EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC138774; SV 4; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 194050 BP.
AC   AC138774;
DT   17-JAN-2003 (Rel. 74, Created)
DT   26-FEB-2004 (Rel. 78, Last updated, Version 12)
DE   Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-1320P3 from UL, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-194050
RX   PUBMED; 9847074.
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Toward a complete human genome sequence";
RL   Genome Res. 8(11):1097-1108(1998).
RN   [2]
RP   1-194050
RA   Van Brunt A., Kozlowicz A.;
RT   "The sequence of Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-1320P3";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-194050
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (16-JAN-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-194050
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (17-MAR-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [5]
RP   1-194050
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (20-MAR-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [6]
RP   1-194050
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (29-MAY-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 51f46c9093929e6edc3b4dfd50d803fc.
DR   ENA-CON; KI270722.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC138774.4:1-194050; homo_sapiens.
DR   RFAM; RF01417; RSV_RNA.
CC   On Mar 20, 2003 this sequence version replaced gi:28951353.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site:
CC       Contact:
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: H_NH1320P03
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. John D.
CC   McPherson, Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis
CC   MO. For additional information about the map position of this
CC   sequence, see
CC   The RPCI-11 human BAC library was made from the blood of one male
CC   donor, as described by Osoegawa,K., Woon,P.Y., Zhao,B., Frengen,E.,
CC   Tateno,M., Catanese,J.J. and de Jong,P.J. (1998) An improved
CC   approach for construction of bacterial artificial chromosome
CC   libraries. Genomics 51:1-8. The clone may be obtained either from
CC   Research Genetics, Inc. ( or Pieter de Jong
CC   and coworkers at
CC   VECTOR:  pBACe3.6
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..194050
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="UL"
FT                   /map="UL"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11"
FT                   /clone="RP11-1320P3"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   repeat_region   14..350
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   351..538
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   539..553
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   554..634
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   668..810
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   796..1235
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   1242..1395
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   4379..4655
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   4835..5147
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   6485..6544
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   6752..7134
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   7442..7463
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   15768..15816
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   15822..15891
FT                   /rpt_family="(CATA)n"
FT   repeat_region   15893..16234
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   16347..16649
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   16921..17155
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   17590..17949
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   17950..18085
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   18572..18721
FT                   /rpt_family="CR1"
FT   repeat_region   20433..20606
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   20640..20869
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   21481..21706
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   22345..22549
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   23338..23512
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   23924..23954
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   24452..24822
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   26563..26588
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   26740..26989
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   29497..30878
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   30879..31186
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   31187..31489
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   31501..32505
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   32544..33161
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   33152..33356
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   34359..34407
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   35588..35910
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   36668..36964
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   37364..38164
FT                   /rpt_family="Tc2"
FT   repeat_region   38268..38416
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   38441..38761
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   39027..39069
FT                   /rpt_family="Mariner"
FT   repeat_region   39482..39631
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   39925..40232
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   40238..41028
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   41034..41317
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   41318..41418
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   43094..43539
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   44305..44364
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   46344..46573
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   46575..46900
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   46897..46933
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   unsure          46899..47046
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   repeat_region   46935..47154
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   47271..47571
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   47967..48070
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   48199..48284
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   48285..48313
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   48314..48601
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   48602..48615
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   48616..48912
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   48913..49121
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   49149..49452
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   49463..49931
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   49932..50205
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   50206..50291
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   50292..50582
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   50583..51174
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   51431..51755
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   51756..52063
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   52064..52171
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   52172..52464
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   52465..52887
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   52888..53175
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   53176..53960
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   53964..54055
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   59261..59657
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   60074..60178
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   60434..60959
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   60960..61613
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   61614..61906
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   61907..62348
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   62349..62612
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   62613..64011
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   64012..64319
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   64320..64741
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   64743..65062
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   65080..65173
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   65193..65499
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   66043..66416
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   66996..67288
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   68842..69278
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   70674..71237
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   71238..71280
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   71322..71720
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   71721..71949
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   71950..72079
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   72095..72387
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   72388..72497
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   72977..73386
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   73387..74339
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   74340..74629
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   74630..74658
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   74685..74942
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   74943..75234
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   75235..75285
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   75286..75598
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   75599..75917
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   75918..76222
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   76223..76357
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   76358..76399
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTTTA)n"
FT   repeat_region   82545..82635
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   82638..82929
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   82947..83869
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   83870..85059
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   85103..85168
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   85245..85720
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   86111..86422
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   87182..87654
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   87658..87789
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   88255..88300
FT                   /rpt_family="T-rich"
FT   repeat_region   88369..88613
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   88735..89238
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   89266..90045
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   90046..90348
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   90349..90459
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   90460..90750
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   90751..90763
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   90783..91021
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   91025..91087
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   91088..91245
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   91246..91682
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   92710..92766
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   92767..92975
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   92976..93777
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   93778..94078
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   94079..94145
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   94146..94468
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   94469..94898
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   94894..95564
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   95619..95677
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   95682..95808
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   95941..96255
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   96381..96417
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   96418..96711
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   96716..97009
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   97012..97056
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   97061..97090
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   97097..97364
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   97365..97492
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   97493..97780
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   97781..97816
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   98066..98331
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   98927..99213
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   100070..100378
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   101085..102850
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   102853..102989
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   102981..122746
FT                   /rpt_family="CER"
FT   repeat_region   122747..123827
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   123828..125769
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   125770..125800
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   125831..126260
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   126262..126323
FT                   /rpt_family="CER"
FT   repeat_region   126358..126393
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   126402..127979
FT                   /rpt_family="CER"
FT   repeat_region   127991..128593
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   128837..129259
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   129570..129775
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   129776..130072
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   130073..130196
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   130631..130828
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   131985..132238
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   132266..132436
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   136079..136138
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   136137..136979
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   137004..137178
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   137181..137317
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   137489..137610
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   137634..137875
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   137876..138166
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   138167..138238
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   138239..138530
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   138531..138587
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   138588..138887
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   138888..139140
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   139141..139431
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   139432..140243
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   140244..140587
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   140588..141222
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   141237..141360
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   141363..141401
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   141402..141590
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   141591..141890
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   141891..142028
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   142029..142060
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   142104..142198
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   142276..142620
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   142921..143097
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   143098..143323
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   143324..143626
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   143627..143759
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   143787..143894
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   143907..144012
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   144013..144366
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   144367..144565
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   144594..144816
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   144817..145775
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   145778..145867
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   145868..145994
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   146284..146438
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   146890..147230
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   147820..148152
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   148181..148315
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   148316..149307
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   149308..149439
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   149440..149865
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   149866..150140
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   150141..150410
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   150411..150717
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   150718..150794
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   151076..151096
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   151102..151407
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   151553..151612
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   151837..151969
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   152018..152668
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   152672..152977
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   153348..153633
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   153753..154086
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   154427..154652
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   155078..155219
FT                   /rpt_family="Mariner"
FT   repeat_region   156212..156536
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   156537..156848
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   156849..158155
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   158168..159126
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   159212..159345
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   159346..159647
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   159688..159830
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   159884..160459
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   160601..160737
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   160728..160979
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   160980..161223
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   161224..161676
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   161830..162305
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   162304..162925
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   162927..163246
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   163247..163435
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   163436..163742
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   163743..163973
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   163974..164093
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   164138..164778
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   165412..165503
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   165618..165851
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   165925..166063
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   166064..166357
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   166358..166780
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   166784..166877
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   166874..167053
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   167054..167335
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   167336..167684
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   167974..168118
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   168621..168866
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   168867..169167
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   169168..169330
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   170597..170652
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   170660..171089
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   171090..171110
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   171111..171817
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   171818..172121
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   172122..172456
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   172457..172769
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   172770..173584
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   173848..173975
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   174025..174531
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   174532..174847
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   174848..175272
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   175274..175570
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   175575..175651
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   175652..176049
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   176072..177791
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   177792..178282
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   178283..178358
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   178341..179336
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   179324..181151
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   181154..181663
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   181664..182656
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   182657..182705
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   182719..182988
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   183398..183708
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   184446..184705
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   185086..185375
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   185925..186279
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   188245..188601
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   188780..188805
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTTG)n"
FT   repeat_region   188844..188876
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   188877..189197
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   189198..189299
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   189394..189450
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   189453..189584
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   189585..189960
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   189961..190186
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   190200..190517
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   190520..190684
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   190712..190752
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   190776..191799
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   192031..194049
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
SQ   Sequence 194050 BP; 58529 A; 38421 C; 39525 G; 57575 T; 0 other;
     gatccatata gctagttgct aaaatatatg tggggatttg gtggaaattt ggatctaagc        60
     agggttattt tcctggttag gttcagcaaa gtgaaagaga aacaaggaag ttgaagtttc       120
     ctgggaatgg ttggccatgg aatttaggca ggagaacagg aaatagagta catcagtagg       180
     taagggtcat tatgaatatg acaaaataat agtttggagg tctcagagag attgaaaaat       240
     tttatttcag cgtatgaaag ggaatgatta aaggaggagc tcagagaatg ggatgaatga       300
     aattgtgact acagagaagt tgctattata agtaacgacg atgcttcact cagtccctct       360
     ggaagtgtgg tccctgtgct agcagcaaca gcatcacctg ggaacttact agaactgcat       420
     attctcagat tacaccccca gatataccaa ttctgaaatt ccaatagcag gtctcagcaa       480
     tctcttattg taacacaact gtaggcaatt ttgaggcaca cagtagttag cacaactggt       540
     ctagtgtatg tcctatttgg tcttcctccc cggttcacag aacagagctc ataaaacttg       600
     aaatttcctg atagagatga gaagaccatc ctttactagt cataagtccc tcttagccat       660
     acctgagttt atgctattga catgacatga gtggtggctg gagacctgta tagcttcagg       720
     gtgggtgctc gacaccagaa acatgaaggc ataactagat ggttgaaact gtcagccctc       780
     tcctccctca cctctgaggt gctgggaggg tgatactatg atatacttag aggtcatatg       840
     gcagctttgt gccccttttc accatacctg gccctatgtg tctcttctat ttgagagttc       900
     ctgatttgta tcagacagta actgtaagca aagtgctttc ttgggttctg tgcgccatgt       960
     tagcaaatta tagaacctgg ggaaggaatc catggaagtc ctaatttata gccagttggt      1020
     caggagtatg ggaggcccac aactcctctc taatggtggg ggggcagtcc tgtgggcctg      1080
     aaccctgaac ttgtgggacc tgatgctatc tccagataga tagtctcagg attgaattga      1140
     attgtaggac accatctggt gtcctgagag ttgaaaaatt gattggggtg agactaaatc      1200
     cacaaatttc atctcagaat tttgagtaga aataattctg ttggaaaaca ttatcgttag      1260
     atcaaaggtg tttatagaac tgagagatca aaatggcaaa gagtcatcta tgattacaca      1320
     ttgttgacat aaactagaat taagacaaga gtatgtcaaa gagagttaca ttgagccagg      1380
     gataaaaata gtcaatcgat tgattagaat ttagtaaatg ctattttttg aaaaattaat      1440
     ctttacttaa ttaatggaga tacttaatta tttccattta gactttaaat ttataacaaa      1500
     aattactatt ttatctattt tccataaatg gaaattgaaa taacaatagc aaaatgcttc      1560
     gacagaaaat ctgcccttct tattcccaag aggaagaatg gccaactacc ttaagcaaaa      1620
     agttagaaaa actttcataa ttttttaagt tgccatattt tatagctttg aacaagttga      1680
     attattaact agactgctca gggaatggag ccatctaata taatttcctt actatttaga      1740
     taaaatcttt gttgttgaaa atcttaatca tttttaatga tcctgttttc agagactgat      1800
     attaatgatt cgtgacacta attaaatgca gttatacatc ttatttgaaa atcatgaggg      1860
     agatttttgg tcagatatgc atagcaaatc tatgtcacta gacataagtc ccttctaccc      1920
     atgccacaac ctttatgtct actcttgaat tgaggttttg ctacgtttta tttttgaggt      1980
     ttaagaatta ttcatttaaa tgacggaaaa ttgtgtttct cttgttagaa tagagcccaa      2040
     cttatctttt ctaattttca tggagacatg aaaggacgtg aatttggaat cagagaaacc      2100
     tgagttccac catgctttct tcctcttgca agccatgaag tccacagtgg gttagtagat      2160
     attacaaaac ctctggtccc accttattaa gatgaaaaaa aaataatact aattgaaaga      2220
     acgaatgtga taatgagaag aaatggtatc aataaagttt ctggaacaca gtaagttcta      2280
     acaaatgcta gttcttttct ttcattattc aaaatctaaa tagaagccag ttggtaattc      2340
     caagataata gtatgaagac aaaaaaatgt ttgttaactg accttcaacc attgagacct      2400
     tatcttatag gaagcaaaat taacaaatat tttctccctt ctacaaatgt acaccctctg      2460
     agaaagagag acagtgttcc aatcaagaca atgacagtat tctgtgcaca cataggaagg      2520
     gaagaagaat aagagagaac cttcaaaaag acaattttag ataggcaccc tgtttttacc      2580
     agcaataaca ttttgtagaa cttacggcat acaaagaaga ccttaaatgg actcagtgct      2640
     gagaaatttt tataaggctg ctttattttc ttctatggta aatctaggaa ccaataaaat      2700
     agctttgata attcactcat tacattcttt cctaactaaa ccatttacat tataaacttt      2760
     gttgatatgc tttgcttttg cattaataat tctcatgtgt ctcatttgtg aatacatgaa      2820
     aactagttgt aaaataagga aaatgtaatt ttgaagcatc ttcaaaaaca gttgcataat      2880
     ttaacaatgt ttataagttt ttgtccttac tctgaaacca tagacatcct aaaagtgatt      2940
     gaaggtaaaa tgatttttta aagaactgga tttctcacca tgatttattt tatctccata      3000
     caaactttgg tagtgttata cgatggttaa gaagaaatta cttaaaagtg agaataaaga      3060
     tacagcttat taacacttca ttttgtgaat gagacctgaa aaattaaact tttcttctag      3120
     agacatgttg tagttgtgta tatagactgt gactagatag tgtccatatt ttactgtcat      3180
     tatttaaaca gaaacatgta atttgcactt caaaaaccta gtacaaatta gctgtgtcat      3240
     ttggaagtgt caaaattatc tcattaatga tcagataggc ttttggctca ttgtaatgag      3300
     atgatcctat aaacttaatt tgaaagacaa agacagagtt tggagtcttt aattcttggt      3360
     aaaatcagta gctctattta gggatatatt tacaaaatac tatttctact caagcatatt      3420
     tttatttaca aggcgcttca caaatgttga ccacaaagat gtttctacct agcagaaata      3480
     attatagtta catatagttg tctaggaata tcttaaacat ggggtattaa aataactttc      3540
     aagaacaaga agaaatgtta taccaggcat ttttgcaact agtgctctat ttcagtgcaa      3600
     tatttgtggc aattaaaaaa cataaatggc ttggatatat agctaagata tcaagggaaa      3660
     aatatgcaaa ggcatgatta ttttataaat gtgccacata tgtgacttga ggtacaaatc      3720
     ctctaagttt aaaattgtct ttttaaaaaa gaaatcaaaa cagacaagtg ggcaatgagt      3780
     tatggatact attatagggt accctgataa actactaaga agacgacttt tggtaccgaa      3840
     aattccaatt aaccacatgc ctccattaag gccatgatca ctgccaattt ttacacacaa      3900
     aggctggagc tagaattata tggaattcca tatgtatcta aaccatagat ttatcaatta      3960
     tcactgaaac acaacttgga ggacactatc cagaatttgt agggcttggc cttattctag      4020
     agaaacatac actagaatag gcagttggat tttaaattca gtcttaaatc tgttgaaaat      4080
     aatgcatttt tttctcagag atgagacatt gttcaactct tttgacttat tttagatttg      4140
     atattataca gttcaaacac catggagatt tactaatctg aatgaacaca taccaaatta      4200
     gtctttgctc cagtctcaaa atctgagatt aattctggct gctgaagaaa ttttccagtg      4260
     ttaggggtat gcttcaatgc tggtgactgg tactactttc tggtaaacta tagatgacat      4320
     gtgcgctttc attgcctaaa ctcactttgt agaacaccat taaatgaaaa tcatcacaag      4380
     caatttggga ggctaaggtg ggcagatcat ttgaggtcag gtgtttgaga ccagcctggc      4440
     caacatgatg aaaccccgtc tctactgaaa atacaaaaac ttatccaggc atggcgggat      4500
     gcacctggaa tcccagctac ttgggaggct gaggcagaaa aatcgcctga acccaggatg      4560
     tgaaggttgc agtgaacaga gacgttgcca ttgcactcca gcctgggcaa cagagtgaga      4620
     cttcatctcc aaaaaaagga aaaaaaagag agaaagagag aaataaaatt atcagtgttc      4680
     agtgactctt ttttttcatg ctgataaact attacacaga aaaagaaaat tttcatgctg      4740
     ataaactatt acacagaaaa agaaatgtat ccattatgga caattaaaag ggctatacaa      4800
     cctctctcat tgtatgattc tggttttctt tctttttctt ttcttttttt cttttttttt      4860
     ttttaatata ggatctcact ctgtcaccca ggctggaatg cagtggctct atcttggctc      4920
     actgcaacct cagcctccgg ggttcaagct attctcctgc cttagcctcc tgagtggctg      4980
     ggaataaagg cattcaccac cacgccagct aatttgtgta tttttttaat acaggtgggg      5040
     ttttgctatg ttgcccaggc tggtcttgaa ctcctgacct caaatgatcc tcccgcctcg      5100
     gcctccctaa gagttggcat tacaggcata agccaccatg cttggcctga ttctgttttt      5160
     taacacaatt cttattactt ctgttttaat tttacaaagc cataggtttt taatctggga      5220
     aacctttgag aaaacatcca gataaattta taaatagaaa aataaattca gatacataga      5280
     attaagttta tgatctaaca agtgggtggc cattgaaaac tttccaagtt ccataaactg      5340
     aagtgaaagg atccctttcc tgaaaatatt acaaaggctt gataattacc tggattgtac      5400
     taaaacctac acaatctagt atattctata gcagcaattc ataaagacag cttcacttac      5460
     catgtagaat ttatacgtac actaaattta aggaatgcat tacttgctat tggagtagga      5520
     taataaactc ccagcagaac tgatttgcat gaatgcctat taaactatca ttgatgtaga      5580
     aattaaacaa tatattaagc tattgagccc cagatgtgtg agagacagag aaaaacttca      5640
     aaagagttca gctaccaaat cccttcctca atagctcttt gagtctcaag acagtttcaa      5700
     ccacacacac cctcagagtc ttatagtcca aacaacattt gactgcagct ctaaagtaag      5760
     caaacatttg aaaagaaaca atcaaagatc tatgcctgta gttatggtca aggaggtcca      5820
     cctactctgg gtgagcatgg caaggatagg gactaagcca aatgatgggt ttaccaaaac      5880
     agaaacagga gaagtcattg gaagcacagt ccaggttata acaggagccc aggcacttga      5940
     tgtgggaacc ctatttgtct cattcagcac ctagagtttt aacatcctat gaggcacagc      6000
     taatgccctt cattattttt ttgtaattga ctgcatagtt tagaactatg ccttgaattt      6060
     aatatctatc tgttgaataa atgaattaat aatgatgaaa atctgtccac aggttatgtg      6120
     cagtactgaa gagcaacttc agctattgag gtatctatca gaagtcttac tctctaaaaa      6180
     gcctctggtt aattactgat ataggttgct gacaatttca ctctcacaat gtaagggaag      6240
     caggaatgtt atctggcctc ttggctccta ttcctttgcc ttccacagat ctctctgctg      6300
     gttcacagag gaacagtttt gtggctttca gttcattttg caattctgct agaatctcat      6360
     tccatcctca gttgtaacaa gcttgtcctt cacccaacac ttatttatgg agggagagat      6420
     agcaagaaga aatcgcactc tggattacag agtgggaaga cgcacccctt ggccagaatg      6480
     cctgcctcct atgttcatga tggatatttc taattgatct cggcactctt ttccattgag      6540
     cccatgtccc atattggccg tgagttgggg agagggctct agagtgggaa agttgtaccc      6600
     aaaacttccc taatctgact accaagccta aaaaattaaa ctttcaattc aacatccctt      6660
     gtttctccaa cttggagtgc ctgatggtgt gggaagcccc tactcataaa aattcatagt      6720
     tgaagattgt tggtaatttt gcccaacctc cttctttttt tttattatac tttaagttct      6780
     agggtacttg tgcacaactt gcaggttcat tacatatgta cacatgagac atgttggtgt      6840
     gctgcaccga ttaactcgtc attttcatta ggtatatccc ctaatgcttt tcctccccta      6900
     gcccctcacc ccacaacagg ccccagtgtg tgatgttccc ccttgtgata gtttgctgag      6960
     aataatggtt tccagcttca tccatgtccc tacaaaggac aagaactcat catttttatg      7020
     gctgcagagt attccatggt gtatatgtgc cacattttct taatccagtc tatcaatgtt      7080
     ggacatttgg gttggttcca agtctttgct attgtcagta gtgcctcaat aaactccttc      7140
     tttctttgcc tagttacacc tcaatgcaac ctcctggcag gccagcctta agcccagcag      7200
     tctaaccatg catctaagct gagttctcgt cagagccaac ttcaattata aacaactgag      7260
     atgatgccag aggccagaat ccctgagaac ccaatttgct gtcataaccg caggtgaaac      7320
     aaggcacttg gcatctagaa aagctggtct gtaggaaatt tccaaaagag ttcaattttt      7380
     tccaagttta aagtgtacaa tatcatcaag gtcagacact cgagataaaa ctaggcttgt      7440
     gtttaaatat aataaaaata tttgaagaat agtaagagtg gtgactactt ttacacagga      7500
     atgtttcaaa taaattgttt tttttcttgt gccttttaaa ttttgtgatt tgtcaatgag      7560
     atgctgacat atttttaacg aagcatgcct tgtaaaataa taagtgaatg aaaactacac      7620
     agtaatattc acatcaacaa agctagaaga agactgtatg tctcaagagg ctccatcatc      7680
     tacccagtgg ccacttgacc aaattaagat ccaaatacca aaaagaaaag taattaaaat      7740
     ttgtgttgta tgccttataa gaccaaacct ataaaatgag gggaaacttc acaattactt      7800
     ggaatttgct ctgtggaatt gtaacagatg gattataaag atgattccat gataaacatc      7860
     taaatgtggt tactaccttc tgtgctttct tgcttcatat ttttattgtt tttttcttta      7920
     taaacagata attcattcct atctatggca atgcaaactt ttctgatgta ttgaatatgt      7980
     catagttttt ttctattgta ggcatctcta aaaaaggtat agaaaacaaa cagagaaaag      8040
     tctgatgttg gaaaggagag agaaataaag cttgtaaagg aatgaagatt agatctttct      8100
     ggagataaaa attcttagaa gatacaaaag gtagttactg aattagatga aggttctttt      8160
     tcagtttttc ccagtcgttc atctcttaga aggcacatat tcacagcaga aaagaaaaaa      8220
     agtgttaaaa agaaaatacc ttggtgtagt gagactgtaa tttcatgagg gcattactga      8280
     agactcactt tttccagcat cactcagcat ggtattatgc atgtgtgtaa tgtaaaggaa      8340
     agtgaatacg cattcttgga tgggtgatca aatggtaatt ccagaatata atcagaagct      8400
     gattcattat cctcttgaga tttcacaatc tttctatcag gaattaaaat tcagaagagg      8460
     gtaaatgtat ctaatcgttt gaaagttaaa aattagagga tggaggcaac atggtcgaat      8520
     aggaacagct ccagtctaca gctcccagca tgagtgatgc agaagacagg tgataactgc      8580
     atttccaact gaggtaccag gttcatctca atggggagtg ctggacagtg ggtgcagcgc      8640
