EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC134882; SV 2; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 152654 BP.
AC   AC134882;
DT   05-OCT-2002 (Rel. 73, Created)
DT   26-FEB-2004 (Rel. 78, Last updated, Version 7)
DE   Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-886I11 from Y, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-152654
RX   PUBMED; 9847074.
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Toward a complete human genome sequence";
RL   Genome Res. 8(11):1097-1108(1998).
RN   [2]
RP   1-152654
RA   Kim K., Bielicki L.;
RT   "The sequence of Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-886I11";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-152654
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (01-OCT-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-152654
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (05-APR-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [5]
RP   1-152654
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (29-MAY-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
RN   [6]
RP   1-152654
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-JAN-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 9c32a9b1795896d0b9b2cf798cf7913e.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000185.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000183704; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC134882.2:1-152654; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000331172; homo_sapiens.
DR   GOA; I3L094.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:37492; SLC9B1P1.
DR   InterPro; IPR006153; Cation/H_exchanger.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; A6NJY1; SL9P1_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; I3L094; I3L094_HUMAN.
CC   On Apr 5, 2003 this sequence version replaced gi:23396433.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site:
CC       Contact:
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: H_NH0886I11
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   The mapping information for this clone has been provided as part of
CC   a collaboration between the Department of Prof. G. Rappold (cite
CC   Kirsch S, Weiss B, Kleiman S, Roberts K, Pryor J, Milunsky A,
CC   Ferlin A, Foresta C, Matthijs G, Rappold GA J Med Genet. 2002
CC   Jul;39(7):507-13; Institute of Human Genetics, Heidelberg, Germany)
CC   and the Washington University Genome Sequencing Center, St. Louis
CC   MO.
CC   The RPCI-11 human BAC library was made from the blood of one male
CC   donor, as described by Osoegawa,K., Woon,P.Y., Zhao,B., Frengen,E.,
CC   Tateno,M., Catanese,J.J. and de Jong,P.J. (1998) An improved
CC   approach for construction of bacterial artificial chromosome
CC   libraries. Genomics 51:1-8. The clone may be obtained either from
CC   Research Genetics, Inc. ( or Pieter de Jong
CC   and coworkers at
CC   VECTOR:  pBACe3.6
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.  This clone is
CC   overlapped by AC134879 and AC134878.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..152654
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="Y"
FT                   /map="Y"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11"
FT                   /clone="RP11-886I11"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   repeat_region   2..602
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   2524..2627
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   2705..2754
FT                   /rpt_family="(GGAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   2778..2803
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   3317..3456
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   3461..3580
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   3581..3673
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   3770..3853
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   3854..3890
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   3891..4171
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   4165..4923
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   4923..6752
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   6789..7509
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   7945..8300
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   8359..8540
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTTC)n"
FT   repeat_region   8541..8641
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   8916..9270
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   9583..9936
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   9942..10809
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   10810..11122
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   11123..11175
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   11844..12155
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   12798..12826
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   12876..13340
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   13342..13468
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   13469..13515
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   13516..13612
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   13655..14186
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   14219..14487
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   14571..14895
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   15385..15570
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   16104..16138
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   16771..16865
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   17256..17637
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   17636..19744
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   19745..19896
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   23666..23966
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   23998..24294
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   25743..25853
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   25937..26259
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   26597..26853
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   26878..27298
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   27300..27454
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   27521..27561
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   27622..27906
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   27908..27946
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   27947..28255
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   29996..30064
FT                   /rpt_family="CT-rich"
FT   repeat_region   30124..30431
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   30639..30668
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   30669..30942
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   30944..31338
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   31552..31851
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   31964..32106
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   32199..32709
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   32710..32729
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   32730..32768
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   32770..33137
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   39283..39797
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   39798..39852
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   39853..40184
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   40185..40281
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   40264..40633
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   40634..40907
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   40908..41158
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   41161..41844
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   41845..42995
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   42996..43287
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   43288..44044
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   44045..44773
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   44774..45226
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   45476..45758
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   45777..46054
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   46201..46230
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   46502..46796
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   48010..48044
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   48436..48510
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   48532..48852
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   48950..49046
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   49048..49227
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   49259..49387
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   49399..50046
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   50049..50188
FT                   /rpt_family="(CATA)n"
FT   repeat_region   50240..50331
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   50528..50647
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   51544..51581
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   51616..51917
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   52121..52185
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   52406..52691
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   52693..52717
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   53281..53440
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   53453..53631
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   53632..53938
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   53939..54078
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   54284..54577
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   54711..54823
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   55050..55270
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   55582..55602
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   55663..55693
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   55925..56018
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   56629..56846
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   57674..57700
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   58139..58169
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   58900..58920
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   58921..59218
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   59219..59240
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   59290..59324
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   59473..59546
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   59602..59916
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   60286..60319
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   61907..62291
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   63153..63260
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   63283..63418
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   63447..63672
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   63659..63784
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   63796..64290
FT                   /rpt_family="LSAU"
FT   misc_feature    63822..65853
FT                   /note="CpG_island (%GC=68.7, o/e=0.70, #CpGs=151)"
FT   repeat_region   64805..65323
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   65766..65888
FT                   /rpt_family="LSAU"
FT   repeat_region   66007..66102
FT                   /rpt_family="G-rich"
FT   repeat_region   66546..66577
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   66578..66888
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   66889..74565
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   misc_feature    68187..69758
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA."
FT   unsure          70841..70986
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   repeat_region   74566..75063
FT                   /rpt_family="LSAU"
FT   repeat_region   76540..76661
FT                   /rpt_family="LSAU"
FT   repeat_region   77321..81204
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   81205..81701
FT                   /rpt_family="LSAU"
FT   misc_feature    81811..81931
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA."
FT   misc_feature    82036..83200
FT                   /note="CpG_island (%GC=66.8, o/e=0.70, #CpGs=83)"
FT   repeat_region   83148..83298
FT                   /rpt_family="LSAU"
FT   repeat_region   83968..89210
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   89216..89710
FT                   /rpt_family="LSAU"
FT   misc_feature    89855..91558
FT                   /note="CpG_island (%GC=67.8, o/e=0.70, #CpGs=120)"
FT   unsure          90067..90108
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   repeat_region   91152..91283
FT                   /rpt_family="LSAU"
FT   repeat_region   91971..93969
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   misc_feature    92100..92314
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA."
FT   misc_feature    92993..93224
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA."
FT   repeat_region   94000..94269
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   94285..94652
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   94674..94853
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   94869..95224
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   95237..95567
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   95584..96263
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   96283..96461
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   96499..96526
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   96578..97482
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   97501..97870
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   97911..98224
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   98236..98414
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   98430..98742
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   98755..99031
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   99053..99231
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   99250..99291
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   99306..99455
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   99483..99662
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   99684..99757
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   99774..99955
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   99974..100150
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   100192..100490
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   100491..100663
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   100750..100990
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   100994..101322
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAGTG)n"
FT   repeat_region   101328..101436
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   101444..101500
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   101522..101701
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAGTG)n"
FT   repeat_region   101715..101891
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAGTG)n"
FT   repeat_region   101892..101967
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   101982..102154
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAGTG)n"
FT   repeat_region   102165..102339
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   102340..102435
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   102453..102628
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAGTG)n"
FT   repeat_region   102644..102690
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   102709..103058
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAATG)n"
FT   misc_feature    102937..104495
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA."
FT   repeat_region   103072..103138
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   103139..103367
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   103385..103501
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   103513..103572
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   103578..103900
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   103961..104072
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   104083..104147
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   104148..104273
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAGTG)n"
FT   repeat_region   104285..104349
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   104353..104475
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   104487..104551
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   104581..104708
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAGTG)n"
FT   repeat_region   104726..104811
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    104833..105603
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA."
FT   repeat_region   104841..104916
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAGTG)n"
FT   repeat_region   104917..105095
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAGTG)n"
FT   repeat_region   105227..105331
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   105334..105393
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   105394..105413
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAGTG)n"
FT   repeat_region   105414..105583
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAGTG)n"
FT   repeat_region   105648..105822
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAGTG)n"
FT   misc_feature    105751..105883
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA."
FT   repeat_region   105824..105906
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   105921..105988
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   105989..106240
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   106258..106294
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   106311..106363
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   106368..106689
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   106690..106744
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   106749..106964
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   106981..107047
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   107065..107244
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   107253..107596
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   107601..107845
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   108378..108406
FT                   /rpt_family="(T)n"
FT   repeat_region   109795..109887
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   110080..110324
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   110325..110354
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTTTG)n"
FT   repeat_region   110355..110491
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   111269..111289
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   112175..113933
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   113967..114263
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   115076..115168
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   115181..115834
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   115835..116022
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   116023..116037
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   116038..116294
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   116280..116719
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   116726..116879
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   119860..120138
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   120316..120614
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   121955..122014
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   122223..122604
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   122912..122933
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   130808..130894
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   131236..131274
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   131280..131349
FT                   /rpt_family="(CATA)n"
FT   repeat_region   131351..131693
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   131798..132105
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   132375..132609
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   133045..133404
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   133405..133446
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   134016..134137
FT                   /rpt_family="CR1"
FT   repeat_region   135885..136058
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   136092..136321
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   136934..137159
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   137802..138006
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   138797..138971
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   139381..139409
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   139907..140281
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   142197..142446
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   144954..146335
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   146336..146643
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   146644..146939
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   146951..147951
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   147990..148607
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   148623..148804
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   149807..149848
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   151045..151358
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   152116..152412
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
SQ   Sequence 152654 BP; 44394 A; 28731 C; 33063 G; 46466 T; 0 other;
     gaattcacca gtgaagtata tttttttctc tataggaaga tttgaaatta ctgatgcaat        60
     ttctttactt gatattggta tttgtttttt ttttttcttt tgccttgagt cagttttggt       120
     aatttgtgtc tttctaggaa ttgttctatt ttatttaagt tgtcaaattt tttgccttaa       180
     agttattatg ctattttctt tacatccttt taagggtagg gtctgtggtg atatttctct       240
     ttgattcttg attttgggaa ttagtgtctt ctttcttttt tcttggtcaa tttcactaaa       300
     tattatttat cgtcttgact ttctgaaata agcaattttg ggtttctttg gttgttttta       360
     atgttatcct gttctgtatt tatcgttttc cactgtgaca tttttatttc atacatccta       420
     cttactttca gcttggttta ctcctctttt tctagagtct taagatggaa gttttaatta       480
     tcaattttag attatttttt ctgtttttaa agctatacat tttcctctat acactgcttt       540
     aattgtatcc tgtaaatatt gctatgttat tggttttttg tattttaagt ttataacatt       600
     ttatttagaa aaataggctg ggggaaaatg atttatacca ctgcattctt tcctggggga       660
     gaactatttt gggccatttt tgaaattttt tttcctctta acaattttca gagtcacatt       720
     tgaattcttt ccgaatgata tttgtcaaca aaaaagttca agtgaaaagg aggagggaaa       780
     ctgcggaagc atgaagaaag ggagtgaaag aatgaggagt gggcatacaa tagtcaacac       840
     ataaagaaac ggcttttact gaaatgactc tgccctgtgc ctcatgcact aggtgatgca       900
     agcatgctgc tcagacatca acactaaatg tcatttagaa atggtagtct tctctgggtt       960
     ctgaaggaca cttgttcccc aacatgacac tattaaatga tgctttcaag gcagacacta      1020
     agacattact ccaaagagaa ggctctggtg gcagatgctg gggccatatt ctttatagtc      1080
     cttcttggtg tgacagacct gaaataactc cagagttgag gctagcatta agcttccaaa      1140
     ccataaggca tagtgctgca tgtgatggat taccacccga acctctgtaa gcttaggttt      1200
     gattctcctg ccactgagct ccttactgag ttttaatctg gcatgtacca ctcttcaaat      1260
     ctctctgtag ttgagattca aatccctgaa tatggtcaaa ccccttgaaa gaacaacatt      1320
     cttatacagt ggacaacgca catcaatagg acagttttgt attcatcaac aacattcaag      1380
     atggattcca taaagtctgg gttggcaaac tctgggtaaa aaaaatattt caggttgtag      1440
     gaatcttttg taaccaacgt ctattatgaa cttctcctgg ttgatcacat tgatacctgt      1500
     gtactgtttg acccacttcc agggatccac atcatactta gcaaattcct tgactatatc      1560
     agggcaaatg taacagtatt tctccttaat ggcttttgtg gtctccagtg acgttcaaga      1620
     gggattccta cctccctctc ccttagcagt tgttgaatga aatacacagt atcacctaca      1680
     atcaggatgt gattgatgca gctcccaatt acataacctt ctacaactgg gagaataagg      1740
     gtgactccat ctcctttgtc aatgactata ctcattaaca tatattcacc cacttgttga      1800
     gatgtccaag atacttccaa ggctagtacc tcctgaactg caatgtagaa tcctggtaca      1860
     ttaaataatt caaacataat ttctgaaaaa atattctgta ttttctagtg tattcagtgg      1920
     aagttctgtc attaaaaaat aatggtcctc agattctgct caaagatatt taaaaaccac      1980
     ttgctccatg aacatttcca taatatccca gtcttcagtg attccatgtc atattgacca      2040
     ctttgtggca tacatagatt tatcaatggc ttcatcctgt atgaaaaagt caagctcatc      2100
     aactcccctc aacattctcc cttgggcttt gtcaactacc tttgctgact ctctgatagt      2160
     aatgcatgaa agaatagtaa actatggctc agtgttgcct gcatagccaa gctcggaata      2220
     tctactgagg tgatcacaga gctgagaccc agagcagtgg gtgcagttca atctccaggt      2280
     gtgggctgga tgtcaggggc tgagagcaag gcaatggagg agccagggtg ggcactgagt      2340
     ggctcttacc tgatgccaca gtctgccaca caggaaggca ggaaccccgc catgcttgga      2400
     atacacaaca cttagcccca ctggccaccc tggattacac tgccaccatc cacttggcaa      2460
     cccactcacc ccatacaacc tgtctcctgt gtgtttccac ttttatttat tttaagatat      2520
     attgtagatg ggtgtagcaa accacatggc acgtgtatac ttatgtaaca aacctgcacg      2580
     ttctgcacat gtatcccaga acttaaagta caataaattt ttaaaaagga atattttaaa      2640
     ggatcaacct actatttgac agtcatggaa atagtgaatg agaattaaag ggaaaaaaat      2700
     aagtaagcaa aggaagggag gaggaaaggg aaaaagaaag gaaagaaaag gaaaagggaa      2760
     atacaagaaa aggagacaaa taaataaata actaaacaaa taagtgactg aaagtctgag      2820
     agttggcaaa tattattcag acaacactga caaaataggc ctcttgctaa aaatagcaga      2880
     atgcacaaag tacagtagca gcctgtctgt cctgagaagc tggggaggtt taggaaaaga      2940
     ggctggggag atttgagaca ggtctgacat atattgtcag tttttgtttg gtggaaaaag      3000
     taatcatggg tgattcagaa aaaggaagct acttacataa taattgtttt gtaccttttt      3060
     agtcttctat tactttcata aaattatctt tgcatcaaaa gttattaaca ctttcaggac      3120
     tccttgtatg caaaattctt tgaattgcat ttcttaattt gtgattgcac tggtaattta      3180
     tctagcacaa tgaactgaat gtgtgtcttt atgtttaaag ggaaaaataa aattcaaaac      3240
     agaatatttg atataattta tgattagata atagagaaat atcaatttta atataatttt      3300
     tagaaagtaa agcttaggcc agtcaccatg gctcatgcct gtaatcccag cactttggga      3360
     ggctgaggcg ggtggatcac ctgaggtcag gagttcaaga ccagcctgat caacatggag      3420
     aaaccctgtc tctactaaaa ataccaaatt agccagcaat aacgattcat gagaaatgtg      3480
     cccccatgat ccattcacct cccagcagga cctatcacca actttgggga ttacaattca      3540
     acacgagatt tgggcaggga cacatatcca aactatatca acagagcttc attgtgttgc      3600
     tcgggctagt ctcaaactcc tagcctcaag caatacttct atctcagcct cccaagtacc      3660
     tttggggatt ataataatca atcaccttca ctttttacaa tctactttgg tttaataatt      3720
     tttacttaat tccagtgtta tatagcaact ttgatccaat gtatctctta tatgctatga      3780
     actcagtagt attgttatag ttattgccta taataatcag atgctttttt aaaaaaagag      3840
     atgaaatcag aatacacaca gacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca atcttttata      3900
     cttacaaatt tatttaccat ttcccgtgcc gtttattcct tataggttca agttgtcatc      3960
     tggtgtcata tccttttatc ttaaaagcat tttctttagt gtttctttag caaggataag      4020
     ttctttttat ttttatttat atggaaatgt ctttatttca gcttcatatt tgaaggatca      4080
     ttaactggat acagaattct taattgacag ttatttttcc ctccaatttt gaaatgtcac      4140
     ttcataaggc ctccattttt tcagataaaa atgccagtat tgtacattga ttttgtatcc      4200
     tgagactttg ctgaagttgc ttatcagctt aaggagattt tgggctgaga cgatggggtt      4260
     ttctagataa acaatcatgt cgtctgcaaa cagggacaat ttgacttcct cttttcctaa      4320
     ttgaatatcc tttatttcct tctcctgcct gattgtcctg gccagaactt ccaacactat      4380
     gttgaatagg agcggtgaga gagggcatcc ctgtcttgtg ccagttttca aagggaatgc      4440
     ttccagtttt tgcccattca gtatgatatt ggctgtgggt ttgtcataga tagctcttat      4500
     tattttgaaa tacgtcccat cagtacctaa ttaattgaga gtttttagca tgaagggttg      4560
     ttgaattttg tcaaaggctt tttctgcatc tattgagata atcatgtggt ttttgtcttt      4620
     ggttctgttt atatgctgga ttacatttat ttatttgcgt atattgaacc agccttgcat      4680
     cccagggatg aagcccacgt gatcatggtg gataagcttt ttgatgtgct gctggattct      4740
