EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC125198; SV 4; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 205392 BP.
AC   AC125198;
DT   21-JUN-2002 (Rel. 72, Created)
DT   09-NOV-2003 (Rel. 77, Last updated, Version 6)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-254B9 from 14, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Sciurognathi; Muroidea;
OC   Muridae; Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-205392
RA   Nguyen C., Haakenson W., Bielicki L., Meyer R.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-254B9";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-205392
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Sequencing of Mus musculus";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-205392
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (20-JUN-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-205392
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (03-DEC-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [5]
RP   1-205392
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (25-JAN-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [6]
RP   1-205392
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (08-NOV-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; b80426a4b14bc61179bea99b6cfc0b6f.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456168.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000094370; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000096003; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000096023; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000096470; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC125198.4:1-205392; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000165814; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000169362; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000177556; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000177986; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000178058; mus_musculus.
DR   InterPro; IPR006907; DUF622.
DR   MGI; MGI:3780011; Gm9603.
DR   MGI; MGI:3781551; Gm3373.
DR   MGI; MGI:3781677; Gm3500.
DR   MGI; MGI:3781719; Gm3542.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; J3QK73; J3QK73_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; K7N6U2; K7N6U2_MOUSE.
CC   On Jan 25, 2003 this sequence version replaced gi:26006690.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site:
CC       Contact:
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BA0254B09
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   The RPCI-23 BAC Library has been constructed by Kazutoyo Osegawa
CC   and Minako Tateno in the laboratory of Pieter de Jong
CC   ( from female C57BL/6J mouse kidney and/or
CC   brain genomic DNA.  The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Research Genetics, Inc. ( or
CC   Pieter de Jong and coworkers at
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..205392
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="14"
FT                   /map="14"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-254B9"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   repeat_region   1..1510
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   1507..1567
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   2345..2440
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   2885..3029
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   3397..3543
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    8701..8940
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA."
FT   unsure          9022..9040
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   repeat_region   11078..11183
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   11458..11799
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   11823..11915
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   12097..12225
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   12235..12310
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   unsure          12594..12618
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   repeat_region   12770..12916
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   12920..13037
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   13466..13540
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   14272..14394
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   14743..14885
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    17358..17379
FT                   /note="Unresolved homopolymeric repeat."
FT   repeat_region   19033..19139
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   20196..20288
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   21247..21836
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   22354..22731
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   22740..22820
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   22823..23211
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   24828..25379
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   25605..25713
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   25749..25781
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   26030..26311
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   26930..27148
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   27634..27804
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   29206..29346
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   29508..29627
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   29985..30625
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   30629..31142
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   31667..31734
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   32191..32392
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   32794..32907
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   33647..33798
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   34085..34272
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   37811..37914
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   39174..39297
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   40012..40086
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   43167..43388
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   45533..45612
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   45951..46075
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   47919..48278
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   49106..49253
FT                   /rpt_family="MER109"
FT   repeat_region   55166..55294
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   56799..57436
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   57435..57756
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   59261..60229
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   60901..61108
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   62482..62516
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   62805..63402
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   63410..63841
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   63982..64087
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   64552..64737
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   misc_feature    65093..65104
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA."
FT   repeat_region   66061..66164
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   66219..66307
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   66330..66872
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   68097..68271
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   68681..68756
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   69584..69990
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   70146..71755
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   71752..71812
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   72600..72695
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   73140..73283
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   73655..73801
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   78195..78488
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   78863..78985
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   79335..79477
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   83544..83635
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   83674..83788
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   84038..84443
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   85238..85353
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   86214..86803
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   86926..86980
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   87532..87627
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   87656..87802
FT                   /rpt_family="MER109"
FT   repeat_region   93728..93882
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   94116..94223
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   98616..99587
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   100259..100439
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   102107..102705
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   102713..103132
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   103285..103390
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   103496..103597
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   103578..103677
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   103849..104034
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   105383..105507
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   105542..105630
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   105661..106194
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   107465..107643
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   unsure          107779..107804
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   repeat_region   108159..108234
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   109059..109446
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   109563..109671
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   109766..110388
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER13A"
FT   repeat_region   110440..110531
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   110555..110841
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   110809..111035
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   111038..111402
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   111427..111461
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   111486..113273
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   113270..113330
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   113455..113467
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   113468..113510
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   114103..114445
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   118314..118807
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   125092..125240
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   126337..126517
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   126786..127125
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   127149..127241
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   127423..127551
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   127561..127636
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   127988..128131
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   128135..128252
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   128675..128749
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   129548..129670
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   130020..130162
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   134024..134111
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   134150..134264
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   135306..135420
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   136365..136771
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   140478..140878
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   141001..141048
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   141732..141878
FT                   /rpt_family="MER109"
FT   repeat_region   142446..142489
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   143166..143361
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   147089..147950
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   147932..148903
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   148927..149163
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   152086..152129
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   152484..152773
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   152774..152971
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   152972..153044
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   153064..153321
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   153323..153419
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   153420..153489
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   153509..153718
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   153822..154021
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   154022..154214
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   154684..154736
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   157576..157639
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   158042..158668
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   158681..159499
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   160171..160291
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   160320..160470
FT                   /rpt_family="MER109"
FT   repeat_region   161728..162792
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   162777..163283
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   163586..163753
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   168007..168139
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   169451..169589
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   171172..172140
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   172813..173016
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   174432..174464
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   174751..175357
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   175365..175796
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   175937..176042
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   176380..176485
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   176738..176923
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   178254..178357
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   178412..178500
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   178523..179065
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   180290..180464
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   180484..180581
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   180878..180953
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   181780..182186
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   182829..183140
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER13A"
FT   repeat_region   183163..183253
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   183278..183526
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   183532..183757
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   183760..184165
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   184206..186007
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   186001..186061
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   186845..186940
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   187385..187529
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   187893..188038
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   189269..189370
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   189652..189993
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   190017..190109
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   190291..190419
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   190429..190504
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   190818..190964
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   190968..191085
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   191513..191587
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   192386..192508
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   192858..193000
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   196866..196957
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   197009..197110
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   197940..198261
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   198487..198594
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   200193..200382
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   203225..203439
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   204097..205392
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
SQ   Sequence 205392 BP; 58400 A; 43796 C; 42825 G; 60371 T; 0 other;
     gaattccaca taaaaccaga gaccatgaaa cttatagagg agaaagtggg gaaaagcata        60
     gaagatatgg gcacaggggg aaagttcctg aatagaacag gaatggcttg tgctgtaaga       120
     ttgagaatgg acaaatggga cctcatgaaa ctgcaaagct tctgtaaagc aaaagacacc       180
     gtcaataaga caaaaaggcc accaataggt tgggaaagga tctttaccta tcccaaatcg       240
     gaaaggggac taataacaaa tatgtataaa gaacacaaga aggtggactt cagaaaatcc       300
     aataacacca ttaaaaagtg gggctcagag ctaaacaaag aattgtcacc tgaggaatac       360
     cgaatggcag agaagcactt gaaaaatgtt cagcatcctt aatcatcagg gaaatgcaaa       420
     tcaaaacaac cctgagattc cacttcatac cagtcagaat ggctaagatc aaaaattctg       480
     gtgacagcag atgctggcaa ggatgtggag aaaaaggaac atttcttcgt tgttggtggg       540
     attgcaagct tgtacaacca ctctggaaat caatctggca gttcctcaga aaattggaca       600
     taggactact ggaggatccc agaataccac tcctgggcat atatccagaa gatgttccaa       660
     ctggtaagaa ggacacatgc tccactatgt tcatagcagc cttatttatt atagccagaa       720
     gctggaaata acccagatgc ccctcaacag aggaatggat acagaaaatg tggtacattt       780
     acacaatgga gtactactca gctattaaaa agaatgaatt tatgaaattc ctagccaaat       840
     ggttggacct ggaggtagca tcatactgag tgaggtaacc caatcacaaa agaattcaca       900
     tgatatgtac tcactggtaa gtggatatta tcccagaaac ttagaatacc caagatatga       960
     gatacaattt gcaaaacaca agaaactcaa gaagaactaa gactgaagtg tggacacttt      1020
     gccccttctt ataattggga acaaaacacc caggaaagag ttacagagac aaaatttgga      1080
     gttgagaaga aaggatgtat catctagaaa ctgccataga agtggatgct cacagtcagc      1140
     tattggatgg atcacatggc caccaatgga ggagctagag aaagtaccca aggagctaaa      1200
     gggatctgca accctatagg tggaacaaaa tatgaactaa ccagtacact cccccccaat      1260
     cccccccctc cgccggagct cgtgtctcag tctgagtatg tatctgaaga tggcctagtt      1320
     ggccatcagt ggaagaagag gccctttgtt cttgcaaact ttatatgcct cagtacaggg      1380
     gaacaccagg gccaaaaagt gggagtgagt gagtagggga gtggtagggg gaggatatgg      1440
     gggacttttg ggatagcatt ggaaatgtaa atgaagaaaa tcacaaataa aaaaagggaa      1500
     aaaaagagaa cttcaagtct ctgaagaaag aaattgcaga agatcataga agatggaaaa      1560
     gatctcctga gctatctggg gaaaggaagc agcatgcagt gtcacacaac tctctctgag      1620
     gcaactgcta gaactggaat agggatgttt gtttgtttgt ttgtttgttt gtttattata      1680
     aaagcataca aaagttagcc agagttggta catgcctgtg attccagcac tcaggtttta      1740
     aaaaaattgt tgttgttagt attcctgttg attctattgg agttgttttg aactctccca      1800
     gctatttgca ctggacccag aaaattaagc ccatgctctg tacagaccta tcattcatgt      1860
     taatcagtga ttttattctt agcaatcact cctcagatga tctcattact cactttcaaa      1920
     taaggaaaac agtcatacaa acattagtta acttgtatgg tctcacgtaa ccaactcatc      1980
     atgactatag agtggcatcc caatctttgg aatactcaag cttctatttt tgagatgaca      2040
     ggcctctgtg gaagactcca ttagctggca gaggacctgg aatgtctggc gcttgaagac      2100
     caaggctgcc cctccagtgt ctctgaagct tgaggcagaa caggaacact tggccacagc      2160
     tggttcaggt ctgtgttttg gatgagccct gagacctgga tgaacacagg tctccagagt      2220
     tctggtaaag gtgagcacaa acacttagac tcgaggagaa tgatggacct ttgggatgca      2280
     agtctttctt ttttttttat ctttgctttg tacatagttt atgtcaaaat caactttttc      2340
     tatactccag accttactta atcagtctga cagaaatttt gaaccctctg acaaacatca      2400
     ctccatccct cttctacctt tttccctgga ccatcattct cagagatgag ccattctgag      2460
     agaatcctaa tagccccaaa ggtagtattc tttggcactt gatctttagg aaagtaggca      2520
     gagttctgcc ccagatgatt gcagatgttc ctcttggcct tcaacttgtc tggaaacctt      2580
     tggtcttact tctcccttct catcttattt ggacctagat cccaatattt ccacacaaaa      2640
     cagaggctgg agattcttaa tgataccttg tggtttattg tttctgttta aaacactagg      2700
     tagaaactcc catgacctcc caagacaaaa tgatttacaa tttgcaagtc agtgaccaaa      2760
     tgccctattg tctcctccct ggataaatca tgattaaaaa attaataata atccacggtg      2820
     gtagaatgtt gctttgtttg tttgtccgtt tattagtttt ggaggtggtg ggttttttat      2880
     tttgttctgt ttttttgaga caaggtctgt cagtgtaacc ctggatgtcc ggggaactta      2940
     caacataaag caggatggct acaacctcag agagatccac ctgcctctgc ctcccaagtg      3000
     gtgggattaa agtcgtacac aagcatatca gataataatc ttttaattgc ctaaactata      3060
     tctcataaag gaagaaaaac agaagtcaaa attgcctcac tctaaagcta ctttcatgat      3120
     taattaaaag caaggtactc atcagctgac tctgttctgt gtttagcaca cttttgctaa      3180
     atttagagaa caatttaaag ccattcagaa ttaacaatga atatacatga atgtcaaaca      3240
     aaataagaaa tccatatctt actcaggaga aatttttgac acacaaagtt ttctgacctt      3300
     ggctgagata attgttttat tgttgttttg gggggttttg tttgtttgtt ttttcttttt      3360
     gtttgtttgt ttgggtattt ttttttggta ttttggtttt ttttttctga gacagggatt      3420
     ctctatgtag ccctggctgt cttggagctc actctgtaga ccaggctggc ctcgaagtca      3480
     gaaatctgcc tgcctctgcc tctcaagtgc tgggattaaa ggcatgcatc accgctgcca      3540
     ggcaggctga gataattcaa tggctgaaag tcatggagac agttctcatc cgagtgtaca      3600
     accgaatgac caaccattaa ctatgccagc tctaaagtag agcaacaatc tccagccatt      3660
     gaggcataat gaaagattac tgtactcaca ggccaacaaa aggcgcaaac agacttattc      3720
     acattcagag tttatagcaa tgtcctttca gaccattgat atctacgaaa tgcatatgaa      3780
     atacctacag cactgagtct aaaggggact ccacctcaca gggaacatac agaagggtaa      3840
     agaggaaaac caagaatgga aaccttactg ctcccagttg cctttttcaa gccaacatct      3900
     ctttcaagcc tgcagatttt ttttgccttt gggaaattaa gttggacaca aaatcatctt      3960
     gcttatcaca tagcaacgta aatgtaacta cctgaagtcc tactcagctg acaggagaaa      4020
     atatacaagt gaaaaacaga gaatgagtaa agaggaaaaa aatgtaccta gtcaatagga      4080
     agatgaacaa aatggaccaa agacatcaaa aaagatggag gtgaggaggg cactaagata      4140
     caggagatca ctgtcaaact acatgccctt caaagcacag tcttagccct gagctggggc      4200
     agtgccagca cacttctttt tttttaattt tttattaggt atttagctca tttacatttc      4260
     caatgctata ccaaaagtcc cccataccca cccaccccca ctcccctacc cacccactcc      4320
     ccctttttgg ccctggcgtt cccctgtact ggagcatata aattttgcgt gtccaatggg      4380
     cctctctttc cagtgatggc caactaggcc atcttttgat acatatgctt ctagagtcaa      4440
     gagctccggg gtactggtta gttcataatg ttgttccacc tatagggttg cagatccctt      4500
     tagctccttg ggtactttct ctagctcctc cattgggagc cctgtgatcc atccattagc      4560
     tgactgtgag catccacttc tgtgtttgct aggccccggc atagtctcac aagagacagc      4620
     tacatctggg tcctttcgat aaaatcttgc tagtgtatgc aatggtgtca gcgtttggat      4680
     gctgattatg gggtggatcc ctggatatgg cagtctctac atggtccatc ctttcatctc      4740
     agctccaaac tttgtctctg taactccttc caagggtgtt ttgttcccac ttctaaggag      4800
     gggcatagtg tccacacttc agtcttcatt tttcttgagt ttcatgtgtt taggaaattg      4860
     tatcttatat cttgggtatc ctaggttttg ggctaatatc cacttatcag tgagtacata      4920
     ttgtgtgagt tcctttgtga atgtgttacc tcactcagga tgatgccctc caggtccatc      4980
     catttggcta ggaatttcat aaattcattc tttttaatag ctgagtagta ctccattgtg      5040
     tagatgtacc acattttctg tatccattcc tctgttgagg ggcatctggg ttctttccag      5100
     cttctggcta ttgctatgaa catagtggag catgtgttct tcttaccagt tggggcatat      5160
     tctggatata tgcccaggag aggtattgct ggatcatccg gtagtagtat gtccaatttt      5220
     ctgaggaact gccagactga tttccagagt ggttgtacaa gcctgcaatc ccaccaacaa      5280
     tggaggagtg ttcctctttc tccacatcca caccagcatc tgctgtcacc tgaatttttg      5340
     atcttagcca ttctgactgg tgtgaggtgg aatctcaggg ttgttttgat ttgaatttcc      5400
     ctgatgatta aggatgttga gcattttttc agatgcttct ctgccattcg gtattcctca      5460
     ggtgagaatt ctttgttcag ttctgagccc cattttttaa tggggttatt tgattttctg      5520
     aagtccacct tcttgagttc tttatatatg ttggatatta gtcccctatc tgatttagga      5580
     taggtaaaga tcctttccca atctgttggt ggtctttttg tcttattgac ggtgtctttt      5640
     gccttgcaga aactttggag tttcattagg tcccatttgt caattctgga tcttacagca      5700
     caagccattg ctgttctgtt caggaatttt tcccctgtgc ccatatcttc aaggcttttc      5760
     cccactttct cctctataag tttcagtgtc tctggtttta tgtgaagttc cttgatccac      5820
     ttagatttga ccttagtaca aggagataag tatggatcga tttgcattct tctacatgat      5880
     aacaacaagt tgtgccagca ccaattgttg aaaatgctgt ctttcttcca ctggatggtt      5940
     ttagctccct tgtcgaagat caagtgacca taggtgtgtg ggttcatttc tgggtcttca      6000
     attctattcc attggtctac ttctctgtct ctataccagt accctgcagt ttttatcaca      6060
     attgctctgt agtaaagctt taggtcaggc atggtgattc caccagaggt tcttttatcc      6120
     ttgagaagag tttttgctat cttaggtttt ttgttattcc agatgaattt gcaaattgct      6180
     ccttctaatt cattgaagaa ttgagttgga attttgatgg ggattgcatt gaatctgtag      6240
     attgcttttg gcaagatagc catttttaca gtgttgatcc tgccagtcta tgagtatggg      6300
     agatccttcc atcttctgag atcttcttta atttctttct tcagagactt gaagttttta      6360
     tcatacagat ctttcacttc cttagttaga gtcacgccga gatattttat attatttgtg      6420
     actattgaga agggtgttgt ttccctaatt tctttctcag tctgtttatt ctttgtataa      6480
     agaaaggcca ttgacttgtt tgagtttatt ttatatccag ctacttcacc gaagctgttt      6540
     atcaggttta ggagttctct ggtggagttt ttggggtcac ttatatatac tatcatatca      6600
     tctgcaaaaa gtgatatttt gacttcctct tttccaattt gtatcccctt gattcctttt      6660
     gttgtcagat tgctccggct aatacttcaa gtactatgtt gaaaaggtag ggagaaagtg      6720
     ggcagccttg tctagtccct gattttagtg ggattgcttc cagcttctct ccatttactt      6780
     tgatgttggc tactggtttg ctgtagattg cttttatcat gtttaggtat gggccttgaa      6840
     ttcccgatct ttccagaact tttatcatga atgggtgttg gatcttgtca aatgcttttt      6900
     ctgcatctaa cgagatgatc atgtggtttt tgtctttgag tttgtttata taatggatta      6960
     cattgatgga ttttcgtata ttaaaccatc cctgcatccc tggaataaaa cctacttggt      7020
     caggatggat gattgcttta atgtgttctt ggattcagtt agcgagaatt ttattgagga      7080
     tttttgcatc gatattcata agagaaattg gcctgaagtt ctctatcttt gttggatctt      7140
     tctgtggttt aggtatcaga gtaatagtgg cttcataaaa tgagttgggt agagtacctt      7200
     ctacttctat cttgtgaaaa agtttgtgca gaactggaat tagatcttct ttgatggtct      7260
     gatagaactc tgcactaaac ccgtctggtc ctgggctttt tttagctggg agactattta      7320
     taactgcttc tatttcttta ggggatatgg gactgtttag aaggtcaact tgatcctgat      7380
     tcaactttgg tacctggtat ctgtccagaa atttgtccat tttgtccagg ttttccagtt      7440
     ttgttgagta tagccttttg tagaaggatc tgatggtgtt ttggatttct tcaggatctg      7500
     ttgttatgtc tcccttttca gttctgattt tgttaattag gattttgtcc ctgtgccctc      7560
     tagtgagtct agctaatggt ttatctatct tgttgatttt ctcaaaaaaa caactcctcg      7620
     tttggttaat tctttgaata gttcttcttg tttccacttg gttgatttca cccctgagtt      7680
     tgattatttc ctgccgtcta ctcctcttgg gtgaatttgc ttccgttttt tctagagctt      7740
     ttagatttgt tgtcaagctg ctagtatgtg ctctctcccg tttcttcttg gaggcactca      7800
     gagctatgag tttccctctt agaaatgctt tcattgtgtc ccaaaggttt gggtacgttg      7860
     tggcttcatt ttcattaaac tctaaaaagt ctttaatttc tttctttatt ccttccttga      7920
     ccaaggtatc attgagaaga gtgttattca gtttccacgt gaatgttggc tttccattat      7980
     ttatgttgtt attgaagatc agtcttaggc catggtggtc tgataggata catgggataa      8040
     tttcaatatt tttgtatcta ttgaggcctg ttttgtgacc aattatatgg tcaattttgg      8100
     agaaggtccc gtgaggtgct gagaagaagg tatatccttt tgttttagga taaaatgttc      8160
     tgtagatatc tgtcaggtcc atttgtttca taacttctgt tagtttcact gtgtccctgt      8220
     ttagtttctg tttccacgat ctgtcctttg aagaaagtgg tgtgttgaag tctcccacta      8280
     ttattgtgtg aggtgcaatg tgtgctttga gctttactaa agtttcttta atgaatgtgg      8340
     ctgcccttgt atttggagca tagatattca gaattgagag ttcctcttgg aggattttac      8400
     ctttgatgag aacgaagtgc ccctccttgt cttttttgat gactttgggt tggaagtcaa      8460
     acttatcaga tattaggatg gctactccag cttgtttctt cataccattt gcttggaaaa      8520
     ttgttttcca gcctttcatt ctgaggtagt gtctatcttt ttctctgaga tgagtttcct      8580
     gtaagcagca aaatatcggg tcttgtttgt gtagccagtt tgttagtcta tgtcttttta      8640
     ttggggagtt gagaccattg atgttaagag atattaagga aaagtaattg ttgcttcctg      8700
     ttatttttgt tgttaaagtt ggcattctgt tcttgtggct gtcttctttt aggtttgttg      8760
     agggattacc ttcctgtttt ttctagggcg ttgttcccgt tcttgtattg gttttttctg      8820
     ttattatcct ttgaagggct ggattcatgg agagataatg tgtgaatttg gttttgtcgt      8880
     ggaatacttt ggtttctcca tctatggtaa ttgagagttt ggctgggtat agtagcctgg      8940
     gctggaattt gtgttctctt agtgtctgta taacatctgt ccgggctctt ctggctttca      9000
     tagtctctgg tgaaaaatct ggtgtaaatt ctgataggct tgcctttata tgttacttga      9060
     cctttttccc ttactgcttt tagtattcta tctttattta gtgcatttgt tgttctgatt      9120
     attatgtgtc tggaggaatt tcttttctgg tccagtctat ttggagttct gtaggcttct      9180
     tgtatgttca taggcatctc tttctttaga tttgggaagt tttcttcaat aattttgttg      9240
     aagatgtttg ctggtccttt gagttgaaaa tcttcatttt catccactcc tattacccct      9300
     aggtttggtc ttctcattgt gtcctggatt tcctggatat tttgagttag gatctttttg      9360
     cattttccat tttctttgat tgttgtgccg atgttctcta tggaatcttc tgcacctgag      9420
     attctctctt ccatctcttg tgttctgttg ctgatgctca aatctatggt tccagatttc      9480
     tttcctaggg tttctatctc cagtgttgcc tcactttgag ttttctttat tgtgtctact      9540
     tcccttttta ggtctagtat ggttttgttc atttctatca cctgtttgta tgttttttcc      9600
     tctttttctg taaggacttc tacctgtttg attgtgtttt cctgtttttc tctaaggact      9660
     tgtaactctt tagcagtgtt ctcctgtatt tctttaagtg atttattaaa gtccttcttg      9720
     gtgtcctctg ccatcatcat gagatatgct tttaaatcta ggtctaggtt ttcaggtgtg      9780
     ttggggtgtc ctggactgga cgaagtggga gtgctgggtt ctgatgatgg tgagtggtct      9840
     tggttcctgt tagtaagatt cctacgttta cctttcgcca tctggtaatc tctggagtta      9900
     gtagttatag ttgactctgt ttagagattg ttcttctggt gattctgtta ccatctatca      9960
     gcagacctgg gagacagatt ctctcctctg agtttcagtg ctcagagcac tctctgctgg     10020
     caagctctct tacagggaag gtgcgcagat atcttgtttt tggacctcct gctggcctaa     10080
     gaagaggccc aaaacaggga ctttctcaga agctgtgttg ctttggcagt tcccagaagc     10140
     tgtcagcttc tgtggtgcag actctcacct gtgcagacta aattcctaag ttccagggag     10200
     tcccggaatc aagatggcga ccgctgctgc tgaggctgag gctgcctccc aagccaggca     10260
     gacacctgtc ttctggtccg gacggtggcc ggctgtctgc ggcccgccaa gggtgctgcc     10320
     tcagcggctc tgtgcttctg cctgtcccag aagctgtccg gttctctggc gcaccctctc     10380
     acctgttcag actaatttcc taagttctgc tgagtcccgg aaccaagatg gcgaccgctg     10440
     ctgctgaggc tggggccgcc tcccaagcca ggtggacacc tgtcctctgg tccggatggt     10500
     ggccggctgg ccagcacact tctttttctc tgcctgtctg tctttctgtc tgtcagtctg     10560
     tctgtctgtc tgtctctgtg tttctctgtc tctgtctctc tctctctgtt tctctgtctc     10620
     tgtctctctc tctctccctc cctccctctc cctcctccgt gtctttctct ctccctcccc     10680
     ctctctctct ctctctctca cacacacaca cacacacaca catcctattc tttacattaa     10740
     aagttgtcct atacactacc ccgcccccca aaatggtgag attagtgtac tgtcctaaaa     10800
     ccaccaattt cctcccacta aaatgattaa ttaaatgatc tcataccgtg ttatttcaac     10860
     caaatgaaac tgtctacact ttgccaactt tgaactgctg aaagcaattt agcacagctc     10920
     atctgaatgg cctactatca ctaaaaagaa ggaagtaaat attcagaaag ccattaggga     10980
     atagtcctac tagcagtttt taaacagaat atatacacat tgtgtgtgtg tagaaatatc     11040
     tacgaataca aaaatagaca gtgttatttt ctaaatgttt attttttgag agagggtctc     11100
     actatgtcac ccaagttagc cttgatcttt aggcaatcct cctgcatcag tttccctggt     11160
     gctgggacta caggtatata ccatgttatt tggttatctt aaaaaaatgt ataaatgcat     11220
     atatatatgc gtgtgtgttt atatgtgtgt atatatacat atacatatat atatatattc     11280
     ttacgtgtat gttgtacata aataatatat aacacttgta agtgcataga gattttctgg     11340
     aagcaccgca agaaaacatc acttacgatt gcctctgaga ggaaaccaga gatcagtgga     11400
     agatgggatt tctctcatgg ctagaatcct ttcctgtagc ctcttgtatt gttagtatgt     11460
     gtgggtttga atatgcttgg cccagggagt ggcactatta ggaggtatgg ccttgttaaa     11520
     gaaggcatgg ccttattgga agaagtgtga cagtgtgggg gtggtcttgt agactctcct     11580
     cctagctgcc tggatgctag tcttctcctg cttgactttg gaacaagatg tggaattatc     11640
     aaatattcct ataccatgcc tgcctggata ctgccatgct ccagccttga tgataatgga     11700
     ctgaacctct gaacctgtaa gccagcccca attaaatgct ctccctctgt tgccttggtc     11760
     aaggtgtctc ttcatagaaa tgaaacccta actaagacag tatgtctgac tacatacatg     11820
     tcttattgtt gttttgagat agggccttac aagataggcc agactatagt caaatttacc     11880
     atcctcttgc ctcagccttc tgagcagtat aattaaaata cccattgcca gcttgtacaa     11940
     tgttttcaat taagagaatg cctagacact tttcaaatgt ctcaagtaaa gcaatgtcca     12000
     ttttagtatg caaatccttt agtgtatcat gaaatattta caaaaagtat ttcaaacaag     12060
     gttaattact taaactctgg ccttttgtta gtttggtttt gagacagagt ttgatgtagc     12120
     ccaggctggc ctgggactcc ctttgtaaat gaggagagcc ttgcagcact gatcccctgc     12180
     ctctatgtcc tgagcattag aattccaggt gagtgacact gcaccttgtt tctatgcaat     12240
     actgggaact aaatccagag cttcatgcat gctagcaaag cagtctacca gtgagctgcc     12300
     tccccagccc aaactgttct gcactgttca ctgcctgcca aacaggggaa tgaccccggg     12360
     gatcttcaat gggaactaaa gtcagtgggc ttgttctaat gataatattc acattgcaag     12420
     tatttaataa ctatgcagtc attcatggaa agatatttgt gtgtgtgtgc gcacgcgcgt     12480
     gcacgtcaca agcacatatt cgatgaggtc atggtcagct gtcttcctct tcctcctcct     12540
     cctcctcctc ctcttcctcc tcctcctcct cctcctcctc cccctccccc tccccctccc     12600
     cctcctcctc cccctccccc tccccctccc cctccccctc cccctccccc tccccctccc     12660
     cctccccctc cccctcctcc tcctcctcct cctcctcctc ctcctcctcc tcctcctcct     12720
     cctcctcctc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt     12780
     ctgagacagg atttctctgt gtagccctgg ctttcctgga acttactttg tagaccaggc     12840
     tggcctcaaa ctcagaaatc cacctgcctc tgcctcccaa gtgctgggat taaaggctgg     12900
     catcactatg acctgcagct gtcttcttta gtcactttgc tctttaattt ttggacaagg     12960
     ttgatcctta aacctgaatc tctgattggc ttggccaaca actcatgggg atcctcctgt     13020
     gaatgcctcc ccagcacctg tcttttatca aatgtggtag aggggtcaga ataagaatga     13080
     ttgcccccat ccctgacccc tccctacccc cactccacac aagcatgccc ccagtctatg     13140
     gaatgtaaac acttggtcct cagtcagtgg cattatttgg gaaggaatta ggagtttctt     13200
     tctggaggaa gtacctcact tggggggggg gcagggtctg ggaatttaaa gcttcacact     13260
     gctctcagtt ggctctctct gttccaggcc ttcagtgcat catgctgcag cttcctgctt     13320
     ctactgctat gcctgcctca tgcagccatg cctccacacc aggatgacct cttatgcttc     13380
     tggaagtaaa agccccaaaa caatcttcta taagctctgc tggtcaaggt attttttatc     13440
     acagcaacaa aaaggcaaca aagacacatg agtattgggg atgtgcctca gttcctccac     13500
     ttacacagca agcaccttac agtctgagtc cttgctcctc ccctcaaata ttttcaagtt     13560
     ctatgaacaa cacactcacc tgtgggccat acacctaact acacaactcg atcaggagca     13620
     catttgcaca tctatatgta agcatgtagt atgtataagt gtgtgaatgc agaactaaac     13680
     gcactattag taatcctaac ccatcatact tagagggtct tgatgtatct tcaggataac     13740
     tgagaaaaca ctgttagtgt ggcctcaaaa ccaactaagc cttagccaaa tctggggcct     13800
     gtgcctcctt tcaagcctct ctcaccttat actcctaggg agaagatgag gaaatatctt     13860
     cattctccta agggtgcttc tcttcttacc tggataattc ccaaagacta ggaacccact     13920
     gttaccttta gtagctctac ttaaattacc tcctccacag acctcacctt ctcctctcag     13980
     gagcagtatg tgagctaaga gccaccatga tgggcaccac agcacaagtt acagcctgga     14040
     ctgcaggagg tgggccatga ggcagaggcc cattagtctt agcaacttat tactgtgact     14100
     tcagatgttt gaacacaaaa ccatttttta taaatactga catatgagcc agtataaaat     14160
     gcagatttcc tgatattctg atatgaatat cagaagcagt attccaaaac ttgataatta     14220
     gccataatcg tggcaaatgt ttgtcagaaa gtccaaaaaa aaaaaaccca aacaccttta     14280
     atcccagcac tcaggagtca gaggcaggca gatttctgag tttgaagaga gcctggttta     14340
     caaagtgagt tcctggacag ccagggctat acagagaaac gctgtctcga aaaaccacaa     14400
     caacaacaaa acaaaaacaa acaaacaaaa acattttctt agatttattg tagccgtaat     14460
     aaacatgctt tatccaaaaa ttaaacatta caatctttca tgttcattaa gccaacaact     14520
