EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC145432; SV 2; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 171334 BP.
AC   AC145432;
DT   06-JUL-2003 (Rel. 76, Created)
DT   11-JAN-2004 (Rel. 78, Last updated, Version 3)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-189A15 from chromosome Y, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Sciurognathi; Muroidea;
OC   Muridae; Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-171334
RA   Swearengen-Shahid S., Shahid S., Cotton M., Haakenson W., Meyer R.,
RA   Bielicki L.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-189A15";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-171334
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Sequencing of Mus musculus";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-171334
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (05-JUL-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-171334
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (08-NOV-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [5]
RP   1-171334
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (10-JAN-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 8e0a9c8f816e16f47e6ee810628aaef1.
DR   ENA-CON; JH584300.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456284.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC145432.2:1-171334; mus_musculus.
DR   RFAM; RF01073; GP_knot1.
DR   RFAM; RF01417; RSV_RNA.
CC   On Nov 8, 2003 this sequence version replaced gi:32452570.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site:
CC       Contact:
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BB0189A15
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   The position of this clone was established as part of a
CC   collaboration between the Mouse Chromosome Y Mapping Project
CC   (Jessica E. Alfoldi, Helen Skaletsky, Steve Rozen, and David C.
CC   Page at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, Cambridge
CC   MA) and the Washington University Genome Sequencing Center, St.
CC   Louis MO.
CC   The RPCI-24 BAC Library has been constructed by Pieter de Jong and
CC   coworkers ( from male C57BL/6J mouse spleen
CC   and/or brain genomic DNA. The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Pieter de Jong and coworkers at
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..171334
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="y"
FT                   /map="Y"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-24"
FT                   /clone="RP24-189A15"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   repeat_region   638..858
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   859..1210
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   1211..1353
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   1475..1851
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   1888..2213
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   3245..3446
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   5044..5168
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   5301..5424
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   5892..6076
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   7403..7530
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   7653..7762
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   7730..7917
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   8600..8750
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   8821..8941
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   8962..9323
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   9870..10201
FT                   /rpt_family="Y-chromosomal"
FT   repeat_region   10241..10444
FT                   /rpt_family="Y-chromosomal"
FT   repeat_region   10814..11048
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   11052..11366
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   11367..11962
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   12014..13264
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   14589..14707
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   14974..16875
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   16903..17250
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   18100..18812
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   18983..19315
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   19647..20696
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   20697..21043
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   21048..21820
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   25035..25157
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   25571..25645
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   25810..25919
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   25938..26081
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   27938..28330
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   28328..28807
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   28808..29185
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   29515..29888
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   33206..33331
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   38897..39065
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   44184..44613
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   45942..46106
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   50886..51055
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   52186..52301
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   52302..52520
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   52553..52721
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   52721..53609
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   53610..53849
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   53853..54126
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   54144..54415
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   54443..55342
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   55348..55821
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   55813..56360
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   56360..56503
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   56528..56862
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   56859..58259
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   58649..58839
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   59284..59484
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   59488..59629
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   59727..60235
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   60444..60596
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   60697..60819
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   61095..61392
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   62461..62844
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   70334..70709
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   70873..70930
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   71983..72609
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   80089..80715
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   82112..82208
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   82427..82576
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   83158..83544
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   83545..83605
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   84456..85572
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   85786..85860
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   85862..86270
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   87274..87769
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   87815..87962
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   88310..88408
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   89017..89221
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   89389..89575
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   90391..90578
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   93170..93278
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   93367..93448
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   93445..93512
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   93529..94965
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   95066..95218
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   95758..95896
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   95908..96191
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   96235..96376
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   96588..97103
FT                   /rpt_family="Y-chromosomal"
FT   repeat_region   97084..97221
FT                   /rpt_family="Y-chromosomal"
FT   repeat_region   97158..97333
FT                   /rpt_family="Y-chromosomal"
FT   repeat_region   97244..97376
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   97661..98356
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   98560..98724
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   100278..100854
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   102837..102990
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   103310..103717
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   104095..104233
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   105360..105648
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   106515..106942
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   107420..107541
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   107842..107968
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   108025..108149
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   108321..108512
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   108626..108745
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   109644..109712
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   109713..109774
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   110965..111946
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   111955..113597
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   114342..114789
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   114790..115848
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   116104..116209
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   116899..117010
FT                   /rpt_family="BC1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   117280..117462
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   117486..117565
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   117839..118047
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   118820..118908
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   118935..119054
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   119461..120299
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   123898..124000
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   124974..125147
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   125609..125819
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   126652..126718
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   126755..126861
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   127184..127254
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   127255..128062
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   128056..128923
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   129005..129273
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   129573..129789
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   129946..130061
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   130128..130328
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   130741..130919
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   130928..131058
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   132182..132240
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   132536..133336
FT                   /rpt_family="Y-chromosomal"
FT   repeat_region   133342..133567
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   133577..133648
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   133718..133947
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   135565..136566
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   136699..136823
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   137584..137673
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   139005..139827
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   140039..140178
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   140567..140714
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   141094..141263
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER15"
FT   repeat_region   141627..142564
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   143323..143538
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   143683..145540
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   145551..145981
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   146867..146972
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   147077..147350
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER15"
FT   repeat_region   148219..148360
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   149489..149567
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   149842..149984
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   150215..151103
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   151132..151303
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   151304..151403
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   151531..151721
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   151758..152001
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   158951..159034
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   165474..165616
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   165846..166377
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   166357..166569
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   166573..166732
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   166798..166854
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
SQ   Sequence 171334 BP; 51674 A; 34306 C; 33336 G; 52018 T; 0 other;
     gatcctccct ctgccttcag tactgtattt taatagattg caatatcata tgaagaagca        60
     gaaaatgagg ggaaatggaa tggaggtgaa aatgtgttag aatcattaaa ttatacactt       120
     aaagaaatca attgattttt tagtatacaa aggaaacttc aaaaaagcac tgaaaaggct       180
     tggccaactg tgcagctgct catgggggtt ggtatttgtc atatctcctg tgatgtatct       240
     attaatagta gtggttttag tacagatgaa taagacacca atatatgcat gaagggataa       300
     cactgagttg ccccaggaga aagaaatcag gtaaaattca ttggatctat tgatgaggag       360
     attttttttt ctcatagctg agttggcagg aaattggaca gattgggttg taccccagta       420
     agtgtaacac acagtagaat gtggggggtt gtgtggctat aggacatatt cacatcattt       480
     cacctattat tgagtatcaa tgctgatgaa agaagttatc cttcacttat gccatgcatg       540
     gaagtgggtc tatgaagggg cagagaggag gaaatgctgt tcagtaatgt ttgggtaggt       600
     tgtggagtca gtaaaatatt cctgtgatgg gactttattt tttcccaatc ttgacaatca       660
     acggatacct tatcagagag agcaattgaa gatctgtctc tattcacttg gttattaggt       720
     aagtctatag gatattttct tgggtaatga ttgatgtggg agggcccacc actgtggcta       780
     agctcaacag tagtcatttt aattgggagc cttttagact gtactaaaat aataaaagct       840
     gatcaagcca tagaaaattg gtagtttgaa taagaaagtt ctctatagac acatatatat       900
     gaatacttag tcactgggaa gtggcagtga gtttaaagat tagaaggaat aagagaaggt       960
     gtggctttat tggaggaagt gggtgtgtca acaaggatgg gtttgagttt tcaagaagcc      1020
     aaagcaatgg cagaatctct ctctttgctt aaggatcaat agttctctat tgctcaagtg      1080
     ttgggatccc tcccttggtg aatgaccaaa cttctgaata tgtaagcaag cctctagtta      1140
     aatgttttgt tttctaatag ttgccttatc catggtatct cttcacatca ttaaaagagt      1200
     gactaagaca gtggcaagcc aataagcagt tttttgctgt tactgataca acttcctgtt      1260
     ttgtcttcct cggtgataga ctataaccct tctatttcca agtaattttt gattgtagta      1320
     ttctacatag tgagaaagaa gcaaactaga acatttacat ctcaggtagg tacacgagta      1380
     tatcttacct ttaaataaaa taaaatgtct acacattatt atttgtggtt ttaagataag      1440
     tggcattggc actgttagat atttttctga tgaatgtctt actatgttta ttgttgtaag      1500
     gatccaccat gtccaaagag caaattccat agcaaaggtt ttattcagct tatacttcca      1560
     cattgttgtt aattatcaaa gaagttggga cagaaactga aacaacaaag gatcctggag      1620
     ccaggagctt attcagaggc tatggtgtgg tgatgcttat tgtcttgctc ctctagtctt      1680
     gcttagcttg ctttcttaaa gaacccagga ctactaatac aaggatgtca acacccacaa      1740
     tggagtgggt gctctcccac caattatgaa atttcctaac agctggatct tgtggaggca      1800
     tcttctcaac tgaggctcct cctctttgat gaacctagat ctggtcaatt gttatgaaac      1860
     cagtgtggca ttctaaatgt attatgtcta tgaggaggtg tggccttgta ggaataggtc      1920
     gggccttgct ggaggaagca tatcattttg gggctttaaa gctctaccag tgtggaagag      1980
     accctccctg catacagaat acatagtttt tcctggaagc atttggatga agatgcataa      2040
     ttctaaactt cctctccacc accatgtctg cctagacagt gccatatttt ctgccttgat      2100
     gatcgtggag taaatctctg aacgtgtaat gaaatgtaga aaagccctaa tgaaatgttg      2160
     tctcttatga gtggcctttg acatggtgtc ttttcacagc aactaatccc taagagaatc      2220
     agttactgca gaaactatcc cagatattaa aattaatcaa caatagagat tattatcaaa      2280
     tgctgaagca tacaaactta ttctagagag gaaaattgta atgactgagt ccatggcatt      2340
     cctgcctcaa aaaagaaaaa aaaaaaaaac ctctcagagt atagatggaa cccaggcaga      2400
     cctccatgaa gtacacgggc tcctcaggaa gtgacccaca aagtgggcaa actcataaca      2460
     tttgaaaccc atgtcaactg gcgtataaaa gaggtaagca tatatgcatt ggttacacct      2520
     tcagtgtttt ctgagaatga ggtcacatat aagtaaaaga ctagaatttc caggctatag      2580
     acaggctgaa gttatacata ggtatgtagg gggtcatgtg tttagaggag agctaggtgg      2640
     aacaggccac tgtggggctt tttatggtta tctggggatc tcattggaga cctgcaaaag      2700
     atcacaggat tcatcacagg gaaagagtgc tcacggaagg aactcaggat ccattccaac      2760
     ccaaaattat ctcacagcat attcattttc tgttttactt tacttttgga actgattaca      2820
     caaaatcaag gtttctgtga tgatttaggg agtctcataa atataaacat tcactagtct      2880
     agattgcctg tgtaaaaatg gacacacaca ctcacaaaca cacacacaca cacacacaca      2940
     cacacacaca cacacacaaa cacacccatc tgtaatgaca ggctggctat ttgttaagaa      3000
     aacaaagaag ccaatgtgga tatggcccaa gtttgactat ttccttaaaa tttctcttct      3060
     ttctgtgtct ccagcttaac tttttgagaa ctccaactta gaattcattt gtctctcagt      3120
     gtcctctact ctttgtgtgt cccttattac ttttaatggt caccatcaat tagaactttc      3180
     ttatcttcaa tctggtctgt tttatgaatg tgaattttgg atttcttaaa aaagatatct      3240
     ttgtgggatt agagagatga atcaatggta gcaagcactt ttgcaccaca agaaaaatgg      3300
     atttggtttc ttgatttcat atccaatggc aaataatcac ctttaatggc agctccagag      3360
     tacctgacaa cgcatgtctc tatgttcacc tgtactcaaa agcacatgcc atatccccac      3420
     ccacataagt aaagataata aatcttaaaa tgtgagacag gtttctttaa gtgtcattat      3480
     tcaaagaaaa cctgattttc tctgctttct gagtctattt caatcagttt tctgggtttc      3540
     accttgtgca acaaggccac atttctttta aatgtcccac tttcccaaaa attttgtttc      3600
     tccttcagtc ttcacatcag aggttctacc tatgtcctgt ccttctcccc tacttcctaa      3660
     acatccatct ttttctgcca tccctgctcc tccaagttcc atctccattt ccttattctt      3720
     catgcagacc agagaagctg ttcattttag catgtatgat tttaggttta tgtactgttc      3780
     accgcctgaa atgaaacttt catcttcatt tgacgttcct tccactgtag gccatctctt      3840
     ccagcaaatt gttcactcac agcatgtcat gtcacacatt tacattttta gaacaaaata      3900
     cattttattg gcaaagatac tgggattgtc aaagaccctt atatagctaa cacaggaaaa      3960
     aaaaactttt tttttcttcc agtcctatat gtttacattt ctgtacttta tgatttttca      4020
     acttcaagaa tctttggcac catagtatag acatagatat ggatgtcacc atgaaacttg      4080
     ataaagtaca cggaaggatt gtctagaact tggtaaacaa cctttccgaa ctttttagaa      4140
     ccatcttttc tggtgtactg catccagtta cctatcaaca catcactgtc acctcctgat      4200
     ctctcctcag ccggaggagt gtctggaatc atgtggaggt taccttcctt gtagtcatcc      4260
     aggagctgtt aagcatagag agctggatcc ttcttgtagg taatgtaaaa caaatccttc      4320
     atggttggca cctgggctag caccaccccc ctccagttga cctcagagcc atctttcccc      4380
     tcaaattttt gttgtaccgc tctgccaacc agggctctgg caaggtgggc atccctcacc      4440
     tgaggaaata ctactatggg aggcaaaacc ttaaggttta aaatcctgtc atcactgtag      4500
     agctcctgtc catagatgcc gtcaattcca tcatacttca ccaagtaaag agaagggttt      4560
     gttggcagtt gacctagaac tatggccttc cattgggtga caggctcatt accttccttc      4620
     caacaatgag aaattctgca gccgacaata ttcctcaggg tgttggaaga agacttcctc      4680
     ctcctcttct tcatgaggga ggacatgcta agcctcttca aaggtatttt cttctacatg      4740
     gctgtagcct tgctgtggta taccatacca aacccaggca gatgtcttgt ggctatcatt      4800
     ctgtgttcaa atatacttgc ccattgcctt ggattgaaga tattgcctgt ttaaaccaga      4860
     cacaatgctg ttgctactgt catatatatg agttactaaa aggcaatggg tgtagggttg      4920
     gagagaatgc tggaccaagg ctcttctcta atggaaattt tgagcaggtc aagaaggcta      4980
     tgataaacat gtttgggctt ctaaacttaa tttgatcaaa ataagtagat cataatctag      5040
     ctatggtggc acactcattt aatcccagct tttagaaggc agggtcaggc agatttctga      5100
     cttagagacc agcctggtct acaaagtgag ttccagggca gccagtggta gacaaaggaa      5160
     aaatgtctgc aaatcagcta caacattaac aactaaaaca aaaaaccaac aaaaacaaaa      5220
     caaaacaaac aaaaaacaaa aaagaaaaac aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaca aaaaatcaaa      5280
     tcagaagtta ataggagatg gtagtaaccc aagtctttaa tcctagtact caagaggcag      5340
     agggaggcaa aacttagtga gataaaggct agtctattct acaaagtgat tttcctaaca      5400
     gtcaaagcta cacacaaaca cactcaaagt aaaattaaac acccatccaa agaaaaaaca      5460
     aacaaacaaa acaacaacaa caacaacaac aaacaaataa ataagggaaa caaggaaatt      5520
     atcaaaggga aaataacaag taattctcca cagctcagaa taacatactc agatgaatat      5580
     gtcttcagcc ctgagctaat ttgcctcttc tgaggaacat ctccttgcat gtctatgtca      5640
     atgtggaagt tggtatgcct tttacccaaa atgatcaagg agagaacaga ataaagaaaa      5700
     tgagccagag ttgttaccta ccctctcttg tacctgcaag atgtcaaata ggtggcaata      5760
     ttcacaaata tcccagggac acagcacaac actggccttc tgtattgtgt tacctgaccc      5820
     agactcagga ttatttggtg attatatgcc actgcaactc cggcctcaac aagtccaggc      5880
     aatatcagcc attttttttt aagatttctt ttattattgt atctaaatac actgtagctg      5940
     tcctcagaca ttccagaaga gggtgtcaga tctcattagt atggttgtga gccaccatgt      6000
     ggttgctggg atttgaactc atgacctctg gaagagcagt cagtgctcct aactgctgag      6060
     ccatcgctcc aggcccaata tcagccattt agaagtaaca ttttctaaaa tacatacgga      6120
     caaagaagag ctttggcatt ttgatggaat tgtgaaggag atattgttag caaggataat      6180
     aaattcagga gatcaactaa actggatcag ccatgcccct ggccccaaac atgggagaat      6240
     ttagaatgta cagttactca gtgtgggagg gaaaactttc agctttctat agctatgatg      6300
     gtcccagtta cttcataaat gtttttaccc aaagaaaatg tcttagtcgt caagattctg      6360
     tcttttgata cagaccaggg cacaaaagct tgaggaacaa gttggggttc aggagctggc      6420
     ctgcctttca cacaccactg ggaaaatagt ggacacaccg tctagggatt ctagtgtctc      6480
     taagtggaat agatgtgcaa tctatgacca gtgctctgtg acatcaccta gttcagctcg      6540
     tatcatagaa ccccagtcat gctggttcct tccctaatta cactcagaaa cattaaccat      6600
     ctaggcttta ccttttcata tggcctcttt gaaagccaaa atgaaatccc tgcagaaatg      6660
     tcctgatgac ctgagtcaca ttctgcccaa gtaaatcact cttgtattgt ttttattttt      6720
     ttggtggttg ggtttctgtt tatttgtttg ttgattgctt tgttttgctt ttgttattat      6780
     tttcctcctg tgaaagcctt cagtttctga ttcaccaaca tccttggtgg ttattttccc      6840
     tgttccaaac tttccctggt tatctttcaa ctgttcttag tgtcagaaat ggtgccagac      6900
     tctttaaggc agcacactgg atagcacatc aaaattctgt ttatgaaaac ccaaagttag      6960
     agcaattact attttattca aacaaagcag aaattttaca gtgttaagta ccttgtattg      7020
     aagccagttg caaccttgaa tcatggattc tttgtaaatg agaagacaat ctagctcttg      7080
     gtcctgcctt caaagttgtg ataaagttaa acaaacccaa tatcaaccag tcatgtttta      7140
     aaggccttta aattttttca gtatttctgg ttacaagtaa tttcatagat taaatgcagt      7200
     aaaacagggt gaaatatatt cgataatttt acttttgaat tatgggtaga caaaatattg      7260
     tacgctggta agtatggaat ttacttacaa attagcgggc actttaattt ttcatgccat      7320
     atagatcttc agttcttcca gaaacatcaa tttctggccc ttccacggtc accaccacac      7380
     tttgtatatc cttttcatag atgatgacac tacccatagt gggctagacc cttcaacaac      7440
     agccatccaa gaaagatcct tccttaaagg tgtggcaact ggccaatgtg atggaggcag      7500
     ttctttatct gaggttctat attcccaggt tgagttaact aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagca      7560
     agaaggacca tttcacatcc atatcataaa tgttgattgc cttactgtgt ataattaaca      7620
     cgcaatggat taatactaga tgtcaaccac ttgatgaatg gcttaaaaca tgagagagaa      7680
     tgagagagag tgacagagag agagagagaa agagagagag aaatagagag agaaagagag      7740
     agagagagag aatgagagag agtttttgat atttcaatgg ttgtttgata tttcaagccc      7800
     agtgccaaat cacttttaat gaaaacacaa atcctaattc tttctaaacg tcccaccacc      7860
     tggaaaaata actcctttga atatttgatc ttctgtgagc cacaattatt caaactaata      7920
     aagtatgtaa aagaaattgt aatcaagtaa taattttcca taccacttct tggaatattt      7980
     tatatcatta cttttctttt cttagaggtt agggttattt gcataacaag agactaatca      8040
     gtcatcattg tcacatcagc caaaggcatc ctaaccctgc cacatttcta cttgattaat      8100
     cactttggca ttacttactt gtatggaaac atatcccttc atcctgattt acttaaaagt      8160
     gtgggaactg tcgatttgca attaattttt ttcataatgg gacaaaacag aagcctacag      8220
     gattcactgt atttcttctg ggagctgaag atttctgttc cattcaataa aatgttataa      8280
     atattatttt aacacaagcc taaattcgtg aaaaagcttt gttttcatat tttaataatt      8340
     tacaggtcgt tctgtgccat ataaaggaag gtagagaagg aaaggtgttt tggagtcact      8400
     gacacacaca tttaactgag gtctctttgc atagtaacaa gatataccca tccactatat      8460
     ctggggagtt tgcttcagga actgtaatga tataaagtcc tcaggactct aggctaagat      8520
     aacaaaacac tgcatataag ctatgcaaga taagctcttg tatattttaa ttatattcat      8580
     gtgtttctgc acacagatct gtacaggtaa gttcagaggc tagggaaggg catagtatga      8640
     tttgctcctt cactccctaa tttatctgct tttgataggg tttcctgctg agctaatatt      8700
     gagactggct ttcgggaagt catattcatc ttcctgtctc tgcccctcta aaaatcctaa      8760
     gcactggtgt tgtaagtaaa tgaacacaca catgaattta cccctgggcc atcacctctg      8820
     atccttcttt attttaaata atctctggat tacttttgcc cttaatgtaa tgaaactgct      8880
     atacaagggt ttgttattta ggagatggaa atataagtcg tctgtatagg ttcagtacag      8940
     atattgtata ttaagaacta cattcattaa taacttgaga aattcataca atatattttg      9000
     atggaattta ctttccagtt ctcttaataa ctcctcccga accaaaacca gatccatttc      9060
     cacctaaatc ctccttccaa attcatgtct ccttttctcc cttttgataa aacccattca      9120
     aatcaattgt gttgcccata aaatcttgga tatggggcta ccagtagtgc ctggccaacc      9180
     tataaccttc aaagggcata cctttgatga aaactgactc tccatctttc attaactgtc      9240
     cataccttct caaatgggga tgatggatag tgagaaccta caactcattg atggaaggca      9300
     gactggcctg attttgtgca gatagagaca tacagtgtct caatgacctc tctgccttac      9360
     aagatttcca ctatctcttc attgagggat cctaagattc agctcctcta cttcttgcct      9420
     ctttctgtga gtatgtgtac gtgtacaagt gtatctatat tatagatgtc tcattttaca      9480
     tccaagtcaa cacatagtgg tttttgcaat aaacagctgg cattatttca cattaggcaa      9540
     tatgccttga tgtagatggt gggactaaat accacactga aactggagat ggctagaaat      9600
     catcacagtt gtttgtagta taggtgaaat ttacactttt gacctaaatt tctgggtcca      9660
     ccctatggct ttaagatgga tggataaggg atcaagaccc ttaacttgca ttgcattttc      9720
     cttcttcttg aactcatatt aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagctcatgg tggtgatgat      9780
     tctgttggcc tggacgttct gatttgtaac tgctagacag atataccctt aaagagacag      9840
     atagatccta tcacattttg taacataaag aattcggtgg tgaaatgggt ttgcaatgtc      9900
     agtcgtgggt ctttgatgaa gattttgttc cgaagtacaa tgttcaaagg tagaacaata      9960
     tatacaatct gaaaagtgat tggaccctga gggctttaat caatgagtta attgattgat     10020
     gggtgtgcat tgaaggggtg agacacttgt aaaggaacat ggtcattggg aacatgtctt     10080
     ggaaggtatt tattgtcttt ggtcgcttcc tgtgttgatg cttactggct gctaataagt     10140
     tggacaactg tgctccttga tgcctctttc atactcttgt gaccatggac ctgttttcct     10200
     tgctgctaag gcacattgta acagtgatga aaatgattta catgaatgtt tttcactagt     10260
     gatactgact tgtctggtcc agagtaacca tggtttaatt ctttaagctt ttttctggaa     10320
     gaatcatgct aacattagac acaaagttac caagcagttg tacctggaag attctggcac     10380
     tgtatctgtt gtctgagaaa taaagaaatt tgctgcttca cacactggtc ctttcgctgt     10440
     attcactact atattttaat agattgcaat atcatatgaa gtagcagaaa atgatgggaa     10500
     aatggaacgg aggtgaaaat gtgttaaaat cattaaatga ttttatgatg aggatttttt     10560
     ttgtcatagc tttggtggca ggatattgga cagattagca agtcccccaa taagtgtaac     10620
     acacagtaga atgtgggggt tgtgaggcta taggaaatat tcagttcatg tcacatatta     10680
     ttgagtatcc ttgctgatgg aggtagtcac ccttcactta tgccatacat ggaagtgtgt     10740
     ctatgcaggg gcagaatgca atagatgatg ttgagtaatg tttgtgtagg ttatggagta     10800
     agttaaacat tactgtgatg gaacattatt tttttcccat cttgacaatc tacagttacc     10860
     tgagaagaga gaacaattga acatctgtct ccaatcactt agtcattagg taagtctatg     10920
     ggttattttc tagtctaatg attgatgtgg gagggcccat cactgtggct aagctcataa     10980
     gtagtcctta ataaatggga gccctttagg ttatatttaa aaaaaaatag ctgatcgagc     11040
     catgggaaaa ttggtggttt gaataataaa taccctatag acacatttat atgaatattt     11100
     cattaccagg aagtggcagt gagtttaaag attagaagga atacgagaag gtgtggcttc     11160
     attggaggat aggtgtgtca acaaggatga gtttgagttt tcaagaagcc aatacaatgg     11220
     cggaatctct ctctttgcct aaggatcaat agttctctat tgctccagtg atggggtacc     11280
     tcccatgatg attgaccaat cttctgaaaa tgtaacaaag cctccaatta aatgctttgt     11340
     tttctaatag ttgccataac gatggtcagg tgattatgtt agcctctatc agcagacttc     11400
     ggagactagt tttctcctga gtttgagtgt tcagagtact ctctgcaggc aagatctcct     11460
     cttgcagaga agggtcccag atatctggtg ttcgaacctt cctcctggca gatgttgtaa     11520
     tccactcact agaggtacta agatcccatg gagagtcctg tggggacctt tgggttgtcc     11580
     acagactctg tccccaaggt gcccggtgct gtaatggatt ggaagggact tgtgaccctg     11640
     gtcaggccgg tttatctgct tccctaatga atgcagtctc aggtcctgca tgataggatt     11700
     ggagcagaag tggttttcca ttcacaaagg tcttaagatc tcgtggatgt ttctgtgagg     11760
     accttggggc tgtcctcaga ctctgtccaa caagttggcc aggtgctggc acagaccaga     11820
     gggacttgtg accattgtca ggccagtttt tctgcttccc taattaatgc agtctcagaa     11880
     cctgtgagat tggattggag cagaggttgt gttccgttca ccagaggtct tatgatccca     11940
     tttagggtct tttggggacc ttaagcgtgt ctgcagactc agagcacaat ataccctggt     12000
     gctgacctgt cactctctct cttatggtac actttctctg actccttaaa cagatgttgt     12060
     aaagataatg ttttcggact ctctagacgc tgtaaccttt tcctaatgtc agaagaatac     12120
