EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC144553; SV 2; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 138641 BP.
AC   AC144553;
DT   01-MAY-2003 (Rel. 75, Created)
DT   11-JAN-2004 (Rel. 78, Last updated, Version 4)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-165C16 from chromosome Y, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Sciurognathi; Muroidea;
OC   Muridae; Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-138641
RA   Berghoff A.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-165C16";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-138641
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Sequencing of Mus musculus";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-138641
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (30-APR-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-138641
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (14-MAY-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [5]
RP   1-138641
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (30-MAY-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [6]
RP   1-138641
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (10-JAN-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; a6de3c2eff07a9048dc66841d730e1dc.
DR   ENA-CON; JH584300.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC144553.2:1-138641; mus_musculus.
DR   RFAM; RF01073; GP_knot1.
DR   RFAM; RF01417; RSV_RNA.
CC   On May 30, 2003 this sequence version replaced gi:30231371.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site:
CC       Contact:
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BB0165C16
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   The position of this clone was established as part of a
CC   collaboration between the Mouse Chromosome Y Mapping Project
CC   (Jessica E. Alfoldi, Helen Skaletsky, Steve Rozen, and David C.
CC   Page at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, Cambridge
CC   MA) and the Washington University Genome Sequencing Center, St.
CC   Louis MO.
CC   The RPCI-24 BAC Library has been constructed by Pieter de Jong and
CC   coworkers ( from male C57BL/6J mouse spleen
CC   and/or brain genomic DNA. The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Pieter de Jong and coworkers at
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..138641
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="y"
FT                   /map="Y"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-24"
FT                   /clone="RP24-165C16"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   repeat_region   1..373
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   374..444
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   767..873
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   910..976
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   1809..2019
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   2481..2654
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   3637..3730
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   7331..8167
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   8574..8693
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   8720..8808
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   9581..9789
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   10063..10142
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   10166..10348
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   10618..10729
FT                   /rpt_family="BC1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   11419..11524
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   11780..12838
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   12839..13286
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   14031..15673
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   15682..16663
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   17854..17915
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   17916..17984
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   18883..19002
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   19144..19307
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   19479..19603
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   19660..19786
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   20087..20208
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   20686..21113
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   21980..22268
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   23395..23533
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   23911..24318
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   24638..24788
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   24853..24912
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   26774..27350
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   unsure          26860..26954
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   repeat_region   28904..29068
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   29272..29967
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   30252..30384
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   30295..30470
FT                   /rpt_family="Y-chromosomal"
FT   repeat_region   30407..30544
FT                   /rpt_family="Y-chromosomal"
FT   repeat_region   30525..31040
FT                   /rpt_family="Y-chromosomal"
FT   repeat_region   31252..31393
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   31437..31720
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   31732..31870
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   32410..32562
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   32663..34099
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   34116..34183
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   34180..34261
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   34350..34458
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   37050..37237
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   38053..38239
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   38407..38611
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   39220..39318
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   39666..39813
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   39859..40354
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   41358..41766
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   41768..41842
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   42056..43172
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   44023..44083
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   44084..44470
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   45052..45201
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   45420..45516
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   46913..47539
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   55019..55645
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   56698..56755
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   56919..57294
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   64785..65168
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   66237..66534
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   66810..66932
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   67033..67185
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   67394..67902
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   68000..68141
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   68145..68345
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   68790..68980
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   69370..70770
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   70767..71101
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   71126..71269
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   71269..71816
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   71808..72281
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   72287..73186
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   73214..73485
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   73503..73776
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   73780..74019
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   74020..74908
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   74908..75076
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   75109..75327
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   75328..75443
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   76574..76743
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   81523..81687
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   83016..83445
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   88564..88732
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   94298..94423
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   97741..98114
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   98444..98821
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   98822..99301
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   99299..99691
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   101548..101691
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   101710..101819
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   101984..102058
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   102472..102594
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   103309..105778
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   105838..106581
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   106586..106932
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   106933..107982
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   108326..108646
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   108817..109529
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   110379..110726
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   110754..112655
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   112922..113040
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   113668..113887
FT                   /rpt_family="NICER_RN"
FT   repeat_region   114365..114616
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   114765..115613
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   115622..116262
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   116263..116577
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   116581..116815
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   117185..117380
FT                   /rpt_family="Y-chromosomal"
FT   repeat_region   117428..117759
FT                   /rpt_family="Y-chromosomal"
FT   repeat_region   118306..118662
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   118879..119029
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   119867..119976
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   120099..120226
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   121553..121737
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   122205..122328
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   122461..122585
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   124183..124384
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   125416..125741
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   125778..126154
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   126276..126418
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   126419..126770
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   126771..127006
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   127616..127804
FT                   /rpt_family="Y-chromosomal"
FT   repeat_region   127846..128182
FT                   /rpt_family="Y-chromosomal"
FT   repeat_region   128238..128308
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   128716..129069
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   129097..129218
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   130112..130282
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   130261..130383
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   130356..130569
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   130678..131019
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   131044..131341
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   131650..131800
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   132277..132670
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   133380..133624
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   133618..133927
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   134395..134527
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   134650..134757
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   134944..135822
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   137166..137533
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   137849..137992
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   138385..138571
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
SQ   Sequence 138641 BP; 42015 A; 27405 C; 27648 G; 41573 T; 0 other;
     gatcatgggg tccccagggg agcagttaga ggaagaactg aaggagctga aggggtttgc        60
     aaccttacag gaagaacaac aatatgaacc gagcagacag accagagcac tcagggacta       120
     agccaccaaa caaagagggg cacccatgac tctagcggca tatagagcag aggatggtat       180
     tgtcagacat cagtgggagg agaggtcctt ggtcctgtga aagctccatg ccccagtgta       240
     ggcaaatgcc agggtaggga ggtggagtat gtgggtgagt gaacaggctc atagaaacaa       300
     agcaagtgtc aaatggaata gggatttcct gggattaaac caggaaatgg ctgatatttg       360
     aaatgtaaat aaatacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac       420
     acagatggct ttaactgtgt cttcaggtgg gtttacatct aatcacagga tgatctaaat       480
     ttttcccatt cctgctagtt ttttgataaa ttagagtaaa tgtgtctgca tctcaatctc       540
     caaataaaat catagttgct cttatcacaa ccaagctcct caaccttttt catcacaata       600
     caaatctaag acaaatctta aatataaaat tcttcctggc tggacaaata ttttactgct       660
     acagcaagaa gctctggttt caatcttcag gaatgaaaaa taaaaacccc caaaatttag       720
     atataaaaaa taaagaaggc atgattcctc gggccccatt acatttctga ggctgaggac       780
     ttcaggtaca aggccagtcc aggctgcaat tgaggtttca gacaatcctg agatatagag       840
     ctagaggtta ctttcctaaa ccaaaacaac aaataaataa agacagcctg gtctgaatta       900
     tgtctgaatt cccagcactt ctgaggctga gagaagcctc tagtatttga ggcagtttgg       960
     aacctatata tagaaatttc ggcaatgtgg cattttcaca acacgttaaa atgtagactg      1020
     gtcttcagtt tctttttaat aaattcctgg tgggaagcag ttgcacagaa gagggttttg      1080
     tctgtttcat ccactaagtg aagtccagtt tactcacacc tcacatcccc tgtccccaag      1140
     aatactttca gggtctccat ttccttggcc ttcctgattt ctgctaggag ctagtctgtt      1200
     caaactcttg cacttacagt gaagttctca gtttttctca gcagaggcct aagtgggaaa      1260
     ggtcgattgt gaacctggaa gtagcaactt cctgagtcca gtgagggtca cctaatctca      1320
     ttactcctga agaaacacct ccaaaactcc accttcatcc ccacccagac ccctagctga      1380
     accaggatta accaacagac aattgactac ctccactgag acttcatcct accatgattc      1440
     ctcaagaatt ttgcttcctc aagaactctt tgtagccacc atactgggta acagggtttg      1500
     aacagcagga aaataatctc agccaagccc attgctgatt ggctgtgttt gcacatgagt      1560
     actaagggta agagaggctc tttcagtcat ctgtgattaa agcttcaaaa agcgggtagt      1620
     attttaactt ccactactac ccagaggctt tccattttct aagtttgcaa ttctaacttg      1680
     aaagttaaaa taaaatgaac tccaaagacg actctcctac tttgtttcag atgaagggac      1740
     tgttctgtgt aactctaaat tgtttttttt tgtttgtttg tttgttttgt ttttttgttt      1800
     cttttttttt tgtttttttt ttttaaacta aagtgttttt gcatgtttgt atttatataa      1860
     catgtatgac tagttcccct agaaactaga ataggatgcc aaaatccctg gatctagaat      1920
     taaaaatgat tttgagaatt atgtgggttc caggaactaa accttggttc tgtacaaaag      1980
     caacaagtgt tcttaatttc taagccatct ttccattcct atcctgtgtg tgttttaagg      2040
     tgtgctggac catttctcac gatagatgtt taattttact atataatgga gagtataaaa      2100
     aatgactttg ttaatgttgt ctatttccag aaacagaaaa acaaacaaac aaacaaacaa      2160
     aacagcaaca aaaaaaacat aattttaatg gattgtgtaa atcataaata gtttcaggat      2220
     aaaaatggag tgtatacatt tcagtatatg ggtgcataag gaggccagat atagacatct      2280
     gttttattct caattatatt ccaaatttct ttttcatttt cagttttttt tttcaagtca      2340
     gtgtttatct gtatagctct ggttaaccag gaactcaccc tgtataccag ggtggcatca      2400
     aaatcaaaaa tctccctgcc tctgcctccc aacgtctggg attaaggcat gtgccaccac      2460
     tgactgaccc aacttaaaac ttgagatagg ttctctctga atatgcagct aaccaatgcc      2520
     actacctcgg ctagccagca agctgtctcc acctactcag cactggttgg cagcctgcat      2580
     tttagaagtg gattctaggc ccccactttt attttcaaga aaaacatttt actaaaacag      2640
     ccatctctct agccactctt caaggtttgt tctgttgcta tagacactgc aattttttgt      2700
     ttgtttgttt tttgtttgtt tggtttcttt ttctatttct ctaatcatgg ctaagtttag      2760
     gctcctaaaa tgcttagtgg tggttttgct tgtttcctta caacagcaaa ttggttttct      2820
     tgctcacttt acaatttgca gctaatttgg cacactggac gaactgacat ttcatttact      2880
     agtcttattg ctgtgttttg tttctttggt gctttttttt tttttttttt tttttttaat      2940
     ttgctgggtt tgtttttttt ttgctggttt tctgtttttg tttttgtttt caccactgaa      3000
     gatgaaattt ataactttta atggtgcttt accactgagc tacatcttta gttaatcttt      3060
     agttttgaat gttggatgag aagttatctg tgtgtatttt ttaacgaaaa ctataatttc      3120
     tgtgaagcct acaattatcc ccctatgcta taggttctat agagatctgt ttccctcgtt      3180
     tggcctcttc aagaaacagg gaaatatttc taaaacacat acctccagat ttatccaaca      3240
     tactgcctac ttcatgtctg tgaagacaga acaataaaaa attaaagcaa aaatatagta      3300
     gactggtagg ccattttttt ttaccacaca caaaacttta cacagaacct tctttaattt      3360
     tttataataa atatataatg tttggtttgg aacaaatgtc atatgcatat aaaatatatg      3420
     gtggactacc aaattgaact tgaattattt acttttaaca attcatacgt ttacacccca      3480
     caaggagttt attcataact ctcccacaat tgccaagacc cttttttccc ccagatagtc      3540
     ccctacttat ttttatgatg tttctccttt tctttgagtg tgtcaaagat cacatgcagg      3600
     tggtcctatt gtatgagttc ctatgtgttt gtgatcacaa agtctaaagg atcccaagct      3660
     gggcttgaac ttaacatata tcagcatctg acattgaaat gctgatcttc ctgaatctag      3720
     ttttccagtg aaggtaacac aaacactact tttgaagtac tttattgaac tggcaaaaaa      3780
     aaaagaaaga aaaaaaaaga gaaaaaaaga aaaagaattg aaaatattac cccatgtctt      3840
     catctccttt tacttgaggc gatatatttt catctttacc aattgctggg ttatttactg      3900
     tattgacaat agaaaatgta aacatttgaa agtatgcaat attagtaata gttaataaag      3960
     tactatcaat ttgaatttct ttggaaaaac tgcccatttt gagtttttga aacagatttt      4020
     aaaaattaat taaaattaag tacatccagg aaatctagga cacaaggaga agaaaaaaca      4080
     taaggataac aggtatagat gagaagtaag atttccaaat tatagggcca gtgaatatct      4140
     tcaacaaaac tataaaagaa acctttccta acctaatgaa agagatgtcc atgaacatac      4200
     aagaagcatg cagaactcca aatagtttgg accagaaaaa caacaacaaa aacaaaaatc      4260
     cctgccatca tatattaatc aaagcaccaa atgaacaaaa caaagaaaga atattacaag      4320
     cagtaaggta aaatggtcaa gtaacatata caggaattcc tatcagaatt acacctaact      4380
     tctccccaga gactatgaaa gccataagat ccacggtaga tatcatacag acactaagag      4440
     agcagaaata agagccaaag ctataatatg cagtaaaact attttaccat agattgagaa      4500
     aacaaggtat tccgtgaaaa aacaatattt acacaatatc tttgaacaaa ccaaaccctt      4560
     caagggataa taaagggaaa actccaatat aaggagggaa atcacatgct agcaaaagca      4620
     agatattaat cttgaagtaa acctaaaaga agatagctac atgaacaaaa ttccaacaaa      4680
     aataacagga agaaacaaag actttgtctt agtatctctt aatatcacca tattctattc      4740
     accaattaga aagaaataga caaacagact ggatgtgtaa gcaagaccca gcataccaga      4800
     aacaaacctc agggacaaag acagatattt cctcacagta aaaggctgga aaacaatttt      4860
     ctaagcaaat gttccaaaga aacaaatttg gagtagccat tctaatatca aataaatttg      4920
     actttcaacc caatgttatc aaaaaagaca aggagtggca cttcatattc atcaaagtta      4980
     aaatttacca agatgaattt tcaattctaa acatttatag tccaaatgca atggcatcca      5040
     tattcatata agaaacttta gtacagctca aaatgcacat tgcaccacac acaataatag      5100
     cagaagactt caacaaccct cctcatcaat ggaaagatcc tggaaagaaa aattaaaaaa      5160
     agacacagtt aaactaacag aagttatgaa acaaatacat tagttgatat ctatagaaca      5220
     ttttatttta gaacaaaaat tgtccattct gctcagcacc tcatgacgcc ttctccaaaa      5280
     ttaacaatat aatcagtcac aaaacatgcc tcaacagata taaaaatatc caaataatct      5340
     catacatcct atctaatcac caaggactaa ggctgatctg aaataataat ataaataatt      5400
     gaaaacccat gtacacgtag aaggtgaaca aaaatccagt cagtgataaa tcaggtaggg      5460
     aagaaataaa aaaaataaat aaataaatgt aagacttttt agagtttaaa aaaaaatgaa      5520
     gttactacat accgaaagtt gtggaacaca actaaagcag tgttaaaggg aatctcatag      5580
     ctctgaatgc ctctaaatag aaactggaga gaagatacag tagtaggttg acagcacacc      5640
     taaaacccct tgaataacag gaaggaaatt cacccaagag gagttgaagg caggaactaa      5700
     tcacactcag ggctgaaatc aaacaagtgg aaacaaagga actataacat aaaatcaaac      5760
     aaactaggag ctggaccttt gagaaagtca acaagataga taaaacataa gccagactaa      5820
     ttacagggca cagggaaaat atcaacatta acaaaaccag taatgaaaag ggagacataa      5880
     caacagatac ttagtaaatc caaaaaaatc atcagatcct actatataag cctgtaactt      5940
     agaaaagtgg aaaatctgga tgaattggac aattatctag acagatgtca ggtactaaat      6000
     ttcaatcagg ttgagataaa ccctgtaaac tctcccataa tccccaaaga aatagaagca      6060
     gtcattaaga gctcccccct caaaaaaaaa aaaaagcccc gtatctgatg ggtttagtac      6120
     agatttctat caggctttca atgaaacacc aataccaaca atcttcaatc tattatgcaa      6180
     aaacaaaaga aaatgaacac tacttaattt gttctatgaa gccacattta ctcttatacc      6240
     caaaccatac aaaaacccaa tgaagacagg atacttcaga ccaatttaac ttataaatat      6300
     tgatgcaaaa atactcaata acatcctgtt aaacacaatc caagaacaca tcaaaatgat      6360
     cattcttcat gatcaagcgg cttcatccca gggatacagg aatggttcaa tatatgggaa      6420
     tccatcaatg taatccaata tgtaaagaat ctcaaggaaa aaaaacacag tattatctca      6480
     ttagacgctg aggaatcatt taaaaaaaat caacacacct tcatgatgaa gtcttggata      6540
     gattcagaaa gcaaggccca taactaaaca tagtagcaaa ccaggatcca acatcaaaat      6600
     aaatggagag aaactcgatg caatcccact aatatatgac aaggcttccc actctctccc      6660
     tacctattca ctatagtact agaagttcta gccagattaa atagacaaca aaaagaggtc      6720
     aaaaagttaa aaattggaaa agaacaaatg aaaatatcac tattaatagg taataagata      6780
     gtatatttag tgacccccaa aaaatcctct aaagaaccct taagcctgag aaacaacttt      6840
     agcaaagtga ttggatatac aattaactca tatagatcag tagccttcct ctactcaaag      6900
     gataaacagg ctgaaaagga agttatggaa gcaacactct tcacaatagt ctcatatttt      6960
     aataacttgg tgtgacacga aaaaagcaag tcaaagttct gtaggacaag aacttcatgt      7020
     ctctgaagat agaattgaaa ttctcagaag atggaaagat ctcccatggc catagattgg      7080
     tgtcccaaat aatttagtaa aaatgtctat cttgccataa gtaagctctg attccatgcc      7140
     ctctccatca atattcaaac ttaattcttt ataaagatag aaagagcaat atgcaaaatc      7200
     atttagaata acgaaaatcc aggatattgt aaaactattc acaacattaa aagaacttca      7260
     gggggaatca tccctgacct caagctgtat tatagagaaa tagtgataaa aatgtatagt      7320
     gaccataaag aaaaaatgac ttcaggaagt tcacacgcaa acggataggt ctaaagtata      7380
     tcatcctgta tgaggtaaca caatcccaaa ggaaaaaata tggtatgcac tcactgataa      7440
     gtggatatta tcctaaaagt tcagaatacc caaaatgtaa ttcacagacc acataaacct      7500
     taagaaggaa gaaaaaagtg tgcatgtttc cgtccttctc agaatgggga acaaaatact      7560
     actgggagga aatatggaga caaagtgcag gccagagact gaaggaacga ccattcagaa      7620
     tctgccccac ctgtggatcc atcccgtata taaacaccag accctgtcac tattgtggat      7680
     accaacaaat gattgctgaa aggagcctaa taaggctgtg cccttagggg ctctgccaga      7740
     ggttggcaaa aacagaggct catgctcaca gccaacaatc agactgatta tggggtccac      7800
     agtggaggag ttagaggaag gactgaagga gctgaagggg tttgtaatct tacaggaaga      7860
     acaataatat gaaccaagca gaccgccccc ctccccccag agcactcagg gacgaagcca      7920
     gcaaacaaag agggggacca tggctccagc taaatacata gcagaggatg tccttgtcaa      7980
     acatcagtga gaggagaggt ccttggtcat gtgaagtttg gtgtcccagt gtaggcaaat      8040
     accagagcag ggacatgggt gttggtgggt gggggaacat gctcatagaa gcagagggag      8100
     ggtggaatgg taaagggaat ttctggggtg aaaccaggaa atgactaata tttgaaatgt      8160
     aaataaacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacct aatatgatgg      8220
     ctttaactgt gacttcaagt gggtttatat gcaatcacag gatgatctaa attttggtcc      8280
     cattgttgct agggttttga taaattagag ttaatgtgtt tgcatctcaa tctccaaatg      8340
     aaatcatggt tgcttttatc ataaccaagc tcctcaattt ttttcatcat aatacaaatc      8400
     taaagcagat ctaaaatata aagtttttct ggctggacaa atattttact gctacagcaa      8460
     gaagctctgg tttcaatctt caacaaggaa aaaaggaata aaaaacaaac aaacaaacaa      8520
     acaaacaaac aaaaatttaa atataaaaaa taaagaacac atatttcctc aggcccaggt      8580
     acatttgtaa ggctggggac ttcagtttca aggccagtca aagctgcagg tgaggtttca      8640
     gacaatcctg agatatagag ttagagctta ctgtcctaaa ccaaaacaac aaataaataa      8700
     caacaacctg gcctgaatta tgtctgaagt cccagcactt ctgaggctga gaggagcctc      8760
