EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC134878; SV 3; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 155813 BP.
AC   AC134878;
DT   05-OCT-2002 (Rel. 73, Created)
DT   26-FEB-2004 (Rel. 78, Last updated, Version 6)
DE   Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-131M6 from Y, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-155813
RX   PUBMED; 9847074.
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Toward a complete human genome sequence";
RL   Genome Res. 8(11):1097-1108(1998).
RN   [2]
RP   1-155813
RA   Van Brunt A., Haglund K.;
RT   "The sequence of Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-131M6";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-155813
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (01-OCT-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-155813
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (17-NOV-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [5]
RP   1-155813
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (19-DEC-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [6]
RP   1-155813
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-JAN-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 5afc06e66d53ecbbdeb87656c70a5a20.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000185.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC134878.3:1-155813; homo_sapiens.
DR   RFAM; RF00005; tRNA.
DR   RFAM; RF01417; RSV_RNA.
CC   On Dec 19, 2002 this sequence version replaced gi:25046697.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site:
CC       Contact:
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: H_NH0131M06
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   The mapping information for this clone has been provided as part of
CC   a collaboration between the Department of Prof. G. Rappold (cite
CC   Kirsch S, Weiss B, Kleiman S, Roberts K, Pryor J, Milunsky A,
CC   Ferlin A, Foresta C, Matthijs G, Rappold GA J Med Genet. 2002
CC   Jul;39(7):507-13; Institute of Human Genetics, Heidelberg, Germany)
CC   and the Washington University Genome Sequencing Center, St. Louis
CC   MO.
CC   The RPCI-11 human BAC library was made from the blood of one male
CC   donor, as described by Osoegawa,K., Woon,P.Y., Zhao,B., Frengen,E.,
CC   Tateno,M., Catanese,J.J. and de Jong,P.J. (1998) An improved
CC   approach for construction of bacterial artificial chromosome
CC   libraries. Genomics 51:1-8. The clone may be obtained either from
CC   Research Genetics, Inc. ( or Pieter de Jong
CC   and coworkers at
CC   VECTOR:  pBACe3.6
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone. This clone is
CC   overlapped by AC140113 and AC134882.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..155813
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="Y"
FT                   /map="Y"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11"
FT                   /clone="RP11-131M6"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   repeat_region   454..732
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   910..1208
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   2549..2608
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   2817..3198
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   3506..3527
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   11402..11488
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   11830..11868
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   11874..11943
FT                   /rpt_family="(CATA)n"
FT   repeat_region   11945..12287
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   12392..12699
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   12969..13203
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   13639..13998
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   13999..14040
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   14610..14731
FT                   /rpt_family="CR1"
FT   repeat_region   16479..16652
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   16686..16915
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   17528..17753
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   18396..18600
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   19391..19565
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   19975..20003
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   20501..20875
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   22791..23040
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   25548..26929
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   26930..27237
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   27238..27533
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   27545..28545
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   28584..29201
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   29217..29398
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   30401..30442
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   31639..31952
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   32710..33006
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   33408..34211
FT                   /rpt_family="Tc2"
FT   repeat_region   34315..34821
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   35084..35129
FT                   /rpt_family="Mariner"
FT   repeat_region   35545..35700
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   35992..36301
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   36307..37100
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   37106..37385
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   37386..37486
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   39165..39619
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   40382..40441
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   42421..42650
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   42652..42976
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   43012..43231
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   43348..43648
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   44045..44148
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   44306..44361
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   44365..44400
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   44401..44689
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   44713..45016
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   45017..45228
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   45256..45572
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   45583..46052
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   46053..46326
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   46327..46414
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   46415..46703
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   46704..47294
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   47551..47875
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   47876..48185
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   48186..48293
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   48294..48567
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   48568..48987
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   48988..49283
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   49284..50066
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   50070..50161
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   55361..55763
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   56226..56534
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   56543..57069
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   57070..57715
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   57716..58005
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   58006..58433
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   58434..58694
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   58695..60072
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   60073..60378
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   60379..60800
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   60803..61114
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   61132..61225
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   61230..61551
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   62092..62470
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   63052..63343
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   64893..65328
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   66850..67412
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   67497..67895
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   67896..68124
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   68125..68254
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   68269..68567
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   68568..68677
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   68838..69243
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   70191..70496
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   70798..71089
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   71140..71438
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   71977..72285
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   72329..72574
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   72573..73229
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   73230..74439
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   74624..75100
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   75500..75804
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   76532..77038
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   77042..77173
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   77698..77738
FT                   /rpt_family="T-rich"
FT   repeat_region   77782..78046
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   78168..78297
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   78525..78672
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   78699..79475
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   79476..79784
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   79785..79894
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   79896..80186
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   80219..80540
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   80541..80627
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   80628..81065
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   82090..82143
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   82144..82352
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   82353..83156
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   83157..83460
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   83461..83530
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   83531..83849
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   83850..84278
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   84274..84937
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   84941..85006
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   85003..85130
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   85262..85581
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   85707..85743
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   85744..86037
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   86042..86339
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   86341..86387
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   86388..86436
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   86444..86711
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   86712..86835
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   86836..87143
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   87144..87204
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   87427..87695
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   88274..88566
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   89425..89734
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   90447..90818
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   90823..90918
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   90918..92362
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   92365..92501
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   92493..96870
FT                   /rpt_family="CER"
FT   repeat_region   97217..97316
FT                   /rpt_family="HSAT5"
FT   repeat_region   97333..97445
FT                   /rpt_family="HSAT5"
FT   repeat_region   97666..97764
FT                   /rpt_family="HSAT5"
FT   repeat_region   98102..98384
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   98385..98636
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   98634..98870
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   98900..99242
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   101671..101714
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   102872..102929
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   103628..103771
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   103973..104050
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   104079..104378
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   104424..104508
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   misc_feature    104898..105684
FT                   /note="CpG_island (%GC=66.7, o/e=0.70, #CpGs=59)"
FT   repeat_region   105182..105289
FT                   /rpt_family="(CCCCAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   107014..107590
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   107599..107788
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   107905..108227
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   108289..108536
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   108665..108698
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   110845..111157
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   111479..112178
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   114327..114549
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   114676..114856
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   114857..114914
FT                   /rpt_family="(TC)n"
FT   repeat_region   114994..115022
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   115051..115372
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   116900..117143
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   118163..118563
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   120809..120850
FT                   /rpt_family="CT-rich"
FT   repeat_region   125949..125978
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   127184..127276
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   129349..129472
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   129548..129707
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   130793..131088
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   131125..132116
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   132118..132194
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   132164..132762
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   132786..133486
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   133487..133670
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   133671..133835
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   134767..135566
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   135570..136039
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   135992..136050
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   138343..138417
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   138712..138990
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   139047..139114
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   139372..139676
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   139832..139853
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   140184..140240
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   140295..140349
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   141223..141618
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   141632..143331
FT                   /rpt_family="SATR1"
FT   repeat_region   143332..143630
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   143631..143681
FT                   /rpt_family="SATR1"
FT   repeat_region   146379..146438
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   146605..148199
FT                   /rpt_family="SATR1"
FT   repeat_region   148211..150478
FT                   /rpt_family="SATR1"
FT   repeat_region   150479..150826
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   150827..150938
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   150944..151132
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   151133..151885
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   151886..152511
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   152531..152828
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   153019..153046
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   153988..154080
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   154089..154335
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   154336..154647
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   154648..154693
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   154694..155038
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   155039..155752
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
SQ   Sequence 155813 BP; 46409 A; 32688 C; 32386 G; 44330 T; 0 other;
     gaattccata tgtatctaaa ccatagattt atcaattatc actgaaacac aacttggagg        60
     acactatcca gaatttgtag ggcttggcct tattctagag aaacatacac tagaataggc       120
     agttggattt taaattcagt cttaaatctg ttgaaaataa tgcatttttt ctcagagatg       180
     agatattgtt caactctttt gacttatttt agatttggta ttatacagtt cgaacaccat       240
     ggagatttac taatatgaat gaacacatac caaattagtc tttgctccag tctcaaaatc       300
     agattaattc tggctgctga agaaattttc cagtgttagg agtatgcttc aatgctggtg       360
     actggtacta ctttctggta aactatagat gacatgtgcg ctttcattgc ctaaactcac       420
     tttgtagaac accattaaat gaaaatcatc acaagcaatt tgggaggcta aggagggcag       480
     atcatttgag gtcaggggtt tgagaccagc ctggccaaca tgatgaaacc cgtctctact       540
     gaaaatacaa aaacttatcc aggcatggcg ggatgcacct ggaatcccag ctacttggga       600
     ggctgaggaa ggaaaatcgc ctgaacccag gatgtgaagg ttgcagtgaa cagagatgtt       660
     gccattgcac tccagcctgg gcaacagagt gagacttcat ctccaaaaaa aggaaaaaaa       720
     aaaagagaga aagagagaaa aaaaattatc agtgttcagt gactcttttt tttcatgctg       780
     ataaactatt acacagaaaa agaaaatttt catgctgata aactattaca cagaaaaaga       840
     aatgtatcca ttatggacaa ttaaaagggc tattcaatct ctctcattgt atgattctgg       900
     ttttctttct ttttcttttc tttttttctt ttttttttaa gacaggatct cactctgtca       960
     cccaggctgg aatgcagtgg ctctatcttg gctcactgca acctcagcct ccggggttca      1020
     agctattctc ctgccttagc ctcctgagta gctaggaata aaggcattca ccaccacgcc      1080
     agctaatttg tgtatttttt taatacaggt ggggttttgc caggttgccc aggctggtct      1140
     tgaactcctg acctcaaatg atcctcccta agtattggca ttacaggcat aagccaccat      1200
     gcttggcctg attctgtttt ttaacacaat tcttattact tctgttttta ttttacaaag      1260
     ccataggttt ttttaatctg ggaaaccttt gagaaaacat ccagataaat ttataaatag      1320
     aaaaataaat tcagatacat agaattaagt ttatgatcta acaagtgggt ggccattgaa      1380
     aactttccaa gttccataaa ctgaagtgaa aggatcactt tcctgaaaat attacaaagg      1440
     cttgataatt acctggattg tactaaaacc tacacaatct agtatattct atagcagcaa      1500
     ttcataaaga cagcttcact taccatgtag aatttatacg tacactaaat ttaaggaatg      1560
     cgttacttgc tattggagta ggataataaa ctcccagcac aactgatttg catgaatgcc      1620
     tattaaacta tcattgacgt agaaattaaa caatatgtta agctattcag ccccagatgt      1680
     gtgagagaca gagaaaaact taaaaagagt tcagctacca aatcccttcc tcaatagctc      1740
     tttgagtctc aagacagttt caaccacaca caccctcaga gtcttatggt ccaaacaaca      1800
     tttgactgcg gctctaaagt aagcaaacat ttgaaaagaa acaatgaaag atctatgcct      1860
     gtagttatgg tcaaggaggt ccacctactg gtgggtgagc atggcaagga tagggactaa      1920
     gccaaatgat gagtttacca aaacagaaac aagagaagtc attggaagca cagtccaggt      1980
     tataacagga gcccaggcac ttgatgtggg aaccctattt gtctcattca gcacctagag      2040
     ttttaacatc ctatgaggca cagctaatgc ccttcattat ttttttgtaa ttgactgcat      2100
     agtttagaac tatggcttga atttaatatc tatctgttga ataaatgaat taataatgat      2160
     gaaaatctgt ccacaggtta tgtgcagtac tgaagagcaa cttcagctat taaggtatct      2220
     atcagaagtc ttactctcta aaaagcctct ggttagttac tgatatactt tgcggataat      2280
     ttcactctca caatgtaggg gaagcaggaa tgttatctgg cctcttggct cctcttcctt      2340
     tgccttccac agatctctct gcttgttcac agaggaacac tttcgtggct ctcagttcat      2400
     tttgcaattc tgctagaatc tcattccatc ctcagttgta actagcttgt ccttcaccca      2460
     acgcttattt atggagggac agagagcaag aagaaatcgc actctggatt acaaagtggg      2520
     acgacgcacc ccttggccag aatgcctgcc tcctatgttc atgatggata tttctaattg      2580
     atcttggcac tcttttccat tgagcccatg tcccaaattg accctgagtt agggagaggg      2640
     ctctagagtg ggaaaggtgt acccaaaact tccctaatct gactatcaag cctaaacaat      2700
     taaactttca attcaacatc ccttgtttct ccaacttgga gtgcctgatg gtgtgagaag      2760
     cccctactca taaaaattca tagatgaaga ttgttggtaa ttttgcccaa cctccttctt      2820
     ttttttttta ttatacttta agttctaggg tacatgtaca caacgtgcag gttcattaca      2880
     tatgtataca tgtgacatgt tggtgtgctg cacccattaa ctcatcattt tcattaggta      2940
     tatcccctaa tgcttttcct cccctagccc ctcaccccac aacaggcccc agtgtgtgat      3000
     gttccccctt gtgatagttt gctgagaatg atggtttcca gcttcatcca tgtccctaca      3060
     aaggacaaga actcatcatt tttatggctg catagtattc catggtgtat atgtgccaca      3120
     ttttcttaat ccagtctatc attgttggac atttgggttg gttccaagtc tgctattgtc      3180
     agtagtgcct caataaactc cttctttctt tgcctagtta cacctcaatg caacctcctg      3240
     gaaggctagc cttaagccca gcagtccaac catgcatcta agctgagttc tcgtcagagc      3300
     caacttcaat tataaacaac tgagatgatg ccagtggcca gaattcctga gaacccaatt      3360
     tgctgtcatc accgcagctg aaacaaggcg cttggcatct agaaaagctg atctgtagga      3420
     aatttccaat agagttcaat tttttccaag tttaaagtgt acaatatcat caaggtcaga      3480
     cactcgaggt aaaactaggc ttgtgtttaa atataataaa aatatttgaa gaatagtaag      3540
     agtggtgact actttcacac aggaatgttt caaataaatt gcttttttct tgtgcctttt      3600
     aaattttgtg atttgtcaat gagatgctga catattttta atgaagcatg ccttgtaaaa      3660
     taataagtga atgaaaacta cacagtaata ttcacatcaa caaagctaga agaagactgt      3720
     atgtctcaag aggctccatc atctacccag cggccacttg accaaattaa gatccaaata      3780
     ccaaaaagaa aagtattaaa atttgtgttg tatgccttat aagaccaaac ctataaaatg      3840
     aggggaaact tcacaattac ttgtaatttg ctctgtggaa ttgtaacaga tggattataa      3900
     agatgattcc atgataaaca tctaaatgtg gttactacct tctgtgcttt cttgcttcat      3960
     atttttattg tttttttctt tataaacaga taattcattc ttttctaggg caatgcaaac      4020
     ttttctgatg tattgaatat gtcatagttt ttttctattg taggcatctc taaaaaaggt      4080
     gtagaaaaca aacagaaaag tctgatgttg gaaaggagag agaaataaag ctttaaagga      4140
     atgaagatta gagctttctg gagataaaaa ttcttagaag atacaaaagg tagttattga      4200
     attagatgaa ggttcttttt cagtttttcc cagtttttca cctcttagaa ggcacatatt      4260
     cacagcagaa aagaaaaaaa gggttaaaaa gaaaatacct cggtgtaatg agactgtaat      4320
     ttatgagggc attactgaag actcactttt tccagcatca ctcagcatgg tattatgcat      4380
     gtgtgtaatg taaaggaaag tgaatacgca ttcttggatg ggtgatcaaa tcgtaattcc      4440
     agaatataat cagaagctga ttcattatcc tcttgagatt tcacaatctt tgtatcagga      4500
     attaaaattc agaaaagggt aaatgtatct aatcttttga aagttaaaaa ttagaggatg      4560
     gaggcaacat ggtcgaatag gaacagctcc agtctacagc tcccaccatg agtgatgcag      4620
     aagacaggtg atatctgcat ttccaactga ggtaccaggt tcatctcact ggggagtgct      4680
     ggacagtggg tgcagctcac tatgcatgag ccaaagcagg acaaggcgtc acctcacctg      4740
     ggaagcacaa tgggtcaggg aattcccttt cctagtcaaa gaaaggggta acagatggaa      4800
     cctggaaaat caggtcgctc ccaccctaat acggcacttt tccaacaggc ttatcaaatg      4860
     gcacaccagg agattatatc cagtacctgg cttggaggat cctacaccca cagagcctcg      4920
     ctgttggcta gcacagcagt ctgagatcaa actgcaaagt tacagtgggg ttgggggagg      4980
     ggcgcctgcc attgcccagg cttgagtaag taaacaaagc agccaggaag ttcaaactgg      5040
     gtggagccca caacagctca aagaggccag cctgcctctg taggctccac ctctggggtc      5100
     agggcacaga caaacaaaat acagcaataa cctctgcaga cttacatgcc cctgtctgac      5160
     agctttgaag agagtagtgt ttctcccagc atgcagcttg agatctgaga acgggcagac      5220
     agcctcctca agtgggttcc tgacccctga gtagcctaac tgggaggcag cccccagtag      5280
     gggcagactg acatctcaca tggccgggta cccctctgag tcaaaacttc cagaggaacg      5340
     atcaggcagc agcatttgca gttcaccaat atccattgtt ctgcagccac cgctgctgat      5400
     acccaggcaa atagtgtctg gagtagacct ccagtaaact ccaacagacc tgcagctgag      5460
     ggtcctgact gttagaagga aaactaacaa acagaaagga catccacacc aaaaccccat      5520
     ctgtatgtca ccatcatcca ggaccaaagg aagataaaac cacaaagatg ggaaaaaaca      5580
     gagcagaaaa actggaaact ctaaaaatca gagtgcctct cctcctgcaa aggaatgcag      5640
     ctcctcacca gcaatggaac aaagctggac ggagtatgac tttgatgagt tgagagagga      5700
     aggcttcaga agatcaaagt actccgaact aaaggaagaa gtttgaacca atggcaaaga      5760
     agttaaaaac tttgaaaaaa aaattagacg aatggataac tagaaaaaca aatgcagaga      5820
     agtccttaaa ggaccagatg gagctgaaaa ccatggcaca agtactacat gacaaatgca      5880
     taagcctcgg tatccaacgt gatcaactag aagaaacagt atcagcgatg gaagacgaaa      5940
     tgattgaaat aaagcatgaa gagaagttta gggaaaaagg aatagaagaa atgaacaaaa      6000
     cctccaagaa atatgggact atgtgaaacg accaaatgta tgtctaattg gtgtatctaa      6060
     aagtgacagg gagaatggaa ccaagttgga aaacactctg caggatatta tccaggagaa      6120
     cttccccaat ctagtaaggc aggccaacat acaaattcag gaaatacaga gaatgccaca      6180
     aagatactcc tcgagaagag caactccaag acacataatt gtcagattca ccaaagttga      6240
     aatgaatgaa aaaattttaa aggcagccag agagaaaggt caggttaccc tcaaagggaa      6300
     gcccatcaga ctaaatgctg atctctcctc agaaactcta caagccagaa gagagtgggg      6360
     gccaatattc aacattctta aagaaaagaa ttttcaaccc agaatttcat atccagccaa      6420
     actaagcttc ataagtgaag gagaaataat atactccaca gacaagcaaa tgctgagaga      6480
     ttttgtcaca accaggcctg ccctaaaaga gctcctgaag gaagtactaa acatggaaag      6540
     gaacaactgg taccagccac tgcaaaaaca tgccaaattg taaagaccat caaggctagg      6600
     aagaaactgc atcaactaac gaggaaaata accagctaac atcataatga caggatcaaa      6660
     ttcacatata aaaatactaa ccataaatgt aaatgggtta aatgctccaa ttaaaaggca      6720
     cagacgggca aattggataa agagtcaaga accatcagtg tgctgcattc aggaaagcct      6780
     tctcacctgc agagacacac ataggctcaa aataaaggga tggaggaaga tctacgaagc      6840
     aaatggaaaa caaaaaaagg caggggttgc aatcctagtc tctgataaaa cagactttaa      6900
     accaacacag atcaaaagag acaaagaagg ccattacata acggtaaaga gatcaattca      6960
     acaagaaata actatcctaa atatatatgc agactataca gaagcaccca gattcataaa      7020
     gcaagtcctt agtgatctag aaagtgactt agacgcccac aaaataataa tgggagactt      7080
     taacacccca ctgtcaacat tagacagatc aacgagacag aaagtcaaca aggatataca      7140
     ggaattgaac tcagctctgc gccaagcaga cctaatagac atctacagaa ctctctatcc      7200
     aaaatcaacg gaatatgtag tcttttcagc accacaccac acctattcca aaattgacca      7260
     catagttgga agtaaagcac tcctcagcaa atgtaaaaga acagaaagtt taacaaactg      7320
     tctctcagac cacagtgcaa tcaaactaca actcaggatt aagaaactca ctcgaaacca      7380
     ctcaactaca tggaaactga acaacctgct cctgaatgac tactgggtac ataaggaaat      7440
     gaaggcagaa ataaagatat tctttgaaac caacaagaac aaagacacaa cataccgaaa      7500
     tctctgggac acattcaaag cagtgtgaag agggaaattt acagcactaa atgcccacaa      7560
     gagaaagcag gaaagaaaca aaattgacat cttaacatca caatgaaaag aactagagaa      7620
     gcaagagcca acacattcaa aagctagcag aaggcaagaa gtaacgaaga tcagagcaga      7680
     actgaaggaa atagagacac aaaacaccct tcaaaaaatc aatgaatcca gaagctgttt      7740
     tttgaaaaga tcaacaaaat tgacagacca ctagcaagac caataaagaa gaaaagacag      7800
     aagaatcaaa tagatgcaat aaaaattgac aaaggggata tcaccaccga tcccacagaa      7860
     atacaaacta caatcagaga atactatcaa cacctctaca aaaataaact agaaaatcta      7920
     gaagaaatag ataaatttct tgacacatat actctcccaa gactaaacca ggaagaagtt      7980