     taatagtgcc ctctatcaaa ttttttgttc aatcttactt cctcagttca atttatgcca     14580
     tccctaattt ttttcaaatg gcatgattct tactagccga tattgatatt aataggcatg     14640
     gaattttgac cattgcatat aagtatatga tgtgccattt ttgaaacctg ccatttttct     14700
     ctttaattca ctttttcagg tttgtttgtt cgttttgttt tgttttgttt tttatgacac     14760
     ggggtttctc tgcatagtcc tggctgtctt ggaacatcct ttgtagacca gtcttgcact     14820
     cagaaatctg cctgcctctg cctcaggagt gctgggatta aaggcttgtg ccaccactgt     14880
     ccggccaggg ttttgtgtct tttggtttgt ttatttttgt ttttgttttg ttttgttttg     14940
     aaaaattttt cacaagttaa aagtatggtt agttttagtt ttcaaaaaat cgaaattcag     15000
     aaaaattaca aatgctatga acttcaaatc tgtctccatt aaacagtagt tccaagatgt     15060
     ctgagtaaac atggctgaag caacctttga ctctggtaac tgaagtccaa attgtttcca     15120
     tgtaagactc ccataagcct taggcagcta attgtcatga aatgactgta gatgaattgc     15180
     ttttgcaaat ctgttactag agggagcatc cactaattta atcatttccc tcctcaaaat     15240
     cttgctttaa ctcctccact aacgacagtc taggtgttga agacttctaa actaagaaga     15300
     atgttaaaat atctaagtcc cttaacatcc agtagcctct gccttcatta ttaaaggaaa     15360
     gctcaacttt gagactaatc agcacaaaaa tgccacaaaa gcactaccag accctgaaat     15420
     accctaaaga aattaatttg tgatgaacca ccatggatgt ctgagcccta cactttgagg     15480
     gaacctgcaa cacagaagcc tgggcagcct gtgggcacag cacccaaggg aaactgactg     15540
     agagactcaa gctgctcagc ttgctgtggg tgggaaagca cagtggctgg cagaatacag     15600
     cttccagcag ggcttccata gcatgcagct catgggtgaa caaccgaact ccctttaagt     15660
     ttcctaggtg ggaactcgcc accaagctct aaccgtgctt caagatgctt gctatgatgg     15720
     ctagacaagt gttccagaac acaccgtaga tatctcttca acccacctca ggaatcccta     15780
     aagcaccttc cagtcctctg cgccaggcca cgccccatcc aggccgcccc acccccccgg     15840
     ccctcctgca ccactcttct ggataccact tccagggatc tcccagagca ttccctctgc     15900
     ccacagccct ctcacaggtc cacgcctgag ccttaccttg gtccccatct gttcagaggt     15960
     ggacacttta tggatgagct tctggggccc ctcctgttcc aattcactgt tggatgaatc     16020
     ctctccaggt tctgcagtag tggggcaaac cacactggcc ccagggacag ctcctcctgt     16080
     gaagccctga gggtggtgct ggctgcaggc ccaggcatcc tctctgattc ctgcagggac     16140
     acagcagtgc cccaggggct gtggtcagct gctgggctct gcctgaaagt ttgagccctg     16200
     cccctagcta gcaccatctt ccgcgatccc ctctgcgcag caccctggac ccgggaccct     16260
     ggatcacaag cctcccctgc ctagacctct tgggtcctct gtgcacttca cgcctgggca     16320
     cccagccttg ggatgttctg gtgttgctga cccaggatat gaccagcacc agaatgagat     16380
     gacagatgtc gagataagcc tcgaaggacc gccctctcac tcttcctagg gtctggaggg     16440
     ctcagaggaa atggagagta gagataggca ggggcatgat gcagcaggcc aggcagtgga     16500
     gatcctcctc cccttgttct aggcagcagg agtgaggaga aggctcctga gggaaagggg     16560
     gacatggagc tatctcctat gttctggggt gcacactgaa ccccgaatcc ctccacatac     16620
     tcggactaca aggtaccatt ccagctaagt aaaagttccc tctgcacagg agaagaactg     16680
     ggtcttacgg accctcactc agcaccattg ctaggacctt acctccacac ctctgtccgg     16740
     ggcttccggt aatttaggcc acctctacag tgctgtttag cttcgggccc acccccatct     16800
     ggcgcattag gtagagaaga gcattttctg ggaggttagg ctctgctctg agagcttttg     16860
     tttcagaaag agtgattccc tttggctaac aggaagctgg gaagggcatg gtgaggactc     16920
     agaaacaaga gaggacatgc atgcagcgca agatgacaat atgccgaaat aaatgtctag     16980
     gctaaagcgc ccatccagaa tgcctggaag aatgcaccga actacgtgaa caaagtataa     17040
     agtaaagaat atatatacac acatccacag gagagaacac ctctccctgg tccagactaa     17100
     agtctgagga aagagaatcc acaggctgga gcctcagctc ccaggcttcc ctggccagct     17160
     gcttcagcac agccacaggg aagagctacc ttgcagcagc agtgcacaat gcacattcaa     17220
     cctcaaaatc ctacacaggt gggggaagag gggctgaggg agagggtagg aaaaggacag     17280
     gcttcctgct gtccacctta gaaaacttca cagtgctgtt agtgattttc caatggtgaa     17340
     gtccctaccg acttggcggg gggggggggg ggggggggga gggggtgttc tcttcagtag     17400
     atcaattctt ttagcccttc aggttcctcc cttagtttgt cacttagcct tgaccttgaa     17460
     aattcctgga aactaagatt tggggttttg attctttcag gtttcaggtg caatcttaag     17520
     cccagcaatg atccgctgcc agctctaaga gattttaact acactgaaaa catgaaatcc     17580
     ctttaggtca ttcagcaaga gagtgctgcc atgtttctca aacacagaga cagcctctct     17640
     tgtgcttcag ttattccctt tatcgaggga aaacatgggg taaaatggac ttcaaacgtc     17700
     cttctggccc tatagtatga acttctgtac ctacaagtac acatgccgag aactttctaa     17760
     gaaacaatag cattaaatga acttggtcgg agatccagat cagtgcctag agtacagaaa     17820
     gcctatacac ggccaaaaac aaaacaatgc ccttttattg acctttgtct tagtctgact     17880
     atttggtcac agacaagtca agacaaagac ccctagtaaa aggcctaaca cagttcagac     17940
     ttttcctttt aatgtaaaga agacagaggg cacaagctgg gaccaaaatg tgattatgat     18000
     tctaatgttc tcttccccac actctatata gtgaaaggtc actttggcag ctatcctgta     18060
     tttcaaccta cacattacac tttcgggttt tatatagtaa catttcccag aatccagtca     18120
     agggtgactg aagtgaaagg tggtctaagg cccatgccta tttgggaaag aagacgggtt     18180
     ccatttctta ctctttgaaa ggatgctgat tgcttagaga cacattgcac agcttcacat     18240
     ccaggagcca ggcaattaat tcctcaaagt tcaggtatct gttacttata aaaacctagc     18300
     catgcagccc gctctgatca acacagaatt cagtagccag ctcctaaggc ctgtaacttt     18360
     gaaaagcaaa gccagtctaa gctggttcct gctaagtaaa tgactgcaac tctacagcat     18420
     ctgcagctgt agaggaaacc caggatgggt ggaaatactg tgtaggcaaa gaaaggaaag     18480
     ctgcctcatt tcccactaaa ggcagctcag gggaaaaccc tggtgaaaga tcatggcttc     18540
     tgagaaactt tcaaggaatc cccaatttaa aatagtatct gacctactaa ctgcttctcc     18600
     tagttcaaag ctttcacagt ggttctctga cctaagggac atccacttgt cttttctttg     18660
     ttcagtgtgt ttctttgttt tgagggagtc ccctagcata cctcaggccc aatctgactt     18720
     ggaatttatg gcaggtctcc tgcatcaaaa tctatttctc aaaatgccta ctacaatttc     18780
     aaatacatag cacattgtct catttggttc ataaaaagtt ccttgacttt ctttagtgtt     18840
     ttagattttc aaatatttct cccctgctgc tcacgaattc ctttttatta ctgttacttt     18900
     gagatctcca ttggtgagcc attatagagc atacctttgg ttacagaatt ccagaggcag     18960
     aggccagcct gggctataca atgaaacttc catgtagaac atatcactaa tcttgttgaa     19020
     agcttacatg ttggagttta aggtatgagt gctgccaaga atggaagcca gtgtgggtta     19080
     cattgtaaca ggcctgcaag agctacacag caagatattg tttcaaacaa acaaacaaac     19140
     aaacaaaagc aagaaagagt cttggccata cagtgtatag atgctacagt cagggttaaa     19200
     cagaaaggag taaagctgaa cccccagtca gttttctccc taataaggtg ccataccaca     19260
     cctccaaagt acaagagaca tcaaagctga ttaaaacttt atgaacactc tattagtact     19320
     tacaattatt ctgaactaat caattgctca caagcagaat catgagtcac ttaaagtgta     19380
     taatcccatg tcctaaggtt ttaccttcaa ttgtgataga acttaagagt tatgtgtcat     19440
     atcttgaaaa ccatgagtgg gtacttgaga agccatggtg cagggctcat gttcctgatc     19500
     agtgtagagc caaaggacta cagatggaac caacacagac tggaaggctg ccctggcagc     19560
     aatatgaaac tgactccgca atcaatttgt attccatact cagaacttca cattcaaaaa     19620
     atttgccctg tgtcaatttt cttagttgat acccagatta aaaaaaaaaa cattctgtga     19680
     gcaacagtgc tgtcgattac aggaacttct gtggtcctag cccacatagc caaagactct     19740
     caccatccaa gcagaaagtg gaactgtaca acctctagct tgtattgtgg cctttttgct     19800
     ttataacact tcccttccta agtgtccatt aattctggac tattaactgg tatactgcca     19860
     acagctaatg ccaacaggtt aaaaaccatt tgaaaataaa atccatttta ggcaatgaag     19920
     tatagtcaag cctctctcca cttaaggtat tttgtaaata ctcccacagt tttaaactga     19980
     gctagaattg taactaccta tctgctaccc actcccaccc acaattaagg aatgctttgc     20040
     taaatatctt cctacctgct cattcccaac agcaaaacac tttgattctc cttacttatt     20100
     tactttagtg atgctagggc aagccttgca ctggcatatg ctctgtccca gatctacatc     20160
     ccagccgcca ttttttcttc tcctgtctct ggatccagag tctcaatatg tagcttatgc     20220
     tggctcccga atctgggccc tccttcttca cctagttgtt gtgaatacag gtgtgcagca     20280
     ccacacccaa ttccccaaat actttttggg ctaaaattta aattatgcct atattcacta     20340
     acactggact atattccaaa gctagcaaca aagaaaacca agaaacttac tatgctagca     20400
     atatctcctt tagactcaag acgtagccag aacaatgcta aataaagcta atatgtatcc     20460
     aaatgtatct aattaactta atttcattcc ctcccagaga gaatggcagg aagtcccaga     20520
     aaatcccttt tctccacatg aatctccaag gaatcttttg tttttctctc tgaataggag     20580
     aaatcaggcc atcaaagttt aggctccatc aggagagagg gagaaaggga gagagggaga     20640
     tagaggaaga aaggtagaga gagacagaga gagacagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     20700
     gacagacaga catagagaga aagtgagaga gaagggagaa gtgaagaagg gagaatggag     20760
     gaagcaggag ggaggaggaa ggagagagat gagagaagaa gatagaaggg agaagggagg     20820
     agagaggaga gagagaggag agaggaggga ggagaaagaa gagagaagag agaaaagaaa     20880
     gcatagtatg ccttggttga gtggtgaaac aaaaaacatc tatgagtatt ttaacctata     20940
     tgtctttgac actgcagacc tattgcaaag gaagtctttc catccagaaa ataagcatca     21000
     gagagatagt catctgtcct ttcaaaatag gataagagaa atatactctt ctgcattttg     21060
     gccagaataa acctgataat atgcaaggct tctctctctt ttaggggtga tgatcagaat     21120
     ggtctcaagc aactccagaa tttccaaacc aaagaagaag gcttatgaac tcaaggacca     21180
     aaaagtccag ccaagcagct attgaagcta aaactaaagg cagattcatc agtgcagcca     21240
     aatccccact gaatctaatg gaagagaaag caggaaagag cctcaaactc atgggaatgg     21300
     ggataaatat cataaacgaa ctccaatagc tcaggttcta acatcaaaat ttataaatgg     21360
     gccacaagaa actgaaaagc ttctataaga caaagggcat agccaatagg acaaattggc     21420
     aagctacata ttcggaaata atgtttacca actccccatc caatgcatgg ccaatatcca     21480
     aaatatataa agaattcaag tagctatcca ccataagagc taagaacacc atctaaaaat     21540
     ggggtataga actacacaaa aaattcacaa tgaatcttga atggctgaga gcactgaaga     21600
     agtgtgcaac gtccttagtc ttcagggaat aaaaccaaaa tgaccctgag gttggtgtcc     21660
     agcagtatac tttctagtga agaatgctaa gttcaaaaac tcatgtttaa acacatggtc     21720
     agaatttgaa gaaagaggaa cattcttcca tttctggtgg gactgcaaac tgctatgaca     21780
     actatggaaa tcaatatgga ggttccttag aaattcccac atagatctac ctgaaggcca     21840
     tggaccaacc ttagtggtcc atggtctgct actttcagtt ttcacttgat ggcttattac     21900
     tcagattttc ttatttattg agctatgact ttgctcttgg taagcatttg gtctctgatt     21960
     ctcaatcagt tctctgttct taacacaatt tttaaggtac ctctagcaac tggggcttat     22020
     ttataccttc aaatccctct aaattggggg acttcttata cttgaggaag ctgagtgaca     22080
     aaagcaaagt atgttgagcc ctttggtgtc cagtgcacac gaatctatgg gtgtctaggt     22140
     atgataatcc tctagagcat tctttaggaa agcagcagga aagcagcagt atgctctcag     22200
     gtccctgtgt gacctcactt acctttgcca gctttgtggg cttctctact gctggtctga     22260
     gaacaattag gaactcatgg aatagatgtc tcatatctca ttttctttgt cattgttagt     22320
     atactagtgg gagtaggttt gatggaaata tactctcaaa cattaatcaa accagtgctt     22380
     gttcacaaaa caggcctcaa cagatacaag aacattgaaa taatctgatg catcttttca     22440
     gatcaccagg gtctaacatc aaaaagatca gaaagcccaa atacacatgg aagctgaaca     22500
     atgcactact caatgataac ttggtcaagg aagaaataaa gacagaaatt aaagaccttt     22560
     tagagtgtag tgtaaatgaa ggtacaacac acccaaactt atgagaccca atgaaagcag     22620
     tgctaagagg aaaactcata gcgctgagtg tctccagaaa acaagtggag agatcataca     22680
     ctagcacttg acagcacatc ggaaagctct agaacaaaaa aggcaaatat atattgatga     22740
     ctgtaagtca tcaataaatt cctttactat ctagagacta tccataagtt ctgtgactct     22800
     agagaaccct gactaataca atacccaaga ggagaagatt gtaggaaata atcaatctga     22860
     gggctgaaat caaccaaaga aacaaaaaga agtagacaaa gaatcaacca aacgaggagc     22920
     tggttcttga gaaaatcaac aggatatata aacccttagc cagactaacc agagagcaca     22980
     gaaacagtat ccaaattaac aaaatcagaa gtgaaaaggg agacataaca acagaaacca     23040
     aggaaataaa acaaacaaac aaacatcaga tcttactaca aaagcctata ctcaacacac     23100
     ctggaaagcc tggatgaaat ggacaatttt gtagacagac tagggaccaa gattaaatca     23160
     ggatcagata accatctaag cagtcctaca acccctaagt aaatagaacc attccccgca     23220
     cacctgggga aatgtggtgt tttttagaac tccagtataa tgtgcagttg acagttgtgt     23280
     ttctagcagt ttttaaaagg tgagaaacaa ttccaagctc aggtgttcta tgacacttgg     23340
     gatgcacgtt atgatctcag ctgataggtc atgttagttt gtccagctga atagagctgt     23400
     tctggaagag gcagctcaat tgacaaatgt ttaacaggcc tttctttctt cctttcctaa     23460
     gtgtgaaata gtccagcaga aagcataaca tggcacagac aacgacatga tctccctcaa     23520
     agagaagtgt ggaggaggag cactgtgtgt gcacaaaaaa tacaccactg ttgcctctca     23580
     tccctaataa ccatggctgt aatgggctgt atgctcctcc tttattttgg tttctttggt     23640
     atgaacaggc cttaatttca tctagcctct ggcccaggaa gagtgcacat ttaaagggac     23700
     tcagagaaat gctgagacac atcaagagct gctgggcatc caggaagaat ctgagtgcaa     23760
     atttatcttt cctgatgggt catcatcaat aattacatcg agatcagtca acaaaattgt     23820
     aaaaccttgg gtccaagtct acaacctgtg ttctgctttg acttgggagg ccatatcctt     23880
     cagacccaca ttccaaaagg agagtgttgc ttaaatttct cctgcaaaga ttgctacctc     23940
     caggaactgc ttttctacta agttgccaag gacagccaca ggccgtaagg ctgtgctaca     24000
     aaatgagcag actaagaatt ttgctttgca caatttttgt ggtttgattt tggtttgagt     24060
     tttgattagt ttagttattt gttttttctt gttttgattc caagttttgt tatttattgt     24120
     ttgtttattt gttcttgtaa ttaatttgat attttggtaa gtctatagac agtatatatt     24180
     gactgtcagc tttcagttac aattgagtac attgcattta ttcttatgac taacatagtg     24240
     ttctccaact ctttactctt aagatccttg ttatttcagg tgtgatcatg aaatcccaca     24300
     gatatcagac ccagatggat ctctgcattc ttcatggaac ttgggctcca tagtttcttt     24360
     acagccagac taaactgcaa agtccatcat acattcagtg tggagagtgt gtccaactct     24420
     ctggatagga acttaatgtt ggaaaactta cccatgctgc atccttgttg tcaaatattt     24480
     agctactgtg aaaattctgt ggatgatggt gttgaacaca ttaatgtcaa atacatcagt     24540
     atttctgtaa tagctctcat tgaatcaaag catagtctaa gggaataaaa agctgtcaga     24600
     aaacacagca atgtatgctt ctgctttcct gcaaatatac aatcactgga aactgggagt     24660
     agagataaaa aattccaaaa tctttttggg gatacgtgtc tgtgggggtc cttcaaagtt     24720
     cattttatta ctttatgatt cacctgtgtc tgccaaaaga catcattcaa aaatgttgaa     24780
     gattttaact agttatcatc ctataaaatc ataacaaatg cttttttatt tgatattttc     24840
     tttacataca tttcaaatgt taaacccttt ccttgtttcc tctctgaaga tccccttttt     24900
     cctaccccca acccctgctt cccaacctac ccactccctc ttcctggccc tggcattccc     24960
     ctttactggg gcacagaacc ttcccaggat caaggatctc ctcccagtga tgaccgacca     25020
     ggccttcctc tactacatat ttagctagat ccatgagttt caccatgtgt tttctttggc     25080
     tggtggttta gtcccaggga tctctggagg tactggttag ttcatattgt tgttccttct     25140
     atggggctgc aaacccttca gctccatagt tcctttctct agctccttca ctagggaccc     25200
     tgtgctttga ccaatagatg gctgtgagca tctactgctg tattggtcag gcagtggcag     25260
     agcctctcag tagacagata tatcaggctc ctgtcagaaa tctcttgttg gcatccgatg     25320
     tagtgtctgg tttttgtggt tgtttatggg atggatcccc aggtgaagtc tttggatgga     25380
     tatgaggtgt cctcctgcct cagcacaaat ttgaacacaa atttgtacac atgcatccac     25440
     acacaggtgt acaggcacac caaacaggcg ctgacactgt aacctaagta ccttatgaat     25500
     ccctttgacc ttctggccta tgcatctttt atctgtcttt aaacacagac aacatacctg     25560
     acataccact ttgtaacctc atgtactaaa gagaagttct ttaagtcaga agtgatggaa     25620
     cattactctt atccaaagac tcaggaaagg tgtgaaaatt acaagtccag ggccagcctg     25680
     agctacatca ggctatctcc aaaacgaaac aaaataaagc aaaaccaaag tttgttttat     25740
     aagcatttgt tcagttggta gagtacttcc ctagcatgaa ctcaggggga tggagacagg     25800
     taagtcaatt tcttcagctt cataacaagt ttgggactag tctgagctac agggaaatgg     25860
     gcaggtgtga gatcaacaat actgtgtgtg tgtgtgttct gagagagaga gagggagaga     25920
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagttt attgttaaga     25980
     cacgtagatg tgactttgat aacttctttc ttgagcagtc catgggcact gtggaggtct     26040
     gaatgcaaat agcccccata tatttgggaa ggattaagag atgtagccta atggaggagt     26100
     ttcaaaagcc catagcattc cctgtctcct gcctgtggat cagatataaa ctctcagcta     26160
     ccactccagt atgatgcctg tctcctgcca tgctccccac cataagagtc atggactagc     26220
     cctgtgcacc catgagcccc agtagacgcc ttcctctata cattgccttg gtcatgcttt     26280
     ctctccatag cagtagcaaa gtaaccaaga cgcccccctg atatgtacaa ctaccaccac     26340
     ccaaccccca cacagtcgtt ctcagtaaac tccatttatg gttcatacag acttgtacta     26400
     aatttctctt ttgtggtgta agttaagagt ctcatttttc agtgagtaga agtcccccta     26460
     agggacagtt gccaatgttg agctgtgtct tccatttcca ctgccattac tatgcagccc     26520
     aggactgctt ggggaccttt cctgaagtgc cttccccagc cctttagttt caaaggccct     26580
     ctctagtctc ctggattcct gcctccctgg tagatgtcat gctggctact gagtcaccta     26640
     cagccgcctt caggctcctt ctgtgattat tctccagagt tgattccaag agaataatca     26700
     cagaattatt gattccgaga gcacctgggt tgattcttgg caactgcgtg tcttgtcttt     26760
     ggagctctaa gctggaatct gaagtgctgg gtactaccac tgtatagagg ggttctgcta     26820
     gaagtattct caggggatca taagagctag ctttcccatg ctgcccctgg cgtttcccct     26880
     gcacatttgg agggaacctt gtgttttcta tttctttaaa agaaaacgta tttattttca     26940
     agtttatttt aggtatatga gcattttgcc cacagtatat gtctttgcac catgactttg     27000
     ctgtatgcgt agaggccaga agagggtgtc agatcctctg aaattggagt tgcagatgaa     27060
     tgttagccat tgtgtgagtg ctaggaaccc aacttgggtc ccctggaaga caaccagtgc     27120
     tcttaaccta tagctgactc tcctgccctg aacgtgtcat ttcttgaact acaactaaat     27180
     ctgtcacaat ttatatttat tttagactca attgtttcat cctctctctg tggaaagcag     27240
     acctcatgtt ggtttgttct tttctctgca tcgttaacaa tctcacccag cagtcatgga     27300
     atactttttt catagttttc tatactgatc tctttgttag atgaatcatt tgtaattatt     27360
     aatcattttc ttctcttata agcaacatca agtgtgcgga gaaaaaaaaa tacatcatct     27420
     taccatattt tagccaaaag gaaggaaaaa aatacatgca attatggaat cctgttgcac     27480
     attaataacc agtagccatg ttgagacata acctaccaat tcaaaaattc ttattttatc     27540
     atatgtacac tttttacgca ttgggcttta ggtagttaaa atatttaaca gttttttatt     27600
     tttaataata acaatttttt ttactattag taatgtgtgt gtgtgtgcag aagaacatgc     27660
     tatcctggac atgtggggtc aggggacaac tttgtagcct tagttctctc cttccacatt     27720
     tatgtgcatt tagtgatcta tttaactgac atcattaggc ttgtgtggcc catgccttta     27780
     cccactgagc catctcacca cccctatatt gtgctttaaa aaaaaatctg tctttcattt     27840
     taaaatgaca tttagttttt ttgtttctct tgataattag gtgagatgag gacaacagga     27900
     aaataaggtc atttgtagaa tttacacctt gagttatgag ctggaagtaa cagtgcatgt     27960
     gggatggtca tgtttacatg cctgcaatct cagcacctgt gaagaaagaa gaaaaaagga     28020
     aaagctccat tgtactctat gaagcaccat aggaatgata ctcgcccaca caactaaagc     28080
     gtagctgttc cttcattgcg agctccacag gggcttcata aagtgggatt gagaccagag     28140
     ttctccttcc ttgcaccaga tgtattatca gtactgagat gcaatctgct tgtgagcctc     28200
     cctcaagggc agtcctcact ttagagtctt tatcagttta tttctgtggg aaagtgttcg     28260
     tctccagcac gttccactga agtctggcta gaaaggtaga aactactgtt ttttgttgtt     28320
     tgaatgggag atacacatgc ctctcttctg ggggactgcc ttcaccatgg tctccagggg     28380
     ctgcattaga gggaagaaat agcccacact gatgagcatg aaaaaaaatg gacactggtt     28440
     gcctggagca tgaatgtcaa aacttatcaa gtacagagag cattgtgaca gattgttcca     28500
     atatatatat atagtcatgt atacatatct aatccacatg ctcgtttgac aagttttttt     28560
     atgaaggctg tatgttctgg ccctcttagt ctaggtaagg atttatgaca ggttcaaatg     28620
     actcatttgg tgacaatgat gctatgcgac ttctgagact tcaaagtgca gtgtgagtat     28680
     atctctcttt ctatctcaga ataaatcttg ggacacctga ctttcggtgt acaaagttcc     28740
     attcaatact gcgaagccag catgctagaa caagtgagag cctggccttg gagctgcaga     28800
     ttcctaagaa gccctgcatg tattcagagt cctgagtctc aaatcattaa ggactacaaa     28860
     ctctactcag acaagaaaat ctggtggctc ctggaaaaat ccagagcaaa cccttttggg     28920
     tagacacctc caggatgcat gctttattcc ctaccctcac ccctgcaaaa agcaaacaac     28980
     aacaaaaacc aaaccaaaca accaaaaaca aaacaaaacc aaaaatctcc aaactaaagc     29040
     aaacaaggtc actgaggaga actgcccagc aaaacactac taagcatgca agaaagcaag     29100
     ctgacacaaa tgggtccata tgtggacaaa tgggagaatt tattcaggca actataaata     29160
     aaagaaatat ttctaaataa aagtgcttaa aatggttaat gagatgctag gcgtggtaac     29220
     acatgccttt agttctagca tttgggaggc aggggcaggt ggatatctgt gaatctgagg     29280
     cctaatccta accctaaccc tgtcaacaag tggcagggta gccaggccta tgtagaaaga     29340
     tcctgttgta catacatgcc cacccaccca tgctcacaca caggtttaaa agataaataa     29400
     aacacaaagt atatttaaaa agacctaaca gctttttaaa agaatgagat gaaagttgta     29460
     gggagattaa caaatgagaa gacagtggtc atattaagaa attaagaagc aggctaaacg     29520
     gagacaggaa gattactaca aatttgaagc cagtcccatc tctgtagaga ctggcaggcc     29580
     aatcaccaga actacatagc aaaaccttac ctcaaaagga caagaaatca gcactggcaa     29640
     ctgaacattg ttgcaaacaa aattagggaa ttggataata tatcagagaa aattatccaa     29700
     gactagcaaa acacacacag acacaaacaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa     29760
     aacaaatcat catcatcatc accatcacca tcaccagcaa caacaacaac aacaacaaca     29820
     acaacaacaa caacaacaac aacaaagagg agaacggtga aagaaagatc gagatttgga     29880
     ggatagtata aaatctctgt gtcaaatcta gttatagaaa ctcaaaatag agaaaattgc     29940
     atggaacagg aatgaagata agtaacagtt gaatttaaaa cattttcagt cttctcttga     30000
     gggacatctg ggttgtttcc agtttctggc tattataaat aaggctgcta taaacatagt     30060
     ggagcatgtg tcctggttat atgttggggt atgttttggg tacatgccaa ttagtggtat     30120
     agctgggtct tcaggtagat ctatttacaa atttctgagg aatcaccaga ttgatttcag     30180
     aagtggttgg accagctttc agtcccacta gcaatggagg agtgctcctc tttctctgta     30240
     tcttcggcag catctgctgt cacctgaatc tttgatctta gccattctga ctggtgtgag     30300
     gtggaatctc agggttgtgt ggtttggcat ttccctggtg acgagggatg ttgaacattt     30360
     ctttaggtgc ttcatggtca ttcagtattc ctcagttgag aattctctgt ttagctctgt     30420
     tccccatttt taatagggtt atttggttct ctggagttct tcttgagttc tttgtataga     30480
     ctggatatta gcctttgata gtatatagga ttggtaaaga tctttaccca atctgttggt     30540
     tgccattttg tttcattgac agggttcttt gccatacaaa atgtttgcaa ttttttgagg     30600
     tcccatttgc cgattgttga tattagttat ctggagacac caaacccaga caatattgct     30660
     gatgccaaga agcacttgct gacaggaatc tggtgtgact gtcccctgac caatacagat     30720
     gcaaatactc ataggcaacc atcaaactga gcatgaggat accagtgaaa gagctagggg     30780
     aaggactgaa ggagctgaag ggggttgcat ccccatagga agagcaatat caactaactg     30840
     gaccacccca tgctccaaga gactaaacca tcaaccaaag agtatacatg gaaggatcca     30900
     tggctccaga tacataagta gcagaggatg accttgttcg gcattagtgg gaggagaggc     30960
     ccttggtcct gtgcaggttt gatgacccag tgtaagggga tgctagagga agggtgggac     31020
     tggttggggg agtgggggat caccctcata taggcaaaga ggaggcagga gaaagagggt     31080
     tgggtggggg tggttgtgga cagttaaagg gggatatcat ttgaaatgta agcaaataaa     31140
     atgattaatt aaaaatccac cccccaaacc caaaaaacat tttcagattt aaagaaggat     31200
     ttatatttca gggtaaaatg aatatcaatt tcataagaag aaacaaacaa tcctaaaact     31260
     aaaatccact tagattcaaa ccattagtcc aaacacaaaa tgaaaatatt aaaacttgtt     31320
     ggacagaaac atagtgaact gagagtagac atctcattgc ttgtccgagg tgccaaaagg     31380
     ttgttatgaa gggttggtgt acactttcca tgtagaattc tgtagacatt gaaattttga     31440
     ttcaggcata ggaggaaata aaaatacaag actcagaggc ctttggtgaa aaaaattgaa     31500
     aagcacattc tcagacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac agacacacac     31560
     agacacacgt acagagagag acacacacac acagacacac acacagagac acacacacac     31620
     ataaacacac agagacacac acacacagac acacagagac acatacacac acacacacac     31680
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacaccagt gtctagagtt ctgtgaagca     31740
     atgcccctcc ctgccttttt tgtctcccac tgcagactct gtatcacttc cctcctctgt     31800
     atgagggcaa agccttagaa ggtggatggt aatggggaac agaggacaca tcccacaatc     31860
     tcctaaagtg tactgttccc tgagaaggaa acaaggtgag ggggaggggc ggtggcagca     31920
     aggctttcct agagccctgt agtctgatta atacacacaa tgaatgaaaa cagtcatgct     31980
     aaaagtagtg ctcttaggat ggtctggtag tagtgagatc aaaccgtatt tttaggacat     32040
     ccttaaaaca caatgacttg gaagagttga aaaacagaac tagttatact gtgcattcag     32100
     gagcaaagag aacattttta ttatacagga cagaatttaa tgttataaga caatggagat     32160
     ggtattctgt ttcttgcttt atgttttgaa ttgttttatg tgagtgtgtg cctgcttgtc     32220
     tatctgtgca tcatgttcat gcaggtacct gaggacagaa gagggtattg gatcttttgg     32280
     aactggtgtt acaggtagct gtgagctgcc caaggtgggt actgggcact gaacgtgggt     32340
     cctcaggaag aacactgagt gttcttagtc actgagccat ctctccagcc cctccaccta     32400
     caagacacca gttccattta tacagaatct gctatcataa ccagacccct tccttaggtg     32460
     ctcatgcaag ttaggacttc aacgggaact ggggagatac caacacttag aacatagaaa     32520
     cagctgtata tgtagtcaca ttaatgaagc aatctggatt ataaccctgg ctctggaatt     32580
     tacacaggtc cctgggcaag ctgcattctt cttttccagt tttaatgtct tttctttcct     32640
     tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctata aaaaaataac     32700
     gtatgtgtgt gtttgagaca gagacagaga gagagaaaga aagagagaga gagagagaga     32760
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagaggaa acacaacttt ttggagttgg     32820
     gttgctcatt ctgccagatg gttttgggag tctgaaaggc aggcttgtca gtgagtgcct     32880
     ttactcctga gttacatcac cagcctctgc tctggttatc catgaatggc actgaccctt     32940
     gtgagaacga agtgggacga tgcaggggaa acataactca tagggtatca caagtcattc     33000
     tttcaacaga cttgagaaac atggagtgtg ctgagaactg taccagagcc aggaagatgg     33060
     aagatgtcag ttataatatt tgctaccagg aagacgatat gtgaaagctg acttcaaata     33120
     agtcttctca ggcatcatga caggatggtg tgtagccatt tagtgtagag agggcagaca     33180
     ggtttttgtt tttcttttct ttcttttctt ttcttttctt ttcttttctt ttcttttctt     33240
     ttctttccct tccttccttc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc tttatttctt ctttctttct     33300
     ttctttcttt ctttctttct tttttctttc tttctttttt ctttctttct ttttctttct     33360
     ttcttttttt accatgcagc aaagtcggga atacttttat gagaaaggta gtccttaggg     33420
     tgaattgtga aagatgaaca ggtgctgtac aaggctgagt aagaggaaga ccattccaga     33480
     acagggtgca gcataaagac aagtggcctt aggataacca cctacatgga actccttgtc     33540
     caagggactc ctattgagga tactaggact tcaacttgtg acttgggtca tggcaagagg     33600
     gatgacatat aagcagctta gagaggacac aaccaatgag gggagccggg ggtggggtgg     33660
     ggcttggttg gtccggcacc tgaggccaag cctgaccacc tgagttcaat acccagctct     33720
     cttatggcag aagttgggaa acaattcctg caagctgtct tctgacctct gcacacttgc     33780
     acatggggcc cacacacaaa taagtaaaaa tagagtaaaa acttcaaaat tagtaaggaa     33840
     cataatgcag gccagagagg tgggggagag aaagtgacag gaaggggaag caaggagaga     33900
     agggggtaac ccaggctttt tttttttttt cttttccttt gcaggactaa gtgaattgtg     33960
     gtgacattta cataaggcta gagagaaaag tcagctgtca ggaaagcaca tcattttaca     34020
     caggctgaaa ataaggccag gggataaagg cagacattcc tggttaggaa gttggcaggc     34080
     ttctgggctg gagagatggc tcagtgatta agagcacaca ctgtcctctc tgaggcaggg     34140
     agtttgcttt ggagcaccca cactgggtgc ctcctaactc cagctctagg ggtactggat     34200
     gcttctggcc tccatgagaa ttcacactgc tgtgcacaaa cccacacaca gacacagaca     34260
     cccaagtgaa aaagaaaagt caaaaagtgt aacaacatgc ttgaaaaaca gcagttcgct     34320
     tctggtctgg gatagctcag ttggcctaga ggcatgaagg gctgggtttg agtgagcccc     34380
     agtgttcatc tgtgatccca gtgctgaggt aaaggcaaca tggtcagaat gatggagatc     34440
     tgtgagttat catctggctg ctaactaaaa gcaagggtgg aacttgtaga ctgctcactc     34500
     accccactta accctcattc aaagtaaatg aaggacaggc tacttaggca gcaggtaaga     34560
     ggccactgaa caaagtatag tcacaaacaa agaggaccca acattccaag gcccctttaa     34620
     aggagagatt caggaatgca aatctagtca gtcaagtcac agaaagtgag ggttggaaac     34680
     catccagtgg cttagctctc tccacaatcc ttagtgacct ttataggtgt agctccagtg     34740
     gaatattagc cttggaagtt agtatgacgt gggagcatgc tggatcaagt acgtgttttg     34800
     aattttcggt ttcaaaacgt gtgaatgcat ctgtctacca gactaagagc caggagatgg     34860
     tgctggcagg agtctgaagt ccatgcgaga ggaaatgacc catgcaaatg cagtcactcc     34920
     tctgtttgca actagatgga aactgtctcc actgccagta aagatgattt caggaaagat     34980
     gattgaaaaa cttgctagtt gcaattatat tttctttttc ccagagagca gcaggagaga     35040
     cagttgacat ttttgctgtc tctgaactgc ccctgtccct aatttgagtt gagagctcac     35100
     agggaaccac agacctgctc cttagctggt ttactttcca caaaatcttc agccatagaa     35160
     aatgaataaa agcagggctc cccagacagc ccagacagac atccaagctg ccagaatagg     35220
     tgcttgggag gggctcagga gcgcaaagca cagccttgct ctgttgaggc caggtactgt     35280
     cctgggcaat tggctccagg ctcagctcag gaggcgacca cctggagcta caggcacccg     35340
     aggcaaggaa tgcctgaagg aaaggggcca ggtcctgctc acccctcgtg agctacttgc     35400
     ccctgacatc ccagatgctc ctgttgagcc tgggtccttg gtgaagcttc ctcttttagc     35460
     tgcaccaccg ccaggtgcct gtgaccgccg ggtggctgct ttcctttcgg cgccatatat     35520
     ggcctggcag ggggggtcac atgcatcccg ggccgccggc ctggaggggt cgctggggaa     35580
     ggggcggacg gcgggaaaaa aggggagggg gtcgaaggca gagacaggag acaggtgtgg     35640
     tggcggattc tggggccatg ggaggcggca aaggcttgag gagcccagcg ctcgccaccg     35700
     cgccctggag ctgcactcat gcgcttcaga gcgggtggcg gaggaaggga ccggcgcgag     35760
     ggggcggggg gcgagcacgt cggaagccag agaactccgt gtccctgcgc tccatcggtc     35820
     accaggcgcg ggccggcacg atggagccgc agcatgtgca ccgtgtgctt ggagcccaga     35880
     gcccagcctg ggaggaaccg gtgggtaccg cgcccgcgcc caccccttcc gcttgtcctt     35940
     gctccccgcc tccccgtccc ggccaggttc cgtgcaggaa gcggtccagg atgaggtccc     36000
     cagctgcttc ccagctggga cagcacttcc tcccacgccc tggctcctcc ttgctctccg     36060
     cctgaagcgc ctttgtccgg gcggcctctg ggtcctgaga ggaccatttc cgtgcttcat     36120
     ccttttctca gctttgcact ttattcccta gagtggcatg gaggccaggg aagtggaggg     36180
     ggctgggttg cgcggtcagc agatggcatg gggaggggac ggggctcacc tcttgaccgc     36240
     gcgctggcag tcacctggac acctggacac gcaggttccc gaggaccgcc gcctgggaag     36300
     gcccgcggct gccagaagcc cagagccact cctctgactc cggtggcctt ggctgccctg     36360
     aactgttccg agggtcaagg acctggccag ggatccagcc ccagataact tcgctttcgc     36420
     ctggatctca cagcacacgc cacgcacaga ttgagtcact ttaggggctc agagtgttgc     36480
     gtgtgagaag atgagagtcg gggtctttgg atttattcct taaaatccat taacttattt     36540
     cttgcacctc aaactgaacc ttctgttatc catccatccc ttcagggatt cctcgcagga     36600
     atccccgccc tgcgtagacc cttgtaatct tgagtgggca atgaattttg gctctgcata     36660
     ccctatctat gtatttctta ctcatttttg attgacgttg tgaactgtct caaaagcctg     36720
     gtccaaaatt tctggcttca tccatgctga ggtgatgttc tgatgacgtt ttcccaggga     36780
     cttcctgagt ctgctcaggt gcgccctctg cctgttgaga gcttgtaggt caggggccag     36840
     gcttgcttct ccttttccta cccttagact tccagccatt ttgccagggt acaattcact     36900
     gcctcctgct tcctgacctt tcacgagtgt ccttcgactt tgatccatct gccactgcgt     36960
     ttgcttttgt gagtttgcac gttaggtagc ccatctgctc gtgttctatt gcgatcatta     37020
     ttaggaagta aggtgttctt ggttaaacat acaattcagt cttgacattt tagatcatta     37080
     ggaatgaaat ccagcgacct gttttgaact ttactatata aaatcttatc agcttccacc     37140
     acgtacagcg ggaagctcca agttatgtgt agtgcttttt gggtgctgaa tgctaggact     37200
     tcaccgcagt tagaaaatta gagaacctca ggctttcttc tccaaagtgc taagaaacag     37260
     agtgctttct tattctccta gaaaatcttc agtactcgtc ttgcctcatg aacgtttaaa     37320
     gctaaaacct tcacagagat gtgagatgga gcaggagcag tggctaattg ctgaactctt     37380
     caaaacttgg catatgtaag tggctaaggc attttattag ttcagcacat attcttatcc     37440
     aacacctgtc gtgttctgag attgttgggc aagctgttaa ctctcagaca agcgttgtcc     37500
     ccaagaacct tactttatag ctgaaggttg acatctatcc aagtatgtgt cataaaaagt     37560
     tctcacgagg gattttattc agaactttgt gtaatgacta caatatttaa ggatttttca     37620
     aatgctttat ataactacat aagaaagttg tattacctga acgactaaaa gaggagtgta     37680
     ttcaagagaa agcaagaatg tagtagagga aacagcttta aatgttaaat tttctggcat     37740
     ggggtgcaat ggggttgacg atttaatcta aatatgtttt gaaggaacac tgggtccatc     37800
     cgaatctgtg ttgtttatgt ttgggacaga gcatcacttg taggacaggc tgctgtggga     37860
     tttactcggt aggccaggca ggcctgaaac tgcatgtcct gctcttgctt cagcagagta     37920
     caaggcatca tcaaattccc caaaatcaga gtctctaact ttgattcagg gatctcaaga     37980
     atctgaatga agtgagttct ggtttccttc agaatgaatc gatatgaccg ccatgcggta     38040
     agctatactt cgaacattaa ttgctagtct atatataatt tttttgaaag tttgatatat     38100
     ttattcacaa aagcgattca gctgcagggg catgatcttc tgtgaggaag tcagcactcc     38160
     tgttgattcc cttccagcct cctgatgaga ttctcttggc tgagggttct catgcattca     38220
     ggtacttagc atggtgtctg atgtggtcag cgatgaaggt tgcgatgaag cagtagctat     38280
     gatcataacc ctcttgtagc ctaaaaacaa cagggatttt cttctctgtg caggcagcta     38340
     tgaagttatc agggagtaac tgcccatttg aaagaatctc gtcatctttt ccttgatcaa     38400
     ttaggatgtc aatctgggaa cccgaatatg acttcacgag acaggtcgca tcgtatgcct     38460
     tccatttgct ttcatctggt cccaaatatc cacgaaaagt ttttttgccc caaggacaca     38520
     gcacagggtt gcaaattgga gcaaatgctg acacagatct gtattttcca agatttttca     38580
     aagcacaaat cagagctcgg tggcctccca tggagtgacc aaaaatagac catcctctgt     38640
     gggtccactg ggaaattggc atttatgagt tgtggaagct cctctgtgac gtaagagtac     38700
     attctgtagt tagctttcca aggatcttct gtggcattca cataaaaccc accaccagtg     38760
     ccaaagtccc agctgtcatc ttctccttta atattgcagc cacgagggct ggtatcaggg     38820
     gcaatgacca caaggccggg ctctgaggca gcttgctgat agccagactt tgatatgtaa     38880
     ttttgttctg tgtaagttaa accagacagc cagtaaagcg ctggacactt tccactctct     38940
     gcctggggtg gtaggtagac agcaaatttc attttacatt tcagctcaac actgctatgt     39000
     tcgaaaaatt tctggagccc gccaaagcac ctgttcctgg aaatctcttt gagtgccatt     39060
     ctcctcctcg gtgaggggcc tatatataat tttaagaagc cagactgtct gtttgtctaa     39120
     cacacacaca cacagacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacagataga     39180
     gagagagaga cagagagaca gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     39240
     gagagagaga gagagaggta gagtggggaa agagagagag agatcagatt taaacagtag     39300
     aatcacagct ttcttgagcc ccgactgtgt gtgctcagag actctcattt tcaagacctg     39360
     tgtgtgtccc ctccccctat tgcttcctag taggtggcac agaacaagca gctggtacat     39420
     gctctggcaa ccacagctag agccccagct ccatgccttt cccatcaaga tacatttatc     39480
     ctctgagaca aaataaatcc ttcttctctt aaaacaaaat aaacaacaga aaagaaagca     39540
     aacctgtttt aactgggatt ccagttctga ggtgtttttt ttttttttaa actttcttaa     39600
     aatttaaata tagacaattt aatattttac catacaaact tgactaaatg ggattactgt     39660
     gctattatgg catgtggtta catgcatgca agaatttggt ctctctctct ccctctccct     39720
     ctctctctct ctctctctcc catttatgat ctatttttca gtgaacacgt tttaagtttc     39780
     aaaaagattg gatcttgtaa caaagggtat attttaatgt ttgaagctat atgtgaccac     39840
     attgactaac agcacacatg tggtccaggc ttcacaagag aatgacagta aaagagccac     39900
     tagctagaat ccaagtacct tctgccctgc tttctattgg aggtagggac caaagaaaat     39960
     gttgggacac aagttgaagt aggagagaga aaggaggtga gggggatgcc tgcctggttc     40020
     tgcctgcctt taatttcagc acttgggagt actcagagac aagtagatat ctgtgagttt     40080
     aaggccctgc aggctcttcc tgggtgtgct tccaagcatc agtacttgag gcaggtgttc     40140
     cttctgcatc catattcatc ctaatctgaa ttttcaggag tattttattt cacatttaga     40200
     tgaatagggg aattttgaga aagaaatgaa acattcctgg gtaaaatttt gaaaataaac     40260
     aatcagttcc ccatggggga attagtaatg agtttccaac caatctaatg gaggtctttg     40320
     gaaggaggag gtactgaaag gattcccttc agtgttagga gtggctcctg gaaagtgcag     40380
     catgaattgt gaggagagct agttagcatg gctgcagtgt cagctcccca tgacatcagc     40440
     agttctttcc ctagacattc ttttgtatcc tggagaggcc tggtatggtt tgagatgtca     40500
     cctgtgttgt ggcaacacca actgctcttg gaccacttca tgcactgcct ttcctaatca     40560
     cccatagata tgttggccag aggaaggatg ctacttagga gaaagaatgg acacaagtga     40620
     gaggaagaaa gatgacactt gaacctcaga ccaaagcatc aagaaataaa tggtccttga     40680
     aaatgcgcca ccataagcat tggttagaag atggggaatt tgccaatgat tgcaggacat     40740
     tagtttgtcc cagatcaatg aagttttaag gccaaagctg ttgtcctggg agtttcaggc     40800
     ttctgctctt acagaggaaa tgggtttgaa tgggacaaaa gtgaaagcag cagcaggcag     40860
     aggactgtga gtgagatgtc agcacctcag ggctgggcat cactgtcctt taccccaggg     40920
     actccattag gtgaactgtc tgtccagttc tcctaagaag gaaagaaatt ggcttcccag     40980
     ggaagacctt tcatttctca gatgtcatag aagaacttct ctgaacagtg ttccctgaaa     41040
     gttgcccata taggtagcag gtatgggtac cagtttgttc tctagtctac tcactggact     41100
     gtcaaaatag tgagccagag tagagactgg tgctttcttg ccaactctgg gcacactggg     41160
     ctctcacgca actgacttgg tgagtctggg aacacgttgt gctcttgcac tgtttttcca     41220
     tccatagtct tgtttctaga gtgacctgac aggagatatg ggcatctcca caccatcgtg     41280
     atgcttgtgg ggtatgataa ttttctgatg gtttctatac cacaggctta tggacagtac     41340
     tgcctaatta aatcatacgc agctatgaat aagcctgagg atcctgtcct tggtcacatg     41400
     atgcatgtgc taagtgaatc gaaagaggtc tgactgggtc acatgcattc ctgttttgtc     41460
     agatgtctgt ataggactct ttgttctgtc aatgctctgt tccttgacag tatgcatatt     41520
     cacttgtgtt catctaccca taggggctgc tggtgtacca ccatcatccc caacactcct     41580
     gttcagaaga tgggtgagga aagtggaaag tctaatcagt cagccgatga ccagtgggaa     41640
     aaatgagcta caagatcacc tgatcttcat cagtgagaaa gctttgcaca agaggtattt     41700
     ttcattctgt caaacatcat ggtcaatttc ttgggtctat ggtatagcct acaatttatt     41760
     cttattaaat tttatggtac ttggagactg taactccagg gtgtcactgt gcccaacctt     41820
