ID   AC131097; SV 6; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 187030 BP.
AC   AC131097;
DT   17-AUG-2002 (Rel. 72, Created)
DT   23-MAY-2005 (Rel. 83, Last updated, Version 8)
DE   Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-789L24 from 2, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-187030
RA   Ali J., Meyer R., Dignan G., Schatzkamer K., Veizer J.;
RT   "The sequence of Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-789L24";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-187030
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (16-AUG-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [3]
RP   1-187030
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (07-FEB-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-187030
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (30-APR-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [5]
RP   1-187030
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (21-MAY-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 48efd2fa15f3774cfeaa9e53238f9a5e.
DR   ENA-CON; KI270776.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000029.
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DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; H0Y2W6; H0Y2W6_HUMAN.
CC   On May 21, 2005 this sequence version replaced gi:62988678.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: H_NH0789L24
CC   --------------.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The RPCI-11 human BAC library was made from the blood of one male
CC   donor, as described by Osoegawa,K., Woon,P.Y., Zhao,B., Frengen,E.,
CC   Tateno,M., Catanese,J.J. and de Jong,P.J. (1998) An improved
CC   approach for construction of bacterial artificial chromosome
CC   libraries. Genomics 51:1-8. The clone may be obtained either from
CC   Research Genetics, Inc. (http://www.resgen.com) or Pieter de Jong
CC   and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   VECTOR:  pBACe3.6
CC   This sequence is not the entire insert of the clone. This clone is
CC   overlapped by AC093642.
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
CC   Data from AC131089 and AC093642 was used to finish this clone.
CC   Data from AC127087 and AC093642 was used to finish this clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..187030
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="2"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11"
FT                   /clone="RP11-789L24"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   unsure          1..343
FT                   /note="Unresolved bases."
FT   unsure          8138..8141
FT                   /note="Unresolved bases."
FT   unsure          10947..10956
FT                   /note="Unresolved bases."
FT   unsure          11728..11792
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          17281..20245
FT                   /note="Unresolved tandem repeat."
FT   unsure          30373..30692
FT                   /note="Unresolved bases."
FT   unsure          30853..30858
FT                   /note="Unresolved bases."
FT   unsure          31063..31090
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          31080..31081
FT                   /note="Unresolved bases."
FT   unsure          31242..32272
FT                   /note="Unresolved tandem repeat."
FT   unsure          33750..33752
FT                   /note="Unresolved bases."
FT   unsure          36205..36255
FT                   /note="Unresolved bases."
FT   unsure          58772..61038
FT                   /note="Unresolved tandem repeat."
FT   unsure          62895..63204
FT                   /note="Unresolved bases."
FT   unsure          73143..74292
FT                   /note="Unresolved tandem repeat."
FT   misc_feature    75347..75363
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA."
FT   unsure          76130..78512
FT                   /note="Unresolved tandem repeat."
FT   unsure          80623..80625
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          89773..90253
FT                   /note="Unresolved tandem repeat."
FT   unsure          108558..109122
FT                   /note="Unresolved tandem repeat."
FT   unsure          109328..109355
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          139710..141723
FT                   /note="Unresolved tandem repeat."
FT   unsure          158889..158891
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
SQ   Sequence 187030 BP; 41217 A; 49177 C; 52045 G; 44591 T; 0 other;
     gaattccaaa ttgtgggtaa caaggcctct ctaatttggc taaaattcct tgcagctgca        60
     aagggggaag aacgatcaaa cataaaacca cgtgtttgct ttctgtctta aaaaagcaat       120
     tgtcccttca tttacttttc ttccacccca tacctccttc cccctttgcc atctccagta       180
     ccaaggactc tagagaaggc ttctaatgac ttgaacccct ttaaataatt cagaacaagg       240
     gcaccactca ccgcttttgg ggtgttctgt cttcattgtg gagtttcaag agtcatgggc       300
     aggttcttct taggtctaaa gctctgtttt cctgtattgc attacctgac ctctttggct       360
     ttggggggta ccatagatga ccttgcactg tgagaggatt tgacctcggc gtgtataatg       420
     gcagatgaga gctacaaagt tatgggtggc tgaatacagt ttacaggaag tggtcttggc       480
     tgtatttttt ttttcttttc tctcctagga ggttgttgtt taaggatcct aattctagtt       540
     tgaagatgca ttctaaaggg tcttctttat tgcttttctc ccaacattaa tctcagtttg       600
     gtttgtctgt gtgcatttgt gcgaggaact gaactgaact gttgttttca taggtaaatg       660
     agagactgag tttttcagct ccaaagagaa aaggtatctg cttctcccag ccaaaggtgc       720
     ccctgggtga ccagggggcc tcgtgggagt gtctaggggg ttgacccctg ctgtgacatg       780
     cagcagccct tcagggaaat cccctcaaaa gttaatttaa aaatagttca tccaggaaac       840
     gcatgtaaag gctgatcacc cagcgttttg agccctctct gaggtcatag acctctggag       900
     agagaaactg agactcataa gagggcagaa gtgactcagt ggtgacacac tgtggagtcc       960
     tgcccacaag cagcacacat caatccacta cacaaaaacc taggccacag ctcagttcct      1020
     ccttttaaga aaaaaaaaag tgggaaacaa ataatccaag aatgaggaga aaacacagag      1080
     aatgatcccc ttttgagcac tctgtagggt ttaaggcaca tctacttgcc agagtaaaat      1140
     ggaagtaaga cagtctttgt gcacatttac attaaggaaa aaagagccct aacgtcgacc      1200
     ccaaaccaat agagttctta cgtccccttt tccccatttt cttttctgcc tgctttaaat      1260
     ctgctgttac ctttctagtg agataaaaac cactgtttcg atctagcagg tctttttttg      1320
     caagccagtg aacttatatt tatctcatgg ctaaagtact gaagtaaaag ctatagaatc      1380
     tttgtgtgtg tgtatgtgtg atgtatatgt ctgtgtgtgt gtatagttga aggcccttat      1440
     aatagactta tataatttta tgttcaattg gcaattaaat ctgctttagt ttccctctag      1500
     ctcaccagac tttctcttcg taccttacta tgtaaatttt gctatttgat tttcacctga      1560
     gttatttcct ttaatatgca aatttaagac tatttagctg acaattgcct tagggttgtg      1620
     aaacagatta tcaagaattt gaaagtctaa gatagggaaa aaaatatggt ctttatggat      1680
     ctataacatg tacttctggc tgggtgtggt ggctcacgcc tataatccca gcactttggg      1740
     aagccaagga gggtggatca catgaggtta ggagttcaag accagcctgg ccaatgtggt      1800
     gaagccccgt cccggggcat ggtggtgggc gcctgtaatc tcagctacct gggaggctga      1860
     ggcaggagaa ttgttggaac ccgggaggca gaggtttcag tgtgccgaga ttgtgccact      1920
     gtactccagc ctgggctgat aacagtgaga ctccatctca aaaaaaaaag aaagaaaaaa      1980
     tgtacttcta tcagcatgcc taatatgtct atgtatttag atttcatagg taaatgagag      2040
     actgagttat aacatatgtt atggaaaact cctataattc tgatataact tagtatgctt      2100
     tatcaataac aattataatt gttatgttaa gttattgtat gccacagagg aaacaaattt      2160
     ccttgtcaat tgtgtctttg actatggttg ccctaaaact ttttgtcatc cacggacatt      2220
     tgttgtcttg ttttggtcct ccttagaaag tggttttgta atcagctata gaactctaac      2280
     aggtgttctt acatatagga ttctgataac tttggggatt gtggcattag aatagagaaa      2340
     gaaactttcc agactctcat ggagagcaga aatgttcatg aatatcaagc agaacaggag      2400
     ttaactgtgt aaactgaact gatagaagac taaagaatct ttttgacctt tgctttaaat      2460
     gttgctgatt ctttcttttg tatttttcag agctgagaaa acttttcttt tgagctattg      2520
     acagcttttt acaattcagt atactcctat gaacaaaatt tggggtatat ttgtttctct      2580
     taaggactaa gctctgattt tgtatcttgc ccaaattcct atctaagagg tctggggagt      2640
     cgtgtcctac aaaccataaa ttctcatcag atggctttta tttgaccctg tatatcatga      2700
     tttactttcc aatctgagtc tggcataaca aggaagaaaa taacaatgtt ttaccccaaa      2760
     atatatttcc ttgtcatacc ttgaaattgc cctacaacgt ctcttgtggg aaaaatccac      2820
     attctataga gaatcacctt tctcctttgt tttcctttct tctcagatcc aggagataat      2880
     caattaagag ccaggcaccc ttttaggtct gatgagaaac attttacaac ctgctctctc      2940
     tttgaagtct gctatctgag agctccctct ctgcacaata aaacttggtc tccacaatcc      3000
     tttaccttaa cctgagcatt ccttactatt gatcccaggt cttcagataa actcaaccaa      3060
     ttgtcatcca gaaaatgttt aaatttccct gtagtctgga agcccctgct ttgatttgtc      3120
     ccacctttct caatcaaaac aatgtatttc ttaaatgtat ttgattgatg tctcatgtct      3180
     ccctaaaaat gttttaaacc aagctgtacc cctaccaact tgggcacatg ttctgaggac      3240
     ctcctgaggg ctgtgtcatg ggccatggtc actcattttg gctcagaata gatctctgca      3300
     attattttac aatttgactc tttttgtcga cactctctac ctggtttccc cagaatttgg      3360
     aaactatttg tgagtatttt taatttatgg gagtacagtt atttgtataa gtgcaataag      3420
     aatttgtttt cattttgcag caggacacaa ttggagaaac tggttactcc aatgtactaa      3480
     ggctttgact ggaatggtga gctttcattt aaggaatcaa acttgactta tggagccaat      3540
     gaaagcccct tggaaaaact ggcctcatac ctttgtctac agagtccctg tacagggttc      3600
     ctgacctgtg gcaagaaaag aatatcactt tctgacaggt ccaggagccc caggtttatc      3660
     ctggaacctc aagcgatgag gatgactcaa ctcataggta tttgatggca caaattcgtg      3720
     gctgggctcg gctttaaaaa agtcttatct gagattcctc ctatggagca atgttccatc      3780
     aaagccaatt taaaagccta tgtaaaaagt aattattctt gctgcactgt atacaaataa      3840
     ttaggccaag tataataaag caaaccagtc ttaccatgat ttgtctttag tgaaaatggg      3900
     aaactggaga gagaaaaatt atgtttcaat actatggtac acctattttt agattccagt      3960
     cttgcctaat gttttcaagt tttattattt tctacagttt ggaccaaatt ctgattttcc      4020
     ttggctacaa gtcttcaaaa taatgtttgc aatttttttc atttgtttgc cccacccccc      4080
     atttttctgt tttcttttct tttctttctt tctttttttt ttttttctga gatggagttt      4140
     tgctcttgtc gcccaggctg gagtgcagtg gcatgatctc ggctcactgc aacctctgcc      4200
     tcctgggttc aagcaattct cctccctcag cctccctagt agctgggatt acaggcacct      4260
     gctaccctgc ccagctaatt tttgtattgt tattattatt attatttagt aaagatgggg      4320
     tttcactatg ttggtcaggc tggtctcaaa ctcctgaact caggtgatcc acctgcctca      4380
     gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat tacagacatg aaccactgca cccacccgcc ccccttattt      4440
     ttcctaattt ggagtcacta aaatctaagc tgtgctttct taaagccctg caaactgaag      4500
     ccagacaact taaacttcag aagaaaataa cagcaaccta ttttcataca taagccactt      4560
     tcatggccta ccaatgtatg gactttaaag ttatgtggcc tatatcgatt tttgcaggat      4620
     tattctttgg tttgttgttg ttttctttct tcctccccct attttctctt ctaggacatg      4680
     agacttcaca acctgctaaa aatgagcttt cctaataact taggacctgc ccatctagga      4740
     ataaaccatc ctagccatga gagatcagat gaaacctggg accagagact cattttcttc      4800
     taaaatcttg gagagctttc tccaagattt taaagagaaa acggggggaa atgtgaaagg      4860
     aaaagatctt gagcccccag atcactataa gctaaaggga ggagtctagc tgggaactgc      4920
     tcagggcaaa cctgcccccc attgtattca aagtctcccc tctgctcact gagataaatg      4980
     tgtatctgac tgcctccttt ggagaggctc atcagaaact caaaagaatg caaccatttg      5040
     tctcttacct gcctgtgacc tggaagtccc ctccccactt ggagtcttcc tgcctttgct      5100
     tcgagccatc ctgcctctcc agaccgaacc aatgttcgtc ctgcatatgc ggactgatgt      5160
     ctcatgtctc cctacaatgt ataaagccag actgtgccct gaccaccttg ggcacacgtc      5220
     atcaggacct cctgaggctg ggtcatgggt gcgcgtcctc acccttggca aagtaagctt      5280
     tctaaattaa ctgaaaccta tgaacctccc aaatctgaga caggtctcag ttaatttaga      5340
     aagtttattt tgccataaag ttcatccatg tccagcgagc tggtcagaag gaaccgcagg      5400
     gggatgtgtg tgtccgtgtg tgtgtatgtg tatgtatctg tatgtatgtg tgtgtattgt      5460
     gtgtgtatgt atgtattgtg tatgcatgtg tgtgtatatg tatgtataca tgtacgtgtg      5520
     tatattgtgt acgtgtatgt atgtactgtg tatgcgtgtg tatgtgtatg catgtgtatt      5580
     atatgtacat attgtgtatg tgtgtgtata tgtatgtgtg tattgtgttt atatgtatgt      5640
     gtgtatatgt atgtatgtgt atatgtgtgc gtatatgtgt atgtatgtat atgtgtatat      5700
     gtgtgtgtat tgtgtgtgta catattgtgt ttgtgtgtac atattgtgta tgcatatgtg      5760
     tgtgtatgca catattgtgt atgtgtgtgt atatgtgtat gtacgtattg tgtatgcatg      5820
     tgtgtatgtg tgtatatgta tgtgtgtgtg tattgtgtat gtgtagtgtg tattatttgt      5880
     gtgtgtgtgt attgtgtgtg tatgtttgtg tgtgtgttta atcctggagt gtaaaaaacc      5940
     atcgccataa gaatttgcat gagtcttcct catagtcaac aaggtttcta aaaccagaag      6000
     ttccctgagc tggagatggg atgtcttaag tcggttttgt tgttgttgtt tgtttatttt      6060
     ttgagacaga gactggctct gtgacccggg ctagagtgtg gtggtgagat caaggctcac      6120
     tgcagcctcg acctccctgg ctcaggtgat cctcctgcat cagcctctta agtagctggg      6180
     accacagtcc ggagccatca cacctggcta atttttgtat ttttcgtaga gatgggggtc      6240
     tcactatacc acctaggctg gtcttgaact ccttgactca attgatcttc tcacctcagc      6300
     ctcccgaagt gctgggatca caggtgtgag ccaccacacc tggccaagac ttttattacc      6360
     cctcatttta gatattttgt gggttcttac tgagaagttg cagaattctc cccgaatgcc      6420
     ctgggaactg ctgtcctgca ggcgctcaca gctcaccggg ttgtgcttgc agggccgagg      6480
     cctggtgcct caagctgtcc cctctgtccc cactggaact gggccagtgc ctcccaggcc      6540
     tctcttctct ttcttttggg gagcctcagc gacttgctgg ggccatttgt ctggggctgg      6600
     tgcactgtgg cccctgatgg ccctgcctga tcaggaacca tcagccccac caacctgccc      6660
     agagctggaa agccagacct tctgggcgct cccagtgagg cagcaggtca gtggcctcca      6720
     agtcccgagg ctccaacagc aggaagtttg aggctctttg ggaacgactg agctactctg      6780
     gcaaccccca gagcaaaggc agcagggcct ggccgcagtc cccacggttg tgagtcccat      6840
     aaggcagctt tagcttgagg ggagggtctt tggggacttc agggagctcc taaaagctaa      6900
     gggcacttga aagcaatgtc aaatggttta taatttttgg caatatttca ttttccctcc      6960
     acaatcgtca gctttcaagg tttttagcag ctgaactctt gaacattttt aattgatttt      7020
     ttattttttt aacagcctta ttgagatgca attcacacac taaagaattt acccaattag      7080
     agtgcacaat tcgctggttt ctagtaaatt cccagtagtg cagccacagg ctctccttaa      7140
     agaatgtgta acaatgtgta actcctgcgt gtaaggacag aaacaccatc tctctgcttg      7200
     gtggaacaca tcacccattt actgccccac ggtgctctgg gtcggtcacg ggcacctgtg      7260
     gctgggctca cctcctgggt ccccaggtca cccccttccc ggttgctcca acactgacca      7320
     ccctacctga cccctgcagg tgtgggacca gcaggtcttt tggcaaaagg gaagagcccg      7380
     ccttgagaag gctgtagcat ttctctggaa acgtcattgt tttaattggg cagttgcaaa      7440
     gaacagagac agattcatgc tgccgcaagg ccaagggggg tattgtaagt gtgaaagcag      7500
     catctcaaac agatggccag tgcgtcccat aaaagtgcag aggggctata aaagtgcaga      7560
     gtgaggggcc ataaaggtgc agggtgtttg aggaaggagt tgactatggc ggaacgaagt      7620
     gatggccaag ggtggtggct gagaaaccct gctggtgaag tcctgcgtgg gccttatcag      7680
     tgagttaatc tctaactgtg cggagccgta aaactgccct tcccacctcg tgcagccact      7740
     ctcccgggga gggtcttggg aagtccgcag aagtggccca atggcagagc aggagctccg      7800
     ctctcagtgt ggggcctcgt ttgggtttgg gaaaacatgt cctctctcac gaagacgtgg      7860
     gtgtctccag cgggaccctg atcccgcgtg gggcgcatgg ccctctctgc tctgcggccc      7920
     ctctcgctct cctctctgtg cctgggaatt ctagtgttta ctgggccttg gccgctggga      7980
     gcctcttcaa ggtggttcca ttttgacgta aggactggag gggtgcattg aagaattgta      8040
     gagtgcaggt gaagggaggg cctggaagct cctgtcccgt ctcctagaag cgtggctgtg      8100
     gtggcactgg cattggagtc tgaggtgccg cgtgtgccgt gaggatgaag tgtgagaaat      8160
     tttgggaggt cctagttcta ccatccccag tgtcttcgag acccacaccc ttggtgtgga      8220
     agaaaggaga caagatgtca tacgaagagg ttctgttgaa agacgcagtc ttggagctgg      8280
     gggttccggt gtggactcat gaggggttcc gtctctgtat gtgtagctct gagctctgac      8340
     tacggagaag gcccagacat atgaccttct cagggcagtg agcaccccag caccccgagt      8400
     gtggtcccta aagaccactt cctaccagcg ggacccagag ctccttggag acatggttga      8460
     ctccagacct gggccaggag acgtacaaag caggctcgga gcaccctggt cagcagggaa      8520
     gccatcgagg accagggcag gagccctccc tgggccggcc acggagctga tggtcgtcac      8580
     gtatcagggc tctgctcagt catgggaact gagtcgtcac cccatttctg tggtgagcgg      8640
     cttctgcaga agacagattt gtttcatctg aagttattta ttctgctgtc ataggtgaag      8700
     cctgctacac ccatgtcccc acatcccact gttctctccc tgatggccgg ggggagcagg      8760
     gccggctctg gtcttgtctg aaagggaggc acagagcagg gccatcggct ggggtcgggg      8820
     gagacagagt ggtcctgacc agtagctgag cgcccggggt agatggttac tgggtggttc      8880
     ccgtgggggg ctgggctgtt ggcagccctg agctggcccc acgtggggtc agctagtggc      8940
     tgggtggggc aggcactttg accagagcca gctcactgct gtggccacag ccccaggggt      9000
     gccttgaggt cccatgcagg gtgaggggac tgcggggggc ttgaggccct gagggctgcc      9060
     ccgtttgctg ttagcatgca cctggccgcc ctggcgcagc catccttgaa acactctgac      9120
     agcaatgttt taagaatgta gagatggggt ctcactgtat tgcccaggct ggcctcaaac      9180
     tcctaggctc aagcaattct cccacttccg cctcccaaaa tgttagggtc acaggcgtga      9240
     gctgccgcgc ctggcctgaa acattacgtg tttgccagat ttgtctttct tttcttcata      9300
     ccctcttggt tttgtgtctt gcttagacgg cagcctcatt ctcctttatc ctctgacttc      9360
     agtggtttta tttttttaca ttaaatcttt gaccccatgt ggaactgatt ctgatccatg      9420
     gagcagatct gggagagccg atgttcgtta tcgtgactgt ttagaatttt tctggccatc      9480
     actatatgtt ttttgtccat ttgaacttta gaagtgactt cttagttaaa aattctcttc      9540
     ttcgggatta tgctaaaatt caagattgtt ttatgcaaaa atcatctcct ttctccaaaa      9600
     ggagaggagt gccgggccag cgtgtgggag tgaggacctg ctgctcagga actcttcctg      9660
     ggcaggggcc agtggggccg ggcagagcca gcccagccct ccccgctgct cccatggcag      9720
     agccagccca gccctccccg ctgctcccat ggcagcgcag gaatggtcgt gtgaccactg      9780
     agcagcgggg ctgatcctaa cccagttcca cgtcccggga gggtgaagag tgacgttgca      9840
     ctgggcctgg gtcctgcctc cctgctgttc tagcaccccc agccccctgg cccgctttgc      9900
     cttggttaca attcctcctt ccccactggc ttgttgtgct cctatgtacc ctgtaaagcc      9960
     ccatgcaaag gccccagtcc aagcaggaag ctcacccctt gtgtcctctc cagatgctga     10020
     gcttgccgag tgcaggtgtg gtgtctggtt ccctcgtagc ctgtgcctga cctgcactga     10080
     gacgctacgg cccacgtggc aaccccccat cactgagggg acacagccca cgtggtagcc     10140
     ccaccccatc actgaggggc cccttggctg ctctgtactg atggggggct ttgcccagag     10200
     gatgggggac cctggctccc cgcccgactc cacggtcagg ccttacccag atctgctctt     10260
     ccctgatctg gctgcacctg ctatgctagg ctcctgggac ccaggccagg cctcctcagg     10320
     cctcctcatg tgggccccgc ctctctgttt ggagacatca tgcttcctcc aggctcagtc     10380
     accccgggct gtcacaacag acaccacaga caggctggcc ccagcagcag acatgtgctt     10440
     ctcaccgttc tggaggccgg aaggcatgcg atctcgagcc agcatggcgg gttcctgggg     10500
     agggccctcc tcctggcctg cagatgccac tttctctctg tgcccctata tggggagcga     10560
     gggtggggag tggaagctgc actctggtct cttccttgtc ttagaaggac acgaatccca     10620
     ttacagggac tccacccgcc ctcaaacctc atccaaccct aacacctccc agaggcccca     10680
     cctccaggca ccatcacgct gtgtgttagg ggtttggcct gtggattttg ggggcgcaca     10740
     gtccattgca ccaaactctc agcctctcca gatcccctgg gggcctgggg gtctccgtcc     10800
     catacagtct cccagggggc cctgcgtggg tagaggtccc ctgacctgtt cccacctctg     10860
     gtcccaggag cgcggccctg tcagctcccg aaccccaggg aaagggatgg ctcatccact     10920
     aggctctttc cggccctaag ccattcaggg gtggtcggga tggggtcaga ttcaggcctg     10980
     tcctgggttg agactcccta gcccatgggc cggcacccag tgggtttgag gacaagacgt     11040
     tacagaggtg aggggaggcc cagacctgtg tggcccaagg cctggacttg gctgcaggat     11100
     gggaggtggg ggtggggctg gcacgacccg gactgggcac tcatggcctg ccctttccac     11160
     agatacttcc gggtcatcct cctcctcctc ctggccctga ctctgctcct gctggccgga     11220
     ttcctgcact cggacttaga gctggacaca ccgtaagtcc tgcccccacc ataagtcctg     11280
     ccccgggtac ctcctaacag ccccgaggac agagcctggg accccagcat gatcacgccc     11340
     cccactgggc ctgtctccct ctggaagagg aggggtggat gggcccttcc ttggggggac     11400
     cctgagagtc tcctgttagc cacaaaccca cctgggcctt tggggagggc tctggggagc     11460
     aggggccggg tctgggtttg gggacagacc cagtgtgtgc agagggtccc tgtgtgtggg     11520
     aggcagggct ggaggcctcc ttcttgctcc ccacaacaga ggtggcctgt gggcctgggc     11580
     tggatctggg aaggaaaagg tcagaaccgt gctcaggaca gaccttgcag ccatgggccc     11640
     acctgggacc ctctcccctg cctgcctgtg gcacatcctc tgtggagccc ctgctgcatg     11700
     gaggtgccca cctgtgctca cctcgcagcc cagctgtgcc tccagacagg gctttagcca     11760
     ggctgctgga agggtcttcc aggccccgcc actccccagc ccctctggtt ggaggagaca     11820
     gaggaagcac caatccctct gggccgagct gccagagaca ggtgccaagg accctgtctt     11880
     tgctcacccc catcacccag gctggccagg cctgggtacc ctgaccccac catcctggtc     11940
     acttctgctg gccctgttct ggggcaggga gggcgcctgc tactccagcc ccactgggtg     12000
     ggtgtcatga tgggattcta ggagtgggcc cagccctaca tctggccgct ggtctcggct     12060
     ttggggtcct tccttttcct ggtgtgaagg gacaagaagc actgcacgtg tggctgaggt     12120
     cacaaagcca gctgcatgtg cgtgcctggg caccagggag aaggctgggg tgatgtgtgg     12180
     gccagagtgt gtagcccccg agggaaacag ggatgggtct gaggacactg tctccgtggg     12240
     gccctgaggc tggggctgag ggtctctagg ttggggtgca gtgatgggtc tggtgggggt     12300
     tccagggttg ggggtgtcaa ctgaagaatc atgacatcta tgaatgtgga gaggacactt     12360
     tgtttcttaa aaagtgtgga catcccacag gctgggagca cagccgccga cccaggctgg     12420
     gagcacagcc gccgacccag gctgggagcg ggcacttcga gggagggggt gggacagggg     12480
     cttacgctga acggcttggc caagtacacg ttcagcaggt gacgggagga gctgtggata     12540
     ttcatgaagg gggtcctgac gcacgtgtcc tgaacaaaca ggtgtgttac ttacttgtga     12600
     cccacgttca ccttggggtg gagactgcac atctaactgc gttacaatca ggccctgcac     12660
     gtcagaaggt ggagccggga cgggaagcac tcggtgcgca gcctctgtaa accgccagaa     12720
     ccagtccggg gctgggggtc cctgctcagg ggacagttac tgaaatgcgg ctcttgtccg     12780
     atggcagctg tggttctggc tgggggagca ggggtcagcg aggcagcgtc tggcagcggg     12840
     tgagctgcac ctgctttaac gttgttcgtc tcaaggccag cgtttgggtg tcagagaaaa     12900
     agaaaactcc cgtggcaggt agaacataaa taagtgcagc gtgtgtgact tcgcccctgc     12960
     ccggcatggc ctcaggtccc gttgataatg tagcgtctta tggccacagt cagttctgct     13020
     gggccatggt ctccttttat tttttaattt ttaaaaaatt tactttaagt tctgggacac     13080
     acgtgcagaa cgtgcaggtt tgttacacag gtatacacgt gccacggtag tttactgcac     13140
     ctattagccc gtcatctagg tttcaagccc cgcatgcatt aggtatttgt cctaatgctt     13200
     tccttcccct tacaccccat ccccgacagg ccctgggatg cgctgttccc ctctctgtgt     13260
     ccacgtgttc tcattgttca agtcccactt atgagtgaga acatgcggtg tttggttttc     13320
     tgttcctttg ttagtctgct gaggatgatg gtttccagct tcatccatgt ccctgcaaag     13380
     gacatgaact cattcttttt tatggctgca cagtattccg tggtgtagat gtgccacatt     13440
     ttctttacgg tctctatgta acattcacac ccggcagctg ctgggtctaa accgcaaagg     13500
     ggagggggtg tgacgaggcg tctacctccc atcccatcac tgctgggaac tcagttttaa     13560
     ggtgggtctg gggtcccctt ggccaagatg gggttcattt agggttttat ttttagttct     13620
     cgggggcaca gggttggggg agcatggtta cgggagacag ttgggggagt ttgtgttcgg     13680
     gccaccagct gggaggttgt ggagtggggc aaggattggg gccatgggtc ggtgcctacc     13740
     cagttggccc cctggcctag agttgggggg ctcaggttgg gaggtctctc cttgcggttg     13800
     ccgggctggg ggtcgctgtt gggcgggggt tggggcatct gcacccttgc tgaaggctgc     13860
     gtgtgccttc cctcccagcc tgtttggggg ccaggctgag gggccgccgg tcaccaacat     13920
     catgttcctg aagacgcaca agacggccag cagcacggtg ctcaacatcc tctaccgctt     13980
     cgccgagacc cacaacctgt ccgtggcgct gcccgccggc tcacgcgtcc acctgggcta     14040
     cccctggctc ttcctggcgc gctacgtgga aggcgtgggg tcgcagcagc gcttcaacat     14100
     catgtgcaac cacctgaggt tcaacctgcc tcaggtaccg cgggcctgct ggggaggagg     14160
     gcgggctgca gccgtgcctg tggctgtggg tctgggtggt gtagcctgga ggctggagag     14220
     aaggagtgta aggcttgggg gcggggcgtg cagaaggcgg gttgggaggg cctgggccgc     14280
     acgccctgct gagccaaccc ctgcccctcc aggcggccag tcgcctgccg ttgctcttgg     14340
     aatgagacct gggagcccca cagcccctgc ccaagggcgt ccccagcgct cccccgcttc     14400
     tctggcctcc tagttgtgca caggcccggc tctccccacc ctgtgacctt cgcttctgtg     14460
     gctgcaggcc cttctttggg tcccttgggt ctcagcatag agccggcttc cccccagggc     14520
     ttccctgacc ttccttacaa aggaagcagg gcagggagtg tgggtgggag ggctgtgggc     14580
     aggcacaggt gttttagggt caccctgagc gctctgtgga gaatggccag cagaggctag     14640
     gtgaccaggc ggggccagag ggaggccggg tggggagagg tgatgggcag agagcggggc     14700
     agcgggggtg tgctgtgggg tgggggctgc ggggcagagg gaggaggagg ggccgggagg     14760
     aggggaaagg aagagggtgg gggcagggag gaggcctccc actgttctct ccctgggttt     14820
     ctgaggatgg agaagcaggc ggtgtagttg ggcgtgactt tctgcaagac tttactttct     14880
     gtgggtgggg tatatcctcc aggacctctg agggggcaca agcgagggtg agtccagacc     14940
     caccctgtgg ggaacctggg tcacggacct tctctgggcc tcagtttctt tgtctgttag     15000
     gtgggtgtca ccctggcctg tgggcagctg gtggagtgct gaagccccct gtgccagggg     15060
     cccgtggagg gcccttcgtg ctgtctgtgc gccacagcat cccactccta gaggcctctg     15120
     ggtctcctcg agatgccagt gggagctcct cctccctcct cctgctctgc ccacggactc     15180
     ctcctcctga ggccccttcc tggcgtcctt ggcctctgtt ctgggcaccc gggaaccagt     15240
     gactgggctg cagggcctgc gtgtggccct ggctctgctc ccggagctgc cgcacgagaa     15300
     ggcgccaggc ccaggttcct cggcagatgt gaggatgggg gtgctccttg agcgggtgtg     15360
     gccagggcgc gcctcctccc cgcgggtggg ccaccctggc ctgggcccgc ggtccgcagc     15420
     ccgcctctct gtcgccacac aggtgcagaa agtcatgccc aacgacacct tctacttctc     15480
     catcctgagg aaccccgtgt tccagctgga gtcctccttc atctactaca aaacctacgc     15540
     ccccgccttc cggggcgccc cgagcctgga cgcgttcctg gcctcgccgc ggacgttcta     15600
     caacgacagc cgccacctca ggaacgtcta cgccaagaac aacatgtggt tcgacttcgg     15660
     cttcgacccc aacgcgcagt gcgaggaggg ctacgtgcgc gcgcgcatcg ccgaggtgga     15720
     gcggcgcttc cggctggtgc tcatcgccga gcacctggac gagtccctgg tgctgctgcg     15780
     gcgccggctg cgctgggcgc tggacgacgt ggtggccttc aggctcaact cccgcagcgc     15840
     gcgctccgtg gcccgcctgt cgcccgagac ccgggagcgc gcgcggagct ggtgcgcgct     15900
     ggactggcgc ctgtacgagc atttcaaccg caccctctgg gcgcagctgc gcgccgagct     15960
     ggggccgcgg cggctgcgcg gggaggtgga gcggctgcgc gcccggaggc gcgaactcgc     16020
     gagcctgtgc ctgcaggacg gcggcgcgct caagaaccac acgcagatca gagacccgcg     16080
     cctgcgcccc taccagtccg gcaaggccga catcctgggt tacaacctcc ggccgggcct     16140
     ggacaaccag acgctgggcg tgtgccagag gcttgtgatg cctgagctcc agtacatggc     16200
     ccgcctgtac gccctgcagt tcccggagaa gcccctcaag aacatcccgt tcctgggggc     16260
     gtagaggggc cgggccgggg acgaggcctc ctgcggacac cagctcctct ctccgccgtc     16320
     accggggagg ccggggatcc ttgcagggct tctggggcgt tgggaaaccc aggcccgccg     16380
     gccacggctc taaaatgaag agggcggaga ccccagtgaa gagcaccccc cgcaatccgc     16440
     gcagatccct cccagagaag gccctgagcc caggcggcag ccacccgccc cccttccgag     16500
     gctgtgtctc tgtttagaac tgaacacgag ggtggggagt gggggatgct ggaccacagg     16560
     gcagcacctg cccggcagga tgcgcgtgcc tgtgagcccc gggactcccc agggtcctgg     16620
     gcactggggc tgtggatcct cggaggaact cagagtggtt cccctgaatt tcccggccct     16680
     ggcgacgagg tgctggtccc agagacaggt gcaggcacag gcagtgccac aaagaccggc     16740
     ccgggagcgg ggcaggggcc agggctcagc cgctcccgaa cagctccaca gctttcgctg     16800
     caggaggttt ggttctgatg gaaggatgtt ttctacagag agatggcaca actgctcaca     16860
     agaccagggt tctagccgga gcccaggtcg agctcagctc cacgacccct gctggtcagc     16920
     ccctgatgcc tcgtgaagga gaggagtctc acttgccaaa ggaggctgga gtggttgggg     16980
     gtacacacac ccttggttgc cttggagacc gtgttgggtg tggtgccaga gggcagctgt     17040
     gggtacccct ctttgtcatt cacagggagg gacagagcct ccctgcctgg caggacgtga     17100
     tccctggctg ccaggggctc agcgggtaaa gggggtgcac tcgccgggac cagccgatgc     17160
     ctggggcacc caggaaacgc agctactctg cagcatgctc agcctggagg agttgcagga     17220
     agagtgaatt ttcagtgaga gtcggccgtg aagaatggca ggagctctgc tgagtcagag     17280
     tcagccaggg acgtctgcag gccaccttcc ctccccctca acccagggac ctccgcaggc     17340
     caccctccct cccccctcag cccagggacc tccgcaggcc accttccctc ccccctcagc     17400
     ccagggacct ccgcaggcca ccttccctcc cccctcagcc caggaacctc cgcaggccac     17460
     cttccctccc ccctcagccc agggacctcc gcaggccacc ttccctcccc cctcagccca     17520
     gggacctccg caggccaccc tccctccccc ctcagcccag ggacctccgc aggccaccct     17580
     ccctcccccc tcagcccagg gacctccgca ggccaccctc cctcccccct cagcccaggg     17640
     acctccgcag gccaccctcc cccctcagcc caggaacctc cgcaggccac cctccctccc     17700
     ccctcagccc aggaacctcc gcaggccacc ctccctcccc cctcagccca gggacctccg     17760
     caggccaccc tcccccctca gcccaggaac ctccgcaggc caccctccct cccccctcag     17820
     cccaggaacc tccgcaggcc accttccctc ccccctcagc ccagggacct ccgcaggcca     17880
     ccctcccccc tcagcccagg aacctccgca ggccaccctc cctcccccct cagcccagga     17940
     acctccgcag gccaccctcc ctcccccctc agcccaggaa cctccgcagg ccaccctccc     18000
     tcccccctca gcccaggaac ctccgcagac caccttccct cccccctcag cccagggacc     18060
     tcctccctcc cccctcagcc caagggacct aggcaggcca ccctcccccc tcagcccagg     18120
     aacctccgca ggccaccttc cctcccccct cagcccaggg acctccgcag gccaccttcc     18180
     ctcccccctc agcccaggga cctccgcagg ccaccctccc tcccccctca gcccagggac     18240
     ctccgcaggc caccctcccc cctcagccca gggacctccg caggccaccc tcccccctca     18300
     gcccaggaac ctccgcaggc caccctcccc cctcagccca ggaacctccg caggccacct     18360
     tccctccccc ctcagcccag ggacctccgc aggccacctt ccctcccccc tcagcccagg     18420
     gaacctccgc aggccacctt ccctcccccc tcagcccagg gacctccgca ggccaccctc     18480
     cctcccccct cagcccaggg acctctgcag gccaccctcc ctccccctca gcccagggac     18540
     ctccgcaggc caccctccct cccccctcag cccagggacc tctgcaggcc accctccctc     18600
     ccccctcagc ccagggacct ccgcaggcca ccctcccccc tcagcccagg aacctccgca     18660
     ggccaccttc cctcccccct cagcccaggg acctccgcag gccaccttcc ctcccccctc     18720
     agcccaggga cctccgcagg ccaccctccc ccctcagccc aggaacctcc gcaggccacc     18780
     ctccctcccc cctcagccca ggaacctccg caggccacct tccctccccc ctcagcccag     18840
     ggacctccgc aggccaccct cccccctcag cccaggaacc tccgcaggcc accctccctc     18900
     ccccctcagc ccagggacct ccgcaggcca ccttccctcc cccctcagcc cagggacctc     18960
     cgcaggccac cttccctccc ccctcagccc agggacctcc gcaggccacc ttccctcccc     19020
     cctcagccca ggaacctccg caggccacct tccctccccc ctcagcccag ggacctccgc     19080
     aggccaccct cccccctcag cccaggaacc tccgcaggcc accctccccc ctcagcccag     19140
     gaacctccgc aggccaccct ccctcccccc tcagcccagg aacctccgca ggccaccctc     19200
     cctcccccct cagcccagga acctccgcag gccaccttcc ctcccccctc agcccaggga     19260
     cctccgcagg ccaccttccc tcccccctca gcccaggaac ctccgcaggc caccctccct     19320
     cccccctcag cccaggaacc tccgcaggcc accttccctc ccccctcagc ccaggaacct     19380
     ccgcaggcca ccttccctcc cgcctcagcc cagggacctc cgcaggccac cttccctccc     19440
     ccctcagccc aggaacctcc gcaggccagc ttccctcccc cctcacgcca gggacccggg     19500
     aagagcacct tccctccccc ctcagcccag ggacctccgc aggccaccct ccctcccccc     19560
     tcagcccagg gacctccgca ggccaccttc cctccccctc aacccaggga cctccgcagg     19620
     ccaccctccc tcccccctca gcccagggac ctccgcaggc caccttccct cccccctcag     19680
     cccagggacc tctgcaggcc accttccctc cctcccccct cagcccaggg acctctgcag     19740
     gccaccctcc ctccctcccc cctcagccca gggacctccg caggccaccc tccctccccc     19800
     ctcagcccag ggacctctgc aggccacctt ccctcccccc tcagcccagg gacctctgca     19860
     ggccaccttc cctcccccct cagcccaggg acctccgcag gccaccctcc ctcccccctc     19920
     agcccaggga cctccgcagg ccaccctccc tcccccctca gcccagggac ctctgcaggc     19980
     caccttccct ccctcccccc tcagcccagg gacctctgca ggccaccctc cctccctccc     20040
     ccctcagccc agggacctcc gcaggccacc ctccctcccc cctcagccca gggacctctg     20100
     caggccacct tccctccccc ctcagcccag ggacctctgc aggccactct cccctcttag     20160
     cccagggacc tcggcaggcc accctccctc cctccctccc tcccccctca gcccaggaaa     20220
     ggcacaggag aggatcctgc caggtaaagg gaaagtggcc cgggaggagc ccacgtgcca     20280
     acaacaggag tcccagaaga cagaaaagac cacagatgag aaagcagttc acgcagagaa     20340
     caaaacgttc ccggaccaaa cccagggtcg ggttgctcat tcccgaggcc cgatagcgag     20400
     atgcagatga actggggaag aagagggatt ttatttctgt aactggttac agggagaagg     20460