     gtttgccagt attttattga ggatttttgc atcaatgttc atcaaggata ttggtctaaa      4800
     attctctttt ttggttgtgt ctctgcccgg ttttggtatc agaatgatgc tggcctcata      4860
     aaatgagtta gggaggattc cctctttttc tattgattgg aatagtttca gaaggaatgg      4920
     tacacaaaca ttcttataca ccaacaacag acaaacagag agccaaatca tgagtgaact      4980
     cccattcaca attgcttcaa agagaataaa atacctagga atccaactta caagggaagt      5040
     gaaggacctc ttcaaggaga actacaaacc actgctcaag gaaataaaag aggacacaaa      5100
     caaatggaag aacattccat gctcatgggt aggaagaatc aatatcgtga aaatggccat      5160
     actgcccaag gtaatttaca gattcaatgc catccccatc aagctaccaa tgactttctt      5220
     cacagaattg gaaaaaacta ctttaaagtt catatggaac caaaaaagag cccgcatcgc      5280
     caagtcaatc ctaagccaga agaacaaagc tggaggcatc acactacctg acttcaaact      5340
     atactacaag gctacagtaa ccaaatcagc atggtactgg taccaaaaca gagatataga      5400
     tcaatggaac agaacagagc cctcagaaat aatgccgcat atctacaact atctgatctt      5460
     tgacaaacct gggaaaaaca agcaatgggg aaaggattcc gtatttaata aatggtgctg      5520
     ggaaaattgg ctagccatat gtagaaagct gaaactggat cccttcctta caccttatac      5580
     aaaaatcaat tcaagatgga ttaaagattt aaacgttaga cctaaaacca taaaatccct      5640
     agaagaaaac ctaggcatta ccattcagga cataggcgtg ggcaaggact tcatgtccaa      5700
     aacaccaaaa gcaatggcaa caaaagccaa aattgacaaa tgggacctaa ttaaactcaa      5760
     gagcttctgc acagcaaaag aaactaccat cagaatgaac aggcaaccta caacatggga      5820
     gaaaattttc gcaacctact catctgacaa agggataata tccagaatct acaatgaact      5880
     caaacaaatt tacaagaaaa aaacaaacaa ccccatcaaa aagtgggcga aggacatgaa      5940
     cagacatttc tcaaaagaag acatttatgc agccaaaaaa cacatgaaga aatgctcatc      6000
     atcactggcc atcagagaaa tgcaaatcaa aaccacaatg agatatcata tcacaccagt      6060
     tagaatggca atcattaaaa agtcaggaaa caacaggtgc tggagaggat gtggagaaat      6120
     aggaacattt ttacactgtt ggtgggactg taaactagtt caaccattgt ggaagtcagt      6180
     gtggcgattc ctcagggatc tagaactaga aataccattt gacccagcca tcccattact      6240
     gggtatatac ccaaaggact ataaatcatg ctgctataaa gacacatgca cagtatgttt      6300
     attgcggcac tattcacaat agcaaaaact tggaaccaac ccaaatgtcc aacaatgata      6360
     gactggatta agaaaatgtg gcacatatac accatggaat actatgcagc cataaaaaat      6420
     gatgagttca tgtcctttgt agggacatgg atgaaattgg aaaccatcat tctcagtaaa      6480
     ctatcgcaag aacaaaaaac caaacaccgc atattctcac tcataggtgg gaattgaaca      6540
     atgagatcac atggacacag gaaggggaat atcacactct ggggactgtg gtggggtcgg      6600
     gggagggggg agggatagca ttgggagata tacctaatgc tagatgacac gttagtgggt      6660
     gcagcgcacc agcatggcac atgtatacat atgtaactaa cctgcacaat gtgcacatgt      6720
     accctaaaac ttagagtata ataaaaaaaa aagtaaaaaa agtaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaat      6780
     gccagtattg ataacattat tgttcccctg tatgtgataa gccgtctctt gctactttca      6840
     tgattttctt attatccttg gttttcacca atttgacaag gatggctcta ggtgtgaatc      6900
     tctttgtgtt tatcctagtt gagatttgtt ggatgtctta tatctgaaga ttaatgtttt      6960
     tcatagcatt tttgaagttt tcagacatta tgttttcaaa tatttttctg ccctcttatc      7020
     tctctcttct cctggaattc ccattatgcg tatgttagtg ctcctgatcg tatcccataa      7080
     gtttctgagg atctgtttat tatccttcat tcttttttct ttttgttctt cagattgatt      7140
     aacctctatt ggtctacctt caagttcact gatactttct ttcacaaggt caaatatgct      7200
     actgaacctc gctggtgatt ttttcacttt aactgttgta cttttaaatt ctagattcta      7260
     tttttaaacg tattctgtct ccttattcat attctctatt agacaacaca ttatcatatt      7320
     tttaatttga acatatttat aatatatact ttgaaaactt tctttctaaa tccaatatct      7380
     gaattgagac agtttctatt cactgctttt tttccagagt atgagtcata ttttcctgtt      7440
     tccttacatg tctgataatt tttaatttaa aactaaacac tttaattaca cattatagca      7500
     aatctggatt tggtttttat ttgttactgt ctttgttgtt gttctgtttt tgtaattggc      7560
     ctatacttgt gctgtgtaat ccttctgcct agtggttttc aacattgatg tcttttatat      7620
     tgtgttgttg ttgttactgt tgttttagcc tgtttttcta gggatttcct ttgtgtctgt      7680
     tgcatagcat gatttttgag agacattata ttaaagctag taaggcttcc gctctctgcc      7740
     aaataatctg tgggtgggta ggtgaatgca ttcaaagttg caattaatac tcaagtctta      7800
     cttcattttt actttttgtc atgctctctt gagtctttcc tgcacttcca tacttttcca      7860
     atcggccata tgtgtggaga acttttctca aactttctat ggttctctgc tttccaggat      7920
     ttctctctct ctcttttttt tttttagtaa tactcaggtt tttaatttat tatagtgaat      7980
     ggatacaaag caaaattagc aaagggaaaa agttgtatgt ggtaaagtct ggaggatacc      8040
     aggcacaagc ttcctggaat catctcctgt ggagttacaa ggatgtgttt ctctttccca      8100
     gcatgaaatt ttgacagcac atgtgcaatg tcatctacca ggaccagagt ctcattagag      8160
     actcagtact caggatttta tggaggttac tctccttcac atgtaccaga attccagact      8220
     cccagaggaa aagcagctgt tcagagtaaa ccacattgtt tgtataaaca gtttaggcac      8280
     agtgagccac tcttctcaat gagagaattg gaacttggaa ctcgaaaact ctagccttgc      8340
     atgtgggtct ttcttttctt tctttccttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt      8400
     tctttctttc ttctttcttt ctttctttcc ttccttcttt ctttcttctt tctctctttc      8460
     tctctctctt tatttctttc ttcctctttc attctttgtt tctttctctc tttctttctt      8520
     tctctttctt tctttctttc ttttttaatt ttactttgat ttccaggata catgtgcaga      8580
     acattcaggt ttgttacaca ggtatacatg tgccatggtg gtttgctgta cctattgaac      8640
     ctcaggatct ctcatttaaa tttttatctt gtcttccact tccccaattg aaactgcaac      8700
     ctcagactag caaatctgca attctctctg ttcattccca aaccactctg ctatatttaa      8760
     ctggcaaaac cattgatttc ttccctctac tccatatcaa atccacccct gtccccagcc      8820
     ctaacaggaa agctgctggg ttttacattc agcttcaaac ttgtaaaact acagtttttc      8880
     ccaactgagc ttgggggtga gaagagagat gggagtgtat tagtccgttg tcattctgct      8940
     gataaagaca tacccaagac tgggaagaaa aagaggttta attggactta tagttccagg      9000
     tggctgagga gacctcagaa tcatggcggg aggtgaaaag cacttcttac atggtggcgg      9060
     caagagaaaa tgaggaagat gcaaaagcag aaacccctga taaagccatc agatcttgtg      9120
     agacttatcc actaccacga gaacagtatg cggggaagct acccccataa ttcaattatc      9180
     tcccaccagg ctcctcccac aacacatagg aattatggga gcacaattca agatgagatt      9240
     tggatgggga cacaaagcca aaccatatca aggaacaacc ccagtcagga agggctcaga      9300
     ttttaccaat cctacccaaa accttaacac ttttttcaag aaaaaatgct tcttaaatat      9360
     gataactgcc tttgatgagt tttcggggtc ctgaaatgat tgtttttggt atttctgcaa      9420
     tttctggggg aagttttggt ggggaaataa attgccaacc ttttcatgtc acctcccaac      9480
     cttatcttta tatcctctga ttaacaaatt tcattagtaa tgtgttacac aacaaatact      9540
     tgtttagact aacctacatt ttaccaattt ctttgcacat tgttccatct tttttggttc      9600
     tatgtcatat ttctaaagca tatctttcag tagatttttc cctggtaaaa aatggcatat      9660
     gttcttaact gtgtttattt gacaatatct ttcatttgtc ttttgttcga gtgacagtta      9720
     actggctaca gaattcaaca ttgaatgttt tatttacttt gaagacttta tttaactatc      9780
     ttccatcttc tattgttgct gataagaatt gagaatctgt tctattgttt attcaattat      9840
     gattaatctc tctttctctg tctagattat ttaagatttt atttttgcct ttggtagtct      9900
     atagtttctc aacattttat ctaagtatct atttttactt aatcctgatt agaactcatt      9960
     tgacttcctg tgtccaaatc aatgaaaacc ctaatcaatt ctgtaaaatt tgaagtcagt     10020
     tttcttctca aatattatat cttcttcatt ctttcaatta tgtttctaaa actaccatta     10080
     gttgtgtttt agatcttttc cataatctaa atctctcatt ttccacctcg tttttttgtg     10140
     tgtgtgtgct atgctcttaa ataatttcct catatctact actttgctgt gttgtctctt     10200
     cagctttgtc taaattgcta tttgggtagt tagtgggttt tttttcagtt gagtaaattt     10260
     taaagttttt ttctagatgt tctatttaat tattttacaa tactttcaag taatttcttc     10320
     ttctcatgtt tccaattttt aaaaattgtc tctagtccct ttgaaaatac atattttata     10380
     gtgtctatct agtggttcta ttagctgagg tttttagaca tgtaatccca ttctttgttg     10440
     tatctgttaa cttttgctca tgggatattt cttcttattt taagttcaga ttcactttgc     10500
     tttacctttg agactttatg cagtctggga tcaggagtgt ctattagaga ttttttgaat     10560
     tagcatctac taagtgttct agggatactt ctatgcaggg acacttttat ggtaggttta     10620
     gaactttggg atccctaacc tgtgcacgta atgtaatttg agccctacac ataagttgga     10680
     tgaggccagt tttacatatg aattctcaaa aaagactttg ccacaaagag accagctaat     10740
     acaaactgcc ttgtcttctc aatttgtcag taggatgaca ttttctggtc cgtgtttttt     10800
     atttttttgt tttttgtttt gttttgtttt gttttcttga gatggagttt tgcttttgtt     10860
     acccaggctg gagtgaagtg gcaccatctc agctcactgc aatgtctgcc tcctgggttc     10920
     aagcaattct cgtacctcag cctcccaagt agctgggatt acaggcatgc accaccaggc     10980
     caggctaatt gtctgtattt ttaatagaga cggcgtttca ccgtgttggt caggctcatc     11040
     ttgaactcct gacctcaggt gatccaccca cctcggcctc ccaaagtgct gggattacag     11100
     gcgcgagcca ccatgcccag cctggtccat tattttagtg acagtttaac cctccaaggc     11160
     ttccagtttt gcaagatgac aataatcaga ggggaggaag aaagaaactt tgttctaact     11220
     ttctgcctgg agtgagtcaa aatcctcctt ttctaccctg gcaaattcta tacagtcaga     11280
     aaagggtcat agctaaaaaa ttcatgtaag ctgttttaag aatattaaaa acattagcaa     11340
     ttatgattca tagcaaataa aggtagccat ttaattagca aatggaaatt taccaagtta     11400
     ttttctgtcc tttacagaaa cctatggatt cctcagtgag tagcacctag ttgccagaaa     11460
     caagatgtct agtaacttat atctactcat cttaatctcc ctctaccttc tacacataat     11520
     ctaagatatt ttatatttat tcccacaaaa tctaggttca tttcttccag ccaatacctc     11580
     ctataataca tttatgccaa atatcagttg aattatcctt tcaataaaaa gatttagcag     11640
     gttcctgtta aaagatttgg caccttgaca ctgtgatctt caataaggtc gtgaattctt     11700
     atcacaacca atcatcctct tattttccat cctgataaaa aagctatttt aaaatataaa     11760
     atgaagtaaa tctcatcata ttgccatgaa gtttttaact atcatatatt ataagttaac     11820
     attttcaaga gttcacatat aggttttttt aatttatttt ttattttttt attgagagtg     11880
     agtctcactc tgtcacccag gctggagtgc agtggcacaa tcttggctca ctgcaacctc     11940
     cacctcctgg gttcaagcaa ttctcctgac tcagcctacc atgtagctgg gattacagac     12000
     acgcatcacc acacctggct aagttttgca tttttagtag agacgggatt tcactgtgtt     12060
     ggccaggctg gtctcaaact cctgacctca tgtgatccag ctcacctcag cctcccaaag     12120
     tgctgggatt aaggtgtgag ccactgcacc tggcccacat atagttttta aatattttta     12180
     aagtgaaaac actttgttta aaacctaatt cataaattga caggttattt ggagtatatg     12240
     ttaagcaggt atctctttca ccaaactagt aagcaatgtt gatctatacc ctgtatcatt     12300
     ttatagaact ggctattagt atatatgata aaagagaatt gatccttttt ttgtatacat     12360
     ctatgtgtat gtagatatat agctgtacac ttttttgtat ttcaggagtt acactgtttg     12420
     tgatatggtg tatgacctta gcaatcttag gctctgaagc tctccctggt ggaaatttat     12480
     ctggattgtt aattattttt tatagtgcca ttattggggg aaaaatttta caactcttta     12540
     gaataccttt agtgcctcca cttccacctt ttcttggtaa gtatataatt agctctcttt     12600
     tctttattat tgactatatg caaattttga acattttctt gttgaattag ttataattca     12660
     gaaatatttc aatatagtat gttttatata gtttcttcat atgtgtattt actgtgtgtg     12720
     tgtgtatgtg tacagctcct ttataggggc atttatttct ctctctgtct acatatatac     12780
     acacacaagt tttatccaaa atttatttta aaaataaatt taatatcctt agtacattat     12840
     tcctgttgct ttattgttta atagaatctt taaaaatttt agattcacgg agtacatgtg     12900
     caggtttggt acatggatat attgcacaat ggtgagattt gggctctagt gaacccatca     12960
     ccaaacagtg aatactatac ccaataggta atttttcaac cttaaccctc caaccctctc     13020
     tccttttgga ctccccagtg tctattattt ctatctttat gtccatatgt acccattgtt     13080
     tagctcccac gtataagtga aaacgtgata tttgagtttt ctgtttctga gttatttcac     13140
     ttaggataat ggtgttcagc tctatccatg ttgctacaaa gaacatgatg ccattctttt     13200
     ttatgactgc atagtattcc atggtgtata tgtaccacat tttctttatt tagtcattta     13260
     agttgattcc atgtcttttt attgtgaata gtgccgcaat gaacatgtgt gtgtgtatgt     13320
     ctttatggaa gaatgattca catgttaaac catccttgta tttctggagt aaaacccacc     13380
     taactatatt atctttttga tgtactatag aattcatttt gctagttgag aatttttgca     13440
     tctatgttca tcagggatat tgaccagttg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     13500
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtttatg gctttgcctg atttgggtat aattgtgata ctagattcat     13560
     agaatgtgtt aggaagggag tccctccttg atttttttgg attaagtttc agtcaccttt     13620
     gaccctgaac tagtattcta gtggattgta caatgaccct gaactagtgg attgtacaat     13680
     gaataaatga attaatataa attattgtaa aataaaattt tgttaagtat atgatagcca     13740
     tacaaatgca agacaataaa caacgtgata tgaaaactct cagccagcct accatatttg     13800
     tgtttgtttt tgaactgcat agtgggagga ggagctcctt acaattttca ctttgtaaac     13860
     atttatcctt tgattttaac attcactgct ataaccacca tcactcgtgg attcaccaaa     13920
     aaataagtaa ataattatct tatttgtttt tataaaactt tgtaaaatgt atgtagagct     13980
     cacatttatt tcattgttta atactagaag tgttttggat ctttatttag aagtttgatg     14040
     atgttttgtg accagaaata tactgtagga aattgactct tgtttatacc atttagccta     14100
     tgctaaaatt ggttttgtta tatagcaatt tactctaagt tgccatttcc aatcacctat     14160
     cgacgatgtt aagtgagacc ttactgtatt caaatatatc taaatattca gtacagtggg     14220
     ccaggcatgg tggctcatgc ccataatccc agcactttgg gaagccaagg caggaggatc     14280
     acctgagccc aggagttcaa aaccagcctg ggcaacatag cagaccttgt ttttacaaaa     14340
     tattaaaaat ttttctgggt ctcagctact caggaggcta aggcaagagg atcacttgag     14400
     ctcaggagat taagcctaca gtgagccatg tttgcatcac tgcactcacc ttgagcaaca     14460
     gcatgagacc ctgtccccaa aaataaatat atattcagta caatgtcatt acagataatc     14520
     tctacatctt atctctgctg tcacttctgt atccacagtt ttcttgcagc accttctaag     14580
     tatttattga atcattttcc tcctctccaa acttcctctt ttgctctagc ttaggctatt     14640
     tgcttccaac ttttgcgtgg actgtggtag agccttcaat ttggtctctg tctccagttt     14700
     tatccataac taattcacca agaccctcat ataaaaatca caagactcat tatgttactt     14760
     cctgcctaaa accttccaat ggtgccttac tttgccaaag tggggggaga cctttctatg     14820
     atctggccca ccaaactaat tctcctccct cctttccttg ccctgtatgt tccagcaaca     14880
     ctaaattact tgttgaaccc cattttggtg tattgtttct tatcaccatt cctttattca     14940
     tgctgccttc tctacttgct tgtaacgtgc cctttaccaa aataatgaga gacatagtgc     15000
     attagaaaat aaagtaaaca tttctgtttt ctttctcaga aaaatgaact gtcatgtatg     15060
     tttattttct tccttttaag ggatgttagt ggctggtttt acaattagga atgttccatt     15120
     catcagtgaa catatccatg ttcctaacgc atgatcttca attttaagaa gcattgccct     15180
     taacattatt ctaatacgag ctgggtttgg actcgatcca caggtagatt tacaattaca     15240
     aatcgagtaa gattatttca aatattagag gatggtgaga aagaaaaaga agcaaaaatt     15300
     ttatttacct gttccaagtg gagtctgtaa acaaacctaa gataaagaaa aaaaggccgg     15360
     gcatgatgtc tcatgtctgt aatctacaaa aattagccgg gtatggtggc atttacctgg     15420
     taatcccagc tactcgggag gctgaggcaa gagaatcact tgaacctgag tgacagaggt     15480
     tgcagtgaac tgagatagtg ccactgcagt ccagcctggg ggacagagtg agactccgtc     15540
     tcaaaaaaca aaacaaaaca aacaaacaaa ggttttataa gaaaaacctt atacaattct     15600
     ttttcttttt ttagggtgat taaggatttc agttattttt tatgacgttt tctctacagg     15660
     attatgttcc tgattatctt tgcattattg taaaatctaa tcttttaaag catttcttaa     15720
     aatattacat tctagggatc ataaatccca tctataagaa gatgactatt catgaatatg     15780
     acagccactc aaataaatgt ggcaaatgtg gtttaataga aatagctcaa gagcataaat     15840
     aattatagct aatgagatta tattctccag tagaaagtat gaaccaagga gaaaattgaa     15900
     aagttctccc ttttaaaatg aattatgcag tttttaagtt attttctttg gcatgttagt     15960
     attgtattta tacttattaa gttaatcaaa gagttcatat caaaaagtta atgggaaaac     16020
     actaatatga cactattatt atactatgta ttaggaaagt tcaggaaggt agcattagct     16080
     atttaatcac agtaaaattg atcttttaat aattaaaata caataatatt ttataaaaga     16140
     tgaaattgtt tataatccaa cctatgatga catataaaat ataatagggt tcaaagtcct     16200
     gtgggacaat ctgttgaaat gagattttgt ttagtgaaag cttcttatga aaaaagactt     16260
     tatagtccaa catttgttaa aataatttta tttttggcca ttgtaaatgt atcaaatgtg     16320
     actgttttct gtttcaggct ttgaggcatt tgaaggtggt ttgtttcaga atggctttag     16380
     gtccatgcct tatggaggca agtgcagctg ctgttttttc ccacttcatt atgaaatttc     16440
     cctggcaatg ggcaattcta ttagggtaat ttctatctca ttttttctta cggaaatatt     16500
     caattaagga tgcttggtta aaactgttaa aatattcaga atattgtata gaaaagctct     16560
     attaaaattc atttcacagt gttaaaatcc ttggaaagca gttgattaaa agcagagcat     16620
     gtcccaaatt gcacgaaatc tttttaacaa acattcatag cacctaaatg tttatcatca     16680
     agaaaattca agtgatcaat ttattccttt tcatctgtat tataacatat ctgaatgttt     16740
     taatctatct aatggcctct tcctcatagc tatatgtaaa tacagttgca catttcatat     16800
     atatgtatgt gtatttatat atatatttga gaaacatttt atatagacat aggtgtataa     16860
     atataaactc tcccattttg aagaaagcaa gcaaacaaaa actcttgccg tatatccaat     16920
     accccatcca tctttatcta ccatccattt gtcttatgtt tgaattcctc agaataagtc     16980
     tataactact gtctctagat cctaactcct tttcatttct taattcatca acttttgtct     17040
     ctgcttatcc attccaatga cattcatagc aaagttcatc cattacatag ttactataaa     17100
     atccagtgaa tttttaaatt aatgtatatg ataaaatagt caaatgcact tttattttaa     17160
     aaattagaac ttataaataa aggaggaatg accttaaact atgccttcaa atcataatgc     17220
     ccataactct acccaaagtg acaactctta ggagtttttt tcttctccaa tttttatttt     17280
     ggctcaaggg gtacatgacc aggcttgtta tatggataaa ttgcatgtca caggggtttg     17340
     gtaaggagat tattttgtca cccaggttgt aagtataata cccaataggt agtttttcta     17400
     ttctccccct ccttccaccc tccaccctca aattcaccta gtgacgattg ttcccttctt     17460
     tctgtccatg tgtactcagt gtttagctcc cacttatagg tgagaatatg ggatatttgg     17520
     tttcctgttc ctccgttaat tcactttgtg tattattcta tggtgtatat gtgcaacatt     17580
     ttctttatcc agttcaccat tgatgggcat ttaggttgat ctcatgtctt ttatattttt     17640
     ttcattagtt tttaaggaac aggtggtgtt tgtttacatg gaaaatattt ttagtggtaa     17700
     tttctgagat tttggtgcac ccatcaccaa agcagtgtac actgcaccca aggtgtagtc     17760
     ttttatccct caccctcctc ctactcttcc ccctaagtcc ccaaagtcca ttgtatcatt     17820
     cttatgcttt tgcatcctca tagcataact cccacttata agtcagaaca tacaatgttt     17880
     gattttttca ttcctgaatt acttcactta gaataatggt gtccgactct ttccaggctg     17940
     ctgtgaatgc cattatttca ttccttttta tagctgagta gtattccctc tatggtctgt     18000
     gtgtgtatat atatacacac atacacatat atatatatat acatatatac acatatatgt     18060
     gtgtatgtac acacacacac acacacatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     18120
     atatatatac accatatttt ctctatgtgt tcattgattg atgggcattt gagctatttc     18180
     catatatttc acaactgcaa attgtgctgc agtaaacgtg tgtgcaagcg tttttttaat     18240
     ataatgactt cttttcctct gggtagatac ccagttgtgg gattgctaga tcaaattgta     18300
     gatcaacttt taattattta agtggttttg tttgcatttc cctgataatt agtgatattg     18360
     aggatttttt catgtttctt ggccatttat atcttctttt gggaagtgtc tattcatgtc     18420
     cttagcacac tttttgatag gataatttgg tttttttctt gctgatttgt ttgagttcct     18480
     tatgggttct ggatattagt actttgttgg atgcatagtt tgtaaagatt ttctcccact     18540
     ctataggttg tgtttttact ctgctgatta tttcttttgc tgtgtagaag attcttagtt     18600
     taatgaagtc ccatttattt atctttgttt ttgttgcctt tgcttttggg ttcttggtca     18660
     tgaagtcttt gcctaagcaa atgtctagaa gggtaattcc aatgttacct tctagaattt     18720
     ttactgtttt aggtgttaga tttaagtctt tgatccatct tgagttgatt tttgtataag     18780
     gtgagagatg aggatgcagt ttcattcttc tacatatggc ttgccaatta tcctagcacc     18840
     atttgttgaa tatggtatcc tttcccaact ttatgttttt ggttcctttg ttaaagatcc     18900
     gttggcttaa gtatttggct ttatttctca gttctctatt cggttccatt agtctatgtg     18960
     cctattttta taccagtatt atgctgcttt ggtgactata gacttatagc atagcttgaa     19020
     gtcaagcaat gtgatgcatc cacatttgtt ctttttgctt agtcttgctt tcgttatgcg     19080
     ggctattttt gggctccaca tgaattttag gattgctttt tctagttcgg ggaagaatga     19140
     tgatgtagat tgcttttggc agtatggtca ttttcacaat attttttcta cctatccatg     19200
     agcatgtaat gtgtttctat ttgttagtgt catctatgat ttctttctgc agtgttttgt     19260
     agtttccact gtagagatct ttcacctcct tggttaggta tattcctaaa ttggtttgct     19320
     tgggtttttt ctttggtatt gtttgttcgt ttggtttggt ttttttgtag ctgctgtaaa     19380
     aggggttgag atcttgattt aattctcagc tcagtcaccc tcggtgtata ccagttctac     19440
     tgatttgtgt acattgatgt tgtatcctga aacgttactg aattcattta tcagatctag     19500
     gagctttttg gatgagtctt tagggttttc tcattatatg atcatatcat caggaacagc     19560
     aacagtttga cttcctcttt gctgatttag atgcccttta tttctttctc ttgtctgatt     19620
     gctctggcta ggacttccag tactatgttg aatagaagtg gtgaaagtgg gcatccttgt     19680
     cttgttccag ttctcgggag aatgctttca acttttccca ttcagtataa tgttggctgt     19740
     gggtttttct ttctttctct ttctgtattt ttttttgggg atggagtctt gctctgttgc     19800
     ccaggttaga gcgcaatggc ccaatctcag ctcactgcca cctctgcctc ccaggttcaa     19860
     gcaattctca tgcctcagcc ttccaaagac ctgggagtag ctccccaagc tcgccagcat     19920
     ctattacttt ttgacttttt attaatagcc attctgcctc ctgtgaggtt gtatttcatt     19980
     gcacttttgt tttgcatttc tctaaagatt agtgatgttg aatacttttc cgtgtacttg     20040
     ttgactatgt gtttgtcttc ttttgagaag tgtcttgtcc tgtcctttgc ccatttaatg     20100
     gggttgttag atttttgctt gttgattttt ctaagttctt tttgtattct ggatattaga     20160
     cttttgtcga atgcatggtt tgaaaatatt ttcttccatt ccataggttg tttgttgatt     20220
     atttcttttg ctgtgcagaa gccctttagt ttaattaggt cgcaattgtg aatttttgtt     20280
     tttgttgcaa ttgcttttga catctttgtc ataaagtgtt ttccagaatt gaaatttcct     20340
     aggatatgtc cagaatggcc tgtatggaga atggtatttc ttaggctatc ttccagggtt     20400
     tttatagttt tgggttttac atttaagtct ttaatctacc ttgagttgat ttttgtaaac     20460
     ggtgaaacgt atggagtcat ttcaattttc tgcatacggc tagccagtta tcccagcaca     20520
     atttccaagt agggattccc ttccccattg cttgtttttg tcaagtttgt tgaagagtag     20580
     atggctatag gtgtacagct ttatttctgc attctgtaac ctgttccact ggtctatgtc     20640
     tgtttttgag ttccttatag attctggata ttagtacttt gctggatgca tagtttgtaa     20700
     agattttctc ccactctata ggttgtcttt ttactctgct gattatttct tttgatgagc     20760
     ataaccatgc tgttttgctt actgtagcat tgtagtacag tttgaagtca ggtagtgtga     20820
     tgctttcgac tttgttcttt ttgcttagga ttgctttggt aatttgggct tttttttttc     20880
     tttttttttt tttggctcca aatgaatttt agaatgcttt ttttttaatc ctgtgaaaaa     20940
     tgtcattggt ggtatgatag gaatagcatt gactctgtaa atagccttag acagtatggc     21000
     cattttaaca atattgcttc ttcctatctg tgatcatgga atgttttcct tttgtttctg     21060
     ttgtctctga ttctttgagc acttgtttgt aattttcatt ttagagattt ttcacctccc     21120
     tgattagctg tattccaagg tattttgtag ttttttttgt ggctactggg aatgggattg     21180
     cattctttat ttggctgtca gcttggatga tgttaatgta tagaaatgtt acagattttt     21240
     gtacattgat ttttgtatcc tgaaactttg ctgaagtcat ttatcagatc tgggagctct     21300
     cgagaggcta ctatggggtt tccttggtat aaaagtgttt cacctatgaa gaggcatggt     21360
     ttgacttcca ttcttcctat ttagatgtct gtgtttcttt ctcttgccta ttgcactggc     21420
     taggacatcc agcactatgt tgaataggag tagtgagagt gggcatcctt gtcttgttcc     21480
     agttcttaaa gggaatattc cagctttttc ccattcagtg tgaagttggc tgtgggtttg     21540
     tcataaatgg ctccaattat tttgaggtat gctccttcag taactcattt gttgagggtt     21600
     tatatcatga agggatattt ttatttttag tcctttttta tgatgaatca cgtttattga     21660
     tttgcatatc ttgaaccaaa cttgcatccc agggataaag cttacttgat catagtggac     21720
     tagctttttg acatgctgct ggattcagtt ggcttatatt ttgttgagga tatttgcatc     21780
     tatgatcatc agggatgact gtcctgaagt tttctttttt gttgtgtctc tgccaggttt     21840
     tcatatctga atgatgctga cctcataaaa tgagttaggg agggatcctt cctcctccat     21900
     tttttggaat aatttcagta gcattggtac cagctcttct ttacacttcc ggtagaattt     21960
     gtctgtgaat ctgttgggtc ctgggcttgc tgtttttttt tttttttttt tttttggctc     22020
     agagactttt tattactcat tcagtttcga aactcatttt tggtttgttc aggatttcaa     22080
     tttcttccta gttcaatctt gggaggttgt atgtttccag aaacttaccc atttgttgta     22140
     ggtgtcctac tttgttagca taaacatgtt catcatagtc tctgacagtt ttttgtattt     22200
     ctgtgtggtt ggcggtaatg tccactttac cacttctgat tgtatttttt gtatcttctc     22260
     tttttttttt ccttatttgt ctagctagtg acctatcaaa tttatttatt ctttcgaaga     22320
     accagctttt agttcattta tcttttgtat ggcttttcat gactcaattt cattccattc     22380
     tgctctgatt ttggttattt tcttctgcta gctttgggtt ggattcctct tgtttttcta     22440
     tttcctttag gtatgatatt aggttgttaa tttaagatcc ttctaacttt tcaatatggg     22500
     catttagcac gataaacttt tcccttaaca ctgctttgtc tgtctcttag agagcctaga     22560
     atgttatatc tttgttttaa ttagtttcaa agaatttatt ggtttctgcc ttaatttcat     22620
     tgtttaccca aaagtcattc aggcacaggt tgtttaattt ccatgtaatt gtatggtttt     22680
     gagagttctt cttagtattg acttctattt ttgttacact gagcggttca agagtgtggt     22740
     tggcatgatt tcaggggttt cttttaattt attgaaaata attttagact gatagtgtga     22800
     tcaattttac aatatatgct atgtacagat gagaggaaga tatattctgt tgttgttggg     22860
     tggagtgttc tgtagaaggc tgttatgtcc atttagccaa gtgttgactt caagtcctga     22920
     atatctttgt ccattttctg tctctatgat ctgtctagta ccgtcagtga gatgttgaag     22980
     tctctcacta ttattctgtg gttatctaag tctctctata ggtctctatg aacttgtttt     23040
     acaaatgtga atgctccagt tttgagcaca tttatctttc agactgttaa gtcttcttgt     23100
     tgaattgaac cctttatcat taagtagtgc ccttctttgt ctttttgatt gttgttggtt     23160
     taaagtctat tttgtctgaa ttagaataac aatgcttacc ctgttttgtt ttgcatttgc     23220
     ttggtagatt tttttccatc cttttacttc aaaccaatgg gtattgttgc atatgagcta     23280
     ggtctcttga caacagatac ggtcgggctt tgcttcttta cccaacttgc cattctgcga     23340
     gttttaagcg gggcatttat actgtttaca ttcacagcta atattggtat ttatagcttt     23400
     ggtcctgcca ttatgttgtt agctggttat tatgcagact tgattgtgtt gttactttac     23460
     aatgtcaatg gtctatgtac ttaaatgtat ttttgtggtg gccattaaca gtctttcact     23520
     tccatgctta gcactccctt aaggacctct tttaaggcat gtctggtggt aacagattcc     23580
     gttagcattt gtttgtctgg aaaagatctt acttctcctt cacatatgaa gtttagtttg     23640
     gctggatatt aagttcttgg ttgaattttt tttttttttt tttttttttg cgacagagtc     23700
     tttctctgta accaggctgg agtgcagtgg tgctatctca gctcactgca acctccacct     23760
     cctgggttaa gtgattctct tgcctcagcc tcctgagtag ctgggactac agacacgcac     23820
     caccatgccc agctaacttt tgtattttta ttagagatga ggtttcacca tgttggccag     23880
     gatggtcttg atctcttgaa cttgtgttcc gcccccctca gcttcccaaa gtgcgggatt     23940
     acaagcatga gccaccacac ccggccaagt tttttttttt tttttaagaa tgctgaaggc     24000
     cgggcatggt ggctcacaca tgtaatccca gcactttgag aggccgaggt gggcagatca     24060
     tgaggtcagt aatttgagac caccctggcc aatatggtga aatcctgtct ctactaaaat     24120
     tacaaaaaat tgccgggtgt tgtggtgcgc acctgtagtc ccagctactt gggaggctga     24180
     gggagaagaa ttgcttgaac ccgggaagtg gaggttgcag tgagccgaga tagcaacagt     24240
     gcactccagc ctgggcaaca gagtgagatt ccgtctcgaa aaaaaaaaaa agaatgctga     24300
     atataggtcc ccaatttctt ttggattgta gagtatctta tagttccact gttagcctga     24360
     tgggattccc tttgtatgtg acctgccctt cactttagct gcatttctta tttttttatt     24420
     tcatgttgac cttggagaat ctgatgactg tctgtcttgg ggatggtcat cttgtatagt     24480
     atctcacagg attctctgca tttcctggat ttaaatggtg acttctctag caagatttgg     24540
     gaaatttttg tgggcagtaa cctcaaatat gttttccaac ttgcttgttc tttctccctt     24600
     tctttgagtg atgccttgag tcatatgttt ggtctcttta cataatctca gatttctcag     24660
     aggttttgtt cattcttttt tgttctttat tttcatctga ctgagttgat tcaaagaagt     24720
     ggtctttgag atctgagatt ctttcctcag cttggtccgt tctgatgtta gtatttgtta     24780
     ttgtattatg aaattcttga ggtgcatttt tcagctctat cagtttagtt tggttctttc     24840
     ttaaaatgcc tatttcatct ttcagctctt atgtcgtctt attggatttc ttagatcatt     24900
     tgcattggat tttgactttc ttctgaatct caatgatctt tgtttctatc cagattctga     24960
     aatctatgtc tgtcatttaa tcctggttaa caaccattgt tggagagtta gtatgattgc     25020
     ttgaagacag gaagacattc tggcttttta tattgccaga gttcttgcac tggttctttc     25080
     acatctgtgt gggctaaggt tcctttaatg ttttgaatca ctgtcctttg gatggagttt     25140
     tttccttttt tatattcttt aatgcccttg aggatttgac tgtggcacaa ggtagtttca     25200
     gtcaaatggc ttcatttctg gaagatttca gggggcaaag gctcagccca gcactcctga     25260
     actgcacgct ctaattttgc aacgctggta acatacccac agatttgttg tctggccctt     25320
     caatgttaag cactgaggtg ttcccagtcg actggcaaca acactctgat ggggtgtgcc     25380
     agacaaagtg cttcattgta gtgattgtag caaggtcctc actcacacat atgtgccagg     25440
     agcagcagca cacagcaggt atgcatgtgt tggcaggggt gcagtgctgg caggagtgga     25500
     atgggagtgt tctgcatact tgcacgtgcc agccagggca atggtgttgt ggggtgcact     25560
     catgtgccgc tgaagacaga gtggcagcat ctttatgagt tttatgttat cattctagat     25620
     ctttaaaaat aatgttctgg acttctaaca aatgtatttg tgaacccaga gaaaaaaaga     25680
     gttttatttt gtgcattttt acttaatcat acccaagaaa attttactta acaatttttt     25740
     cttttcactc aagaatagtc ttgaggttta tccatctcaa gatggataca catgtagttt     25800