     tgcccaatgg aagccatgac acctgtcacc tgctggcacg ccgaagtagg gtcaaaggta     12180
     gtgtaacacc tctatacctt tcagaggtat tctaaaaaca ctgctggggg ctcctttttc     12240
     tcttgtagga tctctcttac cttggccaaa ttggtggggc aactgccagc tcctttcagt     12300
     cctattatca gagcccagca gaaaattgtc aattgctcca tatggtcagt cctgtcagga     12360
     catgtcagag ggaaggctgc atccatttca ttcagaagtt ttattggtag tcaattggcc     12420
     cccagcatgc tctttctttc ctctcagaat cctctcctcc tctgtggtga aagaatcagt     12480
     agctgctgac agtcatccca agtaggctga agagagaata tgagagattc cattagatta     12540
     gcaggctaga ggggttttca aagaagggag gtgtgattag ccttccagtt atagagttca     12600
     gaggaggaaa agggccatta ctgaagggtc agcagttgtc tggggcctgc tggaggaggg     12660
     tcataagtac ataaaggcag tgcaatggtt gaatctggtc actctgggct tcgagctcgc     12720
     tggccttggg ctttagcaac tggtccctcc ccaaatatct agtggcaccc tgttgagagt     12780
     tcttggaggg gaccagttgg gaatatgggg gtggggtgct atgccatttt ggaggttctt     12840
     ctaactctgg atagatcttg ggagaaaccg agggctgcag ttcaacctgt gccagtttta     12900
     actttttttt tcacctctgg gtggcagagg gccaggactg gggaccctgg attattcttt     12960
     ttaacccaag gctttaaaca ggatgggaga ggggggaacc ggtgctaaat ttttctagat     13020
     gagaatgtat ggcacgtaat ctggctgaga ccctggtccc ctctgtaaaa caactttaag     13080
     agctgaaaac agaaccaaac aaagagtgcc ctctagtggc caactatcat caaagctggc     13140
     cattttgtag atcagaaagt tctctaaaat cgatttcaga catccacaga gagaatgtgt     13200
     tagtcttaat ttcagtcgag tgatcaaggg tcagtccaag gggcatgata atagtcggtc     13260
     ccatcatcag agtcacatac agggaaaaaa aacatataca caaaaaagat tacaataacc     13320
     aagaccaggc cccaataaga tggccaagaa agcagacact cacttggcac ccagtaacag     13380
     aaacagacag ccgagtgagc acactctcac ttggcacact gataggagat ctccaggtat     13440
     ccctagaact ccctcagaac tccagggatg tcccaaaggg tggcagctgg tttctcctga     13500
     catgtctgtc agtaaccctt ttccatctga aaaagggagt tcgttgctct cacgagcatt     13560
     tacaactgca aacggagaat agtgaattca aacagagctg gcacaaatat tagagacaaa     13620
     gatagaggaa agttatagaa aaagatagag acaaagatac agacaaagat agaatcctac     13680
     ctccaagcag ggtctctgag aattggggta ggccacaaat catggtggag aagcccccaa     13740
     atgtaagacc tcagaagctg ggcctcctct caagtcccgg gatgagctgg ccagcacccc     13800
     aatgacccaa gagaaaacca caactgatgc aaactgcaag aggttttact attagctggc     13860
     tgaggacaaa gtcactctgc ctagcagggc aggggagttt gacaccgagc tgtgacagta     13920
     aggggctttt agcagctagc tggggaattg ggaggagttg ggaggagagt tgggtggagt     13980
     tgggaaatgt gggcaaggga gttcttctct tcctgatgtt cttggtgaaa tttacaaggc     14040
     aggagtgggg cgtgagtcct ttctaaattt ttatctcctt gtccttggca caggaaggca     14100
     ggcatctctg gttgaaaagt atagaaacaa aaagcctttt tgctggctat agagaacaaa     14160
     gagcttcttc ctagctgtat tttcagagat cagggaaaac aagcttggaa aacgtctagg     14220
     ggatttacct tcttgcgaga tacactttaa gttggagtct caccatagga cattttttct     14280
     accacacaca aaactttaca cagaaaatta ttttaattat ttttaatgaa tatataatat     14340
     ttgatttgaa ccatatgtca tatccatata aaatacatgg tagaattcca aaaaaaaact     14400
     tgtaatattt actttaaaca attcatacat ttacacctca cagcacttct tcataactgt     14460
     actaccattg ctgagatcct tcttcttccc aaatggttct tctattattt ttataatggt     14520
     tctccttttc tttgtgtgta tatctgggaa catctcatgc aggtggttgt attgtactag     14580
     ttgctatgtt tttgtgatca caaggtctaa aggaccacaa tctggtcttg aactacacat     14640
     ataagagcat ctgaccctga attactcttt ttcctgaatc tacttctcca gtcaagggat     14700
     cacaaacacc acttttgaag tactctattg aaatgggaaa aaattgaaaa tattacaccg     14760
     tatcttcatc tgtttctacc tgaggtgata tattctcatc tttgtcaaat gctgggctct     14820
     gtactatatg gacaacagaa aatggaaaca taatatgcta tattagtaaa agggaataaa     14880
     gtattaatga tttgaatttc tcaggaaata ctgcccaggt gaatttttga aacagctttt     14940
     agaaatgaca taattacgta catgaaatcc agtataggca tagataagaa gtaaggtttc     15000
     caaattatag ggctagtgaa tatttttacc aatattatgg aaaaaaaatc cctaacttaa     15060
     agaaagatat gctcatgaat aaacaaggag actacagaac gccaaattat ttggaccgga     15120
     aaaaaaataa tttctgccat catataatag tcaaaacacc aaatgcacaa aacaaagaaa     15180
     gaatattaaa agcagtaagg gaaaatggtc aagtaatata taaagcaaga tctatcagga     15240
     ttacacataa cttctcccct gagactatga aaggagaaaa tctagggctg aagtcataca     15300
     gaatgtaaga gagcagaaat gccagccaag acatgaagca aaactctttt aacatagctt     15360
     gggaaaacaa ggtattctgt gacaaaacaa tatttacaca atatcttcca atgcatccag     15420
     cacatcaaac gataataaag ggacaatttc aatataaaga gggaaattac actcgagaaa     15480
     aaagaagaaa ttaaaggtga aggaaaccta aaagaagata gctacatgaa caaaattcca     15540
     actctaataa caaaaataac aaaaagcaac aaggactttt cttaggatct cttaatatca     15600
     gtggactcag ttcaccagta aaaaggcata gaataaaaaa atggatgtgt aagcaatatt     15660
     cagcatacca aaaacaaaca ccaaggacaa agtcagacat tatctcagac taaaaggctg     15720
     gaaaagaact ttccaagcaa atgatccgaa gaaataaggt ggagcagcca ttctaatatc     15780
     aaataaaatt gactttcaac caaaagttat taaaataggc aaggcgggaa atgtcatatt     15840
     cattaaagtt aatatttacc aagatggact cccaaatcta aacatatata ctccaaatgc     15900
     aatgacatcc acattcataa aagaaacttt agtaaagctc aaaactcaca ttgtaccaca     15960
     cacaataata ttggaagact tcaacacccc tccctcatta atggacagat cctggaaact     16020
     aaaactaaaa agatacatgg tgaaacttgc agaatttatg aagcaaatac gtttaggtga     16080
     tatctataga acattttatc ctaaaacaaa cgaatgtccc ttcttctcag gacttcacga     16140
     tgccttctcc aaaattgacc atacactcag tcacataaca tgcctcaaca gatataaaat     16200
     tattgaaata attttctgct tcctatcaga tcaccacaga ctaacttcaa caataatata     16260
     aataattgaa aacgcacata cacgtggaat gtgtacaaca atctagtcag tgacaaaaca     16320
     gtcaaggaag aaatatagaa ctaaattaaa gacttttcag agtttaatga aaatgtagct     16380
     acaacatact gcaagtaatg gaacacaatg aaaatagccc taagaggaac actcatagct     16440
     ctctctgaat gcctctaaaa aaaaccggag agaggatata ggagtaggtt gacatcacac     16500
     cttaacacta tagaacaaaa ggaagcaaat tcacccaaaa ggagttgaag tcaggaaata     16560
     atcaaactca gtgctaaaat caaccaagtg gaaacaaagg aacaatacaa aaataatcaa     16620
     acaaactggg agctttttct ttgagaaaat caacaagata gataaaccat tagacagact     16680
     aaataaagaa cacaaggaca gcatccaatt tagcaaaatc agaaatgaaa agtgagaaat     16740
     aacaccagaa atttagtaaa ttttaaatat catcagatcc tactattcaa ggctgtactc     16800
     aacaaaactt gaaagtctgg ataaaatgga cacttatcta gacagatatc aggtaccaaa     16860
     tttaaatcag gatcagagaa accctgcaat tacttctacc actgtgagga gccgccctca     16920
     cggtcaccaa tacaagatgg tgctgacaac accattgtca acattgctca tggtgagtac     16980
     gctcatgcgt cagggtatcg ttccattacc tgagccctgc cactccaatg gcgtcatcag     17040
     gctgatggtg ggcagacaat tccggtgatt cacgtctcca accgtatttc taacaatact     17100
     ttgcaaccta tataagggag gggttttctg ctctctgggt ctcctgtctt gaagctgttc     17160
     atctatctct ggagatgtat taaagcttta ctgcagaaag atctgagtgt cctgcatgtg     17220
     ttcttgctgg cgagatggta gcgcaggtca tccggtgcca taaagccagg atcaacatcg     17280
     ctggcattga ggaaaacccc tggaaatggg gtggattcag aacttcaggg aaaaggtaag     17340
     tttggagagg tatgtctcat cgtgaccctc ttatccctat tgatttcggt cttaatctag     17400
     atgcacccta ggaaggggca gtagaagctc tattcttggt tgccctggcc ctcattctgt     17460
     ttcttattct gtccattgag gctggtgctg aaatttgagg tccatcgagg ctggtgctga     17520
     aaaatgaggt gttgtcagtc cgacgtagat aagtggcagc actgaggtat cttctaagcc     17580
     ttccgtagac aagggaacag agcactgtgt ttactttcgc tttgcttaag gagtactata     17640
     aatggggtgt agatcgtagc agggactcac tctatcatgg cctcctcaca gtcagtgatc     17700
     actgcattac aggcaggttg cctccagtac actgcagaac tttgttaagg aagtggatcg     17760
     catttctccc tggtattctt gttcggggtc tctaactgta gccttatgta gtaagctagg     17820
     aagtgacctt gaccttaagc atgaagaggg agacttaagc ctgggcacca aggcatttgc     17880
     aagctgatat aaaactgtct agaggatgaa acctgccaaa cagccaatgt ggagggacag     17940
     ggaatactag aaaaggttca ggacagtatg tcagaaacct aacagaatga gagaatggga     18000
     gctcgaaaaa agaaagacat gtcaaagaaa aagggccctc ccagggattc agaaggaagg     18060
     ggagagagaa aagagggcag taaaactgat cctctactaa gaaaaagcca cacatgtcat     18120
     tcaactttgc cttgaagctt ggagtgcttg gggacaaacc aaatttctta gaacagataa     18180
     tggactggac tacacatctc aaaattttca acaattctgt ctacagagga atgtaactta     18240
     tttaactggt ttgccataca gggacaagac attgtggaac gttcccacca cactgttaaa     18300
     acttacctta tcaaaaagaa agggtgagtt gatgaggctc ttacccttaa cactgagagt     18360
     ggacatctcc atggtactct ttactcttaa ttttttgaat attgatgagc aaggccacac     18420
     tgcagctgat catcactgtt cagaaccaaa cagatctaga gaaatgatca aatggaaagt     18480
     tgtcttaact ggaaaatgta gaggcctgca tcctatttta ataagatcca aaggagttat     18540
     ttgtgtcttt ccacaggaag aagacaatcc cctttgggtt ccagaatgcc tcatctgaag     18600
     gatctcccct tcagaagatg tggacaaaag agggaattct ggaaacaacg atggataatg     18660
     acccttctac tggagatcat ggttcctagt atatcggggg aattgtgttg gggtattatg     18720
     tctagcattc tgttcatgcc tgtcatgcac agtgcacaag tttttccaca tttctttact     18780
     actgataggg agctgggact tgccttttta ccattagatg gacaaattca ggttctgatg     18840
     gaaaacagaa cttctccctc aaaggaagcc tgtgctttgt aatgatctct gaattgaaag     18900
     accaacgcca gtgtatatcc ttataaaatc aatcagtggc ctggttgaaa gcagctgctt     18960
     ggggaaccca ctctgaaata atagccaatg ccttgataat ccaaggctgg aggcctagtc     19020
     ataaatccag gaaagcactg ccccagcaac ccagaatggc acccttttgt aaaggaagat     19080
     cctcggagga ctccatgctt ccttggactg ggtgccaggc cagaaaaact ttttgggtgg     19140
     ttgaaggatt ttttttttcc ttttccccac atgtaagtgt agagattaat gaaatccttg     19200
     ctggacatga ttttaacttc atggattctg atcgggcaga tgctaaccct tttgatcaat     19260
     ggttactttg tggggttaat gagagctgta ccgatctttc acctatggcc atgattgaag     19320
     gtggatatag tgaaaagggc caaatgggtt ttgagtggta gggcactttg agtgctggtt     19380
     tggggtcatt cgatcactcc tcctctaata ctaaatataa agcatttaaa agggtgaatt     19440
     atactgtcac cccggtttgt gtttggcccc ctttctgtgg gtggtaagta ataaaagttt     19500
     aaataataat caattagagt tagattgttt gcttaattaa agtttctata cccttgttgg     19560
     gatgctacta agtatccctt tgctttggtt actcatgtgc ctagatttgt tccagttcct     19620
     gtggaagcct ctagaattta agctttttta gagaaaagag agattttgga atctctgcta     19680
     ttatagttgg cttggtagca atagcagcaa tagctgcctc tgtcactgtt tcggcccttg     19740
     ccttgtctgc tacggttcag acaacacaaa ctataaaatg acctttcggc aagagtgaca     19800
     ttggccctga acagccagac catggccaac tcccagatac agagaggcct catgttggta     19860
     aaccaacaga tcgatctggt ccaagagcag gtgtatattc tttggcaaat gcctcagctg     19920
     ggttgcaaac ataagctgcc tagggtctgt atcaccttac tacaatttca gaattttaca     19980
     agagcagcta acctgtaaaa ggctttgtct tgttatttgt tacagaattg gaccatagaa     20040
     tttgaacaga cactccggga gctgaggatc accatcttat aagtcgattc gacatgtctt     20100
     gacctgtcat tgatggaagg attttctacc tggatttctg cagcattctc ctacttcaag     20160
     caatgggtgg gggtggtttg tttggcgtgg ctgtgtacag tggagtactg ctcctactat     20220
     ggatgatctg caaacttaaa tcccaaacaa ggagggacag gatggtagta acccaggcac     20280
     ttgttgcttt ggagcagggt gtttccccca atatatgaat attgatgatg ctcaagcaat     20340
     aaggttgctg gacatccagc tccacaaaac cctgaggcga gtcttgctgc atgggttgga     20400
     gcgggtgtgc tttaacagcc caggagagtt ttggagctaa gcactgcact ggaatggcgt     20460
     tgtggtgtaa tttgagcttc tttctgggag atatgtcatc tttcaagaag gttgagtgtc     20520
     ctagtgtcct tcccccagga aaaacgacag gggagctgac caagacccct ctgggtgacg     20580
     agcctgggag gaggttttgt gtaaggcccc tatgcttgca cactcggaat ttgacctcta     20640
     tctccactct ccatactgtg tggcctgttg cttctaacat aaaaaaaagg gtgagatgtg     20700
     aggagccgtc ctcacggcca ccattacaag atggtgctca caacaccatt gtcactattg     20760
     ctcttggtga gtgtgcacag gcatcggggt atctttccat tacctgagcc ctgtctctcc     20820
     aatggcatca tcaggctgat ggtgggcaga caattccggt ggtgcacgtc tccaaccata     20880
     cttctaactg tcttcacagc ctatataagg gaggggtttt ctgctctctg ggtctcttgt     20940
     cctgaagctg atcatctatc tctcgagatg ccttaaagct ttactgcaga aggatccgag     21000
     tgtcctgtgg gcattctttc tggcaagact gtagtgtggg tcataacacc cctaaagaat     21060
     tagaagcaat cgttaatagt ctcccaacca aaaataagcc cagggtctga tgggtttagt     21120
     tcagaattct atcagatatt catggagacc taataccaat actcctcaaa ctattatgca     21180
     aaattaaaag agaaggaaca ctatttaata tgttctatga agcaagatta caactataca     21240
     aaacctaatg gagaaaggaa actttattcc aatttccatt atgaatatcg atgcaaaaat     21300
     actaaataaa atcctttcaa aacgcgtccg agaatacatc aaaaggataa accatcatga     21360
     cctagttggc ctccttctta tgattcaggg agagtttaat atcgaaaatc catcaattaa     21420
     atccattata gaaaaaacaa aaacaaaaac aaaaacaaaa caaaaaaact caagtacaaa     21480
     aaccccatga ttattcgatt agatgctgag caaatagttg gataaataca atggccattc     21540
     ataataagtc caggaaagac caggaattca aggcatacac ctaaaaaaaa ataaaaagaa     21600
     ggagaagaaa agaaaagaaa aaaaaagaaa agaaaagaag gcccaggatt taactttaat     21660
     ctaaatggtc agaaaccaga aggaatccaa ctaaaatctg ggactggaca aggctgccca     21720
     ctttctccct acctatttaa tagaatactt gaaatactag ccagagcaat tacacaaaaa     21780
     aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aataaaacaa aacaaaacaa caacaacaaa aacaaaacaa     21840
     aacaaaacaa aacaaaacga aaacagatga atacaaattg gaaaggaaga agtcaaaatt     21900
     tctctatttc cagaagatat gatagcatgt atatatgacc ccaaaaatta caacagagaa     21960
     aacctaatcc tgatacacat tttcagctta ggagctgaat ttagaataaa tttaaacata     22020
     acagtggaat ttctctgcag aaaagacaca tagtatgaga aagaaattag gaaaaaacgt     22080
     gcttcatagt agtcacaaat aatataaaat tccttggtgt gactctgaga aagtgaaata     22140
     tatgtatgat aaacacttca agattcttca agaaagaaat caaagaagat ctctgaagat     22200
     ggtaaaatct cccatgctaa tgatttggca ggattaatat agtaaaaatg gctatctttc     22260
     aaaaagcaat ctgatatgca ttgcaatcac catcaaaact ccaactcatt tcttcactga     22320
     gttagaaagg gcaatttgca aattcatctt gaaaaaaaaa aaacctacta tatccaaaac     22380
     tatactcaac aatagaagaa tgtcttttgt aatcaccatg cctgacctca agctgtacta     22440
     cagagcaatt atgataaaaa cttcatggta caggaatagt gttagacagg tagataaatg     22500
     gaacagaact gaagacagag aaatgaaccc aaactcatgt ggtcacttga tcttttacaa     22560
     aggagataaa accacccagt ggaaagaaaa tggcattttc aaaaaatggt gctggctcaa     22620
     ctggcagtta gcatattgag gaaagcaaat tgatctgttc tcatctcctt gtacaatgct     22680
     caagtctaat tggatcaagg aactgcacat aaaaccagag acactgaaac ttatagagga     22740
     gaaagtgtgg aagagcctcg aagacaaggt taaatgggga atattcctga acaaaacagc     22800
     aatggctgtt attataagat taaaaataga caaatgggac ctcaaaaatt gcaaaacttc     22860
     tgtaaggcaa ggggcactat cattagaaca aatcgaggaa aaagtcttta tcaatgctaa     22920
     atcagataag ggactaatat tcaatatata caaagaactc aagaagctgg attccagaaa     22980
     atcagataac actattttaa aaaaagggga cggttctaaa caaagaattc taaattaaga     23040
     aacactgaat ggctgagaat cacctcataa atgttcaaaa tccttaatca tcagggaaca     23100
     gaaagtcaaa ataaccctaa gattccacct cacagagtca gaatggctaa gatctaaaac     23160
     tcagatgaca atagttgctg gtgggtatgt gatgaagtag gaacactcct ccattgcttg     23220
     tggaattgca agttggtact accactctgg aaagcagatg gggtttcctc ggaaatgtgg     23280
     taatagttct actgaagatc cagcaatagt cctccttggc atatatccag aagatattcc     23340
     aacttgtaat aaggatacat gcatcactat gttcatagca aacttattta taatagcaag     23400
     aagctgaaaa taaacctgat gcctgtcttc agaggaatga atacagaaaa tatagtacat     23460
     ttacataatg aaatactaca tcactattaa aatcaatgaa ttcatgaaat tcttagacaa     23520
     atggatggat ctggatgata tgttcctaag tgagataact caatcacaaa agaaagcaca     23580
     tgatatatac tcactgataa gtggatatta tccttgaagc tcagaaaaaa acaaggtaaa     23640
     atttgcaaaa cccatgaaac tcaacaagaa ggaagaccaa agtgtggata tgtcgttcct     23700
     tcttagaatt gggaacaaaa gatccatgga aagagttaca gagaaaaagt ttggaaataa     23760
     gactgaagga atccagacac tgcttcattc tgtgatccat accataaaca accaccaaac     23820
     ccagatactg ttgaaaagcc aaacaagagc ttagggacag aagactgata tagttgtctc     23880
     ctgagacgat ctgccatttc ctgacaaata cagaagtgga tgctcaaaga aatccattgg     23940
     actgagcaca gggtccctaa ttatggagct agagaaagta cacaaggaac attctatgag     24000
     gaaaaacaac taacaagtac tcccagagtt ccctgagatt aaatctccaa tcaaagtaaa     24060
     cataagttgt gacttatgcc tacagctgca tatgtagcag aggatggact agtatgtcat     24120
     caatgggagg agagacactt gttcttgtaa agttcctatg accaagtttt gggaatgcct     24180
     gggccaggaa ttgggagtag gtgtgttgga aagcagggat agaggggaga ggactgggat     24240
     tttttgaggg gaaaacagaa aagggaataa catttgaaat gtaaaaaaaa gaaaaaaaga     24300
     aaataaataa taaaaaaaaa gaatgaaata aattatttgt aatgttcttg aaataaattc     24360
     aagttttgca aacatattat tggaacaatg ttcaggtatt ttccggtggc aaaatcataa     24420
     caagttattt tttatcaaca tattctgact acaatgtcaa gagtagttat atgtgttgct     24480
     aaaactcggg tataggaata tatagatata gatagatagg taaaatttca aatgaactat     24540
     ataaaatctc tgagaaaaga cttcttccat ttcaggtgac taggtaaaag tctagtgaac     24600
     tgcacaacac acaattaata cccaacactg aatatgcagt aaccttcaga aagagactcc     24660
     tccgaaatat ttatgtcatc ttcttcatca tcaaagtcca aaagtaataa gtaatctttc     24720
     tttggaatca ccattatttt cttaagagcc attcttctct taaaaactat aatgtcttct     24780
     tagttaaaaa aaaaaggaaa aataaataaa tatgatcttc ctccttcatt taaccctcag     24840
     aagccttgga aatgcagatc gggaggtttt tcctcacata gtggcctctt gcgactgaga     24900
     tttccctcca gtcacacatc ctttaacagt ccaataaccc tgatcagagc tggttatctc     24960
     ttccaggtca ttcagaagtg aactccttca caaccgcacc tttccttgct tgtctgctca     25020
     atgggaaaaa caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa caaaaacaaa aacaaaaaca aaaaacaaaa     25080
     caaaaataaa acaaataaaa aacaaaacaa taacaaaaat aaaaaacaaa acaaaatcaa     25140
     acaaacaaac aaacaaataa ataaaacgtt atcaggagag acccacatgt ctctgaggac     25200
     cctttgtgat gccagatata gaaaacaggt ctcatccagg gatttcaccc tttggctgaa     25260
     tataccctgt gtatgctgtc atggagtacc aggcaccatt gattagaagg gaggtctcag     25320
     gaggtggaaa tgagctacca tctttaagac aaatgatttc cagtttctag gttgataagc     25380
     atttgcagaa ttgaaaaaac atgaacaaat gtgtaacatg aaagtactgg aaatggcact     25440
     gctaatttca actgtaataa tttttgttat ttatttatgt gcataaaaat taaaatgtgt     25500
     gtactttttc tgtatgtaca tacccacaac agaacagtcc atgctgtcct aatagatcag     25560
     aagagaacat ccagattccc tacaatccct ggtaaactcc cacctcaacc ttcctagtac     25620
     tgagcttgat tacaagagtg tgctaggatg tgcaggccct ctctccctca cttatgtgct     25680
     tggatgccca gccccttttt ctcccttatg tgctagagtg ctcaggaact ctctctcacc     25740
     tatgtgctat gccctctctc acttctgtgc tagtctgctc atgccctctc tctcacttat     25800
     gcctctatag cctacagagg ctaaaagaga gcagtgattc tctaaaactg tagctgtgca     25860
     taaattgtaa gccactatgt gggtgcattg tgccaggtcc tcttcataga acaggtgctt     25920
     gttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg tttatttttt gagagagggt ttctctgtgt agacctggct     25980
     gtcttggaac acactctgta taccaagctg gtctcagact cagacattct tggcctctgc     26040
     caaccaagtg ataggattaa agacataaag caccactgcc caaacaacag ttgctcttat     26100
     cagctaattt tccacttttc aactaatcta gtgtgtactt catgtatctt tagggcattt     26160
     ctcccattta ctttcaaggt ggagggtgtt tccaccagaa cagggaccca aagtgggatc     26220
     cgtggcacca tggcatgggt gtttattgtt acatgccaac attgagaaat ccatcaagaa     26280
     tcattggaac agacttcaaa tgaatcacgt gaaagaatat aaacaagaaa ggggggtaaa     26340
     cacagactgg gggagatgta taattaatct ggtttaccaa agttttattg aacccagtga     26400
     tctctactct gatattagta tgtccataag agtcctggga ggcatcatgt attccccagt     26460
     gctgagcaaa tcttgagatg ccagtaaaag aagcctttac aactgctcct ccctggataa     26520
     aaatcaaagg attgaaatct gtacaattgc cattgactcc tcaaagcaca cacttgtgaa     26580
     aggaatgcat tctaaagtcc tgaatgaaaa atctcttttt cataaaaaat tcattctttg     26640
     ggtcatctgt catgttggaa gaaaaggaaa aagttttatt ctgatctgcc caacaagtga     26700
     tggaggattg acaatcagac caaggcagga tcagaccttc atcttccaag acacaatgag     26760
     gggctatttt tggttggtgg ggacgttctt tgtctgaaaa gttaggtggt acaaacgtac     26820
     cattaaccca aattgcatcc tgccaaaagg tccgatttgt aaaggttata tctacattag     26880
     aagtatcttg ggttgtgctc acccaacctc ctcggtgctc attaaacctc cctaaagctc     26940
     aggctgggag gttgatacaa tgtccttgtc cattaatttg aaaacataaa aaaccctgtt     27000
     ctagtaagga gtgattttct cctaatgata ataacgagtt ggatcatagg gtaaatatgg     27060
     caaatctact gttttattag tagtaaagaa ttttggaaaa actatagtat catggcgaac     27120
     tgacattggt ttagggaaag tcgagagaat agcacatatc tgttcaccca ttatactagg     27180
     aacctgagac aagttcagca ttgtcaggat caggaacagt cctaaggagg tcagcatttt     27240
     tgcaccatcg ttgatgaata tcctgcgggt gagtcaatcc ggtagcaaaa atgggttgtc     27300
     ttcactctgt ggaaaaacac aaacagcccc ccgggatctg attaagatag gatccgggcc     27360
     tttccagaga ctagttaaaa catccttccg tttgaccatt tcttttggtc tatcagggtc     27420
     tgagctatgt cgctcagctg cagaacgtcc ctgctcgtca agattcaaaa aattaagtgt     27480
     aaagagtgac atagatactg ctactcttgg cactgagggc agagtctcat caactccccc     27540
     tttttgtttt ataagataag acttgagtgt gtggtgggca cattccacaa tgccttgtcc     27600
     ttgaggatta taaggaaggc cagtcaagtg agtgacatcc atttaatgac aaaattgttg     27660
     aaatttagta gaagtatatg ctactccatt aaccgtttta agaattgtgg ccttgcccca     27720
     gcactccaca cttgtaggca gtgctgtata acatgagagg ctttttcccc tgttaaaggt     27780
     gtggcaaaca ttacagcatt gcaggtgtca aaggaaatat gtaagtactg atttctccca     27840
     aaggaggaaa tatgagtgtc atccatttgc cagacttgta atggcctgat gcctcgaggg     27900
     tttaccccta catgaggtgt aggcaaaaat tgacaactac ctatgcacat aaggcagagg     27960
     ttcactagga cactgaagcc aacaattccg aggccgagca gcaagctggc tttcaccagt     28020
     cgttgttgga ctttttctgt actgagtagc ttgcatttta tcttgcaggt acctttctcc     28080
     cttataatga actgcttcct cctccaagtc cgtttcttca gaggagctaa gcccttcatc     28140
     agattctgag ctactaagag ctagctgctt aaactcatct agtggcacgt agaggctcct     28200
     ttccttatgt gcctctccag ctggatctcc cttcttctct ccctttccat cccttttcta     28260
     atctctccca aggcattctt ttctttttat atcttttcct cgggatcaag gcccatgaaa     28320
     agtcctaaat gaccctaagc aagcatacca tggtgccaca tggtctatct ccctgacaaa     28380
     tccctctaag gtattagtgg cacattttag gccacactgc ttcaggaccg agtgtaaggc     28440
     cactattata gaatgcgaga ttctcatact gccgctgtac aggcctgact gtgactgaaa     28500
     atggacgctg tccaggcact gtccagtcct gaccgtgact gaaactggtc gctgtccagg     28560
     cgctatccag gcctgaccgt gactaagaac cagtcagcag tggaagcagt ggaagaaaaa     28620
     cgaaactgaa aggaaaagtg caatcgctgt gcaaacaatc aaaagggtgt ctaactctgg     28680
     agaaatttca aaactgtatg taccttacag agcctttcat cccgcagttc tgataacgcc     28740
     ccgcgaacaa gggatcttcc ttgcactggt gtgatggtat aaagttcccg ggttcctcgg     28800
     tgccacttat tgcatcccac tcggccggca agaaagaagt aacaaaccgg aatcttctgt     28860
     ggcaaaagat ttattgctta cttatcagga agaccatgat ccgggaaaat ggcgccaaca     28920
     gcatgacgtt tcaacacctg atgtgacgtg acagctcctg attcgttgct tgcccatcac     28980
     cccactatta tgccccgaga atgggcagtg actaggagtg agttcactct tgcacctgcg     29040
     tacaaggctt gtttactagt taggcacagg ggaggccagc accatcttat aatggcgatt     29100
     gctcatggca tgcactgctc ttctcagtga ttgcttgcgg catgcacgcg attgctcagg     29160
     gcatggcact acacagccgt ctatataaaa atgaaaatgt aattaaggat aaaagtgata     29220
     caggagaaat gggtaacaat tcaaggagga gaagataggg atgaatttgc taaaactcat     29280
     ttatgtgtat gtagaaagtt cttacccaac aaatttaaaa caaagtaagt aagtaagtaa     29340
     gtaagtaagt aagtaagtaa ataaatagac aaatatatat gtatgcacgt gcatatctga     29400
     ttggtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtt catataagct     29460
     tgtaggtatg tcgcacctgt gactagagga atgcaatcat gcagtatctt tctttatgtc     29520
     ctatgacgca atgtgttgat tagaatatct tttgcccata gtatgtggca ttattacaag     29580
     gtgttggctt gttagaggaa gtgtatcatt gtgtaggctt gcttttgtgt agtgctcaat     29640
     ctctgctcag agacaaaaat caatcctctt ccttgctacc tgtggccaca agcttacttc     29700
     tggtagcctt cagactaaga tatagaccac ttagttcctt ctccaggacc tcttctaccg     29760
     gggtgctgcc atgcttccta caaagataat aatgtactga ccctctgaaa ctgtaagaca     29820
     acatcattta aattttcctt ataagagttg cctgagtcat gatgtctcct cacatcaatg     29880
     aaaccctatg gaacataggc agtatgttag actgattttt aatgcttaca agataattgc     29940
     aaccagcctg caagcacaaa gtaaagatga tgaatgagtt gctgtatttt ttgctccatc     30000
     tacccaaggg acttcagaca ctcccagata tgctggattg cacctgaatc ttactacatc     30060
     actagaggtg tccccatcat ctttgagatc tgagcaagga actgtgggac ctttctcatc     30120
     taaagcaact aaatctaagg aaacaactgt agggttttct gcatctgctc agggtactag     30180
     ggggcattcc ttatctgcac aagacacagt agaaaagcca atgtctgcaa agcagtctgt     30240
     gggaactttg cctcccactc caggaccttt agggtctacc caaatcactc ggatctgatc     30300
     agaagcctct gggaatttct tcctcttcac caggaactct aggctcttct tcttccatag     30360
     agccttctgg acattgcctt tctgaccaag cgtctttaaa tctgtccaca actaggcaag     30420
     ggagtgtaca aactgtgccg tcttctccaa agactgtgca acatccaact tattgccaga     30480
     aatgtatgag attttctccc ctttctgaac cttctggaca aagatcccca gcttcctcaa     30540
     gggatattgg gccgttacta cctagccaga aatctcaaaa atccttttca tattcaccag     30600
     cagatgggaa acactcacca tctgtactag gatctcagga gcattctcta tctagtaaaa     30660
     actctcaagg atatgtgcta tcctctcaaa agtgtaagga cttttccaca gctgcagagg     30720
     ggattttgcc tgtgcaaagt tctttgtcat ccacacgaat gaatctagaa ccttccgtag     30780
     attccacagg gatattggtc atgggacaat gtaaacacac agagactacc tcgggccctt     30840
     tgcctctagt gagggagaat actgaatctt ctacatattc ttttcctact cttggacctt     30900
     tgccaccatc acctcgagaa cctggtacac attcatcttt tactcaagga ggtgcagaaa     30960
     cattcccatc tagtcccggg aacctagcac atttggaatc atcccagggg cctctgacac     31020
     attccatctc agcccaggca atgactcata tctctgtatc tgctgaaggg gctctactgc     31080
     attcagctcc ttccccagca gtttcagaaa caaatgaata ttctccttct acctgaggga     31140
     cttcagacac ttccagatgt gctgaactgc acctggatca tactacatta ttacaggttt     31200
     caccatcatc tttgagatct gagcaaggat ctctgggacc ttgcatacct gaagggacta     31260
     aatctaagga aacaactgta gggttttatg catctgctca gggcactagg ggtcattcct     31320
     tattggcaca agccaaagca ggaaagtcca tgtctgcaag gtagacagtg ggaactttgc     31380
     ctcccactcc aggaccttta gggtccaccc aaatcactcg ggtggtctca gagtcttttc     31440
     catctgatca gaagcctctg ggaatttctt cctctttacc aggaactcta agctcttcat     31500
     cttccataga ggcttctgga aattcccttt ctgaccaagg tctctaaaac tgtccacaac     31560
     taagcaaggg agtgtaaaaa ctgtgccatt ttctccaaag actgtgcaac atccaactta     31620
     ttgccagaaa ggtatgagat tttctccccc ttctgaacat tctagacaaa gatcccaaat     31680
     ttcctcaagg gactttggga cattactacc tagccagaaa tctcaaaaat ccattccata     31740
     ttcacaagca tatgtaacac attcaccatc tgtactaggt tctcaggagt atcctctatg     31800
     tagtaaagac tctcaaggat atgtgctaac ctctcaaaag tgtaaggact tttccacagc     31860
     tgcagagggg actttgtctg tgctaagttc tttgtcatcc acccgaagga aaatagaacc     31920
     ttcggcagat tcctcaggga tattgggctt ggggcaatgt aatcacacag agactacctc     31980
     gggccctttg cctctagtga gggagaatac agaatcttct acatctgctt tgtctactct     32040
     aggacctttg ccaccatcac ctcgagaacc tggtacacat tcatctttta ctcaaggagg     32100
     tgcagaaaca ttcccatcta gtcccgggaa cctagcacat ttgcaatcat cccaggggcc     32160
     tctgacacat tccatctcac cccaggcaat gactcatatc tctgtatctg ctgaaggggc     32220
     tctactgcat tcagttcctt ccccagcagt ttcagaaaca aatgaatatt ctccttctac     32280
     ctgagggact tcagacactt ccagatgtgc tgaactgcac ctggatcata ctacattatt     32340
     acaggtgtca ccatcatctt tgagatctga gcaaggatct ctgggacctt gcatacctga     32400
     agggactaaa tctaaggaaa caactgtagg gttttatgca tctgctcagg gcactagggg     32460
     tcattcctta ttggcacaag ccaaagcagg aaagtccatg tctgcaaggt agacattggg     32520
     aactttgcct cccactccag gacctttagg gtccacccaa atcactcggt tggtctcaga     32580
     gtcttttcca tctgatcaga agcctctggg aatttcttcc tctttaccag gaactctaag     32640
     ctcttcatct tccatagagg cttctggaaa ttccctttct gaccaagggt ctctaaaact     32700
     gcccacaact aagcaaggga gtgtaaaaac tgtgccattt tctccaaaga ctgtgcaaca     32760
     tccaacttat tgccagaaag gtatgagatt ttctccccct tctgaacatt ctagacaaag     32820
     atcccaactt tcctcaaggg actttgggac attactacct agccagaaat ctcaaaaatc     32880
     cattccatat tcacaagcat atgtaacaca ttcaccatct gtactaggtt ctcaggagca     32940
     tcctctatgt agtaaagact ctcaaggata tgtgctaacc tctcaaaagt gtaaggactt     33000
     ttccacagct gcagagggga ctttgcctgt gctaagttct ttgtcatcca cccgaaggaa     33060
     aatagaacct tcggcagatt cctcagggat attgggcttg gggcaatgta atcacacaca     33120
     gactacctca ggccctttgc ctctagtgag ggagaataca gaatcttcta catctgcttt     33180
     gtctactcta ggacctttgc caccatcacc tcgagaacct ggtacacatt catcttttac     33240
     tcaaggaggt gcagaaacat tcccatctgg tcctgggacc ctagcacatt tgcagtcagc     33300
     ccaggggcct ctgacacttt caagctcagc ccaggcaatg acccatattc tggatatgct     33360
     gaaggggctc tactgcattc aactccttcc ccaacagttt cagaaacaaa tgaatgttct     33420
     ccatctaccc aagggacttc agacactttc agatgtgctg gactgctcct ggatcttact     33480
     acatcactac agttgtcacc atcattattg agatctgagc aaggaactct aggactttgt     33540
     tcaactgaat aatgccatct agaagtgact aaatctaaag aaacaactct agggtcttcc     33600
     acatctgctc agggcactga ggggattttt ttatctgcag aagccacagt aggaaagtcc     33660
     ctgtctgcaa aggagactgt gggagctttg cttcccactc caggacatct ggggtctacc     33720
     caaaatactc aggtgcgacc agaatctgtg tcatctgagc agatgtctct gggaatttgt     33780
     ttatcttcac aaggaaccct aggttcttca tctttccaag aggctttcgg acatttctgt     33840
     ttttcccaag ggtatctaaa agcccaattt taaacagggg aatacacaaa gtgtttcatt     33900
     tgctcaagat actttgcatc ctccaacttc ttgtcagaca gaaataggat tttctccaac     33960
     tgcccatcat tttgcacaaa gatccccagg tttcccaagg gacactcgaa ctttcctact     34020
     tagccagaaa tctcaagaaa ccttttatcc tacaccatca gtaccgggtg ttcaggagca     34080
     tcttgtatct actccagagg ttctagaagc tttgtcatct tttcaaaagc acaagaaatt     34140
     ttccagggca caagagggaa ctttgctcat gcaaagttct tttttcccca aacaaagaaa     34200
     tcgagaaaat tcaacagatg ccacagggat atttgcacaa tatgaagagt cacacagtgc     34260
     tataggcctt tttccacaag tgaggcaggc tgtagcatct tctcagtcta cttcagcaaa     34320
     tctaggaaca ttgccaccat catcgccaac acctggtaga cattcctgtt ctgaccaagg     34380
     aggtgcaaag actttcccat ttggtcaagg gtatctagca cttttgcaat ctgcccaggg     34440
     gcctctgaaa cattctatct cagcccaggc aatgatgaat acatcacaat gctatgaatg     34500
     ttctcataat ccactgggtc tttcatcctc agaacaaagg actccaggat cttctgattc     34560
     tgctcaagga ggtgtgagtc ccagtctctg cacaagggga ccatacatct gtccacatgt     34620
     ccacaaaggt ctacccaaca ttctacatct tccaaaaggt tttcaagtcc ttctttacat     34680
     acacaaggta taggaactca ctccacatct acacactaca cagtagcaga ctcaccatct     34740
     ttaccagtgt gtcagggata taaccaccct gctcaaaata cagcaaggat tttgagatct     34800
     gaccagggat ctctgaggat ttcagcaaat acacaggctc tgtagaaaca ttgctgcctc     34860
