatac ttttatttaa tccaaaaagc atgcctatag     82980
     acccatgtaa tgtaggaaga tcctatttga tgttccctct tcgtaggtga ctctaggttt     83040
     ttcacaagtt ggcataagat tactagcaca ctcagattaa cataaaagca ttttcagtca     83100
     tgtctaaaac catcacacca atcgaccgag atattctctg tacattccat gggataaatg     83160
     tctgaaccac gtgtgttttt acagtgtgtc tcggctttaa agtgtaaatc ctgaaaggag     83220
     ggccatggtc aaccttccta cttcctgctc ctaggccact atttgctgct ctgtggcact     83280
     acaaaggctt ctttgttaat caggtaccac tgtgccacag atatcttgaa gtgacagagt     83340
     gtacaagcat ccatggggac ctagatgctg atgagaacac tcttacacca tctcctgcct     83400
     tcacaacata cttactaaga tggtgacata gtggaaagaa atggtggaac aaattcttta     83460
     aagccctgtg ctgttctcaa cagtcatctc ctgattttct atatggacct catatgttac     83520
     actttgaagt caacctacaa tctcatattt cttgtgccag tcattagagt gtcaattaaa     83580
     gctagacttt ggaaatatat taataagtct gccttatctt catattccct gcccttaatt     83640
     atggtaacct tgccaagaat atatgtctca ccattctcac tgacagttta cctggtaaat     83700
     agatagttga gaaaaagaca ttcttctaag gcccaaatag cctagttaat cagtatatga     83760
     gaagcagggc tgacatcact cagcacaaaa gctaaagaga gtctcttgtt ttgtggagaa     83820
     ctgagagagc agcaggggca gggacagggg ccttaatgat agtcagtcca gacctggaga     83880
     ctgtgtctaa cagcatccaa aggaatacag gccaatttcc tccagcttcc tggaggagca     83940
     ctgtttctct tcaaaatgtg acagggatgg cacccacaag ggggaagaat gcagtgtgtt     84000
     ctagacttat tttgagccat cagggtactg atcctcccac ctttcccttg ctattacaaa     84060
     tgatcaacct caatagggat catgtaagct ctgctgacac cagaatctct aattgcaaaa     84120
     cccttacagg aaaaaccagt tttcctccac tctcaggata aaaagcaagg atctggctca     84180
     tatggctaag cattttctga ctagctttga gagaacagca tgttccaagg cccaaatttc     84240
     agatttagtg attactgaca gtttaaaaag taagtacctg taatgtttgc tctgtggtac     84300
     taaaaaatat tgtccccaaa tgtatgagga caaaacaatg agcatgtagc ctaaggagca     84360
     acatttccct gatagaacac caggcacttg tcattcattc tatacacaga aatacccccg     84420
     agtctccaga ccaccttcct caactgtaca ttacaagcat tccaagtttt tgttatagcc     84480
     catgagatac aagtcttcaa gaaaacacaa tctgacacaa ggcagaaaca agaactcatg     84540
     tattgatcaa attgcattat caataaaaaa tgtcagcaat gggttgacat tgcttagtgt     84600
     ctgcataaaa ttggtataaa tggaactaaa agttctgtaa cagttcatga gtacaagaaa     84660
     aacaagatta taatttctta gtaataaaga gagaaatact ttctgttaaa gtattcaaaa     84720
     ccatgtctaa ggtagatttg tcactcaatg gtagaatttg atttgtaatt tcaaaagctg     84780
     acccgtccag caggtccagt tattcgaggg tctcgagagg actttctcct aagaaattca     84840
     tgtggggtag agagagatga gggtattgtg cgaacaaaga tatggaaacg ttctgaatta     84900
     catcaggacc ccaatgtatt taccatgacc aaggtttaaa tgcacaagca aaaagggaag     84960
     tgcctttcag caggaggaat ggggcagaag caatgcacct cagcaggagg gatggggcag     85020
     cggggtaggg aggggggaga ggaagtacct ctcagcagga aggaaggggc agcggaaatt     85080
     tttcttttgg cgactactgg tggaagcagg aaactggtgt tatcagggta catcttgagg     85140
     tcaggacatc cagcactgac ttagggttgg aacaatctgt tgttgttctc ggagcagcgt     85200
     gtctgtggcc tgcttttgac cctcttttct tatcgggggt ggggtgggag agacccaatt     85260
     cagagatcag gacaatagcg ttgcagtaat agctcccaac aagaagcata gatgcactcc     85320
     ccaccaccag aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaaa caaacaaaca aacaaacaag     85380
     caaaaaagca aaagataatc caatgcactg tatctgcttt gttgtgagta aatccacaaa     85440
     catgaatgga tagcaacaca ggaaggaatt atgcacagca aggcacacac acacacacac     85500
     acacaagtaa aaagaaacag tccagtcaag aagctattga agagagtcct ttaaaattta     85560
     tgataaagaa gatgaagtgt atttcttcac agttgatgat ttcttgtgga gggcaaggaa     85620
     gattcacttt tatagcttgt gtttgatatt ttctaagttc ttctttttat aacccaaaac     85680
     actagatagg acagaaataa gggtagagag aggaattaga aagtctctga gtctaattat     85740
     ttttcctagt gcttcttctt taactatggc tacgaaaaca ccacaagcaa cttgcataac     85800
     caaccaccaa acaccagaca aaaaatacta gctttgacac tcaatcttgt gcaaagttaa     85860
     tgcagcagga gtttttcact taatgtatgt tgtatgtaaa tatagtattc caccaaactt     85920
     agtaactctg tattccatac ttcctgcatt cagctgttta ctattttaat attagtcata     85980
     cctgttccat gctttgccat gtgttttgat gcaattaagt ttcatctggg gacctcatat     86040
     gaaatgcaaa tattgtgtgt aaatctccct tagtgttact tcataaacat gtttcatcta     86100
     tggagtaaca gtactaatgc tttctgtttg aagtacactt tcagtgtgca tagtagatac     86160
     tcctctttag tattttatga tacactaaat ataacatata gtgtatactt agaagaagaa     86220
     tccagtaaag gatttttaaa atgttgtgtg agggctttgt gattaaaaaa aaaaaaaagt     86280
     gttctcaata gtgttggctg agattcttca gtcttgtgtg tgctcttttc taatgaatca     86340
     taattaacgt ttatgctgag actcggggag tcaggcttat cagtaggaag aaagccatta     86400
     tcttggaatc tctcctttta taagtattcc ttgtgtctgc gtggccaatt agatagaaac     86460
     catgtcttgg catacttgtt gcaatctgat agctttgtcg taaccaatca ccccacctct     86520
     caggacttga attaatgtaa cttcctaaaa tgtccaagaa ttacaaagac acacaccacg     86580
     tacatgcaca ccacaaattc tgactcattc tctgattctg aatcttccta tgactgtcct     86640
     tgtgactttg cctctccttc tttttctgcc tctacattct ctacctcagc ctgtatctga     86700
     acctctgcct ctgcactttc ctatgccttt gattgtccca ctgctactta ttagtgctga     86760
     gataacatac aggttagttt agttttagaa ttgatctact gtggaattgg ttttctatga     86820
     acattaagtt gcctctctac cttgtactaa aaccatttga ttgaatttga atcttcagta     86880
     taatgagaga tgtaacccaa attcataggg caacaattgc taggtaactg tctggcattc     86940
     aacagtcact ccactgttct gaacaaactg tttgtaacca gtagtttaag cacaggcaga     87000
     tagcataagt gtaagtatgc aagcctgtct tgatttcaat gtgataaaga tcggggccca     87060
     aaactacaaa atgaggtaat ggtttctttc tgtttacaag tctcagctag taaattgcat     87120
     gacctaggaa agtcaggaca gaacttgatt cagagctggt aagtagagac agaaactgaa     87180
     gcagagacta aggaagaact ctggattact ttcctccaag tcatagggat gcgaggtcct     87240
     aggggatgca aaacagaaaa gaaagagaaa ataagtacca aacatatcac aatggttgac     87300
     ctacatgcat actttaaagt cttctcttga taatatgtgt gttcatttgg aaatcaagtt     87360
     ctacatggcg attggtaaac agcatacttt tcattatttt tattggataa acatttttac     87420
     ctgaaggagt gtatttgttg gatgtgaaca ttcctggact acatggagtt cctaagttag     87480
     cttgcatcag atcccctgga acaggactta catgtggctg tgacacacag gataatcact     87540
     gggaattgaa ttccagaccc actgcaagag cagccaatga ttttatactc tgagtcatgt     87600
     aaagatctcc acatttctgg agagagaagg aaggtgtagg aagagaacat tactcaaaat     87660
     gtccaaattc atctaagaat aaattaatgc ttgcaagggt ctgtcaagat gcacaacaaa     87720
     aacaagaaaa aatagaaggt gtgtaaaaat tgaaaagaat gtttgtttct gctctgtggt     87780
     gtgttctgac caggaataaa tgaatacact aaatgaagct gcactgagaa gcataaagaa     87840
     ggcaggtacc acactttgac aagtgctaag gttgtttcaa ctctattggt gtaatccttt     87900
     aggggcttct tgtcagaaat aaaccccctt tatcaattcc ccaacagtaa attccgtgtg     87960
     tctcatttgg agactgggca gaagatatgt gagatgcacc aggaatgatt aaactttatg     88020
     ttctctagct cagaaaccat tttcagggat cctatgaaat ccaaaaggtc agctccagac     88080
     tgcatcgcat cagttttttc tttgccaatt caaaagtaga gccagcatct aaaaagatga     88140
     cttatctgtt acacagagtt gctgctacca cataggaggt agctatgatt cccaacacca     88200
     acactgtgga tctctctctc tctctccctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctccctctc     88260
     tccctctctc cctctctccc tctctctctc tctctctttc tctctctctc tctctctctc     88320
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     88380
     cgtctgtctg cctcactctc tgtttctgtc tgatcgtgtc tgtgtgtgtt tctgtgtgtg     88440
     tctgtttctg tgagtctgag tgtgagtgag tgtgtgttat tataatgtag cccattctta     88500
     aaataagaaa ggtgctttca ctttgttttg tttttttctt tccattttgg ccaaattgta     88560
     ttgattagca ctggctggcc tcaaattggc tatgtatgtg tggctgtctt agaagtcaaa     88620
     agagatacga tttcataaga cccatagtcc tctggttaaa agcaggagtc actgtgaaag     88680
     gcttccattt tgtaatatta taaggtttga actatatgaa ggtatgtaag tagtcttcaa     88740
     aattaattac taggtgccag ggaatggggg caaacacaca tttaatccca ggacttatta     88800
     tgctgaggtg ggaaaatctc taaattcctt gtcagtctcg tctatagagc aaattccagt     88860
     tcagccaaag atattccatg gaatgcagcc tgaaaaaaaa aagaaacttg aaatgaataa     88920
     actacatagt taagtaatga ataattaaaa aaaaacactg cgaaagatga gtgaaatatg     88980
     caactatcta gacatatacc aaatccataa gataaaccat ctatacagcc ccttaacacc     89040
     ttaagaaata gaaacaatca tgaaaatctc gcaccaaaag aacccttgga ctagatggct     89100
     gtagtgcaga attctatcag actatcaaag aagaactaat accaattctc atgaaagtgt     89160
     tccacaaatt agaaacagaa ggaacactac ccaattcatt ctatgaagcc acagttacac     89220
     tgcatattct cctgtggaga tggaatggtc actgcctaat gaggaactgg tcacttcttc     89280
     ctttcataca ggactttgtt tgagagtatt ttttgtttct accgtggtta atattacaaa     89340
     tagattttaa atacagtttt aacatatatg aatttttgct ttagaaaatg tcatgtatat     89400
     ttaacaggct tttatcaacc ataacttata ttcacaacat aaaagcaaaa gaagttacaa     89460
     cctatttaat caatgagaga aaattagagg ctattctaac cgaattgaac caggaggaaa     89520
     acaagaactg tactgaaaaa ctgattttta gtaacaaaaa taatgataat aataataata     89580
     ataataataa taatagtaat aataataata ataataatga aatacattgg aaattaaaaa     89640
     aatgaataca tatattttgc tagtttaagt aaaaaatatt aatgaataat aagaaatatg     89700
     ttcacctgat tttgaaatcc caatcctctc attctatgaa aattttggtt ggaatttgaa     89760
     agattagctt tgtgaatagt tgtccaggaa attgacagat gcccttaggt tatgttgctt     89820
     tcagttgtta tggagacatt gtctcaatta cactcctttc tgtggcttgg aattctaggt     89880
     cctcagtctg ccactgcctc catttctgcc tctgctctac ctctgcctct gcctcctcct     89940
     tcctgcccct gcccctgccc ctgcccctgc ccctgcccct gcccctgccc ctgcccctgt     90000
     ccctgtccct gtccctgtcc ctgtccctct ccctctccct ctccctctcc ctctccctct     90060
     ccctctccct ctagcctccc cactaccaca cagataaccc tcagattagt tcagttttag     90120
     tactgatcta ctctagaatt ttttccttca tgtctacttc cttcctagct tattgtaaaa     90180