     accatgcatg agccaaagca gggcaaggca tcacctcact tgggaagcac aatgggtcag      8700
     ggaattccct ttcctagtca aagaaagggg tgacagatgg aacctggaaa atcaggtcgc      8760
     tcccacccta atactgcgct tttccaacag gcttatcaaa tggcacacca ggagattata      8820
     tccagcacct ggcttggagg atcctacacc cacggagcct cgctgtttgc tagcacagaa      8880
     gtctgagatc aaactgcaaa gttacagtgg ggctggggga ggggcgcctg ccattgctca      8940
     ggcttgagta agtaaacaaa gcagccagga agttcgaact gggtggagcc caccacagct      9000
     caaggaggcc agcctgcctc tgtaggctcc acctctgggg gcagggcaca gaccaacaaa      9060
     agacggcaat atcctctgca gacttacatg cccctgtctg acagctttga agagagtagt      9120
     gtttctccca gcatgcagct tgagatctga gaatgggcag acagcctcct caagtgggtt      9180
     cctgacccct gagtagccta actgggaggc accccccagt aggggcagac tgacatctca      9240
     catggccggg tacccctctg agtcaaaact tccagaggaa cgatcaggca gcagcatttg      9300
     cagttcacca atatccattg ttctgcagcc actgctgctg atacccaggc aaatagtgtc      9360
     tggagtagat ctctagtaaa ctccaacaga cctgcagctg agggtcctga ctgttagaag      9420
     gaaaactaac aaacagaaag gacatccaca ccaaaacccc atctgtatgt caccatcatc      9480
     caggaccaaa ggaagataaa accacaaaga tgggaaaaaa cagagcagaa aaactggaaa      9540
     ctctaaaaat cagagtgcct ctcctcctgc aaaggaatgc agctcctcac cagcagtgga      9600
     acaaagctgg acggagtatg actttggcga gttgagagag gaaggcttca gaagatcaaa      9660
     gtactctgaa ctaaaggagg aagttcgaac caatggcaaa gaagttaaaa actttaaaaa      9720
     aaaattagac gaatggataa ctagaaaaac aaatgcagaa aagtccttaa aggaccagat      9780
     ggagctgaaa accatggcac aactacgaca tgacaaatgc ataagcctca gtacccgatg      9840
     tgatcaactg gaagaaagag tatcagcgat ggaagatgaa atgaatgaaa taaagcatga      9900
     agagaagttt agggaaaaag gaatagaaga aatgaacaaa gcctccaaga aatatgggac      9960
     tatgtgaaaa gaccaaatgt atgtctaatt ggtgtaccta aaagtgacgg ggagaatgga     10020
     accaagttgg aaaacactct gcaggatatt atccaggaga acttccccaa tctagtaagg     10080
     caggccaaca tacaaattca ggaaatacag agaatgccac aaagatactc ctcgagaaga     10140
     acaactccaa gacaaataat tgtctgattc accaaagttg aaatgaatga aaaaatttta     10200
     aaggcagcca gagagaaagg tcaggttacc cacaatagga agcccatcag actaactgct     10260
     gatctctcct cagaaattct acaagccaga agagagtggg ggccaatatt caacattctt     10320
     aaagaaaaga attttcaacc cagaatttca tatccagcca aacgaagctt cataagtgaa     10380
     ggagaaataa tatactccac agacaagcaa atgctgagag attttgtcac aaccaggcct     10440
     gccctaaaag agctcctgaa ggaagcacta aacatggaaa ggaacaactg gtaccagcca     10500
     ctgcaaaaac atgccaaatt gtaaagacca tcaaggctag gaagaaactt catcaactaa     10560
     cgaggaaaat aaccagctaa catcataatg acaggatcaa attcacacat aacaatacta     10620
     accgtaaatg taaatgggtt aaatgctcca attaaaaggc acagaccgac aaattggata     10680
     aagagtcaag acccatcagt gtgctttatt caggaaaggc ttctcacctg cagagacaca     10740
     cataggctca aaataaaggg atggaggaag atctaccaag caaatggaaa acaaaaaaag     10800
     gcaggggttg caatcctagt ctctgataaa acagacttta aaccaacaga gatcaaaaga     10860
     gacaaagaag gccattacat aatggtaaag ggatcaattc aacaagaact aactatccta     10920
     aatatatatg cacacaatac agaagcaccc agattcataa agcaagtctt tagtgatcta     10980
     caaagtgact tagacgccca caaaataata atgggagact ttaacacccc actgtcaaca     11040
     ttagacagat caacgagaca gaaagttaac aaggatatac aggaattgaa ctcagctctg     11100
     caccaagcag acctaataga catctacaga actctctatc ccaaatcaac ggaatatgta     11160
     ttcttttcag caccacacca cacctattcc aaaattgacc acatagttgg aagtaaagca     11220
     ctcctcagca aatgtaaaag aacagaaagt ataacaaact gtctctcaga ccacagtgca     11280
     atcaaactac aactctggat taagaaactc actcgaaacg actcaactac atggaaactg     11340
     aacaacctgc tcctgaatga ctactgggta cataaggaaa tgaaggcaga aataaagatg     11400
     ttctttgaaa ccaacaagaa caaagacaca acataccgga atctctggga cacattcaaa     11460
     gcatcgtgaa gagggaaatt tacagcacta aatgcccaca agagaaagca ggaaagaaat     11520
     aaatttgaca tcttaacatc acaattaaaa gaactagaga agcaagagca aacacattca     11580
     aaagctaaca gaaggcaaga agtaactaag aacagagcag aactgaagga aatagagaca     11640
     caaaaaaccc ttcaaaaaat caatgaatac agaagctgtt ttttgaaaag atcaacaaaa     11700
     ttgacagacc actagcaaga ccaataaaga agaaaagaga gaagaatcaa atagatgcaa     11760
     taaaaattga caaaggggat atcaccaccg atcccacaga aatacaaact acaatcagag     11820
     aatactataa acacctctac acaaataaac tagaaattct agaagaaatg gataaattcc     11880
     ttgacacata tactctccca agactaaacc aggaagaagt tgaacctctg aatagacaaa     11940
     taaaacgctc tgaaattgag gcaataatta atagcttacc aaccaaaaaa agtccaggac     12000
     cagatggatt cacagccgaa ttctaccaga ggtacaagga ggaactggta ccattccttc     12060
     tgaaactatt ccaatcaata gaaaaagagg gaatcctcct aactcatttt atgaggccag     12120
     tatcatcctg ataccaaagc ctggcagaga caaaacaaaa aaaagagaat tttagaccaa     12180
     tatccttgat gaacattgat gcaaaaatcc tcaataaaat actggcagac cgaatccagc     12240
     aacacataaa aaagcttatc caccatgatc aagcgggttt catcccttgg atgcaaggct     12300
     ggttcaacat atgaaaatca gtaaacgtaa tccagcatat aaacaggacc aaagacaaaa     12360
     accacatgat tatctcaata gatgcagaaa aggcatttga taaaattcag caaaccttca     12420
     tgctaaaaac tctcaataaa ttagggattg ataggactta tctcaaaata ataggagcta     12480
     tctatgacaa acccacagcc aatatcatac tgaatggaca aaaactggaa gcattccctt     12540
     tgaaaactgg cacaagacag ggatgccctc tctcaccact cctattcaac atagtgttgg     12600
     aatttctggc cagggcaatc aggaaggaga aggaaataaa gggcattcaa ttaggaaaag     12660
     aggaagtcaa attgtccgtt tgcagatgac atgactgtgt atgtggaaaa tcccatcgtc     12720
     tcagcctaaa atctccttaa gctaataagc aacttcagca aagtatcagg atacaaaatc     12780
     aatgtgcaaa aatcacaagc attcttatac accaataaca gacaaacaga gagccaaatc     12840
     atgagtgaac tcccattcac aattgcttca aagaaaataa aatacctagg aatactactt     12900
     acaagggaag tgaaggacct cttcaaggag aactacaaac tactgctcaa tgaaataaaa     12960
     aaggatacaa acaaatggaa gaacattcca tgctcatggg taggaagaat caatatcttg     13020
     aaaatggcca cactgcccaa ggtaatttat agattaaatt ccatctccat caagctacca     13080
     atgactttct ccacagaatt ggaaaaaact actttaaagt tcatacggaa ccaaaaaaga     13140
     gcccacattg ccaagtcaat cctaagccaa aagaacaaag ctggaggcat catgctacct     13200
     gacttcaagc tattctacca ggctacagta accaaaacag catagtacta gtaccaaaac     13260
     agagatatag accaatggaa caggacagag ccctcagaaa taatgccaca tatctacaac     13320
     tatctgatct ttgacaaacc tgacaaaaac aagaactagg gaaaggatac cctatttaat     13380
     aaatggtgct gggaaaactg gctagccgta tatagaaagc tgaaactgga tcccttcctt     13440
     acaccttata cagaaattaa ttcacgatgg attaaagact tacatgttag acctaaaacc     13500
     ataaaaaccc tagaagaaaa accaggcaat accattcagg acataggcat gggcagagac     13560
     ttcatgtcta aaacaccaaa agcaatggca acaaaagcca aaattgacaa atgggatcta     13620
     attaaactaa ggagcttctg cacagcaaaa gaaaccacta tcagagtgaa caggcatcct     13680
     acagtatggg ataaaagttt tgcgacctcc tcatctgaca aagggctaat atccagaatc     13740
     tacaatgaac tcaaacgaat tcacaagaaa aaaacaaaca accccatcaa aatgtgggca     13800
     aaggaaatga acagacactt ctcaaaagaa gacattttgc agccaaaaga cacaggaaaa     13860
     aatgctcatc atcactggcc atcagagaaa tgcatatcaa aaccacaatg agataccatc     13920
     tcacaccagt tagaatggcg atcattaaaa agtcaggaaa caacaggtgc tggagaggat     13980
     gtggagaaat aggaaaactt ttacactgtt ggtggaactg taaagtagtt caaccattgt     14040
     ggaactcggt gtggtgattc ctcagggacc tagaactaga aataccattt gacccagcca     14100
     tcacattact gggtatatac ccaaaggatt ataaatcatg ctgctataaa gacacaagca     14160
     cgtgtatgtt tattgtggca ctattcacaa tagcaaagac ttggagccaa cacaaatgtc     14220
     caacaatgat agactggatt aagaaaacgt ggcacatata caccatggaa taccatgcag     14280
     ccataaaaaa tgttgagttc atgtccattg tagggacatg gatgaagcta gaaaccatca     14340
     ttctcagcaa cccattgcaa ggaaaaaacc aaacaccaca tgttctcact cataggtggg     14400
     aattgaacaa tgagaaaaca tggatacagg aaggggaaca tcacacactg aggacagttg     14460
     tggagtgggg ggagggggga aggatagcat taggagatat acctagtgtt aaatgacgag     14520
     ttaatgggtg cagcacacca acatggccca tgtacacata tctaacaaac ctgcacgttg     14580
     tgcacatgta ccctaaaact taaaatataa taataaaaaa ataacaggag acttttatac     14640
     agataaattt gctttgcatc atgatcagca ctaaagtgca tcatagattt aaaccatatt     14700
     tacacagtta aaacaatgta accaaatatg caatatatta tgtaacattc tacaagatgc     14760
     tttcaaacat gcaaactgac ctttaaaaca attttgcata aaagaacatt tctaggtaag     14820
     agaaaagaca gacatgtggt tagggcaaaa tatttctgtt caaattacaa aatactgaat     14880
     gacaaatcac aggatagaaa aaaaattata ttgtacctgg aatttgaagt cttcaaattt     14940
     atttagatat atgtatctat atgtattaat agagacatat ttaactgatt ataagtttag     15000
     aacatttata ttttgaagat gtcattcttt aaaaattatt aatatctaca ggattgctgc     15060
     agatatttta attttaaaca aatatttttc actaatgtga ccagtattta tatcctattt     15120
     cattgaacag acatttcaag attcttttag agttaatttt taaaaattaa gtatcgcaca     15180
     tatttctgaa gtactaactt aaaaaataaa actctttcct agctttacat atagttaaac     15240
     attttcataa tgactaaaaa gataaaaata aattaacaac cataattaaa ttagaattct     15300
     actttctata tcagatgaaa tactatataa aatgtccaga aaatctagtg ttaatgaggc     15360
     tgtgcagcct ggacatttga tgtctcatct gtgggaatgt gaactaaccc aaccattctg     15420
     aataattatt ggctctgtgt gttaacagtc tagagtcctg aaacaaggat cttaattcta     15480
     aaataaaatc ctattctaag aatataccaa gggttgataa tcaaggaagt ttcaaagtta     15540
     tagagaagaa ctttcatcct agcattatat atgtaatcat ccatataaac cagatagtgt     15600
     tgaatgaaac tgcggaaaaa caaagagcct acagaatatg tttctctttg tgtacatctg     15660
     taaatgtaca catctatcca tgtaaaattt tacatctcag gaggataggt accaacatgt     15720
     taacatgcta tagctataag ataagaaatt ttactttcct acaatttcat acacacacac     15780
     acacacacac acactctcaa acacatacac acacaccgag gatatatacg cacacaaata     15840
     tatatataaa catacatgtt tatataggta cacacacaca tacatataca ctgatggtca     15900
     acttataatg gttcaattta tgattttttt tttactttat gatgaagcaa aagtgatagc     15960
     tttgaataga atataaccat tctgcttttc actttcagta caatattcaa caaattacat     16020
     aaaatatcca atactttatt ataaagtggg ttttgtattc aatgattttg cccaattgtc     16080
     agctgatgta agtgttctga gcacattaaa ggtatgccag gctaagctgt gatattcagt     16140
     aagtgaggta ttaaatacat ttttaactta ctgtattttc aatttataat cagcttttca     16200
     agacttaacc ccattgtaca ttgaaaagca tttgtattgc attaaacatg ttataaaata     16260
     tttttaattg aaattactgg caacttttga aaaaatgtaa ttaaataatg tgctttgcta     16320
     ttggttgaaa tgtttttgga cagggtcagt ggcttacatc tgtaatccca gcactttggt     16380
     aggctgaggt gggcagatca cttgaggtca ggagtttgag accagcctgg caaacagggt     16440
     gaaaccccat ctctactaaa aatacaaaaa ttatctgagt gtggtggcat gtgcctgtaa     16500
     tcccagctac tagggaggct gaggtgtgag aattccttga actaggcaag cagaggttgc     16560
     agtgagccaa gatcatgcca ttgcactcca gcctgggcaa cagagtaaga ttctgtcaaa     16620
     aaaaaaaaag aaagaaagaa aagaaaaaaa agtttttagc ttcaagtaac agaatagtca     16680
     actaactgaa gaaaaaaaca aggagcaact tttaccaaat cgcacaacaa atagatggta     16740
     tcaatgctta gttaattcaa catgatccac ttcttcgtga ttctcttatc tttctaccta     16800
     tgttttcaag atggctatgg cattcccagc cttacaactt catgtgacaa aattcaatgg     16860
     caggaaataa taagtgatga cattttggaa ctttaaggaa aaactttaag gattggaaaa     16920
     cagggatgcc atatgtccag taacatggga tagtcgctcc taattaagga ttgctgtatg     16980
     tcctgaatga ctttctaatg taatgaaggt gaataacctg ctttgtttaa ttatacaatc     17040
     ccaaatgtaa ctgcctaagt gccaagtact tttgcatggt tttaatatgc catgaatttt     17100
     gcaagaatga aactactatg tatatgagaa aagacggtag attttttcat ttagatactc     17160
     atttcagagt ctcaatagga aaaatagaac acacacaaac taagataatt taatatgggt     17220
     ttatttccaa agagactact tacgaaaatg tcaggggaga agggtgaagg aatcacagaa     17280
     atcacacccc acaataactc tgggttagta gcagtaggca gagttctggg gagtaaactg     17340
     cccttatcac acaaggaaac actaattttc ttatgaaaaa gattggtcaa ggagacctag     17400
     cagagaggga gtttaggcaa taacccccaa tctcatttcc tccttccctt taatctcatg     17460
     aacatgcata gaaggcaatg agcaagggaa cccattgaga tattcaatat ggaccattcc     17520
     acttggacaa aagccagtaa ataggggagt ataacagggg acaagggcca aacagaaata     17580
     tctattacat ttaccaatgc agatcaatca tgtcaacaat agaaatggca gttttggaat     17640
     ttggttattc aatgaaacta tatttgtagc tttttattta caatgtttca aagtatgggt     17700
     gaagatatga aaatttcatt atgttctatt gtatttgata tgtaaatgtt ctggcacaat     17760
     tatatacatt ttggattata tattgacagt aaattatttc tcctttgtta gcttcagcat     17820
     aacattaata ttttcaacaa cttgaatgca tacattgtgt tctcactaat agtttagaat     17880
     agcgaagggg tctttgaaga atttcttatg aagtagaggc attggctcag acagagccga     17940
     aaaccattgg cttagattaa tcactattta tcctagggct gaagagggcc aattgaagac     18000
     acaaatgtcc aatccctcta tgaccttgga gatctatgaa acagagaaat agagactggt     18060
     tcttaaggag gtaataagtg tgccttctat ggtttataat aatatgcatt gtcttaacaa     18120
     tcgaacactt aaaagttaat gccctcataa tatgcaaaat ttttaataag cacattggtc     18180
     cctgtgttca agtagttggt aatcaaatta gtgaagtatg gtaagtcttt tgaagagcat     18240
     taaacagcag agaatgtaag aaatttatct ctatagtatt gtgggtcttc tgtgtttcct     18300
     aagggcacat tcatatgatc taataactga gcagagagaa gcctatagga tagtttatgg     18360
     tttcatttgt ttgtttttgc caattaacat acatttctag attaaaagtc agctatcttt     18420
     tccttgggag tcaactatag gagaagatag tgaagaggca aggaaaatta cagcagctca     18480
     acagctttac cctggaaata tctgtattgt gtaccgctat agcctacctt tatcagtcag     18540
     ataacaatgt caaagaggca agcttggcac cgttgctctt agtgaatctc tgctgccagc     18600
     cttttatcct aagtgctctc caaagaccca tttaatggac cttcctgaaa ttgtgttcag     18660
     gatcaatatg aggctcattg atacagcatt tttggaactc accatttgct tatttattaa     18720
     acctgggata gttgcccgac ttatatcatc tgaaatcctc tccatgactt tcaaaattat     18780
     caacattggt tccaacatta ttcctagaaa acatttcagt ggagtatatt tatctgacat     18840
     ttgactgtat ttatagcagt aagaatctat gatgattcct cccaaaataa tcccacaatt     18900
     acccattttg ggtcaccttt gagggtttta cccttaatat cagagatctg ttctatacat     18960
     ttgagtctta gaaataatta ctagcttctc tctgaattta actgaagttc cttactttta     19020
     ttcagcctgt tacccaaatt acataatgta ttgaaggcta aaaactgtcc aaatttctga     19080
     ttacatttag ataaaaatgg gaatatgact ttttcttttt ctaacttggc aaagattatg     19140
     ttttttttca tgaagaaata taggcatatt taaacactca ggatctgaga atttgaaata     19200
     catgaaactt agcaagtggt ctttaagtag ttttcatttc taaattatag tacattccat     19260
     tgaatgctac agaaggaaag acaatgaggg attactcata aacattgcct ttatgatatc     19320
     cttccaaaga aaaccaagtg tccctgtgct tggactcata aagcagaaat actcaccttg     19380
     cttttatgtc actaacaaac aattgtgcct agtcaattaa ttctaactca tataagccat     19440
     cttgagagtg gagcccctag ggaaaactac aaatggaaaa ttcattgatt tttgactttg     19500
     ctttcctatg gattaaattt aacactttct tgtaaatctc tccctttaca gatcatatgt     19560
     gataaatagt tatccaactt tctagatgtc cacccagagc tgcttccata tgaagaggtg     19620
     gaaacggatt ctgtgcatga tactggttag gatagggaac tgtttttttt aaaggagatt     19680
     ttaaaaattt gttttccttg tacacatagt cttaatattg tgttgctaac tgccctctgg     19740
     gaacaaagtc ataccaatca gaaatacatt gcctaaagcg ggaggcttat tactctgctg     19800
     tgaattccat ctcctattat gttttaaaga tgctacaaac ttgagacatt actatgtaga     19860
     tgacattccc agcaaatccc caaacaacat ttaatgagat ttcaaatacc aggatcatga     19920
     aacagtaaaa gatataagga aataaagaaa agcacagtat atgtgtagaa gacattaaaa     19980
     caaaaatttt ataattatga atgcatataa taaggaacaa gttttattct aaatagcaat     20040
     taaatcagaa ctatgataca gggaataaaa gtgaatatta aaccattgta ccgacaataa     20100
     cagagccctt tttctgctct gtgatggaat ttagtgtttg ctaaggaaga agaaaaattc     20160
     aagatatctt aaatttggta ctttccaaca aatttaagaa atgtgtacac acttgagggg     20220
     acttaagaag tctctgacta aaacactaga aaagaaaagc agtgaaaagc caaataacta     20280
     ttactcaaca ataacgacat ttgttactat tatattaata ttaaacacac tattaagcaa     20340
     caacatttca gttactcact gagcccaaag tcatttttca tgaaccattc acaacactga     20400
     taacctattg aaaaatgatt gaaaacaaaa aagcttattg ctttccaagt ccttttaaag     20460
     ccttctcatg tgtcatttca tataatcctt ataacgaatc tatggagtat atactgactt     20520
     tatctctgta cagaaaagaa aactgagtta tattcagaat aagttgcaaa gttccccaga     20580
     taatcagtgt cataggtgaa atttgatgtc acagtgtagt caagtgtaat ttagggaagc     20640
     agtacaaatg atggttgaaa gcacaggttc tggggtaaat agcctgaagt caaaatctag     20700
     ttcatatcct cagtggctgt gtgatcttgg gaaatttccc ttaactctct gtgtcttggt     20760
     tttatagttt catccatttt tgcctctcat atgagctggt gagcattaca ctagtttatg     20820
     cttctaggac actgaaaaca gtacctggct cttgataaat attaacaatt ttgtttcatt     20880
     gtcttcacct tgagtatttc atggccagat ggaaatcaat gtcaatatga aaaaatgttc     20940
     ataattcagc aggaagaaat acaaaaccat ataaacaact ttgttttact ggcaagtgta     21000
     tttggaagct atgttaaatt gagaagggga agcctctaag gatatcgatt aatcaatgac     21060
     cgaaagctga tgagacttgt ctgcaatttt tttttggaga ctctgagact taaagttttg     21120
     acaaaataag gagatgaatt gagtagtgtg gaagagacat tttctgaagt catcagagaa     21180
     aggagagaca aatatgtaag gggaaagtgg tatgaagtaa taatatctat gaagtgtttt     21240
     ctaaagtata acacatgtaa gttgtgttaa atgtaatcta tcatgattat atcattactg     21300
     tctgactgat acaactatat ccacctcagt tagccacata agatcaattt tcctatacct     21360
     tagagaatac cagtaacctc cagttcagaa acagcataaa tatctatcca cagctgagca     21420
     gacacataca gctagctacc agatgaaatg ggctatatct tcaaatacta ttgttttccg     21480
     ttttttaact gtggcaaaac acactcaaca atttgcatct taactactgt taagtataca     21540
     attcagtgtc attaaatgta ttcacaatgt tgtgcaagca tcaccaccac ccatctccat     21600
     aattcttttt gtcttgtaaa attgaaatcc tgtacccatt aaaaagtgac tccccattcc     21660
     ccgccctccc agggcaacta caactttact ttctgtcttg atgaatcata caatatcaaa     21720
     tggaattttt aagatattta aaatcttttg tctggaagcg aagtggaagt taatatcaat     21780
     ggctatgcct tcagtgagtt ctcagaccac attacaatgt agttaactat ttatctttta     21840
     ttacgttcta gatctattat ttctttctgg cacaaaaata tcttctttga agattatggc     21900
     atttacctct atctccacac ctttttgcgt ctgtcatcca cagatcatca gcctcttagt     21960
     ctctatttaa tgacaatttc tatttagtat acaacagtct ttccccctgc aatgcaattt     22020
     cttcactctg aaaagctctg actctggcta atggtctctg ttatgtactc atccctagag     22080
     ccatgtcttc aaatatttct cagaacttct tcacatctaa aaatctagga ttaatttatt     22140
     gctctatgat tatattcttc tggtatttca agtatcgtgt ataacttctt catctgccct     22200
     tgcttttctt ctacatcaag atgtcaagtt catggacttc ccaattaatc attttaaaaa     22260
     tttatttcaa gcctttatga gtcaccacaa tgtacatatg ttctcaggaa ttatggccct     22320
     acaatttgta tgtgagaata gttcctgtgt caggcattat ggacataaga gtaaataaat     22380
     tctagcccct gcctacaagg agctaattcc cagcctaaga caggttgcaa gccaataatt     22440
     tgcagagttg taagtctaag gaaactgatt gggatgtacc taattcgagc tgggaatatc     22500
     agaagaaaaa ctttttgaaa gtcatgagac atgagctata cctaaaagaa taaaaaatag     22560
     agagagaaat aagaataaat aaattaggga atgagatggg tataatagta gaaaaaggaa     22620
     atctctttag ataaaacagg ttatgagagt atataggagg cttattaact cagtgtggtt     22680
     ggagaaaaca ggttgaaagg agaaatagga gagaaagtta caaagggaat caaatgtgtt     22740
     agtagttgag ggaaaagaaa atattgaata cgacccatag atcttggata acccagtgtt     22800
     tggtagtagc ttacataaaa ggttgtgaca aaataaccag aggtatgcag agaaaataat     22860
     aactgagtgt tatattttct ctcagtagaa acctaaaaaa aaaaatgtaa tcacaccctg     22920
     atcttttaac tgacctccac ttttcttgat gcctggattg gtatacatat tcctctgcct     22980
     gaaaaattgc tcaacacttt tgaaaagttg tttctcactg ttacacccag gcatttctgc     23040
     taacaccagc tgagttgtaa ggggccctcc aggaggccta ggtcgttctc cttatcacat     23100
     acattatttt catttatcaa tttacccaga acatctaatg aaatatggac accaataaca     23160
     tgaatacaaa tatagctata gaccctaaaa agtaaattga tgtctcttca aaggctgtaa     23220
     tgtcttagat gctaaatttg gagtatgtgt ttctaataaa taaatagctt gctttaataa     23280
     ttctgattta tgaatgtaac ataggggagc agcttttatt tcgcccttaa tcttaaaaaa     23340
     caattagccg ggtgtggtgg cgggcacctg tagtcccagc tactcaggag gctgaagcag     23400
     aaggatggtg tgcacctggg aggtggagct tgctgtaagc caaaattgtg ccactgcact     23460
     gcagcctgag tgacagtgtg agactctgtc tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagatcatac     23520
     aaggagtaaa tgatgattta gcataaaaca caacttgagc ctaaaacaca gatcataggg     23580
     ctcaaacttt gttattttat gggattatac taaccagtta atattcaaaa tttaccattt     23640
     caaaagaaga aatattggtc tgggaaaatt gccattgctt atacagaaga atggaggaag     23700
     ctttttgaga acgacagttc taatgatctt cctcatcact ggttcaaaaa ccaagcccat     23760
     ggaaggcctg catagggata atgtggagaa catgcaaaag aaatacacat caccagctcc     23820
     tcaactcaga gctccaaggg aatggctaag gaagctgtat tgtcctaaga aatttgagac     23880
     tgttttgact tacaataaat cctgctcaat catatgtatg tatacacaca cgcacacaca     23940
     cacacacaca cacagacggt gttgtcagtg aagcctctaa caatgcatct tgactggaca     24000
     gatttgacaa ttaaaatggc tggaagaaaa taggcttcat aagtggcact tactattcac     24060
     attacacatt aaaaggacat ctcctaaatt aaatcttgtc tatgataaaa aggcagaaaa     24120
     tcatgaccca aggctcgttt ataacggcag aaatgttcaa gatagaccaa tgcttgctat     24180
     gtttaggaac tgacaataaa gtacaggtct ttataatcta ccattttgcc tcatttgaca     24240
     ccaggtgacc ttcataatgc aggcaataga gaattgcaag atttgtcaga gatttcaggt     24300
     ctttggaaag ctatgctctt tcacaagaac agccatggaa acaggaagaa agtcaattcc     24360
     cacttaaggt aatcagaatt tacaaatatt cctttcttca ttgaaatctc aataggcact     24420
     tcaatattat atttaattaa ttcttttgtt acaatcatgc atcacataac aacattttgg     24480
     tcaaggatag tgcacatgta tgacagtggt gcagtaaaat cataacactg tacttttact     24540
     gtacctcttg tatgtttaga catgtataca cttactgtat agatataagt aagtatagat     24600
     atacttaact gttgtgttac aattgcctac agtattcagt acagtaacat gctgcacagg     24660
     tttgtagcct aggaggaata ggctatacca cctaagctag gcatgtaatc agctatagca     24720
     tctaggtttg tgtaagtaaa ctctatgatg ttcatacaat aataaaattg tccagcaatg     24780
     catttctcag acacacccct gtcattaagt gacacatgac tgtattagtt aacactatgg     24840
     gaacttcatg ggaaatgaac actgcagctc caccataaat agaaactgtt tacgtcaaaa     24900
     aacacataaa agcatagttg caagattaca attccttcca gatatttcat ttagtatctc     24960
     cacagatcac tcactgcctg aatagcattc ttgtgtctcc actgcctcac atttgatttc     25020
     aggtcattcc atcaattgtc aaagacgtat ccaacattaa ctttccaact actggcttgg     25080
     attctgtcaa cattgtcatc ctgggccaca acaacacaaa aggctaactc agtgaggtaa     25140
     catagacact gatcagtgag attttgctga tgggtggtac cattttttac taagatcaag     25200
     ggtattcata ccttcaggca tctagataac attgaaaagg gtaggttcat agataaaaag     25260
     ggaaagagga agggtttttg cagtatacat gagctaccgt gtctcctgtt taacctgagt     25320
     ctgaagagat tcaaagtgca ggtgccatga atgcctcttt aatagttcaa tgtcgattga     25380
     ttttctgggc tacatttccc agcattcaaa ttgctaaatg catataaact actactgaat     25440
     atttattacc tggatttgtg tttttgagtg accttatcta tagttatgtg cttcagtgat     25500
     ccaacttggg gtggactcca aactttgata aattaaagac cctgcttatt ccttgagtaa     25560
     tgctacactg acaactgatt tagtgaatgc cactgttaaa ataataaacc tcttggtgaa     25620
     tatatttaga catgtcttgt aacctgtaca catcttaacc gaggatgtta cttggtcttt     25680
     ctatgttcag gagtgtgtgg agatagaaaa acatacagga ttgtaattgt ttcctgtgag     25740
     actaacagaa aattcaagct agtgaagtat gtttatgcat ggcacacttc tcaccagcaa     25800
     ttttaggaag ttctacccac aacccatatg tcttttgata tgtgtgttac cttggagaga     25860
     gaaaaagaaa ctctgaacac aagcatgaaa tactttagaa ttttatctag agttggactt     25920
     gtccaaaagc ttttgtataa acttgcttga tgagcaactg ttgtccactg gtaccttcac     25980
     tgtacaatcc acacacaacc aaacttcaca actggacacc taaatttgca ctttgtttgg     26040
     taaagttgaa tgaaaaatgt tgtcttttaa gcttatgctc tcttatgaaa gctattatta     26100
     gatgaatttt actccaagat atgccagtta agaaataact tccaatttaa tttcaccagc     26160
     tccctgtggg tggactaatt agtcatacat cacacttact ctggtggtga aatgcctcaa     26220
     aagaaggtct ccagagtgtt gctctaccta gaaggacaag aaggaagaga cataaaaatc     26280
     attcattaag aaggaagatt ttccttgcct atattttcac ttgtaggatc caattaattt     26340
     tatcacttaa tattttttcc tggtgggcat tcattttaca aatttgtaag gtcagtagaa     26400
     atggaaactt ttggaaatcg aactgtaaat gttctgtaga cattgacaga aatagctatt     26460
     tggagctgtg cttttgccaa ctagacgctc tgagaaaatc tgtgagagga tattttcagg     26520
     aagtcattga accccctaaa aatcaagttt attgctttta ccataaatat aaataattaa     26580
     tttattatca accactttca atattccaat aagtaacctt tattgtttat ttcattgaca     26640
     tgatctacat agacacacaa tttatcttct tttgcgatac attcagaaaa tttgctgcct     26700
     ggaaaagcca tgttttaaaa ttaccacctg tttgatgact tgtttttgta ctttaagttt     26760
     tagggcatat gtgcacaacc tgcagtttag ttacatatgt atacatgtgc catgttggtg     26820
     tgctgcaccc attaactcgt catttagcat taggtatatg tcttaatgct atccctcccc     26880
     cctcccccac cccacaacag gccctggtat gtgatgttcc ccttcctgtg tccatgtgtt     26940
     ctcactgttc aattcccacc tatgagtgag aacatgcagt gtttcatttc cacttaagta     27000
     tctatctcta tttgtccttt attttcattt ccatcctagc tctatccctt gtctcctttg     27060
     tgtgtctcag tataagtgcc gtataacatt ttatatttct ggaaaccctt caatataaag     27120
     ttattacatg taaaaataaa aagtctgttt tagccaactt tttcttcaca aattatattt     27180
     tcctacttcc ctattagaca atttttgtag gctccatatg ctattaattt acattcactt     27240
     ttagaagaat tttcatcaaa agcaaaagta ttaggtaaat tgattgtatg ctatttatac     27300
     ttctatgtat atatacacac atagccacat acatatatgt aactccagag gcctgcctgg     27360
     actgtttaat aactgtattg aacaagagca agaaaaagct attcaaattt caaacaacaa     27420
     gttgaactga tgacctcaca tctttgaatg aaatagacac tagtagcctt taaaaattaa     27480
     acatttctac tgttttaaaa aattatagcc atcatagtat gaggaaaaaa tgtaataatc     27540
     ttttttaatt cttgccattt tattaaccat ggactcctta tgccctaact tcattggtac     27600
     ccctttgaga ttaaacagaa cacttaattt aaaaatctga taaataaatt aattacacca     27660
     tttacttgag gtactctttc acctttcaag aaatattttg agaattcatt agctaaatat     27720
     tgctataatg caggctagta ataaatggaa agaatgaatt cattgtaaag tttaaactaa     27780
     tgatggtatg atctggaatt tttgttaact tagaagacat aattagcttt agaggtgaaa     27840
     tgaaagacaa aatcacttca catattagta aaaaacaaat aatataactt tataagctac     27900
     tgctgttctt ttgctattaa gaaccaatga catctgtaat tagggaagat tatggaaagg     27960
     ttaaagatga gattacatgc agtctatcta caggaaacct aaactgttta ggttaaggaa     28020
     atgtctgaga aagtcatatt aattagcagg ttcacaggaa actaacattt attgtataaa     28080
     ttccatggta aaatgtatta gggctccacg cacacaacta tgtgccatct actttaccac     28140
     acagtgctta cttctttcag tctttattca tttctctcct aatggtctct atggtattat     28200
     tacatagttc taaaaacctt ccatgaggcg gaaatttcat ttaatcatat agcttcaaaa     28260
     ataatgaaaa acagtagaaa ctttcttttt ttatgaagca gaattgttga attttcagtt     28320
     tcatttattt aatattacaa gatgacaaac atatttcttt aattccctct tgttattttt     28380
     gtttaacatc aaccaaagcc atttctttca tttgaaggtg aaaactgctc atcaaaatcc     28440
     agtttaagct gagaaacaaa gaactaaatt ttgcatgaga gattatacac tgcataagta     28500
     taaaacagga ccagaaacaa tggtggatta gcaattttta aaaagacaaa tgcaggttat     28560
     catcaaatca attgttacca acacaccaat tgcacctcta ggccagaaaa ttagccactt     28620
     acccacggga aaacaatgat tgaagacaaa gttcaccagt gaaagttggt tatttttttc     28680
     catccttgca tcaactaaca tgatatctac agttcctctt aacacttttc tgagtttcaa     28740
     atatgtgggt atgcttcatt aactgaggtc attttccata tgtacatctg gctacaaggg     28800
     aaactgggaa tgtgagccct gatcctaatg tttgtagagt atttagaaat ttgagaattc     28860
     cctccaaata aagagttttt taaaacattg ttagaaaaaa agtttgaatt acaaaatgcg     28920
     atagtagctc aggtctaagt caaatgcagg gaaaaaaact gttaactcta aaaaaaatta     28980
     aatacacatt tgatgccaat gagaaacaga aaacaggcag aaatagtaga atattcaacc     29040
     actgatgaag tatttgacca ttgaataaag aaaattgcaa tgatttaaat ttgcatcaat     29100
     gcaacttcac acctgatgac gcttcccagt ctgtgcaaaa ttagatgtct acgagtaaag     29160
     cggtgagttt tactagcttg aggaaaaaga gcacagagtt ccaggctgac aaaaaagaag     29220
     aactgggaaa tttgaatgac atgggaggaa atctcacaca actgaaagtc acagaggaga     29280
     atgtcacaga gtaaaaatct aaaatcagca cttaaacttc attcagatat atgatggctg     29340
     ctacatttca cattgataaa aagagactcc atagaatcca gcagaaaaca acagctaaat     29400
     tgctagtaca gagcagagat ttcaaccatt gcatatagct caggagtgaa agtttggtgt     29460
     ttgactacag aaaaaagact aatgttagaa aagagtcact cttcaaagga aaatagaaga     29520
     acctatctct acaaaatatc atacacataa tctaacatat aatttaacct gcctagacat     29580
     aaaaccagga aaatatgacg cataacaaaa aaagtaaaca atggattaag acagtgaaat     29640
     ggcccacatg ctgggattag aagataagaa atttaaaata agctattaca agcatattca     29700
     aggatttaag gaatagatgg tcataagagg gaatacatgg agaatctcaa cagagaagta     29760
     aaaacgataa agagataata ggacaaattt tagaactgag aaacagaata tcttatataa     29820
     aaatgtcatt gtatgcacat accagtaaat taaagatggc agaaaaaact atcagtgcac     29880
     ttaaaaacag atcaagaaca atttcccaat acagttaata aaaagaaaga aaaataataa     29940
     aaatagggcc agtctagcac taatataatt ggagtcctag aacgagtaga gaagaaaatg     30000
     agacagaaaa agctatttga aaaagtaaag accaaaagtt ttcctaattg tcagcatata     30060
     tcaatttaca ggtttaagaa actcaaagaa cagaataaaa ataaagagaa ccaaatgtag     30120
     acataccata gtcaagccac tgggcaaaaa aagagtaaat cttgaaagta gctaaaggga     30180
     gggagaaaat aatttacata cgtggaaaca aatagacaga tgacctgtca tcagaaatga     30240
     cactttaaaa agcaatgaaa ctacatcttc aaaataaaag aaaactgtca actcaaaatt     30300
     ctatcactag aaacagtaat tctagagaaa agaaagattt agtcagataa aagaaagctt     30360
     cgaacagttg tcattagcag acctagatac aagaaatgca aacgggaatt ttttaggcta     30420
     aagaaagata acaacagatg gaaattctga cctacaggaa gcaaggagaa gctctaggaa     30480
     tggcatgtgc ataaacatga aaaactaagg cttttctctt ttagttttat aacaaacaac     30540
     tgatggtttc aataaaaaat taagtgtact attgataatg tatgtaaaat attctaaatt     30600
     aatagctctg acaggagact aaacgcaaca attttgctgc aacttttctt tatgttacat     30660
     gaaaatgctg actattaaca ctaagtggac tgcgataagc ccaggatgtt tattataatc     30720
     cctagagaac caccacatta tatgaagata ttcttctaaa atgccaataa aggaattaaa     30780
     atggaaccct gaataatgtt cagttaatat aaaaaggcat gaaagaaaga acagaggagc     30840
     aaaaaatgat ggaacaaata gaacataaga gcaaaatagg ctcggtaccg tggctcagcc     30900
     tgtaatccca gcactttggg aggccgaggt gggtggatca cgaggtcagg agatcgagac     30960
     tatcctggct aacacggtga aaccccgtct ttactaaaaa tacaaaaatt agccgggggt     31020
     ggcggcggga gcctgtagta ccagctactc cagatgctga ggcaggaaaa tggcgtgaac     31080
     ccgggaggtg gaacttgcag tgagccgaga tcccgccact gcactccagc ctgggtgaca     31140
     ggaccagact ccgtctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agaaaagcaa aaatagtagg     31200
     cttaaatcca aacttttcaa taattatttc aaatgtaatt taaatactcc aaataaaaca     31260
     cagattgtcc aactggataa taaaagtacc tataagagat gcatgccaaa tattatggta     31320
     tagataattt gagagtaaaa taatttccaa gtataccaag gaaacaacaa gcacaagaaa     31380
     tcttatgtgg ctatattaat ataagaaaaa gtagacctcc aaacaagcaa tattacaaca     31440
     gacagctatt tcataatgat aaaatgtcaa gtaattatga agacataatg ctgtattgtt     31500
     gacagaataa ctaaagaaaa ttaagataaa ataattttga cagcagcttg acctaatcga     31560
     tattgaccaa gacaatagaa tatatgttct attatgctac acatgaaaca tttatcaata     31620
     ggctatagac cacaaaatat ctctcaagaa gttccaaaac actgtaatca tagaaagtat     31680
     gctttctgac tataatgaaa atgagttgaa atgggtaaaa acaagctacc caggaaagcc     31740
     tacactattg gaagatttaa atacatctta aaatgccctt tagctcaagg aagaaatcat     31800
     aagaaacacc tttaaataca ttgaactgaa tacaaataaa aatatactat atcaaaatgt     31860
     atgggataaa gttaagcaga cccagagtaa attttttgta taaatgctta ttctaaaaaa     31920
     gagaagttca aaacaagtga actaattttc taccttaaaa agaaaatcta aaacaagaga     31980
     gcaaattaag tccaaaacaa gtagaagaaa agaaataaaa cagaaattag aaatcaatga     32040
     gacagaaaac agaaacagga gaaaatcatc atggccaaaa gttagttctg tgagaaagaa     32100
     agaaaacgca aattataaat atcagggatt aatgagattg tacagttgta gacacaagag     32160
     acattaacaa gataatggaa tattgtgaaa cattttatac taattttcat tacttggatg     32220
     aaagggtgaa ttccttgaaa aaaagttata aaaaaattcg caagattaaa tggaacatat     32280
     gaagtaattg acatttatta aagtaattaa attaattctc aaatacctgc acataaaaac     32340
     ataaagctaa agaaataaaa aataagcaaa ctccagatcc aaagagtttt gctgatgaat     32400
     tctttcaaac gtttaaaaaa aataaaattt ttaaattatt tcagaaataa agaaggggga     32460
     aattccaaac ttgttttatg agtcagaatc ctgatagcaa aactacaaaa cccaggaatg     32520
     caacattgat ttcaacttaa agagctatca ccattctaat atgtgattct aatgaatttg     32580
     gctatcttag ataccttata caagtggaat catacagttt gtccttctgt gactgattta     32640
     ctttacttag cattaatgtc ctctacgttc atccatgttg catattgccg ggctttcttg     32700
     ttttaaagct gaataatatt ccgttgtatg aatataccac attttcttta tctattcatc     32760
     tgccaataga cattaacctc atttccacat tttgattagt gtaaataatg ctgcaatgag     32820
     cctgagaatc atcccaatct caattctttc agataaataa cctgaagtgg attgctagat     32880
     catatggtag ttctagtttc ttaatttttt tgaggaacca ccgtactgtt ttccatagag     32940
     gctgcacagt tttacttttc cagaaacact gtataagtgt tccaatttct ccccattgtt     33000
     atcactcgtt atctttttct tttaataaga ccattctaac aggtttgagg caatatctct     33060
     ttgtggtttt gatttgcatt tccctgatga ttagtgatgc tgagcatttt tttcatgtat     33120
     ctgttggtca tttggatatt ttctttggag aaatatctat tgctgatttt aaaaagaacc     33180
     tctcagcaag ctagaaaaag aaattttctc aaagcgatgg aaagcatcca caacacaaca     33240
     tataaacaat attacattta atggtgaaag cgtaaatgtt taaactacat agattaggac     33300
     aagaaaggaa tgtgtgtgtt catcacctct attcaacatt gtactggtaa tcctagattc     33360
     tgagtataaa tatttagggg acagctattg tcactgaagc ccaaatcttg gtcatcctca     33420
     gaaagaaaaa gaaaaggtga ttagattgta cgtaatctaa ttctaattgc taatttaatt     33480
     tctctaaaat tacagcttgt atcaactcta gaatttattg ggcacctcct aggacataaa     33540
     cactggaatt tggtgagaga catcacatag gaaagaacct ggctctgaca taaattcaac     33600
     acacggaggg ggacacatgt tatgagactg acctggcctc tccatctcat aaaaggggtt     33660
     cttgttgctg gtaacacaga ttaaaactat ttcaattaca ttcaagataa aaagattagc     33720
     aatggtatgc aagatgaaaa aatcaccccg caggaagaca aaagtctcac aaaaggatat     33780
     ttaaactagc caacactttg aaattcaggc agagatcatg ctttctgggt gaactaaggt     33840
     agcaagaaca aagtagaggc tccaattcta ggaaaaatgg gccctaataa ggtttacaat     33900
     ccagaaaccc aagaaatcca gacagaagga tgcagtctcc gctttcaagg cagtagcagt     33960
     acctggatta ctaagccaat ccccaacaca atcataaaca caaatttgat tgaggaagaa     34020
     gcttgcccac cagaagattt aggttattac aaggtagaat gtgatagaga aaacgagcat     34080
     gggactggaa agaaaaggag gtagccccat gatcacaact ggaatatatc tgtcagagat     34140
     ggtgcagaaa taagactgaa gagagagatc cttaaacccc atgtgcctta cgtaaggact     34200
     aatcctggac acaagctgga aagcatagcc tacaggtggt gagggaggag gagtgggctc     34260
     tgctgtgaga aggagaagga aatatggctg aaaaccagat atgggtcttg aaatcacacc     34320
     gaggatttgg gcctttgctg ctgtctgcca gcagctgcca gtagttctca cactttggct     34380
     ggcatcaaaa taacctgggg cagttgtggg gaagtggcgg gagtgttgta aaaccacaag     34440
     tgaccaggaa aaaatcacct gtatgttttc caattcagta agtacagaaa tattaattgg     34500
     aaaaaggtgg agatcagaca ttgatagtgc tgtgaactgc tccagggaca taagcatgat     34560
     ctttagagag gtgactccaa tcagttgagg gcaaccactg gacagaaaga ggtccagact     34620
     aaccgtacac agagacatca tacaactaca ctttagcaac ttctccaaat aacatgtctc     34680
     ttactgaaac ttgggaggtt gaaagttaaa aacataaaat ccagtggcat ttatgtatcc     34740
     taggcactta cattcttcca acttgccttt gcttggttag agttttgggt agataagagg     34800
     tggatttaca tgtgctagtg tgagaacttt gatacactca tttagacatt gacctgctat     34860
     gttgatattt gaaagctcaa acccaaagaa atttgtcttt ttagataaaa caaattcagc     34920
     ccttaccttc cttatcgatt acatcttcca ctagcagtaa taaaaaagta acaatatgca     34980
     taagtcaaag tatcttctta aatcctctgt agtgttttat tatttagttg tgttaattaa     35040
     agtaactgtc tcaaaatttc aaggaatgcc tgagaataaa ttcatgttca aaggctgccc     35100
     tcttgtgaca atgtgttgta tgttttactg taaaagtaat cttattttac cttataacct     35160