     cacagggggc tctaggatat tcatcatttg catgaggagc acaaaaattt tcaacagcta     34920
     ccccaggaca tatgatatcc aatgactcac ctctggaact tgcaatttct gcccaactta     34980
     gttcctcact ttcttcccta agccttttgg atcttccctt tccacagaag agcctttaga     35040
     cctctctaaa cctacagagg gacctttaac ttcattccag ggaccaaatg agtctttgaa     35100
     ttctctacaa ggggttcaac aaacagatcc atctacttca gatccttcag gatctatgca     35160
     ttcttccaaa ggacccatgg taatttcttt atctgatcga ggaacactag gatctatatc     35220
     atctgcccta gagcctttga cattgtccct atctgctcaa gggaatccag gacatttgtt     35280
     atctgttcaa gaagctggag gcccttggct gtctttatag gggaacctgg aagtttgtac     35340
     ctgtacacat ggcaatccag gaatatccaa tgcttcatca cgagctttgg aaatttcagc     35400
     atctaccata gtgagtctag gaccttctcc atctgtccaa ttggatttga aagagtaaca     35460
     ttctgtctta atgtcttgga gaccttccat gtctgcccaa ggtgtactag aaacatcaat     35520
     atcttcccaa gggcttacag aaacttcctt gttacctcaa gagcctccag gacactggtt     35580
     ggaaaaggag gctttaggat atttaccatc caatcctgaa gatcttggac tttctgattc     35640
     ttcccaggac acactagaaa tatgggcatg tatgcaaaat agtacagaaa taccatctgt     35700
     cacccaagag gtcatagaat ctttgtcagc cacacaagat tctcccaaat taccagttcc     35760
     ttcaccactt agtccagaga cagaagaacc tctgacatat acacaatcca tttctaagag     35820
     ttcaaaatct gtgccaggga ctccagaagc tttggcatct gtgttagggt ctctgtgttt     35880
     tttgaaaccc aatgaaggtg ctctgggccc tttagtatct gaacaaggga tcctgagaac     35940
     accagcattt ccccaggaaa gtctagaact ttctcaacct gcccaggggc ctctaaaacc     36000
     tgtgacatct caccaagaaa ccgtggatac ttccttttca acagagtttc agggactgtc     36060
     cctttgtgca gaaggggaca ttatgcctac ccctcctcat gaagatggat ggagaaattt     36120
     ctcttatctc aaaaagaacc ctagacgttt gaaatctaac caaaggatat tgaaacatgt     36180
     cccaattcct gaaagggata tcagatactg cctttcagaa cttgatgcct taaaatgtat     36240
     ctcttctgcc gtaagtagcc tcacatcttc caagtatgca gaaaaggaat ccagtcctac     36300
     ctctactcct caaaggagca tctccccctt aaaatcatct caattgagtt tcagatctag     36360
     tattctttgt aaaaaaggtc tcagtcattc tcctcctcca ggaaattgcc ccacaccttc     36420
     taaattgagg aaaacaagac caagcccttc ctctgtagat caagagggcc tgaaatatgt     36480
     gcgctcaaaa catgtgggtt ggaaacactg ccattcttcc aaaatttggg taagagtttg     36540
     caaatttaag aaagagttgt aaagcttaaa actatgacta acataaactt cgccacatct     36600
     gattctgcta aaggagcctg cagatgctca ccatctcatg aggtgggcct cagaagtccc     36660
     ctaccaagcc aaggcattca cagaccatct aagtctactg aaaccccatc agaaaaagcc     36720
     ccttcagacc aatgggacac caaagcttcc aattcagagc ataaggttga caagccatcc     36780
     tccatcctta cagaagagtg catgcgaacc actctttctc atgaagacag cctcaggcat     36840
     cccaccttcc tcatgagatt cccagacacg ctacttctac caagagaaaa cagaggaaag     36900
     cctctgttac ccaaggagcc ctgcaagctt cccctacaga tcaagaatgc attgagtcat     36960
     ctccagatgg agacagtccc catagaggtg tgcaacactc atcatcaccc caagaggata     37020
     tcagccattc tttttctact aaggaagact caaaacatat tcctaatgtc caagagggag     37080
     agaaaacttc cagaagtgcc aaacgggagc ccatagcttt tgtgcctatc ctatgggcat     37140
     tcatacctcc aaaagggagt accacattcc cttttggaac attccctgtt atgcgaagat     37200
     atgacaaaca tacaatatct caagcagagg atgtggtacc tgctctctcc tgtcctcgga     37260
     gagacccatc attacaatat aaatttgggt tccccctttg tgaccattct gtcctaggag     37320
     gccacaaata tacacatcat ttgaaaatca atctcaacag gatcgcactg caaaagggga     37380
     gttgtagttc tttcctcttc cctaaaggag gtgtcggacc ttctcaatca gaccaatgtg     37440
     gactcagact ttccagttct caccaaaggg acactggctt tgtgatccct gtttcagaaa     37500
     ggctcagaat gcttcaggct gaaataggtg gcccctcaaa tgctccatct aagaaactgg     37560
     gcctcaccag tgctttttat gacaaaagag atatcgaaaa tgctctagga ggcttacgac     37620
     ttactccttg cttctgactt cctccttctg cccagggaca caccagagct tcccagcctg     37680
     ccaaacggaa cctgtaaggc agtccatctc aagagggtgg cctgggccct actctctctt     37740
     actctggcat tttcagttct tttttgatac agaagctgcc ctcatatttt ccctttctat     37800
     gccccttatg aacaacatga atttagaact ttttcttttc atcaactgtc tatcaaactt     37860
     acaatttcca ctcctagctg cctcagatgc acattgaagc ctcatctatg cccctgtgac     37920
     taaaagcagg acaagaatcc tctttctgat taagattaga tcacaattgt atccagaaga     37980
     atgtgctata taattttcac ctcatggaga gtattatgtg attcttctga acattgagga     38040
     cctagaccta cctactagat ctgatctagt ccatgaaaat tccactccct tgatctaagg     38100
     tgcaccaagt gcttcttatt ctgatcctct gacctaatta cccctgtcca agaatcagga     38160
     cccgggttcc tgaagtctca gagcttaaga gtagccagca cgttaatgaa cccaagacat     38220
     agacattaag ctgaccagca aaaatgagaa agccttgcca tttttagaag taggcagcag     38280
     atttatcagg agaactagct gggaaatgtc tcctagcaca ctggagattg attaagctgt     38340
     tgcatggcct gcatgatttg cgtgttctag gttcccagga cgtctcaatc atgaaatatt     38400
     caggccttct ctcctctcca tatcgaccct tgatcttgta cagatacaat agtctttggc     38460
     atttctactt tccccaacat ggtgtgaacc tttctgcctc taaaggatgg catcctttat     38520
     agattgtttg tggatacatc aacattatca ctctgtcact gggtcctcca agtcctgttt     38580
     ctgacacaca aacctcagaa ttatcccttc agcaccaaaa agactcacac tgtcccccca     38640
     ttcttgaagt ggagcttaaa tcactctcag tggctcaagg agtcatcagg tacactttgt     38700
     ctaaattagg aattcaaaaa cactccaggc attcttctct ggtaaggttc agacctacag     38760
     attaagaacc acagatcttc taaactactg tatggaccaa gggaacttct gatatgccca     38820
     ttctgaacca gggatcctca gatcatcccc aatagcctaa gtgaccttca tcttacctgt     38880
     ctagaaccaa tgtgctgggg ctggagagat ggctcagcag gtaaaagcac tgacttctct     38940
     tccacaggtc ctgagttcaa ttctcagcaa tcacttgttg taccacaacc atctgtcatg     39000
     ggacctgatg ccaccttatg gtgtgtctga agacaatgac agtataccca catacatgaa     39060
     atagaaccta tgtgactcac aacttacacc aataactcaa gggggattca gatgtaaccc     39120
     cgaaatcaaa tatgttagaa actcccgagt attgaaggca gcattatcat atgagaacca     39180
     gaaacctcag aatttcgtta atttccctca gaattaccac ttcagaacaa aggtgtcaca     39240
     taggtcctca ataactgaag atgccctgat acatatgaca tgataagcaa aggacttatc     39300
     aacagacccc aacaacattt taagaaagcc acaaagttgg ctcttttact atcagcatgc     39360
     aatagcattg atgaagttac aatggggact cagatgtacc cttctagacc caggataatt     39420
     tatacctcca gcataaatat caactccatc acgtcaggcc ccctcgatgt aaagtatccc     39480
     ataacttcaa gggggctgac acccagttgg tttatctttt gaagagcacc taaaccttgc     39540
     ttcctctaac catagtatcc cctgacatta tgtgtatgcc aaaggggtca gctgaccttg     39600
     agtaaaacgc tttattcttc ctccttctgc actggaaggg tctgagacat gcctctctga     39660
     tgaagcaagg tatagaactg accttgtgag tgagaagttt atctcaaata ttcaggctca     39720
     gctctagtgt gcttcaggct gaatccttgg taccaagaat acacaagagc ttcagtcttt     39780
     gttcatggtg gaatcaggtc taccactcaa ctaagagctt ctccctcaga ccttattggt     39840
     tagggaatac gcttttgacc accaaaaaca aacaaacaaa caaaacaaac ctcacagaac     39900
     tccagagtca agtcccatgg ccaatgtata aaaacctcag cctggatcca aggctctctt     39960
     taagctggtc atcagaaagg taactgtaca ctacacccac acctgtgtgc tttgttgtaa     40020
     gtttaatagg caacaaatcc agggactttg agccaacttg tcagaagaaa cctcagattg     40080
     ctgtcaaatc ttcatggagt cctaagagat tttttagagt tctctgaaga tgtggaggcc     40140
     tggagtgcct ggaacaaact cctctacaga aggtgaacag ggcaactccc ctactgtcca     40200
     acagggttga gggactttct actttccaaa cctatattat tttccttcct gtggtgatca     40260
     aggtcataaa atgtacacct ttgatgcaat gggcaatcat aaaaatccct tccgttcagg     40320
     aacccatggg atattttacc tctgaccaag gagaattgct ccctctgctc aaagttcaca     40380
     gaaatcaaga ggaggaggcc aatcctggaa ccttatgcca cttccttgag tatagtcaca     40440
     tgacattgtg tgaaatcatc attataactc agttctggtt ggttgaacat aattcttagg     40500
     aggcaatcat gctgaggata caatccgaag cttttcatga atcatggtat ctatatttca     40560
     tgccttgcta attcagctaa ggatatggat accccaggct gtgaagaact gtcagaagtt     40620
     gtggccatgc taggacctca tgagctaagg taaacaattt aatttttgct caaaatatta     40680
     tggggaattt tatactccga tcatctctcc tgttacaagg atatcagcaa ctcctttctc     40740
     cccagggcta ctcattcctt ctacctttaa ttaaggaggc atcacatatt cctactgaag     40800
     caaagggagc ctcagatcat accagtttgt ccaaagcagg cttggacatt catttaggtc     40860
     gaggaatccc acagagattg ctgatattat ggactgaacc ttagatgttt ttcctaatgt     40920
     ttctgagact tttccttcag ttcaaggtaa actctaggtt caaaaaggtt tcaatgaaga     40980
     atctttgaca tagatactct gtcaaggaag aatctttcat tttatctttg aattagggaa     41040
     aaatagaatc acccttatat ttgaccgggg attaatacaa attctgctgc ttatggagcc     41100
     tacagaaaag ccactgacat gaaaaactca agccaatgtt cttttttttt tctttttttt     41160
     tttcctcaag gaaactttaa atcaacttct cttgactatg cttacctcag aaaatccact     41220
     tttatccata gaaccatgag gtctattcct ctaggaggtc ctaaagattc ccttcagacc     41280
     tggatggcca ggcatgctca aataaaagaa gggatgccaa acactctgaa atgatgtcct     41340
     gggacatgac agtaattata tgaactctaa tctaattttt aattttaagc ctgtcacttg     41400
     aaatggatca attccatttt ggtgcctatg cctgggatgc tgctgtacag cttatggaga     41460
     acatagagct agagtttacc aaacaatttg aaataaaact gctctgattg ttggcaagca     41520
     aaactcaaag tctcagaaca catgggtatt ctggactatg aggacatttg cacttgataa     41580
     gttatttttg acatcttcca attcccaagg taaacttttg tctgagggat tctgtgacct     41640
     tccttctctt ccttatccac ccaacacgtt ctctttctca aaaatgtcat tcaaatatat     41700
     gaagtatata tgtgaatgta tacttcaaag tagttttata cctagctggt cagccatatt     41760
     tctaaaagtg actccttctg taaacaatgt accctagacc attctggttt gaggtcccat     41820
     agtccaagtt acaaatcaga gcaaagtacc tgtgccatct gcctttaggc aagtcaatag     41880
     aaatgtaata acttcattaa ttctgcctag acctggatag atgaataaag tcaaagaagt     41940
     atactagcca gcaacagtca ttgaaagcct ttggaagaaa aaaaaatata tattgctgcc     42000
     atgtctctca tgaatgaaca caaactatga aaataaaaac tctgaataag aattggaaac     42060
     ttatgatcat gcctggaaac attctccact ctataaggta ccagggacct ttacctttga     42120
     cagaggtgta tatggcaatt tcacattctg cctcaagagg agtctgccct cctctttcag     42180
     gagggccttt gagatttcct tttttacatg gggcccacat ttccccatgg taactcattt     42240
     ttttctcact acactgaata gaatgtcaga actctcctag ggctaacatt gccttagacc     42300
     ctattgggca aatgtcgcct aaaacatgta ttatgcctta taaggaatat tcctaatcct     42360
     accaagtagc tttgaatcat ttttccttaa agggatgtca gaccataaga gaattatacc     42420
     actcattcta cataaaagag aatctaacat tccctgtttt cccagtagga atctgggcct     42480
     attgtctact tcaattcacc aagtggattt tagaacttca gtttctacaa agggggtcct     42540
     gggaaatcaa agactattga aagggctctc agaactagct cctgtgtcaa aggggcgttt     42600
     catacatcta ctctctgtac taggacactt caggtccatc tgtgcaatta ttgaaccacc     42660
     agagattctc ttctggctgt gcctcgcaaa tacccctatt aactaagttt gcttttaaca     42720
     tatccataca atacatacac gaccaatgac acctcacatt ttctatcctt ttagatcata     42780
     ggacagaaaa tagaaatctg aaattggctc tcgtatcctg tgcttcaaaa atggtcatca     42840
     aaatgcacca ttcctatctc ttattcacag atgtgtgcag ctgaacacag cctcgaggaa     42900
     acatcaatgc ttgcataact acttatgctg ggagattgtt gtgaccactg actggactct     42960
     caaagatgtt acacagggta tgcatatggg ggaaatactt ggaagctagt gaggcagagt     43020
     ctgaacattc ctccagtacc cagtgaagcc tagaaactta ccctgttgac catgggtgaa     43080
     ctggatattt ctgacctgca aaatatgact ggggacctct actttaggaa ctaagacatt     43140
     cacgattttt tctctgttga aggtggtctt ggaacttacc attctgagaa gaggttctca     43200
     taactcctat gttcccagga ttcctctcac actccttgtt ttttgaagta gccaagagaa     43260
     ctaacctggg tgaggctgag tgaggttcag tcttttcctt ccctcaaaat atggccttgg     43320
     atcttgtcca tttctgcaag ggaggggggc attaaccact gtgtttgacc aaaggaaggt     43380
     cacactattc tttattcata aaatgccatt agatatgctc ttttgaataa taatgcatgg     43440
     tgccttgtat cctcaagcat tcacttatga ctttgaaata tatcaaatgt atattctcta     43500
     attaagtaag attcaagcct ttccctttta taaggatgac aggggaaata tattgttttt     43560
     ctctggtttg tggttccagg tcatatatat atatatataa gtattgactg gatcctatgt     43620
     tatgctttgc aatccaattg aattgttgtt gcctatatat gtacatatta agacaaactg     43680
     aaggtggcaa cctagccagg gacagacatc caggctgttt gaaaaggctt ggaatgttat     43740
     ctgaactccc ccagactaaa cacaggatgt ggaactttta ccaactaagg aagatttgga     43800
     agctgaagag cagtggaggg acttccttta ctgatcaagg taaaagggac attcatacat     43860
     aacaggatgt tgcatggcac ttaccccctc tccaaggttt tcctaatgca tgccattgta     43920
     ccaaccaggt ctcattattt tctcttactc ctaagtgccc agtacttcct ctcttcccaa     43980
     gttacctcag ttctttgttt tgttttgttt ttcactgaag agaatgtcag acattcctcc     44040
     tatgactaag cctcctgcag accttctcta tttgcccaag attgtctaaa gtactcattt     44100
     agtagaaata ccctcaaact ttcagtttcg ttgaatgtgg gactcagtca tttctcttgt     44160
     gacaaaagat gtcccaaacc actgcctgcc aaatataaaa gtggatgcca cagtcatcca     44220
     ttggacagag cataaggtcc tcaatgaagg agccagagaa atacccaggg acatgaaggg     44280
     gactgaagcc ccatagaagg aacatcaata tgaactaact agtacccctc ccccagagct     44340
     ccttggaact atgccaccaa tcaaagaaaa cacatggtgg aacttgtggc tctaaccaca     44400
     agtgtagcat aggatggcct aggagttcat caatgggaag agaggacctt ggtcctgtga     44460
     aggctctatt ccccattata ggcaaatgcc agggccagga agcaggagta ggtaggttgg     44520
     ggagcggggt gagggagaag gcataggaaa ttttcagaag gcaatctagg aaggtagata     44580
     atatttgaaa tgtaattaaa gaaaatatct aataaaaaaa aaagataccc cagactaagt     44640
     aagctttatg ccattcccac aaaaaaagta gaatgatgtc cactcacatg cagttcattg     44700
     tagtacaaaa gggggctata attacctcct tcaacctcaa ggaacataga catctaattg     44760
     cttgacaagg gtgtatgtgt catggagcaa tgatgacaga gatcttaggt ttggatccta     44820
     tggccaagag ggtctcattt attatacctg tagtcatagg agtttcagat atagcctctt     44880
     gggatgccca agagtattct tttcaagggc accttaaact tgacttaaac tcatactacc     44940
     tcagtgccac tctctattag aaagattgca aggcaaacac aattgcaact tctcagtggg     45000
     ctctcacatg tttctgagtg tagggcagag ggcagaacat agaaagaaaa ataatatgca     45060
     tgtgatcttc ctagagttag gtgtcagaaa tggtgtgttc ctgtctctca gttatagata     45120
     ggtacagaca aatacaacct caggtcagac aaccactctc cctgttggaa gagtgtgctg     45180
     attgttcctt gtattcttcc caacagtata tacaatatat ggataatgga aggtggggag     45240
     actagatgga agcaaactat gcactaccat tctgttctcc ctctacccaa gataaactag     45300
     atttttccct tttgcacaat gtggttactt gatcctgcta cttggttaat catggcctaa     45360
     aactaactaa cttactctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct     45420
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctccct tccttccttc cttcctttct     45480
     ttctttttct ttcgttctct ctctctttct tactttcttt ctttcttact ttcttccctc     45540
     cctccttcct tccttccttc ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt     45600
     ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctatctttct ttctttcttt     45660
     ctttctttct ttctttcgtt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttcttttt tttctctctc     45720
     tcttgctttc tgtctctttc tttctatctc tctctctcta actccttcat tctctttctc     45780
     tccttctttc tttctctttc tttctttctc tctttctttc tttcattctt tctttcttcc     45840
     ttccttcctt tcttccctcc taaatttatt tctcttcttt ccttcttcct tccttccttc     45900
     cttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcat tcctttgttc ctttcttttt taagtattta     45960
     tttatttatt atatatacag tgttctctat gcatgtgtgc ctgcacatta gaagatggca     46020
     ctggatacca ttacagatgt ttgtgaactc aggagccctg ggagagccgt cagtgttctt     46080
     aaccactgaa tcatctctcc agccccaggt tctttctttt taagaaaatg ggtccggaag     46140
     gtcatagaag ttgtaggtat gaacaaatgc tactcaacct gttttcaagg tatctcatac     46200
     catcaccttt ggatgaaggg tcatcagaat ttcacttggg ataggtggtc ttcatgacct     46260
     actgctgtta ccaacaatac ccaaaacctt ccatttctgc ccaaggtcag tcataattat     46320
     gactgtagtt tactattgga atctcagaat tttcattttt cccaagggta ccaaaattca     46380
     ggtatcctaa gagcatcctt acatacatat gagcctcaaa tataacactc caatcatgag     46440
     ctttagatca tttccctcca acgatggtct ctaggaaatt atacttcact taattctgcc     46500
     ctgcattaac agagcctgaa acttaggtca tctatccttc gtaccatcct tcatgaaaac     46560
     acccatataa ctgatgataa gcttcaagag tgcttagaga cttacagtca tgcctggtgc     46620
     ataatacttg tattgctgcc aggcttacca aggtgtatgt gaagatggga atcttcaaag     46680
     ttgtgaagca gtcctacctc tcctgcttaa ggtaggctag gccacttcct taaccctaaa     46740
     gaggttgggg acattaagca gattctaatt ctgctttaat cttctactcc taaacatcaa     46800
     tacttagacc actaatttgt gtccattata tatcaaatgc accctctgta tacatgaggg     46860
     tccaatattt gtcttgtaag cctgacaggc ctgagatcat ctctacctgc cccaggcccc     46920
     aaacttcact tccaatccaa aaggtcttca ataattaccc tctctgatca gaaagaattc     46980
     caaactattc tctatctgat ggagggcaaa aatttccatt taactgtgtc tcacatcgaa     47040
     ctcctcattt gaaaggggca caagaatgac tctttttgtt ccagtggttc tcaaattcac     47100
     atcctctgtc gaagaggtct ataaatgtca tccagtcata ccagggcttc agtgcctttc     47160
     cctctcccta tggaagcctc agacacacca catctagtca taaatatttc ctcttctccc     47220
     tgtgtctatt gggcaacaaa gccttctcaa atgcccatat ttgactgaaa tatttccttt     47280
     ttttttcagt ggtagacaca tacctacact ctcttgtaaa gtgtaaatag atcttgtctt     47340
     attgactatg tgtgcctgct atattacaac tgtctaagat tacttccaaa cttcttcctg     47400
     ttacaaatat tcggagacat tcctccattc aagaaaagtg gccttgctct tatgtcatct     47460
     gactaaaggt ttcatagacc aaagataacc atccaacctg ttggaatact gaaacaattg     47520
     ctgcctgctt tccacacact acataaaata tgtggatatc ctaaattcta caaaaaaaga     47580
     tttgtaagca aatcaagtaa tactgggact ccctcttctc cagaaggtat ttgcattttc     47640
     accaatgtga aatggtattt cttatttatt gaaaatagcc agagatttta cccttcttac     47700
     aagtatgttt agaatttcac acttgcaaag tgtcacagaa atgctgctta tgaccagaat     47760
     gcttcaactt ccttattctc atgaagtttg ccacattacc tctttgatga agggcacaac     47820
     cattctactt ctgtgcaaaa ctgcccaagc tcctccccta tcttccttta ggaagattta     47880
     gacattcaca acagagagtg ctccaacctg tgtggagcac agtgtgtttg aggaaatccc     47940
     ccagattctc catcttccca gtgtatgtcc tacctataac ttctaatttc cgtggtctgg     48000
     gaagcactgt tctgacctaa gagatttctg aacactctgg actgaaatcc caaacagaag     48060
     agtatcaagg taagggtaaa tcagtttact atctttgttt tgttacttta gacagagaca     48120
     tcctggcctc catgcagagg aatgtgtgga tagacatata tttaaggaag acactaaacc     48180
     agaaaatact acattacacc ctcttaaaag acttctaaga ttgttgtcat gcctaccact     48240
     gacattcaga tgatgtgtat tcttgattgt gatttcatgt ttggagctga tgaaggagta     48300
     agtacctgga atgtcctaga attctcaagg tatcaatcag tgttcaattt ctgatcaata     48360
     gtgctgcaga cataggaata acaggataaa actattctat acaatccaat gaagctccta     48420
     taaccatcct cctattttag agaatcttag atctatcacc aatcctgaga cgggaagaaa     48480
     caattcttct cctgcacata gggatactgc atatgtctct ccttgcccaa agtattccaa     48540
     ttactgtctt tttactgaat ttgcttttag actatacctg aaatattcca cttttcacca     48600
     aaagatctac cagccctccc tgttctaata gagagctacc gtccaccaat atccaaaggg     48660
     ttctcagaca ttctaaatat gcccctgtgg gagtaaactt actaagtcta tttaattggg     48720
     cctcagatcc ttctgctttg accaaaaagt tttcaatcta ctgactctga gttaccaggg     48780
     gcctcagatc tcattttccc caagtggtca tcaaatatgc ttttctgact aaaaatgacc     48840
     ttgcaatgtt ctcctctgat ggagacactt agtcaccccc tcctctaatt ttaactccca     48900
     aatggacctc cagaccaccc aagcttaaat tacctgagcc gaacattaag aagtacagcc     48960
     cagaacaaaa gctcatttcc tcaatgcaga aactaaaatg atgtactcct cacgattcat     49020
     acctagaccc aggagaagaa catatgcctg agaagaagaa ctagtgtgga actgtcagcc     49080
     aggtttttgg tgagtgctca gactgcttcc tgatccggca ccacatttac tacagtggac     49140
     agatgctcta ttctctgatg aggagttgct agctgtaagg aagtacctgg aatgggctcc     49200
     actgcatgag gtaggctgag tctttgagct cacgtcaagg aaagaacatg caaatttaaa     49260
     ctctacccaa ccaaacatac tagtttacct gtacaaaggg gttttagatt tccaaattct     49320
     cacaaagatg ccctcgtgta tttcccctct gaccattggg gtcctatcta tttttcatgg     49380
     ctcatagggt ctcacttctt cccaatgtcc attacccaat cacctctgac cactagccat     49440
     acatctctga ttagtgttgg ggatgttctc ggtatgacaa taaggccaac agtagtgcct     49500
     acatgccatt tttgaataat tggatcttaa attccacctc tatccaaggg tacttcagaa     49560
     agacctttct cattacatgg ggtctctata gtagcatctt tattcaacag gcctctggtt     49620
     gtaccttctg gccaagcagt tcttacattt cacttaaaga gatgccacat ttacacaatg     49680
     tagacaaaaa ggatttgagc attctcatac tcatcaatat aacattcctc ccctcaggtt     49740
     tgaagtctcc agagcagcaa ggagagtggg gagtagaact catcatcttt aggtcactca     49800
     tccccgatgg attgttccca accttagtat acagacatgg atggttgaac acaatcttgt     49860
     caggctgaca atgcaataga catctactaa agtccttgga accatgttca gagtgctgca     49920
     catcctcctg aagatgccac ggatgacatg gttccttgtg attgttgttc tcttcttgtt     49980
     gttgctgttt tcttttaact tttgaagagg atacattatt agtctgttgc tatgttagtc     50040
     atctcctggc attagaaacc aacatgccac tgcttaaatg ttttacattt cctactcttt     50100
     ttggaaagca caatgtatgc acatcatttt ttcctattgt ttcaaagaca taccactatg     50160
     taattcaact ttacaattgt aatcattttg accaatattc acatgaatat aaattttatg     50220
     tgtaaatttc ttcctgtgct gtgttatttt ccaccaggtg acagtttcat ttcaggtcat     50280
     ttggaagatc gttccttact atgtgtcttt aaaagatata ttttggagct gaggggtatg     50340
     actgaatatc ttcagcacaa taaatacctt ctgtaacgtt actatctagt ggattataag     50400
     tatcaggttg tacacggtag taactaaaat aatggacaag tttgggaaag attttagggt     50460
     gtaatctctc ataatataca caaaaaagaa aatcctagat attaatcaaa tctatgcaca     50520
     ccaaatgaac attgtgagtt ttgtggattt gtttttatat gtctttgtag ttcgaatgtc     50580
     caaactttat gtcttaattg aggattgtaa acaatgctca gggtgtgtgt gtgtgagata     50640
     aagggcacca tgtctttagt gtttagatta ataacacata tcattatctg tctatccatc     50700
     atctatatat gtatgtatgt atgtatgtat gtatgtatga agtaatgatt gaatgtattt     50760
     atatagatat gtatgcaact atttctctat catctaccaa tcactctttc tctttctatt     50820
     tctctcaccc tctttctctg tttatctctt atgcatgaat atatgtatgc atttagctag     50880
     gtaggtgtgg tagttttaat gtaattggtt cccatcggcc cataggctgt attcggatga     50940
     gtaaccttgt tggactaggt gtttccttgt tggaggaagg gtgtcactgg aagaggtggg     51000
     tggtctcata catgttcaag ttatgcccag tagggttctg tgtgtttgct gtctgtttgc     51060
     ctttccaaga gtagctgtga tagagtgttc aatgattcaa ggaggggatg ttggttagat     51120
     ggcatataaa gcaggcaaga cacatttaca tacatggtag aagaagcaag ctttaagaag     51180
     cacaaacaat cacacacaca cacacatttg ttggacagtg caaagcttca accactttcc     51240
     atatatactc acatttggtg gatggaacaa agcaccaact ttatttttct cacactgctt     51300
     atatatctct gcacaatctt tcaattagta taaaatttat actggttact ttctattttc     51360
     ttctagtgaa taattatgag aatatataag gaaaagatct tctcactata cttttatgat     51420
     gagctattta taaattatgt ttataaatat ccaatattat ccccaagaac caacacacat     51480
     ttctaactaa aaaacttgtt attgattaac aagttgtaag caagtaaggt atttttttca     51540
     gccagtttct cttactggta gactgaaatt tgctgttata cataaaggat tagtttttat     51600
     ctatctcaaa aattaatcct tcaaaaatct taaaagaatc acaaaactaa acttttatgt     51660
     aaaaacctat catccctttc tactttgaat cctcagggtg cacatttgtt cattaaccat     51720
     gtttttctta aatcatatca ggaattagag ggaggaaata ggtacaaaga aataataatc     51780
     atctgaacac cagcctgact tttgaaaaaa aaaaaggcat gcttttcgta gtaattcttt     51840
     ccaagatcgt ggttgaagta ttaatctgca tcagctgcaa tccttgagaa agttagatct     51900
     aactaacact gttggtggca atgatattgc ccagtgaggg gctggaaccc cccttaaatt     51960
     ttcatacaat ccatagatta tgagggatgt gatgtgaggg cagcaagtag agagaaactc     52020
     tacaacagca tgagtggtaa cagagtggta ccagctttta agtgtttaag agtggtaaga     52080
     gcttttaagt ggttcacctc accaagaatc catcaaagcc cagtattttg gaggtaaaat     52140
     gtacattcct gggagaccct ctgccatgct taatattcta ataaaattaa aaataatatt     52200
     aatttctcat ttaatatacc ctgcttacag tccccccaaa ttttactccc cacggttctt     52260
     tcactacctc ccatcatctc cagttcctcc acctttcggt catcattcat caaatacttc     52320
     tctttcaaat atctcttcct gcatttcctt attcaacccc atctccctcc actatgccac     52380
     ctgatcttct ctttcttgtc catctttgtc cactaataaa atccattcta tatccccata     52440
     ccatgggcat caatgtatgc acccaagtcc ttcctctata cctaacttca ctggatctac     52500
     agattgtaga caggccatca catatgtaat gtagaatgtg ttaatctttg tattgctgtc     52560
     accaaaaact ataacccaag cacaagttgg ggagggtagg acttatttgg tttacacttc     52620
     ttcattgcta ttcatcatct gaagacagac agaacaggaa ctgaaatggg ccaggtacct     52680
     agagtcagga gctaatacag agaccatgga tgggtactgc tgccacgcac accagtcgag     52740
     tcagcttgac aggccgagag gcctggaagc actcatgagg caaagagttt cacggaagct     52800
     caccttctgg agttttggcc ttctcattaa cccatatact catcccctat tcccgcgtta     52860
     gtctggtgta tggatccaca tgctctcttt tagtgttatc ttattataag ttctttttaa     52920
     gattgaattc tgatatagct aagcttttgc cagtgttcca atatcctaga aagtccttga     52980
     gctgaccatg ggcttagaat tcagtaagaa tgttgtctat tcagtggcat tcagaattgc     53040
     ctctggtatt atactaccac tttgaataaa agctaagtca ctgccctaca caagaattta     53100
     tcatcatcta ggaagaagga agtttgagac ctaaggagga agcagagtac atacttagaa     53160
     ctatagatag ctgagttcca cccatataca cgtatttaca attgcctagg gggaaggtgg     53220
     tctatacaat agactaaaat aagaactata gcaagggcac gaagcccttg accctgactt     53280
     ctaagattat gtggatattt ggtggagctc tttttgatcc cagttgttaa cagtgaattt     53340
     tatcccaggt gtttcctgtg agaacttctg agtttgtatt cctccgtttt ctgtaagaat     53400
     ccagtaacct ctttgtacct tgcttgtgtg tcacccaact ttcctattct cttctgtata     53460
     aaaagtttga tgctcaattt gacacattac attcagattc tacacaacct ctcctctgtg     53520
     tatctgtcta tcatttcatc caacgctttg cccacctgtg actagaaatc cgttccacgc     53580
     agacaaaggg gcccagagtg tctgcagcat tctgcttagt ggttagttcc ccatggtttc     53640
     atgctttctc atagagaact cagaaccaca agcacatgga tggcagtatc aacaattggc     53700
     agaaatccta cccatcaatc attaattaag aaactgccct gcagtcctgc ctgcacagac     53760
     caatcttatg gagacatttt ctcaattgag attccctact ctcaggggac tttactttgt     53820
     gacaagttga caaaaaacta tccagcccag tcaatatcaa catataaatc aacacatagc     53880
     atatttatct tcctgggact gggatacgtt attcaggtta tgtttttgtt tttagttttg     53940
     tttttttttt ctgtttccat ccatttcata acagctgagt aatgttccat tgtataaata     54000
     taacatatat gttatacatt cttcagttta tggacatgta ggttgtttcc agttgcagat     54060
     aattatgaat acagcagcaa ttaatatggt tgagcaagtg tgcttctagg aggaagaagc     54120
     actttgcgaa actttctgac ctatcaggtg tctgttgtta tgtcccccca tttaatatct     54180
     gattttgcta atttggatat tatctttttt attttagtta acttgaataa tagtttgttg     54240
     atcttagtga tcttgtcaaa gaaccaatat ttgttccaaa aattatttgt atttttcttt     54300
     ctattttatt tttttttcca ccctgagttt tactatttcc tgccaccaca tcttttgggt     54360
     gtcatttctt ctttgtgttt gagatcttta ggatgtgctg ttaacgtgct aatataaggt     54420
     tttgctaata ttttttaact cattttcatt agatattttt cttcatttac atttcaaatg     54480
     ctatcctgaa agtttcctat accttcccct accctgcttg ccaactcacc cactcctgct     54540
     tcctggccct ggcattcccc tgtacttggg tatattatct tcacaagacc aagtgactct     54600
     cctctctttg atggctgact aggccatcct ctgccacata tgcaactaga tacatagttc     54660
     agggggttac tggttagttc ataatgttga tcctccttta agttgcagac cctttagctc     54720
     cttgggtact ttctctagat tccacattaa gggccttgtg taccatccaa tagatgactg     54780
     tgagtatcca attctgtatt tgccaggaac tggcatagcc tcacaagaga tagctattcc     54840
     agtgtcctgt caaaaaattt tgctggcata tgcaatattg tctgggtttg gtggttgtct     54900
     atgggatgca tcaccaggtg gagcagtctc tggatggtcc tttctttttt ctcacctcca     54960
     aaatgtctct gtaactcctt ccatgggtat tttgttcccc attataagaa ccaatgaagt     55020
     atccacactt tggtcttcct tcatctcgag tttcatgcgt tttgcaaatt gtatcttgag     55080
     tagtctgttt gggggctaat atcggcttat aagttagtac atatcatatg tgttcttttg     55140
     tgattggatt accatactca ggatgatatc ctccagatac atgcttttgc ctaagaaatt     55200
     cataagttca ttgtttttaa ctgctgaata gtactccatt gtttaaatgt actagaattt     55260
     ctgtatccat tctgtatcat atattcttct gttgagcaac atctgagttc tttcgagcaa     55320
     atggctatta taaataatgc tggtgactgc ttccaattct aagaaggggc aaagtgtcca     55380
     caatttggtc ttcattcttt agtttcatgt gttttgcaaa ttgtatctta tatctcgggt     55440
     atgctaagtt tccgggctaa tatccactta tcagtgtgta aatatcattt gagttctttt     55500
     gtgattgtgt tacctcactc aggatgatgc cctccacatc catccacttg cctaggaatt     55560
     tcataaattc attttttaat agctgagtag tactccactg tgtaaatgta ccacattttt     55620
     tgtatccatt ccaatgttga ggggcatctg agttatttcc agcctctggc tattataaat     55680
     aaggctgtta tgaacatagt ggagcaggat tccttcttgc tggttgggac atcttctgga     55740
     tatatgccca ggagaggtat tgtgggatcc tctagtagta ccatgtccaa ttttctgagg     55800
     aaccgccaga ctgttacaga gacaaagttt ggagctgaga caaaaggatg gaccatctag     55860
     agactgacat gtccagagat ccatcccata attagcctcc aaacgatgaa accgttgcat     55920
     aaactagcaa gattttgctg gtaagacccg gatatagctg tctcttatga gacaaggctg     55980
     gggcatagca aatacttaag tagatgctca aagtcagcta ttggatggag cacaggattc     56040
     tcaatggaag agcttgagaa agtatccaag gagctaaaga gatctgcaat gctgtaggtc     56100
     caataacatt atgaactaac cagtaccccg gagctcttga ctgcatatgt atcaaaagat     56160
     ggcctagtag gccatcactg gaaagagagg cccgttggac atgcaaactt tatatgccac     56220
     agtacagggg aatgccagag acaaaaaatg gaaatgcgtg gttagggaag tggggggtac     56280
     ggtatggggg actttctaaa tgtacattct aaatgtaatt gaggaaaata cgtaataata     56340
     aaaaatatta acaaaataaa taaataaggc tggtatgaac atcatagaga atgaatcctt     56400
     attacacatc ggaacatctt ctgagtattt tcccaggaga agtgttgctg cttcttctgg     56460
     tagtactatg tcaattttct gaagaagcac aagactggtc caggtccctg ccaagtgtat     56520
     tctgcaaagg ccccaaacat ccggccactt tccgaaccag agtaaagggg gtccgccggg     56580
     tgcagaagtg ctttgcctga gcattggcaa cagacatctt ggttctagga ccccaccggg     56640
     tgtattctgc acaggtgaga gtacggaata cagaagccaa aagcttctgg gagaggtggg     56700
     agccacagag cttctaaggc agcccacttt tcgggcccca gacaactggc aaatgtccag     56760
     gccagaggaa aggggtgtga ccagtgcggg agtgctttga cggagcatcg gcggcagcag     56820
     atatcttggt tcctggaccc agccgagagt attctgcaca ggcttcagac atctggccac     56880
     tttcccagcc agaggaaagg ggtctgccca gtgcaggagt gctttgcctg agcatcagct     56940
     gcagacatct tggttccagg actccacaga gtgtattctg gacgtgtgag agtgtagaat     57000
     acagaagcta acaccttctg ggacaggcca aagcaactca gcttcaggac aggtcctgtt     57060
     ttgggccttc ttcttcggcc aggagggagg tcttaaggcc atatatctgt gcacctttcc     57120
     cgtgagagga gagcttgcct gcagagagtg ctctgacaac tgaaactcag aggagagatg     57180
     tagtctacca ggtctgctga tagaggctaa cacaatcacc tgaggaacaa gctctaacca     57240
     gagaaaacta taacaactag ctccagagat taccagatgg ccaaaggcaa atgtaagaat     57300
     tgtacttaca gaaatctaga acacagcact cccactccac ctagtcatgt gcaccccaac     57360
     aaaaccgaaa agctagaccc ggatttaaaa gcatatctca tgaagatggt agaagacatc     57420
     aagaaggact ttaataattc acttaaagaa atacaggaga acactgctaa agtgttacaa     57480
     gtccttaaag aaaaacagga aaacacaacc aaacaggtag aattccttaa agaaaaacag     57540
     gaaaacacat ccgaacaggt gatggaaatg aacaaaacca tactagacct aaaaatggaa     57600
     gtagacacaa taaagaaaac ccaaagtgag gcaacgctgg agatagaaac cctaggaaag     57660
