ID   AC126245; SV 3; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 160440 BP.
AC   AC126245;
DT   05-JUL-2002 (Rel. 72, Created)
DT   02-JAN-2004 (Rel. 78, Last updated, Version 4)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-354D8 from chromosome 17, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-160440
RA   Wang C., Meyer R.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-354D8";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-160440
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Sequencing of Mus musculus";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-160440
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (04-JUL-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-160440
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (14-MAR-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [5]
RP   1-160440
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (04-DEC-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [6]
RP   1-160440
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (01-JAN-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; c652c586237785b3403f7f7f7d00acf5.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456179.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000037334; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000067201; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0023678; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0023679; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0023636; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0023637; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0023607; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0023643; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0023644; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0023405; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0024081; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0024082; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0022892; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0023382; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0023507; mus_musculus_dba2j.
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DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0023480; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0023481; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0023584; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0023585; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0023503; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0023504; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0024127; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0024128; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0022644; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0022645; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0047582; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0047584; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0047543; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0047549; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0047551; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0047281; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0048034; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0048036; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0047347; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0047215; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0047314; mus_musculus_dba2j.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0047282; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0047284; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0047415; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0047417; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0047290; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0047292; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0048130; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0048132; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0046934; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0046936; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   GOA; O19442.
DR   InterPro; IPR001039; MHC_I_a_a1/a2.
DR   InterPro; IPR003006; Ig/MHC_CS.
DR   InterPro; IPR003597; Ig_C1-set.
DR   InterPro; IPR007110; Ig-like_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR011161; MHC_I-like_Ag-recog.
DR   InterPro; IPR011162; MHC_I/II-like_Ag-recog.
DR   InterPro; IPR013783; Ig-like_fold.
DR   InterPro; IPR036179; Ig-like_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR037055; MHC_I-like_Ag-recog_sf.
DR   MGI; MGI:1276570; H2-M9.
DR   MGI; MGI:95913; H2-M1.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; O19442; O19442_MOUSE.
CC   On Dec 4, 2003 this sequence version replaced gi:28951343.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BB0354D08
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The RPCI-24 BAC Library has been constructed by Pieter de Jong and
CC   coworkers (http://www.chori.org) from male C57BL/6J mouse spleen
CC   and/or brain genomic DNA. The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..160440
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="17"
FT                   /map="17"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-24"
FT                   /clone="RP24-354D8"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   unsure          1841..2284
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          9725..9965
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          11990..12002
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   misc_feature    17686..17838
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA."
FT   unsure          22050..22205
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          121250..121346
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          121547..122125
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   misc_feature    123086..123109
FT                   /note="Unresolved homopolymeric repeat."
FT   misc_feature    123116..123291
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA."
FT   unsure          123520..123801
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          125243..125396
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          125776..125992
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
SQ   Sequence 160440 BP; 49285 A; 34424 C; 33122 G; 43609 T; 0 other;
     gatcactaac ccacccactc ctgcttcctg gccttggcat tcccctacac tagggcatag        60
     agccttcaca ggaccaaggg cctctcccca ttgatgtttg actaggccat cctctgcttc       120
     atatgcagct ggagccatga gtcctaccat gtgtactctt tggttggtaa tttagtccct       180
     gggagctcag gggttactgg ttagttcata ttgttgttcc tcctatgggg atgtaaacca       240
     cttcaacact ttaggttctt tctgtaaaac ctatgggaac cctatgctca gtccaatgga       300
     tggctgtgaa catctacttc tgtatttgtc aggcactggc tagtgcctga aaaatacaat       360
     attttcaata aagtaactgt ctcaaaactc ttgggtcata gcatggttat aataaattga       420
     taaaagtgca tagatgaaat tacattaagg tcaattttct ttctaagtgt gtagatatcc       480
     tgacttaaaa atgattggga attcttcact tctttacccc aacatgttct caataggata       540
     ttgtcaacag gagcagcaga aggattaggg taaacaactt gtccacagac actgcttcta       600
     ggataccagt gcccagaggt gggtctgagg tggaaaacag gactctagag atgcaggtcc       660
     caggagtcca tctttccatt accaacatat ctttatcagt atcactctcc tagagaacat       720
     tattttctgg agtccattct ttcctgggag atgatctgac aaggttgtca aaatcttgta       780
     tattctcttt actgagacaa gtttcactct ggttggtagc aaacatatct ctttctattt       840
     ttcataagac tcctgagaaa atttcaattt catcagacca tttgctttag aaatctagta       900
     gccacagaca ttcactacag tctatcctca gtatctcctt cttgtataga gagctgtttg       960
     tttccacctc agtctcaagg taaaatacat ttgtatctga accaattgtc ataatataag      1020
     tgggaaccaa ggttagaaga cagtcagtta gcgactggac tgtttcacag ctcactctca      1080
     acattgcttc ccttggcaca aatagccttg atatatagca agttattgca aaccaatagc      1140
     caacatcaaa ttaaatggag agaaagtaca cgcaatccca ctgaaatctg ggagaagaca      1200
     agattgccta ctctcccatt acctacttag tacttgaagt tctagctaaa gcagttaaag      1260
     aaaaggagat caacaggtta caaatcggaa aggaaaagct caaagtatca ctatttgcag      1320
     atgatatatg atagtataca taagccatcc ccaaaattcc accagagaac tcctacagtt      1380
     gataaacaac ctcagaaaag tagcaggata gaaaattaac tcaaacaaat ccatagcctt      1440
     ttttttttac acaaattatg aacaagctga gaatgaaatt agagaaacaa cactcttcac      1500
     aacatccaca aatagtataa ataccttggt gtaactctta caaagaaagt gaaatatctg      1560
     taataacaag gactctaaat acctgaaaaa aaaaaaaaga aatagaaggt ctcagaagct      1620
     ggaaagatct ccaatactca cagaatggta ggattaacat agtgaaaatt tccatcttaa      1680
     caaaaacaat ctccagatac aatgcaattg ccatcaaaat tccaacacaa ttattcacaa      1740
     acatggaaaa catggaaaga gccattctca acttcatatg gaataacaaa aagtgtagaa      1800
     tagcaaaata attctcaaca ataaaagaac ttctggggat ggttgagaag cacttaaata      1860
     aagattcaaa gtccttagag atcagggaaa tgcaaatcaa aaaaaccctg agattccacc      1920
     ttacaccaat caaaatggct aagataaaaa actcaggtga cagcacatgc tggggaggat      1980
     atggagaaga ggaacactcc tccattgctg gtggggttgc aaactagtac aaccatcaat      2040
     cttgaggctc attagaaaat tggaaataga tctatctgaa gacccagctg taccactcct      2100
     gggcatatac tcaaaagtgg ccttgccatg ccacaggggc atatgtttca ctatcttcat      2160
     agcagcctta tttacgatag tcaagttgga aaaaacccag atgtccacaa tggaagagtg      2220
     gatacagaaa atgtggttca tttacacaat ggaatactac tcaactatta agaatgaaga      2280
     catcttgagt ttttcaggga aatggataga actagaaaat atcatcttga gtgaggtaac      2340
     tcagatccaa aagtacatgc atggtatgta ctcactaata agtagatatt agccaaaaaa      2400
     gtacagaata ctcaggatat aatccacaga actcacgaat cttaacaagc tggagagccc      2460
     aagtgaggat gcctcaatcc cacttggaag ggagaagaaa aaagtgaagt tgatcagagg      2520
     gagagggacc tgcatgggac gaggacagag aagggaaaag gggaacgtga tcaggtaatt      2580
     gaggccgtca ggactgaagt tctgagggcc agcagagaaa tggaaactgg caacctcatg      2640
     agacaggata tggggagcag ggtggggaaa tcacctagaa agtaccagag acctgggagg      2700
     tgagagagtc tcaggactca aagagcggga ccttagatga aatatcctat agtggggaga      2760
     gggaactagt agagttcacc tccattagaa agacaggtca tcaagtggag ggaaaggttt      2820
     gccgtcccac agtcaaaaac tctgacccaa aattgttcct gtctgaaaca actgcaggaa      2880
     gagaaatgga gatgagactg agggaaagga gatccagtga ccagccaaaa tcaggatcca      2940
     gctcaagggg aggttccaag tctcactatt actgatacta tggtgtgctt acagacagaa      3000
     cctagtatgg ctgcactctc agaggccgaa caagcagctg aaagagccag atgcagatac      3060
     ttatacccaa ccaatggaca gaagccagtg acctctgtgg ttgaattagg gaaaggctga      3120
     aagaaactaa gaaggctggt aacctcatag gaagacacac agtctcaact gagctggatc      3180
     tccaagattt ccaagcactg agccaacaac caggcagcat acactagctg atatgagacc      3240
     acaacacata tacagtagag gactgcctga tctgtcctca gtgagagaag aagcacatac      3300
     cctcaagaga tttgaggtgc cagggagggg ggaggtctgg tggggtggaa ggcatcctct      3360
     gggagacaga ggaggaatgg gatgaggaac tgtcagaggg taataatgac tggactgtaa      3420
     aacaaaaaga gtccacccca tcctacgcag caatatgaaa ggcttttctc ctccctagcc      3480
     cagccagaaa tctctgcatc cctctcctta acgtatccta ccacagcctg atttcccctc      3540
     attgcccata aaccagcatg ggatgtgagg atggcatttg gaatttaaag gcccactgca      3600
     cataagttca cactcagtgc tttatttcca aaccatacag agggcaatct tgttagatgg      3660
     agaacaaaag tcgcctgctc tatgctggct ttttggattc tgaacattcc aaggaatgga      3720
     ttatcctaca taaaccctgt atttaggctt ctgtgtaaga tctacccctc tgctgtgaaa      3780
     catatctcac ctccatttca tacatgttca tatgagcaga gctacatctc cgggaataat      3840
     ggaaaatttc tgaaatctca aattgttccc tcactcagac accctaaaac attggtaatt      3900
     catgagctca gaactaaagg gaaaatcacc atgaagtgct gggccctgga cttctatgct      3960
     gctgagatca tcttgaccta gcagaggaat gacaacaacc acagccagga ttgggagcca      4020
     ctggacacca gtcttccagt ggatggacac ttcccactat gttcatagaa gccttattta      4080
     taatagccag aagctggaaa gatcccagat gcccttcaaa agaggaatgc atacagaaaa      4140
     tggtacattt acacatggat tactactcag ctattaaaaa aagatgaatt catgaagttc      4200
     ttaggcaaat ggatagaact agaaaatatt accctgagtg aagtaacaca atcacaaaag      4260
     agcacacatg atatgcactc actgataaat ggatattagc ccagaaactc agaacaccca      4320
     agataaaatt cacagaccac atgaagctca agaagaaaga agaccactgt gtgaatactt      4380
     cggtccttct tagaaggagg atcaaaatat ccatgggagg agatacagag acaaagtttg      4440
     gagcagaaac tgaaggaaag gccatccaga gactgtccca cctggggacc catcccatat      4500
     ccagttacca aacccagaca ctattgtaga tgccagcaaa tgcttgctga caggagcctg      4560
     atatagctgt ctcctgagag actctaccag tgcttaacaa atacagaagt ggatgttcac      4620
     agccatccat tgtactgagc acagggtccc caatgaaaga gctagagaaa agacccaagg      4680
     tgatgaaggg atttgcagcc tcataggagg aacaacaata tgaaccaacc attatcccca      4740
     gagctcccag ggactaaacc accaaccaaa gaatacacaa ggagggactc atggctccgg      4800
     tcgcatatgt agcagaggat ggccttgtgg gacatcaata agaggagagg cccttggtct      4860
     tgtgaaggct tgatgctcca gtataggaga atgccagtgc aggggagtcg gagtgggttg      4920
     gttagtgagc agggggaagg gggatgggat gggggggggt tggaggggaa gtggggaaag      4980
     gggataaaat tttaaatgta aataaattgt ctaataaaaa taaaataact ggatagatag      5040
     atagatagat agatagataa gaaagcaaat aagatgaaca aggcaatgga agcaagccaa      5100
     taagtaacat ccatccatgg cctctacatc agctcctgct tttttacctg cttgagtcca      5160
     atcctgactt cctttggtga tgaacaactt tgtagaagta taatctaaat aaacccttta      5220
     ctccctaact tgcttcctgt catgatggtt tgtacaaaaa tagagaccct gactaaggca      5280
     gtgggtgtag ttatttgaat agatttggac aaatagactc aagtgtttga atgtttggcc      5340
     cactaagtga tataattcgg agatgtgccc tttttggagt aggtatgacc ttgttggagg      5400
     aagtgtgtcc ctgtagggtt aggcttttct ttgtagttta caatttcact tttgagaaat      5460
     gcatttgttt atatgtatgt gtatgtttta catgcatgta tttccatgga acactatgac      5520
     taccacattt ccctgaaaat ccagagaagc aagaacactc ctaagactta tgcaagcata      5580
     cccacagttc ctcaacactg agctatccaa acactaaatc tctctctctc tctctctgat      5640
     ttcttctctc tgtgttttct ttttctcctt cttactttct gtctgtctct cagtattttg      5700
     tctcctatct ttctctctgt gtctcactct ctctatctct gtctctttct gttgttgtct      5760
     gtccctctgt ctttgtgtgt gtgtgtctct atctgtatgt atgtatgtat gtatgtatgt      5820
     atgtatgtct acctatcaac atatcattct atatttctct atcaatgaga actagggctg      5880
     caggaggcca gactcacagg aaatcactta gaatcagcag acctggacag ggtccacaca      5940
     tgtccttatt tattttacac ctctgatctt cagccttctc taagaattcc cagtgggagt      6000
     gatagagact ggcataattg gtcatggaaa gattaaccac tgggtgagga attcctagaa      6060
     ccttgcaccc ccactcaaat atagctctgg gccctggtat ccagggagcc ctctctaggg      6120
     ttaagttgtt tatcctgatc cctgtatcat ggcatgcgta ccatttccat gggatgccaa      6180
     tcaaagtggc aagacctgag aaagataatg tattattgac agatctctga tgaactacaa      6240
     ctcaaatctg tctctagtgt ctgcctagga aactaggctg accccccccc catagacctt      6300
     caagactgag acctacagta caacattcta tattatggtc atcatttaat atctctgaga      6360
     taagaaccca agtgtccttg cccttaacct tttcatgggt cctatgaaga tgcagcctcc      6420
     ttctgacaca tttgtgttta cactggcatc tattattaga tctcatcttt tctaggtgtc      6480
     aaagtttgag tctgtgccct aggatagctt ccatggctct atagctgttg catggcaggc      6540
     tcaaaaatgg aaatcagtgt tcatgcagaa taagaaatac ttcctctacc tcagtttttc      6600
     cctccctgct gaatcacagg ctgtgaggtt agatgtaact cagatttcag tcctttgcca      6660
     gagcttggtg ttatgtccca gtttttaagg atgtctggac tttctggcaa gaaaggtctc      6720
     caagaatgtg gtggacaaga tttcataata cacacatgat agagatttct ctcaaatctc      6780
     caacaagcct ccctttcctt attcagactc tgtaattagg aggtctactt ctcagattta      6840
     ctccttggta agtggttgag aattgaccca tgaatcaaat tgttgcagac cctgagatcc      6900
     agaaaagaaa ggcagtcaga gttcatgacc ctgggattgg gggaatggct tagtttttta      6960
     atgtacttac tgctcatgga gtggggctga ggtcatttca aagcttcatg taggacccac      7020
     tcacaaatac ctgttattgc agctctatgg gattagatgc tctcttctga attctacagg      7080
     catctccaat taattagcat gtaacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca ctcaaactta      7140
     cacagaaggt aaaactaaaa ttaaccatta aaatcagtgc acactctcaa aagcaagttt      7200
     gggctagttg tgaagatgca gttcttgccc aatgatgggt ttttatttgt ctgctttact      7260
     actgctgtga caggacacca tgaccaatac taacttgttg aagacaatgt ttatttcaaa      7320
     tgacaagtcc caggtcacat ttcatcattg agatagttat tcaggaatct gaagatagag      7380
     acttggaggc aggaacactc tataaacaac ttgtgtttaa tggctttcat atctaatcct      7440
     agaacacctg attgtcaggt ggttgggccc tcatgtgtca ataattcaac tataaaacac      7500
     cttacaggtt tcctagagcc aatctgattg agatattttt ccactgaggt ttcttttcct      7560
     gtatacatgt gaaactgaca aaattaaaca tccactaaga catagtataa ataaaaatgt      7620
     cctatacaag ctcaattgtt tgctactttg gccctagctg ctgaggcttc aagggaagtt      7680
     atgaaacttc ctagaaccta gctggagaca tccttcctga ccttcaaatc ctcttacatc      7740
     gcaccttatc tttccaccta tggcatgctt tccctgaatg gacgctcttt tgtgactctg      7800
     aaaagtgggt ctctcacctt ggtccataca actcatacta cacaaggttg ttttgcagac      7860
     tgaggctctt tatagtccta catggttcca tgtcctaatt ttgtacaata tctctcaaca      7920
     aatgccaggt atatttgctg atcactgaag agaccagctc cccaaaggag gagagggaga      7980
     gtcaagttga gttaaagcag aaatgcagat tactgagtga cacagcccag ccagtcagag      8040
     ccctggctcc tctgtgcaga ctctttcctc cccaactctg gagtcacaca tattgttctg      8100
     gatctaagac atggatcatg tagggtcagg gttcaggtgt cctcgtgttg ctttaagagg      8160
     acaggctgag tcaggactgg tcttgcttca ctttttaact ttaattctgc attaggtgaa      8220
     tgctgtctct agaaacagac atggtgagtt tcataatgaa agaattagct cctggaaact      8280
     aggaactcta gaagctgccc cttcactcta actaagatct tgggccaggt attttgggaa      8340
     gtaaagtctc aggacaagtg gctttatgct gatccatgtg ctcctggtct gagtcaaaac      8400
     ttcctagtga gttccaactc aggcatcaat aagttagacc attttcatct ccagatgtct      8460
     atacatgttg caggaaatat taaaaaatga acccaccaac tctcagcagg accaggccat      8520
     gctcctgtgc tcctgctgct gccaagaact ctctagagag agcccctgtg ccaggtgatc      8580
     tcactcgctc agtctctcgg cttgccattt gccagccctg agaggtcaca tggctcccac      8640
     agggctatct ctccgacagg gcccccaagt tcctcttgac ttcacacaac atcctataca      8700
     cccctggtta gccacctcaa caaacaccta gttaccaggt agaatcaaga ctcttttttt      8760
     ttttctattt ctatttttat ttttttccca tttttaatta ggtatttagc tcatttacat      8820
     ttccaatggt ataccaaaag tcccccatac ccacccaccc ccactcccct acccacccac      8880
     tccccctttt tggccctggc attcccctgt actggggcat ataaagtttg cgtgtccaat      8940
     gggcctctct ttccagtgat ggccaactag gccatctttt gatacatatg cagctagagt      9000
     caagagctcc ggggtactgg ttagttcata atgttgttcc acctataggg ttgcagatcc      9060
     ctttagctcc ttgggtactt tctctagctc ctccattggg agccctgtga tccatccatt      9120
     agctgactgt gagcatccac ttctgtgttt gctaggcccc ggcatagtct cacaagagac      9180
     agctacatct gggtcctttc gataaaatct tgctaatata tgcaatggtg tcagcatttg      9240
     gatgctgatt atggggtgga tccctggata tggcagtctc tagatggtcc atcctttcct      9300
     ctcagctcca aactttgtct ctgtaactcc ttccatgggt gttttgttcc caattctcag      9360
     gaggggcata gtgtccacac ttcagtcttc attcttcttg agtttcatgt gtttagcaaa      9420
     ttgtatctta tatcttgggt atcctaggtt tggggctaat atccacttat cagtgagtac      9480
     atattgtgtg agttcctttg tgaatgtgtt acctcactca ggatgatgcc ctccaggtcc      9540
     atccatttgc ctaggaattt cataaattca ttctttttaa tagctgagta gtactccatt      9600
     gtgtagatgt accacatttt ctgtatccat tcctctgttg aggggcatct gggttctttc      9660
     cagcttctgg ctattataaa taaggctgct atgaacatag tggagcatgt gtccttctta      9720
     ccagttgggg catcttctga atatatgccc aggagaggta ttgctggatc ctccggtagt      9780
     actatgtcca gttttctgag gaaccgccag actgatttcc agagtggttg tacaagcctg      9840
     caatcccaca aacaatggag gagtgttctt ctttctccac atccacgcca gcatctgcta      9900
     tcacctgaat ttttgatctt agtcattctg actggtgtga ggtggaatct cagggttgtt      9960
     ttgatttgca tttccctgat gattaaggat gttgaacatt ttttcaggtg cttctctgcc     10020
     attcggcatt cctcaggtga gaattctttg ttcggttctg agccccattt tttaatgggg     10080
     ttatttgatt ttctgaagtc caccttcttg agttctttat atatgttgga tattagtccc     10140
     ctatctgatt taggataggt aaagatcctt tcccaatctg ttggtggtct ttttgtctta     10200
     ttgacggtgt cttttgcctt gcagaaactt tggagtttca ttaggtccca tttgtcaatt     10260
     ctcgatctta cagcacaagc cattgctgtt ctggtcagga atttttcccc tgtacccata     10320
     tcttcaaggc ttttccccac tttctcctct ataagtttta gtgtctctgg ttttatgtga     10380
     agttccttga tccacttaga tttgacctta gtacaaggag ataagtatgg atcgattcgc     10440
     attcttctac acgataacaa ccagttgtgc cagcaccaat tgttgaaaat gctgtctttc     10500
     ttccactgga tggttttagc tcccttgtcg aagatcaagt gaccataggt gtgtgggttc     10560
     atttctgggt cttcaattct attagccaat cagatttata tgtcaagaat aatacaattt     10620
     acaagattcc aatacaataa gttgagagcc aaatgataat gataaggctt taacacagtt     10680
     attctaacct tttgataaca ccacatcagc ctctattcag gttatctcac tcctcttcag     10740
     acctctcttg ctgtctcctc aactcctcgc tccacctccc ttcttctgtc taattactag     10800
     cctcacattg tccaagtgat tggacaggaa aaatcctgca acatatacat atttggaatt     10860
     tcggtgtatg tctatggtaa attagcttct gtagattata tccatctgta ctgactctgt     10920
     tgggaactta atttttagac tcttatttca ttgaagttta tatggagcaa aggccacttg     10980
     gagtaaaaat aggtcttgtg actccaagta tacttgttta tattacaagg aacatgcatg     11040
     gtttgcatat tctgatcctt atggttttta ccaggccagt ggtttctcaa aggtctctct     11100
     ttgatgctaa catcagagct tggatcccaa gcacatgggt aaaatctgac aatgttccta     11160
     cttgactctt tgttattgct cccatgctaa gggtcaaact gtgcattcac ttcaactgaa     11220
     gttcatcctt ggattcactt ccttgcttga aggtcttgaa gtctaagttg taaatggatt     11280
     tttgtaaact ctattagttg ttaatgtgac ctcaggagcc ctgtgatata tgacctttga     11340
     tattgctgtg acaaaaaaaa atgaccaaaa ataacttgag gatgaaagag tttatttcat     11400
     ctgagaagtc ccaggttgtg ggctaccggg gtgtagggaa aggaaggggg agggagagag     11460
     cccacgtctg tctagagctc ctgtgctctg ggcaggcaga ttcgggagag ctgctggaca     11520
     ctttccactt ggcacagggt gagcatctaa gccactgacc ccacttggtg ggtgttggac     11580
     aaggggcagc ccctgatacc aggggcccca gggcaacacc cttggcccca gagttatagg     11640
     agagagggca gaaagagaaa ggttcccaca cagatgaggg tccttagtct ggtctgtggc     11700
     tggagcacag gaaggccttc catcaggagc ttagaaacgg ctcattagga gaaagcctgt     11760
     cccatcatct aagcacagtg ggccttgatg aacagagaca gtctatggtt ttagagcttt     11820
     attgtagaaa ggcaggggga aagagaaaag gtagaaagag agagagagac cagccacggc     11880
     caagaggtga gaagggaaaa aagagagaga gatgaaaggc tagagtaaga gggagaaagc     11940
     aagagggaga gagagtaaga gagtgagagg agagagtaag agaatgagag agagagagag     12000
     agagacagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag     12060
     aggtggggcc aagcagcccc tcttatggtg agctgttatc agtttgttgc taggtaactg     12120
     ggaggagtct agcctgaagg tcaagaaact tgggacattg tctacgtgac tactagccac     12180
     acttctcctg tgggggctgt aggggtggta acttcaacag aagccttggg tccaggagac     12240
     atgagggaac acctactgtc ccatgtaggt gaattatcac catcaggttc taccggggtt     12300
     cagacctcag ctcaactgga gactaggatg tctgtcccac accaggtcac atttcaacag     12360
     taaggtagtt cttcaaggga ggaacacaga cacagaagca atccatggag gactgctgat     12420
     tactggttgc tcatcctgct ttcatatata attcaagagc acctaccttt acagacttgt     12480
     ctagaggcaa cctgataaag gcatattctc catagaattt ccttttcctg tttaaagaaa     12540
     gctggtgtta aattgacaaa atccaaagca acaggcatgg catggtctga ataaaaatgt     12600
     cctctacacg ctcaagtgtt ttctcaattt gtccctagct gctcagcctt aggtgaagct     12660
     atgaaacttc ctgatgtgga gcagagatca caactctcct aagactccta ataaggagtc     12720
     acctgacctg tccctcaccc atactctaga tggcatttca cctacctctt gcatgcccag     12780
     aatcaacact gtcccttctg actctggaag agtgtcttgt attattttta ccacacaact     12840
     catgctgccc aaagttggtt tgcagtttta gcttgtttat agttttgtga tggtttgtac     12900
     accctgaggg atggagtccc cttatttagc catgttaggt ccttaccctt caaatttcca     12960
     cattcaatgt ttggatgctt ggtgctggcc aggataacca tgagcagcag gaggagagcc     13020
     ctgtgttcaa aagtttgcat cctgctagtg agtgcagact gactctactt gtatgtgttc     13080
     actttatatt cttgatacag aggagtctga ttgtcttctc taacaattcc caaaggtagt     13140
     gataaactgt ttggtttggg gcatggaaag atgaactcct ataagagcag tccctagggc     13200
     cctgcttcac cagctcagat ctagctctga tgcttgagat ctgaggtgca gtgtgtggta     13260
     agacaagttg tttacactga tgattgctct cctggccatg atcacaatgt tcttctgagt     13320
     caatatgaaa agctattgag tcagtaagcc tcaacagtta caatatcaag atgtttacaa     13380
     tggctgaaat aagagaatgg ttctcagagc aacttataat tgtgtggatt gtgtcaacct     13440
     aacttcaaca cacttaaaat tcaaattttg agacatttgc ttcattgaac gtattaacaa     13500
     attgcatata aagaaaatgc ttacaaaaag taacaactgt tttccaaaat tcaataatga     13560
     ggtgaaaata atttctgcct gtatttatcc tcatatttcc cagtaaacat acttgggatt     13620
     taaaaaaaaa gtcttttatt cactttatat cccaatcact gcccgcaacc cacagtaccc     13680
     ctcatacaat ctctgcccta tttccctcca tgtctccttt ggaatggtgg aaaaccctcc     13740
     tcagtttacc cccaccctgg caacaagact gtgcagggct tggtgtatcc tcttccactg     13800
     agtccagaaa gggcattcta attagggaaa tatattccac agacaggcaa gagctttagg     13860
     gatagccctt tcttgagttg ttgaaggacc cacaagaaga cagagttcca catctgctac     13920
     ataggtgtag gagcataggc ctagcctgat tatctagcct tttgttagtg gctcagtctc     13980
     ttagatcccc cagatgtcta ggctagttga ctctgttggt cttcctgcag agttcctatc     14040
     cccttcagag acctcagttc ctcacacagc acttccataa gattccctga gcaccatcca     14100
     aggcttggct gtgggtctgt ctctgaatct gcttcagtca gcttctggat ggagtttctc     14160
     agaggacagt tatgctagga tcctgtctgc aagcataaag gagcatcatt agcagtgtca     14220
     gtgattggca cttactcatg gtatgggtct caagttaggg cagttattgg gtggacattc     14280
     cttcatctct gaactatctt ctgcccccac atttcttgta gacatgataa attttaagtc     14340
     aaatatattg tgggtagatt agtgtctcta ttgctaaaat ggaatgcttg cctggctaca     14400
     gtggagtaca tggtccctcc ttgtttcata ttctgactgc cgtaagtatc agctaaggtt     14460
     atgcccattg attccaatga acaacccaca tcacaggtct ctgggatatc ctggagatgc     14520
     cctcccaatc acacccccaa ccatgctgta catttccatt catattcctg accctctggc     14580
     cttctctcct atttctccca gcacctgata cagaaacacc cccatccacc tccctgtctg     14640
     ttctcttgct cagttcttgc cttccttctt cctcatatga tgattttctt cccccttcta     14700
     gatgcaattc aggcatcctt gcttgagcct tccatcttag tttatgtaac tctctgcagt     14760
     gtgtcctgta ggttttgtac tttatggata atatccactt cttttgagga gtgggtttcc     14820
     tcagtcagaa tggtgttctc aggttccatc catgtgcctg caaaattaat gatgtctttc     14880
     ttttattggc tgaagagtat tccattgtat agatgtacca cattttctgt atccattgtt     14940
     cagttgaggg acatttaggt tgtctctagt atctggctat tatgaataaa gctgctgtga     15000
     acatagttga gcaagtgtcc ttgtggtaaa gtagggtatc tttgtgatat agacccagga     15060
     gtgttataac agggtcttga ggtagaatca ctcactgata tttttgagaa accccgacat     15120
     tgatttccaa agttgttgta gaattttgta catccacctg aaatcaaggt gtattcccct     15180
     tgctccacat ccttgccagc atgtgctgcc atttcattga ccttaacaat tctggtgact     15240
     atgggttgga atctcagggt cattttgatt tgcgtttccc tgatgattaa gcaaattaca     15300
     catttcttta agttcttctc acccattcta gattcctctg atgagaattc tctgcttaac     15360
     tgtgtacacc atttttaatt gggccatttg tgttggcgtc taaattcttg aatttgtaga     15420
     aatttttgat attaatactt tgtctaatgt agggatggtg aagatccttt cccaatctat     15480
     aggctattgt tgtgtcctat tgacagtgtc ctttacctta caggaccttt tcagtttcaa     15540
     gaagtcccac taattgattg ttgattgtat ggattatatg gatctctttg catttttcta     15600
     caggcggaca tccatttagt cctgcaccat ttggtgaaga ttctttcttt tttacatggt     15660
     ataattttga gtattttagt aaaaatcagg tgtccatagt tgtatgggtt tatttcaggg     15720
     tcattgattc aattccattg atcaacatga ctgtttctat gccaatacca tgaacttttg     15780
     attactcttg ctctgtagta caggcttgaa ctcagggatg gtgatattcc cagaagttct     15840
     tttattgctc tggattattt tagcaattct gggttttttg ttattctata taaagttgaa     15900