     attcctttta attgtataag attacattgt atgtcaacag cagattttat ttacaatgtt     25860
     ataacaaaaa tagcatttta tttgtctcat tttacataaa tacaagtttg tttagaatag     25920
     ttacctgggt tacatgcatt tttagtttga tgtatactgc caaaatactt tcggtatggc     25980
     cactttaatt tgccctaata acaatagctt aggagcatac ctgttgttct tgaaaatcct     26040
     tgcaaatcct taatattatt aaattttata atgttttcca gtctgataat tgaaaaaatg     26100
     gcgtattttt attttaattt gtatttctgt gattattcac aagcttgaat atcttttata     26160
     tacgtgttgt ccttcagctt ttccttagcc tgttcatatc ctttgtccat ttttttgttg     26220
     agttggtctt ctttattagt tatatctgtt ataggcattt gtaaattata tgtattgcaa     26280
     atatcagtag atatttaatt ttgtttgtga tgattttttt tcactctaaa aagtgtgttt     26340
     tgttattttc aacagagaga attgccaata taccacaccg ttcacttgac tttgaaaatg     26400
     aaaaagagaa aaagggggag aaagagcaga attgcttttg aagtagtact ttattatagt     26460
     acttttgaag ttgcttttga agtactcctt taatataatt gaacgtatca caatctcttt     26520
     ttatgtctaa tgcctttgta tgtatcagtc aaaaggtcct ttttacctca tgatcacaaa     26580
     tatattattc tacatctttt tgttgttgtt cagagtcttg ctgtcaccca ggctgtagtg     26640
     cagtggcatg atctcatctc actgcaactt ccacctccca ggttcaagtg attctcctgc     26700
     ctcaacctcc caagtatctg ggactacagg catgcaccac tgcacccagc tattggtttc     26760
     accatgttgg ccaggctgtt ctcagattcc tgatctgtcc acctcagcct cccaaattgc     26820
     tgggattaca ggtgtgagcc atcacaccta gcccactaca ttttcttatt actacttttc     26880
     cttttgagct tttaacattt attttgtgta aggatctatc tatattcctt tccacataaa     26940
     tagttatctc aacaccattt ttgaaagatt tctttctttc tcccactgat ttaaagtacc     27000
     agttgtatga tgtaacaaat cccatagatt tgtttccaca ctttgtattc tcttttcttc     27060
     caatttattt tttcttttta tatgtcatta ttattcagtt ttaactattt tacctttaca     27120
     aaaacagtat cttgttttct taagtttact tgatctttca ttctaagatc ttattcttcc     27180
     aaatgaattt tataatcagc atttcatgct cagtaaaaat cccagcaaag attttgattg     27240
     gtgtatctct gattaattca tttgggggag aggttacatc tatatattat tgaggctttg     27300
     gccgggggtg gtggctcaca cctataatcc cagcactttg ggaggccaag gcaggcatat     27360
     cacttgaggt caggagttca agaccagcct ggcaaaaatg gtgaaacacc gtatctacta     27420
     aaaacacaaa aactagccag gcgtggtgtt gggcaatggt aaaattgggg ctttttagtt     27480
     cacacttgtg aaatgtctct ctaagtattc aggtattatc ttaattatta tattatattc     27540
     acaatttttt ataaaattat agactgtctt cacagttttg ttcttagata ctttgttttt     27600
     aattgatgtt gtggattaaa ttctctttga tcacttattc ctggggaagc cagctgccat     27660
     gttctgaggc agccctgtgg agaaaacccc attggaaaaa actgaagcct gcaatggtta     27720
     catgaataaa cttggaagca gatcttctcc accccaccct acctcatggt aaatcttaag     27780
     tcaagacata caactaagcc atgcccagat tcctgaccca cagaagtcat aagacaataa     27840
     atatttgttg ttttaagctg ctatgtttgg ggatgacttg ttaagcaaaa tgagaaaaat     27900
     aatacaacag atgattacaa tgtacagcag agttgaggaa ccactgaact agaccagtat     27960
     gtggtcttag ataagtctag tctcttcttc agcccacagg gaaatctgta gcataaactg     28020
     tgccatagag ttgtacagcc agaagcaaat ctcacatcag tccgtcattg gcagatgctg     28080
     tctggaggga aagtagaggg gtgcacaacc tccctcgtat tcccaggtag gtgcttgtca     28140
     gcaggacaag ggttctagaa acctgcagat attagcagcc aacaagaagc actgggagat     28200
     gtgttcattg acctggtaaa tggattctgg cagaagcacc aaaagcattt ctacacagga     28260
     tatactttac gctttataaa gtaaatgtag aagagatgag gtgaaaatca ggataagata     28320
     tgccaataga aggtattctg tgcaggaacc tcgcccttcc tcatgagtgt catcaaccac     28380
     tccagaaatg ttctcatttg cctttgtaac ttagatggcc acacttgttt ttttgggcag     28440
     acaactctgt tccttccttc cttacttact tatttactca agaggtagga aatgtgtgga     28500
     aggtagatgt gtctgaccat tcttacagtg gcactccaaa taatcaacta tttggtttcc     28560
     ccagcggtct ctcctgctcc cagaatgtgt catttcaggg cttggaccac ttgtagaagc     28620
     acatgtatct tttgaggcaa tcttatttac atacattttg gtttatggtt tccttttttc     28680
     aatcctaaat tgtctgtctc ttatctttct ggcatatact tagtttcttg tccattgatg     28740
     attcaccttt tgctttctag ttaggttatg gatttttcta ttacctttac atcttcactt     28800
     caaaggattt aggaatagag ggagaggctg taacctgtgc tcagcccaac atttgaaacc     28860
     acgtctgtat aaaattttag ccagcactaa acaatacatg aaaagtttta tcaccattaa     28920
     attgcattca ctcaaatttg aaattcttct aaacaatgtt tgttataaat ttattataaa     28980
     ctacttgtac ttataaaaca ctacttggtt aaaaagctgc ttttaaatta attttcattc     29040
     tttctttcag ttttgttcta ggtgctgtct ctcctgctgt tgttgtcctt tacacgatgg     29100
     tgttgcaaga aaatggatat ggtgttgagg aagacattcc aaccttacta atggctgcta     29160
     gcagtatgga tgaccttctg gctatcactg gattcaatac atgcttgagc atagtcttct     29220
     actcgggtaa acaagaaaat ataacaaccg ccagatcatt cgtgaccttt tttattagtt     29280
     ctttaaacag ggtttctggc tttgcttctt catttattaa ccaagactgt tcaatttaac     29340
     atctttttaa tctccataga aagctcattc cagaccaagg aagatatttc agtggcttaa     29400
     gataccacta cttaacacac atgatctcac tttaataatc atgtgacaat taatttgata     29460
     aaccatatta ttactattta tctgcttatg ttgcttttga attttatcag ttctcattag     29520
     aaaaaattaa gcagcagtat tatttgtact actaatattt taataggcat ttatttgaaa     29580
     tgcacctttt tggccatcct aataaacaac tggttgctct attataagac aacataaaca     29640
     tacagagctg ggacagccat gtgccttttt ggtagtgtta ggacaagatc ctgcaccagt     29700
     tctgattccc aaggtgatat ctggtcttga atatcactac agaaattgtg aaactaaacg     29760
     tttccacatt tagtaatgct ttaattatct gcaatgtttg agacttctgt attattgaag     29820
     cgctaaacta tttttaagtt gaaaagtaat atatatagtt ttatagtttc tcttaaaata     29880
     agaaaatata aataaataag aaaaagagga aaagttaaaa ataaaatctg caatagtcac     29940
     atccagaaga aaagaatcat ttccttctga accttttgat ataaatccac ccatattccc     30000
     ttcccttccc ttcttccctt cttcctttcc cttcccttcc cctctcctcc ccttcccttc     30060
     ccttacccct ctctctctgt caaatattct tataaaaatc agtgaatatt taccaacatg     30120
     tccttttatt tattttttta ttttttgagg cggagtcttg ctctgtcacc cagcttggag     30180
     tgcagtggca caatctcagc tcactgcatg ctctgcctcc cgggttcatg ccattctcct     30240
     gcctcaacct cttaagtagt tgggactaca ggcgcccgcc accacgcccg gctaattttt     30300
     ttttaattat ttttagtaga gtcagggttt caccgtgtta gccaggatgg tcttgatctc     30360
     ctgacctcgt gatccacctg cctcggcttc ccaaagtgtt gggattacag gcgtgagcca     30420
     tcgcaccggc ctaatatgtt cttataacct gaattgtttt acacttaact gtatatcaca     30480
     aacatgtttc ttttcagtaa atgtatttgt atatcatttt taatagttgt ttagcttaat     30540
     gaaagagtat tcaatgtgct gcatcatgat taattatcct gttcaaaatt aaagtaaact     30600
     ccaatattta ctattaaaac aataactcgt tgtgctgcta taaaaatatt tttttaaatt     30660
     aaaaaattgg ccgggcatgg aggctcacac ctataatccc agcactttgg gaggccaaga     30720
     agggtggatc acttgaggtc aggagttcaa gaccagcctg gccaaccaac atggtgaaac     30780
     cccgtctcca ctaaaaatac aaaacatagc caggcatggt ggtgggcatc tgtaatccca     30840
     gctactcagg aggatgaagc agaagaatca ctggaaccca ggaggcggag gctgtattga     30900
     gctatacagc ctgggcaaca gagcgagact ctgtctcaaa aatttttttt taattaaaaa     30960
     ttaatactta attgaacaca tagagaaata tttgtagcta atcttcatat tttcttaagc     31020
     ttaaatgtgt aattgttgat ctaaaaggta tatacattta tgagtgttct gaaacatatt     31080
     gccacaatat catgtcctac cagggtacat aaacttgtca tttcctctca cctctcttca     31140
     aaacttggta ttactagcct ttttcatctt tgctaatttg ataggtgaag gagggatctc     31200
     tataaatgaa gtactttgaa tattagtgat gttaaatatc catgtttatt agtcattgcc     31260
     attttgtaaa ttgcttttct tgaaagtttt ttccctattt cttttaggtg ggttcacctt     31320
     ttattctttt tgatttgtca agattctgca ttaaattgag aatgaaaacc tttgttttat     31380
     atactttagt tttttcaatt tgtaatttcg ctcttaattt tctcactctt tttaccattc     31440
     agaagttaaa gctttttatt gtcaattgtg aaaatctttt ccttcatgat tggtatctgt     31500
     cattctttca aaaaatattg ttatcagtca tgtttcaaaa aaatatttcc aggctgggcc     31560
     caatggctca cgcctataat cccaacactt tgggagacca aagctggggg aatcacttga     31620
     ggacatgact tcaagaccag cctggccaac atagcaaagc tccatctcta ctaaaaatac     31680
     aaaaagttag ctgtgtgtgg tggcacaggc ctgtaatcac agctactcag ggggctgagg     31740
     cagaagaatc gcttgaaccc aagaggcaga ggttgcagtg agccaacatc acaccactgc     31800
     actccagcct gggtgacaga gggagactgt ctgagaaaaa gaaaaaaaaa atcctcttcc     31860
     ttttgccggc tactatgcca aacactgaga ataaacagta ggcaacaaca tcagctttta     31920
     ttgaatactt gcttggctct tgttctaagt tccatatatg tcaccactca tttacaggta     31980
     aggaaactga gaaagatgtt aagtaatttt ctcaaggaca gagatccaat aagtagggga     32040
     gccaagatgc aaatctggca gtctcactcc acacccacac atttaactct tctcttctcc     32100
     actgcctccc aacacaacag agagacaaga tcaaatggtg catgttctca aggagcttgt     32160
     atattaaaga aaaattacaa atgggatgaa tattacattg tgaaggttaa tattaagtaa     32220
     ttgtcaattt gattggattg aaggatccaa agtatttttc ccggttgtgt ctgtgagggt     32280
     gttgccaaag gagattaaca tttatttagt ggactgggaa aggcagatcc accctcaatg     32340
     tgggtgggca ccatacaatc agctgccagc atggctagaa taaagcaggc agaagaaggt     32400
     taggagaagc tgacttgctg agccttctgg ccctcatctt tctcccatgc tggatgcttc     32460
     ctgcactcaa atatcagatt ccaggttctt tggcttttgg actcttggac ttactccagt     32520
     tgttttccag gggctctcag gccttcatcc agagactcaa agctggcctg tcggtttccc     32580
     tacttctgag gtgttgggac tcggactcga gccaatacta gattccttgc tcctcaactt     32640
     gcagacggcc tgttgtagga cttcactttg tgatggtgtg attcaattct ccttaataaa     32700
     ctccttttca tatatatata tatatatatc ctattagttc tatccctcta gagaaccatg     32760
     actaataccg attttgataa tgaggtaatg aagtattatt ataagatacc tgaggttgtg     32820
     gaagtgactt tggaactgtg taatgtgcag agtttggaac agttgggagg actcagaaga     32880
     agatcagaag atgtgggaaa gtttggaact gcctagagac ttgttgaatg gctttgacca     32940
     aactgctgat agtgacttgg acagtgaagt ccatgctgag gaggtccgag atggagatga     33000
     acaacttgtt gggaactgaa gtaaaggtca ctcctgctat gctttaacaa agagactggt     33060
     ggcattttgc ccctgcccta cagatttatg gaactttgaa attgagagag atgactgagg     33120
     acatctggta gaagaaacgt ttgttgttgt tgttgttata acttaagttc taggatacat     33180
     gtgcacaacg tgcaggtttg atacataggt atacatgtgc catgttggtt tgctgcaccc     33240
     atcaactcat catttacatt aggtatttct cctaatgctc tccctccccg agccctccaa     33300
     cccccaacag gacccagtgc ctgatgttcc cagccctgtg tccaagtgat ctcattgttc     33360
     aattcccatc tatgagtgag accatgcggt gtttggtttt ctgtccttgt gatagttttg     33420
     ctgacaatga tggtttccag cttcatctat ctccctgcaa aggacatgaa ctcatccttt     33480
     tttatggctt cagagtattc cacggtgtgt atgtgtcaca tgtcttaatc cagtccatca     33540
     ttaatggaca tttgggttgg ttccaattct ttgctgttaa tagtgccgca ataaacatac     33600
     atgtgcatgt gtctttatag tagcatgatt tataatcctt tgggtatata cccagtaatg     33660
     ggattgctgg gtcaaatggt aattctagtt ctagatcctc gaggaatcgc cacaatgtct     33720
     ttcacaatgg ttgaactagt ttacactccc accaacagtg taaaagcttt cctatttctc     33780
     catatcctct ccagcacctg ttgtttcctg actttttaat gattgccatt ctaactggtg     33840
     tgagatggta tctcattgcg gatttgattt gcatttctct aatggccagt gatgatgagc     33900
     attttttcat gtgtctgttg gctgcataga tgtcttcttt tgagaagtgt ctgttcatac     33960
     cctgtgccca ctttttgatg gggttgtttg tttttttctt gtaaatttgt ttgagttcat     34020
     tgtagattct ggatattagt cctttgtcag atgagtaggt tgtaaaaatt ttctcccatt     34080
     ctataggttg tctgttcact ctgatggtag tttcttttgc tgtgcagaag ctcttgaatt     34140
     taattagatc tcatttgtca attttggctt ttgttgccat tgctattggt gttttagtta     34200
     ttaattcctt gcccatgcct atgtcctgaa tggtattgcc taggtattct tctagggttt     34260
     ttatggtttt aggtctgaca tttaagtctt taatccatct tgaattaatt tttatataag     34320
     gtgtaaggaa gtgatcaagt ttcagctttc cacatatggc tagccagttt tcccagcacc     34380
     atttattaaa tagggaatcc tttccccatt tcttgtttat gtcaggtttg tcaaagatca     34440
     gatggctgca gatgtgtggt attatttccg agggctctat tctgtttcat tggtctgtat     34500
     ctctgttttg gcaccagtac catgctgttt tggttactgt agccttgtag tgtagtttga     34560
     agtcaggtag tgtgatgcct ccagctttgt tctttttgct taggattgtc ttggcaatgc     34620
     aggttctttt ttggttccat atgaacttta aagttgtttt ttccaattct gtgaagaaag     34680
     tcattagtag cttgatgggg acgtcattga atctataaat tacctttggc tgtatggcca     34740
     ttttcacgat attgattctt cctatccatg agcatggaat gttcttccat ttgtttgtgt     34800
     cctctgtcat tttgttgagc agaggtttgt agttctcctt gaagaggccc ttcacgtccc     34860
     ttgtaaattg gattcctagg tattttattg tctttgaagc aattgtgaat gggagttcac     34920
     tcatgatttg gctctctgtt tgtctgttat tggtgtataa gaatacctgt gattttttca     34980
     cattgatttt gtatcctgag actctgctga agttgcttat cagcttaagg agatttgggg     35040
     ctgagatgat ggatttttgt aaatatacaa tcatgtcatc tgcagacagg gacaatttga     35100
     cttcctcttt tcctaattga ataaccttta tttcattctc ttgcctgatc gccctggcca     35160
     gaacttccaa gactatgttg aataggagtg gcgagagagg gaatccttgt cttgtgccag     35220
     gattcaaagg gaatgcttcc agttattgtc cattcagtat gatattggct gtgggtttct     35280
     cataaatagc tcttattatt ttgagatacg tcccatcaat acctagttta ttgagagttc     35340
     ttagcatgaa gggctgttga attttgtcaa aggctttttc tacatctatt aagataatca     35400
     tgtggttttt gtctttgatt ctgtttatat gatggattac gtttattgat ttgcgtgtgt     35460
     tgaaccagtc ttgcatccta gggatgccaa cttgatcatg gtggataagc tttttgatgt     35520
     gctgctggat tcggtttgtt attatcttat tgaggatatt tgcatcgatg ttcatcacgg     35580
     attttggtct aaaattctcc ttttttcttg ttgtgtctct gtcaggcgtt ggtatcagga     35640
     tgatgttggc ctcataaaat gaattaggga ggattctgtc tttttctatt gattggaaaa     35700
     gtttcagaaa gaatggtacc agctcctctt tgtacctctg gtagagttca gctgtgaatc     35760
     catctggtcc tggacttttt tttgttggta ggctattaat tattgcctca atttcagaga     35820
     ctgttattgg tctattcaga gattcaactt cttcctggtt tagtcttgca agggtgtatg     35880
     tgtcccagaa tttatccatt tcttctagat gttcaagttt atttgtgtag aggtgtttat     35940
     cgtattctct gatggtagtt tttatttccc tgggctcagt ggtgatatcc cctttatcat     36000
     ttttattgca tctatttgat tcctctctct tttcttcttt attatccttg ccagcagtct     36060
     atcaattttg ttgatctttt caaaaaacca gctcctggat tcattgcttt tttgaagggt     36120
     tttttgtgtc tctgtctcct tcagctctgc tctgatattt tttgccttct gctagctttt     36180
     gaatgtgttt gctcttgctt ctctagttat tttaattgtg atgttagggg gtcaatttta     36240
     gatctttcct gctttctctt ctgagcactt agtgctataa atttccccct acacactgct     36300
     ttaaatgtgt cccagagatt ctggtacatt gtgtctttgt tctcattggt ttcaaagaac     36360
     atctttattt ctgccttcat cttgttattt acccagtagt cattcaggag caaattgttc     36420
     agtttccatg tagttgttca gttttgagtg agcttcttaa tcctaaattg aatttgattg     36480
     cactgtgttc tgagagacag tctgttgtga tttctgttct tttacatttg gtgaggagtg     36540
     ctttacttct aattatgtgg tcaaatttag aataagtcag atgtggtgct gagaagaatg     36600
     tatactctgt tgatttgggg tggagagttc tgtggatgtc tatttggtct gtttgttgca     36660
     gagctgagtt caggtcctgg atatctttgt taaccttctg tcttgttgat ctttctaata     36720
     ttgacagttg ggtgttaaag tctcccatta ttattgtgtg ggagtctaag tctctttgta     36780
     ggtctctaag gacttgcttt atgaatctgg gtgctcttgt actggttgca tatatattta     36840
     agatagttag ctcttcttgt tgcattgatc cctttaccat tatgtaatgg ccttctttgt     36900
     ctcttgatct ttgttggttt aaagtctgtt ttatcagaga caaggattgc aacctctgcc     36960
     tttttttgtt ttccattttc ttggtagatc ttcctccatc cctttatttt gagcctatgt     37020
     gtgaatttgt gcatgagatg ggcctcctga atacagcaca ctgatgggtc ttgactcttt     37080
     ctccaatttg ccagtctgtg tcctttaatt gggacattta gcccatttac atttaaggtt     37140
     aatattgtta tgtgtgaatt tgatcctgtc attatgatat tcgctggtta tttgcccgtt     37200
     aattgatgca gtttcttcct agcattgatg gtctttacaa cttggcatgt ttttgcactg     37260
     gctggtacca ggtgtttctt tccatgttta gggcttcctt caggagctct tgtaaggcag     37320
     gcctggtggt gaaaaaatct ctcagcattt gcttatcagt aaagaatttt attttctcct     37380
     tcacttatga agcttatttt ggctggacat gaaactctgg attgaaaatt attttcttta     37440
     agaatgttga atattgaccc ccactctctt ctggattgta gggtttctgc caagagatca     37500
     gctgttagtc tgacgggctt ccctttgtgg ctaacctgac ctttctctct ggctgccctt     37560
     aacacttttt cctgcacttc aaccttggtg aatctgacaa ttatgtgtct tggaatcgct     37620
     cttctcaaag agtatctttg tgttgttctc tgtatctcct gaagttgaat gttggcctgc     37680
     catgctaggt tggggaagtt ctcctggata atatcctgaa gagtgtttta caacttggtt     37740
     ccattctcct catcactttc tggtgcacca accaaatata gatttggtct tttcacatgg     37800
     tcccatattt cttggaggct ttcttcattt ctttttactc ttgtttctct aaccttctct     37860
     tctcacttta tttcatttat ttgatcttca atcactgata ctctttcttc cacttgattg     37920
     aatcggctat tgaagcttgt gcatgcatca caaaattctc gtgccatggt tttcagctcc     37980
     attgggtcac ttaaggtctt ctctacgctg tttattcttg taagccattc gtctaatctt     38040
     ttttcaaggt ttttagctta cttgcaatgg gttccaacat cctctttggc tcagagaagt     38100
     ttgttattac caaccttctg aagcctactt ctgtcaattc gtcaaagtca ttctccatcc     38160
     agctttgttc cattgctgac aaggagctat gatcctttgg aggagaagag gtgctctgaa     38220
     ttttagaatt ttcagctttt ctactctggt ttatccccat ccttctggtt ttatctacct     38280
     ttggtctttg atattgttga cctacagatg gggttttggt gtagatgatc ttctgttaat     38340
     gttgacacta ttcctttctg ttttttagtt ttccttctaa cagtcaggac cctcagctgc     38400
     agatctgttg gagtttgctg gagttccact ccagacactg tttgcctggg tatcatcagt     38460
     ggaggctgca gaacagtaaa tattgcagaa cagcaaatat tgctgcctga tacttcctct     38520
     ggaagcttcg tccaagaggg gcagccgcct atatgaggtg tctgtcagcc cctactggga     38580
     ggtgtgtccc agttaggcta cacagggttc agggacctac ttgaggaggc agtctgtcca     38640
     ttctcagaac tcaaacacca tgctgggaaa accactgctc tcttcagagc tgtcagacag     38700
     ggacgtttaa gtctgcagaa gttgctgcct tttgttcagc tatccccacc cacagacatg     38760
     gagtctagag gcaatgggcc ttgttgaact gcggtggaat ccacccagtt caagcttccc     38820
     tggccgcttt gtttacctac ttaagcctca gcaatgttgg acgccccccc cccctcagcc     38880
     aggctgccac ctcgcagatg gatttcagac tgttgtgcta gcagtgagca agtctctatg     38940
     ggtgtgggac ccactgaggc aggcacagga gagaatcacc ttgtctgcta gttgctaaga     39000
     ccttgggaaa agtgcagtat ttgggtggga gtgccctgtt tttccaggtt gtctgtcaca     39060
     gcttcccttg gctaggaagg gaaatccccc aaccccttat gtttcccggg tgaggcgaca     39120
     ccccaacctg tttcacctca cctctgtggg cctgcacccc ctgtccaacc agtcccaatg     39180
     agatgaacca ggtacctcag ttggaagtgc agaaatcacc cgtcttctct gtcgatcatg     39240
     ctgggagctg cagaccggaa cttttcttat ttggcaatct tggaaaccat ccaggacatc     39300
     tggtagaaga aatttgtaag cagcaaggtg ttcaatttat gacctgagtg ctcttaaaag     39360
     tgttcagttt tatgcattca caaaaatatg ttttggaatt agaacttatg tttaaaaggg     39420
     agcagagcat gaaagtttgg aagatttgca gcctgatgat gtgatagaaa agaaaaccca     39480
     ttttctgggg agaaattcaa gctgactgca gaaatttgca gaagtaacaa ggagccaaat     39540
     gttaattgac aagataatgg ggaaattgtc tccaggacat gtcagagttc ttcacaacag     39600
     cctctcccat cacagagttg gaggcctagg agggaaaaaa tgtttttttg tgccaggccc     39660
     agaactttgc tgctctgtgc agttttggga cttggtgccc tgtgtcccag ccatggctaa     39720
     aaggagccaa tgtaaagctc aggctgttgc ttcagagttc aatccccaag ccttggcagc     39780
     ttccacgtag tgttgggttg atatgctagt tggtcatttg tatttttttt ggaaaaaatg     39840
     tctattcaag tctatcttag tccattcctg ctgctataac aaaatacctt aggctggtaa     39900
     tttataaaca gcagaaattt atttcttgca ttctggagtg tgagaagtcc aagatttagg     39960
     ctacaacaga ctcagtgact ggtgaggtca ctatattcac tatacatagc accttctctg     40020
     tgtcctcaca tgttcaaaag ggaaaacaaa ctcccttaag cctcttttat aaaggcccta     40080
     gtcccatttc tgaggacgat gacttcatga actaatcatc tccaaaatgc cccacctctt     40140
     aggctctagc atatgaatat tgggagaaca tttggaccat agcaaagtca actgaccatt     40200
     tctcatttag gttgttttgt tattgagttg ttattctgta tatattttag atattaaccc     40260
     cgtatcaggt atttggtttg ctgggaggtt tttgattcct gattcagtta ctagttatag     40320
     gtttattaag attttttatt ttgtgactta gtcttggtaa cttgcatgtt actaggaatc     40380
     tgttcatttc tcttaggtta tccaacttgt cagtatataa tcattcatag tagactctta     40440
     gaatcctttt tatttctgta atatctgttg cagtgtcttc tcttttgttc ctaaaagaag     40500
     ttgagtcttc tttatttttt ttcttaaata ttctagctaa tgatttgtta attttgttga     40560
     actttgaaac aactactagt ttcattggtt tttttctatt ctctagcctt ttttttgggg     40620
     gggggtggaa tgcagttttg ctcttattgc ccaggctgta gtgcaatgtt gtgatctccg     40680
     ctcgctgcaa accccgcctc ccagttcaag tgactctcct gtctcagcct ccagagtagc     40740
     tgggattaca ggcatgcatc accttgcccg actaattttg tattttttat tagagacagg     40800
     tttctccttg ttgctgaggc tggtctcgaa ctccccacct caggtgatcc acctgcctcg     40860
     gcctcccaaa ttgctgggat tactgttgtg agccactgca cctggccttc tgctctagac     40920
     tttatcattt ccttcttttt gctaacattg ggttgagttc ttctttttcc agtttcttga     40980
     ggtgtaaagc taagttgctg attttagatc tttcttcttt tttaaggtag gtagttagat     41040
     atataaactg tcctcttcat attcattttg ctgcatccca caagctttgg aatgttgtgt     41100
     ttccattttt atttgtctca agacattttc taattttcct tgtgatttat tctttgacta     41160
     tgtattaatc agagttctcc agagggtcag atccaatagg aaatatagac atagatatag     41220
     atatagatat atagatatag atatagatac atatacatgc atctataaga gaatatattt     41280
     acatatatat gaaatataat atattaagga gaattggctc acataattac aaagacaaag     41340
     tcccacaata ggccatctat aagtgggaaa tgagagaagc ctacagcatg gctcccaagg     41400
     aagccagtga tatggctcag tccaaatctg aaagtctcaa aacaagggaa gcagacagtg     41460
     aagccactag tctgaggccc aaggcctgag agctcccaaa aggctgctga tgcaagtccc     41520
     agggtccaaa ggccaaagaa cctggagttt gatgtgcaag tgcaagagga gaaaaaggca     41580
     tactgctctg gaagagagag acagtgcata aaaaagaaat caaagcaagc tgaatgttcc     41640
     ctttcttctg cctttttgtt ctagtcacaa ttgcaaacaa ttgcatgatg cctacccaca     41700
     gtgaggatgg gtttttctct ctcagtccac taactcatcc atcattcccc tgtggcagca     41760
     ccctcacaga tataaccaca cacagtgctt catcaggcat ctaagcatcc ctcaatcaaa     41820
     ttgacaatta atattaacca cacaggccaa ttggttaaga gagtatattt ttgtaatttc     41880
     cacatattta ttacttttcc tttttccttc tgctatgaat ttgtaatttc atttaatgtg     41940
     gtcagaaaag atacttggta tgagttcagt tctcttaaac ttttaaaaac ttgtttgtgg     42000
     actagcatgc cgtctatcca ggaaaagtct tggtatgtac ttgagaagaa agcatatttt     42060
     gctattattg ggtgaagtgt tctgtatatg tcagacaggt ccaattggtc tacaatgttg     42120
     ttcaagttct gtgttttcca gttgatcttc tgtctggtta ttggatccat aattgaaagt     42180
     ggaatattga agttttctgt tattatgatg ttgttagcta tgttacccct caattctgtc     42240
     tatgttagct tcatatattt agatgctgta ctgttagttg catatacatt tataattgtt     42300
     atatcttctt ggtcaattgg cccttttatt attatgtaat atccttgtct cttgtgctat     42360
     tatttgactt aactctattt tgtctaagta tggccatcct tattctcttt tggttaacaa     42420
     atgcattgaa tatctttttc catccttcca ctttcaacct ttgtgtatgt ttagatctaa     42480
     cataagtctc ttgcatatag tatatattta cattttttaa tccattcggc aaattctctg     42540
     tcttttgatt ggaaaattag cctatttgca tttaaattag ttactgatag ggaggggctt     42600
     actattgtca ttttgttcat tattttatac atgtcttaaa ggtattattt tcctctttgc     42660
     ctctctttct gcctcccttt gtttcactga tttctttttt ttggtaggga cgtgctttcg     42720
     ttcctttctc atttttattt gtgtatctta tgtaggtctt ttctttgtgg ttactgtaga     42780
     attacataaa aacatcttat aattataata atctatttta aattgacaac aacttaactt     42840
     taatcacata caaaaactct acttctttac acctccttct cactttgtta tcaatgtcac     42900
     actatatatt ttatattgtt tattcacata atttaataca gtaatattat gcttttacct     42960
     tttaaattct atgcttcaat taaaagtgaa ttacaggctg ggtgtggtgt ctcacacctg     43020
     tagtcccagc actttgagag gccaaaatgg gaggatcact tgagcctagg agtttgagac     43080
     cagcaaggcc ttatctcttc taaaaattta aaaatattat ctgagtgtag tggtgcatgt     43140
     ctgtagtccc agccactcag gaggctgagg tgggaggatt gctttagccc aggactgcaa     43200
     ggctgcagtg agccatgatc aaaccactgc actccagtct gggcaacaga gcaagacttt     43260
     gtctcaaaaa aaagtaaagg aaaaaaagtg ttttgcttac caccattaga gtattaaagg     43320
     attctatgtt cactcatgta tttaccttta gcaaagaagt ttatattttg ttttcttttg     43380
     tatttctatc caataccttt tcacttccac ttggaggact ctctttaaca ttttttgtaa     43440
     ggtaggtcta gtggtgatca actccctcac cttttacttc tctggggaaa tctttgtttg     43500
     tccttcattt ttgaagtaga gttttactgg ctatacagtt cttggttgat agtttttttt     43560
     tttctttcag cccttttaat atatcatccc attctcttct ggcctgtaga gtttttgctg     43620
     agaattccat tgataaccat atggcatctc ccttgtatgt gacaagttgc tttgatcctg     43680
     ttcctttcaa aattctctct ttgtctttga cttttgacag tttgattgta atgtgtctca     43740
     ttgtaggtct tttgcaaatt agccaacttg gagttctttg agccttttgg atttgtatgt     43800
     ccacttcctt ccttaagttt gagaagtttt tgatcattat ttttttaact ggctctctgc     43860
     ccctttattt ttctcttctc cttctggtac tttcataatg catacactgg tctgcttgat     43920
     ggcatcctgt aagtctctta ggctgtcctc actcttcact ccttttccct tttgctcctc     43980
     tgactccata atttcaaatg actagtcttc catttcactg attctttctt ctgcttgatg     44040
     ttattgaaac tgcctttgca aaaattgtaa ctgaagaaat tatgacagca aaagacatca     44100
     gacttaatca actccatctt gcctctagca tttaaactgt ccttgttcat tcctggcagt     44160
     agtatgaact aattttggga aggtattcag ttcatggttt gactctgaaa caaagttgat     44220
     aatagtcatt tcccaaaaag atacccttct tgcctggaac cagtctgcct ttgcaggata     44280
     aacaaattag ctataacatt ataaattaca gttgagggat tatgcagcct ctggctctga     44340
     gtctgatcct ctccaaattg ctcctgggga taaaatcact attgtaaaac ctaaaatcag     44400
     tgcttgagat attttgcaga ccctgcactg gatgaatcag ctggcaccac ctagactggt     44460
     aatatggctc aactagttct gccaccccac ccacaaacag aagacagcaa gaaaacatca     44520
     cttcaacccc gtatgatttc atctccaacc tgatgaataa gcagtcccca cttcccaagc     44580
     cccgacctgc caaattatct ttaaaagttc tgatccccga atgctcaggg agactgattt     44640
     gaggaataat aaaactctga tctcccgcac agccggctct gcctgaatta gtctttctcc     44700
     actgcaattc ccctgtcttg ataaatcagc tctgtctaag cagtgcacga ggtgaaccca     44760
     ttgggcagtt acacagtcta atggtgattt ctgatagtga ttttttcaat taagctattg     44820
     tattccttag ctccagagtt tctgtatggt tccttttttt ttcagtttct atatctgtta     44880
     atattttcat tttgttcatg aattatttcc tgctttcact tagttgttta tttctgttgt     44940
     cactgggctt cattaagata gttaatttgg attctttgtc aggtaactca tttacctatt     45000
     tctgtagggt tggtttctgg agatttattt tgctccttta atttagtcat cagatttctc     45060
     tgtttcttct tatgtcttgt tattttttac tttttattta tttttgccaa gatttgggcg     45120
     tttgaaaaaa ctgccacttc tcccagtttt tatcagctgg cttcacacgg aagaccttca     45180
     tacctgaatc agcatggcta taggttccag cagcctctca aactttttct gagaatgcat     45240
     cttctttggg tttatacatt gtaacatccc aagtagaggt ttgccagttt ctttttctag     45300
     agctgttgct ccctttggta tctgtctgtg gtactgcagg ttccctggtg ctgcatcatc     45360
     tctgacttct cctttattcc cagtggctcc catgcatcca aattatgccc gttgggcgtc     45420
     aagttagaga gagagagaga gtttcaggta acctcataaa actattccgt tccagtcttc     45480
     tctttccctg ctaacggaga agctgcaagt tgagtgcttc ccagccaaac caacctgctc     45540
     gagcttgggg aaggggtatc atgagtataa tgcaacagct tttcttattt gttcaatgcc     45600
     actattcttg gcttagcact tgtctgtgct actacaactt cttaatggtt tatgtagctc     45660
     cataaaggct tttagaccat atattgtttt tcagttggta tctttatgga gaatcaaggt     45720
     ttggagcttc ccattccacc atctggctga caacactctg tttatattat tttttatttt     45780
     tattatattt tattttcttg agacaggatc ttgctctgtc agccaggcta gagggcagcc     45840
     tcgaactcct gagctcaagg gacctcctcc ctcaggctac tgagtacttg gacaataggc     45900
     acacaccaca taccgggcta atttcttatt ttcttgtgaa gatggggttt cactctgttg     45960
     tccaagttgg tctcaactct tgggctcaag caatccttct gccttggcct cccaaagtgc     46020
     taggattaaa ggtgtgagcc caccatgtgc tgcctgttat atttaataga aaatatatct     46080
     aaaaatatac ttacgtacta tattgaatcc actacccaga gcttaactga actatttttg     46140
     tgactcattc tgttttttta ttttttgttt tttacttatt acaatgaact acaagtatgg     46200
     atatattaat attaattaat ataaaatata cttgaatctt ttgtatattt ttttcctttt     46260
     ttcttcacca aaagcagaaa cttaaatgta ctgaaatctt aaatgaccct tgaatgtttc     46320
     taggactgac cctggaacaa aattttttat gtggttatta cattgttctt ttcatgttaa     46380
     aatcatttgt ttctttttca tatagtacat caaagaagaa ttgttaatat agccctttcc     46440
     agccatatgc taagtgccac aagagtttcg gtctctttcc attcttgtac cccagttggt     46500
     cttttttttt tcttttggag gtgtagactc catctttcac ccaggctgga gtgtagtggc     46560
     acgatctcag ctcactgcaa cctctgtctc ccgggttcaa gtgattctcc tccctcagcc     46620
     tcctgagtac ctgggatcac agttgtgtgc caccatgccc acctaatttt tgttttttag     46680
     tagcgatggg gtttaattat gttggccagg ctggtcttga actcctgacc tcaagtaatc     46740
     caccctcctc agcctcccaa agcgctggga ttacagacat gagccactgc gcccagacta     46800
     cctcactctg tcttttaaat tggctatata aggggagcat cttgtgcttg ttaagtcttt     46860
     gttttctggc ctatttatat aatggacatt tctgagttgt gtgtatatat taaattattt     46920
