ID   AC125149; SV 4; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 169725 BP.
AC   AC125149;
DT   21-JUN-2002 (Rel. 72, Created)
DT   11-JUL-2004 (Rel. 80, Last updated, Version 5)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-354E17 from chromosome 1, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Sciurognathi; Muroidea;
OC   Muridae; Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-169725
RA   Nguyen C., Cotton M., Bielicki L.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-354E17";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-169725
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (20-JUN-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [3]
RP   1-169725
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-MAY-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-169725
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (26-JUN-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [5]
RP   1-169725
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (10-JUL-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 0cc560d98f9f22f4385397db82e1c108.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456210.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC125149.4:1-169725; mus_musculus.
DR   RFAM; RF01073; GP_knot1.
DR   RFAM; RF01942; mir-1937.
CC   On Jun 26, 2004 this sequence version replaced gi:47131363.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BB0354E17
CC   --------------.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The RPCI-24 BAC Library has been constructed by Pieter de Jong and
CC   coworkers (http://www.chori.org) from male C57BL/6J mouse spleen
CC   and/or brain genomic DNA. The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..169725
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="1"
FT                   /map="1"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-24"
FT                   /clone="RP24-354E17"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   unsure          1..69
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   repeat_region   13..87
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   unsure          757..782
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   repeat_region   1275..1456
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   unsure          1645..2241
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   repeat_region   3715..4201
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   4772..4980
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   5655..5814
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   5850..6031
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   6416..6597
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   6795..6924
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   6824..7057
FT                   /rpt_family="Y-chromosomal"
FT   repeat_region   6925..6946
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   7083..7379
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   7466..7807
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   7993..8096
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   8108..8131
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   8132..8196
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   8197..8328
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   8214..8277
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   8981..9203
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   9209..9346
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   10774..10920
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   unsure          12984..13069
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   repeat_region   14132..14256
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   14863..15080
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   15565..15732
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   16142..16381
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   18258..18407
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   18811..18909
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   18933..19007
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   19378..20112
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   20800..20925
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   20926..21097
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   21261..21378
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   21379..21521
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   21522..21651
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   21902..22080
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   22088..22700
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   22701..23832
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   24237..24393
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   30379..30941
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   31429..32020
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER19B"
FT   repeat_region   32190..32332
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   33145..33249
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   34182..34292
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   34812..35069
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   39542..39612
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   39685..40242
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   41233..41423
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   41517..42271
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER6A"
FT   repeat_region   42925..43285
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   unsure          46869..46884
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          48513..48598
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   repeat_region   51656..51769
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   51990..52127
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   52153..52322
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   52512..52605
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   53200..53344
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   53249..53379
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   54193..54650
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER1B"
FT   repeat_region   59237..59367
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   59487..59651
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   59705..59752
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   59771..59934
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   60163..60320
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   61039..61100
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   61105..61224
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   61635..61968
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   62233..62537
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   62545..62622
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   62614..62920
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   62969..63178
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   63709..64093
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   64419..64625
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   64741..64833
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   64854..65042
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   65287..65428
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   65450..65833
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   66900..67277
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   67443..67930
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   68021..68142
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   68569..68787
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   69328..69545
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   69687..69833
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   69938..70113
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   70288..70509
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   70577..70735
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   71565..71701
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   71795..71883
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   72383..72475
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   72654..72807
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   unsure          72774..72909
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   repeat_region   74006..74061
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   74092..74196
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   74232..74432
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   74838..74960
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   74967..75037
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   75346..75707
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   76083..76131
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   76238..76385
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   77387..77529
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   77709..77788
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   77814..77939
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   77941..78026
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   78194..78355
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   78862..79005
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   79008..79075
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   79083..79199
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   79237..79404
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   80712..80784
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   85588..85819
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   85900..86088
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   86091..86251
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   86235..86329
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   86372..86487
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   86500..86596
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   86605..86749
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER10B"
FT   repeat_region   87366..87566
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   87852..88466
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER19B"
FT   repeat_region   88600..88727
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER19B"
FT   repeat_region   88712..88978
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   89878..91668
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   92264..92326
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   92341..92400
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   92551..92670
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   93072..93238
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   93242..93388
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   93513..93702
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   93710..93833
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   93842..93971
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   93957..94402
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   94514..94645
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   96598..96722
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   96816..97078
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   97829..97973
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   unsure          98375..98795
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   repeat_region   99238..99387
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   unsure          99293..99326
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   repeat_region   99431..99626
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   100349..100519
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   100622..100683
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   100744..100802
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   101707..101844
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   103339..103486
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   104137..104348
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   104635..104783
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   106236..106307
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   106738..107345
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   108096..108196
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   108705..108852
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   108893..109045
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   109645..109816
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   109742..109851
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   110574..110785
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   111265..111332
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   111918..112036
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   113619..114111
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   114550..114869
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   116000..116181
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   117923..117976
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   117947..118259
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   118700..118787
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   118821..119024
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   119697..119856
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   119892..120079
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   120459..120674
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   120836..120959
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   120961..121414
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   121500..121839
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   122025..122128
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   122164..122228
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   122229..122360
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   122903..123051
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   123060..123448
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   123453..123591
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   125000..125146
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   unsure          126402..126433
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   repeat_region   127344..127393
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   128364..128489
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   129095..129312
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   129797..129964
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   131996..132201
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   132454..132593
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   132633..132694
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   134553..134701
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   135153..135299
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   136720..136858
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   136863..137251
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   137261..137408
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   137944..138075
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   138076..138140
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   138176..138279
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   138466..138799
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   138885..139317
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   139318..139339
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   139340..139469
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   139624..139844
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   140281..140461
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   140497..140656
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   141328..141531
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   143223..143542
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   143737..143789
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   143833..143880
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   143998..144490
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   146050..146168
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   146765..146832
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   147309..147520
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   148127..148213
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   148244..148354
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   148327..148449
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   149051..149203
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   149245..149392
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   149901..150003
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   151253..151277
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   151278..151371
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   151374..152015
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   152755..152947
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   153024..153631
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   153840..153892
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   unsure          153924..153967
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   repeat_region   154086..154146
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   155635..155783
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   156069..156280
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   156931..157078
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   157371..157524
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   162043..162323
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   162788..163036
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   163801..163938
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   164766..164906
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   166063..166389
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   166640..166769
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   166770..166912
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   166913..167030
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   167184..167355
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   168170..168907
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   169351..169449
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
SQ   Sequence 169725 BP; 46617 A; 37533 C; 37162 G; 48413 T; 0 other;
     gatcatcggt tacacagcta agtttgaccg gcgcagaaat gccatataaa tgaagacata        60
     aagtgtactt tttttggtgt atggctttgt ttgcatccct gtactcttgg gacctgttcc       120
     tgcaggtcag taatttgtac ctcttcagca gaggtctgag cctggagccc tggacaggcc       180
     ctcgtcccta gccaccttgc tttgcctgtt atttccagcc tctgttttgc ctgttatttc       240
     caggcttctg ttggttgctt ttgttttatt tgcatcttta cgcctgtttc tttacctttc       300
     cacttcaggc tggttttcta acttacagaa tgagaatgag cattccagat aagagcaaca       360
     gttgtgcaga gtaaatgtaa ggcacccatt cttcaaaaat gatactgtcc ccgactggct       420
     gtgatccact tccgaattct gtgagatgcc tcttgttctc aagaccatgg tgaaattgct       480
     gaagccctgt gttgcctcgc tgtcagtgtc acaccttagc aagcagctct gcctggattc       540
     tctgcacttg cctttggttg gttggaggtg tgtgggcggg gttgggggcg gtctcttgct       600
     ctagctacct tcagaagctt caaaaacttt atgaagccac acccgacttt tcctactctg       660
     ctgctcaatt atcaggtccc agcttctctg gttctgactt actagggtgc caggacagtt       720
     acaagtctga gagactgcag acaatctaac tcttcctggt ctttccaggc accgcccccg       780
     cttagggtta agggacaact ttcttcctat cctaaccagc cagctggcct tagacagctc       840
     tgagcccttc actgaaacag acccttccac cttctttcct tagaaggcag caggcgtccc       900
     aggtttctgg ggacttgggc tgtctttgct cctcccctct ggggcagaga ctgggggtgg       960
     agggcagtgc attagtgcag tgttgtcata gttaagcaat ttcactttcc tttttctcct      1020
     ctttggaggc ccctgaagga gttctctctg ggcttcccag agactgagag gggttcggtc      1080
     taccctgaac cggttccttg gagtctgtgt aggggatggc aggaggcgac aatgaactca      1140
     gcagcaggta agtcccattc tctcttgtcc cttgtctctg ctaagatctg cctttaaatg      1200
     tgttactagg gccgcccaag ctgggtccaa ggcccacaga tatttgagac agttatctca      1260
     taaggaaaag aagaactggg tttagttgga ttccgaggta acaagggcca ggtgacagca      1320
     ttgaatcgct ggagacaagg tgattctagt tattataatg gacagcggag acaaaagaat      1380
     gtttataata acatacccag taatggtcag cataggagag gtgaaattta taatggcatg      1440
     actcggttgg acattttctt tggcagaggc aactctaaag gcttccattt ggcctttcca      1500
     accataatag ccctcactct acagttcagg gaaccaatat gagaattctg ccaatttctg      1560
     agtatatcta tcctaattat acattctgga actggggaaa tcaccacagg atgtgtccgg      1620
     ggacctactg gacctactgt gagtcagaca tcagtcaaaa ctccattact cacctgccct      1680
     ccataagccc ctactttaac tggagggcca caatgtttct tgggatcccc tgggatcagt      1740
     gtcaactcag aaccagtatc cagcagaccc cgaaaagtct gattatttcc ttttccccag      1800
     tgtacagtta gttacccttg taaaaggccg taggtccctc tggggaagaa ctggagaaag      1860
     ggtaacagca aaacctttga gtgtcttatc aagatccttc ctcagcggaa cctggccacc      1920
     ccttcattca aggggttctg gatctgcaaa ctgtctcaag tctggaaatt gattcactgg      1980
     ccgagattgc tgtttaccac gatctaatgt agcctttctt tcatttggct gtttaccact      2040
     atctaatgta gcctttcttt catttgtttg agaatttttc tgcttataca gatcaaacaa      2100
     atatgcagta ggcttcctat gtatttcatt tcctggaaac accaagattg gttagccagt      2160
     accaaaggtc caaccgagtc atgccattat aaattttacc tctcctgtgc tgaccattac      2220
     tgggtatgtt attataaaca ttcttttgtc tacgctgtcc attataataa ctagaatcac      2280
     cttgtctccg gcgattcaat gctgccacct ggcccttgtt acctcggaat ccaactaaac      2340
     ccagtgaatt taattcatct aattgagcag aagcatctcc aattctaaga tcctgcacaa      2400
     ggaaaaggga aagaacaaaa cccttcaaat gtgctggtgc ccctctcacc aatatgcgtc      2460
     ttatagagct ggtgaaaggc atatcttctg gaccttccca ttgtggacaa ttatgcttta      2520
     cacaatatat ccactctagc attgcacttt cccttagtct taaaatccct tcatcaacac      2580
     taagccatgg aatatcaggc atctccaagt catttccagt aggccatctt ttgataaaca      2640
     cctcagccaa ccattcagac aaacttttga cacctttttt aactatgcga gcttctgtat      2700
     taaacctaga atctttactc agaggaccca tgtcaataaa ctcagcctgc tctagtttta      2760
     tgttccttcc acccttatcc cacaccctta aaatccattc ccacacatat tcaccaggtt      2820
     tctgcttgaa tgaattagca aactcattaa gctccttagt agtgtagcga atttcctcat      2880
     ggactacact ttctacctcc cctctaggag cctgttttgc tttgagtctg gttacaggtc      2940
     tagaagaaac tattggtggg ccttgagaaa catcagtagt gaaagtcatt gctggtttat      3000
     cagactctac aaaattaatt tcctcatgtg gggaaggcat tatttcaagg ggtggggctg      3060
     agggtactac ttcctcaggt ggggcaaacc cttgagaatc tgaagattca aaattctcag      3120
     cttcaacatg gtcttcccac acatccccgt cccatgttgt aggatcccat tctttgccaa      3180
     ttagagccct tactttaact gtcgacacac tctgaggctg agacttgaat tttcgctgta      3240
     attcagccaa tcttacaatg agagttttcg tttgattttc agcaacttga gctctattgc      3300
     tacaagagag aagattctcc tcaaggacac acttagcaac ttttagatcg tttacttgtg      3360
     tctggagcct ttcgatttta tcacacaact ccttcctttc attcatcatt ttttccacag      3420
     atactaagag cagccagcca gtaaaatcat tttccgattt tttccccatt ttgtagaaag      3480
     ctttgtgcac tgaatcacct aattcattaa gaaaatcaag ggcattagct tctttaagtt      3540
     cggaatatag tttcaaccat gggtcttcaa aattctctga gctcccagga gggagagaat      3600
     ctggagaggt ttcaatagtt gaaagtgctg gtggatcaac aagccaattc cagtatttta      3660
     aaagattcat ccttgtactt ctgttactct agaaccactt ctggtaccaa cttctgtatt      3720
     agtcagggtt ctctagagtc acataactat ggatactctc tagatagtaa aggaatttat      3780
     tgatgactta catctccaag gatctagcag ttactctcac gaagcaagca ggctaaggaa      3840
     caagagctag actcccttct tccaatgtcc ttatattatc tccagcggaa ggtgtagccc      3900
     agattaaagg tgtgttccac cacaccttta atcccagatg aaaggcatag cccagattaa      3960
     aggtgtgttc caccacacct ttaatcccag atgaaaggca tagcccagat taaaggtgtg      4020
     ttccttaaac tcggagattc tatcttctgg aatccatagc cactatggct caagatcttc      4080
     aaaccaagat ccagataagg atctccaagc ctccagataa gggtcactgg tgagccttcc      4140
     aattccggat tgtagttcat tccaaatatt gtcaagttga caacctggaa tagccactac      4200
     agcagccttc tctgcagtag gctagctgtc agagagttct atggtcgccc taactccaca      4260
     ctccgcttca tttcgttgct tctgtcccag agcttgtctg gtgctgtgtg gacttcctgt      4320
     gagctcctgt aggagtggct ggttcattgt gacttctgac ctctcttctc tttctaacgc      4380
     tcactctaaa ggacagctct gtccaagaaa gatcattaag agtaagttca aacctgatcc      4440
     tgtcaattgc tgatctcccc agtcttgtgg ttgaagacag ctctggcctg agaccacaag      4500
     tcctacttag gtcaggtccc catagtttcc tagctcagag ggaggaagtg aaagatgagc      4560
     aggtggggag tgggtgatgc tcttaaccct ttctgttcct gttggttact gagctggtta      4620
     gaaatggatg caaattctct ctgtctctct gtctctgtct ctgtctctct gtctctctgt      4680
     ctctctgtct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctcacacaca cacacacaca      4740
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacgat aggagagatg gcccaggttt aagcactcgt      4800
     attgccctag tagtgggcat gggttgggtc cccagcacct atcctagggc ttccaactgc      4860
     ctctcatgcc aactccagat cagacagcct tttctgcctt ccatggacac gacgctgtac      4920
     tcacgtgcag gaagcacact gagacagact catacatgca taattcaaaa taaaaataga      4980
     aaagatgaga tgaaggtgtg tgatgccccc aacagggact cagtcagggc tacttctgct      5040
     cctgcagatg tcctaagaaa gcaccatttc tcctgtgaca tttggtcaag tccactagtg      5100
     ataccagcag tgtgctgtgt cttttgggaa taaatagggt ggttaatcac tggctcagtg      5160
     cctttcatat aagcaggtgg aggtatctgt cgctgagtgt ttgcagtttc tgtctttgaa      5220
     gacatttttg ttgtggttat caatctgaca ggcgtaggga tggctgcatt aatctttgct      5280
     acccttgcac tgtctgtgga attcatagtg tgtgtctgtc ttaccttcgc tagcctgagt      5340
     agagatttaa taatgtattg atctttccaa aggatgtgag cataatgccc acttctttta      5400
     attctatgga tttctacttt aatttcattg aatctttgtc ttcattggga tgaaatcatt      5460
     cctcataaga ttgttcattt atgcctctct tagcttctga cacatacaaa gctgtatgtt      5520
     tccccttagc cactgccttt gctgtgtctc agatttaata atttttagac ttcagtgctt      5580
     ttttagtgta ggagaaaggg tcacactttt gcttgtctta ccccatttaa aaaaatttac      5640
     attcatttat ttattgtatg tgtgcaggtg ccacaatgtg tcttttgaga tcagaggaca      5700
     actttgggga gttggttctc tcctactacc atgtagttag ttcttagggg agcaagctca      5760
     tgtccgcaga cttggtggca aggcctgtat cagctgagcc atcctcccag accctctttt      5820
     atttacatta gttacagttt ttaaacgtac tctgttttat aattgtgcta ttattaaatt      5880
     atccacattt tgactcatta tggacagaga gaaataccta ccatgtttgt aaatattttc      5940
     attttactca ttttgttttt ggctttcctt tctttttatg cccttttggt tttagtaaaa      6000
     cattttatga ttctttcttc ctttctttct ttctttcttt tctctctctc tctctctttc      6060
     tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc ttgaattcct ttacctattt      6120
     ttttgttgtc tcattttgtt tttctttttt gcagtactgg ggatcaattc tggggattct      6180
     cttgagaatg acttttggag aaactttcat atcttgtctc tgttttttct aaacagtgtg      6240
     tgagcatgtt cgctgcttat tactttgtgg catttgtagt ttagttttga caccttggca      6300
     cttttgtatt tctgactaat ttgctgcatt ttctagttgg atcagtgcat cacatgtgaa      6360
     actgcagtat ttgaatttac cgtctgtgaa ataatttagt tccaactcag attttatggg      6420
     gagttcattt cagattccac atgaaaccag ggtgtagtgg tgtgtgtttt taactccaga      6480
     attagggaaa tatagacagt tggatccccg gagatgactg gccagctaat ctggctgaac      6540
     taatgatatc cgagttcagt gagagacccc atctcaaaac ataaggtgga gaacaactgg      6600
     actctttgcc caggcatatg ccaggaacat acacacgagc aagcacatat acatagacag      6660
     cctccttaag tttaaaataa aaattattgt atatttttat atgttactac atataaattt      6720
     taggttcttt aaaaaaaaaa aagaccctct caagattttt ttggtaacag ataactttga      6780
     tattctttgt gtttgtttgt tgtgtagtcc tgactagtct ggaacttgct atatagacca      6840
     ggctggcctt gaattcatgg agatcctcct gcctcctgcc tctgcctcca aagagctgtg      6900
     attaaaggtg tgcataacca cacctctttt aaaagaatta tggagaaccc caaaagctat      6960
     ctcttggtgt taaatttaat gaggtttacc attaattata agttacagct tcaggtattt      7020
     agaatattta tccattaaaa gtagtaccaa agagttcatc attatcacaa gtgtgcatcc      7080
     taatgaaaaa taacaagatt ttctaaaata aaattaaagg ggaagataca atcttgcttt      7140
     accttctcac gaatgtcctt actttcctgc ttggtcaaag tcacagatgc cctgtttatc      7200
     tctgagttca gtctgctgtg atgccacagc ccacgggcac ctgtgaatat cacccaacat      7260
     ttttgggcag aggaaagaga aaaggggcag atggcatttc aggattgttc tgagaatagt      7320
     ttgttcttgt tggcatctga aagagtcttg agcaggggtc gtcaggctat accctgagag      7380
     gcaccattct caattgctta gcatgtaggt attgccattt taagtgctta aaaaaaaaga      7440
     cacatcttca gtggcagcag gaggggatgt gctgatgtgg atgggagaaa tctcaccaga      7500
     ctccattcct agatgaagag ccatagctat taatggctgt taacaaagag aaaatcaacc      7560
     agtattctcc aagaatgaac cctctgttag gttatccagt gcttagtggt cagccctaaa      7620
     cacacatgca taggagtgca ggttgtatgt atgtccgtgt gtgcgcgcgc gtgtgtgtgt      7680
     gtgtgtgtgt tatgtatata tgtgtgtgtt tatatataaa acaataatta gagatggttt      7740
     tgagagaaag tgagaaagga aggcatgagg gaattgaaaa gaaaagggag cgggagaaac      7800
     gatgtaaaca cagtattcat gtatgaaaat ttaaaaatat atataaacat ttaaaataaa      7860
     caaaaggaaa acatgtgccc caatttattt gatttagttt tcttgttaat tttttagtta      7920
     gcgtgaaaat gatgggtctc agcatggcat cttcatactt acatacccta tttttgctca      7980
     ttcccttccc ctcttgcagg tgttggttct cttctaccgt gtaggtccca ggattgaact      8040
     caggaaatta aactataagg ggaggacatt tatccatcga atcttctcac cagctctcct      8100
     tccccccttt tttgttttag aaattgattt atttcttcat tatttgagac aaggtttcac      8160
     tgtatagccc aggcaaacct tgaagtcact agataagggc caacagggtg cctcagtgga      8220
     taaaggtcct gaccaggcac tgggaactga gtttgatgcc cagaacccat acaagagtga      8280
     aaacagagaa ccaactcctc aaagttgtcc tctgatgtct aaatatgcag atattgtaac      8340
     aagactaaca ctaggtaaag tgaaaaagag gaagacgcta tgtccgccat gaaggtagga      8400
     tgttgtgacg acaggcattg gaccatgccc agatgatttc tcacttctgt catatgaaca      8460
     tacgtcataa ttggtttcca tttgccaccc agaatggaat caattacaca aacactccta      8520
     tgtgtcattg ggcttcttgg gcctttcgtt ctcagttcac tgtctctgga cagagagaac      8580
     tggccacctg agatgtcagg cattgtagca gcagtgaagt taataagtgt gagactccat      8640
     tactgcaaga gatggggaac caggaggaga gaagaaagca tgtggaacca tggatgaacc      8700
     acacatgagc cacacatgtc tcagtcctgg gtcaactgtg ttgactttac aaatgagctg      8760
     gaagaagagg ttctgctttt ttattttaat gtcatttcca tttaccctga ggtctataga      8820
     ttgtgttcca gtttcatttc tttctttttt ttgtttttgt tttttgaaac agggtttctc      8880