     aattgactcg agccccgggc taccttgcca gcagagtctt gcccaacacc cgcaagggcc     15960
     cacacgggac tccccacggg accctaagac ctctggtgag tggaccacag tgcctgcccc     16020
     aatccaatcg cgcggaactt gagactgcgg tacataggga agcaggctac ccgggcctga     16080
     tctggggcac aagtcccttc cgctcgactc gagactcgag ccccgggcta ccttgccagc     16140
     agagtcttgc ccaacacccg caagggtcca cacgggactc cccacgggac cctaagacct     16200
     ctggtgagtg gatcacagtg cctgccccaa tccaatcgcg cggaacttga gactgcggta     16260
     catagggaag caggctaccc gggcctgatc tggggcacaa gtcccttctg ctcgactcga     16320
     gactcgagcc ccgggctacc ttgacagcag agtcttgccc aacacccgca agggcccaca     16380
     cgggactccc cacgggaccc taagacctct ggtgagtgga acacagcgcc taccccaatc     16440
     caatcgcatg gaacttgaga ctgcggtaca tagggaagca ggctacccgg gcttgatctg     16500
     gggcacaaac cccttccact ccactcgagc cccggctacc ttgccagctg agtcgcctga     16560
     cacccgcaag ggcccacaca ggattccaca cgtgatccta agacctctag tgagtggaac     16620
     acaacttctg ccaggagtct ggttcgaaca ccagatatct gggtacctgc cttgcaagaa     16680
     gagagcttgc ctgcagagaa tactctgccc actgaaacta aggagagtgc taccctccag     16740
     gtctgctcat agaggctaac agagtcacct gaagaacaag ctcttaacag tgacaactaa     16800
     aacagctagc ttcagagatt accagatggc gaaaggcaaa cgtaagaatc ctactaacag     16860
     aaatcaagac cactcaccat catcagaacg cagcactccc accccaccta gtcctgggca     16920
     ccccaacaca accgaaaatc tagacccaga tttaaaaaca tttctcatga tgatgataga     16980
     ggacatcaag aaggactttc ataagtcact taaagattta caggagagca ctgctaaaga     17040
     gttacaggct cttaaagaaa agcaggaaaa cacagccaaa caggtgatgg aaatgaacaa     17100
     aaccatacta gaactaaaag gggaagtaga cacaataaag aaaacccaaa gcgaggcaac     17160
     gctggagata gaaaccctag gaaagagatc tggaaccata gatgcgagca tcagcaacag     17220
     aatacaagaa atggaagaga gaatctcagg tgcagaagat tccatagaga acatcgacac     17280
     aacagtcaaa gaaaatacaa aatgcaaaag gatcctaact caaaacatcc aggtaatcca     17340
     ggacacaatg agaagaccaa acctacggat aataggaatt gatgagaatg aagattttca     17400
     acttaaaggg ccagctaata tcttcaacaa aataatagaa gaaaacttcc caaacataaa     17460
     aaaagagatg cccatgatca tacaagaagc atacagaact ccaaatagac tggaccagaa     17520
     aagaaattcc tcccgacaca taataatcag aacaacaaat gcctaaataa agatagaata     17580
     ttaaaagcag taagggagaa aggtcaagta acatataaag gaaggcctat cagaattaca     17640
     ccagactttt caccagagac tatgaaagcc agaagagcct ggacagatgt tataaagaca     17700
     ctaagagaac acaaatgcca gcccaggcta ctatacccgg ccaaactctc aattaccata     17760
     gatggagaaa ccaaagtatt ccacgacaaa accaagttca cacaatatct ttccacgaat     17820
     ccagcccttc aaaggataat aacagaaaag aagcaataca aggacggaaa tcacgcccta     17880
     gaacaaacaa gaaagtaatc cctcaacaaa ccaaaaagaa gacagccaca agaacagaat     17940
     gccaactcta acaacaaaaa taaaaggaag caacaattac ttttccttaa tatctcttaa     18000
     tattaatgga ctcaattccc caataaaaag acatagacta acagactggc tacacaaaca     18060
     ggacccaaca ttctgctgct tacaggaaac ccatctcagg gaaaaagaca gacactacct     18120
     cagagtgaaa ggctggaaaa caattttcca agcaaatgga ctgaagaaac aagctggagt     18180
     agccatttta atatcggatc aaatcgactt ccaacccaaa gttatcaaaa aagacaagga     18240
     gggacacttc atactcatca aaggtaaaat cctccaagag gaactctcaa ttctgaatat     18300
     ctacgctcca aatgcaaggg cagccacatt cattagagac actttagtaa agctcaaagc     18360
     atacattgca cctcacacaa taatagtggg agacttcaac acaccacttt cttcaaagga     18420
     cagatcgtgg aaacagaaac taaacaggga cacagtgaaa ctaacagaag ttatgaaaca     18480
     aatggacctg acagatatct acagaacatt ttatcctaaa acaaaaggat ataccttctt     18540
     ctcagcacct cacgggacct tctccaaaat tgaccatata attggtcaca aaacaggcct     18600
     caatagatac aaaaatattg aaattgtccc atgtatccta tcagacgacc atggcctaag     18660
     actgatcttc aataacaaca taaataatgg aaagccaaca ttcacgtgga aactgaataa     18720
     cactcttctc aatgatacct tggtcaagga aggcataaat aaagaaatta aagacttttt     18780
     agagtttaat gaaaatgaag ccacaacgta cccaaaccta tgggacacaa tgaaagcatt     18840
     tctaagaggg aaactcatag cgctgagtgc ctccaagaag aaacgggaga cagcacatac     18900
     tagcagcttg acaacacatc taaaagccct agaaaaaaag gaagcaaatt cacccaagag     18960
     gagtagacgg caggaaataa tcaaactcag gggtgaaatc aaccaagtgg aaacaagaag     19020
     aactattcaa agaattaacc aaacgaggag ttggttcttt gagaaaatca acaagataga     19080
     taaacactta gctagactca ctaaagggca cagggacaaa atcctaatta acaaaatcag     19140
     aaatgaaaag ggagacataa caacagatcc tgaagaaatc caaaacacca tcagatcctt     19200
     ctacaaaagg ctatactcaa caaaactgga aaacctggac gaaatggaca aatttctgga     19260
     cagataccag gtaccaaagt tgaatcagga tcaagttgac catctaaaca gtcccatatc     19320
     acctaaaaaa atagaagcag ttattaatag tctcccaacc aaaaaaagcc caggaccaga     19380
     tgggtttagt gcagagttct atcagacctt caaagaagat ctaattccaa ttctgcacaa     19440
     actatttcac aaaatagaag tagaaggtac tctacccaac tcattttatg aagccactat     19500
     tactctgata cctaaaccac agaaagatcc aacaaagata gagaacttca gaccaatttc     19560
     tcttatgaat atcgatgcaa aaatcctcaa taaaattctc gctaaccgaa tccaagaaca     19620
     cattaaagca atcatccatc ctgaccaagt aggttttatt ccagggatgc agggatggtt     19680
     taatatatga aaatccatca atgtaatcca ttatataaac aaactcaaag acaaaaacca     19740
     catgatcatc tcgttagatg cagaaaaagc atttgacaag atccaacacc cattcatgat     19800
     aaaagttttg gaaagatcag gaattcaagg cccataccta aacatgataa aagcaatcta     19860
     cagcaaacca gtagccaaca tcaaagtaaa tggagagaag ctggaagcaa tcccactaaa     19920
     atcagggact agacaaggct gcccactttc tccctacctt ttcaacatag tacttgaagt     19980
     attagccaga gcaattcgac aacaaaagga gatcaagggg atacaaattg gaaaagagga     20040
     agtcaaaata tcactttttg cagatgatat gatagtatat ataagtgacc ctaaaaattc     20100
     taccagagaa ctcctaaacc tgataaacag cttcggtgaa gtagctggat ataaaataaa     20160
     ctcaaacaag tcaatggcct ttctctatac aaagaataaa caggctgaga aagaaattag     20220
     ggaaacaaca cccttctcaa tagtcacaaa taatataaaa tatcttggcg tgactctaac     20280
     taaggaggtg aaagatctgt atgataaaaa cttcaaatct ctgaagaaag aaattaaaga     20340
     agatctcaga agatggaaag atctcccatg ctcatggatt ggcaggatca acattgtaaa     20400
     aatggctatc ttgccaaaag caatctacag attcaatgca atccccatca aaattccaac     20460
     tcaattcttc aacgaattgg aaggagcaat ttgcaaattt gtctggaata acaaaaaacc     20520
     taggatagca aaaagtcttc tcaagggtaa aagaacttct ggcgtaatca ccatgccaga     20580
     cctaaagctt tactacagag caattgtgat aaaaactgca tggtactggt atagagacag     20640
     acaagtagac caatggaata gaattgaaga tccagaaatg aacccacaca cctatggtca     20700
     cttgatcttc gacaagggag ctaaaaccat tcagtggaag aaagacagca ttttcaacaa     20760
     ttggtgctgg cacaactggt tgttatcgtg tagaagaatg cgaatcgatc catacttatc     20820
     tccttgtact aaggtcaaat ctaagtggat caaggaactt cacataaaac cagagacact     20880
     gaaacttata gaggagaaag tggggaaaag ccttgaagat atgggcacag gggaaaaatt     20940
     cctgaacaga acagcaatgg cttgtgctgt aagatcgaga atcgacaaat gggacctaat     21000
     gaaactccaa agtttctgca aggcaaaaga caccgtcaat aagacaaaaa gaccaccaac     21060
     agattgggaa aggatcttta cctatcctaa atcagatagg ggactaatat ccaacatata     21120
     taaagaactc aagaaggtgg acttcagaaa atcaaataac cccattaaaa aatggggctc     21180
     agaactgaac aaagaattct cacctgagga ataccgaatg gcagagaagc acttgaaaaa     21240
     atgttcaaca tccttaatca tcagggaaat gcaaatcaaa acaaccctga gattccacct     21300
     cacaccagtc agaatggcta agatcaaaaa ttcaggtgac agcagatgct ggcgaggatg     21360
     tggagaaaga ggaacactcc tccattgttg gtgggagtgc aggcttgtac aaccactctg     21420
     gaaatcagtc tggcggttcc tcagaaaact ggacatagta ctaccggagg atccagcaat     21480
     acctctcctg ggcatatatc cagaagatgc cccaactggt aagaaggaca catgctccac     21540
     tatgttcata gcagccttat ttataatagc cagaagctgg aaagaaccta gatgcccctc     21600
     aacagaggaa tggatacaga aaatgtggta catctacaca atggagtact actcagctat     21660
     taaaaagaat gaatttatga aattcctacc aaatggatgg acctggaggg catcatcctg     21720
     agtgaggtaa cacattcaca aagaaactca cacaatatgt attcactgat aagtggatat     21780
     tagccccaaa cctaggatac ccaagatata agatataatt tgctaaacac atgaaactca     21840
     aggagaatga agactgaagt gtggacacta tgcccctcct tagatttggg aacaaaacac     21900
     ccatggaagg agttacagag acggagtttg gagctgagat gaaaggatgg accatgtaga     21960
     gactgccata gccagggatc caccccataa tcagcatcca aacgctgaca ccattgcata     22020
     cactagcaag attttattga aaggatgcag atgtagctgt ctcttgtgag actatgccgg     22080
     ggcccagcaa acacagaagt ggatgctcac agtcagctaa tggatggatc atagggctcc     22140
     caatggagga gctagagaaa gtagccaagg agctaaaggg atctgcaacc ctataggtgg     22200
     aacaacatta tgagctaacc agtaccccgg agctcttgac tctagctgca tatatatcaa     22260
     aagatggcct agtcggccat cactggaaag agaggcccat tggacttgca aactttatat     22320
     gccccagtac aggggaatac cagggccaaa aagggggagt gggtgggcag gggagtgggg     22380
     gtgggtggat atgggggact tttggtatag cattggaaat gtaaatgagt taaataccta     22440
     ataaaaaatg gaaaaaaaaa taaagttgaa aattgttctt tcaatgtatg taaagaattg     22500
     cactgtaatt tttgatggga attgcattga atctgtagat ttcttctggt aaaatggcca     22560
     tttcactata gttattgtac agatccatga tcaggaaaga tcattccatg ttctgaggtt     22620
     atctttaatt cctttcttca gggtcttgaa gttcttgccc tatatatttt tcacttggat     22680
     agaggtacac caagatattt tatagtattt gtggctattg taaagggtgt tgtttgtttc     22740
     tttctcagcc tggttatcat ttgtataaag gaggggtact gattttttaa aataatttta     22800
     tacccagcaa ctttgatgaa agtgattata ggatataaga gttctctggt agaattctca     22860
     tggttaccta actatactgt catataacct gcctggcata tcccaggaat atgacttggg     22920
     ttctttgaca tgaactcagg tctgttgatg tcaagagaag cactgtagag agtgagctgt     22980
     gcaatgccct ggcactaact gaatgtcttc taagcttgat tcccccttat attctgacac     23040
     ttgcatcaga tatggaagac tgagatggaa acacagagct ctctggcagg aagaaagaca     23100
     tcccaagaaa agactgtagt gccagtccat ggctactaga tttctgaagc aaagggcctc     23160
     atgaaattgg aatttggtca gtaatctcat tataaataat tagaaacaaa gagataaatc     23220
     tactaccaag caaagggaag tttgtctcag taaagagagt gtacaacatt ttgacaacct     23280
     tgtcagttct tctcccagga aagaatggat tccagacaat aatgttcacc aggggagtga     23340
     cagtgatagt ggtggatggg taatggaaag atggtttcct gggtgctgca tctctagagt     23400
     cctgtttgcc acctcagacc cgcctctggg gactggtatc ctggaagcag tgtcttggga     23460
     caagttgctt aaactaagcc ttttgctgtt cctgatgaca aaatacttct gattccaatt     23520
     ttgaggagaa aagggcaaca attgccaatg gtttttatgt caggatctct acacatttat     23580
     aaagtgaatg gacctcaatg taatttcata gtgcattttt atcaatccat cttaactatg     23640
     ctatgacctg agagttttga gacacatttt ttgtttgttt ggtttttttt tgagacattg     23700
     tttctctgta tagccctggc agtcttggat ctcactctgc aaaccaggct ggcctcaaac     23760
     tcagaaatct gcctgcctct gcctcccaag tgtgggatta aaggtgtgtg ccaccactac     23820
     acagtgacac ttgctttatt gaagatattg ttaaaaagtt catggaagag tgatatttta     23880
     aaagagaatt aatattttta aggcacaact atggtggaaa gagtagattt ttttccaatg     23940
     tttacatttt ggcaaagctc tttatctttt tcagaaagta atgggagatc atgtcattta     24000
     aaaaagtttt tttttgtttt aatttaagaa aatgcatgaa acagaaacat gtaggctata     24060
     tatatattta tttgtggctt tgtgtgtgag tcgttgcatg tggtatgtgt gtatgtctgt     24120
     ctgtcactat ctctgtgtct ctctctaatt ttgcccatgt cacttttgca tatgactagg     24180
     gagtcatagc gtattgttgc ctgtaaagga caaaagaggt catggtaaat actgaaagta     24240
     gaattataga aggttgtgag tgtcataatg tccatgctga gaaaccagtt ccggtccttt     24300
     gtaagaacat caactgcttt tcattgctga gccatttcag cagccatagg aaaaatattt     24360
     ttatcagtac tcaataatga cagttaaatg tttatcttaa taaatttaaa atattttata     24420
     taataattaa atattataat taatagcatc agaaaagagt ttagtagatc ggggtctaag     24480
     tatataaact tccctgacct gggccatgct atgtagatca tgctgatcag caacagaaaa     24540
     atctctttac atctgccttc tgaatgctga actcaaagtc aaaaggtatg gactggagag     24600
     gtatctcagc agttaagatc attggctgtt cttccaggaa aattgttgga ttcctgtagc     24660
     ttaaaatttt ctcaccccta attttaataa gggtacttaa atgctcctac cagaagtagt     24720
     gaaaaagaaa ggttattagg atatatgggg agtagaccta tttagatttt gttccttaga     24780
     gcaaatccca tttgaattct cagaaaatca acaattcagt tcacataaaa cagcagctag     24840
     atccactggc aaacacctca caaatatact agcagtccag ttcagtgttg ggatagcaag     24900
     catgtatcag aaggggtgtc acaacctagt agaaactgct atgcctctat ggaatgagta     24960
     ggagttagca ggaaggacca caccagcagg gatgccagag gaaattcttt gccatgcctc     25020
     tctcaatgaa gcagagatca gggaatatag gtaactaaga agaattgcaa cactagctgt     25080
     gcaagcaagc taagtcccac taaccactgc ccttgagtcc tatttatact cattccaaat     25140
     atcacatgtc ctccatgggt cttccttcag cacatgtctt acctcagcac ttatcttgcc     25200
     tcagcaagtg agtctgtctt agaaaaactc aacaggagtc tatcagctga catcaatctg     25260
     ccaatgggcc ctagacatgg aagcagcaag aagcttccaa agtactacta gaagtttgtt     25320
     gttgtttttc ccccttggga atatttctct ctacggagtc accaaataga tctcatctat     25380
     gaaatgaaag gccaaccaat ccacgcatgc ctttagcaaa gagtccttca ttacaagtcc     25440
     tttcacatgt ttggtttagc aaaacatgct tccacctgtg tctgctttat caaaacattg     25500
     attcatatgt ctgccctagc aaagcaccat ctaacacaac tgactttcaa agaaaccaga     25560
     attttcaaat tcagattcct acgatctaga tggctgctca caactatatg tgactctatc     25620
     tctggagatc caattctcca ttatgtatga gggggatgat aaagtattca ttaagtatat     25680
     tccaaatgag tgcagagtgg acaaatagat gagaaccaga agctgtgaat ggtcgtggtt     25740
     gcagggcctc tgttttggcc tagtacttgg tttaatgact ttcttcgtgt ggagtttcct     25800
     ggaatgccat agtccctgtg gaaaggagtc cagagctact gatgtgcctg agtgtttaga     25860
     ggttagcatg agctacattc catgtgattt tcaagtaagg aattctaaat tttttgccat     25920
     tgagtatttt aaataggaat ggattccata ccagaggtta atactgctca aaaacttgtt     25980
     tcaaaacctt ttatttccct tttttccttt ttttaaaatt tattaggtat tttcttcatt     26040
     tacatttcca atgctatccc aaaagtcccc cagacccccc cccccactcc cctacccacc     26100
     cactcccact tcttggccct ggcattttcc tgtactgagg catataaagt ttgcaagacc     26160
     aaggggcctc tctttccaat gatggccatc taggccatct tctgatacat atgcagctag     26220
     agctccgggg ggtactggtt agttcatatt gttgttccac ctatagggtt gcagacccct     26280
     ttagctcctt gggtactttc tctagctcct ccattggggg ccctgtgatc catccaatag     26340
     ctgactgtga gcatccactt ctgtgtttgc taggccccag gatagcctca caagaggcag     26400
     ctatatcagg gttctttcag caaaatcttg ctagtgtatg caatggtgtc agcatttgga     26460
     ggctgattat gggatggatc cccgggtatg gcagtctcta gatggtccat cctttcctct     26520
     cagctccaaa ctttgtctct gtaactcctt ccatgggtgt tttgttccca attctaagaa     26580
     ggggcaaagt gtccacactt tggtcttcat tcttcttgag tttcatgtgt ttagcaaatt     26640
     gtatcttata tcttgggtat tctaagtttc tgggctaata tccacttatt agtgagtaca     26700
     tatcatgtga gtttttttgt gattgggtta cctcactcaa gatgatgccc tccatgtcca     26760
     tctatttgcc taggaatttc ataaattcat tctttctagt agctgagtag agtactccat     26820
     tgtgtaaatg tatcacattt tctgtatcca ttcctctgtt gaggggcatc tgggttcttt     26880
     ccagcttctg gctattataa ataaggctgc tatgaacata gtggagcatg tgtctttctt     26940
     accagttgga atatcttctg gatatatatg cccaggagag gtattgctgg atccttcggt     27000
     agtactatgt ccaattttct gaggaactgc cagactgctt tccagaatga tagcacaagc     27060
     ttgcaatccc accaacaatg gaggagtgtt cctctttctc cacatcctcg ccagcatctg     27120
     ctgtcacctg aatttttgat cttagccatt ctgactggtg tgaggtggaa tctcagggtt     27180
     gttttgattt gcattcacct gataattaag gatgctcaac attttttcag gtgcttctca     27240
     gccatttcgt attcctcagg tgagaattct ttgtttagct ctgagcccca tttttaatgg     27300
     ggttatttga ttttctggag tccacctttt gagttcttta tatattttgg atattagtcc     27360
     cctatctgat ttaagatagg taaagatcct ttcccaatct gttggtggcc tttttgtctt     27420
     attgacagtg tcttttgcct tacagaagct ttggtcccat ttgtcgattc tcgatcttac     27480
     agcacaagcc attgctgttc tattcaggaa tttttccttt gcgcccatat ctttgaggct     27540
     ttcccccact ttctcctcta taagtttcag tgtctctggt tttatgtgga gttccttgat     27600
     ccacttagat ttgaccttag tataaggata taggaatgga tcgattcttc tacatgataa     27660
     ctgccagttg tgccagcacc atttgttgaa aatgctgtct tttttccact ggatgatttt     27720
     agctcccttg tcaaagatca agtgaccata ggtgtgtggg ttcatttctg ggtcttcagt     27780
     tctattccat tggtctactt gtctgttgct ataccagtgc catccagttt ttatcacaat     27840
     tgctctgtag tacagcttta ggtcagacat ggtgattcca ccagaggttc ttttactgtt     27900
     gagaatactt tttgctatcc taggtttttt gttattccag atgaatttgg agattgccct     27960
     ttctaaattc gttgaagaat tgagttggaa ttttgatggg gattgcattg aatctgtaga     28020
     ttgcttttgg aaagattgcc atttttacta gttacagtgt ttcaaaacct tttaactaaa     28080
     aaatgttccc tgacagtgta tttatacagt tctcatattg gaagagtgta agtcccattc     28140
     atgcatctag tccagcaatc agaagaaaag gcagaaaaac catgagataa agggcatcct     28200
     aactacatca cattctgtct caatacaata acaataaaaa tttaacaccg taattgtaca     28260
     tgtcctacgt gtacatgtca cttgctaaat ggatgcagtc tctaacagtc atggagaagt     28320
     agacagaatt tgaaacttca cagaatgcat gtgaataaga gcatacacct gtaaggttgg     28380
     tacctgaaag gtagggttag gaaaatcagg agtttaagga tcagagaccc acaatgtgaa     28440
     aagacatgca tgcatagtct taaagattct ccagagaata aactggggaa atcaggtgac     28500
     tgctatcaga agaggtgagt gatttccagg aatcttcagt tcattaataa cttaattttt     28560
     taaaaaatga aggcctaaaa gtgggaacag tgaatcgatt tttattggtt attttattta     28620
     tttacatttc aaatgctgtc ccccttccta gtcctccctc caaaaacccc tatctgatgt     28680
     cccttcccct ttgcctctaa gaggttgctc cacactcacc caatcactca ttcctaacta     28740
     ctctatgatg ggacatcaag ccttcacaga accaagtctc tcccctccca ttgatgccag     28800
     acaaggcaat tctcagcaac atatgtagct ggaactatgg acccatctat gtataatctt     28860
     tggttgacag cttagggcaa gggaactgag gtggtctggt tagttggaag tgttgttctt     28920
     cctatggggt tgcaatcccc ttcagctcct tcagtccgtc ccctaaatct ttgaatgggg     28980
     tacccaggct caatccaatg atttgttagg aacatccaca tctgtattgg tcaagcactg     29040
     agattctcag aggagaccta taccagactc ccatcagcaa gcagttcttt gcatcagcaa     29100
     tcgtgtcaag gtttgatatc tgtggatggg atggatccta aagtggggca gtctcttgac     29160
     ggcctttcct tcagcctcag ctccattttc tgtcctagca gggactccta atacctatat     29220
     ttaaatttga gatacatgtc agaatctgaa tgttgagcct ggagggcaag agggagtcac     29280
     tggctcactg gtaaattctt ccaaatttga cacatttaat aaagtcaaat gcacaaaatt     29340
     gagaacaagt ataattcatc ctaaaatcaa agtataaatg tctcctcctt taacatcaaa     29400
     cctggactgt gtgtgtgcgc cctgtcacat gacatcagat ttcctccaga tagttgttac     29460
     tttagcctgg ggtttatgtg ctgacattaa ctctgttgtg aagcataaag aaaatagtga     29520
     ccagatccat agcttcaatg acagaggtgg cagaggcttg atgctcagct cccagagatc     29580
     tgagggaaat ttcctacttc gaatagaaat ccaggcagcc aattatccct cttcatgtac     29640
     attcttccat cacatttatc tggatctgca gtcacagtcc tggacactta tccgagataa     29700
     gaatcaagag atttttctag gccctctgga tcctgctgcc tccatgagct ctaataaaag     29760
     ggattattcc caagagtaaa acaagagaca gctatgctct gccttgacag taaaaacggt     29820
     gatggttatt tcctgcacaa cttataataa tatagaaagg agcccatggg gaatcttagc     29880
     cagcctatat ctcctcatct cattcaatct tcaatggctt tgaattggac ttaattttct     29940
     tttcactagg agataaaatt cctaggatgt ccagctttct attacagcat taaaagatga     30000
     taccctaaat ggcctggtat ttaggaggga gatgaacaga ggagagaacc ctgtggtatg     30060
     ggaactcttg gaattaggat agtgtgaaca tatgatgggc tgttcatcat gtcacgattt     30120
     aagcatattt gttcttgtgc tttttatcga cagtgtaaga gagatgcctt aatgtgatac     30180
     ccagccatac aataccagtt ctggattcta ctcctgtgat ggtttgtata ttcttggacc     30240
     agggagtggc accatttgga agtgtggcct tgttggaata ggtatgagct ggttagagta     30300
     ggtgtgccac tgtgggtgtg ggcttaatac tctcacccta gatgcttgga agtcagtctt     30360
     ccactagcag cctttgaatg aagatgtaga actctcagct ctgcctgggc catgcctgcc     30420
     tagatgctgc catgctccca ccttgatgat aatggactga acctctgaac ctttaagcca     30480
     gccccaatta aatgttgctt tttataagac ttgccttggt catggtatct gttcacagca     30540
     gtaaaaccct aactaagaca tctccattgt ggcttcaaga cctggttcct tctctttcta     30600
     caactgactg tgattatgtg tatgtcttcc atgaacacga tgcaaaaggt catgcaacaa     30660
     actccatcca tacctttact gtgtgtatac cctgctatct ctcatgctcc aacacaggca     30720
     aggatggcaa acctccatac aaattgaact ttaactttca ctgaggttca actttatgct     30780
     tctgtctttc tttttaatta ggtattttct tcatttacat ttccaatact atcccaaaag     30840
     tcccccagac cttcccaccc cactccgcta cccacccact ctcacttctt ggctctgtcg     30900
     ttcccctata ctgaggcata taaagtttgc acgactaatg ggcctctctt tccactgatg     30960
     gccgactagg ccatcttctg atacacatgc agctagagac acgagctctg gggggtactg     31020
     cttagttcat attgttgttc catctatagg gttgtagacc cctttaactc cttgggtact     31080
     ttctctagct cctccactgg gggccctgtg atccatccaa tagctgactg tgagcatcca     31140
     cttctgtgtt tgctaggccc tggcatagca tttatatata gttgtgaaac ttctttccat     31200
     attgtgagat tgactcatgt cctgaagatg aggaaaatgt atggagaaaa taaaggctca     31260
     tatccttatg aattctgtgt ttgttttgat aaatcctttg caaagaggac attgattttg     31320
     tgtggaatca aacaagacct tggctgagca caggtatctc ctggtgtatt attcagggtt     31380
     ctctacaggc acaaaattat agaatataca tggaaatttt tgtaatgact tacaatctac     31440
     agtacaacta tcccaacatc tgtgactata aagatcaaga atgtagtagt tgttcagtcc     31500
     cgcaaggcta ggcgtttcag ctggtcttcg gtatgagcta caatcctgaa gaaataggct     31560
     ccaaaagatg tgctggcaag taagtgcaag caggtgaaga aaagtgagac ttccttctat     31620
     tatccttata taggcctcca gaagaagata tgacttagac taaatatggg taccaccatg     31680
     cctggatgtg gaaattgccc tgtcccatcc ttgactgagt gatatgtcag ctttagtctc     31740
     atgagactaa aggcatatac taccttgcct aggtacaagt ttttcatggc cactatgctt     31800
     caagatctag atcaaagatg tccccttcat ttctagactg tacattattc tatatgtagt     31860
     aagtttacaa ggagaaagag ccatcaccca acgtccatct gggctttcac ctctttcctt     31920
     tccacctttg gcatctttct atctcctcat ccttattgtt tagatacacg agttcatcta     31980
     ggtaatgtga agaaaatatc tcagatattt tcagggcctt gttcattgtc tgtgctattc     32040
     tctcttgtaa acattaagcc tgttcttgcc tgagtctgat gctctatcca gaaaggtttg     32100
     gattctggtt tcaacaggaa ttatacgtgt tctcggttct atgtatgtga tttatgtcat     32160
     gtaatccatt ttcaagtgaa taagacacta gtaaggagtg tgtctgattg tcacacaaca     32220
     gatctctgta gtattctatc aaagttgcta gagccaaagc ctggtttctg atagtcctag     32280
     atgttttaac atgtctccac tgccagcaaa gaagaggatt tgtcaaccag atatttgcta     32340
     gttcaagatc aacctgagct acatattgag gactcttaca cgcgttcgcg accggccagg     32400
     aaagaagcaa caaaccggaa tcttctgcgg caaaagcttt attgcttaca tcttcaggag     32460
     caagagagca agagagcaag agcaagagag agcaagaaag caagaaaaag aacaagaaca     32520
     agaaagcaag agagagaaaa agaacaagaa agcaagagag agaatggcaa aaccccgtcc     32580
     cttttaagga gaattatcct ccgcctagga tgtattactc cctgattggc tgcagcccat     32640
     cagcccagtt gtcatcacga gaaaggcaga acacatggcg ggaaaactgc ccctgcacgt     32700
     gtgcagatta tgtttaccac ttagaacaca gctgtcagcg ccatcttgta atggcaaatg     32760
     tgagggcggc tcttcacaga tccccctttt cttttaataa gagcaatagg ccacccatat     32820
     taatgagagt ggagatagag gtcaaatccc cagtgtgcag gtaaaggagc tatgtacagg     32880
     attagctctt aggctcacag gcttttaccc agagcaaccc tgacctgctc ccgtgtcgtt     32940
     tttcctgggg agaaggacac ttggacactc aaccttcttg aaagatgaca tgtctcccta     33000
     gaataggctc atatgtgccg cagagccctt ctactgcagt gcttagccgt gcaactctct     33060
     cgggctgctg aagcacactc actctatccc gtgcaatgag actagcctcg tggggtgcaa     33120
     gagctgaatg gccagcgacc tattgcttaa gcatagatat atcaggggaa gcaccatgtt     33180
     ctagagctgc aagtgcctgg gcaataacca ccttgtctct cctagtttgg gccttaagct     33240
     tacagaccaa ccagagaagc aacactaatc cacagcaaag tgtatctcca aataatccca     33300
     cccattcttt aaagaaggaa aatgctgagg agatccaatt gggtaatcct ttggtcaggg     33360
     acaggtccaa gcgcgtggag ttgacctgaa tgatggcaag tctcaattcc tgaagggtct     33420
     gttcaaattc agccgtccaa ttctgtaaca tatactgaga aagacttttt gacaaattag     33480
     ctgccctagt aaatttttca tactgaatgg aagtaacgta taatcctgga aacttttgtt     33540
     cacatcccag ctgaactatt tgccataata catctagttg ttcctggaca agatctatgc     33600
     attgattcat ttctgcccat ggagcatttt tgggattgga ggatggcggc cgctaagcct     33660
     gcattggtga gaggtccccc aagctcccaa caaaccctga gccagtcttg taaacctttg     33720
     ttctttcttg gggctatggc cgctctgcat tcctgcgtgg cttgctcata aatgagctat     33780
     tctaccagag gtgctgcttg ctctgaatct ccaaaaatac gctctgctgc ctctgtcatt     33840
     ctggccacaa aatctgagaa tgactcctga ggtccctgga cgatctttgt tagttgtcca     33900
     gtggcttcac ctgctcggga gagcgccttc caggccctaa tagccttttc atctgattca     33960
     gaactattaa gaactggctc cttgagctca tctagtgatg agtataggct ccttctccta     34020
     gagacctccg ctaattgatc ttttttcttt tccttccttc taatctctcc ccaggtattc     34080
     ttacctgacc taaacttttc ctctggttca agacccttgg aaaggcctgt atacttattt     34140
     tgtgtaccat atttcctctt tgctcctact ctctctcccc gctttacttc tgatagattg     34200
     ccctgaattt catccagaat tttcagccct gccttaacca cttgataaca tgtgaaaagg     34260
     aacaaaaagg ctcctaacac tagagaaagt tcaaggccaa acataccttg taaagctatt     34320
     tcccacttta cttctgatag actgtcttga atttcgttag aaagttcaag gccagactta     34380
     ccttgtaaag ctatacttac gagtacccta ttccccagct gaagagttct gaattcacga     34440
     agttgaatcc ttctcaacag tctgtgttgt gggaacactt cattaccacc gttccccagc     34500
     tgaggagttc tgaatccagg ctggatcctt ctcaacagtc tgttttacgg gaacacttca     34560
     ttaccaccgt tccccagctg aggagttctg aatccaggcc agatccttct caacagtctg     34620
     ttttacggga acacttcatt accatgaccc gcagttctgg ttccggaatg agggatcttc     34680
     cttgcgcagg tgatggtaac cgtcccaggt tttcttgtcc cgggttttct cgtcccaggt     34740
     cttctcgtcc cgggtttcag caccaactct tacacgcgtt cgcgaccggc caggaaagaa     34800
     gcaacaaacc ggaatcttct gcggcaaaag ctttattgct tacatcttca ggagcaagag     34860
     agcaagagag caagagagca agagagcaag agagcaagag agcaagagca agagagagca     34920
     agaaagcaag aaaaagaaca agaacaagaa agcaagagag agaaaaagaa caagaaagcg     34980
     agagagagaa tggcaaaacc ccgtcccttt taaggagaat tatcctccgc ctagtatgta     35040
     ttactccctg attggctgca gcccatcggc ccagttgtca tcacgagaaa ggcagaacac     35100
     atggcgggaa aactgcccct gcacgtgtgc agattatgtt taccacttag aacacagctg     35160
     tcagcgccat cttgtaatgg caaatgtgag ggcggctcct cacagaggac cttttccgaa     35220
     gtaagtcatt aaaaaataaa tgagaaaatt aaaaacaaat agtttatggt ggatatagct     35280
     ttattatgct aataccaatc caaataaatc tcaaaaagta cttgcatttt atatataaat     35340
     ttggttgatg taaggaaaat catgtgtaat gcacaagttg ggaagtacct gatggcaaaa     35400
     tgcttaactc actgcaagat ttcctagtag tcactagagc atccaatagc cttctatgga     35460
     actggaaatt cttcaaaatg aagtaaagtt ttcccatgta aagttcagtc tacaaaatga     35520
     ggcttagcag acagaaaata aagagagatg cagtttaaat caatagcatt atcagcatag     35580
     ccaacatgct gagatgttta gattttatat acaatagaga ttctgctcca tttctcatag     35640
     aacactctcc aggacagact gtttttgggc cctaagacac acatcagtat tttttcttgc     35700
     tttcccttct ggatcactga ggcctggaag agtgtcacat atgtgaacac ctttcccact     35760
     ttccttaagg agaccctcca agtagtagag ccctctgcag agacaagata gtcagatttc     35820
     tgagccatgt gataaatcct tcctacatgt gtggctgcta cctgcctaag aaaaggagca     35880
     tatttccctg cactccctag aatccttcag gaagagcaca tacctcctat tttctatcaa     35940
     agagagggaa tgtggggtaa gtttcccata ttccctgatg ttagtagggg tgtcctggtc     36000
     ctccttcctc tacttgaggg ttcattctat atggctccct tctgtatcct gatgttcctt     36060
     ttggtattca tgctaaccta atctcctggt ccacacacag aggactacag tcaaatcttg     36120
     agtatgatca gggactcacc tttcactgcc ccagattcat gttccatatg ctatttccat     36180
     aacaagatac caaagactgg attatcagat ccacttagtg ttgatgttgg tctagtgatg     36240
     ctgtgtattc aaatgctaat tactctcacc caagatctcc ttgtcccctg aggagtgaac     36300
     tttcaggtat atccatgtct gttgtataaa ccttgttccc aaacttaaag tcattgttta     36360
     attcaaagcg actacagcca attagctgag tgaatagtga taggcatgtt ttcatctaca     36420
     gaggtgaggg tcacatgtag ggtccatgat gagagaaaat ggggaaagaa gaggggaatg     36480
     aagaagaaga tagatctcat aaaattacaa agcttctgta gggaaaaaag acactgtcaa     36540
     taagacaaaa agggaaccaa catattggga aaagatcttt actaatccta aatccaaaag     36600