     cctggaaatg atcgccagac caactccaga ttacagtttt tccagagctt acacaccttc     20520
     taagctctgt gtctccgtgt cagtgtgcat tcgtctaaag acgtacgtga ttcaattctt     20580
     ctcatctcta actgaggtct ggtcctgaag atcttcctct gaagactcag taaatttact     20640
     tgatctaaat gggcccaggt gtttaccctt atcttgtctt ctgctaaatc atggaggttt     20700
     ggggagttcc ttctccactt gtttgtggag gcctggggag ttttttcaga cccccagtaa     20760
     aacttgttta atcctaaacg ggtcctggtc tcgtcatgct tcaaggccca agaaagccct     20820
     gggcaaaact cttgatgggc ttttgttacg tcccagccct cgtgtgaggg cgctggctct     20880
     cagctttcag gatttcactt caccctcagt cagtgctgaa cagttgtcgc ggaggcctgc     20940
     gtgagtgagg cctggcgtgc cctggaaaca ttcccctgag ttgaagaaag actcacagtt     21000
     ttcagcatcc agttaccctc tgagcatcag gcagaacccg ccggccccaa aaccaggccc     21060
     ccttggcaca tgtgggcccg agtgagtcca gcatgaggag gtgccgcttc tgagcagagc     21120
     tcaggttgtc tctgggagga ggagcgagcg ttgggtgcgg tggccgctgc gttggcagcc     21180
     ctgtccctga gcggaacgca ggtcgtctct gggaggagga gcgagggttg gacgcagtgg     21240
     ccgctgcggt ggcagccctg tccccaggcg tggactctgc cctcagcttc acagtcaccg     21300
     aagaaatgaa gttacaggag gggcacaccg tccttttgtc tctgcctttg aggttggcgg     21360
     gaactgaaac tggtacggtc tttttgaata gaaatttggg gtctttctgg cgacgtaaaa     21420
     ctgtgtgtag tttgcagtag agagtgttga gaacagcctg tccgggctgt gcattgagaa     21480
     ggggcggtta aaatgctgcc acgtcgtgca gcccataaaa gggggacaca gagtagccga     21540
     aactgctctt gggggagggg gcacgtccca gccttccgtg tgatgctggg gtcagcgtgg     21600
     cccctcggct gccagagctc acgaagacgg ttaaggaaag cttcccccgg gtggctttca     21660
     ccccacgggg acagagcccc agatgggccc agggacctct gagcagccgt gggccatggg     21720
     gtgacagttg ggggttggtg ggacccgtgg ctgtcatata ccctgggtag acggtggctt     21780
     gtccaggcag agatgcccag gggaagtggg tggcacctga gggcagatct gacttttcaa     21840
     gagaagctga aaacacgggt ttttctgtga aatctctaga ttgaaaacag tgggcttgaa     21900
     aagcctggag cagagggagt gaggcctgcc ccccacccca gctctgcggg cacaccctgg     21960
     ccagacagcc ctgctccaga cccggcctgt gtctcagggt ggcccaggag gggactttgc     22020
     aaggtgacgt ggggcttgga ggtcccgttt ccctgtaagc ctgggtactt aggggatggc     22080
     cctggtcaga ctccaccagt cccagacttg ggggacacga gaagggagat gggccaccca     22140
     gttctggttg ggctggggtg gggcttctga ggggtgggga ggttgtccct tcccacccac     22200
     ctgcccctgc cccaggattc tcggctgtga gcaggaggat gtgtacgatg gccaagttgc     22260
     ctggactggg tccgcccctc ctggggctgt gagtgcacag gacactgggc ccacaggcac     22320
     ctctggggct ctgtccccgt ggggtgaaag ccacttgggg gaagctttcc ttaaccgtct     22380
     tcacgagctc tggcggccga ggggccacgg ggggcattca gatgagtcag aaggagctgg     22440
     ggcccacccc tcctgcttcc tcgccgcccc cctcccagct gcccccagta aatcccctca     22500
     ggcccctagg acctggaggg acgcggcagg tttatcatct cagcctggaa accacgtgac     22560
     ctacctgttt cccaccacag cgccccaggt ttcagaagca gctgaggatg cccttcgcag     22620
     gggagggagg gacagtgaga aaggagggtg ttcagggccc agggatcccc cacggaggct     22680
     gccccatcag aacataccgg gcacctgtgg cctcctctga gattctggcc tgggcagtgg     22740
     tcatttgagc attggttacc aaggctgcct ctgaaatggc aggctggggg caggccagcg     22800
     tgaaagggac tggcaggagt cctgcgggga caggctgggg gcaggccagc gtgaaaggga     22860
     ctggcaggag tcctgcgggg acaggctggg ggcaggccag cgtgaatggg actggcagga     22920
     gtcctgcggg gacaggctgg gggcaggcca gcgtgaatgg gactggcagg agtcctgcac     22980
     ggcagctgtg ctggggaggg gtcaccctgg gccctgagag gcacaggaca ttgcgatggg     23040
     gtgctggcct gccaggagca cagatacaga gctagagccc agtgaggcct gtgctgtgag     23100
     gggctgtgct gtgccagggg aggccccgca cccgggaagc ccagaggaga gtgtgcactc     23160
     acggagccct cctggcaggg ccgcgtctct ggagcagcag acccgtgtcc ctctgggagg     23220
     tcaactgcgg cctcacagct gggcctgtcc cagcacagcc cttgttggag ggcgcacccc     23280
     cgtgtcctca gcaccccagt gttgagtgcc ttgacctgca gaggggagcc tgtgctggtc     23340
     ccgggcgtct gtgtggctcc tgggtgccca tctgcacccc tggccctgct ctgggcttca     23400
     gtggagccgt gccaccgtgg gagtgtccag ggtcctgacg tagccctgag acgtggccag     23460
     ctccctggcc tgctgcccgc acagtgggcc cttgtctctg ctctgggtca ggcgaggcag     23520
     ccacccatga tgagctctgc agccttccca aggtggctgg tgagtccctg ccctttgcac     23580
     ccccagcacc ctcacccctc tacccgggcg cccggggtca ggacccgctc ctgaggtatc     23640
     tgtccagctg gccgccccct ctgtctgggg gtgctggacg agtcccactc cttgccaacc     23700
     ccagggtggc tcctcagctc tcaaacaagg ggcgggctgc agggattccg agggcccctc     23760
     cagcaagagg tcccacatgc atctcccaat gggacactta cctggcccac agggtgggtg     23820
     tgacactgag ggttcctggg ggcagattca gggcatggga tggagacaga ctggttgtga     23880
     ggggcccaat gcagggggcc ggccccagcc cacagggtcg ttctgcagat gggctggtcg     23940
     gggacgctct accaggtgaa gggtctgtgg tcggagtctt cgccctggcc agggcccagg     24000
     acgctcacgg tgcaggctga gggtcagagc cgccgagggc cccctgccgg gattctgtgc     24060
     aaagggcctc tgcactttat gtgggtgcat gtgaatgccc ctcgccaaga tgttcctacc     24120
     ctgcacctga cacttcccac gacaagaagt gctgacccca gagggtgtgc gcggacccca     24180
     gagggtgtgc gtggacccca gagggtgtgt gcggacccca gagggtgtgc gtggagggcc     24240
     tggtctgacc tcaaggctct tggggcaccc acacaggatg ggctgtgagg ggttggcggg     24300
     ggtggggggg gtggtctgtg atggccccct gctgagccag agtgacccct acaaccggtc     24360
     caggggtcca cggaccagaa ggccaggttc tcctggaggt cccatctccc ctgggcctcg     24420
     gtttcccctt ctgtgactcc acacccccaa ggagggccct gtcagggagg gcggggggca     24480
     ctggttaatg tccaggacat ggctgtccca gtcaagccaa acccctggaa tgtgctgaac     24540
     tggctacact gagcggggct ggcctccgag acagaggggc ctgccgagga cacggaggct     24600
     ctgtggaacc cagggaactg gtcacactga ggacacggag gctctgtgga acccagggcc     24660
     tggccacact gagcacggct ggtcccccaa gacagaggga cctcctgagg acacagagtc     24720
     tctgtggaac ccagggcctg gccacatgga ggacacggag gctctgtgga acccagggcc     24780
     tggccgtggc aaggaagccc caagccaagt gtgtgtcagc cttgtcctct ctgtgggcct     24840
     cagtttcccc tctgtgcaac aaggggagtg accagctggt ttctggagtc tcctcctctc     24900
     cctctctgtc cccaggggtg ggcctgggcc tcatgtctgc agggggtgct gacacctgct     24960
     cctgtggtcc gggccttggg gagggagcca agtgcagaga gaatgtcttg cttgtgcctg     25020
     ctcagcccag agggacacat ggcgtctgca cctgcttccc gcttgggcac aattgccctt     25080
     tgagagcaga gccaggggct tcttggggac ggaagctgct ctcagaagcc gcgcactggt     25140
     ggtgggggag cggcaggaag gggccggcca gctgtcctag ccaagagcct ttcaggaacc     25200
     ggtggcccag ggcagaggtg gctggaggtg gagctgtctg tttgggcctc aggtgtcggg     25260
     gcaaggcctg cttgggtttt acacgagtgt tgcgccttta cccgggtctc tgtcagtggg     25320
     tcccgcctga cccgtgggtg tgcatgggtc cccgtcgtag gcaggcgttc tgccctggcc     25380
     aggcgtggtg tccggcatcc ggccatctcc ctcctccctc cttcccttag ccccgcatcc     25440
     aggtgccccg tgtgcccggc ctgggcggct ggccgtggat ctgaccgctc ctgcatggtg     25500
     gaggaccagc gttcccactg tctgcagctg tgccacctcc ctgtgccggg ctgtgcgtgc     25560
     tcacgctcgg ctccgtctgc ctttgtgcga tcagactgag agacccccca ggcaggtccc     25620
     gcctgcaaca agcagacccc atgcgtgccc caaatgcccc ctcacccggg ccctgccctg     25680
     gtgggtgttg cctgggagca aactcccaga atggccgccg ggccccactc ggctttggag     25740
     cttctgattc ctgtgggcgc ttctcaggtc agggccctgc aggtgggaag caccaggcac     25800
     tggaatgagg gcactgtggg gccagctgcc tgcaggcagg ggtctgatca ccaagcacct     25860
     gtcccctgca ggatccctgg ctgtggctcc cccgatgacg ttcaggaagt gggagccgat     25920
     cccctgtccc cagagagccc cgtgactccc ccgatgacgt tcaggaagtg ggagccgatc     25980
     ccctgtcccc agagagcccc gtgactcccc cgatgacgtt caggaagtgg gagccgatcc     26040
     cctgtcccca gagagccccg tggctcccac aggtccctgt gggctcacct ctttgtgtct     26100
     ctgctgtggc ttccacggtg ctgtggcctc tattctgggg acactgagct cctccttgct     26160
     cgaggttttg ggtcctcatt gtccacatga cctcctgctg ggcgaattct gggatgaccc     26220
     tgtgtcctgg gcacatggct ggcagggtcc cgggggctct ctggccagcc tcccctgcac     26280
     cctggcacca accagcctgg ccgagggtca gctcccagag ccgtgttgag aggggaaggg     26340
     gctgattcca cagacatttg gggtggagtg ggtgcgaggg agggtggggg aggggctgct     26400
     ccagatctgg ggtgagggag tcagaaacag ggctgacccc aaggtgggta caggaagagg     26460
     cccaggtgtg ggcaggagct gtctgcacct cctgagcgca ttccccagtc cagaccggga     26520
     gcgagtgtgg ggctccctgg gcctgtcttg ctgacctgtg gccctgtact gaccagcaga     26580
     gcatgggggt ccctcgtacc ccttcacgga cagtgctctt cgagcgggag aggacgggcc     26640
     tgacctaccg cgtgccctcg ctgctccccg tgccccccgg gcccaccctg ctggcctttg     26700
     tggagcagcg gctcagccct gacgactccc acgcccaccg cctggtgctg aggaggggca     26760
     cgctggccgg gggctccgtg cgggtgagtg agtggccggg ggctctgtgt gggtgtagtg     26820
     gccggatctg ctggggctgc acaccccggg atggggcggg ggtggcggcg gcaggcagat     26880
     gcccgaggta gagatgagca aaccaggctc agcgatcctg ggtgccctgc ggggggctgt     26940
     gcccaggtcc ctggacgtcc tggtcagcgg aacttcctcc tctgggcagt ggggtgccct     27000
     gcacgtgctg gggacagcag ccctggcgga gcaccggtcc atgaacccct gccctgtgca     27060
     cgatgctggc acgggcaccg tcttcctctt cttcatcgcg gtgctgggcc acacgcctga     27120
     ggccgtgcag atcgccacgg gaaggaacgc cgcgcgcctc tgctgtgtgg ccagccgtga     27180
     cgccggcctc tcgtggggca gcgcccggga cctcaccgag gaggccatcg gtggtgccgt     27240
     gcagggtagg cgggcagggt gccggtctgg gtccctttga ttggccacgg tccacatgga     27300
     agggagattc cagcgggaaa ttgccattct gccccacccc tgtctccagc cacaagggaa     27360
     ccaaccatcc ctttccccag gactgttctg cgcctcccgt cccaggcaaa tccctctccc     27420
     caggaccgtc ctgagcctcc cgtcccagac aaatccctct ccccaggact gttctgcgcc     27480
     tcccgtccca ggcaaatccc tctccccagg accgtcctgc acctcccgtc ccaggcaaat     27540
     gggtattgat cacccccagt cacccagtgg gcaggagcag gccctctatg gctgacccga     27600
     ctctctctca tcccccccgc taatctcttt atctgcagag gagaaggctg gacgctgagg     27660
     tgtctctcag ctcccaaacc aacagccacc ccgccccacc ccttcctctt attctttact     27720
     cccttctcac cctgcccagg gcctggccag gcctcaccca caactttccc tccaccccat     27780
     cctctgtggc cacctgaccc cggcccgtgg gagctacagc agggagtgca gcagacacat     27840
     ggccaaccca gggaccccac tgcagggcct catgcccccc gcctgccctc cgctctctct     27900
     gtgtgggcag cgctcaccag cctccctggg tgccgtccac ctgggctcgg ctgctaaggg     27960
     ctgtgagagg cttgttcagc ctgggaggac tcagggcggc tgggatgagt cgtgtggaag     28020
     ggcggtcaga gtgcgatggt cctaacccga ggcaccagcc cctccttccc cgtccccctg     28080
     tgccttcctc cagccccccg acctcgggga cccagcagcc cctcccacct ctgccctcct     28140
     ccctgcagac tgggccacat tcgctgtggg tcccggccac ggtgtgcagc tgccctcagg     28200
     ccgcctgctg gtacccgcct acacctaccg cgtggaccgc cgagagtgtt ttggcaagat     28260
     ctgccggacc agccctcact ccttcgcctt ctacagcgat gaccacggcc gcacctggcg     28320
     ctgtggaggc ctcgtgccca acctgcgctc aggcgagtgc cagctggcag cggtggacgg     28380
     tgggcaggcc ggcagcttcc tctactgcaa tgcccggagc ccactgggca gccgtgtgca     28440
     ggcgctcagc actgacgagg gcacctcctt cctgcccgca gagcgcgtgg cttccctgcc     28500
     cgagactgcc tggggctgcc agggcagcat cgtgggcttc ccagcccccg cccccaacag     28560
     gccacgggat gacagttggt cagtgggccc cgggagtccc ctccagcctc cactcctcgg     28620
     tcctggagtc cacgaacccc cagaggaggc tgctgtagac ccccgtggag gccaggtgcc     28680
     tggtgggccc ttcagccgtc tgcagcctcg gggggatggc cccaggcagc ctggccccag     28740
     gcctggggtc agtggggatg tggggtcctg gaccctggca ctccccatgc cctttgctgc     28800
     cccgccccag agccccacgt ggctgctgta ctcccaccca gtggggcgca gggctcggct     28860
     acacatgggt atccgcctga gccagtcccc gctggacccg cgcagctgga cagagccctg     28920
     ggtgatctac gagggcccca gcggctactc cgacctggcg tccatcgggc cggcccctga     28980
     ggggggcctg gtttttgcct gcctgtacga gagcggggcc aggacctcct atgatgagat     29040
     ttccttttgt acattctccc tgcgtgaggt cctggagaac gtgcccgcca gccccaaacc     29100
     gcccaacctt ggggacaagc ctcgggggtg ctgctggccc tcctgacagg ccttctggcc     29160
     gtgcccatgc cccttgggtg cctggggcag aggggtggaa tacgttgggg tgccccacga     29220
     tagctgtggg gggggctctt agtgcaggat cctgtggatt agaaacaagt tgctcctcag     29280
     agctctcaag cagggactgc tctttaggaa ggggagcagc ggctgggagt gagcagggca     29340
     gggtgggggc agggtggggg cacgaagtgg gccctgggtg acccccacag ctcccttccg     29400
     aggctgcagg gccaggcgcg ggaccgcagg tagcccaggg tgttgtgggt ggcagcactt     29460
     gtttactggc tgctttctgg ctcgaaataa aggaatcgtg cttgtgtcgg ggtagacgtt     29520
     tctttccttt tcaggttcca gccctgggga ggggagttct gctgtagccc acttctctga     29580
     cccccatccc aaaatcccgc tgccttagca aagctctact cctaaatgtc ctggggccag     29640
     cagagggaag gcgggaggga ggaagtggcc tccgcccctg gcctccggtg acagtgattt     29700
     gcaagtggtc tgctgtgctc tctgaacttc ctgctggagg agtaggaggt agggcctctc     29760
     cccgcagagt tgaacgccag gagggggtca ccttccagga ccagtccagt gtcctgctcc     29820
     cctgacccca ccctggaggg ggcttgggct ccactggggc tgtttcccca gggaagttcc     29880
     tttttatttc ttctcctttt atagtcttca tttctgatga taaaagcaac atatgcttac     29940
     tgtagaaaat ctggaaaacg agccgggcgc ggcggctcac gcctgtaatc ccagcacttt     30000
     gggaggccaa agcaggtgga tcacctgagg tcaggaattc gagaccagcc tggccaacat     30060
     ggtgaaatcc cgtctctact aaaaatacaa aaattagctg gatgtggtgg tgggcacctg     30120
     taatcccagc tactcgggag gctggggcag gagaatcact ttaacctagg aggtggaggt     30180
     tgcagtgagc caagattgtg ccactgccct ccagcctggg tgacagagtg agactctgaa     30240
     aaaaaaaaaa gaaaatctgg aaaatgtaga aaactataaa gaagaaagag aagtgagccc     30300
     ccgggcccct gtccccacgg gcccttcctt ctggcttcct ttcaacggtc ctgcccagcc     30360
     tgctgtcacg cccatggacg acggcgccag ccggggggtg cacacgtgtg tcccacccat     30420
     ggatgatggc accagctggg gggtgcacac gtgtgtcaca cccgtggacg atggcatcag     30480
     ccagggggtg cacacgtgtg ccaccttctt cccggccctg aattgtgtgt gatgggctcc     30540
     tttgcatgtc tctgggtctg gtcacccctt ggggtggctt cggtgaccac tcccaagggt     30600
     ggggacccac ggccagcccc cagcagtgcg gagcgtccag gtggtctctg agttgccgag     30660
     ggtccccagg ggagcagaga tgacctcccc ttgcggcccc cttttcccca gcaactgccc     30720
     tgccaggacg gctgctgcct gagaggggac accactgggt tccagacggg ggcaggatgg     30780
     gggcctggat ccggggcccc tgacagccct gagttcccac aatcaccccg ggcccctccc     30840
     cacctcaggc agcctcagcc cctcatagga ggggcccgtt gcccgggccc tggcagtgct     30900
     ggttttaggg ggtctgtgtc ttagtccctt ggggctgcca aaatgaaata cacagaccag     30960
     gggccttgga aacaacagaa atgtatttat cacggttctg gaggctataa gtccaaggtc     31020
     aaagtctgtg atcatgaggg caggctccgt gtctggtaag ggcccagttt ccggctagtg     31080
     gatggcggcc tctggctgtg tcacacacgg cgggagggag aggtctctcc tgggtctcct     31140
     gtatgggaca ctatcccatt catgagggct ccaccctccc aggaggcccc acctcctgac     31200
     cttatcaccc tggagttaat atttcaacat gggaatctgg ggtgcacgtg tagatcacgt     31260
     gctgggtgcc ttgtgtcacg tgtgtgtcct gacttgtggc ccgtgtgtag gtcacatgct     31320
     gggtacattg tgtcatgcat gtgtcctggc tcatggcccg tgtgtaggtc gtgtgctggg     31380
     tgcatcctgt catgcgtgtg tcctggctcg tggcccgtgt gtaggttgtg tgctgggtgc     31440
     atcctgtcat gcgtgtgtcc tgcctcgtgg tgtgtgtgta ggttgtgttc tgggtgcatc     31500
     ctctcatgcg tgtgtcctgg ctcgtggccc gtgtgtaggt cgcgtgctgg gtgcatcctc     31560
     tcatgcgtgt gtcctggctc gtggcccgtg tgtaggtcat gtgctgggtg catcctgtca     31620
     tgcgtgtgtc ctggctcgtg gcccgtgtgt aggttgcgtg ctgggtgcat cctgtcgtgt     31680
     gtgtcctggc tcgtggcccg tgtgtaggtc gtgtgctggg tgcatcctgt catgcgtgtg     31740
     tcctgcctcg tggtgtgtgt gtaggttgtg tgctgggtgc atcctctcat gcatgtgtcc     31800
     tggctcatgg cccgtgtgta ggtcgtgtgc tgggtgcatc ctgtcatgcg tgtgtcctgc     31860
     ctcgtggtgt gtgtgtaggt tgtgtgctgg gtgcatcctc tcatgcatgt gtcctggctc     31920
     atggcccgtg tgtaggtcgt gtgctgggtg catcctgtca tgcgtgtgtc ctgcctcgtg     31980
     gtgtgtgtgt aggttgtgtg ctgggtgcat cctctcatgc gtgtgtcctg gctcgtggcc     32040
     tgtgtgtagg tcgtgtgctg ggtgcatcct gtcatgcgtg tgtcctgcct cgtggtgtgt     32100
     gtgtaggttg tgtgctgggt gcatcctgtc atgcgtgtgt cctggctcgt ggcccgtgtg     32160
     taggtcgtgt gctgggtgca tcctctcatg cgtgtgtcct ggctcgtggc ccgtgtgtag     32220
     gtcgtgtgct gggtgcatcc tgtcatgcgt gtgtcctggc tcgtggctag cagggtcatc     32280
     acagtccact cttctgcctt cagatctgaa gcaaaggagc cacaggcctc tctggggttc     32340
     tggaagccgt ggagcccact gcagctctgc atggcccatt cttcgtcatt ctcttctata     32400
     ctggggtgag cggcgtcccc agcttcatgt ccccctggaa gctcagactt tgctacctta     32460
     tttgcaagta gggcctttgc agacgtgatg gaggtaagag gaggtcatac tggattgcag     32520
     tgggtttagc ccagtgacgt ccgtccttgt gagtcacaga cgcagggagg agccatgtga     32580
     aggtggaggc agaggctgca gtgatgccgc caccagccac gggggctgct cagagctgga     32640
     agaggctgaa ggaccctgcg ctggagcctt cagagagggt gcgggcctgt cacccttggc     32700
     ttcagacggc ctccagagcc gcgagaggac gcatttgcat tgcttcagcc gccagtcggt     32760
     gagatttgtt gcggcagcct gggaagcagc acaccttcct gcctttgccg tctgtccgtc     32820
     cgtccgtctg tccacatggg cctcagaccc cgggggatcc tggccgtcac tgcccggcca     32880
     tgtgcagcct cggcctgtgt cagacagact tgggctcgag gtccccagga gctccggtcg     32940
     ccgtggtgga gcctctcgat gtctcgggct gtctgcggct ggagcaccct ctgagctggg     33000
     gttgggtcag gtctgaagaa ggggccggag ctggccctgc caagggcccc tcctagcagc     33060
     cgtggcctcc tcaggtgggg cccagggctc cgaggccctg actcctccag gtctgggcag     33120
     ctgctcagga ccggggaagg ctctgccagg tgtgatgccc caggctggga gagggtgtgg     33180
     cgggggggct gcctggctca gggcaggttg agcccttcct cctgccctcc tgccactgcc     33240
     ccagctgtgg caggctcagg acatctggtg tctgctggtg ggggggtcgc tgtgcctggg     33300
     gacagtcctt cccccctgct gcactgggag ttcctctggc atcctgggag gcctgtgcct     33360
     cgagagagac cagcccccta gattcctccc accacgggcg gctccccggc acccaaccgg     33420
     ctcctgagcc cctgccccac ctccacattc ccgatggctg ctctcccagc ctcttttcct     33480
     tccttccacc cctgtatggt ttcgatctgt gtcccctccc aaatcttatg tcgaattgta     33540
     attcccagtg ttggaggtgg ggcctggtgg gaggtgactg gatcatgggg tggactctca     33600
     ggaagggttt actgctatcg cctcggtgct gtcctcatga cagcgagttc ccccgagacc     33660
     tggctgttta aaggtgtgcg gcacctcccc accttgctgc tgctttcgcc atgtgacgtg     33720
     cctgctcccc cttctcttcc accaggattg tgggtttcct ggggcctccc cggaagccga     33780
     gcagatgcca gcaccacgct tcctgtagag cctgcagaac cgggagccga ttaaacttct     33840
     tttccttaag aatcacccag cctccggtgt tccttcacag tagggtgagg ggggcgaacg     33900
     cacaccctga gccttagggg caactcctgc tgctgtgccc aggctgggcc gggcagtggc     33960
     tcaggaacgt ggcggggaac acggtgccag tgctggggtc agggctctgt cgtggaggca     34020
     ggatgtctct gtggttcctt cctaaccctc atccttttac ctcttgtcct ggcttactgg     34080
     gctggcaagg acctccagga agatgttaaa cagccttgat gtctgatagg ccaaacaagg     34140
     gcccggaagc cgtctgcatc ctcattccgg ggcctgcacc atgacgtcat ggcgaagggc     34200
     tgcgccgagg gggccggctg agggtcttga ggtgagaaat catcctggtc atctgggtgg     34260
     gtccagggtc tcaccagggt ccttatggga ggggacaaag ggtgggagag gagggaggag     34320
     gccttggagc tgggtttgaa gatggaggag gggccacagc tgaggagccg gtggcctctg     34380
     gaagctggaa aagacgggaa gcgaagcccg gacagcctgc agaggaacca gccttgcgga     34440
     ccccttgatg ttagcccggg gaggccatgt cagacccccg gcccccagaa cttctgggga     34500
     tgcatttgtg tcgtttcaac ctccaggtct gtgtgatttg ctatgcagcc tcgggaaaca     34560
     gctgtgtggc caccagggtc ccaccctgct cccgccttct gggctccagg acgcaggtgt     34620
     gggacccctc accatccgca tggccctctg ctgtgcactc tccttctcgt tcgtgtctgt     34680
     gctgcattct ggttggtttt ccttggcttt tttttttttc tagttcacga attctctctt     34740
     tgctgtgttt aatcagctgg gagttactct cttgctccct ctctccctcc cccatccttt     34800
     ctctgtcctt gtctctctgt ctctgtgtct gtctctgttt ctctttgtgt ttgtgtctct     34860
     ctctgtctct gtgtcttggg ctgtctctct ttgtgtttgt gtctgtctct ttccgtgact     34920
     ctgtctccct ctgtgtctct gactctgtgt ctctgtctct ctgtgtctct gactctgtgt     34980
     ctgtctgtgt ctctgactct gtgtctctgt ctctctgtgt ctctgactct gtgtctctgt     35040
     ctctctgact ccgtgtctct tctctgtgtc tctgagtctg tctctgtgtc tctgtctctc     35100
     tttctctgtc tctgagtctg tctctgtctc tttgtgtctc tgacgctttc tgtccctgtc     35160
     tctctctgtg tctctgtctc tgtgtctctg tctctgactc tgtatctctg tctctctatg     35220
     tctctgactc cgtgtctctg tctctctctg tgtctgagtc tgtctctgtg tctctgtctc     35280
     tctttctctg tgtctctgtc tctgtgtctc tgtctctctg tctctgactc tgtgtctctg     35340
     tctctctgtg tgtctgtctc tgtgtgtctg tctctgtgtc tctgtctctg tgtctctgtc     35400
     tccctgtgtc tctgtctctc tctctgtgtc tctgtctctc tctttctctg tgtctctgtc     35460
     tccctgtgtc tctgtctctc tctttctctg tgtctctgtc tctgtgtctc tctctgtctc     35520
     tgtatctctg tctctctgtc tctgactctg tgtctctgtc tctctgtgtc tctctctgtg     35580
     tctctgtgtc tctctctgtg tctctgtctc cctgtgtctc tgtctctctc tttctctgtg     35640
     tctctgtctc tgtgtctctc tctgtctctg tatctctgtc tctctgtctc tgactctgtg     35700
     tctctgtctc tctgtgtctc tctctgtgtc tctgtgtctc tctctgtgtc tctgtctccc     35760
     tgtgtctctg tctctctctt tctctgtgtc tctgtctctg tgtctctctg tctctgtatc     35820
     tctgtctctc tgtctctgac tctgtgtctc tgtcgtgtct ctgtgtctct ctctgtgtct     35880
     ctgtgtctct ctctgtgtct ctgtctccct gtgtctctgt ctctctcttt ctctgtgtct     35940
     ctgtctccct ttgtgttctt ctccacgacg ttctctttgt ctgactttct gctcctgccg     36000
     cgtgcgcaga ggggcgagga ggaagcattt gcgcatgcgc agaaggctcg ctccacgcca     36060
     cgtgcttcaa gcgcgtcgtt ccgtttagta tgaaataaag gcccgcgggg tggagaacgt     36120
     gtctgttttc cagatgtgga gatcaaggcc cggcaagtcc tctgttgttg acggttctca     36180
     ggtggtagaa acgatctcgc agcgcacctg cgtggcttcc gaaaccgttg tctcaagcgt     36240
     gttccacttg atgtgattaa aaaagttctc gtggccccaa gcacctgctt tacctgctca     36300
     gaccagagtg tcgttccgtc ccattcattc cgcagctttc cccgaacgca cacaagtgaa     36360
     atgtaaatgt cagtgtgtgt gtatctatct cccgtttctc ccaaagcgag accgtcagct     36420
     gctatcactg cacagcgatg cggggaccag gcccggtccc ttcagcccgg ggcttcggcc     36480
     cccggcgttg tctgaccctc gtgctcagct gttcctgctt cttcaggttc ccaaggcatc     36540
     cccagccagc ttccctcctg caaaccccca ccctgggagc ttgaccaatg acatcgacat     36600
     ctttcaatac ttgaatcctg actacttctt cttcttcttc tttttttttt tttgagatag     36660
     agtctctgtc ttccaggctg gagtgccgtg ttgtgatatc tgctcactgc aacctcggcc     36720
     tcccgggctc aagcgattct cctgctgtag cctcctgagt agctgggatt acaggcatct     36780
     gccactacgc ctggctaatt tttgtatttt tagtagagat ggggtttcac catgttggcc     36840
     aggctggtct caaactcctg acctcaggta atccgcctgc ctcagcctcc caaagtgctg     36900
     ggattacagg tgtgagccac tgtgcccagc ctcattcttc ttcttttttt tttttttttg     36960
     agatgaagtc tcactctgtc gcccaggctg gagtgcagtg gcgtgatctc tgctcactgc     37020
     aatcttcacc tcttaggttc aagtgattct cctgcctcag cctcctgagt agctgggatt     37080
     acaggcacgc accactatgc ccagctaatt ttttgtagtt ttagtagaga cagggtttca     37140
     ccacgttggt cagactggtc tcaaactcct gaccttatga tccacccacc tccgcctccc     37200
     aaagtgctgg gattacaggc gtgagccaca gcgcccggcc ctcattcttc ttaataattg     37260
     catgagagct gctggtggga gtgtgaaatg gtgcaaccac tgtggaaaac agtagccata     37320
     tcacttctca gaaacttaga gatggaatta ctgtatgatc cagcagttac cccgcagaat     37380
     tgaaggcagg gtctcagaga tacatgtgca cccaggttca cagcagcgtt actcacgata     37440
     gctaaaatgg ggaagcagct gaagtgtcca tccatgggta agtgaacaaa acgtggtcca     37500
     tccatacaag ggaatatgat tctgtcctag gaaggaaggg gattcgacag ttattatgac     37560
     atggatggac cccgaggatg ttatactgag tgaaataggc cagtcacaaa aggtcagata     37620
     tcgtatgatt ccactcatat gaggtctctg gaggagtcaa attcttgaga tagaaagtag     37680
     aatggtggct tccaggagct gggggaggcg gagtgggagc aagtgtttaa tgagggcaga     37740
     gctttggttt ttcaagatgg aaagttctgg agatggatgg cggtgatcgc cgcacaacac     37800
     tgggaattag tttaacatca ttgagccggc cacttaaaaa tgattaagat ggtgtatttt     37860
     atcacaaaaa aaaatcagca aaaaacttgc atgatggatt ctagagtgta gatgtgctga     37920
     aatgtattcc acatttcctt atcaagggaa ataaagatta tttctatttt tttccttacc     37980
     actacaaaaa tagcttcagt aaatattctt gaacatagat tcttacaaac tggaattttg     38040
     atttctgtag gatagattcc caaatgtggg gtgactgagc aaaacagctc tatcattttt     38100
     attttaatag agaattcttt ctcagaggaa atagccatcc ctgtcccatc agtcatgcat     38160
     gggaaggctt gtgtccttgc acacctgctg gtacttcaca ttatctgcct ttttactctt     38220
     tttccagtgt gatgggtaca ccatgttatt tgccagtctt gggtgtagag caggtgagag     38280
     tgagcttctt ggccaaacaa cagcatccaa acctcccatt ccatgcttgc taatttccct     38340
     tttccttgcc agaaaacatg attctattag gctccatgca atagaaactc tccactacca     38400
     tatttgaggt gggtgtcctt aatagatggc atttgcaaaa caaaacaaaa cagaggccga     38460
     gtgcagtggc tcacgcctgt aacctcagca ctttgggagg ccgaggcggg tggatcactt     38520
     gcagtcagga gttcgagacc agcctgggca acatggcaaa accccgactc tactaaaaat     38580
     acaaagatta gctgggcatg gtggcgggtg cctgtaatcc tagctacttg ggaggctgag     38640
     gcaggagaat cacttgaact tgggaggtgg aggttgcagt gagccaagat tgcgccactg     38700
     cactccagcc tgggtgacag agtgaaactc catctcaaaa caacaacaaa caaacaaaca     38760
     aacaaacaaa caaaactgag ccctgggttg ggagtgggct ctggaaggca tcaagaacaa     38820
     aattgtaaat aatgcagaat gaggtggggc tgttattgtc atttatcttc aaaatctgag     38880
     ctatttatca agaatggttt ggatgatggg gaaggacgga ggactgtcta cacaggcaga     38940
     tcccatgggg aagggaatag gaaactggct ggggggtttc ttccagggtg cccaagataa     39000
     agagtgtcct tcaattggca ttaatgaaac agggtggatg tgaatcctgg agtcaggagt     39060
     cctgacttca gacttcactt ccaagcagca ttaccatgga actcctcaga gccttttccc     39120
     tcatctaggt tggtggtcca gaggcaaatg caggaccacc tttctgctta ccaggctgtg     39180
     agctctttga gtgtggcaac caagtctttg tcatctttct gtttctcccc taccccagca     39240
     cctcgctgag tgcctggaat gtgagaaaaa ctccattaat gtgtgtggaa ttaattatca     39300
     aattaaggag tgaatgaagc ccatgacagt accttgtttc tcctgaagct actttcacag     39360
     acagtttgtg tggtcatact gggactgcac agccttttct gggaagagct gagggtggtg     39420
     gctgtagcct gggtctgtag agttttagca ctgggatgcc tgtggttgcc tatgaactcc     39480
     aagtagaata aaccaaaaga aaaccacacc tgagcacatc atagtaaaaa ccactgaaac     39540
     caaagatgag gagaaatttc aaagttggcc agataaatgg attaccttga aaggcaagcc     39600
     ctactttgaa aggggccaca tttagatgaa aagttgactt ctcaaaagaa acaatggaaa     39660
     ctgaaagaca gtggatacca gtcgtcaaaa agtgcagaac gaaaataact gccaacctag     39720
     aattctatac ctagcaaaaa tatccttcat gaataaaggt aaaataatga cactttcaaa     39780
     tacacaaaaa agtgattttg tcatcaacag attcacacta acagaaatat gaaagggggc     39840
     tctccaagta gaagaaaaat gattctggat gtaaggccaa atgaagaaca atggtaaaca     39900
     taaaaagtgg gtgaatccat gaggtcagga gatcgaaacc atcctggcca acatggtgaa     39960
     accccgtctc tactaaaata caaaaaatta gccaggcatg gtggtgcatg gctgtagtcc     40020
     cagctacttg ggaggctgag gcaggggaat cacttgaacc tgggaggcag aggttgcagt     40080
     gagctgagat cacgccactg cactccagcc tggcgacaga gcaagactcc gtctcaaaaa     40140
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaggtggg aggtgaatct aaatgaaaat gaactgtaga aaattacaac     40200
     agcagcaatg tcttgtgggg tttcaactat atatagactt aaaatacata atgaaaatag     40260
     tactaaagcg gagagggagg tagatggaat gaaagtgttc tgaaatcctt gcattgttca     40320
     agaaaaggtg aaagtaccaa ttcatattag ccaaggatgc atgatgaaat ccctagtgtc     40380
     aacactgaaa gaacagcaaa attatatgat caccagacta acagaggtgc caaatgaaaa     40440
     atagaaaatg gtcaatttat aaaagacaag ggattacaga cttaaatgtt agacctaaaa     40500
     ccataaaaac cctagaagaa aacctaggca attacattca ggacataggc gtgggcacgg     40560
     acttcatgac taaaatacca aaagcaatgg caacaaaagc caaaatagac aagtgggatc     40620
     taattaaact aaagagcttc tgcacagcaa aagaaactac catcactatg cagccataaa     40680
     aaatgatgag ttcatgtcct ttgtagggac ttggatgaaa ttggaaatca tcattctcag     40740
     taaactattg caagaacaaa aaaccaaaca ccgcatgttc tcactcatag gtgggaattg     40800
     aacaatgaga acacatggac acaggaaggg gaacatcaca ctctggggac tgttgtgggg     40860
     tggggggagg ggggagggat agcattagga gatataccta atgctaaatg atgagttaat     40920
     gggtgcagca caccagcatg gcacatgtat acatatgtaa ctaacctgca cattgtgcac     40980
     atgtacccta aaacttaaag tataataata ataataataa taaaaagaaa ctaccatcag     41040
     agtgaacagg caacctacag aatgggagaa aatttttgcg atctacccat ctgacaaagg     41100
     gctaatatcc agaatccaca aagaacttaa acaaatttac aagaaaaaat caaacaaccc     41160
     catcaaaaag tgagcaaagg atatgaacag acacttctca aaagaagaca tttatgcatc     41220
     caacaaacac atgaaaaaat gctcatcatc actggccatc agagaaatgc aaatcaaaac     41280
     cacaatgaga taccatctca caccagttag aatggcgatc atttaaaagt caggaaatga     41340
     caggtgctgg agaggatgtg gagaaatagg aacgctttta cactgttggt gggactgtaa     41400
     actagttcaa caattgtgga agacagtgtg gtgattcctc agggatctag aactagaaat     41460
     accatttgac ccagtgatcc cattactggg tatataccca aaggattata aatcatgctg     41520
     ctataaagac acatgcacac gtatgcttat tgcgtcacta ttcacaatgg caaagacttg     41580
     gaaccaaccc aaatgtccat cactgataga ttggattaag aaaatgtggc acatatacag     41640
     catggaatac tatgcagcca taaaaatgga tgagttcata tcctttgtag ggacatggat     41700
     gaagctggaa accatcattc tgagcaaact attgcaagga tagaaaacca aacaccgcat     41760
     gttctcactc ataggtggga attgaacaat gagaacactt ggacacaggg tggggaacat     41820
     cacacactgg gacctgtcgt ggggtggggg gaggggggag ggataacatt aggagaaata     41880
     cctaatgtaa atgacgagtt aatgggtgca gcacaccaac atggcacatg tatacatatg     41940
     taacaaacat gcacgttgtg cacacgtacc ctagaactta aagtataata aaaaaattac     42000
     ctgacacaat gtaaatgtct tcaaaatata agctactata tacatcagaa ttattaaaag     42060
     aattttgtga agaatcagaa gtacaacctc atatcagatt tactttcctt aaacaaaaat     42120
     ttttaactta gcactgctaa ttgtgaaatt tgcagttagc aaatcatttc ttcctactat     42180
     gaagaaataa ttaggctccc aaaaatcaac ggaaaggaat ttggatattt ttattttact     42240
     tttttatttt ttatttcact tgctttaggg tacaggtaga ttttggttat atagatgaat     42300
     tgtatagcgg tgaagtctga gattttagtg cgccccacac tcaagtagtg tacactgtat     42360
     ccaatagcta gtttttcatc cctcactgcc ctcccagtct ccacacttct gagtctccag     42420
     tgaccattat aacattctac aggcctttgc atacccacag cttagctcct acttataagt     42480
     gagaagctac ttcacttaga atgatggctt ccagctccat cgaagttgca gtgaaagata     42540
     ttatttcatt cttttttatg gatgagtagc gtttcctgtg tatatctacc acattttctt     42600
     tatctgcttg tcagctgata ggcacacaga ttggttccat atctctgcaa ttgtgaattg     42660
     tgctgtgata atcatgcaca tgcaggtgtc tttttgatac aatgacttct tttcctttgg     42720
     gtagatctgg attgctggat caaatggtga tctgctttaa gctctttgag aaatcttcat     42780
     actgtccagt ggaagagaat ttgaaacagt ttatataaag ataaatgttg gtttacagat     42840
     gttttaagta aaacaaaaca ataaatcatt taaaaaaaga caaggaatga gaataaatat     42900
     acatagaaca ggcaaggcca aaatagaaag caatattatg gcatccaatt caaacccaaa     42960
     catatccaaa ttacattaaa cataaatcga ctaatattcc aattaaaaga acaaaatggc     43020
     catgcaggca aaaaccaaaa aacaaacaaa caaagaaaaa gccttccaaa acgcaactaa     43080
     actccattga cagtagattt agagaagata tcgagattca gaaagattga cagtgaagag     43140
     gggaaactag accacgagaa tatccacata agctctcttt atgttaggca gagaccttac     43200
     agctaaagtt ctgctagtga tgcaggtgac atttcaaaat gataaaaatt ttgattcgcc     43260
     agaaagtttt aacagtttta cttttgtatg tacctaatat gcctcaaagt ggacaaactt     43320
     atagggaaaa tatgcatgtt atcaattgca gcagaaagtt ttccgcatga gtctctcaat     43380
     aaccgacaga gcaagcagac aaaaaacatc actgaggaca gaagatgtgg ccaacgtgat     43440
     gaatgaacct gacttaactc acaagtgtag aatcctgcac aaaacggcta cagcacatcc     43500
     actcgtctca aatacactca gatgtgaaca ctgacattat gttgggccac aaaatccatt     43560
     ctccacaaat ttcaaaggat tgaaaattac agtgcaattg agcaagaaat aaaaaggaga     43620
     attaaacatc actatgtcct cagaaattaa gaaacacaat tctagataat tcatggttca     43680
     aagaagaagc cacagtggaa attagacaat gttttgcaat tagttatgga gatactacat     43740
     aaagcttgtg ggataaagcc aaagccaggc ttagagggaa atacatagcc tctaaatgca     43800
     tatatcagaa aagaagaatg actgaccatc attgatctca aggagctgca taaagaacag     43860
     cgaattaaat ccaaagaaag aaggaagaga atagtgaaga tgaggacaaa atgatggaaa     43920
     aatgataccg tagagcgaat tgaaaaagcc aaggtttagt gtttgaaaag actaataaag     43980
     ttgataagcc cttgatgagg ctgctcatga gaaaaagaaa gaaaacatga ataactggta     44040
     ccaggaatga caaaggatgc gctggagatc ctgcgggcag tcagagattt caaaattgtg     44100
     ttatgatcca atgagaacac atggacacag ggaggggaac atcacacacc ggggcctgtg     44160
     ggcgggaggg gaggcagtga ggggagggag agcatcggga caaatagcta atgcatgcgg     44220