     tgtattttga ggcaattgga gcctatacat agaaatttcg ggaatctgcc attttaacaa      8820
     caggtagagg taaatgaaga ctggttttca gttcgttttt aatgaattcc tggcaggcag      8880
     cagcagctaa aagaaggttt tagtctgttg gctccactaa ctgacttcca atttactcac      8940
     tcctcacctc cccaagcccc aagaagactt ccagggtctc caattccctg gccttcctgc      9000
     tttctgttag aagataattc tgttcaaacc cctgccctta gcgaagttct ctgtttttct      9060
     cagcagagaa ctaagtggga aaagttgatt gtgagcctgg aagcagtacc ttcctgagtc      9120
     cagtgagggt cacctcctct ccttactcct aaagtaacac ctccacccct ccaccttctt      9180
     ccccacacag gcccccagct caaacagtat taatcatctt tcaacagaca attgactacc      9240
     tctactgaga cttctcccta ccatgcttcc acaagaactc ggcttgatga ctaccacaaa      9300
     gcatactggg taacagggtt tggatagcgg gaaaacaatc tcagccaagg cccttgctga      9360
     ttggcagtgt ttgcacatgt gtactaaggg tgagaaaggc tcaatcagtc gtctgtcatt      9420
     gaagagcaaa aaggaggtag tattttagct gccactacta cccagaggct ttccattttc      9480
     caagtttaca atactaactt gaaagctaaa ataaaacgga ccccaaacaa gactctccta      9540
     ctttgtttca gatgaaggtg ctgttgtttg taattttcaa ttgttttatt tatttaagta      9600
     atttgttttt gcatgtttgt gtttataaac atgcatgtgt ggtgcacata gaaactagaa      9660
     gagaattcca aaacccatgg atatagaatt aaaaatggtt ttgagccatt gtgtgggtcc      9720
     taggaactaa aacttggttc tgtccaagaa caacaagtgc tcttaatttc taagccatct      9780
     ttccatccct gtcctttgtg tcttttaagg tgtgctgatc atttttcttg aaagatgttt      9840
     ctttgtacta tacagtggag attacaaaat tataacactt tcttaatatt gacaatttgc      9900
     tcatagagaa aaaacaaaaa gacaaaaacc atcattttaa tggattgtgt aaatcagata      9960
     aagagtattg taaaaaactg atgtatatac attccagtat aagtatgcat aagagggcga     10020
     caaatagaca tttgctgcat tctcaatcac attccaactt cctttttttt tttttcaagg     10080
     cagggttgta gtcctggacc tcaccctggt taccaactgc tgggattatg gcatgaacca     10140
     cctctgactg cccaaattta aaacatgaga caggttctct ctgaatctgc agctcaccaa     10200
     tgccactagc ctggctagcc agcaagctgt ctccaactac ttttcactgg gttgcagcct     10260
     gcatttttaa agccgattta agaccccctc cttaatttat atactttcaa ataaagcaca     10320
     ttaccaaaac agccatctct ctagcccctc tgagaggttt gttctcttgt ggtagccact     10380
     gtatattttt ttttattctc taatcatgcc taagtttagg ctcctaaaat gcttattgct     10440
     ggttttgctt gtttccttac aagagcaaac tgggtttctt gctcatttta caatttgcag     10500
     ttaatttggc aaactggaca acctaacatt tcatttgcaa gacttataac tgtgttttgc     10560
     ttgtttggta ggatttttgt taatttggtg catttgttgg tttctttggg gtttttattg     10620
     ttattgtttt gttttgtttc tttgtttgtt tttgtttgtt tatttttgcc actgaagatg     10680
     aaactcatca cttttaaatg gtgatttacc actgagctac atcttcagct aatcttgcat     10740
     tctgaatgtt tgctgagaag ttatctcata tgtgttttaa aggaaactac aattactgtg     10800
     aacccaaaat tatccccttt tgctatacag tctagaaatc tgatgccctc ttctgacctc     10860
     tttaaaaaac aggcaaatac ctccaaaaac acataccttc agatttatcc aacatactgt     10920
     ctacttcatc tctgtgaaga aaggaaaata aaaaaattaa tgcaagaaat atagtggact     10980
     ggtaggcatt tttcttaccc acacaaaact ttaaaaagaa ctttctttta attatttata     11040
     ataaatatat aatgtttggt taagaacaaa tgtcatatat atatatatat acatatatat     11100
     acatatgtat atgtatgtgt agatatatat attatatatg tatgtatgta tgtatatata     11160
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatgtata tattacatgg tggagtatca aagtgatctt     11220
     gtatccttta cttttaccaa ttcatacatt tacacccaca gtagtttatt cattactctc     11280
     ccactcttgc tgagaccctt gttcttgcca gatggtcccc ctcttatttt catgattttt     11340
     ctccttttct ttgtgtgtat atcttggaag atctcaggca ggtggtcata ttatactagt     11400
     tgctatgtgt ttgttatcac aaggtctgaa ggacctcaag ctaggcttga actcaacata     11460
     tagcagtgtc tgatttgtat tgctatcttc ctgaatctac ttctccagtg aaggtaatac     11520
     aaacactact tatgaagtaa tctattgagc tggcaaaaaa tattgaaaat gttaccccat     11580
     atcttcatct gcttctgctt gaggcgatat attctcattt ttatcaaatg ctgggctctt     11640
     tactgtatta acaatagaaa acagaaacat ttgaaaggat tctatataag taatagttaa     11700
     taaagtacta tcgatttgaa tttatctgga aaaactctcc atgtaaattt ttggaagaga     11760
     ttttagaaag gaaatattta caccgagaaa atccaggaca caaggagatg acaaaactta     11820
     aggataatag gtatcaatga caagtaagtt tttcaaattt agggacagtg aatatattca     11880
     acaaaattat agaagaaaac ttccctaacc taaagaaaga gttgcctatg aatatacaag     11940
     tagcctacaa aactccaaat agtttggacc acaagagaaa tttcttccat catatagaaa     12000
     tcaaaactcc aaatgcataa taaaaaaaaa agaaaagaaa aagaagaata ttaaaagcac     12060
     taagggaaaa tggtcaagtg acttataaag gaaatcctat caaaactata cctaacttat     12120
     ccccagagat tatgaaagcc ataatatcca gggcagatgt catacagacc ctaagggaaa     12180
     agaaatgcca gacaaggcta ctagatgcat caaaaaattt tacaatagat tgagaaaaca     12240
     aggtattctg tgaaaaaaaa aaaacgatat ctacacaata tgctcgaaca aatccagccc     12300
     atcaagtggg taataatggg aaaactccaa tataaggagg gaaattacac tctagaaaaa     12360
     ccaagaaatt gatcttgaag caaacctaaa agaagaaagc tacatgaatc acattccaac     12420
     tctaacaaca aaaataacag gaagcaacaa ctacttttcc ttaatatctc ataatatcag     12480
     cggacacaat tcaccaataa aaaaaaacat agaataacag acaggatgtt taagcaagac     12540
     caagcatact agaaacaaat ctcagggaca aatacagata ttaccttaga gtaaaaggct     12600
     ggaaaacaat tatccaagga aatgttacaa agaaacaagt tggagtagcc attctaatat     12660
     caaataaatt cgactttcaa cccaaagtta tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaagagg agggacactt     12720
     catattcatc aatgttaaaa tttgccaaaa tgaattccca attctgaaca tttatacgcc     12780
     aaatgcaatg tcatccacac tcataaaaga aactttagta aagctcaaaa acacacatga     12840
     atagagcatt aaaagaaacc ttgactaaat tggttttaga gacctgcaga aaagattatg     12900
     cagctctttt tcccttcacc ttgttctgag tatggaacac cacagggaaa tttaaactta     12960
     caccattcga actcctcaac tggggacccc ccccctttaa cagaagcagg tggaatgttt     13020
     gaccctcatg tttctttttc agaactccca ctagctcact tgaaggacct acaactggtc     13080
     agaaaagatg ccttggaaat gttgaaacac aataaaaaac ttaaacaaaa acaaaaaaac     13140
     aaaaaacata cgaaccagaa accatcttgg tgccacataa atttcaaaca ggagtacctg     13200
     tcctggtctg gtgccaccat tctggcaaac ttgaactcag atcaaaagga ctttccctga     13260
     tgattctcac aagccctgct gccacacctc cagtatgtgc ccagttctgg catccagcct     13320
     gccatggccc actggcctgg cactgctcac acacagtggg cactgcacag gaacctccct     13380
     ccctccctcc tcccaatggc aagaggctct tttgtctcat tcaatgggct tctgaggttc     13440
     tcaatcttac atatcctaaa gctgtgacct catgttggct ttgtttggca gctgggtcag     13500
     aggtttaatt ttctaactta taagatcaga actatgtact agaaggagtg ggaaatgtga     13560
     gaccacaaca tagagcgttt ctccctggaa ggtaaagcac ctggacattc tccaagattg     13620
     ttttccctga tttataaaaa tacagccaga aagagactct atgttctcta cagccaccaa     13680
     aaatcctttt ggtttctgag ccttacagct agagattcaa aattggagtt ttgacaagga     13740
     catctgggca gagaagaaca ctcctcccat ctcttcccaa ctcctccaaa ctctcctccc     13800
     aactcatccc aattcctcag ctagctatta aaaaccttct tctgtcacat ctcagagtca     13860
     tacgcccctg ccctgcacag tggaaggagt ttgtccttag ctagctgata ataaaaactc     13920
     ttgcagtttg catcaggtat cgatttctct caagtcattg gggtgctggc cagctcatcc     13980
     cgggacttta ctggacttga gaggaggtcc atcttcgggg tcttacacat ggagacctaa     14040
     gaccaaaatt cttcaaacta atatgcaaaa tcaaaagaga aggaacacta ttgaatttgt     14100
     tctatgaagc cagattacaa ttatattcaa accatacaaa aacacaatga agaaaggaaa     14160
     cttcagacca ttttccctta tgaatttcga agcaaaaata ctcaataaaa tcactgcaaa     14220
     ccaaataaaa gaatacatca aaacgatcat ccatcatggt caagtagact tcatccctgt     14280
     aatgcaggga tggtttaata tatggaaatt tgtcaactta atccactata gaaacaaact     14340
     caaagacgaa aacaacatga tcacctcatt agatgctgag aaagcatttg acaaaacaca     14400
     acacccattc ataataaaag tccaggaaag gtcaggaatt caaggcccat atctaaacat     14460
     aaaaaaaaaa aatacaatag acagcaaacg agtaggaaac attaaactaa atgaaacaat     14520
     ctcattaaaa tcagggacta gacaaggctg cccactttct tcatacctat tgaatatagt     14580
     agttgaagtc ctaaccagag caattagaca acaaaaggaa aacaaatgaa tacaaattgg     14640
     aaaggaagaa gtcaaaatat cactatttcc agaatatatg atagcatgta tcagtgaccc     14700
     aaaaatgcac cagagaaatc gtaaccatat atatgacttc agtgcagtag gtgaatataa     14760
     aattaactca aacatatcag tggcctttct ctactcaaag gaaaaagagg atgagaaaga     14820
     aatttgggaa aactcaccct tcacaatact cacaaataat ataaaatagc ttggtgtgac     14880
     tctaaattag aaagtgaaag atatatatga taaaaacttc atgtctctga agaaagaaat     14940
     gaaacaagat ctcagaacat ggaaagaact cccatgctca tggattggaa ggattaatat     15000
     agtaaaaatg gctgttctgc caaaagtagt ttatagattc aatataatcc ccatcaaaat     15060
     tccaactcaa ttctttactg agttagaaag ggcaatttac aaattctcct ggaatttgaa     15120
     aaaaacaaac aagcaacaac aacaacaaca acaaaaaacc aacaacaaca acaacaacaa     15180
     aaaacaaaaa cctggtatag gaaaaactat tcccaacaat aaaagaacct cttgtggaat     15240
     caccatgcct gacctcaaag tgcactacaa agcaattgtg ataaacacta catggtacag     15300
     gtatagtggt agacaggtag ataaatgaaa tagaactgaa gtcagagaaa taaaccttta     15360
     gtcacttgat ctttgacaaa ggagctaaaa ccatctagtg gaaaggagac agcattttca     15420
     acaaatggtg ttggttcaat tggcagttag catgtaggag aatgtaaatt gatctattct     15480
     catcccctgt gcaatgctca agtctaagtc gatcaaggga ctgcacataa aaccagagac     15540
     actgaaactt atagaggaga aagtggggaa tagcctggaa tacatgggca aaggggggat     15600
     attcttgaaa aaaaatacta ccaatgtctt gtgctataag attaaaaatg gacaaatggg     15660
     acctcataaa actgataagg ttatacccag aagttcaaac ttgtaataag gaaacatgct     15720
     tcactttgtc catagcagcc ttttgtataa taacaagaag ctgaaatgaa cccagatgac     15780
     tctctttaga ggaatgtata tagaaaatat ggcacattta cttaatgaat tactacacag     15840
     ctattaaaaa caatgaattc atgaaatttt tatacaaatg gatggatctg gatgatatct     15900
     tcctaagaga gttaacccaa tcacaaaaaa cacacatgat attcacacat tgatgagtgg     15960
     atattatccc tgaagctcag aataaccaag gtaaaatgtg caaaacccat gaaactgaag     16020
     aaggaagacc aaagtgtgga tatgccgttc cttcttagaa tggggaacca aataatcatg     16080
     gagggagtta cagagacaaa gattggagct gagaataaaa gaatacagag actgcctcac     16140
     ttggggatcc atcccatata caaccaccaa atctactgaa gatgccaaca agggattggg     16200
     tgcaggagaa tgatatagtt gtctcctgag aggatctgct aatgcctgac aaataaaaaa     16260
     gtggatgttc acagacatcc tttggactta gcacagggtc cccaattatg gagctggaga     16320
     aaatacctaa ggagcttaag gagtttgcag gcccctagaa gaaaaaacaa catgaactaa     16380
     caagtacccc acaattccat gggattaaac caccaatcaa tgaaaacaaa taatgggata     16440
     tatgattcca gcttcttatg tagcagagga tggactagtc aggcatcaat gggaggagag     16500
     acacttgttc ctgtaaagat cctatgcccc agtatggggg aatacctggg ttaggaattg     16560
     gtagatgatg tgttggggag atgggggaga ggggagagga caggagattt tttggagtgg     16620
     aaactagaaa cggggataat atttgaaatg taaataagga aaagttataa tagaaaaaga     16680
     aaggaaataa tttatttgca agttttatga aataaattca tgtttggcaa acatattata     16740
     cgaacaatgt tcatgtcttt tcttgaggtg aaattaagaa agttcttctc tctcaacata     16800
     tgctgatata gttccaagag taggtttatg tgctgcaaaa ccttgtatat aggaatagag     16860
     agatataggt aaaattagaa atgaagtata tgtaaactct taacaaagac ttcttccatt     16920
     tcaggtgact aggtaaagtc taatgaactg caggacacaa ttaatactgg aaatgcgata     16980
     ccttccgaaa gagcctcctc tgaaactttt atgtcatcgt cctcatcatc aaagtccaaa     17040
     agtaataagt aaccttcctt tggtatcacc ttcaatttct taagagccat tcttctcata     17100
     agaactcagt agtcttctta gtttaaaaaa aaaaaacaat aaaaataaaa aggaaaaaaa     17160
     aagaacttag ttacctgatt aaaaattatc atttaaataa ttaaaaataa caaaaaatca     17220
     aataattatt ttagctcaat gaaagatcat ttcttttttt acttaacatg tatattttta     17280
     atcaattgcc tttatcagag agttctgtgt acatattcaa tatggtgatg catatatata     17340
     tacacttacc cgtaccattt cctccgtgta tcccatttat catgtccctc tccctcacaa     17400
     cttgttttaa aaacttcttt aactcacttc tttaaaaacc tcctttagaa cctaaattat     17460
     tagtctgcca tttctcagtt taaaaagaga caaaaactgg ccaaccttca acatatgagt     17520
     cctcccctcc tcccaaaaaa cgatgagcaa catcctttaa cctttgaggt atctgaattt     17580
     tggtcctatc tcccacagaa tatttttaaa caaaacatca gcaattctgt ttaccagttt     17640
     atctcagtct aacgtaaact cacagttcta tccagaaaga taaagaacat ggtaactgta     17700
     tattcatatc aaaaagatcc accactaagt ctacaaaaaa acatgaacta ccaccaccac     17760
     ccacacagaa agaccttata ttggagaaat tagggatttg gggaagccga ggatttcaaa     17820
     catctgaaga ttgtaagttc aaggccaggc caagccgggc cagctgaaac tacaaagata     17880
     gatcccatcc tacagaaact aaactgagag aaaaagctga acttggtggt gcaagtcttt     17940
     aatcccaata catgggagac tgagacagaa agatctgtgg tcagaatcca tccccaatga     18000
     cttatgaatc tcttacaatt atctcctctt cttcttttca ttcatcttcc tatgccattc     18060
     tactgtctgc aatgttcata cagtctatac taaaggaaca caccatagag aagacaatga     18120
     ggagggagga atcctcagtg tgtttctaag ggatcctgaa tatcacacag gacaatcgcc     18180
     aaggcatctc accaatggct ccctgttccc tgacccacag tcctgcagct ggttctctga     18240
     tcctatcccc aggccccaag cttttctctt ccaagggttc ccaattctct atggccctga     18300
     cctgttcgat cctcttccat gaatatggtc ctccaccttc cattcaccct cagattccac     18360
     agaaaatggc gatcaggagg cttttcctca catagtgggc tcctgggcct gagattcccc     18420
     accctgtcac acctcgatta actgtccaac aaccctgatc agggcagact atcacttaca     18480
     gctcatctaa gaggagaaca ccttccaaac cgcacccttc tgtgcttagc tcctcaatgg     18540
     caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaccgt tgtcaggggc cacacccaga cagaagactc     18600
     agaggatcct ttgtgatgcc agctggagca aataggtctc accaaaggac tgtgctgatt     18660
     ggctgaatac accctgcgca tgcgttcacg gaataccaag tactttgaag ggagatttta     18720
     gaaggtggga gtaatctact ggctttaaga caaatgattt ccagtttgtt ggttgacaag     18780
     tgcttacaaa cttgaaaatc cagaacaaat atgtaacata tgaaatacag caaatggctc     18840
     tacttaattt cagctgtaga ggctcttgta agcatttttg gttttttatt tatttatgtg     18900
     cataaacatt taataatgtg gacttctgca tgtacacacg cacaccagaa gagtctatgc     18960
     tgccctaaga gttcagaagg gaacatgcag atttcctaca acccctggta ctctcctttc     19020
     tctactttcc tagtcctcag cttgatagaa gagtgtgcta ggcagtgcag gccctctctc     19080
     tctcacttat gtgcttggcc actcaggccc actctctcac ttaggagtta ggctgggcag     19140
     gtcctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     19200
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctt aggtgctagg cttcacatgt     19260
     cctctctctc tcttatgtgc tagactgccc agggcccttc tctctcttat gtgctaggct     19320
     tcccaggacc tccctctcac ttagatgtta gtccttgcag gccctctttt tcacttatgt     19380
     gctaggctgg gcagggcctc tctctcactt atatgctggg ctgcccaggt cccctctctc     19440
     acttatgtgc taggctgagc agcccctctc tctcacttat gcctctgttg cctacggacg     19500
     ctgcaagaga gcactgtttc tctgaaactg tgattgtgca tatgttatga gccacaatgt     19560
     gggtgctttg tgcctggtcc tctgcataga ataggtgctt ttattattat tattattatt     19620
     attattatta ttattattat tattattatt attattaaat ttcaagacag ggtttttcag     19680
     tgtagcactg tctgtcctgg aacttacacc aggctgattt tgaactcaaa aatccttgtc     19740
     ctctgcctca caagtgctgt gattgaaggc atgaaccaac actgcctaac caaaagttgc     19800
     ccttaacagc tagtttttcc attttttcaa ctagtctagt gtgtatttca tgtacccaag     19860
     agcattccgc ccattaactt gcagtgtttt cctacttgtg cattagattt ccaaggctgg     19920
     tttggtggaa agaaatgaaa ggaagtagtt agacacttta ataataataa taataataat     19980
     aataataata ataataataa taataataat agaaacattt taatgtgttt aagtctatca     20040
     tttttaaaat gtatgagtcc tctttttatg ggttcacctt catgaaagaa ggggtcatca     20100
     gatcacttag tatatggtag taagccacca tgttgttgct gggaattgaa ctcaggaact     20160
     gtaaaataat agccggttct cataactgct gagcaatccc accagttcta gaaatatatt     20220
     ttgatttaat ttttattgca ttatgataag aaaatataca taatttcaat ttatctgaat     20280
     ttgttaacat ctaaaaacat attttgagta aacagactta catcacattc ttctttttat     20340
     tttgtacccc aactcttcca gctgatgccc actcaaaacc tatcaacctt ccatttttta     20400
     tcatgttcct taatatttat aaaatattgt aacaataaaa atgaatatta aaaatgttgt     20460
     ttgatagaaa caacaatcaa tttatatatt tgtctgcagc aatactgaaa attctttttt     20520
     ctcataaatt ttaaataact gcaaatatat taattgtatg atatattaaa ataatatatc     20580
     actattagtt tttttggtga acataaatag tcttttggtt tgtttgttgt ttgtttgttt     20640
     gtttgtttgt tgtgttttta ggagatctta aaattcttga cttacagatt atgctaacag     20700
     gaccctgaag ttgtcttgtg tgaggatagt ccagtgactg gcaaatacag aagtggatgc     20760
     tcacaatcat ctattggatg gaacacagga ctcccaatgg aggagctaga gaaagtaccc     20820
     aaggaactga gatggtttga aaccctaaat aagaacaaca atattaacta accagtacct     20880
     ccagagctca tgtctctagt tgaatgtgta gcaggagatg gcctggtagg ccatctgtgg     20940
     ggagagaggc ctatggtttt gtgaaggtta tatgcctcag ctcagggtac tgctagggaa     21000
     tgtaggtggg agtaggtatg ttggggatca aggagaggta aggggggagg cgggagggga     21060
     cttttggaat gtaaacgaag aaagtatata ataattgtaa aattaaaaaa aaatcttggc     21120
     ttactgtgat acaaaaaaaa aaagaaaaga aaaaaagaag aacaatttat ggacactgga     21180
     tttcattgta ataaggctgt acttgaatgt ccctcacatc accaaagtat tttacctcca     21240
     tagtactaag ggtagagttg atatatctgc tgtggcaagg aatgaactgt aggcatgatt     21300
     tttggatact aatttcctgc tatgttcaaa gctatttgat ttgagtgatt gttgtcattc     21360
     tcaggccaca tgtaacaggg tacattcact tatggaatgg gtgtttatta agatggtcta     21420
     tccatgaagt cattgatcaa ctgtttcaat gaagaatttt ctgcttggag agtgtcacag     21480
     aagttagttg atgatagaat tcagttttat tggatgtgat gttttatcaa aagcattcac     21540
     cttagaataa tagtaactta taaagtcctc ttcagaattt atacaataat aataaatatc     21600
     aagcaaagcc tttagtctca ctctttgctg ttctcttata agccacctcc caaattaatt     21660
     gtctacattt attttggttt ataaagagtt ttgaaaaatt taagctgttc tgaaaaccat     21720
     agtatagtgt aaaaatatca aataaacaat cctactaata cagaggctga gataggggaa     21780
     ccatgttttc aagaccatta tgtggcacac agcaatacag tgttatgtat aaacaagaag     21840
     aaagaatata tggattatac aatattggac ttattaatcc tatttacgaa attaggaaca     21900
     acataatgaa aaacggacaa tttctaattc ctcatatttt tgaatttcat tcaattaggt     21960
     tatgatggta atattaattt tcatattaat agatattaag gtaaagtgat tgttactttc     22020
     tattagtttt attcttagag gtggaagcat gtttttgtgg atttgttgta agattacttt     22080
     cttgtttctt ctatggtgta gtttcactcc ttgtgttgtt gtattccacc tattattctt     22140
     tgtagggctg gatttaagga aagattatgt gtaaaattgg ctttgtcgtt gtatatattg     22200
     ttttctccgt ctatggtgat tgagagtttt gttaggtata ggagcctagg ctagcattca     22260
     tgttctctag aggtggaata gatgctggga ttaatatctt ttttatgaaa atacatccat     22320
     gagttgagag aggaggactt ccactggcct ttgtacccta gtgccatgtt ctaggtgctg     22380
     ctagtgaatg gggaaataag tgacacccca gtgacaacag aaaccacctc tttcagaatc     22440
     caacctaaga atgtcaggca gagtttattt tggctgactc atggtaaaca gatcttatat     22500
     agagagggtg ggactcatgt atcgcttcag aaaatgcttt taagtttagt cttatatatt     22560
     ttatagagaa ggaaaagaga gaaataactt catgaaggat aacacccaag aaagcaaatg     22620
     atcaaggcag ctttatagca acacacaaat ctgcccaaca gtagtgttta ctagtggttt     22680
     gttggtgtta aaaagccatg gaggctactg gaccatagag gggctggaga aagtcagatt     22740
     gctttttgtt attgttttat tttattttaa catttccctt ttgaattcag gcagtctcat     22800
     tttagatttt tcctgctgct aagaccacta gtgttctctg gtacattcaa ccttactgat     22860
     ctccaggcga ctagacttgt caggatcaga gtggaaactg gatattttac aaccaattat     22920
     ctggtccact tgcctacctc tggttatccc agtttctcca cctaaattcg ttactgataa     22980
     tttcctcagt atgcagcctg ccatgattca cagacaggta caacaactgc ttctgactca     23040
     gtattaaatt caagtccttt ctcttcttca ggaatgttaa tatttgacga tatacaaatt     23100
     tatttatctg aggtagaatg ggctatgcta acccatggaa gaagacactc tacagtgttg     23160
     taatgctggc catctacaag ctaaccacct gactagttta actggttaac tataactcct     23220
     ttcctttgtg tatacattgt gtaacctgga ctgtaacagt gaaaaatata ctctgggcga     23280
     tattgccttt tggattataa ttgatttaga ttgcttcttc actgttgaat caggaactgc     23340
     tacagaaaaa taaaatattt tctatgttat tttttgtttt ggggttgttt gttttctttg     23400
     tttttttaac atacaatttc tctgcataac cctggctgtc ctcaagatca atctgtacag     23460
     caggtttacc acaaactcac ctgcctttgt gtcccaagtt ctgggtttaa aacacacacc     23520
     accaccatcc agctcagcgt gaaagttctt aattttagtg aggatcaatt atttctctta     23580
     gaatgaatat ttcttccatg aaatctagca ctcttaactc tcttaatcat acatatactc     23640
     caattttcct aaattttttt tgttcttacc tgcccttgtg aattatttta catacagtat     23700
     gaagttgaga ttgagtgtga ggctgactct tttacctatt atgtgtcact gctctcgggt     23760
     gaaacaaaac atacagcaca aattatatat atgcataatt ttataaaact atggtgtata     23820
     tattatatat aatttatttt atatgtaata tattttatca tttataatat tttgttatat     23880
     aatatactgt aaatgtagtt taaatatact ttaaagtgaa ttacagggtg tgatccaaca     23940
     atagctgtct accaactgat attctaagaa cctcatagtt attcagtcaa tgaggtggat     24000
     tgtctcaggt agtctccagt gtattatgga atactgaaaa tggcctgtat tgacagtgaa     24060
     gaaatgggct tcccaatgag ggcaaacagg caaagaaaac aaagtttctt cttccatgtc     24120
     tttcatatag gttgcagaac atttatataa gtgtgtgcca ggtttaaagt gacttttccc     24180
     acttgaaaga ttcagattca aaatggatct tgccatctca aattactaag aaaaaaatcc     24240
     attaatgtct tgcccagtca tttggatttt agttaatttt tgatgcagta aagttcaaac     24300
     ccaagaacac tcatcacatt gtccaatttg ctccccatca tttattgaca tttatagcct     24360
     tccttcattg aattgcttgt gtgttttgtt aaaagttact tggcaatttg tatacatatg     24420
     tccagactga gctgattgac tttttgttgt tattatttaa ctcttaaaca attatagata     24480
     agccctcata tctattatac aatatttttc tattttattc attcttgtta ttctttgcat     24540
     tgtgaagaaa gagatggctc aattcttaaa cagtacatgt taaacttccc gttctgttta     24600
     tagcaccaaa tatagtttaa caaaaaaact gtctaatgtc aggcagtgtg ggaacaggtc     24660
     ttcaatccca gcatttgggg ggtgggggca taggcaggcg aatttctgag tttgaggcca     24720
     ccttggtcta cagagtgagt ttttggaaag ccaggggtaa acaaacaaac tttgtctaga     24780
     aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaga acaaaaaaaa aacaagaata aaaacctact     24840
     tgtgtctcta agtcttctgg tctctttgga ttctgaatac atatcacaca cacacacaca     24900
     cacacacatg caccctcaca cacagaaaaa caccgttcag attttaaaat acattatctg     24960
     actcactaag aaataaaact acatctgtgt tcctgttgcc agaaaacctt taatcataat     25020
     acaaatttag ttgaacatga atgattttat acaggagaga atcctgttta actgtattga     25080
     atgtgggaga ccattccttc aaaaatgtca cctcattaag caccagctga cccacattgc     25140
     tgaccatccc tatacatgta acctgtgtga gaaaatgttt aacagatgat caaggcttct     25200
     cagacaccag aatgtactta gtcagaaaac tcagacagaa tggccaagct aaggaaaatt     25260
     agcatattgc agggacagaa tgtaaagaag gtttgaaatc tagaaaattt gggagagtta     25320
     tgtttcatat cataaaaaaa gatacaatag aattctacat tgtttcccac tgtctttcat     25380
     tatctgtgtt atccacacat ttttttgtat tagtaataaa agaaatgagt atttgtttga     25440
     catttgtatc catacctatg tttttgttag acatctgtgt ccatagcaat gttttcttag     25500
     acactatcct ctggtttcag gtaccatgga ctatgattta attcttcact tttctcagaa     25560
     gagatgtaaa atgctattat ggcccttgaa gtcagaaaga attaatattc atggcatagt     25620
     ttcagtggct ataatgttga ccgtcataga ataccaaaac aaagattcag gtaaatttat     25680
     gaacaagatg ataagactgt gtcttccttc agtgtaagca tggtagttgt cacctcagtt     25740
     tctcccttga cattgtctat tttcaaggaa gcttggggaa cacaagaaga cctgaaagcc     25800
     agcacaaacc taagaaagtt gtaagcattt gaagtccact tacagatctc actgtccata     25860
     ctagttatcc atctctgtgg aagtaaaaga gagcagtaaa gtgactttga ttattttggc     25920
     ttttattaca caaattggaa tttttaaatg attgcatacc actcctgtgc ctaaagggat     25980
     gtacaatttg tgatttctta attttaaatg agtatagcag ttttctctat agaaaagttt     26040
     gagcattaat ttattgataa ggtcagtgca tgggagcttc tgtaccctct ccaacatggt     26100
     atgcatctga tactcgaggg tctcatccac tagtagtctg gcagagaaac acatgtggct     26160
     tatacatttg gtcccaatta gaagcagggt agattgaatc ccaggtttat gttgaaataa     26220
     caactgcttg gtcaggagga tacttcttaa gatggtcgtg tagtcagaga agtgaatcct     26280
     ggcttgtgag ttcatgaaag acaaattata ttttgctagc tactttaagc aacatagtag     26340
     gttcacacac caagacacac agacacagac acaaacacca atacgaattc actgtaggat     26400
     ctcagataat aaaattctcc ttaataataa ttgttgagat gagttttctc taacaccaga     26460
     aaataatctg tcctggagct gattttttaa attagttaat caatcaacat cccaaaccta     26520
     gtattccttc tcttctctgc tccctgactt ctcctccact cctgctaccc caatccactc     26580
     ttcctcaatt tttcttcaga aaagagatct tccatgataa cttctagttt tggctattgt     26640
     agttgcacat ccactcatat tgatgataga caaggcctgg cagaatttca ttccattggc     26700
     tatggaaata gagctaagtg gaagacaggc tatgtgaaca aatcttaaca aaaatttact     26760
     ctcattaacc ataaagtctt ttttatttct ctttttatta attaggtatt ttcctcgttt     26820
     acatttccaa tgctatccca aaatttgccc ataccatccc cccactcccc tacccaccca     26880
     ctcccccttt ttggccctgg cgtccccctg tactggagca tataaagttt gcaagtccaa     26940
     agggcctctc tttcctgtga tggctcacta ggccatcttt tgatacatat gcagctagag     27000
     acaagagctc tggggtactg attagttcat attgttgttc cacctatagg gttgcagttc     27060
     cctttagcac cttgggtact ttctctagct cctgcattgg gggccgtttg acccattcca     27120
     ataggtaact gtgagcatcc acttctgtgt ttgctaggcc tcggcatagt ctcacaagag     27180
     acagctatat ctggatcctt tcagcaaaat cttgctagtg tatgcaatgg tgtcagcgtt     27240
     tggaagctaa ttatgggatg tatccctgga tatggcaatc actagatgct ccatcttttc     27300