     agggctaata tccaatatat ataaagaact caagaaatta caatccagag aaccaaataa     36660
     ccctattaaa aatgaggtac agagctaaac aaagaattct caactgagga atactgaatg     36720
     gctgagaagc acctaaagaa atgttcaaga tccttggcca tccaggaaat gcaaatcaaa     36780
     caaccctgag atttcacctc atacaagtca gaatggctaa gattaaaaaa taaaatcagg     36840
     tgacagcaga tgctgggaag gatgtggaga aagaagaaca ctcctccatt gctggtggga     36900
     ttacaagctg gtacaaccac tctgggaatc agtccagcgg ttccacagaa aattggatat     36960
     agaactacca gaggttccac caaaaccact cctgggcata tacccagaag atgttcaaac     37020
     atgtaataag aatacatgct ctgctatgtt catagcagcc ttatttataa tagccagaaa     37080
     gcagaaagaa cccagatgtc cctcaaaaga taattggata cagaaaaatg tgatacattt     37140
     acacaatgga gtactacgca gcttttgaaa acaatgaatt tatgacatcc ttaaacaaat     37200
     ggatgcatct ggaggatatc atcctacgtg aggtaaacca attaaaaaag aatacacgtg     37260
     atataccctc aatgatgaaa acatgaaact caaggagaag gaagaccaaa gtgtgaatac     37320
     ttcaatcctt ctaagaaggg ggaaaatacc catgggagga gatacagaga caaagtgaga     37380
     agcagagact gaaggaataa ccatccagaa actgccgcac ctggggatcc aacccatata     37440
     caaccaccaa acccagaccc tattgtggat gccaagaaga gcttgatgac aagaacctga     37500
     tatggctgtc tcttaagagg ttctgccagt gcctgacaaa tacagaagtg aactcaaagc     37560
     catccattgg atggagcata gggtccccaa tgaaggagct agagaaagta cccaagtaac     37620
     tgaaggggtt tgcagcctca taggagggac aacaatatga agtaacaaga actccctgag     37680
     ctccctcgga ataaaccacc aaccaaagaa aacacatgga gggactcatg gctctagctg     37740
     catatatagc agaggatggc ctagtcagcc atcaatggga ggagaagggg ttctgtgaaa     37800
     gttctatgcc ccagtatagg ggaatgccag ggcaagaggc aagattgggt gggatgatat     37860
     gcaggtgggg gtagggtata agggtgttgg aggggaaact aggaatgggg ataacatttg     37920
     aaatgtaaat aaacaaaata tctaataaaa aagaaaaact aaaaaaaaaa gaaaatgtag     37980
     cataaaagaa aaataagcta tatatattgt acttgtatgt ttgtgtgtat gtgcatcttt     38040
     gtgtctgtct gtctgcctct gtttctctat ctttgtaaag ttctctgttt ctcgctctct     38100
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctcctctctc tctgagtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     38160
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tagggggtgt aacagagtca gttacctata aaaaaggagt     38220
     caccataaag agtaaaagat gaatattaga aagtggtaca tggcctgatg tctctgttag     38280
     gaatggagtt cacatccttt gcaagaacag gtggttttta ttgctgagcc atctcagtag     38340
     ccataggaag gatattttga atattattaa atattgtaat taaatattta ttttagtaga     38400
     tttaaaatat tttatattat aattaaatat tttattgata ttctcagaag gggtttttga     38460
     acacagagtc taattatata aagttccctg gcctggaaat tgttatatat attatataat     38520
     ctggaacaaa gagatctttt tgcacctacc tccggaatgc tgagattaaa aggaaaaagt     38580
     gtgagcctgt caaaatagtt cagaaggtaa gaggaaacct gtgttggagt ctaagtatcc     38640
     acatggctgc tcacaactct ctgcgactct gatccctacg gaccacattc tgtcttctga     38700
     agaggtttga ggtagagaca taccaggcaa catacccacc cactaaatgt cattaaattt     38760
     aaagagaaag ggcaggatcc atcacactgg gtaccttgtc atgttttaca ttaagtagtt     38820
     tacaaaattt gcacatgtgt caattcttca aggttggtta gcctgtgaac ttgagactta     38880
     aatgaatctg ttgtcatcta ctacatcttt ctacatagga aaattttgaa cattgagtat     38940
     gtgctgtgtc caaaacatgt tatttttgaa ggagagcatg gtttgaccaa atatttaaat     39000
     atttcagtac tcatacattt aagtaaaaac tatcaaaaag tcaattgtca attgtgaaag     39060
     ttcagtcttc tatgctcaac ctcgttttct gaataatgat gtgaagatgg taatatttat     39120
     aaaaagtttt agatataata tctgtgtaga ttctggagta ttctaaccaa acattcttgc     39180
     ctggcctagt ccccagccaa gtggactgat ccctggaact ttagcctagc catggcatcc     39240
     ttcctcatct ttatcgaaat gtaaacttct tggtccccac ctgagaactc ccttagtcct     39300
     tgatttagta ccttaccccg cctgctcagc tattcaactc gattttaata agcagaaggt     39360
     gatggagatc aacattttat aaaatagtga ataaggagat gcttcataat aatgacagta     39420
     ctctgcaaca tcagtaatca ctgtctaaag tagggaggga tctacagcca attctaaaat     39480
     tattacaata aagtaagaaa atataaaaac cagaacaaaa atatatcctc atttcataaa     39540
     tgaggaacag tgtgtctata aagttcacac cctgtaagag aaggaaatgt gagaagccct     39600
     tttaagacag agagatcaaa aatagtactg tattttaaca gtaagaattt gtaagtgtgt     39660
     gatggggaac tcttgactga gtgatggctt tgggataaag agcactgact gtttttccag     39720
     gagacctggc ctcaattcct agcatctgct cacgtataca cagtcacagg cgatgtgagg     39780
     ctcttttctg atctccaaag acaccaggca taatcagtta catgcacaca tgtccaggaa     39840
     aaacaatttt acacataaga aaaatgaaaa aatatataaa ttaaagggga agaagagaaa     39900
     ggaataacag atacaaatat tgaaaataac cataacaggg gagttataga caatgctttc     39960
     ctccctgtag aaatctttga gatcagtggt caaagtcagt gtataagtat ctctgctgag     40020
     tttttccatt gctatctacc tagtgacacc atctctgctg agcctactgt agtagagcat     40080
     gtccaagaca ggatgtctca atacacaact gaggaagatc tccatctaat ccacaagcta     40140
     cctgcctttc ctagtccaaa ctccaggttt aggtggtctg acgctcagat ttaatcctta     40200
     ttaagtggtt gagattctgt caggtgtatc aaattgttcc agagcctgga atccagcaaa     40260
     gaaaagcagg taaggacatc actatactgg gactggaagg aaggctgagc atttaaaaga     40320
     gctgtggacc ctgattcaat tccatgaatc atcaaagggc cattcacagc ctcctgttac     40380
     tccagctcca tgggattaga tactctcttc tgcattgcaa aggcatcacc tatctattca     40440
     catgtactac acaaacatac atggaagtaa aacctaacca aaaaccagtt cccttcacaa     40500
     aaatatgaat gggggtactt gtggcattcg catacatgcc taatggctgt ctgttctagt     40560
     ctgctttgtt attgttgtga caaaacacta tgaccaaata taacttgcag aataaagagt     40620
     tcatttcatt gacaagccca aactcacatt tcaacagtga ggtgcttagg ccaagcattc     40680
     aagggaggat catggaggaa ggcccactcc gtggaggact gctgcttact gcctccctca     40740
     tcctgctttc atatataatc aaggagcaca ggcccagcac tgatttgggc ccttaaagac     40800
     ttacacagag gaaatctgat gaagatattt ggtccaccga gtttcaccct ccggtataag     40860
     gtagcttgtg tcaaattgac aaaaccaaaa cacccaggtc aggtctgaat aaaatgtcct     40920
     gaacaggctc agttgtttgc tcagttcatc ctcagcttct gggactggag aagaagatat     40980
     gaaatccctt atctggatcc tagctgcaag aatccttcct gtcctccaaa tcttctccca     41040
     gagctcatag ctctcatgga ggccatgcta agacccctaa taaagagtca cctgacctgt     41100
     ccctcaccca tattctagat gatttttcac ctaccacttg catccctgga atgaatactg     41160
     ccctgtgact ctgtaaagtg tgtcttctaa ccttgtacca ctcaaaccat attacccaaa     41220
     tttggtttgc agtttaagcc tccttgtaat tctctggtag tttctatatg gcatcattgc     41280
     catatattct tgtcctcaag aaataccagg taggtttggt ggtcacagca gaaactagtt     41340
     ctccaacagg gaaacaggga gattccaggt gagttacaac acaaatgcaa ttttctaggt     41400
     aatgcacctt agccaatctg agccctgggt cctttgtgag actctttccc tactgaactc     41460
     aggactcatg catatgtttt tggatcaagg acagagatta gaaaagctca aggtcaatgg     41520
     attccttttg cttatgccta caaactgagt caggacttgt ctctcttcac tttatcacct     41580
     tcactggcac tggggagttg gtgtctctag gtattgccaa taggaatgac agacatggtt     41640
     atttctatag tgtggttctg ctctaatctc cccagctcta cctgaaggag atccttgcta     41700
     ctgctcatat tctctgaatt tatgaatgaa agacacacat acagccttct attttaattt     41760
     gccttaaaca gctcaatgag ccacatccaa aattccacat tgctagtggc tccgctcact     41820
     agcatattcc atattctatc tttgctaccc tggactcagg cttgcagacc tcctaggcct     41880
     aattcccgac tttttcatgt tggcggtctc tatacatctg tcctacactt ctcagggttg     41940
     gactttctcc ttcccaacat ggaagctttt tcttcctcct gcttccttcc ctggaaatcc     42000
     taggggtcat atctctgtct tcctgtccag ccatttgctg ccagcaacta tatttaccaa     42060
     tcacagccaa tgagaggcac agaccttcag tgtcttacat gcagacatgc gcattccagt     42120
     gcaattttgg aagcccaaat aacataatgc aagcattaaa ccaaatccac agcacatggt     42180
     gagatgggta atgtaagaat taactcttta aatctagtaa ctctagagcc tgcctcctca     42240
     ctctaaccta aatcttggag acagaatcct gggaataata tgtggggaca aactgcttta     42300
     ccctgatcca tgacctagtg gtttgagtca caactttctc ctgagtacaa acatggggac     42360
     caacatgtcc acaattctag accattttat tctaaatatg tctagacact tatgtatata     42420
     tttacaattt ctctgtattt ccaagataaa ttgcctctgt cacctatatt tatccacact     42480
     gacactgttg ggaacagaat tttatgaccc ttattttatt gaaaatgata cataatactt     42540
     tcaaactgga tcaaaataca tcttgaggat ccatggatat ttgttcctat taatagggtc     42600
     ttgcatgttt tgtgattttt tcctaaacct atgattttct cattttttaa aattttattt     42660
     aatttttttt ccagatttaa cccccctcca agtccaccct ctgactggtc cacatcccat     42720
     atctcctccc accctttgtc tgaactagga tgtccctacc cctccccaaa gccccacccc     42780
     agcagacttc tccatgccct agtgcctcca gtctcttgaa gtttaggtgc attgtctctg     42840
     actgaacctt gacctggctg tcctctgctg ggtatgtgct gaatatgcta tgaagggcct     42900
     tatatcagtt ggtgtattga aagatcctgg cagaatgtaa aaggacacag aagccctgaa     42960
     attggcaaga tagacgtcag tgttagcaga actagcttca ctgatttaga aaaatagagg     43020
     tgcacaatgc tctggccact ccttgaacct gtgtgtctgc caatgttctg atcaggtgtg     43080
     tgcccattgc tgcaccttca ttagactctt tccttgtacc cctcccatac ccatttcttg     43140
     agaatagaca ttgtttagat ctggaaatcc cctaatctcc cccttctcct ttcccccctg     43200
     agggcctata aaaactggga actctttcct ctcaaggtcg actcctctgc ccctgcatgg     43260
     gatatgaggg atatgagtcg tccccagagc tctggctttc cccgaataaa gcctcatgtg     43320
     gtttgcaaca agctcggtct gtcgtgagtt cttgggtgtc cgctattgtc ctgaggcctg     43380
     agcgaggggc tcctctcgta gtctttcagt atgctacctg gttggtggac cagtgtccga     43440
     gttatctagg aagcccagat taattgagac tgctggttgt cctacagtgt cgctctcctc     43500
     ctcagcttct tccaaccttt tccctatttc aatgatagta ttcagcagct tctgtccatt     43560
     gcttgggtgt aaatatctgc atctgactct ttcagctgct tattgagtca gtcagagggc     43620
     aatcacgata ggtcccttat tgtgagcact ccatagcctc agtaatagtg tcaggccttg     43680
     ggccttcccc aggagctgga tcccatattg ggtctgtcgc tggacctcct tttccccagg     43740
     ctcttatcca tttttatcat tcagttcttt cagacagtag caattatagg tcagagtttt     43800
     tttttttttt ttaactgtgg gatgtcacac tcctctctca ctggatgccc tgtctttctg     43860
     ctggaaatgg gctctgcaag ttccctctcc ccactgtagg gcatttcatc taaggtccct     43920
     ccttttgagt cctgagagtc tctcaactca caggtctctg gtacattctg gagcatccat     43980
     ccacctccta cctcccaagg attcttgtct gcattctatc tgctgcttct cagggcttca     44040
     gtcttttccc cccacacaat acctgatcat gttcccctct tcctctccct ttcccctttc     44100
     ccatccaggt cccccctctc tcccccctcc tgttattgcc tcctccctcc caagtagaat     44160
     aagattttca tctggccagg gcttcctcaa agacctatct ttgattctaa gagtatagct     44220
     ggaatcacaa gaacatgggt agagtctggc catagccctg ggtggccttc tgttaattct     44280
     cctatgttca gaaccaatct gtcaattcac tggatctgat tttcatcctg tggatcacat     44340
     tcttttctga agggcatgag gtcaaaaggg catcccagag gccatgcctg tatatcttgt     44400
     tatggaaata ccacatggag tgtcaatatg aggagagtga caacagagcc ctgatcgtga     44460
     ccaaggaggc accttggccc tctatgtgtg gggcacaagg tgaggttagc atggatagaa     44520
     agaaggggaa tatgtagacg gagccgttag gtttctacct tgcaatatta tttacattaa     44580
     actttctttc cataagaaaa gcaaagataa attcagattt ctttgaactg atattagcat     44640
     agtagatcta catccaccat acaatatttg gtttttaatt tattttagaa catgtcctca     44700
     gaatataact ctgcttgatc ttgaacttgc aaacatcatg ttggctagct gagttctgtg     44760
     gatttgtcag acatgttatg ctacccaggg ctgtcagaaa ccaggcttta cctctcacat     44820
     ctgtgacaga atagcacaga gatcagctgt gtgacttgac agaaaaactt cctaatagtg     44880
     tcactgacag ttcacaacag aagacaatga caccaggatc atacacaaaa ctgagaacaa     44940
     gtataattca tcttgaaacc ataatccaaa tttctccaag tttagcacca gactgagaca     45000
     ttttaagact gagtgttcat gggagagaac attacagacc ctggacgagg ctgaaaaatt     45060
     cctgagactt ttggatcaca tgacccagag gaacaggtgc actagaagat tggtattagg     45120
     acataggaaa attattcagg aggaaagaga caatgtgaaa gcccaggtgg aaccagcagc     45180
     aagggtaaac agcccagggc tcccttgact ccacaatgca accaatgcca tacaggcaag     45240
     ggatttagca cagcaaacaa atttcataag attctgagat ttattttccc atcaagtttt     45300
     actcattttt aggatatcag tcaatcacac aatctgccaa gaagttgcac aaacaaacac     45360
     aaataattaa gtaaagacag aagcatggaa ttctatattg gggaaagtga aattccaatc     45420
     atggatggag gtttcccagc cctgcctgtg tgggaatatg agagatgacc ggggaatata     45480
     cacagtaaga gtcaagataa ggctttttcc tgctgatgaa ctgcttacag tgtgctcaga     45540
     ggagacagac acatagtcac agtcaggtgt agaaagagaa ggcacaatgg gaggagaagc     45600
     cagaaacagt gtttaatggc tctgtaccac atctgtctta acctgtaggt aaaaagaata     45660
     aagaagaaac acagatatgt atcattaaat ggtgacatag acaacagctc ctcactcact     45720
     caattgagac ccaatcccag gagtcaccat ccctcaggat tctctcctct gtccctctca     45780
     ggggtgcaca agaggccctt tagggtgtta ctatttaata atgtaaccaa aaactgtgca     45840
     tcaaaggaat ttcacctccc tgtggcaagg aaaacaaaac tgagtgagct cttacctata     45900
     tcaatatgtt tcccatagat gagtcacaac tcatattact ggctaaactg aacatagctg     45960
     tttcctgttt aaactggaag caagacctta tattagaagc catggagcca gcagggtgaa     46020
     gatggcctag ggagatctcc tggactttat ctcagataag tgttcagaac tgtgtctcca     46080
     gatcgagata atcaagatgg aaacctgtct acgaaatgtg atatctagaa ccctggaagt     46140
     ttatgcaaaa taaggaatgt ccctctgata tcttagagct gagagtaagt tctctaccct     46200
     gaagggaatt gtgggctcag gaggctcagg aaaggataat gatattaata atattaataa     46260
     taattctctt tattattttc tttctgattc acagaggagg tactctcagc acatctgccc     46320
     tgtatgacct gcagttatgt gaatgaaatc tgctgtcatg tttaagggtt tcccacagtt     46380
     tgggcttgtt acttccatag atacatgaat taagaccatg accctttctt acctctagtc     46440
     cttctcttcc atataagaaa agtcatcact gatcccataa gcagagcccc aagaaccaga     46500
     gcaataatca taggcaggaa ggggatggtg ggttcaggag gatcttgggt ggaaatgaat     46560
     gaaaagacag tgagagtctg acatccagct ctctgtcttg accgttttcc atttgtccct     46620
     ctagactccc accccctcta aatggtttct gtactcactc cccatcctta ccccatctca     46680
     gggtgacagg ctcagatagc ccctcatgat ttacatggca tgtgtatcta tgctcttctc     46740
     cagaagagac caccacagct gcccatttct gaaaagttcc atcaccagaa ggcctgatct     46800
     ctatcacctc catgtcctgg gtctggttgc ttccatccct ctgccaggtt agggtgattt     46860
     caggtgggta gaagttgaag gcccagcacc tcagggtgat tttcctatct ggtctgatct     46920
     tataggtcat gtgtatttta ggggtgtctg agggaaacaa ttggaaattt aagacatttg     46980
     acattcttcc tagacattca tcaatgctca tgtatctttt tgtgaatgga caggagagtt     47040
     agcttgaaga agaggtgccc acaccacaga gcagtgtaaa cacaggaaat ggatgcggca     47100
     atctattcct gggaaagttt cagaatcaac atgagccagc acacaacaag agatgctgta     47160
     tcttcaccta gtgatatgga ttttaggttt tgatgggttg gagatgaaat actgagaaag     47220
     accgtggtca ggcatcagag gacaagacac tgtgcatgga ccatgaatag gtttgagtgt     47280
     ggccttggta aacaatgcaa gtggaaggaa ctgctgctta attcacagac tgaattgtgc     47340
     tgagagaagc cttagctctc tggagagtac tctgtctagt tgaatgcaga aaaccagaag     47400
     cacacttctc actttgatgc aagactgagt tggcattcca gctgctttct gctgaggagg     47460
     aatcatcagg ggaaaggagc tacaatctca gagcagatgg ggcagttgct gtccttacct     47520
     gttctcagca aatacttctt cccaaagttc aggtattgaa ggagcccctc cacacatgca     47580
     cccagcagga aagactttga cgactttaca agatttattt tctcccactc ttccttaact     47640
     atctcagctg ccttgccaac cgctctccat gtttgcagat cctcattcag tgtgatgtaa     47700
     tcatgtgtat cgaataataa ttccatgaag gcgtgactga agtacgttct ctgcttgact     47760
     tggcagccat atgtttcctg gattatgtga tatcctggaa aagacctcac tctcagccac     47820
     ttgtacaggg catgttactt ggtgtgaatc ttcagtgggt tgcccagccc atgtgacttt     47880
     tcctaatgga tttgaacttg gatttaaact gcacagaaac ccaggtcagt gactgagctt     47940
     tctgcagcat agtaaccatt ggtcacattt tccgggtata aagcctggat gtagcacata     48000
     ggggcaaacc catgggcagc ttgatgtttg gaatttctgc ttggggttta ctcaccagtc     48060
     atgctatcat tatagatgtg gagcaatttg ttcataattc ctgtcacgaa gcttttttct     48120
     ttcaggacat cctgtgttgc caactcccaa aactctgcat ttagctcatt caaccatggt     48180
     acccgactct ccatcctctg actctctgat atactgttga atcccatgat ctgtgtttca     48240
     tccacataga tgagaaagat aaactgcagc tccagatgtc gaggccatga taagaaggtg     48300
     gacacaaatc tcagagtgtg tgaacctagg ggaagtgggt ctttaaatct ccacccttca     48360
     cctaagagcc aatgccagtc cacaggccta ttcccaagga aggtaggaag caaggggcag     48420
     gatgcagaat agagaaggga acagaaattc ttcctgggtt agggaagaga aatgcttccc     48480
     agttactgca cccccaggga taaagtccct ttaattcccc atgtttggtc cttttccttc     48540
     aaattcccac actcaccatt tggatgcttt gcgatgacca aggtgaccat gaacagcagg     48600
     aggagaggct gggattcaaa gttcttcatc ttcttggtaa gttcagacag agtttctgct     48660
     agtaggtatt cattttataa tcttgataag gaggaggctg attggcttct ctaagaaatc     48720
     ccaatggtag tgataaactg tgtttgcttt gaggcatgga aagatgaact cttgtaagag     48780
     cagtccctag ggtcctgaat cgccagctca gatctagctc tggggcgtgg gaacataagt     48840
     gcagtatgtg gtaagacaag ttgtttactt tgatgcttga actcctagcc atgaacacaa     48900
     tgttcttctg agtcaatgtg atagaccatt gactcagtaa gactcagcaa ttttaacgtc     48960
     aggatgtcta caatggctga caaagagaat gttgcttaga gtgaatcatg attgtgtgga     49020
     ttgtgtcaac caatcttcat cacatttaaa actctaattt tgtgaaatct gcttcatcaa     49080
     acatattaag aaagtactcc aggcatggtg gcgaacgcct ttaatcccag cacttggcag     49140
     gcagaggcag ctgaatttct gagttcgagg ccagcctggt ctacagagtg agttacagga     49200
     cagccaggga tatacagaga aacctgtctc gaaaaacaaa aacaaaatca aaaacaacaa     49260
     caacaaaaaa aaccaaagaa agtacataag aagagaatgt ttacaaaaag taacaactat     49320
     tttccaaatt acaacttctg cctattttta tcctcacatt tccattagat attcttggga     49380
     ttttaaaaat atgtttattc aatttacatc ctgatgctgt cccccagata ccttcacaga     49440
     gttcctgctg tatccccctt cacttctcct ttgaaatagt ggagggccct ccaaagttta     49500
     cctcttccct gacatatcaa ggctctgcag tacttggtac atcttcttcc actgaggcca     49560
     caaaaggtat tccaattagg gtaatgtatt ccacacactg atgacacttt tagggacagc     49620
     ccttgctcaa cttgttgagg gaaccacatg aagatggagt tccatagctg caatatatgt     49680
     acatgttcag catgtttggg ggtgtgattg ggaggagata gatcagagat gaagtgatgc     49740
     ctatgtctaa gccgatttgc tcttttatta gtggttcagt ctcttagatc ccccagatgt     49800
     ttatgttagt tgactctgtt tgtattcttg tggaatttct gtccccttca cagacctcag     49860
     ttcctcagtc aagtcttcca tgagatatca caagcaccat ccaatgtttt ctgtgggtct     49920
     gtctcctcat gtgattcagt cagcttctgg atatagcccc tcagaggaca gttatgctag     49980
     catcctgtct gcaagcaaaa aagagcatca ttagcagtgt cagtgattgg cactttctcg     50040
     tggcatgggt ctgaacttag ggtagttaat gggtggaaat tccttcatct ctgatttatc     50100
     ccctgtctcc acatttcttg tagataggat acatttttgg ttaaaaaaaa attgtggtgg     50160
     tttagtgtcc ctattactac aatggagtac ttggttggct acaatttgta catggtctcc     50220
     aaatgtttaa tgtcccatct cctggtagtc tcagctaatt agtggggggg ggcattgatt     50280
     ccaaggaata tttaacatca caagcctctg agatatcctc aagacaccct cccaatcaca     50340
     tgcccaaaca tgctacacat ttccatcatt ctcctggcct tctggctttc tcttctgttt     50400
     ttctctaaag ctgattcaga aacctaccct ttccctccct ttctgttcca ccactcagtt     50460
     tcctccctcc atctgcctca tatgatcatt ttattccccc ttctagatga gattcaagca     50520
     ttcttggttg agccttctct cctagcgtct ataagtctct ttaatgtatg ttgtgttttc     50580
     tatactttat gactaatata cacttctctc taggagtctg ggtaccctca taaggatggt     50640
     gttctcaagt tccattcatg agcctgcaaa attcatgatc tttttctttt agtggctgaa     50700
     gagtatccca ttgtatatat gtatcacatt ttatttatca attcttcagt tgaggaacat     50760
     ctagtttgtg cctagttgct ggctattatg aataaatctg ctgtgaacat agttcagcaa     50820
     gtgtccctgt ggtacactag ggtatctttg aggtatatgt cctttagagg tataacaggg     50880
     tcttgaggta gaactactcc tgcttctctt tttttttttt gataacccaa attttatgat     50940
     tttccaaaga agctgtagaa gttttaacac tcaccagcac tggaggtggt tctccacagg     51000
     gataccataa tccctgagga gaggagttca gagttgctga tgtgcctgaa tgttgggagg     51060
     ttagcagaag aggcattcct tctcaatgtc aaataaacta ctctaaattt ttgccattaa     51120
     ttattttaaa tacaagtgga gtccatacta gaggttaatg ctgcacaaaa agctgtttct     51180
     taccctttaa ataaaaaaaa atgtacattg tctgtatagt tccacaattc atatattgga     51240
     agagaatggg gcccatacat gcatacatac agtcctgcaa aagggaaaga aatacaatta     51300
     gataaagacc ataataaaag atgtcatatc ctgtctcaat tccacaataa caaccaaaaa     51360
     aaaaaaatca cacagcaatt gaacacttct gacctgacta ggtcaattgc tagattcctc     51420
     ccatctctta taatcattga ttagtaaaca gatattaaaa ctacacagaa agcttatgag     51480
     tcacagcact cacctgtaat gtagacacct gaaaggtagg ataagaaaaa tcagaagttt     51540
     gaacatcaga gacccaaggt gtggaaggaa actcacacat agttttcagg aatctccaaa     51600
     gaaaatcctg ggggaaatta ggcaactgct atcagaaggg gtgagtgatg tctaagaatc     51660
     tccaggttat aagtaactta aaattaagaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagaaacag aaggggaaag     51720
     caaagtcctc aaatatctat gtttaaatct aaaacacatg tcagaatatg aatcatgaac     51780
     ctggagagac agaaggagtt tctgaagtgg ttttggcttt tcttccaaat atggtaacac     51840
     ttaagaaagt cttttttttc ctgctattta tggtacttgt ctctttattc tttgtgttgg     51900
     gagatcctag cttcttacag ctgtcagaaa acaagtttgg ccttaaatgt tctgatgaca     51960
     ataacaccat ggggatgtgt gtggtcaagg tcaagtgatg ctgagcttca ggaggtgttt     52020
     catgagagca gaacctcttc ccaagtgtta tagctcttag gacagaaggt ctcagatgat     52080
     tgagtagttc ttgtacacct taaatccttc tgaataggat tcttatatac agttttgagg     52140
     tggatcaggg attgacaaca ggtacttctc attggcttgg tctgagagct ttgaggaaac     52200
     ttgatttgca tgtgggaggg cttggtgctg cttctctgtg actaatggcc acacacttct     52260
     ctgcagggat ttggggggct gtggagctat agctgcaaca ggagccaggg atacatgagc     52320
     catgggcaaa cttctaccat cccatgaagg caaatatcac ccccaaccag gtctctggct     52380
     ttcaaggcct gtgcacgact gcagaccaag atgtctgtgc acaattcatc accctacatg     52440
     cctacaccaa gccttggctt cctgccatca gaaatcatgg agatttgaag gatatggaaa     52500
     tgtacaataa gttagctact ctggcagtgg ccttgaccac aatgtcccta aaaggccaac     52560
     aaagaattgc caggagctga gaaagataat gtactactga cagatctcaa aaatctctac     52620
     aatgttttcc tatgacactg ggctaaactc ccacatactc tcaagaccca gaaatgcagc     52680
     acaattctct gcacattcac aggaccttct aaaaatgtca gccacccgtg ttatggctac     52740
     catttaatat ctctgaaatt atggacccag gtgaaatttc tataatcttt ttcttgggtc     52800
     ctgtgcagga tcaccatcca tatcaccgca aatttcacat caagttttgt aagcacaaga     52860
     agattttaaa tttagggtga ggaattcaaa tatccaaaat tcaattattc cattgagggc     52920
     ttacatatta tactttctga acctgattag gaaaaatatt gggctactgt ttgatccaca     52980
     ttcaataata tagggggatg agaatatatt tgataagcat gtttaaaagg agttcagggt     53040
     aaacaggaag acatgatcca gatgatgtga atagcagttg gttcagtgtc tcaatttttg     53100
     acaagttctt gtttaagaga atttctttgt ttctaggatt gatattcagt ttctgtgcac     53160
     aggagcccag agctcctatt gtgcccaaat gttgggaggt tagcgaaagc cacattctat     53220
     gtcattccct ggtaagcaat tctaaatttt tgccattgat tcttttcaat gttaatagat     53280
     tccataaaat ggaggataat actgctcaaa gaggattgca ctataatttt acactttcta     53340
     cttaataagt caattgctaa attccctcca tcacttatag atttggatga gtaggcaaat     53400
     ttttaaattt ctcagaatcc tagataaaaa cagcacacac ttgtagagtc agcatgtgaa     53460
     tgataggggt gggaataaga tggggcaaat taggagatta ccatcacatg aggtgactgt     53520
     tgtccacaca tctctagttc attagaactt ttaaataaga aaacagaaga aattaattaa     53580
     ttaattaatt aattaattaa ttaattaaaa gaggggtaaa ggaatggagg actccaaatt     53640
     ccttaccgaa aactcatgtc agcatcctac tgatgaacct atggaaacag tgggaatctc     53700
     tggacctctt tgcccttctt caaatatggc cacatttaat gcatgtccat tgtctgcttt     53760
     tctttccttt tttctttttt ggatattttc ttcatttaca tatcaaaatc tgtcccaaaa     53820
     gtcccctata tcctccccgc cccagccctg ctcccctact cactcaatcc catttcttgg     53880
     ccctggcttt cccctgtaca ggggtatata aagtttgcta gactaagggt cctctcttcc     53940
     caatgatggc caactaggcc atcttctact acatatgcag ctagagacat gagttctggg     54000
     ggtactgatt agttcatatt gttgttccac ctataaggtt gtagacccct tcagctatgg     54060
     gtactttctc tagctcctac actgggagac ctgtgatcca tcctatagat gactgtgaac     54120
     atccacttct gtatttgcca ggcctggcaa agcctcacag gaggcagcta tatcagggtc     54180
     ctttcggcaa aatcttgctg gtgtatgcaa tagtgtctgt gtttggtggc tgattatggg     54240
     atggaccccc gagtggtgca gtctctggat ggttcatcct tttgtgttag ctctaaactt     54300
     tgtctctgca actccttcca tggatatttt attccctatt ctaggtagga atgaagtatc     54360
     tacgagttgg tcctccttcc tgattttctt gtgtttcgga ggttgtatct tgggtattct     54420
     gtttctgggc taatatccac ttatcagtga gtgcatatca agtgacttct tttgggattg     54480
     ggttacctca cacaggataa tattctccag atacatccat ttgcccaaga attccataaa     54540
     ttcattgttt ttaatagctg agtagtactc cattgtgtaa atgtgacaca ttttcagtat     54600
     ccattcctct gtagagggac atctgggttc tttccagctt ctggatatta caaatagggc     54660
     tgctgtgaac atagtggagc atgtgtcctt attgccagtt ggaacatctt ctggttatat     54720
     gcccaggaga ggtattgatg gatctaccgg tagtactatg tccagttttc tgaggaacca     54780
     ccagaatgat ttccagagtg gttgtataag cttgcaaaca caccagcaat ggatgagtgt     54840
     tcctctttct ccacatcctc gccagcatct gctgtcacct gaatttttga tcctagccat     54900
     tctgactggt gtgaggtgga atctcagggt tgttttgatt tgcatttcca tgataattaa     54960
     ggatgttgat gattttcaag tgcttctcgg tccttcggta ttcctcggtt gagaattctt     55020
     tgtttagctc tgtaccccat ttttaatggg gttatttgaa tttctggagt tcagcttctt     55080
     gagctctttg tatatattgg atatgagtcc cctatcggat ttaggattgg taaaaattct     55140
     ttcccaatct gttggtggcc tttttgtctt attgacagta tcttttgccc tacagaagct     55200
     ttgcaatttt atgaggtccc atttgtcaat tctggatctt acagcacagg ccattgctgt     55260
     tctgtttagg aatttttccc ctgtgcccat atcttcgagg cttttcccca ctttctcctc     55320
     tataaatttc agtgtctccc gctttatgtg aaggtctttg atccacttag acttgagctt     55380
     tgtacaagga gataagaatg gatcaatttg cattcttcta cacaataacc gccagttgtg     55440
     ccagcacaat ttgttaaaaa tgctgtcttt tttccattgg attgttttat ctctcttgtc     55500
     aaagatcaag tgaccatagg tgtgttgtgt gggttcattt ctgggtcttt aattctattc     55560
     cattgatcta cctgtctgtc actgtaccag ctctgtgcac gttttatccc aattgctctg     55620
     tagtacagct tgaggtcagg cattgtgatt cccccagggg ttcttttatt gttgagaata     55680
     gtttttgcaa tcctaggttt tttgttattc cagatgaatt tgcagattgc catttctaac     55740
     tcagtgaaga atttagttgg aattttgatg gggattgcat tgaatctgta gattgctttc     55800
     agcaggatag ccatttttac tatattaatc ctgccaatcc atgagcttcg gagatctttc     55860
     gattttctga gatcttcttc aatttgtttc ttcagagact tgaagttctt gtcatacaga     55920
     tctttcactt ccttagttag agtcacaaca aggtatttta tattatttgt gactattgtg     55980
     aagggttttg tttccctaat ttctttctca gtctgtttat cctttgtgta gagagaggcc     56040
     actgatttgt ttgagttaat tttatatcca gctactacat tgaagcagtt tatcaggttt     56100
     aggtgttctc tggtggaatt ttttgggtca cttatatata ctgtcatatc atctgcaaat     56160
     agtgatattt tgacgtcttc ctttccaatt gatatcccct tgatctcctt ttgttgtcaa     56220
     attgctctgg ctaggacttc aagtactata ttgaataggt agggagaaag tgggcaggct     56280
     tgtccagtcc ctgattttag tggaattgct tccagcttct ctccatttac tttgatgttg     56340
     gctactggtt tgctgtatat tgcttttatt atgtttgggt atgggccttg aattcctgat     56400
     ctttccatga cttttatcat gaaagggtgt cagattttgt caaatgcttt ctcattatct     56460
     gagatgatca tgtgattttt gtctttgagt ttgtttatat agtggattat gttgaaccat     56520
     ccctgcatcc ctgggatgaa gcctacttgg tcatgatgga tgatcctttt gttgtgttct     56580
     tggattcggt ttgcaaggat tttattgcat caatattcat aagaaaaatt ggtccaaagt     56640
     tctctctttg ttggatcttt gtgtggttta ggtatcagag taatagtggc ttcatagaat     56700
     gaattgggta gagtatgttc cgtttctatt ttgtggaata gtttgaggag agttggaatt     56760
     aggtcttctt tgaaggtcag acagcactct gcactaaacc cacctgatcc tgggcttttt     56820
     ttggttggga gactattgat gactgcttct atttctttag gggatatagg actgttttga     56880
     tcattaatct gatcctaatt taacttttgt acctgatata tgtctaggaa tttgtccatt     56940
     tcatccaggt tttccagttt tattgagtat aaccttttgt agaaggatct gatggtgttt     57000
     tggctttctt caggatctgt tgttatgtct cccttttcat ttctgatttt gttaattagg     57060
     atgctgtccc tgtgccctct agtgagtctg gctaagggtt tatctatctt gttgattttc     57120
     tcaaagaacc agttcctggt ttggttgttt ctttgtatag ttcttcttgt ttccacttgg     57180