     tgtatagccc tggctgtcct ggagctcact ttatagacca ggctggcctc aaactcagaa      8940
     atctgcctgc ctctgcaatg agtacaagcg tgcctgtcag tgttcaactt gctccctaca      9000
     cttaatgcca ccaagccatt tccttttacc tagggattgg tgctatccac agtgcactgg      9060
     atctttccat atcaactaga ataatgcgga caaccctgga cagaaatacc cagagattac      9120
     cctaatctag acaatcattt attaagattc atacaatcca agatgattat agattgtgtc      9180
     aggtttacaa ttaaaacaaa tcacagtact ggacatgaag gaacataatt taaacctgag      9240
     cactcaggca gcagaggcag gtgaaatcta tgtgtgagga tagccttgtc acatagtaac      9300
     ttttaggcaa gccagactta cagatgataa ccctgtcccg agcaaatcaa actcaaagca      9360
     ccagaacttg atcactaaat gagatgttta aaattttaat tttatattag cagaccagtc      9420
     ttcatgtcag taattatcca gccattggta gcatcttgta aaccagtatc tacttctgca      9480
     tggaatctgt cccctaggac aatcccagag gaccagaatg aagaggagtc agatgactat      9540
     cagctcatgt tcaagcactt caaagaaaac aaggtggaga tcgcaagtgc catcaccaag      9600
     ccgtttcctt tcctcatgag ccttcgagac caagacttca tctcggagca gaagtttcag      9660
     gtgagtgtgg agaatgaact cagtcctgac agcaagcctg ccctgtgctg tatcatgctg      9720
     tacttctggg tgcagccaac aggttgaagc acctccaggg atgaagggac atcacctttg      9780
     taagtcagaa gataactgga gggatagaca tcacaggaac catttacatt cacctctgca      9840
     gtaactgagg ctgaggcaca tggtgacagc gatgaatagc aagcaggaat gcttcgaagt      9900
     gcagagcatc ccagggtcac ttgtgtaatg taacaacaga tactaggatg caagtagaca      9960
     cacctaagct gggctgcctt ccaaagccta cttactccaa atcccagagc cagaggcagt     10020
     tgggtcatgt gagcacagaa ctcggggagt cctgtttgct tctctatctt caagttgttc     10080
     ctggttcttc aggcaactct gaagccctag aatgagaggt acaggtcagt gatgggatct     10140
     gcggtgataa caaagacctt ttcttcttta tgcattctct ttgccctgtg gctaggatgc     10200
     tatgctcact tggtttcctc aagctcttca gaccagctca gtccttgggg agttaattgt     10260
     ctggacccca aggctgccac tcatggtctt ttagggcctg gcttttacag acatatcatt     10320
     taattattca tcaaaccctc tcttccctgt ctactatttg tcagcatcag agcttctttc     10380
     agatgagcta gggtctgtta gtacagagga catgtaagat atcacctcgg tatttgcaaa     10440
     actcagacat tttacaaaaa aagagaaatg gtgtttgaac caatgtaagc ctcatataac     10500
     ccataaatcc atcatgacac aattctgcat tcactatttt aaggaatatc aagaaacatg     10560
     taagaacctg gtcccagtgg agagagtcat gtacgacatc ctcagcaatg tacagaagaa     10620
     gtttagccgg gatcttctga aagtgatatt cagccaaaca catctgaagg tttaccgcga     10680
     cttaaaggag actctaaaac acttcttcct aaatggtaac tatagctctc acctgcttca     10740
     gggaaggaaa gacaatttca ttcttttttt tttttttttt tttttcgaga cagggtttct     10800
     ctgtgtagtc ctggctgtcc tggagctcac tttatagacc aggctggcct caaattcaga     10860
     aatctgcctg cctctgcctc ctgagtgctg ggattaaagg cgtgtgccac cacgcctggc     10920
     tcatccattc attcattttt tcattgatag ttgacatata atttaatgag agactatgtc     10980
     atgccaagca cagggggaat ataggaaaca catatggctc atgtcgtcag gagcttacac     11040
     ataggccaag taacacagag ataactgctc agccggaacc tgattttcat gctatgaaac     11100
     acagtatgaa ggatgagttt ctttagacag gagccagctc tgtctgaggc ttgcagacat     11160
     atgcaatggt aaaaatgcag aatttgtcat tcagcagagt gactactcta ctacttcagt     11220
     tttcttcttt gaagagtaga gaaatcacaa ggggagccca ggttgggccc agacacttga     11280
     gagagaagca tgtgtcaacc gagagtgtga aaacaaagtg gacttttaga accaagttgc     11340
     tggcacgttg ttgaatgaac ataaaatcag caggtctcag gtagagatca gcctctgttg     11400
     ttcccactgg ctccctgtag cttcagcttt ctggctcccc tacctctaga ggactctccc     11460
     ttgcagaagg cacagtccat cagttctggt gtagactgtt gctgcagaac ttgggtgtgg     11520
     ttcctgttcc tattgcttgg gcattttgaa atgcagctct gagggccaag agctggggtt     11580
     tcactcctca cttgccacct gagggtcact ggcagccaag tcacttcctg tgttgccagc     11640
     aggatgcact ttctcagttt ctcctcactc atcctgcctg gggaagctcc ctcttcaggg     11700
     ctgtgcttct ctgtaaccag aataacttct ctgactcagt tcaagcagag tctctctatt     11760
     tctctctcca tccctctatt tcttcttctt tctttcatcc ttgatttata gtagctttcc     11820
     cccttccctc cccttccctc tccctccctc ccctcttcct cctttttctt ctcttccctc     11880
     cctccttctc ttttctctcc ttttcccttc ctcattctct ttcctcttcc tccctctttt     11940
     ccctctcttt ctcctcctta cctcccacct tccactctcc tttcctccct tcccttttcc     12000
     ttcttccctc tcccctcctt ccctttcttc tctctccctc cctccccttc cttccctctc     12060
     tcttccttct tcctcccttc ccccttcctc cctctcccct cactcccttc ctccttctcc     12120
     cttccctccc tccctccttc tcccttccct ccctccttct cccttccctc cctccctccc     12180
     tccctccctc ccttcctccc tccctctctc ctgtctctgt aagccttctt ttccccttct     12240
     gaagccccct gcctttcctc tcatagctgt gtcacttata aacatctgcc tttactaatt     12300
     ggctttcaca cgcctctgat cattttgaag agctataaac catgatataa gcattcccac     12360
     tgcctgtctg tctctaacct tcccgggtac cagaagggtt agtaggctgc acagaaacac     12420
     tagagtctgg tgtgcacctg gatatgtaac tgagatgcag ttcggcttac aactgaaatc     12480
     cctaatagct ttctttccct tctccctgtt catgtctact tcatgttacc tggtcctcag     12540
     agaaacagca gccaagagct gaggttcagc actcactcaa gccttgagaa agccagttat     12600
     accttcacaa aatcttgatt tttacattga atggttattc aaaaagtttc tgcaaatcat     12660
     gtcatttatc tccacaagct tgccaattta gaaggacaaa ctctgttttt ccacagtgct     12720
     ttatgccgta gaggaagagc actggggacc aaagatgaga agaaagtaat aagggtgagc     12780
     agaaagagac agagcaaggc tctgggtgag tgggggtgag catctcagaa gaggtgaagt     12840
     aactcacctg tgtgctgggt gctagaaccc agagagagtg cttggaagtc tctgcttcat     12900
     aactgtctga tttggtcatg gtcttgcctc tcctcagttt ctgacagtca caggactcat     12960
     cagaggataa atggaagaaa tgttgaagag aggcccagag tgccatcagt tgttagggaa     13020
     ggtgattatg tttttagaac acaaaataac tcactgatac tattttcctg ccttcatcct     13080
     tctctaatga ccatttctaa cacaaacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     13140
     cacacactcg tgcgctcaag catatagcta tccatatatc taccaatcta tccaactata     13200
     catatccagc cacttactca cccacatacc aatacaaata tctagctatc catatacctg     13260
     ccagtctaag ctattcatct atctatgtat ctatctatgt atctatctat gtatctatct     13320
     atgtatctat gtatctatgt atctatgtat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct     13380
     atctatctat tctatcatcg atccatgcat tcacccaact atccatcaat ctaaccacca     13440
     attcacctca ctcctcccga tcctccccat agatggatag atgatgttaa atatttgagt     13500
     tttctcagga gacacaagca gtatagaagc ttcacgtcag ggtgtttgag atctgtcttg     13560
     agtgtagacc atacaccaag agaaggaagc tgagaactct agatgcagcc aaggatattg     13620
     agttatgagt gacagtgttt aacctaacta gacatggagt cctaatgtca gcatttgggg     13680
     tacactacca aagagcactg gtccccttca gccacttttc catggttggg acaggagtgt     13740
     ggacatgatg aataaaatgg aagctgagcc tgggaaagac ttctgaggag aacctgggaa     13800
     ggggatgtcc tctttatcca cagtgaacag agacatctat gataggaaag gatgatgagc     13860
     agaacacaca gacagggaga agaggagaca tttagattca actttgtggg aaaacaagga     13920
     acagcaagct taacaaagag accggactga gctggggaaa tgagtgctat gggggaaagg     13980
     gctaggctca cttacaccac aaggtgcaga gtagaatatg tggagaagat tatataaaac     14040
     agagatgcta atagacagtg taaagcactc atgagcccta cacacagaga aaaaaagtga     14100
     agaagaggga attaaaacca gtaggaagcc agtaaaaatg atacttgctg ccaagcctgt     14160
     tggcctgagt ctgctccctg ggactcacat ttatacagga gagggctgat tcctgtaagt     14220
     tttattctga cctctacatg tgtgtcatgg tatgtgagaa actctcccac cccaaaatga     14280
     atatatcaac aagcagcagc agcaacaaca gtaaaaataa caataagttg agagcaaatc     14340
     ttatcttctg ggaagggagg aaacagtttg agactttgga gggaaggagc taggagctga     14400
     aagcaacttc tggcccaagg cgattacatc agctgtgggt tttcagactg tggtgccccc     14460
     aactctcaaa gtggcattgg aaaacatgca gggacaatca gtctctccca gtcattctta     14520
     tctgttccca attgtaagtt aatgatcccc aaacatgaac ttcacacctg tcagcttcct     14580
     catctgcagg cctggctatc ttccttcacc tcctccacag acttctctat ctggatgctt     14640
     caaaaacttc attatgaggc actggcacaa ttccatatta tatctgagtt gacagaggac     14700
     ctgcctcctc tgctgtctct gtttcagccc gggaccctac ttctccattc tgaatcaggg     14760
     ttgatactga ctgctcctcc ctaatgtaaa accatctcct acttactaca tctgtccatt     14820
     ttttttccaa cagaaaagac aaatcagatc tctctaattc caatttattt tattttatat     14880
     atatgaccat tttgcttgca agtataaata tatacaccac atgcttgcct ggcatccaaa     14940
     gaagtcccaa tagagtgtca cagttttggg aacccaaact gcagagcatt gtgagctgcc     15000
     acgtggtgct gggaattgac tctggatccc ctggaagagc aaaaagtgct cttgaactgc     15060
     ggagccatct tttcagtctc acaaatcaga tctcttcttt catcttaaga ctaaacaaac     15120
     agcccttgat ctcaaatgcc ttttctcatt tcatctttcc ccatcaaaca tactctctag     15180
     aactcaacca gacactcagg gaaatgcagt tggcaaagct tcccctctcc atgagttcag     15240
     caacttcctg gtgtcagcag cattggctcc tttcctctct gaatactgca acttcctgtc     15300
     tgtctctctt gtcctagaga acagtgtgtg aaactttctt agttattttg ttttcttggt     15360
     tcttctttga tctattacct gttgtgggaa atagggagaa atacttgtga ttgttgcttg     15420
     gaacaaccta atgcttatgg gtagaatatg tgggtccttt attcatgaca aagtattggt     15480
     tactggagaa ggactgtgtc ttggtcttct ggctatttgt gatacacagt caatgttgtc     15540
     atttggattc cttgtactcc tgattttctt tatatgagta cactgtagct gtcttcagac     15600
     acacaccagt agagtgtgca tcagatccca ttacagatgg ttgtgatcta ccatgtggtt     15660
     tctgggaatt gaactcagga cctatgtgag agcagtcagt gctcttaacc tctgagccat     15720
     ctctccagcc ccctgatttt cttatattcc ctgaacttcc tggttccact tgagcacact     15780
     gaggtattat ctggtccctc tgcatggttg attgacttct tgtttctctt cagcatccaa     15840
     aactaatgat gaacaagcag aggagatgct tagcctccca aaatgcaatg gaggaggtga     15900
     gtcttcattt gtgagtctgc tagagagaaa gaccccaccc cttttcccat ctgaccctgt     15960
     tctttacata ctcagacgaa gtcatagagg cagaaccaag gatcaaaata atggggaatg     16020
     agatgtgtaa tgaaggaaca gatgggttat agatcaatgg tttgagagaa ttgtgtctgt     16080
     ggatagggag acaaaaggaa agttatagta ttttaataaa ttactggtgt aatataatgc     16140
     tatacaatgg gttttgatag tattcttttc ccatcaccaa ctcatcccag atcctctcca     16200
     aattctgtct cttgcctgta tttgtgtgtc tcttgctctc tcttaaaaaa taaaaacaaa     16260
     gcgaaagaac aaaaaaaata ctcaaacaag agaagcctcc accccccaaa accacaaagt     16320
     ttgtgtgatc aactactcct gagtgtggag cccaccctgg atggggttga catacccagt     16380
     gctgctctag agctcgacac accatagaaa ataaacgtct agatgaggca ctgatcttct     16440
     caagcatata acatcacatt gctcatcaag caaaagtaga acatgaaagt actaagataa     16500
     tgagcttagg agagatggga gaagctactg tgattaggcg aggcattcca gggaagggac     16560
     aagggctttt tcacatctag tcaggtcttg gtggcttaga atgattgatt atagagacaa     16620
     gcacagatga atctttcagt acctctgaaa tacatctgtg accacataat ctggaagttc     16680
     cattttcaaa aagatctcaa cttcacagtt gaggggcttt gtcaaagaaa gcaacattcc     16740
     ccagagaata gtctagaatg acaagtactg gtggggacgt ggagccacta gagaacctct     16800
     tcccttgtta tatagagcta ctttacaaac atgtaaagcc cccgtcctgc gcccccaccc     16860
     cctccccgcc attccattgt gaagtggaac cattggttaa gtcctgctga ttattaaata     16920
     caaaactcag actggttgtg agaacacaag gaggagcctg ggttctgccg tgggagactg     16980
     gctttgagac agcaacccca tgatgaatgg aaggatgatg tgtggttctc agtgtgaaca     17040
     ctgtgttgcc atgggtggac taccaggctc tcaagagaag cacgggctaa aagggggaca     17100
     tcaatgacct gatagtagtt gactcaaggt tacatccaca gtgagaaaaa tgacttattc     17160
     tcacagactg gcaagccacc atgtgccttt gtgaacgttc catggtagag taggaccaag     17220
     cttctttgta ctttggcttc tgtctggtgg gtgggtccac attcattaat ttgtgaggct     17280
     ggcttggctt gggaacttgt cagaccttca cgtccatctg tctgttttgt tccgttattt     17340
     tctgctactc agaaagatgg gcgaatcagg ggcagacaca aggaaaaaca ctttttaaaa     17400
     gttcccgaga ctgaatgtag caagaataaa catagagaca ggatacttgc tacatactgt     17460
     acctacaaat gaagatagaa atttctctat gttgatttct acacgcatct ctaactaacc     17520
     tgactcagaa ataaaagcac aacgaaacaa gctccagttg agactgagtc acttggtgtg     17580
     gtggttcagg aacactatct gaattgtgca caagcagtct ggaatttgca tctgtaggac     17640
     actcccagga agccttcaga tgatcttgtg gataacagca tatatggaag ctggagacta     17700
     tcactcccat acctgaagct gaaagcttgt tgagtgaagg tcctggtagg ggtgggagga     17760
     gacactgcac tcaaagtata tgtcttctac agaaaaggcc atagttggtt gtgcctagaa     17820
     cttcgagaag taggtagttc agggtctgta gactttgtaa agcagaagtg gttatgcaca     17880
     ggctaccctg aaccaatcat ccaagcagtt ggaaggtgac tactgctgat tggctggatt     17940
     taaaatttgt aacaccgctt ctgattgggt agatttcaga tgcatggtta gcaagcaggt     18000
     agtcgatggc taaatgggaa gggttgggaa ttggtaacat cagcaaaggt tacctttgac     18060
     tgttttcaaa gcacagtttt attcttcctc gtggaagata agaacgttaa atctttcttt     18120
     atgactacct gtagaaaatt aaagatggga aatgagaagt aatgtagatg tggaaagaga     18180
     atggctccat ttgatctcag gtgtgattgc tggaccaggc attctgttca catctttttt     18240
     tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttggtttt tctgagacag ggtttttctg tgtagttctg     18300
     gctgtcctgc agctcacttt gtagaccagg ctggcctcaa actcagaaat ctacctgcct     18360
     ctgcctccct agtgctggga ttaaaggcgt gtgccaccat gccgggcctt ctgttcactt     18420
     cttaatcttt attgttgttg tttttatttt tccaaaaagc agctcctctt tagttcagac     18480
     tatctgtgca gtcagcagtg ggggctctcc tctgtctctg tctcaggatc catgcacagc     18540
     cattttctta gttagaacaa gtatacaggg tgctagatta cgatggtacc aagagagggg     18600
     ttggaaaggc ttgcttctga cctgctgttc tatgagagac aaggtgactt gtgccctaaa     18660
     ataatcgaac agatatagtt ctgacaaagg gggcaagaca ggagaggaaa aattaaaaac     18720
     aggaactgaa agaagggaaa tgtaaaaata ttttggagga acaagagaag gggtgggatc     18780
     tatacattta caggaaggtc atgtgtcacc cctgggggga ggggcagtag aagatcaacg     18840
     ttcaaggcta ccttgggctt gagtaaattc aaggtcaacc tggaaaatta ggtgacaccc     18900
     tgtctaaaac tgaaacatta aacaaaacaa aactgagggt gtagctcact ggtagactgc     18960
     ttgccttgca caaatgagac cctgagcttg gtccccagta ttacaaaatt agataacaaa     19020
     cctatgtaca cccacaattt tggcccagga gcacagcaac ccacatgtga aaagaagtgt     19080
     tcctgtgtca tgtgttcccc aacatatgtg ccagaagacc tggaagcaag gatgggaagc     19140
     agccaaggag gtaaggagta gataagtctg cccagcggtc ctgggttagg gatggctcag     19200
     tgagaaccca tagcttctag tccggtctag tccagtccat ccaagaatcc agtcctctgc     19260
     attttcttgt tgggagctgg agagaagcaa gaaactttta cagagccatg tgggaggaga     19320
     tggagtcagt tggtcacatg tagatgaagt agaagaaatg tactcttttt taattcattc     19380
     attaatgcat tcattcacac cccaaatact gcactcccag tcccagtccc ctaccccctt     19440
     agagtccttc cgtcatcccc ttctccttcg cctctgagag agtgaagatc tcccccttat     19500
     aagtatccct cccactgtag tgtatcaagt ctctacagga ttaggcacat cttctccctc     19560
     tgaggccaga caaggcagtc ctctggtaca tttgtcctgg gagccctggt ccagctccta     19620
     taggctcttt ggttggtagc tcagtctctg agagctccca gggctctggt ttactgttgg     19680
     tcttcctttg gagtttctac ccccttcagg gcctccaatc cttccccaaa cacttccata     19740
     aggatccctg agctatgtcc aatgtttagc tgtagatatc tgcatctgtt tcagtcagct     19800
     gctggataga gctcagagga cagttatact agggtcctgt gtgtgagcat aacagagtat     19860
     cattaatagt atcagggatt ggttcttgct catgggatga atctcaagtt gggccagtta     19920
     caggttggcc attctggcag tttctgcccg gtctttatcc ctacatttct tttaaccaga     19980
     acatatttgg ggtagaaagt tttgtaggtg agttagtatc cttatcttcc cagtggggtt     20040
     cctacctggc tacaggaggt agcatcttct ggttccatat ctacagtgtt aggtgtctta     20100
     gataagatca cctgaaaaat taaactcttc aagccatcac ttatcttgtc tgctgctcta     20160
     ggtactgagt cacacccatt cttccctgcc acccaggact gctgagtcac cttttgcagc     20220
     tagatatttt ttagctgcca tgctatgata aggccatccc tactgtgtga acctctgctt     20280
     tggaggagga gagagttcag gccaatctgg ggtgcattcc caaccaaagc cctcaagcat     20340
     gtcagagaac cagttagggc ttgcctacaa cacttcctac caaattctca ttttatttgt     20400
     acaaaaatgt gttaacatat aaaatgtctc atagggaggt agtagtggtg gtggtggggc     20460
     aacaatgtct aaggccctcc ctggattccc agttgtcagt tcactgggct tagattctac     20520
     taagagggag gaaagaaatg gcaatccaag ctttgctgta ggcaaggcct ctgcagtgtg     20580
     aatggtccta agggttgtaa cgtctatttg ttatttcttt ccccattgcc actttccgtc     20640
     ttctagaatg tgtgggcacc aggaggaaca ttcctgcaag aaaacccaag aagcagagaa     20700
     gtaaggaaac agtggctgtt tacatgcttt tgatattcct aataactaat cccagagtta     20760
     ctattgttat tgtgtatgat aatagagtag actttggtga ccttgaacct gttattttaa     20820
     tgacaaggac actctctaca tgagtgatta agctagaaac cttggtggga agtatgattg     20880
     tttttgacca ttggtgtagg ggtgactaat ctgattttat gggtcaggta aggaaatagg     20940
     ttgtctccta gagaccccag gaacaggtga agggtggtgg acagctggac ttcagccaca     21000
     tcagacttct aactgacata atgcttacat aaacttgtgc tgttttaagc tactgaactt     21060
     tgggtaactt gccctgagaa caataaagac tggtgcatat tttggaatag tcaggaactg     21120
     cataaccgtg gccatgacaa tgacatccca catatctgag tgtgtcctca taagatggta     21180
     tttctctata gggttttaaa atcacctact gacacatttc tcagaacata ccccactggt     21240
     aagcaatgga tgagtttgct gaaagtagca tgcagttcca gcatgttctt aaacattcag     21300
     aagtagcttt gaaattaacc aatgaggaga gactgaagat ttgtttgtca ttgctgtatt     21360
     ttattatatt atatttcatt ttatttctga gactagctct cactgtgtag tcctggcagg     21420
     tctggagtct gcattgtaga ccatggtagc ctggaaccca cagagatctg cttgcctctt     21480
     gtttcctgaa tagtgggatt agaggcatgt ttcatccagc ctttgggacc tttgaggagg     21540
     aatttcaaat actaatgtgg aaaaggcgtg gtgtgctgtg atgggatttg aaagactcag     21600
     tgaggactca gcaggaagtg aggagcgttc tggaaaaaac ctacatttct tcagtctaca     21660
     cccttctatt tgaacatatg accataaagg agggttcagt gtctttgcaa ttcttatttt     21720
     acattaaatg gatagtggaa agcacaaatc ctaagcacag cctttgaagg atcctgctaa     21780
     ttgtatgtct taacaataaa atcttgtgga gacacagaac atgaccttga agctgacaag     21840
     attttctgtg cctttcgttg ccccttattc atcaaggcag acacttattg tccaaggata     21900
     cttagtttag gttgttttta agtgctttat gagtaagatt tcccagcatg ttctttagtg     21960
     taaaggttgc tttctccaca gaatgattct gctgtgaact tttgttgaag aatgcagtgg     22020
     cagttggctc ctttttattg ctatgtagtc tactttgtct gagtacccca atttttttgt     22080
     atgctctcct aatgttagat cctcaacatt cccacttttg gacatgacaa aggtgttagt     22140
     gaaagacccc cgaagggaga ccctcactca agcactcaag ccccgggaca gccgcggacc     22200
     caagaagaca ctgagaccat acataaaatg tagaaggtaa gatttaataa agcagcaaca     22260
     tgaaagcaca tagaccagag ctctggggtc gaaactcata cacctagtgg tgtagaggag     22320
     aatcgacgac cagccaaatt tttcacaggc ttatatagta aaactcaagg ggggagagct     22380
     gggcagggaa agtacaagtt tacatcacta gggggttctg ccaagggaca aggggttctg     22440
     ccaagggaat ctacgtaact aaggggtcat gtcctatcat ttggcaatgt acctggttca     22500
     ttttgaggtt gttccaggag gcccttatct caaaaatgtt cttggaacag tttttagttg     22560
     ggagggttcg aactctaggg tgaggagttc aggaatgcat tctggggtga agagttcagg     22620
     agtattccgg gaacaatctc tagatgggag gggtcgggtt ctggggtgaa gaagagttca     22680
     gtaaaaattt ttattcttca ttccccactt cttttaggag atagctctaa tcttagagcg     22740
     agttttcaac ctcctgaagg acccgatatt gttgccttag taccataact tggactgcgt     22800
     ttatcctttc tctaataaaa gctactaact tattaaggat gcatgggcca aaagtaagca     22860
     aaagcataag tgtaattaaa ggtcctgcta tagtagagag gagagtggtg agccaagggg     22920
     acctattaaa ccagctttca aaccatcctt gttgggtttc tctttctctt ttacgtatat     22980
     ctaggcgttc tctaagttta gccatagaat ctttgattac tcctgaatgg tcaacataaa     23040
     aacaacattc ttcttttaag gcagcacaga gtcctccttc tttaaggaat aataagtcta     23100
     atccccttct attttgcagc accacttcgg acagggaagt taaagattct tctaatttgg     23160
     ttatagactg ttctatagtt ctaagatcaa tatccatagc tgcacgtagt tcttcatagt     23220
     attggggggt tttaattaag gcagccgttc ctgtacctac tccagctgct actcccaatc     23280
     ctaatagaac tgccaaagtt aaggtaacgg gttctctttt ctagcggacc cgatgttcaa     23340
     atttatctaa aaaagagcta tcatcatgat acaagagtct gggaataagc tgaaccaaaa     23400
     tgcagaaatc tttggaacta ttaaaaacag acatagacac acaaggagtg agaccggtat     23460
     tacaagccca cactgtgtct aggggaggca ctagatactg accgcttttg ctagactgaa     23520
     tgtcctgggt ctgattacag aggtgccctt tatcctgagg tacccggccc agacaaagcc     23580
     ctcttcctga aactgctgct agggtcaact ttctgttttc tccccaaagg cattgagaat     23640
     gatctgaagt agtattataa gtcctgatct gagctattcc ttcataataa ggggggctag     23700
     agtcatagca taaccagcat gattgagtca tattagggtt agttctattt agaactaaaa     23760
     cagctccttg gactagactg accagatggt cctctgttcc taggggcggt ggggaagcca     23820
     aggtaggctt tatgaggaga gtattagttc ctagggaggg taccactgtg ttgagctgtg     23880
     gagttggtgg agctggtaca gtcgggacct ttgggggagc cagtacgact ggggggccct     23940
     gttctataag gaccttgttg ggccctacga ttgtcactgc cgggtctctc actgtcagtc     24000
     tgatcgtgaa aatgaaccca ggatctctta gtggaatgta tactcgccaa ccccacctat     24060
     ttcctttaag ccaacttaga cggtgttgtt ttcctttctc ggtgaacctt atacgtaggg     24120
     ggttgcagta tttatctttg catggtcctg agggtgctct gtttttaaaa gcgcacccac     24180
     tctcttgata tttatagggg tttctttctc cttcgtttga cttatcatag ccactacctc     24240
     gttttaccgt gattaggtcc catttagagg agggcttcca gtaagcatcc cctgtcgttt     24300
     cacatgtcca tttaccacaa aagtaatctg atgccccccc gcattcttgt tgaagccttt     24360
     tgctctgacc ctgaccaggg caaacataaa aatgtgcagc tctaagatta gctcggtaga     24420
     actgcccaga acacccatat gtgctcccta tcccatttgg gacacaccgc tcctcagggg     24480
     gtgggttgct aagatcagta tgatctgaga ggtcccaatt gggggatcct gctgctaact     24540
     tacagatgtc aggcgtgaga tcaggccatc aagtccagag gggatggact gcagtggttg     24600
     cccatacaat gtttcccttt tcattaagca cctcccagga ctgttgaatt gaagcatgag     24660
     ggttaaggtt ccctaggtct agagtggcgc ctgcagcgca aacgaagctt gagaggattg     24720
     tcagtggctg ccactgtcca attgtcgtcg tggttttctt tatcttgact ggcggccctc     24780
     ttgacgtggg aggcatggat ccaggaggcg attccgtcaa cttttaccgc agtaggggtt     24840
     gtcagtaaca ccaaataggg tcccttccac cgtggctcga ggctgctggt tcgatgccgt     24900
     ctgaccaaga ctttgtctcc aactcggaac ccgtggggta ctgcggtggt ccctggggta     24960
     taggctgcct ttagttggtc ccaaatctgg gtcctaatca cttctagggc ctttaaatga     25020
     ataagcaaag aggagggtaa gacagggtca gagtcggaaa ctaatgttcc accagcttcc     25080
     attaaggggg gaggtcctcc atacagaact tcaaaaggag tgagcccaaa acaaccaggg     25140
     gtgtttcggg cttggaagag cgcaagagga aggagagcca cccagtcttt tccgccggtc     25200
     tcaatggcta atttagtcaa ggtctctttt aaggtcctat tcatcctctc tacctgtcct     25260
     gagctttgag ggcggtaagc acagtgtaat ttccaatcga tgcccaactg agtggccaag     25320
     ccctgactta cctgggcaac aaaggctggt ccattgtcgg acccgattac cttagggatt     25380
     ccaaatcttg gcaggatttc ttcaaggatc ttcttggcca caatctgggc agtctctgtt     25440
     ttagtgggaa atgcctcgac ccatcctgaa aaggtgtcta caaatactaa cagatacttg     25500
     ttaccataca ttccaggttt aacttcagta aagtctacct cccaatacac tccaggatgg     25560
     tctccccgtt gtctctttcc acgttctctg taggctttag tcgcattagt gaatgcacat     25620
     ggtttgcagg agtctataat cttttgagcc actgacttca ggttggggac ttggtatcgg     25680
     gaatttttaa ttagtctcat cattttttca actcccaggt gggtgaattg gtgtagtcct     25740
     ttcacaaatt ttattccttc ttcgggagtc aattctattt tcccttcaaa aaaatatggg     25800
     aggggatcac tggtccacca tagttctttt atgttatacc tctcatcctc agtgcttttg     25860
     ggcggatcac ctttttcagt taagatcatg gccccttgag caacttgttt tgccactaag     25920
     tctgccattc ggttgccctt ggccaccaag tcttctcctt tttggtggcc ggggcagtgg     25980
     atgatggcta cctttttagg tgcctgtatg gcttccaaca gggccagaat ttcttctttg     26040
     tttttaatgt ctttaccagc cgaggtcaat agccctcgct gcctgtagat ggccccatgg     26100
     atgtgtgcgg tagcaaaagc atatcggctg tcagtgtaga tattaacgat cttaccttta     26160
     gcctctcgga gggcttgtat aagcgctata agttcagcct tttgtgccga tgttccttca     26220
     ggcaaagcgc ttgcccaaat taactttttc ccatctacca ccgcagctac agcctttcgc     26280
     ttcccctcta tcaggaaact gctgccgtcc gtgtaccaac tgggagctcc aggccagggt     26340
     tggtcagtca ggtcacttct agtcccagtt tcttcagcga ggatgtccat acattgatgt     26400
     actgggacag aatcatttgt tagagggaga agggtagctg ggttgaggat ggcagggggc     26460
     gcaaaggtta cacgctcatt tagcagcagg ctctgatagt gtgtcattcg ggcatttgtc     26520
     atccatctgt caggtggctg ccgcacgata ctttctaagg catgaggggc cacaacagtc     26580
     acctgttgtc ccattgtcaa tttgtcagca tctttgatca gcagggccac tgctgcaata     26640
     gctttcagac atgtgggcca tccactagca acaggatcta atttttttga caaataggct     26700
     acaggtctct tccagggtcc cagtgcttgt gtcaatactc ccctggctac acacgctctc     26760
     tcgtccacat ataggacgaa aggcttagtc aagtctggta atgctagcgc gggggcagtc     26820
     attagagacg acttgatagc ctcaaaagcg ctttggtgtt cttcttttca ctcgaaagga     26880
     aacccttcct tagtcaaagg atatagaggt gccgctaggg ttgcaaagca tggaatccag     26940
     agtctacaaa agccagcagt ccccagaaac tcacgtacct gccgtggggt gattggtgat     27000
     gggatcatca tcacagtctt cttccgtgct tctgtgagcc atcttttacc tcctcggagg     27060
     gtatacccca ggtaggttac ctcagtttga cagatttgtg cctttttagc cgaaactcga     27120
     taccccaagt cactcagttc tgcgaggagc ctctcagttc cctggtgaca cagctctttc     27180
     gaggccgccg cgaccaagag atcatccaca tactgaagct gagggtttcg agcggggaaa     27240
     aggcgcgaga tcccgatgga gggcctcgtc aaacagggtg ggggaatttt tgaacccctg     27300
     tggtagccta gtctaagtta gttgaccagt ctgtccgccc tctgggtccc tccattcaaa     27360
     agcaaacagg agctgactct tagggtgcaa acgcaggcaa aagaagtcat cttttaagtc     27420
     cagaactgta taccatgttc tctcaggtgg gagagagctt aataaattgt acgggttcgg     27480
     gactgttggg tgaatgtcca ggaccctttt gttaacctcc cggaggtctt gcaccgggcg     27540
     atagtcattg gtccctggtt ttcgaaccgg cagaagtggc gtattccagg gggactgaca     27600
     ggccactaaa actccttggt ctagcaacct ctggatatga ggccggatgc cctctctagc     27660
     ttccttgctc atggggtatt gttttaccga aatggggatg gcatcagctt taagttctac     27720
     cacaaccgga ggcacttgtt tagccaaccc cattcctgct tgttctgccc agacattggg     27780
     gaacacagtt agccaacctg aagagactgc atttttgggt tgttcttcat gcaaccggta     27840
     ctcttcctct gtgttgagga caaggcaggc aacagggtcc tttccccagc ttacttgtgg     27900
     gccttctgaa gtaaattgga cttgagcctt tagtttggtt agcagatcgc gccccaagag     27960
     gggagcaggg cactcaggta ccaccagaaa ggagtgggtc actatattct tgtctatctg     28020
     aagagctcgt ttggtcgtcc aggggtaaaa tttactacca gtggctccaa ttaccatggt     28080
     ctttttggag cctagcttgc ctagggggtt agtgagtact gaatgctctg ctccggtgtc     28140
     tatcaggaag ttgacgggag tcccctccac ggacaaagtt accctaggct cagggagggg     28200
     gtctgagccc cgacttccct aatcatcttc tagggtcagg accttggatc gctcccgttt     28260
     tttagggcaa ttactagccc agtgtccttt ctctttgcaa taggcgcatt ggtctttttc     28320
     cagtggtatc tttctgccac ctggcggttt cactgccctg ttgcccagga gccctatttt     28380
     accttttcct gactgtctat cattcacaac tgcggccaaa attttactca gatttctctc     28440
     ctgtcggtga tcccgtctat tttccctctc ctccatttct ttcttctctc tctcctgcct     28500
     ctcttcttct gtttccctct tgtgatagac tttctctgct tcttttacta aatcttgagg     28560
     cgtatgatct tggagcccct ccagcctctg cagctttttc ttaatgtcgg gagcgaactg     28620
     accaatgaag gccatggcta cagcggctct ctgcccctct gacaaggggt caaaaggggt     28680
     gtatctccta tatgcctcca ttagacgctc aaggaagact gagggtggtt cagtctgccc     28740
     ctgcaagacc tctcttacct tagccaaatt ggtggaccgt ctagcggctc ctctgagacc     28800
     tgccactaga gtccggcgat agacaaggag gcatccccta ccttccgcgg tgttgtagtc     28860
     ccagttgggg cggttcaagg ggaaagcttc atccacgagg ttagggaggg cagtgggtgt     28920
     gccgtcctct cccagaacat tttttctcgc ctccatgagg attctttctc tttcttctgt     28980
     tgtaaaaaga acctgcaaaa gctgctgaca atcatcccaa gtgggttgat gggagaacat     29040
     aagtgactca aggagcccag taagtctaga ggggttctct gagaagggag ggtggttagt     29100
     tttccaatta tataaatcag aagaggaaaa aggccagtac tgtaaaggaa tgagatcatt     29160
     aggtcctggt gctggccctc ccacatgtgc tctgagtggc aaggcaactg ttgagtctgg     29220
     ccccccttct tccccagggc ttcggcctcg gcgactccga gtcccccctg ccggtccctg     29280
     agcccctctc gctattggtc cctgtggtgg ggcagctgca ggtggctgtt ggggcagggg     29340
     gtaaggggga ggttgggagt ccatccagag gaggtcgtca atctctggat agatcttggg     29400
     gggtgctgat gggccggaat ttccggctgc atcagactgg gcaaccgcga ccgtcagttt     29460
     cgaagagttt ggggtccaag gcttgaccca cggaggtggg aattggacga gattctgcca     29520
     ggtcacaatg taggggatct gatcagggtg atccccttcc tcctgaaaaa caattcgcct     29580
     gacggcggcg attagtgaca agtcaaaagc accctcaggt ggccagccca ctccaaacgt     29640
     tggccactcg gaggcgcaaa aggtctgcca cggacccttt ctgacctcca ccgactggtt     29700
     gtgggctctg acccgcacct ccttccaatg ctccagagtc agagaaaggg gagtggacac     29760
     agattgtccc atttctagaa aaacagtaga cacaacaaga gcggacacga gactaagaca     29820
     aaaaagaaac cagaaacggc ggcgactctg cgtcgaccac aagcaactca aagaatcaga     29880
     tggcctttct aaggccggcc gattgagacc ctatgcacga ggtgggactc gaacccatga     29940
     tcccatgacc aaacgcgagg tgggactcga acccacggtc tcgcaacaag gcgcgaggtg     30000
     ggactcaaaa ccacgatctc gcaacaaaac gcgaggtggg acttgaaccc acgatctcgc     30060
     aactgggcac gaggtgggac tcaaacccac gatctcgcaa ccccaaatgg tctcttggcc     30120
     ttcaaagggg tccaccaggc atccctggtc ctcccctgtt cttcctggga cgtctcccag     30180
     ggtgaacgga cggtggacac ctggacacgt ctatccttat ccaccccgcg ttccctctcg     30240
     gagcgcggtc tcactgagtg tccgcaaaac cgaaactgca atcgcaccaa actgagaaac     30300
     agaacacaga catcagacca aaacagaaca aagaatctta cctctaagtg ggtctaggac     30360
     ctctgggtgg tcgcgctgat tcccggccaa tgcaccaaaa tgaaagaccc ccgaagggag     30420
     accctcactc aagcactcaa gccccgggac agccgcggac ccaagaagac actgagacca     30480
     tacataaaat gtagaaggta agatttaata aagcagcaac atgaaagcac atagaccaga     30540
     gctctggggt tgaaactcat acacctagtg gtgtagagga gaatcgacga ccagccaaat     30600
     ttttcacagg cttatatagt aaaactcaag gggggagagc tgggcaggga aagtacaagt     30660
     ttacatcact agggggttct gccaagggaa tctatgtaac taaggggtca tgtcctatta     30720
     tttggcaatg tacctggttc attttgaggt tgttccagga ggcccttatc tcaaaaatgt     30780
     tcttggaaca gtttttagtt gggagggttc gaactctagg gtgaggagtt caggaatgca     30840
     ttctggggtg aagagttcag gagtgttccg ggaacaatct ctagatggga ggggtcgggt     30900
     tctggggtga agaagagttc agtaaaaatt tttattcttc attaggagtg cccatggaga     30960
     catctctctg tggccctgtg ctttcaaatt cttacagaaa catctagggg tgacatgctg     31020
     gtacataggg tatatttttt cttgttcctc tgccaagatc cacaaagact atgatgagga     31080
     ccaagccagg aagatgctgc aagcacaggc ctatgtgggg actaaggagt aaacaggaat     31140
     gtccctgttt tacaaggcaa tgctggcaaa tggacctttt cctgctccgt ttactagctg     31200
     tgggtcctgc attctatcca ttctctgacc atggttttaa cagagtggca tcagcttagc     31260
     cctctcagtg gggcagagcc caccagaggg agggtctggc aataaaggtg ggtgtcatca     31320
     aggcctctct ggggcaaccc atacctccta agtgagaggt atacactcag gtgcctgagg     31380
     ttctgctctg atatcatgcc atgtcattcc agaggctgca ccctcacctg tgggcttata     31440
     tttttcaaaa cctacgttca taagggttct taaacactcc aacatttctt acagcccact     31500
     gaacaaaggt aggggaggaa gagaagttaa taggaggagg gggacctgga cttgtttaga     31560
     agtagttctt tggggagact ccagtctttg ttgtcagcag tccagtccac tagcagaaca     31620
     ccaaacatgg atcggcagca gaggctcgat ccagaagaaa ccatgagtct ctgctggtca     31680
     atctgcagga ggctggagaa ggggtcagaa gccaccagaa catcatgaga agttctttgg     31740
     tgcatttttc tctatgaaat cactttgtga caagtgaaga tcgacaagga aagcaaggct     31800
     aaccaatgca agagcgttat ccactgtctg ttgggttata cttaaattct ttccaaatat     31860
     catgtgacct ctcaaggatc tgctccagca aaacatcaca tgccccttct tcacaagaca     31920