     ctatttaatt caatttgaat cttccacata ataagaaatt tattccaaat tcataggcca     90240
     actattgcta agtaagagtc tggtgttcat caaccactcc actgttctaa aggaagtatt     90300
     ttgtaatcag aattttaagc acaggcaaat aactttagtg ttagtgtaaa attctgtctt     90360
     gtgttcaatg tgataaagat caggaccaaa actgttggaa accaggcctt acctaacttg     90420
     aactgtgttt cacctgggag gcaaacagag gctgaaaaga gaggggaact atataggtga     90480
     gagaaaaatg gagccaagac aattttctga tctaggctca aatatttaat aaaagtttgc     90540
     acttataaag ggggaaaccc attctctgcc atgccaaggt tcttgctttc ctgataccaa     90600
     gttgccagca cagcctttta gcaccaagtc accaaattca cagattgcag ttaactacag     90660
     aaaatcttgg agaaccaatt tggcctcatg gcagatggca ggtagtgtca catcaaagga     90720
     aactagctga ggagctgcac tgcaggtggc cctgcctcaa tggcataagg tctgaacctg     90780
     cataggttgg aggaggttat actccccccc gttaataata ttttaaaaag tgctgtactg     90840
     aggcataaaa tgtatttatg ctctatagtc ttgcctggga gttatggtgg ctggaggcca     90900
     cacctacctt aggaaatctt agatcttcct gaagcatcaa attccattat ggatgctatg     90960
     tgcaactagt ttgtgttata tttcacacaa aacatggctc tgtgttgtgt tatcaacagt     91020
     catggccttt ggcatgtacc tctgtcttag tttggcatgg ttctgagatc tggatgtctg     91080
     tcattgaata tccagccctc attagcacac cttattccca attcagacca aagtcataat     91140
     atgtactaga atgaagatca ataactgcca cctgggctgt tggaggcaag gctgtatatc     91200
     tgatacagtc aggctgaagg acttggatga cctgcttgag aaacaaaggt gggactgtga     91260
     taagcaacag tgtgaaagtt tctttggtga agtccaggta ccccattcag ttgcaaatta     91320
     gcaatgatca agcttagtct tagagatcca ggtgtggggg aggtggcttt gagaattgca     91380
     gaaaggctgc agcctctctg ggagtggagg ctgtgatcca aattaaattt gctagctaat     91440
     taagatttta gctatcttcc ctaattcttc taatactgaa attattaata gaccagtcca     91500
     atattgaatt agaataactg ctcacagtga ggttagaaga tgaatcacta taattctatt     91560
     ctgagactaa tctttctaaa tcagattaca cagtctctac tgtgctatgt cccataagtc     91620
     ttaaaaacct tgaagtaatg catcttagct tgtccaaact gggaaaatga taaacaaagg     91680
     tgggtcaaaa acatatacac aatacagctt tcttgtcact acagtcaggg gactaagcaa     91740
     acacaccttt tagtttgtca caaaaattag ccttcatata tgcagcattc tgtgaagaga     91800
     acctatgctt gtccatttcc caataaagta gctacttagg atcaagccat ataccaataa     91860
     gtagattatt ttcatttgac ctagatatga ttatgtctcc tatttaagat actatcaggc     91920
     atttttaagt tctttgacat ccaaatttca aagttcttaa agtgtgattt aaataatgtg     91980
     catggggata taatttatct tgtcctttgt tttttttaag aagaggagtt tttttaaagt     92040
     tccacattac cctgtatttg aaaattaata aattgtttac aaaacatttc aaatgcttta     92100
     ctgttatagt cagtattaat ataacaaggc cagcgactaa ttacactttc aattgtttat     92160
     cttgaagagc ggatttaact agaaagcttt aaaatttatt aatagtcccc ttcttccttt     92220
     ctctttctca cttcctccat ttccagcagc atatgctgct gtagtgtctt ctttcctctg     92280
     caggtatttt acacatgaag tgtccaagca aaatgacatg tacacaaaca accataccca     92340
     ccatcaaagt ttatataata aaagaaatga tgtctagact atgattctaa tttttctggg     92400
     aaaggtagga taggagagag caatcactgt gtgtggactc acaaagacac aaagaacccc     92460
     ccaaatagag ctgatttacc actccttaga aacacaaaca ccacaggcag gaggagggat     92520
     tttgaatgag gaactctttc cttgtctttc caagtgcttt ggaggatgag cacaactaca     92580
     ggaaaagggt ctcacagcag ggaactccca ttaccacctc acacacaagg caaagtcacc     92640
     ttggtggaac caggagcaga tcacctgact ctgcaggttg tttctgttta gctgcttttg     92700
     gagaaagcag ttggagcagt tgctgcctgc tcttgagaag gactctaagg gtacaatgta     92760
     taggtctgta gaattgcaac aagtttggac cctagaaaag taatgggttg ctgaaatggt     92820
     cctggactgt gaatcttagg gtcttgctag ggaatttctt aatctgcagt ggcatttaga     92880
     cattggagca agcagaggtg ctttgatcct tatcttaggc actcaaagtt gttcttgaag     92940
     acaatcgttg tgactgtttg tgaggctttg ctggaagaga ggggatattg acagccctct     93000
     acatgatctg tgttgggagc cattaaggca acgctattgt cctgatctct gaattgggcc     93060
     tctccccccg agaagaaaag agggtcaaag gcgggccacc gacacatgga ttctgagaac     93120
     cacaggatgt tccagccctg ggtcatcacc gctctccgga ccacaccctg acaccaccaa     93180
     gttcctgctt ccccgtttaa ctgcctaaga atgtgcaatt ctattgcccc cccactgata     93240
     aatacttctc cttttgcttg tattgaccca tccctcccgc taagtatctg tacttccccg     93300
     tttccttgta caattctact gccccatcct tcctgctgaa aggcacttcc ccttttgctt     93360
     gtgtatttaa accttgggcc tggctaatac atttgagggt cttgatacaa cttcagaacg     93420
     gtttccgtgt cgttactcgt acaagaccct cgtctctctc taccccccat ttggttatta     93480
     ggaggaggac ccctcgagat cctccaataa ctggacctgc tggatgggtc agatctgcat     93540
     ggcacacaac tagagctttg tttcttctga agcatagaag tgactgaggg caaaatacca     93600
     caggagacaa ctatatcagg gtctcttaag taaaatcttg ctggtgtatg aaatagtgtg     93660
     ccttgcaaat actgaagtgg atgctcacag tcatgtatag gatggcaaac agggccccca     93720
     atataggagc taaagaaagt acccaaaaac tgaaggggtc tgcaacccta taggttgaac     93780
     aacaatatga actaaccagt acccacagaa cttgttcctc tagctgcata tgtagcagaa     93840
     gattgcctag tcggctatca ttgggaagag aggcccttgg tctagcaaag tttatatgcc     93900
     acagttcatg ggaatgccaa ggccaagaag tgggagtgag tgggtatgtg agcagggggc     93960
     aggaggtata ggggactttt ggaatagcat ttgaaaggta aaagaagaac atatgtaata     94020
     aaaaatgtgg gggaaaagtc tcattacttt atcccattaa atgtgcacat taaaaaaaaa     94080
     aaagtggcta atggctttga acaggatcct ttctgaggac aggatcttat aaagggttcc     94140
     agatagacaa ctcatttaca gttttacaag ctagtactta taaacaattg atcattggga     94200
     gcgtcaagct gagacacccg atcactgggc ataagtgttg agataatttg aagatatttc     94260
     cattgttttg aataatctgt atgatattgg atacatttac tctatggaag gagtatgtgt     94320
     gtggagtccc ttgtgtcact gaagtagaag gagttgtaaa ccacctgtgg cgatgttgca     94380
     agttcatatc tatgatgtgt ttttgatgcc agtgtttata aaggaggagg catctctgag     94440
     atgcaataac acatttaaaa aagaaaacca caagacagaa agggaatatt gccttatgtt     94500
     gttgtatttc tgttttttgt gtgttgtgtg tgtgttttgt tttttgtttt tgtttgtttg     94560
     tttgtttgtt ttcttaattg tgtgtatggt ctgatttttg gattttttcg agacaggaat     94620
     tctctatatg cccctggctg tcctggaact cactctgtag accatgctgg cctggtactc     94680
     agaaatctgc ctacgtctgc gtcccaagtg ctgggattaa agctgtgcac caccaacacc     94740
     ctgcaaatat tgccattttt agtgagatat ttttaatgtt ttttttactg atttatgtaa     94800
     gatatttcaa atggtgtgtc catttttttt cacattgttg cattattcct ttcaaagttt     94860
     gttgattatt gctcacaaag acagaattta ccatcaagac actgacattc ttcttttttc     94920
     atttcattcc tctccttttt ttctgtttaa cttatctgga aatggatttt tctgtatagt     94980
     cctagcaatt ctgggccttc ttgtgcagtt cagtcctgaa ttcaaatcta ctggatttta     95040
     tcaccaaatc ctgagattaa acccctttct aagcagacat caacattttt ttttaaattt     95100
     tctgtctcac aatacttctt tagaagatgt cctcatcacg gttcccaagt aatgccttca     95160
     gacacttcta actttctgta acaaccttac cacatagagc ctatgtaagg catcctgttg     95220
     ggtagcattc tgtcttaagc tgtgcacatc caaagtgttt gtattcttca gagtggccta     95280
     tgaggctagt gtgataaatc tggcatgagc tatcaggtga agaagtatta ccactgcagc     95340
     cacaaagctt gcagtttcca ctactcctga tcatgatgct gcagaaggtt tctttgattt     95400
     tcatagacac tggcttctta ttcccaaatc ttggtagtgg tactgtattc tgcctgtctg     95460
     tgtaaacaat tagacatgaa ccatgtctta gtatactggt tgcatcttga gaagtttgtt     95520
     gttcttttct actggatagc ctgttactgg ggaaatcagg ccatcaagat tattcttagc     95580
     ctggaaggta cagagtcagg gtcagaggaa gtgtgaagtc tgggtaagga ctagttctta     95640
     atccagatat tccctatgta taagaaacgt aattgtcaac atttttcatt aaaaaaaaaa     95700
     aaaaacactt gaggtttata tgtgttattc ccaaatgaca gctgtaagtt ttttccactt     95760
     aaacacaccc ctcaatatac aggaacagat atctacaggg ccctttataa actattcaga     95820
     gttgtgcatc cccatggtct ctggtctgtt tccattgtga aaggacatat gttgagacag     95880
     agttgtttac ctttgctcta atgatgtccc tggtcttaat gtctcagtat tcatcctggt     95940
     gtgaatactg tggaaattga aaatgttaaa gggactatga agcaaaaatg ttaattggtg     96000
     tgaaagagtt aatgggaaca gccgttaatt tccactgact gaaactaaaa tattcattac     96060
     ctgttatatt tcacaaaaac agaattattg ctcacttgtt caaagtggac agccaggtac     96120
     aaatgaaatg acttttatcc actgggctgt tttttttttt ccgaagcctg ggcatggctc     96180
     aacaaaggag tgcctgagag cacctgaatg ttcagataaa gtttactgag gcctccttgg     96240
     cctgagagtg cctgtccagc ccacttttga acaagaggaa tgggtgggac tttctttgat     96300
     agaaacagca ggagcttggt tgcctgttag acaattgttg aagaacagca gcaggctgta     96360
     gtgattgaga ttgtcagaca ccctgtgaaa attgcaaaac ccaaagtaac ttggagctaa     96420
     aaagatagag atctgattaa gaggtaaaat cttggatgtt gtagtgaaga gcaaaaactt     96480
     ataattttgg gtcttatagc attgtggtgt gtaaattcaa gaaattcagg gctgaagaat     96540
     agacccaggc aggtccaggc acagccaaac ccaccctgta gctaagaatg tccggccata     96600
     aaagataaaa aagagaatgc aggaactagc cactgctatc agggcggacc aaatggccat     96660
     ctggcaggat ggcacctccc tatagctccc cataaatcat acattgacca ggtgtcctgc     96720
     tgaccttgat aagtcccaag cccttgtgcc tccctacacc ttagcatgca aatattaccc     96780
     tgttaatttg taatcatccc gccaacattt aaataagcca atcatgtgta atggcccaaa     96840
     ttcttttggc tcccctgttt ttggtttgtg gtttttgcct ttataagcct gtaaaaagtt     96900
     tgggctgggg ttgaacttcc ctgccccctg cgcggtgcat gagtttcgac cccagcatgc     96960
     tgtctggggc gctccttttt tgtttgtgtg tttgtgtgag attaaagctt gtatagttac     97020
     agcgagttcc acctcagtgt cctactgggt gcgcacctcc ctgaagaggg actcactgaa     97080
     ggggtctttc atgtggtgca ttggccggga agtgcgtgac cacccagggg tcctagaccc     97140
     aattggaggt aaggccctct atcttgtctt ggttttgtct ctatattctg tctgaaaatc     97200
     ttgtgagatc acagtttcag ttttgcaaat gctcttatga gacagcactt tgaagggaga     97260
     gcaaagtgga taaagacaga tgtgtctagg ggtccaccat ttgttcgccc tgggagacgt     97320
     tcagggaagt caggggcagg gccaggaatg cctagtgaac ccccttggga aaagtcagga     97380
     gataaatttt ctccttgacg atctctttct gagacctgtt actaggcctt ctgattcttt     97440