     gtcacagctc caaattttgt ctctgtaact ccttccatgg gtgttttgtt aactatatta     27360
     caagtacatc tttacatttt tctctttaat atttttacat tttctacatc ttccaagcct     27420
     ggtggacaaa gtgctctttt agtcaaattg tattaattca taccaatatt gtccagggaa     27480
     gtttcttggt aagcccttta gagcatcagt ttcttgcttt cagctgttcc ttcatcatga     27540
     ggaataaagt ataaacacag tacatagcca cagtttctgt catcgatgag gacttggtct     27600
     gtgaaagata ctatgcagat tcttagcctc tgaacttggc aatggtttac agatgctgat     27660
     gtgagcaaaa tgaggaacta aaggacaact ttgttaggtc tcaggtcttc ttgtgcacac     27720
     tgttaacaga taataatatg gggaatgaga tctagttttt tagtgcagag tcatttgacc     27780
     ctggtcaata ttaaaagttt taaacatttc ttgaatatca tttactgaaa ttgaataaat     27840
     tttaaattta aattatgtaa ttataacaaa aagaaaaaca acagcaatta ataataataa     27900
     taataataat aataataata ataataataa taataaacaa taatacagtg agactgatga     27960
     gccttcagtg acaggacttg agtgtctatg atagaatttg agtcaggcat tgtgtactca     28020
     cacattaatt atgaggatct tgcttaattt tgtgtacata gaactggatt atcacatgga     28080
     tattttcccc ctcttatatt ctgagcatgt gaagaaaagt gatgtttctc tttcttatac     28140
     aattaaacag attccataaa agcttatctt ctcccacttc taaataagca ttttcgttta     28200
     atttattgcc atgttgtatg ctttaactgt ttggtagttg tctgttaatt tttggtttat     28260
     cttacatata aagcaagttt gataaaaatt tggtacggaa ttttatgcat tttataattg     28320
     taaaaatatt atttccactc aactcaaagt gctctgtggt tataaattgg cctctcagtt     28380
     agtaatacac aacacaaatt caattccact taacccttct gaaaatgaac ttgcatggta     28440
     ttgtctgatt tgaagctaat aaatctattt aactaaacca gagacatttg tgttaggaag     28500
     gaaactacta ctgtctgttg tttagaaaat ggaaaagtta cttctacagt aaaagaaaga     28560
     aaggagggcc tgccttcagc aattgtggga agtctgtgtt gcatgtgcat ttttcagttc     28620
     agcagcatct agggcactca gaatacacag agatttcttc atatgtggcg agaaaaacca     28680
     aatctacagg aatcccaggc aagtgcttca agcgaagtct tagtcgtgcg aaagtagatg     28740
     taaaacctcc cttctgcatg ggaggtttgt aggaaacaaa taagctccaa atcctataaa     28800
     tatagtctct ctgaaacttc cagtaggagg tctgcttgtt tttatatgat tttatacatt     28860
     ttaatgtact tacattatgg gtacatgtgt ttgattaagt acatatgtgt gtaactgtgc     28920
     acaaaccact gcacatgtgt agagattgca ggacagtgtg gaagagacaa tcctcttctt     28980
     ctaccatgta tattatttca gagatgaagt tcaggtacgc ggtcttgagt ggctagtaaa     29040
     cttacttgag tggctagtgg gccacctcat acattccttc agctttaatt ctttacatcc     29100
     tctgaagatt gcctgttcat tcatcatgtc aaaacccaca gagactatga aggtggtcat     29160
     gctgcaaacc agcatgagta tagaaaatga agcaaccaaa gtttaaatga gccattgata     29220
     tttcttatca ttctatcact cccataggtc gaagtggtta aaactctcac ccaaggcctt     29280
     ctaatatcag ttgcattgaa ctaaaagtgt ctgtagcagt atctgtatgc acagcgcctg     29340
     caaggtctga gatagaaaga gcccaagcaa tgagagggaa gggcgtgcat gccactatct     29400
     ttatctcaga agttatttct agtttgtagc ttggaaagga aaacattcaa atttccacta     29460
     gggtatcact gggtatgcaa accatgctta aatctaagtc tctagttcag cattgcctgg     29520
     caaatgaaaa tcaaactgga taataatctt ggaggtcctt tatataataa ggtattggca     29580
     gggttcttta aagaatacct taagggtcct ttgtttatat attatggttt gcagtttttt     29640
     ttgtttttat gggatttctg agtgtttgtg aacatatata tctctgtgtc tacatgtata     29700
     tttcttgtgc tttttctttg cctctttttc attatgtttg ctttgttctg ttctggttca     29760
     tttgtttatt ttgtatctta atcttcatta ttattgtcat tagtatcatt aatagtatca     29820
     ttattattta gatgcctgtt tgtattttaa taaagggaga aagaaaaagt gtgaatttgg     29880
     gtgggtcgag aagtggagag gttgtagaag gatttggggg gacagtaatc tgaatctatt     29940
     gaatgaaaaa ctgtattttc aatgaaaagt gtcttcccag aaattttgat cttactatta     30000
     gtacaaagga atcaaaaact tattttttaa agaatcatat tgtatacaga ggaaaaaaat     30060
     gagagctttt ccaactgaga aatgtttcat tttgcaagta tggtaaggac cctagaggta     30120
     ataatcaaga acacagagca caacacaaag cagaaaaaag tacaaagcac acacaaatat     30180
     acaggcagga atcaaattag tcaatttatt gaccttttta atggagcaca aatcctcatc     30240
     cattctccat tcggacaaaa cagatttgct gttgtctcca atgactttga gtaggaattc     30300
     atccagtaac ctttctcatc tatttcatta gagctgactc atccctgcca agattccagg     30360
     acaggaaaaa tagactccat catccacttg ggtatgtgtg tttccaagtt ccttcatata     30420
     tattcttcct tatgcttggt gaacccctac attaaattat tttttcctac ctcataacta     30480
     taatttccta ctgttataaa tcctaacata catacctgac ataaagatag tcttagacaa     30540
     ctccagatga tcacatgatt aaacaactaa aatagatcac atctatccta gtacagttct     30600
     ggaaggcaga aagtgtaaaa atcaaggagc tggctagtct tactagtatt tcctggcact     30660
     gtgaatggca acctataagt tctaagtcct tgtgacactt tcatgggagt tgtctaggac     30720
     tatctttatg tcaggtattt atgttaggat ttataacagt aggaaattac agttatgaag     30780
     taggaaaaaa ataattctat gtaagggctc accaagcatg aggaagaata tatatgaagg     30840
     aactgtagca ttagaaaggt tgagaaccac tctctggatg cttgaaaaca gaaagcataa     30900
     tggagtcata ggctggtctt ggcatcagtc tgatatctgc ttcagactaa tatcttgctt     30960
     ccttttgttt cttgtgacca tgaggggaat aacctagata gtatagtcaa aggaccaatc     31020
     tgaggacatg ttcagaatcc attttgtgaa aacatgtgct gttgtatgat ttggacaggg     31080
     ctgtctttgg aaccagtgca tgcacatgag tgctttggtg ctttgctctt tctttctttc     31140
     tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc     31200
     tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt actatctttc tttctttctt attttttttg     31260
     aggcaggttt tctctgtgta ggcttggctg ttgtagaact cattctgaaa acctggttgg     31320
     ccttgaactc ataaatttgc ctgcctctgc ctaccaagtc cagggaataa aggcttgcaa     31380
     caccacaccc agcttctttg attttttttt attctgctat taacttattg ttcccaaggt     31440
     tttttatttt attattttat tttattagat attttctata tttacatttt aaatgttatc     31500
     ccatttcaag ttttcccctc taaaaaccca ataacatgtc cctcctcccc ctactgacca     31560
     acctaagcac tcctgcttcc ctgtcatgcc attcccttac actgaggtat agagtctctc     31620
     aggaccagga tcccctcctc tcactgtgtc caactaggcc atcatttgct acatattcgg     31680
     tggcagcgat gggcccctca ctttgcatta tttggttggt cttttttttt aattacatat     31740
     attttaactt acatttcaaa tgttgtattc tttcccagtt tcccactcct ccagaaaccc     31800
     cctatcacat cccctgtccc cctgcttcaa tgagggtgtt ccttcacctg tgcaccctct     31860
     cccacctcac agtgtggtgg ctaacaagtt tatatctctg tatccttatc attcaacacc     31920
     atattggaga tcctgcagct tatagggaaa agatgtccag attctgagaa ctgcagggta     31980
     ccatccaata catcaatctc aagccacatg tgggtacatc ttcctaaaaa acgtgtcgtc     32040
     ctgttaatag ctttcagttg gatctttaag tacctcagca aagattgagg tgactgctcc     32100
     ctgcataatc actgcccact tcattttggg gagcatctgt gccaggaagt cagggtagat     32160
     atccacatag ttgatgcgga tttcagtggc ctgcaggcac agatggaagt catgcatgtc     32220
     caagccttac acatttgagc ttaggagata gtatgtgagc agtttcatgt tgtcattttt     32280
     gatttctgca taggacatat tgtctttcat taattttggg atttatttac attttaaatg     32340
     atagctcctt tcccattttc cattcaacaa atccccaacc catccaccat ctcctccctt     32400
     ccctttgaaa aaaggcttag tttgtattat atttctatat tgcactccat cactgagtga     32460
     aatcaagaca ggacacatgt aggagtatag gcagggtaca tggagaaagg ctgcttattg     32520
     gattgctttc tcagcacagt tttctcagct ttttttctta caaaatttaa aagctttttt     32580
     ttaactttta ttttaataac atacccacaa acacacacac gcacacacac ccacacacac     32640
     acacacacac acacacacac aagacataag atcactaaag aacaagcgaa atgattgtaa     32700
     agcaatgtcc taaatgtatt tcattatctc cagtgccaca tttataagtc aattctagag     32760
     gccttatgtc taatcatatt tggcaaatgg atataaccca ttatgcagaa tttggaaaac     32820
     taaaatatga acatgtttgt atcgatattt gttcaggatt tctttttgct tttttctgct     32880
     tctctgcata aaggaaaggt ttctaaaaac gtaattgatc attgcccaca agcatttaat     32940
     gcaataggat tgcctaaaca tatcaaaaca gataatgggc catcctattc tagtaaaaat     33000
     tttatttcat tctttaagga atttggaatc aaacataaaa cttgaattcc ttataagccc     33060
     atggcaaacg gaatagttca atgtgctcat cagaccttaa aaaattggcc ttttatgaca     33120
     aaacagtggc agttatatcc cccaaggtca ccaaaggcgc atcttgcctt tactttattt     33180
     gatctaaatt ttttgcaaac tgatattaaa ggtcagtctg cagcagatca ccactggcat     33240
     ccagttactt ctaattctta tgcattgata aaatgaaagg acacactaac taaggaatgt     33300
     aagggtccag atccgattcg aatctgggga agggctcggt ttgcattttt tcataagaac     33360
     atggagcaca gaggctgccc aagagattaa tttgttagct gaacacagat cctgaatctt     33420
     cttataatta tcactctgag aactaaaatt cctcttttgc atagaattta gttggggact     33480
     cagcctccca gaaaagctgt tttcttgcta ctctcagagc tttgcaattt gcaactgaat     33540
     aaagtatctg gacttcccca aaagaagctt tgcattgcta ctttctcatt gtctgggtct     33600
     ctttttctta agcaggtcaa tcaacatcct ccaatcagac tgcaggggga gtgcatccct     33660
     gcaaacaaag gcttaaggtg gcaactgcta ttttcattct aaagacattc taccatgcat     33720
     tttggcttta ggtctgattt gaaaaatagg tttattagaa gggctaggaa ggcagatatt     33780
     tcaaatatta gaagagattg gtttttattc tgatagatgg tcttagtccc tttgctggtc     33840
     tctggttctc catccttgct gttattgcaa gctcccctaa tttcctcagg ctgtgggaat     33900
     aacagagatg aggaggatga cctccagctc ctaatatagc ctaaaagcca caaattgtga     33960
     tgttaccagt ggtataattc ttgttgaggc cttgctaaat ctgctgttgg caatactcct     34020
     ttaggagatg cacagtactg agaactgtgc atactgattc ctgatgatat gaatacagta     34080
     tgggtacagc ttcggtgcag atatttactg tataatatca tgggtattca gtgttctttg     34140
     tctaatatcc acgtagcagt gagtgcatac catgtgtgtt cttgtcttag ggagagatgt     34200
     tccacatgta tctgttaaat ccatttggtc catgacttct ataagtttca cagtgtctct     34260
     gagttgaatg gtagggatat aaagtaggga aagaatttgt tcaacccata ttacatgaaa     34320
     aaaattaaat taatatatac tttttttaat ccaaaaagca tgcctataga cccatctaat     34380
     gtagggagat cctatttgat gtttcctctt cgtaggtgac tctagatttt cacaagttgg     34440
     cataagatta ctagcacact cagattaaca taaacacatt ttcagtcatg tctaaaacca     34500
     tcacaccaat caaccgagat attctctgta cattccatgg gctaaatgtc agaaacatgt     34560
     gtgttttaca gtgtgtctca gctttaaagt gtaaatcctg aaaggagggc catggtcaac     34620
     cttcctactt cctgcttcta ggccactatt tgctgccctg tggcactaca aaggcttctt     34680
     tgttaatcag gtaccactgt gccatagata tcttgaagtg acagagtgta caagcatcca     34740
     tgggacctag atgctgatga gaacactctt acaccatctc ctgccttcac aacatactta     34800
     ttaagatggt gaaatattgg gaaagtcatg gtagaacaaa ttctttaaag cccagggctg     34860
     ttctcaacag tcatctcctg attttctata tggacctcat atgttacact ttgaagtcaa     34920
     cccacaatct catgtttctt gtgcaagtca ttagagtgtc aattaaatct agactttggg     34980
     aatatatcaa taagtctgca ttttcttcat attccctgcc cttaattatg gtaaccttgc     35040
     caagaataga tgtctcacca ttctcactga cagtttacct ggtaaataga tagttgagaa     35100
     aaagacattc ttctaaggcc caaatagcct agttaatcag tatatgagaa gcagggctga     35160
     catcactcag cacaaaagct aaagagagtc tcttgttttg tggagaactg agagaacagc     35220
     agggacaggg gccttaatga tagtcagtcc agacctggag gctgggtcta acagcatcca     35280
     aaggaataca ggccaatttc ctccagcttc ctggaggagc actgtttctc ttcaaaatgt     35340
     gacagggatg gcacccacaa gggggaagaa tgcagtgtgt tctagactta ttttgagcca     35400
     tcaggggaat gatcctccca catttccctt gctattacaa atgatcaacc tcaatagggg     35460
     tcatgtaagc tctgctgaca ccagaatctc taattgcaaa acccttacag gaaagaccag     35520
     ttttcctcca ctctaaggat aaaaagcaag gattgggctc atatggctaa gcattttctg     35580
     actagctttg agagaacagc gtggtccaag gcccagattt cagatttggt gattactgac     35640
     agtttaaaaa taagtacctg taacgtttgc tctgtggtac tgaaaaatat tgtccccaaa     35700
     tgtatgaaca caaaacggtg agcatgtagc ctaaggagca acatttccct gatttaacac     35760
     caggcacttg gcattcattc tatacacaga aatacccccc gagtctccag accaccctcc     35820
     tcaactgtac attacaagca ttacaagttt ttgttatagc ccataagata caagtcttca     35880
     agaaaacaca atcagacaca aggcagaaac aagaactcat gtattgatca aattgcatta     35940
     tcaataaaaa aatgtcagca atgggttgac attgcttagt gtctgcataa aattggtata     36000
     aatggaccta aaagttctgt aacagttcag gagtacaaga aaaacaagat tataatttct     36060
     tagtaataaa gagagaaaca ctttctgtta aagtattcaa aaccctgtct aaggtagatt     36120
     tgtcactcaa tggtagtatt tgatttgtaa cttcaaaagc tgacccgtcc agcaggtcca     36180
     gttattcgag ggtctcgaga ggactttctc ctaagaaata aatggggtgt agagagagat     36240
     gaggatattg tgcgaacaaa gatatggaaa tgttctgaat tacatcagga ccccaatgta     36300
     ttagccatga ccaaggttta aatgcacaag caaaagggga agtgcctttc agcaggagaa     36360
     atggggcaga agcaatgcac ctcagcagga gggatggggc agcagggtgg ggggggagag     36420
     gaagtacttc tcagcagaaa ggaaggggca gcggaaattt ttcttttggc gactattggt     36480
     ggaagcagga acttggtgtt atcagggtac atctttaggt caggacatcc agcactgact     36540
     tagggttgga acaatctgta gttgttctcg gagcagtgag tctgtggcct gcttttaacc     36600
     ctcttttctt atcggggggg gggagagacc caattcagag gacaggacaa tagcgttgca     36660
     gtaatagctc ccaacaaaaa gcatagatgc actccccacc accagaaaat taaaaaaaca     36720
     aaacaataca aaacaaaaca aaaacaaaca aacaaacaaa caaacaagca aaaaaagcaa     36780
     aagatactcc aatgcactgt atctgctttg ttgtgagtaa atccacaaac ttgaatggat     36840
     agcaacacag gaaggaatta tgcacagcaa ggcacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     36900
     cacacacaca cacacacaca caaaagtaaa aagaaacagt ccagtcaaga agctattgaa     36960
     gagagtcctt taaaatttat gataaagaag atgaagtgta tttcttcaca attgatgatt     37020
     tctggtggag ggcaaggaag attcattttt atagcttgtg tttgatattt tctaggttct     37080
     tctttttata ctccaaaaca ctagatagga cagaaataaa ggtagagaga ggaattagaa     37140
     aatctctgaa tctaattttt ttcgtagtgc ttcttcttta actatggata tgaaaaaacc     37200
     acaaccaact tgcgtaacca accaccaaac accagacaaa atgtattagc tttgacactc     37260
     aatcttgtgc aaagttaatg cagcaggagt ttttcactaa tgtatgttgt atgtaaatat     37320
     agtattccac caaacttagt aactctgtat tccatacttc ctgcattcag ctgttcacta     37380
     ttttaatatt agtcatacct attccatgct gtgccatgtg ttttgatgca attaagtttc     37440
     atctggggac ctcatatgaa atgcaaatat tgtgtgtaaa tctcccttag tgttacttca     37500
     taaacatgtt tcatctatgg agtaacagta ttaatgcttt ctgtttgaag tacactttca     37560
     gtgtgcataa gtagatactc ctctttagta ttttatgata cactaaatat aacatatagt     37620
     gtatacttag aagatgaatc cagtaaagga tttttaaaat gttgtgtgag ggctttgtga     37680
     tttaaaaaaa aaaagtgttc tcaatagtat tggctgagat tctgcagtct tgtgtgtgct     37740
     cttttctaat gaatcataat taacgtttat gctgagactc ggggaggcaa gcttatcagt     37800
     agaaagaaag ccattatctt ggaatctctc cttttataag tactcctata agtatataaa     37860
     tgtctgggtg gccaattaga cagaatgatg ttacccagag agatgtaacc caaattcata     37920
     gggcaacaat gtctaggtaa ctgtctggca ttgaacagtc actccactgt tctgaacaaa     37980
     ctgattgtaa caagtagttt aagcacaggc agatagcata agtgtaagta tgcaagcctg     38040
     tcttgatttc aatgtgataa agatcggggc ccaaaactac aaaaggaggt aatgggttct     38100
     ttctgtttac aagtctcagc ttgtaaattg catgatctag gaaagtcagg acagaacttg     38160
     attcagagct ggtaagtaga ggcagaaact gaagcagaga ttatggaaga actctggatt     38220
     actttcctcc aagtcatagg tatgcgaggt cctaggggat gcaaaacaga aaagaaagaa     38280
     aaaataagta ccaaacatat cacaatggtt gacctacatg catactttaa agtctgctct     38340
     tgataatatt tgtattcatt tggaaatcaa gttctacatg gcaattggta aacagcatac     38400
     ttttcattat ttctattgga tggacatttt tacctgaagg agtgtatttg ttggatgtga     38460
     acattcctgg actacatgga ggtcctaagt tagcttgtat cagatcccct aaaacaggac     38520
     ttacatgtgg ctgtgacaca caggatgatc actgggaatt gaatcccaga ccctctgcaa     38580
     gagcagccaa tgatcttata ctctgagtca tgtaaagatc tccacatttc tggagagaga     38640
     aggaaggtgt aggaagagaa cattactcaa aatgtccaaa ttcatctaag aataaattaa     38700
     tgcttgcaag ggtctgtcaa gatacacaac aaaaacaaga aaaaattaga aggtgtgtaa     38760
     aaatttaaaa gaatgtttgt ttctgctctg ttgtgtgttc tgaccaggac taaatgaaca     38820
     cactaaatga agctgcactg agaagcataa agaagggagg taccacactc tgacaagtgc     38880
     taaggttgtt tcaactgtat ttgtgtaatc cttcaggggc ttcttgtcaa atataaaccc     38940
     cctttatcaa atccccaaca gtaaattctg tgtgtctcat ttggagactg ggcagaagat     39000
     atgtgagatg caccaggaat gattaaactt tatgttctct tgctcagaaa ccattttcag     39060
     ggatcctatg aaatccaaat gtcagctcca gactgcatag tatcaggttt ttcttggcca     39120
     attcaaaatt agagccaata tctaaaaaga tgacttatct gttacacaaa gttgctgcta     39180
     ccaaatagga ggtggctatg attcccaaca ccaacactgt ggatcgatct ctctctctct     39240
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctgtct     39300
     cactctctgt ttctgtctga ttgtgtctgt gtgtgtttct gtgtgtgtct gtctgtttct     39360
     gtgagtctga atgtgattga gtgtgtgtgt tattataatg tagcccattc ttaaaataag     39420
     aaaggcactt tcactttgtg tttttttttc ctttccattt tggccaaatt gtattgatta     39480
     gcactggctg gcctcaaatt ggctatgtat gtatggcttt cttagaagtc aaaagagata     39540
     tgatataaga cccatagtca tctggttaaa agcaggaatc actgtgatac gcttccattt     39600
     tgtaatatta taaggtttga actatatgaa ggtatgtaag tagtcttcaa aattaattcc     39660
     taggtgccag ggaatggggg caaacacaca tttaatccca ggacttatta tgctgaggca     39720
     ggaaaatctc taaattcctt gtcagtctcg tctatagagc aaattccagt tcagccaaag     39780
     atattccatg gaatgcagcc tggaaaaaaa aaacttgaaa tgaataaact tcatagttaa     39840
     gtaatgaata attaaaaaaa aaaaacgctg cgaaagatga gtgaaatatg caattatcta     39900
     gacatatacc aaatccataa gataaaccat ctaaacagca ccttaacacc ttaagaaata     39960
     gaaccaatca tgataatctc ccaccaaaac aaccctggga ctagatggct gtagtgcaga     40020
     attctatcag accatcaaag aagaactaat accaattctc atgaaagtgt tccacaaatt     40080
     agaaacagaa ggaacaatac cgaattcatt ctatgaagcc acagttacac tgcatattct     40140
     cctgtggaga tggaatggtc actgcctaat gaggaactgg tcacttcttc ctttcataca     40200
     ggactttgtt tgagattatt ttttgcttct accatggtta atattacaaa tagattttaa     40260
     atacagtttt aacatatatg aatttttgct ttagaaaata tcatgtatat ttaacaggct     40320
     tttaacaatc ataacttata ttcacaacat aaaagcaaaa gaagttacaa cctatttaat     40380
     caatgagaga aaattagaga ctattctaac caaattgaac caggaggaaa ataagaactg     40440
     tactgaaaaa ctgattttta gtaataaaaa taacaaaaat aatgataata ataataataa     40500
     taataataat aataataatg aaatacatta gaaattaaaa aaatgaatac atatattttg     40560
     ctagtttaag taaaaaatac taatgaataa taagaaatat gttcacctga tttcgaaatc     40620
     ccaatcctct cattctatga aaattttggt tggaatttga aagattagct ttgtgaatag     40680
     ttgtccagga aattgacaga tgcccttagg ttatgttgct ttcagttgtt atggagacaa     40740
     tgcctcaatt acactccttt ctgtggcttg caattctagg tcctcagtct gccactgcct     40800
     ccacctccac ctccatttcc gcctctgctc tacctctgcc tcctccttct tccctctttc     40860
     cttgtccatg tccctgtccc tgtcccagtc cctctccatg tccctgtctc tctccctgtc     40920
     cctgtccctg tccctgtccc tgtccctgtc cccgtccctg tccctgtccc tgtccctgtc     40980
     cctgtccctc tccctgtccc tgtccctctc cctctccagc tccctctccc tctagcctcc     41040
     ccactagcac acagataacc ctcagattag ttcagtttta gtactgatct actctagaat     41100
     tttttttttc cttcatgtct acttccttcc tagcttgttg taaagctatt taattcaatt     41160
     tgaatcttcc acataataag aaatttattc aaaattcata ggccaactat tgctaagtaa     41220
     gtgtctggtg ttcatcaacc actccactct tctaaaggaa gtgttttgta atcagaattt     41280
     taagcacagg cagatatctt tagtgttagt gtaaaattct gtcttgtgtt caatgtgata     41340
     aagatcagga ccaaaactgt tagaaaccag gccttaccta acttgaactg tgtttcacct     41400
     gggaggcaaa cagaggctga aaagagaggg gaactatata ggtgagagaa aaatggagcc     41460
     aagacaattt tctgatctag gctcaaatat ttaataaaag ttttcactta taaaggggga     41520
     aacccattct ctgccatgcc aagtttcttg ctttcctgat accaagttgt cagcacagcc     41580
     ttttagcact aagtcaccaa attcacagat tgcagttaac tacagaaaat cttggagaac     41640
     caatttggcc tcatggcaga tggcaggtag tttcacatca aaggaaacta gctgaggagc     41700
     tgcactgcag gtggccctgc ctcaatggca taaggtctga acctgcatag gttggaggag     41760
     gttatactcc cccccgttaa taatatttta aaaagtgcta aactgaggca taaaatgtat     41820
     ttatgctcta tagtcttgcc tgggagttat ggtgactgca ggccacacct cccttaggaa     41880
     atcttagatc ttcctgaagc atcaaattcc attatggatg ctacgtgcaa ctagtttgtg     41940
     ttatatatca cacaaaacat ggctctgtgt tgtgttatca acagtcatgg attttggcat     42000
     gtacctctgt cttagattgg tatggttctg agatctggat gtctgtcatt gaatgtccag     42060
     tcctcattat cacaccttat tcccaattca gaccaaagtc ataatatgta ctagaatgaa     42120
     gatcaataac tgccaccttc actgttggag gcaaggctgt acatctgcta cagtcaggct     42180
     gaaggacttg gatgacctgc ttgagaaaca aagttgggac agtgataagc aagagtatga     42240
     aagtttcttt ggagaagtcc aggtacccca ttcagttgca aattagcaat gatcaagctt     42300
     agtcttagag attctggtgt ggggaggtag ctttgagaat tgcagaaagg ctgcagcctc     42360
     tctgggagtg gaggctgtgc tccaaattaa atttgctagc taattaagat tttagctatc     42420
     ttccctaatt cttctaatac tggaattatt aatagaccag tccaatattg aattaggata     42480
     cctggtcaca gtgaagttag aagatgaatc actataactc tatcttgaga ctaatctttc     42540
     taaatcagat tacacagtct ctactgttct atatcccata attcttaaaa accttgaagt     42600
     aaagcatctt agcttgtcca aactgggaaa atgataaaca aaggtaggtc aaaaacatat     42660
     acccaattca gctttcttgt cactacagtc agggcactaa gcaaacacac ctgttagtgt     42720
     gtcacaaaaa ttagccttca tatatctgca gcattctgtg aagagaacct attcttgtcc     42780
     ctttcccaat aaagtagcta cttaggatca agccatatac caataagtag atttttttca     42840
     tttgacctag acatgattat gtctcctatt taagatatta tcaggcattt ttaagttctt     42900
     tgacatccaa atttcaaagt tcttaaagtg tgatttaaat aatgtgcatg gggatataat     42960
     ttatcttgtc ctttgttttt ttaaaaagaa gagtttttta aagttccaca ttaccctgta     43020
     ttagataaat taataaattg tttacaaaac atttcaaatg ctttactgtt atagtcagta     43080
     ttaatataac aaggccagcg actaattaca ctttcaattg tttatcttga agagcggatt     43140
     taactagaaa gctttaaaat gtattaatag tccccctctt cctttctctt tctcacttcc     43200
     tccatttcca gcagcagtct tcttgcctct gcaggtattt tacacatgaa gtgtccaagc     43260
     aaaatggcat gtacacaaac aaccataccc agcatcaaag tttataaaat aaaagaaatg     43320
     atgtgtagac tatgataata atttttctgg gaaaggtagt ataggagaga ggaatcactg     43380
     tgtgtggact cacaaagaca caaagaaccc cccaaataga tccaatttac cactccttag     43440
     aaacacaaac accacagtca ggaggaggga ttttgaatga ggaacacttt ccttgtcttt     43500
     ccaagtgctt tggtggatga gcacaactat aggaaaaggg tctcacagca ggtaaactcc     43560
     caccaccacc ccacacaaag gcaaagtcac cttggtcgaa ccaggagcaa atcacctgcc     43620
     tctgcaggtt gtttctgttt agctgcattt ggagaaagca gttggagcag ttgctgcctg     43680
     ctcttgagaa gggctctaag ggtacaatgt ataggtctgt agaattgcaa caagtttgga     43740
     ccctagaaaa gtaatgggtt gctgaaatgg tcctggactg tgaaacttag ggtcttgcta     43800
     gggaatttct taatctacag tgacatttag acattggagc aagcagagtt gctttgatcc     43860
     ttatcttagg cactcaaagt tgtcctggaa gacaatcgtt gtgactgttt gtgaggcttt     43920
     gctggaggag aggggatatt gacagccctc tacacgatct gcatggcaca caactagagc     43980
     tttctttctt atgaagcata gaagtgactg agggcaaaac accacaggag acaactatat     44040
     cagcgtccct taagtaaaat cttgctggtg tatgaaatag tgtgccttgc aaatactgaa     44100
     gtgagtgctc acagtcatcg ataggatgga atacagggcc cccaatatag gagctaaaga     44160
     aagtacccaa aaactgaagg ggtctgcaac cctataggct gaacaacaat atgaactaac     44220
     cagtacccac agaacttgtt cctctagctg catatgtagc agaagattgc ctagtcggct     44280
     atcattggga agagaggccc ttggtctagc aaaatttata ttccacagtt caggggaatg     44340
     ccaaggccaa gaagtgggag tgagtgggta ggtgagcagg gggcaggagg tataggggac     44400
     ttttgggata gcatttgaaa ggtaaaagaa gaacatatgt aataaaaaat gtgtgggaaa     44460
     ataaagagac gaggtcgttt ctacaattag gaaaagtctc attactttat cccattaaat     44520
     gtgcacatta aaaaaaaagt ggctaatggc tttgaacagg atccttgctg aggacaggat     44580
     cttataaagg gttccagata gacaactcat ttacagtttt acaagctagt acttataaac     44640
     aattgatcat tgggagcctc aagctgagac acccgatcac tgggcataag tgttgagata     44700
     atttgaagat atttccattg ttttgaataa tctgtatgat attggataca tttactctat     44760
     ggaaggagta tgtgtgtgga gtcccttgtg tcactgaagt aggagttgta aaacacctgt     44820
     ggcgatgatg caagttcata tctatgatgt gtttgtgatg tcagtattta taaaggagga     44880
     ggcatctctg agatgcaata acacatttaa aaaagaaaac cacaagacaa aacggaaagg     44940
     gaatattgcc ttatgttgtt gtatttctgt tttgtgtgtg ttgtgtgtgt gttttgtttt     45000
     ttgtttttgt ttgtttgttt gtttgttttc ttatttgtgt gtatggtctg atttttggat     45060
     tttttcgaga caggaattct ctatatgccc ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tctgtagacc     45120
     atgctggcct tgtactcaga aatctgccta cgtctgcctc ccaagtgctg ggattaaagc     45180
     tgtgcaccac caacaccctg caaatattgc catttttagt gagatatttt taatgttttt     45240
     tttactgatt tatgtaagat atttcaaatg gtgtgtccat tttttttcac gttgttgcat     45300
     tattcctttc aaagtttgtt gattattgct aacgaataca ggatttaaca tcaggacact     45360
     gacattcttc tttttcattt cattcctctc ctttttttct gtttaactta tctggaaatg     45420
     gatttttctg tatagtccta gcaattctgg gccttcttgt gcagttcagt cctgaattca     45480
     aatctactgg attttatcac caaatcctga gattaagccc ctttctaagc agacatcaac     45540
     atttttttaa attttctgtc tcacaatact tctttagaag atgtcctcat cacagttccc     45600
     aagtaatgcc ttcagacact tctaactttc tgtagcaacc ttaccatata gagcctatgt     45660
     aaggcatcct gttgggtagc attctgcctt aagctgtcca catccaaagt gtttgtattc     45720
     ttcacagtgg cctgtgaggt tagtgtgata aatctgggat gagctgtcag gtgaggaatt     45780
     attcaccact gcagccacaa agcttgcagt ttccactgct cctgatcatg atgctgcaga     45840