     ttgatttctg ccctaagttt gaatatttcc tgccatctac tcctcttggt caatttgctt     57240
     cctttagttc tagagcttct aggtgtgctg tcaggctgct agtgtatact ctctctagtt     57300
     tctttttgga ggcactcagg gctatgagtt ttcctcttag gactgccttc attatgttcc     57360
     ataaatttgg gtatgttgtg gcttcatttt tattaaactc taaaaagtct ttaatttctt     57420
     tatttatttc ttccttgact aagatatcat tgagtagagt attgttctgt ttcaacatga     57480
     atgttggctt tctattattt atgttgttat tgaagataag ccttagtcca tggtgatctg     57540
     ataggatgca tgggataatt tcaatatttt tgtatctgtt gaggcctgtt ttgtgactaa     57600
     ttatatggtc aattttggag gaggtacaat aaggtgctgt gaagaaggta tatcgttttg     57660
     ttgtaggata aaatgttcta tagattgatt aaattaaatg ttctatagat tagttaaatc     57720
     catttgtttt atacactctg ttagtgtcca tgtgactgtg tttattttct gtttccagga     57780
     tctgtctatt ggtgagagtg gggtgttaaa ttctcccact attactgtgt gaggtgcaat     57840
     gtgtgctttg agctttatta aagtttcttt aatgtatgtg gctgtccttg tatttggagc     57900
     atagatattt agaattgaga gatcatcttg gtagatttta cctttgatga gtatgaagtg     57960
     ccccttgtcc tttttgataa ttttgggttg gaagttgatt ttattcgata ttagagtggc     58020
     tactccagct tgtttcttca gaccatttgc ttggaaaatt gttttccagc cttttactct     58080
     gaggtagtgt ctgtctttat ccctgaggtg ggtttcctat aagcagcaaa atgttaggtc     58140
     atgtttgtat agccagtctg ttagtctatg tctttttatt ggggaattaa gtccattgat     58200
     gttaagagaa atcaaagaaa agtaattgtt gcttcctgtc atttttgttg ttaaatttgg     58260
     gattgtgttc ttgtggttgt cttcttttag ttttgttaaa ggattacttt cttgcttttt     58320
     ctagggtgta gtttccatct ttgtgttggt gttttccctt tattatcatt tgaagggctg     58380
     gatttgtgga aagatattgt gtgaatttgg ttttgtcata gaatactttt gtttctccat     58440
     ctatggtaat tgagagtttg gctgggtata gtacccttgg ctagcatttg tgttctctta     58500
     gtgtctgtgt aacatctgcc caggatcttc tggctttcat agtctctggt gagaagtctg     58560
     gagtaattct aataggcctg catttatatg ttacttaacc tttttccctt actgctttta     58620
     atattctgtc tttatttatt gcatttgttg ttttgattat tatgtgtcca gaggaatttc     58680
     ttttctggtc cagtctattt ggagttcttt agacttcttg catgttcatg ggcatctctt     58740
     tctttaagta tgggaagttt tcttctataa ttttgttgaa tatatttgct ggccctttaa     58800
     gttgaaaatc ttcattctca tctactccta ttatcctgag gtttggtttt ctcattgtgt     58860
     cctggatttc ctggatgttt tgagttagga tctttttgca ctttgcattt tctttgatag     58920
     ttgtgtccat gttccctatg gaatcttctg cacctgagat tctctcttcc atctcttgta     58980
     ttctgttgct aatgctcact tctatggttc ctgatttctt tcttgggttt ctatctccag     59040
     agttgtctcc ctttgggttt ctacttccat ttttagatct tggattgttt tgttgaattc     59100
     catcacctgt ttggtcgtat tttcctgtaa ttctttaagg gatttttgtg tttcttctac     59160
     ctgtttagca gtgtttgcct gtaattcatt gagggatttt tgtttcctct ttaagggctt     59220
     ctacttgttt agcagtattc tattataatt ccttgaggga ttttttgtgc ttcctcttta     59280
     agggcttcta cctctttaga actgttctcc tgtatttctt taagtgagtt attaatgccc     59340
     ttctttaaat cttcccccac catcatgaaa tatgatttta aatatgcatc ttgcttttca     59400
     ggtgtgctgg ggtattcaag actcgttgtg gtgggcgtac tgggttctga tgatacccag     59460
     tgtttttggt ttctgtcagt aagattctta catttgcctt tcgccatctg gaaatctctg     59520
     gtgttaatga tcaatctgtc tctggttgga gcttgatcct cctatgattc tcttagcctc     59580
     tgtcagcact cctgggagtc caactctcac ctgagttcca gtggtcagag cactctctgc     59640
     aggcaagctc tcctcttgca gggcaggtgt ccagcagtct ggagctctga tctacctcct     59700
     gagttctggg gtcagaatcc tccctgtagg ccgactctcc tctggcaagg aatatgccca     59760
     ggcgtctggg tctcagctct gcctcatggc tgaggatgaa ggcctgaggg gaccctgacc     59820
     aagaagctct gttgcttcta tcacccacgt actctcaggt gataaggagg tcctggatgt     59880
     gctaggggtc ctgtggcgtg gagagtcctc tggtgcccta gatgccctcg gctgggttca     59940
     cacagaagat ggcagagctg gcccctacct gaatggatcc cagcctctgg tcaggtgggg     60000
     ttcctttgtt gctgtgcctg ctggcacaag acccttcgtg attctttgga gctgatgttg     60060
     cgttccactc acccgtgatc ccgaggtgat ctcgaggttc tgaggtgtgg agagcactct     60120
     ggagccctta gtggcctctg ctgggctcag aaggaagatg acgggggcgg gggatggccc     60180
     tgaccagaac ggatcccatt gtctgctttt cactgaacat tcctgtttaa ttgtcttttt     60240
     gtgttggtag atccaatctt attactaatg taatacctgg attttaccct aaaacttcag     60300
     atggcatttc taccatggag atgtgttgat tgagcaaggt ccagagcctt gtagtggcag     60360
     ttaaagatac aaccctgttt ttggaagaaa atcaggacaa cctgagcaaa aatatactaa     60420
     actcaagtgc aggactggaa ccaagtcaga tatcctgtag atccaggaaa caaaaacaga     60480
     tgaagcacat gtggcaactt cctgaggatg gagtactaca tgattctcag tgaatttttc     60540
     tagactgcag aaggggaaac agcctgcaaa ttcagtagta gctttctgaa gggaggagtg     60600
     atctatggac ttctctaatt atattaggaa gtaaagtatg aaatttaaaa accacaacaa     60660
     caataaccaa aaaaggtcac agtttaaaaa gtggagatta ttttgtctac agggtgccca     60720
     acttgtgaga gaaaacagag acctatttaa gacagacaga accaggatat tgatatatca     60780
     atataattcc tacagaaaca attatttggg gaaggctgga aggttgtcag atggtccagt     60840
     tctacaaagc actgactgct ctttcaggag acctgggttg aattattagc tcttgcacag     60900
     ctacacacag ccatctaact ccaaatacac atgatctgaa aacattttgt gatatccaca     60960
     acaaccaggc aaaacatgga acatagatat acatgcaaaa aaacatgtct tacacatgaa     61020
     aaaactgaaa aatatattaa ttaaatggtg agaaacggaa gggagctaga gatacaaatg     61080
     ttaaaacacc cacagcaaga cagattatgg aaaaagctct gccctcaaaa ctcaaccaga     61140
     tcagtggtca gaaaatccaa ttttcaaata ccctgctgaa cttgtgcatt gttatgtacc     61200
     taatgaaact caccatccca gctcagcctg tagtggcaga gcatatccat aatctctact     61260
     gtttcctaca atctatatgc cttacacata tcacaccact gattattaat agggctgcag     61320
     gaggccagcc tcagaggaaa gggaaaagaa atagcacagc tggtaggacc cttccctcct     61380
     ctgagcacct gtggaaggca ctaagttgga tggtgaacag ggcaaacaac tctgtacttg     61440
     gatgatgcag gaagccaggc atggacagcc agaatggcaa tcctgcaaag catcataggg     61500
     tgggccgagg ataggctttc cttcctgtgg tggtgctgca gagtccttgc agctacagaa     61560
     tgaagtcctt cctctgaaga tcttcactca cttgccagag tctgagtcaa gagcagcaag     61620
     gcttccagca gcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaggcccttg gtcttgggaa gattctaggc     61680
     cccagtatag gggattgcca tggccagaaa gtacaagtgg ggagcgtata ggggattttc     61740
     ggagaggaaa ctaggaaaag gtatagcatt tgaaatgtaa atgaagaaaa catctaataa     61800
     aaaaatcttt ttttaaaaaa gatgtctata ggtaacaaag tctacatcct aaatgatagt     61860
     gcatgtttag tttagtaagg ttcttattct ctatacaagt cagatcttaa gaatgaggct     61920
     gaatgccttc tctaaaaatt cacagtggaa tataccaata cttaaagggt catggcacaa     61980
     aatcatggca caagtcctgc ttccccactc caaaatatgc tctggtctct gatatcctga     62040
     gtacagtatc taggggaatg ttgcttaccc tgatgcctct acctgtcctc ttgataacat     62100
     cctactgagt cctagaccag attccaattt ggctggcagt atcaataaag ggaaagaaag     62160
     caaaagccta tgtctctcag tggagtgtcc tgctctaaaa tctgggattt tatttcctca     62220
     ctgttatgtc atggacttta atggtgtgct aaggcttcct cactaagcct ttgtttcctg     62280
     gtgatcatag atggcagagt ctttaggatg aagctgtctg ttctgtcagt ggccatgaac     62340
     atcatgtcca gagaaggcaa agtgtagtag tggcagaaga tgagaaagac aatgtactac     62400
     tgacacatct ctgatgagct ccaactcaaa aatcttccta gagtctctgt aaccctatta     62460
     caccaggctg acactaaata atctcatgcc tcagacaaac agcacagcac tctgtgcatt     62520
     catgggggcc tttcaaaaaa tatcaattgc ccacatcatg gccactctat tagggtttta     62580
     aacttgtgaa cagacaccat gaccaaggaa gctcttatca aggacaacat tttattggga     62640
     ctgtcttaca tgttcagagg ttcaatacac tattaaaaag gtgggagcat ggcagctgat     62700
     tccaaaacct ttacagtggc ttcaatatgc ttgtctcagg gagttgcaca aacagcaagg     62760
     tttggccatg ttggcatagt tgtgaagtac ttgtgggagg aagaatgtca ctgttgaatg     62820
     ggacattcct cctagctata taagagccac cagtcgttca agcttgcttt caaatccaga     62880
     tgtagaattc atagctcctc tagcaccatg actgcctaga cactgctatg cctcctgcca     62940
     gggttataat ggactgaatc tctaaacatg taagccaagc acaaggaaag gttgtgcgat     63000
     taagatctgt cttgattgct ttgccccatc tactgtgaga atgaagacct ttttcagcaa     63060
     gcagactgtc gacattccag aaaatgttga catcactcag gaggagcaca cagtcattgt     63120
     gaagggccac aggggaacac tacgggggaa attcaatcac atcatgtaga actgagcctt     63180
     cttggaaaga aaataaaagt ctctgtgttg acaaatggtg tggtaacaga aaggaactgg     63240
     ccactatcag aaccatctgc agtcacgttc agaacatgat caagggtggt acactgggtt     63300
     tctgttacaa gatgaggtct gtgtatgctc acgtcccaat caatgtcgtt attcaggaaa     63360
     acgggtcttt ggttaaaatc tgaaatttct tgggtaaaaa atacatccac aggtttcaga     63420
     taaggaccaa tgttgcttgt tctgtctctc aatcccagaa gaatgaaata attcttgaag     63480
     gaaacaatat tgaactcgtt tcaaattcag ccactcatat tcagcaaacc acaacagtta     63540
     aaaaacgatg ataccaggaa gtttttggat ggcatctatg tgtctgagaa gggagccttg     63600
     cagcaggctg atattcttat tttgtgtttg taccacagta agccaagatt ttaagctcta     63660
     ctgaaaacaa aacaaacaaa aagactattt gtgttcatta aaaaactaat agtgatatgt     63720
     tattttaaaa tatcatagag gtagtatatt tggagttatt tgacatttac attgaaaaaa     63780
     aggtatgtat tttcagtatt gctgtagaca aacatcttca taagactgtt caattgattg     63840
     ttgttttata tcaaacaact tttataatac tcatttttat tgttataata ttttataaat     63900
     ttttaaaaat atgataaaaa acaaaaggta ttacaggttt tgaaggggag actctctggg     63960
     aggagttggg tgcaaaaggg aaagaagaat ggggtgtaag tctattttct caaatatgtt     64020
     tttaaatatt aacaaattta gataaattga aattaatata tcttttctca tcacaatgca     64080
     ataaaactta aaacaaagga aaaaatctct cttgatcatg tttcttttca caacaatgga     64140
     aaatctccta aacaggccca ggggtcagat gttcatattt catgtttttg ccagaggctt     64200
     ggttctgtgt tcaaagttta tagaaggtct gggacttgtt cactgaatgt ctccaggaca     64260
     gcgctgcacg gaatgtcaca atacacaatt gaggaagtcg atctatatct aatcaacaac     64320
     taggttgctt tttgtaatac aaacttgact ggggggtgga gagggtatgg gctgcttcac     64380
     agttttaatc ctcattgggt gattgatagt ctgtcaggtg taaaaattgt tccagaccct     64440
     ggaatccagc aaagaaatgc atgcaaaatt catgactctg tgattgaagg atgggcaagc     64500
     tttgaaaaga gcagtgaacc tgagttcatt tccatgtatc atcaaagggc cacacacaac     64560
     tgccttttaa acaacctgca agggagtaga ttgctgtcct ctggattgca aaggtatctc     64620
     caattgattg gcatgtacta cagactcaca aacatacaca gaaataaaaa ttagagctaa     64680
     ccataaaaca agttcccttc tctaaaacaa gtttcatgta gttgtgaagt tgccatacat     64740
     ggccaaatgt tgtttgttct agtctgcttt gcttttgtag tgacaaaaaa aactaggacc     64800
     aaaactaatt gagaaagaaa gtgtttattt catctgagaa atcccacatc acatttcaat     64860
     actaacttag gcattcaagg gcagaacaag gagacaggag aacctcatgg aggactgcag     64920
     ttactgggtt gctctcctgt tttcatatgt aatccaagaa aacaatgccc aacagtgagt     64980
     tggaccctta tatatttacc tagaggaaaa ctgttgaagg tagtttctcc atcgagtgtt     65040
     ctttcccctg tataaaggaa acttgtgtca aattgacaaa accaaaacat caaccaggac     65100
     aaggtctgaa taagaatgtc ctgtacaggc tcaactgttt gttcacttca tcctcaactg     65160
     ctggagcttt ttgggaaagt atgaaactcc ctgattgggt gcctagctga agaatctttc     65220
     atgccttgta aatcttctct ctgaaatcat aacacacatt gaagccatgc taagacacct     65280
     aataaagagt cacctgacct gtcccacacc catattctag atgaacctgc acctaccact     65340
     tgcatctctg aaatgaacac tgaccctact cactctacaa tgactgttct tttttttttt     65400
     ctggtactac acaactcata ctaaccaaag ttggtttgca gtttcagtct gtttgtagtt     65460
     ctctgagtgt ttctacatgg taccagttcc tacttttata gaacagactg caggaactac     65520
     cagttagatt tgttgataac tgaagagccc agttccaatt ggggaatagg gagagtccaa     65580
     ttgagttaaa gtagaaatta agatttacct ataatgtacc ttaagcactc tgaaccctgg     65640
     gtcctctgta aggctctttc cctccttaac tcatgactca tgattatggt tctagatcaa     65700
     ggacaaggat caggagagtt caggatcaat gcattcctct tttgcttagg agtacagact     65760
     gtcatgactt gtatcacttc actttataat cttcacgagc attagggaat tggagtctct     65820
     aggtattgcc aatttgaatg agagtcattt ttgctgcctt actgtgggtc tgctctagtc     65880
     tccccagctg tgagtgcagg aggtccttgc tacctctcca cattctctga attctcttga     65940
     atgatagaca cacatgcagc cttctatttt aatatgtctt aaacagctca ataggccaca     66000
     cccaaacttc ttcactatta atgcctacac tctgatggtc ctgaattata cttactatta     66060
     tctgtactcc atctttgctg cctcagaccc aggactataa tcctcccagg ccctaattcc     66120
     cgacttttcc atgttgtcag tctctgtgta tctaccctac tcttttcaga gtgggacctt     66180
     ctccttccag acatggtacc ttcctcctcc aactgcattc ttctctagga atcctagtag     66240
     taccatctct gtctccctgc ccagccattg gccaccagca actctattta ccaatcacag     66300
     gcaacaggag gcatagatct tcagtgtctt gtatgtaggc atgaggattc cagtgtaatt     66360
     ttgaaaaccc aaataacata atgcaagcat taagccaaat ccataataca tgctgagatg     66420
     agtaatataa ggattaattc ctgaactcta ggaactctag agtctgcctc ctcactctaa     66480
     cctaaaactt ggaaccagta tccaaggagt tctttgcagg gacaaggtgc ttaaccctga     66540
     tccatgtcct attggcttga gtcacaatat tctcctgagt ccaacctcag caaccaacat     66600
     gtcagcaatt ctagatcttt ttattctaac taagtctaga tatggctatt acaatttctg     66660
     tgtatcccca aggtaaactg ccttctgccc ctatattcat ccatactaac tgttgagaac     66720
     agaaaattaa ggtctatatt ttcttgaaaa tggtacataa taatttcaaa ctgaatcaca     66780
     ataagtcatg aagagccata gatagttgtt ctaattaata gaggcttgca ttgtttgtga     66840
     gtatttttgt accacccccc cctcttgatt tactttttta aaaattttat ttattccttt     66900
     tttttacaat ccagatttaa tccccctcca agttcaccct gtaactgttc cacattccat     66960
     acatactcct ttatctcaat gagaatgtcc acaaccccca aggcccaccc cacaagacct     67020
     ctccactccc caaggccaat aatctcttga gggttaggta catctcctct gactgagccc     67080
     taaagtggca atcatctgct gtatatatgt tgagggcctg cccttgagct ggattccatg     67140
     ttgagcctgt cactggactt catattcctc aggttctcct ccatttttgt gcctgcagtt     67200
     ctttctgaca gttctaagag tactggtcag agtttttgac tgtgggatgg caaccacttc     67260
     tctcacttga tgttctgtct cagctggaag tgggctctac aagttccctc tccccaccaa     67320
     tgcagggcat ttcatctaaa gtatctccct tcgagccctg agagtttctc acctcccagg     67380
     tctttactac attctagagg tccacccacc tcctacctcc tgaagttacc cctttccatt     67440
     ccttctgctg gttttcaggg cttcagtctt tttccccacc caatatctga tcacgttcca     67500
     ctcttcccct cactgttccc tcctacttcc aggtatcttc ctcgcttcac cctcgtgtga     67560
     ttgctttctt ctccctccca agtggtatat gattttcatc tgaccagaga ttactcaaag     67620
     acctgtattt ggttctaata gcacaccttg gatcacaagc acataggtag agtcaggcca     67680
     tagccctgag tgactttctg ttaattctcc catgttcagg accaatctgc ccattcactg     67740
     aatttaaatt tcatcctgtg gttcacattc ctttctgaag ggcatgaggt caaaagggca     67800
     ttccagaggc catgcctgga tatattgtta tggaagtaac acatgaactg tcaatatgag     67860
     gacagtgaca acagagccct gatcataatc aaggaggtac tttggtcctc tttgtgtggg     67920
     acacaaggtt aggttagcat ggaaacctga agaagaatca ggatagagaa gggggctata     67980
     taggctgagc ccttaggttt cttcctcatg gcattattta cattaaactt tctttcctta     68040
     agaaatgcaa agattaattt tgatttcttt gaactgatat tagagctttg tccaacttat     68100
     aacatttagt ttttaattta ttttaaaaca ggtcctcgcc cttccagtca gcgccagcac     68160
     tgacagacct tggactcgga gtctgtggac acccccaacg tccccacagg actctccaca     68220
     ggatcttagg acctctggtg agtggaacac aactgctgct ccaatccaat cttgagggac     68280
     atgagacagc attaattagg gaagcagaaa acccagcctg accagggtca caagtccctt     68340
     ccagtcgtca ccagcaccag caccggggca ccatgggagc ggagtctgtg gacacaccca     68400
     aggtcctcag aggactctcc acggaatctt aggacctctg gtgagtggaa cacaacttct     68460
     gccaggaggc atgttcgaac accagatatc tgggcacctc ccctgcaaga ggagagcttg     68520
     cctacagaga gtactctgag cgctgaaact caggagagag ctagtctccc aggtctgttg     68580
     atagaggcta acataatcac ctgaagaaca agctctaact aaccagagac aactataaca     68640
     actaacgcca gagattacca gatggcaaaa ggcaaatgta agaatcttac taatagaaac     68700
     caagaccaat caccatcatc agaatgcagc acagccaccc cacacaaacc tgggcacccc     68760
     aacacacctg aaaagatagt cccagcttta caagcataac tcatgatgat ggtagaggac     68820
     atcaagaaag actttaataa ctcacttaaa gaaatacaga agaacactgc taaacaggta     68880
     gaagacctta aagaggaagc acaaaaatcc tttaaagaat tgcaggaaaa cacaaccaaa     68940
     caggtgatgg aaatgaataa aaccatccaa gacctaaaaa gggaagtaca cacaataaag     69000
     aaaacccaat gtgagacaac actggagata gaaaccctag gaaagatatc tggaactata     69060
     gatgcaagca tcagcaacag aatacaagag atggaagaga gaatctcagg tgcaaacgat     69120
     tccatagcac attccatcag cacaacaatc aaagaaaata aaaatgcaaa aagatcctaa     69180
     ctcaaaacat ccaggaaatc taggacacaa tgggaagacc aaacctacag ataataggag     69240
     tagatgagaa tgaagatttt caacttaaat ggccatcaaa tatcttcaac aaaattatag     69300
     aagaaaactt cccaaaccta aagaaagaga tgcctatgaa catacaagaa gcctacagaa     69360
     ctccaaatag actggacgag aaaagaaatt tctccctaca cataataatc agaacaacaa     69420
     atgcactaaa taaagataga atattaaaag cagtaaggga aaagggtgaa gtaacatata     69480
     aaggcagacc tatcagaatt acaccagatt tttcacccga gactatgaaa gccagaagat     69540
     cctggacaga tgttatacag acactaagag tacacaaaag ccatcccatg ctactatacc     69600
     cagccaaact ctcaattacc atagatggag aaaccaaagt atttcacgac aaatccaaat     69660
     tcagacatta tctttccaca aatccagcct ttcaaagggt aataacaggg aaaaaaaata     69720
     caaggataga aaccacgccc tagaaaaagc aggaaagtaa tccttcaaca aaccaaaaag     69780
     aagacagcca caagaacaga atgtcaactc taacaacaaa aataatagga agcaacaatt     69840
     acttttcctt aatatctctt aatatcaatg gactcaatta cccaatataa agacatagag     69900
     taacagactg gctacacaaa caggacccaa cattttgctg tttacaggaa acccatctca     69960
     gggaaaaaga cagacactac ctcagagtgg aaggctggaa aacaattttc caaacaaatg     70020
     attagccatt ctaatatgga ataaaatcga cttccaaccc aaagttatca aaaaagacaa     70080
     ggagggacac catactcatc aaaggtaaaa tcctccaaaa ggaactctca attctgaata     70140
     tctatgctcc aaatgcaagg acaaccatat tcactaaaga aactttagta aagctcaaag     70200
     cacacattgc atctcacaca ataatagtgg gagacttcaa cacaccactt tcatcaatgg     70260
     acagatcgtg gaaacagaaa ctaaacaggg acagagtgaa actaacagaa gttatgaaat     70320
     aaatggactt aacagatatc tacagaacat tttttcctaa aacaaaagga tataccttct     70380
     tctcagcacc tcatgggacc ttctccaaaa ttgaccatat aatatgtcac aaaacagtcc     70440
     tcaacaaata caaaaatatt gaaattgtgc catgcatcct atcagaccac catggactaa     70500
     ggctgatctt caataacaac ataaataatg gaaagccaac attcacgtgg aaaatgaaca     70560
     acactcttct caatgatacc ttggtcaagg aaggaataca gaaagaaatt aaagactttt     70620
     tagagtttaa tgaaaatgaa gccacaaaat acccaaacct atgggacaca atgaaatcat     70680
     ttctaagagg gaaattcata gctctgagtc catccaaaaa taaactagag atagcacaca     70740
     taagcagctt gacaacacac ctaaaagctc tagggaaaaa aaggaagcaa attcacacta     70800
     gaggagtaaa cagcaggaaa taatcaaact caggggtgaa atcaaccaaa tggaaacaag     70860
     aactattcaa agaatcaacc aaacaaggag ctggttcttt gagaaaatca acaagataga     70920
     taaaccctta gctagactca ctagaggtca cagggacagc atcctaatta acaaaataag     70980
     aaatgaaaag tgagacataa caatagatcc tgaagaaatc caaaacacca tcagatcctt     71040
     ctacaaaagg ctatactcaa caaaactgga aaacctggat gaaatggaca aatttctaga     71100
     caaataccag gtaccaaagt taaatcagga tcaagttaat gatctaaaca gtcccatatc     71160
     ccctaaagaa atagaagaag tcattaatag tctccgagcc aaaaaaaaaa aggcccaaaa     71220
     ctagatgggt ttagtgcaga gttctaccag accttcaaag aagatctaat tccagttctg     71280
     tacaaactat tccacaaaat agaagtagaa ggtactctac tcaactcatt ctagtaagcc     71340
     acaattactc tgatacctaa accacagaaa gatccaacga agatagagaa cttcagaaca     71400
     ttttccctta tgaatatcaa tacaaaagta ttcaataaaa ttcttgctaa ccaaatccaa     71460
     gaacacatta aaacaatcat ccatcctgac taagtaggtt ttattccagg gatgcagaaa     71520
     tggtttaata tatggaaatc catctacgta atccattata taaacaaact caaagacaaa     71580
     aaccacatga tcatctcctt agacacggag aaagcatttg acaaaatcca acacccattc     71640
     atgataaaag tcttggaaag atcaggaatt caaggcccat atctaaacat gataaaagca     71700
     gtctacagca aaccagtagc caacatcaaa gtaaatggag agaagctgga agcaatccca     71760
     ctaaaatcag ggactagaca aggctgccca ctttctccct accttttcaa catagtactt     71820
     gaagtattag ccagagcaat tcgacaacaa aaggagatca aggggataca aattggaaaa     71880
     gaggaagtca aaatatcact ttttgcagat gatatgatag tatatataac tgaccctaaa     71940
     tattccacca gagaacgcct aaccctgata aacagcttcg gtgaagtagc tggatataaa     72000
     acaaactcaa ataattcaat ggcctttctc tacacgaaga ataaacaggc tgagatagaa     72060
     attagggaaa caacacttct caatagtcac agataatata aaataccttg gcgtgattct     72120
     aactaaggaa gtgaaagatc tatatgataa aaacttcaaa tctctgaaga aagaaattaa     72180
     agaagatctc agaagatgga aagatctccc atgctcatgg attggcagga tcaacattgt     72240
     aaaaatggct atcttgccaa aagcaatcta cagattaagt gcaatcccca ccaaaattcc     72300
     aacgcaattc ttcaacgaat tagaaagggc aatatgaaaa ttcatctgga ataacaaaaa     72360
     acctaggata gcaaaaactc ttctcaagga taaaagaacc tctggtggaa tcaccattcc     72420
     tgacctaaag ctttactaca gagcaattgt gataaaaact gcatggtact ggtatagaga     72480
     cagacaagta gaccaatgga atagaattga agacccagaa atgaacccac acacctatgg     72540
     tcacttgatc tttgacaagg gagctaaaac catccagtgg aaaaaagacg ttttcaacaa     72600
     atgatactga aacaacaggt agttatcatg tagaagaatg tgaattgatc cattcctatc     72660
     tccttgtact aaggttaaat ctaagtggat caaggaactc cacataaaac tagagacact     72720
     gaaacttata gaggagaaag tcgggggaag cctcaaagat atgggcacag gggggaaatt     72780
     cctgaataga acagcaatgg cttgtgctgt aagattgaga attgataaat gggacctcat     72840
     aaaactgcaa agcttctgta agacaaaagg caccgtcaat aagacaaaaa ggccaccaac     72900
     agattgggaa aggatcttta cctatcctaa atcagatagg ggaataatat ccaatatata     72960
     taaagaactc aagaaggtgg actccagaaa atcaaataac cccattaaaa aatggggctc     73020
     agagctaaac aaataattct cacgtgagga ataccaaatg gctgagaagc acctgaaaaa     73080
     atgtttagca ttcttaatca tcagggaaat gcaaatcaaa acaacccatt ctcacaccag     73140
     tcagaatggc taagatcaaa aattcacgtg acagcagaag ctagcgagga tgtggaaaaa     73200
     gaggaacact cctccattgt tggtgggatt gcaggcttgt acaaccactc tggaaatcag     73260
     tctggcggtt cctcagaaaa ctggacatag tactaccgga ggatcccaca atacctctcg     73320
     tgggcatata cccagaagat gttccaactg gtaagaaaga tacatgctcc actatgttca     73380
     tagcagcctt atttataata gctagaagct ggaaagaacc cagatgcccc tcaacagagg     73440
     aatggataca aaaaatgtgg taaatttgca taatggagta ctactcagct attaaaaaga     73500
     atgaatttat gaaattccta ggcaaatggt tggaccttga gggcatcatc ctgagtgagg     73560
     taacacaatc acaaaagaac tcaaatgata tgttctcact gataagtggt tattagccca     73620
     gaaacttaga atacccaaga tataagatat aattttcaaa acacacgaaa ctcaagaaga     73680
     acaaagacga atgtgtgggc aatttgcccc tttttataag tgggaacaaa acacccatgg     73740
     aaggagttac agagacatag tttggagctg agacaaagga tggaccatct agagtctgcc     73800
     atatccaggg atccatccca taatcagcct ccaaatgctg acaccattgc atacactagc     73860
     aggatttcgc tgaaaggacc ctgatatagc tgtctcttgt gagactatgc cggggcctag     73920
     caaacacaga agtggatgct cacaatcagc tattggatgg atcacagggc ccccaatgga     73980
     ggagctagag aaagtaccca aggagctaaa gggatctgca accctatagg tgaaacaaca     74040
     atatgaacta accagtaccc cggagctctt gactctagct gcgtatgtat caaaagatgg     74100
     cctagttggc catcactgga aagagaggcc cattggacat gcaaacttta tatgccccag     74160
     tacagggaaa tgccagggcc aaatagtggg agtgggtgtg taggggattg gagggagggt     74220
     atgggggact tttgggatag cattggaaat gtaaatgaga aaaataccta ataaaaaata     74280
     tttaaaaaga aaaaaaaaac aggtcctcag tatatagctc aggttgatct tggacttgca     74340
     aacatcatgt tggcaagtcg agttttgtgc atttgtcaga catgttatac tacccaaggc     74400
     tgtcagaaac caggctttac ctctcaagtc tgtgccagaa tagcacagag atcagctgtg     74460
     tgacttgaca gaaaaacttc ctaatagtgt cactgacagt tcacaacaga agacaatgac     74520
     accatgctca tacacaaaac tgagaacaag tataattcat cttgaaacca caatccatat     74580
     ttctcctggt ttagcaccag actggggcct tcacagattg agtgtgcacg tgagagaaca     74640
     tcacagaccc tggacaaagc tgaaaaattg ctgagacctt tggatcacat gacccagagg     74700
     aacaggtgca ctggaagatt ggtattagga gacaggaaaa ttattcagga ggaaagggac     74760
     aatgtgaaag cccaggtgga accagcagta actgcacagc ccagggctcc cttgactcca     74820
     cactgtaacc aatgccatac aagcaaggga tttagcacag caaacaaatt tcataagatt     74880
     ctgaaattta tttttccatc aagttttact catttttagg acatcaatca gtcatacaat     74940
     ctgccaagaa gttgcaccaa aaaaaaaagc aaataattaa ataaagacag aagcatggaa     75000
     tgctatattg gggaaagtga aattccaatc agggatggag gtttcccagc cctgcctgtg     75060
     tgggaatatg agagatgcct ggggaataca cacagtcaga gtcaatatgg ggcttcttcc     75120
     tgctgatgaa ctgcttacag tgcgctcaga ggagacagac acatagtcac agtcagatgt     75180
     ggaaagagaa ggcaccatgg gagaagaagc cagaaacagt gtttagtggc tctgtaccac     75240
     atctgtctta acctggaagt aaaaagaata aggaagaaac acagatatgt atcgttaaat     75300
     ggtgacatag acaacagctc atcacccact catagagacc caatcccagg agtcaccatc     75360
     cctcaggatt ctctcctctg tccctctcag gggtgcacaa gaggcccttt agggtgttac     75420
     tatttaatgc tgtaaccaaa aaatgggcat caaaggaatt tcacctcctt gtggcaatat     75480
     gtttcccata gatgagtcac aactcatatt attgggtaga ctgaacatag atgtttcctg     75540
     tttaaactgg aagcatgatt tcatattaga ggccatggag gcagcaggat gaagatggct     75600
     tagggggatc tcctggtctt tatctcagaa aagtgttcag aactgtggct ccagatcgag     75660
     ataatcaaga tggaaacctg tctatgaaat gtgatatcta gaaccctgga agtttatgct     75720
     aaatagggaa tgtccctctg acaccttaga cctgggaatt agttctcttc catgaaggga     75780
     atggtgggct caggaggcta tgggaaggaa aataataata attattatta agtattatta     75840
     ttattattct ctttattatt ttctttatgc ttcacagagg aggtactctc agcacatctg     75900
     ccctgtatga cctgcagtta tgtgaatgaa atctgctgtc atgtttaagg gcttcccaca     75960
     gcttaggctt gttatttcca ttgatacatg aattaagacc atgacccttt cttacctcta     76020
     gtccttctct tccatataag aaaagtcatc actgctccca taaggagtgc tccaagtacc     76080
     aaagcaataa caatagccaa gaagggaatg gtgggctcag gaggctctgg gatggaaatg     76140
     agtgaaagga gagtgacagt ctgagttcca actctctgtc attctggact cccactccct     76200
     ttcaatggtc tctgtgatca ctcaccgtgc tttgtccatc tgatggtgat gggctcagat     76260
     agcccctcat gatttacgtg gcatgtgtat atatgctctt ctccagtaga gaccaccaca     76320
     gctgcccact tctggaaagt tccatcacca gaaggcctgg tctctatcat ctccatgtcc     76380
     tgggtctggt tgcttccatc cctctgccag gttagggtaa tttcaggtgg gtagaagttg     76440
     aaggcccagc acctcaaggt ggttttccta tctggtctga tcttatgggt catatgtatt     76500
     ttaggggtgt ctgagggaaa caattggaaa tttaaggcat ttggcattct tcctagacat     76560
     tcatcaatgc tcatgtatct ttctgtaaat ggacagcaga gttagtttga agaaaaggtg     76620
     ccaaccccac agagcagtgt aaactcagga tacggatggg gtaatctatt cctgggaaag     76680
     tttcagaatc accatcagcc agcacagaac aggagatgct gtatctccta ctagtgttat     76740
     tgactccagg ttctgtcggg atggagatga aagactaaga aagactgtgg tccgtcctca     76800
     gagggaaaga cactgtgcat ggaccatgaa tgggtttgag tgctgccctg gtaaacaagt     76860
     ggaaggaaca gctgattaat tcacagactg aactgagctg ggagaagcct tagccctctg     76920
     gagagtttct ctgtctagtt gaatgcagaa aaccagaagc ctcttctccc tttgatgcaa     76980
     gactgagtta gtgttccagc tgctttctgc tgaggaggaa tcatcagggg aaaggagcta     77040
     caatctcaga gcagatgggg cagttgctgt ccttacctgt tctcagcaaa ctcttcttcc     77100
     caaaggccag gaatcgatgg agtaagttca cacatgtaat ctgcaggaaa gacttcacct     77160
     ggtttgcata ttttattttc tcccacattt ccttaagcat ctcacctgcc ttgccaactc     77220
     ctctccatgt cttcagatcc tcattcagtg tgatgtaatc atggagattg aatgctaatt     77280
     taaagaagcc atgactgaag tagcgtctgt gcatgacttg gcagccataa gtcttctgga     77340
     ttgtgtgata tcctgaaaaa ggcctcggtc tcagccaatt gtacaaggaa ggtacttgga     77400
     gtgaaactta agtgcattat cacagcccat atgacttttc ttagtggatt tgaacttgga     77460
     tttgaacgac agggaaaccc aggtcattga ctgagctgtc tgcagcctag taaccatggg     77520
     tcacattttt gggtataaag catggatgca gcacataggg gcaaacccat gggcagtctg     77580
     atgcttggaa tctctgcatg gttttactca ccaatgatgc tataattgta gatgtgtagc     77640
     acactcctca ttatttcttt caagatatag tgttctctca cgacattatc tgtcgtcttt     77700
     tcccaaaact cttcagtctc atacatccat ggtgcccggc tctccacccc cagattctct     77760
     gatatactgt tgaatcccat gatctgtgta tcatccacat agccgagaaa gattaactgt     77820
     ggctccagag gcccaggcca tgacaggagg gtatatacat atctcagagt gtgtgaacct     77880