     tcaggaactc tggttgacac agagtaggcg actggttttg tttttgagtc ttgtagcctt     97500
     tgtaatcgtt tttatcatgt gtgtgacaga gcttaacgtg ggaaagactg tgacgacccc     97560
     actaacactt actcagaacc attggacaga cgttatgact agggccaaca atctttcctt     97620
     caatgtcaag aagggacctt ggcaaacttt ttgctcctct aaatggccag ctttcagtgt     97680
     gggctggcct tcgcagggaa attttagcct gccttttatt ctaggtgtaa agttattttt     97740
     cagaccgcag gagggcatcc tgatccggtg ccgtatataa ttgtgtggca ggacctggta     97800
     caaaatctgc caccctgact gtgttcctgg acttccggag ctgaggcagc gatggtggca     97860
     gtagccatga aaccgaaaat gatgcctgca ggtctgccag agcacgttcc atcggccccc     97920
     ctgaggatct atcctgaaat tgatgatgcc tttttccttg actccttctc acccccttac     97980
     ccccaaagaa attctaatcc tgatcactca cagctgccca ccccagcaga ccccagggtg     98040
     gcctctgtga caggaccggt gggagggact cctagctgcg aaggccatag ttcagaggga     98100
     agtgaatcta aaccagattc cactgttgct ttgcctttaa gagcttatgt aggaggacct     98160
     gcccctgccc cgggcagtta gtcccattgc agtactggcc attttcattg gtagatatgt     98220
     tggcagatat gtataacaga tatgtataac taatcactcc tctttctcat agaatccctc     98280
     aggcttaaaa ggaatccttg agttcctaat gttctcctac cagcccactt gggatgactg     98340
     ccagcaactt tttcaggtct cctttacaac tgaagagaga gagaggatcc tgctagaagc     98400
     cagaaaaaat catcccagga ccagatggga cccccactaa tctccccaac cttataaatg     98460
     cagctttccc cttggcccgt tctgcctggg agttcaatac tgtgaaagat agggagcgtc     98520
     tcacagtcta ctgctggact ctagtggcag ggatagacgg ggccacacag cgacccacca     98580
     atttggccaa ggtaagagaa gtccttcagg gttcaatgga gctgtcctcc gttttcttag     98640
     cacgactaat ggaggcttat aggagatatg ccccgtttga tccctctttg gaaggacagc     98700
     aggcagctgt agccatagct ttcattggtc agtctgcctc tgatattaag agaaatttac     98760
     agaggttaga ggggctccaa tattatactc tgcaggattt agtaaaataa gttgagaaag     98820
     tgtaccacaa gagagagact gaggaagaaa agcaagagag agaagagaaa gaggtagagg     98880
     aaagagaaaa ccggcatgaa cgccagcagg ataggaactt gactaagatt ttggccgcag     98940
     tggtaggtgg agaaagttca tagaagggtc agtcagggta cctgcccaac agggcaagaa     99000
     gacccccagg agaacagaga ccgccacttg agaaagacca atgcacatac tgcaagaaaa     99060
     aagaatatta ggccagagac tgcccaaaga agaagcagag ggaccccaaa gtattggccc     99120
     ttgaagaaga ccagggaagt cggagctcgg tccccctccc caagcctagg gtaactcact     99180
     ctgtggaggg gacccccgtt aattttctaa tagacaaagg agctgaataa tcagtcttga     99240
     ctgaagcttt aggacaatta ggatcaaaga agagtttagt tatgggagcc actggtagca     99300
     agctgtatcc ctggacaacc aaaaggattt tagacatagg aaaaaataaa gtgacacatt     99360
     cttttcttgt gatacctgag tgctcagcac cctgctaggc agggaccttt tgaaaaaatt     99420
     gaaagcataa gtccagttta cttctgacgg acctgaggta tcatggaaga agaatccagt     99480
     ggcatgctta gttttaaatt tagaagaaca atatcacctc cacgaacaga agtctgagac     99540
     tttacccttt aaagaatggt tgatagcttt tccagaggtt tgggcagagc aggctgggat     99600
     ggaattagct aggcaagtgc cacccaacat agtcgagcta aaagtggctg ccaaatctgt     99660
     ttcagtcagg caatacccca tgagtcaagg ggctaaaaac agcattcgac cacatatcca     99720
     gagactgcta taacagggta tattggtccc gtgccagtcc cattggaata cccccttcct     99780
     gccagtgtgt aaacctggga caaatgacta tctgcctgtc caggacttaa gagaagtcaa     99840
     taaacgggta caggatattc acccaactgt gcccaaccct cacaacttgc taagttcctt     99900
     accacctgaa cggtcctggt aaacagtcct ggatttaaaa gatgcctttt tctgtctcag     99960
     attacacctg agcagtcaac ttctgtgtgt ttttgagtgt cgagaccctg aaggaggata    100020
     tacgggtcag ctaaccttga ctaggctgcc acaggggttc aaaaactcac ccactttttt    100080
     tgaagaagtg gtccaccaca accttgtgcc ctttagggaa cagaaccccc aaatgtctct    100140
     cctggagtat gtagatgatt taatccttgc agcttcaacc caggaactgt gccttgaaga    100200
     gaccaaaaag cttctaaatg aaaaaagtga attggtatac cactaagaaa gctcagctat    100260
     gccctatgga cttgacctac ctagtataca ccctccgaga aggaaagcag tggttcattg    100320
     aagctcgaaa gaagactgtg atgcagatcc caacccccac cactctgtga caagtacttg    100380
     agtttctggg aaaggcaggc ttttgtagac tctgaatact agggtccaca atgttggcgg    100440
     cccctctgta cccactcact aaagaaaaag tcccattcac ctggacagag gaacaccaaa    100500
     aagactttaa cagcataaag gcttctctga ttgcagccca ggctttggcc ctgccagatt    100560
     tgactaagca tttcaccgta tacgttgatg agccagctgg agtagcctgc agagtcctga    100620
     ctcagactct gggaccctgt aagcggccag tggcctacct gtcaaataaa attggaccca    100680
     gttgccagtg gatggccctc cttcctaaaa gccatcgctg cagtagccct acttgttaaa    100740
     gatactgaca agcttactct aggtcagcat gtgactgtat tcgctcccca tgtgttagag    100800
     agtattgtaa gacagccccc tgaccattgg atgacaaatg cccggatgac ccactaccag    100860
     agcctgttgc taaatgaccg agtgactttt accccacctg ccatcctcaa tcctaccacc    100920
     ctcctccccg agacggatga ctccacctgg gtacaccaat gtgctgatat cctggctgaa    100980
     gaaactggaa cgagaaagga tctgactgat cgaacttggc caggtgtgcc tgactggtac    101040
     acagatggta gcagctttgt ggtagaggga aaataaagag caggagaggc agtggttgac    101100
     agaaaacagg taatttgggc aagtagcctt ccagaaggaa cttgggctca gaaggctgag    101160
     ctcctgatgc taactaaagc tctgcggctg gcagaaggta aggcaatcaa tatttacact    101220
     gacagccact atgcttttgc aacagaccac attcatgggg ccatctatag acaaaggggg    101280
     ctacttactt cggcaggcaa ggaaatcaaa tataaagaag aaatcttggc tctcctagag    101340
     gctatacaca tgcccaagaa agtggccatc atcctctgcc ctggccatca aaggggcaag    101400
     gtcctgtagc ccagggaaat cagatggcag attgggcggc caaacaggtg gtacaaggca    101460
     tccctgcgct gcctctagag actatagaag aaccaaaagt aaccccagag atcagttttg    101520
     aatacacctc caaagattat gagatgattg aagatcttga agaacaaggg aagtccaaag    101580
     gatttagcta ccatgggatt gcaagaacaa aagaaggaac aattattttg ccctatagag    101640
     aaggaaaggc atatgtaaaa ggcatccatc ccctgacaca tctgggggca aagaaattgt    101700
     gtgatttaat ccagtcctca aactattatg tgctcaggct actagacgaa caagtaaata    101760
     aatcctgcaa gtgtgtgccc taattaatgc tgcacgcccc tttaatgaac aagaaaaatg    101820
     acaacgttgg atagacctgg agtttactgg gaaatagact tcactgagat caaacatgga    101880
     aaatatggta ataaagagtt actagttttc atagacactt tctcaggatg ggtagaagcc    101940
     ttccccatca agtttgcaac tgctcaggtg gtgaccaaga agatcattga agagatccta    102000
     ccccagtttg ggatccccag ggtaatttgc ttggataatg ggcctgcatt tgttgcccag    102060
     gtaagtcagg aatgagccac acaattgggg aacaattgga agttatattg tgcttataga    102120
     ccccagagat cagtataggt agaaggaatg aacaggactc taaaagaacc cctaactaaa    102180
     ttagctattg agaccagcgg taaagactgg gtgaccgtcc ttccctttgt gctccttagg    102240
     gcccgaaata cacctggatg tttcggcctt actccttatg aaattctaca tgggggacca    102300
     cccgccttga ccaagtctga tgggatattg gattccagtg atgactcttc ctcaccctct    102360
     tctctgttta cccattatag gccttagaag ttttcaaaac acagatctgg gaccagatca    102420
     aagaagccta cacaccaggg accactgcag taccccacgg gttccaggtc ggggactcag    102480
     ttctggtctg aaaacatcga gctggcatgc ttgagccccg gtggaaggga ccttatctag    102540
     tgctgctgac cacccccaag gtcacaaagg tagacaggat cgccgcctgg atccacacat    102600
     cccacataaa aaaaggcacc caaccaggat gaagacgacc tcggagaaaa ttggacagtg    102660
     gccgctactg ataattctct taaactgtgc cttcgcagta ccccaacctt gggtaataat    102720
     cctcacactc ttatgaccct gacatgggag gtcatctctc aagctggaga tactgtatgg    102780
     agtacttcaa aggtggcccc cccttataca tggtggcccc ctctgtttcc tgaaatctgt    102840
     gccctgatag atggattaga cgcctgggat atccctgaat agtcacatga aacggtgccc    102900
     caagatgagg taatctatca caagcggcca tatcaccagg ggttaagttc ccaaggaaag    102960
     tacattgcag atataccagg ctgtagtagt aggtctaaac agaggagact tggtcaggag    103020
     cccttttatg tctgtcccag ggacagggta aataaaaaag aggcttgctg gtgtggggga    103080
     atagagggca tcttctgtag tcagtagaga tgtgaaacca ctggtaccac tcattgggac    103140
     ccatcctcta gctcgatatt attatagtat ccagatgaaa taagggccat gattccttaa    103200
     acatcacttt tactcaaaaa gcaaaagaga caaaaaagat tggataaagg gaagacagtg    103260
     gggcctaaca ttttatgtga cagggacagg ccctggattc acatttaaga ttcggctaaa    103320
     gatgaagtgt cccccaaccc aggcagtaag acctaaccac gttcttgtta aaaaacttcc    103380
     aatgcccctt cccagaccta cctttcccgg acctacccta gttggtccag ctattccaac    103440
     agaagtctat acctcttcct cagacatgaa acttacattg cccctactcc cccagattct    103500
     gaaaactgtc tgtttagtct ggtacagggg gctttttggt actcaattgt accaatccca    103560
     acatcactaa gtcttgttgg ctgtgttatg cctccaatcc cccatgttat gagggagttg    103620
     ctcaagtcag gacatacaat aaggctgagg acaattctca gtgtccttgg ggagaaaaca    103680
     gaaaactaac attagcagct gtctcgggaa atggactttg cctggaacaa gtcccacatg    103740
     acaaacagta cctctgtaat cagactcatc atctccagtc ttccaataat agaggtcagt    103800
     acttagtccc tcccttagac acagtatggg cttgcaacac tggactcact ccctgtgtat    103860
     ttacttctgt ttttaatact taaaaaagat taaagattat taaagattat tgtcgtttag    103920
     ttcagagtgt tccgaggctt ctgtatcatg aagacagttt tttgtcaatg gattcaacca    103980
     ctggacccag tataaaaggg aacccattac catgacctta gcagtccttt tgggtctagg    104040
     aacagcagct ggggtcagca caagcacaac tgccttgata cagacccccc actatttcca    104100
     tgaattgcac aaacgctatg gatgcagacc taggagcact agagcagtcc atcaccaaac    104160
     ttgaagaatc tttgacctca ctatcagagg tagtgctaca gaacaggagg gggctagatc    104220
     tactttttct caaagaaggt ggactctgtt ccgcagtaaa agaagagtgt tgtttttatg    104280
     tagaccattc tggtcttatc agggactcca tggataagct cagagaaagg ttagaaaaac    104340
     gaagcaaaga aagagaagca tattaaggat ggtatgaaaa ttggtttaac aggtctccct    104400
     gttttacgac actgatatct accctggcag gccctctgat tatttttttc tcctgctttc    104460
     ttttgggcca tgtattttaa ataagctggt tgcttttgtt aaagataaaa taaacaccat    104520
     acaagtcatg gtcctcagac agcaatatca gactcttcaa caagaagaaa ggtcgttcta    104580
     aaattagagc tatccactaa aagaagtggg aaatgaacag caaaaactta taattttggg    104640
     tcttatagca ttgtggtatc taagttcaag aaattcaggg ctgaagaata gacccaggtg    104700
     ggtccaggca cagccaaacc caccctgtag ctaagaatgt ccagccataa aagatgaaaa    104760