     ttctccctaa acattctcac aggctgaact tgaagtcaga gcaggagtga gctgaggaca     41880
     tagggtattc tatttttttt atatgaaaat gaaagcctac aactgaggga ttgaagagga     41940
     tgtgatgtct cagcatgtat tgatagaggc actgacatgt gaccgtttga gtgagatatt     42000
     agttgctgtg aggttttgat tgattgtttg cttgcttgag ttcgttgttt gtttgtttgc     42060
     aaagctttgt aattgtctgg caggtgttgc ttgctgaagc ttgctatatc accaggaaag     42120
     cttggtccca tttggtccat cctgatacat gatggaaggt cttgggctca ttaatactct     42180
     tctcagattt tgggtcttat aaacagaatg tcctctgcat ttcctctgga ttctatttca     42240
     attgtacttt ctcattctcc ctgcaaacac accctgattc tgtgtgcatg catgtgtgtg     42300
     tgtgtgtgtg actctctcta tattctggtc ataagggtat gtggtaggac ctgaggaatt     42360
     gcctgcctta cagtctgctg acaatgccaa tgcttaggac tggaaaccat acttcaagca     42420
     acaatgcact tgcattatgt gttcaacttg atgaaatatt tgagttctgt ggtgaattca     42480
     ccatgacctc ctcattctgg gtaattctcc ctgaaatgtg gattatatag tttggccaaa     42540
     ttcataggac taggccaaag atcaagagtc cttgttctga aagaaaaaaa aaaggagaaa     42600
     tgtcctcata gtttctgtat acccacacct gtgccataaa ctactgagag tttagagacc     42660
     tcgtctgtcc ctccaggcct atgcgggagc tcaaacaacc agaactctaa ccacctggac     42720
     acccagcctc tggagacctt tggacaagat agcaagatta ataagcttag atgatcctag     42780
     tacataggag gtagaaggta acatactgtg agcttggata gttcagaatc catcctggat     42840
     tcaggtgacc cttgaagcct gtgttcttgg gactctttgc tcttggggcc aggcccaacc     42900
     acagatcaaa tccttactat gaaaaattga aagtggagac taagcaggta atgttggacc     42960
     tgcagagctt acagaatgtg tacactgagg cctcagagac atttgaattc ctggcaaaga     43020
     gaaaggctgc tataggtaac tgtctgtctt gcttgggagc acatgagctg taaaattgcc     43080
     atctctgctt ttgatcctgc acaggagact ctcgagttct ggttcttgct ttctgccact     43140
     tcacacagga gcctttagat ttttctgttg taaacctgtg ggttgaaaca ctttttgggg     43200
     taaaaaaaaa aggtcaaagg accctttcac agaggttgtg tatcagacaa tcctttatct     43260
     cagacacttc tattatggct tataacagta caaaaattat agtacccaag tagcaatgaa     43320
     aataatctta agtttgggag gtcactgcat taaagcatcc acagcatttg gtaaattgag     43380
     aaaccctggt cttgacagaa gaactatttg tatcatgtga ggtcttcttg acccctgggg     43440
     ctgagtcagg atctgtagag agctggttac cagcagaccc atgtatagca agtattcccc     43500
     ttgtttctcc tttccaattc atagtgcctt tgcccattcc ttcgtgatgt ttctccatta     43560
     ggatggacag gtagggacaa ctgtagtcca cttcttcttt ttaggaaaca tggatccctc     43620
     ttagtgttgg gacttttgga agtagcatga gtgtttctgg aatttgctgt tctctaattt     43680
     ttgctttctg agtgcagctc acctagatgt cctgagttct tatctaggtc ttcctgagaa     43740
     ccagggtctg gtggggttga tggtatttct tataagttaa taggaaaagg atagcagggg     43800
     ctttgtatgc attgggtgtt tgcagaaacc tgcagagcca ccttctgatg gaactgaatc     43860
     agctgaagaa gaaggtagac atgctgagga ggcacaggaa taagaaagtg ctggaagatg     43920
     aggcactggt gctgcagtac ttgtgggact taaaggggct ccataaggac caataggaag     43980
     aggccagtga cttccagagt caggaacaac aggtagagac aggaagcttt gtcaggctaa     44040
     tggttagctc catctgccct tgtaacttct agacgagctc atccacctac ctgtgctttc     44100
     atccatcatc ttactcatcc acacagcaat ctaagtacat acctcatgac agccaattgt     44160
     tcaggcctat gtccaagcac aaatatttct ggggaatgag cttcttgtga gaaagtggat     44220
     tatcagcaag caaatccacc tctgcttaat acttcagccc aaagatgagt acagttcaat     44280
     aatacaccac acacctacag ggttcagtgc acagagcttt aagtgagtga agtcagggct     44340
     tgtggcttat ttgcttggca tcagtcatat aattcacatg tgagaagcag cttgcaaggg     44400
     tggggggaat ccctttgcaa atgccaaatg agcagttctt gatgtcatct tttttggggt     44460
     gacatgtggc atttctcatc tttgctgtct acatttcaag acaatctttt taatctgccc     44520
     aggatagact caaactgact gaactctgac tagcagagtg ttagccatgt tttttgtcaa     44580
     tgaggctgga gtattctcct tttctgtaga ttgcattctt ctgttgactg gatgactatg     44640
     gatgtgggta gggattctga caagctaggg acatggtgtc agagatttaa gattgcaaga     44700
     ggaaatttta tgcaaccact tcagcatagt ctggccaagc aaagcatgct caccatagca     44760
     attgtatctt ccaccttttg tttagcatag tgtaagatac cgctcaaatt gctggtatgc     44820
     tataactaaa cgaatgtgtt cttgcagcac gaggtgcttt tttttggtat tttgctctcc     44880
     attacatact ctgtgtgtgg tggataggct gcggatatgt gtgtttttgt gtgtgtgtat     44940
     attttctttt ttgtatagta taggcatgtg gtattttttt tttcatgcac tttttcatgc     45000
     attttcttca ttttctagaa gatctcattg ggtttcattt tcagcctctg tcttgaaata     45060
     ctgtttgctc tttcccccag aagctggctg ctttgcttgc ctggctgatc atcaaccact     45120
     ggtatccttt gtaaacactt gcatttttat tccagtgtgt gcatgctttt tgatacccct     45180
     ccactaagaa cacatactct aattatcagg aacaggatag tctggagcaa aggctatagt     45240
     actgctgagc agaaggacct ggtcatgcag aagaagaaca agcaataaaa aaaaatctgg     45300
     tcttgcttgg ttgtctctca gatgaagtag gaacaaagcc tgggaggatc ctgtggagtg     45360
     acttttgtgg gcttctttct gctcatggac aacctgatgg tcacagccag aaagagaaca     45420
     catcagagtt tacatggatc tagtcttcag gaccttctgt ccaggaaaca atatgtttgg     45480
     tactcagtga gtgtcttcct ccattccaaa ctctctgata tgttatgagc ttgctgtttt     45540
     tgaacacaca gagatcctcc tgtttataac ttttaagtga tgggatttaa aggagtgcat     45600
     aaccatggtt ggaagaaact acacttttat tgagaaatac tgcctgtaga cctgagattg     45660
     ccacccttga acccggctct ctgcagtttc tgcctatttc tagtgaatag tgttctctgg     45720
     atagagaaga tttaggaggt agctggatga acccaggcag agcctctgct gcagggatgc     45780
     ctagagcact tcagaggagt gttctgtaac agagtcccat aagagccagc atacagcatc     45840
     cagagctagt cctaagtcta acacatcata atgaaagtca tttttaaaca aacaggatca     45900
     ctttccctcc caggtccttc cctccctccc taacatggta gggggcagtt ggggtgggga     45960
     gagggaaacc agaactggta ttggtagagg gaaaatgact gaagtcctga tgtctggcag     46020
     aaagaatgta aacaggcaac ctcaggaaac tggaccccca gaatgcacca gaggcagtgt     46080
     cttttgcttt gcaattttgt gaggtcccat ttgtcgattc tcgatcttat agcacaagcc     46140
     attgctgttc tattcaggaa ctttttcctt gtgcccatat ctttgaggct tttccccact     46200
     ttctcctcta taagtttcag tgtctctggt tttatgtgga gtactttgat ccacttagac     46260
     ttgagtcttg tttaaggaga taagaatgga tcaatttgca ttcttctaca taactgccag     46320
     ttgtggcagc accatttggt gaaaatgctg tctttttccc actggatggt tttagctccc     46380
     ttgtcaaaga tcaagtgacc ataggtgtat ggattcattt ctgggtcttc aattcttttc     46440
     cattgatcta cctgtctgtc gctgtactag taccatgcag tttttagcac aagtgctctg     46500
     tactacagct tgagttcagg catggtgatt cccccagagg ttcttttatt gttgggaata     46560
     gtttttgcta tcttaggttt tttttattat tccagatgaa tttgcaaatt gcattttcta     46620
     actcagtgaa gaattgagtt ggaagtttaa atctgtagat tgctttcatc aggatagcca     46680
     ttttgactat attaatcctg ccaacccatg agcatggggg atctttccat cttctgtgtt     46740
     cttcttcaat ttctttcttc acagacttga agttcttatc atacagatct ttcacttcct     46800
     tagttagagt cacgccaagg tattttatat tgcttgtgac tcttgtgaat ggtgttgttt     46860
     ccctaatttc tttcttagcc cgtttatcct gtgtgtagag aaagggcatt catttgtttg     46920
     agttaatttt atatccagct actgcactga agctgtttat caggattagg agttctctgg     46980
     tggaattatt agggtcactt atacatacta tcatatcatc tgcaaatagt gatagtttga     47040
     cttcttcctt tccaatttgt atcccctcga tcttcctttg ttgtcgaatt gctctcgcta     47100
     ggacttcaag tactatattg aataggtagg gagaaagtgg gcatccttgt ctagttcctg     47160
     attttagtga gattgcttcc agcttctctc catttagttt gatggtggtt ttctgtagat     47220
     tgcttttgtc atgtttaggt atgggccttg aattcctgat ctttccaaga cttttatcat     47280
     gaatgggtat tggattttgg caaatgcttt ctcagcatct aatgagataa tcatgtgttt     47340
     ttttctttga tttggtttat attgtgaatt acgctgatgg atttgcgtat attaaaccat     47400
     ccctgcattc ctgggatcca gcctacttgg tcatgatgga tgattgtctt gatgtgttct     47460
     tggattcagt ttgtgaggat tttattaagt atttttgcat ccatggtcat aagagaaatt     47520
     ggtctgaagt tctctttctt tcttggatct ttgtgtggtt taggtatcag agtaattgtg     47580
     gcttcataga aagaattggg tagagtgcct tctttttcta ttttgtggaa tagtttgagg     47640
     agagttggaa tcaggtcttc ttcgaaggtc tgctagaact ttgcactaaa cccgtcaggt     47700
     cctggacttt ttggggctgg gagactattg atgactgctt ctatttcttt agggaaatga     47760
     gagtgtttac atcgttaatc tgattctgat ttaactttgg tatctggtat ctgtctagga     47820
     agttgtttat ttcatacagg ttttcagttt tcctgagtat agccttttgt agtaggatct     47880
     gatgatgttt tggatttcct caggttctgt tgttatgtta taaagaactc aagtagataa     47940
     ccttcataag agctaagaac acaatctaaa aatgaggtag agaactaaac acaacattca     48000
     caacaacgca tcttgaatgg ctgagaagca ctgaagaagt gtgcaaagtc cttttttttt     48060
     caggtaaatg aatatcaaaa tgaccctgag gtggtgtcca gcgttatact ttccagtgaa     48120
     gaatgctaag atcaaaaaaa ctcatgtgaa agcatatgtt ggtgagaatt tgaagaaaga     48180
     ggaacattct tccatttctg gtgggactgc aaagtgctat ggtaactctg gaaatcaaaa     48240
     tggagttcct cagaaatttt cagatagatc tacctgagag acaaggacca accttactgg     48300
     tgcatggcct gctactttca gttttcactt gatggcttgt tactcagatt ttcttattgg     48360
     gctatgactt tgctcttgtc tttctgattc tcaagcagtt ctctgttctt acacattgtt     48420
     ttgaggtacc tctagccact gggacttatt tataccttca aatccctcta aattggggga     48480
     cttctaatac ttggagaagc tgagtgacaa aagcaaagta tgttgagccc tttggtgtcc     48540
     agtgcacacg aatctatggg agtttagata taataatcct ctagaacatt ctttaggaaa     48600
     gcagcagtat gctctcaggt ccctgtgtga cctcagttac ctttgccagc tttgtgggct     48660
     tctctactgc tggtctgaga acaattggaa actcctggaa tagatgtctc atatctcatt     48720
     tcctttgtcc ttgttagtat actgatggga ttcagtttga tggaaatata ctctcaagaa     48780
     taattaataa aaccagtgct tcttacggac catcaggatg aagtaccaag ttcaaggaca     48840
     gttctgcaag aactgctcaa agacagccaa gtggaacaac aagaaagcca agcagaagtc     48900
     attcattccc agcaccctca gcacctttct ccaggacagg gtcactcagc tttggtagaa     48960
     gaagggatga cctgagatag ctgccacata ttccctcaga aaagaagcag ccagcaatat     49020
     tggggaaaga atataggtgt cagggggcag aaagcagagt gtaaagtgaa taaataaaaa     49080
     gatatcaata aaaaatattt aattatttaa aaaaattgga cagaatgtat tgttctagta     49140
     actctagtgt gtatacacag gcaataactt taacacccag agagaataga tgttgtaaag     49200
     tagggtgcct ttggtattga cataaactag gaacatagca aagataaata aaaatgaaag     49260
     atgtttgtcc caaagatcca ttattctcct caagtctaag tgtttgtgct cacttttacc     49320
     agaactctgg aaacctctgt taatccaggt ctcagggctc atccaaagta cagtcctgaa     49380
     ctggctgtgg ccaagtgttc ctgtgttgtt ggctgacctc tgcctcaggc ttcagaggca     49440
     ctggaggggc agtgttggcc ttcaggtggc agccattcca ggtcccctac cataccagat     49500
     agcgagtctt ccacagatgc ctggcatctc aaaaatagaa gcttgggtat ttcaaagatt     49560
     gggatgccac tctacagtca tgatgagttg attacgtgag accatacaag ttaactaatg     49620
     tctgtatgac tgttttcttt atttgaaagt gagtaatgag atcatctgag gagtggttgc     49680
     taagaataaa atcactgatt aacataaatg ataggactgt acagagcatg ggcttaattt     49740
     tctgggtcca gtgcaaatag ctgggagagt tcaaaacaaa accaataaaa gcaacaggaa     49800
     tacaaacaac aacaattgtt taaaaccctt ttgagtgctg agattactgg catgtaccaa     49860
     ctgtggctaa cttttttttg tttttataat taacaaccaa acatacaaac aaacaaacat     49920
     ccctattcca attccagcag tttgcatcag agagagctgt gtgacactgc atgctgcttc     49980
     ctttcctcag atagctcagg tcgtcagtcc tataccaggt cagctggacc taagacagtg     50040
     tagttgaact acttgctgtc acgacatgat tctacaacaa tccatttctt gataaaattg     50100
     agcctctata gagtaagccc catgttgttg gaaccaggac cctttaggcc agcaaacaca     50160
     caagccaccc ttagtgaaag agaaaaggaa aaatcacatt ggaaaaaaat atgcgcccta     50220
     attgtaagaa aaagcactca tctttgaagc catcacctat ctccccctga tttttgagct     50280
     ctgcatattg atattgtgtg gctcaagaag gtagtgaaat tcagatgttt tctgaaagaa     50340
     gatatacatg attttttact cttaaatctg tgaggttagg gggcacaggt tcagcaaagc     50400
     cagcataaga acacaaaagc cagagatgat aatgccaaag ggacagcatc ctgaccttat     50460
     agacacatta aaattgaggt ttcatctcaa ttcaggtcat tgcactccca gccctacctt     50520
     ctgagtatta tatttgctgt gagtacagta tgacgttaca acctgcaaca ccctcatttc     50580
     tcaacttagc aattctggaa gacagatatt ggagaagtaa ttgctatgag actacaatgc     50640
     agtaatgtac agtccaggat gaccactact ctctgttgcc cacttaaatt gtctggttgt     50700
     atttgagaat gggagcatgt gcaggataat gttttgaaga agggacagca agttaaccat     50760
     ttatatttgc cctgtagatg attccatatg ttcaaaagag tagggagctt tctttgtaaa     50820
     agacagggtt gtaaaccaga gattttgtga aactcatgta tatatacata tatatatata     50880
     tatatatata tatatatata tgtatatatg aaaaaatgcc ctctgtcaag gaatacaccg     50940
     ttagaaaata ttgtccatgt tttgtacaat taaacctata ggagaaagat atttgcctct     51000
     gtgagacagg aaaaccctgg gaaattggag tgtatgtcac atgaattgac acagctggta     51060
     tatttactgt tgtgaaacat ctactacatc cacagtccct agagatttgg gtgctaacaa     51120
     aatctcttaa gcatgtcaga gtccttcaac gttccccctc aaaagcacat gacatctaat     51180
     gaagcagtag aattctccag ctttggaagg agaggttgcc aaaggggatc ccacgggtcc     51240
     atgagaggct ccaggagagg caccccagaa aaggaccaag ctgggcagaa ctagttaaca     51300
     ggtaggtcat ggcagttgct agtgacatca tcagtaatgc cttccttgga gaatctcttg     51360
     tatctaggat agaactagaa tcctctgtgt tgtcacctgt gttgtggtga cagcaactgc     51420
     ctgtggttca tcccttctgt ttgctctggg ttcaccagca ggaatgtttt cctggctgct     51480
     caggctattt cagaaagaga atggcgatga aggagagacc agaccaacag agaaggaaga     51540
     gggaatcctt tctcatgaaa aaggaagaag gaaatcattc tggagaaggc acagtgagtc     51600
     ctgggcagag ttggggaact tcctggtaga ggtaggcttg agctgggcct tccaggagta     51660
     ggtcttacaa gctgaagcct tggactttgt caatgtcaga aaaagagtca agaatttctg     51720
     atgattagtt tgacagagcc aggaattgac aaacctgcag ctacttttct gggagctatt     51780
     taatttcatt ttgagtggca aaaaatggca ggagtgggca ctatgagaat aacaatgtgt     51840
     cctttcatgg aagggagttg aagcacttca tcttccagat tactgtaggt aacttgagtc     51900
     tctgatgaaa agaacaaaga aggatgctcc cctggtcatg tcatgtggtg aggactcaga     51960
     cactttggat ttgaagacac acgattaatt agtgcttgat agtgctaagc actatgaact     52020
     tcaggatttc cctgcgtccc atctgatatg acctgacaat gttccccata tctttatgtc     52080
     tgaggcagct tatacatttc aaggcaaccg ggcctgtaac agggagtgtg gcatatgtct     52140
     gacaatggtg gttaggaaga ggaacatagc ttagcaaacc agctggaaga tagcttttct     52200
     gctcttttag gaattcactg tctttatctt ttttctccct ccatcttctt cttgggactc     52260
     agaatggtct cccctgcccc tcgtccatca agtatgcaaa ttcttttgtg tttacctatc     52320
     tgcagggtct gctagaaata cttcaaccca aaattccaaa atgactaaga agagatcaaa     52380
     aataaatgaa ctagaagaac tgaaattgga tatgaggaag atcagcaatg acatggagga     52440
     aatgtgtgga atcctgaacc tttacatgta tgaggatttg aactacaggt aggaattatg     52500
     cccagtaccc tgttgactgt attgtgccat ctgttaaccc aatttccttc catgaatgga     52560
     gtgcgtcatc tcccatcatt caattaagta gccctgacag gtgtttaatt gttggataaa     52620
     caaggtgctg tgtgtttatt atcatcttct tttgtacttg accttggggt ttttgcattc     52680
     tgattgttgc tgtgaacagc tagaatgtcc tgctcacact tactgtctct cagtgtgtga     52740
     atgcaatgcc tgcaggcttc aaggctttac tctgatattg ttcattatat tctgagagat     52800
     ggcacctgtc tggatttatt tggcattcta attgggtctg tgtgtgtgaa catagttgcg     52860
     tgtgttttgt tcaggactgg ggctctggga cctttgatgg ggtctgagga tttgtgtgat     52920
     gcacagtttg caggtcctgt tagtgttgag tccatagagg tccaaagtga tcaccaggga     52980
     agtttgctcc tggtgtttcc ttgttgtcac acaggaatct cctggaggag atgtgataaa     53040
     gcctttctcc tgtaaatact agttgtgtcc tctgggaatt cacataacaa cagaaaccaa     53100
     ggaatgagaa tccctgcctt aaaaataaga ggaaagtcat tacagatatc tactggaccc     53160
     ttgcctgtgg cacagtgtag tgtaaaattg tcatagaagt actctattcc tacatgcttg     53220
     cccgggaagc ccttgaaggt cagctagctc catttggtct cctggctctg ctgtcctctg     53280
     cccaggatag taagtttaat tagcacctag gggacccagt ttgaatgagc caggatgtgg     53340
     catgcacttg gcttgggtag tacatgatat agcctgtttg cacatgatta ttgattcctt     53400
     aattcagcat attatttgct tcttgggcca tgccacagga tgaacactga attcaacatc     53460
     attaaatcac aacatgagaa gacaatgttg gatatgaata aaatgatcca gtccataatt     53520
     ggttccatgc agtattccaa ggaactgata gaagataact attcctacag gtgagttagt     53580
     gacacaaatg agacccccag aactaggcag ggaatgcttc tgtcatttta ggactttgaa     53640
     caaaagcaag ggttctggtt ttatgctatc tgtttttatc caggaaccct gccctgaggc     53700
     aagggtcttg gatttgtacc tcttggacac aggtgtccta agtgtgaaga gtgtccaaga     53760
     ccctccaatc tttattcttc caaattcaag atcctctaca tagaaaactt ttccaccacg     53820
     ctgggaatat ccaggaaccc tgaacctctg ggtttctgac cacagattaa aagatctagg     53880
     attcccaaca aaaatgtaaa gattgcacac ctgtttggtc gtctcacctc tctcagaggg     53940
     gctaagccct ctccctgctg aaggttttat ggtaccacag acctataatc aaccatgagg     54000
     aacatttcct cttctgtgat gtatatggtg tactcttggt gtcagggttt ttagaagttt     54060
     gttgagtcct gtggaatatg gctggtatct tgatatgacc tgcctctgtt tggtgctgct     54120
     atgtaactgt ggactcttct gggggctgtc tgggaatcag ggcccttgca gggatcatag     54180
     gacttgtacg agtggcaagc caatggaatc tggctgggaa tcaccaattt ttctttgtgg     54240
     atcagcatta aggaggacca cctcctccgt gagtgcactc aactcaacga aaacgtaagg     54300
     atattactga atgagaacag aaggctgctg gtggagcagg ctggccataa gtgtcctgtg     54360
     gggaagaaaa gaggttctct gaggaggcca ggaagtacat ctgtgtccca agtgccaagg     54420
     aacagcaggt aggatgatgt gtatcagagg cagattgccc tcatgtctaa acataaacat     54480
     agacaatcaa atgtaatagt ccaccaactt ctccaggcac tcacctatgt ttcctccaag     54540
     tgtttgttta tgtgatcatc tacagggctc tctgtggagg tagcctggtt caagaaactg     54600
     catatttggc atgcaaatgt tcctgctctg ctataatcac taagggagat aggttgatta     54660
     gacatcacaa cactatatgc cttaagtttg aagggtgctg tgttggagcc cttcttgaga     54720
     atagcaagag ctttgaggga agaagtaaag gcctgtagct catttgcttt acagggaact     54780
     tgtgagattc taggtaggaa atagtttgca gggatgacag cctagtttaa ttgacaaata     54840
     agtggatttc attactgtct tttggcggct tttctattcc ccccttttct gctctatctc     54900
     aaaatggtct cttcgggctt catatatctt ggttcacact gagagagcct gagtagcagc     54960
     ttgtcagttc aattttcttt gagtgctgtt ggagtggtca ttcctgggcc ttagagtctg     55020
     gagttggctg gatgaccaga gatgatagaa aggcttcaca caggctcagg tttggtgtgt     55080
     gatttctgag gcttcatgaa ataatttctt aatatatgcc cccaaattgc accattgtta     55140
     gatgtttccc tccccccctc tccccagaca gggtttctct gttcacactg gctctcctgg     55200
     aactcactct gtatatcctg ctggcctcaa actcagaaat ctgcctgcct ctgcctccca     55260
     agtgctggga ttaaaggagt gtgccactat gaccccactt ctctcgtgct ttttattcct     55320
     ctaaaattat cgcagagtcc ttgggtctcc cttgaaatat tacctctgca aagtctgaat     55380
     tatcttggtc ctgaaccata acagatacct cattgttttc tgctcagtta tgattttatg     55440
     tgaataagtc tgtgtgtgct tgtgtgtgtg tgtctgtgac tgtgtgtctg tgtgtttctt     55500
     tttgtgtatg catggttttt ccgacctgtg tctctatcag cctcggtggg ggctgagaga     55560
     aatgaggacc ttcagacagt tctggtagta taaaactggt tatgtctgtt agaagccatg     55620
     ttcagaaagt ggaaaagaag tccactttga cccagtgctt ccagaacaag gaggagttat     55680
     ccacagagtc tagggtgctc agggttgtag tggtcctcag agcatccctg aaggagaagc     55740
     tatcctgatg tccatctgct taaggatgaa aaggccctgt gtggtacagc ccttccatga     55800
     actcagtgtg agataatcca tgcaagcttt tgtccttcaa ctagtcagcc ttatcctact     55860
     caaaatagcc ctgacacagt cacattctgg ggagaaaacg tttcttttgg atcctggttg     55920
     tagacagttc ctattacttt gggctcatgc ctttggacac caagtcagtt aggtgatgga     55980
     aaagggagat cctattggaa gaaattgttt actttaggac aagcctgaaa cagggaacaa     56040
     gaacaagagc ctggtccacc accaacatgt gagcctaggc tgggaaacaa acctattcta     56100
     cacagccttg ggaacttgtt gagccagatt ggataatagg acaagaaccc tgattcccag     56160
     accggtttat gagtggaaag catatcactg actgcgctgc ctatatgcta tgcccactaa     56220
     gtacctttcc cattcaagat ttgttttttt attcctgcaa agtatcctgg gagattttta     56280
     tatttgtatt aaccacgaaa ctaaaaaggt cactgcaaaa caatatgctt gtattgcata     56340
     aacacaaata ttatgtgtgt ttgagagtgt gccctgcaat agtcatagat gtacaggggt     56400
     gttgttctgt ttcttcatga ccatcacttt taaggttcat tgcccagcct tgggaatatt     56460
     tttatttagc acactcttgc agattctagg aaccatgaat tacccatggg tattgtgtgg     56520
     tatggtgtct ctggttattt gcagatagaa gattgacaag aggaaccctg tgaggttcct     56580
     gactggagaa ataatcatag ccttcacttc agttcagggc atgctcccac cccataagga     56640
     atccacatgg tttctaggta gcacacatct ctcttgaact cacattcaaa cattgctaca     56700
     atgttattac tcaatataat gtacccgcac aactggggaa atgtggtgtt ttttagaact     56760
     ccagtataat gtgtagttga cagttcagtt tctagcagtt tttttttcca ttttttatta     56820
     ggtatttagc tcatttacat ttccaatgct ataccaaaag tcccccatat ccacccacct     56880
     ccactcccct gcccacccac tccccctttt tggccctggt gttcccctct actggggcat     56940
     ataaagtttg caagtccagt gggcctctct ttccagtgat ggccaactag gccatctttt     57000
     gatatatatg cagctagagt caagagctcc ggggtactgg ttagttcata atgttgttcc     57060
     acctataggg ttgcagatcc ctttagctcc ttggctactt tctctagctc ctccattggg     57120
     agccctatga tccatccatt agctgactgt gaacatccac ttctgtgttt gctaggcccc     57180
     ggcatagtct cacaagagac agctacatct gggtcctttc aataaaatct tgctagtgta     57240
     tgcaatggtg tcagcgtttg gatgctgatt atagggtgga tccctggata tggcagtctc     57300
     tacatggtcc atcctttcat ctcagctcca aactttgtct ctgtaattcc ttccatgggt     57360
     gttttgttcc caaatctaag gaggggcata gtgttcacac ttcagtcttc attcttcttg     57420
     agtttcatgt gtttaggaca catgctacac tatgttcata gcagccttat ttataatagc     57480
     cagaagctgg aaagaaccta gatgcccctc aacagaggaa tggatacaga aaatgtggta     57540
     catctacaca atggagtact actcagctat taaaaagaat aaatttatga aattcctaac     57600
     caaatggatg gacctggagg gcatcatcct gagtgaggta acacattcac aaagaaactc     57660
     acacaatatg tactcactga taagtggata ttagccccaa acctaggata cccaagatat     57720
     aaaatataat ttgctaaaca catgaaattc tagcagtttt taataggtga gaaacaattc     57780
     caagctcagg tgctctatgg cacttgggat gcacgttatg atcttagctg ataggacatg     57840
     ttggtttgtc cagctgaata gagctgttct gggagagaca gctcaattta caaatgctta     57900
     accggccttt gtttctttct tccctaagtg tgatatagtc cagcagaaag cagaacatgg     57960
     cacagaccac ggcatgatct ccctcaaaga gaagtgctgg aggaagagca ctgagtgtgc     58020
     acaggaaata caccactgtt gcctctcatc cctaataacc atggctgtaa tgggctgtat     58080
     gctcctcctt tattttgttt ctttggtatg aacaggcctt aatttcatct agcctctggc     58140
     ccaggaagag tgcacattta aagggactca gagaaacgct gagacacatc aagatctgct     58200
     gggcatccag gaagaatctg agtgcaaatt tatcttttcc tgatgggtca tcatcaataa     58260
     ttacatggag atcagtcaac aaaattgtaa aaccttggat ccaagtctac aacatgtgtt     58320
     ctgctttgac ttgggaggcc atatccttca gacccacact ccaaaaggag agtgttgctt     58380
     aaatttctcc tgcaaagttt gttacctcca ggaactactt ttctactaag ttgccaagga     58440
     cagccacagg ctgtaagtct gtgctacaaa atgagcagac taagaatttt gctttgcaca     58500
     atttttgtgg tttgattttg gtttgagttt tgattagttt agttatttgt tttttcttgt     58560
     tttcattcaa agttttgtta tttattggtt atttattgtt cttttaatta atttgatatt     58620
     ttgataaggt tatacacagt acatattgac tgtcagcttt cagttacaat tgagtacatt     58680
     gcattttttc ttatgactaa cacagtgatc tccaactctt cactctaaga gccttgttat     58740
     ttcaggtgtg atcatgaaat cccacagata tcagacccag atggatctct ccactcttca     58800
     tgggacttgg gctccatagt ttcttctgag ccggacttaa ctacaaagtc cttcatacat     58860
     tcagtatgga gagtttgtcc aactgtctgg ataggaactt aatgatggaa aacttaccca     58920
     tgctgcatcg ttgctgtcaa atatttagct actgtgaaaa tcctgtggat gatggtgttg     58980
     aacgcattaa tggcaaatac atcagtattt ctgtaatagc tctcattaaa tcaaagcata     59040
     gtctaaggga ataaaaagct gtcagaaaac acagcagtgt atgcttctgc gttccttcaa     59100
     atatacaatc actggtaatt gcaagtggtt tctgtggggg tccttcaatg ttcattttat     59160
     tactttatga ttcacctgtg tctgccaaaa aacatcattc aaaaacaatg aagattgtaa     59220
     ttaggtatca tcctataaaa tcctaacaaa tgcctttttt atttgatatt ttctttactt     59280
     acatttcaaa tgctaaaccc tttcctagtt tcccctctga agatcccctg tttactacac     59340
     caacccctgc tccccaaccc acccactccc ttcatcctgg ccttggcatg ctcctctact     59400
     ggggcataga acattcatag gaccaaggac tctcctcgca gtgatgacca accaggccat     59460
     cctcctctac acatttacct agagcaatga gttccatcat gtgttttctt tgtttggtgg     59520
     tttagtccaa gtgatctctg gaggtactgg ttagttcata ttgttgttcc tcttatgggg     59580
     ctctaaaccc ttcagctcca taggtcctct ctctagctcc ttcactgggg accctgtgct     59640
     ctgaccattt gatggctgtg agcatgtact tctgtatttg tcaggcactg gcagaacctc     59700
     tcagttggca gctatatcag gctcttgtca gcaatctctt gttggcatcc gtagtagtgt     59760
     ctggtttttc tggttgttta tgagatggat ccccaggtga agcagtctct ggatggtcat     59820
     tccttcagtc tctgcttcac attatgttgc tgtcactcct ttcatgggta ttttgttcct     59880
     cattctaata aggatcaaag tatcctcact ttggtcttcc tttttcttga gttatgtatg     59940
     ctttgctatt tgtatcttgg ttattccaag gttctgggct aatatcccct tatcagcaag     60000
     tacatgtcat atgtgttctt ttgtgattgg attaccttac tcaggatgat atcctccaga     60060
     tccatccatt tgtctaaaaa tatcatgaat tcattctttt taatagctga ctagttcttc     60120
     attgtacaaa tgtaccgtat tttatgtatc cattcctctg ttgatggaca tcttggttct     60180
     ttccagctac tggctatcat aattaaggct gctatgaaca taatggagct agtgcagatt     60240
     caaggcaatt tatatactac atagcctata aatcatcatt gttacctgac ttgaaaggga     60300
     cacagcaagt cagactcatc tgtcatttgg ggacaataag tcttgagagt aacttttagg     60360
     atttttcaag tttaagacaa gcttaagtag aggaccaaaa gaggaacgtg gctgttatca     60420
     gtctgcaatc agttgacccc tagaaaggtt gttattagtt aagtgctata tgcctctaca     60480
     aatcctagtg taagtggtca gattaaccct gcaatttaaa acattaccaa accaggaatg     60540
     tgctatgctg agcactcaca gagagttatg aggagctgcc ctaggctcct tttacagcaa     60600
     gtaaaaatag acaaagagat caaatatcct aataccacaa aatgataaaa ctgacaactg     60660
     tagattgcac tgagtatcag cgagtttaga ttcttgtgca tctacagatt gtcatgcaac     60720
     atctgcatca gggacaatac ataaggaggt ggttgttcag tggcatgaca aacaaccaag     60780
     aagagccata gcctctaccc atctgatctg gatgatgaga cttaaaagtc ttagtttgtc     60840
     accatctctc ccaggactgc tggcatcatt tcttgcatat gtttactcta gcacttgtct     60900
     accttaggta caaacacagt ggacagtccc acagcccaca gaggaggctc cactaccacg     60960
     cactcactct atcacgacca gtatcttagg atcccaggat cccagaatcc caggagttag     61020
     tcacacaaga atcttagagt ctcacaggca acttgactac caggaactgc gacacaccca     61080
     gaatctcagg gtcacaggat cccggaattt tacacctgta tccttagagc tttaatgatc     61140
     aaggacaagg atgcagctgg gactgagggt gtgaagaaga tgcaggacat gttcaacgct     61200
     gagatcctgt tgtctagaca ttcttaagct ctgcagatgt gggctcacag atgcatcttt     61260
     gcactcaaag gacatatact gatttaaaaa ttagaattac cttcaatctt gctatttcct     61320
     tagagaagtg aggtaggatt tcttccttgg ggaaacaatt tttccatgct ttcttaagca     61380
     cttcagtttt actttgaaat cttttgaaat gacttcctga agatgcacaa actgtgattc     61440
     cctaggctca tgttgaatat ccttcaaagt cttgtcagca gactgatcta agagtaggga     61500
     ccagatgtca ttgtcataat tctgttcagg tttgtacttt aaacttttgc tgaatatgtg     61560
     ctcgcggaaa gttttttttt ttttttccag aggtcttgtt ttcaaaataa ctctgtcttt     61620
     acatattaca atgtatggat taagaaaaag gggcaactac ttactaattc tcagttaaat     61680
     atcttcttat gtgttcctgt actcacacaa tcactagaaa ttgttaatca gtccaaatca     61740
     tttattttag tagagtagac tataaccatg aaccaatata cttagtttac tattgatgac     61800
     tgtgttgatt acaataaata catgaatgat aggactgtac agagtatggg cttaattttc     61860
     tgggtccagt gcaaatagct gggagagttc aaactaaaat tagtagaaac agcaggaata     61920
     ctaacaaatc ccaaagatcc aatattctcc tcaagtctaa gtgtttgtgc tcacctttac     61980
     cagaactcag gagacctctg ttcatccagg tctcaggtct cacccaaaat acagacctga     62040
     accagctgtg gccaagtttt cctgtgttat tggctgacct ctgcctcagg cttcagagac     62100
     cctggaaggg aaggcttggc cttcaggtgg cagccattcc aggtcctctg tcagctaatg     62160
     gagtcttcca cagaggtctg tcatctcaaa aatagaagct tgggtattcc aaagattggg     62220
     atgccactct acagtcatga tgagttggtt acatgagatc atacaagtta actaatgtct     62280
     gtatgactgt tttccttatt tgaaagtgag taatgagatc atctgaggag tggttgctaa     62340
     gaataaaatc actgattaac atgaatgata ggactgtaca gagaatgggc ttaattttct     62400
     gcctccagtg caaagagcta ggagatttca aaacaaaacc aatagaaaca tcaggaatac     62460
     taactacaac aactttttta aaaccttctg agtgctagga ttgcaggcat gtaccaattc     62520
     tgccttataa taaacaaaca aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca aacaaacatc cctattccag     62580
     tcctaacagt tgcctcagag agagctgtgt gacactgcat actgcttcct ttccccagat     62640
     agctcaggtc ttcagttctc taccaggtct gctggaccta agatactgta gttgaacttc     62700
     ttggttccat ggtatgattc tgcaacaatc cttttcttgg taaaattgag cctctataga     62760
     gtaagcccct tgttggtggt accaggaccc tttaggccag caaacacagg aggaaatgtg     62820
     gagataaggt gtggagcaga gaatgaagct aaagccatcc tgagccttcc ccacctggag     62880
     atccatccca catacagaca ccaaggccag acactatgga agatgccaat aagtgctttc     62940
     tgagaggagc ctgctacagt tgtctactca gaggctccac ctgagagtga caaataccaa     63000
     ggcacatttt tgcagcccct ctttggaatg agcatagagt ccccagtgga agagttggag     63060
     aaaggactga atgagctata gggggttgca accataggaa gaataacaat atcaaccaac     63120
     catatcccct agatatccca gggactaaac caccaatcac acatggactg gcccatggct     63180
     ctaggcacat gtgtgccaga tgacagcctt gttggacatc aatgggagga aaggcttttg     63240
     gtcctttaaa agctccatgc cccggtgtat aggaatgcta ggctagcaag agagcactgt     63300
     gtggtggagc accctcatag aagcagttca aggggcatga ggtaagtggg ttttaggcag     63360
     aaaaccggaa aaatagctaa catttgaaat gtaagattaa agtgttttaa aatagaaaaa     63420
     gaaatgattt aaagacagag aaattaaact agactgatgg acagttgatc atggacaaag     63480
     tcatgaatat gcaatgcaaa aagaaacatc ttcaataaat gtcgctggtc taacttggag     63540
     taagtatgta gaaaaatgaa agtagatgca tatttgtcac ctggcacaat actcaaggcc     63600
     aggtgaatta aagaactcaa cataaaacca gattcactga atctaactga agagaaagca     63660
     ggaaagacca tcaaactcat gggaatgggg ataaatgtca taaacagaag tccaatagct     63720
     cagactctaa catcaaaatt tataaatggg ccacaagaaa ctgaaaagct tctataagac     63780
     aaagggcata gccaatagga caaattggca aactacacat taggaaaaaa acgttcacca     63840
     acaatgtcaa ggtctgcctg atccaaagtc aggactatga agctcaaccc tatctcagaa     63900
     aagcaaagct aaacaaaaat aaaaataaac gtttgtcaag aaagcactag gtagaaaagt     63960
     actctcatct gtctgaaatg cccaaacgtg gtggtgtgtg ctgtagattc agctactcag     64020
     gaaactgagg caggataatg gtttgaagtc agggattagg tgggaagaac ataacagacc     64080
     ctgtctcctt ataaaaataa cccaaataac ccaaaaaaca cccacatctg taaaacaaaa     64140
     agccccagag tgagaaataa gtgcataggt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     64200
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgacaga gaaagagaga gagagagaga gagacagaca gacagacaga     64260
     cagagacaga gagagagaca gagacagaga ggtggtgcta gcccagggga gcttagaaat     64320
     agtgaccatc tttatttcag ctcctagaat ggtagtttta cccccacggc catcacattc     64380
     ttttgaaaac attttctgta ccacacatca ccacttttaa aatctttttt aaagaggagg     64440
     atcttataat gcctctgtaa gcatggagtt tctgcagctt cataatttta atgttttgca     64500
     tatcacgtgt ttagaatgca ctgaaagcct cagctttttc aaccacaatg tcagtggttc     64560
     tttctcaacc tgtgggtcac aacccctgta caggataccc tgcatatcag atatttacat     64620
     taagactcat aacggtagca aaattacagt taagaagtag caatggaaat aattttatgg     64680
     ttcaggccat gaggaactgt atgaaagagt cacaattatg aaggatgaga accactgctc     64740
     tggccaatca tatctgactc tgtctgttcc cagagcaagg caggtgcttt gtaaatgtgt     64800
     gcctgtgtca ttctgcccac tttctccatt tctctcctgg gtttaatttt gtgtactgtt     64860
     ctttttctta tgttcttcac actctgtctc aggctttgtt ttggtaaagt atggacaggt     64920
     gactgttatc taagaaggtt ttgttgatca ggcaatacgt tcagtaaggg cacaccatgt     64980
     ggtctccctg acattctcac agcactgctg agggatgaag tagatgttct cttcacatcc     65040
     accataacaa ccccaggggt accatgatga cactctctcc tgtaaggccc atagagaaac     65100
     tcagatttca actgagtgac agctgccact caggggatcc aagtgagaca ctattagttc     65160
     tgggtaacat aggcacaaag gtgcaagtag tttttattcc tttggctttt tgaggcaatg     65220
     tctctcaaag gccttgaacc cctgatcctt cccacccttt caattgattt ctgcagactg     65280
     aataagtatc agggattttg aattaccttt tccttaaact gggttctctt gcagaactca     65340
     ggctatgtcg tgttttattt tgtttttcgt tttcacttcc acagttttgg aatgttttgg     65400
     gttgaacagt atgttaaaat gcaagggagg tctatcagtt cttagtggct ttaaagattg     65460
     gagggaaatg atgagactat tgtataacaa tgtttgaaaa catgtttaga tggtttcaca     65520
     atgaatacat tattgtgaga acagtgttga taccatgagc ccctgaataa ttcttttgtt     65580
     attacagtgt ttgtgggttt cctctttccc ttccctcctc catttacttc catctcttcc     65640
     tccatccacc cctccacccc tctctcactc cctctttccc cctctccatc cctccctcct     65700
     tcctttcttc ccttccttac ttctatgagg ttatataaag gaggaacaga gcaaggagaa     65760
     agagtggagg atgcaaagaa aagcagtgat gtcacacctc acattttacc ttgtgtttat     65820
     aaactagtat gtacattatt catgatggtc tctagttata ttttttatat tttaatgttc     65880
     acaattttat tacaaacatc cttataaagg agatactagt agtatgaatg cctatgaagt     65940
     tggccatgtt atcacatcca agtcattaaa gaaactacta agtatttatg aacaatcaac     66000
     atcaaaactt taaaaatcta agtatatagt agcctccaaa aaacctccag cttgcagatg     66060
     gtggtggagt aaccattact gcatcaccaa ggaggcagga gcagggggat atgtgtgagt     66120
     gtaagcctag cttgatgaca gagaaactgc ttcaaacaaa caaatgaaca cataaacaaa     66180
     ccctgggggg agggggagct acagactgta ttgaaaactt ctttctctac cacagtacta     66240
     gggattgaac tcaggacctt gtgaatatta agttagcact gcaagcaccc actactgagc     66300
     tacatcctga taacattcaa taaaatccat tcatacgtgt atacaatgta tcttagttgt     66360
     agtcattcct tggttactcc ctctagcctt accaccatca cctcctgccc ctagcctgtc     66420
     ttccatacgc tttgatcaac acccttccct caacaagtct cctgtatccc tcccaacttc     66480
     atgttgttta ataaaatcac ccactaagtc caactggtgc tgcctgtatt cgtgcatgcc     66540
     tgctgggcat acaaaggggc gtgggaaacc tgccaatggc cacctttctc aaagaaaagt     66600
     ggctctctgt cctttagctt ttatcagttg acattagcaa ctcagcaagg gatggggttg     66660
     gggtattgag aatccctccc cctccacaat ggaaagttta actctctgga tcttgtgaag     66720
     ggcttgcatg ggtaaacaca gctgctgtga atgtgtgtgt gtaacagcca tggtgtgttc     66780
     agaggccagc ctctcacagt attcctcacc attcatcagg tttttacact cactctttcc     66840
     atagcttctt caatactgtt tcctgagcct tgaagtaggt agggatcctg tacaaaacaa     66900
     aaaactgcat gatatttata cagaagccag tgttaagccg tacttaaggt tcacatttgt     66960
     aatgaaataa gtaactgggc ctccacaagt tccatgggaa tcgcagacta accatttggt     67020
     tttcctctgc ctcattttct cctcttcctc ctgctcctcc tcttcctcct cccctctctt     67080
     tagcatcctc ctcctccttc ttcttctaca tcctcctttt cctcttcctc ctccatcttc     67140
     tcctctcctt ctcctcttcc tccccttctt catcttttca ttcttccttg agcctcctgg     67200
     cccactaggg cccttctatc ttgcatcacc tctgccctct caaggcatgc aatatcctgt     67260
     atctcattct tcctttagtt cagctgcctt ctcttcacat ggtggtctat cttgggctgt     67320
     ctgctcagac cacatctcac ccaatttcct tgctacattc ccagtggaca agcccggtga     67380
     ttcactcttg atctttggac aatattaaga atgaagcagg aagaaagcaa gcggtagtct     67440
     tttgtgagta cctaagtctt catttttctt caggtccttt cttattgcct ttaagaggaa     67500
     cataattctt catcagctat catagcctca gagcaagcct tgtcacttgg agctgtatct     67560
     tcaggtttca ccttttcctt tgtaggcatg aaggtcctct ccaagaactc agcaaagctg     67620
     actggaatcc aggcatttct ttctgttctc ttggaagtct gcaggaagac agctcctggg     67680
     ccttttcttc ctccagccaa cccagtctcc ttcacccaag gtgacccatg gcgtgcgggg     67740
     agaagggggg ctctatctga gtgggctttt tcctgagtcc aaaccagatg cttccttctc     67800
     catacgattg tcagctggct tcacttttca tattatttta agccctaatt atttttctct     67860
     ccttgcggag caacaattgt ggtaataaaa ccagatacca actcttatct caggttagta     67920
     ataaagttgt tgcctactat ctagaaatgt acctgccttt tcttttttct ttccttttct     67980
     ctttcctttc ctttcctttc ctttcctttc ctttcctttc ctttcctttc ctttcctttc     68040
     ctttcctttc cttttcgttt cttttctttt ctgtaaaatg tggcatttta caggttggga     68100
     tgtagcaacg ttggtggagt gtttacctag ctagtatata caaagccctt gtttaaattc     68160
     ctagcactgt gtaggtatgg tgactcgtgt ctgtaatctc agaactctac aggtagacat     68220
     gtgggaagca gaaattcatc ctcagcatac agtgagtttc aagttggcct gacccagaag     68280
     aactcagggg aaaaaagctg atgtcttttc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctttctc     68340
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctttctctc tttcataatt cttttggtag     68400
     agagaaggaa agagatgaac atgtattaag ttccctggta tctaccaaat ttgtgtatta     68460
     cttgtcggtt aatattataa caaacattaa attgtattca gaaccatatt ttgattatta     68520
     tctttgtgtg ctttggatct aacgacagtg atagttacct gaggtgctta actaccgttt     68580
     ctgtgacagt aaattattta agtttactct ctccctctac agcccaacag tgtgtagttt     68640
     gtatggttca tttgttgttg gattgttgtt attgatgttg tttgtgttgc tgatgctaga     68700
     gtctggggcc ttggacatgt tcggcaggca aatgttccac cactgagcct ccagccactt     68760
     tgctggaggt ttttgtagct gtagattgta atgaagaagt ttttcatctt ttatatttga     68820
     aaaagatacc acggcacgat acacagctac aaccaatgca ccaagataaa taaccaaccc     68880
     aacagagtga cattatgatg cagtagttgt aagaatcaat ttaaaagata tatcacttca     68940
     tccttgggtt tgcctatgtt ctcatctgtg agatttaaaa tcttttgaaa cattgaatga     69000
     agcctctcat ctatcatcta ctgccaataa atatcacata ttcacagctg gagaaatgga     69060