     gcgtccagaa agacaccata tgtctattct ctgcaaagcg tcctctcaca tgtctgcttc     31980
     aacaaaacat cctctcagaa gagagcttcc agaaaaacat gacatcacac aactgagtct     32040
     ccaaagaaat cacaaatttc cacttcactc atctttcatt cagaccattt ccttttctca     32100
     cccagttcca ggccatcagg gcctgaaagt aaggcaaaga atttccatag aaggaaccag     32160
     aattagactg gaagccctgg gtaccagaac agaagcctga gtttcagagt aggtctatgt     32220
     gtcacctgta gctccctccc tacttcaatc ctgaccatta tccaggaagg tctagagttc     32280
     ctttctgggg actgttctct gcagtgagca aactgcccta tccaggtgtg tgttgaaggt     32340
     caaaggatta gcactggtat gtgctttcca tttaaaaaaa ataggggtgt tattatcata     32400
     ctgcaaatag acccaacagc caagtgtgtg acagtgatgt tcctagcatt acaatggtgc     32460
     tgccagtctt agctgatctg taacccaaat gtggctcagc aaacttaagg cacctactaa     32520
     accctcaaga gggtttcaaa gttctaagcc agatgccagg gaaaactgct ttgtagtagt     32580
     tctcagtccc tgagagaagg taggccattg cccagcagga ggtatcaggc tatcatgcgc     32640
     agtagcctct gtaggagaga cccagtgcca acaaccatta gtagagacag gcattactca     32700
     gtcacagcat atttccatag cccctgggaa gggtagtata acatgctagt cttgacttca     32760
     aacaggactg agcaagtatt caacccagtt ggttgagttg ccagctttag caatggccat     32820
     atctgctttc agtttcatgt aactggcttg agcaatgggc accagcttaa ctgagctcac     32880
     gagccatgcc caggtgagtc ttgatggaat ttttcagaaa ctggttatag cttgaagtac     32940
     cctggacccc aggattatca tggggttgga atgtccttta gtatgccgtt ctctttggaa     33000
     gaccacaaca gttttggtgc ttcccctgtt gtcagtttcg ggtctgttgt tgactctact     33060
     caagatggat gtcttatttg ggaaaattca caaagcctcc ctctgtgcat caggccttca     33120
     cttccaccat taaagctatt gttcccagcc actaacaatc agtgaacatc cagagggacc     33180
     ctgtcccaaa caaagtgcta cacaaggata gacatgtgtc attgtcttct gacctttgta     33240
     cgtgtgcact ggaacagact tgcctgcatt catagacaca catgaacatg gacatacata     33300
     catcctatat ttcagcacac acagataaac aaatagtaac aatccatcac tgcaccacta     33360
     gacagacctt ctacttctcc agagctgtgg gcccatgagt ttggataatt aaagagaaaa     33420
     cccaacaaaa gattctacta ggcttcctta aagtccctcc accccaaccc tggcccttct     33480
     ggtggtatat gaaacatgtg agagggttca tgctacaact tgaagagaat agagactaag     33540
     aaaactctcc acatggaagt tgagagcatt ccttgacttc cagtgtagca ttctctgggt     33600
     tggatttgca cggtagatac attccccaac atttatcatt ccattagcag gaattagctt     33660
     tcacaggtgt tcaaagcgag gtgttctcca tggccacagc ccaagacaca tgaagaactg     33720
     aaattcaact ctggcatcaa attgcatatg actaaactgt taagaattgt gcccatttct     33780
     aagatctgaa gtttgaaaac agtatctgaa tgctgctttt atttaaggcc cagagaatta     33840
     tgttatatct ctgaatattg attctgttct tttgttttga aggaaaaaag aaaggccaca     33900
     actggtcaaa accaaaatgg agaaagccaa tgagtgtaca gagaaaacgt aagcaaactg     33960
     agggactggt acagctcttg tgtttattaa ggtgttgccc attgcacact tgggggctca     34020
     tgagttgctg agccatgatt gtgtgtgtgt atgtgtgtgt gtgtgttgta ttcacacagg     34080
     tacatatggg tgcacatact tgcccccaca tgtgtgggcc tgaggaggat gtcaaatatc     34140
     ctgctctctc attctctacc atattccctt gataattgtc agtcagcaag cccccatgag     34200
     cctgtctcta gacccttaac attagtccta taggtacata cctatgtact ttttacgtag     34260
     aagctggtat ctaaactcat agcctcatgc ttacctattt attgctctgt gcaatctcca     34320
     ccctcccaca aatattttat agctacatta agatatggat taagatgctg taacaaagtc     34380
     ttttaccaac agtttgtttc tggttcatgt ggtggtccaa agttgaaagg gaagtgctgt     34440
     catcctcaga ataaaatttt ttattgattt agaaaaatgt ctagaagaag gatgaatgaa     34500
     gcaaccaggc tgcatgttca tatgtaaaaa tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     34560
     tgtgtgtgag agagagagag agagagagag agagacagag acagagacag agacagagac     34620
     agagagaaac agagagacag agacagggag acacacagag agaaacctgc caaagcataa     34680
     atttttgcct aaattcaggt ctcttaatta tttatctgtc tagagagaga aagatatact     34740
     tgacagaaaa ataactgaca gtccatgatt gtaaatgtgc tcattgaagg actgatggga     34800
     tgcctctgtg ggtgtaatca cgaggcccag agtttggatc cctaataccc acattagagt     34860
     gtgggcataa tgtacatatc tgtaacccct cactggggag gcacatccag gtagaccctt     34920
     cacagtgctt gattggtaag tctagtcaga tcagtgagtc ccaaattgac tgtcagacct     34980
     gtggcaacag caaggtggag agctattgag gaagacacca aactttgatc tctggcctcc     35040
     gcgcatgttc aggcacacac acatgcacat acataggaac acattcatgt acacacatgc     35100
     acacatatgc aaagatacat acattggtta ttggaataga tgtgatgtct atatttttat     35160
     ttgtttttta aaatattgaa tatgatcagc ctttgtcatg aaaggtattc tttagggata     35220
     catacaaaca cacacacaca gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     35280
     gagagagaga gcgcaattga ccttagaatg ttttgaacaa tttaatcaca aatatatcta     35340
     catggtggtg tttcctataa tcttatacct atattgtata tatatttaca aacatccctg     35400
     ctgtctgatt ttagtgatgg tctaaaggat tcctttctcc taaacaaaag ctaaatgctg     35460
     tttttcaaat gattatcaat tttgcatcag gtctatgaat ttggcattgg aatccaactt     35520
     gatattaatt tcaccaacta agagtcttat gctcttgaca atgtcctggc tgtgctgtgg     35580
     acgaatgtgt atatttttgt ttgaaaagga gaaaaggggg ctgcatccat ctttttgaat     35640
     gtgtattatg aaaaccacac tatttgggct gaggtttttg aaaacacttc cattaattat     35700
     cttcatgtgt aggcaaatag atttctttcc aacatattaa tacaactgaa tcctgcatgt     35760
     gctttaaccc tgacttctgc ctggaagacc acagctcctt gttgtgagct cttatcccca     35820
     gtgtgcagag aaagcaccct gaggtagcag gatgcttccc tttctccttc catttcccct     35880
     gtggtttggc tcaactccga gtttgcctgt gtccctccta ggtggcagaa tagctgttgt     35940
     ccaggcagtt ttcaagagaa agaaaatgaa aaagaaccca gaacgcactg ctaagatcag     36000
     gggtaagaca gcttctgtgg gtctttccct tcacccttgt ctggtaagat tggggttatc     36060
     tgaagattaa acacaaaaga aagcaaaacc aaaaacacta ctcaagctta cttatcaatt     36120
     tgagagtaaa gctgttagga gcaagagcat aaattgtatt tataccacca atgtgtctct     36180
     cctaatatct tcttcttagt tgaaccatat ttttatggaa atacttctct cttatatatt     36240
     ggttattaaa atggccagat ctggaagagg aaagcagatt tactctcagt cctttccttc     36300
     ccctcttttg gtgagttctt tctcatcttg gataggccct gtagctttcc gggtccattt     36360
     ctgcagcagc agttttccac aggagaagct gagagcactt tctgacctgg tacccaattt     36420
     ttgagacagg cagaccacgt ctgagagaac aaagggcaaa ggaatgaacc ttcatgctat     36480
     ctccaattta aagcacttcc tctctgttag cctgggaaaa accccagact agaacatgca     36540
     agtagggctg gcaccacccc gtttttagcg ctcttggagc tctgcctcta ttccctagca     36600
     gctggtgtgc agccattggg ttggggagat tgaagagaac agaggtgact gggtgcttga     36660
     gcaggtgtct tgtctggtgg aagatgttgg aagtattgga tgctctctct cccatgatat     36720
     gctgccgtca cttccacagt agggaaagat gaggggccag acatcaggtt cacttcatta     36780
     aagaaatttt gctttccttt gggggtctgg tgtaagcccc gctggcatga tatgatccca     36840
     ctgatgtgtt ctgtggtcac actgtggttt ggccctttgc cttaggatgt ttagtatccc     36900
     aggggactac ctcaaccaac tcaactggaa aaaatgactt ttcatttttc cccctacaga     36960
     aactcctatg tcattagtga catgagcaga ctaacaggtt actttatttg ccatttacta     37020
     aattgatcac aactattgag tcttctataa agtttttgaa aaaaacagca gagaattgac     37080
     aaatctgtta ttctaaagtt taagactgac cataacaact gtttttaaat aactttaaac     37140
     tgtgttctga ccacaattgc atttatgggg ttagtgatgg atttcaattt agtacatggg     37200
     caaaaatgac tctggatgca acaagaactc ggtcttgcct tgctcaggtg ttctgtttgg     37260
     aaataaaatg ttgaaggatc taacatgtat ctagatctaa atcccaatct ccctatacca     37320
     acttctctgt tgctaaaata gacatcagtg ttttctttat ctcttcaaaa tacaagcctt     37380
     aaacatgttc aataaaaggt aatccagcag accttatagt cccacaatga aaaacaccac     37440
     acagcagtag ggaggcaaga tatctcaatt tgctgtgctg gctgatcctg ctgccaaaac     37500
     tttgacacca agccaggctg gaatttgccg ggatgactca ggtggaaatc ttcccagtag     37560
     gctatgaaca tgggacttaa gaaggaggag gaatgggcta gcatgactta accttctaga     37620
     gtctcagtgg catctcgaac caggaggagg atagttcctt tgaaagccag tttgagtgga     37680
     agaccttgta ttgcctggtg gtcccgccat ccacagagag gacgcaagag ttttagtttc     37740
     tataacagcg tatgcagctg aattacctac caagatgctt cctatctact cactgtgtct     37800
     gagagagtaa caagaatttt gatgctgcag ctgaaacaag gtccagagcc ctgggccact     37860
     acaagactgc ctgccttgac ctgcagactc tcaagagtgg atacaatctc tgccacacac     37920
     agggtgtcac ccagcagtga ttgtagaaga aggtgaccca gagtgttggg caaagacctg     37980
     agtccaagtt ttctcttttt ttgaccaaaa tggacttgga caagtccttt gtctctcacc     38040
     tcagactcat ttctaacgtt aagagggtca tctacgtcaa ccccttcagt ccatagcagg     38100
     cttgatcaca aacttagtct cagcaccatg gacagttcac tgcaggctcc ctcccagtcc     38160
     cactccatca aagtctctgc actgatggca gggagagcaa acttatcttc tcttccttga     38220
     ggtgttttca tctctacttc tgtggagttg catctctcca cctcctgtat tgttttcaga     38280
     ttgttctaga gctatctggg cttttctatc agctacagac acaaatcact cttgtcaggg     38340
     agaaatgaag cagggcagac atacagataa attcgaattg atccacccag ctctgcctat     38400
     catctcctct ccctgctcac caagttagta ctaaaatggg gagataagag gaccatatct     38460
     ggctaccatc tttagtaaat agcacatctg gacagctcct gccataaccc agcaacagct     38520
     gtatgtttca tgaagcaatc agtggggcta accagagtga gtgggagtca ggacagtttt     38580
     attgaatcca gatttctctg ctaaagcctt attattatta tcattttata aattaggggt     38640
     attttgtcac tatgtatcta atatgccact tgcaagaaag atttagaagc tagacatgta     38700
     agggtcaaaa tgtcccaagt gttaaaggaa tggccccaag agggacaagg aggagttgag     38760
     caattgaaaa gtgacacaca agaagaaatc ctcttttcag gtctaagaag acgcagaaaa     38820
     gaaaatgcca attttagtgc tgagttgctt ctcgtggtaa cttgaaggga gtgttacaca     38880
     aggataaatt caagcaaggt gggcttcatg gtttttgttt tgcaaatgct aaattttgaa     38940
     atcacatgta ataatgcaac tattacttaa ggaactgtgg ggtaagcatg gcttgacatc     39000
     aggaagggat cctgatgtgc tattttcaca cttgaagaaa caatacataa tagatgctca     39060
     caacaacgtg aatatagcca cgagatgccc agagaaccag aaagaagccc atgaacttcc     39120
     gtccatagat ggaaattatt gtgtagtttc attctggtca gacacaaatg ggaagaggct     39180
     ataaacatct gtcttcacat ccctgtgtca ttagaaccag ggcatggcag tcatgggaag     39240
     gccatcacag gactgagaat cagagaaccc aatttccagc ctcagattgg ccaaacaaga     39300
     tgttctcatt ctatagagag gggggctttc tgagcctgaa tttttccatt aggaaataga     39360
     ggacaataat ttaaagcctg atcgatgggg attaatgtat atcattggta tagcatattc     39420
     ttcaataata tgccataaaa gtgtgcaaga aataaagcct cagtatgatg gtcttcatct     39480
     cagagctctc ttaataggag gctgtggatg acagttaaca gaaaagatta cattgtctct     39540
     atttttaaga gttttagtga gttataattc atacattata tgattcagca attagagtct     39600
     gtaaataaat gggattttct tttttggaac atctgaaaca attaccatga gaatatattt     39660
     tcttcccttt gtcactctac taatcaattg cccacctaat ttctgttcta taaatcttcc     39720
     cacggtaccc atttcataca aacaacatcc tataatatac accacttgtg actgtctgct     39780
     ttcatttacc atgatgattt caaaccacac ctgtgtagtt tatgcaagat atagttttca     39840
     tttaggaata acatgatatt ccactgtatg tacatattac attttcatcg ttccttcatc     39900
     agtttggatt atttctgttt tgggatgtaa taaataatgt ttggagaatt cgaggaggac     39960
     aacatgtgta ggaatataca tactcagttt gaggcacact gaagggaaat ttctgggtca     40020
     tatggtgaaa gattatatgt tgaactcagt aaggaatcac caaaatgttt ttggtggtgg     40080
     ctacactgtt tgtttttcca ccagcaatgc aggggcgctc ccacttccct acgtcaaaag     40140
     ctgctgtttc ctttcgtctt ctctaatgat tatcgtggtg gatgtaaaat ggtgtggtag     40200
     gaattttgtt ctcattttca taataatgaa gatgccaaac atatcattag ctttttaaaa     40260
     aattataatc tctatttcca cgggataaga tttatgtctg atgctgtcta cctatgactg     40320
     cagggatgga caaacatctg ttcagtattc cctttaaatt ggatagaaag cgatgtcacc     40380
     taatcctgag ttgcagaaac cagtggcagt cttagtcata actgcagatt ctacctccac     40440
     cttgcctggg gcacctgaga ctctggttgt tctccagctt gagagctcag catcaggcta     40500
     gaccccagtc acactgtgga ctccagtcac actgtggagt tgctcgatgg cttgtctgtt     40560
     tcttggtgac cctgaagtag ttttaaaagg tggtgattat catctttttt tcacacatga     40620
     acatgaaaga aatatgcaaa gtttcatgaa gctctttagg gaaccccagg gttgagctgg     40680
     gactcccgaa ggcaggcagg aggctattga ctttcagcac agctttggtg gctctagatc     40740
     cagtgtggtg ggagatcatg aatctgagcc ctaggtacaa agcaggctca gaactaacct     40800
     attgtggtct tacagggata tctgtgaagt ccatacagtg tcagaatgga aactgtttca     40860
     cactctcgga atttgaaatg atgggaggct atggaaagtc aaagaactgg aaactgagtc     40920
     tgcgctgcca taattggccc ctgaaactcc tgatccaggt attgcaaatg aggagaggaa     40980
     ggtcagagct tcagatcaaa tagccattga gttatgggga agttctgaga cttcaggaga     41040
     gagacacccc tcattcacag cctcatggaa ggtacaccct tggtggtatt gacaaatgag     41100
     agatacagaa cctctgaggt gggaatggtc attttgaata ggggtgtttg cagagaaatt     41160
     tctgcctgaa gcccaagtaa gagttgactc tcaaacaagt gggagacagt ctagggcaaa     41220
     gaggaccttc aagggctgga gagatggctc agtggttaag agcactgact gctcttccag     41280
     aagtcataag ttcaattccc agcaaccaca tggtggctca caaccatctg taatagaatc     41340
     tgatgccctc ttctggtgtg tctgaaaaca gctacagtgt gctcatataa atataactaa     41400
     taaatcttaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagaataa ggacattcaa acagagttcc aacgagggcc     41460
     cctgtgaaga tatagggagt gtgctgtgtg tttggcataa cccatccttt aaggtttgta     41520
     attgtagctt ttatttgctt gaattaattg tcatctccga ggtttactgc ctctgatgct     41580
     aacctaagcc taggcctaga aacttctagc ctctgtacaa tcttgtctag gcctggaatg     41640
     tgttcagcct ctgaggctta ctgctgatta agctcatcct ttctactgct ttctgaactg     41700
     tggctggttc aaatcagctg ttctggctca aagtcctgtt caagctggct gattcaatct     41760
     gccttatctc agtttctcct gaattgttct gcttggcctc atgctaactt tggcaatctg     41820
     ttctaatctt gctccttctc attctctggc gcattctgtc ctcacctgtg tctggcttct     41880
     tctctcttca actggtgtct gcaaagctct cctggtagaa ctgcctcctt ctcttttgtt     41940
     ttcctctcac tgcactgccc cttaagtagc tccccttccc tctctcttct cctgagagct     42000
     gggcagatcc tattctgtca catctttttc tgatttgtca ctttatctgc cactcaatta     42060
     gacatcactt ttaaacactg gtgcttcctt ctacaatcta acttcacctt cactgtttgg     42120
     gattaaaggt gcatactaag ggtatatctg tattctagcc agagggatta aagtgtgtcc     42180
     taagagctga gccacactag aactagaaac aagttttttc agtaaataac acaatcccag     42240
     ggttcacagt gttaacaaat atcctgcaac agaggttgtt ggtgcaggat ttaattaatg     42300
     ccactgtaat taccccaaat ccaaaattca gacaagaaat cagttatatc cttgaagtta     42360
     gaaatggcag ttgaagacaa aacatcttgg caaaagcttt aatctactca aacccctaca     42420
     attctagatt atatcaagtt caagaataaa cttaccatac caatctccaa ccctgagtga     42480
     ctgacatgac tacagtcctt ggattttagt gacagtgact catgtctcac atacccatct     42540
     ctttggtctt gtgggatttt ctacagggtt ccaaaagctc cagattattt tttgtttttt     42600
     tgttttcttc cttgaaccca cttgcctggt catctgtagt catatcctgc catttcagag     42660
     gccctaccac aggctctggg ccctctagac agaaatctct ccagattgtt cagttcatgg     42720
     tatgctcact gcttaattta caggatgtgg tattctctta gtttattcaa ttcaattcaa     42780
     tccctagtac attatccctt agatgagtca atgtcattat tgttatagag gcaagtagac     42840
     taaatatttt atttcagaaa cttcttttat ctacatgcta ggaatattag tcagattatg     42900
     taaaaatctt gttttatggc tagttgtctt agttagggtt ttattgctgt gaagatataa     42960
     catgaccagg gcaactctta taaaaaattt tgttttcatt gggtctggct tacggttcag     43020
     aggtctagtc cattatcatc atggcaggaa gcatggcagc atgctggctg acatggtgct     43080
     ggagcagtag ctgagagttt tacaactgga ttagaaggca gcagaaagtt gactgtgaac     43140
     ctctaggtct ggtatgaact acctagaact caaagtctgc cccctagtga tggaattcct     43200
     ccaacaaagc catgctggtt tcaacaaggc cacgcctcct aatagcacca ctccctatgg     43260
     gggccatttg tattcaaacc agcaccctaa gattctgggt caggatcttt ggtttcacag     43320
     ggaagatggg gtctggttca tgcctccctt ctcccagact tcactgaaga ccaggaagcc     43380
     ttgttttgca aattgtgttc catgtttttc ctaaatctac caggcagaag catcaatttc     43440
     cttatagatt cgtgcaaagg ccaccttgtg gaggattgcc aatggtgaag atgttctatt     43500
     ttctagattc agaactcaga tgaatgtgag gtgtgccggg atggaggaac actcttctgc     43560
     tgtgatactt gtttcagagc cttccatgag gactgtcata tcccaacagt ggaagctgag     43620
     atgtgagtgg gatgggatcc cttctctgtc tcctagtacc ccggccttgt catatgcatc     43680
     atccttatgg agtggtagtg tgggtcttga ggtgggaaac acaagggctc ttaacagata     43740
     ccaaacagga agacccagag agctgtctca agatgctgtc agcaaaaggt taatgttctc     43800
     tgtgttaggg agccatctct cctgatataa aggctgggtc ctttgcctac acaccactac     43860
     tgccttttct caaagttgta tactaaagcc tcttgttcaa aagattgggg gtagaataca     43920
     ctacttttgc tttctatgta cttatgaaag aaaaataagc atgactgact acttcccaca     43980
     tttcaccaca ttgcaatgga ctcttggaag ttcaagattc ccagaatttt tgtgaagacc     44040
     attttactgt gcctagtctc cttgtgctcc cagcaacctc tgtcaggaaa tggggaccta     44100
     ccactcatta caaagcccac tttccaaggg ctgcctcctg ccatgacatt gacagggggc     44160
     tggcaaccta agattctaag tggggtcctt cagtgtctga gaacccttgc cccagataga     44220
     ctgtcagcca ttcacgaaag cataatagca ggcatagaaa cagtggctgt tttcactggt     44280
     catgtcctct gctcacttcc tgtccaacct ttcagaacac catggagttg tatcttctgt     44340
     aggatgcagt ccttaggaag tcaaccgagt cttccagaat ctgagatact gaagagggag     44400
     atggctcccc aggaacagtt ggtgagtcac tgtgaaccaa tcttttctcc tttttcctgg     44460
     ataaggacag acaggcttgg agctagaaga atagcattca cagagagcct gctctcccaa     44520
     gccacactcc atcatagagc tgtcgcagca taactccttg gtataaaaac tcagtcatac     44580
     aagtttataa ccaagaggca ctcgtgttgg gcagatttgc agatgggttt gagtggcgcc     44640
     ttccccctgg gtacatgtat agactctgcc tttctaagtc actttgactg agtccctttt     44700
     tcttgcagaa gtgtgagtat gttctcttga gagtctattg ctgttctgag agctcctttt     44760
     tttccaagat gccatattat tattatgtaa gtaacggtgg tgaacccctg atccctggct     44820
     tcccgatgtc tcatgactga gagggccatt gtgggatttg tgatcttaat ccctgagggg     44880
     cacaggctct gttgtttctg tagactttct gggacccgat ggaaggtaaa tgctgaaccg     44940
     tggcattcac tcttctgtgg ctatttccct caccagttta gagagatgac tgtgggtgtg     45000
     caagagccta tgtggttgga cataatcaag aaaaagctgc cttccgctcg actcgagccc     45060
     cgggctaact tgccagcaga gtcttgccca acacctgcaa gggcccacac gggactcccc     45120
     acgggatcct aagacctcta gtgagtggaa cacagcgcct gccccaatcc aatcgcgcgg     45180
     aacctgagac tgcggtacat agggaagcag gctacccggg cctgatctgg ggcacaagcc     45240
     ccttcagctc cactcgagcc ccgggctacc ttgccagcag agtcttgccc aacacccgca     45300
     agggcccaca cgggactccc cacgggatcc taagacctct ggtgagtgga acatagcgcc     45360
     tgccccaatc caatcgcgcg gaacctgaga ctgctataca tagggaagca ggctacccag     45420
     gcttgatctg gggcacaaac cccttccact cgactcgagc tctgggcaac cttgccagcg     45480
     gagtcgcctg acacccgcaa gggcccacac aggattccac acgagatcct aagacctcta     45540
     gtgagtggaa cacaacttct gccaggagtc tggttcgaac accagatatc tgggtacctg     45600
     ccctgcaaga agagagcttg cctgcagaga atactctgcc cactgaaact aaggagagtg     45660
     ctaccctcca ggtctgctta tagaggctaa cagagtcacc tgaagaacaa gctcttaaca     45720
     gtgacaacta aaacagctag cttcagaaat taccagatgg cgaaaggcaa acgtaagaat     45780
     cctactaaca gaaatcaaga ccactcacca tcatcagaac gcagcattcc caccccacct     45840
     agtcctgggc accccaacac aaccgaaaat ctagacacag atttaaaaac gtttctcatg     45900
     atgatgatag aggacatcaa gaaggacttt cataagtcac ttaaagaatt acaggagagc     45960
     actgctaaag agttacaggc ccttaaagaa aagcaggaaa acacagccaa acaggtagaa     46020
     atcattaaag aaaaacagga aaacacatcc aaacaggtga tggaaatgaa caaaaccata     46080
     ctagaactaa aaggggaagt agacacaata aagaaaaccc aaagcgaggc aacgctggag     46140
     atagaaaccc taggaaacag atctggaacc atagatacga gcatcagcaa cagaatacaa     46200
     gaaatggaag agagaatctc aggtgcagaa gattccatag agaacatcga cacaacagtc     46260
     aaagaaaata caaaatgcaa aaggatccta actcaaaaca tccaggtaat ccaggacaca     46320
     atgagaagac caaacctacg gatattagga attgatgaga atgaagattt tcaacttaaa     46380
     gggccagcta atatcttcaa caaaataata gaagaaaact tcccaaacat aaaaaaagag     46440
     atgcccatga tcatacaaga agcctacaga actccaaata gactgaacca gaaaagaaat     46500
     tcctcccgac acataataat cagaacaaca aatgcactaa ataaagatag aatattaaaa     46560
     gcagtaaggg agaaaggtca agtaacatat aaaggaaagc ctatcagaat tacaccagac     46620
     ttttcaccag agactatgaa agccagaaga gcctggacag atgttataca gacactaaga     46680
     gaacacaaat gccagcccag gctactatac ccggccaaac tctcaattac catagatgga     46740
     gaaaccaaag tattccacga caaaaacaaa ttcacacaat atctttccac gaatccagcc     46800
     cttcaaagga taataacaga aaagaagcaa tacaaggacg gaaatcacgc cctagaacaa     46860
     ccaagaaagt aatcattcaa caaaccaaaa acaagacagc cacaagaaca gaatgccaac     46920
     tctaacaaca aaaataaaag gaagcaacaa ttacttttcc ttaacatctc ttaatatcaa     46980
     tggactcaat tccccaataa aaagacatag actaacagac tggctacaca aacaggaccc     47040
     aacattctgc tgcttacagg aaacccatct cagggaaaaa gacagacact acctcagagt     47100
     gaaaggctgg aaaacaattt tccaagcaaa tggactgaag aaacaagctg gagtagccat     47160
     tttaatatcg gataaaatcg acttccaacc caaagttatc aaaaaagaca aggagggaca     47220
     cttcatactc atcaaaggta aaatcctcca agaggaactc tcaattctga atatctacgc     47280
     accaaatgca agggcagcca cattcatcag agacacttta gtaaagctca aagcatacat     47340
     tgcacctcac acaataatag tgggagactt caacacacca cttttttcaa aggacagatc     47400
     gtggaaacag aaactaaaca gggacacagt gaaactaaca gaagttatga aacaaatgga     47460
     cctgacagat atctacagaa cattttatcc taaagcaaaa ggatatacct tcttctcagc     47520
     acctcacggg accttctcca aaattgacca tataattggt cacaaaacag gcctcgatag     47580
     atacaaaaat attgaaattg tcccatgtat cctatcagac caccatggcc taagactgat     47640
     cttcaataac aacataaata atggaaagcc aacattcacg tggaaactga ataacactct     47700
     tctcaatgat accttggtca aggaaggaat aaagaaagaa attaaagact ttttggagtt     47760
     taatgaaaat gaagccacaa cgtacccaaa cctatgggac acaatgaaag catttctaag     47820
     agggaaactc atagctctga gtgcctccaa gaagaaacgg gagacagcac atactagcag     47880
     cttgacaaca catctaaaag ccctggaaaa aaaggaagca aattcaccca agaggagtag     47940
     acggcaggaa ataatcaaac tcaggggtga aatcaaccaa gtggaaacaa gaagaactat     48000
     tcaaagaagt aaccaaacga ggagttggtt ttttgagaaa atcaacaaga tagataaacc     48060
     cttagctaga ctcactaaag ggcacaggga caaaatccta attaacaaaa tcagaaatga     48120
     aaagggagac ataacaacag atcctgaaga aatccaaaac accatcagat ccttctacaa     48180
     aaggctatac tcaacaaaac tggaaaacct ggacgaaatg gacaaatttc tggacagata     48240
     ccaggtacca aagttgaatc aggatcaagt tgaccatcta aacagtccca tatcacctaa     48300
     agaaatagaa gcagttatta atagtctccc aaccaaaaaa agcccaggac cagatgggtt     48360
     tagtgcagag ttctatcaga ccttcaaaga agatctcatt ccagtaatgc acaaactatt     48420
     tcacaaaata gaagtagaag gtactctacc caactcattt tatgaagcca ctattactct     48480
     gatacctaaa ccacagaaag acccaacaaa gatagagaac ttcagaccaa tttctcttat     48540
     gaatatcgat gcaaaaatcc tcaataaaat tctcgctaat cgaatccaag aacacattaa     48600
     agcaatcatc catcctgacc aagtaggttt tattccaggg atgcagggat ggtttaatat     48660
     acgaaaatcc atcaatgtaa tccattatat aaacaaactc aaagacaaaa accacatgat     48720
     catctcgtta gatgcagaaa aagcatttga caagatccaa cacccagtca tgataaaagt     48780
     tttggaaaga tcaggaattc aaggcccata cctaaacatg ataaaagcaa tctacagcaa     48840
     accagtagcc aacatcaaag taaatggaga gaagctagaa gcaatcccac taaaatcagg     48900
     gactagacaa ggctgcccac tttctcccta ccttttcaac atagtacttg aagtattagc     48960
     cagagcaatt cgacaacaaa aggagatcaa ggggatacaa attggaaaac aggaagtcaa     49020
     aatatcactt tttgcagatg atatgatagt atatataagt gaccctaaaa attctaccag     49080
     agaactccta aacctgataa acagcttcgg tgaagtagct ggatataaaa taaactcaaa     49140
     caagtcaatg gcctttctct atacaaagaa taaacaggct gagaaagaaa ttagggaaac     49200
     aacacccttc tcaatagtca caaataatat aaaatatctc ggcgtgactc taactaagga     49260
     agtgaaagat ctgtatgatt aaaaacttca aatctctgaa gaaagaaatt aaggaagatc     49320
     tcagaagatg gaaagatctc ccatgctcat ggattggcag gatcaacatt gtaaaaatgg     49380
     ctatcttgcc aaaagcaatc tacagattca atgcaatccc catcaaaatt ccaactcaat     49440
     tcttcaacga attggaagga gcaatttgca aattcatctg gaataacaaa aaacctagga     49500
     tagcaaaaag tcttctcaag gataaaagaa cttctggcgg aatcaccatg acagacctaa     49560
     agctttacta cagagcaatt gtgataaaaa ctgcatggta ctggtataga gacagacaag     49620
     tagaccaatg gaataaaatt gaagacccag aaatgaaccc acacacctat ggtcacttga     49680
     tcttcgacaa gggagctaaa accatccagt ggaagaaaga cagcattttc aacaattggt     49740
     gctggcacaa ctggttgtta tcgtgtagaa gaatgcgaat cgatccatac ttatctcctt     49800
     gtactaaggt caaatctaag tggatcaagg aacttcacat aaaaccagag acactgaaac     49860
     ttatagagga gaaagtgggg aaaagccttg aagatatggg cacaggggaa aaattcctga     49920
     acagaagagc aatggcttgt gctgtaagat cgagaattga caaatgggac ctaatgaaac     49980
     tccaaagttt ctgcaaggca aaagacaccg tcaataagac aaaaagacca ccaacagatt     50040
     gggaaaggat ctttacctat cctaaatcag ataggggact aatatccaac atatataaag     50100
     aactcaagaa ggtggacttc agaaatcaaa taaccccatt aaaaaatggg gctcagaact     50160
     gaacaaagaa ttctcacctg aggaatactg aatggcagag aagcacctga aaaaatgttc     50220
     aacatccttg atcatcaggg aaatgcaaat caaaacaaca ctgatattcc acctcacacc     50280
     agtcagaatg gctaagatca aaaattcagg tgacagcaga tgctggcgtg gatgtggaga     50340
     aagaggaaca ctcctccatt gttggtggga gtgcaggctt gtacaaccac tctggaaatc     50400
     agtctggcgg ttcctcagaa aattggacat agtactaccg gaggatccag caatacctct     50460
     cctgggcata tatccagaag atgccccaac tggtaagaag gacacatgct ccactatgtt     50520
     catagcagcc ttatttataa tagccagaag ctggaaagaa cctagatgcc cctcaacaga     50580
     ggaatggata cagaaaatgt ggtacatcta cacaatggag tactactcag ctattaaaaa     50640
     gaatgaattt atgaaattcc tagccaaatg gatggacctg gagggcatca tcctgagtga     50700
     ggtaacacat tcacaaagaa actcacacaa tatgtactca ctgataaggg gatattagcc     50760
     ccaaacctag gatacccaag atataagata taatttgcta aacacatgaa actcaagaag     50820
     aatgaagact gaagtatgga cactatgccc ctccttagat ttgggaacaa aacacccatg     50880
     gaaggagtta cagagacaaa gtttggagct gagatgaaag gatggaccat gtagagactg     50940
     ccatatccag ggatccaccc cataatcagc atccaaacgc tgacaccatt gcatacacta     51000
     gcaagatttt atcgaaagga cccagatgta gctatctctt gtgagactat gccggggcct     51060
     agcaaacaca gaagtggatg ctcacagtca gctaatggat ggatcatagg gctcccaatg     51120
     gaggagctag agaaagtagc caaggagcta aagggatctg caaccctata ggtggaacaa     51180
     cattatgaac taaccagtac cccggagctc ttgactctag ctgcatatat atcaaaagac     51240
     taggccatca ctggaaagag aggcccattg gacttgcaaa ctttatatgc cccagtacag     51300
     gggaacacca gggccaaaaa gggggagtgg gtgggcaggg gagtgggggt gggtggatat     51360
     gggggacttt tggtatagca ttggaaatgt aaatgagcta aatacctaat aaaaaatggg     51420
     aaaaaaaaag aaaaaaaaag aaaaagctga gtgaccaggc ttactgccaa gtagaagatt     51480
     ttgtgcaaga catgaggctc atcttccgga atcacaaaat cacgttcaag gtcagcatcc     51540
     ctttgtgcct gcatctcatc ttcagggtta ctctgcaccc attttctgca tgctggaaag     51600
     tttagtgtca tacatcttcc tgtaataagg atcaataaat aagagatctg gaagcgccag     51660
     acacagtgat acaagcctgg gatggtagca ttcaaaaggc caatggagga agaatgtctt     51720
     gtgttcaaag ccttcctggt atgagacttt atctcaaaaa agaaaaagag atttggaagt     51780
     ggattttctt tttggtttaa gatctagaat gtgtttcact aacaggaagc acaagagacc     51840
     taacttcttt cctggtctat aaagctattg ggccacaaag aggaaaatta agccaacacc     51900
     cccaacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acaggagaat     51960
     aattttaaaa atatatgtat gtcaaaggtg ggcatggtgg cacaggattt caaacccagc     52020
     atatgggagg cagatgtagg cagatctctg agtctgaggc tagcccagtc tatatataga     52080
     gcaagttcaa ggatatacag gactacacag agaaatccta tctggaaccg cccccccccg     52140
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtttg ggggaagaca     52200
     cagtgtgtgt gcatttgagt gtagaagtct gtggagtcca gaggcatcag tacagtgaat     52260
     tgaattgggt ctttagcaag agtactatat gctcttaatc accactccat ctctctagat     52320
     cctagcttga atctttgtat gagtatatga atatatgtga tgtgtatgta ctcatgagtg     52380
     tgtgcatgtt tatgtgagag ttcagatgtg tgtgtcataa tattcacgaa agtcaaagta     52440
     gagggcaacc atgtgtgttt ttttttccat ctcagcttct ttgagacaag gcaactgtcg     52500
     accacagtgg agtgcatgta gctttccaca ggcttggggg gatctgaact caagtcctct     52560
     cacttgtgtg gcaaacactg acccactgag gcaactcccc agcccgagat tgcttcttac     52620
     tccctgtagt caagattctc agaaatacca aactctaagg tcctttacat gtgaatgaac     52680
     cgtgcaccta atggagtccc tcagagaata gaagtaccaa gagggaggat gtgtttctgt     52740
     cactgataat gagtactatc attcttgtct acattatttt ttttttttag gaccctaagt     52800
     ttggcgaaac gggacttaga ctggagtcca agtttgagaa gagtttcaag gaagtgtttg     52860
     ctattcagga aacaaattaa aagagttgac tgaaatcaga gacatggctg gtgtcacctg     52920
     gccatgtctg gctcacctgc agcagcaatg agtgttcttt atagactcta tcattcccgg     52980
     atgattactc ttggtcatat ggaaacaggt gcagctggga gttacacctc ctggcctggg     53040
     gatccatccc cctttctccc catgaaatca agagtatggt gcattgctgc tctctggtct     53100
     tcaagggtct aggctggagc ctgtctccag ctggctttgc tccaccacca ctccaacccc     53160
     tccccccaca tatatgttgc ttttcttgtc tcttactctc ctgagagcaa tccacaataa     53220
     accataagct tccaaaactt caaaccatgt ggtggctcat tcctgtagct tcagtccttg     53280
     agaggctgag gcaggaggat agctgcaaat gcaatgcgag cctgggctac atagtgactc     53340
     tcagctaccc tggcttataa aggtttctgg aaaaacaaac cactcatcaa ataagacaga     53400
     aaaaggctct caactcagga cctgtgtcta ggaagactca ctataagata ctttcccaga     53460
     ggcaaagcct tcgggtgggg ttctcaaggt aggtcactgt ctaaccaaag gttctcaggt     53520
     gttaaaccag cactggggcc aaattttaac ctgtagaaag gcattacaga ctatgtgagc     53580
     tacacataaa gtggcatatt tgacacaaag tggcatattt gatagtggat ggagaaaagg     53640
     tcactgtaag aaagatgggg tctggtgaca cttgctgcat tgcactaata gatggatatg     53700
     agttccttag atcgagcaat cccaagtaat catgaggaaa gagtcactca tatctgcagc     53760
     cataagtcag actgcagcaa aagcatgtat gtgctgggcc cttgtgttca caaagacaga     53820
     actcccaaga agactgcatt ctaggttcag gaagtgtctt gtgccagtgt cagggtcctg     53880
     agactcagaa tgaggacttt gaacctgttt ccctgaacct atttgtctat gagaggatcc     53940
     ctttactctt ccttgcaatg aagagccatc tatgtccccc atctagcttg aataaagact     54000
     acacagggga ttcccagcat agctcagtag acaaaccaag gttagggctg gaagccatgt     54060
     gaaaggggcc tcacattaaa ggagtgacaa gcccagccta caggagaggc atgaagattg     54120
     tgtttgggtt tagatactgg ataaagaaag ctggaaaact aaactggctg acagagttat     54180
     caatagttta aatttttaaa aaactgattc ttggtgaatt tcccatcatg cactacaatt     54240
     cccactcatt ttccagtcct gtcctatccc cctctaccct ggcaacctcc cccgccccca     54300
     aagaaaagaa aacaatgaca acaaaaacaa tcttgccatg aaagctgcag tgtgtcacac     54360
     agtttacaca gtatccaaac agctcttctt gcaaatgttc attgcaatga acatttggtc     54420
     attggtttga ttcgaagcct ctggctctgc tctaccatca atactggatc ctccccagga     54480
     tgcatctcag atatcctgtt gttgccttgt gtcatggaga tcctgcagct ttggaagagc     54540
     agcactgatc cattcacctg ctccagcagt tcatagctgg ggtagatgat ggggttggtc     54600
     aggtcaaagc cctgtatctg ggcctggtgg tagctgagtt ggttagcctg gcacccatga     54660
     gttatcaaca cttaagtgtt cttctgtgct gtagaagcta atcagtctgg tgatggcaag     54720
     ggtcatcggt ctaggctgtc cctgggcagc tcctgtatgc tcctcctatt ttcagcacac     54780
     attgatgaag tgctgcttca ttattggaac catgaccaca gactcagggt tacaaatcta     54840
     actgaagtag tgagatgact ctactctcta gtactggaga atagcccatg agatagatga     54900