     gaacctctga atagacaaat aaaacactct gaaattgagg caataattaa tagcttaccg      8040
     accaaaaaaa gtccaggacc agatagattc acagccgaat tctaccagtg gtacaaggag      8100
     gaactggtac cattccttct gaaattattc caatcaatag aaaaagaggg aatcctccct      8160
     aactcatttc atgaggccag catcatcctg ataccaaagc ctggcagaga caaaacaaaa      8220
     aaaaagagaa ttttagacca atatccttga tgaacattga tgcaaaaata ctcaataaaa      8280
     tacgggcaga ccaaatccag caacatataa aaagcttatc caccatgatc aagcgggttt      8340
     catcccttgg atgcaaggct ggttcaacat atgaaaatca gtaaacgtaa tccagcatat      8400
     aaacaggacc aaggacaaaa accacatgat tatctcaata gatgcagaaa aggcatttga      8460
     caaaattcaa cagcccttca tgctaaaaac tctcaataaa ttagggattg ataggacgta      8520
     tctcaaaata ataagagcta tctatgacaa acccacagcc aatatcatac tgaatggaca      8580
     aaaactggaa gcattccctt tgaaaactgg cacaagacag ggatgccctc tctcaccact      8640
     cctattcaac atagtgttgg aatttctggc cagggcaatt aggaaggaga aggaaataaa      8700
     gggcattcaa ttaggaaaag aggaagtcaa attgtccctg tttgcagatg acatgactgt      8760
     gtatgtggaa aaccccatcg tcttagccta aaatctcctt aagctaataa gcaacttcag      8820
     caaagtctca ggatacaaaa tcaatgtgca aaaatcacaa gcattcttat acaccaataa      8880
     cacacaaaca gagagccaaa tcatgagtga actcccattc acaattgctt caaagaaaat      8940
     aaaataccta ggaatactac ttacaaggga agtgaaggac ctcttcaagg agaactacaa      9000
     actactgctc aatgaaataa aaaaggatac aaacaaatgg aagaacatgc catgctcatg      9060
     ggtaggaaga atcaatatcg tgaaaatcgc catactctcc aaggtaattt atagattaaa      9120
     ttccatctcc atcaagctac caatgacttt cttcacagaa ttggaaaaaa ctactttaaa      9180
     gttcatacgg aaccaaaaaa gagcccacat tcccaagtca atcctaagcc aaaagaacaa      9240
     agctggaggc atcatgctac ctgacttcaa gctatactac aaggctacag taaccaaaac      9300
     agcatagtgc tagtaccaaa acagagatat agaccaatgg aacaggacag agccctcaga      9360
     aataatgcca catatctaca agtatctgat ctttgacaaa cctgacaaaa acaagaacta      9420
     gggaaaggat accctattta ataaatggtg ctgggaaaac tggctagcca tatatagaaa      9480
     gctgaaacta gatcccttcc ttacacctta tacagaaatt aattcacgat ggattaaaga      9540
     cttacatgtt agacctgaaa ccataaaaac cctagaagaa aaaccaggca ataccattca      9600
     ggacataaac atgggcagag acttcatgtc taaaacacca aaagcaatgg caacaaaaga      9660
     caaaattgac aaatgggatc taattaaact aagcagcttc tgcacagcaa aagaaaccac      9720
     tatcagagtg aacaggcatc ctacagtatg ggataaaagt tttgcgacct cctcatctga      9780
     aaaagggcta atatccagaa tctacaatga actcaaatga attcacaaga aaaaaacaaa      9840
     caaccccatc aaaatgtggg caaaggaaat gaacagacac ttctcaaaag aagacatttt      9900
     gcagccaaaa gacacatgaa aaaatgctca tcatcactgg ccatcagaga aatgcatatc      9960
     aaaaccacaa cgagatacca tctcacacca gttagaatgg cgatcattaa aaagtcagga     10020
     aacaacaggt gctggagagg atgtggagaa ataggaaaac ttttacactg ttgatgggac     10080
     tgtaaaccag ttcaaccatt gtggaacttg gtgtgatgat tcttcaggga cctagaacta     10140
     gaaataccat ttgacccagc catcacatta ctgggtatat actcaaagga ttataaatca     10200
     tgctgctata aagacacaag cacatgtatg tttattgtgg cactagtcac aatagcaaag     10260
     acttggagcc aacacaaatg tccaacaatg atagactgga ttaagaaaac gtggcacata     10320
     tacaccatgg aataccgggc agccataaaa aatgttgagt tcatgtcctt tgtagggaca     10380
     tggatgaagc tagaaaccat cattctcagc aaactattgc aaggaaaaaa ccaaacacca     10440
     catgttctca ctcataggtg ggaattgaac aatgagaaaa catggataca ggaaggggaa     10500
     catcacacac tggggacagt tgtgcagtgg ggggaggggg gaaggatagc attaggagat     10560
     atacctaatg ctaaatgacg agttaatggg tgcagcacac caacatggcc catgtataca     10620
     tatctaacaa acctgcacgt tgtgcacatg taccctaaaa cttaaaatat aataataaaa     10680
     aaaattaaca gaagatttta tacagataaa tttgctttgc atcatgatca gcactaaagt     10740
     gcatcataga tttaaaccct atttacacag ttaaaacaat gtaaccaaat atgcaatata     10800
     ttgtgtaaca ttctacaaga tgctttcaaa catgcaaact gacctttaaa acaattttgc     10860
     ataaaagaac atttctaggt aagagaaaag acagacatgt ggttagggca aaatatttct     10920
     gttcaaatta caaaatactg aatgacaaat cacaggatag aaaaaaatta tattgtacct     10980
     ggaatttgaa gtcttcaaat ttatttagat atatgtatct atatgtatta atagagacat     11040
     atttaactga ttataagttt agaacattta tattttgaag atgtcattct ttaaaaatta     11100
     ttaatatcta caggattgct gcagatattt taattttaaa caaatatttt tcactaatgt     11160
     gaccagtatt tataacctat ttcattgaac agacatttca agtttctttt agagttaatt     11220
     tttaaaaatt aagtatcaca catatttctg aagtactacc ttaaaaaata atactctttc     11280
     ctagcttttc atatagttaa acattttcat aatgactaaa aagataaaaa taaattaaca     11340
     accataatta aattagaatt ctacttttta tataagatga aatactatat aaaatgtcca     11400
     gaaaatctag tgttaatgag gctgtgcagc ctggacattt gatgtctcat ctgtgggaat     11460
     gtgaactaac ccaaccattc tgaataatta ttggctctgt gtgttaacag tctagagtcc     11520
     tgaaacaagg atcttaattc taaaataaaa tcctattcta agaatatacc aagggttgat     11580
     aatcaaggaa gtttcacagt tatagagaag aaacttcatc ctagcattat atatgtagtc     11640
     atccatataa accagatagt gttgaatgaa actgtggaaa aacaaagagc ctacagaata     11700
     tgtttctctt tgtgtacaac tgtaaatgta cacatctatc catgtaaaat ttcacatctc     11760
     aggaggatag gtaccaacat gttaacatgc tatagctata agataagaaa ttttactttc     11820
     ctacaatttc atacacacac acacactctc agacacatac acacacaccg aggatatata     11880
     cgcacacaaa tatatatata aacatacatg tttatatagg tacacacaca catacatata     11940
     cactgatggt caacaactta taatggttca atttatgatt ttttttactt tatgatgaag     12000
     caaaagtgat agctttgaat agaatataac cattctgctt ttcactttca gtacaatatt     12060
     caacaaatta cataaaatat ccaatgcttt attataaagt gggttttgta ttcaatgatt     12120
     ttgcccaatt gtcagctgat ataagtgttc tgagcacatt aaaggtatgc caggctaagc     12180
     tgtgatattc tgtaagtgag gtattaaata catttttaac ttactgtatt ttcaatttat     12240
     aatcagctta tcaagactta acctcattgt acattgaaaa gtatttgtat tgcattaaac     12300
     atgttatata atatttttaa ttgaaattac ttgcaacttt tgaaaaaatg taatgaaata     12360
     atgtgctttg ctattggtta aaatgttttt gggcagggtc agtggcttac acctgtaatc     12420
     ccagcacttt ggtaggctga ggtgggcaga tcacttgagg tcaggagttt gagaccagcc     12480
     tggcaaacag ggtgaaaccc catctctact aaaaatacaa aattatctga gtgtggtggc     12540
     atgtgcctgt aatcccagct actagggagg ctgaggtgtg agaattgctt gaactaggca     12600
     agcagaggtt gcagtgagcc aagatcacac cattgtactc catcctgggc aacagagtaa     12660
     gattctgtca aaaaaaaaaa aaagaaagaa aagaaaaaag tttttagctt caagtaacag     12720
     aatagtcaac taactgaaga aaaaaacaag gagcaacttt taccaaatca cacaacaaat     12780
     agatggtatc aatgcttagt taattcaaca tgatccactt ctttgtgatt ctcttatctt     12840
     tctacctatg ttttcaagat ggctatggca ttcccagcct tacaacttca tgtgacaaaa     12900
     tccaatggca ggaaataata agtgatggca ttttggaact ttaaggaaaa actttaagga     12960
     ttggaaaaca gggatgccat atgtccagta acatgggata gccgctccta attaaggatt     13020
     gctgcatgtc ctgaaagact ttctaatgta atgaaggcga ataacctgct ttgtttaatt     13080
     atacaatccc aaatgtaact gcctaagtgc caaatacttt tgcatggttt taatatgcca     13140
     tgaattttgc aagaacgaaa ctactatgta tatgagaaaa gacggtagat tttttcattt     13200
     agatactcat ttcagagtct caataggaaa aatagaacac acacaaacta agataattta     13260
     acatgggttt atttccaaag agactactta cgaaaatgtc aggggagaag ggtgaaggaa     13320
     tcacagaaat cacaccccac aataactctg ggttagtagc agcaggcaga gttcttgaga     13380
     gtaaactgcc ctgatcacac aaggaaacac taattttctt atgaaaaaga ttggtcaagg     13440
     agacctagca gagagggagt ttaggcaata acccccaatc ccattacctc cttcccttta     13500
     atctcatgaa catgcataga aggcaatgag caagggaacc gattgagata ttcaatatgg     13560
     accattccac ttggacaaaa gccagtaaat aggggagtat aacaggggac aagggccaaa     13620
     cagaaagtat ctattacatt taccaatgca gatcaatcat gtcaacaata gaaatggcag     13680
     ttttggcatt tggttattca atgaaactat atctgtagct ttttatttac aatgtatcaa     13740
     agtattggtg aagatatgaa aatttcatta tgttctattg tatttgatat gtaaatgttc     13800
     tggcacaatt atatacattt tggattatat attgacagta aattatttct cctttgttag     13860
     cttcagcata acattaatat tttcaacaac ttgaatgcat acattgtgtt ctcactaata     13920
     gtttagaata gcgaaggggt ctttgaagag tttcttgtga agtagaggca ttgggtcaga     13980
     cagagctgaa aaccattggc ttagattaat cactatttat cctagggctg aagagggcca     14040
     attgaagaca caaatgtaaa atccctctat gaccttggag atctatgaac cagagaaata     14100
     gagactggtt cttaaggagg taataagtgt gccttctatg gtttataata atatgcattg     14160
     tcttaacaat cgaatactta aaagttaatg ccctcataat atgcaaaatt tttaataagc     14220
     acattggtcc ctgtgttcaa gtagttggta atcaaattag tgaagtatgg taagtctttt     14280
     gaagagcatt aaacagcaga gaatgtaaga aatttgtctc tatagtagtg tgggtcttct     14340
     gtgtttccta agggcacatt catatgatct aataactgag cagagagaag cctaaaggat     14400
     agtttatggt ttcatttgtt tgtttttgct aattaacata catttctaga ttaaaagtca     14460
     actatctttt ccttgggagt caactatagg agaagatagt gaagaggcaa ggaaaattac     14520
     agcagctcga cagctttacc ctggaaatat ctgtattgtg tatcgctata gcctaccttt     14580
     atcagtcaca taacaatgct aaagagacaa gcttggcacc attgctctta gtgaatccct     14640
     gctgccagcc ttttatccta agtgctctcc aaagacccat ttaatggacc ttcctgaaat     14700
     tgtgctcagg atcaatatga ggctcattga tacagcattt ttggaactca caatttactt     14760
     atttattaaa cctgggatag ttgcccgact tctatcatct gaaatcctct ccatgacttt     14820
     caaaattacc aacattggtt ccaacatcat tcctagaaaa catttcagtg gagtatattt     14880
     atctgacatt tgactgtatt tatagcagta agaatctatg atgattcctc ccaaaataat     14940
     cccacaatta cccattttgg gtcacctttg agggttttac ccttactatc agagatctgt     15000
     tctatacatt tgagtcttag aaataattac tagcttctct ctgaatttaa ctgaagttcc     15060
     ttacttttat tcaacctgtt acccaaatta cataatgtat tgaaggctaa aaactgtcca     15120
     aatttctgat tacatttaga taaaaatggg aatatgactt tttctttttc taacttggca     15180
     aagattatgt tttttttcat gaagaaatat aggcatattt aaacacttag gatctgagaa     15240
     tttgaaatac atgaaactta gcaagtggtc tttaaatagt tttcatttct aaattatagt     15300
     acataccatt gaatgctaca gaaggaaaga caatgaggga ttactcataa acattgcctt     15360
     tatgatatcc ttccaaagaa aaccaatgcc cctgtgcttg gactcataaa gcagaaatgc     15420
     tcaccttgct tttatgtcac taacaaacaa ttgtgcctag tcaattagtt ctaacgcata     15480
     taagccatct tgagagtgga gcccctaggg aaaactacaa atggaaaatt cattgatttt     15540
     tgactttgct ttcctatgga ttaaatttaa cactttcttg taaatctctc cctttacaga     15600
     tcatatgtga taaatagtta tccaactttc tagatgtcca cccagagctg cttccatatg     15660
     aagagatgga aacggattct gtgcatgata ctggttagga taggaaactg tttttttaaa     15720
     ggagattttt aaaatttgtt ttccttgtac acatagcctt aatattgtgt tgctaactgc     15780
     cctctgggaa caaagtcata ccaatcacaa atacattgcc taaagcggga ggtttattac     15840
     tctgctgtga attccatctc ctattatgtt ttaaagatgc tacaaacttg agacattact     15900
     atgtagatga cattcccagc aaatccccaa acaacactta atgagatttc aaataccagg     15960
     atcatgaaac agtaagagat ataaggaaat aaagaaaagc acagtatatg tgtagaaggc     16020
     attaaaacac aaattttata attatgaatg catataataa ggaacaaatt ttattctaaa     16080
     tagcaattaa atcagaacta cgatacaggg aatacaagtg aatattaaac cattgtacca     16140
     acaataacag agcccttttt ctgctgcgtg atggaattta gtgtttacta aggaagaaaa     16200
     aaatgcaaga tatcttaaat ttggtacttt ccaacaaact taagaaatgt gtacacactt     16260
     gaggagactt aagaagtctc tgactaaaac actagaaaag aaaagcagtg aaaagccaaa     16320
     taagtattac tcaacaataa caacatttgt tactattata ttaatattaa acacactatt     16380
     aagcaacaac atttcagtta ctcactgagc ccaaaatcat ttttcatgaa ccattcacaa     16440
     cactgataac ctattgaaaa atgattgaaa acaaaaaagc ttattgcttt ccaagtcctt     16500
     ttaaagcctt ctcatgtgtc atttcatata atccttataa agaatctata gagtatatac     16560
     tgactttatc tctgtacaga aaagaaaact gagtcatatt cagaataagt tgcaaagttc     16620
     cccagatagt cagtgtcata ggtgaaattt gatgtcacag tgtagtcaag tgtaatttag     16680
     ggaagcagta caaatgatgg ttgaaagcac aggttctggg gtaaatagcc tgaagtcaaa     16740
     atctagttca tatcctcagt ggctgtgtga tcttgggaaa tttcccttaa ctctctgtgt     16800
     cttggtttta taatttcatc catttttgcc tctcatatga gctggtgagc attacactag     16860
     tttatgcttc taggacactg aaaacagtac ctggctcttg ataaatatta acaattttgt     16920
     ttcattttct tcaccttgag tatttcatgg ccagatggaa atcaatgtca atatgaaaaa     16980
     atgttcataa ttcagcagga agaaatacaa aaccatataa acaactttgt tttactggca     17040
     agtgtatttg gaagctatgt tgaattgaga aggggaagcc tctaaggata ttgattaatc     17100
     aataaccaaa agctgatgag acttgtctgg aatttttttt tggagactct gagacgtaaa     17160
     attttgacaa actaaggaga tgaattgaat agtgtggaag agacattttc tgaagtcagc     17220
     agagaaagga gagacaaata tggtaagggg aaagtggtat gaagtaataa tatctatgaa     17280
     gtgttttcta aagtataaca catgtaagtt gtgttaaatg taatctatca tgattatatc     17340
     attactgtct gaatgacaca actatatcca cctcagttag ccacataaga tcaattttcc     17400
     tataccttag agaataccag taacctccag ttcagaaaca gcataaatac ctatccacgg     17460
     ctgagcagac acatacagct agctaccaga tgaaatgggc tatatcttca aatactattg     17520
     ttttccgttt tttaactgtg gcaaaacaca ctcaacaatt tgcatcttaa ccactgttaa     17580
     gtataaaatt cagtgtcatt aaatgtattc acaatgttgt gcaagcatca ccaccaccca     17640
     tctccataat tatttttgcc ttgtaaaatt gaaatcctgt acccgttaaa aagtgactcc     17700
     ccattcccca ccctcccagg gcaactacag ctttactttc tgtcttgatg aatcatacaa     17760
     tatcaaatgg aatttttaag atatttaaaa tcttttgtct ggaagcgaag tggaagttaa     17820
     tatcaatggc tatgccttca gtgagttctc agaccacatt acaatgtagt taactattta     17880
     tcttttatta cattctagat ctattatttc tttctggcac aaaaatatct tctttgtaca     17940
     ttatggcatt tacctctatc tccacacctt tatgcatctg tcatccacag atcatcagcc     18000
     tcttgcttag tctccattta atgacaattt ctatttagta tacaacagtc cttccccctg     18060
     caatgcaatt tcttcactct gaaaagctct aactctagct actggtctgt gttatgtact     18120
     catccctaga gccatgtctt caaatatttc tcagaacttc ttcacatcta aaaatctagg     18180
     attaatttat tgctctctga ttatattctt ctggtatttc aagtatcatg tataacttct     18240
     tcatctgccc ttgcttttct tctacatcaa gatgtcaagt tcatggactt cccaattaat     18300
     cattttaaaa atttatttca agcctttatg agtcactaca atatacatat gttctcagga     18360
     attatggccc tacaatttgt atgtgagaat agttcctgtg tcaggcatta tggacataag     18420
     tgtaaataaa ttctagcccc tgcctacaag gagctaattc ccagcctaag acagattgca     18480
     agccaataat ttgcagagtt gtaagtctaa ggaaactgat tgggatgtac ctaattcgag     18540
     ctgggaatat cagaagaaaa actttttgaa agtcatgaga catgagctgt gcctaaaaga     18600
     ataaaaaata gagagagaaa taagaataaa taaattaggg aatgagatgg gtataatagt     18660
     agaaaaagga aatctcttta gataaaacag gttatgagag tatataggag gcttattaac     18720
     tcagtgtggt tggagaaaac aggttaaaag gagaaatagg agagacagtt acaaagagaa     18780
     tcaaatgtgt tagtagttga gggaaaagca aatattgaat acgacccata gatcttggat     18840
     aacccagtgt ttggtagtag cttacataaa aggttgtgac aaaataacca gagatatgcg     18900
     gagaaaataa taactgagtg ttatatttcc tctcagtaga aacctaaaaa aaaaatgtaa     18960
     tcacaccctg atcttttaac tgacctccac ttatcttgct gcctggattg gtatacatat     19020
     tcctctgcct gaaaaattgc tcaacacttt tgaaaggttg tttctcactg ttacacccag     19080
     gcatttctgc taacaccagc tgagttgtaa ggggccctcc aggaggccta ggttgttccc     19140
     cttatcacat acattattgt catttattaa tttacccaga acatctaatg aaacactatg     19200
     gacaccaata acatgaatac aaatatagct atagacccta aaaagtaaat tgatgtctct     19260
     tgaaaggctg tcatgtctta gatgctaaat ttggagtatg tgtttctaat aaataaatag     19320
     catgctttaa taattctgat ttatgattgt aatatagggg agcagctctt atttcgccct     19380
     taatcttaaa aaacaattag ccaggtgtgg tggtgggcac ctgtagtccc agctactcag     19440
     gaggctgaag cagaaggatg gtgtgcacct gggaggtgga gcttgccgta agccaaaatt     19500
     gtgccactgc actccagcct gagtgacagt gtgagactct gtctcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     19560
     aaaaatcata caaggagtaa atgatgattt agcataaaac acaactttag cctaaaacac     19620
     agatcatagg gctcaaactt tgttatttta tgggattata ctaaccagtt attattcaaa     19680
     attttccatt tcaaaagaag aaataatggt ctgggaaaat tgcaattgct tatacagaag     19740
     aatggaggaa gctttttgag aacaacagtt ctaatgatct tccttatcac tggttccaaa     19800
     accaagccca tggaaggcct gcatggggat aatgtggaga acatgtaaaa gaaatacaca     19860
     tcaccagctc ctcaactcag agctccaagg gaatggctaa ggaagctgta ttttcctaag     19920
     aaatttgaga ctgttttgac ttacaataaa tcctggtcaa tcatatgtat gtatacacac     19980
     acacccacac acccacacac acagacggtg ttgtcagtga agcctctaac aatgcatctt     20040
     gactggacag atttgacaat taaaatggct ggaagaaaat aggcttcata agtggcactt     20100
     actattcaca ttacacatta aaaggacatc tcctaaatta aatcttgtct atgataaaag     20160
     ggcagaaaat catgacccaa ggctcattta taatggcaga aatgttcaag gtagaccaat     20220
     gcttgctatg tttaggaact gacaataaag tacaggtctt tataatctac cattttgcct     20280
     catttgacac caggtgacct tcataatgca ggcaatagag aattgcaaga tttgttagag     20340
     atttcaggtc tttggaaagc tatgctcttt cacaagaaca gccatggaaa caggaagaaa     20400
     gtcaattctc acttaaggta atcagaattt acaaatattc ctttcttcat tgaaatctca     20460
     ataggcactt caatattata tttaattaat tcttttgtta caatcatgca tcacataaca     20520
     acattttggt caaggatagt gcacatgtat gagagtggtg caataaaatc ataacactgt     20580
     acttttactg tacctcttgt atgtttagac atgtatagat acacttactg tatagatatt     20640
     agtaactata gatatactta actgttgtgt tacaattgcc tacagtattc agtacagtaa     20700
     catgctgcac aggtttgtag cctaggagga ataggctata ccacctaacc taggcatata     20760
     atcagctata gcatctaggt ttgtgtaagt aaactctgtg atgttcatac aataataaaa     20820
     ttgtccagca atgcattgct cagacacacc cctgtcatta agtgacacat gactgtatta     20880
     gttaacacta tgggaacatc atgggaaatg gacactgcag ctccaccata aatagaaact     20940
     gtttacatca aaaaacacat aaaagcatag tttcaagatt acaattcctt ccagatattt     21000
     catttagtat ctccacagat cactcactgc ctgaatagca ttcttgtgtc tccactgcct     21060
     cacatttgat ttcaggtcat tccatcaatt gtcaaagacg catctaacat taactttcca     21120
     actactggtt tggattctgt caacattgtc atcctgggcc acaacaacac aaaaggctaa     21180
     ctcagtgagg taacatagac actgatcagt gagattttgc tgatgggtgg taccattttt     21240
     tactaagatc aagggtattc ataccttcag gcatctagat aacattgaaa agggcaggtt     21300
     catagataaa aagggaaaga ggaaggggtt ttgcagtata cgtgagctac cgtgtctcct     21360
     gtttaacctt cgtctgaaaa gattcaaagt gcaggtgcca tgaatgcctc tttaatagtt     21420
     gaaggtcgat tgattttctg ggctacattt cccagcattc aaattgctaa atgcatataa     21480
     actactactg aatatttatt acctggattt gtgcttttga gtgaccttat ctatagttat     21540
     gtgcttcagt gatccaactt ggggtggact ccaaactttg ataaattaaa gaccctgctt     21600
     attccttgag taatgctata ctgacaactg atttagtgaa tgccactgtg aaaataataa     21660
     acctcttggt gaatatattt agacatgtct tgtaacctgt acacatctta accagggatg     21720
     ttacttggtc tttctatgtt caggagtgtg tggagataga aaaacataca ggattgtaat     21780
     tgtttcctgt gagactaaca gaaaattcaa gctagtgaag tatgtttatg catggcacac     21840
     ttctcaccag caattttagg aagttctacc cacaatccat gtcttttgat atgtgtgtta     21900
     ccttggagag agaaaaagaa actctgaaca caagcacgaa atactttaga attttatcta     21960
     gagttggact tgtccaaaag attttgtata aacttgcttg atgagcaact gttgtccact     22020
     ggtaccttca ctgtacaatc catacacaac caaacttcac aactggacac ctaaatttgc     22080
     actttgtttg gtaaagttga atgaaaaatg ttgtctttta agcttatgct ctcttatgaa     22140
     aactgttatt agatgaattt tactccaaga tatgccagtt aagaaataac ttccaattca     22200
     atttcaccag ctgcctgtgg gtggactaat tattcataca tcacacttac tctggtggtg     22260
     aaatgcctca aaagaaggtc tccagagtgt tgctctacct agaaggacaa gaatgaagag     22320
     acgtaaaaat cattcattaa gaaggaagat tttccttgcc tagattttca cttgtaggat     22380
     ccaattaatt ttatcattta atattttttc ctgttgggca ttcattttac aaatttgtaa     22440
     ggtcagtata aatggaaact tttggaaacc gaactgtaaa tattctgtag acattgacag     22500
     aaatagctat ttggagctgt gcttttgcca actagacact ctgagaaaat ctgtgagagg     22560
     atattttcag gaagtcattg aaccccctaa aaatcaagtt tattgctttt accataaata     22620
     taagtaatta atttattatc aaccactttc aatattccaa taagtaacct ttattgttta     22680
     tttcattgac atgatctaca tagacacaca atttatcttc ttttgcgata cattcagaaa     22740
     atttgctgcc tggaaaagac atgttttaaa attaccacct gtttgatgac ttttttttgt     22800
     actttaagtt ttagggcata tgtgcacaac gtgcagttta gttacatatg tatacatgtg     22860
     ccatgttggt gtgctgcacc cattaactcg tcatttagca ttaggtatat gtcttaatgc     22920
     tatccctacc ccctccccca ctccacaaca ggccctggtg tgtgatgttc cccttcctgt     22980
     gtccacgtgt tctcactgtt caattatcac ctatgagtga gaacatgcag tgtttcattt     23040
     caacttaagt atctatctct atttgtcctt tcttttcatt tccatcctag ctctatccct     23100
     tgtctccttc gtgtgtctca gtataagtgc cctataacat tttatatttc tggaaaccct     23160
     tcaatataaa gttattacat gtaaaaataa aaagtctgtt ttagtgaact atttcttcac     23220
     aaattatatt ttcctacttc tctattagac aatttttgta ggctccatat gctattaatt     23280
     tacattcact tttagaagaa ttttcatcaa aagcaaaagt cttaggtaaa ttaattgtat     23340
     gctatttata cttctatgta tatatacaca catagccaca tacatatatg taactccaga     23400
     ggcctgcctg gactgtttaa tacctgtatt gaacaacagc aagaaacagc tattcaaatt     23460
     tcaaacaaca aattgaactg aagacctcac atctttgaat taaatagaca ctagtagcct     23520
     ttaaaaatta aacatttcta ctgttttaaa aaattatagc catcatagta tgaggaaaaa     23580
     atgtaataat cttttttaat tcttgccatt ttattaacca cggactcctt atgccctaac     23640
     ttcattggta cctctttgag attaaacaga acacttaatt taaaattctg ataaataaat     23700
     taattacacc acttacttga ggtactcttt cacctttcaa gaaatatttt gagaattcat     23760
     tagctaaata ttgttataat gcaggctagt aataaatgga aagaatgaat tcattgtaaa     23820
     gtttaaacta atgatggtat gatctggaat ttttgttaac ttagaagaca taattagctt     23880
     tagaggtgaa atgaaagaca aaatcacttc acatattagt aaaaaacaaa taatataact     23940
     ttataagcta ctgctgttct tttgctatta agaaccaatg acatctgtaa ttagggaaga     24000
     ttatggaaag gttaaagatg agaatacatg cagtctatct acaggaaacc taaactgttt     24060
     aggttaagga aatgtctgag aaagtcatat taattagcag gttcacagga aactaacatt     24120
     tattgtataa attccgtggt aaaaggtatt aggtctccac gcacaaacta tgtgccatct     24180
     acgttaccac acagtgctta cttctttcag tctttattca tttctctccc aatggtctgt     24240
     atggtattat tacatagttc taaaaacctt ccatgaggca gaaatttcat ttaatcatat     24300
     agcttcaaaa ataacgaaaa acagtagaaa ctttctattt ttttagaagc agaattgttg     24360
     aattttcagt ttcatttatt taatattaca agatgacaaa catatttctt taattccctc     24420
     ttgttatttt tgtctaacat caaccaaagc catttctttc atttgaaggt gaaaactgct     24480
     catcaaaatc tagtttaagc tgagaaacaa agaactaaat tttacatgag agattataca     24540
     cggcataagt ataaaacagg acaagaaaca atggtggatt agcaattttt aaaaagacaa     24600
     aagcaggtta tcatcaaatc aattgttacc aacacaccaa ttccacctct aggccagaaa     24660
     attagccact tacccatggg aaaacaatga ttgaagacaa agttcaccag tgaaagttgg     24720
     ttattttttg ccatccttgc atcaactaaa atgatatcta cagttcctct taacactttt     24780
     ctgagtttca actatgtggg tatgcttcat tagctgaggt cattttccat atgtacatct     24840
     gtctacaaag gaaactggga atgtgagccc tggtcctaat gtttgtagag tatttagaaa     24900
     tttgagaatt ccctccaaat aaagagtttt ttaaaacatt gttagacaaa aagtttgaat     24960
     tacagaatat ggtagtagct caggtctaac tcaaatgcag ggaaaaaaac tattaactct     25020
     aaaaaaaatt aaatacacat ttgatggcaa tgagaaacag aaaacaggca gaaatagtag     25080
     aatattcaac cactgatgaa gtatctgacc actgaataaa gaaaattgca atgatttaaa     25140
     tttgcatcaa cgcaacttca cacctgatga cccttcccag tctgtgcaaa attagatgtc     25200
     tacgagtaaa gcggtgagtt ttactagctt gaggaataag agcacagagt tccaggctga     25260
     cagaaaagaa gaactgggaa atttgaatga cacgggagga aatcttacac aactgaaagt     25320
     cacagaggag aatgtcacag agtaaaaatc taaaatcagc acttaaactt cattcagata     25380
     tatgatggct gctacatttc acattgataa aaagagactc catagaatcc agcagaaaac     25440
     aacagctaaa ttgctagtac agagcagaga tttcaaccat tgcatatagc tcaggagtga     25500
     aagtttggtg tttgactaca gaaaaaagac taacgttaga aaagagtcac tcttcaaagg     25560
     aaaatagaag aacttatctc tacaaaatat catacacata atctaacata taatttaacc     25620
     tgcctagaca taaaaccagg aatatatgat gcataacaaa aaaagtaaac aatggattaa     25680
     gacagtgaaa tggcccacat gctgggatta gaagataaga aatttaaaat aagatattac     25740
     aagcatattc aaggatttaa ggaatagatg gtcataagag ggaatatttg gagaatctca     25800
     acagagaagt aaaaacgata aagagataat aggacaaatt ttagaactga gagactgaat     25860
     atcttatata aaaatgtcat tgtatgcaca taccagtaaa ttaaagatgg cagaaaaaac     25920
     tatcagtgca cttaaaaaca gatcaagaac aatttcccaa tacagttaat acaaaggaag     25980
     aaaaataata aaaatagggc cagtctagca ctaatataat tggagtccta gaaagagtag     26040
     agaagaaaat gagacagaaa aagctatttg aaaaagtaaa gaccaaaagt tttcctaatt     26100
     gtcagcatat atcaacttac aggtttaaga aactcaaaga acagaataaa aataaaggga     26160
     atcaaatata gacatatcat agttaaacca ctgggcaaaa aaagagtaaa tcttgaaagt     26220
     agctaaaggg agagagaaaa taatttacat acgttgaaac aaatagacag atgacctgtc     26280
     atcagaaatg acactttaaa aagcaatgaa actatatctt caaaataaaa gaaaactgtc     26340
     aactccaaat tctatcacta gaaacagtga ttcttgagaa aagaaagatt tagtcagata     26400
     aaagaaagct tcaaacaatt gttattagca gacctagata caagaaatgc aaacggaaat     26460
     tttttaggct aaagaaggat aacaacagat ggaaattctg acctacagga agcaaggaga     26520
     agctctagga atggcatgtg cataaacatg aaaaactaag gcttttttct tttagtttta     26580
     taacaaacaa ctgatggttt caataaaaaa ttaagtgtac tattgataat gtatgtaaaa     26640
     tattctaaat taatagctct gacaggagac taaacgcaac aattttgccg caacttttct     26700
     ttatgttaca tgaaaacgct gaatattaac actaagtgga ctgcaataag cccaggatgt     26760
     ttattataat ccctagagaa ccaccacatt atatgaagat attcttctaa aatgccaata     26820
     aaggaattaa aatggaaccc tgaatattgt tcagttaata taaaaaggca tgaaagaaag     26880
     aacagaggag caaaaaatga tggaacaaat agcacataag agcaaaatag gctgggtgca     26940
     gtggctcagc ctctaatccc agcactttgg gagaccgagg cgggtggatc acgaggtcag     27000
     gagatcgaga ctatcctggc taacacggtg aaaccccgtc tctactaaaa atacaaaaat     27060
     tagccaggca tggcggcagg cgcctgcagt accagctact ccagatgctg aggcaggaaa     27120
     atggtgtgaa cccgggaggc ggagcttgca gtgagccgag atcccgccac tgcactccag     27180
     cctgggtgac aggacgagac tccgtctcaa aaaaaaaaaa agaaagaaaa gcaaaaatag     27240
     taggcttaaa tcgaaacttt tcaataatta tttcaaatgt aatttaaata ctccaaataa     27300
     aacacagatt gtccaactgg ataataaaag tacctataag agatgcatgc caaatattat     27360
     ggtatagata agttgagagt aaaataattt ccaagtatac caaggaaaca acaagcacaa     27420
     gaaatcttat gtggctatat taatataaga aaaagtagac ctccaaacaa gcaatattac     27480
     aacagatagc tatttcataa tgataaaatg tcaagtaatt atgaagacat aatgctgtat     27540
     tgctgacaga ataactaaag aaaattaaga taaaataatt ttgacaacag cttgacctaa     27600
     tcgatattga ccaagacaat agaatatatg ttctattatg ctacacatga aacatttatc     27660
     aataggctat agactacaaa atatctctca agaagtttca aaacactgta atcatagaaa     27720
     gtatgctttc tgaccataat gaaaatgagt tgaaatgggt aaaaacaagc tacccaggaa     27780
     agtctacact attggaagat ttaaatacat cttaaaatgc cctttagctc aaggaagaaa     27840
     tcataagaaa cacgtttaaa tacattgaac tgaatacaaa taaaaatata atatatcaaa     27900
     atgtatggga taaagttaag cagacccaga gtaaattttt cgtataaatg cttattctaa     27960
     aaaagagaag ttcaaaacag tgaactaatt tactacctta aaaagaaaat ctaaaacaag     28020
     agagcaaatt aagtccaaaa caagtagaag aaaagaaata aaacagaaat tagaaatcaa     28080
     tgagacagaa aacagaaaca ggagaaaatc atcatggcca aaagttgttc tgtgagaaag     28140
     aaagaaaaca caaattataa atatcaggga ttaatgagat tgtacagttg tagacacaag     28200
     agacattaac aagataatgg aatattgtga aacattttta ctaattttca ttacttggat     28260
     ggaagggtga attccttgaa aacaacttat caaaaaattc acaagattaa atggaacata     28320
     tgaagtaatt gacatttctt aaagtaatta aattaattgt caaatacctg cacataaaaa     28380
     cataaaacta aagaaataaa aaataagtaa actccagatc taaagagttt tgctggtgaa     28440
     ttctttcaaa cgtttaaaaa aataaaattt ttaaattatt tcataaataa agaaggggga     28500
     aattccaaac ttgttttatg agtcagaatc ctgatagcaa aactacaaaa cccaggaatg     28560
     caaaattgat ttcaacttaa agagctatca ccattctaat ctgtgattct aatgaatttg     28620
     gctatcttag atactttata caaatggaat catacagttt gtccttctgt gactgattta     28680
     ctttacttag cattaatgtc ctctaggttc atccatgttg catattggcg ggctttcttg     28740
     ttttaaagct gaataatatt ccgttgtatg aatataccac attttcttta tctattcatc     28800
     tgccaataga cattaacctc atttccacat tttgattagt gtaaataatg ctgcaatgag     28860
     cctgagaatc atcccaatct caattctttc agataaataa cctgaagtgg attgctagat     28920
     catatggtag ttctagtttc ttaatttttt tgaggaacca ccgtactgtt ttccatagag     28980
     gctgcacagt ttcacttttc cagaaacact gtacaagtgt tccaatttct ccccattgtt     29040
     atcactcgtt atctttttct tttaataaga ccattctaac aggtttgagg caatatctct     29100