     ctacaatcca attcataaca gcataaaaag gaaataaaac cttacataat tttgaatttt     35220
     gaaaagtacc ttgtttattt ggttccttta gctaatgaat agacaatttg gtaaatattc     35280
     cagtgagttg aaggtttgaa tctatctcac ttaactagct taatggatat atttctaaac     35340
     ctatacaacc cactcctctg cttttaaaaa attaaagtta gctgtagatt gagatgtcag     35400
     tgacacagtt tatagaacat aacttagatt gtcatctaca ttactgtaac tacaaatacc     35460
     accctcagat ggaagaatca gttttatcag tgaacatctc taattgaact ataaatggta     35520
     tatgtcttct ggcttttaca agctcttggt ctaacacggg atatatgatg taaaaattac     35580
     aaagcaaggc catgcacggt ggctcatgcc tgtaatccca gcactttggg aggccaaggt     35640
     gggcggatct caaggtcagg agatcgagat catcctggct aacacggtga aaccccatct     35700
     ctactaaaaa tacaaaaatt atctgggtgt ggtggcacac gtctgtagtc caagctactc     35760
     agcaggctga ggcaggagaa tcgtttgaac ccaggatgcg gaggttgcag tgagctgaga     35820
     tcgcaccact gcactccagc ctggtggcag aacaagactc catctcaaaa ataaataaat     35880
     aaataaataa ataaataaat aaataaataa taaaatagca atgactataa tgttttgtga     35940
     tgttaaactt tgagagcttt ttttttcttt cttttcccaa gtccctttcc cagttccaga     36000
     agcagagtta ttctaagctc actgatgtaa acgaatagaa agaaaaggtt tggtggaaaa     36060
     actaataact tgctgtcctt tctgtctttt gttttttaaa agcttgagca tttgggagaa     36120
     tttggaaaga ttgtggagta agtgcaaaga aggaatttgc taaaaaaaat tatatagggt     36180
     aaaatgagtt ttttccaggt tagaaaatat ccactcccta cactcctaca ttcctttccc     36240
     atgtttaaga agaggaaaaa acgaaggcct cttggtgagc agtcgtgact tcggcagttt     36300
     cttagaaata ttgtagaagg catagtcatc tttaaaaaaa aatagctaca aggatatgtc     36360
     taagcagaag ggaccatggg ccaaattacg tgtagatttt tgcattccaa atatggtaaa     36420
     gaagaagcag gaagctgggg ggcctaaaca agccacacag aaatggacaa ggaagaggcc     36480
     agcagcagct tgtgggggca agacgtcaag ccccgaatgt taaacccacc atccatcctc     36540
     caaattctgg ctctgtttaa caaggctgtg gtctgacact agatgccgcc tccgtgacta     36600
     aagcataatt ccccttctcc tgggagtgtt gacagctgac tcctgtcaac aatactcaca     36660
     gcacagtaaa gttccttcat ccaagtccat gtcccttctc aaggcatccc acatccgaga     36720
     actgcttggt acagaaatat aatggccttg tttgcttgct ccaattcgag gtcattaggt     36780
     aaactcacca agatccctgt agagtggact gcggccatga tagtgattgc attccagccg     36840
     acttcctgct ccacccaatc ctattgcttt cactcttcca cgggtgttgg gaatatcatt     36900
     tcaacctcct tgcatgcaaa tctccaactc agagtcggct tcctaggaca cttgactggt     36960
     gacatctcta tcactatcac agtacttaga agggagcatc ttaaaatgat ttaaggctaa     37020
     ctgccctaac agcacaggca gatggtggct taaaatagaa tttaagtgga cttaaaaaaa     37080
     catgaaaaaa gttgacattg cacgctcata tgagcttatg gatcaaacca tgtgtatgat     37140
     ttttaagatc cctcgtgcag tatatatttg cactttttat aaatgacatc cccttaaatt     37200
     gaattcagtg caattcaaaa cagtaatttg tgggaaaatt agatatgtag atagcctgga     37260
     ctctagagag gcacacatca tttggagaat aatagtgaac cggctggtct atgagggaag     37320
     aaaacagagt gaatatagac tattattgaa caaggatatt ttcccatgta tattcaaatt     37380
     aaggtgaatt tctttacaga attatgcctt agaaagaaaa agtatttccc tatatttgag     37440
     tcctcacaag ttttcctacg atgagtgctt ttgtgattat tttgaataac aaagtaatat     37500
     ttaaagaaac tctcttgccc tgaatgtact ttaatttatg tcaattgatg ttgcatatag     37560
     agatcatcaa agtcaagcta caagaaaaag aggaacataa cttaacaaag acttagagga     37620
     ttagtcctaa tagtgtgaaa tcaaaatttc aagtgaggga ataaatacag cttttaataa     37680
     ttacttaaat gcagtttacc tctagcagga tctacaagaa attggcaacc tttggcttca     37740
     gtaacagaaa ctcaggatat atgcccttca gtgcttttgc attctgcatc atattgagag     37800
     agactccttt aaacagcaat aagaaacttc ctgtgacaac ataataaatt caaaaagttc     37860
     tgtaactcaa tttagataga agtgagaact ttggcctata aagccctgtt caacctaaag     37920
     atggattaaa caatgaaaaa gatattgata tcaaaaattc aatcaggaat ttgattaaaa     37980
     catttcatta aatgtgataa tttcttagta tattatctta catatgcaat attcatgtgt     38040
     aacaaattaa atacaagtaa acatttgacc atattatctg cagcataatt tacatatcaa     38100
     tttacatatt cagttttgct cacatgaaaa cttggatctt ctcaataaga aaatatatga     38160
     aatctttaat tcctcatccc caggaatgta aataaataaa tataaatact gtaagtcagt     38220
     gattttttcc taggaagaca gtaaaaatac tttacacgcc ttctcattgt aaacctaaat     38280
     aacaaacaga gaaaggctct ctaaaggaaa aagacacatc ttagggagga gggcactgca     38340
     atgggaatat gcatgacaaa gcaaactata tagattcaaa tggtaaagga agacaaggtc     38400
     tttaaaagaa aaatgatcaa cctggatacc tggaagtatg ggggagtaga aaaaaataaa     38460
     taaaggaaaa atgaagaggc ttctataatt gttttgatat agttaccttt gactataaag     38520
     atcaacaaca aggtcgatgt cagttgaagt ttgggcaggc ggttgctgga tagatgtcct     38580
     cacagaagtg tattttgtgt aaggttgcta tggcctttgt gcaaggttgt ggtttttgtg     38640
     gtattttgtg atagttgtta tcaggcctag aagcatgaga accctctctt caaggccttt     38700
     tctgaatcta tttgttcagt ttttttcttt tctttttaaa cattagtgac agttttgatt     38760
     catataatga tccctaattt caaaaaaaat taaacgtgta acttatttat gatgtatttg     38820
     ataggcttgc atttgtgaat cacctctact atctatagtg gtagatatat ctgagcctgc     38880
     ttacacagga cttccatcag attctctctt cagtggaatt ggaagagggg gttttggaga     38940
     agggaatgaa ggaattgtgc tgcatcagag gtccccacct aacagccaca tggacttttt     39000
     ctgtgctctt gccaggccgt tgtattggct gatgcaaaag taattttggt tttgtcattg     39060
     aaagtaatga gaccatctga cttacaatgt ctgtgccata accagctcct aatagcctcc     39120
     gaggacagct ttgccctgac atatactgtc ctggaaccac gtctgctttg taactcctga     39180
     ggtagctgcc actatgacca atgccttctc atctttactc tacatgcagg taacagttat     39240
     aattatgtct ctgtgtattc acagaacatc cagtacatct gggacttcta caaaatttcc     39300
     ctagctgatt ttggtgttct ggggtcctgg cagctctagc catgaaggga tgatgcttta     39360
     gcagcatttc tgttgacttt tttgcttttt ctcaaaaact gattccactt ttcccacata     39420
     cgtttgacaa ttcatttgaa ctcatttatt ctaaacccat tatttttggt ctattattta     39480
     atagggaggg ggcaagggat aaaagattac aaatagggtg cagtgtacac tgctcgggtg     39540
     atgggtgcac ccaaatctca caaatctcca gtaaagaact tacccatgga accaaatacc     39600
     accgtacccc aataacctat ggaaaaaaaa ataaaaaaga gtcagaaaga aagaaaataa     39660
     tcactgtact taccatgaca cttagaaatg gtgactagca ttttttgtaa gtgtcaccta     39720
     ataatattat tattttttgt ttatgctaca aactagctct gctattacaa tcactactat     39780
     ttgaagtgtt actaaattaa attaaatcta ttttatcctt ctggactcag aaatgggggt     39840
     aaatgctaag acaatttcag aatatgatca catattaaaa gcatattata tgcggaaaat     39900
     gtgattttta aaaaatagaa attggtagag aaacaatttt tgggtcttta atttccgcac     39960
     attttgcaag tatggacgct gactttattg ttccaaatga ttgttttcaa gcatgtttgt     40020
     atagaaaaca gccttggaat agaaaaccag tacctccttc tggaacaaag gaaaagttta     40080
     tttactgtct agtataatgc agataatttc tccctcttgg gaagcataca gccaagtgaa     40140
     cttccaataa cacaagttgg ggtttcttga gcttgggttt ttcttccaca gtgtaatgtg     40200
     caggtgccac ttggctctct ttgtgttatc ctgggaaagc tgatggctgt aggtgcatgt     40260
     gtttattttg gggttctcta ttctgtttca ttggtctttg tgtctgtttt catatcagta     40320
     ccatgttatt ttgtctactg tggccttagg gtatagtatg aagtcaagta atgtgatgtc     40380
     tccagcgttg ttcttcttgc ttagatttcc tttggttgtc tgggctcttt aaaaatccat     40440
     atgaaattta gaatattttt tctaattttg tgaaaaacga cactggttgt ttcataggaa     40500
     tagtgttgaa tgtgtagatt gcttttggca gtatagccat tttaacaata ttgatctttc     40560
     taatccatga gcatggaatg gttttccatt tgtttcgaca tctgtgattt ctttctgcag     40620
     cgttttgcag ttctcctttt agatatcctt tacctccttg gttagacata ttcttcttat     40680
     attttatttt attttggggg ttgctgttgt aaacaggatt gcactcttga tttacctttc     40740
     agtttaaata tttttggtga acagcaatgc tacttctttt tatatgttga ttttttttta     40800
     tcctgaaagt ttgctgaagt ttttttatca gttctgggag ccttttggca cagtctttag     40860
     ggatttctag gtgtagaatc atatgatcag tgaagagaga taatttgact tcatttccta     40920
     tttggatgtt ttttatcgct ttctcttgcc tgcttgctct ggctaggact tgttaaacag     40980
     gagtggggag aacagccatc cctattttat tcctgttcat aaggggaatg tgttgggaga     41040
     aaagctgagt gttggaagag aagctgaggc agggccatat gtttctcatt cacttgatac     41100
     accatttcct tttaaccccc acatcctcac cacctgtttc tttgtttgag caccaacaaa     41160
     tagcgtgggc tcccagagct tggggacttt gcagactcca cactcgtgat ggtctcctgg     41220
     tcccactttc tctctcaaac tgtctttttc tcattccttt gactctgccg gacttcatca     41280
     cccccatgac ctagtgttgg gtctgatcac cccaacattc ctggcgccca acatggggtg     41340
     acaaagaccc ggtgaaggaa ggctagagca tatgaaagca gaggacacat catcaaaaga     41400
     cacgcgagga catacaaaga tggggagtga aatttagtac ttagaatttg ttatcactct     41460
     ttagtacagt aaagcagttt tgcccatggt ttccagagca aaggactatg aagttggatg     41520
     aatgggagag aattggaaga gatttttaaa aggcatataa agatggagca gaaattccag     41580
     tttatatatg gtcagtgtgg gcactaataa aggcagccct tgagccattt caaacagatg     41640
     atgaggcaga ttcagatgag gaagaggagg atgagtgtaa aaaactaacc tcaaattctg     41700
     agtgtgagga gcagctaccg gaggagatta aataaaagaa agaaaaactt taaaaagtat     41760
     gttttactag cccgttggct ccacctgctg aattaagtga atggccacct cctctctctc     41820
     ccctaaatgg gtgagaaaat aaattagctg aaaaacttac tgctcctgta gttacaacat     41880
     taaaacctgg agcaattggt ggtgctagac aaaattctat tcaaaaagct aaagccaagg     41940
     gagaccttga agcatggcaa tttcccgtta ctataatcca gcaagtagga cagaatatag     42000
     ctaattagcc tgctttttct tttaagttac taaagaattt aagcaagcca ttagtcaata     42060
     tggactgaac tctctttttg cgcaatcttt attaaaaata tggctcttga taatagatta     42120
     ataccatata attaggatac tttgacaaaa cctgttctca ctccatctca gtacttgcag     42180
     tttaaaactt ggtaggctga tgaactcaaa ctcaggcaaa agaaaacaca cacctgcagc     42240
     cacctgtgcc tgttttcttt gatcagttaa tatgagttgg ccctaactgg ggttgattag     42300
     agaatcaagc agtaatggaa gatgttgcca ttgttcagct gtgcttcatg tgcttacatg     42360
     aatagaaaag gataaatgtt acaggggaaa agtatcctta tttcagttct gtctgacaag     42420
     gacctaaaga accatatatt aattttattg ctcagctcca agaggttgtg tataaagccg     42480
     taaatgatca aaacagctca ggatgttgta atacagcttc ttgcatacaa taatgctaat     42540
     gcagagtgtc aaactgctat tagatatctg agagagaagg ctcatttaac taaatatatt     42600
     aagtcttgcg atggcattgg aggtaactta cataaggcta ttcttttagc tcaggctatg     42660
     gctagattaa gagtaagaaa aaatatgttt cacttctcag gctcttgcct taattgtggg     42720
     caaattggac acaagaaagg aatgtagaaa ggaattcaaa acacgaaaac tactaccatc     42780
     aatcaacaga aaagacccag tgtatgtccc tggtgtaaga aaggcaatca ctaggcaagt     42840
     ccgtgtcatt ctaaatttag caaagatgaa caacctcttt gaggaaatag gaagagggac     42900
     ccgcctcaag cccctcaaca aactgaggca tacccagcac agccactgct cttacaaatg     42960
     tacagcaatt gtcccccgcc tcagcaagca gtgctgctgt agacctctac agcacaattc     43020
     ccatctcctt acttcctggg gagctacgaa agaaggtccc cacaggagtt agggcaccct     43080
     taccctgagg aactgttggg aacaagcccc ccaaatccgg ccataaactg gccccaaaac     43140
     tggccataaa caaaatctct gcagcactgt gacatgttca tgatggccat aacacccacg     43200
     ctggaagttt gtgggtttac tggaatgagg acaaggaata cctggcccgt ccagggtgga     43260
     aaaccactta aagacattct taagccacaa acaatagcat gagtgatctg tgccttaaga     43320
     ataagggata cttttagtta atctgatatc tatagaaaca atgctaatga ctggcttgtt     43380
     gttaataaat acgtgggtaa atctctgttc agggctctga gctccgaagg ctgtgagacc     43440
     cctgatttcc cacttcacac ctctatattt cagtgtgtgt gtctttaatt cctccagtgc     43500
     tgctgggtta gggtctcccc aaccgacctg gtctcagcaa gtggtgtcca ttcatggggg     43560
     ctcgaataca ggtcaaagga tcactggagc aacgattgga gaatgtggaa ctagctggag     43620
     gacatccgag tactcttaaa gcaatcccca tggtgagtca gaaggggagc tcggaagcat     43680
     cagggtaaca atgggacaag tgtgggctgt ggttcgttct accttggaac tttttcacac     43740
     tgatgatgag gaggaaggag agtataacaa agtaacagta gaggttacag accaggttta     43800
     tttgtcacct aaagctaaag cagaaaagga gggagaggtt catccctatc cttctgcacc     43860
     ccctcattat tattttgaag aaaatgaccc tccagatctt tcttttctgg aggacactgg     43920
     gtgaaaagta gttgccctgg tgactgttcg agcaccgcct tgagcgactg ctcttagttc     43980
     tattcaggca ggaattcagc aagctagaca aaagtgggat ttagaggctt ggcagttccc     44040
     tgtttgaata caccccccag atcaacaggg aaatattata gctacatttg agccttttcc     44100
     ttttaaatta ctcaaaaaaa ttaaacaagc tataaatcag tatggaccag gttctccttt     44160
     tgaaatggga ctgttaaaga atgttgctgt ttccagtcgg atgattccta ctgactggga     44220
     cactcttact ctagcttgtc taactcctgc tcagttctta caatttaaaa cttagtgggc     44280
     agatgaagct tccattcagg ctgctcacaa tgcctgggcc caacctcaaa ttaatataac     44340
     tgcagaccaa cttttggggg ttggtggctg ggctggttta catgcacaag tggtcaagca     44400
     ggatgatgcc atagaacagc ttagaggagt gtgcattaga gcttggaaaa aatcacttca     44460
     tatggagaac aatacccttc atttagtgct ataaaacagg gaccaagaga accatatgtg     44520
     cattttatag cttggttaca ggagtctctt aaaaagatga ttgcagattt ggttgcttag     44580
     gatatagtgt tgcagttatt agttttgaca atgttaatcc ctattgccag gctgctctgc     44640
     gacctatcag agggaaagca catttagttg attataacaa ggcctgtgat gatatcagag     44700
     ataatctaca taaagctact ttgttggcac aggcgacggc aggactgaga gtggataaag     44760
     gaaatactct atttcctgga gcttgtttta actgtgggaa gcatggtcat actaaaaaga     44820
     attaaaaaaa aaaaatcagc aagtcaggcc accagatagg tgaaaaaaga aaactgctca     44880
     tcctgaaata tgtctaaaat gtaaaaaagg aaaactttgg gctaatcagt gtcactctaa     44940
     gtttgataaa gaagggaacc cgattttggg aaactccctg aagggcccat cccaggccct     45000
     gttctaaaac agggcatttc cagctcaggc cattccctca cccccataca ttatctgtcc     45060
     cccaccatag cccatagtgc cgcagtagat ttatgctgca caaaagctgt gagccttctg     45120
     cctggggaac ccccgcaaaa ggtcccaaca ggagtctgtg gaccgttgcc aggagggaca     45180
     atgggattac ttttaggaag gtctagttta agtttaaaag gggtacaaat acacactgga     45240
     gtcattgatt cagattacaa tgaagaaatt caaattgtga tatctacttc tgttccctgg     45300
     aaagcacagc caggagtgtg catagcacag ctcctgagtg tgccatatgt gggaatggga     45360
     aaaagtgaaa ttaaatgaac tggaggattt ggaagcacaa ataaaaaagg caaggcagct     45420
     tattgggtaa atcaaattac tgataaacat cctatctgtg aaataactat ccagggaaag     45480
     aactttaaag gtttggtaga tactattttt tttttttggt aggagtggac atttcaatca     45540
     tttctctaca gcactggctg tccatgtggc caattcagcc cactcaattt aacacagtgg     45600
     aaactgctaa agctccagaa gtgtatcaaa gtagatatat tttgcattgt gaagggcccg     45660
     atggacaacc tgggactgtt caaccaattg caatttctgt acctataaat ttatggggga     45720
     gagatttatt atgacaatgg ggagcacaag ttctaattcc ataacaatta tacagccctc     45780
     aaagtcaaca tatgatgcac gaaatggggc atgtccctgg tataggagta gaaaaaaatt     45840
     gcaagattta aaagaactgc ttcaaacgga aagacaaatt tcctgccaaa gattaggata     45900
     ccatttttga tggtggccac tgttaagcct ccagaaccta tacctttaaa atggttaaca     45960
     gataagccaa tttggataga ataatggctg ctaagcaaag agaaactgga tgctttagag     46020
     aaattagtta ctaaacaatt agaaaatggg cacatagctc caacattttc cccttggaat     46080
     tctccagttt tcatagttaa gaaaaaatca ggtaaatgga gaatgttaac tgacttaaga     46140
     gccatcaatt cagttataca acctatggaa acataacagc caggattgcc ttctcctact     46200
     ataattccaa aaaattggcc tttaataggc acagatttaa aagactgttt ctttactacc     46260
     cttttagctg agcaagactg tgaagggttt gcatttacaa ttcctgcagt aaacaacctg     46320
     cagcctgcta agcgttttcg ttgtttcaca gatgggtcta gtaatggtaa agcttcttat     46380
     tctggatcaa aaggtaaagt tttccagaca ccctatactt cagctcaaaa agcggagctt     46440
     gtagctgtaa atgaggtatt gactgctttt gatatgcctg ttaatgtgat ttctgattct     46500
     tcatacatgg ttcattccac acagtgaatt gaaaacgctc agttacgatt tcatacagat     46560
     gaacaactga taataaaaac aaaaaaaagg ggagaaacag ggattatggg atagcctata     46620
     cacaattgaa tctagcatta ttaactttca aatttttgag cctgcccaaa ggccagatgt     46680
     taccagcagc tgaacagcat ctacagaaac cagctgcaaa gacagaagca gaataactgg     46740
     tttggtggag agacccaata acaaaaagtt gggaaatagg taaaattata acttggcata     46800
     gaggttatgc ttgtgtttct ccaggaccga atcaacaact gatttagata ccatcaagac     46860
     acctgatatt ttatcatgag tcagatgctg aggaagagat aaaaagcaca atcatcattg     46920
     aaattagagc ttctggctgg gcgcggtggc tcacgcctgt aatcccagca ctctgggagg     46980
     ctgaggtggg cggatcacaa ggtcaggaga tcgagaccat cctggctaac acggtgaaac     47040
     cccgtctcta ctaaaaatac aaaaaattag ctgggtgagg tggcgggcgc ctatagtccc     47100
     agctactcag gaggctgagg caggagaatg gcatgaaccc gggaggcaaa acttcaggtt     47160
     ttgccaagaa tgacactgta aatgtaacaa agcttctgtg cttgttagtg aacaccaaat     47220
     cagctactct cctgtattcg gagatcagga tgaaatgaaa agaacaagca ggccgggtgc     47280
     ggtggctcat gtctgtaatg tcaacacttt gggaggctta ggtgtgcgga tcacccgagg     47340
     ttgggagttt gagaccagcc tgaccaacat ggagaaaccc cgtctctact aaaaatgcaa     47400
     aatgagctgg gcatggtggc acaagcctgt aatcccagct ttggaggcta aggcaggata     47460
     agtgcttaaa cctgagaggc ggaggttgct gtgaggcaat attgcaccat tgcactccag     47520
     cctgggcaaa aagagtgaaa ctccatctca aaaaaataaa aaatataaaa agacccccaa     47580
     ccttgtctag actgtggggt ttcagtttca ccccaggggg gtcctggttg ggttagaacc     47640
     ctgaatctgg tttgagttcg aatcctaaag aataaaggga ataaaggctg tagccactga     47700
     gctactcaat ctggtctggt tctggctttt gtgtgtctat ctgtattttt ggtctaaata     47760
     tttggcccaa cagaagttaa agcctttgat gttctcagca aaagccttgt gagatctgta     47820
     gtttatctgt gtgctcaact ggaacaaaga gactccataa actagaaaaa cctaaagaaa     47880
     atggcacgcg tgaaaaaatg agagccaact cctgtttgtt gttctgtcca cctccctatc     47940
     tcactcctcc ttctgccttt gctgtggtcc cttggtgttt ctgtctttct gggaacctga     48000
     gattcagtgt aggagtgaag tccatgattt taaagccttc atgtctctgc tttttaactc     48060
     tgcctgcttt gctgagctct tataatgaga aataaaccat tcagaacaga aacaacaggg     48120
     catcagaaaa ccaacttcag acagagctct ggcaagtacc tccctagagg ggaagggctt     48180
     actaaaggat ttaatcttga aaagaccaaa acaagaagct ctaaccttaa gcttgctagg     48240
     ttttctggga ctcgagttgg ttatatatta tggaccattc tagccacaca cacacacaca     48300
     cacacacata cacttttttg agacagagtc ttgctctgtt gcccacgctg gaatgcagtg     48360
     gtgtgatctt ggctcactgc aacctccact tcccaggttc gagcaattct cctgtctcag     48420
     cctcctgagt agctgtgatt acaggtgtgc gccaccatac ccggctgatt tttgtggttt     48480
     tagtagagat gaggtttcac catgttggcc aggcgggtct caaactcctg atctcaagtg     48540
     atccacccgc cttggcctcc caaactgctg ggattacagg catgagccac tgtgcccagc     48600
     ctatacatat atatatttct ttttcttttt gacacagagt cttgctctgt tgcccaggat     48660
     ggagtatggt ggtacaatcg cggctcactg caacctccac ctcccaggtt tgagcgatta     48720
     tcctgcctca gcctcgtgaa tagctaggac tacaggtgcg caccaccaca cccagttaat     48780
     ttttgtattt acagtagaga tggggttttg tcatgttggc caggctggtc tcaaactcct     48840
     ggcctcaagt gatccacctg cctcagcctc ccatagtgtt gggattacat gaatgaacca     48900
     ctgtacctgg cctctagtgc acactttaaa cctgacggcc aaattacatg aaagaaaatt     48960
     caaaactcaa atagttacta tttttaaaaa ccctaaaatt aaaaagtctc agttcttttg     49020
     cctatcattt ttttccctgc ctactttgaa tctgctgatt tttctactga tgttgagaca     49080
     agacttactg tctgtggtgt taccaattca aggttacttg gctgaagaaa aacaaaagaa     49140
     taaaacaatt ctttattttt ttctcttttt gagagaagtt ctcactctgt tcccgagact     49200
     ggagtgcagt agtgggatca tagctcactg ttatctcaac ctcccaggct caagtaatcc     49260
     tcctgcctca tcctctctag tatctgggac aataagcatg caccaccatg cctgacaatt     49320
     ttttacctta ttcttagtag agattgggtc tcactatgtt gcgcaggctg gtctcaaact     49380
     cctgagctca agtggtcctc ttgcctcagc ctctcaaagt gctgggatac agacatgaac     49440
     cactgtgccc agacaaaaga gttcttttat aaatacaaat aatttaaaaa gtattgataa     49500
     aataaaaata gaaatgtctt cagaattgtc agcatacatt tttgactgtg ttttatattt     49560
     acatttgtta gatattttaa ggtgctaggg tttggcatga aggttataaa gctgtaaaca     49620
     cagaaaaaaa gaatatttgt ttatgtgact ttttaaatac ataagacaaa tttaataagg     49680
     tttgttgaac aaaaataatg gaattttctg agttattggt aaaataccca tgtatttaac     49740
     tttgaagtcc tcacttacat gaatacctga tattcacagg ctataacatg gttaacaaga     49800
     aaataaccta gaaatgatga ctagctttgt ctaatacctc agttctcaca aatactctag     49860
     ataaactgtc aaaaataagt aaatgtaaat ggataaatgt ctatacaaga catcttaatg     49920
     tatttttgaa atttttgtgg gacagtgtct ctgtctgtca cccaggctga aatgcagtgg     49980
     catgatgaca gctcactgca accttgagct cctgcactca agggatcctc ccacctcagc     50040
     ctcccaagta gctgttaatt acaggcatgc accaccatgg tcagctaact tttatttttt     50100
     ttgtagagtc agcatctcac tattttgctc aggctggtct catgatactc ctgacttggc     50160
     ctcctaaact gttgggatta caggtgtgag ccaccatgcc cagcctattt ttgaaatttt     50220
     agttatttta aattaaataa tagatactca ttaaatatcc gggttatttc caatttaaaa     50280
     cttatgtttt aggccaggca ctgtggctca tgcttgtaat cccaacactt tggaaggcca     50340
     aggtgggtgg ctcacccaag gtcaggagct caagatcagc ctgatcgaca tggtgaaacc     50400
     ccacctctac taaaaaatac aaaaaattag ccaggtgtgg tggtgggttc ctgtaatccc     50460
     agctactagg gaggctgagg caggagaatt gcttgaacct ggggggtgga ggttgcagtt     50520
     aactgagatc gctccattgc actccagcct gggcaacaag agtgaaaatc catcttaaaa     50580
     aatatgtttt aggaacacat aattctaaat tatgaaatta ttctcatatg taagatactg     50640
     ctatatgaca attcaagact tcttgcttcc taggtttttt attaaaataa gggttactaa     50700
     gtgttaatat cttggtagat atatgtgatt aagactacta gatacaagag aaacaattct     50760
     gtatgcaaaa tgtataccgg tttttgtttc agagaaagta aatttgctta gagattttta     50820
     aggattattt taaattgaag gaataaaaaa gatagataaa actaaatgtg tataaaaagt     50880
     tgggaaagat ggaaaaaata tacaaggtta ttaaacgttt atgtaaatct tacctcgagg     50940
     tcaaaactga ttgagatcag atagactgtt tataaagttt atttaaatta gctgtaatat     51000
     taaaaacata gtgataaaaa aactaaaaat tgtggttaaa ataacaaggt tttcttaatg     51060
     tatttatttg ctcataataa gaggtaataa atattgactt ttaatcctga aatctgttac     51120
     tataaaaagt tttcagattt gtatatcaga agttcaactt ttcctgtact ttcatgttac     51180
     acatgactca cagatcacat cattgtctcc tgttccttct tgagaaggaa taaaagattt     51240
     gggtttcctg cttggctggg atgataactc cttcagcttt ttcatcaggt ctaattttgt     51300
     acttttggct tttaaatatg tcttaattac ttcatgtaac caggaaactt ctatgctatc     51360
     actgtgagct atggatcccc acggctctat gctctggttt tcctgttgac attcctctgt     51420
     aatattatgc tcactcatga tcctggacac actctttcta tgtcgaatta aattcaagtc     51480
     tccttgtcat cgggtttgac ttccaagtga tataaattac cttcccataa aaagagacaa     51540
     ttatgccaca ggagcattta ccctttaaat gactggactg taataaagat tttaggtttt     51600
     atcaagataa tccatgtgtt gcctttattg tttttttaat tccttgggaa aactgagggt     51660
     tttcagtttt cacatccatg taacctatgt tgcttttgat atattttggt tgtcatgcta     51720
     attaaatgaa tgactgttat ttaaaaatga cacgtggctg tgtgcagcgg ctcataactg     51780
     taattccagc cctttgagag gccaaggtgg gtggatcact tgagcccagg agttcaagtc     51840
     cagcctgggc aaaatggcaa aaccccatct ctactaaaaa tacaaaagct agctaggtgt     51900
     ggtagcacga gctcataatc ctggctactt gggagactaa ggtggagaat cacctgagcc     51960
     tgggaggttg aggctgcagt gagctatgat ttcaccactg cactacagcc tgggcaacag     52020
     ggtgagaccg tctcaaaaaa gtaataaaat aaaaaacaat aaactgtcat tctgttttgg     52080
     tcaaatgttt tcaatttttt gacatctttg ctaaaactta gttgataaca ttgtatggga     52140
     agcattgcca aaagataagt aacactaaat cttttttttc tctgagacaa aaatattgct     52200
     ttgtcaccca ggctgtagtg cagtggcatg atctagattc actgcaacct ctgccccaag     52260
     gttcaagcga ttctcctgcc tcatcctccc aagtagctgg gactacagac acgtgccacc     52320
     acacccagct aattttgtat ttttagtaga gacaaggttt ctccatgttg gccaggctgc     52380
     tgtcgaactc ctgacctctg atgatctgtc caatttggct tcccaaagtg ttgggattac     52440
     aggcatgagc cactgtgcct ggcctaaatc ttcttttggt tacatttata ggtatgttat     52500
     taatataaat attttaaatg ttatataaag tataaaaatc taatatggca gaaatcacaa     52560
     ttttgatgat gttaaatatt ttctaaagtt ttatgtgtat agatatatta ttactatata     52620
     tattctaaag attatgtaaa atttgtggaa gtctgatgga ttagatgtgt tgccgtcagt     52680
     catgattctg gctgttatca taaaatgcta catataatag aagtaactaa attttctcac     52740
     cagttgagaa cttctactgg attttaacca aaggctattc taaaattttg tcatccacgt     52800
     tgattgtttt aagttcttct ctaaaaccct ttacaggccg ggtgcagtgc tggaggctgt     52860
     gcagggcatg ttgctaggcg tggcacaggg cacggtggct cacgcttgta aatatcccag     52920
     cactttgcaa ggccaagttg ggtgaattgc tgaactcaga agtttgaaag cagcctgggc     52980
     aacatggtaa aaccctgtct ctacaaaaat acaaaaatta gccaggcatg atggtgcatg     53040
     cttatggtcc cagctacttc ggaggctgag gtaggaagat ggcttgagtt tgggagggag     53100
     agattgtggt gagccaagat catgccactg cactccatcc tgagtgatag agccaaacca     53160
     tgcctcaaaa aaaaagcctt tacaatcagc tatcatctaa attactttta atggaaagga     53220
     ctctgacaag ttctcttaaa tatggtttct gataactttg gggatcatac cattggacta     53280
     ggaaaatctt ccaggactct gaaaagctga atgagaactt ctaattgaaa tcaagcaaaa     53340
     cacaaaaaaa ctgaatgaga attgctattt gaaatcaaac agaacaagat ttagttacat     53400
     gggaatgaac tcataaaaga agaaaaagat tttattcatg gccttttcat tggaaacatt     53460
     gttgattctc tttatgtttt gttttccaaa gtcaagaatt tttttttctt ttcagctatt     53520
     tttaactcac aatacattag ataaactaca ttgtgaacaa aaatttgagc catttatctg     53580
     tctctctaac tgattactcc agaattcaga agccattagt gagcattctt aaattatggc     53640
     aatataatta tttgcataat ttcaatatga atctgttttt gataacagga ttcaattgga     53700
     gacactgttt gttttatcaa ggctttaact cgaatggcag atacaaccag accactttaa     53760
     ggaattgagg ttgactttat agcaccaata caaagcccct tataatgact ggcttggtgt     53820
     cttgtctaca agggtccttt atattcactg tccttctggt aagaagtaaa gaatgtcact     53880
     ttctgacggg cctaggaacc tcaagatatt tggggacctt gagaagagag gactacactc     53940
     attcataaaa gtattacagg agagctggca agatgtctga gtaggaagag ctctggcctg     54000
     cggcacctag tgagatcaac acagaaggca ggtggttcat gcatttccaa ctgagcctcc     54060
     actggtgata cccaggcaaa aagggtctgg agtggacctc cagcaaactc gagcaaacct     54120
     gcagcagagg gacctgactg ttagaaggaa aactaacaaa cagaaaggaa tagtatcaac     54180
     agcaccaaca tcaaagacca aaggtagata aatccacaaa gatgggagaa accagtgcaa     54240
     aaaggctgaa aactccaaaa gccagaatgc atcttctcct ccagaagatc acaactcccc     54300
     gccagcaagg gaacaaaact ggacagacaa tgagtttgac gaattgacag aagtaggctt     54360
     cagaaggcgg gtaataacaa actcctccga gctaaaggag catgttctaa ctcaatgcaa     54420
     ggaagctaag aacctgaaaa aaaaggttaa atgaattgtt aactagaata accagtttag     54480
     agaagaacat aaatgacctg atggagctga aaaacccagc acaagaactt catgaagcat     54540
     acacaagtat caatagctga atcaatcaag caggagaaag gatatcagag attgaagatc     54600
     aactcaatga aataaagcaa gaagacaaga ttaaagaaaa aagagtgaaa agaaatgaac     54660
     aaagcctcca agaaatagag gactatgtta aaagactgaa tctacgtttg actggtgtac     54720
     ctgtaagtga cagagagaat ggaaccaagt tggaaaacac tctgcaggat attatccagg     54780
     agaacttccc caacctagca agacaggcca acattcaaat tcaggaaata cagagaacac     54840
     cactaagaca cttctcaaga agagcaaccc caagacacaa aatcatcaga ttcaccaagg     54900
     ttgaaatgaa ggagaacata ttaagggcag ccagagagaa aggttgagtt acccacaaag     54960
     ggaagcccat cagactaaca gtggatctct tggcagaaag cctacaagcc agaagagagt     55020
     gggggccaat acacaacatt cctaaagaaa agaattttca agccagaatt tcatatccag     55080
     ccaaactaag cttcataatt gaaggagaaa taaaatcctt tacaagcaaa tgctgagaga     55140
     tattgtcacc accacgcctg ccttacaaga gctcctgaag gaagcactaa acacggaaag     55200
     gaacaactgg taacagccac tgcaaaaaca taccaaatta taaagaccat tgacactatg     55260
     aaaaaacttc atcaactaat gagcaacata accagctagt atcataatga caggatcaaa     55320
     ttcacacata acaatattaa ccttaaatgt aaatgagcta tatgtcccca gttgaaaaac     55380
     acagactggc aaattggata gagtcaagac ccatcaatat gctgcattca ggagacccat     55440
     ctcatacaca taggctcaaa ataaagggat ggaggaacat ttaccaagca agtggaaagc     55500
     aacaaaaggc aggggttgca atcttagttt ctgataaaac agaccttaag ccaagaaaga     55560
     tcaaaagaga caaagaaggg cattacataa tggtaaaggg atcgatgaaa caagaagagc     55620
     taactatcct aaacatatat gcacccaata caggagctct cagattcata aagcaagttc     55680
     ttaaagacct acaaagagac ttagactccc acacaataat agtgggagac tttaacactc     55740
     cactgtcaat attagatcaa tgagacggaa aattaacaag catatccagg acttgaactc     55800
     agctctggac caagtggacc taaaagatat ctacagaact ctccacccca aatcaacaga     55860
     atataccttc ttctcagcac cacattgcac ttattctaaa attgaccaca taattggaag     55920
     taaaacactc ctcaggaaat gcaaaagaac ggaaatcata acaaacagtc tctcagacca     55980
     caatgcattc aaattagtat gcaggattaa gaaactcact caaaacctca caactacatg     56040
     gaaactgggc aacctgctcc tgaatgacta ctgggtaaat aacgaaatga aggcagaaat     56100
     aaagatgttc tttgaaacca atgagaacaa agacacaacg tcccagaatc tctgggacac     56160
     atttaaaaca gtgtgtagag ggaaatttat agcactaaat gaccacaaga gaaagcagga     56220
     aagatctaaa attgacaccc taacatcaaa attaaaagaa ctggagaagc aaggacaaac     56280
     aaattcaaaa gctagcagaa gacaaggcat aaataagatc agagcagaat ttaaggagac     56340
     agagacacga aaaacccttc aaaaaatcaa tgaatccagg agctgttttt tttcgaagat     56400
     caacaaaaca gaccactagc cagactaatg aagaagaaaa gagagaagaa tcaaatagat     56460
     gcaataaaaa atgattaagg ggatatcaca actgatccca cagaaataca aattatcatc     56520
     agcgaatact accaagacta aaccaggaag aagtcaaatt cctgaataga ccagtaacaa     56580
     gttctgaaat tgagacatta attagagcct accaaccaaa aaatgtccag gaccagacag     56640
     attcacagct gaattctatg agaggtacaa agaggagctg gtatcattcc ttctgaaact     56700
     attccaaaca atagaaaaag agagaatcct ccctaactca ttttatgagg tcagcatcac     56760
     cttgatacca aaacctcgca gggacacaac aataaaagaa aattttagac caatatccct     56820
     gatgaatatc gatgcagaaa tcctgaataa aatactggaa aactgaatcc agcagcacat     56880
     caaaaagctt gtacaccata atcaagtcgg cttcatccct gggatgcaag gatggttcaa     56940
     catatgcaaa tcaataattg taatctatca tataaaggga accaatgaca aaaactacat     57000
     gattatctca atagatgcag aaagggcctt tgacaaaatt caacagccct tcatgctaaa     57060
     aactctcaat aaactggtat tgatggaacg tatctcaaaa taataagtgc tatttatgac     57120
     aaacccacaa ccaataacat actgaatgtg caaaaactgg aagcattccc tttgaaaatc     57180
     agcacaagac aaggatgccc tctctcacta cccctattca acatagtatt ggaagttctg     57240
     gccagggcaa tcaggcaaga gaaagaaata aagggtattc aattaggaaa agaggaagtc     57300
     gaatggtctc tgtttgcaga tgacatgatt gtatatttag aaaaccccat catctcagcc     57360
     caaaatctcc ttaagctgat aagcaacttc agcaaagttt caggatacaa aatcaatgtg     57420
     caaaaatcac aagcactctt atacagcaat aacagacaaa cagagagcca aactgtgagt     57480
     gaactcccat tcaccattgc tataaaaaga atgaaatacc taggaataca acttacaagg     57540
     atgtgaagga cctcttcaag gagaactaca aaccactcct caaggaaata agagaggaca     57600
     caaacaaatg gaaaatcatt ccatgctcat agataggaag aatcagtatc gtgaaaatgg     57660
     ccatactgcc caaagtaatt tatagattca ctgccatccc cattaaacta ccattgactt     57720
     tcttcacgga attggaaaaa catactttaa atttcatgtg gaatcaaaaa agagcccgaa     57780
     cagccaagac aatcctaacc aaaaagaaca aagctggaag catcatgcta cctgacttca     57840
     aactataata caagctacgg taaccaaaac agcatggtac tggtaccaaa acagagatat     57900
     agatcaaagg aacagaaaag aggcctcaga aataacacca cacatctaca accgtctgat     57960
     ctttgacaaa cctgagaaaa acaagcactg gggaaaggat tccctattta ataaatggtg     58020
     ttgggaaaac gggctagcca taggcagaaa gctgaaactg gatccctttc ttacacctta     58080
     tacaaaaatt aactcaaggt ggattaaaga cttaaacata agacctaaag ccataaaaac     58140
     cctagaggaa aacctaggca ataccattca tggcataggc atgggcaaag acttcatgac     58200
     taaaacacca aaaacaaagg caacaaaagc caaaattgac aaatgggacc taattaaaat     58260
     agagagcttc tggacagcaa aagaaactat cagagtgaac gggcaaccta caaaatggga     58320
     gaaaattttt gcaatctatc catctgacaa acagctaata tccagaatct acaaagaact     58380
     taaacaaatt tacaagaaaa aacaacctca ttgaaaagtg ggcggaggat gtgaacagac     58440
     acttctcaaa agaggacaat tatgcaacca acaaacttat gaaaaaaagt tcatcatcac     58500
     tagtcattag agaaatgcaa atcaaaacta cagtgagata ccatctcatg ccagttagaa     58560
     tggcaatcat taaagagtca ggaaacaaca gatactggag agggtgtgga gaaataggaa     58620
     ggcttttaca ctgttggtgg gagtgtaaat tagttcaacc attgtggaag acagtgtggc     58680
     tattcctcaa ggatctagaa ctagaattac catttggccc agcaatccca ttactgggta     58740
     tatacccaaa ggattataaa tcattctact acaaagacac atgcacatgt atgtttattg     58800
     caggactgtt cacaataaca aagacttgga accaacccaa atgcccatca atgatagact     58860
     gaataaagaa aatgtggcac atacacacca tggaatacta tgcagccata aaaaaggatg     58920
     agttcatgtc ctttgcaggg acatggatga agctggaaac catcactgtc agtaaactaa     58980
     cacaagaaca gaaaaccaaa caccacatat tctcactcat aagtgggagt tgaacaatgg     59040
     gaacacatgg acacagggag gggaacttca cacactgggg cctgttgggg ggtgggggca     59100
     gggggaggga tagcattagg agaaatacct aatataggtg atgggttgat gggtgcagca     59160
     aaccaccaca gaacatatat acctatgtaa caaacctgca cattctgcaa atgtacccca     59220
     taacttaaag tattatttaa aaaatgtagg ttaaaaaaat tattacagac atagtctgat     59280
     gcaaatcttt gacttggcta gcttcaaggc tcttaaaagt ctaagattcc ttattaaaaa     59340
     tttccaacaa agccaatttt aagaagtccg tatggccaat aaatattctt gatgcacttt     59400
     atggaaataa tcaggccagg tatgataaga ctaaaactta ttttgcatac aaattggtcc     59460
     tactatgatt tgtctttgat aaaatgatgg actagagaga aaatttatgt tccaaaagaa     59520
     aattatggca tatgctatta gattccaacc ctgatgattg ttttagagtt tttattattt     59580
     gctataattt cggctgaatc ctgaattatt tcctggctcc aactgttccc tagtgaatct     59640
     gaatataata taattttaaa aacttgtttt atcctgtcag gaatgagatg tatttttgaa     59700
     ggactactca aacttgcaat tacaattcga ttattatgat tatagaatct cgggatttct     59760
     cttccttctt gtcaaggtct ttacctgatg tttgtctcat taaaaaaaat gagactgatt     59820
     acactctact caagactgaa gacgtgtact ttaacctatc tctgttacct gtaaacaaaa     59880
     gccttaactt tcagaatctg tcagggaccc tgtgtggtcc ctggatcaac cacccatggg     59940
     cttatgaatg tattgaccgc tggcatatga gaagtaattg tctattaggt tatgtgactc     60000
     ttcttctttc tgtttataac tccaatgttt ctgaacactg aagtagttca tcgaatttat     60060
     tttccaggat tagacaaacc atacctgcaa accaaggaga tgaattttat cctatgtttg     60120
     gcagaagtcg cttgcaatgg tgaggagtaa cctctcatga acatataatt agaaatctgt     60180
     caaccactgt aggtaactta gcaaatgaac tagctgaagc catagctacc aaacaaagat     60240
     ctttagactc cttagccagg atagtcatgg atgacggaat aactttaggc tacatagtgg     60300
     tgaaacaggg agaaattcat atggcagcta gctaacacat catgttttgt ttaaatccgt     60360
     acatcttctg aagttgaaac acatgtaaaa aaataagaca atatgggaat taattatgac     60420
     aaatcctagg gaagaggctg aaagagctgt aacacaaaca gggctgagac atgccccttg     60480
     cttgccacat tgtgggcaaa gagaaggaaa gaagagccgt gaccctttgg gaagcctgac     60540
     ctgggagctc cctgagccag ggctgtgatt ccttctttgg ggccctgtgg ttcctggtat     60600
     ctccaagctt ctgggttcca ctgtgttccc aatgtgccag ctgtggaagc tgcttgaggt     60660
     gcccgtggtc cagccatagc cttgtggaga gctggcgccc gtgttggcac ctggagctac     60720
     ctgccccact gcagcagcca gcaagtctga ctgcacaatg gccagacccc atgctcgctc     60780
     acacacacct tgccactcca tgcagtctcc cttggcaaac atgggatccc acctggtagc     60840
     atgagctgag cacagcctgc caggctgagt gggcgggaac caagcaaaac tcaggtaaag     60900
     gtgccaccag ccatagaggt ttctgtccag aaaagtgaca ctccaaagat cccgtaacac     60960
     cgctactctt ctcagactct ggaaactctc agtctactct ctatctttct gagttcaatt     61020
     gtttaatttt tagctcccac aaatgagtga gaacatgcaa agtctgtctt tctgtgcctg     61080
     gctcatttta cttaacataa tgtcccctag ttccatccac gttgttgcaa aggagagaat     61140
     cttattcttt ttcatggccg aagagtactc cattgtgtgt atgtactaca ttttctttat     61200
     cccttcatct gttgatgcac acctaggttg cttccaaatc ttggttatta tgaatagtgc     61260
     tgaaataaat atgggaatgc agatatctct ttgatatact aattttccct cccttgggta     61320
     tatacccagc agtgggattg ctggatcata tgatagttct aatccttttt taattttttg     61380
     agggacctcc atattgttct ccatagtgag tgtactaatt tacattccca ccaacagagt     61440
     aagagggttc tcttttctcc acattcttgc aagcatttgt tattgcctgt cttttgcata     61500
     aaagccattt taatgggggt aagatgatat cttattgtag ttttgatttg aatttctctg     61560
     atgatcaatg atattgagca tcttttcata tacctatatg agatttatat atcttcttct     61620
     ttgtttttgc tcatattttg agacagggtc tcactctgtc acccaggctg gagtgcagtg     61680