     ccgtgttcct tagggtcact cagagacatg aacttaatga ggtgatcagg aacactgctg     54960
     gggtcatgag catccttgat cagctcagca ctggctgctc tctgaaggat ggaacaatgg     55020
     tgagaccatc tctcaattcc tatttctata gtaacaatag aaagattcgg ttccagataa     55080
     ccagaatcag tcaactgttg cagccagact aagtgatttc tgtagagaga caggtagaga     55140
     cctaatgcta ctgaaggcag gacaacaggg caacctataa agatactgct ttatacctat     55200
     caaaagagtg gtgggcaaag agggcacatg gtggaagtca gctatcctat taaaagccag     55260
     aggtagaggg agggctgtaa ccagagtccc ttagaaagta aagactactt aacaagtgtc     55320
     taaaacaaaa cccagatctg atgctatccc tccacctcct tcatcaaata aaaggtattt     55380
     tcaggcttct tagaacatcg cctacatcat tcctgtcaat aaggctgcta ctaactccag     55440
     cagaatgtgt agaacagccg tgtgtttgcc acaggtgtgt ctttgctgga actggctcat     55500
     tcctgagagc aggaaagcac aggagtgtgt ggttttgagc tgtgtctctc ttttaaaagg     55560
     tgttcttcat ggctgtgctg atcagtaagg accatgccac cctctgagtg ggtagaaagc     55620
     tcagggggct ttgtctggat cctctcgtgc ctccagagtc aagctggcta cgggagtgac     55680
     cagaactcct ttgctgctat ttggtgagaa ataaagaagc ttgtcttaac tgttggtgaa     55740
     gaagctcctg cctacaaact gttactcagg cagtgacttt ggaagcaaaa accccaaaca     55800
     acctgaggtt tctacaaaag gaagaactca gacaggattt gggagagatg tcaaaagttg     55860
     ggaggcagct agcccagaat taacttcctg cttccctttg tttgaacttg ggagcaaaca     55920
     ccgtcctgat tagggcagga aaaaaaacaa aacaaaacct ttggcaggag gctttgtggt     55980
     gagtatagtt atgaaaaaac aaaaagaaaa acaaaacaca aaacaaccag ggtcttgaga     56040
     gtgaagagca gatctccaag aaatgaaagt ccagggcttg tctaatgccc tctgaactga     56100
     aagctgagcg ttgcctttca taaacagatt gcttgcaatc tgagccatta caatcatgtg     56160
     tcccctctgc tgcaacaaaa gcctaaattc tggcctaagc aggagttggt cggtagctgc     56220
     cactccaatc actcttgtac aagaatgggc cctcagaacc taagaaccct tttactttgc     56280
     caagtgcctt ccaaaccatg tgtcccatga tgtttctgta agtatcttca gtctttcatc     56340
     tgacatgcaa cctcttccag gatggcctga aaactgaagt ttcccctcct gaaaccttta     56400
     ttctaccttg ttttgaagcc ttgttgtgtg gttttccaaa gcatgacagc caaagttatg     56460
     ctttgaattt taattactgt gtcaaagaga tctgtgaaac aagaatgcct ctgtgaaaca     56520
     agacacatgt tttcacttcc ctacacagat ttgtttgccc caactacata ggatgtgctt     56580
     ggtcacatgt aggcaggagg tacgtatgtg ggaaacatgt caacatgtat gcttgcctga     56640
     ttggatgcag gcaggaatta tatcaggaag cataattccc cctgattgga cacaaaggga     56700
     aaaaatatgg tggccttatg gggctactca tttaagcttc tgtgaaattt gccattcttt     56760
     tgtgcatcca ggaatagacc tggccagagt tcatcctgac agtatcaaag cttgcttcca     56820
     atttgattca aagttatgat agccatctta ttctcaccca ggtagagtaa cacaaggcca     56880
     gaatgttcta gatttctgta tgaacaattc tgccaatatt atagctggaa actggggtgt     56940
     ggggttttca gggaaggggg gactctttaa tagcattctt ccagagctgc tttggggtaa     57000
     gtaggtgtag caacgttctg ttccctgtgc acctcacctc ccaagagtta cacttgactg     57060
     tggagctggg ccttcaggtc tcaggagtgc cagtcagaca ctggacagta tagtgatagt     57120
     tcagctctcc ctgtgtgcac tcctctgggt ctccaagaag gaactgaacc agcaacatat     57180
     agacattgga ttcccatgca cacattagct ttgaggtgct tctgcaaagt cttgttactt     57240
     agagtcctgt aaaatcatcc caaagtttct tattctagat cgaagtagaa atggagacat     57300
     ggctaaaatg tggggcacta aaagacccca aaggctaacc tcaggcatgg cctcacacta     57360
     ctcttgtgag tcatacccac cccagcttca taccagccta tccctgtgca tgtgaactaa     57420
     aggatgagaa agaggcaagc agactctctg ctgggagacc tgtcagggta gaggctcacc     57480
     tcaggtcccc aagtccctca gagaaagtgc tcccagaagg aggaacagag agaacttgat     57540
     atatcctaat gatccatgag gggcctccta gaaagactca ctggaggtga cagctcatca     57600
     ctacttatca tatctgcacc tcagaaggga ggaccacatc tttgtcctca tgccctggtg     57660
     gccactgctg cagcttcctc ctgcctttga cttctaggct gggatgacaa gtcttcagag     57720
     acccaagtct tgctctgacc caatgtctat ggagttgggg gatgtcctca atcctgggtc     57780
     tgagaaatct tgtcctggcc agattcctgg gtctcctgct ggcctgtgag ataccttgca     57840
     agtgtttgac cctccttccc tgctgtctcc ttacccaagt cacttcagcc agggacatga     57900
     caaccaaccc tggggggatt cctgctcccc tcctagacac aggagcaaga gagaacagtt     57960
     tgagtttctg tggaggggtt ttaattgttt tgttttgttt gtttgtccca tctttccata     58020
     aagaaggcac tctcaggaac tggctcagct tgtcctggtg tacccttctg caatcctcta     58080
     ggtccccttt ctcctccctg ctacaacatt ccaaaaatga tggatgggac aggatctcac     58140
     agcagcaccc ttgagattag agaattactt tcgtttttct tttccccatc agggcagagc     58200
     cctctctggt ttcttagtgc ttgggctcac ttcctgctct cagctgtggc ccacagcaaa     58260
     cacacagaag cctgtgcaga caccaaggga tcagagctca ctgtcccagg ccccaggcag     58320
     ctgtggaaga tggaagggag caacagcagc cccaggtgag tctttttccc tctgtaacct     58380
     ttccctctga caacacggtt gattttatgt cttgaattag tgacccaagc tccagtcagt     58440
     ccaaaccgcc tgacatgaag tagctttggc ctataatgag aggggataga tttgggggtg     58500
     atgaggcgaa gagacagaca gacagacaga gagagagaga cagacagaca gacagacaga     58560
     cacagagaga gaaagagaga gaacatcagc atacctgaac acttgagttt gatatccgct     58620
     gccgagagag acaagcttgc cagattgtac acaagtcata actgtcttta tgaccactgc     58680
     tcagctgtca gagggagact ttggccacag ctgacaggga ctcctgtggc atggttctgt     58740
     tattaccttg tgacccaatc ggtctcagtc cctctgcctc tctctgcatt agagcaggac     58800
     tcctgcagga aagtcacctc agggaagaag tccaaatagc agacgatgct gggtaaacag     58860
     ttggcacccg ctgccctgtt tctcctacct gtctggcagg acttgtcacc aagaaagctg     58920
     tgcccaggct cactcctagt ttaagctctc actgtcagac ctcgatccaa ggaagacaaa     58980
     agacaagaaa gggccttgat tgcaaaggtc agggcaagcc acatatttct atttcccttt     59040
     agttttctgt tctaggtgga tgttagctct ggcaggaaac agtagaattc tgtttgctcc     59100
     agtaactcag atgcgctact atgcataaat aatgttgggc agtgtttttg ttagtacaaa     59160
     ggaagtaata catttttttt cagtactgca gatgaacctc gggctttgaa tatgcctgat     59220
     tatatatctc tatttatttt ttagaacttt gactcaaggt tttgctaagt tactcacacc     59280
     agtgtggaac tcattgtata ggttaggctg accttgaact tgtgagcctc tgagtgactg     59340
     aggttacagg cctagaccac caggaccatt tcataataaa atgtggttta taagctttca     59400
     aacttgtgga aatatagaaa ggataagacc cctcagctgc ccccatatac ttagcccact     59460
     ccttgggctc aatcttcctt atattattta tttttaattt taaggcacgg tctcttggtc     59520
     ttttttatta tgttgtccag gctgacctga aacttgctat ataaacctgc ctggacttgg     59580
     acttacaata gagatccatc tgcctctgcc tcccaagtac agggattaaa ggtgtacaat     59640
     accatacctg ggtctttctt attgtctaca aaatatttat tgggcgcgtg cgcgtgtggg     59700
     tgcgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg taagagagag     59760
     agagaaaaga gtgtgtacac tattagggaa tgtgcctttg gaggacagaa gaggatgtca     59820
     ggtcccctgt agttggagtt atagatggct atgagctgac agactgggag ctgaactcca     59880
     gtccttttga agaacaatca ttgctctgaa ctgctgacct atctctccag cccctttatc     59940
     tttcccaatg catttcatgt ataatttgtt ttcgttaatg cgtattttca ttttgtaatg     60000
     gtgtgcggtg ttttcagcct tagcctgttt taaagagtag aagccttggc gaggtcctcc     60060
     atgtaatgag ggtacactta ctttactctt tttcacagct ccctgccgtt cagagcactt     60120
     gtatatgaac caagaaatgt atcattcaat gtaatgctta tttatgtgtg cacacgtgtg     60180
     gcagctttgc gtgtgtcatg gagtcagggg gcaaaataga ggaggtggta cctcccttct     60240
     tccgtgtggc ttctgggatc tgagccaagt catcaggctt ggttgctggc tccttttcca     60300
     ctgtgccagc ttgccagtcc tttccacgag ttttaaacca gtttaaacca gtctcctttt     60360
     gatgaacttt cgctcactac cattgttgac tgtcacccac aagctgtggg aacgttggcc     60420
     gtataatgca ttatgcttat tgactagtat tttgtcttga atcaaagata taatcagggg     60480
     actaccgaga caaagggcat aacttgcttt atagacgctg ccaaatggct gctgaggagg     60540
     caaagtctat gcatttccct gccagtagct actaagatga ggcatcttcc tctctcagcc     60600
     caagtacaca aaggcaatgg agatgtgtgc tgttttgcag tctctctatt aagcaggaaa     60660
     tgggttgcgt ttcttatgca ctggcccttc agctcccttt ccagcactgg tctgttttcg     60720
     atatctttag tcaggtgttc atttattttt taacagattt aattcattta tttttcttgt     60780
     ataaaaaccc ctatgtggtt tttatatgca cttcttctat gcactggcta aatgtcttga     60840
     gaaaccgtag ctatattctc ccttgtcttt tggcactgtg tatagtgggt ttcctcttat     60900
     acaaagttaa atttgaattg tagtattgat cttgtaagaa agacacatcc ataaataaag     60960
     tgataatgga agccactgag aaaatcaagc acccttgggg tgttggggct tttgtgtttc     61020
     tgcttgccgt ggctgccttt gaacctagag ctttgtgctt gccgagcaag ttctctacct     61080
     ctgaactata tctccagccc tccctttact ttttaatttg agacacaatc tcattcagtt     61140
     gcccaggata gccttgaaac cgtaattttc ctgtttcagc ttcctgagtc cttcggctta     61200
     aaggcctgcc ctacctggcc tggcatgagt ttttgtttgt tttgtttgga tcacagttct     61260
     gtgttcttca ggtaacatgt gggaatctat ctttattcag ggaaagtttg tttcttttcg     61320
     tctgtctctt tttttagaca aaaggattct accctggagc cacattagcc cccaagttct     61380
     cactgctcct gtgctatctt tgttaggatt ttaatctttt tatgtgtaag gctgtctcct     61440
     ggtcttcccc catgacaatg acttaatgtt tagtagcttg gtttctttcc tttacagctt     61500
     aaaaaaaaat ctctgtgtct gaatgtagtg tgtgtatgtg tgagtgtgtg tgaatgcagt     61560
     attgtgtatg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgaa tactgtactt acatgagcat gtgtgtgtaa     61620
     atgcagtgtg tgagtgtgat ggtttgtata ttcttggacc agggagtagc accatttgga     61680
     ggtgtggcct tgttgaagta ggtgtgtcac tgtgggtgtg ggcataagat cctcacccta     61740
     gttgcctgga agtcagtctt ccactagcag cctttggatg aaggcataga attctcatct     61800
     ctgcctgcgc catgccttcc tggatattgc catgctccca ccttgatgat aacccacctt     61860
     gactgaacct ctgaacctgt aagccagccc caagtaaatg ttgttttttt aataagactt     61920
     tccttggtta tggtatctgt tcacagcagt aaaatcctaa ctaagacagt gagtatgtgg     61980
     gtgtatgtat atgtatatga atgcactgta tgtgtatgtg tgtgaatgtt gtttatatgt     62040
     gcgtgtgtgg atgcagtcta tgtgtatgtg tatgggtgtt gggtatatgt gagtatgtgt     62100
     gtgtgtgaat gcagtgtgtg tgtctgtgtg tatctgtgta ttaactcaat atatatatac     62160
     atatatatac atatatatat tatgtgtgtg tatctgtgta ttaacgcaat atatacatat     62220
     acatacacac actatatatg tgtgtgtata tatatatcta tatatcacat gtgtggagat     62280
     cagaggacaa tgtggggaat cgtgctcccc ttgcaccttg attgagtttg aggcagggtc     62340
     tcctgtttgc ctgtgtccac taggttagtt ggaagttgag gttcccaggg agtcccctgc     62400
     ctccatcacc tatggagctg caggtgtgct ggaacttcag gcatctgctg tagcatccag     62460
     cgtttatgtg aattctggga agctgagctc aagtctgtac acttggggat caagtcactg     62520
     agccacctag ctagtcctga tttctttttt tttctttcca ttttttatta agtatttagc     62580
     tcatttatat ttccaatgct ataccaaaag tcccccatac cctgtccggt tctctggcac     62640
     accctctaac ctgttcagac taatttccta agttctgctg agtcccggaa ccaagatggc     62700
     gacggctgct gctgaggctg aggctgaggc cgcctcccaa gccaggcgga cacctgtcct     62760
     ctggtccaga tggtggccgg ttgtctgtgg cccgcccagg ctgctgcctc agcggctctg     62820
     tgcttctgcc cgtcccagaa gctgtccggt tctctggcgc accctctaac ctgttcagac     62880
     taatttccta agttctgctg agtcccggaa ccaagatggc gaccgctgct gctgaggcta     62940
     gtcctgattt ctaactgagt cttaaatatt atttcattgt tttatgtgta tgagggcttt     63000
     gcctgcatgc atgtctgtgc agcatatcat gtctggtgtc ccaggaagtc agaagagtgt     63060
     attagattcc caggagttcc agacaggtgt gacctaccat gtgggtgctg ggaactgaat     63120
     ctgggtcctc tggaaaggca gccagtgttc ttaaccactg agcaatctct ccgtctccta     63180
     atttctaatt tttaaagaaa tacattgtgg tgaaggataa tataaatttt acaaggggtc     63240
     ctagctcatc tccatggttt tgtaagctcc tctgtaacct acatctctgt aaccttgtta     63300
     actccctgcc catcttcacc atgtgtctac attggttctt ctgctctgct aagtgctttg     63360
     agaagacttt ccttatagct tctggatcat tcttctagac gggtcttcca ttccactgtc     63420
     ctttgtttat tatatggttg ctgtggttat accccatcac tgtggttgga cattgggctg     63480
     ctcacaccac acttagatta ccacaaggtg taacctgggt gttgtttttg ttttctatct     63540
     gaggtcagtt tctaaggaca tcattgatca atcaatcacc aagggatcct atattccttt     63600
     gtgtttctgg gcactctctt ctctgccatt ggctatggtg gcccctctgc cataaagcct     63660
     gaggtgtcat cacagtgggt cctgatcagt gaatgcactg tgtgaatggg tttgaatgag     63720
     aatggctccc atagggccac agatttgaat atttagtcac cagggagtgg tactacttgt     63780
     aaggattagg aggtatagtc atgttggaga aagtgtgtca ctgggagttg gcttagaggt     63840
     ttcaaaaagc ccattctaat cccagagtct ccctcttcct gcttccagct ggtccagatc     63900
     tagaactctc agctacttct ccatcaccat atctttctac atctggccat gctctctgac     63960
     ctgatgacaa ttcaaattga caagtcaaat taaacctctg aaactgtaag caagccacaa     64020
     ttaaatatgt tcttttttaa gagttgctat ggtcatggta tgtcatcaca gcaagagaac     64080
     actaaccgag acacactgta tttgtgagac ctcatttgct gttcccaagc tacagcagca     64140
     cagaacactt caaaacaggc agagctcact taacatagag gaaaccacag acctaagctt     64200
     ggagcatttc cagcatgggt ctgtcccttc ctcttgttca ttgtgaagat ggtatgtggt     64260
     ctctgagtgt ggtaggactg gactcctgtt gactgtcacc ctgtgtggtt gctggtttct     64320
     gtcccaaata tctgtaaaag tggttagact caagtttctg gccctgaaaa tggctcatct     64380
     tttatttctt ttaaaagtat aaagtgtgtt ttaaaatgag atttattaat tttggttttc     64440
     tgtattagtg ttttgcctgc atttgtgcat cacttatgtg cagtgtacac catatatgct     64500
     tgttgcccat agatgtcaga agagggcatc agatgcccag caacagaagt tatgtgtggt     64560
     tatgaaccac catgtgagta atgggagtcc aacccatgcc ctctgcatgg agccatctca     64620
     acagcccctg actcaaatgt cttgaccctt aagtcttatg ttaccccgtc tccagtccct     64680
     ttgtcatcta ttgtattttt atttcctctt cttgttttat ttgtggggta gaggaattgg     64740
     caagaaaggg tttctctgtg tatccctggc tatactggaa cctgctctat agaccaggct     64800
     actcttgaac ccagagatct gtctgcctat gccaagaaag tctattactc tccgggctag     64860
     agagatagtt tagcgattaa gtggacgctg gttgaattcc aggcaccaac atggtagttt     64920
     gcagagacct ataactgaag ttccaagaaa atctgacatc catggacacc aagcacacat     64980
     gtagtacact aatatacatg cagttattat attcatatac ataaatgaaa aacaatgtct     65040
     tttttagaag aaaagaaacc agatgttctg caagacaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg     65100
     aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaaga aggatggagg aaaggagaaa     65160
     caaagacata gaaatagagg gaacagaaga gtaatttgta cagaaaagtt aatgggattt     65220
     ttcaaatgga taaatgacat cagctcctaa acttaggaaa gtctaaatgg gatgaattaa     65280
     aacaaaacct tttgtgagtt tgatttttat catgaaagca tcctgagttt gccaaaagct     65340
     ttttctgcgt ccgttggggg tgatatgtcc tgtattctat tcatgagatg tagtccagtt     65400
     atccatttgc aaatgttgaa atttttgctt tgcttcacct aagtgggggt gtaaagcctg     65460
     attttgtatg tcaacttaac acaagctaga gttatcacag agaaaggaac ctcccttgag     65520
     gtaatacctc catgagatcc agctgtaagg cattttctca attagtgatc aagggggaag     65580
     ggcccattgt gggtggtgcc atccctgggc tggtagtact gggttctata agaaagcaag     65640
     ctgagaaagc caggggaaac aagccagtaa gcagcatccc tccatatgtg agttcctcca     65700
     gtgtgagttc ctgtcttgac ttcctttggt gattaaggcc tatgtggaag tagaagctga     65760
     ataaaccctt tcctccccaa cttgctacat ggtcatgatg ttttgtgcaa gaatacaaac     65820
     cctgactaag acatggagtg acaggaagtg cctgacattt gtggaatgtc ttctggcttg     65880
     gttttctgtt catgaattat ataaaggagg ctcagtagcc agacaagttg atagcttatg     65940
     ctccttagac acaagtgcca aaagctatcc ttcgccggaa ggaaagcctg tcagttgtgt     66000
     tacccattat atctctgaca ccagctggct tcttctgagc ctggaattgg tgattacttg     66060
     ggatccttgg tctactaagt ctagaagcta tgctatgaag ttagccaggt tgcctgtttg     66120
     gctatttgct agctgaggcc ataggtaggc tctgagccag atggggttac ttgctgctta     66180
     gttaggtaga gccaaataac actctgctat gagatagaga caacacactg tcttggggag     66240
     tagacaggca gacagacagt gtgtccagac tgacctgctg gctaggcagg aatggtaagt     66300
     atgttccttg gacagatggg ctgccttggc agagcagaac agctgactgg gctctcccac     66360
     caagagtgcc actgatagtg gagacacagc tgcaaaactc cccccccccc atcttatcat     66420
     tctgctctgt ttgttgtttt ccagtggtct attgagccat tcagtgttca ttgagcaaga     66480
     cagatggaga catccactgg gacagagttc tggggagctc tatgtttgtt tctatactgg     66540
     ttcccagtat agagagacct taggtccagg gtcacaatct tggtaaggct aaggaggaga     66600
     ctgaggaggg acaatgcagc caaagccaat gcttctcttg ctcttcacac atggctttgg     66660
     tggcctgtgg gtaaggttag tttcatcttc cagttgttgt atttgattgt gggtgagtga     66720
     tagttgctgg ttggtcattc tgtattgggg acttagtcat agacatcctg acatcaacaa     66780
     gatttgttgt tgttgttgtt gttgttgttg ttgttgtttt gttctactta atgctgtctg     66840
     tcacttcctg gcattcctag tcagactgtg gaaacatcac tcaggtagtc tcttagcgtg     66900
     gtttctgtgg cagtgataca acactctgac taaatacaat ttgggaagga aagggtttaa     66960
     ctggcttata gttccacatc atagtccatc atggaagtca gggcaggaac tcaagcagaa     67020
     tcctggaggc aggaattgaa gcagacaccg tggcatagct tactggtttg gtcaacttgc     67080
     tttcttacat atcccagaac aacctgtcct gaggtggtgg tgcctacagt tagctgtgcc     67140
     cactcacatc aatcatcaat caagaaaatg ccacacagac gtgcctaaca ggcaaccgtt     67200
     atggaggtat tctttttcaa ttgaagttcc tcttttcaaa gaactttagc ttgtgtcaag     67260
     ttgacaaaaa ccaaacaaac gcaatttaat aatccaaact aaacaggaca tactgtgtgt     67320
     tcgttagtca tatttcctct tttgctagta caccagagaa aacagtgcag cctttctcac     67380
     tctgtgcagc cttttgagtg tccactttca ttttatgtat ttgaatataa atgcaatgac     67440
     tttttacaga gctgtacacc cagcaccaca gtattagttt aggatgtaga cctcccccat     67500
     ccctaaaaga atcccttgca gctatgtgca gtccattctt gttcccctaa gtcaagcaac     67560
     cactaataca tctttctgca tagatttcat ttattggcgt ttcttgcaaa tggaattata     67620
     cattatttag ccttctgtgt ttgttttctt tcattaagga ataaatgttt ttgaaattca     67680
     tccacattgt agaatgtatt agcattttgt ccctttttta ttccataata tttcattgca     67740
     taaattgtct actattattt ttctactcac caattaaagg ccatttcaat ggcttctatt     67800
     tttcagctat caacaatacc tccagaaata tttccatata tttcggtggg aatattactt     67860
     ttcactaatt ctatatgagg acaacaagta gtagaatttt aaaatcataa ttagctttgt     67920
     gtttaacttt attttttgta tgtctgtggt ctgcagtata tatgcatgta tatacaaaca     67980
     ttcacatgtg tgagagctca tgtctgtgca gatgcacata tatgtgtgta cacatgtgtg     68040
     aggaagtcag aggtccatgc agagcttcct cttccatcgg tctccatctt gtacattgag     68100
     gcagggtctt cctcgattga acccatagct tccagttcag ctgttgatgc attggggtta     68160
     actcaagaca tttatcttat gtatgtttgt tctttgaagt ctttctttca tatataaaac     68220
     cttatagttt ccacaatcat ctattgtact gacaaccatt ttcccatggt attttctcct     68280
     ctaggatgtc cactgaacag gagaacacag agatgcatct cattgaatgt atgttaaagc     68340
     acttcaagac acagaaagtg gccatttcta atgcgataag aagtacattt ccttttcttg     68400
     agagcctccg agaccatgaa ttcatcactg gtaaaatgta tgaagtaagt aaatttactt     68460
     catcataacc tggtaaacaa gctccaaatt aagttacact ttgatatccc aattcaaact     68520
     tcaagtcaga tgactgacac ggttttaagg ttggacttaa tttttaaaaa agatttcgtt     68580
     tcttacttgt atgtgtgtgt gcatgtgtgc atgtgtgcat gtttacatag gagctgatgc     68640
     ccacagagcc ctgaaaaggg ctccagattc cctggaactg gagttacagg tagtcgtgag     68700
     ccacctgatg tgggtgctag gaacggaatc caggtcctct gcaagagcta cacatgctct     68760
     gaaacactta gccatctctc cagccccagg actaaatttt gaccaagaaa gctcatggat     68820
     tttcatagca ttttgtagag gtatcagtta caataataaa ttcatcaact atgaattaaa     68880
     attaaaatct gggtttccta taactgatac ttatcatgaa gatatttctg gaagtgttct     68940
     ctctagggat taagggagat gagaagccaa ggcctcagga gatggtactg cttctatctg     69000
     agggaatggc gttccatgtc aacttctgcc atcagtgaat attgctgaag atgagctagg     69060
     taagaatagg ggttctccat ggatgagcaa tgtctcatgc atttcatacc atgtaatata     69120
     tgcaattaaa actaaatcaa tctaaactaa agaaataaac taaaaatcaa aggtgatttt     69180
     aatgaactgt ccaattattt tatcaaactg acttcatgag atttcagtta gtacatttta     69240
     gtttagtaaa tgtttatttt aaaaacctag ctttgagaac aataagacgt acagagtgtt     69300
     taattcagac aaaaatttta aaaacactgt ttttatttta caggtgtaag tgttttgtct     69360
     gcatgtatat ctgtgtacca cttgtgcccc tggtgccttt ggcaatcaaa agagaatgca     69420
     ccagatcctc tggaactata gttatacaaa tggttatgaa ccaccatatg ggtactggga     69480
     atcgaactca ggacctctgg aagagcagcc actgctctta atcactaagt catctctcta     69540
     gcccctctag tgtttctttt gccttatgaa tatgccactc tccagtaggg ttcgaaatta     69600
     gagggaatgg acctcttatt tccttcatga taaatcaggg ttaaccagga ggccagaacg     69660
     agtcctgtta ataaaataga ctgccagccg ggcatggtgg tgcacgcctt taatcccagc     69720
     actcaggagg cagaggcagg cagatttctg agttcgaggc cagcctggtc tacaaagtga     69780
     gttccaggac agccagggct atacagagaa accttgtctc gaaaaccaaa aaacaaacaa     69840
     acaacaacaa caacaaaata gactgccaag tctatttcaa aagtagtctt gctatgagat     69900
     atacatcagt ttaccttcct ttaaaaaaaa aaaaagtggg ctggcgagat ggctcagcgg     69960
     gtaagagcac tgactgttct tccaaaggtc ctgagttcaa atcccagcaa ccgcactgtg     70020
     gctcacaacc acccataatg cgatctgaca ccctcttctg gagcgtctga agacagctac     70080
     agtataccta tttataataa taaataaatc tttgggccag atcgagcagg gactgagcag     70140
     ggttgactgg agtgagtggg gccaaccgta gcgagcagaa gtcctaaatt caattcccaa     70200
     caaccacatg aagactcaca gccacctgta cagctacagt gtgctcacat acataaaata     70260
     aatacataag tctttaaaaa agaacatatt tatttttatt cttttgtgtt cacctattct     70320
     gcctgcatct ctgtgtgcat agcacttgtg tgtctggtgc ccatggaggc cagaaaggaa     70380
     cactgaatca tcacatggaa ctggagttac agatgttcgt gagctcttgc gttggtgctg     70440
     ggaactgaac ttgggtcctc tgtcagagta gcaagcactc tcaccccacc gagccatctc     70500
     ttcagcccct ctacacatct aaaaacaatt aaatatattg tttatctact tatgagctgt     70560
     gtgtgtatct ttgtattgtg tgggcatatt tgtatgagtc aggtgctgtg catatggaga     70620
     agtaagagac caaatgtggc tagttggttt cttcttcaga ttcagatgat gatctgagtc     70680
     ccagggatgg aactcagact accaggatta atggcaagtg cctccaccca ctgagagata     70740
     gccccatagt tgacctttag cccatatttc cctttcaaag ttggcccttc ttacatgtaa     70800
     tataaatgag tatggtatcc caaagtcacc agtgattact ttcaaagaga caatatttac     70860
     ttgtttcatg aagtagtcat gcaaatataa agcttccccg tagaagatat gtttggaggg     70920
     gattgaggta ccctaactat aattattttt ctagggctct tctgtgacat ggaagcctgc     70980
     actgaaattt tctctattca atatttttat ttaaggattt gctagattcc tgtagatcgc     71040
     tggtccctgt ggacaaagtg atctacagag ccctggagga actggagaag aaatttgaca     71100
     tgacggtact gtgcgaattg ttcaatgagg tcaacatgga gaagtacccc gatttgaatc     71160
     tcattcgtag aagctttgaa tgtggtaatt gggttttata tcgctccttg agagcacagt     71220
     cctttttgtt gtcaacaaat gtatattaag cttttatcat gtgccatata tcatgcagag     71280
     caattgagga tgtaacagtt aacaagacta ctgtgtcatg aatcatatga aaacttatga     71340
     ctaatggctg acaccctcca gagctctgcc gctgggcatt taggctctca ggacaatagg     71400
     aggcatacca tcatcaggct atgtagaaga gggtaggagt agaagtgctg attgtcagta     71460
     gggtagcact gttgtgtctc tcagtgggca ttcttacatg gtgagagtgc tcttgtctcc     71520
     gcagctaggg aggtgaggga tgtcttctga ctccccctcc tccctttttt gagacagggt     71580
     ttctctatgt gactttggct atcctggaac tcattgtata gaccaggcta gcctccagct     71640
     ccagatctgc ctgcctctgc cttctgagtg ctgggactaa aggcgtaagc cacatgctca     71700
     ggtgatccac ttaaaactca aaacacactt ctcattattc cagtttttca tcttgaactt     71760
     catgtcattt ataattataa taataattat tattgacaga atcttactct gtagcccaac     71820
     ttagcttgtt actatatagc tgagcctagc cttaaattca tgccattcct gtctcagctt     71880
     cctgtgactg cctggctgac caacagcctt tctgaaggtt gattcattgc caccaagaca     71940
     aagtgagcag caagctcctg atgtttgatc tgcagctgtg caggagccta gcatttcttg     72000
     cttccaattt tttaaaaaaa tgatcttgga cttctttatt taaagtctaa aaatagatca     72060
     actctcttcg tcacatacat agtgaaggca aagttatcag ggttatatat acgtgtatat     72120
     atacatctct ctctctttct ctctctctct ctctctctat ctatctatct atctatctat     72180
     ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atgcttacca gggcttttca cagtctttca     72240
     ttagttggtt tgaaagcaat cagtagatca ataattataa acctggtaac agttatgaag     72300
     tcagtgtaga agactaaacc cacacaattg tttggcttag ttcctagggt tttttttttt     72360
     cttccccctc atagttgaca ctttggtttt agtcaaatgt gctagctcct ttatctcctg     72420
     ccatggctgg ctcagaaaaa ggctgtgctc attctagcca atgaggctgg aggggtttag     72480
     tttccaagag ctctggagct cagtccctgc ttccaaaccc ctctctcttc cctccctccc     72540
     tccctccctc cctccctccc tccctccctc cctccctccc tcccttcctc tttatcttct     72600
     tttctttata agattgcatt atttgctgat gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     72660
     gtgtgtgtgc atgtatgcca aactcatgtt cacacatgtg tcactgtatc catgtggagg     72720
     tcagaggata acttccaaca cttggttctc tcctatcatg tggcactcag gtcttcaagc     72780
     ttggcagcca gtgcctttac ctgccgatca gcctatcttc tctctccttt ctcctccctc     72840
     cctccctccc tgctttcttt ctttttaaag atgttttcat actattttga tcatattctt     72900
     tcccattccc aactccttcc cggcctccct acttacccaa cttattgttc tttttctatc     72960
     ttaacccctc aacataccta ccccacaaaa cccccatgga atctgatttg tatcagccaa     73020
     ttacactgtt agttccaaag ctcttctccc agccccacac ggcagtgttg gtgggaaata     73080
     gaaagacttc agccaggtaa acagaaggat tttgattggt acataatcct aaaggctggt     73140
     ttctgtttat cagaaaagca agtttcctaa agtgggtttc tgtttgccag gaagcatccc     73200
     taatcctcct tccctcaaag ctcagctacc ttaggtcagg gcaccgagtt ctcagtcagt     73260
     ctggacagcc tgcatccact cagatcccca ccctcctgac agccatgtaa aatctgcttg     73320
     cttttctctc atttgatctt ctttctgcct actcccaccc accacctccc ctgaggagac     73380
     cttggcagtt tgatccccac ccccacacaa gcattatagt ttggtagtct ctttgtgcca     73440
     tagcttatac tgttaatccc acagaatgag actaaaatga ctaccaccat tttttagcca     73500
     aattcgatgc aagcgttatt aaatattgac taggaagaag gatagtggcc aagtccatac     73560
     tcaggattcc cacagaatgg ccaagaatta cattagttag gtgcttataa aggcacagcc     73620
     cacaagggtc catactttct gccttcatcc agtagggggc aggcatatgt tccgacatat     73680
     ttcatgccta tgtgtgatca agcacagcct gtgcagtttg tgcaaccaac cttgtttaca     73740
     gaagtgaaaa catgcggctt gttacctcac acgaacaatg gctcccagca ttccaggcag     73800
     ttatctgtcc ccaggcaagt ggggctaaca ggttagaggc atttctgttt tatagatctt     73860
     ttaaccacag taatgtaaac ttaaaacata actttagccc gcccagtgtg tgtgaaggtt     73920
     cacatgtgtg tatacaggct tgcatgtgtg tgtgtgcatg ccaaatgtta gctgtgcttg     73980
     ctaaccatct ggagacagct cacagagggc ctctgagtga gcagaatggg cttttaattg     74040
     ctgagccatc tcttcagccc cagaagttgt ttttgtctct cttcgtttca gtttcttctg     74100
     agacagagtc ttgttattgg cttatacttg cttcgagcag atgattctgc tgcttcagct     74160
     tcttgagatg ctcagatatg tgccactgtg cctagctgga gaaaatactc ccttcccctt     74220
     gttttagatt tatttatttt tatttcatgt gtatgagtgt tttgtctgca tatatgtatg     74280
     tgcttcttga atgtgcagta ctggagaaga cagggctgaa tgccctggaa ctagaataac     74340
     agacgtgctg tcatgtaggc attggaaatc aaacctgaat cctctagaac agcagccatt     74400
     gttcttatca atggagacat ctctccagcc cccttaagaa tgtttcttaa ggtcttaatt     74460
     ccatcttctc tctctctctc tcaacctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     74520
     tctctctctc tctccctccc tccttccttc cctctcttct tctcttcctc tctcccttac     74580
     tgcctaaagc tagttcctca gtggtggcaa gatgctgacc aatagtgttg aggacagtct     74640
     tttccagacg tagagggatg gctgtcctca tccagcaagt cctctgatat gaccaccttg     74700
     gtcatgtgct tgcttgtttt actgaatttg ggatcaaacc cagtcattat gaaagctaat     74760
     tcttagagtc aggtccctcc cctctccagc ctctccttcc ttcttccttt ttccttgtgt     74820
     atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgttg agacaggatt ttctttgtgt aatcctgact gtcctggaac     74880
     tctctctctc tctgtagacc accaggctgg cttttgcctc ccgagtactg ggattaaagg     74940
     cctgtgccac cgccaccggc tcttcctctt tcttatttga gtcagaatca caccgtacag     75000
     cttagatcat gctgaccttg aatttaagat cctcttgtat gagcaccagt gcttacttac     75060
     caggccaagg ttgcctgata tggccagtga gaaataaatc ttgactaggc acaggttggg     75120
     ggagtcacag caaaaccgag gctgtgacaa gtttattaca agtaatcaga ctctttatac     75180
     tgttatcaga aacaaaatat aatggcagct gagaggcaga atacaaaggt agttgctaag     75240
     aaacaataac attttcaaac tatacagggc acaagagatt agtgcctgag accaattgcc     75300
     ctgccaattg gtctatatgc ttcattgact tctaaggaac acaaatatct tagtttgggt     75360
     tgtgttgctg tgaagagaca ccatgactat ggcaagtcat tgggggctgg ctcacagttt     75420
     cagaggctca gtccattttc atcatgtcag gaaacagcaa tgtgcaggca gacatggtgc     75480
     tggagataga gctgagagct ctatatctta atctgcagga gagtctttgt gccacactgg     75540
     gcatagctag agtatgggag acctcaaaga ccaccccccc caacagtgac atacttcctc     75600
     caacgaggcc acacatactc caaccaggcc acacctccta gtaatgtcac ttcctatggg     75660
     ccaagcattc aaacctatta gtcataccac ttgatcaaac cagcacaata gagaaaccga     75720
     ggtggcctga atacatcact gtttgaggaa atgcccctgt ttcaggaact gaaagccaca     75780
     cagtgcccca ggaggtacag acttcaacct gaacaactta tgacacttgt acctcaagcc     75840
     gactagacca ggccagttcc atgattcctt acattcttgc tcagccttct aggattatcg     75900
     atatacatga ctgtagctgg ttaatcatgt gtgttttaac atcatttata gattggctta     75960
     ggtctagtgc attctggtcc cccaaacaaa caacatttct ttactgtatc ctttactgga     76020
     gatggggatg ggaaaattat agcaagattc ctgatggggt aggatgcaaa ggatgctgag     76080
     actcttactt gcttatctga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     76140
     gagagcgcaa gtaccacagg atgttatctc acttgtcctc agtgctcatt gacaaatggg     76200
     gactcaaagg ggaaatcctt ttttttttct tttttttttt tttttttttc gagacagggt     76260
     ttctctgtgt agccctggct gtcctggaac tcactttgta aaccaggctg gcctccaact     76320
     cagaaatcca cctgcttctg cctcccaagt gctgggatta aaggcgtgca ccaccaccgc     76380
     ccggccagaa attcttttct ttaaaaaata cttatcatct gtattttaca tttttttttt     76440
     ttttggacaa cagcctgtta cttgaacaac ttcaaagaga aaggctatgc ctctgagtga     76500
     aagctggtaa caaatgcttg tgggtttcaa gtagaggtgg tggcaaacgg gaagtactgg     76560
     ccaagcttta cagaagctca gaactgcctc tcttgtgccc ctgttacatc atctctgtta     76620
     tatttcccct gtactagtgt ggggaagtca tttctgcttt ctccagagat acctgtctta     76680
     gtcctcttta tagaccacag agtgtgtcgg gagcctggaa aggagactga gaccatgcgc     76740
     atcatcagag ggacacgaat gcagaagtga aggagcggct tggtcctcca cttctttggg     76800
     cagaaggtgc tgagtgttct ttgctttctc agatgcctct gtgtgacact ggctgcagac     76860
     ccgtggaagt agctcctgag tttgatggct cagggaactt ggttccagct gtgaggcact     76920
     ggccatcagg ggctcttcct aggacttgct accatttcca atacctcttc ctagaaaaca     76980
     cactcactca ctggtggttg gatcagaaag gatctctgtt ggcaaggtaa ggtgtctcct     77040
     gtctgacctg tgctggatgt cttagtctga tttctgagtc tcagctctaa gatgttcaga     77100
     gctgaccaga cccttttgca gtcatctcgc tgagatgaac tgacatttta ctgtcatttt     77160
     gaaagtcata cttaccaaaa ggattggaat actctgagct gaacagttaa ggcacactgg     77220
     tgtcaggggg aaatccatgt tggggaggaa ataaggcaaa agacaaagga tcattttatg     77280
     tttcctgtta acgtatccac cacccccaag tggaaatccc accagagcaa agaccttgcc     77340
     agcctcgtta gatattgtat ttgtagcatc caaaatagtc aaaagtgccg ggcactggta     77400
     gtatacattt ttaatcccag cacttggcag aggcagagac atgcaggtct ctgagtttga     77460
     ggccagcctg gtctaccacg tgaggtccag gacagccagg gctacacaga gaaaccctgt     77520
     cttgacaaac tgaaccaagt caaatcaaaa taaaaaaaaa atagtcaaaa gtattcatat     77580
     acttgataaa cagaaggcta gctagctgga taaataaatc cttatcgttt cctagcgtca     77640
     cattcttggg atttctttaa aatttttaag aaagtaattc ttatatttat ctatctgtgc     77700
     tatagtgttt gcgaatcagt cctttccttt taccgagtgg gcctggctgt caggcatggc     77760
     agccagtgcc tccacctact gagccatcct acatcccttt ttttgttgtt tcattttatt     77820