     ttgtggtttt gatttgcatt tccctgatga ttagtgatgc tgagcatctt tttcatgtat     29160
     ctgttggtca tttggatatt ttctttggag aaatatctat tgctgattaa aaaaaaaaaa     29220
     cctctcagca agctagaaaa agaaattttc tcaaagtgat ggaaagcatc cacaacaaaa     29280
     catataaaca atattacatt taatggtgaa agcgtaaatg tttaaactac atagattagg     29340
     acaagaaagg aatgtgtgtg ttcatcacct ctattcaaca ttgtactggt aatcctagat     29400
     tctgagtata aatatttagg ggacagctat tgtcactgaa gcccaaatcc tggtcatcct     29460
     cagaaagaaa aagaaaagtt gattagattg tatataatct aattctactt gctaatttaa     29520
     tttctctaaa attacagctt gtatcaactc tagaatttat tgggcacctc ctaggacata     29580
     aacactggaa tttggtgaga gacatcaaat aggaaagaac ctggctctga cataaattca     29640
     acacacggat ggggacacat gttatgagac tgacctggcc tctccatctc ataaaggggg     29700
     ttcttgttgc tggtaacaca gattaaaact atttcaatta cattcaagat aaaaagatta     29760
     gcaatggtat gcaagatgaa aaaatcaccc tgcaggaaga caaaagtctc aaaaaagtat     29820
     atttaaacta gccaacactt tgaaattcag gcagagatca tgctttctgg gtgaactaag     29880
     gtagcaagaa caaagtagag gctccaattc taggaaaaat gggccctaat aaggtttaca     29940
     atccagaaac tcaagaaatc cagacagaag gatgcagtct ccgctttcaa ggcagtagca     30000
     gtacctggat tactaagcca atccccaaca caatcataaa cacaaatttg attgaggaag     30060
     aagcttgccc accagaagat ttaggttatt acaaggtaga atgtgataga gaaaacgagc     30120
     atgggactgg aaagaaaagg aggtagcccc atgatcacaa ctggaatata tctgtcagag     30180
     atggtgcaga aataagactg aagagagaga tccttaaacc ccacgtgcct tacatcagga     30240
     ctaatcctgg acacaggctg gaaagcatag cctacaggtg gtgagggagg aggagtaggc     30300
     tcagctgtga gaaggagaag gaaatatggc tgaaaaccag atatgggtct tgaaatcaca     30360
     ccgaggattt gggcctttgc tgctgtctgc cagcagctgc cagtagttct cacactttgg     30420
     ctggcatcaa aataacctgg ggcagtggtg gggaagtggg gggagtgttg taaaaccaca     30480
     agtgaccagg aaaaaatcac ctgtatgttt tccaattcag taagtacaga aatattaatt     30540
     ggaaaaaggt ggagatcaga cattgatagt gctgtggact gctccaggga cataagcatg     30600
     atctttagag aggtgactcc aatcagttga gggcaaccac tggacagaaa gaggtccaga     30660
     ctaactgtac acagagacat catacaacta cactttagca acttctccaa ataacatgtc     30720
     tcttactgaa acttgggagg ttgaaagtta aaaacataaa atccagtggc atttatgtat     30780
     cctaggcact tacatttgtc tgattcttcc aacttgcctt tgcttggtta gagttttggg     30840
     tagataagag gtggatttac atgtgctagt gtgagaactt tgatacactc atttagacat     30900
     tgacctacta tcttgatgtt tgaaagctaa aacccaaata aatttgtctt ttcagataaa     30960
     acaaattcag cccttacctt ccttatcgat tacatcttcc actagcagta ataaaaaagt     31020
     aacaatatgc gtaagtcaaa gtatcttctt aaatcctctg tagtgtttta ttatttagtt     31080
     gtgttaatta aagaaactgt ctcaaaattt caaggaatgc ctgagaataa attcatgttc     31140
     aaaggctgcc gtcttgtgac aatgtgttgt atgttttact gtaaaagtaa tcttatttta     31200
     ccttataacc tctacaatcc aattcataac agcataaaaa ggaaataaaa ccttacataa     31260
     ttttgaattt tgaaaagtac cttgtttata tggttccttt agctaatgaa tagacaattt     31320
     ggtaaatatt ccagtgagtt gaaggtttga atctatctca cttaactagc ttaatggata     31380
     tatttctaaa cctatacaac ccactcctct gcttttaaaa aattaaagtt agctgtagat     31440
     tgagatgtca gtgacacagt ttatagaaca taacttagat tgtcatttac attactgtaa     31500
     ctacaaatac caccctcaga tggaagaatc agttttatca gtgaacatct ctaattgaac     31560
     tataaatggt gtatgtcttc cggcttttac aagctcttgg tctaacatgg gatatatgat     31620
     gtaaaaatta caaagcaagg ccatgcacgg tggctcatgc ctgtaatccc agcactttgg     31680
     gaggccaagg tgggcggatc acaaggtcag aagatcgaga tcatcctggc taacacggta     31740
     aaaccccatg tctactaaaa atacaaaaat tagctgggtg tggtggcaca tgtcgtagtc     31800
     ccagctactc agtaggctgc ggcaggagaa tcatttgaac ccaggacgcg gaggttgcag     31860
     tgagctgaga tcgcaccact gcactccagc ctggtggcag aacaagactc catctcaaaa     31920
     ataaataaat gaataaataa ataaataaat aataaaatag caatgactat aatgttttgt     31980
     gatgttaaac tttgagagct ttttttttct ttcttttccc aagtcccttt cccagttcca     32040
     gaagcagagt tattctaagc tcactgatgt aaacgaatag aaagaaaagg tttggtggaa     32100
     aaattaataa cttgctatcc tttctgtctt ttgtttttta aaagcttgag catttgggag     32160
     aatttggaaa gattgtagag taagtgcaaa gaaggaattt gctaaaaaaa ttatataggg     32220
     taaaatgagt ttttttccag gttagaaaat atccactccc tacactccta cattcctttc     32280
     ccatggttaa gaagaggaaa aaacgaaggc ctcttggtga gcagtggtga cttcggcagt     32340
     ttcttagaaa tattctggaa ggcatagtca tcttttaaaa aaaatagcta caaggatatg     32400
     tctaagcaga agggaccatg ggccaaatta cgtgtagatt tttgcattcc aaatatggta     32460
     aaaaagaagc aggaagctgg ggggcctaaa caagccacac agaaatggac aaggaagagg     32520
     ccagcagcag cttgtgggga caagatgtca agccccaaat attaaaccca ccatccatcc     32580
     tccaaattct ggctctgttt aacaaggctg tggtctgaca ctagatgccg cctccgtgac     32640
     taaagcataa ttcccctgct cctgggagtg ttgacagctg actcctgtca acaatactca     32700
     cagcacacta aagttccttc atccaagtcc atgtcccttc tcaaggcatc ccacatccga     32760
     gaactgcttg gtacagaaat ataatggcct tttttgcttg ctccaattcg aggtcattag     32820
     gtaaactcac caagatccct gtagagtgga ctgcggccat gatagtgatt gcattccagc     32880
     caacttcctg ctccacccaa tcctattgct ttaactcttc cacaggtgtt gggagtatca     32940
     tttcaacctc cttgcatgca aatctccaac tcggagtcgg cttcctagga cacttgactg     33000
     gtgacatctc tatcactatc acagtactta gaagggagca tcttaaaatg atttaaggct     33060
     aactgcccta acagcacaga cagatggtgg cttaaaatag aatttaagtg gacttaaaaa     33120
     aacatgaaaa aagttgacat tgcacgctca tatgagctta tggatcaaac catgtgtatg     33180
     atttttaaga tccctcgtgc agtatatatt tgcacttttt ataaatgaca tccccttaaa     33240
     ttgaattcag tgcaattcaa aacagtaatt tatgggaaaa attagatatg cagatagcct     33300
     ggaatctaga gaggcacaca tcatttggag aataatagtg aaccggctgg tctatgaggg     33360
     aagaaaacag agtgaatata gactattatt gaacaaggat attttcacat gtatattcaa     33420
     attaaggtga atttctttac agaattatgc cttagaaaga aaaggtattt ctctatattt     33480
     gagtcctcac aagttttcct acgatgagtg cttttgtgat tattttgaat aacaaagtaa     33540
     tatttaaaga aactctcttg ccctgaatgt actttaattt atgtcaattg atgttgcata     33600
     tagagatcat caaagtcaag ctacaagaaa aagaggaaca taacttaaca aagacttagt     33660
     ggattagtcc taatagtgtg aaatcaaaat ttcaagtgag ggaataaaca cagcttttaa     33720
     tgattactta aatgaagttt aactgtagca ggatctacaa gaaattggca acctttggct     33780
     tcagtaacag aaactcagga tatatgccct tcagtgcttt tggattctgc atcatattga     33840
     gagagactcc tttaaacagc aataagaaac ttcctgtgac aacataataa atccaaaaag     33900
     ttctgtaact cagacaattt agatagaagt gagaactttg gcctataaag ccctgttcac     33960
     ccaaaagatg gattaaacaa tgaaaaagat attgatacca aaaattcaat caggaatttg     34020
     attaaagcat ttcattaaat gtgataattt cttagtatat tatcttacat atgcaatatt     34080
     catgtgtaac aaattaaata caagtaaaca tttgaccata ttatctgcag cataatttac     34140
     atatcaattt acatattcag ttttgctcac atgaaaactt ggatcttctc aataagaaaa     34200
     tttgtgaaat ctttaattcc tcatccccag gaatgtaaat aaataaatat aaatactgta     34260
     agtcagtgat tttttcctag gaagacagta aaagtacttt acatgccttc tcattgtaaa     34320
     cctaaataac aaacagagaa aggctctcta aaggaaaaaa cacatcttag ggaggagggc     34380
     actgcaatgg gaatatacat gacaaagcaa actatataga ttcaaatggt aaaggaagac     34440
     aaggtcttta aaagaaaaat gatcaacctg gaaacctgga agtatggggg actagaaaaa     34500
     aataaataaa ggaaaaatga agaggcttct ataattgttt tgatatagtt accttcgact     34560
     ataaagacca acaacaaggt cgatgtcagt tgaagtttga gcaggtggtt gctggataga     34620
     tgtcctcaca gaagtgtatt ttgtgtaagc ttgctatggc ctttgtgcaa ggttgtggaa     34680
     tttgtggtat tttgtgatag ttcatatcag gcctagaagc atgagaaccc tctcttcaag     34740
     gccttctctg aatctatttg tccaggtttt ttcttttctt tttaagcatt agtgacagtt     34800
     ttgattctga taacttttat atcatgatcc ctaatttgaa aaaaaaaatt aaacgtgtaa     34860
     cttatttatg atgtatttga taggcttgga tttatgaatc acctgtacta tctatagtgg     34920
     tagatatatc tgagcctgct tacacagcac ttccatcaga ttctctcttc agtggaattg     34980
     gaagaggggg tgttggagaa ggggatgaag gaattgtgct gcatcagagg tccccaccta     35040
     acagccacag ggactttttc tgtgctcttg ccaggccgtt gtattaggct gatacaaaag     35100
     taattttggt tttgtcattg aaagtaatga gaccatctga cttacaatgt ctgtgccgta     35160
     accagctcct aatagcctcc gaggacagct ttgccttgac atacactgtc ctggaaccac     35220
     gtctgctttg taactcctga ggtagctgcc accatgacca atgccttctc atctttactc     35280
     tacattcagg taacagttat tattatgtct ctgtgtattc acagaacatt tagtacatct     35340
     gggacttcta caaaatttcc ctagctaatt ttggtgttct agtgtcctgg cagctctagc     35400
     catgaaggga tgatgcttta atcagcattt ctgttgagtt ttttgttttt tctcaaaaac     35460
     tgattccact tttcccacat acgtttgaca gttcatatga actcatttat tctaaaccca     35520
     ttattttttg tctattattt aatagggagg ggggcgaggg ataaaagata acaaataagg     35580
     tgcagtgtac actgttcggg tgataggtgc acccaaatct cacaaataac cagtaaagaa     35640
     gttattcatg gaaccaaata ccacagtacc ccaataacct atggggaaaa aaataaaaaa     35700
     taaaataaac aagagtcaga aaaaaagaaa ataatcactg tacttaccat gacacttaga     35760
     aatggtggct agcattattt gtgtcaccta ataatattat tttttcttta tgctacaaac     35820
     tagctctgct attacaatca ctactatttg aggtgttact aaattaaatt aaatttattg     35880
     tatccttctg gactcagaaa tggggttaaa tgctaagaca atttcagaat attatcacat     35940
     attaaaagca tattatatgg ggaaaatgtg attttaaaaa aatagaaatt ggtagagaaa     36000
     cagtttttgg gtctctttaa tttccgcaca ttttgcaagt atggacgctg actttcttgt     36060
     tccaaatgat tgttttcaag catgtttgta tagaaaacag ccttggaata gaaaaccagt     36120
     acctccttct ggaacaaagg aaaagtttat ttactgtcta gtataatgca gataatttct     36180
     ccctcttggg aagggtacag ccaagtgaac ttcccataat acaagttggg gtttcttgag     36240
     cttgggtttt tcttccacag tgtaatgtgc aggtgccact tggctctctt tgtgttatcc     36300
     tgggaaagct gatggctgta ggtgcatgtt tattttgagg ttctctattc tgtttcattg     36360
     gtctttgtgt ctgttttcat atagctacca tgctattttg tctattgtgg ccttagggta     36420
     tagtatgaag tcaagtaatg tgatgtctcc agcttcattc ttcttgctta ggtttccttt     36480
     ggttgtctgg gctctttaaa aatccatatg aaatttagaa tatatttttt tctaattctg     36540
     tgaaaaacga cattggttgt ttcacaggaa tagtgttgaa tgtgtagatt gcttttggca     36600
     gtatagccat tttaaaaata tcgatctttc taatacatga gcatggaata gttttccatt     36660
     tcctttgtca tctatgattt ctttctgcag tgttttgtag ttctcctttt agatatcctt     36720
     tacctccttg cttagatata ttcttctttt cttttatttt attttggggg ttgctgttgt     36780
     aaacaggatt gcactcttga tttacctctc agtttaaaca tttttggtgt acagaaatga     36840
     tacttctttc tatatgttga ttttttttaa tcctgaaagt ttgctgaagg ttttttttat     36900
     cagttctagg agccttttgg cacagtcttt agggatttct aggtgtagaa tcatataatc     36960
     agtgaagaga gataatttga cttcatttcc tatttggatg ccttttatca ctttctcttg     37020
     cctgattgct ctggctagga cttgttaaac aggagtggtg agaacaagca tccctatttt     37080
     attcctgttc ataaggggaa tgtgttggga gaaaagctga gtgttggaag agaagctgag     37140
     gcagggccat atgtttctga ttcacttgat acaccgtttc ctttcaaccc ctaaatcctc     37200
     accagctgtt tgtttgagca ccaacaaata gcgtgggctc ccagagcttg gggactttgc     37260
     agactccaca ctcgtgatgg tctcctggtc ccactttctc tctcaaactg tctttttctc     37320
     attcctttga ctctgccgga cttcatcacc cccatgatct agtgttgggt ctgatcactc     37380
     caacattcct ggcgcccaac atggggtgac aaagacccgg tgaaggaagg ctggagcatg     37440
     tgaaagcaga ggacacaaca tcaaaagaca cccgaggaca tacaaagatg gggaatgaaa     37500
     tttagtactt agaatttgtt atcactcttt agtacagtaa agcagttttg cccatggttt     37560
     ccagaacaaa ggactatgaa gttggatgaa tgggagagaa ttggaagata ttttttaaaa     37620
     ggcatataaa gatggagcag aaattctagt ttctgtatgg tcagtgtggg cactaataaa     37680
     ggcagccctt gagccatttc aaacagataa tgaggcagac tcagatgagg aagaggagga     37740
     tgagtgtaaa aaactaactt caaattctga gtgtggggag cagctaccag aggagattaa     37800
     agaaaagaaa gaaaaacttt aaaaagtatg ttttactagc ccgttggctc cacctgctga     37860
     attaagtgaa tggccacctc ctctctctcc tctaaatggg tgagaaaata aattagctga     37920
     aaaacttact gctcctgtag ttacaacatt aaaacctgga gcaattggtg gtggtagaca     37980
     aaattctatt taaaaagcta aagccaaggg agaccttgaa acatggcaat ttcccgttac     38040
     tataatccag caagtaggac agaatatagc taattaggct gctttctctt ttaagttact     38100
     aaagaattta agcaagccat tagtcaatat ggactgaact ctctttttgt gcaaacttta     38160
     tttaaaaata tggctcttga taatagatta ctaccatata attaggatac tttgacaaaa     38220
     cctgttctca ctccatctca gtacttgcag tttaaaactt ggtaggctga tgaagctcaa     38280
     actcaggcaa aagaaaacac acaagtgcag ccacctgtgc ctgttttctt tgatcagtta     38340
     atatgagttg gccctaattg gggttgatta gagaatcaag cactaatgga agatgttgcc     38400
     attgttcagc tgtgcttcat gtgcttacat gcatagaaaa ggataaatgt tacaggggaa     38460
     aagtatcctt atttcagttc tgtctgacaa ggacctaaag aaccatatat taattttatt     38520
     gctcagctcc aagaggctgt gtataaagcc gtaaatgatc aaaacagctc aggatgttgt     38580
     aatacagctt cttgcataca ataatgctaa tgcagagtgt caaactgcta ttagatccca     38640
     gacagagagg gcccatttaa ctaaatatat taaggcttgc gatggcattg gagataactt     38700
     acataaggtt attcttttag ctcaagctgt ggctagatta agagtaagaa aaaatatgct     38760
     tcatttctca ggctcttgcc ttaattatgg gcaaattgga cacaagaaag gaatgtagaa     38820
     aggaattcaa aagacgaaaa ctactaccgt caatcaacag aaaagtccca atgtacgtcc     38880
     ctggtgtaag aaaggctatc accgggcaag tccgtgtcat tctaaattta gcaaagatgg     38940
     acaacctctt tcaggaaata ggaagaggga cccgcctcaa gtccctcaac aaactgaggc     39000
     atacccagca cagccactgc ccttacaaat gtacagcaat tgtcccccgc ctcagcaagc     39060
     agtgctgctg tagacctcta cagcacaatt cccatctcct tacttcctgg ggagccacca     39120
     aagaaggtcc ccacaggagt tagggcaccc ttaccctgag gaactgttgg gaacaagcct     39180
     cctcaaatcc ggccataaac tggccccaaa actggccata aacaaaatct ctgcagcact     39240
     gtgacatgtt catgatggcc ataacaccca cgctggaaag ttgtgggttt actggaatga     39300
     ggacaaggaa tacctggccc gtccagggtg gaaaactact taaaggcatt cttaagccac     39360
     aaacaatagc atgagtgatc tgtgccttaa gaataaggga tacttttagt taatctaata     39420
     tctatagaaa caatgctaat gactggcttg ctgttaataa acacgtcggt aaatctctgt     39480
     tcaggactct gctctgaagg ctgtaagacg cccccccccc cccgatttcc cacttcacac     39540
     ctctatattt ctgtgtgtgc gtctttaatt cctctagtgc tgctgggtta gggtctctcc     39600
     aaccgacctg gtctcagcaa gtggtgccca ttcatggggg ctcgaataca ggtcaaagga     39660
     tcgctggagc aacgattgga gaaagtggaa ctagctggag gacaccagag tactattaaa     39720
     gcaatccccg tggtgagtaa gaaggggagc tcggaagcat cagggtagca ataggacaag     39780
     tgtgggctgt ggttcgttct accttggaac tttttcatac tgatgaggag gaaggagagt     39840
     ataacaaagt aacagtagag gttacagacc aggtttactt gtcacctaaa gctaaagcag     39900
     aaaaggaggg agaggttcat ccctatcctt ctgcacaccc tcattactat tttaaagaaa     39960
     acgaccctcc agatctttct tttctggagg acactgggtg aaaagtagtt gccctggtga     40020
     ctgttcgagc agcgccttga gcgactgctc ttagttctat tcaggcagga atacagcaag     40080
     ctagacaaaa gtgggattta gaggcttggc agttccctgt ttgaatacac cccccagatc     40140
     aacagggaaa tattatagct acatttgagc cttttccttt taaattactc aaaaaaatta     40200
     aacaagctat aaatcagtat ggaacaggtt ctccttttga aatgggactg ttaaagaatg     40260
     ttgctgtttc cagtcggatg attcctactg actgggacac ttttactcta gcttgtctaa     40320
     ctcctgctca gttattacaa tttaaaactt agtaggcaga tgaagcttcc attcaggctg     40380
     ctcgcaatgc ctgggcccaa cctcaaatta atataactgc agaccaactt ctgggggttg     40440
     gtggctgggc tggtttacat gcacaagtgg tcatgcagga tgatgccata gaacagctta     40500
     gaggagtgtg cattagagct tggaataaat cacttcatgt ggagaacaat acccttcctt     40560
     tagtgctata aaacagggac caagagaacc atatgtggat tttatagctt ggttacagga     40620
     gtctcctaaa aagatgattg cagatttggc tgcttaggat atagtgttgc agttattggt     40680
     tttgacaatg ctaatactta tggccaggct gctctgcgac ctatcagagg gaaagcacat     40740
     ttagttgatt ataacaaggc ctgtgatgat atcagagata atctacataa agctactttg     40800
     ttggcacagg caatggcaag actgagagtg gataaaggaa atactctatt tcctggagct     40860
     tgttttaact gtgggaagca tggtcatact aaaaagaatg taaaaaaaaa aaatcaccga     40920
     gtcaggccac cagatagggg aaaaaacaaa actgctgatc ctgaaatatg tccaaaatgt     40980
     aaaaaaggaa aactttgggc taatcagtgt cactctaagt ttgataaaga agggaacccg     41040
     attttgggaa actccctgag gggtccatcc caggccctgt tctaaaccag ggcatttcca     41100
     tctcaggcca ttccctcacc cccatacgtt atctgtcccc caccacagcc catagtgctg     41160
     cagtagatct atgctgcaca aaagctgtga gccttctgcc tggggaaccc ccgcaaaagg     41220
     ccccaacagg agtctgtgga ccgttgcgag cagggacaat ggtattactt ttaggaaggt     41280
     ctagtttaag tttaaaaggg gtacaaatac acactggagt cattgattca gattacaatg     41340
     aagaaattca aattgtgata tctacttctg ttccctggaa agcacagcca ggagtgctca     41400
     tagcacagct cctgaatgtg ccatatgtgg gaatgggaaa aagtgaaatt aaatgaaccg     41460
     gaggatttgg aagcacaaac aaaaaaggca aggcagctta ttggttaaat caaattactg     41520
     ataaacatcc tacctgtgaa ataactatcc agggaaagaa ctttaaaggt ttggtagata     41580
     ctattttttt ttttggtagg agtggacatt tcaattattt ctctacagca ctggccgtcc     41640
     atgtggccaa ttcagcccac tcaatttaac acagtggaaa ctgttaaagc tccagaagtg     41700
     tatcagagta gctatacttt gcattgtgaa gggcccaatg gacaacctgg gactgttcaa     41760
     ccaattgcaa cttctgtacc tataaattta tgggggagag atttattatg acaatgggga     41820
     gcacaagttc taattccata acaataatac agccctcaaa gtcaacatat gatgcacgaa     41880
     atggggcatg tccctggtat aggagtagaa aaaaaattgc aagttttgaa agaactgctt     41940
     caaacggaaa gacaaagttc ctgccaaaga ttaggataac atttttgatg gtggccatag     42000
     ttaagcctcc agaacctata cctttaaaat ggttaacaga taagccaatt tggatagaat     42060
     aatggctgct aagcaaagag atactggatg ctttagagaa attagttact gaacaattag     42120
     aaaatgggca catagctcca acattttccc cttggaattc tccagttttc ataattaaga     42180
     aaaaatcagg taaatggaga atgttaactg acttaagagc catcaattca gttatacaac     42240
     ctatggaaat ataacagcca ggattccctt ctctactata attccaaaaa attggccttt     42300
     aatagtcaca gatttaaaag actgtttctt tactaccctt ttagctgagc aagactgtga     42360
     aaggtttgca tttacaattc ctgcagtaaa caacctgcag cctgctaagt gttttcattg     42420
     tttcacagat gggtctagtg atggtaaagg ttcttattct ggatcaaaag ctaaagtttt     42480
     ccagacaccc tatacttcag ctcaaaaggc agagcttgta gctgtaattg aggtgttgac     42540
     tgcttttgat atgcctgtta atgtgatttc tgattcttca tacatgggtc attccacaca     42600
     gttaattgaa aatgctcagt taagatttca tacagatgaa caaccgataa taaaaacaaa     42660
     aaaagaggga gaaacaggga ttatgggata gcccatacac aattgaatct tgcattatta     42720
     actttcaaat ttttgagact gcccaaaggc cagatgttac cagcagctga acagcatcta     42780
     cagaaaccag ctgcaaagac agaagcagaa caactggttt ggtggagaga tccaataaca     42840
     aaaagttggg aaataggtaa aattataact tggcatagag gttatgcttg tgtttctcca     42900
     ggaccaaatc aacaactgat ttagatacca tcaagacacc tgaaatttta tcatgagcca     42960
     gatgctgagg aagagagaaa aagcacaatc atcattgaaa ttagagcttc tggctgggag     43020
     cggtggctca ctcctgtaat cccagcactg tgggaagccg aggtgcgcgg atcacaaggt     43080
     caggagattg agaccatcct ggctaacatg acgaaacccc gtctatacta acaatacaaa     43140
     aaattaactg ggtgaggtgg cgggcgccta tagtcccagc tactcaggag gctgaggcag     43200
     gagaatggcg tgaacccggg aggcaaaact tcaggttttg ccaagaatga cactgtaaat     43260
     gtaacaaatc ttctgtgctt gttagtgaac accaaatcag ctactctcct gtattcggag     43320
     atcaggatta aatgaaaagg acaagcaggt cgggcacggt ggttcatgcc tgtaatgcca     43380
     acactttggg aggcttaggt gtgcggatca cccgaggttg ggaatttgag accagcctga     43440
     ccaacatgga gaaaccccat ctctactaaa aatgcaaaat gagctgggcg tggtggcaca     43500
     agcctgtaat cccagcttgg gaggctgagg caggataagt gcttaaatct gagaggcgga     43560
     ggttgcggtg aggcaatatt gcaccattgc actccagcct gggcaacaag agtgaaactc     43620
     catctcaaaa aaataaaaaa taaaaaaaga cccccaacct tgtctagacg gtgggatttc     43680
     agtttcaccc caggggggtc ctggctgggt tagaaccctg aatctggttt gagttcatat     43740
     ccttaaagaa taaagggaat aaaagctgta gccactgagc tactcaatct ggtccggttc     43800
     tggcttttgt gtgtctgtct atatttttgg tctaaatatt tggcccaaca gaggttaaag     43860
     gctttgatgt tctcagcaaa agccttgtga gatctctagt ttatctgtgt gctcaactgg     43920
     aacaaagaga ctccataaac tagaaaaacc taaagaaaat ggcacgcgtg aaaaaatgaa     43980
     agccaactcc tgtttgttgt tctgtccacc tccctctcta actcctcctt ctgcctttgc     44040
     tgtggtccca tggtgtttct gtctttctgg ggaactgaga ttcagtgtag gagtgaagtc     44100
     catgatttta aagccttcat gtctctgctt tttaactctg cctgctttgc tgagctctta     44160
     taatgagaaa taaaccattc agaacagaaa caacagggca tcagaaaacc aacttcaggc     44220
     agcgctctgg caagtacctc cctagagggg aagggcctac taaaggagat ttaatcttga     44280
     aaaggccaaa atgagaagct ctaaccttaa gcttgctagg ttttctggga ctcgagctgg     44340
     ctatatatta tggaccattc tagccacaca catacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     44400
     tttttttgag acagaatctt gctctgttgc ccatgctgga gtgcagtggt gtgatcttgg     44460
     ctcactgcaa cctccacttc ccaggttcga gcaattctcc tgtctcagcc tcctgagtag     44520
     ctgcgattac aggtgtgcgc caccataccc ggctaatttt tgtagtttta gtagagatga     44580
     agtttcacca tgttggccag gctggtctca aactcctgat ctcaattgat ccacccgtct     44640
     tggcctccca aactgctggg attacaggca tgagccactg tgtccagcct atacatatat     44700
     atatatatat actttttttt tcctttttct ttttgacaca gagtcttgct ctgttgccca     44760
     ggatggagta tggtggtaca atcgtggctc actgcaacct ccgcctccca ggtttgagta     44820
     attatcctgc ctcagcctcc tgaatagctg ggactacagg tgcacactac cacacccagt     44880
     taacttttgt attttcagta gagatggggt tttgtcacgt tggccaggct ggtctcaaac     44940
     tcctggcctc aagtgatcca cctgcctcag cctccgatag tgtttggatt acacacatga     45000
     gccactgcac ctgacctcta gtgcacactt taaacctgat ggccaaatta catgaaagaa     45060
     aattcagaac tcaaatagtt actattttaa aaaaccctaa agtgaaaaag tctcagttct     45120
     tttgcctatc tatttttttt tccctgccta ctttgaatct gctgatctgt ctactggtgt     45180
     tgagataaga cttactgtct gtggtgttac taattcaagg ttacttggct gaagaaaaac     45240
     aaaagaatga aacaattctt tatttttttc tctttttgag acaaagtctc actctaaggt     45300
     ctcactctgt tccccagact ggagtgcagt agtgggatca tagctcactg ttatctcatc     45360
     ctcccaggct caagcaatcc tcctgcctca tcctctctag taactgggac aaaaggcatg     45420
     caccaccatg cctggcaatt ttttatctta ttcttagtag agattgggtc tcactatgtt     45480
     gcccaggctg gtctcaaact cctgagctca agtgatcctc ttgcctcagc ctctcaaagt     45540
     gctgggatac aggcatgagc cactgtgccc agacaaaaga gttcttttat aaatacaaat     45600
     aatttaaaaa gtattgataa aataaaaata gaaatctctt cagacttgtc agcatacatt     45660
     tttgactgtg ttttatattt atatttgcta gatattttaa ggtgctaggg tttggcatga     45720
     aggttataaa gctataaaca caggaaaaaa agaatatttg tttatgtgat tttttaaata     45780
     cataagacca atttaatatg gtttgttgaa caaaaataat ggaattttct gaaatattgg     45840
     taaaataccc atgtatttaa ctttgaagtc ctcacttaca tgaacagctg atattcacag     45900
     gctataacgt ggttaacaag aaaataacct agaaatgatg aatacctttg tccaatacct     45960
     cagttctcac aaatactcta gataaactgt caaaaataag taaatgtaaa tggataaatg     46020
     tctatacaag acatcttaat gtatttttga aatttttttg agacaatgtc tctgtctgtc     46080
     acccaggctg aagtgcagtg gcatgatcac agctcactgc aaccttgacc tcctgtgctc     46140
     aaggtatcct cccacctcag cctcccatgt agctgttaat tacaggcata caccaccatg     46200
     gtcagctaac ttttattttt tttgtagagt cagcatctca ctattttgct caggctggtt     46260
     tcatgatact cctgccttgt cctcctaaag tgttgggatt acaggtgtga gccaccatgc     46320
     ccagcctatt tttgaaattt tagttatgtt aaattaaata atagatactc attaaatatc     46380
     tgggttattt acaatttaaa acttatgttt tagcccaggc actgtggctc atgcctgtaa     46440
     tccctgcact ttgggaggcc aaggtgggtg gctcacccga gatcaggagc tcaagaccag     46500
     cctgatcaac atggtgaaac cccatctcta ctaaaaaata caaaaaatta gccaggtgtg     46560
     gtggtgggtt cctgaaatcc cagctactcg ggaggctgag gcaggagaat tacttgaacc     46620
     tggggggcgg agattgcagt gaggtgagat cacaccattg cactccagcc tgggcaacaa     46680
     gagccaaaat ccatcttaaa aaatatgttt taggaacaca taattcaaaa ttatgaaatt     46740
     attctcatat gtaagatatt gctatatgac aattcaagat ttcttgcttc ctaggttttt     46800
     tcttaaaata agggttacta agtgttaata tcttgctaga tatgtgtgat taagactact     46860
     agatacaaga gaaacaattc tgtatgcaaa atgtataccg gtttttgttt cagagaaagt     46920
     aaattcgctt agagattttt aaggattatt ttaaattgaa ggcataaaaa agatagataa     46980
     aagtgaatgt gtataaaaag ttgggaaaga tgaaaaaatt atacaaggtt attaaaagtt     47040
     tatgtaaatc ttacatctag gtcaaaactg attgagatca gatagattgt ttataaagtt     47100
     tatttaaatt agttataata ttaaaaacat agtgataaaa aactaaaaat tttggttaaa     47160
     acaacaaggt tttcttaatg tacttatttg ctcataataa gaggtaataa atattgactt     47220
     ttaatcctga aatctgttac tataaaaact tttcagattt gtatatcaga agttcaactt     47280
     ttcctgtact ttcatgttac acatgactca cagatcacat cactgtctcc tattccttct     47340
     tgagaaggaa taaaaggctt gggtttcctg cttggctggg atgataactc cttcagcttt     47400
     ttcatcaggt ctaattttat attcttggct tttaaatatg tcttaattac ttcatgtaac     47460
     caggaaactt tcttgctatc attgtgagtt atggttcccc actgctctat gctctggttt     47520
     tcctgttgac attcctttgt aatattatgc tcactcatga ccctggacac actctttcta     47580
     tgtctaatta aattcaagtc tgcttgtcat cggaattgac ttccaagtga tttaaattag     47640
     cttcccgcaa gaagacacag ttatgccaca ggagttttac cctttaaatg actggcctgt     47700
     aataaaaatt ttaggtttta tcaagataat ccatgtgttg cctttttttt ttttaattcc     47760
     ttgggaaaac tgagggtttt cagttatcac atccatgtaa ccttctacat tgcttttgat     47820
     gtcttttggt tgtcatgcta attaaatgaa tgactgttat ttaaaaatga catgtggctg     47880
     tgtgcagcgg ctcatgtctg taattccagc cctttgggag gccaaggtgg gtgaatcact     47940
     tgagcccagg agttcaagtc cagcctgggc aaaatggcaa aaccgcatct ctactaaaaa     48000
     tacaaaagct agctatgtgt cgtaacaagt gctcatagtc ctggctactt gggagactaa     48060
     ggtggaggat cacctgagcc tgggaggttg aggctgcagt gagccatgat ttcaccactg     48120
     cactccagcc tgggcaacag ggtgagaccc tgtctcaaaa aaataataaa ataaaaaaca     48180
     ataaactgtc attcagtttc ggtcaaatgt tttcaatttt ttgacatctt tgctaaatct     48240
     tagttgataa cattgtatgg gaagcattgc caaaagataa gtaacactaa atcttttttt     48300
     tttctctgag acagaatctt gcttagtcac ccaggctgga gtgcagtggc gtgatctagg     48360
     tccattgcaa cctctgcccc aaggttcaag cgattctcct gcctcaacct cccaagtagc     48420
     tgagactaca gatacatgcc accacgcccg gctaattttg tatttttagt agagacaaga     48480
     tttctccatg ttggccaggc tcatggatct gtccaacttg gcctcccaaa gtgttgggat     48540
     tacagacatg agccactgtg cctggcctaa atcttctttt ggttacattt ataggtatat     48600
     tattaatata aatattttaa atgttatata aattataaaa atctaatatg gtatcagtca     48660
     taattttgat gatgttaaat attctctaaa gttgtatatg tatagatata ttattaatat     48720
     aaatattcta aagattatat aaaatttgtg gaagtctgat ggatctgatg tgttgccgtc     48780
     agtcatgatt ctggctgtta tcttaaaatg ctacatataa tagaaataac taaattttct     48840
     cgcaggtcga gaacttctac tggattttaa ccaaaggata ttctaagttt ttgtcatcca     48900
     cggtgatagt ttaaagttct tctctaaaac gctttatagg ccgggcgtgc tgctggaggc     48960
     tgtgcagggc acggtgctgg gcgtggtgca gggcatggtg gctcacacgt gtaaaaatcc     49020
     cagcacttta caaggccgag gtgggtgaat tgattgaact cagaagtttg aaagcatcct     49080
     gggcaacatg gtaaaaccct gtctctacaa aaatacaaaa attagccagc atgatggtgc     49140
     atgtctatgg tcccaactac ttcggaggct gaggtaggag gatggcttga gtttgggagg     49200
     gagagattgt ggtgagccaa gatcatgcca ctgcactcca tcctgagtga tagaaccagg     49260
     ccatgtctca aaaaaaaaaa aaagccttta caatcagcta tcatctaaat tacttttaat     49320
     ggaaaggact ctgacaagtt ctcttaaata tggtttcaga taactttggg gatcatacca     49380
     ttggactagg aaaatcttcc aggactctaa aaagctgaat gagaatttcc aattgaaatc     49440
     aagcaaaaca caaaaaactg aatgagaatt gctatttgaa atcaagcaga acaagattta     49500
     gttacattgg actgaactta taaaagaagg aaaagatttt attcatggcc cttccattgg     49560
     aaacattgtt gattctcttt atgttttgtt ttccaaagtc aagaattttt ttcttttcag     49620
     ctatttttaa cttaccctac gttagaaaaa ctacattttg aacaaaaatt tagccattta     49680
     tctgtctctc taactgattt ctccagaatt cagaagccat tcgtgagcat tcctaaatta     49740
     tggcaatata attacttgca taatttcaat aagaatctgt ttttggtaac aggattcaat     49800
     tggagacact gtttatttta taaaggcttt aactcgaacg gcagatacaa ccagaccact     49860
     ttaaggaatt gaggttgact ttatagcacc aatgcaaagc cccttagaat gactggcttg     49920
     gtgtcttgtc tacaagggtc ctttacaaag ttgctgtctt tgtggtaaga agtaaagaat     49980
     gtcactttct gacgggccca ggaacctcaa gttatttggg gaccttgaga agataggact     50040
     acacccattc ataaaagtat tacaggagag ttggcaagat gtctgaatag gaacagctcc     50100
     ggtctgcagc acccagtgag atcaacacag aaggcaggtg gttcatgcat ttccaactga     50160
     gcctccactg gtgataccca ggcaaacagg gtctggagtg gacctccagc aaactcgagc     50220