     gagcatatat atttaatgta ctaaatagat ctacgtgttt tcatacatgt cactataaaa     46980
     agaccatttg catatatttg ttctataaaa tgcttacttt tcttcatgaa ccacctagat     47040
     ttgcttttct gatgtgtagt gtatgtgaaa atatttcttt gtgaattttt ttattgtgtg     47100
     cccctacagg tggtatgatt aataacgcca tagcctctct aaggaacgta tgtattagtc     47160
     tgctggccgg aattgttttg ggattttttg ttcgatattt tccaagtgaa gaccaggtaa     47220
     atacaaaatc tattttatag aagtatagta ttagacattt tttccaaaat attaaacttt     47280
     ggtaagatcc atgaaattta atacttaact ctatttttct aaaactagcc tccaatgcct     47340
     actctgtatt taaaactgag cacagcagtg attgatacag gacaatggct ttgattaaag     47400
     tctctgcttc ctgatttggc aaataaggaa tgtcaaaaaa tatacttaat gcagagtatc     47460
     tctctgaatt atactttccc tttctctact aaattgccta ttgatgtttg ataatttccc     47520
     ccaaattttc cgttaaacat tttaggggga gataggttcc catttattta tgcatatttt     47580
     ctgactgaaa ttcactccag ctatcctttg acaaaggcag ctctcaaact tagccatttc     47640
     ctgccttaaa ggaaaacatg tcattacttt catatttctg taatttccat ccaaatttag     47700
     ttgcaacata ctgaccaaag agatattcaa atatttttta agaattcatt ggatatgtta     47760
     tatgaaactg gagattttat gggtctcttt tcttcttcac ttaaagtaat actttaacca     47820
     ttttactgat actagtatca gagatgtggc agaaggtaaa acgttattaa ttggaaattt     47880
     tgttacttgg tagtaagtct gctaaaatgt atggtgagaa agaaaatcaa aattttagag     47940
     atttagtata acatttaaag acataatgtc aaagggtcaa acatatgtag tagataatgt     48000
     caaatcttgt attatatatt taatataaac taatttctaa atatctatct aattctagaa     48060
     aaaaattaca ttgaagagag gattccttgt tttgattacg tttgtttctg ctgtcttagg     48120
     cagccaacct attggtttac atggatctgg aggattatgc acactagtgt tgcatttcat     48180
     tgaatggaca aaatggtccc aagaaaaggt gaatattttt aatatgctat attttaaaag     48240
     ctaagacaac tgaatttttt gcatatattt aggaaatccc ctcattctgg ttgtaaaata     48300
     ttccaaaggt ttgctaccct caagaaagtg tatgaatcaa tcgaggaaat aaaatattta     48360
     ggaaaagcag ctggaagaat actaatatgg aatcagaagt tgaattaatc acatcaggct     48420
     tctctttttc ccaagtttta tataatatta ttatattact tatatcaatc taattatttt     48480
     attcattgaa attttaatta tacaattaat ccatgaagaa tgtttgtaaa aggccaggta     48540
     tggtggctca tgcctgtaat cccagaaatt tgggaggtcg aggtggacag atcacctggg     48600
     gtcaggattt tgagaccagt ctggccaaca tgttgaaaac tcatctctac taaaaataca     48660
     aaaattagct gggcatggtg gcatggtggt gggaacctgt aattccagct actcaggagt     48720
     ctgaggcagg agcattgctt gaacccagga ggtggaggct gcagtgagcc gagatcatgc     48780
     cattgcactc cagcctgggc aacaagtgca aaactccatc acacacacaa aaaataataa     48840
     taaacaaata aataataaaa atagaaatgc ttgtaaaaga ataaagcata tagaataaaa     48900
     tgtaaaagat ttctttattc tccaccactg tcaaatatct aaccccctta cattttttaa     48960
     gtaaccagta ttctatttat agacatttag atcgtttcca ctttttgtta tttataaaca     49020
     gtgctgtcat aaacagtgtt gctcatgaag tgattcttct attccagcct ccctagtagc     49080
     tgggattaca ggcgtgcacc accaggccca gcaaattttt gtatttttag gagagacggg     49140
     gtttcaccat gttggccagg caggtcttga actcctgacc tcaggtgata ctgctgcctc     49200
     ggcctcccaa agtgttggga ttacaggtac atctgtagga atagagtccc agaaatgatt     49260
     tttttttttt gagacagagt ctctgtctat gttgcccagg ctggtctcaa aatcctgagc     49320
     tcaagggatc ctcccaactt gacattgcaa agtgctagga ttataagcat gagctaccac     49380
     acctggctgg aaatgatctg tgttttattt tgatggacac tgctaaatta tcccttcaaa     49440
     aattttggtt atttacactc tgtcaacagt gcacaaaaat atctaatact ttaactcatc     49500
     aacagcactt ggtattgtca ctagttctat tctttttact attaaatgac ctcaccatcc     49560
     aattcttata gtttcttaca attatgtgat gttgttattc tttatttaca tttctctgat     49620
     tagtagtata gtaagcttct cttcatatat tctttttaaa tgatcttctt tgaccgtttt     49680
     tattgggtta tttatttttt tgtttctaat ttatagtttc tcttagtgtt agtgctactg     49740
     atcctttgtt atgtatatat tgcatataat ttttgcttat cttcaacttt gtttatggtt     49800
     tctgatgtat gaaagtaaaa tttcctatga ccaaacctat tgggttttcc tttttttgtt     49860
     ttggattctg catttcattt aagaaggact ttctcactga agattataac atataaacat     49920
     tacaaatata tactattttg tgtattatca tttaatattt tggtagtttt ggtttgttta     49980
     atttgttttt tcatttagtc ttttaatcta tctggaattt atctttgtga atgctgtgag     50040
     gtaaggttat acatatatac atatgtgtat cttacaaact atatatatat acatacacac     50100
     acacatacat tttgtgaggt aaagttatac atatatacat atgtgtatat tacaaactat     50160
     atatatatac acacacacac acatacattt tgtaagttaa ctgaacagag atagaactac     50220
     atcatgcctg atgtgtgtgt atatatatat atatacacac acataaatat atatacatat     50280
     tcagacacac atatatattt gcatgtgatg aatatgtaca tacagatata tgcacataaa     50340
     ctagacagtc attttttgcc aaattgttta tttattgacc aattcattaa taattcagtt     50400
     ttttaacatg aactaaattc tcccatatat attaattctg aagtctattt aatcctactt     50460
     ctctatttct gtgccaacac tactgtttta catcactgca gttttatgtg tcaaaatcta     50520
     atatagatta tacttctttt taaagtattt tttggctgtt cctacataca ttctttctta     50580
     gataaatttt agaatcagct tgagaagttc cctaatcaaa aatcatagtg gcatttttct     50640
     tagtattctt atataatcat aattataaaa gaaatgaaat gaatgaaatg caaatcaata     50700
     aataaaatta aaactgctag aattttttta aatggtaaaa gaaacagaac taaaacaagt     50760
     tttaaagatt aaaagtaaca aataggataa ttatgctgta aagagtagta acatcgtttt     50820
     tctttgtttt tcttttttta aactataata agtggggatc agaaaacaca gtcataaggg     50880
     aaatagttat gaagatagtt tatgcctcaa ggaagaggca tcaaagttct tatgtatctt     50940
     ctgttttaaa aaaaattaaa cccagactga gactgaaatc tcttcatcca aattcctgga     51000
     gaagagccag agtaatgtag gccaataggg gcctttcctg taacctttta attgggaaag     51060
     tggcactggg agacattctt ttccagaaag ggaagctggg taggcagcta aatgagaatc     51120
     taatatatgt tttggttttg ttttaaggaa aaagtaactc taaagtactc aacatgggtt     51180
     ctttggaagc aggcctagca gacttccaaa ttgtttttct tagtagcata tgctatatat     51240
     atcaggattc actttaatag gattgagttc caggatggtt gttagtggaa ggcttcccaa     51300
     tccccttctg agaacccaaa tgtttgcatg aactgggtat gttctcatca ggcatgacgt     51360
     agttctatct ttgttcagtt aacttagaga caaaatctgg aactcatacg aaacatggct     51420
     agaaccctaa ggacatcact tattctgtga caaaatggcc aaatagtatt attttattgc     51480
     tttgtgcatt tcttttattc aaattctacc taagtgtttg agtaaaacta ttgaagtgct     51540
     cagtttttat taattaagtt taacattttt attaaaataa agtgtcttaa atttattaaa     51600
     tgttaagtga ctttaggcca ggcatggtgg ctcatgtcca taatgccagt gctttgggag     51660
     gccacagcca gagaccactt gaagatagga gttctagacc atcctgggca atatagcgag     51720
     gccccatcta gataaacaat ttaaaaatta gcccagcatg gtggtacaca cctgtagttc     51780
     tacttcggag actgtgagag gatcatttga gcccaggagt tcaaggctac agtgagctat     51840
     gattatgaca ctacactcca gcctgggcaa cagagcaaga ccccatctct aaaatactta     51900
     aaaagtgaaa aaaaaaaggt gagggagact ttaactttct gaaatatatt tatgtgccaa     51960
     aataattaaa aatgtttttc tcttttctat agatgaaagt ccaaaagatt attacaaatg     52020
     tatgggatat ttttcaacca cttctttttg gtttagttgg agcagaagta tctgtttcat     52080
     tgcttgaatc aaatattgtt ggtaagaata attagagcac aaaaaatatg aaattcaaaa     52140
     atatttaaaa agttataaat acatttattt ttatttacaa tatatctttg aatggctaca     52200
     aggaccttct tcagaaacac atgttgatac agtgtcatat tttcatattg ctcttccttt     52260
     acactgtgtg ctcttttttt ttaaaccaag gacagccttg aatatcttcc ctgagttatc     52320
     taaggaaata aatataagat ttcttttctg agggagcata tttgatacga tcagcacttt     52380
     ttgaatactt tcattgaaaa ctattggctg ggtgtggtgg ctcatgcctg taatcttagc     52440
     actttgggag gccgaagcgg gcagatttct tgaagttatg aattcaagac ctgcctggct     52500
     aacatgggga accccatctc tcctagaaat acaaaaatta gccaggtgtg gtagtgtacg     52560
     cctgtaatcc cagctactca ggaggctgag gcaggagaat cacgtgaacc cgggagtcgg     52620
     aagttgcagt gagctgagat tgtaccactg cactccagcc tgggcgacag agcaagaatc     52680
     cttctcaaaa agtaaattat tattaataat aataaaagta ttcaaaaaaa gtctattagt     52740
     tcagaattgt ataaatgtca tctgccttat ttttcatggt acctccacca tcagatactg     52800
     tcttgcactt tacagagaat cctccatcat attcattttt tattatcatt gttttatgta     52860
     aaaattaaac acatgaagag aaaaaagcct taaaatgctt tcaaaagtct tagaaatcat     52920
     attcctgggc ataaagaaca tttcttcaca aatattttgt tatttatgtt tgttttcatc     52980
     tgttgtaggc atatctgttt ccactctgag tttggcatta tgtgttcgaa ttttaaacat     53040
     atatctattg atgtgctttg ctggttttag ttttaaggag aaaatattta ttgctttagc     53100
     atggatgccc aaagctacag tacaggtaag aacatattaa gcctattgct taatgctttc     53160
     attttgatgc ttttaaaatt taaaatgaaa aatgttactc caatcacaaa atatgagcta     53220
     ttatccttat ttttaaatgt ttgattgatc ataactattc attaaaatta acgtaaccag     53280
     tcccagttac tcaggaggct gagatgggag aatcgtttga acccaagagg cggaggttgc     53340
     agtaagctga gatggcacaa ctgtactcca gtctgggcga cagagcaaga ctcaatctca     53400
     aataaataaa taaataaata aacagaaaca aacaaagaaa ctcaatgtaa actttttcta     53460
     tttttatttt tattttcatt ttgagaccag gtctcactct gtcacccaaa ctggagtgca     53520
     gtggcacgat cacggctcac tgcagcctca acctcctggg ttcaaacaat cctctcacat     53580
     cagcctcctg agtagctagg atcacagtca cctgccacca cacccaactg ctttttttca     53640
     gatttttttt ttttttttga gacagtctta ctctgttgcc caggctggag tgcagtggca     53700
     tgatctcagc tcaatgcaac ctccacctcc caggttcaag cgattctcct gcctcagcct     53760
     cctcagtagc tgggattaca gttgcacacc accacaccca gctaattttt gtatttttag     53820
     tagatatggg gtctcaccat gttggccagt ctagtctcaa actcctgacc tcaagtgatc     53880
     cacccgccac agcctcccaa aatgctggga ttacaggcat gagccactgt gtctggcctt     53940
     ttctttctga tttttttttt taaagaggag gtcttgctat gtttcccagg ctgatcttga     54000
     gctcctaggt tcaagtgatc ttcctgcctc agcctcctaa agttctggga ttacaagcat     54060
     aacccactgg gcctagccaa cataacattt gaaatctcag ttttaaaagc aacccctatt     54120
     tgaaatcaaa aggtattgtt tcaataagta cttcctaagt ttatgaaaat atgtttttta     54180
     ttttcctaaa atacataata agaatatatc tgaaaattag agtttttata tgttgctgaa     54240
     tataacaaag ctgaatgtta tgattttaaa aagtagagac acagaccagg catggtggct     54300
     catgcctgta atcctagcac ttctggaggc tgaggcaggc agatcacttg agctcaggag     54360
     ttcaagacca gcctgggcaa catggtaaaa cccccgtctc tacaaaaaat acaaaaaaat     54420
     tagtcaggtg tggtggcacg cacctgtagt cacagctact tgggggctga ggcaggagga     54480
     ttgcttgaac tcaggaggtt gaggctgcag tgagctgagg tcatgccact tcactccagc     54540
     ttgggtgaca aagtgagatc ctgtcgcaaa aaaaaaagta aagtaaaatg gagacacatt     54600
     gattttttaa aaaatacttt tcctaccttg ccactcactc catcacacaa atgcacatat     54660
     atttttaatt acacatttat ttgtatacta tttggttaat ggctaaaccc ctgcccccgc     54720
     ccccttgata gactacttaa ggacagggac agtgtctggt agttgcagtt gtttttcatt     54780
     atttctccct ggcacttaac acagtgcctg acatgcagga ggcaaatacg tattgcatgc     54840
     ctacaagtat gaatgaacgg aaagggaaac cttgtaattt tgccctgtta ttcaaggata     54900
     ttctcctcct actaaaatat atggctactt cttgttagac tgtttaactt ggcaacataa     54960
     tataccttaa tttcctgtgg ctgttttctt agttgttatt ctaaaacaga agctcctaaa     55020
     ttttcatgca aaaaaacctc tattatcatg ttagaaaagc aggttcatag agccagacta     55080
     cctgtttcaa ataccatgtt acttgcctat aacctcagga aaattatttt ctagtttatc     55140
     agttcttcag tgttctcatc ttacaatgaa gtctatgact gtatctgttt cttagcagtg     55200
     ttgtcaggac tcaatgagat aatctacgta aagtgcttag cactctctct ggcatatggt     55260
     ggtgctcagt tagcaaacaa tgttgttatt ttatcttacc tccaagtaat ataaataact     55320
     tttattttta atgtctactg tagggaataa taaatctaca aaaggagtat ctgttctctc     55380
     tccttccaac aatactcttg caattttgtt tcattatttc ataattttca taaagcaggg     55440
     aaaaaagaaa agcaggtatg aggaaagaga ccactcactt gagtcctgca gtattattct     55500
     gcttctgcct attcctgtct gctggctcca ggctagcttc tacacaaaga atatcaagct     55560
     ggtcccagaa actggcaaga cataaaaaat taattattta tacaagtaga gtcacaacag     55620
     caataataga taacaataat gtcatgagta aatacaatca acaaatattt aaatttcaat     55680
     tttaaattat tttcaccttt atcctcttct gccattctct gctgctaaaa taaaattggc     55740
     taagattcag ctttctcttg ttcctcagtt ttgagttact gataaaaatt ggactggaaa     55800
     aatagaagct attaggagat taaataaata atttagttta caaatgtaag atcagcttgg     55860
     taattggatt tttttgaaga aataatatta aatctcagtc actaggagga aatcatttat     55920
     catctaataa aagtcctcac ataataaggt tgtcataaga attaaatgaa ttgataaatg     55980
     gaaagcttta agaatgatac ctgacatatg atgaatgcca tataactata aaaatattat     56040
     ttctagtttc accattatcg tcatcatctc ttaaaagtca atgggtttgg tttttgtttt     56100
     tgtttttttc tgttggcagt tcttttatgt tcaaatcctc ttctaaactg taagattctt     56160
     tcaaggtggt tttctgcatg attatttctt tctccctagc atcctccagc acactggatc     56220
     atgttcagta catttaaagt tatgatataa aaataatacc attttaaatt attgatttag     56280
     gatatataaa ttgatcttaa attgaggggt tcttttgcca taatgttcca tatcagaggt     56340
     aatgtttcta ccattatgtt gttactttgc aactccatag aaaatatgtt atatattggt     56400
     atttaattcc cccaaatttt aaggcaattt catccctagt tattaaacac aaggaaagag     56460
     agttagcaag aaatttgctt tatgttatta aaaataatat ggtagaaggt aactagggaa     56520
     aaaaacttgt gacccagtag agtcattcta aaacaaaaac ttcaaaggaa ctcattctct     56580
     gacctggcag gggatgagga gtgaaggaga aagaaactta ctactatctg aatacctact     56640
     ctgtgccagg tattcttcac attctcatat ttaattttca caaccgtcca gtaagataaa     56700
     tattttgttc ttcgttttac atgtaagtaa gtacatgtac aagtaagagt gtgagtcatt     56760
     tgtacaaggt cactagcctg gttgcagcaa aaatagaatt caaacccagt ttgctagatt     56820
     ccaagcctgc tgtcagttct gctataaccc agtgccccct gaataaggag aacaatgaaa     56880
     agaagggcaa caaatcctag agaaccataa gaaaacttaa tattttattt tgtcttcttg     56940
     tagtcaaaaa ccactggtac acaataaagg caactaagca aaaccggctt cattagaact     57000
     cctggtgtta tgagggcaac actcaaaaga gatatttcaa tagaggaaca ctgagaggac     57060
     aagagtgcaa aatcagccca aaaatgtttg catgctgatt tgtcactatt gtactcttcc     57120
     tccacatata tttcctagga agaacatgga actgatgagt aacttatgaa aattactgag     57180
     tccttttttt tctaatagtc tagtactaga ttttgtttat tttaacagag ccatttacat     57240
     tatatattaa ctcagtttaa tatttttctt tatgccccat ttttacccct aaatgtaggc     57300
     tgtgttaggt cctctggctc tagaaacagc aagagtctcc acaccccact tggaaacata     57360
     tgcgaaggat gtgatgacag tagcattttt agccatcatg atcacagctc caaatggagc     57420
     tctacttatg ggcattctgg ggcctaaaat gcttacacgc cattatgatc caagcaaaat     57480
     aaaactgcaa ttgtcaacat tagaacatca ttaaaaagtt tacctgtcat catctgcctg     57540
     cttcttttaa tgaattattt cacatgacag aagaatttta aagtagaagt atgtagggac     57600
     tgtacagaaa atccaggatt tagtaaacat gtgatttctg tacagggctt ttcttggact     57660
     ttttactaca aagttaattt aataaaaata atattaaaaa gaatgctctc ttggaattta     57720
     catagtgtaa gaacaaatta aatctgtaaa taccctagga aagtttaaag taatccgtca     57780
     ggctgaattt gatatcataa tacaaactga gcttactata aaattaaaca aacttaatgg     57840
     cagaaagaaa aactttgaat attgaacttg gtaagatagc ctaagtttcc aaataggagg     57900
     agtagaactc cccatgatgt ccagtaattc agttagaaag atcactacaa aaagaaaaat     57960
     aaaaggagta aaacacatca actttaaatg ggttaactga atagatttta aattctggtt     58020
     ttggtgactg cctgaataaa taatatgtta attaatagaa ccaagttagt ctttccttat     58080
     ttctgccatg cccttaaaat gaaagtctga tttagcagtt tttagatgaa acactatcta     58140
     tatttttatt tatagaaata aaattaaatc acaaatggaa gtaaactata tttttttcaa     58200
     ttagtatttt aaaatctagg cataaaaggc ggcctccaaa aatgaaagat ttggagacta     58260
     ctgtcatgtg gcagtttctt ctccttagta atgtagaatt accttttaat tctggctgat     58320
     taaatctgcc atgttaatgt agaacccatc acaagcaaag tgagttttaa tttacttcaa     58380
     gactctttat tttaaagtta taagagtcat ataaacactt ctaaaatggt cttattgaat     58440
     gacattttag aaattgttta gacttctttg gcaaaagctc aatgcaagga ctgaatatta     58500
     ctttcattca tctatttcct cttctccaca agcaagatat taaaatacca cagaatatga     58560
     aatttgcaca taaatttgcc aagtgaagca attaaaattt aaggcaatca aaactatgtg     58620
     ttattcctgt taagtctaag ggcttttaca gaatatatca ccgaaactgc caaaagttct     58680
     aaaaccgtct gagaaataac ttagaaaata cactctggga gaataactct gggaaaagat     58740
     aaaatagcta ctgttttagt gatattttct ctttatagtt ttacagcaaa gtacagactc     58800
     cattttcaaa tattgtaatt ctagtactca aattctaaaa atttaaactg tgccagtgtt     58860
     ttgactacta tttaaataat gaagacatct cattgtcact tataaaaaaa taaaaatata     58920
     ggcagggtgt tgtggctcat gtctgtaatc ccagcacttt gggaggccaa tgtgtgcaga     58980
     tcacaaggtc aggagttcga gaccaatctg accaacatag tgaaaccccg tctctactaa     59040
     aaattcaaaa atttgtcagg tgtggtggca cgcacctcta atcccagcta ctcagaaggc     59100
     tgaggcagga gaatcgcttg aacccaggag gcagaggttg cattgagctg agatcgcacc     59160
     attgcactcc agcctgggag acagagcaag actctgtctc aaaaaaaaaa aaataaaata     59220
     tatgtatata tatatattta caagatagta ttttacattc acaagaggat tagatttcaa     59280
     agtagaaagt ttattttaat aaaagagata taataaataa ttttcaaaat gaggaattgt     59340
     gtttttgatt aggaggaaaa ttgttgtacc tattcttttt attctttatt tattgaactt     59400
     tctctaagtg tctgtgatat atgtttatta tactgaaata gtcgccgttt taaggtagtg     59460
     tggcagatgt tgttatttat ttgaaatttt atgtgtttta tttataaaag tttttataaa     59520
     aatttattaa tataatttga aaattacaac cagttaacca tgtgtatgat attagtgttt     59580
     atagtattta aataaataag tctgggcaca gtggctcaca ccatcccagc acttggggaa     59640
     gacaaggcgg gtggatcagg aggtcaggag aaggagacca tcctggctaa catggtgaaa     59700
     acctgtctct actacaaata caaaaaacta gccaggcatg atggaaggtg cctctagtcc     59760
     cgtctactca ggaggctgag gcaggagaat cacttgaacc tgggaggtag aggttgcagt     59820
     gagccaagat cacgccactg cactccagcc tgggtgacag agcaagactc catctcaaaa     59880
     aaataaaata aaataaaata aaataaaata aaataacaaa taaatacaag attgttgttt     59940
     cttataaagt ttttttgtat ctttttttac tgtttaagga atttttatta aagcaaaatt     60000
     ttataatcca aattatgttt ccttgctcag ttatcaattc tgttacttaa aacagaagtg     60060
     acattcttag ctattccaca ctaatgaatt ccaaaattaa aggaatgctt taaattttta     60120
     tactttgctg aaaattatgt atcacagagt ctgaaaagca ttacagtgtt tttatatttt     60180
     attattttgg gaggattttt tcttttcaaa tcaataagta atctaggact atcattgcat     60240
     ttgttagatc tgacatttgt ttggtatgta aagttcaaag tttccttttt aaatttattt     60300
     tatattttac aaattttttc catagtattt aaggttttcg atatggagat atttttcttc     60360
     agtgatgctc aagtttcttt ctctggtccc tgatcagttt taaacaattg gaacagcagt     60420
     ggcaccatta actgctttct gggcagcctc tttagcttgg ttgtcttgta gtacaactat     60480
     acctttgtca accttagtat agagaggctc tggagattca agtatatgaa ggagttctaa     60540
     attaccaatc tccaacaaca tgccaatgat tttagcagca cgactagggc atggcttgag     60600
     aagaggaaac aaccattcac tcttttcctt ttgcttttga ggaggagcag atgccatcat     60660
     ggaagtcaaa ggttcttgac cttctacatg aacagcaggc tgctgcatgg taacctgggg     60720
     ctgtgcatga aaatgccatt gaggattgtg agcttccata gcatatttat actgtgaaat     60780
     ggtacaaaca gcaggagtat ctgtagtagc agtagcggca actgcaggat gtgctcctat     60840
     tgtctgtgtc gatgtgttac aacagctgtg ttgacatgac tcatggaagc tgggaagaag     60900
     ctggtctctt actactaaat gtagtgagct aggagtggct tcggcatatt tttcaatgga     60960
     tgaggtctgg caccctgagc aatttaggga ggatttgatc ttagttgagc agtttggcta     61020
     ggagaatact ttgcagcatg gctctcagtc tgtgggataa ctgccatgaa gtcaattgaa     61080
     gaaggtgctg gctgataggg actgattccc aggttgagca tagtttttac acttgccatt     61140
     ctttgcacat actgtactgg ttaatgagct gagcctgttt ctgttcattg cttttcttcc     61200
     catggagtta acactatata caatggctca gtgcccacaa ttctaccatt catttctgaa     61260
     agtgctttag tttcttcctc tggagaggag aaacatacac aaatcaaacc ctttgttgtg     61320
     aaaaccatcc ttcataactt ttgcattggt gattgtacca agtggacaaa gtttttccag     61380
     agacattcat caataccatc aagatttttt gcataaatgt taacactttg ttatctggtg     61440
     atcctatatt acttgatctt ttcaaatttg cacacaagtt ccatgtgcca ttctacttct     61500
     ttctgagctt gactaacatc attttgtttt ccattgagct tctttctgtt catctcatct     61560
     gcgcatcttt atgcctttca aagctgacaa atccaaaacc tttgggtttt gcactttcat     61620
     taaccactac tatcacactt aagacacatc ccaacttgcc aaagagatct ttaaggcacc     61680
     taccatccat gtcttctcca aaaatcttcc tgtaaacatt ggtgagcttt ttaactctga     61740
     gttttgcttc tcattgttta caagacttaa tccaacaaag aatttgctat catttagaag     61800
     catccatttc atttttgaat agatctttca gctgcttctg tgtctcaaaa tgtacaatgc     61860
     catcacccct gaaaccgttt tcaccacaaa gcacctaatg tgaaagtgat agagacagga     61920
     tgcagccaag ggtcccctgg taaaacccca ccttcaagac taaaacagcc tgaacgttga     61980
     taaactggac tgcaggtcct ggttgaagcc tccctttcct cactgattct gaataatgcc     62040
     cacctgtgca ctgggattac agggtggagc ctcgggaagt ttgtgcagtg tgcagtggag     62100
     aggagtctgg cgtgttccca tgtagtgacc taggatttaa tctatgaggc gggaaacccg     62160
     ctagcaggac tctttctctc tttgcagaga gttatttttc ttttttcctt tccacccaat     62220
     aaactccatt ccccctcacc cttcaagtgt ttgcatgcct tttcatggtg gtatgacaag     62280
     aacctggttt tttctacaac aaaaagatat taccaaaagc agatgtatca tgcaatgctt     62340
     tataaacaat agatttgtcc aatttttttt atgaacatgt tgcccactcc aattttgcgg     62400
     agtgatggat cacaccgaga ccacttagtg tgtattggct agtcttttac aacatcaaaa     62460
     ttcatggggt cttaagcaca ttccacatcc tgcgtttccc aaggagcgcc ggtgatctgg     62520
     ttcctgtagc ccgggataga aaggaccggc cagcaggcct ggtcacgtgc ggtgcgagga     62580
     caggggatgg ctgggaagct gggctcacct ctgcacctgt ctgtcggtag ggccacaggc     62640
     tgcgacattt caatgaaagg agagtaaggg ctgaggcaga agcctgggcc agcgcagaga     62700
     gacaaaatca cctgggatcc aaaactactc cacgtcggag gaactgaggc ccgcagcggg     62760
     ctgggacgag ggtggcgttg taaggtccag cgtccaggcc tcgggatcct gttccttctt     62820
     gaagctgctt cggagcagcg aggtggtggg tgggtcactc ttggctgcct caccgggtaa     62880
     tcttatacaa gaagaaaagg aaaatgtctc tggcagtgaa gacaaggatt ttttggtaaa     62940
     gtgttttgca ggggtgacgg ttgttaaaac agaaaccttt ttttttcttt taagtttttt     63000
     tcatgggatt tttttcgggg gaatggattt ttcaagataa taacgatgtg ctgatcctgg     63060
     agaacacact ccacactctc agcactaacc gcttgggaga agggacccat taatgtttaa     63120
     ttgtaccttc tcttgtggcc ccgttttttc ccttttaatt atgaaacatt ggagcctaca     63180
     gaaaggtaga aaaaatggac acccacataa ccaccaccta aatccaatta attgttaata     63240
     ttttgtcaag ttttctttat gtaatatttc aatttgaaat aaaagtaaat tataggcatc     63300
     atgctaattt gcctgtgtat acttaagcct gcatattcaa aaactaaggc cattttcttt     63360
     catgaccaaa attcccttat cctttcacac caagttatca gtaattcctt aaaattattc     63420
     aactcccaaa tattttcaaa tataaacagt caagcccaat gtaacacatt tcagtcaact     63480
     agtccaccat ctacactgcg gtggtctcat aagattaaac tggaacataa atagaaactt     63540
     gataaacagt atatggccct tgatattggc attgcagctc aactagagga aatgactgat     63600
     gctcattagt ggttctggaa catttgattt accttataaa aaataaataa gtgaaaatat     63660
     tgtgatatat cactgcactg atcacccaaa tgatgcaaat cttctctagg ctccgcaggg     63720
     agggggcatt gtgacatatt tctgaaccga tcatccagga gatataagta ttctccagga     63780
     tttgacaaaa gagcttcgga aggtgttggg agagactcag ccggaatttc acggacggac     63840
     aagggcacag agaggacagc ggtctccgtt gcacgtcagc ctgggtgcgc aatgagcgca     63900
     ggtctagcca ggaggccggc aaagagagct agaggtgtgc gttccaccac caggcactcc     63960
     atgggggcag ctgggaggct gcaggggcac aggcgggccg ggtacggtgg cgcggaggcg     64020
     cagaggaggc gagcggccag aggggtgtca ggcctggacg ctgtgcgggc acggtgtttc     64080
     atgggacggg ggtctccacc cagcccaggg gaggacgcat tttccggggg tggtgggtgg     64140
     tggtgggggt gggtggtcag gcgggggtgg ggtggtggaa aggcatgaga gctctgcccc     64200
     ggctgctccc aaagcccagg cggctgcccg caaacccgcg ggtgcgcagt aggcggccca     64260
     cctgctggta cctgggccgg ctctgggatc cccaggatgc ccaggaaaga atggcagttc     64320
     tccgctgtgt ggagcctctc accaggccta gacctagaag gcaggaatcc caggcaggtc     64380
     agcccggtgg agggggcggg gagaagacac gcacctccat agccagccag gtgttccctg     64440
     cgaaagagag gccaccgccc tgccccgatc cgaccctgtc ccaaccccgc atcctaaagc     64500
     tcctccagca gagtccggta ttcttcctcg ctgaagggtg cttccagcaa ggcggcctct     64560
     tcgaaggcct ccagctcccc cggggcctcc gtttctagga aaggttgcgc ctgctgcaga     64620
     aactccgggc tcgccaggag ctcatccagc agcaggccgg aggggagtgc agacgagcgc     64680
     cccggctcct gaagcgcctt ggagggcgcc gggatgcctt gcatccgccc ctgccgcgca     64740
     gaggcctcca ggggcatggg ctggcgaggt ggagctaccc tggcttgggg ttcccaggcc     64800
     gcccctgggc cctgggaacc cctgccccag ccccaacacg gactcccctg ggacgcgggt     64860
     ggcgcaagca caccttggcc ctgtggcccc gcttgagcgg gcccaggctg tcccaccgcg     64920
     caagcaaccg gcaggctgtc acgctgcggg tccgggtcct cccggctttt gcccgggtgc     64980
     ggaggccacg gaggagcctg agggtgggag agcgcccctt ctggaggagc cggggcggtg     65040
     taggcaaaat cctggcgtga cgggacaggt tgggagatcc cctctcctgg cgcggcctgg     65100
     ctgggctgga gcacggggac ggccctcgct ccctggctca caaaagctcc ctgtgggaga     65160
     gccccagtcg tgcagggcac gtggggtgtg ggaagccccg ttcccaacgc gccggtgtgg     65220
     gcgaaggcga cccacgaggg agcagggtga cacccgcctg gggccgcttt gcacaggccg     65280
     cctgactgcg cgggcgccct gtcagcctgt cccggctgcc tggcccttca attctgaaat     65340
     cagatctgaa tcctggactc tgggaggccc gtctctctgg ccacctcttc cctggcggcg     65400
     atgcctggaa agcgatcctt ctcaaaggct cggaggagta gggcggtctg ggatccggtg     65460
     accgcggtcc gctttcgcct gccttcttgc gggccgcgtc ttccgggcca gggccgagat     65520
     tcccgccggt gctgcctcag ctggcgtgac ctcgcattct gaaaccaaat ctggactctg     65580
     ggctccggaa tgtcgatggc ctgggccagc cgttctctgg tggcgatgcc cgggtacggg     65640
     ttccgctcaa agcaggctcg cagggcctgg ctttggctcg gggtccaaac gagtgtcctc     65700
     caccgtcccc gtccccaggc ttccgtgggg agggtgctgt ccgaagttgt cgggaaggcc     65760
     atcgcgggga gccccagccg gaatttcatg gacggacgcg tgcagagagg ggccggcggg     65820
     ctcccgtgca cctcagccgg cctgtgcact gcggcaggtg cacccaggag gcctgcccag     65880
     acagccagcc agcagctcct ataaaggccc acaggcagac aggctccacc ccttcatgaa     65940
     tggcggtgag ccctgggaca gccagcccca ccccggaagg gtcccagggc gtcgaggcct     66000
     gtggccgggg ggttgtgggg tggggaggga gggcgtggtg atgctggtgg tggggccgga     66060
     gagacgaaga ggaagggggc gagggggaag gggtgatggg ggctggctct ccggacatct     66120
     ccaggaatcc agcaggaact ggaagccgct ctctgatctc ccaggcgtct tcagcagggc     66180
     gaaactggcc tgggtgggtg gaggggagtg tggaactgaa cctccatggg attcttgagt     66240
     gttcccggcc ctctctccat gaagaaggca gtgcctgtgg gtgtcgccgt tgccgggact     66300
     gtctgaaaca cgcaggcgtg tggctctcgt tcatttctaa gtaggagacc agaccgagac     66360
     cccagagaga agatgcctct ccggcgtgat ggcctgacga tggattccct tatgcggcaa     66420
     cttggggagt ctgcagtgtg gccggtttgg aaactggcaa ggagagcgaa ggcaccatgc     66480
     cagtgttcca cccttagctg catgtttccg agtgcccgca gagctgccgg agcaaacagt     66540
     cagcatgaca catctctgaa ctgatcaaca aagtgatagc cgggcgcggt ggctcacgcc     66600
     tgtaatccca gcactttggg aggccgaggc gggcggatca cgaggtcagg agatcgagac     66660
     catcccggct acaatggtga aaccccgtct ctactaaaaa aaatacaaaa aaattagccg     66720
     ggcgtagtgg cgggcacctg tagtcccagc tacttgggag gctgaggcag gagaatggcg     66780
     tgaacccggg aggcggagct tgcagtgagc cgagattgcg ccactgcact cccacctggg     66840
     ccactgagcg agactccgtc tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagt gatgtaactc     66900
     ttgtctaggc tctgcctaca ggggctttgt gacatatctc tgcactgatc acccaggtga     66960
     tgggactttg tctaggctct gcctatgggg acattgtgac atatctctac actgatcacc     67020
     caggtaatgt aactcttgtg ttggatctgc ctatgggggc attgtgacat atctctacac     67080
     tgatcaccca ggtaatgtaa ctcttgtgtt ggatctgcct atgggggcat tgtgacatat     67140
     ttctgcactg atcacctagg tgatgggaca cttgtctagg ctctgtgtat gggggctttg     67200
     tgacatatct ccgcactgat cacacaggtg atgtaacgct tgactaggct ctgtctacgg     67260
     ggcataatga catatcactg cattgatcac cgaggtgatg taactcttgt ccaggatctg     67320
     cctatagggg gccttgtgac atatctctgc actaatcaac taggtgatgt aaatcttgct     67380
     tatgctctgc ctgcaggggc attgtgaaat atctctgcac cgatcaccca cgtgatggga     67440
     ctcttctcta ggctctgcct actggaggca ttgtcacata tttctgcact gatcacccag     67500
     gtgatgcaac tgttctctat gctctaccta caggggcatt gtgacatatc tctgcactga     67560
     tcacccaggt gatgtaacta ttttctactc tgtggctaca gagggcgttg tgatatcact     67620
     ctgcacggat caccccagtc atataactct tctctaggct ctgccaatgg gggcagtgtg     67680
     acttatctct gcactgatca cccaggagat gtgactcttg gctaagctct gcctagaggg     67740
     acattgggat atatctctgc acttttcgct gaggtgatgt aaaacttgtc taggctttgc     67800
     ctacagtggg atttatgaca tatctctgca ctgatcaccc aggtgatgta actcttgtct     67860
     aggctctgct tacagtgggt attgtgagat atctctgcac tgatcaccca ggcggtgtaa     67920
     ctctgatcta agctctgcct aaaggggcat tttgacagtt ctccgcactg atcactcagg     67980
     tgatgtaaca attgtctagg ttctgcttaa aggggccttg tcacatatct ctgcactgat     68040
     cacccaggtg atgtaactct tgtctaggct ctgcttacag ggggtattgt gacatatatc     68100