     tatttgagac aggggttcag gtagcccagg ttggccttga acttatcgtg cagctgagga     77880
     tgaccttgaa cccccaatca tcagcctgct gagattacag acttgtccta ccctgtctgt     77940
     ttttatatgc tgccagttat tgaccccaca attttgcaca cggtaggcaa gcactgtacc     78000
     acccaagcta gtgctgcctt cccagcagga attctcttct gactctctta caagattagg     78060
     tccctctgct gaggtttcga agcacttgag ttgagaggca cccactacat tgatgctttc     78120
     cctctactct caaacccctt ccctggaaga ctgtatagtt gtggaaattg caattaatta     78180
     attaattaat taattttcta tttgctttga gatagaacct cactatgtag cccatgctgg     78240
     cctggaactc tcaaggtgaa aatcaagcta gcctagaact cacctgcatc tggccactct     78300
     tcccttcccc tacctcccag ggctgaagct acaggtgtgc gctgtcatgc atggcttgag     78360
     ttacaggtgt gcactgtcat acatggctga ggttgcaggt gtgctgtcat gcatggcttg     78420
     agttacaggt gtgcactgtc atgcatggct gaggtgggga ctagctgtct gctcagaggt     78480
     cagagaattg gggaatcctc tcagctcaat gtccagggcc tatgagaaga agaaggcagt     78540
     ggctgctgtc tgtgaaggaa ggacctgtgt catctatgca tctctctctt tatccattcc     78600
     ttaggtgatg ggcacctaag gttgagggtg ctggttgctc tgtcccagga caggtgctct     78660
     gagtcacatt cctaggatgc tccttagagg gaatccatac tcctctccat ccaatgtctt     78720
     aacttagctg cttcaagtca tggtgcaata aacacagggg ctcaggcatc tctgccatat     78780
     gctgctgaca taggggccat ttgcagctat atttgcttgt tttcttttct ttttcttttt     78840
     tctttttttt tttttttttt ttttttgagg cagaatttta tgtaacccag gttggcttcc     78900
     aacttactgt atagctgagg acaaccttga acataagaac ttcctgcctc ttatctccta     78960
     ggtgctgggg ttacaattac atgtcaaatg ggttttatat agcacaggga tggagcccag     79020
     gattttgtgc ctacccggca gactcagctc tactaactga actacacact cagtctttca     79080
     gttcttcttc ttttttaaaa aatatttatt tatttatttt atgtatatga gtacactgta     79140
     gctgttcata tgcttgtgga ccttcatgtg gttgttggga attgaattta ggtcctctgc     79200
     tcactctagt tggccccact tgctccggtt cagcccaaag atttatttat tactatatgt     79260
     aagtacactg tagctgtctt cagaagaggg caccagatct cattacaggt ggttgtgagc     79320
     caccatgtgc ttgctggggt ttgaactcag gaccttcaga agagcagtca gtgctcttac     79380
     ccactgagcc atctcaccag cccccctttc agttctttat tatagtctgg acagacagac     79440
     atctgtggcc agatgttcag tgggtttttt tgcagaagag tgactggttc tgatttagtc     79500
     agggaatttg tagctataag aattcgttca tcttttagct ccaaaggctt atttcaaaac     79560
     tgaagctttg ggctggaaga cagcaggtgt tccttatttt aaaatttcag aaaaaggaca     79620
     aagccctaag acctgctcta agtaggttaa aagatgaagc tgattattta tttgggcctg     79680
     gttgccagag ctcttgatat gcaaatgtac ctcggagaag gtatgcaaat caaggcgggg     79740
     tcccccatct cccccccccc tcataggaag agcaataaag ccttccttcc tttctgctgc     79800
     agatttcgaa ctccaatcgc ctgaagtgtg ctaagtagtt gctcgggcag tggggtccac     79860
     acagccgttc ccatgttccc atgttgcttg gaaccgcatt gttttccctg gtttgcccac     79920
     cctactaccc tgcgtcactc gcgacatctt gagaggctcc attcaagccc cccttcaagt     79980
     ccagaagtgt tctctgactg cagccaatca gggcagcttg ctttgatttc ccacgctgca     80040
     cctgattatc tttctgattg agtaaataaa taaagctaca cacggtgtct ttggtgcctc     80100
     attatttgat taaactgaaa tctgcatcag ccattgaaca ataagtttct gttggcccgg     80160
     tgactgtttt accatctgtc ccatgcactg tgcaggatta ggcattgttt gtgtctgtgc     80220
     tcagtaaagg ccggttggga acaatgacaa aacagttcgt cgtgttgatt catgcgctaa     80280
     acgtatcaga caagtgaaga aacctgccac cacttggtct caccaacaat ttcccagaag     80340
     ctattttgga ttaggggtgg ggagatgggc agctcagtcc tgacagcagc tgcaactgcc     80400
     ttcatttggg cagggcgtgg aagaaccgct ctttagaatt tcattctatg gaatgtacag     80460
     tgactgggct tggagtcttg gaacacactt gactagagcc ctgatcatga ctgactgctt     80520
     ggctcacagg gaatggagca ggtgtgtgcc cattatagga taccccaggc agggacagag     80580
     aggtctgctg agtagggatg gaggaaattt gggggactgt ctgggattct aggtaaaatg     80640
     aagggtggca agtaggatca aatacagaga atggggtatc cccagctatg gtgagccccg     80700
     gtgcgtgtgc catgctggga tcaaacctag gactttgtat gtactaggtg agcactctgt     80760
     taaccgaggt ccacctgcag ccccaggcct ctatctcaca ggaggactga ttattggctt     80820
     tctgaagtca acttcaaata taaaagcact tagtttacca gctgagatct gcagttatac     80880
     tggctaccag tcacagttag acaccttctg agaaaaactg acggtaaaaa atgattgcac     80940
     tgtggactct gagccccatt ttttaatggg gttatttgat tttctggagt ccaccttctt     81000
     gagttcttta tatatattgg atattagtcc cctatccgat ttgggatagg taaagatcct     81060
     ttcccaatct gttggtggcc tttttgtctt attgacggtg tcttttgctt tgcagaagct     81120
     ttgcaatttt atgaggtccc atttatcgat tcttgatctt acagcacaag ccattgctgt     81180
     tctattcagg aatttttccc tttgtaccca tatcttcgag gcttttccct actttctcct     81240
     ctataagttt cagtgtctct ggttttatgt ggagttcctt aatccactta gatttgacct     81300
     tagtataagg agatagaaat ggatcaattc gcattcttct acatgataac cgccagttgt     81360
     gccagcacca tttgttgaaa atgctgtctt ttttccactg gatggtttta gctcccttgt     81420
     caaagttcaa gtgaccatag gtgtgtggat tcatctctgg gtcttcaatt ctgttccatt     81480
     ggtctacttg tctgtcacta taccagtacc atgcagtttt gatcacaatt gctctgtagt     81540
     acagttttag gtccggcatg gtgattccac cagaggttct tttatccttg agaagagttt     81600
     ttgctatcct cggttttttg ttattccaga tgaatctgcc gattgccctt tctaattcgt     81660
     tgaagaattg agttggaatt ttgatgggga ttgcattgaa tctgtagatt gcttttggca     81720
     agatggccat ttttacaatg ttgatcctgc caatccatga gcatgggaga tctttccatc     81780
     ttctgagatc ctctttaatt tctttcttta gagacttgaa gttcttatca tacagatctt     81840
     tcacttcctt agttagagtc acaccaaggt attttatatt atttgtgact attgagaagg     81900
     gtattgtttc cctaatttct ttctcagcct gtttatcctt tgtgtacaga aaggccattg     81960
     acttgtttga gttaatttta tatccagcta ctttattgaa gctgtttatc aggcttagga     82020
     gttctctggt ggaattttta gggtcactta tatatactat catatcatct gcaaaaagtg     82080
     atattttgac tttttccttt ccaatttgta tccccttgat ctccttttgt tgtctaattg     82140
     ctctggctag gacttcaagt acaatgttga ataggtaggg cgagagtgga cagccttgtc     82200
     tagtccctga ttttagtggg attgcttcca gcttctcacc atttactttg atgttggcta     82260
     ttggtttgct gtagattgct tttatcatgt ttaggtatgg gccttgaatt cctgatcttt     82320
     ccaagacttt tatcatgaat ggatgttgga ttttgccaaa tgctttctca gcatctaacg     82380
     agacgatcat gtggtttttg tctttgagtt tgtttatata ctggattaca ttgatggatt     82440
     tccgtatatt gaaccatccc tgcatccctg ggatgaaaac tacttggtca ggatggatga     82500
     ttgttttgat gtgttcttgg attcggttag caagaacttt attgaggatt tttgcatcga     82560
     tattcataag ggaaattggt ctgaagttct ctatctttgt tgggtctttt tgtggtttag     82620
     gtatcagagt aattgtggct tcatagaatg agttgggtag agtaccttcc gtttctattt     82680
     tgtggaatag tttgtgaaga actggaatta ggtcttcttt gaaggtctga tagaactctg     82740
     cactaaacct gtctggtcct gggcttttat tggctgggag actattaatg actgcttcta     82800
     tttctttagg ggttatagga ctgttgagat cattaacccg atcttgattt agctttggta     82860
     cccggtacct gtctagaaac ttgtccattt catccaggtt ttccagtttt gttgagtata     82920
     gccttttgta gaaggatctg atggtgtttt ggatttcttc aggatctgtt gttatgtctc     82980
     ccttttcatt tctgattttg ttaattagga tgctttccct gtgccctcta gtgagtctgg     83040
     ctaagggttt atctatcttg ttgattttct caaagaacca gctccttgat tggttgattc     83100
     tttgaatagt tcttcttgtt tccacttggt tgatttcacc cctgagtttg attatttcct     83160
     ggcttctact cctcttgggt gaatttgctt cctttacttc tagacctttt aggtgtgttg     83220
     tcaagctgct aatgtgtgct ctctctagtt tctttttgga ggcactcaga gctatgagtt     83280
     ttcctcttag gaatgctttc attgtgtccc ataggtttgg gaatgttgtg gcttcatttt     83340
     cattaaactc caaaaagtcc ttaatttctt tctttattcc tttcttgacc aaggtatcat     83400
     taagaagagt gttgttcagt ttccatgtga atgttggctt tctattattt attttgttat     83460
     tgaagatcag ccttagtcca tggtgatctg ataggatgca tgggacaatt tcaatatttt     83520
     tgtgtatgtt gaggcttgtt ttgtgaccaa ttatgtggtc aattttagag aaggtaccat     83580
     gaggtgctga gaagaaggta tatccttttg ttttaggata aaatgttctg tagatatctg     83640
     ttaagtccat ttgtttcatc acttctgtta gtttcactgt gtccctgttt agtttctgtt     83700
     tccatgatct gtccattggt gaaagtggtg tgttgaagtc tcccactatt attgtgtgag     83760
     gtgcaatgtg tgctttgagc tttactaaag tttctttaat gaatgtggct gcccttgtat     83820
     ttggagcata gatattcaga attgagagtt cctcttggag aattttacct ttgatgagta     83880
     tgaagtgccc ctccttgtct tttttgatga ctttgggttg gaagtcaatc ttatcagata     83940
     ttaggatggc tacaccagct tgtttcttca taccatttgc ttggaaaatt gttttccagc     84000
     ctttcattct gaggtagtgt ctttttctct gagatgagtt tcctgtaagc agcaaaatgt     84060
     ttggtcttgt ttgtatagcc agtttgttag tctatgtctt tttattgggg agttgagacc     84120
     attgatatta agagatatta aggaaaagta attgttgctt cctgttattt ttgttgttaa     84180
     agttggcatt ctgttcttgt ggctgtcttc ttttagtttt gttgagggat tatcttcttg     84240
     ttttttctag ggtgtggttc ccgtccttgt attggttttt ttctgttatt atcctttgaa     84300
     gggctggatt cgtggagaga taatgggtga atttagtttt gtcatggaat actttggttt     84360
     ctccatctat ggtaattgag agtttggctg ggtatagtaa cctgggctgg aatttgtgtt     84420
     ctcttagtgt ctgtataaca tctgtccagg ctcttctggc tttcatagtc tctggtgaaa     84480
     aatctggtgt aattctgata ggcttgcctt tatatgttac ttgacctttt tcacttactg     84540
     cttttagtat tctatcttta tttagtgcat ttgatgttct gattattatg tgtcgggagg     84600
     aatttctttt ctgttccagt ctatttggag ttttgtaggc ttcttgtatg ttcatgggca     84660
     tctctttctt tagatttggg aagttttctt caataatttt gttgaagatg tttgctggtc     84720
     ctttgagttg aaaatcttca ttctcatcca ctcctattat ccgtaggttt ggtcttctca     84780
     ttgtgtcctg gatttcctgg atgttttgag ttaggatctt tttgcatttt ccattttctt     84840
     tgattgttgt gccgatgttc tctatggaat cttctgcacc tgagattctc tcttccatct     84900
     cttgtattat gttgctgatg ctggcatcta tggttccaga tttctttcct agggtttcta     84960
     tcttcagcgt tgcctcactt tgggttttat ttattgtttc tacttccctt tttaggacta     85020
     gtatggtttt gttcatttcc atcacctgtt tggatttgtt ttcctgttta tctataaggg     85080
     cttctacctg tttggtttgt tttcctgttt ttctttaagg acttgtaact ctttagcagt     85140
     gttctcctgt atttctttaa gtgagttatt aaattccttc tttatgtcct caaccatcat     85200
     catgagatat gcttttaaat ccaggtctac cttttcaggt gtgttagggt gccctggact     85260
     gggcgaagtg ggcgttctgg gttctgatga tggtgagtgg tcctggtttc tgttagtagg     85320
     attcttacgt ttacctttcg ccatctggca atttctggag ttagttgtta tagttgtctt     85380
     tgtttaggga ttgttcctct ggtgattttg ttaccctcta gcagcacacg tgggagatta     85440
     gctctctcct ctgaatttca gtggtcagca cagtctctgc aggcaagctc tcctctttca     85500
     gggaaggtgc acagttatct ggtgtttgga cctcctcctg gccgaagatg aaggcccaaa     85560
     acaggatctt tcccagaagc tgtgttgctt tggtcaggaa ggtggctggt tgtctggagg     85620
     tgaagatggc gccgcctcag aagctctgtg gctctcgcct gttccagaaa ctgctggcct     85680
     ctgtattcca caccctcacc cgtgcagcct gccctcctcg gagtcccgga accaaggtgg     85740
     ctcccgccgg agcttgaggc agaaacctct cgggctgggc ggacccctgt gctctcacca     85800
     ggaaggtggc cggttgtctc tctctcagag ttcttatctc ttcccagaag ttcttccttc     85860
     tactttctgc ctttgctata ggccacaagc tttttttcct ttttattttt ttaaaaagaa     85920
     ttatttattt tatgtatatg agtacactga cactgtcttc agacacacca gaagagggca     85980
     tcagatccca ttacaggtag ttgggagtca ccatttggtt gctggaaatt gaattcagga     86040
     cttctggaag agtagtcagt gctcttaaac actggtccac ctctccaggt cttgttggtc     86100
     agctttttaa taacacaatc ataaggtgag aaagggagta tttacaaaac actgagacag     86160
     gagatgctta acaatttcaa agtcccacct gtaactggat ctctgccagt tcagaaatca     86220
     gcattattat aatacagaga caacctgtat atctctgggt caacctggtc tacaaagtga     86280
     gttctagaac agccagggct ttttacacag aaaaatcctg tcttgaaaag ctaaatcaat     86340
     aaaaaataaa atgaacaaat aaacaaacaa acaaataggt cagtcttgaa accatataca     86400
     cacaaacaat aaagactcag caaactgtat ttaaatgtat ttgaacatat acattcatat     86460
     atgtatacat ggacatatac atacgtacat gtatgtgaat gtattagtca gtaatatatt     86520
     gctatgagga gacactataa ccctggcaac tcttacaaaa gaaaacattt aattggggct     86580
     tgtttacagt ttcaaaaaat aggttttctc cttagatgga ataagccaat tcaaaccgaa     86640
     ttaagagttg aaaagggcag gtttaccttg gcaagttcat tggccccaag gaaggaggcc     86700
     aaggaaatag ccatgcaaac aggaagacag agaaggggaa aagagaaagg agggagggag     86760
     agggggaggg gggaagaata gggagaggtg tgaaatcctt catactccaa atttaagctc     86820
     ggataagata cagaggaagg agagggagga agtggtggtt aaagtcactt gtaactaacc     86880
     gggttccctg taaaacctac ccttcccaca tgatgtgctg ttaatgagac agaaagcgtg     86940
     ggaagttgga caaatagtca gagaagttgg actgcaaata tccctaagaa attaagtcac     87000
     tcaagaaaga aaatgcaact tacctaaaaa ttccagacct catatgcatg ttccatttac     87060
     cctaactgca gccatgtcac tattgtgtgg gactttgctg actctgttta gcttgggaac     87120
     agacactggc tgaagtcaga ccaaacttgg aaactcttta aaagcaagag ggaaaaagtt     87180
     gacattttta tccttgtaag ggaatactga gtgaattctg gccatttaga agtttcagaa     87240
     attcaaacca cagttagaaa cctgaattat tcttttcctc tgagaaggtc aaagattatg     87300
     gctgggaatg tctgctgggt agctaagtaa tgacatgtac ttacactggt ggagagaaat     87360
     tatttaaaaa tttattttta ttatttagtg tgtgattttg atgcatgcat atatgcatca     87420
     tgtgtgtgca gtaacccagg agaccaggag aggacattgg atcccatagg actgcagtta     87480
     tatatggttg tactgtagat gctgggaatt gaacctgggt tctctgtaag aatagccagt     87540
     gctcttaatc actgaggtat ctctcctgta ccaccagcgt atttctaagg gataagagga     87600
     ccatgtgatg acgggtctgg ccttgaggac attggaaaag actgagccat aaggcttcct     87660
     gcctccaagt gaggagctct ctgataaaag gttggagcat actatagagg gcgctgctga     87720
     aggagagggt ggaggtggag taagaaccat ctaccagagg caagcatcca gagaggtgaa     87780
     ttctgattga gttctgtaag aaagaatgag taagcaccaa ttttcctacc caacacacaa     87840
     acgtgtagct cagactttat tttttcaaaa ccttactttt aaaatgggtt cttaaatact     87900
     ttaactccct cttctagccc tccacccacc agaggtagtg gaaaagaaag gttatgagga     87960
     tccaggggag ttggacctgt ttagaaatag ttctttggag caaatcccat ctgcgttgtc     88020
     aggaactcag cagttcagtt cacaggaatc agcagaggct gctccatcaa cttgaaaaca     88080
     cttcacgaat atactagcag tccagctcag tggtgtcagg atagcaaaca caagtcctca     88140
     cacagatgag actcaccatg tgagtctgtt tagcaaaact ccatgtgagt ctgtatcaga     88200
     tgacatcact atgcccatca gcctgagtcc gaggaagtga caagaagcag aagatttttg     88260
     gtgcatttct gtcattggag tcacaacaaa cagagctcag taacacactg tcagatgagc     88320
     caatacatgg gtgtcattta gtaaagtgtc cttcatcaaa catccattca cgtgcttgct     88380
     ttagcaaaac atcctttcac ccatgtctgt ttcaggaaaa catcctgtga tataactgaa     88440
     tttcctgaaa aaccgtaagt ctccacaaac actggccttt gctatggaca gtcttttctc     88500
     accttccaac cctggagaac tcaccagaga ggtgaactct gactgagttc tgtaagaaag     88560
     aatgagtaag caccaatttt cctacccaac acacaaatgt gtagcttaga atttttttca     88620
     aaaccttact tttaaaatgg gttcttaaat actttaactc cctcttctag ccctccaccc     88680
     accagaggta gtggaaaaga aaggctatga ggatacaggg gaggtggcat ggaggggtgc     88740
     tgctttctgg cttgctcctc ttagctttgc tcagtctttt ctcgtagaac ccaaaaccac     88800
     cagaccaggg atggcaccac ctacattggg ctgggctttt cagtttcaat gactaattaa     88860
     gaaaataccc tacagactta cctgcagcct gatcttatgg agacattttc tcaaatgagg     88920
     ttttctcctc tctgaagatt cgagcttgtg tcaagttgac ataaaaatag ccagtatatg     88980
     gggacttgct aggcgggata aataatgaca aggaggcttc tataatagtt taaagctcag     89040
     gcctttgact tggacagtct cctggctact ctaaacttaa cctaactagc cagtgaccca     89100
     ccatatggcc agctctatac gtttctctgc tccctccatg tccttcttga atctcccacc     89160
     tctgcttgaa tctcccctta aatcattctc tgcctgcaag ttctgccctc cattttcttc     89220
     tctgactact ggctgtcaga tctttattgt gactaatcag catcgagaca atctctggta     89280
     catttctaga ttgcctctag gcatagagag ctgtctgaac ttcagctatc tgagcaggtg     89340
     tggaaggaca agtatttaca aatataaggc tggtgatggg ccatagaaat gacaaaacca     89400
     atatcctgcc agcatttagt cctttgccct acagaattaa caattgaaaa cacagagaca     89460
     caccattaca caatgtgaaa aaaatattat cccaataagc taggataggt atcaagatgc     89520
     tatgatgaaa ccaacctaat ataacaagaa ataaacctgc tagcaaactt aataccatct     89580
     gcaatcttaa taatgtaatt atcctaacat agctgacata gccatgtaac atgctcatga     89640
     gctgagaaca cagatagact tgccttgcat gcttagggcc ctagatttga cttcaagcac     89700
     taccaaagca agcaagcaaa caaacaaaca actactagtt caagactttt tttgtagtaa     89760
     gaaatcaaaa gaaagtcata aatcctaagt tctgactgtt ataaaaagga catattttgg     89820
     ggagtgtggg atattatcct atctctcata tttactaaac tgagattctt cttctttttt     89880
     ttttaaattt attcatttta caaactaata tcgccctttc tttcctccca ggaccacatc     89940
     acacaagtcc tccctccccc atttcattct accttctcct tatcttttga gaagaggaag     90000
     gtgtaacccc ccccacccat atcaagccac tgagtgacta ggtggatcct ctcccactga     90060
     ggccagacaa ggcattcatt taggggcacg ggatccacag gcaggcaggc aacagactca     90120
     aggacagcct ttgttccagt tttgggggac ctgtatgaag atcaagctgt tcatctacta     90180
     tatatgtgca ggggccaaag tccagcctgt gcttgctctt tagttggtgg ttcagtctct     90240
     gggagtccct gaaggtacag gttagttgac tctgttggtc ttcctgtgga gtccctgtat     90300
     tctttggatc cctcaatcct tctcttaaat cttccataag cctccctgag ctccatctca     90360
     tgtttgggta tgagtctcta catctttttc cattgttggc tgtgtggagc ctctcagagg     90420
     acagttatac tagcttcctg tctgcaagca taacaaagta tcattaatag tgtgagggac     90480
     tggttcttgc tcatgggatg ggtctcatgt tgggccagtt attgttggac attcctgcag     90540
     tctctgctcc atctttgtcc ctgcatattt tgtaggcagg acacattttg agtcgaaggc     90600
     ttttgggtgg gtggctatcc ttatctctcc agtgggagtc ctgcctggct ataggaagtg     90660
     accacttcag gatccatatc cctcactgct agaattctca actagagttg catccattag     90720
     accctctggg gttgccccct atcccaggtc tctggcatgt tctaaagatt ggccactccc     90780
     atttctgatc tccttctctc tcccctgctc tcctcatgta tgatctccac ctaccagccc     90840
     tctccccttc ccatcccctt ttccaaccag ttccctcctt ccattaatgt ccaatatcta     90900
     ttttgtttcc ccttctgaga aagattcaac catccttcct tggaccctcc ttgttatttg     90960
     acttctttgg gtctgttggt tatagatagc atggttatcc tctactctat ggctaacatc     91020
     cacttataag tgagtacata ttacgcatgt ccttttgtgt ctgggttatc tcacttagaa     91080
     tgatatttta aagttctatc catttgcatg agaaattctt gatattcttg tttttaatgg     91140
     gtgagtagta gtccgcgtgt aaatgagcca cattttctgt ctccattctt tagttgaggg     91200
     aatctgggtt gtttccagtt tctgtttatt atgaataaaa ctgctgagca tagttgagca     91260
     aatgtccttg tgggatggtg gcacatcttc tgggtacatg ctcaggtgtg gtatagctgg     91320
     gtcttgaggt agaactattc ccaattatct gagcaactgc caagttgact tccagagtgg     91380
     ttgtacaaga ttgtcctccc ccagcagtgt aggagtattt ctcttgctcc ccaaccttgt     91440
     cagcatgtgt tgttctttga gtttttgatc ttagccattc tgataggtgt aaggtggaat     91500
     ctgagagttg ttttgatttg catttccctg atgactaagg atgttgaaca tttctttagg     91560
     tgtttttcag ccattcaata ttcctttgtt gaaaactctc tatttagctc tgtacctcat     91620
     tttttaattg ggttatttgg attattggta tctaacttct tgagttctgc taaggatcaa     91680
     cctcagcttg gagagggttc tgaggaagga gagtgttcac caccaaccaa aaaaatgact     91740
     aaaagtcaaa tcatgggtac aagctgatta gccttgtaat ctgctcaaga tggctcccta     91800
     aacagctctc tgtagatagc tcttggatct gtagtatgct caagatagct ttctgctcaa     91860
     gacagctttc tgcatgagac agtttcctct gcctcagaca gctctctttt gctctcttgc     91920
     aggaaaaaga ttgtaaaaga cctgtatttg ctctccaagc agttctctct gggtagctgc     91980
     tagaaaaaaa ttctaaaaga actctgtttt ctctccagac agctcatcca ggttgcttag     92040
     ctcttgcaga ccaaagccca gtctttcatt tgcatatcaa ttcagtcatt ttcttgaggt     92100
     tcatttttgg ttatcccacg agtcagcatt ttatgactgt agcaacttga ttctaagaaa     92160
     agaacagcaa attcttaaaa aacaaaataa aacaaaacat ggcaaatgaa ttcagatatc     92220
     tgcttgctat aagtaaagac aataagctag ctgggtggga tctccaccac tcctgggctt     92280
     caactagctc tgtcccagga taaccttgaa ttcaggaatc tgcctgagta gtgcaaacaa     92340
     taaacttagc tggagggatc ttgccatgaa atcaccactc tctaaatctt gttatttcct     92400
     tccttaatat ctttctgaca aggtggctca cactgcagca gcctctgttt tttaggtcca     92460
     tgaagccccc ttcatgtaat tcatactgca tcctgatatt ttgcatagtt gagaatatat     92520
     tgaactcatg ttgccaaact cagtctatga gacagtttta ttcatatcct tcacctgttt     92580
     gactatattt tcttgtattt ctttatgttt atttgcttcc tcattaatgc ttttgcttgc     92640
     ttgaatgtat tttcatgtat ttccttaagg aatttattca tttcttcttt aaaagctctt     92700
     attagcttta ttagattgaa tttaaaatcc tcttcttgtg cttcagtttc attaggatat     92760
     ccagggtttg ttgtagaagg atagctgcgc acaactcacc tctgtaggct gtcccagatg     92820
     gatcaattgg gatagtgggc aactcttact ggaatgggat tggttgggca gggttccaag     92880
     ttttggggtt cttgaaggtt tccacgagga agtaggattc tcttggtttc ccacaagact     92940
     cctctggacc gaagagtgag tccagagcta gacaatgtag ctcaggggac catgtgccac     93000
     accctgagat tgttctttag aggtgaaaac gaccaaaagg ctttgtgtta ttggagagtg     93060
     actagacaca aagatagcac attatatcca tcaggttgac tactaccaaa accaacaaac     93120
     caaatagaag ataacatgtt ggcaaagttt tagagaaaat ggagcattgg tccattgtta     93180
     gtagcattgt aaaatgtgtg agaatataga aagaagcgtg gagtttcctt taaaaacttg     93240
     agccgggcat ggtggcacat gcctttaatc ccagcacttg ggaggcagag gcaggcagat     93300
     ttctgagttc aaggccagcc tggtctacag agtgagttcc aggacagcca gggctacaca     93360
     gagaaaccct gtctcaaaaa aaccaaaacc aaaaccaaaa ccaaaaccaa aaccaaaacc     93420
     aaaaccaaaa ccaaaaccaa aaccaaaacc aaaaccaaac caaaaattat cgtgccccaa     93480
     tggaaccatt gtggtacgct agttagtttt tcgggctggt gagatggctt gccagttaag     93540
     agcacctact actcttccaa aggtcccgag ttcaaatccc agcaaccaca tggtagctca     93600
     caaccatctg taacaaaaat ctgatgccct cgtctggagt gtctgaagac agcttcagtg     93660
     tataaataaa taaataaata aataaataaa taaataaata aataaatctt agaactgcca     93720
     aaatgattta gcaatttcac ttctggacct agatccaaaa gagtcagaag cagaacatta     93780
     aagaaatctc agcaaactct ccactgaagc attattcccc atagacaaga gatttagtat     93840
     tccatgcagg ctcatgtact ggaatacttg gatgctagtt ggtggggtat tgtgtaaccc     93900
     ctgagatgtg gatctgactg agggaaatag tcactgggag aagggtgctg gttgcaaaaa     93960
     gcacaccttt catctcaaga ggaatatcag atagtttagt ctggagcaaa atatgattga     94020
     acaacctggg agcacagact taggttaccc caaaagccat gtaccaatgt ggcaacagtt     94080
     tcatgatttc tatggtaaga aaataaaatc ataaattaag gcaattttct aatacattgg     94140
     tgggaatgct ggataggtgg ctatagcaaa gtggggggaa ccctctatct gatgataatc     94200
     ttaccctttg ggttggtgga agctacggga ctattagtat attctgaaag ggttttaatc     94260
     ttatagtcat gggctactag gtcaaccaca gaggtaggtg atgtgtggct ctgaaaaggg     94320
     cataaaatag tctaagataa gtttttccta gacttgaaac attccagctc ttcattccca     94380
     tgaagattct accagtcagt caccattata gaatccttaa cacaggtgca gctttaactt     94440
     caggtcacag gaccttacag tttgtagttt aatattactt cctgatccac cgagatgtaa     94500
     acaagtattt acagtgatga gctgcccctg ggccatgccc accctgccgt gatgcactgt     94560
     accctcaaac caaggggcaa agcaaatgtg tgtcctttac actgcttctt gtcaggtgtg     94620
     tcaccacaga aaccagacac taggaagtga gtccctgatg tcattacttg acaggtggtt     94680
     tatagacatt aggaagagct ctgtgggaga aatagaaaga gttggccttg taggctagag     94740
     cagccctaaa gttcaatggg ctgttctagt gggagattta aggttgagac tgtcaaccag     94800
     gttcatgaag tttcagaaag actctaacag gaactggggt agtggtcaat tatggtacag     94860
     ttggcataga gtctgcctgc attctaaaaa tttgagtgag actgaatgtt aaaatattta     94920
     catttaattt aaatttaaaa tatttaaaat ataaaaataa aataatttgt ttagtgagga     94980
     aaatttcaag gcagtgtatc acctgggcta tagaatggtt actgcctact gtatttaccc     95040
     agatttacag tgagggaagg tgagaagaca ggcaaaatgt gtaatttgga gagaaggact     95100
     ataaactggt tgaagttgtg acactaatat gaagtttgat gagcaaaggg ccctgacgct     95160
     tgttaacgtt ggggacagag caggtgtagg taaagtacat gcaattgtta aaagattagc     95220
     aacattaaag agataacctc cgactttgca caagaacaac aggaaaggtg ctttgagggc     95280
     aagaacccac tcatggaaag ctccagaaga tagcagtgta aattcatttg caatgagagc     95340
     gcgtctaaca atgacagagc ctcaagggag ccctgttgaa aaatggctgc ttaactaagt     95400
     aagtgtcttt ttagttcagt tatgaagtca cagaaaggct gtggtagttg ttcgaggggg     95460
     acaggccgca tcttgagctg acagcagctg ggtaccatct gcatggtact gatgttgcaa     95520
     ggttcaaaat gccagagtga gggagtcgtg aaagcttgca acacggttcc aggaggccac     95580
     tggagccaag caatgcgtag cagggtgtcg tgagcgtgct gtgtcacaaa cagagataaa     95640
     cgtatttatg tctttctaaa acattttctt gaataataac aaatccacaa gcagtggttt     95700
     cactggtagt catctgtcag atagctccgc tttccttaat gaccctggcc aaggcaaaca     95760
     ggccattcca acataattac taactcttag ctgatacatt aaacataagt ttataactta     95820
     ctaacaaaat aagtcatatg taacatatct ctatccacct ctatccctat atctatatat     95880
     tacaggctaa ctaccaagag ttaaggtggc aaacacttga caagccagag ttgggagaca     95940
     gctggaaagt cataggagtc tgtagggtga gataacaaag gaccctgagc cctctggaca     96000
     ggcactgaag tcatggttgg atttgactgc agggtcatgg ttgagctgta gagttgagtt     96060
     ccactgcaga gtctaaaagg caagactggg tccagatgaa tggatgagca attgcactgg     96120
     atggcagcgc aagatggatc aataagagga tggtagatgg caacttgagt aatctgtggc     96180
     aaagtgggga ccaggctgaa tcgaaggcat tgggacttca ggaattcttc acccattaga     96240
     ccctcgatgc acctacggag tggtcagatg ataggttggt ggggaccatc accatcacag     96300
     tgccaggtgt tctctttaaa gggcatagat gagggagcca cgtgctttct cagactggta     96360
     tctttggttt ggtttttctg atatgatttt agtttgctta taggaatcta catatagtcc     96420
     cagttcactc taacaagttt atagagagga ccttctctat acccaggagt aagtaattta     96480
     tcatctgtgt tgtgtagtca gggttaagca gatggtgctg ttcatacttc cagccaggca     96540
     gagtcatcct acatctgcaa acagaatctc aagcctcttg taaaaagaag tctctcagcc     96600
     cggcagtgag gtgaacacct ttcatcccag caccagtggg tctctgagtt cgaggccagc     96660
     ctggtctaca gagcaagttc caggacaact aaggccacat aaagaaaccc tgtcttaaaa     96720
     aatccaaaca aaccaaaacc caaaacctac ctctcaccct ccagaaggca agacacaatc     96780
     tgaaaacaac aacaaccatg acaacagaaa cccctaacaa cattaggaac aaaccagtac     96840
     cccagagcac ttgactctat ctgcatatgt atcaaaagat ggcctagtcg ccatcaatgg     96900
     aaagagcagc ccattggact tgcaaacttt atatgcaggg gaatgccagg gccaaaaatt     96960
     gcgagtgggt gggtagggga gtgtgtgtgt ggggggggag ggtatggggg acttttggga     97020
     tagcattgga aatgtaaatg aggaaaatac ctaataaaaa ttaaaaaaaa aagaaacccc     97080
     tagcacattc ctttacacac taacaccagg ccatattctc ttcatgggat atccgagtct     97140
     gctgtgcatg aagctgtaag gtgaaaccta tattacaatg gagatcagaa atccaggaag     97200
     tttgccaagg caagctgcag tcactgggtg gaaatggccc acgagaggaa ctacaatggc     97260
     ttcgggcaac agagctggag ggccagggct aatcaagccc tagtctaagg agctgcaaca     97320
     gctggtgtag cccctcatta gcgtgagcaa acaaccggga gcctgtaagt aagcaattaa     97380
     agataaaaaa caatttcctg atgtgaagga gcttctatgg aggaagcctg ataaggaagg     97440
     ggagagatgg gatggaaaaa acctaattag caatccaaag agcagcttgt ggatgcttcc     97500
     agaacacagg gggaaatgct aaggtgatgg ctacacctga gaaggtggca tgtccaggga     97560
     tgaccggtgg accaagggcc tgggtgaggg ggaaggactg aagtagggtg gctggagacg     97620
     tcccagacag atcaagacca tcaagaattg catcattcat tccaacaaaa agaaggcaag     97680
     catcatccac ttaatagatg gggtgagtgg ctcagacatg gggagagtga ggaaccctta     97740
     cagtgacagg gagctggccc tgggatgcag acagatcaga gctatctctg tatagtctct     97800
     gcaggaggaa cttgccagct gatggggtgt atggtacctc ctaggttgcc cgtgctccag     97860
     cagatggctc cacacccaga atcaactgga ttcactgaga tatgaatatg ggaggggcat     97920
     gtgctggaag tcaggggaag ctgtaggagg acaacagtca gcatggatct gggctcctgc     97980
     ttccttaagt gtttcataaa aaaagactaa agaggcatct gggaatattc gctttttcat     98040
     tgtaaaggga aaaaaaaaag cattcagaag cacctaagtg gattttagct cctctgagtc     98100
     ttttaccttt ttcttgagtt ccatcatgac aatcaaatga cagcctgatg ggcaagggca     98160
     tggatttacc cagtccaatc aagcctctgc ataaggtccc agagaaacaa tccacgcaat     98220
     gcgcagtaca aggaccgtcc agcagaggga agcataggcc ctggtatggg cattcatcgt     98280
     gtcctggcca ctgtcctgat ttgttagttg tttaggtata aaaagaggca caaggtagcc     98340
     agacacaaaa cagaaaacaa gactgatcca cttctgacct ccagtgccac ccacaaagta     98400
     aacagaaggc acacagacaa ttgaccaaaa gtctgaaaga gccttgaaga gaagtccctg     98460
     gggcaagcca agtccagaga cctatctatg ctcctgcccc tggactgggg cagatggggg     98520
     tgggggtgga aggggagggg tgagaagggg ggttgagggg gggaggaggg ctgggagttg     98580
     ggggggattt ccttgtgaaa gcaatactta tttaaggtgg tacctatggg tgtggaacac     98640
     agagggagca ggaagatagg atttcttctg ggtgactatg aggaagaggt ggtggtggtg     98700
     gtgggagcac acagtgtgct ctgttctcga cagggatggc agttatagtg ctgactaaga     98760
     gaaaccaacc ggaaggactg gaatttgcaa agcagtgagg tgctctctgc tactgggggc     98820
     tgggagagta tccgtgttcc atgaaggcat ggaacataga atagcacccc cagtgatttg     98880
     cagaacctgg gctgtttaaa taaaaataaa agaataaaga agaaaaggag gaagaggagg     98940
     aggaagagag aggaggaaga gggaggaaga ggaaaggggg gaggaggagg aagaggagag     99000
     ggaggaagag gagagggagg aagaggagga ggaggaggag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa     99060
     gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa     99120
     gaagacgact acagagggag gggaaaggga ggagagagac tgtgggggag aaacagaaga     99180
     ttccagagct catttcttaa agcaagcagt agtttttgtg cgccacagat gtgtggtggg     99240
     atcaagagtt ggctcctgga gtaatggggc ttgctatgta agcctggcac cctgaatctc     99300
     attctaggag cctgaagtcc acaaaactca tcctctgctc tccacaatac tcatcctctg     99360
     acctacatac gcaccctttg gcccatgagt cctttcgtaa cagtgcgggt tgcctatgca     99420
     tagttatgtc tgtatatggg tgttttgttt tgcttgcatg tatagctgtg taccacgatc     99480
     atgcctggtg ctcccggagg ctagaagtca ttggatctcc ttgaggtgga gttaaaagat     99540
     cattttgagc caccatgtgg atgctgggaa tcaaaacctg ggtcctctgg aagagcagcc     99600
     agtgctcctt aacctttgag ccgtctggga agaccctgga tttctagaaa caaccctgat     99660
     tcataagctg gagattttca gtgtagggtg agcaatattc tcgaacacag attctcagca     99720
     gtggtcctca gtggtcaaac attatatttt tataggaggg ggaaaagatg aacaacacca     99780
     cacacatagt ccagtccatg catgtctata tataagtagt cttaagctat catgagaagg     99840
     ttgtggtgag aaaagaaata tccaaagggc tctttagggc agtggaagtc tggcttagag     99900
     cagcctggct gctctgactg tgggtccccg ctggctgcat cttgagaccc acagtgcccc     99960
     atccttacct tgtgtggttc ttcgtgctgt gctgggcctc tttataccac ttgtttttga    100020
     tgcctctttg ctgatctcta aaagaaagaa gaagaaagaa acactgttct ttgtccgtgg    100080
     acactccgtg aggagtctcc caaccctgga agggcctcac atacttcaga gctgaggatt    100140
     gcagactcca agttgcctcc tctcccgagg gtgggaaagt ggaaagttca gtatagaaag    100200
     aacacttctg tcacgtctcc aaattacata gttgtcccaa gaatatgtat gtgcctgtgt    100260
     tgctagctca caatatagtt caacactttc caaatgtctg agacattata aagtcttata    100320
     tgagtagaag acctgtccaa catggagagc cagatgtgga gggtcacaca ttgaatctga    100380
     gtacttggta ggcagaggca agtgtatatt atctttctga atttgaagcc aggctgattt    100440
     acatagtgag tttgaagcca gctaggggta cataacaaac aaacaaacaa accaaaccac    100500
     tgcatcaaaa aaaaaaaaac ctcaaaaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa    100560
     agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa gatcaaagag attggacaca    100620
     aagagatcta cccgccttgc ctcctaagtg ctgggattat aggcacaggc taacacatgc    100680
     agctggcgaa acagtttatt ttagcagaga acaagagtac cagagataag gattcagagt    100740
     ctagctgaga gatgatgggg ctggttaaga gcatgcagtg cccttgcaaa ggactggagt    100800