     gtatgatgat ggcttactgt agttttgact accagggttc aagcaatcct cccacctcag     61740
     cctcctgagt agctgggacc acaggcatgc atcaccatgc ccaggtaggt tttaaaatta     61800
     tttgctatgt ttttcaggtt ggtcttgagc tcctgggctc aagtggtcca cctgtcttgg     61860
     ctcccaaaag tgctggaatt gcaggtgtga gccactgcgc ctgacctgtt tgccttcttt     61920
     tgagaaatgt ctgttcggat cttttgccca tttaaataat tggattatta gtttttttct     61980
     tatagagttg tttgaactcc ttatatattc tggttattaa tcccttgtca gatatatagt     62040
     ttgcaaatat tttcttccat tctgtggatt gtcttttcac tttgtccatt gttttcttta     62100
     ctatgcagaa atttttgaac ttcatgtgat accatttgtt catttttgct ttggttgcct     62160
     gagcttttgg agtattactc aagaaatctg tgcccagacc aatttcctgg agagtttccc     62220
     taatgttttc tttcagtagt ttcgtgtcct tgacttaagt ctttaaccca tttggatttg     62280
     atttttctat atagcacaag agagggttct agtttaatta ttctgccaat taaattattc     62340
     agcctcagac tttgggaggc ccgggtgggg agatcatgag ggcaggagat caagaccatc     62400
     ctggctaaca cggtgaaact acgtctctac taaaaataca aaaaaaaaaa aattagcggg     62460
     catgatgggg gcacctgcac tcccagctac ttgggaggcc gaggaggaga atggtgtgaa     62520
     cccaggaggt ggagcttgca gtgagcccag attgcaccac tgcactccaa cctgagcaac     62580
     agagctagac tccatctcaa aaaataaaaa aattattcta ccaatgaata tttagttttc     62640
     ccagaataat ttgttgaaga gactgttctc tcccccatgt atattcttgg caccttcatt     62700
     gaaaatgagt tagttgtaaa tgtaaggatt tatttctggg ttctctattc tgttccattg     62760
     gtctatgtct ctgttttatg ccagtaccaa gctgttttgt ttacaattgc tctgtagtat     62820
     aatttaacgt caggtgatgt gattcttcca gttttgttct ttttgctaag gatgactttt     62880
     ggtattctgg gtcttttatg gtttcatata aattttagga ttttttttct ttttctgtga     62940
     agaatgttat cagtatttca atagggattg cattgaatct gtagattgct ttgtgaagta     63000
     tgtgtatttt aacaatattt actcttccaa tcaatgaaca tggactatct ttccattttt     63060
     tggtgtcttc tttaattttt ttgcattggt gttttatagt tttcatgata gatatctttc     63120
     acttcttttg ttacgtttat tcctagatat tttatttatg tgtagctatt gtaaatggga     63180
     ttatgttctt gattttcttc tttagattgt tcatttttgg catttagaaa tactactgat     63240
     ttttgtagtt tgattttgta tcgtgtgact ctgaatttgt tgatcagttc taatagtttt     63300
     ttggtggagt ccttaggttt ttccaaatat aagatcaaat cacctgcaaa caagaaaaca     63360
     ataataattt tacttctttc aatttggatg ccctttattc tttttctctt ttctggattg     63420
     ctctagctag gacttccagt actatgttga gtaacagtgt tggaagtgga cattcttgcc     63480
     ttgttccaga tcttagaaga aaggctttca gtttttctct gttccggatg atactggctg     63540
     ttggtctgtt gcatatggtt tttattgtgt tgtggtatgt tccttctaaa tctagttttt     63600
     tttttagggt ttctttttat cacagggatg ttggatttta ttaaatcgtt ttcagcatca     63660
     gttgaaatta ccatatggtt tctgtccttc attctgttga tatgatgtgt cacattgatt     63720
     gatttacata tgttgaacca tgttggcatt cttggggtaa atcccactta gacatgatga     63780
     atggtctttt tcatagaatg agtatggtaa tactacagtc ttctttgttt tttggaatag     63840
     tttgagtagg attgatagta attcttcctt caatgtttgg taaaattaat cagtgaagcc     63900
     attggatcca gacttttctt tgctaggaga tgttttatta tgggttcaat ctcatttatc     63960
     catttcttct aggtttgttt tttagttgtt tttgtttttt tgtgggtttt tttttgtttt     64020
     ttgtttgttt gtttgttttt tgagatggag tcttgcactg tcacccaggc tggagcttgg     64080
     tacaatgtca gctcactgca acttctgcct cccaggttca aatgattctc ctgcctcagc     64140
     ctctggagta gctgggagta caggtgcaca ccaccatgcc tggctaactt ttgtattttt     64200
     agtagagatg gggtttcacc ttgttggcca gcctggtctt gaactcctga cctcaggtga     64260
     tcacctacct tggcctccca aagtgttggg attacaggca tgagccatgg tgcctggtca     64320
     ttatttgcag gtttatcaat ttattggaat atagttggtc ataatagttt ctaatgattc     64380
     tttgaatttc cgcagtatca gttggagtgt ctccttttta atctctggtt ttatgtattt     64440
     gagtcttctc tcttttttct tagtctggct aaatgtttgt tgattttgtt ggtctttaaa     64500
     aaaaattaac ttttcatttc attgacattt tatattttta aatttcaatt taatttattt     64560
     ctgctctgat ccttactatg tttccttctg ctaattttgg ttttggtttg ctcttgcttt     64620
     tctaattatt taagatgcat tattaggttg tttatctgaa gtttttctac tttttttgat     64680
     ggaggtgctt tttgctataa acttacttct tagtactgtt tttactgtat cccataggtt     64740
     tgttttttgt tttttgtttt ttgtattttt tttttaagag agagtctcgc tctgttgccc     64800
     aggctggagt gcagtggtgc aatcttggct cactacaagc tctgccttct aggttcacgc     64860
     cattctcccg cctcagcctc ccgagtagct gggactacag gtgcccacga ccatgtccgg     64920
     ctaatttttg ttttttgtat ttttagtaga gacggagttt caccgtgtta gccaggatgg     64980
     tctcgatctc ctgacctcgt gatctgcccg tctcagcctc ccaaagtgct gggattacag     65040
     gcatgagcca ctgcacccgg cctgtatcct ataggttttg ttttgacttt aaagtttttc     65100
     ttttctcaaa aactcaatgc catggtaccg gcttctagtg cttttggcag tgagcccctt     65160
     ttacttgata acagtggtag ctgggaaaac ttggcaatgt aaataaatac acggcatcta     65220
     gattggaaag gaagaagtac agttatcttt atgtacggat gacgtgatct tgcatttaga     65280
     aaatcataag aaatttacta aaaagtatta ggactcatga acaaatttag gaatgtaata     65340
     ctatataaga ttggtataga aaaataactg tatttcttta ccaagaaatc ttgaatccaa     65400
     aaatggaatt tcaaacataa atcttgttac aatagaatta aaactggggt aaatttaaca     65460
     taagaagctt aaacttgaac actaaaaact acaatacatg gttagtgttg gaaacaccca     65520
     ggtaccatcc ttgagccttc tctccttggc tctgaggact ttaccttcac ggggtgagga     65580
     aaggtgttgc attcttgact tttacattat attaggtggg ttcggggtga ggtatctgca     65640
     agccaaatga gtattacaat ctctactttt atgtataaga gactgcggcc cacaaagaga     65700
     gggaatgaca atccatatcc tggaaggcga attgtcagac actgatttcc cctatgtaaa     65760
     ccctgccaat catcttgtat ttaaaggatc cccagatacc ttaccaatag gtgttcaaga     65820
     gagaggccgg taaatctagg cgtctgagac aaggctaaag attccaatat tggagacaac     65880
     agggctctgg gaagattaag gttgagtttt ctggatctgc agaatagagt cactgaggac     65940
     caattgcaag atcagaggag atgaaagaac aagtcagagc atgcttagga aaagagaaaa     66000
     ccagggatag gttttaggca agagtcacac tgaggaagtg caggttcttg gcgttgctca     66060
     ggatgaaatc caaaagcaag cctgtggtgg aagaaagcag ctctatggag gcattggcgg     66120
     tgttacagcc ctgcgtcccc tccggcaggg cagggagccc tccgtgggtt gtgctcccag     66180
     agtagcagcc taggggtggc ttgtagtcat ttctataatt cacttttaat ggcatgctaa     66240
     ttaaggggcg ggttactcag aaacagctag aaatgaacag taacttccag ctgtttccat     66300
     ggcaaggggt ggggacttcc cgtgctgcca tggcattggc aaactgtcat ggcgctggtg     66360
     ggagcatctt ctggtgatct aaggcgtgag gtgctttcgc tgcctctccc agtttcctga     66420
     gtgcctctta cctgaaaccc cttcacaccc ccatctaccc acctacaaac ttcactgccc     66480
     tttcacccca cccccgtttc acatgcactc ctacatcaac ctggagcatc caagccagca     66540
     atttccctgt taggaacctc ggtgatagcc ggagctctga gaaaccccta ggcagaactc     66600
     cttgcctagt ttgtggcaga catcagggaa ggaaaggcaa agttctagtc tttctcacaa     66660
     taaataaata aagataggta gatttgattg tttgttggat ggatgaaacg tgggagttta     66720
     tgggcaaata tttatcagac actggaagtg taagttgtca caaagattat ggagtgcacc     66780
     tgtcttatga ccttgttatt ttatcctact atacacacca gagcattttt cctaactgtg     66840
     taaattgaag gctcacaaat tagtttagtg agaaaaaaga aaacagattg gaagagaatt     66900
     actgtattaa ttagttgtgt ttttaaaatt taaagtaaaa tagagacatg atttttttca     66960
     tgctttcgaa tgcatctata aaaaatagac ttgagggctg ggcgtggtgg ctcacgcctg     67020
     taatcccagc actttgggag gctgaggagg gcagatcacg aggtcaggag ttcgagacca     67080
     gcctgaccaa cgtggtgaaa cccgtctcta ctaaaaatac aaacattagg cgagtgtggt     67140
     ggtgcccacc tgtaatccca gctactcagg aggctgaggg aggagaattg cttgaacccg     67200
     ggaagcggag gttgcagtga gccgagatcg caccattgca ctccagcctg ggtgacagag     67260
     cgagactctg tctcaaaaaa aaaaaaaagt tactcattaa tagcatagac caattggcat     67320
     ctattgaaat ttctccatta ttttcacaat gtctcaggct gtgaaaccag gatttaataa     67380
     agaaccagaa tgccacaaat gtgtcacctg ggtagggacc agtcctgatc cattaagtcc     67440
     gggtctctgg gtaactggac tcacagctgg gcaaagcaga atgtccggca tgcgttcgta     67500
     acaggggaac gcagagcctc atgggaaatg tagtgtcacc ttccaatgat gttaccatga     67560
     aggaccttgg gaaccagttt ttctctctgc tcatgcgctg ccccgcccac tccaccattt     67620
     tcctccggaa gtgctcaacc cagaggcggt cctgaggctg ggcaggcatg cggcttggtt     67680
     ctatgtccct atgggtctgt gtgaggccga agaggaaccc gtgggcctcg ggggatcccg     67740
     gggggccgga ccagtgttcc ccagttgtgg gagcagacgc gtgggcgcat cgcaggcgag     67800
     cgaggcctga cgtgccggtg cgggccgcag acagtggcag gtgctgggag gacacgcttg     67860
     gggtcccggc agtgaagcgg gtttcagagg cccaggagca cgtagtcaag gccggtggcc     67920
     ctgggcccgg agtctgcagg ccacgctcct gtcttgctgc tgagggacct ggttaccaac     67980
     tcgcatgtca ctcagtttgc ccatctgtcc cagtgctaac acacagttct cgggagactt     68040
     tccccatttc cagagtagta gtgtgaaatg cgtgcacctc tagtcttaaa attggcgttt     68100
     gtattagttg ggtttcctgg tgtctcttta gcaagtgaaa tttcttgttc cctccttcac     68160
     tgtgtgacct gcctagtcct cctgggttgc atttacagaa gtttatacga gacctagttt     68220
     ccagggaaga actcactgat tccacgaggg agatggggta atggatgatg gtcttcagcc     68280
     ttaagggtac ttcagtctta actgtgtgtt acaaagcttg aaatggaggg ttccctatga     68340
     ataagaagtg cacttgaaag aacagccatc tggtctaacc tctcactggt gtttcagagg     68400
     aggaaaaaag gtcacaggtg aagatcccag ttttcctctc tcaggaaata ttaattctac     68460
     tccctataat gcacaagaat tgcaaagact aggtgatggt agaaggtttg gacgaacttt     68520
     cagaaagttg aggtgaattc agctgagaag aacaggcaag gacctaggaa atattcctta     68580
     tttgaagggg cctgaaagtg tggtctgtgg tacaggagtg acctgtcata cctgagaaga     68640
     ttaaaatact ctccaaacgc agtcccattc cttcaaactt agctcgttgt ttccagcgtc     68700
     tgagatatat taaacctagt ccatcaccag atttagcatt agattgtgaa gttctattga     68760
     ttgtatttga tttttaattt aagattttct ccccctacgt aattttgtta aaaacacaga     68820
     agtgaattct gttcacttag gtgtaacagt taatacttgc tgtttaaaga actaattaaa     68880
     ccttactggc ttattaaaaa acaacctcca ttttatttgt ttgaagttct gtggatctgc     68940
     attttggtgt ggtgggttca gctgggtagt tgatatattt gtgttgcctg gatcacagaa     69000
     gagcccttag tcacctggtg ccttgactga gcctggttgg tttaagatag tttccttcac     69060
     aatctggtgg tttgtggtga ctcttggcta ggccctgtgt ctccaacagg gtagctccag     69120
     acctcttcac agtatgactg tgtccaaaat ggcaagaacc aatggatatt tgcatcacat     69180
     tttccattgt ccattcactg gacaagtcag atggaaaagc ccaatttatt gtcagagcat     69240
     aatatgaggg cttggataga aggaaaggtg ttattgggaa acatgagtag aatggtgtac     69300
     tgcaggaagt acatattatg tacattttaa aaaacataat tgtaggccaa aattgctggt     69360
     ttgcaagatg cactttccat gatgttcagg tatagaaaag caagatgtac tgtcatggga     69420
     acactcatat gaagttattt gtggaatcca catattaata ggaaaatagt taatacagcc     69480
     cagtatattg ctataacatt tattttagtg aacttataat gtttctttgt attaaattat     69540
     tagattatat atttaggtaa tattgttgct aaattagtag gtaatacata gttttattca     69600
     aaaataaatt gtgcatctaa tgtctaccag ttaatgtact tgtagatgta tctcatctta     69660
     acttgagtct ttcttgcccc taatggggcg tgaaggactc ttctcccatg gggaagtttt     69720
     tctttttcag gagggaggag ggctttccca ggtaatgtgt ctagagtgtt gggcagaaga     69780
     atattggacc acaccacacc agttctctcc ttaatccacg tcatttgtct tctctcccag     69840
     ctatgtttcc agtgtcctgt gggtgtttcc aagagcaata agaaacgaat aaatctctgg     69900
     tgagttgttt atttgttctt cactttgttt tacactgtat tttctgagtt tatgggtgtc     69960
     tgtgaattaa aaaggaaaag tagaaataag taaaattcag cttgaagaaa atatacataa     70020
     ataagttaaa gctgacctgt agatacaggc aggttataag agcttagagt tgtctaagtt     70080
     gagtgcaaat tttcctctga actttctgat gccgagacaa aaaaggcagt catgtttgtt     70140
     atgtgattgg aatggaaccc gagaagagag catgctgtgt tcttgtggga caggaaagct     70200
     tatgtgcact aagtctgaac caccaccttc attggtgaca tagattatgt gctggaacat     70260
     atttcacacc aggctggcag taaacacttg tagtgttgtg tagtggaaat ggtcatctgc     70320
     cgctaaagca cagcttccat cgtaaagtat gctccttgct caaagagtgt ggtcccaaac     70380
     agcttttggg gggtcctcct tgattcatgg atgaaacctg gaacatcttg aggattgagt     70440
     taaccatagg tccttaaata actctccaca cctttttctt agtttatctc tacatgcagg     70500
     gtgtgaagca gcctgttcaa agtcatattt tctgggaaat atttccagtg tttatttgca     70560
     ctttagccca ctcggtgtag tcttatttct tctaaactca ccattaacct aaataatagt     70620
     caaatttagg ggactgtatt tgccttgttc gagtcttcta ccatagttga aactgtcgta     70680
     ctcgagtgag ttagagagaa acgccacact ttgagacgaa ttcaggagtc ctttattagc     70740
     cagcgactga gagactgcta acgcacgaaa ttctctcagc cccaaagaag ggaatagatt     70800
     ttcttttata ctttggttta gagaggggag gggcaattct agctgcagca actttacaga     70860
     agaaaaaaac agacaaaaaa gttaaaaaga cagatggtta caggaaaaca aactgttcca     70920
     ggtgcagggg ctttaaattc accacaaagt gataggtcag ggggctctgg gcattatctg     70980
     ccggaaaaat gtgggggctt tatgatacta tctctgaata aattgctggg aactggggac     71040
     atcgcttgcc tcagcacttt gtcagttaat tgcactcttt gatatgttga aaatcagctt     71100
     gcacaagtta aagtccttga ggaaaggggg agggtaagga gcccttgatg tcttgtaaat     71160
     gaagcagtca aatggagttt gtctggtttt ctcagctaag ggagagtcta ttcatattaa     71220
     aaacaaagtt agctatctaa ggaagagtct attcatgtta atacaaggtt gggtattaca     71280
     aaacatctgt tcatgatctg gaaattcttc tgtgttagtt ctgttaaaag caaaacttta     71340
     aaagagttta attgagcaat aaacaattca cgaatcggac agtccccaga atcacagcag     71400
     attcacagag actccagcgc agtcatgtgg tggaagaaga tttatagaca aaagggaaga     71460
     ggcataccaa aatcggaagt gaggtacaga aacaactcag cgtttgcctt gtttgaacac     71520
     agtttgaaca tttggcagcg cctgagtggt tgaagtttgg ccattgggat tggccaagat     71580
     gtagctgttg ttccagatgc atactctcaa gttagttttt cattcttatc tacctattaa     71640
     ggtaggttgc agttcatcca caaggactca tatatagaat tatggagccc ttctcaggcc     71700
     atacttagtt cactttaaca atgccttccc tttggttatt ttctcaattt tgagagattg     71760
     cccaaaactt cagtcactgg tgtcactgtt accattgcaa atgtacttac ttggtttaga     71820
     aacccactgg gaaatagacc agtgagattt gaaaaggtgg aacaaggact tgagtagaag     71880
     gtatcttctt atgctggaac gtcctgttta caggagaaaa acaaaacctg gtttgttcta     71940
     ggatttatgt gtttccttaa actcttagtt tgattatgtt acatttagca tgagtgactc     72000
     cattttggtt tggtttggtc tgttgggacc tattgcatga gcttagttca aaaccatggc     72060
     ctcccataat tttgcttaaa aaattcctcc ttttggctgg gcacagtggc tcacacctgt     72120
     aatcccagca ctttgggagg ctgaggtggg cagatcacaa ggtcaggaga ttgagaccat     72180
     ccttgctaat acggtgaaac cccgtctcta ctaaaaatac aaaaaatttg ccaagcatcg     72240
     tggcggttgc ctgtagtccc agctactcag gaggctgagg caggataatg gccttaaccc     72300
     aggaggcaga gcttgcagtg agccaagatc gtgccactgc actccactct gggggacaga     72360
     gcaagactct gtcttagaaa aaaaaaatcc tccttttcag tcaagttctc acttagctga     72420
     gagtgtgacc aaaatgtagg gccttagcat cactcttagt taccattgtt ttgggttctg     72480
     gttttagcat gtcactccca ttcttttggg ttctggtttt agcatgtcac tcccattgtt     72540
     ttgggtttcc aggtttagca cgtcactccc attgttttgg gtttttgttt tagcacgtca     72600
     ctcccattgt tttgggttcc agtttaaaca catcacttcc attgttttca tttcctgttt     72660
     tagcacgtca cacccattgt tttaggttct ggtttaagca catcactccc attgttttca     72720
     tttccggttt tagcacgtca ctcccattgt tttgggtttc tggtttagca gggcactccc     72780
     attgttttgg gttctgattt tagcacatca ctcccattgt tttgggttcc ggttttagca     72840
     agacactccc attgttttgg gtttctggtt tagcacgtca ctcctattgt tttgggttct     72900
     ggttttagtg cacgtcactc ccattgtttt gggttccagt tttactacat cactcccatt     72960
     gttttgggtt tctggtttag catgtcactc ccattgtttt gggtttccgg tttagcatgt     73020
     cactcatagg ttacagtgtc cttatggttg cacatttttt ttaatctctt gtcattccag     73080
     ttgaagagat accatttgac attttagaga tggctgcatg taaactctta aaatatttga     73140
     gtaagtacag tgcaccaggg agactcttat gactattggg ataacaccaa taattttgta     73200
     tatgctcctt actcagggtc cccataaatc aaaccaccta aaatcaaata gattaaagaa     73260
     tgaattagat aaagagttta cttgcttaac taagtgggtt tttttgttaa ttccccacaa     73320
     ccaaatcttt ataatacccg atgttttctc catatgctat aagtgttagc agctgcacag     73380
     ataattaaga taagagtctc atgagagcag agaagtcttg atctgtgatc ttgggaaaag     73440
     ctgttcacat taaggatgct atcttcttct ggggggaact gtccttgtta gctttacctt     73500
     aagggttcta atgggtatat ggttctgatt gtggagggac ccttctgagt tgtgagacta     73560
     tgaacccaaa gtttaaggtt ttaaagtttt gctgtcatgt ggatggcaag ggcagtcctt     73620
     ctctgatgtt ctcagaagat ccagtcatca gattctagat tgtgaagggg ttgactgtcc     73680
     tcagtgaacc ataaaaggct ttctttagct ggtgaaatta cacttcagcg taataatcta     73740
     ctgttttaac atcaactctc ttgcatggaa gagcttttat acaatcagaa aacatgcact     73800
     gaaaatgaca actgaatgaa atctctttat aaaatgttta aatggcccat caggtaacca     73860
     aatatacttg aagttttgat tattttccta gaaatatagg tttgatgaac caaacattgg     73920
     ttataaacta ttttagcaat ttagaaatca ccacaccaat atatttaatt tggatcattt     73980
     tctctttcca tgatgaatta tggaatgcag aacttttagt aacaaaagtt ttaaggactt     74040
     aagaaggaca aggtggccat cccggttctt cataagtccg tgcttaatta acattagact     74100
     tacatcctct tgaataccag ctgtttctcc aaattaggtg cgtggcactg gtaactgatg     74160
     agtagttata ggtaatttga cttagacctt ggagtttatt taaattatat atctaaacaa     74220
     tttcaatatt ggtgatttag catgcaaatg tggcaaaata tttccttggt atacaatttt     74280
     tgttttactt gggttggcag ttttataaac cagttggtct tttttttaaa cttttgggat     74340
     tttttttttg agacagagtc tcactctgtt acctaggttg gagtgcagtg gcacaatctt     74400
     ggctcactgc aacctccgcc tcctgggttc aagcaattct cctgcctcag cctcccgagt     74460
     agctgggatt acagtcacat accaccacac ccggctaatt tttgtatttt tagtagaggc     74520
     ggggtttcac cattggccag gctggtctca aactcctgac ctcaagtgat ccaccggcct     74580
     tggcctccca aagtgctggg attgccgaca tgagccgctg cacccagcct cacttttgag     74640
     aattcttaac cagtctaatt cttgggggat cggggaactt atggggaatt tttacccatg     74700
     atattaaagt tattagaaat ctgtgttcac gagtgtttct cagggtcctt ttcattcttt     74760
     catggatctt ctaagagaca ccatattcta caattttgca tgcttgtgaa gtttttagaa     74820
     actgcatcac cattaagcaa ttaactgtgg aaatgacttt aaatagttat agttaaagac     74880
     aattgacaag gaaatttggt tatttctgtg gtctacaata acttaataac cataattagg     74940
     gtggatgtgg tggctcatgc ctgtaatccc agctctttgg gaggccaagt taggtggatc     75000
     acctgaggtc aggagtttgc gaccagcctg gcaaacatgg taaaaccctg tctctactaa     75060
     aaataaaaaa attagccggg tgtggtggca gatgtctgta atcccagcta cttgggaggc     75120
     tgaggcagga gaatcgcttg aacccaggag gtggaggctt cagtgagcct agatcacacc     75180
     attgcactcc agcctaggtg acaagagtga aactctgtct caaaacaaac aaaacatgta     75240
     attatgatag atagcatata gacatattag aattttagaa atcctggcca ggtgcagtgg     75300
     ctcacgcctg taatcccagc actttgggag gccgaggtgg aaggatcatg aggtcaggag     75360
     attgagacca tcctggctaa cacagtgaaa ccccgtcttt actaaaaaaa caaaaattag     75420
     cctggcatgg tggtgggtgc ctgtagtccc agcccagcta ctcgggaggc tgaggcagga     75480
     gaatggcatg aacccgggag gtggaggtta cagtgagctg agattgcacc actgtactcc     75540
     agcctgggtg acagagcaag actccatctc agaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaca     75600
     cacaagaatt ttagaaatcc tatacaattt tagaatggat tgatgacatg cacctgaaga     75660
     aggttcaaca ttatttttta ttttgacagt gctacccacg tgacttaaca tgttaaatag     75720
     tcctgtttac ctctcttttg ggtgcttcag gggcctctgt tttatcccaa agttagaggt     75780
     cagaaaagac aattttgaag ttgaaatttg attttgggaa gcctattaaa tatattaaag     75840
     gtttaaacac ttgatgttat gaaatagact tccaggtcac cataagtcat tcatttacct     75900
     aaatcacgac tttaaacttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tgagacggag tctcgttctg     75960
     tcgcccaggc tggagtgcag tggcgtgatc tcggctcact gcaagctccg cctcccgggt     76020
     tcacgccatt ctcctgcctc agcctcccga gtagctggga ctacaggcgc ccgctaccac     76080
     gcccggctaa ttttttgtat ttttagtaga gatggggttt caccatgtta gccaggatgg     76140
     tctcgatctc ctgacctcgt gatccacccg cctcggcctc ccaaagtgct gggattacag     76200
     gcgtgagcca ccgcgcccgg ccaactttaa acatttttaa agggcaaaaa tctttactca     76260
     ttgatagagg aaagacttat cttcacaaac gatctgcctc ttgtttttcc ttttttttct     76320
     ttttggtagt ttgtttacaa ggcaaacaaa tttttcattt cttttatttt attttatttt     76380
     attttatttt attattatta ttacacttta agttttaggg tatatgtgcc caatgtgcca     76440
     gttagttaca tatgtataca tgtgacattc tggtgtgctg cacccattaa gtcgtcattt     76500
     agcattagtt atatcttcta atgctatccc tctcccctcc ccccacccca caacagtccc     76560
     cagagtgtga tgttcccctt cctgtgtcca tgtgttctca ttgttcaatt cccatctatg     76620
     agtgagaaca tgcagtgttt ggttttttct ccttgcaata gtttactgag aatgatgatt     76680
     ttcagtttca tccatgtccc tacaaaggac atgaactcat cattttttat ggctgcatag     76740
     tattccatgg tgtatatgtg ccacaatttc ttaatccagt ctatcattgt tggacatttg     76800
     ggttggttcc aagtctttgc tattgtgaat agtgccacaa taaacatacg tgtgcatgtg     76860
     tctttataga agcatgattt atagtccttt gggtatatac ctagtaattg gatggctgga     76920
     tcagatgtta tttctagttc cagatccttg aggaatcgcc acactgactt ccacaatggt     76980
     tgaactagtt tacagtccca ccaacagtgt aaaagtgttc ctatttctcc acatcctctc     77040
     cagtacctgt tgtttcctga ctttttaatg attgccattc taactgatgt gagatggtgt     77100
     ctcattgtgg ttttgatttg catttctctg atggccagtg atgatgagca ttttttcatg     77160
     ggtcttttgg ctgcataaat gtcttctttt tagaagtgtc tgttcatagc cttcgcccac     77220
     tttttaatgg ggttgtttgt ttttttcttg taaatttgtt taagttcatt gcagattctg     77280
     gatattagcc ctttgtcaga tgagtaggtt gcaaaaattt tctcccattt tgtaggttgc     77340
     ctgttcgctc tgatggcagt ttcttttgct gtgcagaagc tctttagttt aattagatcc     77400
     catttgtcaa ttttggattt tgtggccatt gcttctggtg ttttagacat gaagtccttc     77460
     ccatgcctat ttcctgaatg gtaatgccta gtttttcttc tagggttttt atggttttag     77520
     gtctaacatt taagtcttta atgcatcttg aattaatttt tgtataaggt gtaaggaagg     77580
     gatccagttt catctttcta catatggtta gccagttttc ccaacaccat ttattaaata     77640
     gggaatcctt tccccattgc ttgtttttct caggtttgtc aaagatcaga tagttgtaga     77700
     tatgcggtgt tatttctgag ggctctgttc tactccattg atctatatct ctgtttttgt     77760
     accagtacca tgctgttttt attactgtag ccttgtcgta tagtttgaag tcaggtagca     77820
     tgatgcctcc agctttgttc ttttggctta ggattgattt ggtgatgcgg gctctttttt     77880
     ggttctatat gaactttaaa gtagtttttt ccaattctgt gaagaaagtc attggtagct     77940
     tgatggggat ggcattgaat ctataaatta ccttgggcag tatagccatt ttcacgatat     78000
     tgattcttcc tatccgtgag catggaatgt tcttccattt gtttgtatcc tcttttattt     78060
     cattgagcag tgttttgtag ttctccttga agagatcctt tgcgtccctc ataaattaga     78120
     ttcctaagta ttttattctc tttgaagcaa ttgtgaatgg gagttcactc atgatttggc     78180
     tctctgtttg tctgttattg gtgtataaga atgcttgtga tttttgtaca ttgattttgt     78240
     atcctgagac tttgctgaag ttgcttatca gcttaaggag attttgggct gagacaatga     78300
     ggttttctag atatacaatc atgtcgtctg caaacaggga caatttgact tcctcttttc     78360
     ctaattgaat accctttatt tccttctcct gcctaattgc cctggccaga acttccaaca     78420
     ctatgttgaa taggattggt gagagagggc atccctgtct tgtgccagtt ttcaaaggga     78480
     atgcttccag tttttgccca ttcactatga tattggctgt ggctttgtca tagatagttc     78540
     ttattatttt gagatatgtc ccatcaatac ctaatttatt gagagttttt agcatgaaat     78600
     gttgttgaat tttatcaaag gccttttctg catctattga gataatcacg tagtttttgt     78660
     ctttggctct gtttatatgc tggattacat ttattgattt gcgtatattg acccagcctc     78720
     gcatcccaag gatgaaaccc acttgatcat ggtggataag cttttttatg tgctgttgga     78780
     tttggtttgc cggtatttta ttgaggattt ttgcatcgat gttcatcaag gatattggtc     78840
     ttaaattctc ttttttagtt gtgtctctgc ccggctttgg tatcagaatg atgctggcct     78900
     cataaaatga gttagggagg attctctctt tttctgttga ttggaatagt ttcagaagga     78960
     atggtaccag ttcctccttg tacctctggt agaattcggc tgtgaatcca tctggtcctg     79020
     gactcttttt ggttggtaag ctattgatta ttaccataat ttcagatcct gttattggtc     79080
     tattcagaga ttcaacttct tcctggttca gtctttggag agtgtatgtg tggaggaatt     79140
     tatccatttc ttctagattt tctagtttat ttgcgtagag gtgtttgtag tattctctga     79200
     tggtagtttg tatttctgag ggatcagtgg tgatatcccc tttgtcattt tttattgtgt     79260
     ctatttgatt cttctctttt tttctttatt agtccttcta gcggtctatc aattttgttg     79320
     atcctttcaa aaaaccagct cctggattca ttaatttttt gaagggtttt tttgtcgcta     79380
     tttccttcag ttctgctctg attttagtta tttcttgcct tctgctagct tttgaatgtg     79440
     tttgctcttg cttttgtagt tcttttaatt gtgatgttag ggtgtcaatt ttggttcttt     79500
     cctgctttct cttgtgggca tttagtgcta taaatttccc tctacacact gctttgaatg     79560
     tgtcccagag attcgggtat gttgtgtctt tgttctcctt ggtttcaaag aacatcttta     79620
     tttctgccgt catttcgtta tgtacccagt agtcattcag gagcaggtta ttcagtttcc     79680
     atgtagttga gcagttttaa gtgagtttct taatcccgag ttctagtttg attgcactgt     79740
     ggtctgagag acagtttgtt ataatttctg ttcttttacc tttgcagagg agggctttac     79800
     atccaagtat gtggtcaatt ttggaatagg tatggtgtgg tgctgaaaaa atgtatattc     79860
     tgttgatttg gggtggagag ttctgtagat gtctattagg tccgctcggt gcagagctga     79920
     gttcaattcc tgggtatcct tgtgaacttt ctgtctcatt gatctctcta atattgacag     79980
     tggggtgtta aagtctccca ttattattgt gtgggagtct aagtctcttt gtaggtcact     80040
     caggacttgc tttatgaatc tgtgtgctcc tgtattgggt gcatatatat ttaggatagt     80100
     tagctcttct tgttgaattg atccctttac cattatgtaa tggccttctt tgtctctttt     80160
     gatctttgtt ggtttaaagt ctgttttatc agagactagg attgcaaccc ctgccttttt     80220
     ttgttttcca tttgtttggt agattttcct ccatcctttt atgttgagcc tgtgcatgtc     80280
     tctgcacgtg tgatgggttt cctgaataca gcacactgat gggtcttgac tctttatcca     80340
     atttgccagt ctgtgccttt taattggagc atttagtcca tttacattta aagttaatat     80400
     tgttatgtgt gaatatgttc ctgtcattat gatgttagct ggtgattttg ctcattagtt     80460
     gatgcagttt cttcctagtc tcgatggtct ttacaatttg gaatgttttt gcagtggctg     80520
     gtactgattg tgccttttca tgtttagtgc ttccttcagg agctcttgta aggcaggcct     80580
     ggtggtgaca aaatctctca gcatttgttg tctgtaaagt attttatttc tccttcactt     80640
     atgaagctta gtttggctgg atatgaaatt ccgggttgaa aattcttttc tttaagaatg     80700
     ttgaatattg gcccccactc tcttctggct tgtagagttt ctgccgagag atcagctgtt     80760
     agtctgatgg gcttcccttt gtgggtaacc cgacctttct ctctggctgc ccttaacatt     80820
     ttttccttca tttcaacttt ggtcaatctg acaattatgt gtctttgaat tgctgttctc     80880
     gaggagtatc tttgtgtggt tctctgtatt tcctgaatct aaatgttggc ctgccttgct     80940
     agattgggga agttctcctg gttaatatcc tgcagagtgt tttccaactt ggttccattc     81000
     tccccgtcat tttcaggtac accaatcgga cgcagatttg gtcttttcag atagtcccat     81060
     atttcttgga gacttttttc atttcttttt attctttttt ctctaaactt cccttctcgc     81120
     ttcatttcat tcattgcact tccatcactg acaccctttc ttccagttga ttgcatcagc     81180
     tcctgaggtt tctgcattct tcacttagtt ctcgagcctt gtctttcagc tccatcagct     81240
     cctttaagca cttctctgta ttggttattc tagttataca ttcgtctaaa gttttttcaa     81300
     aattttcaac ttctttgcct ttggtttgaa tttcctcctg tagctcggag aagtttgatc     81360
     atctgaagcc ttcttctctc aactcgtcaa agtcattctc catccagctt tgttccattt     81420
     ctagtgagga actgcgttcc tttggaggag gagaaacact ctgcttttta gagtttccag     81480
     tttttctgct ctgttttttc cccatctttg tggttttatc tacttttggt ctttgatgat     81540
     ggtgatgtac agatgggttt ttggtgtgga tatcctttct gtttgttagt tttccttcta     81600
     acagacagta ccctctactg catgtctgtt ggagtttgct agagacccat tccagaccct     81660
     gtttgcctgg atatcagcag tggtgtctgc aaaaccgtgg atttcgttat ccgcaaatgc     81720
     tgctgtctga tcattcctct ggaagttttg tctcagagga gtacccggcc atgtgaggtg     81780
     tcagtcttcc cctactggtt ggtgcctccc agttaggctg ctcagggctc aggggtcagg     81840
     gacccacttg aggaggcagt ctgcccattc tccgatcgcc agctgtgtgc tgggagaaac     81900
     actgctctcc tcaaaggtgt cagacaggga catttaagtc tgcagaggtt actgctgtct     81960
     ttttgtttgt ctgtgccctg ccaccagagg tggagcctgc agaggcaggc aggcctcctt     82020
     gagctgtggc gggctccacc cagttcgagc ctcctggctg ctttgtttac ctaagagagc     82080
     atgggtaatg gcgggtgccc ctcccccagc ctggctgcca ccttgcagtt tggtctcaga     82140
     ctgctgtgtt agcaatcagc gagactccgt gggcgtagga ccctccaagc caggtgcagg     82200
     atataatctc ctggtgcgcc gtttcctaag cccgtcagaa aagcacagta ttagagtggg     82260
     agtggcccaa ttttccaggt gccatctgtt acccctttcc ttgcccagga atgggaacta     82320
     actccctgac cccttgcgct tcccgagtga ggcaatgcct cgccctgctt cagctggcgc     82380
     atggtgcact tcacccactc tcctgcaccc acggtctggc actccctagt gagatgaacc     82440
     cagtacctca aattgaaatg cagaaatcac ccgttttctg catcactcat gctgggagct     82500
     gtagaccgga gctgttccta ttcggccatc ttggctcctc ctaccattat tttttaatat     82560
     tatctgaaaa tcttctttaa agagagaaag ccaaatgtca cccacttttt cataaaacct     82620
     tataggcaaa tctattattt ttttttgagg tggattttcc ctcttgttgc ccaggctgga     82680
     gtgcaatggt gtgatctcgg tccactgcaa ccccctgcct cccaggttca agtgattctc     82740
     ctgccccagc ctcctgagta gctgggatta gaggcaagcc ccaccatgct cagctaattt     82800
     tgtgttttta gtagacacgg ggtttttcct tgttggtcag gctggccctg aattcctgac     82860
     ctcaggagat ccacctgtct cggcctcccc aagtgttggg attacaggca tgagccactg     82920
     cctctggcca tttttttttt aaagatagcg tcttgctctg tcaccctcct caccacatta     82980
     tagctatggg agccaagctg catcacagtg gaaatcatgg agacacagga agaatccact     83040
     cagctttgca agatgctgcc caaggggttg cttggagtaa ccaaattaac atttttcatt     83100
     ctgctcagag caaaatacat atgacaaaac atagacacga accactttgc ttagcaccca     83160
     gtgtcaaact ggtaagactc aaacttgctc ccagataggc cgtgccatct ctaaatcttt     83220
     ttagaagctt ctgcatatta ataggcatcc ctagatgaga ctaatttggg aggcctcatt     83280
     tttaaatgca ttccagggca ttattcattt ggaatgttcc actgtaagtt atctttagta     83340
     agattttgcc atttctgtaa gactttgctg cttcccaggc ctaatgaatt agccagaagg     83400
     agcttagttt tccagaaatt aaggatccta tttttaccta atatattggc tttactccca     83460
     ggttcccttg attgacttag ccaatttttt ttttcctacc taagcgtgcg aggaaaatga     83520
     aacaaaggtg tagaacacaa aaatccccgt gaattttcaa aagccaaatt ttacaaccct     83580
     ccaatattat catttattac cactttcttt ctgacccatt cagatgtagg aggcctctaa     83640
     ctggaactgg attcaagcca gttaactact ggatgaaatc tgatcctgga cccagtcccg     83700
     tttctgttat aacttctaaa acatccagcc agtcatggct ggatagcagt ttggaacaga     83760
     aatttgctca aagaaactca gagctcaaaa cacaaatcca tggagctctg aaatccgaga     83820
     gagaatttac catgatcccc agctgctccg agaggtcaaa aggcacaagt gttacagaat     83880
     cctgaggcat cacttttctg cctgaaacct ctggctggtg gcgctttttc ctgtgttttg     83940
     ctcgggccca ctgggttcgt tctgtccact cagctcatgc tagtggtctg gatcccacac     84000
     atgccaaggg tgaactgggt acagagcagt gaagggtgtg tgagcaagcg agcatgggat     84060
     ctagccactg cacacagcca agcatgccag ctgcagtgga gtgggcagct ccaggcaccg     84120
     gcacaggtgc cagctccctg tgaggcagca gctggaccag gccgactgca aacagcttcc     84180
     actgtgggta tcagggtatg cagtggcgcc cggaagcttg gagatgcagg aactgcagag     84240
     ccccaaagaa ggtgtcacag ctctggcttg gggagctcct atgtctggga tccctgaaag     84300
     gccacagctc ttctctcctt ctctcttctc ttcttcttgc ctgcaatttg gcacgcaagg     84360
     ggtgcgtttc agccctgttt atgttacatc tctttcagcg ctgctagttg gcaggtctca     84420
     agttctagtc ctgagtccag gaagaatgag gtatgtggac aagtagaagg tgagcaaggt     84480
     gaagaggtgc tttattgagc aacagtacag ctcagagggg acctgcagtg ggtagctcct     84540
     ttctgcaggc aggtcatccc aacgtctgtt cagctctcag cagctgagag agacgcacag     84600
     tgggtagctg tgcccacagt gcccaggctg ttcgagctga gtagtgcctt caggccagtg     84660
     ctgagccact cttagcccca cctcaacctc cctcctgtgc tcgtcagtgc ccaaagtctg     84720
     gaaggggctg aggtggcagg gggctggcaa ccgggctggg ttgtgactgt gcctgggttc     84780
     agccttaact tggatccgaa gttggagtgg ggtctgggag cagagagacg ccaggtggtg     84840
     ggaccaggta caactgagcc tgcgggggca ggggggcttg ctgggcctct gagagtgcaa     84900
     agatgcctgg gtttgcagtc atggctggat ggctgcagct gtgcctggga gggtggggct     84960
     cctgcttgcc aatttagaaa gggtggggct cccacctgtt cctggctccc accagcttcg     85020
     aggagtgcac aggcccagcc attcctcccc actgcagcca gtgtctccgt agcaactgct     85080
     ccacgtgggc cactgctggc atcacaatgc ggtccttgca ggtgcctttc ttgtacctca     85140
     gcactcctgg gggtcattag aagccctagc aacactgctc accacactat agctctggag     85200
     gccctagcag tcctgctccc acagatccca cttctgacac catctattaa aagaaaatct     85260
     tcagctgaat taaatttaaa ggaacttaat tgagcaatga atgattcacg aatcaggcag     85320
     ccccagaatc acagcagatt cagtgagact ccagcacagc tacatggtgg aagatttata     85380
     gacaataaag ggaacctgat gtacagaaat ctgaagtgag gagtgaggtc cagaagcaat     85440
     tgggtccgtt acagttctca gcagtgaggt ccagaaacaa ctggactggt tacagtgctc     85500
     agcatttgcc ttatttgaac acagctgaac actcagctgt gtgtgagtgg cagaagtttg     85560
     gctgttggga ttggccagga ctgagctata gttacaggtg catactccta agttaggttt     85620
     tcagtttttc tacctattaa gttaggttgc agtttgccca cagggactca aatctagaag     85680
     tacagaatcc ttcccaggtc atatttagtt cactgtaata gttcctatta tgacctcact     85740
     gacagttctt tttctctgaa ttctcctttc ttctcaacag tttatccaaa tgttccgttg     85800
     gtcgctgttc atcccgccct gcagttctcc tagactgatt caaccctttg tggtttgccg     85860
     tcctgtttct ctacagcttg gacctcttat tctttccatc ataggtttaa cactctgttg     85920
     aatgcttctt tgtagctatc caaaatttac cttaagctca aaaaattcaa agtgaaagcc     85980
     acatccttct ctcttccctt ctgtgtatgg tattactacc atgagccagt gacccaaaat     86040
     aggatttctt ctgggctttt cttgcttata ttcaggctca tctggtgtca agccttgtta     86100
     cttttgtttc tttgttcttt tatttttaat tttttttctt ttgagacaaa gtttcactct     86160
     tgttgcccag gctagagctc agtggtgtga tctcagctca ctgcaggctt cacctcccag     86220
     attcaagcaa ttctcctgcc tcagctcctg agtagctggt attacaggca tttgccacca     86280
     cgcccggcta attttgtatt tttagtagag atgggattta ctgtttcgat cagggtggtc     86340
     tcgaactccc tacctcaggt gatctgcccg cctcggccta ccaaagtgct gggattacag     86400
     gcatgagcca ccgtgcctgg cctgcttgtt gttttcatct catcctgatt tccgaataca     86460
     ggagaggagc tgagttggtg ttcactaaca agcacggcag ctttgttaca tttactgtgt     86520
     cattcttgtc aaaacctgaa gggtgtgttt gtggggtgac gaggttcagt cccctgtgac     86580
     ctgtgcatct ggccagcact gtggtgacat ccttaggaat ccatggggaa agagaaagca     86640
     ttccagagtt agtgggtcac gtttgacaag ggccagtaaa gaaatatgca aagacaaaaa     86700
     acaagaagaa cattgtcata ttttctacct tttgtttata taaatttatg tcaatgattc     86760
     tagcttatgt taatatgcaa tgtatacaat atgctaacat atacaatata tgtttatagt     86820
     ttaaacattt ctgtcatgtt ttcagattct ttaaagatta tattacactt cctatttcag     86880
     atagctgctt aaaatgagta aggaaaaacg gatgtgtgca tcagttgtaa ctgtttatgg     86940
     actaaaacta gttgatttcc tggttaagaa caaaaagtga caaactagtt aactgaaaat     87000
     tttaagtagg caattatagt tttagcttta aagtaaaata ttaactatgc tccattcttg     87060
     catttttaac ctaatactca atataaatcg ccacatgcca tgtttcagat caaggttcta     87120
     cttgtgatct ctcatgagtt tttcaaggtt ttaattatct gcgatgaaac tacataccag     87180
     taaccttact ggcttaaacc aggaatttat tctttttcca tgtcacaatt ttctgggtca     87240
     agacactgga gagagcggtg tgggttggct gcttcatgat gtccctggtc tcatctggaa     87300
     ggactctaat ggctggggac gtgaagcagg cacccagaag gactctagtg gctggggaca     87360
     tggagcaggc acccagccct ctctttgtgg ccagcacgga cttccttcca gtctggcagc     87420
     gtcaggtagt caggtttgtc tggcttctcc cagggtgtgt gtccaagagg cccaggcaaa     87480
     agctgtaagg cctctcatga ttgcccctca aaagtcccag agcatccctc ctgccacact     87540
     gtccagttgt actcatcact gagaccagcc atgattcaag ggggataggt gattagattc     87600
     cacctcttga tgagaagcat agtaggaacc tgcagcagtc tttaataaac cacagcttgt     87660
     cctctggcca caaactatta acgcttctcc cacatgcaaa ttattctttg cccctctcaa     87720
     gagccccaga atggttttcc ttatggcact ggctggtagc ccaactgaat cctgaatcag     87780
     gttgtggtgg cctgtcatct gcacccacac acacagccac agtgaggact gaatcaggtt     87840
     gtggtggcct gtcatctgca cctgacacac tcagccgcag tgaggactga atcaggttgt     87900
     tgtgacctat catctgcacc cacacactca accacagtga ggggagtggt gtgaaaacag     87960
     tcggcatttc cctttagaag ctgttggtgg gaggtaggag ggaggtgctg ccctgcaggc     88020
     cccgtctaac agttggtcat tcccatgggg cgcctgttac agttctgtga ttagtgccca     88080
     gtcctggtcc ctgagaaccg cgcccagtcc tggtccctga gaacggcgtt tgtgtccttt     88140