     atatctggaa ccatagatgc aagcatcagc aacagaatac aagtgatgga agagagaatg     57720
     tcaggtgtag aagattccat agagaacatc agcacaacaa tcaaagaaaa tgcaaaatgc     57780
     aaaaggatcc taactcaaaa catccaggaa atacaggaca caatgagaag accaaaccta     57840
     cagataatag gagttgatga gaatgaagat tttcaactta aaggggcagc aaatatcttc     57900
     aaaataatta tagaagaaaa cttttcaaac ctaaagaaag agatgtccat gaacataaaa     57960
     aaagcctaca gaactccaaa tagacttgac cagaaaagaa attcctctca acacataata     58020
     atcagaaaaa cacattcact aaaaaaagat agaacattat aagcagtaag ggagaatggt     58080
     caagtaacat ataacggcag gcctatcaga attacaccag acttttcacc agagactagg     58140
     aaagccagaa gagcctgaac agatgttata cagacactaa gagaactcaa atgccaaccc     58200
     aggctactat acctggccaa aatctcaata accataggtg gagaaaacga tgtattctat     58260
     ttctccttcc ctgtgtaatt tgttgacaac tttctgaagt attataacta tctatcctaa     58320
     aatttaacat ttttttgttt catattatta atcagtagtt tgaaatacga acttattatg     58380
     gcactaccca atgcaggtag aaaatattca taattattat ttttaaacaa tattgtgtat     58440
     ttatgtttag gtaggcatga aattattaag acaaagtatt ctgtcctcgt tctaaaatca     58500
     gttctaggta acagtaaaat agttcctatg atctagaagt aaacacagaa aaatagataa     58560
     caggactata ttacttttaa cctagatgat atatatgtac acagtatatt tcaaatgagt     58620
     cactaatctt gttgtcaggg atcacagatg tgtaatatgc ttgattactt tctctgctag     58680
     tagcataaac agaacattct gccactatat aactgcaagc cctaagaatt aaatttaaag     58740
     attgtttata actttattta ttcatgttct attaatcgag tatgtggttt cttcagaaag     58800
     tgttgtagta tcaagttttg gactgtaacc aagattaatt ccacttaaat gtaatatttt     58860
     aaataaactt cctaaaatgt gacattccgt atggaataac agacataatc ctatactcat     58920
     gcttacctaa acttgtaatc tctaatgttt cctcctccta ctatgttgca tgtgttctgt     58980
     cattccctcc ttccctaaag gcttcatcct ttcttccatg ccatgtgcca ctttggggtt     59040
     ccttatctcc acagatactc caagttaaac aaaaaatcta atagttgaag ctagaccaaa     59100
     tgtgattaca gacacgtagc atttctcttt ataggcctga cttaacgcat ttattatata     59160
     gtattttcaa attccatata ctctctagca aatttagtta cagctgattg catctccttt     59220
     tttgaaaaca aaatcaacaa aaatgactga gcaagtatca atagataacc atgctatctt     59280
     ttctacactc aagtgtgata taggtgagtc accagttagt tctattttta gatattttta     59340
     gcaaattcca cactgatttt atcctggatg taccaactta agcacccacc agcagtacag     59400
     ctgtacttta ttcccacatc gctaatgctt cttgactttt gttttcctga ttgtactcat     59460
     tctttaaggg atgagctaga atttaagttt ggagaaaaaa agagcaccag aaattttttt     59520
     gtgggagcca tagctagtgt tgaaagatat aaggagtaat gtaataaagg gaattgtttc     59580
     ctcgaggtga gtatccacca agctaatcct gcaacttgtg caaagaaatg tcccaaggat     59640
     tgatctgttt atagcagaaa aacaacatat caaatttatg aaaaaatatt caaggaagca     59700
     ggcaggttct atctaaagca ggcaaaagaa cttggcaaca tccaccatgt agttctttca     59760
     tcagattaat gaaggataca gaaggaaaag agccatggag tcttcctacg tggttatgga     59820
     aagccactga gggcatccag gttgcagcga agtccctgca tagatgccta gaaaggcttt     59880
     tagtgaaggt atgaaaggga agcctatatt gtgatatagc aatcaggatg taagaaggtc     59940
     cacagctgtg cgatatctct caaagaaagc tacacacaaa gaatggaacc attccaagac     60000
     agagaaatat attgtagtca tgaaactaga taggaagagc tttttaagcc acaatgtaca     60060
     taaatttagg atttggggtt tgtctagcta gatttgatct tgattttccc aatatttcct     60120
     gtttatgttt cttttccttt attttgaatg agaatgtata atcatgtcag tgtactttga     60180
     aagtaaacaa tgctttgaat ttgattttat attgtgttac aattaagaaa ttgtaatcta     60240
     ttctaaaaga taaaatatga ttgtagttgt atatggaatt ttatctcatg ttaagcatga     60300
     ttctgccctg aaaattcata tactttattt gcagttgtat attggatata ggatactatg     60360
     ctaggcataa ctattgcttt cctttggaaa ttaatataat ataaggagat atgattgtat     60420
     gtcttattga caagaggtat acttatgatg gctagtcttg gttgtaaccc tgataatatt     60480
     aggaattcac taaaactctg ggaatttgga gcacctgtga ggaatttttt tttcctgatt     60540
     tgattatgtg aaataggaag acaaacccca aatgtagatc gtttgttctg ttgtagaaac     60600
     aactctaaaa tataaatttc attgatgtca gttttttaat aaaagtgtgt agctaggact     60660
     aaattctagt agttacaatc aagatagttt ttatgatcct acactgtttc tgtcttttat     60720
     tacagtgttt cctgaacact gaggtggaga tttgatggtg acctcccttg taggactgaa     60780
     tgttagaagg tgcctcaggc tttgcatatt atctggctgg tagattagaa aggagatggt     60840
     taaaagcaaa attggatgga tgagcagtta ggcattccaa agagcaaatg gtgcttgact     60900
     aacctcgtaa gctatctccc tctattctct gggactggtt gttgctagtc tatttctgtt     60960
     tgtccttata tatcagattg atatttccca agtgtcgttc ctccatgccc agaaccctta     61020
     tttttagtct tatacctgaa caagcttcct ttcattttca gctgatctgc tcaggtttca     61080
     gtattagaga gcatctcagc agagcttgca gctctataac cctgccactc ccactgctgc     61140
     tgctttccaa ctagcatttc tggacccatc acgtgttcac ctgcaacttt actccaagat     61200
     gatttggcgg gaatcaggtc cctacccctg cttcataaat gagtttcaga aatagtaaaa     61260
     ttgagctttg ttcagaattt tgccttagct acatctttct cttctctgcc tagctccctg     61320
     ttctcttcca ggtttccaag attcctttcc agattagaac ccagacatgt gagccgctgg     61380
     ccagacacaa cacatttgaa ttggtacttg tgtgtgaatt acacatctac atgctcctga     61440
     ggctgtcagg agtataatct gtttcacact cagcaacact gagtctagga ggctaaaggc     61500
     aagctaatgg ctaacagaaa gaaggtattg aaacaaagtt gcagagtgtt gagtcctgaa     61560
     acaatgaaag gcagagatga ccctgcctta agtgcttctc tctctgacag gcaaatacca     61620
     aacagaagtc aatttctttc ttaatctctt gaggttctat gccccttcag ggttctcatt     61680
     ctctaagctc tgcatgcgtg cccgacatga ctaggtcatg ttatgtcttc tgctgatcag     61740
     aggaaagatt tgtcctgctt tagagccccg ccccaggaag ttagaaccca ataaaagcag     61800
     acctaatgat ttatatgaac tcaggctgtg tcctttatta tcatagcaca aggaatgcta     61860
     aaatatggat agttatggtg aatttgatcc tggctcattg ccacaagact ctaggtgtct     61920
     gtgtaaaggt ttctcttggc tgcatgagct ttgccaattt agatatctga agccttatgt     61980
     catggacctt ggcccacaaa aatcctgatt tcttttctcc agttttttcc agcatgaatt     62040
     ctagatactg ctgaaatatt acttctgagt cagacattga gcaaaatttt gtgtatgaga     62100
     tcttacaaga gagctttata caatgcccaa gtctgccttc aagataaaca agccagttca     62160
     gaactacctt tactgggatg ctccatattc tctacccaga aatcactgta ttttccccag     62220
     gaccactttt tcttttctca gcttgaagtc tagattactt ctgcctctct ctgatttcta     62280
     tgctccccat tctctctccc atgtagatgc ttcagggatg aatcatctct atagaaaggg     62340
     actgactggt ttaagagaag ttcaagttgc tacaacagta gtggtatcag agtggatgac     62400
     cagaactctc caggttacaa cagactattc atagaaggga ctgcagatat cgtggtgaat     62460
     tgtggagagc cggtacgtgc tgcgagcaat tacgtgcgtg ccgccagtaa tctctgagaa     62520
     gagccatgtg tgccgtgagc aatcaccatt ataagatggt gcgggcctcc actgtgccta     62580
     actagtaaac aagccttgta cgcaggtgcg agagtgaatt tactcctagt cactaccatt     62640
     ctcggggtgt aatagtgggg tgatgggcaa gcaatgaatc aggagctgtc atgccatatc     62700
     aggtgctgaa acgtctcgct gctggttata aaagcagtgc cattttcccg gatcgggatc     62760
     ttcctgagaa gcaagcaata aagctcttgc tgaggaagat tctggtttgt tgcatctttc     62820
     ttgctggtcg agctggacgc aataagtggt gccaaaaccc gggaactgtc atcacaccag     62880
     cgcaaggaag atccttcatt catggggcag aatcagaagt gtgggacaaa agtctctaca     62940
     aggtacgtac aatcttgaag tttctccaga gttagaagcc cttttgattg tttgatggcg     63000
     attacacttt tccttttcgt ttcgttttgt ttccaccact ggaactgttg actggttctt     63060
     agtcgcagtc aggcctggac agcacctgga cagcaaccaa ttttaggcct ggtcaggcct     63120
     ggacagcggc agtatgggaa tctcccattc tatagtagtg ggcctacgct cagtcctgaa     63180
     gcagtgtggc ctaaaaatcg ccactaagac ctaagaggga tttgtcagag agatagaccg     63240
     tgttgcacca tggtatgctt gctcattatc attaactgtc gcctcttggg acaaactgaa     63300
     aggagatcta gttagggaac aacagaaagg caaacttaaa ggagggatta tgccgctatg     63360
     aaattggtga aatcgtgttt aagagatgag gattgtcagc aaatggtaga agcggggcag     63420
     aaagttctgg acgaaattca agaaagtcta tcagaggtag agcggggaga gagaggaaaa     63480
     atagagagga aacaaagtgc actgaagaat ttaggccttt ccatgagcct tgagaccgag     63540
     gaaaagagaa tgtcagggaa aatacctggg gagagattag aaaaaaggat ggaaagggag     63600
     agaagaaggg agatcgagct ggagaggcac ataaggaaag aagcctctac ccaccactag     63660
     atgagtttaa gcagctagct gtcagtagct cagaatcaga taaggaactt attcctatga     63720
     ggaaacagac ttagagaaga aagcgacagg ttgtgaggga gaaagatacc agtcagatga     63780
     aagacaagtt aatcagttac agaataacat gaaagcagct agagacaaat gtcaaatcat     63840
     tgcgcggtct tcggatatgc aacttcaggg ttctagtgca cctccgcctt atgtgcagag     63900
     gcaccattct gagccttatg tgcagaggta tcattcagac tcatttatac caaaagagga     63960
     acagaggaag atacaacagg catttccagt ttttgaaaga gctgagggag ggcgtgttca     64020
     cgctccagta gaatatatac agattaagga gcttgcagaa acagtccgtg ttatggagtc     64080
     agagctaatt tcactgtagc acaagttgaa aggcttgcaa ctcacactat gactcctggt     64140
     gattgccaga ctgtagtaaa agctgcagcc cccagtatgg ggatgtatct tgaatggaac     64200
     gctttgtggc aggactcctg tcagacgcag gcaagggcca atgccaccat ggaaggaaac     64260
     caaaggacat ggacatttga attgcttaca ggtcagggac agcatgctgc taaccaaaca     64320
     gattatcatt ggggagcata cgcccagatc tcagctgcca ctgttaaggc atggaaggca     64380
     ctctctaaga agggagaggc aagtgggcat ttgaccaaga tcactcaggg ctcccaggag     64440
     tcgtactcat attttgtggc tagaatgaca gaggcagcac gagaatattt tgagatacaa     64500
     aagcagctat gcctttaatt ggacagttga tatatgaaca ggctacccag gaatgcaggg     64560
     cggctattac acctggaaaa agcaagggac tgcaggactg gtcgaaggtt tgccgtgaac     64620
     ttggtgggcc actcactaat gcaggtttag cagctgccat tctacaagtg caaaaatgca     64680
     ctgacatggc tgagctcaaa ctctgctata atcgtggcaa accgggacac ttaaaaaagg     64740
     actgtagagc ccttgttaaa aggagagcac caggattgtg cactaagtgt ggaaaatgat     64800
     atcattggac tagcgcttgt cgttcaatca gggacattcg aggcaggctc ctgcagccag     64860
     gattccctca agcagtagat aatgacacca tttcaaaaaa ccagtacagg gccctcaggt     64920
     ctcagggccc gaaaacatat gggacctcga caggcgaaag gtggacccca cagtccgcag     64980
     ggcaacaccc aattcatgct gatccctcaa atgggagtgc agcctatacc tactaactat     65040
     aaaggacctc tgccatctgg gagtgtcggc ctaatattgg gcagggcttc ccttacacta     65100
     caaggtctta ttgttcaccc tggagatgta gatcaagatt atgaaggggg acttcaagtt     65160
     ctctgttcct gtcctcaggt gtcgtttcta tttcacaagg agatagaata gctcagttag     65220
     taattcagcc aagcctacat ggctgttttc cctcttctgg tgtccctcaa gctaccagag     65280
     ggattggttc tattggaaat gattcggctt atttaataat gcctttagat tccaggcctt     65340
     ctttagagtt agttatagaa gggaaacaat ttaaggggat tttagacaca gcagcagaca     65400
     aaagtattat ttcttctcac tggtggccga aaacttggcc agttattcag tcatcacatt     65460
     ctttgcaagg tttcggttat cagtcctgtc ccactattag ttcccgttct ttgagctgga     65520
     cagcgcctga aggtcaaatg ggacgattca ctccttatgt cttaccactc ccagtaaatc     65580
     tctgggggaa agacatctta caggcactag gactgacctt aactaatgca tgctcgccac     65640
     aagctgttcg aatgattaag aaaatatgct ataaagaagg aaggggatta ggaaaaggag     65700
     agcagggtaa acttgaacct atccctcaaa aaggtaataa tgggagacaa ggtttggatt     65760
     tttttctaga gacagctgtt gagggttcca tgcccatacc atggcttaca gaggaagttg     65820
     tatgggttcc ccaatggcct ctctcctctg aaaaattaga agcagccaca aaactaattt     65880
     ctgaacagct acacttgggt catttagagc cttctacctc accctggaat acacctattt     65940
     tcgtaattaa gaaaaaaatc tggcaaatgg cgcttattac atgatcttag agcaattaat     66000
     gcgcaaatgc atctgtttgg accagttcag caagggctac cattactttc tgccttaccc     66060
     aaaaattggg aaattataat cctagacatt aaaaattgct ttttctctat aactttatgc     66120
     cctcaagata agtaaagatt tgcatttacg atcccagcca ttaattactt agagccagat     66180
     caaagatacc aatggaaggt cctacctcag gggatggcga atagccccac catgtgtcaa     66240
     ctgtatgtac aattggcact taagtcagtt agagaacatt ttccatcatt acaggtgata     66300
     atttatatgg atgacatttt gatttgccat aaaaattcag agttattgca agatgcatac     66360
     cttatattaa taaaaacgtt agggcaatag ggattgcagg tggccaccga agaggtgcaa     66420
     gttgctcgaa tgggagcctt cctagggtca cttatttatc ctgacaaaat tgttcctcaa     66480
     aaattagaga ttcgcaaaga tcaactacat accttgaatg attttcaaaa attgttatga     66540
     gatattaatt ggctgagacc ctttttgaaa attccatcag cagaattaaa gcccttattt     66600
     gacacattag agggagatac ccatatctcc tcccacagag cacttacccc agctgcatgt     66660
     caagctttac aaattgtaga aaaggcccta caagatgctc aattacaacg aattgacgag     66720
     tcaaagtcat ttgaattgta catattaaaa actgcacagt taccaacagt ggtcttatgg     66780
     caaaatgggc ccttgttgtg ggtccatcct aatgcttccc ctgcaaaaat cattgagtgg     66840
     tatcctaatg cagttgctca acttgcactt agggggataa aagcagccat tacttatttc     66900
     gggtaagaac cttatatagt aagtgtacct tatacttctg ctcaagttca aaccctggca     66960
     gcaacaacca acgattgggc agtcttggtt gcctcctatt caggacaaat tgataaccat     67020
     tatccaaaac atacaatttt acaatttgcc ttaagccaag ctatagtgtt tccaataata     67080
     acagtcaaac acccacttcc ggatggggta gtagtgtata cagatggatc caaatctggt     67140
     ataggtgcat atgtagtaaa tggccaagta acatctaaac aatataatga ttcatcaccc     67200
     catgttgtag agtgtttggt agttctagaa gtccttgaaa ctttcctggg accgctcaat     67260
     attgtatctg attccttata tgtgttcaat gcagttaata tgcttgaagt tgcaggctta     67320
     attaaaccaa ctagtaagct tgctcacatt tttcaaaaga ttcagtcagc cttgttatac     67380
     agaagacatc ttgtctatat tactcatgtt tgagctcatt ctggccttcc tggcctcatg     67440
     tctcatggaa atgacttagc agacaaagcc actagaatcg tggctgctgc tttgtcctca     67500
     caggcagagg ctgcaagaga atttcatgaa tgctttcatg tgacacctga gacattacac     67560
     caccgtttta ctttaaccag gaaagaatct cgtgacattg tcacccaatg tcaaaactgt     67620
     tgtcaatttt tacctactcc tcatgtaggg gtaaatcctc gtggcgtcag gacattacag     67680
     gtctggcaaa tggatgtcag tcatatttcc tcctttggga gaaatcaata tttacatgtt     67740
     tctattgaca cctgctctgg tgtaatattt gccacacctt taacaggtga aaaagcctct     67800
     catgttatac agcactgcct agaagcgtgg agtgtgtggg gcaagcccac aattctaaaa     67860
     acggataatg ggccagcata taaatctact taatttcaac aattttgtca tcaaatggat     67920
     gtcactcatt tgactggcct tccttataat actcaaggac aaggcattgt ggaacgtgcc     67980
     caccccaaac tcaaatctta taaaacagaa agggggagtt gatgagactc tgacctcagt     68040
     gccaagagta gcagtatcta tggcactctt tacacttaat tttttgaatc tcgacgagca     68100
     gggacactct gcagctgagc gacatagctc agaccctgat agaccaaaag aaatggtcaa     68160
     agggaaggat gttttaactg gtcagtggaa aggcccggat cctatcttaa tcagatcctg     68220
     gggagctgtt tgtgtttttt cacagagtga agacaaccca ttttggctgc cggaatgact     68280
     catccccagg atattcatca aggatggtgc agaagatgct gacctcccga ggactgttcc     68340
     tgatcctgac aatgctgaac ttgtctcagg ttcctagtat aatgggccag cagagatggg     68400
     ctattctctc aactttccct aaaccaatgc cagttcgcta tgatgctata gtttttccaa     68460
     aattctttac tactgataaa acagtggatt tgccatattt accctatgat cccaacccga     68520
     gcaccattag gagaaaatcg cactttacta gaacagggtt ctttatgttt tcgaattaat     68580
     ggaccaggaa attgtatcaa cctcacagcc caagctttgg ggaagtttaa tgagcataga     68640
     ggaggttgcg tgagcacaac ccaagatact tccaatgtag agataacctt tacaaatcgg     68700
     accttttggc acgaggtaaa ttgggttaat ggtacatttc taccacctaa cttttcagac     68760
     aaaaaacgtc cacaccaacc aaaaatagcc cctcattgta gtttggaaga tgaagggctg     68820
     atcctgcctt ggtctgattg tcaatcctcc atcactcatt gggcagatca gagtaaaacc     68880
     tttttctttt ctcccgaaat gatagataac ccagagaagg aattttttat gaaaaaggga     68940
     cttttcatac aggatattag aatgcatccc tttcacaagt gggtgctttg tggagtcaat     69000
     ggcagttgta cagaactcaa tcctttgatc tttatccagg gaggagcagt tggaaaggct     69060
     tcttttactg gcatctcaag atttgctcag tattggggaa tacatgatgc ctccctggac     69120
     tcttatggat atagtaatac cagtgcagag atcactgggt ttaataaaac tttggtaaac     69180
     cagattaatt atccatctac cacagtctgt gtttaccccg ctttcttgtt tattctttca     69240
     aatgattcat ttgaaatctg ttccaatgat aattgttgga tttctcaatg ttgggatgta     69300
     acaaagaaca cccgtgccat ggtggcacgg atcccacgtt ggatccctgt tctggtggat     69360
     acaccctcca tcttatctat gttttgaaaa aagagagatt ttggcattac tgctgccgtg     69420
     atcatagcaa tttcagccag tgcagctgct gctacagctg cagggtatgc tatgtttagt     69480
     gcggttcaat caggcacaaa attaaatcag ctttcagcag atctggctga tgccatcact     69540
     gtccaaactt ctgctagtac caagttaaag ggagggctga tgactttgaa tcagtgcctt     69600
     gacctggcgg aagaacagat aggtgttcta taccagatgg cccagttggg ttgtgaaaga     69660
     aaactggaag ctctgtgcat taccagtgtc caatatgaaa ttttacttat gcagctaatt     69720
     tgtctagaca ggtttcttta tatcttgcag gaaactggtc tgaaagattc gatgagaccc     69780
     ttgaggtcct tagagcagcc gttctaaaga tcaactcaac acgagtggac ctgtcattga     69840
     cagaggtcct ctcctcctgg atttcatctg cctttcctta ttttaaggaa tggttggggg     69900
     taggtttatt tggcgttgcc acctgctgtg gacttgtggt catgctctgg ttggtttgca     69960
     agctcagaac ccaacaaaca cgtgacaagg ttttgataac ccaagcactt gctgccatca     70020
     agcaaggggc cttccctgaa atctggctat ctatgctcaa aaattaattg acattggtgg     70080
     ctgtcctctt ttatagagtt cgccctagtt tatttagtag ttaatgtcac atagcactgt     70140
     ggtatccagg gacgggcaac tttcctcatg cacagatcaa cctaagacac ggggcccggt     70200
     ggcgataggg ttaccctatg acaggaaagg ctgtgacatt ggaggaatga cctaagatag     70260
     gagccacagt ggatgggcaa agttacacag gcctagacca gcctcaaatt ttaataaaat     70320
     aaaaagggga agatgtggag agcaggtacg tactgcaagc aatctcgtgc atgccaccag     70380
     taatctctga ggagagctgt gtgtgccgcg agcatataag atggcgcggg cctccgctgt     70440
     ggctaactag taaagaagcc ttgtacgaag gtgcgagagt gaattcactc ctagtcactc     70500
     ctattctcgg ggtgaaatat tcaggtgatg ggcaagcaat gaatcaggag ctgtcatgcc     70560
     atatcaggtg ctgaaatgtc acgctgcagg ttataaaagc agcgccattt tcccggttcg     70620
     ggatcttcct gataagcaag caataaagct cttgctgtgg aagattctag tttgttgaat     70680
     ctttcttgcc ggtcgagcgg gacgcaatag tgaatagctt ttacctccct gctgttgctc     70740
     tcctagtact gaccagaaac tgaggtgcca tttccagcag actgtgctag gacatagtca     70800
     tagaacacat cttccttcga aagcagcttc taggcttcat tggaaaaaac ttaaatctgt     70860
     gaatattggg aacagagtct gtacatagct cagttgacag agtgactgcc tagcatttag     70920
     catgcctagg actcagtgat tagtgctgtc tttactttat tgcctttggt gggtctactt     70980
     attatattgt aatacacttg ggatcataga aagggatatc atgatgacct aagaccaaga     71040
     ctgtcaatga tgttggttag agtcttctct tgtatcctca ggctaaagag acatgatacc     71100
     agagtgactc acattactga gaaactcaag tttctatttc atttcttttt aaggcctctt     71160
     aattcaaaga gtcattgcca ttacaaggtg taaccatcac acactttatc tcttttatct     71220
     aggtgatttc ccagtgttct ttacttggtt catcagctct aggattcaat gcaaaatagc     71280
     aaccaatagt attaaaatct tggatagaac agatatataa cagtaattac tttgcctgaa     71340
     tatattagta caaaatctga cataactgaa caaatggaaa ctaggcttgt gtcatggatt     71400
     agagggccta gatctttttc acagcaggtt atgcaccctt taggatcctc tgtagaaaca     71460
     atgaggtaca atggtcactg atcattctta acagagaggc ccttctctac aggtaacaga     71520
     ttcctagatc cacattaagt tgattcctgc taagacggtc tatagtgtat gaccatgtta     71580
     aattcatgca ggaagctact gaaaaacaaa gcattgttcc aatcagcaac agacaggaca     71640
     cagagctctg agtatacagc caaggggaaa tttaagtcat agggcttagg ctaatatcct     71700
     ctgatctaaa ttgttctgat catgtcttaa tagctatgta tcttagtacc tgaaaactat     71760
     ttccctacat tcatttgctt attcatgatt ggaatatata ttgtacgctt tctcatttcg     71820
     tggtatgtta aatttggaac ttggtataaa actgttaata atcagaatgt gcagtattca     71880
     attgcattat atatgcctta aacaccatga gaaggaagga aatgaatata ataaatcttt     71940
     tttttttttg ccatgtaata caaacttatt cagaaaacct actgaaagac ccccatgggg     72000
     agtcccttct cgggcaagca cgcacccagt aggacactga gaccgaactc actgtaatta     72060
     tacaaggctt taatggcgta aaaacacaca aacaacaaag gttcgctcaa gccagaatgc     72120
     tgaggacgaa actcatgcac cgcgcagggg gcaggggagt tcaaccccag cccaaacttt     72180
     ttacaggctt ataaaggcaa aaaccacaaa ccaaaaacag gggagccaaa agaatttgcg     72240
     ccattacaca taattggctt atttaaatgg cggcaggatt attacaaatt agcagggtaa     72300
     tatgtacctg ctaaaatgga gaaagacaca agggcttggg acttctcgag gtcagcagga     72360
     cacctggtca atgtatgatt tatggggtct atagggaggt gccatcctgc cagatggcca     72420
     tttggtccgc cctgatagca gtggctagtt cctgcattct ctttttaatc ttttatggcc     72480
     ggaaattctt agctacaggg tgagtatggc tgtgcctgga cccgcctggg tctattcttc     72540
     agccctgaat ttcttgaact tacataccac aatgctataa gacccaaaat tataagtttt     72600
     tgctgttcat tacccacttc ttttagtgga tagctctaat cttagaacga cctttcttct     72660
     tgttgatatt gctgtctgag gaccatgact tgtatggtgt ttattttatc tttaacaaaa     72720
     gcaaccagct tatttaaaat acatggccca aaagaaagaa ggaggaaaaa aataatcaga     72780
     gggcctgcca gggtggaatc agtgtcgtaa aacagggaga cctgttaaac caattttcat     72840
     accatcctta atacgcttct ctttctttgc ttcatttttc taacctttct ctgagcttag     72900
     ccatggagtc cctgataaga ccagaatggt ctacataaaa acaacactct tcttttagtg     72960
     gggcacaaag tccaccttct ttgagaaaaa gtagatctag ccccctcctg ttctgtagcg     73020
     aggtcaatga ttcttcaagt ttggtgatgg actgctctag tgctcctagg tctgcatcca     73080
     tagcggttgt gcaattcatg aaaatagtgg ggggtctgta tcaaggcagt tgtggctgtg     73140
     ccgaccccag ctgctgttcc tagacccaaa agcactgcta aggtcatggt aatgggttcc     73200
     cttttatacc gggtccagtg gttgaatcca ttgacaaaaa actgtcatca tgatacagaa     73260
     gcctaggaac cctctgaact aaacgacaat aatctttaga agtattaaaa acagaagtaa     73320
     atacacaggg agtgagtcca gtgttgcaag cccatactgt ggctaaggga gggactaagt     73380
     actgacctct attactggaa gactggagat gatgagtctg attacagagt taccgtttgt     73440
     catgtgggac ttgttccagg caaagtctat ttcccaagac agctgctaat gttagttttc     73500
     tgttttctcc ccaaggacac tgagaattgt cctcagcctt attgtatgtc ttgacttgag     73560
     caactccctc ataatatggg ggattggagg cataacacag ccaacaagac ttagtgatgt     73620
     tgggattggt acaattgcgt accaaaaagc cccctgtacc atactaaaca gacggttttc     73680
     agtatctggg ggagtagggg caatgtaagt ttcaggtctg aggaaggggt atagacttct     73740
     gttggaatag ctggaccaac tagggtatgt ccgggaaaag taggtctggg aaggggcatt     73800
     ggaggttttt taacaagaac gggggtaggt cctactgcct gggttggggg acacttcatc     73860
     tttagccgta tcttaaatgt gaatccaggg cccgtccctg tcacataaaa tgttaggccc     73920
     cacagtcttc cctttatcca atcttttttg tctcttttgc tttttgagta aaagtgatgt     73980
     ttaaggaatc atggccctta tttcatctgg atactataat aatatcaagc tagaggaagg     74040
     gtcccaatga gtggtaccag tggtttcaca tctccactga ctacagaagt tgccctctat     74100
     tcccccacac cagcgagcct cttttttatt tgccctatcc ctgggacaga cataaaaggg     74160
     ctcctgacaa agtctcctct gttgagacct gctactacag cctggtatat ctgcaatgta     74220
     ctttccttgg gaacttaacc cctggtgata tggctgcttg tgatagatta cctcatcttg     74280
     gggcaccgtt tcatgtgact cttcagggat atcccaggca tctaatccat ctatcagggc     74340
     acagatttca ggaaacagag ggggacacca tgtataaggg ggggggcttt gaagtactcc     74400
     atacagtatc tccagcttga gagatggcct cccatgtcag ggtcataaga gtgtgaggat     74460
     tattacccaa ggttggtgta cagcgaaggc acagtttaag agaattatca gtagcggcca     74520
     ctgtccaatt ttctctgagg tcgtcttcat cctggttggg tgcctttttt ttatgtggga     74580
     tgcgtggatc caggcagcga tcctgtctac ctttgctacc ttggcgctgg tcagcagcac     74640
     tagataaggt cccttccacc gtggctcaag catgccagct cgatgttgtc agaccagaac     74700
     tgagtccccg acctggaacc tgtggggcac tgcactgctc cctggtgtgt aggcttcttt     74760
     aatctggtcc cagatctgtg ttctgacaac ttctacggcc tttaaatggg taaacagaga     74820
     agagggtgag gaagagtcag cactggaatt caatatccca tcagactcgg tcaagggggg     74880
     tggtccccca tgtagaattt cataaggagt aatgccgaaa cacccaggtg tgtttcgggc     74940
     cctaaggagc acaaagggaa ggagggtcac ccagtcttta ccactggtct caaaagctaa     75000
     tttagttagg gtttctttta gagtcctgtt cattccttct acccatactg atctctgggg     75060
     tttataagca caatataact tccaattgtt ccccaaatgt gtggctaatt cctgacttac     75120
     ctgggcaaca aatgcaggcc cattatccaa gcatattacc ctggggatcc caaactgggg     75180
     taggatctct tcaacgatct tcttggtcac cacctgagca gtttcagact tggtggggaa     75240
     ggcttctacc catcctgaga aagtgtctat gaaaactagt aactatttat taccatattt     75300
     tcctggtttg atctcagtga agtctacttc ccagtaaact ccaggtctat cccccagttg     75360
     tcgttttcct tgttcattaa aggggcgtgc agcattaatt agggaacaca cttgcaggat     75420
     ttagttactt gtttgtctag tagcctgagc acataatagt ttgaggactg gatttaatca     75480
     cacaatttct ttgctcccag atgtgtcagg ggatggatgt gttttacata tgcctttcct     75540
     tctctatagg gcaaaataat ttttccttct tttgttcttg ctatcccatg gtagctaaat     75600
     cctttggact tcccttgttc ttcaagatct tcattcatct cataatcttt ggaggtgtat     75660
     tcaaaactga tctctggggt cccttttggt tcttctatac tctctacagg cagcgcaggg     75720
     atgccttgta ccacctgttt ggccacccaa cctgccatct gatttccctg ggctacagca     75780
     ccttgcccct tttgatggcc aaggcagagg atgatggcca ctttcttggg catgtgtata     75840
     gcctctagga gggccaagat ttcttcttta tttttaattt ccttgcctgc cgaagtaagt     75900
     agcccccttt gtctatagat ggccccatga atgtgggctg tggcaaaagc atagtggctg     75960
     tcagtgtaaa tattgattgc cttaccttct gccagctgca gagctttagt tagcgtcagg     76020
     agctcagcct tctgagccga agttccttct ggaagttaac ttgcccaaat tacatgtttt     76080
     ctgtcaacca ctgcctctcc tgctctttat tttccctcca ccacaaagct tctaccatct     76140
     gtgtaccagt caggcacacc tggccaagtt cggtcagtca gatcctttct cgatccagtt     76200
     tcttcagcca ggatatcagc acattggtgt acccaggtag aggcatccgt cttggggagg     76260
     agggtggtag gattgtggat ggcaggtagg gcaaaagtca ctcggtcatt tagcaacagg     76320
     ctctggtagt gggtcatccg ggcatttgtc atccaatggt cagggggctg tcatacaata     76380
     ctctttaatg catggggagt gattaaactc acatgctgac ctagagtaag cttgccagta     76440
     tctttaacaa gtagggctac tgcagtgatg gcttttaggc aggagggcca ttcactggca     76500
     actgggtcca attttttaga caggtaggcc actggcctct tccacggccc cagagtctga     76560
     gtcaggactc tgcgggctac tccagctggc tcatcaacgt atatggtgaa aggcttagtc     76620
     aaatctggca gggccaaagc ctgggctgca agcagagcag cctttgtgct gttaaaggct     76680
     ttttggtgtt cctctgtcca ggtgaacggg actttttctt tagtgagtgg gtacagaggt     76740
     gccgccaaca ttgtggactc tggtattcag agtctacaaa agcctgccgt tcccagaaac     76800
     tcacgtactt gtcacagagt gctgggggtt gggatctgca tcacagtctt ctttccagct     76860
     tcggagaaca actgctttcc ttctcggagg gagtatccta ggtaggtcaa gtccatatgg     76920
     catagctgag ctttcttagg agtacaccaa ttcacttttt tcatttagaa gcttcttgat     76980
     cctgtcaagg cacagttcct gggttgaagc tgcaaggatt aaatcatctc catactccag     77040
     gagagaaatt tggaggttct gttccctaaa gggcataagg ttgtggtgga ccacttcatc     77100
     aaaaaaagtg ggtgaatttt tgaacctctg tcgcagccta gtcaaaatta gctgacccgt     77160
     atatcctcct tcagggactc gccactcaaa agcacacaga agttgactgt tcaggtgtaa     77220
     tctgagacag aaaaaggcat ctttcaaatc caggacagtg taccaggacc gttcaggtgg     77280
     taaggaactc agcaagttgt gagggttggg cacagttgag tgaatgtcct gtacccgctt     77340
     attgactttt cttaagtcct ggacaggcac atagtcattt gtcccaggtt tacacactgg     77400
     caggaagggg gtattccaat gggactgtca cgggaccaat ataccctgtt atagcagtct     77460
     ctggatatgt ggtcgaatgc tgtttttagc cccttgactc atggggtatt gcctgactga     77520
     aatgggtttg gcagccattt ttagctcgac tatgttgggt ggcacttgcc tagctaattc     77580
     catcccagcc tgctctgccc aaacctctgg aaaacctgtc aatcgttctt taaagggtaa     77640
     agtctcagac ttctgttcgt ggaggtgata ttcttcttct aaatttaaaa ctaagcatgc     77700
     cactggattc ttcttccatg ataccccagg tccatcagaa gtaaactgga cttgtgcttt     77760
     caatttttta caaaggtccc agcctagcag gggtgctggg cactcaggta tcacaagaaa     77820
     agaatgcgtc actttatttt ttcctatgtc taaaatcctt ttggttgtcc agggataaag     77880
     cttgctacca gtggctccca taactaaaat cttctttgat cctaattgtc ctaaaggttc     77940
     agtcaagact gaatattcag ctcctgtgtc tattagaaaa ttaacggggg tcccctccac     78000
     agagtgagtt accctaggct tggggaaggg gaccgagccc cgacttccct tgtcttcttc     78060
     aagggcagat actttggggc ccctctgctt cttttttggg cagtctctgg cccaatattc     78120
     ttttttcttg cagtatgtgc agtggtcttt ctcaagtgga ggtctctgtt ctgatggggg     78180
     tcttcttgcc ctgttgcgca ggtaccctga ctgacccttc tctgaacttt ctccacctac     78240
     cactgcggcc aaaatcttag tcaagttcct atcctcctgg cgttcatgcc ggttttctct     78300
     ttcctctacc tctttctctt ctctctcttg cttttcttcc tcagtctctc tcttgtggta     78360
     cactttctca gcttccttgc ctaaatcttg cagagtataa tcttggagac cctctaacct     78420
     ctgtaacttt ctcataatat cagagtcaga ctgaccaatg aaatctatgg ctacagctgc     78480
     atgctgtccc tcctaagagg gatcaaatgg ggctatctcc tataagactc cattagtcgt     78540
     gctaagaaaa cggagggcag ctccattgaa ccctgaagga cttctcttac cttggccaaa     78600
     ttggtgggtc accatgcagc ccgctctatc cctgccacta gagtcaatca gtagactgtg     78660
     agacgctccc tatctttcac agtattgaac tctaaggcag aacgggccaa ggggaaagct     78720
     gcatttataa ggttggggag attagtgggg gtcccatctg gtcctgggac gtttttttct     78780
     ggcttctagc aggatcctct ctctctcttc agttgtaaag gagacctgaa aaagttgctg     78840
     gcagtcatcc caagtgggct ggtaggagaa cattaagaac tcaaggagtc cttttaagcc     78900
     tgagggattc tatgagaaag aggagtgatt agttatacat atctgttata catatctgcc     78960
     aacatatcta ccaatgaaaa tggccagtac tgcaatggga ctaactgccc ggggcagggg     79020
     caggtcctcc tacataagct cttaaaggca aagcaacagt ggaatctggt ttagattcac     79080
     ttccctctga actatggact tcgcagctag gagtccctcc caacggtcct gtcacagagg     79140
     ccaccctggg gtctgctggg gtgggcagtt gtgagggatc agaattagaa gttctttggg     79200
     ggtaaggggg tgggaaggag tcaatgaaaa aggcatcatc aatttcagga tagatcctca     79260
     ggggggccga tggaacgtgc tctggcagac ccgcatgcat cattttcggt ttcatggcta     79320
     ctgccaccat cgctgcctca gctccggaag tccaggaacc cagtcagggt ggcagatttt     79380
     gtaccagatc ctgccacaca attatataag gtaccggatc aggatgccct cctgcagtct     79440
     gaaaaataac ttgacaccta gaataacagg caggctaaaa tttccctgcg aaggccagcc     79500
     cacaccaaaa gctggccatt tagaggagca aaaagtttgc caaggtccct tcttgacatc     79560
     aaagaaaaga ttgttggccc tagtcataac gtctgttcaa tggttctgag taagtgttag     79620
     tggggtcgtc acagtctttc ccatgttaag ctctgtcaca cacatgttaa aaacgattac     79680
     aaaggctaca agactcaaaa gcaaaaccag tcgcctactc tgtgtcaacc agagttcctg     79740
     aaaagaatca gacggcctag gaacaggtct cagaaacaga tcgtcaagga gaaaatttat     79800
     ccctgacttt tcccgaggag gttcactagg catccctggc cctccccctg acttccctga     79860
     aagtctccca gggcaaacaa atggtggaca cctagacaca tctgtcctta tccactttgc     79920
     tctcccttcg aagcactgtc tcataagaga gtttgcaaaa ctgaaactgt gatctcacaa     79980
     gatttcagac agaatataga gacaaaacca agacaagata gagggcctta cgtccaagtg     80040
     ggtctaggac ccctgggtgg tcacacatct cccagccgac ccaccacatg aaagaaccct     80100
     tcagtgagtc cctcttcagg gaggtgcgca cccagtagga cactgaggcg gaactcgctg     80160
     taactataca agctttaatc tcacacaaac acacaaacaa aaaaggagcg cccaagccag     80220
     catgctgggg tcgaatctca tgcactgcac agggggcagg gaagttcaac cccggcccaa     80280
     actttttaca ggcatataaa ggcaaaaacc acaaaccaaa aacaggggag ccaaaagaat     80340
     ttgggccatt acacatgata ggcttattta aatgttggcg ggatgattac aaattaacag     80400
     ggtaatatgt gcatgctaag gtgtagggag gcacaagggc ttgggacttc tcgaggtcag     80460