     aggtttcttt gattatcata gacactggct tcttattccc aaatcttggt agtggtactg     45900
     tattctgcct gtctgtgtaa acaattagac atgaaccatg tcttagtata ctggttgaat     45960
     cttgagaagt ttgttgttct tttctgctgg atagcctgtt actggggaaa tcaggccatc     46020
     aagattattc ttagcctgga aggtacagag tcagggtcag aggaagtgtg aagtctgggt     46080
     aaggactagt tcttaatcca gatattccct atgtataaga accgtaattg tcaacatttc     46140
     tcattaaaaa aaaaaacact tgaggtttat atgtgttatt ctcaaatgac agctgtaagt     46200
     tttttccact taaacacacc cctcaatata caataacaga tatctacagg gccctttata     46260
     aactattcag agttgtgcat ccccatggtc tctggtctgt ttccattgtg aaaggacata     46320
     tgttgagaga gatttgttta cctttgttct aatgatgtcc ctggtcttaa tgtctcagta     46380
     ttcatcctgg tgtgaatact gtagaaatcg aaaatgttaa aggaaccgtg aagaaaaatg     46440
     ttaattggtg tgaaagagtt aatgggaaca gccgttagtt tccactgact gaaactaaaa     46500
     tattcattac ctgttatatt tcacaaaaac ataattattg ctcatttgtt caaagtggac     46560
     agccaggtac aaatgaaatg attttatcca ctgggctttt ttttttttca aagcctgggc     46620
     atgcttcaac aaaggagtgc ctgagagcac ctgaatgttc agataaagtt tactgaggtc     46680
     tccttggcct gagagtgcct gtccagccgc acttttgaac aagaggaatg ggtgggacat     46740
     actttgatag aaacagcagg agcttggttg ccagtcagaa aattgttgaa gaacagcagc     46800
     aggctgtagt gtttgacatt gtcagacacc ctgtgaaaat tgcaaaaccc aaagtaactt     46860
     ggagctaaaa agttagagat ctgattaaga ggtaagatct tggatgttgt agtgaagagc     46920
     aaaaacttat aattttgcgc ctcatagcat tgtggtatgt aagttcaaga aattcagggc     46980
     tgaagaatag accaaggcgg gtccaggcac agccaaaccc accctgtagc taagaatgtc     47040
     cagccataaa agataaaaaa gagaatgcag gaactagcca ctgctatcag ggcggaccaa     47100
     atggccatct ggcaggatgg cacctcccta tagatcccca taaatcatac attgaccagg     47160
     tgtcctgctg acctcgagaa gtcccaagcc cttgtgcctc cctacacctt agcatgcaca     47220
     tattaccctg ttaatttgta atcatcccgc caacatttaa ataagcctat catgtgtaat     47280
     ggcccaaatt cttttggctc ccctgttttt ggtttgtggt ttttgccttt atatgcctgt     47340
     aaaaagtttg ggccggggtt gaacttccct gccccctgtg cagtgcatga gattcgaccc     47400
     cagcatgctg gcttgggcgc tccttttttg tttgtgtgtt tgtgtgagat taaagcttgt     47460
     atagttacag cgagttccgc ctcagtgtcc tactgggtgc gcacctccct gaagagggac     47520
     tcactgaagg gttctttcat gtggtgggtc ggctgggaga tgtgtgacca cccaggggtc     47580
     ctagacccac ttggacgtaa ggccctctat cttgtcttgg ttttgtctct atattctgtc     47640
     tgaaatcttg tgagatcaca gtttcagttt tgcaaactct cttatgagac agtgcttcga     47700
     agggagagca aagtggataa ggacagatgt gtctaggtgt ccaccatttg tttgccctgg     47760
     gagactttca gggaagtcag ggggagggcc agggatgcct agtgaacctc ctcgggaaaa     47820
     gtcagggata aattttctcc ttgacgatct gtttctgaga cctgttccta ggccgtctga     47880
     ttcttttcag gaactctggt tgacacagag taggcgactg gttttgcttt tgagtcttgt     47940
     agcctttgta atcgttttta acatgtgtgt gacagagctt aacatgggaa agactgtgac     48000
     gaccccacta acacttactc agaaccattg aacagacgtt atgactaggg ccaacaatct     48060
     tttctttgat gtcaagaagg gaccttggca aactttttgc tcctctaaat ggccagcttt     48120
     tggtgtgggc tggccttcgc agggaaattt tagcctgcct gttattctag gtgtcaagtt     48180
     atttttcaga ctgcaggagg gcatcctgat ccggtacctt atataattgt gtggcaggat     48240
     ctggtacaaa atctgccacc ctgactgggt tcctggactt ccggagctga ggcagcgatg     48300
     gtggcagtag ccatgaaacc gaaaatgatg catgcgggtc tgccagagca cgttccatcg     48360
     gcccccctga ggatctatcc tgaaattgat gatgcctttt tcattgactc cttcccaccc     48420
     ccttaccccc aaagaacttc taattctgat ccctcacaac tgcccacccc agcagacccc     48480
     agggtggcct ctgtgacagg accgttggga gggactccta gctgcgaagt ccatagttca     48540
     gagggaagtg aatctaaacc agattccact gttgctttgc ctttaagagc ttatgtagga     48600
     ggacctgccc ctgccccggg cagttagtcc cattgcagta ctggccattt tcattggtag     48660
     atatgttggc agatatgtat aacagatatg tataactaat cactcctctt tctcatagaa     48720
     tccctcaggc ttaaaaggac tccttgagtt cttaatgttc tcctaccagc ccacttggga     48780
     tgactgccag caactttttc aggtctcctt tacaactgaa gagagagaga ggatcctgct     48840
     agaagccaga aaaaaacgtc ccaggaccag atgggacccc cactaatctc cccaacctta     48900
     taaatgcagc tttccccttg gcccgttctg ccttagagtt caatactgtg aaagataggg     48960
     agcgtctcac agtctactga ttgactctag tggcagggat agagcgggct gcatggtgac     49020
     ccaccaattt ggccaaggta agagaagtcc ttcagggttc aatggagctg ccctccgttt     49080
     tcttagcacg actaatggag tcttatagga gatagcccca tttgatccct cttaggaggg     49140
     acagcatgca gctgtagcca tagatttcat tggtcagtct gactctgata ttatgagaaa     49200
     gttacagagg ttagagggtc tccaagatta tactctgcaa gatttaggca aggaagctga     49260
     gaaagtgtac cacaagagag agactgagga agaaaagcaa gagagagaag agaaagaggt     49320
     agaggaaaga gaaaaccggc atgaacgcca ggaggatagg aacttgacta agattttggc     49380
     cgcagtggta ggtggagaaa gttcagagaa gggtcagtca gggtacctgc gcaacagggc     49440
     aagaagaccc ccatcagaac agagacctcc acttgagaaa gaccactgca catactgcaa     49500
     gaaaaaagaa tattgggcca gagactgccc aaaaaagaag cagaggggcc ccaaagtatc     49560
     tgcccttgaa gaagacaagg gaagtcgggg ctcggtcccc ttccccaagc ctagggtaac     49620
     tcactctgtg gaggggaccc ccgttaattt tctaatagac acaggagctg aatattcagt     49680
     cttgactgaa cctttaggac aattaggatc aaagaagatt ttagttatgg gagccactgg     49740
     tagcaagctt tatccctgga caaccaaaag gattttagac ataggaaaaa ataaagtgac     49800
     gcattctttt cttgtgatac ctgagtgccc agcacccctg ctaggctggg acctttgtaa     49860
     aaaattgaaa gcacaagtcc agtttacttc tgatggacct ggggtatcat ggaagaagaa     49920
     tccagtggca tgcttagttt taaatttaga agaagaatat cacctccacg aacagaagtc     49980
     tgagacttta ccctttaaag aacgattgac aggttttcca gaggtttggg cagagcaggc     50040
     tgggatggaa ttagctaggc aagtgccacc caacatagtc gagctaaaaa tggctgccaa     50100
     acccatttca gtcaggcaat accccatgag tcaaggggct aaaaacagca ttcgaccaca     50160
     tatccagaga ctgctataac agggtatatt ggtcccgtga cagtcccatt ggaatacccc     50220
     cttcctgcca gtgtgtaaac ctgggacaaa tgactatgtg cctgtccagg acttaagaaa     50280
     agtcaataag cgggtacagg acattcactc aactgtgccc aaccctcaca acttgctgag     50340
     ttccttacca cctgaacggt cctggtacac tgtcctggat ttgaaagatg cctttttctg     50400
     tctcagatta cacctgaaca gtcaacttct gtgtgctttt gagtggcgag tccctgaagg     50460
     aggatatacg ggtcagctaa ttttgactag gctgcgacag aggttcaaaa attcacccac     50520
     tttttttgat gaagtggtcc accacaacct tatgcccttt agggaacaga acctccaaat     50580
     ttctctcctg gagtatggag atgatttaat ccttgcagct tcaacccagg aactgtgcct     50640
     tgacaggatc aagaagcttc taaatgaaaa aagtgaattg gtgtactcct aagaaagctc     50700
     agctatgcca tatggacttg acctacctag gatactccct ccgagaagga aagcagttgt     50760
     tctccgaagc tggaaagaag actgtgatgc agatcccaac ccccagcact ctgtgacaag     50820
     tacgtgagtt tctgggaacg gcaggctttt gtagactctg aataccagag tccacaatgt     50880
     tggcggcacc tctgtaccca ctcactaaag aaaaagtccc gttcacctgg acagaggaac     50940
     accaaaaagc ctttaacagc acaaaggctg ctctgcttgc agcccaggct ttggccctgc     51000
     cagatttgac taagcctttc accatatacg ttgatgagcc agctggagta gcccgcagag     51060
     tcctgactca gactctgggg ccgtggaaga ggccagtggc ctacctgtct aaaaaattgg     51120
     acccagttgc cagtgaatgg ccctcctgcc taaaagccat cactgcagta gccctacttg     51180
     ttaaagatac tggcaagctt actctaggtc agcatgtgag tttaatcact ccccatgcat     51240
     taaagagtat tgtatgacag ccccctgacc attggatgac aaatgcccgg atgacccact     51300
     accagagcct gttgctaaat gaccgagtga cttttgccct acctgccatc cacaatccta     51360
     ccaccctcct ccccaagacg gatgcctcta cctgggtaca ccaatgtgct gatatcctgg     51420
     ctgaagaaac tggatcgaga aaggatctga ctgaccgaac ttggccaggt gtgcctgact     51480
     ggtacacaga tggtagaagc tttgtggtgg agggaaaata aagagcagga gaggcagtgg     51540
     ttgacagaaa acatgtaatt tgggcaagtt aacttccaga aggaacttcg gctcagaagg     51600
     ctgagctcct gacgctaact aaagctctgc agctggcaga aggtaaggca atcaatattt     51660
     acactgacag ccactatgct tttgccacag cccacattca tggggccatc tatagacaaa     51720
     gggggctact tacttcggca ggcaaggaaa ttaaaaataa agaagaaatc ttggccctcc     51780
     tagaggctat acacatgccc aagaaagtgg ccatcatcct ctgccttggc catcaaaagg     51840
     ggcaaggtgc tgtagcccag ggaaatcaga tggcaggttg ggtggccaaa caggtggtac     51900
     aaggcatccc tgcgctgcct gtagagagta tagaagaacc aaaagggacc ccagagatca     51960
     gttttgaata cacctccaaa gattatgaga tgaatgaaga tcttgaagaa caagggaagt     52020
     ccaaaggatt tagctaccat gggatagcaa gaacaaaaga aggaaaaatt attttgccct     52080
     atagagaagg aaaggcatat gtaaaacaca tccatcccct gacacatctg ggagcaaaga     52140
     aattgtgtga ttaaatccag tcctcaaact attatgtgct caggctacta gacaaacaag     52200
     taactaaatc ctgcaagtgt gttccctaat taatgctgca cgccccttta atgaacaagg     52260
     aaaacgacaa ctgggggata gacctggagt ttactgggaa gtagacttca ctgagatcaa     52320
     accaggaaaa tatggtaata aatagttact agttttcata gacactttct caggatgggt     52380
     agaagccttc cccaccaagt ctgaaactgc tcaggtggtg accaagaaga tcgttgaaga     52440
     gatcctaccc cagtttggga tccccagggt aatatgcttg gataatgggc ctgcatttgt     52500
     tgcccaggta agtcaggaat tagccacaca tttggggaac aattggaagt tatattgtgc     52560
     ttataaaccc cagagatcag tatgggtaga aggaatgaac aggactctaa aagaaaccct     52620
     aactaaatta gcttttgaga ccagtggtaa agactgggtg accctccttc cctttgtgct     52680
     ccttagggcc cgaaacacac ctgggtgttt cggcattact ccttatgaaa ttctacatgg     52740
     gggaccaccc cccttgaccg agtctgatgg gatattgaat tccagtgctg actcttcctc     52800
     accctcttct ctgtttaccc atttaaaggc cgtagaagtt gtcagaacac agatctggga     52860
     ccagattaaa gaagcctaca caccagggag cagtgcagtg ccccacaggt tccaggtcgg     52920
     ggactcagtt ctggtctgac aacatcgagc tggcatgctt gagccacggt ggaagggacc     52980
     ttatctagtg ctgctgacca gcgccaaggt agcaaaggta gacaggatcg ctgcctggat     53040
     ccacgcatcc cacataaaaa aaaggcaccc aaccaggatg aagacgacct cagagaaaat     53100
     tggacagtgg ccgctactga taattctctt aaactgtgcc ttcgctgtac accaaccttg     53160
     ggtaataatc ctcacactct tatgaccctg acatgggagg ccatctctca agctggagat     53220
     actgtatgga gtacttcaaa gccccccccc ttatacatgg tgtccccctc tgtttcctga     53280
     aatctgtgcc ctgatagatg gattagatgc ctgggatatc cctgaagagt cacatgaaac     53340
     ggtgccccaa gatgaggtaa tctatcacaa gcagccatat caccaggggt taagttccca     53400
     aggaaagtac attgcagata taccaggctg tagtagcagg tctcaacaga ggagactttg     53460
     tcaggagccc ttttatgtct gtcccaggga tagggcaaat aaaaaagagg ctcgctggtg     53520
     tgggggaata gagggcaact tctgtagtca gtggagatgt gaaaccactg gtaccactca     53580
     ttgggaccct tcctctagct tgatattatt atagtatcca gatgaaataa gggccatgat     53640
     tccttaaaca tcacttttac tcaaaaagca aaagagacaa aaaagattgg ataaagggaa     53700
     gactgtgggg cctaacattt tatgtgacag ggacgggccc tggattcaca tttaagatac     53760
     ggctaaagat gaagtgtccc ccaacccagg cagtaggacc tacccccgtt cttgttaaaa     53820
     aacctccaat gccccttccc agacctactt ttcccggaca taccctagtt ggtccagcta     53880
     ttccaacaga agtctatacc ccttcctcag acctgaaact tacattgccc ctactccccc     53940
     agatactgaa aaccgtctgt ttagtatggt acagggggct ttttggtacg caattgtacc     54000
     aatcccaaca tcactaagtc ttgttggctg tgttatgcct ccaatccccc atattatgag     54060
     ggagttgctc aagtcaagac atacaataag gctgaggaca attctcagtg tccttgggga     54120
     gaaaacagaa aactaacatt agcagctgtc ttgggaaata gactttgcct ggaacaagtc     54180
     ccacatgaca aacggtaact ctgtaatcag actcatcatc tccagtcttc cagtaataga     54240
     ggtcagtact tagtccctcc cttagccaca gtatgggctt gcaacactgg actcactccc     54300
     tgtgtattta cttctgtttt taatacttct aaagattatt gtcgtttagt tcagagggtt     54360
     cctaggcttc tgtatcatga tgacagtttt ttgtcaatgg attcaaccac tggacccggt     54420
     ataaaaggga acccattacc atgaccttag cagtgctttt gggtctagga acagcagctg     54480
     gggtcggcac agccacaact gccttgatac agacccccca ctattttcat gaattgcaca     54540
     accgctatgg atgcagacct aggagcacta gagcagtcca tcaccaaact tgaagaatca     54600
     ttgacctcgc tacagaacag gagggggcta gatctacttt ttctcaaaga aggtggactt     54660
     tgtgccccac taaaagaaga gtgttgtttt tatgtagacc attctggtct tatcagggac     54720
     tccatggcta agctcagaga aaggttagaa aaatgaagca aagaaagaga agcgtattaa     54780
     ggatggtatg aaaattggtt taacaggtct ccctgtttta cgacactgat tccaccctgg     54840
     caggccctct gattattttt ttcctccttc tttcttttgg gccatgtatt ttaaataagc     54900
     tggttgcttt tgttaaagat aaaataaaca ccatacaagt catggtcctc agacagcaat     54960
     atcaacaaga agaaaggtcg ttctaagatt agagctatcc actaaaagaa gtgggtaatg     55020
     aacagcaaaa acttataatt ttgggtctta tagcattgtg gtatgtaagt tcaagaaatt     55080
     cagggctgaa gaatagaccc aggcgggtcc aggcacagcc atactcaccc tgtagctaag     55140
     aatttccggc cataaaagat taaaaagaga atgcaggaac tagccactgc tatcagggcg     55200
     gaccaaatgg ccatctggca ggatggcacc tccctataga ccccataaat catacattga     55260
     ccaggtgtcc tgctgacctc gagaagtccc aagcccttgt gtctttctcc attttagcag     55320
     gtacatatta ccctgctaat ttgtaataat cctgccgcca tttaaataag ccaattatgt     55380
     gtaatggcgc aaattctttt ggctcccctg tttttggttt gtggtttttg cctttataag     55440
     cctgtaaaaa gtttgggctg gggttgaact cccctgcccc ctgcgcggtg catgagtttc     55500
     gtcctcagca ttctggcttg agcgaacctt tgttgtttgt gtgtttttac gccattaaag     55560
     ccttgtataa ttacagtgag ttcggtctca gtgtcctact gggtgcgtgc ttgcccgaga     55620
     agggactccc catgggggtc tttcagtagg ttttctgaat aagtttgtat tacatggcaa     55680
     aaaaaaaaaa gatttattat attcatttcc ttccttctca tggtgtttaa ggcatatata     55740
     atgcaattga atactgcaca ttctgattat taacagtttt ataccaagtt ccaaatttaa     55800
     cataccacga aatgagaaag cgtacaatat atattccaat catgaataag caaatgaatg     55860
     tagggaaata gttttcaggt actaagatac atagctatta agacatgatc agaacaattt     55920
     agatcagagg atattagcct aagccctatg acttaaattt ccccttggct gtatactcag     55980
     agctctgtgt cctgtctgtt gctgattgga acaatgcttt gtttttcagt agcttcctgc     56040
     atgaatttaa catggtcata cactatagac cgtcttagca ggaatcaact taatgtggat     56100
     ctaggaatct gttacctgta gagaagggcc tctctgttaa gaatgatcag tgaccattgt     56160
     acctcattgt ttctacagag gatcctaaag ggtgcataac ctgctgtgaa aaagatctag     56220
     gccctctaat ccatgacaca agcctagttt ccatttgttc agttatgtca gattttgtac     56280
     taatatattc aggcaaagta attactgtta tatatctgtt ctatccaaga ttttaatact     56340
     attggttgct attttgcatt gaatcctaga gctgatgaac caagtaaaga acactgggaa     56400
     atcacctaga taaaagagat aaagtgtgtg atggttacac cttgtaatgg caatgactct     56460
     ttgaattaag aggccttaaa aagaaatgaa atagaaactt gagtttctca gtaatgtgag     56520
     tcactctggt atcatgtctc tttagcctga ggatacaaga gaagactcta accaacatca     56580
     ttgacagtct tggtcttagg tcatcatgat atccctttct atgatcccaa gtgtattaca     56640
     atataataag tagacccacc aaaggcaata aagtaaagac agcactaatc actgagtcct     56700
     aggcatgcta aatgctaggc agtcactctg tcaactgagc tatgtacaga ctctgttccc     56760
     aatattcaca gatttaagtt ttttccaatg aagcctagaa gctgctttcg aaggaagatg     56820
     tgttctatga ctatgtccta gcacagtctg ctggaaatgg cacctcagtt tctggtcagt     56880
     actaggagag caacagcagg gaggtaaaag ctattcacta ttgcgtcccg ctcgaccggc     56940
     aagaaagatt caacaaacta gaatcttcca cagcaagagc tttattgctt gcttatcagg     57000
     aagatcccga accgggaaaa tggcgctgct tttataacct gcagcgtgac atttcagcac     57060
     ctgatatggc atgacagctc ctgattcatt gcttgcccat cacctgaata tttcaccccg     57120
     agaataggag tgactaggag tgaattcact ctcgcacctt cgtacaaggc ttctttacta     57180
     gttagccaca gcggaggccc gcgccatctt atatgctcgc ggcacacaca gctctcctca     57240
     gagattactg gtggcatgca cgagattgct tgcagtacgt acctgctctc cacatcttcc     57300
     cctttttatt ttattaaaat ttgaggctgg tctaggcctg tgtaactttg cccatccact     57360
     gtggctccta tcttaggtca ttcctccaat gtcacagcct ttcctgtcat agggtaaccc     57420
     tatcgccacc gggccccgtg tcttaggttg atctgtgcat gaggaaagtt gcccgtccct     57480
     ggataccaca gtgctatgtg acattaacta ctaaataaac tagggcgaac tctataaaag     57540
     aggacagcca ccaatgtcaa ttaatttttg agcatagata gccagatttc agggaaggcc     57600
     ccttgcttga tggcagcaag tgcttgggtt atcaaaacct tgtcacgtgt ttgttgggtt     57660
     ctgagcttgc aaaccaacca gagcatgacc acaagtccac agcaggtggc aacgccaaat     57720
     aaacctaccc ccaaccattc cttaaaataa ggaaaggcag atgaaatcca ggaggagagg     57780
     acctctgtca atgacaggtc cactcgtgtt gagttgatct ttagaacggc tgctctaagg     57840
     acctcaaggg tctcatcgaa tctttcagac cagtttcctg caagatataa agaaacctgt     57900
     ctagacaaat tagctgcata agtaaaattt catattggac actggtaatg cacagagctt     57960
     ccagttttct ttcacaaccc aactgggcca tctggtatag aacacctatc tgttcttccg     58020
     ccaggtcaag gcactgattc aaagtcatca gccctccctt taacttggta ctagcagaag     58080
     tttggacagt gatggcatca gccagatctg ctgaaagctg atttaatttt gtgcctgatt     58140
     gaaccgcact aaacatagca taccctgcag ctgtagcagc agctgcactg gctgaaattg     58200
     ctatgatcac ggcagcagta atgccaaaat ctctcttttt tcaaaacata gataagatgg     58260
     agggtgtatc caccagaaca gggatccaac gtgggatccg tgccaccatg gcacgggtgt     58320
     tctttgttac atcccaacat tgagaaatcc aacaattatc attggaacag atttcaaatg     58380
     aatcatttga aagaataaac aagaaagcgg ggtaaacaca gactgtggta gatggataat     58440
     taatctggtt taccaaagtt ttattaaacc cagtgatctc tgcactggta ttactatatc     58500
     cataagagtc cagggaggca tcatgtattc cccaatactg agcaaatctt gagatgccag     58560
     taaaagaagc ctttccaact gctcctccct ggataaagat caaaggattg agttctgtac     58620
     aactgccatt gactccacaa agcacccact tgtgaaaggg atgcattcta atatcctgta     58680
     tgaaaagtcc ctttttcata aaaaattcct tctctgggtt atctatcatt tcgggagaaa     58740
     agaaaaaggt tttactctga tctgcccaat gagtgatgga ggattgacaa tcagaccaag     58800
     gcaggatcag cccttcatct tccaaactac aatgaggggc tatttttggt tggtgtggac     58860
     gttttttgtc tgaaaagtta ggtggtagaa atgtaccatt aacccaattt acctcgtgcc     58920
     aaaaggtccg atttgtaaag gttatctcta cattggaagt atcttgggtt gtgctcacgc     58980
     aacctcctct atgctcatta aacttcccca aagcttgggc tgtgaggttg atacaatttc     59040
     ctggtccatt aattcgaaaa cataaagaac cctgttctag taaagtgcga ttttctccta     59100
     atggtgctcg ggttgggatc atagggtaaa tatggcaaat ccactgtttt atcagtagta     59160
     aagaattttg gaaaaactat agcatcatag cgaactggca ttggtttagg gaaagttgag     59220
     agaatagccc atctctgctg gcccattata ctaggaacct gagacaagtt cagcattgtc     59280
     aggatcagga acagtcctcg ggaggtcagc atcttctgca ccatccttga tgaatatcct     59340
     ggggatgagt cattccggca gccaaaatgg gttgtcttca ctctgtgaaa aaacacaaac     59400
     agctccccag gatctgatta agataggatc cgggcctttc cactgaccag ttaaaacatc     59460
     cttccctttg accatttctt ttggtctatc agggtctgag ctatgtcgct cagctgcaga     59520
     gtgtccctgc tcgtcgagat tcaaaaaatt aagtgtaaag agtgccatag atactgctac     59580
     tcttggcact gaggtcagag tctcatcaac tccccctttc tgttttataa gatttgagtt     59640
     tggggtgggc acgttccaca atgccttgtc cttgagtatt ataaggaagg ccagtcaaat     59700
     gagtgacatc catttgatga caaaattgtt gaaattaagt agatttatat gctggcccat     59760
     tatccgtttt tagaattgtg ggcttgcccc acacactcca cgcttctagg cagtgctgta     59820
     taacatgaga ggctttttca cctgttaaag gtgtggcaaa tattacacca gagcaggtgt     59880
     caatagaaac atgtaaatat tgatttctcc caaaggagga aatatgactg acatccattt     59940
     gccagacctg taatgtcctg acgccacgag gatttacccc tacatgagga gtaggtaaaa     60000
     attgacaaca gttttgacat tgggtgacaa tgtcacgaga ttctttcctg gttaaagtaa     60060
     aacggtggtg taatgtctca ggtgtcacat gaaagcattc atgaaattct cttgcagcct     60120
     ctgcctgtga ggacaaagca gcagccacga ttctagtggc tttgtctgct aagtcatttc     60180
     catgagacat gaggccagga aggccagaat gagctcaaac atgagtaata tagacaagat     60240
     gtcttctgta taacaaggct gactgaatct tttgaaaaat gtgagcaagc ttactagttg     60300
     gtttaattaa gcctgcaact tcaagcatat taactgcatt gaacacatat aaggaatcag     60360
     atacaatatt gagcggtccc aggaaagttt caaggacttc tagaactacc aaacactcta     60420
     caacatgggg tgatgaatca ttatattgtt tagatgttac ttggccattt actacatatg     60480
     cacctatacc agatttggat ccatctgtat acactactac cccatccgga agtgggtgtt     60540
     tgactgttat tattggaaac actatagctt ggcttaaggc aaattgtaaa attgtatgtt     60600
     ttggataatg gttatcaatt tgtcctgaat aggaggcaac caagactgcc caatcgttgg     60660
     ttgttgctgc cagggtttga acttgagcag aagtataagg tacacttact atataaggtt     60720
     cttacccgaa ataagtaatg gctgctttta tccccctaag tgcaagttga gcaactgcat     60780
     taggatacca ctcaatgatt tttgcagggg aagcattagg atggacccac aacaagggcc     60840
     cattttgcca taagaccact gttggtaact gtgcagtttt taatatgtac aattcaaatg     60900
     actttgactc gtcaattcgt tgtaattgag catcttgtag ggccttttct acaatttgta     60960
     aagcttgaca tgcagctggg gtaagtgctc tgtgggagga gatatgggta tctccctcta     61020
     atgtgtcaaa taagggcttt aattctgctg atggaatttt caaaaagggt ctcagccaat     61080
     taatatctca taacaatttt tgaaaatcat tcaaggtatg tagttgatct ttgcgaatct     61140
     ctaatttttg aggaacaatt ttgtcaggat aaataagtga ccctaggaag gctcccattc     61200
     gagcaacttg cacctcttcg gtggccacct gcaatcccta ttgccctaac gtttttatta     61260
     atataaggta tgcatcttgc aataactctg aatttttatg gcaaatcaaa atgtcatcca     61320
     tataaattat cacctgtaat gatggaaaat gttctctaac tgacttaagt gccaattgta     61380
     catacagttg acacatggtg gggctattcg ccatcccctg aggtaggacc ttccattggt     61440
     atctttgatc tggctctaag taattaatgg ctgggatcgt aaatgcaaat ctttacttat     61500
     cttgagggca taaagttata gagaaaaagc aatttttaat gtctaggatt ataatttccc     61560
     aatttttggg taaggcagaa agtaatggta gcccttgctg aactggtcca aacagatgca     61620
     tttgcgcatt aattgctcta agatcatgta ataagcgcca tttgccagat ttttttctta     61680
     attacgaaaa taggtgtatt ccagggtgag gtagaaggct ctaaatgacc caagtgtagc     61740
     tgttcagaaa ttagttttgt ggctgcttct aatttttcag aggagagagg ccattgggga     61800
     acccatacaa cttcctctgt aagccatggt atgggcatgg aaccctcaac agctgtctct     61860
     agaaaaaaat ccaaaccttg tctcccatta ttaccttttt gagggatagg ttcaagttta     61920
     ccctgctctc cttttcctaa tccccttcct tctttatagc atattttctt aatcattcga     61980
     acagcttgtg gcgagcatgc attagttaag gtcagtccta gtgcctgtaa gatgtctttc     62040
     ccccagagat ttactgggag tggtaagaca taaggagtga atcgtcccat ttgaccttca     62100
     ggcgctgtcc agctcaaaga acgggaacta atagtgggac aggactgata accgaaacct     62160
     tgcaaagaat gtgatgactg aataactggc caagttttcg gccaccagtg agaagaaata     62220
     atacttttgt ctgctgctgt gtctaaaatc cccttaaatt gtttcccttc tataactaac     62280
     tctaaagaag gcctggaatc taaaggcatt attaaataag ccgaatcatt tccaatagaa     62340
     ccaatccctc tggtagcttg agggacacca gaagagggaa aacagccatg taggcttggc     62400
     tgaattacta actgagctat tctatctcct tgtgaaatag aaacgacacc ctgaggacag     62460
     gaacagagaa cttgaagtcc cccttcataa tcttgatcta catctccagg gtgaacaata     62520
     agaccttgta gtgtaaggga agccctgccc aatattaggc cgacactccc agatggcaga     62580
     ggtcctttat agttagtagg tataggctgc actcccattt gagggatcag catgaattgg     62640
     gtgttgccct gcggactgtg gggtccacct ttcgcctgtc gaggtcccat atgttttcgg     62700
     gccctgagac ctgagggccc tgtactggtt ttttgaaatg gtgtcattat ctactgcttg     62760
     agggaatcct ggctgcagga gcctgcctcg aatgtccctg attgaacgac aagcgctagt     62820
     ccaatgatat cattttccac acttagtgca caatcctggt gctctccttt taacaagggc     62880
     tctacagtcc ttttttaagt gtcccggttt gccacgatta tagcagagtt tgagctcagc     62940
     catgtcagtg catttttgca cttgtagaat ggcagctgct aaacctgcat tagtgagtgg     63000
     cccaccaagt tcacggcaaa ccttcgacca gtcctgcagt cccttgcttt ttccaggtgt     63060
     aatagccgcc ctgcattcct gggtagcctg ttcatatatc aactgtccaa ttaaaggcat     63120
     agctgctttt gtatctcaaa atattctcgt gctgcctctg tcattctagc cacaaaatat     63180
     gagtacgact cctgggagcc ctgagtgatc ttggtcaaat gcccacttgc ctctcccttc     63240
     ttagagagtg ccttccatgc cttaacagtg gcagctgaga tctgggcgta tgctccccaa     63300
     tgataatctg tttggttagc agcatgctgt ccctgacctg taagcaattc aaatgtccat     63360
     gtcctttggt ttccttccat ggtggcattg gcccttgcct gcgtctgaca ggagtcctgc     63420
     cacaaagcgt tccattcaag atacatcccc atactggggg ctgcagcttt tactacagtc     63480
     tggcaatcac caggagtcat agtgtgagtt gcaagccttt caacttgtgc tacagtgaaa     63540
     ttagctctga ctccataaca cggactgttt ctgcaagctc cttaatctgt atatattcta     63600
     ctggagcgtg aacacgccct ccctcagctc tttcaaaaac tggaaatgcc tgttgtatct     63660
     tcctctgttc ctcttttggt ataaatgagt ctgaatgata cctctgcaca taaggctcag     63720
     aatggtgcct ctgcacataa ggcggaggtg cactagaacc ctgaagttgc atatccgaag     63780
     accgcgcaat gatttgacat ttgtctctag ctgctttcat gttattctgt aactgattaa     63840
     cttgtctttc atctgactgg tatctttctc cctcacaacc tgtcgctttc ttctctaagt     63900
     ctgtttcctc ataggaataa gttccttatc tgattctgag ctactgacag ctagctgctt     63960
     aaactcatct agtggtgggt agaggcttct ttccttatgt gcctctccag ctcgatctcc     64020
     cttcttctct ccctttccat ccttttttct aatctctccc caggtatttt ccctgacatt     64080
     ctcttttcct cggtctcaag gctcatggaa aggcctaaat tcttcagtgc actttgtttc     64140
     ctctctattt ttcctctctc tccccgctct acctctgata gactttcttg aatttcgtcc     64200
     agaactttct gccccgcttc taccatttgc tgacaatcct catctcttaa acacgatttc     64260
     accaatttca tagcggcata atccctcctt taagtttgcc tttctgttgt tccctaacta     64320
     gatctccttt cagtttgtcc caagaggcga cagttaatga taatgagcaa gcataccatg     64380
     gtgcaacacg gtctatctct ctgacaaatc cctcttaggt cttagtggcg atttttaggc     64440