     tgcactgatc acctaagtga tgtaacactt gtgtaggctc tgcctacagg ggcattttga     68160
     catatctctg cactgttaaa cgaggtgatg taactcttgt ctaggctgtg cccacagggg     68220
     gattgagaca tatctctgca ctgatcccga gatgatccaa ctcttacctg gtctctgcct     68280
     actggggact ttgtgacata tctctgcact tatctcccag gtgctgtaac tttagtctag     68340
     gctctggcta tacggcattg tgacatatca ctgcactgat cacccaggtg ttataactct     68400
     tgtctaggct ctgcctacag gggcttgtga cataactctg cactgaccac ccaggtgata     68460
     taactcttct ctaggatctc cctatagggt gctttgtgac atatcaatgc aatggtcacc     68520
     caggtgatat accacttgtc aaggctctgc ctacaggggc attgcgatgt atctctgcac     68580
     tgatcaccta ggtcatgtaa ctcttgtcta ggctcagcct acaggggcat tgtggcataa     68640
     ctctgcactg atcaaccagg tgatgtaact cttgtctagt atctgcctaa ggggactttg     68700
     tgatataaat ctgcactgat catccagctg atggggctgt tgtataggct ctgcctaagg     68760
     gggcattgtg acatatttct gcactgatca cccaggtgac agactcttgt cttcgatctg     68820
     cctatggggg cattgtgaca tatctctgca ctgatcgccc aggtgatgta actgttgtat     68880
     aagctctgcc tacaggggaa ttgtgagagg tctcgccact gatcaccaaa gtgatgtaac     68940
     tattgtctag gctttgccta cagggggctt tgtaacattc ctttgcactt gtcacccagg     69000
     tgatgtaact catctaagtt ctgcctacag gagctttttg atatatctct gcactgatca     69060
     cttaggtgat gtaacagttt tctaagcact gccgacaggg aactttgaca aatctctgca     69120
     ctgatcacat aggtgatgta agtcttttct accctctgcc caaagggggc attgtgaaat     69180
     atctctgcac tgatcactca ggtgattcaa ctcttgtctt ggatctgcct acaggggtat     69240
     tgggaaatat ctctgcactg atcacccagg tgatgaaact cttctctatg ctctgcctac     69300
     agggggcatt atgacatatc tctgctctga tcacccaggt gatgtaactc ttttctaggc     69360
     tctgcctaca gagggcattg tgacattact ctgcacggat cacccgggtt atgtaactct     69420
     tgtctaggct ctgcctatgc gggcattgtg acttatcact gcactgataa cccaggagat     69480
     gtgactattg tataagctct gcctagagga acattgggac atatctttgc actgaccgct     69540
     gatgtgatgt aaaacttgtc taggctttgc ctacagtggg atttatgaca tatctctgca     69600
     ctgatcaccc aggtgatgta actcttgtct aggctctgct tacagggggt attgtgaaat     69660
     atgtctgcac tgatcaccca ggtaatgtaa ctcttgtcta ggctctgcct acaggggcat     69720
     tttcacatat cactgcactg atcaccgaga taatgtaact cgtgtttagg cttcgctgac     69780
     agggggcatt gagacatatc tctgcactga tcaccaaggt gatgcaactc ttgtctggga     69840
     tctgctttca cggggcattg tgacatatct ctgccctgat cacccaggta atgtaactct     69900
     tgtctaggtt ctgcctactg gagacattgt gacatatctc cgcactgatc acccaggtga     69960
     tgtcactttt gtcaggaata tggctacaac agggacattg tgacaagtca ctgcactgat     70020
     cacacagctg atgtaactct tgtctaggct ctggctacat ggggcttgtg acagatctct     70080
     gcactgatca cccaggtgat gtaacccttg tctaggctct gccaaaaggg ggcattttga     70140
     cataactctg cactgaacac ccaggtgatg taactcttgt ctagtatctg cctaagggga     70200
     atttgtgata taaatctgca ctgatcatcc agctgatggt gatgttgtat aggctctgcc     70260
     taagggggca ttgccgcata tttctgcact gatcactcag gagatggaca cttgtcttgg     70320
     atctgcctat ggcggcatag tgacatatct ctgcactgat cactcatgtg atgtaacgct     70380
     tgtctaagct gcgcctaaag gggaattgtg acagatatct ccactgatca cccaggtgat     70440
     gtaacaattt tctgggattt gtctacaggg ggctttgtga catatctttg cactgatcac     70500
     ccaggagatg taactcttgt gtaggctcca actacagggg gtattgtgaa gtatctccgc     70560
     actgatcacc caggtgatat aactcttgtc tagtctccac ctacagggtg tattgtgacg     70620
     tatctctgct ctgatcagcc aggtgatgta acatttatct aggccctgcc tacaggggcg     70680
     ttttaactta gctctgcaca gatcacctaa gttatgtaac tcttgtccac tctctgccta     70740
     cagggggcat tgtgaaatat ctctgcactg atcacccagg tgataggact cttctctata     70800
     ctctgcctag agggggattt gtgacatata tctgcactga ttgcccaggt gatggaattc     70860
     ttgtctaggc tctgtctatg ggggcagtgt gtcaaatatc tgcactgatc acccaggtga     70920
     tgtaactctt ttctaggctc tgtccacagg tatttttgtg acttatcact gcactgatca     70980
     cctaggtgat gtaagccttg tatgggcttt acctacagaa ggctttgtga catacctatg     71040
     cactgttctc tgaggtgatg caactcttgt ctaggcactg cctacagggg cattggtaca     71100
     tatctctgca ctgaacaccc aggtgatgga ctcttgtctt agatctgcct acatggacat     71160
     tgtcacacat ctctgaactg atcaaccaag tgatgaaact cttgtctagg ctctgcctac     71220
     ggggctttgt gacacatctc tgcactgttc accctggtga gggaactctt gtctacgctc     71280
     tgcctacagg aggctttatg acttatacct gcactgataa cctatgttat gttacacttc     71340
     tctaggctct gtctacacgg gaattctcac atatctctgc actgatcacc caggttacgg     71400
     actcttgtct tggatttgcc tatgtgggca ttgtgacata tctctgcact gatcacccag     71460
     gtgatgtaac tgttgtataa gctctgccta caggggaatt gtgagagatc tcggcactga     71520
     tcacccaagt gatgtaacta tactctaggc tttgccttca ggggactttt tgacatacat     71580
     ttgcactgat cacccaggtg atgtagctca tctaagttct gcctacagga gctttgtgac     71640
     atatctctgc actgatcact taggtgatgt aacactttta taagcactgc ctacagggaa     71700
     ttttgacaaa tctctgcact gatcacctag gtgatgtaac tcttgttacc ctctgccata     71760
     actgggcatt gtgaaatatc tctgcactga tcacctaggt gattcaaatc ttgtctagga     71820
     tctgcctaca ggggcgtttt cacatatccc tgaactgatg aaaaaggtca tgtaactctt     71880
     gcctaggctt tgcctacagg ggacattgag acctatctct gcactgatca cccaggtgat     71940
     gcaactcttc tctatgttct gcctacaggg gacattgtga catatctctg caaggatcac     72000
     ccaggtgatg caggtcttct ctatgttctg cctacacggg gcattttgac atatttctgc     72060
     actgatcacc caggtgatgt aactcttttc tagtctctgc ctacagaggg cgttgtgaaa     72120
     tcactccgca gggatcaccc agattatgta actctggtct atgctctgcc tataggggca     72180
     ttgtgactta tctctacact gatcacccag gagatgtgac tcttgtctaa gctctgccta     72240
     gagggacatt gggagctatc actgcactga tcgctgaggt gatgtaaaac ttgtctaggc     72300
     tttgcttaca gtggggttta tgacatatct ctgcactgat cacccaggtg atgtaactct     72360
     tttctaggct ctgcttacag ggtgtattgt gagatatctc tgcacggatc acccaggtga     72420
     tgtaacactt gtctaggctc tgcctacagg ggcaatttaa caaatcactg cactgatcac     72480
     cgagatgatg taactctctt ataggcttca ccaagagggg gcattgagac atatctctgc     72540
     attgatcacc gaggtgatgc aactcttgtc tgggatctgc ttaccggggg cattgtgaca     72600
     tatccctgcc ctcatcaccc aggtgatgta acttttgtct aggctctgcc tactggagac     72660
     attgtgacat atctccacaa tgatcaacct ggtgaagtca cttttgtcaa ggatatggct     72720
     acagggacat tgtgacatgt cactgcactg atcacacagc tgatgtaact cttgtctaga     72780
     ctctggctat agggggcttg tgagacatct ctgcactgat cacccaggtg atgtaaccct     72840
     tgtctagcct ctgccaaaag ggggcattgt gacataactc tgcactgatc acccaggtga     72900
     tgggactctt gtctaggctc tgcctacagg ggcattgtga catatctctg cagtgatcac     72960
     gcaggtgatg taactcttgt ctatatctgc ctattggcgg cattgtggca tatttctgca     73020
     ctgatcactc aggtgatgga ctcttgtctt ggatctgact atgggggcat agtgacatat     73080
     ctctgcactg atcactcatg tgatgtaatg cttgtctaag ctgcggcaaa agaggaattg     73140
     tgacagatat ctccactgat tacccaggtg atgtaacaat tttctgggat ttgtctacag     73200
     gggctttgtg atatatcttt gcactgatca ccctggagat ataacacttg tctaggctcg     73260
     gcctacaggg actttgtgac agatttctgc actgatcacc caggtgatgt aacccttgtt     73320
     taggctctgt ctacaggggc tttgtgacat atctctgcac tgatcaccca ggtgaggtaa     73380
     ctcttgtcta ggctccacct acagggggta ttgtgacata tctctgcact gatcacccag     73440
     gtgatgtaac atttatctag gctctgccta caggggcgtt ttgacacagc tctgcacaga     73500
     tcacctaggt tatgtaactc ttgtacactc tctgcctaca aggggcattg tgaaatatct     73560
     ctgcactgat cacccaggtg atgggactct tctctatact ctgcctagac ggggatttgt     73620
     gacatatctc tgcactgatc acccaggtga tggaagtctt gtttaggctc tgtctatggg     73680
     ggcattgtgt caaatatctg cattgatcac ccaggtgatg taactcttgt ctaggctctg     73740
     tctacagaga tttttgtgat gtatcactgc actgatcacc tagttaatgt aagcctttta     73800
     tgggctttgc ctacagtagg ctttgtgaca tatctatgca ctgatttctg aggtgatgca     73860
     actcgtgtct aggcactgcc tacaagaaac attggcacat atctctgcac tgatcactca     73920
     ggtgatggac tcttgactta gatctgccta catggacatt gttacacatc tctgaactga     73980
     tcaagcaatt gatgaaacac ttgtctaggc tctgcctaca ggggctttgt gacacatctc     74040
     tgcactgatc accctgggga gggaactctt ttctacgttc tgcctacagg ttgtgatata     74100
     catttccact gatcaaacag gtgatgtaac ccttgtcaag gttctgctta caggggcttt     74160
     gtgacatatc tctgcactga tcaccccaag gaggaaacac ttgtctacac tctgcctaga     74220
     ggaggcttta cgacttaacc ctgcactggt cactaggtga tgtaacactt gtctaggctg     74280
     tgtctacacg ggaattttca aatatctcta cactgagcac ctaagtgatg taacccttgt     74340
     ctatgtttag cctactgggg atttctgaca tacctatgca ctgatcacct aggtgatgta     74400
     aatcatttcc aggctttttg tacaggggac attgtgatat atctctgcac tggtaaccca     74460
     aatgatgcaa atcttctcta ggctccgcag ggagcgggca ttttgatata ttcctgaacc     74520
     gatcatccag gagatataac tattctccag gctctgacta cagagcgtcg gaaggtgttg     74580
     ggagagcctc agctggaatt tcacggatgg acaagggcac agagagtcca gcaggctccc     74640
     ttgcacaata gccgtggtgc gcaatgagcg caggtctagc caggaggccg gcaaagagag     74700
     ctagaggtct gcgttctgcc tccaggcact ccatggtggg agctgggagg ctccaggggc     74760
     acgggcgggc ctgcgacggt ggcgcggagg cgcagaggaa gcgagcagct ggaggggtgt     74820
     caggcctgga cgctgcacag gcccggtgtt tcgcgggacg gtggtctcca cccagcacat     74880
     gggaggacgc attttccggg tgtggcgggt gcggttcgtg agggggtggt caggctggtg     74940
     tgtggtggtg gaaaggcatg agagctctgc ctaggctgct cccacagccc aggcggctgc     75000
     ccgcaaaccc gcacatgtgc agtatgcggc ccagctgctg gtaccggggc cggctctggg     75060
     atccccagga tgcccaggaa agaatggcag ttctccgctg tttggagtct ctcaccgggc     75120
     ctagacatag aagacaggaa tcccaggcca gtcagtctgg tggagggggt ggggggaaga     75180
     cacgcacctc catagccaga caggtgttcc ccacgaaaga gaggccaccg cattgccccg     75240
     acccgacccc gtcccaacaa tgcatcctaa agctcctcca gcagaacctg gtattcttcc     75300
     ttgctgaggg gtgcttccag cgacgcggcc tcttccaagg cctccagctc ccccggggcc     75360
     tccgtttcta ggaaaggttg ctcctgctgc agaaactccg ggctcgccag gagctcatcc     75420
     tgcagcaggc cggaggggag tgcagacgag cgccccggct cctggagcgc ctgggaaggc     75480
     gcccggatgc cttgcatctg cccctgccac tcggaggcct ccgggggcgc gggctggcga     75540
     ggtggagcta ccccggcgtg gggttcccac gccgccccgg tgacctgggg accccggcac     75600
     cagccccacc gcggactccc ctgggacgca ggtgatgcaa gcacaccttg gccttgtggc     75660
     cccgcttgag cgggcccagg ctgtcccact gcacaagggc ccggcaggcc gtcgctctgc     75720
     gggtcccagt cctctcggct tttgcccggg tgcggaggcc accgaggagc ctgaggctgg     75780
     gaaagcgttc cttacggagg acccggggag gcacaggaaa aacccctaca agccagggca     75840
     ggttgggaga tcccctatgc cggtgcggcc aagctggact ggagcacggg gacgtccctt     75900
     gctccctggc tcacgaaagc cccctgttgg agagccacag gtgctcaggg cactttgggt     75960
     gtgggaagcc ctgttccaaa cacgctagtg tgggcgaagg cgacccacga aggagcaggg     76020
     tgacacgcgc cgggggctgc gttgcacagc ccgcctgcct gggcgggcgc cctaccaggc     76080
     tgtcccaggt acctcaccct ttgattctga aaccagatct gaatcctgga ctctgggagg     76140
     cccgtctttc tggccagctc ttacctggcg gcgatgcctg gaaagcgatc tttctcaaag     76200
     gctcagagga gcagggtgtt tcggggtctt gtgacggcgg tccgctttcg cctgccttct     76260
     tgcgggcccc gtcttccggg ccagggccaa gattcccgcc gatgttgcct cagctggcgt     76320
     gacctctcat tgtgaaacca aatcgggacc ctggactctg gaatgccgat ggcctgggcc     76380
     agccgttcac tggtggccat gccaggatac gggttcctct caaagcagcc tcgcagggcc     76440
     tccctttggc tcggggtcca aacgagtctc ctttgccgtc cccgtccccg ggcttccgcg     76500
     gggagggtgc tgtccgaagt tgtcaggagg gccatcgcag ggagccccag ccggaatttc     76560
     atggacggac atgggcagag agaggtctgc gggctcccgt gcacctcagc cggcgagtgc     76620
     gctgcagcag gtgcagccag ggggactgcc cggacagcca gccagcggct cttataaagg     76680
     cccgcaggca ggcaggttcc acccctttat gaatggcggt gagcccagta acagcctgac     76740
     acaccccaga agggtctcag ggcgtcgcgg cctgcggccg ggggctggtg gggtggggga     76800
     ggagggcgtg ggtgggtcca gagacacgaa gaggaagggg gcgaggggga agtgctgaag     76860
     ggggcgcgtt ttgggggctg gctctccgga cctctccagg aatccagcag gaactggaag     76920
     ccgctctctg ggctcccatg agtcttcagc agggagaaac tggcctgggt gggtggaggg     76980
     gagtgtggaa ctgaactttc gtgggagtcc tgagtgttcc agaccctctc tccgtgaagg     77040
     aggcagtgcc tgtggctgtc gccattgccg ggacagtctc acacaggcag gcttgtggct     77100
     ctggtttatt tccacgtagg agaccagagg gagaccccag agagaagatg cctccccgga     77160
     gtgatggcct gacgatggat tcccgtgtgc ggcaacatgg ggagtctgca gtgtgaccgg     77220
     tttggaaact ggcaatgaga gagaaggcac catgccggtc ttcaaccctt cccttcatgt     77280
     ttccgggtgc ccgcagagct ccgggagaaa acagtcagca tgacacatct ctgaactgat     77340
     caacaaagtg atgtaacagt tgtctaggct ctgcttacag ggctttgtga catatctcta     77400
     cactgatcac ccagctgatg ggactttatt ctaggctctg cccatggggg cattgtgaca     77460
     tatctctaca cctatcaccc aggtgatgta actcttgtgt tagatctgcc tatggggaca     77520
     ttgtgacata tttctgcact gatcacccag gtgatgggac ccttgtctag gctctattta     77580
     tggggacttt gtgacatatc tctgcactga tcacccaggt gatgtaacgc ttgactaggt     77640
     tctgcctacg gggcatagtg acatatcact gcattgatct ccgaggtgat ttaactgttg     77700
     tacatgctct gcctataggg ggccttgtga catttctctg cactgatcac ctaggtgatg     77760
     caactattgc ttacgctctg cctgcagggg cattgtgaaa tatctcttca ctgatcaccc     77820
     aggtgatggg attcttctat aggctctgct tattggggga attgtcacat atttctgcac     77880
     tgatcaccca tgtgacggac tcttgtcttg gatttgcctg tgggggcatt gtgacatatc     77940
     tctgcactga tcacccaggt gatgtaactc tggtctaagc tctgcctaaa ggggcattgc     78000
     gtcagatctc tgcactgatc actcaggtga tgtaactatt gtctaggctc tgcttaaagg     78060
     ggcctcgtca catatctctg cactgatcac ccaggtgatg taactcttgt ctaggctctg     78120
     cttacagggg gtattgcgac atatctctgc actgatcccc caggtgatgc aacccttgtg     78180
     taggttctgc caaaaggggg cattgtgaca tacctctgca ctgatcaccc aggtgatgga     78240
     actcttgtct aggctctgcc tacaggggca ttgtgacata tctctgcagt gatcacgcag     78300
     gtgatgtaac ttttgtctat atctgcctac cggcggcatt gtggcatatt tctgcactga     78360
     tcacccaggt gacggactct tgtattggat ctgcctatgg gggcatagtg acatatctct     78420
     gcactgataa ctcatgtgat gtaacacttg tctaagctgc gcctaaaggg gaattgtgac     78480
     agatatctac actgatcacc caggtgatgt aacaattttc tgggatttgt ctacaggggg     78540
     ctttgtgaca tatgtttgca ctgatcaccc aggagatgta acccttgtct aggctcggcc     78600
     tgtaggggct ttgtgatata tttctgcatt gatcacccag gtgatggaac atttgtctag     78660
     gctccaccta cagggggcat tgtgacgtat ctctgcactg atcacccagg tgatgtaaca     78720
     tttatctagg ctctgcctac aggggtgttt agacatagct ctgcacagat cacctaggtt     78780
     gtgtaactct tctccactct ctgcctacag ggcgcattgt gaaatatctc tgcactgatc     78840
     accatgtgat gggactcttc tctatactct acctagaggg ggacttgtga catatctctg     78900
     cactgatcac ccaggtgatg gaagtcttgt ctagcctctg tctatggggg cattgtgtca     78960
     aatatctgca ttgatcaccc aggtgatgta actcttgtcc agactctgcc tactggagac     79020
     attgtgacat atctctgcac tgatcaccca ggtgatgtca cttttgtcaa ggatatggct     79080
     acagggacat tgtgacatgt cactgcactg atcacacagc tgatgtaact cttgtctaag     79140
     atctggctac aggaggcttg tgacatatct ctgcactgat cacccaggtg atgtaaccct     79200
     tgtctaggct ctgccaaaag gcggcattgt gacataactc tgcactgatc acccaggtga     79260
     tgggactctt gtctaggctc tgcctacagg ggcattgtga catatctctg cagtgatcac     79320
     gcaggtgatg taactcttgt ctatatctgc ctactggcgg cattgtggca tatttctaca     79380
     ctgatcaccc aggtgatgga ctcttgtctt ggatctgcct atgggggcat agtgacatat     79440
     ctctgcactg atcactcatg tgatgtaaca cttgtctaag ttgcgcctaa aggggaattg     79500
     tgacagatac ctccagtgat cacccaggtg atgtaacatt tttctgggat ttgtctacag     79560
     gggactttgt gacatatatt tgcactgatc acccaggaga tgtaactctt gtgtaggctc     79620
     caactacagg gggtattgta acatatttct gcactgatca cccaggtgat gtaagtcttg     79680
     tttaggctct gcctacaggg gctttgtgac atacctctgc actgatcacc caggtgatgt     79740
     aactcttgtc taggctctac gtacaggggg tattgtgacg tatctcaaca ctggtcaccc     79800
     aggtgatgta acatttatct aggctctgcc tacaggggcg ttttgacata ggtctgcaca     79860
     gatcacctag gttatgtaac tcttatcctc tctctgccta cagggggcat tgtgaaatat     79920
     ctctgcactg atcacccagg tgatgggact cttctctata ctctgcctag agggggtttg     79980
     tgacatatct ctgcactgat cacccaggtg atggaagtct tgtctaggct ctgtctatgg     80040
     gggcattgtg tctaatatct gcactgatca cccaggtgat gtaagtcttg tctaggctct     80100
     gtctacaggg atttttgtga catatcactg cactgatcac ctaggtgatg caagccttgt     80160
     acgggctttg cctacagaag gctttgtgag atatctatgc actcatctct gaagtgatgc     80220
     aactcttgtc tagccactgc ctacagagga cattggtata tctctctgca ctgatcaccc     80280
     aggtgatgga ctcttgtctt agatctgcct acatggacat tgtgacacat ctctgaactg     80340
     atcaaccaag tgatgaaact gttgtctagg ctctgcctac aggggctttg tgatacatct     80400
     ctgcactgat caccctgggg agggaactct tgtctactct ctgcctacag gagactgtat     80460
     gacttatacc tgctcggata acctaggtga tgtaacactt ttctagactc tgcctacacg     80520
     gatattctca catatctctg cactgattac cctggtgatg ttactcctgt ctaggttcag     80580
     tctacaggag agttttgaca tatctctgca ctgatcaccc tggtgatgta acccttgtct     80640
     aagctctgcc tacaggggca ttgtgacaga tctctccact gctcacccag gtgatgtaac     80700
     aattgtctgt gctttgccta caggagaatt tgtgatatac atttccactg atcaaacagg     80760
     tgatgtaacc gttgtcaagg ttctgcttac aggggctttg tgacatatct cttcactggt     80820
     caccccaggg aggaatcagt tgtctacact ctacctacag gatgctttac aacttattcc     80880
     tgcactgatc actaggtgat gtaacacttc tctaggctgt gtctagacgg gaattttcac     80940
     atatctctat gctgatcacc taagtgatgt aacccttgtc taggttcagg ctactgggga     81000
     tatctgacat acctatgcac tgatcaccga ggtgatgtaa atcatttcca ggctttttgt     81060
     acatgggaca ttgtgatata tctctgcgct gatcacccaa atgatgcaaa tcttctctag     81120
     gctccggagg gagggggcat tgggacatat ttctgaaccg atcatccagg agatgtaacc     81180
     attctccaga ctttgactaa agagcgtcgg aatgtgttgg gagaacctca gccagaattt     81240
     cacagatgga caagggcaca gagaggcgag cgggctcctt gcacatcagc cagggtgtgc     81300
     aatgagcgca ggtctagcca ggaggccggc aaagagagct agaggtctgc gttccgccgc     81360
     caggctatcc attgtggcag ctaggaggct gcagaggcac acgcgggctg gcaacggtgg     81420
     cgtggaggcg cacacaaggc gagcctccgg agggctgtca ggactggatg ctgcaggggc     81480
     ccagtgtttc gctggacggg tttctccaac cagcccaggg gaggaagcat tttccgtggg     81540
     tggggggtgg gggtggggtg ggtctggtca ggcgggggtg gggtggtgga aaggcatgag     81600
     ggctctgccc gggctgctcc cacagcccag gcagctgccc acaaacctgc gcgtgcgcag     81660
     tgggtggccc acctgtttgt acctgggccg gatctggtat ccccaggatg cccaggaaag     81720
     aatggcagtt ctctgctgta tggattctct taccgggcct agaccaagaa ggcaggaatc     81780
     ccaggccggt cagcccagtg gagggggcgg gtggaagaca cgcccctcca tagccagcaa     81840
     ggtgttcccc acgaaagaga ggccaccgcc ctgccccgac ctgacaccgt cccaaccccg     81900
     cgacctaaat tcctccatca gagcccagta ttcttccttg ctgaggggtg cttccagcaa     81960
     ggtggcctct tccaaggcct ccagctcccc cggggcctcc atttctagga aaggttgcgc     82020
     ctgctgcaga aactccgcgc tcgcccggag ctcatccagt atcaggccgg aggggagtgc     82080
     agatgagcgc cccggctcct ggagcacctg gaagggcgcc gggatgccct gcatttgccc     82140
     cttccgcgcg gaggcctccg gggacgtggg ctggtgaggt ggaactgccc caacttggag     82200
     ttcccaagct gacccggcga cgtggggacc ccggctccag ccccaccacg gactcccctg     82260
     ggatgtgggt ggggaaagca caacttggcc ctgtggcccc gcatgagcag gcccaggctg     82320
     tcccaccgcg aaagggccca tcaggccgtc gcgctgcggg tccctgtcct cctggcttat     82380
     gcctggttgt ggaggccacc gaggagactg agggtgggag agcacccctt ccgattgagc     82440
     ccgggtggcg taagcaatat ccccgcgtgc tggggcgggt tgggagatcc cctctgctgg     82500
     cgtgtcccgg ctgggctgca gtacaggggc ggccctcgct ccctggctca tgaaagcccc     82560
     ctgtgggaga gcaccaggtg cgcagggcac gtggggttct ggaagcccta ttccccacgt     82620
     gctagtgtgg gcgaaggcga cccacgaggg agcagggtga caccccctgg gggccgcgtt     82680
     gtacaggccg cctgcctgcg tgttccatct gccaccctgt cccgggtgcc tggccctttg     82740
     attctgaaac tagatctgaa tcttggactc cgggaggccc gtctctctgg ccagctcttc     82800
     cctagcggcg atgcctggaa agcgatactt ctcaaaggct cagaggagca cggtggtctg     82860
     ggatccggtg acggcggtcc gctttcgcct gccttcttgc gggccacgtc tccaaggcca     82920
     gggccgagat tcccaccggt gctgcctcag ctggcgtgac ctcccattct gaaaccaaat     82980
     ctggacccta ggctccagaa tgccgatggc ctgggccagc ggtactctgg tggcgatgtc     83040
     cgggtatggg ttccgctcaa agcaggcttg cagggcctca ctttggctcg gggtccaaac     83100
     gagtctccta gaccgtccca gtccccgggc ttccgcgggg agtgtgccgt ccgaaggtgt     83160
     cgggagggcc atcgcgggga gccccggccg gaatttcacg gatggacact ggcagagaga     83220
     ggctggcggg ctcccgtgca cctcagccag cctgtgcact gcggcaggtg cagccaggag     83280
     gcctgcccgg acagccagcc agcggctctt ataaaggcac gcagacaggc aggctgcacc     83340
     ccttcatgaa tggcggtgag ccctgggaca gcccacccca ccacggaacg ttcccaggga     83400
     gtcgaggcct gcggccgtgt ggtggtgggg tggtggggag ggcgtgctga tggctgtggt     83460
     gaggctggag aaatgaagag gaagggggtg agggggaagg ggtgaagggg gcgcgtttca     83520
     gggactggct ctccggacca ctccaggaat cccgcgggaa ctggaagcca ctctctgggc     83580
     tcccacgcgt cttcagcagc tagaaacccc tctgggaggg tggaggggag tttggaactg     83640
     aacctctgtg ggagtctttg gtgttccagg ccctctctcc gagaaggagg cagtgcctgt     83700
     gggtgtcgcc gttgccggga cagtctcaca caggcaggct tgtggctctc gttcatttcc     83760
     acgtaggaga ccagagcgag acaccagaga gaagatgcct ccctggcgtg atggcctgaa     83820
     gatggattcc cgtggtcagc aacatgggga gtctgcagtg tggccggttt tcaaactggc     83880
     aaggagagcg aaggcaccat gccagtctcc cacccttccc tgcatgtttc tgggtgcccg     83940
     cagagctccg ggagcaaaca gtcagcatga cacatctcta aactgatcta caaagtgatg     84000
     aaaatcttgt ctatgctctg cctacggggc tttgtgacgt atctctgcac tgattaccca     84060
     gcggatggga attttgtcta ggctctgcct atgggggcat tgtgacatat ctctacactg     84120
     atcacccagg tgatgtaact cttgtgtagg atctgcctat gggggcattg tgacatattt     84180
     ctgcactgat aacccagatg atgggactct tgtctaggct ctgtgtgtgg gggctttgtg     84240
     acatatctct gcactgatca cctaggtgat gtaacgcttg tttagactct tcctacgggg     84300
     catagtgaca tatcactgca ttgatcactg aggtgatgta actcttgtcc aggctctgcc     84360
     tatagggggc cttgtgacat atctctgcac tgatcatctc agtgatgtaa ctcttgctta     84420
     cactctgcct tcaggggcat tgtgaaatat ctctgcactg atcacccagg tgatgggact     84480
     attctctagg ctctgcctac tgggggcatg gtcacatatg tctgcactga tcacacaggt     84540
     gacagaatct caacttggat ttgcctatgg aggcattgtg acatatctct gcactgatca     84600
     cccaggtgat gtaactctgg tctaagctct gcctaaaggg gcattgtgac agatctctgc     84660
     actgatcact caggtgatgt aactattgtc taggctctgc ttaaaggggc cttgtcacat     84720
     atgtctgcac tgatcaccca ggtgacgtaa ctcttctcta ggctctgctt acaaggggta     84780
     ttgtgacata tctctgcact gatcatctaa gtgatataac aattgtgtag gctctgccta     84840
     cagaggcatt ttgacatatc tctgcactgt taaccgaggt gatgtaactc ttgtctaggc     84900
     tgtgcccaca gggggattga gacatatctc tgccctgatc ccgaggtgat ccaattcttg     84960
     cctggtctct gcctactggg gacattgtga catatctctg caatgatctc ccaggtgctg     85020
     taactttagt ttaggctccg tctacatggc attgtgacat accactgcac tgatcaccca     85080
     ggtgatataa ctcttgtcta agctctgcct acagggggtt gtgacatatc tctgcactga     85140
     tcatccaggt gatataactc ttctctagga tttgcctaca gggtgctttg tgacatatcc     85200
     ctgcaatgat cacccaggtg atgtaccact tgtcaaagct ctgcctacag ggacattgcg     85260
     atgtatctct gcactgatca cctaggtcat gtaaccgttg tctaggctct gcctacagtg     85320
     gcattgtgac atatctctgc actgatcacc cgagtgatgt aactcttctc caggatctgc     85380
     ctaacgggac tttgtgacat aactctgcac tgatcatcca ggtgatgggg cttttgtcta     85440
     ggatctgcct aagggggcat tgtgacatat ttctgcactg atcacccagg tgatggactc     85500
     ttgtcttgga tctgcctatg ggggcattgt gacatatctc tgcactgatc acccaggtga     85560
     tgtaactgtt gtataagctc tgcctacagg gtaattgtga gagatctcgc cactgatcaa     85620
     ccaactgttg taactattgt ctaggctttg cctacagggg gctttgtgac atacctttgc     85680
     actgataacc caggtgatat aactcatcca agttctgcct acaggagctt tgtgacatat     85740
     ctctgcactg atcacttagg tgatgtaaca cttttataag cactgcctac agggaatttt     85800
     gacaaatctc tgcactgatc acctaggtga tgtaacactt ttataagcac tgcctacagg     85860
     gaattctgac aaatctctgc actgatcacc taggtgatgt aactcttgtc taccctctgc     85920
     ccaaaggggg cactgtgaaa tatctctgca caaaatcacc caggtgattc aactcttgtc     85980
     taggttctgc ctacagtggg tgttgtgaaa tatctctgca ctgatgaact aggtgatgta     86040
     acttttgtct aggctctgcg tacagtggcg ttttcacata tccctgaact gaagacaaag     86100
     gtgatgtaac tattctctag gcttttccta caggggacat tgtgacatat ctcttcactg     86160
     atcaccaagg tgatgcaact cttctctatg ctctgcctac aggaggcatt gtgacatatc     86220
     tctgcactga tcacccaggt gatgtaactc ttttctcttc tctgcctaca agggacgttt     86280
     tgacatcact ctgcacggat caccctggtt atttaactct tgtctaggct ctgcctatgg     86340
     gggcattgtg acttatctct acactgatca cctaggagtt gtgactctgg tctaagctct     86400
     gcctagaggg acattgggac atatctctgc actgatcact taggtgatgt aaaatttgtc     86460
     taggctttgc ctacagtggg gtttatgaca tatctctgca ctgatcaccc aggtgatgta     86520
     actcttttct aggctctgct tacagggtgt attgtgagat atctctgcac ggatcaccca     86580
     ggtgatgtaa ctcttttcta ggctctgcct acagagggca ttgtgacatt actctgcacg     86640
     gatcacccgg gttatgtaac tcttgtctag gctctgccta tgggggcatt gtgatttatc     86700
     actgccctga taacccagga gatgtgacta ttgtataagc tctgcctaga ggaacattgg     86760
     gacatatctt tgcactgacc gctgatgtga tgtaaaactt gtctaggctt tgcctacagt     86820
     gggatttatg acatatctct tcactgatca cccaggtgat gtaactcttg tctaggctct     86880
     gcctacaggg gcattttcac atagcactgc actgatcacc gagatgatgt aactcttgta     86940
     taggctttgt cgacaggggg cattgagaca tatctgtgca ctgatcaccg aggtgatgca     87000
     actcttgtct gggatctgct taccgggggc attgtgacat atctctgctc tgatcaccca     87060
     ggtgatgtaa ctcttgtcta cgctctgcat actggaggca ttgtgacata tctccgcacc     87120
     gatcacccag gtgatgtcac tattctcaag gatatggcta cagagacatt gtgacatgtc     87180
     actgcactga tcacacacct gatgtaactc ttgtctaggc tctgggtaca gggggcttgt     87240
     gacacatctc tgcactgatc acccaggtga tgtaaccctt gtctagcctc tgccaaaagg     87300
     gggcattttg acataactct gcactgatca cccaggtgat gggactcttg tctaggctct     87360
     gcctacaggg gcattgtgac atatctctgc agtgatcacg caggtgatgt aactcttgtc     87420
     tatatctgcc tactggtggc attgtggcat atttctgcac tgatcaacca ggtgatggac     87480
     tcttgtcttg gatctgccta tgggggcata gttacatatc tctgcactga tcactcatgg     87540
     gatgtaaagc ttgtctaagc tgcgcctaaa tgggaattgt gacagatatc tccactgatc     87600
     acccaggtga tgtaacaatt ttctgcgatt tgtctatggg ggcattgtga catatatttg     87660
     cactgatcac ccaggagatg taacttttgt ctaggctcgg cctacagggg ctttgtgaca     87720
     tatttctgca ctgatcaccc aggagatgta acacttgttt aggctctgcc tacaggtgct     87780
     ctgtgacata tgtctgtact gatcacccag gtgatgtaac tcttgtctag gctccaccta     87840
     cagggtgtat tgtgacgtat ctctgcactg atcaaccagg tgatgtaaca tttttctagg     87900
     ctctgcctac aggggcgttt tcacatagct ctgcacagat cacatatgtt atgtaactct     87960
     tatccactct ctgcctacag gaggcatttt gaaatatctc ggcactgatc acccaggtga     88020
     taggaatctt ctctatactc tgcctagagg gggatttgtg acatttctct gcactgatca     88080
     cccaggtgat ggaagtcttg tctaggctct gtctatgggg gcattgtgtc aaatagctgc     88140
     aatgatcacc caggtgatgt aactcttgtc taggctctgt ctacagggat ttttgtgaca     88200
     taccactaca ctgatctcct aggtgatgta agccttgtat gggctttgcc tacagaaggc     88260
     tttctgacat atctaagcac tgatctctga ggtgatgcaa ctcttgtcta ggcactgcct     88320
     acttgggtca ttggtacata tctctgcact gatcacccag gtgatggact gttgtcttag     88380
     atctgcctac atggacattg tgacacatct ctgaactgat caaccaagtg atgaaactct     88440
     tgtctaagct ctgcctacag gggttttgtg acacatctct gcactgatca ccctggggag     88500
     ggaactcttg tctactctct gcctacagga ggctgtatga cttatacctg cactgataac     88560
     ctaggtgata ttacacttgt ctaggctctg cctacatggg aattctcaca tgtctctgca     88620
     ctgaccacct gggtgatgta actcctgtct aggttcagcc tacaggagcg ttttgacata     88680
     tctctgcact gatcacccag gtgatgtaac ccttgtctaa gctctgccta caggggcatt     88740
     gtgacagatc tctccactgc tcacccaggt gatgtaacaa ttgtctgggc tttgcctaca     88800
     ggaggctttg tgatatatat ttccactgat caaacaggtg atgtaaccca tgtcaaggtt     88860
     ctgcttatag gggctttgtg acatatctct gcgctgatca cccgagggag gaaacatttt     88920
     tctacactct gcttacagga ggatttatga cttatctcta cactgatcac ctaagtgatg     88980
     taacccttgt ctaagttcag cctactgggg atttctgaca tacctatgca ctgatcaccg     89040
     aggtgatgta aatcatttcc aggcttcttg tacaggggac attgtgatat atctctgcac     89100
     tgatcacgca aatgatgcaa atcttctcta ggctccacag ggaggggaca ttgtgccata     89160
     tttctgaact gctcatccag gatatgtaac tattctccag gctttgacta acgagcgtcg     89220