     aggggcagtg ggtttttaaa tctccacact ccacctagga ggcaatgcca gtccacaggc     77940
     ctattcccaa ggaaggtagg gagcaagggg caggatgcaa aatagagaag ggaacagaaa     78000
     ttcttgctgg gttagggaag agatatgctt tccagttact gcactcccag ggataaagtc     78060
     cctttaattc cccatgtttg gtccttttcc ttcaaattcc cacactcacc atttggatgc     78120
     ttcgtgatgg ctaaggtgat catgagcagc aggaggagag tctgggattc aaagttcttc     78180
     atcttcttgt tgagtgcaga ctgagcttct gttagtaagt attcgtttta taatcttgat     78240
     aaggaggagg ctgattggct tctctaagaa atcccaatgg tagtggtaaa ctgtgtttgc     78300
     tttgaggcat ggaaagatga actcttgtaa gagcagtccc tagggctctg attcaccaac     78360
     tcagatctag ctctggggcg tggaatcata agctcagtgt gtggtaagac aagttgttta     78420
     ccttgatgct tgaactcctg gccatgatca caatgctgtt ctgagtcaat gtgatagacc     78480
     attgactcag taagactcag caatttcaat gttaggatgt ctacaatggc tgacaaagag     78540
     aatgctcctc agagtgaatc atgattgtgt ggattatgtc aaccaatctt catcacactt     78600
     aaacctctaa ttttgtgaca tttgcttcat caaacattaa gaaagtacat aagaagagaa     78660
     tgtttgcaaa aagtaacaat tattttccaa aatacaataa tgagttgaat acaacttctg     78720
     cctattttta ttctcacatt tcccattaga tattcttgga atttttaaaa atatgtttat     78780
     tcaatttaca tcctgatgtt gtcgcccaga taccctcaca tagttcctac tgtatccccc     78840
     accacttctc tttcgacatg gtggaggccc ctccaaagtt tacctcttcc ctggcacatc     78900
     aaggctccgc agtgcttggt acatcttctt cctctgaggc cacaaaaggc attccaattt     78960
     gggtaatgta ttccacacac agataacact ttagggacag cccttgctca acttgttgtg     79020
     ggcaccacat gaagatggag ttccatatct gcaatatatg tacatgttca gcatgtttgg     79080
     ggtgtgattg ggaggaggag gagatagatc agagatgaag gaatgcctag gtccaaaaca     79140
     atttgctcat ttgttagtga ttcagtctct tagatcccct gatgtccagg ttagttgaca     79200
     ctgttggtca tcttgtggag ttcctgtccc cttcagatac ctcaattcct aactcaacac     79260
     ttccataaga ttccccaaac tccatccaat gtttggctgt gggtctgtgt ctccatctcc     79320
     ttcagtcagc ttctagatgg agcccctcag aggacagtta tgctaggatt ctgcctttaa     79380
     ccataaaaga gcatcaaaac agtgtcattg attggaactt gttcatgaga tctgtctcaa     79440
     gttaggccag ttattggatg gacattcctt catctatgat ctatccctgg tctccaaatt     79500
     tcctatacac gggataaatt gtaggtcaaa aatattgtgg gaggtttagt gtccctattg     79560
     ctacaatggt gtaccttcct ggttgcaatg agtacatggt ctctaaatgt ttaatatccc     79620
     atctgcttgg agtctcagat aatcaatgga tgttcattga ttccaaggat catttcacat     79680
     cacaagcatc tgagatatcc tcaaggcacc ctcccaatca catgcccaaa catgccgcac     79740
     attttcattc attctcctgg ccctctggct ttctctcctg tttctcccca aagctgatgt     79800
     agaaacctac ccttcccctc cctgtctgct ccaccactcc attccctccc tccatttgcc     79860
     cgataagatt attttattcc cctttctaga tgacattcaa gcatccttgg ttgagctttc     79920
     tgtcctaggt tctataattc tccataatgt atgttgtatt ttctatactt tatgactaat     79980
     atacactcct cttttggggt cagggttccc tcatcaggat gtgttctgaa gttccatcca     80040
     tgtgcctgca aaattcatga tctctttctt ttaatggctg aagagcatta cattgcttgg     80100
     atgtaccacg tattatttat ccattcttga aatgagtgat atctatgttt ttcctagatt     80160
     ctggctatta tgaataaatt tgctgtgaac atagttgagt aagtgtccct ttagtatact     80220
     agggtatttg ggggtatagg tccagtactg gtataacagg gtcttcaggt agaattattc     80280
     atgttttttt ctgaaaacca ctacattgtt ttccaaagta gttgtagaag ttttgatacc     80340
     cagcagtaat ggaggagtgt tccccttgct ccacctcctt agcagtctct gctgtcattt     80400
     cactgtttga tcttaaacat tctaaagtgt gcaagatgga ataacaaggc cattttgata     80460
     tgcatatccc tgatgataaa gcacaattaa catttcttta agttcttctc agccattcta     80520
     gattcctttg atgagaattc tgtttagcta tgtgccccat ttttaatttg gttatctgat     80580
     ttgttggttt ctaacttctt gagtttgttg gaattttgga tattaatatg ctgtcagatg     80640
     tatggatggt gaaggtgctt tcccaatctg tagcctgtgg tttttcctat tgacagtgtc     80700
     ctttactttg cagaacattt tctgtttcag ggggtcccat taatcacttg ttcattttgc     80760
     agcctgagcc attaatattt tgttccagaa cttctctcca gtattattgt gttcaaggct     80820
     cttccccaat ttcttatcta ctagatttgg tttatctgat tttactttga gatctttgat     80880
     ccacttggac ttgagtttta tgcagagtaa taggtatgct tccctttgca atcttctaca     80940
     ggcagacatc cattagacca gcaacatttg ttgaagatac ttttttgcca ctttataatt     81000
     ttggagtttt tgttaaaaat caggtgtcca tacatgtgtg ggtttatttc ggggtcttca     81060
     attccattcc attgatcaac ctgttcgttc ccatatgaac caggcagttt tcattactat     81120
     tgctttgtag tacagcttta gttcaaggat ggtgataatt ttagttcttt tattttactg     81180
     gagtcctaca gcttaaaatc ttctcgatgc aatttttaat aataaatgct aaacctccct     81240
     tctagaccac tacacaccaa aggcagtggg aaagaaaggt tggtatcatt atacagggag     81300
     agtgaaccta ttagaatttg ttctttggag caaatctcat ctgcattgtc agggaatcag     81360
     ccgttctgtt cacaaaataa gcagcagcag tttgatccac tggcaagcaa cttcacaaat     81420
     ataccagcag tctagttcag tagtgtcagg atagcaaaca tgaatcaaaa gggatgttac     81480
     cacaaagcaa aaagagctag gcctaagcaa atccagcagg catcatcagg aaggaccagg     81540
     acctaaaggg ataccagggg aagttcttgg ccttttctct ctcaaggaag cagagatcag     81600
     ggaagacagg agaccaagaa gcattgcaaa acaagctatt caagcaagct cgaccctaca     81660
     taactgccct tgagtcctat ttatacttga tccaccaatc atatatatcc tccatgggtc     81720
     ttcccctagc atgtgtcatg tctcagcaaa catactgccc cagtgagtga gtctgtcata     81780
     gaaaaattcc acatgagtct ctatcagctg aaattactct ctcagtggaa gcagttacaa     81840
     gtattcagag tacatctagt tttttggtgc catttctctc gatggactca caacaaaccg     81900
     atatcatcta cataatgtga ggccaaaatt aaatgcttgt cataatcaca gaatccttca     81960
     tcatgagttc tttcacatat ttgtttagca gaacttcctt acactataat ctcctttagc     82020
     aaagcactcc ttaacatgtc taccaggcaa aataccatcc aacacaactg cctttcaaaa     82080
     gagagcagaa gttccaattc agagtcctag tatctacatg actgcttaca cctgtctgtg     82140
     aattgaggcc ctggaaaccc cattctagat tctaaatgag tggaatggga atatattaat     82200
     taagcatatt acaaatgagt gcagtacggg caaaaagata agaaccagaa gctgttaatg     82260
     tcagtggatg cggggcctct attttgacat aatacttggt ttaatgactt tctttttata     82320
     caatttccta ggataccata gtccctgagg agaggagttc agagttgctg atgtgcctga     82380
     atgttgggag gttagcagaa gatgcattcc ttctcaatgt caaataaact actctaaatt     82440
     tttgccatta gttattttaa atacaagtgg agtccatact agaggttaat actgctcaaa     82500
     aaggtgtttc ttactctttt aattagaaaa aaaatgtaca ctgtctgtat agttccacaa     82560
     ttcatatatt ggaagagaac agggcccata catgcataca tacagcccag caaaaggcaa     82620
     agaaatacaa ctagctaaag accatcataa aagatgtcag atcctatctg aataccataa     82680
     aaatcacata gcaattgtgc tgcagactat cccctttttt gggtctcctg tctgcgtgaa     82740
     accggtctct ggttgcaggt ggacaaggaa ttggcaaatg acatacagaa gcgacacaca     82800
     agattgtgta gaatctgaat gtaatttgtc aaatcgagca tcaaactttt tatacagcag     82860
     aaaataagga agttgtgtga cacagcggca aggtacaaag aggttactgg attcttacac     82920
     aaaacagagg aatgcaaaca cagaaggact ggcaggaacc aactgggata aaattcagtg     82980
     tttaataact gggatcaaaa acagctccac ctaaggtcca cttaatctta gaagccaggg     83040
     tcaagggctt cgtgcccttg ccatagtttc tattctagtc tattgtatag tccaccttcc     83100
     ccctaggcca ttttgaatac ttgtgtatgg gtgtaactca gctatctata gttctaagta     83160
     tctactctgg ttccttctta gatcacaaac ttccttcttc ctagataatg gtaaatttct     83220
     gtgtagggca gtgacttagc tatccatgcc catggtcgga tcaaggactg cctagaatct     83280
     aacttagcta tatgtcaaaa tatcaatcct taggagcact tgtaataaag caatattaag     83340
     ggaaagcaca caaatccgtt taccaactaa agcagggaca ttggagcatt ctttatacag     83400
     gatgccatgg ttccaggaga ctaagtttcc ttgaactttt cgcctcggga cagggcccag     83460
     gtttttgggg cctgtcatgc ttgtcactac tggagtggat gtagcacaat tgaacacttc     83520
     tgacttgact ctgtaacttg ctaaattcct gccatctctt atagtcattg ataattaaac     83580
     agactttaaa ctttacagaa ggcttgtgag tcagcactca cctgtaatgc acgctcctaa     83640
     aaggtaggat taggaaaatc agaagtttga aaatcagaga cccatgttca cagtacacac     83700
     actcacagtc tccagagaat atactggggg aaattaggta acagctatca gaaaaggtaa     83760
     gtgatattca ggaatctcca gtttataagt aaataaaatt taaaaaggac cagaaggggg     83820
     aaggagggcc cccaaatatc tttgtttcaa cctaaaacac aggtcagaat atgaatcatg     83880
     aacctggaga gacagaggga gtctctgaaa tggttttggc ttctcttcca aatatggtca     83940
     cacttaataa agtcattttt tctgctgttt tctgtacttt tctatttaat tgtcttttgt     84000
     tttggcagat actagcttat tacagctgtc agaaaacaaa ctttgaccct aaaagttctg     84060
     atgttaataa catcatgaaa atgggtgtgg tcacagtccg tggttttgta tggaaattaa     84120
     agacacagcc tcttcctgtc agaaattaga gacaacctga tgataaaggc agcatgctta     84180
     tactcaataa tgaagacttg tctcattcca tggaagtaca gaaaacaaaa cagactaggc     84240
     aggggtgcct acttcctgag ggtagagtac aacattacac agagggatag tccacaataa     84300
     tatatgaggg aaaagactct tcaagttcag taatggctgt ctgaagcgaa gagtggtcta     84360
     tggtcaaaaa tattagcaaa ctaaagtaga aaattttaca aaccaaaaca aaaaaatatt     84420
     tccccatttc ataagtaggg attagggggt ctataaagta ctcgccctgt gagacgaagt     84480
     taccagaggc ctgtttaaga tctagaacga caaaattttg gaaacgcttt ttacaggaag     84540
     aattggagtg gggttaggga ttggtggctg ggcagatgaa ccagtgataa tgagaactga     84600
     ctgctcttct aggacagctg ggttcagttg ctggcacctg catatagaga gacaaccatc     84660
     tgactctagt cacagggaat ctgaagtcct ttcctgatct ccacagacac caggctgttg     84720
     aggttttgtc aattactgtc tattataatg gtaatttctg gctcataaga catggagcct     84780
     tcatgtagga cctagagtcc tgccacacag ttaattctta ttattaaata atgatgacaa     84840
     cagccaataa ctaggcagaa gagaccaatg ggggttgagg atttgatggc ttttcagaga     84900
     ggaccatgag gagaaaggag aggagtgaag tcagtgtggt agaagaagaa catgcaggag     84960
     ggaaaatgag agctgccatg agctaagagc caggagacca tggcccagag ggcaacccag     85020
     ttgggttaag agaagaccac atggaacata gtaaatgata acttggggtt atgaatagga     85080
     aagaagattc taatagcatg gaggataggt agctgcccag ctattgtgtt gcataaggta     85140
     tatttaaaaa tataaaaggt atgtgtgtct ttaatccaga aacataaatg gtcaaaagca     85200
     agaagaagcc ctgggccaga attttcaaga cttaatgcta cacaaagtaa aatcagggtg     85260
     tatggatata tgtgcaggac aaacaaccat acacataata aaagtgaaaa aattagttta     85320
     aaagggagaa gtggtggaaa aaaagagata ctaatgctga gcacagccta gcaggagaga     85380
     taatagaaaa tgatttccct cagactcaac cacatcagtg gtcaaagcta tttttcaaaa     85440
     cctccggctg agctgtctac ctagtgacat ccatcatact ctgatcagcc tgtagtagaa     85500
     aagcaagtcc aaatatcaat gttttcccac aatctgtagg tcttacatat agcctacaac     85560
     agaatatgaa ccagggctac aggaggccag cctcatagga aagggaatgg aaatagcaca     85620
     actggtaata gcctgaagcc aaacacagtg ggattcttct cacttcctgg gacctgaaag     85680
     tgttcacaag gctggtggta agcagggcac agagctctgg acattaatgg tgcaggaaag     85740
     tgaggaagga gcagatagaa tacagagtct ggagggtctg gaaatctagg tctaggctag     85800
     gtttcctttc atgtggtggt gctatacaga gttcgtgcag cttcgtaagg aggttcattt     85860
     tctgaagacc tatattcaat tgggagtata tgagtgaagg ccaggaatgc tgccagcagc     85920
     aagaggttgg ccaggagaga caagttcttc ctaaaggatg gtatagactt agtacagaat     85980
     ggttcttatt cactacacaa atgtgagctt ctgtatgagg ctgacaggct tctctgggaa     86040
     ttcctgtggg atgcctaggc tcatggaagg attaagtact aggagagaaa tcttcagagc     86100
     cctgcttgct cactgcaaag gcagatctgg tccctggtat cctggcagca gagtctagga     86160
     acaagtttct taccctaatg cctatacgtg tcctgctggc attattctga attctagacc     86220
     aaataccaat ctagataaca gaatcaatta aggaaaggac gagaaaggaa agaaaagacc     86280
     aacatcatta actgaggtgt caactctggt tcctcatcag gggcttcact tctgcacctt     86340
     atcatcattg actttaagtg gcatgttgaa gacacctgtg tgaacctgtg tgccagaggc     86400
     tttccaggga gctctctgga caggcctggt gggagattct ggtgaaggga tgagagtgca     86460
     gccaggaagg ggaagtcatt tctgctgttt cagctgctgc agttggctcc acctgtctct     86520
     ctgccattcc tttctggtaa ttcagttatt ctgagcttcc ctacactggg ttgggtcagg     86580
     ctgggccaag gagaggccga gtagccagtg aggagtgggg cagagcttca ggcggtgttt     86640
     caggagagca gacctcttcc caagtgttac agctcttaga acagaagctc ttagatgatt     86700
     gagtagttct agcacacctt tactccttct ggataggatt cttatataca gttttggggt     86760
     aggtcaggga ttgacaacag gtacttctca ttggcttggt ctgagagctt aggggaaacc     86820
     ttatttgcat atgggggaga ttggtgctgc tcctatttga ctaatggcca cacacctatc     86880
     tgtagggggt aggctgtggg aggctttagc tgtgacagaa gccaggggtc caggaggcat     86940
     ggccaaactc atacagtcta atgaagactg aagttaccat tcactaggtc tctggcattc     87000
     aaggtttgtg ctctactggg aaccaggctg tatgtgcaca gttcaccaca catgtgtagc     87060
     aagccttggc ttcctgccat cagaaatcac agaaacttta aggatcaaga gataaaataa     87120
     ttgatattga gacattcccc cacctaggga tccttcccat atgaaaccac aaacgcagac     87180
     actattgtgg aagccaacaa gtgcttgctg acaggagcct gatatagctg tctcctgaga     87240
     gactctgcca gtgcctgaca tgtacagaag tggatgctca cagtcatcca ttggatggag     87300
     cacggggtcc caaatgaaga agctagagaa actacccaag gggctgaagg caaatatggt     87360
     ccctggtaca ctggcagcag ttcctaggga cagctggctt gccctgatgc cagtacctgt     87420
     cttgttgaca ttcatctgaa tcttagacca gatactgctc tggctgacag aatcaatgaa     87480
     gtaaagaaag ggaaaggaaa agaaagacaa gaccaatatc tctcactgaa gtgtcaacac     87540
     tggttcctca cctggggttt cacttctgca tcttaatatc atggacatta agtggtatgt     87600
     tgaagacacc tgtgtgagcc tgtgtactcg aggcttacca ggtagacctc tggcctggcc     87660
     tggtgcgaga attcctgcta aggcaaacca tttcctctgc ttcagatgct gcagttgtct     87720
     ctacctgtct ctgcattgcc actctgccct gccctgcaat gagtctggtc agggagagca     87780
     aatgagaggt ctactaatga ttaaagagtg ctgctgagct tcaggcagtg tttcagaaga     87840
     gcagacctct tcccaagtgt tacagctctt agaacagaag ctcttagatg atggagtagt     87900
     tctagcacac cttaaaaact tctggataga atttttatat acagttttgg gtaggtcagg     87960
     gattgacaac aggtacttct cattggcttg gtctgagagc tttggggaaa ccttatttgc     88020
     atgtgggagg gcttggtgct gcttctatgt aactaatggt cacacacctc tctacagggt     88080
     gttgtgggac tgtgggaggc tgtagctgtg acaggagata gaaatacagg agctgtggtc     88140
     aaactccttc tatcccaaga agacaaaatc accacccacc aggtctctag ggttcaatgc     88200
     ctgtgttcaa ctgcagacta ggctggcagt acacagtcca ccagcccaca ccacggcacc     88260
     aagccttggt ttcctgccat cagaaatccc agaaatttga aggatcaaga aatgtaggct     88320
     ggagttagtt actctggcag tagccttgac cactatgtcc ctaaaaggcc aagaaagaag     88380
     tgccagaatc tgagaaaaat aatgtactac tgacagatct caaaaatctc tacaatgttt     88440
     tcctatgaca ctgggctaaa ctcccacgta ctctcaagaa caagacatgc agcacaagtc     88500
     tctgcacatt cacaggacct tctaaaaata tcaaccaccc atgttatggc taccatttaa     88560
     tatctctgaa attttggacc caggtatact ttcttttatc tttttcttgg gtcctatgca     88620
     gaatcagcac ccatatcact gcaaatttca catcaagttt tgtaagcaaa ggaagatttt     88680
     aaatttaggg tgaggaattc aaatgtccaa attcaattgt tcctttgagg gcttacattt     88740
     tatattttct gtaccttatt agagaaaata ttgttgggct actgattgat ccacattcaa     88800
     tattataggt agatgagaat acatttgaaa agcatgttta aaaggagttc acggtggaca     88860
     ggaagacaag atccagataa tgtgaatgcc aatttttgac aagttcttgt ttaagagagt     88920
     ttctttgttt ctcagtctct gtggacagga actcagagct gctattctgc ccaaatgtgg     88980
     gaaggttagt atgagtcaca ttccatgtca ttcccaagta agcaattcta catttttgcc     89040
     actgattctt ttcaatacga aacagattcc ataaatggaa aataatattg ctcaaagagg     89100
     attacactgt aattttacac tttctacctg atatgtcaat tgctaaattc ctcccctttc     89160
     ttatagactt ggatgagtag acaatttttt ttcttttttt taattagata ttttctttat     89220
     ttacatttca aatgctaccc caaaagtccc ctatatcctc cccctgccct gctcccctac     89280
     ccactcactc ccacttcttg tccctgcctt tcccctgtac tggggcatat aaagtttgtt     89340
     agaccaaggg gcctctcttc ccagtgatgg ctaactaggc catcttctgc tacatatgca     89400
     gctaaagttc tgggggtact gattagtcca tattgttgtt ctacctttag ggttgcagac     89460
     cccttcagct cttggccatc ttctactaca tatgcagcta gagacatgag ttctgggggt     89520
     actgattagt tcatattgtt gttccaccta tagggttgta gaccccttca gctatgagta     89580
     ctttctctag ctcctccatt gggagccctg tgttccatcc tatagatgac tgtgagcatc     89640
     catttctgta tttgccaggc actggcaaag cctcacagga gacagctata tcagggtcct     89700
     ttcagcaaaa tcttgctggc gtatgcaatg gtgtctgtgt ttggtggctg attatgggat     89760
     ggacccccat gtggggcagt ctctggatgg tccatccttt cagagcagac aaaattttaa     89820
     acttctcaga agcctagata gtcaagcaca cacctgtagt gttagcctgt gaatggtagg     89880
     ggtggtaata aaatggggca aattaggaga ttaccatcac atgaggtgac tgaagtccac     89940
     tcatctctag ttcattagaa cttttaaata agaaaactga agagctgaaa aataaaataa     90000
     aataaaataa aataggggtg aagggatgga ggactcctaa ttccctacct aaaactcatg     90060
     tcagcatcct actgatgaac ccagggaaac aatgggagtc tctggaactc tttgcccttc     90120
     ttcaaatatg gccacattta atgcatgtcc attgtctgct tttcactgaa catttctgtt     90180
     taattgtctt tttgtgttgg tagatccaag ctaattacct tgattttacc ctaaaacttc     90240
     agatgacaat tctaccatgg agatgtgttg attagacgag gtccagagct ttgtggggca     90300
     gttaaagaca caaccctgtt ttttgttttt ttgcttggtt tttgtttttt tgtttgtttg     90360
     tttgtttttt gttttgtttt gttttgtttt ttgagaaaat caggacaact tgagcagaaa     90420
     aatactagac tcaaactaag gacaggaaac aggtctgata tcctgtagat ccaggaaaca     90480
     aaaacagatg aagcacacat gccagcttcc tggggatgga gtactacatt attctcagtg     90540
     aaatttttct agaatgtaca aaaggaaaca gactgcaatt tcagtaatag ctttctgaag     90600
     tgaggagtga tctatggtca tctctaaata tattagcaag taaagtatga tattttacaa     90660
     accacaacaa taacaaaaaa agtcacaatt taaaaagtgg agattatttt gtctacaggg     90720
     tgcccaactt gtgagagaaa atagaaaaca ctttaagaca gacaggacta ggatattgac     90780
     ataattctta cagaaacagt tattacggga gactggaagc ttgtcagatt gtccagttcc     90840
     aaaaagcact gactgctctt ctaggagacc tgggttgaac ttttagttcc tgcacaccta     90900
     cacacaacca tctaactcca aaaacaatct gaaaaccttt tctgatatac acagcaacca     90960
     ggcaaaacat agaaaataaa catacattca aaaaagtctt tcacatgata aaaaaatata     91020
     ttcattaaat ggtgagaagc agaagggagc tagagataca aatgttaaaa cacccacagc     91080
     aagacagatt atggaaaaag ctctgccctc aaaactcaac cagatcagtg gtcagaaaat     91140
     ccaattttca aataccctgc tgaacttgtg cattgttatg tacctaatga aactcaccat     91200
     cccagctcag cctgtagtgg cagagcatgt ccatgatctc tattgtttcc tacaatcttt     91260
     atgtcttaca cataccacac cactgattat taaccaaggc tgcacgaggt cagcatcaga     91320
     ggaaagggaa tagaaatagc acagctgcta ggacccttcc ctcctctgag cacctgtgaa     91380
     aggcactaag ttggatggtg aacagggcaa acaactctgt acttggatga tgcaggaagc     91440
     caggcatgga cagccagaat ggcaatcctg caaagcctcg aagagctggg ccgaggatag     91500
     gctttccttc ctatggtggt gctgcagagt ccttgcagct acagaatgaa gtccttcctc     91560
     tgaagacctt cactcacttg ccagagtctg agtcaagagc agcaaggctt ccagcagcaa     91620
     gaaagggtct agaggtaaca atgtttacct cctaaatgat ggtgcagatt tggttcagta     91680
     aggttcttat ttctatacaa gtcagagcat aaggatgagg ctgaatgcct tctctaagaa     91740
     ttcacagttg agggtatcaa gacttaaagg gtcatgaaaa ggttaaatat taggagagaa     91800
     atctccagag gcctgattcc cactccagaa catgctctgg tctctgatat cccgagtaca     91860
     gtatctaggg gaaagttgct taccctgatg gctctacctg tcctcttgat aacatcctac     91920
     tgagtcctag accagattcc aatttggctg gcagtatcaa taaagggaaa gaaagcaaaa     91980
     gcctatgtct ctcagtggag tgtcctgctc taaaatctgg gattttattt cctcactgtt     92040
     atgtcatgga ctttaatggt gtgctaaggc ttcctcacta agcctttgtt tcctggtgat     92100
     catagatggc agagttctga agaaggaccc agaactttag gatgaagctg tctgttctgt     92160
     cagtggccag gaacaccatg tccagagaag gccaagtgta gtagtggcag aagatgagaa     92220
     agacaatgta ctactgacac atctcttatg agctccaact caaaaatctt cctagagtct     92280
     ctgtcaacct attacaccag gctgacagtc tagagaatct catgccacag acaaacagca     92340
     cagtactctg tgtattcatc agggactttc aaaaatatca actacctaca ttatggccac     92400
     tgtattaggg ttttacagtt gtgaacagat accatgacca agaaagctct tatcaaggac     92460
     aacattttat tgcgactgtc ttacatgttc ggaagttcaa tacattaaca acaaggtggg     92520
     agtatggcag ctaattccaa aacctgtatg gtggcttcaa tatgcttgat ccagggagtt     92580
     gcacttttag gaggtttggc cttgttgtca tagttgtgag ctatttgagg gaggaagaat     92640
     gtcactgttg aatgggacat tcctcctagc tatataaggg ccaccagtca ttcctgctta     92700
     ctttcaaatc atgatgtgga agtcacaaac cctcaagcac catgacttcc tggacactgt     92760
     catgcctcat gccatgatta taatggtctg aatctctgaa cacgtaagcc aagaacaagg     92820
     aaatgtgaaa tcaagatctg tcttgatcat ggtttctttt cacagcaata aaaaacttct     92880
     tacaaaggcc cagggttcag atgtgattca tatttcactt ttttgccaga ggtttggttc     92940
     tgtgttccaa gtttagaggg gattctggga cttgttggtt gaatgtctcc aggaatgtgc     93000
     tgcactgaat gtctaaatac acaattgagg aagaagatca acatctaatc aacaaccagg     93060
     atgctttttc taatccaaat tccatgtttg gggaggtggt gatttcaata ctgagttagg     93120
     cattcaaggg cagaacatag aaacagaagc accccataga ggactgctgg tacagggttt     93180
     ctcttctgct ttcatgtata atccaataga acatgccaaa cagtgagttg gtcccttaca     93240
     tacttgccta gaggaaatct gatgaaggta gtttctccat tgagcgttct ttcccctgta     93300
     taaaggaaac ttatgtcaaa ttgacaaaac caaaacatca accaagacaa ggtctgaata     93360
     aaaatgtcct gtacaggctc aactgtttgt tcacttcatc ctcaactgct ggaacttttt     93420
     gggaaagtat gaaactcgct gacctggagc ctagctgaag agtccttcat gtcctgcaac     93480
     tcttctctca ggaatcacag aacacattga ggtcatgctg agctccctaa taaagagtaa     93540
     cctgacctgt ccatcaccca tactccagat gacatttcaa ctacctctta catctctgaa     93600
     atgaacactg tacattttca cgctgaaaaa aaagtgtttt ttcttcttgt accacacaac     93660
     tcttactacc taaagttggt taacagtttt agcaggtctg tagttctctg agtgtttcta     93720
     catagttcca tttcctatta ttattaaaca gactgcaaga actaccagtt atattttgtg     93780
     atcactgcag agcccacttc caattaggga acaggtagac ttcagttgag ttaaagcaga     93840
     aattcagatt tccaggtagt gcacctaagc caatctgaac cctgagtctt ctgtaaggct     93900
     ctttccctcc tgaactcagg actcatgaat atggttttgg atgaaggaca gggattaaaa     93960
     aatcaggata caacaatttc tcttttactt aaaagtacag tcttcatcag aacttctttt     94020
     gcttcacttt ataaccttca tgtgcattag ggagttggtg tctctagata ttgccaataa     94080
     gaatgacaaa cagggttgtt gctgtagtgt gggctgctat aatctccccc gacgtgcctg     94140
     cagaagatcc ttgctactgc tcatagtctc tgaatttatg aatgaaagac acacgtgcaa     94200
     ccttctattt taatatgcct taaacagctc aatgggccac atctaaactt cctcattgtt     94260
     aatggctccc ctcagatact actgagttat ttcttactaa aatccatatt ccttctctgc     94320
     taccccagac ccaggcttgc agacctccca ggccctaatt tccaactttt acatgttgtc     94380
     agtctcactg tgtatctgtc ttacacttct catggctaga ccttctcttt cctgacatgg     94440
     tagcttcctc ttcctgctgc tttcttccta gggaatccta gtagtcttac ctctgtctcc     94500
     ctgcccagcc attggccacc agcaactcta tttaccaatc atatccaaca cgaggcctag     94560
     accttcaggg tattacatgc agacctgagg attccagtgt agttttggaa acccaaataa     94620
     cattatgcaa gaaattaacc aaatccacaa cacacgatga gataggtaat gtaaggatta     94680
     attcctggaa tctaggaact ctagagtctg cctcctcact ctaacctaaa tttgagggca     94740
     gtatcttggg tgtagtgtgt gggaacaagt tactttacca tgatccatgt tctactggct     94800
     tgagtcacaa ctttctcctg agtccaacct caggcaccaa catatcagca attctagacc     94860
     acttctagac atattctaaa tatgtctgga tgtgtctata tatatttaca atttctctgt     94920
     atcttcatgg taaattgcct tctgtcacct atattcatct gtactggctg gttttatgtg     94980
     tcaaattgac acaggctgga gttatcacca ggaaaggagc ttcagctggg gaagtgcctc     95040
     catgagatcc agctgtgggg cattttctca attagtgatc aagcggggag ggctccttgt     95100
     aggtggtacc atctctgagc tggtagtctt gggttttatg agaaagcaag ccagtaagaa     95160
     acatctctcc ttggcctctg catcatctcc tgttcctgac ctgcttgagt tctagtcctg     95220
     acttccttgg tgatgaacag tagtatggaa gtgtaccatg aataaaccct ttcctccata     95280
     acctacttct tggtcatgat gttttgttca ggaatacaaa ccctgactaa gacatcatcc     95340
     ataatgacta tgttggaaac agaaatttaa gacccttatt ttatcaacat gatacataat     95400
     actttcaatc tggatcaaaa taagtcttga cgatccatgg atacttgttc ctattaatgg     95460
     gctcttgcat ggtttgtgat tgtttttaat ccatgtgatt ttcatctagc cactggtccc     95520
     tcaaatccct gtatttgatt ctaataacat ggttgggata acaagcacaa tggtaaagtc     95580
     tgatcatagc cctaagtgac cctctgttac ctctatcatg ttgaggatac atccatacac     95640
     tgaatctgat tttcatcctg tgagtcacat tttgcctaga ggcataagtt ctaaatggca     95700
     ttccagagta ttcctggata ttttgttatt gaaataccac atggaatgtc gatctggggt     95760
     cagtgagcgg agagccctga tcatgatcaa ggttgcccct tggtccccta tgtgtgggtc     95820
     aggaggttag gtgagcatgg atacctaaag gagcctcagg atagagaagg gagctatgta     95880
     gctgagccct tgtgttactg ccacataact ttatttacat taaaccttct ttctataaga     95940
     aaaggacatt aattcagatt tcattgaatt gacattagca tagtagagct gtgtccacta     96000
     tatacaattt agtatttaat ttatttgact aatgccttat tttagaacag gttctgagta     96060
     tgtagctcag gttgatcttg agcttgcaaa catcctgttg acaaatcgag ttctgtggat     96120
     ctgtcagaca tgttatacta cccagggctt tcagaaacca ggctttacct ttcacaactt     96180
     tgacagaata gcacagagaa cagctgtgtg atttgacaga aaaactttct aatattgtca     96240
     caaatatttg aaaacaaaag acaacgacac cagactcata tataaaactg agaacaagta     96300
     taattcatgt tgaaatcaga aattaagtaa ctcctgattt aacctactga ggccagtaga     96360
     gactgactgt ccacatgaga gactatcaca gaccctggaa aaggcaaaaa aatgcctgag     96420
     accttttgat cacatgaccc agaggaacaa gactattaca atattggaat tagcagataa     96480
     aaaaattatt caggaggaaa gctcaggtgg aaccagcagc aaatgtacac aggccaggcc     96540
     tcccgtgact ccacactata accaatgcca tacaggcaac ggatttagca cagcaaacac     96600
     aaatttccta aggttctgag cctttattta tttttttaat tttttaaaat aatttttatt     96660
     aggtattttc ctcatttaca tttccaatgc tatcccaaaa gtcccccata ccctccctct     96720
     ctactcccca caagtagacc aatggaatag aattgaagac ccagaaatga acccacacac     96780
     ctatgatcac ttgatctttg acaagggagc taaaaccatc cagtggaaaa aagacagcat     96840
     tttcaacaaa tggtgctggc acacctggtg gttatcatgt agaagaatgc aaattgatgc     96900
     attcctatct ccttgtacta aggtcaaatc taaatggatc aaagagctcc acaaaaaaac     96960
     agagacactg aaacttatag aggagaaagt ggggaaaagc gtcgaagata ggggcacagg     97020
     ggataaattc ctgaagcaat ggcttgtgct gtaagatcga gacttgacaa atgggacctc     97080
     ataaaactgc aaagcttctg taaggcaaaa gacaccgtca ataagacaaa aaggccacca     97140
     acagattggg aaaggatctt tacctatctt aaatcagata ggggactgaa atccaattta     97200
     tatgaagaac tcaagaaggt ggactccaga aaatcaaata accccattca aaaatggggc     97260
     tcagagctaa acaaagaagt ctcacctgag gaataccaaa tggctgagaa gcacctgaaa     97320
     aaaatgttta gcatccataa tcatcaggga aatgcaaatc aaaacaaccc attctcacac     97380
     cagtcagaat ggctaagatc aaaaattcac gtgacagcag atgctggtga ggatgtggag     97440
     aaagaggaac actcctccat tgttggtggg attgcaagct tgtacaacaa ctctggaaat     97500
     cagtctggcg gttcctcaga aaattggaca tagtactacc agaggatccg gcaatacctc     97560
     tcctgggcat atatccagaa gatgttccaa ctagtaagaa agaaacatgc tccactatgt     97620
     tcatagcagc cttatttata atagctagaa gctggaaaga atccagatgc ccctcaacag     97680
     aggaatggat acaaaaaaaa aatgtggtac atttacacaa tggagtacta ctcagctatt     97740
     gaaaagaatg aatttatgaa attcctaggc aaatggttgg acctggaggg catcatcctg     97800
     agtgaggtaa cacaatcaca aaagaactca aatgatatgt actcactgat aagtggatat     97860
     tagcccagaa acttagaata ttcaagatat aagatacaat tggcaaaaca catgaaattc     97920
     aagaagaacg aacaccaaag tgtggacact ttgccccttc ttagaattgg gaacaaaaca     97980
     cccatggaag gagttacaga gacaaagttt ggagctgagg caaaaggatg gaccatctag     98040
     agactgccat atccagggat gtatcccata atcagcctcc aaacactgac accattgcat     98100
     acactagcaa gattttgctg aaaggaccct gatatagctg tctcttgtga gactatgcag     98160
     gggcctagca aacacagaag tggatgctca cagtcagcta ttggatggat cacaggaccc     98220
     ccaatggagg agctagagaa agtacccaag gagcctttat tttttccatc aagttttact     98280
     catttttagg tcaccaatca atcacacaat ttgccaagaa gttgcacaac tatatatgaa     98340
     tgcttaacta aagacagaag aaggaagtgg taagtaggtt tgggaaatct aaattccaat     98400
     cagaaatgga gtttttccag ccttgcctgt gttggagcat gagagatgac tggtgaatac     98460
     acaaagtaag gatgggcatg gggcctgtca ctacctgtga actgtctaca ctgcgctcag     98520
     aggagacagt cacatagtca cagtcagata tacaaagaga aggcaccatg ggaggagaac     98580