     tactcctccc tctgggcttt tgtcattctc catgttcttt ttccttcatt gcctgggttg     88200
     ccgttgacca aatttctctg cctctttctt atggtcaata gggtattcaa tggcttcttt     88260
     ttcatttttt tttccttttc ttttcttttt tttttttttt gctttggcct tttgagacaa     88320
     gaaattattt ctttatattt tctctaaatt ctgtttgaaa actgaacctc cttctttaga     88380
     tcatgtccct ctcctgtcat atttattcag tgacagttaa gggaggcttg tagcactttc     88440
     catgttcttc ccagatgtct ccttaggcag atcgctgaga tggtgcagtg ccctttcagt     88500
     ttccatgttg tggccgtagt tttctcacag tccctcagca cgtaactctc aggccttttc     88560
     tccagtttcc aatgacattt tctcacagtc cttcaggccc tgaccaagag tcttgatgcc     88620
     cttccaggtt gcatgaaagg tctccttgag gcccagttac aggtcggcct cacagtcgtg     88680
     gcacatattg tagcttctga ttactacagt ggctcatttc cagctgctat attctgttcc     88740
     agttatctat tctgaagaaa ccatccccaa aacttggcag cttaaaacaa ctcattatta     88800
     cttgtttttt ggcttagaga gtcttggtgg ccagctcatc tcacacacag ttgcagccaa     88860
     gctggattgt gtgaaagcac agcggggtgg tgtgcagggt ggctcactag tggttgggag     88920
     tggatgttgc tggaggctca ctagtggttg ggagtcggtg ttgctggagg ctcagtgagg     88980
     gatgtcaatg cgtgtagcta gtcatggact ggccgtgtgg tttccatcat ggggtctcag     89040
     gggagtggga tttcctgcct ggtgactggc tttctcctgg ataagtgttc tgttttctca     89100
     gcctggcttc tgaagtcccc aaataccacc tttgtcacct tctgttggcc aaataagtca     89160
     gtagtctggg caaggtttaa ggggaattgg ttctcacaga gagaggagca ggaaagaagt     89220
     tgtcaccttt agtctacctg aaatgtgatt tttataaaaa ctttgttcca aatacattcc     89280
     agttcccctt gtgaatactt ttttgactca caggatattt caaagtttat tacttggttt     89340
     tcagacattt gaggcttttc tggatatcaa ttggttgttg gtttctaatt taatttcaag     89400
     tgttcagaga aacatacttt gtatactatt tcaggcttga acctttcctc aatcgatcaa     89460
     catacagtct aacttggtac tgccaagtac catttgggtc aggattttgt catttagatc     89520
     cgtatttttc ctatattttt atctggttgt tccgtcagtt actgagggag cagtattaat     89580
     tcaccagcta taattttgga ttgtcaattt cctgcttttg ttctgttgtt tttgattcac     89640
     atactttgag gctctgtgag tgtgtgtact ttgtgtggac tttgaggcac aatttataat     89700
     tgtaacatca tcctctctga ttcttttatt tttatgaaat tagcctgttt atttctggtg     89760
     atatatttta ttctgaagcc tctttcatct agtgttaaca tctccattga agctttttat     89820
     gattagtgtc tggatagcat aattttatga ttagtgtctg catagcatat ttttttctca     89880
     tactttgtgt ctttgtgttt aaattgtgtc tctgtggatg ccatattatt gggtcttgct     89940
     ttcctctcag gtctggcagt ctctgtctta agtagagtat ttgtccagtt acattgtaac     90000
     taatcattgc taaggttggt tttaggtctg ccatgtttct acttattttc tatttgttta     90060
     ttttttttaa gacagggtct tgctctgtca cccagactgt agtgcaatgg tgcaatcttg     90120
     gctcactgca acctctgcct cccaggccca accaatcttc acttgagacc cctgagtagc     90180
     tgggactaca ggtacatggc accacacctg gctaattttt atattttttg tagagatagg     90240
     gttttgccat gttgcacggg ctggtcttga actcctgagc tcaagcaatc tacccacatt     90300
     ggcctcccag agtgttcaga ttacaggcat aagccaccat gcctggcctt cgtctgtctt     90360
     ttgatcttct atgtgttctt tcctaacttc ttttgggtta aatatttcta aatattccag     90420
     tttgattaat cttttggctt tttgaaataa ttttttatag gctaggcatg gtggcttatg     90480
     cttgtaatct cagctctgtg ggaggccaag ggaggtggat tgcttgagcc caggaggttg     90540
     agaccagcct gggcaacatg gcaaaaccct ctctacaaga aaaccaaacc aaaatttagc     90600
     ctgacatctt ggtgtgcacc tgtagtccca attattcggg aggctgaggt gggagggttg     90660
     cttgagcctg agaggttgag gctgcaatga gctgtgatca tgccattgct ctcctgccag     90720
     ggcaacagag taagatcctg tgtcaaaaaa gttcattttt ttataaataa tttattattt     90780
     agaattttgg taacaaatac ataccttaaa atttaccgtc ataaccagtt gtaagtatac     90840
     agttttgtag agttaagaat atttacagtg ttgtgtagca gatttctaga tttttatctt     90900
     ggaaaactct atacccattt aacaactatt aatttccccc tccttccacc tcctgcaagt     90960
     actattctac tttgtgtttc taaaaattcg gcttatatac ctagggttat gtaatatttg     91020
     ttgttccata ttatgtgtca gatgtgtcag gattttcttc ctttctatgg ctgaataata     91080
     tttcttcata tatatatata ttttttccat atatattttt tctatatata tatatatatt     91140
     tctatatata tatatatttt atatatatat atatattttc tatatatata tatatatatt     91200
     ttctatatat atatatatat atattttcta tatatatata tatatccttt tgtttatcca     91260
     tctattcccg gagggacgtt ttggtttctt ccaccttgtg gctgtgtaat gctgctgtga     91320
     acttaggtgt gcacatatct gtttgaggtc ctgctactag ttattctgtc tctgtagaag     91380
     ttggatggct ggatcatatg gtcattttat tttatttttt ttgagaagcc agttcatatt     91440
     tccaccaaca gtgttcaagg gtttcagttt cacctgcact tgttactttc tgttgggttt     91500
     gaagtgatgt ccttttgtgg tttctatttg catttttcta atgactagtg atgttacaca     91560
     tcttctcata tatctcatgt atctgttggc tatttgtata tcatctttgt atctttggat     91620
     aaatgttctt tgtctatttc ttaatcactt tattttgttg ttgggttgta gcggggtttt     91680
     ttggttatga tcattcattt atctcacagt tcattctcgt tacttgggcc agggtcatga     91740
     tcattcatta tctctcagtt catcctcatt acgttgggca aacagtcatg ctgcagggta     91800
     cagattatgt tattctgtta ctttcaggta gaattggggt ctaggttcta attgtttcta     91860
     agtttagatt ctgaatgaga atcagcagag gtagaccact gctgctgcgg cctgggaatt     91920
     gctgagaaaa aggcaggaaa cagatacgga cctgagcatg gagggttttt gtttcacagc     91980
     tcccatctgg ttacccaagg aacttacatg tagctcgtgt gtggagagcc tacattgccc     92040
     actcaaagca attgaggatg gaacagtctt ggggctggag ctcattattt ggaatgataa     92100
     ccacatctgc acagagagga tctgataaga tgttgtcctt ccatgtatat ctgggaatcc     92160
     tgtgtagggt ctgtctgtaa ggacaagggc agtgttggct ccttggcctc tagttagcct     92220
     catgagtagt ctagtaaagg ctttgcaaac ttgtcaccat ctgtggaaat tctggccagc     92280
     tcttgttttc accctactga cttcttcaga cactaggctt ttgcttcaga ccattcatgg     92340
     tttttcttcc tcttcaaatc agtaatcaat aaaacctctt caaatcaata aatttccact     92400
     cctttaggaa actctgatct tctggtcatg ccaaggttta attaactggt ttgattgttt     92460
     ttctgttttc ttggtttctt tttccttctt cctgggggtt tctagtaatt ttagtttgat     92520
     gtctcacttt ctccattttt tatttcttag ttttcttctg tgattatttt cactgcagct     92580
     gcagggccta atcctgggtt ggcagagaac aagcacttac tctgccctaa ttggaatcca     92640
     ggagagatag gaggtgccct agtatgaaaa tgtgtttgct cctttctgct tctggtagtc     92700
     tctctgtagg agtactttac gtattctgga tgttcacttc ttatgagata catgatgtgc     92760
     aattatagat tgaatgtctc tgatccaaaa atctgaaatc ccaaatgctc caaagtctga     92820
     aactttttga gtgccaacat gacactcaaa ggaaatgctt attggagcat ctcagactca     92880
     ggtgtttgaa ttcgagatgc taaaccagta agaataatgc aaatattaca aaatctgaaa     92940
     cacatcccaa gcatttcaaa taagggacac tcaactggta ttttctttta ttctacagtt     93000
     tgccttttac cctgttggtt gtgacctttg aggtacagaa gtttttaagt ttgatatatt     93060
     tttgctttta ctgcctgagc ttttaatgtc atatcctaaa aattattgac aaattcatca     93120
     tcataaagca ttttccaaat ttgttttccc taggagtttg atagttgtag ttttacattt     93180
     aggtttataa ttcactttga attaatttta acgtggtgta aggtaagggt ccaacatcat     93240
     tgttttgcat gtagatatac aattttccca acaccatttg ttgaagaaac tgtccttcac     93300
     cattgagtgg tcttggcatc cttgtggaag atcatcagac catatatgcc agggttggtt     93360
     tctaaggtct ctgttgtgtt ggtccataag tgtgtcaagt gtgtctttat gccatgacca     93420
     catttttttt tgcttattgc agttttgtaa ttgttttgag acctttaatt ttgttctgtt     93480
     tcaagattga tttgcctatt catgggccct ggagattcca tatgaatttt aggataggtt     93540
     tttctgttta tcaaaaatgt cattggaatc tttataagga ttgtattgaa tctaggtcac     93600
     ttcgagcagt gttgacatca ttccaagatt aaatcatcta atctgcaaac ccagcttttc     93660
     ttttcattta tttgtgttta atttctttca acagtgtttt gtagttttct ctgttcaaat     93720
     cttttgccct cttggttaag cttatttcta atttttataa tgctgttgta aatgtaattc     93780
     tttttttttt ttttgagatg gagtcttgct ctgtctccca ggctggagtg cagtggcact     93840
     atctcaactc actgcaacct gcgccttctt tattcaagtg attctccaac ttcagactct     93900
     caattacctg ggatcacagg tgcgtgccac cacacccagc taattttttg gtatttttag     93960
     tagagacagg gtttctccat gttgaccagg ctagtcttga acttgtgacc tcaggtgctc     94020
     tgcccgcctc ggcctcccaa actgctggga ttgcaggcat gaaccactgc acccggccaa     94080
     atgtcattct ttctaaaaaa attattttct tttgttttct ctttcttttc ttttctttct     94140
     ctctctttct ttcctttctt tcttttcttt gagacggcgt ctcactcagt ttcctaagct     94200
     ggagcgcggt ggcacaatct cagctgactg caacctccac cttccaagtt caagcaattc     94260
     tcctgcctca gcctcccaag tagcttggac tacaggtgtc tgccactacg cccagctaat     94320
     ttttgtattt taaatagaga cagagtttta ctatttatat tagagatggg gttggcccag     94380
     ctggtcatga actcctgacc tcaggtggtc tacccgcctt ggcctcccaa agtgctggga     94440
     ttataagtgt gagccactgc acctggcctc tctttttaaa attttatttg cagattgttc     94500
     attgtttgtt tatagaaatg caactgacat gtgtgtgtta ttgtatcctg aaacattgtt     94560
     gaatttcatt attttaccag tattttgtgg aatttcagga tttttataca ttacatcctg     94620
     ttgtctgtga acaaaatttt gtactttttc ctttccaatt tgcatgcttt ttattacttt     94680
     atcttgccta attattctaa gtagaaattc aagtactgtg gtgaatagaa gtggcaggaa     94740
     gggatgttgc tattttattc ctgatcctag aggaaaagat tttagttttt cactattgag     94800
     tatgatgtta gctgtaagct tttcatgtat aatctttatt tactgaggag tttccatata     94860
     ttactaattc tttgagtgtt tttattaaaa aaggtgttca tcttgctctg gaaccagata     94920
     aatgttgacc tgatagaatg gattggaatg tccccttctg gtttttaaac atttttgaaa     94980
     tattttgcag aggattggca ttaattcttc ttgaaatgtt tggtaaaatt ctccagtgaa     95040
     gttatctgga cctggaattt tcttttttgg ggggtttttg attactggtt gaatcttcgt     95100
     actagttaca ggtctctttg gattttttat ttctccgtga tgcagtatgg tggtttgtgt     95160
     ttctaggaat ttataaattt attctaggtt gcccagtttt gtggcatatg gttgctcaca     95220
     ttagtgtctt gtaatctttt tcatttctgt ggcatctgtt gtactgtcac ttcttttatt     95280
     tatgatttta gtatttgaga tttctctttt ttcttaatat agctgtgagt tttaaaattt     95340
     ttattgatct ttaaaaaaac aaactcagtg tgtttttttt tttccttttt ttctggtctt     95400
     attctgctta tctctgctct aatctgttat tttcttcgtt ttgcttggtt tgtcattagt     95460
     ttttattttt cccttacagg tgtaatgtta ggttattgat ttgagatctt tcttcttttt     95520
     aatttaagca tctgcagctg taagcttccc tttagcatgg gtttgagatc ttctttttaa     95580
     tttaagcatc tgcagctata agcttccctt tagcatgggt ttgagatctt tcttcttttt     95640
     aatttaagca tctgcagctg taagcttccc tttagcatgt atttcaaatc tttcttcttt     95700
     ttaatttaag catctgcagc tgtaagcgtc cctttagcac tgcctttgtt gccttctcct     95760
     gagtttgggt atgtcatggt tttgttttca ttagcttgaa catttttttg tcctattgta     95820
     atataattgt gttgttttta ataaaggtaa ttaatgaaac acataatgaa ttgtgcttct     95880
     gtttttataa tattttgagc attcttaact cagaaatgta aattttagaa aaaaaatcca     95940
     ggccaggcac agtggctcac acctgtaatc ccagcacttg gggagaccga ggtgggtgga     96000
     tcatctgagg tcaggagttg gagaccagcc tggccaacat ggtgaaaccc tgtctttact     96060
     aaaaataaaa aatatatata taaaagttag ccgggtgtca tggcgggtgc ctgtaatccc     96120
     agatattctg gaggctgagg caggagaatc acttgattct gggaggcgaa gtttgcagtg     96180
     agctgagatt gcaccactgc actccagcct gggtgacaga acgagagtcc atctcaaaaa     96240
     aaaaagaaaa aaaaatttca gacatattta tatgtatttc aatttagaaa ctgtgatctc     96300
     ctaagtgtat tgacacagca acctgacata aagataaaga ataataagca tataacaaaa     96360
     tggaaacttg caaatacctg ttatttatta atttttaatt atatatattt aaaaattgcc     96420
     aggttcagtg gcttacacct gtaatcccag cactttggga ggctgaggtg ggcagatcac     96480
     atgaggtcag gagtttgaga ccagcctggc caacatggtg aaacctcatc tctattaaaa     96540
     accaaaaaat tagtcagacg tgatagcatg catctgtagt cccagctact tgggagacta     96600
     aggcaggaga cttgcttgaa catgggaggc agaggttgca gtgagccaag atagtgccac     96660
     tgcactccag cctgggtgac agagtgagac tctgtctcaa aaaaataaaa attgcctggg     96720
     tgcagtggct cacacctgta atcgcagcac tttgggaagc tgaggcaggc agatcacgtc     96780
     aggaaatcga gaccatccgg gctaacatgg tgaaacgcca tctctactaa agatacaaaa     96840
     aattacctgg gcgtgttggt gggtgcctgt agttccagct actccggagg ttgagtcagg     96900
     agaatggtgt gaacctggga ggtagagctt gcagtgagcc gagatggcac cactggactc     96960
     cagcctgggt gacagagcaa gactctgtct caaaataaaa taaaataaat ctaaggtgtg     97020
     gttgacatac aaaaattaca catatttaat atacacctta tgtgtttgtg tgtgtgtgtg     97080
     tatgtgtgtg acagaggttt tactcttttt gcccaggctg gagtgcagtg acaagatctc     97140
     agctaactgc aacctccgcc tcccgggttc aagcaattct cctgcctcag cctcctgagt     97200
     agctgggatc gcaggcatgc gcccccacgc acagctaatt tctgtatttt tttagtagag     97260
     acaggatttc accatgttgg ccaggctggt ctcgaactcc tgacctcaga tgatccacct     97320
     gcctcagcct cccaaagtgc tgggattaca ggcgtgtgac accgaatata tacatcttaa     97380
     tgagtttaga gataagtatt cgccccagga ctcatcacaa caaataatgc cgtaaacttg     97440
     accatcactt tccatatatt tctcattctc actcttttta aaaaatgaga cagggagcgg     97500
     tggctcacgc ctgtaatccc agcactttgg gaggccgagg caggtgggtc acaaggtcag     97560
     gagatcaaga ccatcctggc taacacagtg aaacccagtt tctactaaaa atacagaaaa     97620
     ttagctgggc gtgatggcgg gcacctgtag tcccagctac tcgggagact gaggcaggat     97680
     gatggtgtga acccgggagg cagagattgc agtgagccga gatcgtgcca ccgcactcca     97740
     gcgtggacaa cagagcgaga ctccatctca aaaaaaaaaa tgagatgacc atttcaccta     97800
     aaatataccc tcttaagttt ttttttttaa gaagtgtaca agacagccat gcatcagaga     97860
     tatatgtggg tttggttcca gaccactgca ataaattgag ttatacaatt tcttttggtt     97920
     tcccagtgca tgtaaaagta tgtttatact gtgctgtata aagtgtgcaa tagcatatga     97980
     ctacaaagtg tgcatacttt aatttacaaa tactttattg ttaacaagtg ctaacagtta     98040
     tctgagcctt cagaaagctg caatcttttt ttgtgtgtgt gacagggttt tactctgtgg     98100
     ctcaggctgg agtaattgta gcatcaacct catgctcaat caaaccccca cctcagactc     98160
     ctggctaact gggactacag gtgcatgcca ccatgtccag ctaatttttg tatttttttt     98220
     ttgtagagat ggggttttgc catgttgcct tgacgtcctg ggctcaagca atccacacac     98280
     cttggcctcc caaggtgttg ggatgacagg tgtgagccac tgcatctggc caagtttcag     98340
     tcttctagct gatggagggt cttgccttaa tgtaaggtgg tggttgctga gcgttgcggt     98400
     ggctgtggca atttcttaaa ataagacaac attgaagttt gctgtgtcag ttgactctcc     98460
     ctttcacaaa agaattatcg gtagcatacg atgttgtttg atagcttttt acccacagta     98520
     gcactttcaa aattggattc aatcctgtca aacctttgta ctgctgtacg aactaagttt     98580
     atgtattatt gtaaatcatt gggttcgatc ctgtcaagcc ctccttctgc agtaccaact     98640
     aagtttattc taaatctgtt gtcatttcaa caatatttac actgtcttca ccacaagtag     98700
     atttcatctc aagaaaccac tttctttgct catccgtgga agcaactcat ccacacacat     98760
     tttctccgga ggctgctgca gtctcgccac atcttcaagc tctgtctctg attctagtgc     98820
     tcttgttatt tccaccatat ctgcagttac ttcctacaca gaagtcgtga accactcagt     98880
     gtcatctgtg agggttggaa taatcttccc aacttctctc cctctctttt ttttttttga     98940
     gatgaaatct tgcctgggct ggagtgcagt gatacgatct cagctcactg caacctccac     99000
     ctcccgggtt caagcaattc tcctgcctca gcctcccaag tatttgggat tacagtcacc     99060
     cccgatcagg cccagctaat tttttttgtg tttttattac aaacaggatt tcactatgtt     99120
     ggccaggctg gtttcaaatt cctgacctcg tgatccacgt gccttggcct cccaaagtgc     99180
     tagggttaca ggcgtgagcc accaagcccg gccccaactt ctcctaatgt tgctattttg     99240
     atcttctttt ttaaatcatg aatgttctca atggcatcta gaatggtgaa tcctttctgg     99300
     taggttttca attattttgc ccagatccat caaaggaatc actttctaga gaagctatag     99360
     ctttatgaaa tatattttta agtgataaga cttgaaagtt gaaattattc tttgatccaa     99420
     gggcaccaga atgaatgttg ggttagtagg cacgaaaaca atattcagct ctttatacat     99480
     ctctgtaaaa gcccttgagt accaggggca ttgtcagtga gcggtaatac tttgaaagga     99540
     atcttatttc ttgagcagta ggtgtcaaca ttgggcttaa gatattcagt aaaccgtatt     99600
     tgtaaaccga tagtctgtca tccaggcttt gttcccattt gtagagtaga ggcagagctg     99660
     tgttttatca taattcttca gggcccttgg attttcagaa tagtaaatca tcattggttt     99720
     caagttaaca tcaccaactg cattagccct taacaaaagt gtcagcacat cctttgaagc     99780
     cttaaagcca gtatcaactc ctctctagct gggaacatcc tagatggcat ctccttatag     99840
     tagaaggctg ttttgtctcc attgcaaatc tgtttattgc agccatctta atcagttatc     99900
     ttctagatag ctttctgcag cttttccatc agtacttgct gctttatctt gcgcttttat     99960
     gtgatggaga tgactttttt ccttaaacct taagaaacaa gctcttctag cttcagactt    100020
     ttcttctgca gctgcctcac ctctctgagt cttcatagaa ttgaagagag gctgggtgcg    100080
     gtggctgtca cacctgtaat cctagcactt tgggaggccg aggcagacag atcacctgag    100140
     gtcgggagtt cgacaccagt ctgaccaacg tggagaaacc ccatctctac taaaaataca    100200
     aaaaatagcc aggcatggtg gcgcatgcct gtaatcccag ctactcggga tgctgaggca    100260
     ggagaatggc ttgaacttag gaggcagagg ttgcgatgag ccaagatcgc gccattgcac    100320
     tccagcttgg gcaagaagaa tgaaaatctg tctcacaaac aaagcaaaaa agtaaaaaga    100380
     gaggcttagg cttaatggaa tgtttttttt ttatcttcta tctagactaa ttaaactttc    100440
     ttcataacag cagcaagatt gtttagcttt ttatcattca tgtgttcact ggagtagtga    100500
     tttaaatttc tttccagaac acttcctttg cattcacaac ttggctaagt gtttgttgca    100560
     tgaggtctag ctactggcct gtcttgctta cagtatgctt tcctcactaa gcttaattat    100620
     ttcttccttt tggtttaaag tgacagacat gcaactcttc tttcacttga acatatagag    100680
     gctattgtag ggttattaat tggccacatt ttaatattaa taaaaagaag cctgagaaaa    100740
     agagagagaa agagaaatgg cacgttggtg gggcagtcag aacaaaggca tttgttaatt    100800
     gtttgctgtc ttatccgggt gtgatttgtg gatcccaaaa caatgacaac agtagcatta    100860
     aagatcactg attacagatc accataacag attcaataat aaaaagctta aaatactctg    100920
     agaatgaccg aaatgtgaca cagagacgtg aagtgagcac gtgctgtagg aacaatggtg    100980
     ccagtgagac ctgcttattg cagggtggcc acaaaccttc aatatgtaaa aaacatgatc    101040
     acaaaacaca agaaagcaaa gtgcagtgaa tcaagatgtg tctgtctttt gatagactct    101100
     gacaatctct atctttgaat tggtacgttc atactattaa cattccaagt gattattgat    101160
     atcattggat taatatctac tttatttgtt actgttttct attcattctc ctcagtcttc    101220
     attcttttgt ctaccactct ttttctgcct tttgaagttt tcattgatga ttttagatga    101280
     ctacattttc cctgtctttc ttagcatata cttctctttt taaaactttt ttttaactac    101340
     ttgccacaga atttgcgata tacatttaca accaattcaa gtccactttc aaataacact    101400
     atcccactat cccacaaata agactacctg tttaacaaac aaaacaccta actcctcagt    101460
     aacatttaca accaattcaa gtccactttc aaataacact atcccactat cccacaaata    101520
     agaccaccta cttaacaaac aaaacaccta attcctcaat atacatttag aaccaattca    101580
     agtccacttt cagataacac tatcccactt cacgggtgac tacctgctta acaaagaaaa    101640
     cacctgattc ctccctccca tccttccatt ccattccttg tattagtgtt actcatttca    101700
     cttgtgtata agcatacata atctatctgt gtgtatttgt ttttgtctat gaacttcttg    101760
     gtcagatcaa ttaagaataa atacataggt ttttattgta ccataattct ttctttaatg    101820
     atctttttga aaaaatgttg atccaggttt cagttatata tcttttgttt ccctctaaag    101880
     aatttcattt aacatttctt gcaagacagg tctcctggca acaagtttct tgaattttta    101940
     tttttctgag gaaggcctta attctccttc acttttgaag ggtggtttca gtgggtacag    102000
     aaacttaggt tggtggggtt ttttctgtca acattttgaa tttttcattt aactgtcttc    102060
     ttgctttcac agtttctgca atgttgaatg cagttcttat ctttgtgtct ctgtaggtaa    102120
     ggtgttttct gtcccatctc tgctttcttt cagaattttc ctttatcttt tatttcatat    102180
     agtttgaaaa ttatatgtcc aagtgtaggt tgttggcatt tatgctgcct ggtgttctcg    102240
     gagcttcctg gatctttggt ttggtgtctg acattaatac tggaagttct cagacatcgt    102300
     tgttgcataa ctgacttcta tttcttctcc tcctggtatt ctcattactc tgtttcacct    102360
     tttgtagttg tcccacagtc ttggatatca tcttctgttc ttttcagtgt ttcttttctt    102420
     tagttttcga agtttctgat gataaatcct caagctcaga gattctttac tcagctgagt    102480
     ccagtctact aataagccat cagaggtatt cttcagttat ttaccacatt tttatcacta    102540
     cattatgttg aaggttctta cgttgtctgt ctttctgatt acattaccca tctacacttg    102600
     attgctgtct acttcattca ttagagccct tagcatattg tcaagaggtt taaaaaaaat    102660
     ccaaaatcat atttttgtct gcttctgaag cttgctctgt tgacacaaat tgtatttttt    102720
     ttcttttttt ggattttagt atgccttgca atttttcccc tttattctca tgcatgaagt    102780
     acccactaaa agtgactgct gttagtatat cttcagtaat gtggtgatga ggtgacagga    102840
     caggtgaggc tttcttagtc tctttaggct actgtaacaa aatactttag actgagtaat    102900
     tcataaacaa gagagattat tgctcacaga tctggaggct ggaaagtcca agactaaagg    102960
     gccaggatat ttggtgtttg gtgaaggtca aacattcaga cacttgcaat gactataatg    103020
     acagcagaag tcttcaggaa tcctatgtga gggacaaaca ctcagaagcc agctggagtg    103080
     ttctagaaac ctatgtgagg gacaaacatt cagagcccag cagcagtgtt ctggaatcct    103140
     atgtgaggga caaactttca gaccctcgta gcagggttct ggaatcctat gtgaggggca    103200
     aacgtttaga ccctcatagc actgttctgg aatactatgt gagggacaaa cattcagacc    103260
     atggcagttc tgaaatgcta tgtgaaggaa aaacattcag accctcgtag cagtgttcct    103320
     gaatcctatg tgaaggacag acatttagac cctcgaagca gtgttctgca gtcttaagtg    103380
     agggacaaac attcagaccc tcgtagcagt gttctggaat cctttttgag ggacagacat    103440
     tgagacccca gcagcagtgg tctggaatcc tatgtgaggg acaaacattc acaccccagc    103500
     aacagtgttc tgtaatcgta tgtgagggac aagtattcag accccagcaa cagtgttctg    103560
     gaatcttatg tgagggacaa acattgagac cctcgtagca gtgttgtgga atcctacgtg    103620
     agacacagac attcgtacca cagcagaagt gttctggaat cctatgtgag ggacaaccat    103680
     tcagaccaca gcaggagtgt tctggaatcg tatgtgaggg acaaatattc agaccctcat    103740
     agcagtgttc tggaatcctt tgtgagggag aaacattcag accccagcag gagggttctg    103800
     gaatcatgtg tgagggacca acattcagac acttgtagca gtgttctgga atgctatgtg    103860
     aaagacaacc attcagaccc tcatagcaat gttctggaat cctatgtcag ggacattcag    103920
     accccagcct caatgttctg gaatcctatg tgacagacaa acattcagac cacagcagga    103980
     gcattctgga atcctaagtg atggacaaac gttcagacca cagcagtagt gttctgcaat    104040
     ccaatgtgag ggacaaacat tcagagccca gcagcagtgt tccggaatcc tatgtgacag    104100
     acaaacattc cgaccacatc aggagggttc tgtaatccta tgtgcagtac acactttcag    104160
     accacagcag cagttttctt gaatcctatg tgagggacaa acattcagac cccaggaaca    104220
     gtgttctgaa atcctatgtt aagagcaagc attgacatcc cagcgtgaat gttctcgaat    104280
     cctatgtgag gaacaaacat tcagaccaca gcaggagtgt tctcaaatcc tgtgtgagga    104340
     acaagcattc agaccacagc aggagtgttc tggaatccta tgtgagggac aaacattcgg    104400
     accccaggaa cagtgttctg aaatcctatg ttaagagcaa gcattcacat ctcagcgtga    104460
     atgttctcga atcctatgtg aggaacaaac attcagacca cagcaggagt gttctcaaat    104520
     cctatgtgat gaacaagcat tcagaccgca gcaggagtgt tctggaatcc tacgtgagag    104580
     acaaacattc agaccccagg agcagtgttc tgaaatccta tgttaagagc aagcattcac    104640
     atcccagcgt gaatgttctc gaatcctatg tgaggagaaa acattcagac cacagcagga    104700
     gtgttctcga atcctatttg aggaacaagc attcagacca cagcaggagt gttctggaat    104760
     actatgtgag ggacaaacat tcagaccctc ttagcagtgt tctggagtcc tatgtgatga    104820
     ataaactttc agaccacagc aggagtcttc tggaatccta tgtgagggtc aaacattcag    104880
     accccagcag tagtgttctg gaatcctatg tgagggcaaa cattcagacc cacgtggcag    104940
     tgttctggaa tcccatgtga gggacaaata ttcagaccac aacaggagtg ctctggaatc    105000
     ctatgtgagg ggcaaacatt cagaaccttg tagcagtgtc ctggaatctt atgtgaggga    105060
     gagacattta gaccctcgca gcagtgttct ggtatcccat gtgagggaca aacattcaga    105120
     ccacgggagc agtgttctgg aatcctacgt gaaggacaaa cattaagacc ctcgtagcag    105180
     tgtcctggaa tcatatgtga gggacaacca ttcagacacc agcagaagtg ttctggaatc    105240
     ctaggtgtgg gaaaaacatt cagaacctag tagcagtgtt ctggaatcct atgtgaggga    105300
     catacattca gaccacagca gcagtgttct gaaatcctat atgatagacc aatattcaga    105360
     cccttgcaac agtgttctgg aatactaggt gagagagaaa tattcagacc ctcgtagcag    105420
     tgttttggaa ttctatgtga ctgacaaaca ttcagaccct cccagccgtg ttctggaatt    105480
     ctatgtgagg gaaagacatt caaactccag cagcagtgtt ctgtaatcct atgtgatgga    105540
     caaacattca gaccccagga gcagtgttct gaaatcctat gttaagggaa acaatgagac    105600
     cccagcacga atgttctgga atcctatgtg agggacaaac attcagatca cagcaggact    105660
     gttctggaat cctatatgag ggataagcat tcagaccctc gtagcagtgt tctggaatcc    105720
     tatgtgaggg agcattcaga gcacagcagg agtgttctgg aaccccatgt tagggacaaa    105780
     cattcagaac ctcgtaatat tgtgctggag tgttctggaa tcccatgtga gggacaaaca    105840
     ttcagatcct cgcagcagtg ttctggaatt ctatgtgagt gacaaacatt cagactccag    105900
     cagcagtgtt ctgtattcct atgtgaagga caaacattca gaacccagga gcagtgtttt    105960
     gaaatcatat gttgagggca aacacacaga ccctagcatc aattttctag aattgtatgt    106020
     gagggacata cattcagacc ctcgcaacag tgttctggaa tcctagatgg gggacaaaca    106080
     ttcagacccc agcagcaggc ttctggaatc ctatgtgggg gacaaacatt cagacaatgg    106140
     cagcagtgtt ctggaattct atgtgaggga caaacactca gagcctcgta gcagtgttct    106200
     ggaatcctat gtgagggaca aacactcaga gcctcatagc agtgttctgg aatcctatgt    106260
     gaggaacaaa caatcagagc acagaaaaat gttctggaat cctttgtgag ggacaaacat    106320
     tcagatcaca gcagcagagt tctggaatcc tatgtgaaag acaaatattc agaccctcgt    106380
     agcaatgttc tggaatccta tgtgagggac aaactttcag accacagcag gagtgttctg    106440
     gaatcctatg tgagggacaa acattcagac ccttgtagta gttttctgga atcctaagtg    106500
     agggacaaac attcagacct tcttagcagt gttctggaat cctatgtgag ggacaaacat    106560
     tcagaatttc atagcagtgt tctggaatcc tacgtgaggg ataaacattc agaccacagc    106620
     aggagtgttc tggaatccta cgtgagggac aaacattcag accctcgtgg cagtgttctg    106680
     gaatcctatg tgagagacaa acattcagac cctcataaca gttttctgga atgctacgtg    106740
     agggacaaac attcccacca cagcaggagt gttctggaat cctatgtgag ggcaaacatt    106800
     cagatcacag caggagtgtt ctggaatgct atgtgaggga caaacattca gacactcgca    106860
     tcaggcttct ggaatcctac atgagggaca aatattcaga caatgacagc agtgttctgg    106920
     aatcctatgt gggggacaaa cattcagagc ctcgtagtgt tgtggaatcc tatgtgagag    106980
     acagacattt aggccacagc agcagtgttc tggaatccca tgtgagggac aaacattcag    107040
     atccgaacag gagtgttctg gaatcctatg tgagggacaa acatttagac cgtattagca    107100
     gtgttctgga atcctatgtg agggacaaac attcatatcc tcgtagcatt gttatggaaa    107160
     cctatgtgag ggacaaacat tcagaccttc gtaacagtgt tctggaatcc tatatgaggg    107220
     acaaacattc agaccacagc aggagtgctc tggaatgttt tctgtgggac aaacattcag    107280
     accacagcaa gagtgttctg gaatcctatg tgagggtcaa atattccgac ccttgttgca    107340
     gtgttctgga atcctatgtg aaggaccaac attcagacac tcctagcagt gttctggaat    107400
     gctatgtgac agaccaccat ttacaccctc gtaccactgt tcgggaatcc tatgtcaggg    107460
     acatgcagac accagccaca gtgttctgga atcatatgtg acagagaaac attcagacca    107520
     cagcagcagc gttctggaat cctatgtgag ggacaaactt tcagaccacg gcaggagtgt    107580
     tctggaatcc tatgtgaggg acaaccattc agaccctcgt agtagttttc tggaatccta    107640
     agtgagggac aaacattcag accttcttag cagtgttctg gaatcctatg tgagggacaa    107700
     acattcagaa tttcatagca gtgttctgga atcctatgtg agggacaacc attcagaccc    107760
     tcgtagtagt tttctggaat cctaagtgag ggacaaacat tcagaccttc ttagcagtgt    107820
     tctggaatcc tatgtgaggg acaaacattc agaatttcat agcagtgttc tggaatccta    107880
     cgtgacggac aaacattcag acaacagcag gagtgttctg aaatcctatg tgagggacaa    107940
     aaattcagac cccagcatgg gtcttctgga atcctatgtg agggacaaac attcagactc    108000
     tcatagcagt gttctggaat actgtgtggg ggacaaacat tcagaccaca gcaggagtgt    108060
     tctggaatcc tacgtgaggg acaaacattc agaccctcgt ggcagtgttc tggaatccta    108120
     tgtgagagac aaacattcag accctcataa cagttttccg gaatcctatg tgagggacaa    108180
     acattcccac cacagtagga gtgttctgga atcctatgtg agggcaaaca ttcagatcac    108240
     agcaggagtg ttctggaatg ctatgtgaga gacaaacatt cagacactcg cagcaggctt    108300
     gtggaatcgt acgtgaggga caaatattca gacaacggca gcagtgtact ggaatcctat    108360
     gtgggggaca aacattcaga gcctcgtagt gttgtgggat cctatgtgag gggcagacat    108420
     ttagaccaca gcagcagtgt tctggaatcc catgtgagaa gcaaacattc agacccgaac    108480
     aggagtgttc tggaatccta tgtgagggac aaatattcag accctcttag cagtgttctg    108540
     gaatcctatg tgagggacaa acattcatat cctcgtagca gtgtcatgga atcctatgtg    108600
     agggacaaac attcagacct tcacagcagt gttctggaat cttatgtgag ggacaaacat    108660
     tcagaccaca gcaggagtgt tctggaatgt tttctgtggg acaaacattc agaccacagc    108720
     aagagtgttc tggaatgcca tgtgagagac aaacattcag aacctcataa cagtgtgctg    108780
     gaatcttatg tgagggacag acatttagac tctcgcagca gtattctaga atcccatgtg    108840
     agggacaaac attcggaccc tcgcagcatt tgtctcaaat tctatgggag tgacaaacat    108900
     tcagactcca gcagcagttt tgtgtagtcc tatgtgtggt acaaacagac cccaggagca    108960
     gtgttctgaa atcctatgtt aagggcaaac attcagactc cagcatcaat gttctggaat    109020
     cgtatgtgag ggacatacat tcagaccctc gcagcagtgt tcaggaatcc tagatgaggg    109080
     aaaaacattc agacaccagc agaaggcttc tggaatccta tgtgaaggac aaagattcag    109140
     acaacggcag cagtgttctg gattcctatg tgaaggacat tcagagcctc gcagcagtgt    109200
     tctggaatcc tatgtgaaga acaaacaatc agaccacagc aggactgttc tggaatcctt    109260
     tgtgagggac aaacatacag accacagcag cagtgttctg gaaacctaag tgagggacaa    109320
     acttcagacc cgagcaggag tgttctggaa tcctctgtga gggagaaaca ttcagaccct    109380
     cgtagcagta ttctggaatc ctatgtgagg gacaaagttt caaaagacaa cacgactgtt    109440
     ctggaatcct atgtgaggga caaacattta gaccctcgta gcagttttct agaatcttaa    109500
     gtgagggaca aacattcaga accttgtagc agtgttctgg aatcctgtgt gagggagaaa    109560
     cattcagacc ttcatagcag tgttctggaa tcctatgtga gggaccaaca ttgaggccct    109620
     cgtagcagtg ttctggaatg ctttgtgaca gacaaccatt cagacccttg tagcactgtt    109680
     ttggaatcct atgtcaggga cattcagagc ccagccgcag tgttctggaa tcctatgtga    109740
     cagacagtca ttcagactac agcagtagtg ttctggaatc ctatgtgagg gacaaacatt    109800
     cagaccctcg tagcagtgtt ctggaatcct atgtcaggga ccaacattca gaccctcgaa    109860
     gcagtgttct ggagttccat gtgagagaca aacattcaga ccctagtggc agtgttctgg    109920
     aatcctatgt cagggacatt cagacaacag acacagtgtt ctggaatcct gtgacagaca    109980
     aacattcaga ccacagcaga aatattctgg aatcctatgt gagggacaaa cattcagaac    110040
     acagcaggag tgttctggaa tcccttgtgt aggacaaaca taaagaccct tgttgcagtg    110100
     ttctggaatc ctatgtgagg ggcaaacatt gaaatcctag cagcagtgtt ctggattttt    110160
     atgtgatgga caaacattca gacccttgtt gcagtgttct ggaatcctat gggagggact    110220
     aaccctcaga acccagcagc agtgttctgg aatcctatgt gagggagaaa ggctcagaat    110280
     ccagcaacac tgttctgcaa tcctatggga gggacaaaca ttcacaccag agcaggagtg    110340
     ttctggaatc ccatgagagg ggaaaacatt ccgactccag cagcagtgtc cttgaatgct    110400
     atgtgaggga caaacattca gaccaaagca ggagtgttct ggagtcctat gtgagggaga    110460
     aacattcaga acacagcagg agagttctgg aaaccattgt gaaggacaaa catacagacc    110520
     tttgtagcag tgttctggaa ttctatgtga ggaaaaaaca ttcagaacac agcaggaatg    110580
     ttctgaaatc ctatgtcagg gacaaacatt caaaccacag caggagtgtt ctggagtcct    110640
     atgtgagtgt caaatattcc gacaacagca ggagtgttct ggaatcctat gtgaggaaca    110700
     aacattcaga acacagtagg agtgttctgg aatcctgtgt gagggacaaa cattcagacc    110760
     ctcgtagcag tgttctggaa tcctatgtga ggaaaaatca ttcataccct cgtagcagtg    110820
     ttctggaatc ctatgtgagg gttaaaatct cagaatccaa gagcagtgtt ctggaatcct    110880
     atgtgaggga caaacattca gtccacagca gcagtgttat ggaaagctat gtgaggaaca    110940
     aacattcaga ccatagcagg agtgttctgg aatcctatgt gagggacaaa cattcagacc    111000
     ctcgtagcag tgttctggaa tcctatgtga gggttaaaat ctcagaatcc aggagcagtg    111060
     ttctggaatc ctatgtgagg gacaaacatt cagtccacag cagcagtgtt ctggaaagct    111120
     atgtgaggga caaacattca gaccatagca ggagtgttct ggaatcctat gtgagagaca    111180
     aacattcaga ccctcgtagc agtgttctgg aatcctatgt gagggaaaat cattcatacc    111240
     ctcttagcag tgttctggaa tcctatgtga gggttaaaat ctcagaatcc aagagcagtg    111300
     ttctggaatc ctatgtgagg gacaaacatt cagtccacag cagcagtgtc ctggaaagct    111360
     atgtgaggga caaacattca gaccatagca ggagtgttat ggaattctat gtgagggata    111420
     aacattcaca ccacagcggg agtgttctgg aatgctatct gaagaacaaa attcagaacc    111480
     cagcagcagt gttctggaat cctatgtgag aggcaaacat tcagatgcca gcagcagtgt    111540
     tttggaatcg tatgtgatgg acaaacattc agacccttgt agcttcttct ggaatcctat    111600
     gtgagacaca aacacccaga acccagcaac agtgttctgg aatcctatgt gaggaacaaa    111660
     tattcagacc acaacaggag tgttttctaa tcctgtctga aggagaaaca ttgagaccct    111720
     tgtagctgtt ttctggaatc gtatgtgagg aacaaacact cagaccacag caggagtgtt    111780
     ctggaatcct gtgtgaggga gaaatattca gaccactgca ggagtgttct ggaatccaat    111840
     ttgagggaca aacatgcaga ccctcttagg agtgttctga aatcctatgt gatgaacaaa    111900
     cattcagatc atagcaagag tgttctggaa tgctatgcga ggtacaaaca ttcagaccac    111960
     agcaggagtg tcctggaatc ccatgtgagg tacatacatt cagaccctcg tagcagtgtt    112020
     cttgaatgct atgtgaggga caaaaattca caccacagca ggagtgttct ggagtcctat    112080
     gtgatggaca aacattcaga acacagcagg agtgttttga aatcctatgt gagggacaaa    112140
     tattcagacc acaggagtgt tctggaatcc tttgtgaagg acaaacgttc agacccttgt    112200
     agcagtgttc aggaatccta tgtgagggat aaacattgag accccagtag gagtgttctg    112260
     gagtcccatg tgagggacaa agattcagac ttttgtagca gtgttttgga atcttatgtg    112320
     agggacgaac attcagacca cagcaggagg gctctggaat cctatgtgag ggacaaacat    112380
     tcagaacttc atagccgtgt gctggaatct tatgtgaggg agagatattt agaccctcgg    112440
     agcagtgttc tggaatccca taggagagac acacattcag accctcccag cagtgttctg    112500
     gaattctatg tgagggacag acattcaaac cccagcagca gtgttctgga atgtgatgtg    112560
     aggtacaaac attcagacac cagcagaagt gtgctggaat actatgccct cgtagcagtg    112620
     ttgtggaatc ctatgtgaag gacaaacatt cataccctca tagcagtatc ctggaatcat    112680
     atgtgaggga taaacgttga gactccagca gaggtgttct ggaatcctag gtgtgggaca    112740
     aacattcaaa ccctcataac agtgttctag aatcctatgt gagggaaaaa ctttccgacc    112800
     acggcagcag tgttctggaa tgctacatga gggagaaaca tcctgaccct cctagcagtg    112860
     ttctgcaatc ctatgtgagg gacagacatt tagaccctcg cagctgtgtt ctggagtcct    112920
     acgggaggga caaacattca gaccctcgca gcagtgttct ggaatccttt gtgagagaga    112980
     gacattcaga ccctcatagc ggtgttctgg aatcctgtgt gacagacaaa cattcagacc    113040
     ctggtatcag cgttctgcca ttctatatca gggacataca taccccagcc acagtgttct    113100
     ggaatcctat gtgaggaaca aacatttaga ccctcgtagc agtgttctgg aatcctatgt    113160
     cagggaccaa cattcagacc ctcgaagcag tgttctggag tgttatgaga cagataagca    113220
     ttcagaccgt cgtagcagtg ttctggaatc ctaagtcagg gacattcaga ccacagcaga    113280
     aatgttctgg aatcctatgt gaggcacaaa ctttcagacc acagcaggcg tgttctggaa    113340
     tcatacgtga gggacattca gactatcgca agagtgttct ggaatcctat gtgaggggca    113400
     aacattcaga ctccagcagc gttgttcttc aatgctatct gagggacaaa ctttcagaca    113460
     acagcaggag tgttcttgag tcctatgtga gggacaaaca ttcagaacac agcaggaatg    113520
     ttctgaaatc ctatgtgagg gagaaacatt cagaccacag caggagtctt ctggaatccg    113580
     ttgagaagga gaaatattca ggcccttgta gcagtgctct ggaatcttat gtgagggaca    113640
     agcatgcaga atactgcagg agtattctga aatcctatgt gagggacaaa cattcaaacg    113700
     acagcaggag tgttctggag tcctatgtga gtgtcaaaca ttcagacaac agcaggagtg    113760
     ttctggaatc ctatgtgagg aacaaacatt cagaccccag cagcagtgtt ctggaatctt    113820
     atgtgaggga aaagcattcg tatcctcgta ggggtgttct agaatcctat gtgagggaaa    113880
     aaaaactcag aatccaggag cactgctctg gaatcctttg tgagggacaa atattcagtc    113940
     cacagcagca gtgttctgga atgctatgtg aggggcaaac attcagacta tagcaggaga    114000
     gttctggagt cctatgtgag ggacaaacat tcagaccaca gcaggagtgt tatggaatcc    114060
     tacatgaggg acaaatattc agaccacagc aagattgttc tggaatgctc tcttagggac    114120
     aaacattgag acctcagcag cagtgttctg gaatcctatg tgagagacaa acattcagac    114180
     cccagcagca gtgttttgga atcttatgtg atgtaccaac attcagacgc ttgtagcagt    114240
     gttctggaat cctatgtaag ggacaaacac tcagaaccca ccaacagtgt tctgcaatcc    114300
     tatgtgaggg acaaatattc agaccctcgt aggggtgttc tggaatcctt tttgagggac    114360
     aaatgctcag aatccagcag ctgtgttctg gaatcctgtg tgagggacaa acattcagac    114420
     cagtgcagaa ttgttctgga atcctatgtg agggacaaac attcagactc caacagtagt    114480
     gttcttgaat gctatgtgag ggacaaactt tcagaccaca gcaggagtgt tctggagtcc    114540
     tatgtgaggg acaaacattc agaacactgc aggagtgttc tgatttccta tatggggaac    114600
     aaacattctg accacagcag gcgtgttttg gaatcctatg tgaggaacaa acattcagac    114660