     aaacctgcag cagagggacc tgactggtag aaggaaagct aacaaacata aaggaatagt     50280
     atcaacatca ccaacatcaa agaccaaagg tagataaatc cacaaagatg gggagaaacc     50340
     agtgcaaaaa ggctgaaaac tccaaaagcc agaatgcctc ttctcctcca gaagaccaca     50400
     actccccacc agcaagggaa caaaactgga cagacaatga gtttgatgga ttgacagaag     50460
     taggcttcag aaggagggta ataacaaact cctccaagct aaaggagcgt gttttaaccc     50520
     aatgcaagga agctaagagc ctgaaaaaaa aaggtaggac gaattgttaa ctagaataac     50580
     cagtttagag aagaatataa atgacctgat ggagctgaaa aacccagcac aagaacttca     50640
     tgaagcatac acaagtatca atagctgaat caatcaagca ggagaaagaa tatcagagat     50700
     tgaagatcat ctcaatgaaa taaagcaaga agacaagatt agagaaaaaa gagtgaaaga     50760
     aatgaacaaa gcctccaaga aatagaggaa tatgttaaaa cactgaatct atgtttgatt     50820
     cgtgtacctg aaagtgagag agagaatgga accaagttgg aaaacactct caaggatatt     50880
     atccaggaga acttccccaa cctagcaaga caggccaaca ttcaaattca ggaaatacag     50940
     agaacaccac taagatactc ctcaagaaga gcaaccccaa gacacaaaat catcagattc     51000
     accaaggttg aaatgaagga aaaaatataa aggacagcca gagagaaagg ttgagttacc     51060
     cacaaacgga agcccatcag actaacagtg gatctcttgg cagaaagcct acaagccaga     51120
     agagagtggg ggtcaatata caacattcct aaagaaaaga attttcaagc cagaatttca     51180
     tatccagcca aactaagctt cataattgaa gtagaaataa aatcctttac aagcaaatgc     51240
     tgagagatat tttcaccacc aggcctgact tacaagagct cctgaaggaa gcactaaaca     51300
     tggaaaggaa caactggtaa cagccactgc aaaaacatac caaattataa agaccattga     51360
     cactatgaaa aaactgcatc aactaatgag caaaataacc agctagtatc ataatgacag     51420
     gatcaaattc atacataaca atattaacct taaatgtaaa tgagctaaat gcccccaatt     51480
     gaaagacaca gactggcaaa ttggataaag agtcaagaca catcaatgtg ctgtactcag     51540
     gagacccatc tcatacacat aggctcaaaa taaagggatg gaggaacatt taccaagcaa     51600
     gcggaaagca acaaaaagca gaggttgcaa tcctagtttc tgataaaaca aatcttaagc     51660
     caacagagat caaaagagac aaagaagggc attacataat ggtaaaggga tcaatgcaac     51720
     aagaagagct aactatccta gacatatatg cacccaatac aggagcactc agattcataa     51780
     agcaagttct tagagaccta caaagagact tagactccca cacaataata gtgggagact     51840
     ttaacactcc attgtcaata ttagatcaat gagacagaaa attaacaaga atatccagga     51900
     cttgaactca gttctggacc aagtggacct aaaagatatc tacagaactc tccaccccaa     51960
     atcaacagaa tataccttct tctcagcacc acattgcact tattctaaaa ttgaccacat     52020
     aattggaagt aaaacattcc tctgcaaatg caaaagaatg gaaatcataa caaacagtct     52080
     ctcagaccgc aatgcattca aattagtatg caggattaag aaactcactc aaaacctcac     52140
     aactacatgg aaactgggta acctactcct gagtgactac tgggtaaata aagaattgaa     52200
     ggcagaaata aaaatgttct tcgaaaccaa tgagaacaaa gacacaacgt cccagaatct     52260
     ctggaacaca tttaaagcag tgtgtagagg gaaatttata gcactaaatg tccacaaggg     52320
     aaagcaggaa agatctaaaa ttgacacctt aacatcaaaa ttaaaagaac tagagaagca     52380
     ataacaaaca aattcaaaag ctagcagaag acaagacaca aataagatca gagcagaact     52440
     gaaggagata gagacacgaa aaacccttca aaaaatcaat gaatccagga actgtttttt     52500
     tgaaaagatc aacaaatcag accactagcc agactaataa agaagaaaag agagaagaat     52560
     caaatagatg caataaaaca tgattaaggg gatatcacca ctgatcccac agaaatacaa     52620
     attatcatca gagaatacta ccaagactga accaggaaga agtgaaattc ctgaatagac     52680
     caataacaag ttctgaaatt gaggcattaa ttatagccta ccaacaaaaa aattccaaga     52740
     ccagatggat tcacagccga attctacgag aggtacaaag aggagctggt accattcctt     52800
     ctgaaactat tccaaacaat agaaaaagag agaatcctcc ctaactcatt ttatgaggtc     52860
     agcatcacct tgacaccaaa acctcgcagg gacacaacaa aaagagaaaa ttttggacca     52920
     atatccctga tgaacattga tgcagaaatc ctcaataaaa tactggaaaa ctgaatccag     52980
     cagcacatca aaaagcttgt ccaccatgat caagtcggct tcacccctgg gatgcaagag     53040
     tggttcaaca tatgcaaatc aataaatgta atccatcaca taaagggaac caatgacaaa     53100
     aacttcatga ttatctcaat agatgcagaa agggcctttg acaaaattca acaacctttc     53160
     atgctaaaaa ctctcaataa actggtattg atggaacgta tctcaaaata gtaagtgcta     53220
     tttatgacaa acccacagcc agtaacatac tgaatgtgca aaaactggaa gcattccctt     53280
     tgaaaatcag cacaagacaa ggataccctc tctcactact cctattcaac atagtattgg     53340
     aagttctggc cagggcaatc aggcaagaga aagaaataaa gggtattcaa ttaggaaaag     53400
     aggaagtcaa atggtctctg tttgcagatg acatgattgt atatttagaa aaccccatca     53460
     tctcagccca aaatctcctt aagctgataa gcaacttcgg caaagtttca ggatacaaaa     53520
     tcaatgtgca aaaatcacaa gcattcctat acaccaataa cagacaaaca gagagccaaa     53580
     ctgtgagtga actcccattc accattgcta taaaaagaat gaaataacta ggaatacaac     53640
     ttacaaggat gtgaaagatg tcttcaagga gaactacaaa ccactcctca aggaaataag     53700
     agaggacaca aacaaatgga aaatcattcc atgctcatag ataagaagaa tcagtatcgt     53760
     gaaagtgacc aactgcccaa agtaatttat agattcactg ctatccccat taaactgcca     53820
     ttgactttct ccacgaattg gaaaaatata ctttaaattt catatggaat caaaaaagag     53880
     cccgaatagc caagacaatc ctaaccaaaa agaacaaagc tggaagcatc atgccacctg     53940
     acttcaaact atactacaag ctacggtaac caaaacagca tggtactggt acgaaaacag     54000
     atatatagat caaaggaaca gaacagaggc ctcagaaata acaccacaca tctacaacca     54060
     tctgatcttt gacaaacctg agaaaaacga gcactgggga aaggattccc tatttaataa     54120
     atggtgttgg gaaaactggc tagccatagg cagaaagctg aaactggatc ctttccttac     54180
     accttataca aaaattaact caagatgggt taaagactta aacataagac ctaaagccat     54240
     aaaaaccata gaggaaaacc taggcaatac cattcaggac atagacatgg gcaaagactt     54300
     catgaccaaa acaccaaaaa caaaggcaac aaaagccaaa attgacaaat gggacctaat     54360
     taaactaaag agtttctgga cagcaaaaga aactatcaga gtgaacgggc aacctacaaa     54420
     atgcgagaaa atttttgcaa tctatccatc tgacaaaggg ctaatatcca gaatctacaa     54480
     agaacttaaa caaatttgca agataaaaca accccaatga aaagtgggca aaggatgtga     54540
     acagacactt ctcaaaagag gacaattatg caaccaacaa acttataaaa aaagctcatc     54600
     atcactagtc attagagaaa tgcaaatcaa aaccacagtg agataccatc tcatgccagt     54660
     tagaatggcg aaaattaaag agtcaggaaa caacaaatac tggagagagt gtggagaaat     54720
     aggaaggctt ttacactgtt ggtgggagtg taaattagtt caaccattgt ggaagacagt     54780
     gtggctattc ctcaaggatc tagaactaga aataccgttt ggcccagcaa tcccattact     54840
     gggtatatac ccaaaggatt ataaatcatt ctactataaa gacacatgca catgtatgtt     54900
     tattgcagga ctgttcacaa taacaaagac ttggaaccaa cccaaatgcc catcaatgat     54960
     agattgaata aagaaaatgt ggcacatata caccatggaa tactatgtag ccataaaaaa     55020
     cgatgagttc atgtcctttg cagggacatg gaagaagctg gaaaccatca ttctcagcaa     55080
     actaacacaa gaacagaaaa tcaaacacca catgttctca ctcataagtg ggagttgaac     55140
     aatgagaaca catggacaca gggaggggaa catcacacac tggggcatgt tgggtggtgg     55200
     gggcagggag agggatagca ttaggagaaa tgcctaatat aggtgatggg ttgatgggtg     55260
     cagcaaacca ccccagaata tatataccta tgtaacaaat ctgcacgttc tgcacatgta     55320
     ccccagaact taaagtataa ttttaaaaag taggttaaaa aagtattaca gacacagcct     55380
     gatgcaaatc tttgacttgg ctagcttcaa ggctcctaaa agtctaagat tccttattaa     55440
     aaatttccaa caaagccaat tttaaggagc ctatatggcc aataaatatt cttgctgctc     55500
     tttatggaaa taatcagacc cggtatgata agactaaaac ttattttgta tacaaaattg     55560
     gtcctactat gatttgtctt tgataaaatg atggattaga gagaaaattt atgttccaaa     55620
     agaaaactat gacatatgct attagattcc aaccctgatc attgttttag agtttttatt     55680
     atttgcctat aatttgggct gaattctgaa ttatttcctg gctccaagtg ttccctagtg     55740
     aatctgaata taatatattt ttaaaaactt gttttatcct gtcaggaatg agatgtattt     55800
     ttgaaggact acttaaacta gcaattacaa ttcgattatt atgattatag aatctcggga     55860
     tttctcttcc ttcttgtcaa ggtctttacc tgatgtttgt ctcattaaaa aaaaaaaatg     55920
     agactgatta cactctcctc aagactgaag acatgtactt taacttgtct ctgttaccag     55980
     taaactaaag ccttaacttt cagagtctgt cagggaccct gtgtggtccc tggatcaacc     56040
     acccatgggc ttatgaatgt gttgaccact ggcatatgag aagtaattgt ctattaggtt     56100
     atgtgactct tcctctttct atttataact ccaatgtttc tgaacactga agtagttcat     56160
     cgaaattact ttccaggatt agacaaacca tacctgcaaa ccaaggaggt gaattttggc     56220
     caatgtttgg cagaagtcac ttgcaatggt ggggagtaac ctctcatgaa cgtataatta     56280
     gaaatctgtc aaccactcta ggtaaattag cgaatgaact agctgaagcc atagctacca     56340
     aacaaagatc tttagactct ttagccagga tagtcatgga tgacggaata actttaggct     56400
     gcatagtggt gaaacacgga gaaattcata tggcagctag ctaacacatt atgttgtgtt     56460
     tagatccatg catcttctga agttgaaaca aatgtaaaaa aataagacaa tatgagaatt     56520
     aattatgaca aatcctaggg aagaggctga aagagctgta acacaaacag ggctgagtca     56580
     tgccccttac ttgccacatt gtgggcaaag agaaggaaac aagagctgtg accctttggg     56640
     aagcccagac ctgggagctc cccgagccag ggctgtgatt ccctctttgg ggccccgtgg     56700
     ttcctggtat ctccaagctt ccgggtgcca ctgtgttccc agtgtgccag ctgcggaagc     56760
     tgcttgcggt gcccgtggtc cagccacaga cttgtggaga gctggcaccc atgttggcac     56820
     ctggagctac ctgccccact gcagcagcca ggaagtctga cggcacagtg gccagacccc     56880
     atgcttgctc acacacccct tgccactcca cgcagtctcc cttggcaaac atgggatcca     56940
     acctggtagc atgagctgag cacagcctgc caggctgagt gggcggggcc caagcaaaac     57000
     tcaggtaaag gtgccaccag ccatagaggt ttctgtccag aaaagtgaca ctccaaagat     57060
     cccataacac cgctactctt cccagcctct ggaaactctc agtctactct ccatcttgat     57120
     gagttcaatt gttttaattt ttagctccca caaatgtgtg agaacatgca aagtctttct     57180
     gtgtctggct cattgtactt aacataatgt tccctagttc catccacgtt gttgcaagtg     57240
     acagaatctt attctttttc atggccaaag agtactccat tgtgtacatg tactacattt     57300
     tctttatccc tttatctgtt gatgcacact taggttgctt ccaaatcttg gctattatga     57360
     atagtgctga aataaatatg ggaatgcaga tatctctttg atatactaat tttccctccc     57420
     ttgggtatat acccagcagt gaggttgctg tgtcatatga tagttctatt tttaattttt     57480
     tgagggacct ccatattttt ctccatagtg aatgtaataa tttacattcc caccaacaga     57540
     gtaagagggt tctcttttcc ctacattctt gcaagcattt gttattgcct gtcttttgca     57600
     taaaagccat tttaatgggg gtaagatgat atcttattgt agttttgatt tgaatttctc     57660
     tgatgatcag tgatattgag catcttttca aatacctatt tgacatttat atatcttctt     57720
     ttttgttttt gttcattttt tgagacagtg tctcactctg tcacccaggc tggagtgcag     57780
     tggtataatg atggcttact gtagttatga ctaccagggt tcaagcaatc ctcccacctc     57840
     agcctcctga gtagctggta ccacaggcat gcatcaccat gcccaggtag gttttaaaat     57900
     tatttgctat gtttttcagg ttggtcttga actcctgggc tcaagtggtc caactgtctt     57960
     ggctccccaa aatgctggaa ttacaggtgt gagccactgg gcctgatctg cgtgccttct     58020
     tttgagaaat gtctgttcag attttttgcc catttaaata attggattat tagttttttt     58080
     cttatagagt tgtttgaact ccttatatat tctggttatt aatcccttgt cagatatata     58140
     gtttgcaaat attttcttcc attctgtgga ttgccttttc actttgtcca ttgttttctt     58200
     tactatgcag aaacttttga acttcatgtg ataccatttg ttcatttttg ctttggttgc     58260
     ctgagctttt ggagtattac tcaagaaatc tgtgcccaga ccaatttcct ggagagtttc     58320
     cctaatgttt tctttcagta gtttcttgtc cttgatttaa gtctttaatc catttggatt     58380
     tgatttttgt atatagcaca agagagggtt ctagtttaat tattctgcca atgactttgg     58440
     gaggctgagg tgggcagatc atgaaggcag gatatcaaga ataccctggc taacacggtg     58500
     aaactccgtc tctaataaaa atacaaaaaa aaaaaatagc tgggcgtggt gggggcactt     58560
     gtactcccag ctacttggga ggctgaggag gagaatggtg tgaacccggg aggtggagct     58620
     tgcagtgagc ccagatcgca ccactgcact gcagcctgag caacagagct agactccatc     58680
     tcaaaaaaaa aaaattctgc caatgaatat ctagttttcc cagcacaatt tggtgaagag     58740
     actgtcctct cccccatgta tattcttggc accttcattg aaaatgagtt agttgtaaat     58800
     gtaaggattt atttctgggt tctctattct gttccattgg tctatgtgtc tgttttatgc     58860
     cagtaccatg ctgtttagct tacaattgct ctgtagtata atttaacgtc aggtgatgtg     58920
     attcttccag ttttgttctt tttgctacgg atggctttgg gtattctggg tcttttatga     58980
     tttcatataa attttaggat tttttttctg tttttctgtg aagaatgtta ttcgtatttc     59040
     aatagggatt gcgttggatc tgtagattgc tttgtgaagt atgtgtattt taacaatatt     59100
     tactcttcca atcaatgaac atggactatc tttccatttt ttttggtgtc ttatttaatt     59160
     tttttgcatt ggtgttctat agttttcatc gtagagatct ttcacttctt ttgttacatt     59220
     tattcctaga tattttattt tatttgtagc tattgtaaat gggattacgt tcttgatttt     59280
     cttctttaga ttcttcagtt ttggcattta gaaatgttac tgatttttgt attttgattt     59340
     tgtatcgtgt gactctgaat ttgttgatca gttcggatag ttttttggtg gagttcttag     59400
     gtttttccaa atataagatt aaatcacctg caaacaagaa aacaataata attttacttc     59460
     tttcaatttg gatgccctta actgtttttc aattttcttg attgctctag ctaggacttc     59520
     cagtactatc ttgagtaaca ttgttggaag tggacattct tgccttgttc cagatcttag     59580
     aagaaaggat ttcaggttat ctctgttcag gatgatactg gctgagggtc tgttgcatat     59640
     ggtttttatt gtgttgtggt atgttccttc taaatctagt tttttggggg gtttcttttt     59700
     atcacaggga tgttggattt tattaaatgc ttttcagcat gaattgaaat taccatatgg     59760
     tttttgtcct tcattctgtt gatatgatgt gtcacattga ttgatttgca tatgttgaac     59820
     catgttggca tccttgggat gaatcccact tagacatgat gaatggtctt tttcatagaa     59880
     tgattttgga aatattacag acttctctgt tttttggaat agtttgagta ggattgatag     59940
     taattcttcc ttcaatgttt ggtaaaatta atcagtgaag ccattggatc cagacgtttc     60000
     tttgctagga gatgttttat tatgggttca atctcattta tccagttctt ctaggtttgt     60060
     ggtttggttg tgtttttttt tttttctttt tctttttttt gagatggagt cttgctctgt     60120
     cacccaggat ggagcttggt acaatctcag ctcactgcaa cttctgcctc ccaggttcaa     60180
     gcgattctcc tgcctcagcc tctggagtag ctgggagtac aggtgcacgc caccatgcct     60240
     ggctaatttt tgtattttta gtagagatgg ggtttcacga tgttggccat tctggtcttg     60300
     aactcctgat ctcaggtgat cacctgcctt ggcttcccaa agtgttggga ttacaggcat     60360
     gagccacggt gcctggccat tacttgcagg tttttcaatt tattggaata tagttggtca     60420
     taatagtttc caatgattac ttgaatttct gcagtatcat ttgcagtgtc tcctttttaa     60480
     tctctggttt tatgtatttg agtcttctct cttttctctt agtctggcta aatgtttgtt     60540
     gattttgttg atcttttaaa aaatattaac ttttcatttc attgatattt tatattttta     60600
     agtttcaatt tcatttattt ctgctctgat ctttgttatg tttccttcta ctaattttgg     60660
     ttttggtttg ctcttgcttt tctaactatt taagatgcat tattaggttg tttatttgaa     60720
     gtttttctac tttttttgat gtaggtgctt tttgctataa acttactcct tagtactgtt     60780
     tttactgtat cccataggtt tgtttttttt gtttttttgt ttttattttt ggagatggag     60840
     tctctctctg ttgcccaggc tggagtgcag tggtgcaatc ttggcttact acaagctctg     60900
     ccttctgggt tcatgccatt ctcccacctc agctgagtag ctgggactac aggtgcccac     60960
     caccatatcc agctaatttt tgttttttgt atttttagta gagacggggt ttcaccatgt     61020
     tagccaggat ggtctcgatc tcctgacctc gtgatccacc tgactcggcc tcccaaagtg     61080
     ctgggattac aggcatgagc cactgcgcct ggcctgtatc ccataggttt tggtttggct     61140
     ttaaagtttt tctcttctca aaaactcagt gtcatgttac tggcttctag tgctttgggc     61200
     agcgagaccc ttttacttca taacagtggt agctggcaca acttggcaat gtaaataaat     61260
     aaacggcatc tagattggaa aggaagaagt acagttatct ttatgtacag atgacatgat     61320
     cttgcattta gaaaatcata agaaatttac taaaaagtgt taggactcat gaacaaattt     61380
     aggaatgtaa cactatataa gattggtata caaaaataac tgtatttctt taccaagaaa     61440
     tcaagaatcc aaaaatggaa ttacaaaaat aaatcttgtt ataatagaat taaagctggg     61500
     gtaactttaa cataagaagc ttaaacttga acactaaaaa ctacaatgca tggttagtgt     61560
     tggaaacacc caggtaccat ccctgagcct tctctcctgg gctctgagga ttttaccttc     61620
     acggggtgag gaaagggttt acattcttgg cttttacatt atattaggtg ggttcggggt     61680
     gaggtatctg caagtcaaat gagtattaca atctctactt ttatgtatag gagactgggg     61740
     cccacaaaga gagggaatga aaatccatat cctggaaggc gaattgtcag gcactgattt     61800
     cccctatgta acccctgcca atcatcgtgt atttaaagga tctccagata ccttaccaat     61860
     aggtgttcaa gagagaggcc tgtaatctag gtgtctgaga aaacaaggct agagattcca     61920
     atattggaga caacagtgct ctgggaagat taaggttgag ttttctggat ctgcagaata     61980
     gagtcactga ggagcaattg aaagttcaga ggagatgaaa gaacaactca gggcatgctt     62040
     aggaaaagag aaaaccaggg ataggtttta ggcaagagtc acactgagga agggcaggtt     62100
     cttggcgtcg ctcaggaagg aatccaaaag caagcctgtg gtggaataaa gcagctctat     62160
     ggaggcattg gcggtgttac agccctgcgt ccgctcctgc agggcaggga gccctccgtg     62220
     ggttgtgctc ccagagtagc agcctagggg tggcttgtag tcatttttat aattcacttt     62280
     taatgacatg ctaattaagg ggcgggttac tcagaaatag ctagaaatgg gcagtaactt     62340
     ccagctgttt ccatggcaag gggtggggac ttcctgtgct gccatggcac tggcaaactg     62400
     tcacagcact ggtgggaaca tcttctggtg atctgaggtg tgaagtgctt tcgctgcctc     62460
     tcccagtttc ctctgtgcct cttacctgaa agcccttcac acccccatct acccacctac     62520
     aaagttcact gccctttcac cccacaccca tttcacacgc actcccacat caactccaaa     62580
     cattcaagct ggcaatttcc ctgttaggaa cctcggtggt agccggagct ctgaaaaacc     62640
     cctaggcaga actccttgcc tagtttgtgg cagaaatcag ggaaggaaag gcaaagttca     62700
     ggtattttgc acaataaata aataaagata ggtagatttg attgatggat ggatggagga     62760
     aacctgggag tttatgggta aatgttcatc ggacactgga agtgtaagtt gtcacaaaga     62820
     ttatggagtg cacttgtctt atgaccctgt tattttatcc tagtatatac actagagcat     62880
     ttttttctaa ctgtgtaaat tgaaagctca catattagtt tagtgagaga aaagatagca     62940
     gattggaaga gaattaccat attcattagt tgtgttttta aaaatttaaa gtaaaataga     63000
     gacatgattt ttttcatgct ttcgaatgca tctataaaaa atagacttga gggctgggag     63060
     cggtggctca cgcctgtaat cccagcactt tgggaggcct aggagggcgg atcacgaggt     63120
     taggagttag agaccagcct gatcaacatg gtgaaacccc gtttctacta aaaatacaaa     63180
     aattaggcga gtgtggtggc gcccgcctgt aatcccagat actcaggagg ctggggcagg     63240
     agaatctctt gaacctggga ggcagagttt gcagtgagcc aagatcgcac cattgcactc     63300
     cagcctgggt gacagagcga gactccatct caaaagaaaa aaagttactc attaacagca     63360
     tagaccaatt ggtttctatt ggaatttctc cattattttc acaatgtccc aggctgtgaa     63420
     accaggattt aataacgaac cagaatgcca catctgtgtc acgtgggtag ggaccagtcc     63480
     tgatccatca agtccgggtc tccgggtaac tggactcact gctgggcaaa acagaatgtc     63540
     cggcgtgcgt tcctaacggg ggaccacaga gcctcatagg aaatgtagtg tcaccttcca     63600
     atgatgttac catgaaggac cttgggaacc agcttttctc tctgcgcatg cgccgccccg     63660
     cccacttcgc cattttcctc cggaagtgcg gatcccagcg gccgtcctgt agctgagcag     63720
     gcctggggct tggttctatg tccctgtggg taggtgtgag ggcgaagagg aacctgtggg     63780
     cctcggggga tcctgggggg ccagaccagt gttccccatt tgtgggggca gacgcgtgag     63840
     cgcatcgcgg gcaggagggg cctgacgtgc atttgcgggc cgtggaccct ggcgggggct     63900
     gggaggacag gcgtggggtc ccagcagtga agcgggttcc agaggcgcag gagtgggtag     63960
     gcgagggtgg tggccctggg cccggagtct gcaggccgcg ctcctgtcct gccgctgaga     64020
     gacccggtta ccaaccctca tgtagctcag tttgcccatc tgtcccggtg ctaacacaca     64080
     gttctcggga gacgttcccc attcccagag gagtagtgcg aaatgcgtgt gcctctagtc     64140
     ttaagctggg cgtttgtatt agttgggttt cctggtgtct atttggcaag tgaagcttct     64200
     ggttccctcc ttcactgtgt gacctgccta gtcctcctgg attgcattta tggaagttta     64260
     tacgagacct agtttccatg gaggaactca ctgattccgc gagggagatg gggtactgga     64320
     tgatggtctt cagccttaag ggtacttcag tcttaactgt gtgttataaa gttcgaaagg     64380
     gagggttccc tatgaataag aagcacactt gaaagaacag ccctctggtc taacctctca     64440
     ctagtgcttc agaggaggat aaaaggtcac aggtgaagat cccagttttc ctcgctcagg     64500
     aaatattaat tctactccct agaatgcaca agatttgcaa agactaggtg atagtggaag     64560
     gtttggaaga actttcagaa ggttgaggtg aattcagctg agaagaacag gcaaggagct     64620
     aggaaatatt ccttatttga aggggcctga aagtgtggtc tggggtgcag gagtgacctg     64680
     tcatacttga aaagattgaa atactctcca aatacagtcc ctttccttca accttagctt     64740
     gttgtttcca gtgtctgaga tatattaaac ctagtccatc accaaattta gcatagattg     64800
     tgaagttcta ttgattgcat ttcatttgta atttaagact ttctccccct acataatttc     64860
     gttaaaaaca tattgaattc tattcactta ggtgtaacag ttaatatttg ctgttcaagg     64920
     aactaattaa accttactgg cttataaaaa acaaccacca ttttatttgt ttgaagttct     64980
     gtggatctgc attttggtgt ggtgggttca gctgggtagt tgatatattt gtgttgcctg     65040
     gatcacaaaa caggccttag tcgcctggtg ccttgactga gcctggttgg tttaagatag     65100
     tttccttcac aatctggcgg tttgtggtga ctcttggcta ggcaatgtgt ctccaacagg     65160
     gtagctccag acctcttcac aatatgactg tgtccaaaaa ggcaagaacc aatggatatt     65220
     tgcatcacat tttccattgt ccattctctg gacaagtcag atggaaaagc ccaatttatt     65280
     gtcagagcat aatatgaggg cttggataca gggaaaggtg ttattgggaa acatgtgtag     65340
     aatggtgtac tgccggaaat acatattatg tacattttaa aaaacgtagg ccaaaattgc     65400
     tgggttgcaa gatgtacttt ccatgatgtt gaggtataga aaagcaagat gtactgtcat     65460
     gggaatactc atatgaagtt atttgtggaa tccacatatt aataggaaaa tagttaatac     65520
     agcccagtat atttctataa catttatttt agtgaactta taatgtttct ttgtattaaa     65580
     ttattagatt atatctttag gtaatattgt tactaaatta gtaggtaata catattttta     65640
     ttcaaaaata aattgtacat ctaatgccta ccaattaatg tacttgtaga tgtatcttat     65700
     cttaacttga gtctttgctg cccctaatga ggtgtgaagg actcttctcc catggggaag     65760
     tttttctttt tccggaggga ggagggcttt tccaggtaat gtgtctagag tgttgggcag     65820
     aagaatctgg gaccacacct caccagttct ctccttaatc gatgtcattt gccttctctt     65880
     ccagctatgt ttccagtgtc ctctgggtgt ttccaagagc aacaagaaac gaataaatct     65940
     ctggtgagtt gtttatttgt tcttcacttt gttttacact gtattttctg agtttatggg     66000
     tgtctgtgaa ttaaaaagca aaagtggaaa taagtaaaac tcaggttgaa ggaaatatac     66060
     ataaataaga taaagctgac ctgtagatat agacaggtta taaaagctta gagttgtcta     66120
     agttgagtgc aaagtttcct ctgatctttc tgatgccaaa acaaaaaagg cagtcatgtt     66180
     tgttacgtga ttggaatgga acccgaaaag agagcatgct gtgttcttgt gggacaggaa     66240
     agcttgtgtg caccaaggct taaccaccac cttcactggt gacatagatt atgtgctgga     66300
     acatatttca cactggtctg gcagtaagca cttgtagtgt tgtgcagtgg aaacagtcat     66360
     cttccgctaa ggcatgtcat gttgtgcagt ggaaatggtc atctgacgct aaagcacagc     66420
     gtgttgtaca gtggaaatgg tcattgtctg ctaaagcacg gcgtgttgtg cagtggaaat     66480
     ggtcatctac tgctaaagca cagcttccat cataaggtat gctccttact caaagagtgt     66540
     ggtcccaaac agcttttggg aggtcctcct tgactcatgg atgaaacctg gaatgtcttg     66600
     aggactgagt taaccacagg tccttaaata actctccaca catttttctt agtttatctc     66660
     tacatgcagg gtgtgcagca gcctgttcaa agtcatattt tctgggaaat attttcagtg     66720
     tttatttgca atttagccca ctctgtgtag tcttaactta tttcttctaa actcaccatt     66780
     aacccaaata atagtcaaat ttaggggagc tgtatttgtc ttactcgagt cttctaccat     66840
     agttgaaact gtcgtaccca agcgagttag agagaaatgc cacactttga gacgaattca     66900
     ggagtccgtt attagctggt gactgagaga tggctaacac aggaaatact ctcggcccta     66960
     aagaatgggc tagattttct tttatacatt ggtttagaga ggggaggggg gattccagct     67020
     gcaataaact tacagaagaa aaaacagaca aaaaacttaa aaagacagat ggttacagga     67080
     aaacaaactg ttccaggtgc agaggcttta aattcaccac aaagtgatgt gtgagggggc     67140
     tctggacatt atctgccaga caaatgtggg ggctttatga tattatctct gagtaatttg     67200
     ctgggaactg cggatatcac ttgcctcagc actttatcag ttaattgcac tctttgatat     67260
     gttgaaaatc agcttgcaca agttaaagtc cttgaggaaa gggggtgggt aaggagccct     67320
     tgatatcttg taaatgaagg agccaaatgg agtttgtctg gttttctcag ctaagggaga     67380
     gtctattcat cttaaaaaca aggttagcta tctaaggaag agcctattca tgttaataca     67440
     acgttgggta ttacaaaacg tctgttcatg atctggaaat tcttccgtgt tagttctgtt     67500
     aaaagaaaaa ctttaaagga gtttaattga gcaataaaca attcacgaat cggaaagtcc     67560
     ccagaatcac agcagattca cagagactcc agcatagtca tgtggtggaa gaagatttat     67620
     agacaaaagg gaagtggcat accgaaatcg gaagtgaagt acagaaacaa ctcagcattt     67680
     gccttgtttg agcacagttt gaacatttgg cagtgcctga gtggttgaag tttggccatt     67740
     gggattggcc aagatgtagc tgttgtttga ggtgcataca ctcaagttag gttttcattc     67800
     ttgtttacct atcaaggtag gttgcaggtc atccacaagg actcatatat ataattatgg     67860
     agtccttctc aggacatact tagttcactt taacaatgcc ttccctttgg ttattttctc     67920
     aattttgaga gattggccaa aacttcagtc actggtgtca ctattaccat tgcaaatgta     67980
     cttatttggt ttagaagccc actgggaaat agaacagtga gatttgaaaa ggtggaacaa     68040
     ggacttgagt agaaggtgtc ttcttatgct ggaacatcct gtttacagga gaaaaacaaa     68100
     acctggtttg ttctaggatt tatgtgtttc cttaaagtct taatttgatt atgttccatt     68160
     tagcatgagt gactccattt tggtttggtt tgttctgttg ggacctattg catgagctta     68220
     gttcaaaaca atggcctccc ataattttgc ttaaaaattc ctccttttgg ctgggcgcgg     68280
     tggctcatgc ctgtaatccc agcactttgg gaggctgagg tgggcagatc acgagatcag     68340
     gagattgaga ccatccttgc taatacggtg aaacctcatc tctactaaat acacaaaaaa     68400
     atagccaagc atgctggcgg gtgcctgtag tcccagctac tcaggaggct gaggcaggag     68460
     aatggcctga acccaggagg cagagcttgc agtgagccga gatcatgcca ctgcactcca     68520
     ctctggggga cagagcaaga ctctgtctca gaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaatcc tcctttttag     68580
     tcaagttgtc acttagttga gagtgtgacc aaaatgtagg gccttagcct cactcttagt     68640
     taccattgtt ttgcgtttcc agtttagcac atcactccca ttgtttgggt tctggtttta     68700
     gcatgttact cccattgttt tgggtttctg gtttagcacg tcactcccat tgttttgggt     68760
     tctggtttta gtacatcact cccattgctt tgggttccgg ttttagtaca tcagtcccat     68820
     tgttttgggt ttctggttta gcatgtcact cccattgttt tgggtttcca gtttagcatg     68880
     tcactcatag gttatggtgt ccttatggtt gcacattttt tttaatctgt tgtcattcca     68940
     gttgaagaga taccaattga cattttagag atggctgcat gcaaactctt aaaacatttg     69000
     agtaagtaca gtgcaccagg gagactctta tgactatttg gataacacca agaatttggt     69060
     gtatgctcct tactcagggt ccccataaat caaaccatct aaaatcaaat agattaaaga     69120
     atgaattaga taaagagttt acttgcttaa ctaagtggga ttttttgtta attccttaca     69180
     acaaaatctt tataataccc aatgttttct ccatatgcca tgttagcagc tgcacagata     69240
     cttaagataa gagtctcatg agagtagaga agtcttgatc tgtgatcttg ggaaaagctg     69300
     ttcacattaa ggatgccatc ttcttctggg ggggaactgt ccttgttagc tttaccttaa     69360
     gggttccaga gggtgtatgg ttccgagtgt ggagggaccc ttctgagttg taagactatg     69420
     aacccaaagt ttaaggtttt gaagttttgc tgtcacgtgg atggcaaggg cagtcctctg     69480
     atgttctcag aaaatccagt catcagattc tagattgtga aggggttggc tgtcctctgt     69540
     gaaccataaa aggctttctt tagctggtga aaatacaatt cagcataata atctactgtt     69600
     ttaacatcaa ccctcttgca tggaagagct tttatacaat cagaaaacat gcactgaaaa     69660
     ttacaactga atgaaatccc tttataaaat gtttaaatgg cccatcaggt aaccaaatgt     69720
     acctgaagtt ttgattgttt tcctaggaat ataggttcga caaaccaaac attgattata     69780
     aactattcta gcaatttaga gatcaccaca gcaatatatt taatttggat cattttctct     69840
     ttccatgatg agttatggaa tgcagaactt ttaataacaa aagttttaag gacttaagat     69900
     ggacaaggtg gccatcctgg tccttcataa gtccatgctt aattaacatt agacttacat     69960
     cctcttgaat accagctgtt tcttcaaatt aggtgcatgg cactggtaac tgatgagtta     70020
     taggtaattt ggcttagacc atggagttta tttaaattat atatctaaac aatttcaata     70080
     ttggtgattt agcatgcaaa tctggcaaaa tatttccttg atattcaatt tttgttttac     70140
     ttgggttagc agttttataa accagttggt cttcttatta aactttagga tttttttttt     70200
     tttttttttt ttttttgaga cagagtctca ctctgttacc taggttggag tgcagtggca     70260
     caatcttggc tcaccgcaac ctccgcctcc tgggttcaag tgattctcct gcctcagcct     70320
     cccgagtagc tgggattaca gatgcatatc accacacccg gctaattttt gtagttttag     70380
     tagaggcggg gtttcaccat tggccaggct ggtctcaaac tcctgacctc aagtgatcca     70440
     ccggcctcag cctcccaaag tgctgggatt gccaacatga gccactgcac ccagcctaac     70500
     ttttgtgaat tcttaaccag tccaattatt gggggatcgg ggaacttatg gggaattttt     70560
     acccatgata ttaaagttat tagaaacctg tgttcccgag tgtttttcat ggtccttttc     70620
     attctttcat gaatcttcta ttctagaatt ttgcatgctt gtgaagtttt tagaaactgc     70680
     atcaccttta agcaattaac tgtgggaatg actttaaata gttatagtta aagacaattg     70740
     ataaggaaat ttggttattt ctgtggtcta caataactta ataaccataa ttagggtgga     70800
     tgtggtggct cattattgta atcccagctc tttgagaggc caagttaggt ggatcacctg     70860
     aggtcaggag tttgagacca gcctggccaa catggtaaat ccctgtctct actaaaaata     70920
     aaaaaattag ctggatgtgg tggcagttgt ctgtaatccc agctacttgg gaggctgagg     70980
     caggagaaat gcttgaaccc aggaggtgga ggcttcagtg agcctagatc acaccattgc     71040
     actccagcct aggtgacaag agtgaaactc tgtctcaaag caaacaaaac aggtaattat     71100
     gatagatagc atataggcat attagaattt tagaatcctg gccgggtgca gtggctcagg     71160
     cctgtaatcc cagcactttg ggaggccgag gtggaaggat cacgaggtca ggagatgaga     71220
     acatcctggc taacacggtg aaaccccgtc tctactaaaa atacaaaaat tagcttggca     71280
     tggtggtgga tgcctgtagt cccagctact cgggaggctg aagcaggaga atggcatgaa     71340