     tgcttagaac ctaggtgaca ggttgatagg tgcagcaaac caccatggca catgtatacc     44280
     catggaacaa acctgcatat gtatccggaa cttaaagtaa aataaaaatt aaaaacaaac     44340
     aaacaaaaaa gatgttatga tcattttaat gccaataaac ttgccaattg agatgaaatg     44400
     gataattctt ggaaaataca atttattaaa ataaatataa gattacatag aaaatctgaa     44460
     aaaaatctta ttaaagaaat tgaatccatc atttaaaatc tgcacactaa gaagactcca     44520
     ggtctacatg gctttcccag taaactctgt caaacactta agggcaaaaa tcacacgtag     44580
     atgtcttcct gcagagagca gggctctgag ccccggcact gtgaggggct gccgtgggtg     44640
     acacgacccc ctcctctctc ctacgccacc aggacgtgcg tgttcctccc ttggagggag     44700
     aggccatcaa ggagcttaga aacattcagt atgctacgaa aaataaagta caaaagtgta     44760
     actaatacaa ccaccaaagc ttggcccacg aaaaaaaatt gataagaaaa ggtgatataa     44820
     cactgttaag acagagaaaa gataagccac agactgagag aaaatcttca ctgaactcgt     44880
     gcctgataaa ggaccaggac cagtgttcaa aatagtcaag gtacttttaa aactcagcaa     44940
     taaaaaaaaa tctgtttaaa aaacaggcca aagatctgaa aggacacctt atcaaagaag     45000
     atatatggat ggcaaataag catgtgaaaa aatactttgc aggcggaggc agggggatca     45060
     cagaggccag gagttggaga gcagcctggg caacatggtg agacacccta tccctaaaaa     45120
     aaaaaataaa ataaataaat tatctgggtg tggtggtgca cagctatagt cccagctact     45180
     tgggaggttg aggcaggagg attgtgtgaa acaaggagtt caaggctgca gtgagccgtg     45240
     attgcaccac tgcattccag cctgggcaac agccagaccc tgtgtcttaa aaaaaaggat     45300
     gctcaacacc gtatgtcatc agggaaatgc aaattaaata acactactgc ataccgactg     45360
     gaatggccca aatccaaaac actgacaaca ccaagcgctg gtggagacgt ggacgtttca     45420
     ttcatttatt gctggtggga aaatggtact ttggaaaaaa atttggcagt ttcttacaaa     45480
     actaaacata cttttatcat acgatctaga aattgtgtct cttggtattt atccaaagga     45540
     gttggagact tatgtaccca taaaagcttg cgtaggatga atttatagca gctttattca     45600
     taatggccaa aacgtggagg gaaccaagat gtcctttcgt aagtgagtgg ataaatagcc     45660
     cgtggtccat ccagacaatg gaagatgact cagcactaaa tgaaatgagc catcgagccc     45720
     ttcaaaagca cggaggaaac ttaactcata ttagtaagtg agaggagctg tggacttaaa     45780
     aatcgcactt tataaattta gagttttatt tcttaagaag gagatgacaa cctacaggtg     45840
     gaagccgaag ctccagctga aaaccaaaag taagcacttt gaaagagggg agggtggaac     45900
     ggaatttatg ctgaatgagc cggacacata tgcatattca gcaggttata gaaacatctt     45960
     atgaatagtt atgagagagt cctacactgc atacaataaa cgggcatgtt atataccacc     46020
     cacgttcacc ttggggtgga gactgcacat ctaactgcgt tacaatcagg ccctgcacgt     46080
     cagaaggtgg agccgggacg ggaagcactc ggtgcgcagc ctctgtaaac cagaaccagt     46140
     ccggggctgg gggtccctgc tcaggggaca gttactgaaa tgcggctgtt gtccgatggc     46200
     agctgtggtt ctggctgggg gagcaggggt cagcgaggca gtgtctggca gggggtgagc     46260
     tgcacctgct ttaacgttgt tcgtctcaag gccagcgttt gggtgtcaga gaaaaagaaa     46320
     actcccgtgg caggtagaac ataaataagt gcagcgtgtg tgacttcgcc cctgcctggg     46380
     gtggcctcag gtcccgttga taatgtggcg tcttatggcc acagtcggtt ctgccaggcg     46440
     atgttctcta tctcaacact catgctgggc agttgctgcg tctaaccaca caggggaggg     46500
     gtgtcatggg acgcatctga tctcctgtcc cctcagggct gagaactcca tttttcaggt     46560
     ttctctgggg tccccttgac caaggggtga ggagcccgtc ggttcagtca gttgggtggc     46620
     ttagaatttt atttttcgtc tccatttccc gcttttggct gagatttgcc ataggcagca     46680
     tccacggcca aacctttatc ttggcccacc ttgttgctgg gggaggtggg gctacctgcc     46740
     ctggtccctc cagcccttca gtggaaccct gattgccaag gggcttacag ctaaaagact     46800
     tacagccaac tcaacgttct gggccaggcg gaattggagg taatataaga gctgaaaacc     46860
     aaaagccaaa aggcgaagtg acaaaactgg cttatctata agttccaagt gttgagctat     46920
     cataattttg gtctcagtct ctgacttgta gcaattagct acacgaaacg taagcatttt     46980
     gttaaaacca tttcagctaa ggaatttaga gactttgata tgctgctgtg ctttttgtgg     47040
     tctttttagt aatttgtcct aaggcggcca ataccgtttt aattgtatct ctatttgtat     47100
     aaatcccata actgggaaca gctgtattct ggaggctgtg tcactaggtg tcattacatc     47160
     ctcttggtaa ttaagtctat gggaagcagg aaattcttta gagggttaga gttggaggga     47220
     tggagaggga accacctaat ggcccaggag gcacagtccc ttgatttgtc agcagtgcag     47280
     gcatctatgc actgtccttg atttggaggg tctgagctag tttttttttt tttttttttt     47340
     tttttttttt ttttttttga gatggagtct cactctgtca cccaggctgg agtgcagtgg     47400
     catgatctcg gctcactgca acctctgcct cccgggttca agccattctc ctgcgtcagc     47460
     ctccagagta gctgggatta caagcgcgtg ccaccatgtg aagctagttt ttgtattttt     47520
     agtagagacg ggtttcacca tgtcggccag gctggtctcg aactcctgac cttggatgat     47580
     ccgcctgcct tggcctccca aagtggtggg attacaggca tgagccaccg cacccagcct     47640
     gaactagttt tatcctttga agccagccct taccatctca cgcccccttc tcttcctcag     47700
     cagtccctgg gcctagacag agggtgcttg atatggtata gcttcagcaa cagctccagg     47760
     agactttgaa tgagagagat ttgagagata aatggcatta ataatttgag tggtagaatt     47820
     ataacgtaca ggcataatgt gtctggagtt ggttcctttg gtggtttcgt ggtctcgctg     47880
     acttcaagaa tgaagccacg gacttttgca gtgagtgtta cagctctcaa agatggcaca     47940
     catccaaagg gtgagcagta gcaaggttta ttgtgaagag caagagaaca aagcttccac     48000
     accatggaag gggacctgag caggttgttg ctgctggctg gggtggccag cttttattcc     48060
     ctatttgtcc cctcccatgt tccatttttg tcccatcaga gtgccctttt ttcaatcctc     48120
     cctgtgattg gctactttta ggatcctgct gattggtgca ttttacagag tgcagattgg     48180
     tgtattttac agagcgctga ttggtgcatt ttacaatcct cttgctagct acagagcgct     48240
     gattggtgca tttttacaga gcgctgattg atgtgtttta cgatcccctt gctagctaca     48300
     gagctctgac tggtgcgttt tacaatccta gctacagagc tctgattggt gcgttttaca     48360
     atcctcttgt aagacagaaa atttctgcaa gtccccacgc cacccaggaa gtccagctgg     48420
     ctttgcctct caacaagaat ttatgcgccc ctaacaggaa gaaaggaatc aaccccatta     48480
     gggagccaac taaaacgatc atgaagaaaa ttacaacctg gatcctcttt agagatgtgt     48540
     agccaagaga taattcaaga ctcagtttga attataggca aaaaataaaa ctcaagaaca     48600
     gtggtcgggg ctggaattgc agaacaagtg ttttcttttg aaacgtaatt tttttcatct     48660
     ctttagttcc ccctttctac cacagagaaa taataataag accaatttgt gtacaaaata     48720
     agttttagtc ttattctatt tggcttgatc atttgtgtaa attgcagcag gaatagcagc     48780
     tggccgtgta ggctcttttt aaattggctt tgctggaact ttatcggaaa gtgttatttc     48840
     agtcaaaggt cttgttaaaa taatatcccc aaagtgtcct gttacaaaag aaaatgtatt     48900
     cttattgaac ttatgcaaac caccatattg ctgtaagtaa gaatgctcat gaatagtttt     48960
     tgaattctgg aggtagaagg tagagagaga aagctgaact ttgttatttt actcagtttc     49020
     tgtcacctat aaataggtta aaagaaaaaa ggttttcttg actttggaaa acaaaacaaa     49080
     gaatcagtaa cactttaaat acaaaggcaa taagcgctgt tcagttctga taagaacagg     49140
     aaaaggaagc tcacaggtag ctaaacatct aaagtatata gtactaagac atagagcaaa     49200
     ttatattaat tcagatagag ggaaaactat gaaatgtctt aacgtcttgg agtataaacc     49260
     cagccctgtg tctcatgaaa gccgttcact tcgatggttg tcttcccccg gatctgaaga     49320
     caaggctttg gttagcttga gtttggtttc agataccagt gtggaatgtt caagattcag     49380
     caggagttgg tgcctttttt aggtgatgtg atacggtttg gctgtgtgtc cccacccaaa     49440
     tctcatctcg aattgtaatc cccatgtgtt gagggaggga cctggtggga gctgattggg     49500
     tcatgggagc ttgtttcccc cacgctgttc tcgtgatact gagtgaattc tctcgagatc     49560
     tgatggttcg ataaggggct cttccccctt tgctctttct ctctcccctg ccatgatgaa     49620
     caggatgaac gcaaaattaa attaagacgt accttgcttc cccttcacct tccaccatga     49680
     ttctaagttt cctgaggctt ccccagccat ggggaactgt gagttaatga accctctttt     49740
     gttgataaat taccccgtct caggtagtgt ctttacagcg tgtgaaatca aactcataca     49800
     ggctctcggg gcatttgtag ctgcaatgct ccctgcctgg gatgcctttc ctttgcatct     49860
     tcctctggct gtcacctctt ttgtttataa attacccagt ctcgggcagt tctctatagc     49920
     agtgtgaaaa cagactcata ctctatgtgt gcccaggagt caactccctg taacttggta     49980
     gcacatggat ttgttaatag taccttttaa ggacccttcc aaagtgcagg ggaaagagtc     50040
     ctgtaactga tgtttcttcc agtgtatgta atcagcaggc tggaggtggt gattttggag     50100
     ttcatgacac aactggaagc tgcaaaaaga ttttacaggc caggtgtgga ggctcactcc     50160
     tataatccca gcactttggg ttcacttgaa cccaggagtt cgaggctgcg gtgagctatg     50220
     actgtgccac tgcactccag cctgggcaac agagtgagac tctgtctcaa aaaaatatgt     50280
     ataatctcgt aatgattcat ttttatagct ttgatgatcc tgcctgcaat aagtctaagt     50340
     gagatgctta atgtaggatt tgattttgag gacttttgtg aaagatgtta aaaggctcaa     50400
     aacatttgat caaaatagaa tcctaggtca ttgtaaaata atagttactc atgtaaccat     50460
     tgccatcttc aatggcaagg cagaaagtta catggatgta aaaacaagct cagttttcat     50520
     aagcaatcaa aaaaccaaat aaaaatgaca ctggaaatta tcttgataaa atgcaaaatc     50580
     ttcgtttttt gaggccagtt actcaaaagg caaagaaaca ccttctgcag tcattgtttc     50640
     tcctctggaa gcccattgag ctaacctgca agtcaaacct gatgaaaaag gatatttgaa     50700
     tttagtcagg tgcaggaaga gtgtgtctag ggtcatgagt gtacctgatg ttatggagga     50760
     aaggaaacaa gaaaaccagc accttgagca gggcaatgca tgactcttag taacagcatg     50820
     agaagtttcc tggctatact gaacaatgta taacaagaaa agccaagagt acagaatcaa     50880
     gttatatgaa ggaaaacatt gcttttctag acctttaaga tcaacatttc agcatcaggc     50940
     cacagcagta gttacaattg gaaaagaaag ttacaggagc tgatgaaaaa aaaggctgaa     51000
     agggaaggtt atcatcccaa ccaagcaaaa agatacacct tggcaagggc acaagaacag     51060
     aaggcaagga tcaacacaga attaaacatc aatttttttt ttttttgaga tggagtcttg     51120
     ctttgttacc aggctggagt gcagtggcac aatctcggct cattgcaacc tccgcctccc     51180
     aggttcaagc gattctcctg cctcagcctc ctgagcagct gggatcacag gtgtccacca     51240
     ccacgcctgg ctaatttttg tatttttagt agagacaggg tttcaccatg ttggtcgggc     51300
     tggtctcgaa cttctgactt caggtgaccc acttgcctcg gcctcgcaaa atgttgagat     51360
     tacaggtgtg agccaccgcg cccacctaaa catcaaattt tattaatagc aaattattat     51420
     tttaacaaaa cttttctcta accgaaaact tttggtttta tattaattag tgtacttttt     51480
     tttttttttg agatggagtc tcagcctgtt gcccaggctg gagtacaatg gcaccatctc     51540
     aactcactgc aacctctgcc tcccgggttc aaacgattct tctgcctcag cctcccgagt     51600
     agctgggatt acaggttccc gccaccacat tcagctaatt tttgtatttt cagtatagac     51660
     agggtttcac catgttggcc aggttggtct caaactcctg accttatgat ccgcccgcct     51720
     aggcctcctg agtgctggga ttacaggcgt gagccactgc acctggacca attagtgtac     51780
     ttttaatatc aaagttcaat ctttagaaag actgctataa gcaatttcct tttagtaata     51840
     gccagcttaa acatatacaa aattcctttc atacttaaaa aaaaattttt ttttgagaca     51900
     gggtctttct ctgtgtccca ggctggagtg cagtggtgcc atctcagctc actgcagcct     51960
     ctgcctcccg ggttcacgcc attctcctgc ctcagactcc cgagtagctg ggattaaaag     52020
     catgcacaac cacaccaggc taatttttgt aatttagtag agatagagtt tcaccacgtt     52080
     gcccaggctg gtcttgaact cctgggctca agtaatctgc ctaccttggc ctctcaaagt     52140
     gctaggatta caggtgtacg ttttttttat gaaccttatc acaacttata cagactgttt     52200
     acaacatgct gcgacttaat ggtttgtcct gtgctctctc tttcttaaat aaccagtcat     52260
     tttactttag gacaaaaatt tagcacacaa gattcctttt catagaaaag ttacagaaat     52320
     cagtctcttg tccaatcaaa gtggtcatta gggctggtgg ccgaggggag cgagtcatga     52380
     gccagcgtct ggcggcaggt gagatgcagc tgtgtgaatg tggcttccct agaggctggt     52440
     gcttgtttag ctgctagaga aaaagaaaac ctcagcaggg cacggtggtt catgcctgta     52500
     atcccagcac tttgggaggc cgaggctggc agaatacgag gtcagatcaa gaccagcctg     52560
     accaacatgg tgaaaccctg tctactaaaa atacaaaaat tagccgggtg tggtggtgca     52620
     tgcctgtaat cccagctact caggaggctg aggcaggaga atggcatgaa tctgggaggc     52680
     ggaggatgca gtgagccggg atggccccac tgcactccag cctgggcaac ggagtgagac     52740
     tccacctcag aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagaaaa cctcatggca ggcaggacat aagtcagtgc     52800
     agcgtgtgtg acttcaccct gcctggtgca gcctcaggtc ctgttgataa tttggcatct     52860
     tactgctgta ttcagccctg ccaatttttt tttttttttt gagacagagt ctcactctgt     52920
     ctcccaggct ggagtgcagt ggtgcgatct cggctcactg aaacctccgc ctcccaggtt     52980
     caagcgattc tcctgcctca gcctcccgag tagctgggat tataggcgcc cgccaccacg     53040
     gccagctaat ttttttattt ttagtaaaga tggggtttca tcacgttggc caggctggtc     53100
     ttgaactcct gacctcaagt gatccaccca cctcatcctc ccaaagtgct gggattacag     53160
     gcgtgaacca ccacgcctgg cccaatcctg ccaatcttat ggtctctatt tcaacattca     53220
     ctctgggcat ttgtgtctaa accacaaaag ggaggggctc taacgagctg tatatgtcct     53280
     cctgtcccgt cctagctggg aactcaggtg ttaaggtttc tctggggtct ccttggctaa     53340
     caggcgtcct tttagttgac tgggagctta gaattttatt tttagttctc aaagctaatc     53400
     tgaaaaggcc gcatgctgta tgattccaac tatacaacat tccgggagag gcaatctacc     53460
     cagacagtaa gaatcctcag tggttgccag ggaagggagg ggtgaatagt ggagctcggg     53520
     ggaatttcgg ggcagggaag cctctcctga caccatcatg gtggatacct gacctcatgc     53580
     acttgccagg actcccggaa cgcaagacgc caagactggc ccccaattcg agctgtggac     53640
     cctgcgtgat ggggccaggt cagtgcagat tcgtcgcaca gcaaggaccc agcaccaagg     53700
     caaaggcgct aacaataggg gtgcagagtg tgtgtgaggg gcgaggcgag gggcacatgg     53760
     gggctccgtc tactttccac tcagcttttc cataaacccc aaactgcttt agatagtaga     53820
     gcctattaat ttttaaaaaa gtgtagctat aaaaattcca agaaaagaga aggaagaaag     53880
     tggatgacaa tcagtataat cttgagggca tccacgtggc caatggactt gtgaaaacgt     53940
     gatcggctgc aggcccgcct tggctgaggg accccctgcc gcaccggcca ttccccccac     54000
     aagcccagac ttcctggaag agctggggtc ctgcgtgcca cctgctccgc ctccttcggc     54060
     ctgcaatggt tcattctgtg tcagcttggc caggccgcag gactctgatg ttggtcaaac     54120
     agcagtccag aagtttcagt gaaggtattt ttcgaagata aaattaccgc tgagatcagt     54180
     agactttgaa tcagcaggtc agcctccgcg acacaggagt ctcatccagt ctatgaaggc     54240
     cggagagaaa ggagagaaag gaggatggaa tcctgcctgc aggcatcttt ggatttgagt     54300
     ggctacttcg gctcctcctg cgtccccagc ctgcctgcct gccgtagtca tgtgagccaa     54360
     tttctccaag taagtttctc tctctctgtc tccacattct attggttctt tttttttttt     54420
     tctttttttg agacggagtt ttgttcttgt tgtttaggct ggagtgcaat ggcgcgatct     54480
     cggctcactg caacttccat ctcctgggtt caagcaattc tcctgcctca acctcccaag     54540
     tacctgagat tacaggcatg cgccaccacc cacggctaat tttgtatttt tagtatagat     54600
     ggggtttctc catgttggtc aggctggtct cgaactcctg acctcaagtg atctgcttgt     54660
     cctgacctcc caaagtgctg ggattacagg catgagccac cactcccggc ctattggttc     54720
     tatttctcta gagaactctc actactacag ctacacctcc ctgggcctca gtttcccctt     54780
     ctgtccatca gcgaggccga aggctgccat gggctgaggt ctcacacccg gcgctcctgc     54840
     ccctgcccct gattccgggg cagcctgcat aggccaggca gtggtcgagg cccactttcc     54900
     ccgcccagca actgtggttc agcggttcag cggctgacct cccagcccag aaacagaaac     54960
     tctttttctc ttgcaaaaca gaaagtgtcc ccattaaaca ctcacttccc gctggctccc     55020
     ccgaccccgg gccccaccgt ctgctttttc tgcctatgaa ccggcccact ctggggacct     55080
     cgtgtgtggg gagtcacaca gtgtttgtcc ttttgtggct tgtgcccctc ggtgtgacgt     55140
     cctcgaggtt cctccacgct gcggcgggtg tgggagccct tccttcctga ggtgactccc     55200
     tctgtgcgga atcaccgtgc tgtccgttcc ttcctccggc ggtggacacg gagctgctgc     55260
     ttccacatgg ccgctgattg tgaattgcgc tgctgggaat ggggtgcact gacttccatc     55320
     tttttaaggc tgaatactcc tccatgtatg taataacttg gttttgcagg ttgaattgag     55380
     ataaaaactg aagaccccaa accaatcttg gattctgtgg ctaagcagtt ggggacgacg     55440
     gtgcccccgt gcccggggca ggcatcctgc gctctcacag ccctggccag tggcaccggc     55500
     agtgcccctc cggccacacc ccggccaggt tttctaaggc tggacaaaca caggggcccc     55560
     cactggtggg tgcggcagac tgactggggt cagaggtatg gggagaacac gcggagatcc     55620
     acccaagaag gggagcgatt gtgccacagt cgagggggcc acggcgatgg tgtggtcaca     55680
     cggcctcggt caccctccag aggaccctcc acatcctgaa ctctccagaa tctcaggagc     55740
     ctcacccaga ctcagagcga ggtttgtcca cactggagcc ctgacgcacg agggtagaga     55800
     ccaccaggac tcacaccgca gccccccatg cggccccacc agcccccagg gccttggcgc     55860
     tgcacccaga tcgccagccc ggtctcctgt agcccgaggg tgggttccct ttcagaggcc     55920
     ccccgctcac cttcgctcct gctgggagcc ctgggcggac tcccccccac cccgcccaat     55980
     tccaaggacc ccgggctcca tccacgaggc ccacaggacc cgcggtcccc cgtgcagagt     56040
     aaggcgtcca acgcccacgc actccgcaga cccggccggt gggtgtgggc ggggctgggg     56100
     tggggcgcag gggtgggggc ggcgctgcag ggtcgggggc gcgggggcgc gggggcgcgg     56160
     gggcgcgggc gtgggtggag ctggccgggc tcaggggcct gggacacggg gcggggccgc     56220
     gcctctctcg ctccgggtcc cacgcgcccc ggcctcctcc cggcactgtc ccccggggag     56280
     ccccgaggcc cggccacacc cagggcgctc ctgaagccgc cgcagctgct gtgcgaggcc     56340
     gggccgaccc gcctggggcg cgtgggtggg gcgggagcgc agccgcagcc cggcggcgac     56400
     acaggcccgg ggccagccgg ggacggaaaa agtgagtgcg cggcggcgcg gggcggcctg     56460
     acgggaaggc gggaggcgaa gtgctgactg cgccgcggtc tctcagccgc caacacaccg     56520
     cggacgcccg gggacagcga ccgcttcctc cctccccgcc cgccttgtct ctttttgtga     56580
     gtatcgatct gagctcatgt tctttttaac gtactcaaag tgtgtcaatc aattaggctt     56640
     tttttttttt tttttttgac agggtcttgc tctgtcgccc aggctggagt cagtggcacc     56700
     atcgtggctc actgcggcct ccacctccgg gactccaggg atcctcccgc ctcagcctcc     56760
     cgaggagctg ggaccaccgc acctggctaa ttttaaaatt tttccttaga gacaggatct     56820
     cactttgctg cccaggctgg tctcaaactc ctgggctcaa gcgaccctcc cgcctcggcc     56880
     tcccaaagtg ccaccgtgcc aagcctcagt taggttttta attttaattt ggcattgttt     56940
     gatgctcaga ctgctgccgt gtcattttca cacgacagca agttggggac agcgagttgt     57000
     tctgtcctgc gcgtgtgtcc cctcatggtc ttgagtgacc tgaccctctg tggggagccc     57060
     tgagcctcct ccctgctccc gcggccccag ctctcagctg atggaggctc cggggcgggc     57120
     tcaagccccc ggccggcttt ggacggcttt gccgttgccg agccagcgcc gtgagctcgt     57180
     gggctctgcg tctgcacatg tttgccggtg acctctggga agtgtttcga cgaggatggg     57240
     ggttgagggg gcaaagggca agtgcccacc gcctaccaga cagcaccggt gcgtctccag     57300
     ctcggcttcc ccgccagccc ctcaggcctg ctccctgctg cctcgccaac agccgcaccg     57360
     ttgtcagagc tctgtcagcc tggtggatgt agtttcaact tgtatttttg ttgagagaac     57420
     ctgaacaacc tttcattgtt taagggatat gggtatgcac gcaggcactg ccgtatatac     57480
     atatattgta gatacacacg tccgcacacc tgtacacaca cacccacaca catacccctg     57540
     tgtatgtaca tacacacatt tgtatgcaca catatgtcta cacacgtgta gacacgtgca     57600
     cacacaggct cacgcacaca cattttctct gagctgttgg gttatgtctc ctgcactttc     57660
     tcgtgtattt ttgaccttgc tttttccaga ctcttagatc ttcctacgac tggcatattc     57720
     gctcttttgt ggtggtgcaa acattttccc tcagtttgtt tatgattttt tttgccaagc     57780
     taaagttttt tgttttccaa tatatggagt tcagtgtatc agtcttctct ttaattgttg     57840
     cctgatgtcc tttattcatt gggaatgcct tcccctccca cactgcaaga atgcacccac     57900
     ggtttcttgt ttcttgtagg gttccttttt ttttcttttt tgagacggag tcttgctgtg     57960
     tcgcccaggc tggagtgcag tggcatgatc tcggctcact gcaagctccg cctcccgggt     58020
     tcacgccatt ctcctgcctc agcctcccga gtagctggga ccacaggtgc ccgccaccat     58080
     gcccggctaa ttttttgtgt ttttagtaga gacagggttt caccgtgtta gccaggatgg     58140
     tctcaatctc ctgaccttgt gatccacccg cctcgacctc ccaaagtgct gggatcacag     58200
     gcgtgagcca ccacgcgcgg ccagggttct ttttgtatgc ttttctctct gctgcatttg     58260
     ggattttgtg catatgagtc taacttaata cttttccaga tggctatccc tatccctggg     58320
     cagttggtta aaaagtcgtt tttcccctca ctgatttggg tcgcagggac tgggcctgtt     58380
     cctgtgtctt ctggtgctta tcccaccctg ttttcattac agtaagtttc ccctgagctc     58440
     ataaagctgg tcctctttca ctttcttttc atggtttttt tggctgttac ttgcttgtta     58500
     atttttccat atgagcatgg tagttccaga actgtggttt ttactgggat cgtattaaat     58560
     ttacaaattg tatcggaaga acgtgcatgt ttgcagctgt ggcgcctctt cggggcccgg     58620
     gggtcagggt gcctttgatt gagttcagcc tctgcggcag ctttcccacg tttctggcta     58680
     ggtttatgcc gggagcatct tctctcttgc tgtcctagat gaaacatcgc ccgccactcc     58740
     gtctcctagc gcactgtgct gtgaatgggg tgaatgggtg tatgagagcc gtgaattttg     58800
     gacgctggcg cgctgcgctg tgaatgggtg tttgagagcc ttgagttctg gatgctagcg     58860
     cgctgcgctg tcaatggatg aatgagagcc gtgagttctg gatgctggcg cgctgcgctg     58920
     tgaatgggtg tttgagagcc ttgagttctg gatgctggcg cgctgcgctg tcagtggatg     58980
     aatgagagac gtgagttctg gatgctagcg ccctgcgctg tcaatggatg aatgagagcc     59040
     gtgagttctg gatgctggcg cgctgcgctg tgaatgggtg tttgagagcc ttgagttctg     59100
     gatgctggcg cgctgcgctg tcaatggatg aatgagagcc ttgagttctg gatgctggcg     59160
     cgctgcgctg tcagtggatg aatgagagac gtgagttctg gatgctggcg cgctgcgctg     59220
     tgaatgggtg tatgagagcc ttgagttctg gatgctggcg cgctgcgctg tgaatgggtg     59280
     tttgagagcc ttgagttctg gatgctggcg cgctgcgctg acaatggatg aatgagagcc     59340
     ttgagttctg gatgctggcg cgccgcgctg tcagtggatg aatgagagac gtgagttctg     59400
     gacgctggtg cgcagcgctg tcaatggatg aatgaaagcc ttgagttctg gatgctggcg     59460
     cgctgcgctg tgaatgggtg tttgagagcc ttgagttctg gatgctggcg tgctgcgctg     59520
     tcagtggatg aatgagagac gtgagttctg gacgctggcg cgctgcgctg tcaatggatg     59580
     aatgagagcc ttgagttctg gatgctggcg cgctgcgctg tgaatgggtg tttgagagcc     59640
     ttgagttctg gatgctggcg tgctgcgctg tcagtggatg aatgagagac gtgagttctg     59700
     gacgctggcg cgctgcgctg tcaatggatg aatgaaagcc ttgagttctg gatgctggcg     59760
     cgctgcgctg tgaatgggtg tatgagagcc ttgagttctg gatgctggtg cgctgcgctg     59820
     tcaatggatg aatgagagcc gtgagttctg gatgctggcg cgctgcgctg tgaatgggtg     59880
     tttgagagcc ttgagttctg gatgctggcg cgctgcgctg tcagtggatg aatgagagac     59940
     gtgagttctg gatgctagcg cgctgcgctg tcaatggatg aatgagagcc gtgagttctg     60000
     gatgctggcg cgctgcgctg tgaatgggtg tttgagagcc ttgagttctg gatgctggcg     60060
     cgctgcgctg tcaatggatg aatgagagcc ttgagttctg gatgctggcg cgctgcgctg     60120
     tcagtggatg aatgagagac gtgagttctg gatgctggcg cgctgcgctg tgaatgggtg     60180
     tatgagagcc ttgagttctg gatgctggcg cgctgcgctg tgaatgggtg tttgagagcc     60240
     ttgagttctg gatgctggcg cgctgcgctg acaatggatg aatgagagcc ttgagttctg     60300
     gatgctggcg cgctgcgctg tgaatgggtg tttgagagcc ttgagttctg gatgctggcg     60360
     cgctgcgctg tgaatgggtg tttgagagcc ttgagttctg gatgctggcg cgctgcgctg     60420
     tcaatggatg aatgaaagcc ttgagttctg gatgctggcg cgctgcgctg tgaatgggtg     60480
     tttgagagcc ttgagttctg gatgctggcg cgccgcgctg tcagtggatg aatgagagac     60540
     gtgagttctg gacgctggcg cgctgcgctg tcaatggatg aatgagagcc ttgagttctg     60600
     gatgctggcg cgctgcgctg tgaatgggtg tttgagagcc ttgagttctg gatgctggcg     60660
     cgctgcgctg tcagtggatg aatgagagac gtgagttctg gatgctggcg cgctgcgctg     60720
     tcaatggatg aatgaaagcc ttgagttctg gatgctggcg cgctgcgctg tgaatgggtg     60780
     tatgagagcc ttgagttctg gatgctggtg cgctgcgctg tcaatggatg aatgagagcc     60840
     gtgagttctg gatgctggcg cgctgtgctg tgaatgggtg tttgagagcc ttgagttctg     60900
     gatgctggcg cgctgcgctg tcagtggatg aatgagagcc gtgagttctg gatgctggcg     60960
     cgctgcgctg tgaatgggtg tttgagagcc ttgagttctg gatgctggcg cgctgcgctg     61020
     tcaatggatg aatgagagcc gtgaattctg gacgctggcg cgctgcgctg tgagtgggtg     61080
     tttgagagct gtgagttctg gacgctgatc tcacaggcag cactctatgg ctttctcatt     61140
     gcctgtggtc attttccatg ggacctatcg ggttttgcgg atggaaaccc acatcatgtg     61200
     cagagccccc gggcagcgtt ccctgccagg cctgatctgc cggatctcac cgggagttcc     61260
     cagagctgcg aggtctctgt gcctgtccct gacacaggca tggggtccag gactgggctc     61320
     caggatggca agcagagaat gagccccggg gtgtcagtgg gtgtttggct gcggtgcccg     61380
     agggcctggc agggctcctt tccctgcacc gtccctgctg ctagctgcca aggaccgcag     61440
     cagggtgata gggctccagc agacgtgacc ccgcctcccc cgctgccccc accctgtgta     61500
     cttagggagg gacccgcaga tgctgtgtcc ctcatagccc agggcagccc tcccaccccg     61560
     ctgtggacgc cctggcacca ggtaccaccc ctgcccggag ggactggtag gcatggggac     61620
     acgggggcta tggagcaggc acagtcactc agggacaccc atgcctggcc aggaagcctg     61680
     gggccagggg gccgtgggac ccccctaaaa ggcctgggct tggggaagat ggtgtcccca     61740
     gccccgtgat gttggaggaa tttttcaccg gagggctcta catgtgagtg gggcaaacag     61800
     ggcgaggagg gcctgtgtgt ttctgggaca gcgaggggaa ggcctgactc aggccaggat     61860
     ccaggggagc caccagcacc ctccacacac agcctcagcc tggctgccgc cttgtccctc     61920
     cctggaggcc tccctccctc ctgcccactg cccccacagc caccagacag gacagaactc     61980
     cttagcatgc tctcatattt aattataatt ataatataat agaaccacag ggaaggggga     62040
     tcccttgtcc cagccactca ggtgcctgct ggccgcctgg atgctggtgg ccctgcccca     62100
     ggagtggggg tgcagtgtgt ggatgtgagg agtggatagg ccacggcggg ggtactaggc     62160
     cccgggggaa cgcctgtacc ttcccaccca ggccctggtg ggagcccggc caaccccttt     62220
     aaataatttc aggaatgggt tccaaggaga gctcccaggg tgggcacatg gggggcccta     62280
     ggtgcctgca cttctgccct cccaacaccc aggtggccac agctgggagg ggcctgagtc     62340
     aaccccagcc ctgccctcct gaccttggga ccgtaggatg tccctctccc gagtggtgtg     62400
     aggggctggg gtggaatgcg gcggcaggag gccagagtgc tggctgggcc tgaaaggcct     62460
     ccagctctgc ctgcccgctt actgcctcag cttccctgcc ccacaaaggg cctgaggtgc     62520
     tgcctgggca tgtgtaaagg tggaggggtt tcctgccctg cccaccacag ccaggagctc     62580
     ttctgacctt ccctgaaact tctctaggcc tgcagggagc agataactcc tggggagtcc     62640
     ccagccccat gtacctccca ctcctgtgcc cagtcttggg ccctgcgtcc agggcgtttc     62700
     gggatgccac tgccaggggc accttggctg ctccaaggcc atctccaacc agcccccaag     62760
     ttcaggcagg aggctccggg gcgtcaggca gggccacggc gccttcagcc ccgggccgca     62820
     ggcagcagca gcagcagcag cagcagcagc agagattcag ggagctggac gcaggcagct     62880
     ctgtgctggc aggacctgaa gcagtgactg catctggccc tccctgtagg ggacggtgac     62940
     acctgctgcc tgggctcact gtgggcattg agacatgagt cctgtggtgg ggctgtgcct     63000
     ggtgcaggtg caggctggag ccccggtcgc ccccaggcag ctcagcccct ggacggcctg     63060
     caatggcctg caccctgcct gcttctcctg aggaaatgcg ctgacccggg ctcatggtgg     63120
     agggtctgca gaacactggt ggccaaggaa gccggtcaga ggggccaaga gcagtgtcca     63180
     tcctcaggcc tcagtggctg ggcactccga gggccgtcag ctgagcccct gcgggcgggg     63240
     gatgaggtgc ccattccgct aggaaagaca atggtggcat actccgtctg ctcagggaca     63300
     cagggcacgg ggggctccgg ggtcttctct cgccactgga aatccagctc cccatagtcc     63360
     acagagaaca caggcacggc tgaggggtcc tccttctttg aggagaaagg gagagggagt     63420
     cagccccacg gcccaccgca ggaaggaggc ccgcggctcc acagcctggc tgcagtaccg     63480
     gcaccgaacc tgggcccccc actatgagct gcttaccctg agctgtccca ccactgccct     63540
     ctgtgtgatc tggggacacc acccctcctc tctggctcaa tgtccccctc tgaaatgtcc     63600
     ctggcattct tgcagattta ggattccaaa atgtgacttt tcaagctctc ctgtctccaa     63660
     tgtaagataa gaaatgacca agcccacccc acgccctcgc aggtgggcac acgcatgggc     63720
     cgggcacacc tggagaccgc aggcaggcac atatgtgggc cgggcacccc cagagaccgc     63780
     aggcgggcac acgcgtgggc caggcacccc tggagaccgc aggcaggcac acacatgggc     63840
     cgggcacccc cggagaccgc aggtgggctg gggccccaga tcatggcttt agggattgag     63900
     gttgctgcct gggggctggg gaggtggggt cctggctata atagaatgtg agtcctgcag     63960
     gccgtgtggt cccagcctgt ccttccacct ctgcccaccc aggaaggaag gcacagtgga     64020
     tcatgcagga aaagagtgag actcaccagg ggctggccgg tgcgcctggc tcctattgtc     64080
     cctgcagaga aacacacttg gggtcaccag gccgaccctg agccgtgctc ctaggtgggg     64140
     ggtcttagtc caggggcctt catcagggac ttagcctggc ggggagatgg ggggaggtgg     64200
     ggtggggtga gggaagggtg gaggaagggg aggcgggagt gagggccgcc agcagggtta     64260
     gggcagggca ggccgagggg ctgggatgac gttacctcgt gcggcccggg agcagatgac     64320
     ggccaggacc cagactagca gcaccaggct gcccagcagg ccgcccacga caccaaccac     64380
     cagggtttgg aactggccgg ctggcctggg tgaggggctg gggtgggctg tgggcacttc     64440
     tgcccttctc tctggaaggg cacaaaggtc aggggttagg acggggtcag ggtggagggt     64500
     cagggtcagg ggtgagggca gactagaggg gctggggtgc ttccagagct agaggacaga     64560
     gatgccggtc accattcccc aggtgcagga cagagccctg gactggagct ggggggtccc     64620
     tgccctacga ccctggagct cctgatcctg tgcaggaggg gacacccacc ccaggaccgg     64680
     ctcagctcac ccctgccccg gggcctccga ggccgcacct gtcaccctga gctctgcccg     64740
     caggctctct ttgatctgcg ccttgggggc cagggagatg gccccacaga ggtaggtgcc     64800
     gctgtcattg cgccgggccc tgaccacgct catgtggaag tcacgcccgt tgggcagttg     64860
     tgtgacacgg aagcggcagt cctggccggg ctggctgcgg tcctcgggga aggcggccag     64920
     cttgtccgtc tggttgctgg ggctcatgcg gtaccagttt agcacgaagc tctccgatgt     64980
     gttggagaag ctgcaggtga aggtggcgtt gtccccttcg gtcaccacga gcagggctgg     65040
     ggagaaggtg ggggggttcc agggcctgtc tggggagtct gagagatgga gagaggtgag     65100
     gaaggggctg ggtggcccca caaagcctcc ccggccacct gctcacatcc ctcgggcagc     65160
     aagggctctg gaagggccac cccagctgga atgtcattga gaagtctctg ctggggcctc     65220
     tgccacccgg ggatgggcac tggcctccac tgcagagcct cttccttcta cgtgaggctg     65280
     cagcttctgc acagcacctg gctctgactt gggtctccct gatttcctac taagagcctt     65340
     cacccccttc cccgttgagg ccagttcccc cagaaagggc tgtttggggg ctacccatcc     65400
     ccagcccctg acccttgggc atcctggcct ggtcctgtct gcactgctct ggcacagggg     65460
     agtgtaactg gtctgggtgg gtggggggct gcccatggag accccagccc tgggaggagt     65520
     gtggcccctt ggcaggctca gggtccagtc tttgccccct tttcaggaca agctcggagc     65580
     tgggaccacg tggtatgggc attgctgccc tgggcagtgg gcagtggggc ctccacattt     65640
     tccagcaaga cagtggggac tagagctcac agcaaagatg cttcagagac gagatgggcc     65700
     attgactcgg atgtggacag acacggggcc cccgaccctg ggctcccaag acaaggacct     65760
     cctgaaacat atgcctgcca gggtcagggc ttgggatacc cgcatggcaa cgtgggggtc     65820
     gcggctcttc cgccaggcgg aggcaccaac acaggcgctt aagatccagg cccgagatgc     65880
     catgcaacgg ggtgattttc ccggctcacc cacaggtccc atgccacagg gttccccaaa     65940
     catggcgcca gccccacact gtcagaccca gtgcactgtc actcagttcc gtctcaggcc     66000
     tgggcacggc cccccagcga ggtgacacag agaccaggcc ctggttgcca cagctgcggt     66060
     ccctctgctt cctgggacag gcggcctccg tggcaggcgg tggtgatgac tcaaggagca     66120
     accagctcag aggaggaggg ggctgctgcc ctcgtgtccc tgcagccagg ctggcccacg     66180
     gcgtgctggc tggacaccag aggtgggtgg gtctgtcatg tgaccaggac caactcctag     66240
     tgccaacctc actgggcacc ctcccagggg acgagtgagg ggtttgaagt gaccttgagg     66300
     ccacccaggg tgtccctgtt ccctctgtgc ccatggcctc ccggctgaca agcgctcgcc     66360
     tccttcacct gcgtgcctgt cccccagctt cctggtggtg ttcccagagg tggcaggggc     66420
     gagggccagc tacacaaggg gctgctgagg tgagccccct ctctgagacc gcccttgtct     66480
     gccggccggc caggggaagc tccctgcata ggcgtgtgcg gcgtgggccc ggggaatctt     66540
     ccagccactc cagagtggat tttgaccaag gagggctgtg gggtagtgtg actctcaggg     66600
     ccagcaggca gccaggccag ggcactcaga gacctgcctg aatggaggaa gatgggcttc     66660
     tggcatcagg gccaagaggg ctcctgggag gcagcctggg acagggtggg ctgcagccct     66720
     tactgggcct aggctggggc tgggtggact cggcacagag caggggaaat gccctgccct     66780
     ctgggtttct gggaatgcag tggggaccca ggggccccac caccgcaggc agcccctcgg     66840
     ggtctccatc tcccaggcca gggctgccat gcagctgtcg ggacagacag gcaggtgagg     66900
     aacagaagtc atcacgggta ctgtgagcag ggaccctgca tggctaggaa gtgctaaggg     66960
     accccccagc tgtagggcga ggtgctggcg acaggacaat ggccgctgtg tgtccacacc     67020
     gcaatgtccc tgggaccatc tgtgcattgt tcttgtaact ggaaacttag ctgctattta     67080
     tttgcacaca ttggtggagg gacctgctcc tgacttgatc tgtgctggcg ctgacaggct     67140
     caaccctttt cctgtctggc ttgcaccagc cctcagccac tgggcctcaa gccaggaccc     67200
     tgggctcctg ttccgccccc cccaaccccc ctattttgga atccaccccg gggagcaggt     67260
     ccagctgggc ccctcggcct cccctgcctc caccaactgg ctgggtgggg tgggggctag     67320
     acctcggtgt ctgcagttca agcagccccc tctcccacct cccccagcca gtctcagaga     67380
     ctggctccca cccagtgtgg gggtgctggg tggcgacccc cacgcagggc ctgcctcacc     67440
     ccagtcctca ggccacctcc tccaggaagg cttcctggcc tcccttggct ggtagtgtct     67500
     actaggaagg tgaatattca gaagtgacca ctggctggtc ctggatcaag ttagatttgg     67560
     ggtgtttcta tgggattcca ttgtttcccc aggtgctccc tctcggatcc acgtaggatc     67620
     gtgggttgat gagagagggc tgtgccctat gcagggtcag gagggagaca gagcccatcc     67680
     cggggctgtg gaacaggcct gtgaggtggc ggtgggggtg ctcccgcaga gagaccgcat     67740
     tacaggacat tgctttccag aagcgcacag aagaaggctg cctgccccgg gcggaggaac     67800
     ctgctggccc agaccagacc cggcatctct gaccgtggtc ccattaggga caaggaaacc     67860
     gtcccacggg ctgtgctggg atgaggacag cgagcttgtc cctagaggac ctggcagggg     67920
     tgaggagtga ggtcttccaa ctcctcacag tcgtgtgtgt gtgtggaggt gggaagggct     67980
     gtgggccgaa ccgtgtcccc acagattcct atgtggaagt cctaacccca tgacctcaga     68040