     cacagcagga gtgttttgta atcctgtctg agggacaaac attgagaccc ttgtagctgt    114720
     gttctggaat cgtatgtgaa gaacaaactt tcagaccaca gcaggagtgt tctggaaacc    114780
     tgtgtgaggg agaaacattc agaccactgc aggagtgttc tgcaatccta tgtgagggac    114840
     aaacactcat tccacagcac cagtgttctg gaatgttatt tgaggggcaa acattcagac    114900
     catagcagaa gagttctgga atcctacatg agggacaagc attcaaacca cagcaggagt    114960
     gttatggaat cctacatgag ggacaaacat tcagacaaca gcaagattgt tctggaatgc    115020
     tctctgagtg acaaacattg agaccccagc agcagtgttc tggaatgcta tgtgagggac    115080
     aaacattcag acaacaaaaa gagtgtcctg gagtcctatg tgagggacaa gcactcagaa    115140
     gcccacagca gtgttatgga atcctatgtg agggacaaac atgcagacct cagcagcagt    115200
     gttctgggat cctatgtgag ggacaaacat tcagacccca ggagcagtgt tcttggatgc    115260
     catgtgagag acaaatcttc agaccacagc aggaatgtgc tcgaatccta tatgaaggac    115320
     aagcattctg actctcgtag cagttttctg gaatcctatg tgagggacaa acctgcagac    115380
     cccagcagca gtgttctggg atcctatgtg agggacaaac attcagaccc caggatcagt    115440
     gttcttggat gccatgtgag agacaaatct tcagaccaca gcaggaatgt gctccaatcc    115500
     tatgtgaagg acaagcattc tgactgtcgt agcagttttc tggaatccta tgtaagggag    115560
     aaacattcag accccagtag cagcgttgtg aaatcttatg tgagggacaa acattcagac    115620
     cctcctagca gtgttctgga atcctatgtg agggacaaac attcagaccc tcatagcagt    115680
     gttctggaat cctatgtgag gaacaaacat tcagacaact gtaggattgt tctggaatcc    115740
     tatgtgaggg agaaacgttc agaccctcgt aacagtgttc tggaatccta tgtgagggac    115800
     aaacattcag accagagcag gagtgttctg gaatcacatg tgaggaacaa actttcagag    115860
     cacagtagga gtgttctgga atcctacgtg atggacaaac attcagaacc cagcagcagt    115920
     gttctggaat attatgtgag gggcaaacgc tcagactcca gcagcagtgt tcttgaatgc    115980
     tatctcagag acaaacattc agaccacagc aggagtgttc tggagtccta tgtgagggac    116040
     aaacattcag atcacagcag gagtgttctg aaatcctagg tgagggacaa acattcagat    116100
     cacagcagga gtcttctgga atcccttgtg aaggacaaac attcagacac ttgtggaagt    116160
     gttctggaat cctatgtgag ggacaagcat gcagaacact acaggagtgt tctgaaatcc    116220
     tatgtgagga acaaacattc agaccacact aggagtgtta tgtaatccta tgtgagggac    116280
     caactttcag accccagcag cagtgttctg gaatcctatt tagggaaaat cattcatacc    116340
     ctcgcagcag tgttctggaa tcctatttga gggaaaaaaa actcagaatc cgggagcaat    116400
     gttccggaat cctttgtcag ggaaaaacat tcagtccgca gcagcagtct tctggaatgc    116460
     tatgtgaggg acaaacattc agatcgtagc agaattgttc tggaatccta tgtgagggac    116520
     aaacagtcag accacagcag cagtgttatg gaatcctatg tgagggacag atattcagac    116580
     cacagcagga gtgttctgga atgctgtctg agggacaaac attgagaccc cattagcagt    116640
     gctctggaat atcatttaat ggtcaaacat tcagaccctt gtagcagtgt tctggaatcc    116700
     tatgtgtggg acaaacactc agaacccaga agcagtattc tggaatccta agtaagggac    116760
     aaatattcag accctcttag cagtgttctg gaatcttatg tgaatgacaa tcgctcagaa    116820
     tccagcacca gtgttctgaa atcatatgtg aaggaaaaac cttcagacca gagcagtagt    116880
     gctgtggaat tgtatgttag agacaaacat tcagactcca gcagcagtgt tcctgaatgc    116940
     tatctgaggg acaaacatcc taaccacagc aggattgtta tggagacgta tgtgaggaac    117000
     aaatattcag aaaacagcag gagtgttctg gaatcctatt tgagggaaaa aaaactgaga    117060
     atccaggagc agtgttctgg aatcctacgt cagggaaaaa cattcagtcc acagcagcag    117120
     tcttctggaa tgctatgtga gggacaaaca ttcagatcgt aacagaattg ttctggaatc    117180
     ctatgtgagg gacagtcaga ccacagcagc agtgttatgg aatcctattt gaggggtaaa    117240
     tattcagacc acagcaggag tgttctggaa tgcagtctga gggacaaaca ttgagacccc    117300
     agcagcagtt ctctggaata tcatttaatg gacaaacatt cagacccttg tagcagtgtt    117360
     ctggaatcct atgtgtggga caaactctca gaacccagaa gcagtattct ggaatcctaa    117420
     gtgagggaca aatattcaga ctgtctttgc tgtgttctgg aatcctatgt gaatgacaaa    117480
     cgctcagaat ccagcaccac tgttctgaac tcatatgtga aggacaaacc ttcagaccag    117540
     agcagtagtg ctgtggaatt gtatgttaga gacaaacatt cagactccag cagcagtgtt    117600
     cttgaatgct atctgaggga caaacatcct aaccacagca ggagtgttat ggagacttat    117660
     gtgagggaca aatattcaga acacagcagg agtgttctgg aatcttatgt gagggacaaa    117720
     ttttcagaac actgcaggag agttgtgaaa tcctatgtga gggacaaact ttgaaaccaa    117780
     accaggagtg ttttggagtc ctatgtgagt gtgaaacatt cagacaacag caggggtgtt    117840
     ctggaatcct atgtgaggaa caaacattca ggccacagta ggagtgttct ggaatcctat    117900
     gtcagggaca aagattcaga ccctcataac aatgttctgg actcctatgt gagggacaaa    117960
     cattcagacc ccagcagcag ttttctggaa tcctctgtga gggaaaaaca ttcataccct    118020
     cgtagtggtg ttctggaatc ctctgtgagg gaataaaact cagaatccag gagcattgtt    118080
     ctgggatcct atgggaggga caaatattca ctccacagca ggagtgttct ggagtcctat    118140
     gtgagggacc aacattcaga ccatagcagg agtgttctgg aatcctatgt gagggaccaa    118200
     cattcagacc atagcaggag tgttctggag tcctatgtga gggaccaaca ttcagaccat    118260
     agcaggagtg ttctggagtc ctatgtgagg gaccaacatt cagaccacag caggagtgtt    118320
     ctggagtcct atgtgagggt caaacattca gaccctcgta acagtgttct ggaattttat    118380
     gtgaggctca ttcagacccc agcagcagtg gtcttgaatg ctatgtgagg gtcaaacatt    118440
     cagaacacag caggagcgtt gtgaaatcct atgtgaggga cagacattca cacaacagca    118500
     ggaatgttct ggaatccctt gtgaaggaga aacattcaga cccttgtagc agtgttctgg    118560
     aatcctatgc gagcgacaga cattcagaac acagcaggag tgttctggag tcctatgtga    118620
     gggtcaaaca ttcagaccct cgtaacagtg ttctggaatc ctatgtgaag gacaaacact    118680
     cagactcgag cagcagtttt ctagaatctt atctcaggat caaatattcg gaccctcgta    118740
     gcagtgttct ggaatcctat gtgagggaca aacactcaga acccagcagc agtgttctgg    118800
     aatcctatgt gagggagaaa cattcagaca acagcaggag tgtggtggaa ttgtgtgtga    118860
     ggaacaagca ttcagaccac agtaggagtg ttcaggaatc ctgtgtgagg gacaaacatt    118920
     cagaccctca taacagtgtt atacaatccc atatgaggga cagacactta acctagcagc    118980
     agtgttctgg aatcctatgt gagggacaaa cattcagacc acagcaggag tgttctggaa    119040
     acctgtgtga gggacaaaca ttcagaccac agcaggagtg ttctccaatc ctatttgatg    119100
     gaaaaatatt cagaccctcg tagcactgtt ctggaatcct gtgtgaggga caaaccttca    119160
     gaccccagca gcagtgttct ggacacctat gtgaaggaca aacattcaga ccctcttagc    119220
     aatgttctgg aattctatgt aagggacaaa cactgagaac ccagcagaag ttttccggaa    119280
     tcctatgtga gtgacaaact tttagaccac agcaggagtg ttctggagtc ctatgtgaga    119340
     gacaaatact cagaacccag cagcagtgtt ctggaatccg atgtaaagga caaacattca    119400
     gatgccagca gcatttttct ggaatccttt gtgagggaca aacattcaga ccccagcagc    119460
     agtgttcttg aacgttatgt gagggacaaa cattcacacc acagctggag tgttctggga    119520
     tcctatgtaa gggagaagca ttcagacact catagctgtt ttctggaatc ctatgtgatg    119580
     gacaaacatt cagacccacg tagcagtgtt ccagaatcct atgtaaggga aaaacattca    119640
     gaccccagca tcagcgttct ggaattctat gtgagggaca aacattcaga ccccagcagc    119700
     agtgttctgg gatctcatgt gagggacaaa cattcatagc atcgtacccg tgttctggaa    119760
     tcctatgtga gggacaaaca ctgagatccc agcagcagtg ttctggaatc caatgtgagg    119820
     gacaaatatt cggaccccag cagtagtgtt ctggaatcct atgtgaggga caaacattca    119880
     gatcccaaca gcagtgttct gaaatcctat gtgagggaca aacattcaga gcatcgtagc    119940
     catgttctgg aatcctatgt gagggacaaa cactgagatc ccagcagcag tgttctggaa    120000
     tcctatgtga ggggcaaaca ttcagaccac agcaggggta ttgtgtaata ctatgttagg    120060
     gacaaacatt cagaccagag cagtagtgtt ctggaatttt atgtgaggga caaacattca    120120
     gaccacagca ggagtgttct ggaatccttt gtgtaagacg aacattcaga ccctcatagc    120180
     agtgttctgt aatcctatgt gagggatgaa tattcagacc ccagaaacag tgttctgtaa    120240
     tcctatgtga gggacaaaca ttcagacccc agaagcagtg ttctggaatc ctatgtgagg    120300
     gacagacact gagaacgtag cagcagtgtt ctggaatctt gtgtgatgga caaacattca    120360
     gaccacagca ggagtgttct ggagtccttt gtgagggaga aacaatcagg caacagcagg    120420
     agtgttctga tatcctatga gaggggcaaa cattcagacc ctcctagcag tgttctggaa    120480
     tcctgtgtga gggacagaca ctcagaacct agcagcagtg ttctggaatc ctatgtggag    120540
     gacaaacatt cataccacag gagaagtgtt ctttaatcct atatgaggga caaatattca    120600
     gaccctcata gcactgttct ggaatcctat gtgaggaaca aaccttcaga agacagcagc    120660
     agagttgtgg agtcctatgt gagggacaaa cactcagaac ccagcagtag tgttctggaa    120720
     tcctctgtga gggacaaaca ttctgaccct tgtagcagtg tttgggaatc ctatgtgagg    120780
     gacaaacgct cagaaccccc cagcagtgtt gtggaatcct gtgtgaggga caaacattga    120840
     gatcacagga ggtgtgtcct ggaatccttt gtgagattca gaccacagca gcagtgttct    120900
     ggaatcttat gtaaggaaca aactttcaca ccatagtagg agtgttctgg attcctatgt    120960
     gctggacaaa cattcagacc atagcaggag tgttttggaa tcctctgtga ggaacaatcg    121020
     ttcagaccac agcaggaatg ctctggaatc ctttgtgagg gacaaacaat cagaccacag    121080
     caggagtgtt ctgaaatcct atgtgaggta caaacattca gaccctcgta gcagagttct    121140
     ggaatcctgt gtgagggaca aacattcaga caacagcagg attgttctgg aatcctttgt    121200
     gagggacaaa caatcagacc acagcaggag tgttctcgaa tcctatttga gggacaaaca    121260
     ttcagaccct cgtagcagtc ttctggaatc ctatgtgata gacaactatt cagacccagc    121320
     agcagtgttc tggatttctg catgagggac aaacatttag agccatgtag cagtgttctg    121380
     gaatcgtaag tgagggacaa acactcagaa cccaacagca gtgttctgga atccaaagtg    121440
     agggataaat attcagtcca cagcaggagt gttctggaat actatgtgag gcgcaaacat    121500
     tcagaccgca gcatgattat cctggaatcc tatgtgaggg acaaacattc agattccagc    121560
     agcagtgttc tggagtccta gtgagggaca atcattcaga ccctcgtagc agtgttctgg    121620
     aatcctaagt gaggggaaat acaacccagc agcagtgttt tggaatccta tgtgagggac    121680
     taacattcag accacagcaa gaatgttctg gaatcctatt tgagggacag atattcagac    121740
     cctcgtagca gtgttctgga atcctatgtg aggaacaaat attcagacca cagcagcagt    121800
     tttgtggagt cctatgtgag ggacaaacac tcagaaccct gcagtagtgt tctggaatcc    121860
     tacgtgagtg gtaaacattc agaccactgc aggagtgttc ttcaatcctt tgtgaggaac    121920
     aaacattcag tccacagcaa cagtgttctg gaatcctatg tgtgggcaaa cactaagaac    121980
     ccagcagcag tgttccagaa tcctatgtga gggacaaaca atcagaccct cttagcagtg    122040
     ttcctgaatt ctatgtgaga gagagacact tgcaacccag cagcagtgtt ctggactcct    122100
     atgtgagggt caaacattta gaccacacta gcagtgttct gtaatcctat gtgagggaaa    122160
     aacattcaga ccacagcagg agtggcctgg aatcctatgt gagggagaaa cattcaaacc    122220
     cccgtagcag tattctggaa tcctatgtga gggacaaact ttcagacccc agcaactgtg    122280
     tcctggaatc ctatgtgaag gagaaatgtt cagaccacag catcagtgtt ctggaatctt    122340
     aaatgaggaa caaacattca gaccacagca ggagtgttct ggaatcctat gtgagggaca    122400
     aacactctga ccacagcagg agtgttctgg aatcctacgt aagggacaaa cattcagatc    122460
     ccatctgcag tgttctggaa tcctatgtga gggacaaata ttcagaccac agcaggagtg    122520
     ttctgtaatc ctatgtgagg gggaaacatt cacaccctcg ccacggtgtt ctggaatgct    122580
     atgtggggga caaaccattc agaccctcgt agcagtgttt tggaatccta tgtcagggac    122640
     aatcactcag accatagcag cagtgttctg gaatgctatg tgaggcacaa gcagaccaca    122700
     gcagcagtgt tctggaatct tatgtgaggg caaacagacc cctgcaaaca gggataattt    122760
     gacctcctct tttcctaatt gaataccctt tatttctttc tcctacctga tagccctggc    122820
     cagaacttcc aacactacgt tgaataggag tgatggaaaa gggcatccct atcttgtgcc    122880
     tgttttcaaa ggcaatgctt ccagtttttg cccattcagt atgataatgt ctgtgtgttt    122940
     gtcatgaata gctcttatta tttttacata catcccatca atacctaatt cattgagagt    123000
     ttttagcatg aagggctgtt gaattttgtc aaaggccttt tctgcctgta ttgagataat    123060
     catgtgtttt ttgtctttgg ttctgtttgc atgctggatt acgtttactg atttgcatat    123120
     attgaaccag ccttgcatcc cagggatgaa gccatcttga tcatggtgga taagcttttt    123180
     gatgtgctgc tggattcagt ttgccagtgc tttattgagg atttttgcat cgatgttcat    123240
     cagggatatt ggtcttaaat tctctttttt ggttatgtct tatccaggct ttggtatcag    123300
     gatgatgctg gcctcataaa atgagttagg gaggattccc tctttttctc ttgattggaa    123360
     gagtttcaga aggaatggca acttctcctc cttgtacctc tggtagaatt aggctgtgat    123420
     tccgtcttgt cctggaattt ttatggttgg tatgctatta ttgcctcaat ttcagagcct    123480
     gttattggtc tattaagaga ttcaacttct tcctggttta gtcttgggag ggtttatgta    123540
     ttgaggaatt tatccatttc ttctagattt tctagtttat ttgcatagag gtgtttacag    123600
     tagtctctga tagtagtttg catttctgtg ggattggtgg tgctatcccc tttatcattt    123660
     tttattgtgt ctatttgatt cttctctctt ttcttcttta ttagtcttgc tagtgatcta    123720
     tcaattttgt tggtcttttc aaaaaaccag ctcctggatt cattgattct ttgaagggtt    123780
     ttttgtctct atctccttca gttgtgctct gatcttagtc atttcttgga agtcaaattg    123840
     tccctgtttg cagatgacat gtttgtatat ctagaaaaca ccatcatctc agcccaaaat    123900
     ctccttaagc tggtaagcaa cttcagtgag gtctcaggat acaaaatcaa tgtgcaaaaa    123960
     tcacaagcat tcttatacag caataacagg caaactgaga gccaaatcat gaatgaactc    124020
     ccattcacag ttgcttcaaa gagaataaat tacctaggaa tccaacttac aagggatgtg    124080
     aaggagctct tcaaggagaa ctacaaaaca ctgctcaaca aaataaaaga ggacacaaac    124140
     caatggaaga gcattccatg cttatggata ggaagaatca atatcgtgaa aatggccata    124200
     ctgcccaagg taatttatag attcaatacc atccccatga agctaacaat gattttcttc    124260
     acagaattgg aaaaaaccac tttaaagttc atatggaacc aaaaaagagc ccacatggcc    124320
     aagtcaatcc taagctaaaa gaacaaagct ggaggcatca cgctacctga cttcaaacta    124380
     tactacaaga ctacagtaac caaagcagca aggtactggt accaaaacag agatatagac    124440
     caatggaaca gaacagagcc ctcagaaata ataccacaca tctacaacca tctgatcttt    124500
     gacaaacctg acaaaaacaa gaaatgggga aaggattccc tatttaacaa atggtgctgg    124560
     gaaaactggc tagacatatg tagaaagctg aaactggatc ccttccttac accttataca    124620
     aaaattaatt caagatggat taaagactta aatgttagac ctaaaaccat gaaaacccga    124680
     gaacaaaacc taggcaatac cattcaggac acaggcatgg gcaaggactt catgtcttaa    124740
     acatccaaag caatggcaac aaaagccaaa attgacaaat gagatctaat taaactaaag    124800
     aacttctgtg cagcaaaagg cataccagtg aacaggcaac ctacagaatg ggagaaaatt    124860
     tttgcaatct actcatctga caaagggcta atatccagaa tctacaaaga actcaaacaa    124920
     atttacaaga aaaaaaccca tcaacaagtg ggcgaaggat atgagcggac acttctcaaa    124980
     agaagacatt tatgcagcca acagacacat gaaaaaatgc tcatcatcac tcgccatcag    125040
     agaaatgcaa atcaaaatca caatgagata tcatctcaca ctagttagaa tggcgatcat    125100
     ttaaaagtca gaaaacaaca ggtgctagaa aggatgtgga gaaataggaa cacttttaca    125160
     ctgttggtgg gactgtaaag tagttcgacg attgtggaag acagtgtggt gtttcctcag    125220
     ggatctagag ctagaaatac catttgaccc agccgtccaa ttactggaca tatacccaac    125280
     agaatataag tcatgctgct ataaagacac atgcacacgt atgtttattg tgacgttact    125340
     cacaatagca aagacttgga accaactgta atatccaaat gtccaacaat gatagactgg    125400
     attaagaaaa tgtggcacat atatgccagg gaatactatg cagctttaaa aaatgatgag    125460
     ttcatgtcct ttgtagggac attgatgaag ctggaaatca tcattctcag caaactatca    125520
     caaggacaga aaaacaaaca ccacatgttc tcgctcatag gcgggaattg aacaatgaga    125580
     acacatagac acaggaaggg gaacatcaca caccatggcc tgttgtgggg tggggggagg    125640
     ggggatagca ttaggagata tacctaaggt aaatgacgag ttactgggtg cagcacacca    125700
     acatggcaca tgtatgcaaa cataacaaac ctgcacgttg tgcacatgta tccgagaact    125760
     taaagtataa taaatatata tatatatata tatataaata attcaatacg gaaaatataa    125820
     ttaaaaaaag aaagaaaatg tggtatacta tttggcagta aataaagaaa accctgtcgt    125880
     ttgtaaacaa catggatgaa cctggaggac aatatgttaa gtgaaataag gcagacacaa    125940
     aaagacaaat atatcatgac atgacttcta ctggtatgtt aaaaagttga tctcatagaa    126000
     ttacaaagta caatggtggg tatcagagct aggggtaaag gggagttgca gttaatcaga    126060
     ggatacatac ttagagttac acagaaggaa tacatttcag gagatatatt gtagagcaag    126120
     gtgattgtaa ttgatatgac atattgtatt cttgagaaat agaaagttaa tgttatgtgt    126180
     attcatcaca aaaatgataa ctatgtgagt tgatgtattt gttaattagc tagatttgac    126240
     cttttcacaa tgtatgcata ctttgtcctt cacataggat tccagaacgc tactgcattg    126300
     gtctgaatgt ttgtccctca cattttacat tacaaaaaac ttgcaatatc ctatgtcaat    126360
     taaaaataaa tattaataaa gtaattttaa aaagacaaaa agtaaaagaa aaaaacagac    126420
     cacagcagca gtgttctgga atcctgtgtg ggggacaaac attcagaagc caatagcagt    126480
     gttctgggat cccatgtgat ggaaaaacat tcagacattc ccagcagtgt tctggaatcc    126540
     tatgtgtggg acaaacaccc agaccccagc agcagtgttc tggaatccta tgtgaggtac    126600
     aaacattcag accctggaat cagtgttctg gaatcctatg tgagggacaa acattcagat    126660
     cattgcatta gtgttctgga atcctatgtg agggaaaaac tttcagacca cagcagccat    126720
     gttctggagt cctatatgac ggacattcag accctcatag cagtgttctg gagtcttatg    126780
     tgagggacac gcattcagac cacatcagga gggttctgga atcctatgtg agggacaaat    126840
     aatcagaccc tcatagcagt gttctggaat cttgtgtgag ggacaaacat tcagacccca    126900
     gcagcagtgt tctggaatcc tacgtgaggg acaatcatcc agatcattgc gttagtgttc    126960
     tggaattcta agtgagggaa aaacattcat aacccagcag cagtattttg aaatgctatg    127020
     tgagggacaa acattcagac cccagcagca gtgttctgaa atcctacgtg agggagaaac    127080
     attcagatca ttgcattagt gttctgcaat cctgtgtgag ggactaacac tcagaccccg    127140
     ggagcagtgt tctggaatct tatgtgaggg caaacattca gaccccagca gcagtgttct    127200
     ggaatcctat gtgagggaca aacattcaga ccatggcagc agtgttctag aatcctatgt    127260
     aacggacaaa cattcataac ctcgtagcag tgttctggaa tcctatgtga gggacagact    127320
     tttagaccct cgcagcaatg ttctggaatc ctatgtgagg gacagacttt tagaccctcg    127380
     cagcaatgtt ctggaatcct atgtgaggga gaaacattca gaccctcgca gcactgttct    127440
     ggagatctat gtgagggaca aacattcaga ccccagcagc agtgttctgg aatcctatgt    127500
     gggggacaaa cattcagatc acgacagcag tgttctggag tcctatgtaa cggacaaata    127560
     ttcagaacct cgtagcagtg atctggaatc ctatgtgagg gacaaacttt cagaccccag    127620
     cagcagtgtt atggaatctt atgtgaggga caaacattct gaccctctta tcagtgttct    127680
     ggtattctat gtgagggaca gacattcaga ccccagcatc agtgttctgg aatcctgtgt    127740
     gagggacaaa cattcagacc ccaggagcag tgttctgaaa tcctaggtta aggataaaca    127800
     ttcagacccc agcatcaatg ttatggaatc ctttgtaagg gacaaacatt cagaccttca    127860
     tagcagtgtt ctggaatctt atgtgaggga gaaacattca gacctcagga gcagcgtttt    127920
     ggtaccatat gtgagggaca aacacgcagg ccccagcagc cgtgttctgg aatgctatga    127980
     ttgggtttat actgtgaacc tcagaagtgt tcctctgttt aattaatttt ccaccttagg    128040
     tggaacatga ctagaatggg ctacagtgga agggataatt tccttcccct atgttattta    128100
     gtctctgatt atactagagc agattaggct gaagttaagt agtttctcct gtggacaagc    128160
     cttgttaaga acttggtgct ctggcatatt tcaaactggt tttccttttt ccttctgaaa    128220
     gactgaagca ggagtggagt ttcctcaggt atttgtcaca ggagcctggt gaagctccat    128280
     gagacaattt tacagtattg tcccccctcc ccaacagtaa ctctatctct tgtagttttt    128340
     accacttaga gttgtccacg cggatcctcc agccgttcac cagttacggt ttgagatttt    128400
     ctactccagc actggttcca aggttggttt cagtagtgag tccatgttcc tttaagccat    128460
     taagtcctat attcacttct ttgtctctgc aatcctaggg gcagtggttt gccctgtgtc    128520
     ctcccctaag tttcaaatct agaaagaatt gttgattttt tagtctcttc agctttttat    128580
     ttgttgttaa gattaattgt gtcatattaa tttgttgtta agcttgttat aaaaattaat    128640
     tattgtaaag taattattga ttacttccaa gcttcttaca tgcagaaata ggaacctgga    128700
     atatgtttct aaaactatct tctcaatgcc tatgtgcaca gttaaaggat ttttttccac    128760
     aggaatatga tcaagatgaa ttatattaga cttctgaata ttgaactttt ctttattcgt    128820
     ggaataaact cagaaagttc cttcttggtc ttcacagtct atttctcttc cagtgtaaat    128880
     gttagtgttt ctgtagattc tgtacttgtt tcttttattc tttccttctc ttattttcat    128940
     ttggtctgat ggattcaggt agcattgaaa ttctggtaat ttccaaatct ttatctttag    129000
     tttgatctct cttctgaacc actggagcta tattcccaat tgccagttga acattcccac    129060
     atatggaacg tcagatgttt cacacatgag atgtccaggt ctgtgtcact tctggttatc    129120
     atattctttt aatttttttg caaatttcac ttcacagcac cagtaccaaa ctagctggat    129180
     cagggcagat aacttggaaa caaaactccc gtttttaccc actgcacagt aaattggtac    129240
     caaatcctgt ttctacattt ttttcctttt aagaactgct tccctattgt gtattcttac    129300
     actccgtgtc ctcatgtact gatgtaggtg gtcgtctgtc ttcctcttta ctcccttctg    129360
     gctttccctt aagccctttc ccattctctt tctcagggat ggctgttaaa atgccaatat    129420
     ggtcatgtaa cttttctgtc cttactggac ctccttattt acacctgttt gtgaagtggc    129480
     tgtgttcacc ctgggtggat acagaaattt tttgtcccgt agaaaggaaa ttttgaaatg    129540
     ccagtgtata tgattttaat taagtatact cacccttttg tttccatggg ttttgcatct    129600
     gcagattcag ccaacttcag attgaaaata ttcccacaaa aatagatggt tgtctctgtg    129660
     cagagcatct acagaaattt ttcttgtcat tatttcctaa acggtacagt ataacagcta    129720
     tttatgtagc attatattgt cttcagtatt atatgtaatc taaagatttt aagttcagtc    129780
     gtgcatggct tactgatggg attactttct gagaaatgca accttaggta atttcattgt    129840
     tttgtgaaca tcatagtgtt acaaaaacct acatggtatg tatattttta tttatatgtt    129900
     tttggtatat gggtaaccag atggctcaga gccattattg aatatcactt tctgcacttc    129960
     atctgcaatg ccaatatcag gtttccgtgt atgtttcatc atcatcttat gggactactg    130020
     tgatatacat gtttcatcat tgactgaaat gttattatgg agctcatgac tgtatacagg    130080
     agtatgtgca taagttatat gtaaatatga gacttgttta tataacagag ttatccaatc    130140
     tgtggatttt ggtatctggg ggtatcttgg aatcagtccc catggatact gaggaagtaa    130200
     tgtaatgtaa aaatgatagg tgcataaaaa tttttgaaat taagtcaaat atttaaatgc    130260
     agaatcactg cataatcaat tccttaaata ttgcatttag ctttcatcac tgcccaggat    130320
     cattcatcta ggcatggtgc tgtccagagt tccattaaag tggtgtgtgt tcactttgcc    130380
     tttgtcagta gacttctgat attttctcat agtcatgaga attcatggtt catgtggaag    130440
     agccaatcac ctgatttttc agtaaagtcg aatctcttga tgcaaaataa acaaaattta    130500
     ttttctcctt ctctcttatc ttagtctgca ttgaacttgt gtctcaatga gttcacctaa    130560
     acattattcc cagtatgtgt ttatacttat atattcataa ccagatcatg agctcctttg    130620
     aggagtagaa ttttatttct cttttttttt gagagatagg ctctctgttg gccaggctgg    130680
     agtgcagtgg tgtgatcatc actcactgca ctgtcaaact cctgtgtttg agcaatcctt    130740
     cagcctcagc ttccagagta gccaggacta caggcatcca gcattatgcc tgtatttttt    130800
     tattattttt gaagagagag ggtcttgcat tttgtttata cttttgtccc tagcaacaag    130860
     agtggttcta gatctataag gtgaaatttg taatataatt ttattaattc ataagttatt    130920
     acagtggaag aatatttcta ctgtgattac tccttctccc accataaaca gtataaaaca    130980
     aactacgtct tatctaaaat acatataaga cacatggaca cacaaaagag tgaattccca    131040
     gattcttgtt cttttgaccc tgggctgatg ctttgacttg aggaaatatg tgtcattaca    131100
     ggggttggtg tcctttgaag atgtggctct gcacttcacc tgggaggagt gacaggacct    131160
     ggatgatgct cagaggacct tctacaggga cgtgattgtg gagacctaca gcagcctggt    131220
     atcattgggt gagtgaaact tcccagtaac tcccaggaat gtgtattgtt gttggtaaat    131280
     atagaaaccc ttttaagata taataatatt tacttgtaag attctggttg atgaaaaatg    131340
     tgtcattatt ctaatgaaat gttcaaattg gctccttcat tacacagtcc ctgaagccca    131400
     gctcttgtca ttctgaaaag gatttgactt agtggtttga caaagtattc cattgtttct    131460
     cgttaccagg gcattgcatt accaaacctg agatgatctt caagctagag caaggaacag    131520
     agacatggat agtagaagaa ataccaaacc tgagactttc aggtcagtca gtgaatactg    131580
     gggtgggagg cctggaggag taatgcccag cagattttgg tagtgttatc ttgttttcac    131640
     cacttttttc cctaggtctt cgacctgaag actgttggtc tgcattaaat gtccattata    131700
     tagtccccag gagtaactgt catgcatata tcccagtctc ttatttttct gagtatcttc    131760
     ttctatttac cccaaatcca atccctgcca tcctctcttt aggccttttt ctttgctatt    131820
     tattttatct atttccccct tttcctctat tctgatgtag tgtcttaaaa atttttttag    131880
     acatttatgc atttatttat cctttgaatg tatcttaagc aatttttgag aatcagtcat    131940
     tataacaatg atgatgaaaa tagtgtttct ttttaagctg tagctttatt cttcttgttt    132000
     tattttttat caaacagatg gttctcactc tgtttctcag actcaagtgc agtggcatga    132060
     ttatagttga ctgtaacgat gaactcctgg gatcaagtgt tcctcacagc ctagcctccc    132120
     aagtagctag gactacaggt gtgtgccacc acacctggct aattttttat tgtttgtgga    132180
     gatgaggtct tgttctattg cccaggctgg tctcgaactt ctggccttaa ttgatccttg    132240
     tagactccca cccacacaca cacacacaaa atagtagctg agtatggtga catgggtttg    132300
     taatcccagt ttttatactt gggaggctga ggtggaagga ttgcttgagc tcaggagctt    132360
     gaagcttcag tgacctatga tagcaacact gcactccagc ctgggtaaca gagtaagatc    132420
     ctgtctcaga aagaaattat gaagctgagg agaacccatc ataggggcct ggataggggt    132480
     ggtgctggac ttgggaggag aaccagaaga ttctgggtct caagtccaaa gaaaccaatg    132540
     atttcctgtt gaagggctca gatttctgtt tgagagtgga gtttgtagtt accatttgaa    132600
     gatgagaaat gtacaggaaa cttcatattt atatatagct gtgtgacatc tgaaactcca    132660
     aaacacaaaa taaaaccctt caaaaatggt gaattatcaa gcaggggtgt gtgagtggag    132720
     agggacagag ctgttgatct cagaaggaac cagaaataca cttttcaaag atgacgggca    132780
     cagcctgagt tgcagaacca atccttcaga tcactagtgt ggttttttga ctggagcttc    132840
     tttgcctatt atggttctgg gaagcaggag atgccatgtt taagtaggaa tttgccagga    132900
     tctgtttatg tttaacatgg ggaataagat attttctgct tggaaaacct ccagacacat    132960
     ttaaccattc tcagggagga gtgaaaagtt aacatatagg caaaatcctg tctacaagct    133020
     acttcgatgc ttaggagaca gaaaaatggc catctcctgt acctgccagt tgctgaccca    133080
     agaaaaactg gctatcttca aagaagaatg atgaaaaaat agcaactatt aaaacagcca    133140
     ctattgttat atgaataaat agaaaaaaag agagaaaaca aatgacagat aatgagcact    133200
     tattaaaacc tatgagtagt aagtagatgc atattattac caaataattc tttgtgaaat    133260
     aaaaaaaaaa cgaaaacttc aaaatgcaaa gaaaaactca attgaacatt agaaaatata    133320
     ctgatttatt acatgatgtc agaaggaaca ggaaccatat gcatataaaa ccaataccca    133380
     ttattaattt ttatcaaatc ttactccact gggataggaa gtaatttttt cacctttaca    133440
     caagcattct gtaagacatg ctcctgtgtg gttcatggat acgtttttct catttcagct    133500
     gtccagatca ctgatgacct tattgaaagg agccatgaaa gtcatgatag atttttctgg    133560
     catattgtaa tcaccaacag caacacatca aactcaggag agagttgaat taggaaaaac    133620
     atttaatttt aactcaaacc atgttttaaa tctgattata aataatggaa acagttcagg    133680
     agtgaagcct ggacagttta atgtttgcca gaacgtgctt ttccctatta agcctggtga    133740
     gacacagtct agagagaaac ctcatgtccc tgatataatc aggagatccc acagacatca    133800
     tgaacatctt actcagcatc acaagattca gactctgcta cagccttttc aatgtaatga    133860
     acaagggaaa accttcaaca tggaggcaat gttctttata cataagaagg ttcatatagg    133920
     acagaccttt ggtaaatata atgaatatga gaaagcctgt aaaaactcag ctattattgt    133980
     ccaagggata actcaggtaa gacagccaac ttgctgtaga aagtctgact tcagtaaaca    134040
     tcagcaaaca cacacaggag agaaacccca tgaatgtgtt gaatgtgaga aaccctccat    134100
     tagcaaatca gacctcatga tacagcacaa gatgcctact gaggaaaaac cttatgcctg    134160
     taactggtgt gaaaaattgt tcagctataa gtccagcctc actatccatc agagaattca    134220
     cacagaggaa aagccctatg gatgcaatga atgtggaaaa acctttcgct gtaagtcatt    134280
     cctcacttta catcagagaa ctcacactgg ggataagccc tacaaatgta ttgaatgtgg    134340
     aaaaacttca ctgtaaatca cttctcactt tacatcacag aactcactca ggggaaaagc    134400
     cctatcagtg tagtgaatgt ggaaaaacct ttagccagaa gtcatacctc acaatacatc    134460
     atagaactca cacctggcaa aagccctatg catgtgacca ttgtgaaaaa gcatttagcc    134520
     ataagtcaaa gcttattgtc catcagagaa cacacacagg ggaaaagccc tatgaatata    134580
     atgagtgtag aaaacccttt atcaataagt caaacctcag gatacatcag agaactcaca    134640
     tttgaaaaac cctatgaatg caatgaatgt gggataacgt ttcaccaaaa gtcgttcctc    134700
     actgtccatc aaagggctca cacaggcaaa aaaccctacg aatgcaatga acgtgggaaa    134760
     acctttcacc gtaagtcatt cctcactgtc catcagagaa ctcatactgg ggaaaaacca    134820
     tatgcatgta acaaatgtgg aaaaacgtat agccacaagt cataacttac agtacctcac    134880
     agaactcaca caggggaaaa accctatgaa agtaatgaat gtggaaaatc cttttactgt    134940
     aagttataag tcatttctaa ctatacatca gagaactcat gctagcaaaa aaccctatga    135000
     atgtattgaa tgtgagaaaa cctttatcaa taagttaaac cttgggatac acaagagaac    135060
     tcacacaggg gaaagaccca attaatgtaa tgaatgtggg aaaaccgttc gtcagaagtc    135120
     aaatctcagc acacatcagg gaactcacac aggggagaaa ccttacatat gaaatgaatg    135180
     ttgaaaaacc tttcatggca agtcattcct caccgtacac cagagaactc acacagggga    135240
     gaaacagtat ggatgaacca aggtggaaaa actttttgtc agaaatcata ccttattata    135300
     catcagagaa ctcacactgg ggaaaagccc tatgaatgta atgaatgtgg aaaatccttt    135360
     catcagaagg caaatcttcg gaagcatcca gatattcaca caggggagaa accctatgaa    135420
     tgtagcgaat gtggaaaaac cttcagtcag aagtcagtcc tcactgtcca tcatagaacc    135480
     catactggag aaaagcctta cgaatgtaat gagtgtggga aaaccttttg tcacaagtca    135540
     aacctcaata tgcatcaggg aattcactca ggagagagaa aacctgtgaa tgtgatgaat    135600
     gtaggaaaac tttttaccat aaggcagttc tcaccataca tcagagaatt cacacaggtg    135660
     agaagtcatt tgaatgtaag aaaaccttct cccaggagtc aaaacccttt gtacagcaca    135720
     gaactcacac agaggaaaaa ccctttagaa gtaatgaatg taggaaaatt ttctcccaga    135780
     agtcaggcct cagtatacat cagagaacac acacaggaga aaaaccttat gaatgtaagg    135840
     aatgtgggaa aaccttttgc cagaagtcac acctcagcag gcatcaacaa acccatatag    135900
     gagagaaatc tgatgtagct gaggcaggct atgcattccc tcaaaatcac tttttttccc    135960
     cttgaacaca caacgtacac ctctctggct actattatag atttctccat gctcagtcta    136020
     ggagaatatg gacaaaaatg gtgaccatta cttcctggcc taccaacaag aaggtcttaa    136080
     caatgctgta acagaagtgc tatcatgcag gctttcttgt tcccattttt acagcacact    136140
     tcgcacttta atgtcacaga tatggctgtt ttcctagaag ttcatgtacc aacctctgcc    136200
     agcttcaaac atttcttctg aaacttcctc atctctgttc tcctccatag aattgaagag    136260
     agttagggcc tttctcagga ttaggctttg tctcagggga atgttggggc tggtttgatc    136320
     ttctatgcag accactcaga ctttctctgt gtcagtaaaa aggctgtttt gttttttaaa    136380
     aatcattcat gtgttcactg gagtagcacc tataacttcc ttcaagaact ttttctttgc    136440
     attcacaact tgggtagctc atgcaagaag cttagctttg gcctctctta gcttccaaca    136500
     tgctttcttc actaagcttg ataatttgaa gtgacagatg tgcacacttc ttttcatttg    136560
     aacacatggt ggccactgca ggatgaagtg gcctaatttc attgttgtat cttggggaat    136620
     ggggggctgg aagagagaaa tggagatagg gaaatgtcta gccaatgaag cagtcaaaca    136680
     caacactttt ccatcatgtt tactgtcttc catagagttc cagcacactg agacaattcc    136740
     aatagtaaca tcagaaatca ctgatcacag atcatcatag cggatgtgat aactaaaatg    136800
     tttgaaagat tgtggggatt gccaaaagat gtgacacaga tgtgaagtga gcacacggtg    136860
     ttggaaaaat ggtgctggtc agacttgctg agcactttgt ggccacaaat ctttaatttg    136920
     ttaaaaaggt gatgttgcca agcaaaataa agtgaagctc gataaagtga ggtgtgcctc    136980
     tattttgatg ggctttaacc acttgtcttt tcgttggtgc atttagacca tgacattcaa    137040
     agtgattata cagttgggtt aattttgcca tatcattttc cattcactcc tattgttctt    137100
     tgttcttgct ttgtcctcca ctctttttct gccttttatg gagttgatga ttttatatga    137160
     tttttatttc ctctcattac tttttttttg aaattgaaac agcattcacc caggctggag    137220
     tgcagtcgtg tggtcatggc tccctgcaga ctcaacctcg tgggtttaag tgatctttcc    137280
     acctcagcct cccaactagc taggactaca agtatgcaat taactaggat tacaggtatg    137340
     caattaacta ggactacaaa tatgcaatta actaggacta caagtatgca attcactagg    137400
     acctcaagta tgcaattagg taggactaca agtaagtcat tagctaagac tacaagtatg    137460
     caattagcta ggactacaaa tatgcaatta gctaggacta caagtatgca ccacaatacc    137520
     tggccttttc ttttctgtag ggacagggtc tcactgtgtt gctcaggata gtctctaact    137580
     cctggactca agccatcttt ctaccttggc ataagtcact atacctggcc tgtttcctct    137640
     ttttagtatt tttatacttt ggtttttact agttgccctg gagtttgcag tatagacttg    137700
     caataaatcc aagtccacct tcaaataaca ctatactagt tcagttactt tgacggcctt    137760
     ctaatagaaa tgtaatacca gcttctctca tattcccatc tcttgtgtta ttgttgccat    137820
     ttgtttcact tatatgtaag catacatagc cttgtatata ttaaagtatg taattggttg    137880
     ggtgccttgg ctcacgcctg taatcccaac actttgggag gccgacgcag gtggaccatg    137940
     aggtcaggag atggagaccc tccttgctaa cacagtgaaa ccccatctct actaaaaata    138000
     caaaaattag ctggacatgg tggcacacgc atgtagtccc agctattcag gaggctgaga    138060
     caggagaatt gcttgaacca gggaggaggt ggaggttgca gtgagctgag attgcaccac    138120
     tgcactccag cctgggcgac agagcaagac tccgtctgaa aaaaaagtat ataattgcat    138180
     acattgttat tatatacaaa ctgttatatg ttaggagaat taagaataaa aagtaagcag    138240
     ccggatacgg tggcttatgc ctgtaatccc agcactttgg gaggccgagg tgggcagatc    138300
     acaaggtcag aagcctgaga ccatcctagc taacatggtg aaatcctgtg tttactaaaa    138360
     acacgaaaac aaaattagcc aggcgtggtg ggtgcctgta gtcccagcta ctcgggaggc    138420
     tgaggcagga gaatggcatg agcctagaag gcagagcttg cagtgagcca agatcacact    138480
     actgcacttc agcctgggtg acagaatgag actccatcta aaaaaaaaaa gggattttac    138540
     aaccacttat tccttctcta atgttatttt taaaatgtaa attcaggcgg gtgtagtggc    138600
     tcacacctgt aatcccagca ctttgggagg tcgagatgtg tggatcacga ggttaggagt    138660
     tcaagaccag cctggcagag atggtgaaac actgtctcca ataaaaatac aaaaaaatta    138720
     gccaggcgtg gtggagggct cctgtaatcc cagctacttg gggggctgag gcagagactt    138780
     gcttgaacct gggaggctga ggttgcagtg agccgagatt gtgccactgc actccagcct    138840
     gggcaacaga gcgagactca gtctcaaaat aaataaataa aaataaatga aatgtagatt    138900
     cagttttcag atgtgtatct tttttttgtc tagataatgt ttaacatatt cttacataac    138960
     acatttgctg gtaacaagtt tcctcaactt ttgtttgtcc aaggaatgct ttatttctca    139020
     tttacttttg aaagaagatc tcacagggca ctgaaatcta atttgatttt ttttctctca    139080
     gcatgcttaa tatttcattc cactctcttt actttcatgg ttctgagatg ttgaatgtaa    139140
     tttttttttt gagacggatt ctcactctgt cacccaggct ggagtgcagt ggtgtaatct    139200
     cggctcactg caagttctgc ctcccaggtt cacaccattc tcctgcctca gtctcccgag    139260
     tagctaggac tacaggctcc tgccaccacg cctggctaat tttttgtatt ttatgtggag    139320
     atggggtttc accatgttag ccaggatggt ctcaatcttc tgacctcgtg atccacccaa    139380
     cttggcctcc cacagtactg ggattacagg catgagccac aaagcctggc ctgaatgtga    139440
     tttttgtttg tttgtctata ggtttctttg tttctctacc tttgtttctt tgtttctcta    139500
     cctttgtttc tttgtttctc tataggtaag atgttgtcca ctccaccttt ggtctctttt    139560
     ggagttgatg ttttatacag ttggagaata atatgcctag gtgtaggttt ttagcatgta    139620
     cactctctgg tgtgctctga gcttcctgga tctttgattt ggtgtctgac attaacagtg    139680
     gaagttgtca aacatgattg ttgccgatgt ttcttctatt tctctctcct ccttctggta    139740
     ttctcatcac tctatgttac accttttgta gctgtcccac tgttcttgga tattatgttc    139800
     cattgttttc agtttttaaa gtttctttca cattttcaga gctcacagac tctttccttt    139860
     gttgtgttca gcctactagt aagccaatca aagacattct tcaggtctgt tgcagtactt    139920
     ttttatctct actgtttctt ttttgttctt tccttggact tctgtctctc tgcttacatt    139980
     gcctatctgt tcttgaatgc tgtctccttt gttcatcaga gcccttagca tattacttag    140040
     agatactttt aaaaatccct gtctgataat tccagcatta tagctatgtc ttgttctgat    140100
     gatctgtcac ttcaaattgt gatttttgtc ttttagtatg ccttgtgctt tttctttatt    140160
     cctagatatg agataccagg taaaaggaac tactgtgaca gtgcatcctg taatgatggg    140220
     aagctatgga ggggagggga agctgtctta gtccatccac cagcataact tagagcaagt    140280
     aatttgtaaa caacagaaat ttgttgctca gtttggaggc tagaaagtcc aaagtcaagg    140340
     ttccaagaga ttcagtgttt gatgcgactc attcctcata gatggtgcca gctatatgtc    140400
     ctctcatgtt ggaatggaca aagatgcttc ctttggcctc tttcataagt gcactaatcc    140460
     caatcaggat ggctttgcca ttacatttca aaggccccac cacttaattc tagtgcattg    140520
     gagacttggt ttcaacaggc acattttgca gggggtcggg caggaaacaa atattcagac    140580
     catagcagaa gtgttctgga gtcttacgat tgggcctcat tgtttaagtg agtctctgct    140640
     tttggactgt gaacttcaca tgtgtttctc tgtttttatc ttccccttta gggatgagtg    140700
     tagtaggctg gagttcgtta tttcccttcc agcaggtcat ttaggatctg attatatgag    140760
     agcaagttaa gctgaggttc agtaatttct cctgaggaca agccttgtta agaacagggt    140820
     gctctggcat attttaagat ggttttcctt tttccttccc aaaggtggaa gcaggaagcg    140880
     agttttctca ggtgtttgcc acaggagcct ggtgaagctc caggaggtaa attttacaat    140940
     attatgctcc ctcatacctg gatatccctg gcgtttttac ctccttgtgt tgtccatatg    141000
     gaaccttcag caattcacca gttattgttc aagattttct actccagcac tggttcctaa    141060
     ggtggtttca gtagtgagtc tctgttcctg taagccataa attcctatat tcacttctct    141120
     atctctccaa tcttgggggc agtggcttgc cctatgtcct ctcttcacat tcaaatccaa    141180