     cacactgctt caggactgag cgtaggccca ctactataga atgggagatt cccatactgc     64500
     cgctgtccag gcctgaccag gcctaaaatt ggttgctgtc caggtgctgt ccaggcctga     64560
     ctgcgactaa gaaccagtca acagttccag tggtggaaac aaaacgaaac gaaaaggaaa     64620
     agtgtaatcg ccatcaaaca atcaaaaggg cttctaactc tggagaaact tcaagattgt     64680
     acgtaccttg tagagacttt tgtcccacac ttctgattct gccccatgaa tgaaggatct     64740
     tccttgcgct ggtgtgatga cagttcccgg gttttggcac cacttattgc gtccagctcg     64800
     accagcaaga aagatgcaac aaaccagaat cttcctcagc aagagcttta ttgcttgctt     64860
     ctcaggaaga tcccgatccg ggaaaatggc actgctttta taaccagcag cgagacgttt     64920
     cagcacctga tatggcatga cagctcctga ttcattgctt gcccatcacc ccactattac     64980
     accccgagaa tggtagtgac taggagtaaa ttcactctcg cacctgcgta caaggcttgt     65040
     ttactagtta ggcacagtgg aggcccgcac catcttataa tggtgattgc tcacggcaca     65100
     catggctctt ctcagagatt actggcggca cgcacgtaat tgctcgcagc acgtaccggc     65160
     tctccacaat tcaccacgat atctgcagtc ccttctatga atagtctgtt gtaacctgga     65220
     gagttctggt catccactct gataccacta ctgttgtagc aacttgaact tctcttaaac     65280
     cagtcagtcc ctttctatag agatgattca tccctgaagc atctacatgg gagagagaat     65340
     ggggagcata gaaatcagag agaggcagaa gtaatctaga cttcaagctg agaaaagaaa     65400
     aagtggtcct ggggaaaata cagtgatttc tgggtagaga atatggagca tcccagtaaa     65460
     ggtagttctg aactggcttg tttatcttga aggcagactt gggcattgta taaagctctc     65520
     ttgtaagatc tcatacacaa aattttgctc aatgtctgac tcagaagtaa tatttcagca     65580
     gtatctagaa ttcatgctgg aaaaaactgg agaaaagaaa tcaggatttt tgtgggccaa     65640
     ggtccatgac ataaggcttc agatatctaa attggcaaag ctcatgcagc caagagaaac     65700
     ctttacacag acacctagag tcttgtggca atgagccagg atcaaattca ccataactat     65760
     ccatatttta gcattccttg tgctatgata ataaaggaca cagcctgagt tcatataaat     65820
     cattaggtct gcttttattg ggttctaact tcctggggcg gggctctaaa gcaggacaaa     65880
     tctttcctct gatcagcaga agacataaca tgacctagtc atgtcgggca cgcatgcaga     65940
     gcttagagaa tgagaaccct gaaggggcat agaacctcaa gagattaaga aagaaattga     66000
     cttctgtttg gtatttgcct gtcagagaga gaagcactta aggcagggtc atctctgcct     66060
     ttcattgttt caggactcaa cactctgcaa ctttgtttca ataccttctt tctgttagcc     66120
     attagcttgc ctttagcctc ctagactcag tgttgctgag tgtgaaacag attatactcc     66180
     tgacagcctc aggagcatgt agatgtgtaa ttcacacaca agtaccaatt caaatgtgtt     66240
     gtgtctggcc agcggctcac atgtctgggt tctaatctgg aaaggaatct tggaaacctg     66300
     gaagagaaca gggagctagg cagagaagag aaagatgtag ctaaggcaaa attctgaaca     66360
     aagctcaatt ttactatttc tgaaactcat ttatgaagca ggggtaggga cctgattccc     66420
     gccaaatcat cttggagtaa agttgcaggt gaacacgtga tgggtccaga aatgctagtt     66480
     ggaaagcagc agcagtggga gtggcagggt tatagagctg caagctctgc tgagatgctc     66540
     tctaatactg aaacctgagc agatcagctg aaaatgaaag gaagcttgtt caggtataag     66600
     actaaaaata agggttctgg gcatggagga acgacacttg ggaaatatca atctgatata     66660
     taaggacaaa cagaaataga ctagcaacaa ccagtcccag agaatagagg gagatagctt     66720
     acgaggttag tcaagcacca tttgctcttt ggaatgccta actgctcatc catccaattt     66780
     tgcttttaac catctccttt ctaatctacc agccagataa tatgcaaagc ctgaggcacc     66840
     ttctaacatt cagtcctaca agggaggtca ccatcaaatc tccacctcag tgttcaggaa     66900
     acactgtaat aaaagacaga aacagtgtag gatcataaaa actatcttga ttgtaactac     66960
     tagaatttag tcctagctac acacttttat taaaaaactg acatcaatga aatttatatt     67020
     ttagagttgt ttctacaaca gaacaaacga tctacatttg gggtttgtct tcctatttca     67080
     cataatcaaa tcaggaaaaa aaaattcctc acaggtgctc caaattccca gagttttagt     67140
     gaattcctaa tattatcagg gttacaacca agactagcca tcataagtat acctcttgtc     67200
     aataagacat acaatcatat ctccttatat tatattaatt tccaaaggaa agcaatagtt     67260
     atgcctagca tagtatccta tatccaatat acaactgcaa ataaagtata tgaattttca     67320
     gggcagaatc atgcttaaca tgagataaaa ttccatatac aactacaatc atattttatc     67380
     ttttagaata gattacaatt tcttaattgt aacacaatat aaaatcaaat tcaaagcatt     67440
     gtttactttc aaagtacact gacatgatta tacattctca ttcaaaataa aggaaaagaa     67500
     acataaacag gaaatattgg gaaaatcaag atcaaatcta gctagacaaa ccccaaatcc     67560
     taaatttatg tacattgtgg cttaaaaagc tcttcctatc tagtttcatg actacaatat     67620
     atttctctgt cttggaatgg ttccattctt tgtgtgtagc tttctttgag agatatcgca     67680
     cagctgtgga ccttcttaca tcctgattgc tatatcacaa tataggcttc cctttcatac     67740
     cttcactaaa agcctttcta ggcatctatg cagggacttc gctgcaacct ggatgccctc     67800
     agtggctttc cataaccacg taggaagact ccatggctct tttccttctg tatccttcat     67860
     taatctgatg aaagaactac atggtggatg ttgccaagtt cttttgcctg ctttagatag     67920
     aacctgcctg cttccttgaa tattttttca taaatttgat atgttgtttt tctgctataa     67980
     acagatcaat ccttgggaca tttctttgca caagttgcag gattagcttg gtggatactc     68040
     acctcgagga aacaattccc tttattacat tactccttat atctttcaac actagctatg     68100
     gctcccacaa aaaaatttct ggtgctcttt ttttctccaa acttaaattc tagctcatcc     68160
     cttaaagaat gagtacaatc aggaaaacaa aagtcaagaa gcattagcga tgtgggaata     68220
     aagtacagct gtactgctgg tgggtgctta agttggtaca tccaggataa aatcagtgtg     68280
     gaatttgcta aaaatatcta aaaatagaac taactggtga ctcacctata tcacacttga     68340
     gtgtagaaaa gatagcatgg ttatctattg atacttgctc agtcattttt gttgattttg     68400
     ttttcaaaaa aggagatgca atcagctgta actaaatttg ctagagagta tatggaattt     68460
     gaaaatacta tataataaat gcgttaagtc aggcctataa agagaaatgc tacgtgtctg     68520
     taatcacatt tggtctagct tcaactatta gattttttgt ttaacttgga gtatctgtgg     68580
     agataaggaa ccccaaagtg gcacatggca tggaagaaag gatgaagcct ttagggaagg     68640
     agggaatgac agaacacatg caacatagta ggaggaggaa acattagaga ttacaagttt     68700
     aggtaagcat gagtatagga ttatgtctgt tattccatac ggaatgtcac attttaggaa     68760
     gtttatttaa aatattacat ttaagtggaa ttaatcttgg ttacagtcca aaacttgata     68820
     ctacaacact ttctgaagaa accacatact cgattaatag aacatgaata aataaagtta     68880
     taaacaatct ttaaatttaa ttcttagggc ttgcagttat atagtggcag aatgttctgt     68940
     ttatgctact agcagagaaa gtaatcaagc atattacaca tctgtgatcc ctgacaacaa     69000
     gattagtgac tcatttgaaa tatactgtgt acatatatat catctaggtt aaaagtaata     69060
     tagtcctgtt atctattttt ctgtgtttac ttctagatca taggaactat tttactgtta     69120
     cctagaactg attttagaac gaggacagaa tactttgtct taataatttc atgcctacct     69180
     aaacataaat acacaatatt gtttaaaaat aataattatg aatattttct acctgcattg     69240
     ggtagtgcca taataagttc gtatttcaaa ctactgatta ataatatgaa acaaaaaaat     69300
     gttaaatttt aggatagata gttataatac ttcagaaagt tgtcaacaaa ttacacaggg     69360
     aaggagaaat agaatacatc gttttctcca cctatggtta ttgagatttt ggccaggtat     69420
     agtagcctgg gttggcattt gagttctctt agtgtctgta taacatctgt tcaggctctt     69480
     ctggctttcc tagtctctgg tgaaaagtct ggtgtaattc tgataggcct gccgttatat     69540
     gttacttgac cattctccct tactgcttat aatgttctat ctttttttag tgaatgtgtt     69600
     tttctgatta ttatgtgttg agaggaattt cttttctggt caagtctatt tggagttctg     69660
     taggcttttt ttatgttcat ggacatctct ttctttaggt ttgaaaagtt ttcttctata     69720
     attattttga agatatttgc tgccccttta agttgaaaat cttcattctc atcaactcct     69780
     attatctgta ggtttggtct tctcattgtg tcctgtattt cctggatgtt ttgagttagg     69840
     atccttttgc attttgcatt ttctttgatt gttgtgctga tgttctctat ggaatcttct     69900
     acacctgaca ttctctcttc catcacttgt attctgttgc tgatgcttgc atctatggtt     69960
     ccagatatct ttcctagggt ttctatctcc agcgttgcct cactttgggt tttctttatt     70020
     gtgtctactt ccatttttag gtctagtatg gttttgttca tttccatcac ctgttcggat     70080
     gtgttttcct gtttttcttt aaggaattct acctgtttgg ttgtgttttc ctgtttttct     70140
     ttaaggactt gtaacacttt agcagtgttc tcctgtattt ctttaagtga attattaaag     70200
     tccttcttga tgtcttctac catcttcatg agatatgctt ttaaatccgg gtctagcttt     70260
     tcggttttgt tggggtgcac atgactaggt ggagtgggag tgctgtgttc tagatttctg     70320
     taagtacaat tcttacattt gcctttggcc atctggtaat ctctggagct agttgttata     70380
     gttttctctg gttagagctt gttcctcagg tgattgtgtt agcctctatc agcagacctg     70440
     gtagactaca tctctcctct gagtttcagt tgtcagagca ctctctgcag gcaagctctc     70500
     ctctcacggg aaaggtgcac agatatatgg ccttaagacc tccctcctgg ccgaagaaga     70560
     aggcccaaaa caggacctgt cctgaagctg agttgctttg gcctgtccca gaaggtgtta     70620
     gcttctgtat tctacactct cacacgtcca gaatacactc tgtggagtcc tggaaccaag     70680
     atgtctgcag ctgatgctca ggcaaagcac tcctgcactg ggcagacccc tttcctctgg     70740
     ctgggaaagt ggccagatgt ctgaagcctg tgcagaatac tctcggctgg gtccaggaac     70800
     caagatatct gctgccgccg atgctccgtc aaagcactcc cgcactggtc acaccccttt     70860
     cctctggcct ggacatttgc cagttgtctg gggcccgaaa agtgggctgc cttagaagct     70920
     ctgtggctcc cacctctccc agaagctttt ggcttctgta ttccgtactc tcacctgtgc     70980
     agaatacacc cggtggggtc ctagaaccaa gatgtctgtt gccaatgctc aggcaaagca     71040
     cttctgcacc cggcggaccc cctttactct ggttcggaaa gtggccggat gtttggggcc     71100
     tttgcagaat acacttggca gggacctgga ccagtcttgt gcttcttcag aaaattgaca     71160
     tagtactacc agaagaagca gcaacacttc tcctgggaaa atactcagaa gatgttccga     71220
     tgtgtaataa ggattcattc tctatgatgt tcataccagc cttatttatt tattttgtta     71280
     atatttttta ttattacgta ttttcctcaa ttacatttag aatgtacatt tagaaagtcc     71340
     cccataccgt accccccact tccctaacca cgcatttcca ttttttgtct ctggcattcc     71400
     cctgtactgt ggcatataaa gtttgcatgt ccaacgggcc tctctttcca gtgatggcct     71460
     actaggccat cttttgatac atatgcagtc aagagctccg gggtactggt tagttcataa     71520
     tgttattgga cctacagcat tgcagatctc tttagctcct tggatacttt ctcaagctct     71580
     tccattgaga atcctgtgct ccatccaata gctgactttg agcatctact taagtatttg     71640
     ctatgcccca gccttgtctc ataagagaca gctatatccg ggtcttacca gcaaaatctt     71700
     gctagtttat gcaacggttt catcgtttgg aggctaatta tgggatggat ctctggacat     71760
     gtcagtctct agatggtcca tccttttgtc tcagctccaa actttgtctc tgtaacagtc     71820
     tggcggttcc tcagaaaatt ggacatggta ctactagagg atcccacaat acctctcctg     71880
     ggcatatatc cagaagatgt cccaaccagc aagaaggaat cctgctccac tatgttcata     71940
     acagccttat ttataatagc cagaggctgg aaataactca gatgcccctc aacattggaa     72000
     tggatacaaa aaatgtggta catttacaca gtggagtact actcagctat taaaaaatga     72060
     atttatgaaa ttcctaggca agtggatgga tgtggagggc atcatcctga gtgaggtaac     72120
     acaatcacaa aagaactcaa atgatattta cacactgata agtggatatt agcccggaaa     72180
     cttagcatac ccgagatata agatacaatt tgcaaaacac atgaaactaa agaatgaaga     72240
     ccaaattgtg gacactttgc cccttcttag aattggaagc agtcaccagc attatttata     72300
     atagccattt gctcgaaaga actcagatgt tgctcaacag aagaatatat gatacagaat     72360
     ggatacagaa attctagtac atttaaacaa tggagtacta ttcagcagtt aaaaacaatg     72420
     aacttatgaa tttcttaggc aaaagcatgt atctggagga tatcatcctg agtatggtaa     72480
     tccaatcaca aaagaacaca tatgatatgt actaacttat aagccgatat tagcccccaa     72540
     acagactact caagatacaa tttgcaaaac gcatgaaact cgagatgaag gaagaccaaa     72600
     gtgtggatac ttcattggtt cttataatgg ggaacaaaat acccatggaa ggagttacag     72660
     agacattttg gaggtgagaa aaaagaaagg accatccaga gactgctcca cctggtgatg     72720
     catcccatag acaaccacca aacccagaca atattgcata tgccagcaaa attttttgac     72780
     aggacactgg aatagctatc tcttgtgagg ctatgccagt tcctggcaaa tacagaattg     72840
     gatactcaca gtcatctatt ggatggtaca caaggccctt aatgtggaat ctagagaaag     72900
     tacccaagga gctaaagggt ctgcaactta aaggaggatc aacattatga actaaccagt     72960
     aaccccctga actatgtatc tagttgcata tgtggcagag gatggcctag tcagccatca     73020
     aagagaggag agtcacttgg tcttgtgaag ataatatacc caagtacagg ggaatgccag     73080
     ggccaggaag caggagtggg tgagttggca agcagggtag gggaaggtat aggaaacttt     73140
     caggatagca tttgaaatgt aaatgaagaa aaatatctaa tgaaaatgag ttaaaaaata     73200
     ttagcaaaac cttatattag cacgttaaca gcacatccta aagatctcaa acacaaagaa     73260
     gaaatgacac ccaaaagatg tggtggcagg aaatagtaaa actcagggtg gaaaaaaaaa     73320
     taaaatagaa agaaaaatac aaataatttt tggaacaaat attggttctt tgacaagatc     73380
     actaagatca acaaactatt attcaagtta actaaaataa aaaagataat atccaaatta     73440
     gcaaaatcag atattaaatg gggggacata acaacagaca cctgataggt cagaaagttt     73500
     cgcaaagtgc ttcttcctcc tagaagcaca cttgctcaac catattaatt gctgctgtat     73560
     tcataattat ctgcaactgg aaacaaccta catgtccata aactgaagaa tgtataacat     73620
     atatgttata tttatacaat ggaacattac tcagctgtta tgaaatggat ggaaacagaa     73680
     aaaaaaaaca aaactaaaaa caaaaacata acctgaataa cgtatcccag tcccaggaag     73740
     ataaatatgc tatgtgttga tttatatgtt gatattgact gggctggata gttttttgtc     73800
     aacttgtcac aaagtaaagt cccctgagag tagggaatct caattgagaa aatgtctcca     73860
     taagattggt ctgtgcaggc aggactgcag ggcagtttct taattaatga ttgatgggta     73920
     ggatttctgc caattgttga tactgccatc catgtgcttg tggttctgag ttctctatga     73980
     gaaagcatga aaccatgggg aactaaccac taagcagaat gctgcagaca ctctgggccc     74040
     ctttgtctgc gtggaacgga tttctagtca caggtgggca aagcgttgga tgaaatgata     74100
     gacagataca cagaggagag gttgtgtaga atctgaatgt aatgtgtcaa attgagcatc     74160
     aaacttttta tacagaagag aataggaaag ttgggtgaca cacaagcaag gtacaaagag     74220
     gttactggat tcttacagaa aacggaggaa tacaaactca gaagttctca caggaaacac     74280
     ctgggataaa attcactgtt aacaactggg atcaaaaaga gctccaccaa atatccacat     74340
     aatcttagaa gtcagggtca agggcttcgt gcccttgcta tagttcttat tttagtctat     74400
     tgtatagacc accttccccc taggcaattg taaatacgtg tatatgggtg gaactcagct     74460
     atctatagtt ctaagtatgt actctgcttc ctccttaggt ctcaaacttc cttcttccta     74520
     gatgatgata aattcttgtg tagggcagtg acttagcttt tattcaaagt ggtagtataa     74580
     taccagaggc aattctgaat gccactgaat agacaacatt cttactgaat tctaagccca     74640
     tggtcagctc aaggactttc taggatattg gaacactggc aaaagcttag ctatatcaga     74700
     attcaatctt aaaaagaact tataataaga taacactaaa agagagcatg tggatccata     74760
     caccagacta acgcgggaat aggggatgag tatatgggtt aatgagaagg ccaaaactcc     74820
     agaaggtgag cttccgtgaa actctttgcc tcatgagtgc ttccaggcct ctcggcctgt     74880
     caagctgact cgactggtgt gcgtggcagc agtacccatc catggtctct gtattagctc     74940
     ctgactctag gtacctggcc catttcagtt cctgttctgt ctgtcttcag atgatgaata     75000
     gcaatgaaga agtgtaaacc aaataagtcc taccctcccc aacttgtgct tgggttatag     75060
     tttttggtga cagcaataca aagattaaca cattctacat tacatatgtg atggcctgtc     75120
     tacaatctgt agatccagtg aagttaggta tagaggaagg acttgggtgc atacattgat     75180
     gcccatggta tggggatata gaatggattt tattagtgga caaagatgga caagaaagag     75240
     aagatcaggt ggcatagtgg agggagatgg ggttgaataa ggaaatgcag gaagagatat     75300
     ttgaaagaga agtatttgat gaatgatgac cgaaaggtgg aggaactgga gatgatggga     75360
     ggtagtgaaa gaaccgtggg gagtaaaatt tggggggact gtaagcaggg tatattaaat     75420
     gagaaattaa tattattttt aattttatta gaatattaag catggcagag ggtctcccag     75480
     gaatgtacat tttacctcca aaatactggg ctttgatgga ttcttggtga ggtgaaccac     75540
     ttaaaagctc ttaccactct taaacactta aaagctggta ccactctgtt accactcatg     75600
     ctgttgtaga gtttctctct acttgctgcc ctcacatcac atccctcata atctatggat     75660
     tgtatgaaaa tttaaggggg gttccagccc ctcactgggc aatatcattg ccaccaacag     75720
     tgttagttag atctaacttt ctcaaggatt gcagctgatg cagattaata cttcaaccac     75780
     gatcttggaa agaattacta cgaaaagcat gccttttttt ttttcaaaag tcaggctggt     75840
     gttcagatga ttattatttc tttgtaccta tttcctccct ctaattcctg atatgattta     75900
     agaaaaacat ggttaatgaa caaatgtgca ccctgaggat tcaaagtaga aagggatgat     75960
     aggtttttac ataaaagttt agttttgtga ttcttttaag atttttgaag gattaatttt     76020
     tgagatagat aaaaactaat cctttatgta taacagcaaa tttcagtcta ccagtaagag     76080
     aaactggctg aaaaaaatac cttacttgct tacaacttgt taatcaataa caagtttttt     76140
     agttagaaat gtgtgttggt tcttggggat aatattggat atttataaac ataatttata     76200
     aatagctcat cataaaagta tagtgagaag atcttttcct tatatattct cataattatt     76260
     cactagaaga aaatagaaag taaccagtat aaattttata ctaattgaaa gattgtgcag     76320
     agatatataa gcagtgtgag aaaaataaag ttggtgcttt gttccatcca ccaaatgtga     76380
     gtatatatgg aaagtggttg aagctttgca ctgtccaaca aatgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgat     76440
     tgtttgtgct tcttaaagct tgcttcttct accatgtatg taaatgtgtc ttgcctgctt     76500
     tatatgccat ctaaccaaca tcccctcctt gaatcattga acactctatc acagctactc     76560
     ttggaaaggc aaacagacag caaacacaca gaaccctact gggcataact tgaacatgta     76620
     tgagaccacc cacctcttcc agtgacaccc ttcctccaac aaggaaacac ctagtccaac     76680
     aaggttactc atccgaatac agcctatggg ccgatgggaa ccaattacat taaaactacc     76740
     acacctacct agctaaatgc atacatatat tcatgcataa gagataaaca gagaaagagg     76800
     gtgagagaaa tagaaagaga aagagtgatt ggtagatgat agagaaatag ttgcatacat     76860
     atctatataa atacattcaa tcattacttc atacatacat acatacatac atacatacat     76920
     atatagatga tggatagaca gataatgata tgtgttatta atctaaacac taaagacatg     76980
     gtgcccttta tctcacacac acacaccctg agcattgttt acaatcctca attaagacat     77040
     aaagtttgga cattcgaact acaaagacat ataaaaacaa atccacaaaa ctcacaatgt     77100
     tcatttggtg tgcatagatt tgattaatat ctaggatttt cttttttgtg tatattatga     77160
     gagattacac cctaaaatct ttcccaaact tgtccattat tttagttact accgtgtaca     77220
     acctgatact tataatccac tagatagtaa cgttacagaa ggtatttatt gtgctgaaga     77280
     tattcagtca tacccctcag ctccaaaata tatcttttaa agacacatag taaggaacga     77340
     tcttccaaat gacctgaaat gaaactgtca cctggtggaa aataacacag cacaggaaga     77400
     aatttacaca taaaatttat attcatgtga atattggtca aaatgattac aattgtaaag     77460
     ttgaattaca tagtggtatg tctttgaaac aataggaaaa aatgatgtgc atacattgtg     77520
     ctttccaaaa agagtaggaa atgtaaaaca tttaagcagt ggcatgttgg tttctaatgc     77580
     caggagatga ctaacatagc aacagactaa taatgtatcc tcttcaaaag ttaaaagaaa     77640
     acagcaacaa caagaagaga acaacaatca caaggaacca tgtcatccgt ggcatcttca     77700
     ggaggatgtg cagcactctg aacatggttc caaggacttt agtagatgtc tattgcattg     77760
     tcagcctgac aagattgtgt tcaaccatcc atgtctgtat actaaggttg ggaacaatcc     77820
     atcggggatg agtgacctaa agatgatgag ttctactccc cactctcctt gctgctctgg     77880
     agacttcaaa cctgagggga ggaatgttat attgatgagt atgagaatgc tcaaatcctt     77940
     tttgtctaca ttgtgtaaat gtggcatctc tttaagtgaa atgtaagaac tgcttggcca     78000
     gaaggtacaa ccagaggcct gttgaataaa gatgctacta tagagacccc atgtaatgag     78060
     aaaggtcttt ctgaagtacc cttggataga ggtggaattt aagatccaat tattcaaaaa     78120
     tggcatgtag gcactactgt tggccttatt gtcataccga gaacatcccc aacactaatc     78180
     agagatgtat ggctagtggt cagaggtgat tgggtaatgg acattgggaa gaagtgagac     78240
     cctatgagcc atgaaaaata gataggaccc caatggtcag aggggaaata cacgagggca     78300
     tctttgtgag aatttggaaa tctaaaaccc ctttgtacag gtaaactagt atgtttggtt     78360
     gggtagagtt taaatttgca tgttctttcc ttgacgtgag ctcaaagact cagcctacct     78420
     catgcagtgg agcccattcc aggtacttcc ttacagctag caactcctca tcagagaata     78480
     gagcatctgt ccactgtagt aaatgtggtg ccggatcagg aagcagtctg agcactcacc     78540
     aaaaacctgg ctgacagttc cacactagtt cttcttctca ggcatatgtt cttctcctgg     78600
     gtctaggtat gaatcgtgag gagtacatca ttttagtttc tgcattgagg aaatgagctt     78660
     ttgttctggg ctgtacttct taatgttcgg ctcaggtaat ttaagcttgg gtggtctgga     78720
     ggtccatttg ggagttaaaa ttagaggagg gggtgactaa gtgtctccat cagaggagaa     78780
     cattgcaagg tcatttttag tcagaaaagc atatttgatg accacttggg gaaaatgaga     78840
     tctgaggccc ctggtaactc agagtcagta gattgaaaac tttttggtca aagcagaagg     78900
     atctgaggcc caattaaata gacttagtaa gtttactccc acaggggcat atttagaatg     78960
     tctgagaacc ctttggatat tggtggacgg tagctctcta ttagaacagg gagggctggt     79020
     agatcttttg gtgaaaagtg gaatatttca ggtatagtct aaaagcaaat tcagtaaaaa     79080
     gacagtaatt ggaatacttt gggcaaggag agacatatgc agtatcccta tgtgcaggag     79140
     aagaattgtt tcttcccgtc tcaggattgg tgatagatct aagattctct aaaataggag     79200
     gatggttata ggagcttcat tggattgtat agaatagttt tatcctgtta ttcctatgtc     79260
     tgcagcacta ttgatcagaa attgaacact gattgatacc ttgagaattc taggacattc     79320
     caggtactta ctccttcatc agctccaaac atgaaatcac aatcaagaat acacatcatc     79380
     tgaatgtcag tggtaggcat gacaacaatc ttagaagtct tttaagaggg tgtaatgtag     79440
     tattttctgg tttagtgtct tccttaaata tatgtctatc cacacattcc tctgcatgga     79500
     ggccaggatg tctctgtcta aagtaacaaa acaaagatag taaactgatt tacccttacc     79560
     ttgatactct tctgtttggg atttcagtcc agagtgttca gaaatctctt aggtcagaac     79620
     agtgcttccc agaccacgga aattagaagt tataggtagg acatacactg ggaagatgga     79680
     gaatctgggg gatttcctca aacacactgt gctccacaca ggttggagca ctctctgttg     79740
     tgaatgtcta aatcttccta aaggaagata ggggaggagc ttgggcagtt ttgcacagaa     79800
     gtagaatggt tgtgcccttc atcaaagagg taatgtggca aacttcatga gaataaggaa     79860
     gttgaagcat tctggtcata agcagcattt ctgtgacact ttgcaagtgt gaaattctaa     79920
     acatacttgt aagaagggta aaatctctgg ctattttcaa taaataagaa ataccatttc     79980
     acattggtga aaatgcaaat accttctgga gaagagggag tcccagtatt acttgatttg     80040
     cttacaaatc tttttttgta gaatttagga tatccacata ttttatgtag tgtgtggaaa     80100
     gcaggcagca attgtttcag tattccaaca ggttggatgg ttatctttgg tctatgaaac     80160
     ctttagtcag atgacataag agcaaggcca cttttcttga atggaggaat gtctccgaat     80220
     atttgtaaca ggaagaagtt tggaagtaat cttagacagt tgtaatatag caggcacaca     80280
     tagtcaataa gacaagatct atttacactt tacaagagag tgtaggtatg tgtctaccac     80340
     tgaaaaaaaa aggaaatatt tcagtcaaat atgggcattt gagaaggctt tgttgcccaa     80400
     tagacacagg gagaagagga aatatttatg actagatgtg gtgtgtctga ggcttccata     80460
     gggagaggga aaggcactga agccctggta tgactggatg acatttatag acctcttcga     80520
     cagaggatgt gaatttgaga accactggaa caaaaagagt cattcttgtg cccctttcaa     80580
     atgaggagtt cgatgtgaga cacagttaaa tggaaatttt tgccctccat cagatagaga     80640
     atagtttgga attctttctg atcagagagg gtaattattg aagacctttt ggattggaag     80700
     tgaagtttgg ggcctggggc aggtagagat gatctcaggc ctgtcaggct tacaagacaa     80760
     atattggacc ctcatgtata cagagggtgc atttgatata taatggacac aaattagtgg     80820
     tctaagtatt gatgtttagg agtagaagat taaagcagaa ttagaatctg cttaatgtcc     80880
     ccaacctctt tagggttaag gaagtggcct agcctacctt aagcaggaga ggtaggactg     80940
     cttcacaact ttgaagattc ccatcttcac atacaccttg gtaagcctgg cagcaataca     81000
     agtattatgc accaggcatg actgtaagtc tctaagcact cttgaagctt atcatcagtt     81060
     atatgggtgt tttcatgaag gatggtacga aggatagatg acctaagttt caggctctgt     81120
     taatgcaggg cagaattaag tgaagtataa tttcctagag accatcgttg gagggaaatg     81180
     atctaaagct catgattgga gtgttatatt tgaggctcat atgtatgtaa ggatgctctt     81240
     aggatacctg aattttggta cccttgggaa aaatgaaaat tctgagattc caatagtaaa     81300
     ctacagtcat aattatgact gaccttgggc agaaatggaa ggttttgggt attgttggta     81360
     acagcagtag gtcatgaaga ccacctatcc caagtgaaat tctgatgacc cttcatccaa     81420
     aggtgatggt atgagatacc ttgaaaacag gttgagtagc atttgttcat acctacaact     81480
     tctatgacct tccggaccca ttttcttaaa aagaaagaac ctggggctgg agagatgatt     81540
     cagtggttaa gaacactgac ggctctccca gggctcctga gttcacaaac atctgtaatg     81600
     gtatccagtg ccatcttcta atgtgcaggc acacatgcat agagaacact gtatatataa     81660
     taaataaata aatacttaaa aaagaaagga acaaaggaat gaaggaagga aggaaggaag     81720
     gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaagaaggaa agaagagaaa taaatttagg agggaagaaa     81780
     ggaaggaagg aagaaagaaa gaatgaaaga aagaaagaga gaaagaaaga aagagaaaga     81840
     aagaaggaga gaaagagaat gaaggagtta gagagagaga gatagaaaga aagagacaga     81900
     aagcaagaga gagagaaaaa aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa cgaaagaaag     81960
     aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagatagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag     82020
     aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagga aggaaggaag     82080
     gaaggaggga gggaagaaag taagaaagaa agaaagtaag aaagagagag agaacgaaag     82140
     aaaaagaaag aaaggaagga aggaaggaag ggagagagag agagagagag agagagagag     82200
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagtaagtt     82260
     agttagtttt aggccatgat taaccaagta gcaggatcaa gtaaccacat tgtgcaaaag     82320
     ggaaaaatct agtttatctt gggtagaggg agaacagaat ggtagtgcat agtttgcttc     82380
     catctagtct ccccaccttc cattatccat atattgtata tactgttggg aagaatacaa     82440
     ggaacaatca gcacactctt ccaacaggga gagtggttgt ctgacctgag gttgtatttg     82500
     tctgtaccta tctataactg agagacagga acacaccatt tctgacacct aactctagga     82560
     agatcacatg catattattt ttctttctat gttctgccct ctgccctaca ctcagaaaca     82620
     tgtgagagcc cactgagaag ttgcaattgt gtttgccttg caatctttct aatagagagt     82680
     ggcactgagg tagtatgagt ttaagtcaag tttaaggtgc ccttgaaaag aatactcttg     82740
     ggcatcccaa gaggctatat ctgaaactcc tatgactaca ggtataataa atgagaccct     82800
     cttggccata ggatccaaac ctaagatctc tgtcatcatt gctccatgac acatacaccc     82860
     ttgtcaagca attagatgtc tatgttcctt gaggttgaag gaggtaatta tagccccctt     82920