     agagaatgca ggaactagtc actgctatca gaacggacca tatggccacg tgcaggatgg    104820
     cgcctcccgg gcagctactt cctacattga ccaggtgccc tgctgacctc gagaagtccc    104880
     aagcccttgt gtctttctac atcttagcag gcacatatta ccctgttaat ttgtaatcat    104940
     cccgccgcca tttaaataag ccaattatgt gtaatggtgc gaattctttt ggctcccctg    105000
     tttttggttt gtggtttttg cctttattag cctgtaaaaa gtttgggctg gggttgaact    105060
     cccctgcccc ctgcgcggtg catgagtatc atccccagca cgctggcttg agagatcctt    105120
     tgttgtttgt gtgtttgtgt gccattaaag tcttgtatag ttacagcgag ttcggcctca    105180
     gtgtcctatg gggtgcgtgc ttccctgaga agggactccc cgcgggggtc tttcagtagg    105240
     ttttctgaat aagtttgtat tacatggcaa aaaaaaaaga tttattatat tcatttcctt    105300
     ccgtcttggt gtttaaggca tatataatgc aattgaagac tgcacattca gattattaac    105360
     agtttcatac caagttccaa atttaacata ccacgaaatg agaaagcata caatatatat    105420
     tccaatcatg aataagcaaa tgaatgtagg gaaatagttt tcaggtacta agatacatag    105480
     ctattaagac atgatcataa caatttagat cagaggatat tatcctaacc cctatgacat    105540
     aaatttcctc tcggttgtat actctcacag tatataaggt tctttcccga aataagtaat    105600
     ggctgctttt atccccctaa gtgcaagttg agcaactgta ttaggatacc actcaatgaa    105660
     ttttgtaggg aaagcattag gatggaccca caacaagggc ccattttacc ataagactac    105720
     tgttggtaac tgtgccgttt ttaatatgca caattcaaat gactttgact cgtcaatgcg    105780
     ttgtaattga gcatcttgta gggccttttc tacagtttgt taagcttgac atgcagctgg    105840
     gctaagtgct ctgtgggagg agatatgggt atctccctct aatatgtcaa ataatggatt    105900
     taattctgct gatggaattt tcaaaaatgg tctcagccaa ttaatatctc ctaacaattt    105960
     ttgaaaatca ttcaaggtat gtagttggtc tttgtgaatc tctaattttt gaggaacaat    106020
     tttgtcagga taaatgagtg accctaggaa ggctcccatt cgagcaactt gcaccttttc    106080
     agtggccaac tgcaataccc attgccctaa cgtttttatt aatatagggt atgcatcttg    106140
     caataactgt gaatatttat ggcaaatcaa aatgtcatcc atataaatta ccacctttaa    106200
     tgatggaaaa tgttctctaa ctgacttaag tgccaattgt acatacagtt gacacatggt    106260
     ggggctattc gccatcctct gaggtaggac cttccattgg tatctttgat ctggctctaa    106320
     atgattaatg tctgggatgg taaacgcaaa actttgccta tcttgagggc ataaaggtat    106380
     agagaaaaag caatctttaa tgtctatgat tataatttcc caatttttgg ttaaggcaga    106440
     aagtaatgct agcccttgct gaactggtcc aaacagacgc atttgtgcat taattgctct    106500
     aagatcatgt aataagcgcc atttgccaga ttttttctta attacgaaaa taggtgtatt    106560
     ccagggtgag gtagaaggct ctaaatgacc caagtgttca gaaattagtt ttgtggctgc    106620
     ttgtaatttt tcagaggaga gaggccattg aggaacccat acaacttcct ctgtaagcca    106680
     tggtatgggc atggaaccct caacagctgt ctctagaaaa aacccaaacc ttgtctccca    106740
     ttattacctt tttgagggat aggttcaagt ttaccctgct ctccttttcc taatcccctt    106800
     ccttctttat agcccatttt cttaatcatt cgaacagctt gtggcgagca ttcatcagtt    106860
     aagttcagtc ctagtgcctg taagatgtct ctcccccaga gatttactgg gagtggtaag    106920
     acataaggag tgaatcgtcc catttgacct tcaggcgctg tccagctcaa agaacgggaa    106980
     ctaataatgg gacaggactg ataacctaaa ccttgcaaag aatgtaacga ctgaataact    107040
     ggccaagttt tcggccacca gtgagaagaa ataatacttt tgtctgctgc tgtgtctaaa    107100
     atccccttaa attgtttccc ttctataact aactctaaag aaggcctgga atctaaaggc    107160
     attattaaat aagccgaatc atttccagta gaaccaatcc ctccggcagc ttgagggaca    107220
     ccagaagagg gaaaacagcc atgtaggctt ggcagaatta ctaactgagc tattctatct    107280
     ccttgtgaaa tagaaaagac accctgagga caggaacaga gaactggaag ttccccttca    107340
     taatcttgat ctacaactcc agggtgaaca ataagacctt gtagtgtaag ggaagcactg    107400
     cccaatatta ggccgacact ctcggatggc agaggtcctt tatagtcagt aggaataggc    107460
     tgcactccca tttgaggggt cagcatgaaa tgggtggtgg tatggaggtc caatccagct    107520
     gagccttctg ttgccctgcg gactgtgggg tccacttttc gcctgtcgag gtcccgtatg    107580
     ttttcgggcc ctgagacctg agggccctgt cctggttttt tgaaatggtg tcatgatcta    107640
     ctgtttgagg gaatcctggc tgcaggggcc tgcctcgaat gtccctgatt gaacgacaag    107700
     cactagtcca atgatatcct tttccacact tagtgcacaa tcctggcact ctccttttga    107760
     caagggctct acagtccttt tttaagtgtc ccggtttgcc acaattatag cagagtttga    107820
     gctcagccat gtcagggcat ttttgccatt gtagaatggc agctgctaaa ccggcattag    107880
     tgagtggccc tccaagttca tggcaaacct tcaaccagtc ctgcagtccc ttgctttttc    107940
     taggtgtaat agtcgccctg cattcccggg cagcctgttc atatatcaac tgttcaatta    108000
     aacgcatagc tgcttctgta tctccaaatc tgctgcctct gtcattctag tcacaaaatc    108060
     tgagtaccac tcctgggacc ccttagtgat cttggtcaaa tgaccacttg cctctccctt    108120
     cttagagagt gccttccatg ctttaacagt ggcagctgag atctgggcgt acgctcccca    108180
     atgataatct gtttggttag cagcatgctg tccctgacat gtaagcaatt caaacgtcca    108240
     tgtcctttgg tctccttcca tggtggcatt ggcccttgcc tgcgtctgac aggagtcctg    108300
     ccacaaagct ttccattcaa gatacatccc catactgggg gctgcagctt ttactacagt    108360
     ctgccaatca ccaggagtca tagcatgagt cgcgagcctt tcaacttgtg ctacagtgaa    108420
     aatcgcactg actccataat tacagactgc ttctgcaagc tccttaatct gtatatattc    108480
     tactggagca tgaacacgcc ctccctcagc tctttcaaaa actggaaatg cctgttgcat    108540
     cttcctctgt cctcttttgg aataaataag tctgaatggt gcctctgcac ataaggcgga    108600
     ggtgcactag aaccctaaag ttgcatatcc gaagaccgtg caacgatttg acatttgtct    108660
     ctacttgctt tcgtgttatt ctgtaactga ttaactcgtc tttcatctga ctggtatctt    108720
     tctccctcac agcctgtcac tttcttctct aagtctgttt cctcatagga gctaagttcc    108780
     ttatctgatt ctgagctact gacagctagc tgcttaaact catctagtgg caggtagagg    108840
     ctcctttcct tatgtgcctc tccagctcga tctcccttct tctctccctt tccatccctt    108900
     tttctaatct ctccccagat attttccctg acattccttt tttctcagtc tcaaggcctg    108960
     tggaaaggcc taaattcttc agtgcacttt gtttcctctc tacttttact ctctctcccc    109020
     gctctacctc tgatagactt tcttgaattt cgtccagaac tttctgacct gcttctacca    109080
     ttttctgaca attctcatct gttaaacacg atttcaccaa tttccatagc ggcctaatcc    109140
     ctgctttaag tttgcctttc tgctgttcac taactagatc tcctttcaat ttgtcccaag    109200
     aggcgacagt taatgacaat gagcaagcat accatggtgc aacacagtct atctctctga    109260
     caaatccctc taaggtcttc gtggcgattt ttaggccaca ctgcttcagg accaagcata    109320
     aggccactac tatagaatgg gagattccca tactgccgct gtccaggcct gaccacgact    109380
     aagaaccagt cagcagttcc agtggtggaa acaaaacaaa actgaaagga aaagtgtaat    109440
     cgccgtgcaa acaatcaaaa gggcttctaa ctctggagaa atttcaagat tgtacgtaac    109500
     ttgtagagcc ttttgtccca cggttctgat tctgccccgc aaacgaagta tcttccttgc    109560
     gctggtgtga tgacagtttc cgggtttcgt caccacttat tgcgtccggc ttgaccggcg    109620
     agaaagatgc aacaaaccag aattttccgc ggcaagagct ttattgcttg cttctcagga    109680
     agatcccgaa ccagaaaaat gtcgctgctt ttataaccca cagcgtgaca tttcagcacc    109740
     tgatatggcg tgactgctcc tgattcattg cttgcccatc accccactat tccaccccga    109800
     gaatgggagt gactacgagt gaattcactc tcgcacctgc gtacaaggct tgtttactac    109860
     ttaggcacag cagaggcccg caccatctta taatggtgat tgctcccggc acacatggct    109920
     cttctcagag attactggcg gcatggaggc gattgctagc agcatgtacc ggctctccac    109980
     aattcaccac gatatctgca gtcccttctc tgaatagtct gttgtaacct ggagagttct    110040
     ggtcatccac tctgatacca ctactgttgt agcaacttga acttctctta aattattcag    110100
     accctttcta tagagatgat tcatctctga agcatctact tgggagagag aatggggagc    110160
     atagagatca gagagaggca gaagtaatct agacttccag ctgagaaaag taaaagtggt    110220
     cctggggaaa atagagtgat ttctgggcag agaatatgga agatcccagt aaaggtagat    110280
     ctgatctgaa ctgtttatct tgaaggcaga cttgggcatt gtataaagct ctcttgtaag    110340
     gtctcataca caaaattttg ctcaatgtct gactcagaag taatatttca gcagtatcta    110400
     ggattcatgc tggaaaaaac tggagaaaag gaatcaggat ttttgtgggc caaggtccat    110460
     gacataaggc ttcagatatc taaattagca aagctcatgc agccaagaga aacctttaca    110520
     caaccaccta gagtcttgtg gaaatgagcc aaaatgaaat tcaccataac tatccatatt    110580
     ttagcattcc ttgtgctatg ataataaagg acacagcctg agttcatata aatcattagg    110640
     tctgctttta ttgggttcta acttcctggg gcctggctct aaagcaggac aaatctttcc    110700
     tctgatcagc agaagacaaa acatgaccta gtcatgtcgg gcatgcatgc aaagcttaga    110760
     gaatgagaac cctgaagggg catagaacct caagggatca agaaagagat tgacttctgt    110820
     ttggtatttg cctgtcagag agagaagcac ttaaggcatg gtcatctctg cctttcattg    110880
     tttcaggact caacactctg caactttgtt tcaatacctt ctttctgtta gccattagct    110940
     tgcctttagc ctcctagact cagttttgct gagtgtgaaa cagattatac tcctgacagc    111000
     ctctgagcat gtagatgtgt aattcacaca caagtaccaa ttcaaatgtg ttgcgtctgg    111060
     ccagccactc acatgtctgg gttctaatct ggaaaggaat cttggaaacc tggaagagaa    111120
     cagggagcta ggccaagaag agaaagatgt agctaaaaca aaattctgaa caaagctcaa    111180
     ttttactatt tctaaaactc atttaggaag caggggtagg gacctgattc ccgccaaatc    111240
     atcttggagt aaagttgcag gtgaacatgt gatgggtcca gaacagctag ttggaaagca    111300
     gcagtgggag tggcagggtt atagagctgc aagctctgct gagatgctct ctaatattga    111360
     aaactgagca gatcagctga aaatgaaagg aagcttgctc aggtgtaaga ataaaaataa    111420
     gggttctggg catggaggaa caacacttgg ggaatatcaa tctgatatat aaggacaaac    111480
     agaaatagac tagcaacaac cagtcccaga gaatagaggg agatagctta gggaggttag    111540
     tctagcacca tttgctcttt ggaatgccta actgctcatc catccaattt tgcttgtagc    111600
     catctccttt ctaatctacc acaattattt tggatgatat ttttgattag ttcctagatt    111660
     cagtttatga gtcttttatt gaggattttt catcaatgtt cagaagagaa cttggtctga    111720
     agtaattttt cttttctttt tttattattt aaatcatttt aaaacttcac atttcattcc    111780
     tatcctagtc tgacaccaaa ctgttttcca tcacttacct ctttcccctg ctcccccctc    111840
     cctcccatat ctaggaggat gtcctcacaa ctactctcaa tccactacac ctccctattc    111900
     tctgtggcct caagtctctc aagaattagt tgcatcttct ctcattcagg acagaccaga    111960
     atgtctgtat gtaatctgat gtatatgtgt cggggcctcc tatcacatca ggtgatatac    112020