     aggcggcctt attaggaata gggtgacggc agctgggact aggtaagatg agggcacagg     68100
     gctgggtggc cattgaccag caggcctggc ttcctgtaca gagtcacccg tgcagagatg     68160
     aaggcagagc ctgggggatg cttctgaacc caggaacaca gagggtggcc acaaaacccc     68220
     ccagccagga gaagctgagc agagccctct cggagcacag ggagccgacc ctgtggcccc     68280
     tcggtcctgc atgtccagcc ccccacggcg ggaggacagg ctctgttttt aagccacagc     68340
     cgggagaggc tgagcagagc ccctcagagc acaggggagc cgaccctgcg gagctccatc     68400
     ctgcacgtcc agccctcagt cggcgagagg gcaggctctg tttaaaagcc actcggtcgg     68460
     cggagctttg tcatggcagc tccagccgcc cagtccccaa agcaaatgtg tcaatattct     68520
     tagttattga ttctaggtga gggatattca ttgtttttaa acgtttttgt atatttttca     68580
     aaatagtccg tttaaaatct gacttcaaaa gtttgacttt aaaaatcaga ctttaaaaat     68640
     atgtgtcatg gaggccagat gcagtggctt atgcctgtaa tcccagtact tggggaggct     68700
     gaggtgggag gaccatttga gcccagcctg gggaacatag cgagaccctg tctctaaaaa     68760
     aaatggaaga aattagcctg gcagggtggc acgtgcctat agtcccagct actctggagg     68820
     cagaggtggg agaattgctt gagccccgga ggtcgagtga gccgagatca caccactgca     68880
     ctccagcctg ggtgacagag caagaccctg tcactaaaag aaacaaacaa aaaagtgtca     68940
     ggggctgggc tgggtagttt tcacagatga cccgatttaa tcctcaggac gcagccttgc     69000
     caggaggcgt cctcacccat gacccaaagc acacggagaa gtcagtaagg ggccaagtcc     69060
     tgtcgaaggc ccagagctca gcagtggcag cgctgactgg agctcacagt ggtcccacgc     69120
     caaagcagag gctcttattt atgctcctgc cctcggacgg ggccaataag cagccgggtt     69180
     ggggatatct cataaaacac aagggaagca cacacctgag gtgggagtgg tggccccggg     69240
     aatgaccgaa tggcgaacgc agtgaataga tcaggaggga aaagaggcat cctggaatga     69300
     agaccactgc ggccggggtg gccacatctg ggtcaggacc cacaggaccc cagtcatgcc     69360
     cactgcgcct tgctgagtgc cctgtgctgt taccagtggg gaaaccgagg catgccacct     69420
     gtgagagtct tgtccggcac aagcgcgggc acctgaggca cgagtgtcag gctgcggaca     69480
     ccttgctctt atctttcccg cctgggtcgg ggagggtggc gtcccgaggg cgtgcctgaa     69540
     gagccgggac acggggggag aggctcggct cccctcctgc ctcgctcagc tccccctccc     69600
     ctgtgacgag cgcccctctg ccctctggtt cccccgcagt cgtctccctg ggatgccttt     69660
     tggccctttg ctctttgcct tttgcccaga atctccagtt ctgagtcctg agtgacccac     69720
     gggccaacct taagaggtgg cgctgaggca ggaaggcacg gccctgacaa ggatgctgcc     69780
     tcaggtgccg gggagcaggc cccgggagag gggccgaggt ggggaacccc cagtcgcctg     69840
     ccacagtgaa ggggcaccag gacccccggg gcaggagcct cgagggggtg tcagggcggc     69900
     cccaggggtg cccctcatct tgtcctccca gtggtgtcac accccggtac ccagcagggc     69960
     ccagagggac tgtcttaggc ttggcctggg tgaaaccacc ctccccaggc cttggcatcc     70020
     ccaggtgcag gctggctggg cacagagggc cagccgggca cagagggtcc aggagcgggc     70080
     tgtggtcaca gtgtacacag agggcccagg gtcacgggca gcccaggaag aggctccctc     70140
     tctcctcgat ccgggagagt gaggccaagg cctcccccac ggatggtctg aacagggctc     70200
     ggggagagcc ctggaatctg ggcagagacc caggcgggca caatccccac ccaggaggga     70260
     tcctggagac agaagaactg tcctcactcg aacaggtaca ctttggatat aatgagaaaa     70320
     atatcaccag ctcatctaaa ctttgacgtc gtaaagccaa ggttagtccc acatggggct     70380
     catcccatcc ttaggaaaac tcgagtgagg accaaggatg cctgggcaag gcagagccgc     70440
     cacgcagact ccccacggcc aaggtttggg gttctggcca gcctgacccg tcattctaca     70500
     gaaacacgca gccccaagga ccggctgaga ggggacagag gtcctgcctg cccaggagca     70560
     aagaggggac ttgggccagg ggaggagttg gggcccagag aggaacccag gagttcgagc     70620
     tgcccaaagc cacacagctc agggtaaggg gcagagctgg gggccaaggc tgggcctgcc     70680
     acagcacccc ccgacctgcc agggactgag agtgaaaggt ccctccagac ccctcgctcc     70740
     gggacccctg ggctgccagg gccaggcccg cctcagcacc ccccgacctg ccagggactg     70800
     agggtggaag gtccctccag acccctggct ctgggacacc tgaccgccga ccccacctac     70860
     ctaagaacca tcctggccgc cagcccagtt gtagcaccgc ccagacgact ggccagggcg     70920
     cctgtgggat ctgcatgcct ggagcagccc caccagagtg ccgccttctc cactgctcag     70980
     gcggaggtga gcggaaggga aactgtccca ggtcaggttg aagggagggt gcccgcccct     71040
     tgctcccgcc ccctcttcct ccacatccac gtgggcgaga gtgacagagg cagtgctggg     71100
     ggaggagggg tgaggagggg gtaggactgg ggagagggtg ggggagggag agagagacag     71160
     agacagggag acagaggaga tggggaggag gtgggcccgt ggcccccacg ccctaccccg     71220
     tgggggtctc cccagctcag ggccccttcc tcctctgtgt ctctgctcac tgctgtggcc     71280
     tctttccata tcccgcccga gctgcccctc ctgaggctgc cgggtggggg caggcccttc     71340
     tcctccccca tcccccccat ctccctgggg gccgggcctc cctgcctggg gaaggtgggt     71400
     ggccccctct gggctcaggt tcctgggctg cagtgagggg tgggctcaac cccactccca     71460
     ttctgtcgga gcctctggga gcctcccggc tgcccacagc ctctgcccct gctgggggca     71520
     ggtgcctggc ctctgccttc ccggcccatc ccccttcgct ggggcacagg tgaccctact     71580
     gaatgacaac tgtccatggc taatcggctc cccctcaaag cttccacctt gtggatggcc     71640
     tcacaccatg gccacagttc cagatctttc caccgtgtga tgcctgcaac agcctgacgg     71700
     gggggctggg gcggtggcag gggctggctg tgaggctgac ctccccttcc agccttgacc     71760
     ttcttccccg gggccctgcc ctccagccca ctcgtgccag ggtggggtgg ttcagggggt     71820
     ccagtgcctg ggcctggctg gcggcccggc gtttgtgaaa tggcttgctt atctccttgt     71880
     attctgtgct gagcatttta ttacagcgaa tggaaaacag gagaaatgaa actgctgata     71940
     ttagtgatga gatgcgtcag gctcatcagc ttaaaataac cgaagcgagg ctagaaaccg     72000
     cctgacagct ggcgcggctg cctggctccg agagacactc ggcccggctc tgaagggaaa     72060
     acattaaagc accgaaacag tggaaaaaga gcatcaaaga tgatgtctgc gaggcgcggc     72120
     cacggcgagg aagctctcgt ttatgaacaa agggccactc ccgggtctca gagatgtgag     72180
     gctgtgtggg tggcttggtg gggaggtggg gggggcccag ctggccaggt gggcttggcg     72240
     gggggccccc agggagcctg gcagcaccca ctgtgctgcc agacagctaa ggtggcccgc     72300
     agcaactgtc tcctggcaca cccacccttg tgcctcaggg gctggggctc tggggctgga     72360
     gaactgttgg ttggtaggtg cctccatagc cctgtgcctc gcccaggcag tggataagtg     72420
     gctaagctgc ccctgctggc tgtacttgtc ctgaaggcag attctggaca gaacctccct     72480
     ctgcccccag ccctgtagag ccttgttcca acctctgttg aatgctgtct ctgttccagg     72540
     gcagcagtgg gccttcctca aggctctgag ctttgtggga cgaagctgtc ctctgaggac     72600
     tgggaatgcc actgtgtggg ctggagggga ggctgggccc aggaggtggg ctctgagatg     72660
     ggagatgcta tcagacccct ggaaggtctc ctcaccacca aggccctgcc cccaaaattc     72720
     cacctgccag ggcttggaca catgtcctgg agtagggggc gggcacaggg agaaacccag     72780
     cttccatcct accccttcct tccttctcct tctcccaccc ctctcctctc tccctgcagt     72840
     tcttccctgt cacccactct ccttccctcc tcctctcagt cccactgaag gcccctgggc     72900
     catgggagag gagacctggt ggggtgggcc cagcgtggag ccaggggact gcggccactg     72960
     aggccagggc tgcctgatgg tctctccaca ttgctactcg ctggagcacc tgcaaagaga     73020
     cacatggacc cagggagggt ctgcagggct gcgaggggtc tgagcctgga gagcacaggg     73080
     cctgcaggga tgcaggcatt gggcattggg cctggactag taggctgaac ctacagggtc     73140
     ctgggacccc accccgaagc agataggcgg tcccagggct caggtgtggg gtggggactc     73200
     atggagcctg caccccaata tcacactcca gaccacttat tgacaccctc ccccaaacac     73260
     atacggtgtc cccaacacac gatttccaac acaccacacc ccaacacaca cagtccccaa     73320
     cacacacaca gtccccaaca cacacacaat ctccaacaca cacaatcccc ccacacacaa     73380
     tcctcaacac acacacaaaa ttcccaacac acacaatccc caaaacatac acagtcccca     73440
     acacacacac aaaattccca acacatacaa tctccaacac acacaatccc cctgcacaca     73500
     atcctcaaca cacacacaca attcccaaca cacacaatcc acaacacaca cacaatccca     73560
     acacacacac aactttcaac atacgtagaa tccccaacac acacaatcct caacacacac     73620
     acaaaattcc caacacatac aatcctcaga acacacacaa tcctcaacac acacacaatt     73680
     cccaatacac acacaatctc aaacacacac aattccctca cacacaattc tcaacacaca     73740
     cacaaaattc ccaacatgca caatccccaa cgtacacgca atccacaaca catacacaaa     73800
     attcccaacg cacacacaaa atttccaaca cacaatcctc tgtacacatt gtccccaact     73860
     cacacacaac tcccaacatg cacagaatcc ccaacacaca cacaaatccc caacacacac     73920
     aatcctcaac acacacacaa ttcccaatac acacacaatc cccaacacac ccaatcccca     73980
     gcacacacac agaatctccc ccacacacaa tcctcaacac acacacaatc cccaacacac     74040
     ccaatcccca gcacacacac acaatctccc ccacacacaa tccccaacac acacacaacc     74100
     cccaacacat acacaatccc caacacaatc cccaacacgc aatctacaac acccacacac     74160
     cacaatcccc aacacacata caaaatctgc aatatacaca caatccccaa cacacgattt     74220
     ccaacacaca caactcccaa acatacatgc tccccagcac acacactttc ctcccacaca     74280
     catcctaagc ccgtgccttc cacccagtag gcttccactg tcttctgtca cgaggaggaa     74340
     aggcaggcgg agtccgggga gcagggtaga tggggctaag gggcccttgg ctggccggcc     74400
     ctgcgcaccc ctcccccatc tccttttctc agccttcctt cccagggaac ctggacaccc     74460
     aggcccttcc cccaccgcct gctccttcct cacagagggt cataccccat ccaaatcact     74520
     ggccctggga tggcagcagc cagattcaat ccagggcatt cagttaaaag ataatttaca     74580
     acaagcaaag ttgtatgtgg tttttgtctg tttattttct tttagagaca gggtcttgct     74640
     ctgcacccag gctggagtgc agtggtgtga tcttggctca ctgcagcctc gacctcctgg     74700
     gctcaagcga tcctccgacc tcagcctcct gagtagctgg gaccacaggc gtgcaccccg     74760
     tggccagctc atatctaaca tttttttttt ttgtagaatt tggggtgggg gcagaggagg     74820
     tctctttatg ttacccaggc tggtctcaaa ctccgggcct ccagcaattc tcccaccttg     74880
     gactcccaaa gagttgggat tacaggcgtg agccaccaca cctggctgat ggttgtatgt     74940
     tttggttgag tattgtatca tttacaattg agataattgt agatttactt gcagttgtaa     75000
     gaaattacac agatgtttcc tcatacactc tgctcagtct ctctgaatga taacagtttg     75060
     gaaaaccaca ggacaacgtc acaaccaggt taatgacttt gatgtgacac ctcgatccca     75120
     tcctgagtcc ccgtttctgg ctaatgtgtg cctatcaaag gctgcacaat gtgggcacaa     75180
     gcgaaggctc ctgcatcccc tgacagcgaa gctgcagaac gtccccatca ccacggggtc     75240
     ctccgggtgc ccttggcaat acacccacct ccctgctggt ggccacgagc ctgccctcca     75300
     cccccatcac tgtttcattc cagcgacagc cgtgggaagg tgcagtacgc atccttccgg     75360
     gattccctgg agatgcctcc agcgcgtgtg tttcagcagc ccgttcctct ctgtgccgag     75420
     ccatccaggc tgtggtgtgg atgtacgtac cacaccacaa tttagtcagc cattcttcag     75480
     tttaagtgag tctgggtgga ctccagttct tggtgactat gactaaaggc cccggaagcc     75540
     ctctgtgggc cagagcgccc aggaggccag gggatctagg actgctttcc gagactgggg     75600
     ccttgctctc aggggcctgg agaaggttcc cctcgctggg ggccctccca tgctcctgga     75660
     ctgagaagag aaaccctaca gtttccaagg agcctgcacg tcatgacgca tggcgcccgg     75720
     cgcacggcag tggtgagatg ggccccgtgt gctggaacat gagccagcag cgatggaaag     75780
     tggcgagggg aggggaatcc ccgtgctcgc tcgggccagt gggaagtttc catccgcgca     75840
     gggacggtcc ggggaagcac tggaaacagc aggaccatcc cgaaactgct tctgcagtgg     75900
     gaggcgccgg gcgcccggct ggccgggtgg aaaccacgct gcagccgccg ggccaagggc     75960
     accgcggtgg ggaggcagcg cctgattcac agcaatttct gaggttggaa caggaaatgg     76020
     ttaatagtgt ttgcaaataa aaactctctg ttctatcctg ttttcgaaac atttcccaga     76080
     agttaaaaaa taacacccaa tttatctgcc caatttaaga ataaactttt taaaaattga     76140
     atgagatatt tccacaattt attatacaca caaaaaaatc gttgggctgt ttgttaaggg     76200
     ggggtggcag gtgatttcta gccacccccc ccgctgtttt ctaaactttc tagaatgtgg     76260
     ttagtagttt agatgtcaat ttatgttcta aatctcccag tgtgtacatg tatatgtgtg     76320
     tgtgtaggtg tgtgtgttta tgtgtactgt atgtggtatg tgtattgtgt gtgttggtgt     76380
     gtatctctgt tcatgtatat tgtgtgttgt atgtagtatg tgttatgtgt gttgtgtgta     76440
     gtgtacgtgg tgtttggtgt gtgtagtgtg tgtggtgtgt gtgtagtgtg tgtggttgta     76500
     gtgtgtgttg tgtgtgtagc atgtgtgctg tgtgtactgt gtgtgtttgt gtgtgatatg     76560
     tgtgtgctgt gtgtggtgtg tggtgtgtgt gtagtgtatg tggtgtatgt tgtgtgtgag     76620
     ctgtgtgtga tgtgtgtaga gtgtggtgtg tgtgtagtgt gttgtgtgtg tggtttgtgt     76680
     gatgtgttgt gtgtagtgtg tgtggtatgt gtgctgtgtt gtgtgtgagc tgtgtgtgat     76740
     gtgcataatg tgtggtgtgt gtggtgtgtg gtgtagtgtg tggtgtgtgt ggtgtgtgta     76800
     gtgtgcattt gtgtggtgtg tgtggtgtgt gtagtgtgca tttgtgtgtg gtgtgtgtgg     76860
     tgtgtgtagt gtgtgtggtg tgtggtgtaa tgtgtttggt gtgtgtagtg tgcattgtgt     76920
     ggtgtgtgta gtgtgtacgt ggtgtgtggt gggtgtagtg tgtgtgtggt gtgtgtagta     76980
     tgtgttgtgt gtgttgtgtg gtgtagtgtg tggtgtgtgt ggtgtgttgt gtgtgtggtg     77040
     ggtgtagtgt gtgtggtgtg tagtgtagtg tgtgtggtgt gtgtgtggca tgtgtggtgt     77100
     ttggtgtgtg tggtgtgtgt agtgttttta tgtagtgtgt ggtgtgtgtc gtgtgtgtgg     77160
     tgtgtgtcgt gtgtgtagtg tgtgtgtggt gtttggttgt gtagtgtgtg tggtgtgtgt     77220
     actgtgtgtg gcgtgtttgg cgtgtgtgtt tgtgtgtggt atgtgtagtg tgtgtggtgt     77280
     gtgcggtaat gtgtggtgtt tctgtggtgt gtgtagtgtg tgtttgtggt atgtgtagtg     77340
     tgtggtgtgt ggtgtagtgt gtggtgtgtg tggtgtttgg ttgtgtggtg tgtgtagtgt     77400
     gcgtttgtgt gtggtgtgtg tagtgtgtgt ggtgtgtgta ctgtgtgtgg tgtgtgtaat     77460
     gtgttgtgtg tgtgtagtgt gtgtgatgtg tgggtgtgtg tgtagtgtgt gtggtgtatg     77520
     tggtatggtg tgtgtgctgt gtgtggtgtg tgtagagtgt gttgtgtgtg tagtgtgtgt     77580
     tgtgtatggt ttgtgtgatg tgtgtgtagg gtggtgtgtg ttgtaagtgt ggtgtgtgta     77640
     gtgtgtgtgt gtggtgtgtg taatgtgcgt ttatgtgtgg tgtgtgtagt gtgtggtgtg     77700
     tgtagtgtgt gatgtgtgta gtgtatgtag tgtgtggtgt gtgtagtgtg tggtgtgtag     77760
     tgtgtggtgt gtgtggcata tgtgtcttgt ggtgtttggt tgtgtggtgt gtgtggtgtc     77820
     tggtgtagtg tgtggtttgt gtggcatgtg tggcatgtgt ggtgtttggt tgtgtggtgt     77880
     gtgtagtgtg tggtgtgtgt gggtgcgtgt ggtgtgtgta gtgtgtgtgg tgtatgtggt     77940
     atggtgtgtg tgctgtgtgt ggtgtgtgta gagtgtgtgt gtgtagtgcg tgttgtgtat     78000
     ggtttgtgtg atgtgtgtgt ttggtgtgtg tggtgtggtg tgtgtagtgt gtctggtgtg     78060
     tgtagtgtat ggtgtgtgta gtgtgtgtgg tatgtgtagt gtgtgtagtg tgtggtgtgt     78120
     gtggcttgta gtgtgtggtg tgtgtggcgt gtgtggcatg tgtggtgttt gtgtggtgtg     78180
     tgtggtgtgt gtagtgtgtg tgtggtatgt gtagtgtgtg tggtgtgtgt ggtgtgtggt     78240
     gtgtggtgtc ctgtgtgtgt gtggcgcccc tgccttctca ctccagggca gtgggtgtca     78300
     ctcaggcccc ttgctggtcc ccctgctggt ccccctgctg ggctccaaag ccgaagaacc     78360
     cgggctgagc tgcgcgggat gctgagctgc gcgggatgct gagctgcggg gggatgctga     78420
     gctgcggggg atgctgagct gcgggggatg ctgagctgcg ggggatgctg agctgcgggg     78480
     gatgctgagc tgcgggggat gctgagctgc gggggatgag cagcgtgagt gagcggtccc     78540
     ccagggaggg atgctccgag ggcgagtgca ggaggtccct tgcattcctc cttcggaatg     78600
     gcctccccag ccccagcagg actgcgggtt ggaggggaga gcaaggggcc tcttggacag     78660
     tggaagcgct ttcagcaaca gaatggctgg acagaggctg cgtcccccca ccagctgccg     78720
     gtcctgggat ccctgcccgc ctgggcagcg ctggggcaga gccacacgga gccttgggcc     78780
     aggaacaacc ccttgccggt ggggcctgtg ggactgcagg gcctggggtc tgggaggcgg     78840
     ccttgtccct gccgctgcag ccacgagctg aggtctgtgt tgggagggtg agccccagct     78900
     gaggtctgtg gggggagggt gagccccagc acctgcgaac ggccaccgtt ctctgctcgg     78960
     ctccttttcc tgcccgtctc tttctccctc tgagcaagga ccaccatccc gtcagccgac     79020
     cggtcctctg gccccaccgg gccttggcgt ttgctcctcc ctcgccggga gctgctgcct     79080
     ctgctcctcc aggcccaggc agtgcatccg ttctggcagg agactgtggt gggactcacc     79140
     tgagctgcaa gttctgcttc ccaagggagg gctgtccccg gcctgccagc tgccctcccc     79200
     agaagctgag ctcaggaaga cgggtaccag cgtgtgagga aggggcccca gaaggagcgc     79260
     gtgtctgcgg ggagagggag cgctaagcca ccacaccagg tgggcagcag tgctgaaggg     79320
     gcacccggct tcccctgatc gtttcttttc cctgtggccc aatctcccac ccccatctca     79380
     ccctgtcctg gagccagcct tcggggaggc tgggcaggga gcggggtcag aaggcgtctg     79440
     ccccaggcct gggtcctagg gcctgtcctt ggagggacca cacatgcctg gagagaggct     79500
     ccagtggccg gctccaggtg ggcgctgatg cagaaggccc aaggaggacc ctgccacatg     79560
     ttgcagggac ccgtgggtgc tgtgcacaac ctgcctcatc catccccgcc gaagaagagg     79620
     gggtgctcat ggctggctga tttgtgaggg ggccacgtaa gcagctcttg cagggcgtgg     79680
     cttgtgggtt tgggagacag acaaatgggc agtcagacag aggcgtggac aggatgccct     79740
     ctctgctgtc tgccgcccag gcctctggag gtgttctggg atgggtctaa ggaaaactca     79800
     acaattcttg agcgaataat gcccgggcaa ccagctccct gcatttcata agggccggaa     79860
     ttgccatcca aaaggttatt ttgggtgact gtggtcagtc atcattccaa agcttttccc     79920
     taaactcaga gccaggtgtg gcctccaggg ctgaggagcc tgagaggtgg gactggcagg     79980
     cagggctgtg gccccagcgt ggcacggaag cagccaggaa acactggctc tggggggctg     80040
     tggtgggagg aggtcctctg cagggacccc tgtggaccga ggcttttgga ggcaagtgga     80100
     cagtaggtgt ctcttagacc cctgcggggg cacacgacca ggaccacaag gggcccacac     80160
     acgcacagtg gcccggagcc aaccagcaaa ccccaggacc ttagatacag cccggcgagt     80220
     gagttaggat tgctccggct agctgtgtga tcatccacag tgccagagaa cagtgcctcg     80280
     agaccacagt ggcagctggc ttacttctcg tgtgaacagg aaacccagag gtgggcgacc     80340
     ctccagtggt gtgacgactc catctgtcac cacagccccg ggctcccgcc ttcctgctcc     80400
     ttgggctcac agctctgtgc ttgaggcagg tctaagacag gctggagtgc ggccatcatc     80460
     ccagcactga tggatagaag aaaatgaagc tgggatgaga aacgcggggc tttccctggc     80520
     agtctggccc tgtatggagg ccccttccca gagtgcgtcc cactggcttc ctcttctatc     80580
     ttgcagtcac acctagctgc aaggcgggaa gatgtcacag gtttgaaagg gccgaaaaga     80640
     aggttcagaa atgaaaacta tgacaaggcg cttgccagca ttagctgcag agtcgacaga     80700
     gacgaggaga taatgtgtga agtggtagaa aaatgagaag agattgttca gtgtgcaggg     80760
     cagagagatg gcgagatggg agctgtgagg agagccgggt ggccgggagc ctcccggggg     80820
     cagatctgtg ctgaggtttt gcagggatca gctggctgtc tccgcccctg cacgtcccgg     80880
     ctccttctca gctcaccctt tcttgttgtg ccatgacagg tggctgccac gcacagcaat     80940
     gctgttgaat ctcagaaatt aaacaacctg aaaaggcgtg agaagctggg cacatgcatg     81000
     aattgtttat gtaaagctca gaagctgcac agctaaaggg ctcggtgagg gaggcatcat     81060
     aggtgttgaa gcctcaacgt tgtctgtgca ggcacggcca ggctggtggc acctctgcca     81120
     ggagggcagg gggtgggggt ggggccgcgg gctgagatcg ggagggaaca ggcagccagc     81180
     tctggaggct ggcagagcga ggttttgttt cttcctatag gacgtggtga cttaagactt     81240
     tagaataatt tgtgaagctc tgcatttatg ttttaggcat tttatgtaaa tattttatat     81300
     ttctcactag taaaaagttt aagagaatac acccacggga caatctgcaa tgatacacgt     81360
     tctataaagt tcttctcagc tttgtttgtg tgaaaagcat tagtgctgtt tgcagagaga     81420
     agctgagtga ataagttaca tgatagccac aagctggaaa aataccaagt gttcagcaag     81480
     ggatgagtgt gggccaccgc tcctgatgtg cactagaaag agagggctgt ggatgattcc     81540
     ttggtgcgat gtgtgaaaac acccgggcct ctacacgcac gggtctgggg aggcccctgc     81600
     gtgtccacgg gcccacgccc accaccacca ccacggtgct gccacaggga tgctctctgg     81660
     ggggcggggt catgggagat tgcattgtat tgtatttttc ctttctgctt cccatttctc     81720
     ggagacaaat ctggttgcca tggagaccat gctgttgtca aggtggctga ttggccggcg     81780
     cgggatgcgg ggacgtttcc ttgggccccc ggcgggcgca gccctcagcc cacactgcgg     81840
     agccaggcgg cagcatggac cgggctgggg cagacatgtg ggccagcacc ttcaccctgg     81900
     ccatggccga gaggaagccc caggacgtct gggttctgct acctgagcac agcctggtcc     81960
     cgggatgcct ggacggcggt ggtgtccagt acctgctggt ggggctctcg aggtgcggcc     82020
     agaggttggg gaccctggga gaggcagggg gctgaaggtg cttttccacg ggaccttggg     82080
     tggtcccaga ggctgggtgg ggctgttggg cctcgtcttg tccccgagac gggagggtgg     82140
     ggctgggtgc tccttctccc gccggagccc ctgcctcgcc atgctgggca cacggctgct     82200
     gacgcagggg tcccggggaa gacatggcgg gtgcctcatg gagagtttgg tttccctcac     82260
     tcggctcctt gggccagcgc tgcccttgga cacaggctca tctcctgctt ccatggcact     82320
     gccgtggtct cgcagccatc agtgctgaca ggtgggccct ggggcgtgcc ggagcctgtg     82380
     gtcaccatcc ggccctgtgt tgcacacagc ggggtgctcg gccctgatcg ggggcccggg     82440
     gtggctgtgg gtcacaagtg agcctcacag gccgtcatca cggttgtggt gccgtcagcg     82500
     cagcagggcg ggcgccatgc gcttctccaa ctggcaaggc atccacagct cggccgggtg     82560
     ccagctggga ggggcgcggg gcagctccac atcctcgcag atgcccggcc tgacaggccc     82620
     ccaggctgct ggctggtccg tccctctgtg gagacaccct gggcaaaggg ggagtcgtcc     82680
     tgccctttga cacagctcct cagtgcctga gacccctggg gccaggtgtg tgcagaatcc     82740
     cagctttttc agaagctggg aaagtaataa cccgtgttgg ggtctgagaa gtgctgggaa     82800
     gcacatcact gttcccacag ccaggtggag atggctctga gcggctccca gctggcggga     82860
     gagaactgag gacggctgcc ccaacatgca gccccagcgc ccgtggcttt ggctcctcag     82920
     tcccatttaa ataaagtcag cagttcagtt cctccagcac gaacgtgtcc acgggctctg     82980
     tggccagtgt ggttggaggc tgcaggcagg gcagtgtggc tatagaacat tctgtcatcc     83040
     agaaacttcc actgcctgga actgaatcat agcctctcac tcatgcaggg ttccctgaag     83100
     ctcacagctg cttgtgtggc tagcaaatgg tcaccggtct gatgaccgcc atggacaagc     83160
     caatccctcc cagtgctctc cccaaacctc tcctcgcctg gtgacgccca gcagggctgc     83220
     ccgggccatg accgcaggcc tccgtgacat ccttcccctc agctggcagg cgacctcctg     83280
     gatcgcctcc tctcagtcag gacagggacc cccacttgct gagcccccag ggacagcccc     83340
     cacatgcatg cttttcccct cctaagtgtg tcggcaggcc tgcctcttcc tgtgttaacc     83400
     ccaactcaca aaacaccagc agagccacgc aggtggcagg ctgccgacgc ctcacggagg     83460
     ccaggctgga gcgggttttg ttgaaaaact gctgagagga ggtttgcttt gcttctcagt     83520
     gctccacatg agggggctgc gggctagtgc gcatgggcct gcttttgcct gtgtgtggcc     83580
     gaggggctgg tggtttcaga gcctcggcac aggcaggagc aggtgctagg ctgccttggc     83640
     cgcggccctg ggtggctggg gggtgaggtt tgaggtttga gtgtgggatg tgaggcaggg     83700
     ggcagcgagg cgctggggtc ggatgggcaa ggaggccgca gagcagagtg cgagggctgg     83760
     gcgtggggcc tctttctcct gcactcacac acacttcttt ccccgccgca ggctccagtg     83820
     cggtcactgt ccggggacct gggactcggc ccatgtgcac gtcctcttcc acctgtggtg     83880
     ggacagggcc agccaccggg ggctggtgaa gatgcgcatc tggggccagc ggtgcaggct     83940
     gtgccccgca cccggggact gccaggtgag gcccccgggc gagcagccct tcctcagcag     84000
     gctggtcttg cacatcctgc aggactgcta cggggatggc cccggcccag cccggcaccc     84060
     cagggaggcc tatgagggct gctgtgaggc ctgtgagctg ggggtctgct tcctccagaa     84120
     ggccccagac cccgcctgga gcgccaacgc cacaaaaggc aacttccccg ccacggcctg     84180
     gggtggcact ggcaccgtct ccaggggcaa accgctgtcc acccctggcg acgaccttgg     84240
     caagggtggc gttgtcatcg ccatcccctt ctcccttgtg ggtaccagca atgaccaggt     84300
     gcccatcgct gagggccctg ccccccctgc gggggcctct ctccctgtga ctggcagctg     84360
     tgaggccctg gtcatcggcc agggctccat cttcctgtct ggggattcag tggccatgcc     84420
     tgggggcaaa ggcttcccgg tggccattgg agaccccctc ttccacggcc ccggcctcct     84480
     cggcagcagc atccagacct tcgagctcaa gggcttcctc ttcaaaggcc ggggctccct     84540
     ctgcagcccg gttggcgtgg cccagggctg gggccccatc tccctcaaca atggcctcgt     84600
     ccctgtgggg aaacacacgc caaccgtgtt ctactgtgtg ggcctctcgg ccagcgggga     84660
     gggctccctc accttcccct cctccctcac cagcatcttc accaacaccc tctcggagcc     84720
     caccgatggc cctgtggcca ctaaagaggc ctccatcacc ttccccttca tctttactga     84780
     tgtcaaggat gccgttgctg aggtggctga aggcaacggg aaggaaggag gcggccaggg     84840
     cctcgtccca gtgggtcacg acgccctgcc agagaccaat gctggtggcc tcccctccca     84900
     ggtcaagggc tcccttgccc tccccttccc tgctgatgtc caaggcaaag atgcctttac     84960
     tgacatcact gaaggcaaag agaaggaagg tggcctggtc accgcgggtc acgacgcccc     85020
     tctggaggcc aatgccgagg gccccatcac ggttagtgag ggctgcatca ccatcccctt     85080
     cgcagtcttc gatgtcataa agcgcaaggg cggtggccac gttgcctacg gcccccaggg     85140
     caatggctgc ttctcccaag gctattacca gaagaggcag ctgaggtcca ggttccacaa     85200
     ggcccgctgt gggtgccgcc gggaggaaga cgagcgccct ggccgtgcct gccgtaggcc     85260
     gcacgccgag ccctacgagg acttctggat ctgggtgtcc atgaccgtgt gcgtcttctg     85320
     gctgatgtgc atgtgtcggc tgaaccccgg gatctacccg cagcaagtgt gacgccccga     85380
     agttcaggca accctcgcct ctgggacccc gcctcgcctc tgagacaccc cccaaccccg     85440
     cctttgagat gcccgccccg cctccgagac cccgcctcca cctccgagac ccctttctct     85500
     gagacccccg cctctgaggc cccgcccccc gcctccgaga ccccgccctg cctctgagac     85560
     cccgcctcac ctctgagaca ccccccaacc ccacctttga gatgcccgcc ccgcctccgt     85620
     ggccccgcct ccacctccga gaccccgcct ccacctccga gacccctttc tctgagaccc     85680
     ctgcctctga agccccgccc cccgcctccg agaccccgct tcacctccga ggccccgccc     85740
     cccgcctccg agaccccgcc ccccgcctcc gagaccccgc ctcacctctg agaccccgcc     85800
     cccgccagca gctcagcccc tcctgtctct tgcccctggt tttgtgggtc tgccctgagc     85860
     tgtgcctgtg tgctccagcc tcttcctatg tgtgtaactt caataaaacc aagcaaagcc     85920
     agccacgcag ccctccacct aggggaggtt tccaggtgag agaaacctgg gccggtcctt     85980
     ctgtccctcc accctgcagg ggcccctcac gcccaccgct tcttcccctg gggagagctc     86040
     cctcttgggg attccgaatt cctggccatg tgtggctcct gggataggag aggaagcttt     86100
     ggctccggct ccgtgtcagg tgcaaattaa cctccctcct gtgtggaccc aggggtcttg     86160
     tggaagaggc cacttacctc tctccaggaa agactcaagc ccccactgag actggcttgt     86220
     cacgccctcc ctcttccctc cagcctcagt gtagctctgg agggatcttg gcacctctca     86280
     tccagagggt gggaggccac ggtggggctc tgagcttgtc tgggtttgag aaattctatc     86340
     cattgcagat gacagaaaac tctcctgtta ctcaaagcca cacactggat tttcatttta     86400
     aaagagtcca gtttccattt cctaggggcg ggggtgttgg gattcccggc tgtcccagcc     86460
     aggtgggggc ctgacagtgg cagtgtctgg gtccgactgt ccggcctctc aggcagggtc     86520
     agccctgagg gtcctggaag gttgggaact gcctggggag accctggggt ctgtgactgg     86580
     ggaagccctg ccctgtagaa aggggaaacc gcgtccaggg cccctggtgg ggaggggggc     86640
     cagcccagag attctgcctg ccaggctggc ctggacccct ggggtgtgcg ggggagaagt     86700
     ggcagggggg gcgttctccc acacagctgt ggtgggctcg gatgcaggtg gtgcgggggc     86760
     ttcaagggga agcagcagaa cctcttgtcc caacccggca ccctctgctt accgggcacc     86820
     gatggagacc ccagcggccc caggaggctc caccctgcac agaggctgga gacagcagcc     86880
     agcctgcggg tgacacggat gagggtccag gagaaacccc aatccaggtc tcagggccca     86940
     attgcaggga caggggtccc aggagaaacc ccaatccagg gcctcggggg ccaactgcag     87000
     ggacaggggt cccaggagaa accccaatcc aggtctcagg ggccgaaatg cagggacggg     87060
     ggtcccagga gaaaccccaa tccaggtctc agggcccaac tgcagggacg agggtcccag     87120
     gggaaacccc aatccagggc ctcgggggcc aactgcaggg acaaaggtcc aggaaaaacc     87180
     agaatccagg cctcgggggc ccaactgcag ggatgagggt ccaggagaaa ccagaatcca     87240
     ggcctcgggg gcccaactgc agggatgagg gtccaggaga aaccagaatc caggcctcgg     87300
     gggcccaact gcagggatga gggtccagga gaaaccagaa tccaggcctc gggggcccaa     87360
     ctgcagggac gagggtccca ggggtgcagg taccagcccc acagggtcgg tgggcttctc     87420
     cctgtgtgtg gcgacgagaa agtgtagaaa taaagacaca agacaaagag ataaaagaaa     87480
     agagagctgg gccctgcgga ccactaccac caatgcgcgg agaccggtcg tggccccgaa     87540
     tgaatgtctg gctgcgctgt tatttattgg atacaaggca aaaggggcag ggtaaagagt     87600
     gtgagtcatc tccaatgata ggtaaggtca tgtgggtcac gtgtccactg gacagggggc     87660
     ccttccctgc ctggcagccg aggcagagag aggagacaaa gagaaagaca gctcacgcca     87720
     ttatttctgc atatcagaga cttttagtac tttccccaat ttgactactg ctatctagaa     87780
     ggcagagtca ggtgtacagg atggaacatg aaggcggact aggagcgtga ccactgaagc     87840
     acagcatcac agggagacgg tcaggcctcc ggataactgt gggcgagcct gactgatgtc     87900
     aggtcctcca ctagaggtgg aggagcagag tcttctctaa actcccccgg ggaaagggag     87960
     actccctttt ctggtctgct aagtagcggg tgttgttcct tgacactttt cgctaccgct     88020
     agaccacggt ccgcttggca actggtgtct tcccagacgc tggcgttacc gctagaccaa     88080
     ggagccctct ggtggccctg tccgggcata acagaaggct cgcactcttc tggtcactcc     88140
     tcactatgtc ccctcagctc ctatctctgt atggcctggt ttttcctagg ttatgattgt     88200
     agagcgagga ttattataat attggaataa agagtaatta ctagcaacta atgattaatg     88260
     atattcatat ataatcatat ctaagatcta tatctggtat aactattctt gttttatatt     88320
     ttattatact ggaacagctc gtgtcctcgg tgtcttgcct cggtgcctgg gtggcttgct     88380
     gcccacacag gggaaacctg aatccaggtc tcaggggcca actgcaggga cgagggtccc     88440
     aggagaaacc ccaatccagg gcctcagggg cccaactgca gggacgagga tcccagggga     88500
     aaccccaatc caggtctcag gggcccaatg gcagggacga gaatcccagg agaaacctca     88560
     gtccaggtct caggggccca actgcaggga cgagggtccc aggggaaacc ccaatccagg     88620
     tctcgggccc aacggcaggg acgaggatcc caggagaaac ctcaatccag gtctcagggg     88680
     cccaactgca gggacgaggg tcccaggaga aactggaatc cagggtccca ggggccgaaa     88740
     tgcagggacg ggggtcccag gagaaacccc aatccagggc ctcaggggcc aactgcaggg     88800
     acgagggtcc caggagaaac tggagtccag ggccccgggg gcgcaactgc agggtggcag     88860
     gagccccaca cgccgactca gagggcccaa gcctgcctcg tcctgggatg ggtttgggga     88920
     atctgctttc ctctagtggg gcaggggctc tgggggcctc ctgggtgggc agcctggccg     88980
     cctcgggctg acagcaggtg cccctcccca ccccttctgc ccagcactat ggggcggtgg     89040
     tctcaggcgc tgtgggtggg ggaatcacag gaacacctga ggccccaggc agggggcaca     89100
     aggccctgac cttgcccttc tcccatcgcc tgccaggcca cctctggctg ggagcttgct     89160
     ggggcccaga gggtgggtga gttctggggc ccagggcagg gaggtcgcag ggaggctctg     89220
     tgttctggat ccacgcccct gccctcagtg ccacccaccc caggagcctg tgcacaggtg     89280
     tccctatatg agcacaagag gggccaccct gcagtgacct cgcttggtcg catggctact     89340
     aaaatgtggc caccgaagag gaagaaggga aggctggcac cgtcgctaca acccacccag     89400
     ctcagacttc aggatggctc ccagcccacc cctgccatcg ggcagctccc agcatctgac     89460
     cctgtcagga cacaggacac gactgtcacc tgggaccccc ttccctgcag gccgtggggg     89520
     cagcctcagg aacggtggga gacccccacc tctcccaagg ggcttccttt tgtctgcctc     89580
     agggctgccc agacactcct gccctcgggg tccttccgca ccctgccagg gggccctgaa     89640
     gtttgcaggt tcccgcccac cctggaagaa caccctcagg gcttccaaag gcacccggga     89700
     tcccccagct ccccggccac cgctcagctc cctggccacc gctcagctcc ctggcctgct     89760
     tgacctcaac tgccccctac ccccctcccc gacctcccca gggcccctac cccgcccttc     89820
     gccccccacc ccccatgctc ctcactcccc acccccttcc cacccccttc ctggtccttc     89880
     tttcctaccc ctcccccgac cctcctttct cggtcctccc agccccctcc ccgtccctct     89940
     cccctcctcg tgtacctgtc cagcgcccct ctttctctct tcccctcccc tccccttcct     90000
     ctttccccct tcccccttcc ggccccccca acctgtccct ctctctgctc ccctccctct     90060
     cctggccgcc ccccaacccc atccctctcc tcgctcccct ccctctcccg gcccccccac     90120
     ccccatccct ctcctccctc ccctccctct cctggccgcc ccccccaccc cttccctctc     90180
     tcctcgctcc cctccctctc ccggcccccc caccccatcc ctctcctcgc tcccctccct     90240
     ctcccggccc actccgcgct gtcctgcggc gcccccgtgt ggccgctgtg ggggaagagc     90300
     agaccttgtt gtcgagggag gcctgggagg gcgtggatct ctggggccgc tcccttgccc     90360
     tcattgctgt tgaactgctt ctcggcttaa tcagatgagt tgttaaaact acccatcatc     90420
     agcattgtta ccattggttt cattagtaat tgtatttatt taattaattg ttacattcac     90480
     tagtaaaaat gggagctaag gcaatgcgtg cactcaccgc tgtgaaggca aatgcggtac     90540
     tgtgagtgct gaatgcaccg ccatggtcgc gggaaagccc aggcacagac actagctcaa     90600
     aagccaaggg taggcctggg gttcacatgc caagcagcaa gctgaactct caccctgagc     90660
     ccacacctga gccctcatct gaggctgcac ctgagcccac acctgagctc tcatctgagg     90720
     ctgcacctga gcccacacct gagccctcat ctgaggttgc acctgagccc tcccctgagc     90780
     tctcgtctga ggctgcacct gagcccacac ctgagctctc gtctgaggct gcacctgatc     90840
     ccacacctga gctctcgtct gaggctgcac ctgagcccac acctgagctc tcatctgagg     90900
     ttgcacctgg gcccacactg gaactttaac ctgagcttac acctgaggct gcacctaagc     90960
     cctcacccga gactacacct gaggctgcac ctgggcccac acctgaatcc acactggaac     91020
     tttaacctga gcctacatct gagctcttgc ctgagtctcc tatatggttg gagtggccag     91080
     gttgggccta attaaatatg aggtagcagt aacgacttta ggcaactgag ttattagtag     91140
     agatatttaa tatcaaagtc aaagaagatg aagggcagac acatttttaa tgtaattgct     91200
     attagttcag ccaaagttga ggggactcaa agtgtgaata cttttctgac ttaaggtaca     91260
     tttcctagtg atgggggtca gctcatccag ggtcacatgt ggttcctgct gaaaccaagt     91320
     ctggggttcc ctgggagggt ctggcgagaa ctctgacagc agctcccatc accctgtggt     91380
     ggataaagcg aatgcctctc taagtgtctg ggggtggggt agggtctgtg ctgatttatg     91440
     tagctacctg ttgcagggtt gggttaggat caggttggtt accctggacc ctgggtattc     91500
     aggtggacag gcgggccttg gccttggaca atggctagct agggtgggct agagctgctt     91560
     cacccgcagc tttggcgagg ggagcgggag gccagggaag tccccaggag gagtggccac     91620
     gctgtgatcc gggccccggg ctggctggta ggtggagggt cacaccacct gggcctcagt     91680
     gaggtcctag ctggagcaga ggttcgggga tctccttccc tttccttctg gggcctggga     91740
     ctttgtacct ctgtacagga gaggcagcag agggctgggg tcctggcgat gcctccactc     91800
     tgcctcccag cctttgggga atgtctccac ctgttatggc aagtgtccct gtttgcctgg     91860