     ccagccgaca tccggaaaag tcctccagtc tttcaagaaa gagttcctga ctaaggacaa     69120
     attgtttcaa ctgatttctt tcctgaggtt tgattttgca ttgtatgttc acttttaaag     69180
     cggcttgctg atctcttcat ggaccagaga tggaggaagt actactctct gtttattttt     69240
     tcaccacaag attaattcag gtcaatctca gctctcaggt ttgttcttgt agtggttttt     69300
     aaggtttcaa aggaaaggtt gctgcatgga ttgctatgaa gctgcagatg tttgcaagtg     69360
     agttagagag tgacttctac aagcagatca gattggtggt cctggtcttc tggctgttag     69420
     gggaacacca ctttggccac tgattcaaag aatgttctgt tgagagcatt tgctaagggg     69480
     gttctgatga tggcaacttg ctgatgtcag ggaactccag ggacatgagc tcactgaatc     69540
     actgctttca ttggaaaagg aacttttggc cataacaatt ctctgctggc taacttaatg     69600
     tcaacttggc accagctgaa gttatctgag aggagggaac ctcaatggag aaaattccaa     69660
     cacaaaatca tgctgttggt acacctatag gacattttct taattagatt gatggatgtg     69720
     ggcccagccc attgtgggtg gggccgtcac ttgcctggtg gtcctaggtt ctataagaaa     69780
     ttaggttgag caagccataa ggagcaagcc agtaagcagc atttctcagt ggcctctgca     69840
     tcagctcctg tctccagatt tctatactgt ttgagttcct gtccagattc cttccatgat     69900
     gagctgtatt gtggaagtat aagtcaaata aactttcctt cccaagttac tttggttatg     69960
     atattgccac aatagcagct ctaagaaaga aattccaatt aaaaaaaagt catttaacat     70020
     accaactaat aaatctatta ggatgtatgg tggcacatga tagcaagtag gactctaaat     70080
     gttaatttct atgataaggg tttgttatcc ctaagcacca aggaagtgca ccaaggaagt     70140
     gcaaatcaac catggtgctg gcactactgg cggttaacat gtagaagaat gggaattgat     70200
     ccattcctat ctccttgtac taaggtcaaa tctaagtgga tcaaggaatt ccacataaaa     70260
     ccagagacca tgaaacttat agaggagaaa gtggggaaaa gcatagaaga tatgggcaca     70320
     gggggaaagt tcctgaatag aacaggaatg gcttgtgctg taagattgag aatggacaaa     70380
     tggtacctca tgaaactgca aagcttctgt aaagcaaaag acaccgtcaa taagacaaaa     70440
     aggccaccaa taggtttgga aaggatcttt accgatccca aatcggatag gggactaata     70500
     accaatatgt ataaagaaca caagaaggtg gacttcagaa aatccaataa caccattaaa     70560
     aagtggggct cagagctaaa caaagaattg tcacctgagg aataccaaat ggcagagaag     70620
     cacttgaaaa atgttcagca ttcttaatca tcagggaaat gcaaatcaaa acaaccctga     70680
     gattctactt cacaccagtc agaatggcta agatcaaaaa ttctggtgac agcagatgct     70740
     ggcaaggatg tggagaaaaa ggaacatttc tccgttgttg gtgggattgc aagcttgtac     70800
     aaccactctg gaaatcagtc tggcagttcc tcagaaaatt ggacatagga ctactggagg     70860
     atcccagaat accactcctg ggcatatatc cagaagatgt tccaactggt aagaaggaca     70920
     catgctccac tatgttcata gcagccttat ttattatagc cagaagctgg aaataaccca     70980
     gatgcccctc aacagaggaa tggatacaga aaatgtggta catttacaca atggagtact     71040
     actcagctat taaaaagaat gaatttatga aattcctagc caaatggatg gacctggagg     71100
     gcatcatact gagtgaggta acccaatcac aaaagaattc acatgatatg tactcactgg     71160
     taagtggata ttatcccaga aacttagaat acccaagata tgagacacaa tttgcaaaac     71220
     acaagaaact caagaagaac taagaccgaa gtgtggacac tttgcccctt cttataattg     71280
     ggaacaaaac acccaggaaa gagttacaga gacaaaattt ggagttgaga agaaaggatg     71340
     tatcatctag aaactgccat agaagtggat gctcacagtc agctattgga tggatcacat     71400
     ggccgccaat ggaggagcta gagaaagtac ccaaggagct aaagggatct gcaaccctat     71460
     aggtggaaca aaatatgaac taaccagtac catccccccc aatccccccc gcctccgccg     71520
     gagctcgtgt ctcagtctga gtatgtatct gaagatggcc tagttggcca tcagtggaag     71580
     acgaggaccc ttgttcttgc aaactttata tgcctcagta caggggaaca ccagggccaa     71640
     aaagtgggag tgggtgaata ggggagtggt agggggagga tatgggggac ttttgggata     71700
     gcattggaaa tgtaaatgaa gaaaatcaca aataaaaaaa aggaaaaaag gagaacttca     71760
     agtctctgaa gaaagaaatt gcagaagatc atagaagatg gaaaagatct cctgagctat     71820
     ctggggaaag gaagcagcat gcagtgtcac acagctctct ctgaggcaac tgctagaact     71880
     ggaataggga tgtttgtttg tttgtttgtt tgtttattat aaaagcatac aaaagttagc     71940
     cagagttggt acatgcctgt gattccagca ctcaggtttt aaaaaaattg ttgttgttag     72000
     tattcctgtt gattgtattg gatttgtttt gaactctccc agctatttgc actggaccca     72060
     gaaaattaag cccatgctct gtacagacct atcattcatg ttaatcagtg attttattct     72120
     tagcaatcac tcctcagatg atctcattac tcactttcaa ataaggaaaa cagtcataca     72180
     aacattagtt aacttgtatg gtctcacgta accaactcat catgattata gagtggcatc     72240
     ccaatctttg gaatacccaa gcttctattt ttgagatgac aggcctctgt ggaagactcc     72300
     attagctggc agaggacctg gaatgtctgg caattgaagg ccaaggctgc ccctccagtg     72360
     tctctgaagt tgaggcagag ttcagccaac aacacaggaa cacttggcca cagctggttc     72420
     aggtctgtgt tttggatgag ccctgagacc tggatgaaca caggtctcca gagttctggt     72480
     aaaggtgagc acaaacactt agactcgagg agaatgatgg acctttggga tccaagtctt     72540
     tctttttttt tttatctttg ctttgtacat agtttatgtc aaaatcaact ttttctatac     72600
     tccagacctt acttaatcag tctgacagaa attttgaacc ctctgacaaa catcactcca     72660
     tccctcttct acctttttcc ctggaccatc attctcagag atgagccatt ctgagggaat     72720
     cctaatagcc ccaaaggtag tattctttgg aacttgatct ttaggaaagt aggcagagtt     72780
     ctgccccaga tgattgcaga tgttcctctt ggcctccaac ttgtctggaa acctttggtc     72840
     ttacttttcc cttctcatct tatttggacc tagatcccaa tatttccaca caaaacagag     72900
     gctggagatt cttaatgata ccttgtagtt tattgtttct gtttaaaaca ctagggagaa     72960
     actcccatga cctcccaaga caaaatgatt tacaatttga aagtcagtga ccaaatgccc     73020
     tattgtctcc tccctggata aatcatgatt aaaaaattaa taataatcca cggtggtaga     73080
     atgttgcttt gtttgtttgt ccgtttatta gttttggggg tggtgggttt tttattttgt     73140
     tctgtttttt gagacaaggt ctgtcagtgt aaccctggat gtccggggaa cttacaacat     73200
     aaagcaggat ggctacaacc tcagaaagat ccacctgcct ctgcctccca agtggtggga     73260
     ttaaagtcgt actcaagcat atcagataat aatcttttaa ttgcctaaac tatatctcat     73320
     aaaggaaaga aaaacagaag tcaaaattgc ctcactctaa agctactttc atgattaatt     73380
     aaaagcaagg tactcatcag ctgactgtgt tctgtgttta gcacactttt gccaaattta     73440
     gagaacaatt taaagccatt cagaattaac aatgaatata catgaatgtc aaacaaaata     73500
     agaaatccat atcttactca ggagacattt ttgacacaca aagttttctg accttggctg     73560
     agataattgt tttattgttg ttttgggggg ttttgtttgt ttgttttttc tttttgtttg     73620
     tttgtttggg tgtttttttt ttttggtatt ttggtttttt ttttctgaga cagggattct     73680
     ctatgtagcc ctggctgtcc tggagctcac tctgtagacc aggctggcct caatgtcaga     73740
     aatctgcctg cctctgcctc tcaagtgctg ggattaaagg catgcatcac cactgccagg     73800
     caggctgaga taattcaatg gctgaaagtc atggagacag ttctcatccg agtgtaccac     73860
     cgtatgacca accattaact atgcctgaaa gtagagcaac aatctccagc cattgaggca     73920
     taatgaaaga ttactgtact cacaggccaa caaaaggcgc aaacagactt attcacattc     73980
     agagtttata gcaatgtcct ttcagaccat tgatatctac gaaatgcata tgaaatacct     74040
     acagcactga gtctaaaggg gattccacct cacagggaac atacagaagg gtaaagagga     74100
     aaaccaagaa tggaaacctt actgctccca gttgcctttt tcaagccaac atctctttca     74160
     agcctgcaga ttttttttgc ctttgggaaa ttaagttgga cacaaaatca tcttgcttat     74220
     cacatagcaa cgtaaatgta actacctgaa gtcctactca gctgacagga ggaaagatac     74280
     aagtgaaaaa cagagaatga gtaaagagga aaaaaatgta cctagtcaat aggaagatga     74340
     acaaaatgga ccaaagacat caaaaaagat ggaggtgagg agggcactaa tatacaggag     74400
     atcactgtca aactacatgc ccttcaaagc acagtcttag ccctgagctg gggcagtgcc     74460
     agcacacttc tttttttttt aattttttat taggtattta gctcatttac atttccaatg     74520
     ctataccaaa agtcccccat acccacccac ccacactccc ctacccaccc actccccctt     74580
     tttggccctg gcgttcccct gtactggggc atataaagtt tgcaagtcca atgggcctct     74640
     ctttccagtg atggccgact aggccatgtt ttgatacata tgcttctaga gtcaagagct     74700
     ccggggtact ggttagttca taatgttgtt ccacctatag ggttgcagat ccctttagct     74760
     ccttgggtac tttctctagc tactccattg ggagccctgt gattcatcca ttagctgact     74820
     gtgaggatct acttctgggt ttgctaggcc ccggcatagt ctcacaagag acagctacat     74880
     ctgggtcctt tcgataaaat cttgctagtg tatgcaatgg tgtcagcgtt tggatgctga     74940
     ttatggggtg gatccctgga tatggcagtc tctacatggt ccattctttc atctcagctc     75000
     caaactttgt ctctgtaact ccttccaagg gtgttttgtt cccacttcta aggaggggca     75060
     tagtgtccac acttcagtct tcatttatct tgagtttcat gtgtttagga aattgtatct     75120
     tatatcttgg gtatcctagg ttttgggcta atatccactt atcagtgagt acatattgtg     75180
     tgagttcctt tgtgaatgtg ttacctcact caggatgatg ccctccaggt ccatccattt     75240
     ggctaggaat ttcataaatt cattcttttt aatagctgag tagtactcca ttgtgtagat     75300
     gtaccacata ttctgtatcc attcctctgt tgaggggcat cttggttctt tccagcttct     75360
     ggctattgct atgaacatag tggagcatgt gtccttctta ccagttgggg catattctgg     75420
     atatatgccc aggagaggta ttgctggatc ctccggtagt actatgtcca attttctgag     75480
     gaactgccag actgatttcc agagtggttg tacaagcctg caatcccacc aacaatggag     75540
     tagtgttcct ctttctccac atccacacca gcatctgctg tcacctgaat ttttgatctt     75600
     agccattctg actagtgtga ggtggaatct cagggttgtt ttgatttgca tttccctgat     75660
     gattaaggat gttgagcatt ttttcaggtg cttctctgcc attcggtatt cctcaggtga     75720
     gaattctttg ttcagttctg agccccattt tttaatgggg ttatttgatt ttctgaagtc     75780
     caccttcttg agttctttat atatgttgga tattagtccc ctatctgatt taggataggt     75840
     aaagatcctt tcccaatctg ttggtggtct ttttgtctta ttgacggtgt cttttgcctt     75900
     gcagaaactt tggagtttca ttaggtccca tttgtcaatt ctccatctta cagcacaagc     75960
     cattgctgtt ctgttgagga atttttcccc tttgcccata tcttcaaggc ttttccccac     76020
     tttgtcctct ataagtttca gtgtctctgg ttttatgtga agttccttga tccacttaga     76080
     tttgacctta gtacaaggag atacgtatgg atcgatttgc attcttctat atgataacaa     76140
     ccagttgtgc cagcaccaat tgttgaaaat gctgtctttc ttccactgga tggttttagc     76200
     tcccttgtcg aagatcaagt gaccataggt gtgtgggttc atttctgggt cttcaattct     76260
     attccattgg tctacttgtc tgtctctata ccagtaccat gcagttttta tcacaattgc     76320
     tctgtagtaa agctttaggt caggtatggt gattccacca gaggttcttt tatccttgag     76380
     aagagttttt gctatcctag gttttttgtt attccagatg aatttgcaaa ttgctccttc     76440
     taattcattg aagaattgag ttggaatttt gatggggatt gcattgaatc tgtagattgc     76500
     ttttggcaag atagccattt ttacaatgtt gatcctgcca atccatgagc atgggagatc     76560
     cttccatctt ctgagatctt ctttaatttc tttcttcaga gacttgaagt ttttatcata     76620
     cagatctttc acttccttag ttagagtcac accgagatat tttatattat ttgtgactat     76680
     tgagaagggt gttgtttccc taatttcttt ctcagtctgt ttattctttg tataaagaaa     76740
     ggccattgac ttgtttgagt ttattttata tccagctact tcaccaaagc tgtttatcag     76800
     gtttaggagt tctctggtgg aatttttggg gtcacttata tatactatca tatcatctgc     76860
     aaaaagtgat attttgactt cctcttttcc aatttgtatc cccttgatct ccttttgttg     76920
     tcagattgct ccggctaata cttcaagtac tatgttgaaa aggtagggag aaagtgggca     76980
     gccttgtcta gtccctgatt ttagtgggat tgcttccagc ttctctccat ttactttgat     77040
     gttggctact ggtttgctgt agattggttt tatcatgttt aggtatgggc cttgaattcc     77100
     cgatctttcc agaactttta tcatgaatgg gtgttggatc ttgtcaaatg ctttttctgc     77160
     atctaacgag atgatcatgt ggtttttttc tttgagtttg cttatataat ggattacatt     77220
     gatggatttt catatattaa accatcgctg catccctgga ataaaaccta cttggtcagg     77280
     atggatgatt gctttaatgt gttcttggat tcagttagcg agaattttat tgaggatttt     77340
     tgcatcgata ttcataagag aaattggcct gaagttctct atctttgttg gatctttctg     77400
     tggtttaggt atcagagtaa tagtggcttc ataaaatgag ttgggtagag taccttctac     77460
     ttctatcttg tgaaaaagtt tgtgcagaac tggaattaga tcttctttga tggtctgata     77520
     gaactctgca ctaaacccgt ctggtcctgg gcttttttta gctgggagac tatttataac     77580
     tgcttctatt tctttagggg atatgggact gtttagaagg tcaacttgat cctgattcaa     77640
     ctttggtacc tggtacctgt ccagaaattt gtccatttcg tccaggtttt ccagttttgt     77700
     tgagtatagc cttttgtaga aggatctgat ggtgttttgg atttcttcag gatctgttgt     77760
     tatgtctccc ttttcagttc tgattttgtt aattaggatt ttgtccctgt gccctctagt     77820
     gagtctagct aatggtttat ctatcttgtt gattttctca aagaaccaac tcctcgtttg     77880
     gttaattctt tgaatagttc ttcttgtttc cacttggttg atttcacccc tgagtttgat     77940
     tatttcctgc cgtctactcc tcttgggtga atttgcttcc tttttttcta gagcttttag     78000
     atttgttgtc aagctgctag tatgtgctct ctcccgtttc ttcttggagg cactcagagc     78060
     tatgagtttc cctcttagaa atgctttcat tgtgtcccaa aggtttgggt acgttgtggc     78120
     ttcattttca ttaaactcta aaaagtcttt aatttctttc tttattcctt ccttgaccaa     78180
     ggtatcattg agaagagatg tgtttcctgt aagcagcaaa atgttgggtc ttgtttgtgt     78240
     agccagtttg ttagtctatg tctttttatt ggggagttga gaccattgat gttaagagat     78300
     attaaggaaa agtaattgtt gcttcctgtt atttttgttg ttaaagttgg cattctgttc     78360
     ttgtggctgt cttcttttag gtttgttgag ggattacctt cctgtttttt ctagggcgtt     78420
     gtttccgttc ttgtattgtt tttttttttt ttctgttatt atcctttgaa gggctggatt     78480
     cgtggagacc tcactttctc ctctcaggag cagtatgtga gctaagagcc accatgatgg     78540
     gcacaacagc acaagttaca gcctggagtg ccacagtgat gggcaccaca gcacaagtta     78600
     cagcctggac tgcaggaggt gggccatgag gcagaggccc attagtctta gcaacttatt     78660
     actgtgactt cagatgtttg aacacaaaac cattttttat aaatactgac atatgagcca     78720
     gtataaaatg cagatttcct gatattctga tatgaatatc agaagcagta ttccaaaact     78780
     tgataattag ccataatcgt ggcaaatgtt tgtcagaaag tccaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaca     78840
     acaacaacaa caacaaaccc aaacaccttt aatcccagca ctcaggtgtc agaggcagac     78900
     agatttctga ctttgaggaa agcctggtct acaaagtgag ttcctggaca gccagggcta     78960
     tacagagaaa tgctgtctcg aaaaaccaca acaacaacaa aacaaaaaca aagaaacaaa     79020
     aacattttct tagatttatt gtagccgtca taaacatgct ttatccaaaa attaaacatt     79080
     acaatctttc atgttcatta agccaacaac ttaatagttc cctctatcaa attttttgtt     79140
     caatcttact tcctcagttc aatttatgcc atccctaatt ttttttcaaa tggcatgaat     79200
     cttacttgcc gatattgata ttaataggca tggaattttg accattgcat ataagtatat     79260
     gatgtgccaa atttgaaacc tgccattttt ctctttaact cactttttca ggtttgtttg     79320
     ttcgttttgt tttgttttgt tttttatgac acagggtttc tctgcatagt cctggctgtc     79380
     ttggaacaac ctttgtagac cagtcttgaa ctcagaaatc tgcctgcctc tgcctcagga     79440
     gtgctggaat taaaggcttg tgccaccact gtccggccag ggttttgggt cttttggttt     79500
     gtttattttt gtttttgttt tattttgttt tgaataattt ttcacaagtt aaatgtatgg     79560
     ttagctttag ttttcaaaaa atcgaaattc agaaaaatta caaatgctat gaacttcaaa     79620
     tccgtctcca ttaaacagta gttccaagat gtctgagtaa acatggctga agcaaccttt     79680
     gactctggta actgaagtca ttgtcatgta tacatctact gaattttaca tgccagcaca     79740
     tgctcaaaca aacactaatc aaaattgttt ccatgtaaga ctcccataag ccttaggcag     79800
     ttaattgtca tgaaatgagt gtggatgaat tgcttttgca aatctgttac tagagggagc     79860
     atccactaat ttaatcattt ccctcctcaa aatcttgctt taactcctcc accaacgaca     79920
     gtctaggtgt tgaagacttc taaactaaga agaatgttaa aatatctaag tcccttaaca     79980
     tccagtagcc tctgccttca ttattaaagg aaagctcaac tttgagacta atcagcacaa     80040
     aaatgccaca aaagcactac cagaccctga aataccctaa agaaattaat ttgtgatgaa     80100
     ccaccatgga tgtctgagcc ctacactttg agggaacctg caacacagaa gcctgggcag     80160
     cctgtgggca cagcacacca gggaaactga ctgagagact caagctgctc agcttgctgt     80220
     gggtgggaaa gcacagtggc tggcagaata cagcttccag cagggcttcc atagcatgca     80280
     gctcatgggt gaacaaccaa actcccttta agtttcctag gtgggatctc gccacccggc     80340
     tctaaccatg cttcaagatg cttgctatga tggctagaca agtgttccag aacacaccgt     80400
     agatatctct tcaacacacc tcttgaatcc ctagagcacc ttccagtcct ctgcgccagg     80460
     ccacgcccca tccaggccgc cccccgcccc cctgcaccac tcttctggat accacttcca     80520
     gggatctccc agagcattcc ctctgcccac agccctctca caggtccacg gccaagcctt     80580
     accttggtcc ccatctgttc agaggtggac actttatgga tcagcttctg gggcccctcc     80640
     tgttccaatt cactgtagga tgaatcttct ccaggtcctg cagcagtggg gcaaaccaca     80700
     ctggcctcag ggacagctcc tcctgtgaag ccctgagggt ggtgctggct gcaggcccag     80760
     gcatcctctc tgattcctgc agggacacag cagtgcccca ggggctgtgg tcagctgctg     80820
     ggctctgccc gaaagtctga gccctgcccc tagctagcac catcttctgc gatcccctcc     80880
     gcgcagcacc ctggacccgg gaccctggat cacaagcctc ccctgcctag acctcttggg     80940
     tcctctgtgc acttcacgcc tgggtaccca gccttgggat gttctggtgt tgctgaccca     81000
     ggatatgacc agcaccagaa tgagatgaca gatgtcgaga tatacctcga aggacctccc     81060
     tctcactcct cctagggtct ggagggctca gaggaaatag agtagagata ggaaggggca     81120
     tgatgcagca ggccaggcag aggagatcct cctccccttg ttctaggcag caggagtgag     81180
     gagaaggctc ctgagggaaa gggggacatg gagctatctc ctatgttctg gggtgcactc     81240
     tggaccccga atccctccac atactcggac cacaaagtac aactccagct aagtaaaagt     81300
     tccctctgcc cgggagaaga actcggtctc atggaccctc actcagcacc attgctagga     81360
     ccttacctcc gcacctctgc ctgggggttc ggggccttta ggccacctct acagtgctgt     81420
     ttagctttgg gcccaccccc atctggcgca ttaggtagag aagagcattt tctgggaggt     81480
     tcagctctgc tctgagagct tttggttcag aaagagtgat tccctttggc taacaggaag     81540
     ctgggaaggg catggtgagg actcagaaac aagagaggac atgcatgcag cccaagatga     81600
     caacatgccg aaataaatgt ctaggctaaa gcgcccatcc agaatgcctg gaagaatgca     81660
     ttgaactacg tgaacaaagt acaaagcaaa gaatatatat acacacatcc acaggagaga     81720
     acacctctcc ctgttccaga ctaaagtctg aggaaagaga atccacaggc tggagcctca     81780
     gctcccaggc ttccctggcc agctgcttca gcacagccac agggaagagc taccttgcag     81840
     cagcagtgca caatgcacat tcgacctcaa aatcctacac aggtggggga agaggggctg     81900
     agggagaggg taggaaaagg acaggcttcc tgctgttcac cttagaaaac ttcacagtgc     81960
     tgttagtgat tttccaatgg tgaattctct actgacttgg gggcgggtgc tctcttcagt     82020
     agatcaattc ttttagccct tcaggttcct cctttagttt gtcacttagc cttgaccttg     82080
     aaaattcctg gaaactaaga tttggggttt tgattctttc aggtttcagg tgcaacctta     82140
     agcccagcaa tgatcccctg ccagctctaa gagattttaa ctacactgaa aacgtgaaat     82200
     ccctttaggt cattcagcaa gagagtgctg ccatgtttct caaacacaga gacagcctct     82260
     cttgtgcttc agttattccc tttagcgagg gaaaacatgg ggtaaaatgg acttcaaaag     82320
     tccttctggc cctataatat gaacttctgt acctacaagt acacactgcc gagaactttc     82380
     taagaaacaa tagcattaaa tggccttggt cggagatcca gatcagtgcc tagagtacag     82440
     aaagcctata cacagccaaa aacaaaacaa tgccctttta ttgacctttg tcttagtctg     82500
     actatttggt cacagacaag tcaagacaaa gacccctagt aaaaggccta acacagttca     82560
     gacttttcct tttaatgtaa agaagacaga gggcacaagc tgggaccaaa atgtgattat     82620
     gattctaatg ttctcttccc cacactctat atagtgaaag gtcactttgg cagctatcct     82680
     gtatttcaac ctacacatta aactttcagg ttttatatag caacatttcc cagaatccag     82740
     tcaagggtga ctgaagtgaa aggtggtcta aggtccatgc ctatttggga aagaagacgg     82800
     gttccatttc ttactctttg aaaggatgat gattgcttag agacacattg cacagcttca     82860
     catccaggag ccaggcaatt aattcctcaa agtgcaggca tctgttactt ataaaaacct     82920
     agccttgcag cccactctga tcaacacaga attcagtagc cagctcctaa ggcctgtaac     82980
     tttgaaaagc aaagccagtc taagctggtt cctgctaagt aaatgactgc aactcaacag     83040
     catctgcagc tgtagaggaa acccaggatg gctgaaaata ctgtgtaggc aaagaaagga     83100
     aagctgcctc atttcccact aaaggcagct caggggaaaa gcctggtgga agcccattgc     83160
     ttctgagaaa ctttcaagga atccccaatt taaaatagtt tctgacctac taactgcttc     83220
     tcctagttaa aagctttcac agtggttctc tgacctaagg gacatgcact tgcgttttct     83280
     ttgttcagtt tgtttctttg ttttgaggga gtcccctagc acacctcagg cccaatctga     83340
     cttggcattt atggcaggtc tccagcatca aactctattt ctcgaaatgg ctactaccat     83400
     ttcaaataca tggcatattg tctcatttgg tttataaaaa gttccttgac tttctttagt     83460
     gttttagatt ttcaaataat ttctcccctg ctgctcacga attccctttt attactgtta     83520
     ctttgagatc ttcattggtg agccattgta gtgcacacct ttggttgcag aattccagag     83580
     gcagatgcca gcaagcctct aaaatgtgaa gccagcctgg gctatacaat aaaacttcca     83640
     tgtagaacat atcactaatc ttgttgaaag cttgcatgtt ggagtttaag gtatgagtgc     83700
     tcccaagagc tggaagccag tctgggctac attgtaacag gcccgcaagg gctacacagc     83760
     aagatcttgt ttcaaacaaa caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa caaaagcaag aaagagtctt     83820
     ggccatacag tgtatagatg ctaccgtcag ggttaaacag aaaggagtaa atctgaaccc     83880
     ccagtcagtt ttcttcttaa taaggtgcca taccatcact cccaaagtac aagagacata     83940
     agccaaagat gattaaaact ttatgaacac tctattacta cttacaggta ttttgaacta     84000
     atcaattgct cacaagcaga atcatgagtc acttaaatct tacccgcgtt ctcgcgaccg     84060
     gccaggaaag acgcagcaaa ccagaatctt ctgcggcaaa actttattgc ttacatcttc     84120
     aggagcaaga gtgcaagagc aagagcgcaa gagcacaaga gctttattgc ttacatcttc     84180
     aggagcaaga agcaagagcc agagcaagag agcaagagag agaatggcga aaccccgtcc     84240
     ccttttagga gaattattct ccgcctagga cgtattactc cctgattggc tgcagcccat     84300
     cggccgagtt gtcgtcacgg ggaaggcaga gcacatgtag tggaaaacta cccttggcac     84360
     atgcgcagat tattttttta ccacttagaa cacaggatgt cagcgccatc ttgcaacagc     84420
     gaatgtgagg gcggcttcct acacttaaag tgtctaatcc catgtcctac ggttttacct     84480
     tcaattgtga tagaacttaa gagttatgtg tcatatcttg aaaaccatga gtgggtactt     84540
     gagaagccat ggtgcagggc tcatgttcct gatcagtcca gaaacaaagg actacagatg     84600
     gaaccagcac agactggaag gctgccctgg cagcaatatg gaactgactc agcaatcact     84660
     atgtattcca tagtcagaac ttaacattca aaacgtttgc cctgggtcaa ttttcttagt     84720
     tgttacgccg ataacaaaac attccgtgag caacagtgct gtcgattaca ggaacttctg     84780
     tggtcctagc ccaccagggc aaagactcac catccaggca gaatgtggaa ctgtacaacc     84840
     tctagcttgt attgtggcct ttttgctttg aaacacttct ctttctaagt gtccattaat     84900
     tctggactat taactggtat actgccatca gttaatgcca acaggtacag aaccatttga     84960
     aaataaaaac caattttagg caatgacgta tagtcaagcc tctctccact taaggtattt     85020
     tgtaaatact cccacatttt taaactgagc tcgaattcta actacctatc tgctacccac     85080
     tcccacccaa gattaaggac tgctttgcta aatatcttcc aatcactcat tctcaacagc     85140
     aaaacacttt gattctactt acttatttac tttagtgatg ctagggcaag ccttgcactg     85200
     gcatatgctc tgtcccagat ctacatccca gcccccattt ttttcttctg tctgtggatc     85260
     cagagtctca atatgtagct tatgctggct ccccaatctg ggccctcttt cctcacctag     85320
     ttgttgtgaa tacaggtgtg cagcaccaca cccaattccc caaatacttt ttgggctaaa     85380
     atttaaatta tgcctatatt cactaacact ggactatatt ccaaagctag caagaaagaa     85440
     aaccaagaaa cttactctgc tagcaagtat ctcctttagg ctcaagactt agccagaata     85500
     acgctaaata aagctaatat gtatccaaat gtatctgatt aacttaattt cactccctca     85560
     cagagagaat ggcaggaagt cccagaaaat cccttttctc cacatgaatc tccaaggaat     85620
     cttttgtttt tctctctgaa taggagaaat caggccatca aagtttaggc tccatcagga     85680
     gagagggaga gagggagata gaggaagaaa gaaagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     85740
     gagagagaat gagaataagg gaagggagaa gggaagaagg gagaagggag gagggaggag     85800
     agaggagaaa gaagagagga gagagaagac agaagagaga agagaaagca tagtatgcct     85860
     tggttgcctg gtgaaacaaa aaacatctat gagtatttta acctatatgt ctttgacact     85920
     gcagacctat tgcataggaa gtctttccat ccagaaaata agcatcagag agatagtcag     85980
     ctgtcctttc aaaataggac aagagaaata tactcttctg cattttggcc agaataaacc     86040
     tgataatatg caaggcttct ctctctttta ggggtgatga tcagaatggt ctcaagcaac     86100
     tccagaattt ccacaccaaa gcagaaggct tatgaactcc aggaccaaaa agtccagcca     86160
     agcagctatt gaagctaaaa ctaaaggcag attcatcagt gcagccaaat ccccactgaa     86220
     tctaatggaa gagaaagcag gaaagagcct caaactcatg ggaatggaga taaatatcat     86280
     aaacgaactc caatagctca ggttctaaca tcaaaattta taaatgggcc acaagaaact     86340
     gaaaagcttc tgtaagacaa agggcatagc caataggaca aattggcaag ctacatattc     86400
     ggaaataatg tttaccaact ccccatccaa tgcacggcta atatacaaaa tatataaaga     86460
     attcaagtag ctagccacca taagagctaa gaacaccatc taaaaatggg gtatagaact     86520
     acacaaaaaa ttcacaatga atcttgaatg gctgagagca ctgaagaagt gtgcaacgtc     86580
     cttaatcttc agggaataaa accaaaatga ccctgaggtt ggtgtccagc agtatacttt     86640
     ctagtgaaga atgccaagat caaaaacttc tgtgaaaaca catggtcaga atttaaagaa     86700
     acaggaacat tcttccattt ctggtaggac tgcaaactgc tatgacaact atggaaatca     86760
     atatggaggt tcctcagata ttcccaaata gatctacctg aaggccatgt accaacctta     86820
     ctggtgaatg gcgtgcaact ttcctttttc acttgatggt ttattactca gattttctta     86880
     tttattgagc tatgattttg ctcttggtaa gcatttggtc tctctgattc tcaagcagtt     86940
     ctctgttctc acaaattttt tgaggaacct ctagccactg ggacttattt ataccttcaa     87000
     atccctctaa attgggggac tttttatact tgaggaagct gagtgacaaa agcaaagtat     87060
     gttgagctct ttggtgtcca gtgcacacga atctatggga gtctagatat gataatcctc     87120
     tagaacattc tttcggaaag cagcaggaaa acagcagtat gctctaaggt acctgtgtga     87180
     cctcacttac ctttgccagc tttgtgggct tctctactgc tggcatgaga acaattggaa     87240
     actcctggaa tagatgtctc atatctcatt ttctttgtca ttgttagtat actagtggga     87300
     gtaggtttga tggaaaaata ctctcaagaa cattaataaa acaagtgctt catatgggcc     87360
     atcaggacaa agtaccaagt tcaaggacag ttctgcaaga actactcaaa gccagccaag     87420
     tggagcaaga agaaatccaa gcagaagtca ttcattacca ccacgctcag cacctttctc     87480
     caggacaggg tcacttagct ttggtaagag aagggatgac ctgagatagc tgctccatat     87540
     tccttcagaa aagaagcggc cagcaatatt ggggaaagaa tatgggtgtc agggggcaaa     87600
     aagcagagtg taaagtgaat aagtaaaaat atattaatac aaaaataatt aattatttaa     87660
     caaaatggga caaaatgtat tgttctagta attctagtgt gtattcaatg gaatcacttt     87720
     aacacacaga gagactagat gttgtaaagt aggatgcctt ttttattgac ataaactatg     87780
     aacatagcaa agataaataa aaaagaaaga cgtgcatccc aaagatccat tattctcctc     87840
     aagtctaagt gtttgtgctc accttcacca ggactctaga gacctctgtt catccaggtc     87900
     tcaggtccca tccaaaatac agtactgaac cagctgtggc caagtgttcc tgtgttgttg     87960
     gatgagctct gcctcaggtt ccagagacac tggagggaca gccttggcct tcaggcagca     88020
     gccattccag gccctctgcc agttaatgga gtcttccaca gaggcctgtc atttcaaaaa     88080
     tagaagcttg ggtattccaa agattggaat gccacactac agtcatgatg aattggttac     88140
     atgagaacat acaagttaac aaatgtcttt atgactgttt tacttatttg aaaatgagaa     88200
     attagatcat ctgaggagtg gttgctaaga gtaaaatcgc tgattaaaat gagtgatagg     88260
     actgtacaga gaatggactt aattttctgg gtccagtgca aatagctggg agagttcaaa     88320
     acaaaaccaa tagaaacaac atgaatacta acaaaaacaa ttgtttaaaa accttctgag     88380
     tgctgggatt agagccatgt aacaactcta ccctattttt aatgaattaa taataaacaa     88440
     acaaacaaac aaacaaacaa acatccctat tctagttcta gcagctgcat cagagagagc     88500
     tgtgtgacac tgcatgctgc ttcctttccc cagatagctc aggtcttctg tcctatacca     88560
     ggtcagctcg acctaagaca gtgtagttga cttgttggtg ccatggcatg attctgcaac     88620
     aatcctattc ttggtaaaat tgatcctgta cagagtgagc cccttgttgt tggatccagg     88680
     acctgttagg ccagcaaaca cacaagctac cctcagtgaa agagaaaagg aaaaatgaca     88740
     ttgaaaaaaa tatgcgccct aattggaaga aaaagccctc aactttgaat ctatcaccta     88800
     tctccccttg attttttagc tctgcatatt gatattgtgt ggctcaagaa ggtagtgaaa     88860
     ttcagatggt ttcccaaaga agacatacat gatttttcac tctttatctg tgaggttagc     88920
     gggcattata gcacagattc agcaggccca gcataagaac acagaagcca gagatgataa     88980
     tgccaaggga caacatcctg aacttataga cacattaaaa ttgaggtttc atctcaactc     89040
     aggccattgc actccctgcc ctacctcctg agtcttattt ttgctgtaag tacagtatca     89100
     tggtacaacc agcaacatcc ttattgctca acttctcaat tccggaagac agatattgga     89160
     gaagttattg caatgaggct acaatgtagt aatgtaaagt cagggatgac ctttgctctc     89220
     tgatgcccac ttaaattgtc tggttgtatt tgagaacagg accatgtgca agataatgtt     89280
     ttgaagatgg gacagcaagt ttaccattta tatttgccct ggagttgatc ccctatgttt     89340
     caaagaaaag ggagttttcc ttgtaaaaga taggattgta aataagagat tttgtgaaac     89400
     ccatgaatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     89460
     ggaaaaatgc acactataaa ggaatgcaca gttagaaaat tttatccagg ttttatacaa     89520
     ttaaacatat agaaaaaaga tatttgcctc tgtgagacag gaaaaccctg ggaaattgga     89580
     gtgtatgtca catgaattga ctcagatggc atatttattt ttgtgaaaca tctactacat     89640
     ccacagtccc tagagatttg ggtgctaaca aaatctctta agcatgtcag agtcctaacc     89700
     aacgttcccc ctcaaaagca catgacatct aatgaagcag tagaattctc cagctttgga     89760
     aggagaggtt gccaaagggg atcccacgga tccatgagag gttccaggag aggcacccca     89820
     gaaaaggacc aagctgggca gaactagtta gcaggtagat catggcagtt gctagtgaca     89880
     tcatcagtaa tgccttcctt ggagaatctc ttgtatctag gatagaacta gaatcttctg     89940
     tgttgtcacc tgtgttgtgg tgacagcaac tgcctgtgtt tcatcccttc tgtttgctct     90000
     gggttcacca gcaggaatgt tttccaggct gctcaggcta tgtcagaaag agaatggcga     90060
     tgaaggagag acaagaccaa aaaagaagga agagggaatc ctttctcatg aaaaaggaag     90120
     aaggaaatca ttctggagaa ggcacagtga gtcctgggca aggttgggga aattcctggt     90180
     agaggtaggc ttgagctggg ccttccagga gtaggtctta caagctgaag ccttggactt     90240
     tgtcaatgtc agaaaaagag tcaagaattt ctgataatta gtttaacaga gccaggaatt     90300
     gacaaacctg cagctacttt tctgggagct atttaatttc attttgagtg gcaaagaatg     90360
     ccaggagtgg gcactatgag aataacagtg tgtcctttca tggaagggag ttgaagcact     90420
     tcatcttcca gattactgta ggtaacttga gtctctgatg aaaagaacag agaaggatgc     90480
     tcccctggtc atgtcatgtg gtgaggactc agacactttg gatttgaaga cacatgatta     90540
     attagggctt gatagtgcta agcactatga actccaggat ttccctgcat cacatctgat     90600
     atgacctgac aatgttcccc atatctttat gtttgaggca gcttatagat ttcagggcaa     90660
     gggggcctgt aacagggagt gtggcatatg tctgacaatg gtggttagga agaggaacat     90720
     agcttagcaa accagctaga agatagcttt gctgctcttt tagggattca ccctgtcttt     90780
     aacttttctc tccctcagtc ttcttcttgg gactctgaat ggtctcccct gccactgggc     90840
     cattaagtat gcaaattcat ttgtgtttat ctatctgcag ggtctgctag aaatacttca     90900
     acccaaaatt ccaacatcac aaatcagata tcaaatataa ataaagtaga agaactgaaa     90960
     ttgcatataa ggaagaccag caatgagagg aaggaaatgt gtggaatcct gaatgtttac     91020
     atgtatgagg atttaaacta caggtaggaa ctatgaccag taccctattg attgcattct     91080
     gccatctgtt accccaattt ccttccatga atggagtgtg tcatctccga tcattcaatt     91140
     aagtagcctt gacctgtgtt taattgttgg ataaacaagg tgctgtgtgt ttattatcat     91200
     cttcttttgt acttgacctt ggggtgcttg caatctgatt gttgctgtaa acagctggaa     91260
     ggacctgctc acacttactg tctttcagtg tgtgaatgca atgcctgcag gctatcacgg     91320
     ctttactctg atattgttta ttatattctg agagatggca cctcacagga tttatttggc     91380
     attctaattg tgtctgtgtg tgtgaatgta gatgtttgtg tgttttgttc aggactgggg     91440
     ctctgggacc tttgatgggg tctgaggatt tgtgtgaagc acagttttca ggtcctgata     91500
     gtgttgagtc catagaggtc caaagtgatc accagggaag tttgctcctg gtgtttcctt     91560
     ggtgtcacac aggaatcttc tgggggagga ggtgtgataa agcctttctc ctgtaaatac     91620
     tagttgtgtc ctctgggaat tcaaataaca acaggaacca aggaatgata atccctgctt     91680
     taaaaacaag aggaaagtca ttacagatat ctactggacc catgcctgtg gcacagtgtt     91740
     gtggaaaatt gtcatagaag tagtctattc cttcatgctt gtccaggaag cccttgaagg     91800
     tcagctagct ccatttggtc ccctggttct gctgtcctct acccaggata gtaagtttaa     91860
     ttagcaccaa ggggacccag tttgaatgag ccaggatttg gcatgcactc ggcttgttag     91920
     tccatgacat aacctgttgg cacatgatta ttgaatcctt aattcagcag attatttgct     91980
     tcttgggtca tggcctaaca caggatgaac actgaattca acatcattaa atcacaacat     92040
     gagaagacaa tgttggatat gaataaaatg atccagtcca taattggttc catgcagtac     92100
     tccaaggaac tgatagaaga taactattcc tacaggtgag tcagtgacac aactgagacc     92160
     cccagaacta ggcaaggaat gcttctatcc ttttaggact ttgaacaaaa gcaagggctc     92220
     tggttctatg ctatctgttt tttatccagg aaccctgcct tgaggcaagg atcttggatt     92280
     tgtacctctt ggactcagtc gtcctaagtg tgaagagtgt ccaagaccct ccaatcttta     92340
     ttcttccaaa ttcaagatcc tgtacattga aaacttttcc acgttgctgg gaatatccag     92400
     acaccctgaa cctctaggtt tctgaccaca gattaaaata tataggattc ccgacaaaaa     92460
     tgaaaagagt gtacaccttt tgggtcttct acaactctca gaggggataa gccctctcgc     92520
     tgctgaaggt tttatggtac cacagaccta taatcaacca tgaggaactt ttcctcttct     92580
     gtgatgtata tggtgcactc ttggtgtcag ggtttttaga attttgttga gtcctgtgga     92640
     atatggctgg tatcttgata tgacctgcct ttgtttggtg cttctatgta actgtggact     92700
     cttctggggc tgtctgggaa tcagggccct tgcagggatc ataggacttg taggagtggc     92760
     aaaccaatgg aatctggctg ggaatcacca atttttcttt gtggatcagc attaaggagg     92820
     accacctcct ccgtgagtgc actcaactca acgaaaaagt aaggatatta ctgaatgaga     92880
     acagaaagct gctggtggag caggctggaa cgcaagtgtc ctgtgaggaa gaaagaggtt     92940
     ctctgaggag gccagcaaga acatctgtgc ctcaagtgca aaggaacagc aggtaggatg     93000
     atgtgtatca gagacagatt gccctcattt ctaaccataa acatagacaa tccaatatca     93060
     cagtccacca acttctccag gcactcacct atgtttcctc caagtgtttg tttatgtgat     93120
     catctacagg gctctctgtg gaggtagcct ggttcaagaa actgcatgtt tggcatgcaa     93180
     atgttcctgc tctgctagaa tcactaaggg agataggttg attacacatc acaacactat     93240
     atgccttaag tttgaagggt gctgtgttgg agcccttgtt gagaatagca agagctttga     93300
     aggaagaagt aaaggcctgt agctcatttg ctttacaggg atcctgtgag attctaggta     93360
     ggaaatagtt tgcagggatg acacctagtg taattgacaa ataagtggat ttcattgctg     93420
     tcttttggcg gcttctctat tccccctttt ccccctctat ctcaaaatgg tctcttcagg     93480
     cttcatatat cttggttcac attgacagag cctgagtagc agcttgtcag tcctattttc     93540
     tttcagtgtt gttggagtga tctttcccgg cctgagagtc tggtgttggc tggatgacca     93600
     gagatgacag aaaggcttct cacaggctga ggtttggtgt gagatctgag gctttatgaa     93660
     aaaatttctt aatatatggc cccaattctg acaaagaaga gtgtactcta gtgattttgg     93720
     ttagatgttt ttttttttcc accccctgtg acagggattc tctgtgcagc cctggctgtc     93780
     ctggaactca ctctgtagat caggctggcc tcaaactcat aaatctgcct gcctctgcct     93840
     cccaagtgct gggattaaag gagtgtgcca ctatgaaccg gcaactctag tggcttttat     93900
     tcctataaat aatcacagag tcgttgggtc ttccttgaaa caactcctct gcatagtctg     93960
     aattatcttg gtcctgaacc ataacagata cctcattgtt ttctactcag ttttgatttt     94020
     atgtgaataa gtctgtgtgt gcttgagtgt gtgtgtctgt gtctgtgact gtgtgtctgt     94080
     gtgtttcttt ttgtgtttgc atggcttttc cgacctgtgt ctctctcggt atgttgggag     94140
     gccagtcaat gtcatctgaa ttgtccagtc attctctata ttacttcttt gagccttggt     94200
     ctctcaataa acatgacatt tactgttctg ttctgtacag tagtctttgc atcttctgtc     94260
     cactatcagg tagcacccct ctcttattta ttttaacaaa ttgataaacg acacagctat     94320
     tttaaaaata agtgttagat ttcttcactt tccctgcata gagttatctc cctgggcaac     94380
     ttggttttgt cttattggct ccaccatgaa catgcacaga atcctaccct gcataactct     94440
     gctaacattg tttttgctaa ctatatcgtg ggcatggctt tgtttcaggt tagattcccc     94500
     ctcatagttg gcacagtgct gcattttata aaggtcacag cacgtcattc aaccagcttt     94560
     cttctgactg atactgagga agatttaata tcacatgaat tgtaataggt tgaaaagttc     94620
     ctgggtagtg accaaaagtc actgacttcc tcagatgcta ccaaggaacc agtgtaggta     94680
     tagtgagggg accaagagag tcaacatggg gcttgctgtg ggcttttctt aggaatctct     94740
     ttcttgggaa tttggtattg tgttgtccag gttatctgtg cagagcttgt aacttccttg     94800
     taggaccaga aagtatctgc atgaaaaaag tttctgaaga ggagttaatt acagatgagg     94860
     gcctcaaaga ctacctgagt ctaagaacct tacacacgta cacatcagag gtcctagtag     94920
     gtgctcatgc aacaggaaat gtgctgggca acagtaatat tttcattgat atgtgtttgt     94980
     gtgtctctct gtgtgtattg tgtcctgtat atgtttgtgt ttcttttgtc tggtgtgtat     95040
     gtttgtctgt gtgtgttttg acgacctttg cctgagcttg tttatactaa ggttgtgtgt     95100
     ttgtttaata caaggtaatt ttgtgtttgt gatatgggtg cttttatata caaatgtgtg     95160
     tgtgtgtgtg tgttcgtgtg tgtttgattg tgcataaatg cagctgtgtg tgtctctaga     95220
     ggccaaattt aatgacaaat gcactctgag gttttagttt gaacctatga aatatcaaat     95280
     acagcagtcc aattattctg catgctcacc taactccaaa gaaaaaaagg acacaaatat     95340
     tgttgtaggg tcagattttt aataactcga gacaaaacaa ttgattctca ttgaaatctt     95400
     tagggcaaat gtaagagtta tggtatatgg aggtaaggag gacattgctg tataaaatcc     95460
     atgtgtttat gtcccttttc tgctcttggt gaattgtgaa ggaccactgg aaggtcaggt     95520
     ggctcactgt gtcttctaag cattccaggt tgttttcctc attgcctgcc accattgcat     95580
     ttcctgctac ctctgctcag taaagctttg ccttgtagtt tgtcttggat tttactcatt     95640
     gagagattga gttgcttgga gctgaacttg catcgatcag aattcccata gctgtggagc     95700
     aaaccaggcc tgttacagga gcccattgag ggtcttgata atctaaagta ctcacaatat     95760
     cttatctgtg tagcatttag catgactgtt cttcaacatc attttctcag agttaaaatc     95820
     agccttagtg ggggttggga gaaatgagga ccttcagaca gttctggtag tataaaattg     95880
     cttatgtctg ttagaggcca tgttcagaaa gtggaaaaga agtctttttt gacccagtgc     95940
     ttccagaaca aggaggagtt atccacagag ttgagggcgt tcagggttgt agtggtcgtc     96000
     agagcagccc tgaaggagaa gctatcctga tgtccatctg ctgaaggatg aaaaggccct     96060
     gtgtggtgca gcccttccat gaactcagtg tgcgataatc catgcaagct tttgtccttc     96120
     aaattgtcag ccttatccta ctcaaaatag ctctgacaca gtcacattct agggagaaaa     96180
     atgttccttt gcatcctggt tgtagacagt tcctattact cttggctcat acctttggac     96240
     accaagtcag tcaggtgatg gaaaagggag atcctattgg aagaaactgt ttactttggg     96300
     acaagtctga aacagtgagc aacaacaaga gactggtcca tcaccaacat gtgaccctag     96360