     ttgtactaca atgaactgca tgtgagtgga catcattcta ctttttttgt gggaatggca     82980
     taaagcttac ttagtctggg gtatcttttt tttttattag atattttctt taattacatt     83040
     tcaaatatta tctaccttcc tagattgcct tctgaaaatt tcctatgcct tctccctcac     83100
     cccgctcccc aacctaccta ctcctgcttc ctggccctgg catttgccta taatggggaa     83160
     tagagccttc acaggaccaa ggtcctctct tcccattgat gaactcctag gccatcctat     83220
     gctacacttg tggttagagc cacaagttcc accatgtgtt ttctttgatt ggtggcatag     83280
     ttccaaggag ctctggggga ggggtactag ttagttcata ttgatgttcc ttctatgggg     83340
     cttcagtccc cttcatgtcc ctgggtattt ctctggctcc ttcattgagg accttatgct     83400
     ctgtccaatg gatgactgtg gcatccactt ttatatttgg caggcagtgg tttgggacat     83460
     cttttgtcac aagagaaatg actgagtccc acattcaacg aaactgaaag tttgagggta     83520
     tttctactaa atgagtactt tagacaatct tgggcaaata gagaaggtct gcaggaggct     83580
     tagtcatagg aggaatgtct gacattctct tcagtgaaaa acaaaacaaa acaaagaact     83640
     gaggtaactt gggaagagag gaagtactgg gcacttagga gtaagagaaa ataatgagac     83700
     ctggttggta caatggcatg cattaggaaa accttggaga gggggtaagt gccatgcaac     83760
     atcctgttat gtatgaatgt cccttttacc ttgatcagta aaggaagtcc ctccactgct     83820
     cttcagcttc caaatcttcc ttagttggta aaagttccac atcctgtgtt tagtctgggg     83880
     gagttcagat aacattccaa gccttttcaa acagcctgga tgtctgtccc tggctaggtt     83940
     gccaccttca gtttgtctta atatgtacat atataggcaa caacaattca attggattgc     84000
     aaagcataac ataggatcca gtcaatactt atatatatat atatatgacc tggaaccaca     84060
     aaccagagaa aaacaatata tttcccctgt catccttata aaagggaaag gcttgaatct     84120
     tacttaatta gagaatatac atttgatata tttcaaagtc ataagtgaat gcttgaggat     84180
     acaaggcacc atgcattatt attcaaaaga gcatatctaa tggcatttta tgaataaaga     84240
     atagtgtgac cttcctttgg tcaaacacag tggttaatgc ccccctccct tgcagaaatg     84300
     gacaagatcc aaggccatat tttgagggaa ggaaaagact gaacctcact cagcctcacc     84360
     caggttagtt ctcttggcta cttcaaaaaa caaggagtgt gagaggaatc ctgggaacat     84420
     aggagttatg agaacctctt ctcagaatgg taagttccaa gaccaccttc aacagagaaa     84480
     aaatcgtgaa tgtcttagtt cctaaagtag aggtccccag tcatattttg caggtcagaa     84540
     atatccagtt cacccatggt caacagggta agtttctagg cttcactggg tactggagga     84600
     atgttcagac tctgcctcac tagcttccaa gtatttcccc catatgcata ccctgtgtaa     84660
     catctttgag agtccagtca gtggtcacaa caatctccca gcataagtag ttatgcaagc     84720
     attgatgttt cctcgaggct gtgttcagct gcacacatct gtgaataaga gataggaatg     84780
     gtgcattttg atgaccattt ttgaagcaca ggatacgaga gccaatttca gatttctatt     84840
     ttctgtccta tgatctaaaa ggatagaaaa tgtgaggtgt cattggtcgt gtatgtattg     84900
     tatggatatg ttaaaagcaa acttagttaa taggggtatt tgcgaggcac agccagaaga     84960
     gaatctctgg tggttcaata attgcacaga tggacctgaa gtgtcctagt acagagagta     85020
     gatgtatgaa acgccccttt gacacaggag ctagttctga gagccctttc aatagtcttt     85080
     gatttcccag gacccccttt gtagaaactg aagttctaaa atccacttgg tgaattgaag     85140
     tagacaatag gcccagattc ctactgggaa aacagggaat gttagattct cttttatgta     85200
     gaatgagtgg tataattctc ttatggtctg acatcccttt aaggaaaaat gattcaaagc     85260
     tacttggtag gattaggaat attccttata aggcataata catgttttag gcgacatttg     85320
     cccaataggg tctaaggcaa tgttagccct aggagagttc tgacattcta ttcagtgtag     85380
     tgagaaaaaa atgagttacc atggggaaat gtgggcccca tgtaaaaaag gaaatctcaa     85440
     aggccctcct gaaagaggag ggcagactcc tcttgaggca gaatgtgaaa ttgccatata     85500
     cacctctgtc aaaggtaaag gtccctggta ccttatagag tggagaatgt ttccaggcat     85560
     gatcataagt ttccaattct tattcagagt ttttattttc atagtttgtg ttcattcatg     85620
     agagacatgg cagcaatata tatttttttt tcttccaaag gctttcaatg actgttgctg     85680
     gctagtatac ttctttgact ttattcatct atccaggtct aggcagaatt aatgaagtta     85740
     ttacatttct attgacttgc ctaaaggcag atggcacagg tactttgctc tgatttgtaa     85800
     cttggactat gggacctcaa accagaatgg tctagggtac attgtttaca gaaggagtca     85860
     cttttagaaa tatggctgac cagctaggta taaaactact ttgaagtata cattcacata     85920
     tatacttcat atatttgaat gacatttttg agaaagagaa cgtgttgggt ggataaggaa     85980
     gagaaggaag gtcacagaat ccctcagaca aaagtttacc ttgggaattg gaagatgtca     86040
     aaaataactt atcaagtgca aatgtcctca tagtccagaa tacccatgtg ttctgagact     86100
     ttgagttttg cttgccaaca atcagagcag ttttatttca aattgtttgg taaactctag     86160
     ctctatgttc tccataagct gtacagcagc atcccaggca taggcaccaa aatggaattg     86220
     atccatttca agtgacaggc ttaaaattaa aaattagatt agagttcata taattactgt     86280
     catgtcccag gacatcattt cagagtgttt ggcatccctt cttttatttg agcatgcctg     86340
     gccatccagg tctgaaggga atctttagga cctcctagag gaatagacct catggttcta     86400
     tggataaaag tggattttct gaggtaagca tagtcaagag aagttgattt aaagtttcct     86460
     tgaggaaaaa aaaaaagaaa aaaaaaagaa cattggcttg agtttttcat gtcagtggct     86520
     tttctgtagg ctccataagc agcagaattt gtattaatcc ccggtcaaat ataagggtga     86580
     ttctattttt ccctaattca aagataaaat gaaagattct tccttgacag agtatctatg     86640
     tcaaagattc ttcattgaaa cctttttgaa cctagagttt accttgaact gaaggaaaag     86700
     tctcagaaac attaggaaaa acatctaagg ttcagtccat aatatcagca atctctgtgg     86760
     gattcctcga cctaaatgaa tgtccaagcc tgctttggac aaactggtat gatctgaggc     86820
     tccctttgct tcagtaggaa tatgtgatgc ctccttaatt aaaggtagaa ggaatgagta     86880
     gccctgggga gaaaggagtt gctgatatcc ttgtaacagg agagatgatc ggagtataaa     86940
     attccccata atattttgag caaaaattaa attgtttacc ttagctcatg aggtcctagc     87000
     atggccacaa cttctgacag ttcttcacag cctggggtat ccatatcctt agctgaatta     87060
     gcaaggcatg aaatatagat accatgattc atgaaaagct tcggattgta tcctcagcat     87120
     gattgcctcc taagaattat gttcaaccaa ccagaactga gttataatga tgatttcaca     87180
     caatgtcatg tgactatact caaggaagtg gcataaggtt ccaggattgg cctcctcctc     87240
     ttgatttctg tgaactttga gcagagggag caattctcct tggtcagagg taaaatatcc     87300
     catgggttcc tgaacggaag ggatttttat gattgcccat tgcatcaaag gtgtacattt     87360
     tatgaccttg atcaccacag gaaggaaaat aatataggtt tggaaagtag aaagtccctc     87420
     aaccctgttg gacagtaggg gagttgccct gttcaccttc tgtagaggag tttgttccag     87480
     gcactccagg cctccacatc ttcagagaac tctaaaaaat ctcttaggac tccatgaaga     87540
     tttgacagca atctgaggtt tcttctgaca agttggctca aagtccctgg atttgttgcc     87600
     tattaaactt acaacaaagc acacaggtgt gggtgtagtg tacagttacc tttctgatga     87660
     ccagcttaaa gagagccttg gatccaggct gaggttttta tacattggcc atgggacttg     87720
     actctggagt tctgtgaggt ttgttttgtt tgtttgtttg tttttggtgg tcaaaagcgt     87780
     attccctaac caataaggtc tgagggagaa gctcttagtt gagtggtaga cctgattcca     87840
     ccatgaacaa agactgaagc tcttgtgtat tcttggtacc aaggattcag cctgaagcac     87900
     actagagctg agcctgaata tttgagataa acttctcact cacaaggtca gttctatacc     87960
     ttgcttcatc agagaggcat gtctcagacc cttccagtgc agaaggagga agaataaagc     88020
     gttttactca aggtcagctg acccctttgg catacacata atgtcagggg atactatggt     88080
     tagaggaagc aaggtttagg tgctcttcaa aagataaacc aactgggtgt cagccccctt     88140
     gaagttatgg gatactttac atcgaggggg cctgacgtga tggagttgat atttatgctg     88200
     gaggtataaa ttatcctggg tctagaaggg tacatctgag tccccattgt aacttcatca     88260
     atgctattgc atgctgatag taaaagagcc aactttgtgg ctttcttaaa atgttgttgg     88320
     ggtctgttga taagtccttt gcttatcatg tcatatgtat cagggcatct tcagttattg     88380
     aggacctatg tgacaccttt gttctgaagt ggtaattctg agggaaatta acgaaattct     88440
     gaggtttctg gttctcatat gataatgctg ccttcaatac tcgggagttt ctaacatatt     88500
     tgatttcggg gttacatctg aatccccctt gagttattgg tgtaagttgt gagtcacata     88560
     ggttctattt catgtatgtg ggtatactgt cattgtcttc agacacacca taaggtggca     88620
     tcaggtccca tgacagatgg ttgtggtaca acaagtgatt gctgagaatt gaactcagga     88680
     cctgtggaag agaagtcagt gcttttacct gctgagccat ctctccagcc ccagcacatt     88740
     ggttctagac aggtaagatg aaggtcactt aggctattgg ggatgatctg aggatccctg     88800
     gttcagaatg ggcatatcag aagttccctt ggtccataca gtagtttaga agatctgtgg     88860
     ttcttaatct gtaggtctga accttaccag agaagaatgc ctggagtgtt tttgaattcc     88920
     taatttagac aaagtgtacc tgatgactcc ttgagccact gagagtgatt taagctccac     88980
     ttcaagaatg gggggacagt gtgagtcttt ttggtgctga agggataatt ctgaggtttg     89040
     tgtgtcagaa acaggacttg gaggacccag tgacagagtg ataatgttga tgtatccaca     89100
     aacaatctat aaaggatgcc atcctttaga ggcagaaagg ttcacaccat gttggggaaa     89160
     gtagaaatgc caaagactat tgtatctgta caagatcaag ggtcgatatg gagaggagag     89220
     aaggcctgaa tatttcatga ttgagacgtc ctgggaacct agaacacgca aatcatgcag     89280
     gccatgcaac agcttaatca atctccagtg tgctaggaga catttcccag ctagttctcc     89340
     tgataaatct gctgcctact tctaaaaatg gcaaggcttt ctcatttttg ctggtcagct     89400
     taatgtctat gtcttgggtt cattaacgtg ctggctactc ttaagctctg agacttcagg     89460
     aacccgggtc ctgattcttg gacaggggta attaggtcag aggatcagaa taagaagcac     89520
     ttggtgcacc ttagatcaag ggagtggaat tttcatggac tagatcagat ctagtaggta     89580
     ggtctaggtc ctcaatgttc agaagaatca cataatactc tccatgaggt gaaaattata     89640
     tagcacattc ttctggatac aattgtgatc taatcttaat cagaaagagg attcttgtcc     89700
     tgcttttagt cacaggggca tagatgaggc ttcaatgtgc atctgaggca gctaggagtg     89760
     gaaattgtaa gtttgataga cagttgatga aaagaaaaag ttctaaattc atgttgttca     89820
     taaggggcat agaaagggaa aatatgaggg cagcttctgt atcaaaaaag aactgaaaat     89880
     gccagagtaa gagagagtag ggcccaggcc accctcttga gatggactgc cttacaggtt     89940
     ccgtttggca ggctgggaag ctctggtgtg tccctgggca gaaggaggaa gtcagaagca     90000
     aggagtaagt cgtaagcctc ctagagcatt ttcgatatct cttttgtcat aaaaagcact     90060
     ggtgaggccc agtttcttag atggagcatt tgaggggcca cctatttcag cctgaagcat     90120
     tctgagcctt tctgaaacag ggatcacaaa gccagtgtcc ctttggtgag aactggaaag     90180
     tctgagtcca cattggtctg attgagaagg tccgacacct cctttaggga agaggaaaga     90240
     actacaactc cccttttgca gtgcgatcct gttgagattg attttcaaat gatgtgtata     90300
     tttgtggcct cctaggacag aatggtcaca aagggggaac ccaaatttat attgtaatga     90360
     tgggtctctc cgaggacagg agagagcagg taccacatcc tctgcttgag atattgtatg     90420
     tttgtcatat cttcgcataa cagggaatgt tccaaaaggg aatgtggtac tcccttttgg     90480
     aggtatgaat gcccatagga taggcacaaa agctatgggc tcccgtttgg cacttctgga     90540
     agttttctct ccctcttgga cattaggaat atgttttgag tcttccttag tagaaaaaga     90600
     atggctgata tcctcttggg gtgatgatga gtgttgcaca cctctatggg gactgtctcc     90660
     atctggagat gactcaatgc attcttgatc tgtaggggaa gcttgcaggg ctccttgggt     90720
     aacagaggct ttcctctgtt ttctcttggt agaagtagcg tgtctgggaa tctcatgagg     90780
     aaggtgggat gcctgaggct gtcttcatga gaaagagtgg ttcgcatgca ctcttctgta     90840
     aggatggagg atggcttgtc aaccttatgc tctgaattgg aagctttggt gtcccattgg     90900
     tctgaagggg ctttttctga tggggtttca gtagacttag atggtctgtg aatgccttgg     90960
     cttggtaggg gacttctgag gcccacctca tgagatggtg agcatctgca ggctccttta     91020
     gcagaatcag atgtggcgaa gtttatgtta gtcatagttt taagctttac aactctttct     91080
     taaatttgca aactcttacc caaattttgg aagaatggca gtgtttccaa cccacatgtt     91140
     ttgagcgcac atatttcagg ccctcttgat ctacagagga agggcttggt cttgttttcc     91200
     tcaatttaga aggtgtgggg caatttcctg gaggaggaga atgactgaga ccttttttac     91260
     aaagaatact agatctgaaa ctcaattgag atgattttaa gggggagatg ctcctttgag     91320
     gagtagaggt aggactggat tccttttctg catacttgga agatgtgagg ctacttacgg     91380
     cagaagagat acattttaag gcatcaagtt ctgaaaggca gtatctgata tccctttcag     91440
     gaattgggac atgtttcaat atcctttggt tagatttcaa acgtctaggg ttctttttga     91500
     gataagagaa atttctccat ccatcttcat gaggaggggt aggcataatg tccccttctg     91560
     cacaaaggga cagtccctga aactctgttg aaaaggaagt atccacggtt tcttggtgag     91620
     atgtcacagg ttttagaggc ccctgggcag gttgagaaag ttctagactt tcctggggaa     91680
     atgctggtgt tctcaggatc ccttgttcag atactaaagg gcccagagca ccttcattgg     91740
     gtttcaaaaa acacagagac cctaacacag atgccaaagc ttctggagtc cctggcacag     91800
     attttgaact cttagaaatg gattgtgtat atgtcagagg ttcttctgtc tctggactaa     91860
     gtggtgaagg aactggtaat ttgggagaat cttgtgtggc tgacaaagat tctatgacct     91920
     cttgggtgac agatggtatt tctgtactat tttgcataca tgcccatatt tctagtgtgt     91980
     cctgggaaga atcagaaagt ccaagatctt caggattgga tggtaaatat cctaaagcct     92040
     ccttttccaa ccagtgtcct ggaggctctt gaggtaacaa ggaagtttct gtaagccctt     92100
     gggaagatat tgatgtttct agtacacctt gggcagacat ggaaggtctc caagacatta     92160
     agacagaatg ttactctttc aaatccaatt ggacagatgg agaaggtcct agactcacta     92220
     tggtagatgc tgaaatttcc aaagctcgtg atgaagcatt ggatattcct ggattgccat     92280
     gtgtacaggt acaaacttcc aggttcccct ataaagacag ccaagggcct ccagcttctt     92340
     gaacagataa caaatgtcct ggattccctt gagcagatag ggacaatgtc aaaggctcta     92400
     gggcagatga tatagatcct agtgttcctc gatcagataa agaaattacc atgggtcctt     92460
     tggaagaatg catagatcct gaaggatctg aagtagatgg atctgtttgt tgaacccctt     92520
     gtagagaatt caaagactca tttggtccct ggaatgaagt taaaggtccc tctgtaggtt     92580
     tagagaggtc taaaggctct tctgtggaaa gggaagatcc aaaaggctta gggaagaaag     92640
     tgaggaacta agttgggcag aaattgcaag ttccagaggt gagtcattgg atatcatatg     92700
     tcctggggta gctgttgaaa atttttgtgc tcctcatgca aatgatgaat atcctagagc     92760
     cccctgtgga ggcagcaatg tttctacaga gcctgtgtat ttgctgaaat cctcagagat     92820
     ccctggtcag atctcaaaat ccttgctgta ttttgagcag ggtggttata tccctgacac     92880
     actggtaaag atggtgagtc tgctactgtg tagtgtgtag atgtggagtg agttcctata     92940
     ccttgtgtat gtaaagaagg acttgaaaac cttttggaag atgtagaatg ttgggtagac     93000
     ctttgtggac atgtggacag atgtatggtc cccttgtgca gagactggga ctcacacctc     93060
     cttgagcaga atcagaagat cctggagtcc tttgttctga ggatgaaaga cccagtggat     93120
     tatgagaaca ttcatagcat tgtgatgtat tcatcattgc ctgggctgag atagaatgtt     93180
     tcagaggccc ctgggcagat tgcaaaagtg ctagataccc ttgaccaaat gggaaagtct     93240
     ttgcacctcc ttggtcagaa caggaatgtc taccaggtgt tggcgatgat ggtggcaatg     93300
     ttcctagatt tgctgaagta gactgagaag atgctacagc ctgcctcact tgtggaaaaa     93360
     ggcctatagc actgtgtgac tcttcatatt gtgcaaatat ccctgtggca tctgttgaat     93420
     tttctcgatt tctttgtttg gggaaaaaag aactttgcat gagcaaagtt ccctcttgtg     93480
     ccctggaaaa tttcttgtgc ttttgaaaag atgacaaagc ttctagaacc tctggagtag     93540
     atacaagatg ctcctgaaca cccggtactg atggtgtagg ataaaaggtt tcttgagatt     93600
     tctggctaag taggaaagtt cgagtgtccc ttgggaaacc tggggatctt tgtgcaaaat     93660
     gatgggcagt tggagaaaat cctatttctg tctgacaaga agttggagga tgcaaagtat     93720
     cttgagcaaa tgaaacactt tgtgtattcc cctgtttaaa attgggcttt tagataccct     93780
     tgggaaaaac agaaatgtcc gaaagcctct tggaaagatg aagaacctag ggttccttgt     93840
     gaagataaac aaattcccag agacatctgc tcagatgaca cagattctgg tcgcacctga     93900
     gtattttggg tagaccccag atgtcctgga gtgggaagca aagctcccac agtctccttt     93960
     gcagacaggg actttcctac tgtggcttct gcagataaaa aaatcccctc agtgccctga     94020
     gcagatgtgg aagaccctag agttgtttct ttagatttag tcacttctag atggcattat     94080
     tcagttgaac aaagtcctag agttccttgc tcagatctca ataatgatgg tgacaactgt     94140
     agtgatgtag taagatccag gagcagtcca gcacatctga aagtgtctga agtcccttgg     94200
     gtagatggag aacattcatt tgtttctgaa actgttgggg aaggagttga atgcagtaga     94260
     gccccttcag catatccaga atatgggtca ttgcctgggc tgagcttgaa agtgtcagag     94320
     gcccctgggc tgactgcaaa tgtgctaggg tcccaggacc agatgggaat gtttctgcac     94380
     ctccttgagt aaaagatgaa tgtgtaccag gttctcgagg tgatggtggc aaaggtccta     94440
     gagtagacaa agcagatgta gaagattctg tattctccct cactagaggc aaagggcctg     94500
     aggtagtctg tgtgtgatta cattgcccca agcccaatat ccctgaggaa tctgccgaag     94560
     gttctatttt ccttcgggtg gatgacaaag aacttagcac aggcaaagtc ccctctgcag     94620
     ctgtggaaaa gtccttacac ttttgagagg ttagcacata tccttgagag tctttactac     94680
     atagaggatg ctcctgagaa cctagtacag atggtgaatg tgttacatat gcttgtgaat     94740
     atggaatgga tttttgagat ttctggctag gtagtaatgt cccaaagtcc cttgaggaaa     94800
     gttgggatct ttgtctagaa tgttcagaag ggggagaaaa tctcatacct ttctggcaat     94860
     aagttggatg ttgcacagtc tttggagaaa atggcacagt ttttacactc ccttgcttag     94920
     ttgtgggcag ttttagagac ccttggtcag aaagggaatt tccagaagcc tctatggaag     94980
     atgaagagct tagagttcct ggtaaagagg aagaaattcc cagaggcttc tgatcagatg     95040
     gaaaagactc tgagaccaac cgagtgattt gggtggaccc taaaggtcct ggagtgggag     95100
     gcaaagttcc caatgtctac cttgcagaca tggactttcc tgctttggct tgtgccaata     95160
     aggaatgacc cctagtgccc tgagcagatg cataaaaccc tacagttgtt tccttagatt     95220
     tagtcccttc aggtatgcaa ggtcccagag atccttgctc agatctcaaa gatgatggtg     95280
     acacctgtaa taatgtagta tgatccaggt gcagttcagc acatctggaa gtgtctgaag     95340
     tccctcaggt agaaggagaa tattcatttg tttctgaaac tgctggggaa ggaactgaat     95400
     gcagtagagc cccttcagca gatacagaga tatgagtcat tgcctggggt gagatggaat     95460
     gtgtcagagg cccctgggat gattgcaaat gtgctaggtt cccgggacta gatgggaatg     95520
     tttctgcacc tccttgagta aaagatgaat gtgtaccagg ttctcgaggt gatggtggca     95580
     aaggtcctag agtagacaaa gcagatgtag aagattctgt attctccctc actagaggca     95640
     aagggcccga ggtagtctct gtgtgattac attgccccaa gcccaatatc cctgaggaat     95700
     ctgccgaagg ttctattttc cttcgggtgg atgacaaaga acttagcaca gacaaagtcc     95760
     cctctgcagc tgtggaaaag tccttacact tttgagaggt tagcacatat ccttgagagt     95820
     ctttactaca tagaggatac tcctgagaac ctagtacaga tggtgaatgt gttacatatg     95880
     cttgtgaata tggaatggat ttttgagatt tctggctagg tagtaatgtc ccaaagtccc     95940
     ttgaggaaat ttgggatctt tgtctagaat gttcagaagg gggagaaaat ctcatacctt     96000
     tctggcaata agttggatgt tgcacagtct ttggagaaaa tggcacagtt tttacactcc     96060
     cttgcttagt tgtggacagt tttagagacc ttggtcagaa agggaatttc cagaagcctc     96120
     tatggaagat gaagagctta gagttcctgg taaagaggaa gaaattccca gaggcttctg     96180
     atcagatgga aaagactctg agaccacccg agtgatttgg gtggacccta aaggtcctgg     96240
     agtgggaggc aaagttccca ctgtctacct tgcagacatg gactttcctg ctttggcttg     96300
     tgccaataag gaatgacccc tagtgccctg agcagatgca taaaacccta cagttgtttc     96360
     cttagattta gtcccttcag gtatgcaagg tcccagagat ccttgctcag atctcaaaga     96420
     tgatggtgaa acctgtaata atgtagtatg atccaggtgc agttcagcac atctggaagt     96480
     gtctgaagtc cctcaggtag aaggagaata ttcatttgtt tctgaaactg ctggggaagg     96540
     agctgaatgc agtagagccc cttcagcaga tacagagata tgagtcattg cctgggctga     96600
     gatggaatgt gtcagaggcc cctgggatga ttccaaatgt gctaggttcc cgggactaga     96660
     tgggaatgtt tctgcacctc cttgagtaaa agatgaatgt gtaccaggtt ctcgaggtga     96720
     tggtggcaaa ggtccaagag taggaaaaga atatgtagaa gattcagtat tctccctcac     96780
     tagaggcaaa gggcccgagg tagtctctgt gtgtttacat tgtcccatga ccaatatccc     96840
     tgtggaatct acggaaggtt ctagattcat tcgtgtggat gacaaagaac tttgcacagg     96900
     caaaatcccc tctgcagctg tggaaaagtc cttacacttt tgagaggata gcacatatcc     96960
     ttgagagttt ttactagata gagaatgctc ctgagatcct agtacagatg gtgagtgttt     97020
     cccatctgct ggtgaatatg aaaaggattt ttgagatttc tggctaggta gtaacggccc     97080
     aatatccctt gaggaagctg gggatctttg tccagaaggt tcagaaaggg gagaaaatct     97140
     catacatttc tggcaataag ttggatgttg cacagtcttt ggagaagacg gcacagtttg     97200
     tacactccct tgcctagttg tggacagatt taaagacgct tggtcagaaa ggcaatgtcc     97260
     agaaggctct atggaagaag aagagcctag agttcctggt gaagaggaag aaattcccag     97320
     aggcttctga tcagatccga gtgatttggg tagaccctaa aggtcctgga gtgggaggca     97380
     aagttcccac agactgcttt gcagacattg gcttttctac tgtgtcttgt gcagataagg     97440
     aatgccccct agtaccctga gcagatgcag aaaaccctac agttgtttcc ttagatttag     97500
     ttgctttaga tgagaaaggt cccacagttc cttgctcaga tctcaaagat gatggggaca     97560
     cctctagtga tgtagtaaga ttcaggtgca atccagcata tctgggagtg tctgaagtcc     97620
     cttgggtaga tggagcaaaa aatacagcaa ctcattcatc atctttactt tgtgcttgca     97680
     ggctggttgc aattatcttg taagcattaa aaatcagtct aacatactgc ctatgttcca     97740
     tagggtttca ttgatgtgag gagacatcat gactcaggca actcttataa ggaaaattta     97800
     aatgatgttg tcttacagtt tcagagggtc agtacattat tatctttgta ggaagcatgg     97860
     cagcaccccg gtagaagagg tcctggagaa ggaactaagt ggtctatatc ttagtctgaa     97920
     ggctaccaga agtaagcttg tggccacagg tagcaaggaa gaggattgat ttttgtctct     97980
     gagcagagat tgagcactac acaaaagcaa gcctacacaa tgatacactt cctctaacaa     98040
     gccaacacct tgtaataatg ccacatacta tgggcaaaag atattctaat caacacattg     98100
     cgtcatagga cataaagaaa gatactgcat gattgcattc ctctagtcac aggtgcgaca     98160
     tacctacaag cttatatgaa cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     98220
     cacaccaatc agatatgcac gtgcatacat atatatttgt ctatttattt acttacttac     98280
     ttacttactt acttacttac ttactttgtt ttaaatttgt tgggtaagaa ctttctacat     98340
     acacataaat gagttttagc aaattcatcc ctatcttctc ctccttgaat tgttacccat     98400
     ttctcctgta tcacttttat ccttaattac attttcattt ttatatagac ggctgtgtag     98460
     tgccatgccc tgagcaatcg cgtgcatgcc gcaagcaatc actgagaaga gcagtgcatg     98520
     ccatgagcaa tcgccattat aagatggtgc tggcctcccc tgtgcctaac tagtaaacaa     98580
     gccttgtacg caggtgcaag agtgaactca ctcctagtca ctgcccattc tcggggcata     98640
     atagtggggt gatgggcaag caacgaatca ggagctgtca cgtcacatca ggtgttgaaa     98700
     cgtcatgctg ttggcgccat tttcccggat catggtcttc ctgataagta agcaataaat     98760
     cttttgccac agaagattcc ggtttgttac ttctttcttg ccggccgagt gggatgcaat     98820
     aagtggcacc gaggaacccg ggaactttat accatcacac cagtgcaagg aagatccctt     98880
     gttcgcgggg cgttatcaga actgcgggat gaaaggctct gtaaggtaca tacagttttg     98940
     aaatttctcc agagttagac acccttttga ttgtttgcac agcgattgca cttttccttt     99000
     cagtttcgtt tttcttccac tgcttccact gctgactggt tcttagtcac ggtcaggcct     99060
     ggatagcgcc tggacagcga ccagtttcag tcacggtcag gactggacag tgcctggaca     99120
     gcgtccattt tcagtcacag tcaggcctgt acagcggcag tatgagaatc tcgcattcta     99180
     taatagtggc cttacactcg gtcctgaagc agtgtggcct aaaatgtgcc actaatacct     99240
     tagagggatt tgtcagggag atagaccatg tggcaccatg gtatgcttgc ttagggtcat     99300
     ttaggacttt tcatgggcct tgatcccgag gaaaagatat aaaaagaaaa gaatgccttg     99360
     ggagagatta gaaaagggat ggaaagggag agaagaaggg agatccagct ggagaggcac     99420
     ataaggaaag gagcctctac gtgccactag atgagtttaa gcagctagct cttagtagct     99480
     cagaatctga tgaagggctt agctcctctg aagaaacgga cttggaggag gaagcagttc     99540
     attataaggg agaaaggtac ctgcaagata aaatgcaagc tactcagtac agaaaaagtc     99600
     caacaacgac tggtgaaagc cagcttgctg ctcggcctcg gaattgttgg cttcagtgtc     99660
     ctagtgaacc tctgccttat gtgcataggt agttgtcaat ttttgcctac acctcatgta     99720
     ggggtaaacc ctcgaggcat caggccatta caagtctggc aaatggatga cactcatatt     99780
     tcctcctttg ggagaaatca gtacttacat atttcctttg acacctgcaa tgctgtaatg     99840
     tttgccacac ctttaacagg ggaaaaagcc tctcatgtta tacagcactg cctacaagtg     99900
     tggagtgctg gggcaaggcc acaattctta aaacggttaa tggagtagca tatacttcta     99960
     ctaaatttca acaattttgt cattaaatgg atgtcactca cttgactggc cttccttata    100020
     atcctcaagg acaaggcatt gtggaatgtg cccaccacac actcaagtct tatcttataa    100080
     aacaaaaagg gggagttgat gagactctgc cctcagtgcc aagagtagca gtatctatgt    100140
     cactctttac acttaatttt ttgaatcttg acgagcaggg acgttctgca gctgagcgac    100200
     atagctcaga ccctgataga ccaaaagaaa tggtcaaacg gaaggatgtt ttaactagtc    100260
     tctggaaagg cccggatcct atcttaatca gatcccgggg ggctgtttgt gtttttccac    100320
     agagtgaaga caacccattt ttgctaccgg attgactcac ccgcaggata ttcatcaacg    100380
     atggtgcaaa aatgctgacc tccttaggac tgttcctgat cctgacaatg ctgaacttgt    100440
     ctcaggttcc tagtataatg ggtgaacaga tatgtgctat tctctcgact ttccctaaac    100500
     caatgtcagt tcgccatgat actatagttt ttccaaaatt ctttactact aataaaacag    100560
     tagatttgcc atatttaccc tatgatccaa ctcgttatta tcattaggag aaaatcactc    100620
     cttactagaa cagggttttt tatgttttca aattaatgga caaggacatt gtatcaacct    100680
     cccagcctga gctttaggga ggtttaatga gcaccgagga ggttgggtga gcacaaccca    100740
     agatacttct aatgtagata taacctttac aaatcggacc ttttggcagg atgcaatttg    100800
     ggttaatggt acgtttgtac cacctaactt ttcagacaaa gaacgtcccc accaaccaaa    100860
     aatagcccct cattgtgtct tggaagatga aggtctgatc ctgccttggt ctgattgtca    100920
     atcctccatc acttgttggg cagatcagaa taaaactttt tccttttctt ccaacatgac    100980
     agatgaccca aagaatgaat tttttatgaa aaagagattt ttcattcagg actttagaat    101040
     gcattccttt cacaagtgtg tgctttgagg agtcaatggc aattgtacag atttcaatcc    101100
     tttgattttt atccagggag gagcagttgt aaaggcttct tttactggca tctcaagatt    101160
     tgctcagcac tggggaatac atgatgcctc ccaggactct tatggacata ctaatatcag    101220
     agtagagatc actgggttca ataaaacttt ggtaaaccag attaattata catctccccc    101280
     agtctgtgtt tacccccctt tcttgtttat attctttcac gtgattcatt tgaagtctgt    101340
     tccaatgatt cttgatggat ttctcaatgt tggcatgtaa caataaacac ccatgccatg    101400
     gtgccacgga tcccactttg ggtccctgtt ctggtggaaa caccctccac cttgaaagta    101460
     aatgggagaa atgccctaaa gatacatgaa gtacacacta gattagttga aaagtggaaa    101520