     gactttgggg gctaaattgg aggcctttct ctttttcccc aagttctcca gcacacttag     91920
     aagcatccgc ccacccagct acacccctaa atttttccct tgatgcccag ggccaggcat     91980
     cctatggcca tttgattaca gatgtctgca ggtggcaatc tgagtgcctg tatgctactc     92040
     ctgtgggcag ctagcaccct ggtacccctg ggaacagagc gtgaatgcct ttaaagctag     92100
     ttggagcaga gaaccaattc cagacaccca gagacattta gataactcat tactagggtc     92160
     ctggccctgg gatcactccc aggactagtt ctgtgtctgt ccaggtgtga tccaggagtg     92220
     cagtgacgga tgtggatgtg ggattggcac aggacttccg ccagcagaag aaaggaaggg     92280
     aggggagggg aagagagggc aggggagcag agcggaggag agaggggagc agtctttcca     92340
     gctggggctg gcctaggctg ctgggtcatt tgggaagaaa aggtgatttg gactcaggga     92400
     gactgagggt gccctcgggc cagcatctga ggagagtgac aggggtttcc tggctccaca     92460
     gccccaggtg gccttggtgg gtgcaggcag aaaatgacct tttcaagtcc agttccaacc     92520
     cagagggggt tcctagaccc agcgccaatc aaggggcacc agggaggcag cagaggttcc     92580
     cgcaaatcca gagcagagtg gctgccagac accccacatc ctcttcgcag cagactgaag     92640
     gccaccccac acttggagga gcccgggtga agcatctggg gaagaccctc agccctggga     92700
     gagtccctcc aggggtgagc aggtgggctg cccctcaggg tgcggctcat ttcgatgtaa     92760
     gttttataaa ataagaaaag gcgccctata gcaccccttt gggagcctcg tgtcacctcc     92820
     aaacatatac ctcgcttcca ggtcagaagt agtgaaatga ccattgccaa tgcaaatgga     92880
     actgccttag gacacatggg ggaggttagg gcctgctgtg gggccttatg gtgggccccg     92940
     aggggccccg cacacctgtg ctcacctccc aggtcatcgc tgggccgcct ctgtcccctg     93000
     ggaggctctg cctcggggag ccctcttccc aagctcccag caatgacttc caggcctccc     93060
     tcagcatcaa gaggagccac gtcttcttct tgtgacccag cagtataatt caccctaaat     93120
     aatggcagaa tgggttgtgt gtagtcttta aaagtcaaaa caattttgca cacaacagga     93180
     gtcattcagc agtggctaac actctcctga cctgtgtcgg cgctgggctc caaggtgtac     93240
     ctccgcacgc atggggttaa ctacgccccc atgaccattc cctgcaggag gggcgggaca     93300
     gaggactgcg ttatgtttct cctaaaagaa aatcatgaaa gtcacacact ccaggtgcca     93360
     cacttattat ggagggaggg aaagcagatg agcgggcggg aaaactagcg ggcttgccac     93420
     gcccaggcag cgctgctcgg gtttccgctt cctccgcccc ttcctttttc tctgtgcatc     93480
     ctcagtgacg cggggcacag ctctgcccgg gggcctacca gagcccacct ggaccccaca     93540
     ctgggtcagc cctggtgcgg aggaggccgc tgtaggtggg cacggggcag cacgcgttaa     93600
     ggggctggac ggggggtggc catgcgtgtg agggcgctga gcaggggcgt gcccatacgt     93660
     gtgagggggc tgggtagggg cgtggcccag cgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     93720
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtggc tggacagggg tgtggccacg cgcgaggggg ccgtgcaggg     93780
     ggcgtggcca cgagcgagga gactaagggg cgtggtcacg cgtgtgaggg gctgggctag     93840
     aggagtggcc ctgtgtgcgg gggctggacg ggggcgtggt catgtgcgag gaggctgaac     93900
     agggggcgtg accacgtgtg gaagggggct gatcggaggt gtggccacat gtaagggggc     93960
     tgggcagggg gtgtggccac gtgtgagggg gggctgggcc ggggcgtggc cacacgtgtg     94020
     ctggctctgc tgtgggcttc cttcccttcc tgtgcaggtg gtggtgccct ctgcgccttc     94080
     actggggccc agccaagtaa ctgaatccag ccaggagcaa gggcagacgc tggcacaggt     94140
     cctgccactg tccccaacct gggtttcaac acagctgagg cctggcatag tctttctggg     94200
     cgcctctggc tggctcggtc tgaaaggtgg gacagatgca actggggcct ccccgggtgc     94260
     agcgtgggtg gctcctggct ggggaagtga gaagccctcc gtgcggtgtc tctgaagcag     94320
     ccccaggcca aggctgtggc gtgcttggtg gtgctgtagg cccaagatgt ttatgggtcg     94380
     agggtccccg gggccgggat tctgatccct ggtgagaggt ggctgggagg aagtccagac     94440
     gtgtcctgag tggccattcc tcacactgag gtgacaccgc ctctccaaac acgtgacgtg     94500
     gctggaagca gatgctgctg tccggttctc cctcctctcc gtccctggct gggacatgtg     94560
     gatctcaccc gcagccactt tcttctggcc tctgtccccc tgcctgggac acgtggacct     94620
     cacccccagt ctccttctct cctctgcccc ccgcaggcgc ggccaggtca cagtcggcac     94680
     cagaagtttg gcagatctca gtgaggcgtt agtttgcatt tccttgtgac gggtgagttg     94740
     aacacccttt catgagtgta ttgatcactg tgtaccttct ttgttgaaat gtcgtcagta     94800
     tttaaagtca caaatcttcc tctaagacta tgctacaatt tttgtgtaat attttgatgg     94860
     atatttgaaa taagtgctaa ttttctttgg atttcttctt tgacccatgc tttatttaga     94920
     agaatctctt tatgtgtgta tttatttttt aaaccctcta ttctgagaag catatttaga     94980
     agagtattgc ccactttcca aatatgtgga gagtctaaaa ggaatcttgc tattactgat     95040
     ttaattccat tttgatcaag gaacaaactg caggatctca ctttttaaaa ttacagagac     95100
     ttattcttac tgtttaacat aagccctatc tttgtaaatg ctccgtatac actcaaaaat     95160
     tacttgtgtt ctgcagctgt ggggtgggat gctcgccaag agttaatgag gtgcagctgg     95220
     ttgacagtgc tctttaaacc ggcgaatcct tcctgtccca cccgctgtgc ttgcagtccc     95280
     gagagagctg ttacatctcc aactaggaca gtgaatttct ctattctttc agttccgtcc     95340
     gtttttactt cgtgtttttt gaaactgtta ttatcttttt aggcatttag gatttttctg     95400
     tgatcctgac agtggctgac catggtgtca tcatggaatg tccctcttta tcttcagggg     95460
     tgctacctgg tctaatgtga gtgttccagg gctattttct tatgcacaga attggcactg     95520
     tgtatctttt cctttttcta ttcttttttc tttttttttt ctttttcaga cagagtcttg     95580
     ctccattgcc caagctggag tgcagtggcg cgatcttggc tcgctgcaag ctccacctct     95640
     cgggttcacg ccattctcct gccttagcct cccgagtagc tgggaccaca ggcacccgcc     95700
     accacgcctg gctaattttt ttgtattttt tttagtagag acggggtttc accgtgttag     95760
     ccaggatggt ctttatatcc tgacgttgtg atcctgccca ccttggcctc ccaaagtgct     95820
     gggattacag gcatgagcca ccgtgcctgg ccactttttt cctttttttt tttttttttg     95880
     agacagggtc tcactctgtt gcccgggctg gagtgcagtg gtgccatctt ggctcaccac     95940
     agcctcgacc tcctgggctc aagtgatcct tccacctcag cctccagagt agctgagacc     96000
     acaggtgtgc accaccacac caggctaatt ttttttttgt atttttcaaa ctcctttttt     96060
     ttttttttga gatggagttt cactcttgtt gcccaggctg gagtgcagtg gcgcgatctt     96120
     ggctcgctgc aacctctgcc tcctgggttc aggcaattct cctgcctcag cctctccagt     96180
     agctgggatt acaggcacaa accaccatgc ctggctaatt tttttcgtat ttttagtaga     96240
     gacagggttt caccgtgttg gccaggctgg tctggaactc ttgacctcag gtgatctgcc     96300
     tgcctcagcc tcccaaagtg cttggattac aggtcaaact ctaagactca agtgatcctc     96360
     actcttgtgc ctaccacaat gctgggacca ctcctggacc actgtggatc tttttctatc     96420
     ctttagacac ccaacctgtc tttgtatctt acgtgggtgt ctgtagatgg agttgggtct     96480
     tggtgacaat ccctgctttg cacatggagt ttctccattt gcaattccag taatgattga     96540
     tgaggttgct gtagatcccc catcttgcta cttgttttct aagtgtctta tcttgtcatt     96600
     tgttttttat ttgtcatttt tttgttcctt tgttcctcca ttcctgcctt ttttgggtta     96660
     attgaaattt tttagtactt cgttttacac ctctgttggt cttttagctg tgcctcttgg     96720
     tattaccatt tttagtagtt accctaaaga caacaaaatg aatccttaat ttatcagcct     96780
     attcacctca cacaaaatgt gggaaacttg taacggtgta attcctctaa ccctgttctt     96840
     cctgttacag ttgccatatg tttaacctct acctacatta caaactccgt aacacaatgc     96900
     tacttttgct ttagacaatc ttttgaataa attaaagtta actttttaag aaattaactg     96960
     tcagttgggt gtggtggctc atgtttgtga tgcccaaatt ttaggaggca gaggcaggag     97020
     gattgcttga acttaggagt tcgagactgc tttcggaaac acagtgatac ctcgtctatt     97080
     aaaaagaaag caaactagcc gagcatggtg gtgtgcacct gtagtttcag ctgctcggga     97140
     ggctgaggca gggggatccc tggagcccag gaggttgagg ccgctgtgag ccatggtcac     97200
     tttcctcccc atctcccctg tccggcatcc acacagctcc ttctctgttg tcccaggcca     97260
     accccagccc tggtgctatg ccctcctctc actgcgccct tgtttccccg agctctgcct     97320
     cctatggtgg cagagtggga gggggagggt gggaagcatg gctcacagtt ggctccatca     97380
     cagtggccct gtatttgtcc agtttcacag ccatttgctg gaggaacgca ggtccagcac     97440
     tggctaccct gtcacggcag gggtgacctc ttaccagcct agcagcccag aggcgcccca     97500
     ggtggggagg tggcaggtgg acaccgggtc ccgtgtgttg tggcagtgaa gcctgcagcc     97560
     caccagagct ccaacagcag agaaacaggc tgtgagtgta agcgtggaat tgctgtgagc     97620
     catggcgcca gcagcatgtg ctgcagagac agctaatcaa ttagcccctc cgtgctgggt     97680
     gctgtgtgtg caccattaaa gagctcacgg ggagagaaat gcagactcct ctgggggccc     97740
     cagggtggat tgcaccactc agcatgttct attgagtgcc tttccctgca gtgcgtgctt     97800
     tctgaggctg taattttgag tgtgtctttc aaggctgcag cccttaagca gtacagcctg     97860
     ggtgttcagc tggataatcc tgtaagtgaa gtttgagtgg tttaactgcc tacagcaggt     97920
     gggagctcgg gtggtgggga gcatctgggg tttcgaggag tctgagcctc tgtgcagggc     97980
     tgcaggctgt ggacgggtta cgcgggtgct ggtctttaac gagaggacct tcagagagat     98040
     gcaacaaaac cccatgtgag gcagaaatga agcctccgag ttgtattgga agagctgctg     98100
     tccgtgcagc caccaccccc ctaaatactc tgtgagggtc ctggctccag tccatctgtc     98160
     tatcatcttg ggagcagccc atgccagcca cgttgtcctc caggcttctc tgcacagacc     98220
     tggctgctgc ggggtgcagg gcatgttgtt tgcacgtgtg cactccacct ctctttcaca     98280
     tgcgcgttct ctgtaacact caggacaacc ccgtgaacta gaagtcaggt cccttgttga     98340
     actggagttg gcctgagaaa gatcttggag gattaaggca gagctttgct ctgggtctgc     98400
     ctccaggaag gtgcctgagt ctccacaggg gctgtgccac agaagccccc cacagctttt     98460
     ggaaccccag agcccttcac tgcacattcg ccctgtagcc tcagtctcca gggacctggg     98520
     aaagccccag cgtcagcttt tatgttcttc tgcatcaccg tgtcctctgc ctcgctatga     98580
     atgagtttgt caggcctcct ccttggggag tgcggtgggg gcaggtggca gacctcgggg     98640
     ccaacagaga gtcattaagt aatctcatag tgaacgtggc ctggagtctt gtttttcaga     98700
     tggaaaaggg aaaattgggc aaagtttgta ggagaaaaat accaagtttt gtggtggttg     98760
     tgttgatgga gggggttgag ctgaatctga gaagcaagta catttgaggc ttggctgcca     98820
     cactcacgga cactgcagag aatgaggaaa aatggctggt tgtgttttct ttccactgca     98880
     caaaagaata attgcttttg tttacagatt ttctgaaatg tccttccaat tcctttgccc     98940
     ctgaattatg agctgtgcca gcttgcgtgc aacaaatggg tcttattgag cacaaataca     99000
     tgggtgcaga gcgtctttcg aagaggaggc atcagggagc ctcctccggt ctccacagcc     99060
     cctgacagga ggctgcttct cgggatccag acctgcctgg gctgcttcag tggcctccct     99120
     gcccttcccg gtgcggcaga tctgtgccca cagcaacgca tcccccgcac ctgcaccacc     99180
     gctcttcctg aggcccagtg ttgatctctt tgtggcccca gtgaggacat ttttgaggct     99240
     tcatgatctc tgtaggatgc tgtccaggcc catgcacaca gcaggtgcat ccgtgaggca     99300
     cacctcatat cttagcactg ctgtgctgtg atgcaagtcc tcagggagct cggctccaca     99360
     ctgtcactca gggatccagc agccccttcc acctgtggcg ctgccgtcct ctggtttggc     99420
     gtcctctccg ttcagtacac ggccggggag gaaagtgagg aggctgttgc gagggtctta     99480
     tgagccaggg ccaggagtgg actgcatcac ccctgcccaa gtttcttggc tagaactagc     99540
     tgtttggcca aggcaaaccc ctgaagtgaa ggatgcaggc agggcccacc tctctctctc     99600
     tctctctctc tgccatttgc ccctcacccc cacccaccag accacccgcg ccccccaagg     99660
     aggctgcctc aatgcccttc agtaacccac ttctgttgtg caaattcctc tccaacattt     99720
     cctcttcaga gcgactgccc gagaaaactg gataatcgcg cctttccctg tgtttctgtg     99780
     gttcttttat aatcctggtt ttaaaatcta aaatagtgca tgctggtatt tgctttttag     99840
     ggttgtagaa gaaggttaac aaggtaccac aaaccggatg gctcaaaaca gcggatactg     99900
     tctcacggtt ctggagacct gaagtctgaa acaaagtggt gatggggtcg gttccctccg     99960
     gaggctctga gggggatgca gtggctctga gggggctgtg ggggctctga ggggagactg    100020
     ggggtggctc tgagggggat gcgtttcctg cctctctccg ccatgctggg gctcgctgca    100080
     tcttcgtgct cctctgcttg tggatgcgtc actctggctc cgttcttctt cacgcggcat    100140
     ccgtctccct gtgttctctg ctttataacg gcacctgtca ttggatgcag ggaccgctct    100200
     aatccaccat gattctatct ggagaaccta aacttaatta catcagtaaa gaccctttct    100260
     ccatgaggtc ccactcgcag gttctcgggg gacatgtctt ttggggccac cattccccca    100320
     gctccgatgc tcctttaagc tcattaagct tcatagaggg gattcaggtg ggggtgccct    100380
     cggtctcact cagtgggtgt cagggggcgt atcgcctgca ggccggccct tctgccctct    100440
     cagaggcagc cacagctcag gtcaggctgg agggtggggt ggacttcctc cctccctccc    100500
     cctcactgcc ccccccgccg cctgcttcct cccatcctcc ctctcactgg cacccccacc    100560
     tgcttcctcc cattctccct cttgctgccc ccccacctgc ttcctcccgt cctccctctc    100620
     actggcaccc cccacctgct tcctcccatt ctccctcttg ctgccccccc acctgcttcc    100680
     tcccatcctc cctctcactg gcacccccac ctgcttcctc ccattctccc tcttgctgcc    100740
     cccccacctg cttcctcccg tcctccctct cactggcacc ccccacctgc ttcctcccat    100800
     tctccctctt gctgcccccc cacctgcttc ctcccgtcct ccctctcact ggctccccct    100860
     cccctgccaa cctgcttcct ccctcccttc ccttcactac ccctcactcc ctgcctcttt    100920
     cctcccatcc tccctctcac tggccccacc acgtgtaact gtctgtcagg ctgggaggca    100980
     agaagcagca ggtgccttcc gtttggcctt gtacatttgt tgtcatgagc tgggtctgct    101040
     cccctgggct cagacccttg attttcaggg ctcttggtga gtggggggtg ggcacctggg    101100
     acagctgccc ggggatggct gcatgggacc tctcgggggg catcagctgc tgtctagctg    101160
     gggctccgtt acttctattc ttcaggtttg gtgccttttt atgccattgc atatggaatt    101220
     gtttaacaat ttcattttta aattgttcat agaaatatag gaagataatt gaattttgta    101280
     cttgatcaga tatcctgcaa cctgactaga ttcactgaat cattttcagt agtttgtttt    101340
     gtagattaca tagggttttc tcaacacata atcatgcttg caaataatgg ctttcttcct    101400
     ctctttttcc tctccctccc ccatctttct ttctgatttt tatgccctct gtttcctttt    101460
     cttgccttat tgcattggct gggaccccca gtacagtatg gaacagaagt gtcaaaagtg    101520
     gccctaagta tgggtcactt ttagtttagt tttagttgtt agttttctat aaatgtattt    101580
     aatcaggttg tggaaggtcc ccattatttc tggtttgcta agaattttgt cataagtacc    101640
     tactgaatct ttttttcctg ctactgtagt cttggggttt tctttgtggg aaggttttta    101700
     tgtacaactt taatttcttt aatagggata gggttatttg cagcttcccc cttatttcca    101760
     gtatttcaag aacaggcaat tttaatgtta cattgtgaca atcaagacaa accctggttt    101820
     ctaatagaga tatggcagat ttctggttgg ggacagccaa cgtgcacaag ggtcccagaa    101880
     cgtttcattg tgcctgaaag tgagggggct ctccaggacg aatggggcct gtcgagaaga    101940
     caaggagcca gtttgaaaga ggtggcattg gtgaaatctg ggacaacctg agcatccaaa    102000
     agaatgaggc ccatagttaa ctaggataca tctaatccat ttacatccat gaatccacaa    102060
     tgacactcta agaaaagaga aagcctgaaa aactcaggca gatcttaaac caactcttta    102120
     ttttgaatat tggcagccag agggaaaaat caaacattat cttgttttgt gctagaaaga    102180
     ggatgccagt ataaccaaat ggcactaggt atgaggaaag acctccttta aaaaggaatg    102240
     ttgggccggg catggtgtct catgcctata atcctagcac tttggattac agtgttaggg    102300
     aggccgaggt gggtggatca gctgaggtca ggggttcgag accagactgg ccaacatggc    102360
     gaaaccccat ctctactaaa aatacaaact ttagatgggt gtggtggcac acgcctgtaa    102420
     tcccagctac ttgggaggct gaggcaggag aattgcttga actcagaagg cagaggttgc    102480
     agtgagccga gatcgcacca ttgcactcca gcctgggtga cagaatgaga ctctgtctca    102540
     aaaaaacaac aacaaaaagg aatgtcggcc cataaatgtg aatgagtgac tgagttagaa    102600
     aaatcatctt ttccaaacac cactgaaatc atggactagg acaaggttag cccatgagtg    102660
     tttagaccag tgaggtgagc agctgctggg gacaggaccc ttgtctggta tcgatggcag    102720
     ggaaggctgt gagcctcccc tcgtgtgggc atcagcctca gcctcccagt gggggtcacc    102780
     cagggagcat atctcctggt gagaagtaca ggagcttcac attccctgga tacgtcccag    102840
     ccgaaatgtt caccgtgaat ccggcaacct gtggagctga tttccatttc taaggaatga    102900
     ggggggatgg ggaagaaccc cccaggacag caccaacagt ccctgcgggg acctttcccg    102960
     gacacccggc cttctcggcg gtgaggcagg tggcggcacc gacaggcccg ggggggacct    103020
     ttcccggaca cccagcctcc tcggtggcga ggcaggtggc ggcaccgaca ggcccggcgg    103080
     ggacctttcc cggacacctg gcctccttgg caaggcaggt ggcggcacca acaggcccgg    103140
     gggggacctt tcccggacac ctggcctcct cggcgaggca ggtggcagaa ctggttccac    103200
     gtctgatctt ccttagacaa acctgccttc agaggaaatt gtgttcaact ggagaaactg    103260
     gaaaatgtac tagatattgg ctgatatgaa ggatatatgt tttgttaagt atgataattc    103320
     gattttggct ctgtagggaa aggctcttat tttaaaaaga tgtgcactag agaaaaagga    103380
     aacagcatgt agcaaataca tccacggatg tcctcctggt ttaattggtt ctgtggcctc    103440
     ggtttctgtc ttcctgatgg cacctctgtg acaggagctc agaccccggc atcagaccgg    103500
     cctccgcagg gaggagctgc ggtgcccagg ccaggccagg aagcaccatg gcccactgcc    103560
     tgggcctcac ctcacgaacg ccaagcactg tggcgggcac aggcggagcc tggcggcttc    103620
     acgcccacac cggcagctcc tccctcagcc cctcgcccgc cgctcccaag tccggcagtt    103680
     ctggagcacg ggaagctctc tgggggttgc tgggcagcag gacctggtct gagatgactg    103740
     agtctgccca ggtcttcacg cgcctaactg agcgtgagcg tgtctgagtc ttaccgcaga    103800
     aacattaaaa tgcttggtga caggtgttag gagacttctg ggatctgcac tgtaccactt    103860
     ctctaaaact gggaatattc tgagtctcag agcttgtctg gatgaggaat cctggggccc    103920
     gattctagac ctgaggcacc agcagcaaag gatgtggccc agccctggag ccccaagcag    103980
     ctcggccggg agtgcaccct cctaccttcc caacccagtc gcagtcagtt atgaaaaagg    104040
     aacagtgcat gattccaaag ttatatttaa atgccaactg cgttgaattt ggcaacattt    104100
     gacaggagtt atggaaagcc tttcaaagat ttagcaggac aaaaacaaac tagcaagcga    104160
     gcattattgt gtgctttaaa agtaaacagg cttgagcaat ggtgtctgtt ttagaaaact    104220
     gacgagcctc ccaggtggat catgggagtg cctgcaatta ctggttattc aaccaaggtc    104280
     ccctccggtc tgtgcctcat acaaacaatg ggtattctgc tgaaattcac ctcctggagc    104340
     aaagatttca gaaatgccct ctgtacacca ggtgaattgc aaaggggcca ggtgtgagga    104400
     gggactccgg gctcagagcc ctgggggctg gcgtccctct cctctcctgg aaagccggcc    104460
     cagccatccc tcttcccctt gcccctctcc taccctccct ggtctccttc tctccctgtc    104520
     tctcttctgc actgggcgcc ttccagcctt gggagctggg cccagctttg cctgaggatt    104580
     aacgacaaaa cagagtgaag atgtggctgg cagactgccc gctgcccctg tggccgggac    104640
     ctctgctgtc aatgggaagg tgactgcatc gttggagagt aattgggtca tgaggcaagc    104700
     aggagggggt ggctgttctg gaaggttctg cagggccaaa ctgtgatgaa gattgcagca    104760
     tgaatatgct cttccatccc ccaaaagtcc agtctgacac ctcagtttat tacggtgttg    104820
     acagtaatag tgttctgagg atatcatcag ataaaatcac tcctccgcag cctggggctt    104880
     tgcaaagatt agcgagtggt ttctgttcat gaactatctt cagggctgtt aatcacctcc    104940
     ctccctccct gcaaatccct gagtcactag cggtgagggt ggggcccagt gctgacctgt    105000
     gaccccagcc ctggacatct ccatggccag tgttgcgagg gccctggctg cgcttctgcc    105060
     cactgactgg cagaccaggc atccaggcac ccgggctttg tgtcaggttc cgatccttct    105120
     ttctgcacgt gctgtctgtg cagtagttca tggtcagccc cagaaatgca cacttgagat    105180
     ggcgtgggcc tgcgtggagt ctgcacgtgg cacagcaggg acctggctac gcgatcctct    105240
     cgttagtgct ttgttgggtt acccatgacc tgcaaagctg gggctaattt ctttgtcttt    105300
     gacaagaccc gcaaagctgg ggctaatttc tttgtctttg acaacttgac cagagggtcc    105360
     aaacaaaaca gaaccgaacc gcatcaacat ctacgactgg ggagatgatg tgagattcca    105420
     cagcagcccc agccagccga ggccccagtg cttctgtgtt cctgagggct gatccctgcg    105480
     gctataaaag agcacacgcg aggtgtgggg tgcgggtaca ggtgtcagaa ccggcctcgg    105540
     ctacagccga gagcaccctc ctctgtccag gagaccaccc caggttcttg accgtctggc    105600
     ctctgggcag tgtggcggcc cctctccctc cctctgacct gtccagcgta gttgcagctt    105660
     gcagtggggc tcccagggct catgctgagc atcaggaggt gaatctcggc tccaacagcc    105720
     ctcgtggcct tgggagatgc tgccctttct aaacctgaac tttttcaagt gtaaaaatga    105780
     ggatatttaa ttttctgaga tgtttcaggt actaaatatg aaataattaa aggaattttg    105840
     gaaaaggaca aagctttatg cagtataagg aatgtcctga agttgaaact tatgtacata    105900
     ttttgatcaa aggtgaaata aaattgcatt taaatctgca aattggaggt ggtcaggcag    105960
     ctgaagagtc cctgagatgc agcagtttct ttacatggct tgtcgtaagt tggtaacatt    106020
     gtggcaagtg tttactatgt agaaacctta aagacaggaa gaaaatttag cacgaaacat    106080
     tcaatccaat tgacttaggt tttattgggc accagagatg cgctagagaa ccctgggact    106140
     ctgctgcagc gtggaccccg aggtgggatt attacggggt cagcgaggtg cgggccattt    106200
     ccatgatgaa gatcctgtga actctggcgt ggatgcttgg accccacgcg tggtgttcct    106260
     tctccatgac cctccggaag ctcatgcaga gtctggagct cgtgggccct caggccgcct    106320
     tcttgtcctt ggtgtggagg gactcagtgg cctccgggac cctgtctggg catctccctg    106380
     ggccctgcag catcttgttc ctcccctcca gctgctcagc ccatcccacg cggagcctgg    106440
     ggcagggcga taatttcggc attgtgagtc aagctctcgg aacttagtga cggccaagcc    106500
     cgtgtctctc agcacctggg cacctgtgag agcaggagta tgacactccc tgccaggggt    106560
     gggggtgtca ccgcatccct gcccagccag cagctgtgac cttgctgggt ctcccagggc    106620
     cctgggatct cgtggccggc cttggctcag gctgctgacc agtggttggt gggggggggg    106680
     gggggcgtct cactcaggac cctcctcaca ggagaggaaa aatgccttcc ccgggaagca    106740
     gcctgggtcc ccagttctgg aagcttctga gccccggaga gactgtgcct gagcttgagc    106800
     tcttgcagcc tctgtctctg ctctgctcac ggagaggcag gtgccctcgc aggacagggc    106860
     ggcctctgtg gctgcctagg gcccgcctgc ctccctgcac cctgcccggc tgcctgtggg    106920
     tgcccacttc cttctcgctt gcctgcccgc ctcacctgcc cggcctggcc acagtggacg    106980
     gtgctatgtt gtgatctcag caccacgcat gggcggacct ggcggcagga atggcctggt    107040
     cagagtggtc caggctcccc gagacctggg cagatcccca cctgcccgca gctgccgctt    107100
     ccttcagcct caagtgcttt tggctttaga agttggagag tggggtgggt gcccggctcc    107160
     agccaagggt gagctgtgtc catgaggaca cttgtcacag atgcccagga cccagatgac    107220
     gatggtgctg ctgagtggca ggcagtgtac cccggacggc tgggccccac ggtgatggtc    107280
     cccgagcaac agctatgttc acccttgcca ggccatggct gctgactggt ggggcccagg    107340
     gcagctccat gcatgagagg gtcagctggg caggatgtca gcagctgcca cggtcccaca    107400
     gacttggcgc ctccgggcct ggagtcctcg gccctcacag ccggccgccc atcccagaga    107460
     ggctgccagg acagccagcc ccatggtggt ggaagcagcg gcccctgtcc ctttacaggg    107520
     gaccgtgggg tcccgagcca ggggctgcga atggccggtc tcccacatgg gccagctcct    107580
     ctctcacggc ggcttcctgg ggtgggcctg gcccttgggc tcacaccagc acacgggacc    107640
     ctctcagctc tctgggcttc atgcggggag gaaagttagg ctactctcta acgggaaccc    107700
     taagagtgac ctccttaaaa gcagtggttg gcctcgtggc ctggggagaa ccgggctgtg    107760
     tgggtggatg gaggggggtt gtgcaaatgg aggctctgcc agcccctgag agaacgctgg    107820
     tgcctgcctt ggacaccaac ctccacctca ggggccagag aaggcagcgt ggacacacag    107880
     tcccggggcc tgagcccact cctgggatct gcacccaggc aatggccaga ggacaccagg    107940
     gcacatggca catgcaggca cacgcagagg cacgcggagg cacgtaggca cacacaggca    108000
     cacgtccagg aagcacaggg cggggatgag gcagggcccg tggggcaagc actcggtggt    108060
     gggggggggc ctctccttca ccatcgtctg ccgagtgcct gcgtggtgct gggctctgtg    108120
     ctgggtccat gtccgtagtt gggtagctgg tgagtgggga ggggcacccc caggctctgt    108180
     gggaccgcct cgggctgctg aaggggtacc acggctctct tgctcggggc ctgagcaccg    108240
     agggctgcct ggagcctctg gaagctcctg ctgtgtgccg gccagtgtct tgcagcaaat    108300
     gagctctgct ccccacccag ctgtccctga gcagtggcta caccctgggt cggctcaggg    108360
     tcacccactc agcacccata gacccctggc cttggcccta ggagagaaag gcgtgctggc    108420
     ttggtatctg ccttcctgag caagtctgct aggaggagga agggcacaag tacagatacg    108480
     tcactcaagg gcagtgatct cagaaaaaca agccagagaa agacatttcc tcctggaaaa    108540
     gttcctgtga tcctggacgg agtgtcaggg agatggcggg ggaagggggt gtgggtgaag    108600
     ggggtgtggg tgttggggtg tgggtgttgg ggtgtgggtg ttggggtgtg tgtgttgggg    108660
     tgtgggtgtg ggggtgtggg tgttggggtg tgggtgaagg ggtgtgggtg tgggggtgtg    108720
     ggtgttgggg tgtgggtgaa ggggtgtggg tgaaggggtg tgggtgttgg ggtgtgggtg    108780
     aaggggtgtg ggtgttgggg tgtgggtgtt gggggtgtgt gtgttggggt gtgggtgaag    108840
     gggtgtgggt gttggggtgt gggtgttggg gtgtgggtga agggggtgtg ggtgttgggg    108900
     tgtgggtgtg tgggtgtggg ggtgtgggtg ttggggtgtg ggtgaagggg tgtgggtgtg    108960
     ggggtggggg tgaattgtcc gtgggcattg gggtgtggtg ttgcctggat agtgatgttt    109020
     gatctgagct cctggtctca cggttagcaa cgtggtgtct tgtcatttcc cacctactgt    109080
     tccaagcgtg atcactaagg tgagtgaatg gctgtcagtt tcctcctggg ttgactcctt    109140
     tcacaggcct ggagctgagg ggtttcatgg tgggctgagg gccagggctg tgtcagggca    109200
     cactgctggc ggggctgtgc ccctgggtgg cgagcgtggc tcaggcatag gggtccccga    109260
     tgcactgcac accccgactc acttgttcag agcgcttctg cgaaccctga tgtcctcgtt    109320
     ctgcaggtgt cttgcgtgat gctcgatttt tttctcccaa aacatcttta tcccgcctga    109380
     atcgtatgct actcttccag gattcttaag agtgaggctt ttactcatgt tctggaaaat    109440
     aaaaagtgga gaagagctca gtcaccttat gccattccca ttgacgagtt tgtgctccag    109500
     cacccggatg gcagaggagc tggctcagcc tgcagcatcg tggtccccgc cttcctggtt    109560
     cgtgggggat ggcggaggct gccctctgag actcaggcct caggtggctc ctgaccggct    109620
     cctaaacgct ctaccggctc caccttctgg agcagtctcc tgggttggca gaagtagaaa    109680
     tggagggcaa attccatttt gggcttttag tcattttaaa atctaagcaa tgatgcactt    109740
     ctaactctct gtgtgttagt gtgggtgatc tgcagtccca ccagcgaggt gagcgtttct    109800
     tggatggggc tgtggcttct gtgccaggtg agtccatccc ttgtttttga gacagggtct    109860
     cattcccatc acccaggctg caatgcagtg gtgcgatctc ccctcactgc agccttgacc    109920
     gcctgaactc aagtgattgt cccacctcag cttcctgagt agctgggact ataggtgtgc    109980
     accaccatgc ccagctaatt tttgtatatc ttgtagagat tgggtctcac tatgttgccc    110040
     aggccggtct tgagctcctg ggctcaagca gtcttcctgg ctcagcctcc caaagtgctg    110100
     ggactacagg tgtgagccag cgtgcccagc tcagttggcc tctctcgaca cctggttatt    110160
     gggtaccttt tggtttgaaa tatgtaaacc cagcagtggg gttaaatgtg gcaggttaca    110220
     ctgaaaaact tcagctctgc tatttgatgt aatatgctaa agtgaggctg actgaaatgt    110280
     ttactttcca attattttgg actcgtgcat ctacgggaca ccagcaatct tagaatatca    110340
     atctacagcc atcaagaatg tccaaggccg ggcgtggtgg ctcacgcctg taatcccagc    110400
     actttgggag gtcaaggctg gcagatcact tgagctcagg agttaagaga ccagcctggc    110460
     caacatggtg aaaccctgtc tctactaaaa atacaaaaat tagccgggat tggtggtggg    110520
     tgcctgtaat cctagctact ctggaggctg aggcaggaga atcgcttgaa cccgggaggt    110580
     ggaggttgca gtgagatgag attgcagcac tgcactccag cctgggtgac agactccgtc    110640
     tcaaacaaac aaacaaacaa acaaacaaaa aaagaatgtc cgtgacaaag ggaaagtgtc    110700
     gacagcagca gccccttttc tggagccctc ctcccgattt cacccagcag tgggagcccg    110760
     gctctgggtc agctctccct gggacgcgtg gagcctgggt ccctgggctg tgcctgccct    110820
     ggcctggctc caggtctccg tagatggccc tgctctgtgc ttgaggatgg ggtttacaca    110880
     agggagccag ggccacgttt cggggtgcaa ggcggtgggt ctcggaatga atgaggcatc    110940
     cactgttctg gggctgcctg agcccctaag ccgctgtccg gccagctcct cggggcctat    111000
     ggggtgggca gagccatttc tgcagccctg gctggctccc ttggggcact ttgttcttca    111060
     gcttggcctt gcttggcctt ggaggcattt ctctttcccc gccccccact cttctctctt    111120
     gctggggaag aacacagggt ggcaggagcg cggcccgaga ggaaaaccag gcagctgaga    111180
     cccgcgggct cgtttcctgc aaacacatca cctgcttcag gtggagaggg taagggtgcc    111240
     ttctggagct cggctcaggt tgcaatgaac aggtgctggg gactccttcg aggagcttga    111300
     tgtgacccct ggctgggggc ttccagctgc agaggcgcgg gcgctgtggc ctgcgcagcc    111360
     tgttgtgatg tgggtgctgg gcgctttgct ggggagctgc ccctggaggg ccacagaaat    111420
     cgcccatcga tgccacgccc tttgttccag aaacttagac atgcaaagtt gatcatgaag    111480
     ggactgaact cagccacgcc tgcctgtgct gaggacgctg gcgcgaattc agtgagtgaa    111540
     aactcatcca atgaggaggg tgggatgcac ggaacccacc agtcagggcc gggcccagct    111600
     gcttccccgg aacttcgcac ctcctctggt gtctgggcag acgcctcccg gagtgaagct    111660
     ggggctggtg tcagattcaa accgagtaac agctggaaaa catctgacag ctgagacctg    111720
     gctgttcttg gcaggggctt cagagagcag cgtgggcgtt agagcttctg ctcttaggac    111780
     acttagcccc caaaggcagc cctttaaacc ctcatgggac aaaaacaaac cagcagcaaa    111840
     agggagaacc agcaaaccag cagacagaag aaacagacac gcggccgggc gcggtggctc    111900
     aggcctggaa tcccagcact gtgggaggcc gaggcgggcg gatcacgagg tcaggagatc    111960
     cagaccagcc tgactaacac ggtgaaaccc cgtcttcact aaaaatacaa aaaattagcc    112020
     gggcgtcgtg gtgggcgcct gtagtcccag ctactcggaa ggctaaggca ggagaatggc    112080
     gtgaacccgg gaggcggagg ttgcagtgag ccgcgatcat gccactgcac tccagcctgg    112140
     gcgacagagc gagactccat ctcataaaca acaacaacag caacaaaaca aaacaacaat    112200
     gacaacaaca gacacacaaa ggggtgcgtg ttgtgaggca ggtgatggag acactctccc    112260
     cccaccaaag gtgttgacag caggaatccc agtgggaaaa caaaattaca aagttcagtt    112320
     cccccagcga aatgcgggtg ggctcacgtc ttgtgccaga tatgtcacat actctgttca    112380
     ccttttgggg gcccccaaat gcagcgccaa tctctcaagc aaggacagcg cctgtcacat    112440
     cacagagagc ttacttttcc aaccatttct cagtgacggg caggttttcc tgtctctgtt    112500
     gagggtcctc agcctgtcct ctccggggtg cacgcctgta tctcgcctgc cgctctctgt    112560
     tacatgggct cagtgacacg catgcttggc gtcggttcag tcccagaaag acgcgctgcc    112620
     ctctgtctgg gcaccgtccc tggcagagct gtccgtccgg agggcagctg ttggcagcat    112680
     gggaatctgg aggacggcca gctgggcctc ctctgccctc agcccccatc gggactgttt    112740
     ttttcttctt tcgacggctg ctcccaggaa accttgtggg tgggagggag cattgtctgg    112800
     ggaggggcgt cggggcacct aggagtcctg ggttttgccc aggcctgcgt ctcaggaatg    112860
     gtggcctttg cacttactgc aggcgaaatg tatatcacaa aacgacgatg cagacacact    112920
     caaggcaggt gtggaaatgc ttagggtctc tctgccccac ccatacatgg gtttacgtat    112980
     ttattgtgag gagctggctc tcgcggtgac aggcgctgag aggtctcggg atctgccatc    113040
     tgggacccag gaaagcctgc ggtgtcagtc aacccgactc tgagggaggt tggtgtaaat    113100
     tccagacctt ggtccagaga cggtgagatg aggcgtcctg gagcaagcag gaaggaaggc    113160
     aggcgagcag gagcgattcc tccttcctcc accgcggcac cttcaggccg tcagaggatt    113220
     ggatgacgcc cagcacacgg gggtcaccgc gtccggaaac accctcccag ccgcacccag    113280
     aaacactgtc ccagccgccg ccctggtgcc atcaggtaga tgcacaaagt gaagccccca    113340
     ggctttgtcc tggacggggt tcctctccca ggatccatcc ctccaggcct cagggagccg    113400
     gcagcagggc cggcccaggg ccagcctccg tgatctcgtt tcagtctccc gggtcacttg    113460
     cttctttatg aggtttccaa gtcattgata gtttcaggtg aaagcttttg ggaaattttc    113520
     gtttactatc ataaagcaga cggtacactt attttttata ttatccttca cagttgtttt    113580
     tttttaaact ggagttctgt gggtgtcatc agtggattgg gagctgttcg tgatttcccg    113640
     agtcctggcg tgtgctcagg acaccttgat ctgtggctcc ctgcgaactg gggttaggcc    113700
     tcaggacgcg ccgggacatg ccgcagcgca cagaatgcac aaggtggaaa gacggtgctc    113760
     aggcagcgcg ggtggaagac gccggtgaga accagcagct gcttcagaaa aaccgctgcg    113820
     tgcagcaccg atgggaggaa gccacctaaa aacggaaagg aatagcccca ggagaggcgt    113880
     ctccagcagg actgcgtttt tgtaaagccc gtggtggtct ccccaggtcc tatgcgcgag    113940
     cgccccgggg attccccacc tgccctggag ccgagaggcc aaaccaacca gcaatcacaa    114000
     caccggccta cacttcaaaa cttgtccttc caggcccctt ccttctgacg tgtgtgcgga    114060
     gggacggcag ggcgccaccg tgctggccgt gcctgatgga gcagcaaggc ggcagggagc    114120
     gcattctgat ctccccgtgt ttcggagttt gtaggtcaag tgtgcactat ctgcagtcag    114180
     ccagagcgga ggaggaattt gggagaatgc atttgccgca ggctgaggcg tttgcgtttc    114240
     ttcctctttc ctgagctatc ccagtgcagt gggctccaga caaccctgta gcaccacgga    114300
     ggttctgagt ggactttcct gcacccgcca cccccacccc atcagaggcg gtcgtccagg    114360
     ctgccgggct ccagctaccg ggctcagccg ccttccagcc caggagtccc gcctgccgcc    114420
     tcccctccgc cgccgcctcc cctccgccgc cgcctcccct ccgccgccgc ctcccctccg    114480
     ccgccgcctc ccctccgccg ccgcctcccc tccgccgccg cctcccctcc gcctgccagc    114540
     ccggaacgcc gcctccaagc ctcctgtgcc agccccgtcc tgcgcccctg tacctgggct    114600
     ctgtgacggt gaagccggcg tcctcacagt cgcagcagca gcacaggctg agccttcccc    114660
     gtgtgcggca tcacccagct ctgtccttcg tgcctcccgg gagcccaggg agtcggggcc    114720
     accggacgct ggacctgaga acctggaccc aggcccggtc tgcccgggag ttggcaagtg    114780
     ctgagcactg tgtccccttg cacggccact cggggcctcc acgcacctaa aggacagctc    114840
     ctgaagcatc ctggccctgc actcacggtg gcacgcgggc gccgtccccg agcccagggg    114900
     ccaggcccag ggcccttccc cgaaatctgc catgaaggtg aactcggtta cactcaggcc    114960
     cagggctccc gaggctggtg gcggctgctc cgcatgaggc ctgctggctc ccaggggccg    115020
     ccctcccttg agaagggggt gcccactacg gctgggccat ctgcaagggg cccggtgatc    115080
     acattatgga gtcatttttg aactgggttc tattaactac taattagtga gccacagtca    115140
     tgacatcctt tgtaaggaaa aatgttccta actgaagcgc tcgcccatgt ccgcggtgag    115200
     acgcctgcat ggggcggtct ctgcttctcc ccaaggaccc tcctcgccgc ccgctcggct    115260
     gcaccggcag atggtggcag gggacaagga cggcgcggtg ggccccgcgc ccagctcacc    115320
     gcgagtgctg ctcccttcac aaaacgctag agagaccagc accctccttg ccccgcccct    115380
     gcttggggcc tctctgtgct tggagaggag gcccaggctt cctcctcttc ctggagcggg    115440
     cgtgaggagg ggtctgcagg ctctgtctcc cggacagagc agcctggaaa gtcccgtgct    115500
     ccggggacgc ctgtctttga ctctgttctc ctgggccgca aggctgaggc ccgagtgcgg    115560
     aggctgcacc tgctcagctc cactgtgacc tcttggtgcc ggggacacgc ctgcccccgc    115620