     gctgggaaac aaacctattc tacacagcct tgggaacttg ctgagccaga ttggataaca     96420
     ggacaagaac cctgaaattc agactggtat atgagtggaa agcatatcac tgattgagct     96480
     gcctatatgc tatgcccact aagtaccttt cccattcaag atttgttttt atgcctccaa     96540
     agtgtcctgg gagattttta tatttgtatt aaccgggaaa ctaaacaggt cactgcagta     96600
     caatatgctt gtattgcata aatacaaata ttatgtgtgt ttgagggtgt aacctacaat     96660
     agtcacaggg gtgtttttct gtttcttcat gaccatcact tttaaggttc agtgccaggc     96720
     cttttgaata tttttattta gcaaagtttt gcagatactg tgacctatga agtacccatg     96780
     ggttttgtgt tgtatggtgt ctctggttat ttgaagatag agggattgac aagaggaacc     96840
     ctgtgaggtt cctgcactgg agcaataatc atagccttca cttcagttca gggcacactc     96900
     gcacctcata aggaatccac atggtttcta ggttgcttac atctctcttg aactcatatt     96960
     cagacattgc tacaatgtta ttgctaagta aaatatacct gcacaattgg ggaaatgtgg     97020
     tgttttttag aactccagta taatgtgtag ctgatagttc tgattctagc agtctttaaa     97080
     aggtgagaaa tatttccaag ctcaggtgtt ctatgacact tggaatgcac ggtatgatct     97140
     cagctgaaag gtatgttgtt ttcaccagct gaatagagct cttctgggaa ggacagctga     97200
     attgacaaat gcttaccagg ccttttcttt tctagcttcc ctaagtgtga aacagtccaa     97260
     cagaaactgg aacatggcac agaccatgac atgatctccc tcaaagagaa gtgctggtgg     97320
     aagaggactg ggtgtgcaca ggaaatacac cactgttgcc tctcatccct aataaccatg     97380
     gctgtaatgg gctgtatgct cctcctttat tttggtttct tgggtatgaa caggccttaa     97440
     tttcatctag cctctggccc aggaagagtg cacatttaaa gggactcaga gaaatgctga     97500
     gacacatcaa gagctgctgg gtatccagga agattctgag agtttaaatt tatcttttcc     97560
     tgatgggtca tcatcaataa ttacatggag atcagtcaac aaaattgtaa aaacttggat     97620
     ccaagtctac aacatgtgtt ctgctttgac ttgggaggcc atatccttca gacccacact     97680
     ccaaaaggag agtgttgctt aaatttctcc tgcaaagttt gttacctcca ggaactgctt     97740
     ttctactaag ttgccaagga cagccacagg ctgtaagtct gtgctacaaa atgagcagac     97800
     taagaatttt gctttgcacc atttttgtgg tttgattttg gtttgaattt tgattagttt     97860
     agttacttgg tttttcttgt tttcatttga agttttgtta tttattggtt gtttatttgt     97920
     tcttgtaatt aatttgatat tttggtaagg ctaaacagag tacatactga ctgtcagctt     97980
     tcagttacaa ttgagtacat tgtatttatt cttaggacaa acacaatgat ctccaactct     98040
     ttactcttaa gatccctgtt atttcagttg tgatcatgaa atcccacaga tatcagaccc     98100
     agatggatct ctgcattctt catgggacct gggctccata gtttcttcac agccagactg     98160
     aactaccacg tccatcatac attcagtgtg gagagtgtgt ccaactctct ggataggaac     98220
     ttaatgttgg aaaacttacc catgctgcat ccttgttgtc aaatatttat ctactgtgaa     98280
     aatcctgtgg atgatggtgt tgaacacatt aatggcaaat acatcagtat ttctgtaata     98340
     gctctcatta aatcaaagca tagtctaagg gaataaaaag ttctcagaca acacagcagt     98400
     gtatgcttct gctttccttc aaatatacaa tcactggtaa ctgcaagtag agataataaa     98460
     ttccacaatc tttttgggga caggtttctc tgcgggtcct tcaaagttta ttttattact     98520
     ttatgattca cctgtgtctg ccaaaagaca tcattcaaaa acgatgaaga ttgtaattag     98580
     gtatcatcct ataaagtcct aacaaatgcc tttatatttg atattttcct tacatacatt     98640
     tcaaatgtta aaccctttcc ttgtttcccc tcctaagatc ccctttttcc taccccccaa     98700
     cccctgcttc ccaacctacc cactccctct tcctggccct ggcattccct tctaatgtgg     98760
     catagaacct tcacaggacc aaggatctcc tcccagtgat gaccaaccag gccttcctct     98820
     acgacatatt tagctagatc catgagtttt accatgtgtt ttctttggtt ggtgggttag     98880
     tcccagggat ctctggaggt actggttagt tcatattgtt gttccttcta tggggctgca     98940
     aacccttcag ctccatatgt cttttctcta gctccttcac tggggaccct gtgctctgac     99000
     caatagatgg ctgtgagcat ctacctctgt attggtcagg cactggcaga gcctctcagt     99060
     agacagctat atcaggcttc tgtcagcaat ttcttgttgg cctctgtagt agtgtctgtt     99120
     ttttatggtt gtttatgcaa tggatcccca ggtgaagcag tctctgcatg gtcattcttt     99180
     cagtctctgc ttcacattct gttcctgtca ctccttccat gggtattttg ttccccattc     99240
     taagaaggat caaagtatcc tcactttggt cttcattttt cttgattttt atatgctttg     99300
     cgacttaatc ttgtgtactc ttagattctg ggctaatatc ccctcatcag caagtacata     99360
     ttatatgtgt tcttttgtgg ttggattacc ttactcagga tgatatccta cacatccatc     99420
     catttgtgta agaacttcat gaattcattc ttttaatagc tgagtagctc ttcattgttt     99480
     aaatgtatta taatttctgt atccattcct cttttgactg acatcttggt tctttccagc     99540
     tactggctat cataattaag gctgctataa acataatgga ggaggtgcag attcaaggaa     99600
     tttatatacc tataaatcaa tgttgttact tgacttgcaa gggacacagc aagtcagact     99660
     catctttcat ttggggacaa taaaacttga gagtaacttt caggatttgt caagggtaag     99720
     acaagctcaa gtagaggatg aaaaggggaa ggtagctgtt atcagtctgc aatcagagga     99780
     ccccctagaa aggttgttat tagttaagtg ctatatgcct ctacaaatcc tagtgtaagg     99840
     ggtcacatta accctgcaat tgaaaacatt accaaaccag gaatgtgcta tgctgagcac     99900
     tcacagagac ttatgaggag ctgtcttagg ctccgtttac agcaggtaaa aatgacaaag     99960
     agaccaaata tcctaactcc acaagatgat aaagctgaca actgttgatt gcactgagta    100020
     tcaaggagtt tagttttttg tgcatctaca ggttgtcatg cagcatttgc atcagggaca    100080
     atacataagg aggtggttgc tcagtggcat gacaaacagc caagaagagc gataacctct    100140
     acccctctgc tctggatgct gagactagaa agttttagtt tgtcaccatc tctcccagga    100200
     ctgatggcat catttcttgc atacatttac tctagcactt gtctaactta ggtacaaacc    100260
     cacagcccac agaggaggct ccactattag ccactcactc tatcaagacc aggatcttag    100320
     aatcccagga tcccagaatc ccaggattta gtcacacaag aatcttagat tctcacaggc    100380
     aacttgtctc ccaggaactg cgacacaccc agaatctcag ggtcacagga tcccggaatt    100440
     ttacacctgt atccttatag ctttaatgat caaggacaag gatgcagctg ggactgaggg    100500
     tgtgaagaag atacaggaca tgttcaatgc tgagatcctg ttgtctaggc attcttaagc    100560
     tctgcagatg tgggctcaca gatgcatctt tgcactcaac tgacatatac tgattttaaa    100620
     attagaatta cctttaatct tgctgtttcc ttagagaagt gaggtaggat ttcttccttg    100680
     gggaaacaat ttttccatgc tttcttaagc acttcacttt tactttgaaa tcttttgaaa    100740
     tgacttcctg aagatgcaca aactgtgatt ccctaggctc atggtgaatc tccttcaaag    100800
     tcttgtcagc agactgatct aagagtaggg accagatgac aaaattctgt ttaggttttt    100860
     actttaaaca tttgctgaat atgtgctccc ggattttttt tttttttttt tttttttgca    100920
     gaggtcttgt tttcaaaata actctgtctt tacatattac aatgtatgga tgaagaaaaa    100980
     ggggcaacta cttactaatg ctcagttaaa tatcttcata tgtgttcctg tactcacaca    101040
     atcactagca attgttaatc agtcaaaatc atttatttta gtagagtaga atataaccat    101100
     gaaccaatat tttactatta actactgtgt tgattacaat atacatgaat gataggactg    101160
     tacagagtat gggcttaatt ttcagggccc agggcaaata gctggaagag ttcaaactaa    101220
     aattaataga aacagctgga atactaacaa atcccaaaga tccaatattc tcctcaagtc    101280
     taagtgtttg tgctcacctt taccagaact ctggagacct ctgttcatcc aggtctcagg    101340
     tctcacccaa aatacagacc tgaaccagct gtggccaagt tttcctgtgt tattggctga    101400
     cctctgcctc aggcttcaga gaccctttag gggcagcctt ggccttcagg tggcagccat    101460
     tccaggtcct ctgtcagcta atggagatgc ctgtcatctc aaaaatagaa gctgaggtat    101520
     tccaaaaatt gtgatgccac tctacagtca tgatgatttg gttatgtgag aacatacaag    101580
     ttaactaatg tctgtatgac tcttttcctt atttgaaagt gagtaatgac atcatctgag    101640
     gagtggttgc taagaataaa atcactgatt aacatgaatg ataggactgt acagatcatg    101700
     ggcttaattt tctgcttcca gtgcaaagag ctgggagagt tcaatataaa accaatagaa    101760
     acatcaggaa aactaactac aacaactttt taaaaacctt ctgagtgcta ggattacaag    101820
     catgtactaa ctctgcctta taataaacaa acaaacaaac aaacatccct attccagtta    101880
     tagcagttgc ctcagagaga gctgtgtgac actgcatgct gcttcctttc cccagatagc    101940
     tcaggtcttc agttctctac caggtctgct ggacctaaga tactgtagtt gaacttcttg    102000
     gtgccattca tttgtatgat tctgcaacaa tccttttctt ggtaaaattg agcctgtata    102060
     gagtaagccc cttgttggtg gatccaggac cctttaggca agcaaacaca ggggggaatg    102120
     tggagataag gtgtggagca gagaatgaag ctaaagccat cctgagcctt ctccacttgg    102180
     agatccatcc cacatacaga caccaaggcc agacactatg gaagatgcca ataagtgctt    102240
     tctgacagga gcctgctaca gttgtctact cagaggctcc acctgagagt gacaaatacc    102300
     aaggcacatt tttgcatccc ctctttggaa tgagcataga gtccccagtg gaagagttgg    102360
     agaaaggact gaatgagcta tagggggttg caactatagg aagaacaaca atatcaacca    102420
     accatatccc ctagaactcc cagggactaa accaccaatc acacatggag tggcccatgg    102480
     ctctaggcac atgtgtgcca gatgacagcc ttgttggaca tcaatgggag gaaaggccct    102540
     tggtccttta aaagctccat gccccggtgt ataggaatgc taggctagca agagagcact    102600
     gtgtggtgga gcaccctcat agaagcagtt caaaggggca tgaggtaggt gggttttagg    102660
     cagaaaaccg gaaaaatagc tagcatttga aatgtaagat taaagtgttt taaaatagaa    102720
     aaagaaatga tttgaagacc gagaaattaa actagaccga tggacacttg atctcctaca    102780
     aagtcaaaaa tatacaattc aaaaagaaac atttcaataa atgatgctgg tctaactggg    102840
     agtaagtatg cagaaaaatg aaagtagatg catatttgtc acctggcaca atactcaagg    102900
     ccaggtggat taaagatctc aacgtaatac cagattcact gaatctaact gaagacaaag    102960
     caggaaagag cctcaaactc atgggaatgg gtataaatgt cataaataga agtccaatag    103020
     ctcagactct aacatcaaaa tttataaatg ggccaaaaga aagtgaaaaa cttctataag    103080
     acaaagggca tagccaatag gacaaattgg caaactacac attaggaaaa aaaaggttca    103140
     ccaacaatgt caaggtctgc ctgatccaca gtcaggacta tgaagctcaa ccctatctca    103200
     gaaaagcaaa gctaaacaaa aataaaaata aatgtttgtc aagatagcac taggtagaaa    103260
     agtactctca tctgtctgaa atgcccaaac gtggtggtgt gtgctgtaga ttcagctact    103320
     caggaaactg aggcaggagg atggtttgag gtcaggggtt aggtgagaag aacataacag    103380
     accctgtctc cttataaaaa taacccaaat aacccaaaaa acacccacat ctgtaaaaca    103440
     aaaagcccca gaatgagaaa taagtgcata cgtatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgagag    103500
     agagagagag agagagagag acacagagac agacagacag acagacagac agacagacag    103560
     agacagatag agagacagag acagagaggt ggtgctagcc caggggagct tagaaatagt    103620
     gaccatcttt atttcagctt ctagaatggt agttttaccc gcacggccat cacattcttt    103680
     tgagaacatt ttccgtacca cacatcacca tttttaaaat cttttttaaa caggaggatc    103740
     ttataatgct tcagtaagca tggagtttct gcagcttcgt aattttaatg tttcgcatat    103800
     cacgtgttta taatgcactc aatgccccag ctttgtcaag cactatgtca gtggttcttt    103860
     ctcaacctgt gggtcacaac ccctgtagag gataccctgc atatcagata tttacattaa    103920
     gacttataac ggtagcaaaa ttacagttaa gaagtagcaa tggaaataat tttatggttc    103980
     aggccaagag gaactgtatt aaagagtcac aattatgaag gatgagaacc actgctctgg    104040
     ccaatcatat ctgactctgt ctgttcccag agcaaggcag gtgctttgta aatgtgtgcc    104100
     tgtgtcattc tgcccacttt ctccatttct ctcccggggt ttaattctgt gtactgttct    104160
     ttttgtttgt ttgtttgttc tatgcactct gtgtcaggct ttgttttggt aaagtatgga    104220
     caggcaactg tgatctaaga agactatgtg gatcaggcaa catgttcaga tcgggcacac    104280
     catgtgatct cccggacatt ctcacagcac tgctgaggga ggaagtagat gttgtcttca    104340
     catccaccct aacaacccca gagggtacca tgatgacact ctctcctgta aggcccacag    104400
     aaaatctcag atttcaactg agtgacagct gccactcagg ggatccaagt gagacactat    104460
     tagttctggg taacataggc acaaaggtgc aagtagtttt tattcctttg gctttttgag    104520
     gcaatgtctc tcaaaggcct tgaacccctg atccttccca ccctttcaaa tgatttctaa    104580
     agactgaata attatcagga attttgaatt accttttctt taaactgggt tctcttgcag    104640
     acttgggcta tgttgtgttt tattttgctt ttcgttttca cttccacaga gttgaaatgt    104700
     tttgggttga acagtatgtt agaatgcaag ggaagtctgt cagttcttgg tggctttaaa    104760
     gatgggaggg aaatgatgag acccttgtat aacaatgctt gaaatcatat ttagatggtt    104820
     tcacaatgaa tacattattg tgagaacagt gttgatacca tgagctcttg aataattctt    104880
     ttgttattac agtgtttgtg ggtttcccct ttcccttctc tcctccatat acctccatat    104940
     ctccctccat ccatccctcc accgctctct cactccctct ttcccttcct ccctctcttc    105000
     ctccctctat ccctccatcc ctccttcctt tcttcccttt cttacttcta taagcttata    105060
     taaaggagga agagagcaag gagaaagagt ggaggatgca aaaaagcggt gatgtcacac    105120
     ctcacatttt cacttgcatt tataaactag tatgtacatt attcatgatg gtctctagta    105180
     atatttttta tattttaatg ttcacaattg tattacaaac attcttaaaa agagatacta    105240
     gtagtataaa tgcctatgaa gttgaccgtg ctaccacatg caagtcatta aagaaactac    105300
     tatgtattta tgaacactca acatcaaaac tttaaaaatc taagtatata gtagcctcca    105360
     aaaaacctcc agcttgcaga tggtggtgga gtaaccatta atgcatcacc aaggaggcac    105420
     gaaaaggggg atctgtgtga gtgtaagcct agcttgatga cagagaaact gtttcaaacc    105480
     aacaaaggaa cacataaaca acccctgagg gtatggggga gctacagact gtattaaaaa    105540
     cttctttctc taccacagta ctagggattg aactcaggac cttgtgaata ttaagttagc    105600
     actgcaaaca cccactactg agctccatcc tgataacata caataaaaac cattcattgc    105660
     tgtatacaat gtatcttagt tgtagtcatt ccttggttac tccctctatc cttaccacca    105720
     ccacctcctg cccccaacct gtctcccata cacttagatc aacacccttc cctcaacaat    105780
     ctcctgtatc cttcccaact tcatgttgtt ttataaaatc acccactaag tcccactggt    105840
     gctgcctgta ttcgtgcatg cctgctgggc atacaaaggg gcgtgggaaa cctgtcaatg    105900
     gctacctttc tcaaagaaaa gtggctctct gtcctttagc agttatcagt tgccattagc    105960
     aactcagcaa gggaaggggt tggggtattg agaatccctc cccctccaca atggaaagtt    106020
     taactcactg gatcttgtga agggattgca caggtaaaca cagctgctgt gaatgtgtgt    106080
     gtgtaacagc catggtgtgt tcagaggcca gcctctcaca gtattcctct ccattcatca    106140
     ggtttttaca ctcactcttt ccatagcttc ttcaatactg tttcctgagc cttgaagtag    106200
     gtagggatcc tgtacaaaac aaaaaactgt atgatattta tacagaagcc agtgttaagc    106260
     tatacttaag tttcacattt gtaatgaaat aagtaactgg gcctccacaa gttccatagg    106320
     aatcacagac taactatttg gttttcctct gcctgaattt cctcttcctc ctcctgctcc    106380
     tcctctgccc tcttcttttt ctcctcctcc ttcctcttct tcttctcctc ctccactttc    106440
     ttctttttct ccctgtcccc gttccctcct ccttctcctc tcctccccct ctcctcctcc    106500
     tccttcttct tctacctcct ccttcccctc ttcctcctct tcttcatctt ttcattcttt    106560
     gttgagcctc cagggccctt ctatcttgca tcacctctgc cctctcaagg catgcaatat    106620
     cctgtagctc atacttcctt tagttcagct gccttctctt cacatggtgg tctatcttgg    106680
     gctgtctgct cagaccacat ctcacccaat ttccttgcta cattcccagt ggacaagccc    106740
     cgtgattcac tcttgatctt tggacaatat tctgaatgaa gcaaaaagaa agcaagtggt    106800
     agtcttttgt gagtatctga gtcttcattc ttcttccgtt cctttcttat tgccttaaga    106860
     ggaacataat tcttcatcag ctatcatagc ctcagagcaa gccttgtcac ttggagctgt    106920
     atcttcaggt ttcacctttt cctttgtagg catgaaggtc ctctccaaga actcagcaaa    106980
     gctgactgga atccaggcat ttctttctgt tctcttggaa gtctgcagga agacagctcc    107040
     tgggcctttt cttcctccag ccaaccaagt ctcctttacc caaggtgacc cttggcgtgc    107100
     ggggagaagg gtgtctctac ctgagtgggc tttttcctga atccaaacca gatacttcct    107160
     tctccatact attgtcagct agcttcactt ttcattctat tttaagcttt aatttttttt    107220
     tctctccttg cggagcaaca attgtggtaa taaaacaaga taccaactct tatctcaggt    107280
     tagtaataaa gttgtttctt actatctaga aatgtacctg ccttttcttt tttctttcct    107340
     tttctctttt cttttccttt ctttttttct ttcctttcct ttcctttcct ttcctttcct    107400
     ttcctttcct ttcctttcct ttcctttttg tttctttcct ttctgtaaaa tgtgacattt    107460
     tacaggttgg gatgtagcac cgttggtgga gtgtttactt agctagtata tacaaagcac    107520
     ttgtttcaat ccctagcact gtgtaggtat ggtgactcat gtctgtaatc tcaaaactct    107580
     acaggtagac atgtgggaag cagaaattca tcctcagcgt tcagtgaggt tcaagttggc    107640
     ctgaacaaga gaaacaaggg ggggggagct gatgtctttc tctctctctc tctctctctc    107700
     tctctctctc tctctctctc gctctctctc tctctttctc tccttctccc tccatcactc    107760
     cctctccctc tccctctccc tctccctctc cctctccctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    107820
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tcattctctc tctctttttg tccaaattct tctggtagag    107880
     agaaggaaag agatgaacat gtattgagtt ttctggtatc taccaaattt gtatattact    107940
     tgttgattaa tattataaca aacattaaat tgtattcaga accatatttt gattactgtc    108000
     tttgtgtgct ttggatctca tgacagtgat agttacctga ggtgcttaac taccatttct    108060
     gtgacagtaa actattcaag tttaccctct ccctctacag cccaaggctg tgtagtttgt    108120
     atgatacatt tgttgttggc ttgttgttat tgatgttgtt tgtgttgctg agtctagagt    108180
     ctggggcctt gtacatattg ggcaggcaaa tgctccacta ctgtgcctcc agccactttg    108240
     ctggaggttt ttgaagttgt agagtgtact gaagaagttt ttcatctttt atatttgaaa    108300
     aagataccac ggcatgatac acagccacaa acaatgcacc aagataaata accaacccaa    108360
     cagggtgaca ttatgatgca gtagttgtaa gactcaattt aaaagatata tcacctcatc    108420
     cttgggtttg cctatgttct catctgtgag attaaaaatc ttttgaaaca ttgaatgaag    108480
     cctctcatct atcatctact gccattaaat atcacatatt cacagctgga gaaatggacg    108540
     agccgacacc cggaatagtc ctccagtcat tcaagaaaga gttactgact aaggacaaat    108600
     tgtttctact ggtttctttc ctggggtttg attttgcatt gtgtgttcac ttttaaagct    108660
     gcttgctgat ctcttcgtgg accagagatg gaggaagcac tccactctat ttattttttc    108720
     accacaagat taattcaggt caatctcagc tctcaggttt gttcttgtag tggttttgaa    108780
     ggtttcaaag gaaatattgc tgcgtggaga gctatgaagc tgctgatgtt tgcaagtgag    108840
     ttagagtgac ttttacaagc agatcagatt ggggccgagg tcttctggct gttaggggaa    108900
     caccactttg gccactgatt caaagaatgt tctgttgaga gcatttgcta agggggttct    108960
     gatgatggca acttgctgat gtcagtgaac tccagggaca tgaactcact gaatcactgc    109020
     tttcattgga aaagtatctt ttggccataa caattctctg ctgactaact ttatgtcaac    109080
     ttggcaccag ctgaagttat ctgagaggag ggaacctcaa tggagaaaat gcctccacaa    109140
     gatcatgctg ttggtacacc tataggacat tttcttaatt agattgatgg atgtgggccc    109200
     agcccattgt gggtggggcc gtcacttgcc tggtggtcct aggttctatg agaaattagg    109260
     ttgagcaagc cataaggagc aagccagtaa gcagcattcc tcagtggcct ctgcatcagc    109320
     tcctgtctcc agatgtctat actgtttgag ttcctgtcca gattccttcc atgatgagct    109380
     gtgatgtgga agtataagtc aaataaagtt tccttccaaa gttacttagg ttatgatatt    109440
     gcagcaatag aagctctata taacaaattt caattaaaaa ttcatttaac atatccaact    109500
     attaaatcta ttaggatgta tgttggcaca tgatagcaag taggactcta aatgttaatt    109560
     tctatgataa gggtttgtta tccctaagca ccaaggaagt acaaatcaac cacagtgaca    109620
     ttctgcctca taccccatac ctgtgagcac agatatcaaa aacagagcag agagatcagg    109680
     ccctgctgac agcatacagt aaaggcatca ttctgtgtct ctgccttccc tctgggggtt    109740
     aggaatgcca ccaatgtgcc acttggggaa ggcaaaactc agggatatta ggctgtgttt    109800
     cttcctagcc cctggggtgc tgagccacat tgctcaggga aggctgaaac acagtcacag    109860
     atagggagca cagcctgtgt ttctctggct gaaaacagca gggttggggg gagggggagt    109920
     cctgtgcacc cagaagctcc tgggaaccat gatgagttga aaatgttggt cccaatcctc    109980
     ctgtgtacgc agacaccact gggaacctca agtagttggg aacaggagcc agtagcccta    110040
     gttgaaccca gtgtggggaa ttaagcttag cttaaggtga gtgccaggac tatggagggg    110100
     ctagaagagg ggtcctctac aggagactta acaacagctc tgtgtgtcta agccttaccc    110160
     cctgccatcc ccatcccacc acagcccact gtccctcacg cccttcaggt ccttgatgaa    110220
     gaagacaatc tttgcttgtc taaactgttt tattcagggc agatgaaaat gcacatgtct    110280
     tactctgggt gaaccagaga ttgaatatct ttcacagaat tggagggaag ctcattggct    110340
     aatcacttag agcctagtta gataccccat cacaatagaa aactctatgc aatatcactg    110400
     gttgttatgg tcctctggtg acacagtcaa ctgcctcaca aaggatagct atgtgcactc    110460
     caggcaagaa tgtaaattgg tggagccaca ggcaaaacaa catggaagtt cctcaaaaga    110520
     aatataaaaa tgaggtagct tcctcatgag gtgtttgaga taattgtctc atattggcct    110580
     gtaggcaagt ctgtggggca ttttcttgat taaggattga tgtggtaggg ctaagcccac    110640
     tgcaagaagt ggattgcctt ggcaggtggt cctgtggtat aagaaagcag gctgaagaag    110700
     ccatgaggag caagcttgta agcagggctc caccatggcg tcctgcactg acttcagttc    110760
     atgatggtct ataactgtaa gctgggagaa attctttact gcctgtggta gtcactgttc    110820
     tattgctgtg atgaaatact ataaacaagg taacatacaa tgaagctttt atctgagggc    110880
     ttgcttagag tttcatagag tccatggtca tcatgtttgg aagtatggcc cccagacagg    110940
     caggcctagt gctagagcaa cagctaagag cttactaaca tcctgatctg gagggagaaa    111000
     gagattgaca ctgattctga cttggtcttt tgaaatgggc tgagaaagaa cttacggaaa    111060
     caacactgtt cacaagagta aaaaccaata gaaaatacct tcgtgttact ctaactaagg    111120
     aagtaaaaga tctgtatgat atgaacttca agtctctgaa gaaagatatt aaagaagatc    111180
     tcagaagatg gaaaggtctt ctatgctcat ggattagcag gatcaatata gtaaaaatgg    111240
     ctatcttgtc aaatgcaatc tacagattca atgcaatctt catcaaaatt ccaactcaat    111300
     tcttcaatga attagaaagg gcaatctgca aattcatctg gaattacaaa aaacctagga    111360
     tagcaaaaac tgttctccag gataaaagaa cctctggtgg aaatacatac aaaagttgac    111420
     cagatttggt acaagcttgt aattccagcc ctcagaaggt tttttttttt aaattgttgt    111480
     tggtagcctg acctaaagct gtactacaga gcaattgtga tccaaaattg catggtcttg    111540
     gtataacgat agacaagtag accaatggaa tagaattgaa tacacagaaa tgaacccaca    111600
     cacctatggt catttgatcc ttgacaaggg agctaaaacc atccagtgga gaaaaggcag    111660
     cattttcaaa aaatggtgct ggcactactg gcgggtaaca tgtagaagaa tgggaattga    111720
     tccattccta tctccttgta ctaaggtcat atctaagtgg atcaaggaat tccacataaa    111780
     accagagacc atgaaaatta tagaggagaa agttgggaaa agcgtagaac atataggcat    111840
     aggtggaaag ttcctgaata gaacaggaat ggtttgtgct gtaagattga gaattgacaa    111900
     atgggacctc atgaaactgc aaagcttctg taatgcaaaa gacacagtca ataagacaaa    111960
     aagaccacca acagattggg aaaggatctt tacttatcct aaatcagata ggggactaat    112020
     aaccaatatg tataaagaat acaagaaggt ggactccaga aaatacaata accccataaa    112080
     aaagtgtggc tcagagctaa accaaaaatt gtcacctgag gaataccgaa tgtcagagaa    112140
     gcacttgaaa aatgttcagc atccttaatc atcagggaaa tgcaaatcaa aacaaccctg    112200
     agattccact acacaccagt cagaatggct aagatcaaaa attctggtga cagcagatgc    112260
     tagcaaggat gtggagaaag gagaacactc ctctattgtt ggtgtgattg caagctttta    112320
     caaccactct ggaaatcagt ctggcagttc ctcagaaaat tggacatagt actcctggag    112380
     gatcccagaa tacctctcct gggcatatat ccagaagatg ttccaactgg taagaaggac    112440
     acatgctcta ctatgttcat agcagcctta tttataatcg ccagaagctc gaaagaatcc    112500
     agatgcccct caacagagga atggatacag aaaatgtggt acatttaccc aatggagtac    112560
     tactcagcta ttaaaaagaa tgaatttatg aaattcctag gcaaacagat ggaactggag    112620
     gacatcatac tgagtgaggt aacccaatca caaaagaatt cacatgatat gtacccacta    112680
     ataagtggat attagcccag aaatttagaa aaccccaggt atgagataca atatgcaaaa    112740
     cacaagaaac tcaagaataa ctaagaccaa agtgtggaca ctttgcacct ttttataatt    112800
     gggaacaaaa cacccatgga aggagttaca gagacaaaat ttggagctga gaagaaagga    112860
     tgtaccatct agaaactgcc atagaagtgg ctgctcacag tcagctattg gatggatcac    112920
     agggccccca atggaggagc tagagaaagt acccaaggag ctaaagggat ctgaaaccct    112980
     ctaggtggaa caacaatatg aactaaccag taccctctcc cccttcaccc ctcttccgga    113040
     gatcatgtct ctatctgcat atgtatcaga agatacccta gttggccatc agtggaaaga    113100
     gaggcccctt gttcttgcaa actttatatg cctcagtaca gaggaacacg agggccaaaa    113160
     agtgggagtg ggtgagtagg ggagtggtag ggggaggata tggaggactt ttgggatagc    113220
     attggaaatg taaatgaaga aaatcacaaa taaaaaaagg gaaaaaaaga gaacttcatt    113280
     tctctgaaga aagaaattgc agaagatcat agaagatgga caagatcccc tgagctatct    113340
     ggggaaagga agcagcatgc agtgtcacac agctctctct gaggcaactg ctagaacttg    113400
     aatagggatg tttttggttt gtttgtttgt ttgtgtgttt gtttattata aaatcacaca    113460
     aaaattagcc agacttggta catgcctgtg attccagcac tcagaagttt tttttttaaa    113520
     aaaaatattg ttgtttgtat ttctgttgtt tctattggtt ttgttttgaa ctctcccagc    113580
     tatttgcact ggacccagaa aattaagccc atgctctgta cagtcctatc attcacgtta    113640
     atcagtgatt ttattcttag caaccactcc tcagatgatc tcattactca ctttcaaata    113700
     aggaaaacag tcatacagac attagttaac ttgcatggtc tcatgtaacc aactcatcat    113760
     gactgttgag tggcatcaca atctttggaa taccctagct tctacttttg agatggcagg    113820
     cctctgtgga agattccatt agctggcaga ggacctggaa tggctggcga ttgaaggcca    113880
     aggctgcccc tccagtgtct ctgaagcttg agacagagat cagccaacaa cacaggaaca    113940
     cttggccaca gctagttcag gactctattt tggatgagcc ctcagacctg gatgaacaca    114000
     ggtctccaga gacctggtga aggtgagcac aaacacttag actcaacgag aatgatggat    114060
     ctttggaatg caagtctttc ttttttattt atctttgctt tgtgtagcct cccatccctg    114120
     agccttaatg gttcaactgt ttacacctgg atggagcttg caggctcaat tgttctgcca    114180
     tgcccactgc tgtaagctgc tgctttgctg ttcagagcca tacaagtggt caccctgcta    114240
     ctggactcca agattatttg gcaggaatcc ggcctttcct tccttcataa ctgagtgctg    114300
     gaaaagtaaa aattgaacct ttagcagaga cctttgtctt ggttccttcc ttatctcttg    114360
     cagcccagcc cctcttctct tccaggtttc caaaatgcct ttccaggcta gaacccaggc    114420
     tgtgatctgc tggcaggacc caacatttgg cgaactaacg agggactgag aaaaggcaaa    114480
     ggatttttgg aagaggcact gctggtttgg agctccatag aagaagaaaa taattaaagg    114540
     ataaaggaaa ttcatactgg agaaggtcgg tataggctaa gctgaaacat cgttaaaccc    114600
     gagagctaat tcacttaggt tcagcagtga agcttaacag gagctgggta ctgtaacagg    114660
     cggtaggccg tggctcacag aagctacatt tttaggcgtg agaaaagaaa gggtttatta    114720
     aaagggaatt aataattagg cagattgcat catgagggag gaaattgtcc caaaaagcag    114780
     agagaaattt caggagtgcc atgctttctt atctctgggc cttatagcag aagtagtact    114840
     gtgtcccctt ttgtgtcttg tctaatgtct ggtgcaccaa tctgttctcg tgttcaattc    114900
     atgtatgttc gtgtccagtc agtatgaatg aatgttctat gttttatgtt ggataataaa    114960
     gatggtaaaa gaaactttat cttcaaagcc gagagctgcc acgtgcttca gccaggaatc    115020
     agacacgtgg caggagggcc cctgctggaa aaactgttcg ttttaggaaa aaagggcaag    115080
     tgcacagctt cttagttttg gagtaaaaaa gctgataaat ggttcgtgat taatgtgttt    115140
     gacaaatggt aaagtgcctt ttattctatg attgtagcta caaaacttaa tattctctga    115200
     ttggtctaaa tgtaactgct tcatttggtt cctttttatt ggtaatgtgc tctgagtgtt    115260
     ttcacaatca gctcataagt tgttggttaa gattaataat tgttacattg ttacagatgg    115320
     ttagtgttaa atttgataac tcaagtttag agtccttctg acaggtggca taaggcaggc    115380
     caagaggctg ggtctctaaa gatatttcta gtttagataa taattaatgt ggttcctatc    115440
     ctaaatagta aaatttaaga taagatttaa agcaatgcct ctttattaaa gcattaaagc    115500
     ttgctttaat aggtattcat aggtatcaat tggcagccaa actttgtaat atgatagtaa    115560
     tgctcctata ttgattttaa agatgataaa ttgttttaaa cttgggtttt gctttcccga    115620
     ggttgtaggt attatcctaa tcttgcacaa gaaacttaaa aattatggtt aaaactgcca    115680
     ttgttccatt gactgcagct tgcagtttga ttacaaattt aagattttct actcacccat    115740
     atattgttaa ttaagataat tacaagagta atcatcttat gagagtgctc acacagctca    115800
     cttcatacaa aactgtgaca gagttatcta gttatgtttg tctttctgca tatatcagac    115860
     cctcaaacaa tcagtttggc tatagttgct gcctggcagg aaactgcagt atgggcaatt    115920
     tttccacaac actaaagttg tgaaaaacgt tttaactgta agtcatctta tgatagagta    115980
     tcaaaaatta gaggcgaaga ccgttatatt gtttctctag aatctgtcct tattacagga    116040
     gggccaggat gctcagatta aaaaatattt tatatttgag tcaatgcagg gctctgggca    116100
     gccccagagc ggcttgtggc cttcttgtgt tttgcaaaca gtgcctgaga aagtttttcc    116160
     ctgtgttcaa gaaaatttct ttttaacagt gttgcagatc tattcagatg tttaaaaata    116220
     atgcttaaat ttaaagagtt ttgtttctag tgaactggta atcactagaa aattctgcct    116280
     ctaggtatgg ctattgtaac tttactttat gtaagaaaaa tttttattgt ttctgcttct    116340
     atacaagaag ccaagagttt taatctttca gtgtatattg tctcctaagt ggaaagtatt    116400
     ttattaacta atgcttctca agggaagttt accttaaatc cttgctctca cccaagagat    116460
     tcagagacaa tatcctttta ttacttaggg ttttagttta ctacaaaagg ttttacaaaa    116520
     aaataaagaa agcttttata attgttatta attatattca ttggtaatta aatattagtt    116580
     gtgcccaaga caattctttg gccagaaaaa atattattgt aaagtcattt ttctcatttc    116640
     ccagctgatc gttggcccac gtgggcccaa ctagctgctg tggggcggag tcttaagaca    116700
     cacagtttcc cctgtttcag cacagataat ctagttgtgg gctgtagatg ttgttttaaa    116760
     atgctgaaca atcaaacctt aatttgtata ttaatagtca atgccatatc tctgagctca    116820
     caattgctta aaattgttca tccctcagat acaattaatt ctcaaatttg tgattgctta    116880
     tacatatttc tagttaataa ataaataaat tatgcacatg tgactcttaa taacttttca    116940
     agctttctag ttacaaccgc tccttaagaa aaatgattga aagtgcaatt agtcactgcc    117000
     cctttacagc caagtattta aaatgtcttt tcaacaagtt attcattcaa aaggttagtt    117060
     attgtgaaat tttaaaactt taacttctta aaagacaaaa aagagagaaa ttgtatcccc    117120
     gtacatacta tttagtgcat tcccatgcac actatttaaa tcataccttt ttttttgaaa    117180
     tttaaatgtc aaagaattta ataaatgctt tatagtacct taaaaggatc tacttattgg    117240
     cttatagatt gatcctaaaa cagctacctt attaggaaag ggaaagacag gctctctcca    117300
     cagaatgctg cagaagcata ttaattcgtg tgaagagctg gcaggtaagt tgactcagtg    117360
     tcctgattgt aatgactaaa aaactaaatt aaattcatgt tttagatcca tccttgcttg    117420
     ccatttttcc agtttagact agcatctagc cttttaactt tatggcaata gttcatcaga    117480
     gactgtatat actgacttag taaaattagt cattgaatag agttataatg atttttctct    117540
     tttcttcagt gtgaccagtc attctaactc aatcttagac tggtctaata ttcagtccaa    117600
     tgttagagat tcctatattc taaattacct agcaaagtta attcagagca catccctcac    117660
     ttcccctaga tccctaacct cagaaggatt gctggcctta cagctagtgg aaaaagctat    117720
     tgaagagcaa tttgtcactt atataggtta ctccttgccc ctgcatctgt taatttttaa    117780
     tacgactcat gtgcctatgg aactgctatg gcaaaaaatt tcctttaatg tggatacact    117840
     caaagatttc tcctaaatgt aatatcttgc catatcacaa agcagtggca cagatgatga    117900
     tcactggaag aagacagaca ttaacttatt tctgcaaaga gccagatatc attgttcagc    117960
     cttttaaggg aactatagac agccactacc cccaagatag gttgataaaa ttttgaaatg    118020
     tacgtgatgt gatatttcct aaaatgactt ccttacagcc tttatataat gctctattga    118080
     tttttactga tggctcctct aaagggtgag ctggatatct tattaataat caacaagtta    118140
     tcatagagac tcctggcctt tcggctcagt tagccaaatt aacagcagta ctaaaggtct    118200
     ttcagtctgt gcatgaggct tttaatttct tttctgacag tttatatgtt gcacaatcag    118260
     tacccttatt tgaaacctgt ggtacattta acttcaatat gccgtcaaga tcccttctct    118320
     ccatacagga gaggcttcta aaaacataat tgatcattgt ctgcaagcat ttaatgctat    118380
     gggattgcct aaacttatta agacagataa cgggccatcc ccattgtagt aaaaatttta    118440
     tttcattctg taaggaattc ggtatcaaac ataaaactgg aattccttat accccatgcg    118500
     acaaagaata gttgaacggg ctcatcccac cttaaaaaat tggcttttta agacagaaca    118560
     ggggcagcta tatcccgcaa ggtcaccaag gctcatcttg cctttacttt atttgttcta    118620
     aattttttgc aaactgatat taagggtcag tctgcagcgg atcgccactg gcatccagtt    118680
     acttctagtt cttatgcatt ggtaaaatgg aaggaccccc tgactaacga atagaagggt    118740
     ccagatccag ttctaatctg gggaaggggc tcggtttgtt ttttttcacg agatgaagat    118800
     ggagcgcagc cagagaaccg gacagcttct gggacaggca gaagcacaga gccgctgagg    118860
     cagcacactt tgcaggctac agacagccgg ccaccttccg gaccagagga caggtgtctg    118920
     cctggctcgg gaggcggcct cagcctcagg agcagcggtc gacatcttgg ttctgggact    118980
     ccctggaact taggaattta gtctgcacag gtgagagtct gcaccacaga agctgacagc    119040
     ttctgggaac tgccaaagca acacagcttc tgagaaaggc cctgttttgg gccttcttct    119100
     tcgaccagga gaaggtccaa aaacaagata tctgcacacc ttccctgtaa gagagcttgc    119160
     cagcagagag tgctctgagc actgaaactc agaggagaga atctgtctcc caggtctgct    119220
     gatagatggt aacagaatca ccagaagaac aatctctaaa cagagtcaac tataactact    119280
     aactccagag attaccagat ggtgaaaggt aaacgtagga atcctactaa caggaaccaa    119340
     gaccactcac catcatcaga acccagcact cccacttcgc ccagtccagg gcaccccaac    119400
     acacccgaaa acctagacct agatttaaaa gcatatctca tgatgatggt agaggacatc    119460
     aagaaggact ttaataaaac acttaaagaa atacaggaga acactgctaa agagttacaa    119520
     gtccttaaag aaaaacagga aaacacaatc aaacaggtag aagtccttac agaaaaagag    119580
     gaaaaaacat acaaacaggt gatggaaatg aacaaaacca tactagacct aaaaagggaa    119640
     gtagacacaa taaagaaaac tcaaagtgag gcaacactgg agatagaaac cctaggaaag    119700
     aaatctggaa ccatagattt gagcatcagc aacagaatac aagagatgga agagagaatc    119760
     tcaggtgcag aagattccat agagaacatc ggcacaacaa taaaagaaaa tggaaaatgc    119820
     aaaaagatcc taacttaaaa acatccagga aatccaggac acaattagaa gaccaaacct    119880
     acggataata ggagtggatg agaatgaaga ttttcaactc aaaggaccag caaacatctt    119940
     caacaaaatt attgaagaaa acttcccaaa tctaatgaaa gagatgccta tgaacataca    120000
     agaagcctac agaactccaa atagactgga ccagaaaaga aattcctccc gacacataat    120060
     aatcagaaca acaaatgcac taaataaaga tagaatacta aaagcagtaa gggaaaaagg    120120
     tcaagtaaca tataaaggca agcctatcag aattacacca gatttttcac cagagactat    120180
     gaaagccaga agagcctgga cagatgttat acagacacta agagaacaca aattccagcc    120240
     caggctacta tacccaccca aactctcaat taccatagat ggagaaacca aagtattcca    120300
     cgacaaaacc aaattcacac attatctttc cacgaatcca gcccttcaaa ggataataac    120360
     agaaaaaaac caatacaaga atgggaacaa cgccctagaa aaaacaagaa ggtaattcct    120420
     caacaaacct aaaagaagac agccacaaga acagaatgcc aactttaaca acaaaaataa    120480
     caggaagcaa aaattacttt tccttaatat ctcttaacat caatggtctc aactccccaa    120540
     taaaaagaca tagactaaca aactggctac acaaacaaga cccaacattt tgctgcttac    120600
     aggaaacaca tctcagagaa aaagatagac actacctcag aagaaaaggc tggaaaacaa    120660
     ttttccaagc aaatggtatg aagaaacaag ctggagtagc catcctaata tctgataaga    120720
     ttgacttcca acccaaactc atcaaaaaag acaaggaggg gcacttcgtt ctcatcaaag    120780
     gtaaaatcct ccaagaggaa ctctcaattc tgaatatcta tgctccaaat acaagggcag    120840
     ccacattcac taaagacact ttagtaaagc tcaaagcaca cattgcacct cacacaataa    120900
     tagtgggaga cttcaacaca ccactttcat caatggacag atcgtggaaa cagaaactaa    120960
     acagggacac actgaaacta acagaagtga tgaagcaaat ggatctgaca tatatctaca    121020
     gaacatttta tcctaaaaca aaaggatata ccttcttctc agcacctcat ggtaccttct    121080
     ccaaaattga ccacataata ggtcacaaaa caggcctcaa cagattcaaa aatattgaaa    121140
     ttgtcccatg tatcctatca gatcaccatg cactaagtct gatcttcaat aacaaaaaaa    121200
     aataacagaa agccaacact cacgtggaaa ctgaacaaca ctcttctcaa tgataccttg    121260
     gtcaaggaag gaataaagaa agaaattaaa gactttttag agtttaatga aaatgaagcc    121320
     acaacgtacc caaacctttg ggacacaatg aaagcatttc taagagggaa actcatagct    121380
     ctgagtgtct ccaagaagaa acgggtgaga gcacatacta gcagcttgac aacacatcta    121440
     aaagctctag aaaaaaagga agcaaattca cccaagagga gtagacggca ggaaataatc    121500
     aaactcaggg atgaaatcaa ccaagtggaa acaagaagaa ctattcaaag aattaaccaa    121560
     acgaggagtt ggttcttgga gaaaatcaac aagatagata aacccttagc tagactcact    121620
     agagggcaca gagacaaaat cctagttaac aaaatcagaa ctgaaaaggg agacataaca    121680
     acagatcctg aagaaatcca aaacaccatc agatccttct acaaaaggct atactcaaca    121740
     aaactggaaa acctggacga aatggacaaa tttctggaca gataccaggt accaaagttg    121800
     aatcaggatc aagttgacct tctaaacagt cccatatccc ctaaagaaat agaagcagtt    121860
     ataaatagtc tcccagccaa aaaaagccca ggaccagacg ggtttagtgc agagttctat    121920
     cagaccatca aagaagatct aattccagtt ctgcacaaac tttttcacaa gatagaagta    121980
     gaaggtactc tacccaactc attttatgaa gccactgtta ctctgatacc taaaccacag    122040
     aaagatccaa caaagataga gaacttcaga ccaatttctc ttatgaatat cgatgcaaaa    122100
     atcctcaata aaattctcgc taaccgaatc caagaacaca ttaaagcaat catccatcct    122160
     gaccaagtag gttttattcc agggatgcag ggatggttta atatacgaaa atccatcaat    122220
     gtaatccact atataaacaa actcaaagac aaaaaccaca tgatcatctt gttagatgca    122280
     gaaaaagcat ttgacaagat ccaacaccca ttcatgataa aagttctgga aagatcagga    122340
     attcaaggcc catacctaaa catgataaaa gcaatctaca gcaaaccaat agccaacatc    122400
     aaagtaaatg gagagaagct ggaagcaatc ccactaaaat cagggactag acaaggctgc    122460
     ccactttctc cctacctttt caacatagta cttgaagtat tagccagagc aattcggcaa    122520
     caaaaggaga tcaaggggat acaaattgga aaagaggaag tcaaaatatc actttttgca    122580
     gatgatatga tagtatatat aagtgaccct aaaaattcca ccagagaact cctaaacctg    122640
     ataaacagct tcggtgaagt agctggatat aaaattaact caaacaagtc aatggccttt    122700
     ctctacacaa agaataaaca ggctgagaaa gaaattaggg aaacaacacc cttctcaata    122760
     gtcacaaata atataaaata tcttggcgtg actctaacta aggaagtgaa agatctgtat    122820
     gataaaaact tcaagtctct gaagaaagaa attaaagaag atctcagaag atggaaagat    122880
     ctcccatgct catggattgg caggatcaac attgtaaaaa tggctatctt gtcaaaagca    122940
     atctacagat tcaatgcaat ccccatcaaa attccaactc aattcttcac cgaattaaaa    123000
     ggagcaattt gtaaattcat ctggaataac aaaaaaccta ggatagcaaa aactcttctc    123060
     aaggataaaa gaacctctgg gggaatcacc atgcctgacc taaagcttta ctacagagca    123120
     attgtgataa aaactgcatg gtactggtat agagacagac aagtagacca atggaataga    123180
     attgaagacc cagaaatgaa cccacacacc tatggtcact tgatcttcga caagggagct    123240
     aaaaccatcc agtggaagaa agacagcatt ttcaacaatt ggtgctggca caactggttg    123300
     ttatcatgta gaagaatgcg aatcaatcca tacttatctc cttgtactaa ggtcaaatct    123360
     aaatggatca aggaacttca cataaaacca gagacactga aacttataga ggagaaagtg    123420
     gggaaaagcc ttgaagatat gggcacaggg gaaaaattcc tgaacagaac agcaatggct    123480
     tgtgctgtaa gatcgagaat cgacaaatgg gacctaatga aactccaaag tttctgcaag    123540
     gcaaaagaca ccgtcaataa gacaaaaaga ccaccaacag attgggaaag gatctttacc    123600
     tatcctaaat cagatagggg actaatatcc aacatatata aagaactcaa gaaggtggac    123660