     cccaggaggc ggaggttgca gtgagccgag attgtgccac tgtactccag cctgggtgac     71400
     agagcaagac tccgtctcgg gggaaaaaaa aaaaagaatt ttagaaatcc tatacaattt     71460
     tagaacgggt tgatgacata aactaaatat aacctgaaga aggttcaaca ttatgtttta     71520
     ttttgacagt gctacccatg tgacttaaca tgttaaatag tcttgtttac ctctcttttg     71580
     tgtgcttcaa gggcctctgt agtatcccaa agttagaggt cggaaaagac aattttgaag     71640
     ttgaaatttg attttgggaa gcctattaaa tatattaaaa gtttaaacac ttgatgttat     71700
     gaaatagaat tccaggtcac cgtaagtcat tcatttactt aaaatcatga cttaaaaaaa     71760
     gttttaaagg gcaaaaatct ttactcattg atagagggaa gacttatctt cacaaacgat     71820
     ctgcctcttg tttttccttt ttttttttgt ttggtagttt atttaaaagg caaacaaatt     71880
     tttcattatt ttttaatatt acctgaacat cttctttaaa gagagaaagc caaatgtcac     71940
     ccactttttc ataaaacctt atagacaaat ctattattct ttcttttttt tttttttttt     72000
     ttgagatgga ttttccctct tgttgcccag gctggagtgc aatggtgtga tctcggttca     72060
     ctgcaacccc ctgcctcccg ggttcaagca attctcctgc cccagcctcc tgagtagctg     72120
     ggattagagg catgtgccac cgtgcccagc taattttgtg tttttagaag agacggggtt     72180
     tttccttgtt tgtcaggctg gccctgaact cctgacctca ggtgatccac ctgcctcagc     72240
     ctccccaagt gttgggatta caggcacgag ccactgcacc tggccatttt tttttttttt     72300
     aaagattgtg tcttgctctg tcactctcct caccacatta tagctctggg gccaagctgc     72360
     atcacaatgg aaaatcatgg aatcacagga agaatccact cagctttgca agatgctgcc     72420
     caaggggttg cttggagtaa ccaaattaac atttttcatt ctgcccagag caaaatacat     72480
     gtgacaaaac atagacacgt gccactttgc tcagcaccca gtatcaaact ggtaagactc     72540
     aaacttgctc ccagatgggc cgagccatct ctaaatcttt ttagaagctt ctgcatatta     72600
     ataggcatcc ctagataaga ctaatttggg agccctcatt tttaaatgca cttcagggca     72660
     ttattcattt ggaatgttcc actgtaagtt atcttaataa gattttgcca tttctgtaag     72720
     actttgctgc ttcccaggcc taatatatta gccagaagga gcttagtttt ccagaaatta     72780
     aggatcctat tgttacctaa aatattggct ttactccccg gttcccttca ttaacttagc     72840
     caatgatttt tttttcttgc ctaagcgtgt gagaaaatga aacaaagggg tagaacacaa     72900
     aaatccctgt gaattttcaa aagccaaatg ttacaacctt ccaatattat catttactac     72960
     cactttcctt ctgacccagt cagatgtagg aggcctctaa ctcgaactgg attcaagcca     73020
     gttaactact ggatcaaatc tgatcctgga cccggtctct tttctgccat aacgtctaaa     73080
     acatccagcc agtcatggct ggatagcagt ttggaacaga aatttgctca aagaaactca     73140
     gagctcaaaa cacaaatcca tggagctctg aaatccgaga gaaaatttac catgatccct     73200
     agctgctgca agagatcaaa ggacacaagt gttagagaat cctgaggtgt cacttttctg     73260
     cctgaaacct ctggctggtg gagcctttac ctgtgctttg ttcgggccca ctgggttagt     73320
     tctgtccact cagcccatgc tagtggtctg gatcccacac ctgccaaggg cgagctgggt     73380
     acagagcagt gaggggtgtg tgagcaagcg agcatgggat ctggccactt cactcagcca     73440
     agcatgccag ctgcagtggg gtgggcagct ccaggcacag gtgccatctc cctgtgaggc     73500
     tgcagctgga ccaggccaac tgcaaacagc ttccactgtg ggtatcaggg aatgcagtgg     73560
     cacccagaag cttggagatg caggacctgc agagccccaa agaaggtgtc acagccctgg     73620
     ctgggggagc tcctaggtct gtgttccctg aagggacaca gctcttctct ccttctctct     73680
     tctcttcttc ttgcctgcaa tttggcaagc aaggagtgcg tttcagccct gtttatgtta     73740
     cacctctttc agccctgcta gttggcaggt cccgagttct tgtcctgagt ccaggaaaaa     73800
     tgaggtgtgt ggacaagtag aaggtgagca aggtgaagag gtgctttatt gagccacagt     73860
     gcagctcaga ggagacctgc agtgggtagc tcctttctgc aggcaggtca tcccaacgtc     73920
     tgttcagctc tcagcagctg agaggagacg cactgtgggt agctgtgccc atagtgccca     73980
     ggcgttcaag ctgaggaggg cctttctgcc actgctgagc cactcttagc cccacctcag     74040
     cctccctcct gtgcttgcca gtgcccaaag tctggagggg gccgaggtgg caggggactg     74100
     gcatgtcagc actgccctga gcttgcacaa actgggccgg gttgtgactg tgcccgggtt     74160
     tggcctcaac ttggatccga atttggagtg ggctctggaa gcagagagac gccaggtggc     74220
     aggaccaggt acaactgagc ctgccggtca ggggagcttg ctgggcctct gagagtgcag     74280
     agatgcccag gtttgcagtc atggctggat ggctgcagct gtgcctggga gggtggggct     74340
     cctgcctgat aatttagaag gggcaggtct cccatccatt cctggctccc accagctttg     74400
     aggagcgcac agccccagcc actcctcccc actgcagcca gtgtctccat agcaactgct     74460
     ccacgtgggc cactgctgcc atcacaaacg ggtcctttca ggttccttcc ttgtacctca     74520
     gcactctggg ggtcattaga agccttagca acactgccca ccacagtata gctccagagg     74580
     ccctagcagt cctgctccca cagatcccac ctctgacacc atctattaaa agaaaatctt     74640
     cagctgaatt aaatttaaag gaacttaatt gagcaatgaa tgattcacga atcaggcagc     74700
     ccccagaatc acagcagatt cagtaagact ccagcacaga cacatggtgg aagatttata     74760
     gacaataaag ggaacatgat gtacaaaaat ctgaagtgag gagtgaggtc tagaagcaac     74820
     tgggtccatt acagttctca gcattgaggt ccagaaacaa ctggacaggt tacagtgctc     74880
     agcatttgcc ttatttgaac acagctgaac attcagcagt gtgtgagtgg cagaagtttg     74940
     gctgttggga ttggccagga ctcagctact gttttaggta catactccta agttaggttt     75000
     tcagtctttc tacctattaa gttaggttgc agtttgtcca cagggactca aatctagaag     75060
     tacagagtcc ttcccaggcc atatttagtt cactgtaaca gttcctatta tgacctcact     75120
     gacagttctt tttctctgaa ttctcctttc ttctcaacag cttatccaaa tgttccattg     75180
     gtccctgttc atcttgccct gcagttctcc ttgactgatt cagccctttg tggtttgcag     75240
     tcctgtttct ctacagcttg gacctcttca gtctttccat cataggttta actctctgtt     75300
     gaatgcttct ttgtagctat ccaaatttac cttaagctca aaaaattcga agtgaaagcc     75360
     acatcctctt ctcttccttt atgtgtatgg cattacaacc atgcagccag tgacccaaaa     75420
     tgggatttct tctgggcttt tcttgcttat attcaggctc atctggtgtc aagccttgtt     75480
     acttttgttt ccttgttcct ttatttttat tttttttcct tttgagacag agtttcactc     75540
     ttgttgccca ggctagagcg cagtggtgtg atctcagctc actgcagcct ccacctcctg     75600
     ggttcaagca attctcctgc ctcagctcct gagtagctgg tattacaggc atgtgccacc     75660
     atgcccggct aattttgtat ttttagtaga gatggggttt ctctgttttg atcagggtgg     75720
     tctcaaactc ccgacctcag gtgatccacc cgcctcggcc tcccaaagtg ctgggattac     75780
     aggtgtgagc caccgtgcct ggcctgcttg ttgttttcat ctcatcctga tttccgaata     75840
     caggagagaa gctgagttcg tgttcactaa caagcacaga agctttgtta tatttacagt     75900
     gtcattcttg gcaaaacctg aagtgtgtgt ttgtgggatt atgaggttca gtcacctgtg     75960
     acctgtgcat ctggccagca ctgtggtgac atccttagga atccaagggg agagagaaag     76020
     cattcaggag ttagtggatc acgtttgaca agggccaata aagaaatatg caaagacaaa     76080
     aaaacaagaa gaacattgtc atattttcta ccttttttgt atataaattt atgtcaatga     76140
     ttttagctta tgttaatatg caatgtatat aatatgctaa catttacaat atatgtttat     76200
     agtttaaaca tttctgtcat gttttcagat tctttaaaga ttatattacc cttcctattt     76260
     cagatagctg cttaaaatta gtaaggaaaa acggatgtgt gcatcagttc caactgttta     76320
     tgtactaaaa ctagttgatt tcttggttaa gaacaaaaag tgaaaaccta attaactgaa     76380
     aaattttaag tgggcaatta tagttttagc tttaacgtaa aatattaact atgctccatt     76440
     cttgtatttt taacctaata ctcaatataa atcgccacat gccatgtttc agatcaaggt     76500
     tttacttggg atctctcatg agtttttcag ggttttaatt atctgagatg taacaatgta     76560
     ccagtaacct tactggctta aaccaggaat ttattctttt tacatgtcac aattttctgg     76620
     gtcaagacac tggacagggc agtgtgggtt agctgcttca tgatgtccct ggtctcatct     76680
     ggaaggactc taatggtggg ggacttgaag caggcaccca gaaggactct agtggctggg     76740
     gacatggagc aggcaccgag ccctctcttt gtggccagca cggacttcct cccagtctgg     76800
     cagtgtcagg tagtcaggtt tgtctgactt ctcccagggt gtgtgtccac gaggcccagg     76860
     cagaagctgt aaggtctctc atgatcatcc ctcagaagtc ccagagcatc tctgctgcca     76920
     cactgtccag tcgtactcat cactgagacc agccatgatt caagggggaa aggtgattag     76980
     attccacctc ttgatgagaa gcatagtagg aacctgcagc agtctttaat aagccacagc     77040
     ttgtcctctg gccacaaact attaacgctt ctcccacatg caaattattc tttgcccctc     77100
     tcaagagtcc cagaatggtt ttccttatgg cactggctgg tagcccaact gaatcctgaa     77160
     tcaggttgtg gtggcctgtc acctgcaccc acacacactc agccgcagtg aggactgaat     77220
     caagttgtgg tggcctgtca tctgccccca cacacacagc cacagtgagg actgaatcag     77280
     gttgtggtgg cctgtcgtct gcccctgaca cattcagcca cagtgaggac tgaatcaggt     77340
     ttttgtgacc tatcatctgt gcccacacac tcagccacag tgaggggact ggtgtgaaaa     77400
     cagtcagcat ttccgtttag aagctgttgg tgggaggcag gagggaggtg ctgccctgca     77460
     ggccccatct aacagttggt cattcccatg gggcgcctgt tacagttctg tgattagtgc     77520
     ccagtccagg tccctgagaa cggcgcctag tccttgtccc tgagaacggc gtttgtgtcc     77580
     ttttactcct ccctctcggc ttttgtcatt ctccatgttc tttttccttc agtgcctggg     77640
     ttgccgttga ccaactttct ctgccttttt cttatggtca atagggtatt caatggcttc     77700
     tttttagttt tttttccttt tctttttttt tttcctttgg ccttttgaga caagaaatta     77760
     tttcttttta ttttctctaa attttgtttg aaaactgaac ttccttcttt agatcatgtc     77820
     cctctcctgt catatttatt cagtgacagt taggggaggc tggtagcact ttccatgttc     77880
     ttcccagatg tctccttagg cagacccctg agatggtgca gtgccctttc agtttccatg     77940
     ttgtggccat agttttctca cagtccctca gcacataact ctcaggcctt ttccccagtt     78000
     tccaatgaca ttttctcacc gtccttcagg ccctgaccaa gagtcttgat gcccttccag     78060
     gttgcatgaa tggtctcctt gaggcccagt tacaggtcag cctcacagtc gtggcacata     78120
     ttgtaacttc tgattaccac agcggctcat ttccagctac catattctgt tccagttatc     78180
     tattctgaag aaaccatccc caaaacttgg cagcttaaaa caactcacta ttacttgttt     78240
     tttggcttag agagtcttgg tggccagctc atctcacaca cagttgcagc caagctggat     78300
     tgtgtgaaag cacagtgggg tggtgtgcag ggtggctcac tagtggtagg gagtggatgt     78360
     tgctgaaggc tcactagtgg ttgggagtcg gtgttgctgg agggtcagtg ggggatgtca     78420
     atgcgtgtag ctagtcatgg actgcccgtg tggtttccat catggggtct caggggagtg     78480
     ggatttcctg cttggtgact ggctttctcc tggataagtg ttctgttttc tcagcctggc     78540
     ttctgaagtc cccaaatacc acctttgtca ccttttgttg gccaagcaag tcagtagtct     78600
     ggacaaggtt taaggggaat tggttctcac agagagagga gcaggaaaga agttgtcacc     78660
     tttagtctac cagaaatatg atttttataa caagtttgtt ccaaatacat tccagttccc     78720
     cttgtgaata cttttttgac tcacagggta tttcaaagtt tattacttgg ttttcagaca     78780
     tttgaggctt ttctggatat caatttgttg ttggtttcta atttaatttc aggtgttcag     78840
     gcaacatact ttgtatacta tttcatgctt gaacattttc tcaattgatc gacatacagt     78900
     ctatcttggt actgccaagt accctttggg tccggattgt gtcatttaga tccgtatttt     78960
     tcctatatct ttaactggtt gttccatcag ttactgagag agcagtataa attcaccagc     79020
     tataattttg gattgtcaat ttcctgcttt tgttctgtgt ttttgattca cataatttga     79080
     gactctgtgt gtgtgtgtac tttgtgtgca ctttgaggca caatttataa ttgtaacatc     79140
     atcctctctg attcttttat ttttatgaaa ttactttgtt tatttctggt gatatatttt     79200
     gttctggagc ctctttcatc tagtgttaac gtctcctttg aagcttttta tgattagtgt     79260
     ctggatagca tatttttatt attagtgtct gcatagcata ttttttctca tactttgtgt     79320
     ctttgtattt aaattgtgtc tctgtggaag ccatattgtt gggtcttgct ttcctctcag     79380
     gtctggcagt ctctttctta agtagagtat ttgtcaagtt acattgtaac taatcattgc     79440
     taaggttgga tttaggtctg ccatttttct acttattttc tatttgtttg tttttttttt     79500
     ttttaagaca gggtcttgct ctgtcaccga gactgtagtg caatggtgca atgttggctc     79560
     actgcaacct ctgcctccca ggcccaacca atcctcactt gagcccactg agtagctggg     79620
     actacaggcg catagaaaca cacctgacta atttttatat tttttgtaga gatagggttt     79680
     tgccatgttg cacaggctgg tcttgaactc ctgagctcaa gcaatctacc caccttggcc     79740
     tcccaaagtg ttcggattac aggcatgagc caccatgtct ggccttcgtc tgtgttttga     79800
     tcttctatat attttttcct aacttctttt gggttaaata tttctaaata ttccagtttg     79860
     attaatattt tggctttttg aaataatttt ttataggctg ggcatggtgg cttatgctca     79920
     taatctcagc tctgtgggag gccaagggag gtggactgct tgagcccagg agtttgagac     79980
     cagtctgggc atcatggcaa aaccctctct acaaaaaaac caaatcaaaa tttagcctga     80040
     catcttggtg tgcccctgta gtcccaacta ttcgggaggc tgaggtggga gggttgcttg     80100
     agcctgggag gttgaggctg caatgagctg tgatcatgcc attgcactcc tgccagggca     80160
     acagagtaag accctgtgtc aaaaaagatc attttttaga aataatttat tatttaggat     80220
     tttggtaaca aacacatacc ttaaaattta ccgtcataac cagttgtaag tatacagttt     80280
     tgtagagtta agaatattta cggtgttgtg tagcagattt ctagattttt ttttatcttg     80340
     gaaaactcta tacccattca acaactatta atttccccct ccttccacct cctggcaagt     80400
     actattctac tttgtgtttc taaaaatttg gcttatatac ctagggttat ataatatttg     80460
     ttgttttgta agtaggttcc atgttatgtg tcagatgtgt cacgattttc ttcctttcta     80520
     tggctgaata atatttcttc atatatatat tatatatata ttacatatat attatataca     80580
     tacattatat atattatata tatataatat atatcatata tatatatgct tttgtttatc     80640
     cacctattcc tggatggacg ttttggtttt ttccaccttg tggctgtgta atgctgctgt     80700
     gaacttaggt gtgcacatat ctgtttgagg tcctgctact agttattctg tctctgtagt     80760
     agttggatgg ctggatcata tggtcatttt attttatttt ttttgaggag ccagttcata     80820
     tttccaccaa cagtattcaa gggtttcagt ttcacctgcg cttgttactt tctgttgggt     80880
     ttgaagtgat gtcccattgt ggtttctttt tgcatttctc taatgactag tgatgttaca     80940
     catcttctca tatatctcat gtatcttttg gctattgtat atcatctttg catctttgga     81000
     taaatgttgt ttgtccattt tttaatcact ttattttgtt gttgggttgt agcggggttt     81060
     tttgtcatga tcattcattt atctcacagt tcattctcat tacttgggcc agggtcatga     81120
     tgattcatta tctctcagtt catcctcatt acgttgggca aacagtcatg ctgcagggta     81180
     tagattatgt tattctgtta ctttcaggta gaattggggt ctaggttata attgtttcta     81240
     agtttagatt ctgactgaga atcagcagag gtagaccacc gctgctggtg cctggggatt     81300
     gctgggaaaa aggcaggaaa caaatacaga cctgaccatg gagggtttgt gtttcatggc     81360
     tcccatctgg gtacccaagg aacctacatg tagctcgtgt gtggagagcc tatattgccc     81420
     actcaaagca attgaggatg gaacagtctt ggggctggag ctcattattt ggaatgataa     81480
     ccacatctgc acagagagga cctgataaga tgttgtcctt ccatgtatat ctgggaatcc     81540
     tgtgtagggt ctctctgtaa ggacaggggc agtgttggct ccttggcctc tagttagcct     81600
     cacgagtagt ctagtaaagg ctttgccaac ttatcaccat ctgtggatat tctggccagc     81660
     tcttgttttc accctattga cttcttcaga cactaggctt ttgctttaga ccattcatgg     81720
     tttttcttcc tcttcatatc agtaatcaat aaatcctctt caaatcaata aatttccact     81780
     cctttaggaa actctgatct tctggtcatg ccaaggttta attaactggt ttaattgttt     81840
     ttctgttttc ttggtttctt tttccttctt cctgagggtt tctagtaatt ttagtttgat     81900
     gtctcacttt ctccattttt tatttcttag ttttcgtctg tgattatttt cactgcagct     81960
     ccagggccta atcctgggtt ggcagagaac tagcacttac tctgccctaa ttggaatcca     82020
     ggagagatag gaggtgccct agtgtgaaaa tgtgtttgct cctctctgct tctggtagtc     82080
     tctctgtagg agtactttac gtattctgaa tgttcactta tgagatacat gatgtgcaac     82140
     tataggttga atgtctctga tccaaaaatc tgaaatccga aatgctccaa agtctgaaac     82200
     tttttgagtg ccaacatgac actcaaagga aatgcttatt ggagcatcgc agactcaggt     82260
     gtttgaattc gagatgctca accagtaaga ataatgcaaa tattacaaaa tctgaaatac     82320
     atcccaagca tttcaaataa gggacactca actggtattt tcttttattc tacagtttgc     82380
     cttttaccct gttggttgtg acctttgtgg tacagaagtt tttaggtttg atatattttt     82440
     gcttttactg cctgagcttt taatgtcata tcctaaaaat tattgacaaa ttcatcgtca     82500
     taaagcattt tccaaatttg ttttccctag gagtttgata gttctagttt tacatttagg     82560
     tttataattc actttgaatt aattttaacg tggtgtaagg taagagtcca acttcattgt     82620
     tttgcatgta gatatacaat tttcccaaca ccatttgttg aagaaactgt ccttcgccat     82680
     taagtggtct tggcatcctt gtggaagatc atcagaccat atatgccagg gttggtttct     82740
     gaggtctctg ttgtgttggt ccataagtgt gtcaagtatg tcttatgcca tgaccacatt     82800
     ttttttggct tattgcagtt atgtaattgt tttgagacct ttaattttgt tctgcttcaa     82860
     gattgatttg cctattcatg ggccctggcg attccatatg aattttagga taggtttttc     82920
     tgtttatcaa aaatgtcatt ggaatcttta taaggattgt attgaatcta ggtcacttcg     82980
     agtagtgttg acatcattcc aagatgaaat catctaatct gcaaacccag cttttctttt     83040
     catttatttg tgtttaattt ctttcaacag tgttttgtag ttttctgtgt tcaaatcttt     83100
     tgcccttttg gttaagctta tttttaattt ttataatgct gttgtaaatg taatactttt     83160
     tttttttttt ttttttgaga tggagtcttg ctctgtctcc caggctggag tgcagtggca     83220
     ctatctcagc tcactgcaac ctgcgccatc tttattcaag cgattctcca acctcagcct     83280
     ctcaagtacc tgggatcaca ggtgcgcacc agcaagccca gctaattttt tggtattttt     83340
     agtagagaca gggtttctcc atgttgacca ggcaagtctt gaacttgtga cctcaggtga     83400
     tctgcccgcc tcggcctccc aaactgctgg gattgaaggc gtgaaccact gcacctggcc     83460
     aaatgtcatt ctttttaaaa atttcttttc ttttgtttta tctttctttt cttttctttc     83520
     tctctctctc tttcctttct ttcttttctt tgagatggcg tctcactcag tttcctaagc     83580
     tggagcgcag tggcacaatc tcagctgact gcaacctcca ccttccaagt tcaagcaatt     83640
     ctcctgcctc agcctcccaa gtagctggga ctacaggtgt ctgccgctac gcccagctaa     83700
     tttttgtatt tttaatagag acagagtttt actatttatt ttagagatgg gtttggccca     83760
     gctggtcacg aactcctgac ctcaggtggt ctacccgcct tggcctccca aagtgctggg     83820
     attataagtg tgagccactg cacctggcct ctctttttaa aattttattt gcagattgtt     83880
     cattgttagt ttatggaaat gcaactgact tgtgtgtgtt actgtatcct gaaattttgt     83940
     tgaatttcat tattttacca gtattttggg aatttcagga tttttaccca ttacatcctg     84000
     ttgtctgtga acaaaatttt gtactttttc cttcccaatt tgcatccttt ttattacttt     84060
     cttttgacta actattctga gtagaaattc cagtactgtg atgaatagaa gtggcaggaa     84120
     gagatgttgc tatcttattc ctgatcctag aggaaaagat tttagtcttt caccattgag     84180
     tatgatgtta gctgtgagct tttcacgtat aatctttatt tactgaggag tttccatata     84240
     ttactaattc tttgagtgtt tttattacaa aaggtgttca tctggctctg gaaccagata     84300
     aatgttgacc tgatagaatg gattggaatg tccccttctg gtttttgaac atttttggaa     84360
     tattttgcag aggactggca ttaattcttc ttgaaatgtt tggtaaaatt ttccagtgaa     84420
     gttatccgga cctggaattt tctttttggt ggtgtttttg attactggtt gaatcttctt     84480
     actagttaca ggtctctttg gattttttat ttctccgtga tgcagtatgg tggtttgtgt     84540
     ttctaggaat ttataagttt attctaggtt gtccagtttt gtggcatatg gctgctcaca     84600
     ttagtctctt gtaatatttt tcatttctgt ggcatctgtt gtactgtcac ctcttttatt     84660
     tatgatttta gtatttgaga tttctctttt tttcttaata tagctgtgag ttttaaaact     84720
     tttattgatc tttaaaaaaa caaactcagt gggttttttt tccttttttt ttctgacctt     84780
     attctgctta tctctgctct aatctgttat tttcttcctt ttgcttggtt tgtcattagt     84840
     ttttttctcc ccccttcagg tgtaatgtta ggttattgat ttgagatctt tcttcttttt     84900
     aatttaagca cctgcagcta taagcttccc tttagcaagg gtttgagatc tttcttcttt     84960
     ttaatttaag catctacagc tgtaagcttc cctttagcat gggtttgaga tctttcttct     85020
     ttttaattta agcatctgca gctgtaagct tccctttagc actgtctttg ttgcctcctc     85080
     ctgagtttgg gtgtgtcatg gtttcgtttt catttgttta aacatttttt gtcctattgt     85140
     aatataattg tgttgttttt aataaaggta attaatgaaa cacataatga attgtgcttc     85200
     tgtttttata atattttaag cattcttaac tcagaaatgt aaattttaga aaaaaattcc     85260
     aggccagaca cagtggctca catctgtaat cccagcactt gaggaggccg aggcgggagg     85320
     atcatctgag gtcaggagtt ggagactacc ctggccaaca tggtgaaacc ctgtctttac     85380
     taaaaataga aaaaaaatat atataaaagt tagctgggtg tcatggcggg tgcctgtaat     85440
     cccagctact ctggaggctg gggcaggaga atcacttgaa tctgggaggc ggaggttgca     85500
     gtgagctgag attgcaccac tgcactccag cctgggtgac agaatgagag tccgtctcaa     85560
     aaaaaaagaa aaaagaaaaa atttcagaca tatttatttg tatttcaatt tagaaactat     85620
     gatctcctaa gtgtattgac acagctacct gacataaaga taaagaataa taagcatata     85680
     acaaaacgga aacttgcaaa tacctgtttt ttattaattt ttaattatat atatttaaaa     85740
     attgccgggt gcagtggctt acacctgtaa tcccagcact ttggggggct gaggtgggca     85800
     gatcacatga ggtcaggaat ttgagaccag cctggccaac atggtgaaac cttatctcta     85860
     ttaaaaatca aaaaattagc caggcgtgat agcatgcatc tgtagtccct gctactcggg     85920
     agactgacgc aggagaattg cttgaacatg ggaggcagag gttgcagtga gccaagatag     85980
     tgccactgca ctccagcctg ggtgtcagag tgaggctctg tctcaaaaaa ataaaaattg     86040
     tctgggcacg gtggctcaca cctgtaatcg cagcactttg ggaagctgag gcaggcagat     86100
     cacgtcagga gatcgagacc atccgggcta acactgtgaa acgccatctc tactaaaaat     86160
     acaaaaaatt agccgggcat ggtggcgggt gcctgtagtt ccagctactc cacaggttga     86220
     ggcaggagaa tggtttgaac ctgggaggtg gagcttgcag tgagccaaga ttgcaccact     86280
     ggactccagt ctgggtgaca gagtgagact ctgtctcaaa aaaataaaat aaaataaaac     86340
     taaggtgtgg ttgacataca aaaattacac atatttaata tataccttgt gtgtgtgtgt     86400
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt atgtgttatg gaggttttac tcttgttgcc     86460
     caggctggag tgcagcgaca cgatctcagc taactgcaac ctccgcctcc caggttcaag     86520
     caattctcct gcctcagcct cctgagtagc tgggatcaca ggtgtgcgcc cccacgcccg     86580
     gctaattttt gtattttttt agtagagaca ggttttcacc atgttggcca ggctggtctc     86640
     gaacgcctga cctcagatga tccacctgcc tcggcctccc aaagtgctgg gattacaggc     86700
     gtgtgacacc gaatatatac atcttaatga gtatagagat aaatattcgc cccaggactc     86760
     atcacaacaa ataataccgt aaacttgacc atcacccccc atatatttct cattctcacc     86820
     ctttttaaaa aatgagaccg ggagtggtgg ctcacgcctg taatcccagc actttgggag     86880
     gccaaggcag gtggatcatg aggtcaggag atcaagacca tcctggctaa cacagtgaaa     86940
     ccccgtttct actaaaaata cagaaaatta gctgggcgtg atggtgggca cgccatcccg     87000
     agtagctgta gtcccagcta ctcgggagac tgaggcagga taatggtgtg aactcgggag     87060
     gcagagcttg cagtgagccg agatcgtgcc actgcactcc agcctgggca acagactgtg     87120
     actccatctc aaaaaaaaaa aaatgagatg accatttcac ctaaaatata ccctcttaag     87180
     tatttttgta agtgtacaat acaggacggc catgcatcag agatatatgt gggtttggtt     87240
     ccagaccact gcaataaagt gttatacaat ttcttgtggt ttcccagtgc atgtaaaagt     87300
     atgtttatac tgtgctgtat aaagtgtgca atagcatatg tctacaaagt atgcacactt     87360
     taatttacaa atactttatt tttaacaagt gctaacagtc atctgagcct tcagaaagct     87420
     gcaatctttt tgtgtgtgtg tgacagggtt ttactctgtg gctcaggctg gagtaattgc     87480
     agcctcaacc tcatgctcaa tcaaaccccc acctcagact cctgactagc tgggactaca     87540
     ggtgcatgcc accgtgtcca gctaattttt gtattttttt ttttttgtag atatggggtt     87600
     ttgccatgtt gccttgacgt cctgggctca agcaatccac ccaccttggc ctcccaaggt     87660
     gttgggatga caggtgtgag ccactgcacc tggccaagtt tcagtcttct tgctgatgga     87720
     gggtcttatg ttaatgtaag gtggtggttg ctgagcgttg gggtggctgt ggcaatttct     87780
     taaaataaga caacgttgaa ggttgctgtg tcaattgact ctccctttca caaaagaatt     87840
     aactgtagca tacgatgata gctttttacc cacagtagaa ctttcaaaat tggattcaat     87900
     gctgtcaaac cttcgtactg ctgtaccaac taagtttatg tattattgta aatcactggg     87960
     ttcaatcttg tcaagccttc cttctgctgt accaagttta ttctaaatct gttgtcatct     88020
     caatattgtt tacactgtct tcaccacgag tagatttcat ctcaagaaac cactttcttt     88080
     gctcatccgt gggagcaact catcctctca cgttttctcc agaggctgct gcagtctcac     88140
     cagatcttca ggctctttct agtgctcttg ttacttccac catatctgca gttacttcct     88200
     ccacagaagt cgtgaacccc tgtgtcattt gtgagggttg gaataatctt cccaacttct     88260
     ctctctctct ctcttttttt tttttttttt tgagatgaag tcttgcctgg gctggagtgc     88320
     agtgatgcga tctcagctca ctgcaacctc cacctcccgt gttcaagcaa ttttcctgcc     88380
     tcagcctccc aagtgtttgg gattacagtc acccccgacc aggcccagct aatttttttt     88440
     gtgtttttag tacagacagg atttcactat gttggccagg ctggtctcaa attcctgacc     88500
     tcatgatcca catgccttgg cctcccaaag tgctgggatt acgggcgtga gccaccaagc     88560
     ctggccccaa cttctcctaa tgttgttatt ttgatcttct tttttaaatc atgaatgttc     88620
     tcaatggcat ctagaatggt gaatcctttc cagtaggttt tcaatcattt tgcccagatc     88680
     catcaaagga atcactttct agagaagcta tagctttatg aaatatattt tttaagtgat     88740
     aagacttgaa agttgaaatt attctttgat ccaagagcac cagaatgaat gttagcttag     88800
     taggcatgaa aacaatattc agctctttat acatctctgt aaaaaccctt gaataccagc     88860
     ggcattgtca gtgagtggta atactttgaa aggaatctta tttcttgagc agtagttgtc     88920
     gacagtgggc ttaagatatt cagtaaacca tatttgtaaa ccgatagtct gacatccagg     88980
     ctttgttccc atttgtagag tacaggcaga gctgtgtttt atcataattc ttcagggccc     89040
     ttggattttc agaatagtaa atcatcattg gtttcaagtt aacatcacca attgcattag     89100
     gccttaacaa aagagtcagc atgtcctttg aagccttaaa gccaggcatc aactcctctc     89160
     tagctgggaa catcctggat ggcatctcct tctagtagaa ggcagttttg tctccattgc     89220
     aaatctgttt agtgtagcca tcttaatcaa ttatcttcta gatagctttc tgcagctttt     89280
     ccatcagtac ttgctgcttt atcttgcgct tttatgttat ggagatgact tttttcctta     89340
     aacctcaaga aacaagctct tctagcttca gacttttctt ctgcagctgc ctcacctctc     89400
     taagtcttca tagaattgaa gggaggccgg gtgcggtggc tgtcacacct gtaatcctag     89460
     cactttggga ggccgaggcg ggcagatcac ctgaggtagg gagtttgaca ccagtctgac     89520
     caacgtggag aaaccccgtc tctactaaaa atacaaaaaa atagccaggc gtggtggcgc     89580
     atgcctgtaa tcccagctac tcgggatgct gaggcaggag aatggcttga acttgggagg     89640
     cagaggttgt gatgagccaa gttcacgcca ttgtactcca gcttgggcaa gaagaatgaa     89700
     actctgtctc aaaaacaaag aaaaaaagta aaaagagagt taggcttagg cttaatggaa     89760
     tttttttgtt tttttttaat cttctatcta gaccaattaa acttccatca taacagcagc     89820
     aagattgttt agctttttat cattcatgta ttcactggag tagtacttta aatttctttc     89880
     cagaacactt cctttgcatt cacaacttgg ctaagtgttg catgaggtct agctactggc     89940
     ctgtcttgct tacagcatgc cttcatcact aagcttaatt ttttcttcct tttggtttaa     90000
     agtgacagac atgcaactct tctttcactt gaacatatag aggctattgt agggttatta     90060
     attggccaca ttttaatatt aataaaaaga agcctgagag aaagagagag aaagagaaat     90120
     ggcccattgg tggggcagtc agaacaaaca catttgtcaa ttgtttgctg tcttatcctg     90180
     gtgtgatttg tggttcccaa aacaatgaca acagtagcat taaagatcac tgattacaga     90240
     tcactataac agattcaata ataaaaagct taatatactg taagaatgac cgaaatgtga     90300
     cacagagaca tgaagtgagc acgtgctgta ggaacaatgg tgccagtgag acctgcttat     90360
     tgcagggtgg ccacaaacct tcaatatgta aaatgcatgg tcacaaaaca caataaagca     90420
     aagcgcagtg aaacaagatg tgtctgtctt ttgatagact ctgacaatct ctatctttga     90480
     attggtacat tcataccatt agcattcaaa gtgattattg atatcattgg attaatatct     90540
     actatatttg tcactgtttt ctattcattc tcctcagtct ccattctttt gtctaccact     90600
     ctttttctgc cttttgcagt tttcattgat gattttagat gactacattt tccctgtctt     90660
     tcttagcatg tacttctctt tttaaaactt tttttaacta gttgccacag aatttgcaat     90720
     atacatttac aaccaattca agtccacttt caaataacac tatcccacta tcccacaaat     90780
     aagactacct gcttaacaaa caaaacacct aattcctcag taacatttac aacaaattca     90840
     agtccatttt caaataaaac taccccacta tccaacaaat aagactacct gcttaacaaa     90900
     gaacacacct aattcctcaa tatacattta caaccaattc aagtccactt tcagataaca     90960
     ctatcccact tcacgggtga ctacctgctt aacaaagaaa acacctgatt cctccctccc     91020
     atccttccat tccattcctt gtattattgt tccttattgc acttgtgtat aagcatacat     91080
     aatctatctg tgtgtattta ttattatcta caaacttatt ggtcagatca attatgaata     91140
     aatacatgtt tttattgtac cacaattcct ccctcccatc cttccattcc attccttgta     91200
     ttagtgttac tcatttaact tgtgtataag catacataat ctatctgtgt gtatttgtta     91260
     ttgtctatga acttcttggt cagatcaatt aagaataaat acataggttt ttattgtacc     91320
     acaattcttt aatggtcttt tttaaaaaat gttgatccag gtttcagtta tatatctttt     91380
     gtttccctct aaagaatttc atttaacatt tcttgcaaga caggtctcct ggcaacaagt     91440
     ttcttgaatt tttatttttc tgaggaaggc cttaattctc cttcactttt gaaggtggtt     91500
     tcagtgggta cagaaactta ggttggtggg ttttttctgt caacattttg aatttttcat     91560
     ttaattgtct tcttgctttc acagtttctg caatgttgaa tgcagttctt atctttgtgt     91620
     ctctgtaggt aaggtgtttt ctgccccacc tctggtttct ttcagagttt tcctttatct     91680
     tttatttcat atagtttgaa aattatatgt ccaagtgtag gttgctggca tttatactgc     91740
     ctggtgttct ctgagcttcc tggatctttg gtttggtgtc tgacattaat actggaagtt     91800
     ctcagacatg gttgttgcag aactttcttc tatttcttct cctcctggta ttctcattac     91860
     tctgtttcac cttttatagt tgtcccacag tcttggatat catcttctgt tattttcagt     91920
     gtttcttttc tttagttttc gaagtttctg atgataaatc ctcaagctca gagattcttt     91980
     actcagctga gtccagtcta ctaataagcc atcagaggta ttcttcagtt atttaccaca     92040
     ttttttacca ctacattatg ttgaagtttc ttacgatgtc tgtctttctg attacattac     92100
     ccatctacac ttgaatgctg tctacttcat tcattagacc cttagcatat tctccagagg     92160
     tttaaaaaaa attccaaaat cttatctttg tctgcttctg aagcttgctc tgttgacaca     92220
     aattgtattt ttttcttttt ttggatttta gtatgccttg caattttttc cctttattct     92280
     catgcatgaa gcacccacta aaggtgactg ctgttagtat agctttagta atgctgtgat     92340
     gaggtgacag ggcaggtgat gctctcttag tctctttaca ctactataac aaaatacttt     92400
     agactgagta attcataaac aacagagatt attgctcaca gatctggagg ctggaaagtc     92460