     gttgcctggt tggttgttca gtgtctgaca ggtctctgtt atcgtgtgta attgagactt    112080
     atgatctttt tacaggtcgt ccttctcttc agtttcttcc agcctttccc taattcaact    112140
     gcaggggtcc ccaacttctg tctattggtc agctagcatc tacatctgac tctttcaggt    112200
     aattggtaag tctctcagca gacagccttg ctaggctcct tttggcatac acaccacagc    112260
     atcaatagag agtgtcatga ttcccagcct cactgtgcac tggatcccaa tatgggcctg    112320
     tcaatggacc tcctttctct cattatcttc tccattttta cccttcaaag aggaacaatt    112380
     cttggtcaga tttttgactg tgagttgaca actgcatctc accatttcat gtcctgtcca    112440
     tccaccggaa gtgggaacta caagatccct ctccatactg tagagcatag gaaggtccct    112500
     ccctttgagt tttgagagtc tcttacatcc cagatctact gtgcattctg agggttcccc    112560
     caccttctac ctcctgagaa tgcctgtttc aattaggtct gctgactatc agagattcag    112620
     tgatgttccc tgcccaatac ctcatcattt tcccaatttt gcctctctat ctcctccctc    112680
     ccttttgtcc cctgctctgt gagtgctttc ttttgctccc aagtgggttt gaaatatcct    112740
     cacttgggcc cttcggactc ttaaacttct tgagtcctgt gggttgcatc cagagtattc    112800
     agtacttttt tgaataatat gaacttttag tgagtacaaa ccatgaatgt ccttttgaat    112860
     ctggctgacc tcactctcga tgatattttc tacttccatg gattttccag caacattcat    112920
     gatatgttca tttttaatag cagagtagta gtccattgtg taaatggaac acattttctg    112980
     tatatactct ttcattgtgg gacatctggg ttgtttgcac tgtcttgtta ttataaataa    113040
     gacttctatg aacataatag agcacatacc cttgtggcat agtagggtat cttttgggta    113100
     tatgaccaag agtggttttc tgggttttca ggtagatata tttccaatta tcttggaacc    113160
     tccagatgga tttccagagt ggatctacca ctttgaaatc caaacaacat tatggagaag    113220
     tgtttttctt tctctactcc tttcctactg atgaattttt gatcttgggc attctgatta    113280
     gtgtactgtg aaatatgtat gaaaaaattt ttatgtctct caagaaagat atggaagaag    113340
     acttgagaaa acacagagat ctcccatgtt ttggatttgt agaattaaca tagtaaaaat    113400
     gacaatccaa ccaaaagtaa tctataaaaa aaaaaaacca caatcctaaa caaaactgta    113460
     acataaatct tcaaagattt ggaaagagca gttcttaaat tcatctggaa aaacaaaaac    113520
     aaaaaaatta gaatagtgga aataattaac aataaaagaa cttcaggaga aatcaccatc    113580
     cctgacctga agctatatca gaataaaaat gagtgtggtc aactaagagg atttattctt    113640
     caggagctcg ctttacatga gaggcatgaa tctaaggaga gatgccttct actttgatag    113700
     cagtgggagt ggtcagcagc atgattcaag ggcctttcta acaaggttat tgattctcag    113760
     ctggatgtcg tcacacgaga actgcatctc ccacctggag ctggtgtggt accaccaaat    113820
     ctctttgttc gtaggcctcc ttgagctgct ctcaggcggt gtttcttact agttctaggg    113880
     ctttcatgag tgtaaacaag gaagaaccag ggttaaattt taaaggatat aacactgtct    113940
     cacttcagta agtgggggag accccctccc ccatacagga ttacaaatgg agtgagctta    114000
     aatgttccca gtgtgttcct gacttggaac aaggcaaagg aaaggagagc tgtccagtta    114060
     ttcccaccgt gggtatctaa ggtcaattta gtcaagtttc tttttttttt tcctttctac    114120
     ctagactgaa ctctggggtc tataaacaca atgtaatttc caatcaaccc ctagttggat    114180
     ggccagtcct tgacttacct gggcaacaaa ggtgggtcct ttgccagacc caattacctt    114240
     agatattcca aaccgtggaa aatttcttct aggattttct taaccacagc attggaattt    114300
     tcttttttgt tgttgttgtt gttgggtagg cctccaccca tcctgaaaag gtgtctatac    114360
     aaactaaaat attttttatt accatactta gctggcttta cttcaataaa atcgactttc    114420
     caataggctc cagggcgatc tcctcttagt cttctccctg gagcatatct tgaatgtcct    114480
     gcattagtca tggcgcatgt tacacagttc ttaactattg cttctgcaac atcagtgagt    114540
     cttaaaacat aaaaagtaga agcttttacc agtgtttgaa gtgtttgact cccaggtggg    114600
     acagtattgt atattttcca aaaatctttc tccttctttt tgtggttctg ggagagcaac    114660
     tttctggaga ggttttatct gttgagtcct gaagggcagt attgagtcct gaagggcagt    114720
     atcttagggc ctggagaggt tccatctgtt gcgtcctgaa gggcagtatt gagtctgaag    114780
     ggcagtatct tagggacaag tgcagcctgt ttagctttaa catcagcaat gtttttaccc    114840
     cttgtcacag cattttgtcc tttttgatgt ccaggaaaat gtataatggc cactttggca    114900
     ggcagatgaa tagcctcaag gaggctcaga atctcctctt tattttttat gtccttgcct    114960
     gctgacgtca gcaaccctct ttgcctatac atggcaacgt ggacatgggc tgtagcaaaa    115020
     acatacctgc tatccgtgta aatattgatg gactgccctt cagcaatcta aagggcctga    115080
     gtgagggcaa ttaattcagc tttttgagct cacttacctt cctgcaggct gccagcccac    115140
     acatctcgct taccatctac cagtgcagcc cctgccatcc tcttacttta cactaggaaa    115200
     ctgcttctgt cttggaacac ctggccatgg ctggtcacgt agatcacttt gaatcccaat    115260
     ttcctctgca agaatgtttg cacagcagtg tccgggtgag gagttgtccg tttcaggcag    115320
     aaaggtggca ggattgagaa tagcaagagg agcaaacatg acccgttcag tcaggagcag    115380
     actctggtag tgagtcatcc aggcatttgc aatccagagg tctgggggct gacaaatagt    115440
     gctttcaaga gagtgagggg cttccacagt tatttgctgt cccagagtta atttgtcagc    115500
     atcctaaatg agtagtgcta ctgcagcaac agcctttaaa aatgtgggcc atctcctggc    115560
     aactgggtcc agctccttag acaaatatgc taccagcctc ttccaaggcc caagagcctg    115620
     agtaagaact cctctggccc ccatgccctc tcatcaacat agaggatgca gggtttggtt    115680
     agatctggca gtgccaaggc tggaacagtc agcagggcct ccattatatt ttcaaaggct    115740
     ttctgatgtt ctgatgtcca tctgaattct ccacttttct tggtcaaggg gtacaggagg    115800
     gtggccagtg ttgcaaaccc aggtttccaa agtctgcaga acccagcagt gcctaagaat    115860
     tctctcacct gtcttggagt agccagtgtt ggtatttgag tcacagtcct ttttctagcc    115920
     tctgtcagcc actgttttaa atcccggaga gtatatccca agtagactac ttctatgtga    115980
     catagctggg ctttttttag cagaagccca ttaacccaac tcacccaatt cggctagcaa    116040
     tctcttggtc ccctgccaga attctctctc cctggctgca gcaaggagca agtcatcagc    116100
     acactaaagc agagttatct ggcagttttc agctcagaag gaggctaaat ctcgatgtag    116160
     agacttatga aaaaagggtg ggggagtttt tgaacccctg gtgtaaccac ttcaaggtca    116220
     attgtcccat ttgtcccatg tcaagatctc tccactcaaa ggcgaatatg ggctggctgg    116280
     agggatgtaa cttcaggcaa aagaaagcat ttttttaaat caagtactgt gtatcatttt    116340
     tgctttggag ggagtgagct gaggaggtta tagagattag gaacagctgg gtaaaagtct    116400
     tgaaccctct tattgacctc tctcaggtct tgggctggtc gatagtcact ggtgccaggt    116460
     ttctttgcca gcagtagagg agtattccag ggtgactgga aaggtaccaa aatacacaat    116520
     tgtaatagtc tatgaatata tggcctgatt ctatctctta ctccacagct catcgggtat    116580
     tgttgcactc ctatatgggt tgcaccgctt ttcagtccca caaccacagg actctgacag    116640
     cctttcccat tcctccagtc tctgcccatg ctctagggaa agcactcaac caatttttag    116700
     gtctagcacc tccgtttgct ttatgccttt gtggaatcag tattcttcct caagctgcag    116760
     ggctaagact acggaggtgt gagattccca acttactctc tgcccttctt ggataaatct    116820
     aatgtaagca actatttagt cagaagatct cttcctagaa gcggtgtggg acactcagga    116880
     atgaccaaga aggaatgact cacttggcct ttacccagat ctactgtgcg cgcagtggtc    116940
     caggggtatt gtttctgacc ggtggctcca atcactatgg ttcttttatt ttttaatttt    117000
     cccagtggat atttcaacaa acaatgctct gcccctgtgt caattaaaaa gtccatgagg    117060
     gtcccctcca ccatcaggtt taccctaggc tcggggtgcc ccctccccta ttcatcattt    117120
     ttcagaggta ggtccttagg gacgcttcca ttctttgggc attcctgtac ccaatgtcct    117180
     ttttcattgc aataggcaca ttggtccttc tctaaaatct tctgggcata ccttcttcct    117240
     tcaggtctgg gttcattgtt gcccaggtaa cctgtctgtc tattatctgg cttgtttctc    117300
     cctttacgtt cccctactac tggggccata attctgctta aattcctctc ctgtcttctt    117360
     tccctcttat tctccctctc ttcttcttct cacttttccc tctctctctt ctcttcctct    117420
     gtttttctct tgtgatatac cttttctgcc tccttaacta aatcttgtaa agccatgaca    117480
     tgtaatcttc aaaagccata gcaaccgcga cttgttgacc atcagaggta aggttaaaag    117540
     gagtatagta tctatatgct tctatcaatc tttctagaaa aacagatggg ggctctgtag    117600
     tgccctgcat cacttctctt accttagaca aattggtggg gtttctcatt gctcccttta    117660
     agactagatc ctggccggta aactgtcaac ctcagcctat cttgagccat gttgtagttc    117720
     taatctggcc ggtcaagagg gaatgcagca ttccaattgt acagatcagc cgatgagaaa    117780
     ggccaatatt gaagggtctg cagagactgc ctgtctgtgt gtgggttgcc cacagctagt    117840
     aaaggaaaag gcaaaagtgg tgtcaggtgc ttcatctgct gggggactct gggcttgtcg    117900
     gctccgggac ccagctgcag gtacgcggtc ctcagactgt gcctttagca aacttagagc    117960
     caggtgcagg gacctgggga gtgggagcag cttgaacagt aggcctgcat gccttttcac    118020
     cgccagctca gaaatcgcac tggttcaggc agggtctgca ctatcaccac tgctgccacc    118080
     atcaccactg tgcttactgc ttcttagggc agaaagcgag ggcactgtgc tgacccaccc    118140
     tcgtgcatgg gaacagctgg gggagagctc tgagagacat gcgggaatcc atggtttgat    118200
     ttatggtggt tgattctgaa aggctgttga tccgggtagg acccaggtcc gctctgaaaa    118260
     acaatggctt taacttcaac gataagcttc aaaacaaaat tcccttttag gaccatttta    118320
     cattaaaagt agggcattcg gaggctcaag aaagtctgcc taggtccctt cttaatttct    118380
     actaaaaaat tatgggtctt gatccaattt cagtccagtg gcctaaagtc aaacttcggg    118440
     gggggcatta cagtctgtcc aatatcatgg aaaacagaca caaaacacac acaaccactg    118500
     acaaatacct gaaaacagac acaaaaaaca aatacacact gacaaatgcc catcttctaa    118560
     cgtacaaaca aaatcaactc agaaatgcag aaggtcagga aagtgcaata cccgctccag    118620
     acggaatctt ggagtcattg ccctcactca cagtgtccct cagagcaagc aaaatccgtt    118680
     gattccagca tgtctgctgt tcacactcag tgcctaaccc caaggcaaag tcactgtttc    118740
     tcacaaaacg tagttactgc aagtttcagg actaaaactc gccggctcac agaaatattt    118800
     ttagacaaaa aatttcaccg ccaagtgggt ttttggagat gtgggtggtc atgctgatcc    118860
     aaggcaagcc ccaaaataaa agactccgag aagagcccct tgctcaggcc tctggatttt    118920
     atcagacacc caagaactca cgacagacca agattgatgt aaaccacatg aggctttata    118980
     cgggggaaag tcagagctct ggggagaact cagatcccat ataggggtag aggagtcgac    119040
     cacgagggga aagaggttcc agattttata ggccatcacg gggaaaggag aaggtgggga    119100
     gtcggggatt tccagatcta aaaaaatgtc tattctaagg atatgggtat gggaggggta    119160
     taaggaaaga gtctggtgca ggtgtagcaa ctccggatta gccgggatat ggttgctggg    119220
     gagattttct gactctttct cagcaaccaa tatcacaaac agctgggccc acatactatg    119280