     aaaggattgt agatttttca gtctcttcag cttttatttg ttttattaaa aaaaagtttt    141240
     ttagagttgg gggtctcact atgttgcccc ggctggtctc aaactcctag actcaaggga    141300
     acctcctgct ttggcctccc aaagtgctgg gatgataggc atgagccaca acacctgatc    141360
     ttttcagctt ttcatgtgtt aagatggact gattacttcc attctttttt tttttccttt    141420
     ttttgagttg gagtctcacc ttgttgctga ggctggagtg cagtcgtgca atctcagttc    141480
     actgcgacat ctagctccca ggttcaagtg attctccctg cctcagcctc ctgagtagct    141540
     gggattacag gcacccacca ccatgctggc taatttttgt attattatta ttttattttt    141600
     taattttttg aggcagagct cactcagtca tccaggctgt agtacagtgg cttgatcttc    141660
     gcttactgca acctccacct cccaggttca agcaattatt ctgcctcagc ctcccaagta    141720
     gttggtacta ctggcaaaca ccaccaaact tcgataattt ttgtattttt agtagaggtt    141780
     cggttttgcc atgttggtca ggttggtctc aaactcctga tttcaggtga tccacccacc    141840
     tcaagctccc aaagtgctgg ggttacaggt gtgagcctct gcgcccagcc taattttttt    141900
     ttatttttag tagagatggg ggtttgccat gttgaccagg ctggtcttga acttctgact    141960
     tcaggtgatc tgcccacctt ggtctcccaa agtgctggga ctacaggcat gagccactgc    142020
     acctggccac ttctaagctt cttacatgca gaaatcagaa cctggaatct gtttctaaga    142080
     cttttcttct taatgcctat gtggacaatt aaaggatttt tctcctcagg actctgaata    142140
     tgatgaattg tattagtaga ctttctaata ttgagctttt cttaatttgt gaaataaact    142200
     cagaaagatc cttcttggtc ttaacagttt atttctcttt gtaaatatta gggattctgt    142260
     ggattctgta cttgttcctt tttatccttt cattctctta ggttcatttg gtctgatgga    142320
     ttcaggtacc attgaaattc tgatagtttc aaaatcttta tctccagctt tgatctctct    142380
     tgtgaactct ggaactgtat tcccaattgc cagttgggca tccctacata tgggacctca    142440
     gatatttcca acatgacgtg tccaagtctg tatcacttct ggccatcata ttgttcttta    142500
     tttttccaaa tttcacatca ccagtaacaa actagctgta atcatggcag atagcctgga    142560
     aacaaaactc ccctttttac cctctgcaca gcaaattgac atcaaatcct gtttctactt    142620
     gttttccttt taactattgc ttccctattc tgtattctca ctgctccatc ttctgatgta    142680
     ggaggtcatc tgtctttctc ttttcctctc ctctgactct taagcccttt cccattctct    142740
     ttctcaggaa tggctgttaa aatgccaata tggtcatgta actttcctgt acttagtgaa    142800
     cctccttatt tacaccctgt ttgtgaagag gctgtgttca ccctgggtgg acacagaatg    142860
     tttttggcat gtacaaagag aattttatgc tgcctgtgta gagctactaa tttgtaagta    142920
     cactcagctt tttgtatctg taggtttaat atctgtgtat gtaaacaaac ttggatgcaa    142980
     aatatttgaa ataaaatcag acgcttgcat ctgtagtgaa catattcaga ctttttcttg    143040
     tcattacttg ctaaacaaca caactattta catccacatt gtatttggtc ttctaagtgt    143100
     gaaaggaaaa taaagattgg gactccaact cattaagcta aagggaaaag tcaagctggg    143160
     aactcagtca tgcaaacctg cctcctcctt ttggttccta aataagatgg ctacaagata    143220
     aaaagctcat atttttccca caaggaaatt tctggtgtgc tttaagatct ttaaagtgtt    143280
     tctgttaaaa ttcatcatgg caatgtaaat caatagctta tcctttttat tctttttttt    143340
     ttttgagatg gagtttcact attgtcaccc agggtggagt gcaatggcac aatctcggct    143400
     caccacaacc tctgcctccc gggttcaagt gattctcctg cctcagcctc ctgtgtagtt    143460
     gggattacag gcatgaacca ccacacttgg ctaattttgt atttttagta gagacggggt    143520
     ttctccatgt tggtcaggct ggtcttgaac tcctgacctc aggtgatcca cccacctcag    143580
     cctcttagag tgctgggatt acagatgtga gctgctgtgc ctggtctgat atctcatctt    143640
     tacaatgcat aggacagaac tcagagtcat ccctctgccc acctgacaca aatgcatatc    143700
     tgattgttcc cctccctgtt tgtctatgtt atgtaaaaat acagattcac tgagccaaag    143760
     acatggatga ctgtatcagt ctgttctcac ccctctgccc acctgacaca catgcatatc    143820
     tgattgttcc cctccctgtt tgtctatgtt atgtataaac gcagattcac tgagccaaag    143880
     acatggatga ctgtatcagt ctattctcac ccctctgccc tcctgacaca aatgtatatc    143940
     tgattgttcc ccctccctgt ttgtctatgt tatgtataaa tgcagattca ctgagacaaa    144000
     ggcatgaatg actgtatcag tctgttctca tactgctctg aagaaatact caagactggg    144060
     tcatttataa aggaaagagg tttaattgac tcacagctct gcatggctgg ggaggcctca    144120
     agaaacttac aataatggca gagagcacct cttcacaggg gggcaggaga gacaatgagt    144180
     gcaagcacgg gaaataccag acacttacaa aaccatcaga tctcatgtga ttcattatca    144240
     tgagaacagc aaagaggaaa ctgccctgat gatccaatta cttccacctg gtcccaccct    144300
     tgacacatga ggattattac aatttatggt gagaattgtg tggggacaca gagccaaacc    144360
     atatcaatga atgttttccc cctaccccaa tcttacatga aaactgtatt tctcaatatt    144420
     tcaccctttc ccctttaaat ttggagccct cataatcatt tttgaagaaa ggcatagacc    144480
     tgtctcctgg gtgtgcatcc ttaacgttgg caaataaacc tcttaaaatg atcgagattt    144540
     gtctgggtcg tgtttcctga ttgaccgaag tgttccagag atgatataaa gtacagtcat    144600
     gcatggctta atgacatgtg tatgttctga gacatgcatt actaagcaat atttttgttt    144660
     tgtgaacatc ataaagtgta cttacataac cctagatggt atatatgttt atattttttc    144720
     atatgagaaa ccatatgttc tagcaccgtc attgaatatc agtcactttc cctacttgat    144780
     ctgcagtgct agtatcaagt cccacatatc aggttttatc gggggaacca gcccccaata    144840
     tttcaacata ggttctttct attttcccta agtgttggct ggtctgagaa ataaggggta    144900
     caaagaaaga aattttacat ctaggcctct gggggtgtca ttagggattt tgaaagggga    144960
     gggggtttac gaatagggag taggtaacaa gggtcacatg cttcaaaggg ccataaagat    145020
     cacaaggtga aggcaaaatt agaaccactg atgagggtct gtgtcccact gtgcacacat    145080
     tgtcttgata aacatcttaa caggaaacaa ggttcaagag cagagaccag tctgactaga    145140
     attcaccagg ctggaatttc ccaatcctag caagcctgag ggtactgcag gagaccaggg    145200
     tgtatttcag tccttatttc aactgcataa gagagatact cccagagcgg ccgtctatag    145260
     acctaccccc gggaatgcat tcctttccca gggtattaat tattaatatt ccttgctgag    145320
     aaaagaattc agtgatattc tcttattcac acgtccatct ataggctctc tgcaagaaga    145380
     aaaatatggc tgtattctgc ccgaccccac aggcagtcag accttatggt tatcttccct    145440
     tgttccctga aaatcgctgt tattctgttc tttttcaggg tgcactgatt tcatattgtt    145500
     caaacaccca tgttttacaa tcagatttga tattgtttga acacacgttt tacaaacaat    145560
     ttgtacactt aatgcaatca tcacagggtc ttgaggcgac atacatcctc agcttatgaa    145620
     gatgatggga ttagattaaa gtaagacaag gataagaaat tataaaagta ttaattataa    145680
     aagtattaat aaatgtccat gaaatcttca caatttatgt tcttctgaca cggttcccac    145740
     cagtccctcc attctggatc tctgacttcc tgcaagaagg tttctatatg tgtttataat    145800
     cttaaggggc catggtaata tacatggttc attattgatt aaaaggtcat tatgaggcac    145860
     atgactgcat atggaaggat aagcatgggt tatatgaaaa tataccattt tatataagac    145920
     ttgagcatca gtggattttg gtatctgtgg cggtattctg gagctgattt cccatggata    145980
     ctgaggaaca actgtacttt gaaaatgaaa ggtgcatgca tttttgtcat taaaattagg    146040
     tcaaatattt aaatgcagaa tcactgcata atcagttcct tcaagactgc gtctatctct    146100
     ctcatcaagg cccaggatct tttatctaga tacactgcag tgtgtcattc cattaacatg    146160
     gtgtgtcttc tttgtgtcct tgggactgga cttcagctac acctcatagt tgtgagatgg    146220
     tgtggttcac atggaagtgc taaacaactt tgttttttca gtgaagtgca acctcgtaat    146280
     actgtgcatc accatgcctg gctagttttt ctattttttg tagagacagg gtttcaccat    146340
     gttgctcagt ctggtcttga actcatgagc ccaagtgatc cacctgcctc aacctcccaa    146400
     agtgctggaa ttacaggcat gagccactgt acctgtccta acaaaccatt tgaactacag    146460
     gtgaagcgaa gtctctctct ctgatatttg gcgttctttt tacaactcct aaaatatcta    146520
     aatgtgcctc cctctcaggg cacacagccc aatcctattt tctcccatat gataggaaag    146580
     aaagaatcac ataacaaaat cttcattgtg aagagcacac ggtcaaaaca ttttttaaaa    146640
     tcctattttg aagtccagtt atgcaaagaa ttaataaata atgacacaaa ttgatgaaag    146700
     tgtagctatc ttactgaaac cagtgtaaga acacaaatgg aattcataat gagccacaaa    146760
     gtcatctgaa tccagatcaa aatgtcaagg tcttgagaaa aggcccaact gggagcaaat    146820
     tatgaaatct acatgagtct cttaaggacg acttagggaa ggcttggcct ttggttgtta    146880
     ttatgagact gatatggttt ggctgtgtcc tcacccaaat ctcgaattgt tgttcccata    146940
     attcccacgt attgtgggag ggacctagtg ggaggtaatt gaatcatgag gattgtgctg    147000
     ttcttatgat agtgaataag tctcatgaga tctgatggtt gtatgcaagg aagttcccct    147060
     gcacatgctt tctcttgtct gctgctgtgt aagacctgaa ctttgccttc tgccatgatt    147120
     gtgaggtctc cccagccaag tggcactgtg aatccattaa acttattttt ctttataaat    147180
     tacccagtct tggtcatgtc catattagca gcatgagaac agactaatac ggagacttat    147240
     tatgagtttg ataggaaggt gcagaaacag agttctggag tcagattatg ggtgacagct    147300
     acataatctt ttttattcca gaaaattgaa agattttata tatgagtgga acttagtttc    147360
     tgttcagtgt tgatgtggga aaaaatgagg ttagatttgt gagcaggagc tgaatcatta    147420
     aaagtcttca agtccttgct aaagagtgag aacctaagtt ttaagctgtt gttaagtgct    147480
     tttaagtcct tgaggaacac agttacctgt ctagagatgt tagtctggaa gtgaacaaga    147540
     taacgggaag taagaggagt gcaggctgat ggaaacatga tggaaaatgg aaatatttca    147600
     gatgagagag ggtgaggttt tcactgagta taagagtgca ggctgatgga aacatgatgg    147660
     aaaatggaaa tatttcaggt gagagagagt gagggtttca ctgagtcata aagttgtgga    147720
     gaagaagcag tgagtagaat acttaagaag tagaattaat aaaactttgt gacagaacag    147780
     gtgatgggtc tgggagagaa ctatatctgg aacagtggat ctcagagtgc tccatgaaaa    147840
     taagactctt tctatcataa tacagctatg ttacttgtat ttttcgcttt ttttgttctc    147900
     tgctttggtg caaaagcagt agtaagtaaa acggtagcaa aaacaagaca gaggctccaa    147960
     ataatagtag cagttctatt atttacagtc acttggttgc ctaaataagt aaacaggcca    148020
     attttatttt catgttactt aagaatatca ttgatgaagc agtaaaaaat aacattttca    148080
     ttaaatctag atccccaagt atgtcttttc agtattctat ttgataaaat ggtaagaact    148140
     catagagcac ttattactta aaaatgaact aagtgtgaca gggtgcagtg gctcatgcct    148200
     gtaatcccag cacttttgga gctcaagagt ttgtgaccag ttggagcaac atggtgaaac    148260
     ccaatctcta caaaaaaatg ttagccaggg gtgatgatgt aaacctgtag tctactgtag    148320
     ggatgagccc tacagggtct ttgggttttc ctcaccgtgt gcagagatga gagatcatag    148380
     aaataaagac acaagacaaa gagatagaag aaaacacagt tgggcctggg ggaccactgc    148440
     caccaagatg tggagactgg taatggcccc gaatgcctgg ccaaactgtt atttattgaa    148500
     tacaaggcaa gggggcaggg taaggagtgt gagccatctc caatgatagg taaggtcacg    148560
     tgggtctctt gtccaccagt cgggggacct tccttgtttg gcagccgagg cggagagaga    148620
     gagaggacag cttacgccat tattccgtct gtgcattcca aatactttta gtactttcac    148680
     taattccgct actgctatct agaaggccaa gccaggtgca gaggacggaa catgaaagca    148740
     gaccaggagc ctgaccgctg aagcacagca tcacagggag acaggcctcc agatggctgc    148800
     gggagagctt gactgatgtc gccttccaca agaggtggtg gagcagagtc ttctctaact    148860
     accccgggga aagggagact cgctttcccg gtctgctaag taaccggtgc cttcccaggc    148920
     actagcgcta ccgctagacc aaggtctgct aagtaacagg cgtcttccca ggcgctggcg    148980
     ttaccgctag acgagggagc cctctggtgg ccgtgtctgg gagtgacaga gggctcatac    149040
     tcttgtcttc tagtcacttc tcaccatgtc ccttcagctc ctatctctgt atggcctggt    149100
     atttcctagg ttatagtcgt ggaacagaga ttattataat attggaataa agagtaatac    149160
     tacaatctaa tgattactaa tattcacata tcatcattta tattctattt ctagtacaag    149220
     tattcttcta tatattttct ttattacact ggaaccgctc atgccctcag tctcttgcct    149280
     tggcacctgg gtggcttgag gcccacagtc tactactggg gaggctgagg cgggaggatc    149340
     atttggcccc gggagacaga ggttgcagtg agctatgatt gcaccactgc actccagcct    149400
     gggcaacaga gcaagacctt gtctgaaaaa aaaaaaaaag tgagattgtc ttaaagaaaa    149460
     ataactgagc tgttactgaa aatgtaaaaa gttttcaagt gaaaattaaa atttggaaaa    149520
     cgtatgtgca ttcttgaaca tgacaatttt tcaaaactta cggatttttc tgaggagatc    149580
     aagggtaata ttactgaatt tcaaaatatt ttataatata gtgtatcaat atttggaaca    149640
     tctgcattat tcaatgaacc aatattttcc caatggccat gccaatatga taaaaatcat    149700
     gatcggtaaa agacccatta acattgaaaa tagacctata ggttttaatg tgatatagca    149760
     gaaaaagcat atgatgtggt gtcatgcctc ccattgcaat aacctgaata aagcatttgt    149820
     ttgcagatca aagaagaaga acaatagttg gccaaaaata cttaattttt tttttcgaga    149880
     tggagtttca ctctgtcacc aggctggaca caatcttggc tcactgcaac ctccacctcc    149940
     tgggttcaag cgattctcct tcctccgcct cccaaatagc tgggattaca gtcactcacc    150000
     accaagcttg ctaatttttg tatttttagt agagacgggg tttcatcatg ttggccggct    150060
     ggtctcgaac tcctgacctc aagtgatctg cccgcctcag cctctgaaag tgcttggatt    150120
     agaagcgtgt accaccacac ttcgtccaaa aattatttta aattattctt cctttctaga    150180
     acttcatgtc tgtgtggggc aatattttct tcacacactt agtcaaaaca acatattgca    150240
     acagactgaa ttcagaagca gatatgagta tcaagctgtc ttcagttaag ccagacattt    150300
     tgcaaaaatg taaaaaaatt gcaactcttc aaactatgtg gggacttgtt ttattttaaa    150360
     atgctatttt gttagcatta actgaattta ttatttttag gcatgttacc tttttttttt    150420
     ttgaagtgaa atcttgctct gtttccaggc tggagtgcag tggcgcgatc ttggctcact    150480
     gcaacatcca cctcctaggt tcaagcgatt cttcagcctc agccttccga gtagctggga    150540
     caataggtgc ccatgaccac gcccgactaa tttttttttc tttttttttt tgtattttta    150600
     gtagagatgg ggtttcaccg tgttggccag gatggtctgg atctcttgac tttgtgatcc    150660
     acctgcctca gcctctccaa gtgctgggat tacaggtgtg agccaccgca cccggccaat    150720
     atttactaat ttagaagtcc taatttctct tatgataatc attaatagaa ataatacata    150780
     tgaataaatt tgggtgagag agaaaggttt ggaagttgtc aattattttt ccttttaact    150840
     tatttaaaat tcaagtgtca tgtctacaaa atggctgcaa aactcataaa ttaaaataga    150900
     gacctattcc tccacactcc tttagtttca ttttttcctt ctatcagaga gtttatcact    150960
     attattttta gtcttgtcat cccaactgaa ttatgaagtc ctgcagaaaa aaaagttatg    151020
     tgctttattt ttgatttatt tgtacttagc accatgaatt gcttagggat tgttctttaa    151080
     aataaaattt aaataacatc aggacaggca tgggggctca cacctgtaat cacagcactt    151140
     tgggagactg aggtgggcag attacctgag gtgaggagtt cgagaacagc ctggccaaca    151200
     ctgaaaaacc ccgtctctac tgcaaataca aaattaacca ggcgtggtgg cgctctccta    151260
     taatcccagc tactccggac acagagacag gaaaatcgct taaaagtggg aggcagagtt    151320
     tggattgagc tgagatcgtg ccactgcaat ccagcctggg tgacagagca agactccatc    151380
     tcaaaaataa ataaataaat aaacaaaaac atcagttagc aatgttgtca tttaggcata    151440
     tttaggcatt aattctatca cttaccagag cttaatattt taaattgttg atcatggaat    151500
     ttgttgattt gaacctgaac aaccttaatt attttcaagt agtttttcct tcaattaaat    151560
     tatattaatt ttatatttat ttgaaataat ttatttccat atttttatta aactttaatc    151620
     aatgttttgt gcttttatag ccatgtgaaa tatttgtttt tgaaatattg attttaaaaa    151680
     caatgcaatt agttgatatt tattattgaa agtactagaa tttcaaaacc ttaatattga    151740
     taattattgt catttagaaa aataagactg ttgtagaaat gaagagagaa ggagtaagaa    151800
     aggcgattgc tttttatttt gagtattttc ttttcctttt tttcttttta gtaaaaatgg    151860
     gctcttgctg tgttgactag gctggccttg aactcctggc ctcaagtgat cctcctgcct    151920
     cggcttctca aagcactggg tttacagata tgaaccactg tgcccaacct gataattatt    151980
     tttatgtcat attgacaggt tttagactaa taaaacattt ttattttgtt tattatttca    152040
     gattcagggg tacatgtgca aatttggttt aagggtaaat agcatggtgc ttaagtttgg    152100
     gcttctattg gtcccatcaa ccagatagcg aacatagtac ctaataggaa gcttctcagg    152160
     tcttgtgcca ttccctcctc cctcctttga agtccttagt gtctattgtt cccaagttta    152220
     tgtctgtgtg tacccaagat ttaattccca cttataagtg agaacctgtg atagctggtt    152280
     ttctgtttct gcattaagtt gcttgggatt atgggcacca gatgcatcca tgttgctgca    152340
     aagaacgtta tttaattctt ttttatggct gcatagtatt ccatggtgta catatgccac    152400
     attttctttg tcgtattcat cattaatgtg cacctaagtt gattccatgt ctttgctatt    152460
     gtgaacatat tagtgtatgt gtctttgggt agaataatta taatttattt tattttgggt    152520
     atacacccag taatgggatt tctgggtcta atgatagttc tgttttttga gaaatcttca    152580
     aaccactttc cacagtggct gaactaattt gcattcctac caagagtgta taggcattcc    152640
     cttttctctg tagccttgca aaaatccgcg gttattatta ttattattat tttgagatgg    152700
     agtttcactc ttattgtcca ggctaaagtg caaaggcaca atctcagctc actgcaacct    152760
     ccttctccta ggttcaagtg attatcctgc ttcaacctcc cgagtagctg ggattataga    152820
     catgcaccac catgcccagc taattttttg tatttttagt acagaccggg tttcatcatg    152880
     ttggccagga tggtctcgaa ctcctgactt caggtgatcc acctgcctca gcctcccaaa    152940
     gtgctgggat tacaggcttg agcaaccaca tccggccaag atgtttttta aaactagaat    153000
     tttatactcc tcattaatac ttttccttcc tggcatctct ttaatttctt agggcacaca    153060
     ctgaggcaga tggcatctca ctgttaatca agaacaaaaa gccttaaatt atgatagaaa    153120
     ccactatagc aatgtctgtg tcaagaggct gtctgcatat ctaaatgtac atttcacagt    153180
     acagcaaaca cttttactga actacattat ctgtcagatt gcctaaggca ctgaaataga    153240
     aaattcctag ttcttgctgt attttgctag gttatacatt agtttctttt gttggttttt    153300
     gctatgagag gaccaaaaag atagaaacca cagtatctgt tttaatattc tttttttttt    153360
     ttgagacagg gtgacactgt cacccaggct ggtgtaatca caactcactg cagcctcaac    153420
     ttcctgggtt caagcgatcc tcccacctca gcctcccaag tacctgagac cacaggcatg    153480
     tgacaccaca cctggtgtgt tttagtattt tcttgtacac agagggtttt gccatgtttc    153540
     ccagggtggt ctcaaactcc tgggctcaaa ggatcctcct gcctcagctt cccaatgtgc    153600
     tgtgattaca ggtatgaacc accatgcctg gccttaatat tattttctat ttgtaaatgg    153660
     aaagcttcag aaaagaccct caaacaggac tataaatgtt ttcacaatac tgtttggtac    153720
     agccagatat tgatagtatg tataatgtaa ctcaggggtc cccacccctg ggccatggac    153780
     aggtatgtgt ccgtgacctc tgaggaaccg ggctgcacat caggaggtga gtggtggctg    153840
     agtgagcatt aagacctgag ctctgcctcc tatcagatca gctgcagcat tcgattctca    153900
     taggagtaca aaccccaatg tgaactgcac atgtgaggga tctaggttgc atgcacttat    153960
     gagaatctaa tgcccgatga tctgaggtgc aacaatttca tcctaaaact gtcctccctg    154020
     ccatctgtgg aaaaattgtc ttccatgaaa cccatttctg gtgccaaaaa aggctgggga    154080
     ccactgatgt aacttatata ccagtatatc acatttattc ttaccttttg acatatatcc    154140
     tgaaattagg tgtggacaag ctgtgggagt taggtgtgaa attagcttag caagttagac    154200
     tcccaggaca attccacact tcactaagca aatgatggct attcttaact gacaacatca    154260
     tcaccacctg tctcttacta accctaacag tataatagta tacacggtag gagcgcagcc    154320
     aaatgtcttc ctccagcccc acatccaatg gctgaaatgt gcaccttctt acctaaggtt    154380
     gtgtatcccc ttctctgcag ctacagccca cttggcctgg gttccatgtt cgacgtggct    154440
     ccccagagtt ctgtcatggg agtaagcacc agtcatctgc agtgtaactc acttggcaac    154500
     acatccttat tttgtcttct tcctgaaccc cgtcccattc tgtccctcct tgaccaatgc    154560
     ttccagtctc cttgggatca tgtcccaaat aaactacatg cactgaaatc tttgtcttaa    154620
     gttctgctcc tgggggaatc caaactaaga catggtgaat cttccatatt taggaggaac    154680
     tggtgcctgt tgaaaatgaa ttgttgtgtt tgttggcgaa aaattcatct gttatcctga    154740
     aagcaaacaa atcccacaag aataccatat tgccaatatt gtctgtgtct ctagcctacc    154800
     aggtaaggag agctgcactg atgctggaag ttgacaacac ctgtgaatga ctctggagcc    154860
     ttcttgtgga cctccacctt ggaggaggtg gcaaacgctt agtagtcttc caggagtcaa    154920
     catgtgggca ctcacgctga tctccatatc attgtggaga gtcaatgtca aggcccctct    154980
     gcccttcaaa gctgtcacat tgtatgtgcc ttaaatgtca cctgccagaa gcaagccagg    155040
     tttacctttg gacaccaaca gcattctttt ctttcattca tcctcctgac ttaccagacc    155100
     ctgctatgaa tgacttgatt gttcttcaac ttccaattta ccctcaaaat tggaagattt    155160
     tctacccatt caaaataatt gattttgcct ttttggaaag cagctcaaaa agagatttct    155220
     tgactaagta aaaattaatc catttttagg aagcttgtat ttggatgtgt ctgttggatg    155280
     tacatatcat tttttgacat acctatcaca ctgtctggaa tgacacctca gttttgtccc    155340
     ttttctttca aagtaggcct ttgggaatca catttacttt catatagaaa catgattttt    155400
     cctctcaaga gcttgtcttt gtatttagca aaaaaaaacc ttctccattc tgtagagaaa    155460
     atccccaaat tgtgcaaaac ctctggagaa agcactgagc ccagaaaatc agcattccaa    155520
     gaaaaggact ctgaacacag tgtctgcaat tctgtgctga actgttaaat gcagatgtag    155580
     tgaaattaat agctttttca aaatgtacaa tatagtgaat gggtgttgcc aatacattat    155640
     aattaccccg gacttgtgtg aggtggatct tttggaggag aactggcttt ctcagatgaa    155700
     gggaatcctg tctgtgaatg aagaagacaa ggaggaatgt agtattcttg ggagaggctg    155760
     ccctggttat catgatgtca gtggtccttt aacccaaaag cccacagata ttctccctaa    155820
     ccacagaaag tataattatt taccaccccc caagaatctt gctgacttca ttttttcact    155880
     gagttcttgt tcagaaacga agattgagag gaattattcc cagaatcagc atgcagtact    155940
     cacctttgaa gcctttgagc tctttgcttt ctttcacagc ttgttttttc ctgcccgttt    156000
     ttcctgtctt ctttcaggct aagcctccct ccttttggta gaggcttttt ataccatttg    156060
     ggaacaggtt tggataagct accttaatga aggaccacac atccctccag agatgataaa    156120
     agactttctg tcttttctgg taagtccttt ctggaataaa gatcagtgtg tttctggatc    156180
     agtcttggcg tctacggatt ttacattctg tctgtgaggc atatattcta gtgaatttac    156240
     tttcaaattt gtctgcatgc ctagtttaat attttgatct gcatgtctag gttaaaattt    156300
     ttgtgaacga tcttatcttt gtttcttttg attttatttg attctttatc cttgtttctg    156360
     aaattctccc aagagcaaaa gtaaacattc taaatggtgg gtcaggatgg ctaactaaaa    156420
     gctgccaggg cagttgtcac cctctaaaac actggcctaa acccctggaa ttccataaga    156480
     ggatttatag gattttctct actcttgcaa gattaatgaa aaacagaacg ctcacagggt    156540
     gcggtgcctc atgcctgtaa tcccagcact ttcagaggcc aaggtgggtg gatcacgagg    156600
     tcaagagatc aagaccatct tggccaacat ggtgaaacct cgtctctatt aaaatacaaa    156660
     aaaaaaaaaa aattagccag gcatggtggc atgtgcctgt agtcccagct actcgagagg    156720
     ctgaggcagg agaatcgttt gaacccggga gagtggaagt tgcagtgagc cgagattgtg    156780
     ccactgcatg agagcctggt gacagagcaa gactccatct aaaaaacaac aaaaaacaag    156840
     aaacaaaaca aaattgcatt ctccaacatt aaggcatgct aggttttctg ggactccagc    156900
     tggttacata ttatgactca tatgtttatc ttgctgggaa aattacatca aggaaaatac    156960
     agatctccaa tagtcattat ttgaaaaacc tgcaattata gagttaatat gtagagattt    157020
     ctaagttctc tgcatacctc tctctgttct tcttctaccc attcactgtt tatggaattc    157080
     tggcctgtgc cccaaatctt aaagagtttt caaattaatg gctttataaa ttacaacagc    157140
     ttcatgatat caacaagtga gataatcttt agaaatataa atttaattct aaaataccgt    157200
     gtgttaagaa aaaataagaa atataaattt aggtttacct gacttacaat tgtgtacaat    157260
     gaaagaatac ttcattagaa gttaatataa gaaaaaaata actagataaa tatttatgaa    157320
     attaggcttt ccgatcaaac aggtcaaaat cttggcctta cagcaataat ctaaggtatg    157380
     tctaacacaa aaattttgct gtttctgcca cgcaaaagca aaaattataa ataatttaga    157440
     accgctaaaa atctttcctg tccacacttg ctagtcaagc aaatcacact ggcaaacaga    157500
     aaatagattt gctagtaatt caaggttaca tggagatttt atttttctta tacaatttat    157560
     ccagtcccag cttaaatgta aacattgaaa atataaccct aaactcatct gaaacttaag    157620
     aaaaggtgaa aaaggttttt taaaaagtca aactgccatg gaaactgctt tacccaaact    157680
     gtggttcaca gcacttatta gattacctat cgtggcaaat aaattttaac catgttttac    157740
     attttgccaa aaaatataat ttgggtccaa ctgtctttta taaactggtg gattagtatt    157800
     actatctcat gactaaaagt ctaaataaaa aaaacataag atctgttatt tgtgtgtgta    157860
     tatgtggtca gatgtgttta tgcatataca catgtatttt gttatatgtt ttgtctacat    157920
     ggtaaaatct ggtgtagtga tcctgaaatc ccttaagaaa gtctatttag ataaatgacc    157980
     tcatgaaata tacaataatt aacctaaatg ctttttaatt catgtgactt aatctgtgat    158040
     aaataaacta ttctaaaatt agtggtaaaa tataaataga aatatcttca aaatggtcag    158100
     tgtacgtttt acccgggttt actggtcaaa tggttttata tttgtctctt ctagaaatct    158160
     gttattatgt gggtggcaag ccacccaggt gccgaggtaa gagaccaagg gcaagagctg    158220
     ttccagtgta ataaagaaaa tatataaatt aagaatagtt atactagata tagatcatag    158280
     atatgattat atatgaatat cattaatcat tagtttgtag cagttactct ttattccaat    158340
     attatagtaa tcctcactct gccatcataa cctaggaaaa accagaccat acagagacag    158400
     gagctgaggg gacgtagtga gaagtgacca gaagacaagg gctccttggt ctagtggtaa    158460
     tgccagctct gggaagacac ctgtgaccta agcgaaccgt gctctagcag tagtgtcagt    158520
     gccaaggaaa agcacccact acttagcaga ttggaaaagg gagtctccct ttccccaggg    158580
     aagtttagag aagtctctgc tctgccacct cttgtggagg gcctgatatc agtcagggcc    158640
     acctgcagtt atctggaggc ctgaccatct ccctgtgatg ctgtgcttca atggtcatgc    158700
     tcctagtctg ctttcatgtt ccattgtgta cacctggctt gccttttaga tagcagcagc    158760
     aaaattagtg aaagtactaa aagtctctga tatgcagaaa taatggcata agctgtctct    158820
     ctctctcccc gcctcagctg ccaaacaggg aagggccccc atctggtgga cacgtgacac    158880
     acgtgacctt acctatcgtt ggagatggct cacactcctt accttgaccc cttgtcttgt    158940
     atccaataag taacaacgca gactggcatt cagggccact actggtctct gtgtctaggt    159000
     ggtagtgttc ccctgggccc agctgtattt tcttctatct ctttgtcttg tgtctttatt    159060
     tctatgatct ctcatctcca cacacaggga gaaaaatcca cagaccctgt ggggctggtc    159120
     cctacattat tagtcataat tttggttgct atgttaactt tttcctagag ttacgtctat    159180
     gtggatatgt tacatggatt tttataccca tataactttc tatattgcta taaaattgtt    159240
     ctcacccata aaatactgat aatactgata tgtgacagat ttcttgctgc ctaagttttc    159300
     actataattt aaggttacta caagtttaaa attctaatta atatagggca ggtacagtgg    159360
     ctcatgcctg tgatcccagc actttgtgag gccgatgcgg gtggattgct tgagcccagg    159420
     aatttgagac cactctgggc aacatggtta aaccccgtct ctacaaaaaa tataaaagtt    159480
     agccaggcat agtggcacac gcctgtagtc ccagctactg gggagtctga ggtgggaggg    159540
     ttgcttcagc ccaggatgtt gaggctgcag tgaactgtga ttgtgccact gcactgcagc    159600
     atgggtggca gattgagacc tgtctcaaat aaaataaaat aataaaattg taattaatat    159660
     ggataattct ttttgtgggg tgggggaaca ggatcccact ctgtcaccca ggctggaatg    159720
     cagtggcaag atcatagctc actgccacct cgaactcctg ggctccagca atcctcctgc    159780
     ctcagcctcc caaagtgctg ggattacagg tgtaagccac catgcctggc ctaactaata    159840
     tatataattc tatataaaag tgtgccttaa aaagtaggat aagtttttaa taagaaaaaa    159900
     tgtataagaa atgcatacaa atatgctctt tattgagaaa gaaataataa ttttatataa    159960
     tttaaaggtt atttaaaggt tgtttcaaaa tattgattca ggaaagacag tgaaatgtta    160020
     aagaagatcc agtaagtaga agagagagag gtgaagaaag ttattgatag ggagatggag    160080
     acaggagaag gttgaaaaga aaagaaatat ttcacatggc aaagaatctt gtgtggtaaa    160140
     ttttcatcct aaactaaaat ggctagttat ttaagaggga aagtacagga caaagtggaa    160200
     aacccaagca cgtcaccaat ggtctgagta actcatttgt gaaaagagaa tttatgcaag    160260
     atattttgcc tgtgaccaag ttggttacaa tcagaagaaa attaaattat aagtcttact    160320
     aaggattgag ctttggcatt aaaaatacac taatacaaaa ctgaaaaaat gtggtcacct    160380
     atgttagaac aaggttttct taaagtattg atttagtttt cataaaatta caagaggttt    160440
     tgagttttaa ttctgaaatc tgttccttaa cagccatctt ctaaactaca atttccattt    160500
     ctgtcaaata tctttttgag atctatttaa tttgcctagt ttgaggatgg agattcagct    160560
     cccctttttc ttgcctaaaa atgcataaca ttttgcttgg ctgaggtgat aactttcctt    160620
     caaccttttg tcaactcttg taagtttttt cctgtgattc caactctgct gttatgtcct    160680
     gatgctgaaa tatatgtcct gaaaaatcta gaaaaacagt gttttactcc aacataattt    160740
     gaaattaata aaagtctgat tgtcctgatg tgatgtagtc agtcatgatt ctggtttcat    160800
     gtaaccaagt ttcattgtca attgggacct ttgatcagat tttaaaccat ggctattcca    160860
     agtttttgtc attcacagtt gttttgaaaa tttctctaaa agcatttgca atctgctata    160920
     gtccgaaact gcttttcata gaaaataaca aatactcttg aaaacagaat tctgataaat    160980
     tttttgagac agggtctcac tctgttgccc aagctggtat gcagtggcac agtcttggct    161040
     cacggcatcc ttgacctccc aatcctctaa tctcagcctc ctggataatt tttgtatttt    161100
     ttttgtagag atgggatttc tccatattgc ctaggctggt ctcaaactcc caagttgaag    161160
     tgatctacct gcctcagcct cccaaagtgc tgggattgca gatgtgagcc actgtgcctg    161220
     gccaaatttt tgattattta agatcagtag actaaataaa aatctccaga gctcaaataa    161280
     ataaactgat gggtttacaa aactgttgat caagattaaa caaaacaaaa caattacatg    161340
     aaattaagtg gttcacaaag atgatgtttt tatgactttt atttgaaaca ttattggttc    161400
     tgaaatattt tgctttccag ttttaagaaa actttatctc ataagctacc tatagtttac    161460
     aaaaattcag taaagtatac ttttttgaac aaagatgcaa gcattcattt cgtttccgta    161520
     cttgattcct ccaaaatttg gaaactattt gtgaatattc ttttattttt actcgataaa    161580
     tatctgtttc tcttcataaa cagaatgcca ttgaaaacat tggttatatt attaaggttt    161640
     tgactgaaat ctcatattta aaaatgtgca taaaatgcct ggcttccagt gcttccagcc    161700
     tgacagtgaa ttagtaaaaa ttgtcacttc ctggcaggct caagatcttt aagattgtaa    161760
     gtaaaatcta aaacctccct tgctttggcc tcaagaggtc tttaaacctg aactttatgt    161820
     agattaatgt agagagaaag ttctgtttct aaagaaaaac tataatgcat ctgttagtag    161880
     actgtaaacc tgtgcattct tttcaagttc ttgttatcta agtgtagatt atactagatc    161940
     ctgaattttc ctaatgtatt tctcctaatt tggcaacaac tctccaacta aaagcaaaag    162000
     ctgctctgtt actaaagccc tatgagcttc aactagataa attttaaaga ataaacatat    162060
     gcctggtgta tggatcacag aaagagttca ccaaaccaac tgatgtcatg accaaagaca    162120
     ttcaaactac aaagcaggag aagttaatgt tttcctgccg attttcccag gtcattagaa    162180
     catattttcc caggtcatta gaacaagact ccatgtgatg agatttttac ccctcctcct    162240
     taatgctaca tttttcactt ggcagaataa tgatgtgaat gaaaattcac aatcaatagc    162300
     ttctgctcat aagtatactt tggttaaatg agaaaatgac tgtgttattg tcaatactat    162360
     atgctgtacc tggataaatt tctccaggaa attggaaatt tattgacaca aaagaagaag    162420
     acaggccacg tggttacacc atctcccctg attccctatg attattttat ttattcaatt    162480
     agttgtctgt aagcctaggt taatggctca aagccattat gcaaactaga attgtcctat    162540
     tagtattaat ttcataattt cccttttaaa ctgtgtatcc attacttaag tttcttttca    162600
     aaattacaac tcctaacaga ataatactgg tacagcactt tgagatgata gcaaaagact    162660
     acagaataga caaaatcaaa cttaataatg aactccaggt agatttagcc tgaagactac    162720
     accctttaaa tctcccttgt tgctccaaat gtgcctaaaa ggatgttgac actgactctt    162780
     aggtgccaat taccccctgc ctcaatgtgg gatgagacca aaaaccaaaa taggtccatc    162840
     ctagcaccaa gggccatcaa aaccaaacta aaagatgatt gatcagtgat gcttttggaa    162900
     aaagatctgg agcacaaaag ggaaaagtga aattgtctga atcaaaatgg agtcactagt    162960
     gataagaaaa ctctgacagc tcgagctggg gaaggccatg aagacagcat tctcagcagt    163020
     acatgcctga tgatgaaaaa gattctacaa aaattacaac cttgcacaaa gttcatgaca    163080
     atgttataca aaaaaaaaaa aattctgtaa ggatatctgc ccagtaacta ctgccttcca    163140
     accatggact ggcatcacga ttgttattga tttttgtagc caaggataat tatttcaaaa    163200
     caattatata actttcctca ttgtttcctt tgaaaacctt tgtctttgat gtgattttgg    163260
     tgttagccct ctccaaatct catgttgaaa tgtaatcccc agtgttggag gtgggtcctg    163320
     gggaggtgac tggatcatgg gggcaggtcc tttatgaatg gtttagcacc atccccttgg    163380
     tgataagttc tcaccctgag ttcatgtgag atctggttgt ttaaaagtgt gtggaggtca    163440
     ggcgcagtgg ctcacgcttt taatctcagc acttggggag tctgagttgg gaagagtact    163500
     agagatcagg agtttgagac cagcctggcc aacatgatga aatcccatct ctactaaaaa    163560
     tacaaaaaaa gctgggcttg gtggcatgtg cctgtaattc cagctactca ggaggctgag    163620
     acaagaatcg cttgatccca ggaggaagag gttgcagtga gctgagatca tgccactgca    163680
     ctccagcctc ggagacagag tgagactctg tctaaataaa aaaaaggaaa agaaaaaaaa    163740
     aagttgtggc acctctcccc tccctctgtt gcccctgctc tcaccacgtg ttgtgcctgc    163800
     tcccacatca aattctgcca tgaataaatg tttcctgagg ctctcaccag aagcagatgc    163860
     cagaaccatg catcccataa gacctgtaga gccatgagcc aattaaacct ctttccttta    163920
     taaacaactc agcctcagat atttctttac agcaacatac aaatgttcta gcagagtctc    163980
     tacctccctg catatgcaca tggtttacta tggcacacat atttctattc aatgctctat    164040
     tcccaaacaa gtgtattttc ttttagagag actttgcttc ttgtttcggt tgatggttcc    164100
     agctgatctc agaaatactg gaaaggagaa gcaaaactgt agcagggcaa gtctcactaa    164160
     cagttgaaca ggcaggcctc catgacaata gcttccacat tgactgaact ggttaggtta    164220
     aatattaaag gcagaacgat aagttgccct tacacaaagg ctggaacata acaatagcca    164280
     aacaaaagtc tggcctaggc ctttcctgag ccttgaaatg caacaagata acaaagaaat    164340
     tcttacattc ctcacaccag gatgcattta ggattaaaaa tcttctattg gatgtctgaa    164400
     gaaactccta cagacctcca caccttggct ggagacaaga taacggtaat cacctccagc    164460
     agcagaaccc catctagatt aggtaaactt actgaggctc cagaggaagg tctccaggac    164520
     ccagacctta gttatagatt agatggaatc aatcactttt gtccttagga aaatgcacac    164580
     ttacacatag acatacagct tagaaggtat gtaagcactg gaaaaacttg gtaactttga    164640
     gttggtctgg tgatgtttcc cccagccttc tccctatacc tggttacaga aataaaatct    164700
     cttctttcca agtttggcta catctcacta ctggaccatg agaacaagca gcctgactct    164760
     tggtttggtc caggaacaca acgagctaga gaaaatctaa attagaatta gaaatatgga    164820
     ggcatgtaca cagatcaatt tgaatattgg gctccaaatc ctttcataga tattaaacat    164880
     atacctgaaa ttacaagaaa tgaggtaacc attcaaaagt ttattcatga ttgaagaggg    164940
     gctgggatac ccctttcttc tttggggaca tgcttttcat tagccctaat ctcataatcc    165000
     acataggagc tccttctaaa gatttttctt tctttaccac tttcttcact gctgcttgaa    165060
     gggcaacccc agatgcaggt tgagccaata gtagcagcca aagtctgtaa gaactggggt    165120
     gtacagtaag aactggggtg cacagtaaga actggggttg gggtgcactg taagaactgg    165180
     ggtgcattcc caccaccatt accagtgctt tcacaccctc ctatgggatg cagtacccat    165240
     ggcagaggag cactctgaac agagctgtgg gttacgaggc tgcatctgca gtccacactc    165300
     ttaacaaacc acgagatcag cactaactcc ctaaagtagg ctgggaacac agatcgtcct    165360
     ccttcacgca gctctgggaa gctctaactt cttgctgcac ttaagataaa ttttcatgca    165420
     gcaatcccac taccaggaat ttatcaaaag gaaatatttg gaatgcacac agatgcatgc    165480
     atttattcat ctgtaattat ctggatgcct atcggtaaga aattaattat ttaaattcat    165540
     tcacatacat tcaaatgaca actccacaaa ctttagggta taaaaatgga tttcaaggat    165600
     cttctttctc agagaggcag tgtagagtga tggctaagaa ttccagctgg ggagcaagct    165660
     cacctggact cacatctgag ctctatactt actgtctgtg tggccttggg taaattatca    165720
     agggctctga gccccacatt ccccatctgt aaaacggatc tctaggaaga ttaaatgggt    165780
     tttaatgtaa agtgcccagg acacagtgta cttgggacat agcaagaatt caatgaaaat    165840
     tactcagtat tgatgacatg tccttaaatg agtaaaatat gttatgaaac cacatgtaga    165900
     tgatgatcat atttttgttt cctgtgtgaa cccaaaatat ctgagacagg tcttagttca    165960
     gaaacataat tttgccaagg ttaagaacac acccatgaca cagcctcagg aggttcttat    166020
     gaaatgtgcc caaggtggtt gggatacaac ttgcttttat acattttttt ttttgagaca    166080
     gagtctcact gtgtcaccca cactggaggg cagtgtctca atcttggctc actgcaacct    166140
     cctccgcctc ccaggttcaa gcaattctcc tgcctcagcc tcctgagtag ctggcattac    166200
     aggggcccac caccacggcc ggctaatttt tgtattttta gtagagatgg gatttcacca    166260
     tgttggccag actgtcctcg aacccctgac cttgtgatcc acccgcctcc gcctcccaaa    166320
     gtactgggtt tacagacgtg agccactgca tacagccact tttatacatt ttagggagaa    166380
     atgagacatc aattaaaata tgtaagattt tcattggttt gatctggtgg ggggggagct    166440
     tccagatcat aggtaaattt aaacattagt tgaaagagtt attattagta gaaaggaatg    166500
     cctgtgttac aataagtagt tatgaagacc aagcttttat catgcagatt aagccatcag    166560
     gtcgcaggcc tcagagaaaa tatattgtaa atgtttctta ttacacttga ggtctgtatt    166620
     gatgttaatg ctggaggggt aaaatgaggc atctccaacc ccctctttca tcattgcctg    166680
     aactagagtt tcaggataac tccagaatgg cctcaaccaa gaggaggggt ccattcagat    166740
     ggctactggg ggggccttag aatttcactt ttggttaaca ctgtccccct tctggtcaag    166800
     tcagtggcca cccaattttt attttgtcct gtagtgttgc cagggtggca tagctgccta    166860
     tttcatgtcc atcctatttt tatagcctgt gagtttcagg tgattaccta agaaccttaa    166920
     gatacatggt tattttacca ataattcaag attcagcaat tttcattaaa cccacaatat    166980
     taacatctta ttggtttaaa agctacacaa gcagagataa ttctgtttgg tggctgggtt    167040
     tatagtttta taattttgtt ttttgagatg gagtctcact cagccaccca agctggagtg    167100
     cagtggcaac actcagctca ctgcaacctc tgtcccctgg gttcaagaga ttctcctgcc    167160
     tcaacctcct gagtagctgg gactacaggt gctcaccacc acagctaatg tttgtatttt    167220
     tagtagagat gggtttcacc atattggcca ggctggtctc gaactgactt cgtgatccaa    167280
     ccacctcggc ctccgaaagt gttggaatta caggcataag ccagtgtgcc tggccaattt    167340
     tataaatttt atgtcaaatt ctgacaactt acagtatgtg gcagagataa gtacgaaatt    167400
     gcttgatcaa taagtcatgt gaacttgaaa accatttggg cgaattattt aatttatgag    167460
     tactctttaa gtttaagcca aatttgttgc cttgtgatca aaaacacata acaaaatacg    167520
     tgcacataca cataaacaca cacatacaca ctcgtacaaa caaagatcct gtagcttttg    167580
     cttcagaacc ctagccatga gatattgata cagacattta ggtttgcaaa acaataacaa    167640
     aaataattgg atgcaaacag tggactttat cttagtgaac aaatctgtac tgcaaagccc    167700