     caagactgaa ggggcaggat atttagtgtt tggtgaaggt caaacattca gacactccca     92520
     acgactatag tgacagcagc agtcttcagg aatcctatgt gagggaaaaa cattcagacc     92580
     acagcaggag tgctcaggaa tcctatgtga ggggacaaac attcagaccc cagcagtagt     92640
     gttgtggaat cctatgtgag gggaaaactt tcaaaccctt gtagcagtgt tctgcaatcc     92700
     tatgtgaggg gcaaaaattc agaacctcgt agcagtgttc tggaatccta tgtgaggaac     92760
     aatcagacca cagcaggaat gttctggaat cctatgtgag gggcaaacat tcagaccaca     92820
     gcaggagtgt tctggaatcc tatgtgaggg acaaacattc agaccacagc aggagtgctc     92880
     tgtaatccta tgtgagggac aaacatttca aaaccttgta gcagtgtgct ggaatgttat     92940
     gtcagagaca gacatttaga ccctcgcagc agtgttctag aatcccatct gcgagacaaa     93000
     cattcagaca ctcgcagcag tgttctagaa tcctatgtga gggacagacg ttcagaccct     93060
     aacagcagtg ttctcgagtc ctatgtgagg tataaacatt cagacaccag cagaagtgtt     93120
     ctggaatcct atgtgaggga caaacattca gaccctcgta gcactgttct ggaatcctat     93180
     gttagtgaca aacattcaga ccacagcaac aatgctcagg aatcctatgt gaaggacaaa     93240
     cattcagacc ctcgtagcag tgttctggaa tcttatgtga gggacaaaca ttcaaaccac     93300
     aacagcagtg ttctggaatc ccacgtgaag gacaaacttt cagaccacag cagtagagtt     93360
     ctggaatcct atgtgaggga caaactttca gaccaaagca ggagtgttct taaatcctat     93420
     atgaaggaca aacattcaga ccccaggagc actgttctga aatcctatga taagggcaaa     93480
     cattcagacc ccaacatgaa tgttctggaa tcctatgtga gggacaagca ttaagaccat     93540
     agcaggagta ttctggaatc ctatgtgagg gacaaacatt cagacccttg tagaagtgtt     93600
     ctggaatcct atgtgattaa aaaacattca gaccctcgta gcagtgttct ggaatcctat     93660
     gtgagggaca aacattcaga ccccagaagg agtgttctgg aatcctatgt aaaggacaaa     93720
     cattcagacc ctcgtagcag tgttctggaa tcctatgtga gggacaaaca ttcagaccct     93780
     cccagcagtc ttctggaatt ctatgtgagg gacagacatt caaaccccag cagcagtgtt     93840
     ctggaatctg atgtgaagga cagacattca gaccccagca gcagtcttct ggaatcctat     93900
     gtgagggaca aactttcaga cactcatagc agtgttctgg aatcttatgt gaggtacaaa     93960
     cattcagacc ctcatagcag tgttctggaa tactatgtga gggacaacca ttcagaccat     94020
     ggcagttctg aaatgctatg tgaaggacaa acattcagac cctcgtagca gtgttctgga     94080
     atcctatgtg aaggacagac atttagaccc tcgaagcagt gttctgcagt cttaagtgag     94140
     gaacaaaaat tcagaccctc ataacagtgt tctggaatcc ttttttgagg gacagacaat     94200
     gagaccccag cagctgtggt ctggaatccc atgtgaggga caaacattca caccccagca     94260
     acagtgttct gtaatcgtat gtgagggaca agcattcaag accccagcag cagtgttctg     94320
     gaatcttatg tgagggacaa acattgagac cctcgtaaca gtgttctgga atcctacgta     94380
     agacacaaac attcgtacca cggcagaagt gttccagaat cttatgtgag ggacaaccat     94440
     tcagatcaca gcaggagtgt tctggaatcc tttgtgaggg acaaccattc agaccacagc     94500
     aggagtgttc tggaatccta tgtgagggac aaatattcag accctcatag cagtgttctg     94560
     gaatcctttg tgagggacaa acattcagac cccagcagga gggttctgga atcctgtgtg     94620
     agggaccaac attcagatcc tcgtagcagt gttctggaat gctatgtgaa agacaaccat     94680
     tcagactctc ataacaatgt tctggaatcc tatgtcaggg acattcagac cccagcggca     94740
     gtgttctgga atcctatgtg acagacaaac attcagacca cagcaggagc gttctggaat     94800
     cctatgtgat ggacaaacgt tcagaccata gcagtagtgt tctgcaatcc aatgtgagag     94860
     acaaacattc agagcccagc agcagtgttc aggaatccta tgtgagggac caacaatcag     94920
     acactcgtag cagtgttctg aaatcctatg tgagggacaa acattcagaa cccagctgca     94980
     gtgttctgga atcctatgtg acagaaaaac tttccaacca cagcagcagt gttctggaat     95040
     cctatgtgcg gtacaaactt tcagaccaca gcaggagagt tctggaatcc tatgtgaggg     95100
     acaaactttc agaccccagg agcagtgttc tgaaatccta tgttaagggc aagcatttat     95160
     atcccagtgt gaatgttctc gaatcctagg taagggacaa acattcagac cacagcagga     95220
     gtgttctcga atcctatgtg aggaacaaac attcagacca cagaaggagt gttctggaat     95280
     acaatgtgag ggacattcag accctcttag cagtgttctg gagtcctatg tgatgaacaa     95340
     actttcagac cacagcagga gtgttctgga atcctatgtg agggacaaac tttcagacca     95400
     cagcaatagt gttctggaat cctatgtgag ggcaaacatt cagacccacg tggcagtgtt     95460
     ctggaatcct atgtgaggga caaatattca gaccacagca ggagtgctct ggaatcctat     95520
     gtgaggtaca aacattcaga acctcgtagc agtgtcgtga aatcttatgt gagggagaga     95580
     catttagacc ctcgcagcag tgttctggta tcccatgtga gggacaaaca ttcagaccct     95640
     cccagccatg ttctggaact ctatgtgagg gaaagacatt caaaacccag cagcagtgtt     95700
     ctggaatctg atttgagggg cagacattca gaccccagca gcagtgttct ggaatgctat     95760
     gtgaaggaca aacattcaga ccatgggagc agtgttctag aatcctatgt gaaggacaaa     95820
     cattaagact ctcgtagcag tgtcctggaa tcatatgtga ggaacaacca ttcagacacc     95880
     agtagaagtg ttctggaatc ctaggtgtgg gaaaaacatt cagaacctag tagcagtgtt     95940
     ctggaatcct atgtgaggga cacacattca gaccacggca acagtgttct ggaatggtat     96000
     gtgaaggaca aacattcaga cccttgtagc agtgttccag aattctatgt gagggacaaa     96060
     cattcagacc acagcagcag tgttctgtaa tcctatgtga gtgacaaaca ttcagacccc     96120
     aagagcagtg ttctgaaatc ctatgttaag ggaaacattg agaccccagc atgaatgttc     96180
     tggaatccta tgtgagggac aaacattcag accacggcag gagtattctg gaatcctatg     96240
     tgaggaacaa acattcggac cacagcagga gtgttctgga atcctatgtg agggataagc     96300
     attcagaccc tcgtagcagt gttctggaat cctatgtgag ggagaagcat tcagagcaca     96360
     gcaggagtgt tctggaatcc tatgttaggg acaaacattc agaacctcgt aacattgtta     96420
     gggaaaccta tgtgagggac agacatttag accctcacag cagtgttctg gaatcccatg     96480
     tgagggtcaa acattcagat cttcacagca gtgttctgga attctatgtg agtgacaaac     96540
     ttccagactc cagcagcagt gttctgtatt cctatgtgaa ggacaacatt cagaatccag     96600
     gagcagtgtt ttgaaatcat atgttagggg caaacataca gaccctagca tcaatgttct     96660
     agaatcatgt gtgagggaca gacattctga ccctcgcagc agtgttctgg aatcctagat     96720
     gggggacaaa cattcagact ccagcagcag gcttctggaa tcctatgtgg gggacaaaca     96780
     ttcagacaat ggcagcagtg ttctggaatc ctatgtgagg gacaaacact cagagccttg     96840
     tagcagtgtt ctggaatcct atgtgagtga gagtgcctgg agcctaccca acatgacgcc     96900
     cccaaagccc tcacagggtc tgacctccca gcaggtacct gcctctccct gaaccccaac     96960
     cgcccaccct gcctgttccc tggcctactt catcctgtgc agcccataga ctgtgactat     97020
     ctctgcagcc actctggccc ttcctttacc tttgtcctgt cagaatctct gagcaggatc     97080
     tcccaggtcc atccaaacac gtgctttgtc cacttttgac taggcccttg ggcatcacta     97140
     ggctatccca gctgtccaca gggtcttcaa taatgcacat tgcacctggc ttatccaagc     97200
     agtgctccgc agcccacatt gaccaggtcc ctgctgacca gaccccacac atcaggtcct     97260
     ccctgatgac accttcactg attagaccct catgaccagg ccccactaac aaagccccca     97320
     ctgccaggca cacaatgaca aggactccac cgaccaggac cttactgaca aggcctcacg     97380
     gaccaagtcc ttactgacaa gtcctcactg actaggtcat tattgacaag gcctcactga     97440
     tcaggttcca ctgatcatga cctcattccc tggccccaaa gatgaggccc cactgaccag     97500
     gcctccaggg aacaggttgc cactgatcag gcccctaaaa accaggccta aggtcaccag     97560
     atgcccctga ctgggaccct agtgagtaga ccccagtgaa ctggcaccaa atgctgagat     97620
     ccccgctgac caggtcaccc tgtagaccag tgctacaaaa gtcaccactg accgagtcct     97680
     ctctgaccag gacactacag attaggtccc gctgacaagg ctgccctgac cagggcccca     97740
     ctgacaaggg cctcactgat gaggacacgc ccaccagggt ctgctgacta ggtcccatgt     97800
     gcccagtcct ccactgaata gcacctcttg acctggtcac cagtgcccca gcccatgctg     97860
     accaggccag ccctaagccc cagctgacca ggtctccact gatcaagccc cacagcccag     97920
     gtttgcactg agcagacacc aaacaactgg cagccaatag gtccccactc accaaaaccc     97980
     ccactactag acgccactaa tgagaccctc tctaagcaga cccctgctga ccacgatccc     98040
     actaaatagt cctcactgac ctaggcccac tgaccaggcc caccctgatc aggcccctcc     98100
     taaccacacc ggaaatccaa gcggcaatga catgtttcat atggcaaaag ttggaaaaag     98160
     acagagagag aaaagaggtt ccacagcctt ttaaactact agatctcatg agaactcact     98220
     cactatcagg aggatggcat taagggcttg gtgctttgcc atttgtgaag gatccactcc     98280
     caccccttta tgattaaagc tttttccacc taggccccga ctctaacatt agggagtgtg     98340
     ctttcacatg agctttggaa agggcataga gaaaaactgt attattctgt ccctgacccc     98400
     acagatctca tgtccttctc acattgcaaa atacagtcat gccttgccag cagtctccca     98460
     aagtcttaac tcatttcagc attaactcaa agttacaaag tccaaagtct catctgggtc     98520
     aaggctacat tctcttttgc ctacgagtct ctgaaataaa aagcaagttc actgcgtcta     98580
     aggtacaatg atggtacagg cattgtgtaa gctttccata tgcaaaaggg agacattttc     98640
     cagaaacctt cttattttta tctgaggccc ctcagcctgg ccttcactgt ccatgttttt     98700
     gtcagcattc ttgtcacagc catttaacca gtctctaaga tggtccaaaa atgttctcat     98760
     ctgtctgtct tctttggagc cctccaaact cttccaacct ctacccatta cccagttccg     98820
     aagttgcttc cacattttca ggtatcttta tagcaatgct ccagtcctca tttgtcattt     98880
     ttggtaagat ttattttgaa aaagaggttt aattggctca cggttctgca gagtggacag     98940
     gaagcttagt gcttctgctt ctggggggcc tcagaaatct ttcaatcatt gtgcaaggta     99000
     atgaaagagt gaattgtctc atatggcaag aggaaatcat ggagattagg gagtgatata     99060
     gagttttcag tggccagatc tcacgagaat tcactcatga ttgtgaggag agtaccaagg     99120
     ggatagtgct gaaccactca tgagaaattt gtcttcatga ttcaatcacc ttataccagg     99180
     atccacctcc aacattagga agcataactc aacatgagat ttggtggaga cacatattcg     99240
     aattgcctca tcagtctttg agtataaaga catccatagc aggctttatc cagccagctt     99300
     ctttgggatt ctttataggg tttcaggtct atagcacatc cactaaaata ttcctacttc     99360
     aaaaggcaat aaagtaagtg gtattatcat tcttcaaaaa gttataatgg tagtgtaggc     99420
     attcatagta tgatttagtt catttgctac tgtttctatt ctatcaccat attaacactt     99480
     tcctacacag ttctatattc agctgggttt cagttgagca caaagtcatc cttgtactac     99540
     caccgatagc tggcactagc tctttgatac tgttatcatt ctgctgtaga aagtacctgt     99600
     gaactggaaa aagtccacaa taaaatagct agtcattcaa cactatcaaa ttttaggtga     99660
     ctttttgaaa aaatagtatc tcttgttgca agaaatggtc catctgtgat ttcaagtctc     99720
     tcacttgagt gaattggatg gaagtggtga atttcagcca aagtggccaa agaaatccca     99780
     ttcctgtgat gatgatgcca tcagcctctg cacctctgtc ttcccttctg ccacctgttg     99840
     cctgttctcc gtgactttgg taagagcttc cttgtgtatg aggatgatgt ccaggatgtt     99900
     ggtctggtgt ccctgagaca gcaataacaa gtccatggct gggtccaggt ccttcctgga     99960
     ctcattggca aagagcttac tgatgttctt gaaggcatct ctggtgaagt ggatggccta    100020
     gtcaagttcc aaggcctggc tgaggctgaa gaaaaactgg ccaccttctg atgctctttc    100080
     caaaagcctg tcactgtcat ctgcttgctt gtcaacacat tggctgtaag gatgagctga    100140
     gtggcctgtg tccatcttct tggggaagca tttgaagcca tcagtcttgc tctcccaccc    100200
     ctaaaggttg atggtcacca cctgggggtg tgctgagggt tggaaagaag cccgcactca    100260
     ctatctcatc cttctcagcc ttcctcttgc actctctcca ggctgtcgct tcagtgttgg    100320
     tgggatacgt cagaaagcga tggaagatgt ggcactgtgc ccacacccag aagctggcca    100380
     ttggttggct catccaccag aatggatgct ctgggtgctc tttaagccaa cttggccttg    100440
     cctgacatgc acggccccag gttctgacat gttgctccga gtgagcttgt cctgccttgg    100500
     gccaaattct gtcaggccag ggccacaaaa ggccgagtcc cacgggtggt aatcctggct    100560
     gctttctgca cttccacata aagacctcct gaagatggcc tgtggtctac ctctttgcaa    100620
     ccaagaagcc cacagtgcca tatgaaccct taggcatgga ctggagcccc tgaggaagca    100680
     cacaccctgt tcctgagcct gctgctcatt ttctctgtgt ggctccattt gtgtcacagt    100740
     tgttgcacag aattatgcat gccgggcaag gccaagctgg ctcaaaaagc aaccggccac    100800
     ctctgcaagg ttgtgccagg agccggtgga ccggccacca acctcacttg ctgccggtca    100860
     gcttacatca gttcttctac cctagaggta gggccccagt gccatatgct tttcctcagg    100920
     cctctgctct atcagtcatc aggtggcaac cacttaggct gtgggaacct ggtcatccct    100980
     ccttccttga gtagctgagg ttgctggctt gtctgcctgc tacaggtgca gccttgcaga    101040
     tgtggctagt tgctctgagc cagcttggcc ttgcctggca tgcataggcc ccaggtactg    101100
     acactctgct ccgagtcagc ttgtcctgcc ttgggtcaaa ttctaagtct ggccagggcc    101160
     acagaaggcc cagtcccctg ggtgctaatc ttggctgctt tctgcacttg aacataaagt    101220
     cctcctcaag aaagcctgtg gtctgcctgt tggcgaccaa gaaacctaca gtgccatatg    101280
     agccctgagg catggactgg agccacaaag gcagtgcacg ccccgttcct gagcctgctg    101340
     atcatttcct caatatggct ccatttgtag cacacttgtt gcagcgaggc ttgtgcttgc    101400
     ccagcaaggc caagctggct caaagagcaa gcagccacct ctgcaagggt gtgccaggag    101460
     cagatggacc agccgccaac ctcactcact gccagacgtg gtacaacagt tcttctaccc    101520
     taaaggtggg gccaagaggc agaccacagg ccatcttgag gaggacttta tgttcaatgc    101580
     agaaagcagg caggattacc accctgggga ctcacccttc tgtggcttac agtgccatat    101640
     gagccctgag gcatggactg gtgccatctg ctttatacaa aaattatctt aagatggatt    101700
     aaagagttaa atatgccatc tgcttttcct caggcctctg ctccatcagc catcaggagg    101760
     cagccattca ggctgtggaa acctggccat cctggcttct ttcagtgggt gaggttggtg    101820
     gctggtctac ctgctccagg cacacccttg cagaggtggc tacttgctct ttgagccagc    101880
     ttggccttgc ctcgcatgca gaggccccac ctactgacac actgctcgga gtgaccttgt    101940
     cctgccttgg gacaaattct gtcaggccag gaccacagaa gaccgagtcc cctgggtggt    102000
     aaggtggtaa tcctggctgc tttctgcact tgtacataaa gtcttcctca agatggcctg    102060
     tggtctgcct cttggcaaca aagaagcctg cagtgccata ggagccctga ggcatgcact    102120
     ggagccccaa aggcagtgca caccctgctc ctgagcctcc tgctcctttc ctatatatgg    102180
     ctccatttgt agcacggttg ttgcaccgag gcttgtgcat gccaggcaag gccaagctgg    102240
     ctcaaagagc aaccagccac ctctgcaagg gtgtgccagg aacaggtggg ccaatcacca    102300
     acctcacatg ctgccagtca cagtacatca gttcttctgc cctagattta gggccccagt    102360
     gccatctgct tttcctcagg actttgctcc atcagccatc aggtggcagc tactcatgct    102420
     gttggaacct ggccatctgg gcttccttga gtgggtgagg ttgctggctt gtctgcctgc    102480
     ttaaaggtac tatggggata gaacactgaa ataataataa tgcatttttc aaacaaatta    102540
     attccttgat tttcaaacaa attgaagaca aaggaaactc atgattcaaa tgaatacata    102600
     tggctcattt tattcaatat ttatgcttac agaatatatg caaataagac attcccatga    102660
     ttaatattag tatttaagac tgataaactt ttgagtgggc agttaaagct tatcttctac    102720
     tattttctaa cttcagaaat gcttttgttt gaaagctggg tgacaaagtt tcaaggagat    102780
     tcagtcccaa tattcctatt ttaaatctct cagcttgtgc aggcagggca ggtaaacatg    102840
     aagtttttaa ggatagaagg ggcctgagag atagcagaat atgtctgcta cataacaggt    102900
     actcaggtta tgtttgatga ataaatggaa tgaaagaatg gataaataca gttggggagt    102960
     tcaatatttt taaataaact cctataaagc aatatttttg caatagtagt atttaaatgt    103020
     tatttttaag aatacaatta aaatgaaatg attaatctat cattgtttgc ataaattgaa    103080
     tgaatacata agaaaaacat atgtacgtaa taaaatatat agataataaa atctggaaac    103140
     agataaaaat attccctttt tacttctgaa gaggctaaaa gttcaaagaa gataacaata    103200
     cactcaatga taaaaaatag aaagtgagaa attattttta atattgtaag attcatattc    103260
     ctgtcttccc aaggattatt cctttattaa taaactttac tagaagtttt gtacatgctc    103320
     actgcagcaa tcacagataa gaaaaaggaa aagaacttta cttaaaatac aaatgctcag    103380
     aaattacaaa ttttatattt tgtacatatt ttttgataaa acaagaccat agtatgtttg    103440
     tatgtacaat ttaattgatc tttttctcac tagctataac aaaatacatc tttgcacatc    103500
     aatatacttc tgtatctatt gccaccttca atggtcacat attattccat cctgtggatg    103560
     caactgaagt ttatttatag gatccattct ttgggttctt tttaaaataa gtgaggtgaa    103620
     aaataaagtg catgtatctt tatttcctaa gggtgcttta gtgtaatgga attgatgggt    103680
     aaagggcata cgtatttttt aattgtagta tttaccacca aattatctat ttgaaaagta    103740
     atcagcaact taaactttaa ccaggagtat aaaacatcct cacaaatatt gtggatagaa    103800
     aactgtttca ttcctctttt atttaaattc ttataccaga aatgcgaagg actttttctt    103860
     atgtacacaa gtaacttgca gatctggaaa agtgtacttt gcccaatttt agagtgtttg    103920
     atgatttgat ttgaaagaat tccctgtcaa atgaaaatgt acttttcatc taatgtgtgt    103980
     atataactga tatatatgac agattatatc tggtatatat gtatacgtat cagtaatata    104040
     tatatatata aaacttatga tatataataa acaacatagg ccgggcgcgg tggctcacac    104100
     ctgtaatccc agcattttgg gaggtggagg cgggcagatc acttgaggtc aggagttcga    104160
     gatcagcctg gccaacgtgg tgaaaccccc tctctactaa atatacaaaa attagccagg    104220
     cacgctggca cctgcctgta atccaagcta cttgggaagc tgaggtagga gaattgcttg    104280
     aaccgagcag gcagaggttg cagtgagccc agattgtgcc attggacacc agcctgggca    104340
     aagaagcgag actccgactc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagaata taatgaattc cctataaaat    104400
     gaaaacatac ttttcatctg aaaatataca tacatatata tatatatata tatatatata    104460
     tatatatata tatatatata tattacatac atatatatat ataatatagt aaatattttt    104520
     caggtaagct ctcttatctg agaacttttt gcctactgaa ataactcacg gtatttttga    104580
     taggggaatg agttctctca ttaggtacct cctataatgt atataaacca tgttttcaac    104640
     gtgtacgtta aaaataacaa cactgtgtat gctgaacttt gtgagttaaa taactcaaat    104700
     tctccaactg ctccagccat ggaattatga gggatggaaa acagctgaga gtccgtttgg    104760
     ctccgccgct ctgagggtgc ccagagcgct gaaaggcccc atcccagggg cagtggggaa    104820
     gccgggcctg gggaccccct cccaccccgg gctgagtccc cgctacctgt gctgcttgtc    104880
     cagggcatcc aggcctccgc tcctgcgcgc caggcagcgc tccacccccg cggcgtcgcc    104940
     cttgacagct gccctgtgga tcttctgcag ttcggagtcc cggattcggt atccggaacc    105000
     catgtagaca tgttctatgg agccgtgggc cctctggccc ctgcagctcc cgaagccgaa    105060
     taacttcata gtggtgactt ctcagacccc caacctctgg ctcttgagcg ggggcagctc    105120
     cctgtcacct tttcaccacc cccctccccc aaccccggcc gacctccctg tcaccttttc    105180
     acccaccccc tcccccgacc ccggccgacc cagccccaaa tcccctatcc aaccccaaat    105240
     ccctgatcca accccaaatc cgcgatcaac ccccaatccg cgatcccaaa tctgtgatct    105300
     actccacagt ccgcgatcca gcccggtcca ccacagcttt cagcagcgac actcgcagcc    105360
     tccgacctct cagaccaagt gagcctcgca aagccgttgg gcgcccgcct gcactgcggt    105420
     tgctgcccgg ctccctgaag cccttccctg gtggcgcgcg ccggcaggtg gggctgcagc    105480
     tctgggcggg cgccgatggg ctcgcaggtc ctcttgggat cgcccgggcg tccccaggat    105540
     cacaggagcg ccgccagccc ggcctgagaa ggagggcctg tctggccttg cagcccgccc    105600
     cgctcctcct cagaacggag atagggtgct agcaagggca ctccgcggcc acctgggtgg    105660
     cttcgcacat ggcccggctt cacgctgagg ctctggtcct ggagtctgtg tggctagtgt    105720
     caggtagctg gagaggcatg gaggcagagt aaggggctgc tccttccccc agcagccctc    105780
     actgctgcca gtgccccacg cgcagtttgc agctgcagat ctggcactgg catgggacgg    105840
     cggagcttcc cttggatggc ctcagggtcg cagagcacac agcccacctg gcctcaagtt    105900
     ccgctcttct tggacatctc tctggatcct gggcccgggc gctgggcact ctgtatccac    105960
     atggatgaaa ctgaacggct gctggcggga cccatcgcct gattttgctg cctgggggtc    106020
     tggcctcagg atccacgcta ctggggggcg ggcctggtct ggggtgtcca gtcacttact    106080
     gccagtgcac cacgtctaga ctgcagctgc ggctccgatg ccggcgtcag ctggcgggcc    106140
     tggtacctga tgtcctcagg gtcaagtgca tcgccctccc acttgagggg ttgctgtgat    106200
     ttggcctcct ccaagaactc aggggccacc agggctggct cttcgtggta accaggatgg    106260
     tattgagcag caggttttca ccctggtgcc actgctgtgc ggactgcctg acttgggcgc    106320
     ccaggcactg gcctcagggt ccgcgtggca ggtgtgtgtg cgggtagggt gagtggcacg    106380
     gagggtcagg ggttgctccg tcatctctgc ctgtgtgcaa cttgcagttt tgcagttttc    106440
     tgcagcagct gaggcgctgg cgtgggaagg cggagctccc ctggatggag tcaggtttgc    106500
     aggcacagag cacagcccag gcctgagggt ccgttcaggg gccatggtgg ttgagttctc    106560
     cgtggaaact gggatggggt gaacggccag ttcccgtcct ttggccgcat ggccaactac    106620
     cagacttagc cgctgctgcc caggcatctg tctctggggt tgccgctact tgggtagaag    106680
     tgggggtcag ggtggggcat ggagcgtcac cggttgccag gccagcactg tctttgcaac    106740
     atattcagat ggcggcggga agctcgggca ccagcatggg ctggcggggc tcccctggaa    106800
     ggccctcaga tcgctcacag cattgtccca gggcttcctc ggcctgtgcc aggtgagcaa    106860
     ggtagggggg agcttccaag gcttctatca caattctacc tatttctagc tattttctct    106920
     tgagttattt tgcgtctatc tcagttttat ttgcaaaaat agtatatgca aaatacatcg    106980
     agtgaatgta catcaggcat atagaagatc tggcagaaac acgttttctc atgcccattt    107040
     ccattcagta tttgaccaca gaggcttcca tggttttgat tctttccaca aaaggatagt    107100
     tttttctgtt ttcaccattt acataagtga aactataaat tatataattt ttatgttcat    107160
     tcactaaaca tgcttgtgac atcattttgc tcctattgat tattcattaa ttttattttg    107220
     taatactcaa ttttatgact ataccacagg tttgaggcct ttgcttgttt tgtttataat    107280
     ccactccact attgatagac acaaaagcag tttctgattt gaggctatca tgaataaacc    107340
     tgctacgaaa aaatcagata tacacatttt tctgtaataa tattttcact attcttgagt    107400
     ttacgtacat aagagtggat tttctgggtt ataaaataag tatatatttg gcattgtatg    107460
     aaatagggag acattttcct aagtggttgt gccatcttaa actacaatga aaatgtttga    107520
     gagaatcagt tccacttttt aaccaatact tgatgctgtc agttgtttta gtgttatcca    107580
     ttgttatggg atataactgc tgagtagctg tctgccttcc caataacaca gaaaattgag    107640
     ggcccagagg acagttttat tttcatattt gacatcttct attatttttt atagaagggt    107700
     gatttgggta gtaaaattgt ctttcaattt tctaggttgt ctctgaatct tactggggtt    107760
     ccttgtccta aaccacattc agaaattttc acgaccaact ttttatcttt gtcataccag    107820
     gccaatgagg gactgcattc ctgagacttt ttaagtattt tttgtgtgta tgatggtcta    107880
     ataatcatag ccttaaaact ttctggctgg gcatggtggc tcatggctgt aatcccagca    107940
     cttcgagagg ccaaggcagg tggatcacct gaggtcagga gttcaaggcc agcctgatca    108000
     acgtggagaa accccaactc tgctaaaaat aaaaaattag ctgtgcatgg tggcacatgc    108060
     ctgtaatccc agctacttgg gagacaggag ctacttgggc tgaggcagaa gaatcgcttg    108120
     aacccaggaa ggtttgtagt taaccgagat cacaccattg cactccagcc tgggcaacaa    108180
     gagtgaaatt acttctcaaa aaaaaaaaag aaagaaagaa agaaaaaaag aatctcagac    108240
     ttctgggaga cactgaattt gtgaatgtgt acagcatgtc acaataactt tttttttttt    108300
     ttagaccaag tctcactctg ctgcccaagc tggagtgcag tggtccatct cagctcactg    108360
     caaattctgt ctcctggatt caagcaattc tcctgtcttg gcctcccgag tagctgggat    108420
     tacaggtgct gcaaccatgc ctggctaatt tttgtatttt tagtagagac agagtttcac    108480
     atattggcca ggctggtctc gaactcttca cctcaggtga tccacctgcc tcagccaatg    108540
     ggtggactgt taactcaaaa tacgcacatt gaatactgag gaaaatgtat agccatcatc    108600
     accagcagct gagatgccag ttgagatacc agaaatgccc cagcatgtaa ctcctctttt    108660
     aattcacaca cacacacaca cacacactca cacacacaat catggtaacc agttcaggat    108720
     ggacacagaa acagtcagtc ttttttggga acacactacc ctgtgacact tagatcctaa    108780
     tgctgactcc aattccctcc tgggacctcc cctctccttg cagcatgctg ggctttccct    108840
     tagaaaaccc catgtcattt ccttcagtgg aacatgaatc agcttcaccc acagtgtctg    108900
     catgtctctg tccgtagcaa acgtttttat taccttaaaa tatagatttt taccttaact    108960
     agccaagact taggaccctt tttccaagct cttttagatg aagtaataaa tgcaaacatt    109020
     agagatgtgt atatgtgtat aaatatatgg agaaaagatg ttgcctagtt gtacaaatta    109080
     gctttaataa aactcctgat ttaaattaat taattgtgac aagggcgatt ctaactcaac    109140
     acaccaacga aataaaagcc ttatccctct gctccgccaa aatatcccat ttagagcctg    109200
     cgtgtgtgtg tacacacacg tgtgcactca tccccacctg accgtatcaa attattattt    109260
     aaactagata tttttacttt gttgcatagt agtaatggtt tctggaatga aaaaataaaa    109320
     aacaggagaa taaaactgtt taaatgtatc cccgggtgaa ctctgtggcc actgcacgga    109380
     ccccgccgtt ggcgcccagt acctgcgtct caggaagagg ttctggcggg gcctccgcct    109440
     gaggccacgc ccctgggacc tgtcccgtgt ccacgtgaaa gcggagcgga gcattcacca    109500
     tcccctccct gaaacagcgg tccccaatgt gctccacagg cagggccgag ctgggcaagg    109560
     gggagcccag cccctgcacg ggccgccctg agcggcgggg acgcaggaag acctcgccgg    109620
     ctccaccagc ccctacccca gatgcggggc ctcagaccag cgatgacctg gagcccccgc    109680
     cccacggttg ccaggaggcg gacaggggca gctcctgggg ggctaccgcc ccgaggccat    109740
     tccgccagaa cttgagcgac ttgggaaggt gcagtgccct gcccttgaag aagaacctgt    109800
     gtcctggagg cagcagcctg ggagctcctc ctccgaggac accgcagaga agagtgactc    109860
     tggcggtgca gcgctggctt tcccatccgc ggaggagagc tgtggggctg ggtgagctgg    109920
     accagggagc acggctggct gctctcggcc tccaatgggg aatggacagc ttagggggtt    109980
     gcccccgtgc cagccggcct gctggccact ctgggcttca tcacagcctc acctgcctgc    110040
     gcaggcacct agcactgcag gctggagctt ctggccatgc tggtcaactt ccccaatgag    110100
     cctctgctgc ctgggaacag caaggccaga gctacaccac cctgcacttg gcagccatgt    110160
     accttggaga tggtgaagct gctagtgggg acatgggacg ccgatgtgga catcagggac    110220
     tacattggga aaagggcctc ccagcatgtg agtcagagca tcacagaaga gattgagacc    110280
     ctgatgggag tcctggacaa ggacgatggg gagagcaccg ccagcagcgg gggtgggtac    110340
     tggaagactt aaaagctgcc ccctccatct caccacctac aaactctcac acgtcctgga    110400
     agatgggggg accctctcca ccatcaccac ttggctgaag gtggtccaga cgtgaagcca    110460
     aggattccag ggcgcacaac ctcgggcagg actaatggac ttaaaaaaca ggctcaacaa    110520
     aatccacttc acaacccaga tggttcacat cacaccctct ttcagggacc cagagcagcc    110580
     actggaagag aaggagtagg aacgctctct taaagtccac ttatcctatt ccttcaaatt    110640
     aagaccaaag tccaatgtat ttaggtaaaa aataatttct tttagaaaat gctaaggttt    110700
     gtcttcgaaa tttaataaca gaaacaaaaa aagaacacta gatgtaagga agtgagacca    110760
     gaaaagacta actaaactat ccttactagg ttggaatgga tggggtggag ttcctatcag    110820
     gctagcattc tggggaaagc ggtatttttt tttttttttt ttttttttgt cggtgggggg    110880
     aaggagtctc gctctgtcgc ccaggctgga atgcagtggc gccatctccg ctcactgcaa    110940
     gctccgcccc tcgggtttat gccattctcg agccccagcc tcccagtagc tgggactaca    111000
     ggcgtccgcc accacacacg gctaattttt ttgtattttt agtaaagacg gggtttcacc    111060
     gtgttctcca ggatggtctc gattcctgac ctcgtgatcc gcccgcctct gcctcccaaa    111120
     gtgctgggat tacagacgtg agccactgca cctggccgga tttcttttta agagattcat    111180
     cataccttga cctgtgcccc atttccctcc tccacctgtc tgacctggca ttcctatttc    111240
     gggagaccag aagtgggggg aagagaaggg atgactgttt ctttgctttc accattcctg    111300
     catgccatgc aaaggaagga atattgcact tttaaatatc cgttttatta agtaagtggt    111360
     tactctttca aggacaaaaa aatgcaaatt gttacaaaac tggtagtatt tgtaagtgca    111420
     agcactacat gctgccttgt tcttttacca attgcatttg cattttaagg tactactggt    111480
     acagccatgg tggagaacag tttggaggtt cctctaaaca ctgaaaatag aggtgccaaa    111540
     tgatccagca atcccactgt tggatatata ccccagaaat aagaaatgag tatatcgaag    111600
     aaattatctg cactcccatg ttggttgcac cactgttgac aatagctaag atttggaagc    111660
     aacctaagtg tccatcaaca gattaatgta ttaaagaaaa tgtggtagat acacacagtg    111720
     gagtattatt cagccctaaa aaagaatggg attcagtcat ttgcaacaac atggaaggaa    111780
     ctgggtatca ttatgttaag ggaaataagc caagcacgga aaggcagaca ttgcatgttc    111840
     tcacttattt gtgggatcta aaaatcaaaa caattgaact catggacaca gtaagtacta    111900
     gggggctggg ggggggagac agggcacggg taatgggtac aaaaataggc agaaggaatg    111960
     aataagacat actatttgat agcacaacag ggggactcta gtcaataatt gtacatttaa    112020
     aaataactaa aagaatctaa ttggattgta acacaaagga aacatgctta aagggatgga    112080
     tacccactct ccatgatgtg attagttcat gctgcatggc tgtatcaaaa catctcatgc    112140
     accccataac tatatatgct tattatatac tcacaaaatt gcttgaaaat aaaaataaag    112200
     gaactactga aggtcaggtc agagtggaaa tgtaaaaata ctaattagag aataatgtga    112260
     atacaacagg aatcctgttg gtattctatt tatattgtaa gcagcagttc aattgttttg    112320
     taaaagtaat ttcaatttta atcactgaac taaagaaatg ggcaacgctg acttccgtaa    112380
     tataggttct acctaaccat ctctaacacc gctgtcaagg aggaccagtg ttaaggtaca    112440
     ttactaacaa ccacacaaat ttttaaaaga aaagaacact cttagcagcc tatggtactt    112500
     tgaaatgaaa tattgcctct cattctcact tgtgttgcca ttccaaaagt ttgaatttgc    112560
     tgaggtttat attctgcgta ttatataacc attggttcta tttggcataa ccctattaaa    112620
     tggtgctcag agctgaatta tgtacagaaa ctttctggtt taattagcat aaattggtat    112680
     aaatattagt gagcccatac atctgtgata taattaaacc aacttaatga ttctcacata    112740
     aggtgtcaat ttattttact aatgcattca taatctatgc tttgtagcaa catttttcaa    112800
     atgtttaaaa tgctaaatct tctcaatttt ccaatctttt cttgaatcaa ttagatacct    112860
     ataatgtagt tactgaatag ctgggaaaca aatacaccta gttagaaatg gcactgcttt    112920
     ataaaaggca ctagagaaaa gatgagacta ttcctatatt taaatgctgc tggcaagtga    112980
     attcctttgt atataaatga aagataccat tcattaaaat gaaagacttg ttttaagtgt    113040
     gattcttaca tttcattcat ttatgataga gtaaatggct ttataattac tttaaaattt    113100
     aactcactag tacattaaat ctgttcattg caagattaga atcaactgtg aggggaacta    113160
     atttaaacaa gcccttcctt agtcttattg agtctcatat ttgccgaaag tacctacagc    113220
     ttgcaggata agggagttca cggaccatag ggtgagtgaa cccatgcaca aattgcaaac    113280
     tgcccagagc tactacattt aggattttta gacctttaat tttccaagtc atagaaattt    113340
     gttacaggtt catcacatct ttgtctaaat ggcaactgaa tttctttaaa gataggttaa    113400
     aaaaaggcat aaaactatga attattatcc atttgtgtgc ctctattttt gctttagaat    113460
     tatggaaatg gaccctgtga atttgggaaa cactgttatg tatacacatg ggtgaaaaac    113520
     aatctaacat tgtgtaaatt aaaatacttt ttttgaggtt gaaaagcatc catttgttct    113580