     aaggagaagc actagatgga tcaattgctg tgacttcagt tgcaagccct agaccctggg    119340
     ggtagtataa aaataggctc accttagccg aaatttcagg gttagggaaa tatataggag    119400
     atatgcctac ttctcataga cacctctgca atcatacctg gactattcca gtttctatga    119460
     cctggtaatt attattgggg ggttgtagca ccagattgac cccatgtgtt cctacagctg    119520
     tctttgtcca gtcaagagat tgttgtgcag taacacaatt agtccctagg tgtggggagc    119580
     cgtgagcaat tgccatcatg agctcctctg tacctaactg gtaaacaagt aatgtgcgca    119640
     gatgcaagag taaatttgtg ccaagtcact gcccatcctg gggcgtagta gtggggtgat    119700
     gagtgagcag ctaatcagga gctgacacat cacatagagg ggtatataag cagcatcatt    119760
     ttccttgttc gttgttcttc tttcacctgt gctatcaatg ctctcccaat aaacgtgtgc    119820
     agaaggatcc agtcaggcga aaagtatttc attaacattt gcaaaaaaaa aatttatata    119880
     tcgtgttgta ttaccaacca agaacagaat ctccagtaac taatgataat tagaatgcaa    119940
     attctgaaga agtgattgga tatacactgt aatatgttca aacttattat tatttacttc    120000
     ttagtgtaag tatttcaatg aaagtataat tgattttata gcaagtaatc tatattaata    120060
     ttttgcatat gatgtatatt ccaaacaata attctatatg attaatcttt aattttaatg    120120
     gttttcttgg agggtatagt ggtgggtcaa actctcattg tcatgcctgt aggtcaaaag    120180
     atgagccatc acactctaac atctgcattc ttacttttta aaactttaat ttctttatag    120240
     atttccagta caaaatcttc tgggaaaatt tgaaggtaca tttttggata tataattttt    120300
     taaaactata tagtattagc atagtttcta tattaggaaa tattagttaa tatactgtat    120360
     gacatcatag tgaattattc tttttatatg tagtgttttg taactatttt tattttattt    120420
     atttatttat ttatttattt atttttacta gatattatct ttctttacat ttcaaatatt    120480
     agtcctttct ttgtttcacc ccagataatc cctattccat ttaccctctc tgtgtttcta    120540
     cgagggtctt cctccatcca cccattttac cctccccacc ctggtacatg cttacactgg    120600
     ggaatcaagc cttcacagga tcaagaacct ctcctcccac tgatgtctga caaggtcata    120660
     ctctgctata tatgcagctg gaaccatggg ttggtgctta gtccctgggt gctctggact    120720
     gtctggttgg ttcatattgt tgttcttcct ataaggttgc aaacccattc agctccttca    120780
     gttcttcctg taactcgtct actggggacg ccatgatcag cctgatagtt gtctttgagc    120840
     atcagcctct tttcttgcca agaaatggct gagcttctca ggagatagac atatttggct    120900
     cctgtcagca aacacgtgtt ggtatccaca acagtgactg ggtttggtgt ctgtatatgg    120960
     gatggatcca aaggttgggc agacaatgga tagttatttc ttcagtctct gctctgcact    121020
     ttgtctccat attttttcca aggagtattg tgttccccat tctaagaggg attgaaacac    121080
     ccacactctc atcttctttc tgcttgacct tcatgtgatc tgtgaattac attttggata    121140
     ttctgaattt ttagaataat atcccttcaa tagtgagtgt gtgccatgtt tgtaattttg    121200
     ggattgtttt acctcacaca ggatgatata ttttatatcc ttccatttgc ctgtgtattt    121260
     aatgaagtca ttgtcttttt gtcattagca tatattttta tctctattgc tctattctac    121320
     agcttgaggt cgaggatgat tccccctgaa gttcttttat tgttgagaat agttttttcg    121380
     tatcctggat ttttttttat tccagatgat tttgtaaatt gttctttcta tctttatgaa    121440
     taatggagtt tgaattttga ttgagatttc actgaatgta tagattgctt ttagcaagat    121500
     gaccattttt tactgaatta atcgtgccaa tctatgagca tgggaggtct ttccatcttc    121560
     tgagattttc aatttctttc ttcagagact tgaagttctt gtcacacaga tctttaactt    121620
     gcttggtgcg agtaacagaa aggtattttc tactttaagt aaatgttaat aagattttaa    121680
     attttgtttt acatttgttg tggaaattca gaagttttcc acaaagattt aaaaatgtac    121740
     tttatggttt attatgttta acagtatgga aaagaatcag ttacatatac aggcaatttg    121800
     tatattttaa ttaaattatg tttacattaa gtcttaactg agtcaatata ggaaaaaaaa    121860
     ttagaccttc tatttggtag aacagaataa aaccctactt tgaaatacaa ttaattttct    121920
     aaaaaagatt atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctattt atctgtctgt    121980
     aaactttaat tttgaaaatc taaaacatga aataaaactt ctctgataat ctcttaggaa    122040
     aaaaaatctg taataacttc ccatttgatg attttttact gctatttttc tttttatagt    122100
     atgaaaagaa caatttaatt ttttttgaga gttcttttcc tatttgtata aatttgactg    122160
     ctttcattac tttactttac agggacatga tcaacaacaa attatatgag cagtataaaa    122220
     atatgtttca gaagttggat gtgggtgtac agaaattcaa taaagaacaa gaaaaaacag    122280
     tggttggtat aataaataac tttataaata acctcatata cctatgtatt aattaagaat    122340
     ggagaaacca gccttgtgtt tgacacatga aactatatta agtctcatta tctaactatc    122400
     cttggttctg atttagtcct attgaattgt aaatcagaga ggtatggtta catactatac    122460
     caatgaatac cactaagaat tttaatggag acgagattat aaatttccaa gaggcagaca    122520
     tttgctgaga gatgaagaga ggattaccag tttttacaat atgtcagcct caggtatagt    122580
     tgaaagatag acaaagatta cttactgttg tcatctggac tctgtcgttt attttagaaa    122640
     accaactcaa actagcaaat tagtttttac aatcctaaac ttagtcccta tttagtaaaa    122700
     aaaaaaaaaa agtgtatgga aacaactttc ctaacaaccc tggcaaaaca ctcctgtgga    122760
     agaatatcac caaactattt tagatcatct ccccattaat ataacaatca ctgtagtcat    122820
     caaatggttt ccaagtaaga tctgaggcaa ttcccatatt aaccatttct tttttaattt    122880
     ggttggttaa ttgtttgggg ggtattcaat ttgaaatgaa cacgagatca tttcctgcct    122940
     gtgaacaacg tggagggtgc tgccattatg agtcagttca ggaaagagat agggactaca    123000
     gataaaaatt aaataaatac tgcaaatgaa ggccattttt aaacctttca tagcatggca    123060
     aaaaaacact gtagtcattt acagaccaaa agctagaacc tctttgtagt gtgggcattg    123120
     cgcttaccag cctagtctca gtatactacc ttacttggaa attatcatta aaaagtacac    123180
     tgaatatttt gtctttagat ctctaaaaac ctcagaaata cttatcaaaa taacagacta    123240
     caataaattc aacagaataa gtttcatttt atttcaacaa aagtttaggc tttttataat    123300
     attaaatatt tgttatgagt aattctagct catttggtca aaaatatata tgttttgagg    123360
     aaaaaaattc taaaaactta aaatttatgt tttgtagtat tatgtataac attggcaaat    123420
     tagataagac atgctcattc atgttaaact cataaatcta ctcctattta ctgaatcttt    123480
     taaacataag aaaccaccct aggcaagatc ttaaactact gttctcctgt atgccatgac    123540
     atttttagca gatatttaaa tgtattaact aacctactaa tgagtagaaa tctgaaagac    123600
     cagaatctct tttacctttc acctaatgac tattcaatat aaactatgac tacaattaga    123660
     aaaataccga aatcctaaag tcaaatcctc acctctttta tcagtcatag aaaatctttt    123720
     aatagctatg gtactgtaat ctgtaatccc aacacttagc agttgaatgc agaaggatca    123780
     aggcctttga ctgtccatag ctacatagtg agtatgagtt cagcatgagt aatgtaggac    123840
     tgtctcaaat aaacatgtcc tctacaaatt aaacagaaat ataatgttag tataaagata    123900
     taaaaatagt aaatatttct gtcacttcag taggaaaatg ttgaccacaa atactaaaat    123960
     aaatgtacaa ttggaaattt tttactatat ttttgaagtg aaaactattg aaatcttgat    124020
     atccatagaa ttccctgttt agaacattat cctgacagca tatagcctag aactggtaat    124080
     aagcaaggct tggagaatca caggagttgc cttgcccaga ctttagagat ggcagcaaat    124140
     aactgtaaga atcacctctt attttagact gaggcagtgc aattgatgat ggcatgttcc    124200
     aatataataa tagaaaaaca aacaaacaaa aaaacaaaca aacaaaaaaa aaacaactat    124260
     ttttaatgct tcagatcttg gcagggccat tctagcccca tcgtttgaca aaagcacaac    124320
     acacctcaga aaattgtttt gatgacatca acaactgtca gacttaaaat ctatcaatgt    124380
     gcttcaaact tctctcatcg tctgcggtta tacatggtga tatttatgag acctctaaat    124440
     gatccctagg attaggagca tagtgtgtag agttgggagt ggatatatag actggagaga    124500
     taaaatggga agcatggtca tccttggata gcctgtgcca catacctttg cagttgtggt    124560
     aatagattca gtgcagattg ccaatacctt ctaggagcac taccctagca cacagtacag    124620
     tgctttcttt cctttttcag gtcttttgcc tgtgtcaggg aatgaagctt ggatactact    124680
     ggttggtgtg tggaagataa caatcattgg atcagttcaa agctatggga gctgccagtt    124740
     aataggctaa gcttcagacc acatccttcc aatggataac tagggtccag tctagatgaa    124800
     tttctggatc cccaggatac atgaatagca tgcagtattc tagagtagta tccagcttaa    124860
     tgatacttct gttgctcttg tgtctttccc tcttctgtat cccccaagct catcccactt    124920
     tattggcatg actcacaaat gagaatttgt gtattaacat gtagtatatg agaggagttt    124980
     tctgaataga aatgaaatat tgagtcatgg caaacacaac tatggaaatg gaaaccatcc    125040
     agaggcaaat tttggaaaat taacatagtc tgtgaaagaa aaatgctttt gctttcagaa    125100
     ggagagggaa tggagttttt cactaagttg gaaggggggc taataaaggc cttttttact    125160
     ggagaattta ataagaattt accaaaacac aggtgcaatt attcttacag gattgaactg    125220
     attagatggg cagagtttgg gtagtataag atacttgatt taatgacttt tgaggtcctt    125280
     tttcgaaatc atgatcaata aattctgccc tctgtgacat ttctactata tttgtttgaa    125340
     agatgaataa actaggatac atagatatag ctttatagta tagttcttga actttcatga    125400
     tgtgacaatt aaatctgtat gatcaggtca tattctagag ctctgcatta ggcaaacaca    125460
     atctatagct cctggggaca tacacacaaa ttaacaaact tgactttata gtgtttcttg    125520
     ttttcagaat ggaatacatt ttatgaataa tctaaagcaa taggttcagt ttctatgtcc    125580
     ttagagacaa aaccttaaag accctaacaa ctctaaaaaa gaaaaatgaa aaaagaagag    125640
     aaaagaaaat aaacttgaag ctttaaataa acaacaaaaa ccctacaaac aaaacaaaac    125700
     aaaacaaaca aacaaacaaa aaagcaaaca aaaaaacata aaatttttga aaaaagaaaa    125760
     ctaaaagaac ctaaaaccct aaagaaaaac aaacaaacaa aaaaaatcaa caaaaaaatt    125820
     ctagatctct acaaagaccc agaaaaacat aaaatcatta ccataaacaa acaaacaaac    125880
     aagcgaagaa caacaccaca ctaagtctta aaaaaataat ctcgccaaat acactgagaa    125940
     caaccttaaa atcattgaaa aactgtaaaa aaacaccaaa acaaaacaaa acaaaaaaat    126000
     cctaaaataa taaaagcaaa acctaaaacc ctaaaaaaaa ccctaaaatt attaaacaaa    126060
     ctctaaatga cccaaaaaag ctatttttta aattcttaat aaacattttt aaaaccctaa    126120
     aattctataa ataagaaaac acaagaactc taaatagaca ctaaaataat tataaaaccc    126180
     taaaaaaaat ccaaaaactc tacaagtcta gatccctaat gagacaataa aaaaacaatt    126240
     aaaaaaaaaa ggaaatgaaa atgaaaaggt acaaaaccac caccccaaca actacaaatt    126300
     ctactgcctt aaaaaattgc caaagacact gtaaaagaaa ctcattttac gaaccttatt    126360
     aaaaacaaaa taaaacaaac aaacaaaaag acttaaaaca atctttaaaa attccttaat    126420
     tcaattaaaa aaaaaactaa aaaataaaga aaaaccctaa aattctaaaa caatctcaat    126480
     aactttaaaa agaaccaaaa gatctctaaa acccttaaaa aaagttcctt taaaaagttc    126540