     tccatgtgcc gggagatcct ctccccatcc tcagccacag ccacagtcag gtgcgagagt    100860
     tcagaagcag ctctaagcat ctacctgttt ctcacaggga ccgacatcac tgagaactgc    100920
     aggagcttgc atagacaccc gtcttctaag tttgtttttg cttcagaaat aattttctct    100980
     cacatgcttc cttgaccaaa ttatttcact ttaaacaaag atttttttta attatgtttt    101040
     tttaaactat gaataatgga gaaacaggta gacataaaca acacagacat agaccttggg    101100
     aagttcttag taatctttaa gattgttaaa tctaaagggt tgacaccctc tgccttaggt    101160
     ctcaactgag gtgacctgta gctgtttctt tatcaaaaac tccttggcca ttcgttgcct    101220
     ctctttgccc ctcgcctgtt ctctctgaaa atctctctgc taacacggag gtcatgtatc    101280
     ccccgacccc tgcaccagct ctgagagatt tgcccaggct gagcctttcc aatggcaggt    101340
     gccaccctca gccttacctt gtgaattgga tgtctgggca cacctcatcc ttgctctcag    101400
     tgtcttggtc acctccttca cgttcgtaga tgagtcatct ttccacaaag tcctcctgct    101460
     caccgccttg agcttttctt gaactccatg tccaggtgag gccactcctg ctgagacgac    101520
     tcatgtgtgg ttgaaatgga ggttcctgga acactccttc cttccttcat aggctcccca    101580
     tcccagcccc tattccaggt gaatgtacct cacttttgct gttttctctt atgtgcacca    101640
     tgctttctcc ccccacatca ccataagttc ccaccccagg gagctcttat aagaattaac    101700
     caggtagctg ggcagtgctg gtgcacacat ttaatcctgg cacttgagag gcagaggcag    101760
     gcaggtatcc gtgagttttt gatttcttga ggccagcctg gtttacagag ctagttccag    101820
     gacatccaag ggcacacaaa gaaaaaccaa accaaaccaa aaccaaacca accaaacaaa    101880
     caaagattta accaaataaa taaatatgga gggattcggg atcagggcag attctgattc    101940
     ctgtttctaa gactcgtaaa ccatgaggca caggcctggg atttttcagg cagtgaggaa    102000
     gggacttcca tgtagcaccc atgttcagac aggcaacacc cgaaggccac tgggcacctc    102060
     taaagcatcg cagggacagc cctatgcctg tcgtgaagac agcttctggg cgaggggtgg    102120
     cagaggccca gaggctctgc agtggacagg actggtggat ggatgagtgg ccttcactga    102180
     ggaggggagg acacagcact ttttcctctc gggactttgg aagctgcctc cccaaggaca    102240
     gctgcatcca caggcatgag aacacctttc tgaagctttt ctgggggctt ttcctctgaa    102300
     ctgcctctca gggctaggac ccaggctctt ctgcacctta tctcaaagta gcaaagttta    102360
     tttactctcc ctttagttag gaaggatggt tgccatccta gtgtgtataa ataaagagga    102420
     aacctgacac tctgcaccct tcaccttggg ctgtgtaacc tcagaacagg attccaacat    102480
     gttccagttc accatttact cagtggcaaa acaggtctgg tgaaatttaa agccagttcg    102540
     ctgtgctgac aagaaatctt gtgtgcctgc ctatatagtg agttcagaac gaactccatc    102600
     agatctacag cctttgctga agcctcctcc tgtaccccct tgctggagtc tcctccagca    102660
     tccccttacc catcatctca tcttgacagg gttttttttt ctgctgtctt cttttggaat    102720
     ttgaccagtt cggatgtttt tttcttcttg ctaagaagaa aagaaaacaa agtcttttat    102780
     agtcacatag agctgtcagt cttttttatt taaagaattc aactatgttt ttgtctgtta    102840
     attgtgcact tgcacgtgtg tatatgtgga tgttttaact ctgagttatc tctctgattt    102900
     caaccctaac ctttttaaat gatcagctgg gaaggaagaa gatatcagag ttttgaacta    102960
     gaaggagcaa gcttcaagga caagtgttaa aatgagaatt ctttgaatca gttcttggga    103020
     aattaagcta gggaacagat aatggtagat cctaaggatg acttctgggc atgagaaacc    103080
     aagaatttgt gaagggaaaa caagaaccag acatgaggag ataaagacaa tagcagctgg    103140
     agtattggat catttgcctg ctatcccagc acttgaaagc atccaggacc atggaaagaa    103200
     ctgaggtggg agaaaacgga cttggaaggc ttccaggaag caatggggaa accaatggat    103260
     gacagtatca gaaaggtcac agtgttttta tcattattat cattatcata attatgacat    103320
     ttatcagtat gtggaggttg ggcatatgtt ccatggtaca catggagagg ccaagaaata    103380
     acttgtgagt tgggtctgtt cttccaccat atgggtttca gggatcaaat tcaggtaacc    103440
     aggcttggtg gcaaggacct cgagctagtg agccatttgc cagaccaatg acacatttta    103500
     attaactggt gacatctcag agtagaagat gggagagcgc caaaggcgag gtgggaatag    103560
     gtagtcaggt ggacatccaa cctgcttgcc accatgaggt ttaagtgaca gataatggat    103620
     gttgcctgcc tatgatttac caggaagcat tttccttctg ggggaggcta gtgtaccagt    103680
     cacaccaagc atttgtggat gggagttcag tgaatttgag caatgcttgg ttcaatatgt    103740
     ctaagtgcct tcttgttacc tataattttg caaagccttt gaggaaggca gagtgagaag    103800
     aaaatgagga gacgccatgt gattgcagac acacaatgga tgctcgcatc atggatgcta    103860
     ggatgtgcta cagctagaag aacaggaagc atcacatggg aaaggatgtc tgtacctttc    103920
     ttgtttgcag gtgtgcaggg tacttcctgg gccattgcaa gggcatgtgc tgctggagag    103980
     tcatctttta ccactagcaa aagaaacaga attcacatca gaggtgagca tggaccgaag    104040
     agaaaatgca gaggaaagtc agctggagaa attggatagc agggagagaa ggcaggggtc    104100
     tgccagcccg tagggttcca cctaaatctg acccccttgt tatcattttt aaagtgtgtg    104160
     ttatgcctgc atgtgtgtct gtgcaccaca tgtatgcttg gctcctgcaa aggctagaag    104220
     agggtatcag ataccttgtg attagagtta cagatggttg tgagctacca tataggtggt    104280
     aggaattgaa ctcagatcct atggaagaac agtcactgat cttaggcact gagccacctc    104340
     tccagccctg accatcttgt tattgttacc tatgcacctg ctaacagcag atacatcacg    104400
     gaatttggct tgctttgatg caataagaaa aacaggggct tgaaatcata acagatacaa    104460
     aggtccatct ccttaaaact gtctgttttg aaagttgtct taaattctgg cttctttagg    104520
     gttaggtaac tgaggtacat tgtaaactgt ctacagactt ttgaagtcat tcctttcttt    104580
     ttatatcatt ttattatttt ttattttttt gttttttttt ttaaatttaa aaattttttt    104640
     tggtttttca agacagggtt tctctgtgta gctctggctg tcctggaact cattttgtag    104700
     accaggctgg ccttgaactc agaaatctgc ctgcttctga ctcccgagtg ctgggattaa    104760
     aggagcgtgc caccacgcct ggctttcata tcactttaat atcatatatt ttagttttct    104820
     gtacaatgtg taactgacta gcactgaagg acaactccca tagtcagggt gaagtcaagg    104880
     aaggagaacc agccacatca gctacattac ccaccactgg ggacagacgg ggcttctgtt    104940
     tgcctgtctt gcattttatt ggggctgttt gagcatcacc tattgctgtg acttcatcac    105000
     agctgcaagg tcacacagtc caggcctgcc ttgtcctctt ctctcttgaa gctcactaca    105060
     gtctcctgtg gctgaggagt cacctctgtt tgttgacacc gtaatgattt agagtctaag    105120
     tctagcaggt gtgaggggac tttgtgattt tatgattggt ggatccataa gtctatcttt    105180
     ccagtcctgc ttccttgccc tctccataac tctacctccc aagcttgggt gaggggcagg    105240
     aagctaggct gagatgggag cgagatcctc atagcaagag gactcaaatt cttttctgtt    105300
     tagtaggaaa gtggagatga gcttaagcta tcccaagcaa ggttgctaag agttaagtca    105360
     gccttaacta gcatcaccat gtatggtgcc aggggaaccc agaggccatg ctcctgagtc    105420
     atcttgcttg ttagtcttgg atgttaagtt gtctttgaca actgaaggag gaatgaaagg    105480
     gttgggttac tgaactgcct gtcagggagg aaagtggatg gtatactcgc ccagaaaagg    105540
     aggtcactaa ggccaaaggc agattacctg actcgggtcc tgagggactg tggggcatct    105600
     ctcgagagtc ttccttatct tttctctggt gatctctgga ggacactgag aagagggaag    105660
     aaaaagaatt gaggctttca ggttgagcaa gtaggggcca gagtggtaaa gagaacagtg    105720
     attctaacca gtaaggaagt aaggaaggca ggtgaccagg aaaaggtacg atagagaagc    105780
     gacagaatag tttaataaca agatctcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc    105840
     ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cctctccccc tcctccacct cctcctcttc acttgaaaat    105900
     gtagataatg aaatctccta ttgacattag atttctgatt atgttaaagt tatttgaata    105960
     gcaaatatca gaggagtgga ggaaaagtta ttgagtccat actcttttat tcccaactct    106020
     ggaacgcaat gtcagtcttc agcaatgtca ataatacatc ctgctataat taacgtaact    106080
     aaactttatt tttataatga tgctttaggg aaggcaagtg gcacaagtct ggaagctcaa    106140
     ttaggtccaa cagatataaa gttttcacaa tattttctaa taatgttaat agcatatata    106200
     tgtcttagaa tctgagtcat ctaaaaataa acaaaggggc taggggtgta gatcagtggt    106260
     ggagtgctta tctggcaggc agtaggcctt gggttcaact cttgacataa tatgaaatag    106320
     aaaagaatga ataaggttga gactcaaagg cttctggagc tagggaagaa tcatcaacta    106380
     taagtttgta ataagctatg tgtcaactaa aaacaggaga gagagagaga aggagagaga    106440
     gagagagaga tgcagagaga cagagacata gagagaggaa ccttgcatct accaaggaag    106500
     tgatcttcca ctgtgctaca ccccagaccc acaccagtat ttttgacttt tggtttgctc    106560
     tgtgagtcta aggacaaccc tctctgcttt tctccccctt tttctcctga ggttgcaacc    106620
     acagcctctc atttggcatg tgcatagtct ccctccacag cccagtcagt gttactttgc    106680
     acagggccag cagaagggct gggcatcctt tgcaggtctt ctttctggcc atatcagttc    106740
     ttagaagggg gaacaaaata cccagggaag gagttacaga gacaaagttc agagcagaga    106800
     ctgccatacc tggggatcca ttccataaac aaccaccaaa cctagacact attgcagatg    106860
     ccaacaagag cttgatgaag gagcctgata tagctgtctc ctgagaggct ctgccagtgc    106920
     ctgactaata cagaggtgga tgtacacagt catctattag acggagcaca gggtccccaa    106980
     tgaagaagct agagaaagta tctaaggagc tgaaggggtt tgcagcccca taggaggaac    107040
     aacaacataa attaaccagt agccccagag ctccctggga ttaaaccacc aatcaaagag    107100
     tacacatggc gggattcatg gctctagctg catatgtagg agaggattgc ctagtggtca    107160
     tcaatgggag gagaggccct tggtcctgtg aaggttctat gccccagtat agggtaatgc    107220
     caggaccagg aagcaggagt gggtgggttg gggagcaggg ggagggggga gaggataggg    107280
     gattttcgga ggggaaacta ggaaagggga taacatttga aatgtaaata aagaaaatat    107340
     ctaataaaaa aaatcgttac tggcagctga aggaggaggg aaaaaccacg gattgtaggg    107400
     aaaagagtaa aatgtgtttc ttttctatcc agttctgtag tctagatgcc gaatgtcttc    107460
     tcaaagctta ggttcccagg tgacactaca gggagatggg ctgatgtgaa gagctggggc    107520
     caagaggagg tgttaggtca ttgggagcaa ctctagagga gattgtgggg tccaagtctc    107580
     tcctatctcc attttcagaa cacaaggtga acaattttat tttgtcacac atcctgcggt    107640
     gatacaatct tgctacaggc tcaaactgta tcacaggtca gagaccccta acttcttctc    107700
     attgtaagtt cattatcata ggcattttgt gacagataga aatctgacaa gtgactgtgg    107760
     agttacctct gaacttcccc ttccttctct gtcaggagca acttacaatg atgtcacagg    107820
     tggttttaag gtcatgtgaa atgatcatat aaaatgtctg ggacacccac agtcacaaag    107880
     agatagacgt tgtatccatt tcacatctct cttctcctcc tccttctcct cttctccttc    107940
     ttcttcctct cctcctcctc ctcctcctcc tcgttctctc tctctcttcc ccacccccca    108000
     tctttctttc tttcatagca agtcccgaca tttcagttgc cctacctgct ccctggagat    108060
     ggtcccatac ttcatatttt caagatgagt gttatgtgat ggcccacttc tgtaacacca    108120
     gcactttgaa agaaggctga ggcagaagga ttacatttta ggccattctg tactacaacg    108180
     tgagactctg tcacaactta cacctggttc actgaatagc tgtattaaaa acacctgtgt    108240
     cctctagaaa ttcgaatcgt ggaagctgag gtcagagtca gccaggatga cgcttccagc    108300
     agcttttgtg agcaagcgtg gtctatgcct ttacacaggg agagcaggca ttggaatgca    108360
     caatccacac tggaaacaaa cccaggcttt tactgtagca ccactgcaca tgtgacaagg    108420
     atcggagaaa ccacattacc gtttctgaag cttctgaaaa ttgccaccag gctggggtat    108480
     tcccggaggt tgaccttgct gaacaacgtc agcagcactg acgggtggaa agtctgctcc    108540
     agactggtga gaatattgtg caccactttg gacagaggga ccagattttg acaggcttcc    108600
     agagattcct tcaaagagtg gagcagaggg ttagtttgaa tgagtagtca ctgagcggag    108660
     agctccctat ctgtggtttt ctatattgta agaaagttac tttgggggct gctgaggatg    108720
     gctaagtggg tgcaggcgtt ggctgtcaag cttgatctga gtctgatccc tgtgatctgg    108780
     agggtggaag gagagcacag attctacagg gtgtccttca gcctacacct gcacaccatg    108840
     gcacatgcac acctcgctcc gaaataaata cagtacttaa aaatatataa aagtcaggct    108900
     tggtgacaca cgcctttaat tccagcattc aggagacagg cagtcagatt gctaatgttt    108960
     tctagttgag ggcatcctga tctacaaagt gagttccagg acagccaggg ctgcacagag    109020
     aaatcttgtc tcaaacagaa cagaacagaa caaaaccccc aaatttaaga aatcttcttt    109080
     tttaatttaa gaggaatttt agtataaaat atagagttaa atctttagga tagaagtcat    109140
     tgaaagagag aactggctgc aaaattcttc cagtgtctgc tattcctggt tagctagtcc    109200
     ttgggtgccc agatggatcc ggtgatgggg caggtgatac cctccccagg tggagccctg    109260
     ttcaggcggt gttgctgtcc aggtgggacc ttgcccaggt ggggccctgc ccaggtggga    109320
     gtactgccca ggtgggagta ctgcccaggt agggtcctgc tccagtggag gaggagggca    109380
     tccatccctg aaaagacagt cagtaaatag ccagttgcaa ctgagaacag tctcataaag    109440
     gaaagcacgg ttgttggaag gaaaacgtga gtctcagtga gtgagtgggc tgtggactga    109500
     tgaaggagct ggagctgtgt cagacttgga aaaggctgct gcaattttct ttgtagagga    109560
     attttaatcc agcaacaggg ctgctttggc aagtgatcat catatccaaa gaccttctag    109620
     gtctgtgtga tctggctgga atacagacac acctctaatc ccaagagtca gaggcaagca    109680
     gatctctgag ttgaaggcca gcttgggaca gagaaagttg cttgtaaaga aaagcttagg    109740
     tccaggcttg gcagtacttg ctttattcct agcactcagg agacagagtc attcaggtct    109800
     ctgagttcag tcagtcagtt gagtgcagtg cagtggagct gagtcaggga gttggggtca    109860
     gtgcagtgag tgcagtgcag actattaatc taagaactcc aagagcttcc agccaccaga    109920
     agctaaacag aggcaagaaa cagatccatc tttgaactta cagcacctac aatataccct    109980
     atcactaata cagcctcaag acaccctttc tcccaacctc ccttcctgca ataatgatca    110040
     tggtcaagtt gggccttcca tgttctagaa attctgatgg gttgtggtca gagatctcaa    110100
     tactgaaaca tacttaatga ggactagaca gctttgtgga gggtccacag cctcaccttg    110160
     tacattctct cagtgatgaa ggatttgtcc cggagcgctt cgaagaaggg gaatggcttg    110220
     ttgatggcat aggtgatgtt caccttcatg tatatgaaat gctggagaag agccttttcc    110280
     aaggctttgg tcagagtgaa catcctataa aagaggcagg ctgagaagac aggcaaaagt    110340
     tctcaggagg atggggagtg gctctctgca taaaatggat tctcaaaggt agacacccta    110400
     gtcttcaagc atcccttagc tgtctacaga gcaaagtctt gctaaaagat ccattggtag    110460
     aggagataaa ggcagtgccc agaaaccaca gaggctgaga aggacagaca atagcatata    110520
     accatcctga aagggatttt aaaacataaa gtgggttttt aaaacatctc ttcttcactg    110580
     agtatgtcct atgtccagct tttgttccaa ggatttcata ggtagtaact tactggattt    110640
     cacaaagcat tgcaaggtgg tcactgtcat cacaactacc taactgtggt gagctctaat    110700
     gcagacaggg gtgaggtaag cgatcctcat gctagattat acaatctgga gggggctgag    110760
     tactaatcga atcttgacat tctagatgct ggtttacagt tgagaaagtg cttggccaca    110820
     gccagagtgt gtgtatagag aaagttgaat atatatgagc tggcttagaa cagatcacct    110880
     gcagtgtatc agagcacgat ctcataccaa tgctcatgag aaagagacca cccaacatgc    110940
     agagctagaa agctggtaat atttagacac tgaaaaatca ctcataacac tttgacgcaa    111000
     gcagacaaca catgaataaa atcaggaagg atatgaaaaa taggattggt caaagtcaac    111060
     gcttggtttt atgaccccat ttcattcttc aggatggacc tgggtcttct tatggaatgt    111120
     ttctaaaaat cgactgcttc cggatcatga gaaaataacc agcgagaata taacagaaaa    111180
     cttccaggtg gcaaactgtt gtaagaaggc aggccctagt aaacctttcg atcacagagg    111240
     gggcactttt gttgttgatt ggcagtagtg gggatttagt ccaggacctg tgcatcttag    111300
     gcaagtgccc tatccctgag ctgcatccca gctagcaaca cagttctgtt tatttgtttg    111360
     ctaatcttaa acacaaagaa ggcaaaggtc cccctttcct ctttttaaaa cagaatatta    111420
     aatattagag tatttccaaa gagtatttcc agaaatttaa tcccagcatc acattgagta    111480
     gacttgtccg tccctttttt cttctttccc aatctcttca acttagcaaa aaaaaatgtt    111540
     gaggagaaaa caaaaagaag ccaacttcac agtaggactg tagagcaggg agatgtgtca    111600
     aggatcatcc agtcctgagg gaatcctggc agactgggga caggtgggag ggaaagctgt    111660
     tgaggctact tgtgggggag gggaggggag gcagcaagaa catgtgctct gggttctgct    111720
     taggatggca gcagcactca gaactacgct gctgtggcaa ctttgccatt tgccgcctgc    111780
     cacagtttcc gaagatggaa gtcagatcta cagaggttaa gtacctgtgc caaggacacc    111840
     aatctacagt agagtgtgtc tgtctctgat attttgtttc tcactgtgca agatatggta    111900
     tctcaagcct gaggaaatgg tgcaagcctt taatgccagc actggaggca aaggcagttg    111960
     gaggccatcc tgatatatat agttccagga cactcagggc tacacagaaa ttctgtcttg    112020
     aagaggggaa aaaagatcct gtgtctcagc tgcctgcatg caggttttta ttatgttaag    112080
     ggccttacaa ataaattagg gaaagacaaa cacccattag gaaagacaaa gccccaaaca    112140
     atcaataaaa tgagcatcat atacaatgaa tgcataatta agctgggaaa aggcagacaa    112200
     gtcgaaggac ttgacagtgc atagtactat caaagtgacc aggagacgaa acaatagcca    112260
     cagtccctga tagggtagaa atgaaaagca tttcaagtgt tctgtggctt atttggaatc    112320
     agggtcacca gctgtaaaaa ttacatttcc cttgaatttt cacgcacagt aatgtatttc    112380
     agtgaaatga ccatggacta aaaccaaaac aaagcaaaca tacaaaaacc atccataccc    112440
     ccgctagaga gaagtaaggg cgccccttac tttctctttc ccaatagctc cataattagg    112500
     caagtgttgg aagatgataa cggcaccgca caccgtggac acttgcaagg tccaacctcg    112560
     ggaataggca ctggaaactg tccccaaagt ctgtttcaga aaaagagttg tgtgtataag    112620
     ccctcactgc cctcccctcc ccttccctcc cctctcctcc cctccccttc cctccccttc    112680
     ctccctctta tccacatcca ctccagggtc cgagccagga tccggagcca tgctcgagtc    112740
     tctggacaag attacttagc aaagagagaa cctggggagt ctagggtaca gcagacaaaa    112800
     gctgacccca agaatcagga atctagttgc agagcccaag agcagaacgc acctggacgc    112860
     tgggggctgc cacgggttct cccgagttct cccaggtcac tgcctggatt agttaagggg    112920
     ttcctggatc cttcctggaa aagcctgaca gcccagtctg gacctgaagt tatggtgcct    112980
     tggaagtccc gcggggagtc aggcttcaag aaaagaaaag ggaaagtgat ctcagcacac    113040
     tgagcaggaa gccagccggc cacaccaatt ccaccctcca ctcctccacc cctgccttgt    113100
     gcggttcccc agtgtggtta gcattatggg tttcaggggc actttctggg aattcagatc    113160
     tgcctggagt ggagtgacag gcagggaggc aaaggattaa cactggagat catgggaagg    113220
     gtgtgtccac tgtccccttc ctaacctggg gatctattcc cccagtggtc tcattttaac    113280
     ctttaggaag tgttctcaaa ctgcattggg gtgaaggtta tcctgaaaaa aattgctaga    113340
     agttattaaa ttaacaacaa caaccagagc tggcatcttt gaaatgtcta gaatttgtca    113400
     ggatcactat ttgagaaaat tgaaataaaa caaaaggcaa ccaagtgact ctcgaatgag    113460
     tctgagctag ggtctctgag tgttcaactg agaagagttc tatgtaaccc cgtctaatat    113520
     ttcccaaatg tgtttgatcc acaagacatc ccaattcccc acccccagga tacccacgag    113580
     gcctctagga ctttagattt gaaccaaggc tagcccactg tattagtcag ggttctctag    113640
     agtcacagaa cttatggaca gtctctagat agtaaaggaa ttcattgatg acttacagtt    113700
     ggcagcccaa ttcccaacaa ttgttcagtc gcagctgtga atggaagtcc aaggatctag    113760
     cagttactca gtctcacgct gcaagcaggc gaaggagcaa gagcaagagc tagactccct    113820
     tcttccaatg tccttatatt gtctccagca gaaggtgtag cccagattaa aggtgtgttc    113880
     caccacacct ttaattccag atgaaagttg aagcccagat taaaggtgtg ttccttaaac    113940
     tcggagattc aatcttctgg aatccatagc cactatggct caagatcttc aaaccaagat    114000
     ccagaaaagg atctccaagc ctccagataa gggtcactgg tgagccttcc aattccggat    114060
     tgtagttcat tccaaatatt gtcaagttga caacctggaa tagccactat acccacacag    114120
     gacagagctt ctctgtactt cctatggaga caccaactgt agaatttgca gccaagtaca    114180
     gttagaacag taggcttggc acagagtgtc ccagggatgg ggactgagtg tgtgtgtgtg    114240
     tatgtgtgtg tagaggcttg gcccagagtg tctcagggat ggggactgag tgtgcaataa    114300
     tgcttgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgag tctgcacaat    114360
     aatcacaagc atgcttatgt gtcagaaaat taccctaccc tggagaaacc tctaaagcaa    114420
     gaaaagttat tacatcagac agatatgaat aagggcaaag atttcatttg gagtcacaca    114480
     tactaggact acagtaatga tggtaaaacc tcacctggta tttcacacca catgagagct    114540
     cattagactt atacgtttaa cacagtttta aagatgcatt tacctaaagt gatgattttg    114600
     gtgaacttta ccaaatataa tcatgccaca gtgatcacac aggccaagtc ctctgccctc    114660
     ctaaaatccc cttgttcttg gcagaaaacc ccctctcaga ttccagtccc agagaaccac    114720
     agatcatcgg ttacacagct aagtttgacc ggcgcagaaa tgccatataa atgaagacat    114780
     aaagtgtatt tttttttggt gtatggcttt gtttgcatcc ctgtactctt gggacctgtt    114840
     cctgcaggtc agtaatttgt acctcttcag cagaggtctg agcctggagc cctggacagg    114900
     ccctcgtccc tagccacctt gtctctgcct ctgttttgcc tgttatttcc aggcttctgt    114960
     tggttggttt tgttttattt gcatctttac gcctgtttct ttacctttcc acttcaggct    115020
     ggttttctaa cttacagaat gagaatgagc attccagata agagcaacag ttgtgcagag    115080
     taaatgtaag gcacccattc ttcaaaaatg atactgtccc cgactggctg tgatccactt    115140
     ccgaattctg tgagatgcct cttgttctca agaccatggt gaaattgctg aagccctgtg    115200
     ttgcctcgct gtcagtgtca caccttagca agcagctctg cctggattct ctgcacttgc    115260
     ctttggttgg ttggaggtgt gtgggcgggg ttgggggcgg tctcttgctc tagctacctt    115320
     cagaagcttc aaaaacttta tgaagccaca cccaactttt cctactctgc tgctcaatta    115380
     tcaggtccca gcttctctgg ttctgactta ctagggtgcc aggacagttc caagtctgag    115440
     agactgcaga caatctaact cttcctggtc ttttcaggca ccgcccccgc ttagggttaa    115500
     gggaccactt ccttcctatc ctaaccagcc agctggcctt agacagctct gagcccttcg    115560
     ctgaaacaga cccttccacc ttctttcctt agaaggcagc aggtgtccca ggtttctggg    115620
     gacttgggct gtctttgctc ctcccttctg gggcagagac tgggggtgga gggcagtgca    115680
     ttagtgcagt gttgtcatag ttaagcaatt tctctttcct ttttctcctc ttaggaggcc    115740
     cctgaaggag ttctctatgg gcttcccaga gactcagagg gggttcggtc taccctgaac    115800
     cctgaaccca gttcagggtc ccttggagtc tgtgtagggg atggcaggag gcgacaatga    115860
     actcagcagc aggtaagtcc cattctctct tgtcccttgt ctctgctaag aactgccttt    115920
     aaatatgtta ctagggctgc ccaggctggg tccaaggccc aaagatattt gagacagtga    115980
     tctcttaagg aaaagaagaa ctgggtttag ttggattccg aggtaacaag ggccaggtgg    116040
     cagcattgaa tcgctggaga caaggtgatt ctagttatta taatggacag cggagacaaa    116100
     agaatgttta taataacata cccagtaatg gtcagcacag gagaggtgaa atttataatg    116160
     gcatgactcg gttggacatt ttctttggca gaggcaactc taaaggcttc catttggcct    116220
     ttccaaccat aatagccctc actctacagt tcagggaacc aatatgagaa ttctgccaat    116280
     ttctgagtat atctatccca attatacatt ctggaactgg ggaaatcacc acaggatgtg    116340
     tccagggacc tactgaacct actgtgagtc ggacatcagt caaaactcca ttaatcacct    116400
     gccctccata agcccctact ttaactggag ggccacaatg tttcttggga tcacctggga    116460
     tcagtgtcaa ctcagaacca gtatccagca gaccccaaaa agtctgatta tttccttttc    116520
     cccagtgtac agttaccctt gtaaaaggct gtaggtccct ctggggaaga actggagaaa    116580
     gggtaacaac aaaacctttg agtgtcttat caagatcctt cctcagcgga acctggccac    116640
     cccttcattc aaggggttct ggatctgcaa actgtctcaa gtctggaaat tgattcactg    116700
     gccgagattg ctgtttacca cgatctaatg tagcctttct ttcatttggc tgtttaccac    116760
     gatctaatgt agcctttctt tcatttgttt gagaattttt ctgcttatac agatcaaaca    116820
     aatatgcagt aggcttccta tgtatttcat tcctgggaac accatgattg gttagccagt    116880
     accaaaggtc caaccgagtc atgccattat aaatttcacc tctcctgtgc tgaccattac    116940
     tgggtatgtt attataaaca ttcttttgtc tacgctgtcc attataataa ctagaatcac    117000
     cttgtctccg gcgattcaat gctgccacct ggcccttgtt acctcggaat ccaactaaac    117060
     ccagtgaatt taattcatct aattgagcag aagcatctcc aatgctaata tctggcacaa    117120
     ggaaaaggga aagaacaaaa cccttcaaat gtgctggtgc ccctctcacc aatttgtgtc    117180
     ttatagagct ggtgaaaggc atatcttctg gaccttccca ttgtggacaa ttatgcttta    117240
     cacaatatat ccactctagc attgcaattt ccctaagtct taaaatccct tcatcaacac    117300
     taagccacgg aatatcaggc atctccaagt catttccagt aggccatctt ttgataaaca    117360
     cctcagccaa ccattcaaac aaacttttga cacctttttt aactatgcga gcttccgtat    117420
     taaacctaga atctttactc agaggaccca tgtcaataaa ctcagcctgc tctagtttta    117480
     tgttccttcc acccttatcc cacaccctta aaatccattc ccacacatat tcaccaggtt    117540
     tctgcttgaa tgaattagca aactcattaa gctccttagt agtgtagcga atttcctcat    117600
     ggactacact ttctacctcc cctctatgag cctgttttgc tttgagtctg gttacaggtc    117660
     tagaagaaac tattggtggg ctttgagaaa catcagtagt gaaagtcatt gctggtttat    117720
     cagactctac aaaattaatt tcctcatgtg gggaaggcat tatttcaagg ggtggggctg    117780
     agggtactac ttcctcaggt ggggaaaacc cttgagaatc tgaagattca aaattctcag    117840
     cttcaacatg gtcttcccac acatcccctt cccatgttgt aggatcccat tctttgccaa    117900
     ttagagccct tactttaact gtcaacacac tctgaggctg agatgaaagg catagcccag    117960
     attaaaggtg tgttccacca cacctttaat cccagatgaa aggcatagcc cagattaaag    118020
     gtgtgttcca ccacaccttt aatcccagat gaaaggcata gcccagatta aaggtgtgtt    118080
     ccttaaactc agagattcta tcttctggaa tccatagcca ctatggctca agatcttcaa    118140
     accaagatcc agataaggat ctccaagact ccagataagg gtcactgata agccttccaa    118200
     ttccggattg tagttcattc caaatattgt cacgttgaca accaggaata gccactacag    118260
     cagccttctc tgcagtaggc tagctgtaag agagttctat ggccgcccta actccacact    118320
     ccgcttcatt tccttgcttc tgtcccagag cttgtctggt gctgtgtgga cttcctgtga    118380
     tctcctgtag gagtggctgg ttcattgtga cttctgacct ctcttctctt tctaacgctc    118440
     actctaaagg acagctctgt ccaagaaaga tcattaagag taagttcaaa cctgatcctg    118500
     tcaattgctg atctccccag tcttgtggtt gaagacagct ctggcctgag cccacaagtc    118560
     ctacttaggt caggtcccca ttgtttccta gctcagaggg aggaagtgaa agatgagcag    118620
     gtggggagtg gatgatgctc ttaacccttt ctgttcctgt tggttactga gctggttaga    118680
     aatggatgca aattctctct gtctctgtct ctgtctctct ctctctctct ctcacttctc    118740
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctcac acacacacac    118800
     acacacacac acacaagata ggagagatgg cccacgttta agcactcata ttgccctagt    118860
     agtgggcatg ggttgggtcc ccagcaccta tcctagggct tccaactgcc tatcatgcca    118920
     actccagatc agacagcctt ttctgccttc catggacact gtacttgcgt gcaggaagca    118980
     cactgagaca gactcataca tacataattc aaaataaaaa tagaaaatat gagaggaagg    119040
     tgtgatgccc ccaacaggga ctcagtcagg gctacttctg ctcctgcaga tgtcctaaga    119100
     aagcaccatt tctcctgtga catttggtca agtccactag tgataccaac agtgtgctgt    119160
     gtcttttggg aataaatagg gtggttaatc actggctcag tgcctttcat ataagcaggt    119220
     agaggtatct gtctctgagt gtttgcagtt tctgtctttg aagacatttt tgttgtggtt    119280
     atcaatctga caggcatagg gatggctgca ttaatctttg ctacccttgc actgtctgtg    119340
     gaattcatag cttgtgtctg tcttaccttc gctagcctga gtagagattt aataatgtat    119400
     tgatctttcc aaaggatgtg agcataatgc ccacttcttt taattctatg gatttctact    119460
     ttaatttcat tgaatctttg tcttcattgg gatgaaatca ttcctcataa gattgttcat    119520
     ttatgcctct gttagcttct gacacataca aagctgtatg tttcccatta gccactgact    119580
     ttgctgtgtc tcagatttaa taatttttag acttcagtgc ttttttagtg taggagaaag    119640
     ggtcacactt ttgcttgtct taccccattt aaaaaaaatt acattcattt atttattgta    119700
     tgtgtgcagg tgccacaatg tgtcttttga gatcagagga caactttggg gagttggttc    119760
     tctcctacta cagtgtagtt agttcttagg ggagcaagct catgtccgca gacttggtgg    119820
     caaggcctgt atcagctgag ccatcctccc agaccctctt ttatttacat tagttacagt    119880
     ttttaaacgt actctgtttt ataattgtgc tattattaaa ttatccacat tttgactctt    119940
     tatggacaca gagaaatacc taccatgttt gtaaatattt tcattttact cttttttttt    120000
     ttttttttgg ctttcctttc tttttatgcc cttttggttt tagtaaaaca ttttatgatt    120060
     ctttcttcct tcctttcttt ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctttct    120120
     ttctttcttt cttgaattcc tttacctatt tttttgttgt ctcattttgt ttttcttttt    120180
     tgcagtactg gggatcaatt ctggggattc tcttgagaat gacttttgga gaaactttca    120240
     tatcttgtct ctgttttttc taaacagtgt gtgagcatgt tcgctgctta ttacttcgtg    120300
     gcatttgtag tttagttttg acaccttggc acttttgtat ttctgactaa tttgctgcat    120360
     tttctagttg gatcagtgca tcatgcatca catgtgaaac tgcagtattt gaatttaccg    120420
     tctgtgaaat aatttagttc caactcagat tttatggaga gttcatttca gattccacat    120480
     gaaaccaggg tgtagtggtg tgtgttttta actccagaat tagggaaata tagacagttg    120540
     gatccccgga gatgactggc cagctaatct ggctgaacta atgatatccg ggttcagtga    120600
     gagaccccat ctcaaaacat aaggtggaga gcaactggac tccttgccca ggcatatgcc    120660
     aggcacatac acacgagcaa gcacatatac atagacagcc tccttaagtt taaaataaaa    120720
     attattgtat atttttatat gttactacat ataaatttta ggttccttaa aaaaaaaggc    120780
     cctctcaaga tttttttggt aacagataac tttgatattc tttgtgtttg tatgttgtgt    120840
     agtcctgact agtctggaac ttgctatata gaccaggctg gccttgaatt catggagatc    120900
     ctcctgcctc ctgcctctgc ctccgaagag ctatgattaa aggtgtgcat aaccacacct    120960
     cttttaaaag aattatggag aacccccaaa gctatctctt ggttctaaat ttaatgaaat    121020
     ttaccattaa ttataagtta cagcttcagg catttagaat atttatccat taaaagtagt    121080
     accaaagagt tcatcattat cacaagtgtg catcctaatg aaaaataaca agattttcta    121140
     aaagaaaatt aaaggggaag atacaatctt gctttacctt ctcacaaatg tccttacttt    121200
     cctgcttggt caaagtcaca gatgccctgt ttatccctga gttcagtctg ctgcgatgcc    121260
     acagcctacg ggcacctgtg aatatcaccc aacatttttg ggcagaggaa agagaaaagg    121320
     ggcagatggt atttcaggat tgttctgaga atagtttgtt ctttttggca tctgaaagag    121380
     tcttgagcag gggtcgtcag gctataccct gagaggcacc attctcaact gcttagcatg    121440
     taggtattgg cattttaagt acttaaaaaa aagacacatc ttcagtggca gcaggagggg    121500
     atgtgctgat gtggatggga gaaatctcac cagactccat tcctagatga agagccatag    121560
     ctattaatgg ctgttaacaa agagaaaatc aaccagtatt ctccaggaat gaaccctctg    121620
     ttaggttatc cagtgcttag tggtcagccc taaacacaca tgcataggag tgcaggttgt    121680
     atgtatgtgt gtgtgtgtgc gcacacgcgc gtgtgtgtgt gttatgtata tatgtgtgtg    121740
     tttatatata aaacaataat tagagatggt tttgatatta agtgagaaag gaaggcatga    121800
     ggggattgag aagaaaaggg agcaggagaa atgatgtaaa cacagtattc atgtatgaaa    121860
     atttaaaaat atatgtaaac atttaaaata aacaaaagga aaacatgtgc cccaatttat    121920
     ttgatttagt tttcttgtta attatttagt tagcgtgaaa atgatgggtc tcagcatggc    121980
     atcttcatac ttacatacca tatttttgct cattcccttc ccctcttgca ggagttggtt    122040
     ctcttctact gtgtaggtcc caggattgaa ctcagggcat taaactataa ggggaggaca    122100
     tttatccatg gaatcttctc accagctctc cttcccccct tttttgtttt agaaattgat    122160
     ttatttcttc attatttgag acaaggtttc actgtatagc ccaggcaaac cttgaagtca    122220
     ctagataagg gccaacaggg tgcctcagtg gataaaggtc ctgaccaagc actgagacct    122280
     gagtttgatg cccagaaccc atacaagagt gaaaacagag aaccaactcc tcaaagttgt    122340
     cctctgatgt ctaaatatgc agatattgta acaatactaa cactaggtaa agtgaaaaag    122400
     aggaagacac tatgtccgcc atgaaggtag gatgttgtga cgacaggcat tggaccatgc    122460
     ccagatgatt tctcacttct gtcatatgaa catacgtcat aattggtttc catttgccac    122520
     ccagaatgga atcaattaca caaacactcc tatgtgtcat tgggcttctt gggcctttcg    122580
     ttctcagagg atcttctccc taaacactgt ctcggaacag agagaactgg ccacctgaga    122640
     tgtcaggcat tgcagcagca gtgtagttaa taagtgtgag actccattac tgcaagagat    122700
     agggaaccag gaagagagaa gaaagcatgt ggaaccatgg atgaaccaca catgagccac    122760
     acatgtctca gtcctgggtc aactgcgttg cctttacaaa tgagctggaa gaagaggttc    122820
     tgctttttaa ttttaatgtc atttccattt accctgaggt ctatagattg tgttccagtt    122880
     tcatttcttt tttttttttt tttttttttg gtttttcgag acagggtttc tctgtatagc    122940
     cctggctgtt ctggaactca ttttgtagac caggctggcc tcgaactcag aaatccgcct    123000
     gcctctatct cctgagtgct gggattaaag gtgtgtgcca ccatgcccag ccagtctcat    123060
     ttctgttgct atgatagcat acactgacac aaagcaactt aggggagaaa gaacaggtcc    123120
     aggttacagg ccatcattgc aggaaagtct aggtgggaac ttgaagcagt tggtcatgtc    123180
     cacagtcaag agcagagagc aatgagtaca agcgtgcctg tcagtgttca acttgctccc    123240
     tacacttaat gccaccaagc catttccttt tacctaggga ttggtgctac ccacagtgca    123300
     ctggatcttt ccatatcaac tagcataatg cggacaaccc tggacagaaa tacccagaga    123360
     ttaccctaat ctagacaatc ctttattaag actcatacaa tccaagatga ttatagattg    123420
     tgtcaggttg acaattaaaa ctaatcagag tactggacat gatggaacat aatttaaatc    123480
     tgagcactca ggcagcagag gcaggtgaaa tctatgtgtg aggatagcct tgtctacata    123540
     gtaactttta ggcaagccag acttacagat gataaccctg tcccgagcaa atcaaactca    123600
     aagcaccaga acttgatcac taaatgagat gtttaaaatt ttaattttat attagcagac    123660
     cagtcttcat gtcagtaatt atccagccat tggtagcatc ttgtaaacca gtatctactt    123720
     ctgcatggaa tctgtcccct aggacaatcc cagaggacca gaatgaagag gagtcagatg    123780