     aaatctatat atattatgtg tatctagtac agaataaggt gtaacttctc attgagtaat    113640
     cttaggtttt acagatatgt aaagctgaag caactctaaa gagtagacac ttcagaacag    113700
     gaaggttctg gtcaatgttg agagtagaca ctttcactga aggttctggt gaaatgtggg    113760
     taactaattg cttgaaatct atattttgct atatagttaa ctattaagtt aaaatgtcat    113820
     ttaccatgct ttttacacta aaagctttaa cttttctgag aaaataatat tttaaatgtt    113880
     caattattac ttctgaggaa agctacttct agcattcttt gtcatgatgt gcttgtgtgc    113940
     agtaagcaga gcattttcag ccacttacct ctacaatgtt cctgtttttc aatttctgat    114000
     ttagattata aaaggcaaat gattaattta atttgatact cagagttgtg tttactttta    114060
     atggacaaat atatgtcaga tactttgatg tttattgata tgacaccgtg tggttaaaca    114120
     atgaaagtat gtccatgtgt ttcttatagg gtacacttga aactagtggt gtttatgcag    114180
     ttcacttatg taacttgaaa atctggtact attgcattca ggactgaaat cttggagttt    114240
     aggtgtcttg tctctcattt tgaaaataag tgaaagttga gaatgtaaaa tctataaagt    114300
     tcattttttt aactaggaaa aaaacacaaa ttaatgacag acaccaaatt acaaatccaa    114360
     aaagctcaga gaacaccaag caggatgaat attttaaaaa tatacctagg aatatcatat    114420
     tcaaactgta gaaaacctgt aacaaagata aaatattaaa ataaggcaga ggaagaaaca    114480
     cattgtctac agagaaacag acataagaat tacattggac ttctgtttag aatccatgca    114540
     agtaagaagt gttgaaaaaa ttagaataca gtgggtattt tttatccaag tattcattat    114600
     ttaaaactgc aaagtgaaaa taattgtaac aagaacatat tcactagcaa tctgagcact    114660
     catgatatta gtgtctgttc tggagagaat tatgtccccc cagaattcct aacctgaagc    114720
     cctatctccc agtgtgactg tatttggaga aggagctttt aagaaggtaa aggttaaata    114780
     ggggcaaaag ggtaaggccc taatctgtta ggactggggt catcatccaa aaaggaagag    114840
     acaccagaga tacatatctc tctctctctc tctgcctccc tccttctctc tctctccctc    114900
     tctctctccc tctccccata tacatttgtt aaattgaggt tttttgttag aacatacaga    114960
     gtggcatttt aatatattat tactctagtt aaaacataca cacacacaca cacacacata    115020
     caattttgat aaattctttt ttgaggataa ggccgggcat ggtggctcac acctgtaatc    115080
     ccagcacttg gcgggattat catctgaggt gggtggatca tctgaggtca ggggttcaag    115140
     accagcctgg ccaacatggt gaaacccgtc tctattaaaa atacaaaaaa ttagctgggc    115200
     atggtggcgg gcacctgtaa ttccatttac tcagaatgct gaagcaggag agtcccttga    115260
     acccaggagg cggaggttgt ggtgagccga gattgcacca ttgcactcca gcctggacag    115320
     caagagcaaa actctgtctc aagaaaaata cggtaaaata aaaataaaaa aacacaaaac    115380
     tgggatgtgt ccctgtcttt taggcagata tactttacca ttactaaaat tgagcttcag    115440
     aaacattaag catgctacac aaacttagct ggaaatgaat actgaaatgg aagtttgaat    115500
     ccaagatgat ttcttttgac tcccatgcta atgccgttaa ctcctataga cccttctcag    115560
     gtgcagccag agagacacta gcccactgat ggacggacag acgtgggcag ggtacgtgtc    115620
     actaaacctc ccaccactgc cacagctgcc tacaacagac acatcagatg acactccggg    115680
     caaataaatg attttcactg aggacttact ggttttaata ataggtcctg gtgtagagaa    115740
     gtccctcaac ctattgtgca atgagttttg agaagcgggt aagctgtatg ttttgtggtt    115800
     tttgtttcat aaatgcatct acaggaagac caatattgac tgaatgaagc tttcatttaa    115860
     agagctaaaa tatgctttgt gtttttatat gtggatacta ctttaaacct aatgactatt    115920
     cattgtatca tagcttgtga tgtattctgc tcatggcttt taaggtaaat tgtgccatga    115980
     tccactgcca ttctaattgc tttaacaagt cattgccaca ctactgttac atattaatta    116040
     tgcatacaga caggtagact tattttacat atgtgaacta actagttgtc aaagcaaatg    116100
     cagattgtat tctgcaagta aagtcttttt ctctctgaaa tttctaggga tgttctttaa    116160
     gtgaaattca tattcagact gaagatttta gttacaagaa ctgagtgcag attaaagtct    116220
     ttttgtgatt caaacatatt caagagtaca actgtgatat ttcatggaag ttacgcaata    116280
     aaatgtctct aacctgcgaa caaatctatc aagcagacgg cacagtactg aatttgaaac    116340
     cagaaatact gggtttttat ataaatgctt catagatttg ttttatgata aagggcacat    116400
     aactctccta aacctcacac catctcttga ataggtataa taagcccaca tcaatgctga    116460
     tgccttagct attattaaac tcttacagta tgatgtaaag tgaaagtaca atgtaagatc    116520
     attcctaggc caactttgac cagttttata cagaaacatg tgccaacttt tctgtttgca    116580
     aagataatat caaagcaaac accagaaagt tatatctttg gtgcattttt tcaaaatcat    116640
     acacataata cacaaaccaa agacaaatga tgaatattat gtcagaaaat ataaagtctt    116700
     cccctttctt cttttgccaa gaaagtccaa tattttcacc atttttatgc acacaatcaa    116760
     ctttatttaa gctggaagtt aatgtctcat tgttttcatt gttctaaata aacacctttt    116820
     cccttgagta ttgttctaaa aattttgaag ttgtgtgaaa aattttgttc tgatatttca    116880
     catttgtgct aatgatatgt gaaaaggaat acagatggta tttaattatg aacaggaaaa    116940
     gatgttaaat atcattagtc attagaaatt tgcaaattaa gaccacattg actaacacat    117000
     atatatcaga atagctaaaa taaaaataaa acatcaaacg ctggggagta tgagtaaaaa    117060
     ctggagcttt cacacatgac tggtgggaat gtaaaatcat agttatgcca aaaaggagca    117120
     tagtagtttc ttaagaaact aaaggaacct gagtctccag gcgtgcagtc tgggccaagg    117180
     tcactgtccc tggatcaatc aggatggggt tcaggggcct tcctggggcc atccagtgtc    117240
     caaggtgccc tttggtggcc tcatctgccc ctcagcccct gagcacgtcc ctctgtccct    117300
     ccaatcctcc ctgtcacggg acatctgtca cagagccatg ccctacctcc tgctttctgg    117360
     agatgccaac tgcctggggt gctcttagcc ctgccctccc tatctctggg tcctgaccaa    117420
     ggtgctctaa tggatacccc ctgacccagg tctcagagag ctgccagcac cctgggtccc    117480
     tgaagctgag atccagcaag acacatgtgg cctgagagtc ccactctctg gctggcagaa    117540
     cccagaggtg ggagcacact ggagtgtcct tcagggtgtc ttcaccccat gagagggctg    117600
     ggggctttgg gattttgcag ctggcaggag tcagggccca gtcccctaac tctgatgcgt    117660
     ccttggtcaa atcctgtgcc tcagcctgca gggcctattg tggtcaccag gtgaatgtgt    117720
     tcccttagtc tgggagcccc aagtaggcag caccccctgc caatgacttc agggcacctg    117780
     gaagtggagg ctgagaggtc tcccacttcg cagagctggg ctctggccca gaggccttct    117840
     ccttggctta ggtcatctct cgggctcctg gggctgcaga tcagggacag aaacaggcag    117900
     ctctgctctg ctatgcctac agagaggtgc ccagtgaatg caggttccag acaaaaggtg    117960
     gagcctggca tcctgccctg catgggctcc agcctgctgc catctgggga aactgagtca    118020
     tggcgaggct caaggatgtt tctcagaggt ccgctgacct ctcaatcttg atggagagtg    118080
     agaagaggtt cccaggccac ctgcaatagg atctggctcg gcctgggttg gggtaagtct    118140
     cccggctgct gtcctcaaag cccctttagg aggctgtgtc aggccagtgc acagtggtga    118200
     cagcagcatg gactgagggt tctggccacg gggaggtcag gaccggggga ggtcaggtcc    118260
     aggaggtggg cactggccgg cacgtggttg tgctggagag acctgggtgg ggtggtggga    118320
     atggcccagg aggagccccg gctcctgtgc ctggagtgag ggtgtgggct gtggtgggag    118380
     aggaggtgaa ggtggaagga acaggggccc aggggcctgt gctgtaggaa gggcatggac    118440
     ttcctagcga ggactttctg gtgcgggatt ctcagggaag aggatgccgg aggggctggg    118500
     gtccccagga gtgcatgcgc caggcaggcg gaggggaggc cgagccagga gccgcaggct    118560
     tctcacagcc aggccaaagc cgccctccgc tggctgcgtg gggaatctcc cctaggctgg    118620
     agctcccctg gccccaggtt tgggggatgc cgatgtgtcc tggggcgctt actgcccatc    118680
     cagcctccgc caggcagcat ggccctgggt ggctttcagg gcagcctccg cagcacagga    118740
     ccttcctccg ccctgtgggg cagatttggg catatgactc tggacactta tccagaggct    118800
     gaattcaact ccccaggaaa aaacacactc agactccctc cctccccact gtgcccagcc    118860
     tgaggggacc ctagctggga cttgggagga gaaggccaga ggccagggcc tggctctcag    118920
     gcactaggtc caggagaaaa tggagcagag tccctgcagg aactgcttca gactgcccct    118980
     gagggggcct ggcctgggac cctccctgtg ctaccaggct gctgttgggg ccaggagggc    119040
     agggagagca gccacctgta cggcatcaag taacactatc actcagcaca cccaacattc    119100
     acacaacagc cacagccctc tgccctgagg gggcaggtgg gcagagcctc ctctgtcttg    119160
     ttcaccctga gcgtggagct ccgcacagga caggatcaga gagcaaacca ggaacaaatg    119220
     gatgaatcaa cgaagggacc agggcagtag gtccccaccc acaccctgaa ccctaagggt    119280
     gggacacaga ggctggagac gggctggccc tgggatcctc taagtgacag gaacccttgg    119340
     ccactgttga ttgccccgag gtggggacag ggatggtggg gctggggctg cctggccctt    119400
     taagagggca attctgcccg ccgccctgaa tgccccctcc cctagccact ggagaagaga    119460
     tcccgtttct tggcaacagg aagctcttgg tttactgtgt cacccaagca actgggagcc    119520
     acgtcctgct ctgcgacaga gccgttggag ccgaccgatg actgcactgg gctgaccgca    119580
     acaagctgac cacacacact cctcactccc ctggccctgg tgggtggcag acaccatggt    119640
     gcagacggat atgctcctac cagagccggc cccgcagaca gtgccgccct gcgagctgcc    119700
     ctgcaaagag tatgacgtgg tccgcaacac gggcgcctac acgtcctccg gcctggccac    119760
     cgccagctgg tggtgtggtt ccagaactgc tatgctcgct accaccaggc cttcgccgac    119820
     tgcaaccagt cggagcggga gctgcagggg cacaagagcc agcagctggc tgcagagatc    119880
     caggcgctgg cacagccgac acagcaagac tccaagtgca gggtgggcga gcgactgcag    119940
     gacatgcaca gctggaattc ggagctgcag ggcgaggtag aggcgctggc tgcggagact    120000
     gacctgctgc tggcccagaa gcaacggctg gagcacgccc tggatgccat ggaggtgccc    120060
     ttctccatcg ccactgacaa catgcagtgc aaccagcgcc accagcacgc caaccttgtg    120120
     cgtgaccatg tggagacgga gctgctgaag gtgccagcag ccttgggtgg ccaggacttg    120180
     tgggcacaga gaggaggagc ccctggcagt tcatgtggag aagccaggtg gctgctacaa    120240
     gcacacggga gaccagccct ctgtgcgtga gacccctgag tcccgaaatc tgtcccctta    120300
     gtgacaggag gcagttttgc cccagaagtc ccctgacttc caagcagctg tttctcctct    120360
     cctcctccaa tacctttgag tcctggcaca gtcatcctga ccctgtgctc cccagagacc    120420
     ttccctggtt gggacagttg ctcccgaggt ggaaacccag gtctgggcca gcactgcggg    120480
     tgtggacagg tagggtggga taggctggga gccactgctc ctattcatcc tatacagagc    120540
     cgggaacacg aagatctgca cccacaggtc cccttctcca tgtcacctgt aacttcccaa    120600
     tccaacccag cttgtctatg ggtcaacccc atagggtgag agagtaactc agtcctggcc    120660
     ctgatgctgg ctctggagaa ttccctgagc tctcagagcc tggggcctcc atgagaacca    120720
     ctacaggcct gtagacattt gtgaaagatg tggggtggag gcagctggtc tcctgccata    120780
     cccccaaact caggcaagaa cccttgagtc cctccctccc ctcatgcctt ccctcctccc    120840
     tcccttcccc ttctgcaggc ctatccccct gcaccctctc agtgcctcaa gaactgctgc    120900
     agttcccgca aaccctctgc cagcaacaag ggtgtctgcg aagtgatgga gacactgaca    120960
     gtgcaggaag aggcaaaccc agggacagag gggtgcagga ctcgggccct ggcacacaag    121020
     gaggtagctg gtggtccagg caaagacccc agtcacaggg gaaaaaggct tgttcctaca    121080
     cacagaaaat taaactggcc aggcagtaag aagaaacaca tggtcttcct cctgttcttg    121140
     gtgtgaggat ggtctttccc aacacagagc cctgaggggc agcctaggtg ggcatctggg    121200
     cccccagagt ttgggtcctc aggggctgtc cagaggccag gggcaggcca acgttcctgg    121260
     gtgcactgag tgagcagcag tgatgactct tgaggcctgg ggcgtgggaa ctgccgctga    121320
     gggaccttcc cagcagccca tagaaggccc tggaggaaaa caccccactt acaacacacc    121380
     aaggagaatg cccaaaagcc caggataaac ccagtgagag agcagaactt gcacagtcag    121440
     agctcaggcc cggcattcaa ctatttctgg ttgctcaggt gttgaccaag gcctgcagca    121500
     gctgggcctc ctgggatcct caccaagggc cggctctggt gctcagggcg tctcctccct    121560
     caggaagctg agctcatccg gaacattcag gagctgctga agagagtcat cgtgcaagca    121620
     gtgagccaga tccggtgggt cgagggctgc ccaagggatg actcctgacc ccacccacgg    121680
     ctggtcctgg ggcaagccat tgaacgacag ggccctgaag ctcagagccg gcaggggctg    121740
     tcccaggtca cagtgggagc acagggctgg gtgggggagt ttccggccca gcctgagttt    121800
     gagtggccaa agcccagtgc cacaactgat ctgcagcctc ccagcatggg cggcagctct    121860
     tggtcactgc tgagcacgag gacagccggc ccagagctcc ctcctgaagc gggcataaag    121920
     gcctagcctg cagcatggag ggtccccagc ggggccctcc ctggccacac accaagaccc    121980
     tgccccaccc cgccccagac tgaaccgaga gcacatggag atctgcgaga tggactggtc    122040
     ggacaaggtg gaggcttaca acctcgacga gacttgcggg cgccaccgca gccagagcac    122100
     cgaggtgcag gctcatccgg cactccacca ccttccaaga gaggggggcc ccagctctgc    122160
     ccccgtgctt gccctggctg tggtcttgcc tccctctgcc tggggtcccc agcggcgctg    122220
     cttcccccag cctggcccag aggccctcgc ccccgaagac acttgggcaa ctgtctgccc    122280
     ctggcatgag aaagcatgca agacctcctc aagtgcccag cgcgtgcaca gcctggttgc    122340
     ccttagacag gacagggtgg ggtgcggtca gccccaggcg ccggcaggat tgcatttcca    122400
     cccaaggcca gcagagggag cacgaccacc gcccacttga gcatggcaaa ctcctgggtg    122460
     cgagaagcgg acgcgggcgc tgggtactag ggaagggggg ttgcggggga cggaggtgct    122520
     gcagaggggg cctctggggc agcggtgctg ggagcggggt cacgggggca ggaggggact    122580
     aagtgcccgg ggtgggtagg gtgtgggtgg actcagggga gttgtgggcg gggggaactc    122640
     ggaggcaggg agcttggggg actgggcttc gtgggtctgc acgggatgca ttggagtcca    122700
     tgcagttcct ccaggagcat ggggtgcaga cagggaatgg gggcgcggca gggcccccag    122760
     ccattggcag agcctccccg accttctcct ggctgtcccc agccccgcag cgcctccacc    122820
     ccagagaccc ggaccaagtt cacacaggac aatctgtgcc gcgcccagcg cgagcgcctg    122880
     gactcagcca acctgtgggt gctggtggac tgcatccttc gcgacacctc cgaggacctg    122940
     ggactccagt gtgacgcagt gaacctggcc tttgggcgcc gctgtgagga actggaggac    123000
     gcgcggcaca agctgcagca ccacctgcaa aaggtggggc accctgaacc ccaaagatgg    123060
     ctccggcgcc tgcccaccac tctgccccct ctcatcacct ggtctgggcc ctcaacacct    123120
     ttctcctctg tcccacttaa cccgagggac cccagaagca agtgtcacct ctccataaac    123180
     ctatgtaaaa ccaggtgaca ctgggtatga tcgcagtgcg ttgcaacccc catgactgag    123240
     caggaggagc tgtggggagg atggaggcag gagctggtct ggggagcatt gactgcctgg    123300
     gaggtcccca agagtcctgg cgtgacaggc agggctctga ctctagggcc tcagcatggc    123360
     ctttaccacc tctgagtccc cagtccttga gcaggatttg ggtcctggtg accaccaagg    123420
     atgggggttc ttggaccaga gctaagagac aacaggctgc ctgactctcc agagcccact    123480
     gggggccccg tgcacattgt tcccctcatc cacgcctccc cagggccact ggtcaggacc    123540
     accctctgga cacagcccca ggacctgggt aggaccagac tggtctctgc attccatatg    123600
     cccgggcatg ggggcacagg cccaaggggc actgtcctgt cggcagatgc tgcgggaaat    123660
     cacagatcag gaacacaaca tggtggcact gaaggaggcc atcaaggaca aggaggcacc    123720
     tctgcacata gcccagaccc ggctgtacct gctctcacac cggcccaaca tggagctgtg    123780
     ccgcgatgca gcccaattca ggtactgcct gggcctctga ggcagtccca ggtgccctcg    123840
     tccacctcct cgctgcgacc ttctccaata aacactccaa tctccacaca cacatccccc    123900
     acaggtgctg agatgggaag gagactttgc ggccacacgc aacacgcaag cacgccttaa    123960
     acacacagat atagacatga cactgggcag gtcatgggtc gggggcctcc cagtgccagg    124020
     gacctgtgcc cacgtggtct caccccaccc tctgctacct catcttccca ggaggaagct    124080
     ccttcagaca aggtgagctc ctggaggcca cggggccaga gaggccaggg agggccattc    124140
     cctgctgccc tgagggtgct gtccccacct ctggtggaaa gtatgaccta cgcctgggct    124200
     acaggcatag atgggccatc cttttgtttc ccttgttaat ggatgcctag tggccccttc    124260
     tgagcctaag tacctttctt ccttccctgc ccctcagttc cttcaaggaa ctgggtgcct    124320
     ccttccgtca aatatcagga acggaaagaa ctgagcctgg tcggctgagg ccagtcctgt    124380
     cctgccaggg tcgagattgc acgcgggtca ctcattccca ctcaggcccg cgctccctgg    124440
     gaggacccta gtaatttatg ctctgcccta gagccacttt cctggtggga tcctttcatg    124500
     gcgtcttccc aggacctcct gccagctccc attgggagtt ttgggtcccc tccaccccgg    124560
     taggtgcata cttcttccct ccccagcccc agctcacacc ccccaacacc cccaagctgg    124620
     tgagtgagtt ggaggagctg tacaagtcca tcacagcgct gtgggagaag cttctacaag    124680
     cggagcagtc cctgcacaac ctcgaggaca tccacatgag cctggagaag gacgtcactg    124740
     ccatgaccaa cagtctcttc ctcgaccgcc agaattgcat ggcccatcat acttgctacc    124800
     ccaccatcct gcagctggct ggctaccagt gagcagcggc acggtgcttc cccccaatcc    124860
     cccaaataaa cagtgcatta gctttctgca cagtatgtgt gtgtgcctgg tgggacctcc    124920
     agttgctgtc catctgaact ggcctttggg tcccctgtga ggctggctct gcctatggac    124980
     tcgtcatccc agcagttgga gatgaggggt cagagctgag ggtgaggaat ccctgtgcct    125040
     cagaggacag gacatgccca ggtggggact gggcctccac agcacagctc aagtgtgggc    125100
     acagaccgtg tgtccagctc agacccaggc catccatctc cccctcccca cttccccacc    125160
     agtgctggct cctccattcc ctcaccagtg tcttagggcc ttgggacatc tttggggcct    125220
     ctgcatctcc ccaactcctc cccctgcacc tccaggcccc cagcctcagc tcacataccc    125280
     ctgtgacagt gcacttattc tgctagaagc tggtctggct gctgggtgca cctgctgtgg    125340
     cgatcctcca ggcaggcccc atgcagaagc acccacttca gcatcccctc tccatcccca    125400
     atgacagtgt gtacctgagc tcagcccagc ccagctctca gtgcccagga cccctgaggc    125460
     tcagatgggc agatgggcag gggtacatgg agttccctcc agggtgtggg cccagtgtgg    125520
     ggagaggggc ctgagaacag cccagggtga gcatccacct ggagagcatg tgggtggggg    125580
     tcccatctgc aagatccagg cccacagggc tcttgtctca gcctgaaggg gaccgggagg    125640
     taacagcccc ttccccccag tcaaccacaa ggacacccag ctgggcagct ctgtgagctg    125700
     ggtggggtca gccaggtgga atttgctgct aggggttgct gggaggagag gcatgggctg    125760
     cctttcacgt ggggctaact cagacctctc tccccgacct gctaggaccc ctccagaggc    125820
     cactgctgaa gatgaaaaac actactggtg ataatgttga ctgcaggcag ttggctcagg    125880
     gaggagcctt cttgggaatc ctactcagcc tggatgggga gaaatctggg agaggctgtg    125940
     tgtgagcagg aagtgcaggg aaggcttcct ggaggaggga gcctggcttc cactgcacag    126000
     gccaaggcac aggggctggg accagggaag gaggtgtctg ggctaggcct ctcgctttat    126060
     cttgagctct ggttcactgc gatagtctca ttgctaacca ggccccgccc tccccagctc    126120
     caaacccaac tgccaggcag tgaggattct tctgctcacc cagccactct cagagatgca    126180
     gacccagacc ctggagggtg ggcctgaaag cttccaggac cttctctcca gtgcagattc    126240
     agggggaact gtcacttctc atcaccacgg aagccacact acttgtcaca agccaccagc    126300
     cactacagtg acacccaggc ccactcttgt tctttggggt gccatttaaa ttcaccctgg    126360
     atgctgttac catggggctt tgacagccag gagcagaggc agtgggacac agcagccaag    126420
     cctcacctgg gggctgcaga cagttggtgt cctgtccatg tagctcctca aagctgctcc    126480
     aggacaccag gcaggggctg aggcaatgac ctgtccaggg aacgccaaag aaccatctcc    126540
     ttgcaatcac ccccagcaca ggggaaacct gcagtgaggc agatggtggt gaactcaaag    126600
     gcccctgagc tgggggaggt tgttgggtgg gagcttcact ccctgccacc ctagacacga    126660
     tggccaggga ggggtcatgt gtgggtgggt ggtggctgca gtgccctccc tgcctgctgc    126720
     agggggatgc aggttgtcca acaccatcct gggcctggtc agccctggtg ccagcctcag    126780
     cccagtagca aggagtcctc caggagagcc aggaacctcc atgggaggtg ggtggaggtg    126840
     aggcccctcc acgctgtgcc caccccagcc tcagaaggag ctgctggcac tgtcccctct    126900
     tgaacagcag cacttctccc agactctagg gaagtagcca ctaagaggcc caagaaacaa    126960
     tggctccctc catgcaggcc ccacactcag gctcccatta tcgcccaggc ccaggtggcg    127020
     ctgcccagcc ctgtcaggtc cccagcaggc tcaggacctc cttgtcccac cctggagggg    127080
     gtggctgatg gagagctgag tgtggggggt gccagaggag ggggcctggg agaagtattt    127140
     aatctctgat gccggatggt ggcaccaggc taggaggaac cgagctaggt gtcatcctga    127200
     gcacatggca ggttttaact ccttcagacc tcatgacagc ctatcacatg cattttacag    127260
     cagggaaaac taaggcctga gggtccctgt gcccactgtg ctcgcacccc agggacaggt    127320
     tgatgcaggg gaggctaatg acagcagtga tggaaatcac tctcagctag agagaggcca    127380
     cctcccctgg cccacaaact tcatgactca gtgcagagcc agcacctggg gctgctgggc    127440
     cagaacccta agggctgtct cctcatgctg aattccctgc tgacctccag attgtccaac    127500
     ccccacccct gaggccatct ggacactggc agctgctgct aacccacagg cccctctttg    127560
     gagtccctgt tgtcttggcc ttgaactcct acccatggtg gagatcaggt gtggcttgct    127620
     ccaggaagcc tctgggctcc tggggattgg gagagtggcc ggaggtgatt cagacctcca    127680
     aagtgggcag gaaggtggat gcccacactg ggctcttctc aggctcctct ccccaccctg    127740
     ggcttctagc acaagaataa agaaggctcc agcagctctt gcctggaaga gactgtggta    127800
     cctcctgtcc ttggcagttc acagagggag gggttgctgg gggctgctag cccatggctg    127860
     ttactgaccg ggtcagggtg gggatggaga cgtccaggcc ctgccatctg aggggtgcag    127920
     gtgggatctg gcccagctgc agcttggccc tctcccaacc ccagcctgtc ctgtccttca    127980
     gtgagcccac accctggagt cagagctgtg ttctgtactc tgcggaatcc agtggagcct    128040
     ggacacagct gccccctccg tgttggggtc gccctcggct gtcccatgtc agggttccct    128100
     catctgcccc cttgtgcagt ggttcctaga gatcactctc acaggcatta gatgcatggc    128160
     tcaaggtcag cgccagagcc cctggtgcag tgcccgctct ccagccaaca cgggccaccc    128220
     tggagggctg cagtggagcc tgcagtaaca gaagcctcac tccttcagac ccccactccc    128280
     ctcccacaca ggctggccac tgggctgggg ctcatgggct gcctgccttg tgctaaaaat    128340
     ggaaccccag actttctggc tttaataata caatcctgac cccccagggc cctccccatt    128400
     tcctgggagc accccaaaca tcttccatgg gaaaaatagg acacggaaac ccaggcatcc    128460
     aggagcccaa ggtatcacac ccagagagcg aagggcttgc caaggctctt acctcagtgc    128520
     ccagcaccac tgccagcatc ccacagtaca atgggggaga tgctgttggc tgtccattgg    128580
     gagccagccc caggagcaca atgtacagca gcactttcct gtcgccatgg ctatgctgca    128640
     gccatgagtg accagggctc tttctgtcca ggagacacct gtcctgcccc atatgctcac    128700
     actctgcttt ccctgcccac cctactctgt cctggcctgg ggtccccaag ccacagtggc    128760
     tcagccacca gccctgccag ctgcctgccc agatggatgc tccccaggcc aaccagatcc    128820
     gaggaactgg agagagctct tctcctgtcc attcaaccac ccctcagcct ccctccaccc    128880
     tgccctgcac ttggggagtc tctgtgacca gtcccccaca caaggaactc acaggaatgc    128940
     ccctttctgt tcgggggcag gactgctgtc atcagggatc attgagggaa gcacatggag    129000
     agggggactg gggtttccca tgactgtgcc ccagcagccc ccacacattc ccccacaggg    129060
     gatgctccca gacacttcta agctgccatg ggtgcccatt tcacaggtag ggaaaccaag    129120
     gctcagatcc aaggagctgc agtatgtgtg catccacctg tctttctcca caagccccag    129180
     gagctcaggg gcaacaatgt ggagcccctg ccctggtggc ccctaccctg ccacaggctc    129240
     acagtctccc cctggggatg tggctgccca cctgcaaagc tgtgtcctca tcacccaggt    129300
     ctgagccgtg cagagctggt tccaatggcg gcaggcacca cagtcgcaaa gctggaagaa    129360
     acaagcatcc tccccaagag actgcagagg gagcgcattt ctgcccacac cttgattttg    129420
     gacttgtggc ctccagaact gtgagagaat aaattcctga tgtcgtaagc catcactaca    129480
     gcagctcccg gacactaata ttgctcaatc cgtccaggct cctctctctg tttgttgctg    129540
     ttctaggttt ttctgagaca gggtctggcg ctgtccctca ggctgaaatg cagtggcaca    129600
     atcatagctc actgtaacct ccatcccctg aactcaagcc atcctcttgc ctcagcctcc    129660
     cccacagctg ggactacagg cagagctgcc atggctggcc aacttttaaa ttaggtaacc    129720
     cttcccaata actttcacga ttagttaaca tcttctacat tcctatttat tttccctttt    129780
     aatacaaaca tatgcccatt aaataagcaa aataggggaa aaatatttaa tcacccaaaa    129840
     ccctaccatc tacctaccag agagacaata atgacaataa tgtaattacc aaattacatt    129900
     aattttggta atccaaagca atagaaaaat ctccagtttt caatttattc ttcttagatt    129960
     tctaatcaag aaaacctatt ttctacacta aagcaaatat atacaaaagg aaaagacaca    130020
     cttatgaagc aaagggatga actggagtcc taatgttaca agaggctggt agtcattcat    130080
     ttgtcatcac tgaggtattt tcagaaaata gccatggttc ccagaacttt aacaagcaca    130140
     ataatccact cttagatact tgaaagtcag ataagaagac atctatccct taactagttg    130200
     ttatacactc tatgtaaata aaaccatata atttaaattt cctcaattaa ttctcacaga    130260
     caatacccaa cctcacatca ccatgatctt tgacatatca atgttttatt ttaaatcatg    130320
     acagactatc tacatagaat actcatgatt tacaatttca gattgtcaac ccagccagta    130380
     acctacgtag cactgaattc aaataccaga aaaaggaccc agattccctc accacctagc    130440
     agagctcaag tgagctacac agcctggtag ggaatgggga gtaattaaaa ggttgcaagc    130500
     aggtactact atagccagat gagtttttga caggttatcc taaaagcact gagaaaagaa    130560
     aactgttgta gtattccaga taagattatg tggtctgtaa aaggacagtg tcaaggatat    130620
     agaaaagaac aatcaaggaa tttcaaaggg taaactggat gtaattatat agtaccacat    130680
     caaatgaaca tcaggctcaa agaaggcacg ggggagcagg aggctgcttt ccccaggtac    130740
     tctctttccc aggcttgccc agcagtcctg gcaactgaca tatatacata tatggaaacc    130800
     atcattctga gcaaactatc gcaaggacag aaaaccaaac accacatgtt ctcactcgta    130860
     ggtggaaatt gaacagtggg aacactcgga cacaggatgg ggaacatcac acacaggggc    130920
     ctgtcgtggg gtggggggag ggaggaggga tagcattagg agatatacct aatgtaaatg    130980
     atgagatagt gggtgcggca caccaacatg gcaaatgtat acatatgtaa caaacctgca    131040
     cattgtgcac atgtacccta gaacttaaag tataataaaa ataaaaaata aaagtcttcc    131100
     tcaagtttat catcaaaaag tgctacacat gatttacaag tattttcttc catcttgtga    131160
     gttgtctttt cactttcttg atggtgtcct ttgaagtgca aaaatgttta attttgatga    131220
     agtccagttc atcaattttt attcttgttg ctggtctcat atttaagaaa actttgtcaa    131280
     attcaaggtc atgacaattt actcctatgt ttgcttctca ggattttata gttttagtcc    131340
     ttacatttac gtggattagc tcaaaatgga tccatttgat ccattttttt tttttttttt    131400
     gcatccatag tttttgtata tggtgttggg taaaggtcct actgcaggtt ttgcatatgt    131460
     ttacatatct agttgtcctt gtgccagttc tcaaacttct ttccccactg aataatcttg    131520
     gcacccttgt caaaagcagt ggttatatat gtatgggttc atatctgact ctcaattcta    131580
     tcccactggt ctatacatct atccttctgc cagtattata ttgtcctgat taccactgac    131640
     ttgtagtaag ttttaaagtc agtaagtatg agttctccta ctttgttctc attttcaaaa    131700
     gattattttg gctattctta gtcctttgca attccatatg aatttcagag tcagcttgtc    131760
     cattttacag agaactcatc tgggattctg acagggatga agttaaatct gtagatgagt    131820
     ttagggagta ttgccttctt aacaatgtta agccttaggt ccatgatcat gggatacttt    131880
     tacgtttatt tagatcttct ttcatttctt tcaacaatct tctatagttt tcagagtaca    131940
     agttttacac ttcttaaatg tatcagtatt ttattcttgt tgatgctatg ataaatgaag    132000
     ttgctttctt aatttcattt tctgattgct cattgtgagt atgtagtact cagttaaagt    132060
     gtgtcaaata ctattgattt ttgtatattg accttgtatc ctgcaaccct gatgaacaca    132120
     agggatttgt gtctggcgta cataaggaac aattacaatt ctgtaataaa aagacaaaac    132180
     aacccaatta gagatagata attcaagaat ggataaacaa acttcaatac atgcaaacaa    132240
     atggaatatt attctgcaat ttaaaaaatg agctatcaag ccatgaaaaa gcacagaaga    132300
     accctaaatg tatactgctg ggtgaaagaa gccagtctga aaaggataca tactacatga    132360
     tcctattata tgacattctg ggagaggcaa aattagagag taaaaagatt agtaatgacc    132420
     gggggtttgg gaggaagagg agggggagga atgactcagt ggagcacagg agatttttag    132480
     ggcaatgaaa ctgttctaca taatactgta atggtaggta catgacatta tacatttgtc    132540
     aaatccaaaa atctataaaa cacagagtga accctgaagt aaactatgaa tttcagatat    132600
     aagtatcagt tcatcaaatc taatcaattt agcacagtag cgcaaggtgt taagagttgg    132660
     gaaaactggg cgggggcact gtaggggagc atatgtggac tctctgcact tttctctcta    132720
     ttttttctaa aactgctaaa aaaaagtcta ttgtttttaa aataaaatga tccctaacag    132780
     gaaaaaaaaa atgacaaaag atctcaacaa atatttcccc aaagaagata tacacatggc    132840
     caataagcat gagaaaagac actggacatt accttcaata ggaaaataca aatcaaaacc    132900
     acaaggagat acaatttcac atacattata atagctacaa ttaaaaagtc acacagtaag    132960
     tgtttgtgaa gatgtggaga aactgaaatt ttaatacact gctggaggga ataaaaaata    133020
     atgcagccat ttcaaaaagt agtttggcag ttcctcaatt agacagttat atgcatctga    133080
     gcaattctgc tcctagataa acaccgaaga caaatgtcta cacaaaaact tatacaccaa    133140
     tgtttatagc agcattattc ataataacca aaaggggtaa acaatgtcct aaatatccat    133200
     caaatgacaa gtgcataaac aaaatccagt gtatccatgt aacagagtat catgtggcca    133260
     taaaaagtaa gtactgatac atgtcacagc atagacaaac cttgcaagca ttatgccaag    133320
     tgaaagaatc cagtaacaaa agcccatatg atagataatc ccatttatat gaaacacaca    133380
     atagggaatc cagaggcaga aagattggtg attgccagtg ctacaactgc gggggtgcag    133440
     atgatgtatg tggagagaca gaattgaaag ctaaacggca caggaggcag ggtgttgtgg    133500
     tccatgcctg taatcctagc tactagggag gctgagatgg gaggatatct tgagcccagg    133560
     agttcaaggc tgcactaagc tatgattaca caactgtact ccagcctggg ctggtcgact    133620
     gagcaagacc ccatctctta aaataaataa ataaataaat agaaagaaaa taacctaaag    133680
     ggcataggat ttttttttga ggtggaaaaa caattctaaa attgattgga gtgttggttc    133740
     ccaacatctg tgaatatact aaaaaccact gaactatata cttcgagtgg gtgaattaca    133800
     tggcatgtga actgccaata aagctgtttt agaaatccta atatttgctg tgctataact    133860
     tcagcaaagt accgcagggc aataattgca gagccaaccc tatcattaca gtatgacaca    133920
     ggaaaactta aaactgcact tacgatcaag ctatatgcag agcatattag cacaccaaaa    133980
     ataaatgact acactaaaga cccatccttc aaggattaca gaatttaagt gctgaaaagg    134040
     agagtaaaac tactctgttt ttttaaaaag gtaagaactc acaacttaat tagtcacttg    134100
     taaaattctg gattgctaag agattttcag atataattta aaagaaaaca cacgaccaag    134160
     acaataatga aaatctatac ataaatttac tattaccttt agcttctgaa cacacagcca    134220
     aaaatccatc ttctgtcact gctttaaaca aaggtctgac tccttatgta tctctgtcca    134280
     gggacacttt cttattggca gaatccagta aaacaaatgc aaacacacca tccaacatac    134340
     aaattgtttg ctcaattcct cctttgtcat aaagatgaag gattatttca ccatccactt    134400
     tggtctggta ttcaaattca aactggtgct gcaccttagg aagcaatagc aaaaccaaaa    134460
     cattatagac tccttgtgca tccactaata attttctgtc acaaagttgc ttcagtattt    134520
     ctggagcttt aaaatcattt catgcacttt ggtgatttag gagaatcata gcattatcaa    134580
     actagggttt gcttcaactc ataattctgc aaattctgtt caacataaag ctgaacccat    134640
     gaaagtttta gttgcagtct gataaacaga atataacggg aatgtaccag aatagtaacc    134700