     ttcagaaaat caaatagccc cattaaaaaa tggggctcag aaccgaacaa agaattctca    123720
     cccgaggaat accgaatggc agagaagcac ctgaaaaaat gttcaacatc cttaatcatc    123780
     agggaaatgc aaatcaaaac aaccctgaga ttccacctca caccagtcag aattgctaag    123840
     atcaaaaatt caggtgacag cagatgctgg cgaggatgtg gagaacgagg aacactcctc    123900
     cattgttggt gggattgcag gcttgaacaa ccactctgga aatccgtctg gaggttcctc    123960
     agaaaattgg acatagtact accggaggat ccagcaatcc ctctcctggg catatatcca    124020
     gaagatgccc caactagtaa gaaggacaca tgctccacta tgtttatagc agccttattt    124080
     ataatagcca gaagctggaa agaacccaga tgcccctcaa cagaggaatg gatacagaaa    124140
     atgtggtaca tctacacaat ggagtactac tcagctatta aaaagaatga atttatgaaa    124200
     ttcctagcca aatggatgga cctggagggc atcatcctga gtgaggtaac atattcacaa    124260
     aggaactcac aaaatatgta ctcactgata agtggatatt agcccaaaac ctaggatacc    124320
     caagatataa gatacaattt cctaaacaca tgaaactctt gaaaaattaa gactgaagtg    124380
     tggacactat gcccctcctt agaagtggga acaaaacacc catggaagga gttacagaga    124440
     caaagtttgg agctgagatg aaaggatgga ccatgtagag actgccatat ccagggatcc    124500
     actccataat cagcatccaa aggctgacac cattgcatac actagcaaga ttttatcgaa    124560
     aggacccaga tgtagctgtc tcttgtgaga ctatgccggg gcctagcaaa cacagaagtg    124620
     gatgctcaca gtcagctaat ggatggatca cagggctccc aatggaggtg ctagagaaag    124680
     tagccaagga gctaaaggaa tctgcaaccc tataggtgga tcaacattat gaactaacca    124740
     gtaccccgga gctcttgact ctagctgcat atgtatcaaa agatggccta ttcggccatc    124800
     actggaaaga gaggcccatt ggacacgcaa actttatatg ccccattaca ggggaacgcc    124860
     agggccaaaa agggggagtg ggcaggtagg ggagtggggg tgggtgggta tgggggactt    124920
     ttggtatggc attggaaatg tataaggctg agataattct tttattgttg tttttttggt    124980
     gtttgtttgt ttatttgttt gtttgtttgt ttctttcttt ctttcttttt gtttgtttgg    125040
     gtttttgttt ttgttttgtt ttttggtatt ctgttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt    125100
     tttctgagac agggtttctc tatgtagccc tggctgtcct gaagctcact ctgtagacca    125160
     ggctggcctc gaactcagaa atctgcctgc ctctgcctct caagtgctgg gattaaaggc    125220
     atgcaccacc tctgccaggc aggctgagat aattcaatgg aagaaagtca tggagacagt    125280
     tctcatccga gtgtaccacc ataagaccga ctattaacca tgccagcttg aaagtagagc    125340
     aacaatttcc agccattgag gcataatgaa agattactgt actcacagtc caacaaaagt    125400
     cgcacacaga cttattcaca ttcagagttt atagcaatgt cctttcagac cattgatacc    125460
     tacgaaatgc atatgaaata cctacagcac tgagtctaaa gggaactcca cctcacaggg    125520
     aacatacaga agggtaaaga ggcaaaccaa gaatggaaac cttactgctc ccagttgcct    125580
     ttttcaagcc aacatctctt tcaagcctgc agattttttt cctttgggaa attaatttgg    125640
     acacaaaatc atcttgctta tcacaaagca acctaaatgt aactagctga agtccctctc    125700
     acctgacagg agaagagata caagtgaaaa acagaatgag taagaggata aaaatgtacc    125760
     tagacactag gaagacaaac aaaatggacc aaagacatca aaaagatgga ggtgaggaag    125820
     gcgctaagat acaggagatc actgtcaaac tacatgccct tcaaagcaca gtcttagccc    125880
     tgagctgggg cagtgccagc acacttcttt tttctctgtc tgtctttttg tctgcctctc    125940
     tctctctctg tttctctgtc tctgtctctc tctctctctc cctccctccc tctccctccc    126000
     tccgtctctc tctctctccc tcccccctct cacacacacc ctattcttta cattaaaagt    126060
     tgtcatatgt actaccccgc gcccaaaaat ggtgagatta gtgtactgtc ctaaaaccac    126120
     caatttcctt ccactaaact gattaattaa atgacctcat actgtgttat ttcaaccaaa    126180
     tgaaactgtc tacactttgc gaactttgaa ctgctgaaag caatttagca cagctcatct    126240
     gaatggccta ctatcactaa aaagaaggaa gtaaatatac agaaggccat tagggaacag    126300
     tcctagtagc agtttttaaa cagaatatat gtacattgtg tgtgtgtata aatatctaca    126360
     aatataaaaa tagacagtga tattttctaa atgtctgttt tttgagagag ggtctcacta    126420
     tgtcacccag gttagccttg gtctttaggc aatcctcctg catcagtttc cctggtgctg    126480
     ggactacagg tatataccat gatagttggt tatcttaaaa aaatgtatat atgcatatat    126540
     atatatatgt atatatatgc atgtgtgttc atatatgtat atatgtatgt atatatatat    126600
     atatattctt acatgaaagt tgtacataaa taatatataa cacttgtaac tgcatagaga    126660
     ttttctggaa gcaccccaag aaaacatcac ttatgattgc ctctgagagg aaaccagaga    126720
     tcagtggaag atgggattgc tctcatggct agaatccttt cccatagcct cttgtattgt    126780
     tagtatgtgt gggtttgaat atgcttggcc cagggagtgg cactattagg aggtgtggcc    126840
     ttgttaaaga aggcatggcc ttattggaag aagtgtgaca gtgtgggggt ggtcttgtag    126900
     actctcctcc tagctgcctg gatgctagtc ttctcctgct tgactttgga acaagatgtg    126960
     gaattctcaa ctattcctat accatgcctg ccatgactgc catgctcctg ccttgatgat    127020
     aatggactga acctctgaac ctgtaagcca gccccaatta aatgttctcc ctctgttgac    127080
     ttggtcaagg tgtctcttct tagaaatgaa accctaacta agacagtatg tctgactaca    127140
     tacatgtctt attgttgttt tgagataggg ccttacaaga taggccaggc tatagtcaag    127200
     tttaccatcc tcttgcctca gccttctgag cagtataatt aaaataccca ctgccagctt    127260
     ttaaaatgtt ttcaattaag aaaataccta gacacttttc aaatgtctca agtaatgcaa    127320
     tgtccatttt agtatgcaaa tacttcagtg tatcatgaaa tatttacaaa gagtatttca    127380
     aacaaggtta attacttaaa ctctggcctt ttgttagttt ggttttgaga cagagtttga    127440
     tgtagcccag gctggcctgg gactcccttt gtaaatgagg atagtcttga agcacttatc    127500
     ccctgcctct atgccctgag cattagaatt ccaggtgagt gacactgcac cttgtttcta    127560
     tgtaatattg ggaactaaat ccagagattc atgcctgcta gcaaagcagt ctaccagtga    127620
     gctgcctccc cagcccaaac tgttctgcac tgttcactgc ctgccaaaca ggggaataac    127680
     cctggggatc aatgggaact aaagtgagtg ggctttgttc caatgataat attcacattg    127740
     caagtattta ataactatgc agtcattcat ggaaagataa ttgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    127800
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtttgt gtgcgcgcgc gtgctcacac atacatgtga caagcacata    127860
     ttcgatgagg tcaaggtcag ctgtcttcct cttcttcctc ttcctcttct tcttcttctt    127920
     cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt    127980
     cttcttcttc ttcctcttcg aagtggtttc tttgtgtagc cgtggctttc ctggaactta    128040
     ctttgtagac caggctggcc tcaaactcag aaatccacct gcctctgcct cccaagtgct    128100
     gggattaaag gcgggcatca ctatgacctg cagctgtctt ctttagtcac tttgctcttt    128160
     aatttttgga caaggttgat ccttaaacct gaatctctga ttggcttgtc caacaactca    128220
     tggggatcct cctgtgaatg cctccccagc acctgtcttt tatcaaatgt ggtagagggg    128280
     tctgaataag aatgattgcc cccatccctg acccctccct acccccactc cacacaagca    128340
     tgcccccagt ctatggaatg taaacacttg gtcctcagtc agtggcatta tttgggaagg    128400
     attaggggtt tctttctgga ggaagtacct cactgtgggg gcagggtctg ggagtttaaa    128460
     gcttcacact gctctcaatt agctctctct gttccaggac ttcagtgcat caggctacag    128520
     cttcctgctt ctactgctat acctgcctca tgcagccatg cctccctccc aggaagacct    128580
     cttaagcttc tggaagtaaa agccccaaaa caatcttcta taagctctgc tggtcaaggt    128640
     attttaatca cagcaacaaa aaggcaacaa agacacatga gtattgggga tgtgcctcag    128700
     ttcctccact tacacagcaa gcaccttaca gaccgagtcc tggctcctcc cctcaaatat    128760
     tttcaagttc tatgaacaac acactcacct gtgggccata cacctactca cactactcga    128820
     tcaggagcac atttacacat ctatatgtaa gcatgtagta tgtataagtg tgtgaatgca    128880
     gaactaaatg cactattagt aatcctaacc catcatactt agagtgtctt gatgtatctt    128940
     caggatgact gagaaaacac tgttagtgtg gcctcaaaac caactaagcc ttagccaaat    129000
     ctggggcctg tgcctctatt caagcctctc tcaccttata ctcctaggga gaagatgagg    129060
     aaatatcttc atttttctaa gggtgcttct cttcttacct ggataattcc caaagactag    129120
     gaacccactg ttacctttcg tagctctact tcaattacct cctccacaga cctctctttc    129180
     tcctctcagg agcagtatgt gagctaagag ccaccatgat gggcacaaca gcacaagtta    129240
     cagcctggag tgccacagtg atgggcacca cagcacaagt tacagcctgg actgcaggag    129300
     gtgggccatg aggcagaggc ccattagtct tagcaactta ttactgtgac ttcagatgtt    129360
     tgaacacaaa accatttttt ataaatactg acatatgagc cagtataaaa tgcagatttc    129420
     ctgatattct gatatgaata tcagaagcag tattccaaaa cttgataatt agccataatc    129480
     gtggcaaatg tttgtcagaa agtccaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaacaacaac aacaacaaca    129540
     aacccaaaca cctttaatcc cagcacacag gtgtcagagg cagacagatt tctgactttg    129600
     aggaaagcct ggtctacaaa gtgagttcct ggacagccag ggctatacag agaaatgctg    129660
     tctcgaaaaa ccacaacaac aacaaaacaa aaacaaacaa acaaaaacat tttcttagat    129720
     ttattgtagc catcataaac atgctttatc caaaaattaa acattacaat ctttcatgtt    129780
     cattaagcca acaacttaat agttccctct atcaaatttt ttgttcaatc ttacttcctc    129840
     agttcaattt atgccatccc taattttttt tcaaatggca tgaatcttac tagccgatat    129900
     tgatattaat aggcatggaa ttttgaccat tgcatataag tatatgatgt gccaaatttg    129960
     aaacctgcca tttttctctt taactcactt tttcaggttt gtttgttcgt tttgttttgt    130020
     tttgtttttt atgacacagg gtttctctgc atagtcctgg ctgtcttgga acaacctttg    130080
     tagaccagtc ttgaactcag aaatctgcct gcctctgcct caggagtgct gggattaaag    130140
     gcttgtgcca ccactgtccg gccagggttt tgggtctttt ggtttgttta tttttgtttt    130200
     tgttttgttt tgttttgaat aatttttcac aagttaaatg tatggttagc tttagttttc    130260
     aaaaaatcga aatgcagaaa aattacaaat gctatgaact tcaaatccgt ctccattaaa    130320
     cagtagttcc aagatgtctg agtaaacatg gctgaagcaa cctttgactc tggtaactga    130380
     agtcattgtc atgtatacat ctactgaatt ttacatgcca gcacatgctc aaacaaacac    130440
     taatcaaaat tgtttccatg taagactccc ataagcctta ggcagttaat tgtcatgaaa    130500
     tgagtgtgga tgaattgctt ttgcaaatct gttactagag ggagcatcca ctaatttaat    130560
     tatttccctc ctcaaaatct tgctttaact cctccaccaa cgacagtcta ggtgttgaag    130620
     acttctaaac taagaagaat gttaaaatat ctaagtccct taacatccag tagcctctgc    130680
     cttcattatt aaaggaaagc tcaactttga gactaatcag cacaaaaatg ccacaaaagc    130740
     actaccacac cctgaaatac cctaaagaaa ttaatttgtg atgaaccacc atggatgtct    130800
     gagccctaaa ctttgaggga acctgcaaca cagaagcctg ggcagcctgt gggcacagca    130860
     caccagggaa actgactgag agactcaagc tgctcagctt gctgtgggtg ggaaagcaca    130920
     gtggctggca gaatacagct tccagcaggg cttccatagc atgcagctca tgggtgaaca    130980
     accaaactcc ctttaagttt cctaggtggg atctcgccac ccggctctaa ccgtgcttca    131040
     agatgcttgc tatgatggct agacaagtgt tccagaacac accatagata tctcttcaac    131100
     acacctcagg aatccctaga gcaccttcca gtcctctgag ccaggccacg ccccatccag    131160
     gccgcccccc ctcccggccc ccctgcacca ctcttctgga taccacttcc agggatctcc    131220
     cagagcattc cctctgccca cagccctctc acaggtccac ggccaagcct taccttggtc    131280
     cccatctgtt cagaggtgga cactttatgg atcagcttct ggggcccctc ctgttccaat    131340
     tcactgtagg atgaatcttc tccaggtcct gcagcagtgg ggcaaaccac actggcctca    131400
     gggacagctc ctcctgggaa gccctgaggg tggtgctggc tgcaggccca ggcatcctct    131460
     ctgattcctg cagggacaca gcagtgcccc aggggctgtg gtcagctgct gggctctgcc    131520
     cgaaagtctg agccctgccc ctagctagca ccatcttccg tgatcccctc cgcgcagcac    131580
     cctggaccca ggaccctgga tcacaagcct cccctgccta gacctcttgg gtcctctgtg    131640
     cacttcacgc ctgggcaccc agccttggga tgttctggtg ttgctgaccc aggatatgac    131700
     caacaccaga atgagatgac agatgttgag atacgcctcg aaggacctcc ctctcactcc    131760
     tcctagggtc tggagggctc agagggaata gagtagagat aggaaggggc atgatgcagc    131820
     agctcaggca gtggagatcc tcctcccctt gttctaggca gcaggagtga ggagaaggct    131880
     cctgagggaa aggggggcat ggagctatct cttatgttct ggggtgcact ctgaaccccg    131940
     aatccctcca catactcgga ccacaaagta ccattccagc taagtaaaag ttccctttgc    132000
     ccgggagaag aactcgtctc atgtaccctc actcagcacc attgctagga ccttacatcc    132060
     gcacgtctgc ctgggggttc cggtccttta ggccacctct acagtgctgt ttagtttcgg    132120
     gcccaccccc atctggcgca ttaggtagag aagagcattt tctgggaggt tcagctctgc    132180
     tctgagagct tttggttcag aaagagcgat tccctttggc taacaggaag ctgggaaggg    132240
     catggtgagg actcagaaac aagagaggac atgcatgcag cccaagatga caatatgctg    132300
     aaataaatgt ctaggctaaa gcgcccatcc agaatgcctg ggagaatgca tcgaactacg    132360
     tgaacaaagt ataaagtaaa taatatatat acacacatcc acaggagaga acaccactcc    132420
     ctggtccaga ctaaagtctg aggaaagaga atccacaggc tggagcctca gctcccaggc    132480
     ttccctggcc agctgcttca gcacagccac agggaagagc taccttgcag cagcagtgca    132540
     caatgcacat tcaacctcaa aatcctacac aggtggggaa gaggggctga gggagagggt    132600
     aggaaaagga caggcttcct gctgtccacc ttagaaaact tcacagtgct gttagtgatt    132660
     ttccaatggt gaattctcta ctgacttggt ggggggttct cagtagagca atccttttag    132720
     cacagagaca gtctctcttg tgcgtcagtt attcccttta gcaagagaaa tcacggggtg    132780
     aaatggactt caaaagtcct tctggcccta taatatgaac ttctgtacct acaagtacac    132840
     actgctgaga actttctaag aaacaatagc atcaaatggc cttggtcgga gatccagatc    132900
     agtgcctaga gtacagaaag cctatacagg gccaaaaaca aaacaatgcc cttttattga    132960
     actttgtctt agtctgacta tttggtcaca gacaagtcaa gacaaagacc cctagtaaaa    133020
     ggcctgacac agttcagact tttcctttta atgtaaagaa gacagagggc acaagctggg    133080
     accaaaatgt gattatgatt ctaatgttct cttccccaca ctctatatag tgaaaggtca    133140
     ctttggcagc tatcctgtat ttcaacccac acattaaact ttcaggtttt atatagcaac    133200
     atttcccaga atccagtcaa gggtgactga agtgaaaggt ggtctaagac ccatgcctat    133260
     ttgggaaaga agacaggttc catttcttac tctttgaaag gatgctgatt gcttagacac    133320
     acattgcaca tcttcacatc caggagccag tcaattaatt cctcaaagtt caggtatcca    133380
     ttacttataa aaacctagcc ttgcagcccg ctctgatcaa cacagaattc agtagccagc    133440
     tcctaaggcc tgtaactttg aaaagcaaag ccagtctaag ctggttcctg ctaagtaaat    133500
     gactgcaact caacagcatc tgcagctgta gaggaaaccc aggatggctg aaaatactgt    133560
     gtaggcaaag aaaggaaagc tgcctcattt cccactaaag gcagctcagg ggaaaagcct    133620
     ggtggaagcc cattgcttct gagaaacttt caaggaatcc ccaatttaaa atagtttctg    133680
     acctactaac tgcttctcct agttaaaagc tttcacagtg gttctctgac ctaagggaca    133740
     tgcacttgcc ttttctttgt tcagtttgtt tctttgtttt gagggagtcc cctagcacac    133800
     ctcaggccca atctgacttg gcatttatgg caggtctcca gcatcaaact ctatttctcg    133860
     aaatggctac taccatttca aatacatggc atattgtctc atttggttta taaaaagttc    133920
     cttgactttc tttagtgttt tagattttca aataatttct cccctgctgc tcacgaattc    133980
     ccttttatta ctgttacttt gagatcttca ttggtgagcc actgtagtgc acacctttgg    134040
     ttgcagaatt ccagaggcag atgccagcaa gcctctgaaa tgtgaagcca gcctgggcta    134100
     tacaataaaa cttccatgta gaacatatca ctaatcttgt tgaaagcttg catgttggag    134160
     tttaaggtat gagtgctccc aagagctgga agccagtctg ggctacattg taacaggccc    134220
     gcaagggcta cacagcaaga tcttgtttca aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa    134280
     caaaagcaag aaagagtctt ggccatacag tgtatagatg ctacagtcag ggttatacag    134340
     aaaggagtaa agctgaaccc ccagtcagtt ttcttcttaa taaggtgcca taccatcacc    134400
     cgcaaagtac aagaggcata agccaaagct gattaaaaca ttatgaacac tctattacta    134460
     cttacaggta ttttgaacta atcaattgtt cacaagcaga atcatgagtc acttaaagtg    134520
     tctaatccca tgtcctaagg ttttaccttc aattgtgata gaacttaaga gttatgtgtg    134580
     atatcttgaa aaccatgagt gggtaattga gaagccatgg tgcagggctc atgttcctga    134640
     tcagtccaga accaaaggac tacagacgga accagcacag actggaaggc tgccctggca    134700
     gcaatatgga actgactcag caatcactat gtattccata gtcagaactt aacattcaaa    134760
     acgtttgccc tgggtcaatt ttcttagttg ttacgccgat aacaaaacat tccgtgagca    134820
     acagtgctgt cgattacagg aacttctgtg gtcctagccc acaagggcaa agaatcacca    134880
     tccaggcaga aaggggaact gtacaacctc tagcttgtat tgtggccttt ttgctttgaa    134940
     acacttctct ttctaagtgt ccattaattc tggactatta actggtatac tgccatcagt    135000
     taatgccaac aggtacagaa ccatttgaaa ataaaaacca attttaggca atgacatata    135060
     gtcaagcctc tctccactta aggtatttta taaatactcc cacattttta aactgagctc    135120
     gaattctaac tacctatttg ctacccactc ccacccaaga ttaaggactg ctttgctaaa    135180
     tatcttctaa tcgctcattc tcaacagcaa aacactttga ttctacttac ttatttactt    135240
     tagtgatgct agggcaagcc ttgcactggc atatgctctg tcccagatct acatctcacc    135300
     ccccattttt tcttctgttt ctggatccag agtctcaata tgtagcttat gctggctccc    135360
     caatctgggc cctctttcct cacctagttg ttgtgaatac aggtgtgcag caccacaccc    135420
     aattccccaa atactttttg ggctaaaatt taaattatgc ctatattcac aaacactgga    135480
     ctatattcca aagctagcaa caaagaaaac caagaaactt actctgctag caatatctcc    135540
     tttaggctca agacttagcc agaataacgc taaataaagc taatatgtat ccaaatgtat    135600
     ctaattaact taatttcact ccctcacaga gagaatggca ggaagtccca gaaaatccct    135660
     tttctccaca tgaatctcca agcaatcttt tgtttttctc tctgaatagg agaaatcagg    135720
     ccatcaaagt ttaggctcca tcaggagaga gggagagagg gagatagagg aagaaagaga    135780
     gagagagaca gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    135840
     gagaatgaga atgagaataa gggaagggag aagggaagaa gggagaaggg aggagggagg    135900
     agagagacga gagaagatgg aagagagaag ggataagaga ggagagagga gagaggagaa    135960
     agaagagagg agagagaaga cagaagagag aaaagaaagc atagtatgcc ttggttgagt    136020
     ggtgaaacaa aaaacatcta tgagtatttt aacctatatg tctttgacac tgcagaccta    136080
     ttgcatagga agtctttcca tccagaaaat aagcatcaga gagacagtca gctgtccttt    136140
     caaaatagga caagagaaat atactcttct gcattttggc cagaataaac ctgataatat    136200
     gcaaggcttc tctctctttt aggggtgatg atcagaatgg tctcaagcaa ctccagaatt    136260
     tccacaccaa agcagaaggc ttatgaactc aaggaccaaa aagtccagcc aagcagctat    136320
     tgatgctaaa actaaaggca gattcatcag tgcagccaaa tccccactta atctaatgga    136380
     agagaaagca ggaaagagcc tcaaactcat gggaatgggg ataaatatca taaacgaact    136440
     ccaatagctc agtttctaac atcaaaattt ataaatgggc cacaagaaac tgaaaagatt    136500
     ctataagaca aagggcatag ccaataggac aaattggcaa gctacatatt cggaaataat    136560
     gtttaccaac tccccatcca atgcacggct aatatacaaa atatataaag aattcaagta    136620
     gctaaccacc ataagagcta agaacaccat ctaaaaatgg ggtatagaac tacacaaaaa    136680
     attcacaatg aatcttgaat ggctgagagc actgaagaag tctgcaacgt ccttaatctt    136740
     cagggaataa aaccaaaatg accctgaggt tggtgtacag cagtatactt tctttttttt    136800
     ttttccattt tttattaggt atttaactca tttacatttc caatgctata ccaaaagtcc    136860
     cccatatcca cccaccccca ctcccctgcc cacccactcc ccctttttgg ccctggtatt    136920
     cccctgtact ggggcatata aagtttgcaa gtccaatggg cctctctttc cagtgatggc    136980
     cgactaggcc atcttttgat atatatgcag ctagagtcaa gagctccggg gtactggtta    137040
     gctcataatg ttgttccacc tatagggttg cagatccctt tagctccttg gctactttct    137100
     ctagctcctc cattgggagc cctatgatcc atccattagc tgactgtgag catccacttc    137160
     tgtgtttgct gggccccggc atagtctcac aagagacagc tacatctgcg tcctttcaat    137220
     aaaatcttgc tagtgtatgc aatggtgtca gcgtttggat gctgattatg gggtggatcc    137280
     ctggctatgg cagtctctac atggtccatc ctttcatctc agctccaaac tccgtctctg    137340
     taactccttc catgggtgtt ttgttcccaa atctaaggag gggcatagtg tccacacttc    137400
     agtcttcatt ctccttgagt ttcatgtgtt tagcaaatta tatcttatat cttgggtatc    137460
     ctaggtttgg ggctaatatc cacttatcag tgaatacata ttgtgtgagt ttctttgtga    137520
     atgtgttacc tcactcagga tgatgccctc caggtccatc catttggcta ggaatttcat    137580
     aaattcattc tttttaatag ctgagtagta ctccattgtg tagatgtacc acattttctg    137640
     tatccattcc tctgttgagg ggcatctagg ttctttccag cttctggcta ttataaataa    137700
     ggctgctatg aacataatgg agcatgtgtc cttcttacct gttggggcat cttctggata    137760
     tatgcccagg agaggtattg ctggatcctc tggtagtact atgtccagtt ttctgaggaa    137820
     ccgccagact gatttccaga gtggttgtac aagcctgcac tcccaccaac aatggaggag    137880
     tgttcctctt tctccacatc ctcgccagca tctgctgtca cctgaatttt tgatcttagc    137940
     cattctgact ggtgtgaggt ggaatcacag ggttgttttg atttgcattt ccctgatgat    138000
     taaggatgtt gaacattttt tcaagtgctt ctctgccatt cggtattcct caggtgagaa    138060
     ttctttgttc agttctgagc cccatttttt aatggggtta tttgattttc tgaagtccac    138120
     cttcttgagt tctttatata tgttggatat tagtccccta tctgatttag gataggtaaa    138180
     gatcctttcc caatctgttg gtggtctttt tgtcttattg acggtgtctt ttgccttgag    138240
     gaaactttgg agtttcatta ggtcccattt gttgattctc gatcttacag cacaagccat    138300
     tgctgttctg ttcaggaatt tttcccctgt gcccatatct tcaaggcttt tccccacttt    138360
     ctcctctata agtttcagtg tctctggttt tatgtgaagt tccttgatcc atttagattt    138420
     gaccttagta caaggagata agtatggatc gattcacatt cttctacatg ataacaacca    138480
     gttgtgccag caccaattgt tgaaaatgct gtctttcttc cactggatgg ttttagctcc    138540
     cttgtcgaag atcaagtgac cataggtgtg tgggttcatt tctggatctt caattctatt    138600
     ccattggtct acttgtctgt ctctatacca gtaccatgca gtttttatca caattgctct    138660
     gtagtaaagc tttaggtctg gcatggtgat tccgccagaa gttcttttat ccttgagaag    138720
     actttttgct atcctaggtt ttttgttatt ccagacaaat ttgcaaattg ctccttccaa    138780
     ttcgttgaag aattgagttg gaattttgat ggggattgca ttgaatctgt agattgcttt    138840
     tggcaagata gccattttta caatgttgat cctgccaatc catgagcatg ggagatcttt    138900
     ccatcttctg agatcttctt taatttcttt cttcagagat ttgaagtttt tatcatacag    138960
     atctttcacc tccttagtta gagtcacgcc aagatatttt atattatttg tgactattga    139020
     gaagggtgtt gtttccctaa tttctttctc agcctgttta ttctttgtat agagaaaggc    139080
     cattgacttg tttgagttta ttttatatcc agctacttca ccgaagctgt ttatcaggtt    139140
     taggagttct ctggtagaat ttttagggtc acttatatat actatcatat catctgcaaa    139200
     aagtgatatt ttgacttcct cttttccaat ttgtatcccc ttgatctcct tttgttgtcg    139260
     aattgctctg gctaatactt caagtactat gttgaaaagg tagggagaaa gtgggcagcc    139320
     ttgtctagtc cctgatttta gtgggattgc ttccagcttc tctccattta ctttgatgtt    139380
     ggctactggt ttgctgtaga ttgcttttat catgtttagg tatgggcctt gaattcctga    139440
     tctttccaaa acgtttatca tgaatgggtg ttggatcttg tcaaatgctt tttctgcatc    139500
     taacgagatg atcatgtggt ttttgtcttt gagtttgttt atataatgga ttacattgat    139560
     ggattttcgt atattaaacc atccctgcat ccctggaata aaacctactt ggtcaggatg    139620
     gatgattgct ttaatgtgtt cttggattcg gttagcgaga attttattga ggatttttgc    139680
     atcgatattc ataagagaaa ttggtctgaa gttctctatc tttgttggat ctttctgtgg    139740
     tttaggtatc agagtaatag tggcttcata aaatgagttg ggtagagtac cttctacttc    139800
     tattttgtga aatagtttgt gcagaattgg aattagatct tctttgaagg tctgatagaa    139860
     ctctgcacta aacccatctg gtcctgggct ttttttggtt gggagactat taataactgc    139920
     ttctatttct ttaggtgata tgggactgtt tagaaggtca acttgatcct gattcaactt    139980
     tggtacctgg tatctgtcca gaaatttgtc catttcgtcc aggttttcca gttttgttga    140040
     gtatagcctt ttgtagaagg atctgatggt gttttggatt tcttcaggat ctgttgttat    140100
     gtctcccttt tcatttctga ttttgttaat taggattttg tccctgtgcc ctttagtgag    140160
     tctagctaag ggtttatcta tcttgttgat tttctccaag aaccaactcc tcgtttggtt    140220
     aattctttga atagttcttc ttgtttccac ttggttgatt tcacccctga gtttgattat    140280
     ttcctgccgt ctactcctct tgggtgaatt tgcttccttt ttttctaggg cttttagatg    140340
     tgttgtcaag ctgctagtat gtgctgtctc ccgtttcttc ttggaggcac tcagcgctat    140400
     gagtttccct cttagaaatg ctttcattgt gtcccatagg tttgggtacg ttgtggcttc    140460
     attttcatta aactctaaaa taatgtttac caactccaca tccaatgcat ggctaatatc    140520
     caaaatatat aaagaattca agtagctatc caccataaga gctaagaaca ccatctaaaa    140580
     atggggtata gaactacaca aaaaattcac aatgaatctt gaatggctga gagcactgaa    140640
     gaagtgtgca acgtccttaa tcttcaggga ataaaaccaa aatgaccctg aggttggtgt    140700
     ccagcagtat actttctagt gaagaatgcc aagatcaaaa acttctgtga aaacacatgg    140760
     tcagaattta aagaaacagg aacattcttc catttctggt aggactgcaa actgctatga    140820
     caactatgga aatcaatatg gaggttcctc agatattccc acatagatct acctgaaggc    140880
     catgtaccaa ccttactggt gaatggcgtg caacttacca ttttcacttg atggtttatt    140940
     actcagattt tcttatttat tgagctgtga ttttgctctt ggtaagcatt tggtctctct    141000
     gattctcaag cagttctctg ttcttacaaa ttttttgagg aacctctatc cactgggact    141060
     tatttatacc ttcaaatccc tctaaattgg gggacttttt atacttgagg aagctgagtg    141120
     acaaaagcaa agtatgttga gccctttggt gtccagtgca cacgaatcta tgggagtcta    141180
     gatatgataa tcctctagaa cattctttag gaaagcagca ggaaaacagc agtatgctct    141240
     aaggtacctg tgtgacctca cttacctttg ccagctttgt gggcttctct actgctggtc    141300
     tgagaacaat tggaaactcc tggaatagat gtctcatatc tcattttctt tgtcattgtt    141360
     agtatactag tgggagtagg tttgatggaa aaaatactct caagaacatt aataaaacaa    141420
     gtgcttcata tggaccatca ggacgaagta ccaagttcaa ggacagttct gcaagaattg    141480
     ctcaaagcca gccaagtgga gcaagaagaa atccaagcat aagtcattca ttaccaccac    141540
     cctcagcacc tttctccagg acagggtcac ttagctttgg taggagaagg gatgacctga    141600
     gatagttgcc ccatattcct tcagaaaaga agcggccagc aatattgggg aaagaatatg    141660
     ggtgtcaggg ggcaaaaagc agagtgtaaa gtgaataagt aaaaagatat taatacaaaa    141720
     atatttaatt atttaacaaa atgggacaaa atgtattgtt ctagtaattc tagtgtgtat    141780
     acaatggaat cactttaaca cacagagaga ctagatgttg taaagtagga tgcctttttt    141840
     attgacataa actatgaaca tagcaaagat aaataaaaaa gaaagacgtg catcccaaag    141900
     atccattatt ctcctcaagt ctaagtgttt gtgctcacct tcaccaggat tctagagacc    141960
     tctgttcatc caggtctcag ggcccatcca aaatacaata ctgaaccagc tgtggccaag    142020
     tgttcctgtg ttgttggctg agctctgcct caggttccag agacactgga ggggcagcct    142080
     tggccttcag gcggcagcca ttccatgccc tctgccagct aatggagtct tccacagagg    142140
     cctgtcattt caaaaataga agcttgggta ttccatagat tggaatgcca cactacagtc    142200
     atgatgaatt ggttacatga gaacatacaa gttaacaaat gtctttatga ctgttttact    142260
     tatttgaaaa tgagaaatta gatcatctga ggagtggttg ctaagagtaa aatcactgat    142320
     taaaatgagt gataggactg tacagagaat ggacttaatt ttctgggtcc agtgcaaata    142380
     gctgggagag ttgaaaacaa aaccaataga aacaacatga atactaaaaa aaacaattgt    142440
     ttaaaaacct tctgagtgct gggattagag ccatgtaaca actctacgct atttttaatg    142500
     tattaataat aaacaaacaa acaaacaaac aaacaaacat ccctattcta gttctagcag    142560
     ttgcatcaga gagagctgtg tgacactgca tgctgcttcc tttccccaga tagctcaggt    142620
     cttctgtcct ataccagatc agctggacct aagacagtgt agttgacctt gttggtgcca    142680
     tggcatgatt ctgcaacaag cctttccttg gtaaaattga tcctgtatag agtgagcccc    142740
     ttgttgttgg atccaggacc cgttaggcca gcaaacacac aagctaccct cagtgaaaga    142800
     gaaaaggaaa aatgacattg aaaaaaatat gtgccctaat tggaagaaaa agccctcaac    142860
     tctgaagcta tcacctatct ccccttgatt tttgagctct gcatattgat attgtgtggc    142920
     tcaagaaggt agtgaaattc agatggtttc ccaaagaaga catacatgat ttttcactct    142980
     ttatctgtga ggttaggggg tattatagca caggttcagc aaagccagca taagaacaca    143040
     gaagccagag atgataatgc caaagggaca gcatcctgaa cttatagaca cattaaaatt    143100
     gaggtttcat ctcaactcag gtcattgcac tcccagccct accccctgag tcttatttaa    143160
     aaaatttttt tattacatat tttcctcaat tacatttcca atgctatccc aaaagcctcc    143220
     cacaccccca cctccctacc cacccattcc cattttttgg ccctggcgtt cccctgtact    143280
     ggggcatata aagtttgcct gtccagtggg cctctctttc cagtgatggc cgacaaggcc    143340
     atcttgtgat atgtatgcag catcctgaac ttatagacac attaaaattg aggtttcatc    143400
     tcaactcagg ccattgcact ccctgcccta cctcctgagt cttatacttg ctgtgagtac    143460
     agtatcacgg tacaaccagc aacatcctta ttgctcaact tctcaattct ggaagacaga    143520
     tattggagaa gttattgcaa tgaggctaca atgtagtaat gtaatgtcag ggatgacctt    143580
     tgctctctga tgcccactta aattgtctgg ttgtatttga gaacaggacc atgtgcaaga    143640
     taatgttttg aagatgggac agcaagttta ccatttatat ttgccctgta gttgatcccc    143700
     tatgtttcaa agaaaagaga gttttccttg taaaagatag gattgtaaat aagagatttt    143760
     gtaaaaccca tggatatata tatatggaaa aaatgcacac tatcaaggaa tgcacagtta    143820
     gaaaatatta tccaggtttt atacaattaa acatatagaa aaaagatatt tacctctgtg    143880
     agacaggaaa accctgggaa attggagtgt atgtcacatg aattgactca ggtggcatat    143940
     ttattgttgt gaaacatcta ctatatccac agtccctaga gatttgggtg ctaacaaaat    144000
     ctcttaagca tgtcagagtc ctaaccaacg ttccccctca aaagcacatg acatctaatg    144060
     aagcagtaga attctccagc tttggaagga gaggttgcca aaggggatcc cacgggtcca    144120
     tgagaggttc caggagaggc accccagaaa aggaccaagc tgggcagaac tagttagcag    144180
     gtagatcatg gcagttgcta gtgacatcat cagtaatgcc ttccttggag aatctcttgt    144240
     atctaggaga gaactagaat cctctgtgtt gtcacctgtg ttgtggtgac agcaactgcc    144300
     tgtgtttcat cccttctgtt tgctctgggt tcaccagcag gaatgttttc ctggctgctc    144360
     aggctatgtc agaaagagaa tggcaatgaa ggagagacca gaccaaaaaa gaaggaagag    144420
     ggaatccttt ctcatgaaaa aggaagaagg aaattgttct ggagaaggca cagtgagtcc    144480
     tgggcaaggt tggggaactt cctggtagag gtaggcttga gctgggcctt ccaggagtag    144540
     gtcttacaag ctgaagcctt ggactttgtc aatgtcagac aaagagtcaa gaatttctga    144600
     taattagttt aacagagcca ggaattgaca aacctgcagc tacttttctg ggagctattt    144660
     aatttcattt tgagtggcaa agaatgccag gagtgggcac tatgagaata acagtacatc    144720
     ctttcatgga agggagttga agcacttcac cttccagatt actgtaagta acttgaatct    144780
     ctgatgaaaa gaacagagaa ggatgctccc ctggtcatgt catgtggtga ggtctcagac    144840
     actttggatt tgaagacaca tgattaatta gggcttgata gtgctaagca ctatgaactc    144900
     caggatttcc ctgcatcaca tctgatatga cctgacaatg ttccccatat ctttatgttt    144960
     gaggcagctt atagatttca gggcaagggg gcctgtaaca gggagtgtgg catatgtctg    145020
     acaatggttg ttaggaagag gaacatagct tagcaaacca gctagaagat agctttcctg    145080
     ctcttttatg gattcaccct gtctttacct tttctctccc tcagtcttct tcttgggact    145140
     ctgaatggtc tcccctgcca ctgggccatc aagtatgcaa attcatttgt gtttatctat    145200
     ctgcagggtc tgctagaaat acttcaaccc aaaattccaa catcacaaat cagatatcaa    145260
     atataaataa agtagaagaa ctgaaattgc atataaggaa gatcagcaat gagaggaagg    145320
     aaatgtgtgg aatcctgaat gtttacatgt atgaggattt aaactacagg taggaattat    145380
     gaccaatacc ctattgactg tattctgcca tctgttaccc caatttcctt ccatgaatgg    145440
     tgtgtgtcat ctctcatcat tcaattaagt agccctgaca ggtgtttaat tgttggataa    145500
     acaaggtgct gtcatcttct tttgtacttg accttggggt gcttgcaatc tgattgttgc    145560
     tgtcaacagc tggaaggacc tgctcacaca tactgtctct cagtgtgtga atgcaatgcc    145620
     tgcaggctat cacggcttta ctctgatatt gtttattata ttctgagaga tgtcacctca    145680
     caggatttat ttggcattct aattgtgtct gtgtgtgtga atgtagatgt gtgtgtgttt    145740
     tgttcaggac tggggctctg ggacctttga tggggtctga ggattagtgt gaagcacagt    145800
     ttgcaggtcc tgatagtgtt gagtccatag aggtccaaag tgatcaccag ggaagtttgc    145860
     tcctggtgtt tcctggttgt cacacaggaa tctcctgggg gaggaggtgt gataaagcct    145920
     ttctcctgta aatactagtt gtgtcctctg ggaattcaaa taacaacagg aaccaaggaa    145980
     tgataatccc tgccttaaaa acaagaggaa agtcattaca gatatctact ggacccatgc    146040
     ctgtggcaca gtttagtgga aaattgtcat agaagtagtc tattctttca tgcttgtccg    146100
     gtaagctctt gaaggttagc tagctccatt tggtcccctg gctctgctgt cctctaccca    146160
     ggatagtaag tttaattagc accaagggga cccagtttga atgagccagg atgtggcatg    146220
     cacttggctt ggtagtccat gacatagcct gttggcacat gattattgaa tccttaattc    146280
     agcagattat ttgcttcttg ggtcatgccc taacacagga tgaacactga attcgacatc    146340
     attaaatcac aacatgagaa gacaatgttg gatatgaata aaatgatcca gtccataatt    146400
     ggttccatgc agtactccaa ggaactgata gaagataact attcctacag gtgagtcagt    146460
     gacacaactg agacccccag aactaggcaa ggaatgcttc tatcctttta ggactttgaa    146520
     caaaagcaag ggctctggtt ctatgctatc tgttttttat ccaggaaccc tgccttgaag    146580
     caaggatctt ggatttgtac ctcttggact cagtcgtcct aagtgtgaag agtgtccaag    146640
     accctccaat ctttattctt ccaaattcaa gatcctgtac attgaaaact tttccacctt    146700
     gctgggaata tccagacacc ctgaacctct aggtttctga ccacagatta aaagatatag    146760
     gattcccgat gaaaatggaa agagtttaca ccttttgggt cttctacaac tttcagaggg    146820
     ggtaagtcct ctccctgctg aaggttttat ggtaccacag acctataatc aaccatgagg    146880
     aacatttcct cttgtgtgat gtataggaaa aactcttggt gtcagggttt tcagaagttt    146940
     gttgagtcct ctggaatatg ggtggtatct tgatttgact tgtctttgtt tggttctgct    147000
     atgtatattg tggactcttc tcaggctttc tggggatcag ggcccttgca gggatcatgg    147060
     gacttgtagg agtggaaagc caatggaatc catttgtttc ataacttctg ttagtttcac    147120
     tctgtccctg ttttgtttct gtttccacga tccatccatt ggtgaaagtg gtgtgttgaa    147180
     ttctcccact attattgtgt gaggtgcaat gagtgctttg agctttacta aagttttttt    147240
     tttttttttt taatgaatgt ggctgccctt gcatttggag catagatatt cagaattgag    147300
     agttcctctt ggaggatttt acctttgatg actatgaagt gtccctcctt gtcttttttg    147360
     ataactttcg ggtggaagtc gattttattt atataagaat ggctactcaa gcttgtttct    147420
     ttagactatt tgcttggaaa attgttttcc agcctttcat tctgaggtag tgtctgtctt    147480
     tttccctgag atgggtttcc tgtaagcaaa atgttgggtt ctgtttgtgt agccagtctg    147540
     ttagtctgtc tttttattgg ggaatagact ccattgatat taagagatat taaggaaaag    147600
     taattgttgc ttcctattat ttttgttgtt agagttggca ttctgttctt gtggctgtct    147660
     tcttttaggt ttgttgaagg attactttct tgttttttct agggcgtggt ttccatcctt    147720
     gtattgttta tttttctgtt attatacttt gaagaactgg attcgtggaa agataatgtg    147780
     tgaatttggt tttgtcgtgg aatactctgg tttctccatc tatggtaatt gaaagtttgt    147840
     ctgtgtatag tagcctgggc tggcatttgt gttctcttag tgtctgtata acatctgtcc    147900
     aggatcttct ggctttcata gtctctggtg aaaaatcttc attctcatct actcttatta    147960
     tctgtaggtt tggtcttctc attgtgtcct gaatttcctg gatgttttaa gttaggatct    148020
     ttttgtattt tgcattgtct ttgttgtgct gatgttctct atagaatctt ctgcacctga    148080
     gattctctct tccatctctt gtattccgtt gctgatgctc aaatctatgg ttccagattt    148140
     ctttcctagg gtttctatct ccagctttgc ctcaccttgg gttttcttta ttgtgttcac    148200
     ttcccttttt tggtctagta tggttttgtt catttccatc acctgtttgg atgtgttttc    148260
     ctctttttct ttcaggactt gtaactcttt agcagtgttc tcctgtattt ctttaagtga    148320
     gttattaaag tccttcttga tgtcctctac catcatcatg agatatgctt ttaaatctcg    148380
     gtctagcttt tcgggtgtgt tgtggtgccc aggactgggc gaggttagag tgctgggttc    148440
     tgaagatggt gagtggtctt ggtttctgtt agtaagattc ttacgtttgc ctttcgccat    148500
     ctggtagtct ctggagttag ttgttatagt tgtctctggt tagagattgt tcctctcgag    148560
     attctgttat cctctatcag cagacctggg agactaattc tctcctctga gtttcagtgg    148620
     tcatagcgct ctctgcaggc aagctctact cttacaggga aggtgcacag atatctggca    148680
     ttcagacctc cctcttggca gaagatgaag gccggaaaca ggacttgttc cagaagctgt    148740
     gttgcttctg tagttcacac tctcatctgc acagactagt ctcagaggga tccgggaacc    148800
     aagatggctc ccccaggtgc tccagcaaag ccctccaggg cagggcggac acctctcctc    148860
     tgtcagggaa ggtgtccaga tgtctggagc ccaaaacggg gtcctttatc acagtctgtc    148920
     ttctagggac cctgggggtg tctgtcaact ctgcgcccag gtgaccaagt cctggcacct    148980
     actggaaggg acttgtgacc ctggtcaggc cgggtttcct gcttctctaa tgctttctca    149040
     ggtcccaggc gattggatcg gaacagaagt tgtgttccac tcaccagtgg tcctaagatc    149100
     gtgtggagag tcctctaggg gatcttgggg gtgttcaccg actccttgcc caaggtgacc    149160
     tggactatcc ttcagcttct tgcaagaggc taacaccaca gaaagtcttg taaatgatca    149220
     cagaaatgaa ctactgggtg agccatagga gagatcttgg ataaggtgca ggatggtggc    149280
     ctaggcttga ctgtgtttat gcttagatat gactgcaacc tgcccctgat gcttcattca    149340
     tcctacctgc tgctgcttgg tacataggtc atagatattc aggctgcctt ctttacacag    149400
     cctctttgtt tctttggagc atttttccaa tgcaatctgc tcccctagca gctgcctgtt    149460
     ctccttccac aacatcctga ctttgtgctg aaggtggtta gattcactca ggaggtggca    149520
     gtgcctgatg ctgagccaca aacaaaaaat tgtgactccc aggcagcacc ttcctcccac    149580
     tcctcccaag gaccatcctc ccatcatgag ccctgaacca ctgacagcct cagacaacaa    149640
     ttcatattgg ccatggagca tcacatagaa gcctcactga tgtcctggga tattttctgc    149700
     aggttggcta tcacctgttg gtgttgcatc tcgagcatga aggcctcaaa gttgatcctg    149760
     tgggatggca tggcccaagg agcaaataat ctcttgaact gaggctacaa ggatcatgtc    149820
     agttcaagct gaatcgtgga ctacctcagc ccacatatgc cacatcctgc tccttggtac    149880
     tggttcctct tggtgattat taaaattatt actcttggcc tggggccagt agagctaggg    149940
     aagtaaaaga agagagctga cctgctttag ctccctgagg ggacttgaag gaatagatga    150000
     gctctccaag aactttccag gagcctgtgc cacaggcctg ggtccacctt aaacctgtga    150060
     tgacccttct cctgttttta gacaaggaat tgtcaatcct tggttctatt gctacataaa    150120
     tccccaaagg acataatatc tacagtgaaa ggctttgtaa aaacacatac taggagtttc    150180
     caacgtgcac ccaaggtgag cacagaggtc atgtgctgtg ctgctaaaat gggaggctcc    150240
     ttgtcctcat cactctcatg acctgaaaat tgattcaggc caatcctctg gccaaataaa    150300
     ggccagagac tccctggatt gtaaggtaaa cacacacaca cacacacaca cacttagaat    150360
     gccaaataaa tacaattcag agtacaatga gcaaaatcag agaaaagcag tgacctgcag    150420
     aaatcctgtc acactgagag gcagcacgtg ggaccagaac tctccagctg ttgacaggac    150480
     caattagaac caaagtacct ccaggtcagt tacaaaagtg atttgccata agcacacagc    150540
     acctagcaat ttccataagc caacacatgt ccaggcttct taaaatgcag gatgagagct    150600
     cacacacttc tacccttatt cccagactgt gattcaggcc acaggctctg gtttactttt    150660
     gggggaatca aaagagcctg tgaccccatc tcactcctat ctgaacttca agttctgtat    150720
     ctaagatgta atcaggaaaa tgattttggg catgagaaca ctctggagtt gtagcctcct    150780
     gtgatgtgag gaaatcttgg gttaacagag agggcccaag atagcaaaga actgggcata    150840
     atgactacct gttgttgttc aaatccttgt tagtgtaatg ggccaggatt ccccagagtt    150900