     taaaaacaca tcaaatctca cacatcaaat ctctgaaact caaaaaaaaa accttgaaaa    126600
     cccgcttaaa aaaagcaaaa caaaaataaa caaacaaaca aacaacaaca aaaaaaaact    126660
     acaatgccct gaaaccctaa ctaaaatcct gatacattaa aaacaatcct aaccccaccc    126720
     ccaaaaaaaa tacctacaaa actcaaaaac attaactaaa atcctaagac ataaaaataa    126780
     tcctaaactc ataaaaaaaa aacacacaca cacacacaca agaacacaaa aacctattac    126840
     aaaatcctaa aaccctataa aacactaaaa gtgtaaaaag aaacaaaaac aaaacaaaac    126900
     aaaacaagaa gaacaaaaac acacaaaaaa ctacaattat cctaaaatta tttataaaac    126960
     ctaaaaagcc ctaaaaccct aaaatacctt aaatttctaa aagaaatcaa gatccaaaac    127020
     aaacaaacaa acaaacaatc aaacaaacaa acaaacaaac aaacaaacaa ataaataaat    127080
     aaataacctc aaccctaccc ccccaaaaaa aaactttaag gacaaaacaa cctcccaaat    127140
     ttaaaaccat taaaacccta aaactctaaa taacccaaag ggctttaccc tcctgcctgc    127200
     tcgcctcccc ccaaaaacaa acaaacctga aaactgtaaa atactaaaaa gcctgaaaaa    127260
     aagcctaaaa cattagaaaa agtaaatcag aaaaaataat ctagaatctt taaacaaata    127320
     ctgaaatagt cctaaaatct ccccccccca aaaaaagaaa agaataataa aattctgaaa    127380
     acacacctat cagttaggca ggcattcaac ttacagagtt tagcctgctt ctgagtgctg    127440
     gtgtaaaagg ggaataaaac tatacttgac tcctttttgt ttgtgtaatt gttttctaaa    127500
     agtttttttt ttttcctgtg ggtgagtgta tgtgtgtgat gtgtgtgatg tgtgtgtttg    127560
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    127620
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg ttttccaaag aggtcatcag atcgtctaga actagaattg    127680
     caggtggttg tgaacaacca tgtgggtgtt agaaattgaa ccctggtcct gtgcaaaagc    127740
     aatcagtagg cctaagcagt gagctatctc ctcagtcctt tctgcttact ctaatctcta    127800
     cttcactatt catcttgccc aaatatgtct ttaactccta cttcttctgt ctgtttttat    127860
     gtgatgaatt ctcctttgct tttctcttgt ttctccaatt acttcagcaa gattctgcat    127920
     tgccttttgt tttggaagat tctcaaggaa tcctaaatcc agactttagg gaagttattt    127980
     aaaattctta ctggtggttc tgacaatggt ttcctctttt tttttaatta ggtatttttt    128040
     catttacatt tccaatacta tcccaaaagt ccccccatac ccacctcaac cccaccacca    128100
     ccaccacccc catatcttgt ccctggcata cccctgaact aaggcatata aagtttgcaa    128160
     gactgatggg cctctctttc caatgatgtt caactagtcc gtcttctgat acaaatgcag    128220
     ccagaaatat gagcactggt aagttgctag aaaaatgagc tctgcgggga ttctttagtt    128280
     catactgttg ttccacttat gggattgcag accccttaag ttccttgggt accttctcta    128340
     cctcctccat ttcggtccct gtgattcatc caatagctga ctgtgagcat ccacttctgt    128400
     gtttgctagg ccatggcata gcctcacaag agacagctaa atctgggtcc ttccagcaaa    128460
     atcttgccag tgtatgcaat ggtgtcagtg tttggaggct gattatggga tggatcccta    128520
     ggaatggcag tctctacatg gtccatcctt ttgtctcagc tacaaaggtt gtctctgtaa    128580
     ctccttacat gggtgttttg ttcccaattt taagaagggg cacagtgtca gcattttggt    128640
     cttcaatacc cttaagtttc atatgtttgg aagattgtat cttgtatctt gggtattcta    128700
     agtgtctggg ctaataccca cttatgtcac cactagggta ctggttattc tcctctgctt    128760
     ctcatttggt cacagagatt ttcatttgat ctcatttgtc taagatgcca gcatgccctc    128820
     cttatagact gtggtacaat agatgtttaa ctttcataac tattgggtaa tgctttgatt    128880
     tttctgcgtt tgcctaattg aataaagggg attattcctc cagcccatag tgacaggcat    128940
     gctttagaga agtcaggact agtggtcctc aatcttcaaa atgttgtgaa tctttaatat    129000
     acagctctac aacaataatt ttatttcatt gcaacttcat aaatataatt ttgctgtagt    129060
     catgaattgt aaagtatata tcttataaac aagatatatg atatgtgaca gttgtgaaag    129120
     ggttgtttga acactcaaag gagtctaatt ccatggtttg aaaagcacta atttggacac    129180
     aatggggcta ctgctgccaa tgtagactgt tcatccagtg ttgctggaca gaagtctccg    129240
     tactttgaag gcaatgggtt ttcccagaac aggcttcttc tgagtcccca aacttctgtc    129300
     aacacctgtt caccttggtg atgatcactg atgtatcaaa tgaccatact tagtaaatta    129360
     gaataataca gttttctttt ccaccctaga aagtggggat tctaaaaata tgtctactag    129420
     ctaaaagcag tgatggtgct cttcctaggg ttccttacat agtgtcctcc ttggatgttc    129480
     ctctctgatc tatactcacc atctatgctg cttcctctca tcaacagcac acatgataac    129540
     actcaaccca tctgatcttc agtcagcaga aatacactaa ttatatttcc catatggcca    129600
     agttgctcat gattctgagg cataatcatg catgttgtat tgccaaacag aatgacacta    129660
     attgtctagt atataatgaa gcatattttg tatgactctt ttcaggagtc tgtatattca    129720
     atgatgaaca caccatcagc aattgagtga attcttgtga gatgatttca tcacagcggg    129780
     atccaatgtg ctagaaagag aaaagaggga accaaactcc ctttcataat taaacctttt    129840
     ctataacacc attattaaat tatttttata tgtaggtcat atccctcctg acccattcaa    129900
     tttttcccaa atatattcac acctggggat taattttcag aaaattattt tggggaaaca    129960
     catgtgatta tttcaacatc tatagtagtg tgggggcgtt atatgtacat catgtacact    130020
     taagaacttt agatacctcc ttccctgtga tagccttgca gctcactgag tgacatgtgc    130080
     atttgatgat aaatgataca caaacattga agcacattac catatcctgt cacccatatc    130140
     aagtttaaaa tagcaagaac cacacgtgag tagaaaaata caaatacatt ttatagtgtc    130200
     ttgaagctaa aatccgcaaa ttaatcaaaa tattatttgg actctgttag tttataccag    130260
     tgttttttaa gtgtacaagt cgcaggcctt ttctttgacc ctttgcacag gtttatagct    130320
     ttatagtgtc cttttaccat cttcatcctc cccactatcc tccattgcta tcaaatctcc    130380
     cccctgctgc tgcacttact cttccaaaat acctcctatt ttttaatgtc ccttattaaa    130440
     tttatatgtt cacaattgtc attttgaatt ttacttgtct aacctaatat attgtatttt    130500
     accgttccat cctttttttt ttaaaacaaa gccctgcact aatacacata gatgagaaat    130560
     atattaatat ccccccccct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct    130620
     ctctctctct ctctctctca tttctaagcc attcatccag tagttgacat ctaaaatcac    130680
     tccatagcat gtatgtttca tacagtgagg caatcaatat tgatgatatg gatatatagt    130740
     ggtccttctt agattttttt tttgaattta aatcaacatg ggaagataga atctcagata    130800
     aagaacttca tccatcacat tggcctgtgg ccacacctta aggaatgttt ttttgtttgt    130860
     tttttgtttt tgttttgttt tgttttgttt tgttttgttt tttttgatga ctgtttttga    130920
     aggatctagc tttctatgga tagtgtcata tcatatgcag aagatgtaca gggtgtggtg    130980
     ggaccatgga aggtactgaa aaggatgttt ttgaagaact gaagatctat gtgccatgaa    131040
     caattaaagt gtcctctaat ttgtaagaaa attttataca tacctgtgtc caatattctg    131100
     tctacacata tttcaaaagt aaaattacct catctatttc atcctgtttt actgcattta    131160
     atctatgaaa ttccttataa tcagaagtgc tggtaaattt taaaaacctt taaaatatga    131220
     ctgggagata tcaggtttgt tttatcacaa ctttgtaagc atgcccaaga tctatgttgt    131280
     cctcttactt tccaaagaat ctataattca tgattgccat tggtttcaac acatgtcatt    131340
     taaccctgtc aaattccagc tttgtttgca taaaaatagt cctcctctaa ctgtgggttt    131400
     tcataaagtg aaaattggtg tgctatccag tgtgcttcct caaagagtct ggcaatattt    131460
     atgataagaa gcacagctta aagataacca agggaaaggt aggaacatga aaaataacca    131520
     ccatggatga tgtcaagtca gaaaccgaag actttctcag aacgaaaata aaaacaaaaa    131580
     tgaaacaaaa caaaacacac accaaacaaa taaataaaaa tccaacaacc aaacaataaa    131640
     aacaatgcaa aggtgaaatt ctttggcaca atattactca gatcatcagg actttcagtt    131700
     gggatttcat ttttaatttc tagcaagcca tatgaaaagg taaagtcgag atgctgaacg    131760
     tttcttttct ggtcaagtct atttggagtt ctgtaggctt cttttatgtt catgggcatc    131820
     tctttcttta ggtttgggac gttttcttct ataattatgt tgaagatatt tgctgcccct    131880
     ttaatttgaa aatcttcatt ctcatccact cctattatcc ttggtttggt cttctcattg    131940
     tgtcctggat atcctggatg ttttgagtta ggatcctttt gcattttcca ttttctttga    132000
     ttgttttgct gatgttctct atggaatctt ctacacctga cattctctct tccatctctt    132060
     ttattctgtt gctgatgctt tcgtctatgg ttccagatat ctttcctagg gtttctatct    132120
     ccagcgttgc ctcactttgg gtttctttat tgtgtctatt tcccttttta gatctagtat    132180
     ggttttgttc atttccatca cctgttcaga tgtgttttcc tgttttttct ttaaggactt    132240
     ctacctgttt ggttgtgttt tcctgttttt atttaaggac ttgtaactct ttagcagtgt    132300
     tctcctgtat ttctttaagt gaattactaa agtccttctt gatgtcctct acaatcttca    132360
     tgagatatgc ttttaaatcc ggttctagct tttcggttgt gttggggtac ccaggactag    132420
     gtggggtggg agtgctgtgt tctgatgatg gtgagtggtc ttgatttctg ttagtacaat    132480
     tcttacattt gcctttcacc atctagaaat ctctggagct agttgtgata gttgtctctg    132540
     gttagagctt gttcttcagg tgattctgtt agcctctatc agcagacatg ggagactaga    132600
     tctctcctct gagtttcagt ggtcagagca ctctctgcag tcaagctctc ctctcacagg    132660
     aaaggtgcac agatgtatgt tcttaagacc tccctcctgg ccgaagacga aggcccaaaa    132720
     caggacctgt cctgaagctg agttgctttg acctttccca gaaggtgtta gcttctgtat    132780
     tctacactct cacatgtcca gaaaactctc ggaggagtcc tggaaccaag atgtctgcag    132840
     ctgatgctca ggcaaagcac tcctgcactg ggcacacccc tttcctctgg ctgggaaagt    132900
     ggccagatgt ctgggatctg tgcagaataa tctcggctgg gtcccggaac caagatatct    132960
     gctactgatg ctcagtcaaa gcgctcccgt accgggtgga cccctttttt ctggctggga    133020
     cagtggccag gtgtctgggg cccgaaaagg gggctgtctt agaagctctg tggctctcgc    133080
     ctctccaaga agcttttggc ttctgtagtc catactctca cctgtgcaga atacacctgg    133140
     cggggtccca gaaccaagat gtctgttgcc gatgctcagg caaagcactt ctgcaccggg    133200
     cgtaccccct ttcctctggc cgggaaagtg actagatgtc tggggccttt gcagaataca    133260
     ctcggcaggg acctggacca gtctggtagt tcttcagaaa attgacatag tactaccaga    133320
     agatccagca atccagatcc caggaccccc tttgcagaaa ctgaagttct aaaatccact    133380
     tggtgaattg aagtagacaa taggcccaga ttcctactgg gaagaaaggg aatgttagat    133440
     tctcttttat gtagaatgag tggtgtaagt ctcctatggt ctgacatccc tttaaggaaa    133500
     aatgattcaa agctacttgg taggattagg aatattcctt ataaggcata atacatgttt    133560
     taggggacat ttgaccaata gggctaaggc aatgttagcc ctaggagagt tctgacattc    133620
     tattcagtgt agtgagaaaa aaaatgagtt accatgggga aatgtgggcc ccatgtaaga    133680
     gaggaaatct cgaaggccct actgaaagag gagggcagaa tcctcttgag gcagaatgtg    133740
     aaattgccat atacacttct gtcaaagtta aaggtccctg gtaccttata gagtggagaa    133800