     gaaggtgttg ggagagcctc aacaggaatt tcagggacag aaaagggcac agagaggcca     89280
     gcgggctccc ttgcacgtca gccggagtgc gcaatgagcg caggtctagc caggaggccg     89340
     gcaaggagag ctagaggtct gtgttccacc gccaagtgct ccatggtggc agctgggatg     89400
     ctgcagggta ccggcggctg ggcgacggtg gcgcagaggc ccagaggatg cgagctgcca     89460
     gaggggtgtc aggcctggag ctgtgcgggc cggtgtttcg tgggatgggg atttccaccc     89520
     atcccagggg aggatgcact ttccggggct ggtgggtggg ggtggggagg cgttggtcag     89580
     gcggggttgt gggggtggaa aggcatgaga gctcttcccg ggctgctccc acagcccacg     89640
     tggctgcccg ctaaccggcg cgtgcacagt ctgtggccca cctgctggta cctgggccgg     89700
     ctctgggatc cccgggatgc ccaggaaaga atggcagatc tccgctgtgt ggagtctctc     89760
     accgggccta tacctagaag gcaggaatcc caggccggtc agcccagtgg agggggggga     89820
     agacacaccc ctccatagcc agccaggttt tccccgcgaa agagaggcca ccaccctgcc     89880
     ccgacccgac cccgtcccaa tcccgcgtgc taaagctcct ccagcagaaa acggtatact     89940
     tcctcgctga ggggtgcttc cagtgaggcg gcctcttcca aggcctccat ctcccccggg     90000
     cctccgtttc taggaaaggt tgcgcctgct gcagaaactc cgggctcacc aggagctcat     90060
     ccagcagcag gccggagggg agtgcagacg agcgcccagg ctactggagt gcctgggagg     90120
     gcaccgggat ggcttgctac tgcccctgca gcgtggaggc atccgggggc acgggctggc     90180
     gaggtggagc ggcccggctt gtggttccca cgccgcatcg gggacctggg gtccctggcc     90240
     ccagccccac cacagactcc cctgggacgc gggtggcgca agcactcctt agccctgtgg     90300
     ccccgcttga gccggcccag gctgtcccac caggcaaggg cccagcaggc cgtggcgctg     90360
     cgggtcacag ccctcccggc ttttgcctgg gtgcggaggc caccgaggcg cctgagggtg     90420
     agagagagcc ccttccagag gagccgggga ggcgtaggca aaatccccgc atgccggggc     90480
     aggttgggag atcccctctg ctggcgcggc ctggctgggc tggagcacgg ggatggctct     90540
     cgatccctgg ctcatgaaag ccccttgtgg gagagcccca ggcgtacagg gcacgtgggg     90600
     tgcgggaagc cctgttcccc acgtgccggt gtgggcgaag gcgacccacg agggagcagg     90660
     gtgatacccg tggggggccg cgttgcacag gccgccggcc tatgcaggcg ccctgccagc     90720
     atatcccggg tgcctggccc ttcgattctg aaaccaggtc tgaatcctgg actctgggag     90780
     acccgtctct ctggccagct cttccctggc ggcgatgcct ggaatgcgat ccttctcaat     90840
     ggctcagagg agaagggccg tctgggatcc ggtgacgcag tctgctttcg cctgccttct     90900
     tgcgggccgc atctcctggg ccaggaccga gattcccgcc cgtgctgcct caggtggctt     90960
     gacctctcat tctgaaacaa aatctgcaac ctgggctccg gaatgccgat ggcctgggcc     91020
     agccgttttc tggtggcgat gcccgggtat gggttccgct caaagctggc tcgcagggcc     91080
     tcactttggc tccgggtcca aacgagtctc cttcgccgtc cccgtccccg ggcttctgca     91140
     gggagggtgc tgtccgaagg tgtcgggtgg gacatcgcgg ggagccccgg ccgaaatttc     91200
     gcggacggac atgggcagag aggccagcgg gctcccgtgc accacagccg tcctgtgcac     91260
     tgcggcaggt gcagccagga ggcgtgcccg gacagccagc cagcgactct tataaaggcc     91320
     ctcaggtagg caggttccag aacttcatga atggccgtga gccctgggac agcacgcccc     91380
     accccggaag ggtcccaggg cgtcgaggcc tgaggccggg ggatggtgga gtgtgggggg     91440
     tgggcgtggt gatggcggtg gtggggccag agacacgaag atgaaggggg cgagggggta     91500
     ggggtgaggg gggcacgatt cgggggctgg ctctccggac cactccagga atcccgcggg     91560
     aactggaagc tgctctctgg gttcccatgc gtcttcagca gggagaaacc ggcttgggag     91620
     ggtggagggg agtgtggaac tgaacctccg ttggagtctg gagtgttcca agccctctct     91680
     cagtgaagga ggcagtgcct gtgggtgtcg ctgttgccag gacagtctca cacacgcagg     91740
     cgtgtggctc tcgttcattt ccaagtagga gacaagagcg agaacccaga gagaagatgc     91800
     caccccggcg tgatgaccag acgatggatt cccgtgtgcc gcaacatggg gagtctgcag     91860
     tgtggccggt ttggaaactg gcaaggagag cgagggcacc atgccagact tccacccttc     91920
     cctgcatgtt tctgggtgcc cgcagagctc cgggaggaaa cagtcagcag gacacatctc     91980
     tgaactgatc aacaaagtga tgtaactctt gtctacgctc tgcctacagg ggctttgtga     92040
     cataactctg cactgatcag ccaggtgatg ggacttttgt ctacgctctg cctatggggg     92100
     cattgtgaca tatctctacg cagatcaccc aggtgatgta actcttgtgt aggatctgcc     92160
     tatgggggca ttttgacata tttctgcact gatcacccaa gtgatgggac tcttctctag     92220
     gctctgtgta tgggggcttt gtgacatatc tctgcattga tcactcaggt gatgggacgc     92280
     ttgtctaggc tttgtgaatg ggggctttgt gacatatgtc tgcactgatc accgaggtga     92340
     tggaacgctt gactaggctc tgcctacggg gcatagtgac atatcactgc attgatcacc     92400
     gaggagatgt aactcttgtc taggctctgc ctaaagtggg cttgtgacat atctctgcac     92460
     tgatcaccca ggtgatataa ctcttctcta ggatctgcct actgggtgct ttgtgacata     92520
     tccctgcaat gatcacccag gtgatatacc acttgtcaag gccctgccta caggggcatt     92580
     gcgatgtatc tctgcactga tcacctaggt catgtaaatc ttttctaggc tctacctata     92640
     gtggcattgt gacatatctc tgcactgatc acccaggtga tgtaactctt ttctaggatc     92700
     tgcctacagg gtgctttgtg acatatccct gcaatgatca cccaggtgat gtaccacttg     92760
     tcaaggctct gcctacaggg acattgcgat gtatctctgc actgatcacc gaggtcatgt     92820
     aactctagtc taggctctgc ctactgtagc atagtgacat atctctgcac tgatcatcca     92880
     agtgatgtaa cctttctcta ggatctgcct aaagggaatt tgtgacataa ctctgcactg     92940
     atcatccagg tgatggggct tttatctagg ctctgcctaa gggggcattg tgacatattt     93000
     ctgcactgat cacccaggtg aaggactctt gtcttcgatc ggcctatagg ggcattgtga     93060
     catatttctg cactgatcac ccaggtgatg ggactcttgt ctaggctctg tgtatgggga     93120
     ctttgtgaca tatctctgca gtaatcaccc aggtgatgta acgcttgact aggctctgcc     93180
     tacggggcat agtgacatat cactgcattg atcactgagg tgatgtaact cttgtccgac     93240
     tctgcgtata gggggccttg tgacatatct ctgcactgat catctaggtg atgtaactct     93300
     tgcttacact ctgcctgcag gggcattgtg aaatatctct gcactgatca cgcaggtgat     93360
     tggactcttc tgtaggctcc gcctcctgag ggcattgtca catatttctg caatgatcac     93420
     ccaggtgacg aacgcttgtc ttggatttgc ctatggggac attgtgacat atctctgcaa     93480
     tgatcatcca ggtgatgtaa ctctggtcta agctctgcct aaaggggcct tgtgacagat     93540
     ctctgcagtg atcactcagg tgatgtaact attgtcgagg gtctgcttaa aggggccttg     93600
     tcacatatct ctgccctgat cacccagatg atgtaactct tgtctaggct ctgcttacag     93660
     ggggcaatgt gacatatctc tgcagtgatc acctaagtga tgtaacagtt gtgtaggttg     93720
     tgcctacagg ggcatttaga catatctctg caatgttaac cgaggtgatg taacactaat     93780
     ctatgctatg cccacagggg tattgagaca tatctctgca ctgatcccaa ggagatccaa     93840
     atattgtctg gtctctgcct actggggaca ttgtgacata tctctacaat gatctcccag     93900
     gtgatgtaac tatactgtac gccatggcta aatggcattg tgacatatca ctgcactgat     93960
     cacccaggtt ttatacaggg atatccgtgg acatatacag aaaggaatgg aatggaatgg     94020
     aatggaatgg aatggaatgg aatcaacccg actggaacgg aatggaatgc aaaggaaaga     94080
     aatggaacgg aatggaatgg aatggaacgg aatggaatgg aatgagatag aatcaacccg     94140
     actggaatgg aatggaatgc aatggaaaga aatggaacgc aatggaatgg aatcgaatgg     94200
     aatggaatgg aatggaatgg aatggaatgg aatggaatgg aatggaatgg aacggaacgg     94260
     aatggaatgg gaaggaatca acccgagtgg aatggaatag aaaggaatcg aatggaatca     94320
     acacgagggg aatggaatgg aatggcatgg aatggaatgg aataatccga gtgtaatgga     94380
     atgcaaagga atggaatcaa caggaatgga atggaatata atggaatgga atggaatgga     94440
     atggaatgca atggaatgga atggagtgca gtggagtgga atggaatgga atggaatgga     94500
     atggaatgga atggaatgga acggaatgga atggaataga atggaattga gtcagttgga     94560
     atgcaacgga atagaatgga acggaatgga atgcaatgga ttggaatgga atggaatgga     94620
     atggaatgga atggaatgga atggaatgga atcaacccga ctggaacgga atggaatgca     94680
     atggaaagaa atggaatgta atggaatgga atggaatgga atggaatgga atggaacgga     94740
     acggaatgga acgggataga atcaacccga ctggaatgga atggaatgca atggaaagaa     94800
     atggaacaca atggaatgga atggaatgga atggaacgga atggaatgga atgggaagga     94860
     ataaatccga gtggaatgga atagaaagga atcgaatgga atcaacacga ggggaatgga     94920
     atggaatgga atggcatgga atggaaagga atcaatccga gtgtaatgga atgcaatgga     94980
     atggaatcaa caggaatgga atggaatata atggaatgga atggaatgga atggaatgga     95040
     atggaatgga atggagtgga atggagtgga gtggagtgga gtggagtgga atggaatgga     95100
     atggaatgga atggaatgga atggaatgga acagaatgga atggaatgga ataaaccgga     95160
     atttactgga atgaaatgga atggaaggga agggaatgta atggaatgga atggaatcgg     95220
     atggcatcaa caagactgga atggaatgtt atggaatgga atagaaagga acggaatgaa     95280
     atgtaatgta atggaatgga atggaatgga atggaatgga atggaatcat tccgagtgga     95340
     atggaatgga agggaatgga atggaatgga atggaaagga atggaatgga atggaatgga     95400
     atggaatcaa aactagggga atgaaacgga atggaaagga agggaaggga atgcaatgga     95460
     atggaatgga aactaatgga gatgaatgga atggaaaaaa atcaacaaga gaggaatgaa     95520
     atggaaagga agggaatgga aaggaatgga attgaaagga atggaatcaa ccacagtgga     95580
     attgaatgga atggaatgga atggaacgga atggaatgga atggaatgga ataaaccgga     95640
     atttactgga atggaatgga atggaatgga atggaatgga atggaatgga atgcaatgga     95700
     atggaattga aaggaatgga attaaccaca gtggaatgga atggaatgga atggaatgga     95760
     acggaacgga acggaacgga acggaacgga acggagtgga gtggagtgga gtggagtgga     95820
     attgaattga atggaatgga atggaatgga atggaatgga atggaataaa ccggaattta     95880
     ctagaatgga atggaatgga agggaatgta atgtaatgta atggaattgg atggcatcaa     95940
     caagagtgga atggaatgga aaggaatgga atggaatgga atcaatccga gtggaatgga     96000
     atggaatgga atggaatgga atggaatgga atggaatgga atggaatgga atcaacacta     96060
     gtggaatgga gtggaatgga ttggaatgga ttggaatgga atggattgga atggagtgga     96120
     atcaaccgag aggaatggaa tggaatggaa tttaatgtaa tggaatgtaa tgaaatggaa     96180
     tagagtaaac ccgagtggaa aagaaaggaa tggaatggaa tggaatggaa tggaatagaa     96240
     tggaatggaa tggaatcgga tggcatcaaa ccaattggca tagaatggta tggaatggaa     96300
     tggaatgcaa tggaatggaa tggaatggaa tgaaatggaa tggaatcgaa aggaatggaa     96360
     acaattcgag tggaatggaa tggaatggaa tggaatggaa tggaatggaa tggaatggaa     96420
     tagaatgtaa tggaatcaaa acgaggggaa tagaatggaa tcaaatcgaa aggaatgaaa     96480
     cggaatcaac ccgcgtgcaa tggaatggaa tggaatggaa tggaatttaa ttgagatgaa     96540
     ttctatggaa tgaaataaac ccgagaggaa tggaattgaa cggaatggaa gggaatggaa     96600
     tggaatggaa tcaacacgat ttgaatggaa tggaatggaa aggaaaagaa tggaatggaa     96660
     tggaatgtat tgaacccgag tggaattgaa tggaatggaa aggaatggaa tggaatggaa     96720
     tcaaccggag tggaatggta tggaatagaa tggaattaaa tggaatggca ttaaatggaa     96780
     cggaatcaac aggaatggca tggaatggat gagagtggag tggagtgaaa tggaatggaa     96840
     tggaaagcaa tgatatagaa tgtaattgaa tcaaactatg tggaatggaa ggcaatggaa     96900
     tggaatggaa tggaatggaa tggaatggaa tagaatggaa tggaatgtaa tagagtcaat     96960
     ccgagtggaa aggaataaaa tggaatgcaa tggaatggaa cggaatggaa tggaaacaac     97020
     ccgaggggaa ttgaatggaa tggaagggaa tgtaatcaac ccaaggggaa tggaaaggac     97080
     gggaatggaa tggaattgaa tggaatcaac ccaagtggaa tggaatggaa tggaatagaa     97140
     tggaatggaa tggaatggaa tggaatggaa tcaacaggag tggaatgcaa cagaatgtaa     97200
     tgaaatggaa tggaaaggaa tagaatgcaa tggaatggaa tcaacccgag tggaattgaa     97260
     tgtcatggaa ttgaatgaac tgacaaggaa tggaaaggag aggaatggaa tcaactgagt     97320
     ggaatggaat ggaatggaat ggaatgcagt ggagtggaat ggtatgaaat ggaatggaat     97380
     ggaatcaacc gagtggaagg gaatggaatg gaaagggatg gaatgggatg gaatggaatg     97440
     gaatggaatg gaatggaatg gaatggaatg gaatagaacg gatttgaatc aacccgagtg     97500
     gaatggaagt gaaaggaatg gaatggaatg gaatgcaatg caatggaata gaatggaatt     97560
     gaatcaaccc gaggattttg gaatggaatg gaatggattg gggtggaatg caatggagta     97620
     gcatggaatt gaatcaaccc gagggttatg gaatggaagg gaatggaatg gaatggatag     97680
     gaatggaata gaatggaatg gaatggaatg gaatggaatg gaatggaatg gaatggaatg     97740
     gaatggaatc aacacgaatg taatgaaatg taatggaatg gaatggaata gaatggactt     97800
     gaatcaactt gagtggagtg gaatggaatg gaatggaatg gaatggaatg gaatggaatg     97860
     gaatggaatg aaattgaatg gaatagaatg gtattgactc aaacccagtg gaatggaatg     97920
     gaatggaatg gaatggaatg gaatggaatg gaatggaacg gaatggaatg gaatagaatg     97980
     gacttgaatc aacttgagtg gaatggaatg gaatggaatg gaatggaatg gaatggaatg     98040
     gaatggaata gagtggaatt gaatcaacca gagtggaatg gattggaacg gaatggaatg     98100
     gaatggaatg ccatggaatg taatggaatt gaatcaaccc gagtggagta gaatggaatg     98160
     gaatggagtg gaatggaatg gaatggaatg gaatggaatg gaatggaata gagtggaatt     98220
     gaatcaacca gagtggaatg gattggaacg gaatggaatg gaatggaatg ccatggaatg     98280
     taatggaatt gaatcaaccc gagtggagta gaatggaatg gaatggagtg gaatggaatg     98340
     gaatggaatg gaacggaatg gaatggagtg gaatggaacg gaatggaacg gaatggaatg     98400
     gaaaagaatg gaattgaatc atccccagtg aatggaaggg attggaatag aatggaatgg     98460
     aagggaataa aatggaatga aatgcaattt aatggaatta aatcaacacg agtggaatgg     98520
     aatggaatgg aatggaaagg aatgaaatgg aatagaatag aattgaaaca acctgagtga     98580
     aatggaatgg aatgcaacag agtggagtgg aatggaatgg aatggaatgg aatggaatgg     98640
     aatggaaagg aaacaaacag ggtggaatgg aatggaatgg aatggaatgg aatggaatgg     98700
     aatggaatgc aatggaatgg aatggaatgg aatacaatgg aagtgaatct acccgagtgg     98760
     agtggaatgg aacgcaatgg aatgcaaagg aatggaatgc aatttaatgg aattcaatga     98820
     catggaaaag aaaggaattg aatcaacaag tggagtggaa tggaatggaa tggaatggaa     98880
     tagaatagaa tggaatggaa tggaatggaa tggaatggaa tggaatagaa tggaatagaa     98940
     tggaatggaa tggaatggag tagaatggaa tggaatagag tgcaatttat tcaacaagag     99000
     tggaatggaa tggaatggaa agaaatggaa tataatggaa tataatggaa aggaatggaa     99060
     tggaatttca tagaatagaa ttgaataaac cagagtggaa aggaatggaa tggaatggaa     99120
     ttgaacagaa tggaatggaa agaaatagaa aggaattgaa tgaaaccgag tggaatggaa     99180
     tggaacggaa cggaatggaa tggaaaggaa tggaatggaa tggaatggaa tcaacccgag     99240
     tgtaatcgca tgaaattgaa tggaagggaa aggaatggaa tagagtggaa ttcaatcaca     99300
     ccgattggaa tggaatgcaa tggaatggaa tagagtggaa ttgaatcaac cacagtggaa     99360
     tggaatggaa tggaatggaa tggactctac ttgaatgaac gggaggggaa tggaatgcaa     99420
     tggaatggaa ttgaacggaa tagaatagaa tggaaaagaa tttaattgaa tcacctcgag     99480
     cggaatggaa tggaatggaa tggaatggaa tggaatggaa tggaatggaa tggaatggaa     99540
     tggaaaggaa aggaatggaa tggaatggat tgccatggaa tggaatggat ttgaatcaac     99600
     acaagtggaa tagaatggaa tggaatagaa tggaatggaa tggaatgcta tggaaaggaa     99660
     tggaaaggaa aaagagtaga atggaatgga atagaatgga atggaatgga atggaaagga     99720
     atgtaatgca atgcaatgga atgcaatgga attgaatcta cccgagtgga gtggaatgga     99780
     atgcaatgga gtggaatgca atttaatgga attcaatgga atggaaaaga atggaattga     99840
     atcaacaagt ggagtggaat ggaatggaat ggattggaat ggaatggaat ggaatggaat     99900
     ggaatggaat ggaatggaat ggaatggagt ggaatggaat ggaatagaat ggaattgaat     99960
     caacaatagt ggtatggatt ggaatggaag gaaatggaat ataatggaat ggaatggaat    100020
     ggaatttcat agaatggaat tgaataaacc agagtggaaa ggaatggaat ggaatggaat    100080
     ggaatagaat ggaatggaat ggaatggaat ggaatggaat ggaatggaat ggaatggaat    100140
     ggaatggaat taaaaggaat agaatggaat tgaatcactc cgagtggaaa ggaatggaat    100200
     ggaattgaat tgaacagaat tgaatggaac aaatggaaag gaattgaatg aaaccgagtg    100260
     gaatggaatg gaatggaatg gaatggaatg gaatggaatg gaatggaatg gaatacaatg    100320
     gaattgaatc aacccgagtg gaatggcatg aaatagaatg gataggaaag gaatggaatc    100380
     aacccgagtg gaatggaatg gaatggaatg gaatggaatg gaatggaatg gaatggaatg    100440
     gaatggaatg caatggaaag gaaaggaatg gaatgaaatg gaatcaaact gaatggaatg    100500
     gaatggaatg gaatggaatg gaatggaatg gaatggaatg gattggaata gaatggaatt    100560
     gagtgaaccc gagtggaatg gaatggaatg gaatggaatg gaatggaatg gaatggaatg    100620
     gaatggaatg gaatggaatg gaatgaaatg gaatggaatg gaagagagtg gaattgaatc    100680
     aaccacattg gaatggaatg gaatggaaag gaatggaatg gaatagactc taattgaatg    100740
     aatgggaggg gaatgcaatg caatggaatg gaattgaatg caatagaata gaatgcaata    100800
     gaatgcaatt gaatcaacct gagcggaatg gaatggaatg gaatggaatg gaatggaatg    100860
     gaatggaatg gaatggaatg gaatggaatg gaatgcaatg gaatggaatg gaatgaaaag    100920
     gaggagtgga gtggagtgga attcagtgga atgtagtgca gtggaatgga atggaatgaa    100980
     ttggaatgga gatgagtgga gttgaaagaa gtggagtgga atggagtgga atggagtgca    101040
     gaggagtgga gagtagtgga gaggagtgca atggattgca gtggaatgga atggcataaa    101100
     gtggggtgga atttagtgga atggagtgga atggtctgga ctggaatgga atggaatgga    101160
     gtggagtgga atggaatgga gtggagtgga gtggaatgca gtggtgtgga gtggaatgca    101220
     gtggcgtgga gtggaataga gtgaagagga gtggatggac tcaagtggaa tgaaatggag    101280
     tggagtggag tggaattgaa tggagtggag tggagtggaa tggattcgaa tggaatcgga    101340
     tgcaaaggaa tgtagtggca aggagtgtat ttgaatggaa tggaatggaa tggaatggaa    101400
     tggaatggaa tggaatggaa tggaatggaa tggaatcggt ggtgagatcg tgtcactgtg    101460
     ctacagactg tgtgacagag ggagatcctc tggaaagaaa ggagtggact gggatggagt    101520
     ggagtggatt gcagtggagt ggagtggagt gaaatggagt ggaacggatt ggtgtggaat    101580
     ggaatggagt tgagtggagt ggactggaat ggagtggatg ggggtggaat ggagtgcagt    101640
     ggaatggaat caagtggaat ggaatggggt ggagtgtggt ggaatggaat ggagtggagt    101700
     ggagcttaat gttatggcgt agagtggaat ggattggaat ggactggagt ggaatggatt    101760
     ggagtggatt ggagagcagt ggagtggtgt ggagtggaat ggaatggaac ggagtggcat    101820
     gcagtggagt ggaagggagt ggagtggact ggagtggatt tgaggtgaat gaaatggaat    101880
     ggaatggaat ggactggaat gggtgatgag attgtgccac tgcataaaaa cctgtgggac    101940
     agagggagat cctgtcaaaa gaaagaattg taatcggaag cagtggagtg gattggagtt    102000
     gagtgaaacg gagtggaatg gagtggagtg gagtggaatg gactggagtg gagtggagtt    102060
     gaatggaatg tggtggagtg gaatgaagta gagtggaatg gagtggaatg gaatgtgatg    102120
     gaatggaatg gaatggatta tggtgtagtg gagttgattg gagaggagta gagtggattg    102180
     tagtggaatt aaatgggatg gaatggaatg ccatcgagtg gagtggagtg gactggagtg    102240
     gcggagagtg gaatagagtc gagtggaata gaatggagca gaatagaatg gaatggaatg    102300
     caatggaatg gaatgcaaag gaatggaatg caatggaata gaatggaatg gaatggtgaa    102360
     atgaaatgtg agctgaattt gtgccactgc acgccagcct gggtgacaga gtgagatgct    102420
     gttgaaagaa agaaatggaa tggaatggat tggagtggag tggtgtggag tggagtggtg    102480
     tggagtggaa tggaatggga tggactgtaa tggaatggag tgctgtggaa tggagtggca    102540
     gagagtggaa tggagtcgag tggaatggaa tggaatgaaa ggagtggagt ggagtgcagt    102600
     ggaatagagt ggaatggaat ggaatggatt agcgaaatga aatgtaagct gagattatgc    102660
     cactgtattc cagaatgggt aacagagtga catagtgtgg aatgtaagga atggaatgga    102720
     ttggagtgga atggattgga atgtagtgga gtggatagga gtgaagtgga atggaatgga    102780
     gtggagagga atggaatgga agggagtgga taggagtgga tgggagtgga gtagaatgga    102840
     atggaatggg atggaatcga atggaatgaa atggagggga gtggagtggt atggaattgg    102900
     atggaattga atgtagtgga gtggagagga gtggagtaga gtggagtgga acggaatgaa    102960
     attgaatgaa gtggagccaa gtggagtgga gtggaatgga atatagtgga atggaaatga    103020
     atagaatgga aaggaatgta acggaataga atggaatgat gaaatgaaat atgagttgag    103080
     attgtaacac tacactccag ccagtgtgac agagtgaaat attgtcaaaa gaaaggaatg    103140
     gaatggacag gtgtggaatg gaatggaatg gaatggagcg gagtggagtg cattatattg    103200
     gaatggagtg gaatggaatg ggatggaatg ggatggagtg gagtgaagtg gagtggagtg    103260
     gagtgtaatg gaacggtatg gtatggtaag gaatggaatg gaatggaatg gaatggaatg    103320
     gaatggaatg gaatggaata gaatggaatg gaatggagtg gagtggagtt gagtggagtt    103380
     cgcaggagtg gaatgaaatg ggatggaata gaattgaatg cattgcaatg gaatggaatg    103440
     caatggaatt aaatgcaatg gaatgcaatg gaatggaatg gaatgcaatg gaatggaatg    103500
     gtgaattgaa atgtgagctg agatactgcc actgcactcc agcctgggtg acagagtgag    103560
     atcctctcga aagagaggaa tggaatgcaa tggagtggaa tggaatggaa tggaatggaa    103620
     tggaatggaa tggaatagaa tgggatggga tggggtggag tggagtggag tggagtggag    103680
     tggagtggaa tagaatggaa tggaatggaa tgggatggag tggaaggaat ggagtggagg    103740
     ggagtggagt ggacgggagt ggagtggaga gaaatggagt gaaatggaat gggatggaat    103800
     ggaatggaat gggggagggg aggggagtgg agtggaattg agtgtagtgg gatggaatgg    103860
     aatggaaagg aaagaaaaaa tggaatggtg aaatgaaatg tgagctgaga ttttgcccct    103920
     gtattccagc catttttgac acagtgatat cccatcgaaa gaagggaatg gaatggaatg    103980
     gggtggaatg gaatagaatg gaatagaatg gggttgaatg gaatggaatg gaatggaatg    104040
     gaatggaatg gaatggaatg gaatggaatg gagaaattaa atgtgagcta agattgtgcc    104100
     actgcactcc agtctgggtg acagagagag atccattttg aaataaagga atggaatgga    104160
     atgtagtaga atggaatgac tggagtggcg tggagtggag tggagtggcg tggagtggag    104220
     ttgagtggag tggagtggaa tggaatttag gggagtggaa tggaatggaa tggtgacatg    104280
     aaatgtgagc tgggattttg taattgcact ccattttggg tgacagagtg agatcctgtt    104340
     gaaagaaaat attggaatgg aatggagtgt agtggaatgg aaaagaatgg agtggagtgg    104400
     agtggaatgg aatggaaggg aatggaatgg aatggaaggg aaaggaaggg aatgcaatgg    104460
     aagggaaggg aatggggaaa tgaaatgtga gctgacattg tggcactgca ctccagcctg    104520
     ggtgaccgag tgagatcctg tcgaaagaaa atattggaat ggaatggatt tcaatgtaac    104580
     ggaatagagt aaagtggagt ggaacggaat gtgatggaat gaaatgtagt ggagtggagt    104640
     agagtggaac ggaatggagt ggagtggagt ggaatggagt ggagtgcagt ggagtgaagt    104700
     gcagtggaac tcattggaat ggaatgcagt ggaatggaat gaaaaggaat ttaacaggtg    104760
     ctgagattgt gctactgcac tacagcctgt gtgacagagg tagatcctgt cgaaagatag    104820
     tcgtgcaatg ggttggagca gagtggagtg gagtggaatg gagtggagtg gactggagtg    104880
     gagtggaatg gaatgaagtg gactggaatg gactgtagtg gaatggaatg gagtggaatg    104940
     gaatggaatg cagtggagtg gagtggaacg gagtggagtg gtgtggagta gagtggaatg    105000
     gggtggagag gagtggagtg gagtggagtg gaatggagtg gaatggaatg gagtggagtg    105060
     gagtggagag gaatggaatg gaatggaatg gaatggaatg gaatggaatg gaatggaatg    105120
     gaatggaatg gaatgcaatt aagtggagtg gagcaaagtg gagaggagtg gaaaggaatg    105180
     gaatggaata gagtggagtg gatttcagtg aagtggagaa aagtgcaatg tagtggaatg    105240
     gaatcagatg taatagaatg tagtacactg gagtggagtg aagtggaacg aactggaatg    105300
     gaacggaatg gaacggaacg gaacggaatg ggtgctgaga ttgtgccact gcactacagc    105360
     ctgcgtgaca gagagagata ctgtagaaag aaaggagtgg aatgggatag gggggagtgg    105420
     agtttagtgg agtggaatgg actggaatgg agtggagtgg agtggaatgg aatgcagtgg    105480
     agtggaatgg agtggagtgg aatggagtag agtggagtgg agtggaattc ggtggagtgg    105540
     agtggagtag aatggaatgc aatggaatgg aatggaatgg agtcgactgg attggtgtgg    105600
     actggaatga agtggattga aatagaaagg agcggaacgg aatgggatgg aatggaatgg    105660
     aatgaagtgg agtggagtgg ggtggagtgg agagcagtgg aattgagcgg aatggaatgg    105720
     gatggagtgg atggagtgga atggagtgga gcgcagtaga gtgaatagga gtggaatgga    105780
     gtggaatgga atcgaatgta gtggaatgca gtggagtgga gtagaacgga gtgggatgga    105840
     atggaattga attaaatgga atggaattga acggaatgca atggaatagt atgcaatgca    105900
     atggaaagtt gacatgtaat gtgagctgag attgtgccac tgtactccag cctcggtgac    105960
     acagtgatat cctgtcaaaa gaaaggaatg gaatgcaatg gagtgaaatg gaatggaatg    106020
     gaagggaatg gaatgcaggg gagtggtgtg gagtggagtt gaatggaatg ttatggtatg    106080
     gaatggaatg gaatggaatg cagtggagtg gagtggagtg gagctcgcag gagtggaacg    106140
     gaatgggatg gaatggaatt gaatgcattg caatggaatg gaatacaatg gaatgcaatg    106200
     gaatggaatg gaacggagag gagaggaatg gagtggaatg tagtgtaatc ggaaaagatg    106260
     gaatggaatg gaatgccatg gaatggaatg taatcgtgaa atgaaatgat agctgagatt    106320
     atgacactgc actccatcct gggtgacaga gtgagatcct gtcgacagaa aggaatagaa    106380
     tggaatgata tggaatggaa tggagtagaa ttcagtggag tggagtggag tggagtggag    106440
     tggagtggag tggaatgcaa tgtagtggaa tgggatggga tggagtggaa tggaatggag    106500
     tggagtgaaa ttgagtggaa tggaatggga tgggatggaa tgtagcggag tggagttgag    106560
     tggattggaa tcgaatggaa tggagtgcag tggagtggag aggaatggag tagaatggaa    106620
     tggaatggaa tggaatggaa tggaatggaa tggaatggaa tagaaagtaa tagaatggtg    106680
     aaatgaaatg tgagctgaga ttgtgccact gcactccatc ctgggttaca ggtgagattc    106740
     tatcgaaaga aaggaatgga atggattaga gtggaatgga attgagtggg gtggagtgga    106800
     gttgagtgta gtggagtaga gtggaataaa gaggattgga atcggatgta atggaaagga    106860
     atgcagtaga gtggagtaga gtggaatgga gtggtgtgga gtggaatgga atggaatgga    106920
     atggaatgga atggaatgga atggaatgga atggaatgga atggcacggt gacatgaaat    106980
     gtgggctgag attgtgccac ttcactacag cctggtgaca gagtgagttc ctgacgaaat    107040
     aaaagaatgg aatagaatgg attggaatga aatggaatgg aatggaatgg aatggagtgt    107100
     agtggactgg agtaaagtgg aatggagtgg agtagagtgg aagggagtgg aatgaaatga    107160
     gatggaatgg aatggaatgg aatggaatgg aatggaatgg aatggaatgg aatggaatgg    107220
     aatggaatgg aatggaatgg agtggagtgg agtgcaaaaa tccccaataa aatactagca    107280
     aaccaaatcc agcagcaaat caaaaagctt atccaccatg atcaaatggg ctgcatccct    107340
     gggatgcaag gctggtacaa catatgcaaa tcaataaatg taatccatca tataaacaga    107400
     accaacgtca aaaaccacga ttatctcaat agatgcagca aagccctttg acaaaattca    107460
     acaaccttca tgctaaaaac tctcaattaa ttagatattg atgggatgta tctcgaaata    107520
     ttaagagcta tttatgacaa acccacagcc aatatcatac tgaatgggca aaacctggaa    107580
     gcattccctt tgaaaatctc agttaccttt cttttggata tgtgtgtgag gaaagagtac    107640
     ctacaaacta ccctttcagt taaatgccat atacaataaa tattaatact tacagtcctc    107700
     atgttgtaca ttagatacct caatttatta attctacata tctgcaactt tgcatccttc    107760
     gaattctcta tctccatttt ctcttctcac ccccagcccc tggtaaccac tgttttatac    107820
     tctatctctg tgtatttaac tttttgttgt ttttgtcctg agaagtttgt tgggactttc    107880
     agctaggagg taatatgttc tgagtcttga ttatctcaaa ttatagcagg taagaagttt    107940
     tacttgtctg gagagcagag tgcaagtgca taattttatg cagaagaggg aataaagaga    108000
     attctctaat taaaatttga atcagaaata tggctcacat ttttatgtac aacaatctct    108060
     aaggcttctt ggaaaggaac tagctgcctg attttttttt catttgaatc cactaataca    108120
     tgaagaggat gatcctacca taccaatcac aagaatgata tctgtagaat caaaagttga    108180
     aatcctatta tcctagaact tttttcagaa aacttgaaca tgtattgaaa tgtcatgctg    108240
     gtcatatatt ttatagcaat gaggaattta cttattatat actttagctt tttagccctt    108300
     tctgtgccca ccagaaatgt ttcttttgaa ttcaatttgg tcctcagagt tttagaatgt    108360
     taaggaatgt ataggggttt cttttttctt cttttttttt ttttttgtca agctattgta    108420
     tatttttact ttacctgttt gggtatgtag ttactatttg tttggactgt cataccagaa    108480
     aaaaattata gtgaatttta catgtacaga gtcttcattg atctgtataa actgacaagt    108540
     ttagaatatc aaagtcaaca ctgtaaaaaa taaagtgata ttttatctgg tctatctcct    108600
     tgcaaataca agaacaataa attctgtact attatgaaat ataagagctt gaaaattatt    108660
     caagtgcctt gtatagaatg gcctttgaat tcaaggtata aactacaaca aaacactttc    108720
     gagatctagt ttgattgaag agtgcattct tacatattga tatattctct gcaatttctg    108780
     attcaaggta gtccacaatt ctaaaggaaa accaaaatag aataataatt ataaaacaaa    108840
     ataaaaagta attgaggaag ataattgagc aacttattct tgacaactag ctttttaaca    108900
     aacagaaaag tgcactaaaa atactgccta gttgtttaaa gtaggctgag atctgactgt    108960
     atcccctaag tgagtgtcat aaagaaaaaa ttacctttga gggagcacag tggttaaatt    109020
     taaaagattt attgtttaac ctcaggaagg ctttcagtaa ctttttataa attgtataca    109080
     gttaatggaa gacacgctat gcttcttgta agaatttgtt ccagatcact gtgtataatt    109140
     aatggcttgt ctacatattt tttcaataaa actgttcatg aagaatttga agtatgcact    109200
     ttcagtacca gaatgaatat atctttgtga agataccatt tatgtaccat aacatccaaa    109260
     gcacaatgag gagattttga tactctgcag atttagaact aacttggaaa acaaaacttc    109320
     aacatactgt cttgtcagca caaagcaaat aaattcatca ttgtcagttg agatttaaat    109380
     tcacaaactt ataagcaata aaatcaaagt aattttatta taagtttttt gacaccagat    109440
     tatgtggggt aaataattta cgttctaatc aagcaattga tatatataaa cctgaaatag    109500
     agagttttgc cttttaatta gatacattgt tacgcaaaga atggttgaag ctgcagttga    109560
     gaattatctt tttctttttg ctgttcttac aaggactgtt tctagaattg ttttcaaaac    109620
     aatagaacag aaaatttcac ttactcactt aatttaactt ttgttaaagt actttgccaa    109680
     aattagcaaa ttatgaaagg aaagtttgcc ttttcaatat atatgtaagt ggcaagtaaa    109740
     agttattctt aaatcacgtg atctcataga aataacatgg gataaaaaga gttctgaagg    109800
     tgttcaggaa atgtcagtcc tgaatggatt gctttggtgt actgattaca tcgaactgaa    109860
     aatatttgaa aaataacaac tgcgggacat gctttctctg cactctcttt acgttcctca    109920
     agagagatcc tccaaaagga actttcaata ccagaatgaa tgcatctttg taaagatacc    109980
     atttatctac cataacatcc aaagcatgat gaggagattt ttatacactg cagatttaga    110040
     actgaattgg aaaacaaagc ttcaagatac tgtcttgtca gcacaaagac attcatctcc    110100
     ttcctaggag tttcatcagc cagggaaaat tgactcctca tatcacagga gacaagacta    110160
     agagtccatt ccacaccaag acagactgcc acaaactatc atctattctc ctaggggtct    110220
     ggtcatcttt cccaaaaatc atttgctctc ccctaagttt cctacattct tcctcctgcc    110280
     ttccttataa gctcctaaat ctcactgggg ttttttcttg gtggtgtttt gtttgttttg    110340
     ttttgttttg tttttgattc cacttttctt tccatgattc ccccatgagt gtaataaatg    110400