     catccctccc atttgtcatc ttctggagat cgtcagattc tccaacctct tcaacctctc    150960
     ctcctcctta gagatggtgg agggttggga tgatgccttc cagtagatcc tgtaggtaga    151020
     taaacactag taaacttgca tagatgatgg cacagggcca ggagaaacca tgcttagtcc    151080
     caaatagaaa tctgaggaag aagtgttgct agagacacta gtgaatccct gaaagagcag    151140
     gaaagttatc ttcaagctgg gctcctcagc tatgtccctg ttcccaagca ccataggtag    151200
     acatatgcct cacaccctac tgccatctcc ctggctctga aatgtatcag ctggcccagg    151260
     caagaagaat taaaggacat tgttagctca tgtttgatgt gatgcaggga attcttggaa    151320
     tccatactga ttagcaccca agccctaatc atgtttgttc aagaccaaag tgtctgagaa    151380
     cgtgaggtct gtctgacatg accaggagag tattcgtctt tgctcttggc atcacatact    151440
     catgtatcct acaggaatat gcttaggatg aagtgcttca acactatcct gacagcaaca    151500
     ctctgttatt ctcacagaga ctcctccagg cccactcagt atgaaagtaa agagctctga    151560
     ggaaagcaga ttgacacatg tcaattcccg gctctctgcc aaattgatct gcagaaatta    151620
     ttgagtctgg gtctgccatt taggaagact gaggttcaaa tcataagtcc tactcctgga    151680
     aggagcagca taagctttcc tcctccagga agctccccaa atcctgccca ggactcactg    151740
     gaccttcccc aggaccattg ctttcttgtt gttctacagc atgatagaag gtcagcctcc    151800
     ttctgtcttg atatggcctc tccttgtttt ccattctcac ttcaaaatag cctaagcagc    151860
     ctgaacaaca tgcctgcttg caaaactaat aggctctaaa gggattctcc ataggctgct    151920
     ggtgtcacca caacactggt gacatcaaag gtgattctag ggttctcctg aatacaagag    151980
     attgtccccg aaagggacta ctggtgatgt cacaattaat aatggatagt aatggaatgt    152040
     tttcaaactg tgttacatac actgctgccg actgaagggc aaacatttat ttgtgagaaa    152100
     gggtcgtctt atgttgccca ggctaaccta ataagaatag aatttgtgga tagggatttt    152160
     tccaaagaag ctattacaaa tattctctat atgatcaaaa aaaacacaga ggaaaaagaa    152220
     aatatgatca agagagatac gaaggatgtg caagacatct tctgtagaga aggggaggtg    152280
     tggagtggaa actcagttcc atgcagggga aagggatgaa gggagatggg ggaggttata    152340
     aatgtggaga tgaaaaaaaa tgatactaac cctacagtat agaataggac ttggtggttt    152400
     gggtataaat gtgtggttat attcacatat acttcacctc tgtttttttt taaactatgt    152460
     ctgtatgtgt gtgaatttat atctgtatgt gtatatgtga acatgtacat gcattttcta    152520
     gctctgttca gggagaggac ctgtgagcaa tgaccatatt gcacagccag atcttggttc    152580
     ttaaatgcca ttctctaagg aaccagggct ccctggagga aaggatgact tcagggctga    152640
     gaaagaaata agaggagaac ctgcttttac tccaaactag gcaaatgctc aaaggaatga    152700
     gggattcaca cccaaaggac agagtaacca gcttttagcc tgtgctaatt taagatcaaa    152760
     ataacagatg acaggagctg gagagagaaa tggtcgagtg gttaaaagca tggctgttct    152820
     tcctgcagac ctgggttcaa ttcccagaac ccacagtgct gcttatagag gatctggtac    152880
     cctctctgcc ctccatgagt gccaggcaca cacatggtgt acagaaagac atgcaggcaa    152940
     aatacctgta catgtaaaat aaataataaa ttaacaaaga ttataaacta ttgattaagt    153000
     ggggacacct gagtccatag caacataatt aaatatatta agaacaaaca aacaaaccag    153060
     gatgtttcat gagtaagaaa agagtcacac aatcttgatc tacctttccc aaatttcaag    153120
     atactgaaga actgcaaagg gaaaaagaat tacttctcat ggagaaactg tgaggatgtc    153180
     accttagtca ataatcaaag ttaatgtcaa tagtaagtgg caactcaaaa tcaagtccca    153240
     cttggagctg ggcaacaaag caacactcta tgtggtcaag gttttctaac tagaatttaa    153300
     tcagaacaaa atatcagata agggggacag caaaacgttc agtgggtaaa tatctttgtt    153360
     gccatgcctc acgccctgag tttgatccgc aaggaccaca tagtgaaagg aaagaaatgt    153420
     cagatgagcc caaactgagt gaccttgcat aaaataaatg gaccacaatc ttaaaaatgt    153480
     gtcaaggtct caagagaagc tgtgtcacac aggacagcta agtgcaagac aggattttca    153540
     atcaggtcct tttgctaaag aaattatgat tggggtcatt tttcacattt aaatggggtc    153600
     tcactattag aatgggaatg tgtaccacta ttggctctga ccattacact atatccatgg    153660
     agaagaatat cctgagtagc agaaaataga cattaaagct tttgaaggtg gaaggccaag    153720
     ctcttgtcac tgtacttgtg acttgtcaac tgacatgtct ccaggacaga aataacttta    153780
     cagaagaaag aatgtcatca tttgaaaaac acagttttag atttatggat gtgtgtgtgt    153840
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgccacatg agtgtggata cccaaaggga ccaagacaag gtgccaaatt    153900
     cccagagctg gagttacctt tagctgtggg ttgcttgacc tgggtgctgg gaactgagct    153960
     ctgatcttct gtaagagcag caagtgctct tagtgctaaa gccaaggcat cgcttagccc    154020
     ccgctttgtt tgtaaagtgg gttcttattg gtctggagct cttctgttag ccagggtggc    154080
     tgaccagtaa gctccaagga tctacctgtc tcctgtgtgc tagaatcaca agtgcacacc    154140
     gtcacatctg gggtgaggct caaacccagg tcttcaagct tgtgtggcaa gaacttcagt    154200
     aactgaactt tctcgttctc tactctgaca gtagcattga tcttcccaga ctgataactg    154260
     ctgaaatcca ggtcacggct cacctcacca aactcaaagc aaggagtgag gagagggaga    154320
     ctctagacag ccactggact acaaccatcg gctctgaaat aatgagaaac tattgtaagc    154380
     agacagatgc cttgatgtct ctgagaagtt gcaaaagaga cagctgtcta tgaagataga    154440
     tgccagacag cctgtcaagc tgacatggaa tgaagagcta cagttccatc ttcattacat    154500
     cctgaaattg agctccatct tcaaattgat gcctcagaat ccataggagc catcaagcaa    154560
     agaaatacac cctgacaggt tgccatggcc tccgcccatg tgaagttgcc tgtgcactaa    154620
     aggttatcag tcatgatgtc acgtcctcag ctggtttgcc tgcattaatg cagttaccca    154680
     gcgctgcttc agtcttttgt gtagttgata ttgcaagctt acaccaccag gcttagttaa    154740
     cagtcctgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg taaggaagac    154800
     tctgctttca ctgataactg ggctatttca aaagtttaat ttctcgggat ttaaaacttc    154860
     taaacttttg taaaaggtac aaattgagaa tctcaaaata ttggaccacc ttgctttaaa    154920
     aacttttttt aatgaaaaat ggtgtgtgtg tgtggctaag acacaagtca aaacacaaaa    154980
     ttcatttata tttcacacct catgaatata gcctgaaatt aatgatttac aggattttta    155040
     atgagcttat gcttttacta tgacccttca attgaggtca agtgtggaag tttctcctgg    155100
     tggcactgtc ttggtgctta gcaagttttg gatttggaaa tgttttaggc tttcaaattt    155160
     agatgcttag tgtatggtgc ttccccagtg gcaatgtaaa atgcataggg ataagtatat    155220
     atgtggtgct ggaccaatag ttactgagtt cttaaatatt ttatcagcct tcctcaaata    155280
     gaagtttctc actcatctca atgcagacca gaatttaatt gaaaagcttt tgcttcattt    155340
     ccagcaagta caataaatta aagctggcca tacttgaatg tctataaggc tgttgtatgt    155400
     tttattgatt ttatcatcta tggaaatatt ctcaattgac ccacaaagag gagtttacct    155460
     tgttcttcct aataaaattg aacatacact ttgaagaagg gactttaaag ctattaaatt    155520
     caaatgctag aaaaaatatt aacaatgccc taaaccgagg ctatgtgtcc attccctagc    155580
     accatgcata tttaagtagt ttacttcttg aatgtctctc tgtctctttg actctgtctc    155640
     tctctctatg tgtgtcgctg tctctgtcta tccttctctc tttctgtctc tctgtctctg    155700
     tctcctgcct cccctcccca gcctccggat cttgctatgc agctcaggct ccccttaaac    155760
     ctgttttaaa ctagttcatt tttcagtaca gcattctctg aagttcattt cctatgtggt    155820
     aagggtctat catcagaaag atgatagaaa ttagaaatgt tcagacttga ctccctaatt    155880
     aatgtattct tcaattatta aaatcagcca gtcttttata attttcgaat tgttttaaaa    155940
     ggtacactgc aaatggtgtt tacttataat cacaccatcg cacaccatct gacttagacc    156000
     cacctctcct actgtcacac catcacacac catctgactt agacccacct ctcctactac    156060
     acagcatagc acaccatctg acttagaccc acctctccta ctgtcacaca atagcacacc    156120
     atctgactta gacccacctc tcctactgtc acacaatagc acaccatctg acttaggccc    156180
     acctctccta ttgtcacacc atagcatacc atctgactta gacccatctc tcctactgtc    156240
     acaccacagc acactatctg acttagaccc acctctccta ctgtcacacc atagcacacc    156300
     atctgactta gacccacctc tcctactgtc acaccatagc acaccatctg acttaggccc    156360
     acctctccta ttgtcacacc atagcatacc atctgactta gacccacctc tcctactgtc    156420
     acaccacagc acactatctg acttagaccc acctctccta ctgtcacacc atagcacacc    156480
     atctgactta gacccacctc tcctactgtc acaccatagc acaccatctg acttaggccc    156540
     acctctccta ctgtcacact atagcacacc atctgactta gacccacctc tcctactgtc    156600
     acagcatagc acaccatttt acttagaccc cacctctcct actccttttc atctggcgtt    156660
     tgaatgttct ctgattactg cagttatatt taactaatta cattcatact tagaattttc    156720
     aaagaatcac aaaggacaca aacactgtct ttgacctaaa ggaccatata gtctgtttgg    156780
     aaaagtttat ttaataaaag ttaattagca aatttggtag gaatacaaaa agattaataa    156840
     acagatgaag ggttaagcta acttttaatg aatgaatata atttacatag gcaaaaaagg    156900
     ggtgtggaat ggggtgggat gttcccagtg aggagcccag aatgaccagg taagtaggaa    156960
     tttccacaac acattactag agcaagaagg ggaatccatt gaaaaggtat actagaaata    157020
     tttgagagaa ataagcaaac ttgaaattgt tatgtggggt caatttatga gtctaaccag    157080
     ttaagtacca atcagtttct tcatgttcct ggccttggat ttttccccct cttacctcta    157140
     gattcctgat tgtaacatta agagtgccca ctttcaacga tcaccctagc ttacaacagt    157200
     tcctggctac ttttttattc ttaattccta gaaatcagga ttttatgctg aagcttgatt    157260
     ttgatcacag gtgattaaag ttagagatgt cttattcttc ctaaccagag atgtcagact    157320
     aaggtggtga aactggaaaa aacatggcca agtctttctg ttaccttggg agctgagggt    157380
     ggccatctgg tatctgtcat atgcaccaat cagctgagaa attcattctt cccaggaaat    157440
     acaaatggca ggagaagcaa tggctcatcg tggaagcctc ccagttccca gtggctccag    157500
     tcatcccttt aattgctgac ccttcaactg catttctgcc cctgtattct atgatatctt    157560
     gtgtcttgta taaataatcc cctctttctg cttaagttag tttgctttgg gtttctgttt    157620
     gatacccaaa gagtcctaat atggtaataa caagatactt cctgaaaccc tgctgtcctc    157680
     tacttctgta tgtgtccccc acctgcattc taaggataga taagctttcc cttatttctc    157740
     ttttaggctt tgtatattcc ctgctttaga aatctgagca tcaccattca caatccctct    157800
     ctatgccttt gctttgactc cctggctttt actccctatc cttgaaggaa atgctaacaa    157860
     ggaaacggag aacacctggg aaggtcattt atatacgcct gggcttatga acagatatgg    157920
     gctccattag tctgaatctc ccaggacata tgataataag gttaaaaaac aagaaagagc    157980
     caggcatata aacataggag acaatattga aagtcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    158040
     aagaaggatg aacataatag tcacaagagg aaatgtggag acaaggtgtg gagcagagaa    158100
     cgaagcaaaa gccatcctga gccttcccca cctggagatc catcccacat atagacacca    158160
     aacccagaca atatggaaga tgacaataag tgctttctga caggatcctg ctataggtgt    158220
     ctcctcagag gctccacctg agagtgacaa ataataaggc acatttttgc agccactctt    158280
     tggattgaat atagagtccc cagtggaaga gttggagaaa ggactgaatg agctataggg    158340
     ggttgcaacc ataggaagaa caacaatatc aaccaaccat atcccctaga actcccaggg    158400
     actaaaccac caatcacaca tggactgacc catggctcta ggcacattgt gccagatgac    158460
     gtccttgttg gacatcaatg agaggaaagg accttggtcc tttaaaggct cgatgcccca    158520
     gtgtagggga atgtcagggt agtaagagaa cactgtgtgg gtgcgtcggg gagcaccctc    158580
     aaaaaagcag gtggaaggga catgagataa gtgggttcta ggcaggaaac cagaaaaaat    158640
     ggctaacatt tgaaatgtaa gattaaagtg ttttaaaata gaaaaaaaaa tgaagaccca    158700
     gaaattaaac tatacttatg gacacttgat cttcgccaaa ttaaaaaata tacaatagaa    158760
     aaaagaaaca cctaaaataa atgtcgctgg tctaactggg agtaagtatg tagaaaaaag    158820
     aaagtagatg catatttgtc acctggcaca atactcaagt ccaggttgat taaagatctc    158880
     aacataaaac cagattcact gaatctaact gaagagaaag caggaaaggg cctcaaactt    158940
     atgggaatcc ggggataaat gtcataaacg ggaactccaa tagctcagac tctaacatca    159000
     aaatttataa atgggccaca agaaactgaa aagcttctat aagacaaagg gcatagccag    159060
     taggacagat tgacaaacta catattggga gaaaaatgtt cactaacccc ccatccagtg    159120
     gagcactaat atccaaaata tataaagaac tcaagtagat aaccaccata agagctaaga    159180
     acacaaaata aaatgtggta gagaactaaa cacaacattc acaacaactc atcttgaatg    159240
     gctgagaagc actgaagaag tgtgcaacgt cctttgtctt cagataaatg aaaaccaaaa    159300
     tgaccctgag gctggtttcc agcggtatac tttccagtga agaatgctaa gatcaaaaaa    159360
     actcatgtga aagcatatgt tggtgagaat ttgaagaaag aggaacattc ttccatttct    159420
     ggtggaactg caaagtgcta tggcaactct ggaaaccaat atggagttcc tcagaaattt    159480
     tcagattgat ctacctgaga gacaaggacc aaccttactg gtgcatggcc tgctactttc    159540
     agttttcact tgatggcttg ttactcagat tttcttattg ggctatgact ttgctcttgt    159600
     ctttctgatt ctcaagcagt tctctgttct tacacatttt ttgaggtacc tctagccact    159660
     gggacttatt tataccttta aatccctcta aattggggga cttctaatac ttggagaagc    159720
     tgagtgacaa aagcaaagta tgttgagccc tttggtgtcc agtgcacacg aatctatggg    159780
     agtctagata tgttaatcct ctagaacatt ctttaggaaa gcagcagtat gctctcaggt    159840
     ccctgtgtga cctcacattt gtcagctttg tgggcttctc tactgctggt ctgagaacaa    159900
     ttggaaactc ctggaataga tgtctcatat ctaatttcct ttgtcattgt tagtatacta    159960
     gtgggaatag gtttgatgga aatatactct caaacattaa tcaaaccagt gctttttatg    160020
     gaccatcagg atgaagtacc aagttcaagg aaagttctgc acgaactggt caaagccagc    160080
     caagtggagc aagaagaaag ccaagcagaa gtcattcatt accaccaccc tcagcaactt    160140
     tctccaggac agggtcactt agttttggta ggagaaggga tgacctgaga tagcttcccc    160200
     atattccctc agaaaagaag gggccaggaa tattggggaa agattatggg tgtcatgggg    160260
     cagtaagcag agtgtaaagt gaataagtaa aaagatatta atacaaaaat atttaattat    160320
     ttaaaaaaat ggcacaaaat gtattgttat agtaattcta gtgtatacac aggcaatcag    160380
     tttaacaccc agatagacta gatgttgtaa actagggtgc ctttgttatt gacataaagt    160440
     atacacattg caaagataaa taaaaaagaa agatgttcat cccaaagatc tattattctc    160500
     ctcaagtcta agtgtttgtg gtcaccttca ccagaattct agagacctct gttcatccag    160560
     gtctcaggtc tcatccaaaa tacagacctg aaccagctgt ggccaagtgt tcctgttctg    160620
     cctcaagctt cagagacact ggaggggcag ccttggcctt caggtggcag ccattccagg    160680
     tcctctgtca gctaatggag tcttccacag aggtctgtca tctcaaaaat agaagcttgg    160740
     gttattctaa agattgggat gccactctat agtcatgatg agttggttac gtgagatcat    160800
     acaagttaac taatgtctgt atgactgttt tccttatttg aaagtgagta atgacatcat    160860
     ctgaagagtg gttgctaaga atataatcac tgattaacgt gaatgatagg actgtacaga    160920
     gcatgggctt aattttctgc ttccagtgca aagagctggg agagttcaaa acaaaaccaa    160980
     tagaaacaac aggaatatta gaaacaacaa ttttttaaaa accttcttag tgctgggatt    161040
     atagttatgt accaactctg gctaaggttt gtatgtattt ataataaaca aacaaacaaa    161100
     catccctatt ccagttctag cagttgcctc agagagagct gtgtgacact gcatgctgct    161160
     cactttcccc agttagctca ggtcttcagt tctctaccag gtcagctgga cctaagacag    161220
     tgtagttgac cttcttactg ccatggtatg attctgcaac aatccttttc ttggtaaaac    161280
     tgagcctgta tagagtaagc cccttgttgg tggatccagg atactttagg ccagcaaaca    161340
     cacaagccac ccttagtgaa agagaaaagg aaaaatcaca ttgcaacaat atgtgccatc    161400
     attggaagaa aaagccctca tctttgaagc catcacctat tttctcctga tttttgagct    161460
     ctgcatattg atattgtgtg gctcaagaag gtagtgaaat tcagatgttt tcccaaagaa    161520
     gacatacatg atttttcact ctttatctgt gaggttaggg ggtattatag cacaggttca    161580
     gcaaagccag cataagaaca cagaagccag agatgataat gccaaaggga cagcatcctg    161640
     aacttataga cacattaaaa ttgaggtttc atctcaactc aggtcattgc actcccagcc    161700
     ctaccccctg agtctttttt aaaaaatttt tttattacat attttcctca attacatttc    161760
     caatgctatc ccaaaagcct cccacacccc cacctcccta cccacccatt cccatttttt    161820
     ggccctggca ttcccctgta ctggggcata taaagtttgc ctgtccagtg ggcctctctt    161880
     tccagtgatg gccgacaagg ccatcttttg atatgtatgc agctacagac aagagctccg    161940
     gggtactggt tagttcataa tgttgttcta cctatagggt tgcagatccc tttagctcct    162000
     tgggtacttt ctctagctcc tccattgggg gccctgtgat ccatccaata gttgactgtg    162060
     agcatctact tctgtgtttg ttaggcccca gcctagtctc acaagagacg gctatatcaa    162120
     ggtccttgca ctaaatgctt gctagtgtat gcaatgttgt catcatttgg aggctaatta    162180
     tgggatggat ccctggatat ggcagtctct tgatggtcca cccttttgtc tcagctccaa    162240
     actttgtctc tgtaactcct tccatgggta attgttatca attctaagaa ggggcaaagt    162300
     gtccacactt tggtcttcgt tctttttcag tttcatgtgt tttgcaaatt gtaccttata    162360
     tctcaatata ttaagtttca gggctaatat ccacttatca gtgagtacat attatttgag    162420
     ttcttttgtg attgtgttac ctcactcagg atgatgccct ccaggtccaa ccatttgctt    162480
     aggaatttca taaattcttt ctttttaata gctgagtagt actccattgt gtagatgtac    162540
     cacatttttt tgtatccatt cctctgttga ggggcatctg ggtcctttcc agcttctggc    162600
     tattataaat aaggctgcta tgaacatagt ggagcatgtg tccttcttac cggttgggac    162660
     atcttctgga tatatgccca ggagaggtat tgcgggatct tcctgtatta ctatgtccaa    162720
     ttttctgagg aaccgccaga ctgatttaca gagtggttgt acaagcttgc aatcccacca    162780
     gcaatggagg agggagacat aacaacagat cctgaagaaa tcgaaaacac cataagatcc    162840
     ttctaaaaaa ggctatactc aacaaaactg gaaaacctgg acaaaatgga caaatttctg    162900
     gacagatacc aggtaccaaa gttaaatcag gatcaagtta acgatctaaa cagttccata    162960
     tcccctaaag aaatagaagc agtcattaat agtctcccag ccaaaaaaag cccaggacca    163020
     gacaggttta gtgcagagtt ttatcagacc ttcaaagaag aactaattcc agttctgcac    163080
     aaactatttc acaaaataga agtagaaggt actctaccca actcatttta tgaagccaca    163140
     attactctga tacctaaacc acagaaagat ccaacaaaga tagaggactt cagaccaatt    163200
     tctcttacta atattgatgc aaaaatactc aataaaattc tcactaaccg aatccaagaa    163260
     cacattaaag caatcatcca tccccctgag tcttatattt gctgtgtgta cagcatcatg    163320
     gtacaacccg caacatcctt attgctcaac tttgcaattt aggaagacag atattacaga    163380
     agtcatggct atgaggctac aatgtagtaa tgtacagtcc aggatgacct ttgctctatg    163440
     atgcccactt aaattgtctg gttgtatttg agaacaggac catgtgcaag ataatgtttt    163500
     gaagatagga cagcaagttt accatttata tttgccctgt agttgatccc ctatgtttga    163560
     aagaataggg agttttcctt ataaaagata gcattgtaaa ccagagattt tgtgaaacac    163620
     atggatatat atatacatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    163680
     atatatatat atatgtattt atgtatggaa agaatgacaa gaatgaccaa tgaccactat    163740
     caaggaatgc accgttagaa aatatcatcc aggttttata caattaaacg tataggagaa    163800
     agatatttgc ctctgtgata caggaaatcc ctgggaaatt ggagtatatg tcatatgaat    163860
     tgacacaggt ggcatattta ttgttgagaa aaatctacta catccacagt ccctagagat    163920
     ttggggctaa caaaatctct taagcatgtc agagtcctaa ccaaagttcc ccctcaaaag    163980
     cacatgacat ctaatgaagc agttagaatt ctccagcttt ggaaggagag gtttccaaag    164040
     gggatcccac gggtccatga gaggctccag gagaggcacc ccagaaaagg accaagttgg    164100
     ggagaactag ttagcaggta gatcatggca gttgctagtg acatcatcag taatgccttc    164160
     cttggagaat ctcttgcatc taggagagaa ctagaatctt ctgtgttgtc acctgtgttg    164220
     tggtgacaac aactgcctgt ggttcatcac ttctgtttgc tctgggatca ccagcaggaa    164280
     tgttttcctg gctgctcagg ctatgtcaga aagagaatgg tgatgaagga gacaccagac    164340
     caacaaagaa ggaagaagga atcctttctc atgaaaaagg aaatcattct ggagaaggca    164400
     cagtgagtcc tgggcagagt tggggatctt cctggtagag ttaggcttga gctgggcctt    164460
     ccaggagtag gtcttacaag ctgaagcctt ggactttgcc aatgtcaaag agtcaagaat    164520
     ttctgatgat tagtttgaca gagccagtaa ttgacaaacc tgcagctact tttctgggag    164580
     ctatttaatt tcaatttgag tggcaaagaa tgccaggagt gggcactatc ggaatatcag    164640
     tgtgttattc ctttcatgga agggagttga aacacttcat cttccagatt actgtaggtt    164700
     acatgagtct ctgatgaaaa gaacagagaa ggatgcttcc ctggtcatgt catgtggtga    164760
     ggactcagac actttgaatt tgaagacact cgattaatta gagcttgata gtgctaagca    164820
     ctatgaactt caggatttcc ctgaaacgca tctgatatga cctgacaatg ttccccatat    164880
     ctttatgtct gaggcaaatt atagatttca gggcaagggg tcctgtaaca gggagtgtgg    164940
     catatgcctg acagtggtga ttaggaagag gacatagctt agcaaaccag ctggaagata    165000
     gcttttctgc tcttttaggg attcaccctg tctttacctt ttctctccct cagtcttctt    165060
     cttgggactc agaatggtct cccctctcct gggccatcaa gtatgcaaat tcatttgtgt    165120
     ttatctatct gcagggtctg ctagaaatac ttcaacccaa aattccaaca tcactaatca    165180
     gatatcaaat ataaataaag ttagagaact gaaattggat atgaggaaga tcagcaatga    165240
     catggaggaa atgtgtggaa tcctgaacgt ttacatgtat gaggatttga actacaggta    165300
     ggaattatgc ccagtaccct gttgcctgta ttgtgccatc tgttaaccca atttccttcc    165360
     atgaatggag tgtgtcatct cccatcattc aattaagttg ccctgacagg tgtttaattg    165420
     ttggataaac aaggtgctat gtgtttatta tcatcttctt ttgtacttga ccttggggtg    165480
     cttgcaatct gattgttgct gtcaacagct ggaaggacct gctcacactt gctgcctctc    165540
     agtgtgtgaa tgcaatgcct gcaggctatc acacctttac tctgatattg ttcatcatat    165600
     tctgagtgat ggcacctctc tggatttatt tggcattcta attgtgtcta tgtgtgtgaa    165660
     cttagctgtg tgtgttttgt tcaggactga ggctctgggt cctttgatgg ggtctgagga    165720
     tttgtgtgat gcacagtttg caggtcctgt tggtgtgagt ccatagaggt ccaaagtgat    165780
     caccagggaa gtttgctcct ggtgtttcct ggttgtcaca caggaatctt ctgggggagg    165840
     agatgtgata aagcctttct cctgtaaata atagttgtgt cctctgggaa ttcacataac    165900
     aacaggaacc aaggattgag aatccctgcc ttaaaaataa gaggaaagtc attacagata    165960
     cctataggac ccttgcctgt ggcacagtgt attggaaaat tgtcatagaa gtagtctatt    166020
     ccttcatgct tgcccaggaa gctcttgaag gtcagctagc tccattaggt cccctggctc    166080
     tgctgtcctc tgcccaggat agtaagttta attagcacca aggggaccca gttttaagga    166140
     actaggatgt ggcatgcaat tggcttgggt agtccatgat acagcctttt tgcacatgat    166200
     tattgaatcc tcaattcagc acattatttg cttcttgggc catgccctaa cacaggatga    166260
     acactgaatt caacatcatt aaatcacaac atgagaagac aatgttggat atggataaaa    166320
     tgacccagtc cataattgct tccatgaagt tctccaagga actgttaaaa gataactatt    166380
     cctacaggtg agtcagtgac acaactgaga cccccagaac taggcaggga atgcttctgt    166440
     ccttttagga ctttgaaaaa acgcaagggc tctggttcta tgttatctgt tttttattta    166500
     ggaaccctgc cctgaggcaa gggtcttgga tttgtacctc ttggactcag ttgtcctaag    166560
     tgtgaagagt gtccaagact ctccaatctt tattcttcca aattcaaggt cctctacata    166620
     gaaaactttt ccaccacgct gggaatatcc aggaactctg aacctctagg gttctgacct    166680
     cagattaaaa gatctaggat tccagacaaa aatggaaaga gtgtacactt gttgggtcag    166740
     ctcacctctc tcagaggaga taagccctct ccctgctgaa ggttttatgg taccacagac    166800
     ctataatcaa ccatgaagaa catttcctct tctgtgatgt atagggtgca ctcttggtgt    166860
     cagggctttc agaagttttt tgagtcctgt ggaacatggg tggtatcttg atttgacctg    166920
     cctctgtttg ctgctgctat gtatactgta gactcttctg ggactgtctg gggttcaggg    166980
     cccttgtggg accatgggac ttgtagtagt ggcaagccaa tggaatctgg ctgggaatca    167040
     ccaatttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttttttgt ggatcagcat caagcagaaa    167100
     caccgcctcc atgagtgcac tcaactaaag gaaaaagtga ggatattact gaatgagaac    167160
     agaaaggtgc tggtggagca ggctggaacg caagtgtccc gtggggaaga aaagaggttc    167220
     tgtgaggagg ccagcaagaa catctgtgcc tcaagtgcca aggagcagca ggtaggatga    167280
     tgtgtatcag aggcagattg ccctcatgtc taaccataaa catagacaat ccaatgcaac    167340
     agtataccaa cttctccagg cactcaccta tgtctcctcc aagtgtttgt ttatgtgatc    167400
     atctacaggg ctctctgtgg aggtagcctg gtttaagaaa ctgcatgttt ggcatgcaaa    167460
     tgttcctgct ctgctagaat cactaagggt gataggttgt ttacacatca caacactaca    167520
     tgccttaagt ttgaaggatg ctgtgttgga gcccttgttg agaatagcaa gagctttgaa    167580
     ggaagaagta aaggcctgta gctcatttgc tttacaggga tcttgtgaga ttctaggtag    167640
     gaaatagttt gcagggatga cagccttgtg taattgacaa ataagtggat ttcattgctg    167700
     tcttttggtg gcttctctat tcccgccttt cccctctatc tcaaaatggt ctctgcaggc    167760
     ttcatatatc ttggttcaca ctgagaggtc ctgagtagca tattgtcagt cccattttct    167820
     ttgagtgctg ttggagtggt cattcctggg ccttagagtc tggacttgtc tggatgacca    167880
     gagatgacag agaggcttct cacaggctca ggtttgctgt gtgatttctg aggcttcatg    167940
     aaaaaatttc ttaatatatg cccccaaatt ggaccattgt tagatgtttc cctccccccc    168000
     tcccccagac agggtttctc tgttcacact ggctgtcctg gaactcactc tgtatacccg    168060
     gctggcctca aactcagaaa tctgcctgcc tctgcctccc aagtgctggg attaaaggag    168120
     tgtgccacta tgaccccgct tctctcgtgc tttttcttcc tctaaaataa tcgcagagtc    168180
     cttgggtctc ccttgaaaca ttacctctgc atagtctgaa ttatcttggt cctgaaccat    168240
     aacagatacc tcattgtttt ctgctcagtt atgattttat gtgagtctgt gtgtgcttgt    168300
     gtgtgtttct gtgactgtgt gtctgtgtgt ttctttttgt gtatgcatgg tttttccgac    168360
     ctgtgtctct atcaggatca gtgggggctg agagaaatga ggaccttcag acagttctgg    168420
     tagtataaaa ctggttatgt ctgttaaaag ccatattcag aaagtggaaa agaagtccaa    168480
     tttgacccag tgcttcaaga acaaggagga gttatccaca gagttgaggg cgttcagggt    168540
     tgtagtggtc ctcagagcag ccctgaagga gaagctatcc tgatgtccat ctgctgaagg    168600
     atgaaaaggc cctgtgtggt gcagcccttc catgaactct gtttgagata atccatgcaa    168660
     gcatttgtcc ttcaactagt cagccttatc ctactcaaaa tagccctgaa acagtcacat    168720
     tctggggaga aaacgtttct tttggatcct ggttgtagac agttcctatt actctgggct    168780
     catgcctttg gacaccaagt cagttaggtg atagaaaagg gagatcctat tggaagaaat    168840
     tgtttattta ggataagtct gaaacaggga acaagaacaa gaggctggtc caccaccaac    168900
     atgtgagcct aggctgggaa acaaacctat tctacacagc cttgggaact tgctgagcca    168960
     gattggataa taggacaaga accctgattc ccagacctgt atatgagtgg aaagcatatc    169020
     actgactgcg ctgcctatat actatgccca ctaagtacct ttcccattca agatttcttt    169080
     tttattcctg caaagtatcc tgggagattt ttatatttgt attaactgcg aaactaaaaa    169140
     ggtcactgca atacaatatg cttgtattgc ataaacctaa atattatgtg tgtttgagag    169200
     tatgccctgc aatagtcata gatgtacagg ggtgttgttc tgtttcttca tgaccatcac    169260
     ttttaaggtt cattgcccgg ccttggtaat atttttattt agcacactct tgcagattct    169320
     aggaaccatg aattacccat gggtattgtg ttgtatggtg tctctggtta tttggagata    169380
     gagggattga caagaggaac cctgtgaggt tcctgcactg gagaaataat catagccttc    169440
     acttcagttc agggcacact cctaccccat aaggaatcca catggtttct aggttgcaca    169500
     catctctctt gaactcacat tcaaacattg ctacaatgtt attactcaat ataatatacc    169560
     cgcacaactg gggaaatata gtgtttttta gaactccagt ataatgtgta gctgacagtt    169620
     ccaattctag cagtttttaa aaggggagaa acaattccaa gatcaggtgc tctatgacac    169680
     ttgggatgca cggtatgatc tcagctaata ggacatgttg gtttgtccag ctgaatagag    169740
     ctgttctggg agagacagct caattgacaa atgcttaacc ggcctttgtt tctttcttag    169800
     ctaagtgtga aatagtccag ctgaaagcag aacatggcac agaccaggac atgatctccc    169860
     tcaaagagaa gtgctggagg aagagcactg agtgtgcaca ggaaatacac cactgttgcc    169920
     tctcatccct aataaccatg gctgtaatgg gctgtatgct cctcctttat tttgtttctt    169980
     tggtatgaac aggccttaat ttcatctagc ctctggccca ggaagagtgc acatttaaag    170040
     ggactcagag aaatgctgag acacatcaag agctgctggg catccaggaa gaatctgagt    170100
     gcaaatttat cttttcctga tgggtcatca tcaataatta catggagatc agtcaacaaa    170160
     attgtaaatc cttggatcca agtctacaac atgtgttctg ctttgacttg ggaggccata    170220
     tccttcagac ccatactcca aaaggagagt gttacttaaa tttctcctgc aaagattgct    170280
     acctccagga actgcttttc tactaagttg ccaaggacat ccacaggctg taaggctgtg    170340
     ctacaaaatg agcagactaa gaattttgct ttgcacaatt tttgtggttt gattttggtt    170400
     tgagttttga ttagtttagg tatttggttt ttcttgtttt cattcaaagt tttgttattt    170460
     attggttatt tattgttctt ttaagtaatt tgatattttg ataaggttat acacagtaca    170520
     tattgactgt cagcttttag ttacaattga gtacattgca tttattctta tgactaacac    170580
     agtgatctcc aactcttcac tctaagagcc ttgttatttc aggtgtgatc atgaaatccc    170640
     acagatatca gacccagatg gatctctgca ctcttcatgg gacttgggct ccatagtttc    170700
     ttctgagcca gactgaacta caaagtcctt catacattca gtatggagag tgtgtccaac    170760
     tgtctggata ggaacttaat gatggaaaac ttacccatgc tgcatcgttg ctgtcaaata    170820
     tttagctact gtgaaaatac tgtggatgat ggtgttgaac gcattaatgg caaatacatc    170880
     agtttttctg taatagctct cattatatca aagcatagtc taagggaata aaaagctgtc    170940
     agaaaacaca gcagtgtata cttctgtgtt ccttcaaata tacaatcact ggaaactgca    171000
     agtagagata ataaattcca caatcttttg ggggataggt ttctgtgggg gtccttcaat    171060
     gttcatttta ttactttatg attcatctgt gtctgccaaa aaacatcatt caaaaacaat    171120
     gaagattgta attaggtatc atcctataaa atcctaacaa atgccttttt tatttgatat    171180
     tttctttact tacatttcaa atgctaaacc ctttcctagt ttaccctctg aagatcccct    171240
     gtttactaca ccaacccctg ctccccaacc cacccactcc cttcctcctg gccttggcat    171300
     gcccctctac tggggcatag aacattcata ggaccaagga ctctcctccc agtgatgacc    171360
     aaccaggcca tcctcctcta cacatttacc tagagcaatg agttccatca tgtgttttct    171420
     ttgtttggtg gtttagtcca agtgatctct ggaggtactg gttagttcat attgttgttc    171480
     ctcttatggg gctctaaacc cttcagctcc ataggtcctc tctctagctc cttcactggg    171540
     gaccctgtgc tctgaccatt tgatggctgt gagcatgtac ttctgtattt gtcaggcact    171600
     ggcagaacct ctcagttggc agctatatca ggctcctgtc agcaatctct tgttggcatc    171660
     cgtagtagtg tctggttttt ctggttgttt atgagatgga tccccaggtg aagcagtctc    171720
     tggatggtca ttccttcagt ctctgcttca cattatgttg ctgtcactcc ttccatgggt    171780
     attttgttcc tcattctaat aaggattaaa gtatcctcac tttggtcttc ctttttcttc    171840
     agttttgtat gctttgtgtt ttgtatcttg ggtattccaa ggttctgggc taatatcccc    171900
     ttacgagcaa gtacatgtca tatgtgttct tttgtgattg gattacctta ctcaggatga    171960
     tatcctacag atccatccat ttgtctaaaa atttcatgaa ttcattcttt ttaatagctg    172020
     actagttctt cattgtacaa atgtaccgta ttttcggtat caattcctct gttgatggaa    172080
     atcttagttc tttccagcta ctggctatca taattaaggc tgctatgaac ataatggagc    172140
     tagtgcagat tcaaggcaat ttatatacta catagcctat aaatcatcgt tgttacccga    172200
     cttgaaaggg acacagcaag tcagactcat ctgtcatttg gggacaataa ttcttgagag    172260
     taacttttag gatatttcaa gtttaagaca agcttaagta gaggaccaaa aggggaaggt    172320
     ggctgttatc agtctgcaat cagttgaccc ctagaaaggt tgttatagtt aagtgctata    172380
     tgactctaca aatcctcttg taaggggtca gattaaccct gcaattgaaa acattaccaa    172440
     accaggaatg tgctatgctg agcactcaca gagagttatg aggagctgcc ctaggctcct    172500
     tttacagcaa gtaaaaatag acaaagagat caaatatcct aacaccacaa gatgataaaa    172560
     ctgacaactg tagattgcac tgagtatcag ggagtttagt ttcttgtgca tctgcagatt    172620
     gtcatgcaac atcttcatca gggacaatac ataaggagat ggctgctcag tggcatgaca    172680
     aacaaccaag aagagccata gcctctaccc ctctgctctg gatgctgaga ctaaaaggtt    172740
     ttagtttttc accacctgtc ccaggactgc tggcatcatt tcttgcatat gtttactcta    172800
     gcacttgtct aacttgggta caaacccaga ggggagtccc acagcccaca gaggaggctc    172860
     cactactagg cactcactct atcatgatca ggatcttaga atcccaggat cccagaatcc    172920
     caggagttag tcacacaaga atctagattc tcacaggcaa cttttctccc aggaactgcg    172980
     acacacccaa atctcaggat cacaggatcc cggaatttta cacctgtatc cttatagctt    173040
     taatggtcaa ggacaaggat gcagctggga ctgagggtgt gaagaagata caggacatgt    173100
     tcaacgctga gatcctgttg tctagacatt cttaagctct gcagatgtgg gctcacagat    173160
     gcatctttgc actcaaatga catactgttt ttaaaataga attaccttta atcttgcttc    173220
     ttccttagag aagtgaggta ggatttcttc cttggggaaa caatattttc atgctatctt    173280
     aagcacttca cttttacttt gaaatctttt gaaatgactt cctgaagatg cacaaactgt    173340
     ggttcactag gctcatgttg aatccccttc aaagtcttgt cagcagactg atctaagagt    173400
     agggaccaga tgtcattgtc ataattctgt tcaggtttct actttaaact tttgctgaat    173460
     atgtgctcgc ggaaagtttt tttttttttt tttttttccc agaggtcttg ttttcaaaat    173520
     aactctgtct ttacatatta caatgtatgg attaagaaaa aggggcaact acttactgat    173580
     tctcagttaa atatcttttt atgtgttcct gtactcacac aatcactaga aattgttaat    173640
     cagtccaaat catttatttt agtagagtag actataacca tgaaccaata tacttagttt    173700
     actattgatg actgtgttga ttacaataaa tacatgaatg ataggactgt acagagtatg    173760
     ggcttaattt tctgggtcca gtgcaaatag ctgggagagt tcaaactaaa attagtagaa    173820
     atagcagaat actatagaat aataataata ataataataa tagaatagaa tactaacaaa    173880
     tcccaaagat ccaaaattct cctcaagtct aagtgtttgt tctccccttt accagaactc    173940
     aggagaactc tgttcatcca ggtctcaggt ctcacccaaa atccagacct gaaccagctg    174000
     tgggcaagtg ttcctgtgtt gttggctgac ctctgcctca ggcttcagag acactggagg    174060
     ggcagccttg gccttcaggt ggcagccatt ccaggtcctc tgtcagctaa tggagtcttc    174120
     cacagaggcc tgtcatctca aaaatagaag cttgggtatt ccaaagattg tgatgccact    174180
     ctacagtcat gatgagttgg atacatgaaa ccatacaatt taactaatgt ctgtatgatg    174240
     ttttccttat ttgaaagtga gtaatgacat catctaagga gtggttgcta agaataaaat    174300
     cactgataac gtgaatgata ggtctgtaca gagcatgggc ttagttttct gggtccagta    174360
     aaaagagctg ggagagttca aaacaaaacc aatagaaaca acaacaatac taactacaac    174420
     aatttttaaa aaaccttctg agtgctggaa ttacaggcat gtacaaactc taccttataa    174480
     taaacaaaca aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca aacatcccta ttccagttct agcagttgcc    174540
     tcagagagag ctgtgtgcca tttcttgctg cttcctttcc ccagatagct cgggtcttca    174600
     attctctacc aggttagctg gacctaagat actgtagttg accttcttgg tgccatggta    174660
     taattctgca acaatccttt tcttggtaaa attgagcctg tatagagtaa gccccttgtt    174720
     ggtggtacca ggaccattta agcaagcaaa cacaggcaga aatgtggaga taaggtgtgg    174780
     agtagagaat gaagcaaaag ccatcctgag ccttccccac ctggagatcc atcccacata    174840
     cagacaccaa ggccagacac tatggaagat gccaataagt gctttctgac aggagcctgc    174900
     tacagttgtc tcctcagagg ctccacctga gagtgacaaa tacagaggca catttttgca    174960
     gcccctcttt ggaatgcgca tagagtcctc agtaaaagag ttggagaaag gactgaatga    175020
     gctatagggg gttacaagca tgggaagaac aacaatgtca accaaccata tcccctagaa    175080
     ctcccaggga ataaaccacc aatcacacat ggagtgaccc atggctctag gcagatgtgt    175140
     gccagatgac agccttgttg gacatcaatg ggagaaaagg cccttggtcc tttaaaggct    175200
     cgatgcccca gtgtagggga atgctaggct agcaagagag cactgtgtgg gtgcctagag    175260
     gagcaccccc atagaagcag ttcgaagggg catgaggtaa gtgggtttta ggcagaaaac    175320
     cggaaaaata gctagcattt gaaatgtaag attaaagtgt tttaaaatag aaaaagaaat    175380
     gatttgaaga ctgagaaatt aaactagact catggacact tgatcatgga caaagtcatg    175440
     aatattcaat gcaaaaagga acatcttcaa taaatgtcgc tggtctaact tggagtaagt    175500
     atgtagaaaa atgaaaatag atgcatattt gtcacctggc ccaatactca aggccaggtg    175560
     gattaaagac ctcaacataa aaccagattc actgaatcta actgaagaga aagcaggaaa    175620
     gaccatcaaa ctcatgggaa tggggataaa tgtcataaac agaagtccaa cagctcagac    175680
     tctaacatca aaatttataa atgggccaca agaaactgaa aagcttctat aagacaaagg    175740
     gcatacccaa taggacaaat tggcaaacta cacattagga aaaaaacgtt caccaacaat    175800
     gtcaagatct gcctgatcca cagtcaggac tatgaagctc aaccgtatct cagaaaagca    175860
     aagtgaaaca aaaataaaaa taaacgtttg tcaggaaagc actaggtaga aaagtactct    175920
     cgtctgtctt aaatgcccaa acgtggtggt gtgtgctgta gattcagcta ctcaggaaac    175980
     tgaggcagga ggatgttttg aggtcaggga ttaggtggga agaacataac agaccctgtc    176040
     tccttataaa aataacccaa gtaacccaaa aaacacccac atctgtaaaa caaaaagccc    176100
     cagagtgaga aataagtgca taggtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    176160
     tgtgagagag agagagagag agagagagag agacagacag acagacagac agacagagag    176220
     acagagagac acagagttgg tgctagccca ggggagctta gaaatagtga ccatctttat    176280
     ttcagcttct agaatggtgg ttttacccgc aaaacaaaga gccccagagt gagaaataag    176340
     tgcatacgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg taagagagac agagagagac    176400
     agagacagag acagagagac agagagagag acagagacag agacagagag acagagagag    176460
     acagagagac agagaggtgg tgctagccca ggggagctta gaaatagtga ccatctttat    176520
     ttcagcttct agaatggtgg ttttacctgc acggccatca cattcatttg agaagatttt    176580
     ctgtaccaca catcaccatt tttaaaatct ttttttaaag aggaggatct tataatgctt    176640
     ctgtaagagt ggagtttctg ctgcttcgta attttaatgt ttcacatatc acgtgtttat    176700
     aatgcactca atgcctcagc tttgtcaacc atgatgtcag tggttctttc tcaacctgtg    176760
     ggtcacaacc cctgtacagg ataccctgca tatcagatat ttacattaag actcataacg    176820
     gtagcaaaat tacagttaag aagtagcaat ggaaataatt ttatggttca ggtcatgagg    176880
     aactgtatta aagattcaca attatgaagg aggagaacca ctgctctggc caatcatatc    176940
     tgactctgtc tgttcccaga gcaaggcagg tgctttggaa atgtgtgcct gtgtcattct    177000
     gcccactttc tccatttctc tcccgggttt aattctgtgt actgttcttt tttttttttt    177060
     ttttgttcta cacagtctgt ctcaggcttt gttttggtaa agtatggaca ggtgactgtg    177120
     atctaagaag gttatgttga tcaggcaaga tgttcagtaa gggcacacca tgtggtctcc    177180
     cggacattca cacagcactg ctgagggatg aagtagatgt tctcttcaca tccaccataa    177240
     caaccccagg ggtaccatga tgacactctc tcctgtaagg cccacagaga aactcagatt    177300
     tcaactgagt gacagctgcc actcagggga tccaagtgag acactattag ttctgggtaa    177360
     cataggcaca aaggtgcaag tagtttttat tcctttggct ttttgaggca atgtctctca    177420
     aaggccttga acccctgatc cttcccaccc tttcaattga tttctgaaga ctgaataagt    177480
     atcagggatt ttgaattacc ttttccttaa actgggttct cttgcagaac tcgggctatg    177540
     ttgtgtttta ttttgttttt cgttttcact tccacagatt tggaatgttt tgggttgaac    177600
     agtatgttag aatgcaaggg aggtctatca gttcttagtg gctttaaaga ttggagggaa    177660
     atgatgagac ccttgtataa caatgcttga aaacatgttt agatggtttc acaatgaata    177720
     cattattgtg agaacattgt tgataccatg agcccctgaa taattctttt gttattacag    177780
     tgtatgtgag tttcctcttt cccttcaatc ctccatttac ctccatctct tcctccatcc    177840
     acccctcaac ccctctctca ctccctcttt ccccctctcc atccctccct ccttcctttc    177900
     ttcccttcct tacttctatg aggttatata aaggaggaac agagcaagga gaaagagtgg    177960
     aggatgcaaa gaaaagcggt gatgtcacac ctcacatttt accttgtgtt tataaactag    178020
     tatgtacatt attcatgatg gtctctagtt atatttttta tattttaatg ttcacaattt    178080
     tattacaaac atccttaaaa aggagatact agtagtatga atgcctatga agttggccgt    178140