     tgtttccagc catgatcaaa agtttccaac tcttattcag agttttgtat tttcatagtt    133860
     tgtgttcatt caggagagac aaggcagcaa catatttttt tcttccaaag gctttgaatg    133920
     acttttgatg actttgttca tctatccagg tctaggcaga attaatgaag ttattacatt    133980
     cctattgact tgcctaaagg cagatggcac aggtactttg ctctgatttg taacttggac    134040
     tatgggacct caaaccagag tggactaggg taccttgttt aaagaaggag tcacttttgg    134100
     aaatatggct gatcagctag gtataatcct actttgatgt atacattcac aaatatactt    134160
     catatatgtg aatgtcattt ttgagaaaga gaacattttg ggtggataag gaagagcagg    134220
     aaggtcacag aatccctcag gcaaaagttt accttgggaa ttgtaagatg tcaaaaataa    134280
     catatcaagt gcaaatgtcc tcatagtcca gaatactcat gtgttctgag actttgagtt    134340
     ttgcttgcca acaatcagag tatttttctt acaaattgtt tggtaaactc tagttctatg    134400
     ttctccataa gctgcacagc agcatcccag gcataggcac caaaatggaa ttgctccatt    134460
     tcaagtgaca ggcttaaaat taaaaattaa attagggttc atataattac tgtcatgtcc    134520
     cagaacatca tttcagagtg tttggcatcc cttcttttat ttgagcatgt ctggccatcc    134580
     atgtctgaag ggaaacttta ggacctccta gaggaataga cctcatggtt ctatggataa    134640
     aagtggattt tctgaggtaa gcatagttaa gggaaattga tttaaagttt ccttgaagga    134700
     aaaaaaaaag aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagaaca tcggctagag tttttcatgt cagtggcttt    134760
     tctgtaggct ccataagcag cagaatttgt attaatcccc ggtcaaattt aagggtgaat    134820
     ctatatttcc ctaattcaaa gataaaatga aagtttcttc cttgaaagag tatctatgtc    134880
     aaagattctt cattgaaacc tttttgaacc tagagtttac cttgaactga ggaaaaatct    134940
     gggaaacatt aggaaaaata tgtaaggttc agtccataat atcagcaagt tttgtgggat    135000
     tcctcgacct aaatgaatgt ccaagcctgc tttggacaaa ctggtgtgat cagaggctcc    135060
     ctttgcttca gtgggaatat gtgatgcctc cttaagcaat ggtagaagga gtgattagcc    135120
     ctcggggaaa ggaggtgctg atatccttgt aacaggagag atgaacagag tataaaaatc    135180
     cccataatat tttgagcaaa aattaatttg cttaccttag ctcatgaggt cctagcattg    135240
     ccacaccttc taaccgttct tcacatcctg gggtatccat atccttagct gaattagcaa    135300
     ggcaccaaat atagatacca tgattcatga aaagctttgg attgtatcct cagcatgatt    135360
     gcctcctaaa aattatgttc aaccaaccag aactgagtta gaatgatgaa ttcacacgat    135420
     gtcatgtgac tatactcaag gaagtggcat aaggttccag gattggcctc ctcctcttga    135480
     tttctgtgaa ctttgagcag agggagcaat tctccttgat cagaggtaaa atatcccatg    135540
     ggttcctgaa tagaagggat ttttatgaga gcccattgca tcaaaggtgt acattttatg    135600
     accttgatca tcacaggaag gaaaatacta taggtttgga aaagagaaag tctctcaaac    135660
     ctgttggaca gtaggggagt tgtcctgttc accttctgta gaggagtttg ttccaggcac    135720
     tccaggcctc cacatcttca gagaactcta aaaaaattct tatctctgag gactctatgc    135780
     ggatttgaca gcattcagag gtttcttctg acaagtcggc tcaaagtccc tggatttgtt    135840
     ccctattaaa cttacaagga agcacacagg tgtggttgta gagtacagtt acctttctga    135900
     tgaccagctt aaagagagcc ttggatccag gcagaggttt tcataaattg gccatgggac    135960
     ttgactctgg agtctctgag atttgttttg tttgtttgtt tttggtggtc aaaagtatat    136020
     tccctaacca ataaggtctg agggagaagc tcttagttga gtggtagacc tgagtccacc    136080
     gtgaacaaag accaaagctg ttgtgtattc ttggtaccaa ggattcagcc tgaagcacac    136140
     tagagctgag cctgaatatt tgagataaac ttctcactca caaggtcagt tctatacctt    136200
     gcttcatcag agaggcatgt ctcagaccct tgcagtgcag aaggaggaag aataaagcat    136260
     tttactcaag gtcggctgac ccctttggca tacgcataat gtcaagggat actatggtta    136320
     gaggaagcaa ggtttaggcc ctcttcaaaa gataaaccaa ctgggtgtca gcccccttga    136380
     agttatggga tactttacat ctgagggggc ctgacatgat ggagttgata tttatgctgg    136440
     aggtataaat tatcctgggt ctagcagggt acatctgagt ccccattgta acttcatcaa    136500
     tgctattgca tgctgatagt aaaagagcca tcttcgtggc cttcttaaaa tgttgttgag    136560
     gtctgaagtc ctttgtttat catgtcatat ggatcagggc atcttcagtt attgaggacc    136620
     tatgtgacac ctttgttctg aagtggtaat tctgagggga attaaagaat ttctgaggtt    136680
     tcttgttctc atatgttaat gctgccttca atactgggga gtttctaaca tatttgattt    136740
     tgggggttac atctgaaacc cccttgagtt attgatggaa gatgtgagtc acattggttc    136800
     tttttgatgt atgtggctat actgacattg tcttcagaca caccataagg tggcatcggg    136860
     tcccatgaca gatggttgtg agacaacaag tggttactga gaattgaact caggacctgt    136920
     ggaagagaag tcagtgcttt taactgctga accatctctc cagccccagc atattgattc    136980
     tagacaggta agttgaagtt cacttaggct attggggatg atctgaggat ccctggttca    137040
     gaatgggcag atcagaagtt cccttggtcc acacagttgt atagaagatc tgtggttctt    137100
     aagctgtagg tctgaacctt accagagaag aatgcctgga gggtttttga attcctaatt    137160
     tagacaaagt gtacctgatg actccttgag ccactgagag tgatttaagc tccacttcaa    137220
     gtatgggggg aatgtgtgag tcttcttggt gctgaaggaa taattgtgag gtttctgtgt    137280
     cagaaacagg acttggagga cccattgaca gagtgataat gttgatgtat ccacaaacaa    137340
     tctataaagg atgccatctt ttagaggcag aaaggttcac accatgttgg ggaaagtaga    137400
     aatgccaaag actcttgtat ctgtacaaga tcaagggtcg atttggagag gagagaaggc    137460
     ctgaatattt cattatcgag gcttcctggg aacctagaac acacatatca tgcaggccat    137520
     gcaacagctt aatcaatctc cagtatgcta ggaggcactt cccagctagt tctcctgata    137580
     aatctgctga ctacttctga aaatggcaag gctttctcgt ttctgctggc caacttaatg    137640
     tctatgtcct gggtttatga acttgctggc tactcttaag ctctgagact tcaggcaccc    137700
     gggtcctgat ccttggacag agtaattagg acagaggatc agaataagaa gcacttggtg    137760
     caccttagat caagggagtc gatttgtcat ggactagacc agatctagta ggtaggtcta    137820
     ggtcctcaat gatcagaaga atcacatagt actctccatt aggtgaaaat tatatagcac    137880
     atacttctgg ccacaattgt gagctactct taatcagaaa ggggattctt gtcctgcttt    137940
     tagtcacagg ggcatagatg atgcttcaat gtgcatctga ggcagctagg agtggaaatt    138000
     gtaattttga tagagtgttg atgaaaagaa aaagttctaa attcatgttg ctcataaggg    138060
     gcatagaaag ggaaaatatg agggcagctt ctggatcaaa aaagaactga aaatgccagg    138120
     gtaagagaga gtagggccca ggccaccttc ttgagataga ctgccttaca ggttccattt    138180
     ggcaggctgg gaagctcttg tgcgtccctg ggcagaaggg gtaagtcgga agcaaggagt    138240
     aagtcgtaag cctcctagag cattttcgat atctcttttg tcataaaaag tatctgtgag    138300
     gcacagtttc ttagatgggg catttgagag gccacccctt tcagcctgaa gcattctgag    138360
     cctttctgaa acagggatca catagccaga gtccctctgg tgagaactgg aaagtgtgag    138420
     tccacattgg tctgattgag aaggtctggc acctccttta ggagagagga aagaacaact    138480
     ccccttttgc cgtgcaatcc tattgagatt aatttgcata tggcgtgtat atttgtggcc    138540
     tcctaggtca caaaggggga acccaaattc atattgtaat gacgggtctc tccaaggaca    138600
     ggagaaatca ggtaccacat cctctgcttg aagtattgta cgtctgtaat atcttcgaat    138660
     aacagggaat gttccaaaag ggaatgtggt actccctttt ggaggtacaa atccccatag    138720
     gataggcacc aaagctatgg gctcctgttt ggcacttttg gaaggtttct ctccctcttg    138780
     gacattagga atatgttttg agccctcctt agtagaaaca gggtgcctga tatcctcttg    138840
     gggtgatgat gagagtttca cacctcttcg gggactgtct ccatctggag atgactcaat    138900
     gcattcttga tctgtagggg aagtttgcag ggctccatgg gtaacagagg atttcctctg    138960
     tttccttctg gtagaaatag catgtctggg aatctcatga ggagaggtgg gatgcctgag    139020
     gctctcttca ttagaaagag tggtttgcat gcactcttct gtaaggatgg aggatggctt    139080
     gtcaacctca tgctctgaat tggaagtttg ggtgtcccat tggtcagaag gggctttttc    139140
     tgatgggttt tcagtagact tggatggtct gtgaatgcct tgggttgata ggggacttcg    139200
     gaggcccacc tcatgagatg gtgagcatct gcaggctcct ttagcagaat cagaagtggc    139260
     aaagtttatg ttagtcacag ttttaagatt tacacctctt ttcttagatt tgcaagctct    139320
     gacccacatt ttggaagaat ggcagtgtgt ccagccctca tgttttgagc gcacagattt    139380
     caggccctct tgatctacag aggaagggct tggtcttgtt ttccgcaatt tagaaggtgt    139440
     ggggcaatct cctggaggag gagaatgact gagacccttt ttacaaagga tactagatct    139500
     gaaactcaat tgtgatgatt ttaaggggga gatgctcctt tgaggagtag aggtaggact    139560
     ggatttcttt tctgcatact tggaagatgt gaggctactt tcagcagaag agatacattt    139620
     taaggcatca agttctgaaa ggcagtatct ggtatcccct tcaggaaatg ggacatgttt    139680
     caatatcctt tggttagatt tgaaacgtct agggctcttc ttgagataag aggaatttct    139740
     ctggccatct tcatgaggag gggtaggaat aatgtcccct ttggcacaaa gggacagtcc    139800
     cttaaactcc gttgaaaagg aattacccac ggtttcttgg ggagatggca caggttttag    139860
     aggccccttg gctggttgag aaagttctag actttcctgg ggaaatgctg ttgttctcag    139920
     gatcccttgt tcagatacta aagggcccat agcatcttca ttgggtttca aaagacacag    139980
     agaccctaac acacatgcca aagcttctgg agtccctggc acagattctg aactcttaga    140040
     aatggattgt gtatatgtcc gaggttcttc tgcctctgga ctaagtggtg aaggagctgt    140100
     taatttggga gaatcttgtg tggctgacaa aaattctatg acttcttggg tgacaggtgg    140160
     tatttctgca ctattttgca tacctgcccg tgtttctagt gtgtcctggg aagaatcaga    140220
     aagtccaaga tcttctggat tggatggtga atatcctaaa gccttttttt ccaaacaggg    140280
     tcctggaggc tcttgaagta acaaggaatt ttctgtaagc ccttgggaag atattgatgt    140340
     ttctagtaca ccttgggcag acagggaagg tctctgagac attaagacag aatgtgacac    140400
     tttcaaatcc aattggacag atggagaagg tcctagactc actatggtag aggctgaaat    140460
     ttccaaggct cctggtgaag catgggacat tcctggcttg ccatgtgtac aggtacaacc    140520
     ttccagattc ccctgtaaag acaggcaagg gcctccagca gataacaaag gtcccggatt    140580
     cacttgagca gatagggaca ttgtcaaagg ctctagggca gatatacaga tcctagtgtt    140640
     cctcgtccag ataaagaaat taccatgggt cctttggaag aatgcataga ttctgaagga    140700
     tctgaagcag atggatctgt ttgttgaacc ctttgtggag aattcaaaga ctcatttggt    140760
     ccctggaatg aagttaaagg tccctctgta ggtttagaga gatctaaagg ctcttctgtg    140820
     gaaagggaag gatccaaaag gcttagggaa gaaaatgagg aactaagttg ggcagaaatt    140880
     gcaagttcca gaggtgagtc attggatatt acatatcctg gggtaactgt tgaaaatttt    140940
     tgtgcacctg atgcaaatga tgaatatcct agagtcccct gtggagatgg caaaggttct    141000
     acagatcctt gtgtagttgc tgaaatcctc agagatccct ggtcagatc                141049