     actatcagct catgttcaag cacttcaaag aaaacaaggt ggagatcgca agtgccatca    123840
     ccaagccgtt tcctttcctc atgagccttc gagaccgaga cttcatctcg gagcagaagt    123900
     ttcaggtgag tgtggagaat gaactcagtc ctgacagcaa gcctgccctg tgctgtatca    123960
     tgctgtactt ctgggtgcag ccaacaggct gaagcacctc cagggatgaa gggacatcac    124020
     cattgtaagt cagaagaaaa ctggagggat agacatcaca ggaaccattt acattcacct    124080
     ctgcagtaac tgaggctgag gcacatggtg acagcgacga ataacaagca ggaatgctcc    124140
     gaagtgcaga gcatcccagg gtcacttgtg taatgtaaca acagatacta ggatgcaagt    124200
     agacacacct aagctgggct gccttccaaa gcctacttac tccaaatccc agagccagag    124260
     gcagttgggt catgtgagga cagaacttgg ggagtcccgt ttgcttctct atcttcaagt    124320
     tgttcctggt tcttcaggca actctgaagc cctagaatga gaggtacagg tcagtggtgg    124380
     gatctgcggt gataacaaag accttttctt ctttatgcat tctctttgcc ctgtggctag    124440
     gatgctatgc tcacttggtt tcctcaagct cttcagacca gctcagtcct tggggagtta    124500
     attgtctgga ccccaaggtt gccactcatg gtctgttagg gcctggcttt tacagacata    124560
     tcatttaatt attcatcaaa ccctctcttc cctgtctact atttgtcagc atcagagctt    124620
     ctttcagatg agctagggtc tgttagtaca gaggacatgt aagatgtcac ctcggtattt    124680
     gcaaaactca gacattttac aaaaaaaaga aatggtgttt gaaccaatgt aagcctcata    124740
     taacccataa atccatcatg acacaattct gcattcacta ttttaaggaa tatcaagaaa    124800
     catgtaagaa cctggtccca gtggagagag tcgtgtacga cgtcctcagc aatgtacaga    124860
     agaagtttag ccgggatctt ctgaaagtga tattcagcaa aacacatctg aaggcctacc    124920
     ccgacttaaa ggagactcta aaacacttct tcctaaatgg taactatagc tctcacctgc    124980
     ttcagggaag gaaagacaat tttttttttt tcgagacagc gtttctctgt gtagtcctgg    125040
     ctgtcctgga gctcactttg tagaccaggc tggcctcaaa ctcagaaatc tgcctgcctc    125100
     tgcctcccga gtgctgggat taaaggcgtg cgccaccacg cccggctcat ccattcattc    125160
     attttttcat tgatagttga catataattt aatgagagac tatgtcatgc caagcacagg    125220
     gggaatatag gaaacacata tggctcatgt cgtcaggagc ttacacatag gccaagtaac    125280
     acagagataa ctgctcagcc ggaacctgat ttttatgcta tgaaacacag tatgaaggat    125340
     gagtttcttt agacaagagc cagctctgtc tgaggcttgc agacataagc aatggtaaaa    125400
     atgcagaatt tgtcattcag cagagtaact actctactac ttcagttttc ttctttgaag    125460
     agtagagaaa tcacaagggg agcccaggtt gggcccagac actcgagaga gaagcatgtg    125520
     tcaaccgaga gtgtgaaaac aaagtggact tttagaacca aggtgctggc atgttgttga    125580
     aagaacataa aatcagcagg tctcaggtag agaacagcct ctgttgttcc cactggctcc    125640
     ctgtagcttc agctttctgg ctccccaacc tctagaggac tctcccttgc agcaggcaca    125700
     gtcagtcagt tctggtgtag actgctgctg cagaacttgg gtgtggttcc tgttcctatt    125760
     gcttgggcat ttagaaatgc agctctgagg gccaagagct ggggtttcac tcctcacttg    125820
     ccacctgagg gtcactggca gccaagtcac ttcctgtgtt gccagcagga tgcacttttt    125880
     cagtttctcc tcacttgtcc tgcctgaaga agcttcctct tcagggctgt gcttctctgt    125940
     aaccagaata acttctctga ctcagttcaa gcagagtctc tctatttctc tctccatccc    126000
     tctatttctt cttctttctt tcatccttga tttatagtag ctttccccct tccctctcta    126060
     tcccccttcc ctccccttcc ctctccctcc ctcccctctt catccttttt cttctcttcc    126120
     ctccctcctt ctcttttctc tccttttccc ttcctccttc tctttcctct tcatccctct    126180
     tttccctctc tctctcctcc ttccctccca ccttcccctc tcctttcctc ccttcccttt    126240
     tccttcttcc ctctcccctc cttccctttc ttctctctcc ctccctccct aaccttcctt    126300
     ccctctctct tccttcttcc tcccttcccc ctacctccct ctccaccttc cccttcctct    126360
     cccctcactc cctccctcct tctcccttcc tccctccctc cttcgcccct ccctccctcc    126420
     ttctcccatc cctccctccc tcctgtctct ctaagccttc tcttcccctt cggaagcccc    126480
     ctgcctttcc tctcatagct gtgtcactta taaacatctg cctttactaa ttggctttca    126540
     caagcctctg atcattttga agagctataa accatgatat aagcattccc actgcctgtc    126600
     tgtctccaac cttcccgggt accagaaggg ttagtaggct gcacagaaac actagagtct    126660
     ggtgtgcacc tggatatgta actgagatgc agttcgggtt acaactgaaa tccctaatag    126720
     ctttctttcc cttctccctg ttcatgtcta cttcatgtta cctggtcctc agagaaacag    126780
     cagccaagag ctgagtttca gcacccactc aagccttgag aaagccagtt ataccttcac    126840
     aaaatcttga tttttacatt gaatggttat tcaaaaagtt tctgcaaatc atgtcattta    126900
     tctccacaag cttgccaatt tagaaggaca aactctgttg ttccacagtg ctttatgccg    126960
     tagaggaaga gcactgggta ccaaagatga gaagaaagta ataagggtga gcagaaagag    127020
     acagagcaag gctctgggtg agtgggggtg agcatctcag atgaggtgat gtaactcacc    127080
     tgtgtgctgg gagctagaac ccagagagag tgcttggaag tctctgcttc ataactgtct    127140
     gatttggtca ttgtcttgcc tctcctcagt ttctgacagt cacaggactc atcagaggat    127200
     aaatggaaga aatgttgaag agaggcccag agtgccatca gttgttaggg aaggtgatta    127260
     tgtttttaga acacaaaata actcactgat actattttcc tgccttaatc cttctctaat    127320
     gaccatttct aacacataca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    127380
     cacacacaca cgtgtgcgaa agcatatagc tatccatata tctaccaatc tatccaacta    127440
     tatataccca tccacttact cacccacata ccaatacaaa cttctagcta tccatatacc    127500
     tgccagtcta tgctattcat ctatctatgt atctatctat gtgtctatct atgtatctat    127560
     ctatgtatct atgtatctat gtatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat    127620
     ctaatctatc atcgatccat gcattcaccc aactatccat caatctaacc acccattcac    127680
     ttcactcctc ctgatcctcc ccatagatgg atagatgatg ttcaatattt gaattttctc    127740
     aggagacaca agcagtatag aagcttcacg tcagggtgtt tgagatctgt cttgagtgta    127800
     gaccatacac caagagaacg aagctgagaa ctctagatgc agccaaggat attgagttat    127860
     gagtgacagt gtttcaccta actagacatg gagtcctaat gtcagcattt ggggtacact    127920
     accaaagagc actggtcccc ttcagccact tttccatggt tgggacagga gagtggacat    127980
     gatgaataaa atggaagctg agcctgagaa agacttctga ggagaacctg ggaaggggat    128040
     gtcctcttta tccacagtga acagagacat ctatgatagg aaaggatgat gagcagaaca    128100
     cacagaaagg gagaagagga gacatttaga ttcaacttcg tgggaaaacc aggaacagca    128160
     agcttaccaa agagaccgga ctgagctggg gaaatgagtg ctatggggga aagggctagg    128220
     ctcacttaca ccacgaggtg cagagtagaa tatgtggagg agattatata aaacagagat    128280
     gctaatagac agtgtaaaca ctcatgagcc ctacacacag agaaaaaaag ggaagaagag    128340
     ggaattaaaa atcagtagga agccagttaa atgacacttg ctgccaagcc tgttggccta    128400
     agtctgctcc ctgggactca catttataca ggagagggct gattcctgta agttttcttc    128460
     tgacctctac atgtgtgtca tggtatgtga gaaactctcc caccccaaaa tgaatatatc    128520
     aacaagcagc agcagcaaca acagtaaaaa taacaataag ttgagagcaa atcttatctt    128580
     ctgggaaggg aggaaacagt ttgagacttt ggagggaagg agctaggagc tgaaagcaac    128640
     ttctggccca aggtgattac atcagctgtg ggttttcaga ctgtggtgcc cccaactctc    128700
     aaagtggcat tggaaaacat gcagggacaa tcagtctctc ccagtcattc ttatctgttc    128760
     ccatctgtaa gttaatgatc cccaaacatg aacttcacac ctgtcagctt cctcatctgc    128820
     aggccttgct atcttccttc acctcctcca cagacttctc tatctggatg cttcaaaaac    128880
     ttcattatga ggcactggca caattccata ttatatctga gttgacagag gacctgcctc    128940
     ctctgctgtc tctgtttcag cccgggacac tatttctcca ttctgaagca gggttgatac    129000
     tgactgctcc tccctaatgt aaaaccatct cctacttact acatctgtcc atttttttcc    129060
     aacagaaaag gcaaatcaga tctctctaat tccaatttat tttattttat atatatgacc    129120
     attttgcttg caaatataaa tatatacacc acatgcttcc ctggcatcca aagaagtccc    129180
     aatagggtgt cacagttttg ggaacccaaa ctgcagagca ttgtgagctg ccacgtggtg    129240
     ctgggaattg actctggatc acctggaaga gcaaaaagtg ctcttgaact gcagagccat    129300
     cttttcagtc tcacaaatca gatctcttat ttcatcttaa gactaaacaa acagtcattg    129360
     atctcaaatg ccttttctca tttcatcttt ccccatcaaa cgtactctct agaactcaac    129420
     cagacactca gggaaatgca gttggcaaag cttcctctct ccatgagttc agcaacttcc    129480
     tggtgtcagc agcattggct cctttcctcc ctgaatactg caacttcctg tctgcctctc    129540
     ttgtcctaga aaacagtgta tgaaactttc ttagttattt tggtttcttg gatcttcttt    129600
     gatctattgc ctgttgtggg aaatagggag aaatacttgt gattgttgct tcgaacaacc    129660
     taatgctttt gggtagaata tgtgggtcct ttattcatgt caatgtattg gttactggag    129720
     aaggactgtg tcttggtctt ctgactattt gtgatacaca gtcaatgttg tcatttggat    129780
     tccttgtact cctgattttc tttatatgag tacactgtac ctgtcttcag acacacacca    129840
     gtagagtgtg catcagatcc cattatagat ggttgtgatc caccatgtgg ttgctgggaa    129900
     ttgaactcag gacctatgtg agagcagtca gtgctcttaa cctctgagtc atctctccag    129960
     ccccctgatt ttcttatatt ccctgaactt cctggttcca cttgagcaca ctttatctgg    130020
     tacctctgca tggtggattg tctggtacct ctgcatggtt gattatctgg tacctctgca    130080
     tggttgattg acttcttgtt tctcttcagc atccaaaacg aatgatgaac aagcagagga    130140
     gatgcaatgc aatggaggag gtgagtcttc atttgtgagg ctgctagaga gaaagacccc    130200
     accccttttc ccatctgacc ctgttcttta catactcagg tgaagtcata gaggcagaac    130260
     caaggatcaa aataatgggg aatgagatgt gtaatgaagc aacagatggg tggtcaatcc    130320
     tttggtgaca gagaagaagc cttatcaggc tcctcttcag agtctcaaaa catggccatt    130380
     caatgcagga gacactaagc ccccttataa ctttctgttt gtcagaggcc actctcctgc    130440
     ggccattttc cttggccatt ctgagtcaac tgagtaattg tttcctacag agggaagtag    130500
     ttcttgtgaa caaacctgtg atgaacgaga gccccaggat gacctgccct catccctgag    130560
     acaagaagca ggtgagtgag gggagcacgg tgtggtctgc agggttgtgg aggctgaatt    130620
     ttgagctggg gtttcctgct gtctttgctc tgtatgcaca tcaccatgaa gagagggtca    130680
     tgcactgact gttcttttat ttgcctatgg cattctgggt aatttcaggg tggtaaaaag    130740
     tcttgagaat atcatgaaag aatataattt attaggtcct cacaagtcac ttttttagga    130800
     atctgctggg tgggagaaca ctcgttgctt ttgtcttttc acagtcacta aggttgtaat    130860
     atattgaaac tataggacaa ttttgtgttc taatttcttg atctccatgg aaaccaagta    130920
     acgttgatta atcatttttt tccttatctt ttttccaaga acctgtcaaa attcttaaag    130980
     ggaactattg tatcatttgt ctgatacaat tcaataaaac ccaaaactat ttgacccata    131040
     tacttcatgt tatctggacc atatactttc tatgcattct ttgatacata tgtcatccct    131100
     tcattcctaa agctcttaag actttgtcag gggaaattgt tacaaattta aggctctatg    131160
     tacatagaag tgaataagat gctggcatgt ttcagaactt gaaaaggaca aggagatcag    131220
     agatcaagtt tccagatgat tcaacatggg ctccacgttc tctgagacag atggttaggt    131280
     tcttgtggtc tgaacccaac atggacgttc aagggtcttc tgacacttaa gggagcctgc    131340
     aagggcccag tgtaaagagg ttttacttac caaataggaa tgcttaagaa gagaagaaga    131400
     agaaggaaaa aaatatctca gagaattaga aagcatgtga atgtagaatg tagtattaca    131460
     taagagtggg gagccccaga agaagagcta ggaaatatta acacagaggc catgtaaaat    131520
     gtagtacgta ctacagaggt aaaggtggat gatgaagaag acagcagatt ccagggagag    131580
     aaaatctaat gctagcgaga ggtgcaaaga ccttcccaag taccattttt aactgatact    131640
     aaacaagtta ttttaaacta atgaagaact gtgcttgtga gtccaattct ctcagaatta    131700
     tagaggatat gtgcaagaat tgaactgagc caattggtgg atcttcataa atggctatgt    131760
     ttctgtgtgt gtgtgggggg gggctgctgg ttgatttcta gtaggcaagt agaaagtggc    131820
     tgttcctgat tggtggctgt tcagaagtat gactatacaa atcatcagtt ggcttgtaga    131880
     agttcattgc tggatgatta atcattaaac ttaatgatta attaggatta ttctggttgc    131940
     tgcttcttta tataatcata gaataatgta tttccttagg agtataggaa cttttaaaga    132000
     tttgatttta attctgtgta tgtatgtgtg tctaagtgtg gtttgtgcat gtgcatatga    132060
     ggaaatccta gaggccagga gaggatgttg taaccagagt agagttgcag gtggttgtga    132120
     tccatctgat actggtgctg ggaaccaaac taaggtcctc tggaagatca atggaagctc    132180
     tacactaagc catctcccaa gatccagtac aggaactttc catttttggt ttctgttttg    132240
     ggaagtccat cgtttgaagc ttacaagaga gacatttaag tagtgtctgt attgaaaatg    132300
     tcttttctgt tagaggacac tgaatctaaa ctcctaatcc tacttcacta agtaagggtt    132360
     atagatcaat ggtttgagag aattgtgtct gtggataggg agagaaaagg gaagttatag    132420
     tattttaata aattactggt gtaatataat gctatacaat gggttttgat agtattcttt    132480
     tcccatcacc aactcatccc agatcctctc caaattctgt ctctcgcctg tatttgtgtg    132540
     tctcttgctc tctcttaaaa aatcaaaaca aagcgaaaga acaaaaaaaa atactcaaag    132600
     aagagaagcc tccacccccc aaaaccacaa agtttgtgtg atcaactact cctgagtgtg    132660
     gagccaaccc tggatggtgt tgacataccc agtgctgctc tagagctcga cacaccatag    132720
     aaaataaaag tctagatgag gcactgatct tctcaagcat ataacattac attgctcatc    132780
     aagcaaaagt agaagatgaa agtactaaga taatgagctt aggagagatg ggagaagcta    132840
     ctgtgattgg gctaggcatt ccagggaagg gacaagggct tttatcacat ctagtcaggt    132900
     cctggtggct tagaatgatt gattatagag acaagcacag atgaatcttt caggacctct    132960
     gaaatacatc tgtgaccaca taatctggaa gttccatttt caaaaagatc tcaacttcac    133020
     agttgagggg ctttgtcaaa gaaagcaaca ttccccagag aatagtctag aatgacaagt    133080
     actggtgggg acgtggagcc actagcgaac ctcctccctt gttatataga gctatttgac    133140
     aaacatgtaa agcccccgtc ctgcgccccc cccccccggc attccattgt gaagtggaac    133200
     cattagttaa gtcctgctga ttattaagta caaaacgcag agtggttgtg agaacacaag    133260
     gaggagcccg ggttctgccg tgggagactg gctttgagac agcaaaccca tgatgaatgg    133320
     aaaaaggatg tgtggttctc agtgtgaaca gtgtgttgcc gtgggtggac taccagtctc    133380
     tcaagagaag cacgggctaa aagggggaca tcaatgacct gatagtagtt gactcaagct    133440
     tacatccaca gtgagaaaaa tgacttattc tcagactggc aagccatcat gtgcctttgt    133500
     gaacgtttca tggtattgta ggaccaaggt tctttttact ttggcttctg tctggtgggt    133560
     gagtccacat tcattaattt gtgaggctga cttgtcttgg gatcttgtca gacattcatg    133620
     tccatttgtc tgttttgttc cgttattttc tgctattcag aaagatgggc gaatcagggg    133680
     cagacacaag gaaaaacact ttttaaaagt tcccaagact gaatgtagca agaataaaca    133740
     tagagacaga atatttgcta catactgtac ctacaaatta agatagaaat ttctctatgt    133800
     tgatttctac atgcatcttt aactaacctg actcagaaat aaaagcacaa tgaaacaagt    133860
     tccagttgag atggagtcac ttggtgtggt ggttcaggaa cactatctga attgtgcaca    133920
     agcagtctgg aatttgcatc tgtaggacac tcccagcaag ccttcagatg atcttatgga    133980
     taacagcata tatggaagct ggagacaatc actcccatac ctgaagctga aagcttgttg    134040
     agtgaaggtc ctggtagggg tgggaggaga cacggcactc aaagtatatg gcttctacaa    134100
     aaaaggccac agttggttgt gcctagaact tcgagaagca ggtagttcag ggtctgtaga    134160
     ctttgcaaag cagaagtggt tatgcacagg ctaccctgaa ccaatcatcc aagcagttgg    134220
     aaggtgacta ctgctgattg gctggattta aaatttgtac caccgcttct gattgggtag    134280
     atttcagatg catggttagc aagcaggtag tcgatggtta aatgggaagg gttgggaatt    134340
     ggtaacatca gcaaaggtta cctttgactg ttttcaaagc acagttttat tcttcctcgt    134400
     ggaagataag aatgttaaat ctttctttat gactacctgt agtaaattaa atgtgggaaa    134460
     tgagaagtaa tgtagatgtg gaaagagaat ggctccattt gatctcaggt gtgattgctg    134520
     gagcaggcat tctgttcaca tctttttttt ttttttttgg tttttccgag acagggtttc    134580
     tctgtgtagc cctggctatc ctggaattca ctttgtagac caggctggcc tcaaactcag    134640
     aaatctgcct gcctctgcct ccccggtgct ggaatgaaag gcgtgcgcca ccacgccctg    134700
     ctcatccctt cattcatttt tttcattgat agttgacata taatttaatg agagactatg    134760
     tcatgccaac cacaggggga atatatgaaa cacaagggga gcccaggttg ggcccagaca    134820
     ctcgagagag aaacatgtgt caaccgagag tgtgaaaaca aagtggaatt ttagaaccaa    134880
     ggtgctggca cgttgtcgaa tgaacataaa atcagcaggt cttaggtaga gaacagcctc    134940
     tattgttccc actggctcat ccttcatact ttgtttcata gcatgaaaat caggttccgg    135000
     ctgagcagtt atctctgtgt tacttggcct atgtgtaagc tcctgatgac atgagccata    135060
     tatatttcct acattccccc tgtgcttggc atgacatagt ctctcattaa attatatgtc    135120
     aactatcaat gaaaaaatga atgaatggat gagccaggca tggtggcaca cgcctttaat    135180
     cccagcactc gggaggaaga ggcaggcaga tttctgagtt tgaggccagc ctggtctaca    135240
     gagtgagctc caggacagcc agcgctataa agagaaaccc tgtctcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    135300
     aaaaaaaaaa gaatgaaatg aaattgtctt tccatccctg aagcaggtga gagctatagt    135360
     taccatttag gaagaagtgt tttagagtct cgtttaagtc cgggtaggcc ttcagatgtg    135420
     ttttgctgaa tatcactttc agaagatccc ggctaaactt cttctgtaca ttgctgagga    135480
     tgtcgtacac gactctatcc actgggagca ggttcctaca tgtttcttaa tattccttaa    135540
     agtagtgaat gcagaattgt gtcatgatgg atttatgggt tatatgaggc ttacattggt    135600
     tcaaacacca tttctctttt tttgtaaaat gtctgagttt tgcaaatacc gaggtgacat    135660
     cttacatgtc ctctgtacta acagacccta gctcatctga aagaagctct gatgctgaca    135720
     aatagtagac agggaagaga gggtttgatg aataattaaa tgatatgtct gtaaaagcca    135780
     ggccctaaca gaccatgagt ggcagccttg gggtccagac aattaactcc ccaaggactg    135840
     agcttgtctg aagagcttga gcatagcatc ctagccacag ggcaaagaga atgcataaag    135900
     aagaaaaggt ctttgttatc accgcagatc ccatcactga cctgtacctc tcattctagg    135960
     gcttcagagt tgcctgaaga accaggaaca acttgaagat agagaagcaa acaggactcc    136020
     ccgagttctg tcctcacatg acccaactgc ctctggctct gggatttgga gtaagtaggc    136080
     tttcgaaggt agtccagctt aggtgtgtct acttgcatcc ctgtatctgt ttttacatta    136140
     cacaagtgac cctaggatgc tctgcacttc ggagcattcc tgcttgctat tcgtcgctgt    136200
     caccatgtgc ctcagcctca gttactgcag aggtgaatgt aaatggttcc tgtgatgtct    136260
     attcctccag ttatcttctg acttacaaag gtgatgtccc ttcatccctg gaggtgcttc    136320
     agcctgttgg ctacacccag aagtacagca tgatacagca cagggcaggc ttgctgtcag    136380
     gactgagttc attctccaca ctcacctgaa acttctgctc cgagatgaag tctcggtctc    136440
     gaaggctcat gaggaaagga aacggcttgg tgatggcact tgcgatctcc accttgtttt    136500
     ctttgaagtg cttgaacatg agctgatagt catctgactc ctcttcattc tggtcctctg    136560
     ggattgtcct aggggacaga ttccatgcag aagtagatac tggtttacaa gatgctacca    136620
     atggctggat aattactgac atgaagactg gtctgctaat ataaaattaa aattttaaac    136680
     atctcattta gtgatcaagt tctggtgctt tgagtttgat ttgctcggga cagggttatc    136740
     atctgtaagt ctggcttgcc taaaagttac tatgtagaca aggctatcct cacacataga    136800
     tttcacctgc ctctgctgcc tgagtgctca gatttaaatt atgttccatc atgtccagta    136860
     ctctgattag ttttaattgt caacctgaca caatctataa tcatcttgga ttgtatgagt    136920
     cttaataaag gattgtctag attagggtaa tctctgggta tttctgtcca gggttgtccg    136980
     cattatgcta gttgatatgg aaagatccag tgcactgtgg gtagcaccaa tccctaggta    137040
     aaaggaaatg gcttggtggc attaagtgta gggagcaagt tgaacactga caggcacgct    137100
     tgtactcatt gctctctgct cttgactgtg gacatgacca actgcttcaa gttcccacct    137160
     agactttcct gcaatgatgg cctgtaacct ggacctgttc tttctcccct aagttgcttt    137220
     gtgtcagtgt atgctatcac agcaacagaa atgagactgg gctgggactg gtcacacaca    137280
     cctttaatcc cagcactcag gaggtagagg caggcggatt tctgagtttg aggccagcct    137340
     ggtctacaaa gtgagttcca gaacagccag ggctatacag agaaaccctg tctcgaaaaa    137400
     accaaaaata aaaaaaaaag aaagaaagaa atgaaagtgg aacacaatct atagacctca    137460
     gggtaaatgg aaatgacatt aaaataaaaa agcagaacct cttcttccag ctcatttgta    137520
     aaggcaatgc agttgaccca ggaccgagac atgtgtggtt catccatggt tccacatgct    137580
     ttcttctctc ctcctggttc cctatctctt gcagtaatgg agtctcgcac ttattaacta    137640
     cactgctgct acaatgcctg acatctcagg tggccagttc tctctgtcca gagacagtgt    137700
     ttagggagaa gatcctctga gaacgaaagg cccaagaagt ccaatgacac ataggagtgt    137760
     ttgtgtaatt gattccattc tgggtggcaa atggaaacca attatgacgt atgttcatat    137820
     gacagaagtg agaaatcatc tgggcatggt ccaatgcctg tcgtcacatc atcctacctt    137880
     catggccgac atagcgactt cctctttttc actttaccta gtgttagtct tgttacaata    137940
     tctgcatatt tagacatcag aggacaattt tgaggagttg gttctctgtt ttcactcttg    138000
     tatgggttct gggcatcaaa ctcaggtccc agtgcctggt caggaccttt atccactgag    138060
     gcaccctgtt ggcccttatc tagtgacttc aaggtttgcc tgggctatac agtgaaacct    138120
     tgtctcaaat aatgaagaaa taaatcaatt tctaaaacaa aaaagggggg aaggagagct    138180
     ggtgagaaga ttccatggat aaatgtcctc cccttatagt ttaatgccct gagttcaatc    138240
     ctgggaccta cacagtagaa gagaaccaac tcctgcaaga ggggaaggga atgagcaaaa    138300
     atagggtatg taagtatgaa gatgccatgc tgagacgcat cattttcatg ctaacctaaa    138360
     taattaacaa gaaaactaaa tcaaataaat tggggcacat gttttccttt tgtttatttt    138420
     aaatgtttat atatattttt aaattttcat acatgaatac tgtgtttaca tcgtttctca    138480
     tgctcccttt tcttctcaat cccctcatgc cttcctttct cacttaatat caaaaccatc    138540
     tctaattatt gttttatata taaacacaca catatataca taacacacat gcgcgcgcgc    138600
     acacacacac acatacatac aacctgcact cctatgcatg tgtgtttagg gctgaccact    138660
     aagcactgga taacctaaca gagggttcat tcctggagaa tactggttga ttttctcttt    138720
     gttaacagcc attaatagct atggctcttc atctaggaat ggagtctggt gagatttctc    138780
     ccatccacat cagcacatcc cctcctgctg ccactgaaga tgtgtctttt ttttaagcac    138840
     ttaaaatgcc aatacctaca tgctaagcag ttgagaatgg tgcctctcag ggtatagcct    138900
     gacgacccct gctcaagact ctttcagatg ccaaaaagaa caaactattc tcagaacaat    138960
     cctgaaatac catctgcccc ttttctcttt cctctgccca aaaatgttgg gtgatattca    139020
     caggtgcccg ttggctgtgg catcgcagca gactgaactc agggataaac agggcatctg    139080
     tgactttgac caagcaggaa agtaaggaca tttgtgagaa ggtaaagcaa gattgtatct    139140
     tcccctttaa ttttctttta gaaaatcttg ttatttttca ttaggatgca cacttgtgat    139200
     aatgatgaac tctttggtac tacttttaat ggataaatat tctaaatgcc tgaagctgta    139260
     acttataatt aatggtaaat ctcattaaat ttaacaccaa gagatagctt ttggggttct    139320
     ccataattct tttaaaagag gtgtggttat gcacaccttt aatcacagct cttcggaggc    139380
     agaggcagga ggcaggagga tctccatgaa ttcaaggcca gcctggtcta tatagcaagt    139440
     tccagactag tcaggactac acaacaaaca aacacaaaga atatcaaagt tatctgttac    139500
     caaaaaaatc ttgagagggt ctttttttta aagaacctaa aatttataag tagtaacata    139560
     taaaaatata caataatttt tattttaaac ttaaggaggc tgtctatgta tacgtgcttg    139620
     ctcgtgtgta tgtgcctggc atatgcctgg gcaaggagtc cagttgctct ccaccttatg    139680
     ttttgagatg gggtctctca ctgaacccgg atatcattag ttcagccaga ttagctggcc    139740
     agtcatctct ggggatccaa ctgtctatat ttccctaatt ctggagttaa aaacacacac    139800
     cactaaaccc tggtttcatg tggaatctga aatgaactcc ccataaaatc tgagttggaa    139860
     ctaaattatt tcacagacgg taaattcaaa tactgcagtt tcacatgtga tgcactgatc    139920
     caactagaaa atgcagcaaa ttagtcagaa atacaaaagt gccaaggtgt caaaactaaa    139980
     ctacaaatgc cacgaagtaa taagcagcaa acatgctcac acactgttta gaaaaaaaca    140040
     gagacaagat atgaaagttt ctccaaaaat cattctcaag agaatcccca gaatagatcc    140100
     ccagtactgc aaaaaagaaa aacaaaatga gacaacaaaa aaataggtaa aggaattcaa    140160
     gaacgaaaga aagagagaga tagagagaaa gatagagaga gagagaggga gggagggagg    140220
     gaggaaggga gggagaaatg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg    140280
     aaggaaggaa ggaaggaaga atcataaaat gttttactaa aaccaaaagg gcataaaaag    140340
     aaaggaaagc caaaaaaaaa agagtaaaat gaaaatattt acaaacatgg taggtatttc    140400
     tctgtgtcca taatgagtca aaatgtggat aatttaataa tagcacaatt ataaaacaga    140460
     gtacgtttaa aaactgtaac taatgtaaat aaaagagggt ctgggaggat ggctcagctg    140520
     atacaggtct tgccaccaag tctgtggaca tgagcttgct cccctaagaa ctaactacat    140580
     ggtagtagga gagagccaac tccccaaagt tgtcctctga tctcaaaaga cacattgtgg    140640
     cacctgcaca catacaataa ataaatgaat gtaatttttt taaaatgggg taagacaaga    140700
     aaaagtgtga ccctttctcc tacactaaaa aagcactgaa gtctaaaaat tattaaatct    140760
     gagacacagc aaaggcagtg gctaatggga aacatacagc tttgtatgtg tcagaagcta    140820
     agagaggcat aaataaacaa tcttatgagg aatgatttca tcccaatgaa gacaaagatt    140880
     caatgaaatt aaagtagaaa tccatagaat taaaagaagt gggcattatg ctcacatcct    140940
     ttggaaagat caataaatta ttaaatctct actcaggcga tcaaaggtaa gacatacacg    141000
     cgctatgaat tccacagaca gtgcaagggt agcaaagatt aatgcagcca tccctatgcc    141060
     tgtcagattg ataaccacaa caaaaatgtc ttcagagaca gaaactgcaa acactcagag    141120
     acagatacct ccacctgctt atatgaaagg cactgagcca gtgattaacc accctattta    141180
     ctcccaaaag acacagcaca ctgctgttta tcactagtgg acttgaccaa atgtcacagg    141240
     agaaatggtg cttaggatat ctgcaggagc agaagtagcc ctgactgagt ccctgttggg    141300
     ggcatcacac accttcgtct catcttttct atttttattt tgaattatgt atgcatgagt    141360
     ctgtctcagt gtgcttcctg cacgcaaata cagtgtccat ggaaggcaga gaaggctgtc    141420
     tgacctggag ttggcatgag aggcagttgg aagccctagg ataggtgctg gggacccaac    141480
     ccatgcccac tactaggaca atatgagtgc ttaaacctgg gccatctctc ctatcgtttg    141540
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgagagag agagagagag agagagagag    141600
     agacagacag agacagacag agacagagac agagagagac agagacagag acacagacag    141660
     agagacagag agaatttgta tccatttcta accagctcag taaccaacag gaagagaaag    141720
     ggttaagagc atcacccact ccccacctgc tcatctttca cttcctccct ctgagataga    141780
     taactatggg gacctgacct aagtaggact tgtgggctca ggtcagagct gtcttcaacc    141840
     acaagactgt gtagaccagc aattgacagg atcaggtttg aacttactct taatgatcat    141900
     tcttggacag agctgtcctt tagagtgagc attagaaaga gaagagaggt cagaagtcac    141960
     aatgaaccag ccactcttac aggagctcac aggaagtcca cacagcacca gacaagctct    142020
     ggaacagaaa caaggaaatg aagtggagtg tggagttagg gcgaccatat aactctctga    142080
     cagctagcct actgcagaga aggcttcctt gcccagttct tcttttcctt atgagatcac    142140
     tgtctcaaat atctgtgggc cttggaccca gcctgggcgg ccctagtaac acatttaaag    142200
     gcagatctta gcagagacaa gggacaagag agaatgggac ttacctgctg ctgagttcat    142260
     tgttgcctcc tgacatcccc taaacagact ccaagggacc agactgaacc ccctctgagt    142320
     ctctgtgaag cccagagata actccttcag gggcctccaa agagtagaaa aaggaacgtg    142380
     aaattgctta actatgacaa cactgcacta atgcactgcc ctccaccccc agtctctgcc    142440
     ccagagggga ggagcaaaga cagcccaagt ccccagaaac ctgggacacc tgctgccttc    142500
     taaggaaaga aggtggaagg gtctgtttca gcgaagggct cagagctgtc taaggccagc    142560
     tggctggtta ggataggaag gaagtggtcc cttaacccta agcgagggcg gtgcctgaaa    142620
     agaccaggaa gagttagatt gtctgcagtc tctcagactt ggaactgtcc tggcacccta    142680
     gtaagtcaga accagagaag ctgggacctg ataattgagc agcagagtag gaaaagttgg    142740
     gtgtggcttc ataaagtttt tgaagcttct gaaggtagct agagcaagag accgccccca    142800
     accccgccca cacacctcca accaaccaaa ggcaagtgca gagaatccag gcagagctgc    142860
     ttgctaaggt gtgacactga cagcgaggca acacagggct tcagcaattt caccatggtc    142920
     ttgagaacaa gaggcatctc acagaattcg gaagtggatc acagccagtc ggggacagta    142980
     tcatttttga agaatgggtg ccttacattt actctgcaca actgttgctc ttatctggaa    143040
     tgctcattct cattctgtaa gttagaaaac cagcctgaag tggaaaggta aagaaacagg    143100
     cgtaaagatg caaataaaac aaaagcaacc aacagaagcc tggaaataac aggcaaaaca    143160
     gaggcagaga cagggtggct agggacgagg gcctgtccag ggctccaggc tcagacctct    143220
     gctgaagagg tacaaattac tgacctgcag gaacaggtcc caagagtaca gggatgcaaa    143280
     caaagccata caccaaaaaa aagtacactt tatgtcttca tttatatggc atttctctgc    143340
     cggtcaaact tagctgtgta accgatgatc tgtggttctc tggagctgga atctgagagg    143400
     gggttttctg ccaagaacaa ggggatttta ggagggcaga ggacttggcc tgtgtgatca    143460
     ctttggcatg attatatttg gtaaagttca ccaaaatcat cactttaggt aaatgcatct    143520
     ttaaaactgt gttaaacgta taagtctaat gagctctcac gtggtgtgaa ataccaggtg    143580
     aggtttttac catcattact gtagtcctag tatgtgtgac tccaaatgaa atctatgccc    143640
     ttattcatat ctgtctgatg taataaattt tcttgcttta gaggtttctc gagggtaggg    143700
     taattttctg acacataagc atgcttgtga ttcttgtgca gactcacaca cacacacaca    143760
     cacacacaca cacacacaca agcattaatg cacactcagt ccccatccct gagacactct    143820
     gggccaagcc tctacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca catacacaca cacacacaca    143880
     ctcagtcccc atccctggga cactctgtgc caagcctact gttctaactg tacttggctg    143940
     gaaattctac cgtcggtgtc tccataggaa gtacagagaa gctcagtcat gtgtgggtgt    144000
     agtggctatt cctggttgtc aacttgacaa tatttggaat gaactacaat ccggaattag    144060
     aaggctcacc agtgaccctt atctggaggc ttggagatcc ttatctggat cttggtttga    144120
     agatcttgag ccatagtggc tatggattcc agaagattgc atgtccgagt ttaaggaaca    144180
     caactttaat ctgggcttcg cctttcatct gggattaaag gtgtggtgga acacaccttt    144240
     aatctgggct acaccttctg ctggagacaa tataaggaca ttggaagaag agagtctagc    144300
     tcttgctctt gctccttcgc ctgcttgcag cgtgagactg agtaactgct agatccttgg    144360
     actttcattc acagctgcga ctgaacaatt gttgggaatt gggctgcaga ctgtaagtca    144420
     tcaataaatt tctttactat ctagagactg tccataagtt ctgtgactct agagaaccct    144480
     gactaataca gtgggctagc cttgcttcaa atctaaactc ccagaggcct cgtgggtatc    144540
     ctgggggtgg ggaattggga tgtcttgtgg atcaaataca tttgggaaat attagacagg    144600
     gttacataga actcttctca gttgaacaca ctcagagacc ctagatcaga ctcattcgag    144660
     agtcacttgg ttgccttttg ttttatttca attttctcac atagtgatcc tgacaaattc    144720
     tagacatttc aaagatgcca gctctggttg ttgttgttgt tgttaattta ataacttcta    144780
     gcaatttttt tcaggataac cttcacccca ttgcagtttg agaacacttc ctaaaggttg    144840
     caatgagacc attgggggaa tagatcccca ggttaggaag gggacagtgg acacaccctt    144900
     cccatgctct ccagtgttaa tcctttgcct ccctgcctct cactccactc caggcagatc    144960
     tggattccca gcaaatgccc ctgaaaccca taatgctaac cacgctgggg aaccgcacaa    145020
     ggcaggggtg gaggagtcga gggcagaatt ggcacggcca gctggcttcc tgctcagtgt    145080
     gctgagatca ctttcctttt tcttttcttg aagcctgact ccccgcggga cttccaaggc    145140
     agcataactt cgggtccaga ctgggctgtc aggcttttcc aggaaggatc caggaacccc    145200
     ttaactaatc caggcagtga cctgggagaa ctcgggagaa cccgtggcag cccccagcat    145260
     ccaggtgcat tctgctcttg ggctctgcaa ctagattcct gattcttggg gtcagctttt    145320
     gtctgctgta ccctagactc cccaggttct ctctttgcta agtaatcttg tccagagact    145380
     cgagcatggc tccggatcct ggctcggacc ctggagtgga ggtggataag agggaggaag    145440
     gggaggaaag gggagggcag tgagggttta tacacacgac tctttttctg aaacagactt    145500
     tggggacagt gtccagtgcc tattcccgag gttggacctt gcaagtgtca acagtgggcg    145560
     gtgccgttat catcttccaa cacttgccta attatggagc tattgggaaa gagaaagtaa    145620
     ggggcgccct tacttctctc cagcgggggt atggatggtt tttgtatgtt tgctttgttt    145680
     tggttttagt ccatggtcat ttcactgaaa tacattactg tgcgtgaaaa ttcaagggaa    145740
     atgtaatttt tacagctggt gaccctgatt ccaaataagc cacagaacac ttgaatgctt    145800
     ttcacttcta ccctatcatg gactgtggct attgtttcgt ctcctggtca ctttgatagt    145860
     actatgcact gtcaagtcct tcgacttgtc tgccttttcc cagattaatt atgcattcat    145920
     tgtatatgat gctcatttta ttgattgttt ggggctttgt ctttcctaat gggtgtttgt    145980
     ctttccataa tttatttgta aggcccttaa cataataaaa acctgcatgc aggcagctga    146040
     gacacaggat cttttttccc ctcttcaaga cagaatttgt gtgtagccct gagtgtcctg    146100
     gaactatata tatcaggatg gtctccaact gcctttgcct ccagtgctgg cattaaaggc    146160
     ttgcaccatt tcctcaggct tgagatacca tatcttgcac agtgagaaac aaaatatcag    146220
     agacagacac actctactgt agattggtgt ccttggcaca ggtacttaac ctctgtagat    146280
     ctgacttcca tcttcggaaa ctgtggcagg cggcaaatgg caaagttgcc acagcagctt    146340
     aggtctgagt gctgctgcca tcctaagcag aacccagagc acatgttctt gctgcctccc    146400
     ctcccctccc ccacaagtag cctcaacagc tttccctccc acctgtcccc agtctgccag    146460
     gattccctca ggactggatg atccttgaca catctccctg ctctacagtc ctactgtgaa    146520
     gttggcttct ttttgttttc tcctcaacat tttttttttg ctaagttgaa gagattggga    146580
     aagaagaaaa aagggacgga caagtctact caatgtgatg ctgggattaa attcctggaa    146640
     atactctttg gaaatactct ttaatattta atattctgtt ttaaaaagag gaaaggggga    146700
     cccttgcctt ctttgtgttt aagattagca aacaaataaa caaataaaca gaactgtgtt    146760