     ctcatctcag taattgggtg tcgtgtgaag ggcacagaga gcctggttca gtgtcaccgg    167760
     ggtaaccaca gctccagatg ccacctgaaa tgtcccaggg ctgaaattgc caatctcttc    167820
     tggccaaagc tgtgctccta gacctgttgg ggacccaaga gccaacactt gcaaggattc    167880
     caggccatgc atttcttgcc tgggcccacg tctgaggcct gacttagggt cctgggtgga    167940
     tctgacctgg gggtccttaa accgccccat tgattttttt ttttcagatg gggtcttgct    168000
     ctgtcaccag gctggagtaa agtggcgcaa tctcagctta ctgcaacctc tgcttcccag    168060
     gttcaagcga ttctcctgcc tcagcctcct gagtagctgg gactacaggt gtgaaccatg    168120
     gtgccaatcc aacaccctat ggaattttta acatgcttgg tgagaggaaa tggtactggg    168180
     aacccatgga cctgcacaca gggggtgcct cctgtggcag tacccggcac cctgctgcca    168240
     ccaggagacc cctggcctgt cctgctggct gccggcttat actcctccat catcaacgcc    168300
     tcaggtcctc ccagtcattt ccagtcctca gggttgctcc tccttggtct cctccagccc    168360
     tcagctcagt gctgcccctc caacctcact gagacccttg gtggttctct tccatcctca    168420
     gctccctcac agaccctggg tagtatccag ccacactcag ctctctctcc tggatgctct    168480
     gtcctttcat ggccactcaa tactacagta ttcaagttct actggtcata gtctttgttg    168540
     gggtatgatg atcattacga gccatagttc acagtggagt ggcctgattc aaagaggtat    168600
     tcatgctctc agttgacctg tgttttactt catgtgtatt gttataaata aatacttgag    168660
     gctgagtaat ttagaaagaa aagaggttta tttggctcac agttctgcag gttatacaag    168720
     cagcatggtg ctggcatctg cttctaagga agcctcagga aacttacaat catggcagaa    168780
     ggccaagagg gagctggcca tcacatggtg agagtgagca agagagagac tagggagatg    168840
     cctgcctctt taaataacca gatcttggcc gggtgcggtg gctcacacct ctaatcccag    168900
     cactttggga ggccgaagcg ggcggatcac gaggtcagga gattgagacc atcctggcta    168960
     acacagtgaa accccgtctc tattaaaaaa caaaaaaatt agccaggtgt ggtggcaggc    169020
     gcctgtagtc ccagctactc aggaggctga ggcaggaaaa tggcataaac ccaggaggtg    169080
     gagcttgtgg tgagccgaga ttgtgccact gcactccagc ctgggtgaca gagtgagact    169140
     ccgtctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaacag atcttatgtg aactcagagt aagaacctgc    169200
     tcgtgaccat gaggacagca ccaagcattc atgagggatc tgtctccatt tgccagtggg    169260
     cccacctcca acattggagg tcacatttca acgtgagatt tggaagggag aaaacatcca    169320
     aagcatatca gtggggtaac acaagtcata gtaacctgga ctaaatgaaa cataaaaatc    169380
     agaaaacctt ggaatagtca agtctaaaac tggactaaat gaaatataaa aattagaaaa    169440
     ccttggaatg atgccaccta tcattcaggg agactacaaa tcagccacat gctgctccca    169500
     taagcacgtc atgtgttttt ttcccctgag aaattccctt aatgtattca atggcgatgt    169560
     ttagagaaac agtattaccg gccacgtttt aaattaagtt ctccatagta gtaaaatcag    169620
     gggaaagata catggaatcc agtttttttc agcaccacaa acaagccccc agcatgggca    169680
     aagtgatgat caaaagctgt gtcatgttcc accaagtgtt tttgttggac acaaacgttc    169740
     ttatccacca ggtgaagggt ggcctctacc tgtcaaaatc ccagtgaagt atgaccggcc    169800
     cccaaatcca aaatttttcc caacttacag attagcttca aattccacac aactggcaac    169860
     ccactaccac caagtctgag gccccaagaa ccccactgga accttgcctc agtggaaact    169920
     aactcatctt catctatttc aagtttggta gtaatttccg ttattgactg ttttgacctc    169980
     tgattgtggg aaatattatg gaaactttta aggaaagcta tttggaaggc aggactgagc    170040
     caggttaaat aacaacgtcc aaaccagcaa ggaggcagaa ggaagaaaat tctctgtgga    170100
     cccaggagat accctgggag ctggaaaagg ggtcacctca tggcatgtga accgagctca    170160
     gttgcatcgg cttaccccta agtctgccta gctcctgatc aagttacagg gggaaattta    170220
     ctcttatgtg gtccacttac agctgtgcaa cctacaatgt gctctagatg gagcagctgt    170280
     aagatgtcag agctagcaac agcctagtcc ctgaggcact ctgtggagta ccacataccc    170340
     ctcactgacc tgcatctgtg gagtaccaca cacccctcat tgacctgcat ctgcagagta    170400
     ccacacaccc ctcaccgacc tgcatctgtg gagtaccaca tacccctcac cgacctgcat    170460
     ctttggagta ccacatgccc ctcactgatc tgcatctttg gagtaccaca tacccctcac    170520
     cgatctgcat aggaaggtga gtgagaaata agttctattc tgaaaattag cgaaaatttt    170580
     aaaaactata caaaacaaaa ataaccattc acagtctctg gaaatggtcc caagagcata    170640
     cagcaaataa agttttactc acatgcagga attcaaagaa cttcaaatta gacaaacata    170700
     aagagatcca cagacacatc atagtaatga tgctgaaagc taaagtcaca tgggaaacgc    170760
     tgaaagcaga agtgagataa agaaagagga gccattgagc ttaaaaggga tcctctaaaa    170820
     ctgttataaa taggaggaat cccaaggaga ctaacagctg atttctcacc agaaacaata    170880
     gaggcctgga agaagaggaa taacatatac gatgtctgaa gaaaatatct tgtattcacc    170940
     atggctatgg ttaaaaatga gggtgaaaca aagacatacc tagattaaca aaactgaagt    171000
     aattcattgc taccagacct gtcttacaag aaacattaaa agaagttatt caggctgaaa    171060
     atgataacct cagacaataa tccaaattta cacacacaca cacacacaca ttccagtaaa    171120
     ggtagatatg aaactctaaa actgatatat tttatattat gaaaataata aaaggcagta    171180
     taaatgcaca tttttctatt tttttctctg gatttagaaa acaattcata aaacaatgtc    171240
     tatctaatgt attgtttgtc ctgtgacata caaaatttaa tatgtttgcc aataacagtc    171300
     taaccgagat gagtgggaac aaagctgtat tgggttaaga caacaactcc atatatcaca    171360
     ctacagacaa ctctagtcta taaaaacaaa tgaagaggac cataaatgat aaataagaag    171420
     attaacttaa aattttaaat atttatgtgc tttacttttt cctctcagct tcttaaaaga    171480
     tatggttata tgatgtaata attgtaacaa tgtattgttg aatttttagt atttattgat    171540
     gtaacataaa taagaataat accttaaaaa ggtacagtaa gaagggtata gaactacata    171600
     tggtacaaag ctatgtgcag aagggtgtga agcaaggtag gtgtaatgtt tttgtgtcta    171660
     aatgaaacta ttctgaatta gcatgaatct gaagctgatt ctgataggtt aagatgtata    171720
     atgtaagccc aagaaactga ctaggataat aagccaaaaa tggagtacta aaatcattaa    171780
     agaaatgtaa ttgccatttt agaaaatatt cactgttgcc gggcgcagtg gctcacacct    171840
     gtaatcccag gactttggga ggctgaggtg ggtggatcat gaggtcagga gattgagacc    171900
     atcctgacca acatggtgaa accccatctc tactaaaaat acaaaaatta tccaggtgtg    171960
     gtggcgggca cctgcagtcc cagctactca ggaagctgag gcaagagaat cccttgaacc    172020
     tgggaggcag aggttgcagt gagccgagat tgcaccactg cactccagcc tggcaacaga    172080
     gtgagactct gtctcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gaaaaagaaa atattcactg tttgcaaaag    172140
     gaagcagaaa acaggactga agaattaaaa ggacatacga ggaataaaaa acaaaaatta    172200
     aatgtctgat atgatccaac tatatcaata ataatattaa atatgacttg attaaacaac    172260
     ctaatcaaaa gttaattctt gtcagacaat aaaaaataag atcctctatg ccatctacta    172320
     gagtaacatt ttagattcaa agatataaat agagtaaaaa gatgtaaata catatattat    172380
     gcaaacagaa accctgataa agctattcta aagcagccat actaatatca gacacaatga    172440
     attaaaaaaa aaaactgacc aggtgcaatg gttcatgcct gtaatcccag gactttgagt    172500
     agccaaggtg ggcggatcac ctcagttcag gaattctaga ccagccggca aagatggtgg    172560
     aaccccatct ctactaaaaa tacaaaaatt agttgggtgt ggtggcatgt gcgtataatc    172620
     ccagctactc aggaggcaga ggcaggagaa ttgcttgaaa ctgggaggtg gaggttgagt    172680
     taaagttata ttatttcctc agtgagctga gatcacgcca ttgcatgcca gcctgggtga    172740
     caagagagaa actctgtctt aaaaaaaaat tttgttttta gagataatgt gggatatttt    172800
     acaataataa aatggccaat ccatcagaaa gaaagaaagc acaagtataa acatatatgc    172860
     acctaattaa acatcaccaa agtacatgaa acaaaaactg acagaaatga cagttaaaat    172920
     tgatgatgag tggagacttc aatactgcac tttgactaat ggatagaaaa actgcagaag    172980
     agcaacaggg aaacagaaga ctcaaacaac ttcatagtcc agctagacct gaaaagcaca    173040
     cgcaaaacat tccacacaac aagagaagct acattcttct caagggctca tcaacattgt    173100
     ccatcataga ctctacacta ggccattaaa ggaactgaac agtatgtact ccaatcacaa    173160
     tagagtgaaa ctagaagtta ataacaaaaa agtagggaaa cccaaatacg tggatattaa    173220
     acaacacaca tccaaattac taatcaaaga agaaatcaaa acagaaattt gaaaatatac    173280
     ttaaaggaat gaaaatgaag tcacaacata caaaacttaa tgaaattcaa ttagagacat    173340
     gcttacaagg aaatttattg ctgtaaatac agataataaa aaagagaact atttcaaatc    173400
     aacaacataa cttttgacat aaggacacag ggaaaaggag agcaaatgga agctaaagta    173460
     agcagaagga aggaaataat aaagatcata gcagaaacca atgagacaga gactagaaaa    173520
     gcaatagaga aaaacaatga aaccagaagc acattcaaac aagcctaaca caattgacaa    173580
     accttattgt catgaaaatg tattttgggt atacaaccaa gaagtagtga gttgtaggac    173640
     acaggaactg gaggaccaag ataactgctg ttgctaggat catccccctg catcccctca    173700
     cctaaaaatg ttgaccagat tgtaggaaac ccaaacaatt cctttaagga gaaagtaaat    173760
     aaattaagaa agcaatttag atggcttttt tcttttttcc cttgttattt tcatgatata    173820
     aaaggttaga caggcctgca ctgcaaatgt ggagatctgt gtcatctttc tgctgccaag    173880
     actatcccag taagttcctc ctgaataaat ctttgactat ctaccagcct ggagtggtct    173940
     gtctctttct ttggtctgag agcttcctct ccattatgta gaatagctca gttctgacag    174000
     ggagttttcc taatattttt ctacactgac tagaaaaata gagagaagac tcaagtaact    174060
     aaaatcagaa aagaaagagg atatattact agcagcattg caaaaagaaa aatacattta    174120
     aggaaaaata atatgaacaa tggtaggcca atatattaga taacttagat acaatggaaa    174180
     aatttctaga cacaaaccag tgacactgat gcaataaaaa atgctctcac tagacataat    174240
     aagcaaagag tttgaattat taataaagaa acaactccac accaagaaaa gccctagccc    174300
     agaaagttca ctggtgaatt ttgtctaata tttgaagaag atttaggatc aattctttta    174360
     aactctccaa aaaatagaag tggtagggac atgccccaac tcattctatg aggccagtat    174420
     taccatgata gcaaagccat acaaagacat cacgaggaaa gaaaaattca gaccaatata    174480
     tcttatgaat acagatgcaa aactcttcaa taaaatacaa gcaaacagag aggccaggtg    174540
     cggtggctca tgactgtaat cctagcactt tgggaggctg aggtgggggc atcacgaggt    174600
     caggagattg agaccatcct ggctgacaca gtgaaaccct gtctctacta aaaatacaaa    174660
     aaattagcca ggcatgatgg tgggcacctg tagtcccagc tactcaggaa gctaaggcag    174720
     gagggagaat ggcatgaacc caggaggtgg agcttgcagt gagccgagat cttgccactg    174780
     catcccagcc ttggtgacac agcaagactc tgtctcaaaa aataaaataa ataaaataaa    174840
     ataaaatgca aacaaacaga atacagcaac atgtaaaaat aattatacct catgaccaag    174900
     ttggattcat cccaagtata caaggttgga tagcagtcaa caattattta atataataca    174960
     ctataccaac acaataagca aaaccatggt catctcaata gttgcagaaa caaaatccaa    175020
     cagcctttca tgatgaaata ttcaacaaag aaggaaagaa gggaacatct ttaaactaat    175080
     aaagggcata tgaaaaacca cagccaataa agtacttaat gttggaagcc tgtatactta    175140
     tatcctaaga tcaggaacaa gatagataaa tccactctca ctacatccat tcatcattgt    175200
     gctggaggtg ctagccagga caatttggca acagaaataa atgtaagtca tctagattac    175260
     aaaaggagaa gtgggccagg catggtggca catgtctgta atcccagcac tttgggaggc    175320
     taaggtgggt ggatcacctg aggtcaggag tttgaaacca gcatgaccaa catggtgaga    175380
     acccatctct accaaaaaca caaaaattag ccaggtgcga tggtgtgtgc ctgtaaaacc    175440
     agctacttgg gaggctgagg cacaagaatc gcttgaaccc agggggtgga ggttgcagtg    175500
     agctgagact acaccactgt gctctagcct gggcaacaca gccagactcc atctcaaaaa    175560
     agaaaaaaaa tgcttgagct ggagcatacc ttaaataaac aatcctcctg ttctccatat    175620
     cagtctctct agtcctcagt tccctgcaac atttttggcg accatgaagg gattggagat    175680
     ggcaagttta ctgtctcctt tgcctctagg ggctagagcc ccaggcatca ggagacctgt    175740
     ggccccaggc gccaacagga gaacttcagc ccagagagca gatcagcttt cacgtgaccc    175800
     ggcgccccta cccagcactc aacagaacct taagaaagcc tccaggatga ttccagaaac    175860
     agtgcgcttc aagaactgca gtaaagtttt aaggcccaag gcaggaccca tcccataagg    175920
     atggaagagg agctggatca cctcccaagg tgtgcctaat agtccaaccc agagaggcta    175980
     aaggcggtga gaaaggctca ccaattcaga tgaaacccac accccaacaa acacaagatg    176040
     tgagactggt ttgctaactc agttaagaaa aagaaactag acatggtgag agtggcttgc    176100
     caccccagtt aggtacacag gaactaggat tagagaagtg agtgaaagtg tgtgaatgaa    176160
     aagacctaat taaactcatc agccacaaag taaggagtca cagatctctt atcatagact    176220
     gtgtgctccg agcaaagtgt aaggccgact acaaacagta gcgatctgca tatggctaat    176280
     aagaactgcc ctacagctca gagttgtagc aggaataagg aactctccaa agccaagcag    176340
     cctctgaaaa ctcccataat aggagatggt acactaggcc gaaatgagag gaaagagtgt    176400
     gctgtgccat aaaagaaaga ataggaagaa agtcatcaaa acttaccctg ttagagtgaa    176460
     tgttacagaa ctttaagaaa ggttttgcag aggactatgt agttaagcta tccccacaga    176520
     ggttgagaac tctctgtgaa ttagaatggc cttttagtgt tagatggccg accgaaggta    176580
     ctatagataa ggaaataatt gactgtgtat ttaaggtggt gacaagagtc agaggacacc    176640
     caaggcatcc agatcaattt ccttatattg attcgtggtt aaatatagca cagacaagac    176700
     cagcctggat ccagccctgt ttagcagttt attttgaaac acgtgtggcc tgagcccagc    176760
     caagagtgaa agtaagagca gcttcactgg cagacacaga gttaaagaag tcccaaagag    176820
     agcaagaaaa gtcagtttta caggagctgc cagaaagaac agagattcgt cctccacatg    176880
     tcccagccta ccccccttta ctgagtccaa cagtccccca ggagccagac ttaagagcca    176940
     gcatgcccca agtgtcaccc caaaagggag gatcagagct ttgagaggtc agggaaggaa    177000
     ttcaagatag tcaagcaggc tgtctcagat ctggcggtgc tcaagctctg caaatgcctc    177060
     tctaggagac gtgaggaccc atttattatg atgaccaagg ccaagtccaa acaaggcaat    177120
     ggactttcat cagtcagccc ttttcaacca ctgatctttt aaacaggaaa cagcatactc    177180
     cctcctacac ggagaagcct caagctccta tagatctgat gcaacccatc tttctgacac    177240
     acaatccaag ctgaccagac tgccagcagc tcctcctcac attaacactg aggaatgaag    177300
     gagagtaagc caggaagctc tccactgact agaagcccag gcatcagcag acagtgtatg    177360
     ctcaggcaca cactcaaggt cagttcccag acgctggcta ggagcccagg catcagcagg    177420
     cacagtgcat gctcaggcat aatgcagatg cagtgcatgc tcaggcatac actcaagatc    177480
     agttcccaga ccaagagcct tactaggacc caggggatgc aactcagctt cagcatgtgc    177540
     agaggtacca agaggcactt ctgcaaaggc tgagatgatg gaaagaaagc cattaatata    177600
     aagaagattt cagaagtgct tcaaggaagt gttgagagcc ctaaccagtt ttatgaaaga    177660
     ttctgtgagg catacaggct ttcaccccgt ttgaccctga ggccactgaa aatcagtgta    177720
     tagtgaatac gtcacttgta ggacaggccc aaagtgatat taaactaaag cctaagaagt    177780
     tagaaagttt tggctgggca cggtggctca cgcctgtaat cccagcactt tgggaggcca    177840
     aggtaggtgg atcacgaggt caggagttca agatcagcct ggccaagatg gtgaaatccc    177900
     gtctgtacta aaaatacaaa aaaaaatagc taggtgtggt ggtggtgcct gtaatcccag    177960
     ctacttggga ggcagaggaa gagaattgct tgaacccagg aggcagacgt tgcaatgagc    178020
     caagatcgtg ccactgcact ccatcatggg cgacagaacg aaactccgtc caaaaaaaaa    178080
     gaaagaagaa gaaaagaaga agaaagaaga aaagaggaag aagaagaaga agaaaagaag    178140
     aagaagaaga agaaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa    178200
     gaagaagaag gaggaggagg aggaggagga ggaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga    178260
     agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa    178320
     gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaag atagaaagtt ttgcaggtat gaatgtcacc    178380
     cagcttgtag aagtagccac caaagtgtat gttaacagtg accaggaggc aaagaaagaa    178440
     gcaaattgga ggcttaagat ctgttggcag cagcccttat agaaaaagag attagcaatg    178500
     taatttgacg tggacgcaga cttggatgta gaagaagtca agttagacaa ggatttgaaa    178560
     gttgaccaag gctagagaag tatcagtgtg cgagatgcaa aaagaaagga cactagaaag    178620
     atgaatgtcc agaaggcaat gaaagaaatg gccaaggccg tgagacaaag aggccattgg    178680
     ccaaaggctg ccacacctta gaggaaccag atactgatct gatcaggcta gcaggagctg    178740
     aaagatgtga ggactaaaac agaccatgct ccttctcatt aggcctccaa gagcccatcg    178800
     tcacttgaga agttgaaagc agcaagattc tgctgtatct agattataaa tttctcactg    178860
     atggctaagc cattatatga aattacaaaa aaagaaaaag agagagagaa aaaaagaacc    178920
     cctcctctaa gaaactgaac aggagaagga gccatgcctt cgtgccttgt gaaaacttgc    178980
     ttatggactt taccaaaatg ccccatgcca gaggctatca gtatatgcta gcgtttattt    179040
     gcactttttc aggatgggtt gagactttcc ccaccaggac agaaaaagca caagaagtga    179100
     ctaaagtact actaaaagac attatcccca ggttttgaca gcctctaact ttaaagtcag    179160
     acaataggcc agcatttgta actgaaatag tgcaagattt aacaagactg ttaaaaataa    179220
     aatagaagtt acacacagcc taccggctgc aaagttcaag aaaagtagaa cacatgaacc    179280
     agacgctcaa gcagctactg aagaaatatt gccaagagac tcatcatgcg ggatcaaagg    179340
     atggtcccct cttaaaccaa accagggtcc ctccctttta ccaagggcct atttctctgt    179400
     attttgatgc ttgtcaggca gcagaccaag actcccctgt ctgtggtaac ctacctttag    179460
     aaagatacta tagaaatgac tacaaatacg tatgcatgcc aagagtaact ccaccttgtt    179520
     cccctaggac cccagaaaaa gattgttggc attgcatatt gtagcaccct agcacacagc    179580
     aaaggtcaat tatgcttacc aaaatgccgg tgaaaccaga ttgtgaagga aaaacctgta    179640
     attctataaa tttcaccatt ctaaatctag acttacccat gtagactgca ggttacccca    179700
     tacatatgta tatacacaca tacccagcaa tctacctata tgttatcaaa aaagaaccca    179760
     gaaccatcca gcccagcaac agtttcaact ctttaaatca ttctataagc atgtagacca    179820
     gaagttacca gagcctactc ctttagccaa aaacctgtgt gcttagctgg ttgaaaacac    179880
     tgctggcagc ctaggcattt cgttatgttt gtagaaagac taacgtagga gaccaatggc    179940
     cttaggaagc aaaagagtta atgccacaag ataatttaac tctaacagac tcttcccctg    180000
     aactgatgcc cacaagttca agtgtctagc tcttaaaact tctattatca ggagatactg    180060
     tgttgctccc tgaagaaagg cttttacaga cgcagtagga gaactaacct gcttaggaca    180120
     gcaatattat aatgaaacac taaagaaaat tttgtggcga ggcagagatg actccaaagc    180180
     acctcatcca aatccattct cctgtttctc tcctctaaac cacacctggt atcaacttga    180240
     agctccaaat acttggaaag caccccttgg tctttattgg catctgtaag ccacaggcat    180300
     atcgacagtt gccagctaaa tggacaaagt cctgtgtgtt tgaaacaatt agaccatctt    180360
     tcttcctact cccactgcaa cagggagaaa ctttaaggta tcccgtctat gatgaagtta    180420
     gaagaagaag caaaagagat gcagacataa aaagggatat agaaaaaaga aattagaaag    180480
     acacagattg gccccctgaa agaataatgc aatactatag gccagctacc taggcaaaag    180540
     ataggtcatg agggtactgc actcctattt acatgcttag ccacatcata agtttgcagg    180600
     cagcaaagga tcactaatga aacagcaaat gcattagatt taatggccca gcaagccaca    180660
     aaaatgaaga atgctattta tcagaacaga ttaactttag actacctcct agcccaggaa    180720
     gcaggggtat gtggaaagtt aaatctaact aatttctgcc tggaaattga tgacaatgga    180780
     aaggcaatta tagaaataac tgcaagaatg agagaattac cccatgttcc agttcaaact    180840
     tggaaaaggt agtcttcaga ttccctcttt ggaggctggt tttcctcctt cagtggattc    180900
     aagactttaa taagaatagt cctggccata ctaagggttt gcccaatact cccttgcctc    180960
     ttaaccctcc ttgttagaag cactcaatca gctatagagg caacagtagc taggcaaact    181020
     accactcagc taatggatct atataaatat cagcctgtgc ctaaagaaga aaacttgtct    181080
     cttcaggcag aattaagtaa tagtgatgcc ttctactaaa attcttttat aaaaggcatc    181140
     aaaaggagga aactgaggca gaaatttaaa aataaatatg cattcattca ctccaagaaa    181200
     agcaacaggc aaagcaaagg ttaaaaagaa aagaacaagt tttcctctgc ctagtaagct    181260
     cacttcaaag acagttataa cactgttaga gaagccaagg ccagaggaat aggctccaga    181320
     ccacccccac ttccagagca aagttaaaag aaaaaaaaag caagagagaa agacaaattc    181380
     ctttactgtt atttctttcc ctgacttctt aagcatgatg atgttttaca aatttctgta    181440
     tttagccagt tcttattttt cttttgatgc agctacaagg ccactagcta tgcaaggcca    181500
     caagttatgc caagtcaaca gttatgctat agattacgtg acctgtcact gtatgattaa    181560
     ctgtttttgt ttcgcttctg taaatttgct tagaaaagcc ccgctcagtc tttgttcaat    181620
     gctcagcttt ttagatatga atccatgaat ccagtgcata ccctgtgggc agcaagccac    181680
     ccaggtgctg aggaaagaga ctgaggacac gagctgttcc agcataataa aatataaaat    181740
     aagaatagtt ataccagata tagatcttag atatgattat atatgaatat tattgatctt    181800
     tagtttgtag aaattactct ttattccaat attataataa tcctcgctct ataatcataa    181860
     actgggaaaa accaggccat acaaagatag gagctgagga gacatagtga gaagcgacca    181920
     gaagacaaga gtgcaagcct tctgttacac ctggacaggg ccaccagagg gctccttggt    181980
     ctagtggtaa tgccagcgtc tgggaagacg ccagttgcca agcggaccat ggtctagcgg    182040
     tagcgttagt gtcaaggaaa aacacctgct acttagcaga cagggaaagg gagtctccct    182100
     tttcccaggt agtttagaga agactctact cctccacctc ttgtggaggg ccaggcccac    182160
     tcgctttatc cagaggctta accatctccc tgtgatgctg tgcttcagtg gtcattctcc    182220
     tagtccacct tcatgttcca tcctgtactc ctggctctgc catttagtta gcagtagcaa    182280
     attagtgaaa gtactaaaag tctctgataa gcagaaataa taatgtaagc tgtttctctc    182340
     tttctcctct ctctctctct gccttggctg ccaggcagga aagggccccc tgtccagtgg    182400
     acgtatgtcc catgtggcct tacctatcat tggagatggc tcacactcct tatcctgccc    182460
     ctttgtcttg tatccaataa atatcagcat agcctggcat ttggggtcac tatcagtctc    182520
     cgtgtcttgg tggtagtggt cccccgggcc cagctgtctt ttcttttatc tctttgtctt    182580
     gtgtctttat ttctatgctc tcttgtctct gcacacgagg agaaaaccca ccaaccctgt    182640
     ggggctggac cctacatacc ctaaaataaa caatcgtcct gttctccata taggtctctc    182700
     tagtctctcg agtcctctat tccagcactt ttgaaggcca aggtgggcag atcacttgag    182760
     gccacgaatt caaggccaac ctagccaaca tggggatacc ccatctctat taaaaataca    182820
     aaaattagcc aggcgtggtg gcgcatgcct gtagtcccag ctcctctgga ggctgaggca    182880
     ggagaatcac ttgaacctgg gaggtggagg ctgcagtgag ctgagatccc accactgcac    182940
     tccagcctgg gagacagagg gagaatccgt ttaaaaagaa aaaaaaaagt tttttctgtg    183000
     acagcaacac ttagaactaa aaaaaaaagt aagattactt gccaatataa ttgactagtt    183060
     ggcccacatt cgaattttcc caacattccc gcaatgtgcc tggttgtcaa accaggattt    183120
     agtaaccaga ttccacctca gtcaggcgga tagacaccaa tcccgatcca tcctccgctc    183180
     ccgcttggaa cagaatttcc cgcctcaata ccgcaatgtc tcgtgggaaa tgcagtctcg    183240
     gcttccaatg acgtcaccag cacagggcgg cgggaagggc tctttgcgca tgtgccaccc    183300
     cgcctatgca cgccatcttc cgccagagaa tcccggctcc tgctgcaatg gagaggctgc    183360
     tctggaagct ctggcattgg ggtcttcatc cctgcaggtt ggtggcagga tgaaacagga    183420
     gacagcgggc ttggaggcac catagggagg cggggctgac gtgccacagt tggtgggagc    183480
     agaggcgtgg gcacatctca ggggacgggg cctgacgcac aggtgcgggc cgcggaccca    183540
     ggctggggct gaaagggtgg cgctgctggg agggcgggcg tgggatccca gtactgaagc    183600
     cagttccaga gacaccggag tgggtgggtg aagccggtgg cgcagggacg gggtctgcag    183660
     gctggccgag cctgggaggt ctgcggggag gctgcgctct ggcactgcat ggaccttgtg    183720
     tggcattccg tgcacgccct tgtaaggtca gcatacggac agttgtaggg agatgcccct    183780
     cattcccaga cgaggagtac gaagtgcgtg cacacaatcc tactacctgg cgagtgtatt    183840
     agtagggttt cccggtgtgt tttcagcaag tgaagattct gcttgtgtca ccttcctacg    183900
     catcccatcc ccgctttagt ttataggagt ttatacaaga tctggtttct agggaagttg    183960
     ggggtcctag atgatggtcc tgttttcttt gtaataaagt aggtgttaca aagtttcgag    184020
     gtgggcgcct tttaggaatc ccaccaaaaa gaacacctct ttggactaac cctctcactg    184080
     gtacttcaaa gcagaggagg tgtcacaggt gaagattcca gtttgtatga cccaagcagt    184140
     tattttccca ctccccagaa tggcccagat ttggttgata agaccttatc caatagctct    184200
     caaacactgg gtggtagtgg aaggtttaga ccaacattca gaaggaagag gggagtttgg    184260
     ctgtgaatga caggcaaggg ccaaagagat gttacttgtt ggaggggact taatagtttg    184320
     gtcttcggtg gaaaaatatc ctgttatact tgagaggatc tgtctggagt actctgtaaa    184380
     gacactttca ttccttcaac cttttctcac tgtttccagt ggctgaactt tcttaaaagt    184440
     agtctaggcc aaggcaggag gatcacctga ggtcagcagt tcgacaccag cctggccaac    184500
     atatagtgaa accttgtctc tactaaaaaa tacaaaaatt acctgagtgt ggtggtgcac    184560
     acctgtatag tcccagctac ttgggaaact caagcaagaa aatcacttgt actggggagg    184620
     cggaggttgc agtgagccga gattgtgcca ccctacacta gcctgggcaa cagagtgaga    184680
     ctctgtctct caaaaaaaaa aaaaagttct gtcacgaaat ttagcgtcca gtcactaaat    184740
     ttagcattca gtgatatgct gaagctccct ctaacctggt agcttttcct ggtagttcag    184800
     taagggttag ccaaactatt tctaccttgt gagaatgatg gaaaaaattt ggctttgagg    184860
     agctgtgact tgccagggtc acatgatata cagatgttat gcatcctgac tttttggcta    184920
     gtgttattca ttttgcccca attaagtcaa aacttttttt ttttttagat ttttgttgac    184980
     actgaagtca actaagaaca aatattgctt taaagtactt tctcagcccc tccctgcctg    185040
     cccacccctc acgctggaaa aaataataat aaagtacttt cccttgccgg gcgtagtatc    185100
     tcacagctat aatcatagca ctttgggagg ccaagacagg aggatcgctt gtgcccagga    185160
     gtttgagact ggccttggcc acatagggag acccaatgtg cttacaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    185220
     ttttagctgg ttgtggtggc atccatttgt ggccccaact acttgggggg ctgaggtggg    185280
     aagatcactt gagcccagga gggtgaagtt acagtgagct gtggttgtgc cactgcactc    185340
     cagcctgggt gacagaatga gactctgtct caaaaccaac caaccaacca agcagaaaca    185400
     tttccttaac catctctgtt cctttttatc cccaactctt tctgtgaatt atgtgacctc    185460
     aaggacaaat aacaagtgtt tcctgctcag tgtcagtaat ctgttcttgg aaattataaa    185520
     ttctgtagga aaacaatagc atattttaca tacttaaaaa gggaatatta gacagtgtct    185580
     cacttctatt ccaaccagta tcttaaaatg taagtaaaat accgtacaat gctcactcgt    185640
     aagagatcct ttttgtgtat tatgtttttt taaagtcaac agacattttt atgatgtaaa    185700
     gaactttaaa acacaattta ctaatatgca aagagtagct ttttatgatt aacatggtct    185760
     cttagaacca gcagtctcac tgatttccat caagttggca tttattgtga tttgcaaaac    185820
     ttctacatga ggttgtgacg ttctagtgat tgtatttgac aagtaatttc acattatctc    185880
     cttcacatga ttttcttaaa aacattgagt tctggtggct taggtgtatc agttactgtt    185940
     ttctgtctaa agaactaacg aaactcaatg gcttaaaaag aagtgaccat tttatttgat    186000
     agaagttctg ttgattcaca ttttagcttg tgttcacctg ggcatttcct ttgctaatgt    186060
     tgtctggatc acaaatgagg ctttagtcat ctggtgcctt cactcacatg tctggtggtt    186120
     catgctgaca cttgtccaag aaggcaagca ccagtgggca agtacttttc caacctatat    186180
     tttcatcata ttttctatgt cccattggcc gaagcaactc aaatggcaga accccattca    186240
     ttatcagagc acactctatg aagtcttaga tactgggaga cttgtcacta agaaacatta    186300
     ctaaaacagt atatcccaag aaatatacac tatgtacatt tttcccccta tataatcgtg    186360
     ggcagaaaat gttgggctgc aagatgcatt ctttcaatga tgcttagaga tataaaagat    186420
     gcatcctttc tatgatgcat aggtatataa gagatgcatc ctttcgatga tgagtaggta    186480
     tataaaagat gcatcctttc agtgatgctt aggtatataa aacatacatc ctttcaataa    186540
     taagtagata tataaaagat gcatcctttc aacgatgctt aggtatataa aagattcatc    186600
     ctttcaatga tgtgtaagtg tatgaaagat gcatactttc aatgatactt aagtatataa    186660
     aagatgcata ctttcaataa tgcttaggta tataaaagat gcatcctttc aatgatgctt    186720
     aggtatataa aagatgcgtc ctttcaatga tgcttaggta tataaaagat gcatcctttc    186780
     aatgatgtgc aggtatataa aagatgcatc ctttcaatga tgcgtaggta tataaaagat    186840
     gcatcttttc aatgatgcgt aggtatataa aagatgcatc ctttcaatga tgcttaggta    186900
     tataaaagat gcatcctttc agtgatacgt agatatataa aacatgaatc ctttcaatga    186960
     tgcgaaggta taaaagcaag atatattcta gtggaaacac ctatatggaa tcatgtagaa    187020
     tctccatatt agtagtgaaa ttgttaatgc agctgaatta tatttctaca gtattaattt    187080
     cattgaagac taaatgtata tttctttggt ttaagttatt acattgtttc tttggataaa    187140
     ttaattgtcc ctaaatcagt aggtaataca tgttttcatt aatcccaaaa taaattgtat    187200
     gtatctctac taattaatgt acttgtgggt acattttcag tggcatattt gttgtccctt    187260
     attgaggcat gaatgactat tctgtcacag ggaggttttg ttgttgtttt agtcttttcc    187320
     agctattgtg tagagcgttt tgggcaagag aatctaggac caagccacac cggttctctg    187380
     ctttaaccca ctccattcga ctgttctccc agctatgttt ccagagtgct ctgtgcattt    187440
     ccacaatcaa caaaagatga acaaatctct tgtgagtcat ttgtttatat attcctctct    187500
     ttgttttaca ttgtattttt tgcctttatg gagtccacgg attaaaatga aaaaatagaa    187560
     ataagtaaaa ttcacgtcaa aggaaatgca cataaataaa ataatgctgg catgtagaca    187620
     tatgcaggtt ataagccatg gaactggagt acaaatgtgt ctctggtctt tctgatgctg    187680
     caacaaaaag gcagtcacgt ttgttacatg attggaatgg aacctggaag gagtgcatgc    187740
     tgcattctca tgggacagga agacttgctg tcaccaaagt ctggaacact gactgcattg    187800
     gtcacagaga tgatgtagtg aaaagttttt tttactgcca acctggaaat aaatactttt    187860
     agcattttgc agtagaaaga gtcacttagt gctaaagcat aactcccgta atgaggtttt    187920
     tctggagttg ctaaaacttt gcagtcccag acagcttttg gaaggcccta cttgattcat    187980
     ggctaaaacc tagaacatct ggaggattga gttgaccaca ggtccttaac taacccccca    188040
     tacgtttctg tcaattcatc tatacatgga gaatttatag cagattgttc acaattgtat    188100
     tttctgacaa atatgtccac tattcacttg cactttcatt cagtgtagtc ttaattggtt    188160
     tattctaatg ctcaccatta acctaaatta tatgcaactc caatggctat tctccagtct    188220
     gccttacttg aatcttatgc cgtacagtaa tcccccttat ccacagtttt gctttctgtg    188280
     gtttcagttc cctgtagtca actgtagaca gaaaagacaa taagatattt tgaatatctt    188340
     gaatatttta ttattttgaa tgtgttgaat acagtagaat aagatatttt gagagaccac    188400
     attcctataa cttttagtat agtatgttgt tccattttat tgttgttaat atcatactgt    188460
     gcctaattta taaattaaac tgtcaagggt atgtatatat aggaaaaaac atagtgtata    188520
     taaggtttgg tactatacac agtttcacgg atctgctagg ggacctggaa tgtatccccc    188580
     atggataaag ggggactcct gcatttcaaa ttattgttca tgatcttctc ctggaaatct    188640
     tctgtgttag tttctatcat gacctcactg atgctgcttg tctttttttc ctgaattctt    188700
     ctacttcttc tttacatagc ttatccaatt gtttcatcca attccccacc catcccactg    188760
     tgcagttctt tttttgttgt tgtttgtttg tttgtttgtt ttttttttac cagttctgct    188820
     ctctgtggtg tagcagttgt gtttatctcc agcatggact tctccgacct ttagaccagg    188880
     gatccccaac ccccaggcca tggaccggtc cagtctgtgg cctgtgagga actgggctgc    188940
     acagcaggaa gtgaatgtca ggcaagcaaa cattactgcc tgcactctgc ctcctgtcag    189000
     atgaatggca gcattaaatt ctcataggag catgaaccct attgtgaact atgcatgtga    189060
     gggatttagg ttgcctgctc cttatgataa tctaatgcct gatgaacagc ttcatcccaa    189120
     aaccatcccc cctcacaccc tggtatatgg aaaaaatttt tcacaaaacc tggtgccaaa    189180
     aaggttgggt atcactgctc tagaccacag gttcaactct ccattaaatg attctttgta    189240
     gctatccgaa aggcacttca agcttaacaa atctaaaata aaattacaac cttctctctt    189300
     cctttacaca cggttttaga ttacagagta attagcttct acctctcaat aaaaggaata    189360
     gtgagaatct gtagcagtct ttaataaacc acagttttcc ctctggctac aaattattta    189420
     cattcctccc acatgcaaaa tatacttacc tgtagaggta agtattcacc catggaactg    189480
     tcaccacaaa cagtgcaata aacaactttt gcctccacga aattctccct ccccccctcc    189540
     ccgccccttt tgggatgcaa ccatttgaca taacatatat tctctgcata agtccgttct    189600
     ctcattgcta taaaaaacta cctcggactg ggtaatttat aaaaaaagtg gattaattgg    189660
     ctcacagttc cacaggctgt acaggaagca tggttgggga ggcctcagga aacttacagt    189720
     tatggtgtaa gatgaagggg aagcaggcac gttctatgta tctggagcag aagtgagtgg    189780
     tgaaagggga ggtgctgtac acctttaaca accagatctc atgagaattt actaacacga    189840
     gaacagcaag gggcaagtct gccccttgat ccagtcacct cccaccaggc ccctcctcca    189900
     gccttgaggc ttagaatttg acatgagatt tgggcaagta aacagattga aaccatacca    189960
     tcctcttaac aaatttttaa atatgcaatt ccgtattaac tacatgcttt gatctgtaga    190020
     ttccatattt agaacttact cattgcataa ctaaaactta tactctgtga caaatacctc    190080
     cccagttacc cttccctctc agcccttggt aaccacgatt cagctctatg tctttgtaag    190140
     tttaactgtt ttacattttt atatacatgg agttccacag gctgtacagg aagtatggct    190200
     tcatttgtgc tggaacaaca aaatacttca ggcttggtat ttaataaaga acagaaattt    190260
     attcttaaca gttctggagg ctgggaagtc caagatcaag gcactgtcat ctggtgcctg    190320
     acgagagact tcatcctgca tccttacatg gtggaaggca aaagagtgtc agtgaatgaa    190380
     tgcactccca gtccattcga gagggaagag ccctcacctc atcactcccc tgaagcctca    190440
     ccttctaata ctatcacctt ggtgattaga tttcaacata ggaatttgag gggaatacat    190500
     acatcctgac tattgcagat gggattatgt aatactttgt tcctgttttg cttatttctt    190560
     agcacaatat ctttctggta tgtgcatgtt ttggcaaatg gcaagatttt cttccttttt    190620
     aaggctgagt aatatttcat tgcatgtata gaccacattt tctttataca ttcattatta    190680
     ttgagagttc ttattacaaa tggggaagtg gtttttaata ttgatttaat ttttattatt    190740
     aaaacatttt tagatggtta aattcttttt aaaaataaat atactttatt agttaaggca    190800
     gttttaattt cacagcagaa ttaagaagta catagatttc ccatatactg tgatccacat    190860
     atatatgtag ccttcgccct tttcaaaacc tccccccacc atagtagtac ctttgttaaa    190920
     atgaggaacc tacattgaga catcacagtt gtccaaaggc catagtttac attagggttt    190980
     actcttgtgg ttttacatgc tatgggtttg agtaaatgta taatgacatg tatccagtct    191040
     tatagtacct cacagaacac tttgttctaa aagtcatccc tgctcttcct gtttattact    191100
     catcatcctc ctaaccctgc aaaccatctc catcattttg cagaatgtta catagttgca    191160
     gttatatagt aagtagcatt ttcagactgc cttattttac ttagtaatat gcatttaagg    191220
     ttcctcctta tcttttgagg acaagatagc ccatttcttt ttagtgctga attatgttcc    191280
     attgtgtgta ccatagttta ttcattcact tactgaagga catcttggtt gcttccaaat    191340
     tttagttatt ttgaataaag ctgctataaa tttctgttta caggttttta tgctagtgtt    191400
     tattgtcacc tcctttgggt aaataccaag aggtgcagtt gctggatcat atggtaagaa    191460
     tatgtttact tttgtaagaa caaccaaatt gtccgccaac tgagtgactg taccattttg    191520
     catttccaca atctgaatga gagttcctgt tgctctgcat tctcactgtc agttgttgtc    191580
     agtgctcttt attatggcca ttctactagg tatgtagcgg tatctcattg ttttaatatg    191640
     ttaccctaat gttacacaat ataatgcatt cttttatatg tttatttcct atatgtttct    191700
     catcattggt gaggtatctg ttaaggtttt tggtctattt tattaggtgg ttttcttact    191760
     gtagagtttt aagagttttt ggagtatttt atgtgacagc ctttttatca gatgtgagtt    191820
     ttaagagttt ttggattgtt ttgtgtaaca gtctctttat cagatgtgag ttttaagagt    191880
     ttttgtaatg ttttgtgtaa cagtctcttt ctcagatgtt ttgtataaca gtctctttct    191940
     cagatgtttt gtgtaacagt ctctttatca gatgttttgt ataacagtct ttctcagaag    192000
     ttttgtagaa cggtctcttt ctcagatgtt ttgtgtaagt ctctttatca gatgttttgt    192060
     agaacagtcc ctttctcagg tgtgtctttt gcaaatattt tctcccaatc tgtggctttt    192120
     cttctcattt tcatgacatt ggcttttgca gaacagaagt tttcaatttt aatgaagtct    192180
     tgtttatgaa tcattttaaa atggatcttg acattggtgt tatatctaaa aagtcattac    192240
     ctttcccagg ataatctaag ttttttcctt tgttattttc tacagttata actttcgcat    192300
     tttacattga agtctgtgac ccattttgag ttaatttttg tgatgggcat aagatctatg    192360
     tctagattca ggtttttttt ttttaatgtg gatttctagt tgtccccatg ccatttgttg    192420
     aaaacagcaa ctttgcttta ttgtatcagt ttagtgtatt taggtgggtg tatttctggg    192480
     ctatttatcc tgttccattg ttatttttgc ctacttttgg gtaataacac agtgttttga    192540
     ttaatgaata aggcttaaag ttaggcagtg tttgtcttcc aactttgttc ttcagtgatt    192600
     gactattctt ggccttttgc ttctccatgt gaactttaga atcaggttta cttttatttt    192660
     gcttattaag gtgttattgt attcctcata tagatcttgt tacatttgct aaatttatac    192720
     gttaagtgtt tcatctgttg ggtgctaaat ataagtagta ctgtgttttc atagcaaatt    192780
     gcacttggtt gttgttggtg cattggaaag tgattgactt tctcttttaa tcttgtattc    192840
     tgtgatcttg cttttcagtt ccaggagggt ttttttttcg gtttggtcgt ttttcttttt    192900
     tctttctttt tttttaaatt ttttagattt tctgcataga caatcctgtc atctgtgaac    192960
     aaagttttat ttattccttc ccaatctata tgcctttaat tgtattttct tgactcattg    193020
     cattagctag tattttcagt atgatattga aagggatgct gagagaatac atctttttct    193080
     tcctcctgat attgtggaaa agctttgagt ttctcattat taattatgat gtttgctgta    193140
     gttttctgta gatattcttt attaatttca ggaagttccc ctcttagctt attgagagat    193200
     tttatcatga atgaatgctg gattttgtca actgcttttt gtgcacctga tcatgtgatt    193260
     tttccttttc actctcttga tgtaatgaat tacattaatt gatgttcaaa tgttgaacca    193320
     gcctgctatc tccagaataa atcccacttg gtgatggtgt atgattcttt ctatatattg    193380
     ttggattcga tgtactagtg tttttgagga tttttgtatg tattttcatg agagataatg    193440
     gtctgtggtt ttctattttg aaatgtcttt ggaataattc tggcctcaca taatgaacta    193500
     ggaagcattc caacagcctc tatcatctga aatagattgt ggggaatggg tataatttct    193560
     tcctgaaata tttggtcaat ttcccaatga atacatcccg atcaggtact ttctgttttg    193620
     aaggttatta aaataatagg ttattcggat tgtgtgtttc ttcttgtgtg agtttcagta    193680
     aattgtgtct gtcaaggaag cggtccattt gaactagatg atcagatgtg tgcacagagt    193740
     tgttcatagt atttcctcat tatccgttta atgtccacag gatgtgtagt ggtatcccct    193800
     ctttcatttc tgatattatt agtttctgtc cttttttttc ttagcctggc tctagggttt    193860
     taaattttat tgaagaacca gctttttaaa aaagcagctt tgttgttaat aatattttaa    193920
     aagaatcagc tttgttgtta ataatattct cttgattttt ctgttttcaa tttcattgat    193980
     ttctgcaaca atttattttc ctattcttac tttgggttta atctgctcct tttttccttt    194040
     attttagatc                                                           194050