     caggacacct ggtcaatgta tgatttatgg ggatctatag ggaggtgcca tcctgccaga     80520
     tggccatttg gtccgccctg atagcagtgg ctagttcctg cattctcttt tttatctttt     80580
     atggctggac attcttagct acagggtggg tttggctgtg cctggacccg ccttggtcta     80640
     ttcttcagcc ctgaatttct tgaacttaca taccacaatg ctatgaggcg caaaattata     80700
     agtttttgct cttcactaca acatccaaga tcttacctct taatcagatc tctaactttt     80760
     tagctccaag ttactttggg ttttgcaatt ttcacagggt gtctgacaat gtcaaacact     80820
     acagcctgct gctgttcttc aacaattttc tgactggcaa ccaagctcct gctgtttcta     80880
     tcaaagtatg tcccacccat tcctcttgtt caaaagtgcg gctggacagg cactctcagg     80940
     ccaaggagac ctcagtaaac tttatctgaa cattcaggtg ctctcaggca ctcctttgtt     81000
     gaagcatgcc caggctttga aaaaaaaaaa agcccagtgg ataaaatcat ttcatttgta     81060
     cctggctgtc cactttgaac aaatgagcaa taattatgtt tttgtgaaat ataacaggta     81120
     atgaatattt tagtttcagt cagtggaaac taacggctgt tcccattaac tctttcacac     81180
     caattaacat ttttcttcac ggttccttta acattttcga tttctacagt attcacacca     81240
     ggatgaatac tgagacatta agaccaggga catcattaga acaaaggtaa acaaatctct     81300
     ctcaacatat gtcctttcac aatggaaaca gaccagagac catggggatg cacaactctg     81360
     aatagtttat aaagggccct gtagatatct gttattgtat attgaggggt gtgtttaagt     81420
     ggaaaaaact tacagctgtc atttgagaat aacacatata aacctcaagt gttttttttt     81480
     ttaatgagaa atgttgacaa ttacggttct tatacatagg gaatatctgg attaagaact     81540
     agtccttacc cagacttcac acttcctctg accctgactc tgtaccttcc aggctaagaa     81600
     taatcttgat ggcctgattt ccccagtaac aggctatcca gcagaaaaga acaacaaact     81660
     tctcaagatt caaccagtat actaagacat ggttcatgtc taattgttta cacagacagg     81720
     cagaatacag taccactacc aagatttggg aataagaagc cagtgtctat gataatcaaa     81780
     gaaaccttct gcagcatcat gatcaggagc agtggaaact gcaagctttg tggctgcagt     81840
     ggtgaataat tcctcacctg acagctcatc ccagatttat cacactaacc tcacaggcca     81900
     ctgtgaagaa tacaaacact ttggatgtgg acagcttaag gcagaatgct acccaacagg     81960
     atgccttaca taggctctat atggtaaggt tgctacagaa agttagaagt gtctgaaggc     82020
     attacttggg aactgtgatg aggacatctt ctaaagaagt attgtgagac agaaaattta     82080
     aaaaaatgtt gatgtctgct tagaaagggg cttaatctca ggatttggtg ataaaatcca     82140
     gtagatttga attcaggact gaactgcaca agaaggccca gaattgctag gactatacag     82200
     aaaaatccat ttccagataa gttaaacaga aaaaaaggag aggaatgaaa tgaaaaagaa     82260
     gaatgtcagt gtcctgatgt taaatcctgt attcgttagc aataatcaac aaactttgaa     82320
     aggaataatg caacaacgtg aaaaaaaatg gacacaccat ttgaaatatc ttacataaat     82380
     cagtaaaaaa aacattaaaa atatctcact aaaaatggca atatttgcag ggtgttggtg     82440
     gtgcacagct ttaatcccag cacttgggag gcagacgtag gcagatttct gagtacaagg     82500
     ccagcatggt ctacagagtg agttccagga cagccagggg catatagaga attcctgtct     82560
     cgaaaaaatc caaaaatcag accatacaca caaataagaa aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca     82620
     aaaacaaaaa acaaaacaca cacacaacac acacaaaaca gaaatacaac aacataaggc     82680
     aatattccct ttccgttttg tcttgtggtt ttctttttta aatgtgttat tgcatctcag     82740
     agatgcctcc tcctttataa atactgacat cacaaacaca tcatagatat gaacttgcat     82800
     catcgccaca ggtgttttac aactcctact tcagtgacac aagggactcc acacacatac     82860
     tccttccata gagtaaatgt atccaatatc atacagatta ttcaaaacaa tggaaatatc     82920
     ttcaaattat ctcaacactt atgcccagtg atcgggtgtc tcagcttgag gctcccaatg     82980
     atcaattgtt tataagtact agcttgtaaa actgtaaatg agttgtctat ctggaaccct     83040
     ttataagatc ctgtcctcag caaggatcct gttcaaagcc attagccact ttttttttaa     83100
     tgtgcacatt taatgggata aagtaatgag acttttccta attgtagaaa cgacctcgtc     83160
     tctttatttt cccacacatt ttttattaca tatgttcttc ttttaccttt caaatgctat     83220
     cccaaaagtc ccctatacct cctgccccct gctcacctac ccactcactc ccacttcttg     83280
     gccttggcat tcccctgaac tgtggaatat aaattttgct agaccaaggg cctctcttcc     83340
     caatgatagc cgactaggca atcttctgct acatatgcag ctagaggaac aagttctgtg     83400
     ggtactggtt agttcatatt gttgttcagc ctatagggtt gcagacccct tcagtttttg     83460
     ggtactttct ttagctccta tattgggggc cctgtattcc atcctatcga tgactgtgag     83520
     cactcacttc agtatttgca aggcacacta tttcatacac cagcaagatt ttacttaagg     83580
     gacgctgata tagttgtctc ctgtggtgtt ttgccctcag tcacttctat gcttcataag     83640
     aaagaaagct ctagttgtgt gccatgcaga tcgtgtagag ggctgtcaat atcccctctc     83700
     ctccagcaaa gcctcacaaa cagtcacaac gattgtcttc caggacaact ttgagtgcct     83760
     aagataagga tcaaagcaac tctgcttgct ccaatgtcta aatgtcactg tagattaaga     83820
     aattccctag caagacccta agtttcacag tccaggacca tttcagcaac ccattacttt     83880
     tctagggtcc aaacttgttg caattctaca gacctataca ttgtaccctt agagcccttc     83940
     tcaagagcag gcagcaactg ctccaactgc tttctccaaa tgcagctaaa cagaaacaac     84000
     ctgcagaggc aggtgatttg ctcctggttc gaccaaggtg actttgcctt tgtgtggggt     84060
     ggtggtggga gtttacctgc tgtgagaccc ttttcctata gttgtgctca tccaccaaag     84120
     cacttggaaa gacaaggaaa gtgttcctca ttcaaaatcc ctcctcctga ctgtggtgtt     84180
     tgtgtttcta aggagtggta aattggatct atttgggggg ttctttgtgt ctttgtgagt     84240
     ccacacacag tgattcctct ctcctatact acctttccca gaaaaattat tatcatagtc     84300
     tacacatcat ttcttttatt ttataaactt tgatgctggg tatggttgtt tgtgtacatg     84360
     ccattttgct tggacacttc atgtgtaaaa tacctgcaga ggcaagaaga ctgctgctgg     84420
     aaatggagga agtgagaaag agaaaggaag agggggacta ttaatacatt ttaaagcttt     84480
     ctagttaaat ccgctcttca agataaacaa ttgaaagtgt aattagtcgc tggccttgtt     84540
     atattaatac tgactataac agtaaagcat ttgaaatgtt ttgtaaacaa tttattaatt     84600
     tatctaatac agggtaatgt ggaactttaa aaaactcttc tttttaaaaa aacaaaggac     84660
     aagataaatt atatccccat gcacattatt taaatcacac tttaagaact ttgaaatttg     84720
     gatgtcaaag aacttaaaaa tgcctgataa tatcttaaat aggagacata atcatgtcta     84780
     ggtcaaatga aaaaaatcta cttattggta tatggcttga tcctaagtag ctactttatt     84840
     gggaaaggga caagaatagg ttctcttcac agaatgctgc agatatatga aggctaattt     84900
     ttgtgacaca ctaacaggtg tgtttgctta gtgccctgac tgtagtgaca agaaagctga     84960
     attgggtata tgtttttgac ctacctttgt ttatcatttt cccagtttgg acaagctaag     85020
     atgctttact tcaaggtttt taagaattat gggatataga acagtagaga ctgtgtaatc     85080
     tgatttagaa agattagtct caagatagag ttatagtgat tcatcttcta acttcactgt     85140
     gaccaggtat cctaattcaa tattggactg gtctattaat aattccagta ttagaagaat     85200
     tagggaagat agctaaaatc ttaattagct agcaaattta atttggagca cagcctccac     85260
     tcccagagag gctgcagcct ttctgcaatt ctcaaagcta cctccccaca ccagaatctc     85320
     taagactaag cttgatcatt gctaatttgc aactgaatgg ggtacctgga cttctccaaa     85380
     gaaactttca tactcttgct tatcactgtc ccaactttgt ttctcaagca ggtcatccaa     85440
     gtccttcagc ctgactgtag cagatgtaca gccttgcctc caacagtgaa ggtggcagtt     85500
     attgatcttc attctagtac atattatgac tttggtctga attgggaata aggtgtgata     85560
     atgaggactg gacattcaat gacagacatc cagatctcag aaccatacca atctaagaca     85620
     gaggtacatg ccaaaatcca tgactgttga taacacaaca cagagccatg ttttgtgtga     85680
     tatataacac aaactagttg cacgtagcat ccataatgga atttgatgct tcaggaagat     85740
     ctaagatttc ctaagggagg tgtggcctgc agtcaccata actcccaggc aagactatag     85800
     agcataaata cattttatgc ctcagtttag cactttttaa aatattatta acggggggga     85860
     gtataacctc ctccaaccta tgcaggttca gaccttatgc cattgaggca gggccacctg     85920
     cagtgcagct cctcagctag tttcctttga tgtgaaacta cctgccatct gccatgaggc     85980
     caaattggtt ctccaagatt ttctgtagtt aactgcaatc tgtgaatttg gtgacttagt     86040
     gctaaaaggc tgtgctgaca acttggtatc aggaaagcaa gaaacttggc atggcagaga     86100
     atgggtttcc ccctttataa gtgaaaactt ttattaaata tttgagccta gatcagaaaa     86160
     ttgtcttggc tccatttttc tctcacctat atagttcccc tctcttttca gcctctgttt     86220
     gcctcccagg tgaaacacag ttcaagttag gtaaggcctg gtttctaaca gttttggtcc     86280
     tgatctttat cacattgaac acaagacaga attttacact aacactaaag atatctgcct     86340
     gtgcttaaaa ttctgattac aaaacacttc ctttagaaga gtggagtggt tgatgaacac     86400
     cagacactta cttagcaata gttggcctat gaattttgaa taaatttctt attatgtgga     86460
     agattcaaat tgaattaaat agctttacaa caagctagga aggaagtaga catgaaggaa     86520
     aaaaaaaatt ctagagtaga tcagtactaa aactgaacta atctgagggt tatctgtgtg     86580
     ctagtgggga ggctagaggg agagggagct ggagagggag agggacaggg acagggagag     86640
     ggacagggac agggacaggg acagggacag ggacggggac agggacaggg acagggacag     86700
     ggacagggac agggagagag acagggacat ggagagggac tgggacaggg acagggacat     86760
     ggacaaggaa agagggaaga aggaggaggc agaggtagag cagaggcgga aatggaggtg     86820
     gaggtggagg cagtggcaga ctgaggacct agaattgcaa gccacagaaa ggagtgtaat     86880
     tgaggcattg tctccataac aactgaaagc aacataacct aagggcatct gtcaatttcc     86940
     tggacaacta ttcacaaagc taatctttca aattccaacc aaaattttca tagaatgaga     87000
     ggattgggat ttcgaaatca ggtgaacata tttcttatta ttcattagta ttttttactt     87060
     aaactagcaa aatatatgta ttcatttttt taatttctaa tgtatttcat tattattatt     87120
     attattatta ttattattat tatcattatt tttgttattt ttattactaa aaatcagttt     87180
     ttcagtacag ttcttatttt cctcctggtt caatttggtt agaatagtct ctaattttct     87240
     ctcattgatt aaataggttg taacttcttt tgcttttatg ttgtgaatat aagttatgat     87300
     tgttaaaagc ctgttaaata tacatgatat tttctaaagc aaaaattcat atatgttaaa     87360
     actgtattta aaatctattt gtaatattaa ccatggtaga agcaaaaaat aatctcaaac     87420
     aaagtcctgt atgaaaggaa gaagtgacca gttcctcatt aggcagtgac cattccatct     87480
     ccacaggaga atatgcagtg taactgtggc ttcatagaat gaattcggta ttgttccttc     87540
     tgtttctaat ttgtggaaca ctttcatgag aattggtatt agttcttctt tgatggtctg     87600
     atagaattct gcactacagc catctagtcc cagggttgtt ttggtgggag attatcatga     87660
     ttggttctat ttcttaaggt gttaaggtgc tgtttagatg gtttatctta tggatttggt     87720
     atatgtctag ataattgcat atttcactca tctttcgcag cgtttttttt ttttaattat     87780
     tcattactta actatgaagt ttattcattt caagtttttt ttttccaggc tgcattccat     87840
     ggaatatctt tggctgaact ggaatttgct ctatagacga gactgacaag gaatttagag     87900
     attttcctgc ctcagcataa taagtcctgg gattaaatgt gtgtttgccc ccattccctg     87960
     gcacctagga attaattttg aagactactt acataccttc atatagttca aaccttataa     88020
     tattacaaaa tggaagcgta tcacagtgat tcctgctttt aaccagatga ctatgggtct     88080
     tatatcatat ctcttttgac ttctaagaaa gccatacata catagccaat ttgaggccag     88140
     ccagtgctaa tcaatacaat ttggccaaaa tggaaaggaa aaaaaaacac aaagtgaaag     88200
     tgcctttctt attttaagaa tgggctacat tataataaca cacacactca atcacattca     88260
     gactcacaga aacagacaga cacacacaga aacacacaca gacacaatca gacagaaaca     88320
     gagagtgaga cagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     88380
     gagagagaga gagagagaga tcgatccaca gtgttggtgt tgggaatcat agccacctcc     88440
     tatttggtag cagcaacttt gtgtaacaga taagtcatct ttttagatat tggctctaat     88500
     tttgaattgg ccaagaaaaa cctgatacta tgcagtctgg agctgacatt tggatttcat     88560
     aggatccctg aaaatggttt ctgagcaaga gaacataaag tttaatcatt cctggtgcat     88620
     ctcacatatc ttctgcccag tctccaaatg agacacacag aatttactgt tggggatttg     88680
     ataaaggggg tttatatttg acaagaagcc cctgaaggat tacacaaata cagttgaaac     88740
     aaccttagca cttgtcagag tgtggtacct cccttcttta tgcttctcag tgcagcttca     88800
     tttagtgtgt tcatttagtc ctggtcagaa cacacaacag agcagaaaca aacattcttt     88860
     taaattttta cacaccttct aattttttct tgtttttgtt gtgtatcttg acagaccctt     88920
     gcaagcatta atttattctt agatgaattt ggacattttg agtaatgttc tcttcctaca     88980
     ccttccttct ctctccagaa atgtggagat ctttacatga ctcagagtat aagatcattg     89040
     gctgctcttg cagagggtct gggattcaat tcccagtgat catcctgtgt gtcacagcca     89100
     catgtaagtc ctgttttagg ggatctgata caagctaact taggacctcc atgtagtcca     89160
     ggaatgttca catccaacaa atacactcct tcaggtaaaa atgtccatcc aatagaaata     89220
     atgaaaagta tgctgtttac caattgccat gtagaacttg atttccaaat gaatacaaat     89280
     attatcaaga gcagacttta aagtatgcat gtaggtcaac cattgtgata tgtttggtac     89340
     ttattttttc tttcttttct gttttgcatc ccctaggacc tcgcatacct atgacttgga     89400
     ggaaagtaat ccagagttct tccataatct ctgcttcagt ttctgcctct acttaccagc     89460
     tctgaatcaa gttctgtcct gactttccta gatcatgcaa tttacaagct gagacttgta     89520
     aacagaaaga acccattacc tccttttgta gttttgggcc ccgatcttta tcacattgaa     89580
     atcaagacag gcttgcatac ttacacttat gctatctgcc tgtgcttaaa ctacttgtta     89640
     caatcagttt gttcagaaca gtggagtgac tgttcaatgc cagacagtta cctagacatt     89700
     gttgccctat gaatttgggt tacatctctc tgggtaacat cattctgtct aattggccac     89760
     ccagacattt atatacttat aggagtactt ataaaaggag agattccaag ataatggctt     89820
     tctttctact gataagcttg cctccccgag tctcagcata aacgttaatt atgattcatt     89880
     agaaaagagc acacacaaga ctgcagaatc tcagccaata ctattgagaa cacttttttt     89940
     ttttaaatca caaagccctc acacaacatt ttaaaaatcc tttactggat tcatcttcta     90000
     agtatacact atatgttata tttagtgtat cataaaatac taaagaggag tatctactta     90060
     tgcacactga aagtgtactt caaacagaaa gcattaatac tgttactcca tagatgaaac     90120
     atgtttatga agtaacacta agggagattt acacacaata tttgcatttc atatgaggtc     90180
     cccagatgaa acttaattgc atcaaaacac atggcacagc atggaatagg tatgactaat     90240
     attaaaatag tgaacagctg aatgcaggaa gtatggaata cagagttact aagtttggtg     90300
     gaatactata tttacataca acatacatta gtgaaaaact cctgctgcat taactttgca     90360
     caagattgag tgtcaaagct aatacatttt gtctggtgtt tggtggttgg ttacgcaagt     90420
     tggttgtggt tttttcatat ccatagttaa agaagaagca ctacgaaaaa aattagattc     90480
     agagattttc taattcctct ctctaccttt atttctgtcc tatctagtgt tttggagtat     90540
     aaaaagaaga acctagaaaa tatcaaacac aagctataaa aatgaatctt ccttgccctc     90600
     caccagaaat catcaattgt gaagaaatac acttcatctt ctttatcata aattttaaag     90660
     gactctcttc aatagcttct tgactggact gtttcttttt acttttgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     90720
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgccttg ctgtgcataa ttccttcctg     90780
     tgttgctatc cattcaagtt tgtggattta ctcacaacaa agcagataca gtgcattgga     90840
     gtatcttttg ctttttttgc ttgtttgttt gtttgtttgt ttgtttttgt tttgttttgt     90900
     attgttttgt ttttttaatt ttctggtggt ggggagtgca tctatgcttt ttgttgggag     90960
     ctattactgc aacgctattg tcctgtcctc tgaattgggt ctctcccccc ccccgataag     91020
     aaaagagggt taaaagcagg ccacagactc actgctccga gaacaactac agattgttcc     91080
     aaccctaagt cagtgctgga tgtcctgacc taaagatgta ccctgataac accaagttcc     91140
     tgcttccacc aatagtcgcc aaaagaaaaa tttccgctgc cccttccttt ctgctgagaa     91200
     gtacttcctc tcccccccca ccctgctgcc ccatccctcc tgctgaggtg cattgcttct     91260
     gccccatttc tcctgctgaa aggcacttcc ccttttgctt gtgcatttaa accttggtca     91320
     tggctaatac attggggtcc tgatgtaatt cagaacattt ccatatcttt gttcgcacaa     91380
     tatcctcatc tctctctaca ccccatttat ttcttaggag aaagtcctct cgagaccctc     91440
     gaataactgg acctgctgga cgggtcagct tttgaagtta caaatcaaat actaccattg     91500
     agtgacaaat ctaccttaga cagggttttg aatactttaa cagaaagtgt ttctctcttt     91560
     attactaaga aattataatc ttgtttttct tgtactcctg aactgttaca gaacttttag     91620
     gtccatttat accaatttta tgcagacact aagcaatgtc aacccattgc tgacattttt     91680
     ttattgataa tgcaatttga tcaatacatg agttcttgtt tctgccttgt gtctgattgt     91740
     gttttcttga agacttgtat cttatgggct ataacaaaaa cttgtaatgc ttgtaatgta     91800
     cagttgagga gggtggtctg gagactcggg gggtatttct gtgtatagaa tgaatgccaa     91860
     gtgcctggtg ttaaatcagg gaaatgttgc tccttaggct acatgctcac cgttttgtgt     91920
     tcatacattt ggggacaata tttttcagta ccacagagca aacgttacag gtacttattt     91980
     ttaaactgtc agtaatcacc aaatctgaaa tctgggcctt ggaccacgct gttctctcaa     92040
     agctagtcag aaaatgctta gccatatgag cccaatcctt gctttttatc cttagagtgg     92100
     aggaaaactg gtctttcctg taagggtttt gcaattagag attctggtgt cagcagagct     92160
     tacatgaccc ctattgaggt tgatcatttg taatagcaag ggaaatgtgg gaggatcatt     92220
     cccctgatgg ctcaaaataa gtctagaaca cactgcattc ttcccccttg tgggtgccat     92280
     ccctgtcaca ttttgaagag aaacagtgct cctccaggaa gctggaggaa attggcctgt     92340
     attcctttgg atgctgttag acccagcctc caggtctgga ctgactatca ttaaggcccc     92400
     tgtccctgct gttctctcag ttctccacaa aacaagagac tctctttagc ttttgtgctg     92460
     agtgatgtca gccctgcttc tcatatactg attaactagg ctatttgggc cttagaagaa     92520
     tgtctttttc tcaactatct atttaccagg taaactgtca gtgagaatgg tgagacatct     92580
     attcttggca aggttaccat aattaagggc agggaatatg aagaaaatgc agacttattg     92640
     atatattccc aaagtctaga tttaattgac actctaatga cttgcacaag aaacatgaga     92700
     ttgtgggttg acttcaaagt gtaacatatg aggtccatat agaaaatcag gagatgactg     92760
     ttgagaacag ccctgggctt taaagaattt gttctaccat gactttccca atatttcacc     92820
     atcttaataa gtatgttgtg aaggcaggag atggtgtaag agtgttctca tcagcatcta     92880
     ggtcccatgg atgcttgtac actctgtcac ttcaagatat ctatggcaca gtggtacctg     92940
     attaacaaag aagcctttgt agtgccacag ggcagcaaat agtggcctag aagcaggaag     93000
     taggaaggtt gaccatggcc ctcctttcag gatttacact ttaaagctga gacacactgt     93060
     aaaacacaca tgtttctgac atttagccca tggaatgtac agagaatatc tcggttgatt     93120
     ggtgtgatgg ttttagacat gactgaaaat gtgtttatgt taatctgagt gtgctagtaa     93180
     tcttatgcca acttgtgaaa atctagagtc acctacgaag aggaaacatc aaataggatc     93240
     tccctacatt agatgggtct ataggcatgc tttttggatt aaaaaaagta tatattaatt     93300
     taattttttt catgtaatat gggttgaaca aattctttcc ctactttata tccctaccat     93360
     tcaactcaga gacactgtga aacttataga agtcatggac caaatggatt taacagatac     93420
     atgtggaaca tctctcccta agacaagaac acacatggta tgcactcact gctacgtgga     93480
     tattagacaa agaacactga atacccatga tattatacag taaatatctg caccgaagct     93540
     gtacccatac tgtattcata tcatcaggaa tcagtatgca cagttctcag tactgtgcat     93600
     ctcctaaagg agtattgcca acagcagatt tagcaaggcc tcaacaagaa ttataccact     93660
     ggtaacatca caatttgtgg cttttaggct atattaggag ctggaggtca tcctcctcat     93720
     ctctgttatt cccacagcct gaggaaatta ggggagcttg caataacagc aaggatggag     93780
     aaccagagac cagcaaaggg actaagacca tctatcagaa taaaaaccaa tctcttctaa     93840
     tatttgaaat atctgccttc ctagcccttc taataaacct atttttcaaa tcagacctaa     93900
     agccaaaatg catggtagaa tgtctttaga atgaaaatag cagttgccac cttaagcctt     93960
     tgtttgcagg gatgcactcc ccctgcagtc tgattggagg atgttgattg acctgcttaa     94020
     gaaaaagaga cccagacaat gagaaagtag caatgcaaag cttcttttgg ggaagtccag     94080
     atactttatt cagttgcaaa ttgcaaagct ctgagagtag caagaaaaca gcttttctgg     94140
     gaggctgagt ccccaactaa attctatgca aaagaggaat tttagttctc agagtgataa     94200
     ttataagaag attcaggatc tgtgttcagc taacaaatta atctcttggg cagcctctgt     94260
     gctccatgtt cttatgaaaa aatgcaaacc gagcccttcc ccagattcga atcggatctg     94320
     gacccttaca ttccttagtt agtgtgtcct ttcattttat caatgcataa gaattagaag     94380
     taactggatg ccagtggtga tctgctgcag actgaccttt aatatcagtt tgcaaaaaat     94440
     ttagatcaaa taaagtaaag gcaagatgcg cctttggtga ccttggggga tataactgcc     94500
     actgttttgt cataaaaggc caatttttta aggtctgatg agcacattga actattccgt     94560
     ttgccatggg cttataagga attcaagttt tatgtttgat tccaaattcc ttaaagaatg     94620
     aaataaaatt tttactagaa taggatggcc cattatctgt tttgatatgt ttaggcaatc     94680
     ctattgcatt aaatgcttgt gggcaatgat caattacgtt tttagaaacc tttcctttat     94740
     gcagagaagc agaaaaaagc aaaaagaaat cctgaacaaa tatcgataca aacatgttca     94800
     tattttagtt ttccaaattc tgcataatgg gttatatcca tttgccaaat atgattagac     94860
     ataaggcctc tagaattgac ttataaatgt ggcactggag ataatgaaat acatttagga     94920
     cattgcttta caatcatttc gcttgttctt tagtgatctt atgtcttgtg tgtgtgtgtg     94980
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgggtg tgtgtgcgtg tgtgtgtttg tgggtatgtt attaaaataa     95040
     aagttaaaaa aaagctttta aattttgtaa gaaaaaaagc tgagaaaact gtgctgagaa     95100
     agcaatccaa taagcagcct ttctccatgt accctgccta tactcctaca tgtgtcctgt     95160
     cttgatttca ctcagtgatg gagtgcaata tagaaatata atacaaacta agcctttttt     95220
     caaagggaag ggaggagatg gtggatgggt tggggatttg ttgaatggaa aatgggaaag     95280
     gagctatcat ttaaaatgta aataaatccc aaaattaatg aaagacaata tgtcctatgc     95340
     agaaatcaaa aatgacaaca tgaaactgct cacatactat ctcctaagct caaatgtgta     95400
     aggcttggac atgcatgact tccatctgtg cctgcaggcc actgaaatcc gcatcaacta     95460
     tgtggatatc taccctgact tcctggcaca gatgctcccc aaaatgaagt gggcagtgat     95520
     tatgcaggga gcagtcacct caatctttgc tgaggtactt aaagatccaa ctgaaagcta     95580
     ttaacaggac gacacgtttt ttaggaagat gtacccacat gtggcttgag attgatgtat     95640
     tggatggtac cctgcagttc tcagaatctg gacatctttt ccctataagc tgcaggatct     95700
     ccaatatggt gttgaatgat aaggatacag agatataaac ttgttagcca ccacactgtg     95760
     aggtgggaga gggtgcacag gtgaaggaac accctcattg aagcaggggg acaggggatg     95820
     tgataggggg tttctggagg agtgggaaac tgggaaagaa tacaacattt gaaatgtaag     95880
     ttaaaatata tgtaattaaa aaaaaagacc aaccaaataa tgcaaagtga ggggcccatc     95940
     gctgccaccg aatatgtagc aaatgatggc ctagttggac acagtgagag gaggggatcc     96000
     tggtcctgag agactctata cctcagtgta agggaatggc atgacaggga agcaggagtg     96060
     cttaggttgg tcagtagggg gaggagggac atgttattgg gtttttagag gggaaaactt     96120
     gaaatgggat aacatttaaa atgtaaatat agaaaatatc taataaaata aaataataaa     96180
     ataaaaaacc ttgggaacaa taagttaata gcagaataaa aaaaaatcaa agaagctggg     96240
     tgtggtgttg caagccttta ttccctggac ttggtaggca gaggcaggca aatttatgag     96300
     ttcaaggcca accaggtttt cagaatgagt tctacaacag ccaagcctac acagagaaaa     96360
     cctgcctcaa aaaaaataag aaagaaagaa agatagtaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag     96420
     aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag     96480
     aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag agcaaagcac caaagcactc atgtgcatgc actggttcca     96540
     aagacagccc tgtccaaatc atacaacagc acatgttttc acaaaatgga ttctgaacat     96600
     gtcctcagat tggtcctttg actatactat ctaggttatt cccctcatgg tcacaagaaa     96660
     caaaaggaag caagatatta gtctgaagca gatatcagac tgatgccaag accagcctat     96720
     gactccatta tgctttctgt tttcaagcat ccagagagtg gttctcaacc tttctaatgc     96780
     tacagttcct tcatatatat tcttcctcat gcttggtgag cccttacata gaattatttt     96840
     tttcctactt cataactgta atttcctact gttataaatc ctaacataaa tacctgacat     96900
     aaagatagtc ctagacaact cccatgaaag tgtcacaagg acttagaact tataggttgc     96960
     cattcacagt gccaggaaat actagtaaga ctagccagct ccttgatttt tacactttct     97020
     gccttccaga actgtactag gatagatgtg atctatttta gttgtttaat catgtgatca     97080
     tctggagttg tctaagacta tctttatgtc aggtatgtat gttaggattt ataacagtag     97140
     gaaattatag ttatgaggta ggaaaaaata atttaatgta ggggttcacc aagcataagg     97200
     aagaatatat atgaaggaac ttggaaacac acatacccaa gtggatgatg gagtctattt     97260
     ttcctgtcct ggaatcttgg cagggatgag tcagctctaa tgaaatagat gagaaaggtt     97320
     actggatgaa ttcctactca aagtcattgg agacaacagc aaatctgttt tgtccgaatg     97380
     gagaatggat gaggatttgt gctccattaa aaaggtcaat aaattgacta atttgattcc     97440
     tgcctgtata tttgtgtgtg ctttgtactt ttttctgctt tgtgttgtgc tctgtgttct     97500
     tgattattac ctctagggtc cttaccatac ttgcaaaatg aaacatttct cagttggaaa     97560
     agctctcatt tttttcctct gtatacaata tgattcttta aaaaataagt ttttgattcc     97620
     tttgtactaa tagtaagatc aaaatttctg ggaagacact tttcattgaa aatacagttt     97680
     ttcattcaat agattcagat tactgtcccc ccaaatcctt ctacaacctc tccacttctc     97740
     gacccaccca aattcacact ttttctttct ccctttatta aaatacaaac aggcatctaa     97800
     ataataatga tactattaat gatactaatg acaataataa tgaagattaa gatacaaaat     97860
     aaacaaatga accagaacag aacaaagcaa acataatgaa aaagaggcaa agaaaaagca     97920
     caagaaatat acatgtagac acagagatat atatgttcac aaacactcag aaatcccata     97980
     aaaacaaaaa aaactgcaaa ccataatata taaacaaagg acccttaagg tattctttaa     98040
     agaaccctgc caatacctta ttatataaag gacctccaag attattatcc agtttgattt     98100
     tcatttgcca ggcaatgctg aactagagac ttagatttaa gcatggtttg catacccagt     98160
     gataccctag tggaaatttg aatgttttcc tttccaagct acaaactaga aataacttct     98220
     gagataaaga tagtggcatg cacgcccttc cctctcattg cttgggctct ttctatctca     98280
     gaccttgcag gcgctgtgca tacagatact gctacagaca cttttagttc aatgcaactg     98340
     atattagaag gccttgggtg agagttttaa ccacttcgac ctatgggagt gatagaatga     98400
     taagaaatat caatggctca tttaaacttt ggttgcttca ttttctatac tcatgctggt     98460
     ttgcagcatg accaccttca tagtctctgt gggttttgac atgatgaatg aacaggcaat     98520
     cttcagagga tgtaaagaat taaagctgaa ggaatgtatg aggtggccca ctagccactc     98580
     aagtaagttt actagccact caagaccgcg tacctgaact tcatctctga aataatatac     98640
     atggtagaag aagaggattg tctcttccac actgtcctgc aatctctaca catgtgcagt     98700
     ggtttgtgca cagttacaca catatgtact taatcaaaca catgtaccca taatgtaagt     98760
     acattaaaat gtataaaatc atataaaaac aagcagacct cctactggaa gtttcagaga     98820
     gactatattt ataggatttg gagcttattt gtttcctaca aacctcccat gcagaaggga     98880
     ggttttacat ctactttcgc acgactaaga cttcgcttga agcacttgcc tgggattcct     98940
     gtagatttgg tttttctcgc cacatatgaa gaaatctctg tgtattctga gtgccctaga     99000
     tgctgctgaa ctgaaaaatg cacatgcaac acagacttcc cacaattgct gaaggcaggc     99060
     cctcctttct ttcttttact gtagaagtaa cttttccatt ttctaaacaa cagacagtag     99120
     tagtttcctt cctaacacaa atgtctctgg tttagttaaa tagatttatt agcttcaaat     99180
     cagacaatac catgcaagtt cattttcaga agggttaagt ggaattgaat ttgtgttgtg     99240
     tattactaac tgagaggcca atttataacc acagagcact ttgagttgag tggaaataat     99300
     atttttacaa ttataaaatg cataaaattc cgtaccaaat ttttatcaaa cttgctttat     99360
     atgtaagata aaccaaaaat taacagacaa ctaccaaaca gttaaagcat acaacatggc     99420
     aataaattaa acgaaaatgc ttatttagaa gtgggagaag ataagctttt atggaatctg     99480
     tttaattgta taagaaagag aaacatcact tttcttcaca tgctcagaat ataagagggg     99540
     gaaaatatcc atgtgataat ccagttctat gtacacaaaa ttaagcaaga tcctcataat     99600
     taatgtgtga gtacacaatg cctgactcaa attctatcat agacactcaa gtcctgtcac     99660
     tgaaggctca tcagtctcac tgtattattg tttattatta ttattattat tattattatt     99720
     attattatta ttattattaa ttgctgttgt ttttcttttt gttataatta cataatttaa     99780
     atttaaaatt tattcaattt cagtaaatga tattcaagaa atgtttaaaa cttttaatat     99840
     tgaccagggt caaatgactc tgcactaaaa aactagatct cattccccat attattatct     99900
     gttaacagtg tgcacaagaa gacctgagac ctaacaaagt tgtcctttag ttcctcattt     99960
     tgctcacatc agcatctgta aaccattgcc aagttcagag gctaagaatc tgcatagtat    100020
     ctttcacaga ccaagtcctc atcgatgaca gaaactgtgg ctatgtactg tgtttatact    100080
     ttattcctca tgatgaagga acagctgaaa gcaagaaact gatgctctaa agggcttacc    100140
     aagaaacttc cctggacaat attggtatga attaatacaa tttgactaaa agagcacttt    100200
     gtccaccagg cttggaagat gtagaaaatg taaaaatatt aaagagaaaa atgtaaagat    100260
     gtacttgtaa tatagttaac aaaacaccca tggaaggagt tacagagaca aaatttggag    100320
     ctgtgacgaa aagatggagc atctagtgat tgccatatcc agggatacat cccataatta    100380
     gcttccaaac gctgacacca ttgcatacac tagcaagatt ttgctgaaag gatccagata    100440
     tagctgtctc ttgtgagact atgccgaggc ctagcaaaca cagaagtgga tgctcacagt    100500
     tacctattgg aatgggtcaa acggccccca atgcaggagc tagagaaagt acccaaggtg    100560
     ctaaagggaa ctgcaaccct ataggtggaa caacaatatg aactaatcag taccccagag    100620
     ctcttgtctc tagctgcata tgtatcaaaa gatggcctag tgagccatca caggaaagag    100680
     aggccctttg gacttgcaaa ctttatatgc tccagtacag ggggacgcca gggccaaaaa    100740
     gggggagtgg gtgggtaggg gagtgggggg atggtatggg caaattttgg gatagcattg    100800
     gaaatgtaaa cgaggaaaat acctaattaa taaaaagaga aataaaaaag actttatggt    100860
     taatgagagt aaatttttgt taagatttgt tcacatagcc tgtcttccac ttagctctat    100920
     ttccatagcc aatggaatga aattctgcca ggccttgtct atcatcaata tgagtggatg    100980
     tgcaactaca atagccaaaa ctagaagtta tcatggaaga tctcttttct gaagaaaaat    101040
     tgaggaagag tggattgggg tagcaggagt ggaggagaag tcagggagca gagaagagaa    101100
     ggaatactag gtttgggatg ttgattgatt aactaattta aaaaatcagc tccaggacag    101160
     attattttct ggtgttagag aaaactcatc tcaacaatta ttattaagga gaattttatt    101220
     atctgagatc ctacagtgaa ttcgtattgg tgtttgtgtc tgtgtctgtg tgtcttggtg    101280
     tgtgaaccta ctatgttgct taaagtagct agcaaaatat aatttgtctt tcatgaactc    101340
     acaagccagg attcacttct ctgactacac gaccatctta agaagtatcc tcctgaccaa    101400
     gcagttgtta tttcaacata aacctgggat tcaatctacc ctgcttctaa ttgggaccaa    101460
     atgtataagc cacatgtgtt tctctgccag actactagtg gatgagaccc tcgagtatca    101520
     gatgcatacc atgttggaga gggtacagaa gctcccatgc actgacctta tcaataaatt    101580
     aatgctcaaa cttttctata gagaaaactg ctatactcat ttaaaattaa gaaatcacaa    101640
     attgtacatc cctttaggca caggagtggt atgcaatcat ttaaaaattc caatttgtgt    101700
     aataaaagcc aaaataatca aagtcacttt actgctctct tttacttcca cagagatgga    101760
     taactagtat ggacagtgag atctgtaagt ggacttcaaa tgcttacaac tttcttaggt    101820
     ttgtgctggc tttcaggtct tcttgtgttc cccaagcttc cttgaaaata gacaatgtca    101880
     agggagaaac tgaggtgaca actaccatgc ttacactgaa ggaagacaca gtcttatcat    101940
     cttgttcata aatttacctg aatctttgtt ttggtattct atgacggtca acattatagc    102000
     cactgaaact atgccatgaa tattaattct ttctgacttc aagggccata atagcatttt    102060
     acatctcttc tgagaaaagt gaagaattaa atcatagtcc atggtacctg aaaccagagg    102120
     atagtgtcta agaaaacatt gctatggaca cagatgtcta acaaaaacat aggtatggat    102180
     acaaatgtca aacaaatact catttctttt attactaata caaaaaaatg tgtggataac    102240
     acagataatg aaagacagtg ggaaacaatg tagaattcta ttgtatcttt ttttatgata    102300
     tgaaacataa ctctcccaaa ttttctagat ttcaaacctt ctttacattc tgtccctgca    102360
     atatgctaat tttccttagc ttggccattc tgtctgagtt ttctgactaa gtacattctg    102420
     gtgtctgaga agccttgatc atctgttaaa cattttctca cacaggttac atgtataggg    102480
     atggtcagca atgtgggtca gctggtgctt aatgaggtga catttttgaa ggaatggtct    102540
     cccacattca atacagttaa acaggattct ctcctgtata aaatcattca tgttcaacta    102600
     aatttgtatt atgattaaag gttttctggc aacaggaaca cagatgtagt tttatttctt    102660
     agtgagtcag ataatgtatt ttaaaatctg aacggtgttt ttctgtgtgt gagggtgcat    102720
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgatatgta ttcagaatcc aaagagacca gaagacttag    102780
     agacacaagt aggtttttat tcttgttttt tttttgttct tttgttttgt tttgttttgt    102840
     tttgttttct agacaaagtt tgtttgttta cccctggctt tccaaaaact cactctgtag    102900
     accaaggtgg cctcaaactc agaaattcgc ctgcctatgc ccccaccccc caaatgctgg    102960
     gattgaagac ctgttcccac actgcctgac attagacagt ttttttgtta aactatattt    103020
     ggtgctataa acagaacggg aagtttaaca tgtactgttt aagaattgag ccatctcttt    103080
     cttcacaatg caaagaataa caagaatgaa taaaatagaa aaatattgta taatagatat    103140