     ccagacatag tgtttaatgg ctagggatca cattgagaca tctgtcttaa cctgtagata     98640
     aaaagaataa ggaagaatta cagatatgta tctttaaatg gtgacataga caagatcgca     98700
     cccattcaaa tggccccaat cccttgaatc cccatccctc agggttctat cctctgtccc     98760
     tctcacagat acataccagg ccctatagga tgtcactttt taatgctgta acagaaagct     98820
     gggcatccta ggaatttcac ctcactgtgg caagcaaagc aaaactgggt gtgctctttt     98880
     ctatattaat agaattttcc catgaaggag tcacaactat tattactgac tagactgaat     98940
     atagcttttt cctgtttaac ctggaaacat actcttatat gggaggtcat ggaggcagca     99000
     ggatgaagat gacctagaga gatctcctgg tctttatctt acataagtgt ccagaactgt     99060
     gactgcaggt ccagataatt atgagagaaa ccagtgcata aaatgtgata tctagaatgc     99120
     tggatattta ttcttaatgg gaaattgtct aagagctgag aataaggtct gtgttatttc     99180
     tgtcattgta gttgtgattc tgtttattat tttctttatg tttcacaatg aagttagtct     99240
     ccattgtgtg cgaactgcaa ctgtgtggtt gaaatctgct gtcatgtggc agggaactct     99300
     cccagcttgg gcttgatatt ttgttttctt tgttttactt tgtttttcta agacatggtt     99360
     tctctctgta accctggctg tcctggagaa catagatggg agctaatcag tctaacacat     99420
     agaaaaatgg attaggggaa atttactcag taattttgct atggatgttt taataatgca     99480
     taggactctg cctcaattat tgaggtactg tcaagtcata ttaataacta atagaggtta     99540
     ttaaaatcca tttgtggcat agaactcatg ccttcaggaa gtcattccca gggtgaataa     99600
     cacattcagg catagattgg tcctgtacat ggaagcagta acgcagccta gggctatgcc     99660
     cagaatctat ttttggagct tcagtgccag cattgatatt agaaaaaaag agaggtcttt     99720
     gaggaaccac tggcttgata aaaatcacaa gcattagaac taaaaaaccc atatgaacta     99780
     accagtaccc accagagctc atgtctctag ctgcatatgt atcagaagat ggcctagtcg     99840
     gccatcattg gaaagagagg cccattggtc ttgcaaactt tatatgcctt agtacaggtg     99900
     aacgccaggg ccaagaagtg ggagtgggtg ggtagggggt gggtgggtgg ggggagggta     99960
     tgggggagta ctggaaatgt aaatgaagaa aatacctaat taaaaaaaag gaaaaaaaag    100020
     accatatgtc acctctaata ggaacagctc ttcttggacc cacaagggac attgtgaccc    100080
     caggtgatag tgatttaata cttccttcaa cgaaataaga gtctcaaaat tcagatccca    100140
     acatattcaa atacagagtg actagatagt ccaaataaac aaattgacct tggagacaca    100200
     caaattctca gtatgtataa aaattttgag agtaaaatga tttgtagaat tgcagacata    100260
     ttggtccctg atgtgggact caaaaggcag ttgtgactca ggctaggagt tcatggatca    100320
     gggaaagcaa cttttcccca gacactgttt ccagtattcc aggcccaagg ttagaggtta    100380
     ggttagagtg aggggcaggt tctagttcca gggagttact ccttccagtg cccaagtcat    100440
     catgtctata cctcctattg gcaatttcta gagatattaa tcatctaatg tgggtgaagg    100500
     ttataaagtg aagagataac tgtcctcact aagactgtac ccctaaagaa aactgaggac    100560
     ccctgtactc ttaaccattc tgatcttagc tctacaacca tattgtgagt ccagagttca    100620
     ggagggaatg agcttctcta tagagaagcc agggtgcaga ccagcaggga tgcatcattc    100680
     aggatactgc atttctgctt tgactcaact ggactctccc agttgtccca cttgagagct    100740
     gggatctgaa gtatcaccaa gtctaactag aatttggtga gggttattac ataaaaatag    100800
     gaaatggtac cacataaaaa ctctcagagt actacaaaca gactcaatct gaaaaccaat    100860
     cttggggagt gttcatgccg gggaagcaag cagtaggtaa atattataga gagtatgggt    100920
     aaagaacagg tcaggatact gtggaccaaa gaatttagca tggcctcaag tgaaggtgag    100980
     ctctgtgctt tgagctaata tttgtaggac aagtcccaaa tgctcctcta cacataaatc    101040
     ctacttctaa gtctttggca aaaacatgaa atctgacaca ttgggaccca cagcccttgg    101100
     actcagcagg gagggaaaaa ctcaggcaca catatctttc taatcctgcc tgaccattgc    101160
     ctcctgtttc ccaccctaac atgcaacagc tatagagcca tggaagcttc cccaggccac    101220
     agactcaaac tatggaatca aggtaagatc agacttttaa atggcgccca tgggaacaca    101280
     gatgtgccaa gaggagagtt gtattttata aaaaaggaac aggatatgtt ttgtagagca    101340
     tggtatggtg aggtgggagg agagcctggg caggcccagc actgagaatt cacttccccc    101400
     acttgacaga gctacaagct ataagatggt tgttgtagag agtagagttt atttgcggac    101460
     atgggaagag gagttaagag ggagtagagg cagagaaaca cagagaggag agaatggggg    101520
     aaagagagaa aaatagaatg agagagagag gaatggagga accaggccag aaagacttgg    101580
     agacagaggg aaggaaaggg gaggggggag agggagaaat gagtcagtgt cagagaaaga    101640
     aaaggcatag aaaataagat agagaggagg agccaaacac cccaatttat agcaagccag    101700
     gtctacctgg ctgttgccag gaaactgttg ggaagagcat tggacccaag aaaggatcag    101760
     gacaaggaaa cctgggtcct ctatctcaca gactaaaatt tttaaaagat tcccgatgaa    101820
     tgtgcagggt actgtgttgc atatctgggt cttgaggatc tgcagatggt caagatagtg    101880
     tcaaaagaag acactggaga gagtaactta cctttctctc cttctctcag atctgtactt    101940
     agtctcttaa ggacatgata tgcatgtgca ctgacagagc agccaactcc atcctaaatt    102000
     tcttcacatc tctatcatct ctgatcacta ggaagctaag gcttagtgta ggtggcctga    102060
     gcctcctagg aaagaccatg atataaaagt gacacaatga aaccccagga tcaggcccca    102120
     gaactggaca ctccaatgag agatatgggg cctttgcttt cctttcctac attgattctg    102180
     tcagccagat cacaatctag cctgagactc agaaggatct tgtcaacagg catttacagg    102240
     aatcagggta agcaacttgt ccccagacac tgcttccagg ataccagggc ccagagcaga    102300
     attgaaggtg gggaaacaaa gctcttgaga attgactcct agtagttagt ctttccatag    102360
     catttcaggt ctctgtacct cccactggga attcttagag aaggcagtca gcctcatcct    102420
     gtagctcaga catttattgt gaataacatt cattctggac taaaaatcac taccatcatt    102480
     ttaggaggaa gatgtcatca cccctagtcc ttctctttct gctggaagta accctggcct    102540
     tgccttagaa gctgacaagt gagtgcaggt cttcagagaa agaacgtcat gctgaagctg    102600
     ctaggacaat gtacaacacc atcacaggca agggaagcct agccttgacc ctagccttgt    102660
     cagatcctca aggctctcaa attagcctat tcctgcctgg atttctgcat catccaggcc    102720
     cagacatctc tgtcctatcc accacccagc ctaggtactt ctttcaggtc ccagcaggag    102780
     ggtgagagac gaatacatgt tggctttaga cttctaccaa atatactggt ctatttaggt    102840
     acctctgagg ctggtctcct gcagccctgg ttcatgttca gtggtaagaa atgtacattg    102900
     tgggaaacaa caaaacttaa cggtttcccc tacactgacc accttgtggt gctatacatt    102960
     tggtgctttg ctaactttgc acatgttgca cttcttcaag ggtggtttcc ttatggattt    103020
     gtggagatct ctatgtaaac cacaagcaac ctgcctttcc taatccaaac tccattctca    103080
     gataattcct cagtaggctg tcgagattct gccaaattgt tccagaccct gcagtccagc    103140
     aaagaaaaga atgtaaatac cactaccttg ggattggaag taaggcttag ctcttaaaag    103200
     atcaagggac ctgggttcat ttccaagcat catcaaagag ccactcacaa cctcccatta    103260
     ttccagctcc atgggattag atgctgtctt ccagattgca aagtcatgtc caactgattt    103320
     gaatgtaaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacaagcata cacagaagtt    103380
     aaagctaaaa ttaaccataa aacaagtgcc cttcttcaaa acaagcttca cataattgtg    103440
     atgatgccat aaccgccaat tgtttgtgct acccagcttt tatactgctg caaaaaaaaa    103500
     caacatgcat aaaaatatct ttaggaaaaa agagtttatt tcatctgaca aatccatgag    103560
     cacatttcaa cagtgaggtg ggcattcaag ggaggaacat ggaggcaggc ctattccgtg    103620
     gaggactgct gcttactggc ttgttcattc cgctttctta tataatccaa gagcacctgc    103680
     tttacagact tgtctagagg caatcttatg aaggcattct ctccatcgag tttcctttac    103740
     tgtttaaaga aagctggtat caaatccaca aaacggaaac aacaggcatg acctggtctg    103800
     actataaatg gcctctacag gctcaagtgt ttgctcactt tgtccctttc tgcttgggct    103860
     tgggggaagt tatgaaactt cctgatgtgg agcctaactg aaggaatcct catgtgtgaa    103920
     aatctgctct cagagatcac agctcacatt gaggccatgc taaaacccct aataaggagt    103980
     cacctaacct gtccctcacc catactctag atgacctttc acctacctct tgcatgcctg    104040
     gaatcaacac tgtcccttct gactctggtg tcttttcttt ttttccactc aacttatact    104100
     acccaaagtt ggtttgcagt tttagcctgt ttctagtttt ctgattgttt ttacatggta    104160
     ccatttcctg tttctatatt ccagacctca agaaatatta attaggtacc aggcgtggtg    104220
     gcacacgcct ttaatcccag ccctcgggag gcagaggttg gccgatttct gagttcgagg    104280
     ccagcctggt ctacaaagtg agttctagga cagccagggc tatacagaga aaccctgtct    104340
     cggaaaaaaa aatattaatt ggatttagtg ataactgaag agcacaattc tccaattggg    104400
     gaatagggag aggccaggta agttaaagca gaaatgtagt tttctatgta attcacctta    104460
     gccaatctta gccgtgggtc ctctgtgagg ctctttccct cctgatctga ggactcatgc    104520
     atatggttct ggatcaagga catgggtcag aagggttcag ggagcagatt cctcattttg    104580
     ctttaggagt tcaggctgag tcaggtcttg ttttgcttta ctttataatg ttcaggttca    104640
     ttgggtggtt gatgtctcta gcaattacca gtactaatgg cagacatgat gagatgtgta    104700
     atgtaagtat taactcctag aatctaggaa ctctagagcc tgactcctca cctcttgggg    104760
     ttagtatcct ggaagtggtg tctggggaca agttactttg ccctgaccca tgtcttcctg    104820
     cctgagtcac aaagtcttct gagtccaaac acagggacta ttaagtcagg aattcctgaa    104880
     cattttgttt taaatatgtc tatagatgtc tatatatact taaaatttct gtgtataacc    104940
     aaggtaaatt tccttctgtc atctatattc atccatactc actatgttgg ggaactgaaa    105000
     tttgagacct ttattctatt gaaaataata tataataact tgcaactgtg tcacaataaa    105060
     ttttgtgaat ccacagatcc tattaatggg gactcaaatg gtttgtgttt tttttttttt    105120
     aatccctgtg attttcatct ggccagtggc tcctcaagta cctctctttg attctaatag    105180
     tataagtgga caccaggcac atgggtacag tctggcgtga gccctaggag accctgttac    105240
     ttctttcata tttaggccca atctgtccat tcactgaatc tgattttcat cctgtaagtc    105300
     acattcttca gtgaagtgcc taaatccaaa tagcattccc gagatcatgc ctagctaaat    105360
     ctttatgaaa ataccacatg gagtttcaac ctgggcacag tgagaaatga accctgatca    105420
     tgcacaaggc gggaccttga tcttccatgt gagagcaagg aggttaggtt atcaaaaata    105480
     cctgaaaaaa agcatcagga ttgagacagt ggctatattg ctgagtcatt atgtttctta    105540
     gacacaactt tgtttacatc aaacctactt tctataacaa aagcaaatac taattcagat    105600
     tgtttggatt gacattagca tgctagagct atgtccaaca taataccatt cagttcttaa    105660
     agtatttgtc taatgcttta cttgggaaca ggtcctcagc ccaggttggt cttattcttg    105720
     catacatcct gtggacaaaa cctcttccct ggtggtattt cagacatgtt atactaccca    105780
     aggctatcag tttacctctc acatctttga tagaatagct cagatatctt ttgtgggaca    105840
     ataacagaaa catgtcctaa tattgtcact gacagttgac aacagaatac aatgacacag    105900
     agtaatacac ataaatgaaa acaagaataa tccaagttga aaacaagatc taaatatctc    105960
     ctgatttaac atcagactga ggcctgacca gactgactct caatatgaga gaatatacca    106020
     gacactggac aaagccctaa aaatgtctta gatgttttga tcacataacc cagaaaacag    106080
     gtatattgaa ggagtgggat taggagaaag caagatgatg acacacaggt ggaaagggac    106140
     aatggagaag ctcagttgga cccagcaaca actgtgcata gtccagggct cccttgactc    106200
     cacactaaaa ccaatgccat acaggcaatg gatgtaacac atcaaacaca aatttcatac    106260
     atttatcagc ctttattttt tccatcaaat tttactcatg tttaggaaat gaaccattga    106320
     aatgatctgc cagcatgttg cacaaccata tacaaatgct taattaagga caaaaacatg    106380
     aagtggtagg taggctagta aaagctaaat tccaatcagg gatggagaat tcctagctct    106440
     gcctgtgttg gagtagaaga gatgactggg gaatacacaa agtaaggatc aggatgaggc    106500
     ttgttgctgc ccatgacctg cttacactgt gctcagagaa gggagacaca tagtcatagt    106560
     cagatttaga aagagaaggc aacatgggag gagaaaccag acactatgcg taatgtccag    106620
     gtaccacatt gagacatata ccttaacctg tagataaaaa agaacaaaga agaaacccag    106680
     atatatgtct ttaaatggtg agataattaa caatgcatca ctcactcaaa tgcgtcccca    106740
     tctctcagtg ttctatcctc tgtcactctc acagatacac accaggccct ttaggatgtc    106800
     attttttaat gctgtaacat aaagctgggc acctaggaaa ttcacctcac tgtggcaagc    106860
     aaagcaaaac tgggtgtgct cttttcgata ttaatgtaag tttctcgtgg atgagccaca    106920
     actattatta ctgactagac tgaacatagc tttttcctgt ttaatctgga aacatgctct    106980
     tatatgggag gtcatagagg cagcaggatg aagacgacct agagggatct cctggtcttt    107040
     atctcagata agtgtccaga actgtgactg cagatccaga gaatcatgat ggaaacctgt    107100
     acatgaagtg tgatatctgg aaccctggaa gtttaatcta aataggaaat tgtctctgac    107160
     agttgagatg gaggtctctg tcacctctgt caatgtagtt atgattctgt ttattatttc    107220
     tgttatgctc aaacaatgta ggtactctca gcacatctgc catgtatgaa ctgcagctgt    107280
     gtggatgaaa tctgctgtca tgtggcaggg cactcacaga ttggcagtgt tagttccctc    107340
     aagacataaa ttaagtccct gcccctttcc taactctagt tctcctattc catatcagaa    107400
     aagcaaccac tacccccata agcagagctc caagaaccac agcaataaca ataggcatga    107460
     tgggtaaggt cgactcagga ggctctggga aggaaacaaa gaaaagcaga gtgacaacac    107520
     tgacatgctg ctctatatct tgaccatgct gtagttgtct ctgaggactc ccattctctc    107580
     agaaccgtgt ctatgttcac tttcagtcct taccccatct cagggtgatg agctcaggca    107640
     gccccttgtg attcacatga catgtgtatc tatgctcttc tccagaaggt accacaacat    107700
     ctgcccactt ctagaagctt ccatcccctg caggcatggt ctctgacacc tccatgtgtg    107760
     aggtttggtt gctctcatcc cttttcccag gtcagggtaa tttcatcagg gtagaagttg    107820
     aaggcccagt acctcaatgt gatttttgtg tcaggtctga ccttacgagt tacatgtatt    107880
     ttaggagtgt cttcgggaaa caatcagaaa tgttaggcat ttggcatcct tcctggggat    107940
     caatcaatgc acatgtaact ttgtgtgaat acagtagatt tagcttgaag gagaggtgcc    108000
     aactcctcac agcaacctaa acttaggata tggatgaggt aatctattcc ttggatggtt    108060
     tcagaatcaa catgaaccag gatagaggag caaatgatgt atctccctgt aggagtattg    108120
     aattctggtt ctgggaggag attaaagact caaagacaca ttggggatag acctcagagt    108180
     cattgtacac agacattgac aagcctgaaa gagatcatgg ttcatgaatt aaatgggagt    108240
     agctgctgtt taattcacaa actgaaccct cctaagagaa tgctgaacac tagggagtct    108300
     tttttcatgt agatacagga aacccccaag ccctctttcc cctttgatgc aagacagggt    108360
     tagtgttcca gcttctccct gttgaggaga aatcctcagg ggacaggagc tcaagtgtca    108420
     gaacagatgg ggcagtgtgt tttcttactt tgtctcagca aaaatgcttt cccatagatc    108480
     agctcacacc caacaggtaa gtctgcaaac cttctggaac acctgatgaa tcccacagct    108540
     tcttgcacat ctcagcaaat ttgccaactg gagtccatgt catcaggtcc ttattcagcc    108600
     tgatgaaatc atggtcattg aaggctactt caaagaattt gtgactgaaa tcaccttgaa    108660
     acaggacata gcagtcatac ctcctctggg ttgtgtgata tcctgaacaa taacccactt    108720
     tcagtcactt caacaagccc tagaaagtga tagaatcaca cagagaaatg gtctctttga    108780
     tatgccattt ctaattggac tgatttgatc ttaaagtgga cagcaattca gaacagtgtc    108840
     tcttgagtca tgggtcacat tttccagggg aaatacttgg acacggagac tgggatcaac    108900
     cccatggtga gctgtgaatt tgtggtttgt gattggggct cactcaacag ttgcactgta    108960
     gttggagatt ttgagccttc tgttcattaa cactcttaat tgctgaaaac agtctagaac    109020
     agcatatgtt ctatccttcc aattctttgg tttcttttga tctttccatg gtgcacagtg    109080
     ttccattcac taaacatctt ctctgtagtt gaatctctca aattgtgtgt catcaacaac    109140
     acttatgaac tgggcctcaa gaagcccagg ccaggtgaag agagcttggt aaaatccaag    109200
     aaagtatgca cctagatata gtgagtcttt agatgttaac cccacactag gaccccatgt    109260
     tgctccacaa cacagccccc aagaatagct ggaattagaa agcaaggagc aggggtagga    109320
     tataaaatgg agaagtgaat ggaagttttt tctgggctag agagaagaca gagtttcctg    109380
     gtgctccacc tgtagggatg gagtcctttg ctgatgtcct ttccctatcg acaaccccac    109440
     tcaccctctg gtcagagaca gtagagccag cagcagcagg aggagagcct tggtaacaca    109500
     ggtcttcatt ctgtttgaag aatggagaca gagactcaga ctttgctatt atctgttcat    109560
     ttcctaatct tgaagggatg agcctgatca gtttttctta agaattccca aaggtagtga    109620
     tagaggacat ttgggtttgg tgatggaaag atggatgcct ggaagagaac tctctagggc    109680
     cctctccctt cacagctcaa atacagctga gatgcactgt catgaggggg tttcagtcat    109740
     ggattcttag aattcttagg catcaatgga cccatttata tctcaatgaa tggagacctg    109800
     aggacttgga ctacagctgg cagaacagct gaaagactca gacaactgtg ggaggggtta    109860
     gattacgcac aaaatgtgaa gacttacctg gagtttgaat gtcagaagtc attcctctca    109920
     tagctggact atgggaagga aattttgctt agaagaggta aagaaaagaa aatgttccat    109980
     gttctgtgag aatggagctc ctgtcctctg agaattagac ctaaagggct aagccttcac    110040
     tcaggacatg gagggggtag agaccaggcc tgcaagagat ggaaccttcc caatataggt    110100
     agtgtagtaa tgccctgggg aagagcagag atacagatgt catgtgaatc atgaagggct    110160
     gcctgagtcc atcacatcaa gatggggtaa ggacagggag tgagcacaaa gactatttag    110220
     agagagagag ggtgtccttt gtgagaacta gagcagggtc aagactgaga ggtggcagtc    110280
     agaggcctca caattgctta ctttcctttc actttccaga gctgccaaca tgcaccttcc    110340
     cattcatggc tattgtgact tctctagttc ttagagccct tcttatagga acagtggtga    110400
     cttttctgat acagaggaga aggactaaaa gtaaacaaag gatggaatga atcttagttc    110460
     acatctccat gggaatttca aacttgagct gagcgtgtaa cctgacatat gacagcagat    110520
     tccctccaca cagctgctta tttagcctgg gatttatgtg ctgacattaa ctccattgtg    110580
     tagcataaaa agaatagtgc acacattcat agcagcaatg acagaagtgg cagagatttg    110640
     atgctcagct ctcagaaatc agagggaatt ttcctattta gaatagaaac ccaggcagcc    110700
     agttatccct cttcatgtac atatcttcca tcacatttat ctgaatctac tgtcacagtt    110760
     ctggacactt atctgagata aaaatcagaa catttttcta ggcctggatc ctgctacctc    110820
     catgagctct aataaaaggg tttatttcca agagtaaagt gagagacagc tatgttcagt    110880
     ctcgccagta atcacagtgg tggctattcc ctacacaact tataacaata cagaaaggag    110940
     ccactgggaa atctcagcca gcatgtgtct cctcaaactg tctgtacaac actgaagtct    111000
     ctctagtttc agtaattcca gagttacaat attcctcttt cttttggtgg cactagatac    111060
     caatcttgaa ctctttatag gcctaaatca tctgtgctaa ctggttggta ttggatctca    111120
     tcaccatcag ttgaatagac cctaatctct gctttatata ctgcaaaagc ttattgatta    111180
     tgcatggacc caatgtgggc agtaacagaa gaatcatcag gggccctgtg aatgttgaaa    111240
     tgaggatagt taacagtagg gaattatcaa atagtgaatg atgtaccagc ttttggagtt    111300
     ttctcgttct ctttggcgcc tttctgtgct ttctctaacc taagctagtg attctctgat    111360
     tattccagag tgatttacat aaaagcaaca ttcttctcct agagcagcac acaggcctcc    111420
     ctgctgcaga aacactaagt ctaaccctag tctgttctgc aaaactccct cagccaggga    111480
     atctacattt ccctctaggc atgcaatgga tttttctaag cattggttgt cttgatctgt    111540
     atctaattta agactgttat agctcttctc ttgcaatctt agggctgcta tcacagtgcc    111600
     tgacccagct agccctgctc tcagaattac agccaaagtt aggaaaatag gttctctctt    111660
     ctgcctcatg aggtctcccc caacatgtct tattaggttc ttcagcacta tttcctctga    111720
     ataataggtt atgcctggca ccaactgtac tagaatacag aactcctcac agtaggggaa    111780
     ttaaggacct ctctctgtac acacagagtc aaccccgttg aacagcccca caaagcctgt    111840
     tcaggtggaa taacccattt ggaatgaact gtggggattg tttgcataca aagatgctga    111900
     tatgacaagg gaacttttcc caggtaggtc ccctgtcctg atattgtctg ctgggttagg    111960
     ctgggccttc ttgggatcat ctgcatgcag tgtctctctc agacactata tttagatata    112020
     aatccaagac cttcataaaa ggaggatctg gcattatact acagctagct ggaggtggtt    112080
     agatctggct gggagccttt caaaatctgt aaggttttta gcatcattga ccagagcaga    112140
     tctaaaggct ctgtgcaatt tttaaaaatc ccaaggctgg agaaccctgc tgtgggtgca    112200
     ctggttgggg cagcagtctc aggtctgagg accagctttg gtgcaggttt tttccagggc    112260
     aggacctctt gatataggtt tagggtttgc cagaattcac tttggactta cagccaccag    112320
     cagggagttc acaaccggtt ttactacaag tctgatggtg aagaggaggc caggactaat    112380
     ccctgcaaag atgtggagtt ggaggcccca ggacttccca gcttcccaag cattttcctc    112440
     tttccctttg tctgtgaacc tcagtaaaac ttcagacctg ctccccttcc tggtgagcac    112500
     gataaggtct tccttcaaca ctccccaggt ttttatccct gtaactgatg tctcacatcc    112560
     ccaggaagca cagtaaaatt gttctgaacc cccacatgta acaattcttt ttttctccag    112620
     gacatatata aaaagttctc cacccacatg gtaggtatga atgccataaa gtctgttggg    112680
     tgtcaggcca tgagttatca gacaactggc acagatcaaa ggcaaagtct ggaaaccacg    112740
     gtgtcccaag tggctttttt gtattagcca gttgggcccc agtaacctgt ttcaggattc    112800
     tcaattgtcc aagtcaagtc ataaggctgg tgtgagtttt tgatctgtga atggagacat    112860
     gggctgggaa cattagtgca tgcaaccagt aaaaacagta agcttgggac ctagttaatt    112920
     ataacttgaa gggatgagtg ctcctttgga tcctctattc cagcattggc agctgtgaat    112980
     tctgaccatc ttcttctgga aagaatggat cagcatgtct aatgtgagtg cagtgtatcc    113040
     aaacagtgac cctgtccacc tatacaactg ttggagctgt tagcaggatg acttaaggtc    113100
     cctgccacta aggctccagc tcttcctggc gaaacctagt ctccaggttg aaacttgtgg    113160
     gactctggaa cccggcctat ttcatagagg gcacccagtt taggccacac ctgctcatgt    113220
     acccattgtg ttgctctgac cttagttatt aatacatcat cttctaattc tacgatggtt    113280
     gctgactgaa ggttaggaac aataggggga gcagcggtcg ccatcttggt ccgggacccg    113340
     ccgaacttag gaaattagtc tgaacaggtg agagggtgcg ccagagaacc tgacagcttc    113400
     tggaacaggc ggaagcacag aggcactgag gcagcaccct ttgtgggccg gggacagcca    113460
     gccaccgttt ggactggagg acaggtgccc gcccggctgg ggaggcggcc taagccacag    113520
     cagcagcggt cgccatcttg gtccgggacc cgccgaactt aggaaattag tctgaacagg    113580
     tgagagggtg cgccagagaa cctgacagcc tctggaacag gcagaagcac agaggggctg    113640
     aggcagcacc ctgtgtgggc cggggacagc cggccacctt ccggaccgga ggacaggtgc    113700
     ccgcccggct ggggaggcga cctaagccac agcagcagcg gtcgccatct tggtccggga    113760
     cccgccgaac ttaggaaatt agtctgaaca ggtgagaggg tgcgtcagag aacctgacag    113820
     cttctggaac aggcggaagc acagaggcgc tgaggcagca ccctttgtgg gccggggaca    113880
     gccagccacc gtccggaccg gaggacaggt gcccgcccgg ctggggaggc ggcctaagcc    113940
     acagcagcag cggtcgccat cttggtccga gacccgccga acttaggaaa ttagtctgaa    114000
     caggtgagag ggtgcgccag agaacctgac agcttctgga acaggcagaa gcacagaggc    114060
     gctgaggcag caccctgtgt gggccgggga cagccggcca ccttccggac cggaggacag    114120
     gtgcccaccc ggctggggag gcggcctaag ccacagcagc agcggtcgcc atcttggtcc    114180
     cgggactcca aggaacttag gaatttagtc tgcttaggaa tttagtctgc ttaggtgaga    114240
     gtctgtacca cctgggaact gccaaagcaa cacactgtct gagaaaggtc ctgttttggg    114300
     ccttcttctt cggccaggag gaggtccaaa tacaagatat ctgcgcacct tccctgtaag    114360
     agagcttgcc agcagagagt gctctgagca ctgaaactca gaggagagaa tctgtctccc    114420
     aggtctgctg atagatggta acagaatcac cagaagaaca atctctaaac agagtcaact    114480
     ataactacta actccagaga ttaccagatg gcgaaaggta aacggaggaa tcttactaac    114540
     aggaaccaag accactcacc atcaccagaa cccagcacac ccacttcacc cagtccaggg    114600
     aaccccaaca cacctgagaa cctagaccta gatttaaaag catatctcat gatgatggta    114660
     gaggacatca agaaggactt taataaatca cttaaagaaa tacaggagaa cactgctaaa    114720
     gagttacaag tccttaaaga aaaacaggaa aacacaatca aacaggtaga agtccttaca    114780
     gaaaaagagg aaaaaacata caaacaggtg atggaaatga acaaaaccat actagaccta    114840
     aaaagggaag tagacacaat aaagaaaact caaagcgagg caacactaga gatagaaacc    114900
     ctaggaaaga aatctggaac catagatttg agcatcagca acagaataca agagatggaa    114960
     gagagaatct caggtgcaga agattccata gagaacatcg gcacaacaat caaagaaaat    115020
     ggaaaatgca aaaagatcct aactcaaaat atccaggaaa tccaggacac aataagaaga    115080
     ccaaacgtac ggataatagg agtggatgag aatgaagatt ttcaactcaa aggtccagca    115140
     aacatcttca acaaaattat tgaagaaaac ttcccaaatc taaagaatga gatgcatatg    115200
     aacatacaag aagcctacag aactccaaat agactggacc agaaaagaaa ttcctcccga    115260
     cacataataa tcagaacatc aaatgcacta aataaagata gaatactaaa agcagtaagg    115320
     gaaaaaggtc aagtaacata taaaggcaag cctatcagaa ttacaccaga tttttcacca    115380
     gagactatga aagccagaag agcctggaca gatgttatac agacactaag agaacacaaa    115440
     ctgcagccca ggctactata cccagccaaa ctctcaatta tcatagaggg agaaaccaaa    115500
     gtattccacg acaaaaccaa attcacgcat tatctctcca cgaatccagt ccttcaaagg    115560
     ataataacag aaaaaaacca atacaagaac gggaacaacg ccctagaaaa aacaagaagg    115620
     taatccctca acaaacctaa aagaagacag ccacaagaac agaatgccac ctttaacaac    115680
     taaaataaca ggaagcaaca attacttttc cttaatatct cttaacatca atggtctcaa    115740
     ctcgccaata aaaagacata gactaacaaa ctggctacac aaacaagacc caacattttg    115800
     ctgcttacag gaaactcatc tcagagaaaa agatagacac tacctcagaa tgaaaggctg    115860
     gaaaacaatt ttccaagcaa atggtatgaa gaaacaagca ggagtagcca tcctaatatc    115920
     tgataagatt gacttccaac ccaaagtcat caaaaaagac aaggagggac acttcattct    115980
     catcaaaggt aaaatcctcc aagaggaact ctcaattctg aatatctatg ctccaaatac    116040
     aagagcagcc acattcacta aagaaacttt agtaaagctc aaagcacaca ttgcgcctca    116100
     cacaataata gtgggagact tcaacacacc actttcacca atggacagat catggaaaca    116160
     gaaactaaac agggacacac tgaaactaac agaagtgatg aaacaaatgg atctgacaga    116220
     tatctacaga acattttatc ctaaaacaaa aggatatacc ttcttctcag cacctcatgg    116280
     taccttctcc aaaattgacc acataatagg tcacaaatca ggcctcaaca gattcaaaaa    116340
     tattgaaatt gtcccatgta tcctatcaga tcaccatgca ctaaggctga ttttcaataa    116400
     caaaataaat aacagaaagc caacattcac atggaaactg aacaacactc ttctcaatga    116460
     taccttggtc aaggaaggaa taaagaaaga aattaaagac tttttagagt ttaatgaaaa    116520
     tgaagccaca acgtacccaa acctttggga cacaatgaaa gcatttctaa gagggaaact    116580
     catagctatg agtgccttca agaaaaaacg ggagagagca catactagca gcttgacaac    116640
     acatctaaaa gctctagaaa aaaaggaagc aaattcaccc aagaggagta gacggcagga    116700
     aataatcaaa ctcaggggtg aaatcaacca agtggaaaca agaagaacta ttcaaagaat    116760
     taaccaaacg aggagttggt tctttgagaa aatcaacaag atagataaac ccttagctag    116820
     actcactaaa gggcacaggg acaaaatcct aattaacaaa atcagaactg aaaagggaga    116880
     cataacaaca gatcctgaag aaatccaaaa caccatcaga tccttctaca aaaggctata    116940
     ctcaacaaaa ctggaaaacc tggacgaaat ggacaaattt ctggacagat accaggtacc    117000
     aaagttgaat caggatcaag ttgaccttct aaacagtccc atatcaccta aagaaataga    117060
     agcagttatt aatagtctcc cagccaaaaa aagcccagga ccagacgggt ttagtgcaga    117120
     gttctatcag accttcaaag aagatctaac tccagttctg cacaaacttt ttcacaagat    117180
     agaagtagaa ggtattctac ccaactcatt ttatgaagcc actattactc tgatacctaa    117240
     accacagaaa gatccaacaa agatagagaa cttcagacca atttctctta tgaacatcga    117300
     tgcaaaaatt cttaataaaa ttctcgctaa ccgaatccaa gaacacatta aagcaatcat    117360
     ccatcctgac caagtaggtt ttattccagg gatgcaggga tggtttaata tacgaaaatc    117420
     catcaatgta atccattata taaacaaact caaagacaaa aaccacatga tcatctcgtt    117480
     agatgcagaa aaagcatttg acaagatcca acacccattc atgataaaag ttctggaaag    117540
     atcaggaatt caaggccaat acctaaacat gataaaagca atctacagca aaccagtagc    117600
     caacatcaaa gtaaatggag agaagctgga agcaatccca ctaaaatcag ggactagaca    117660
     aggctgccca ctttctccct accttttcaa catagtactt gaagtattag ccagagcaat    117720
     tcgacaacaa aaggagatca aggggataca aattggaaaa gaggaagtca aaatatcact    117780
     ttttgcagat gatatgatag tatatataag tgaccctaaa aattccaaca gagaactcct    117840
     aaacctgata aacagcttcg gtgaagtagc tggatataaa attaactcaa acaagtcaat    117900
     ggcctttctc tacacaaaga ataaacaggc tgagaaagaa attagggaaa caacaccctt    117960
     ctcaatagcc acaaataata taaaatatct cggcgtgact ctaacgaagg aagtgaaaga    118020
     tctgtatgat aaaaacttca agtccctgaa gaaagaaatt aaagaagatc tcagaagatg    118080
     gaaagatctc ccatgctcat ggattggcag gaccaacatt gtaaaaatgg ctatcttgcc    118140
     aaaagcaatc tacagattca atgcaatccc cattaaaatt ccaactcaat tcttcaacga    118200
     attagaagga gcaatttgca aattcatctg gaataacaaa aaaccgagga tagcaaaaac    118260
     tcttctcaag gataaaagaa cctctggtgg aatcaccatg cctgacctaa agctttacta    118320
     cagagcaatt gtgataaaaa ctgcatggta ctggtataga gacagacaag tggaccaatg    118380
     gaatagaatt gaagacccag aaatgaaccc acacacctat ggtcacttga tcttcgacaa    118440
     gggagccaaa accatccagt ggaagaaaga cagcattttc aacaattggt gctggcacaa    118500
     ctggttgtta tcatgtagaa gaatgcgaat cgatccatac ttatctcctt gtactaaggt    118560
     caaatctaag tggatcaagg aacttcacat aaaaccagag acactgaaac ttatagagga    118620
     gaaagtgggg aaaagccttg aagatatggg cacaggggaa aaattcctga acagaacagc    118680
     aatggcttgt gctgtaagat cgagaattga caaatgggac ctaatgaaac tccaaagttt    118740
     ctgcaaggca aaagacactg tctataagac aaaacgacca ccaacagact gggaaaggat    118800
     ctttacctat cctaaatcag ataggggact aatatccaac atatataaag aactcaagaa    118860
     ggtggacttc agaaaatcaa ataaccccct taaaaaatgg ggctcagaac tgaacaaaga    118920
     attctcacct gaggaatacc gaatggcaga gaagcacctg aaaaaatgtt caacatcctt    118980
     aatcatcagg gaaatgcaaa tcaaaacaac cctgagattc cacctcacac cagtgagaat    119040
     ggctaagatc aaaaattcag gtgacagcag atgctggcga ggatgtggag aaagaggaac    119100
     actcctccat tgttggtggg attgcaggct tgtacaacca ctctggaaat cagtctggcg    119160
     gttcctcaga aaattggaca tagtactacc ggaggatcca gcaatacctc tcctgggcat    119220
     atatccagaa gaagccccaa ctggtaagaa ggacacatgc tccactatgt tcatagcagc    119280