     tgtacacatt ttcttctttt gacatgcttg ttatccattt attcaataga ctctgttatc    110460
     ataccctcag agggtagagg gaaaggtctc caagtcctac agttccaaaa gaaaatagct    110520
     agtaactgca catgcaaaag tcatataaac tttgagacaa agttagcttc ttatactcta    110580
     ggttcagaaa gaagaggtgt gttgcacacc aagagacatt tccctggtct tagctactaa    110640
     gtttctctga gaagaagtag ttactactac agcagttaaa cacctgactc ccatattata    110700
     aaagcctaag tgttgagatt aaatcattag ttgttacctg tgaatcataa agtctgaact    110760
     ctttaaattg caaacacaca tagaaaagtg attcttacac agggatccat gagtggaact    110820
     gcaaagtttt gtcaaaatct atatatatgt tttcttttta agggtcatat atttcaatat    110880
     atgttaaaag atatctggag ctagtaaaga ttaataacca ttttcagttt tgtgctgaaa    110940
     ttggcaaatc atggcttttc tccctccaac acaccccctc ccgcctcagc acaccactgg    111000
     ttaatcttta ttttcaggag acaaaaagat gtttcatatg aataaaggta aattatacac    111060
     ttgtttgttt tacacttttc cacctcttaa gcctaactgt gttttattaa tgtataattg    111120
     aatacattaa cttttagatg ttagtaaact aataacaaat gttcattatt tctcttgagt    111180
     agaggaatac aaattttgca cctgttgttg tataaaatga tttttaaaat ctcattcaat    111240
     ccctcagaag tttaaggttt ttttcaagaa tttatatata aaatttttac tcagaagcag    111300
     atagctctca aaatgtatgg gatttttttg gattataaat aaactattcc actcaccaat    111360
     atgctgagac atcctacttt ctggtatttt gaaataaaaa caaaacaaaa gaatgtgacg    111420
     atgaagcaag tgaaaattaa aagggtacag actttagaag tatcataagc taaaaataaa    111480
     atgaaacaaa tctgtaaagg aaccaaaagc ccaggcagat ataatacagt aaattatgag    111540
     aagctaaaaa aatgaggagg tgataaacaa taaagtgaaa atctctcata aagccaaaac    111600
     tacttgaatg gcagtcaaca aaacagaaga aaaaaaatga cactcataac aaggcagaac    111660
     tatggaaatg catccctggg ggtaagataa tagagttgcg aattagtgga ggtggatcac    111720
     caatactggc aaaataatgc ccactaacat aattcaaagg acagagaaat tctgtagctg    111780
     aagataaaaa gtctgaaata tattatggta tagtcaaatg agtgtcattt ctaatagaca    111840
     cacttatttt tcaagagttg ataatatgaa gtaaaaattt agtatgcgaa gttcaaattt    111900
     tccatttgtt gagtaattca tttttattaa atattttcca ataattaaac taaagtggta    111960
     ccagaacaga gtagacaatc tgagctttca cttataaaag ctacacataa atatacttac    112020
     ttcttaaggg tataaaaaag gcagagcctg tgtgatattt caataaacaa ttggagaaat    112080
     tttttttaag aatagattat atacatattg acctctttga gaaccttttt ttttttcttt    112140
     ttgtgtgtgt gtgtggacat atgttttcat ttctttttat tattattatt atactttaag    112200
     ttttagggta catgtgcaca acgtgcaggt tcgttgcata tgtatacatg tgccatgttg    112260
     gtgtgctgca cccattaact cgtcatttac attaggtata tctcctaatg ctatccctct    112320
     cccctccccc cccccacaac ggttcccagt gtgtgatgtt ccccttcctg tgtccatgtg    112380
     ttctcattgt tcaattccca cctgtgagtg agaacatgcg gtgtttggct tttcgtcttt    112440
     gcgatagttt actgagaatg atggtttcca gcttcatcca tgtccctaca aaggatataa    112500
     actcattatt tttatggctg catagtattc catggtgtat atgtgccaca ttttcttaac    112560
     ccagtctctc attgttggac attggggttg gttccaagtc tttgctattg atactagtgc    112620
     cacaataaac atatgtgtgc atgtgtcttt agagcagcat gatttataaa cctttgggta    112680
     catacccagt aatgggatgg ctgggtcaaa tggtatttct agttctagat ccctgaggaa    112740
     tcaccacact gacttccaca atggttgaaa tagtttacag tcccaccaac agtgtaaaag    112800
     tgttcctatt tctccacatc ctccccagca cctgttgttt cctgactttt taatgattgc    112860
     cattctaact ggtgtgagat ggtatttcac tgtggttttg atttgctttt ctctgatggg    112920
     cagtgatagc attttttcat gtgttttttg gctgtataaa tgtcttcttt tgagaagtgt    112980
     ctgtccatat ccttcgccca ctttttgatg gggttgtttt tttcttgtaa atttgtttga    113040
     gttcattgta gattctggat attagccctt tgtcagatga gtaggttgtg aaatttttct    113100
     cccattctgt aggttgcctg ttcactctga tggtggtttc ttctgctgtg cagaggctct    113160
     ttagtttaat tagaccccat ttgtcaattt tggattttgt tgccattgct tttggtgttt    113220
     tagacatgaa gtgcttgccc atgcctatct cctgaatggt attgcctagt ttttttctat    113280
     ggtttttatg attttaggtc taacatgtaa gtctttaatg catcttgaat taatttttgt    113340
     ataaggtgta aggaagggat ccagtttcag ctttctacat atggctagcc agttttctca    113400
     gcaccattta ttaaatagtg aatcctttcc ctagttcctg tttttgtcag gtttctcaaa    113460
     gatcagatag ttgtagatat gcggcattat ttctgagggc tctgttgcat tccattggcc    113520
     tctatctctc ttttggtacc agtaccatgc tcttttggtc actgtagcct tctaatatag    113580
     tttgaagtca ggtagcgtcg tacctccagc tttgttcttt tggcttagga ttgacttggc    113640
     aatgcaggct cttttttggt tccatatgaa ctttaaagta gttttttcca attctgtgaa    113700
     gaaagtcatt ggtagcttga tggggatggc attgaatcta taaagtacct tgggcagtat    113760
     ggccattttt acaatattga ttcttcctac ccatgagcat ggaaggttct tacatttgtt    113820
     tgtatcttct tttatttcat tgagcagtgg tttgtagttc tcctagaaga gatccttcac    113880
     atcccttgta agttggattt ctaggtattt tattctcttt gaggcaattg agatccttat    113940
     tgtgagattc aattcagaat ctgggatttt gttttgtttt gagatggagt ctctctctgt    114000
     caccaggctg gagtacagtg gcacagcctc agctcactgc aacctctgct tcccaggtcc    114060
     aagtgattct cctgcctcag cctcccaagt agctggaact acaggcacgt gccaccatgc    114120
     cgagctaact tttgtatgtt tttttagtag agatggggtt tcaccatgtt ggccaggatg    114180
     gtccggatct gttgaccttg tgatttgcct gcctcagcct cccaaagtgc tgggatcaca    114240
     gacgtgagcc actgcgccca gcccagaatc tgggtcttaa ccagatttgc cattataaaa    114300
     tgaaatgaaa ccaaaaccac cagtcaatat ctgtagcagt gttattgttg gagagcatgc    114360
     acgtttgttt gagcttactt atatatacag agctgtttag cttaatcttt aaattgaaaa    114420
     tttttagtgt ttttagaatg ttttagatac tttgatgaat aaattttgtg ttaacaaact    114480
     actattaaaa aaacttatag attatatatt tctgaataaa ttggcagatg taaatgacaa    114540
     agttatattc acacaatcag tttttcttgc acataattga cattttgtca aaaagttaaa    114600
     atccttgaaa tgtattttct gtcctcatct ttcccctttt gagcattttt cccccctggg    114660
     ttggctataa aatatgccct aacttcaggc atctggttaa gttttgggtt ttctcccttc    114720
     ctaccaactc atatggattg gtaatgatct gatagaagac aattgccaaa aatcagtcaa    114780
     atatgtttta aatgaaattt ctccaatata atattcatat taatctttct ttaattgctg    114840
     aaagagtaat aattgttcac tgacccttaa aatcctaaaa cttaatcagc tcactggagt    114900
     ggatgaatgg atatttgtct agatgagaat gcttagggtt tacttcaagg agttcataat    114960
     agtaaaaatg tccttttctt ccatcagaaa cttcatcctg gatcttttca tcattgtttt    115020
     tctactagct ctccttctcc aaatacactg acttggaacc ccagtttcag tggtggactg    115080
     cgtgggtttg attctaagct atgctataat gagaaagtag ctctaaccct attctcattt    115140
     tcttcacctg taatatagaa atcatcatca gacaatataa agataggggc cagttatttc    115200
     acagataata ataggtgaaa atagagagta tgtgggtgta gacatgggaa agtgaactta    115260
     aatggtttca ggagtctgtg gaaattgtct ttgggtgatt caatgttctc agggaagcac    115320
     aaccaaaaag acattgagga tttatgggga agtgttaggg attagagaca ggataagata    115380
     caaaactagg taaattagag agtgaataga ttggaacata tgtagtatga ttgattgata    115440
     ggcggcactc agattctcag tttcaagtgg gatatttttc aatttgatcc atatagctag    115500
     ttgctaaaat atatgtgggg atttggtgga aatttggatg taaccagggt tattttcctg    115560
     gttaggttca gcaaagtgaa agagaaagaa ggaagttgaa gtttcctggg aatggttggc    115620
     catggaattt aggcaggaga acaggaaaca gagtacatca gtaggtaagg gtcattatga    115680
     atatgacaaa atatattttg gaggtctcag agagattgaa aaattttatg tcagcgtatg    115740
     aaagggaatg attaaaggag gagctcagag aatgggatga atgaaattgt gactacagag    115800
     aagttgctac tataagtaac gacgatgctt cactcagtcc ctctggaagt gtggtccctg    115860
     tgctagcagc aacagcatca cctgggaact tactagaact gcatattctc aggttacacc    115920
     cccagatcta ccaaatctga aattccaata gcaggtctca gcaatctctt attgtaacac    115980
     aactgtaggc aattttgagg cacacagtag ttagcacaac tggtctagtg tatgtcctat    116040
     ttggtcttcc tccccggttc acagtacaga gctcctaaaa cttgaaattt cctgatagag    116100
     atgagaggac catcctttac tagtcataag tccctcttag acatacctga gtttatgcta    116160
     ttgacatgac atgagtggta gctggagacc tgtatagctt cagggtgggt gctcgacacc    116220
     agaaacatga aggcataact agatggttga aactgtcagc cctctcctcc atcacctctg    116280
     aggtgctggg aaggtgatac tatgatatac ttagaggtca tatggcagct ttgtgcccct    116340
     tttcaccata cctggcccta tgtgtctctt ctatttgaca gttcctgatt tgtatcagac    116400
     agtaactgta agcaaagtgc tttcttgggt tctgtgcgcc atcttagcaa attatagaac    116460
     ctggggaagg aatccatgga agtcctaatt tatagccagt tggtcaggag tatgggaggc    116520
     ccacaacttc tctctaatgg tgggggggca gtcttgtggg cctgacccct gaacttgtgg    116580
     gatctgatgc tatctccaga tagatagtct caggattgaa ttgaattgta ggacaccatc    116640
     tggtgtcctg agagttgaaa aattgattgg ggtgagacta aatccacaaa ttccatctca    116700
     gaattttgag tagaaataat tctgttggaa aacattatcc ttagatcaaa ggtgtttata    116760
     gaactgagag atcaaaatgg caaagagtca tctatgatta cacattgttg acataaacta    116820
     gaattaagac aagagtatgt caaagagagt tacattgagc cagggataaa aatagtcaat    116880
     cgattgatta gaatttagta aatgttattt tttgaaaaat taatctttac ttaattaatg    116940
     gagatactta attatctcca tttagacttt aaatttataa ctaaaaaatt gctattttat    117000
     ctattttcca taaatggaaa ttgaaataac aatagcaaaa tgcttcgaca gaaaatctgc    117060
     ccttcttatt cccaagagga agaatggcca actaccttaa gcaaaatgtt agaaaaactt    117120
     tcataatttt ttaagttgcc atattttata gctttgaaca agttgaatta ttaactagac    117180
     tgctcaggga atggagccat ttaatataat ttccttaata tttagataaa atctttgttg    117240
     ttgaaaatct taatcatttt taatgatcct gttttcagag actgatatta atgattcgtg    117300
     acactcatta aatgcagtta tgcatctgat ttgaaaatca tgagggagat ttttcgtcag    117360
     ataagcatag caaatctatg tcactagaca taattccctt ctacccatgc cacaagcttt    117420
     atgtctactc ttgaattgag gttttgctac gttttatttt tgtggtttaa gaattattca    117480
     tttaactgac ggaaaattgt gtttctcttg ttagaataga gcccaactta tcttttctat    117540
     ttttcatgga gacatgaaag gacgtgaatt tggaatcaga gaaacctgag ttccaccatg    117600
     ctttcttcct cttgcaagcc atgaaatcca cagtgggtta gtagatatta caaaacctct    117660
     ggtcccacct tattaagatg aaaaaaaata atactaattg aaagaacgaa tgtgataatg    117720
     agaagaaatg gtatcaataa agtttctgga acacagtaag ttctaacaaa tgctagttct    117780
     tttctttcat tattcaaaat ctaaatagaa gccagttggt aattccaaga taatagtatg    117840
     aagacaaaaa aatgtttgtt aactgacctt caaccattga gaccttatct tataggaaga    117900
     aaattaacaa atattttctc ccttctacaa acgtataccc tctgagaaag agacacagtg    117960
     ttccaatcaa gacgatgaca gtattctgtg cacacatagg aagggaagaa gaataagaga    118020
     gaacctttaa aaagacaatt ttagataggc accctatttt taccggcaat aacattttgt    118080
     agaacttaca gcatacaaaa tagaccttaa atggactcag tgctgagaaa tttttataag    118140
     gctgctttat tttcttctat ggtaaatcta ggaaccaata aaataccttt gataattcac    118200
     tcattacatt ctttccgaac taaactattt acattataaa ctttgttgat atgctttgct    118260
     tttgcattaa taattctcat gtgtctcatt tgtgaataca agaaaactag ttgtaaaata    118320
     aggaaaatgt aattttgaaa catcttcaaa aacagttgca taatttaaca atgtttataa    118380
     atttttgtcc ttactctaaa accatatata tcctaaaagt gattgaaggt aaaatgattt    118440
     tttaaagaac tggatttctc accatgattt attttatctc cgtacaaact ttggtagtgt    118500
     tatacgatgg ttaagaagaa attacttaaa agtgagaata aagatacagc ttattaacac    118560
     ttcattttgt ggatgagacc ttaaaaatca aacttttctt ctagagacat gttgtagttg    118620
     tgtatataga gtgtgactag atagtgtcca tattttactg tcattattta aacagaaaca    118680
     tgtaatttgc acttcaaaaa cctactacaa attagctgtg tcatttggaa gtgtcaaaat    118740
     tatctcatta atgatcagat aggcttttgg ctcattgtaa tgagatgttc ctataaacct    118800
     aatttgaaag acaaagacag aggttggagt ctttaattct ttgtaaaatc agtagctcta    118860
     tttagggaaa tatttgcaaa atactatttc tactcaagca tatttttatt tacaaggaac    118920
     ttcacaaatg ttgaccacaa agatgtttct acctagcaga aataattata gttacatata    118980
     gttgtctagg aatatcttaa acatggggta ttaaaataac tttcaagaac aagaagaaat    119040
     gttataccag gcatttttgc aactagagct ctatttcagt gcaatatttg tggcaattaa    119100
     aaaacataaa tggcttggat atatagctaa gatatcaaag gaaaaatatg caaagtcatg    119160
     attattttat aaatgtgcca catatgtgac ttgaggtaca aatcctctaa gtttaaaatt    119220
     gtctttttaa aaaagaaatc aaaacagaca agtgagcaat gagttatgga tattattata    119280
     gggtactctg gtaaactact aagaagacga cttttggtac cgaaaattcc aattaacgac    119340
     atgcccccat taaggccatg atcactgcca atttttactc acaaaggctg gagctagagt    119400
     tatatggaat tccatatgta tctaaaccat agatttatca attatcactg aaacacaact    119460
     tggaggacac tatccagaat ttgtagggct tggccttatt ctagagaaac atacactaga    119520
     ataggcagtt ggattttaaa ttcagtctta aatctgttga aaataatgca ttttttctca    119580
     gagatgagat attgttcaac tcttttgact tattttagat ttggtattat acagttcgaa    119640
     caccatggag atttactaat atgaatgaac acataccaaa ttagtctttg ctccagtctc    119700
     aaaatcagat taattctggc tgctgaagaa attttccagt gttaggagta tgcttcaatg    119760
     ctggtgactg gtactacttt ctggtaaact atagatgaca tgtgcgcttt cattgcctaa    119820
     actcactttg tagaacacca ttaaatgaaa atcatcacaa gcaatttggg aggctaagga    119880
     gggcagatca tttgaggtca ggggtttgag accagcctgg ccaacatgat gaaacccgtc    119940
     tctactgaaa atacaaaaac ttatccaggc atggcgggat gcacctggaa tcccagctac    120000
     ttgggaggct gaggaaggaa aatcgcctga acccaggatg tgaaggttgc agtgaacaga    120060
     gatgttgcca ttgcactcca gcctgggcaa cagagtgaga cttcatctcc aaaaaaagga    120120
     aaaaaaaaaa gagagaaaga gagaaaaaaa attatcagtg ttcagtgact cttttttttc    120180
     atgctgataa actattacac agaaaaagaa aattttcatg ctgataaact attacacaga    120240
     aaaagaaatg tatccattat ggacaattaa aagggctatt caatctctct cattgtatga    120300
     ttctggtttt ctttcttttt cttttctttt tttctttttt ttttaagaca ggatctcact    120360
     ctgtcaccca ggctggaatg cagtggctct atcttggctc actgcaacct cagcctccgg    120420
     ggttcaagct attctcctgc cttagcctcc tgagtagcta ggaataaagg cattcaccac    120480
     cacgccagct aatttgtgta tttttttaat acaggtgggg ttttgccagg ttgcccaggc    120540
     tggtcttgaa ctcctgacct caaatgatcc tccctaagta ttggcattac aggcataagc    120600
     caccatgctt ggcctgattc tgttttttaa cacaattctt attacttctg tttttatttt    120660
     acaaagccat aggttttttt aatctgggaa acctttgaga aaacatccag ataaatttat    120720
     aaatagaaaa ataaattcag atacatagaa ttaagtttat gatctaacaa gtgggtggcc    120780
     attgaaaact ttccaagttc cataaactga agtgaaagga tcactttcct gaaaatatta    120840
     caaaggcttg ataattacct ggattgtact aaaacctaca caatctagta tattctatag    120900
     cagcaattca taaagacagc ttcacttacc atgtagaatt tatacgtaca ctaaatttaa    120960
     ggaatgcgtt acttgctatt ggagtaggat aataaactcc cagcacaact gatttgcatg    121020
     aatgcctatt aaactatcat tgacgtagaa attaaacaat atgttaagct attcagcccc    121080
     agatgtgtga gagacagaga aaaacttaaa aagagttcag ctaccaaatc ccttcctcaa    121140
     tagctctttg agtctcaaga cagtttcaac cacacacacc ctcagagtct tatggtccaa    121200
     acaacatttg actgcggctc taaagtaagc aaacatttga aaagaaacaa tgaaagatct    121260
     atgcctgtag ttatggtcaa ggaggtccac ctactggtgg gtgagcatgg caaggatagg    121320
     gactaagcca aatgatgagt ttaccaaaac agaaacaaga gaagtcattg gaagcacagt    121380
     ccaggttata acaggagccc aggcacttga tgtgggaacc ctatttgtct cattcagcac    121440
     ctagagtttt aacatcctat gaggcacagc taatgccctt cattattttt ttgtaattga    121500
     ctgcatagtt tagaactatg gcttgaattt aatatctatc tgttgaataa atgaattaat    121560
     aatgatgaaa atctgtccac aggttatgtg cagtactgaa gagcaacttc agctattaag    121620
     gtatctatca gaagtcttac tctctaaaaa gcctctggtt agttactgat atactttgcg    121680
     gataatttca ctctcacaat gtaggggaag caggaatgtt atctggcctc ttggctcctc    121740
     ttcctttgcc ttccacagat ctctctgctt gttcacagag gaacactttc gtggctctca    121800
     gttcattttg caattctgct agaatctcat tccatcctca gttgtaacta gcttgtcctt    121860
     cacccaacgc ttatttatgg agggacagag agcaagaaga aatcgcactc tggattacaa    121920
     agtgggacga cgcacccctt ggccagaatg cctgcctcct atgttcatga tggatatttc    121980
     taattgatct tggcactctt ttccattgag cccatgtccc aaattgaccc tgagttaggg    122040
     agagggctct agagtgggaa aggtgtaccc aaaacttccc taatctgact atcaagccta    122100
     aacaattaaa ctttcaattc aacatccctt gtttctccaa cttggagtgc ctgatggtgt    122160
     gagaagcccc tactcataaa aattcataga tgaagattgt tggtaatttt gcccaacctc    122220
     cttctttttt tttttattat actttaagtt ctagggtaca tgtacacaac gtgcaggttc    122280
     attacatatg tatacatgtg acatgttggt gtgctgcacc cattaactca tcattttcat    122340
     taggtatatc ccctaatgct tttcctcccc tagcccctca ccccacaaca ggccccagtg    122400
     tgtgatgttc ccccttgtga tagtttgctg agaatgatgg tttccagctt catccatgtc    122460
     cctacaaagg acaagaactc atcattttta tggctgcata gtattccatg gtgtatatgt    122520
     gccacatttt cttaatccag tctatcattg ttggacattt gggttggttc caagtctgct    122580
     attgtcagta gtgcctcaat aaactccttc tttctttgcc tagttacacc tcaatgcaac    122640
     ctcctggaag gctagcctta agcccagcag tccaaccatg catctaagct gagttctcgt    122700
     cagagccaac ttcaattata aacaactgag atgatgccag tggccagaat tcctgagaac    122760
     ccaatttgct gtcatcaccg cagctgaaac aaggcgcttg gcatctagaa aagctgatct    122820
     gtaggaaatt tccaatagag ttcaattttt tccaagttta aagtgtacaa tatcatcaag    122880
     gtcagacact cgaggtaaaa ctaggcttgt gtttaaatat aataaaaata tttgaagaat    122940
     agtaagagtg gtgactactt tcacacagga atgtttcaaa taaattgctt ttttcttgtg    123000
     ccttttaaat tttgtgattt gtcaatgaga tgctgacata tttttaatga agcatgcctt    123060
     gtaaaataat aagtgaatga aaactacaca gtaatattca catcaacaaa gctagaagaa    123120
     gactgtatgt ctcaagaggc tccatcatct acccagcggc cacttgacca aattaagatc    123180
     caaataccaa aaagaaaagt attaaaattt gtgttgtatg ccttataaga ccaaacctat    123240
     aaaatgaggg gaaacttcac aattacttgt aatttgctct gtggaattgt aacagatgga    123300
     ttataaagat gattccatga taaacatcta aatgtggtta ctaccttctg tgctttcttg    123360
     cttcatattt ttattgtttt tttctttata aacagataat tcattctttt ctagggcaat    123420
     gcaaactttt ctgatgtatt gaatatgtca tagttttttt ctattgtagg catctctaaa    123480
     aaaggtgtag aaaacaaaca gaaaagtctg atgttggaaa ggagagagaa ataaagcttt    123540
     aaaggaatga agattagagc tttctggaga taaaaattct tagaagatac aaaaggtagt    123600
     tattgaatta gatgaaggtt ctttttcagt ttttcccagt ttttcacctc ttagaaggca    123660
     catattcaca gcagaaaaga aaaaaagggt taaaaagaaa atacctcggt gtaatgagac    123720
     tgtaatttat gagggcatta ctgaagactc actttttcca gcatcactca gcatggtatt    123780
     atgcatgtgt gtaatgtaaa ggaaagtgaa tacgcattct tggatgggtg atcaaatcgt    123840
     aattccagaa tataatcaga agctgattca ttatcctctt gagatttcac aatctttgta    123900
     tcaggaatta aaattcagaa aagggtaaat gtatctaatc ttttgaaagt taaaaattag    123960
     aggatggagg caacatggtc gaataggaac agctccagtc tacagctccc accatgagtg    124020
     atgcagaaga caggtgatat ctgcatttcc aactgaggta ccaggttcat ctcactgggg    124080
     agtgctggac agtgggtgca gctcactatg catgagccaa agcaggacaa ggcgtcacct    124140
     cacctgggaa gcacaatggg tcagggaatt ccctttccta gtcaaagaaa ggggtaacag    124200
     atggaacctg gaaaatcagg tcgctcccac cctaatacgg cacttttcca acaggcttat    124260
     caaatggcac accaggagat tatatccagt acctggcttg gaggatccta cacccacaga    124320
     gcctcgctgt tggctagcac agcagtctga gatcaaactg caaagttaca gtggggttgg    124380
     gggaggggcg cctgccattg cccaggcttg agtaagtaaa caaagcagcc aggaagttca    124440
     aactgggtgg agcccacaac agctcaaaga ggccagcctg cctctgtagg ctccacctct    124500
     ggggtcaggg cacagacaaa caaaatacag caataacctc tgcagactta catgcccctg    124560
     tctgacagct ttgaagagag tagtgtttct cccagcatgc agcttgagat ctgagaacgg    124620
     gcagacagcc tcctcaagtg ggttcctgac ccctgagtag cctaactggg aggcagcccc    124680
     cagtaggggc agactgacat ctcacatggc cgggtacccc tctgagtcaa aacttccaga    124740
     ggaacgatca ggcagcagca tttgcagttc accaatatcc attgttctgc agccaccgct    124800
     gctgataccc aggcaaatag tgtctggagt agacctccag taaactccaa cagacctgca    124860
     gctgagggtc ctgactgtta gaaggaaaac taacaaacag aaaggacatc cacaccaaaa    124920
     ccccatctgt atgtcaccat catccaggac caaaggaaga taaaaccaca aagatgggaa    124980
     aaaacagagc agaaaaactg gaaactctaa aaatcagagt gcctctcctc ctgcaaagga    125040
     atgcagctcc tcaccagcaa tggaacaaag ctggacggag tatgactttg atgagttgag    125100
     agaggaaggc ttcagaagat caaagtactc cgaactaaag gaagaagttt gaaccaatgg    125160
     caaagaagtt aaaaactttg aaaaaaaaat tagacgaatg gataactaga aaaacaaatg    125220
     cagagaagtc cttaaaggac cagatggagc tgaaaaccat ggcacaagta ctacatgaca    125280
     aatgcataag cctcggtatc caacgtgatc aactagaaga aacagtatca gcgatggaag    125340
     acgaaatgat tgaaataaag catgaagaga agtttaggga aaaaggaata gaagaaatga    125400
     acaaaacctc caagaaatat gggactatgt gaaacgacca aatgtatgtc taattggtgt    125460
     atctaaaagt gacagggaga atggaaccaa gttggaaaac actctgcagg atattatcca    125520
     ggagaacttc cccaatctag taaggcaggc caacatacaa attcaggaaa tacagagaat    125580
     gccacaaaga tactcctcga gaagagcaac tccaagacac ataattgtca gattcaccaa    125640
     agttgaaatg aatgaaaaaa ttttaaaggc agccagagag aaaggtcagg ttaccctcaa    125700
     agggaagccc atcagactaa atgctgatct ctcctcagaa actctacaag ccagaagaga    125760
     gtgggggcca atattcaaca ttcttaaaga aaagaatttt caacccagaa tttcatatcc    125820
     agccaaacta agcttcataa gtgaaggaga aataatatac tccacagaca agcaaatgct    125880
     gagagatttt gtcacaacca ggcctgccct aaaagagctc ctgaaggaag tactaaacat    125940
     ggaaaggaac aactggtacc agccactgca aaaacatgcc aaattgtaaa gaccatcaag    126000
     gctaggaaga aactgcatca actaacgagg aaaataacca gctaacatca taatgacagg    126060
     atcaaattca catataaaaa tactaaccat aaatgtaaat gggttaaatg ctccaattaa    126120
     aaggcacaga cgggcaaatt ggataaagag tcaagaacca tcagtgtgct gcattcagga    126180
     aagccttctc acctgcagag acacacatag gctcaaaata aagggatgga ggaagatcta    126240
     cgaagcaaat ggaaaacaaa aaaaggcagg ggttgcaatc ctagtctctg ataaaacaga    126300
     ctttaaacca acacagatca aaagagacaa agaaggccat tacataacgg taaagagatc    126360
     aattcaacaa gaaataacta tcctaaatat atatgcagac tatacagaag cacccagatt    126420
     cataaagcaa gtccttagtg atctagaaag tgacttagac gcccacaaaa taataatggg    126480
     agactttaac accccactgt caacattaga cagatcaacg agacagaaag tcaacaagga    126540
     tatacaggaa ttgaactcag ctctgcgcca agcagaccta atagacatct acagaactct    126600
     ctatccaaaa tcaacggaat atgtagtctt ttcagcacca caccacacct attccaaaat    126660
     tgaccacata gttggaagta aagcactcct cagcaaatgt aaaagaacag aaagtttaac    126720
     aaactgtctc tcagaccaca gtgcaatcaa actacaactc aggattaaga aactcactcg    126780
     aaaccactca actacatgga aactgaacaa cctgctcctg aatgactact gggtacataa    126840
     ggaaatgaag gcagaaataa agatattctt tgaaaccaac aagaacaaag acacaacata    126900
     ccgaaatctc tgggacacat tcaaagcagt gtgaagaggg aaatttacag cactaaatgc    126960
     ccacaagaga aagcaggaaa gaaacaaaat tgacatctta acatcacaat gaaaagaact    127020
     agagaagcaa gagccaacac attcaaaagc tagcagaagg caagaagtaa cgaagatcag    127080
     agcagaactg aaggaaatag agacacaaaa cacccttcaa aaaatcaatg aatccagaag    127140
     ctgttttttg aaaagatcaa caaaattgac agaccactag caagaccaat aaagaagaaa    127200
     agacagaaga atcaaataga tgcaataaaa attgacaaag gggatatcac caccgatccc    127260
     acagaaatac aaactacaat cagagaatac tatcaacacc tctacaaaaa taaactagaa    127320
     aatctagaag aaatagataa atttcttgac acatatactc tcccaagact aaaccaggaa    127380
     gaagttgaac ctctgaatag acaaataaaa cactctgaaa ttgaggcaat aattaatagc    127440
     ttaccgacca aaaaaagtcc aggaccagat agattcacag ccgaattcta ccagtggtac    127500
     aaggaggaac tggtaccatt ccttctgaaa ttattccaat caatagaaaa agagggaatc    127560
     ctccctaact catttcatga ggccagcatc atcctgatac caaagcctgg cagagacaaa    127620
     acaaaaaaaa agagaatttt agaccaatat ccttgatgaa cattgatgca aaaatactca    127680
     ataaaatacg ggcagaccaa atccagcaac atataaaaag cttatccacc atgatcaagc    127740
     gggtttcatc ccttggatgc aaggctggtt caacatatga aaatcagtaa acgtaatcca    127800
     gcatataaac aggaccaagg acaaaaacca catgattatc tcaatagatg cagaaaaggc    127860
     atttgacaaa attcaacagc ccttcatgct aaaaactctc aataaattag ggattgatag    127920
     gacgtatctc aaaataataa gagctatcta tgacaaaccc acagccaata tcatactgaa    127980
     tggacaaaaa ctggaagcat tccctttgaa aactggcaca agacagggat gccctctctc    128040
     accactccta ttcaacatag tgttggaatt tctggccagg gcaattagga aggagaagga    128100
     aataaagggc attcaattag gaaaagagga agtcaaattg tccctgtttg cagatgacat    128160
     gactgtgtat gtggaaaacc ccatcgtctt agcctaaaat ctccttaagc taataagcaa    128220
     cttcagcaaa gtctcaggat acaaaatcaa tgtgcaaaaa tcacaagcat tcttatacac    128280
     caataacaca caaacagaga gccaaatcat gagtgaactc ccattcacaa ttgcttcaaa    128340
     gaaaataaaa tacctaggaa tactacttac aagggaagtg aaggacctct tcaaggagaa    128400
     ctacaaacta ctgctcaatg aaataaaaaa ggatacaaac aaatggaaga acatgccatg    128460
     ctcatgggta ggaagaatca atatcgtgaa aatcgccata ctctccaagg taatttatag    128520
     attaaattcc atctccatca agctaccaat gactttcttc acagaattgg aaaaaactac    128580
     tttaaagttc atacggaacc aaaaaagagc ccacattccc aagtcaatcc taagccaaaa    128640
     gaacaaagct ggaggcatca tgctacctga cttcaagcta tactacaagg ctacagtaac    128700
     caaaacagca tagtgctagt accaaaacag agatatagac caatggaaca ggacagagcc    128760
     ctcagaaata atgccacata tctacaagta tctgatcttt gacaaacctg acaaaaacaa    128820
     gaactaggga aaggataccc tatttaataa atggtgctgg gaaaactggc tagccatata    128880
     tagaaagctg aaactagatc ccttccttac accttataca gaaattaatt cacgatggat    128940
     taaagactta catgttagac ctgaaaccat aaaaacccta gaagaaaaac caggcaatac    129000
     cattcaggac ataaacatgg gcagagactt catgtctaaa acaccaaaag caatggcaac    129060
     aaaagacaaa attgacaaat gggatctaat taaactaagc agcttctgca cagcaaaaga    129120
     aaccactatc agagtgaaca ggcatcctac agtatgggat aaaagttttg cgacctcctc    129180
     atctgaaaaa gggctaatat ccagaatcta caatgaactc aaatgaattc acaagaaaaa    129240
     aacaaacaac cccatcaaaa tgtgggcaaa ggaaatgaac agacacttct caaaagaaga    129300
     cattttgcag ccaaaagaca catgaaaaaa tgctcatcat cactggccat cagagaaatg    129360
     catatcaaaa ccacaacgag ataccatctc acaccagtta gaatggcgat cattaaaaag    129420
     tcaggaaaca acaggtgctg gagaggatgt ggagaaatag gaaaactttt acactgttga    129480
     tgggactgta aaccagttca accattgtgg aacttggtgt gatgattctt cagggaccta    129540
     gaactagaaa taccatttga cccagccatc acattactgg gtatatactc aaaggattat    129600
     aaatcatgct gctataaaga cacaagcaca tgtatgttta ttgtggcact agtcacaata    129660
     gcaaagactt ggagccaaca caaatgtcca acaatgatag actggattaa gaaaacgtgg    129720
     cacatataca ccatggaata ccgggcagcc ataaaaaatg ttgagttcat gtcctttgta    129780
     gggacatgga tgaagctaga aaccatcatt ctcagcaaac tattgcaagg aaaaaaccaa    129840
     acaccacatg ttctcactca taggtgggaa ttgaacaatg agaaaacatg gatacaggaa    129900
     ggggaacatc acacactggg gacagttgtg cagtgggggg aggggggaag gatagcatta    129960
     ggagatatac ctaatgctaa atgacgagtt aatgggtgca gcacaccaac atggcccatg    130020
     tatacatatc taacaaacct gcacgttgtg cacatgtacc ctaaaactta aaatataata    130080
     ataaaaaaaa ttaacagaag attttataca gataaatttg ctttgcatca tgatcagcac    130140
     taaagtgcat catagattta aaccctattt acacagttaa aacaatgtaa ccaaatatgc    130200
     aatatattgt gtaacattct acaagatgct ttcaaacatg caaactgacc tttaaaacaa    130260
     ttttgcataa aagaacattt ctaggtaaga gaaaagacag acatgtggtt agggcaaaat    130320
     atttctgttc aaattacaaa atactgaatg acaaatcaca ggatagaaaa aaattatatt    130380
     gtacctggaa tttgaagtct tcaaatttat ttagatatat gtatctatat gtattaatag    130440
     agacatattt aactgattat aagtttagaa catttatatt ttgaagatgt cattctttaa    130500
     aaattattaa tatctacagg attgctgcag atattttaat tttaaacaaa tatttttcac    130560
     taatgtgacc agtatttata acctatttca ttgaacagac atttcaagtt tcttttagag    130620
     ttaattttta aaaattaagt atcacacata tttctgaagt actaccttaa aaaataatac    130680
     tctttcctag cttttcatat agttaaacat tttcataatg actaaaaaga taaaaataaa    130740
     ttaacaacca taattaaatt agaattctac tttttatata agatgaaata ctatataaaa    130800
     tgtccagaaa atctagtgtt aatgaggctg tgcagcctgg acatttgatg tctcatctgt    130860
     gggaatgtga actaacccaa ccattctgaa taattattgg ctctgtgtgt taacagtcta    130920
     gagtcctgaa acaaggatct taattctaaa ataaaatcct attctaagaa tataccaagg    130980
     gttgataatc aaggaagttt cacagttata gagaagaaac ttcatcctag cattatatat    131040
     gtagtcatcc atataaacca gatagtgttg aatgaaactg tggaaaaaca aagagcctac    131100
     agaatatgtt tctctttgtg tacaactgta aatgtacaca tctatccatg taaaatttca    131160
     catctcagga ggataggtac caacatgtta acatgctata gctataagat aagaaatttt    131220
     actttcctac aatttcatac acacacacac actctcagac acatacacac acaccgagga    131280
     tatatacgca cacaaatata tatataaaca tacatgttta tataggtaca cacacacata    131340
     catatacact gatggtcaac aacttataat ggttcaattt atgatttttt ttactttatg    131400
     atgaagcaaa agtgatagct ttgaatagaa tataaccatt ctgcttttca ctttcagtac    131460
     aatattcaac aaattacata aaatatccaa tgctttatta taaagtgggt tttgtattca    131520
     atgattttgc ccaattgtca gctgatataa gtgttctgag cacattaaag gtatgccagg    131580