     gagggcttat ctataattgt ttaagagtta aataataaca acaaaaagtc aatcagctca    103200
     gtctggacat atgtatacaa attgccaagt aacttttaac aaaacacaca agcaattcaa    103260
     tgaaggaagg ctataaatgt caataaatga tggggagcaa attggacaat gtgatgagtg    103320
     ttcttgggtt tgaactttac tgcatcaaaa attaactaaa atccaaatga ctgggcaaga    103380
     cattaatgga tttttttctt agtaatttga gatggcaaga tccattttga atctgaatct    103440
     ttcaagtggg aaaagtcact ttaaacctgg cacacactta tataaatgtt ctgcaaccta    103500
     tatgaaagac atggaagaag aaactttgtt ttctttgcct gtttgccctc attgggaagc    103560
     ccatttcttc actgtcaata caggccattt tcagtattcc ataatacact ggagactacc    103620
     tgagacaatc cacctcattg actgaataac tatgaggttc ttagaatatc agttggtaga    103680
     cagctattgt tggatcacac cctgtaattc actttaaagt atatttaaac tacatttaca    103740
     gtatattata taacaaaata ttataaatga taaaatatat tacatataaa ataaattata    103800
     tataatatat acaccatagt tttataaaat tatgcatata tataatttgt gctgtatgtt    103860
     ttgtttcacc cgagagcagt gacacataat aggtaaaaga gtcagcctca cactcaatct    103920
     caacttcata ctgtatgtaa aataattcac aagggcaggt aagaacaaaa aaaatttagg    103980
     aaaattggag tatatgtatg attaagagag ttaagagtgc tagatttcat ggaagaaata    104040
     ttcattctaa gagaaataat tgatcctcac taaaattaag aactttcacg ctgagctgga    104100
     tggtggtggt gtgtgtttta aacccagaac ttgggacaca aaggcaggtg agtttgtggt    104160
     aaacctgctg tacagattga tcttgaggac agccagggtt atgcagagaa attgtatgtt    104220
     aaaaaaacaa agaaaacaaa caaccccaaa acaaaaaata acatagaaaa tattttattt    104280
     ttctgtagca gttcctgatt caacagtgaa gaagcaatct aaatcaatta taatccaaaa    104340
     ggcaatatcg cccagagtat atttttcact gttacagtcc aggttacaca atgtatacac    104400
     aaaggaaagg agttatagtt aaccagttaa actagtcagg tggttagctt gtagatggcc    104460
     agcattacaa cactgtagag tgtcttcttc catgggttag catagcccat tctacctcag    104520
     ataaataaat ttgtatatcg tcaaatatta acattcctga agaagagaaa ggacttgaat    104580
     ttaatactga gtcagaagca gttgttgtac ctgtctgtga atcatggcag gctgcatact    104640
     gaggaaatta tcagtaacga atttaggtgg agaaactggg ataaccagag gtaggcaagt    104700
     ggaccagata attggttgta aaatatccag tttccactct gatcctgaca agtctagtcg    104760
     cctggagatc agtaaggttg aatgtaccag agaacactag tggtcttagc agcaggaaaa    104820
     atctaaaatg agactgcctg aattcaaaag ggaaatgtta aaataaaata aaacaataac    104880
     aaaaagcaat ctgactttct ccagcccctc tatggtccag tagcctccat ggctttttaa    104940
     caccaacaaa ccactagtaa acactactgt tgggcagatt tgtgtgttgc tataaagctg    105000
     ccttgatcat ttgctttctt gggtgttatc cttcatgaag ttatttctct cttttccttc    105060
     tctataaaat atataagact aaacttaaaa gcattttctg aagcgataca tgagtcccac    105120
     cctctctata taagatctgt ttaccatgag tcagccaaaa taaactctgc ctgacattct    105180
     taggttggat tctgaaagag gtggtttctg ttgtcactgg ggtgtcactt atttccccat    105240
     tcactagcag cacctagaac atggcactag ggtacaaagg ccagtggaag tcctcctctc    105300
     tcaactcatg gatgtatttt cataaaaaag atattaatcc cagcatctat tccacctcta    105360
     gagaacatga atgctagcct aggctcctat acctaacaaa actctcaatc accatagacg    105420
     gagaaaacaa tatatacaac gacaaagcca attttacaca taatctttcc ttaaatccag    105480
     ccctacaaag aataataggt ggaatacaac aacacaagga gtgaaactac accatagaag    105540
     aaacaagaaa gtaatcttac aacaaatcca caaaaacatg cttccacctc taagaataaa    105600
     actaatagaa agtaacaatc actttacctt aatatctatt aatatgaaaa ttaatattac    105660
     catcataacc taattgaatg aaattcaaaa atatgaggaa ttagaaattg tccgtttttc    105720
     attatgttgt tcctaatttc gtaaatagga ttaataagtc caatattgta taatccatat    105780
     attctttctt cttgtttata cataacactg tattgctgtg tgccacataa tggtcttgaa    105840
     aacatggttc ccctatctca gcctctgtat tagtaggatt gtttatttga tatttttaca    105900
     ctatactatg gttttcagaa cagcttaaat ttttcaaaac tctttataaa ccaaaataaa    105960
     tgtagacaat taatttggga ggtggcttat aagagaacag caaagagtga gactaaaggc    106020
     tttgcttgat atttattatt attgtataaa ttctgaagag gactttataa gttactatta    106080
     ttctaaggtg aatgcttttg ataaaacatc acatccaata aaactgaatt ctatcatcaa    106140
     ctaacttctg tgacactctc caagcagaaa attcttcatt gaaacagttg atcaatgact    106200
     tcatggatag accatcttaa taaacaccca ttccataagt gaatgtaccc tgttacatgt    106260
     ggcctgagaa tgacaacaat cactcaaatc aaatagcttt gaacatagca ggaaattagt    106320
     atccaaaaat catgcctaca gttcattcct tgccacagca gatatatcaa ctctaccctt    106380
     agtactatgg aggtaaaata ctttggtgat gtgagggaca ttcaagtaca gccttattac    106440
     aatgaaatcc agtgtccata aattgttctt ctttttttct tttctttttt tttttgtatc    106500
     acagtaagcc aagatttttt tttaatttta caattattat atactttctt cgtttacatt    106560
     ccaaaagtcc cctcccgcct ccccccttac ctctccttga tccccaacat acctactccc    106620
     acctacattc cctagcagta ccctgagctg aggcatataa ccttcacaaa accataggcc    106680
     tctctcccca cagatggcct accaggccat ctcctgctac acattcaact agagacatga    106740
     gctctggagg tactggttag ttaatattgt tgttcttatt tagggtttca aaccatctca    106800
     gttccttggg tactttctct agctcctcca ttgggagtcc tgtgttccat ccaatagatg    106860
     attgtgagca tccacttctg tatttgccag tcactggact atcctcacac aagacaactt    106920
     cagggtcctg ttagcataat ctgtaagtca agaattttaa gatctcctaa aaacacaaca    106980
     aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca acaaacaaac caaaagacta tttatgttca ccaaaaaaac    107040
     taatagtgat atattatttt aatatatcat acaattaata tatttgcagt tatttaaaat    107100
     ttatgagaaa aaagaatttt cagtattgct gcagacaaat atataaattg attgttgttt    107160
     ctatcaaaca acatttttaa tattcatttt tattgttaca atattttata aatattaagg    107220
     aacatgataa aaaatggaag gttgataggt tttgagtggg catcagctgg aagagttggg    107280
     gtacaaaata aaaagaagaa tgtgatgtaa gtctgtttac tcaaaatatg tttttagatg    107340
     ttaacaaatt cagataaatt gaaattatgt atattttctt atcataatgc aataaaaatt    107400
     aaatcaaaat atatttctag aactggtggg attgctcagc agttatgaga accggctatt    107460
     attttacagt tcctgagttc aattcccagc aacaacatgg tggcttacta ccatatacta    107520
     agtgatctga tgaccccttc tttcatgaag gtgaacccat aaaaagagga ctcatacatt    107580
     ttaaaaatga tagacttaaa cacattaaaa tgtttctatt attattatta ttattattat    107640
     tattattatt attattatta ttattattaa agtgtctaac tacttccttt catttctttc    107700
     caccaaacca gccttggaaa tctaatgcac aagtaggaaa acactgcaag ttaatgggcg    107760
     gaatgctctt gggtacatga aatacacact agactagttg aaaaaatgga aaaactagct    107820
     gttaagggca acttttggtt aggcagtgtt ggttcatgcc ttcaatcaca gcacttgtga    107880
     ggcagaggac aaggattttt gagttcaaaa tcagcctggt gtaagttcca ggacagacag    107940
     tgctacactg aaaaaccctg tcttgaaatt taataataat aataataata ataataataa    108000
     taataataat aataataata ataataaaag cacctattct atgcagagga ccaggcacaa    108060
     agcacccaca ttgtggctca taacatatgc acaatcacag tttcagagaa acagtgctct    108120
     cttgcagcgt ccgtaggcaa cagaggcata agtgagagag aggggctgct cagcctagca    108180
     cataagtgag agaggggacc tgggcagccc agcatataag tgagagagag gccctgccca    108240
     gcctagcaca taagtgaaaa agagggcctg caaggactaa catctaagtg agagggaggt    108300
     cctgggaagc ctagcacata agagagagaa gggccctggg cagtctagca cataagagag    108360
     agagaggaca tgtgaagcct agcacctaag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    108420
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    108480
     agaggacctg cccagcctaa ctcctaagtg agagagtggg cctgagtggc caagcacata    108540
     agtgagagag agagggcctg cactgcctag cacactcttc tatcaagctg aggactagga    108600
     aagtagagaa aggagagtac caggggttgt aggaaatctg catgttccct tctgaactct    108660
     tagggcagca tagactcttc tggtgtgcgt gtgtacatgc agaagtccac attattaaat    108720
     gtttatgcac ataaataaat aaaaaaccaa aaatgcttac aagagcctct acagctgaaa    108780
     ttaagtagag ccatttgctg tatttcatat gttacatatt tgttctggat tttcaagttt    108840
     gtaagcactt gtcaaccaac aaactggaaa tcatttgtct taaagccagt agattactcc    108900
     caccttctaa aatctccctt caaagtactt ggtattccgt gaacgcatgc gcagggtgta    108960
     ttcagccaat cagcacagtc ctttggtgag acctatttgc tccagctggc atcacaaagg    109020
     atcctctgag tcttctgtct gggtgtggcc cctgacaacg gttttttttt tttttttttt    109080
     ttttttgcca ttgaggagct aagcacagaa gggtgcggtt tggaaggtgt tctcctctta    109140
     gatgagctgt aagtgatagt ctgccctgat cagggttgtt ggacagttaa tcgaggtgtg    109200
     acagggtggg gaatctcagg cccaggagcc cactatgtga ggaaaagcct cctgatcgcc    109260
     attttctgtg gaatctgagg gtgaatggaa ggtggaggac catattcatg gaagaggatc    109320
     gaacaggtca gggccataga gaattgggaa cccttggaag agaaaagctt ggggcctggg    109380
     gataggatca gagaaccagc tgcaggactg tgggtcaggg aacagggagc cattggtgag    109440
     atgccttggc gattgtcctg tgtgatattc aggatccctt agaaacacac tgaggattcc    109500
     tccctcctca ttgtcttctc tatggtgtgt tcctttagta tagactgtat gaacattgca    109560
     gacagtagaa tggcatagga agatgaatga aaagaagaag aggagataat tgtaagagat    109620
     tcataagtca ttggggatgg attctgacca cagatctttc tgtctcagtc tcccatgtat    109680
     tgggattaaa gacttgcacc accaagttca gctttttctc tcagtttagt ttctgtagga    109740
     tgggatctat ctttgtagtt tcagctggcc cggcttggcc tggccttgaa cttacaatct    109800
     tcagatgttt gaaatcctcg gcttccccaa atccctaatt tctccaatat aaggtctttc    109860
     tgtgtgggtg gtggtggtag ttcatgtttt tttgtagact tagtggtgga tctttttgat    109920
     atgaatatac agttaccatg ttctttatct ttctggatag aactgtgagt ttacgttaga    109980
     ctgagataaa ctggtaaaca gaattgctga tgttttgttt aaaaatattc tgtgggagat    110040
     aggaccaaaa ttcagatacc tcaaaggtta aaggatgttg ctcatcgttt tttgggagga    110100
     ggggaggact catatgttga aggttggcca gtttttgtct ctttttaaac tgagaaatgg    110160
     cagactaata atttaggttc taaaggaggt ttttaaagaa gtgagttaaa gaagttttta    110220
     aaacaagttg tgagggagag ggacatgata aatgggatac acggaggaaa tggtacgggt    110280
     aagtgtatat atatatgcat caccatattg aatatgtaca cagaactctc tgataaaggc    110340
     aattgattaa aaatatacat gttaagtaaa aaaagaaatg atctttcatt gagctaaaat    110400
     aattatttga ttttttgtta tttttaatta tttaaatgat aatttttaat caggtaacta    110460
     agttcttttt ttttcctttt tatttttatt gttttttttt tttaaactaa gaagactact    110520
     gagttcttat gagaagaatg gctcttaaga aattgaaggt gataccaaag gaaggttact    110580
     tattactttt ggactttgat gatgaggacg atgacataaa agtttcagag gaggctcttt    110640
     cggaaggtat cgcatttcca gtattaattg tgtcctgcag ttcattagac tttacctagt    110700
     cacctgaaat ggaagaagtc tttgttaaga gtttacatat acttcatttc taattttacc    110760
     tatatctctc tattcctata tacaaggttt tgcagcacat aaacctactc ttggaactat    110820
     atcagcatat gttgagagag aagaactttc ttaatttcac ctcaagaaaa gacatgaaca    110880
     ttgttcgtat aatatgtttg ccaaacatga atttatttca taaaacttgc aaataaatta    110940
     tttcctttct ttttctatta taacttttcc ttatttacat ttcaaatatt atccccgttt    111000
     ctagtttcca ctccaaaaaa tctcctgtcc tctcccctct cccccatctc cccaacacat    111060
     catctaccaa ttcctaaccc aggtattccc ccatactggg gcataggatc tttacaggaa    111120
     caagtgtctc tcctcccatt gatgcctgac tagtccatcc tctgctacat aagaagctgg    111180
     aatcatatat cccattattt gttttcattg attggtggtt taatcccatg gaattgtggg    111240
     gtacttgtta gttcatgttg ttttttcttc taggggcctg caaactcctt aagctcctta    111300
     ggtattttct ccagctccat aattggggac cctgtgctaa gtccaaagga tgtctgtgaa    111360
     catccacttt tttatttgtc aggcattagc agatcctctc aggagacaac tatatcattc    111420
     tcctgcaccc aatcccttgt tggcatcttc agtagatttg gtggttgtat atgggatgga    111480
     tccccaagtg aggcagtctc tgtattcttt tattctcagc tccaatcttt gtctctgtaa    111540
     ctccctccat gattatttgg ttccccattc taagaaggaa cggcatatcc acactttggt    111600
     cttccttctt cagtttcatg ggttttgcac attttacctt ggttattctg agcttcaggg    111660
     ataatatcca ctcatcaatg tgtgaatatc atgtgtgttt tttgtgattg ggttaactct    111720
     cttaggaaga tatcatccag atccatccat ttgtataaaa atttcatgaa ttcattgttt    111780
     ttaatagctg tgtagtaatt cattaagtaa atgtgccata ttttctatat acattcctct    111840
     aaagagagtc atctgggttc atttcagctt cttgttatta tacaaaaggc tgctatggac    111900
     aaagtgaagc atgtttcctt attacaagtt tgaacttctg ggtataacct tatcagtttt    111960
     atgaggtccc atttgtccat ttttaatctt atagcacaag acattggtag tatttttttt    112020
     caagaatatc ccccctttgc ccatgtattc caggctattc cccactttct cctctataag    112080
     tttcagtgtc tctggtttta tgtgcagtcc cttgatcgac ttagacttga gcattgcaca    112140
     ggggatgaga atagatcaat ttacattctc ctacatgcta actgccaatt gaaccaacac    112200
     catttgttga aaatgctgtc tcctttccac tagatggttt tagctccttt gtcaaagatc    112260
     aagtgactaa aggtttattt ctctgacttc agttctattt catttatcta cctgtctacc    112320
     actatacctg taccatgtag tgtttatcac aattgctttg tagtgcactt tgaggtcagg    112380
     catggtgatt ccacaagagg ttcttttatt gttgggaata gtttttccta taccaggttt    112440
     ttgttttttg ttgttgttgt tgttgttggt tttttgttgt tgttgttgtt gttgcttgtt    112500
     tgtttttttc aaattccagg agaatttgta aattgccctt tctaactcag taaagaattg    112560
     agttggaatt ttgatgggga ttatattgaa tctataaact acttttggca gaacagccat    112620
     ttttactata ttaatccttc caatccatga gcatgggagt tctttccatg ttctgagatc    112680
     ttgtttcatt tctttcttca gagacatgaa gtttttatca tatatatctt tcactttcta    112740
     atttagagtc acaccaagct attttatatt atttgtgagt attgtgaagg gtgagttttc    112800
     ccaaatttct ttctcatcct ctttttcctt tgagtagaga aaggccactg atatgtttga    112860
     gttaatttta tattcaccta ctgcactgaa gtcatatata tggttacgat ttctctggtg    112920
     catttttggg tcactgatac atgctatcat atattctgga aatagtgata ttttgacttc    112980
     ttcctttcca atttgtattc atttgttttc cttttgttgt ctaattgctc tggttaggac    113040
     ttcaactact atattcaata ggtatgaaga aagtgggcag ccttgtctag tccctgattt    113100
     taatgagatt gtttcattta gtttaatgtt tcctactcgt ttgctgtcta ttgtattttt    113160
     tttttttatg tttagatatg ggccttgaat tcctgacctt tcctggactt ttattatgaa    113220
     tgggtgttgt gttttgtcaa atgctttctc agcatctaat gaggtgatca tgttgttttc    113280
     gtctttgagt ttgtttctat agtggattaa gttgacaaat ttccatatat taaaccatcc    113340
     ctgcattaca gggatgaagt ctacttgacc atgatggatg atcgttttga tgtattcttt    113400
     tatttggttt gcagtgattt tattgagtat ttttgcttcg aaattcataa gggaaaatgg    113460
     tctgaagttt cctttcttca ttgtgttttt gtatggtttg aatataattg taatctggct    113520
     tcatagaaca aattcaatag tgttccttct cttttgattt tgcatattag tttgaagaat    113580
     tttggtctta ggtctccatg tgtaagaccc cgaagatgga cctcctctca agtccagtaa    113640
     agtcccggga tgagctggcc agcaccccaa tgacttgaga gaaatcgata cctgatgcaa    113700
     actgcaagag tttttattat cagctagcta aggacaaact ccttccactg tgcagggcag    113760
     gggcgtatga ctctgagatg tgacagaaga aggtttttaa tagctagctg aggaattggg    113820
     atgagttggg aggagagttt ggaggagttg ggaagagatg ggaggagtgt tcttctctgc    113880
     ccagatgtcc ttgtcaaaac tccaattttg aatctctagc tgtaaggctc agaaaccaaa    113940
     aggatttttg gtggctgtag agaacataga gtctctttct ggctgtattt ttataaatca    114000
     gggaaaacaa tcttggagaa tgtccaggtg ctttaccttc cagggagaaa cgctctatgt    114060
     tgtggtctca catttcccac tccttctagt acatagttct gatcttataa gttagaaaat    114120
     taaacctctg acccagctgc caaacaaagc caacatgagg tcacagcttt aggatatgta    114180
     agattgagaa cctcagaagc ccattgaatg agacaaaaga gcctcttgcc attgggagga    114240
     gggagggagg gaggttcctg tgcagtgccc actgtgtgtg agcagtgcca ggccagtggg    114300
     ccatggcagg ctggatgcca gaactgggca catactggag gtgtggcagc agggcttgtg    114360
     agaatcatca gggaaagtcc ttttgatctg agttcaagtt tgccagaatg gtggcaccag    114420
     accaggacag gtactcctgt ttgaaattta tgtggcacca agatggtttc tggttcgtat    114480
     gttttttgtt tttttgtttt tgtttaagtt ttttattgtg tttcaacatt tccaaggcat    114540
     cttttctgac cagttgtagg tccttcaagt gagctagtgg gagttctgaa aaagaaacat    114600
     gagggtcaaa cattccacct gcttctgtta aagggggggg gtccccagtt gaggagttcg    114660
     aatggtgtaa gtttaaattt ccctgtggtg ttccatactc agaacaaggt gaagggaaaa    114720
     agagctgcat aatcttttct gcaggtctct aaaaccaatt tagtcaaggt ttcttttaat    114780
     gctctattca tgtgtgtttt tgagctttac taaagtttct tttatgagtg tggatgacat    114840
     tgcatttggc gtataaatgt tcagaattgg gaattcattt tggcaaattt taacattgat    114900
     gaatatgaag tgtccctcct cttttttttt tttttgataa ctttgggttg aaagtcgaat    114960
     ttatttgata ttagaatggc tactccaact tgtttctttg taacatttcc ttggataatt    115020
     gttttccagc cttttactct aaggtaatat ctgtatttgt ccctgagatt tgtttctagt    115080
     atgcttggtc ttgcttaaac atcctgtctg ttattctatg ttttttttta ttggtgaatt    115140
     gtgtccgctg atattatgag atattaagga aaagtagttg ttgcttcctg ttatttttgt    115200
     tgttagagtt ggaatgtgat tcatgtagct ttcttctttt aggtttgctt caagatcaat    115260
     ttcttggttt ttctagagtg taatttccct ccttatattg gagttttccc attattaccc    115320
     acttgatggg ctggatttgt tcgagcatat tgtgtagata tcgttttttt tttttcacag    115380
     aataccttgt tttctcaatc tattgtaaaa ttttttgatg catctagtag ccttgtctgg    115440
     catttctttt cccttagggt ctgtatgaca tctgccctgg atattatggc tttcataatc    115500
     tctggggata agttaggtat agttttgata ggatttcctt tataagtcac ttgaccattt    115560
     tcccttagtg cttttaatat tcttcttttt cttttctttt ttttttatta tgcatttgga    115620
     gttttgattt ctatatgatg gaagaaattt ctcttgtggt ccaaactatt tggagttttg    115680
     taggctactt gtatattcat aggcaactct ttctttaggt tagggaagtt ttcttctata    115740
     attttgttga atatattcac tgtccctaaa tttgaaaaac ttacttgtca ttgataccta    115800
     ttatccttaa gttttgtcat ctccttgtgt cctggatttt ctcggtgtaa atatttcctt    115860
     tctaaaatct cttccaaaaa tttacatgga gagtttttcc agataaattc aaatcgatag    115920
     tactttatta actattactt atatagaatc ctttcaaatg tttctgtttt ctattgttaa    115980
     tacagtaaag agcccagcat ttgataaaaa tgagaatata tcgcctcaag cagaagcaga    116040
     tgaagatatg gggtaacatt ttcaatattt tttgccagct caatagatta cttcataagt    116100
     agtgtttgta ttaccttcac tggagaagta gattcaggaa gatagcaata caaatcagac    116160
     actgctatat gttgagttca agcctagctt gaggtccttc agaccttgtg ataacaaaca    116220
     catagcaact agtataatat gaccacctgc ctgagatctt ccaagatata cacacaaaga    116280
     aaaggagaaa aatcatgaaa ataagagggg gaccatctgg caagaacaag ggtctcagca    116340
     agagtgggag agtaatgaat aaactactgt gggtgtaaat gtatgaattg gtaaaagtaa    116400
     aggatacaag atcactttga tactccacca tgtaatatat acatatatat atatatatat    116460
     atatatatat atatacatac atacatacat atataatata tatatctaca catacatata    116520
     catatgtata tatatgtata tatatatata tatgacattt gttcttaacc aaacattata    116580
     tatttattat aaataattaa aagaaagttc tttttaaagt tttgtgtggg taagaaaaat    116640
     gcctaccagt ccactatatt tcttgcatta atttttttat tttcctttct tcacagagat    116700
     gaagtagaca gtatgttgga taaatctgaa ggtatgtgtt tttggaggta tttgcctgtt    116760
     ttttaaagag gtcagaagag ggcatcagat ttctagactg tatagcaaaa ggggataatt    116820
     ttgggttcac agtaattgta gtttccttta aaacacatat gagataactt ctcagcaaac    116880
     attcagaatg caagattagc tgaagatgta gctcagtggt aaatcaccat ttaaaagtga    116940
     tgagtttcat cttcagtggc aaaaataaac aaacaaaaac aaacaaagaa acaaaacaaa    117000
     acaataacaa taaaaacccc aaagaaacca acaaatgcac caaattaaca aaaatcctac    117060
     caaacaagca aaacacagtt ataagtcttg caaatgaaat gttaggttgt ccagtttgcc    117120
     aaattaactg caaattgtaa aatgagcaag aaacccagtt tgctcttgta aggaaacaag    117180
     caaaaccagc aataagcatt ttaggagcct aaacttaggc atgattagag aataaaaaaa    117240
     aatatacagt ggctaccaca agagaacaaa cctctcagag gggctagaga gatggctgtt    117300
     ttggtaatgt gctttatttg aaagtatata aattaaggag ggggtcttaa atcggcttta    117360
     aaaatgcagg ctgcaaccca gtgaaaagta gttggagaca gcttgctggc tagccaggct    117420
     agtggcattg gtgagctgca gattcagaga gaacctgtct catgttttaa atttgggcag    117480
     tcagaggtgg ttcatgccat aatcccagca gttggtaacc agggtgaggt ccaggactac    117540
     aaccctgcct tgaaaaaaaa aaaaaggaag ttggaatgtg attgagaatg cagcaaatgt    117600
     ctatttgtcg ccctcttatg catacttata ctggaatgta tatacatcag ttttttacaa    117660
     tactctttat ctgatttaca caatccatta aaatgatggt ttttgtcttt ttgttttttc    117720
     tctatgagca aattgtcaat attaagaaag tgttataatt ttgtaatctc cactgtatag    117780
     tacaaagaaa catctttcaa gaaaaatgat cagcacacct taaaagacac aaaggacagg    117840
     gatggaaaga tggcttagaa attaagagca cttgttgttc ttggacagaa ccaagtttta    117900
     gttcctagga cccacacaat ggctcaaaac catttttaat tctatatcca tgggttttgg    117960
     aattctcttc tagtttctat gtgcaccaca catgcatgtt tataaacaca aacatgcaaa    118020
     aacaaattac ttaaataaat aaaacaattg aaaattacaa acaacagcac cttcatctga    118080
     aacaaagtag gagagtcttg tttggggtcc gttttatttt agctttcaag ttagtattgt    118140
     aaacttggaa aatggaaagc ctctgggtag tagtggcagc taaaatacta cctccttttt    118200
     gctcttcaat gacagacgac tgattgagcc tttctcaccc ttagtacaca tgtgcaaaca    118260
     ctgccaatca gcaagggcct tggctgagat tgttttcccg ctatccaaac cctgttaccc    118320
     agtatgcttt gtggtagtca tcaagccgag ttcttgtgga agcatggtag ggagaagtct    118380
     cagtagaggt agtcaattgt ctgttgaaag atgattaata ctgtttgagc tgggggcctg    118440
     tgtggggaag aaggtggagg ggtggaggtg ttactttagg agtaaggaga ggaggtgacc    118500
     ctcactggac tcaggaaggt actgcttcca ggctcacaat caacttttcc cacttagttc    118560
     tctgctgaga aaaacagaga acttcgctaa gggcaggggt ttgaacagaa ttatcttcta    118620
     acagaaagca ggaaggccag ggaattggag accctggaag tcttcttggg gcttggggag    118680
     gtgaggagtg agtaaattgg aagtcagtta gtggagccaa cagactaaaa ccttctttta    118740
     gctgctgctg cctgccagga attcattaaa aacgaactga aaaccagtct tcatttacct    118800
     ctacctgttg ttaaaatggc agattcccga aatttctatg tataggctcc aattgcctca    118860
     aaatacagag gctcctctca gcctcagaag tgctgggact tcagacataa ttcaggccag    118920
     gttgttgtta tttatttgtt gttttggttt aggacagtaa gctctaactc tatatctcag    118980
     gattgtctga aacctcacct gcagctttga ctggccttga aactgaagtc cccagcctta    119040
     caaatgtacc tgggcctgag gaaatatgtg ttctttattt tttatattta aatttttgtt    119100
     tgtttgtttg tttgtttgtt tgttttttat tccttttttc cttgttgaag attgaaacca    119160
     gagcttcttg ctgtagcagt aaaatatttg tccagccaga aaaactttat attttagatc    119220
     tgctttagat ttgtattatg atgaaaaaaa ttgaggagct tggttatgat aaaagcaacc    119280
     atgatttcat ttggagattg agatgcaaac acattaactc taatttatca aaaccctagc    119340
     aacaatggga ccaaaattta gatcatcctg tgattgcata taaacccact tgaagtcaca    119400
     gttaaagcca tcatattagg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    119460
     tttatttaca tttcaaatat tagtcatttc ctggtttcac cccagaaatt ccctttacca    119520
     ttccaccctc cctctgcttc tatgagcatg ttcccccacc caccaacacc catgtccctg    119580
     ctctggtatt tgcctacact gggacaccaa acttcacatg accaaggacc tctcctctca    119640
     ctgatgtttg acaaggacat cctctgctat gtatttagct ggagccatgg tccccctctt    119700
     tgtttgctgg cttcgtccct gagtgctctg gggggagggg ggcggtctgc ttggttcata    119760
     ttattgttct tcctgtaaga ttacaaaccc cttcagctcc ttcagtcctt cctctaactc    119820
     ctccactgtg gaccccataa tcagtctgat tgttggctgt gagcatgagc ctctgttttt    119880
     gccaacctct ggcagagccc ctaagggcac agccttatta ggctcctttc agcaatcatt    119940
     tgttggtatc cacaatagtg acagggtctg gtgtttatat acgggatgga tccacaggtg    120000
     gggcagattc tgaatggtcg ttccttcagt ctctggcctg cactttgtct ccatatttcc    120060
     tcccagtagt attttgttcc ccattctgag aaggacggaa acatgcacac ttttttcttc    120120
     cttcttaagg tttatgtggt ctgtgaatta cattttgggt attctgaact tttaggataa    120180
     tatccactta tcagtgagtg cataccatat tttttccttt gggattgtgt tacctcatac    120240
     aggatgatat actttagacc tatccgtttg cgtgtgaact tcctgaagtc attttttctt    120300
     tatggtcact atacattttt atcactattt ctctataata cagcttgagg tcagggatga    120360
     ttccccctga agttctttta atgttgtgaa tagttttaca atatcctgga ttttcgttat    120420
     tctaaatgat tttgcatatt gctctttcta tctttataaa gaattaagtt tgaatattga    120480
     tggagagggc atggaatcag agcttactta tggcaagata gacattttta ctaaattatt    120540
     tgggacacca atctatggcc atgggagatc tttccatctt ctgagaattt caattctatc    120600
     ttcagagaca tgaagttctt gtcctacaga actttgactt gcttttttcg tgtcacacca    120660
     agttattaaa atatgagact attgtgaaga gtgttgcttc cataacttcc ttttcagcct    120720
     gtttatcctt tgagtagagg aaggctactg atctatatga gttaattgta tatccaatca    120780
     ctttgctaaa gttgtttctc aggcttaagg gttctttaga ggattttttg ggggtcacta    120840
     aatatactat cttattacct attaatagtg atattttcat ttgttctttt ccaattttta    120900
     actttttgac ctctttttgt tgtctattta atctggctag aacttctagt actatagtga    120960
     ataggtaggg agagagtggg aagccttgtc atatattagt gggattgcat cgagtttctc    121020
     tccatttatt ttgatgttgg atcctggttt gctactatgt ttagttatgg gccttgcttt    121080
     ctgaatctat ccaagacttc atcatgaagg tgtgttgatt ttttttaaat gattcctcag    121140
     cgtctaatga gataatactg tgtttttttt ccttgagatt ctttacatat tggattacat    121200
     tgatggattc ccatatattg aaccattcct gtatccctgg gatgaagccg cttgatcatg    121260
     aagaatgatc attttgatgt gttcttggat tgtgtttaac aggatgttat tgagtatttt    121320
     tgcatcaata tttataagtt aaattggtct gaagtatcct gtcttcattg ggtttttgta    121380
     tggtttgggt ataagagtaa atgtggcttc atagaacaaa ttaagtagtg ttcattttct    121440
     tttgtttttg cataatagat tgaagattgt tggtattggt gtttcattga aagcctgata    121500
     gaaatctgta ctaaacccat cagatacggg gctttttttt ttttttgagg ggggagctct    121560
     taatgactgc ttctatttct ttggggatta tgggagagtt tacagggttt atctcaacct    121620
     gattgaaatt tagtacctga catctgtcta gataattgtc caattcatcc agattttcca    121680
     cttttctaag ttacaggctt atatagtagg atctgatgat ttttttggat ttactaagta    121740
     tctgttgtta tgtctccctt ttcattactg gttttgttaa tgttgatatt ttccctgtgc    121800
     cctgtaatta gtctggctta tgttttatct atcttgttga ctttctcaaa ggtccagctc    121860
     ctagtttgtt tgattttatg ttatagttcc tttgtttcca cttgtttgat ttcagccctg    121920
     agtgtgatta gttcctgcct tcaactcctc ttgggtgaat ttccttcctg ttattcaagg    121980
     ggttttaggt gtgctgtcaa cctactactg tatcttctct ccagtttcta tttagaggca    122040
     ttcagagcta tgagattccc tttaacactg ctttagttgt gttccacaac tttcggtatg    122100
     tagtaacttc attttttttt aaactctaaa aagtcttaca tttatttatt tatttttttt    122160
     atttcttccc tacctgattt atcactgact ggatttttgt tcaccttcta cgtgtacatg    122220
     ggttttcaat tatttatatt attatttcag atcagcctta gtccttggtg attagatagg    122280
     atgtatgaga ttatttggat atttttatat ctgttgaggc atgttttgtg actgattata    122340
     ttgttaattt tggagaaggc gtcatgaggt gctgagcaga atggacaatt tttgttctaa    122400
     aataaaatgt tctatagata tcaactaatg tatttgtttc ataacttctg ttagtttaac    122460
     tgtgtctttt tttaattttt ctttccagga tctttccatt gatgaggagg gttgttgaag    122520
     tcttctgcta ttattgtgtg tggtgcaatg tgcattttga gctgtactaa agtttcttat    122580
     atgaatatgg atgccattgc atttggacta taaatgttta gaattgaaaa ttcatcttgg    122640
     taaattttaa ctttgatgaa tatgaagtgc cactccttgt cttttttgat aacattgggt    122700
     tgaaagtcaa atttatttga tattagaatg gctactccaa atttgtttct ttggaacatt    122760
     tgcttagaaa attgttttcc agccttttac tgtgaggaaa tatctgtctt tgtccctgag    122820
     gtttgtttct ggtatgctgg gtcttgctta cacatccagt ctgtttgtct atttctttct    122880
     aattggtgaa tagaatatgg tgatattaag agatactaag acaaagtctt tgtttcttcc    122940
     tgttattttt gttggaattt tgttcatgta gctatcttct tttaggttta cttcaagatt    123000
     aatatcttgc ttttgctagc atgtgatttc cctccttata ttggagtttt ccctttatta    123060
     tcccttgaag ggtttggttt gttcaaagat attgtgtaaa tattgttttt tcacggaata    123120
     ccttgttttc tcaatctatg gtaaaatagt tttactgcat attatagctt tggctcttat    123180
     ttctgctctc ttagtgtctg tatgatatct accgtggatc ttatggcttt catagtctct    123240
     ggggagaagt taggtgtaat tctgatagga attcctgtat atgttacttg accattttac    123300
     cttactgctt gtaatattct ttctttgttt tgttcatttg gtgctttgat taatatatga    123360
     tggcagggat ttttgttttt gttgttgttt ttctggtcca aactatttgg agttctgcat    123420
     gcttcttgta tgttcatgga catctctttc attaggttag gaaaggtttc ttttatagtt    123480
     ttgttgaaga tattcactgg ccctataatt tggaaatctt acttctcatc tatacctgtt    123540
     atccttatgt tttttcttct ccttgtgtcc tagatttcct ggatgtactt aattttaatt    123600
     aatttttaaa atctgtttca aaaactcaaa atgggcagtt tttccaaaga aattcaaatt    123660
     gatagtactt tattaactat tactaatatt gcatactttc aaatgtttac attttctatt    123720
     gtcaatacag taaataaccc agcaattggt aaagatgaaa atatatcgcc tcaagtaaaa    123780
     ggagatgaag acatggggta atattttcaa ttctttttct ttttttctct ttttttttct    123840
     ttcttttttt tttgccagtt caataaagta cttcaaaagt agtgtttgtg ttaccttcac    123900
     tggaaaacta gattcaggaa gatcagcatt tcaatgtcag atgctgatat atgttaagtt    123960
     caagcccagc ttgggatcct ttagactttg tgatcacaaa cacataggaa ctcatacaat    124020
     aggaccacct gcatgtgatc tttgacacac tcaaagaaaa ggagaaacat cataaaaata    124080
     agtaggggac tatctggggg aaaaaagggt cttggcaatt gtgggagagt tatgaataaa    124140
     ctccttgtgg ggtgtaaacg tatgaattgt taaaagtaaa taattcaagt tcaatttggt    124200
     agtccaccat atattttata tgcatatgac atttgttcca aaccaaacat tatatattta    124260
     ttataaaaaa ttaaagaagg ttctgtgtaa agttttgtgt gtggtaaaaa aaaatggcct    124320
     accagtctac tatatttttg ctttaatttt ttattgttct gtcttcacag acatgaagta    124380
     ggcagtatgt tggataaatc tggaggtatg tgttttagaa atatttccct gtttcttgaa    124440
     gaggccaaac gagggaaaca gatctctata gaacctatag cataggggga taattgtagg    124500
     cttcacagaa attatagttt tcgttaaaaa atacacacag ataacttctc atccaacatt    124560
     caaaactaaa gattaactaa agatgtagct cagtggtaaa gcaccattaa aagttataaa    124620
     tttcatcttc agtggtgaaa acaaaaacaa aaacagaaaa ccagcaaaaa aaaaacaaac    124680
     ccagcaaatt aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagcacc aaagaaacaa aacacagcaa    124740
     taagactagt aaatgaaatg tcagttcgtc cagtgtgcca aattagctgc aaattgtaaa    124800
     gtgagcaaga aaaccaattt gctgttgtaa ggaaacaagc aaaaccacca ctaagcattt    124860
     taggagccta aacttagcca tgattagaga aatagaaaaa gaaaccaaac aaacaaaaaa    124920
     caaacaaaca aaaaattgca gtgtctatag caacagaaca aaccttgaag agtggctaga    124980
     gagatggctg ttttagtaaa atgtttttct tgaaaataaa agtgggggcc tagaatccac    125040
     ttctaaaatg caggctgcca accagtgctg agtaggtgga gacagcttgc tggctagccg    125100
     aggtagtggc attggttagc tgcatattca gagagaacct atctcaagtt ttaagttggg    125160
     tcagtcagtg gtggcacatg ccttaatccc agacgttggg aggcagaggc agggagattt    125220
     ttgattttga tgccaccctg gtatacaggg tgagttcctg gttaaccaga gctatacaga    125280
     taaacactga cttgaaaaaa aaaactgaaa atgaaaaaga aatttggaat ataattgaga    125340
     ataaaacaga tgtctatatc tggcctcctt atgcacccat atactgaaat gtatacactc    125400
     catttttatc ctgaaactat ttatgattta cacaatccat taaaattatg ttttttttgt    125460
     tgctgttttg tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttt tctgtttctg gaaatagaca acattaacaa    125520
     agtcattttt tatactctcc attatatagt aaaattaaac atctatcgtg agaaatggtc    125580
     cagcacacct taaaacacac acaggatagg aatggaaaga tggcttagaa attaagaaca    125640
     cttgttgctt ttgtacagaa ccaaggttta gttcctggaa cccacataat tctcaaaatc    125700
     atttttaatt ctagatccag ggattttggc atcctattct agtttctagg ggaactagtc    125760
     atacatgtta tataaataca aacatgcaaa aacactttag tttaaaaaaa aaaaacaaaa    125820
     aaaaaagaaa caaaaaaaca aaacaaacaa acaaacaaaa aaaaacaatt tagagttaca    125880