     gcacattgcc gcccggccca cctcctgtct gagccctctc agcagacaag gtccttggtg    115680
     cctggagtca tcaggacaga tggtggagcc caagtccctg tgtggggagg ggaggagcaa    115740
     gtcctagtgt agggaagggg tgagtcccag cgtggtgagg gggtgtcttt cccgtccatg    115800
     gtgccccgtc gaagctccac acactggaca ggccacaagt tctcatggga ctcgggccca    115860
     tgcctggccc agtgtggacg ccctactgaa gcggcatccc aggccccagc agctcagact    115920
     ccccccagct gccctcccca tgcccagctt gatgggtaca cagtgttgcc cgctagtgtc    115980
     cacgccctcc cgaggggtcc ctgggctaca gcaatgtttg gtctgagtga atgagccatg    116040
     ggggaacaga cgcccctgta gctgcagacc ccctgccaca aagcacaagg tggcaggggg    116100
     tgtcccagaa ggccccgcag agaaggcagc ttcgcaccaa cctcgtgagg ccttgggggt    116160
     cagcagctgg gccaggagct gacctgggag gcagggaggc agggattacc tctggagcca    116220
     tatctggggc tgggactttg cctgagccag gtgttctagg aatgcacttt agctgcagag    116280
     tccttatcca tctggctcag cgctggggag ggcaacaggg agtggtgggg tctgtggcaa    116340
     agtgaggtgc cgccatgtcc acgggcggct ggtgctgagc tcacagctgc tctgggcaaa    116400
     ctttttccat agatgcctca aatctgaatt tttaggaagc atatccagat tttaaggtgt    116460
     tgactaacta ctatttcacc taaaaaaaag ccactgagcc ggctccccca tgtgggccgg    116520
     acacagcatt gtactagaat cccagcagcg agggggatcc cgcacttcct gggggcctgc    116580
     gggggctgca gtgggtgtct gggattccag ggtgggggcg aaaccctgct tttgaggagc    116640
     cctcagatgg gggcggggag ggagccattc agggacgtcc tccatcgcag caggcaggag    116700
     ctgagtggct gctgggaagg gtgaagacat tctcctctac actcaggagg cacacggggc    116760
     tctcagatta gacggcaccg agtgggaagg tggtggtttc atgatcaatt tcctgaccag    116820
     agccacctgc agaggaatct ttttcctgaa taccatattt tctaagctat taggagcaca    116880
     gcttggcaat gactgagggt gtctggacgg tgaggtgtgc gctgggaagc cttgaggtgc    116940
     cgtctggtct ggcgtgcccc aaggacacat gtggggaggg tgccaggccc tgagtctgtg    117000
     ggtgttgtca ggaggtggcc cctcttttcc tggttctttg cctgctggtg ctggtctgtg    117060
     aatgccctcg gggcctcctc ctggaagagc ctcttccctg ggcccgctga gctgcagagg    117120
     ctgcaggtgc gtctctgcat gtggctgcgc tttgtgggct gtgtcctttc tcctgctggc    117180
     tgggattggc tgctgaggcg ccaatccttc ctctgcccag atgtggcttg gttccgttgg    117240
     agtccagtgt cagagggctg agttggatgt ttctagatca gctgtgtcca caggggcact    117300
     ggcctcctcg tcacagtccc ttccccgggc ccgtcactgg tgctgggcac cacacttagg    117360
     cctggccgtc ctctgcccag gagaaaaggg ggagtgggtg ctgggagtgt gcacaggtgt    117420
     gtgtgcaggg ctgtgggtgt gcgcacacct gcgtgtttaa tcataataca aagtgggccg    117480
     ggaacctcac cctgaagtgt gaagggcagt gcgtcattta gaatccttct ctttttctcc    117540
     ttcttgagca gctgaacgtt gagaggggcc ccgtctggtg tggccgtgtc tggtccccca    117600
     tgcaggccct gcaccgtgga ctcccaacct gcggggatcc gtccccaaag acgccactag    117660
     ttctgccagc ccagggtttc ctgagtgttt cccgagaggc cctggttgca cggagtaagt    117720
     tctagtttag tcctggttcg ttctccccaa acgtctctca ggagctgtgt ttcttcttca    117780
     tgaccttccc cttagacctg tgtcagatca gggttagagg ttggtctcct ggcctgtgtg    117840
     gccaccctgg cgccctcgac gctctgccat gggctccctt tctttcatcg gaggcagcat    117900
     ctggccatag tgaaactgag tgtggggagg gggacgcaga gctcccaggt cccagcccac    117960
     aggtgcctcg gtggtgaaat cccctgacac actgagtggg gcttccagga cgggggacgg    118020
     aaggaaaagg attaaggggt taggtaagtg caaatatggc tttgaaggtt taaaatcctt    118080
     cactcatgtt gtgagggaag aacaggtact agactagaag ccatgtctgg ttgcccttga    118140
     gggacccctc agccaatgtg aagacgtgtc caggcagccc tgggagacat ccctgtgggg    118200
     gggccagtgc aggaaacgga ccgccggggg aagctcctgt catcccaggg tgggccaggc    118260
     tgggactaca gtcatgtgca cagcatggct gagataatga gcaagactcc aaggtccacc    118320
     caggggcccg atggccttta gggagaccta gcactgttgc aggatcagga ggaccggaga    118380
     gagaccttgg agtgtacaca ggaggatatc tttatcattg agtgcactca gacccagcag    118440
     actcaatgtc caaagactgg gcccagaaca aagacagcgc ctgactttta cacacacttc    118500
     acaaaagggg gtgggctagc ttgaagcaag cttacagtgg cgtgaaagca gggatacaga    118560
     ggcaggacaa actcaggatt gcacatgact gttgccaagc aacccacatg tccgttatct    118620
     aggttaacct gggcacgggc ttatcccata accttcacta tgttgcccag gtggccgtaa    118680
     ctcaggcctg ctcagaggct catgaccttc actttactgc ttagataaaa caatgcttga    118740
     agtcaatagt tacagagaac aggaatttat aaactcattc cataaaacaa aggaaaattt    118800
     gtttttcttc tccctatatt gagggagtgc tgggagagtc tccagagcac attagataat    118860
     attattatta agacttttcc tgggtttggg ctgtgcttgt tgctgcctct aggacaagtt    118920
     agcctaatac gggaaagctt atttctcttt ctttttaatt ttatttttct ttaatttccc    118980
     acctcaacac gacctgaacg tggcttagtc tgctgctggt gtttgtggag ggctgaatag    119040
     tgtccttagg aaatatgttc aagccctaac ctgtgaacac agacattttt ggaaatgggt    119100
     tattgcagat gttatgcatt aggatgacct catgatggat tagggtgggc cctaaatcca    119160
     atgaccagca tgcttttaag aaggggaaat gtgtgcacag acacacaggg aaggtacggt    119220
     gaagccggag ggagagaaga agggacgcgt ctacactcca agtgcagaga gaaaaggttc    119280
     agggttgagg ctcctgaaac aagacggatt caccagagaa aagcgaacaa atgtatttta    119340
     gttttatgtg acttggagcc ttcgtaagga aatgaagacc cagagccagg tggacctgtg    119400
     tgtttgtgct ttggcttgat gaagagggga tggccgtggg gaaacgtgga tgaggacggg    119460
     aggctgtgat gtgatgggtg aactgggcac ctcagcacgg cctgtgtgcc cgggggagag    119520
     gggataggtg agcagggaaa tgactgtgtt gactatacac agccaccacc taaacctcag    119580
     tgtttgcttt gtaattgagc tcacgcaagc aaagctatct ccagcgggga ctctcttcta    119640
     aagagcacgc acactttaat ttttacctgt cctcgaacca accctttgtt cattataaca    119700
     gtgaaaaaga tacccctggg tggagatgta agatgctaat gagacacacc acctacaaac    119760
     aagcatgtgt gccgacgacc accagactgt gcttcctgat aacacctctc ccactttctt    119820
     ttttttttaa ggtggggtct agatctatcc ccagtctgga gtgcagtggt gagatctcag    119880
     ctcaccacag cctctgcctc ccaggttcaa gcgattctcc tgcctcagcc tcctgagtag    119940
     ctgggattat aggcatgcgc caccatgccc agctaatttt gtattttttt ttagtagaga    120000
     cgaggtttct ccatgttggt caggctggtc ttgaactccc gacctcagat gatccactcg    120060
     ccttggcctc ccaaagtgct gagattacag gcatgagccc ccatgcccgg ctacctctcc    120120
     catcttctta tggatcatcg ggtgagactc ccataaaggc agcctcccta tggccggtct    120180
     ctgctgtctc accctcatga cccaccctga gtcctttctc ccttagggtg gcctgtctat    120240
     tctgcacctc actttcaaaa tactcttttt ttttttttta aagacagagt tttgctcttg    120300
     ttgcccaggc tggagtgcag tggtatgatc ttggctccct gcaacctctg cctcccggat    120360
     ttgagtgatt ctcccgcctc agcctcccaa gtagctggga ttacaggcgc ttgctaccat    120420
     gcttggctaa tttttctatt tttattagag atggggtttc accatattgg ccaggctggt    120480
     ctcaaactcc tgacctcaag taatccgccc acctcggcct cctaaaatgc taggattaca    120540
     ggcgtgagcc cctgcaaaat acttttcttc ttttgcaata agttactctg tgctgcactt    120600
     cttttgcagt gtgtctcttg tttaaattct tttgaactga gaagacgaga actgtcatca    120660
     cgtcagctgt caacaccagt tctctgtgtc ctgtatcttc agagagaagg gcgtgtcttt    120720
     tccccgggtt tcgggagggc gtctcacatc agggtcttgg ggacctgctg taggggagaa    120780
     ggctgagggg aggtgagaga gaccttcctg cttctgctgt tttcacagtg ccaaggtgcc    120840
     atactttggg gtagcgtgtc ccgaacccca tcaaaagcaa cacagagggt tgctggggca    120900
     tggccgggag cagattccct ttcacatctc cgcaggaact gaccctgccg atgcctgacc    120960
     tcagacttcc ggtccccagg ctgtcagaca gatttctgtt ttgcttagtc gggcagacgc    121020
     taggctctgt cccctacggt ggcaccattg gtgccgctca tcggttcttt tcaggcggca    121080
     caaagtcctg cacacgtgtg ggccaggtct ccaggagatc taggcagagt gaaatgcaga    121140
     ttttggggtc ccctctggct ctgtcctttc caggaactcc tctttcctcc ctggctgcca    121200
     cagtcacccc gttgctctct gggtcctcat gccggaggga cggtggtttc ctacccgagg    121260
     ctttgctccc ctgcgtgggc cagctgctct cgagtggaat gccttacaaa aggaaatctg    121320
     cctggcgcca cggctttcct ccgagtacgg acgcctgttc agtctctttc tgcttccggc    121380
     tgtgcccggt accttctggt ggttggtgcc tgtatctgtc caggggatgt aggtggtgtg    121440
     ttggactgac atgagctgct ttgccatgac tggaaatgga gcctcagtgt tactggaaaa    121500
     agggtctcaa tcaagacccc aagagagggc tttggatctc tcgtgggaag aaattccagg    121560
     cgagttgcag agtgcagtga gagaaggaag tttattgaaa actacttcat tgcagatagg    121620
     gcaccctcag aaagcaagag aagcaacgcc ccagctttag gtttttctta tataggggtc    121680
     tcgtctgtgg aaagaccaag ccaagctgtg cctacatgta ggtgagcaga gagcatgata    121740
     ttttcttatt ctatgtaagg aaaactgtcc ttgacatttt cgtgtgtgag tccatcaaag    121800
     cataactgga atgatcttaa cagcacacat tgctggggtt ctggacgtct ggactctgtt    121860
     gttggaggag tgtgtttttg caggcgtcac caagctgcct ctttagctgt gaacatctta    121920
     ggaccggggg tcatgactgt gtccggcgag tggattttaa aatggtgtga ttctggctct    121980
     cctgggctcc tgccttccta acaccaggac ctttcttttg ataagaggac gttgcccttg    122040
     ccctctccgg gtcactgtga ggacgggggt ggacggagct gagtgcccag cagagacttg    122100
     tcagaacacg tggcctgaaa ctcagcatat ggccgccaat tttgagccaa ttttgaccca    122160
     aagcactttt gcaaggaatt gtgtcctgga acctggtggc ctggttaggg ttggcctggc    122220
     ccctggttct ccctctgtga agcggggatc gagggagctc aggggttgtg tgttcagcac    122280
     agaagcaggg ccttgcctgc aggaatgcca ggctttattg ctttaattat gattgtcgat    122340
     ctagaaaata gcacatacag tgtcgtatca gttctctcag gggtcccaga aaaaatgggt    122400
     tctgggacca ggtgagaacc tatttctctc taactctata tttgtcaaat gtatttgata    122460
     acagaatgca tctctatttt tgtgaaaatc caattaatat cctgagacag atgccctgaa    122520
     aaatgtcttt gtaaatagtc tgagtattga cagcattcta aataatctgg gtttcatcca    122580
     tgcaaaaatc agacaccacc cactccagac ggccagcacc tcccgcctca aggtgtctcc    122640
     cttgaccctg gtttctccgt tgattccctt tttatccaac tcatcatgtt tctagatgct    122700
     gcttcacatg caattagttg ttataaggaa ataaatcacc tactttctag gggaagaaat    122760
     acatacattt ctgcagactc gggggatgtt aggaacaatg gaaacgtcac agagccgagt    122820
     ggtgttgccc ggatcgctct agagactgat ttggggactg cttccgaagc acagaagcgt    122880
     ctgtttgctc tgcctcctcg gcctcccaat caccccatct tcacgtggaa atgcacttcc    122940
     caggagcgtg ttcgctgtga ctgctgcctt cccatggcta tgcgtgaccc tgaggtaggg    123000
     aaacgtttct taaacaggac aaagaccccc aaacccaaaa acaagatggc aaagggaatg    123060
     atgaacagaa ctgtattaga actaagatta gaaaatcatc aaaagttcaa agggcatgag    123120
     aagggagcat agagtgggag aaacgtctgc agagactcgg ctgcgagcga ctctgtccgg    123180
     gacctgcagg gaatgtgtgg aaaccaacca gaggcaggtg gcagcgcagg ccgagagggg    123240
     catgagagct ttgaagacac ttcacagaag aggacaaacg tggcaggagc tatgggatga    123300
     agtgcacaca cacaaaccca acacacaccc acacacccac acacacccac acacacacac    123360
     cccccacaca aacccaacac acacacacac acgacacaca cacccaacac ccacacaccc    123420
     acacacaccc acacacagac acccacacac ccacacacac acacacacaa acccaacaag    123480
     acagaaacaa gcaacaacac agcgatgcaa aactaacaat gatcacgcaa attatacgat    123540
     ttctgagcgc tctcagtgta agcagaaatg aataccagct gttaatgtgt taatgctaac    123600
     tttagtcatt taaaaagaat ttgcaagaca gaaccccaaa ccagtttctt tcctagtgat    123660
     ggggccacag ctgaagacca ctgatgcaga cgcagacgag ctcgccttcc ttgatggaag    123720
     ccagtggaaa ctccccccca caaaaaggaa tttttttaaa cagcaaataa attccagacc    123780
     cccaaatgaa aaaccctgga agatcaggga tccctggagg aaagggctcc cagacttcgg    123840
     caaatcgtcc tatcagtttg ggctgtgagg tgcccaagcc ggtgccaagc acggataggt    123900
     gagctgctgc aggccgggtc accttcactc aggatctctc cagatgtcag tcgagaaaaa    123960
     tgacaagtct caatcatctg tggaggttta tttgccaaag ttcaggacac atccctggga    124020
     ttcaggtcta tgccattctc cggagatgat tttgaggttt tgagggctcc aaatttaaaa    124080
     ggcaaagggc gagatactgg gaagtacaca attttcatgt aagaggcggg tagggagaaa    124140
     cattcatgcc tttgtctggc tcagtgaatc tgcatttttt acataagacg acatagacaa    124200
     gtggcataga ggaagaacaa gggaatctgt attttacgta acacagacaa acagggcagg    124260
     ggagcaatca gatatgcatt tgtgtctgac gggcaggaag gtgacggcac ctgtaaagat    124320
     aagccttccg tttacatgca tggagaaatt ttaacagaaa caccttcaga gatcttgcgg    124380
     cgctaggaat ttccatgagg gcaacaccgg ggaggcgggt ggcttttcat cttgcagctg    124440
     tcttatttag gaaccaaaag tgcgaggcag gttttcacga gccagtttcc agcttgactt    124500
     ttccctctgg cttaatgagt ctggggtccc agaatttaat ttcctttcac atgacagatg    124560
     ggagcatcgg gccagggtgc tgcccgtggc cccacgcttc cccgaggggc tgctcccatc    124620
     gtaagtcctg gcaagatggt ggtcaggtgg gggtctttca cagcgcctcc cccatcttat    124680
     aaaagccaaa ggattccagg gtctcaggtg ggattctaat cctttatatg ctcatatggc    124740
     aaaacccctg gacccttttt cagaataatg ttttcatagt ttacataaaa atgcaataac    124800
     tatgaaatac tgttatcaaa attttaaaga tcggatgtaa tgatataatt tattaatgca    124860
     taaaacagaa tctggtgatg ggtctaaaac ccaccataat tttgaagtta tgactgtaaa    124920
     tggtatttta agatatcttc aataattgca aaaagattgg aaatgcctgc gatttcttct    124980
     ggtagaaaag ccacaggttc ggttaactga attcattttg ttgcttctgg tcaggatcga    125040
     atgacagtta aatttgattc atgattactg aaaaatgggt gaaccctggg gtgtgtgggc    125100
     cctgagtctg gaaggtctgg tctggcgcaa agcacctctc accacctctg ccccctgtgt    125160
     gcttcacatt tcaaacttaa caacatattt tcacattcgt tatcttattt aatttgctga    125220
     tgataaatat attaagcatc caacccaaga aactagtaag agagtaagaa tattcaccca    125280
     agacaattac atggcaggaa gaacgaagat taaaaataaa tgtacacagt agaaaatgtc    125340
     aacaaaaatt agaccttgtt aacaaaatac tagatttaat caatgaaagc cacagatggt    125400
     ttgttgaaaa taaaaataga gaatagagaa acctattaat aatttaagta atttggaaat    125460
     gtatattagg gcaaatttaa gataagaaca tatacaaaag gaaatattat gtaaaactca    125520
     gagaaaaatc taaacaaaca tattttctga gagaatataa gtttaaaaat tgacttcaga    125580
     agaaatagaa aacacaagta gctcgataac tatagtagtg acgaaagaga ttggctgagc    125640
     taaactagtg ttataagcac cagtccttga tggtaactca gaagttttga aaaagagaaa    125700
     cagagcagtg tggagtatgt gtgcgcaggt tcacacatgt gtgaaagtgt gtgggatgtt    125760
     tatctgtgtg tctgtgtgca cacggtgtgt gagtgtgtat gtgtgtgtgt gcttgttaaa    125820
     gtaggcagat ggccgggaat ctgtatcctg ccctcacaag gtgggctccc acctgcaggc    125880
     tcaggggagg agccccttcc gggccccctg ttcctgactt ctgacccctg gcgctgcccc    125940
     acggtaaatg ccagtgcttt taggccactg ggtttgtggt tatttgttat gtcagcaaaa    126000
     aaagaactaa tacaaagagc aggtaaattg gaatagcctc tttacagggt aatttgactt    126060
     catctataag aatgtaaaat gcagacactg acctggaaat tccactttca gcatttaacc    126120
     tttaaaaata tccacacttg ttatcacata ggtacatgca aagatgttca ctgtgacatt    126180
     atctttaaca gtgagaaatt gtgagcataa aacatttgta aaataccaat gaacagaatg    126240
     gcagaacaca agaacacatc attatatttt tatgcatgga tcggatactg caggatgctt    126300
     aagaagacag tgaaaatatt tcccagacgt tttgttaggg tatgggagtc ccaggacagc    126360
     agcgcctgca tgaccccatt taggaggagg aggaggagca gccagaccac ccttgagggc    126420
     ctgcccaggc ccaggtgggg atgctgctgc tgggaacagg gtcacctcct tgagggatgt    126480
     ggagaaaggg ggtgtgaagg gggtgtcact ccttggtttg caggtttttg taacaagaag    126540
     gtccttttgt atttttggtt ccattttgga aattaaatgg aagaatgcac gtgcatcaaa    126600
     cgtgtggttt ggtttttggg gggattccca gacccactct ccatcatgga acgcaggtgg    126660
     actcctgtcc agattagtct tgaaggaggt ctgtgcctga tgggaaggca gagcctctca    126720
     cctggcctgg cctcagctgg cttttggggt gctctgcagc agggcaggca cgtggccagc    126780
     cacgaggaaa gccaagggga ctcagcccgg gaagcggcct cgctggctca gacgtggctg    126840
     tggtgccggg cctcctgggg agcagcctgg ggacagggag ttgccttctc tctgcctggt    126900
     tgccctctgc gtggggtgaa accttcccgc acgtctgtgt tgctgtctga cttttaaaca    126960
     ctgcatgaaa cagaggcctt gccatgccgt ggctgcgtgg atctgtggag ccagtggaga    127020
     ctcacagcag tgagcagtcc tgggggccca gggtatgacc cccgtcgtcc aaaccccggc    127080
     ccaacgtgtg cagagccctc ccaccatcca ctcgctgcaa cttttcttta aatatgccca    127140
     tctttttact caaatttact tatttaaaag ttaattttgg gctgagtgca gtggcttatg    127200
     cctataattc cagcacttgg ggaggccaag gtgggcagat tgcttgaacc ccggagttcg    127260
     aggccagcct ggttaacacg ctgaaatccc atctctacaa agaatacgaa cattagctgg    127320
     gtctgatggt gtgcagctgt ggtcccagct actcaggagg ctgaggtgga aggattgctt    127380
     gagcctggga ggttgaggct gcagtgagcc atgatcttgc cactgctcta cagcctggaa    127440
     gacagagtaa gatccaattt cacacacaca aaaaagttaa tttaacaaac ccctttcact    127500
     atttaattga acatacttca aaattagtta aattaggatc aataatttgt ataaaaattg    127560
     tagaaatacc ggaacaaagt gcagatgaac acttttgtcc caaggggcct gggccatgct    127620
     ctatagtcag cactcaagtg ggagaggagc tcacactctc agagcattga gcattgagag    127680
     gcagcatggc tgcaactgtg aggaaatata ggggagccac atgaccgagc aagggcttac    127740
     ctacttacca ctctgcctaa gagccaccta ctggatcaca tcccaaagct tcaacaccaa    127800
     aaatgcctca ctaacatatc cctgctgtaa aaccaaagac cagaagtcag atataaataa    127860
     agaccctgca caaagcttca gccctgtgaa aacatccaaa agtctattga ctgtattcaa    127920
     tttacaccac agttaaagga acacccacat gcagagatga gaaagagcca atgcaagaac    127980
     tctggcaact caaatggcca gagtgacttc catcctcgaa acgatcactc cttgttttcc    128040
     aacaagggct cttaacgagg ctgagtcggc aggaatgaca gaaatagaat tcagaatatg    128100
     gatagaaaca aagattattg aggttcagga gaatggcaaa actcaatcca aggaaactaa    128160
     gaatgacaat aaaaggatac aggagcagac agatgaaata gacagtgtaa aaaagaacct    128220
     aactgacctg gtagagataa aaattacact acaagaattt cacaatgcga tcacaagtat    128280
     taacagcaga atagaccaag ccgaggaaag aatctcagaa cttaaagact gactgtctga    128340
     aataagacag tcagacaaga atagagaaaa aagaataaaa aggaatgaac aaaacctcca    128400
     agaaatatgt ggttatgtaa agaggtcaaa tctatgaatc attggtatcc ctgaaagaga    128460
     tgaggagaaa gcaaacaact tggaaaacat atttcaggat gtcatccaag aaaacttccc    128520
     taacctcact agagaggcca acagtcaaat gcaggaaata caaagaaccc ctgcaagatt    128580
     ttacacaaga agattatcct gaagacacac aatcatcaga ttttccaaag tcaaaatgaa    128640
     aaaaagaatg ttaaaggcag agagagagaa agggcaggtt acctaaaaag ggaacccatc    128700
     aggctaatag tggacctgtc agcagaaacc ctacaagcca gagagattgg gcatattcaa    128760
     cattcttttt ttttttttga gagggagtct ctctctgtca cccaggctgg agtgcagtgg    128820
     cacgatcttg gctcactgca acctccacct cccaggttca tgccattctc ctgcctcagc    128880
     ctcccaagta gctgggacta taggcgcccg ccaccacgcc tggctaattt tttgtatttt    128940
     tagtagagac ggggtttcac catgttagcc aggatggtct caatctcctg acctcgtgat    129000
     ccgcccgcct cggcctccca aagtgctggg attacaggcg tgagccactg cacctggctc    129060
     aacattctta aagaaaaaaa aacattcaac caaaaatttc atatccagcc aaaataaatt    129120
     cctcagcaaa ggaaaaataa gatccttttc caataagcaa atgctgaggc agttcacttc    129180
     cactagaccc accttacaag agatcttgaa aggagcacta aatatgaaga ggaaaggttg    129240
     ttaccagcca atacaaaaac acacttaaac acatagacca gtgacactat aaagtaacta    129300
     catgaacaag tcagcatgat aaccagctaa caatgatcaa attcacacat atccatacta    129360
     accttgaatg taaatgggct aaatgctcca tttaaaaggc atggagtggc aagcagataa    129420
     aacagcaaaa cccaacagta tgctgtcttt aagacaccca tctcacatgc aatgacacgc    129480
     ataggctcaa aataaaggga tggaggaaaa tctatgaaga aaatggaaat caggaaaaag    129540
     caggggttgt aatcttaatt tcagataaaa cagactttaa accaacaaag atcaaaaact    129600
     caaagaagaa cattacatga tggtaaaggg tttaattcaa caagaagacc taactatcct    129660
     aaatatatat gcacccaact caagagcacc cagagtcata aagcaagttt ttagagacct    129720
     acaaagagac ttagactccc acgcaatgat agtgggacac ttcaacactc cactcacagt    129780
     gtcagacaga tcatcgaggc agaaaattaa cagacatcca ggacctgaac ttagcattgg    129840
     accaaatgga tctgatagac ctctacagaa ctctccatct ccaaacaaca gaatatgcct    129900
     tcttctcatt gccacatgac acatacgcta aaattgacca cataattgaa cataaaacaa    129960
     ttctcagcaa atgtaaaaag aaccaaaatc agacccaaca cactcttgga ccacagcaca    130020
     ataaaaatag aagtcaaaac taaaaaaatc actcaagacc atgcaattac atagaaatta    130080
     aacaacctgc tcctgaatga cttttaggtg aataatgaaa ttaaggcaaa aatcaagaag    130140
     ttctttgaaa cttatgagaa caaagtcaca acgtaccaga atatctggga tgccggaaag    130200
     gcagtgttaa gagggaaatt tatagcacta tatgcccaca tcagaaagtt agaaagatct    130260
     caaattaaca acctaacatc atgactgaaa taattagaga agcaagagca aaccaacccc    130320
     aaagctagca gaagacaaga aataacaaaa atcagagctg aactgaagta aattgagaca    130380
     tgaaaaacca ttaacaaaat caatgaatct agaaattggt tttttgaaaa aaattaataa    130440
     gataggtccc tagctagact aataaagaaa gaagataaaa ataaacacaa ttagaaagga    130500
     caaaggggat gttactacca accctacaga aatacaaata agcatcagaa actactgcaa    130560
     acacctctat gcacacaagc tagaaaacct agaagagatg gacatatgca ctcccccaag    130620
     gctgaacctg gaagaaatag attccctgaa tagatcaata atgagctctg aaattgaatc    130680
     agtaataaat agcttaccaa tcaaaaaaag cagtggaatt ccaccagagg tccaaagaag    130740
     aggtggtatc attcctactg aaactattcc aaaaaattga gaaggaggga ctcaacccca    130800
     gctcattcta tgaggccagt atcatcctga taccaaaacc tggcagagac acaacaaaaa    130860
     agaaaacttc agcctaatat ccttgatgaa cactgatgca aaaatcctca acaaaataat    130920
     tgcaaactga atccagcagc acgtcaaaaa aataatccac cacaatcaag taggcctcat    130980
     ccctgggtgc aaagctggtt caacatacac agatcaataa atatgattca tcacatgaac    131040
     agaactaaag ataaaaacca caggattatc tcaatagatg cagaaaagtc ttttgataaa    131100
     attcaacatc ccttcatgtt aaaaactcaa taaactaggt attaaaggaa catacccaaa    131160
     ataataagag ccatctatga caaatccaca accaacatca tactgaataa ggaaaagctg    131220
     gaagcactcc ccttgaaaac tggctcaaga tgaggatgtc ctctctcacc actcctattc    131280
     aacatagtgt tggaagttct ggccagagca accaggcaag agaataagat aaagggcatc    131340
     caaacaggaa gagaggaagt caaactatcc ctgtttgcag atgacatgct tctctatcta    131400
     gaaaacccta tagtcttggc ccaaaagctc tttaagctga taaacaactt cagcaaagtt    131460
     ttaggataca aagtcaatgt acaaaaatta gtagcattcc tatacaccaa aaacagccat    131520
     gctgagagcc aagtcaggaa tgcaatccca ttcacaattg ccacaaaaag aataaaatac    131580
     ctaggaatgc agtgaaccag ggaggtgaaa gttctctaca atgagaatta taaaaacact    131640
     gctcaaagaa atcagagatg gcacaaacaa atggaaaaaa cattccatac tcacggatag    131700
     gaagaatcaa tatcatcaaa atggccatac tgcctaaagc aatgtacaga ttcaatgcta    131760
     ttcctatccg actaccaatg acattcttca cagaactgga aaaaactatt ttaaaattca    131820
     tatggaacaa caacaaaaaa aagagtccaa atagtcaaag caagcctaag caaaaaggac    131880
     aaaactggag gtataatgtt acctgacttc aaactatact acagggctgc agtaaccaaa    131940
     acagcatggt actggtacaa aaatagacac acagaccaat gggacagaat agagggccca    132000
     gaaatagggc cacacaccta caaccatctg atcttcgaca aacctgacca aaagaggcaa    132060
     tggggaaagg actccctatt caataaatgg tgctgggata tctggccaac cataagcaga    132120
     agattgaaac tgaacccatt tcttacacca tgtacgaaaa tcaatgcaag atgaattaaa    132180
     gacttaagtg taaaaaccca aactataaaa actatggaag gtgacctagg caatagcatt    132240
     ctggatatag ggacgggtag agatttcatg atgaagatgc caaaagtgat tgcaacagaa    132300
     gaaaaattga caaatgagat ctaattaaac tagagagctt cttcacagct aaagaaacta    132360
     tcaacagagt agacattctg taggttacag aatgggagca atttttgcaa gctatccatt    132420
     tgataatagt ctaacagagc cagaatctat aaaaaagtta aacaaattta catgtcaaaa    132480
     ccaaaccacc ccattaagaa gtgggcaaag gatatgaaca aacacttttc aaaagcagac    132540
     atacgtgcgt ccaacaagca tatgaaaaaa agttcaatat cactgatcat tagagaaatg    132600
     caaatgaaaa ccataatgat agaccatcct acaccagtca gaatggccat tattaaatag    132660
     tcaaaaaata acagatgctg gtgaggttgc agagaaaaag gaacacactt acacactgtt    132720
     ggtggggtgt aaattagttc gacccttgtg gaaactaatg tagtgattcc tcaaagagct    132780
     gaaaatgaac taccatttga tccggcagtc ccatgactgg atgtatatcc aaaggaatat    132840
     aaatcattct gccataaaga tacatgtagg tgaatgttca ctgcagcgct atgcacaata    132900
     gcaaagacat gggaccaacc taaatgccca taaatgagag actggataaa aaaatggtac    132960
     atatacatca cagaatacta tgcagccata aaaagaatga gattatgtct tttgtgggaa    133020
     catggatgga gccgaaggcc attatcctta gcaaactaat gcaggaacgg aaaaccaaat    133080
     gccacatttt ctcacttata agtggcagct gaatgatgag aactcatgaa cacaaagaag    133140
     ggaacaaccg acgctggggc ctacttgagg gtggagggtg ggaggaggga gaggagcaga    133200
     aaagataact actggttact aggcttagta cctggagatg aaataatctg tataagaaac    133260
     agaaaaccaa acaccgcatg ttctcactca taagtgggag acgaacaatg agaacacatg    133320
     gacacaggga ggggaacatc acacactggg gcctgtcagg gggcaggggg ctaggggagg    133380
     aagagtatta ggacaaatac ctaatgcact cggggcttga aacctagatg acgggttgac    133440
     aggtgcagca aaccaccatg gcacatgtac acctatgtaa cctatgtaac aaacctgcac    133500
     gttctgcaca tgtatcccag aacttaaaat aatgaaaaaa agtgagtcca gattctgatc    133560
     ttggctcatg tgtccccagg tgcactgcaa acaaaatcag aaaataaact gcacatttta    133620
     atcacaggaa gacccaaggc tgggaggtac cagtgcatct ccatccctgg gacaggaggc    133680
     cgggaggtag cagtgcatct ccatccctgg gacaggaggc cgggaggtag cagtgcatct    133740
     ccatccctgg gacaggaggc cgggaggtac cagtgcatct ccatccctag gacaggaggc    133800
     tgggaggtac cagtgcatct ccatccctgg gacaggaggc cgggaggtac cagtgcatct    133860
     ccatctctgg gacaggaggc cagggggtgc ccggacgtct ccatccctgg gacaggaggc    133920
     cgggaggtag cagtgcatct ccatccctgg gacaggaggc cgggaggtag cagtgcatct    133980
     ccatcccctg ggacaggagg ccgggaggta ccagtgcatc tccatccctg ggacaggagg    134040
     ccgggaggta ccagtgcatc tccatccctg ggacaggagg ccgggaggta ccagtgcatc    134100
     tccatcccta ggacaggagg ctgggaggta ccagtgcatc tccatccctg ggacaggagg    134160
     ccgggaggta ccagtgcatc tccatctctg ggacaggagg ccagggggtg cccggacgtc    134220
     tccatcctgg gacaggaggc cgggaggtac cagtgcatct ccatccctgg gacaggaggc    134280
     caggaggtgc cgggacgtct ccatcccagg acaggagacc gggaggtacc agtgcatctc    134340
     catccctagg acaggaggct gggaggtatc agtgcatctc catccctggg acaggaggcc    134400
     gggaggtacc agtgcgtctc catccctggg acaggaggcc aggaggtgcc cggacgtctc    134460
     catccctggg acaggaggcc aggaggtgcc tggacgtctc catccctggt gcccggacgt    134520
     ctccatccct gggacaggag gccaggaggt gcctggacgt ctccatccct ggtgcccgga    134580
     cgtctccatc cctgggacag gaggccggga agcaccagca catctccctc cttggactgc    134640
     accatggaaa accaaggccg tcatgaggga ggtctggact tacagggtgg tggaatagtg    134700
     tgtgctgggg agccctttgt cttttccctg ggtgccatat ggagaattat acatgcaggc    134760
     aggaggggaa ggtgttagat actcgtggtg ggaggtaagt gtgagacagg cagggcaggg    134820
     cctactgctg tgtatgggca gtgggaagag tgtggtttaa atgattttcc atcgaacatg    134880
     ctaatggcag cctgtgactg ggatgaggtc ccagtggcag attaaggtgg taaatgcccc    134940
     catacccttt atcaaagtta actgcaaaag gaagccagag tcatctatac tattgatctg    135000
     cattttatct attgcctttt aaagtgagaa aatcagtgac tcatatttac tttacaaggc    135060
     aatgaaagtg gagcagcttc ctacacaggc aggtgaggag gcaccgtctc tcctgcttat    135120
     tgcagggctg tcatgggaag agctgtgtca gctaatcctc tgggtgttac gctttattct    135180
     cagtgtggct ttagtgggtc tagaaatggg ggtgtgggaa acactcacag atttagcact    135240
     aaagggcacc ctcaccatgg aatctggagc taaccacctg cagacatgaa gctgggctca    135300
     gccctgcagg ttctgtgcag ctaaccatgt gcagacatga agccgggctc agccccgcag    135360
     gttctgtgca gctaaccatg tgcagacatg aagccgggct cagccccgca ggttctgtgc    135420
     agctaaccat gtgcagacat gaagccgggc tcagccccgc aggttctctg cagctaacca    135480
     tgtgcagaca tgaagctggg ctcagccccg caggttctgt gcagctaacc atgtgcagac    135540
     atgaagctgg gctcggccct gcagcggctg tgcagtcaac cacatgcaga catgaagctg    135600
     ggctcagcac tgcaggttcc gtgcagccaa tcacgtgcag acatgaagct gggcccagcc    135660
     ccacaggttc tgtgcagcta accatgtgca gacatgaagc tgggctcggc cctgcagcgg    135720
     ctgtgcagtc aaccacatgc agacatgaag ctgggctcag cactgcaggt tccgtgcagc    135780
     taactatgtg cagaggtaaa gctgggcagc aacatcttat tctcataact tctttaccac    135840
     tatgaaaacc aaaacaaagt tactggtgaa acataacttt agatttccag aaagtcaatc    135900
     cagatccaag taacaacccg tatgtaatgg ggtagacaat ggtcatgcta aaaccaagtt    135960
     ccagtgttga gttccgtcag aaatttgttc cctatctgaa tgttatcatt ttgagataga    136020
     agaatcattt gaatcttcat catgactatc attatctttg gttttaacaa ctttttcatt    136080
     ttacttaatg agacatcaga ttgatgggac aatcaattca gcagtacacc ccaaatagta    136140
     cacggggaaa gtaagatggc ctttgtaagg aaatccaccc tccctgtttg cagacctgcc    136200
     tggcataggc agcttgtcag ttggtggtcg gttggtgtgg gatccgtggc tctgtggctg    136260
     gactcctttg tgctggtggt gactctgtcc tcccactttc tttccacatc acatcacaca    136320
     cactttgctc tcagggtgct gcacgagggc cctagcgtct gccctggagg atgtgatttt    136380
     aaacccacat gcaggcgtct gccctgagaa catgtggcag tgttcctctt tgagctgtca    136440
     tcgctatgag ccagaacatt gttgtttgtg gttttcagat gattatcaaa atgaaataca    136500
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacgcacaca cctcatggag ctccttgact cctgagaata    136560
     tgtccttagc gttcctgacc tcactgtggg aagggctggg gccaggccca agattgctgc    136620
     cttcctaaca cctgcggctc caggagatcc cccccaccac atggcttaac tcagtggggg    136680
     gccactggat cctcaaatca acagtactcg attctaagag acacagagct ggtttagaat    136740
     agaatagaag tcaggatttt gcttgtgaca gaaaaccaaa tccaaaaagc tcgagtgaga    136800
     aagagttttc tggggcacac actgaaaaaa gcctagggat agatggcttc aggtatggct    136860
     ggatccagga ctcaaataag gttgttggaa gcagctttct ttttctggct cctggttctg    136920
     ctcctttctg tggtcattct caggtctcct gtcccctcag ccaacctccc cttagtccag    136980
     acccagcaga gaaaagagct gccatgtccc catgggctgg agccaggcat cctgaccctg    137040
     ctgtgtgccc tgggggtgct gctgggtacc catcgttctc tcctggtgca catggctgac    137100
     agtggaggag aggtggactc ccactgacaa cggggagctg gttctcgaag aagcggtgcc    137160
     cacactgggt ggcagacacc cgtctggcat ggagggtgga tttcgaagcc agcaggcact    137220
     ttgtccctgt cacaccaact ctccgcttgt tggctgtcag cctggggccc ctaagaatga    137280
     cactgtctgt ccccaggagg cccctgataa aaatagattg attgattgat caactgaatg    137340
     aatcctggct ctgaatgccg catcagcctg tttgatggaa aggccattta acacctaaga    137400
     gaagcgagcc acgtgccagg tccccagctc ggaagaccga tgttgagcca cgtgccaggt    137460
     ccccagctcg gaagaccgat gttggagggt cactgcagag cgcctgctgt ggagaaacag    137520
     gctgggtcct tcctgactgt gctgcgcgct cctcaccgcg tctttacggg gagtgccgcc    137580
     cttcctccca tggctgcacc aggctgagtg gctgcaaagg ctgagcactc agacagtgtg    137640
     aacccacagc ccacagcccc tgctgctgga ccacagatgt ttatccccag agggaggatg    137700
     agctgtgatc cagttcaaac catcccatta cgaaggagaa cagcagagat gctggggagc    137760
     agaggactag gaattccttt taggattctg agaaagtgct gagagcaaca aaacaaatct    137820
     tctgcgcttt ggggtttgca agcggcactg aaagctacac cgttatttta agtaaatgaa    137880
     agaaaagtgt gtggtccagt gctgttgata aaggcgggtg gggttgttct aacatcctcg    137940
     gtgacatgtg ccccggcttt tgagaactcc tggctctgcc ggctctcaga cttcataaaa    138000
     cccatgtggt tgtggcaggc agtctgtcat agctggtctg tgcagtgtgg tccatgcccg    138060
     ccaggcaggc ttgaactcct cttcctctgt gatccgctct ggcaaaataa accagccagg    138120
     tctggggtgg cacctgcccc gcactgaccc tcaggcctgc cgtgggctga gcacagggta    138180
     agcaggtgga tccacgctct ctctgcccct ctcgctccct ctccctgctc catcacactt    138240
     cccattgaag aggaggatga gacgctcagt attttacttc tcgccgagtt atcccacact    138300
     cttcacagac accacacgga acgcctgcac cacgtgtcag cgtctgtgct ttcgcattca    138360
     tttaccgtgg tttctattta ggctgatttt gtgtgtgcag agtgttcggg ggtggaattc    138420
     atctgagagt gagtagatat ttctggggct ccagatgcac agtcctacat cgttccagga    138480
     aagtctgttg gtgaaggccc cgcctggtgc tgggtgcagg ggttggggct aggcagagct    138540
     gacagctggg aggatttggg ggctgaggtt taggtgcagg agaaggtgag ggtgggaagc    138600
     ccacattgcc aagagggagg aaaagggact tagggatgaa atattgagat gttggctatt    138660
     gttctcagtc cacccccaaa ttaaaaaaaa aaaaagtcaa atacagatgc ggtttgcctg    138720
     atttaaggga caggggaaga cgggaggcag ctgggtcagc cctggatttt ggttctgagt    138780
     ccacgcacgt gtctctggct gccagacacg cccctgcttc atacagggct gcttattaac    138840
     ttaacaagtt cccttctgat tcaatcaccc cttcggtctg gagaacaccc ggatccaagg    138900
     tccccctgtt aagactgact ttaccgggac cctggggcct cagcaaagct ctgtccccgg    138960
     aacctgcccg cagaatcgca catctggttc ctgcctcagt gcccagagcg cccagacacc    139020
     tgctgcggct ccacaggctt cttagcacag tgagggttgg tcactcctga aagcgacgct    139080
     cccgcccctt ggttgctgtc ctcagctgag aacagagcac gggaaccccc agtcacctcg    139140
     gtctgtttat tttctatttt tcgcagcggc tgtgatatgt gtgttgaagg tgagtcctcc    139200
     acagcctggc ctcggatgag tcgagccgtc accacctgtt ggtttgtctc ttttgttgct    139260
     gggccgcgtg ccccgtcctt gggtgttcat taagccgatg cgtgcctgtg gttaaggtca    139320
     aaagttttta gcatgaaggc ggccaggtgg aggctgctta gttacagcca ctcaggggca    139380
     acgcggccag gcgcagcttc aggactgctt tcctttagac tgaaagtggg gtcttagatt    139440