     cttatttata atagccagaa actggaaaga acccagatgc ccctcaacag aggaatggat    119340
     acagaaaatg tggtacatct acacaatgga gtactactca gctattaaaa agaatgaatt    119400
     tatgaaattc ctagccaaat ggatggacct ggagagcatc atcctgagtg aggtaacaca    119460
     atcacaaagg aactcacaca atatgtactc actgataagt ggatactagc ccaaaaccta    119520
     ggatacccac gatataagat acaatttcct aaacacatga aactcaagaa aaatgaagac    119580
     tgaagtgtgg acactaggcc cctccttaga agtgggaaca aaacacccat ggaaggagtt    119640
     acagaaacaa agtatggagc tgagatgaaa ggatggacca tgtagagact gccatatcca    119700
     gggatccacc ccataatcag cttccaaatg ctgacaccat tgcatacact agcaagattt    119760
     tactgaaagg acccagatgt agctgtctct tgtgagacta tgccggggcc tagcaaacac    119820
     agaagtggat gctcacagtc agctaatgga tggatcacag ggctcccaat ggaggagcta    119880
     gagaaagtac ccaaggagct aaagggatct tcaaccctat aggtggaaca acattatgaa    119940
     ctaaccagta cccctgagct cttgactcta gctgcatatg tatcaaaaga tggcctagtc    120000
     ggccatcact ggaaagagag gcccattgga cacgcagact ttgtgtgccc cggtacaggg    120060
     gaacgccagg gccaaagggg gggagtggga gggtagggga gtgggggtgg gtgggtaagg    120120
     gggacttttg gtatagcatt ggaaatgtaa atgagttaaa tacctaatta aaaaaaaaaa    120180
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaggctga cagaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaattctta ataaaattct    120240
     cgctaaccga atccaagaac acattaaagc aatcatccat cctgaccaag taggttttat    120300
     tccagggatg cagggatggt ttaatatacg aaaatccatc aatgtaatcc attatataaa    120360
     caaactcaaa gacaaaaacc acatgatcat ctcgttagat gcagaaaaag catttgacaa    120420
     gatccaacac ccattcatga taaaagttct ggaaagatca ggaattcaag gccaatacct    120480
     aaacatgata aaagcaatct acagcaaacc agtagccaac atcaaagtaa atggagagaa    120540
     gctggaagca atcccactaa aatcagggac tagacaaggc tgcccacttt ctccctacct    120600
     tttcaacata gtacttgaag tattagccag agcaattcga caacaaaagg agatcaaggg    120660
     gatacaaatt ggaaaagagg aagtcaaaat atcacttttt gcagatgata tgatagtata    120720
     tataagtgac cctaaaaatt ccaacagaga actcctaaac ctgataaaca gcttcggtga    120780
     agtagctgga tataaaatta actcaaacaa gtcaatggcc tttctctaca caaagaataa    120840
     acaggctgag aaagaaatta gggaaacaac acccttctca atagccacaa ataatataaa    120900
     atatctcggc gtgactctaa cgaaggaagt gaaagatctg tatgataaaa acttcaagtc    120960
     cctgaagaaa gaaattaaag aagatctcag aagatggaaa gatctcccat gctcatggat    121020
     tggcaggacc aacattgtaa aaatggctat cttgccaaaa gcaatctaca gattcaatgc    121080
     aatccccatt aaaattccaa ctcaattctt caacgaatta gaaggagcaa tttgcaaatt    121140
     catctggaat aacaaaaaac cgaggatagc aaaaactctt ctcaaggata aaagaacctc    121200
     tggtggaatc accatgcctg acctaaagct ttactacaga gcaattgtga taaaaactgc    121260
     atggtactgg tatagagaca gacaagtgga ccaatggaat agaattgaag acccagaaat    121320
     gaacccacac acctatggtc acttgatctt cgacaaggga gccaaaacca tccagtggaa    121380
     gaaagacagc attttcaaca attggtgctg gcacaactgg ttgttatcat gtagaagaat    121440
     gcgaatcgat ccatacttat ctccttgtac taaggtcaaa tctaagtgga tcaaggaact    121500
     tcacataaaa ccagagacac tgaaacttat agaggagaaa gtggggaaaa gccttgaaga    121560
     tatgggcaca ggggaaaaat tcctgaacag aacagcaatg gcttgtgctg taagatcgag    121620
     aattgacaaa tgggacctaa tgaaactcca aagtttctgc aaggcaaaag acactgtcta    121680
     taagacaaaa cgaccaccaa cagactggga aaggatcttt acctatccta aatcagatag    121740
     gggactaata tccaacatat ataaagaact caagaaggtg gacttcagaa aatcaaataa    121800
     cccccttaaa aaatggggct cagaactgaa caaagaattc tcacctgagg aataccgaat    121860
     ggcagagaag cacctgaaaa aatgttcaac atccttaatc atcagggaaa tgcaaatcaa    121920
     aacaaccctg agattccacc tcacaccagt gagaatggct aagatcaaaa attcaggtga    121980
     cagcagatgc tggcgaggat gtggagaaag aggaacactc ctccattgtt ggtgggattg    122040
     cagacttgta caaccactct ggaaatcagt ctggcggttc ctcagaaaat tggacatagt    122100
     actaccggag gatccagcaa tacctctcct gggcatatat ccagaagaag ccccaactgg    122160
     taagaaggac acatgctcca ctatgttcat agcagcctta tttataatag ccagaaactg    122220
     gaaagaaccc agatgcccct caacagagga atggatacag aaaatgtggt acatctacac    122280
     aatggagtac tactcagcta ttaaaaagaa tgaatttatg aaattcctag ccaaatggat    122340
     ggacctggag agcatcatcc tgagtgaggt aacacaatca caaaggaact cacacaatat    122400
     gtactcactg ataagtggat actagcccaa aacctaggat acccacgata taagatacaa    122460
     tttcctaatc acatgaaact caagaaaaat gaagactgaa gtgtggacac tatgcccctc    122520
     cttagaagtg ggaacaaaac acccatggaa ggagttacag aaataaagta tggagctgag    122580
     atgaaaggat ggaccatgta gagactgcca tatccaggga tccaccccat aatcagcttc    122640
     caaatgctga caccattgca tacactagca agattttact gaaaggaccc agatgtagct    122700
     gtctcttgtg agactatgcc ggggcctagc aaacacagaa gtggatgctc acagtcagct    122760
     aatggatgga tcacagggct cccaatggag gagctagaga aagtacccaa ggagctaaag    122820
     ggatcttcaa ccctataggt ggaacaacat tatgaactaa ccagtacccc tgagctcttg    122880
     actctagctg catatgtatc aaaagatggc ctagttggcc atcactggaa agagaggccc    122940
     attggacacg cagactttgt gtgccccggt acaggggaac gccagggcca aaggggggga    123000
     gtgggagggt aggagagtgg gggtgggtgg gtaaggggga cttttggtat agcattggaa    123060
     atgtaaatga gctaaatacc taattaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag gaacaatagg    123120
     ggccgggaca ccatacatga tttcaaaagg agttggtcct aaccagtaag agcaaaggga    123180
     aggcatgcca ccagtctatg gcagtctcca gggctaattt agtcaaggtc tcctgaagtg    123240
     tctgattcat tctttctacc tgtcctgaac tttggggcct gtacacaaaa tgtaatttcc    123300
     aatccgcccc aatatatctc actatatcct ggcttacttt ggacacaaat gctggtccat    123360
     tgtctgaccc tatcgtatgc gtgaagccat acctggatag gatatattcc agtaacttct    123420
     tagctactac gtttgcagtc tcagtcttcg tcggaaaggc tctgaccata tggagaatgt    123480
     atccacgaac actagtaagt acctgtagcc gtactttcct ggtttgattt ctgtaaaatc    123540
     aacttcccag taggtccctg gtctctaacc tcacagacat gatccaggat gtttggcagt    123600
     gttgtgggtg ttggtcagtt ggcaagcttt gcagcttgat actacatctt tgatagtatg    123660
     ctgcatgttt ctgaaaatca ctttaggttg tctcactgca tctgccatct gtttcactcc    123720
     catgcgagtg actctgggga ttttcttgag gatagatctt tctagggagg ctggtaatat    123780
     tagctaacct tcagtcatct gccacaagcc ttctgaactc cagctcatgg gctgactctt    123840
     ggcccatttg tcctcctcct ctgtgtaggc tgggcattcc agtaggttgg ggttggatgg    123900
     ttctggtaga gcggcagcta acacggaagc agctgtttcc tctaaggctt tgaactttaa    123960
     ctctaagaac tttggcagtt ctgacagtca agttattacc tctggcaact gccgtggttc    124020
     ttttttggtg gcccggacat tgtatgattg ccactctctt tggcatcctg agggcttcaa    124080
     gtaactgtag tatctcatct ttgtttttga tagtttttcc ttctgcagtt agcagccctc    124140
     tctcctagta tatggctcca tgtatatggg tggttgcaaa tgcataccag ctattggtgt    124200
     agatgttgac aatcagtcct tttcccatta tgagggcctg agatagtgct atcagttcag    124260
     ctttttgagc tgaggtacct ggggagagag accaggccca aattacctcc atttctatgc    124320
     tcactgctgt tcctctcttc ctctgtccct ctcgaatgaa actgcttcta tccatgaacc    124380
     aagtctgctc tgcccctggt aaaggcgagt cttttaggtc cagtctagta ctgtatgctt    124440
     gtgccaagat tttactgcat tggtggagca gctgatctaa gtctgggtca gacaggaggg    124500
     tttcaggatt taaggaagca ggctgctaga aagtatcttg gccaggatcg attagtaggg    124560
     tttgatagtg agacacatgg gcattactga gccacatgtc ttgtgggtgt ttgagcactc    124620
     ctttgactgc atggcggtag tcatgtttaa attctctcca tagttagttt atctgcatct    124680
     ttaaccattg atgctgtggc tgcaaagatg tgcaggcaca gtggccatcc tgctgccact    124740
     aggtctaatt tttttttgac atataggcca caggccattt ccatggtccc agagtttgag    124800
     tcaagacccc tttggctatt ccgttccact tgtcgatata cagatgaaat ggttttgtga    124860
     tgcctgggat ccccaaagca ggagctgaca gtagggatga aatccctttt aaaatgataa    124920
     gaaaacacaa tcaaacagtc aaaggaaatg aaaacactgt cgaagatcta aaaatggaac    124980
     cagaaacaat aaagaaatca caaagggaga cagccctgga gttagaaaac ctaggaaaga    125040
     gatcaggagt catagatgca agcatcacca acagaataca agagatagaa gagagaatct    125100
     catgtgtaga aggtaccata gaaaatattg acacaacagt gaaagaaaac acaaaaagca    125160
     aaaaactcct aatccaaaac atccaggaaa tccaaaacac aatgagatgt ggatagcaac    125220
     aagtgcttgt tgacaggagc ctgatatagc tgtctcctga gagtctctgc cagtacctga    125280
     caaagaaata attaggtgct caaagctatc cattagacgg agcactgggt ccccaaagaa    125340
     gaagctagag aggatccaaa gagctgaagc cccataggag gaacaacaat atgaactaac    125400
     cagtaccccc agagctactt gagactaaac cagcaaccaa aagaatacac atggtgggac    125460
     tcatggctcc agctgcatat gtagcacagg atggcctagt cagtcaacta tgggaggaga    125520
     ggcccctccc cttcccccta ctcaccaacc cacccacatt cttcaccaaa ataccacaaa    125580
     aacagtcttt atgccacatt ctgaaattct tctcctttga aatctcttgg gccaggtcaa    125640
     cacagttcaa atcactccca gcaacaaagt cttccatatt cctactagga taacccatta    125700
     agcccctttt aaagcattcc attgctttcc aaatccaaag tcccaaaatc cacattcttt    125760
     caaataaaag catggtcagg cctatcacag caatacccca gtccctggta ccaacttctg    125820
     tcttaattag ggttttactg ctgtgaacag acaccatgac caaggcaagc cttacaaaaa    125880
     acaacattta attggggctg gcttacaggt tcagaggttc agtccattat catcaaggtg    125940
     agagcatggc agcatccagg cagacatggc acaggcagag ctgagagttc tacatcttca    126000
     tccagggttg taacttttcc ttgatctacc tgtctgttca atgtaccagt accatgcagt    126060
     ttttatcaca attgctctga agtatagcta gagatcaggg acagtgattc cacagaagtg    126120
     aatgctcaca cctatccatt gcatagagca cagagtcccc aataaaggag ctagagaaag    126180
     tacccaagag gcccttggtc ctgtgaaggt actatgcccc agtataggag aatgccaggg    126240
     ccaggaagca ggagtgggtg ggttggggag cagggagggg ggagggtata gaggactttc    126300
     aggatagcat ttgaaatgta aatgaagaaa atatctaata aaaattaaaa taaaaaaaga    126360
     aaggcatggt actactctgg gatctcaaac accctttgta gtaaccaaat aatatagaat    126420
     ttccacttcc ctaaacccaa gtccaaacat acttctctgg tcaatgcctg acagcaacat    126480
     aaacttaatt tttaaacctt caaaatattc ttcctgaact gtaaattaat tgccaacacc    126540
     tttattccca gcccgtgaga ggcagaggta agtagatctc tgagttcaag gccagtctcc    126600
     tacacatatt aaatttcagg acaggcagac aagcagctct acaaagagaa tctctgtctc    126660
     aaaaactcaa atatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtctgtgt gtgtgtctgt    126720
     gtgtgtctgt gtgtctatgt gcatgtaaaa tcaaatatgt atatacacac acacacatat    126780
     atatatataa tttattatat gtgtaattat attatataat atcataaaac atttcattta    126840
     atatacttac tatattatat agatacaata tattttatta tattttatat ttgtcctgtt    126900
     tatttcaatg aagctgtatt ttctacattg taagtgtctt agtcagggtt tttattcctg    126960
     cacaaacatc atgaccaaga agcaagttgg ggaggaaagg gtttattcag cttacacttc    127020
     catactgcta ttgatcacca aggaagtcag gactggaact caagcaggtc aggaagcagg    127080
     agctgatgca gaggccatgg agggatgttc cttactggct tgcttcccct agcttgctca    127140
     gcctgctctc ttatagaacc caagactacc agcccagaga tggtcccacc cacaaggagc    127200
     ctttccccct tgatcactaa ttgagaaaat gccttacagt tggatctcat ggaggcattt    127260
     cctcaactga agctcctttc tctgtgataa ctacagctgt gtcaagttga cacaaaactc    127320
     gccagtacag tcgacccctt gtcaacgtga cacacaaaca aatcactagt aagcctcaac    127380
     ccttatttct tattcatccc caagatctaa ataactttaa aagtcccaca atctttgcaa    127440
     attcttaaaa tttcaatctc tcttaaaatc caaagtcttt acaattaaaa gtctcttaac    127500
     tgtgggttcc actaaaatac ttccttcaag agggaaaaat atcagggcac agtcacaatc    127560
     aaaagcaaaa attaaactcc aactgtccaa tgtctgggat ccaactcatg atcttctggg    127620
     ttcctctaag ggcttaggtc acttctccag ccctgtcctt tgtagcacac agcttgtctt    127680
     ctaggctcca gctgcctgta ctccactgct actgctgttc tccgtggtca tctcatggta    127740
     ctggcatctc caaaacactg ctgtcttcca ctgtaactag gcttcaccaa tagcctctca    127800
     tgggctctct tcatggtacc aagcctcaac tcctttgcat gaccccttca gtcctgagca    127860
     gtcaattgca gctgaggctg caccttcacc aaaggccttc catggcctct cacagtgcca    127920
     agcctcagct gctctgtgtg actccttcat gccttcaaaa ccagtaccac ctgggtgact    127980
     cttacacatt ccaagttcag tcgaagcaca aggtacaacc ttgtctatct ctggaacaca    128040
     gcctctgtgc tctcagaaaa cacttcccag aagatgtcac ctcaatgatt ctggtctctt    128100
     cttaatcacc gctaatttct tagctccaac taaccagcat caatagtccc agtaacgcca    128160
     agttttcact tttggtagtt gtggtatctt gttaatcaca gctgattcct cagccccagc    128220
     taaccagaac cacagaatct tcacaatcca aaatatcaat ggccctgaaa agagtcttta    128280
     attttccctc tgaaatttca caagccaggc ctccattttc tgcactgttc tcaacgttat    128340
     cttccaagct cctacacaac atctcacaga gttcttaaca ccgaatggat cttctagccc    128400
     aaagttccaa agtccttcca cagtccttcc caaaacatgg tcaggttgtc acaggaatac    128460
     ctcactatgc tggtaccaat ttgtcttagg cagggtttcc atttctgcac aaacatcatg    128520
     accaagaagc aagttgggga ggaaagggtt tattcagctt acacttccat actgctattg    128580
     atcaccaagg aagtcaggac tggaactcaa gcaggtcagg aagcaggagc tgatgcatag    128640
     gccatggagg gatgttcctt actggcttgc ttcccctggc ttgctcagcc tgctctctta    128700
     tagaacccaa gactaccagc ccagagatgg ccccacccac aaggagccct cccccttgat    128760
     cactgattga gaaaatgcct tacagctgga tctcatggag gcatttcctg aagctccttt    128820
     ctctgtgata actccagctg tgtcaagttg acacaaaact agccagtata gcaagtgaaa    128880
     ctaagatatt aaaaatatag gattaaaggc caagaaatct ctaacgagga agatgagcct    128940
     gtaacaagca gaaatgttca tatctattat ttttaacatt tcattgtatt ttggaagaca    129000
     gttgttgctt tttgtaaaca ttctgctttt gttcgtacat gcactgtatt acttgcgtgt    129060
     tcaatgcatc aaatgtctgg aatcttacac atcctcacac agtgaacttg gactgatata    129120
     acatctgtaa tcattagttt ctttgatggt agataatttc taaaactgtg tggatttcct    129180
     gacatcaaaa tgcttgagaa ctgctgattt attggcctct ggatgggctc agaggatatt    129240
     atgaccagaa tgaggggaac aacaatcagg gtccccagat actgttccta ggattccagg    129300
     ccccagcgat ggatctgagc tgagtaggca gggccctgga gctttctctc ccaggagttc    129360
     atctttccat gactcactgc cattgggatt ccttagagat ccaatcatcc tccttcaagt    129420
     caaaatgttt ataaagggaa tatcggctac cggagactca gtctccactc ttccagcagg    129480
     ataaagacct ttgtccctga agttctcctc ctgatgttcc tggttgtgat gaccctgacc    129540
     cagcatccag aggacaagtg tgtgtgtcat gagagaaagg acctcaactg gaagagcaaa    129600
     aagaatgcat ctcccctggg gcagcatcag ggaaacctag tccccagctt agcccagcca    129660
     tcaccttatg tttttttctc catcctgcat tctggggatt tccctgctcc actacaaatc    129720
     caaccacacc ccatacctgc ttgggatcct gggagaaggg ttggaatttc accttgggct    129780
     gcctataggt tcaaactttc aactctattt ccaaatcctc ctgacctgac ctgacctgac    129840
     ctgacctgac ctgacctctg taactccagt tcatctttgc tgcccttgtg gaccatacac    129900
     cgcatcaggg atacaacagc aaaggaaaga gcccaagttg gagccttggt tatcatggtt    129960
     agaacagcaa ggggtagaat actgggaaag gcagacagag aaaaacatga aactcacaaa    130020
     gaagttcata gaaaaactga acaaactgtt ccacctcaac agccataatg caactggtga    130080
     gttaactgca ctagaaatcc caactttcaa gatccccaag gggttgcccc taggcaccat    130140
     gtctttaccc cagaaaatat tacccatgga gactctagaa ttcagagagc cactgttcta    130200
     gtttaagtcc aaatgtgaag gttagaaaag tacctgggtg gggtgtgtac tcattggagg    130260
     gtcctaccag taactgaacc cagtgaaaat ggctgagaga gaggtcttgc ctaggctatc    130320
     acataatctg caatgtgttc tgtggtgggt actataacca aggatactgt gaattaacct    130380
     atgatggcca cctttatatc actctgaaaa agcacttgca caagtcaata agtcagctga    130440
     gatcctcagg agtaagtgag agggggacag tttggcaagg aagttaaagt cttccctgaa    130500
     gggaactaga aggaattgct tctgacacag atggactatg gggaagagat ttttgcagag    130560
     aacaggtaag aatgaaattg ctcccatctg ctcagagact tcaagatagt ctgatgaggt    130620
     cttcagaata gtgtggaaag tcttttttat atgagcaccc catctgcatt gaagcagatg    130680
     tagggttcaa agtgacaccc gggacccaac caaaatgctg gagtagtcta ttcaccaggt    130740
     tcaagtgaga atgcttgaat cctacttaga agggggaact aaatagtcat aggaggcaaa    130800
     gagagcaaga aatctgggtg agagaggaca gggagacgag aagagagggc aggaccaggc    130860
     atggggagaa acagaagaga ggcccaaatg tccaggagaa taaatgaaaa tctgaagttg    130920
     ctggggctgg gggattctct aggaagtccc agagatccaa gatgtgggag gctcccagga    130980
     gtcaaggcag gtggccttag ctgaaatgct caacagtggg gatatggaaa ctgaagagac    131040
     cacgtccagt agacagacag catactcagt ggaggaatgg ggacacccac ctacaagtcc    131100
     tatgacccca aattggtcct gtctgagaca aatgcaggga caaagatgga gcagagacta    131160
     aaggaatggc caaccagtga ctggaccatt ttgagatcta tcccatggac aggtaccaat    131220
     ctctcacact attaatgata ctatgttatg cttgcagaca ggaacctaga atagtagccc    131280
     tctgagaagc tctacccagc agctgactga gacaaatgca gacacccaca ttagacaaac    131340
     attggacaga gatcagggcc acctaagaaa aaattagggg aagagttgaa gaccttcaaa    131400
     gagatggcaa acccacagga agaccaaaag ctcaactaac ctggacactt gggagctccc    131460
     gaagactgag ccaccaacca aagatcatac actggctgac ccaaggcccc cagtacatat    131520
     gtagccgaga gctgccttgt ctgacctcag tgggagagga tgcaccagag tggggggatg    131580
     cagggtgaaa gctgccttct cagaagcaaa gaggagggga gatttgggaa agaactcttc    131640
     aagggaggac aggaagaggg aacagcattt ggaatgtaaa taaataagta aataaataaa    131700
     taactttttt aaaaaagaaa agagaaatat ggatttcaat agtaattata cttttgtgga    131760
     tatcaatcca tatttgccat gttaagaact cagaattgcc gggtagtggt ggcacatgcc    131820
     tttaatccca gcacttggga ggcagaagca ggtggatttc tgacttcgag gccagcctgg    131880
     actacagagt gaattccagg acaaccaggg ctatactgag aaaccctgta aaaacaaaac    131940
     aaaaaaagaa ctcataattt tgagacattt gctttatgaa gagtttatta tctgattgta    132000
     tgcagactat ttcaagagaa aaatagctat tttccaaatt acactgatat gataaataat    132060
     aactagaatg ttaacttttg tgcatgttct caccttttcc atttgtatat ccttgcttag    132120
     ctttctggct gttttgaaaa tcaggaatgt acctgttcag agaaatatgt cagagggata    132180
     atttatacac attcattttt cagtcctccg tctccacctt gtgtttgctt gccagtatta    132240
     cagttgcctt taatggccag aggaggggga cagaaaccat taagtttcag caacttttga    132300
     tctgggaaac ctggatgatc agaatacaca agagcaacca gtgctcctca cttctgagcc    132360
     ctctccccga tcaaagagga tttgttttca tgagcatctt cagaagagtg tagttcatat    132420
     ccagaaaatt ccacttcagt cccacgaggt ctttggaggc cctggaatgc aggaatctct    132480
     gtagtattgt catcctagtt gttaaggtca aagaaagttt gctgtctgac agccctaaag    132540
     aaactaggct tggctatcca tccaaaataa gtcaactgaa gagacaagaa ctgggaaaag    132600
     aactggggcc tcactgggta tgctgtgggg gaagatttgc gggacactaa atccagctgg    132660
     acttcagtca taatgaccta gaatgtcccc taaagatgac accaactgga gaacaggtgt    132720
     tcaaaaaatt aagcctattg agggtatttc tcattcaaac tatcacagag cttatctgta    132780
     aactgcacaa ctaacagaga acttgattgt gagcccactt tgttttaaga ttaattttta    132840
     ttctttttta catgtatgtc aatatatgta tgaggatgta cacagtaaca ccagacatac    132900
     tggatatccc cggagctgga gcaacaggtg tttgtgagcc acctattgga agtgcttgta    132960
     actgaaactg ggaacactgc tatctcaaga agctatggta gccactaatt caaatattca    133020
     aacccaggaa cacaatgttg ctaactttct tttgctgaat tccagagcct ggaacagggc    133080
     caggcaggtg acagactccc caacacttac ttaggactaa atctcaggag caggctgtgg    133140
     ctacctaaag gtggacctgg agcaggaata tagagggatt gtctcttcca tttgtacaag    133200
     agggacatcc tacatgcttt aagacaagag accttgacca gcaaattcta gagcccccaa    133260
     catacttggg gtacagcacc aaatctttgg gcaagggagg aaattgtctg aggcactgtg    133320
     aggtagtcag aagggagggg gcatctcaag aacaggaagt cctcctcatc cagcattcct    133380
     gctgcttcct atcaccaaga cctacccagg ccacagctac ccagccatga gagctgcccc    133440
     atgccacaac accaaacttg gacaccacaa ttaggcacca ataccacatc agaaccaagg    133500
     aatgatgggt gtgtggtcat ggatgtgaca aagtgagtct acatctgcat aggacccaag    133560
     ctggggacaa ggagcaggat gcctggttcc tcacaaagaa ctgtggaata tgatcattga    133620
     attcacaggg tagagagtct ctgtctttta gtctaacctg catttgagga ggactgtgct    133680
     atacctaagg ttggaggtta atggagggat catgctggtg tcatggggga tagtgagcag    133740
     atgtctgggc tcagggtcat gagaaccctg ccagtatcac tttatcattc tcagttcatg    133800
     ctacttctaa tctaggccct ctgaagacag tctccatgac cactgacaga gcagccaact    133860
     cccatcccct ttatctccct tagatccttg tgttccagga agacaagact ttgcacagat    133920
     ggcctgaacc actcaagaaa gcaacatgac attgtggcat aatgaataag actacagaga    133980
     ccccaggatc aaggaccagg agtacacata gtcttcactt ccccatgcct acgttgattc    134040
     tgtctatgat acctgcatct gggattggag ccagaggatg tttgtgaaca gtagcagaag    134100
     gcaaggaacc agggaaagcc actcatcccc agacagtgct cccaggatac caggcccaag    134160
     agctaggtta attaaggaag cagggctctg gaaatgctgt tcccaggaat taatctttct    134220
     actactcaac cagctaaagt ctctgtcatt gtcactgggg actcatactc tgcctatcac    134280
     acaggatgag gaccatgaca tcaggtgccc tcagctcctc aaattgcagg gacaatgact    134340
     ctgaagacag cagtgtgggg tcatgagact ttgcaggaag gattgaggat gaatcatcag    134400
     agaagctatg cctccatttg ccctaccata tcctccctgc tccacttttt gggggcacct    134460
     tctgagttct cttctcagtc atgcccaaag cctcctgttc tgatccaagc ctcaacaaag    134520
     gtgttctggg aagagaattg ggttttacca cacaatatcc ccaggcttac aatcactgca    134580
     gtatgtctat acactcttgt caagtgttgg cctcatgtag atgttatgag ggcagaattc    134640
     agtttgtgga attccacaga aacgggactg agccactgag gtccttcatg aataaggagg    134700
     ggcatagtat tggtggggaa agactcagag tgtcctgaaa gtcacaaggg gttccaaaga    134760
     aaaacagaaa atctctcagc ttctaaacag caaagctcta caagagagtg gtctgagttc    134820
     agaagtcagg acccctccat cttcccacag acagaccaaa gtcacccatt tccactactt    134880
     aaaggtaagg ctccatcaaa ttgacccata gatacactgg aacctggagg gacttgagac    134940
     ctcactgggt tttagctgca gttaagggtt gaaaaggctt aatggtgtgg aggcaagtat    135000
     gactttgtgt gtgtggcact ggcaggcagc aattctgacc tcaatggcag gacaaggata    135060
     tcatactctg aagaatgtgc atggccatga attgcccaca aaaggatgct ttccttaagg    135120
     tgctatgagt gtgcctgccc tagtcacaga gagctcaccc tgaaggagag cataagctcc    135180
     tacagtgaag aaagcaagac tgctcagatg ctcaggtacc agagagacta tggtgattgg    135240
     catagagctg aagagttagt ttccaggagg gaagtagatg gagagtccca cccaagtgca    135300
     tggagatgct ccacacaaag ctgaaaactc tgtaggagag gtctctgctc acagataaga    135360
     gggaccctgt gataaccttg agtactgatt ctgtctttca tcaaaggggg atgagggtcc    135420
     gggggtttca gtttcagtat gagaaggact gaccaaaggg ttcaccttta caccaagtaa    135480
     ctgtctacta gcctgcctgc cacccagcct ttcctttcaa tgtgtatccc agagtgaacc    135540
     atgacatctc taaggcctga tctctgacca aacaccatgc ccttcaagtt ctgactccag    135600
     ggtgactgag tctctgaatc acccacccag aaccagccat ctgtttttcc tagacaaaga    135660
     cctgcagtct cctcctctgt gctggctcat gataattcag aaatgcttca aggaatagag    135720
     tatccaggtg gggagttgaa gctgctctgt agactctgta ccttcctcta tcccagaatg    135780
     taaaatgact gaaccttcca gtttttctca ttagacttac ccaaagacac ataggacaga    135840
     actgcaggtg atgtcaccct gaagtgctgg accctgggat ccttattgat gagctcagcc    135900
     tcagctggca gagggatggg aacatcagcc attgcccccc atcaaggcaa ttgttcttgc    135960
     ccttcttctt aaagccgtgg ttatccaaga tgtggtcatg tttctgtcat ggaagaggct    136020
     gagcaaaggt aagaaagggg caggctctga gttccagtct cctggggatt tcaagcctga    136080
     gctatttgta tgacctgccc cgccgggcgt ggtgacccac gcctttaatc ccagcactcg    136140
     ggaggcagag gcaggcggat ttttgagttc aaggctagcc tggtctacag agtgtgttcc    136200
     aggacaacca gggctacaca gagaaaccct gtctcaaaaa acaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa    136260
     acaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa attaatgacc tgccccataa gaggaaagtg gtttgcacat    136320
     ataggggctt actgttgggg cctgtgtgtg gagatttact gtattgtaaa tgaaatggtt    136380
     gatggattca ttattctaat gatggaggta atacaggcct gactcccagc agagattgtg    136440
     gagaaggtcc ccagtggtaa caaacatcca ggaggatatt tggtcctctt aacatatagt    136500
     cttgcattct gttttcacat gcttccctgg gtctacactt atacaactgg aaacttctct    136560
     gagataagag ctagggggct ccactggatc tccatgaatc aggagcctca cggtcctctc    136620
     ataaaatgtt ttctttccaa agatgaaata tgaggaatct atgctcaggc caacagtaag    136680
     tactgtgagg cctgatgtcc tgggattctt ggtagaacag acaggaaaca actgctttgg    136740
     ataatctact gagtcacata tgctagcatc agtgggaaaa ccattaataa gagatcagaa    136800
     aacaaaagag gttatcacta gggaaatgct caagcttgtc caagacaccc aagagggaaa    136860
     actcaattcc aagcaaataa taggctgcag agtgctgaaa gccaatatct catatcagta    136920
     ttcccagcca tgggcccaga gcctcagacc aggactgaat tgtgatcagc caggacctaa    136980
     ctcagagtca catcactgtg agtgacatga acagagattt ttgcaaagtt cacagaactc    137040
     tacagcagcc agtgtagact cccttcattt acaggtagtg gatctcattc cagatagctg    137100
     aataaaggac atgcctaagt gaaaactatt actccaaaat gttgaacctg catctgttcc    137160
     cacacagggt tagtagagct cttcttcctg cccagcctgg actcctttgc aatataatta    137220
     gaaatgtact gttcttgcac aacttaaaaa aaaaaaagtc cattcatcag caactgatac    137280
     cttaccaagt tgactacaac aaagataata tctaagctcc caagataaca ttggtgattt    137340
     tgagtccaag aattagtcac agtcaactta agggctcttt aatgcttcca aagttttcta    137400
     tggaaaatat gtgaccatat taaagactga ggttttgaca gtttgtacta aaagaacttg    137460
     gtcaaagaat gtcctacttc aaaataacat tcaataactt agcatccatt cagtgggcaa    137520
     gattctcctc tggctgtgaa tgcagccaat aatgagggat tcagtgatgt ttgagccttg    137580
     aggaagtacc acctctgccc atttagtgac ttatccatga gaaaaattta caattagccc    137640
     acttggttgg caaattcctt taatctcagc aatttggagc cagtagcaga tggatgtatg    137700
     agtgctaagc aagcctggtc tacatccaca cttccaggac agccaggctg catactgaga    137760
     tgatgtttca aaagaaagct aatgtgaagg gtccttgatg atcctgcaga agaccagagt    137820
     tgattcccag cacttgagtc tggcaggtca catgttcctt aactccagat ccagggttcc    137880
     ttacgaactt ttctcaaaca tatgagtacc tgccccttgc aatcacacag aaatacatac    137940
     aaataaaatg gagtcttgag attgtttctc ctaaattata tctgtgaaaa tgaatttttc    138000
     tgtgtttcaa atataaaaaa aaactgcaaa aaggatgaca aaaaatacta tgaactgtgg    138060
     aagggaagat gaaaatcaga actccctgaa atgttaaata tacaaaaagt tttctgagag    138120
     cattgtttca ttttggaaat ttgtttttac tctttttatt cagcttatat gcaattagtt    138180
     atttgtatct acactgaatc aaaacacttg aaacctccag ttcctaccat gatagtatga    138240
     attgttataa tccatacaag tacagtcatc atagaaggat aaacaaagtc taagtaagtg    138300
     caaagattct gacattgaaa catttgacaa ttactgactt actggcctct gggcaatgac    138360
     tcaaggatgt tgtgacctgg accagatgac agacttgttc ttcgaaatgg atgccaggat    138420
     accagaatgc agaactgggt gtaagatggg taggaggact caagaacatc cctacacacc    138480
     caggaattaa tctctccaag acccacctca tcaggtctac ttcaatacct ttggaaaatc    138540
     taagagaaac caatcagcat caggcacatc agggttatag agtcaagaaa taccagccct    138600
     gattgagact tcattcatgt cacagaatga ggaaccctgg accctgtaaa ctccttctcc    138660
     tcttgttggt tgctttggcc atgaacccag cataatgcag gttgctgcag ggattgaagg    138720
     gacttggcct tttggggagc aggacacagc atctggaatg atcatctctg catcttctcc    138780
     cttgcttaac cagacattcc ctgatgccct agctggatca ctcctgaccc tctcctgcat    138840
     cccaggtcca cagacatgcc agcacccctt ctgtgttcct taccaacctg ctctggggcc    138900
     aggctgaaga gtcagtgttt caatgtgccc cacacacagg ctcacactag ttgcagactt    138960
     taaacattgt gattttgggc ctggcatgtt ggaggtcatc caggtcagct atgtagactc    139020
     catacagttt cagggagtca acagcaaaga accaactgca aggatacaac tttgggctgc    139080
     ttagatggag caggagccac ctgaatattg ggaaaagaga aaacacaagt cctgtacttg    139140
     tcacagacca atgagttctt cagttcatgg tggattacta tgaacataga ttggatggtg    139200
     agtcatctca agcctgaggt tgattcctca atgccctctt ggctggctca ataaccccac    139260
     tctagtttcc caaatcagag attcagccat agttgaaggg acctctggga agttttgacc    139320
     agagagaacc acacactgtg acctatttag gagtttagtt ggggacaaaa tcccagtaga    139380
     gggagaagcc tcacagtgat gagagactga atgggagtgg ggcagaatat cacaccctgc    139440
     agggaatgta tggctgcagt gtggccaatg atgggagctt ccttcttggt cactattgat    139500
     tcacttactg tggttatgat tacatcatcc tgaatgagac cctgagctct tggaatgcac    139560
     aggacaaggt agctcaaatg ctgaagagtt cctgggagac tgaagacatg acagaaagtt    139620
     ggaagactta cctgcaaggg gagtgtgtgg aaagacttct tagatgcctg gacattggaa    139680
     aggagacctt gctgcactct ggtaagagag gcccttgaca accccttctg ctttctgaca    139740
     ttggagcccc tgcctccctg aggcctcctc ctcagcaggg agcagctgga atgcttacac    139800