     cagaacagtc ccttcatctg aaacaaagta ggagagtcgt ctttggagtt cattttattt    125940
     taactttcaa gttagaattg caaacttaga aaatggaaag cctctgggta gtagtggaag    126000
     ttaaaatact acccgctttt tgaagcttta atcacagatg actgaaagag cctctcttac    126060
     ccttagtact catgtgcaaa cacagccaat cagcaatggg cttggctgag attattttcc    126120
     tgctgttcaa accctgttac ccagtatggt ggctacaaag agttcttgag gaagcaaaat    126180
     tcttgaggaa tcatggtagg atgaagtctc agtggaggta gtcaattgtc tgttggttaa    126240
     tcctggttca gctaggggtc tgggtgggga tgaaggtgga gttttggagg tgtttcttca    126300
     ggagtaatga gattaggtga ccctcactgg actcaggaag ttgctacttc caggttcaca    126360
     atcgaccttt cccacttagg cctctgctga gaaaaactga gaacttcact gtaagtgcaa    126420
     gagtttgaac agactagctc ctagcagaaa tcaggaaggc caaggaaatg gagaccctga    126480
     aagtattctt ggggacaggg gatgtgaggt gtgagtaaac tggacttcac ttagtggatg    126540
     aaacagacaa aaccctcttc tgtgcaactg cttcccacca ggaatttatt aaaaagaaac    126600
     tgaagaccag tctacatttt aacgtgttgt gaaaatgcca cattgccgaa atttctatat    126660
     ataggttcca aactgcctca aatactagag gcttctctca gcctcagaag tgctgggaat    126720
     tcagacataa ttcagaccag gctgtcttta tttatttgtt gttttggttt aggaaagtaa    126780
     cctctagctc tatatctcag gattgtctga aacctcaatt gcagcctgga ctggccttgt    126840
     acctgaagtc ctcagcctca gaaatgtaat ggggcccgag gaatcatgcc ttctttattt    126900
     tttatatcta aattttgggg gtttttattt ttcattcctg aagattgaaa ccagagcttc    126960
     ttgctgtagc agtaaaatat ttgtccagcc aggaagaatt ttatatttaa gatttgtctt    127020
     agatttgtat tgtgatgaaa aaggttgagg agcttggttg tgataagagc aactatgatt    127080
     ttatttggag attgagatgc agacacattt actctaattt atcaaaaaac tagcaggaat    127140
     gggaaaaatt tagatcatcc tgtgattaga tgtaaaccca cctgaagaca cagttaaagc    127200
     catctgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtatttatt    127260
     tacatttcaa atatcagcca tttcctggtt taatcccagg aaatccctat tccatttgac    127320
     acttgctttg tttctatgag cctgttcact cacccacata ctccacctcc ctaccctggc    127380
     atttgcctac actggggcat ggagctttca caggaccaag gacctctcct cccactgatg    127440
     tctgacaata ccatcctctg ctctatatgc cgctagagtc atgggtgccc ctctttgttt    127500
     ggtggcttag tccctgagtg ctctggtctg tctgctcggt tcatattgtt gttcttcctg    127560
     taaggttgca aaccccttca gctccttcag ttcttcctct aactgctccc ctggggaccc    127620
     catgatcagt ctgattgttg gctgtgagca tcagcctctg ttcttgccaa gccctggcag    127680
     agcctctcag gagacagtca tattatgctc ctatcagcaa gcacttgttg gtatccacaa    127740
     tagtgactgt gcctggtttc tgtatatggg atggatccaa aggttggaca gaatctggat    127800
     ggtcattcct taagtctctg ccctgatctc cacatttcct atcaggaata ttatgttccc    127860
     cattctaaga aggactgaaa cacctacact tttgtcttcc ttcttcttca gcttcatgtg    127920
     gtctgtgaat tacattttgg gtattctgag cttttaggat aatatccact tatcagtgag    127980
     tgcataccat gttttttttt cctttgagat cacacaggat gatatatttt agatctctcc    128040
     atttcatgaa ggcattgtct ctgtaccatt accatacatt tttttaatca ctatttctgc    128100
     ataatacagc ttaaggtcag ggatgattcc ccctgaagtt cttttattgt tgagaatagt    128160
     tttgggatat tctggagttt tgatattccg aatggttttg catattgctc tttctgtctc    128220
     tacgaagaat tgagtttaaa ttttgatgga gagtgcatgg aatctgcaga ttgcttttgg    128280
     gaagacagcc atttttacta acttaatcta tgaccatggg agacctttcc atcttctgag    128340
     atttttcagt ttctttcttc agagacttga agttcttgtc atagaaatct ttcacctgct    128400
     tggtttgagt cacatcaagg aactataatt tgtgactttt gaaaggtgtt gtttccataa    128460
     ttgcctttca tcctgtttat cttttgagta gaagaaaggt actgttttgt ttgagttaat    128520
     tgtatatcta gccactttgc tgaagttgtt tttcaggttt atgggttctc tgatggaatt    128580
     tttgtggtca cttaagtata ctattttatt atctgctaat agtgatattt tgatttattc    128640
     ctttccaatt tttattcctt tgaccaattt ttgttttcta gttgctctgt ctagaacttg    128700
     tagtactata gtgaattggt agggaaagag taagaagcct tgtctagtcc tgtcttgtct    128760
     tattttagtg ggattgcatc aagtttcttt ccatttaatt tgatgttggc ttctggtttg    128820
     cttctatatt taggtatgtg cttaaaattc ttaatctatc caagactatt atcatgaagg    128880
     tttgttgatt ttttttcaaa taatttctct tcatctagtg agaactgtgt gtgaatttgc    128940
     ttcaatatat gtgtgcatgt ttggatgtgt gtgtctgtgt gtgtgtgaca gatacatata    129000
     tatgtatctg atgaatccga ttgtttcata acttctcatt agtttcacag tgtctctttt    129060
     tcatttcttt ttttccagga cctctgcgtt gctcagagtg gggtgttgaa gtttctcact    129120
     attattatat ggggtacaat atgtactttg agttctagta aaatttcttt atgaatttgg    129180
     ttgcccttgt atttggagca tagatattca gaattgtgag ttcatctttg atgaattatc    129240
     ctttgataag catgaagtaa cattacttac cttaaaaaaa aaaaagtact ttgtgaacct    129300
     cctcttttca cagtaggccc tcttgactac tgagcctttt ttgtaacagc tttgaaggaa    129360
     ttttaaaagg aaaaaaaata gatgtaaaca ttttcacagt tccatgtact catagctaag    129420
     tgatatgtat acaaaattct gtacatgaaa catattttca ttgatccagt gctaatttta    129480
     tattaagtca gtttcttttc taggagtctt ctgtgcttcc ttctttatat ggcacagtgc    129540
     aaaactgaat tctttaatgt aacccttata acttattttt aaattttatg ttatggttat    129600
     tttttttttc tttcacgtgt gtatgtgcac aactagtgtg tcttgtacct gaggaagcca    129660
     gatgaaggcc ttgaatcccc tgaaactgaa gttataggta gtgagccacc ttgtgtgttt    129720
     tggtactcca atctcagaaa gctggaaggg aaccagtgct cttaactgct gaatcatctc    129780
     tccaatccct tcattgtttt tttttttttt ttatgaaatg aattatgtaa ctgtaagtgg    129840
     aagacaactt actaaacaat gagagaatga tactcagatt ctaaagtatc tgttttaaat    129900
     tatatgtaac tgaatgctaa gtgagctttc tcagaagaca gtaacttgtc tttgagatat    129960
     ggtgtcatta tgtagttcag gctggcctgc attttcctat ttaacctatg cagtctttac    130020
     actggaaatc tcctgcttaa gcttccaata ctaggatcat acacacacaa aaaaacatct    130080
     ttacatggct tactaaacaa tgctcctaat acctattttt ggacttattt atgtgtatta    130140
     gtgttttgct tacagttata tatgtgcacc acatgtgtac ctgtttttca gatatcagtt    130200
     gattatttca gatacctgga actggagtca gatagttgtg agccaccata tgagtgctag    130260
     acaccaaacc tatgtccttt gcaaagaaca ggaagtactc ttaactgctg agccatatct    130320
     ctacccccat gaaacaatat tatattttta aaaaataata ttttgcttct ttcaagttac    130380
     ccattttacc aaattatttt ttttcaactg aaggatttgc tctatttaga ggaggcagaa    130440
     taatcattta ataatctgat tttgtctagt actatggatg gtgagaatat taaacatgta    130500
     caccgaaata tagcttcatc ctagttactg aaagctaact gtgcatgcta gaaaggtact    130560
     aaacattttc tgaagcatta caattttcat gaactgcagc agttactgat caaaagttcc    130620
     taccataatt ttcttcaagt gtttttttaa aggatatgtt ctgaaatata attaccaatt    130680
     cactttagaa ataattttat tttgattaaa aaaaaacttg aagatcattg ttttaaacat    130740
     agattttaac atttttatct atttttattt atataggtat tttgcctata agtatgtctg    130800
     tgagtcatat acatatgtac ctggtgcatg cagaatttag aacagggcat cacatcccct    130860
     ggaactggag ttggaggtat ttgtgcacat tatgtaggtg ctaggaatca aacgcaggtt    130920
     tgattctgac agggtctcat ttgtagctct gtctgtcctg gaactcagta tattgaccag    130980
     cttaacctgg aatacacaaa tatctctctg ccttttcctc cagaatacta ggattaacat    131040
     gggaaccaat atgaccggtt gccctcttat tttaattgaa tattttaaac aatgggtcta    131100
     acagttccac agtcaagttt gttctttcag ttgcatcatc ttttttagat ttggaaaaga    131160
     attagccttt attaaaagtg tttccttatg aagaattaag tatacttttg atcctttgtt    131220
     ttgtgcattt gttcttttga aaactgttct tgaagctcaa aattattttc cttacagaaa    131280
     ttaaaattca gataagatta gatatttctt atccaaaata catggactgt ttttttctat    131340
     gttgtggaac atttctgtag actttacagg ttgaacatcc ttcatctgaa cataccaaac    131400
     cctaagtatt ctaaagtatg aagcatgttt gtgatatcta tcatttaatt ttaagtttcc    131460
     atagcattat tgaatgaaat ttatctatat ctatttttac ttgaatacat ggaatcatct    131520
     aatttttctt caaaatgact ctttattttt aatatagatg acatttataa gacgcttcac    131580
     ataaagagaa aatggatgga aacttatgtc aaagaatctt tcaaaggcag caaccagaaa    131640
     ttagaaagat tttgcaaaac gaacgaacga gagaggtaga gttgttatat ttgtagggtc    131700
     aaatgtgtat cattttaaaa attatatgtg gctgcagttt aaaaaaatta tatcatgtct    131760
     gattctttag taaaaatgtg tggctttgat tttgtctaaa cagttaaccc tataacatca    131820
     tgccttcaag caaactaaat ctaattcata gaaatctatg aaaattttat tttctgcttt    131880
     aagtcaatgt taatgagatt taaattttaa tttacattca ttgtggaaat acagaagtct    131940
     tgcacatagt cttaggaatg taatttatgg attattatgt ttaacaatat tcaaaaggaa    132000
     caactacaat tacatatgca gacaatttgt atattttagt tgacatgttt tgcactgtct    132060
     ttactaaggc aatgtatgaa aaataaatta gaacttatat ttggtagaaa ataatgaaaa    132120
     aaaaaccaca ttgaaatata attaaatttt gtacatgtat atatatatat atatatatat    132180
     atatatatat atatatatat atatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    132240
     tacgtgtgtg ttgtgtgtgt ttatatttct ttaattttga aaagctaaaa cgtaaatgaa    132300
     aacctctctg ataatatgtt agcggaaaaa tctataatga tttcccatta gatattttat    132360
     actgctattt ttctttttat agtatgaaat gttcaattga atttgttctg agtgttcatt    132420
     ttcatattgg tatgaaatgt gcctgctttt gttactgtgc tttacaggaa gaacatcaac    132480
     aacaaatttt gtgagcagta tataactaca tttcagaagt ctgatatgga tgtacagaaa    132540
     ttcaatgaag aaaaagaaaa atcagtggtt ggtaccataa aaaaaactta atatttaacc    132600
     tagtattact aagtaggaat ggaacaacta gccttgagtt gagcatatga aactaaatta    132660
     agttccatta tctatctatc cttgcttctg ttctagtctt actgagatat aaactattga    132720
     ttgcatacta tatcaatgaa aacgactagg cattttatgg tataccagat cataaatttt    132780
     caagaggcag acatttgcag aaagatcaag agatgattac cagtgactac aaaaaaaaaa    132840
     aaaacaaaaa aaaaacaaac aaaaaaacca caatatatca gagttcaaag aagagagaaa    132900
     gcttatttat tggtttcacc tggactctgt tgtttatatt aaaaaaccaa ctcaatttgg    132960
     taaatcagtt cttacagtcc taaatttagt aaagatttag taacaacaga ggatggaaac    133020
     aaacaatctc aacagccctg gaagaatttt cctgtggaag aatatcagca aacaatttta    133080
     gatcacgtct ccattactct acctgtagag tcatcacctg gtttccaagt aagatctgag    133140
     acaacgataa tcatattaac tattttattt tatttactgg ttaatagttt ggaaagtatt    133200
     caatttgaaa ggaacagcaa attcattctt gcctcagaag gcattgagga acctgccatt    133260
     atgagtcagt tctggaaaga gataggaact aaagataagt aataaatact ccaattgaag    133320
     acagttttta aacattggac tctggatgac atttcaaggg aaagtgatca tccctgtaaa    133380
     taaggagtct aaagacagaa cagcagggta cttcaaaatt tgtaattctg catatggcag    133440
     ctggtgagag ggagccagta aaggaagaga accactggta gaaagaaaac taccatgagt    133500
     gaaggaaagt tttaaagaag aaaagatccc taaatgtgtc atatgctgca tgtgggccca    133560
     ataagattga tttacagggc tggaagatgg tttaattggt aatctttctc ccgtgtaggc    133620
     atggagaccc cagcttatat tccctgcatt gggatgaatg cccacaccac caccaacaac    133680
     aacaaaataa acaacaacaa actagcaaca ctaaaaacaa accaccacca caacaacaaa    133740
     aaaaagttgg tgtggttgtg agcattttaa aacaaccaat ctcagattta gttcagagaa    133800
     aagaagatct ccagatcttt gtagccagca ggtgtagcat aaatgatgag ctctaggttt    133860
     agtgagattc tgtctctgaa acagtactgt gaaatcaaag atgacaccca atattaaccc    133920
     tttgtctcca aatgtatgca ggtgcacttt ttttaaagat aagcattgca aattagaggt    133980
     aattttactt aattatgatg atttgagtgc aaatgtgagg taaaaaattg atcacagtga    134040
     ataaagggca aaacaggatt gtagtagccc aaggtgaaaa ggtgtaaagg gcttgtctta    134100
     attttttttt aatgcaaatt atcatggttg tgcgcaaccc taaagaatac aatgagaact    134160
     ttatgttact acttctatat gttgcttgag attggaatct agagaaaacc aatctaagct    134220
     tccaagacta ggattttacc gagttcatgt atacatggtg catgcctata aacataagaa    134280
     cttgggaggc taaggccagt ctgtgcatta tgaaaaactc tttcacatta aaaaaaattc    134340
     ctaccccaca attggtagca taatgttatt tcatattatt gtaaatatat atatatattt    134400
     agtcaaaata gttgttaaaa ttttaaatca gttggaaaac tattcctttt aactttcata    134460
     tagaattatt tttgctcaca taaatgtttt agtattagat atacatttag tgttttattg    134520
     ttagactgcc atgcatgttg catggcagta acaacaaaaa taaacagaat tgttatacta    134580
     atgttttcct tttacatttg tagaatagtt gtcaaaaaga acaacaagca ttgaaactgt    134640
     ccaaatgtag tcagaaccag accctggaag cagttaaaga aatgcatgag aagtccatgg    134700
     aggtatgttg cacatggtcc ataaaatgac cttaggaatc taaatatgtt ttaataatca    134760
     taaagtttta actacttatt attttgaatt atttcttact gaaatgactg ctattatcca    134820
     taaaatccta atggctttgt atgaattatt aaagatataa aatgataaaa tgggaatttg    134880
     acctcagatg tacctcatac tttaataaca ctataattat cctgctttat taaacataac    134940
     cctaacacta accctaatcc taatcctgac cttaaccttt accctataca tcatctgcac    135000
     agaatctttc atatttgtat catgggtaat ttatttaata agaggtactt ttctgtttta    135060
     ggttttgatg aacttgggga ccaagaacta agatatgctt tttggagtag atggtgaact    135120
     gagaaaaaaa atgtctatgt ttgaaagagc catcatggag aataatctga agtactcttc    135180
     tactttccca tcttcagaaa aatgaagcat gaaaaatttt cacttgctgg tatatatata    135240
     aaacaaataa aaaaatctct aacttttttg tttcctatga aacagagttt taaagtttct    135300
     ttaatccttg ttattctgat gattctgaga aggaagttaa tcccagtgat gtgattacaa    135360
     agttaactag cagttatacc tttagagtta aaatagaact tctttatttt taaatatctt    135420
     taatcatttt cttgtttaag tgtaagtgca tctttatatt aacttccaaa ggaaatctaa    135480
     atgaatatgt gaatggtata tagtcccgtg gactgaaatt ccacacacta atatagttga    135540
     attatttaaa atttattctt atactttttt taaagtcgag attttattct tctcctagtt    135600
     ccccctctta ctgttccaca ccccatatct cctgcctata tgcccccatg ctcccagggc    135660
     cccaagccca caatccccat ctccaagagt atgtccccac catcctgtcc cctctccacc    135720
     agacctccct gctccctggg gcctgaagtc ccttgaggat tagatggacc tcatctgact    135780
     gagtccagac ctggcagtcc ttttctgtat atgtgttggt ggctttatat catctggtgt    135840
     atgaagcctg gttgctggct cagtgtctga gacatcctgg gaggtccagg ttatttgaga    135900
     ttgttggtcc tcctaccggg tagacctctt cctcagcttc ttccagcttt tccccaattc    135960
     atccacaggg gttcccagct tctgtctatt tgttgcatat aaatttgagc atctgactct    136020
     ttcacctgct ggtttggtct ttcagagagc agtcatgata agcccatttt ttgtgagcac    136080
     agaatagcat cagtaatagt gtcaggcctt gatgcctctc cttgagcttt atcacaattt    136140
     ggtcttgtca ctggatctcc ttttctttag gcttttctcc atgttttttc cttgcagttc    136200
     tttcagacag gaacaattct gggttagagc tttttactgt gggatggtaa ctcaatcttt    136260
     ccacttgatg tcctgtccct ccactggagg aggactctac aagttccctc tccccactgt    136320
     agggcatttc ttctaaggtc cctccctttg agtccttagg gtctctcacc tcccaggtct    136380
     ctgatataac cgagggtttt ctcacctcct acctcaaaaa gttgcctgtt tccattcttt    136440
     ttgcttttcc tcagcacttc agttatgttc cccacacaca taatacctga tcatgttcac    136500
     cttcttgtcc catttcccac ccaggctctt tcctccccat cactgtagtg atttttttaa    136560
     ccttcttaac atttaaaatt gttttcattc atacagataa ttgaaattta tttatttttt    136620
     gattcattat cttattagtt tccaaaggta agagatacaa ataaagaagg tacattgggt    136680
     tgattttatt tcacttcatt tcatttttga aataggcaca tagtatgttg tgtattgtcc    136740
     aagaagttct agaatgttta ggttccaggt gatctcagca ttccatgtag gtattattac    136800
     aggtatgtga caacatacct ggcttatatt gttcttaaga aagtagtccc acaaaaattt    136860
     cctataaaca ctttaaaatt aacattgctc tcagagatga aaatatttcc tgttaactta    136920
     caaaattcat agaaagtata tttctttctt gaaagaaact aaactgctaa cttcaaggca    136980
     ggataaaagg actgattagc cccctctctc tattctaggc ccaacctctc tgttcccatt    137040
     gttcttgttt ctatagctct gtctctctct ttgttttcag ctagccctct atctgttctt    137100
     tgccccacat ttttctgacc taatggtttt gtttctgcct ctatgcctct atacctcccc    137160
     catttcctca ctcctctacc ctctcccaat cattcccttt ataccaggtc tgttccgtgg    137220
     tgtaatttct gaaggtcaca acatgcatgg gtccagcaaa tgtattccct tgctatgtaa    137280
     tatttcataa cactaacaca ttaaaagcaa ctgacaaaat ctataaatat tagtttgaga    137340
     catggatttt tgtattccca aaaaggaatc aaaacaacat ttcatttggc ttggccttca    137400
     gataaattca gataacctaa ccttacctaa tcactaagaa tgctaaatta tgcacttgtt    137460
     tttctccttg aaacaatgta tgtccatcag tgccctttga cacaaataaa tccacaaact    137520
     tgctccattg acaagagcat tgcttattta atcctgtgat aacaaaagca ggtgcagcag    137580
     gagcagcatc tgccctaggt cctctcagga gctctttctt ttattctctc tcatgaatca    137640
     ctagaatttc aaacaaaaac tatctgcagc tggagcagac atgagattaa aacaaaacaa    137700
     aataaaaaaa aactacacat ataacattgc tgggttttta taggaagcaa aattctcata    137760
     cattttttcc tataaggagg atggaggatc ctacaactca gaagcaaata aaacttccaa    137820
     gttttaggaa gctcagaaag ggctaggttt gctgaggccc tcccaaaggc aagaaaagag    137880
     gaacacaatt gctggggtga tgtttcacct acctcttcct ggtaaagaga attcaacaca    137940
     gttgaattct tttcaacagc ttaagagcag gaatgcctca atgctacagg aaccccagga    138000
     acccagggag gactgcttaa atacacccca gcactgggga gggctatgcg tcctgctagg    138060
     gttggtcagt ctgcagacat gttaatttgc atgcacccac tcaggagggg ttggtgccag    138120
     atttggtcta gcacctgctc agtggtgttg tttactgcga tggtgtaccg gagaccagca    138180
     ccatctttta ggtgctggct gcctacagca tgaacagatt tttttttttt aactacttgc    138240
     ttggactgat cttcccctgc tttgtgggcc cagcctgcta attctgttat ctactgtatt    138300
     tgtctgactc atttgggata aggatttact tggacccagc ttcatttgtc acatccactt    138360
     ttcaagtata aaaaaaaatc acatactcca tctaccaaca tgggagacat tattttttga    138420
     tatgcagttt tccccaacag tggaatgaca agacgaccag agccatccct taggacaggg    138480
     acaaatgatc caaaagttac tattctctaa cctaggacaa ccagtgtcaa taattttata    138540
     tgtctctgca aacctagatt atggctgatc aacttcattg agtcagtggt agcactcaga    138600
     gtgggcatac aggctaaatg ataactatat atgtgaacat ccttcaactc tggccagatg    138660
     taccactaaa gcccattttt acatttccta ctggaagcac atcttatgaa caacctggca    138720
     ctacaagtgc aaaaatggtg ctccttcaaa aggagccttc tgcatcagac tgtcaactag    138780
     ggacctggaa acattctaat ttcaatatca ctaacttaag aaacccctga cagaatactg    138840
     gctggcagat tggaaagggc acgatcacag ggtctgtgtt aaatgtcaag agagtttcta    138900
     tcatgcatta agtgacatcc agatcttcca ttcttttcat gaggaaataa aaattagccc    138960
     atttctcatt gctcccatag caagaaatct gtttttggtc ctgttgtcac agaccctctg    139020
     ggtccctctt tctgcatgga aagagtcact agtccgagat gggcaaagag tctgcgaatg    139080
     acagaaagat gaacacgtga gattgtgtac tatctgaatg tcatttgtca aattgagcat    139140
     caaacttttt atacacaaga aaatagggaa gttaggtgac acattggcaa agtacaaatg    139200
     aggttactgg gtgcttaatg gctcttacac aaaacagagg aatataaaca caaagacagg    139260
     caggaactgg tcaataaaac aactgagaca aagtcagccc tatctaaggt cacctaaagt    139320
     cttagaagcc aggtgtgagg tcttacactc ctagggcaat ggctttcaca cccaagtctt    139380
     atttctaatt agggagtttg gctctagcta actatctcat taccctaaaa ccacagccag    139440
     atctactgcc taaaccattg taaattcctg tatgtgggag tgatttggct tttattctaa    139500
     gtgatagttt aataccaaag gcaattctga atgtcactga ataggcaaca ttgaattcca    139560
     aacccatggt cagctcaagg actttctagg acattggaac actggcaaag gcttagctat    139620
     gtcagaaatc aatcttaaaa ggcacttata ataagatatt actaaaagag agcacatgga    139680
     tctgtacacc agactaacaa ggggataggg tatgaatatg tgggttatga gaatgccaaa    139740
     gctccaggag ttgagttcat tttgaaactc tttgactcat gagtgcttcc agggctcttg    139800
     gactgccaag cagacttcac tacagtgtgc atgtgcggca tcctggtaga cactagagtc    139860
     cagtagctaa gggtgtattt tggccatgca tgtgaaaaaa ctaacatgga agaactatgg    139920
     cctggataga taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agaactggat tcctgtaatc ctttgtatga    139980
     gacaaggttc cccggtcctg ctacaaatct tgactcacta aaacttcaat tattgggact    140040
     aggagtggta atagcacatg tgtttaaacc taagcactcc agagtcagaa tcctctgtga    140100
     ttttgaggct agcctggttt acacagtgtg ttccagatta ctctgaccta cataatgaga    140160
     tcctggacaa aaccaaaacc aaaattgaac taatacttaa gttgttgggg aaaactgact    140220
     tacctaatgg aagggtgatt taaacttcag ctggaagccc cacatgcctg gtccaaacat    140280
     tctttagcag tcacttggga aattcaatgg tgtggattcc caaaccactt tgaaaaaaac    140340
     atctattcct tgtctagttt ctctaatctc tgacaggacc gaaaaaaaat gtcaatgcag    140400
     gtatcaggta ccatgccctt tgtgggctat actggatatg ttgggtacac agcctcgatt    140460
     atactttttc tcacctaatc aggattgtgt gttttgggga ctagctgtac aattttcttc    140520
     ctgttccaac ttaccagagg ggaccattta gaaatctaaa gtactagcca ggtggtggtg    140580
     gcactcgact ttaatcccag cactttggag gcagaggcag gcagattttt gagttcgagg    140640
     ccaggctgct gtgcaaagtg tgtttcagga cagctggggg tatacacaga aaccctgtca    140700
     tgaaaataaa aaaaaaatct aaagtactgg tagtcgcaaa gtaaatggtg tgcccttgaa    140760
     attggcaact aaaaataaaa tgaatggcaa tctgagtgta aaattcatta acatgatcca    140820
     gctacctgga cagagtcctg aggctaccaa actcccatgt atatgtgaaa ccatattagc    140880
     agtataagac acagtttaaa taattattag tataatatta ttttgtgaca taaaattatt    140940
     aactgtacaa tacaagaaac attgaattta ttactactat aactccaaaa gcccttaata    141000
     tacatttgta taatagtatc ctcagaggat tgaaaccttc caccctacag gaagctcctt    141060
     aagcagagag ataaacaact caaaagaaat ccaggaagct ctttaagcag gaaggcaaac    141120
     accttcaaag agcttcaagg agtccctcaa actgacaaaa gtcagtaggc ttctccctgc    141180
     cagagaaagg aataaaagcc gagagtccct ctcatatgca gaaagatgag gtacaaaaga    141240
     gaaatatgag gccaaggctt agagcatttc tccctggaag gtaaaaccct ggacaatccc    141300
     caaccttgtt ttcccaaatc tctaaaatac attcagaaag aagctctttg ttctctatag    141360
     ccagcaaaaa gcctttttgt ttctgtgcct tacagcctga gatgtgataa ttgtaggaag    141420
     acctataggg atatggagat agagaggata tgcagactac tccccaccca tagccaagtt    141480
     tactcccaac tcctcccaac tctccccatc tcctccgaac tctcctccca actcctccca    141540
     attcttcatc tagctgttaa aaccccctgt tcttactgct cagggtcaaa ctcccctgcc    141600
     ctgcaaggca gaaggagttt gtcctctgcc acaggccctc tggtctcttg tgcctgcgta    141660
     agaaagggtc tctagagtag atgggcagag ataagatgta gtgacagaca gtcgaacacg    141720
     gagaatggtg ttggatctga atgtattgta ctggttgagc tttagactta tataacaacg    141780
     aattatcaga ggatacaaat cacaaaaata caagatacac tgaaattcac cagttacagc    141840
     agaaaggaat ttacagggac taattaaatg tttatattag ggataacaag ccctgtctag    141900
     gatcagccta atgtcaggca agaatttcac actttaaggt taaaagcatc agggggttgt    141960
     taactcttga caggccttaa gagtaatgtg ctatcacaga gctctaaatt cttaggtcta    142020
     ataaaattta tcttgtctgg agagtttctc cttatcaggg tagtatatca acttatactt    142080
     gacatggaat gaagcctgta gtaaaagatt tctatctcag tgagactttt agtctctatc    142140
     tgtaaacagc tgagtaaaat ggcaagtgct taattgttta ctgaatgggt taagttcctt    142200
     gctgctatct ggaatctaag aacactggga aaaggcttta gctatgttag aatacaatct    142260
     taaaaggcat ttactataag gtgatgctta atagagtgca cgtgaatcta tacactagat    142320
     taatgtggtg gaaatttgaa tataatgggt tagggaaaga gatgccataa ctctgggagg    142380
     aaaatttccc tggactctta tcctcgtgaa acagcttcca ggctttttgc ctgacaaacc    142440
     gatccaaact ggagagttgg ctttcgccag aatatccagg aggagagtcc tagaaattca    142500
     tttctcatga ggagcttttt ggcatttctg cctcacaagc tgactccacc agagtatcct    142560
     gacagtcctc agctagattt agtaaaaact cttgaatttg gcatcagggg gggttttctc    142620
     ttgagtcttt ggggtgctgg ccagctcatc ctaggacttg agtggaggcc cagcttttgg    142680
     tggtcttaca tgtgggtgtt catttgctga gatttgtggc ctaccccagt tctcagaaat    142740
     ccccgctgag aggtaagatc ctgcctttgt ctatgtcttt gtctatgtct ttgtctgcag    142800
     gctttttttg aattttgtat tcttagttta cagtagcctg tgcacatgag agcaacaaat    142860
     tccctgtctg ggatggaggg gagggttact gacagatgtg tcaggagtaa ctgcctgcca    142920
     acctgggaga catcccagat ggtctgaggg agctccaggg atgcctgggt atttcccatc    142980
     ggggagccaa ttgagactgt gctcactcac ccgtctgttt ctgttactag gtgctaattg    143040
     aggggtgctc actcaaccat ctgtttctgt tactgtgtgc caattgaaag gtgctcactc    143100
     agcaatccat ttctgttact gggtgccaag tgagagtgtg ctcactcagt catctgtttc    143160
     tgttactggg tgcaaagtta agagtgtgct tactcggctg tctgattggg tactggttgc    143220
     agttatcgta atttattgtg tgtatatctt gtttgtctcc ctgaatgtga ctctgacaat    143280
     gagacagact cttagcactc ccctcgtatg agtcttgtga tttggactga aattaagact    143340
     aggattcaca acccgtctgt agatgtcaga aagagatttt gaagaacttt ctgctatagg    143400
     gaatggcacg cttttggtgt tggtttaaca ccagaggaca ctcttgattt gattgtgatt    143460
     tctgccctta aaaatgttgt ttaggcagag gggaccaggg tctcaaccaa atcaagtgcc    143520
     atagaatctc atctaaaaaa atttagccaa agatcccccc catccttgtt gaaaccttga    143580
     gttcagtgga aaaagccaga ctcctgagac ctaactctct gccactcaga gaaaaaaaaa    143640
     aactgagata aaaatagtgg agtctgaact gcaaccctgg ctcccacaaa gatatatcca    143700
     gagttagaag aacctccaca atggcataac accctaccac catatcccca actcgtcccc    143760
     tcccagacct ctcaacatgt ctgaggtgcc gctggagatg tgggggtggg accagcagct    143820
     ggaacctgag gctgttgagc tcggaaccta gaggaaacag actgcacagt gctgccttta    143880
     tatacttacg gccctcctcc atcagaaccc agacaactgc agtcccttta gtactggcca    143940
     ttttcctcta ctgatcctat aatttgaagg catatcatgc ccccttttct ggaaatccct    144000
     ctagccatac tcatctaatg taatctctca tgttctctca tcagcccact agggataact    144060
     gtcaacagaa tttgagcatt cttttcacca cagaggagaa aaaaaagata ctgctggagg    144120
     caagaaagaa catgctaggg gtcaatgaat ggctgtcaca tcttctgaat gaaatagatg    144180
     caggcttgcc tctgacaagt cctgactggg accctgaaag tcctcacagt agggggcagt    144240
     tgacagtttt cctctgggct ctagtaacag ggctgaaagg agctggcagg tgccccacta    144300
     atttggccaa ggtaagaggg atcctacaag aggaaaagta gcacccagca gtgttttttt    144360
     gagcacctct tagaaccata caggccttac actcactttg accctacatc agagggccag    144420
     caggcagcga tggccatggc tttcattggc cagtctgctt ctgacattaa aaggttacag    144480
     tgtctataga gtctgcaaat attatctttg aaagatctgg ttaaggagac agagaaagtg    144540
     tactataaga gagagactgg agaagaaaaa agagaaagag taaagagaga gtctgaaaaa    144600
     agataaatta tacgagatag aaggctgtaa gaaatttaac tagggtttag acataattcc    144660
     aggtgataag gaatattata gaaagggagg aggatgtagg catacagtgt acctgggtaa    144720
     cacagcacca agaagatgtc aaaactccag aggaccttcg caaccacctc tagataagga    144780
     ccaataaaaa aaaatggaca ctgggcaaaa gactgccccc ccccaaaaaa atagatataa    144840
     gtcctcccaa ggtccttaac ccagatgaca atgcctaggg cagatgggcc tcaggccccc    144900
     ctccccgagc ctagggtaat cctaactgtg gaggcgacca caacatattt ccttgttgat    144960
     accagagcag aatttttagt cctgaaagag ccactgggga aattgaagaa caagaaaact    145020
     gtagtaatag tggctacttg tcagaatcca tactcttgga ccactgataa taaagttgat    145080
     ttaagaagaa gccaagtaac tcattacttt ctcatcattc ctgaatgctc caccccattg    145140
     ttggggagag acttactatc aaaataaaag cccacataag tttcttttca gaaggaactt    145200
     cagtctcttg gattccacca tctctataat tttagcttga aaatcagaaa actaatatag    145260
     ataaagtgag cctcaaacct gttagagaaa agttctagaa gggaactggt tagagagata    145320
     tcctcaagcc tggccagaga ctgcaggtat aaaaatgaca aaaagggtgc ccccatcgtt    145380
     gtgatgctca aagctggtgc gactcctatt ggggtatgat aataccccat gaacaaagag    145440
     gccttcaagg gcatcagacc tcacctcaaa aggctcttag aactgggtgt tttattccct    145500
     tgtcagtctt ccgggaatac tctgttgcta acagttaaaa ttcaggcttc gccccgggaa    145560
     agcagctaag aggtgacccg ctaggggcat actgggcaat aaattttact gacgttaatc    145620
     cagccaagta cagtaataaa tatttattag tttttttaga cactttttca gggtgaatgg    145680
     aagccttcca cactaagaag gagaccacca atgtcatggt aaagaagata ttagaggaaa    145740
     ttttcccaat atttgacatc cctaaggtaa tttcatcaga caacatcccc tccttcgttg    145800
     ctcagataag acaattgctt atagacccca gatttcagga caggtagagc agataaagag    145860
     aacattaaag taaaccttaa ctagattggc tttagagacc agcagaaaag attggacaac    145920
     actcctaacc ttcgccttgt tcccagggaa atttatactt acaccctttg aactcctcca    145980
     tgggagacct aatgaagcag ggagaatgtt tgacctggtg ttcctttttc ccaacccctg    146040
     ccagctcact tgaaggccct ataactgatc aaaaatgatt cctgggaatt gctgaaaaaa    146100
     aatcaaacaa agacacacag acacacagac acacacacag acacacacac acaaacaaac    146160
     aaacaaacaa tacataggta ccaggaacca caatgggacc acatcaattt caaatagagc    146220
     atcctatcct ggcctgacac cacctttcta acaaccataa acccagacga aaaggaccct    146280
     aactggtgct tgtgacaagc tctgctgctg ctcctccagc ctgtgtctgg ctcctcctat    146340
     tggccccacc gaggcccact gacccagccc tgcttgcact aactggcctt ggctcaggaa    146400
     ctgaacctcc tccttccatc ccacctctgg tgagaaactc tttagtctca ttaaagcgct    146460
     tctggggctc tcaatgtaac aaattctgaa gatgtgacct catgttggct ttatttgaca    146520
     gctgggccag aggtttaatt ttcctagttc taatattaga actatttact agaaggagta    146580
     gggtatgtga gaccctgtct tatagcattt atccctggaa ggaagagccc ctggacattt    146640
     cccaaccttt ttttttccct tgatctctaa ataaacatca gaaagaagct ctttgtattc    146700
     tattgccagc aaaaggcttt ttgtttctgt gccttacagc cagagatgcg ataattgtag    146760
     gaagacctac aaagatatgg atatagagag gaggtgcaga ctactccccc actatacccc    146820
     cacctatagc caactctcct tccaacttct tccaattcct cagctagctg ttaaagtcct    146880
     gtaatgttac tgctcagggt caaactcccc tgccctgcat ggcagaagga gttcctcctc    146940
     agctacctga taataaaacc tcttgcagtt tgcattaggt gtggttttct cttgagtctt    147000
     tggggtgctg ggcagctcat cctgggactt gagtggaggc ccagctttgg gggtcttaca    147060
     gagtcttggt gaagttgaga ctagttgtct gaaagaagca gaaacaagag ggagctggag    147120
     ctaccttgcc tggaagaggt ttagatccac tgagctacat tgaaaggatt ctctccaacc    147180
     tgttgagctg tctgctctat tctccaggtt cccgtttttg tggaccatag tggggtgggt    147240
     ttggtggtgc agctgtccct gagtcatttc tgctcctgta agtaacccct cacacttatt    147300
     cctgtaagga atcccagtaa aactcattca tcaaccaatt tggaattcag caacatttat    147360
     agcataacca gttctaattc caccacagtt aatgcaatag ccaacatttg gccttaatta    147420
     ttacagattg attatttttg cttgtttatt gtgtataaga ataactcagt gaaattctac    147480
     ctttctccca tatggattca gtccttgaaa tccagatgcc agggagcaaa aaaagaaatt    147540
     tgacttgctg agccttcttg ccagctctga ttttgccaac tttaatgctt atagcagaaa    147600
     catggcctaa agtcaaaata tttgtattta tttattcaaa ttcatttgtt catttaatat    147660
     attcgtgtgt gcctattccc atgccacagt acacagggtt tttgggcatt gcagttttta    147720
     gtgtcttttt tggggttcta tttttttaag gttattttag agttttaggt tttttttttc    147780
     attagtttgt tttatatttt gtttctttgt ttcatttgtt tttttagtaa gacttcttga    147840
     gttctcttta gaattttaga tttttcttta gggtttgtaa agttttaatt atgtctttta    147900
     ggattttttt taaggttctt tcatataaaa aataatttta gggtttcctc agtgtttcag    147960
     gcaacttttt aaagacatgt ttttgttgtt ggtttttttt tttgtttttt gttttgcttt    148020
     tacaattttt aaggtctttt tagggttctt gagattttgg ggaattttag ggcattttta    148080
     aagtgttttt agaattttta atggtctttt tagagttcct gtttttttgt ttgtttgttt    148140
     gttttgtttt gttttgtttt gtatttttgt ttttttttgt tttgtttgtt tgtttaagta    148200
     ttttcgggtc tcctttctgt gatgtccaat ggctttaatc ccagcatatg gcaggcagag    148260
     gcaggcagat ttctgatttc aaggccagcc ttgtctaaaa agtgatttcc aggacaggca    148320
     gaattacaca gagaaacact gtcttgaaaa accataaaaa gtatatagat agatagatag    148380
     gtaggtaggt aggtaggtag gtagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag    148440
     atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagacagat agatagatag    148500
     atatagatag ataagataag atacatagat aagataggta ggtaggtagg tagttaggta    148560
     ggtaggtagg tagatgatag gtagaaaggt agataggtag atagataaat ataaagtatt    148620
     ttaggttatt ttaaaagctt tttaggtctc ttttagtgtt tggttaaaga ttctaaagtg    148680