     gctagctggg atgcagctca gggatagggc acttgcctaa gatgcacagg tcctggactc    146820
     catccccact actgccaatc aacaaaagcg ccccctctgt gatcaaaagg tttactaggg    146880
     cctgccttct tacaacagtt tgccacctgg aagttttctg ttatactctc gctggttatt    146940
     ttctcatgat ccggaagcag tcgattttta gaaacattcc ataagaagac ccaggtccat    147000
     cctgaagaat gaaatggggt cataaaacca agcgctgact ttgaccaatc ctatttttca    147060
     tatccttcct gattttattc atgtgttgtc tgcttgcgtc aaagtgttgt gagtgatttt    147120
     tcagtgtcta aatattacca gctttctagg tctgcatgtt gggtggtctc tttctcatga    147180
     gcattggtat gagatagtgc tctgctacac tgcaggtgat ctgttctaag ccaactcata    147240
     tatattcaac tctctctata catacactct ggctgtggcc aagcactttc tcaactgtaa    147300
     accagcatct agaatgtcaa gattcgatta gtactcagcc ccctccagat tgtataatct    147360
     agcatgagga tcgcttacct cacccctgtc tgcattagag ctcaccacag ttaggtagtt    147420
     gtgatgacag tgaccacctt gcaatgcttt gtgaactcca gtaagttact acctatgaaa    147480
     tccttggaac aaaagctgga cataggacat actcagtgaa gaagagatgt tttaaaaacc    147540
     cactttatgt tttaaaatcc ctttcaggat ggttatatgc tattgtctgt acttctcagc    147600
     cactgtggtt gctgggcact gcctttatct cctctaccaa tggatctttt agcaagactt    147660
     tgctctgtag acagctaagg gatgcttgaa gactagggtg tctacctttg agaatccatt    147720
     ttatgcagag agccactccc catgctcctg agaactgttg cctgtcttct cagcctgcct    147780
     ctttttataa gatgttcact ctgaccaaag ccttagaaaa ggctcttctc cagcatttca    147840
     tatacatgaa ggtgaacatc gcctatgcca tcaacaagcc attccccttc ttcgaagcgc    147900
     tccgggacaa atccttcatc actgagagaa tgtacaaggt gaggctgtgg accctccaca    147960
     aagctgtcta gtcctcatta agtatgtttc agtattgaga tctctgacca caacccatca    148020
     gggtttctag aacatggaaa gcccaacttg accatgatca ttattgcagg aagggaggtt    148080
     gggagaaagg gtgtcttgag gctgtattag tgatagggta tattgtaggt gctgtaagtt    148140
     caaagatgga tctgtttctt gcctctgttt agcttctggt ggctggaagc tcttggagtt    148200
     cttagattaa tagtctgcac tgcactcact gcactgaccc caactccctg actcagctcc    148260
     actgcactgc actcaactga ctgactgaac tcagagacct gaatgactct gtctcctgag    148320
     tgctaggatt aaaagcaagt actgccaagc ctggacctaa gcttttcttt acaagcaact    148380
     ttctctgtcc caagctggcc ttcaactcag agatctgctt gcctctgact cctgggatta    148440
     gaggtgtgtc tgtattccag ccagatcaca cagacctaga aggtctttgg atatgatgat    148500
     cacttgccaa agcagccctg ttgctggatt aaaattcctc tacaaagaaa attgcagcag    148560
     ccttttccaa gtctgacaca gctccagctc cttcatcagt ccacagccca ctcactcact    148620
     gagactcaca ttttccttcc aacaaccgtg ctttccttta tgagactgtt ctcagttgca    148680
     actggctatt tactgactgt cttttcaggg atggatgccc tcctcctcca ctggggcagg    148740
     actccaccag ggcagtactc ccacctgggc agtactccca cctgggcagg gccccacctg    148800
     tgcagggtcc cacctggaca gcaacactgc ctgaacaggg ctccacctgg ggagggtatc    148860
     acctgcccca tcaccagatc catctgggca cccaaggact agctaaccag gaatagcaga    148920
     cactggaaga attttgcaac cagttctctc tttcaatgac ttctatccta aagatttaac    148980
     tctatatttt atactaaaat tcctcttaaa ttaaaaaaga agatttctta aatttggggg    149040
     ttttgttctg ttctgttctg tttgagacaa gatttctctg tgcagccctg gctgttctgg    149100
     aactcacttt gtagatcagg atgccctcaa ctagaaaaca ttagcaatct gactgcctgt    149160
     ctcctgaatg ttggaattaa aggcgtgtgt caccaagcct gacttttata cagtttttaa    149220
     gtactgtatt tatttgggag cgaggtgtgc atgtgccatg gtgtgcaggt ggaggctgaa    149280
     ggacaccctg tagaatctgt gctctccttc caccctccag atcacaggga tcagactcag    149340
     atcaagcttg acggccaatg cctgcaccca cttagccatc ctcagcagcc cccaaagtag    149400
     ctttcttaca atatagaaaa tcacagatag agagctctcc gctcggtgac tactcattca    149460
     aactaactct ctgctccaca ctttgaagga atctctggaa gcctgtcaaa atctggtccc    149520
     tctgtccaaa gtggtgcaca atattctcac cagtctggag cagactttcc ccccgtcagt    149580
     gctgctgacg ttgttcagca aggtcaacct ccgggaatac cccagcctgg tggcaatttt    149640
     cagaagcttc agaaacggta atgtggtttc tccgatcctt gtcacatgtg cagtggtgct    149700
     acagtaaaag cctgggtttg tttccagtgt ggattgtgca ttccaatgcc tgctctccct    149760
     gtgtaaaggc atagaccacg cttgctcaca aaagctgctg gaagcatcat cctggctgac    149820
     tctgacctca gcttccacga ttcgaatttc tataggacac aggtgttttt aatacagcta    149880
     ttcagtgaac caggtgtaag ttgtgacaga gtctcacgtt gtagtacaga atggcctaaa    149940
     atgtaatcct tctgcctcag ccttctttcc aagtgctggt gttacagaag tgggccatca    150000
     cacacactca tcttgaaaat atgaagtatg ggaccatctc cagggagcac gtagggcaac    150060
     tgaaatgtcg ggacttgcta tgaaagaaag aaagatgggg ggtggggaag agagagagag    150120
     agaaggagga ggaggaggag gagaggaaga agaaggagaa gaggagaagg aggaggagga    150180
     gaggtgaaat ggatacaatg tctatctctt tgtgactgtg ggtgtcccag acattttata    150240
     tgatcatttc acatgacctt aaaaccacct gtgacatcat tgtaagttgc tcctgacaga    150300
     gaaggaaggg gaagttcaga ggtaactcca cagtcacttg tcagatttct atctgtcaca    150360
     aaatgcctat gataatgaat ttacaatgag aagaagttag ggggctctga cctgtgatac    150420
     agtttgagcc tgtagcaaga ttgtatcacc gcaggatgtg tgacaaaata aaattgttca    150480
     ccgtgtgttc tgaaaatgga gaaaggagag acttggaccc cacaatctcc tctagaggtg    150540
     ctcccaatga cctaacacct cctcttggcc ccagcacttc acatcagccc atctccctgt    150600
     agtgtcacct gggaacctaa gctttgagga gacattcggc atctagacta cagaactgga    150660
     tagataaaga aacacaaaga ggggcagcca cggggctgag ggttggactg agagtgagag    150720
     gaccaggcaa taaaaccact tgggattgga gaacatgaac ccagcagaca gtgaaagaag    150780
     agacaccagg cacactgcac tgtgacattg gtgacattga tgtgtcacta tcaaaaggat    150840
     cgtccccagg ggagagagga ttctttaaga tacgagagca gctgagggac acttttacct    150900
     ctaggcctag cagcagggcc agtggaccac agactaagga tacgctaagt tcatctgagc    150960
     cctgccaggg ctcaagcatc gctctggctg tgcagttctg tggttttgtt ctgagccttt    151020
     gttgctatct atgaaggttc ctgttcaggg gtcaaggtat ctttacttct gaaataaatg    151080
     gcgaggaaca atcttaatag aaaccaacca caatctattc aaggggacag tgtgtggaaa    151140
     gccaagggcc tgatgttggg atgagaggga agatcctagg gtgctcagat cgaggcagcc    151200
     ggatcatagg gtgcagtgaa acttcagaag tgagcagaaa ccagaagact aaggtcccaa    151260
     tagaacctgg tgaggaagct gggcgtggtg gcgcaccctt ttaatcccag cactcgggag    151320
     gcagaggcag ggggatttct gagtttgagg ccagcctggt ctacaaagtg acaagcaaaa    151380
     catcatcagg agtcgttttg ttgctgcatt catttagact aactgtagta ggttttactc    151440
     tagagcccgt ggtctatcta gtcatgtgct gttgaccaca ttaccagtgt tgcgtgtggg    151500
     tcccatttca taaaacagtc ctcacatcca atcaaaaggt gattggtcac tcccattaca    151560
     cttgtgccag cattgcatca gcaagtacat cgagtaagca ggtcactgtt gtagctcgca    151620
     gcattcctag ctgggtgaca ttgatgacaa ctcctcctct ggtagtgtcc atagaacctt    151680
     ccaacactat gaacacttgt cattagggat gaagcttcta gctgagcaac agctggattg    151740
     cttcatgtct gtttctccct cagcaatagg gtcttaccag caggttgtgg agggtcatcg    151800
     atatcattgg cctgtaatgt ttaggggtag gaggaacctc tgggattcct ttagccaata    151860
     actccaaaaa gatggactgt tttccaatcc tggtactttt agcatatggt aacttatcag    151920
     ggcattgtct ccctcattat atggtaactc catttaaata acatttatat atgtatatat    151980
     tttagggacc ttctacagta gtaggtttct atgtggtcaa cccattttgg gtgatggact    152040
     ggggactaaa tagcactgag tgcctgaata aatcaaagtc agaagaggcc acaaatggat    152100
     gcgtgtggtg atgagcctgt tctgtgcacc cggggaaacc agtaactctc cctctggtcc    152160
     cgtgcggaaa gatgaactag gcaatcctgt ctgccagata acttctgagt cttcggggtc    152220
     ctgacatgtg ttcctttgct aattccagtt ggttatacct acgaagagaa aaaccgaccc    152280
     ccactgaccc tgcttgaaga cctggccaac ccagcagaag ggtgctccct tcagacactg    152340
     ctgccaccac ccagacccca gatatcgctg ccaaggcatc tgtcctcagc actgagagtc    152400
     tgtgacccca gagcaaccgc acagccaatc attgagatcc tggatgagca gcccagtcct    152460
     tctccccggg gctgtgcctc tccctggctg cattcaggaa ggaaaaacca ctccaggcaa    152520
     gccacagatc cagcctgtct gtcctaccta gaggcttgtt gtccattaga accccagatt    152580
     gccgtctttt gttgacctgt tcctttctct gcatccaccc atacacaacc ccctctaaga    152640
     aaatcacaag cgctgccagt gaccagggag gcccagatgc tagagcatct tcttcctatt    152700
     cctggacact cccgcttctg cccttggtac ttcacctttc ctgagccttt aggccagtgg    152760
     ttcccaacct acctaatgct actgcactgt aatgcagttc cttatattgt ggtgaccctc    152820
     aaccataacg ttattttcgt tgctgcttca taactgtaat tttgctgctg ttatgtatca    152880
     caatgtaaat agtttgggag atagaggttt gccaaaggaa tcgagaccca caggttgaga    152940
     accactgctt tgggccattt tactcttctc cctacaaccc gtggtttttc cctcctcctt    153000
     cagctgccac taacgatttt tttattagat attttcttta tttacatttc aaatgttttc    153060
     ccctttccta gtttcccctc cgaaaatccc ctatcctctc ccccctcccc ctgctcccca    153120
     acccacccac tcctgtttcc tggtcctggc attaccctat actggggcat agaaccttca    153180
     caggaccaag ggcctctcct cccattgatg accactaggc aatcctcggc tacatatgca    153240
     gctagagcca tgaatcctgc catgtgtact ctttgattgg tggtttaatc ccagggagct    153300
     ctggggctac tggataattt atgttgttgt tcctcctatg gggctgcaaa ccccttcagc    153360
     tccttagata ctttctctag cttcttcatt ggggaccctg tgctccgtct aatagatgac    153420
     tgtgtacatc cacctctgta ttagtcaggc actggcagag cctctcagga gacagctata    153480
     tcaggctcct tcagcaagct cttgttggca tctgcaatag tgtctatgtt tggtggttgt    153540
     ttatgggata gatccccagg tatggcagtc tctgctctga actttgtctc tgtaactcct    153600
     tccctgggta ttttgttccc ccttcaaaga actgatatgg tcagaaagaa gacctgcaaa    153660
     ggatgcccag cccttctgct ggccctgtgc aaagtaacac tgactgggct gtggagggag    153720
     actatgcact tgccaaatga gaggctgtgg ttgcaacctc aggagaaaaa aaggggagaa    153780
     aagcagagag ggctgtcctt agactcacag agcaaaccaa aagtcaaaaa tactggtgtg    153840
     ggtctggggt gtagcacagt ggaagatcac ttacttggta gatgcaaggc tcctctctct    153900
     atgtctctgt ctctctgcat ctctctctct gtctctctct ctctgtctgt ctctctctct    153960
     ctctcctgtt cttagttgac acatagctta ttacaaactt atagttgatg attcttccct    154020
     agctccagaa gcctttgagt ctcaacctta ttcattcttt tctatttcat agtatgtcaa    154080
     gagtagaacc caaggcctac tgcctgccag ataagcactc caccactgat ctacacccct    154140
     agcccctttg tttattttta gatgactcag attctaagac ctatatatgc tattaacatt    154200
     attagaaaat attgtgaaaa ctttatgtct gttggaccta attgagcttc cagacttgtg    154260
     ccacttgcct tccctaaagc atcattataa aaataaagtt tagttacgtt aactatagca    154320
     ggatgtatta ctgacattgc tgaagactga cattgcgttc cagagttggg aataaaagag    154380
     tatggactca gtaacttttc ctccactcct ctgatatttg ctattcaaat aactttaaca    154440
     taatcagaaa tctaatgtca ataggagatt tcattatcta cattttcaag tgaagaggag    154500
     gaggtggagg aggaggagag gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag    154560
     aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagtggaa gagatcttgt    154620
     tattaaacta ttctgtccct tctctatcct accttttcct ggtcacctgc cttccttact    154680
     tccttactgg ttagaatcac tgttctcttt accactctgg cccctacttg ctcaacctga    154740
     aagcctcaat tctttttctt ccctcttctc agtgtcctcc agagatcacc agagaaaaga    154800
     taaggaagac tctcgagaga tgccccacag tccctcagga cccgagtcag gtaatctgcc    154860
     tttggcctta gtgacctcct tttctgggcg agtataccat ccactttcct ctctgacagg    154920
     cagttcagta acccaaccct ttccttcctc cttcatttgt caaagacaac ttaacatcca    154980
     agactaacaa gcaagatgac tcaggaacat ggcctctggg ttcccctggc accatgcatg    155040
     gtgatgctag ttaaggctga cttaactctt agcaaccttg cttgggatag cttaagctca    155100
     tctccacttt cctaccaaac agaaaagaat ttgagtcctc ttgttatgag gctctcgctc    155160
     ccatctcagc tgagcttcct gcccctctcc caagcttggg aggtagagtt atggagaggg    155220
     caaggaagca ggactggaaa gatagactta tggatccacc aatcataaaa tcacaaagtc    155280
     ccctcacacc tgctagactt agactctaaa tcattacggt gtcaacaaac agaggtgact    155340
     cctcagccac aggagactgt agtgagcttc aagagagaag aagacaaggc aggcctggat    155400
     tgtgtgacct ttcagctgtg atgaagtcac agcaataggt gatgctcaaa cagccccaat    155460
     aaaatgcaag acaggcaaac agaagccccg tctgtcccca gtggtgggta atgtagctga    155520
     tgtggctggt tctccttcct tgacttcacc ctgactatgg gaattgtcct tcagtgctag    155580
     tcagttatac attgtacaga aaactaaaat atatgatatt aaagtgatat gaaagccagg    155640
     cgtggtggcg cgcaccttta atcccagcac tcgggaggca gaagcaggca gatttctgag    155700
     ttcgaggcca gcctggtcta caaaatgagt tccaggacat ccagagctac acagaaaaac    155760
     cctgtcttga aaaaccaaaa aaaaaatttt aaatttaaaa aaaaacaaaa aaataaaaaa    155820
     taataaaatg atatgaaaag aaaggaatga cttcaaaagt ctgtagacag tttacattgt    155880
     acctcagtta cataacccta aagaagccag aatttaagac aactttcaaa acagacagtt    155940
     ttaaggagat ggacctttgt atttgttatg gtttcaagcc cctgtttttc ttattgcatc    156000
     aaagcaagcc aaattccgtg atgtatctgc tgttagcagg tgcataggta acaataacaa    156060
     gatggtcagg gctggagagg tggctcagtg cctaagagca gtgactgttc ttccatagga    156120
     tctgagttca attcctacca cctatatggt agctcgcaac catctgtaac tctaatcaca    156180
     aggtatctga taccctcttc tagcctttgc aggagccaag catacatgtg gtacacagac    156240
     acacatgcag gcataacaca cactttaaaa atgataacaa gggggtcaga tctaggtgga    156300
     accctacggg ctggcagacc cctgccttct ctccctgcta tccaatttct ccagctgact    156360
     ttcctctgca ttttctcttc ggtccatgct cacctctgat gtgaattccg tttcttttgc    156420
     tagtggtaaa agatgactct ccagcagcaa atgacctggc aatggcccag gaagtaccct    156480
     gcacacctgc aaacaagaaa ggtacagaca tcctttccca tgtgacgctt cctttcttct    156540
     agctgtagca catcatagca tccatgatgc gagcatccat tgtgtgtctg caatcacatg    156600
     gcgtctcctc attttcttct cactctgcct tcctcaaagg ctttgcaaaa attataggta    156660
     acaagaaggc acttagacat attgaaccaa gcattgctca aattcactga actcccatcc    156720
     acaaatgctt ggtgtgactg gtacactagc ctcccccaga aggaaaatgc ttcctggtaa    156780
     atcataggca ggcaacatcc attatctgtc acttaaacct catggtggca agcaggttgg    156840
     atgtccacct gactacctat tcccacctcg cctttggcgc tctcccatct tctactctga    156900
     gatgtcacca gtcaattaaa atgtgtcatt ggtctggcaa gtggctcaca agatcaaggt    156960
     ccttgccacc aagcctggtg aactgaattt gatccctgaa acccatatgg tggaagaaca    157020
     gacccaactc acaagttgtt tcttggcctc tccatgtgta ccatggaaca tatgcccaac    157080
     ctccacatac tgataaatgt cataattatg ataatgataa taatgacaaa aacactgtga    157140
     cctttctgat actgtcatcc attggtttcc ccattgattc ctggaagtct tccaagtccg    157200
     ttttctccca cctcagttct ttccatggta ctggatgctt tcaagtgctg ggatagcagg    157260
     caaatgatcc aatactccag ctgctcaagt ctttatctcc tcatgtctct ctagacagat    157320
     aaataattaa gagacctgaa tttaggcaaa aattaatgct ttggaaggtt tctctctgtg    157380
     tgtctccctg tctctgtctc tctgtttctc tctgtctctg tctctgtctc tgtctctgtc    157440
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctcac acactcacac acacacacac    157500
     tcttaaaact cttaaaaata gagacaatgc aatcttttct gttaactgtc atccacagcc    157560
     tcctattaag agagctctga gatgaagacc atcatactga ggctttattt cttgcacact    157620
     tttatggcat attattgaag aatatgctat accaatgata tacattaatc cccatggatc    157680
     aggctttaaa ttattgtcct ctatttcaaa atagaaaaat tcaggctcag aaagcccccc    157740
     tctctataaa atgagaacat cttgtttggc caatctgagg ctggatattg ggttctctga    157800
     ttctcagtcc tgtgatggcc ttcccatgac tgacatgccc tggtgctaat gacacaggga    157860
     tgtgaagaca aatgtttata gcctcttccc atctgtgtct gaccagaatg aaactataca    157920
     atagtttcca tctatggacg gaagttcatg ggcttctttc tggttctctg ggcatctcgt    157980
     ggctatattc acgttgttgt gagcatctat tatgtattgt ttcttcaagt gtgaaaatag    158040
     cacatcagga tcccttcctg atgtcaagcc atgcttaccc cacagttcct taagtaatag    158100
     ttgcattatt acatgtgatt tcaaaatgta gcatttgcaa aacaaaatcc atgaagccca    158160
     ccttgtttga atttatcctt gtgtaacact cccttcaagt taccacacgt cacgggaagc    158220
     aactcagcac taaaattggc attttctttt ctgtgtcttc ttagacctga aaagaggatt    158280
     tcttcttgtg tgtcactttt caattgctca attcctcctt gtccctcttg gggccattcc    158340
     tttaacactt gggacatttt gacccttaca tctccagctt ctaaatcttt cttgcaagtg    158400
     gcatattaga tacatagtga caaaataccc ctaatttata aaataataat aataataata    158460
     ataataataa taataataat aataataata acaatgcttt agcagagaaa tctgaattca    158520
     ataaaactgt cctgactccc actcactctg gttagcccca ctgattgctt catgaaacat    158580
     acagctgttg ctgggttatg gcaggagctg tccagatgtg ctatttacta aagatggtag    158640
     ccagatatag tcctcttatc tccccatttt agtactaact tggtgagcag ggagaggaga    158700
     tgataggcag agctgggtgg atcaattcga atttatctgt atgtctgccc tgcttcattt    158760
     ctccctgaca agagtgattt gtgtctgtag ctgatagaaa agcccagata gctctagaac    158820
     aatctgaaaa caatacagga ggtggagaga tgcaactcca cagaagtaga gatgaaaaca    158880
     cctcaaggaa gagaagataa gtttgctctc cctgccatca gtgcagagac tttgatggag    158940
     tgggactggg agggagcctg cagtgaactc tccatggtgc tgagactaag tttgtgatca    159000
     agtctgcaat ggactgaagg ggttgaagta gatgaccctc ttaacgttag aaatgagtct    159060
     gaggtgagag acaaaggact tgtccaagtc cattttggtc aaaagaagag aaaacgtgga    159120
     ctcaggtctt tgcccaacac tctgggtcac gttcttatac aatcactgct gggtgacacc    159180
     ctgtgtgtgg cagagattgt atccactctg gagagtctgt aggtcaaggc aggcagtctt    159240
     gtagtggccc agggctctgg acattgtttc agctgcagca tcaaaattct tgttactctc    159300
     tcagacacag tgagtagata ggaagcatct tggtaggtaa ttcagctgtc atagaaatta    159360
     aaactcttgc ttcctctctg tggatggcgg gaccaccagg caacattagg tcgtccactc    159420
     aaagtggctt tcaaaggaac tctcctcctc ctggttcgag atgccactga gactctataa    159480
     agctgagtca tgcttgggac tagcccattc ctcctcctcc ttaagtccca tgttcatagc    159540
     ctactgggaa gatttctacc tgattcatcc cggcaactat ccctcctcta ttccagcctg    159600
     gcttggtgtc aaagttttgg cagcaggatc agccagcaca gcaaattgag atatcttgcc    159660
     tccctactgc tgtgtggtgt ttttcattgt gggactataa ggtctgctgg attacctttt    159720
     attgaacatg tttaaggctt gtattttgaa gagataaaga aaacactgat gtctatttta    159780
     gccaacagag aagttggtat agggagattg ggatttagat ctagatacat gttagatcct    159840
     acaacatttt atttccaaac agaatacctg agcaaggcaa gaccgagttc ttgttgcatc    159900
     cagagtcatt tttgcccatg tactaaattg aaatccatca ctaaccccat aaatgcaatt    159960
     gtggtcagaa cacagtttaa aattatttaa aaacagttgt tatggtcagt cttaaacttt    160020
     agaataacag atttgtcaat tctctgctgt tttttcaaaa actttataga agactcaata    160080
     gttgtgatca atttagtaaa tggcaaataa agtaacctgt tagtctgctc atgtcactaa    160140
     tgacatagga gtttctgtag ggggaaaaaa tgaaaagtca ttttttccag ttgagttggt    160200
     tgaggtagtc ccctgggata ctaaacatcc taaggcaaag ggccaaacca cagtgtgacc    160260
     acagaacaca tcagtgggat catatcatgc cggcggggct tacaccagac ccccaaagga    160320
     aagcaaaatt tctttaatga agtgaacctg atgtctggcc cctcatcttt ccctactgtg    160380
     gaagtgacgg cagcatatca tggaagagag agcatccgat acttccaaca tcttccacca    160440
     aacaagatac ctgctcaagc acccagtcat ctctgttcta ttcaatctcc ccaacccaat    160500
     ggctgcacac cagctgctag ggaatagagg cagagctcca agagtgctaa aaacggggtg    160560
     gtgccagccc tacttgcatg ttctagtctg gggtttgccc aggctaacag agaggaagtg    160620
     ctttaaattg gagaaagcat gaaggttcat tcctttgctc tttgttctct cagacatggt    160680
     ctgcctgtct caaaaattgg gtaccaggtc agaaagggct ctcagcttct gtggaaaact    160740
     gctgctgcag aaatggaccc ggaaagctac agggcctatc caagatgaga aagaactcac    160800
     caaaaggggg caaggaaagg actgagagta aatctgcttt cctcttccag atttggccat    160860
     ttttataacc aatatatatg agaaaagtat ttccataaaa atacggttca actaagaaga    160920
     agatattagg agagacacat tggtggtata aatacaattt atgctcttgc tcctaacagc    160980
     tttactctca aattgatcag taagcttgag tagtgttttt gtttttgctt tcttttgtgt    161040
     ttaatcttca gataacctca accttaccag acaaaggtga agggaaagac ccacagaagc    161100
     tgtcttaccc ctgatcttag cagtgagtcc tgggttcttt ttcattttct ttctcttgaa    161160
     agctgcctgg acaacagcta ttctgccacc taggagggac acaggcaaac tcagagttga    161220
     gccaaaccac aggggaaatg gaaggagaga gggaggcatc ctgctacttc agggtgcttt    161280
     ctccgcacac tgtggataag agctcacaac aaggagctgt ggtcttccag gcagaagtca    161340
     gggttaaagc acatgcaggt tcagttgtat taatatgttg gaaagaaatc tatttgccta    161400
     cacatgaaga taattaatgg aagtgttttc aaaaacctca gcccaaatag tgtggttttc    161460
     ataatacgca ttcaaaaaga tggatgcagc ccccttttct ccttttcaaa caaaaatgta    161520
     cacattcatc aacagcacag ccaggacatt gtcaagagca taagactctt agttggtgaa    161580
     attaatatca agttggattc caatgccaaa ttcatagacc tgatgcaaaa ttgataatca    161640
     tttgaaaaac agcaattagc ttttgtttag gagaaaggaa tcctttagac catcactaaa    161700
     atcagacagc agggatgttt gtagatatat acacaatata ggtataagat tataggaaac    161760
     accaccatgt agatatattt gtgattaaat tgttcaaaac attctaaggt caattgtgcg    161820
     ctatctctct ctctctccct ctctccctct ctctctctct gtgtttgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    161880
     gtctttgtat gtatccctaa agaatacctt tcatgacaaa ggctgatcat attcaatatt    161940
     ttaaaaaaca aataaaaata tagacatcac atctattcca ataaccaatg tatgtatctt    162000
     tgcatatgtg tgcatgtgtg tacatgaatg tgttcctatg tatgtgcatg tgtgtgtgcc    162060
     tgaacatgcg tggaggccag agatcaaagt ttggtgtctt cctcaatagc tctccacctt    162120
     gctgttgcca caggtctgac agtcaatttg ggactcactg atctgactag acttaccaat    162180
     caagcactgt gaggggtcta cctggatgtg cctccccagt gaggggttac agatatgtac    162240
     attatgccca cactctaatg tgggtattag ggatccaaac tctgggcctc gtgcttacac    162300
     ccacagagcc atcccatcag tccttcaatg agctcattta caatcatgga ctgtcagtta    162360
     tttttctgtc aagtatatct ttctctctct agactgatat ataattaaaa gacctgaatt    162420
     taggcaaaaa ttaatgcttt ggcaggtttc tctctgtgtg tctccctgtc tctgtctctc    162480
     tctttctatc tgtctctctc tgtctctctc tgtctctctc tctctctctc acacacacac    162540
     acacacacat ttttacatat gaacatgcag cctggttgct tcattcatcc ttcttctaga    162600
     catttttcta aatcaataaa aaattttatt ctgaggatga cagcacttcc ctttcaactt    162660
     tggaccacca tatgtaccag aaacaaactg ttggtaaaag actttgttac agcatcttaa    162720
     tccatatctt aatgtagcta taaaatgttt gtgggagggt ggagattgca cagagcaata    162780
     aataggtaag catgaggcta tgagttcaga taccagcttc tacttaaaaa gtacataggt    162840
     atgaacctat aggactaatg ttaagggtct agagacaggc tcatgggggc ttgctgactg    162900
     acaattatca agggaatatg gtagagaatg agagagcagg atagttgaca tcctcctcag    162960
     gcccacacat gtgggggcaa gtatgtgcac ccatatgtac ctgtgtgaat ataacacaca    163020
     cacacataca cacacaaaat catggctcag caactcacga gcccccaagt gtgcaatgga    163080
     caacacctta ataaacacaa gagctgtacc agtccctcgg tttgcttaca ttttctctgt    163140
     acactcattg gctttctcca ttttggtttt gaccagttgt ggcctttctt ttttccttca    163200
     aaacaaaaca aaagaacaga atcaatattc agagatataa cgtaattctc tgggccttta    163260
     ataaaagcag cattcagata ctgttttcaa acttcagatc ttagaaatgg gcacaattct    163320
     taacagttta gtcatatgca atttgatgcc agagatgaat ttcagttctt catgtgtctt    163380
     gggctgtggc catggagagc aactcccttt gaacacctgt gaaagctaat tcctgctaat    163440
     ggaatgataa atgttggggc atgtatctac cgtgcaaatc caacccagag aatgctacac    163500
     tggaagtcaa ggaatgctct caacttccat gtggagagtt ttcttagtct ctattctctt    163560
     caagttgtag catgaaccct ctcacatgtt tcatatacca ccagaagggc cagggttggg    163620
     gtggagggac tttaaagaag cctagtagaa tcttttgttg ggttttcact ttaattatcc    163680
     aaactcatgg gcccacagct ctagagaagt agaaggtctg tctagtggtt cagtgatgga    163740
     ttgttactat ttgtttatct gtgtgtgctg aaatatagga tgtatgtatg tccatgttca    163800
     tgtgtgtgta tgaatgcagg caagtctgtt ccagtgcaca cgtgcaaagg tcagaagaca    163860
     atgacacatg tctatccttg cctagcactt tgtttgggac agggtccctc tggatgttca    163920
     ctgattgtta gtggctggga acaatagctt tattggtgga agtgaaggcc tgatgcacag    163980
     agggaggctt tgtgaatttt ccaaaataag acatccatct tgagtagagt caacaacaga    164040
     cccgaaactg acaacagggg aagcaccaaa actgttgtgg tcttccaaag agaacggcat    164100
     actaaaggac attccaaccc catgatactc ctggggtcca gggtactgca agctagaacc    164160
     agtttctgaa aaattccatc aagtctcacc tgggcatggt tcgtgagatc agttaagctg    164220
     gtgcccactg ctcaagccag ttacatgaaa ctgaaagcag atatggccat tgctcaagct    164280
     ggcaactcaa ccaactgggt tgaatacttg ctcagtcctg tgagaagtca agactagcat    164340
     gttatactac ccttcccagg ggctatggaa atatgctgtg actgagtagt gcctgtctct    164400
     actaatggtt gctggcactg ggtctctcct acagaggcta ctgcgcatga tagcctgata    164460
     cctcctgctg ggcaatggcc taccttctct cagggactca gaactactac aaagcagttt    164520
     tccctggcat ctggcttaga actttgaaac cctcttgagg gtttagttgg tgccttaagt    164580
     ttgctgagcc acatttgggt tacagatcag ctaagactgg cagcaccatt gtaatgctag    164640
     gaacatcact gtcacacact tggctgttgg gaccatttgc agtatgataa taacacccct    164700
     attttttttt aaatggaaag cacataccag tgctaatcct ttgaccttca tgtcttgtgc    164760
     acacacacac acctggatag ggcagtttgc tcactgcaga gaacagtccc cagaaaggaa    164820
     ctctagacct tcctggataa tggtcaggat tgaagtaggg agggagctac aggcgacaca    164880
     tagacatact ctgaaactca ggcttctatt ctggtatcca gggcttccag tctaattctg    164940
     gttccttcta tggaaattct ttgccttact taaaggccct gatggcctgg aactgggtga    165000
     gaaaaagaat ggtctgaatg aaagatgagt gaagtggaaa tttgtgattt ctttggagac    165060
     tcagttctgt gatgtcatgt ttttctggaa gctctcttct aagaggatgt tttgttgaag    165120
     cagacatgtg agaggacgct ttgcagagaa tagacatatg gtgtctttct ggacgctgtc    165180
     ttgtgaagaa ggggcatgtg atgtttggct ggagcagatc cttgagaggt cacgtgatat    165240
     tcggaaagaa tataagtata acccaacaga cagtggataa cgctcttgca ttggttagcc    165300
     ttgctttcct tgtcgatctt cacttgtcac aaagtgattt catagagaaa aatgcaccaa    165360
     agaacttctc atgatattct ggtggcttct gaccccttct gcagcctcct gcagattgac    165420
     cagcagagac tcgtggtttc ttctggatcg agcctctgct gccgatccat gtttggtgtt    165480
     ctgctagtgg actggactgc tgacaacaaa gactggagtc tccccaaaga actacttcta    165540
     aacaagtcca ggtccccctc ctcctattaa cttctcttcc tcccctacct ttgttcagtg    165600
     ggctgtaaga aatgttggag tgtttaagaa cccttatgaa cgtaggtttt agaaaaatat    165660
     aagcccacag gtgagggtgc agcctctgga atgacatggc atgatatcag agcagaacct    165720
     caggcacctg agtgtatacc tctcacttag gaggtatggg ttgccccaga gaggctttga    165780
     tgacacccac ctttattgcc agaccctcac tctggtgggc tctgccccac tgagagggct    165840
     aagctgatgc cactctgtta aaaccatggt cagagaatgg atagaatgca ggacccacag    165900
     ctagtaaacg gagcaggaaa aggtccattt gccagcattg ccttgtaaaa cagggacatt    165960
     cctgtttact ccttagtccc cacataggcc tgtgcgtgca gcatcttcct ggcttggtcc    166020
     tcatcatagt ctttgtggat cttggcagag gaacaagaaa aaatctaccc tatgtaccag    166080
     catgtcaccc ctagatgttt ctgtaagaat ttgaaagcac agagccacag agagatgtct    166140
     ccatggacac tcctaacacc tttgtcatgt cccaaagtgg gaatgttgag gatctagcat    166200
     taggagagca tacaaaaaat tggggtactc agacaaagta gactgcatag caataaaaag    166260
     gaaccaactg ccactgcatt cttcaacaaa agttcacagc agaatcattc tgtggagaaa    166320
     gcaaccttta cactaaagaa catgctggga aatcttactc ataaagcact taaaaacaac    166380
     ctaaactaag tatccttgga caataagtgt ctgccttgat gaataagggg caacgaaagg    166440
     cacagaaaat cttgtcagct tcaaggtcat gttctgtgtc tccacaagat tttattgtta    166500
     agacatacaa ttagcaggat ccttcaaagg ctgtgcttag gatttgtgct ttccactata    166560
     catttaatgt aaaataagaa ttgcaaagac actgaaccct cctttatggt catatgttca    166620
     aatagaaggg tgtagactga agaaatgtag gttttttcca gaacgctcct cacttcctgc    166680
     tgagtcctca ctgagtcttt caaatcctgt cacagcacaa cacacctttt ccacattagt    166740
     atttgaaatt cctcctcaaa ggtcccaaag gctggatgaa acatgcctct aatcccacta    166800
     ttcaggaaac cagaggcaag cagatctctg tgggttccag gctaccatgg tctacaaagc    166860
     agactccaga cctgccagga ctacacagtg agagatagtc tcagaaataa aatgaaatat    166920
     aatataataa aatacagcaa tgacaaacaa attttcagtc tctcctcatt gggtaatttc    166980
     aaagctactt ctgaatgttt aagaacatgc tgaaactgca tgctactttc agcaaactca    167040
     tacattgctt accagtgggg tatgttctga gaaatgtgtc agtaggtgat tttgaaaccc    167100
     tatagagaaa tgaggacaca ctcagatatg tgggatgtca ttgtcatggc cacggttatg    167160
     cagttcctga ctattccaaa atatgcacca gtctttattg ttctcagggc aagttaccca    167220
     aagttcagta gcttaaaaca gcacaagttt atgtaagcat tatgtcagtt agaagtctga    167280
     tgtggctgaa gtccagctgt ccaccaccct tcacctgttc ctggggtctc taggagacaa    167340
     cctatttcct tacctgaccc ataaaatcag attagtcacc cctacaccaa tggtcaaaaa    167400
     caatcatact tcccgccaag gtttctagct taatcactca tgtagagagt gtccttgtca    167460
     ttaaaataac aggttcaagg tcaccaaagt ctactctatt atcatacaca ataacaatag    167520
     taactctggg attagttatt aggaatatca aaagcatgta aacagccact gtttccttac    167580
     ttctctgcct cttgagtttt cttgcaggaa tgttcctcct ggtgcccaca ccttctagaa    167640
     gacagaaagt ggcaatgggg aaagaaataa caaatagaag ttacaaccct taggaccatt    167700
     cacacagcag aggccttgcc tacagcaaag cttggattgc catttctttc ctccctctta    167760
     gtagaatcta agcccagtga actgacaact gggaatccag ggagggcctt agacattgtt    167820
     gccccaccac caccactacc acctccctat gagacatttt atatgttaac acatttttgt    167880
     acaaataaaa tgagaatttg gtaggaagtg ttgtaggcaa gccctaactg gttctctgac    167940
     atgcttgagg gcttttggtt gggaatgcac cccagattgg cctgaactct ctcctcctcc    168000
     aaagcagagg ttcacacagt agggatggcc tcatcatagc atggcagcta aaaaatatct    168060
     agctgcaaaa ggtgactcag cagtcctggg tggcagggaa gaatgggtgt gactcagtac    168120
     ctagagcagc agacaagata agtgatggct tgaagagttt aatttttcag gtgaccttat    168180
     ctaagacacc taacactgta gatatggaac cagaagatgc tacctcctgt agccaggtag    168240
     gaaccccact gggaagataa ggatactaac tcacctacaa aactttctac cccaaatatg    168300
     ttctggttaa aagaaatgta gggataaaga tggggcagaa actgccgaaa tggccaacct    168360
     ggaactggcc caaattgaaa ttcatcccat gagcaagaag aaccaatccc tgatactatt    168420
     aatgatactc tgttatgctc acacacagga ccctagtata actggcctct gagctctacc    168480
     cagcagctga ctgaaacaga tgcagatatc tacagctaaa cattggacat agctcaggga    168540
     tccttatgga agtgtttggg gaaggattgg aggccctgaa gggtgtagaa actccacagg    168600
     aagaccaaca gtaaaccaga gccctgggag ctctcagaga ctgagctacc aaccaaagag    168660
     cctataggag ctggaccagg gctcccagga caaatgtacc agaggactgc cttgtctggc    168720
     ctcagaggga gaagatgtgc ctaatcatgt agagacttga tacactacag tgggagggat    168780
     actcataagg gggagatctt cactctctca gaggcgaagg agaaggggat gaaggaagga    168840
     ctctaagggg gtaggggact gggactggga gtgcagtatt tggggtgtga atgaatgcat    168900
     taatgaatga attaaaaaag agtacatttc ttctacttca tctacatgtg accaactgac    168960
     tccatctcct cccacatggc tctgtaaaag tttcttgctt ctctccagct cccaacaaga    169020
     aaatgcagag gagtggattc ttggatggac tggactaggc cggactagaa gctatgggtt    169080
     ctcactgagc catccctaac ccaggaacgc tgggcagact tatctactcc ttacctcctt    169140
     ggctgcttcc catccttgct tccaggtctt ctggcacata tgttggggaa cacatgacac    169200
     aggaacactt cttttcacgt gtgggttgct gtgctcctgg gccaaaactg tgggtgtaca    169260
     taggtttgtt atctaatttt gtaataatgg ggaccaagct cagtctacca gtaagctaca    169320
     ccctcagttt tgttttgttt aatgtttcag ttttagacag ggtgtcacct aattttccag    169380
     gttgaccttg aatttactca agcccaaggt agccttgaac attgatcttc tactgcccct    169440
     ccccccaggg gtgacacatg accttcctgt aaatgtatag atcccacccc ttctcttgtt    169500
     cctccaaaat atttttacat ttcccttctt tcagttcctg tttttaattt ttcctctcct    169560
     gtcttgcccc ctttgtcaga attatatctg ttcgattatt ttagggcaca agtcaccttg    169620
     tctctcatag aacagcaggt cagaagcaag cctttccaac ccctctcttg gtaccatcgt    169680
     aatctagtac cctgtcctaa ctaagaaaat ggctgtgcat ggatc                    169725