     gttaccacat ccaagtcatt aaagaaacta ctaagtattt atgaacactc aacatcaaaa    178200
     ctttaaaaat ctaagtatat agtagcctcc aaaaaacctc cagcttgcag atggtggtgg    178260
     agtaaccatt aatgcatcac caaggaggca ggagcaggga gatctgtgtg agcgtaagcc    178320
     tagcttgatg acagagaaac tgcttcaaac aaacaaatga acacataaac aaaccctggg    178380
     gggaggggga gctacagact gtattgaaaa cttctttctc taccagagta ctagggattg    178440
     aactcaggac cttgtgaata ttaagttagc actgcaagca cccactactg agctacatcc    178500
     tgataacatt caataaaatc cattcgtacg tgtatacaat gtatcttagt tgtagtcatt    178560
     ccttggttac tccctctagc cttaccacca tcacctcctg cccctagcct gtcttccata    178620
     tgcttcgatc aacacccttc cctcaacaag tctcctgtat ccctcccaac ttcatgttgt    178680
     ttaataaaat cacccactaa gtccaactgg tgctgcctgt attcgtgcat gcttgctggg    178740
     cataccaagg ggcgtgggaa acctgccaat ggccaccttt ctcaaagaaa agtggctctc    178800
     tgtcctttag cttttatcag ttgccattag caactcagca agggatgggg ttggggtatt    178860
     gagaatccct ccccctccac aatggaaagt ttaactctct ggatcttgtg aagggcttgc    178920
     atgggtaaac acagctgctg tgaatgtgtg tgtgtaacag ccatggtgtg ttcagaggcc    178980
     agcctctcac agtattcctc accattcatc aggtttttac actcactctt tccatagctt    179040
     cttcaatact gtttcctgag ccttgaagta ggtagggatc ctatacaaaa caaaaaactg    179100
     catgatattt atagagaagc cagtgttaag ccgtacttaa gtttcacatt tgtaatgaaa    179160
     taagtaactg ggcctccaca agttccatgg gaatcacaga ctaaccattt ggttttcctc    179220
     tgcctcattt tctcctcctc ctcctgctcc tcctcttcct cctcccctct ctttcccctc    179280
     ctcctcctcc ttcttcttct acatcctcct tttcctcttc ctcctccatc ttctcctctc    179340
     cttctcctct tcctcctctt cttcatctat tcattcttcc ttgagcctcc tggcccacta    179400
     gggccattgt atcttgcatc acctctgccc tctcaaggca tacaatatcc tgtatctctt    179460
     tcttccttta gttctgctgc cttctcttca catggtggtc tatcttgggc tgtctgctca    179520
     gaccacatct cacccaattt ccttgctaca ttcccagtgg acaagccccg tgattcactc    179580
     ttgatctttg gacaatattc agaacgaatc aggaagaaag cggtagtctt ttgtgagtac    179640
     ctaagtcttc atttttcttc agttcctttc ttattgcctt taagaggaac ataattcttc    179700
     atcagctatc atagcctcag agcaagcgtt gtcacttgga gctgtatctt caggtttcac    179760
     cttttccttt gtaggcatga aggtcctctc caagaactca gcaaagctgg actggaatcc    179820
     aggcatttct ttctgttctc ttggaagtct gcaggaagac agcccctggg ccttttcttc    179880
     ctccaggcaa ccaagtctcc tttacccaag gtgacccatg gcgtgcgggg agatgggggc    179940
     tatacctgag tgggcttttt cctgagtcca aaccagatgc gtccttctac atatgattgt    180000
     agctggcttc acttttcata ttattttaag ctttaattat ttttctctcc ttgcggagca    180060
     acaattgtgg taataaaacc agataccaac tcttatctca ggttagtaat aaagttgttg    180120
     cctactatct agaaatgtac ctgccttttc ttttttcttt ccttttctct ttcctttcct    180180
     ttcctttcct ttcctttcct ttcctttcct ttcctttcct ttcctttcct ttcctttcct    180240
     ttcctttccg tttcttttct tttctgtaaa atgtggcatt ttacaggttg ggatgtagca    180300
     acgttggtgg agtgtttacc tagctagtat atacaaagcc gttgtttaaa ttcctagcac    180360
     tgtgtaggta tggtgactcg tgtctgtaat ctcagaactc tacaggtaga catgtgggaa    180420
     gcagaaattc atcctcagca tacagtgagt ttcaagttgg cctgacccag aagaactctg    180480
     gggaaaaaag ctgatgtctt ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct    180540
     ctctctctct ctctttctct ctctctctct ttctctcttt cataattctt ttggtagaga    180600
     gaaggaaaga gatgaacatg tattaagttc cctggtatct acaaaatttg tttattactt    180660
     gtcggttaat attataacaa acattaaatt gtattcagaa ccatattttg attattatct    180720
     ttgtgtgctt tggatctcac gacagtgata gttacctgag gtgcttaact accatttctg    180780
     tgacagtaaa ttatttaagt ttactctctc cctctacagc ccaacagtgt gtagtttgta    180840
     tggttcattt gttgttggct tgttgttatt ggtgttgttt gtgttgctga tgctagagtc    180900
     tggggccttg gacatgttcg gcaggcaaat gctccaccac tgagcctcca gccactttgc    180960
     tggaggtttt tgtagctgta gattgtaatg aagtagtttt tcatctttta tatttgaaaa    181020
     agataccacg gcacgataca cagctacaac caatgcacta aataaataac caacccaaca    181080
     gagtgacatt atgatgcagt agttgtaaga atcaatttaa aagatatatc acctcatcct    181140
     tgggtttgcc tatgttctca tctgtgagat ttaaaatctt ttgaaacatt gaatgaagcc    181200
     tctcatctat catctactgc cattaaatat cacatattca cagctggaga aatggaccag    181260
     ccgacatccg gaatagtcct ccagtcattc aagaaagagt tcctgactaa ggacaaattg    181320
     tttcaactga tttctttcct gaggtttgat tttgcattgt atgttcactt ttaaagcggc    181380
     ttgctgatct ctccgtggac cagagatgga ggaagtacta cactctgttt attttttcat    181440
     cacaagatta attcaggtca atctctgctc tcaggtttgt tcttgtagtg gttttgaagg    181500
     tttcaaagga aaggttgctg catggattga tatgaagctg cagatgtttg caagtgagtt    181560
     agagagtgac ttctacaagc agatcagatt ggtgaccctg gtcttctggc tgttaaggga    181620
     acaccacttt ggccactgtt tcaaagaatg ttctgttgag agcatttgct aagggggttc    181680
     tgatgatggc aacttgctaa tgtcagggaa ctccagggac atgagctcaa tgaatcactg    181740
     ctttcattgg aaaagtaact tttggccata acaattctct gctggctaac tttatgtcaa    181800
     cttggcacca gctgaagtta tctgagagga ggtaacctca atggagaaaa tgccaacaca    181860
     aaatcaggct gttggtacac ctataggaca ttttcttaat tagattgatg gatgtgggcc    181920
     cagcccattg tgggtggggc cgtcacttgc ctggtggtcc taggttctat aagaaattag    181980
     gttgagcaag ccataaggag caagccagta agcagcattc ctcagtggcc tctgcatcag    182040
     ctcctgtctc cagatttcta tactgtttga gttcctgtcc agattccttc catgatgagc    182100
     tgtattgtgg aagtataagt caaataaact ttccttccca agttactttg gttatgatat    182160
     tgccacaata gaagctctaa gaaagaaatt ccaattaaaa aaaaaagtca tttaacatac    182220
     caactaataa atctattagg atgtatgttg gcacatgata gcaagtagga ctctaaatgt    182280
     taatttctat gataagggtt tgttatccct acgcaccaag gaagtgcaaa tcaaccacag    182340
     tgacattctg cttcataccc catacctgtg agcacagata tcaaaaacag agcagagaga    182400
     tcaggccctg ctgacagcat acagtaaagg catcattctg tgtctctgcc ttccctctgg    182460
     gggtcaggaa tgccaccaat gtgccacttg gggaaggcaa aactcaggga tattaggatg    182520
     tgtttcttcc tagcccctgg ggtcctgagc cacattgctc agggaaggct gaaacagtct    182580
     cagatagggg gcccagcctg tgtttgtctg gctgaaaaca gcagggttgg ggggaggggg    182640
     agtcctatgc acccagatgc tcctgggaac catgatgagt tgaaaatggt ggtcccaatc    182700
     ctcttgtgta tgcagatacc actgggaact tcaagtagtt gggaacagga gccagtagcc    182760
     ctatatgaac ccagtgtggg gaattcagct tagctccagg tgagtgccag gactatggag    182820
     gggctagaag aggggtcctc tacaggagac ataaccacag ctctgtgtgt ctaagcctta    182880
     ccccctgcca tccccatccc cccacagccc actgtccccc acacccttca ggtccttgat    182940
     gaagaagaca atccttgctt gtctaaactg ttttattcag ggtagatgaa aatgcacaag    183000
     tcttactctg ggtgaaccag agattgaata tctttcacag aattggagga aagctcattg    183060
     gctaatcact tagagcctag ttagataccc catcacaata gaaaactcta tgcaatgtca    183120
     ccggttgtca tggtcctctg gtaacacagt cacctgcctc acaaaggata tctgtgtgca    183180
     ctctaggcaa gaatgtaaat tggtggagcc acaggcaaaa caacatggaa gttactgaaa    183240
     agaaatataa aaaagaggta gcttcctcat gaggtgtttg agataattgt ctcatattgg    183300
     cctgtaggca agtctatggg gcattttctt gattaagggt tgatgtggta gggctaagcc    183360
     cactgcaaga agtgggttgc cttggcaggt ggtcctgtgg tgtaaggaag caggctgaac    183420
     aagccatgag gagcaaccct gtaagcaggg ctccaccatg gcgtcctgca ctgactttag    183480
     ttcatgatgg tctataactg taagctgaga gaaactcttt cctgcctgtg gtagtcactg    183540
     ttctattatt gtgatgaaat actataaaca aggtaagata caacgaagct tttaactgag    183600
     ggcttgctta gagtttcata gagtccaagg tcatcatggt tggaagtatg gccgcagaca    183660
     ggcaggccta gtgctagagc aacagctaag agttaactaa catccttatc tgcagggagt    183720
     aagagattga cactgattct gacttggtct tttgaaatgg gctgagaaag aacttacgga    183780
     aacaacactg ttcacaagag taaaatccaa tagaaaatac cttggtgtga ctctaactaa    183840
     ggaagtaaaa gatctgtatg ataaaaactt caagtctctg aagaaagaaa ttaaagaaga    183900
     tctcagaaga tggaaaggtc ttctatgctc atgaattggc aggatcaata tagtaaaaat    183960
     ggctatcttg tcaaatgcaa tctacagatt caatgcaatc ttcatcaaaa ttccaactca    184020
     attcttcaat gaattagaaa gggcaatctg caaattcatc tggaattaca aaaaacctac    184080
     gatagcaaaa actgttctcc aggataaaag aacctctggt ggaaatacat acaaaagttg    184140
     atcagatttg gtacaagctt gtaattccag ccctcagaag gttttttaaa aattgttgtt    184200
     gttatcctga cctaaagctg tactacagag cattgtgatc aaaaattgca tggtcttggt    184260
     ataacgatag acaaatagac caatggaata gaattgaata cacagaaatg aacccacaca    184320
     cctatggtca tttgatcctt gacaagggag ctaaaaccat ccagtggaga aaagacagca    184380
     ttttcaaaaa atggtgctgg cactactggt ggttaacatg tagaagaatg ggaattgatc    184440
     cattcctatc tctttgtact aaggtcaaat ctaagtggat caatgaattc cacataaaac    184500
     cagagaccat gaaacttata gaggagaaag tggggaaaag catagaagat atgggcacag    184560
     ggggaaagtt cctgaataga acagcaatgg cttgtgctgt aagattgaga atagacaaat    184620
     gggacctcat gaaactgcaa agcttctgta aagcaaaaga caccgtcaat aagacaaaaa    184680
     ggccaccaat aggttgggaa aggttcttta cctatcccaa atcggataga ggactaataa    184740
     cgaatatgta taaagaacac aagaaggtgg actttagaaa atccaataac cccattaaaa    184800
     agtggggctc agagctaaac aaagaattgt cacctgagga ataccgaatg gcagagaagc    184860
     acttgaaaaa tgttcagcat ccttaatcat cagggaaatg caaatcaaaa caaccctgag    184920
     attctacttc acaccagtca gaatggctaa gatcaaaaat tctggtgaca gcagatgctg    184980
     gcaaggatgt ggagaaagag gaacatttct ccgttgttgg tgggattgca agcttgtaca    185040
     accactctgg aaatcagtct ggcagttctt cagaaaattg gacataggac tactggagga    185100
     tcccagaata ccactcctgg gcatatatca agaagatgtt ccaactggta agaaggacac    185160
     atgctccact atgttcatag cagccttatt tattatagcc agaagctgga aagaacccag    185220
     atgcccctca acagaggaat ggatacagaa aatgtggtac atttacacaa tggagtacta    185280
     ctcagctatt aaaaagaatg aatttatgaa attcctagcc aaatggttgg acctggaggt    185340
     agcatcatac tgagtgaggt aacccaatca caaaagaatt cacatgatat gtactcactg    185400
     gtaagtggat attatcccag aaacttagaa tacccaagat atgagataca attgcaaaac    185460
     acaagaaact caagaagaac taagaccaaa gtgtggacac tttgcccctt cttataattg    185520
     ggaacaaaac acccaggaaa gagttacaga gacaaaattt ggagttgata agaaaggatg    185580
     tatcatctag aaactgccat agaagtggat gctcacagtc agctattgga tggatcacat    185640
     ggccgccaat ggaggagcta gagaaagtac ccaaggagct aaagggatct gcaaccctat    185700
     aggtggaaca aaaatatgaa ctaaccagta ccctcccccc cactcggccc gccccccctc    185760
     cccggccgga gctcctgtct cagtctgagt atgtatctga agatggccta gttggccatc    185820
     agtggaagaa gaggaccctt gttcttccaa actttatgtg cctcagtaca ggggaacacc    185880
     agggccaaga agtgggagtg ggtgaataag ggagtggtgg gaggaggata tgggggactt    185940
     ttgctaaagc attggaaatg taaatgaaga aaatcactaa taaaaaaaaa ggaaaaaaag    186000
     agaacttcaa gtctctgaag aaagaaattg cagaagatca tagaagatgg aaaagatctc    186060
     ctgagctatc tggggaaagg aagcagcatg cagtgtcaca cagctctctc tggggctact    186120
     actagaactg gaatagggat gtttgtttgt ttgtttgttt attataaacg cgtacaaaag    186180
     ttagccagag ttggtacatg cctgtgattc cagcactcag gtttttaaaa aattgttgtt    186240
     gttagtattc ctgttgattc tattggtttt gttttgaact cgcccagcta tttgcactgg    186300
     acccagaaaa ttaagcccat gctctgtaca gacctatcat tcatgttaat cagtgatttt    186360
     attcttagca accactcctc agatgatctc attactcact ttcaaataag gaaaacagtc    186420
     atacagacat tagttaactt gtatggtctc acgtaaccaa ctcatcatga ctgtagagtg    186480
     gcatcccaat ctttggaata cccaagcttc tattttggag atgacaggac tctgtggaag    186540
     actccattag ctggcagagg acctggaatg tctggcgctt gaaggccaag gctgcccctc    186600
     cagtgtctct gaagcttgag gcagaggtca gccaacaaca caggaacact tggccacagc    186660
     tggttcaggt ctgtgttttg gatgagccct gagacctgga tgaacacagg tctccagagt    186720
     tctggtaaag ctgagcacaa acacttagac tcgaggagaa tgatggacct ttgggatgca    186780
     agtctttctt ttttatttat ctttgctttg tagatagttt atgtcaaaat caacttgttc    186840
     tatactccag accttactta atcagtctga cagaaatttt gcaccctctg acaaacatca    186900
     ctccatccct cttctacctt tttccctgga ccatcattct cagagatgag ccattctgag    186960
     ggaatcctaa tagccccaaa ggtagtcatc tttggcactt gatctttagg aaagtaggca    187020
     gagttctgcc ccagatgaaa gcagatgttc ctctttgcct ccaacttgtc tggaaacctt    187080
     tggtcttact tctcccttct catcttattt ggacctagat cccaatattt ccacacagaa    187140
     cagaggctga agattcttaa cgataccttg tggtttattg tttctgttta aaacactagg    187200
     tagaaactcc catgacctcc caagacaaaa tgatttacaa tttgaaagtc agtgaccaaa    187260
     tgccctattg tctcctccct ggagaaatca tcattaaaaa attaataata atacacggtg    187320
     gtagaatgtt gctttgtttg tttgtccgtt tattagtttt gggggtggtg ggttttttat    187380
     tttgttctgt ttttttgaga caaggtctgt cagtgtaacc ctggatgtcc ggggaactta    187440
     caacataaag caggatggct acaacctcag agagatccac ctgcctctgc ctcccaagtg    187500
     gtgggattaa attcgtgcac aagcatatca gataatagtg ttttaattgc ctaaactata    187560
     tctcataaag caaagaaaaa cagaagtcca aattgcctca ctgtaaagct actttcatga    187620
     ttaattaaaa gcaaggtact catcagctga ctgtgttctg tgtttagcac acttttgcca    187680
     aatttagaga acaatttaaa gccattcaga attaacaatg aatatacatg aatgtcaaac    187740
     aaaataagaa atccattact tactcaggag acatttttga cacaaaagct ttctgacctt    187800
     ggctgagata tttctttttt tgttgttttt tggggctttg tttgtttggt tttttttgtt    187860
     gttgttgttt ttgttttttt tttggtattt tgtttttttt tctgagacag ggattctcta    187920
     tgtagtcctg gctgtcctgg agctcactct gtagatcagg ctggcctcga actcagaaat    187980
     ctgcctgcct ctacctctca agtgctggga ttaaaggcat gcatcaccac tgccaggcag    188040
     gctgagataa ttcaatggct gaaagtcatg gagacagttc tcatccgagt gtaccaccgt    188100
     atgaccgacc attaaccatg ccagcttgaa agtagagcaa caatctctag ccattgaggc    188160
     ataatgaaag attactgtac tcacaggcca acaaaaggcg cacacagact tattcacatt    188220
     cagagtttat agcaatgtcc tttcagacca ttgatatcta cgaaatgcat atgaaatacc    188280
     tacagcacca agtctaaagg ggactccacc tcacagggaa catacagaag ggtaaagagg    188340
     caaatcaaga atggaaacct tactgctccc agttgccttt ttcaagccaa catctctttc    188400
     aagcctgcag attttttttt tttgcctttc gggaattaag ttggacacaa aattatcttg    188460
     cttatcacac ggcaacctaa atgtaactac ctgaagtcct actcagctga caggagaaaa    188520
     gatacaagtg aaaaacagag aatgagtgaa gaggaaaaaa atgtacctag tcaataggaa    188580
     gatgaacaaa atggaccaaa gacatcaaaa agatggaggt gaggagggca ctaagataca    188640
     ggagatcact gtcaaaccac atgcccttca aagcacagtc ttagccctga gctggggcag    188700
     tgccagcaca cttctttttc tctgtctgtc tgtctgtctg tctgtctgtc tgtctgtctg    188760
     tctgtctgtc tgtctctgtg tttctctgtc tctctgtctc tctgtttctc tgtttctgtc    188820
     tctctctctc cctccctccc tcaccctcct ccgtgtctgt ctctctccct cccccccctc    188880
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac cctattcttt acattaaaag ttgtcatata    188940
     cactacccca ccccgaaaaa tgttgagatt agtgtactgt cctaaaacca ccaatttcct    189000
     cccactaaac tgattaatta aatgatctca taccgtgtta tttcaaccaa atgaaactgt    189060
     ctacactttg tcaactttga actgctgaaa gcaatttagc acagctcatc tgaatggcct    189120
     actatcacta aaaagaagga agtaaatata cagaaggcca ttagggaata gtcctactat    189180
     cagtttttaa acagaatata tacacattgt ttgtgtgtat aaatatctac gaatataaaa    189240
     atagacagtg atattttcta aatgtctatt ttttgagaga gggtctcact atgtcaccca    189300
     agttagcctt gatctttagg caatcctcct gcatcagttt ccctggtgct gggactacag    189360
     gtatatacca tgttatttgg ttatcttaaa aaatgtataa attcacatat atatatatat    189420
     atatatgcgt gtgtatttat gtatatatat atatatatat atatatatat attcttacat    189480
     gtaagttgta cataaataat atataacact tgtaactgca tagagatttt ctggaagcac    189540
     cccaagaaaa catcacttat gattgcctct gagaggaaac ctgaggtcag tggaagatgg    189600
     gatttctctc atggctagaa tcctttcctg tagcctcttg tattgttagt atgtgtgggt    189660
     ttgaatatgc ttggcccagg gagtggcact attaggaggt ttggccttgt taaagaaggc    189720
     atggccttat tggaagaagt gtgacagtgt gggggtgggc ttgtagactc tcctcctagc    189780
     tgcctggatg ctagtcttct cctgcttgac tttggaacaa gatgtggaat tctcaactat    189840
     tcctatacca tgcctgcctg gacactgcca tgctcctgcc ttgatgatat tggactgaac    189900
     ctctgaacct gtaagccagc cccaattaaa tgttctccct ctgttgcctt ggtcaaggtg    189960
     tctcttcata gaaatgaaac cctaactaag acagtatgtc tgactacata catgtcttat    190020
     tgtttttttg agatagggcc ttacaagata ggccaggcta tagtcaaatt taccatcctc    190080
     ttgcctcagc cttctgagca gtataattaa aatacccatt gccagcttgt acaatgtttt    190140
     caattaagaa aatgcctaga cacttttcaa atgtctcaag taaagcaatg tccattttag    190200
     tatgcaaata ctttagtgta tcatgaaata tttacaaaaa gtatttcaaa caaggttaat    190260
     ttcttaaact ctggcctttt gttagtttcg ttttgagaca gagtttgatg tagcccaggc    190320
     tggcctggga ctccctttgt aaatgaggag agccttgcag cactgatccc ctgcctatat    190380
     gccctgagca ttagaattac aggtgagtga cactgcacct tgtttctatg caatactggg    190440
     aactaaatcc agagcttcat gcatgctagc aaagcagtct accagtgagc tgcatcccca    190500
     gcccaaactg ttctgcactg ttcactgcct gccaaacagg ggaatgaccc cggggatctt    190560
     caatgggaaa taaagtgagt gggctttgtt ccaatgataa tattcacatt gcaagtattt    190620
     cataactatg cagtcattca tggaaagata tttgtgtgtg tgtgcgcacg cgcgtgcaca    190680
     tcacaaggac atattcgatg aggtcaagaa cagctgtctt cttcttcctc ctcctcctcc    190740
     tcctcctcct cctcatcctc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct    190800
     tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct gagacaggat ttctctgtgt agccctggct    190860
     ttcctggaac ttactttgta gaccaggctg gcctcaaact cagaaatcca cctgcctctg    190920
     cctcccaagt gctgggatta aaggcaggca tcactatgac ctgcagctgt cttctttagt    190980
     cactttgctc tttaattttt ggacaaggtt gatccttaaa cctgaatgtc tgattggctt    191040
     ggccaacaac tcatggggat cctcctgtga atgcctcccc agcacctgtc ttttatcaaa    191100
     tgtggtagag gggtcttaat aagaatgact gcccccatcc ctgacccctc cctaccccca    191160
     ctccacacaa gcatgccccc agtctatgga aggtaaacac ttggtcctca gtcagtggca    191220
     ctatttggga aggaattagg agtttctttc tggaggaagt acctcactgg gggagggggc    191280
     agggtctagg aatttaaaac ttcacactgc tctcagttgg ctctctctgt tccaagtctt    191340
     cagtgcatca tgctgcagct tcctgcttct actgctatgc ctgcctcatg cagccatgcc    191400
     tccccaccag gatgacctct tatgcttctg gaagtaaaag ccccaaaaca atcttctata    191460
     agctctcctg gtcaaggtat ttttatcaca gcaacaaaaa ggcaacaaag acacatgagt    191520
     attggggatg cgcctcagtt cctccactta cacagcaagc accttacagt ccgagtcctt    191580
     gctcctcccc tcaaatattt tcaagtttta tgaacaacac actcacctgt gggccataca    191640
     cctacctaca caactcgatc aggagcacat ttacacatgt atatgtaagc atgtagtatg    191700
     tataagtgtg tgaatgcaga actaaatgca ctaatagtaa tcctaacccg tcatacttag    191760
     agtgtcttga tgtatcttca ggatgactga gaaaacactg ttagtgtggc ctcaaaacca    191820
     actaagcctt agccaaatct ggggcctgcg cctctattca agcctctctc accttatact    191880
     cctagggaga agatgaggaa atatcttcat tctcctaagg gtgcttctct tcttacctgg    191940
     ataattccca aagactagga acccactgtt acctttagta gctctactta aattacctcc    192000
     tccacagacc tcaccttctc ccctcaggag cagtatgtga gctaagagcc accatgatgg    192060
     gcacaacagc acaagttaca gcctggaatg ccacagtgat gggcaccaca gcacaagtta    192120
     cagcctggac tgcaggaggt gggccgtgag gcagaggccc actagtctta gcaacttaat    192180
     actctgactt cagatgtttg agcagaaaac cactttttat aaatactgac atatgagcca    192240
     gtataaaatg cagatttcct gatattctga tatgaatatc agaagcagta ttccaaaact    192300
     tgataattag ccataatcat ggcaaatgtt tgtcagaaag tccaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaca    192360
     acaacaacaa caacaacaaa cccaaacacc tttaatccca gcactcagga gtcagaggca    192420
     ggcagatttc tgagtttgag gagagcctgg tttacaaagt gagttcctgg acagccaggg    192480
     ctatacagag aaacgctgtc tcaaaaaacc acaacaacaa caaaacaaaa acaaacaaac    192540
     aaaaatattt tcttagattt attgtagccg tcataaacat gttttatcca aaaattaaac    192600
     attacaatgt ttcatgttca ttaagccaac aacttaatag tgccctctat caaatttttt    192660
     gttcaatctt acttcctcag ttcaatttat gccatcccta attttttttc aaatggcatg    192720
     aatcttacaa gccgatattg atattaatag gcatggaatt ttgaccattg catataagta    192780
     tatgatgtgc catttttgaa acctgccatt tttctcttta attcactttt tcaggtttgt    192840
     ttgttcgttt tgttttgttt tgttttttat gacacggggt ttctctgcat agtcctggct    192900
     gtcttggaac aacctttgta gaccagtctt gaactcagaa atctgcctgc ctctgcctca    192960
     ggagtgctgg gattaaaggc ttgtgccacc actgtccggc cagggttttg tgtcttttgg    193020
     tttgtttatt tttgtttttg ttttgttttg ttttgaaaaa tttttcacaa gttaaaagta    193080
     tggttagctt tagttttcaa aaaatcatat tcagaaaaat tacaaatgcc atgaacttca    193140
     aatccgtctc cattaaacag tagttccaag atgtctgagt aaacatggct gaagcaacct    193200
     ttgactctgg taactgaagt cattgtcatg tatacatcta ctgaatttta gatgccagca    193260
     catgctcaaa caaacactaa tccaaattgt ttccatgtaa gactcccata agccttaggc    193320
     agctaattgt catgaaatga ctgtagatga attgcttttg caaatctgtt actagaggga    193380
     gcatccacta atttaatcat tttcctcctc aaaatcttgc tttaactcct ccaccaacga    193440
     cagtctaggt gttgaagact tctaaactaa gaagaatgtt aaaatatcta agtcccttaa    193500
     catccagtag cctctgcctt cattattaaa ggaaagctca actttgagac taatcagcac    193560
     aaaaatgcca caaaagcact accacaccct gaaataccct aaagaaatta atttgtgatg    193620
     aaccaccatg gatgtctgag ccctacactt tgagggaacc tgcaacacag aagcctgggc    193680
     agcctgtggg cacagcacac cagggaaact gactgagaga ctcaagctgc tcagcttgct    193740
     gtgggtggga aagcacagtg gctggcagaa tacagcttcc agcagggctt ccatagcatg    193800
     cagctcatgg gtgaacaacc aaactccctt taagtttcct aggtggcatc tcgccaccaa    193860
     gctctaaccg tgcttcaaga tgcttgctat gatggctaga caagtgttcc agaacacacc    193920
     atagatatct cttcaacaca cctcaggaat ccctagagca ccttccagtc ctctgcgcca    193980
     ggccacgccc catccaggcc gcccctcccc cccccccccc ggccccctgc accactcttc    194040
     tggataccac ttccagggat ctcccagagc attccctctg cccacagccc tctcacaggt    194100
     ccacgcccga gccttacctt ggtccccatc tgttcagagg tggacacttt atggatcagc    194160
     ttctggggcc cctcctgttc caattcactg taggatgaat cctctccagg tcctgcagca    194220
     gtggggcaaa ccacactggc cccagggaca gctcctcctg cgaagccctg agggtggtgc    194280
     tggctgcagg cccaggcatc ctctctgatt cctgcaggga cacagcagtg ccccaggggc    194340
     tgtggtcagc tgctgggctc tgcctgaaag tttgagccct gcccctagct agcaccatct    194400
     tctgtgatcc cctccgcgca gcaccctgga cccgggaccc tggatcacaa gcctcccctg    194460
     cctagacctc ttgggtcctc tgtgcacttc acgcctgggc acccaacctt gggatgttct    194520
     ggtgttgctg acccaggata tgaccagcac cagaatgaga tgacagatgt cgagataaac    194580
     ctcgaaggac cgccctctca ctcttcctag ggtctggagg gctcagagga aatggagagt    194640
     agagataggc aggggcatga tgcagcaggc caggcagtgg agatcctcct ccccttgtaa    194700
     taggcagcag gagtgaggag aaggctcctg agggaaaggg ggacatggag ctatctccta    194760
     tgttctgggg tgcactctga accccgaatc cctccacatg ctcggaccac aaggtaccat    194820
     tccagctaag taaaagttcc ctctgcacag gagaagaact gggtcttacg gaccctcact    194880
     cagcaccatt gctaggacct tacctcccac ctctgcctgg gggttccggt cctttaggcc    194940
     acctctacag tgctgtttag tttcgggccc acccccatct ggcgcattag gtagagaaga    195000
     gcattttctg ggaggttcag ctctgctctg agagcttttg gttcagaaag agtgattccc    195060
     tttggctaac aggaagctgg gaagagcatg gtgaggactc agaaacaaga gaggacatgc    195120
     atgcagccca agatgacaat atgccaaaat aaatgtctag gctaaagcgc ccatccagaa    195180
     tgcctggaag aatgcaccga actacgtgaa caaagtataa agtaaagaat atatatacac    195240
     acatccacag gagagaatac cactccctgg tccagactaa agtctgagga aagagaatcc    195300
     acaggctgga gcctcagctc ccaggcttcc ctggccagct gcttcagcac agccacaggg    195360
     aagagctacg ttgcagcagc agtgcacaat gcacattcaa cctcaaaatc ctacacaggt    195420
     ggggaagagg ggctgaggga gagggtagga aaaggacagg cttcctgctg tccaccttag    195480
     aaaacttcac agtgctgtta gtgattttcc aatggtgaat tctctaccga cttggtgggg    195540
     ggttctcagt agagcaatcc ttttagcaca gagacagcct ctcttgtgcg tcagttattc    195600
     cctttagcga gggaaatcac ggggtgaaat ggacttcaaa agtccgtctg gccctataat    195660
     atgaacttct gtacctacaa gtacacactg ccaagaactt tctaagaaac aatagcatta    195720
     aatggccttg tttggagatc cagatcagtg cctagagtac agaaagccta tacatggcca    195780
     aaaccaaaat aatgcccttt tattgacctt tgtcttagtc tgactatttg gtcacagaca    195840
     agtcaagaca aagaccccta gtaaaaggcc taacgcagtt cagacttttc cttttaatgt    195900
     aaagaagaca gagggcacaa gctgggacca aaatgtgatt atgattctaa tgttctcttc    195960
     cccacactct atatagtgaa aggtcacttt ggcagctatc ctgtatttca acctacacat    196020
     taaacttcca ggttttatat agcaacattt cccagaatcc agtcaagggt gactgaagtg    196080
     aaaggtggtc taaggcccat gcctatttgg tgaagaagac gggttccatt tcttactctt    196140
     tcaaaggatg ctgattgctt aaagacacat tgcacagctt cacatccagg aaccaggcaa    196200
     ttaattcctc aaagttcagg tatccattac ttataaaaac ctagccttgc agcccgctct    196260
     gatcaaaaca gaattcagta gccagctcct aaggcctgta gctttgaaaa gcaaagccag    196320
     tctaagctgg ttcctgctaa gtaaatgact gcaactctac agcatctgca gctgtagagg    196380
     aaacccagga tgggtggaaa tactgtgtag gcaaagaaag gaaagctgcc tcatttccca    196440
     ctaaaggcag ctcaggggaa aagcctggtg gaagcccatt gcttctgaga aactttcaag    196500
     gaatccccaa tttaaaatag tttctaacct actaactgct tttcctagtt aaaagctttc    196560
     acaatggttc tctgacctaa gggacatcca cttgtctttt ctttgttcag tttgtttctt    196620
     tgtcttgagg gagtccccta gcacacctca ggcccaatct gaattggcat ttatggcagg    196680
     tctccagcat caaactctat ttctcaatat ggctactaca atttcaaata catggcatat    196740
     tgtctcattt ggtttataaa aagttccttg actttcttta gtgttttaga gtttcaaata    196800
     atttttcccc tgttgctcat gaattccctt ttattactgt taccttgaga tcttcattgg    196860
     tgagccattg ttgtgcacaa ctttggttac agaattccag aggcagaggc cagcagacct    196920
     ctgaaatgtg aggccagcct gggctataca ataaaacttc catgtagaac atatcactaa    196980
     tcttgttgaa agcttgcgtg ttggtgttta aggtatgagt gctgccaaga gctggaagcc    197040
     agtctgggct acattgtaac aggcccgcaa gggctacaca gcaaaatcta gtttcaaaca    197100
     aacaaacaaa caaacaaaag caagaaagag tcttggccat acagtctaaa gatgctacag    197160
     tcagggttaa acagaaagga gtaaagctga cctctccagt cagttttcta cttaataagg    197220
     tgccatacca ccacccccaa agtacaagag acatgagcca aagctgatta aaactttatg    197280
     aacactctat tactacttac agttattctg aactaatcaa ttgctcacaa gcagaatcat    197340
     gagtcactta aagtgtctaa tcccatgttc tacggtttta ccttcaattg tgatagaact    197400
     taagagttat gtgtcatatc ttgaaaacca tgagtgggta cttgagaagc catggtgcag    197460
     ggctcatgtt cctgatcagt ccagaaccaa aggactacag atggaaccag cacagactgg    197520
     aaggctgccc tggcagcaat atggaactga ctcagcaatc actatgtatt ccatagtcag    197580
     aacttaacat tcaaaacgtt tgccctgggt caattttctt agttgttacg ccgataacaa    197640
     aacaatccgt gagcaacagt gctgtcgatt acaggaactt ctgtggtcct agcccacaag    197700
     gccaaagact cagcatccag gcagaatgtg gaactgtaca acctctagct tgtattgtgg    197760
     cctttttgct ttgaaacact tctctttcta agtgtccatt aattctggac tattaactgg    197820
     tatactgcca tcagttaatg ccaacaggta cagaaccatt tgaaaataaa aaccaatttt    197880
     aggcaatgaa gtatagtcaa gcctccttcc acttaagata ttttgtaaat actcccacat    197940
     tttttttcca ttttttatta ggtatttagc tcatttacat ttccaatgct ataccaaaag    198000
     tcccccatag ccacccaccc ccactcccct acccacccac tccccttttt tttggccctg    198060
     gcgttcccct gtactggggc atataaagtt tgcgtatcca atgggcctct ccttccagtg    198120
     atggccgcct aggccatctt ttgatacata tgcagctaga gtcaagagct ccagggtact    198180
     ggttagttca taatgttgtt ccacctatag ggttgcagat ccctttagct tcttgggtac    198240
     tttctctagc tccttcattg gattactccc acatttttaa actgagttag aattgtaacg    198300
     acctatctgc tacccactct cacccacgat taaggactgc tttgctaaat atcttcctac    198360
     ctgctcattc tcaacagcaa aacactttga ttctcctcac ttgtttactt tagtgatgct    198420
     agggcaaggc ttgcactgac atatgctctg tcccagatct acatcccagc ccccattctt    198480
     ttctactctt ttctctggat acagagtctc aatatgtagc ttatgctgac tctacaatct    198540
     gggccctctt tcctcaccta gtttttgtga atacaggtgt gcagcacaac acccaattcc    198600
     ccaaatactt tttgggctaa aatttaaatt atgcctatat tcactaacac tggaatatat    198660
     tccaaagcta gcaccaaaga aaactaagaa acttactatg ctagcaagta tcttctttag    198720
     gctcaagact tagccagaat aatgctaaat aaactaatat gtatccaaat ttagctaatt    198780
     aacttaattt cactccctca cagagagaat ggcaggaagt cccagaaaat cccttttcta    198840
     cacaggaatc tccaaggaat cttttgtttt tctctccgaa tatgagaaat caggccatca    198900
     aggtttaggc tccatcagga gagagaggga gagagaagag gggagagggg agagggtaga    198960
     agggagagtg gggaggagag aagggagaag ggagaggggg gaggagagaa gggagagggg    199020
     ggaggagaga gaggagagaa gagaaagcat agtatgcctt ggttgagtgg tgaaacaaaa    199080
     aagatctatg agtattttaa cctatatgtc tttgacaatg cattcctatt gcataggaag    199140
     tctttccatc cagaaaataa gcatcagaga ggtagtcaac tgtcttttca aaataggaca    199200
     agagaaatat actcttctgc attttggcca gaataaacct ggtaatatgc aagacttctc    199260
     tctcttttag gggtgatgat cagaatggtc tcaagcaact ccagaatttc cacaccaaag    199320
     cagaaggctt atgaactcaa ggaccaaaaa gtccagccaa gcagctattg aagctaaaac    199380
     taaaggcaga ttcatcagtg cagccaaatc cccactgaag cattaagtat aaggtcgaca    199440
     gggagccttt aaattgtacc cagattctgt gccatttcaa agactttggc atttgtgcta    199500
     ggaaagggga cagattcttc ttaagtatga cacagaaagc taaaactagt gatattttag    199560
     gtactcacag ccatgaaact gtgccaagca tgcacaagtc aagttccgtc agcatcttag    199620
     catgctgggt gatgaggaaa ccctatgtct ctgttaaaga ttaggacagg gatagaattg    199680
     tcttcggtgt ataaacattc ttaatgtgcc attttcaggt aaataatccc tgtttcactc    199740
     ctgagctcag actcagactt catgaaattc attttcacat taaattttta aaaagagatc    199800
     aaattagaag aattagtttg gggtggaaag gggatgagca ggcctgggaa ttgcacgaga    199860
     gtgtaccaaa aggtgagtgt aacacaagca caccataaac ctacatgaaa gtgtcctaat    199920
     ggaatccata gtattcacag ttagaaaatc taaatgaaag catttattta aaaaaaaata    199980
     tcaatggtca tgataaagag cacccaagat taaattctgg cctccaaata cattcatggg    200040
     caacaacaaa aataaccatg cacacacata cacaaataaa gataaaaccc ataaggcagg    200100
     tgtagtaaaa tgtcatataa acaaatatcc acagaccaga gggaacttac atcttcctcc    200160
     accttcaggg ctctcgccat gacacagagt cttgtttatg tgtttgtctg tgtggatgta    200220
     tgtttcctat gtgggatatc catgaaggtc agaagaggga tcagatcgcc agacctggag    200280
     ttactaaata ttgtgtacta tttctacttg ggtgctagaa aagaacctgg cctcagagaa    200340
     tagcactagg cactctttac tgctaagctc tctccatagc ccagaaagtg ttgatacaat    200400
     aaaaatttag gttctgctta cttattcata aataccagat tgttttcact gaaagcataa    200460
     tcatttccct cactaaagat ttatgttcaa ctcatggcag cagatagtgc atggagaaaa    200520
     tcctggattg tctggagaat ggaagccagg actgctgaga atgctctcca cctgcacatg    200580
     gaatatgact gtgcattttt attttctggt tgtgagataa aactcaggac tttgtgtgag    200640
     tgaaacaatt atcacacagt acatgccagg tctgtaagcc ctttctatca ccagcgttac    200700
     aaggtacaca gcatgatggg cctgactgtc ctttgggaaa cacgcacaat ggcacttgaa    200760
     aatggcttac agaattttca aggattagac gggatcaact agccaaaggc agttcaaaca    200820
     ggtaattctc agtctgataa ccctaccaat ctcagtgtct gctcaccctt cacaaagaac    200880
     tggactgtga gaaacaagtg taactagttc tacttttcca gaaaaacaaa taaacaaaca    200940
     aacaaacaca caaacacccc tttcctctgg caagataacc aaatgatttt gaaagatgcc    201000
     cattgtcata acagggctca ttttgttctc caggctcctt tacaaatacc gcttaaaata    201060
     attataaaga gaaatttaca gaaaggtcta ctcaaattgt ctgcttcttt ctgattaaat    201120
     ggcttacttc ctaggtatta aattttatct ggctaaaaca gatgcatatt tttctctgtc    201180
     tcacttcttt acacatctca atgtccctcc atggatgtca aggttaactg cagtggattc    201240
     cgggaacctt aaaattcagc caccatactt tactcattct cctacagcca gggggaagac    201300
     agtgacctaa atattagcct tacaggctcc ccatcatcct gtacctcaac atgaatcaat    201360
     agtttgattg attccactaa aaaaatgggg aatgtaatag aaaaaattag ctccatgtaa    201420
     aaatgagttt cagatcaagt tggtatgcaa aaaaaattat aagttaaaga aaacgcagaa    201480
     aagaaagtag aaaatgaatg caaagcaaaa gaaagggagt cagcaaaacc ttgtgcttag    201540
     gctaaggatt tttcaccata ggatgtttct accagggcac taagcttaat tcatgagcag    201600
     ttgagtcttg acagctattt aatgaggtgg ttgatgtcag agctacctgg ctcatttccc    201660
     aaaattgttt tcctttccca ttattgtgta tttgttaata taaaatatta accagacatt    201720
     cattctgctt ctgtaatttc atttatctga tgatttttca gaaaaaaaaa tacagtgcct    201780
     catagagcag aaattcttga gttgaggctg ttgtggtgtg ttcctttaat aacccaagtc    201840
     catgttttct tttgtaaagc acctaagact tgcagagaat aattgggact cagccacaat    201900
     cactaagttt ttcccatggt atacaacaac ttcctcagtt attttttctt gaaccacaat    201960
     atcttaggaa ctggaagagg cattatgcac agttaagagc aaatctagaa gagctaggag    202020
     actgagctca agaaagccaa aaggaatctt gaacagcccc aaaataaaaa ggcccaagta    202080
     atcctaaaat ggattagtgg ggaatcaaaa tataggaatt cagctcctgg cattaattcc    202140
     agccttgctt gttgcagcct tttgatgcaa agggatagaa gatcctccca ggtcctgatg    202200
     gctccagagg accctatagc aggggcgacc acaagaggga aggcaaggtt ttattattgt    202260
     gcccagggat cctcagaata gaagtaagaa ttcttgtata agcatcagtt cctcctatgt    202320
     ataggatgag taaggtgtca cccatgccat agagatggag aagtggcttt aactagatac    202380
     ttgctaactc accatacgct acaaagaaaa agggagacca gagaggtgac ctctggtcaa    202440
     agacttgtct acctcttgct aaactgttga gcccaagata cccttcaggt agcagatgaa    202500
     ctgtcttctc cagggcagca tgaaggtcct ggaagtggtc ctgctacatg cccaggagac    202560
     agtagagcaa tatctctgct ttggtgccta ctacctcctg ttcctgctgt gactgctcac    202620
     agaagctcaa tagtatggtg tactgcagca ccctgttcat ggcctttacc tgtgtcgtgg    202680
     catgggcaag gctctgtaaa tactatatga gccattcctt gctctgtggc tccctgttgg    202740
     tgtcattttc cctctctgta catggccaga tagcatcagg gcttagtgag ggcagcagag    202800
     tgacacagac tgaattgggc cttcaggcta gggaactgta aataggaagg ctatgtgatt    202860
     gataggctgg aactaacctc ctgcatcact ggtaataagg catgatcatg gaatgcctct    202920
     tcctctgctt cctctttctg gcaaaaccaa gttagctgag gttgtaacca tacttgaaga    202980
     gaagagacaa aaatggagaa ggcagaggtg gtgaccactc catcctaggt cctgccacag    203040
     atgggcttga cccctcctgc tccacttcca gttgactatc ccacttcaaa cttctatttc    203100
     agttgggatt agaggagggt aaagtcactg aagcccaaca gttcccagaa ttctgacacg    203160
     gaggcatgtg cctatgagat cttcttttca ggcatccatc cttcctggcc caccttcagt    203220
     actgaggaat tacagcagaa aacatgaaga attggtgctt gctgacttgc ctggtaggtt    203280
     catcttcaga tcttatcctc ataccaccca tgaccatttg ctcaggtaat ggtaactccc    203340
     acagtctcct gggtgctcct acccagttat caacgagaca tgactgtatc acaggtatgc    203400
     ccaaaggcca actttgtaaa agacagttac tccactgaga cacttgattt caggtgatac    203460
     catacaaaca acaggtttag acaatggagg tgactgctat catggaaccg tagctttaca    203520
     cagactgcct ggctttcccc tctcccttac acctcgataa cttctgtctg gctgaccagt    203580
     acttatcctg acagcaacca cagatccgaa gtcatcactc agattctcat cttatgtctt    203640
     cttaggaata atagacatcc tgatgatgat gggatggaca cagtgggaaa gggaaggaaa    203700
     agtgacattg gacactgatt tggtttgtga tgagaaataa ctaagttcca tgaaaaacaa    203760
     gtatagatac agaagagaaa catagtctct gaataacagt caaaggagag tgaagagaat    203820
     tagtttgtgt tcctagaaat cttctgaata atccagtgag gcagcatggt tggtgagatt    203880
     gtctcacatt ctgtgcagtg gtgcatagta cttttgttca gtcctttata agatgctttt    203940
     agtgtcactg gaaactagct gacagaaact gggaacatat ttagtgcttt agtgttgatt    204000
     ttaacaatga ccttggcaga aactcctttc tgtcagtatt agagatttag atatgtgagg    204060
     ttgaggagtt ccccagttaa agaatttctt ttttttatta gataatttct ttacttacat    204120
     ttcaaatgtt atccactttc ctcatttccc ctccaaaaac cccctatccc atcccctctc    204180
     cccttgctca ccaacttgac tactcccaat tttctgtcct ggcattcctc tacactggga    204240
     catcaagact acacaagacc aagggccttc ttcccattga tgtctgacaa aggcatcccc    204300
     tgctacatat gtggctgcaa ccatgggtcc ctccaagtgt actctttggt tggtaattta    204360
     gtccctggga gctctggggg aactggatgg ttcatattgt tgtacctcca gtggagctgc    204420
     aaaccgattc agctccttgg gtcctttctc tagctcctcc attggagacc ctgtgctcag    204480
     gccagtgttt ggctgagagc atccacctct gcatttatca ggagtctctc aggtgacagc    204540
     tatatgaggt tcctgtcagc aagcacttgt tcgcaaccac aatagtgtct gggtttgttg    204600
     attgtatatg gaatggatgc ccaggtgggg cagtctgtga atggcatttc cttcagtctc    204660
     tgcttcacag tttgtctctg actgtcctcc catggggatt ttgttcctgc ttctaaggag    204720
     gaccgaaggt tccacactta aatcgtcctt cttgagcttc atgttgtctg tgaattatat    204780
     cttagatatt ccgagcttct gagctaatat ccacttatca gtgagtacat accatgtgtg    204840
     ttcttttgta attgggttac ctcactcagg atgatatttt ctagttccat ccatttgcct    204900
     aagaatttaa tgaagtcaat gtttttaata actgagtagt actccattgt gtaaatgtac    204960
     cacattttct gtatccattt ctctgttgag ggacatctgg gttctttcca gcttctgtct    205020
     actataaata aggctgctat gaacatagaa gagcatgtgt ccttattaca tgctggagca    205080
     tattttggaa ctatgaccag gagtggtatt gctgggtcct caggtagtac tatgtccaat    205140
     tttctgagga acagccaaac tgatttccag agtcattgta ctagtttgca atcccaccag    205200
     taatggagga gtgttccttt ctccatatcc tcaccagcat ctgctgtgac ctgagttttt    205260
     tatcttagcc attctgacct gtgtgaggta gactctaagg gttgttttat tttgcatttc    205320
     tctgatgatt aaggatgctg aacacttttt caggggcttc tcagccattc agtattcctc    205380
     aggtgagaat tc                                                        205392