     tccgatggag atccgtctgc aatgtgtttc agcttcttct gatctgaggt ctggaaaccc    139500
     ccatgaataa aaaaccttgc tgggagctgc ccacatcagt gggcctggct tctgctgtct    139560
     gcctttgctg gctggacggg gcagaggaga agggccactc gggatttctc agagtctcac    139620
     tcctggggct tcagagccgc agccttaatt agtaggcgtt aaagagagcc tgggaaaggc    139680
     agaggccaac actacctccc actcctcaca gtggtggggt ccactccacc cccactcaca    139740
     acagagggac ccactccacc cccactcaca ggagagggac tcactccacc ccactcacag    139800
     cagagggact cactccaccc ccactcacag gagagggact cactccacct ccactcacaa    139860
     cagagggact cactccaccc cactcacagc agagggactc actccacctc cactcacagg    139920
     agagggaccc gctccacctc cactcacaag agagggaccc actccacccc actcacagca    139980
     gaggtaccca ctccacctcc actcacaaga gagggactca ctccaccccc actcacagca    140040
     gaggggccca ctccactcca ctcacaggag agggacccac tccagcccca ctcacaggag    140100
     agggacccac tccaccccac tcacaggaga gggactcact ccacctccac tcacaacaga    140160
     gggacccact ccaccccact cacagcagag gggcccactc cacctccact cacaggagag    140220
     ggactcactc cacccccact cacagcagag ggactcactc caccccactc acagcagagg    140280
     gactcactcc acccccactc acagcagagg ggcccactcc acccccactc acagcagagg    140340
     gactcactcc acccccactc acagcagagg ggcccactcc acccccactc acagcagagg    140400
     ggcccactcc accccactca cagcagaggg acccactcca ccccactcac aggagaggga    140460
     cccactccac ctccactcac aggagaggga cccgctccac ctccactcac aggagaggga    140520
     cccactccac cccactcaca gcagaggtac ccactccacc tccactcaca agagagggac    140580
     tcactccacc cccactcaca gcagaggggc ccactccact ccactcacag gagagggacc    140640
     cactccagcc ccactcacag gagagggacc cactccaccc cactcacagg agagggaccc    140700
     actccacctc cactcacaag agagggactt actccacccc tactcacagg agagggaccc    140760
     actccacccc actcacagga gagggactca ctccacccca ctcacaggag agggacccac    140820
     tccaccccac tcacagcaga gggactcact ccacccccac tcacaggaga ggggcccact    140880
     ccaccccact cacaggagag ggactcactc cacctccact cacaggagag ggacgcactc    140940
     caccccactc acaggagagg gacccactcc actccactca caggagaggg acccactcca    141000
     ccccactcac aggagaggga cccactccac cccactcaca ggagagggac cccctccacc    141060
     ccactcacag gagagggacc cactccaccc cactcacagg agagggactc actccacctc    141120
     cactcacagg agagcgaccc actccacccc actcacagga gagggaccca ctccactcca    141180
     ctcacaggag agggacccac tccactccac tcacaggaga gggacccact ccaccccact    141240
     cacaggagag gggcccactc ccacccccac tcgcaggaga gggacccact ccaccccact    141300
     cacaggagag ggactcactc cacctccact cacaggagag cgacccactc caccccactc    141360
     acaggagagg gacccactcc actccactca caggagaggg actcactcca ccccactcac    141420
     agcagagggg cccactccac cccactcaca gcagagggac ccactccacc ccactcacag    141480
     gagagggacc cactccactc cactcacagg agagggaccc actccacccc actcacagga    141540
     gagggaccca ctccactcca ctcacaggag agggactcac tccaccccac tcacagcaga    141600
     ggggcccact ccaccccact cacagcagag ggacccactc cactccactc acaggagagg    141660
     gacccactcc acccccactc acagcagagg gaaccactcc accccactta caggagaaag    141720
     gtccttgctt ctggaatttc ttttcctgag ttgggaggtc tggggctgcc ctgtctggat    141780
     cttcccagcc cctgagcgtg gagggagaat ggctgggtgt cccgtttggg ctgagtgcga    141840
     gggagaaacc tggcctcgct ggctgacgcc gaccagctga attaagcacc gtgtttccca    141900
     agtctttcac gtggacaaaa aatccgatta aaatcttcct tactgaatgt tttcttttga    141960
     acacgtcttg tctcacagaa agattaaagg gtgagtttag gacttccgct tccatccagg    142020
     gtggagtaaa aggaaccaat ttaccctcac cccagaacca aaaccagctg caacacaaga    142080
     aaaaataagc catcgttttt aatgtattgg atatgaagta atgaaggaca ctgatccctg    142140
     ggaggcagga aacagagagg gtgagacctg ccgatgccac agctcaggga agaggttcca    142200
     ggctgtggtg cagggcaggg agccgaggca gaacccgggg cttcctgggt taaggagatg    142260
     gaactggatc ccaagggccc aaagctggtg gagtccatgg gagaagcacc ctacaggtgg    142320
     gaggggcatg gaggcctggg gagagggcct cgtcttcagc tgaatgttga tcagcacaag    142380
     tgtgtgagga agctgccccg ggaggagagt ctctcagaaa ggattagagc tcccccagga    142440
     ctggacctgg tcccactccc actggtctcg atctcttgac cttgtgatct gcctgcctcg    142500
     gcctcccaaa gtgctgaaat tataggcgtg agccactgcg tccggctttt ttttttggag    142560
     cctcactctg tggcccaggc tggagtgcaa tgtcacgatc ttggctcact gcaacctctg    142620
     cctcccaggt tcaagcgatt ctcctgcctc ggcctcctga gtaggtggga ctacagcagg    142680
     cagccaccac atctggctaa tatttgtatt tttagtagag acaggatttc accatgttgg    142740
     ccaggctggt cttgaactcc tgatctcagg tgatccgcct gcctcggcct cccaaagtgc    142800
     tgggattaca ggagtgagcc actgtcccca gccttctttc tgtttttttt tttttttttt    142860
     tttttttctc tctctccctt tctaacttaa aaagtagcac cgacaccctg aactcaaggt    142920
     gccagcagga tggagggtgg caaggagaat cagggtcccc gaggcattgt cctgcgtgtt    142980
     ttctgggaag ttgattttgc ttttctagaa accaaacagg aaaaacacca ccatagttct    143040
     ccagaacctt cttcctgggc caacttccta actttttggg cttctccaga aaaaatattt    143100
     ttactgaact aatttcccag attaattttt tttcctccca ttacctcaga agactttcca    143160
     gcagatgagt tgaatgaaaa atcatccttg gggaaaaaaa atccttgaga gtagagagaa    143220
     cggtccaggc cttgctgcac cacactctga ccgtggagtc agacaaaggg gtttgaatcc    143280
     actttgcatc tggagggtct gggggaggcc cagggaaacc ctgcagcccc cagtcggctc    143340
     cacatctgca ggacggactg gacagcagtg atgtctcgca gcctcgggga cggaataaga    143400
     ccgtgtgggc agagggcacg cacgggggat ggggagacat cacacccgcg gagacttctg    143460
     tggcccctcc ccatgaccat ggccccccca aatggcataa aggtctgatt tcacagatga    143520
     gaaaagtgga aagtcactga ttcagtgcgt ggaagtcaaa gacacggcca cggattggag    143580
     ccgtggtctg agaataggaa gccggcccgt gggttgcacc aggacacctg cactgtcatg    143640
     tgactgctcc tctctcgggg ctccaatccc aggcccaggc cgccgcactc aggtgggcac    143700
     tggcctgtgg ttggtgaggt ggagcagaca ccactggccc ctggggttct cggggactgg    143760
     agaaggcaga gaaggccgga cggatcgcag ttgatgaggt taagaaaatg cctgtagtcc    143820
     tgaggctgag ctggaagtct cggtaccaat gcaggaaaga aacagtggct caccaagcaa    143880
     gctgagtcca ggcaccttct gtgaatttgt tcctccctgg gaggaagcaa agctccctgc    143940
     agacatggct gcttctagct tggggccagg gaagggacaa agggaccctc ctaacatcgg    144000
     tcaggaggcg tagagaactc agagtaggtg cccacaactg aagccccttg atgccgcaac    144060
     cctgcgcctc tgggtgctga gagcagaagc cccttggccc ctcaggaggg ggcctcactc    144120
     atcccctgct cagtagtggg tgagggacag tgtttccttc tggaagcggc ccagcgagtg    144180
     cagaggggac aggcccggaa tggcagtgct ctggagcccc tgtgggagtg gtcctggtgg    144240
     agatccaccg ccgtgagtac cccagagagg cctcgggcgc caggtgccct ggtggactgc    144300
     acagcccccc ttgaaaagtc tccctgacac taagttgacc catgacctga taaagcctcc    144360
     atctctaacc cccagtgcag accactctgg ctctcacaaa ggctgcggcc acagacctca    144420
     gacagcagct aggctgagtg gggagtgggc aggtggtgcc tggctggtgg tgcccctccc    144480
     ctccagcccc ctgacccctc aacttaaatg tacagttgca gggacctgct tgggaattag    144540
     tatcctggga gggttgtggg cacgttgcct cttcccctcc tggacccttc cccttcctgg    144600
     aaaccttggc ctggggcggg gtttgggggt ggtggtttac ggggctttcc agagctctcg    144660
     ggacccagcc tttatagagt tgactttctc agagccttgt gaggtgagag gttctgcacg    144720
     gggagtagag cgccccaccc gggagtcccc cgtcctgcct agctccatgt gcaggacggc    144780
     gctgtgcggc tctaggtgga atgcactggg ctggccctgc cggctatctc agccccgaga    144840
     cccacgaagg ccctggccgt gctgtcctca catcagcccg gcccttttcg tccggcgtgg    144900
     agagttccag cctttacggt tgtccagggc cgcggaggta gccagggcag catcctgttc    144960
     cagcacatct cagcctccct gggacagggg tcgccgctaa ccttgcgcct tccaaccagg    145020
     cagccttccc acgggcccat ccctccagaa ggccatgcct tggctggaac cagcagcttt    145080
     atttagcaag gtcccgggtc caggctgccc tgtgactcac aggtagccgc catgcccgta    145140
     ggggaacggg atgacccagg atgcaggccc aggagcggct gctacgcggg aggggcttca    145200
     ggatgacaaa acccagtgcc ttggcctcag caggtggaca gaactgacca cagtaagggt    145260
     ttcagaagca gacatcagac tcagctggtc ctcctccacc cggaggagca caggccactc    145320
     ttcctctgag ctttgcccag ctcatgccca gccccaagaa tgcccagccc cctctaatcc    145380
     tccctggtca gggacgcctg ctcccttgtt gggaaagctt cacagcctct gagtggccaa    145440
     cacttggcct ctgtgtctgc cccagaacag gaggatgtgg aacggggtgt ggctaggcat    145500
     ctgagcaggg ctttaattag ctgatgtcag ctgaactcca gtgcctggtt taacggcaga    145560
     aacaaatctt ttggttgaag ttctttcaaa aggagagaga gaaattcatt ctgaagctac    145620
     tctgcagacc aaacacacca agggaacatt ctagagagaa aacaactcat taaaacattc    145680
     ccaaagctag ttttgaaacc aaagacaggt attttgaaaa aatgtattca ttttactttt    145740
     gagtttatga tgacaaatgt tacacacaag cagagagagt gagataaaga cagtcataaa    145800
     atgctgttta ttttaggcat ttaaattcct ttctgctcaa aggaacagcg tgaacggaat    145860
     gcagagcaga cgctgatcga gctggattcc ttttctcact gaatgctctt ttggttcaat    145920
     gagattctgt gagtgcatct ccgagtaggg gctgagggca cagctctcct ggctcctctg    145980
     ctcggttaca tctacacagt gaatacgccc caggtcccag cctgggatcc acagaatctt    146040
     gatattttcc acttctggaa aataaacttc tgttttctcc agttcagctg agctgaacat    146100
     ctacaatgtc tggctttaca ggttttgatg ctgaaaatat tttttatttt ttattttttt    146160
     tttgagacag agtctcactc tgttgccagg ctggagtaca atggtgccat cttgactcac    146220
     tgcaacctct gcctcccggg ttcaagctat tctcctgcct cagcttcctg agtagctggt    146280
     actacaggcg tgtgccacca tgcccaggta atttttgtat ttttagtaga gacggggttt    146340
     caccatgttg gccaggatgg tctcgatctc atgacgtcat gatctgccca cctcggcctc    146400
     ccaaagtgct gggattacag gtgtgagcca ccatacctgg ccgaaaatat cttttactta    146460
     ttcgaaagag attcaacaaa aggctcttca gacctcaatc agaactgagt ctgtccaaac    146520
     gtcaaggagc ccgggtgtgc agaacctgcg gcacctgcct atctctcctg taaggattag    146580
     aacagcagca aatgcagagc tggtcgaagt ttccatcatg gtggggtacc tgctggctct    146640
     gccttctgca tcctggtctg gagcatagga aggccgccct gggcccatga agcccctctg    146700
     gttcctgctt cagactgtga agttggcggg gggatggggg gaccagggtg gtctggtgct    146760
     ccagtttccc ccaaaaccag tgtcctcagg ttttcacccc catgcaggag gtgctggcct    146820
     cagacataga gagaagtgag gccacaggtc accctgtggg cagggaagct ggcctccacc    146880
     cgggctccag atttgtggtg tctgagaaac ttgtgccagt gtggagtggc ctgagctttg    146940
     ctcaagggtc tcatggtggg agatggattt gggcaggaag gtccaggctg taccaggctc    147000
     cttcttctga actggggccc aagactacag ggcaggagag ggtggttggg ggaaaaaatc    147060
     tttgcccaga gctcctcacc aggtttgact ctccaaaaac attaagggac cacaagatgt    147120
     tggtgttact gggtgagtaa aggggtgagg tctctgagct gtagaaagac ccctactctg    147180
     tgttttttgc acaaatcaaa cccttagatt cagtatggtg atttggtaac accacctgca    147240
     ccttcaccga ctataggacc cagccagtgg tgtaattttg actaatgagc tgcgaggtgg    147300
     tcttcttgtg ggctttggac aggattttgt tattcttaaa agtaagacca tgggcaaaca    147360
     atgaacagtt ggaaaatgaa attaaacaaa ttctacttac aatgtcagca agaaccatga    147420
     tatatatatg ttatatatat ttaacatggt gttaagacct gtacactgca agccactctg    147480
     cactgtagag agaaattaga gataacatca aaacctgaag agagacaggg atgctcagta    147540
     tgcatgagtc atcagttctc cccaaatgaa accatagatt taatgcaatc caagttgaaa    147600
     tccagcaggc tttttctgta gaaactggcg agttggtttc atgactcact ataaaacaac    147660
     agtaatgaca ccatggcact gctgtaagga taaacacatt gatcaaagca acagcagagt    147720
     cccaaaatag acccacatgt gtgggatcaa taggtttttg ttaaaggtgc caaggtgcct    147780
     cagcagagtg aagaaaagtt gctggaataa tcatgagtgt ccacatgggg aaaaaaaatg    147840
     aaccttgatc cctacctcac actatacata aacttaaccc caaaaagact aaaactgcaa    147900
     aactttagac gaaaatgtca aagaaaatct gtgtaacttt tgggcaggtt gggggggccg    147960
     actttttctg aaatgggcag agtgaatatc ctggatttgg tgggttgcag gtctgtggca    148020
     atgactgaac tcaatggctg tggcctgaag gtggtccaca caatgagcat ggcactgcgc    148080
     caataaaact ttatttacaa acactggtat ccgggccatg ggccatagtt tgccagcccc    148140
     tgaagtaggc aaatattgct tagacaggac gcaaaaggca ttcatgaaaa acaacgagat    148200
     aaaattgaca tcaaaatcaa caaattttac tctttgaaaa gcttgtttca aaatgaaaag    148260
     acaaaccaca gactgggaga acatatttgt aaagcacgca tccaacacaa gactcgtatg    148320
     tggaatctac aaggattctt aatactcagt aataagacaa gcgacataat agacaggggc    148380
     agaagaccgg agtggaccct ttgaaaaggg cctcttctgt gaagaggcct gggcgccaga    148440
     gcggagggat ggggcgcagc tgcctcccag ggacagggtt cagagcctcc gatggcctgt    148500
     gagggaggcg gacatgcctg accctaaaca gaagcagagg gaaggggccg cagggccggt    148560
     ggggagcaaa aggcagcgca gggcccgtgg cccagccccc acctgatggc ccccacacgc    148620
     cccagggccc cgcgcacgcc ccgccccgca gctcgtgttg tttccagacg cgccctcgtg    148680
     tgcacgggca gggcctcctc cccaggctca gcgggcgtgc aggttggtcg tgtgtccgct    148740
     ggaggccgct ttgccgcggg gccctcaggg aaggcctcca gccacctgcg ctcaccggga    148800
     tgggctccgg aggcgacggc cgcgtgatgg tcacgacggg gctggctggc gggcaggggg    148860
     tggggggctc cgtagccccg tggcttgtct gtgcgctcct tcccctgcct gtgatctctg    148920
     actcctcccg cctctcccgc agccctcgga ggggaggtcc tccacggcgg gacgctgggc    148980
     ccgcgtaggg ctgcggagga cgcggtgggg acggagtggc tgctgtggct gtgcctgccc    149040
     cgtgggtgca cgatgggccg ggagacgaaa actcacttgc acttgccgtg acaacaggcg    149100
     gcagacagta gggagacctt gagtctttgg caaagacctt gttttcctcg gtgtttcccc    149160
     tcctcaccag ttcacaatcc cccagtgccc tggaagccac agtggagacg ccttttatcc    149220
     actcacccgc tgcacctgga agctgagtgc tcccttccac gggccggagt gggagaagag    149280
     ggtaggaatg attcccttgg gggataagaa tcctggactc aggattaagg gtgaaactga    149340
     attgggacac acacattctg tatggtatgt gcaatgtgta atattgtaca cgcatatgtg    149400
     ggtatatgtg atgacggacg attcggcctc cccgagacac agccaaggcc tggagctctc    149460
     tctcatgttc tcagggagcc cagggtgcct gggggttgtg cagggtgtgt aggcattggt    149520
     cagctctacc tggggtccat gagctcatgc tccccgagat cttaggatgc tttggaagcg    149580
     ctctccactg gccggccttg cggttgtcat cctgacatgc tagccctgcc ctgaacgccc    149640
     ccggggactc tgcaccgtgg cagttcacgt cagccacgtg ctcatcccca cccgccaacc    149700
     cccacacagc cctgggtctc ccgccttgtc tgtcttacag tagtaagtgg tacaatattg    149760
     atgccaacag gggagcatgg aaccaaggcc agcaagctcc tgtttacacc atgagcatta    149820
     agctaatggt gttgcctgtg tttcagggct acactgattt ttaaaaatgt ttttatagag    149880
     acacagtctt gctgtgttgc ccgggctggt catgaactcc tgggctcaag cagttctccc    149940
     gcctcagcct ctgaaggcac tgggatgaaa gctgtgagcg cccatgcggt cctacactaa    150000
     attttctaaa gcaaaaaacc aaaaccaaat cagaactcaa tacgtgtgtc atctgcttgg    150060
     tgtgtccaca ctgctggagg tgtctgaact tctaaataat ccactgggtc caagaacaaa    150120
     ccacaaagaa aggtagaata cagcgatggg aataaaaatg aaaacacaac attaaaatgt    150180
     agaagatgaa gatagctgtg cttagagaga attttctggc attacattgc aaaaggagaa    150240
     cgatcaaaat cagtgatgca gttctgaact taggaagctg agaagtaggg tgaatttatc    150300
     taggattgag tagaagggag gaaataaagt taattcactg gttagattta gaaaacagga    150360
     aaacagtgaa accagaaaat aggcaaacag taagaaaggt aatgaaccca aatgtaggtt    150420
     gtttgaaaaa aagccaatac aatttgataa acctatagta ggtaagatga aaacagagga    150480
     gatattactg atactgcgaa tgacagaggg atgtcacttc aaatcctaga gacagttaaa    150540
     agggtcttag ggaacaattt taccatagtc attcaacaga atctttgtaa gtctttaaca    150600
     tctttggaag acacaaatta ttaaaactta agaaaaaata gaacatccta atagccttat    150660
     aattcttaaa agaattgaat ttgtaactta agaacttccc tagaagaagt ccaggcccag    150720
     atggcatcac tggtgaattc atcaaccatg atggaagaaa ttatatcaat cccacctaaa    150780
     ctctttcaga aaatagaggt gcatggaaca cttcccaacc aaatatgagg cctgtgttgc    150840
     ccttgttggg gctcagaaaa tgatacctca aaataaggat ccaaagaagc agccctaagg    150900
     tctattcgag ctccaaaatc tcttgacccc ttgcctcttc caagcatagg agaaggccac    150960
     tctcccaagg ctctcgtcta ccaagaaacc agacccccaa agagaaacaa aattgctttc    151020
     cattccttcc ctgaaattcc atgaaccaga gaagataaaa attcacatca cataggagga    151080
     ttctgaacgt cagacaccac atctagagcc caggtgaact tcctagagct ctcgtgaact    151140
     ttctagagcc caggtgaact tcctagagcc cacacgaatt tcctggagac cagagaccag    151200
     gtgaacttcc tagagctcag gtgaacttcc tggagaccag gtgaactacc tagagcctgg    151260
     gtgaactacc tggagcatgg gtgaacttcc tagagcccat gtgaacttcc tggcccccat    151320
     gtgaacttcc tggagctcac gtgaacttcc tggagcccgg gtgaacttcc tggagcccag    151380
     gtgaacttcc tggagcctgg atgaacttcc tagggcagaa gtgaacttcc tagagcccag    151440
     gcaaactttc tagagcccag gcgaacttcc tagaacccag gtgaacttct tacagcccaa    151500
     gtgaacttcc tggaacctga atgagcttcc tggagcaagg gtgaacctcc cagagctctc    151560
     atgaacttca tagagcctcc gtttactttc taaagcccag gtgaacttcc tgtaacctgg    151620
     gtgaacttcc tggagactag gtggacttcc tagagccagg tgaacttccc gtaacccgag    151680
     tggactttct agagctaagg tgaactttct ggagcccaag tgaacttcct aggtcctggg    151740
     tgaacttcct ggagcccagg tgaactttat ggaacctaga tgaatttcct ggagtgtggg    151800
     taaacttcct agagtccacg tgaacttcct agagcctgag cgaatgtccc agagcctggg    151860
     cgaatttcct gcacccaagg tgaacttcct ggagccaagg tgaacttcct ggagccaagg    151920
     tgaactttct agagcccagg tgaacttcca aggtgaactt cctggagctg aggtgaactt    151980
     cctggagccg aggtgaactt cctagagccc acgtgaattt cctggagtcc atatgaactt    152040
     cctggagccc aggtgaacct ctggagcccg ggtgaacttc ctggagccca ggtgaacttc    152100
     ctagggccca cgtgaacttc ctggagcctg ggtgaacttc ctggagccca ggtgaacttc    152160
     ctggcaccga gtgaactgcc aacgttgtcc caagccattg tttgttctca ggtttcattc    152220
     aattaccaga gaatctttga taacgctgcc tccagggtcc attcactccc tcctgaaaat    152280
     catttcctct cacaccccca tctcccctcc cctgtgaaga aggatgtgga cctcactggg    152340
     ttattgggta attattctcc tgtgattctc ccatgctgtt aatgttaaga taaatttcta    152400
     tgcttttcct cctattaatc caccttttgt cagtgtattt tctgtgaact ttccgagggt    152460
     gaaggtggaa gttttccctc tttgcttcgg catcctggta caaaaactaa agccatcgca    152520
     cagaaaagaa aacgaaacac cagggagtct atgaacgtag atgcgaagtc catagcaaaa    152580
     cattagcacc tccaatccag cagagggcag tccaccctga cttaatgcag atcatctcag    152640
     gaatgcaggg ttggtttcac atctgaaact caatccatgt aattcacagt attaaaaaga    152700
     atgagggaaa gtattccaac aagacacagt atgattactt caatatacac aatacaagca    152760
     tttgatacag tccagcagcc actcgtgaaa caagaggaaa caaagcacac agcaaacaga    152820
     aaaagaaggc acgttcctca acttggtaaa gggcgttcat ggaaaacctg cagctttcat    152880
     catccacagc ctcaacctcc agatgtgctt ccccatgcct gggacaaggc caggacctct    152940
     gagttgagtt acattagact taggttgcac tggagagtcc catgggcagc aaggcaagaa    153000
     aataactcag gcatccatgt tggaaaagaa gaggaaccac tttcttctgt aggtgccatg    153060
     atcaagttta tggaaatttt aagtttcaag tttaagggaa attttaaagt tattagaaca    153120
     ttagttctga tactaaatta ctaattattg agttgacttc aggactgcaa aacagaatgt    153180
     caatattcaa aacccaaatt tctctgaaca aatttttcta caccagcact gaacagctgg    153240
     atatcactta caatggcttc aagcaatata aaatatgtag ggaaagcatt gaataaatac    153300
     gtgcaagacc catgcactga aagctacaaa acactgctgg gataattcaa aggagattca    153360
     aagatgtggc gagacgggag actcaggggt catgagttat ggtcgccggt tccttgctct    153420
     ggacctatta tatccgctgt attattgcgg tgcccacacc tattttatgc atgcaaagca    153480
     aggacaaaat taggatgacc ctatccatac tgcaacaaaa caaagtacag ctggaggtgg    153540
     aacgaggttt tatgcagagc ccattgtgtg agatgtctgc tgcttggtat cacttggtat    153600
     tttataagac ttcacattgg ttcaactggc tccaggtttc ttagcccatg attccttgct    153660
     gggctccagc ggtttttcgg cctgttttag agaagtgcct tggctgcagt ggatttgagc    153720
     atttttgtag gaattggagt gaaagtgcag ccacttgcat ttctgaatgg tcacatggag    153780
     cccaaggtag aggcaatttt accactggtg cagaatgatc attaagacca catcccttga    153840
     gggacacccc acttcctcca acgttccaag ttccctccta cactttgtgc acgtgagagc    153900
     tgcctgggcc tggccgggct taggggtggg gtggtgggat gggctgtcat gggcatggtg    153960
     cctggcccct cccctgagcc tgcagcttcc acgtctgcct gctctgctca ctccctgcta    154020
     cctccaggct gtcatctgtt gtttgaggtt ggggttcctt gttttctggg ttgtcaggga    154080
     gggtgtcagt ccattgggcc aggagcagac cagctgcaca ggatggcggc ctgtcacaac    154140
     gtcagggact ggcctggctt tggaagcgtg gctgacagcc ggcggggctg tgtttgcagg    154200
     acgtggaggc tggggtgtgg ggagccccgc acaaggcatg ttccagttgc tccggtggga    154260
     tgtgacgtgg ttacaccagg ggagtgggag gaggtgggtg cggcggggag ggggtagaac    154320
     aagagaagtc actttggagg gagagaaggg cttcgtggct caggcgtctg aaaggtcagg    154380
     aagagccatg tagagtaaga gggacaaaga ggagagagtc tgtctcagtc catgggaccc    154440
     ctgatggaga acggaattgc accatggctg cctgggcagg gaccagcatc atggttctgt    154500
     ctcatgtctg gacccctgtg tcctcatgct gcctgcagtg ggtggattgc aaacactcct    154560
     ttgcctaggc gctgtgtgaa aagtccagtg gaaatcttga ttcagcagaa gtgccttcac    154620
     aacgggccca taagtcctcc tggaaatctt taccatacgt aaacccagac atggcaccac    154680
     aggcaatggc ccgatcaggc ctcagaggag tgcttgcagc tgtggttccg gcttcaggaa    154740
     ttcctaaaat ttacagtggc atttcaggcc ttgtgctgtt gggccgctgg attattttat    154800
     ttgttaaaga atgtatttct gtgtgctagc tctggcttaa tttcttgtta ttttggaaag    154860
     ctggacatct taattttcct ttaattgcat tggcactgtg agtggatggg ataaactatt    154920
     agcagcggtg gcgggtcgtg gctgtctggc tgtcgtccct gctgtgtgtg ctgttggggc    154980
     accgcattac tgctctgggt cctctgtgta atgcatcagg ttcctgtggg tgccgtaacc    155040
     agtgactctt actcagccac agcagctcac attcatcgcc cacggctctg tgggccagga    155100
     gtcaggggct gcactgggtc ccctgctaag ggtctcacaa ggacaaaatc gaggcgttga    155160
     ctgggctggg ctttatctgg ggtctctgag aagggaacct gcttccaggg ccatccaggg    155220
     agtgtgcaga gtccagtcct tgtagtgcag gacaggggtc ccccttcctc gccactctca    155280
     gcctctcagc cccgtgaggc cgtctgcact ccccatcatg tccccttccc cacccgacgt    155340
     cttcaaatca tcaggagtgg cttgagacct tctatcgctt caaaccctct gcagtccctt    155400
     tctgcagact ctcttccgtg tctgcttgga gaagcttccc tgcattccag ggttcatgtc    155460
     attgccctct gcctgctgga tagtcccaga tactccccct gttttaaggt cagtaacctt    155520
     atttgcatct gtaaagccca ttttgccatg ggacagcgtt tgctcacagg ttgtggggac    155580
     tggagtgtgg gcgttttggg gggcatttat cccagggcaa cgggcagccc tgatatcaga    155640
     accggagaga ggcagcagct gccctgaggc ccaggagtta agagggggat tgggctccca    155700
     gcgtggcaga gctcagagga gagcactccc cggtaggcac gcaggcccag agggcagggg    155760
     agtgtgactc ggaggtcttg agccccaagg ccaggctcca gcggtgacat gagacctggc    155820
     agaagctgga gccggtcggg tgctggaatg gagggtggct ttcctctctc ccaccttcca    155880
     ggtctctgcc agtgctgctg tttggcagaa ccttctggaa cttccctgct ggtggtgatc    155940
     tgggaaaggt ttgcagatct cagttccaga atcccagagc agaatatgga agcggggact    156000
     ccgtgggaat attcaagcca catgccctcc gagaaaccct cagactggga gattctggga    156060
     ctgtagatag tatttattct gtagacagca tttttatcac tgagaatact tgacaacatt    156120
     ctgcacatgg cgagtgagga ggggtggctc agggtgcacc cagggtgtgt gtttggcact    156180
     gggtctttgc atcctgcagc tggggcctga cttggtcctg caggcggtcg ggagttgctg    156240
     ccaccccgag gtcgcttccc agagggcgga aggctgtgga gaagtgtgga cgaaacccag    156300
     tttctccatt tagatgccgt tgtgtaaact gtgcttgcat atcaggggat atgtagattc    156360
     caatgagttt atcaaaagca ggacatacat tctgaggtgc agagcagatg gcgttctact    156420
     gaaataggca ggggagttga tgccaagcca tgcccaggtc gtactgacag gtggcatggg    156480
     tgagatggct cccgggagct ccgtggagac tgcagggtgg gcgagggaca caggtaatga    156540
     ggggccttcg aagaggccat tgcacacagt ctcacagtct aggctttgtc cctaccccac    156600
     gtggagtgca ttttccagga cgtgtggaac agaaaaatcc atacgatgtt tgccttgaga    156660
     acagcttatt cttatttata tttttattta tagaatagct atttttctac aaaaacatga    156720
     ttttatttta tcatggaatc acaatgttat ttataaggga taacttcatg gggagccgtg    156780
     gatagaggcc tgcagctggt ggtgttcatc atataactga ttgatgggaa tttgcgtaga    156840
     aagtccgaac attgtttcga aagtgagcca aggcaagctg tgtagacaag atagttttgt    156900
     tgtgttcttg ggggaatatc cagcgttcat caatggccct ggagcacctg gcagagactg    156960
     tcagccctga gtggccagca gagactgtac cgcagccacg gggaaaggag ccattagact    157020
     cagcatcttc cgttcccact tggtaatctg cccggtcctg gcaggaaata ggttaaccat    157080
     ggccagggaa ggaccaaggc cgccccgatg ggcatcaccc cacctgcctg gaggcagtcg    157140
     ccacccgcag ctctgccccc accctcctgg tacggtttga tgtgtcctct ccaagtctcc    157200
     tgtggaaaca tggcctccaa tgtggaggtg ggccatggag cagatccctc atgaatagct    157260
     tggcaccgtc cttgccatgg gagctcatgc gcaatgtggt ggtttaaaga gcctgctacc    157320
     tgcccctgct tgctcccgct ctcgccctgt gacgcgcagg ctcccttcac cttccaccac    157380
     cagaggaagc ttcctgaggc ctcaccagga gccactgctg gcgtcaggtt tcctgcatag    157440
     tctgcagcac ggtgaccagt taaacctcct ttctttacac ttcacccagc ctggggtgtt    157500
     ctttcatagc aatgtgaaaa tggactggca caggccttct gggtgccgcc tgacaaaccc    157560
     aagccaagcc ccagccggag cccgcggtgg gagtgggccg ggcaggtggg gcttggggca    157620
     gagggtgcag ggcgggagtg tgtccaggtg gaaccaagtt tccagcgcca cccaggggtt    157680
     gccgtggcac cagtgggcgt ctgtggcttt ccgatggtcc ctacgtaggg accaggcaca    157740
     acagctctca gatgcaccac gaggcctgat gggatttgca caggtgcggg gacactgtgg    157800
     ccaaaatggc ttcagatgat ctttttcagg aaaatattgt ctcagcagtt tgcagcaccc    157860
     gtggaccatg gtcacccctg acccgtttta cagacctcac tgactgtgag gggatgagtg    157920
     tgatctgaac taggaagtgt gggtgaaatg agcatgcacg cgtgtgtgtg cgtgtgcgtg    157980
     tgggtgtgcg tgtctgtgca tgtgtgtgtg tgagtgtgca ttgtgtgtgt gtgcatgtaa    158040
     gtgtgcatgt gtgtgtgcgc tttgtgtgtg cgtgtgagtg tgcctgtggg tgtgtgtgcg    158100
     tgagtgtgca tgtgtgtgag tgtgcattgt gtgtgcgtgc atgtaagtgt gcatgtgttt    158160
     gtgtgtgtgt gcgtgtgagt gtgcctgtgg gtgtgtgtgc gtgtgtgtgc atgtgagtgt    158220
     gcttgagtgt gtggccatgg ccgtggaggg aagttcatgc cagtgagctg ggctgtcccg    158280
     agacgccttt aatgtcagga cgcacggggt ctgtagctca cccgttaccc actccacatg    158340
     ggctttgctg agataggcag ctaacttcac tttttttttt taaataacaa caacaacaaa    158400
     aacagtgtct cacaatgtac ctttattatg caaaatcaaa actcacccac agtactaagg    158460
     gagtttaagg ctttctaagg agatgggaaa ggacaaaccc gcgggacaga caaaaagaca    158520
     aaaggaaaat ggaagcgtgt gtgggaagca gaagggcagc ccccggaagg gagcaccgag    158580
     tgcggtgcgc ccagaccccc gtgcgcccag acccccatgt ccctaaaccc cagggtgcac    158640
     aaaccccagt gcctaaaccc cagagcgtct aaacccccgt gtccctgaac cccggactta    158700
     gctgttcttt aagcttccct atttcaacaa acttccaaac aattttagtg gagttttata    158760
     tttacaggat gacggagaag aaggcagagt cccgtggacc ccacgcccac gtccccgtac    158820
     tggtgcctgt gtcgtaactg accagcccac actgatcact gatccgtcat catcgacagg    158880
     acaatatttc attccgcttt cttggttttc tccgtctttc tgtgccagcc ccgcctctgg    158940
     gactacatgt ggcgtttagt cacccgaccc ctggggctgc ccttggctgg acgtttctca    159000
     ggctttcctt gtttctgacg accttgaggg ttttgaaggg ctctgttagg aactccgcgg    159060
     aacgcccctc ttggggtttg ggttttctcg tgcaccgaca ggaccatccc tgagcccgag    159120
     ctggatcacg tgctgggctc tcctcgcccg gcggtaaatc tgtccagagc ttctttctgt    159180
     ccctgtggac ttgcggatgc ttccgttaca cctcgggtta ccgcccagcg ctgctctgtt    159240
     ttcccgttca aatggttcca gcgttggcct cgggagcgct tttcacgagc cccgtgtcct    159300
     cgcggcgagc cccgtcgttg tggtgtgtgt ttgtgcatct cctcgctttc tgacactaca    159360
     ggtacttcca gtgtctccag ctccgatccg tcggtcgccc catggatcgt tctggccccg    159420
     ccctttgccc ctgcagcccc accccccacc tcagtgaaaa acccacgccc ccacctgccg    159480
     tccattcacg tcgccgccca gatgcagcgt ccacgggtag aggtttcaga atttcacacg    159540
     gtgtttccgt ttactgtttg cacgtgtgtg tgacgcggag gcgatgggaa gcattctgtt    159600
     tatctgtggc ctggggtgag gctccccgtg cagggccatc tgcccgtggg cctgcccaga    159660
     cctgggctta ccgtcctgga acggagaaag gaatcatgag cagtggttcc gggaggctgg    159720
     gaggggcgag gccggggaat ggggctgggg caggggagga ggtcacgtgc tgtcttcata    159780
     ggctttggta tttgaggcac gtggcttgtt actatttgag gataaaattt gaaaaccgta    159840
     gcacgaagga cttaggttag acatcggaaa gcacttcctg gcagtggcta cggggcagct    159900
     ttctgagctt ttcctaagcc accctgtcac tgtgaggggg aatttcctca acctgccctc    159960
     cagcgacagc ctccacctca tggccaaccc ccgagggcgg cttccggggc ttgccctgct    160020
     gtggatgagg ccagctttgc tccccactct ctctggactg cgtggggagt gactcctgga    160080
     ctgtctgcag cctcctggac cctggctccg agtcagatga gggttctcat ctggttcttg    160140
     cagagtctcc tgctgagcct ggtcttctgt ccacacctgg gtggtggagg gcgccccagg    160200
     agcctctttc tccccctgca tgggaggccg ggtctgctca gccagcgccc tcacctgcgg    160260
     tcggtgagct gtgcacgggg aagcagagcc tggcggccac gtcggcctcc tgtgagaggg    160320
     tcgagggctc cagccccgaa tgggacttga gcagtgcttc ggcgacgtgt ctgtgtgtgt    160380
     tcatgtgtgt gtctgtgtgg tgtgtatgtc tgtgtctata tgtgattgtg tgtctacgtg    160440
     tgatcatgtg tgattgtgtc tgtgtgatgt gtgggtctgt gtgtgataat gtgtaatcgt    160500
     gtgtgtctct gtgtgtgtct gtgtgtgatg tgtaatcatg tgtgtctctg tgtgtgattg    160560
     tgtctgtgtg tgatgtgtaa tcatgtgtgt ctctgtgtgt gtgtgtgatt gtgtccgtgt    160620
     gtgatcatgt gtctgtgcat aatgatgtgt gtgtcttggt gtgtgatggt atgtttgatt    160680
     gtgcatgtgt ctgtgtgtga ttctgtgtgt gtgatggtgt ctgcacatgt gattgtgtct    160740
     gtgtgtgtga tgtgtgaccg tgtctgtgtg gctgcacgtg tatgtgtcta tgtgtgtatg    160800
     tgtgatggtg tgtctggtgt gatggtgtgt gattgtgtgt gcgtgatggt gtgtgagtga    160860
     ctgcatgggt gtgatggtgt gtgtctgtgt gtgattgtgt gtgatggggt ggatgtgtga    160920
     ttttgtgtga tggtgtgtca ttgtatgtct gtgtgactgt acgtgtgtgt gaggtgggtg    160980
     agcagggctg cggggcacag ggcagaggag aaaggttgca tgtgggggtt gatccctggc    161040
     tggaggaggc tggagaagcc ctggtgggca gggacgcggt ggcctctccg gacccctttg    161100
     ctgcagcatc acagaaggag acgcagtctc tgtccagctt gtgggcacgg agctcccact    161160
     ctggatcttc tcactcttcg atgctaaggg ggcggctccc ggagggtggg ctggttgcca    161220
     gtagaaccgg tgcgggtcag cccggcgcac ccaaccccac cccacccgag agggagaggc    161280
     ccggatgggg tcagtcccca gaggcctgtg gcctaatcgg tcatgtctgg aaccccataa    161340
     aaaaccccaa atgagggtcc aggggcctgc atggcagtga ccatggtggt tcccggaggc    161400
     cccccaacct ctcttttgcc tggcgtgtgc ctctcccagg cgggtgacag tgaggcgcct    161460
     ccacgtcctg ggagctgttc tgctgaatct ggaagccggg ggccaggggt gctccatgta    161520
     ccgtgggcgt tggaagtggg ggcgtcttgt gggctcaatg cctgtggaga gtgggtgagc    161580
     cctccctggg ccgggtggga gttgaggact tactggtgtg agaagaaacc tgtacagccg    161640
     cggtcagggg gccgtgggga gagcagcacc ggggacccca cctcacaagg gggacggagg    161700
     cagagggagc caggggaggc aggagccctg gcttggggtg tgctttgggt gaggtcctct    161760
     catctcttat gtgccccctc atcctcgctg gccctaactc cagttcccaa attgctctga    161820
     gggaggacta aagttccaga aaggctgtgt gagccagcca ccagtgccag cacgaagctg    161880
     cggggaccac agcacccctt gtcctgggag gtgcctgctc ccccacagcc tgtccccccg    161940
     agaggagcca ggctcccccc atctcccatg cccttagagg agccacgctc gccccaaccc    162000
     ccatccttcc tggaaggagc cgtgctcctc ctatcccccg gaatcctcct taagagaggc    162060
     catgatcctc ggtcctcctg tcctccctga aaagggctgt gcttcccctg tctccatctt    162120
     tcctgaccac aggtgctcca cctggcctgt gctggaggct gggagggtgg gcctaaaggg    162180
     ggagtctgtg tgagggaagc gtgtccctgt gtgtgtgtgc atgaatatgt gcacacatgc    162240
     ggctgtgtgg gtgtgtttct ctgtttctgt gtgcatgggt ccgtgcatga gcacaggtgt    162300
     gcatgtgtgt gtctgtgtgc atgggtccgt gtgcgagcac aggtgtgcat gcgtgtgtct    162360
     gtgtgcatgg gtccgtgtgt gagcacaggt gtgcatgggt ccatgtgtga gcacaggtgt    162420
     gcatgtgtgt gtgcacacgt gtctgtgtgc gcatgctgtc tcagggcttg tctgtgcgta    162480
     caagtgtctt tctgtgtttc atggttgtgt gtgaacacac gtgtgtgtct gcatatatgc    162540
     ctgtgttttc ccgtgtctgt gtgtgcgtgt gtttggggtg ggtaaggctc cattgtttag    162600
     gacgtgtgtg acctgcctcg ccatctcccc tgccatcctc tgggtcattc ttgcacaaca    162660
     gtgacctgct gtttggagcc gaatgggcac agtgaataat gcgtttcatt tattttcaca    162720
     aacctgtggt tgcaaagcca gcgtgagacg caggtgaggc cgtcacaccc ctcgtcctgg    162780
     cggaatccac gcctccttgg gcccctgctg ccaggacccc acacctcttt agagtaaata    162840
     aaccttggcg taggggcagt ttacggaaac gagagaattg tgtaaccatc gaccctgtgg    162900
     acaggtttga ctcttgggtt tgaagaacca cggtgacgtc ttcctgatgc cgctgcctcc    162960
     tcttgtcagt gaagggagtg ggactcgccg gagaaagaag cgaaggctcc agccccggct    163020
     ggatgaaccc tgcagctggt cctcaccgtc tcgggaggca gctccggctt ctgtccacta    163080
     ggtggagcgc ttgctgtttg cgatgaaatc gtggagcctt gaaaattccc aggctggcga    163140
     aaggctaagg ggcattgggg gtcagcaggc ggggcccgtg ctggttggag ctgctggggc    163200
     tgagatggaa tggcgatgcc attggggtat tccctgtggg aatgcagctg ccgtccgcaa    163260