     attagctgat aagagcaact gttgtttggg cagtggtgct ttatgtcttt aatcctatca    101580
     cttggttggc agaggccaag aatgtctgag tctgagacca gcttggtata cagagtgtgt    101640
     tccaagacag ccaggtctac acagagaaac cctctctcaa aaaataaaca aacaaacaaa    101700
     caaacaacaa gcacctgttc tatgaagagg acctggcaca atgcacccac atagtggctt    101760
     acaatttatg cacagctaca gttttagaga atcactgctc tcttttagcc tctgtaggct    101820
     atagaggcat aagtgagaga gagggcatga gcagactagc acagaagtga gagagggcat    101880
     agcacatagg tgagagagag ttcctgagca ctctagcaca taagggagaa aaaggggctg    101940
     ggcatccaag cacataagtg agggagagag ggcctgcaca tcctagcaca ctcttgtaat    102000
     caagctcagt actaggaagg ttgaggtggg agtttaccag ggattgtagg gaatctggat    102060
     gttctcttct gatctattag gacagcatgg actgttctgt tgtgggtatg tacatacaga    102120
     aaaagtacac acattttaat ttttatgcac ataaataaat aacaaaaatt attacagttg    102180
     aaattagcag tgccatttcc agtactttca tgttacacat ttgttcatgt tttttcaatt    102240
     ctgcaaatgc ttatcaacct agaaactgga aatcatttgt cttaaagatg gtagctcatt    102300
     tccacctcct gagacctccc ttctaatcaa tggtgcctgg tactccatga cagcatacac    102360
     agggtatatt cagccaaagg gtgaaatccc tggatgagac ctgttttcta tatctggcat    102420
     cacaaagggt cctcagagac atgtgggtct ctcctgataa cgttttattt atttgtttgt    102480
     ttgtttgttt gattttgttt tgttttttat ttttgttatt gttttgtttt ttatttgttt    102540
     tatttttgtt ttgttttttg tttttgtttt tgtttttgtt tgtttgtttg tttgtttgtt    102600
     tttcccattg agcagacaag caaggaaagg tgcggttgtg aaggagttca cttctgaatg    102660
     acctggaaga gataaccagc tctgatcagg gttattggac tgttaaagga tgtgtgactg    102720
     gagggaaatc tcagtcgcaa gaggccacta tgtgaggaaa aacctcccga tctgcatttc    102780
     caaggcttct gagggttaaa tgaaggagga agatcatatt tatttatttt tccttttttt    102840
     tttaactaag aagacattat agtttttaag agaagaatgg ctcttaagaa aataatggtg    102900
     attccaaaga aagattactt attacttttg gactttgatg atgaagaaga tgacataaat    102960
     atttcggagg agtctctttc tgaaggttac tgcatattca gtgttgggta ttaattgtgt    103020
     gttgtgcagt tcactagact tttacctagt cacctgaaat ggaagaagtc ttttctcaga    103080
     gattttatat agttcatttg aaattttacc tatctatcta tatctatata ttcctatacc    103140
     cgagttttag caacacatat aactactctt gacattgtag tcagaatatg ttgataaaaa    103200
     ataacttgtt atgattttgc caccggaaaa tacctgaaca ttgttccaat aatatgtttg    103260
     caaaacttga atttatttca agaacattac aaataattta tttcattctt tttttttatt    103320
     atttattttc tttttttctt ttttttacat ttcaaatgtt attccctttt ctgttttccc    103380
     ctcaaaaaat cccagtcctc tcccctctat ccctgctttc caacacacct actcccaatt    103440
     cctggcccag gcattcccaa aacttggtca taggaacttt acaagaacaa gtgtctctcc    103500
     tcccattgat gacatactag tccatcctct gctacatatg cagctgtagg cataagtcac    103560
     aacttatgtt tactttgatt ggagatttaa tctcagggaa ctctgggagt acttgttagt    103620
     tgtttttcct catagaatgt tccttgtgta ctttctctag ctccataatt agggaccctg    103680
     tgctcagtcc aatggatttc tttgagcatc cacttctgta tttgtcagga aatggcagat    103740
     cgtctcagga gacaactata tcagtcttct gtccctaagc tcttgtttgg cttttcaaca    103800
     gtatctgggt ttggtggttg tttatggtat ggatcacaga atgaagcagt gtctggattc    103860
     cttcagtctt atttccaaac tttttctctg taactctttc catggatctt ttgttcccaa    103920
     ttctaagaag gaacgacata tccacacttt ggtcttcctt cttgttgagt ttcatgggtt    103980
     ttgcaaattt taccttgttt ttttctgagc ttcaaggata atatccactt atcagtgagt    104040
     atatatcatg tgctttcttt tgtgattgag ttatctcact taggaacata tcatccagat    104100
     ccatccattt gtctaagaat ttcatgaatt cattgatttt aatagtgatg tagtatttca    104160
     ttatgtaaat gtactatatt ttctgtattc attcctctga agacaggcat caggtttatt    104220
     ttcagcttct tgctattata aataagtttg ctatgaacat agtgatgcat gtatccttat    104280
     tacaagttgg aatatcttct ggatatatgc caaggaggac tattgctgga tcttcagtag    104340
     aactattacc acatttccga ggaaacccca tctgctttcc agagtggtag taccaacttg    104400
     caattccaca agcaatggag gagtgttcct acttcatcac atacccacca gcaactattg    104460
     tcatctgagt tttagatctt agccattctg actctgtgag gtggaatctt agggttattt    104520
     tgactttctg ttccctgatg attaaggatt ttgaacattt atgaggtgat tctcagccat    104580
     tcagtgtttc ttaatttaga attctttgtt tagaaccgtc cccttttttt aaaatagtgt    104640
     tatctgattt tctggaatcc agcttcttga gttctttgta tatattgaat attagtccct    104700
     tatctgattt agcattgata aagacttttt cctcgatttg ttctaatgat agtgcccctt    104760
     gccttacaga agttttgcaa tttttgaggt cccatttgtc tatttttaat cttataataa    104820
     cagccattgc tgttttgttc aggaatattc cccatttaac cttgtcttcg aggctcttcc    104880
     acactttctc ctctataagt ttcagtgtct ctggttttat gtgcagttcc ttgatccaat    104940
     tagacttgag cattgtacaa ggagatgaga acagatcaat ttgctttcct caatatgcta    105000
     actgccagtt gagccagcac cattttttga aaatgccatt ttctttccac tgggtggttt    105060
     tatctccttt gtaaaagatc aagtgaccac atgagtttgg gttcatttct ctgtcttcag    105120
     ttctgttcca tttatctacc tgtctaacac tattcctgta ccatgaagtt tttatcataa    105180
     ttgctctgta gtacagcttg aggtcaggca tggtgattac aaaagacatt cttctattgt    105240
     tgagtatagt tttggatata gtaggttttt tttttttcaa gatgaatttg caaattgccc    105300
     tttctaactc agtgaagaaa tgagttggag ttttgatggt gattgcaatg catatcagat    105360
     tgctttttga aagatagcca tttttactat attaatcctg ccaaatcatt agcatgggag    105420
     attttaccat cttcagagat cttctttgat ttctttcttg aagaatcttg aagtgtttat    105480
     catacatata tttcactttc tcagagtcac accaaggaat tttatattat ttgtgactac    105540
     tatgaagcac gttttttcct aatttctttc tcatactatg tgtcttttct gcagagaaat    105600
     tccactgtta tgtttaaatt tattctaaat tcagctccta agctgaaaat gtgtatcagg    105660
     attaggtttt ctctgttgta atttttgggg tcatatatac atgctatcat atcttctgga    105720
     aatagagaaa ttttgacttc ttcctttcca atttgtattc atctgttttc gttttgtttt    105780
     gttttgtttt gttttgtttt tgttgttgtt gttttgtttt gttttatttt gttttgtttt    105840
     gttttgtttt tttgtgtaat tgctctggct agtatttcaa gtattctatt aaataggtag    105900
     ggagaaagtg ggcagccttg tccagtccca gattttagtt ggattccttc tggtttctga    105960
     ccatttagat taaagttaaa tcctgggcct tcttttcttt tctttttttt tcttttcttt    106020
     tcttctcctt ctttttattt ttttttaggt gtatgccttg aattcctggt ctttcctgga    106080
     cttattatga atggccattg tatttatcca actatttgct cagcatctaa tcgaataatc    106140
     atggggtttt tgtacttgag tttttttgtt ttgtttttgt ttttgttttt gttttttcta    106200
     taatggattt aattgatgga ttttcgatat taaactctcc ctgaatcata agaaggaggc    106260
     caactaggtc atgatggttt atccttttga tgtattctcg gacgcgtttt gaaaggattt    106320
     tatttagtat ttttgcatcg atattcataa tggaaattgg aataaagttt cctttctcca    106380
     ttaggttttg tatagttgta atcttgcttc atagaacata ttaaatagtg ttccttctct    106440
     tttaattttg cataatagtt tgaggagtat tggtattagg tctccatgaa tatctgatag    106500
     aattctgaac taaacccatc agaccctggg cttatttttg gttgggagac tattaacgat    106560
     tgcttctaat tctttagggg tgttatgacc cacactacag tcttgccaga aagaatgccc    106620
     acaggacact cggatccttc tgcagtaaag ctttaaggca tctcgagaga tagatgatca    106680
     gcttcaggac aagagaccca gagagcagaa aacccctccc ttatataggc tgtgaagaca    106740
     gttagaagta tggttggaga cgtgcaccac cggaattgtc tgcccaccat cagcctgatg    106800
     atgccattgg agagacaggg ctcaggtaat ggaaagatac cccgatgcct gtgcacactc    106860
     accaagagca atagtgacaa tggtgttgtg agcaccatct tgtaatggtg gccgtgagga    106920
     cggctcctca catctcaccc ttttttttat gttagaagca acaggccaca cagtatggag    106980
     agtggagata gaggtcaaat tccgagtgtg caagcatagg ggccttacac aaaacctcct    107040
     cccaggctcg tcacccagag gggtcttggt cagctcccct gtcgtttttc ctgggggaag    107100
     gacactagga cactcaacct tcttgaaaga tgacatatct cccagaaaga agctcaaatt    107160
     acaccacaac gccattccag tgcagtgctt agctccaaaa ctctcctggg ctgttaaagc    107220
     acacccgctc caacccatgc agcaagactc gcctcagggt tttgtggagc tggatgtcca    107280
     gcaaccttat tgcttgagca tcatcaatat tcatatattg ggggaaacac cctgctccaa    107340
     agcaacaagt gcctgggtta ctaccatcct gtccctcctt gtttgggatt taagtttgca    107400
     gatcatccat agtaggagca gtactccact gtacacagcc acgccaaaca aaccaccccc    107460
     acccattgct tgaagtagga gaatgctgca gaaatccagg tagaaaatcc ttccatcaat    107520
     gacaggtcaa gacatgtcga atcgacttat aagatggtga tcctcagctc ccggagtgtc    107580
     tgttcaaatt ctatggtcca attctgtaac aaataacaag acaaagcctt ttacaggtta    107640
     gctgctcttg taaaattctg aaattgtagt aaggtgatac agaccctagg cagcttatgt    107700
     ttgcaaccca gctgaggcat ttgccaaaga atatacacct gctcttggac cagatcgatc    107760
     tgttggttta ccaacatgag gcctctctgt atctgggagt tggccatggt ctggctgttc    107820
     agggccaatg tcactcttgc cgaaaggtca ttttatagtt tgtgttgtct gaaccgtagc    107880
     agacaaggca agggccgaaa cagtgacaga ggcagctatt gctgctattg ctaccaagcc    107940
     aactataata gcagagattc caaaatctct cttttctcta aaaaagctta aattctagag    108000
     gcttccacag gaactggaac aaatctaggc acatgagtaa ccaaagcaaa gggatactta    108060
     gtagcatccc aacaagggta tagaaacttt aattaagcaa acaatctaac tctaattgat    108120
     tattatttaa acttttatta cttaccaccc acagaaaggg ggccaaacac aaaccggggt    108180
     gacagtataa ttcacccttt taaatgcttt atatttagta ttagaggagg agtgatcgaa    108240
     tgaccccaaa ccagcactca aagtgcccta ccactcaaaa cccatttggc ccttttcact    108300
     atatccacct tcaatcatgg ccataggtga aagatcggta cagctctcat taaccccaca    108360
     aagtaaccat tgatcaaaag ggttagcatc tgcccgatca gaatccatga agttaaaatc    108420
     atgtccagca aggatttcat taatctctac acttacatgt ggggaaaagg aaaaaaaaaa    108480
     tccttcaacc acccaaaaag tttttctggc ctggcaccca gtccaaggaa gcatggagtc    108540
     ctccgaggat cttcctttac aaaagggtgc cattctgggt tgctggggca gtgctttcct    108600
     ggatttatga ctaggcctcc agccttggat tatcaaggca ttggctatta tttcagagtg    108660
     ggttccccaa gcagctgctt tcaaccaggc cactgattga ttttataagg atatacactg    108720
     gcgttggtct ttcaattcag agatcattac aaagcacagg cttcctttga gggagaagtt    108780
     ctgttttcca tcagaacctg aatttgtcca tctaatggta aaaaggcaag tcccagctcc    108840
     ctatcagtag taaagaaatg tggaaaaact tgtgcactgt gcatgacagg catgaacaga    108900
     atgctagaca taatacccca acacaattcc cccgatatac taggaaccat gatctccagt    108960
     agaagggtca ttatccatcg ttgtttccag aattccctct tttgtccaca tcttctgaag    109020
     gggagatcct tcagatgagg cattctggaa cccaaagggg attgtcttct tcctgtggaa    109080
     agacacaaat aactcctttg gatcttatta aaataggatg caggcctcta cattttccag    109140
     ttaagacaac tttccatttg atcatttctc tagatctgtt tggttctgaa cagtgatgat    109200
     cagctgcagt gtggccttgc tcatcaatat tcaaaaaatt aagagtaaag agtaccatgg    109260
     agatgtccac tctcagtgtt aagggtaaga gcctcatcaa ctcacccttt ctttttgata    109320
     aggtaagttt taacagtgtg gtgggaacgt tccacaatgt cttgtccctg tatggcaaac    109380
     cagttaaata agttacattc ctctgtagac agaattgttg aaaattttga gatgtgtagt    109440
     ccagtccatt atctgttcta agaaatttgg tttgtcccca agcactccaa gcttcaaggc    109500
     aaagttgaat gacatgtgtg gctttttctt agtagaggat cagttttact gccctctttt    109560
     ctctctcccc ttccttctga atccctggga gggccctttt tctttgacat gtctttcttt    109620
     tttcgagctc ccattctctc attctgttag gtttctgaca tactgtcctg aaccttttct    109680
     agtattccct gtccctccac attggctgtt tggcaggttt catcctctag acagttttat    109740
     atcagcttgc aaatgccttg gtgcccaggc ttaagtctcc ctcttcatgc ttaaggtcaa    109800
     ggtcacttcc tagcttacta cataaggcta cagttagaga ccccgaacaa gaataccagg    109860
     gagaaatgcg atccacttcc ttaacaaagt tctgcagtgt actggaggca acctgcctgt    109920
     aatgcagtga tcactgactg tgaggaggcc atgatagagt gagtccctgc tacgatctac    109980
     accccattta tagtactcct taagcaaagc gaaagtaaac acagtgctct gttcccttgt    110040
     ctacggaagg cttagaagat acctcagtgc tgccacttat ctacgtcgga ctgacaacac    110100
     ctcatttttc agcaccagcc tcgatggacc tcaaatttca gcaccagcct caatggacag    110160
     aataagaaac agaatgaggg ccagggcaac caagaataga gcttctactg ccccttccta    110220
     gggtgcatct agattaagac cgaaatcaat agggataaga gggtcacgat gagacatacc    110280
     tctccaaact taccttttcc ctgaagttct gaatccaccc catttccagg ggttttcctc    110340
     aatgccagcg atgttgatcc tggctttatg gcaccggatg acctgcgcta ccatctcgcc    110400
     agcaagaaca catgcaggac actcagatct ttctgcagta aagctttaat acatctccag    110460
     agatagatga acagcttcaa gacaggagac ccagagagca gaaaacccct cccttatata    110520
     ggttgcaaag tattgttaga aatacggttg gagacgtgaa tcaccggaat tgtctgccca    110580
     ccatcagcct gatgacgcca ttggagtggc agggctcagg taatggaacg ataccctgac    110640
     gcatgagcgt actcaccatg agcaatgttg acaatggtgt tgtcagcacc atcttgtatt    110700
     ggtgaccgtg agggcggctc ctcacagtgg tagaagtaat tgcagggttt ctctgatcct    110760
     gatttaaatt tggtacctga tatctgtcta gataagtgtc cattttatcc agactttcaa    110820
     gttttgttga gtacagcctt gaatagtagg atctgatgat atttaaaatt tactaaattt    110880
     ctggtgttat ttctcacttt tcatttctga ttttgctaaa ttggatgctg tccttgtgtt    110940
     ctttatttag tctgtctaat ggtttatcta tcttgttgat tttctcaaag aaaaagctcc    111000
     cagtttgttt gattattttt gtattgttcc tttgtttcca cttggttgat tttagcactg    111060
     agtttgatta tttcctgact tcaactcctt ttgggtgaat ttgcttcctt ttgttctata    111120
     gtgttaaggt gtgatgtcaa cctactccta tatcctctct ccggtttttt ttagaggcat    111180
     tcagagagag ctatgagtgt tcctcttagg gctattttca ttgtgttcca ttacttgcag    111240
     tatgttgtag ctacattttc attaaactct gaaaagtctt taatttagtt ctatatttct    111300
     tccttgactg ttttgtcact gactagattg ttgtacacat tccacgtgta tgtgcgtttt    111360
     caattattta tattattgtt gaagttagtc tgtggtgatc tgataggaag cagaaaatta    111420
     tttcaataat tttatatctg ttgaggcatg ttatgtgact gagtgtatgg tcaattttgg    111480
     agaaggcatc gtgaagtcct gagaagaagg gacattcgtt tgttttagga taaaatgttc    111540
     tatagatatc acctaaacgt atttgcttca taaattctgc aagtttcacc atgtatcttt    111600
     ttagttttag tttccaggat ctgtccatta atgagggagg ggtgttgaag tcttccaata    111660
     ttattgtgtg tggtacaatg tgagttttga gctttactaa agtttctttt atgaatgtgg    111720
     atgtcattgc atttggagta tatatgttta gatttgggag tccatcttgg taaatattaa    111780
     ctttaatgaa tatgacattt cccgccttgc ctattttaat aacttttggt tgaaagtcaa    111840
     ttttatttga tattagaatg gctgctccac cttatttctt cggatcattt gcttggaaag    111900
     ttcttttcca gccttttagt ctgagataat gtctgacttt gtccttggtg tttgtttttg    111960
     gtatgctgaa tattgcttac acatccattt ttttattcta tgccttttta ctggtgaact    112020
     gagtccactg atattaagag atcctaagaa aagtccttgt tgctttttgt tatttttgtt    112080
     attagagttg gaattttgtt catgtagcta tcttctttta ggtttccttc acctttaatt    112140
     tcttcttttt tctcgagtgt aatttccctc tttatattga aattgtccct ttattatcgt    112200
     ttgatgtgct ggatgcattg gaagatattg tgtaaatatt gttttgtcac agaatacctt    112260
     gttttcccaa gctatgttaa aagagttttg cttcatgtct tggctggcat ttctgctctc    112320
     ttacattctg tatgacttca gccctagatt ttctcctttc atagtctcag gggagaagtt    112380
     atgtgtaatc ctgatagatc ttgctttata tattacttga ccattttccc ttactgcttt    112440
     taatattctt tctttgtttt gtgcatttgg tgttttgact attatatgat ggcagaaatt    112500
     attttttttc cggtccaaat aatttggcgt tctgtagtct ccttgtttat tcatgagcat    112560
     atctttcttt aagttaggga ttttttttcc ataatattgg taaaaatatt cactagccct    112620
     ataatttgga aaccttactt cttatctatg cctatactgg atttcatgta cgtaattatg    112680
     tcatttctaa aagctgtttc aaaaattcac ctgggcagta tttcctgaga aattcaaatc    112740
     attaatactt tattcccttt tactaatata gcatattatg tttccatttt ctgttgtcca    112800
     tatagtacag agcccagcat ttgacaaaga tgagaatata tcacctcagg tagaaacaga    112860
     tgaagatacg gtgtaatatt ttcaattttt tcccatttca atagagtact tcaaaagtgg    112920
     tgtttgtgat cccttgactg gagaagtaga ttcaggaaaa agagtaattc agggtcagat    112980
     gctcttatat gtgtagttca agaccagatt gtggtccttt agaccttgtg atcacaaaaa    113040
     catagcaact agtacaatac aaccacctgc atgagatgtt cccagatata cacacaaaga    113100
     aaaggagaac cattataaaa ataatagaag aaccatttgg gaagaagaag gatctcagca    113160
     atggtagtac agttatgaag aagtgctgtg aggtgtaaat gtatgaattg tttaaagtaa    113220
     atattacaag tttttttttg gaattctacc atgtatttta tatggatatg acatatggtt    113280
     caaatcaaat attatatatt cattaaaaat aattaaaata attttctgtg taaagttttg    113340
     tgtgtggtag aaaaaatgtc ctatggtgag actccaactt aaagtgtatc tcgcaagaag    113400
     gtaaatcccc tagacgtttt ccaagcttgt tttccctgat ctctgaaaat acagctagga    113460
     agaagctctt tgttctctat agccagcaaa aaggcttttt gtttctatac ttttcaacca    113520
     gagatgcctg ccttcctgtg ccaaggacaa ggagataaaa atttagaaag gactcacgcc    113580
     ccactcctgc cttgtaaatt tcaccaagaa catcaggaag agaagaactc ccttgcccac    113640
     atttcccaac tccacccaac tctcctccca actcctccca attccccagc tagctgctaa    113700
     aagcccctta ctgtcacagc tcggtgtcaa actcccctgc cctgctaggc agagtgactt    113760
     tgtcctcagc cagctaatag taaaacctct tgcagtttgc atcagttgtg gttttctctt    113820
     gggtcattgg ggtgctggcc agctcatccc gggacttgag aggaggccca gcttctgagg    113880
     tcttacattt gggggcttct ccaccatgat ttgtggccta ccccaattct cagagaccct    113940
     gcttggaggt aggattctat ctttgtctgt atctttgtct ctatcttttt ctataacttt    114000
     cctctatctt tgtctctaat atttgtgcca gctctgtttg aattcactat tctccgtttg    114060
     cagttgtaaa tgctcgtgag agcaacgaac tccctttttc agatggaaaa gggttactga    114120
     cagacatgtc aggagaaacc agctgccacc ctttgggaca tccctggagt tctgagggag    114180
     ttctagggat acctggagat ctcctatcag tgtgccaagt gagagtgtgc tcactcggct    114240
     gtctgtttct gttactgggt gccaagtgag tgtctgcttt cttggccatc ttattggggc    114300
     ctggtcttgg ttattgtaat cttttttgtg tatatgtttt ttttccctgt atgtgactct    114360
     gatgatggga ccgactatta tcatgcccct tggactgacc cttgatcact cgactgaaat    114420
     taagactaac acattctctc tgtggatgtc tgaaatcgat tttagagaac tttctgatct    114480
     acaaaatggc cagctttgat gatagttggc cactagaggg cactctttgt ttggttctgt    114540
     tttcagctct taaagttgtt ttacagaggg gaccagggtc tcagccagat tacgtgccat    114600
     acattctcat ctagaaaaat ttagcaccgg ttcccccctc tcccatcctg tttaaagcct    114660
     tgggttaaaa agaataatcc agggtcccca gtcctggccc tctgccaccc agaggtgaaa    114720
     aaaaaagtta aaactggcac aggttgaact gcagccctcg gtttctccca agatctatcc    114780
     agagttagaa gaacctccaa aatggcatag caccccaccc ccatattccc aactggtccc    114840
     ctccaagaac tctcaacagg gtgccactag atatttgggg agggaccagt tgctaaagcc    114900
     caaggccagc gagctcgaag cccagagtga ccagattcaa ccattgcact gcctttatgt    114960
     acttatgacc ctcctccagc aggccccaga caactgctga cccttcagta atggcccttt    115020
     tcctcctctg aactctataa ctggaaggct aatcacacct cccttctttg aaaacccctc    115080
     tagcctgcta atctaatgga atctctcata ttctctcttc agcctacttg ggatgactgt    115140
     cagcagctac tgattctttc accacagagg aggagaggat tctgagagga aagaaagagc    115200
     atgctggggg ccaattgact accaataaaa cttctgaatg aaatggatgc agccttccct    115260
     ctgacatgtc ctgacaggac tgaccatatg gagcaattga caattttctg ctgggctctg    115320
     ataataggac tgaaaggagc tggcagttgc cccaccaatt tggccaaggt aagagagatc    115380
     ctacaagaga aaaaggagcc cccagcagtg tttttagaat acctctgaaa ggtatagagg    115440
     tgttacacta cctttgaccc tacttcggcg tgccagcagg tgacaggtgt catggcttcc    115500
     attgggcagt attcttctga cattaggaaa aggttacagc gtctagagag tccgaaaaca    115560
     ttatctttac aacatctgtt taaggagtca gagaaagtgt accataagag agagagtgac    115620
     aggtcagcac cagggtatat tgtgctctga gtctgcagac acgcttaagg tccccaaaag    115680
     accctaaatg ggatcataag acctctggtg aacggaacac aacctctgct ccaatccaat    115740
     ctcacaggtt ctgagactgc attaattagg gaagcagaaa aactggcctg acaatggtca    115800
     caagtccctc tggtctgtgc cagcacctgg ccaacttgtt ggacagagtc tgaggacagc    115860
     cccaaggtcc tcacagaaac atccacgaga tcttaagacc tttgtgaatg gaaaaccact    115920
     tctgctccaa tcctatcatg caggacctga gactgcattc attagggaag cagataaacc    115980
     ggcctgacca gggtcacaag tcccttccaa tccattacag caccgggcac cttggggaca    116040
     gagtctgtgg acaacccaaa ggtccccaca ggactctcca tgggatctta gtacctctag    116100
     tgagtggatt acaacatctg ccaggaggaa ggttcgaaca ccagatatct gggacccttc    116160
     tctgcaagag gagatcttgc ctgcagagag tactctgaac actcaaactc aggagaaaac    116220
     tagtctccga agtctgctga tagaggctaa cataatcacc tgaccatcgt tatggcaact    116280
     attagaaaac aaagcattta attggaggct ttgttacatt ttcagaagat tggtcaatca    116340
     tcatgggagg taccccatca ctggagcaat agagaactat tgatccttag gcaaagagag    116400
     agattccgcc attgtattgg cttcttgaaa actcaaactc atccttgttg acacacctat    116460
     cctccaatga agccacacct tctcgtattc cttctaatct ttaaactcac tgccacttcc    116520
     tggtaatgaa atattcatat aaatgtgtct atagggtatt tattattcaa accaccaatt    116580
     ttcccatggc tcgatcagct attttttttt aaatataacc taaagggctc ccatttatta    116640
     aggactactt atgagcttag ccacagtgat gggccctccc acatcaatca ttagactaga    116700
     aaataaccca tagacttacc taatgactaa gtgattggag acagatgttc aattgttctc    116760
     tcttctcagg taactgtaga ttgtcaagat gggaaaaaaa taatgttcca tcacagtaat    116820
     gtttaactta ctccataacc tacacaaaca ttactcaaca tcatctattg cattctgccc    116880
     ctgcatagac acacttccat gtatggcata agtgaagggt gactacctcc atcagcaagg    116940
     atactcaata atatgtgaca tgaactgaat atttcctata gcctcacaac ccccacattc    117000
     tactgtgtgt tacacttatt gggggacttg ctaatctgtc caatatcctg ccaccaaagc    117060
     tatgacaaaa aaaatcctca tcataaaatc atttaatgat tttaacacat tttcacctcc    117120
     gttccatttt cccatcattt tctgctactt catatgatat tgcaatctat taaaatatag    117180
     tagtgaatac agcgaaagga ccagtgtgtg aagcagcaaa tttctttatt tctcagacaa    117240
     cagatacagt gccagaatct tccaggtaca actgcttggt aactttgtgt ctaatgttag    117300
     catgattctt ccagaaaaaa gcttaaagaa ttaaaccatg gttactctgg accagacaag    117360
     tcagtatcac tagtgaaaaa cattcatgta aatcattttc atcactgtta caatgtgcct    117420
     tagcagcaag gaaaacaggt ccatggtcac aagagtatga aagaggcatc aaggagcaca    117480
     gttgtccaac ttattagcag ccagtaagca tcaacacagg aagcgaccaa agacaataaa    117540
     taccttccaa gacatgttcc caatgaccat gttcctttac aagtgtctca ccccttcaat    117600
     gcacacccat caatcaatta actcattgat taaagccctc agggtccaat cacttttcag    117660
     attgtatata ttgttctacc tttgaacatt gtacttcgga acaaaatctt catcaaagac    117720
     ccacgactga cattgcaaac ccatttcacc accgaattct ttatgttaca aaatgtgata    117780
     ggatctatct gtctctttaa gggtatatct gtctagcagt tacaaatcag aacgtccagg    117840
     ccaacagaat catcaccacc atgagctttt tttttttttt ttttttttaa tatgagttca    117900
     agaagaagga aaatgcaatg caagttaagg gtcttgatcc cttatccatc catcttaaag    117960
     ccatagggtg gacccagaaa tttaggtcaa aagtgtaaat ttcacctata ctacaaacaa    118020
     ctgtgatgat ttctagccat ctccagtttc agtgtggtat ttagtcccac catctacatc    118080
     aaggcatatt gcctaatgtg aaataatgcc agctgtttat tgcaaaaacc actatgtgtt    118140
     gacttggatg taaaatgaga catctataat atagatacac ttgtacacgt acacatactc    118200
     acagaaagag gcaagaagta gaggagctga atcttaggat ccctcaatga agagatagtg    118260
     gaaatcttgt aaggcagaga ggtcattgag acactgtatg tctctatctg cacaaaatca    118320
     ggccagtctg ccttccatca atgagttgta ggttctcact atccatcatc cccatttgag    118380
     aaggtatgga cagttaatga aagatggaga gtcagttttc atcaaaggta tgccctttga    118440
     aggttatagg ttggccaggc actactggta gccccatatc caagatttta tgggcaacac    118500
     aattgatttg aatgggtttt atcaaaaggg agaaaaggag acatgaattt ggaaggagga    118560
     tttaggtgga aatggatctg gttttggttc gggaggagtt attaagagaa ctggaaagta    118620
     aattccatca aaatatattg tatgaatttc tcaagttatt aatgaatgta gttcttaata    118680
     tacaatatct gtactgaacc tatacagacg acttatattt ccatctccta aataacaaac    118740
     ccttgtatag cagtttcatt acattaaggg caaaagtaat ccagagatta tttaaaataa    118800
     agaaggatca gaggtgatgg cccaggggta aattcatgtg tgtgttcatt tacttacaac    118860
     accagtgctt aggattttta gaggggcaga gacaggaaga tgaatatgac ttcccgaaag    118920
     ccagtctcaa tattagctca gcaggaaacc ctatcaaaag cagataaatt agggagtgaa    118980
     ggagcaaatc atactatgcc cttccctagc ctctgaactt acctgtacag atctgtgtgc    119040
     agaaacacat gaatataatt aaaatataca agagcttatc ttgcatagct tatatgcagt    119100
     gttttgttat cttagcctag agtcctgagg actttatatc attacagttc ctgaagcaaa    119160
     ctccccagat atagtggatg ggtatatctt gttactatgc aaagagacct cagttaaatg    119220
     tgtgtgtcag tgactccaaa acacctttcc ttctctacct tcctttatat ggcacagaac    119280
     gacctgtaaa ttattaaaat atgaaaacaa agctttttca cgaatttagg cttgtgttaa    119340
     aataatattt ataacatttt attgaatgga acagaaatct tcagctccca gaagaaatac    119400
     agtgaatcct gtaggcttct gttttgtccc attatgaaaa aaattaattg caaatcgaca    119460
     gttcccacac ttttaagtaa atcaggatga agggatatgt ttccatacaa gtaagtaatg    119520
     ccaaagtgat taatcaagta gaaatgtggc agggttagga tgcctttggc tgatgtgaca    119580
     atgatgactg attagtctct tgttatgcaa ataaccctaa cctctaagaa aagaaaagta    119640
     atgatataaa atattccaag aagtggtatg gaaaattatt acttgattac aatttctttt    119700
     acatacttta ttagtttgaa taattgtggc tcacagaaga tcaaatattc aaaggagtta    119760
     tttttccagg tggtgggacg tttagaaaga attaggattt gtgttttcat taaaagtgat    119820
     ttggcactgg gcttgaaata tcaaacaacc attgaaatat caaaaactct ctctcattct    119880
     ctctctctct ctctttctct ctctatttct ctctctcttt ctctctctct ctctgtcact    119940
     ctctctcatt ctctctcatg ttttaagcca ttcatcaagt ggttgacatc tagtattaat    120000
     ccattgcgtg ttaattatac acagtaaggc aatcaacatt tatgatatgg atgtgaaatg    120060