     tgtcttgcat caaaggggaa agagagctcc ttggtttcct gactcaacat gagagaggga    139860
     ctctccagag gattcagcct tctcccagga cagttcagtg tgtccattaa cagcagttca    139920
     cttccatctc aggcctgatc actgtccatg tatgatgaca ttgaatgtct gactccaggg    139980
     ttgctgagtc cctagacccc tccccagtca gaaccagaag tatatatgtt tagaaggaga    140040
     ctcaaagtct cctgctctgt gttggcacat agttatttta taatattcca aggaatagat    140100
     catccagatc ctgagtgtag gcttctgtgt ggactcagct ccctccctca tccatgtcta    140160
     ccatcctttc cagggacggt cccatgaaca ctgctcaggc cccaggagca gtgcaaaata    140220
     cctgaatttt ccaattgttc ccctcagatg ccccccccaa cacatgtgac ccaccatgta    140280
     agacctgaag ggaatgtcac cctgaggtgc tgggccctgg gcttctacct agctgatatc    140340
     accatgactt ggaagaggga tgggaacaac cacacccaag acatggagct gccagacccc    140400
     aggcctgcag gggatggaac cttccagaag ggggcagctg tggtggttcc ttctggagaa    140460
     gagctgagat acacatgtca tgtgcaccat gaagcctttc actctgaaat ggggtaaggt    140520
     gtgggtgtga gcacacactt ggctcttgga aaaattgtga gctctttgaa aaatcagagc    140580
     agaatcaggg ttgagagcta gggtcagact cctcattctt cctttctctc cccaaagcct    140640
     ccgcaaacca tccccatcat aacaattctc atcggcctgg ttcttggaac ttgggtggtg    140700
     ggaactgtgg tcattttgct ggtgcggaag aaataaaggt aagaaagggg tagggtctga    140760
     atccttgtct ctctacagat ctgcagacca agctataaat gtaccctgcc tcattagggg    140820
     aaagatttat ccattcaggc actgggactt gtgtgctggc attaactcta tcataaagca    140880
     taaaggaaat atagaaagat ccacagttct cttgatggag gtgatggaga cctgattgtg    140940
     actccacaca aagaaggtcc ctgctgagaa cagacctaca gattgccact tactcctctt    141000
     tacttactat cttccatgtg cttcctcccc catccatgca ggtacagtta cagttctaga    141060
     aatctccatg ggttttgacc aggagatccc tcccactccc acaacattag tgctcccttt    141120
     gtctctcatt ggctgtgttc ttcccacaat tgtgaaagag gcacctataa ttcagcaaaa    141180
     gggaagccaa gtacccattg tgggtatgaa cacatttttt ctctgggcca tatagctact    141240
     gcctcttaac aggtcttgtg ctatactgcc ataggcatgg acagtgccca gagatctgat    141300
     gcatctctcc cagtaggata ggaagtactt aaaaaacata ttcctgagct tgggtcacat    141360
     cgtggacttg aattgttgtt agtatggatg cctgtttggt atcatggttt aacaaccact    141420
     aatcatattt ttttattcat tatttccttc catagtgtaa gatacaatct tctgtgactt    141480
     caaaagttcc tgacttttct ttcaatggct gacacctgtg tccaggtctc tgtctcctgt    141540
     cgggagaggc aggtctggga gaccgacatc agaaaatgac cttcagtttc caatgagctg    141600
     taaatttatt tttccatgtt taacatgaga aatttgttaa tttcttattg tttgacttct    141660
     tcctatggtg tatttaatga gtaaacccaa tcaaagcaag acgaataaca tagcaactct    141720
     gtcttgagaa gttgaaatcc attcattggg tcttctctgt ctttttctga gtgccattct    141780
     ttcccttcaa cctcatattt aaatttaatt tctcttccta ataaacttca acttttattc    141840
     atactggttg tcttaaattt tattctttcc aagacaagaa tctcatcttc acttaagtgg    141900
     aggtttcttg taaatgacag ttttatttcc tcagatgatg atataagatg aaagctgaac    141960
     cttagctctg ggaatatgca gcttgggctg aacccagagc atgtcctttt ctgttctaac    142020
     taacccaagg ccttgacctg caagctatca gcctccatac catctaatct tccaagctaa    142080
     ctgattcaat cctgcttttc tcagcttctg actgaattgc tttgttggcc tcatactaaa    142140
     tttggcaacc tgttctaaat cctctggctc catctcaatc tctgtctact tctgtcttca    142200
     ccttgtatgt cttgtatgtt atgttctctc tgtaatctaa ctttgtagaa atgtcatggt    142260
     aaaactgcaa tacaaatata acataccaca ccacacttta ctctcttgct gctgttctca    142320
     tgagagttga ccatatccca ggtatgactt gttctttcaa atatttctct aatccatcat    142380
     tttgtctggc cctcatctag attccacttt caaacatggt tgcttacttc tactaactaa    142440
     tatttgcttc attgctgggg attaaaagtg tatactaagg gtgtgtctgc attccagcca    142500
     gattatatct ttggatagga tcccttgcaa gagcaaccag gttgctgcat taaaattcct    142560
     ctagaatttc taaacagaag accttacaca tgcaccatgt agctgtgtac cctgcataaa    142620
     actgggactg cccttgttcc tgctgaccag aaggactctc tgaaacaaca ttggacaggt    142680
     tgcttgtcta tcactgagct gctcttttgc tttgcctgtc acctacaacc cttcctgcga    142740
     gatacacaag tattgtataa gagaaagatt agcatcagga aactaggaat tactacaact    142800
     ttcctcctca gtaagaaaaa aatattagcc atagaatcct gggagtagtg tttggacact    142860
     agtttcttta atcaaatcca tgtcctccta gtcctgtcca cagatcctgc tgagtcccaa    142920
     cacagggacc aataagtcag taattctcaa tcagttcatg gaaaaatgcc tatatatgct    142980
     tagggcttat gtagatctca gtaataaata tgctcatgtg tattggatca atttatattg    143040
     actgtattag gaagtgcaag ttttaagata tttactttca ctaaagacaa tatcaaataa    143100
     ctataatctg aggacaaaag tggactcagt gacccagggc aatcaacata gttactcatg    143160
     gctgtcaaaa ttatatcaga aattagctga atcccaagac actaggtaca cttaggaggt    143220
     gtgtgtttgc ttgtttgttt cttcttttgt tcttgtcgtt tttgttgttt ttgtaattat    143280
     tctcctcctc ctcctctttc tcctcctcct tctcttcctc ctcctcctcc tcctcctcct    143340
     cctcctcctc ctcctccttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcctc ttcttcttct    143400
     tcttccttac taaatcttga agtggaaaga cctttttact gattcattct gaatttcaca    143460
     acatgcacca caatcccatt cctctcctgt ccctccatac ccattctctt tccatgcaaa    143520
     ctctcgctcc taaaagaaaa agggggaaag aggctcattg tggaaactgt agtgtatctc    143580
     aatgtgtctc acagtatatt tgtctacagt tctttatttg caaatattca ttggaatgca    143640
     tcattagtct gtgttaaagg ttctgtcttc tactatactc tcaataccca ggactcctgt    143700
     tggaaacctt gtgattgacc tgtgtcaaga agatcctgca gcttgagatc tgttggccaa    143760
     ccccttcatg tgcttcatag atgggacaca tgttggagtg gaccaactca aagccctgaa    143820
     cctgagcctg ggaagtagct gaactggtgg ttaagttgtc agatattctg caccatcacc    143880
     attaggacag gctctccatc actgccccca gctagctcac ccagggctat acccagcaag    143940
     agacagagtt agctctcctg ctctcatgcc cttggtttac tggcacccat gccagcaggg    144000
     ctctattgta ttgcccagac aagattcagg gcctagtttg ccaagtgttg cagttagtga    144060
     ggaacagggc cagcttcata aacttggtgc caactctcct gacctgacac aggtggcaag    144120
     agataaaggg agggcccatt tctatcaacc acaacattgc atggcagatg tgtggcagag    144180
     ccagatttcc catgatcatg cccatggggc atgctccccc acaacccctg caagcaaagg    144240
     gccagaaaac tgcttcttgg gagagatatg gggcctgctc tcctgagtac tgcagatggc    144300
     ccagttttcc tgctctcagg catttaggcc agctctgtca gggttcccag gtaatgatgg    144360
     ccagatccac tgggccctca gatatcaaca ggaccccaga aagcagacca gaccaggaat    144420
     acccactagg tattgatagt aatatatctc ctctcctgta ggaccacgaa tcctgtcatg    144480
     cccttaacag caacatctgc caggacctca aaatggccat agatgtcatc accagctact    144540
     cacattaggc tattcctcac tactgtcaag tctctagttc tggttatcta cattgttcac    144600
     acatccttct gcttcttttt ctcttccatc tctccaccat gtacttgctt atctcagaca    144660
     ctccttgggc ctctgggtat ctgagtatct ggggtcatct caggagtgct atgccctgtc    144720
     tctgtgtggc attgagcagg ggtcatcttg ggcttgctct gtccacccag gacacaggag    144780
     tctgttctgg tggtcatctt tggcatatgg ggaaggcaca cttttaattt ggatctcctg    144840
     aattgtccag atacaccttt atactgagcc aaaccctatg ctggctgccc ctataaaaaa    144900
     acatggaagg aggaatgttt tctgctctta tctaccttcc ctcactctgg ctggaatcca    144960
     ttccttcact agctttagag tctgcctcag gattctggtg tatacagaag tcgggttgaa    145020
     atattcagtc tcatgaattt aacaactact gtatacttgt actttcctta actagaaagt    145080
     gattgttgga ctaccttgac cacagcttgt aagacattct aataaatacc ttttatgtac    145140
     acacatacac acatgtccac actcatatct acatatgcaa atatacacat acatacatat    145200
     atgcacataa catatacaaa tatatactta tcccataagt tctctttcta tagaggactg    145260
     tgactaatat tgtcttattt tgcagactca gtgtctgtga gccctgatcc tcatggctct    145320
     tgttcagggc aggggtctct aagagactct ctctgtttgg aacatcagag cctggatctc    145380
     agatgtatca ggaaagtctg ggcatggcaa tagaagtaac ttgcccaaat gatatagcca    145440
     aaggctttta tgcacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacatacaca    145500
     cacaaaacct ggttgacaca tttcagttag caataacagt tagcaaagaa tggaactaca    145560
     gaggccaaaa tgtaacatta gtaaagtcag gcactttacc agacctatgg actgtgatgg    145620
     atttgggttt tgctctcatt tttgcagatg ttggggtttc cgtgttgtgc tcttaggtca    145680
     gaattgtgcc tctaacatag catcatttct gcaaagggct tggcagggtg ctttttcaat    145740
     atggccttga tgggggtgac cttgtcctag tatacagtat ccacataatc tcactgatat    145800
     atacacatga atagaacagc tagtcagact tctcatcaga gactatgaaa gccagaagaa    145860
     cctgaacaga tgtcatacag actaagagaa gataaatgct agccaaggtt actataccca    145920
     ccagaactct caataaccat aaagggaaga atcaaggtat tccatgacaa aaccaaattt    145980
     acacaataat tttttttcac atatccagcc cttcaaagga taataaaggg aaaactccaa    146040
     cacaaggagg gaaactacat tcctgaaaaa gaaagaaagt aatctttcaa caaacataaa    146100
     agaagatagc ctcatgaaca aaatgtcaac tctaacaaca aaaataacaa gaagcaaaaa    146160
     tggcttttcc ttaatatcac ttaatatcaa ttccccaata aaaagacata gactaacaga    146220
     ctggttacat aaacaggacc caacattttg cttcatacag gaaactcacg tctgtgagaa    146280
     agacatacac tacctcagag caaaaggctg gaaaacaatt ttcccagcaa atggtaccaa    146340
     gaaacaagct ggagtagcaa ttctaatatt gtataaaata aactttcaac ctaaagtaat    146400
     caaaaaacat aaggagggag atttcatact catcaaagat aaaatttacg aatatgaact    146460
     ttcaattctg cacatctatg ctccaaatgc aagggcatcc atatttatca aagaaacttt    146520
     agtaaacctc aaaacacaca ttgtaccaca caaaataata gtgggacact tcaacaccca    146580
     actctcatca aagacaaatg gacagatcct ggaaacagaa actaaacaga gacacagtga    146640
     aactaaaaga cattatgaaa caaatggatt gaacagatac ctacagaaca ttttatccta    146700
     aaacaaaaga atataccttc ttctcagcac ctcatggtac cttctccaaa attgatctta    146760
     taattggtca cacaacaggc ttcaacagat acaaaagtac tgaacttatc caatgcatcc    146820
     tatcacatta ccacagacta aggatgatct tcaataacag cataaataat aaaaaggaaa    146880
     cattcacgga gtttaacaac actgtattta ataacaactt ggtcaaggaa gaaataaaga    146940
     gattaaagac tttttagagt ttaatgaaaa tgaagccaca acatacccaa actaatggga    147000
     cacattgtaa gcagtccgaa gaggaaaact cacagctccg agtgccacca caaagaaact    147060
     agagagagta tacactagca gtctgacagc acacctagaa gctctagaat aaaggaaaac    147120
     caattcagcc aagaggagta gatggtagga aataatcaaa cttggggctg aaatcaacta    147180
     agtggaaaca aaaagaaata taaaaagaat gaaccaaact aggagctggt tcttttagaa    147240
     aaacaataag agagataaac ccttagccag cctaactaga aggcacaggg acagtatcct    147300
     aattaagaaa atcagaaatg aaaagggaga cataacaaca ggatctgaga aaatccaaaa    147360
     catcatcagc tcctgttacc tccttccagc ctagcaaggc tggctgtgac catccaccac    147420
     tgaggcagag ccacctgctg tgctgctcct ttgttgtgcc actacctgcc tgtggctcaa    147480
     cctgccagag gccgaacctg ttctcttcca agaatcttct ggagttaaca ccaaactgcg    147540
     atcttcctga gttcccacta aaaggctaac ctatctactt caaaggaact ttgcttggcc    147600
     aggaacgggc ctcccctttt ctttataaag cctgtttgct gacattaaaa ttgaaccttg    147660
     agcagagtct tgtcttggtt ccttccttat ctcgcgcagc ctagcccttc ttctcttcca    147720
     ggtttccaaa atgcctttcc aggctagaac ctgggtctgt gatctgctgg ccggacacaa    147780
     caagctccta ctacaaaagc ctcaacaaaa ctggaaaacc tggatgaaat ggacaatttt    147840
     ctagacagat accagatact aaagttaaat caggatcaca ttaacactct aaacaatccc    147900
     agaaagaaat agaaagagtc attaatagtc tccccccccc cccaaaaaaa aagcccagga    147960
     cctgatgggt ttagtgcaga gttctataag aacttcaaag gagacctacg tctaatactt    148020
     ctcaacgtat tccacaaata gaaacagaat gtactctatg aatttgttct atgaagccac    148080
     aattactctg atacctaaac cacaaaaaga cccaacaaag aaagagaact tcagaccaat    148140
     ttcccttatg aatttcaata caaacatact caataaaatt ctcataaacc aaatccaaga    148200
     acacatcaaa atgttcatcc atcctgatca agtaggcttc atcccaggga tacggggatg    148260
     gttcaatata tggaaatata tcaatataat ccactatata aacaaactca aagacaaaaa    148320
     acacatggtc atctcattag atactgagaa agcatttagc aaaaatccaa caactattca    148380
     tggtaaaagt cttgggaaga ccagaattca agacccatac ataaacataa taaaagcaat    148440
     atatagcaag caagtataca acatcaaact aaatggaaag aaactagaag caaacccact    148500
     caaatcaggg actagactag gctacctgct ctctccctac ctatttaata ttgtacttga    148560
     agtcctagcc agagcaatta ggcaataaaa ggagatcaaa ggaatacaaa ttggaaagga    148620
     agaagtcaaa atattactat gtgcagatga tatgatagta tgtataagtg accccaaaaa    148680
     ttctaccaga gagctcctaa acctgataaa cagcttcagt gaagtagctg gatataaaat    148740
     taactcaaac aaatcatttg cctttctcta cacaaaagat agacaggctg agaaagtaat    148800
     tagggaaacc acacccttca caatagtcac aaataatata aaatactttg gtgtgactct    148860
     aactaaggaa gtgaacaatc tgtatgataa gaatttcaag tctctgaaga aagaaattaa    148920
     agaagatgtt agaagatgga aagatctccc atgctcatgg attgtcagta ttagtatcat    148980
     caaaagggct atcttgtcat atcaatctgc agattcaatg caatccccat caaaattcca    149040
     actcaattct tcactagaaa gggcaatttg caaattcatc tggaataaca aaaaacctag    149100
     gatagcaaaa actattctca acaataaaag gacctctggg ggaatcacca tacctcacct    149160
     caagctgcac tacagagcaa ttgtgataaa aaactgcaag gtactggtac aatgacagac    149220
     agatagataa atggaataga atggaggtcc cagaaatgaa cccacagacc tatggtcact    149280
     tgatctttgt caaaggatct gaaaccatcc agtggaaaaa gaacagcatt tacaacaaat    149340
     tgtgttggtt taactggtgg ttatcatgta gaagaatgct aatttttcca ttcttatcac    149400
     cttgtacaaa gttagttcta agtggatcaa gcaaccccac ataaaaccaa agacactgaa    149460
     acttatagag gagaaagtgg gaaagagcct cgaagatgtg ggcacagggt aaaatttcct    149520
     gaaccgaaca tcactggctt gtgctgtaag atcaagaatg gacaaatggg acctcataaa    149580
     attgcaaagc ttctgaaagg caaaagacac tgtcaataag acaaagaggg aaaaaattgg    149640
     aaaaagatct ttaccaatcc taaatcagat agagagctat caatatatgt aaagaagttg    149700
     gacgaccaga gaaccaaata atcctattta aaatggggta cagagcttcc ctgccagagg    149760
     agaggtgttt gccccgcctg ggagggcttt gctggagcac ctgggggagt catcttggtt    149820
     cccagacccc tcagagacta gtctgcatag gtgagagtgt ggactacaga aggtaatagc    149880
     ttctgcgaca ggcagaagcc acacagcttc tgaggcagac cctgttttgt gttcaagaca    149940
     tcggggcacc ttccctgcca gaggagaggt gtccgccctg actgagaagg ctttgccaga    150000
     gcacctgggg gagcaatctt ggtcccagac cctcagagac tagtctgcac aggtgagagt    150060
     gtgaactaca gaagctaaaa actcctgtga caggcagaag ccacacacct tctggggcag    150120
     accctgtttt gggctccaga catccaggca ccttccctgc ctgaggaaat gtgtctacca    150180
     tgcctgggag ggctttgccg gagcacctag gggagccatc ttggttccgg gacccctcag    150240
     agactagtct gcgcaggtga gagtgtggac tacacaagct acacagcttc tgggacagcc    150300
     ggaagaaaca cagcttctgg gacaggatct gttttgggcc ttctcttctg ccagtagaca    150360
     ggtccaaatg ccagatacct gtgcaccttc cctgcaagag gagagcttgc ctacagagag    150420
     ttctctgacc actgaaactc aggagagagc tactcagcca ggtctgctga tagaggctaa    150480
     cagaatcaca ggcagaacaa gctctaacca gagacaacta taacaactta ctccagagat    150540
     taccagatgg caaaaggcaa acataagaat cttactaaca gaaaccaaga ccactcacca    150600
     tcatcagaac ccagcactcc caactcaggc agtcctggat acccccaaca cacccgaaaa    150660
     actagaaccg gatttaaaag catatctcat gatgatggta gaggacatca agaaggactt    150720
     taataactca cttatagaaa tacaggagaa cattgctaaa gaggtacaag tccttaaaga    150780
     aaaatagaag aacaaaatca tgcaggtata attccttaaa gaaaaacaga aaaacacaac    150840
     caaacaggtg atggaattga acaaaaccat acaagaccta aaaaagggaa gtagacacaa    150900
     taaagaaaac ctaaagtgag gcaacgctgg agatagaaac cctaggaaag aaatctggaa    150960
     ccatagatac aagaatcagc aacaaaatac aagatatgga agagagaatc tcaggtgcaa    151020
     atgattccat agagaacatg ggcacaacaa tcaaagaaaa tgcaaaatac aaaaagatcc    151080
     taagtcaaaa catccaggaa atccaggaca caatgagaag accaaaccta cggataatag    151140
     gaattgatga gaatgaagat tttcaactta aagggccatc aaatatcttc aacaaaatta    151200
     tagaagaaaa cttcccaaac ctaaagaaag agatgcccac gaacatacaa gaagcctata    151260
     gaactccgaa tagactggac cagaaaagaa aaaaaagaaa aaaaaaaagt ctagaccaga    151320
     aaagaaattc ctcccgacac ataataatca gaacaacaaa tgcactaaat aaagatagaa    151380
     taataaaagc aataagggaa aagggtcaag taacatataa aggcaggcct atcagaatta    151440
     caccagactt ttcaccaggg actatgaaag ccagaagatc ctggacagat gttatacaga    151500
     cactaagaga acacaaatgc cagcccaggc tactataccc agccaaatgt tcaattacca    151560
     tagatggaga aaacaaagta ttccagacaa aatcaaattc acacattatc tttccacaaa    151620
     tccagccttt caaaggatag taacagaaaa aaaaaataca aggatggaaa ccacccccta    151680
     gaaaaagcaa gaaattaatc cttcaatgaa cctaaaagaa aaccgccaaa agaatagaat    151740
     gccaactcta acaacaaaaa taataggaag caacaattac ttttccttaa tatctcttaa    151800
     tatcaacaga ctcaattccc caataaaaag acatagacta atagactggc tacacaaata    151860
     agacccaaca ttttgttgct tacagggaaa aagacataca ctacctcaga gtgaaaggct    151920
     ggaaaacaat tttccaagca aatggactaa agaaacaagc tggagtagcc attctaatat    151980
     cgaataaaat cgacttccaa cctgaagtta tcaaaaaaga caaggaggga cacttcatac    152040
     tcttcaaagg taaaatcttc caagaggaag actcacttct gaatatctat gctccaaatg    152100
     caaggacagc cacattcatt aaagaaactt tagtaaagct caaagcacac actgcacctc    152160
     tcacaataat agtgggagac ttcaacacac cactttcatc aaaggacaga tcttggaaac    152220
     agaaactaaa caggggcaca gtgaaactaa cagaagttat gaaacaaatg gattgaacag    152280
     atatctacag aacattttat cctaaaacaa agggatatac tttcttctca gcaactcatg    152340
     gtaccttctc caaaattgac catataattt gtcacaaaag aggcctcaat agatacaaaa    152400
     aatttgaaat tatcccatgc atcctatcag atcaccatgg actaaggctg atcttcaata    152460
     acaacataaa taataaaaag ccaacattaa cgtggaaact gaacaacact ctactcaatg    152520
     atacgttgtc aaggaaggaa taaagaaatt aaagactttt tagagtttaa tgaaaatgaa    152580
     gccacaacag actcaaactt atggtagaca atgaaagcat ttctaagagg aaaactcata    152640
     gctctgagtg cctccaaata gaaaagagaa agagcacaca ctagcagctt gacaagacac    152700
     ctaaaagctc tagaacaaaa ggaagcaaat tcacccaaga agagtagaca gcaggaaata    152760
     atcaaactca ggggcaaaat caaccaagtg gaaacaagaa gaactattca aagaatcaac    152820
     caaaggagga gctggttctt tgagaaaatc tgcaagatag ataaaccctt agccagattc    152880
     actagagggc acagggacag catcctaatt aacaaactca gaagtgaaaa tggagacata    152940
     acaacagatc ctgaagaaat acaaaacacc atcagatcct tctacaaacg cctatactca    153000
     acaaaactgg agaacctgga tgaaatggac aaatttctag acagatacca ggtaccaaag    153060
     ttaaatcagg atcagattaa tgatctaaac agtcctacat cccctaaaga aatagaagca    153120
     gtcattaata gtctcccaac caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag cccaggacca    153180
     gatgggttta gtgcagagtt ctatcagact ttcaaagatc taattccagt tcttcacaaa    153240
     ctattccaca aaatagaagc agaatgtact ctacccaatt cattttatga agccacaatt    153300
     actctgatac ctaaaccaca gaaagaccca acaaatatag agaacttcag accaatttcc    153360
     cttatgaata tcgacgctaa aatactcaat aaaattctca ctaaccgaat ccaagaacac    153420
     accaaaacaa tcatccatca tgaccaagta ggttttattc ctgggatgca gggatgattt    153480
     aatatacata aatccatcta cgtaatccat tatataaaca aactcaaaga caaaaaccac    153540
     aataaactaa caagatgatc aatctcatta gatgcagaga aagcatttga caaaatccaa    153600
     cacccattca tgataaaagt cttagaaaga tcaagaaatc aaggcccata cctaaacatg    153660
     ataaaagcaa tctacagcaa accagtagcc accatcaaag taaatggtga gaagctggaa    153720
     gcaatcccac taaaatcagg gactagacaa ggcccaccta ttaaacataa aacttgaagt    153780
     tctagccaga gcaatttgac aacaaaagga gatcaagggg atacaaatta gaaaggaaga    153840
     agtcaaaata tcactttttg cagatgatat gattgtatat ataagtgacc ctaaaaatta    153900
     caccagagaa ctcctaaacc tgatatacag cttcggtgaa gtagctggat ttaaaattaa    153960
     ctccaacagt caatggtctt tctctacaca aaggataaaa aggctgagaa agaaattagg    154020
     gaaacaagac ccttcacaat agtcacaaat aatataaaat accttggcga aactctaact    154080
     aaggaagtga acgatctgta taataagaac ttcaagtctc tgaagaaaga aattaaaaaa    154140
     gatctcagat gatggaaaga tctcccatgc tcatggattg gcaggatcat tatagtaaaa    154200
     atggctatct tgccaaaagc aatctacaga ttcaatgcaa tccccatcaa aatcacaact    154260
     caattcttca acgaattaga aagggcaatc ttcaaattca tctggaataa caaaaatcct    154320
     aggatagcaa aaactcttct caacaataaa ataacctctg gtggaatcat catgcctgac    154380
     ctaaacctgt actacagagc aattgtgata aaaactgtgt ggtactggta tagtgacaga    154440
     caagtagacc aattaaatag aactgaagac ccagaaatga acccacacac ctatggtcac    154500
     ttgatctttg acaagggagc taaaaccatc cagtggaaaa aagacagtat tttcaacaaa    154560
     tggtggtggc acaactggag gttatcatgt agaagaatgc gaagtgatcc attcctatct    154620
     ccttgtacta aggtcaaatc taagtggatc agggaactcc acataaaaca gtgaaactaa    154680
     tagaggagaa agtggggaaa agcctcgaag atgtgggcac aggggaaaaa ttcttgaata    154740
     gaacagcaat ggcttgtgct ttaagatcga gaattgacaa atgggacctc atgaaactcc    154800
     aaagcttctg caaggcaaaa gacaccgtca ataagacaaa aagaccacca acagactggg    154860
     aaatgatctt tacctatcct aaatcagata ggggactaat atccaatata tataaagaac    154920
     tcaaggaggt ggactccaga aaatcaaata aaggcattaa aaaatggggc tcagacctaa    154980
     acaagtaatt ctcacctgag gaataccgaa tggctgagaa gcacctgaaa aaaatgttca    155040
     gcatccgtaa tcatcaggga aatgaaaatc aaaacaaccc tgagattcta cctcacccca    155100
     gtcagaatgg ttaagataaa aaattcaggt gacagcagat gctggcaagg atgtggagaa    155160
     agaggaacac tcctccattg ttggtgggat tgcaagcttg tacaaccact ctggaaatca    155220
     ttctggcact tccttagaaa attggacata gtactaccgg aggatcccgc aatacctctc    155280
     ctgtgcatat atccagaaga tgttccaact ggtaagaagg acacttgctc cattatgttc    155340
     attgcagcct tatttataat agcctgaagc tggaaagaac ccagatgccc ctcaacagag    155400
     gaatggatac agaaaatgtg gtacatttac acaagggagt actactcagc tattaaaaag    155460
     aatgaattta tgaaattcct aagcaaatgg atggacctgg aggacatcat cttgagtgag    155520
     gtaacccaat cacaaaggaa ctcgcacaat atgaactcac tgataagtgg atatttgccc    155580
     agaaacttag gatacccaag atatatagca agcaagtaga caacatcaaa ctaaatggaa    155640
     agaaactaga agcaaaccca ctcaaatcag ggactagact aggctacctg ctttctccct    155700
     acctatttaa tatagtactt gaagtcctag ccagagcaat taggcaataa aaggagatca    155760
     aaggaataca aattggaaag gaagaagtca aaatattact atgtgcagat gatatgatag    155820
     tatgtataag tgaccccaaa aattctacca gagagctcct aaacctgata aacagcttca    155880
     gtgaagtagc tggatataaa attaactcaa acaaatcatt tgcctttctc tacacaaaag    155940
     atagacaggc tgagaaagta attagggaaa gtagatgctc acagtcagct attggatgga    156000
     acacagggcc cccaatggag gagttagaga aagtactcaa ggagctaaag tggtcagcaa    156060
     ccctataggt ggaacaacaa tatgaactaa ccagtttccc ccggagctcg tgtctctagc    156120
     tgcatatgta tcagacgatg gcctagttgg ccatcattgg gaagagactg cccttggtcc    156180
     tgcaaacttc atatgcctca gtaaggagga acgccagggc caagaagtgg gagtgggtgg    156240
     gaaagggagt gggggtggtc tgggggactt tggggatagc atttgaaatg taaatgaaga    156300
     aaatatctaa tttaaaaaga aatttaaaaa tggggtacag agctggatag tggtggcaca    156360
     catctttaat cccagcactt gggaggcaga ggcaggtgga tttctgattt cgagtccagc    156420
     ctggtctaca gattgagttc caagacagcc aggtctatac agagaagcac tgtctcaaaa    156480
     aaccaaaaaa agaaaacaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaggaggg gaggggtaca gagctaaaca    156540
     aagaattctc aactgaggaa tacagaatgg ctgagaagca ccaaaaaatg ttcaacctcc    156600
     ttaatcatca gggtaacgta aatcaaaaca atcctgagat tccatgtcac accagtcaga    156660
     atggctaaga tcaaacattc aggtgacagc agatgctggt gaagatgtgg agaaagagga    156720
     acactcctcc attgctggtg ggcttccaag ctggtaccac cactctggaa atccatttca    156780
     tggttcctca gaaaattggg catagtacct cgggaagatc cagcagtacc actcctgggc    156840
     atatacccag aagatgttcc aacttgtaat aaggacacat gctccactat gttcataaca    156900
     tctttattta tactagctag aagctggaaa gaacttagat gtccctcaac agaggaatga    156960
     atacagaaaa tgtggtacat ttacacaatg gtgtattata tagcaattaa aaacaatgaa    157020
     tttataaaat tcttaggcaa atggatggct ctagaggata tcatcctgag tgaggtaacc    157080
     caatcccaaa agaacccaca tgatatacac tcactggtaa gtggatatta gataaaaaac    157140
     tcagaatacc taaggtacaa tttgcaaaac acatgaaaat caagaaggaa gaacaaagtg    157200
     tggacaattc gatccttctt aaaatgggga acattatccc catggaagga gttacagagc    157260
     aaagtttgga gcagagactg aagaaatgac catccagaga ctgccccatc tggagatccg    157320
     tcccataacc aaccacccaa cctagactct attacaaatg ccaataagat tttgctgaca    157380
     tgagcctgat atagtagttt catgagaggc tctgccagtg cctggcaaat acagaactgg    157440
     atgtgaacag ttatccattg gatggagcac agggtccccc aatgaaggag ctagagaaag    157500
     tacccaagga tctgaagggg tttgcaacac aataggagga acatcaattg aactaatcag    157560
     taccctatag ggccctagag gactctccat accgcaggac ccctagcaca tccaggacct    157620
     cgtgatcacc agagagcact tgggcgacag aagcaacaga gcttcttgga cagggtcccg    157680
     tcaggccttc atcctcagcc agaaagcaga gctgagacct agacacctag gcaccttcct    157740
     tgccagagga gagttggcct atagggaggg ctctgacccc aggactcagg aggcggaaca    157800
     gagctccaga cttctggaca catgcccctg caagaggaga gcttgcctgc agagagtgct    157860
     ctgacgactg ggactcaggt aagagttgga ctcccaggat gctgacagag gctaacagaa    157920
     tcacaggagg atcaagctcc atccagagac agcttgagca ttaccatcag agattattag    157980
     atggcgaaag gcaaacataa gaatcttact aacagaaacc aagaccactg tgcatcatca    158040
     gaacccagaa cacccaccac agcaagtcct ggatacccca acacacccga aaagcaagag    158100
     tcagatttaa aatcatatct catgatgttg gtagaagatt ttaagaaggg cattaataac    158160
     tcacttaaag agatacagga gaacactgct aaacaggtag aagcccttaa agaggaagca    158220
     caaaaatccc tcaaggaatt acaggagaac actgctaaac tggtagaagt ccttaaagaa    158280
     ctacaggcaa acactgctaa acaggcagaa gtccttaaag aagaaacaca aaaatgaaga    158340
     actatgaagg ggaaaagaga gactcctaat ttctatattt aacgctgaaa ctcatctaag    158400
     agtgaatctg gagaacctga gggagtctca gaacaggctc acttctcttt caaatatgac    158460
     atttcacaaa ttccttttcc tgaattttaa tacatctacc tctttcattg ttttttctct    158520
     gtctgtctgt ttgtttgttt gttttgcaga tagttgttca ttacagttgt cagaaaccag    158580
     gttttgacaa tacacctacg gacgatagta tcacccttaa gttttatgtg ctcaagggtc    158640
     catggaccat caaggacata ctcctgttgc tctcaggagc tagatacatt ctgaaaagaa    158700
     agaccacaga ctcatattca gtactgaaga tgggcctcat accaggtaga tttaaaaagc    158760
     aaacaaacaa aaaaacagat ggggcaggga tgcccagttc ctaaggatgg aggacaacat    158820
     aacactcaag gatagtccag taaaatgtgt aacgaaaaag tttctgcaac ttcagtaata    158880
     gctgtgtgaa ttagaaataa tctacagaca tctctaaata tatttacaaa gttaagtagg    158940
     aaatgataca aacaagaaca aaaagaagtg ctcatttcat aaatggagat tagtgtgtct    159000
     ataaagtaaa catcctgtga gaagtaattg ccagaggtct gtttaagaca aagaactcca    159060
     gaatactagt ataggttttc aggaagaatt atttggaggg tctgggggct gtacagaagg    159120
     cccagtgata aagagcactg actgctcttc caggagactc gcattcaatt cctagctcct    159180
     gcacatcaac ctacaaccat ctaagtccaa acacagggat ctgaacccat tttctgatct    159240
     ccaaagccac cagataccat cctggtgctt agacatacat gcaggggagg aaaaagaaat    159300
     atacataata aaatgaataa tattaattac tggagaaggg aagggagcaa acgatgttga    159360
     aaataaccaa aaaacaggag agattatgga aaatattctc cattaaggac tcagccagat    159420
     aaaggccaaa gccatttttc agatactcct gtttagctag tctattgcaa tccagctaat    159480
     gacactcatc atctctgctc agccagtagt agaagagcaa gtccaagatc cctattgttt    159540
     cccacaatct gcatgtctta cgtacaacac aacaatgaat tagacccagg actccaggag    159600
     gccagcctca gaagataggg catagaaata acacggctca taggagcctg aaaccaatat    159660
     gccatgggac cctgctcact ttctggcacc tgagaaggtt cactaggctg ggggggtgaa    159720
     cagggagcac agctctggac ctggaggatg caggaagcca ggtataggga gcctaaaagg    159780
     gaagccagga gtttctggaa gggacagggc caaggctagg cttccctagc ctgtggtagt    159840
     gatacacagc atccttgtag ctacagaatg agattctttc tctcagttct aatactcact    159900
     tgccagagtc atagttcagg ccaacatagc tgccagcagc aagaggagga cttcaggtaa    159960
     cagagtcttc cgcctaaatg atggtacagg tttagtccag aatgattttt attcacaata    160020
     catttctgag cttctggaag aagctgattg gcttctctta gggtacccag taggaggtac    160080
     agagacctga ggcgccatga aaagattaat tgtaggggac aaacctccat agcctggctt    160140
     cctgactgca gattcagctc tagtcccata tatcctaaga acagtgtctc gtgacaagat    160200
     tactctgatc accataccta tcctgctgac aacatccagc tgagtcctag gcaagatgct    160260
     gatctggatg ccagaatcaa ggaaggaaaa gaaaacaagg gcctacctat ctccctgacc    160320
     tgtcgatcta tgctgctgat cttcggtttc attgcctagt cacgtcacgg tctttgactg    160380
     gtgtgctgag gccacctgca ctaatgtgcc gctttctggt tatcacagtc cacacagatc    160440