     ttttagggtt ttctttttta agattttagg agtcttttag ggagttttaa gtattttaga    148740
     gtttttagga tgggggcttg aatgacaggg attttatgta gggttttagt tttttatgat    148800
     ttaaaaatat ttctggattt tttgggattt tagggttttc ttgaggtcta tatttggaga    148860
     gggatggatg tttcttgatt tcctttgaat tttaaagtat tttagggtat tagggtcttt    148920
     tagggctttt aaaggatttt aggatttttt ttttaatttc tattttttta aggcttttgt    148980
     tttgtttgtt tgtcattgtt tattttattt tattttttag aaatttggta tattttgtta    149040
     gggctttagg gtcatatata tatatatata catatacata tacatataca tatacatata    149100
     catatacata tacatataca tatacatata catatataca tatacatata catatacata    149160
     tacatataca tatacatata catatacata tacatataca tatacatata catatacata    149220
     tacatataca tatacatata catatacata tacatataca tatacatata catatacata    149280
     tacatataca tatacatata catatacata tacatataca tatacatata catatacata    149340
     tacatataca tatacatata catatacata tacatataca tatatatata catatatata    149400
     tatatatata tatatattta tttatttatt ttcttttttg gttttcttga tttttttaaa    149460
     ctttcagtgt tttttgggtc ttttgcaatt tttatatttg cctctcacca tttgtttatc    149520
     tcagattttt actggcctta ttgtttctga ctggatcctg ttcctccaac gagctgatta    149580
     tgaactggtt gtggtggagc ttccgggaat caaagttgtc gatggttgtg ggactggatc    149640
     tggagcagtg gctctggccc aggccgagtt ttcggccaga aggaaaatgt atctctacca    149700
     gggcaagaca gatatggttt gctttcactg ggccccttgt ggtcccaggt aggcacagta    149760
     ttgtggcaag tggtatctca tctgtgagct tggctatgac agacctccta gtagtcaaga    149820
     tatctctgta tgtgggagga gttctggagc accagctctg ctgcagggaa gagttgtggc    149880
     atcatgataa agtcttatcc ctctggaatg ataagacaaa aaaagctttc cttctactag    149940
     ttgccttggt aatagtggtt gatcacagca ataatacagc aattgctaac tcccctttat    150000
     gttcattatg ataagtaata tattaggttt tctatctttc tgcaagagaa tactatcact    150060
     caaccttaca catgcacgaa attatataaa aatggcctca aacccgtatg agagcaaaac    150120
     tatgttaatt accttattcc aaatctgtgt taactcacct aacaaaacac tctccttcca    150180
     tccattttcc tccaaatgcc ttgatttcag ctactgctac aaacacacca gtagtgaccc    150240
     acctgacagg ccgaaaagcc tagacatggt cccgaggcga aaacttcacg gaaacttaat    150300
     ctcctgtatt catggtaacc tgtataatga atgttccaat gtccttgctt tagtcggtaa    150360
     atggatctgt gtgctttccc ttaatattgc ttttttgtaa gtgcctctaa ggattgattt    150420
     tgacatattg ctaagttaga tacctcacct aggaattcct gtcctaggca ttccttgagc    150480
     aaactatggt ctttgaattc accaaggatg ctgcctattc agtgacattc agatttacct    150540
     ctagtactgt aagagagata atgaaagaaa tcaggcatta ctatctgttc cacagagtta    150600
     gaattctcag ggcaaactac taccatatgc aagaatttac tattatctag gaataagaaa    150660
     ggttgtgtta taagaagaaa ccagaataga taattagaac tatagatatt tgagcttcaa    150720
     acatacacag gaatttgcaa tgacctaggg gcccgaggta ttatatgata gactagaaga    150780
     ggaactattg caagggcaca aaaccattgc ctatgacttc taagattaag caaaccttag    150840
     ggaaggctac ttttgatccc agtttttaac attgaatttt atcccaattg gtccctgcca    150900
     gtcctttgta ggcattcctc tattttgtgt aaaagtcact tataagacta ttgctccctt    150960
     tgagacaaat tacattcaga tccacactcc tttgtgtctt gtctgtttct cagcctctct    151020
     tcttgttaaa tccttgccca cctttactca gaatccaaga tatgcccatg gagcaaggac    151080
     ccaagtgagg tttgtctgtg gcaagctacc tttcagttga ctaaaattat atcatatata    151140
     tatatatata tatatacact ccagctctat tcaggtaccg caggagaagg cattagatct    151200
     cattatggat ggttgtgagc cacctagtag ttactgggat ttgaaatctg gaccttcaga    151260
     aaagcagtca gagcgctcaa ccactgagcc atctcaccgg ccctatatac cacatttcat    151320
     ctattaagtt cataatggaa aagaaacggt tccatttcct agctattgtg aatattgcaa    151380
     taaacatgca ttgaacatat atcagatgta ggacgtggga tctttaagta tttgtcttgg    151440
     tgtgtgacag ctagactatc tcataagtct agttttgaaa accagtgtac taatttacac    151500
     agtgctgccc atgtttacat accaccatgg atacatatgg gagaggaagt agtcaattga    151560
     tccccatttg tagaaaatgc aatcctgtcc ttaatagttt caacagaaaa cttatataca    151620
     aacagtttca gcaaattgga gtgatacaaa gtcacattaa aaaatcaaca tatttatata    151680
     tgccatcaat gaacttgctg agaaagaaat aaaggaagta aaagccaatt cctaataaca    151740
     tttttttaaa aataatagga gctgggaaat agttaagggg atattgtgct tgccacacaa    151800
     atgtgaggaa aagagttcag ataacccagt acccagtggt gagtgagtgt gtctgctcac    151860
     ctatactctg agcagaggaa gactggaaat cctgggtcaa gctgccttgc tagacaaccc    151920
     aaaccctgct cagtaaacag agtgaaagtc atcaaattac acagctttaa catgtggtct    151980
     gtacatgcac atgcacacac atgaacatat acacttacat atatgtacag cttcatacat    152040
     gaaaaaacat tatatataca tgccattaag atccacctca attctccctc atccactcta    152100
     cacacacaca aacactcaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cagagagaga gagagagaga    152160
     gaaagagaga gagagagaga cagagacaga gacagagaga cagataaaga tagacagaga    152220
     cacagaaaaa cagaaagaca gagactgaga gaaagagaga agggatgagg aggagtcata    152280
     agaagataaa ttgtaagaaa acattaagac aggacaaaca agagtgtctt acttttccac    152340
     aaaactctgc tagaagaaat agcataaaag cacaatggtg tcatcaatac agctccagtc    152400
     atgaaaaaga aagtacacca aggccctatt aaatatccaa accaacattt tgtttgactg    152460
     acttccagtg tcaagctttt aacatgccaa atgtcaaaag atattaattt agtttacaaa    152520
     aagacttggt cttatgtctt tcctggtcat tcagttgttt gttcatgtaa gagaataaac    152580
     ttaagaaaag gaatagattt taaaagcttt attaaagaat attaattact gtgttaaatg    152640
     ctacaaacct attcagttat tttcattatt acatttacaa tgaataaaag tcattttatt    152700
     tgaacattat aatgctgtta ttaataatga tatgtttaaa aacatatcca atatttagaa    152760
     aaattcacag aaaacttttc aaaacataag tcaagtaatc accttcatag atttaatttc    152820
     aaagtgaaaa attgaacttt cttttcaata tcaccatgct taaatcaagc atttctccat    152880
     ttataaacca ctactcattt tgcctttata gattatctga aagaaacata gtaacagtaa    152940
     cttaaatcca gaaagctatt ttgttctgac attaagattg cacagctaat tctcaaaatg    153000
     tgtatattat ctgaatcgat acatataatt tcctacccat tttaccatgc agcaagttct    153060
     tcatgcctag caggattgtt ctgttactta aattcaatgt tttcagagat agcaaaagac    153120
     caactagaaa ttcagataag aatagttaat acagaattag ccaggaatac aagttacccc    153180
     agattgtagg agaagagtgg atattctgac agcaaatagc ttttaaatat aaactcctga    153240
     gataagttgg agttaaaaaa aaaaaaagag agggggtggt aaagcattca agaattccaa    153300
     gaagaaagaa cttatggcat agcactgagg caatggcaca aggaaataac tggttgatag    153360
     aaagtgtccc tgagtttctg aatgatgcaa gcctttattg ctgcatagcc aaagggaaac    153420
     agaaatcctt cacaaaaatc aaagagagga gccaataaac acctttcatc cagcaagatc    153480
     aaaaattgct cttagaaaac tggcaaagtg tacaaaacag gcaaaaaaag tttctgtgtc    153540
     agtaaagtag gatcttcact tatagcctca attttacact ttctcagtgt accaatttct    153600
     ataaaacatg acctttcaaa gaatcagctt gactaagtgt ttaataaaca atcctgtgca    153660
     actatattcc agctgcatca ttggacataa actgaatttt ccatgtgttg ccactgatgt    153720
     gagccattat cctgttgtgc ttcaggagat ttatatgacc ttcaacaagc aatccaaata    153780
     tgaaaatgaa taagaaccca acttgctaac tgtgacagac aaaacaattc tttaaggcca    153840
     ctagtgctac attcaggagt ccaactttgt ctgtgttctg aatctagtca aaaacagtta    153900
     aaatattgga aataaaactt gcatctgcac tataaataga ttactgtttt gcccttattc    153960
     tctgaacaat aacatgttaa ttgcacagta atatttcagt aagtattagt cattcagaga    154020
     tgtctttcag catccagtta gactcacagt tgtcacaaat ttatctagga gagttcgttt    154080
     ttaaaataca gaataatatc tgtgatatca attccatgca ttctttgctc tattcaaata    154140
     ctatcaccag ttctttccct agcaagtatg ccagtgtttg tctatcccca tagcctctga    154200
     ggaggaattg tatggataaa acttacccat tcatttatga gatggaaact gacgtcactg    154260
     aaaatctcac tgactaccac aggttatagg gatctatcct ggtgtaaaat ggacttgaga    154320
     tcacagcctc ctaagaacat gtccattatt tcatatcatg ctctgacttc aacaattcct    154380
     tgtcatgacc ccttagagtg ggcaccagac caggtagcac tctgaaccct aaagaagaga    154440
     gtcctcgggg tccttcctca ttcagaaact ttggacgatt gccgtgctac ctgaagcaga    154500
     actgcaaagt gaggcagcct aggattggcc agtgcaagaa caaggacaac caatctacag    154560
     gttccagatt ggcctgtgca ggcaagaggg tagccattat ctaggctcgg gacaggcccg    154620
     agaaggcatg aggacagccg ttctcaaaat ttgcttgatt cctgaggcca ctgttactta    154680
     tattctgtgc gatttgcctt acgatatgtc caaaattttc aggagagagc atcactctta    154740
     aaggatgctg cttcattgtt tctttctgca agtcaccatt ggcaagtcca ttccttgccc    154800
     ctttaagggt cagtcgccca tttcatgttt cttgaacaat tttcttaatg attaaatggc    154860
     aagacatgtg gagagatggc agcgagcctc agcacagact tgaccctatg accacagacc    154920
     acaggtttcc ctgcttctag agcctggtac tgccttcagt gtcgcccaaa gaaaggtgat    154980
     accctacccc aatcggggaa tagcctgggg cccacttcac tgacccccag ctgtatttaa    155040
     caccttaagc caacagggga agcatttgac cagcagagac ccgaaggact ttgtgcctcc    155100
     agggctcctt atacagaaac ggcacaagtt caggtgccta aagccctatg aagaccacac    155160
     attcaaaaaa atctgatgct catgttgcag acgagctaca gaaacccaaa gctcttataa    155220
     agcgtttagc catttacacg accctgggcc ctctgaagga gctaaaagag aacaaaaaaa    155280
     aatgatcagt tacactttct ctgatgtttc ctgagttcat gagtaaccca ctgagcaggg    155340
     taccagacaa tctgttttac caccttccac cagaaaatga gtggcctcat ctgctgtgtc    155400
     catgcataga taggtgaaaa gaagccagcc tatgtccact gggtttgaag aacctaggga    155460
     ttttgaccag tcgggtgcca gagtgcctgc agcatcttcc aaacacaggg ctggagatac    155520
     cagtcacaaa ttcaaagaag ataacacagt gcctgggcca tcgtctgctg gacaacatgg    155580
     acaggtaatt tccccacaca ttcaaggttc cctacaccct tcccaatcta accaaggaga    155640
     tctgggatct tcaaattctc agggcaggtc cttatgcacc aaaaagtttt gagaactaac    155700
     gcaaagtttc caagactcta tgggacattg cacatctgcc caggcatccc atagacttcc    155760
     cacgtgtgct taaaagaaat tcataaatgc ctcctcttcc agaaggagtt caaaagtttg    155820
     ttccctaccc tacataactg tattctttcc aattctcctc caaagcattt tggagaagaa    155880
     ctctcttgtc aagcaacagg ccccatcaga caaagagggc tccaaacctt cttcgcctaa    155940
     cggtaatgtc agtgatgtct tattagtccc taatgcatca agtcccacct cctcttccca    156000
     ggagaattca acatgtttga cagatgccaa ggcggggcag agagctaagt cctctcaaaa    156060
     tgacagccaa agatgttccc tttctccccc aaagtgccat atgcaatctg cttttagtaa    156120
     aatgagtttg agagcggacc ctgctgaaca agggggtttc aaaacttccc cattaaacca    156180
     agagggattt caaagtcatt tatcattata aaatgggctc atgtcatctc ttacagtaaa    156240
     agggaattaa atgcacaact tcctaagtga gcctcacaca gctcatacct gcccaagcag    156300
     agagaaaaaa attccacaag gagctcaagt actttgccat tcatggaatt gcacttgagt    156360
     gttccacaca tactcaagat gtggtagaat cacttaagtc ctccaaaggg actctacttt    156420
     acttctgcac aaagtgaact agaaccatag gcaacttccc caggggttat gataaattct    156480
     cattctgtca gggggccaag aagattatcc ccctctatgg aacagattca aagacagttc    156540
     ttaagttttc tctaccacag aaaggaagat tatatcattc tcctgctatg aaatgtgaca    156600
     caaacattgt cattctagta gaagactgaa agatgctctg tccaaacaat gggtcttcag    156660
     aaagtcctga tctgatcaag aattattcag atatctctta tcagccaaaa gagccctctt    156720
     gatttgtcag caggccccaa acacctgaga gattattcca aaacacttcc agtgagctaa    156780
     acaatttcaa tatttgtcgt agaatacaca actaagagga tatcaccctc tcagctgcca    156840
     ctaggcacac tagaggctgt gaagaattcc ccatatatgt ccaagtttct aggatttcca    156900
     aaacctgtac aggactctct gcatactact ctatcacata aagggactgt aggacaggat    156960
     aaatctacag aagagagttc tagccacagt cccatcttta gaaatggctc atggatatga    157020
     tacatcttca aaagatgttc taggacagat cccatctgta aagaagggtc tggatccaat    157080
     cctatgtgaa catggtgcta tcggatgtga tttgcacgca caggagtctg tagcatcctg    157140
     tacagcccaa agaagggaat tccatgtatt ctacctgtgc acaagaattc atatgatctc    157200
     cccaaacttc acaggagact atgagaactt ctctatctct caagaggatc agccctcttc    157260
     tccaaataca cattcttatc cacctgcaca agggctgttg gtccttctcc atgcctgcat    157320
     aagtctccat aatatattcc aaatgcctga aaaagctctg gattttactt catcttccaa    157380
     agggcccttg gaacctgttt gcccatcaag tagtctatga cacctgaaat atctacacag    157440
     aagttgttat ccaattctct agctgaagaa aattttcttg gaacttccac tgttacacaa    157500
     ggaggtctaa aaatttcact aaatgcccat gaggctctta gaccttttac acatgtccat    157560
     gaagctctaa gagaggccac atctacgcag gtatctctag ggccttctcc taattctgaa    157620
     gctattgtca agacttgtac atatacacaa ggaaatttag accttcacca tctgtgcaaa    157680
     aggtcatatg tctatcatat ctgaacaggg tgctttacaa ttatttccat ctaccctaga    157740
     gtgtttattt tccttgtctt gtctggttga aagcagtaga catttgccct ctaccaaagt    157800
     gatccacagg catccagttt ctaggaatta aaaaaaaaaa aaacaaaaaa aaaaacaaac    157860
     aatcaaacaa aaaaaccagg ttaattgttg atccttctga aataggacac ttcagaaatt    157920
     ctgttaaaag gtaatacttg catcatgtcc tgctgaaaaa aaaacaaaca aaaaaaaaca    157980
     tcaaaagcta caactattcc tcaggtgagt cccacaacat ctctatccaa aataccttga    158040
     aatgttcaac aaatgaccaa gggactgtgg aaactttctt gtctacccaa gagcatgttg    158100
     cccacttaca taccttataa acagactctg cattcttcaa tatctacact agggtatttc    158160
     catttgcaaa gaaatgttga aatgtcatca ctggcacaag gaacactaga gtctttatat    158220
     catcccacaa ggaaaggtac aaaatacaaa tcagaataag acattctgtg acagtctata    158280
     tcaccacggg ggactgtaga accatcacaa agtaatacaa gggctttagg atctactcaa    158340
     catgctcatg ggaaggctca aatatttcca tctactcaag gaactgagaa acattctttg    158400
     tctcttagag gggctatggg actacccaaa tctgaaacta ggccctaaaa aattcaccat    158460
     ctgaaccagg acctgagaaa attttcagtt tttttttttt tttttttttg ggaagtcttc    158520
     tacacgttct ctatttttgt aagataccct gtgacatcta ccatttgata cagaggttct    158580
     tacatcttct ccatctaacc aggggactaa gaaaacattg ttatcttcca aagggaatgt    158640
     gaaaccttca tcaactgcaa cacatgctca gaaacctcca tgcacaatga cgggaacttt    158700
     aacaaatgtc agatgtaacc aagggcctct agaagattct gttcctgtcc aggtgaagga    158760
     gggattttta cttctatctc aggaattcta agagcattca gcacctttcc aaaagaagct    158820
     atggtacttg tcacacatgg tagaatctct agataccttg ccatctttcc atgggactac    158880
     aaatcctctg ccttctacag aggttatgtg acctcccaaa tctgaaccta ggaagtcaga    158940
     aacatctcca tctgaaaaaa attcttcatc caccaggaaa actaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    159000
     aaagaaagaa aaacaaacaa acaaaaaaca aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaca aacaacaaca    159060
     aaaaaaacat tgttatcttc ccaagtgaca gtgaaacctt tgtcttctgt accatgtgct    159120
     cagaaatttc cacaaattac atcaggtact ccaacaactg tgagatgtaa acaagcagtt    159180
     ccagaatatt ctataccttt ccaggaaact ttggattttt tgctgacgat tcccgaggtt    159240
     tctagaacat tcagcatctt tccaacagaa gcgagggaac tagtcaacat ggtagaatct    159300
     caggatacct caccaatatt ccaaagtact acagtccctt tgccacatcc ctcaagtcat    159360
     acaggatatt cacaacctga ccaatgatct caggagaatt ctttagaagt cccaagggat    159420
     ctagcacctt tgaagtctac caaattttca tatctgttga ggcatgtcta ggcctttcac    159480
     tatatgctca acagtctatc cagcagtcat catcttccca aaagattctg ggaacctcag    159540
     agtgtgccaa gtgtattcat taacattttt ctttcgtctc aggttctttg ggaatgtatt    159600
     catgtgtcct atggatgaca ggaacattgc tacaagtccc aaagcctatt ggacattcct    159660
     caccaataca agcatgtcaa tcccctccac catctatgaa aagaaactgt gacaacttgt    159720
     attcacaagc aactcttgta gcataaatct ctccattgtt ctcaccatct actcaggtga    159780
     atggacaagc ttacctcaat caagaatcta ctttgggaca gcccatagct gcccagggag    159840
     ttcaacaact tttgttgtcc agcccaggtt ataaagaaag tgacaagcag gaaataggaa    159900
     tttttccatc ttaccaagta cttctgggaa tttccttacc tgcagaggga atggtaggat    159960
     catgaccatc tgtacaaagg gttctgggaa cttccctatc tgtccaagag tctctgttca    160020
     cacccaaaca agaacctgta ggtactctgc atctctaaca aagtctttca aatatcaatc    160080
     tacacactag agggctctca aattttttcc atgtgctcaa catacaatgt tcatcatgtt    160140
     ccccacacta atgaacctct cctttctagc cagaaaaatc agaagaaatt tttatatttg    160200
     ccaggttatc cagaacacta cctatctgca ccagatggtc aggggcatat aatacctact    160260
     cgagtagctg taatactttt gcttacttct caagggcaca agaaaaactt aacaattgca    160320
     atggaaactt tgcattttca aagttctttg tcatccattc aaaggaatcc attacctttg    160380
     tcagattcca taggtatatt ggaattaaga caatgtaaac acacagagac ttttttggac    160440
     cctttgcctc aagtgaagaa ggatgccaga tcttctaaat ctgctttccc tactgtagga    160500
     aattagtcac catcacctcg agaacctgtg agacattcat cttttcctaa aggaggtata    160560
     gaaatgctct caactggtct agggaatcta gtacctttgc aatcaatcca ggggcctttg    160620
     acactttata tctcagccca gacaatgaca cataactcag gatctgccaa tggggttgta    160680
     ctgcattcag cttcttcccc agcagtttca gaaagaaatg aatattctcc atttacccaa    160740
     gggacttcag aaagttccaa aagatctgga ttgcatctgg atcttactac atcactactg    160800
     gtaacacaat catcttcaag atttgaacaa ggaattgtgg aaacttgctt atctgaacaa    160860
     gggactaaat ttaaagaaac atctataggg ttgtatgctt atgctcagga tactatgggg    160920
     cattctttat ctgcacaagc cacagtatga aagtccatgt ctgcaaagca gacttggaaa    160980
     ctttggctac cactacagga cctttggggt ctacacaagt gactcttgta gtctcagagt    161040
     cattgtcatc tgatcagagg cctctgggaa tttatttaac ttcaacggga actctaggct    161100
     cttcgtcttc catagaggct tttggaatat ccctttctga gcaagggtct ctaaaacagt    161160
     ccacatcaaa attagggtct gtagaaactg tgacatcttc tccaaagact gtgcatcatc    161220
     caacatattg ccaggaagct atgagatttt ctcctctttc taacattttg gacaaaaatc    161280
     tccagctttt tcaaggttca ttggtctgtt cctacctcgc cagaaatctc aaaaatcaat    161340
     ttcatcattc atcacgagat gtaacatact catcatctgt actaggtact caggatcacc    161400
     ctctttctag tctagagttt caaggatatt ttctgacctc tctaaagtct aaggaatgtc    161460
     ccacagctgc aaagagaact ttgactatgc aaatttcttt gtcatccatc caaaggtatg    161520
     tagaaccttt ggcagaatcc acaaggatat tgggaatggg acaatgtaaa gacacagaga    161580
     ctactgtggg cccattgcct caagtaatga aggatataga aacttctcca tctgctttgc    161640
     caattctatg aactttgcca ccatcacctc aagaacctgg tagacattca tcttttccta    161700
     aaggtggtgc agaaatattt ccatctggtc cagaaattct aggacatttg caatcagccc    161760
     tggggcctct ggcactttcc atctcagccc aggcaatgac acatcactca aggcctactg    161820
     acagggttct actgcattca gctccttgcc cagctatatc agaaacaaat gaatatgctc    161880
     catctttccg agagacttca gacacttaca gatgtgctgg actgcatctg aatcttacta    161940
     catagctaca gatgacacca tcatctttga gatctgagta aggaactgtg ggattcttgt    162000
     ctatcagaag aaaggtgtct gaaagtgact aaatctaaag aaagtactat agggtattcc    162060
     acatctgctc aggccacaga ggggcattct ttatctgcac aagccatagt agggaagtac    162120
     atatctgaac agttgcaatt ggaaatttgc ctgtgcaaag ttctttgtct gggcacactg    162180
     tgcagactgt gagaactttg cctcccactc caggaccttt ggggtctacc aaatatactc    162240
     aggtgctacc aggatctgtg tcatctgatc agaggcctct gtgagtttct ttagcttcac    162300
     agggaactct aagttcttca tcttcccaag aggcctttgg aaatttctgt tctacccaaa    162360
     tgtctctaaa actgtccaca tctaaacaag ggactgcaca aaatgtttta tctgctcaaa    162420
     atagtttgaa tgctccaact tctttgcaaa cagatatggg attttttcca acttactaac    162480
     attttgcata aagattccca gctttcccaa aaaacactgg aatttcccca cctagtcaga    162540
     aatgtcaagt atccatttgt ccttcaccat catatggagg acatttcaca cctctactag    162600
     gtgttcagga gcatattgta cctatgtggt tttagaagct tttccatctt ttcaaaagcc    162660
     caagaaaatt ttcaggacag aagagggaac tttgcacata caaagttatt ttttcttcaa    162720
     ccatataaat ctggaaaatt caacaggttt cacatggata ttgacacaca cacacacaca    162780
     caaaaaaaag actcacagag tagtttaggg catttgcctg gagtgataga ggatatagaa    162840
     ccttctcatt caacttcagt gactctatga actttgccac catcacctcc aaaactttta    162900
     gacattcata ttctacacaa ggatgtgcag agactttccc atttggctaa gggtatctag    162960
     cacctctgaa atttacccag gggcctctga aactttctat ctcatcatag gcagtgatga    163020
     atacatacca atgatatgaa tgttcttcta attctctacg tctttcctcc tcagaacaag    163080
     ggactccagc atcttcagat tctcctcttg gaggtgtgag tccctgcctc tctgcacagg    163140
     agaccttatg tctttccaca tgtccacaaa ggtctaccca agattctaca tgttccaaag    163200
     gcttttaaat ccttctttac ataaacaagg tataggaact cagtccacat ctacatacta    163260
     tacagtagaa gactcaccaa cttcccagct gtgtcaggga tatactgacc ctgctccaaa    163320
     taaagcaagg acttttagat ctatccaagg acctctgagt atttcaggaa ctgcataagg    163380
     ctctatagaa cctttgccat ctccccaggg gactctagga tattcatcat ttgcatcagg    163440
     tggacaatct ttttcaacag ctaccccagg acatgtgata tgcagtgact caccagtgta    163500
     acttgcaatt tctgtccatc ttagttcctc acttttttcc ttaagcattt tgaatccatt    163560
     catttacaca taatcactct aaacctacag aggggtctta aacttcatgc tacagaccaa    163620
     attattattt gattactcca caaatggtcc aacaaacaga tccatatgct tcagatgctt    163680
     caggatctac tcatttttcc aaaggagtca tggtaatttc tttatctgga cagggaacac    163740
     tatgacctgt atcatctgcc ctagaatctt tgacaatgcc ctcatctgct caagtgaatc    163800
     agaaccttct ttatctattc tagaagttgt aggcccatgc ctgtcttcta caggaaaatc    163860
     tggaagcttg tcatgtacaa aaagcaagcc aggaatagcg aatgtttctc caggagcttt    163920
     ggaaatttca ctatctacca tagtgagtct agggtttcct ttatctgtcc aattggattt    163980
     gagtgataca acctggattt ttttcctcag agactttctc tgtatgccca tggtatagta    164040
     gaactatcaa cacctgcaca atgaccttca gacacttcct ttttatcaca agagacccaa    164100
     aaaccctgtt tggaaaaaga ggctttaggt tattcaccat ctgatcctaa agatcttgga    164160
     ctttttgccg agaacaaatt ataaacatgg ccatgtatgc aaaaccattc agatataaca    164220
     cctgtcacca aagagatcat agcatctttg tcatccatgc aagatactct cagatagatg    164280
     ggtggatgga tggatggatg gatggatgga tggatagatg gatggatggg tggatggatg    164340
     gatggatgga tggatggata gatgatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag    164400
     atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatggatag atagatgaga tagaagagat    164460
     agatgagata gataagatag gctgagaggt agagaggtag ataggtagat agataaaata    164520
     tactaaatat aaagcacttt aggttatttt agaaagcttt ttagggcttt tttagggttt    164580
     gtttaaagat gctaaggttt ttgagggttt cctattttta aggttttagg tatctttatg    164640
     gtgttataag tattttagag tttttacaat tttagggggg attgaatgac ttagggactt    164700
     tatgtagggt tttagttttt tatgattttt aaaataattt tggattttgg ggggttttag    164760
     ggttttttgg ggtttatttt ttggggggtt ggatgtttct tgaattcata tggattttaa    164820
     ggtattttgg gttattagga ttttttaggg cttttaaaga attttaggat tttttttaaa    164880
     ccttctatct gttttgtttt gttgctgttg tttgtttctt tttggcttat gggtttgtta    164940
     aaggttttag tttttttggg gggggctctt tttagagttc tagaaatgtg tttgtctttt    165000
     tttttaattt tgggatattt tgttagtgtt ttatgttctt agttttagaa tttaaatgta    165060
     tatagttttc ttttttaggg ttttgttgat tttttaaagc tttcagtgtt tttttgggtc    165120
     ttttccaatt tttcacttgc ctcttgatat ctgtttatct cagattttaa cttggcttat    165180
     tgtttctgac tggatcctgt tccttgtatg agcttgtgta ctggttggga ttcagctacc    165240
     aggaatcagg ctgtctaggg ttgtggaatg ggatcttgaa aagtggctct ggcacaggcc    165300
     aagaagtggg ccaaaaagaa gatgtgtctg tagcagggca agacaaatag gttttgcctg    165360
     cacagggacc ctggaggtcc caggtagtcc aggtattgct gcaaggggta tctcatctgt    165420
     gagcttggct atgacagatc tggtagtcaa ggtatctttg tatgtgggag gagttctgga    165480
     gccccagctc tgcctcaggg ctgagttgtg gcatcatgac gaaatcttat ctctctggaa    165540
     tgataagaca aaaaaagctt tccttctact agttgtcttg gtaataatgg tttatcacgg    165600
     caataataca gcaattgcta tacaccattt tatatttttt atgatatgta ttctactttg    165660
     ttttctatct ttctcctaga taataatatc actcaaccac acacatgcat gaaaatatat    165720
     aaaaatgatc tcaaacccgt atgagagcaa acctatgtta ataccctcat tccaaatcta    165780
     tgttaactca cctaacaaaa cactctcctt caatccattt tcctccatgc cttgatttca    165840
     gcaactgcta caaacacacg agtagtgacc cacctgacag gccaaaaagc ctagacatgg    165900
     tcctgaggcg aaaaattcat ggaaatttag tctcctgtat tcatggcaac atgtataatg    165960
     aatgctccag tgcccttgct ttagtcggta aatggatctg tgtgctttct cttaatattg    166020
     atttattgta agtgcctcta aggattggtt ttgacatatt gctaagttag attccacaca    166080
     tataaattcc tctcctaggc agtccttgag caaaccatgg tctttgaatt cagtaaggat    166140
     gctgcctatt tgggtacatt cagattaacc tctagtattg taagacagac agtgaaagaa    166200
     atcaggcatt actaactgct acatagagtt agaaatctca ggacaaacta ccatatgcaa    166260
     gaatttacca ttatctcgaa ataaggaatg ttatgttata aggatcaagc agaatagata    166320
     cttagaacta tagatagttg agtttcaacc atgcacagga atttacaatg gcctagggtg    166380
     gaggggtact atatgataga ctagaagagg aaccattgta agggcatgag actcttgcct    166440
     attgcttcta agattaagca aaccttggag gggggctgct tgtaatcaca gttgttaaca    166500
     ttgaattcta tcccaattgg tccctcccag tcctttgtag gcattcctct attttgtgta    166560
     aaagtcactt ataagactag tgctcgcttt gagacaaatt acattcagat caaccctctg    166620
     tttggtcgtg tcagtttctc agcccctctt cttggctaat tcttgcctac tggtacccag    166680
     aacccaagtt atgccaatgg atcgaggacc taagtgaggt ttgtctgtgg caagctactt    166740
     ttccttttac taaaattaca tcatatatat atatatatat atatacatat atatatatat    166800
     atatatatat gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtttatgtgt    166860
     atgtgtatgt gtatgtgttt gtgtatatgt atatacatac acatatacat caatacatat    166920
     acatatatat acattataca catatacaca catacatata cacatatata tatgtgtgtg    166980
     tgtttgtgtg tgtgtacata tgatatatat gtacagcttc atacatgaaa aaacattata    167040
     catacatgcc attgagatcc acccccattc tgtttcagcc attctacaca cacacaaaca    167100
     ctcacacaca cacatacaca cacagaggga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    167160
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagacatg gagacttgga cagagatgga gacagagaca    167220
     gacagaataa atttggaaat caccaagaca acagtggatt tttctattac acattgcaat    167280
     aagttaaacc aataaaagca tatttgtgaa aatgctctaa ggaatcttat tgctttgtac    167340
     tctgacaaag aaaatgaaca gaatttaaaa gctttattaa agaatattaa ttactgtgtc    167400
     aaatgctaca aacctactat tcagttattt tcgttattaa atttacaatg aataaaagtc    167460
     attttgtttg aacaacttta tactgctgat attaataatg atatttttaa aaattcacag    167520
     aaatcttttc caaacacaag ttaagttatc atcttcagag atttaatttc aaagtgaaaa    167580
     attgtaattt cttttcaata ttatcatgct taatgcagac atttcttcat ttataaacca    167640
     ctactcattt tgcctttatc gattatctga gtgaaacata gcaactgtaa cttaaattaa    167700
     gaaagctatt ttgttcggac attagaaatg tgaagctaat tctcaaaagg tatatattat    167760
     ctgaattgat acttataatt tcctacccat tttaccatgc agcaagttct tcatgcctag    167820
     caggattatt ctggtactta aatttaatgt tttcaaagat gtaaaaagac caactggaaa    167880
     ttcagaaaag cacagtgaat acagaattat ccagaataca agttaccccc tattgtagga    167940
     aatgagtgga tattctgaca gtaaatggct tttaaatata aactactgag ataaattaga    168000
     gttaaacaaa gaaaaggggt gctaaagcat tcaggaattc caagaagaaa gaacttatgg    168060
     catagcattg aggcaatgac acaaggaaat aattagatat tagaaagtgc ccctgtgttt    168120
     ctgaatgatg caagacttta ttgctgtgta gccaaaggga aaccgaaatc cttcagaaaa    168180
     atcaaagaga ggagccaaat aaacaccttt catccagcaa gatcaaaaac tgctcttaga    168240
     aaactggcaa ggtatgcaac aggcaaacaa actttctgtg tcagtaaaga aggatcttca    168300
     cttatagcct caattttaca ctttcttagt gtatcaattt ctataaaaca tgacctctca    168360
     aagaatcagt ttaactaagg gtttaataaa tcattctgtg caactatata ccggctgcat    168420
     cattggactc aaactgaatg gtccatgtgt tgccactgat gtgagccatt tgcctgttgt    168480
     ccttcaggag aattatatga ccttcaacaa gcaatccaaa tatgaaaaag taataggaac    168540
     ctaactcact aactgtgaca gacaaagcaa ttgtttaagg ccacaagtgc ttttttcagg    168600
     attccaactt tgtctgtgtt ctgaatctag tcaaacacag atataagtat ttgaaataaa    168660
     actttcattt gtactataaa gagattacta aagttctgcc cttattctct gaacaatagc    168720
     atattaattg cacaataatg atattgcagt aagtattatt tagtaattta gagatgtctt    168780
     tcagcatcca gttatcacag atttatctag gagaggttta aaattcgaaa taatatctgt    168840
     gatatctatt ccatgcattc tatgttctat tcaaatatta acacctgttc tttccctagc    168900
     aaatatgcca gtgtttgttt agccccatag cttgtgagga gcaagggtat ggataagcct    168960
     ttcccattca gttatgagac agaaacaaac atcactgcaa cactcactga tgaccttagg    169020
     ttagagggat ctatcctgga ttaagatgga cttcagagca tagtctccta agaacaccat    169080
     gtccttaatt tccaaccatg ctttgccttc aacaattcct tgtcatgaac ccttagagtg    169140
     ggcaccaaac caggtagcac tctgaaccct aaagatgagg gtcctctggg tccctcctca    169200
     ttcagaaatt ttggatgatt gccctgctaa tatgaggtag ctcaggactg gccagtgcaa    169260
     acaggaggac agccaaactg cacgctccag attggcctgt gcaggcaaga gaacagcaat    169320
     catctaggct cgggaatggc ctgagaaggc ttgaggacag cctttctcaa actttacttg    169380
     atttctgagg ccactgtaac ttatattctt tgtgatgtgc cttcttatat gtccacaatt    169440
     ctcaggaggg atgctgcata agcgtttctt gttacaagtc acttttgcca agtacattca    169500
     ctgtcccttt aaggggcagt catctattta atgtttcttg aacaatttcc ttaatgatca    169560
     aatagcaaga catgtggaga aatagcagtg agcctcagcc cagacttgac actatgacca    169620
     cataccacag gtttcacatc ctccagtgcc tggaacaccc ttaagtgtag tccaaagaat    169680
     agtgataccc taccgcaact gatttcacag cctccatagc cttggactcc cttcactgtc    169740
     ccacaactgg attttacacc ttaaactaac aggggaagca gttggccagc agagactcga    169800
     gggattttgt gactccaggg ctccatatac agaatcgtca caagttcagg tgcccaaaac    169860
     cctatgaaga cgagagattc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    169920
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa cctgatctca tgttacagaa aagttacaga    169980
     aacccaaagc tcttataaag cattcatcca ataacaggac cctggaccct ctgaaggatc    170040
     taaaagagaa cataaaatgg acagttacac ttcctctgag gtttcctgag ttcacgagta    170100
     atcctctaac cagggatacc agacaatctg ttttacagcc ttccactaga aaatgagtgg    170160
     cctcatctgc tgtgcccatg catagacagg tgaaaagaag ccagcctatg tccactgggt    170220
     gaagaaccta tggattttca ccagttggat gcctgaatgc ctgtaatatc ttccaaacac    170280
     ggtactggag atgccattaa aaagttcaaa gaagatcaca cagtgcctgg ggcatcttct    170340
     gcctactctt ctgctggcca acatggacag gaaatttctc caaacattca aggttcctta    170400
     cacatttccc gatctagcca aggatatctg ggatctccta attctcttca aaatgctcag    170460
     ggtctttcct tatccagcca agaggtaatg gaactatcca aatttttcca atactctatg    170520
     ggacattgaa catctgcaca ggcatctcaa agactactca cttgtgctga cagtaaaatc    170580
     ataatgcctg ctcttccaga aggctttcct aaaggttatc cattacacta catgactctc    170640
     ttctttccaa ttttcttcca aagcattttg gagaagaacc ctctggtcaa gaggacctac    170700
     aacaggagtg taagtcacat aaagggggct ctaaaccttt tcccccaagg gtaatgtcag    170760
     tgatttgtcc caaaagtatc atgtcccaca tcctttccct agcagagttg aaaatgtttg    170820
     ccagctgcca aaacagggca gagagcaaag tcttctctga aagacatcca aagatgtttc    170880
     tctttccccc caaagtgtcc tatgcaatct gttcctacta gagttatttt gagacatgac    170940
     cctcctgacc aagggaattt cagtcattct ccatgaaacc aagaggcctt tcaaagtcct    171000
     ctaccaataa gaaatgtgct cacatcatct atttcagtcc aaagggaaat acatgcaatc    171060
     acaatgtccc aagtgagcct cacacctcta ataaatgctc aaggaaagag aaaaatgtcc    171120
     acacctacac caggagctca aggatatttg ccattccaag aataggatct tggaatggca    171180
     aatatccttg agagttccat acatacataa gacgtggtag aaattctgaa ctctaaagaa    171240
     gagggtcctc agcatccctc caaattcaga aaatttgagc tgccccaaac tttataggag    171300
     actattagat cttccctatc acctcaggag gatc                                171334