     gtccttcttg cttttttttt ttttttttag ttaactcaac ctgggaatat agaacctcag    120120
     ataaagaact gcctccatca cattggccag ttgccacacc tttaaggaag gatctttctt    120180
     ggatggctgt tgttgaaggg tctagcccac tatgggtagt gtcatcatct atgaaaagga    120240
     tatacaaagt gtggtggtga ccgtggaagg gccagaaatt gatgtttctg gaagaactga    120300
     agatctatat ggcatgaaaa attaaagtgc ccgctaattt gtaagtaaat tccatactta    120360
     ccagcgtaca atattttgtc tacccataat tcaaaagtaa aattatcgaa tatatttcac    120420
     cctgttttac tgcatttaat ctatgaaatt acttgtaacc agaaatactg aaaaaattta    120480
     aaggccttta aaacatgact ggttgatatt gggtttgttt aactttatca caactttgaa    120540
     ggcaggacca agagctagat tgtcttctca tttacaaaga atccatgatt caaggttgca    120600
     actggcttca atacaaggta cttaacactg taaaatttct gctttgtttg aataaaatag    120660
     taattgctct aactttgggt tttcataaac agaattttga tgtgctatcc agtgtgctgc    120720
     cttaaagagt ctggcaccat ttctgacact aagaacagtt gaaagataac cagggaaagt    120780
     ttggaacagg gaaaataacc accaaggatg ttggtgaatc agaaactgaa ggctttcaca    120840
     ggaggaaaat aataacaaaa gcaaaacaaa gcaatcaaca aacaaataaa cagaaaccca    120900
     accaccaaaa aaataaaaac aatacaagag tgatttactt gggcagaatg tgactcaggt    120960
     catcaggaca tttctgcagg gatttcattt tggctttcaa agaggccata tgaaaaggta    121020
     aagcctagat ggttaatgtt tctgagtgta attagggaag gaaccagcat gactggggtt    121080
     ctatgatacg agctgaacta ggtgatgtca cagagcactg gtcatagatt gcacatctat    121140
     tccacttaga gacactagaa tccctagacg gtgtgtccac tattttccca gtggtgtgtg    121200
     aaaggcaggc cagctcctga accccaactt gttcctcaag cttttgtgcc ctggtctgta    121260
     tcaaaagaca gaatcttgac gactaagaca ttttctttgg gtaaaaacat ttatgaagta    121320
     actgggacca tcatagctat agaaagctga aagttttccc tcccacactg agtaactgta    121380
     cattctaaat tctcccatgt ttggggccag gggcatggct gatccagttt agttgatctc    121440
     ctgaatttat tatccttgct aacaatatct ccttcacaat tccatcaaaa tgccaaagct    121500
     cttctttgtc cgtatgtatt ttagaaaatg ttacttctaa atggctgata ttgggcctgg    121560
     agcgatggct cagcagttag gagcactgac tgctcttcca gaggtcatga gttcaaatcc    121620
     cagcaaccac atggtggctc acaaccatac taatgagatc tgacaccctc ttctggaatg    121680
     tctgaggaca gctacagtgt atttagatac aataataaaa gaaatcttaa aaaaaaatgg    121740
     ctgatattgc ctggacttgt tgaggccgga gttgcagtgg catataatca ccaaataatc    121800
     ctgagtctgg gtcaggtaac acaatacaga aggccagtgt tgtgctgtgt ccctgggata    121860
     tttgtgaata ttgccaccta tttgacatct tgcaggtaca agagagggta ggtaacaact    121920
     ctggctcatt ttctttattc tgttctctcc ttgatcattt tgggtaaaag gcataccaac    121980
     ttccacattg acatagacat gcaaggagat gttcctcaga agaggcaaat tagctcaggg    122040
     ctgaagacat attcatctga gtatgttatt ctgagctgtg gagaattact tgttattttc    122100
     cctttgataa tttccttgtt tcccttattt atttgtttgt tgttgttgtt gttgttgttt    122160
     tgtttgtttg ttttttcttt ggatgggtgt ttaattttac tttgagtgtg tttgtgtgta    122220
     gctttgactg ttaggaaaat cactttgtag aatagactag cctttatctc actaagtttt    122280
     gcctccctct gcctcttgag tactaggatt aaagacttgg gttactacca tctcctatta    122340
     acttctgatt tgattttttg ttttgttttg ttttgtttgt ttttcttttt tgttttttgt    122400
     ttgttttgtt ttgtttttgt tggttttttg ttttagttgt taatgttgta gctgatttgc    122460
     agacattttt cctttgtcta ccactggctg ccctggaact cactttgtag accaggctgg    122520
     tctctaagtc agaaatctgc ctgaccctgc cttctaaaag ctgggattaa atgagtgtgc    122580
     caccatagct agattatgat ctacttattt tgatcaaatt aagtttagaa gcccaaacat    122640
     gtttatcata gccttcttga cctgctcaaa atttccatta gagaagagcc ttggtccagc    122700
     attctctcca accctacacc cattgccttt tagtaactca tatatatgac agtagcaaca    122760
     gcattgtgtc tggtttaaac aggcaatatc ttcaatccaa ggcaatgggc aagtatattt    122820
     gaacacagaa tgatagccac aagacatctg cctgggtttg gtatggtata ccacagcaag    122880
     gctacagcca tgtagaagaa aatacctttg aagaggctta gcatgtcctc cctcatgaag    122940
     aagaggagga ggaagtcttc ttccaacacc ctgaggaata ttgtcggctg cagaatttct    123000
     cattgttgga aggaaggtaa tgagcctgtc acccaatgga aggccatagt tctaggtcaa    123060
     ctgccaacaa acccttctct ttacttggtg aagtatgatg gaattgacgg catctatgga    123120
     caggagctct acagtgatga caggatttta aaccttaagg ttttgcctcc catagtagta    123180
     tttcctcagg tgagggatgc ccaccttgcc agagccctgg ttggcagagc ggtacaacaa    123240
     aaatttgagg ggaaagatgg ctctgaggtc aactggaggg gggtggtgct agcccaggtg    123300
     ccaaccatga aggatttgtt ttacattacc tacaagaagg atccagctct ctatgcttaa    123360
     cagctcctgg atgactacaa ggaaggtaac ctccacatga ttccagacac tcctccggct    123420
     gaggagagat caggaggtga cagtgatgtg ttgataggta actggatgca gtacaccaga    123480
     aaagatggtt ctaaaaagtt cggaaaggtt gtttaccaag ttctagacaa tccttccgtg    123540
     tactttatca agtttcatgg tgacatccat atctatgtct atactatggt gccaaagatt    123600
     cttgaagttg aaaaatcata aagtacagaa atgtaaacat ataggactgg aagaaaaaaa    123660
     aagttttttt ttcctgtgtt agctatataa gggtctttga caatcccagt atctttgcca    123720
     ataaaatgta ttttgttcta aaaatgtaaa tgtgtgacat gacatgctgt gagtgaacaa    123780
     tttgctggaa gagatggcct acagtggaag gaacgtcaaa tgaagatgaa agtttcattt    123840
     caggcggtga acagtacata aacctaaaat catacatgct aaaatgaaca gcttctctgg    123900
     tctgcatgaa gaataaggaa atggagatgg aacttggagg agcagggatg gcagaaaaag    123960
     atggatgttt aggaagtagg ggagaaggac aggacatagg tagaacctct gatgtgaaga    124020
     ctgaaggaga aacaaaattt ttgggaaagt gggacattta aaagaaatgt ggccttgttg    124080
     cacaaggtga aacccagaaa actgattgaa atagactcag aaagcagaga aaatcaggtt    124140
     ttctttgaat aatgacactt aaagaaacct gtctcacatt ttaagattta ttatctttac    124200
     ttatgtgggt ggggatatgg catgtgcttt tgagtacagg tgaacataga gacatgcgtt    124260
     gtcaggtact ctggagctgc cattaaaggt gattatttgc cattggatat gaaatcaaga    124320
     aaccaaatcc atttttcttg tggtgcaaaa gtgcttgcta ccattgattc atctctctaa    124380
     tcccacaaag atatcttttt taagaaatcc aaaattcaca ttcataaaac agaccagatt    124440
     gaagataaga aagttctaat tgatggtgac cattaaaagt aataagggac acacaaagag    124500
     tagaggacac tgagagacaa atgaattcta agttggagtt ctcaaaaagt taagctggag    124560
     acacagaaag aagagaaatt ttaaggaaat agtcaaactt gggccatatc cacattggct    124620
     tctttgtttt cttaacaaat agccagcctg tcattacaga tgggtgtgtt tgtgtgtgtg    124680
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tttgtgagtg tgtgtgtcca tttttacaca    124740
     ggcaatctag actagtgaat gtttatattt atgagactcc ctaaatcatc acagaaacct    124800
     tgattttgtg taatcagttc caaaagtaaa gtaaaacaga aaatgaatat gctgtgagat    124860
     aattttgggt tggaatggat cctgagttcc ttccgtgagc actctttccc tgtgatgaat    124920
     cctgtgatct tttgcaggtc tccaatgaga tccccagata accataaaaa gccccacagt    124980
     ggcctgttcc acctagctct cctctaaaca catgaccccc tacataccta tgtataactt    125040
     cagcctgtct atagcctgga aattctagtc ttttacttat atgtgacctc attctcagaa    125100
     aacactgaag gtgtaaccaa tgcatatatg cttacctctt ttatacgcca gttgacatgg    125160
     gtttcaaatg ttatgagttt gcccactttg tgggtcactt cctgaggagc ccgtgtactt    125220
     catggaggtc tgcctgggtt ccatctatac tctgagaggt tttttttttt tttctttttt    125280
     gaggcaggaa tgccatggac tcagtcatta caattttcct ctctagaata agtttgtatg    125340
     cttcagcatt tgataataat ctctattgtt gattaatttt aatatctggg atagtttctg    125400
     cagtaactga ttctcttagg gattagttgc tgtgaaaaga caccatgtca aaggccactc    125460
     ataagagaca acatttcatt agggcttttc tacatttcat tacacgttca gagatttact    125520
     ccacgatcat caaggcagaa aatatggcac tgtctaggca gacatggtgg tggagaggaa    125580
     gtttagaatt atgcatcttc atccaaatgc ttccaggaaa aactatgtat tctgtatgca    125640
     gggagggtct cttccacact ggtagagctt taaagcccca aaatgatatg cttcctccag    125700
     caaggcccga cctattccta caaggccaca cctcctcata gacataatac atttagaatg    125760
     ccacactggt ttcataacaa ttgaccagat ctaggttcat caaagaggag gagcctcagt    125820
     tgagaagatg cctccacaag atccagctgt taggaaattt cataattggt gggagagcac    125880
     ccactccatt gtgggtgttg acatccttgt attagtagtc ctgggttctt taagaaagca    125940
     agctaagcaa gactagagga gcaagacaat aagcatcacc acaccatagc ctctgaataa    126000
     gctcctggct ccaggatcct ttgttgtttc agtttctgtc ccaacttctt tgataattaa    126060
     caacaatgtg gaagtataag ctgaataaaa cctttgctat ggaatttgct ctttggacat    126120
     ggtggatcct tacaacaata aacatagtaa gacattcatc agaaaaatat ctaacagtgc    126180
     caatgccact tatcttaaaa ccacaaataa taatgtgtag acattttatt ttatttaaag    126240
     gtaagatata ctcgtgtacc tacctgagat gtaaatgttc tagtttgctt ctttctcact    126300
     atgtagaata ctacaatcaa aaattacttg gaaatagaag ggttatagtc tatcaccgag    126360
     gaagacaaaa caggaagttg tatcagtaac agcaaaaaac tgcttattgg cttgccactg    126420
     tcttagtcac tcttttaatg atgtgaagag ataccatgga taaggcaact attagaaaac    126480
     aaaacattta actagaggct tgcttacata ttcagaagtt tggtcattca ccaagggagg    126540
     gatcccaaca cttgagcaat agagaactat tgatccttaa gcaaagagag agattctgcc    126600
     attgctttgg cttcttgaaa actcaaaccc atccttgttg acacacccac ttcctccaat    126660
     aaagccacac cttctcttat tccttctaat ctttaaactc actgccactt cccagtgact    126720
     aagtattcat atatatgtgt ctatagagaa ctttcttatt caaactacca attttctatg    126780
     gcttgatcag cttttattat tttagtacag tctaaaaggc tcccaattaa aatgactact    126840
     gttgagctta gccacagtgg tgggccctcc cacatcaatc attacccaag aaaatatcct    126900
     atagacttac ctaataacca agtgaataga gacagatctt caattgctct ctctgataag    126960
     gtatccgttg attgtcaaga ttgggaaaaa ataaagtccc atcacaggaa tattttactg    127020
     actccacaac ctacccaaac attactgaac agcatttcct cctctctgcc ccttcataga    127080
     cccacttcca tgcatggcat aagtgaagga taacttcttt catcagcatt gatactcaat    127140
     aataggtgaa atgatgtgaa tatgtcctat agccacacaa ccccccacat tctactgtgt    127200
     gttacactta ctggggtaca acccaatctg tccaatttcc tgccaactca gctatgagaa    127260
     aaaaaaatct cctcatcaat agatccaatg aattttacct gatttctttc tcctggggca    127320
     actcagtgtt atcccttcat gcatatattg gtgtcttatt catctgtact aaaaccacta    127380
     ctattaatag atacatcaca ggagatatga caaataccaa cccccatgag cagctgcaca    127440
     gttggccaag ccttttcagt gcttttttga agtttccttt gtatactaaa aaatcaattg    127500
     atttctttaa gtgtataatt taatgattct aacacatttt cacctccatt ccatttcccc    127560
     tcattttctg cttcttcata tgatattgca atctattaaa atacagtact gaaggcagag    127620
     ggaggatcag tgtgggaagc tgcaaagttc tttaattcta aaacaacaga tacactgtct    127680
     gaatattcca gatacaactt tttggtaact ttgggtctac tgttagcatg aaatttctag    127740
     aaaaaaaaac ttaaagaatt aagccatggt tcctctggac cagagagttt agtatcacta    127800
     atgagtcata ttcatgtcaa tcattttcat cactgttaca agatgactag caacaaggaa    127860
     aacaggtcca tggtcacaag agtatgaaag gggcatgaat gagcacaatt gtccaaatta    127920
     ttggcagaca gtaaacatca acacaggaag caaccaaata caataaacac cttccaagac    127980
     atgttcccaa tgaccaagtt cctttacaag tttctcaccc cttccattca cacccattaa    128040
     tcaacgcata gattaaaggc ctcagggtcc aatcactttt cagattgtat atattgttct    128100
     acctttgaac attgtacttc ggaacaaaac cttcatcaaa gacccaggac agacatttca    128160
     aacccatttc accacagcat tctttatgct acacaaagtg ataggatcta tctgtctctt    128220
     taagggtatc tctatcaagc agttccaaaa ggaaaatgtc caggtaaaca gcatcagcac    128280
     ctccaggagc ttttataaat gtgagttcaa gaagagcgaa attgcaatgc aatttaaggg    128340
     tctttgtccc ccatctctgc atcttaaaac catagggtga acacagaaat gtaggtcaaa    128400
     agtgtaaatt gcacctatac tacaactaat ttggatgatt tctagccatc tctacgttct    128460
     gtctgttacg gagtccacca tgtctgcctc aaggcatatt gcctagtgtt aaatagtgcc    128520
     agcagttgat tgcaaacaac actttgtgtt gacttgcatg taaaatgaga catgtataat    128580
     atagacatat ttgtacatac acacatactc acagaaagag gcaagcagta gaggagcttt    128640
     gtcttaggaa ctctcacgga agagatggta gaaatcttgt aaggcagaga ggtcactgag    128700
     acactgtatg tctctatctg cacaaaatca ggccagtctg ccttgcatcc ctaagtggta    128760
     tggtatcact atccatcatc cccatctgcg aatatatgga ctattgatga aggatggaga    128820
     atcagttttc atcaaaggta aggcttttgt atgtgatagg tttgccatgc tctactggtt    128880
     tccgcatgtc caagagttta ggggcaacac aattgatttg aattgggttg tatcaaaggg    128940
     gagaaaagta gacttgaact tgggaggagg attaaggtgg gaatgggtct ggttttagtc    129000
     tgggaggagt tatcaagaga attggaaagt gaattccatc aaaaaaattg tatgaagttc    129060
     tcaaggaatt aattaatgta gttcttaata tacaatgtct ttactgaaca tatacagacc    129120
     acttatattt caatctccta aatagcaact cattttgtag cacttacatt acattaagtg    129180
     caaaagtaat ccagagatta tttaaaataa agaaggatca ggggatatgg cccagagaca    129240
     atgccatgtg tgtgttcaaa cattcaccta caacaccagt gcttatgatt ttgggagggg    129300
     cagagatagg aagatgactg tggcttcctg aaagccagct cagcaagaaa cccagtcaca    129360
     aggggataag ttatgtagga aaagagtaga tcacactata cccttcccta gcctctgaac    129420
     ttacctgtac agttctctat gcagactcac ataaatatga ttaaaatatg caagaggtta    129480
     ttttgcatag cttatattca aaagcaatgt tgttttagac tagaaacctg aggactttat    129540
     atcattatag ttcctggagc aaactcccaa gatatagatg atgggtatat cttcttactg    129600
     tgcaaaggaa acctcagtta agtgtgtgtg tcagtgactc caaacagctt tcctcctcta    129660
     tgttacttta tatagcatag aatgatctgt aaataatgaa aatatgaaaa caaagctttt    129720
     ttgagatttt aggcttgtgt taaaatcata tttataacat tgtattaaat ggaagtgaaa    129780
     tcttcagctc tcaggaacaa tacagtcaat gctgtaggct tctgttttgt cccattgtga    129840
     acaaaattaa ttgcacatca acaggtccca cacttttaac taaatcaggg agaagggcta    129900
     tgtttccgta caaataagta atgtcaatgt gattattcaa gtagaaatct ggcagggtta    129960
     ggatgcgttt ggcttatgtg atagtgatga ctgattagtc tcttgttatt caaataaccc    130020
     ttacctctga gaaaagacaa gtaatgatat aagatatact acaaagtgac atggacactt    130080
     attactagat ttcattttcc tttacatact ttagttgttt gaaaaattgt ggcccacaga    130140
     agctcaaata ttcaaaggtg ttagttttcc aggtggtgag atgttaagaa agaattagga    130200
     tttgtatttt tattaaagga gatttgtcac tattctttga aatatcaaaa atccatcagg    130260
     ctctctctct ctcattctta ctctctcctc attctctctg tctctgtctc tttgtctctg    130320
     tctctgtctc tatctctgtc gctctctctc tctttcattc tctgtctttc tctgtctctg    130380
     tttgttgtct gtagtattgc ttgtgagctc tcagctactg ctctacacat gtgtgcctgc    130440
     gtgttgccat ggtgtttacc atgatgtcct ggagtcgcct tctgaaactg taagaccaca    130500
     attaaatatt tcatcttata atttggtgtg gtcatgatgt ctcacatcat tagaacagta    130560
     accaagacat ccatattcca gttaattttt tcaatcgttc tgtatttatt tcattaaagt    130620
     taccttttgt ccattgaaaa gttttaagaa tacttttaaa gatcctgaac aaatagtgcc    130680
     agtaggagtg gcactgttag gaggtgtggc cttgttgaag tatgtgtgac cctgttggag    130740
     tagatgtggc cttgttggag gaaatgtaat actgtgcttg tggactttga ggtccgttat    130800
     gcttaagctg tccccagtgt gacacacagt ctccatcttc tacctgtgta tcaagatgta    130860
     aaactctcag ctccttctct agcattgtgt ctgtcagaat gcttccatat ttccagtcat    130920
     gataataatg gagtaaacct ctgaaaacaa gttacaaagt gttcaagagt tactgtgatc    130980
     ctggagactc ttcatggcaa taaaacccaa actaacacaa acacaaacat tcaaaaacac    131040
     atttgatatt ttgactattc ttggcatagg gagtggcact actgggagct aataaccttg    131100
     ttgaagtaag tttggccttg ttgaaagaaa tttatctttg tgaacatgga ctttaatgcc    131160
     ctctgcctag ctgcctgaaa gctaatcatt tcctagcacc cttcagatga agatgtagaa    131220
     ctctcagctc caaatgcacg tgcctgccag gatcctgcca tattcctacc ttgatgataa    131280
     tggactgaat ttctgaacct gtaagccagg gtaaattgaa aagtgtctct gctgatagtt    131340
     ggttgctatt ccagaaagac caaaagttat gacgtaccat ccagagtctg agaatacatt    131400
     ggtttagctt ctagcatttg acagaaaaca gaattaacaa gacaatgaga atataaaact    131460
     tcgtatttca tacttagaga cacatgggtt atagatctgc ggaactcaag gttttatggg    131520
     tggtatggta gagtgattag tgtctgtata tgagtgcagt gtctgttccc aagtctgatg    131580
     tcacacatac acatatgttc agtaatgagt agaatatctt caacacttgc tctcttagag    131640
     tgaaaccctc tcaccatttt gactagtttg actgtccaat acactattgg gatatctacc    131700
     tgtctccacc ccacagtgtt gcagatatga atagacatgc ctggaatttt acagaggtgc    131760
     tgagaataca tgaactccac tgagccatct tctcagcccc cagcagggta ttgtttattg    131820
     aaatcaatga tcatatcagt agagaaatga aaaccaacat gaccctgata ttttatctta    131880
     cctccacctt acaccaacta aatgaatttt aaatataaat ttaatttatg tccaaatgaa    131940
     tcagattaca ttctaatgaa agataaaatt ggagtgtatc cagatgaaag ctatgttagt    132000
     atatttttgg ccatttatat ggagaataac ctatattttc agtacactag gagagcaaat    132060
     gcatgtaaat gagttcaacc aaagaaaatc tttgttccag tgaatttctt tgtaaaataa    132120
     cgttgaaaat catgccattt cagttatata tatttaatta ttttgagtat gttattatgg    132180
     gaacatgtga gttttcttgg attccgattg cagaattaga gtatagggga cctgattatg    132240
     tggcactatt attttttatt aattagttca ttcattgtcc accttcctac tgttccacat    132300
     cccatatcta ctgcccatcc cctgtctcca agggcaagtc cccatcctac cggatctcta    132360
     aacaccttga tgtctctagt ttgttgagaa tttggtacat catttctgat tgaatagaga    132420
     tcaagcagat ttttttctgt gtatgtttta gagaccttct gatagttcat atatgctgcc    132480
     tgtttggttg tctagcattt gggagaattc taggtccata gtatttgaga caactggtcc    132540
     tgtcagcctc cttcagtctt tctcaaatta aaccaatggt tctgcagatt ctgtccattg    132600
     gttgtttgca tacatctgca tctcactgtt tcacctgctc attatttctt cataagtaca    132660
     gtcatcctag cattaatatt acaagtatct gaattcagaa acatacagag gctgtgtact    132720
     gcaagcaggt cttctgcaaa agcaatatat aatataagta ctaaaattga tatcagtgct    132780
     ctacaatatt ctattctatg tgatgaaata tctctctctc tctttctctc tctctctcaa    132840
     tatatatatt cctctaacac ttagtatgaa taaagattct cttatattct ctcctacaaa    132900
     ggggatgata ttggcatgtc atctgcaaca ttcattcact ttcctacaca gtttgtgctt    132960
     tctcttagca atcaactaat atctaaatca cacatgcact cagattacaa agtaaggtat    133020
     ctgagctcat gcaaactgtt attctgagtc agagtagggg gaggacaatt ccaaactgta    133080
     gttacatcca agagcatgga ctttaacaac ttgtgaatca gtagaagaaa agacaatgta    133140
     tagacacggt tgtttctttt ggtttggttt ggtttagctt tgcttatttc agttacccac    133200
     aatcattata agaaacacag agaaacacag attaatgcct gtatcttgaa ctgaatgcaa    133260
     acaggggcct tagaaccaac attttatttc tgttacaata tacaatatat atttttagag    133320
     atttttttta tttattagct attataccca ctgcaacaag tttaagaaat attcctagtg    133380
     acccaaatag cagctttatg attcagatgc agatattttc acccaatcaa tggattgaag    133440
     catctgaccc ctgttgttga attaatgagg tcaaagatat taaagaagag ggcatccctg    133500
     tggtaggata cctgtctcaa ttgaagtgtt cccccaagat gtctgaaatt gtggcccaac    133560
     aaagagacag aatgcacctg ctgatatgag gcctccaaca cacatacagg agaggattgc    133620
     tgggaggaga actctacaat tccactctcc ccactggagg gcatttcatc taatgttttt    133680
     tttttttttt tttttttttt ttaattcctg agagtctctc acatcccagg tctctggtat    133740
     actctagagc gttttctcat ttcctccttc acaaagttgc ctgtttccat tcttttcgct    133800
     ggtcttcatc aattcagtcc tgtttcccac aaccacagta cctgataaaa ttcctctatt    133860
     ctccttcttg tcccatttcc cacccaggtc tctcccttcc cctatctgta ttgatttttt    133920
     aaccttctta tcatttctaa ttatgtttat gactaataaa ataattgaag tttatttttt    133980
     tgattcatta tcttattagt ttccaaaggg atgatataca aataccaaag gtacattggt    134040
     ttaattttat ttcatttcat ttgatttttg agataggcag ttagtatgtt ttgtattctc    134100
     caggaaggtc tagagtgttg aggttcagca ttccatgcta gtaccattac aggtatgtaa    134160
     aaacttacct ggctttaatt gcttataata aaatagtccc aaaatatcta taaacactat    134220
     aaaataaaca ccttccagtc tgagagatga aaatatttcc tcttcattta caaacctcat    134280
     tgatagaaag tatatttgtt tcttgaaaca aactaaactg caaactgagt gccatgatta    134340
     gccccctctc tggtttccag gctcagccgc ttctctctgt tcccattatt attgatgctc    134400
     tcgaacaggg gaatgccagg cctacgacat gagagtgagt gggtaagggg aagggttggg    134460
     ggaacataca ggggaatttt gggatagcat ttgaaatcta aatgaaggaa acatctaatt    134520
     gaaaaaacaa acttaagtgt attcacatat gtacacaggg acatgtggca catatgtaca    134580
     taatttaaaa ttatcattcc ttttcaatac tctgtttttc atttatttta ttattattat    134640
     taatatatat ggcaattctg aaacttactt tgtagactag aatgtcctca aactgagatt    134700
     tgcctacctc taccttccaa aaactgagat aaaaggtgtg tgccaccacc acctggcttc    134760
     cgaaatattt tttacttagt gggagatgtc cattattttt ttcctgttcg gatatatcaa    134820
     aatcatcaag atgtcatttt tcctttatca atttatgaga ttaaatcaat cctgtaaaaa    134880
     tatttcaggt acttttggag acaggtaagt ttacaagaaa catcatttaa aaaatatttt    134940
     atttctggag ccaaaacctt gagtagacct tgcatgcaaa ctctgtagct agccttataa    135000
     cacccggagg caactccact gccaatcatc taacattcat aggatccgat gatcagacaa    135060
     gaggaagaca caacatcatt ccccaacacc tggagtagag ggtaccagaa agacacaggc    135120
     atgcaggaac tccaccagac cagtggtatg gattgcatcc attctgtctg ggacagcgcc    135180
     ctgagcagtc cttggatgca aactcagcag ccagccccat aacacccaga ggaagctcca    135240
     ctacctgaag atctaatatg gccagggtca gaggatccca ggatcctagg agcttagtca    135300
     caccaggatc tcaaggttcc aagggcagct tgactcccag gatgtcagac ccacccagca    135360
     tctcataatc acagtatacc gtaataacag gatcacagag acagctagac tttgaagagt    135420
     tatgacacaa ccaatatcac aggaaggaca gtctgatgta gccagggcat gtagcacttg    135480
     agatatccag atggtgagag gcaaggataa gttaataagc aagagaaacc aaagttattt    135540
     ggaataatca gcacccaaca cttgcaccat atcaagtgga taccccaaca caccctaaaa    135600
     gtaagacatg gatctaaagt cacttctcat agtgatgatg aaggacttta agaaggacat    135660
     tagtaactct cttaacgaaa tgcaggagaa cacagataaa catgtagaag tccttaaaga    135720
     ggatacacaa aaatctgtta aatagattca ggaaaacaca atcaaacagg tgaaggagca    135780
     gaacaaaacc atccataatc taaaaatgga aatagaaaca attgacaatt ctcactcagg    135840
     ccatgaagct atggaatatt cccatttact gagatccaga ggagtagcca tttggaagat    135900
     tgtgtcccta aatgtgaagg ttgtgctgaa actcttatga aaattgagaa caattttaaa    135960
     tatgaaagaa aaaacacaca ttaaaaattc atgtaggcaa aattgacagc cttctatatg    136020
     tcacaaaaca cacaagcaga gattacaatt acaataatta tttttatatc aaggggtcaa    136080
     aactcctgat acaatcaatg tccaagaaga gatatttaga gcacacactc accggggaca    136140
     aactgtcatg actgggacag catggcagga aacaaaatgt tgatctgttt cattgagggc    136200
     cagcatgggg ccttcttaca cttttgtgga ataagcagcc aagagttagg tcagaaatag    136260
     ccagcgccct caattatgcc aaagtaacct atttctgcta gggaacagtc ccaaatgttc    136320
     cacaaacttg ctagactgtt ccactagttt gagacacctg agactgtggg aaaatttcac    136380
     acccaatctt aatgaaactg aaccaggcat gtgtaaaata ctttttgaaa atagtttcat    136440
     ttcaattcag gaaaaaggac agagagccct gcttttaatg gatggagtta gtctttagct    136500
     tccattgtgc accctaaatg aaacatagtg taaacgaagc agttttctat gcagcaagta    136560
     aagagtgaaa acaacacact aatggagata aaatgcaaag aaccgggata tatagtaaca    136620
     attccaattg taagtgtgaa aaaacaaata tacatatatg tgagttgtgc ttgttatttt    136680
     cctactggtt tgattgtaca ggataaaaaa aacaatagtc tgtccgtatt ggccacagtt    136740
     tcattcatca ttgtgttagt ggacccaatc taggaattaa tcatcagggt ttgacagcaa    136800
     aatccatcgg ctcaatacac cagacattag ctggaaagtg aggtacaagt aggtcatgtc    136860
     ctttggtttc ttctctctga gtctgttata tgggcgtcct gtcattgttt gttattgttg    136920
     ttggttgttg ttttaaaatt tgaaatattg aatgcaaaag caagtggcag gagcccaaca    136980
     ggtctttgca ttcttacttt ctcctttcca tcactctcca attcttccaa tccccagctt    137040
     tcattcaaac ataaagaaac aatgtgaaaa taagactcct tcatcatctt tactttgtgc    137100
     ttgcatgttg gctgtaatca tcttgaaaac attaaaaatc aggctaagat tctgcctatg    137160
     tttgataggg tttcattgct gtgaagagac accatgactc aggcaactct tataaaggaa    137220
     aatttaatag aggttgtctt acagttttag agggtcaggt cagtacatta ttatcatggt    137280
     gggaagcatg gcaacatcca ggtagaaggg gtgatgtaga aggaaagaag ttttctatat    137340
     cttaatctga aagcatacag gaggaagctt gtggccaaag cagcaaggaa aagaatctct    137400
     cttcatcact gggcagagtt tgagcactag ataaaagcca gcctacacaa tgatcaaggc    137460
     cacatctgct aatagtgcca cttcccatgg gccaaggata ttctaatcat caaactgcta    137520
     catacctgca aacactcctg tatgcatgta tgcacacaca cacaaagaca cacacacaca    137580
     aacacacaca cacactttca tgcctattgc acgtgatatt gcataaaaat atatttgttt    137640
     atttactcat atatttattt tttacttact tgcttgcttg cttattactt acttatttac    137700
     ttatttactt acttacttag ttttaaatgt tttgctgaag aactttgtac ataaacataa    137760
     tgagtttgag taaatccatc cccatcttct cctccttgaa ttgctctcca tttctcctgt    137820
     atcactttta gctttaattc catgcacatt ttaataaaga ccactgagtg aatttagtgc    137880
     tgactacata tgtggggtta gggaaacaca tccactggaa catgggcagc ctctgaggag    137940
     ccaaatctat gaagaaaact ggccctcaca cctgcagcca ctaattgcca attttttggg    138000
     gtgaaatttt ctctgctccc ccatctattc ttcaagaact gtgagacaga aaattttaaa    138060
     aaaaggtgtt gagatctgct tagaaaggac tttaatctca ggatatggga atcaaaacca    138120
     ggtagagatg aattcaggga agaaacaggg aggaattgga aagtacaaat aagaatttga    138180
     atgtacagat tgtaaatccc gtctctggga gtaataatca agatactttg aaaggaacaa    138240
     tcaagccatg tttaaaagac tggacacacc atttggcata tgttatataa atcagtaaaa    138300
     ataattaaaa atgtctcatt aaaattcaca acagtcccct taagtttttt cttctggttt    138360
     tcttcttcaa atatcttatt gaatctgaag tgatggctca gcatttctga acactggcag    138420
     ctcatgcaca gcatacactt ggacttgcca catttccatt ggctgtttac aacttcttct    138480
     attttagtaa ccacagggaa tccacactcc cccttcccat gagacaatgt atccatacct    138540
     atacagagaa ttcaaaataa acaaaatctc ttcaatctgt ctcaccaatc atacattagg    138600
     tccaatgctt gggtgctttc tgtttcaggc tcacaatgat c                        138641