     ctaagctgtg atattctgta agtgaggtat taaatacatt tttaacttac tgtattttca    131640
     atttataatc agcttatcaa gacttaacct cattgtacat tgaaaagtat ttgtattgca    131700
     ttaaacatgt tatataatat ttttaattga aattacttgc aacttttgaa aaaatgtaat    131760
     gaaataatgt gctttgctat tggttaaaat gtttttgggc agggtcagtg gcttacacct    131820
     gtaatcccag cactttggta ggctgaggtg ggcagatcac ttgaggtcag gagtttgaga    131880
     ccagcctggc aaacagggtg aaaccccatc tctactaaaa atacaaaatt atctgagtgt    131940
     ggtggcatgt gcctgtaatc ccagctacta gggaggctga ggtgtgagaa ttgcttgaac    132000
     taggcaagca gaggttgcag tgagccaaga tcacaccatt gtactccatc ctgggcaaca    132060
     gagtaagatt ctgtcaaaaa aaaaaaaaag aaagaaaaga aaaaagtttt tagcttcaag    132120
     taacagaata gtcaactaac tgaagaaaaa aacaaggagc aacttttacc aaatcacaca    132180
     acaaatagat ggtatcaatg cttagttaat tcaacatgat ccacttcttt gtgattctct    132240
     tatctttcta cctatgtttt caagatggct atggcattcc cagccttaca acttcatgtg    132300
     acaaaatcca atggcaggaa ataataagtg atggcatttt ggaactttaa ggaaaaactt    132360
     taaggattgg aaaacaggga tgccatatgt ccagtaacat gggatagccg ctcctaatta    132420
     aggattgctg catgtcctga aagactttct aatgtaatga aggcgaataa cctgctttgt    132480
     ttaattatac aatcccaaat gtaactgcct aagtgccaaa tacttttgca tggttttaat    132540
     atgccatgaa ttttgcaaga acgaaactac tatgtatatg agaaaagacg gtagattttt    132600
     tcatttagat actcatttca gagtctcaat aggaaaaata gaacacacac aaactaagat    132660
     aatttaacat gggtttattt ccaaagagac tacttacgaa aatgtcaggg gagaagggtg    132720
     aaggaatcac agaaatcaca ccccacaata actctgggtt agtagcagca ggcagagttc    132780
     ttgagagtaa actgccctga tcacacaagg aaacactaat tttcttatga aaaagattgg    132840
     tcaaggagac ctagcagaga gggagtttag gcaataaccc ccaatcccat tacctccttc    132900
     cctttaatct catgaacatg catagaaggc aatgagcaag ggaaccgatt gagatattca    132960
     atatggacca ttccacttgg acaaaagcca gtaaataggg gagtataaca ggggacaagg    133020
     gccaaacaga aagtatctat tacatttacc aatgcagatc aatcatgtca acaatagaaa    133080
     tggcagtttt ggcatttggt tattcaatga aactatatct gtagcttttt atttacaatg    133140
     tatcaaagta ttggtgaaga tatgaaaatt tcattatgtt ctattgtatt tgatatgtaa    133200
     atgttctggc acaattatat acattttgga ttatatattg acagtaaatt atttctcctt    133260
     tgttagcttc agcataacat taatattttc aacaacttga atgcatacat tgtgttctca    133320
     ctaatagttt agaatagcga aggggtcttt gaagagtttc ttgtgaagta gaggcattgg    133380
     gtcagacaga gctgaaaacc attggcttag attaatcact atttatccta gggctgaaga    133440
     gggccaattg aagacacaaa tgtaaaatcc ctctatgacc ttggagatct atgaaccaga    133500
     gaaatagaga ctggttctta aggaggtaat aagtgtgcct tctatggttt ataataatat    133560
     gcattgtctt aacaatcgaa tacttaaaag ttaatgccct cataatatgc aaaattttta    133620
     ataagcacat tggtccctgt gttcaagtag ttggtaatca aattagtgaa gtatggtaag    133680
     tcttttgaag agcattaaac agcagagaat gtaagaaatt tgtctctata gtagtgtggg    133740
     tcttctgtgt ttcctaaggg cacattcata tgatctaata actgagcaga gagaagccta    133800
     aaggatagtt tatggtttca tttgtttgtt tttgctaatt aacatacatt tctagattaa    133860
     aagtcaacta tcttttcctt gggagtcaac tataggagaa gatagtgaag aggcaaggaa    133920
     aattacagca gctcgacagc tttaccctgg aaatatctgt attgtgtatc gctatagcct    133980
     acctttatca gtcacataac aatgctaaag agacaagctt ggcaccattg ctcttagtga    134040
     atccctgctg ccagcctttt atcctaagtg ctctccaaag acccatttaa tggaccttcc    134100
     tgaaattgtg ctcaggatca atatgaggct cattgataca gcatttttgg aactcacaat    134160
     ttacttattt attaaacctg ggatagttgc ccgacttcta tcatctgaaa tcctctccat    134220
     gactttcaaa attaccaaca ttggttccaa catcattcct agaaaacatt tcagtggagt    134280
     atatttatct gacatttgac tgtatttata gcagtaagaa tctatgatga ttcctcccaa    134340
     aataatccca caattaccca ttttgggtca cctttgaggg ttttaccctt actatcagag    134400
     atctgttcta tacatttgag tcttagaaat aattactagc ttctctctga atttaactga    134460
     agttccttac ttttattcaa cctgttaccc aaattacata atgtattgaa ggctaaaaac    134520
     tgtccaaatt tctgattaca tttagataaa aatgggaata tgactttttc tttttctaac    134580
     ttggcaaaga ttatgttttt tttcatgaag aaatataggc atatttaaac acttaggatc    134640
     tgagaatttg aaatacatga aacttagcaa gtggtcttta aatagttttc atttctaaat    134700
     tatagtacat accattgaat gctacagaag gaaagacaat gagggattac tcataaacat    134760
     tgcctttatg atatccttcc aaagaaaacc aatgcccctg tgcttggact cataaagcag    134820
     aaatgctcac cttgctttta tgtcactaac aaacaattgt gcctagtcaa ttagttctaa    134880
     cgcatataag ccatcttgag agtggagccc ctagggaaaa ctacaaatgg aaaattcatt    134940
     gatttttgac tttgctttcc tatggattaa atttaacact ttcttgtaaa tctctccctt    135000
     tacagatcat atgtgataaa tagttatcca actttctaga tgtccaccca gagctgcttc    135060
     catatgaaga gatggaaacg gattctgtgc atgatactgg ttaggatagg aaactgtttt    135120
     tttaaaggag atttttaaaa tttgttttcc ttgtacacat agccttaata ttgtgttgct    135180
     aactgccctc tgggaacaaa gtcataccaa tcacaaatac attgcctaaa gcgggaggtt    135240
     tattactctg ctgtgaattc catctcctat tatgttttaa agatgctaca aacttgagac    135300
     attactatgt agatgacatt cccagcaaat ccccaaacaa cacttaatga gatttcaaat    135360
     accaggatca tgaaacagta agagatataa ggaaataaag aaaagcacag tatatgtgta    135420
     gaaggcatta aaacacaaat tttataatta tgaatgcata taataaggaa caaattttat    135480
     tctaaatagc aattaaatca gaactacgat acagggaata caagtgaata ttaaaccatt    135540
     gtaccaacaa taacagagcc ctttttctgc tgcgtgatgg aatttagtgt ttactaagga    135600
     agaaaaaaat gcaagatatc ttaaatttgg tactttccaa caaacttaag aaatgtgtac    135660
     acacttgagg agacttaaga agtctctgac taaaacacta gaaaagaaaa gcagtgaaaa    135720
     gccaaataag tattactcaa caataacaac atttgttact attatattaa tattaaacac    135780
     actattaagc aacaacattt cagttactca ctgagcccaa aatcattttt catgaaccat    135840
     tcacaacact gataacctat tgaaaaatga ttgaaaacaa aaaagcttat tgctttccaa    135900
     gtccttttaa agccttctca tgtgtcattt catataatcc ttataaagaa tctatagagt    135960
     atatactgac tttatctctg tacagaaaag aaaactgagt catattcaga ataagttgca    136020
     aagttcccca gatagtcagt gtcataggtg aaatttgatg tcacagtgta gtcaagtgta    136080
     atttagggaa gcagtacaaa tgatggttga aagcacaggt tctggggtaa atagcctgaa    136140
     gtcaaaatct agttcatatc ctcagtggct gtgtgatctt gggaaatttc ccttaactct    136200
     ctgtgtcttg gttttataat ttcatccatt tttgcctctc atatgagctg gtgagcatta    136260
     cactagttta tgcttctagg acactgaaaa cagtacctgg ctcttgataa atattaacaa    136320
     ttttgtttca ttttcttcac cttgagtatt tcatggccag atggaaatca atgtcaatat    136380
     gaaaaaatgt tcataattca gcaggaagaa atacaaaacc atataaacaa ctttgtttta    136440
     ctggcaagtg tatttggaag ctatgttgaa ttgagaaggg gaagcctcta aggatattga    136500
     ttaatcaata accaaaagct gatgagactt gtctggaatt tttttttgga gactctgaga    136560
     cgtaaaattt tgacaaacta aggagatgaa ttgaatagtg tggaagagac attttctgaa    136620
     gtcagcagag aaaggagaga caaatatggt aaggggaaag tggtatgaag taataatatc    136680
     tatgaagtgt tttctaaagt ataacacatg taagttgtgt taaatgtaat ctatcatgat    136740
     tatatcatta ctgtctgaat gacacaacta tatccacctc agttagccac ataagatcaa    136800
     ttttcctata ccttagagaa taccagtaac ctccagttca gaaacagcat aaatacctat    136860
     ccacggctga gcagacacat acagctagct accagatgaa atgggctata tcttcaaata    136920
     ctattgtttt ccgtttttta actgtggcaa aacacactca acaatttgca tcttaaccac    136980
     tgttaagtat aaaattcagt gtcattaaat gtattcacaa tgttgtgcaa gcatcaccac    137040
     cacccatctc cataattatt tttgccttgt aaaattgaaa tcctgtaccc gttaaaaagt    137100
     gactccccat tccccaccct cccagggcaa ctacagcttt actttctgtc ttgatgaatc    137160
     atacaatatc aaatggaatt tttaagatat ttaaaatctt ttgtctggaa gcgaagtgga    137220
     agttaatatc aatggctatg ccttcagtga gttctcagac cacattacaa tgtagttaac    137280
     tatttatctt ttattacatt ctagatctat tatttctttc tggcacaaaa atatcttctt    137340
     tgtacattat ggcatttacc tctatctcca cacctttatg catctgtcat ccacagatca    137400
     tcagcctctt gcttagtctc catttaatga caatttctat ttagtataca acagtccttc    137460
     cccctgcaat gcaatttctt cactctgaaa agctctaact ctagctactg gtctgtgtta    137520
     tgtactcatc cctagagcca tgtcttcaaa tatttctcag aacttcttca catctaaaaa    137580
     tctaggatta atttattgct ctctgattat attcttctgg tatttcaagt atcatgtata    137640
     acttcttcat ctgcccttgc ttttcttcta catcaagatg tcaagttcat ggacttccca    137700
     attaatcatt ttaaaaattt atttcaagcc tttatgagtc actacaatat acatatgttc    137760
     tcaggaatta tggccctaca atttgtatgt gagaatagtt cctgtgtcag gcattatgga    137820
     cataagtgta aataaattct agcccctgcc tacaaggagc taattcccag cctaagacag    137880
     attgcaagcc aataatttgc agagttgtaa gtctaaggaa actgattggg atgtacctaa    137940
     ttcgagctgg gaatatcaga agaaaaactt tttgaaagtc atgagacatg agctgtgcct    138000
     aaaagaataa aaaatagaga gagaaataag aataaataaa ttagggaatg agatgggtat    138060
     aatagtagaa aaaggaaatc tctttagata aaacaggtta tgagagtata taggaggctt    138120
     attaactcag tgtggttgga gaaaacaggt taaaaggaga aataggagag acagttacaa    138180
     agagaatcaa atgtgttagt agttgaggga aaagcaaata ttgaatacga cccatagatc    138240
     ttggataacc cagtgtttgg tagtagctta cataaaaggt tgtgacaaaa taaccagaga    138300
     tatgcggaga aaataataac tgagtgttat atttcctctc agtagaaacc taaaaaaaaa    138360
     atgtaatcac accctgatct tttaactgac ctccacttat cttgctgcct ggattggtat    138420
     acatattcct ctgcctgaaa aattgctcaa cacttttgaa aggttgtttc tcactgttac    138480
     acccaggcat ttctgctaac accagctgag ttgtaagggg ccctccagga ggcctaggtt    138540
     gttcccctta tcacatacat tattgtcatt tattaattta cccagaacat ctaatgaaac    138600
     actatggaca ccaataacat gaatacaaat atagctatag accctaaaaa gtaaattgat    138660
     gtctcttgaa aggctgtcat gtcttagatg ctaaatttgg agtatgtgtt tctaataaat    138720
     aaatagcatg ctttaataat tctgatttat gattgtaata taggggagca gctcttattt    138780
     cgcccttaat cttaaaaaac aattagccag gtgtggtggt gggcacctgt agtcccagct    138840
     actcaggagg ctgaagcaga aggatggtgt gcacctggga ggtggagctt gccgtaagcc    138900
     aaaattgtgc cactgcactc cagcctgagt gacagtgtga gactctgtct caaaaaaaaa    138960
     aaaaaaaaaa atcatacaag gagtaaatga tgatttagca taaaacacaa ctttagccta    139020
     aaacacagat catagggctc aaactttgtt attttatggg attatactaa ccagttatta    139080
     ttcaaaattt tccatttcaa aagaagaaat aatggtctgg gaaaattgca attgcttata    139140
     cagaagaatg gaggaagctt tttgagaaca acagttctaa tgatcttcct tatcactggt    139200
     tccaaaacca agcccatgga aggcctgcat ggggataatg tggagaacat gtaaaagaaa    139260
     tacacatcac cagctcctca actcagagct ccaagggaat ggctaaggaa gctgtatttt    139320
     cctaagaaat ttgagactgt tttgacttac aataaatcct ggtcaatcat atgtatgtat    139380
     acacacacac ccacacaccc acacacacag acggtgttgt cagtgaagcc tctaacaatg    139440
     catcttgact ggacagattt gacaattaaa atggctggaa gaaaataggc ttcataagtg    139500
     gcacttacta ttcacattac acattaaaag gacatctcct aaattaaatc ttgtctatga    139560
     taaaagggca gaaaatcatg acccaaggct catttataat ggcagaaatg ttcaaggtag    139620
     accaatgctt gctatgttta ggaactgaca ataaagtaca ggtctttata atctaccatt    139680
     ttgcctcatt tgacaccagg tgaccttcat aatgcaggca atagagaatt gcaagatttg    139740
     ttagagattt caggtctttg gaaagctatg ctctttcaca agaacagcca tggaaacagg    139800
     aagaaagtca attctcactt aaggtaatca gaatttacaa atattccttt cttcattgaa    139860
     atctcaatag gcacttcaat attatattta attaattctt ttgttacaat catgcatcac    139920
     ataacaacat tttggtcaag gatagtgcac atgtatgaga gtggtgcaat aaaatcataa    139980
     cactgtactt ttactgtacc tcttgtatgt ttagacatgt atagatacac ttactgtata    140040
     gatattagta actatagata tacttaactg ttgtgttaca attgcctaca gtattcagta    140100
     cagtaacatg ctgcacaggt ttgtagccta ggaggaatag gctataccac ctaacctagg    140160
     catataatca gctatagcat ctaggtttgt gtaagtaaac tctgtgatgt tcatacaata    140220
     ataaaattgt ccagcaatgc attgctcaga cacacccctg tcattaagtg acacatgact    140280
     gtattagtta acactatggg aacatcatgg gaaatggaca ctgcagctcc accataaata    140340
     gaaactgttt acatcaaaaa acacataaaa gcatagtttc aagattacaa ttccttccag    140400
     atatttcatt tagtatctcc acagatcact cactgcctga atagcattct tgtgtctcca    140460
     ctgcctcaca tttgatttca ggtcattcca tcaattgtca aagacgcatc taacattaac    140520
     tttccaacta ctggtttgga ttctgtcaac attgtcatcc tgggccacaa caacacaaaa    140580
     ggctaactca gtgaggtaac atagacactg atcagtgaga ttttgctgat gggtggtacc    140640
     attttttact aagatcaagg gtattcatac cttcaggcat ctagataaca ttgaaaaggg    140700
     caggttcata gataaaaagg gaaagaggaa ggggttttgc agtatacgtg agctaccgtg    140760
     tctcctgttt aaccttcgtc tgaaaagatt caaagtgcag gtgccatgaa tgcctcttta    140820
     atagttgaag gtcgattgat tttctgggct acatttccca gcattcaaat tgctaaatgc    140880
     atataaacta ctactgaata tttattacct ggatttgtgc ttttgagtga ccttatctat    140940
     agttatgtgc ttcagtgatc caacttgggg tggactccaa actttgataa attaaagacc    141000
     ctgcttattc cttgagtaat gctatactga caactgattt agtgaatgcc actgtgaaaa    141060
     taataaacct cttggtgaat atatttagac atgtcttgta acctgtacac atcttaacca    141120
     gggatgttac ttggtctttc tatgttcagg agtgtgtgga gatagaaaaa catacaggat    141180
     tgtaattgtt tcctgtgaga ctaacagaaa attcaagcta gtgaagtatg tttatgcatg    141240
     gcacacttct caccagcaat tttaggaagt tctacccaca atccatgtct tttgatatgt    141300
     gtgttacctt ggagagagaa aaagaaactc tgaacacaag cacgaaatac tttagaattt    141360
     tatctagagt tggacttgtc caaaagattt tgtataaact tgcttgatga gcaactgttg    141420
     tccactggta ccttcactgt acaatccata cacaaccaaa cttcacaact ggacacctaa    141480
     atttgcactt tgtttggtaa agttgaatga aaaatgttgt cttttaagct tatgctctct    141540
     tatgaaaact gttattagat gaattttact ccaagatatg ccagttaaga aataacttcc    141600
     aattcaattt caccagctgc ctgtgggtgg actaattatt catacatcac acttactctg    141660
     gtggtgaaat gcctcaaaag aaggtctcca gagtgttgct ctacctagaa ggacaagaat    141720
     gaagagacgt aaaaatcatt cattaagaag gaagattttc cttgcctaga ttttcacttg    141780
     taggatccaa ttaattttat catttaatat tttttcctgt tgggcattca ttttacaaat    141840
     ttgtaaggtc agtataaatg gaaacttttg gaaaccgaac tgtaaatatt ctgtagacat    141900
     tgacagaaat agctatttgg agctgtgctt ttgccaacta gacactctga gaaaatctgt    141960
     gagaggatat tttcaggaag tcattgaacc ccctaaaaat caagtttatt gcttttacca    142020
     taaatataag taattaattt attatcaacc actttcaata ttccaataag taacctttat    142080
     tgtttatttc attgacatga tctacataga cacacaattt atcttctttt gcgatacatt    142140
     cagaaaattt gctgcctgga aaagacatgt tttaaaatta ccacctgttt gatgactttt    142200
     ttttgtactt taagttttag ggcatatgtg cacaacgtgc agtttagtta catatgtata    142260
     catgtgccat gttggtgtgc tgcacccatt aactcgtcat ttagcattag gtatatgtct    142320
     taatgctatc cctaccccct cccccactcc acaacaggcc ctggtgtgtg atgttcccct    142380
     tcctgtgtcc acgtgttctc actgttcaat tatcacctat gagtgagaac atgcagtgtt    142440
     tcatttcaac ttaagtatct atctctattt gtcctttctt ttcatttcca tcctagctct    142500
     atcccttgtc tccttcgtgt gtctcagtat aagtgcccta taacatttta tatttctgga    142560
     aacccttcaa tataaagtta ttacatgtaa aaataaaaag tctgttttag tgaactattt    142620
     cttcacaaat tatattttcc tacttctcta ttagacaatt tttgtaggct ccatatgcta    142680
     ttaatttaca ttcactttta gaagaatttt catcaaaagc aaaagtctta ggtaaattaa    142740
     ttgtatgcta tttatacttc tatgtatata tacacacata gccacataca tatatgtaac    142800
     tccagaggcc tgcctggact gtttaatacc tgtattgaac aacagcaaga aacagctatt    142860
     caaatttcaa acaacaaatt gaactgaaga cctcacatct ttgaattaaa tagacactag    142920
     tagcctttaa aaattaaaca tttctactgt tttaaaaaat tatagccatc atagtatgag    142980
     gaaaaaatgt aataatcttt tttaattctt gccattttat taaccacgga ctccttatgc    143040
     cctaacttca ttggtacctc tttgagatta aacagaacac ttaatttaaa attctgataa    143100
     ataaattaat tacaccactt acttgaggta ctctttcacc tttcaagaaa tattttgaga    143160
     attcattagc taaatattgt tataatgcag gctagtaata aatggaaaga atgaattcat    143220
     tgtaaagttt aaactaatga tggtatgatc tggaattttt gttaacttag aagacataat    143280
     tagctttaga ggtgaaatga aagacaaaat cacttcacat attagtaaaa aacaaataat    143340
     ataactttat aagctactgc tgttcttttg ctattaagaa ccaatgacat ctgtaattag    143400
     ggaagattat ggaaaggtta aagatgagaa tacatgcagt ctatctacag gaaacctaaa    143460
     ctgtttaggt taaggaaatg tctgagaaag tcatattaat tagcaggttc acaggaaact    143520
     aacatttatt gtataaattc cgtggtaaaa ggtattaggt ctccacgcac aaactatgtg    143580
     ccatctacgt taccacacag tgcttacttc tttcagtctt tattcatttc tctcccaatg    143640
     gtctgtatgg tattattaca tagttctaaa aaccttccat gaggcagaaa tttcatttaa    143700
     tcatatagct tcaaaaataa cgaaaaacag tagaaacttt ctattttttt agaagcagaa    143760
     ttgttgaatt ttcagtttca tttatttaat attacaagat gacaaacata tttctttaat    143820
     tccctcttgt tatttttgtc taacatcaac caaagccatt tctttcattt gaaggtgaaa    143880
     actgctcatc aaaatctagt ttaagctgag aaacaaagaa ctaaatttta catgagagat    143940
     tatacacggc ataagtataa aacaggacaa gaaacaatgg tggattagca atttttaaaa    144000
     agacaaaagc aggttatcat caaatcaatt gttaccaaca caccaattcc acctctaggc    144060
     cagaaaatta gccacttacc catgggaaaa caatgattga agacaaagtt caccagtgaa    144120
     agttggttat tttttgccat ccttgcatca actaaaatga tatctacagt tcctcttaac    144180
     acttttctga gtttcaacta tgtgggtatg cttcattagc tgaggtcatt ttccatatgt    144240
     acatctgtct acaaaggaaa ctgggaatgt gagccctggt cctaatgttt gtagagtatt    144300
     tagaaatttg agaattccct ccaaataaag agttttttaa aacattgtta gacaaaaagt    144360
     ttgaattaca gaatatggta gtagctcagg tctaactcaa atgcagggaa aaaaactatt    144420
     aactctaaaa aaaattaaat acacatttga tggcaatgag aaacagaaaa caggcagaaa    144480
     tagtagaata ttcaaccact gatgaagtat ctgaccactg aataaagaaa attgcaatga    144540
     tttaaatttg catcaacgca acttcacacc tgatgaccct tcccagtctg tgcaaaatta    144600
     gatgtctacg agtaaagcgg tgagttttac tagcttgagg aataagagca cagagttcca    144660
     ggctgacaga aaagaagaac tgggaaattt gaatgacacg ggaggaaatc ttacacaact    144720
     gaaagtcaca gaggagaatg tcacagagta aaaatctaaa atcagcactt aaacttcatt    144780
     cagatatatg atggctgcta catttcacat tgataaaaag agactccata gaatccagca    144840
     gaaaacaaca gctaaattgc tagtacagag cagagatttc aaccattgca tatagctcag    144900
     gagtgaaagt ttggtgtttg actacagaaa aaagactaac gttagaaaag agtcactctt    144960
     caaaggaaaa tagaagaact tatctctaca aaatatcata cacataatct aacatataat    145020
     ttaacctgcc tagacataaa accaggaata tatgatgcat aacaaaaaaa gtaaacaatg    145080
     gattaagaca gtgaaatggc ccacatgctg ggattagaag ataagaaatt taaaataaga    145140
     tattacaagc atattcaagg atttaaggaa tagatggtca taagagggaa tatttggaga    145200
     atctcaacag agaagtaaaa acgataaaga gataatagga caaattttag aactgagaga    145260
     ctgaatatct tatataaaaa tgtcattgta tgcacatacc agtaaattaa agatggcaga    145320
     aaaaactatc agtgcactta aaaacagatc aagaacaatt tcccaataca gttaatacaa    145380
     aggaagaaaa ataataaaaa tagggccagt ctagcactaa tataattgga gtcctagaaa    145440
     gagtagagaa gaaaatgaga cagaaaaagc tatttgaaaa agtaaagacc aaaagttttc    145500
     ctaattgtca gcatatatca acttacaggt ttaagaaact caaagaacag aataaaaata    145560
     aagggaatca aatatagaca tatcatagtt aaaccactgg gcaaaaaaag agtaaatctt    145620
     gaaagtagct aaagggagag agaaaataat ttacatacgt tgaaacaaat agacagatga    145680
     cctgtcatca gaaatgacac tttaaaaagc aatgaaacta tatcttcaaa ataaaagaaa    145740
     actgtcaact ccaaattcta tcactagaaa cagtgattct tgagaaaaga aagatttagt    145800
     cagataaaag aaagcttcaa acaattgtta ttagcagacc tagatacaag aaatgcaaac    145860
     ggaaattttt taggctaaag aaggataaca acagatggaa attctgacct acaggaagca    145920
     aggagaagct ctaggaatgg catgtgcata aacatgaaaa actaaggctt ttttctttta    145980
     gttttataac aaacaactga tggtttcaat aaaaaattaa gtgtactatt gataatgtat    146040
     gtaaaatatt ctaaattaat agctctgaca ggagactaaa cgcaacaatt ttgccgcaac    146100
     ttttctttat gttacatgaa aacgctgaat attaacacta agtggactgc aataagccca    146160
     ggatgtttat tataatccct agagaaccac cacattatat gaagatattc ttctaaaatg    146220
     ccaataaagg aattaaaatg gaaccctgaa tattgttcag ttaatataaa aaggcatgaa    146280
     agaaagaaca gaggagcaaa aaatgatgga acaaatagca cataagagca aaataggctg    146340
     ggtgcagtgg ctcagcctct aatcccagca ctttgggaga ccgaggcggg tggatcacga    146400
     ggtcaggaga tcgagactat cctggctaac acggtgaaac cccgtctcta ctaaaaatac    146460
     aaaaattagc caggcatggc ggcaggcgcc tgcagtacca gctactccag atgctgaggc    146520
     aggaaaatgg tgtgaacccg ggaggcggag cttgcagtga gccgagatcc cgccactgca    146580
     ctccagcctg ggtgacagga cgagactccg tctcaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa agaaaagcaa    146640
     aaatagtagg cttaaatcga aacttttcaa taattatttc aaatgtaatt taaatactcc    146700
     aaataaaaca cagattgtcc aactggataa taaaagtacc tataagagat gcatgccaaa    146760
     tattatggta tagataagtt gagagtaaaa taatttccaa gtataccaag gaaacaacaa    146820
     gcacaagaaa tcttatgtgg ctatattaat ataagaaaaa gtagacctcc aaacaagcaa    146880
     tattacaaca gatagctatt tcataatgat aaaatgtcaa gtaattatga agacataatg    146940
     ctgtattgct gacagaataa ctaaagaaaa ttaagataaa ataattttga caacagcttg    147000
     acctaatcga tattgaccaa gacaatagaa tatatgttct attatgctac acatgaaaca    147060
     tttatcaata ggctatagac tacaaaatat ctctcaagaa gtttcaaaac actgtaatca    147120
     tagaaagtat gctttctgac cataatgaaa atgagttgaa atgggtaaaa acaagctacc    147180
     caggaaagtc tacactattg gaagatttaa atacatctta aaatgccctt tagctcaagg    147240
     aagaaatcat aagaaacacg tttaaataca ttgaactgaa tacaaataaa aatataatat    147300
     atcaaaatgt atgggataaa gttaagcaga cccagagtaa atttttcgta taaatgctta    147360
     ttctaaaaaa gagaagttca aaacagtgaa ctaatttact accttaaaaa gaaaatctaa    147420
     aacaagagag caaattaagt ccaaaacaag tagaagaaaa gaaataaaac agaaattaga    147480
     aatcaatgag acagaaaaca gaaacaggag aaaatcatca tggccaaaag ttgttctgtg    147540
     agaaagaaag aaaacacaaa ttataaatat cagggattaa tgagattgta cagttgtaga    147600
     cacaagagac attaacaaga taatggaata ttgtgaaaca tttttactaa ttttcattac    147660
     ttggatggaa gggtgaattc cttgaaaaca acttatcaaa aaattcacaa gattaaatgg    147720
     aacatatgaa gtaattgaca tttcttaaag taattaaatt aattgtcaaa tacctgcaca    147780
     taaaaacata aaactaaaga aataaaaaat aagtaaactc cagatctaaa gagttttgct    147840
     ggtgaattct ttcaaacgtt taaaaaaata aaatttttaa attatttcat aaataaagaa    147900
     gggggaaatt ccaaacttgt tttatgagtc agaatcctga tagcaaaact acaaaaccca    147960
     ggaatgcaaa attgatttca acttaaagag ctatcaccat tctaatctgt gattctaatg    148020
     aatttggcta tcttagatac tttatacaaa tggaatcata cagtttgtcc ttctgtgact    148080
     gatttacttt acttagcatt aatgtcctct aggttcatcc atgttgcata ttggcgggct    148140
     ttcttgtttt aaagctgaat aatattccgt tgtatgaata taccacattt tctttatcta    148200
     ttcatctgcc aatagacatt aacctcattt ccacattttg attagtgtaa ataatgctgc    148260
     aatgagcctg agaatcatcc caatctcaat tctttcagat aaataacctg aagtggattg    148320
     ctagatcata tggtagttct agtttcttaa tttttttgag gaaccaccgt actgttttcc    148380
     atagaggctg cacagtttca cttttccaga aacactgtac aagtgttcca atttctcccc    148440
     attgttatca ctcgttatct ttttctttta ataagaccat tctaacaggt ttgaggcaat    148500
     atctctttgt ggttttgatt tgcatttccc tgatgattag tgatgctgag catctttttc    148560
     atgtatctgt tggtcatttg gatattttct ttggagaaat atctattgct gattaaaaaa    148620
     aaaaaacctc tcagcaagct agaaaaagaa attttctcaa agtgatggaa agcatccaca    148680
     acaaaacata taaacaatat tacatttaat ggtgaaagcg taaatgttta aactacatag    148740
     attaggacaa gaaaggaatg tgtgtgttca tcacctctat tcaacattgt actggtaatc    148800
     ctagattctg agtataaata tttaggggac agctattgtc actgaagccc aaatcctggt    148860
     catcctcaga aagaaaaaga aaagttgatt agattgtata taatctaatt ctacttgcta    148920
     atttaatttc tctaaaatta cagcttgtat caactctaga atttattggg cacctcctag    148980
     gacataaaca ctggaatttg gtgagagaca tcaaatagga aagaacctgg ctctgacata    149040
     aattcaacac acggatgggg acacatgtta tgagactgac ctggcctctc catctcataa    149100
     agggggttct tgttgctggt aacacagatt aaaactattt caattacatt caagataaaa    149160
     agattagcaa tggtatgcaa gatgaaaaaa tcaccctgca ggaagacaaa agtctcaaaa    149220
     aagtatattt aaactagcca acactttgaa attcaggcag agatcatgct ttctgggtga    149280
     actaaggtag caagaacaaa gtagaggctc caattctagg aaaaatgggc cctaataagg    149340
     tttacaatcc agaaactcaa gaaatccaga cagaaggatg cagtctccgc tttcaaggca    149400
     gtagcagtac ctggattact aagccaatcc ccaacacaat cataaacaca aatttgattg    149460
     aggaagaagc ttgcccacca gaagatttag gttattacaa ggtagaatgt gatagagaaa    149520
     acgagcatgg gactggaaag aaaaggaggt agccccatga tcacaactgg aatatatctg    149580
     tcagagatgg tgcagaaata agactgaaga gagagatcct taaaccccac gtgccttaca    149640
     tcaggactaa tcctggacac aggctggaaa gcatagccta caggtggtga gggaggagga    149700
     gtaggctcag ctgtgagaag gagaaggaaa tatggctgaa aaccagatat gggtcttgaa    149760
     atcacaccga ggatttgggc ctttgctgct gtctgccagc agctgccagt agttctcaca    149820
     ctttggctgg catcaaaata acctggggca gtggtgggga agtgggggga gtgttgtaaa    149880
     accacaagtg accaggaaaa aatcacctgt atgttttcca attcagtaag tacagaaata    149940
     ttaattggaa aaaggtggag atcagacatt gatagtgctg tggactgctc cagggacata    150000
     agcatgatct ttagagaggt gactccaatc agttgagggc aaccactgga cagaaagagg    150060
     tccagactaa ctgtacacag agacatcata caactacact ttagcaactt ctccaaataa    150120
     catgtctctt actgaaactt gggaggttga aagttaaaaa cataaaatcc agtggcattt    150180
     atgtatccta ggcacttaca tttgtctgat tcttccaact tgcctttgct tggttagagt    150240
     tttgggtaga taagaggtgg atttacatgt gctagtgtga gaactttgat acactcattt    150300
     agacattgac ctactatctt gatgtttgaa agctaaaacc caaataaatt tgtcttttca    150360
     gataaaacaa attcagccct taccttcctt atcgattaca tcttccacta gcagtaataa    150420
     aaaagtaaca atatgcgtaa gtcaaagtat cttcttaaat cctctgtagt gttttattat    150480
     ttagttgtgt taattaaaga aactgtctca aaatttcaag gaatgcctga gaataaattc    150540
     atgttcaaag gctgccgtct tgtgacaatg tgttgtatgt tttactgtaa aagtaatctt    150600
     attttacctt ataacctcta caatccaatt cataacagca taaaaaggaa ataaaacctt    150660
     acataatttt gaattttgaa aagtaccttg tttatatggt tcctttagct aatgaataga    150720
     caatttggta aatattccag tgagttgaag gtttgaatct atctcactta actagcttaa    150780
     tggatatatt tctaaaccta tacaacccac tcctctgctt ttaaaaaatt aaagttagct    150840
     gtagattgag atgtcagtga cacagtttat agaacataac ttagattgtc atttacatta    150900
     ctgtaactac aaataccacc ctcagatgga agaatcagtt ttatcagtga acatctctaa    150960
     ttgaactata aatggtgtat gtcttccggc ttttacaagc tcttggtcta acatgggata    151020
     tatgatgtaa aaattacaaa gcaaggccat gcacggtggc tcatgcctgt aatcccagca    151080
     ctttgggagg ccaaggtggg cggatcacaa ggtcagaaga tcgagatcat cctggctaac    151140
     acggtaaaac cccatgtcta ctaaaaatac aaaaattagc tgggtgtggt ggcacatgtc    151200
     gtagtcccag ctactcagta ggctgcggca ggagaatcat ttgaacccag gacgcggagg    151260
     ttgcagtgag ctgagatcgc accactgcac tccagcctgg tggcagaaca agactccatc    151320
     tcaaaaataa ataaatgaat aaataaataa ataaataata aaatagcaat gactataatg    151380
     ttttgtgatg ttaaactttg agagcttttt ttttctttct tttcccaagt ccctttccca    151440
     gttccagaag cagagttatt ctaagctcac tgatgtaaac gaatagaaag aaaaggtttg    151500
     gtggaaaaat taataacttg ctatcctttc tgtcttttgt tttttaaaag cttgagcatt    151560
     tgggagaatt tggaaagatt gtagagtaag tgcaaagaag gaatttgcta aaaaaattat    151620
     atagggtaaa atgagttttt ttccaggtta gaaaatatcc actccctaca ctcctacatt    151680
     cctttcccat ggttaagaag aggaaaaaac gaaggcctct tggtgagcag tggtgacttc    151740
     ggcagtttct tagaaatatt ctggaaggca tagtcatctt ttaaaaaaaa tagctacaag    151800
     gatatgtcta agcagaaggg accatgggcc aaattacgtg tagatttttg cattccaaat    151860
     atggtaaaaa agaagcagga agctgggggg cctaaacaag ccacacagaa atggacaagg    151920
     aagaggccag cagcagcttg tggggacaag atgtcaagcc ccaaatatta aacccaccat    151980
     ccatcctcca aattctggct ctgtttaaca aggctgtggt ctgacactag atgccgcctc    152040
     cgtgactaaa gcataattcc cctgctcctg ggagtgttga cagctgactc ctgtcaacaa    152100
     tactcacagc acactaaagt tccttcatcc aagtccatgt cccttctcaa ggcatcccac    152160
     atccgagaac tgcttggtac agaaatataa tggccttttt tgcttgctcc aattcgaggt    152220
     cattaggtaa actcaccaag atccctgtag agtggactgc ggccatgata gtgattgcat    152280
     tccagccaac ttcctgctcc acccaatcct attgctttaa ctcttccaca ggtgttggga    152340
     gtatcatttc aacctccttg catgcaaatc tccaactcgg agtcggcttc ctaggacact    152400
     tgactggtga catctctatc actatcacag tacttagaag ggagcatctt aaaatgattt    152460
     aaggctaact gccctaacag cacagacaga tggtggctta aaatagaatt taagtggact    152520
     taaaaaaaca tgaaaaaagt tgacattgca cgctcatatg agcttatgga tcaaaccatg    152580
     tgtatgattt ttaagatccc tcgtgcagta tatatttgca ctttttataa atgacatccc    152640
     cttaaattga attc                                                      152654