     gcccccgcga cctttctcca ggcagaatgt ggagccccga gtggggttag ggccgtgtgc    163320
     tgcagggcgg ggcctcgcct ggtcgcgtgg cagcctcgag gtttgttgca ggtgatgggg    163380
     tgaggagcag ctgggcccca ctagctcttg gccgcattgt ccctcctttc acccccagaa    163440
     gttacccctg cactgtaaac cccatggggc attgagcctc ctattttctt ctcctgcttc    163500
     acaagtttag agtgtttgct taaatgcaat gcttaaagcc gcccagatgt ttgagaagat    163560
     aagttcagtg agaaacagga ggcttcacct caaagcattt aaggctgctg tgagaaatta    163620
     tccccatcct taaaagcctc cagatgtttg aaactcctgt tttgtgtaaa ataacagcaa    163680
     caaataagta aaaacaaaaa cctccatacc gactgcattc ctttcaagtg tttaactgtt    163740
     taacttcaaa gtcagaagtg ccctaaactc aaaaacggca ccaacaacta cttgagtggg    163800
     actcttttgt ttgcagtcat caggaactca attcaagctg ataaaagcca gaaaaagaat    163860
     gtcattgaag gggcaggggt tgttgatgta tgcaattact aactgcaaag gggcattcag    163920
     gaatgggtgg atctaggggc ttcagtggtc tctatctctt acccatgcct tcctctgaaa    163980
     tgagtccccc agatttctcc tcctgccagc tcctggcagc cacggtcatt tctttgcagc    164040
     ctcaagtcta ctctgagatt tcctcttccc agcagttcaa acaggagcct ctgattgaga    164100
     cgctggcact ggctggggcc ttgtgcccac ctctgagccc atcactgcag tggggcattg    164160
     ggtgctctca tcggccaggc ctgggtcacg ggaccatctt ggagggcagg gtggggcagc    164220
     ccacggagcc caggctgcgt gtctccggaa gagaatcgag gtgggactcg ggagggaagg    164280
     gtgctgggca gggaaggtag ggagtgctca ggagcgcttc agcggaagga cctggaaatg    164340
     gctctggctg tctgtggtca gtttcctgct ccttgcacat ccagagaagg aaaggacttt    164400
     ttttcttgag atggagtttc actcttgttg tccaggtggg ggtgcaatgg tgagatctcg    164460
     gctcactgca acctccgccc cctgggtgtg ggtgattctc ctgtctcagt ctctgtggta    164520
     gctgggatta caggcagatg ccacgatgcc cagctaattt ttgtattttt agtagagaca    164580
     gggtttcacc atgttggtca ggttggcttc caactcctga cctcaggtga tctgcctgcc    164640
     tcagcctccc aaagtgctgg gattacaggc gtgagccact gcgtccagcc aggaaaggac    164700
     ttttttaagc tttggattac aagaatgggt gatgatctct ctcggcttgc ctggcatcat    164760
     tttgagacag ggttgtctgt taaacctttt taaatacaaa taagatgcat attaacgttt    164820
     aaggaaatct aatgttttcc acgatatgac tttgagaacc ttaagctctt gcgtgtatgt    164880
     ttagcgggga cgggaccgtg ccctttgtgg aagcccaagc ctcactgtga tgacatctgg    164940
     aggtgggcct ttgggaggtg atttgggtta gatggggtca tgagggtggg gccacatgag    165000
     gggattcgtg ccatcctagg aagaggagga gaccagagct cgctctccac cgccctggcc    165060
     aggaagccgc cctagcaaga acccgtcccg gccggcccga cctcagaccc acagccgcca    165120
     gattgtgagc aatggaggtc tgtgtgcgcc ccctctgtgg tggtggttac agcagcccct    165180
     cagacggaga gtgaagagtg tttagctggt tctccgggaa gcagcgcctg agatacaggc    165240
     tcagggctgc cggctcagtc gggagtgagg ctcaggggaa aggggtgggg gaagagcaag    165300
     gtgggtgcgg ggggcaggcg agggagaagg ggggagaggg aggggaaggg gaggggggag    165360
     gagagggaga agggaggaac cgaggggacg gggggctcag cgcacggggg catcttccaa    165420
     atggccacat aaatgagtgc aattccgggt ccacccgaag gtgcgggggg aggttcctct    165480
     cccggttcca cctcacacgg gatgctgttt ccccgcacgc ggctgctcct ggagggtgag    165540
     aaggggttgc agtggttccg ctcagggcca ggtggggcag gaggccggac ccctgtcttg    165600
     gtggacgctc ggccgcagcc ctctgttgtg gcctcagcag cgactccaac cgaatctgtg    165660
     gccagaggct gtggggagtg gaagctggag gacccaggct cgagggcgtc tgacccaggg    165720
     agcccgcagc aggcaggtca ccccgacttg tggccccgtg atgctgcagg gaccccagct    165780
     gtgggaaaag ccacgctact gtcccccaga gcagaggacc aagtgctcag ctgcacagcc    165840
     cggccggggg tgctcggccg ccgtgtctgc aaaggcctgg agcagatgta cccaggcccc    165900
     agggaggagc cggaggtgcc caggctgtgg ggaggagccg gaggtgccca ggccgggggg    165960
     aggagccaga tgtgcccagg ccggggctgt cctgaggtct ccgctggccc gtcgctgtcc    166020
     tctctctcct gtgccggggt ggctgccctg caggctccag tgaatataat tttctcttgg    166080
     cttagctgca tcctgcagtt ttgatgtgtc ttttcttcat caccatttat tcaacacata    166140
     tccaaattct gctatgattt cttttggcca ctggattatt tagaagcata ttctttaatt    166200
     tccaggaagt ttagcatttt ttagtatttt ttttcacttc taagtttact gaggtcagaa    166260
     aatatgctct gaattttaaa tttagatcct ttgaaattat ttgaggcttt ccctatgtcc    166320
     caacatatgg aaattttggt gaatgttatg tgtacactta agaagaagag gaagcaagcc    166380
     attttggata caaggtctga ggcagaacaa ttgggccgct ctagttgatt atgttgctca    166440
     ggtcttcctt atcctgacta attttatgtt atcccagtta ccgagaaagg cacgtgacaa    166500
     ttcccctatg cttgtggatt tttctctttg tatttggctc tcattactct tagtagggtg    166560
     ctccaaggtg ggatttacat gtatccccct tgggatttgc tgatcttcat gaatctgtgg    166620
     attaaggtct tccaacagtt ttcaaagatt cccacccatt atcgtttcaa atatttcgtc    166680
     tgtcccatta actctgatct ctctctggga ttatgcatat ctcagaccta ttgactatgt    166740
     ctcatctgtt atttttttcc tttctggatt ttctatttat tttttcccat tcctttcatt    166800
     tgagtatttt ctattacttc tgttgaggta gtttataatg acttgcattt atgtttacaa    166860
     attctatctt ctgctgtgtt caatttttat taaacccacc aatttcattc ttaatttcag    166920
     atatcatact tttcaattca agaacgtctg tgttattatt ttaacgtttc catttctttg    166980
     tcggaatccc tcattttccc atctcttgtg actgagctca ttcatcacag ctgtctttaa    167040
     ggtccttctc tggcaacacc attttggatc atccgtgggt ccctttctgc tctttctttc    167100
     cctctttgtt atcagtcaca tggtctttat tcttgacaca ctctggtcat gtgtaccgaa    167160
     tgctgaagct ggtgaattat cataacagca gtgccctggt ggttccaagc catgttgtct    167220
     ttaagcataa agtgctcacc gtttcctctt ctgaggaatg gattgaggcc tgatcattct    167280
     cggtggagga tggagcctgg tgagagtgaa ctgcactttc tgttgcactg aggctcaccc    167340
     aagcttgtct tgcccctcgg ggtggcttcc cagggctccc aatccagagc ctggtggctc    167400
     cctgtctccc cagtactgga acaagcagga cagagaggca ggtgctcaag ggagggagac    167460
     atgggtgttc aacggggaga gacatggggg tgtggaggag agaggtgtga gtgtgagatg    167520
     tggtcatgca caggaggagg ctgccctgct gcaggacagg catccacctc ctcttgatcc    167580
     tcccctttcc agggaagaat gggatcgaca tgtcctcttt ctagggatag gagggggtgg    167640
     aaatcttttt gacgctgcag gaagcttaga gtggccatcc ctttgttcgc ctggggtgag    167700
     ggtttttgcg gaaaggagac atcaagtgtc ttggtgtccg attgattgga cacgctattg    167760
     gcctgttatt tacagtactt ctttacatct accccttagg atcatttttc tcctccccat    167820
     gggtacgtgt cctcaacctt ggcaaaataa actttctaaa gtaactgaga caggtctcac    167880
     agcctcagga ggccctgata acatgctgaa ggcagtcgga gcacagtttg gttttataca    167940
     tcgtagacac gagacatcag tcagcatatg taagatgaac attggtttga tctggaaaga    168000
     cgggaagact ggaagcaggg agggggcttc caggtcatag gtagataaga gacaaatggt    168060
     tgcattattt ggagtttctg atgagcctct ccaaaggagg cagtcagata tgcatttatc    168120
     tcagtgagca gaggggagac tttgaagaga atggcaggca gattggccct aagcagttcc    168180
     cagctagaat tttcccttta gcttaggaat ttgggggccc aaggtttgtt ttcctttcac    168240
     acctgttagg catttgggct gtttctacct ttcgtcggct gtgaataatg ctgccatgaa    168300
     catatgtgta acttctgcca tgaacatatg tgtacctgct gccatgaaca tatgtgtacc    168360
     tgctgccatg aacatacgtg tatctgctgc catgaacata tgtgtacctg ctgccatgaa    168420
     catacgtgca ccttctgctg tgaacataca tgtatctgcc accatgaaca tatgtgtacc    168480
     tgctgccatg aacatacgtg tatctgctgc catgaacatg tgtacctgct gccatgaaca    168540
     tgtgtacaca ctttgaggca tgaggaagaa cagtgagcaa actgctgaac cgtctgcctt    168600
     caggggccac acatgacaag cctgacccta gacaccacca gcagtgcaca cgtgaggatg    168660
     atgggcagac atggcagggt cagggcgaga gtggcagtgg agggcaggga gagtggcagg    168720
     gaagcctgtg aggggcagat gtggagaagg aaggcagggg tctgcagctc ttggggggtg    168780
     cctaggggca ctcgatgtga ggggcagcta ggacgggagg tggagagtgt cgagggagct    168840
     ggcccaggca gtggatgtca tcaaagaccc ccaggagcac aggtagggct cacccagggc    168900
     tggctgggca agggcctggc cacattgttt gtgttggaca gtgacttgaa ggcagctggg    168960
     ctggggagct tcacagtgga acagacagcc ctggcgtacc ctggtggagg ctgtggctct    169020
     ggggagcggg ggcggcctac gggcttggta atggagcaca tgtggctttc ccagcttggt    169080
     cttgagttga aaggcgatga ggagtccaac tcaggaagcc acagtcattg accaagtcct    169140
     ggctgtctgg gatacggtaa tgtggcccac agcttagcgt cactgcactc cagcctgggc    169200
     gacagggtga gatcctgcat gtgagtctgt tcttgcattg ctataaagaa atactgaggc    169260
     tgggtaattc ataaaggaaa gagatttaat tggctcatgg ttctgcaggc tgtacaggaa    169320
     gcatagtgcc agcctttgct tctggggagg cctcagggaa cttccagtca tggtggaagg    169380
     cagtggggag gcaggattac gtggtgagag ccggagggtg ggtgggagca gactcttaaa    169440
     caaccgaagc agtggggagg caggattaca tggtgagagc cggaaggtgg agggagcaga    169500
     ctcttaaaca accgaagcag tggggaggca ggattacgtg gtgagagcca gaaggtggag    169560
     ggagcagact cttaaacaac cagctctccc gagaaccaac cgagcaggaa ctcactcatc    169620
     gcccaggccg tggtgctaag ccattcacga gggatctgcc cccatgatcc aacacttccc    169680
     accaggcctc acctccagca ctggggagca catttcaacg tgagatgtgg agggcactca    169740
     tctaaaccgt atcactccgt ctctaaaaaa caacaggagt ttattctcgc ttttggagac    169800
     cagaaatctg agatcaaaat gttggtggcc tcactccctt cccaggcttg aggagagaag    169860
     ccttcctgcc tctcttagct cctggtgtcc cgaggtgtcc ctgggcctgt gtttttgtgc    169920
     ctgcattgct cccatctctg cctctgttca tgtgccctct ccactttcct ctctcttctc    169980
     ctgttctgtc tgtgccaata tccctcttcc tttctcttat aaggacacca gtcagtagat    170040
     ttagggtcca ccagggcaac ccagtgtgat ctcatctcaa catccttcac ttaattacat    170100
     ctgcaatgac ctgatttcca aataaggtca cattcacaag tactgaggtg tattagcgcg    170160
     ttctcatggt gctatgaaga aatacccaag actgggtaac ttataaggaa aagaggttta    170220
     attgactcac agttctgcat ggctggagag gcctcaggaa acttacaatc atggcagaag    170280
     aggaagcaag catgtccttc ttcatatggc ggcaagaagg agaagtgccc agcaaaagga    170340
     ggaaaagccc cttataaaat catcagatcc attaggcatg gtggctcagg cctgtaatcc    170400
     cagcactttg tgaggctgag gtgggcagat cacaaggtca ggagtttgag accagcctgg    170460
     ccaacaaggt gacaccctgt ctctactaag agtacaaaaa ttagccaggc atggtggcgt    170520
     gcacctgtaa tcccagctac ttgggaggct gaggcagaag agtcacttga acccaggagg    170580
     tggaggttgc agtgagccga gattgtgcca ctgcactcca gcctgggtga cagagcgaga    170640
     ctccgtctca aaaaaacaaa aacaaaacaa aaaagaccca tcagatctca tgagaactca    170700
     ttcactatca tgagaacagc atgggggaac caccccatga ttcaatcact tctcatgaca    170760
     cacgaggatt atgggaacta cagttcaaga tgagatttgg gtggggacct agctaagcca    170820
     tatagggtta ggacttagac atatttttgg aagacataat tcaactcact actccagtct    170880
     tccctaactc ggctatatat cagaccctct tggggatctt ataaaggtta catgttatta    170940
     taatttctgt tccagaatcc cagtaggttg ctcggtgcct ggttctgacg ctatccctca    171000
     gagcctgtgg aagttgctga tgccaggatg cagttgctct cctaaagcag agtgggagat    171060
     cctgaggaag ggagcctcct gcttgtgcgt ctgcggtaag aacggctgca cagacgcacg    171120
     ggagatatga ggaagggagc ctcctgcttg tgcgtctgtg gtaagagcgg ctgcacagac    171180
     gctctgaaag tccttatgcc tctgtgttgt tccaaataaa ctcacttatc ctgagagccg    171240
     ctccctttgc tgctcaggat ggcacaatct ggtgccagaa ataggaccag aaggaagatg    171300
     gccttcagaa ggaagtgaca attcttggaa ctgctgtgta gtgcccgcct gaggcctctg    171360
     agctcttcct ttctgcggcc cacctcttct gccacgtgca tcttctccca ggctgagagc    171420
     cctccttccg gcagaagctt gacttcgctc gggatctgcc ttggaccagg ccaccttaat    171480
     ataggacctt gcgtccgtcc tgggaccctg tgaggccggg ttgtcctttc tggtcctggg    171540
     gagtgctctg gtttgtttgt ttctgtgcgt ccataagtga ttaagtgatt tggctttttt    171600
     tacttctgct ctccctgctt gtttcaaaac atctttaaag agcaaatatc acatacagcg    171660
     gttatatgaa tttctttttg ctctcaaaag tgcagtagga gacagaatgg gattctcaaa    171720
     gtgtaaggca cgcccggctt tcgggggctc agctggtcgt acattcaaac attgtggccc    171780
     tttgtgcaca ttttaagccc atggacagat gacaccaagg gtgatttaga attccagtgg    171840
     ccatttgaga atcattccaa ctccccagac tggtttccta gaactatatt agaaaattgc    171900
     agctattggg ttaaacagtc tgaatgaggc gcgtattttt agttgccatc ttgaggcttc    171960
     aaagtgcatt caggacttta aaaaggcctc gttgcaaaat actgtctcca caccagccaa    172020
     ggcacctcct tcccagagcc cttccttccc cttcccacag cacatcctcc tcctccttct    172080
     ctggctgacc tccccacccc ctttattcag agctccccag cttttctcca caaacaccaa    172140
     ttcatctttt aacacatgga acctctaggg aagttctaga tgaaggagat aaagtaatta    172200
     aatatgctat tctggcatat tgacaattta gttagaatca cttgaaaaac agcaggcttg    172260
     cttctttttc aaagctaccc atgctgattg cagacataaa aaaatgtttt ctccccacta    172320
     ttccttaatg ggctctaccc tgaagttagc aatctaatca agaaacaagc aaagttgaaa    172380
     agactgtcta tcaaactaaa cactttctgg catttagctg gctattttga aactgttttg    172440
     taaaaactca cgtctataaa ggaaaacagc ttttggcttc cagaggcaaa aactatgaga    172500
     ataaatgagt gaagtaagat gtaattagga ttcccctgct gccatctctg tgctggtaag    172560
     agttgtgtcc agttaagaaa attaatatcc ttctttagat ggaaggaaaa atagagccct    172620
     tcctctgcta cttcttcatt gcttttagca gaaaagaata tttgtgttaa agaagcatca    172680
     tctggaatgg tccttcctga ctccttcaat ggccagtttt gattaagaag gaattaaagc    172740
     ataattgtag gtgaatgtaa atgactttaa agttcatcaa cttttcaatg atagttgttt    172800
     tataaactgt gtctacttaa aatgaagtcc aaacatattt tgggggaaac ttgaagcctt    172860
     aacgtgaact tatagatatt cataaaatga gtcattttca aataagataa aacccactgc    172920
     tacaactata attaaaacaa aaccaaaaaa cacactgatt tcaaagctgc ctggaggttt    172980
     tttattctca ccagccctag ctgaaatgta aacatccaag aaattaactt ctacacccat    173040
     cggagaccat aaataggggg gaaggaagca agcaagcaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag    173100
     gaaaggcagc cttcttatct tcaaggatga gaagctgaag cagacagaac attgtacaga    173160
     ccttgttaga taactcgtat gttttaagcc ccctggaatg atttagtgaa ttgataacgg    173220
     cctctctggg gtcttcattt ccatacgggg gctcccatgc tatgtaaaac ctgtatgatg    173280
     cttctctcct gctagtctat ctagcgtcca actgggacgc taaaggctgg gatatcccac    173340
     tttgtcctct ccccggaacc tgcaggtggg attccaggac acctgacaca gggcagaggc    173400
     aggaattctt cccaaagtca gctctctcac gccactacct ggaatgcctg gttgagaagg    173460
     taaaaggttt tcttgtccct ttttaaattt ggatcgaaag gagaacattg taagaagtgg    173520
     ttctttaaat ggtgactctt gtgaatttgg tgctgggtgc ccgttgcttt ttggccacag    173580
     cttcccagaa atagccgctg ttttctttgt ctctgccttt tgtggggttt gccctaaggc    173640
     ctgttttctg tcttgagaac ttggtcataa ccagtgagga tgctgtctcc ggtctctgcc    173700
     cactgggaga tccgagttgc taggcatgct tctgatggcg gtcaccggcc aggaccgaaa    173760
     catgaagtgt ctctgttcga ccacatctgc tctcaggaac ttaccttaac cgcctcacca    173820
     tggttacctt gttaccagtg agcatcttta cttccttagc ctatcttcaa gagaaatttt    173880
     ggatcctgaa gggggctaca tcctttgcat cctttctggg gacctcttgc atccatggtt    173940
     aagccataca gggcttacta gttttgaatc acagcggaag taggtttact tttggtttgg    174000
     aagttggtta atatttggag cattatagga actttttgtt tgtttgatct tctgtcctaa    174060
     gctaaaatgg aactagaagg gaggaaagaa agacttcaat accaccggga atgtttactg    174120
     ttgtcctggt taaaagctga taataagata tttgaaaagg gactttcttt agagctccct    174180
     gatgagaagt caggctaact ggaagctgat gctcaggcta taactcgtgg tggctctgtg    174240
     ttttctctgc cagactctgc ttctccccct gggaacttct cagccagccg agccatcctt    174300
     tcccagcact gctgactgtg tgctgtgcac attttttgat tggcgtgatt cttgactgtt    174360
     tacaaatgga gcaaataaaa gatctttaag gtctttccta cttagtaaga ggcattgttt    174420
     aaattgactt agaaataaat gagcatacct acaactgtaa aaaaaaaaaa taggaactaa    174480
     cccaaatgtt tttaaagttc acttgacctg gggtaaactt tggtgaataa aggtgagttt    174540
     agatttgccg gtttgataaa agcaggtgtc ttcagagtcc tcagcgttaa agatgatgca    174600
     gacacgcaac tttcatctct gctaaatgtt taattgtaaa gcatgagtct gacctaaaaa    174660
     caagtgtgcc cgcagaagtg aggcggcacg cccgttactc ctcacgcagg aagcgcagca    174720
     atgaaacaaa acgccgtgcg tttaacgctt cggtttcttg attttgagat gaccgcctga    174780
     cagtcacatg ctgtaaaaat ggttaatagg aaaacacctc aagatgatgg atgcttaata    174840
     tctcaggaag tttctcagga gtaacacaga caagttaaaa tactaaaaca ttaatcgctg    174900
     aacataagtg taagcttatt cctggcttcg aaagttctgt ggaaagataa aatttgtttg    174960
     ggtctattag aaaacattgt gtcttgttct acattgagaa attgttctat gaggaagcac    175020
     gtttctgaaa aattataaaa tatgtattca taaaatgtta tcatataaca gttcaaaatt    175080
     gcttacttcc taggttccac taaaaattaa gggcactaag atttaaaaat tctaattaat    175140
     gtgtgtaact ctatatacaa agtatgaaaa ataatgatac aatttttggt atttttggta    175200
     aaaaaattac aaaagacatg agggtttttt ttagaagaag aataattttg tctaatttgg    175260
     aggttattta aaggttgctt gaaaatgcaa attttgaaag gaaatagaaa caaggcagaa    175320
     aggaaccagt aaatgggaca aaaaataagc aaagaaagtt atatctttgg tagggaaagt    175380
     tgaaaagaaa aagagaataa aacttttttt tatatgagaa aatcttgtgt ggccaaaatt    175440
     ataagggaaa aaagagtaaa tttttatcct aagttagaat gattggttgt tccagtataa    175500
     aaaagaggaa gtatagaacg aaactgaagg tttgaacaaa ttctagaagg tttgagaaaa    175560
     ttgcaaaagg tttatggaag atgaatttta tgaaatacat tttgtatgtg atcaagttga    175620
     ctaaaaatag aaggaaataa tttataagtc tttctaaaat agaacattaa gatctaggct    175680
     gggcgtggtg gctcatgcct gtaatcccag cactttggga ggctgaagag ggcagatcac    175740
     ttgaggtcag gagttcaaga ccagcctggc caacatggtg aaactccttc tctactaaac    175800
     atacaaaaat tagctgggtg tagtggcgca tgcctgtagt cccagctact agggaggctg    175860
     aggcaggaga atcgcttgaa cctgggaggc ggaggttgca gtgagctgag attgcgccac    175920
     tgcactcaag cctgggcaac agagtgagac tctgtctcaa aaaaaaaaaa aagaagaaga    175980
     aaaaagatct aaagtttgcc gacatgaaac tagaatttgg tcctctctgt taatacgaca    176040
     agattttctt gtagtattga tctacccctg attaaaaaat aatcagggtg ttccttgcct    176100
     ttttggtaac tgtcgcaggt gagtggtgac cctctggggc tggtggtgtg gtgagaagaa    176160
     tttaccaaga cagttgcaga taaagaaaag cagatttatt gaagaaagca tgaaaataca    176220
     ttgcgagagt gcaatgggca agttagcaga gaggagctga ctgcaaggag gcgaaggctt    176280
     ggtgagggtt ttataagaca gtctctgtgc tgtgagctga agagggcttt gacagtgctg    176340
     ataacgccaa ggttgccgtg agctaacttg taattttccc atcagtcaag gatctggtga    176400
     tagctggaag actgagttat ttgtgcagga gggttatgtg ttctggacca tgagaaaggc    176460
     agacttaagg cttatgtgcc ttctcttttt gcttccttca gtcccgccag ccccactccc    176520
     cctccgtaat gaggcctcca cagtaactgg cctagaaaaa tttatcaaga taatgtcgtg    176580
     tactttgcgc tgtctttatt aggtttttga ttgcttggaa aaattcttcc tttaaagagg    176640
     tagggttttt tttttttttg tctgtgtaac tttatttgct tttaaagtat tttaattatc    176700
     actatagtta aatggatgac tattatttca cagtgaccta ttatcctgtt ttaattaagt    176760
     gttttaaacc tttgacattt ttgacaagct ttcccaagat caaattctaa attaaatctt    176820
     tttattctta ccttgtaaaa gagatatatt aattaagttt atttgacatg ctaaattatt    176880
     aaatatgtgg gaagcattgt aaacaagaaa tgatgtttaa cctttttttt tttttttttt    176940
     tttttctgag acggagtctg gctctgtcac ccaggctgga gtgcagtggc gcgatcttgg    177000
     ctcagggcaa gctccacctc ccgggttcac gccattctcc tgcctcagcc tctcgagtag    177060
     ctgggactac aggtgcccac caccacaccc agctaatttt tttgtatttt tagtagagac    177120
     ggggtttcac cttgttagcc aggatggtct cgatctcctg accccatgat cggcttgcct    177180
     cggcctccca aagtgctggg attacaggag tgagccactg cgcccggcct taaccattct    177240
     ttaagttata tttgtatgga tacagtatta gtgtattcca aaatttgtat aaaattctta    177300
     aatatctgat atatcttggt ataatgttat cagtagtagt tctaattatt gtgttaaaat    177360
     gttctatgct atggaaataa ccaaagttcc ttgtcaattt ctcattataa tgaactctca    177420
     tcagactttt aaccatgacc cgtctatgtt tttgtcatcc atgtaaagat ccaaatccaa    177480
     attattgttt tgatgtttct ctaaaagctt ttgcaatcaa ctacagtcca aattgcttct    177540
     aatgaaatga ctttggcagt cctcttgaac tctgattgct gataccttta agatcatacc    177600
     gttggagaaa gtagatattt ttgggactct gttgaagaaa ctgatgggtt cataaatctg    177660
     ctaacctaga tcaagcagaa tgagaattaa ttacatggga ctgaatgaat tgacgaaaag    177720
     gaatgatggg tttttacagt tttaatttaa aatatttttg gttctctatt ttaatgtttt    177780
     gttttccagg tttaaggaaa atagttttct taagctatct ataatttaca ccaatttggt    177840
     aaagtataac tttgtgaaca aaaattgaaa cataggcttc tttccctacc ttatctctcc    177900
     aaaatttgtg aactatttgt gagtatgatt atgtttttgg caatacagtc atttgtgtaa    177960
     gttcaataag agcctgttct cttcacagca gcatacaatg gaaaatattg gttatattac    178020
     caggttttga ctggaatgcc aggcttaacg ttgctcagaa gttgcttcta tgaggacgtc    178080
     tcccagcagc tgtcagtgtt tccaatgagt catcgccagc ccctgcaatg agcctctcag    178140
     gctggtaagt tttgtttcag aaccgcttcc tcaagcttct tttgccttta aaagcttcct    178200
     cttgccccag cctcccaggg aatgcctgtg gtctgtcatg gctcacacat cctggttgat    178260
     aatccactgc tgttctccac ggaatgcctt cattttgaga gctgctcgct gcctgttgtg    178320
     gtttcagttg acggcccacc gctgtgtgca gagttcacca gccgctgtgg tgtgcagtgc    178380
     agcagctgac ctgcctgcct tgtggttttc taatcccatt gaggggacgt cttaggtgtt    178440
     ctcaccaaga atgcacagca acagtgctgg gtgggccaca tcctccctca cgtttggtgc    178500
     caccagtttt atagattttg gctactgtgg gtgtgtgtgg tggtttttgt tggtgtttac    178560
     gacgcatctt cctggtgctc gagtctgtcg agcacttttt cttgtgttta tttgccatca    178620
     tttggcgaag tgttcaaatc ctttgaccgt tgtttcacca agttgtttta ttatgaaatt    178680
     ttaggggtta cttattctgg atctcagcac ttggataaat atttgagaat attttttgca    178740
     gtaagtgaca tcgttttatg tggatgaaca gaagatttta attttgataa agtctaatgg    178800
     atatatgtga tgttagtgta atttgaatgc atacatatgt atatttaatg cattctttta    178860
     tgatgattgt gcacttcata tgaaatgcgg caaccttgcc ttgccatccc ggaggcctct    178920
     gcttctctga tctgtgggtg tcacaggcac ttcacttact cacaccttat ggcacggttt    178980
     cttttgctct aagcctgcac gtgtgtttta aaggtaattt cttccgttag agaagtcgcg    179040
     taggctcacc ctgctatttg ccatttctgg agctctttat ctccttcttc atatctgcat    179100
     ttccctctgg aatcatttcc attcagcctg aagaactctt ctgcctggga ctccaccttc    179160
     ttttctagca gctgggctca ttgggagctc tgtcctctgg tggctctggc caggggacgc    179220
     tgggttttct cttagggttt cagttggccc gtgtggtgcc aatgtcaacg tgtctgtagg    179280
     ccagagccag caatgagcac cccctcggtc tggccctgag ctccaaggcc ccactcccac    179340
     gggatcttgc tgccaggacc ccactctctg catcttgtcc agagtgtcga ggagggcagg    179400
     gtccagcggg atctctcggc cctcccaggg ctgagtctgt gctctgacct ttcctgggag    179460
     gcactcaggg ccaacagagc aacaaggggc ctttccctgt ggctccctcc cctctggaga    179520
     aaatgggtca gacctgggtt tctccatagt cactgtccct aaaatgaagc cgggctgcca    179580
     gaggcggttg catctcccgg caccaagacc ccagagtccc tgtgagaaag aggaccaacg    179640
     acgatggaag cctttctcta atgtgcgcac agccaggccg ctcctctgaa ggcgctgagc    179700
     cgcctctaat cacagcgcca cactggccac aggtcgctgg gtataggatg aacccagctg    179760
     tgaataggat gcatttcctg ggaggtttct gtgaagttac tgaactgcca aaaggtaagc    179820
     agttttaatt gatttgtgag tcttcaatta agcacagcag aatgctaatt aaatattctc    179880
     tgttctttaa atagagaatg ctttaaataa ttcagcacaa tctttgcata aatcacacca    179940
     ttcagctgag gtgcctgtca gcagtcaagt gattgagagc acaaactgtc ccaaagacac    180000
     agcccccttc cccctggaga cgcgcacagc ctgcagaaga gatgtcacct gatgcagcgt    180060
     tgtggtttaa aaactcatta tgggaagcat gaggctggac ccaggggacc ctggaggtga    180120
     tgcaggggct ttggcagcct ggaagctgtt ggaggagggg cccttggtgg aagtggggac    180180
     agtttgagcc tccggcctcc aattccctcc cgctggcttc tgggccgcac ctccaggaat    180240
     ccagctagac ccgcagggct ctgactccag actttattaa atgtttcctc taacggttct    180300
     ggccattctg ctgggccatt aaaggctacc ccagggcctc agatatgagc gtggtgtctg    180360
     tatgtggtcc tttcatggag ggcaggaagc atcataatta cttttttttt taacggtttt    180420
     caatttgtgt tgacaaagag ccttagtgaa tctgttggaa gaagagtgac ttcaaaatga    180480
     acctgactcc ctgtatgtta ggagtccata ttctctgata cagttaacgt tttccttcca    180540
     acctcttcac tgttcaagca aagtggtatt ttagctattc actgtttgac actttaatag    180600
     gagttttgat gagcaatttc aggatgtgga attgctacac tgcaccaggt tcctgcagga    180660
     gcagcagcct cagcctgtgg atgggacgtg agatcttggt gtttctcctg gaggaaacgc    180720
     tgtgctgctg tgttgatgac ggggcgtgtg tggggttgat gatgggtgat ggagtgtggg    180780
     gttggtgaca ggtgacggag tgtggggttg acgacgggtg atggagtgtg gggatgatga    180840
     tgggtgatgg agtgtgggga tgatgacggg tgatggagtg tggggatgat gatgggtgat    180900
     ggagtgtggg gatgatgatg ggtgatggag tgtggggatg atgacgggtg atggagtgtg    180960
     gggatgatga tgggtgatgg agtgtgggga tggtgatgga gtgtggggat ggtgatggag    181020
     tgtggggatg atgatgggtg atggagtgtg gggatgatga tggagtgtgg ggatgatgac    181080
     gggtgatgga gtgtggggat gatgatgggt gatggagtgt ggggatggtg atggagtgtg    181140
     gggatggtga tggagtgtgg ggatgatgat gggtgatgga gtgtggggat gatgatggag    181200
     tgtggggatg atgacgggtg atggagtgtg gggttgacga cggggcgtgg ggttgatgat    181260
     ggagtgtggg gatgatgatg ggtatggagt gtggggatga tgatgggtat ggagtgtggg    181320
     gttgatgacg ggtgatagag gagtgtgggg atgtgatggg tgatggagtg tggggatgat    181380
     gatggaatgt gggattgatg acggatgatg gagtgtgggg atgatgatgg gtgatggagt    181440
     gtggggatga tgatggagtg tggggttgat gatgggtgat ggagtgtggg gttgatgatg    181500
     ggtgatggag tgtggggatg atgttgggtg atgaagtgcg gggatgatga tggagtgtgg    181560
     tgatgatgac aggtgacgga gtctggggtt gatgacgggg cgtggggttg atgatggagt    181620
     gtggggatga tgatgggtat ggagtgtggg gatgatgatg gatatggagt gtggggttga    181680
     tgacgggtga tacagtgtgg ggatgtgatg ggtgatggag tgtggggatg atgatgggta    181740
     tggagtgtgg gattgatgac gggtgatgga gtgtggggat gatgatgggt aatgaagtgt    181800
     ggggatgatg atggagtgtg gtgatgatga caggtgacgg agtgtggggt tgatgacggg    181860
     gcgtggggtt gatgatggag tgtggggatg atgacgggtg accgagtgtg gggttgatga    181920
     cggggcgtgg ggttgatgat ggggtgtggg gatgatgacg gggcatgggg ttgatgacgg    181980
     ggcgtggggc tgttgatggg gtttggggtt gatgacgggg tgtgtggttg atgacggggt    182040
     atggggttga tgatggggcg tagggttgat gatggggtgt ggggttgatg atggggcatg    182100
     gggttgatga cggggcctgg ggttgatgac ggggtgtggg gttgatgacg tggtgtgggg    182160
     ttgatgacgg agtatggggt tgatgatggg gtgtggagtt gatgacgggg tgtggggttg    182220
     atgacggggc atgtgtgggg tcgatgatgg ggtgtggggt tgatgatggg gtgtggggtt    182280
     gatgaagggg cgtggggttt atgacggagc ttggggctga tgatggggtg tggggctgat    182340
     gatggggtgt ggggctgatg atggggcatg gggtttatga tggggtgtgg gattaatgac    182400
     ggagtgtggc gttgatgatg aggcgtgggg tttatgacag agcgtggggt caatgacagg    182460
     gtgtggggtt gatgacgggg tgtggggttg atgacggggc atggggttta tgacagcttg    182520
     tgtcagacga agccacatca actcattctg agcacccctt tcctcaaaac ataaggatga    182580
     gcatgaccaa aatctcaaga catttttcct aagtccttaa gacggatgaa cttctacagg    182640
     taagtaggta gattaataaa cagaggtaag gaatgttggc atgaagaagc tccctaggct    182700
     gctgtgtggc tgaagctctg actggtcatg ctggttaagg atgcgtctga gcaagatcgg    182760
     tcgctgacag gtaggtgtgt agaaaataac ctatatgtgg tggtccattt tcagttctaa    182820
     gtgccttcat ataggtttaa gcaggctatg tggaaataga gaaataaaga agcagaaatg    182880
     tactgagtca ccaccctgcc ctccttcctg ctttcccttt cacccagcgg ccacgtgcct    182940
     atcagtagga gccccctcaa ctaccctctc ctcaccccac caaagaattt agtttaggct    183000
     agcttgcaac ataaataatt ataccctttc ttatcagcta cgtgcagcca ccagggccat    183060
     agtcaaatgt ttgaagagtc ctgagacagt tgcaatgcat ggtgggctgc aataaaatgc    183120
     agcagaaaga tcctaaagaa cagacttgaa atcttaatcc aacgaccaat aggtgatgtc    183180
     caggaagatc gtaaccccat ttactcagtc aatgaggaac tgggggaggg acctgcgcac    183240
     taggggataa attgcttgtt gaaactctgc tgggggtggc tgcatgccag ccagacaccc    183300
     agtcttgcaa gactgtcatt gaaaatctcc gttttgctgt tctccgggtc tctgcgtcca    183360
     gtctttgtgt ttggacgggt gagtttgttt ctcacaggtg cgactctgtc tctatttgca    183420
     tcaggttcag tttcttcctg gttgaccttg tgggtgtgaa tgttgtcaca gacctgccgg    183480
     gccatctttc tgcaagaaga taaaggaaga ccaggagtgc ctgccgaact cctatggagg    183540
     aagtctagga gaggaagggg taggaccaag ggcactgctg tgggctgaag gtttgcgtcc    183600
     ccccaaatcc ttacgttgaa atcctaaacc ccagtgggat ggtgtttgga gatgggacct    183660
     ttgggacgtg attaggtcat ggggtggagc cccatgaggg gattagtgcc cttgtaagaa    183720
     gaaacaccag aaccagcctc ttctctctct actcaccacc cttcctctct gctaaggaca    183780
     gggaggaaga tggtgtctgc aaaccaggaa gcagccttgc cagacacagg attggccaca    183840
     accttgaccc cagacttcca gcctccagaa ctgtgagaaa taaatgtcca tattgactag    183900
     gggcacaggg catgggggaa ctggttccag acctgcctcc tgggaagttg ggagggggca    183960
     tttcaacctg ttaatttctc aaattatgta gtcattcaaa aagaaataga aacacttcat    184020
     taactttgtg attgccaaat tattgatcaa ttctcataga aagttataac atttcccctt    184080
     ttggtacatt tctgttaaaa agaaggttgt ctttccagcc ttatgttttg tagtttaatt    184140
     tgctcacatt cattataatc cattatttaa tacatttttc ttccatttga tcatattact    184200
     tgctgatagg aaggactgag ttcattttca gcgtgtctgg cttttccatt tctgtggcct    184260
     gggaaggtgg gtggctacat catcatccat ggtctctgaa atatcctgtg ttaccaaggc    184320
     ctgcttgttc caccaaactg ctccataggc agttgtgaca cccagaaaga tgctgatatg    184380
     gtttggctgt gtccccaccc aaatctcatc ttgaattgta gttcccataa tccccaggtg    184440
     tctgggaggg gcccagtggg aggtaattga gacatggggg cgggttttcc catgctgttc    184500
     ttgtgatagt gaataagtcc caagagattc tgatggtttt ataaacagga atttccctgc    184560
     acaggctctc ttgcctgcca ccatgtaaga cctgcctctg ctcctccttc accttccgcc    184620
     atgattgtga ggccacccca gccatgtgga actgtgagtc cattaaacct ctttttcttt    184680
     ataaattact cagtctcagg tatttcttca tagcattatg aaaatggact aatacagatg    184740
     cagctagcat gagggaactg tccttgccaa cttggagttg ttctcagaaa ctgcagtaac    184800
     tcaatactgg gaacagaaat gcactaccct gaggtcaggg attttaggat acagtcccga    184860
     agcttctgtt gccttcaatg ccttcactga catgggattt agggattcag agtcctgaag    184920
     cttctgttgc ccgggtaagc cctcagtgcc ttcactgacg tgcacagagc tgctctttct    184980
     gtgaatggat gctatcccaa ccaggaggcc tggaaactgc ggctttgcga ttttgaattt    185040
     atggaaggag tccttggtga ccctcacaat ctggaggccg agagtccaag gtcaagcagc    185100
     tggttcctct ggaggctcca tggaagaagc ccttccatgc tggttttctt cctctggtgt    185160
     tcctggcaac ccttggtgtt ccttgcctgg tgaatgaatc acccaccttt gcctccatct    185220
     gtccatggtg ttatccctgt gtctctgccc aaatctctct ctccttatga ggacaccgaa    185280
     tggatgagct catttcaact tgatcacatg tgcaaagacc ctatttccaa atgaggtcac    185340
     attttcaggt gtgagggtta gaacttcaac tatctttttg ggggacacag caccatccac    185400
     agccgtgagg acattggaca aagcccaact tggacctgac tcgggtcagg ggggaggggc    185460
     acagggagat ttgccttttt cctgttttgc cattttccac gtaactcgta tttgctactt    185520
     tagaggaacc atttatggaa aactacagga taaaggataa acaaatggtg gaggaaagga    185580
     aatctgttag caatcagaga gattgttaat ttccttgatg aggagccaat tggttgaagg    185640
     gtgcctgtaa tttacaactt cagtcttggg aaaaatgtgc acagttattt tttggtctcc    185700
     atgaaggaaa cgtttagacg ggcactcatg gggctgatta ccgattcaga ggaacatgca    185760
     gggggcatcc accctccagg cgtgggaaga gagaagcaca tgcttccggg aggccaaggc    185820
     tgagccgggc ttaggagtgt cctctccagg tactaagtta attttatggg agctgaagcc    185880
     tcgctgcttc tcggagcctg gggagttggg agcactggcc ctgggctctg tgtggcctgg    185940
     aactgcgact gcagcttgga attcttgggc tcagctatgg cggcctgtgc ccttctccag    186000
     gcatggtttg ggccgtgtcc ctggaacagc agctgaggtc ctggtgccag ccccatcaca    186060
     gacggcaggg gacctgagat agacatggcc ccctctgccc aggccccctt gctggaaagg    186120
     cagaggcaca tcttacctcc ggggacccca ctctcacctc ggaggatgtt ttaggccatg    186180
     ctgtgtgttg ccatctttgg gaagaactag tttaacgaag gagtcatgaa tttggcgagg    186240
     ggccgcctct gctgacggtg tttcctgagt ccctgccctt cactggggca cgagggcaca    186300
     tgtgcctccg ttgcgcacct gggtgggtgg ggctggccgt gaccagcggt tccaggtgac    186360
     gctgccctgg gagagctcct tggcagggct ctggggtgag ctgggcaggg acccgggagg    186420
     tcagaggccc ctgggtcttg gccaagcagc tggagagctg gtgctgggag tgtgtgctga    186480
     ggggtagcac gggccgaagg gctccttccc actggctctg ttggctcagc ctcgaattgt    186540
     ctgcagggac gcctgctggc cacacatcac catgaggatg cacttgactg aatctggaag    186600
     aatcccaggg ctgtggaaga ttttggaaga taaaatgccc ccaaggaagc attaattaat    186660
     aaatgaataa atatgcccag gcttaaacga atttcctgca acagctattc actgggcagg    186720
     ccctggtagg gtccttgcct tccccacacc tgtttgaagt gtaggtcctt ctcagaatag    186780
     gcagaaggag caggtggcac tgatgagatg gagcagtcgt cacccacatt cccacacctt    186840
     accaggatga ggatctccaa actggggcag agctgggctc catgagtgag cattgcgttg    186900
     agaaaccacc ctgtgtaagt acaaagaggc ttgtcccaca gctcctggtc accaaaagct    186960
     gtcagcaact ctcactggac cttgggtctt gggcacgtcc ctccagcctc agtgccccgg    187020
     gaaggaattc                                                           187030