     tgtagaggaa tggaaattca tattatatac atactatgta tgtgatacat aaatatttta    134760
     tatatgcaga ttgagtatcc cttatctgaa atgtttggaa ccagaagtgt ttagggtttc    134820
     ggaatttttt tttggatttt ataatatttg catctacgtg agatatcttg gcgatgagac    134880
     ccaagtctaa acgtgaaatt cacttatgtt tcatatatct tatacacata gcccaaaggt    134940
     aattttatat aatatttcaa ataattttgt gaatgaaaca aagtttgtgt acatggaacc    135000
     atcagaaagc aaaggtgtca ctatctcagc ttccatgtgg aaaacttgtg gctgtctgac    135060
     gtcactgacc atcatttttg actctgaatt tatatgctac tgatgagcaa tcattttcac    135120
     acaattattc acacataagt aaaaatatga catgccatta atacagtaaa aaacaataag    135180
     caacacagta gcatcaccag aatacctgca tcagctgtta aacagctgta taaacaatgg    135240
     caagctttca ggctccacct acaaggctgc attttgatta aaaggttact gtacattgta    135300
     tttttttctt tttttaggtg agaagaaata tcaggagttg agcaactagg aggtgagtcc    135360
     tctgaggctg aggaggcatt ctgccagatg gctttttata atgtttctcc agagtcatct    135420
     gcctcattat caagggcttt tgtcttggaa gtctctcttt aattttataa gctgacatga    135480
     cctcttgttc tgttatgaat gcaggtagct ctagtccttc aatatcttca atatctctat    135540
     cacacatttt caccatgtca tctatacctt tacactacag ttcaatttct gcaacagctt    135600
     gactttctgt gttctaagtg tttctacttt tccttatcat tgctgctcgc agggatatct    135660
     acaggcctta ttgacatttt cagtatgtta acaccacaga gcagagaata agcaaaaata    135720
     cacaatgagt aaagcactta ggtcccatct gtgggaatcc tgccattggc gtgtccagct    135780
     tgcacatgtg ccattctgtg accctttgtg tgtgtgcttg catggggaaa tctgagcatg    135840
     tgtagaaaag ttatactgca gctgaagggg gctgagaggg tcttttttca ctagagaaca    135900
     tcaaataaac tgtgtgttat tcacctgcac tttgactggt acatcaaaat ccacatgtgg    135960
     tgtcatgtca gtgctcaaaa agtttcagat tttgaagcat ttcaaatttc agatttttca    136020
     gactagggat gctcaacctc taaatttaat ttaaggcaat atgttgcttg gttgccatga    136080
     cactaaaaaa cgtgtcttct gcaactgtca acttttggtt tgagaagaca gtattggcta    136140
     agaagttcct ccagttcagc ttcaaagacc tagctataaa aatgtaaagc aaagggacaa    136200
     acatcatttg gcatcattcc ctgaaaaata aatggctcca tcacaataac agatgcatga    136260
     tccaaaacaa agctgcttgt cctcaggtga ggacgacaac acccagtgct cccaccactg    136320
     cagtagcatt aaaactactg ctcactgaga gataaaatga tggtgtcact ttattagtct    136380
     gcatgcccca aagaaacagc aaagggactg tctgccactg catgcagagc aagaaggttt    136440
     gattaggcta ctcaccaatt ctgacactct ccaccatcac tggcaaacta tgaggatgaa    136500
     aagtccttga tgtatttctc tttgtatgtc atactcacat ttttggctga cattagagaa    136560
     ataagaggtt taaatcaggt gggaatccta ggttaaggtt aaaacatgtt ttcaagtctc    136620
     aaaaagtaaa cctattatgt atgtgcacga cccataaata cacttcacac tccatccagc    136680
     tcactgcata atttgtgaac cttttatctg taagccctca atgaactgtc caaaaatggg    136740
     ctttgcctcc agtgactata aagttactac ctggtcaccc ctctctgctc tatcagggat    136800
     gatctgtaac tagcaggtgg ggtctggaaa cagtcttctg ctgactgtcc tgggctgaac    136860
     tgcctgaagg gtaagtcact taccacttac tttatggtca cttaccataa agcatggaaa    136920
     actgtcatta gctgaaaaaa aataaaccca gcacctagga caataaatac atgccataca    136980
     ttcccaaata gaagatgagg ctccaatttg ttttctgcct cttaggagct tataaaacta    137040
     aagttcacaa ttaatgggga agggaggaga cagatgatct tcattgcctt agttacaaac    137100
     ttgctttggt ctatgctgat cctgtgttaa actgtgaaat agaatctatc atcctggctc    137160
     tcagaggccc ttgacttcac tcttttagtg cttttcttac ttattttcaa accttcacct    137220
     ctctcacatt gaaaatccca actcttaata ccctctctaa aaaactaccc cttcccacca    137280
     accaccacca cctaccacac tctatcatct aaatctgttt caagatataa aaatcttggt    137340
     aatttatatc ttaacacaaa ttacatacta ccttttcaaa aagcaagtta agcctgattc    137400
     taattgtggg atgaaaagtt ttttccctat gaagaaattt taaatatcat caagcatctt    137460
     gagaggtgct agcgagggca tggagcaagg aatcaaattc cataggcgat tgttttctct    137520
     atctttatat aaaaatgtcc ttgccccaat taaagcctcc accaggtata aaaagaaagc    137580
     gtttggtgat attagcaagc aacagtttcc caaatctacc ttgcccacct ctttggccta    137640
     aactctgtag gtaatttatt ttaaaaagag aagtgtcctt tgggtaacag acgtatcact    137700
     tcctactctc ttaaaccaaa ctccgatgct gcatcttaga taaaagccct caaatctggc    137760
     ctcctgaagt catgctgtca tttaacttgg cttcaggccc ctgatattcc cctgcaggga    137820
     gagagcctgc tctttgcccc agcctttacc ccattcctac tttctttcac tcagtccccc    137880
     tccactccca gcacacctct ggctgtattt gattattagt agtaaacttt atttttatca    137940
     aaaagggggt agggggtatt tttgagctta tgttgcagaa tactttatat aagcctaaaa    138000
     tatacattct gttcattaga tttctagctg ccccaactac ataagctagg atgcttggta    138060
     gaagcaatgg aacaaacttc tctagtttta caaatataac atttgtataa tttagaacag    138120
     aaattaattg ttttcaaagt atttaacttc ttttagcttt ttagaaaaaa aaaaaaaaca    138180
     ctgtctgagt aaaacagggc actttctatt tcatttaagg agaaagccaa gctgataatg    138240
     ccatactgcc tagctttctc atgtatatga cactgatttg acttagaaag aaaaaagttt    138300
     taatactctc ttctacttcc cactagcagg aaattccatt cttgcctttc cttttcacca    138360
     tttcatccac aatcacctag aaaaatgatg tctggtgcat attaggccct taaaaaagga    138420
     ataaagaaaa gtgtgaaagg aatttcttga ataactcttt taaaactttt tgaagaagaa    138480
     gactattatt aacagtgttc ccgtgagcag gcaacaaaca atgacaaaag ctattattca    138540
     gagataaaac tgtccaaaac atggttagga tataactctc tatcagtgca tgacaggtat    138600
     ctatcaagaa gtctcagaaa aaataccaag aaacatcaca accaaatgca tgaatcttga    138660
     atgaaatctg tctctaaaca aacaaatacc agctataaag atattcttgg tagcactttg    138720
     aggggccaag gtgagcagat tgcctgagct taggagttcc agaccaccct ggtggtccta    138780
     agctcctaag aggcagaaaa caaatcttta ctaaaataca aaaaattagc caggcatggc    138840
     gacaggtggg cctgtagtcc cagctactca ggaggctgaa gaaggagaat cacttcaacc    138900
     cgggaggcag aggttgcagt gagccgagat cgcaacactg cactccatcc tgggtgacaa    138960
     agttgagact ctgtttcaaa aaaaaaaaaa ttattcagac acttagggaa atttaagtat    139020
     aaactggata ttaggtggca ttatggtttt tttttttctt ttttgagaca gagtcttgct    139080
     ctgtcttcca ggctggagta cagtggctca atcttcattt acctaagtct tcttaacact    139140
     gcttagtgaa tattaagcct gatgtagtaa atacatgcta accactaaat tgaaggggaa    139200
     agagggagaa caaagaggca tgtaaagtac acttactttt tctagtagga aaagccaatt    139260
     aaaactatca cctattagtt ttattggact cagtcttaca ggaggaaaaa cttcctactg    139320
     tcgctaccta ttctcaatat ttttcttatt tcttcctaaa cttctagagc cgtgctgtcc    139380
     aataaatatg tgagccatgt acataatttt aaatgtactg gtaagcccca ttaaaagaaa    139440
     aggtgaaatt aattttaaat atacttaact cagtatgtcc caaatagtaa tcatagtaat    139500
     aattttaaca tgtaataaat attaaaaaaa aatcaagcag atattctaca ctgttcttcc    139560
     cactccaatg acaaaatcca gtgtatttaa cacaacacat ctcaattagg actagccagg    139620
     attccaagtg ctcaacagtt acaggtggct agcgcctact gaattggaca ctgcagtttc    139680
     agtgcatcga atttatatcc cacttagcgc tgattaaaac ttcaacctct cacctgacaa    139740
     ttatgctaag atctcagtaa gtaaccaact acaggcagtt tcaagcccta ctttacctct    139800
     aattactctt acagcaatgc aatgaatcat gatttaaaat taaaaaaaaa aaactgctgt    139860
     taaataatta gtcaagtgtc cagggcaatg gacagtaaag aaataatgta ggtcatgggc    139920
     caagatgaca aaacggtcct tttatttaaa gctataacaa taatctgaag ccagccctgt    139980
     aaaatagaca tccattgaaa aaggcatgct agttcttttg cttttttgtg tacttggcct    140040
     cctgtgtccc taaacagacc tcttctcagc agagtttgct cagcaagtca cttgttgagt    140100
     cttgcagtct acagaggggg tggggaatgg caggggctgg cataggagtg agaggggagg    140160
     aggcaaggtg aggagggcca ggtgaggagg ggggcacttg aaggggagtt caagaccagc    140220
     ctgggcaaca tggtgagacc accacccctc accgccacca tctctgttct cactctggtc    140280
     tcacacacat gaacaaatta aatttaattt aaaaattaaa aaattgtctt aaaataaatg    140340
     aaatatttac atggattatg tatacattca ttttgtagaa ctatagatcc catgtaactg    140400
     ggaactcttt actcttctaa cacaacattt atttagccac aaataaaaga agaccagtga    140460
     tgtagcctgt acacaataaa gtaagaaaac actggttagg ctggggcagg ggtgggggga    140520
     agagatctat gaaattaaaa ttttattggg aaggatcact aattagaatc agaacaatta    140580
     ctgctttaaa gtagttaaga acagagcaca agaaacccag agaagaagca gatatgattc    140640
     agagcagagc tcacagagca gatggtatct gagctgagac tgatagaata acattaataa    140700
     gggcattcac ggccatttat tatcacttaa ctgcaatgca ttttgtataa gttatttcta    140760
     ctcttcatat tgaccatgga aaataatact tattcttctc ttttgaagtt aaggaagtgg    140820
     taagtggtct aagaagataa attaacatac caacaccaaa tagctcaagt tcagtgactc    140880
     aggagtgccc gtgtctcccc aagaggttgc tcagcaggca gacgaggtag agagcccttc    140940
     caagaagtga cagtgagatg tgaaaggtct cagtgtgtct ctgagaacaa cagaaaccag    141000
     taagtagacc aagtgggaaa agccacggaa gaggcaggga tttcctctta agagagcaag    141060
     aataaacaga gcaaggctga gggaagccat ggaaaacggg cagaatacca tgcatttagt    141120
     gagaaaaaaa acaactttta ctttagaaag ggggaaagaa tggtggtggt ctaggtaagc    141180
     ctagaagcag aggaaagggc agtggagaaa aaataaacaa aatatattag ttagggttct    141240
     ccagagggac agatccaaca agatacacgt atatgtataa gggagtttac cagagagaat    141300
     tggttcacac ggttagaagg cagtcccaca ataggctgtc tgccaggtag ggaaagagag    141360
     aagctagtag tggctcagtc caagtccaaa agcctcaaaa ccaggaaagc ccgcagtgca    141420
     gtcttcagtc tgaggccgag ggcctgagag cctcggggaa gccgctggtg caagtcccag    141480
     agtccaaagg cataagaacc tggagtctca tgtccgaggg caggaagaag ggaatcaggt    141540
     gtcctgcatg ggaagaagaa aaaaagagag ccagaagctt cagctagcaa ggttatccca    141600
     ccttcctctg cctgctttgt tctatacagt gcagcgtgtg tacaccactt ctgtgatatt    141660
     gttcctaata tccatgggaa gaaagggtga tgttactccc aatagcacat gggggtgtac    141720
     atcccctgtg atattattcc tagtatgcag gggcagggaa aggatgacat tactcccaat    141780
     atcgcagacg gtgttctccc tgccttgtga tattgttcct aatatttagg ggatagtggg    141840
     tgatattact cccaatatca cagagggtgt gcacccccca tgatattctt cctaatatcc    141900
     aggggggcga caggttgata ttacagtcaa tgtcacagag ggtgtacatc ctcccgtggt    141960
     attgttctta atatctggag gggggagagg atattactgt caatatcaca gggggtgtag    142020
     accccttcgg tgatattgtt actaatatct gggggggaga ggatgatatt actgtcaata    142080
     tcgcaggggg tgtacacccc cccgtggtat tgttcctaat atccgggggg gggagaggaa    142140
     attactgtca atatcacagt gggtgtacac ctcttctgtg atattgttcc taatatctgg    142200
     gggggagagg atattactgt caatatcgca gggagtgtac aacgcttctg tgatattgct    142260
     cctaatatcc gggggggggg agaagatatt actgtcaata tcacaggggg tgtacacccc    142320
     ttctgtgata ttgttcctaa tatccaggtg gggagaggat catatcactt tcaatatcgc    142380
     caagtgtgta catccccctt gtgatattgt tcctatattt aggggatagt ggatgatatc    142440
     actgtcaata tcacaggggg tgtgcacccc cccatggtat tgttcctaat gtccagcaag    142500
     ggagaaaaca cgactactcc caatatggca gggggtgtac acgtcctatg caatactctt    142560
     cctatatcca tggtggaaaa ggatattggg aacaatatta caaacaatat cacagggggg    142620
     tatacatgtc ctgcgatatg aggagtaata taaccctctc cccctctgga tattacaaac    142680
     tgtatcacag aggggtgtaa accccctggg atgtggaaag tagtatcatc ctctccccta    142740
     ctggatatta caaacaatat cacagatggt gtacacatga ggtgtttacg atattaggag    142800
     taatatcata tcccccagtg gatattatga acaatatcac agaggggtgt atacacactc    142860
     tgccttatag ggagtaatat actcctctcc caccctggat actacatcgc agggaggtgt    142920
     acatctcctg tgatacaggg agtaatatca tccttttcca gcctggatat tacaaacaat    142980
     atggcagggg gcagtacacc ctggcgatat gggtagtaac atcatctcct ccccacgtgg    143040
     atattatgaa caatattcta gggggttgta caccccctgc aatatgggga ataacatcgt    143100
     cctctccccc actagatatt ataagcaata tcgcaagggg ggtgtacact tcctgcaata    143160
     aaaggagaaa tatcattctc tccccccaga gatattataa acaatatcgc agggaattgt    143220
     tctcccatgc tatatgggga gtaatatctt catcttcccc ctggatatta cgaaaaataa    143280
     cgcagaggaa tgtaaatccc ctgcgatatg gggagtaaaa tcattctctc tggccaggcg    143340
     cggtggctca cacctgtaat cccagcactt tgggaagctg aggtgggtgg atcacgaggt    143400
     caggagattg agaccatcct ggctaacatg gtgaaacccc gtctctacta aaaatacaaa    143460
     aaattaactg ggcgcggtgg cgggcgcctg tagtcccagc tactagggag gctgaggcag    143520
     gagaatggtg tgaacctggg aggcggagct tgcagtgagc caagatcagg ccactgcact    143580
     ccagcctggg cgacagagcg aggctctgtc tcaaaaaaaa taaaataaaa tcattctctc    143640
     cctccctgga tattacggac aatatcacag cggagtgtac aatgagtttc tagaatatat    143700
     ttgaggaggg tgaagggcgg tgtgtgcgtg cttcatggcc ttattcaatt aaacactctg    143760
     ctctcaattt attgctaaat cctccttgag cccttagatt tcataacggt tgtcgcgaga    143820
     tttttctgga tgtagaaaac gtacctattt cttaccacct catgggctac accttgacct    143880
     aacgttttta tgtagatact tatgcttact ctgtggcctt tccagggttt gctgaagatg    143940
     gatgtatata gtctggacaa gaggtggtga ggtaaattgg ggcttatcga ttatagaaca    144000
     ggctccttta gagggatgta aagcaccgca aagtcctttg agttttaagc tgttgcttgt    144060
     agtgttctgg cgaacagttt tgttgatcta actattcgag tttagggtta agcatagcgg    144120
     ggtatcttct cccaatttgg atcttagcta ttttgtcttc agaatattaa aggcattttc    144180
     gtagttattt cagcttgggt ttttttacaa cttttttaca atttatttag aaactttcag    144240
     gtttctaaat atatgaatga accataatat aagccttggc caatacaatg caggttaggc    144300
     ctcctactgt aaaaaggaaa ataaatccct gggctcacag cattgtgggg gatcacttga    144360
     tattaccgcc gtgaagtgta gctagctagt cagctaaaaa ctttgacgct agtaggaata    144420
     gcaataatta tagtagcaga ggtgaagcag gctcatgtgt ccacatctat ccgtaccgta    144480
     aatatatggt gggcccatac aataaaccgt aagaacccaa ctgatcctat agctcacact    144540
     agacccataa acctgaatgg ttcttttttt tcccagaata gtgtgttatg gcgtgggaaa    144600
     ttatcccaaa gcccagtggg atgaggattt agacttcagg gtgaccaaag aatctgaata    144660
     aatgctgaca taagatagga tcacctccgc cagccaggta gaaaacagta gtattatgat    144720
     tgaggtcagt taacaatata gtgatgccag aggctaggac tcggagacaa aggagtagaa    144780
     gaactgctgt aattaggact aattagatga agaggggtgt gtgatattgg gacatggctg    144840
     ggggttttat attaacaatt gtggtaataa agttaatagc ccctgaggta gaagaaacac    144900
     ctgccaagtg gagtgaaaag atagtgaaat ctacagaggc gcctgaatgt gttaggtttc    144960
     ctgctaaggg aggagagact gttcagccgg ttccagtgcc ggcttctact atagtggatg    145020
     caagtaataa taggaaggag ggtgggagga gtcagaagct catattattt atgcagagaa    145080
     atgctatatc ggggcgccaa ttatcagggg gactaatcag ttgccaagac ctccaattat    145140
     agtattacta taaagaaaat tatgacaaat gcataggcta taacaatgac ataaatttga    145200
     tcatctagtg gagttcagct cgaataagtc ttaaagctgt actgactatc cctgcttatg    145260
     tgacaaataa taaatataat gtcccgatat ctttatggtt ggttgagaat agtcgactgt    145320
     cagccaacat aaatgaagtg agaaaaaagg gtaaaatgac taagtagggc attagactgt    145380
     acatctaaaa acagaggtca aggcctgttt ttaccagtcc caaggtgatt ttcacgttga    145440
     attgtaaatt caaagaagca gcttcaatcc tgcttctctc accttttatc ccccagcggc    145500
     tggagaagta gattcaaacc agttgactag ggagtttagc tgttaagttt tcgtgggttt    145560
     aagtctcatc aatttagtaa gaacttagct tacttaaagt gattgatctg tattcaattg    145620
     accaagggtg gtctgtatca gagaaagtac atttcagggc caccatacaa cgactgttca    145680
     aaaaggcctc caatatggga tagtcctatt tattatctca gaaatatttc tcttcgctgg    145740
     attcttttga gcattctacc attctagcct agcccctact ccagaattag gaggacattg    145800
     acccccgaca ggtatttctc cccttgacac cctggaagta cccctcctga atccatctgt    145860
     attacttgca tcaggagttt caattacttg agcccatcac agcctaacaa aaaataatga    145920
     aaaacataca atccaagcac tacttattac aattatatta ggtatctact tcaccctcct    145980
     acaagtctca gaatacttca aagctccctt tgctatttct gatggtattt atggctcaac    146040
     attttttata gctacaggct ttcacagact tcacgtcatt attggatcaa cattcctcag    146100
     tctgccttct ccgccaacta aaataccact ttacatctag tcatcacttt gcctttgaag    146160
     ctgctgcctg atatcgacac tttgtagatg tagtatgact attcttgtat gtttctattt    146220
     attgatgagg atcttactct tttagtataa atagtaccat gatttccaaa gtttcgatag    146280
     catccgaaaa acagtaattc acctaacatt aaccctagta atcaacaccc tattagccct    146340
     gttactaata attattacat tttggctccc acaacttaat atatatatat agagagagaa    146400
     aaaaatatat atatatatgt ataaaataaa tatatataga aaaatctagc ccttatgaat    146460
     gcagatttga ccctctatct tctgcccaca ttctcttctc cataaaattc tttctagtag    146520
     ccatcacatt tcccctattt gagttagaac tcgccctact actaccctta ctgtgagccc    146580
     ttcaaacaat ctgatactaa taatccctgc gatatgtgta gtgacttcat acttcacctc    146640
     ccccccccgg atattatggc caatatcaga gtggagtgtg caccccctgc aatatgggga    146700
     gtgatatcat cctctcccca ctggatgtta tggacaatat cacaggaggt ttactttctc    146760
     tgcgttatgg ggaataatat cctcctgtcc ctgcctggat gttagacata tttacagggg    146820
     gggtgtccaa cccctgcgat atggggagta gtaatatcct ctcctgccct ggatgttatg    146880
     gacaatatat aaggagatgt acaatccctt cgatatgggg agtaatatca tcctcttccc    146940
     cctaaacgtt acgaacagta tcacaggggg gtgtacaccc cctgaaatat ctggagtagt    147000
     atcatcccct tcttccctaa atgttacaga gactatcaca ggggtgtgta caccttctga    147060
     aacatgggaa taattttatc ttcccctgtg gaagttatgg acaacattac agccgtgtgc    147120
     accctctatg atatgcggag taatatcatc ctctcccccc tggatgtaag tgacaatacc    147180
     acaaatgggt ttacatcccc cgtgatatgg ggagtaatat catcctcttt cccactggat    147240
     attaacaata tcacatgggg atgtacaacc cctgtgatat tcagaataat atcttctaat    147300
     ccactgaaaa ttataaacaa tatcaccagt gtacactccc tgtgatattg gaagtaatat    147360
     catcctctaa tcccctaaaa attatgaaca gtatcacagg ggagtgtata cttcttacta    147420
     tattgggagt aatatcattc tgtcctcttc taaatattat gaacaatatt acaggggatg    147480
     taacactccc tgcaatatgt ggagtaatat catcctctcc tcacctaaat attgtgaaca    147540
     atatcacagg aggttgtaca caacctgcga tattgtttgt agtatccagt gggaaagagg    147600
     atgctattac tccccatatc acagggggtg tacaccccca ctgtgatata ttcaataaca    147660
     tccagaagta atattactga caaaattgca gggggtgtaa accccacgtg tgataccgtt    147720
     cctaatatcc cggggaagag aggatgatgt tattcccaat attgcagggg gtgtacaccc    147780
     accctatgat attgttctta atatccagga ggggagacaa tggtattact cacagtatca    147840
     aagaggttgt acagctcccc tgtgatagtt tctaatatcc agggggtgta cactcccctt    147900
     gtgatatttt tcctaatatg tagggggaag gacaatgata ttactgtccg tatcacagga    147960
     gttgtacaac atgccccccg ggatatcatt cctaatatcc atgggaagaa agaatactac    148020
     aatatcgcag aagttgtaca ccccctctgt gatattgttc ctaatatcaa agatggaagg    148080
     gtatgatgtt cttcccaaaa tcacagggag tgtacacaca tcctgtgcta tttttcctaa    148140
     tatcgagagt gagagacaat gatacttcca atatcgtaag gagtgtacac tctccccgtg    148200
     ataccaggtg gggaaatgtt gatattactc caaatatcac agtggttgta cacacgtttt    148260
     gcgatattgt tcctaatatc aagtgggggg aggattgtat tactcccaac atattactcc    148320
     ccacacccca ttatactgtt cttaatatcc agatttggag aggatgatat tactcccaaa    148380
     atctctggag gtgtagaccc cttctgtgat actgtttctt atatccaggg gaagactaga    148440
     tcatattact cccaacagtg cagggtgtta cacgccaccc cccatgatat tgtctctaat    148500
     atcaagttgg ggagagggtg atattgctcc aaataatgca aagggtgcac accagccctg    148560
     tgatattatt cctagtatcc agaggaggag agaatggtat tatttttaat atcgcagagg    148620
     gtgcacaccc cccttgtgat actgctccta acatccaagg ggtagaggat gaaattactc    148680
     ccaatatcac agtgggtata cacccccccg tggtattgtt cctaatatcc agggggtata    148740
     ggatgatagt actataaata tcgcaagggt tgtacacccc ttctgatatt gttactaata    148800
     tccgtggggg gagtcgatga tattacttcc aatatcacag ggcatgtaca ccccccttgt    148860
     gatattgttc ctaatatcct gggaggagac tactatatta ctggcaataa cacagggggt    148920
     gtgtattccc gtgatattgt tcctaatgtc cagcaaggga gaaaatatta ctcccaatat    148980
     ggtgggggtg tacacttccc atgcgatatt gttcctaata tccatggggg aaaaggatga    149040
     tattactcta aatgtcgcag gaggtgtaaa ctgctcctgt gatattgttc tcaatatcca    149100
     tggggggaga gaatgatatt actcccaata tcacaggtgg ttgtcacccc ttctgttata    149160
     ttattcctaa tatccaggtt gggagagaat aatattacag gtaaaatagc agggggtgta    149220
     cactccacct gtgatattgt tcctaatatc caggggaaga gtggacaata ttactcccaa    149280
     tatcgcagga tgtgtacacc ccctttttga tattgttctt aatatccata gggggagagg    149340
     gtgataccac tcccaatagt gcagaaaagg tacagccccg ctgtaatatc attcccaata    149400
     tccagagggg acaggatgat attactccca gtatcacaga gggtatacac cccctcccca    149460
     tgatattgtt cataataccc agggggtaga ggatgatatt actcccaata tcgcagtggg    149520
     tgtacaccca ccctgtgata ttgttcctga tatccatgtg gaaagggtat aaagttactc    149580
     ccaatatcac agggggtgta caaccccctt gtgatactgt tcctaatatt caggggagag    149640
     acaatgatat agctgtccat attgcaggtg gtgtacaacc ccctgggaat ttgttcctaa    149700
     tattcagtgg ggaagattat attaattaaa atgtcacggg gggtatacaa cacctttgtg    149760
     atattattcc taatatccag ggaaagaaag aatgttccca atatcacagg ggatgtacac    149820
     ccctctctga tactgtttct aatatccctg gggagagtct ataatattac tggcaatatc    149880
     ataaggagtg tatacccccc gttatattgt tccttatgtc cagcaaggga gaaaatatta    149940
     atcccaatat ggaacaggga ttccatattg ttgttccaat atggaacaac acccatgagg    150000
     tattgttcct aatatccagg gagggaaagg atgatattac tcccaatgat gcagtggtgt    150060
     ataacccccc gtgatattgt tcctaatatc taggtgggga aagtacagta ttattcccaa    150120
     tatagcaggg gttgtacacc gcctttgtga tattgttcta aatatccatg gggaaagaaa    150180
     atgatagtac tctccaatat cgcaggtggt gtacaacccc ttgtgatact gtttctaata    150240
     tccatgttgg gggaggatat tactcccaat attgcacgtg ttgcacagac cctctttgat    150300
     attgtttgta ctatgaaggg tgtgggggga gaggatgata ttgagagtaa tatcaccctc    150360
     tctccccgga tattaaaagt aatattcagg gtggtcgaca cctcctgcaa tattgagtat    150420
     aatatcctct cccaacctgg atattaggaa caatatcaca ggggcatgta cactcccttc    150480
     ctttcaccat atacaaaaat caactcaaga tggatgaagg acttatgtaa gacccaaaac    150540
     tatataaacc ctagaagata acttaggaaa tatcattctg gacatagacg ctggcaaaga    150600
     tttcatgatg aagattccaa aagcaattgc aacaagaaga attgacgagt gggacctaat    150660
     gaaactgaag agcttcagca cagcaaaaga aactatcaac agagaacacc ctacagaaca    150720
     gaagaaaata ttttcaaatt acatatctga aaaatgtcta atactcagca tgtataaaga    150780
     atcaataagc aaaaagcaaa cccactacaa ataggcaaag aacatgaacc cccacattca    150840
     ccatcctcaa gtccatgtgc aacttctttc tggatgctgg acaagaactt gggtaccaag    150900
     agggcactga acaggttaac acttaagccg tctgtggatt cttttttcaa aagacaacgt    150960
     atgtgtggca aacaaccata tgaaaaaata ttcaacatca ctaatcatca gaaaatcaga    151020
     accatgagat accatatcac accggtcaga atggctatta ttaaaaaatc aaaacaaaac    151080
     agacggtgcc gagtttgtgg aaaaaaaggg aatgcttata cactgctggt ggtgatatag    151140
     aaaggagaca gggaaatact gggtagaaga gagtggttcc ctggcaaagc cctgcccaca    151200
     agcttggaaa cccatcaccc taaatgggaa caggcattcc tgcttttgca cccaaaagtt    151260
     gtctttcagc tcagcatgca ccccctgtcc tgtacccata tatgtcccag accccaggct    151320
     ccagaagcag acaagcagat gaggagatga acagaagagc agaattgcag aatgatgtgg    151380
     cagaaagaag agaaggagca tctgaatgcc aagaggagtt tggctggcag tggttggaga    151440
     gatcagcctc cggatggcaa agctcccagg gaagatcatc ttctattcca tcccctttcc    151500
     agctccccat ccatcccatt gagtgccacc tccaccactc aataaaaccc ccacattcac    151560
     catcctcaag tctgtgtgca acttaattcc ttctggatgc tggacaagga actgggtacc    151620
     aagagggcac tgaacaggtt aacatttaag ccgcctgtgg atggcaaagc taaaagagtg    151680
     cactgtaaca catgcccact tgggctgtgg gagtcgcagg cacccacccc tagacagtac    151740
     catggccact tgccctgcct attgcacctg cctgtttgca tgttcccctg cccaataagg    151800
     ggtttgacag cacacatagt gggcagacaa gccacacccc tgttgcacat cctgccaagg    151860
     ggagtcaggg aactctccag tttcatcagg aatgtaaatt tgttcagcca ttgtggaaag    151920
     cagtttggag atttctgaaa taacttaaaa cagaactacc attcaaccca gcaatcccat    151980
     cactgggtat atacccaaag gaatataaat cattctgtca tagacatatg cacgcatatt    152040
     ttcattataa cactattcac gatagcaaag acacggaatc aacttagatg cctgttaaca    152100
     gaagactgga ttaaaaaaat gcagtgtaca tacaccatgg aatactacac acctataaaa    152160
     taggatgaaa taatgtattt tgcagcaaca tgaatggagc tggataccat tattctaagt    152220
     gaattaatgc aggaacagaa aaccaaacaa acactgcatg ttctcactta taagtggggg    152280
     ctaaacattg agtccacatg gacacaaaga agggaacaat agacacaagg tctactgtgg    152340
     gtggagggtg gggggagagt gaggataaaa aaactcccta ttagatacta cgctcactac    152400
     ctggatgact acataatctg tacaccaaat cccattgaca cacattttat ccatataata    152460
     aacctgcaca tgtacccgct gaacctaaaa taaatgttgg aaggaaataa agttacaacc    152520
     aactcttgta ctgttgtgag gaaacaatca tatgtgttca cagaaaatca actactaata    152580
     gatttataat agcatatatg tagcagaaaa atatcagata taacttatat acccaaaagt    152640
     atgacttaaa aacagcatga caatctttat gatgggatat tgtgcaacta ctagaagcac    152700
     attttcagag attatttatt aacatatgat aatgactaca ttgagtggtt tttagaagca    152760
     tgaattgaaa ccatgtataa gcatgacttt attgaactta tatataacat tacacacaca    152820
     tttacataat tataaaataa gtatgtgcat gttcataata tgtatttatt tatattcata    152880
     tgtaaggcca ataggaagta atctctgtat ctgagttatt atttcataaa taatttatgc    152940
     ttgttctgtg aaaataaaaa cactgctatg gatcttccaa gtatcctgaa aggatacagt    153000
     ttataattaa acaacaacaa ttttagaaat aattatttta aataaagcta tgataaatct    153060
     ggtttcattg cacactttaa ctttggaaca tttcatgaag cgtcccttga tcacgactct    153120
     cacattcagg agttttttga gatcaaatgg gacaatcagt atgaatctat tttttagaca    153180
     tgcaaatgga taactttaaa tagcagtagc gatatagagt gcacagttgc tctgggacaa    153240
     aacttggaaa tgagcatatt tttagattct taatgttttg cacactttag cattccacag    153300
     caccattaca tactcatttt tctaccagaa tatcttggta gaaattcaca gtagagatca    153360
     ggcttgtcct tcatacatta actaatcaag taggaaagtg caaatgagaa cacaatgcca    153420
     aacataggca ccacatggaa acaagcatgg aactgccagg aagacatttt tgtagcttta    153480
     tagcccaatt atatttttcc taatgtattg cacacaaaac ttgggggaaa aaaaagaggc    153540
     agagagaaaa caggttatat cagccctatc tcacaatcca caagttcatc ctatcagagg    153600
     agtaactatg taaaacaaac tttatctgtt gaatgtccta tttagttaat cgcaaaactg    153660
     taggagtaca cacttgtgac ttatttagca gcttgtttgt tctctttcct ctggcttcac    153720
     aaaggtcctt tggaaagaga aagtacattt ggaaccctgt acaccttttc tttctccagt    153780
     accctcttgt cacttccatc actaaggtga cagaagcaac tatgggcaat gcatttgtag    153840
     cacacctggg tcagaggtat cctccagggg aaggatcaga cctgcttgaa aacatgtcgt    153900
     tggaattggg aggcttctag tagctataac ataagcactg atgtttactg ttccctgccg    153960
     tccactttga tcactctggg aaacattttt ttaaaaaaat caattgtatt caaacataat    154020
     ttacataaaa taaatattcc tattttaaag tgcacagttt gctgagtttt gccagatgta    154080
     accatccagg tgaataaaat tgattaaact gatctttcaa ataataaatt aaacttgcaa    154140
     tcttgctaga aatttaattt gttcagttta ttatccattc tatgtactgc tacattcaat    154200
     tggttattat gttttaagga cttttgagtc tatgtttatg agggataaac atcaaagttg    154260
     aataaagcct ttgtctcgat ttggaatcag ggcaatactg ggttcataaa ataagatagg    154320
     aagtgtccct ttagattctt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttgagacg gagattcact    154380
     cttgttgccc aggctggagt gcaatggcac aatttcggct ctccacaacc tctgcctccc    154440
     agattcaagc tattctcctg cctctggctt ccgaggagct gggattacag gcaagcgcca    154500
     ccatgccctg ctaattttgt acttttagta gagacggggg tttctccatg ctggccaggt    154560
     tggtctcaaa ctcctgaccc caggtgatct gcccgtcttg gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat    154620
     tacaggtgtg agccactgtg cccagccctt aaattctatt tcttaaaaag agtctgttca    154680
     agattgatat tatagatact cctcaactta caatggtctt atgtcttaat gaactcatcc    154740
     taaattgaaa atattgtaag tctaaaatgc atttaatata tttaacctac tgaatatcat    154800
     gacttaacct cgcctacctt aaacttgctc agaacattta cattatccta caattgggca    154860
     aaatcatgta ccacaaggcc cattttaaaa tattgagtat ctcatgaaat ttattgaaaa    154920
     ctatactgat agtgaaaaac tggtcatatt gatgctcatc attaatgtac acagatgaaa    154980
     gcaccattat caagtcagaa gagcacaagt caaaccaccg taagttgagg actctctgta    155040
     ctttcttaaa tgtttgatag aattcaccta agaaaccatg tagactgtaa ttatagaaat    155100
     ctttttaaat taaaaaaatt cttcaataca tagagaagct attacttttt ctatttcatt    155160
     ttgcatcagt tttaagaatt agttttacaa ataatttccc agttatttta attgtcaaat    155220
     gtattggcct aaagttttca taattatatt gatgtctgta ggttctgtag ttacatcctc    155280
     tatttaattc ccattatcta cattatgtag cttctctaat ttttttcaag ataaatcttg    155340
     ctagccattg tttattaaaa aatttttttc aaagaaccaa tttgtgggta tattaattag    155400
     ctccaccttt tgttatttgc tatgttgttg gtttacattt ttatctttat catcttcctt    155460
     cttcttaatt tggatatact ttgctcattt ttttagcctc ttaaaaaaga acctaaaggt    155520
     cattgattga agccttttat tttcaatata ttacatctat aaatgtacct ttaagaaagg    155580
     atttatctgc atcccacatt ttattaagtt tttaaaaaat tttctttcag tttaaacttt    155640
     tttttgtgtg tgaaactttt cttgaccaat gggtttttct gaagcatttt gtttaatgtt    155700
     caaatgttgg ggtgttattg tatatatcct actgttgtcc atctctggtt catgatacaa    155760
     cgcatgttct ccattgcact tagttgacat gtctccatgt ctctggcgaa ttc           155813